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O M ALLEN CQUd I t P.JBLK, I IBRAB 3 1833 01757 4929 GC 977.202 W11N, 1982 % m - -y v(- K t-?aa»!r3ammim!mmm NORTHFIELD HIGH SCHOOL v Rural Route 6 Wabash, In fe-V [% 46992 M i i SHIELD -- t volume 20 IKir Hl Table of Contents -- - Opening 1 . ■ j Student Life 10 ■ Sports 30 Academics 58 3y Clubs 78 - m ml ' ' ' bu ' " 102 L .9 1 } i Community 136 H H f Index 152 J U i Closing 156 Ml s Ci,tfin- to a HIGH GRADE y When students at N.H.S. weren ' t hard at work. they, along with their friends, conjured up some great limes. In 1982 approximately 720 stu- dents graced the locker-lined halls of N.H.S. Forty-three teachers accom- panied students throughout the year along with 40 bus drivers and 9 cooks. Seniors prepared for graduation as Juniors planned and decorated for the Junior-Senior Prom. Sophomores or- dered class rings in the fall while many Freshmen learned the rules of the road. Students received and enjoyed an unusual amount of unexpected vaca- tions during the 1982 school year. Snow caused us to miss 1 3 days, while fog caused delays and the loss of one day. We even had snow April 6 which added another day to the long list. Students began to doubt that Spring would ever arrive. The band proudly displays the flag during their Homecoming performance. Deb Shear examines her food carefully. 2 Opening Babette Badgley was the first student from NHS to take part in the Miss Indiana contest. The Senior Class returns to class after posing for their Senior class picture. Susan Pefley plays a trumpet solo surrounded by the pom corps. Opening 3 Veronica Butzin, Chris Reed, and Jeff Rich ardson prepare a feast during single survival MIdH The student body gathered on the bleachers to join in homecoming activities. Margie Tiede devours her crepe during her noon hour French class. 4 Opening A 9 Jill Rate and Trisha Hug proudly display a .l lfHkj Spanish pinata. f-4 ' j Students race down the football field during Homecoming activities. Opening Homecoming 1982 I Below: Mr. T. Miller crowns the new home- coming queen Chris Reed, while her escort, Phil Calloway, watches. To show their spin! the Senior class built a tloat. 6 Homecoming Junior Court Representative Trisha Tyner and her escort Mike Gardner. Sophomore Court Representative Libby Taylor and her escort Troy Eads. Freshman Court Representative Tammy Smith and her escort Brent Benzinaer. The Norse charge North iMiami ' s defensive line. The Norse battled North Miami during the Homecoming game. Even though we lost the game 20 to 0. the " Spirit " was not lacking. There were class competitions during the pep ses- sion. Classes participated in balloon toss, sack races, and tricycle races. The Powder Puff Football game was won by the Junior class. Music for the Homecoming dance was provided by Breedlove. The Senior Court, their escons and the 1981 Homecofhing Queen and her escort. (1. to r.) Angle Reahard and her escort Larry Chain. Lisa Brodbeck and herescort Bruce Trump. Lunette Tonovit and herescort Tony Keffaber. The Home- coming Queen. Chris Reed and her escort Phil Calloway. %(i,vin to a HIGH GRADE y Faye Engleman showed real spirit on clown day during sectional week. Band 10 Class of " 82 " 11 Jr. Miss 12 Year Book Dance 13 Fall Play 14 Seniors 16 Prom 18 Spring Play 20 Bruce Trump battles the books in the library. .«- ' m STUDENT LIFE All right Karen Ogan, Lori Blanke, and Lisa Snapp quit " clowning " around. Terry Eads ' " angelic " smile welcomes you into the Student Life while Patty Boyer and Marci Shambaugh work on their art projects. 10 Seniors Summer Band 1 1 Junior Miss Susan Pefley was chosen the 1982 Junior Miss. Susan advanced to state competition in Franicfort, Indiana, from January 17-24. The Junior Miss program is sponsored by the Roann Jaycees. Contestants were judged on poise and appearance 15%, creative and performing arts 20%, and judges interview 35%. The contestants per- formed to songs such as " Singing in the Rain " and " Raindrops Keep Fall- ing on My Head. " Row 1: Jill Hammel, Dawn Dellamarggio. Row 2: Pam Dilling, Beth Squires, Cindy Stan- ley, Beth Treska. Row 3: Susan Pefley, Lisa Snavely. Lisa Snavely and Susan Pefley work on youth and fitness. Jill Hammel takes a break from practice. I4X: Junior Miss. .Susan Potley. 12 Junior Miss Autograph Dance The Annual Yearbook Autograph Dance was held on October 28. Music was provided by Breedlove. Over 300 students attended. Sponsors were .Mr. Neale, Mr. Griffith, .Mrs. Hollen- back, and Mrs. Kitt. After students received their yearbooks, they signed and danced the night away. yov ' j fi A $oott Mfin Is it possible for one person ' s life to be a complete failure? On the nights of November 12-14, Doug Kasamis proved it, when he played the part of Charlie Brown in the fall musical. The play dealt with the everyday lives of the Peanuts Gang. Pam Dilling played the part of Lucy, who believed that Charlie Brown would forever be " wishy- washy. " " Jeff Gackenheimer played the part of Schroder, and Mike Lauer played Linus, never being seen without his blanket. Beth Treska, as Patty, was always looking for the answers. Dave Mason was Snoopy, the ever faithful companion to Charlie Brown and his friends. Once again the NHS Drama Department succeeded in presenting a fine production. 1 Pam Dilling (Lucy), Mike Lauer (Linus), Jeff Gackenheimer (Schroeder), and Doug Ka- samis (Charlie Brown), appear to be concen- trating on their Book Reports. §2 Susan Pefley, Kelly McCammack, Tony Miller, Kelly Tudor and Rick Alexander are a few of Charlie Brown ' s friends. 4ty Members of the crew were row I: Angic Murray. Lisa Snapp. Dana f-armcr, Sally f-rancls. Lori Blunko. Jill Rale. Mike Baber. Clay Holienback; row 2; Susan PcHcy. Jeff Gacken- heimer, Mike Lauer, Pam Dilling, Jane Bar- netl, Kelly McCammack, Rick Tisdale, Julie Rate; row 3: K hy Smith, Kelly Tudor. Darcia Watson, Kalhy lull. Tammy Spring, Robbie Smith, Bob Haye.s Beth Treska, Dawn Della- marggio. Amy Squires, and Paula Hapner. 14 Fall Play lI 1 ' AA ?ii ' ■ ■ ' ' BfeH 4 Mike Lauer, Doug Kasamis, Jeff Gacken- heimer, Pam Dilling, Dave Mason and Beth Treska did fantastic jobs in YOU ' RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN. 5 Tim Keffaber, Albro Daniel, and Kim Smith are involved in an exciting baseball game. 6 Julie Grandstaff and Jenny Mason cheer their team on while Lori Blanke and Susan Bull chat during the baseball game. 7 Paula Hapner, Brenda Elrod. Yuka Watanabe. Jeff Prater, Mr. Henderson, and Denise Van Petten provided the musical accompaniment. 8 The entire Peanut ' s Gang. 1982 People ' s Choice MOVIE 1. Porky ' s 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark 3. On Golden Pond 4. American Werewolf in London 5. Endless Love Arthur T.V. 1. Fall Guy 2. M.A.S.H. 3. Fame 4. Benny Hill 5. Magnum P.I. m McDonald ' s CAR 1. Trans Am 2. Camaro 3. Corvette 4. Ferrari 5. Z28 VS3» RESTAURANT PASTTIME HANGOUT 4, Pizza Hut McDonalds Duffs " urger Chef [oble Romans 1. Sports 2. Boy Girl watching 3. Being with friends 4. Cruising 5. Partying 1. Cannonball Recreation 2. McDonalds 3. Pizza Hut 4. Home 5. Pirate ' s Treasure WESTERN DANCE The Art Club decided to try some- thing new. They held a western dance on Friday, April 16 , from 8:00-10:30. The cafeteria was decorated with western pictures and hay bales. Ev- eryone came dressed in western ap- parel. Pictures were taken by Mr. Kendall. Music was handled by Rick Tisdale as couples danced through the night. The Western Dance was Chaperoned by .Mr;.. Pelrv and her husband. Rick Tisdale was the D,J. for the night. , Couples dance in a western setting of hay bales, horses, and wagons. ft - - e;. ' : z3 Western Dance 17 Endless Love The theme for the Jr.-Sr. Prom was " Endless Love. " " The Junior class spent the week before the prom deco- rating the new gym. Colors for the prom were fairy tale colors of pink, blue, purple and white. A fountain produced a mystical fog that drifted across the dance floor while music played by " Ice Age " filled the night air. 1 Servers were Bryan Reed. Trisha Hug, Jill Rate, Howard Halderman, Leslie Hawkins, Dave Mason, Paula Hapner, Todd Shear, Jim- my Bricker. Tina Meyer, Todd Keffaber, and Tracy Ferguson. 2 Dave Olmstead sneaks a peek as his date, Tracy Maggarl, adjusts her garter. 3 A fountain helped to add atmosphere by emitting a light fog 4 This was the first ear NHS has had a garter ceremony at its prom- When the theme song was played, the girls remc. ed their garters and placed them on the right arms of their escorts. Shown rt. to 1.: B. Squires, S Miller. R. Tucker, B. Chamberlain, T. Clifton, and M. Meyers. 18 Prom 5 Couples danced through the night in a magical daze. 6 Russell QuiUen and ' eronica Butzin crossed the bridge and entered into a fantasy world. 7 The band " Tee . ge " provided music throughout the night. 8 Chris Grey. Shelley Benson. Meg Wilson. Mike Bartrum, and friends took a moment to rest and relax. 44 " In One Basket " and Step on a Crack " " Step on a Crack " and " In One Basket " were presented together by the NHS Drama Department on May 14, as a children ' s theatre production. However, they were en- joyed by audiences of all ages. Ellie Murphy (Jenny Ma- son), in " Step on a Crack " , had difficulty dealing with her stepmother (Beth Treska). Max Murphy (Mike Baber was EUie ' s faithful pop. Beth Squires, as EUie ' s voice, led her into thinking things that weren ' t always true. Lana the moviestar (Karen Ringel) and Frisbee the clown (Dave Mason) were EUie ' s imaginary friends. " In One Basket " consisted of three folk tales entitled " Gustav is Always Right " , " Rumouski " , and " Shiver " . The entire Cast of both plays were commended on a job well done! Above Right: The cast of " Step on a Crack " . Row 1: Beth Squires, Dave Mason, Beth Treska. Row 2: Milte Baber. Row 3: Karen Ringel and Jenny Mason. Right: The cast of " In One Basket " . Row 1: Amy Squires, Tim Keffaber, Denise Warford, Toni Miller. Row 2: Mike Lauer, Kelly McCammack, Jeff Gackenheimer, and Rick Alexander. Right: The cast and crew for both plays. Row 1 : Kelly McCammack, Everett Stiddam, Amy Squires. Re v 2: Jeff Gackenheimer, Beth Squires, Dave ' ason, Beth Treska, Rick Alex- ander, Mike Lau - Row 3: Mrs. Bickel, Mike Baber, Denise Wa ! " ord, Tim Keffaber, Sally Francis. Row 4: Jor Kepple. Kar°n Ringel, Jenny Mason, Toni Miller, and Rob Smith. Spring Play 20 Convos Brighten the School Year! To help break up the monotony of the school year, Mr. Miller arranged convos for the student body. We were treated by two musical groups. The first group came early in the year. They were known as " Harmony. " The next group that came to entertain us was the Lapel Swing Choir from Anderson. They sang a great program of both new and old songs. They also sang a medley of popular and well known commercials. Juniors were treated to a program presented by the Air Force in a specialized tractor trailer. Convocations 21 FRANKLIN S. TIEDE MEMORIAL FUND A trust fund has been established at Frances Slocum Bank in memory of Frank Tiede, a 1979 Northfield graduate, by his family. The income from the permanent fund will be awarded annually in May to persons age 18 to 25 to pursue a vocational or educational goal to extend the Chris- tian faith. Recipients are selected by a committee solely by commitment to the great commission in Matthew 28, vs. 19-20: " Go forth, therefore and make all nations my disciples; baptize men everywhere in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all that I have commanded you. And be assured, I am with you always, to the end of time. " The first persons chosen for the award are Judith L. Goff, also a Northfield 1979 alum, to complete the last of a 5 year program leading to a Bachelor Degree and RN in mis- sionary nursing at CMC School of Nursing and Baptist Bible College, Clarks Sunnit, PA.; Elizabeth (Bet- sy) Deeter, a 1981 Northfield prod- uct, who will enter her second year as a religion major at College of Woos- ter, Wooster, Ohio; and Phyllis J. Thurlow, a 1979 Wabash graduate, who this fall enters her last year at St. Paul Bible College, St. Paul, Minne- sota to earn a Bachelor ' s Degree in Missions. Each will receive $500. Frank Tiede engaged in competi- tive swimming from the time he was in third grade at Chippewa through high school. He was on the Honeywell and Huntington YMCA swim teams. He died from accidental injuries June 24. I980in Honolulu, HI while study- ing Youth With a Mission, a Chris- tian Evangelism organization. Franklin S. Tiede 1979 Northfield Graduate Betsy Deeter NHS 1981 Judith K Goff ■ ' NHS 1979 Phyllis Thurlow WHS 1979 Tiede Memorial Fund 22 4 • HK ftj m il NHS 20th Anniversary " School started 3 weeks late the first year at Northfield, which was not completed beyond the Art room. Busses loaded and unloaded out front. There were no door knobs. Workers would come in at any time to paint or drill, but students got used to this. We found it difficult to teach without chalk boards. The library was very limited. There were 6 periods and we taught 5. School was from 8:30 to 3:25. The Northside had no blinds. We had to use day-light screens for AV. Gym classes were held outside. Sports events were played at other schools. " — R. Price " There was cvidcuuc ul ihc grcut support in our Northfield community when they raised enough money the first year to buy new band uniforms, which could be used in Tuxedo style for concert and overlays for the marching band. Our first perfor- mance in the new uniforms was Feb. 14, 1963 at a basketball game. On March 21 we played our first concert in new uniforms and in the new a udi- torium. We started band rehearsal in the present library area. It was fantastic when we did get into our new band practice area. " — R. Trump " The teaching staff consisted of 34 teachers and only one guidance direc- tor. It was the era of the crew cut for boys and also most of the men teach- ers like myself, Mr. Price, Mr. Trump and Mr. Duker who was at this time assistant Supt. of Schools. He later came to Northfield as Business De- partment Head. Activities consisted of Science fairs, record hops. Christmas and St. Patrick ' s Day dances. The band had baton twirlers and played at all home basketball games (entire band). " — H. Christie Graduation On May 21, 1982, at 8:00 p.m., in the Northfield gym, the class of 1982 marched in wearing blue gowns with white collars. The band and choir pro- vided musical entertainment. Lisa Snavely gave the Invocation and Rhonda Reed gave the Benediction. The speakers were, center picture: Beth Treska, Sally Francis, Salutato- rian, Doug Wilcox, Student Council President, and Lisa Brodbeck, Vale- dictorian. Below: Dr. Kasamis hand- ed out diplomas and congratulated seniors. I g]JM CLRSSnr ' BE The BHttoDMS df YE5TERDHY HRE THE PROMISES QF TDMDRRDW STUDENTS HONORED 1 Sally Francis received the Technical Assistant Award, Belh Treska and Beth Squires received the Cole Award, and Dave Mason received the Luck) Penny Award. ?2 Troy Vigar, Alyson Reed, Julie Christman. Chris Lyons participated in the Manchester Math Contest. All received trophies and ribbons. 3 Mary Jo McKillip received the Rhonda Shaw Memorial Award. i?4 Robbie Ross, Craig Daniel, Mark Gackenheimer, and Richard Hal- derman represented the seventh grade class in the Manchester Math Contest. 5 Jeff Gackenheimer and Susan Pcflcy received the Sousa Award for Band. i6 Mrs. Bickel presented Mrs. Kitt, Susan Bull, and Kim S. Smith the Psi Iota Xi Scholarship for the LU. Year Book camp 0, f STATE AND NAT ' L. AWARDS ] Row 1: Mike Baber, Dave Mason. Albro Daniel. Row 2: Jeff Gack- enheimer, Sally Francis, Harland Hauperi II. and Beth Treska all ad- vanced to the NFL District Speech Meet. B. Treska placed fifth and H. Haupert II placed second. 2 Lisa Smith and Paula Rogers had their drawings sent to New York to compete in the nationals. 3 Teresa Hoover, Susan Pefley, Dana Farmer, and Denise Van Petten traveled to Tennessee to compete in Vocational Contests. »4 Many students placed at the 53 State FFA Convention. Pictured are the members of the FFA choir. Row 1: Pam Dilling, Janelle Baer. Rhonda Tucker, Row 2: Howard Halderman, Mike Lauer. and Bob Haupert. Not pictured are Troy Dyson, Doug Wilcox, Scott Long. Brad Seals, Harland Haupert II, Eric Wilson, Shelly Thomson. Cathy Hoppes, and Steve Kirtland. " 5 Kim S. Smith and Jay Smith advanced to the State Speech Meet in drama duos. They placed third at the Regionals. 3 V Covin to a HIGH GRADE pieJd Freshman battle for the ball Varsity Football 30 Varsity Volleyball 32 Jr. High Football 34 Jr. High Volleyball 35 Cross Country 36 Var. Girls Baksetball 38 Var. Boys Basketball 40 Jr. High Basketball 42 Wrestling 44 Lift-A-Thon 46 Intramurals 47 Baseball 48 Varsity Boys Track 50 Varsity Girls Track 51 Golf 54 Gymnastics :...55 The Cross Country team psychs up before a meet. SPORTS Jay Reed protects the ball while warding off an opposing player. Dan Pavey, left fielder, slides into third base. Jeannine Draper ran hurdles against South- wood and Whites during a three-way meet. Divider 29 PUNT — PASS — KICK The Northfield varsity football team fell on rough times in 1981. The Norsemen recorded only their second losing season in the last ten years when they failed to win a game. The squad was led by a combination often juniors and seniors. This lack of phys- ical maturity of the 1981 team was apparent on the field with many soph- omores and some freshmen seeing playing time on the regular basis. Those who watched the team throughout the season, saw steady improvement from week to week and observed the young Norsemen play several outstanding games. While success was elusive for the Fighting Norsemen this season, a firm foundation was built for future success for Northfield High School on the gridiron. VARSITY FOOTBALL NHS OPP. Southwood 45 Westfield 34 Tippecanoe Valley 57 Pioneer 6 29 North Miami 20 Oak Hill 52 Eastern 6 48 Wabash 7 26 Whitko 18 Manchester 13 32 Sophomore Jay Reed tried to prevent from be- ing tackled. Varsity Football Team; Row 1: Bob Macaluso, Jeff Richardson. Byron McBrayer. Rob Samon.s. Doug Wilcox. Troy Dyson, Jay Smith Row 2: Chris Johnson. Danny Pavey, Jay Rccd, Todd Shear. Jimmy Bricker, Todd Miller, Howard Halderman, .Mike Rccs, Coac h Kaltenmark. Row 3: Coach Winegardner, Brett Arrick, Tim Wuensch, Tracy White. Her- man Staton, Mike Dock. Eric Wilson. Robbie Smith. Willie Mabee, Ed Gullet, Coach Brubaker. 30 Varsity Football t t ?: (?) ' Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits . . . J.V. Football Team Row One: Coach Cussen, Jeff Noskov, John Sammons. Scott Meyer, Brett Benzinger, Chris Grey, Tom Neal, Clary Elzroth, Coach Campbell. Row Two: Larry Sheerwood, Jeff Biehl, Danny Herron, Chris Gifford, Larry Smith. David Deeter, Doyle Hembree, Mike Elliott. Norsemen evaded rush to pursue play. ' Si . .a BUMP — SET — SPIKE The girls varsity volleyball team showed improvement this year. The season record of 7-11 may not ap- pear to be successful but after losing 7 seniors from last year ' s squad, these girls came through like champions. The girls put forth many hours of dedication, determination and drive. We returned this year with 2 letter JV Volley ball NHS OPP. Wabash 2 Eastern 2 1 Whitko 2 Tippicanoe Valley 2 1 Manchester 2 Huntington North 2 Huntington Catholic 2 North Miami 2 Oak Hill 2 Southwood 1 2 Marion Bennett 2 Eastbrook 2 The volleyball team gets fired up before a game. Row 1: Shelly Thompson, Paula Rodgers, Trisha Tyner, Tammy Thompson. Debbie Shear, Row 2: Coach Shonkweiler, Coach Gray, Lisa Smith, Mandy Ogan, Jody Gifford, Jill Rate, Jenny Kramer, Kristina Wysong. winners, only to lose Laurie Rice. With continued effort and hard work, the Norse girls volleyball record will re- turn to the victorious ways of the past, ■Award winners were Trisha Tyner for " most sets, " Mandy Ogan for " most spikes, " and Tammy Thomson for " Mental Attitude. " The girls JV volleyball team was 5- 7 this year. These girls worked excep- tionally hard, coming up against teams more experienced than we were. With determination and hard work, these girls will be able to uphold the NHS tradition. J, Shonkweiler 1| - _ Row I: Nancy Snavely, Leslie Hawkins, Janet Allen, Stephanie Davis, Angle Helvey, Trisha Hug. Row 2; Coach Gray, Tammy Rohr, Jodi Mettler, Tammy Smith, Jill Prater, Amy Squires, Jeanine Draper, Step- anie Haupert, Coach Shonkweiler, A team party was held at Tammy Thompson ' s house. The team cheers each on during a game. Varsity Volleyball NHS OPP. Wabash 2 1 Eastern 2 Whitko 2 East Noble 2 Warsaw t Tippecanoe Valley 2 Manchester 1 Huntington North -t Huntington Catholic 1 T North Miami 2 Oak Hill 1 2 Southwood 2 Whites (Co. Tourn.) 1 Manchester (Co. Tourn.) 2 1 Wabash (Co. Tourn.) 2 Southwood (Co. Tourn.) 2 Marion Bennett ■) Eastbrook 2 Huntington North (Sec .)0 -t Varsity V( alleyball 33 Junior High football 8th GRADE FOOTBALL: Record: 6-0 Row 1: Brent McKee, Troy Cohen, Alia Mollabashy, Vince Aviles, Terry Harrell, Lance Agness. Vigar, Jeff Galley, Tony Ferrel, Jim Snapp, Troy Cole, Kevin Orpurt, Row 3: Shaun Knee, Troy Friedersdorf, Danny Tester, Jay Booth, Kevin Ricky Stevens. Row 2; Tim Woodward, Tim Miller, Chris Kerr, Matt Pavey, Todd Tipple, Chris Lyons, Chris Neale, John Minnear. 7ih GRADE FOOTBALL: Record: 3-2. Row 1: Barry Myers, Kevin gill, Chad Fordyce, Robbie Ross. Row 3: Ronnie Sommers, Craig Dan- Leming, Mike Miller. Scott Hetlsmanbergcr, Ryan Panning. Row 2: lel, David Snavely, Aaron Dyson, Ronnie Holmes, Coach Diener, Marly Roberts, John Flott. . ' oc Ford, Richard Haldcrman, Billy Stur- 31 Jr Hi football Junior High Volleyball 8th GRADE VOLLEYBALL; Record: 1-6. Row 1: Kelly Elliott, Wen- Angle Nixon. Row 3: Miss Owens, Missy Meyer, Lynn Baber. Julie dy Benson, Julie Christman, Caria Yocum, Teresa Me yer. Row 2: Kristi Lutz, Teresa Davidson, Angle Miller. Daugherty, Tracy Harrell, Jerri Rate, Therese Alexander, Dee Drook, 7th GRADE VOLLEYBALL; Record: 1-6. Row 1: Slacey Hlt rolh, Nikk; Eakright. Donna McNabne , Kelly Hoover, Mand Gifford. Ro« Angle Miller, Kelli Hipsher, Angie Hug, Felicia Haupert, Lisa Ross, 3: Lori Walker, Nicole Talmadge, Tracy Doty, Terena Hoover, Mrs. Mary Jo McKillip, Lisa Blackburn. Row 2: Angie Aviles, Meg Squires, Finch, Debbie Lauer. Jr. Hi Vollesball 35 over Hill — over Dale Our Norsemen Cross-Country sea- son began with an exciting annual Cross-Country camping trip to Brown County State Park for an en- joyable week of camping and run- ning. The fellows developed a team unity and spirit and also a much need- ed cardiovascular conditioning. The season was filled with many exciting challenges and accomplish- ments. Senior Pat Knoblock had a fifth place finish in the T.R.C. Con- ference Cross-Country Meet and an impressive fourth place finish in the Sectional. Pat also had many first place finishes throughout the meet season. The future looks good for the Cross-Country with the up-coming underclassmen with their enthusiasm and desire. Cross-Country is a grow- ing and exciting sport for fellows who are not big enough for football, and who have a big heart and love for run- ning in competition. As Coach Leming always says . . . Haba Baba! VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY NHS OPP. Wabash 48 Huntington North 42 Warsaw 44 North Miami 21 Southwood 29 Bennett 28 Tippecanoe Valley 29 White ' s 22 Huntington Catholic 20 Caston 20 Eastbrook 39 Manchester 44 Whitko 31 Oak Hill 36 Wabash Invi. Manchester Invitational TRC Confer. Sectional Regional P. Knoblock Senior Pat Knoblock and Junior Steve Kinland run together during a meet. f wiKi Freshman Karl Kelly, 36 Cross Country Row 1: Dirk Singer, Pat Knoblock; Row 2: Keilh Kline, Roger Kunkel, Kris Woodward; Row 3: Bryan Reed, Steve Kirtland, Karl Kel- ly, Coach Leming. Senior Dirk Singer. The Cross-Country team relaxes after a meet. Sophomore Kris Woodward. Cross Country 37 Dribble — Pass — Shoot » n- This year ' s Norse girls ' baslcetball seasons may or may not be considered successful depending on whose stan- dards one would use to judge them. Our records of 4-12 for the varsity and 3-8 for the junior varsity are not symbolic of the hard work, time, and frustration that some of the girls dedi- cated this year. Being young and in- experienced was a situation quite new at Northfield. However, some of the qualities which existed on our pre- viously winning teams were evident: desire, dedication, aggressiveness, and hustle. Individual varsity honors were awarded to Laurie Rice, Trisha Tyner, and Tricia Hug for being cho- sen on the all-conference teams, and to Laurie Rice, Trisha Tyner, and Deb Shear for making the all-county teams. Statistically, the leading scor- er for the varsity was Trisha Tyner and for the junior varsity. Angle Hel- vey. Leading rebounder for the varsi- ty was Laurie Rice and for the junior varsity, Jill Rate. With another year or two of hard work, these same young and inexperienced players will uphold the winning tradition for the Norse girls ' basketball team. Lucy Dundore Trisha Tyner passed the ball to an open player. Row 1: Tammy Thompson, Lori Rice. Debbie Shear. Row 2: Coach Dundore, Janet .Allen. Leslie Hawkins, Evelyn Strong, Trisha Tyner, Trisha Hug, Kathy Woodward. 3S Girls " Basketball Row 1; Jody Mettler, Jill Prater, Shelly Thompson, Jeanine Draper, Amy Squires, Jill Rate, Coach Shonkwiler. Tammy Smith. Row 2: Manager Stephanie Haupert, Angle Helvey, Varsity Girls " Basketball NHS OPP. Lewis Cass 23 42 Wabash 33 42 Whitko 42 51 Oak Hill Tour. (E.Brook) 38 47 Southern Wells 46 36 Oak Hill 42 44 North Miami 46 41 Manchester 38 68 Huntington 31 26 Taylor 37 38 Southwood 45 49 Tippecanoe Valley 42 54 Manchester (Cc . Tourney) 28 50 Southwood (Co Tourney) 45 54 Manchester Sec tional 34 72 Eastern 40 33 Coach Dundore gave the girls some last minute instructions. Girls Basketball JUMP — PASS — SHOOT The 1982-82 basketball season was one in which the boys learned that in order to be a true champion, you must overcome adversity. Juniors Duke and Bryan Deeter led the team in al- most every offensive category. Mike Gardner, another junior, led the team defensively. Seniors Bruce Trump and Doug Wilcox were the co-cap- tains of the 81-82 season and Sr. Ed Gottschalk was the recipient of the coveted Mental Attitude award at the end of the year. With the return of a fine junior crop, the future for Big Blue Basketball is very Bright. Unger Northfield and Huntington Catholic prepare for a jump ball at a make-up game that was postponed due to snow, as snow fell outside ' Row 1: Coach Dcsper, Jay D. Bowman. Coach Ungcr; Row 2: Clay Hollenback, Mike Gardner. Ed Gottschalk, Bruce Trump. Tony Kcf- fabcr, Duke Deeter, Br an Deeter. 40 Varsity Basketball Row 1 : Chris Johnson, Jimmy Brickcr. Todd Kcffaber, Bryan Reed; Row 2: Coach Desper. Howard Halderman, Rfxi Hall. Mike Rees. Jav Reed. Bruce Trump wards off a Southwood player. Manchester Southwood Whitko Heritage Oak Hill Taylor Tippecanoe Vally North Miami White ' s Churubusco Easrbrook Wabash Eastern Manchester Huntington Catholic Maconaquah Bennett Wawasee Southwood Sec. Huntinaton N. JcJ fcfcvf f, , -. flp f •MMlJ 8th Boys BB This years Junior Higli basketball 8 A team won four and lost seven. The 8 B team was undefeated in four games. Tim Miller and Tim Woodward were the leading scorers with Tim Miller being the leading rebounder. Coach Walker was pleased with the attitudes and fun- damental development of the entire team. If these young men ' s enthusiasm for basketball remains high, and they develop physical matu- rity, they will be an exciting team to watch as they progress, — Coach Walker Row 1 : Shaun Knee, Burdettc Donaldson, Troy Vigar, Dan Karns, Troy Cole, Rick Stevens; Row 2: Brian Goltschalk, Brent McKee, Tim Woodward. Jay Booth, Danny Tester, Troy Friedersdorf; Row 3: Coach Mr. Walker. John Minnear. Vince Aviles. Tim Miller, Jay Oats. Lance Agncss, Terry Herrel, 7th Boys BB This years seventh grade basketball schedule was cut short because of the weather. This years record was 7 and 3. Leading scorer was Richard Haldcrman with I 1 points a game. - Coach Miller Row I; Mike Miller. Paul King. Steve Brcaton. Rodney Holmes. Rodney Sommers, Scott Hettmanspcrge, Robby Terrel; Row 2: Scoll Summers, Todd Phillips. Mike Tucker, Steve Schlemer, Todd Gouvan, Ryan Panning, Craig Daniels, Aaron Dyson, Row 3; Jeff McKinlc , Chad Kordycc, Robby Ross. John Flotl, Rich- ard Haldcrman, Marly Roberts. Coach C Miller. f) ,- n.a« w Boys Freshman Basketball The ninth grade basketball season was interesting at Northfield this year. Cancellations and rescheduling made for a hit and miss activity where determination and dedication were forever present. The players showed " a never say die " attitude that payed off in many cases. Learning to play without a " big Man " played a major part in developing promising material for future Northfield Basketball. — Coach Mills Row I : Coach Jerry Mills, Keith Kline, Patrick Meyers, Vaughn Honeycutt. Scott Palmer, Mark Nygard; Row 2: Manager Scott Reahard. Toni Miller, Robbie Smith, David Deeter, Larry Smith, Mike Baber, Steve Lahman, Scott Meyers. Brad Baber went up for a shot. £L£Lfi mmm i gma 8th Girls BB The 8th grade girls ' basketball team finished their season with a record of 7-3. In the Count) Touney, Northfield was runner-up, defeating Southwood in the first round and losing to Manchester by 3 points in the finals. — Coach Gra Row 1: Teresa Meyer, Kelly Elliott, Lynn Baber, Peggy Hapner, .Angle Miller; Row 2; Lori Tratum, Libb Kunkel. Teresa Herrel, Jerri Rate, Kristi Daughtery; Row 3: Coach Mrs. Sue Grey, Manager Marcia Frehse, Dawn Hendry, Teresa Davidson, Carla Yo- cum, Julie Lutz, Tammy Woodward. 7th Girls BB The seventh grade girl ' s basketball team fin- ished the season with a 7-1 record. They repre- sented Northfield in the finest way, displaying enthusiasm, team spi rit, and sportsmanship throughout the season. This group will provide Northfield many exciting moments in the fu- ture. — Coach Cussen Row 1: Nicole Talmage, .Angle Miller, .Angle Hug, Felicia Haupert, Kelli Hipsher; Row 2: Coach Ron Cussen, Shelly Keffaber. Lori Walker, Meg Squires, Stephine Young, Kelly Hoover, Lisa Blackburn Junior Basketball 43 VARSITY WRESTLING The Varsity wrestlers finished the 1981-82 season with a 1-5 record. In tournament action, the Norsemen placed 14th at the Twin Lakes Invita- tional, 5th in the T.R.C., and 3rd in the sectional. This year ' s team, led by 3 seniors, showed great improvement over the year and the underclassmen exhibited great potential for the future. Sectional Champions: Howie Powell, and Todd Shear along with runners-up Karl Kelly and Steve Kirtlan represented the Norse at the regional this year. — Coach Campbell Senior Howie Powell received a third placing at Semi State N Varsity wrestling were. Row 1: Howard Powell, Tim Wuensch. Steve Kirtlan. Clary Eltzroth, Tom Neal, David Holmes; Row 2: Coach Camp- bel. Steve Baer. Karl Kelly, Herman Staton. Todd Shear, Jamie Krom, Doug Kasamis, Mark Krom. Coach Diener. 44 Wrestling Jr. High wrestlers were, Row 3: Doug Nelson, Todd Chamberlain, Chris Loins, Chris Kerr, Alia Mallesash, Danny Tester, Kevin Pavey. Row 2: David Snavely, Scott Kramer, Shawn Knee, Aaron Dyson, Jimmy Ballschmids, Troy Vigar, Kevin Orpurt, Bobby Anderson, .Mr- Camp- bell. Row 1: Barry Myers, Steve Breaton, Scott Wysong, Kevin Lemmg. Mike Miller, Matt Mason, Randy James, Rob Ross. Jr. High Wrestling The Junior High wrestlers com- pleted their season with a 2-2 dual meet record and competed in the Whitko Invitational. The experience gained by the 1 1 seventh graders and 12 eighth graders, during this years competition will prove very valuable as these wrestlers move into the high- er grades. Junior Steve Kirtland Sophomore Herman Staton Varsity Wrestling NHS OPP. Peru 35 38 Whitko 3 60 North Miami 26 41 Maconaquah 12 58 Twin Lakes Tourn. 14th Manchester 21 46 Tippecanoe Valley 36 -17 T.R.C. Tourney 5 th Sectional 3rd Re gional Freshman Karl Kelly Freshman Clarv Eltzroth Wrestling 45 r .juyg .-UJU.. LIFT-A-THON The 1982 Lift-A-Thon was the 7th such annual event at Northfield. Over SI, 000 was raised by the twenty a th- letes who participated. The money will be used to purchase items for our weight room. Top fund-raisers in this year ' s Lift-A-Thon were Rob Smith ($145), Bryan LaFerney (SI 17), Howard Halderman (S205), and Jay Reed ($102). Outstanding lifting ef- forts were recorded by Tim Wuensch (260), Jim Schaaf (300), Jay Reed (300), Clary Eltzroth (225), and Tom Neal (225). Upper right: Howard Halderman cheers Jay Reed on as Jay tried to remain under control. Middle left: Bryan LaFerney and Clary Eltz- roth displayed some of the weights used for training. Middle right: Todd Shear demonstrated the bench press. Row I : Tom Neal. Todd Shear, Clary Eltzroth, Brent Arrick. Row 2: Rob Smith, Larry Smith. Danny Herron, Jay Reed. Row 3: Tim Wuensch, Larry Sherwood, Brian McClure, Chris Gifford, Willie Mabee, and Bryan La- Ferney. 46 Lift-.A-Thon Intramurals It was a difficult year for all those who were involved, especially with the large amount of " FLUFF " ! The year was confusing for the players, who usually found out who they were playing the day before a game, the weather made advance scheduling next to impossible. The young men from grades 9 thru 12 were all able sports. The tournament broke tradi- tion. Usually, it ' s the seniors who win, but this year the final game was be- tween sophomores and juniors. The juniors won. Thanks to all! See ya next year! — Mr. Griffith fi ¥% £% iVy s s H ' w . ll V-Ai ( Jl » " . 1 L If r rls2 J 2 4 M H 1 5 1 " Sophomores and Danny. " Row 1 : Bill Tu- dor, Eric Wilson, Mark Kitchen; Rou 2: Kris Woodward, Mike Dock, and Todd Shear. (Not pictured — Danny Pavey.) 2 " Panthers M.D. " Row 1: Brian Benson, Steve Kirtlan; Row : Russell Quillen, Devon Shepherd. Jim Y ' enles, (Not pictured — Brett Donaldson and Harland Haupert II.) 3 " Blitzed. " Row 1 ; Tim Wietzel. Steve Mill- er; Row 2: Mike Enser, Clark Wendt, and Scott Siders. 4 " A. A, " Row 1; Mike Busch. Bob Maca- luso; Row 2: Pat Knoblock, Scott Titus, and Robbie Samons. 5 " We ' re Cheap. " Row 1 : Lonnie Good. Rob Smith, Greg Metz; Row 2: Lee Powell. Doug Kasamis, Jay Smith, and Scott Cooper. §6 " Bud ' s B..- . " Row 1: Ronnie Jones. Brian Boycr; Row 2: Bud Winters, Jim Cla . Scott Patton, and Brian Chamberlain. (Not pictured — Casey Gidley.) 7 " Harley Sportsters. " Row 1: Derrick Shel- ton, Hite Sinclair; Row 2; Ron Beeks. Kenny Hitc, and Bob Haupert Intramurals 4 ' Norse end season with a rally! Varsity Baseball NHS 0pp. Tippecanoe Valle ' 10 13 Huntington North 11 Casion ■) 13 Mississinewa 3 13 Maconaquah 3 14 Rochester 1 21 Rochester 10 Wavvasee T 4 North Miami 17 4 Peru " ) 6 Huntington Catholic 16 6 Huntington Catholic 16 3 Southwood 6 18 Bennett ) 8 Manchester 1 6 Southwood 9 5 Tippecanoe Valley 6 7 Taylor 2 4 Taylor 5 6 North Miami 9 10 Oak Hill 1 4 Whitco 4 3 Eastern 5 Warsaw 1 3 Marion Bennett 3 1 Southwood (Sectional) 10 -) Huntington North (Champ.) 3 14 The Norse had a slow start in " 82. .After losing their first eight games, the team began to get themselves to- gether. They were aided by the return of the team ' s only senior. Dave 01m- stead. Olmstead was awarded Most Valuable Player. Fireball .Award for pitching, and Second Team. Dan Pa- vey received the Big Stick Award. Charlie Hustler Award, and Honor- able Mention in Conference. Bryan Deeter received the Golden Glove Award and Honorable Mention in Conference. The season ended on a positive note as the Norse reached Sectional play. They defeated South- wood in the semifinal game 10-2. In the final game they were defeated by Huntington North. Varsity players were Row 1: Trisha Tyner. Clay Hollenback, Todd Shear. Herman Sla- lon. Bryan Reed, Vaughn Honeycult. Danny Pavey, J.D. Bowman, Mary Stevens. Row 2: Coach Charley Miller, Bryan Deeter, Dave Olmstead. Jim Yentes, Rod Hall. Todd Miller, Duke Deeter, Mike Rees, Jay Reed, Coach Craig Winegardner. « S f IIJJ. t 48 Varsily Baseball The Northfield J.V. team had a season record of 2-8. Rod Hall was the leading hitter with a .5 1 7 average. Underclassmen gained valuable ex- perience for future use. Junior Varsity Baseball NHS 0pp. Wabash ' 32 7 Southwood 1 15 Manchster 20 Peru 1 21 North Miami 3 13 Rochester 1 26 Manchester 12 17 Mississinewa 6 15 Manchester 6 21 Tippecanoe Valley 12 11 J.V. players were Row 1: Brett .Arrick. John Samons, Bryan Reed. Larry Sherwood. Clary Eltzroth, Brad Cole, Bill Tudor. Mark Nygard. Row 2: Coach Miller. Randy Smith. David Deeter, Danny Herron, Rod Hall, Brett Don- aldson, Chris Gifford, Vaughn Honeycutt, Mike Orpurt. Third baseman, Jim Yentes. attempts to tag out a Southwood player. J.V. Vaseball 49 On Your Mark — Get Set — GO! Varsity Boys " Track NHS Opp Lewis Cass 43 83 Wabash 17 106 Tippecanoe Valley 221 2 62 Eastern 221,2 63 ' 2 Manchester 28 81 Whitko 28 52 Whites 661-6 59 ' 2 Southwood 77 49 North Miami 38 84 Oak Hill Relays 7th Tipp. Valley Relays 5th County Meet 3rd T.R.C. Conference 7th The 1982 track season proved to be a very interesting one as the first day of practice was cancelled because of twofeet of snow on the ground. By the end of the season, it was 85 and sunny. The 1982 Northfield track and field team was blessed with many out- standing individual performances. Team spirit was high. The team was led by four Seniors, Troy Dyson, Jeff Gackenheimer, Ed Gottschalk, and Tony Keffaber. The team was represented by eight indi- viduals who qualified during the sea- son. They were Ed Gottschalk, Tony Keffaber, Brian Benson, Todd Miller. Mike Dock, Todd Keffaber, Scott Meyer, and Tom Neal. Award win- ners were MVP — Tony Keffaber, Most Points — Tony Keffaber with 118 pts.. Mental Attitude — Todd Keffaber, and the Event Award to Tony Keffaber, Todd Keffaber, and Todd Miller. A real sense of achievement and improvement was felt by most every trackster. Great enthusiasm was gen- erated and the future looks very bright for the Norse track team. — Coach Leming Dave Mason and Brian Ben.son ran ihc 1 00 yd. dash for the Norse. They gave it (heir all. Row 1; Karl Kelly, Tom Neal, Dave Mason, Toni Miller. Willie Mabee, Jeff Gacken- heimer, Todd Keffaber, Mike Dock, Row 2: Mr. Walker. Sieve Leham, Scott Meyer, Troy Dyson. Tony Keffaber. Todd Miller. Ed Gotts- chalk. Brian Bensen. Kris Woodward, Steve Kirllan, Mr. Leming. 50 Bovs ' Var. Track Improving by leaps and bounds! The girls track team worked very hard this year. They Lisa Smith qualified for sectional in the high jump and were a very young and inexperienced team but improved 200 meter dash. She placed third in the high jump to their times greatly as they progressed through the season. advance to the regional. Lisa jumped 5 ' 2 " in the regional. Row 1: Miss Waggoner — asst, coach. Slcplunic Udw and Laiul Head Coa h Row 2 Angic W il on, R.. c:;a .ui:. Tn .a Hu . Faula Christie, mgrs. .Amy Squires, Angle Helvey, Jill Rale, Leslie Hawkins, Rogers, Lisa Smith, Chris Roberts. Evelyn Strong. Kelli Daniels, Kathy Woodward, Jody Mettler, Jeanine Draper. Miss Shonkwiler, Tammy Rohr. Lisa Smith competed in the high jump at Sec- tional and Regional Meets. Girls Track 51 Seventh Grade Boys ' and Girls ' Track Above: Row 1; Craig Daniel, Mike Tucker, Scott Schuler, Kevin Lem- ing. Rob Ross, Rob Terral. Row 2: Mr. Cussen, Joey Ford, Chad For- dyce, Richard Halderman, John Flott, David Snavely, Mr. Brubaker. Below: Row 1: Kelli Hipshcr, Lisa Blackburn, Angle Hug, Shelly Kef- faber, Nicole Talmage. Row 2: Mr. Cussen. Teresa Glasspoole, Angle Aviles, Meg Squires, Kelly Hoover, Mr. Brubaker. 52 Seventh Grade Track Eighth Grade Boys ' and Girls ' Track Above: Row 1: Teresa Strong, Julie Christman, Kelly Elliott, Lynn Below: Row I: Brian Gottschalk. Troy Viger, Troy Friedersdorf. Lance Baber. Row 2: Mr. Cussen, Julie Lutz, Teresa Meyers, Jerri Rate, Kristi Agnes, Chris Lyons. Row 2: Mr. Cussen, Tim Miller, Jay Gates, Vince Daughtery, Libby Kunkle. Tammi Woodward, Amy Chambers, Mr. Aviles, Mr. Brubaker. Brubaker. 1 1 ' J Eighth Grade Track 53 DRIVE — CHIP — PUTT Players were: Row I: Bruce Trump, Mike Busch, Scott Titus, Greg Metz, Mike Sweet. Row 2: Steve Dangerfield, Robbie Smith, Howard Halderman, Doug Tester, Jimmy Bricker, Chris Johnson, and Mr. Desper. The J.V. and Varsity golf teams both finished with identical 6-5 win- loss records. The Varsity team now has a string of four straight seasons at or above .500. The Varsity finished second in the county, sixth in the TRC, and tenth in the Sectional. The team established three new school re- cords: for 18-hole score, low team average, and low individual average by Mike Busch. Individual award winners were: MVP — Mike Busch, Menal Attitude — Bruce Trump, Most Impro ed — Mike Sweet. Both J.V. and Varsity teams were coached by Mr. Desper. Howard Halderman concentrated on his putt The golf team practiced and played on the Honeywell Public Golf Course. 54 Golf ' Backflip — Walkover — Aerial This years Gymnastics team consisted of Lisa Smith and Nancy Snavely. Since Northfield didn ' t have a coach at North- field the girls had to go to Southwood to practice under coach Jeff Bosiler. The girls competed in several events. Lisa ' s high scores for each event were, Balance Beam 7.6, Floor Exercise 8.7, Unevens 7.9 and Vault 8.2. Nancy ' s were Balance Beam 5.3, Floor Exercise 7.3. Unevens 5.1. Lisa qualified for regional on the Floor Exercise receiving a first place at the Sectional. Hopefully the gymnastics program will continue to grow. Northfield ' s two gymnasts were Freshman Nancy Snavely and Junior Lisa Smith. Lisa Smith doing an arabesque on the balance beam. Nancy Snavely doing a foreward attitude on the balance beam. V Covit% to a HIGH GRADE vield Many NHS students use the Wabash Public Library throughout the year for researching and studying. Guidance Dept 58 Special Services 59 History 60 P.E 61 Business 62 Foreign Language 63 Library 64 English 65 Home Economics 66 Industrial Arts 67 Art 68 Music 69 Math 70 Science 71 Vocational 72 Mrs. Miller was found in the cafeteria and the office. She played a major part in everyday school life. 56 Divider ACADEMICS ' ' ■- ' »!,. •1 5 Kathy Ward enters the school for another busy day. Drivers Education was taught by Mr. Unger. The class has been held as a summer course but was made a class held during the school day. Dennis Kochenour, Mike Busch, and Scott Titus enjoyed the meal they prepared in Single Survival. Divider 57 Guidance Counselors The Guidance Counselors assisted students in scheduling, career plans, academic progress, and personal counseling. Both counselors worked with Junior High students. Miss Garber worked with college-bound high school students while Mr. Miller helped the non-college and vocational students. Senior students interested in a pos- sible teaching career participated in exploratory teaching under the super- vision of Miss Garber. Students worked with elementary students and aided teachers in a variety of activi- ties. Our Guidance Counselors were Miss Garber and Mr, Miller. They helped many students throughout the year. Exploratory Teachers lis Lynette Tonovitz helped teachers at Sharp Creek while Beth Squires Kathy Day worked with students at Sharp Creek while Dave Olmstead traveled to Metro North. helped out at Metro North. iMim jBjji ' ' f ff ' ' ifiinni ' J MM ■KjirioPilJIlfl 1 jJI 1 1 HKl flfllfri Mwij ft Xi li i Vi " " VWh M ■. r j ?.- ' . 2; ' ■ ' = , " ' ' ( ' ' H tlM i iJ itfl WI Km 58 Guidance Department The Special People of NHS Mrs. Eloise Arnold was the school nurse. She conducted required health tests on students. Mrs. Jane Hite taught students with learning disabilities. Mrs. Hite helped Cind Tisdale with a class assignment. Special People 59 Industrial Art There were several levels of Indus- trial Arts this year which were. In- dustrial Arts 1 2, 3 4, and 5 6. There was also an Industrial Arts class for the junior high. The specia project for some of the classes this year was the making of a wall clock from cypress wood. Materials came from Florida. Top righl: Mr. Weekly. Middle right; Mr. Jackson. Below: Students sawing on the clocks. Left: The clocks drying after being varnished. The finish product. 60 Industrial . ' Nrts P.E.: Where The Action Is The Physical Education classes played several different types of games this year. Among those were, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball. Softball, and soccer. The boys played football, and the girls played field hockey. The teachers also took the students bowling for a week. Some of the students had never been to a bow 1- ing alley before. It was a new exper- ience for them. They also learned how to keep score. The teachers were, top. left: Mr. Coppler. mid- dle left: Miss Shonkwiler, and middle right: Mr. Unger. A Northfield student can " Slam Dunk " the best of them can. ike r 1 ■ ■M . 1 ,ii H MIIH . 1 ■ })mjjm§ ■■JJJI WSsl tami m f m- K Stephanie Long looks disappointed. Miss Shonkwiler and Teresa Meyers bowling during gym class. Physical Education 61 Taking Care of Business Classes taught in the Business De- partment were Typing, Advanced Typing, Persona! Typing, Account- ing, Shorthand, General Business, and Business Math. Accounting classes took a field trip to the Farm Bureau. Mrs. Breiner brought in a cake for the Seniors toward the end of the vear. Business courses were taught by Miss Landes and Mrs. Breiner. Mrs. Breiner and students from her Business Math class ran the book- store. Social Studies Social Study courses taught at NHS were Indiana History, U.S. History, Geography, Economics, Government, World History, Psy- chology, Sociology, and Current Events. (Left) Social Studies Depart- ment teachers were Mr. Wine- gardner, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Moffett, Mr. Price, and Mr. Clark. 62 Business Social Studies French or Spanish — It ' s Greek to me! In a world that is getting smaller due to technological advances, the importance of a second language is becoming even greater. Many col- leges require the knowledge of a sec- ond language for admission, and many companies offer higher salaries to bilingual persons. At Northfield the students have a choice of a second language. We offer Spanish and French. In each class, you learn basic grammar, culture, and the use of conversation. Northfield usually has one Foreign trip a year. The Spanish classes are planning an exciting trip to Spain next year. (Top) Mrs. Gackenheimer taught both French and Spanish. (Above left) French students took a day off to make crepes. (Above right) Yuka Watanabe was Northfield ' s only foreign exchange student. She lives in Japan and came to spend a year. She was a Senior and graduated with the class. Yuka played the piano for " You ' re . Good Man, Charlie Brown. " (Left) Carol Christie and Kelley McCammack posed for the camera in Mrs. Gackenheimer ' s room. Foreign Language 63 Librarian and Library Aide and Helpers Northfield has a very versatile li- | ! 1 ,-j ' M [| f brary. There are encyclopedias for re- 1 l i . - li II search work, magazines and books for pleasure reading and an excellent ver- tical file. The library is a great place to relax or do some serious studying in 1 1 | a quiet atmosphere. Library helpers were. Row 1; Kathy bmitn, Becky haknghl. Julie O ' Dell. Row 2: Rodney Holmes and Clayton Jones. English Department Students are required to take Eng- lish through their Junior year. Aside from regular English classes there are Contemporary Literature, Creative Writing, and Advanced Composition. Students studied RO.MEO AND JU- LIET, JULIUS CAESAR, THE HOBBIT, THE CALL OF THE WILD, along with grammar and spelling. English teachers were. Row 1 ; Mrs. Gray, Miss Shonkwiler, Mrs. Hunt, .Mrs. Swan. Row 2: Miss Waggoner, Mrs. Kitt, and Mrs. Bickel. Middle left: Mrs. Bickel got caught by the pho- tographer as she typed up a test. Above: Mrs. Swan ' s English classes read " The Hobbit " and made posters of the dwarfs and wizards. L. to R.: Kiwanis winners were 8th grade; Jim- my Snapp, 2nd and Alyson Reed, 1st. 7th grade Fort Wayne Journal Gazette winners were. Brent Trantum, 1st and Kristie Driesin, 2nd. Mrs. Kitt, Miss Wagoner, and Mrs. Grey pre- sented the awards. In Kiwanis, the 7th grade winners were Kristie Driesin. 1st and Christie Bennett 2nd. (not pictured). Agriculture The Agriculture department offers many different types of classes deal- ing with agriculture. There ' s Agricul- ture for the 7th graders. For fresh- men, there ' s .Agriculture 1 2 and for the sophomores on up. there ' s Farm Structure, .Agriculture Me- chanics, Animal Science, Plant and Soil Science, Agriculture 3 4, Farm Management, Advanced Crop and Livestock Production, Horticul- ture, and Natural Resources. Besides working in the classroom and doing several different projects in the class- room, the teachers took the stud ents on several different field trips. The field trips were both educational and a lot of fun. Top right; Mr. Sweet and Mr, Harts. Middle right; During National FFA Week, several Ag. students drove their tractors to school to celebrate it. Bottom right: Doug Wilcox working on his Pro- ficiency for contest. Bottom left; .alright, Mr. Sweet, quit loafing around on the job. Get to work ' y v: _? 66 . griculture Home Economics The foods classes this year concen- trated on the understanding of the Basic 4 Food Groups and preparing and serving a food from each group. Emphasis was placed on making ac- curate measurements, ability to read and interpret recipes, safety prac- tices, and having lots of fun while learning. Time was spent on developing and understanding of self by some inter- esting activities with communication of self with others. Several weeks in- volved learning to care for children and what makes a super babysitter. Top left: Chris Reed and Mrs. Hanson hold up a cook book that the FH A sold this vear to raise Top right; Mrs, Busch and Mrs. Finch. Middle: Mr. Walls gave a demonstration in a Home Ec. class on how to make a turkey out of a pineapple. Home Economics 67 Oils, Water Colors, Inks Chalk A total of 258 students were en- rolled in art classes. Art courses in- cluded Jr. High Art, Independent Study, Basic Art, Sculpture, Crafts, Drawing, and Painting. Students had entries at the National Scholastic Art Awards Contest at L.S. Ayres in Ft. Wayan. Northfield took top honors at the Wabash Art Association show at Honeywell ' s. Lisa Smith and Paula Rogers were Gold Key Finalists. Their drawings went to New York to compete at the Nationals. Mrs. Pelry was in charge of the Art Depart- ment. She is shown at right instructing stu- dents. (Above) Students were working hard to com- plete their projects. (Middle right) At the Wabash Art Association show, Kevin Womack won first place overall, with his chalk drawing. He was awarded SI 00. Lisa Smith won second prize overall, with her water-color of a train. She won $50. Derrick Shelton won first prize in oils with a sunset everyone loved, (Left) At the National Scholastic Art Contest, Steve Payne and Kris Woodward won Honor- able Mention for their " pointlism " pictures. Scott Palmer won Honorable Mention for his rendition of ducks, using pencil crayons. Lisa Smith advanced to the New York Nationals. Art Department NHS Music Department Band directors: Mr. S tokes and Mr. Trump. Choir director: Mr. Henderson Northfield has a strong music de- partment. There are four choirs. .Members are chosen b audition. Concerts were held at Christmas and on May 1 1 . The A cappella choir sang for graduation. The NHS bands held concerts at Christmas and in the spring. The high school band played in parades and went to the state band contest. Show Band: Row 1: J. Galley. T. Harrell, F. Haupert. M. Squires, C. Richardson, C. Yo- cum, K. Daughter) ' . M. Gackenheimer, D. Zinsmeister. Row 2: .Mr. Trump, J. Minnear, S. Kramer, L. Agnes, B. McKee, K. Hipsher. C. Neal. Row 3: J. Ford. A. Hug, D. Mc Nab- nc , C. Daniel, A. Reed. J Powell, J. Booth. I ' l.iiK. A Miller D ' lin:- S Wysong. Jr. High Band: Row 1: S. Novak, A. Miller, L. Wallon, S. Kirtlan, K. Dreison, R. Stevens. K. Bolinger, G. Van Patten. Row 2: G, Clupper, A. Gifford, L. Henry, M. Shambaugh, R. Sommers, R. Halderman, M. Squires, M. Gackenheimer, C. Richardson, C. Yocum, K. Daughtery, D. Zinsmeister. Row 3: P. Hapner, D, McNabney, A. Hug, J, Ford, T. Cole, S. Long, J. Galley, N. Talmage, T Harrell, F. Haupert, N. Eakright, L. Ross, D. Tester, M. McKillip, J. Flou. C. Neal. K. Hipsher. Row 4: J. Booth, J. Powell, A. Reed, C. Daniel, S. Breaton, R. James, S. House, J. Strain, T. Friedersdorf, J. Gates, S. V song, D. Lauer, R. Terrell, R. Panning, Mr. Trump, T. Gouvan, J. Snapp. B. McKee, L. .- gnes, S. Kramer, J. Minnear Formulas, Proofs, and Equations Northfield offers a wide range of math courses. There was 7th and 8th grade General Math, Accelerated Math, Applied Math, Beginning and Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Trigo- nometry, and for those students who really liked math and did really we in it, there was Caculus. All the types of math taught the students how to work equations, formulas, and proofs. Teachers were, left; Row 1 : Mrs. Car- tright. Miss Dundore. Row 2: Mr. Desper, Mr. Christie, and Mr. Nor- Above righi. Mr. Christie displays his school spirit by wearing a " Go Big Blue " sticker. Above left: Miss Dundore used her spare time to catch up on her reading. Left: Mr. Desper was caught by the camera after he had fmished his daily lecture. 70 Mathematics MIND OVER MATTER! Cr rin re n» Ic u w . m, Ds Our Science Department offers a wide variety of courses for students. Courses taught are Gen. Biology. Adv. Biology, Chemistry, Adv. Chemistry, Physics and Jr. High .Sci- ences. Students learn from firsthand experienc es by dissecting, experi- menting, and calculating. Depart- ment teachers were (left) Mr. Mast. Mr. Brier, Mr. Walker and Mrs. Cartwright. Mr. Mast taught Chem- istry, Adv. Chemistry and Eighth grade science. Mr. Brier taught Biol- ogy, Adv. Biology, Physics and Eighth grade science. Mr. Walker taught Biology and Health. Mrs. Cartwright taught Seventh grade sci- ence. Above, right: Mr. Mast took time out of class to help Trisha Tyner with her chemistry. Left: Casey Gidley. Kathy Day and Tammy Spring seem to enjoy boiling their muskrat skull during .Adv. Biology. Science 1 Vocational Administrators of the Upper Wa- bash Vocational School were (left) Mr. Robert Plunket, Mr. Francis Moorison, and Mr. Hank Whitmore. jtl Mrs. OglesbN supervised Teresa Hoover, Susan Pefley. Lynnelte Tonovitz, Dana Farm- er, and Jill Benzinger in Office Training. it ' s Mrs. Dale helps Cheryl Com build a ginger- bread house in Food Services. 4 Mr. Alexander oversaw Beth Hicks, Denise VanPetten, Cindy Stanely, and Tammy Thom- son in Data Processing. 5 Mrs. Dawes instructed Bert Yocum, Cathy Ward, and Barb Kirkover on styles and ma- keup during Beauty Culture. 72 Vocational Vocational 6 Bonnie Lowe and Janet Bidwell learned Of- fice Training from Mrs. Oglesby. 7 Ron Nordman took Printing, tauglit by Mr. Haper. Kevin Womack took apart many engines during his Auto Mechanics class. 9 Lisa Draper and Danita Hall cut, permed and shampooed during their afternoon Beauty Culture course instructed by Mrs. Beammer. Vocational 1 Bryan Frank and Mark Meyer tinkered with tractors of all sizes under the watchful eye of Mr. Komenski. 2 Devon Shepherd and Scott Patton learned Auto Body Repair under the instruction of Mr. Wahling. 3 Mr. Fishbum taught welding techniques to Richard Palmer and Mike Enser. 4 Jay Brainard, Jim Borelli, and Scott Long looked under many hoods during Auto Me- chanics class. 74 Vocational Vocational 6 Mr. Komenski instructed Steve Kirtlan and Brian Chamberlain in Agricultural Machine Repair. 7 Rick Colley, Derrick Shelton, and .Mike Goodpaster pound and paint in Auto Body, taught by Mr. Wahlig. 8 Jeff Hampton, Zora Hooks and Mike Bar- trum gained experience in the work experience class taught by .Mr. Bailee. Vocational 75 a5 fe to7HIGH GRADE fey Dana Farmer and Karen Ringle sell litter bas- kets during a basketball game to raise money for the Drama Club. Art Club ' ' S Foreign Language 79 FFA 80 FHA 81 Tri Sigma 82 Vocational Clubs 83 Newspaper 84 Shield 85 Student Council 86 Honor Society 87 Speech 88 Drama 89 Mat Maids 90 Cheerblock 91 Jr. High Clubs 92 Poms and Flags 94 Band 95 Choir 96 MMr; Cheerleaders 98 R -J Many N.H.S. students participate in 4-H Clubs K i outside of school. Val Wilcox shows off her ■ ' ■- • Reserve Champion pony. " Sparky. " 76 Divider CLUBS The Shield staff sold Christmas ornaments to raise extra funds. The high sellers were treated to a pizza party at Pizza Hut. )ivider 77 Art Club The Art Club consisted of 35 mem- bers this past year. It had a decorating party in which the club members deco- rated the cafeteria and the halls for Christmas. Mrs. Retry cooked and served chili to about 25 members. The club also decorated again for Valentine ' s Day. In April, the Art Club sponsored a Western Dance for the high school. The decorations centered around the West- ern scene. Ne. t year, the club is plan- ning a trip to the , rt Museum in Indian- apolis. Row 1 : K. Butzin, P. Rogers, T. Tyner. P. Dilling. D. Warford, D. Shelton. Row 2: T. Hoover, A. Wilson, T. Smith, T. Meyer, S. Davis, K. Wood- ward, T. Domin. L. Smith, M. McCammack, M, Bone, M. Ogan. Row 3: J. Hammell, V. Butzin, D. Dellamarggio, L. Wilson, P. Hicks, J. Rate, C. Jones, Mrs. Pelry, R. Tisdale. Row 4: C. Reed. B- Wagner, A. Urschel, S. James, T. Miller, S. Palm- er. D. Cassy. Row 5: M. Tiede, E. Strong, J, McKce, B. Bennett, A. Dyson, M. Coe. Barbie Bennett and Amy Dyson chatted with Mr and Mrs. Petry during the art club dance. 78 Art Club Foreign Language Clubs To raise money for foreign trips the Foreign Language Clubs embari ed on several money-making projects: M M sale, dance, and the sale of cheese and sausage in the fall. A typi- cal Spanish-French dinner was served to the members and to several foreign exchange students from Mexico, Bel- gium, and Japan. A pinata was broken and everyone had fun making their own " crepes. " French Club Spanish Club Row 1: Tammy Spring. Dave .Mason. Sally Weesner. Susan Bull, Mrs. Gackenheimer. Row 2: Kevin Orpurt. Jeff Biehl. Paula Pepple. Stephanie Haupert. Jill Prater. Row 3: Paula Lewis. Margie Teide, Tracy Anderson. Jenny Kramer. Kellie Daniels. Kathy Bull. Row 1: Trisha Hug. Jill Rate. Jenny Mason. .Angle Helvey. Row 2: Pam Hicks. Jodi Kef- faber. Susan Burnsworth. Rhonda Simpson, Tracy Fergison. Stephanie Davis. Carol Chris- tie. Mrs. Gackenhimer. Row 3: Nancv Snave- ly. Wendy Pfanstiel, Kristina Wvsong. Trina Hug, Karin Ogan, Lori Blanke. James Powell. Row 4; .Angle Wilson. Melody Coe. Kelly McCammack. Mandy .McCammack. Jodi Gif- ford. Darcia Watson. Row 5: Toni Thompson, .Angle Ni.xon, Teresa .Meyer. Jerri Rate. Tammy Woodward, Robbie Smith. Patrick Myers. Row 6: Lynette Dyson. Karen Ringle. Leigh Metz. Robin Bingaman. Kitty Sesco, Mike Baber. Mark Nygard. David Deeter. Foreisn Lanauaae Future Farmers of America M. Gardner, J. Allen, and C, Hoppes sil one out at the barn dance In the 1 98 1 -82 year several people participated and won in many different events. We were very proud of our FFA group this year. There were 136 members this year. The members of the different judging teams were: County Dairy Judging team: Doug Wilcox, Tony King, Larry Smith. County Livestock Judging team: Mike Lauer, Tim Keffaber, Kevin Warnock, Janet Allen, Amy Squires, Howard Halderman, Craig Ringel, Chris Gifford, Scott Reahard, Scott Palmer, Jeff Biehl. The State Crops Judg- ing Team was: Brad Deals, Rachael Grossman, Eric Wil- son, Harland Haupert, Valerie Wilcox, Rick Alexander, and Toni Miller. The State Forestry Judging Team was: Casey Gidley. Steve Kirtlan, Lee Risher, Shelly Thomp- son, Diane Weitzel. Jay VanPetten, and Kristi Taylor. FFA: Row 1: Mr. Sweet, S, Long. 1, Meyer, P. Dilling, C. Hoppes, D, Wilcox, R. Grossman, Mr. Hans. Row 2: T. Keffaber. H. Powell. J. Richardson, E. Gottschalk, T. Dyson. P. Callaway, L. Chain, K. S. Smith. J. Barnett. B. Badgely, L. Clark. Row 3: K. Snyder, S. Haupert. B. Donaldson. K. Hite, D. Draper, L. Click, R. Hunt, B. Frank. B. Hosier. S. Lorenz. L. Risher. Row 4: K. Taylor, J. Prater, T. Wuensch. M. Gardener. D. Deeter. B. Deeter, T. Miller. E. Gullet, R. Kunkel. J. Brainard. C. Gidley. Row 5: R, Quillen, R. Bceks. B. Beals, H. Haupert, T. Tucker, F. Terrel. K. Quinn, J. Allen, M Laucr, S. Miller, R. Tucker. Row 6: H. Halderman, T. Keffaber, A. Daniel. T. Shear. C. Johnson. A. 80 F.F.A. Squires. S. Gamsby. D. Weitzel, A. Shelton. T. Bitzel. S. Payne, Row 7: J. Reed. T. Eads. D, Stevens. B, Laferney. B, Miracle. J. Losher, R. Lewis, G, Hapner, R. Gamsby, T. Eads, S. Boggs. Row 8: K. Warnock, C. Ringel. T. Slee, E. Wilson, M. Swango, S. Palmer. R. Alexander. T. Miller, S. Thompson, M. Gidley, T Keffaber. Row 9: R. Rhoades. S. Wilson, J. Miller, J. Mclean. R. Reahard. A. Monce, C. Gifford, D, Lewis, R. Smith. T. Parke. Row 10: S. Meyer, J. Norwood, J. Biehl, D. Case, C. Elzroth. B. McClure. J. Baker. V. Honeycutt, D. Herron, K. McKillip. L, Smith. Row 11: S. Reahard. J. Sammons, C. Grey, J. Neskov, D. Holmes. Future Homemakers of America The F.H.A. kept its members busy duing the year. Members provided dessert and helped to serve at the Men- tal Health Association dinner. They also served at Awards night. Members had the opportunity to go on many field trips. They visited the Candy Kitchen and saw a candy making demonstration. They toured the County Line Cheese factory and went Christmas caroling to area nurs- ing homes. The F.H.A. along with the F.F.A. held a barn dance. To raise money, members sold cookbooks. Awards were presented to Seniors and officers. Mrs. Hanson, of the Public Service Co, presented Chris Reed with the Kitchen Planning Award. She received a cookbook. Row 1 : Mrs. Busch, Kathy Smith, Lisa Snapp, Carol Swihart, Penny Frank, Bev Bidwell, Yuka Watanabe Row 2: Tammy Tucker, Angie Murry, Teresa Bowman, Mandy McCammack, Vicki Knott. Chris Newcommer, Paula Swihart Row 3: Toni Thompson, Lori Blanke. Babette Badgley, Teresa Spradlin, Joy Gibson. Laura Long, Lisa Hashbarger F.H.. . 81 Math and Science Club The Math and Science club took a field trip to Chicago. They explored the museums. Members w ere, Row 1 : Darcia Watson, Lisa Brodbeck. Kathy Day, Lisa Snavely. Sandy Goff, ' Rhonda Reed. Row 2: Jeff Gackenheimer, Jamie Krom, Greg Metz, Tony Keffaber, Byron McBraver. E = mc Tri Sigma The Tri Sigma Club did several things during the year. They had a bake sale where each of the members brought a food article to be sold. They held a cake raffle before Mother ' s Day. Anyone could bu five tickets for a dollar. They drew names at the end of the day to determine who would receive the cakes. The club contributed monev to Ricky Long, who was badly burned in an accident, to help defray his medical costs. Along with these projects, the girls had secret sisters. The girls drew names at the begin- ning of the year. Secret sisters gave each other gifts on holidays and birthdays. At the end of the year, the girls revealed the names of their secret sisters. Row 1: Mrs. Hunt, Lori Blanke, Jill Hammel, Lisa Brodbeck. Jane Barnett, Cindy Stanley, Lynetti. Tonoviiz, Teresa Hoover. Shelly Gamsby, Angle Wilson, Diane W ' eitzel. Row 2: Kathy Day. Angle Mur- ray. Rhonda Reed. KelK Ervin, Christie Taylor, Karin Ogan, Lynette Dyson. Karen Ringle, Nancy Snavely, Jenny Kramer. Row 3: Lisa Sna- vely. Beth Squires, Lisa Tackett, Darcia Watson, Lori Calloway, Jill Prater, Pam Hicks. 82 Tri Sigma Math . Science OEA HOSA OEA-Office Education System of America. Students who are enrolled in Data Processing or Office Training may participate in OEA. Officer from Northfield was Susan Pefley President. HOSA-Health Occupation Students of America. Stu- dents who are enrolled in a Health Occupations class may participate in HOSA. Officer from Northfield was Beth Treska, President. VICA-Vocational Industrial Club of America. Stu- dents who are enrolled in a Technical or Industrial Trade class may participate in VICA. Officers from Northfield were Barbara Kirkover Beauty Culture one. President: Danita Hall Beauty Culture two. Secretary: Jerry McCol- ley Machine Shop, President. FFA-Future Farmers of America (not pictured). Stu- dents who are enrolled in Agriculture Mechanics may participate in FFA. Officer from Northfield was Brian Chamberlain President. OEA Row 1: Susan Pefley, Tammy Thomson. Cindy Stanley. Teresa Hoover. Row 2: Beth Hicks, Dana Farmer, Lynette Tonovitz. Row 3: Kris Lantz, Jill Benzinger. HOSA: Laurie Rice and Vlcrkie Hooks. VICA Row 1: Brian Benson. Jim Yentes. Row 2: Brian McNabney. Sheryl Corn, Brian Boyer, Row 3: Devon Shepherd. Scott Patton. VICA N ' ocational School Clubs S3 J Miss Waggoner was the sponsor for the school newspaper. Below; The Northstar staff was. Row 1: Veronica Butzin, Susie McVoy. Row 2: Pam Dilling, Faye Engleman. Row 3; Kelly Ervin. Michelle Bone. Row 4: Bvron McBraver, Trov Dvson. NORTH STAR SENIOR EDITION 84 Northstar Rea Jean Wcller helped with indexing and typ- ing. She also helped to put together the album section. YEARBOOK STAFF: Row I: Angle Rea- hard, Stephanie Young, Mandy McCamack. Jill Hammel, Kelly McCamack. Lisa Tackett, Darcia Watson. Kristina Wysong, Jodi Kef- faber. Tammy Smith. Tracy Anderson. Row 2; Babette Badgley. Lana Clark. Lynette Tono- vitz. Teresa Hoover, Susan Pefley. Beth Squires. Pam Dilling. Jane Barnett. Kim (Top) Rick Tisdale and Julie Rale ucrc in charge of ads. (Bottom) Angle Reahard helped with indexing, posting and typing. Smith, Julie Rate, Dawn Dellamargio. Shelly Gamsby. Angle Wilson. Mrs. Kitt. Row 3: Faye Engelman. Veronica Butzin. Susan Bull. Dana Farmer, Teresa Spradlin. Joy Gibson. Missy Farmer. Lori Calaway. Sally Francis. Lisa Hashbarger. Trina Hug. Pam Hicks. Diane Weitzel. Row 4: Lisa Shavely. Janelle Baer, Mitzi Miller. Mandv Wrisk, Mikki Gid- 1982 SHIELD Staff The Shield staff held its annual Yearbook Dance this fall. Staff mem- bers brought in food and passed out 1981 yearbooks. Staff members are called upon throughout the year to write copy, type, identify people, take pictures, and to post and index pages. The Shield held its first fund raising drive. Members sold wooden Christ- mas ornaments. High sellers were treated to a pizza party at Pizza Hut. Staff members also helped to sell ads for the book. Part of the money raised by the staff was used to add eight new pages to this year ' s book. Icy. Kathy Bull, Barbie Bennett, Carol Swi- hart, Jenny Mason. Julie Grandstaff. Paula Hapner. Jill Rate. Row 5: Julie Lutz. Julie Christman. .Myson Reed. .-Xngie Nixon. Sonia Sturgill. Donna Hall. Joyce Hively. Meg Wil- son. Rae Jean Weller. Jerri Rate. Marcie Shambaugh. Shield, 85 National Honor Society The National Honor Societ se- lected new members and held its in- duction in the fall. During the year. Honor Society members tutored stu- dents at Sharp Creek, and for various teachers at Northfield. The Honor Society Breakfast was held on Ma 19, at Brewer ' s. Officers were Jamie Krom, President; Lisa Brodbeck, Vice President; and Sandy Goff, Sec- retary. The senior membe rs of the National Honor Society wore yellow stoles on their gowns during gradu- ation. Row 1 ; Kathy Day, Rhonda Reed, Lisa Brodbeck. Cindy Stanley, Tammy Thomson, Miss Garber. Row 2: Lynnetle Tonovitz, Sandy Goff, Lisa Snavely, Beth Squires, Sally Francis, Susan Bull. Row 3; Denise Warford, Lisa Smith. Paula Rogers, Teresa Domin, Mandy Ogan, Trisha Tyner. Row 4: Lee Risher, Brad Beals, Jim Yenles, Mark Bolinger. Harland Haupert IL Steve Kirtlan. Row 5: Dirk Singer. Bruce Trump. Dave Olmstead, Doug Kasamis, Jamie Krom, Doug Wilcox. Paula Rogers and Lisa Smith show us their keys they received when they became members of National Honor Society. ' ™V) 86 National Honor Societv Student Council Row 1; Mrs. Hunt, Rhonda Reed, Lisa Snavely, Sandy Goff, Doug Wilcox. Row 2: Rachel Grossaman, Belh Squires, Debbie Shear, Mandy Ogan, Mandy McCammack. Row 3; Brian Reed, Tricia Hug, Lisa Tacketl, Amy Squires, Jody Gifford. Row 4: Tracy Anderson, Tammy Smith, Darcia Watson, Rick Alexander, Kelly Ervin. Row 5: Tim Woodward, Theresa Meyer, Kari Hipsher, Julie Lutz, and Denise Warford. The Student Council helped out in several thing.s this year. They spon- sored Homecoming and the Home- coming Dance. Student Council also purchased a name plate for the drink- ing fountain, which they had donated previously and materials for ping- pong tables that Mr. Weekly con- structed. After the tables were com- pleted, some of the members painted them. Mandy Ogan. Denise Warford. and Harland Haupert II attended the 1st Regional Leadership Conference in Scheerville. Indiana. The crowd walking back to their seats in the bleachers after half time at Homecoming. Student Council 87 Speech Team The Speech Team had 30 active members, 11 returned and 19 new- comers, mostly freshmen and sopho- mores. Kim S. Smith and Jay Smith went to State in Drama Duo. Seven people competed in NFL District. Beth Treska placed 5th in Drama and Harland Haupert 11 received 2nd in Original Oratory. The team attended 10 meets. Due to bad weather, this was the first in Speech Competition History that meets were cancelled. College students who assisted in coaching were Dave McKenzie, Lin- da, Kevin, and Greg Reed. Mrs. Pat Smith drove the bus. The key to suc- cess was " Enthusiasm and Spirit " . The Speech and Drama Clubs sold hamburgers before a football game as one of their fund- raising projects. Row 1: Mrs. Bickel. Dave Mason, Susan Pe- fley, Mike Lauer, Kim S. Smith, Beth Squires, Jenny Mason, Harland Haupert M. Row 2: Kelly McCammack, Lisa Hayes. Lisa Snapp, Kathy Smith, Karin Ogan. Sally Francis, Lisa Hashbarger, Stephanie Haupert. Row 3: Kris Woodward, Scott Reahard, Mike Saber, Tim Keffaber, Rick Alexander, Robbie Smith, Toni Miller. Row 4: Denise Warford. Jeff Gacken- heimer, Albro Daniels, Brad Cole, Jay Smith, Jill Benzinger. Dana Farmer. Speech Team Drama Club Drama Club members produces a fall musical, " You ' re A Good Man. Charlie Brown " and the spring chil- dren theater productions, " Step On A Crack " and " In One Basket " . The children ' s theater was funded, in part, by a grant from the Wabash Co. Arts Council. Parts of both the fall and spring plays were shown to the ele- mentary schools. " Step On A Crack " was given for the 7th and 8th grades at NHS. 35 members traveled to Ball State to see the Broadway Touring Company Production of " Annie " . The fund-raiser was Litterbaskets. Lucy (Pam Dilling) threatens Linus (Mike Lauer) in You ' re A Good Man. Charlie Brown. Drama Club members work both on stage and behind the scenes. Row 1 ; Mrs. Bickel, Susan Pefley, Mike Lauer, Jane Barnett, Pam Dilling, Kim Smith, Beth Squires, Jenny Mason, Doug Kasamis, Har- land Haupert. Row 2: Dave Mason, Kathy Bull, Barbie Bennett, Lisa Hayes, Kathy Smith, Karin Ogan, Sally Francis, Lisa Hash- barger, Stephanie Haupert, Karen Ringle, Row 3: Tina Meyer, Darcia Watson, Kris Woodward, Scott Reahard, Mike Baber, Tim Keaffaber, Rick Alexander, Robbie Smith, Toni Miller. Row 4: Paula Hapner, Julie Grandstaff, Denise Warford, Jeff Gacken- hiemer. , lbro Daniel, Rhonda Simpson. Dana Farmer, Lori Blanke. Kristie Taylor, Teresa Bowman. Row 5: Dan Flott. Missy Farmer. Carol Christie. Kelly McCammack. Dawn Dellimarggio. Julie Rate. Susan Bull. Tammy Spring, Clay Hollenback, Todd Miller. Drama Club 89 Z O C CA) W H O ) Mdl Maids ZKt 5 UK w w « m -JO u iiS Divider ' 3 1 J .i i F ' Ty-. ' :. " aL:s : ' -- -.; m w ' ■ A, ' . . ■■ _jrii nfij B- ' V K ' " dJ% t H if g BP ■ ■ r : ' 1 ' ■H llafl a ' ' ml IS y tf ' 11 u • ,- .z. ? «■ M .i-. ' .«.« SR» QB 9: Jr High Clubs Jr. F.F.A. The Northfield Junior High FFA started its year with the most mem- bers ever. The 71 members began by electing the following people as offi- cers. President, Troy Cole; Vice- President, Brian Gottschalk; Secre- tary, Julie Christman; Treasurer, John Minnear; Reporter, Terry Har- rell; Sentinel, Chris Kerr. Highlights of the year included a trip to Wendel and Scott Dawes farm in the fall, where we saw an irrigation system, farm machinery, veal oper- ation, swine system, and a confine- ment poultry growing operation. In the Spring, we teamed up with the Junior High FHA and Model Clubs and headed to Huntington where we spent an evening roller skating. F.F.A.: Row 1: R. James, T. Eads.C. Kerr, B. Gottshalk, T. Cole, J. Minnrear, J. Christman, T. Harrell, K. Hoover, Row 2: T. Robins, P. Ly- ons, K. Slee, B. Donaldson, K. Pavely, S. Wy- song, R. Stevens, D. Tester, M. Coheny. Row 3: D. Zinmeister, D. Wall, G. Walters. J. Gal- ley, C. Lyons, C. Richardson, S. Staton. Row 4: R. Panning, S. Hettmansperge, S. Benedict, S. Alexander, T. Phillips, M. Layne, S. Fleck, K. Orpert, K. Hipsher. A. Reen. Row 5: S. Knee, D. Coolew, P. Drudge, M. Tucker, E. Weitzel, D. Miller, T. Ferrel. Row 6: T. Becks, M Squires, K. Hipsher. S. Schuler, D. Lauer, L Wallen, S. Ross. R Cass. Row 7: J, Baker, T Chamberlain, S. Fads, B. McKee. A. Moll bashy, B. Clonts, T. Woodward, P. Lewis. Row 8: D. Karns, T. Vigar, T. Millen, D. Henry, K Daughtery, T. Woodward, J. Rate, C. Yocum, T. Meyer, M. Meyer. Jr. F.H.A. The Jr. High Future Homemakers of America was 56 members strong during the 1981-82 school year. Offi- cers were President, Dee Drook; Vice President, Sandra Ross; Secretary, Amanda Gifford; and Treasurer, Shari Kirtlan. The Jr. High combined with the Sr. High FHA sold cook- books as their money making project. Both Sr. and Jr. High clubs went Christmas caroling for area nursing home residents. In April the FHA went roller skating with the Jr. High FFA and Model Club. During May the club prepared baked goods as a treat for their mothers on Mother ' s Day. F.H.A.: Row : Mrs. Fmch, D. Drook S. Kirtlan, M. McKillip, S. Kerr, F. Haupen. J. Strain, B. Bull, T. Utterback, M. Adams. Row 2: A. Mill- er, A. Bechtodl, S. Novae, L. McLaughlin, T. •McKernon, L. Blackburn, A. Tackett, M. Shambaugh, S. Young, Row 3: T. Smith, ,M. DeBoard, P. Lewis, R. Anderson, A. Nixon. A. Smith, D, Tucker, Row 4: S. Eltzroth. W. Ben- son, A. Boyll, J. Lutz, T. Haomton, L. Henry. S. Weiss. Row 5: A. .Miller, A. Gifford. f . Alexander, T. Harrell, .M. Frehse, T. David- son, M., M. Penix. Row 6: B. Winstead. M. Wilcox, P. Quillen, J. Beeks, R. Case, S. Ross, J, Lucas. Model Club Boys in seventh and eighth grade interested in building models may join ngs the Jr. High Model Club. Meeti were held at least once a month during activity period and after school until 5:00 p.m., to work on models. Each member was required to build at least one model per semes- ter. These models were then put on display in the bookstore window for a period of time. Other activities during the year were a skating party and a bowling party. Sponser of the club was Mr. Norman. Model Club: Row 1: John Flott, Tom Domin, Paul King, Scott Summers. John Evans, Kevin Leming, Row 2: Mr. Norman, Randy James. Todd Phillips, Bill Sturgill, Tom Lowe, Jeff McKinley. Jr. High Clubs 93 Norsettes Poms and Flags Poms (top); (left lo right). Jill Hammel. Beth Wagner, Kim Smith. Teresa Hoover. Michelle Bone. Kathy Day. Cindy Stanley. Tammy Smith. Sandy Goff. and Angle Reahard Not pictured: Dawn Della- marggio and Faye Engleman Flags (bottom): Row 1: Gina Guttrich. Kelli Phillips, Angle Murry. Kim Quinn. Tracy Hoover. Tammy Rohr, Wendy Pfansliel. Row 2: Rachel Grossman. Jane Barnelt. Carol Christie. Robin Bingaman. Beth Hicks, Jody Gifford, and Teresa Domin, 94 Norsettes Summer Band 1 Band members load a bus and make ready to depart for Delaware County 4-H Fair band contest. 2 After the State Band Contest everyone relaxed and got back into their jeans as soon as possible. 3 Mark Nygard carefully rehangs his band uniform after the State Band Contest. 4 Scott Reahard casually glanced at the camera just before the State Band Contest. Eyes front, ScottI 5 Northfield marched in the Roann Festival parade. J l MAH . . . MAE . . . ME . . . iiMMirhi!. iiniiiiiliBiii ACAPPELLACHOIR. Row 1:S. Penc ,L. Blanke, K. Ogan, P. Frank, S. Bull. J. Baer, K. Tudor. P. Hapner, J. Mason. M. McKillip, S. Bumsworth. S. Clonts, K. Fearnow. J. Benzinger. T. Ferguson. B. Treska. Row 2: A. Squires. J. Grandstaff, J. Rate. R. Simpson, F. Engleman. K. Preston, L. Tackett. D. Farmer, D. Dellamarggio, K. Woodward. L. Hayes. D. Driscoll, T. Anderson, T. Smith, K. McCammack, K. Smith, B. Squires, P. Dilling. Row 3: H. Halderman, S. Meyer, C. Gifford, J. Newcomer, D. Mason, R. Smith, B. Womack. P. Myers, T. Miller, B. Boring, B. Hauperl, M. McCord, M. Lauer. Row 4: H. Sinclair, C. Jones, J. Smith, M. Dock, T. Keffaber, E. Wilson, B. Benzinger, R. Alexander, S. Palmer, T. Keffaber, F. Lucas, S. Reahard, K. Woodward, B. Trump. lllllllMllllilllllliJIIIUI TREBLE CHOIR. Row I: B. Eaknght. K Daniels. L Snapp. A Copper. T. Spradin. S. Dier. C Dunphy. J, Mofford. C. Hoppes. M Miller. D. Phillips. C. Swihart. Row 2; S. Hauperl. L. Glasspoole. K. Dyson. L. Dyson, C. Newcomer, D. Watson, J. Barnelt, L. Calaway, D. Frieden, K. Smith, J. Gibson, J. Bidwell. Row 3: J. Keffaber, T. Hug, M, Chittick, P. Swihart, R. Weller, K, Ringel, S. Overman, C. Campbell, R. Tucker, K. Wysong, A. Shelton. Row 4: T. Wallen, M. Buchtel. J. Hivley, M. Wilson, T. Bessette, B. Bennett, K. Bull, M. Gidley, B. Lowe, S. Fearnow, S. SturgiU. D. Hall. 96 Choirs . . . MOU . . . MOO e«« !illl!!lllll!!ll!llllllMl!!!IJIIl!lll!!lJ!llllimil!ll!Ulli 7TH GR. CHOIR, Row 1: L. Campbell, D. Enser, T. Hoover, T. Hornung, T. McKernan, M. Shambaugh, S. Kirtlan, T. Utterback, A. Hug, P. Boyer, F. Haupert, A. Smith, K. Hoover, L. Walker, A. Gifford, M. Squires, S. Young, T. Hampton. Row 2; D. McNabney, D. Kirk, T. Dyson, M. McKil- lip, N. Talmage, S. Eltzroth, G. VanPetten, A. Miller, D. Tucker, C. Ben- nett, T. Smith, L. Blackburn, C. Brown, K Hipsher, B. Bokin, T. Glas- spoole, S. Brown. N Eaknght Row ? T Hams. A Tacketi. S. Weiss, R. Hall, A, Aviles, S. Keffaber, B. Bull, R. Terrel, D. Kessler, P. Drudge. J. Diskey, T. Eads, M. Mason, B. Myers, K. Overman, B. Trantum. C. For- dyce. Row 4; R. Halderman, D. Snavely, J. Ford, T. Phillips, S. Summers. D. Nelson, M. Roberts, M. Miller, S. Schlemmer, J. McKinely, B. Prey, T. Gouvan, R. Ross, S. Schuler, M. Gackenheimer, B. .Anderson, .A. Duson. B. Sturgill. ll!!!!!il!!!![;!!!l!ll!|i!ll!llll!l!!!l!llilltlill!!!JI!i!ltll!mil!!IJIIII 8TH GR. CHOIR, Row 1 ; T. Harrell, M. Deboard, K. Hipsher, J. Schlem- mer, T. Alexander, M. Adams, A, Boyll, C. Eltzroth, P. Hapner, W. Benson, D. Lauer, M. Frehse, M. Frehse, P. Lewis, L. Saber, T. Meyer, A. Miller, A. Reed, A. Bechtold, T. Strong, L. Kunkel. Row 2: T. Davidson, K. Slee, C. Day, S. Novak, D. Kirkover, K. Simpson, J. Christman. L. Wallen, M. Frieden, T. Mabee, P. Lyons, S. Staton, J. Seeks, G. Sesco, R. Stouffer, D. Drook, Angy Nixon, L. Mclaughin, J. Rate. Row 3: T. Woodward, R. Anderson, T. Robbins, D. Hendry, C. Yocum, NL Meyer, K. Elliott. NL Penix, S. Kerr, T. Cole, S. Eads, E. Weitzel, T. Ferrell, J. Fearnow. A. Mollabashy, T. Miller. Row 4: M. Cohen, V. . viles, T. Harrell, S. Smith. D. Eakright, C. Neal. B, Keaffaber, B. Clonts. T. Tipple. S. Fleck, C. Lyons. Choirs 97 Cheerleaders Even before the 81-82 school year began, the Northfield cheerleaders attended various summer camps where they learned many new chants and cheers that would help them lead the football and basketball teams on to victory. NHS was especially filled with pride and spirit the week of the Sectional. The student body showed their enthusiasm by decorating the halls and lockers, and by wearing out- of-the-ordinary school clothes such as sweatsuits and sun glasses. The cheerleaders would like to express a special thanks to all the supportive fans who helped maintain the spirit, pride, and sportsmanship at NHS and especially to Mrs. Finch and Miss Owens, cheerleading sponsors. Freshmen Cheerleaders were Row 1: Trina Hug; Row 2: Linda Christie, Tracy Anderson; Row 3; Rhonda Tucker. Seventh grade Cheerleaders were: Shari Kirt- Ian, Shelly Keffaber, Teal Dyson, and Marci Shambaugh. Eighth grade Cheerleaders were: Kari Hipsher; Row 2: Allison Reed, Candi Richard- son; Row 3: Sheila Kerr. Varsity Cheerleaders were Row 1: Anne Urs- chel, Kelly Ervin, Susan Pefley; Row 2: Lyn- ette Tonovitz, and Lisa Brodbeck. Cheerleaders 99 %Covin to a HIGH GRADE »ie1d David Holmes discovered a new way to get on the tracl . Seniors 102 Juniors 1 18 Sophomores 121 Freshmen 127 Eighth 127 Seventh 130 Jr. High Activities 133 Jimmy Bricker dozed off during his study hall. Too much homework, Jimmy? 100 Divider ALBUM 111 V-1- ' y I I J r. I T ! T nTT ' Vince Aviles and Rick Alexander leaned on Kristi Day during lunch hour. Lonnie Good, Greg Metz, Jay Smith and Lee Powell enjoyed some time in the sun as " gradu- ation grew nearer. Lana Clark prepared to dissect a cake. Divider 101 CLASS OF 1982 Graduation looked a long way off in September, 1981. Everyone moaned that it would never get here. W ' e soon forgot our complaining as the days started going by faster with ordering our caps, gowns, and an- nouncements. We were able to pick our own Homecoming queen candi- dates and make our own float. Every- one could be heard yelling GO SEN- lORSI dow n the halls during the days before the final Powder Puff football game. Yes, we had caught the disease C ' L.AS.S FLOWER: YELLOW RO.SE that all parents and teachers dread — " SENIORITIS " !!! At the semester we lost several members of the " Class of 82 " as mid- term graduates. Realizing that we had only one semester left together and so much to do, we made the best of it. We spent weekdays and week- ends with friends or boyfriends find- ing moments to cram into our mem- ory books or a special time to tuck CLASS MOTTO: THE SHADOWS OF YESTERDAY ARE THE PROMISES OF TOMORROW away into a corner of our hearts. Months shrank to weeks, to days, and hours until graduation was only minutes away. As we waited in line, we realized that it was time to step forward and introduce ourselves to the world, saying, this is what I made of myself; I ' m proud and I ' m going to make it out there. Now, we leave relatives, friends, and maybe a few enemies to form our own new, exciting and individual lives. CLASS COLORS: BABY BLUE AND PALE YELLOW BABETTE BADGLEV JANE BARNETT JILL BENZINGER JANET BIDWELL 102 SENIORS ANTHONY BORELLI MARK BOLINGER BRIAN BOYER LISA BRODBECK TODD BURGESS MIKE BUSCH LARRY CHAIN SENIORS 103 BRIAN CHAMBERLAIN LANA CLARK JIMMY CLAY LEONARD CLICK SCOTT COOPER DAWN DELLAMARGGIO jj » L. % 104 SENIORS DOUG DRAPER PAMELA DILLING LISA DRAPER VERN DUNPHY TROY DYSON DANA FARMER SALLY FRANCIS SENIORS 105 irai i ' SANDY GOFF BRYAN FRANK LONNIE GOOD MIKE GOODPASTER EDWARD GOTTSCHALK JILL HAMMEL SCOTT HAUPERT 106 SENIORS BETH HICKS TERESA HOOVER BILL HOSIER DEBBIE HUNT RONNIE HUNT RON JONES SENIORS . 107 DOUG KASAMIS PAT KNOBLOCK JAMIE KROM TOM LAFERNEY SCOTT LONG BONNIE LOWE 108 SENIORS BOB MACALUSO BYRON MCBRAYER MINA MCKILLIP GREG METZ its- M MARK MEYER NATHAN NYGARD CHARLES MOFFORD SENIORS 109 DAVE OLSMSTEAD SUSAN PEFLEY HOWIE POWELL LEE POWELL JULIE RATE KRIS REAHARD 110 SENIORS CHRIS REED LAURIE RICE JEFF RICHARDSON ROBBIE SAMONS DEBBIE SHEAR BETH SHLLTZ SENIORS 111 HUE SINCLAIR KIM S, SMITH KIM A. SMITH LISA SNAVELY CONNIE SPRADLIN 112 SENIORS CINDY STANLEY BETH SQUIRES MIKE SWEET TAMMY THOMSON SCOTT TITUS LYNNETTE TONOVITZ BETH TRESKA SENIORS 113 BRUCE TRUMP ANNE URSCHEL TIM VIGAR TODD VIGAR BETH WAGNER DOUGLAS WILCOX 114 SENIORS ROBERT -BLD " WINTERS MARY TUCKER WILLIAMS MYRON SMITHERS JEFF GACKENHEIMER LOIS BONE PHILLIPS RON NORDMAN SCOTT JAMES :i ti SENIORS 11: PHIL CALLAWAY DANITA HALL MERKIE HOOKS DARRYL HOUSE DENNIS KOCHENOLR DENISE VAN PETTEN KRISTINE LANTZ 116 SENIORS .X f - Juniors — Juniors — Juniors — Juniors — Juniors Bear. Janelle Beals, Brad s. Ron Benson, Brian Benson. Shelly Basselte. David Bone, Michelle Brainard, Jay Bull, Susan Burnworth, Susan Butzin. Veronica Campbell, Connie Cooper, April Corn. Sheryl The Junior class began putting the finishing touches on their high school years. Magazine sales were con- ducted in October. There were record high sales which totaled $2965.57, making 1982 the most successful year to date. The money raised was used for the Jr.-Sr. Prom and graduation. High sellers were Mike Laurer, Harland Haupert 11, Lee Risher, Jim Yentes, Janelle Baer, and Rachel Grossman. Class officers were Presi- dent Denise Warford; Vice President Mike Laurer; Secretary Teresa Domin; and Treasurer Lee Risher. Gidley, Casey Gifford, Jody Gray, Dee Grisham. Laurie Grossman, Rachel Gullett, Ed Guttrick, Gina Haupert. Bob Haupert. Harland Hayes, Lisa Hite, Kenny Hively. Joyce Hollenback, Clay Hoppes, Cathy Engelman. Faye Enser, Mike Ervin, Kelly — Juniors — Juniors — Juniors — Juniors — Juni Kirllan, Sieve Knott, Vicki Kunkle. Roger Kirkc.vcr. Barb Lafc-rney. Tammy Lauer. Mike Linsburg. Scoli Long. Laura MaMjn. Jenn McCammack. landy McNabney, Brian McVoy, Susie Miller, John Miller, Milzi Newcomer, John Nisbit, Dan O ' Dell, Julie Ogan, Mandy Orpert, Mike Overman, Shawn Palmer, Richard Parker, Richard — ¥1 Jenny Mason got her feet wet when she attempted to catch a water balloon during the balloon toss. Patton, Juanita Phillips, Debbie Phillips, Kelli Prater, Jeff Preston, Kim QuiUen, Russell Quinn, Kim Risher. Lee Rogers, Paula Shclemmer. Dee Shephard, Devon Siders. Scott Simpson, Rhonda Smith. Lisa Juniors 119 Juniors — Juniors — Juniors — Juniors — Juniors Snyder, Am Spradlin, Pam Spradlin, Teresa Spring, Tammy Slefanatos, Andy Stevens, Mary Sturgill, Sandy Wilson, Meg Womack, Kevin Wood, Shaun Wrisk, Mandy Wuensch, Tim Yenles, Jim Yocum, Roberta Sophomores — Sophomores — Sophomores — So Allen, Janet Arrick, Brett Bassette, Tammy Bidwell, Brenda Bitzell, Teresa Blanke, Lori Boring, Bobby Bowman, Teresa Bricker, Jimmy Butchel. Marlene Calaway, Lori Christie. Carol Christman, Lynn Clifton. Tammv Daniel. Albro Davis, Stephanie Dock, Mike Doty, Tom CLASS RINGS A big highlight of the Sophomore year, Is knowing class ring time is near. We like picking the color, shape and size. While our parents are saying, " Economize! " Waiting for the rings to arrive. Gives a Sophomore a reason to survive. The thrill of wearing your new class ring. Is only surpassed by the latest thing. When your fellow comes around with a ring of his own, Your love for each other soon will be known. rU trade rings with my most recent flame; All of my friends seem to be doing the same. Julie Grandstaff Drook. .Andy Dunphy, Camay Eads. Tadd Eads, Troy Elzroth, Meredith Eltzroth. Becky Farmer, Missy Fearnow. Shelly Ferguson. Tracy Gamsby. Shelly Gamsby. Riley Gibson. Joy Goodpaster. Debbie Grandstaff. Julie Grisham. Brian Halderman. Howard Hall, Billy Hall, Donna Hapner. Gary Hapner, Paula Harve , Darrin Sophomores 121 Sophomores — Sophomores — Sophomores — Sop Hashbarger, Lisa Hawkins. Leslie Hayes, Bob Helvey, Angie Hobbs, Kris Hooks, Zora Hosier. Marti Hug, Tricia Hunt. Cathy James, Jenny Johnson, Chris Jones, Clayton Keffaber, Todd Keppel, Jon The Sophomore class had an enjoyable year. Over half of the class ordered class rings from Jostens. They participated actively in sports and clubs. Libby Taylor was the homecoming representative. The class officers were Bryan Reed, President; Tricia Hug, Vice Presi- dent; Carol Christie, Secretary; Jim Schaaf, Treasurer. Lisa Tackett, Amy Squires and Andy Drook were Student Council Representatives. Mabce. Willie Mason. Dave McCammack. Kelly Meek. Wayne Meyer. Tina Miller. Sheryl Miracle. Bobby Murray. Angle Ogan. Karin Owens. Martha Parker. Rosie Payne. Steve Pepple. Paula Pressler, Debbie 1 22 Sophomores mores Sophomores — Sophomores — Sophomores Rale. Jill Reed, Br an Reed. Jay Rees. .Mike Resler, Brenda Ringel, Craig Ross, Mary Ross, Shelly Sctiaaf. Jim Shear, Todd Shellon, Adrena Slee. Todd Smith, Kathy Smith, Robert Tudor, Bill Wall, Denise Wamock. Kevin Weesner. Sallv Weitzel, Diane White, Tracy Wilcox, al Wilson, .- ngie ' ilson. Eric Womack. Bryan Woodward, Kathy Woodward. Kris Working, Ken Wolf, Montv Sophomores 123 Freshmen — Freshmen — Freshmen — Freshmen Alexander, Rick Anderson, Tracy Baber, Mike Baer, Steve Baker, Jim Bart rum, Mike Bennett, Barbie Benson, Kelly Benzinger, Brent Biehl, Jeff Bingaman, Robin Boggs, Sharon Bolen, Randy Bone, Gary Many Freshmen experienced a change in schedule this year. Driv- ers Education became a class held during the school year instead of a summer activity. Class officers (above) from left to right are Rick Alexander, President; Tim Keffaber, Vice President; Trina Hug, Sec- retary; David Holmes, Treasurer. Student Council members were Darcia Watson, Tracy Anderson and Tammy Smith. Christie, Linda Dangerfield. Steve Daniels, Kellie Davidson, Mary Deeter, David Draper, Jeannine Dyson, Amy Dyson, Karen Dyson. Lynette Eakright. Beckv Elliot, Mike Eltzroth, Clary Fields, Jimmy Flott, Dan Gamsby, Rodney Gidley. Mikki Gifford. Chris Glasspoole, Laquita Good. Connie Gottschalk, Lori Gray. Debbie Chambers, Tammy Chittick. Michelle 124 Freshmen — Freshmen — Freshmen — Freshmen — Freshm Gray, Rick Grey, Cris Griffey, Tammy Hall, Rick Hall, Rrxi Haupert, Jon Haupert, Stephanie Hembree, Doyle Herron, Danny Hicks, Pam Holmes, David Honeycutt, Vaughn Hoover, Tracy Hudnell, Jason McClure, Brian McKee. Jennifer McKillip. Ke in Mettler, Jody Metz. Leigh Meyer, Scott Miller, Glenda Freshmen 125 Freshmen — Freshmen — Freshmen — Freshml Miller, James Miller. Toni Mofford, Jena Monce. Andy Myers, Patrick Neal, Tom Neskov, Jeff Newcomer, Chris Norris. Jess Norwood, Jeff Nygard, Mark Palmer, Scott Pfanstiel, Wendy Prater, Jill Swihart, Paula Thomson, Shelly Tiede, Margie Tucker. Ronda VanPetten, Jay Vaughn, Maria Wallace. Grant Wallen, Tracy Watson, Darcia Wilson, Seth Winstead, Cathy Wrisk, Sandy Wycuff, Rozella Wysong, Kristina 126 Freshmen Eighth — Eighth — Eighth — Eighth — Eighth Adams, Melissa Agness, Lance Alexander, Theresa Anderson, Rhonda Aviles, Vincent Baber, Lynn Baker. Jeffery Ballschmidl, Jimmy Bechtold, Angela Beeks, Jennifer Beeks, Tom Benson, Wendy Berkshire, Terry Black. Larry Cole, Troy Conley. Steve Cooley. Dennis Daugherty, Krisli Davidson. Teresa Day. Kristi Donaldson, Burdette Drook, Dee Eads, Scottie Eakright, Dean Early, Kenton Elliott, Kelly Eltzroth. Candy Eltzroth. Kenneth Fearnow. Jamie Ferreil. Anthony Fleck. Scott Frehse. Marcia Frehse. Monica Frieden. Marilyn Friedersdorf. Trov Eighth 127 Eighth — Eighth — Eighth — Eighth — Eighth - Galley, Jeffery Goodpasler. Gregory Gottschalk. Brian Grey. Rick Grisham, Mike Hall, Willie Hapner. Peggy Harrell, Terry Harrell, Tracy Hendry, Da«n Hipsher, Kari Karns, Daniel Keaffaber, Brian Kerr, Christopher Joele Schlemmer watched cosmetologists as they demonstrated various make up techniques to the eighth grade Home Ec. students. McKee, Brent McLaughlin, Lisa Meyer, Melissa Meyer, Teresa Miller, Andy Miller, Angela Miller. Dana Miller, Timothy Minniear, John Mollabashy, Alia Neal, Christoph Newsome, Rhonda Nixon, Angelita Novak, Sue 1 28 Eighth lighth — Eighth — Eighth — Eighth — Eighth — Gates, John Ohmarl, Marjorie Orpun, Kevin Pavey, Kevin Penix, Marie Powell, James Purdy, Janet Rate, Jerri Reed, Alyson Richardson, Candi Robbins, Tricia Ross, Sondra Sandberg. Keri Schlemmer, Joele Trantum. Lori Vigar, Troy Wail, David Wallen, Lisa Walters. Gary Waymire. John Webb, Deborah Weitzel. Eric Woodward, Tamara Woodward, Timothy Wuensch, Thomas Wysong. Scott Yocum, Carla Zinsmeister. David Eishth 129 Seventh — Seventh — Seventh — Seventh — Seve Alexander, Scott Anderson. Robert Aviles, Angela Beeks, Greg Benididt, Shawn Bennett, Christine Bitzell, Mike Blackburn, Lisa Bolin, Barbara Boyer, Patricia Breaton, Steven Brown, Cheryl Bull, Barbara Burns, Ricky The Seventh grade was very active this year. There were two dances for Jr. High students. Seventh graders enjoyed their first year at NHS with all its new exper- iences. Class officers were Richard Halderman, Presi- dent; Craig Daniel, Vice President; Mary Jo McKillip, Secretary; and Scott Schuler, Treasurer. Campbell, Lisa Clupper, Galen Daniel, Craig Diskey, James Domin, Thomas Doty, Traci Driesen, Kristine Drudge, Pat Dyson, Aaron Dyson, Teal Eads, Terry Eakright, Nicole Elzroth, Brian Elzroth, Stacy Enser, Dyan Evans, John Flott, Jonathon Ford, John Fordyce, Chad Frey, Barry Gackenheimer, Mark Gifford, Amanda Glasspoole, Teresa Gouvan, Todd Halderman, Richard Hall, Rita Hampton, Tonja Harris, Teresa Haupert, Felicia 1. 1 h — Seventh — Seventh — Seventh — Seventh Hembree, Deanna Henry, Lisa Hettmansperge. Scott Hill, .Michelle Hipsher. Kelly Holmes, Rodney Hoover, Kelly Hoover, Terena Hornung, Theresa Hug, Angela James, Randy Keffaber, Michelle Kessler, Doug King, Paul Tonja Hampton, Tina McKernan, Nikki Eakright, and Cheryl Brown devoured one of the many meals they prepared during Home Ec. Aik McKinley, Jeff McNabney, Donna Miller. Angela Miller, Lee " Miller, Michael Monce, Valerie Myers. Barry Nelson, Doug Overman, Kyle Panning, Rvan Phillips, Todd Quillen. Palncia Roberts. Martin Ross, Lesa Seventh — Seventh — Seventh — Seventh — Seve Ross, Robert Schlemmer, Steven Schuler. Scoll i Shambaugh. Marci » ' L ' Smith, Andrea Smith, Trisha Snavely, David iAi5 Above: Shawn House. Below: Seventh grade choir Sommers, Ronnie Squires, Meg Strain, Jennifer Sturgill, Jr. Bill Summers, Scott Tackett, Amy Talmage, Nicole Terrel, Robert Tisdale, Cynthia Trantum, Brent Tucker, Deanne Tucker, Michael Utterback, Tamara Vanpetten, Gleeann Walker, Lori Weiss, Stacey Wilco.x, Melissa Winstead, Benice Young, Stephanie Biddle. Tamara fSQ.a i Jr. High Model Club at Work Administration — Administration — Administratio Northfield administrators are (right) Mr. Thomas R. Miller, princi- pal; (2) Mr. Jim Kaltenmark, athletic director; and (3) Mr. Bill Neale, as- sistant principal. The NHS office staff consists of (4) Mrs. Louis Yentes, bookkeeper; (5) Mrs. Judy Miller, Mrs. Sharon Harris, and Mrs. Colleen Hollenback, secretaries. Mrs. Yentes demonstrates the new To- shiba copying machine which was funded in part by the class of " 81. — Administration — Administration — Administra The Superintendent for the Metro- politan School District of Wabash County is (left) Edward G. Kasamis; (2) Mr. Lawerence Wade, business manager; (3) Mr. David McKee, ad- ministrative assistant. Members of the School Board are (bottom) Row 1: Ronald Sparling, Fred Squires, and Kraig Ahfield; Row 2: .Marvin Ridgeway, David Compton, and Charles R. Tiede; School Attorney. afiw « ' to a HIGH GRADE nieu Road crews somelimes worked around the clock 10 keep our roads open during the winter. INDIANA LAWRENCE BANK TRUST CO. NORTH MANCHESTER, INDIANA PHONES Main Office Branch 982-2121 9S BRANCH-ST. RD. 114 W Urbana 774-3769 136 Communily COMMUNITY MAIN OFFICE — DOWNTOWN Checking Savings Installments Commercial Loans Farm Loans Mortgage Loans Trust Services Safe Deposit Boxes Educational Loans MEMBER FDIC DOLPHIN SCUBA CLUB Learn about our ' ' World Under Water ' ' Become a scuba diver. For information call Club President Asberry Simpson Roann 317-833-7111 Clay Hollenback and Chris Lyons, the youngest members of the club, prepared to dive at Grand Cayman Island. EADS AND SONS BULLDOZING, INC. Woods clearing — Ponds — Excavating Backhoe and Truck Crane Service Ron Eads R.f 1 Largo, IN. 7 4- 3582 lim Eads R. l Larao, IN 774-3408 Communitv 137 1 Wabash Pizza Hut 130 N. Cass Street Sun.-Thurs. 11 am-12 pm Fri.-Sat. 1 1 am-2 am rr Noah ' s Ark Antiques Nippon, Gnentown av.d othrr fine Antiques EVELYN IRELAN Phone: 317 833-4801 R 1 Wabash, Indiana 46992 rffipFessi© s Quick Printing For All Your Printing Needs 227 East Main North Manchester, IN 982-8178 138 Commiinilv McDonald ' s ■ I bring in your yearbooks Free regular size coke Compliments of McDonaWs " Good Luck Seniors ' Compliments of Diehl ' s Machine Wabash, Indiana 219-563-2102 BRIDGEVIEW INN Roann Indiana 317-833-51°! Communitv 139 pQ The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc. To All of You- a very successful future yWI% Wabash County Rural Electric lembership Corp. % 1 ' ' [ " ' ' Tiif COMPLIMENTS OF; THE BIPPUS STATE BANK B.A. GARSHWILER, PRESIDENT RYAN M. WARNER, CASHIER SHARON PEPPLE, ASS ' T. CASHIER BIPPUS, IND. 46713 — -. PH: 219-344-1351 MFULLX SERVICE BANKy Box 508 Wabash New and Used farm machinery J a, SON i IMPLEMENT SALES Phone 219-782-2222 Auction 1st Mon. each month Buy-Sell-Trade Vi 140 Community TTie Coum ' s FAVORITE! DAIRY FOODS y i Friermood Tire and Alignment complete line Passenger truck Farm tires " Where to Buy It 1699 Stitt St, Wabash, In Phone 563-2758 TVetkmg, Studia 217 East Mam Street NORTH MANCHESTER, IND 46962 Environmentals 8 30 To 5:00 . " ' " t ' ' , Closed Thurs, Senior Portraits C )n atulatlon Seniors Hoosier Stockyards, Inc. 8.VV? I 7 1 Junctiiin 15- Id R.R. 1 Roann, Indiana 4hM74 Communilv 141 Soda ' s Such Schwan ' s Ice Cream Soft Ice Cream Gyros Sandwich and More 461 S. Wabash, Indiana 563-7155 " Treat Yourself Special " { ? Karl as Kitchens 24 W Canal Wabasli. Lidiana 46992 li i eiTicilcf 563-5334 I WILKINSON LUMBER COMPANY, INC. BUY BUILDING MATERIALS WHERE LEADING BUILDERS BUY PHONE 563-1072 563-7233 96 N. Huntington St. Wabash, Ind. l fT GRANDSTAFF FUNERAL HOME INC ±] ROANN, INDIANA 46974 DIAL (317) 833-5591 GRANDSTAFF I Hentgen-Miner FUNERAL HOMES. INC 86 East Main Wabash 46992 219-563-1372 J 14; Community THE HOUSE THAT SERVICE BUILT YOUR FUTURE-IS OUR BUSINESS. 594 South Miami Street 1302 W. S.R. 114 Insurance 219-563-1196 219-982-8502 Elegant— Practical— Quality jewelry designed just for a students budget From Sweetheart rings to Student Keys We want to share your high school years. . . . Your favorite later ... - s.- t • jgyyeig - 46 West Canal, Wabash, IN 46992 (219) 563-5258 = The Guaranteed Seed Lauer ' s Farm Center, Inc. 1 Mile South of Roann, Ind. Phone (317) 833-5511 FEED — SEED — GRAIN — GRINDING Communitv 143 How to be a millionaire at x)ur 40th class reunion Simply deposit $1000 at the beginning of each year at Frances Slocum Bank. At the current interest rates and compounding, you will have saved over a million dollars in forty years! I Treat your savings plan as an obli- gation . . . you ' ll be glad you did at your reunion. FRANCES SLOCUM BANK 189 WEST MARKET • 1250 NORTH CASS • Member FDIC SNAVELY ' S Mach. Mfg. Co. Inc. Custom Machine Work Jim And Tom 563-8395 f 1 STOP-N-GO open Early Open Late For Your Convenience Corner of Cass and Stitt St Wabash, Indiana i i 144 Communily STATE FARM INSURANCE For insurance call PAT LUTZ, Agent 385 Manchester Av. Wabash, In. 46992 Off. 563-5446 Res. 563-1516 STATE FARM INSURANCE COM- PANIES HOME OFFICES: BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS rr Try Wabash first! JC Penney Downtown Wabash 75 Market Street Go Norse! Snyder ' s Market North Manchester, In. 982-2282 D G HOME FURNISHINGS NAME BRAND FURNITURE CARPET, DRAPERIES, ACCESSO- RIES " The Corner Store " Phone 774-8136 Urbana, Indiana y Vi Community 145 FINE FOOD FAST, FRIENDLY SERVICE HANK ' S DRIVE-IN Phone: 563-3005 First Federal OF WABASH First Federal Savings and Loan Assoc. 55 W. Market Wabash, IN 46992 219-563-3185 RICHARD EXCAVATING — TRUCKING WEST PARK SKATING 356-1150 Huntington, Indiana 46750 145 Community 1882 STATE EXCHANGE BANK 1982 MEMBER FDK Celebrating 100 Years of Service As we enter our second century in Roann, our officers, directors, stockholders and staff express our appreciation to our cus- tomers for their long years of confidence and personal friendships that have contrib- uted so vitally to the growth of this bank. We served your fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. We invite you to be our customer also. Roann, IN 317-833-2261 or 4261 A FULn (SFRVICE CORN WHEAT SOYBEANS Wabash, Indiana R.R. 1 Phone 563-3833 OATS Pride is a Northfieid Norsemen The Finest Class Ring in tfie World - Jostens Compliments of the Ring Man Gary Muncy 11106 Lantern Lane Fort Wayne, IN 41825 Tele. 219-637-5617 Class Rings, Announcements Caps Gowns, Diplomas ( l sler hands — see p lo " i Communitv 147 =N o 00 O o U) _l tx3 sD o -t-J _l - cn vO T :f 5 c n3 ra u ' - o X $z= " o BAS 148 Community 0) . ♦- Q) E fO 0) OO (A Q) o 3 z Q. c CO 01 O Q. Z cti n -t— ' oa § LU ' O CM _l _l X CO DQ i — J } ■ - v 2 ifiT. O W In H Ph O .2 ' c GO c CO Q. Extende ana 469 3-2111 o Q . x,- g? C5 C 3 U. c o U UNIT YPSU CO i " X) a. a 1 • f =T. N Ul rf -. .- ' 11 " In •- -T - — =3: y. ' 4i. ' - -; __- J2 -a r- c Ov w 1) nC — r o 2S . ' . 3 rl SXj u o X : r -, 5 8 C r3 03 7 " C. - j C U , [ ,_ o § CL C r . Z C 5 ON o c c75 o O r -, — c c o ; ; 4J C . CO z X do ii -L 3 if: C o U i — V Communitv 149 LU % i S 1 03 OJ LU cr sz OJ C Q on o CD n in " to 00 o Ll_ CD E tT3 03 " to c o c - o 5? -Q o OJ sz m -t-J 1_ § l l o C J y 1— ( - U c -a K c D (55 W g o u 1 02 to C ? - 1 50 Community ' • — = = - -J LU CNJ S 00 I Oi 1— CO CO « in f J .E — v Communitv, ' 151 y — enden ENT V 5 u u z m 00 r-- JJy en l-U Is a: Z z c C -5= z z s = Q O O o o ■u C ' ' : 1 O -!t: a LTl p I -, in z lO y ON HH Jj - mm r lltlllll I I r3 — — r- = 1 c -i- ' -I- r- 1 ' t - I " :■ V T A « 1 C o-i nn " w . ■ r -) r Tj- , !l r OO OO r«-i C 1 1 1 Jl B I c r- r- ON h. :l F 1 o l f 1 . c C J - t 1 ' A U 3J aA B B IHV. fiS9 c c M H V i Hw bf o g- ■rr iW ' . C I . flSi :. ' Vl " 1 ii S3 , ». iFyirB 1 ;-■ ■■• iJEk. ' 1 d l ftSf 1 O B MLliM ' H — ' . ■ ■■ i -L i : o ■■■• 1 ! «w ■ f I 1 • CJ Jv 1 1 -»- ' ■ V B ! ■ ll K ' yt m a; I H ll BlH n .i CD CL O ■ 1- CD O ■-i- CD o UJ ON ON Z 1 c r -) f " i : 5 a. z z A r aaii u. 1 ■ P 3 U 1 ■-r, in 1 ■■1 1 = Z ON 1 1 o o -) Qi: c o Cu 1 " -1 u I [ ! ' ■■; 5 r 3 CO CO u CO X 152 ' Communitv I Communitv 153 HATERS DGIYLE phoTographK- 317 664-1649 • 141 1 Spencer Avenue . Marion, Indiana 46952 0 RECREATION CENTER WABASH, IND. Home of Family Entertainment: • Go-Karts • Putt-Putt Golf • Snock Bar • Teen Dances Video Arcade 59S S. Huntington St. • Wobash 563-5550 RntheSunofit! 1 54, Communitv Farm Appraisal Compurerized Farm Records. Agricultural Consulting Halderman Farm Management Service, Inc. P O Box 207 Wabash Indiana 46V92 2 19 563-5491 Serving the Midwest in Farm Management and Farm Real Estate Since 1930 Farm Management Farm Real Estate Acquisition and Sale Ahfeild ' s Hardwa 317-833-5251 luchamp McSpaddcn 219-563-8821 Wabash, Indiana lings Flowers and Gifts 219-563-4291 Wabash, Indiana 1 Priming Of Lagro, In 219-782-2421 Lagro, Indiana Curling Iron 219-563-7031 Wabash, Indiana The Depot 219-563-6479 Wabash, Indiana Eagles Theatre 219-563-3272 Wabash, Indiana Northfield Patrons Gacl cnheimcr 219-563-9134 Wabash. Indiana King-Hipskind Hardware 219-563-4186 Wabash, Indiana Hipser Tool Die, Inc. 219-563-4143 Wabash, Indiana The Kroger Company 219-563-2137 Wabash. Indiana Hoffman Nursery 219-563-3546 Wabash, Indiana Manchester Farm Center 219-982-8868 Manchester, Indiana -loosier Tom ' s Sales inc 317-981-4107 Indianapolis, Indiana Mason ' s Rare Used Books 219-563-6421 Wabash, Indiana John Richards Tire Co. 219-563-2032 Wabash, Indiana Miller Furniture 219-563-1046 Wabash, Indiana Wabash Coun l Farm Bure 219-563 Wabash, u Cooperative Ass ' n , Inc 1 191 Indian,; Nancy Js Fabrics 219-563-3505 Wabash. Indiana er Tiede Maglcy Dou 219-563-3188 Wabash. Indiana 219-563-7356 Wabash. Indiana Sara ' s Sew Shop 219-563-1771 Wabash. Indiana Spring Valley Landfall 219-563-4559 Wabash. Indiana The Shin Shed 219-563-8302 W ' abaih. Indiana Young ' s Pharmacy 219-563-34-2 Wabash, Tii i-i Nowhere else Burger Chef 1010 N. Cass Wabash, Indiana 563-7314 irinSffll OiSf; Communitv 155 The Shield Nearbook Staff and Mrs. Kitt. our adviser, says " Thank You " to the community, faculty, staff, parents, and students for helping make our yearbook a great success. SHIELD Yearbook Boosters Mr. David Cox Mr. Mrs. Michael Chenault Mr. John Horning Mr. Mrs. Jay M. Kill Mr. Mrs. Chuck Leei a Mr. Mrs. John Minnear Mr. Mrs. Lowell Smith Mr. Mrs. Charles Tiede Mr. Mrs. Jack Vrooman Mr. Mrs. LaVerne Utterback SalK Francis, in the Shield office, was one of the earbooks winners in the Chrislma.s fund r.iiver I 56, Community 1982 SENIOR N-Club 1,2,3,4. DIRECTORY BABETTEBADGLEY:FHA3.4;ArtClub4; KELLEY BUTZIN: Art Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1; Cheer Block 1; FFA 1. Cheer Block 1.2; FFA 2,3,4; Shield 4; Track 1; Math and Science Club 3; Mat Maid 3. Drama 2, Exploratory Teaching 4; Gymnastics VERN DUNPHY: Vocational 4; FFA 1,2,3; 1,2; Powder Puff Football 3,4. PHIL CALLOWAY: FFA 1,2,3,4. Intramurals 1,2; Football I. JANE BARNETT: Tri Sigma 2,3,4; Cheer Block 1,2; FFA 3; Shield 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Drama 2,3,4; Norsettes 3,4; History Club 3; V. President 3; Mat Maid 2,3; Powder Puff Football 2,3,4. ED BATTS: Track 1,2,3, JILL BENZINGER: Tri Sigma 1,2; Vocation- al ,4; FFA 3; Track 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3,4; Gym- nastics 1 ; Speech Team 4; OEA 4; Powder Puff Football 2,3., BEVERLY BIDWELL: FHA 2,3,4; Tri Sig- ma 2; Vocational 3,4; VICA 3,4. JANET BIDWELL: Tri Sigma 2,4; Vocation- al 4; FFA 3; Choir 1,2,3,4. MARK BOLINGER: Foreign Language Club 2,3; National Honor. Society 3,4; Golf 1,2,3; Math and Science Club 4. ANTHONY BORELLI: Vocational 3,4; Wrestling 2. BRIAN BOYER: Vocational 4; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. LISA BRODBECK: Tri Sigma 2,3,4; Cheer Block 1,2; Shield 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3; Cheerleader 3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; Math and Science Club 3,4. TODD BURGESS:, Vocational 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Math and Science Club 1. MIKE BUSCH: Basketball 1; Intramurals 1,3,4; V. President 1,2; Baseball 1; Golf 2,3,4; LARRY CHAIN: Vocational 3; FFA 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2.3,4. BRIAN CHAMBERLAIN: Vocational 3,4; Basketball 1; FFA 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JEFF CLARK: Cross Country 2; Vocational 1,2,3,4. LANA CLARK: North Star 3; Shield 4; Gym- nastics 1,2. JIMMY CLAY: FHA 3,4; Vocational 3,4; Art Club 1.2; Intramurals 4; Choir 1; Wrestling 1,2; VICA 3. LEONA RD CLICK: FFA 1,2,3,4. SCOTT COOPER: FFA 1; Intramurals 4. KATHY DAY: Tri Sigma 4; Choir 1,2; Nor- settes 4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3; Ex- ploratory Teaching 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Math and Science Club 4. DAWN DELLAMARGGIO: FHA 1 ; Tri Sig- ma 1 ,2; Art Club 2,3,4; Cheer Block 1,2; Track 3; Choir 2,3,4; Drama 3,4; Norsettes 2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2; Mat Maid 1,2,3; Powder Puff Football 3. PAMELA DILLING: Art Club 2,3,4; FFA 2,3,4;. North Star 4; Shield 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Drama 1,2,3,4; History Club 3,4; International Thespian Club 3,4; Mat Maid 2,3,4; Junior Miss 4; Powder Puff Football 2,3,4. DOUG DRAPER: FFA 1,2,3,4. LISA DRAPER: FHA 1; Vocational 3,4; TROY DYSON: Basketball 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Student Council I; Track 3,4; Class Officer 1; Football 1.2.3,4. DANA FARMER: Tri Sigma 1; Vocational 4; Cheer Block 4; Shield 4; Choir 1 ,2,3.4; Drama 2,4; Speech Team 2.3.4; OEA 4; Powder Puff Football 3,4; International Thespian Club 3.4: National Forensic League 2,3.4, KIM FEARNOW: FFA 3,4; Choir 1,2.3.4. SALLY FRANCIS: Tri Sigma 2: Cheer Block 1,2; Shield 3,4; Track 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Drama 1,2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2; History Club 3.4; National Honor Society 3,4; Speech Team 1,2,3,4; International Thespian Club 3.4. BRYAN FRANK: Vocational 3.4; FFA 1,2,3,4. JEFF GACKENHEIMER: Track 3,4: Band 1.2,3,4; Drama 1,2.3,4; Foreign Language Club 1 ,2; Speech Team 3,4; Wrestling 3; Stage Band 1,2.3,4; International Thespian Club 3.4; Math and Science Club 1,2,3,4. SANDY GOFF: Art Club 1; Cheer Block 1; Student Council 2,3,4; Drama 1,2; Norsettes 2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3; History Club 3; Gymnastics 1 ; National Honor Society 3,4; Math and Science Club 3,4; Powder Puff Football 3,4. LONNIE GOOD: Intramurals 1,4; Drama 3; Football 1; Baseball 4. MIKE GOODPASTER: Vocational 3,4; FFA 1,2; Intramurals 1.2,4; VICA 4. 1982 Honor Society 4; Football 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; International Thespian Club 3,4. DIRECTORY EDWARD GOTTSCHALK: Baseball 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Track 4; Football 1. DANITA HALL: FFA 2; Tri Sigma 2; Voca- tional 3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2; VICA 3,4; VICA Secretary 4, JILL HAMMEL: Tri Sigma 3,4; Art Club 4; North Star 3; Shield 3,4: Band 1,2,3,4; Nor- settes 2,3,4; Gymnastics 1,2. JEFF HAMPTON: Vocational 3,4; FFA 1; Track 2; Football 1,2. SCOTT HAUPERT: Vocational 1.2; FFA 1,2.3,4. BETH HICKS: FH A 1,2; Tri Sigma 9, 1,2; Vo- cational 4; Norseltes 3,4. MORGAN HOBBS: MERKIE HOOKS: FHA 1: Vocational 3,4; HOSA 4. TERESA HOOVER: FHA 1; Tri Sigma 4; Vocational 4; FFA 2,3; Shield 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Norsettes 1.2,3,4. BILL HOSIER: FFA 1.2.4. DARRYL HOUSE: DEBBIE HUNT: FHA 1. RONNIE HUNT-,FFA 4. SHERYL HUNT: SCOTT JAMES: Art Club 1.2,3,4; FFA 3. RON JONES: Vocational 3,4; Intramurals 4. DOUG KASAMIS: Intramurals 2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1; National TONY KEFFABER: Basketball 1,2,3,4; FFA 1.2,3,4; Student Council 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Math and Science Club 4. PATKNOBLOCK: Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2; Intramurals 3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Golf 3,4; Math and Science Club 1. DENNIS KOCKENOUR: FFA 1,2,3,4. JAMIE KROM: Band 1; Foreign Language Club 1 ,2; Class Officer 4; President 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Football 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1; Golf 1; Math and Sci- ence Club. TOM LAFERNEY: Vocational 3,4; VICA 4. KRISTINE LANCE: SCOTT LONG: Vocational 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Shield 1,2; Intramurals 2,3,4; VICA 4. SCOTT LORENZ: FFA 1,4; Track 2, BONNIE LOWE: Vocational 4; Cheer Block 3; Shield 1.2; Choir 2,3,4; OEA 4. BOB MA CALUSO: Basketball 1; Football 1,4. JERRY MCCOLLEY: Vocational 3,4; VICA 3,4; VICA Vice Pres. 3; VICA Pres. 4. BYRON MCBRAYER: Art Club 1,2,3; North Star 4; Drama 2; History Club 3; Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3. MINA MCKILLIP: FHA 1; Tri Sigma 1; Cheer Block 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1.2,3,4; Drama 4; Stage Band 4. GREG METZ: Band 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Drama 1; Foreign Language Club 1; Stage Band 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4; Math and Science Club 4. MARK MEYER: Vocational 3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4. CHARLES MOFFORD: NATHAN NYGARD: (Oroville High School) Basketball 1,2; Track 3; Choir 3; For- eign Language Club 1 ,2; National Honor Soci- ety 1,2; Football 2,3; Baseball 1.2. RON NORDMAN: Vocational 3,4; Art Club 1,2; History Club 1. DAVE OLMSTEAD: Basketball 1,2,3; Stu- dent Council 1,2; History Club 3; Exploratory teaching 4; National Honor Society 4; Football 1,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Math and Science Club 4. SCOTT PATTON: Vocational 3,4; Basketball 1;FFA 1,2; Track I; Intramurals 2,3,4; VICA 3,4. SUSAN PEFLEY: FHA 1; Vocational 4; Cheer Block I; FCA 2,3; Shield 1,2,4; Band 1 ,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Drama 1 .2.3.4; Cheerleader 1.2,3,4; Class Officer 1, V. Pres. I; Speech Team 2.4; Stage Band 1,2; International Thes- pian Club 3,4; OEA 4; Jr. Miss 4; Won Jr. Miss of 1982. LOIS BONE PHILLIPS: FHA 3; Tri Sigma 2; Vocational 3; Choir 1,2; VICA 3. HOWIE POWELL: FFA 4; Drama 1,2; For- eign Language Club 1,2; Football 1 ; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; N-Club 2,3,4. LEE POWELL: Intramurals 4. JULIE RATE: FHA 2; Tri Sigma 1; Art Club 4; Shield 4; Drama 3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3,4; International Thespian Club 3,4. ANGIE REAHARD: FFA 1; Cheer Block 1; 1982 Country 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1 ; Math and Sci- ence Club. DIRECTORY Shield 4; Band 1 ,2,3,4; Norsettes 2,3,4; Cheer- leader 1; Gymnastics 2. KRIS REAHARD: FHA 1 ; FFA 2,3,4; North Star 3; Choir 1,2,3. CHRIS REED: Art Club 4; FFA 2; North Star 3; Choir 1 ; Class Officer 1 ; Secretary and Trea- RHONDA REED: Tri Sigma 2,3,4; Cheer Block 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Track 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1.2,3; History Club 3; History Club 3; National Hon- or Society 3,4; Math and Science Club 3,4. LAURIE RICE: Vocational 4; Basketball 1,2.3,4; Cheer Block 4; FCA 3; Student Coun- cil 1; Volleyball 1,2,3,4; National Honor Soci- ety 4; HOSA 4. JEFF RICHARDSON: FFA 1.2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Football 1,3,4; Wrestling 1. ROBBIE SAMONS: Basketball 1; Track 1; Intramurals 3,4; Football 1,4; Wrestling 3. DEBBIE SHEAR: Tri Sigma 1,2.3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cheer Bloc1 1,2; FCA 2,3; Student Council 2,3,4; Volleyball; Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3. DERRICK SHELTON: Vocational 3,4; Art Club 2,4; FFA 1,2; Intramurals 4; Wrestling 1,2; Baseball 1,2,4; VICA 3,4; VICA Vice Pres. 3; VICA Pres. 4. BETH SHULTZ: HITE SINCLAIR: Intramurals 1,3,4; Choir 3.4; History Club 3; Football I. DIRK SINGER; Track 1.2.3; Band 1,2; Intra- murals 1 ,2; National Honor Society 3.4; Cross JAY SMITH: Intramurals 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 2,3; Exploratory Teaching 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Speech Team 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3. KI M S. SMITH: Cheer Block 1 ; FFA 4; Shield 3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Drama 2,3.4; Norsettes 2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3; Foreign Language Club President 3; Speech Team 2,3,4; International Thespian Club 3,4; Powder Puff Football 2.3,4. KIM A. SMITH: Band 1; Foreign Language Club 2; History Club 1; Speech Team 3. MYRON SMITHERS: Vocational 3,4. LISA SNAVELY: Tri Sigma 1.2,3,4; Art Club 1; Shield 4; Student Council 4; Band 1,2,3; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3; History Club 1 ,2,3; Cheerleader 1 ,2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Math and Science Club 1,2,3,4. KEITH SNYDER: Vocational 1,2; FFA 1,2,3,4. CONNIE SPRADLIN: North Star 3. BETH SQUIRES: Tri Sigma 1,2,3,4; Art Club 1,2,3; Cheer Block 1,2; Shield 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; Band 1 ,2,3,4; Choir 1 ,2,3,4; Drama 1,2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1; His- tory Club 3; Exploratory Teaching 4; Gymnas- tics 2; National Honor Society 4; Speech Team 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2; International Thespian Club 3,4; Powder Puff Football 2,3,4; Jr. Miss 4. CINDY STANLEY: Tri Sigma 3,4; Vocation- al 4; " Band 1,2,3,4; Norsettes 1.2.3,4; Foreign Language Club 3 1,2,3; History Club 3; Gym- nastics 1; National Honor Society 3,4; Stage Band 1,2,3; OEA 4, MIKE SWEET: Student Council 2,3; Track 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Exploratory teaching 4; Speech Team 1,2,3,4; International Thespian Club 3,4; HOSA 4, Pres. HOSA 4; National Forensic League 1 ,2,3,4; Powder Puff Football 2,3,4; Jr. Miss 4. BRUCE TRUMP: Basketball 1,2,3.4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Class Officer I; Secre- tary 1 ; National Honor Society 4; Stage Band 1; Golf 1,2,3.4; Math and Science Club 3,4. KELLY TUDOR: Tri Sigma 1; Vocational 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Choir Librarian 4; Drama 2.3.4; National Honor Society 3,4; Speech Team 2,3,4; International Thespian Club 3,4; OEA 4; National Forensic League 2,3,4. ANNE URSCHEL: Art Club 1,2,3; C Cheer Block 1,2,3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2,3: Cheerleader 1,2,3,4. DENISE VAN PETTEN: Tri Sigma 1.2; Vo- cational 4; Band 1 ,2,3,4; Speech Team 4; Stage Band 3; OEA 4. TIM VIGAR: Library Club 3,4. TODD VIGAR: Vocational 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. BETH WAGNER: Tri Sigma 1; Art Club 2.3.4; FFA 2; North Star 3; Band 1,2; Nor- settes 1,2,3,4. ■ YUKA WATAN ABE: FHA 4; Cheer Block 4. DOUG WILCOX: Basketball 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Vice Presi- dent 3; President 4; Track 3; Class Officer 1; President 1; Football 1,2.3,4; N-Club 2,3.4; Math and Science Club 4. MARY TUCKER WILLL«lMS: Choir 1; For- eign Language Chib 1 ,2. ROBERT WINTERS: Vocational 3,4; Intra- murals 2.3.4. K j paMjk V jam ys miiM Pi — — " ir ih Faculty and Staff. Row 1: Mr. Moffet, Mr. Coppler, Mr. Desper, Mr . T. MMler, Mr. Neale, Mr. C. Miller, Mrs. Yentes, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Kitt. Mrs. Beghtel. Row 2: Mr. Winegardner, M . Mast, Mr. Weekly, Mr. Brier, Mr Christie. Mr. Kaltenmark, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Gackenheimer, Miss Cartwright. Row 3: Mr. Price, Mr. Harts, Mr. Trump, Mr. Stokes, Mr. -lenderson, Mr. Clark. Miss Dundore, N rs. Gray, Mrs. Breiner, Mrs. Rinch. Row 4: Mr. Griffith, Mr. Sweet, Mr. Normar , Mr. Walker, Miss Shonkwiler M ss Owens, Ms Waggoner, Mrs. Swan, Mrs. Hite. Row 5: Mr. Robertson, Mrs. Vrooman, Mrs. Titus, Mrs. Tackett, Mrs. Carr. Mrs. Viola Bolinger M rs. Pritchard. Miss Landes, Mrs. Bickel, Ms. Garber, Mrs. Busch. ADMINISTRATION: Landes. Linda 62-160 Rhoades, Judy Baker, Jeffrey 1 27 .Mast, Marvin 71-160 Rhoads, James Baker, Jim 80-124 Ahlfeld, Kraig 1 35 Miller, Charles 42-48-49-58- 160 Robertson, Theodore 1 60 Ballschmidt, Jimmy 44-127 Compton, David 135 Moffett, Monte 62-90-160 Nancy, Slee 1 62 Barnett, Jane 1 4-80-82-89-96- 102 Guenin, Marguerite Norman, Kenneth 70-160 Singer, Sharon Bartrum, Greg Kaltenmark, Jim 134-I60 Owens, Susan 35-64-98-160 Sopher, Robert E. Jr. 160 Bartrum, Mike 1 9-75- 124 Kasamis, Edward 24-25-135 Petry, Margaret 1 7-68-78 Stoffer, Marjorie Batts, Sheryl McKee, David 1 35 Pice, Rex 62-160 Tackett, Betty 1 60 Beals, Bradley 80-86-118 Miller. Thomas 7-25-134-160 Shonkwiler, Jean 32-39-51-61- Taylor, Roger Bechtold, Angela 97-127 Neale, William 1 34- 160 65-160 Titus, Mary 1 60 Beeks, Greg 1 30 Ridgeway. Marvin 1 35 Stokes, Samuel 69-160 Wilson, Gary 1 62 Beeks, Jennifer 97-127 Sparling. ' Ronald 1 35 Swan, Kathy 65-160 Vrooman, Carolyn 1 60 Beeks, Ronald 47-80-118 Squires, Ronald 1 35 Sweet, Gary 66-80-160 Yentes, Louise 1 34- 160 Beeks, Thomas 1 27 Tiede. Charles 1 35 Trump, Ross 69-160 Benedict, Shawn 130 Unger, Randy 40-61 STUDENTS: Bennett, Barbara 78-89-96-124- FACULTY: Waggoner, Lottie 5 1-65-84- 1 60 166 Walker, Dennis 42-50-71-90 160 A Bennett, Chistine 91-97-130 Beghtel, Joan 59-160 Weekley. Jack 60-87-160 Benson, Brian 47-50-74-83-1 18 Bickel. Barbara 20-89-160 Winegardner, Craig 7-48-62 160 Adams, Melissa 97-127 Benson, Kelly 91-124 Breiner, Nancy 62-160 Agness, Lance 34-42-53-69-127 Benson, Michelle 19-118 Brier, John 71-160 COACHES: Alexander, Richard 1 4-20-80-88 Benson, Wendy 35-97-127 Busch, Georgia 67-81-160 89-96-100-124 Benzinger, Brent 7-31-96-124 Cartwright, Susan 70-71-160 Brubaker, Steve 30-52-53 Alexander, Scott 1 30 Benzinger, Jill 72-83-88-96-102 Christie, Harold 70-160 Cambell, Bill 7-45 Alexander, Therese 35-91-97-12 ' Berkshire, Terry 1 27 Clark. Mary 62-160 Cussen, Robby 30-43-52-53 Allen, Janet 32-38-80-91-121 Bessette, David 1 18 Clark. Ronald Diener, John 34-44 Amstutz. Wandy 1 66 Bessette, Tammie 96-121 Coppler, Mark 61-160 Lemming, Richard C. 37-50 Anderson. Rhonda 97-I27 Bidwell, Beverly 73-81-102 Desper, Steve 40-4 1-54-70- 160 Mills, Jerry 43 Anderson, Robert 44-97-130 Bidwell, Brenda 1 21 Dundore. Lucy 38-39-70-160 Anderson, Tracy 79-87-9 1-96-98 - Bidwell, Janet 73-96-102 Finch. Debra Sue 35-67-91-98- STAFF: 124 Biehl, Jeffery 31-79-80-124-165 160 Arrlck. Brett 46-49-121 Bingaman, Robin 79-94-124 Gackenheimer, .Ana Marie 63- Arnold, Eloise 59 Aviles, Angela 35-52-97-1 30 Bitzell, Mike 1 30 79-160 Bear, Willamae 162 Aviles, Vincent 1 00- 127 Bitzell, Teresa 80-121 Garbor, Lai 58-86-160 Bolinger, Viola 1 60 Black, Larry 1 27 Gray, Suzanne 35-43-65-160 Carr, Joann 1 60 B Blackburn, Lisa 35-43-52-97-130 Grif ' rith. Fred L 160 Deeter, Ben 1 62 Boggs, Sharon 80-124 Harts. Lonny 66- -160 Garner, Vaughn Baber, Lynn 35-43-53-97-127 Bolen, Randall 1 24 Henderson. Stephen 5-69-160 Harris, Sharon 134-160 Baber, Michael 14-20-27-43-88- Bolin, Barbara 1 30 Hite. Jane Ann 59-lb Hollenback, Colleen 64-134 89-79-124 Bolinger, Kathy 69-127 Hunt, Darlene 65-82-8 ' - 160 Meyer, Phyllis Badgley, Babette 3-80-81-102 Bolinger, Mark 86-103 Jackson, Paul 60 Miller, Judy 134-160 Bear. Janelle 27-91-96-99-1 18 Bone, Gary 1 24 Kitt, Norma 65-68-160 Novack, Sheila 1 62 Bear, Steven 44-124 Bone, Michelle 78-84-94-1 18 160 Index 1982 — INDEX — 1982 Booth, Jay 69-127 Booth, Stacy 1 66 Borelli, Anthony 74-103 Boring, Bobby 96-121 Bowman, Jay 40-48-124 Bowman, Teresa 8 1-89-1 21 Boyer, Brian 47-103 Boyer, Patricia 7-25-82-83-86- 91-99-103 Boyll, Anita 91-97-127 Brainard, Jay 74-80-118 Breaton, Steven 42-44-69-130 Bricker, James 18-41-54-100-121 Brodbeck, Lisa 1 03-97 Brown, Cheryl 97-130 Buchtel, Marlene 96-121 Bull, Barbara 97-130 Bull, Katherine 1 5-79-89- 124 Bull, Susan 1 5-26-68-86-79-89- 96-118 Burgess, Todd 1 03 Burnworth, Susan 79-96-1 18 Burns, Ricky 1 30 Burnsworth, Joe 1 24 Busch, Mike 47-57-54-103 Butzin, Kelley 78-103-165 Butzin, Veronica 4-19-78-84-1 18 Calaway, Lori 82-91-96-121 Callaway, Phillip 6-7-80-1 16-1 17 Campbell, Connie 96-118 Campbell, Lisa 97-130 Carter, Robbie 1 30 Case, Dennis 78-80-124 Case, Renee 1 27 Chain, Larry 7-80-103-1 17 Chain, Michele Chamberlin, Brian 18-47-75-83- 104-117 Chamberlain, Todd 44-127 Chambers, Tammy 53-129 Chittick, Mechelle 96-124 Christie, Carol 51-63-79-89-121- 122 Christie, Linda 91-98-124 Christman, Julie 26-35-53-97- 127 Christman, Lynn 1 21 Clark, Jeffery 104 Clark, Lana 80-101-104-117 Clay, Jimmy 47-104 Click, Leonard 80-104-117 Clifton, Tammy 18-121-164 Clonts, Bryan 97-127 Clonts, Sue 96-121 Clupper, Galen 69-130 Coe, Melody 79-89-121 Cohen, Matthew 34-127 Cole, Michael 49-121 Cole, Troy 34-42-69-97-127 Collins, Cathryn 121 Conley, Steve 1 27 Cooley, Dennis 1 27 Cooper, April 96-118 Cooper, Scott 47-104 Corn, Sheryl 72-83-118 Cox. Bryan 1 18 Cox, Jerry 1 18 D Dangerfield, Steven 54- 124 Daniel, Albro 1 5-27-80-88-89- 121 Daniel, Craig 26-34-42-52-69- 130 Daniels, Karen I 18 Daniels, Kellie 5 1 -79-96- 124 Daughtry, Kristi 35-43-53-69- 127 Davidson, Mary 91-I24 Davidson, Teresa 35-43-97-127 Davis, Stephanie 32-5 1-79-78- 91-121 Day, Kathy 58-7 1 -82-86-94- 104 Day, Kristi 97-100-127 Deboard, Melissa 97-127 Deeter, Bryan 40-48-80-1 18 Deeter, David 3 1-43-49-79- 124 Deeter, Douglas 40-48-80-1 18 Dellamarggio, Dawn 12- 1 5-78- 89-96-104 Dilling, Pamela 14- 15- 12-27-80- 78-89-84-90-96-105-165 Diskey, James 97-130 Dock, Mike 47-50-96-121-167 Domin, Teresa 78-1 18 Domin, Thomas 93-130 Donaldson, Brett 42- 127- 164 Donaldson, Burdette 1 18 Doty, II Thomas 1 21 Doty, Tina Doty, Tracy 35-130 Draper, Douglas 80-105-117 Draper, Jeannine 29-32-39-51- 124 Draper, Lisa 73-105 Driesen, Kristin 65-69-97-130 Driscoll, Deanna 96-118 Drook, Andrew 121-1 22 Drook, Deann 3 5-97- 127 Drudge, John 97-130 Dunphy, Cameala 96-121 Dunphy, Vern 1 05 Dyer. Sherri 96-U8 Dyson, Arron 34-42-44-130 Dyson, Amy 98-124 Dyson, Karen 96-124 Dyson, Lynette 79-82-96-124 Dyson, Teal 97-98-130 Dyson, Troy 30-50-80-84-105 Eads, Ronald 97-127 Eads, Tadd 80-121 Eads, Terry 97-130 Eads, Troy 80-121-167 Eakright, Becky 64-96-124 Eakright, Dean 97-127 Eakright, Nicole 35-69-97-130 Early. Kenton 1 27 Elliott, Kelly 35-43-53-91-97-127 Elliott, Mike 3 1-1 24 Eltzroth, Brian 1 30 Elztroth, Candy 97- 127 Eltzroth, Clary 3 1-44-45-46-49- 124 Eltzroth, Kenneth 1 27- 167 Eltzroth, Meredith 1 21 Eltzroth, Rebbecca 1 21 Eltzroth, Stacy 35-97-130 Engelman, Faye 8-84-90-96 Enser, Dyan 97-130 Enser. Michael 47-74-91-1 18 Ervin, Kelly 82-84-87-91-99-1 18 Evans, John 93-130 Farmer, Dana I4-27-72-76-S3- 88-89-91-96-105 Farmer, Melissa 89-12I Fearnow, Jamie 97-I27 Fearnow, Jamie Fearnow, Shelly 96-I21 Ferguaon, Tracy I 8-79-96-121 Ferrell, Antony 34-97-I27 Fields, James 1 24 Fleck, Scott 97-I27 Flott, Daniel 89-124 Flott, Jonathon 34-42-52-69-93- 130 Ford, John Joe 34-52-69-97-I30 Fordyce, Chad 34-42-52-97-130 Francis, Sally 26-27-105 Frank, Bryan 74-80-106 Frank, Penelope 81 -96-1 18 Frehse. Marcia 43-97-127 Frehse. Monica 97-127 Frey, Barry 1 30 Frieden. Diana 96- 1 20-1 18 Frieden, Marilyn 26-97-127 Friederdorf, Troy 1 27 Gackenheimer, Mark 26-69-97- 130 Gackenheimer, Jeffrey 14- 15-20- 26-27-50-77-82-88-89-115 Galley, Jeffery 34-69-128 Gamsby, Rachelle 80-82-I21 Gamsby. Riley 80-121 Gambsy, Rodney 1 67 Gardner, Mike 7-40-80-1 18 Gautschi, Cynthia 90-1I8 Gidley, Casey 7I-80-1 18 Gidley, Mikki 80-96-124 Gibson, Joy 80-96-I21 Gifford, Amanda 35-69-9I-97- 130 Gifford, Christina 31-46-49-80- 96-124 Gifford. Jodeoan 33-79-87-94-I i: Glasspoole. Laquita 96-124 Glasspoole. Teresa 52-130 Goff, Sandy 82-86-87-94-106 Good, Connie 1 24 Good, Lonnie 47-101-106 Goodpaster. Charles 75-106 Goodpaster, Deborah 1 21-167 Goodpastre, Gregory 1 28 Gottschalk, Brian 50-75-80-106 Gootschalk. Ed 42-53-128 Gottschalk, Lori 1 24 Gouvan, Todd 42-69-97-130 Grandstaff. Julie 89-96-15-121 Gray, Debra I 24 Gray, Diane Gray, Ricky 1 25 Grey. Christoph 31-19-80-125 Griffey, Tamara Grisham, Brian 121 Grisham, Laurie 1 18 Grisham, Mike 1 28 Grossman, Rachel 80-86-118 Gullett, Paul 1-80-1 18 Guttrich, Gina 94-118 H Halderman, Howard 18-27-4 1- 46-54-80-96-121 Halderman, Richard 26-34-42- 52-69-130 Hall, Billy 4I-121 Hall, Danila 73-83-96-1I6 Hall, Donna 12I Hall, Richard 1 25 Hall, Rita 97-I30 Hall, Rodney 49-125 Hall, Willie 128 Hammel. Jill 1 2-78-82-94- 106 Hampton. Jeffrey 75-106-1 17 Hampton. Tonja 97-130 Hapner. Gary 80-121 Hapner. Paula 1 5-1 8-89-96-1 21 Hapner. Peggy 43-69-97-128 Harrell. Terry 34-42-97-I28 Harrell. Tracy 35-43-69-97-128 Harris. Teresa 97-130 Harvey. Darrin 1 21 Hashbarger. Lisa 8 1-89-88- 122 Haupert. Felicia 35-43-69-97- 130 Haupert. II Hariand 80-86-87- 88-89-118-27 Haupert. Jon 1 25 Haupert, Robert 27-47-96-1 18 Haupert. Stephanie 32-39-46-88- 79-89-125 Haupert. Scott 80- 106-1 17 Hawkins. Leslie 18-32-38-5 1-91 - 122 Hawkins. Stephen 1 18 Hayes. Lisa 88-89-9 1-96-1 18 Hayes. Robert Hayslip, Frank Hel ' vey. Angela 39-51-97 Hembree. Deanna 131 Hembree. Doyle 31-125 Hendry. Dawn 43-97-128 Henry. Lisa 69-131 Herron. Danny 3 1-46-49-80- 125 Hettmansperge. Scott 34-42-131 Hicks. Mary Beth 72-83-94-107 Hicks, Pamela 78-79-82-125 Hipsher. Kari 1 28 Hipsher. Kelli 131-35-69 Hivelv. Joyce 47-80-118 Hite, Kenny 47-80-118 Hobbs. Kristina 122 Hobbs, Morgan 1 07-1 17 Hollenback. Clavton 40-48-14- 89-118 Holmes, David 1 25 Holmes. Rodnev 131 Honevcutt. Vaughn 43-48-49-80- 125 Hooks. Merkie , ' 83-116 Hooks, Zora 75- 122 Hoover. Kelly 35-43-97-131 Hoover. Trina 35-52-97-131 Hoover. Teresa 27-72-82-83-94- 107 Hoover. Tracy 78-94-125 Hoppes. Cathy 80-96-1 18 Hornung. Theresa 9 1-96-1 31 Hosier. Marthlene 1 22 Hosier. William 80-107 House. Darrvl 1 16 House, Shawn 69-132 HundeU, Jason 1 25 Hug. Angela 35-43-52-69-91-97- 131 Hug. Patricia 5-32- 18-38-5 1-79- lndex 161 87-91-122 Hug, Trina , ' 79-9 1-96-9 Hum. Cathy 1 22 Hunt, Debbie 1 07 Hunt, Jerry 1 25 Hunt, Ronnie Hunt, Sheryl 107-1 17 James, Jennie 1 22 James, Randy 69-93-131 James, Scott 78-1 15-166 Johnson, Christopher 30-54-41- 80-122 Jones, Clayton 64-78-96-122 Jones, Ronnie 41-107 Joy, Henry Joy, Terry K Karns, Daniel 42-128 Kasamias, Doug 14- 15-44-47-86- 89-108 Keaffaber, Brian 97-128 Keaffaber, Jodi 49-9 1-96- 125 Keaffaber, Michelle 43-52-91-97- 98-131 Keaffaber, Timothy 15-20-80-88- 89-96-124-125 Keaffaber. Todd 18-4 1-50-80-96- 122 Keaffaber, Tony 7-40-50-80-82- 108-167 Kelly, Karl 36-37-44-45-50-125 Keppel, Jon 20-122 Kerr, Angela 1 22 Kerr, Christopher 34-44-128 Kerr, Sheila 97-98-128 Kessler, Doug 97-131 King, Anthony 125 King, JR Paui 42-93-128 King, Raymond 1 22 Kirk, Debra 97-13I Kirkover, Barbara 70-83 Kirkiver, Donna 97 Kirtlan, Sharon 69-91-97-98-1 31 Kirtlan, Steven 37-45-47-75-86- 50 Kitchen, Mark 47-122 Kline, Keith 37-43-125 Knee, Shaun 34-42-44-128 Knoblock. Pat 36-37-47-108 Knott, Vicki 67-81-119 Knochenour. Dennis 57-1 16 Kramer, Jennifer 33-79-82-1 25 Kramer, Robert Scott 44-69-128 Krom, James 44-82-86-108 Krom. Mark 44-125 Kunkle, Elizabeth 43-53-91-97- 128 Kunkel, Roger 37-80-119 LaFerney, Brenda I 22 LaFerney. Bryan 46-80-I22 LaFerney, James 1 08 LaFerney, Tamara I 19 Lantz. Kristine 83-1 16-117 Lantz, Pete 1 22 162 lndex Lauer, Debbie 35-69-97-128 Lauer, .Michael 14-15-20-27-80- 88-89-96-118-119 Layne, Mark 1 31 Leach, Randy 1 22 Lehman, Steven 43-50-125 Leming, Charles 34-44-52-93-131 Lewis, David 80-125 Lewis, Paula 79-9 1-97- 128 Lewis, Robert 80-122 Linsburg, Scott 1 19 Lindzy, Andrew 1 22 Lindzy, Lyndia Lipps, Blaine 1 28 Lipps, Ernest Lipps, Kelly 131 Long. Laura 81-91-119 Long, Scott 74-108 Long, Skyler 69-128 Long, Stephanie 1 25 Lorenz, Scott 80-108 Losher, Jeffery 80-122 Lowe, Tom 93-131 Lowe, Veronica 73-96-108 Lucas, Ernie Lucas, Fred 96-122 Lucas, Joan 1 25 Lucas, June 1 28 Luttrill. Rhonda Lutz. Julie 35-43-53-87-128 Lyons, Chris 26-34-53-97-128 Lyons, Patricia 1 28 Lyons, William 1 25 M Mabee, Tammy 50-97-128 Mabee, William 46-I22 Macaluso, Robert 30-47-109 Marley, Suzie 1 25 Marshall, Mike 128 Mason, David 1 8-20-26-27- 14- 15-50-79-88-89-122 Mason, Jenny I 5-20-85-88-89- 79-91-96-119-167 Mason, Matthew 44-97-131 McBrayer, Byron 30-82-84-109 Mccammack, Michela 1 4-20-79- 85-88-89-91-96-99-63-122 Mccammack, Amanda 78-79-81- 85-87-99-119 McCord, Frank 1 66 McCond, Mike 96-I66 Mcclure, Brian 46-80-125 McColley, Jerry 75-83-109 McKee, Brent 34-42-69-1 28 .McKee. Jennifer 78-125 McKernan, Tina 91-96-130-1 31 McKillip, Kevin 80-125 McKillip, Mary Jo 26-35-69-91- 97-130-131 McKillip, Mina 96-109 McKinley, Jeff 42-93-131 McLaughlin, Lisa 97-128 McLean, Joel 80-125 McNabney, Brian 74-83-1 19 McNabney, Donna 35-69-97-1 31 McVoy, Susie 84-1 19 Meek, Chester 1 22 Meltler, Jody 32-29-51-1 25 Metz, Greg 47-54-82-101-I09 Metz, Leigh 79-91-125 Meyer. Mark 1 8-74-80- 109 Meyer, Mellissa 35-97-128 Meyer, Scott 3 1-43-50-80-96-1 25 Meyer, Teresa 35-43-53-61-79- 87-97-127-128 Meyer, Tina 18-78-89-122 Miller. Andrew 1 28 Miller, Angela 35-43-97-128 Miller, Angela M 35-43-69-97- 131 Miller, Dana 128 Miller, Edward 1 16-1 17 Miller, Glinda 1 25 Miller, James 80-126 Miller, John 1 19 Miller, Lana 166 Miller, Lee 131 Miller, Michael 34-42-44-97-131 Miller, Mitzi 85-96-1 19 Miller, Seve 47-75-80-1 19 Miller, Timothy 34-42-43-53-97- 128 Miller, Todd 50-48-80-89-96-1 19 Miller, Tony 14-20-43-50-78-80- 88-89-125 Minniear, John 34-42-69-1 28 Miracle, Bobby 80-122 Mofford, Charles 1 09 Mofford, Jena 96- 125- 126 Mollabshy, Alia 34-44-97-1 28 Monce, Andrew 80-126 Monce, Valerie 1 31 Murray, Angela 1 4-8 1-82- 122 Myers, Barry 34-44-97-137 Myers, Patrick 43-79-96-236 N Neal, Christopher 34-69-97-128 Neal, Thomas 3 1-44-45-50- 136- 165 Nelson, Douglas 44-131 Neskov, Jeff 3 1-80- 126 Newcomer, Evelyn 8 1-96- 126 Newcomer, John 96- 1 1 9 Newsome, Rhonda Nisbet, Dan I 19 Nixon, Angelita 35-79-85-97-128 Nordman, Ronald 72-1 15 Norris, Jess 26-126 Norwood, Jeffery 80-126-165 Norwood, Sam 1 09 Novak, Sue 69-91-97-128 Nygard, Mark743-49-79-95-126 o O ' Dell, Julie 64-119 Ogan, Karin 9-67-79-88-89-91- 96-82-122 Ogan, Mandy 9-32-33-78-86-87- 91-119 Ohmart, Marjorie 1 29 Olmstead. David 18-58-86-1 10 Orpurt, Kevin 34-44-79-129 Orpurt. Michael 49-119 Overman. Kyle 97-13I Overman, Shawn 96-1 19 Owen, Martha T22-167 Palmer, Donald 43-78-80-96-126 Palmer, Richard 74-1 19 Palmer, Scott 68 Panning, Ryan 34-42-69-1 31 Parke, Terry 80-126 Parker, Richard I 19 Parker, Rosalee 1 22 Patton, Juanita I 19 Patton, Scott 47-74-83-1 10-1 17 Pavey, Danny 29-48-1 19-120 Pavey, Kevin 34-44-129 Payne, Steven 80-68-122 Pefley, Susan 3-12-I4-26-27-72- 83-85-88-89-91-96-99-110 Penix, Marie 97-129 Pepple, Paula 79-122 Pfanstiel, Wendy 79-94-126 Phillips. Debra 96-119 Phillips, Kelli Phillips, Todd 42-93-97-131 Powell, Howie 44-45-80-1 10-165 Powell, James 69-79-I29 Powel. William 47-10I-1 10-165 Prater, Jeff I 5-80-1 19 Prater, Jill 32-39-79-126 Pressler, Deborah 1 22 Preston, Kimberly 96-119 Price, Tom 1 26 Purdy, Janet 1 29 Quillen, Patricia 13I Quillen, Russell 19-47-80-1 19 Quinn, Kimberly 80-94-119 R Rate, Jerri 35-43-53-79-85-97- 129 Rate, Jill 5-14-18-35-39-5I-79- Bus Drivers. Row 1 : Sheila Novak, Nancy Slee, Willamae Baer. Row 2: Gary Wison and Ben Deeter. Oats, John 42-53-69-129 1982 — INDEX — 1982 91-96-85-123 Rale. Julie 12-14-78-89-85-1 10 Reahard, Angela 85-94-7-1 10 Reahard, Krislie 1 10 Reahard, Randy 80-126 Reahard, Rodney 1 26 Reahard, Scott 43-80-89-95-96- 126 Reed, Alyson 26-65-69-85-97-98- 129 Reed, Bryan 1 8-37-41-48-49-87- 122-123 Reed, Chris 4-6-7-67-78-81-1 1 1 Reed, Jay 29-3 1-4 1-46-48-80- 123 Reed, Rhonda 82-86-87-1 1 1 Rees, Mike 41-48-123 Resler, Brenda 1 23 Rhoades, Rodney 80-126 Rice, Laurie 38-83-11I Richardson, Candi 69-98-129 Richardson, Jeffrey 4-30-80-1 1 1 Ringel, Craig 80-123 Ringel, Karen 20-76-79-89-82- 96-126 Risher, Lee 80-86-1 19-1 18 Robbins. Tricia 97-129 Roberts, Christine 5 1-1 26 Roberts, Martin 34-42-97-131 Rogers, Paula 27-32-5 1-78-86- 119 Rohr, Tammy 32-5 1-94- 126 Ross, Lesa 35-69-13I Ross, Mary 1 23 Ross, Robert 34-42-44-26-52-97- 132 Ross, Shelly 1 23 Ross, Sandra 1 29 Samons. John 3 1-49-80- 126 Samons, Robbie 30-47-1I1 Sandberg, Keri 1 29 Schaaf. James 1 23 Schlemmer, Dee Ann 1 19 Schlemmer, Joann 97- 128- 129 Schlemmer, Mary Schlemmer, Steven 42-97-132 Schuler, Scott 52-97-130-132 Sesco, Kitty 79-126 Sesco, Virginia 97-129 Shambaugh, Marcia 9-69-85-98- 97-132 Shearr, Debbie 33-38-2-87-1 1 1 Shear, Todd 1 8-44-46-47-48-80- 123 Shelton, Adrena 80-96-123 Shelton, Derrick 47-68-75-78-91- 111 Shepherd, Devon 47-74-119 Sherwood, Lawrence 31-46-48- 126 Shultz, Beth 111 Siders, Scott 47-119 Silva, Fredrick 1 29 Simpson, Christina 97-129 Simpson, Rhonda 79-89-96-1 19 Sinclair, Bernard 47-96-112 Singer, Dirk 37-86-1 12-165 Slee, Kimberly 97-129 Slee, Todd 80-I23 Smith, Andrea 97-132 Smith, John 30-27-47-88-96-1 12 Smith, Kathy 1 23 Smith. Kim 15-26-27-68-80-88- 89-91-96-94-112 Smith, Kimberly 1 12 Smith, Larry 3 1-43-46-80- 126 Smith, Lisa 27-3 1-33-5 1 -55-78- 86-91-68-120 Smith, Randall 49-126 Smith, Robert 15-20-43-54-79- 88-89-80-126 Smith. Scott 1 29 Smith, Tamara 7-32-39-78-85-87- 94-96-124-126 Smith. Thimas 20-46-47-96-123 Smith. Trisha 97-132 Smith. William 129 Smilhers, Myron 1 15 Snapp. James 34-65-69-129 Snapp. Lisa 9-14-81-88-96-122 Snavely, David 34-44-52-1 32 Snavely, Lisa 1 2-82-85-86-87- 112 Snavely, Nancy 32-55-79-82-126 Snyder, Amy 67-120 Snyder, Jacquelin 1 23 Snyder, Keith 80-112 Sommers, Fredrick Ronnie 34-69- 132 Spradlin, Connie 1 12 Spradlin. Pamela 1 20 Spradlin. Teresa 81-85-96-1 19 Spradlin. Tina 1 29 Spring. Tammy 1 5-7 1-79-89- 120 Squires, Amy 1 5-20-39-51 -80- 87-96-122-123 Squires, Beth 12-20-26-1S-58-82- 85-86-87-88-89-96-113 Squires, Margrel 35-43-52-69- 91-97-132 Stanley, Cindy I 2-72-82-83-86- 94-113 Staton, Herman 44-45-48-123 Staton. Michelle 97-129 Stefanatous, Andrew 1 20 Steller, Brian I 23 Stevens, Donny 80-123 Stevens, Mary I 3-48-91-120 Stevens, Richard 42-34-69-129 Stiddom, Everett 20-123 Stouffer, Rita 97-129 Strain, Jennifer 69-I32 Strange, Joe 1 23 Strong, Evelyn 38-5 1-78- 126 Strong, Teresa 53-97-129 Straw. Melinda 1 26 Sturgill. JR Bill 34-93-97-132 Sturgill. Sandra 96-120 Sturgill. Sonia 85-123 Summers. Scott 42-93-97-132 Swango. Michael 80-123 Sweet. Mike 54-113 Swihart. Carol 8 1-85-96- 120 Swihart. Paula 8 1-96- 126 Cooks. Front Row: Judy Rhoades. Marjorie Stoffer, Lucille Byers, Betty Tackett. Back Row: Sharon Singer, Carolyn Vrooman, Joann Carr, Viola Bolinger, Mary Loise Titus. Tackett, Amy 97-132 Tackett. Lisa 82-85-87-96-122- 123 Talmage. Nicole 35-43-52-69-91- 97-132 Taylor, Elizabeth 1 22- 123- 164 Taylor, Kristi 67-80-82-89-123 Terrel, Felicia 80 Terrel, Robert 42-52-69-97-132 Tester, Daniel 34-44-42-69-129 Tester, Doug 54-120 Thompson, Shelly 32-39-80-126 Thompson, Toni 79-81-123 Thomson. Tammy 32-33-38-72- 83-86-113 Tiede. Margo 4-78-79-126 Tilley. Michael 1 29 Tipple. Todd 34-97-129 Tisdale, Cynthia 59-132 Tisdale, Rick 14.17. 78. 85-120 Titus. Scott 47-54-57-113 Tonovitz. Lynnette 7-58-82-83- 72-85-86-91-99-113 Townsend. Diana 1 23 Townsend. Robert 1 13 Trantum. Brent 65-97-132 Trantum. Lori 43-129 Treska. Beth 12- 14- 15-20-26-27- 24-88-96-113 Trump. Bruce 7-8-40-41 -86-96- 114-54 Tucker, Deanne 97-132 Tucker. Marv 1 15 Tucker, Michael 42-52-132 Tucker, Ronda 18-27-80-9 1-96- 98-126 - Tucker, Tammy 80-81-120 Tudor. Kelly ' U-l 5-96-1 14 Tudor. William 47-49-123 Tyner, Trisha 7-9-32-33-38-48- 71-78-86-91-120 U Urschel. Anne 78-91-99-1 14 Utterback, Tamara 97-132 Vanpctten, Dcnise 1 5-27-72-77- 116 Vanpctten, Gleeann 69-97-I32 Van Pctten. Jay 1 26 Vankern. Brian 126 Vauehan, Maria I26 Vigar. Timothy 1 14 Vigar. Todd 1 14 Vigar. Troy 34-42-26-44-53-129 w Wagner. Beth 78-94-114 Walker. Lori 35-43-97-132 Wall. David 1 29 Wall. Denise 1 23 Wallace, Grant 1 26 Wallen, Lisa 69-97-129 Wallen. Maria 96-126 Walters. Gary 1 29 Ward. Cathy 56-72-120 Warnock. Kevin 80-123 Warford, Denise 20-78-86-87-88- 89-91-99-118-120 Watanabe. Yuka 15-63-81-91- 114 Watson. Darcia 15-79-82-85-87- 89-96-124-126 Waymire, John 1 29 Webb, Deborah 1 29 Weesner, Sally 79-123 Weiss, Stacey 97-132 Weitzel. Diane 80-82-85-123 Weitzel, Eric 97-I29 Weitzel. Timothy 47-120 Weller. Rea Jean 85-96-120 Wendt. Clark 47-167 White. Tracy 1 23 Wilcox. Douglas 1-30-25-66-80- 86-87-114 Wilcox. Mellissa 1 32 Wilcox, Valerie 76-123 Wilson. Angela 5 1-78-79-82-85- 123 Wilson. Eric 47-80-96-123 Wilson. Lori 78-120 Wilson. Mara 1 9-85-96- 120 Wilson. Seth 80- 126 Winsted. Bernice 1 32 Winstead. Cathy 126 Winters. Robert 47 Womack. Chauncy ,96-123 Womack. Kevin 68-73-120 Wood. Shawn 1 20 Woodward. Kathy 38-5 1-96-1 23 Woodward. Kris 37-47-50-68-78- 87-97-127-129 V orking. Kenneth 123 Wrisk. .Amanda 85-120 Wrisk, Sandy ,126 Wuensch. Thomas 44-46-80-120 Wuensch. Timothy 1 29 Wycuff. Rozella 51-I26 Wvsong. Kristina ' 33-79-85-91- 96-126 Wysong. Scott ,44-69-129 Yentes. James . ' 47-48-74-83-86- 120 Yocum. Carla , ' 35-43-97-69-129 ' ocum. Roberta 72-120 Young. Stephanie 43-85-97-132 z Zinsmeister. David , 69-129 aS aTto HlGH GKADE fey 1 Students drove tractors to school during FFA week. 2 Seventh grade students enjoyed their first " spring cleaning " experience at NHS. 3 Libby Taylor and Tammy Clifton proudly display their muskrat skull. 4 Brett Donaldson helped bring in the pillars used as part of the prom decorations. 164 Closing 1 ' " " 1 Students worked hard on their clocks for Industrial Arts. 2 Kelley Butzin popped out to say " Hello " to our photographer. 3 Jeff Biehl enjoys a quiet lunch. 4 Dirk Singer, Pam Dilling. and Howie Powell work on the backdrop for graduation. 5 Tom Neal and Jeff Norwood reminisce over some old notes and papers. Closing 165 1 Barbie Bennett took her P.E. exam while laying on the gym floor. 2 Stacy Booth posed for the camera in the gym. 3 New students al Northfield this year were. row 1: Lena Miller and Wendy Amstuz. Row 2: Frank McCord and Mike McCord. 4 Scott James feverishly works over one of his art projects. 5 WAS THIS YOUR LOCKER?! ' ?: ' ! ' ! ' ! ' " W 166 Closing 1 Sophomores showing off their class rings. They were: Troy Eads, Debby Goodpaster. Martha Owens, Riley Gamsby, Meredith Elz- roth. 2 The deserte d halls of NHS heave a sigh of relief and await the coming year. 3 Mike Dock and Tony Keffaber practice handing off the baton at track practice. 4 Clark VVendt putting his book in his locker after class. 5 Yes. Jenny Mason, we know you can " t wail until the prom. Closing 167 WE MADE IT! We never thought we ' d make it. We knew we were going to have it rough from the moment we arrived at camp in Bioomington. We searched for our dorm for half an hour before we found it. During our two week stay, we stayed up many a night past lights out working. We ' ll forever re- member the " Fifth Floor Gang " , Cock-a-roach, and the chorus line. We owe a lot to our camp friends and W. Strange. (Ha!Ha!) We thought camp was hard but it didn ' t compare to the first couple of weeks of school. We were faced with disappearing rolls of film, exposed film, missing pictures, the lack of pic- tures, missing copy, and deadlines! By the middle of the year we were ready to throw in the towel. But somehow we endured and completed the book (barely). Special thanks go to the following: To Mr. Glaze for teaching us what we needed to know, to Mr. Werking for putting up with our strange sched- ules, to our staff photographers who weren ' t always willing but came through when we needed them most, to the staff helpers and to our friends who put up with our tantrums and listened to our problems. We ' d also like to thank those people who sup- ported us. We thank PSI IOTA XI for our scholarship for camp, Mrs. Kitt for helping us when we peeded it most, and to our parents who put u with our messes, late nights, weii school hours and emotional outburst Good luck Susan, Sally, and Ji next year. I hope you three have great year and a few less mishaps! Hard work, perserverence ar dedication is what an editor is £ about. Kim and Susan, You ' ve real got what it takes! Every year I get a special feeling i I see the students eyes light up wh( they see their efforts in print for tl first time and then they know it w all worth while.

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