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 - Class of 1972

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Northglenn High School - Nordic Saga Yearbook (Northglenn, CO) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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xr RJ if'-x.. I-vi' 141- '-Y ,. xv' Q 'W'-..i a -N-A 50-ef 1 lf' ..- WW' i .,,:. "QF o rl 'Z' o.', ' 2: , W, , .3 4. ' "M 1 . Q iw M Q 3 .fi ' xff , A , 1 1 A 'L D-. 'H 315 I 3 : Iv-tlttfxt r Ui '1 -, pi .fl A. K W "TQ ' 'Aga-Q1 ,, '!'4'S'Cllluqg u a T , V ni 19 ffwdw' -V '1 v A If - x'1.,i-fr. uf' if '11 if .3167 ,, , 'Af ,QP ' ' 4','fL.' -r Q , 1 uf-' "liar-ff f.'-ao. v Q , gf K, 'uv s. fi . .N Qi gl x, .A- 1 4 ' . 1- I ' 1- 3, Q. , X . W' .Lsgifff " .Lv fame! s if ' .n ki Q V I, I h,4'.1.c if ,s 1 Wifi J NORDIC QAGA 1 97 1 -1 972 NDRTHGLENN HIGH SCHDDL NDRTHGLENN. COLDRADO PRINCIPAL - RICHARD ESLINGER VDLUME 7 EDITED BY - SUE GILDEA JANA SHEEHAN PAM WOODWARD SWL 7 1l i4l W' MM... 3 ., .4 , .1-M., ,,,, 71, , . Sz., ,." fr f f k ,, V 41 ' f f I 'if' aa if g all? iii? f 2 fb zwg ff- , gf, , 44' N' Eli 9 3451? 3' 1 if 2 ,M ,nv I I , 'S Y v , Q5 ' L if vw . f Q . l 'h 5, , , ' Q., wfm. we., fm! ii T? Mn J , , fx 1' 4 A I f 2 Tel?- , 1 Yi 1 . Q, sw? JV , A , W , .r 1 Z F A an 'V , ,W 5' ff 121' Q A 'W i Q 'l. vm Q Bw , way . 9 'H .MN 5 " epjh ' Q Q S 1?1 W ,., :L NIA L G9 N.--4"" -, 1 1 fm av ff, 83" xxx- 4 5 : W ,J Q, 1.-:fd WCWQH www 'ff ff-71 , vm Q, ,ii Nz : x '1 "W Ea 5? 15,1 if'9-31, -2 51 ,-f. 1. .1 , ,i 5 X x lg r f x X NJ W U V Mp. if .. 'V ' 5? 'fb f"4'3 W fv f 'N f f pgs? 'X ', NQQQQX ,' QAM J' -' 4 as A 'Rf 'Q xkX3.EN':z!' if 'fwxmwmwfa 5751" "1 'T -. ,' TC'?"i' YM mi' ' T' Lwwmfew Wim " 4 Y31Ui'1MlF."' '.R. gm ffmwgNx xx f ' Q3QiQiliVz0,xxj!X I 2vE5????if'5?? ze f,g"ff,'kE'. h-- ' " , b fi'Q,f:,k'.'!,', 'fi -.1 ,llwgmg ,z fee -agfffg :- M .. ,21'.ix'Uig'- lxlkikb.-g1f. f. W' 4 E . 'Xx -. X .. C KN ESM?- .f1"" 'N , uf fs q fs yi':'H,, -- 'w M 4, N iv: ' 5 W if? "Ar .W if Q f' h sr. - V a' W f -L I fx Q M! S M H WF in 5 1 M 'J' .X Q I, r M ,fy T x I I. , 1 QN arf " 1 'is 3? v 1, x ' fn ggg U X. W 'uf W X A A y"+' A, R M , L 0 5. V J., ww um vb N 4 11? ig. W' ' ' 9 ,gi fQLxg1 ,,g ,,f gl s ' E4 W s'lg3wfaiS ," "Eg V 4 ' . 'Y f' s F3 I S- ' L v M , V5-QM, W--1--of-H-. Q 1 .1240 v 1 W ,M a f 4 1' 'vu 5 E FQ. E2 M ' .A W. 4' Qbazt .5 'f " ' M S? gg MINT? W f '1' - if in -3 1 2- ' iz. 33' 3 H Qi if '35 y. Munir E. 32. K N .-3' t ax? ,N W L us' 5 -ri fn. 2 , sf NI ag: , -v Y 54? 'Nj 'lf'f:. ,mg 111:55 5. Q A Jizgssfh 'B at . K V W 2 f. Q' ff' . 1' , . Z' 12 ,JK W -, . 1 , 1 , f "f1'f2a2i' - ' vwA'L nsimfwf' vv M".-"' f MK. , , ' -e xwfmf , -,V ,fd-A - , , .4 W,. WS?-?zga -f A , . - f 1f7"fff fvvfiff? iff? , if "-25,g..iie.k 3 M -gl '1".f7wffgf2'f: ..g,3g'V,A,m5:'g, 2 nfs ' f f'11-32?-1'i'gX"' ' 'mf-W: 'swf M ", ' f -1. X '-vm frgzvvew - "' . NW ' - 'MIM . ' JZ fu M, "321F3',.': 5- H 2, -I-'9..-Ss.-f2"f-,r"r1 ,-..,.Lf " we Q- , - 'ff A u5r3,,...,1?' :fn cs-3 55' H15 " A. f:,.?","1.1' L, z. 1'?'1'15 - , ,553 f f 'ft F -3.5LQfQa9f,'!i'?"5T' iiA35'R'-E-l't5'f"'5-'fi . 'E' :5 "f" 2 ' ' 33" -, - Md- t, M Wjd,Pkv,MW.,.,gn...wA.a:'g,.f5w.,y,,,.V t ,pw , .. ,mf mv. J , ,, V. .,,, , . .,, ,-. , ,A.,A,, V 1- - v -V ' . - , , U .4 . V,-gf' W tlf'-fvff'f?'k." ,V K ' 4223, -W,-f 7 - ' '- .Q.,.,g.f' 1 AW 1,4 ,f-wgyfp. 1 , H' , ff- W 'f -- -I . .3 f- f"'5"g3'.2F I, , . Vsm. ' Y H '7 ZW x-'FM'-5FW5"'?'3 43" Y' "2Uf25 17" 1 ff FE W? u W, mm, .M 51- :Sm , ,. H ,,. -W- ' .Q M If W P N' LQ ,W 5 1 J' 5 f 3 ' . , if 2 , 2 'ofa' 152 'S E , -...'-"I 1. ARE XOQH WMK ,T if ' , VefQSjo'1q ' If you F0413 W f -,, ,gal .M - X-g,,:,1,' mtg:-Xe, ,m n " ,HW 'X if pfrfw' ,. u L M ,ay 5 wk, .. . ,av .K , .A ., . ., 3 .,fgy:4,,, LMA ' ' M Q a A1..h 2 f' rx , , i Mr -,. He- '51 3 r' I' 4241 sr 352' J if , 7 ,t I -.Ag ,V X Y .. H, QA 4 L 15, J we "' 'H W' .v , QQ ' ,Y ,gn . 5 5 4 c 5 1 5 ,L a J 1 4 4 X 'T ' f . ' 4 , 1, , . 3+ 4 M L X , an .M + inf ill' .JI ,"' ','I . "'L Q f ' -1 1" 'l1?l:V K "0" ' , . f' ' ' f d H f 2' ",7 , , I ,wa . 1 , A7 f W 4 5 .wp 5 ikrggvx.. f 'iw 7' ' ya-wiv 1" W f A ' .' i51fLa,gLwm:.'5'f1'ig7'Y 1 D 5,'. x,,i . ,'6f'Ta ' V M i KW 1 3 : 5 ? Q I fn. . 'V k K Iy' ,K ,, 58 05 1 ,. 'R' fam' ag ak .2 wi f, 19" f' 5 ig, in , -' f -,fu "' x g'e993a. Q ww +2 11 M. Q A' Hi 11' 182111 'L'. xr ,, K .. simgggl ' .A " ' Q - f 2 Q 1 i' 11 iQ,, ,,ezi,zz4ggwg9Hw' -fieiw-as J If' f,--f k , 'H - , 1' ,.,, . . 'U M , , ,A .f ,E 3 M 'fe ' I 4 ' 6 , . i ' Q3 , L ww, 1 f - m,,,, ' my .,', wa , . 5 Wi 7 if -In E ' a KING: IODY SAWDO RANDY DAVIS QUEEN: RUBY PADILLA SENIOR: SUE DURNAL MARK POKORNY MIKE PQTTS JUNIOR: , CINDY FT-EER SOPHOMORE' KAYLONN sAwDo ,Q ,CNE NMI nm' m.-img fxmig 4 Bfurg I fi if , X M .N Ag -M . , ' .ffm 'Q3 f . U .. ' 'f l l1 i . rs + K 1 ixk Q ., x A5 10 X vu v :mini RULER: SATURN ELEMENT: EARTH METAL: LEAD COLOR: GREEN FLOWER: FLAXWEED GEM: MODNSTONE LUCKY DAY: SATURDAY C LUCKY NUMBER: FOUR Your tale d pl acy, caution, thrift Y d a high goal f 11 c 'n all endeavors. If y h b g' en a posi f p 'b'l' y, y y b b your abilities have been recognized, JAMES BAILEY DONNA CANARY DEBBIE CODY DAVE EASTON HIELDI EVANS VICKI FRANZ DALE FUNNELL GEORGIA GRISWALD ,. x , f KERRY KELLY BARB LANGMACK PAT LAFEERTY LINDA LAW RON LATIMER DAN LONG NADINE LOPEZ DON MATTHEWS wx ffl' TERRY MAYER HARLON MEYER GLENDA MILLER BECKY NOWICK 45 K f, 'vm- X I A 'wif' f A ,fi --nv 1 ROBERTA PHILBROOK PAM RIBELIN MIKE RICHARDSON SHARON SALINAS IANA SHEEHAN 'KAY STRUTHERS ROBERT TIDWELL ANN WEBB KIMMITH WISSER STEVE WOODYARD VICKI VICKERS ONE CAN DO WITHOUT PEOPLE, BUT ONE HAS NEED OF A FRIEND. RULER: URANUS ELEMENT: AIR METAL: URANIUM COLOR: BLUE FLOWER: DAFFODIL GEM: AMETHYST LUCKY DAY: SATURDAY LUCKY NUMBER: SEVEN AQUARIUS You are inventive, intuitive, democratic, determined, and sociable, You make friends easily, recognizing no differences of color, race, or creed. You cannot go wrong by allowing others all the freedom you desire for yourself, ,Mai E """'h, ',,,,,,,,,f-' JOEY AAMODT STEVE BABCOCK BARBARA BLISS GARY BOYETT KAREN DAVID ALLAN DIETRICH CHERYLL DUFFY ANTHONY EUSER RUTH FAHRENBRUCK LAURA GAYTON SANDY GENTRY VINCE HUDSON KATHY JACKSON STACY KOENIG EILEEN MCCARTNEY CLIFF MILLER MARILYN ONKEN PAT PETTAY SANDY SAULSBERY PAT SHANNON PATTI IOHNSON PEGGY IDFSVOLD G A RY MO RRI LL LARRY SLEETH ROSIE SWANSON PENNY SYMONS GREG TRULLINGER RULER: NEPTUNE ELEMENT: WATER METAL: TIN COLOR: SEA-GREEN FLOWER: LOTUS GEM: AOUAMARINE LUCKY DAY: THURSDAY LUCKY NUMBER: NINE PIQCES You possess wonderful receptivity to others because of a natural sensitiveness. Being shy and easily hurt, you take pains to protect the feelings of others, to say the kind or gra- cious thing, and to help others attain happiness by overcom- ing their limitations, complexes, timidity seclusiveness. STEVE ALLEN JOHN CASEY DEBBIE CURRY MARIA DeSA LLE Fat. 'Q' R! PETE EBERHART MIKE EVANS DOUG FISK KATHY FRAZIER Wien ' ish I' J 5 . I I I I 1 , f N, KEN FRAZIER KIM GLEASON CARRIE GREEN MAR-IE HILL CHARLES HOGUE META LANGDON CATHY LEWIS DEBBIE MARTINEZ. 'hiv sg ff' OVER Q, MARY McKEE ANDRE PADILLA ALAN REYNOLDS DAVE REYNOLDS BEV SACK DONALD SCHLENER STARLA SHAW SHERRY SPENCER GARNET THOMPSON TIM TITUS CATHI WETSEL I ' 1 we . if 2,1 ,W ,,. Q ,i 15,43 'f"""" ,M 5 ' w Sr nu, ll an - : ' 6922252 -' MWWWMRQM ,w, fag W- 1 . PM . .3 RULER: MARS ELEMENT: FIRE METAL: IRON COLOR: RED FLOWER: TULIP GEM: DIAMOND LUCKY DAY: TUESDAY LUCKY NUMBER: EIGHT The life aim of Aries is truth - the real values in life. Your keynote is "I do," for this is one of the most active and enter- prising influences. You are essentially a peacemaker, being rather quick to anger, but your anger is short lived and you are usually willing to try again. BE: I 1 fx DEBBIE ADKINS DAVE BRADFIELD LAURIE BUSCH .TACK COLLINS its 1, z If if K Qi sf ELAINE DAVIS DEBBIE DCVORE ALLEN DOVEL TAMMY DRUMWRIGHT Suv S, I vw Sq I I I e ss L . N L,-.Q -If ROD ELFRING JIM GUESS DOUG GUICE KRISTIN HETZER 4 I LLLL I L? f'8""5 'Z' ' k , PATRICIA HODGES STEVE KNUDSEN .IOHN LEFEBVRE MEL LEI-IMAN DEBORAH MET ROS TED NEFF GARY PAULSON MARIANNE PHILLIPS OF ALL THE GIFTS THAT A WISE PROVIDENCE GRANTS US TO MAKE LIFE FULL AND HAPPY FRIENDSHIP IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Epicurus CINDI SHEARER GAIL SIMON GRETCHEN STEINBRUECK ELLEN WASSER CHERYL WHITELEY PAM WOODWARD SANDY ZELLNER RICHARD ZUGSCHWERT RULER: VENUS ELEMENT: EARTH METAL: COPPER COLOR: PINK FLOWER: DAISY GEM: EMERALD LUCKY DAY: FRIDAY LUCKY NUMBER: SIX TAURUS You have the happy faculty of being friendly, a good listener. You are patient, consistent, sincere, and dependable. By so being, you have a soothing effect of people who are less sure of themselves, more inclined to nervousness. Your keynote is "I haveg" your life aim, obedience. DAN ARANDA CHARLES BACA JANET BURNHAM PAUL BLUMER ANN BUKOWSKI CINDY COMPTON ROBYN FLOOD IOE GARNEAU KATHY HAINES BARB HOSMAN PAUL HOWARD MARK HUTCHINS SUSAN IUNTENEN ALBERTA LOPEZ MIKE MCLANE KEITH MITCHELL EUGENE NEWKIRK IeNELL PADILLA TOMORROW WE LEAD TERRY PETERSON MIKE ROPER I EFF SALL DEBBIE STERNHAG EN VICKI THOMPSON CHERYL WATTS ELIZABETH WATTS TERRY WOOD 4 RULER: MERCURY ELEMENT: AIR METAL: QUICKSILVER COLOR: YELLOW FLOWER: MARIGOLD GEM: AGATE LUCKY DAY: WEDNESDAY Luclcv NUMBER: FIVE GEMINI You are, in general, quite gifted with exceptional reasoning quali- ties. Your life aim is motive, You are inclined to question, ex- periment, investigate until you have the information you need. This is the inquiring reporter type, the gatherer of news for the paper, STEVE ALLMER RON BAILEY LES BARNETT SANDY BROWN RODNEY BALLARD VICKI CLAFFEY DOUG CLAUSSEN CONNIE CRONIN MTD- MARK DUNCAN SUSAN ELLIS KAREN FAUST MIKE GOSHORN CATHERINE HAGAN KATHLEEN HANCOCK .fa W 1 3 47 ., mf 'ie J' ,pw ALLAN HILL CINDY HISCOCK vr"'2'!? DIANA KILLION CHARLOTTE LADTKOW DA IRL MOREI-IA RT RICK ROUS E IAN SCI-IAUMBERG JUDY SHEATS MARK HASSIG LES HENKEL CINDY HUDSON SAUNDRA JORDAN B' MARALEE RULE RUDY MASTELLONE P IF' W , 1, 5 ,ggl Sii J , f MARLENE SMITH DIANE SPERRY SCOTT STANTON LEE TRASK IF I SHOULD MEET THEE AFTER LONG YEARS. HOW SHOULD I GREET THEE? WITH SILENCE OR TEARS wi 'Z' JERRY VLAANDEREN RULER: MOON ELEMENT: WATER METAL: SILVER COLOR: VIOLET FLOWER: WHITE ROSE GEM: AMETHYST LUCKY DAY: MONDAY CANCER LUCKY NUMBER: Two Your keynote is "I feel E 11y y p hetic and recept h ld b easy for you to be a peac R A y know the enjoyment of p 1 g' nh' pleasure to o h f h d ff' 1 least stress k d F 1 h y d ' g ' : d' z d lg f d ' 1 IENNETTE ATHEY ANGIE BRECKINRIDGE RANDY BRUGGINK VANOY CALLAHAN MARK CAMERON DIANE COUPENS RALPH COURTER WILL DaBARS W6 A-ew IUDY DERYLO DEBBIE FARMER CHERYL FOUNTAIN CHARLES GILBERT '- 'G' S-,J I ARTHUR GRAY SHARON JOHNSON PAM KLESSIG VICKI LANGE ani? 4 ? r CAROL LEWIS TOM MAES STEVE MOORE LINDA PARKER ::f K H1 "Win A ,:.. DON PENNINGTON PAUL POKORNY ROBIN RITTS RANDY ROTH CONNIE SCHUBERT RON SHAW PAUL SHELL PATTY SOUTHWARD STEVE SWANSON DAVE SWAYZE TWILA TEMPLE STEVEN TREFT RICK TROUTMAN RUTH WILSON SHANNON ZIMMERER RULER: SUN ELEMENT: FIRE METAL: GOLD COLOR: ORANGE FLOWER: RED ROSE GEM: RUBY LUCKY DAY: SUNDAY LUCKY NUMBER: ONE You seem to be gifted with self-confidence. Your keynote is "I will, " Born under the sign Leo, your qualities of loyalty, courage, and generos- ity make you a wonderful friend and peacemaker, You probably find it easy to praise others since you thrive on it yourself. V T JIM BEST TERRY BRABEC DAN BROWN CINDY BRUYN CINDY CONDRAY RANDY CLOPER LAURA COLLING JULIE COOK A AA STAN COX RICK DENCKLAU SHERYL BURNS DEBORAH ELQUEST JOE FARRELL SUE GILDEA BOB GRIFFEE GARY HADDOCK MK CHERYL HARPER DALE HART JONI HERRING KEN HEUER W, Q SUE HOLLINGSWORTH RON HUBBARD JORDAN LEIGH CONNIE KOTHLOW CHERYL LEWIS TOM MCGINTY REBECCA MYERS JOYCE NEWLON if ,,,,, My BILL OWEN GARY PADGETT CAROL SHEARON TRUDY SHIELDS BLAIR SWENSON MIKE UNDERWOOD JIM URLAND STEVE WA LTMAN VIRGO RULER: MERCURY ELEMENT: EARTH METAL: OUICKSILVER COLOR: GRAY-BLUE FLOWER: AZALEA GEM: SAPPHIRE LUCKY DAY: WEDNESDAY LUCKY NUMBER: FIVE You have strong critical and analytical powers. Someone once said, "With Virgo people, there is a fly in every ointment!" Learn to develop synthesis, to see the whole picture rather than just the flawsg otherwise, it would be easy to become faultfinding and worrisome. SANDY BARGAS 'Ni RUTH CARLETON STEVE CARTER PAM CARVILLE I EFF CHRISTENSEN SUE DURNAL MARK CHRISTENSEN RANDY DAVIS GWEN DIRKSEN 'Taps DEBBIE FALLER ROBERT FINLEY DONNA GARDNER T'LENE GRUBB DIRK HESTON MIKE KOSCHESKI JAMES KRANKER LINDA LAI TERRI LAMP LARRY LARGHE JM TAMMY LENTZ STEVE LIEBERT PAULETTE MARSHALL W CONNIE MILLER PATTIE MILLER CINDY MIYOSHI DAVID MURPHY DEBRA NICHOLAISEN CURTIS PARKER BARB LAWRENCE TERRY MIDDLESWART JOHN MUDG E'I'T KAREN PLESHEK l Isfhgx ' - RENEE NILSON LINDA PICKETT A Q ' RUBY PADILLA I RON RAMIREZ aw? GLENN ROYBAL W ,,. iw if 'E I 5 5 - 5 PATSY SHEAHAN ROBIN SLAUGI-ITER ANITA SNYDER IANICE SUMMERS TO LOVE SOMEONE MEANS TO SEE HIM AS GOD INTENDED so HIM. , RICK THOMPSON LEE ANN VALDEZ GEORGINA WAKEN BRUCE WALKO MARK WEISBROD ANDY WENNBERG ' M RULER: VENUS ELEMENT: AIR METAL: COPPER COLOR: PALE YELLOW AND PINK FLOWER: VIOLET GEM: OPAL Luclcv DAY: FRIDAY LIBRA LUCKY NuMBER: sux Equilibrium is the life aim of Libra. Some of you may be born with an excellent sense of balanceg others need to acquire it, This is the sign of the perfect peacemaker, with accentuated ability to see both sides and render fair judgment. CAROL BULIS MARK BURROW HAROLD COURSEY IO ANN CULLUM KIP CURPHY ELAINE DARLAND STEPHANIE DIXSON KERRY FLYNN , A A 6 11:1-A-pn, 1-'F H1 .,:1 i,g. Pi: kiwi GARY FONAY ROHN HALE LINDA KLINE DALE LECK T Q Q F- ,U 'Sup DAVE LIBI-IART WAYNE MILLER RICHARD MOBECK BECKY NEWMAN DEBBIE RHINE BO RUDOLTSSOW DEBBIE SCHULTZ GREGG SMITH 9,45 A ,W I , 4 :qu 245-56 2' -165 ,. , Nw. 'ff' , .... A RANDY STOKOE RALPH SWEENEY JOEL TALBOT DEANIE TURNER RULER: MARS ELEMENT: WATER METAL: STEEL COLOR: DEEP ROSE FLOWER: THISTLE GEM: MOONSTONE LUCKY DAY: TUESDAY LUCKY NUMBER: EIGHT SCORPIO Your keynote is "I desireg" your life aim, regeneration, You are usually quite reserved, strategic, tenacious, determined, daring, and possessed of much personal magnetism. Physics, chemistry, and research may come easily to you, for there is love of mystery. DARRELL ASHBROOK ROD BOWEN LUGENE BOWMAN IANET BRALISH naw: Nw DEBBIE CLARK MARLENE CLEMENTS RICHARD CZERNICKI TERESA DROTAR VERONICA ESPINOZA GREG FEHR LARRY FLAMING KAREN GASSERT ANN GAVIN MIKE GEORGES SUSAN GIBSON ANNA GIES PAM ,GUNTERMAN MIKE GLADE DAN GRAY KEN HARLAN PHILLIP HEATH LINDA KELLEMS I AC QUELYN KELLEY LILA HOBBS SUSAN JACKSON IA NORMAN JONES CA THY KING """""'b- LINDA LIVINGSTON MIKE MCDONALD KATHY MELENDEZ STEVEN MIRICH BILL NEWBOLD MIKE PARSONS MADELYN PHILLIPI MIKE REVORD WARREN REVES fo." , Q JULIE RODIBAUGH RALPH STILLS KAREN UNDERWOOD LINDA THIESEN KAREN WHITMAN TERESA WILLCOX A RULER: JUPITER ELEMENT: EARTH METAL: TIN COLOR: LIGHT BLUE FLGWERZ CARNATION GEM: TURQUOISE LUCKY DAY: THURSDAY LUCKY NUMBER: THREE SAGITTARIUS Your sense of fairness attracts many friends, as does your quick wit. "I see" is your keynote, and many are the far places you can travel - actually, mentally, or spiritually. Requisites for happiness are a siz- able measure of freedom and some religious affiliation. JOE ANDREWS JEFF ASHBROOK CAROL BAKER KELLI BROOKS Pm 'TRL JAKE CROSSLEY MIKE DAVIDSON PAM DERSHEN GAIL DUNN IQ F? lt' 13, A - N g ' GIL FOLSOM DENNIS GOECKE LISA GROSSART RICHARD HESS GARY HODGSON DENISE JOHNSON IODY GUDER S TEVEN I UDISH , , 1,137 QJ' , l if L A .-ff 22 f:LSi DAVID LANDES ROBERT LOFTUS JEROME MARTINEZ PAUL PAINTER LYNN PETERS MONICA PETERSEN CONNIE RIVERA IODY SAWDO SENIDR CLASS OFFICERS SNS 2S N SNS , l S2SN i S A 1' Q S N TREASURER: TERESA DROTAR PRESIDENT: MIKE YUDEZ SECRETARY: PAT SHANNON SENIOR ACTIVITIES JOEY AAMODT: FBLA Parliamentarian 4. DEBBIE ADKINS: Cheerleader 1 ,2 , 3,45 Nordic Times 4, STEVE ALLMER: Science Club 25 Rodeo Club 3,45 Football 1,45 Wrestling 15 Band 1,2 ,3, CAROL BAKER: Nordic Times Managing Editor 45 Band 1 ,2,3,45 Musical Comedy 3. LUGENE BOWMAN: Pep Club 15 Spanish Club 2 ,3,45 IRC 2,3,45 FBLA 45 Student Congress 35 Choir 1,2,35 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Powder Puff 3,4, GARY BOYETT: DECA 45 Art Club 45 Powder Puff Cheerleader 4, ANGIE BRECKENRIDGE: Pep Club 25 Class Senator 35 Ski Club 2,45 Honor Roll 1 ,2,3,45 Expressions 35 One Acts 3. KELLI BROOKS: Pep Club 1,25 FBLA 45 Ski Club 4. CHARLIE BROWN: Student Congress 1,2 ,3,45 Head Boy 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Football 1,2, 3,45 Track 2,35 Basketball 15 Baseball 25 Honor Roll 1 ,2 ,3,45 Masonic Lodge Outstanding Student Award 35 Honor Society 3,4. DAN BROWN: French Club 25 Honor Society 3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Golf 25 Cross Country 3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,4, RANDY BRUGGIND: Band l,2,3,4, CINDY BRUYN: Pep Club 2,3,45 IRC 2,3,45 Pre Med 2 ,3,45 Science 3,45 Honor So- ciety 3, 45 Big Sister Program 45 Choir 2,35 Honor Roll 1,2, 3,45 Powder Puff 3,4. CAROL BULIS: Pep Club 1,35 Environmental Club 3,4, PAM CARVILL: Pep Club 2,3,4, JOHN CASEY: Chess Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 2,35 Tennis 3,45 Choir 45 Musical Comedy 2,3,45 Band l,2,3,4, KATHY CAVANAUGH: Pep Club 25 Ski Club 35 Golden Thespian 35 Dramatics 35 Mu- sical Comedy 25 Expressions 3. DEBBIE CLARK: Pep Club 2,3,45 Pre Med 2,35 Science Club 35 Speech Club 35 Stu- dent Congress 3,45 HMS Pinafore 2, LAURA COLLING: Pep Club 1,2,35 Flagtwirler 45 FHA 45 Honor Roll l,2,3,4. CINDY COMPTON: Pep Club 1,2,35 Speech Club lg Honor Society lg FHA 45 Flag- twirler 4. CINDY CONDRAY5 Pep Club 25 Speech Club lg Spanish Club Secretary 35 Student Congress 15 Speech Awards Won 15 Honor Roll l,2,35 Best Spanish Student 3. CONNIE CRONIN: Pep Club 15 Cheerleader 25 Gymnastics 15 Junior Class Secretary 355 FBLA 45 Powder Puff 3,4. IO ANN CULLUM: IRC Club 2,35 Band 253,45 Speech Club 4. DEBBIE CURRY: Pep Club 1,25 Speech Club 1,25 Drama Club President 35 FTA 35 An- nual Staff lg Class Secretary 25 Class President 35 Student Congress 1,2.3.45 Head Girl 3,45 FBLA 45 Powder Puff 3,45 Speech Award 1,25 Honor Roll 3,45 Choir 1,3, RICHARD CZERNICKI: Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track I5 Baseball 2,3,4 MICHAEL DAVIDSON: French Club 1,25 Science Club 25 IRC 45 Honor Society 2,3545 Student Congress 45 Honor Roll 1 ,2, 3 ,4, GWEN DIRKSEN5 IRC 25 Dramatics 2,35 Golden Thespians 25 Musicals 2 ,35 Expressions 2 , 3. STEPHANIE DIXSON5 Pep Club 2,35 Outstanding Pep Club Member 25 Band lg Pom Pon 3, Head 45 FBLA 45 Ski Club 3. TERESA DROTAR5 Pep Club 2,35 Band 1,2,3,45 Color Guard 2,3,45 Student Congress 3,45 Claw Vice President 45 Geology Club 3,45 Honor Society 3 ,45 Honor Roll 1, 2,3,45 Powder Puff 3,45 Gymnastics 1,25 Track 3,45 Cross Country 45 Representa- tive to CU Honor lnstitute5 Musical 3,4. MARK DUNCAN: IRC 2,3,45 FCA 3,45 Ski Club 3,45 Honor Society 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3, President 45 Student Congress President 15 Student Congress Vice President 35 Class President 25 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 15 Baseball 2,35 Honor Roll 15 Youth Citation From Optimist Club 3, SUE DURNAL5 Cheerleader 1,2,3 ,4, Head 45 Spanish Club lg Ski Club 25 Student Congress 1,2,35 Swim Team 35 Gymnastics 15 Powder Puff 35 Honor Roll 15 Home- coming Attendant 2, 3,4. DAVE EASTON: German Club 2,35 Wrestling 1,25 Gymnastics l. SUSAN ELLIS: Band 1,2,3,45 FHA 2,4, DEBBIE ELQUEST: Pep Club 1,2,3, ANTHONY EUSER: Honor Society 3, President 1,45 IRC 2,3545 Student Congress 2,35 Ski Club 3,45 FCA 3,45 Football l,2,45 Basketball lg Track lg Baseball 2,3,45 Honor Roll l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,4, CHERYL FOUNTAIN: Student Congress 15 FHA 2,4, Secretary 35 Band l,2,3,4, VICKI FRANZ: Band l,2,3,45 Wind Ensemble 35 Volleyball 15 Basketball 2, JOE GARNEAU: Student Congress 25 Class Vice President 35 Mascot 45 Band 1 ,2 , 3,45 Musical Comedy 2. KAREN GASSERT: National Honor Society 2,3, 45 Golden Thespians 3,45 Swim Team 2 Powder Puff 3,45 Honor Roll 2 , 3, 45 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 4, SUE GILDEA: Pep Club 1,35 Cheerleader 25 FBLA 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Powder Puff 3,4, CARRIE GREEN: Pep Club l,2,35 IRC 3,45 Powder Puff 3,45 Honor Society l,2,3,45 Honor Roll 1,2 ,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Wind Ensemble 2,3,-45 Color Guard 3, JODIE GUDER: Gymnastics 4. JAMES GUESS: FTA 2,3,45 German Club 25 Photo Club 4, PAMELA GUNTERMANN: Spanish Club 25 Art Club 45 Shorthand Award 3, GARY HADDOCK: Environmental Club 35 Tennis 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4, KATHIE HANCOCK: Pep Club 25 Flagtwirler 3, KEN HARLAN: Environmental Club 2,35 FTA 45 Student Congress 25 Track lg Basket- ball 15 Band 2,35 Stage Band 2,35 Musical 3,4, DA LE HART: Rifle Club 45 Musical 3, 4. KEN HEUER: Ski Club 2,3,45 Student Congress 45 Wrestling 15 Gymnastics 25 Track 3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Jazz Ensemb1e2,3,4, PAT HODGES: Pep Club 1,25 Flagtwirler 3,45 Ski Club 2,45 Student Congress 25 Ten- nis 25 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Musical 3,4, GARY HODGSON: Musical 2. DAVE HOGLUND: Letterman's Club 3,45 Juanita Social Club, President 3,45 Student Congress 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1. KAREN HOLLOWAY: Speech Club 15 Debate Team 25 IRC 3,4, BARB HOSMAN5 Pep Club 3, Vice President 45 Speech Club 15 FHA 45 Powder Puff 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. MARK HUTCHINS: Band l,2,3,4. CATHY JACKSON: IRC 2 ,3,45 Chess Club 45 Honor Roll 2, PATTI JOHNSON: Pep Club l,2,35 FBLA 45 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Mad- rigals 2,3. JACQUELYN KELLEY: Pep Club l,2,35 Journalism Club Editor 15 Honor Society 1,2,3, 4g Student Congress 35 FBLA President 45 Honor Roll l,2,3 ,4, LINDA KLINE: Pep Club 1,25 IRC 2,35 Speech Club 3: Basketball 25 Powder Puff 45 Honor Roll 1,2. MIKE KOSCHESKI: Pre Med 2,3,45 Key Club 35 Letterman's Club 45 Basketball Manager 3,45 Baseball Trainer 3, LINDA LAI: German Club 3, LARRY LARGHE: FCA 3,45 Football 25 Baseball 2 ,3,4, BARBARA LAWRENCE: Spanish Club 15 FBLA 45 Choir 4. JOHN LEFEBVRE: Ski Club 2,3,45 Track 15 Football 25 Wrestling 1,25 Musical 2, TAMMY LENTZ: Pep Club 1,25 Flagtwirler 3,45 Speech Club 15 Student Congress 35 Powder Puff 35 Honor Roll 1,2 ,3, 45 Honor Society 3 , 4, CAROL LEWIS: Pep Club 1,25 Girls' Track 25 Volleyball 2. PEGGY LDFSVOLD: Speech Club 1,3,45 IRC 2,3, President 45 German Club 2,35 Stu- dent Congress 3,45 Honor Society 1, 45 Honor Roll 1,2, ALBERTA LOPEZ: Pep Club 2,35 Spanish Club 2 ,3,45 FBLA 45 Honor Society 1,2,3,45 Powder Puff 35 Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Spanish Award 1,25 Biology Award 2, DON MATTHEWS: Student Congress 2 ,3,45 Class Senator 35 DECA 45 Gymnastics 3,4. TERRIE MAYER: Pep Club 15 Speech Club 15 Pre Med 2,3,45 FHA 3,45 Science Club 2,3,45 Speech Award 1, THOMAS MOGINTY: German Club 2 ,3 , 45 Student Congress 4, BOB MCGRAW: French Club 25 Chess Club 35 Baseball 2,3,4, KATHY MELENDEZ: Pep Club 25 National Honor Society 3,45 Choir 3,45 Northern Lights 35 Madrigals 35 Musical 2,3. DEBBIE METROS: Pep Club 1,2,35 Spanish Club 25 IRC 35 Pre Med 45 Powder Puff 3,4, HARLAN MEYER: Letterman's Club 3,45 FCA President 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Track 15 Basketball 1, CINDY MIYOSHI: Pep Club 2,35 Spanish Club 2,35 Honor Society 15 FBLA 45 Powder Puff 3. STEVE MOORE: IRC 35 Basketball 15 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4. JOHN MUDGETT: Student Congress 3,45 IRC 45 Football 15 Basketball 15 Track 1,2. GARY PADGETT: Concert Band 1,2 ,3,45 Drum Major 45 Jazz Ensemble 3,45 Wind En- semble 3,45 Football 1,25 Baseball 2, IENELL PADILLA: Pep Club 1,2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Speech Club 15 Stu- dent Congress 35 Honor Roll 1,2,3, RUBY PADILLA: Cheerleader 1, Head 2,3,45 Student Congress 1,2,3,45 FBLA 45 Ski Club 2 ,3,45 Girls' Track 35 Powder Puff 3,45 Sweetheart Dance Junior Attendant 35 Homecoming Queen 4, GARY PAULSON: Key Club 25 Letterman's Club 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1, 2,3,45 Baseball 1 ,2,3,45 Track 15 Basketball Honorable Mention, TERRY PETERSON: Concert Choir 1,2,3,4. ROBERTA PHILBROOK: French Club 2 ,35 Campus Life 35 Honor Roll 1,2 ,35 Concert Choir 4, MADELYN PHILIPPI: Pep Club 1,2,35 Concert Choir 3,45 DECA 45 Powder Puff 4, KAREN PLESHEK: Pep Club 15 Girls' Choir 3,45 FBLA 45 GAA 15 Girls' Gymnastics 25 Powder Puff 4, PAUL POKORNY: Letterman's Club 3,45 FCA 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 15 Basket- ball 1,2 ,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Honor Roll 15 Baseball All-Conference 35 Homecom- ing Junior Escort 3, RON RAMIREZ: Spanish Club 2,3,45 Art Club 45 IRC 45 Honor Roll 2,3. DANA RAU: FBLA 4. PAM RIBELIN: Pep Club 1,25 Gymnastics 1,25 FBLA 4, ROBIN RITTS: Editor on Nordic Times 45 Story Editor on Sylvan 45 IRC 45 Ramsey High School: Pep Club 25 Majorette 3. CHRISTINE RIVERA: Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 35 Powder Puff 3,45 Expressions Spring And Fall 3,45 Children 's Theatre, BO RUDOLTSSON5 IRC 45 Speech Club 45 Photo Club 45 Student Council 4. BEVERLY SACK: FHA 3, President, 4, Vice-Presidentg FBLA 4, Treasurer5 Speech Club 4. SHARON SALINAS: Spanish Club 1,2 ,3,45 Ski Club 1,2,3,45 Student Congress 1,25 Tennis 2,35 Chess Club 2,35 Honor Roll 1,2 ,3, SANDY SAULSBERY: Pep Club 1 ,25 Flagtwirler 3,4, Head5 Honor Society 1,2,3,45 Powder Puff 3,45 Nordic Times 3,4, Editor5 Outstanding Girl Award 3. IODY SAWDO: Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Sweetheart Dance Escort 35 Homecoming King 45 Yearbook Staff lg Class Vice-President 1,25 National Honor Society 3,45 Lettermen's Club 3 and 4, President5 Football 1,2, 3,45 Wrestling 1 ,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,4. DIANE SCHENCK: Class Vice-President 35 FBLA 45 Photo Club 45 Ski Club 35 Vol- leyball Team 4. DEBBIE SCHULTZ: Pep Club 15 IRC 2,3,45 Chess Club 45 Volleyball 15 Basketball 2. PAT SHANNON: Pep Club 1,2,35 IRC 25 Student Congress 35 FBLA 45 Senior Class Sec retary-Treasurer 45 Powder Puff 3,45 Ski Club 2,3, CINDI SHEARER: Student Congress 1,25 Concert Choir 2,35 Pep Club 25 Pom Pon 3,45 Musical Comedy 25 Expressions 3. CAROL SHEARON: Spanish Club 25 Pep Club 2,35 GAA 1 ,2,3,45 Powder Puff 3,45 Musical Comedy 35 Concert Choir 4, JUDY SHEATS5 Pep Club 1,25 Speech Club 1,2,3,45 Campus Life 3,45 FBLA 4, IANA SHEEHAN: Pep Club 1, President, 2,35 Annual Staff 3,4, Co-Editor5 DECA 45 Powder Puff 3,45 Swimming 25 Band 1. LARRY SLEETH: Basketball 1,2,3,4. PATTI SOUTHWARD: Cheerleader lg Pep Club 1,25 DECA 45 Gregg Shorthand Award. SHERRY SPENCER: Pep Club 15 German Club 25 Pre-Med 2 ,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 FHA 3,45 Social Studies Exposition 2nd Place - School, 3rd Place - Disnictg 2nd Place County Spelling Bee 25 Outstanding German Student 25 Fall Production 2. DEBBIE STERNHAGEN: Pep Club 15 German 1,2 ,35 Environmental Club 3,4, Vice Presidentg Powder Puff 45 Honor Roll 1 ,2,3,4, MIKE SUMMERS: Concert Band 2,3,45 A-V 2,3, 4, STEVE SWANSON: Ski Club 25 Spanish Club 25 Speech Club 3,45 IRC 3,45 Student Congress 2,3,4, Treasurer5 Track Team lg Golf 25 Honor Roll 1 ,2,3,4, DAVID SWAYZE: Chess Club 2,3,45 Spanish Club 25 DECA 45 Rifle Club 4: Golf 2,3,45 Tennis 35 Boys' State 3. TWILA TEMPLE: Student Congress 25 IRC 35 Ski Club 25 Campus Life 35 FBLA 4, Vice President: Honor Roll 1 ,2,35 Band 1,2, LINDA THIESEN: I-Ionor Society 1,2,35 Pep Club 25 Flagtwirler 3,45 Nordic Times 45 Girls' Swim Team 2,35 Powder Puff 3,45 Honor Roll 1,2, DONNA VERMILLION: Honor Society 15 Pep Club l,2,35 FHA 45 Pre-Med 45 Honor Roll 1,2, VICKI VICKERS: Honor Society lg Pep Club 1,2,3, President5 Student Congress 35 FBLA 45 Honor Roll 1,25 Outstanding Pep Club Member 3. GEORGINA WAKEN: Concert Choir lg Spanish Club 25 FHA 45 Honor Roll 1 ,2, STEVE WALTMAN: Lettermen's Club 3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,35 Base- ball 25 Track 35 Honor Roll 3,4, ELLEN WASSER: FHA 2,3, Vice President, 4, President5 FTA 25 Honor Society 3,45 Honor Roll 1 ,2,3,45 Essay Contest Winner 1, ELIZABETH WATTS: Spanish Club 3,4, Vice President, DANA RAU 44 MARK WEISBROD: Letterrnen's Club 3,49 Football 1 ,2,3,4g Track 2,3. ANDY WENNBERG: Student Congress 1,2,3,4, President, Constitution Committee 3,4 Interact 2g Basketball 1,2, Managerg Track 1 , Manager, Honor Roll 2,3,4, TERRY WOOD: Student Congress lg Ski Club 3,49 Honor Roll 1, PAM WOODWARD: Student Congress 1,2,3g Pep Club 1,2 ,3g Speech Club lg French Club 1,29 Concert Choir 1,2,3g FTA 3, FBLA 4g Annual staff 1,2 ,3,4, Editor, Powder Puff 3, Honor Roll 1,25 Honor Society 1g Speech Club Awards 1. SANDY ZELLNER: Speech Club lg Pep Club 2 ,3g FBLA 4 - Reporterg Powder Puff 3,45 Honor Roll 1 ,2 ,3. LATE PHOTOS DAVE BEARD CHARLIE BROWN KATHY FRAZIER ,BBT . ss'," .,.,, il ddtt ,,s,s f , rss KEN FRAZIER NANCY HOLTON DAVID VAN RYZEN rfilfiv L l .. The Lord is my Shepherdg I shall not want, In verdant pastures He gives me reposeg Beside restful waters He leads meg He refreshes my soul. He guides me in right paths for His name's sake. Even though I walk in the dark valley l fear no evilg for You are at my side. With Your rod and Your staff that give me courage, You spread the table before me in the sight of my foesg You anoint my head with oily my cup overflows. Only goodness and kindness follow me all the days of my lifeg And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for years to come. Psalm: 23 IN MEMORY OF: THOMA9 SCOTT KEY ,f " L' 'V lx 46 X N , CAPRICORN lf you area Capricorn You dream great dreams and dare To follow even the most rugged path Just so it will "get you there. " Your symbol is the mountain goat That tops the snow-capped peak, Sure-footed, as you now attain The worthwhile goals you seek. Your colors are the browns of earth That lean toward red and gold, Expressing solemnness and strength . Two attributes you hold. Denise Hills Mark Iamsay Chris Iaramillo Greg Jensen Sue Linn Holly Mackes Mitchell Martin Shelly Michener Linda Miller Steve Miller Steve Miller Marc Moran Christy Baker Linda Beshara Angela Boettcher Steve Bohrnell I oe Castillo Fred Cavaleri Mike Coufal Toby Culp Becky Finger Mike Foley Randy Garnet Barry Gordon Dorene Herrera it , Q lui -'22 Z, Marla Myers William Nielsen Jeannie Ostdiek Mike Perish Mike Reese I im Reuss 47 Rick Remasba I im Rowe Bob Ryan Albert Sanchez Lynda Satteriiel Mike Spicer Mike Stein Kathy Stevens AQUARIU9 The Aquarius "Water Bearer" Is the symbol of every man's friend, For your heart is described as a melting pot Where race, creed, and color blend. Your friendship is trusted and treasured For you like folks for just what they areg And yet, in your innermost being, Your spirit is tied to a star! You've an unerring spirit to guide you To the pinnacles of successg This, coupled with friends you acquire by the score, Will bring you true happiness. Rick Horrocks Mike Hurdelbrink Juanita Jensen Barry Johnson Kathy Kelley Karen Keyes Larry A podaca Debbie Babcock Brad Belke Kathleen Benson Debbie Branson Pam Brugger Debbie Cabral Cynthia Cooley Karyn Czernicki Timothy DuFour Doug Haag Larry Haupt ,,,....... , ,:...+-ft Karen Smiley Bill Soor Joan Syllivan Judy Leach Rose Koerner Russell Ladsig Gary Ludwig Sandy Marumoto Elizabeth Medina Tara Monson Rochelle Newton Lori Olson Rose Park Cindy Peters Steve Price Manuel Rivera Stanley Wilcox Clayton Williams Karen Wood Phil Bruchez Terry Barmann Debbie Bird Eddie Blair Art Bruchez Linda Dewar Karen Ellis Nancy Elrod David Frey Patricia Farrand Ron Foster Steve Gardels Robin Gayton lim Gould Teri Gray Craig Hurtt Ed Herman Susan Hoard Kathy Jersey John Herman Brad Iorgensen Debbie Karr Larry Kinder Al Koehlnoos Terri Kresl Dave Krutsch Keith Lauer PISCES If you are a gentle Pisces, Compassionate, sensitive, kindg You are ready with comfort and help for Whom you feel have been "left behind. " You are the zodiac's dreamer And perfection of life is your dreamy You mentally chip away all of its flaws And polish the scars till they gleam. The generous charitable nature That is yours from the very start, Will win you the love and affection That warms the Pisces heart. ef I those Q.. TO LOVE SOMEONE IS TO BE THE ONLY ONE TO SEE A MIRACLE INVISIBLE TO OTHERS. MAURIAC Lonnie Perslinger Harold Peter Robert Pierce Cheryl Pope Karen Pope Tom Porter Jeff Riddle Lane Ryden Rosemary Shaw Richard Stogren Michael Smith Miki Smith Terry Stroh Rosalyn Subia Bruce Sutton Linda Taylor Susie Thompson Duane Towne Konnee Weinb end er Mary Wigington Ron Lehman Rodney Lutz Bill Mansfield Vincent Mazzola Bruce Moritz Mary Perez X 5 I G eorgina A ndasola Kathi Bahn Laura Barbier Clarine Barton Bill Burbridge T arnmy Drumright April Forkas Karen George Sharon George Claudia Grauten 5 L' fx MaryAnn Kabert Sandy Kaczar Colleen Langmack Bev Lough Allen May Robert Middaugh If you were born under Aries Your sign is the first one of spring, You, like the earth are Filled with Promise, and blessings you bring. You've initiative, quick and dynamicg For your gift is a power of persuasion That inspires men to do or to die. Impulsive in thought and in action, ln poetry, music, and prose, Life to you is a glorious adventure and you 'd have it no other way. Jake Boronda Sabrina Bowman Mike Broughton Anthony Brown Jolla Brown Jeff Bruny Gary Hardman Bruce Hill Stephen Hopkins Lorrie Jensen Kyla Joseph Craig Junkins Paul Mitchell Darrel Morgan Barbara Nokes Stacey Peterson Robyn Roberts Steve Rundle Sue Steffin Michael Stolpe Steve Szabo John Szelura Marvin Veverra Dennis Russell Rick Schell Vicki Showers Sheila Shreve Mark Smelker Rick Williams Terri Wilson Tom Wyman PROCRASTINATION One of the most tragic things I know about human na- ture is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the hori- zon - instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. Dale Carnegie Kathy Weishaupl Connie Whalen Rocky Daniels Gary DeVore Chuck Englebrecht Debbie Gerber Robert Gerecht Mike Huffman TAURU9 You are given the virtue of patience And stIength for the things you must dog You give to others the gift of love And friendship, deep and true, You appreciate joys of the moment For life is for living today, And you derive pleasure from helping Your loved ones along the way. Yours is the gift of the giver Whose future is always bright, For those who sew seeds of kindness Reap harvests of great delight. Marty Little Jackie Lyells Larry Macy Connie Magee Harold Mapes Patricia Mapes Pat Adams Mary Bland I im Christensen Gary Clyman Ray Cowles Hector Cruz Dave Johnson Sharon Kabat Cindy King Kevin Knapp Mark Kruplack Toby Leavitt Debbie Mascarenas Bruce McCune Jim Nelson Steve Origer Laura Parrish Jamey Rice Susan Rish Penny Spilman Debra Stakley Tim Schipper Laura Sinner GEMINI Appeal, you acquire in abundanceg You're affectionate, kind and sincere And you're happiest when you 're surrounded By the friends you hold so dear, Each moment to you is a treasure For there is so much to do. You find such great joy in just living . . . The future is bright for you. You like any color that is cheerful. Mike Travis Merle Veverka Walter Williams Cindy Wagnon Kathy Walz Don Webb Vickie Wood Julie Zuniga Debi Allen Randy Baker Stanley Brown Michelle Butler Claudia Cameron Peggy Campling Kay Carper Connie Carlson Patty Carter Melissa Davis Ron Dick Becky Ellis Nora Hartman Barb Henning Ron Howard Charlie Jasper Bev Johnson Rick Kitterman Dennis Koppenhaper Sari Langford Debbie Lewis Mike Ratched Lynn MeManis Judy Meyer Teri Evans Robin Faust Debbie Foster Joel Gleason Terry Guice Mike Harris XV? Glenda Spradlin Wayne Starner Debbie Streu Angelika Strahle Duane Tidwell Mary Murren Fred Peterson Mike Patterson Kathy Pettay Becky Quinonez Gail Rohret Mike Rosini Norma Rowan Kevin Salmen Norm Sandberg Terry Sanders Mary Schoonmaker Diane Vickery GREAT MINDS HAVE Ina Wolf PURPOSES OTHERS HAVE WISHES WASHINGTON IRVING Debbie Geisert Scott Gero Alan Ginther Terry Glivar Joe Grimes J ay Haney Dave Johnson Jeri Lewis Steve Libhart John Ahl Debbie Aldrich Linda Alfrey Gary Angelo Carol Bailey Glenda Barlow Kevin Bartleson Karen Chiddix Donald Collins Debbie Cox Dennis David Terri DeCaro1is CANCER The sign that's the first one of summer Is yours of Cancer's birth: And you, like this wonderful season, Bring gifts of great joy to the earth. Your gentle, affectionate nature ls the key to your charm and grace That makes you always a welcome guest And lights the dreariest place. Maternal, paternal and loving, Your deepest desire is to serve, And the good deeds you do unto others, Bring you joys you so richly deserve. Lauri Lofsvold David Lukins James Masingale Kent Morris Vi Newcomb Valerie Pech Brenda Perisho Russ Poitevent David' Pomeroy Dewey Renneberg Karen Ryden Nick Sanders Bob Schnitter Gary Schrimpsch John Seitz Verne Singer Janet Smith Tana Tackett David Allen Liz Angelo Marc Burson Susan Burt Tom Carmichael Lori Colson Joseph Tilton Steve White LEO If you were born under Leo, You strive in all the things to be true, For wisdom that's born of the ages ls generously given to you. Like the sun that's the ruler of Leo, Vivacious, dynamic and bright, You like to wear deep vibrant colors. You're in tune with the core of creation And your instincts will "tell you true," So just follow your intuition . . . It will bring rich rewards to you. What you iight for, you usually win. Lawanna Willhelm Cynthia Zimmerman Clint Edgar Barbara Edwards Brenda Edwards Don Fast Dodie Finley Becky Fisher Doug Cooper Larry Curtis Diane Dawson Mike Dencklau Sandra Dencklau Patty Durnal Savvy N0 rumor? ,n f 'C K 59 Mary G assert Cindy Green Sandy Green Phil Hamel Sherry Herman Rita Lobato Ernie Morales Randy Ousley Steve Peacock , 1 ' 1 ' f, xx , P . 1 ' VICTORY Celia Higgins Dana Hudson Sandy Hull G eorge Jackson Mark Jackson Alice Johnson Lynn Karnrnerzel Kent Keppel Terry Koontz Jerry Lancaster Carol Larkin Barry Layton Dave Peterson Dianne Priest Melodie Schley Ken Scudder Dennis Schwartz Tim Skinner Kit Snidow Bruce Stevenson Diana Stiegelrneyer james Thrush Billee Trusty Ed Valdez Richard Wickham Sharon Wiedeman Mark Wilkening Tim Willis Sue Wilson Bob Wuest .. .1,: ' VIRGO If you were born under Virgo , You will never be caught "at sea" For the Virgo knows where he's going And he knows what he wants to be, Your calm and inspiring spirit That is far from the commonplace, Is symbolized by the virgin , . , The image of beauty and grace. Your paths lie beside the still water For early, life's lessons you learng And the kindness that flows from you Will bring you much joy in return. y ssrsfrr Qi Robbie Abeyta Connie Alexander D ebi A rmour Vicki Befort Ellen Boucher Becky Carter Steve Clark t, X ss' Bill Clement s X if a ws? N by 'M' , , HQ f rort ,4- risir rlszsra:aifs?i,ss 1 Terry Cloper Larry Cotton Kathy Cuevas Roddy Dale Mark Denney Paula Denzin Julie Debiase Michael Emery Nancy Erickson Charles Feis Tim Fengler David Fillenworth Fanci Fink Mike Flores Charlene Franklin Melinda Freehling Ronald Griese Lisa Hall Tom Lee Ioanie Maise Neal Mayer James McGregor Nick McMurtry Sherry McRyhew Darcie Hastings Randy Hart Diana Houser Michele Irelan Cheryl Johnson Dave Kested Jamie Rau Debbie Romero Sheila Salazar Dave Schlener Linda Seitz Marita Shelley Tom Neff Diane Nitta Tim Oakes Cheryl Oliver Terry Padilla Gary Peterson Tom Shipley Doug Simcik Marie Skinner Connie Stoll Jardem Toenjes Ann Trammell Doug Trullinger Stu Walker Ricky Willcox Lynn Williams 1 Z LIBRA Libra comes early in autumn When the stirrings of nature are stilled, With the ripening season completed , Her life-giving promise fulfilled. With everything weighed in the balance, You 're a champion of justice and rightg Your faith in yourself is your fortune . . . Your future, especially bright. Much like the eternal balance That's there in all nature, we find The weighing, comparing, adjusting To be true of the Libra mind. Doug Clark Pam Coburn Charles Cope Laura Craig Donna Dean Dorene DeVore 1 K if ,' John Guilmette Kay Harris Paula Hernandez Carolyn Heston Tom Jones Linda Joyce Herbert Allison Doug Anderson Dan Aragon Mike Brown Kevin Chamberlain Bill Clark Linda Doughman Debbie Dunn Bobbi Franz Bob Fravel Megan Forsmark Iris Guerra Kathy Karas Lisa Kimball Jack Leonard Dan Lucero Bernard Martinez Kathy Martinez 3 . 215 3, Nw v 1 1 'Vi I I 4 dr 4 M ,iii ar K Dan Wingo Jayne Wuest w- ' H Laurel Meyertons Cecil Miller Brenda Morel Robin Olinger Jolene Olson Doug Pasquale Pam Patterson Dondi Reyes Jean Rhein I oe Rhein Novella Russell Debbie Therde Greg Thompson Mike Vinges Doug Walters Walter Wart Willamae Waterman Cory Watkins I HAVE NO YEQTERDAYS. TIME TOOK THEM AWAY: TOMORROW MAY NOT BE - BUT I HAVE TODAY. PEARL YEADON MOGINNIS SOORPIO Scorpio, child of the autumn When it seems that all nature's afire, So stunningly bright are her colors. I ,D ' . : 1, L 5 to gn ' gay 'W T ' I A A V 5 up 5 1 . I .sy And you who were born in this season Z , s . va Q , Jrg hgg is .M pr 4, ' fit: i . . "'?:2ige Y "'-.t' j .r ,,-1' If H ' , , Are like her In 50 maui' WaYS - - - WY: I wsifi' lillffaii- V f "f!:i"?'gi3illi1X5ffL' . gi l ' H . ' .+I -all l--, , ,kv . g'.',:,.. 'Q' . ,E .gt v ,V .-gl. , m U VL' x Moody sometimes, like her deep nights -Ziff " WF. 1 2 j',2i1tq,rn . 151155 'r f' y l . A.: 3' x -'wsu Y s, 8 H 1 I . A I - . tv Or gay like her gypsy-like days. ,T do-"lf 6 I , 'A'-M s so J' N T KW ui g l ' Your greatest desire for the future - ls a home filled with peace and love, ws , , This you can gain by just being you, . 7 L . , UV, So youqe blest by the stars above. - I W, , f, 'IIT l H5 If . 1 You strive for perfection of spirit, r f ryyt I t y if J T' ' And Purification bY fire. if I i I A iidii iiii I iiii if If 'I i'V'ii "'- 5 And you feel will best lead you I pp .V . To the soul-heights to which you aspire. 1 I I W Sharon Alvarado Bev Aragon Dennis Beebe I ackie Betts Tim Breyel Jeannine Claussen Manty DeHart Debbie Dore Mary Dyer John Elliot Cindy Fleer Nick Garcia Ron Greenwood Mary Griswald Ed Haskins Kenny Heckard Neua Heckard Jerry Heinze Shannon Hickman Judy Jacobs Wayne Kimmel Mike Lones Tom Lovato Keith Marcy IF YOU HAVE BUILT CASTLES IN THE AIR. YOUR WORK NEED NOT BE LOST: THAT IS WHERE THEY SHOULD BE. NOW PUT FOUNDATIONS UNDER THEM. HENRY DAVID THOREAU SAGITTARIU9 Be proud if You're Sagittarius-born For yours is the mighty questg Your joy is not just in life's living But in giving to it your best! You're a seeker of wisdom who finds it Through your reverence for the rightg To think noble thoughts is your nature, To share them is your delight. Your path is the straight and the narrow So to all of your ideals be true And as sure as your arrow is aimed at the stars, Good fortune will come to you. L, ' if , .Q Dave Martinez Mary Matthews Randy Nelsen Dennis Nieto Randy Painter Tom Rivera Chris Roper Fred Rowe Dennis Russle Terry Schissler Kirk Sleeth Marty Smith Rod Smith Shirley Stevens Karen Stiverson Steven Suchey John Ulander Pam Weikum Gary Brinkman Christopher Caballero Gloria Cundall Donna Ferguson Gary Fontaine I oe Georges I enny Goodson Robin Griffee Kay Hainlen Debby Houp Carolyn Koehler Don Mulnix Edward Murphy Ariena Nephew Debbie Ord Raiden Penland Louis Peoples Ron Lambert Kathy Love Monica Lozano Kathy Mankin Kelly McElvain Arlon McGraw I Ai Bob Pierson Mark Pokorny Ray Siminas Eugene Smith Ed Whalen Ken Whitman Rick Wisser Mark Worland JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT: SANDY MARUMOTO VICE-PRESIDENT: TOBY LEAVITT SECRETARY: BECKY ELLIS , A in 5 . 5'1"- 1 N .5 Z , 1 K t 2 1-' lv ' 'T ' fi' 1 Q. S , I GQ ' I 41- "V ,J-,F . f ,, Q, Ji' .W ff. 2 ff 2' '-,V 1- , ' . M4 Q, Qu' 4-l. l Tendencies to avoid are nagging, miserliness, fear, pessimism, selfish- ness, The life aim for you is perfectiong the keynote, "I use. " You can become a wonderful peacemaker by developing your innate caution and powers of diplomacy. You can prevent inharmonious situations be- fore they start. Since you feel that actions speak louder than words, you are esteemed for your good deeds. The art of pretty phrases can be cultivated - and should be - for sometimes it is only a lack of the social graces that prevents you from attaining the high place you desire. Debbie Grusing I eff Hansen Polly Hill Joni Hjellum Althea Kelley Pat Kloberdanz Linda Knudsen Debbie Lamb Sheryl Whatley Marvin Martinez Mary Martinez Mike McGaughnea Vicki Allen Laure Anderson Karen Benintendi Susan Bills Janet Blackburn Rebecca Burson Carla Chychota Ed Farrell Bob Grabau Randy Griffith Scott McMillan Byron Meador Glenn Muller Kathy Miller Sandy Molliconi Gilbert Rivera Theresa Romero Chris Sanftner Tina Sauter Ken Sawyer Susan Senn Roni Sgarlatti Sheryl Shoup Autumn Smith Iirn Snyder Donna Sterkel Rick Stokoe N, Debbie Moss I im Pappas Susan Poison Sue Preiss Cindy Radcliffe Brenda Richey Nancy Strock Teri Tagge Cindy Tanner Kathy Titus Tom Tue11 Robyn Vogelsang Rick Wood Carl Werner laura - - is-, s i AQUARIUS Bobbi Abeyta Jim Bailey Sheryl Bancock Karen Benson Gail Brown Ray Buchli Mary Chunko Janis Cecil Sue Courvisier Darrell Dirksen Sharon Dowling Debbie Drotar Randy Durbin John Farrara Dan Fleming Kevin Giblin I Debbie Graham 5 Q Lisa Greene Eric Guenther Diane Haddock Sue Hagan Jeanne Hannah Paul Herman Chuck Howard Deanna Hughey Joni Jenkins Dave Johnson Steve Klimek Duane Knapp Friends are very important to your happiness and prog- ressg but it is essential that you choose your friends with care for people are apt to judge you by your com- panions. Beneficial friends can be made through so- cial clubs, church groups, and other organizations. Your ability to develop lovely manners and to originate graceful compliments makes you popular. CathyK h L d Glor' g Stev L Dian L y Mike L ll y RoseM yM h k Sheryl Maunu Terry McMurtry andy McNarn C Donald Miller Greg Moon Jerry Morga Bev Mosher Rick Nelson Cecil Orteg Jamie Patterson Sarah Phillips I Kathy Pleshek , . 'VL I EXPERIENCE TEACHEQ U9 THAT LOVE DOES NOT CONSIST OF TWO PEOPLE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER. BUT OF LOOKING TOGETHER IN THE SAME DIRECTION. ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY David Poland Patrick Ratzloff Angi R d lph Mik Ry Kate S b k Bridg S h Barb S Yvo Sh ff Debb Sh ll y Sone S ddy Kath V h Randy W b g L David Arnot Linda Barr Lynn Carlson Bill Cole Robert Cotton Kitty Davis Steve Dencklau Steve Edwards Sue Ellis Keith Faller f 1 Steven Foos 1 1 Greg Forney X fl PISCES Peace and harmony are essentials for happinessg the development of musical or artistic talent aids in self-expression and popularity. The ability to see both sides of a problem helps in maintaining peace, Your faults are listed as being indecisive, becoming emotionally upset, not feeling realities, lacking self-confi- dence, worrying. Some religious affiliation is a must, with participation in a musical, charitable, or service capacity. Phyllis Gardner Michele Garneau Mike Gould Kevin Harper Vickie Hawken Diana Hazard Diane Hickey Patti Hirsch Marilyn Jackson Mike Jamsay Ellen I ohnson Glen I ones Frank King Scott Knudsen Karen Kraft P, Dave Lackey Mike Liebert Christine Magnusun "-. is Robert McGhee Torn Meltz Donald Menges John Mitchell Rick Patrick Alfred Polizzi Peggy Porter Mike Potts Lois Prunk Mark Pryor Mike Randolph Steve Robles Debbie Weikum Pat Wetsel Kelly Winters Dan Wyman Cindy Stuhlmi Norris Sanchez Wendell Saunders Dave Savoie Gary Schroeder Steve Stanton Paula Stein ller Scott Thiemann Gary Tracey Janet Vermilli W anna Walker OI1 nil ARIES lt is to your favor that you are energetic, courageous, ambitious, enthusiastic, and pioneering, eager to learn, fond of debating, happy when at the head of things. Adverse in- clinations to watch are starting things and not finishing them, exaggerating, arguing, being impulsive and conceited. You should learn early that true courage is in conquest of self. Jody Bannon Linda Barr Margaret Breyel Patty Davidson Elizabeth Chamberlan Matt Christensen Sherri Cole Tim Dorman Oliver Dunbar David Elmelund Valerie Flores Randy Foltz .Ml Cathy Freeman Myron Gargano Jennifer Gies Bev Grabau Lois Grant Paul Gregg Cliff Holloway Mary I-Iurdelbrink J an Johnson Garnette Kesterke Debbie Kline Mark Krudwig Nancy Kruplark Rick Ladtkow Ken Lambert Doris Leckner Gary Lopez Larry Lopez Greg Patterson Sharon Rademacher Steve Rapp Charla Reeves Ben Robinson Deborah Lynn Susan Middaugh Gary Milano Kim Noblit Gaye Parker Vicki Rohde Mark Saul Gail Sayer Marc Senesac Bonnie Slee fx Randy Varner John Waddell Bart Wear Roger Westland Julie Wilson Cindy Stolpe Lynn Tornasek Jerry Torres John Van Voorhis Mike Vail Scott Baker Ioan Blackford Linda Bockelmann Miki Brothers Robert Brown Beth Campbell Brad Chigro Jill Christie Lee Colling June Corbet Linda Craig Ed Dobbs If you can sing, join a musical groupg both art and music are favored for you. Peacemaking qualities are strong in you, as is the ability to help others in man- aging their affairs or in making their ideas practical, Congenial careers may be found in banking, music, beauty work, art, real estate, prize-stock breeding, commercial flower growing, or store management, Dianne Furukawa Leroy G arcia Diane Gerecht Bev Grabau Trudy Halbur James Hillman Patty Krause Frances Martinez Lori Matz Laurie May Rhonda McCoy Rene M cG raw Eric Janzer Susan Johnsen Doug Kincaid Kathy Kline Liz Kochevar Bruce Korum Raymond Pierson Barbara Ressler Mark Russell Doreen Sayka Gail Smelker Donna Stein Scott Mehlhorn Denise Meyer Teresa Miller Mike Mitchell Valorie Pettit Susan Phillips Doug Stewart Demetrius Taylor Debbie Turnell Frank Vorwald Janet Walter Dave Wamsley ff Hyun'-.1-.r 'A' 'A -ef .4 if in - phan- :,fv..., -01 .W av ,r.. QQ99' 'vamp- sl iq K. fi GEMINI You will reason our the needs and requisites for peace and, being mentally clever, can anticipate the wishes of others in order to be pleasing. The Gemini keynote is "l think. " In studies, give thought to courses along the lines of writing, report- ing, teaching, selling, occupational therapy, transportation, or communications-work which has variety, keeps the mind and hands busy. Adverse tendencies to watch are chattering, gossiping, tell- ing half-trurhs, being superficial. Don't become a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none. " Your special talents cause you to be versatile, adaptable, well informed, an interesting and convincing talker, Cheryl Ashbrook Paul Brabec Don Byrd lack Canary Sylvana DiSa1le Doug Elquest Gail Foley Scott Folsom Doug Galloway Gary Gillespie Doug Glenn Ron Goshom Don Hale Lynn Herzberger Debbie Hetzer Denise Hetzer I eanie Johnson Mark Johnson Randy Johnson Larna I ones Mark Joseph Lynn Keirn Cathy Kitterman Barb Kroeger Mike Nicholas Linda Noblitt Kathy Okerson Douglas Parker Jeanette Persinger Susan Phillips Scott Swayze Sheri Tasa Jacque Taylor Debbie TruJ11lo Randy Vlaanderen Rodney Vukson Larry Wazny Sharon Whitlock Ricky Yates John Zemyan LAUGHTER I9 NOT AT ALL A BAD BEGINNING FOR A FRIENDSHIP. AND IT IS FAR THE BEST ENDING FOR ONE. OSCAR WILDE Tay Lang Rhonda Lirnberg Susan Maher Benny Maes Don Mobeck Laurie Moore Jim Reales Mike Roberts Vaughn Rockwell Scott Shaw Lori Stecklern Debbie Stewart Q 2 N ff gsxx' . lt' I, A -QI . . oo 4' lx- U If Do O O Oo Generally, you have the ability to master a musical instrument, the playing of which offers great emotional release and also adds to the social life. Find your place in an adult musical groupg become a member of a church or club where you can help prepare the feasts. Shyness is often due to fear of ridiculeg yet the life aim is power and the more things you can do well, the greater will be your sense of satis- faction and happiness. Congenial occupations for you can be found in domestic science, homemaking, child-care clinics, nursing, catering, or dealing with the feminine segment of the public. Dallas Hamlin Jerry Herman Jack Hicks Kevin Kelly Bruce Kerley Karen Kirsch Carol Lafferty Sandy Latimer Charlotte Lee Yvonne Martinez Tim Martin Arthur Martinez Joe McConnell Craig McCoy Sherl Mcuuire Barbara Medina Trent Meininger Patti Metros Dave Anderson Janet Barela Craig Brown Pam Case Robert Durfee Dan Evans Duane Ferguson Rick Frazier Lynne Gilbert Bruce Hajdu i x 1 gl -' Lx hi !',, 4 vm 4? Elizabeth Spedcer Ardath Stevenson Geri Modrcin Randy Norris Paula Omalley Tom Padilla Bev Patterson Bill Payne Bonnie Pemberton Pete Remus Ken Schmit Dan Sheppard Doug Shubert Mike Simmons - K 5-L1 John Walde J -,v . V Kathy Wing Terri Woznick ol' 'B E' LEO Your natural talents - determination, persistence, and conscientiousness - add to your power. Your life aim is harmony - harmony with your fellowmen, with yourself, and with your Godg strive for it. There is a need to be in the center of things, no matter how small a wayg so you should go in for dramatics, publicity, or some form of management Richard Anderson Jerome Arguello Ken Ashwood Risa Braclly Janet Broda Jerry Cantwell i Mu 'Wm Margie Gray Teri Haag Mitch Hale Keith Hall Steve Harvey Linda Hudmon John Chopper Butch Clement Mike Feis David Foster Wayne Fox Linda Gallagher David LeMaster Tom Maceyka Sheila Martin Greg Martinez Bob Masterson John Middleton Shirley Hulstrom Marti J armin Susan Kresl Patty Langan Sandy Larimer Patty Lujan Michele Powers Rhonda Rankin Roger Raymond Loretta Rodenberg Donna Rohret Brenda Scherk Jeannie Nelson Scott Origer Dennis Perez Mike Perez Mark Pitchford Jeri Powell Chris Thomas Jeff Trippe Bette Trujillo Penny Varner Sarah Veal Art West I 4 'fb ll F' iff af f illllf it Nancy Schlaufman J ay Siani Kathy Sinner Mark Stevens Julie Sucha Mike Tanko June Williams Mike Wisser Shirley Yamada i 1 Debbie Dickens Tom Doohan William Finlay Wayne Fredrickson Tony Fuller Elaine G aulin Cheryl Blumer Lynda Boone I o Ann Bowen Debbie Brennan Mark Brooks Irvin Brown Kim Brown I im Capron Rod Cody Robbie Coltharp Debbie Combs Debi De Vault VIRGO Your life aim is discrimination. Correct use of your careful attention to details can carry you far as a laboratory worker, nurse, re- searcher, dietitian, mental hygienist, teacher accountant, photographer, or secretary - per- haps even as an editor. It is essential to your happiness that you let your life work be guided by a strong sense of service and that you do not set your aim too low or on small matters. Your keynote is "I analyze. " Faults that may crop up are worrying, going all out for dietary fads, offering unwanted criticism, being fussy. Analyze your fears, problems, rela- tionships, and solve them logically. Debra Gayton Terri G erber Roberta Grasser Scott Gullette Suzanne Haupt Frank Hermann Mark Hohnstein Wayne Huggins Karen Ingalls Michelle I ohnson Skylur Keyes Kathy Kimball Angela Koehler Ramona Leathers Marilyn Lee Susanne Lefebre Patti LeMaster Dan Dee Lindell Jayne Ludwig Lynn Lyon Candy Martin Mark Martin Kathy Masters Julie Miller Melissa Meyer Aileen Neitzert Charlene Newkirk Linda Pickett Carol Potter Mike Rhoton Linda Robinson Terry Robinson Paula Royce Mike Ryan Mark Sandoval Chuck Schisler Joen Schoenfelder Carrie Seymour Larry Spradlin Renita Steckl Bill Sullivan Linda Swanson Les Swarm Debbie Sweeney Susan Sziklas Georgina Ukowich Glenn Walko Ron Walz Nancy Wilson Debra Wolf Jay Yokota You can excel as an interior decorator, librarian, florist, scenic designer or some other artistic worker, or in public contacts where diplomacy is needed. Your keynote is "I balance. " Your happiness depends greatly on self-expressiong learn to paint, write, sew design, decorate, model, act, sing, or play a musical instrument. Your general faults run along the lines of self-indulgence, overinterest in self, excitement. Make the most of your sociable nature, your voice and manners, Develop a sincere interest in the welfare of your friends. Plan early for a career which you can take up at .any time because you are likely to marry early and will be glad you can earn the luxuries you enjoy - and deserve. s -4 Daniel Bauer Dan Bingman Robbin Boyd Dianne Bustos Andre Casias Sandy Coupens Karen Crowfoot Mark Davidson Mark Davis Keith Evenden Tim Flynn Larry Fox Deanne Gillard Sandy Guntermann Luana Hansen Dave Hoag Debbie Hollinger Dan Ianicek Artie Kirchhofer Greg Koehlmoos Ron Lase Kim Layton Paul Lopez Eugene Lobato Candy Marlin John Ming George Molson Suzan Moore Dave Padilla Larry Rothe Merri Schlabaugh Vina Shannon Don Simpson 3 L Roy Parker Mark Pope Sheila Putman Dave Romage Linda Skinner Connie Slzruthers Dave Tobler Heidi Topp Cindi Waltman Dianna West Kim Wiedernan Cathy Willis Anita Adkisson Barbara Agy Donna Andasola Doug Brown Debbie Brunetti Debora Capper Rick Derry Cary Dissette John Engdahl Kathleen Fehr Mike Griggs Susan Hadley Steve Headrick I ohn Herdt SCORPIC The penetrative or probing quality is strong with you. This same quality helps you to bring out the best in others. See that your intensity and determination are employed in some important project of a helpful nature if you wish to achieve any measure of happiness Peacemaking may not come easily to you. You can be quick and shrewd in getting the most out of the least amount of money. You have a lack of emotional control. Deb Chandler Don Collom Kathy Dye Mike Ellis Bonnie Field David Gildea Bill Haines Linda Hamm ond Wayne Herren Debbie Hubbard Linda Ielovchan Glenn Katzenmeyer Diana Kauffman L Kevin Kier Audrey Klein Regina Knerl Neil Kothlow Vicki Linn Teresa Lopez Gene McCormick Chuck McKee Kevin Murphy Tim Neff Teri Newbold Kathy Pomeroy Dianne Pritchett Lynda Quigley Sarah Reichert Rick Rice Calvin Ridler Mark Roper Denise Ross Robert Roybal Ron Sanders Shauna Sheehan Rick Skulavik Andy Spalding Leo Shults Valerie Stein Kenda Swanson Mark Swenson Donald Ticknor Cinthia Watson Chuck Welsh I on Williams Karin Wishart Harvey Wool 4 Ron Adams Alex Aguirre Becky Ayala Craig Blackman Nancy Burke Jim Casey Belinda Castillo I im Dalton Cheryl Davis Brian Dignan Calvin Dodge Connie Dover SAGITTARIUS Your life aim is law - the realization that everything in the Universe proceeds in an orderly fashion according to scientific lawsg your truth-loving nature responds to this form of security. Whatever your life work, you rise by using the rules or law of that particular subject. Choose a career involving distribution - which could be in anything not small or limited in scope, Cultivate your good quali- ties of idealism, sympathy, foresight, and broadmindedness. Elliott Drumright Jim Elliott Nancy Ellis Pat Ervin Dale Frey Lee Gard Linn Geer Sheree Goecke Linda Gritzmachei Terri Guilmette Brad Guthrie Joyce Hamm Virginia Hargis Donna Harrison Debbie Hodgson Keri Jarrett Richard Klaren Mark Klosmeyer Steve Dowe i OITJOGD br-O Clesto Thoenns Linda Urban 0 F y F M 0 9 E ff' 35 Q .K 1 Tony VdI1SCO E S 'sr-ggi -- h . V A - ',m' ?75g5gQ5 ' . iam Dave Zmk PRESIDENT: MIKE JAMSAY VICE PRESIDENT: CARLA CHYCHOTA SECRETARY: LYNN LYON Dennis Leschber Sue McDonald Dave McEuen Sharon Michalski lLori Mitotes Mark Murphy Linda Olson Mike Onken Nancy Peterson Steve Pike Trudy Pohl George Rickman Jacque Robins Rich Rodriguez Rosemarie Roybal Dee Ruert Kaylonn Sawdo John Smith Robin Smith Darrell Spencer Sandy Srropas Vicki Sutton I ay Terry Ken Thiesen DEDICATION 4 A"""' ' fi ""'--...sw i I 5' -wa. . 'Q kgs,-I 5'1- ??5"1S24 an Y ,- 4. f 12, fav 'XP it ar 51: - : 4 Mr. George 9. Artemis After 16 years of service to School District 41512, Mr. Artemis has resigned as assistant Principal to accept a principalship in another state. Following an extremely successful year in all areas of student activities, Mr. Artemis found it difiicult to leave, but feels that he will face an exciting challenge in his new position. During his years in the district Mr. Artemis has served as a teacher, coach, and principal. Those who had the opportunity to know him will remember him for his genuine warmth and unbound enthusiasm for the well-being of the school. We take this opportunity to say thanks and best wishes. NORTHGLENN HIGH SCHOOL -df lv xy . 4, ,fy 5 ,K , W -'1 '-sw., .pw CDUNSELDRS TEACHERS SCHDOL ADMINISTRATION SECRETARIEQ CUQTODIANS QUPERINTENDE NT ir it -vm... 4 K K st G yata s - A152-seff1f"v5i ' ' , 1 . y Mr. Daniel B. Siukeg Mr. Stukey came to our district in 1953 as a teacher- administrator. At that time the district was composed of only two elementary schools. Since then the district has grown from 240 students to our present enrollment of 16, 100. The superintendent believes that the biggest challenge throughout the years has been to keep up with the tremendous growth rate in the community with limited fi- nancial resources. Strong community support has helped in meeting this challenge. Mr. Stukey values the association he has had with administrators, teachers, and students We take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Mr. Stukey for his nineteen devoted years of leadership in School District 41912. Best Wishes, NORTHGLENN HIGH SCHOOL ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT SECDNDARY E DUCATIDN ' Mr. Willis A. Tarver I 2 j. ,524 -': , ,Aw 5? I I l A V E 11 MRS. IOANNE BAGSTAD MISS MARY BOYER .3-al fi MRS. PATRICIA CUVELIER MRS. PHYLLIS GARBER MISS DOROTHY GORSH x A MRS. MERRIANNA HAUN MRS. DELLA HINK MRS. IULIE HUSKINS wiv! MRS. HONORA IACOBSON , - MRS. ANN MONTERA MRS. CECILE PIKE MRS. SUE SUDIKIN MRS. SALLY JOHNSON N MRS. ,TERESA RUBY MRS. WANDA SANDBERG MRS. SUSAN WANTULOK LIBRARIANS MRS. MARLENE BLAIR NURSE . A kk.. ,, , I MRS. MAXINE SPRUCE nQawW K v ,..,. L, ' 'fY. 1- ir' .w:1sz:2rT'lf"la - MRS. ANNE IEFFRIES ART DEPARTMENT MRS. PHYLLIS CLEMMER WM--vO4"'f"" MR. CLINTON WALKER MR. GERALD MAURO QI? Mas. BEVERLY WISE BUSINESS DEPARTMENT MR BRUCE ANDERSEN MISS PEGGY ARLIAN MRS. ELIZABETH COOKE MRS. CHERYL DAUGHERTY xx Ai' MRS. MARGARET GEIB MR. HAROLD GENTRY I I :tw , , 'ITA' MISS PAULA RIECHERT MISS MARY ROBERTS MISS GLENNA STROLE MRS. IMOGENE TARVER ,auf MISS STEPHANIE WHITNEY MR. EVERETT ACHESON N DIQTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT DRIVER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT pshrsv-' MR LYNN ALBI MRS. LINDA BAKER MRS. EVELYN CHANDLER MRS. MARTEAN FOSTER I .I , L., ...1 . ,K i :II MRS. MARIE GAY MISS JUDITI-I GILMAN 'I0 06 MRS. DOROTHY SANKO MRS. JANE STAHL 4' MR. JAMES STUDHOLME MRS. SHARON SUMMERS MISS FRANCES THOMAS MRS. PHYLLIS HOWIE MR. GEORGE HUDSON MRS. KATHLEEN KIRBY MRS. BARBARA KRENZEL MR. CLARENCE KRUEGER MRS. SHERYL ROBERTS . . ,, 7 08 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT MRS. CAROL BATES V 'Q' ' " MISS IOCELYNE DELMONTE MR. DA LE HOBEIN 'nv MRS. ARDELLA IBRA HIM MISS HELEN WA LSER I A A ff A 3 i 31 ff xl 4 N A 2 Q , M 1 Sf 1 A G- ' K , ' Q f R1 N MRS. KATHLEEN GEORGE MRS. FAYE HIGHLAND HDME ECONOMICS A DEPARTMENT MAKE f ' WM R , cw! .S O I 7 if K 2 '- EJ 2 iL ,.. fl! S: 1 5 1 Y 'ln Qt - A? 'ff my 0 NEW HO MISS JOAN LESSMAN MRS. JANE SCHNABEL 109 lg.. MATH DEPARTMENT MISS MARINA BERNARD MISS DONNIE BOGART as 0 S? Q. 'mi--.Z MR. ROGER DORAIS MR. DONALD DOYLE MR. RONALD ENGLAND MR. JACK MCCANDLESS A 'K ,1 TATE V f F ' f ff 1 2 MISS DONNA DALE MRS. CI-IERYL FLYNN MR. MICHAEL FLYNN MR. ROBERT NUNNERY MR. JAMES KITAMURA NEI. ISAAC SHERLOCK i Q X i , ik X Y., 9 MRS, LYNN ADAMS MR. SHAUN ARMOUR E P A R T M E N MISS CHERIE ENNIS T Miss FLORA FRANCONE MR. DONALD HARDING M " ' -'1 MMM' A f A 'Q 1' M 1 'Z M H ' MMM + I Q1 , I W4 4 1-'w.,, A 9 MR. JAMES HILLMAN MR. NICHOLAS LBMIEUX MR. HARLEY PAULSON MR. RTCHAD ZEMAN MRS. MARY BEARDMORE MR. LEWIS CARICATO SOCIAL STUDIES D E P A R T M E N T MR. MARION DECOLA MR. JOHN GATHMAN 'Nu x R . ,jf I OE MAULER MR. ROGER MORRIS .Jig MISS PAMELA NEWMAN MR. WALTER PARKER 'Q A, Q.. . MR. RONALD SHUKAR 9 9 T 0 C u I D A I L E 9 RS. BARBARA STEGEMAN MISS DIANNE VERSEMAN 'Z 24 MR. MELVIN RENSBERGER MR. DENNIS RETALIA TRADE AND INDUSTRY DEPARTMENT MR. REX PORTNER I v,x,,.X W .I 'A xx A -. , kk , : A 5 an f x.- 'L . 'QL l gba! fi 532 551 Ami ,,q., ,RTTXT TTEE A MR. LARRY SLEMONS 117 ,....w' ,Mf M ...- W .M W YW'V23x2' W XX X33 ff, ,qi BIDDLE f" "' ff ig. N. 9 aw X 1 Q' K -' MR, DONALD BLAES MRS. MARY HEASTON MR. GEORGE MCCULLOCH MR. HARRAL PEACOCK if ' , MRS. LEONA PECK MRS. INEZ SMITH 9 20 vi 1 Q. 'YF 4 wwf w -x H Xa s :ze 212151112 1 2 lidiinfvfg . I ' A . J Q - ,f KZ .. . ., -..'- .M-, -. WM, -- . ,L..L - .,, -- H I JF" 11.9, Q1 'N M f m QW' W- K sw. ,5hg XY - . ' a 3451! M., P . ' ' . - --, - . Q ., .,,,,--ww X , ,gp NL . ' -, 5 . X X' . L-Qu k:gLM1,,K: . N. ' , ' "T -' V A - if. , - 59 3.11 W 9- S - .- L7 ' 4 aw J. T Ik ,H kkf '- -W Af, "F M 4 T' L"' 'F , -' ' --.. A L- .. K-,-k , V A -" A , W 1 A P Zi' M' " ' hh . M fg, K , .,4-mqiiwath I . X M - 'h...... 'Q --. Km , , , 7L Q ' W f-rm A Mfg L- m ., l ff 2 '. .1 , A . 5 if f 1 l '32 I A.. - SM 1 W ff 1- W ., r RW i., , iv, 5 3 ., x..,x mwiq Q -61: fx Y ' 2,4 , 4, N we 1, B.. W , sy 4 g X Q ,T P an K3 .f 3 N x Qs Fm K ' K SZ., X 'Q v -H Km-S522 aw V ibm i T961 J 'LWN5 ww fri .,, . H. 'W . , sn' , his A x , gi e f I' fy - g WT ORGANIZATIONS fn all AND YOU AND HE AND THEY WORKED A9 US. WE JOINED EACH OTHER WITH A GOAL AND FOUND WE BELONGED EVEN MORE TO OURSELVE9. FRONT ROW: Julie Sucha, Lynn Lyon, Shauna Sheehan, Donna Harrison, Kaylonn Sawdo, Karin Wishart. SECOND ROW: Mr. Acheson - sponsor, Sue Gildea and Jana Sheehan - co-editors, Pam Woodward - editor. Throughout the long year, which was marked with ominous dead lines, the hope of a bigger and better yearbook encouraged the staff to "keep the faith. " 1972 is the year of "Change. " We have changed the Spring An- nual to a Fall Annual in hopes that it will contain all the mem- ories of our 1971-1972 school year. There have been many pro- blems encountered throughout this past year, however, we hope our fellow classmates will enjoy their Nordic Saga. 4 ART CLUB FIRST ROW: Manuel Rivera, Marty Little, Elaine Davis, Mr. Walker, Brenda Perisho, and Pam Gunterman. SECOND ROW: Susan Jackson, Donna Andasola, Carla Chychota, Chris Caballero. Steve Swanson - assistant editor, The Robin Ritts - special feature editor, looks Nordic Times entire editorial staff. NOT on while Bob Griffee - feature ed. , alld PICTURED: Sandy Saulsbery - editor. Mark Eaves talk over latest feature. NOT SHOWN: Saundra Jordan. N E W 9 P A A P F E F R 9 T Carol Baker - managing ed. , looks over the work of Rick Rouse - cartoonist, art- ist, and photographer. Linda Thiesen - sports ed. , is surrounded Mary Gassert - news ed. , prepares a new by her staff. From left to right are Doug story for the Nordic Times. The News Guice, Rick Troutman, Larry Larghe, staff looks on. They are: Lynn Peters, Steve Liebert, and Mike Kocheske. ' Vicki Waly, Debbie Adkins - business manager, and Charlie Gilbert. 5 PHOTO CLUB FIRST ROW: John Seitz, Shirley Stevens, Chris Caballero. SECOND ROW: Mr. White - sponsor, Larry Cotton, Dave Tobler, Gary Hardman . gf . A A it CREATIVE WRITING MAGAZINE STAFF FIRST ROW: Larry Pitzen. SECOND ROW: Mrs. D'Ann Sanko - sponsorg Will DaBars, editor-in-chief, first semesterg Herb Allison. THIRD ROW: John Woodg Paul Painter, editor-in-chief, second semesterg Dan Grayg Dave Bears. NOT PICTURED: Gail Simon, Ken Harlan, John Mudgett, Gregg Smith, Kelli Brooks, Pat Pettay, Kerry Kelley, Patti Campling, Kelly Hale, Sherry Spencer, Greg Trullinger, Jim Masingale. 7 FBLA FRONT ROW: Mrs. Tarver - Sponsorg Judy Sheats, Debbie Rhine, Pat Shannon, Joey Aamodt, LeeAnn Val- dez, Arlena Medina, Connie Rivera, Cindy Miyoshi, Robyn Flood, Mrs. Cooke - Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Starla Shaw, Cheryl Duffy, Becky Nowick, Jackie Kelley, Diane Schenck, Connie Cronin, Denise Johnson Meta Langdon, Gretchen Steinbrueck, Maria DiSalle, Gail Dunn. THIRD ROW: Kris Stein, Karen Pleshek Pam Woodward, Sandy Saulsbery, Sue Gildea, Terry Brabec, Sheryll Burns, Parn Ribelin, Patti Johnson, Barb Sawerence, Alberta Lopez. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Zellner, Dana Rau, Bev Sack, Debbie Cody, Lila Hobbs, Ann Gavin, Vickie Vickers, Marsha Buresh, Bonnie Miers, Kathy Frazier, Ann Bukowski. FIRST ROW: Jackie Kelley - President Debbie Rhine - Vice Pres. Gretchen Steinbrueck - Historian SECOND ROW: Connie Rivera - Secretary Bev Sack - Treasurer Sandy Zellner - Reporter Joey Aamodt - Parliamentarian i t,,., Q.-f OFFICERS Future Business Leaders of America, with a membership of 52, is actively involved in the Cooperative Office Occupations Classes. Ser- vice projects included a Halloween Party for Ridge Home, Fund-raising events of candy and flower sales were held during the year. Proceeds from this were used for the Employer Apprecia- tion Banquet held in April at the Regency lnn. The members came home for the District FBLA Convention with six awards. The purpose ofthe club is to give opportunities to develop leader- ship, character, organized recreational activi- ties, service projects, and learn more about the world of business, 9 DECA Top to Bottom, FIRST ROW: Mr. Purfurst - sponsor, Rick Weberg, Doug Claussen, Cheryl Watts, Randy Roth, Jim Best, Dave Swayze, Fred Winters, Jim Lloyd, Lee Trask, Dave Libhart, Steve Libhart. SECOND ROW: Jamie VanCamp, Marlene Clements, Kerry Kelly, Rod Stecklein, Don Schlener, Cliff Miller, Barb Lyons, Darrell Ashbrook. THIRD ROW: Jana Sheehan, Patty Southward, Pam Thompson, Diane Killion, Trea Burham, Sandra Bargas, Chris Jackson, Lanette Katzenmeyer, Mike Roper. FOURTH ROW: Diane Copeland, Debbie Farmer, Jim Gould, Darrel Morgan, Janet Burnham, Veronica Espinoza, Diane Sperry - president, Viola Lopez - publicity directorg Tom Maes, Madelyn Philippi - secretary, Don Mathews - vice- presidentg Dave Armer - treasurer, Mr. Glaser - sponsor, KNEELING1 Gary Boyett, Steve Judish. SEATED Glenn Roybal, Andre Chancellor, John Witkowski, Serifin Sanchez, Curt Parker, Eugene Newkirk, Gary Hodgson. DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America which is a National Youth organization made up of Distributive Education students in local high schools through- out the nation. The club provides opportunities for D. E. students to develop leadership abilities in the many facets of Marketing and Distribution. Students compete in contests at the District, State, and National Leadership Conferences. FHA FIRST ROW: Joni Jenkins - Historiang Linda Olson, Melissa Meyer. SECOND ROW: Gaye Parker Barb Hosman - Public Relationsg Gloria Cundall - Vice Presidentg Bev Sack - Secretary-Treasurerg Ellen Was ser - Presidentg Tina Sauter, Miss Lessmen - Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Schnabel - Sponsorg Diane Pritchett, Cindy Compton, Terrie Mayer, Angela Boettcher, Sue Ellis, Sandy Latimer, Donna Vermil lion, Sherry Spencer - Reporterg Cheryl Blumer, Cheryl Fountain, Ian Cecil, Kay Harris, Debbie St ew art, Future Homemakers of America is a service organization available to any girl who wants to find fun, fellowship, and give service to her school and community. Volunteer work for the March of Dimes, Christmas caroling at a nursing home, sell- ing candy, and enjoying many parties are just a few of the activities members of F, H, A, do and have fun doing. By sharing her experiences and working with other young people of their own age, a F, H, A. member creates beautiful memories of her years at Northglenn High. VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUBS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW: Miss Delrnonte, Miss Walser, Carol Bailey - President, SECOND ROW: Linda Gallagher, Janis Cecil, Bev Patterson, Karen Wishart, Julie Sucha, Lynn Lyon, Bonnie Field. THIRD ROW: Beth Chamberlain, Linda Barr, Mary Chunko, Sheryl Bannock, Debbie Graham. FRENCH CLUB 1 . N Q 4 GERMAN CLUB The German club promotes an understanding of the German speaking people. It meets regularly in members homes, and some of its activities during the year were: parties, a car wash, singing at a senior citizens home, a float in the homecoming parade, trips to German restaurants, a trip to Central City, a tour of the Tivoli buildings, Christ- mas singing, a German food fest, and performing "Snow- white" in the junior highs. if FIRST ROW: Bonnie Field - Stuce Representative, Mr. Hobein - Sponsorg Joachim Tonjes, Debbie Lamb, Risa Bradley, Jo Schoenfelder. NOT SHOWN: Heidi Topp - Presidentg Ardath Stephenson - Secretary-Treasurerg Lynn Herzberger - Vice Presidentg Barb Lyons, Larry Rothe, Jan Johnson, Sue Rish, Jolla Brown, Darrell Spencer, Linda Swanson, Robert Middaugh, Tom McGinty, s , er , , TOP ROW: Violet Lopez, Mary Martinez, Ron Ramirez, Jay Terry, Elizabeth Watts, Chris Rivera. ON STEPS: Julie Zuniga, Kathy Perez, Jackie Lyells, Lee Ann Valdez, Debbie Geisert, Debbie Babcock, Alberta Lopez, Barb Edwards, Jeannie Johnson, Tara Monson, Sandy Gunterman, Cheryl Blumer, Bren Morrill, Mrs. Bates - co-sponsorg Mrs. Ibrahim - co-sponsor. PRE-MED CLUB FIRST ROW: Sherry Spencer - Secretaryg Debbie Karr - Vice Presidentg Terri Mayer - President. SECOND ROW: Donna Vermillion, Cindy Bruyn, Risa Bradley, Debbie Stewart, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Gerri Scher- er, Pam Wilson, David Savoie, Mike Kocheski, The Pre-Med Club is open for anyone to join, to learn the different aspects of medicine, how much the school W ing will cost, and what the needs and requirements will E' be. if 45255545 ,Q 3 The club tours hospitals, has speakers, views films, and .uni ' on occasion, watches animal surgery. 'mf Ll I ss- 'ir will an .WNY r lvl rw ll i it 6 'JM-if M iii-e DRAMA CLUB I ,QM R ' ' villains V ' ciitaafiz X sdfnapfg , A L, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sara Douglass, Jeanine Claussen, Gary Boyett, Julie Zuniga, Kitsy Muirhead, Joachim Tonjes, Rosalyn Subia, Chris Rivera, Gwen Dirksen, Jordy Leigh, Stephen Andrade, Megan Forsmark, Becky Fisher. ON THE FLOOR: Tom Maes, Steve Libhart, 38 RODEO CLUB Rodeo Club has had a successful second year with 18 members. ln the fall, Rodeo Club sponsored a rodeo for students all over the state. Plans are being made to participate in rodeos this summer. Hopes are high to gain points for Northglenn High at the State and National Finals. FIRST ROW: Doug Walters, Mr. McCandless, Terry Schissler, Denise Hill. SECOND ROW: Steve Line myer, Karen wiendberd, Nancy Elrad, Gloria Cundall, Penny Spillman. THIRD ROW: Mike 1, Coufal Dave Allen, Steve Allner. QTUCO FIRST ROW: Mr. Wells - Sponsorg Becky Fisher, Cindy Bruyn, Dondi Reyes, SECOND ROW: Barb Kroeger, Andy Wennberg, Arclath Stevenson, Bonnie Field, Mike Jamsay, JeNell Padilla, Lynn Lyon, Kathi Bahn. THIRD ROW: Novella Russell, Jordy Leigh, John Lefebure, Becky Ellis, Sandy Marumoto, Lynda Joyce, Bob Wuest, Barb Hossman. THIRD ROW: Laurie Lofsvold, Donna Andasola, Diane Priest, Megan Forsmark, Holly Mackes, Cindy Wagnon, Robin Vogelsang, FOURTH ROW: Teri Evans, Sherri Tasa, Kathy Benson, Teri Gray. FIFTH ROW: Lori Colson, Charlie Brown, Bruce Peterson, Nancy Holton, Angela Boettcher. SIXTH ROW: Bev Lough, John Mudgett, Mike Yudez, Diane Schenck, Doug Anderson, Rohn Hale, Mike Foley, Robin Gayton, Pete Eberhart. 9 MONAC BOTTOM qleft to rightjz Dave Hoglund, Jody Sawdo, Mark Duncan, Harlan Meyer, Elliot Drumwright, Dan Long, Mr. Morris. 2nd ROW: Pete Eberhart, Doug Anderson, Terry Guice, Charlie Brown, Mark Weisbrod, Mike Richardson, Anthony Euser, Tom Wyman, Doug Guice. 3rd ROW: Rich Czernicki, Bill Nielson, Don Webb, Randy Davis, Steve Waltman, Barry Johnson, Mike Kocheski 4th ROW: Larry Apodaca, Jack Leonard, Bill Sour, Tom Lee, Allan May, Wayne Kimmel, Ron Greise. 40 THE GYMNETTES FRONT ROW: Sue Hagen, Doris Leckner, Mr. Armour - Sponsorg Peggy Por- ter, Sue Moore. SECOND ROW: Roberta Grasser, Shauna Sheehan, Linda Hammond, Michele Garneau, Kaylonn Sawdo, Barb Seitz, Donna Harrison. THIRD ROW: Karen Crowfoot, Sue Hadley, The Gymnettes is a group initiated this year. The group has the job of pro- moting the sport of gymnastics, in all of its many facets at Northglenn. Ac tivities include advertising and running boys and girls gymnastics meets, money making projects and social affairs. 42 KEY CLUB Albert Sanchez Mark Worland Tom Carmical Tom Cooke Dirk Heston Garnet Thompson I.R.C. FIRST ROW: Cathy Jackson. SECOND ROW: Linda Barr, Miss Versernan - Sponsor: Debbie Schultz. THIRD ROW: Marita Shelly, Becky Fisher, Dean Lopez. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Lofsvold - Presidentg Jay Terry - Program Chairman. FIFTH ROW: Carrie Green, Susan Hagley. SIXTH ROW: Cindy Bruyn - Vice President. SEVENTH ROW: Anthony Euser, Mr. Schweissing - Sponsor: Cheryl Blumer. FRONT OF WALL: Risa Brad- ley, Jeff Bruny, Brian Digman, Bill Haines,' Terry Wood. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB I4 ' "" i' ' W' l-84 CHESS CLUB FIRST ROW: Dave Swayze, Jay Brigham, Steve Dowe. SECOND ROW: Mike Baer, Frank King, Ken Ashwood. THIRD ROW: Dave Tobler, Darrell Spencer, Doug Brown. FOURTH ROW: Scott Swayze, Kevin Murphy, Eugene Smith, John Casey, Mr. Mauler Sponsor. NOT SHOWN: Randy Johnson, Dennis Leschber, Mark Hordinski, There are about 16 active members of Chess Club that come to school every Monday night to play chess. All but five of the members are sophomores. We really enjoy the meetings, and anyone else who plays chess or would like to learn the game is invited too, The Chess Club also looks forward to tournament play in invitationals that are sponsored by various schools in the Metropolitan Area, SPEECH TEAM Top to Bottom, FIRST ROW: Ray Pierson, Ron Vukson, Linda Boone. SEC- OND ROW: Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Summers, Janet Smith, Debbie Karr, JoAnn Cullum, Tina Sauter. THIRD ROW: Ron Goshorn, Tom Maes, Lauri Lofs- vold, Connie Stoll, Jay Brigham, Linda Pickett, Rhonda Rankin. FOURTH ROW: Chris Caballero, MI. Krueger. 145 46 CONCERT CHDIR FIRST ROW: Diana Killion, Marianne Phillips, Skylur Keyes, Shelley Michener, Pat Wetsel, Patti Johnson, Madelyn Philippi. SECOND ROW: Barb Henning, Linda Parker, Sheree Goecke, Kathy Malendez, Kathy Kitterman, Lois Prunk, Cathy Wetsel, Becky Ellis, Diane Nitta. THIRD ROW: Kathy Stevens, Chris Sanftner, Lynn Geer, Terry Peterson, Mary Dyer, Holly Mackes, Cindy Fleer. FOURTH ROW: Lisa Kimball, Roberta Philbrook, Marti Jarmin, Roberta Grasser, Kenda Swanson. FIFTH ROW: Debbie Sweeney, Nancy Holton, Sheryl Burns, Carol Shearon, Lisa Grossart, Laurie Lofsvold. SIXTH ROW: Trudy Halbur, Dave Reynolds, Mark Brooks, Robin Olinger, Norris Sanchez, Mark Burdge, Jake Crossley, Paul Howard. SEVENTH ROW: Bob Wuest, Ron Lase, Richard Zugschwert, Bennie Deese, Kurt Long, Nick Zettler, Art West, Manuel Rivera. EIGHTH ROW: Dennis Schwartz, Jon Williams, Jim Reuss, Marc Moran, Paul Painter, Randy Cloper. NINTH ROW: Jay Terry, Steve Suchey, Terry Cloper, Kevin Chamberlain, Billy Owen, Doug Jacobsen. TENTH ROW: Rod Smith, John Casey, Bruce Hajdu, Glen Gard, Randy Hazard, Greg Miller. ELEVENTH ROW: Dan Gray, Tim Dorman, Joe Farrell, Mike Ryan, Bernie Martinez, Al Koehlmoos. P ,f P p, ' 1 r , f 1 GIRLS' CHOIR ,agaffaa i-H uP! ser?-Z rr: OgUj"'f-f 30 so Qigong ::1"Ef5,' .0152-5 '-19, s as 4 2:1 :gown ""Q-,UQZVNQ g"'f3-2-m Inlhlib-I cn-qmmg: Eager? :iQ...g Qgmg-C51 v-l'9JD"m f"r-F505 Fgzsgo ::s 5-gem? mga 5 fs 5-an 5'E'?g'g5 cr na 57',9,gz:: .-Q-U' 7-'Jie Wagga mUW 'Sf' .-fwszig, ::'mm-- Qgzzwg? fDPKT'r-Imp-I. 40'--::s'.:1 my--Og-,ua :1'FP'g P5542 Emggm ns O-D :Z 'iw moQ':5.-4 C3 'o W sw O aim!!-0 cn'S'QU.3..?' :J .rn .O 4 011W 92522 I-'n v-U I-In 50559, cnPj,,:.'.3-IE. Ugfbwg-'- fait-5',2U g5'S9 22902 . mga "'3X4wX H fp- 522:15 sgf-"'.. D' mgiw Puig E.-v-QU' gm:-4 .aww Do nw I D-OIC! FJ-T1TIC ZITI CD J oe Farrell STUCO Rep. Kathy Stevens Treasurer Lisa Kimball Secretary Marianne Phillips President Dave Reynold STUCO Rep. Dan Gray Vice President I47 NORTHERN LIGHTS 48 FIRST ROW: Nancy Holton, Becky Ellis, Holly Mackes, Lisa Grossart, Marianne Phillips, Diana Killion, Kathy Stevens, Sheryl Burns. SECOND ROW: Steve Suckey, Nick Zettler, Dan Gray, Kurt Long, Joe Farrell, Dave Reynolds, Mark Martin, Bennie Deese. MARCHING BAND 'im -' V" ' . ,L'- f 1 L V '-,. V' Z'f1 I ., , r r ia, r is 4. .,,G.k I ,it , gk r t t, ,,., , ' ' ' 1 , , ,, ,- . W ,, , ,L,' Q IA Am -is s ,pi Ny , as We sr rire or rf f I., em- "" p y L yy grind: rl ., , ,. -ix, ,, .v. Z' Q nf' its '!f.l,f"'fiJ"' 'JTQYL ' Qisnffg 'I 'maxim f1",r' s,Q"2t ,,-' .Y"iF3 - "Y f s, X, 1 It if " ,,,. ' .. . AIA' . uf - -Q 2 ""v '4'w.?i : i w ,., ,Qi . N, ' ' iwgmv I L "-" 'Y 'H"'f ' , qv' ," ..- . ' gn, 2 . ,, ,,,.,, .. v' J, ' ' 'Mr C ' , gf.. 1 8 'iw :.f ll, 9? , ,'-L My -'," 5 - tt- 4 ,- , V, r ref , ' L,-, ' as V t s s y e l j or 4 as W or r. 7L . r ' 1f-' O fl' M ' 'V H 'V Q iyas sirrr ,mg 7 1 1 ' LQ 4 ras 1 ' u rrri f ' 5 f is s 'f , 2 ' r ' :kk V.l, , , A, A, r ! .,Lk. . Lli, Xk,. f K ,,'.f .. ..'-:' .-,' kibh ',,. ,i,L s Kf-' ' ,' , y N as t ssyr r y 1 g s 1 'LKV N ,, ,, i so rpsp l ssss tsii QLV ,Lyg ,Ll, ,.,,L , ,A L The 1971-'72 Northglenn High School Band has proven itself to be one of the best in the state. This years band is the first band in the history of the high school to do so well. In marching, concert, and jazz, the band has received straight l ratings. A special thank- you to all band students who put forth great enthusiasm, spirit, and effort to make this year the most successful of all. ,L I .fc':vHf,,ai+,,gg5 ,WASH ry -f H U I ,. .,,,. F FR 4J""g 7 va N ff' Q gf .Q vi If Q.--X ' L A . .. 'x -f gi : if Q 'iw it xg . V .iii ,O .-ff .W is 'Q A RK. . P -Y,-st S Rai R N, L MX: x , Wy., M ' 'up '-w wfMf,v,! ,iii .,, K: JI 0.3 1 AY nv " pw, - A Q Q EA I ,ref xv ,fm 2.5, 1.4-Hz" f. -, 52 '64 ,R Hgiliffi W , gy RE' ig?-mx ARE ' fx, Rf'!NNf'! 3 wx f X My W 5, I M viva if in-n.Q"' ,, mv wxgw:"""'l w ww Kwmwf-'x mia Bmw an-N g-. 'QM' ,, ,rg '. ,mgrzz-urszv... f y -'- , ' ' rf'X . ..., .mul .....a....u,...0.....H.. . .. , gg MN ,. 1 L, f ' if 4--. Q . . . , - fl?-F W . H... si, 0 vs ,fgiv L1 ,wfwqaaqam -wfnge+w+",, , va, K, 1. .4 4, ,,,, 1259? M M . V. tunica Mwww Z5fBE'TW.s.E"' Q Q W W3 Q, xmzlshoc ,qgllg : ..f,.,,m . " :L mm .muimw Q w.vm,,,, .bmw g W-M.- f . W , ffzgf ': .mm-ur , A :U 1 .- 1 ll ORS PHEN . V 2,3 x Q P' x ri FIRST ROW: JeNell Padilla - President: Barb Hosrnan - Vice President: Gail Rohret - Secretary: Pam Car- ville - Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Debbie Karr, Anita Adkinson, Donna Andasola, Sara Riechert, Linda Taylor, Carrie Seymour, Susan Thompson, Liz Kochevar. THIRD ROW: Connie Dover, Patty Shepard, Jan Johnson, Sue Courvisier, Sue Polson, DanDee Lyndell, Linda Knudsen, Debbie Wolf, Diane Pritchett. FOURTH ROW: Althea Kelley, Larna Jones, Linda Olson, Terry DeCarolis, Christy Baker, Barb Kroeger. FIFTH ROW: Patty Hirsch, Karin Wishart, Laura Mitotes, Sonee Snoddy, Pam Coburn, Sharon Radernacher, Jackie Robind. SIXTH ROW: Teresa Miller, Bobbi Abeyta, Linda Pickett, Laura May, Jill Christie, Robin Vogelsang, Celeste Thoenes. SEVENTH ROW: Diane Koffrnan, Marita Shelley, Patty LeMaster, Margaret Breyel, Linda Swanson, Julie Miller, Julie Wilson. EIGHTH ROW: Tana Tackett, Kathy Masters, Doris Leckner, Connie Struthers, Linda Hammond, Lynn Lyon, Julie Sucha. .ww 259 60 FIRST ROW: Glenda Barlow, Tammy Lentz, Barb Nokes, Lori Colson. SEC OND ROW: Sandy Saulsbery, Laura Colling, Connie Rivera, Linda Alfrey, Toby Leavitt. THIRD ROW: Cindy Compton, Pat Hodges, Linda Thiesen, Becky Finger, Linda DeWar. SPONSORS: Mrs. Geib, Miss Whitney. X fi gg gf, ,LE tsl.,-r W. VJ " ff-rw! ., Q at JN r RL Ar b X-, is, FIRST ROW: Ioanie Maise, Lynn McMannis, Arlena Medina, Robin Gayton, Cindy Shearer, Sheila Shreve, Terri Gray, Cheryl Oliver, Shelley Michener. SECOND ROW: Kay Carpet, Donna Dean, Karen Czernicki, Mary Schoonmaker, Debbie Bird, Sandy Kaczar, Stephanie Dixon, Kathy Haines, Rosemary Park, Bev Lough, Kim Saul. POM-PON9 ih- 92 In-nfw 62 ,AVVV ' b ds bfi 4' x W Ina Wolf, Cindy Fleer, Debbie Adkins, Sue Durnal, Ruby Padilla, Dana Hansen. H ' .lie N42 4 A , - ' pf 5 A., G f ',z, J Mary Wigington, Connie Carlson, Michele Garneau, Lynda Quigley, Shauna Sheehan, Brenda Dermott ,,,, ' 64 Roberta Grasser, Charlene Newkirk, Debbie Combs, Linda Skinner, Rosemary Manchak, Kaylonn Sawdo. ' s Aa Vrxir A I POWDER PUFF 451+ A YM , , .L 'IH A, , : :-2' , Qiw-fl V" ,, K , , , U A 75. ip 24 L Y Ay'-0 ,431 L n SYS' 1 OPPONENT Englewood Ranum Broomfield Brighton Merrit Hutton Mapleton Adams City Westminster Regis Highland Lakewood Wasson NORTHGLENN OPPONENT 74 Aurora Hinkley 45 65 Englewood 49 81 Littleton 59 63 Cherry Creek 5'7 64 Ft. Collins 58 '71 Thornton 48 80 Brighton 5'7 '79 Broomfield 53 56 Ranum 41 82 Highland 60 55 Regis 54 NORTHGLENN 23 32 40 38 41 55 33 41 36 44 9 34 NORTHGLENN OPPONENT 90 Adams City 56 84 Mapleton 47 62 Broomfield 47 92 Brighton 66 103 Highland '70 86 A dams City 62 80 Westminster 56 96 Aurora Hinkley 66 60 Cherry Creek 59 '76 Poudre '78 60 Canon City Abbey 62 167 x Lakewood Still No. lp Norsemen Make Lisf By JOSEPH SANCHEZ Denver Post Sports Writer' Posl"s Top Ten L T Pts. 1, Lakewood ..........,....,....,... A 0 0 171 2. Washington .. ..... A 0 0 161 3. Arapahoe ,,.. ....,... A 0 0 149 4. C.S. Wasson ..,. ..... 3 0 0 122 5. Pueblo South ...... .. A 0 0 76 6. Aurora Central .... .. 4 0 0 71 7, Cherry Creek ...... ..... 2 0 1 61 8. Arvada West .................... 3 1 0 33 9. Northglenn .' ,..... ..........,.... 3 1 0 30 10. Falrvlew , ........ L ................ 3 0 1 28 Others recelvlns votes-Wheat Ridge, Widefield, Greeley West, Cheyenne Mountaln, Fort Colllns, Ster- ling, Lincoln, Canon City Abbey, Manual, C. S. Mitch- ell, Littleton, Adams City, Poudre, Pueblo Central, Bear Creek, Denver North, Harrlson. Northglenn Cu ts o.1 Lakewood In Playoff By MIKE MONROE Denver Post Sports Writer 168 9 Almost everyone at the Northglenn- Lakewood state high school quarterfinal football playoff game Saturday thought they were going to see Colorado's new football overtime system put to use for the second time in a Class AAA,playoff game. Northglenn's Mike Stein and Rick Trout- man had other ideas, though. With 1:58 left to play and the score tied 2-2, Stein hit Troutman on a short pass down the middle, and Troutman outlegged the Lakewood secondary to the end zone for the game's only touchdown to give the Norsemen a dramatic 9-2 victory. 5 5' f 5,-as - f, . M -'ff '. ...., if fx K A ,,:.11L . ., ,rw-ik , N. K" :fig wig Q F ,4,.vN?- ,, f 4..,,x M-zmgmszg 1i'+:'i- .K , ,-L,,.W im 5.91 :fa-. m U an 3 fs. JFK - und . w , f H 2 sv- 1 W-Q t 0 ' 'SF , - 7, 4 I Q " , HIL 'T m- ' A' "-- -f 5 4 , 5 iv-h . 'g'1i ' ' T. ' xwlffi h Auf T' A .114 1 "" -- . 'ff fl' if "W 'M ,Q , 'r J , f 1 ,. 5 -. -nf 1' 5" "'v 0 ' 4 J . AW ' W . Q in , ' S 1 , .' - W " ,fi .1-MN - 'S N 'ff ff ,. 4, A " " " A PF- Q ii . Qs ir fig, wlllf TJ +1 , 1925? ,' A 1 ' V' -- . ,,,w5f1s1ie.w-, 2 :,- Q FQ'-1--'T '... g i K, " iq. ,, Q . . -H -ll M ' Q Wm.,- '.n"'-Q K'f'.Mx'-'fum ZQQ!uY!l. M"' ' W -- - X NM14-5 ff ft V 'fr-A31 - tj aff , , li is. 1 K ,W,N.,M,,,.W, F' ' sfwfmw. .,i.,1V ,,,, . un ...,,,,ffN,., ff, y V' .' uf ,QU I 170 ,wg 1 3 Q W , ai f , k ' ' was my w if W ,, ,, I I I f .K VV .WZW Q . A 5 ,W R f 1+ V 1 32 , T523 iw gg . if 72 W5 i1"'n.. ,Q J 4 4 I fre fir? '11 T Q WL Xorthglena it ,. ,f . We .. -Q-we ,, 4 .1 gk Qs has a l' . xii 1 ., The Northglenn football team had its best year ever with an undefeated league team and the Skyline conference championship. The Norsemen then moved into the "AAA" state quarter-final play against the state's number one ranked team, Lakewood. Northglenn won by a score of 9 to 2. With this victory, the Norse moved into quarter-final play against Wasson of Colorado Springs. The Norse suffered a loss of 52 to 34 in a high scoring contest. This ended a highly successful football campaign for the fighting Norsemen and gave them an impressive 10 win - 2 loss record for the year. ai ffl? INF? ...--g ,,., . V. ....., K, K 'HL N ,-,. ,, A Q .-Q. www .mm 7 ,ss ' '7"f'5,: ' : '7,.,u.g - :..,..g -My Q- W k A s Ar' 'K' f .- fy ' V, Mi, 3 H, V, ,H M L,j1,,N, 173 'X d , r F! if fig faf ,I Q FEQJ5 gl 5 lb' gs 1 .Q ,..- aw .- - W.. f W. 1 A - aw N f sg Af ,W . , ' 1 v,.- x? , K gk . V! Q 1' I 'J ' 5' 'QNX NL. .." N ' 4 ' J A .1 I . f X K'..2 in 'E' iff:--3, ,. film X ,Q ' . fm.imifx " M-A .-55. -.i , .,.L 'XR E wr, 9 QOPHOMORE md , , x 5 Q 4 K f E , X Q ff fn a W" , 1 X A gy -fx J gf b 76 FIRST ROW: Coach: Sig DeCola, Paul Pokorny, Rich Czernicki, Larry Sleeth, Ted Neff, Doug Guice. SECOND ROW: Vince Hudson, Tom Lee, Gary Paulson, Don Mulnix, Brian Martin, Chris Grable. The 1971-1972 Basketball Team developed- into one of the top teams in the state. It set many records at Northglenn High that will be a challenge to break. The team was 13-O in league play and 20-0 during the regular season. The team averaged 76 points a game, which was a school record. The team had excellent balance in scoring with four starters in double-figures: Vince 17. 3, Don 14. 6, Larry 18. 4, Gary 11. 5, and Chris 7. 3. This was the best rebounding team in the schools history. In essence this year's team, which will graduate 8 Seniors, has put the frosting on the cake with their 13-0 record in the league, because many of them played Varsity ball when they were underclassrnen and Northglenn's league record for the past three years was 34- 5. These same Norse have only lost one home league game in three years. The winning tradition in basketball is here to stay especially with 6'8" Don Mulnix, 6'7" Ed Herman, and 6'2" Tom Lee returning next year. Don Mulnix is currently one of the most sought after players in the state by major Colleges and Universities throughout the nation. The 1971-72 team brought Northglenn it's first District Championship and opened the door to state experi ence. The 1971-72 squad should give future teams at our school the confidence to forge ahead with the goal of advancing in the State Playoffs, and when that does happen, this year's season will be even more meaningful in the rich heritage of Basketball at Northglenn High. B A Q K E T B A L L 177 78 Doug Pasquale, Terry Guice, Mike Roberts, Rick Nelson, Ed Hermann, Wayne Starner, Toby Culp, Kurt Sleeth, Ray Cowles, Frank Hermann, Mark Pokorny. Coach: Mike Flynn. M we 7 ar K xr 1 .nfs . ' "' ' ,,,q:.fuESEf5::Y Y J. X 11 as .- f, ,. -.. .T . - - .1 G -- I ""'w ' X K? ..,, l 1 ., s f .f-1-fa, p . fb' Mann, p 3 guns hx x v ' 2 W , 1'-. Coach: Roger Dorais. Steve Harvey, Kevin Harper, Frank Hermann, Mike Roberts, Joe McConne11, Rick Nelson, Eric Gunther, Jim Pappas, Demetrius Taylor, Mark Sandoval, Dave Johnson, Gary Milano. mfrnhin all P H O M O R E 'I79 0 ,...Ni:f FIRST ROW: Mark Johnson, Dave Bradfield, Bruce Peterson, Kit Snidow, Mike Flores, Ken Thieson, Larry Flamming. SECOND ROW: Coach Hillman, Coach England, Marty Smith, Mike Coufal, Ron Griese, Dan Long, Jody Sawdo, Head Coach - Ike Sherlock. ,, ,1f,,..5 SWIM TEAM Q ' S i R -.F , ' J' , ,V , WLm,h, A VKVV eff-2 -, ,. 1' ,. " stiss 1' R as 1 1 ' l. S ' S rrc. FRONT ROW: Coach Kitamura, Bummer Howard, Dave Lukens, Gary Morrill CCaptainD, Mike Harris, Mike Spicer, Mark Burdge. SECOND ROW: Randy Stokoe, Neal Mayer, Dave McEuen, Rick Stokoe, Mike Brown, Mel Lehman, Mike Reese, Ron Lehman, Jeff Hansen, Coach Doyle. The 1971-1972 Swim Team had a tremendous season, posting an undefeated dual meet record of 9 wins against no losses. For the third consecutive year the Norse Swim Team won the Skyline Championship. Northglenn Finished second in the district's swim meet, losing only to the State Champion Eaton. 182 ww ,,.. E 'WI-'a...a-SESS wwan-,im yw . WWRQA 4 VARSITY BASEBALL "lf, it k.Q3,r FIRST ROW: Tim Lang, Doug Guice, Brad Schaedler, Larry Larghe, Rick Williams, Gary Brinkman, Charles Hogue, Paul Pokorny. SECOND ROW: Steve Judish, Anthony Euser, Pat Lafferty, Vince Hudson, Mike Parsons, Marc Pokorny, Harlan Meyer, Coach Stevens. FIRST ROW: Coach Flynn, Steve Hopkin, Rick Schropp, Ed Hermann, Keith Marcy, Jimmy Thrush. SECOND ROW: Randy Gammet, Jack Leonard, Terry Barmann, Robbie Abeyta, Ray Cowles, Kevin Bartleson JUNIOR VARSITY r U Randy Durbin Steve Pike Frank Hermann Mark Saul Gary Milano Mike Potts BOTTOM PHOTO Wayne Fredrickson Joe McConnell John Walde Tony Varisco John Middleton Mike Roberts GYMNASTICS Q Q f 3.59 ' 4 f FRONT: Coach Shaun Armour and Manager Roger Westlund. BACK: Jeff Ashbrook, Mark Pryor, Steve Rapp, Steve Stanton, Mark Roper, Steve Dencklau, Bill Haines, Gary Hardman, Eugene Lobato, Greg Forney, Gilbert Rivera, Lee Gard, and Don Collom. The Northglenn High Gymnastics team under coach Armour had the most successful team in the history of NHS. The team had a record of 8 wins against 5 losses. This placed the team third in conference. In the district meet the team finished 5th out of a field of 14. In addition, team captain, Jeff Ashbrook placed second in district and 9th in state vaulting competition. With Jeff the only graduating senior, the future appears promising for the gymnastics team. Coach Armour feels that his team will soon be a strong contender for top honors in both conference and state meets. J eff Ashbrook in Winning Form TENNIS TEAM 1-4-4-1... FIRST ROW: Barry Gordon, Gary Haddock, Brian Martin, Jeff Riddle. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dorais, Steve Harvey, Doug Brown, Art Bruchez, Kelly McE1vain, Dave Tobler, John Casey. 5 llllllllllllllllllllnitEBIIIIIIIIES ' E' llllllllIllIIIIIIIIIIPWSHIIIIIIIIQ' - 4 nunuulnllulluueuasnun.- lllllllllllllllIIIIIIIQQMAIIIIIII 'llIIlllllllllll:::::llllllllll 187 "f: k if-vswfvx ' S- I l I I E E 5- ,..,E HG...-.J is ' Mr Q if 1- 3 Y 4.1,-N. .. , !,....f 5 Q 73. 4 4- m g T 'f'w-aw. 43,341 X "'ffw ""'4. Y M Y ,-- 4 .M 4 , 4 ., 4 4, ""'1f ' 4 -4 V4 -5- we W . - A-nl-1 A ,, 1 - 14 - 4L4 4 ,uh . ,... .44 . TENNIS 1 pf, in A Q ,f 1. W - yi. .W .,,,-112. - - " ANN ki iv- - - ' f 54. -xr, . A . ,M . . f,-.7 R K M ,U-vi .fl ,A ,, W-. , lixju Q, f..sti H 17, ,mln .0 X5 W . e. Ani , M.-:" 4 ' " sh ' Q-:nw X. gfrf' V, . - X. K - - A. 3- A' . i ty V, ,W A ,, M-bk , ex 2. V, .Ni SIG iw Q, ,Mvlk A f:.' ' + . -V wk QUEEN - Kim Saul SENIOR ATTENDANT - IeNe11 Padilla KING - Pat Lafferty SENIOR ESCORT - Randy Davis Knot picturedj JUNIOR ATTENDANT - Sheila Shreve SOPHOMORE ATTENDANT - Kenda Swanson JUNIOR ESCORT - Terry Guice SOPHOMORE ESCORT - Mark Sandoval NIGHT OF ONE ACTS THE HIGH SCHOOL HAPPY JOURNEY ADAPTATION9 L E x W l I N PRE 9 T E 9,0 R N 9 4 AMERICAN HISTORY STUDENTS STRIVE FOR PERFECTION WITH SPEAK EASY . . . AND THEY GOT IT! Q I T w 0 f A P N T T H T E 0 W G 0 E R fT 4 L 0 D F F 1 SPRING EXPREQSIDNQ 6 - J' . 'QQN , m, A ' x Na+ C' El '1 DOUGH SIMCIK MIKE PARSONS Football - Baseball - ALL CONFERENCE ALL CONFERENCE Zi ff JN 4 , ' A fl 2 if w L 1 2 fi Q 1? A ' L5 1+ , J Q 32 A ,F KENNY THIESEN MIKE STEIN Wrestling - LEAGUE CHAMPION and ALL STATE Football - ALL CONFERENCE GARY PAULSON ' ' ' ' Football - ALL CONFERENCE and All star Game Football ' ALL STATE' ALL CONFERENCE' A11 Star Game Wrestling - ALL LEAGUE and ALL STATE - Undefeated Duals Basketball - Honorable Mention Conference X A Q . ,, 1 , xkvw g ry . 'qvo lnf' Q 9.9 ,R 35'.o5e4 A x AF QE. K 1 gf? - K , 1 'Ev' ' E no '- . rl -I ew GARY BRINKMAN ELLIOT DRUMWRIGHT 199 Baseball - ALL CONFERENCE Track - QUALIFIED For STATE Jodg Sawdo ALL-STATE FOOTBALL RANDY DAVIS. DAN LONG Football - ALL CONFERENCE Football - ALL CONFERENCE DOUG GUICE VINCE HUDSON Baseball - ALL CONFERENCE Basketball - ALL CONFERENCE SUBURBAN ALL STARS ALL STATE MARK WEISBROD Football - ALL CONFERENCE MOST VALUABLE FOOTBALL PLAYER Jody Sawdo MOST VALUABLE BASKETBALL PLAYER - Gary Paulson MOST VALUABLE WRESTLER - Jody Sawdo MOST VALUABLE IN TRACK - Kuri Caraway MOST VALUABLE SWIMMER - Bummer Howard MOST VALUABLE IN TENNIS - Gary Haddock MOST VALUABLE IN CROSS COUNTRY - Ellioi Drumrighi MOST VALUABLE GYMNAST - Jeff Ashbrook MOST VALUABLE IN BASEBALL - Doug Guice MOST VALUABLE IN GOLF - Tom Lee MOST VALUABLE ATHLETE - Jody Sawdo NOVI' PICTURED yL gh AHC f b11 L yF1 g AHL g M1 A116 f dA11M kb11 W lg L yS1 h A11Cf B k b11 K C y Q lfyf T k d Mk Gld 11C f F b11 A P R 0 M I 9 l f Q 3 fl -wi " 1 . KING: GARY PAULSON QUEEN: MERI HALL 205 206 ,- T 5, f 5' Q V Q K : x X I , f L.-NX X IX v af ' WZ' WP ' , Q V M L qrvf, AW fu. V ,,1,,,,,kh5 K 207 'W , 9 'fi 5 A ' P' X.,-5 fm-4 ' X if 1V'vx Q ,, ,I ,' VV? ', 13X-Js'2mX-x " 'Z ?'3" 'fW w3.l ,HP Nnnrum :mu V-M 'Wh . I , .' eff . 4 A .f "w- :- , , sd nf -L-Q4 .Q l fMJ+ . 1-. ff fry K , . ,, f F' I. . f iQx ' 2. Dha- Lili 5 X 'vw-m 'X rf' N6 I-5, Abu -we . 'S S AM, 1 r Q fl I , ka: V, 'L It . ab E Er "Y 5 ,Q 4 .ffm ..., ,, .. V I iz, M! sf, GV S . I ,ew ,W if fl. QM 'fi WTIM f, 7- xx 4. j, ,YE . - ,fm- ' ? f Q ' fsivwf IVZQYX' ,L K? l as 4"'a. Z 517+ '24, 4 f 3, 1? 4 2 M W 3 in s , rg Q ,Q ,, - A ,HK ' .- ' X 1 ' 6 Q X I 2 I Q! E . ,Y :,?z 1" f 1 i i , 2 f 1 3 is H ff '7 :F 4 2- :Q Ig '51 :ag , ' ' X v Af n sw var -- I ye, W f A W '- ' 593 2 af' N 4 5 ff., 1 44 fe, H 2, V sie: Q Q: Q33-Y , ,V A ,M QV! W 2 -1 ,f -ra, ' f ,. ,U 4 1- -n ., , ,- , . 314 f - - ,f- . ,. ze- . . Q af h ,f J W L 4 qw 41 , if! e H , Ak 'J 5 P 4. wa :J ,fig .Q ,ii ., g ,Q , 2,2 : . Q, g if 1, , . i MN N 5 X L .... 9 Xa Q 1 I A 1 h I 13 gie ' 5 5- ' id Y" 'LL Zig: ' ' '12 'Q . 'M' D 1 w 1 5 va '91 XXX YW ' gm r 4, f , H iv- 61. 'X 5 x -rw ,... , ., . ., ..,.,.W. ..,,.- ,M---My-mf hw gall J ,A., 5 www' -f f FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT: FROM BRASIL SILVANA BELLOTTI ,,,, +fj-g ' V K, SAM MARTINEZ Head Custodian 'o, . X .'a ,. ' . .I ' 1 . 1 IIOW NORTHGLENN MOBILE SERVICE CENTER 4 24 Hour Wrecker Service Maior Tune-ups Elec+ronic Wheel Balancing NCJRTHGLENN 549 I041'h Avenue Compleie Aufo Main+enance 466-0404 JOE ROLLINS Phone 287-5282 WARREN SUTTON STANDARD ' STANDARD ' S+a+e lnspecfion - Tune-ups Compleie Brake Work I6 Years Experience I0300 N. Washingfon 5' 2 IN HIS BURGER GET BURGER WURI-D. . . FR P N 2 2 if I04+I1 and Washington And 7200 and Pecos RTTE QIWPGFI' Americas burger barrage will always come and go but theres one big burger that will live on! Our famous Burger King Vllhoppert backs up its bigness with quality. Theres a large pure beef pattie, complemented by generous portions of GD tomatoes, pickles, onions, lettuce, ketchup and mayonnaise. Burger Kingtlf always builds them better! Us KIDS ARE KING AT BURGER KING I my I WILL LIFT UP MINE EYES UNTO THE HILLS FROM WHENCE COMETH MY HELP." psalms lQI:I K N w

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