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K 11 Y , LMS- ILI v ., hr 4 v N '- ' ," 4 ,v 0 Qu aw' 4 1 lu A v u .U g IH4., ,gf ,.. . ,u.' . X - VN f1' :" ,-SE, 5-4 Sf.Lf'1'j'. Q.. -L' .nm-F" 'su ,f " M 'f'f?'Tw, 'Q' .N " 1. 2,-...Q-'fc' Q' 'f'2f'w3' 3, 1.- 5 -J-. 4 . g. Q' fr -f f--. -'f"'- M' . -1--P . , L4 ' 14 . . ."1 K 355 ', A ' f '- L .-1 ,, , If-4131411-1 n, , 1 .- . D. ,.,f, , lfpi "ata 4' ..' . I ' Q. n :Q 11 -. -A 3 ,d i' is v 1 . 5 M 5 qw ' E' r 1 I H -, iv if M K Q ' L A x. Qi. 'Q f if 1.1 Volume! M, ""' Vi.:-'Y-Q' 2.-1g'3'..v' ff1Af,ig5v-:f1 M.JJ wa Ss fi? a Jeri' i 1 7?60 I 0660 Clayton, Ohio June 3, T960 Student Body Northmont l-ligh School Dear Students: This Hrst issue ot the Northmont Aurora is dedicated to you with the hopes that you vvill continue to uphold the outstanding tradition that has been set this year. You have displayed the combined qualities of tTne sportsmanship and loy- alty to your school. A The difficulties taced by the consolidation of our former high schools such as adaption to difterent surroundings and varying personalities were met with a spirit of determination and willingness to co-operate. ln the true spirit ot adventure, you embarked on an entirely new and dilterent iour- ney through this past year. Your attitude and actions have displayed the ability to conform to new ways ot lite, The experiences gained this year will prove valuable in the future. Best wishes from: THE AURORA STAFF 2 Lock of TrcinsporToTion wos no excuse Tor re- moining oT home. Mony sTudenTs come The buses, while others come in cors. I 4-fl' in As regulorly cis The sun, The Tlog rose To foce The dcxy. The Explorer ScouTs orrived eorly To begin The doy in The True spiriT of ciTizenship. All The Time wus noT spenT in The classroom. Everyone enioyed o friendly choT wiTh his neighbor before The lc1sT bell. 3 'va' lt the need orose, the time ond ploce tor studying could olvvoys be found. Study hobits were formed in mony different woys. Teochers helped to "iron out" the problems thot toced the students. Vorying interests required numerous intri guing ond humorous devices. Lunch time became The gab session - relaxation point in The day. Because of the many sfudenfs using the lunchroom, if was necessary To shorten The lunch period, but, There was still time To coverse with your buddy. 'The more The merrier" seemed To be the password. '23 EE l :. .V :VAA 21, 11 gratitude ond our honored seol of op p oval! R Xl!! .E Wxf QUE 6 Tas Thee our elmo mofer we give our undy- 'Mum Add' Q .AY wx. ' ,L WI-s--pw ...I y -,XM .1 S 2 A -'S'-lf Lv? ,L .. ,, .Mil yggqnumlwh -.msg MR. R. E. VAN ATTA Superintendent 3 .lune 1960 Senior Class of 1960 Northmont High School Route l Clayton, Ohio Dear Class, May I congratulate you on this fine work in commemoration of the first year of North- mont High School. lt has been a good year. Many new things faced you at the begin- ing of the year, new friends, and new teachers. You made the adiustment in a manner that would make anyone proud. This point of your life is not the end. It is the beginning. What you do from this point will determine your worth to your fellow man. Some of you will go on to further education, some will go into the industrial world, others in to the world of business, still others into other phases of life. Whatever your choice may be, remember that you played the lead in getting Northmont High started and off to a good start. Good luck to you, whatever you do, wherever you will be. May God bless all of you. Sincerely yours, Wwe R. E. Van Atta Superintendent 10 Zamdafg ' , lt f- at X ,gf , .us L 2 F f 'W' "3 Northmont Board of Education 59-60 Lett to right: Jack Davis, Warren Ullery, James Hutchison, Richard Van Atta, Sam Arens, and Howard Du'st. The Northmont Board of Education is composed ot a group ot men who give their time to assure the children of the Northmont School District the best possible educational ta- cillties and instructional program. They have done and will continue to do a wonderful job, and their efforts and consideration are greatly appreciated by the students ot Northrnont High School and all citizens of the communities of Clayton, Englewood, Phillipsburg, Union, and the surrounding area. ll g , i K .xt .1 X .1 --dwg? -A 5 -it ses, gt g it MR. RICHARD L. SHELL if ii! R Principal 'gy .:.'. ' g ' L - . ... P Z ,f 1 V' ' L L., , rf, ., ' 5 5, sw M .i ,. ..v. FOREWORD The distribution of a yearbook is usually significant with the closing ot the school year. However, most people do not realize the amount of time spent by the stat? and advisors in organizing and publishing a yearbook. This is a difticult task anytime and more so when organizing a stalt tor the first time, with a new school. Many problems had to be solved by the new stalt and these problems were solved by the cooperative ettort of stu- dent statt members, company representatives and yearbook advisor. From September to February students are spending many extra hours in an ettort to bring to the high school students and others the best possible edition ot a yearbook. The yearbook staff members are to be commended for their devotion to a task, which at times seems insurmountable, but with end results that are rewarding. A yearbook is the history ot the school for the year and in years to come will provide students of Northmont Senior High School and friends many pleasant memories. QQ Richard L. Shell Principal 12 Alice Gnagey women do all these things plus many extra iobs and favors for everyone in the school. They are always kept busy, but they still find time to say a cheerful "good morning" to all. Their services are greatly ap- preciated and Northmont is mighty proud of them. The Seniors will long remember them, the un- derclassmen will look forward to their assistance in the years to come. Answering the phone, paying the bills, answering the intercom, sorting the mail, keeping track of the callers and important visitors to Northmont, keeping the files and records neat and orderly, typing let- ters, dusting the furniture, making sure the office assistants are kept busy, and smiling are the require- ments of a secretary at Northmont. These three Virginia Banker Betty Price 13 . SMH SEATED: Mrs. Evelyn Morris, Guidance Counselor, STANDING: Mr, George Horn, Art Supervisor, Mr. Willis Cool, Director of Music, Mr. William Bowser, Diversified Training Program Supervisor. Headache, cough, bloody nose, earache, It S f' you have any at those complaints then go . . to the clinic. The nurses, along with the stu- 4, ws?" r dent aids, help to care for the students who . need minor medical attention. They are understanding, sympathetic, and friendly. ot Northmont and we would surely be lost without them. V They are a very necessary part A - l X Mrs. Vergie Richardson, Mrs. Pearl Knoop, Nurses, Bonnie Fisher, patient 14 MR. JOHN BRILL Mathematics Cedarville College MRS. NANCIE COMBS Vocal Music Olivet College MR. TOM BURTNER English, Speech Ohio State University MR. WILLIAM BOWSER Trades 84 Industries Wilmington College MISS RUTH BRACY Business Education Bowling Green University MRS. ALBERTA BRUMBAUGH Dean of Girls, Speech Otterbein College Miami University MRS. MARTHA HOFMAN English University of Dayton MR. WILLIS COOL Instrumental Music Miami University Air Force School of Music MRS. MARJORIE HICKS Home Economics Ball State Teachers College MR. ROBERT HOOVER Physical Education Manchester College - Sis-lqffffsisfsit-wigs? .lim M as I. -Us -. MR. GEORGE HORN Art Education University of Cincinnati MRS. MAE HORNING English, Latin Capital University MR. LOWELL HOSLER Biological Science Defiance College MR. WILLIAM KARNS Business Education Varsity Football Coach University of Louisville MR. ANSON KESSLER Dean of Boys Ohio Northern University MRS. VERA KELLEY Home Economics Miami University MR. GENE KINGHAN Biological Science Wilmington College MR. WALTER LANCASTER Social Sciences University of Dayton -ki 1 MISS REBECCA LANNOM English University of Kentucky MISS HELEN MILLER Mathematics Otterbein College Ohio State University MISS RUTH MILLER Librarian Otterbein College MR. JOHN PUTERBAUGH Business Education Manchester College MR. DOUGLAS REYNOLDS Industrial Arts Wilmington College MISS SALLY MURPHY Physical Education Bowling Green University MRS. PATRICIA ROSSELIT English, Spanish University of Dayton MRS. ELOISE ROSSER English Ohio Wesleyan f 572' MR. LAWRENCE SMITH Industrial Arts Wilmington College Miami University MR ALBERT SEWELL Physical Sciences U niversity of Dayton MR. RONALD SMITH Driver Education Miami University MR. DALE STORCH Social Sciences Wittenberg Col lege MR. RICHARD SUHR Sociol Sciences Ohio Northern MRS. JULIA TOWNSEND English, French Oiterbein College MR. ROBERT TURNER Industrial Arts Boll Store Teachers College 'if-. A typicczl 1ecicher's meeting? lReolly fhey're ready for Open House ond Dedicci tion which was held in Novembenl Mrs. Alberto Brumbcugh Dean of Girls .,"f" T - The Deon of Girls ond the Deon of Boys ore two positions thot ore new to the students of Northmont. Taking Core of the problems of the students, checking ottendcznce, keep- ing the record cords up to dote, ond compiling the honor roll were lust some of the oc- tivities of Mrs. Brumbciugh ond Mr. Kessler this post yeor. They ore ci welcome addition to the stoit ond will help the students of Northmont be- come better citizens. Mr. Anson Kessler Deon of Boys 46 From left To righh Mrs. TeeTer, Mrs. Warner, Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Foir, Mrs, Tolliver, Mrs. Wilson, ond Mrs. Quczc- kenbush. From 11:15 To 12:30 in The morning The busiesT room oT NorThmonT is The coTeTericl. IT is here ThoT The sTudenTs geT Their ddily supply of viTomins. Through The eFforTs of The women shown on This poge, The sTudenTs who buy Their lunch ds well os Those who bring Their lunch ore ossured of pleos- onT surroundings where They con enjoy Themselves. 'i '-mall' Hundreds of sTudenTs poss Through This line eoch doy. The meols rcinge from hoT dogs ond hamburgers To chicken ond Turkey. The expressions on The Toces of These sTu- denfs Tells The sTory of The coTeTerio. NORTHMONT HIGH IN DAYS TO COME AND THE YEARS BEHIND US ROLL SEE THE SONS HAVE RISEN FROM THEE STURDY HEARTED, PURE OF SOUL. VVE WILL PLEDGE OUR LOVE FOREVER SING THY PRAISES TO THE SKY, WEAVE THE STORY OF THY GLORY ALMA MATER, NORTHMONT HIGH." ,Y fm ww ,ss , . ...W3g .QW H iw 1 . .,,. A N . my x M.,e:a,.. 9 wsu., , . ,,,,,,.-, R? 1' 1 . 4? Q 5 ff TE iff 5 emma .MHHQ "Y fi , T T 4 i L i T WY' Q , c, ef ee., lm SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lefi' To righh Don Dake, Sergeanf of Arms, Joe Phipps, Vice-president, Connie Fair, Secretary, Sue Morris, Treasurer, Steve Smith, President. eachfw We are The TirsT class To be graduaTed from NHS. We have been TogeTher for only one shorT year, buT The one hundred and sixTy members oi The Class of '60 will always re- member The good Times and pleasanT memories of This year. The year sped by quickly. From ThaT day in SepTember when we were "freshmen" in a new building To The day in June when we received our diplomas, we had many acTiviTies To keep us busy. Making new friends was our HrsT goal To sTriye Toward and we did iT in many ways. The class play, fooTball games, baskeTball 'games and Tournamenis, dances, parTies, club meeTings, and learning The laTesT gossip all helped To achieve This. We will always remember our senior year and evenTs wiTh a warm glow of happiness and pride as we go in diTTerenT direcTions To make our own places in The world. "NOl2Tl'lMONT EVER PROUD - GREEN AND WHITE - WE'LL FOLLOW YOU" We are proud To be The CLASS OF '6O. 5 A 4 'CAROLYN JOYCE ANDERSON fCaroll Drill Team 2,3,45 Co-captain 45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Future Nurses l,2,35 G.A.A, 45 J.C.O.W.A. 3, Class Play 3,45 Chorus l,25 An- nual Staff 4. RONALD JAMES ARGABRIGHT fRonJ JUDITH LEE ASHBURN Uudiel Class Play 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Future Nurses 3,45 Chorus l,2,4. ROBERT FOREST BAKER KBobJ Football 1,25 Hi-Y 2,3. PRISCILLA ANN ADKINS fPllll May Day Attendant 25 Chorus l,25 Journalism Club 35 School Paper 35 Co-Editar5 Class Secretary 35 Y-Teens 45 Drill Team l,2,3. JOETTA SUE ALLEN Uol Librarian 2,3,45 Y-Teens 25 F.T.A, 2,35 Chorus l,25 Scholarship Team 3. LARRY DALE AMOS fLarryl V.l.C. 45 Basketball l,2. LARRY LEE AMOS CLarryJ Bible Club 3,45 Bowling Club l,2,3,4. Q'-Y' Q., -,A MICHAEL WILLIAM BEIRISE CMikel Hi-Y 2,3,4p Class Play 3: Basketball 2. JOY EAYE BLUMENSTOCK Uoyl G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Chorus 2, Y-Teens 4. LINDA Lou BENNETT flindcj Y-Teens 45 Class Play 4, Drill Team 4. STEVEN BRIAN BOOKER fStevel Basketball I,2,3,4p Baseball I,2,3,4g Student Council 3. DENNIS MICHAEL BAKER fMikel Football I,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball I,2g Letter Club 2,3,4g Hi-Y 2,3,4p .I.C.O.W.A, 3,47 Class President 37 Student Council I,2, Scholarship Team 3. JIM BALSER Uimj Basketball 'I,2,3, V.l.C. 4g VIC. Basketball 4. PATRICIA LOUISE BECK Wat, G.A.A. 1,25 Drill Team 2,35 Librarian 2,35 Y-Teens 2,35 Class Play 4. ZOE ANN BECKER floel Future Nurses I,2,3,4g Chorus I,2y Y-Teens 2, Band 'I,2,3,4, V.I.C. 4, G.A.A. ,IANE LOUISE BOOMERSHINE Udnel Future Nurses I, Future Teachers 2,3,4, J.C.O,W.A. 3,4, Treas- urer 4, Latin Club 2, Secretary, Class Treasurer i, Y-Teens i,2, School Paper 3, Annual Staff 4, G.A.A. l,4, Drill Team 2,3,4, Choir l,2,3,4, Class Play 4. GLORIA JEAN BRANDENBURG KGIOI Y-Teens 2,3,4, G.A.A. l,3,4, .l.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Office Assistant l,2,3, Class Play 3,4, School Paper 3, Annual Staff 4. PATRICIA ANNE BOYLE IPQD Band i,2,3,4, Dance Band I,2,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Scholar- ship Team 2, Chorus 3, Class Play 3,4, Annual Staff 4. RONALD EDWARD BREWER Uell Football I,2, Track I,2, Visual Aids I,2,3,4, J.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Scholarship Team 3, Class Play 4. LOIS RUTH BRIGHT Clouiel Class Play 3,4, Annual Staff 4, Office Assistant 3,4, School Pa- per 3,4, Chorus l,2, Librarian 2, Y-Teens 2,3, Future Teachers 2,3,4, J.C.O.W.A. 3,4. SALLY SUE BROOKS lSaIIyl Future Nurses I,2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Candy Stripers 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, V.I,C. 4, Class Play 4. JOHN A. BROWN Uohnl JOHN ANTHONY BROWN Uohnl SHARON BROWNING Csharonl G.A.A. 'l,2, Tumbling 2, Future Nurses 3, Class Play 4, STEVEN EARL BUSCH fStevenJ V,l.C. 4, Basketball l,2. LINDA Lou BUCKLEY llindal Y-Teens 2,3,4, Chorus l,2, Drill Team 2,3,4, Latin Club 2, Future Nurses I, Future Teachers 2,3, G.A.A. 4, Class Play 4, Ottice As- sistant 3, National Honor Society 3,4. MARY ANN BUSKE fMary Ann, Chorus I, Class Play 3, Drill Team. DORIS JEAN CARMONY CDorisJ Class Secretary 1, Chorus l,2, Band I,2,3,4, Class Play 3, School Paper 3, Co-Editor 3, Annual Stat? 4, Pep Band 4. BONNIE EILEEN CARROLL lBonnieJ Honor Society 3,4, Y-Teens 2,3, Annual Stat? 4, J.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Treasurer 3, Majorette 3,4, Drill Team 2, Future Teachers 2,3,4, Latin Club 2, Chorus l,2, Bible Club 4, Class Play 3, Librarian 2. JIM FRENCH CERNEY Uiml V.l.C. 4, V.l.C. Basketball 4. JOYCE ANN CLEVELLE Uoycel Y-Teens 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Future Teachers 2, Annual 4, J.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Bancl l,2,3,4, Head Librarian 4, Dance Band 4, Oftlce Assistant 4, Class Secretary T, Class Play 3,4, Chorus 2,3,4. GENEVA COURTNEY lGeneval G,A.A. and Bowling l,2,3,4. BONNIE LOU CRUMRINE CBon Bonl C5.A.A. 25 Y-Teens 2,3,4f Chorus 2,35 Class Treasurer 2. ROBERT LEE CROWE lBobJ Baseball 3,45 Football 2,3,4. DONALD WILLIAM DAKE lDonJ Football l,2,3,4g Class Play 45 Class Sergeant of Arms 4, Student Council 2. SHARON COMER fSherryl Band l,2g Chorus l,2,3, G.A.A. l,'2,3,4, Y-Teens 4, May Day At tendant 3, Class Play 4, Future Nurses l,2. ROGER GEORGE COOK lCookieJ Track l,2, Tumbling I, .l.C.O.W.A. 3,4g V.l.C. 4. THOMAS HERBERT COUGHLIN lToml Baseball 23,45 Basketball l. DESSIE JOAN COURTNEY lDessieJ G.A.A, l,2,3, Y-Teens 2g Future Nurses 2,41 V.l.C. 4. 1' BARBARA DONOVAN fBarbI G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, J.C.O.W.A. 3,4. NANCY JEAN ENGLE iNancyJ Latin Club 2, Bible Club 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Y-Teen 2,3, Scholarship Team I,2,3, J.C.O.VV.A. 3,4, Librarian 2,3,4, Fu- ture Teachers 2,3,4, Annual Staft 4, Chorus. CONNIE ANN FAIR fConnieI Drill Team 2,3,4, Class Play 3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, President 4, Class Secretary 4, G.A.A. 4, Future Nurses 2, Future Teachers 2,3, .l.C.O.W,A. 3, Latin Club 2, Chorus I,2, School Paper 3,4, An- nual 4. RONALD GEORGE DAKE lRonl Latin Club 2, Hi-Y 2, Letter Club 3,4, Student Council 3, Track I Football I,2,3,4, Class Play 4. JOHN STEPHEN DAVIS iStevel Class Play 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 4, J.C,O.W.A. 3,4. DONALD HAROLD DENLINGER iDonl Hi-Y 2,3,4, Basketball I,2. VIRGINIA RUTH DILLION Wirginiaj National Honor Society 3,4, Librarian 3,4, Annual Staff 4 Y-Teens 2, Bible Club 3,4, Latin Club 2, Band I,2,3,4 J.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Future Teachers 2,3,4. CLIFFORD LE ROY FULLER KRoyJ EMILY JEANNETTE FROST lEmilyJ Band I,2,3,4, Future Nurses I, Future Teachers 2,3. r ROY EUGENE FUSON fGenel Class Play 4, Bowling, Captain 4, Wrestling 4. VIRGIL RAY GALLAGHER QVirgi Football I,2,3, Track I,2. MARCIA EMILY FARREN lMarciuI Band I,2,3, Future Nurses I,2,3,4, Latin Club 2, Sextet 2,3, Chorus 2,3, Scholarship Team 2,3, Class Secretary 3, Class Play 3,4, J.C.O,VV.A. 3,4, Candy Stripers 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Annual Stal? 4. BONNIE LOU FISHER fBonniei Cheerleader I, Band l,2, Drill Team 3,4, Chorus I, Class Sec- retary- 2, G.A.A. I,2,3,4, Future Nurses I,2,3,4, Y-Teens 4, An- nual 4, Class Play 3,4, Journalism 3, Librarian 2, BARBARA ANN FORSYTHE lBarbl Y-Teens 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3,4, Chorus 2,3. MARLENE LOU FORSYTHE lMarlaj Y-Teens 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2,3, Chorus 23. - '1- JIM DILLION GASKILL Uiml HifY 2,3,45 .l.C.O.VV.A. 3,45 Class Vice President lg Class Play 4. MAXELL GARRISON CMaxl PAULINE CLARE GOUBEAUX lPaulineJ CARL LEROY GRAY QCarll Basketball 3,4. SHARON LEE GRISSO LSLIGYOHB Drill Team l,25 Cheerleader l,2,35 Homecoming Attendant lj Future Nurses 2,35 Y-Teens l,2,35 V.I,C. 4. MICHAEL STANLEY HAINES CMikeJ Track I,2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 3, President 45 Student Coun- cil 354, Vice President 3, President 45 J.C.O.W,A. 3,45 Scholar- ship Team l,2,35 Boys' State 35 Class President 25 Letter Club 23,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Class Play 3,4. GARY BRUCE HALL KGCIYYJ Hi-Y 2,3545 Football l,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,45 Visual Aids l,25 Class Play 3. PEGGY LOUISE HAPPENSACK CPeggyl Future Nurses 23,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Chorus l,25 Class Secretary 25 Class Play 4. PATRICIA SUZZANE HANEY lTrishD Future Nurses l,2,3,4, Y-Teens l,2,3, Cl-iorus i,2, Cheerleader 2. RONALD LEE HAWLEY lswedel Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4f Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball 1,2 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Homecoming Escort 2, King 4g Visual Aids 2,3 Cnorus 3, Class Sergeant of Arms 2,3. GERALD DWAYNE HAWORTH CButchl Basketball l,2,3,4y Baseball l,2,3,4f Student Council 3g Escort 3. STEPHEN LAWRENCE HENDERSHOT lSteveJ Wrestling 4, J.C.O.W.A. 4. I 3 BARBARA LEE HINKLE lBarburclJ Class Play 3, G.A.A. l,2,3, Drill Team 1, Journalism Club 3, May Day Attendant l. KENNETH ANDREW HESLER CKenJ Basketball lp Football l,3,4g Track 1,21 Hi-Y 2,35 V.I.C. 4. JACK PHILLIP HOSKINS Uackj V.I.C. 4. WILLIAM LEE HOOVER lBillJ Class Play 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,g Baseball l,2,3, Track l,2, K RONNIE LOUIS HUNKLER lRonj Hi-Y 25 V.l.C. 45 Football 3,45 Baseball 2,3,4. ROBERT EWING HUTCHISON lHutcl1J Annual Stal? 4g J.C,O.W.A. 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,4, Chaplain 45 Class Play 3,45 Visual Aids Club 2,3,4, President 35 Bible Club 4. MARY FREDERICKA JOHNSTON lMaryj National Honor Society 3,45 G.A.A. l,2,4, Secretary 25 Future Nurses l,2,3,45 Drill 2,3,4, co-captain 45 Chorus l,2,35 Sextet 2,35 Special Chorus 2,35 J.C.O.W.A. 3,45 Class Play 3,4, Student Director 45 Latin Club 25 Candy Striper 3,45 Annual 45 Scholar- ship Team 2,3. DANIEL LEE JARRETT lDanJ Gymnastics Team 4. GARY HOUSEMAN CGQ-aryl DAVID FRANKLIN HUDDLESON lDaveJ Track l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Letter Club l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2 3,45 Basketball 23. LLOYD EVERETT HUDDLESON llloydb Basketball l,25 Baseball 23,45 Bowling 45 Football l. DONNA LEE HUDNALL lDonnaJ G.A.A. l,2,3,45 J.C.O.W,A. 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Class Play 4 Candy Stripers 4. JULIE ANN JOHNSTON Uuliel Cheerleader 4, Y-Teens 4, Drill Team l,Q,3, Class Play 3, May Queen 3, Homecoming Queen 4, Glee Club l,2, .Journalism Club 3, Class President 3, Student Council 4, Secretary 4. JUDITH ANN KELLEY Uudyl G.A.A. 2,35 Future Nurses I. EDWIN JOSEPH KENDIG, JR. Uockj Band l,2,3, Baseball 2,3, Basketball Manager 3, Hi-Y l,2,3. MARY LOUISE KENNARD lMcry Loul Chorus l,2, Future Teachers 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Bible Club 4, Class Play 4, J.C.O,W.A. 331, Oliice Assistant 2,4. sf.-'Q BARBARA ANN KERNS fBarbJ G.A.A. I,2,3, Treasurer 2, Y-Teens 2,3, Future Teachers 2,3, Class Play 3,4. MILTON LEE KETRON lMiIt0nI Football l, Hi-Y 2, Visual Aids 2,3,4, J,C.O.W,A. 3,4, Class Play KENT NEVIN KIMMEL lKentl Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Basketball l, Annual Staff 4 Class Play 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, J.C.O.VV.A. 3,4, President -1, Latin Club 2. DANIEL EDWARD KNEISLEY lDcnJ J,C.O.W.A. 3,4, Scholarship Team 3, Football l, Basketball Q, DAVID LAWRENCE KNISLEY CDuveJ V.I.C. 4, GARY LEE KURTZ CGaryJ Football T, Band 2,3,4, Chorus 3,4, Rifle Club 4, Dance Band 2,3,4, ELDON CLINTON LADD lfldonj Hi-Y 2,3, V.l.C. 4, Football l, Basketball l, Track l. KEITH EDWARD LANDES llekej Basketball l,2, Class Play 3, 5 GRACE MARIE LANG lcrracel Y-Teens 3,4, Latin Club 2, Leaders Club 2,3,4, G.A.A. l,Q,3,4 Game Schedular 3, J.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Class Play 3,4, School Pa per 3, Business Manager 3, Annual Staff 4, Business Manager 4 Band 4, Pep Band 4. JUDITH ANN LEEDY Uudyl Drill Team TQ, Librarian l,2, Class 3,4, YATeens 4, Secretary 4 G.A.A. l,Q,3,4, Annual Staff 4, Journalism Club 3, Future Teach- ers 4, Chorus l. RICHARD ELMER LONGMAN lDickJ Football 2,3,4, Baseball 3,4, Tumbling 4, Letter Club 3,4. DAVID HOWARD LOWE lDcveJ Hi-Y 2,3,4, V.I.C. 4. MARGARET LORETTA MEECE cveggyi Chorus l,2g J.C.O.W.A. 3,45 Future Teachers 4, Leaders Club 2,3,4, Class Play 3,47 Y-Teens 23,45 Treasurer 3, GAA. I,2,3,4g Program Chairman 3, President 45 Annual Staff 4, LINDA LOU MIKESELL lLindal Chorus l,2g Choir 3,4p Glee Club 2,3,4f Future Teachers 3,45 G.A.A. l,2, Annual Staff 45 Y-Teens 2,35 J.C.O.W.A. 3,4. RONALD LEE MILLS lY0nfyl Football I,3,4g Track l,2,3,4, Letter Club 2,3,4p Homecoming Escort 3g Class Vice President 2. TIMOTHY BURKE MILLIGAN lTimJ Football I,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4p Basketball 2, Hi-Y 2,3p J.C.O.W.A. 3g Wrestling Ag Rifle Club 3g Visual Aids. JOHN FREDERICK LOWREY Uohnj l-li-Y 2,3,4. THEDA MAUPIN lThedaJ Class Play 4. THOMAS EDWARD MARSHALL lToml Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Wrestling 4. MARCIA LOU McVITY lMarciaJ Future Nurses l,2,3,4, Y-Teens 2,4p Cheerleader If G.A,A. 4, Class Play 3,4, Chorus L25 J.C.O.W,A. 3,45 Librarian I. f' K' JAMES PAUL ORRILL Uimj Tumbling Team 3,4. LINDA LOU OVERLA fLindaI GAA. l,2,3,4, Y-Teens 3,4, J.C,O.W.A. 3, Future Nurses Band l,2,3,4, Class Play 4, Pep Band 4. BARBARA LYNN OVERLY lBarbI GAA, I,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Drill Team I,2,3,4, Future Nurses i,2,3,4, Secretary 4, Scholarship Team i,2, National Honor So- ciety 3,4, Latin Club 2, Student Council 2, J.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Class Play 4, Teen Club I,2,3, Annual Stott 4, Candy Stripers 3,4, At- tendant 2. CAROL SUE PARSONS lCI1ippieI Y-Teens 2,3,4, G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Future Nurses I,4, Chorus I. MERLIN EARL MOHLER TMerlinI Basketball l,2,3, Baseball 2,3, Class Play 3, Basektball Statis- tician, Annual Staff 4, Co-editor 4. DAVID WALLACE NICHOLSON lDcveI Track 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, J.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Latin Club 2. SUSAN LEE MORRIS CSueJ Future Nurses I,2,3, Treasurer 2, Future Teachers 4, G.A.A. I,2, 3,4, Vice President 4, Student Council 3, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Latin Club 2, Secretary 2, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Teen Club 3, Class Play 3, Class Treasurer 4, J.C.O.W,A. 3, Homecoming Attendant 3,4. PENELOPE JUNE OBURN lPennyJ Y-Teens i,2,3, Chorus l,2. " YQPN WILLIAM LOUIS RAMPENTHAL CBEIID Football 3,4, Track 23, Hi-Y 2,3,4, J,C.O.W.A. 3,4, Band l,2 Class Play 4. IIRENDA SUSAN ROHR fsusiej National Honor Society 3,4, Future Teachers 3,45 Latin Club 2 Band l,2,3,4, President 4, J.C.O.W,A. 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4, G.A.A I,2,3,4, Class Play 4, Pep Band 4, Girls' State 3, Annual Staff 4 LINDA SUE ROACH llindal G.A.A. I,2g Y-Teens 23, J.C.O.W.A. 3, Chorus l,2, Special Chorus 2, Latin Club 2. WANDA LEE ROSE lWandaJ E-ible Club 2,3,4. HAZEL ELAINE PAULUS Ilaniel Y-Teens 4, G.A,A. 4, Future Nurses I,4f C'horus I. JOE ARNOLD PHIPPS Uoel Baseball I,2,3,4, Basketball I,2,3,4, Football 4, Student Council 4, Letter Club 4, Class Vice President 3,4. RONALD JAMES PAXTON Ulonniel Basketball If Baseball I,2, Track I, V.I,C. 4. KATHLEEN QUICK IKaIel Cv.A.A. I,2, Chorus I,2, Future Teachers 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Annual Stott 4, Latin Club 2, President 25 Class Play 4, Student Director 4g J.C.O.W.A. 3,45 Class Treasurer 3. JUDITH MIRIAM ROSSER Uuclyj School Paper 3,4, Sports Editor 3, Editor 45 Annual Staff 45 Y-Teens 23,45 J.C.O.W.A. 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Chorus l,25 Class Play 3. WILLIAM LAWRENCE ROTH KBIIIJ Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 2,35 Class Play 45 Wrestling 4. ROBERT EMANUEL ROY IBobl Hi-Y 23,45 J.C.O.VV.A. 3,45 Class Play 3, School Paper I. BEATRICE ONELL ROYER QBeaJ Future Teachers 2,3,45 J.C.O.W.A. 35 Y-Teens 2, Latin Club 2g Drill Team 23,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Chorus I,25 Spe- cial Chorus 25 Librarian 3,4 PATRICIA ANN SANDERS iPatJ Student Council I, Band I5 Class Play 3, Scholarship Team I,25 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Class Vice President 35 School Paper 35 An- nual 4. KAREN JANE SCHENCK IKarenJ G-.A.A. 2,45 Chorus 25 Y-Teens 25 .l.C.O.VV.A. 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Future Nurses l,2,3,4, PAULETTE FAYE SCHECHTER lPaulJ G.A,A. l,2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,45 J.C.O.W.A. 3,45 Class Play 3,45 School Paper 3g Office Assistant 45 Tumbling I. ROSEANNE MARIE SCHWYTZER ISibertl Chorus l,25 Tumbling Ig Future Nurses 4. ROBERTA ELAINE SCHWIERKING lBertJ Class Play 3, Drill Team I,2,3,4, Glee Clula I, Y-Teens 4, Librar- ian 2, G,A.A. I,2,3,4, Annual Stott 4, May Day Attendant 3, School Paper 4, Assistant Editor 4, Ofhce Assistant 3. LARRY MARTIN SHANKS QLarryJ SUSAN LOUISE SHELBY lSusanJ l.C.O.W.A. 3,4, Chorus I,2,3,4, Future Nurses l,2,3,4, Scholar- ship Team I,2,3, Librarian 2, Ofhce Assistant 4. PATRICIA MARIE SHIVERDECKER lPatJ Nlational Honor Society 3,4, Future Teachers 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Annual Staff 4, Co-Editor 4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Scholarship Team 12, Special Chorus I,2,3, Sextet 2,3, .I.C.O.VV.A. 3. Girl, 19" JOHN TERRANCE SHOOK lTerryJ Football I,2,3,4, Basketball I,2, Track 2,3,4, Letter Club 2.3.4. BRUCE GORDON SHULTZ lBruceJ Class President I, Class Play 3,4, Basketball l,2,3, Student Coun- cil 3, Scholarship Team I,3, Play Committee 4. ANNE SLUTMAN lAnnel Bible Club 2, School Paper 3, Y-Teens 3, Future Teachers 4. DAVID GARY SMITH LGaryI Football I,2,3,4, Basketball IQ, Vtfrcstling 4, Annual Stott -1: Class Play 3,4, Class President I, Student Council 3,4, J,C.O.W.A. 3,4, Chorus 3, Hi-Y 2,3,4. y r W 9 I SANDRA PEARL SOLOMON CSandyJ Chorus 2g Future Nurses 2,3,4, Drill Team 3,4p Y-Teens 23,45 J.C.O.W.A, 3,4, Class Play 3,45 Office Assistant 2,3,4, Bible Club 35 G.A.A. 4g Annual Staff 4. EILA MAE SPRIESTERBACH QEilal J.C.O,W.A. 3,45 Future Teachers 2,3,4g Class Play 4. ROGER LEE SPENCER QRogerJ Hi-Y 2,3,4, Baseball 35 Latin Club 2, National Honor Society 3,45 Rifle Club 3,-'if Basketball Manager 4g Scholarship Team l,2,3. JAN SPORNHAUER Uanj Basketball l,2,3,-45 Baseball I,2,3,4, Class Play 3. DAVID EUGENE SMITH CDavel Basketball l,2,3, Track l,2g Baseball l,3, Class Play 3g Class President 2. MARILYN KAY SMITH iMarilynl Chorus l,2, NICHOLAS BARNETT SMITH iNickJ Visual Aids l,2,3, Football l,2. STEVEN GLENN SMITH fSmittyl Latin Club 2, J.C.O.W.A, 3, Hi-Y 3,4, Secretary 3, Vice Presi- dent 45 Track l,2,3,4, Football 2,3,4g Letter Club 23,45 Class Play 3,4, Class President 4, Annual Staft 4, JUDITH ANN STRADER Uudyl Y-Teens 2,3,45 G.A.A. lg Class Pl ..C.O.W.A. 3. GARY ALLYN SULT lGoryl ay 3,45 Chorus l,25 Librarian lg Baseball lp Bible Club l,25 Football 25 May Day Escort 35 Hi-Y 3,45 Wrestling 45 Tumbling Team 4 DENNIS BAKER SWARTZ CDenl Football l,2,3,45 Basketball lj T S!,3,45 Class Play 45 Latin Club 2. MARY MARGARET SWEARINGEN Chorus l,25 Y-Teens l,2. rack l,25 Letter Club 3,45 Hi-Y lMaryJ JUDITH KAY TEBICS Uudyl Chorus l,2,45 Y-Teens 3,45 G.A.A. 45 Special Chorus 2. GERALD ARTHUR SWOPE Uerryl Basketball l,25 Baseball 2,3,45 Letter Club 2,35 Latin Club 25 Bowling 4. GAYDELL THOMPSON fGayl G.A.A. l,25 Future Nurses lg Y-Teens 25 Chorus 25 Sextet 25 Fu- ture Teachers 3,45 J.C.O.W.A. 35 Latin Club 25 Annual Staff 4. SHERRY ELLEN TREON fsherryl Student Council lj Class Play 45 Scholarship Team 35 Drill Team 3,45 Future Nurses l,2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4, Treasurer 45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Y-Teens 2,35 J.C.O.W.A. 3,45 An- nual Staff 4. JOHN EDWARD WALLS Uolwnnyl Basketball IQ, Baseball 23,45 Track I, Hi-Y l,2,3. JUDITH ANN WHEELER Uudyl SUSAN LOUISE WILLIAMS CSueI G.A.A. Ig Scholarship Team If Y-Teens 2,3g Future Teachers 2,3,4, Vice President 4g Latin Club 2, Treasurer 2g .I.C.O.VV.A. 3,41 Class Play 4, Choir l,2,3,4f Annual 4. JAMES EDWARD WILSON Uiml Bowling League 4, Visual Aids 3, RONALD DOUGLAS WOLF lRonD Chorus 3,45 Dance Band 2,3,4, Band I,2,3,4, Class Play 3, Hi-Y 4, Track I. DARLENE MAE WOMBOLD lDcrIenel Class Play 35 Chorus 2, G.A.A. I,2,3g Future Nurses I. MICHAEL EUGENE WUERTZ CMickJ BRENT THOMAS WOOLERY fBren1I Baseball I,2,4, Basketball I,2g Track Ig Class Play 3,45 Rifle Club 4. Priscilla Adkins, bequeath my southern accent to Lois Schwierking, and my basketball ability to Ralph Steftano. Joetta Allen, bequeath my ability in bookkeeping to anyone who wants it, and my good times in high school to my little sister Marsha Kaye. Larry Amos, bequeath my good looks to .lake Moyer, and my skating ability to Frank Larrick. Carol Anderson, bequeath my iob as co-captain of the drill team to any deserving girl with a big mouth, and my ability at cards to Sharon Bourne. Ronnie Argabright, bequeath my wrestling ability to Sherman Terrill. Judie Ashburn, bequeath what's left in my "Light and Bright" bottle to Maggie Avey, and my driv- ing ability to Ruth Denlinger, who needs it. Bob Baker, bequeath my '54 Chev. to my little brother, Rex. Mike Baker, bequeath my ability to pass a foot- ball to Richard Quick. Jim Balser, bequeath my ability to get sores on my hands to anyone who wants them. JAMES DOUGLAS SMALLEY Uimj Hi-Y 2,3,4. ELIZABETH ANN HUFF lBettyJ Y-Teens 2, G.A.A. 2, Future Nurses 3, Chorus 4, Class Play 4. Wd! ' Patti Beck, bequeath my ability to confuse Mr. Karns and my shyness to my little sister Mary Ann. Zoe Becker, bequeath my position in band to Sandy Petering, and my fun in Co-op to Brenda Dixon. Mike Beirise, bequeath my Ford to anyone who can keep oil in it, and my driving ability to Earlene Weidner. Linda Bennett, bequeath my ability to do a solo in the Miami University Band Day Parade to Sue Smith. Joy Blumenstock, bequeath my part-time happiness and good luck to Joyce Wagner, and my natural curly hair to someone who will appreciate it. Steve Booker, bequeath my ability to scrape my elbow on the rim to Harvey Huddleson. Jane Boomershine, bequeath my ability to switch lanes to Sally Wood. Pat Boyle, bequeath my "buttons" to make dimples to Dianne Beinamann in hopes that she will be teased as much as I have been. Gloria Brandenburg, bequeath my ability to "goof off" in study hall to Terry Kistler, and all my books to the city dump. Ronnie Brewer, bequeath my ability to fail English to anyone who can make that grade, and my good times in high school to my sisters Pat, Molina, and Chris. Lois Bright, bequeath my position as office assist- ant to my sister Cheryl, or to anyone who thinks they can figure out the new phone system. Sally Brooks, bequeath my first chair French Horn to Pat Scott, and my good time-s in high school to my sister Donna. John Brown, bequeath my ability to get along with my teachers to my brother. 'John Brown, bequeath my ability in industrial arts to Dick Beam. Linda Buckley, bequeath my quiet ways to Sharon Bourne. Steven Busch, bequeath all my beer to Joe Phipps. Mary Ann Buske, bequeath my long flowing pony- tail to Joy Fisher. Doris Carmony, bequeath my job on the annual staff to anyone dumb enough to want it, and my typing ability to Bob Pfeiffer. Bonnie Carroll, bequeath my ability to write Eng- lish themes to my sister Sally, and my position as maiorette to any deserving girl. Jim Cerney, bequeath my ability to fix car radios to Mr. Bowser, and my ability to sleep in civics class to anyone who can get by with it. Joyce Clevelle, bequeath my athletic ability to Linda Manning, and my ability to give Mr. Starch' more gray hair to Joyce Hormell. Sharon Comer, bequeath my poundage to Joyce Wagner, and my twirling ability to Sharon Bond. Roger Cook, bequeath my racing P-49 to Rick Rothert. Tom Coughlin, bequeath my law book to Rick Rothert. Dessie Courtney, bequeath my civics grades to my sister Dianne, and my good times in Co-op to any iunior. Geneva Courtney, bequeath my ability to get along with teachers to any deserving iunior. Bob Crowe, bequeath my i947 Chevrolet to Ray Dake so he will have a way to go to football prac- tices next season. Bonnie Crumrine, bequeath my day dreaming in study hall to Beth Brumbaugh, and my average grades to anyone getting below average. Don Dake, bequeath my diminished desire to push a pencil to Tom Wolf. Ron Dake, bequeath to Roger Bundy a mud flap for his bicycle. Steve Davis, bequeath my ability in speech to Bill Josslyn, and my '34 Ford to anyone who wants to keep it clean. Don Denlinger, bequeath my '50 Ford to anyone in the Junior Class who can keep it running. Virginia Dillon, bequeath my good times in high school to my sister Judy, and my chemistry grades to Shirley Pearce. Barbara Donovan, bequeath my seat in band to any trumpet player, and my good times in high school to Nancy Weber. Nancy Engle, bequeath my enthusiasm and my ability to get excited easily to my brother Jerry, and my ability to get lost in the halls to Sharon Ryan. Connie Fair, bequeath my ability to play basket- ball to Maureen McLaughlin, and my ability to understand jokes to Janice Riley. Marcia Farren, bequeath my outstanding ability to flirt with boys to my timid sister Barbara, and my physics book to anyone who likes to ask dumb questions. Bonnie Fisher, bequeath my ability to get along with Kentuckians to Sharon Bryon. Barbara Forsythe, bequeath my ability to always get caught with a messy locker when there is locker inspection to any iunior who never cleans his. Marlene Forsythe, bequeath my peroxided hair to any iunior girl, and my ability to drive to my brother Gary. Roy Fuller, bequeath my '55 Ford to Joyce Landis, and my sleeping in study hall to Harvey Huddle- son. Emily Frost, bequeath my seat in band to anyone enjoying music, and my good times at Northmont to my sisters. Gene Fuson, bequeath my '49 Buick to anyone who will iust take it. Virgil Gallagher, bequeath my size to Rex Baker, and my good luck with cars to anyone who wants if. Max Garrison, bequeath my brand new Kookie comb to Mr. Lancaster. Jim Gaskill, bequeath my ability to get whipped by Mr. Karns to Ray Dake, and my car to George Lowry. Pauline Goubeaux, bequeath my bicycle to Roger Bundy. Sharon Grisso, bequeath my ability to get along with Mr. Karns to Nancy Haller. Mike Haines, bequeath my track shoes to Dan Overly if he can get his big feet in them. Gary Hall, bequeath my no. 7 football iersey to Tom Wolf, and my ability to keep my Chevy run- ning to anyone who wants it. Pat Haney, bequeath my locker in the girls' locker room to Louie Kenisle-y, providing he can fight his way through all the girls. Peggy Happensack, bequeath my good times in high school to my sister Connie. Ron Hawley, bequeath my good times at North- mont to the Junior Class and my string of straight A's in English class to my brother Rag. Butch Haworth, bequeath my height to Jim Weaks. Stephen Hendershot, bequeath my ability for Eng- lish to my sister Annis. Ken Hesler, bequeath my ability to get out of class to someone- who can get away with it. Jack Hoskins, bequeath my civics book to William Johnson. Bill Hoover, bequeath my speech book to Ronnie Gilette. Gary Houseman, bequeath my flat top to George Bayne, and my English ability to Jerry McClellan. Dave Huddleson, bequeath my square toe football shoes to anyone who is as clumsy as I, and my no. 6 football jersey to my brother Boyd. Lloyd Huddleson, bequeath my height to my cousin Harvey, and my ability to Hunk to my brother Louie. Donna Hudnall, bequeath my patty-wagon and my good times in high school to my sister Peggy, and my fast lunch hour to anyone who can digest if. Robert Hutchison, bequeath my "orneriness" and my car to David Diehl, my gabbing ability to Mar- tha Eidemiller, and my musical success to Dennis Tressler and Joyce Hormell. Betty Huff, bequeath my ability to drive to Carol Hastings. Dan Jarrett, bequeath my curly hair to Mr. Lan- caster. Julie Johnston, bequeath my cheerleading position to Roger Hawley, and my ability to keep quiet in study hall to my sister Louise. Mary Johnston, bequeath my good times in high school to my brother Mark, and my position as drill team co-captain to some lucky girl. Judy Kelley, bequeath my long hair to any iunior girl who wants to put it up every night. Mary Lou Kennard, bequeath my bow, arrows, and quiver to the next Indian to pass on the National Road, and my ability to confuse Mrs. B. to my sister Peggy- Barbara Kerns, bequeath my ability to have good times to my little brother Paul, and my blue bomb to Karen Kelly. Milton Ketron, bequeath my big Olds to my brother Ken or anyone who can keep gas in it. Kent Kimmel, bequeath my seat in English class to Bill Josselyn. Dan Kneisley, bequeath my great ability in Eng- lish to George Lowry. Dave Knisley, bequeath my pointed shoes to Mr. Shell. Gary Kurtz, bequeath my Black Beetle to anyone who can put gas in it, and my place in band to Vernon Martin. Eldon Ladd, bequeath my ability to drive to Diane Beiniman, and my M-54 to anyone who can keep it on the road. Keith Landes, bequeath my brains to George Bayne. Grace Lang, bequeath my ability to play the cym- bals to anyone who can play them at the wrong time, as I usually do, and a bottle of aspirins to Mr. Cool so he can stand it for another year. Judy Leedy, bequeath my iob as hall monitor to Mary Ann Morris, and my long arms and legs to Bill Josselyn. Dick Longman, bequeath my spotted car to Ralph Steffano. David Lowe, bequeath my '53 Chevy to anyone who can drive it without using reverse, and my seat in CO-OP to any lucky iunior. John Lowry, bequeath my advanced algebra book to whoever wants it. Tomi Marshall, bequeath my down field blocking ability to Ray Dake. Theda Maupin, bequeath my ability to stay out of trouble to Mike Wissman, and my place in the school book store to any iunior who wants a good time. Marcia McVity, bequeath my ability to get pad- dled by Mr. Karns to Maxine Overla, and my blonde hair to my younger brother Tom. Peggy Meece, bequeath my car to my sister Bar- bara if it holds together that long, and my sew- ing ability to Janice Riley. Linda Mikesell, bequeath my job of typing the class will to anyone who thinks he can read the typing. Tim Milligan, bequeath all my football abilities to my brothers Mike and Bruce, and my elbow pad to Raymond Dake, in hopes he'll make good use of it. Ron Mills, bequeath my number "24" football ier- sey to Don Bittorf, and my ability to get out of study hall to Bill Josselyn. Merlin Mohler, bequeath my height to Jim Weaks, and my curly hair to Ralph Steffano. Sue Morris, bequeath my naturally curly hair to my sister Mary, and my well equipped phys-ed locker to Dorothy Fore. Dave Nicholson, bequeath my brilliant times in the mile to anyone who is dumb enough to want them. Penny Oburn, bequeath my shorthand book to anyone crazy enough to want it. Jim Orrill, bequeath five of my fingers to Ken Furay so he won't have to take off his shoes to count to fifteen. Linda Overla, bequeath my ability to try to play a trumpet to Gary Kimmel. Barbara Gverly, bequeath my fun in English class to my little brother Danny. Elaine Paulus, bequeath my ability to get straight A's and to get pizza to Rex Baker. Carol Parsons, bequeath my little feet to Beth Brumbaugh, and my ability to talk in study hall and not get caught to any underclassman. Ronnie Paxton, bequeath my height to Jim Weaks. Joe Phipps, bequeath my ability to get along with Mr. Sewell to Lee Brittian. Kathy Quick, bequeath the "chip" on my shoulder in physics class to Mr. Sewell. Bill Rampenthal, bequeath my crutches to Terry Kistler for next year. Linda Roach, bequeath my ability to laugh at something that isn't funny to Janice Walls, and my ability to drive to my buddy Tom. Susan Rohr, bequeath my ability to keep the band line straight to Audrey Lock, and my position as J.C.O.W.A. point secretary to anyone who can count well enough to accept it. Wanda Rose, bequeath my English literature book to Mrs. Rosser, and my English seat to any junior who can sit in it without going to sleep. Judy Rosser, bequeath my iob as editor of the paper to any deserving person, and my brownie points in English to Roger Hawley. Pat Sanders, bequeath my copy of "Paint the Town Pink" to Mr. Lancaster, and my ability to type with- out any errors to someone with a locker full of erasers. Karen Schenck, bequeath my spectator seat to Bert, so she can sit down and rest once in a while. Paulette Schecter, bequeath all my good times at Junior Achievement to anyone who likes to learn while having loads of fun. Roberta Schwierking, bequeath to Harvey Huddle- son my height, and to Mary Ann Morris, my ability to get along with sisters. Roseanne Schwytzer, bequeath Darly Siberst's S400 Ford, which Brent Woolery won't take, to Dick Harsh. Larry Shanks, bequeath my good luck with my car to Gary Forsythe, and my ability to sleep in study hall to my brother, Danny. Susan Shelby, bequeath my driving ability to anyone foolish enough to want it, and my good fortune in winning contests to someone as deserv- ing as l. Pat Shiverdecker, bequeath my ability to catch the bus on time to my sister Carol, and my ability to blush easily to Sandy Sherman. Terry Shook, bequeath my short hair to Steve Bowser. Bruce Shultz, bequeath to Bev Price my football shoes. Anne Slutman, bequeath my ability to chew gum in study hall without being caught to Andy Shef- field. Jim Smalley, bequeath my height to Julie Flint, and my voice to Ann Templin. Gary Smith, bequeath anything I have to Roger Hawley because he needs everything. Nick Smith, bequeath my ability to talk in class and get away with it to my sister Cathy. Dave Smith, bequeath my well-used copy of Mac- beth to Mrs. Rosser, and my good car to Joyce Hormell. Marilyn Smith, bequeath my love for school to anyone who wants it. Steve Smith, bequeath all my broken hurdles to John Studebaker and Walter Rudd it they can fix them. Sandy Solomon, bequeath the driving ability, which I don't have much ot, to Maureen McLaugh- lin, and my place in the drill team to Harvey Hud- dleson or any other deserving junior. Roger Spencer, bequeath my ability in science and math to any deserving freshman, and my motor- cycle to anyone who wants to ride it. Jan Spornhauer, bequeath my basketball ability to Roger Hawley, and my car to anyone who wants to take a chance with it. Eila Mae Spriestersbach, bequeath my ability to stay in chemistry to my sister Carla Jean, and my boat to be used as Mr. Lancaster's dinghy. Judy Strader, bequeath to Ann Walker my "quiet" slumber parties, and to Judy Rappold my green and white bomb. Gary Sult, bequeath the gold band on my class ring to Joyce Wagner. Dennis Swartz, bequeath my football equipment to Fred Fore because he took three-tourths of it any- how. Mary Swearingen, bequeath my love for getting up in the morning to go to school to anyone who wants it. Jerry Swope, bequeath my good times in high school to my brother Eddie. Judy Tebics, bequeath my neat gym blouse to Ann Templin, my humorous iokes to Julie Flint, and my ability to remember Mr. Hoover's birthday to my little brother Jon. Gay Thompson, bequeath my shorthand ability to Andy Shettield, and my ability to annoy teach- ers to my sister, Janet. Sherry Treon, bequeath my marching ability to Carol Carr, and my little red lunch pail to Marilyn Durst. Johnny Walls, bequeath my ability to make go- carts to George Lowry. Judy Wheeler, bequeath my locker to Peggy Gar- rison. Darlene Wombold, bequeath my shorthand grades to Elaine Fish. Sue Williams, bequeath my ability to run over rocks to Jo Ann Vermillion. Ron Wolf, bequeath my '57 Che-vy to Jackie ldd- ings and Tom Wolf, and my ability to get out of bed at 6 a.m. in the morning to Rae Gene Ratlift. Brent Woolery, bequeath my bicycle to Roger Buddy. Mike Wuertz, bequeath my ability to skip classes to Ken Furay. Hey, stop pinching will yu!" Guess which container has u frog in it?" look no Hee Slof, or h. Sl! I5 face' OI7 you JU sf Si "All right, ull right, pick me up will yo'?' "Just woit until he hits those electrically charged 'paddle protectors' " R P i f 1 my 1 f 1 , X! , 5 l X. f if . Q- gv 5 Si.. x X . B , JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS STANDING: John Studebaker, Vice-presidentg Fred Fore, Sergeant-at-armsp SITTING: Ann Walker, Treas- urerp Jackie Akers, Secretaryp Susan Smith, President. We, the class of I96I, have enioyed our Junior year and have worked hard towards becoming Seniors. We had a lot of fun working on the Valentine Dance and the Prom. As Juniors we begin to realize what our goals in life should be. Our best wishes go to the Senior class of I96O, for we will soon be next to follow in their footsteps. We have been a good class and we are confident that we can face the coming year's decisions together. We are proud to be called the CLASS OF '6I! 56 Leron Adams Jackie Akers Sharon Alexander Robert Amos Eileen Anders Margaret Avey John Bailey Judy Baker Betty Balsbaugh Dick Beam Dianne Beinman Don Bittorf Sharon Bourne Lee Brittain Kent Brown Beth Brumbcnugh Robert Brumbaugh Susan Brumbaugh Sharon Buvinger Sharon Bryan Sally Carroll Pete Clear Phyllis Collier John Collier Jim Constable Annie Cramer Larry Cress Donna Crooks Tom Dawson Don Dearth Diana Deeter Ruth Denlinger Brenda Dixon Sue Ebersold Martha Eidemil er Carole Fenton Elaine Fish Mary Rose Fisher Janette Flaugh Tom Flemming Julie Flint Barbara Flora Fred Fore Mike Francis Chuck Frank Mary Frank Bob Fugate Melanie Gauvey 'N X W 5 ,E li 'B E yi N Jeannie Gildow Ronnie Gillette Tom Gray Judy Griesheimer Duane Haines Yuriko Hance Carolyn Haney Richard Harsh Carole Hasling Judy Haupl Roger Hawley Janet Hefelfinger Don Heinze Jerome Hemmerle Annis Hendershot Sandy Hile Dick Hodges Samuel Hoffman Robert Holloway Joyce Hormell Barbara Hosbrook Harvey Huddleson Peggy Hudnall Janet Hull Margaret Hunkler Bob Jennings William Johnson Bill Josselyn Helen Kauffman Eddie Keck Terry Kisfler Tomi Kisfler Brent Koogler Joyce Landis Franklin Larrick George Lowery Charlene Manis Bonnie Marshall Jim Marshall Tom Mas? Terry McCray Maureen McLaughlin Maureen McGuire Elaine Meyer Thomas Meyer Terry Meyers Susan Michael Dick Miller , ri y 1 yi., 'ik-:o' . . . .1 ii Q. r , X l M E ,P X 'fy H S wil? 4 gaps l' J R J' S 3 Q if ,gg a 4 me SF T L,g5,,..: . QL. . 'fm f ,- , .. .. nm Q14 ,sch 1V,,f-.ugly 5 , . ,W qw, Barbaro Millikin Cherry Moore Mary Ann Morris David Mount Carole Myers Keith Norris David Oldham Lareen Oswalf Robert Oswalf David Pace Shirley Pearce Robert Pfeiffer Bev Price Tom Rappold Edna Riancho Janice Riley Robert Ripple Ricky Rothert Vic Roy Jerry Ryan Bob Ryan Jane Schmidlapp Lois Schwierking Andrea Sheffield Joel Shiverdecker Dan Sink Barbara Smith Cathy Smith Frank Smith Jackie Smith Sue .Smith Ralph Steffano Rosalie Stewart Mike Stout John Studebaker Jim Stumpf Ann Templin Sherman Terrill Carol Ullery Linda Ullery Marvin Van Dyke Pat Vint Joyce Wagner Sharon Wagner Ann Walker Judy Walker Jim Weaks Earlene Weidner W Robert Wefherington Leo Williams Connie Wilson Jeon Wirth Wayne Wissinger Tom Wolf Toni York Sa Conrad Aiken Karl Peters Sherry Hyre Raymond Duke Donna Hale ,.,, L.,. I ,.....,, -. ..,.. K .. .A,, ..-.M f . . ,K ii VW 755541 S4595 I 3,9 255 J T-siff' ' z: .. My 11 ,gr me . " ig. ,fm Xv5'lPii5!ig'fff -xi fiiiglil -5 I 1 U52 25552515 '-f-' - me X a 1 X:, 3 ,. ' ' Q ss, 1 .- ,. ,h,. 2,,,,X. ,X X X ' ' r Kyiv? X ww x la Q 4 Q Xe X U31 N X N? X Q X ,.X,,,XXX LL,..,L X-X . .:..,:. A X , SX , i sl n X Ere X K X X , , X a 'Q F , r 4 ll h if v xxx J? Q S Q? gg 'WT s ie X X ga i i I Y yr K r . as X il' M gm i :ggi l 1 X K e X Q- r .ws sw X - X - 1 Xe.-oss-sy.-sf1.,.X. NY"-f-rv Award' nf-ey H I' 'NX Shirley Ahlers Michael Aid Susan Avery Sharon Blazer Ronald Boyne Charles Beam Darrell Biser Roland Blessing Sharon Bond Steve Bowser Evelyn Brandon Jennifer Bridgewater Richard Bruning Robert Brust Roger Bundy Donna Burge Shirley Burton Tom Buxton Carolyn Capstick Steve Carey Carol Carr Roy Clark Dianne Courtney Dick Cosler Norman Crabtree Linda Crume Raymond Dake David Davis Morgan Davis Janet Dearth Paula De Ford David Diehl Jo Dillon Judy Dillon Diane Dixon Jerry Engle Phil Fair Alice Farrier Cheryl Ferrell Joy Fisher Bonita Flora Darlene Ford Gary Forsythe Ruby Fry Albert Fuller Kenneth Furray Joyce Gallichio Betty Garber 5 A34 , v .,:.::: nw .fm Jiri 351:11 - f . s 2 . I X 'K 455 1 9 l x 1+ Q Q Q 5 A e , , 'QMS X xi 4 l 1 i k vi 5 Q. ev 'E Y -- X " Q. fi , . i t 9 'ee .Pi ll? 2 in :Ji-vt. , Ze -F Tom Garwood Ray Geiger Carole Gibson Cheryle Gibson James Gilbert Gloria Gray Renate Grossarth Margaret Guinn Judy Haines Donna Hale Robert Haley Gloria Hall Henry Hartman Sandra Hartman David Haskins Nancy Haubenestel Richard Hawley Vernon Hayden Janet Heckman Bob Hendrickson Steve Hesler Robert Hogens Oscar Hake Judy Huftgarden Marvin Huffman Sherry Hyre Jackie lddings Tom Irwin Pamela Johnson Bill Johnson Louise Johnston Louise Keller Karen Kelley Sally Kendig Gerhard Kern Paul Kerns Betty Kefron Donald King Sandra Kinser Lbuie Knisley Dave Knoop Floyd Knoop Barbara Lambert Carole Lambert Suzie Lawrence Bill Leedy Douglas Lindsey Audrey Locke 'Wiki- 'Wt X Jw 51: -2 ' w -1,- I -Q: -- 32, , ,, A Harold Loper It Jane Lusher Q Q Linda Manning L2 John Marshall A A A -t. fi :H --ffws,sfL:'.1 , stfitr' . ,.:., I 3 X, it i an X .Xe g ' il was 1 WUI 1 EF -ig. . X a if 'Q K if, i 'W tigggfiff 174 i mi' :N ie.. ff vu. Barbara Martin Luis Martin Pat Martin Vernon Martin Dennis McAdams Mike McAttee Jerry McClellan Kenneth McDaniels Junior McDermott Marlyce McKinley Dan McLin Tom MCVity Barbara Meece Pat Miller Terry Monaghan Floyd Nill Linda Orrill Maxine Overla Danny Overly Karl Peters Richard Quick Judy Rappold Rae Gene Ratliff Bill Reedy Phyllis Replogle Linda Rhodes Pamela Rhodes Thomas Rike Pat Robinette Michael Roof Mike Roth Walter Rudd Sharon Ryan Jerry Satterfhwaite Tom Soylor June Schaurer Danny Shafer Jerry Sfammen Carol Shiverdecker Melinda Shoenfelt Warren Smith Susan Snyder Marilyn Somers Bonnie Spies wi vw. 5527 ..Z:1:-1:m:e,...... f 1 fx .,mzmg...f " x 1 :Eb if rf 2:5222 i as :A L s1w57i5'fs.:r1 :Q . ., -f . si K v. . rlv 3 - 5 vs ' fx K, 4 E 5 l 5,552 4 'aw 5 l f K mf YR P L X S 'P 'ggi af Will? K I f A f r 'Q Q X, S S 2 ' 5 5 ff, ll My Q ' QW r -W 5512 Q A.,. . in 3.3 l 5 s. X .5 , , X qi , :K fi X E Q B S ,, .. 'lla 5 Kv igfi 1 'f-2 1 ' 5 - 1 if - 'if ,xr f ." :M ,-ns ,xv . . 45 Vg - Q - K. 5 my . A Q ,, W M gQ',nig"'v'l:f rn , 1 : mg gy, ' I ,.sAfx-u ' 5 . 1 :-'Q . ,, '34 .ow :wwf gf. Q - rl 'i 'X i, : D X N xx Q 1 "i " J :legs ,... ,KP I H as N .,,, was .if m.,A..M, ..V, 5, 70 i A i . To idifuiiflla-li mmf f I 1 Carla Spriesfersbach Bev Sf. John James Supper Janet Thompson Paul Traylor Dennis Tressler Janie Turner Pam Vorvel Gloria Vickers Donna Viles Sally Vines Thomas Wahler Linda Walker Robert Wall Janice Walls Pat Ward Joan Werfz William White Bonnie Wieland Mike Wissman Ann Woodard Jon Yinger Bob Zimmerman Jan Norris Freshman Class Officers - Jo Ann Chakiris, Dorothy Fore, Steve Haworth, and John Beirise. , mg . ' ff P31 ' B 1 s BN wk t Q? J .ge J Tm Y' ' rigs? ,. ,J"."' Z USN Wallace Alderman Pam Amend Joyce Arens Tim Atkinson Rene Bailey David Boker Rex Baker George Boyne John Beirise Carolyn Biggs Dean Biser Lynda Biftorf Bruce Blue Sandra Bowman Robert Bradford Pa? Brewer Charles Brown Harry Brown Barb Brumbaugh Judith Brusf Mariiane Burdge Sonny Burton Jo Ann Chakiris Madelene Collier Sharon Collins Darrell Combs Barbara Coy Rebecca Coy Dennis Cress Linda Crow Bill Cruea David Davis John Davis Karen Davis Dora Darner Jane Derringer Jim Dinsmore Mike Donovan Eugene Duckro Mary Duckro Marilyn Durst Donald Edmunds Jim Eidemiller Jim Eller Jackie Emmert Benny Ernst Barbara Farren Jerry Fisher sd, . , N 5,55 def.-jgfmzsf . so me krsqs D J ,Q Q ! Q , A ,ww X -A ll M x A rm -'asv a 'Si R ,::.. -- wx E 15 E A 41 1 vs' 4, we 'Q .1 if S 5, 8 I' 2 5 x g my F 'rf f s-.2 is -x " x . ,, neg? e -, if wr vc , , .4 X- M ,L xl H5 . sm. 5, 'R ' vii ,il - 1 Ea .1 B lg 1 X e I aah I Q J' in-f R 'Q yt f I 5 ,W x 1. 1 1. QS 1. fa' - Q ,Li,..vr t:L e 75 ' 31 Wx ll fm' X MV K X ll N-W 1 2+ F Ei Q ' , , . ,A. . if ' wg a f Q ru an A . ' - in . ll-'N Linda Fisher Bill Flee Dorothy Fore Donald Foster Teddi Foster Pam Frank Charles Fry James Garrett Diane Geisel Sandra Glaze Nancy Goubeaux Russel Goubeaux Walter Grassarth Barbara Hall Nancy Haller Connie Happensaclc Jim Haney Steve Haworth Lynn Haworth Dan Hazelrigg Judy Hedge Tom Hemmerle Paul Hendershot Susan Herr Jim Hewell Tom Hill Charles Hobbs Carol Hoffman Junior Hake Mary Holloway Gary Hull JoNelle Hunter Sharon James Hilda Jarnagin Gary Jennings Ronald Johnson Mark Johnston Jean Kemper Peggy Kennard Juanita Kesler Kenneth Ketron John Kilmer Gary Kimmel John Koeller Douglas Kopp Claudia Krug Jerry Lamb Richard Lamberi . my me lsr migasfsswriewfffii, . 1' 44, L' i , ,x.. f ew ' ' -. - 1 V a l so , :-,Y was-,+f,f4l K f 1 1: Egg- ' K II? :.,.k . , L' ai, fe J i 5 xi' f J 2 LQ M ki fi ma is is 3 1 . -. A in .,,,. H iggx 5233 3' 55.7. 295' 'H , - '- f .2 . ve " I is is I ts M .11 fairiwgkis 4 ..,ja:f -' mf Y rf 5 wg f i me 5 5 H R fi E A 553 J A r . J X -Ji , f x xy ,, , ' mas, ,K i S is 5 is 'Q gl , . . , f :J :Vi 55 T5 ffY'2fS 7 ff afim,5i5 im 5 we 1 ff mf Wai :J iw i -if 55,54 we n 53: ill: ,W u.,,r. ,. A XSNLSQAS J .if . . .h SI ' V ' 2 Qkiiifi' .. f . f f' lffmiisi 3 67:-ixsff gr' - ' .5-f1wu:i .91 .. Me3s5t,f',4.u rw . , .5 .'s:5:.s2z,a:,::!wQA: -- Q J .. "" " -' ey, 1 2 of ,f 1: 2: -sg f, E' :-if K-QMS' 76 auf i if , i 'lx is 2 .2 3 315433 wg l X at six X ., . 35555 i is . f is i . 'Alb V , .i A ef 5 of ml X M X , x dx 3 9 P lr ik H2 , 3 4 N N J is ,S iw Q A .. ..X5,s..,s . . ' f X' ci N? . Fi E J .J ik. ix typ tiny 1 ss ' 3 5 g S ? wp lv .1 t 2 Q fig sa e 1 ' S i F LL rg J 5 . s XF.. X 1i. 4 Q cu ri 'l g .Athi " A .W 4 - .L .3'.m,s'5' - , f -ge we -, wx: -tw L L,,, A L ., ,Q r r' S .sg R1 2 , U Q, ,Nm , , AH ,E w 'gt 023 K P W' e 3 rp x lk X N Q E.. 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V f i i,,y3.rN ,..-1915: i YT A ll 'is Y swag is Q .Lf S 1 S 8525, s 2 ,Y s .51 .25 7,4 -- :. - gg X mmf S25 ll N ll x .SA 5 ' 528 Q avi? N ' X rw 'f ' lit ju 1 Eb JA ' i 1 :ff 2, I A Vf5L'fIf1s' Q W ew Q ' Xa xi s il 1+ I AP l X "- S We K S PW L in ' ' V. :gp 5 . 12? sf H . fir? v H Mi i ,R 6 l 1 l A ' me J - ' f .1 -sw ,, - ,ia .,.. , ,..i,,. lf Qwlif WWA? 5' l L 5 is, 'llififgi ixxllix 1 . Q- iilllllliflg v ,' f "-L 5 1: ' , an ' 'ax v il? ,J 'X 'if f H :af 'f N N15-QHPJ' ""'-:mix 5 i 'sg Dime' " ' H2 1 ,ggi 3 Elin b Vjjjh 'gy' ziigiriszzii' S i i ffs2figiii11111g1 J ' - 2 --v,'k , T. f gy A' rc, , T 'Mgt , M 1 in 15 S- I V si J ' A Q I ii J X X Bob Shiverdecker Shirley Smith David Snyder Terry Spitler Judy Stanley Jerry Sfeffano Larry Stephens Mike Stewart Linda Stidnam John Sfradeir John Tebics Marsha Teeier Tim Templin Charles Thomas Marilyn Thomas Mary Thompson Bob Turman Ron Tussey Carol Ullery Ronnie Unger Jeanne Vance Sylvia Vandergriff Joanne Vermilya Marcia Vore Thomas Warner Gary Weaks Jack Weaver Dorothy Wendling David Wilson Tom Wilson Ted Wombold George Woolery X Y? if' i 5 w 9 , A ' ' X as X as x i' ar K 5: an - V - . 2:55531 K if-Q iieifi..-if : is s. .1 .KJ M69 x wx x Ti? 1 N Y i an fi r 2 ef x .... T .i fn zks W " W 5 i A fl:-'iv A1 N g gi" Ili. X rkixx ' Upper classmen are alwoys willing To lend cz helping h nd to their brothers and sisters." in-""7 MW f I On May 5, students representing the different courses offered at N.H.S. traveled to Nettie Lee Roth High School to participate in the District Preliminary Scholarship Tests. Many ranked high in their respective tests. These students are ranked high in their own re- spective courses such as mathematics, history, sci- ence, and foreign language. AWWM44 f4uZa9fza7e44 83 vi, vi if F Y' A xxx a xx 5 X .gi .,,. . , Af, Q M -1-f wi Q X 5' x 3 K , L W ww m y-ve if X iggmqggl. M x A 1 Ae41smm,,.4,www-ff,.. Steve 4, 1 - igfziwf . i-I -Q. 5 N f sw W MM x fi gi A 55" QQ 1 1 i X fi 3 i TTf5UEf ix 2 gi I 5 I i E 1 L Lkfk L 7,3 L2 gg-JQQLA . , , is . Ek Pi A , 'LX ' W ' Q: Wi. fy FL- .7 . R A Roger m 'V Vi, 6 If m I V , oe L ,H g aaa L L XWALM ,Q 3 , v pi if: . ii L .i K K gl A Harvey 5 , , it , 4 L ,-if 1 ii , x R i LLL' Davg V' ' Cari Merlin Mohler, stofisticiong Mr. John Brill, Qihleiic director, Roger Spencer, mofwgefa Mdfvin tiger: Mr. Bi!! Yensei, coach. A A . ' V A , mi K V 3' A R 5 ig. X i ?ixi"X'i5..i Huffman, man wzaitq rf- . Julie Flint X . '-In . al. If - Y Joyce Wag ner lg., 1-Ni N , ,ff ' X ig? ii R1 fN9 ,fi r ff' Mory Ann Morris Sharon Bryon I XX - A iq ix! Q - Lois Schwierking 88 If B ,av i Julie Johnston Ann Templin Jan Spornhouer, Steve Booker, Ron Hawley, Ralph Steflano, Burch Haworth CHAMPS!!! Mr. Brill, coach, Richard Hawley, Bill Leedy, Tom Euston, Bill Jasselyn, Jim Weaks, Richard Quick, Tom Gar- wood, Vernon Martin, Everit McDermiH, David Davis, Morgan Davis, Carl Pefers, Conrad Aiken, Marvin Huflman, manager. 3 'S fl I A. Slllllll RIWIPIHIINI gmimm is Igllllllhilif lk UW mn UHPIAQ gif? FRONT ROW - Bob Haley John Studebaker Karl Peters, Steve Nicholson FOURTH ROW - Walter Rudd Tom Marshall Tom Rap- Smith Gary Hall Tom Wolf Bill Leedy SECOND ROW - Duane pold Bob Holloway Dan Overly Ray Dake FIFTH ROW - . Haines, John Collins Terry Shook Steve Bowser Jerry Engle Torn Korns Ron Hawley Ron Mills Tim Milligan Lawrence Popp Rog McVity Tom Gorwood THIRD ROW - Dave Huddleson Mike Haines Hawley Jim Weaks, Mr. Hoover. Bill Josselyn, Gary Houseman Oscar Hoke Don Bittarf, Dave Congratulations, boys, for the fine job you did during the I959-60 school year. -...qi ia I ' S ss sc Q - , O I IX ? DIG HARD FELLOWS LET'S GO Victorious Two Mile Runners -+.....,,, --1 '15 K, . A ,K-NF x'-A04 ,"-,nw Ak W ,, I".'.1:k'fz-'S --f - I-V sf' A W W 'fm -fu-f:.' if wavw vm5?iQ51 mr ws ww '-'-W - X if W, ,."7"' 7 "' hm 'mmm N ,V lun ""' h W wllnmaaigmwl i 1" Sf ,953 4 X 1 Si . lk ' , 3 S . , S b rg iv", 'rv 1 .W W " 4 ua V YL?-Ei? K, :shaun 5 L u-if, x .K , Sa, E asf fa 9 aff? nw sf., Af"J,.xiE,Q ," 4, Qlxmnx x - fn, , f1gyv,.. g -'Q 2 Q V ' ,w if ' L f a A . x "RW-' N...-xva f'? fs K N . 5 ,Ht Nfzgr' sw-Vg , ' ' F ' 'V'? TA 'Wh' ,V ' f '- ,!,QfJff'7 ,iff ,:f'ff'Y'W wx" M' f 12 if ' ' 'VA 'W 8 1 1 . -4. CTW g .. Ak wb. Y 1,q,.b1.kf:',,.- 9 QX ' Q -r KV: ,, iff ' 4 ifiw 91 aacdt .. v -1e:fv'Zf.55iZi1Wf'E' ,M -'o'r9b 'Kb - - 4-v59'5f:lr' ' .- .,1' up QV'-FM -9. 713,477 L lxusgsa? .I . ri rv 1 .iw . . 'oi J - affair ,ga Q - -. v 5 W' 1- -WAS 4194:-f gkgf .qwntt ',l,'gl0.4"1, If 4' . fly- -Q ,fn-MQQWQP xi A93W?,swdill -wff,FWmWi AQQWFJMV H mf efw 4a44:f- ,M me 'i - i . i fi? 31" -J' ff L-W". X 1.3755 -4 ,.-fi' ' Jrdj- -' 1 .. -' "' ,ear , frm' ,gf , iffcf-I . 4 , 5 E45 4 J' -f ' -,l',f QIXJ' . " . , Aw- , qefgffi- . k ii ii i l - UIHQPQ' 7 7' wq45g52,g3e'+ i i 1 i A 1 4 :,... Awwi ,gwwfi kewl :ek .M 4' if -Q-. "' 4 L . X :wiv-1 V- Qggg-G'-3"' H e-'ff N 5 'fl 5 ' 'lk ' ' 'C' A7151 , . E: .' ,W-f wwf i d'i w ee 1 -' ' 5 LV7' ' 5 Y ' A loftl' Q, ' gig" ,Q .f , '..'fx:l',"' H. , Coach Hoover Jiifypf ,.-,l,.:f,. V. . Q AA I., A , 1. - -' f 1 1 ' 1639 vi Y e x vig-' ,M '1-',,,.- , i A .. V 5 Q' ,y ly..f Ai. .J xv -c'- - . . ir' i'fpTi' fi g V - ' yefw e i or 3 . Q V B A .. 'Zigi J"f'Q . . i - - P -- i if ' 3 ' 'W U ' W . 5 .4 i EQBE. MW' ski i lf knew f -GPX-:H "' , i 'i'. , , . ri n , - 'AW K , fi 1. if V ' -qs., - i e 5 ' 'Q J .?7Z,, ., . . 'L i Q 23, 3, Jug. 4 . . -X Q -' .1 , s gitxvip I . , . .. z I E? 1, R 4151"--',.1 ' 1' t 'z - fx"-, I. 1 1 i .. :Ez ' t U 1 "mAV Y , 4 " QE? hh-21-V .gil '- ff' ' . :g,,, M., n K' 3 A. 2 P ii - R, nina, 'X7':uQQf.., Q-. . .. ,,, ?.j:'c1,o 4.17 N, "i fmfzf-'12 , f. ',.'- V f' H . . 'Hmm ' , 'q1'el?Jg,g2f4s355f5,-,pw, , . ,Q Mem ' 'weave-. efke - . ' .' xswfi.. i f- . N, .5 I . :V .Lf-.'--. '.Hx,r.,,.,.:-- N ,X - ,K . "w.,,,. we 'eff21Y2:i2f1ie:1fsi i .1 "5-EUS! '43 A .s 1 "'-- A Cff"71'3-?31v'.4-I -'71-N.-,4-,1.Q'Q" "-- 4 WQQZAQVQE - Q- Q "' A '3'.45,3:gfbLlC4,-LffgZ,'Ef,'iQff., is -. - ,- whiff , '--xi--avwifgrr-G-M,1i1i,!25 5 1 1 s "' -x i. ":.-v,2 -" ' '-Q , 3 N3 X i .ga .. 3 ' 1 i flaw.-,, I - . 'Qgliafgig-fi Ekfffie-5'-f'DflWa9:e,w -J ' ., f m 1' i 1-f,wre.i i W ' 1 111532-M'-a' 'f x- 4314 f 1 0.454 91 NIE" i"9'1!'f:.Q-"l3i"'-65.0 ' 3 ebb ' 'A 2- 5 I ' I -' 1 ur. :CA 5cC'.'3!-Ei Ron Dcke, Ron Howley, Bill Roih, Don Duke, Steve Smith, Joe Phipps, Kent Kimmel, Terry Shook, Bill Rom- penrhol, Mike Boker, Don Heinz, Tom Wolf, Sherman Terril, Bill Richard Quick. 92 Josselyn, Mike McAfee, Raymond Duke, 7 2951:-:ew-1 - dw- .' ,. s.-5f5aff'f1f -'wfasww ff - , -f-3 s sv . ..,,4' A ,l .. :viG,4iylCs:a'.m-Q' Coach Karns . :iq 7'1" I :vp PYSI-"-f. gn ' 4 M in w.'f9,+fZg2pe. U " -.Qian-'inn 'M' 7 SRP. 'i5l'f-IS "' fig.. l W- -- , 7 ' f1?Qa- "'7iQSi"v- . 1 .. A-bmw., f 4. , S :rib-ww ' .,, NA .'3.Ajm - '- " ,- '59 Q Q Q S n . -.fifgvix .'f'?f!,g, E L ' - V H jf,v,4,K., , mimlx 5 ' ,X 4. lg 'Ngpf' 1,3 'qomq r E ' '31, -.1 Gwyn 'N NN -25 fc' Xu 5 X L ., ' al? . lads? 1 5 ' S ' .M , ' - Efll.,-, 25L"l5'x, M MM , M ' N g s . -3 .airy- s , ze, " s Q-N A -xv I ii '. w.,,1 " qi M5-ffq K. Q. JTAM R2 ,V 4:1533 -1 X--N L l M 'l' f, rg-JXM .. 9.53, gg rl.,-.A-PM-, 11 A 1-'-'--:Sew -K 'K . 13-. Lf. 1 '15,-""':x ' ' ,,,,f 5 gl-fra-1 ' . SF:- l M... -' ' '.1if'5,fA43'.x. a ' , , , J, M, 1 I-'1XQ'. ,' , ' I. 5 Q 'r v.gL.Lf'5fffk 3, M - i J-1-f, - D i ,N iiia N524 . ', WZ., X rn. .1 . M M i ' .N N 1. - 1' """w 5 4, , s 4-.ig - '-5 , V l f' f ?'.'-F?5- 9' L rg! ., I1 i , tA,', , . R .. , ,., ' . y M 9 L l M ATS.. g f - fi vs -lf f . y 5 I X L .IQ ',. akin T fi L 7' " ,,-- , . ,A V if ', i' - -I , ,Q Q" , s Jef .- .17 .1 :r s M A X 4:7 , ,g,453' if Y i Q 'iss-sf' . 2' i . , Su.. . .-?:r gc 1 M 5 30231: I 1'- . ., A Q if x.l4 f, K -- V K 1' . i- Y-'1 ' , Y I E . K 3 I xc?-S V 1. . X- , . .i ,:fff5 ' ' sk? 1 ,wi - y . 5 3 ,F ax, ' . ,' '.,Q'I.:.Pf 5 , L 1- - .-44-3 gli? -'Iv' K V ,b ' . EJB' M.,s:: . H, 1 f -Uh Q W! 13,7 X 'Jw,,,. L xag. re' 1, Xe if ly y Hitt. A, 6 ?, W 1 X " 1 4341? 5 QI' M M s,.1f' ' wi ,- J- x,.- 'i,f!.. ' QJIWWP , ,. as .F '1 - A M M V I ,Q my z ty ' IA , , ,, 4,,.J'ij,y-fi - QS., i,!,.s,. ,V , l ' 1 , Q-ry. .L ,, f 507 'n '3'.f'f-V ,-:..:4,:g'k5 . up f ol i . . L , . XL. ,ug , ,,- --5 -, ' I a , wh- ' JM".-'. fm' win' J'-54 N-l"d..'V-n v - My :":'x1T,'."'-'F' .mf-5-i-.f!.'12 L' 1" -. 2 ' .'.'-,12'f'f".5?x -' if -- -ev s - '.:1f.,yfv '.g,4:e?- 14 x I il ' . - "' ffl-' 'I il 'l 'trfgq,'g.,'b 21: ffrwlffi. lie K' wfisv-V' i.,.,.v ',5e'.y, 3446:-, s.-f,,,:i,- K 2-,QYgQf,,31,0 1244" ' WC-' ' X V' 791-rff'1.,1f' J' f ww' gag: M..-4 I ,- 1 ',a ' ,. A-'rf' of fs' " . 49 N .,0r,v4 twsqjigfn 10.J4QtRf'F'iC5"'4 "' Ron Mills, Tim Milligan, Gary Hall, Dick Longman, Dave Huddleson, Denny Swartz, Bob Crowe, Tom Marshall, Rag Hawley, Don Birtarf, Rick Roihart, Bob Jennings, Jim Weaks, Dan Overla, Bob Haley, Steve Bowser, Sieve Ca rey. 93 -1 -A Huggy, f 123, . Qfzg 'mf - -Q, x I .. MGVY A wwiigmg N 5 In I x b ,, 5 'J wwmg , X . W "1-Ixfzgggx :Q Sharon YQ fdgy , iuiyfx -:xX.l?sL,. Q 4,'.,' 8, A 4 1 ff wa I LA at A R. Freshman Team: Tom Hill, John Tebics, Larry Stephens, John Beirse, Charles Fry, Gary Weaks, Jim He- well, Mr. Hosler, coach, Howard Manny and Larry Scharnp, managers, Dave Wilson, Jerry Fisher, John Kimmel, Jim Eller, Tim Templin, Jim Nies. We would like to congratulate our Freshman team who was unde- feated in their 1959-1960 season, These boys won I7 straight games and the Montgomery County Junior-High tournament. Cheerleaders: Mary Thomson, Sandy Bowman, Diane Lewis, Sue Herr, Mary Holloway, Nancy Haller. UP ond OVER WATCH! your head ,..4. .lk FRONT ROW - Ronnie Paxton, Burch Howorfh, Dove Huddleson, Mike Boker, Mox Garrison, Brent Wool- ery, SECOND ROW - Mr. Yensel, Rick Rothert, Bill Roth, Rolph Sreffono, .lon Spornhouer, Gory Holl, Corl Gray, Steve Booker, Joe Phipps, Jerry Swope, Mr. Brown, 96 O Wrestling Y Don Heinze and Tom Marshall Tumbling Team Terry McRoy, Rick Roihart, Tam Rapold, Bob Holloway, John Studebaker, Fronk Larrick, Tom Wolf, Bob Jennings, Brent Koogler, Mary Holloway, Sue Biftorf, Sandy McDermi11'. 97 LET'S concentrate on baskelball, fellows CONGRATULATIONS on becoming one of the members of the SWBL Team for 1959-60. 98 val Daily exercise Keep the good form, GIRLS xn, 1455- Z fifaawzcia M 1, , xl Cc1pYoin,Jc1n Spornlwouer, pre-senfs clmmpionslwip trophy To Mr, Shell. Tom Vlorsholl - Best Linemon Award Mike Boker - Best Sportsmnnslwip Awurd inn X I X 4 N, .gf ' v Q . I Y - K9 J if 1 ' J :gg wh 'Sv' y if SJ? ' J 13 C xl? if 5 A ww 'S WW Yi! R. v f , AN 3, .f M, 1 if ix 3 X 1, V ae., Q, ,, F 4 "' f. 9' ' ,, 'f,'9---Q-:.z-rv 1 N 1 . Q 1 N F Q ix 5 Y ag 1 xx VN its Q2 H"!5'Si5,i5' Q X .f,'f Q 9 1 1,1 S 5 Q' ' " F ae? we If ,L K if sf ! A f'-' 1 Q," I xfigg fr b , fx' I AURORA STAFF FIRST ROW: Pat Sanders, Judy Leedy, Bonnie Fisher, Sue Williams, Linda Mikesell, Doris Carmony, Jane Boomer- shine, Pat Boyle, and Lois Bright. SECOND ROW: Sue Rohr, Sherry Treon, Marcia Forren, Connie Fair, Carolyn Anderson, Steve Smith, D. Gary Smith, Don Dake, Kent Kimmel, Mary Johnson, Nancy Tb ss Chairmen look over yearbook material. Left to right: Doris Carmony, Lois Schwierking, Grace Lang, Barbara Overly, Marcia Farrert, and Kathy Quick. 102 Engle, Joyce Clevelle, Gay Thompson, and Karen Schenck. THIRD ROW: Merlin Mohler, Grace Lang, Donna Hudnoll, Barbara Overly, Peggy Meece, Gloria Brandenburg, Bonnie Carroll, Milton Ketron, Bob Hutchison, Pat Shiverdecker, Roberta Schwierking, Judy Rosser, Kathy Quick, and Lois Schwierking. Mr. Horn, Advisor, Pot Shiverdeclcer and Merlin Mohler, Co- Editors. SPIRIT STAFF FRONT ROW: Sandy HiIe, Larry Cress, Jane Schmid- Haney, Jim Stumpf, Sue Smith, Janice Riley, and Barbara Smith Iapp, Bob Jennings, Judy Rosser, Roberta Schwierking, and Lois THIRD ROW: Maureen McGuire, Lois Schwierking, Maureen Mc Bright, SECOND ROW: Miss Bracy, Advisor, Sue Ebensold, Carolyn Laughlin, Connie Fair, Sharon Bryan, and Eileen Anders. I L I- I "I' ii Left to right: Sue Smith, Sharon Bryan, Lois Bright, Jane Schmidlapp, Lois Schwierking, Sue Ebersold, Larry Cress, and Maureen McGuire. Editors: Judy Rosser and Roberta Schwierking. 103 g. 5, 0. za. ,-4, JCOWA The Junior Council on World Altoirs is composed ot Junior ond Senior students who ore interested in current events ond world otfoirs. In oddition to the club's regulor meetings, there ore mony inter-school cictivities. These include the High School Institute, the United Notions Model Assembly, and the onnuol trip to Washington ond New York. JCOWA Officers ore, left to right: .lone Boomer shine, Treasurer, Mciry Johnson, Representative L Kent Kimmel, President, Andrea Sheffield, Secre 5 tary, cind Scilly Carroll, Vice President. 1. ,QQ I ,- . 1 STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Karl Peters, John Studebaker, Julie Johnston, Mike Haines, Joyce Hor- mell, Joel Shiverdecker, Ronnie Gillette, and Jo Anne Vermilya. SECOND ROW: Janet Thompson, Steve Haworth, Joe Phipps, D. Gary Smith, Vernon Martin, Morgan Davis, Judy Stanley, and John Kilmer. OFFICERS: Joyce Hormell, Vice President, Mike Haines, President, Julie Johnston, Secretary, Joel Shiverdecker, Treasurer. J. Morgan Davis, Janet Thompson, Joyce Hormell, D Gary Smith, and John Studebaker. ?ca!afze OfTicers ore, SEATED: Kathy Quick, Presidenig Sue Williams, Vice Presidenf, STAN DING: Sue Smith, Tre asurerg and Pot Shiverdecker, Secretary. Q-fi-gf", - ' L .X 6. , A S K Xx,f" , Xf Pat Shiverdecker teaches u class A -1 -ff ' 1- 'Q was kr I ra- if ,fi v in i v Y A Q f ,f TK 2 ,T f 1 fx- ,, ,. S S X A , X ,,.t QQ s K V ,K .f ,E V J V 5 F . I Zgilgy A MN F S ff iii 5 I N' ' ' if I K A ..,. W' I I V F ?f--515' fe-wal-I! Q Elin the 5365? 5119 CANDY STRIPERS FIRST ROW: Sharon Buvinger, Sherry Treon, ond Donna Hudnoll. SECOND ROW: Shirley Pierce, Murcia d L' do Overlu. Forren, Mary Johnson, Bcrboro Overly, on in OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Beity Bcilsboug dentg Bonnie Morsholl, T Secretary. h, Vice Presi reasurerg ond Borborc: Overly STANDING: Sherry Treon, President. ' 66034 Y-TEENS Y-Teens ore composed of ony girls in the high school interested in belonging to ci world-wide fellowship of women ond girls in Y.W.C.A.'s in sixty-eight countries. The rewords of Y-Teen membership ore new friends, now experiences, ond new op- portunities to grow cis o person, to grow in friendship with people of oll roces, religions, ond notionolities, ond to grow in the knowledge ond love of God. 108 716- 5 Ns.. HI-Y The l-li-Y Club is the Y.M,C.A, in the high school, consisting of o fellowship of high school boys who ore committed to ct Christion purpose ot Work in the home, school, ond community, The purpose of the Hi-Y is "To creote, mointoin ond extend throughout the home, school, ond community high stonclords of Christion chorocterf' 109 OFFICE ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: Lois Bright, Julie Flinf, Joyce Clevelle, Linda Benner, Maureen McGuire, and Susan Shelby. SECOND ROW: Lois Schwierking, Sandy Solomon, Mrs. Gnogey, Mary Lou Kennard, and Earline Weider. I I I I I I k I fm. 'w LIBRARIANS SEATED: Patty Brewer, Corol Shiverdecker, Peggy Hudnall, Bea Royer, Nancy Engle, and Louise Johnston. STANDING: Miss Miller, Barbara Brurnbough, Mary Ruth Thompson, Linda Walker, Jackie Iddings, Cheryl Ferrell, and Marilyn Durst. 110 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIRST ROW: Mary Rose Fisher, Me- lanie Gauvey, Linda Mikesell, Sherry Treon, Pai Sanders, Paulette Schechter, .loetfa Allen, Bonnie Fisher, Theda Maupin, Eila Mae Spriestersbach, and Doris Carmony. SECOND ROW: Betfy Bals- VISUAL AIDS Milton Keiron, Bob Hutchison Ron Wolf and Jim Marshall Mfedwd BIBLE CLUB FIRST ROW: Peggy Kennard, Judy Dillon, Nancy baugh, Jackie Akers, Frank Larrick, and Miss Miller THIRD ROW Engle, Sherry Hire, Toni York, Diane Dixon, and Teddi Foster. SEC- Melanie Gauvey, Marilyn Sommers, Larry Amos Mary Lou Ken OND ROW: Miss Miller, Marilyn Rhoads, Bonnie Carroll, Vernon nord, Wanda Rose, Virginia Dillon, Mary Rose Fisher Shirley Pierce Martin, Conrad Aiken, Jerry Engle, Annis Hendershot, Beth Brum- and Carol Parsons. Officers, SEATED: Melanie Gauvey, Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Rose Fisher, President, and Diane Dixon, Reporter. STANDING: Conrad Aiken, Vice President and Vernon Martin, Song Leader. 112 President, Mary Rose Fisher X QS 6.14. ff. GAA Ollicers. SEATED: Sharon Ryan, Interscholasiic Manager Peggy Meece, Presidenh Sue Smith, Secretary, STANDING Miss Murphy, Sue Morris, Vice Presidenfg and Sherry Treon Treasurer. GAA volleyball game GAA basketball game 113 I 0m Zend TRUMPETS Left to right: Plwil McCarty, Bob Turrnan, Richard Weimer, Linda Overla, Mike Schamp, Dave Pace, Jim Hule, Dale Landis, Donna Viles, Judy Haines, Don Lear- islw, and Nancy McConnell. TROMBONES and TUBAS Walter Rudd, Sandra Pete-ring, Vernon Martin, Gary BARITONES and FRENCH HORNS Mary PERCUSSION Joyce Hormell, Grace Kurtz, Marvin Van Dyke, Mike Capsrick, Lynn Holloway, Judy Miller, Pat Scott, Phyllis Lang, Marvin Van Dyke, Dennis Tres- and Sam Gnagey, Collier, Sally Brooks, and Gary Kimmel. slar, .lean Gildow, and Sandy Hile. CGM... I viii,-0 CLARINFTS SEATED: Joyce Clevelle, Jane Schmidlapp, Sue Rohr, Doris Carmony, Emily Frost, Virginia Dillon, and Sharon Bond. STANDING: Maureen McGuire, Roger Cavender, Doro Darne-r, Linda Fsher, Audry Lock, Barbara Memo, Sharon Balzer, Judy Huicfgarden, Sue Ebersold, Sue I-Iilernan, and Wonito Kessler. OFFICERS SEATED: Jane Schniidlopp, Secrefcryg Pai Boyle, Treosurerg Sue Rohr, President, Joyce Cleyelle, Li- brarian, and Sharon Bond, Head Ma- jorenfe, STANDING: Mr. Cool, Director, Vernon Martin, Marvin Van Dyke, Denwis Tresslor, and Walter Rudd, Maragers. no ...-4.--M, 'Mr FLUTES Marilyn Dursi .loannciv Flaugli, Carolyn Copsiicle, Judy Rossor, Jan SAXOPHONES June Lushsr, Marilyn Rhoadg, Norris, Elaine Scharnp, and Jo Anim Cheryl Be-iz, Sally Vines, and Pot Boyle. Vermilya. ,ww ,ul-. WEN' -'gd -J rr N .fi 1 gud an Q QQ Amin THUNDERETTS Barbara Overly, Susan Michael, Sharon Bourne, Jane Boomershine, Carol Ullery, Connie Fair, Sandy Hile, Carolyn Ander- son, Bea Royer, Maxene Overla, Roberta Schwierking, Beverly Price, Sue Smith, Linda Bennett, Linda Manning, Susan Brumbaugh, Mary Johnson, Ann Walker, Bonnie Fisher, Linda Buckley, Sherry Treon, and Sandy Solloman. FLAGBEARERS Maureen McGlophlin and Earline Widner. MAJORETTES FIRST ROW: Jeannete Flaugh, Sharon Bond, Jeanne Worth, SECOND ROW: Judy Stanley, Bonnie Carroll, and Sally Carroll. F ii ii ff gig:-G: . I 2 wah 4 Q- 1 Swan 66444 29644, " 'Me Dame ?e'aw 1959 Homecoming Dance Christmas MUGS Chrisimas concert with Mr. George Handel as special guest. ffm Jir S Chrisfmas concert Spring concert 121 PY . . W 1 Q Z : K Q- W fyytafxllw 81 qzuff 40" mam- Seachfz ?fzom 666 125 caachfa- Semin pfbdlfft QW' sm T N 4 2. wma gg N 'Q' 125 Speaker, Rev. Chiles Moy 29, 1960 1 l Geiting ready for the big evening. Families and friends come to see their loved ones take the final step. liken Professor Delbert Oberteuffer Ohio Stote University mae 5, 7960 Introduction of speaker by Mr. Shell 128 Everyone was excited os the time grew near X , it 3 5 1 i 37 , A Receiving on honor cord wos U grecit event experi- enced by twenty-six members of the dass. 11, Special numbers by the choir odded to the otmosplwere on added delight. Some were itclppyg Others were not. i fr 3 . . 4 , ,bunk E. Qui At lost the time nod come to soy goodbye to the halls ond students ot Northmont Everyone is proud f he CLASS OF 60 129 QP wg 'fi 'U 1 if A w E FP! L. 0 JOE NEHER NATIGNWIDE Dependable Insuronce Coll TE 6-6405 403 North Moin Street Englewood, Ohio MEL'S BARBER SHOP - Hours - 8 to 6 Mon., Tues., Sat. 8 to 7 Wed., Thurs., "The Best of Service in Pleasant Atmosphere" T7 North Main Street Englewood, Ohio Phone: TE 6-6779 Fri. Barbers Tires Accessories Service Batteries TRACY'S SOHIO SERVICE 8500 N. Main St. Complete Brake Service Front End Alignment CR 4-0437 L. Tracy COLE'S Gulf Service Phillipsburg Ohio PAUL AND RUTH'S MARKET Complete Line of Groceries and Meats Corner of Main and State Phillipsburg . Ohio MINNICH DRY GOODS MEL'S BODY SHOP Dry Goods and Notions 3 East Main St. 74 W. Main St. Phillipsburg Phillipsburg, Ohio Ohio Phone TU 4-468l TU 4-4806 Melvin Elliott MILTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I02 North Miami Street West Milton, Ohio Phone 30 INSURED SAVINGS HOME LOANS ALLIED SERVICES, INC. COMPLIMENTS OF "One Source Service" WAYNE'S GULF SERVICE HEATING WARM AIR AND HOT WATER 7850 N. Main St. CR 4-0480 PLUMBING AIR CONDITIONING Wayne FREE ESTIMATES Up to 5 Years to Pay Phone TE 6-5I9I State Route 48 at New Route 40 Bob Jerry T THE EMM ENGLE'S SOHIO SERVICE TOOL COMPANY FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY VI TOOLS SER CE DIES FIXTURES AAA SERVICE JIGS "DEPENDABLE SERVICE" CR 7-6583 TE 6-5582 Englewood, Ohuo 6320 N. Main St. Dayton I5, Ohio LAWNDALE SERVICE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION MECHANICAL AND BODY REPAIR PAINTING FREE ESTIMATES Phone CR 4-OI04 8051 N. Main THE BROOKVILLE STAR The Journcl of Northwestern Montgomery County LETTER PRINTING OF ALL KINDS ALL SORTS OF CARDBOARD AND PAPER Phone 73 HAWLEY'S MARKET GROCERIES FRESH MEATS A COMPLETE LINE OF COMPONENTS FOR RELOADING OF RIFLES AND SHOTGUN SHELLS Union, Ohio TE 6-655I IDDlNG'S AUTO PARTS AUTO PARTS AND ACCESSORIES WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Any Port for Any Muke or Model South of Englewood Dom Route 48 COATE Burial Vaults DOTY'S Hardware Paints Toys Sporting Goods 15-17 Route 440 Septic Tanks Englewood, Ohio TE 6-6359 Monuments West Milton Ohio NEW AND DIFFERENT STOCK EVERY DAY 6. .. r. - CR 5-3333 CR 5-5703 WAMPLERS BARN AND BALLERINA For Dancing, Banquets, Conventions Accommodations from 100-4,000 Corner of Shiloh Springs and Wolf Roads FOR BETTER HOMES JEFF CLEVELLE BUILDER and REALTOR Phone TE 6-5129 KEYHOLE RESTAURANT PATTERSON A GOOD FOOD SGISTTT Avenue Cgrgqgeg Doyton, Ohio Giffs West Milton Phone T24 We Wire Flowers Anywhere Through Florists' Telegro ph Delivery Planters SUPER SERVICE AT ENGLEWCOD SUPER MARKET A Complete Food Store Corner of Wolnut ond Jefferson Phone TE 6-5206 Englewood, Ohio i MERKLE PHARMACY Perscriptions Cosmetics Drugs Hallmark Greeting Cards CR 8-4709 7602 North Main Street At Dog Leg Road Compliments of J. C. BARBER SHOP 3 Barbers 7834 North Main Street Dayton, Ohio CR 7-8462 HAY AND POWELL Furniture and Funeral Directors Brookville, Ohio Phones: Brookville 81 and 79 M. C. COMER Excavating Water Lines Bulldozing Footers Leeching Beds COMPLETE INSTALLATION Phone TU 4-4051 Phillipsburg, Ohio KAY'S BEAUTY SALON one opemfor 9 am. to 5 p.m. union, ohio Phone: TE 6-5533 LAWHORN MACHINE AND TOOL Specializing in Aircraft Parts William Lawhorn Box 208 Phillipsburg, Ohio TU 4-4651 ROYAL CREST ALL STAR DAIRY Hoppy's Favorite Dairy 3977 Salem Ave. Milk and Ice Cream Ask for it at your favorite store or Call CR 5-7418 for Home Delivery E-Z CLEANERS "We Operate Our Own Plant' Complete - One Stop Service Laundry - Dry Cleaning "Our Aim Is to Please" Phone TE 6-5531 ,ew -me f at Ts . A S4 . V K - ,ff , ij PE - s , s A ii ' HENDRICKS AND SON Ready Mix Concrete Phone TE 6-5115 THE ENGLEWOOD ASPHALT CO. "Where Good Service Is o Habit" Phone TE o-5116 Compliments of ' DURA-CRETE 1504 North Gettysburg Avenue Dayton 27, Ohio LARRY BOORD AGENCY OHIO NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 2718 Salem Avenue Phone CR 8-4272 Dayton 6, Ohio FOR SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS Plans Designed For Young People That Will Serve Them All Through Life. SEE: DWAIN DETRO, BILL PHILLIPS, CLYDE HINES WEST MILTON LUMBER COMPANY NORTHMONT 185 Hamilton Street PRESCRIPTIONS West Milton, Ohio Phone - 23 7 North Main St. Phone: TE 6-3121 Englewood, Ohio I., If COMPLIMENTS OF CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK West Milton Ohio ELECTRIC SERVICE AND HARDWARE Phone TE 6-5185 North Main Street Union, Ohio MIAMI VALLEY COMPLIMENTS OF FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS SHAW'S- INN SPECIALIZING IN: CORSAGES AND WEDDING FLOWERS Route 48 "One Mile South of Englewood" 8766 North Moin Street Dayton, Ohio North of Dom Englewood, Ohio JOHN TALBOTT INSURANCE 262 North Miami Street West Milton, Ohio Phone 472 STUDENT LIFE INSURANCE WALKER MOTOR SALES GET THE LlON'S SHARE OF DRIVING FUN! Meet ANGLIA Smart, new, fun to drive . . . saucy new ANGLIA! Superb British craftsman- ship - built to last. Advanced power plant for brilliant performance. 4-speed sports-type gearshift for nimble control. Stretch space for four Bigger trunk. Side windows that open. I-uII dashboard instruments. Extra wide doors. Choice of I2 colors. Best of all, thrifty! Up to 40 miles per gallon. See the worId's most exciting fun car - today. CHOOSE FROM I2 MODELS IN THE ENGLISH FORD LINE. "JUST A FRIEND" BOB AND EDDIE'S SHELL SERVICE FIRESTONE TIRES MOTOR TUNEVUP LUBRICATION ROAD SERVICE 6 TO IO Route 440 ond 48 Englewood, Ohio Phone TE 6-5586 CONGRATULATIONS NORTHMONT SENIORS FROM DR. L. E. OSWALT COMPLIMENTS OF DR. HAROLD WEIDNER CHIROPRACTOR II3 West Ncfionol Road Englewood, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '60 S.P.S. CHEVROLET SALES, INC. NORTHMONT'S ONLY NEW AND USED CAR DEALER psburg, Ohio TU 4-420I HEFELFINGER'S SOHIO SERVICE ATLAS TIRES AND BATTERIES LUBRICATION Phone 4-9666 Phillipsburg, Ohio RAPP JEWELERS 7 West National Road Englewood, Ohio TE 6-6243 BULOVA SILVERWARE - CHROMEWARE WYLER WATCHES SAMSONITE LUGGAGE COLUMBIA DIAMONDS CORO JEWELRY RINGS REMOUNTED WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIR "ALWAYS GOOD COFFEE" ENGLEWOOD GRILL "WE SPECIALIZE IN PLATE LUNCHES" I2 West National Road SERVING HOME MADE PIES Englewood, Ohio TE 6-5593 WINTEREGG BARBER SHOP "We Aim to PIease" It Is Appointed Unto Men Once to Die But After This the Judgement." IHebrews 9:27I Englewood, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF "60" COMPLIMENTS OF HOWARD HOOVER REAL ESTATE d ENGLEWOOD an INSURANCE READY-MIX CORPORATION Phillipsburg, Ohio TU 4-4I8I x If ,LS KROPLIN JEWELERS WINNIE'S KEEPSAKE DIAMOND RINGS BULOVA - WYLER WATCHES GUARANTEED WATCH, CLOCK, AND JEWELRY REPAIR FINE GIFTS OF JEWELRY Phone IAIW W. Milton, Ohio BEAUTY SHOPPE 109 Beckenhem Road Englewood, Ohio TE 6-6768 YOUNT'S DICK'S BODY SHOP, INC CLOTHING AND SHOE STORE 7 Norfh Miami Sfreef West Milton, Ohio Telephone I65 Salem Ave. Dayt Phone CR 4-5362 "WE MEET BY ACCIDENT" B 8. B GROCERY Miami Street West Milton, Ohio MIAMI SERVICE STATION CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH West Milfon, Ohio Phones: 'IO5 - 392 PHILLIPSBURG ELEVATOR GRAIN, FEED, SEED, FERTILIZER DRAIN TILE AND FARM SUPPLIES MANUFACTURER OF GOLDEN GRAIN FARM GRAIN DRYERS Phone Phillipsburg TU 4-486I SOHIO SERVICE LUBRICATION - BRAKE SERVICE TUNE-UP ciqyfon, ohio TE 6-5597 COMPLIMENTS OF BROOKVILLE NATIONAL BANK Brookville, Ohio F"--....,,w,,-m ,A W i WF- - Mg an THE LAURA GRAVEL 81 STONE CO. PRODUCERS OF LIMESTONE PRODUCTS Phillipsburg, Ohio Phone 4-4621 Englewood, Ohio Phone TE 6-5I6I I. E. Boker 4-4671 Roger Boker TE 6-6606 AGRICULTURAL LIME APPLIED DYNAMITE I' I "' CEMENT COMPLIMENTS OF OLDE MILL MEAT MARKET Owner - PHILIP ROGERS West Milton Phone 'N i .1 A A MARTY'S BARBER SHOP "For Thot PROFESSIONAL Touch" Across from the Drug Store Brookville, Ohio CLAYTON MACHINE REPAIR Authorized Dealer - Lawnmower Parts Briggs 8. Straton, Lawson, and Power Products Repair and Sharpening - All Types 343 East Salem TE 6-6362 We wish to express our sincerest thanks to lust a few of the people who have made this year's annual possible: to our annual advisor, Mr. Horn, to Mr. Reynolds tor the wonderful pictures which he produced on his own time, to the businessmen who placed ads in this annual, and to Powell Studios. We hope that their ettorts and ours will give to you, the Norfhmont Student Body, a memorable review ot our first year at NORTH- MONT HIGH SCHOOL. THE 60 AURORA STAFF QV 5. 5' ' 1, . rf 5 H, I " QW 5 .5 ,ji .. Ja, n ' 'fri' J x k V ' I -. ,". . U , Q ,HM5 .A fb 'P 1 E , .xml 1 'l. n J ' A me 'Q , .53 ,

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1960, pg 120

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