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■ (■ .. ■ . W34, bHn GC 977.202 WllN, 1972 ©C i i:ii:LL rm , ' f i- J 9HIELD 72 NoHhfield Wabash, IN. Volume X iifiiiiiiiininiiii Table of Contents Qtudenf Life Academics Ofganizations Qporfs Friends Index 10 24 42 78 98 138 LEFT: Robin Galley practices her poetry for the sectional speech meet. ABOVE: Mr. Clyde Duker looks over the bookstore ' s rec- ords. BELOW LEFT: Joyce Wilson, Lorraine Horstmon and Lisa Thonnas in the Cafeteria. BELOW: Chuck Zinn, Bob Swan and Penny Calloway look over some notes before class begins. ABOVE; Tom Miller seems to be enjoying eighth grade Science class. LEFT: Connie Hettmansperger does a demonstration for speech class. BELOW: Paul Bain works with clay in art class. LEFT: Larry Schnepp adds two more points to the Norse score. ABOVE: Mr. Wayne Fansler, Rita Flack and Steve Hantelman look at one of the occupations on the VIEW machine. BELOW: Girls in Home Ec proudly display their cookies. ABOVE; Study hall in the cafeteria is always exciting. BELOW. Teresa Boyer does a project for Science. BELOW RIGHT: Mrs. Rice and her student teacher, Mrs. Metzger, check some stu- dents ' files. FACE8 OF NORTHFIELD Qophs Take Homecoming Honors The class of 1974 swept the honors at Home- coming ' 71. Nancy McColley and Jim Urschel were named queen and king and the sophomore class float won first place. For their candidates the seniors chose Patty Yentes and Kelly Stephens. Debbie Miller and Randy Fearnow represented the junior class. The freshmen candidates were Solly Strange and Rex Cunningham. " American Heritage " was the theme chosen by the Student Council. The winning float was yellow and orange with a farmer plowing up a field with the theme, " Norse Plow ' Em Under. " LEFT: Patty Yentes scits on the scenior flat, " Victory or Bust. " BELOW: Jim Urschel crowns Nancy McColley. BELOW LEFT: The Big Blue Machine charges onto the field. ABOVE: Sally Strange and Rex Cunningham sit on the freshman float, " Scalp the Homesteaders. " LEFT: The Norsettes performed a special halftime show for the alumni. BELOW: Couples en- joyed dancing to the music of the Howard Amell band. BH " Weaker 8ex " Presented by Chorus The first N.H.S. fall review was presented Oct. 28. This first review was a medley of hit tunes centered around " The Weaker Sex. " Included in the show were skits, small groups, and even full scale production numbers. Director Terry Becker chose the theme because about 90% of his high school classes are com- posed of females. LEFT: Mary Weaver, Diana Biehl, Bev Corn, and Diane Dawson did a pantomime of a break. BELOW: Jon Gage assists Diane Dawson on the piano. BELOW LEFT: Many long hours of re- hearsal went into making the show a success. f ' % 13 The Crucible On Nov. 12 and 13 the Dramatics Club pre- sented " The Crucible " by Arthur Miller. This play was on intense drama based on the facts about the Salem witch trials. It wasn ' t a show just to sit back and enjoy, but to interpret and mull over for insights. Many fine dramatic performances were turned in by NHS students, perhaps surprising a few pa- trons of the theatre who thought Northfield could only produce a comedy. Members of the cast were: Patti Stephens, Joanie Smith, Sandra Cook, Karen Sauder, Lottie Waggoner, Debbie Swart, Jean McColley, Lisa Custer, Robin Galley, Beverly Corn, Rick Miller, Dale Smith, Jerry Gaff, Steve Hantelman, Jeff Culver, Andy Cartwright, Byron Burns, Rusty Reiken, Dave Edenburn and Randall R. Fernow. ABOVE RIGHT: Steve Hantelman, Dave Edenburn, Rick Miller and Dale Smith discuss the upcoming trial. RIGHT: Dale Smith pleads with Sandra Cook not to testify against his wife, Lisa Custer. BELOW: Sandra Cook, Deb Swart, Karen Sauder and Joanie Smith talk over their plans for the witch trial. Class of 1 972 Says — Farewell to Northfleld High School LEFT: Brenda West and Rod Titus prepare for graduation exer- cises. ABOVE: Seniors, Andrade through Corn, listen to the speaker. BELOW: JoEllen Hipskind, Ernie Holycross and Vicki Linsburg are all smiles as they receive their diplomas and roses. NOTH,S ' SgTes? ' , ' " ' ■ ' ° ' " ' ° ° • ■ • °« HE DO LEFT: Denise Haupert adjusts Cindy Fleck ' s cap while (ABOVFl grlat ' " " ' ° ' ' ° " ' " ' ' ' ' ° " ° 2 offS yiMIIUIMillHMIIWimilUIIMIIIIIB Patty Yentes receives a handshake and her diploma from Mr. Rice, president of the school board. BELOW: Bev Corn, one of the commencement speakers, gave her speech on the importance of creativity. RIGHT: Eugene Young walks dov n the aisle clutching his rose, diploma and Bible. " ™™™ " ™ " — " " ' ■™™ ' ° ' Juniors Entertain Qeniors With " Three Coins in a Fountain • If ABOVE: Mary Lou Weaver, Dan Townsend and Jeff Culver partake of nourishment at the 72 Prom. BELOW: Tommy Leiand and John Vigor enjoy talking by the fountain. ; ; ; w.: y«Nj (ir(ir €ri ' fW hi is |5 Beth Lawson and Ed Gillespie pose for the photographer, Mr. Kenneth Werking. tl ABOVE: Ernie Holycross and Diane Sorrel sit, relax and talk. ABOVE RIGHT: Marcia Manning, Beverly Corn and Diana Biehl look over the refreshments. BELOW; Carolyn Myers, Mrs. Mary Schultz, Joni Hammel and Sherry Gidley served. BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Harold Christie and Mr. Craig Winegardner chaperoned the Prom. NoKhfield Was Alive With the " Sound of IVIusic " •.W M,. W ' -m ' - wH -r ABOVE: The stage crew — 1st row; JB Stanley, Steve Dale, Kar- en Sauder, Keith Shaw, Linda Dewoody, Mike Breedlove, Deb- bie Jones, Kathleen Urschel. 2nd row: Jerry Gaff, Jean Mc- Colley, Chuck Zinn, Rusty Reiken, Phil Dale, Connie Jones, Bob Lewis, Lori Knott, David Unger, Jan Gaff, Dave Edenburn. RIGHT: Cast in the lead roles were Joanie Smith and Randy Fearnow. BELOW: Portraying nasty Nazis were: Jerry Gaff, Rusty Reiken, Dave Edenburn, Ed Siders. 21 ABOVE: Diane Dawson and Ed Siders were the epitome of young love as LeisI and Rolf. RIGHT: Carrie McKinley and Don Watkins were the maid and butler. VON TRAPP FAMILY: 1st row: Debbie Taylor, Randy Fearnow, Brenda EIrod, Joanie Smith. 2nd row: Rosie Sweet, Robin EIrod, Pat Breedlove, Doug Weitzel, Diane Dawson. Y ' Dale Smith and Lisa Custer provided comedy in their roles as Max and Elsa. THE CAST MARIA RAINER Joanie Smith CAPTAIN VON TRAPP Randy Fearnow MOTHER ABBESS Mary Lou Weaver ELSA SCHRAEDER Lisa Custer MAX DETWEILER Dole Smith LIESL Diane Dawson ROLF Ed Siders FRIEDRICH Doug Weitzel LOUISA Rosie Sweet KURT Pat Breedlove BRIGITTA Debbie Taylor MARTA Robin EIrod GRETL Brenda EIrod FRANZ Don Watkins FRAU SCHMIDT Carrie McKinley SISTER MARGARETTA Robin Galley SISTER SOPHIA Beverly Corn SISTER BERTHE Beth Lawson HERR 2ELLER Jerry Gaff BARON ELBERFELD Keith Show ADMIRAL VON SCHREIBER Dave Edenburn A POSTULANT Paula Waggoner CONTESTANTS IN FESTIVAL CONCERT . . . . Denise Baker, Paula Waggoner, Morcia Metzger, Pom Gaston. NAZI OFFICERS Rusty Reiken, Jerry Gaff, David Edenburn. THE NUNS ' CHORUS Teresa Miller, Morcia Manning, Peggy Cook, Denise Haupert, Pat Hollo- way, Pam Gaston, Maria Swope, Sandy Cook, Denise Baker, Shelly Haupert, Marcia Metzger, Paula Waggoner. THE DIRECTORS LIBRETTO Barbara Durnbaugh VOCAL Terry Becker ORCHESTRA ' . , . Ross Trump SCENE DESIGN John Miller The heads of the Nonnburg Abbey were: Robin Galley, Mary Lou Weaver, Beth Lawson, Bev Corn. NUNS ' CHOIR: Teresa Miller, Sandy Cook, Maria Swope, Marcia Metzger, Pat Hollo- way, Pam Gaston. 2nd row: Mary Lou Weaver, Robin Galley, Paula Waggoner, Shelly Haupert, Denise Baker, Peggy Cook, Denise Haupert, Marcia Manning, Beth Lawson, Bev Corn. HT. ?! i mv ill lllilir ' iu y III I l.lifli«!ir:!i!fef fSdi " .. . jrw ,J ' English — the World ' s Most Complicated Language II ABOVE: Sixteen seniors sit silently studying in Mr. Paul Jones ' English 12 class. RIGHT: Cindy Stieglitz and Eddie Siders work on FRINKLEDINKUS during Creative Writing class. BELOW: Seventh graders use the speed readers during English. English is required in grades seven through eleven. Literature is also taken in these grades. Speech I is substituted for English in the Sopho- more year. As electives, Creative Writing, Contemporary Lit- erature, Journalism, Speech II, English 12 and English Literature are offered. The English depart- ment feels that courses in English, speech, and journalism furnish a definite outline for relating teaching methods to the needs of each student. Grammar is presented as a functional tool for more effective self-expression, not as fixed rules for memorizing in the classroom and using on special occasions. The flexibility of the learning areas in the cur- riculum provides opportunity for student and teacher to determine placement of special drills. Material presented may be reduced or extended according to the present needs of individuals. ABOVE: Mrs. Bernadine Smith teaches English to some junior high students. ABOVE RIGHT: Besides History, Mrs. Dorothy Squires teaches junior English. RIGHT: Dave Lefforge does a pantomime in Speech II class. Mathematics Qtudents Ponder-s Numbers. Symbols BELOW; Seventh graders work out math problems on the board while Mr. David Reep helps a student at his desk. RIGHT: Ju- niors in Algebra II class seem to find something amusing. The Math department is headed by Mr. Allen Rice. Mr. Rice teaches Senior Math, Algebra II, and some junior high math classes. Mr. Thomas Reahard teaches Geometry. Mr. Harold Christie teaches General Math and Algebra I. Mr. Kenneth Norman and Mr. David Reep teach junior high classes, too. In junior high, math is required. Seventh grade math is mainly review w ork, in the eighth grade simple Algebra problems are introduced. A prog- nosis test is given to find out the students who have the aptitude to take Algebra I. Freshman have a choice between General Math and Algebra. In one ' s sophomore year, math is not required, however. Geometry is offered. Algebra II and Senior Math are further electives. ABOVE: David Edenburn sets up his Science Fair project. RIGHT: Phil Schnepp, Brenda Favorite and Steve Elliott experiment in the chemistry lab. Qcience Departmenf The Science Department includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics and General Science. Seventh grade general science and freshman biology are the only required science subjects. Eighth grade science, advanced biology, chemistry and physics are electives. Mr. Marvin Mast is the head of the this de- partment. His classes include eighth grade science and chemistry which deals with the composition, structure and properties of elementary substances and the changes they undergo. Mr. Dennis Grinstead teaches frosh biology and advanced b iology, which is zoology (study of ani- mals) and botany (study of plants). Mr. Hal Gunter teaches general science and advanced biology. In freshman biology students try dissecting and in advanced biology students go into more diffi- cult studies of plants and animals. Mr. Thomas Reahard teaches the physics class. Physics deals with a science of phenomena of inanimate matter and includes consideration of mechanics, heat, light, electrictiy, sound, and nu- clear phenomena. This year the science dept. developed a set of objectives for the 71-72 school year. Science gives the student command of factual information and helps to distinguish between fact and theory. Students should develop the " cause and effect " concept relationship. Science will train the individual to base his judgment on facts and formulate a workable hypothesis. Science should make the individual willing to change opinions on the basis of new evidence. ABOVE: Seniors in Government class listen intently to Mr. Craig Winegardner ' s lecture. LEFT: Brenda Thompson gives a report in Health class. BELOW: Phil Schnepp learns of American History, a course required for juniors. Qocial Qtudies Department Attempts to Produce Better Citizens LEFT: Members of the 3-4 mods Psychology class look deeply interested In the assignment. BELOW: Denise Houpert looks surprised at something in her Government book. The Social Studies department is headed by Mr. Rex Price. Courses offered on this level are; American History, Government, Economics, World History, World Geography, Indiana History, Psy- chology, Sociology, and Health. The department feels that it is important to help students accept their responsibilities as a citizen and to formulate attitudes that are bene- ficial to today ' s society. An important part of so- cial studies is acquainting students with early civilizations in the world and being able to relate them to our present society. Social studies teachers try to develop an under- standing and tolerance of individuals, social in- stitutions and cultures throughout the world, in their students. Business Department The business dept. is primarily headed by Mrs. Mary Ann Mast, Mrs. Doris Rice and Mr. Clyde Duker. The main courses and their objectives are: 1) general business: understanding of the nature of business and of contractual responsibilities. 2) Bookkeeping: to acquire ability in using financial statements as guides for future business planning and conduct. 3) Typing I: to provide skills suf- ficient to type papers, reports, etc. for school, college, business purposes. 4) Shorthand: to de- velop traits essential for success and promotion in office positions. 5) Business law: To draw upon the daily experiences of each student — relating low OS a part of normal life. 6) Office machines: To acquaint students with basic office machines. 7) Office practice: to acquaint students with the requirements for the responsibilities of various office positions. 8) Marketing: to provide students with a foundation of economic and marketing concepts. 9) Typing II: to reinforce basic tech- niques involving the operative parts of a type- writer and to increase speed and accuracy. 10) Salesmanship: To learn the basic techniques and skills needed to sell a product to the public. ABOVE: Marcia Manning, Denise Haupert and Debbie Taylor type during a free period. BELOW: Sue Baldwin types on the electric typewriter. Physical Ed. Department Physical education is required in grades seven through ten. It is intended to develop a student ' s physical activities, to help the student to become aware of his body ' s physical condition and appearance. The students not only do exercises, but play games that are enjoyable as well as beneficial to one ' s health. In Phys Ed classes the students play many types of games, such as: volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. The students are now fortunate enough to go swimming and bowling. On the sophomore level there is more of a variety of sports and activities offered, because this is the last year of required physical education. Eighth grade boys (BELOW and LEFT) play a game of ball tag, while eighth grade girls learn how to square dance (BELOW LEFT). m Denise Ford, Tammy Leiand and Beverly Weaver learn to style hair, give manicures, etc. in BEAUTY CULTURE. Laura Heeter rolls out a pie crust in FOOD SERVICE class. Career Center Offers Wide Variety of Classes ABOVE: Kathy Carver and Cathy Miller use the key punch ma- chine in OFFICE TRAINING. RIGHT: Tim Bever and Dave Stew- art work on a tractor in AG MECHANICS. ABOVE: Eighth grade boys use the various machines in the shop department. BELOW: Stan Garriott and Brad Van Dielan use the drafting equipment at the vocational center. Agriculture and Shop Deparfments Northfield ' s agriculture and shop departments are two of the best in the state of Indiana. The Ag department offers Farm Machinery, Advanced Livestock and Crops, Animal Science and Farm Powers. Eighth grade boys are required to take one semester of general agriculture and one se- mester of shop. The Future Farmers of America helps extend the knowledge learned in Ag. The aim of the Shop department is to moke first rate carpenters of its students. If a person is interested in making drafting a career, he can attend Vocational School and get further training. ifi$ Home Ec Builds Better Homemakers 8 Ways Home Ec is involved with producing intelligent, interested homemakers. If a girl is educated in nutrition, child care, sewing, cooking and home decorating, she can make a happy, healthy home for her family. All seventh graders are required to take two semesters of Home Ec. They learn basic nutrition, health care, sewing and cooking. Home Ec II is similar to Home Ec I only on a more indepth basis. Senior Home Ec students draw model-scale homes and furnish them from old catalogs. The classes have teas for various school organi- zations. They prepared an elaborate dinner for the North Central Evaluation Team. ABOVE: Mothers from the surrounding communities brought their children to school, so the Home Ec girls could get practical experience in child care. BELOW: Sandy Hall and Bev Gilbert display the desserts they mode in Home Ec II. RIGHT: A Christ- mas tea was held by the Home Ec classes. LEFT: The Home Ec room was the setting for the Honor Society Tea. BELOW: Mrs. Florence Petty ' s sophomore girls gave her a going away party. ABOVE: Deb Bechtol works on her assignment on the floor RIGHT: Mrs. Louanne Hendricks grades papers. Foreign Language Department This year both French and Spanish were taught by one teacher, Mrs. Louanne Hendricks. She is also the only teacher on the Northfield faculty who has studied abroad. Mrs. Hendricks attended the Universite de Madrid in Spain. Repitition is the main learning process for first year students. This practice helps accustom the pupil to the different tone variations of French and Spanish. In the lab, actual native voices are played to help the students achieve that authentic accent. Second year students learn more of the mechanics of the written language, grammar. In the third year, novels and magazines from the countries are translated into English. A foreign language is essential if one is planning to attend college, but besides that, learn- ing a second language can be enjoyable and profitable. NH9 Hallways Transformed Into Arf Galleries U •fmi This year, under the direction of Mr. John Miller, not only did the art room display art pieces, but the hallways were transformed into art galleries. Mr. Miller put the artwork into the halls to make his students proud of their work and to brighten up the hallways. One of the best displays of Northfield ' s ar- tistic talent was the beautiful back drop for the spring musical, THE SOUND OF MUSIC. The set was done in record time and several people who saw the play commented upon it. Around Christmas, two gigantic angels were placed on the roof facing the inner court. rumm. ■ dr— — I v . ABOVE: Seventh grade boys stuff paper into the " skeletons " of the angels. RIGHT: Mr. John Miller watches while students work with clay. BELOW: Everyone pitches in to put the finish- ing touches on the Christmas angels. 0i0 fJP ' ' " " otm A Keith Koch Heads Qtudenf Council The Student Council was headed this year by Keith Koch, student body president. Gary Barlow served as vice-president; Diane Dawson was secre- tary, and Randy Fearnow, treasurer. Sponsors were Miss Barbara Durnbaugh and Mr. James Shipley. They started off the year with Homecoming activities. SC members voted to change the pro- cedures to include a king as well as a queen. They sponsored a convocation prior to Homecom- ing in which men from the local VFW post pre- sented a patriotic program. Also, at the convo, the king and queen candidates introduced each other. The Student Council voted in the Chess Club and A " Youth for Christ " organization. The main activity of the SC was checking coats at all home basketball games. One use of the profits was sponsoring the Homecoming dance. Keith Koch, student body president, studies up on parliamen- tary procedure in the library. ■■ t» ' .iii«5 ' •• ■■■■■ ,; ii w : « " mmk... T :%i ' P-- iA W rfesi -iiJHH. ■■ ill 70 il| ' ;| f :- E I V H B M - ■■■■ H WF- 1 fciJy ; ' STUDENT COUNCIL: 1st. table: Rita Flack, Shelly Renbarger, Trina Schuler. 2nd table: Debbie Bechtol, Marty Lutz, Lynn McKillup, Randy Fearnow, Miss Durnbaugh, Steve Norman. Back row: Doug Dawes, Rex Cunningham, JoEllen Hipskind, Audie Wiley, Lisa Custer, Doug Weaver, Diane Dawson, Eric Fleck, Scott Alber, Teresa Swank, Kathy Glassburn, Gary Barlow. National Honor Qooiety Inducts 1 6 New Members In the fall 5 seniors and 10 juniors were in- ducted into Northfield ' s chapter of the National Honor Society. The qualities needed to be a mem- ber of this organization are scholarship, leader- ship, citizenship and character. In the spring a special ceremony was held to induct our exchange student, Mauricio Andrade. ;| j- .r 1 1 SENIOR MEMBERS inducted this fall were Cathy Miller, Bev- erly Corn, Kevin Baker, JoAnn DeVore and Teresa Vrooman. FRE SHRlllE ' ■l ir wl £ T W fc i ifiP ' ' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: row 1: Lynn Terrel Baker, Jeff Culver, Patty Yentes, Eddie Siders. row 2: Marilyn Beihl, Shelly Hau- pert, Cathy Miller, Cindy Stieglitz, JoEllen Hipskind, JoAnn DeVore, Diana Beihl, Teresa Vrooman, Debbie Swart, Lisa Custer, Karen Sauder. row 3: Jill Hipskind, Beverly Corn, Brendo Favorite, Linda Bidwell, Kevin Baker, Beth Lawson, Debbie Miller, Diane Daw- son, Kathy Winters, Deb Metzger, Dale Smith, Gary Barlow, Jim Lange. 4 NORTH STAR STAFF: Mrs. Martha Guynn, advisor, JoAnn DeVore, Kathy Winters, Teresa Freed, row 2: Vicki Linsburg, Jane Forrester, Linda Strange, Deb Metzger, Kathy Knoblock, Denise Mobley. row 3: Janet Siders, Jeff Culver, Jon Gage, Beth Lawson, Brenda West, rovi 4: Rita Flock, Greg Schenkel, Debbie Taylor, Morcia Manning. 9taff Publishes North 9tar Monthly The main purpose of the journalism class is to publish monthly the school ' s official newspaper the North Star. When not working on the paper, the class studies the essentials of journalistic writing. This year there were two classes. One con- sisted of seniors who had taken journalism the year before. The other was for 1st year students. Kathy Winters and Teresa Freed attended the Indiana Journalism Institute for High School Stu- dents at Indiana University. NORTH STAR STAFF CO-EDITORS: Kathy Winters Teresa Freed NEWS EDITOR: JoAnn DeVore FEATURE EDITOR: Jean McColley REPORTERS: Jeff Culver Rita Flack Eric Fleck Mary Futrell Jon Gage Kathy Knoblock Beth Lawson Vicki Linsburg AAarcia Manning Deb Metzger Denise Mobley Greg Schenkel Janet Siders Linda Strange Debbie Taylor Brenda West 7 1 -72 9HIELD Staff SHIELD STAFF: Linda Johnson, Lottie Wag- goner, Vicki Linsburg. 2nd row: Teresa Freed, Rita Flack, Denise Mobley. 3rd row: Ellen Mouser, Joni Burton, Debbie McLaughlin, Debbie Metzger. 4th row: Bill Kerner and Mike Breedlove. ABOVE: Mrs. Martha Guynn and Mrs. Mary Ann Mast were co-sponsors of the yearbook. ABOVE RIGHT: In order to raise money the staff sponsored a concert by the Free Fare. Annual Staff Strives to Produce a Better SHIELD The staff of the 71-72 SHIELD has worked long hard hours to bring you what they hope is a bet- ter yearbook. Before the school year began, plans for theme, staff and finances were already being decided upon. In July, Lottie Waggoner attended the Indiana University Institute for Yearbook Editors. At this institute, 96 editors from 5 different states learned the mechanics of putting a yearbook together. This summer, Linda Johnson attended the Ball State Journalism Workshop. This year a different sales campaign was used. For two weeks in January subscriptions were sold. No other annuals will be available as no extra copies were ordered. IK GiHs ' Cheerblock Receives New Vests After much debating, voting and arguing, it was finally decided to order navy blue sv eater vests for the cheerblock. Everyone agreed that these new vests added much to the appearance of the block. Every Friday pactices were held in the gym with the boys ' cheerblock. New yells, chants and songs were taught to the girls at this time. A Cheerblock Council was made up of the class representatives and the varsity cheerleaders. The purpose of the Council was to review the actions of the block ' s members and think of ways to increase spirit. GIRLS ' CHEERBLOCK: row 1: Teresa Vrooman, Mary Lou Weaver, Morcio Manning, Beverly Corn, Debbie Taylor, Diana Biehl, Cathy Miller, Kathy Carver, Robin Galley, rovi 2: Diane Daw son, Feggy Cook, Beth Lawson, Debbie Svi art, JoEllen Hipskind, Teresa Freed, Denise Haupert, Lottie Waggoner, Lisa Thomas, Rita Flack, Joyce Wilson, Diane Young, row 3: Brendo Favorite, Sherrel Hawkins, Karen Sauder, Sandy Hall, Patty Wagner, Carlo Christie, Katie Ogalsbee, Kathy Glassburn, Denise Mobley, Sally Stephen- son, M arilyn Biehl, Shelly Haupert. row 4: Bev Snopp, JoEllen Dyson, Deb Metzger, Janice Oswalt, Deb Miller, Kathy Knoblock, Jane Forrester, Beverly Weaver, Denise Baker, Teresa Miller, Kay Satchwill, Janet Siders. row 5: Denise Wilcox, Carol Fleck, Carolyn Myers, Linda Hantelman, Joni Harmmel, Karen Helvey, Maria Swope, Morcia Metzger, Tanya Gill, row 6: Deb Bechtol, Linda Johnson, Marty Lutz, Sherry Gidley, Penny Calloway, Jackie Hahn, Eugenia Driscoll, Nancy Weaver, Diane Culver, Pam Gaston, Jill Biehl, Kim Karns. row 7: Elizabeth Whinery, Kathy Smith, Linda Dewoody, Lori Knott, Virginia Townsend, Becky Thrush, Rhonda Le- land, Lynn McKillup, Cathy Yentes, Denise Norman, Sharon McColley. Cheerblock — Biggest and Best in Northfield ' s History GIRLS ' CHEERBLOCK: row 1: Jody Carr, Melody Lane, April Kerns, Janet Souder, Ann Edenburn, Janet Bic Merrick, JoEllen Pefley, Robin Deeter, Cindy Baker, Sally Strange, Sandy Cook, Linda Cartwright, Cindy Ho Jayne Lange, Vicki e Jackson, Amy Risher. row 3: Dolly Potton, Debbie Zinsmeister, Brenda Culver, Sharon S ton, Debbie Brodbeck, Kothy Dyson, Shelley Renbarger, Karen Tiede, Cindy Dyson, Jolene Swope, Teresa Joy Schuler, Becky Yocum, Jane Rice, Wendy Holman, Jane Dawes, Trina Schuler, Amy Vrooman, Money Dole, Missy Pam Elzroth. row 5: Debbie Schuler, Lanice Slisher, Tommy Chamberlain, Tammy Eilts, Lol ' ita Mclntyre, ' Lori I Karen Glassburn, Karen Heflin, Jennifer McBrayer, Linda Dixon. row 4: Deonna Mast, Becky Hahn, Knee, Roxy Allen, S 1 00 Guys in Cheerblock BOY ' S CHEERBLOCK: 1st row: Randy Fearnow, J. B. Stanley, Dove Lefforge, Ed Siders, Gary Barnett, Jeff Culver, Steve Hontel- man, Doug Weaver, Eric Fleck, Dave Swan, Doug Haupert. 2nd row: Don Watkins, Scott Alber, Phil Dale, Jerry Gaff, Mauri Long, Ron Baker, Brad VanDielen, Gary Hively, Gary Corn. 3rd row: Larry Swan, Steve Fleck, Steve Gaston, Brad Bozarth, Lewis Fhlor, Duane Trump, Jim Hunt, Doug Weitzel, Kerry Steele, Tim Bever, Randy Raver, Craig Schnepp. 4th row: Dean Weaver, Breck Har- mon, Gary Corn, Steve Baker, Andy Hollycross, Dave Dale, Jerry DeVore, Ken Terrel, Rod Grossman. 5th row: Dennis Hite, Tim Hau- pert, Mike Breedlove, Roger Winters, Bob Lundquist, Charlie Zinn, Kevin Joy, Gary Rensberger, Audie Wiley, Steve Urschel. 6th row: Bob Hettmansperger, Randy Grossman, Mike Campbell, Dennis Siders, Rex Baer, Roger Biehl, Doug Rensberger. Cheerblocks Qpur BIG BLUE Onward to Victor-y ■ Cheerleader ' s Back BIG BLUE EIGHTH: bottom to top: Linda Dixon, captain, Karen Tiede, Shelly Renborger, and Kelly Merrick. FROSH: bottom to top; Jayne Lange, Jody Carr, Lori Ogon, cap- tain, and Robin Deeter. JR. VARSITY: bottom to top: Chris Yoder, Rosie Sweet, Tena Tyner and Tammy Leiand, captain. SEVENTH: bottom to top: Missy Mast, Wendy Holman, Amy Vroomon, captain, Linda Sousoman and Tammy Chamberlain. VARSITY: Patty Yentes, captain, Brenda Forbes, Debbie Cole, Lisa Custer and Teresa Swank. El Club Espariol El Club Espanol, de unos cuarenta miembros, ha tenido su reunion una vez al mes. Durante el mesde diciembre habia una fiesta celebrar la Novidad. Celebraron con una cena grande, y rompieron una pinota. Tuvieron los servicios del Senor Ridenour tambien, un hipnotista, quien tuvo a todo el club mesmerado. El Club ha tenido el placer de escuchar a nuerstro estudiante de Brazil, Mauricio Andrade, hablar de su pais. Este ano el club ha creado una beca de cien dolares para mandar un alumno a olgun de habIa espanola. SPANISH CLUB: 1st row: Linda Bidwell, Jeff Culver, JoAnn DeVore, Steve Hantelman, Danve Swan, Doug Haupert, LaMoine Sanders. 2nd row: Liz Whinery, Jackie Hahn, Kim Karns, Craig Barnett, Todd Corn, Larry Swan, Ron Stouder. 3rd row: Kris Dyson, Diane Culver, Byron Burns, David Unger, Bobby Lewis, Debbie Jones. 4th row: Beverly Corn, Bob Swan, Nancy McColley. 5th row: Debbie Taylor, Doug Weaver, Marcia Manning. 6th row: Kim Matthews, Miriam Heeter, Rosie Sweet, JoEllen Dyson, Denise Mobley, Don Watkins, Mike Knoblock, Jim Lange, Lewis Flohr, Roger Winters, Denise Baker, Carlo Christie, Kothy Glossburn, Dean Weaver. Le Cercle Frangais Le Cercle Francois se joint une fois choque mois ovec vingt-cinq membres. Pendonte le mois De- cembre il y ovoit une fete pour celebrer les vaconces de Noel avec les espangnols. Monsieur Ridenour a amuse la groupe comme magnetiseur. Le Cercle pense d ' aller a dejeuner au restaurant froncois. FRENCH CLUB: Ed Siders, Teresa Freed, Lynn Baker, Cindy Cammack, Becky Thrush. 2nd row: Vicki Linsburg, Kathy Winters, Potty Yentes, Teresa Vroonnan, JoEllen Hipskind, Tammy Sausaman, Linda Hantelman. 3rd row: Bruce Shaw, Dale Smith, Joni Hammel, Linda Johnson, Martha Lutz, Ed Holycross. 4th row: Scott Alber, Deb Bechtol, Penny Calloway, Pat Holloway. MATH AND SCIENCE CLUB: row 1.- Beth Lawson, Deb Cole, Denise Houpert, Lisa Custer, Deb Bechtol, Carolyn Myers, Katie Ogalsbee, Shelly Houpert, Marilyn Biehl, Jill Hipskind, Deb Metzger, Jan Oswalt, Karen Helvey, Linda Hantelman, Penny Callo- way, Rosie Sweet, Kathy Winters, Jody Ford, Carlo Christie, row 2; Gary Bornett, Steve Hantelman, Jeff Culver, Kevin Baker, Dave Lefforge. row 3: Tim Niccum, Phil Schnepp, Gary Barlow, Don Watkins, Phil Dale, Dole Smith, Doug Weitzel, Steve Hentgen, Lewis Flohr, Karen Sauder, Dave Edenburn, Mike Knoblock, Jim Lange, Roger Winters, Scott Alber. row 4: Mr. Thomas Reahard, Mr. Allen Rice, Kothe DuBois, Linda Bidwell, Doug Weaver, Bev Corn, JB Stanley, Matt Baker, row 5: Ed Siders, Dean White, Todd Corn, Randy Titus, Don Townsend, Dave Swan, Doug Pownall, Dean Mishler, Gary Speelman, Bob Bortoo, Mr. Dennis Grinstead, Mike Bechtol, Mr. Marvin Mast. Math Sc Science Club Majors in Field Trips This year ' s Math and Science Club took many field trips. The club went to the Marion High School Planetarium, the Manchester College Sci- ence Building and Computer Room. Some mem- bers also visited Taylor University to hear Dr. Werner Von Braun speak. To finish the year the club took a bus to the Chicago Museum of Sci- ence and Industry. Library Club The Library Club is made up of students who volunteer to assist Mrs. Virginia Bozarth during their free periods. They check books in and out, shelve them and do various other necessary jobs. The club sponsored two book airs this year. One in January and one in May. The first netted them about $70 in profit. A Valentine Pot luck supper was held in the NHS library for the enjoyment of the members. A banquet was held at Unger ' s in Lafountaine on April 19, 1972. Awards were presented, first year members received certificates and others received pins. Before the banquet the club attended a showing of " The Ten Commandments " at Eagles Theatre in Wabash. President was JoAnn DeVore, vice president; Cindy Fleck and Sec. Treas. Sally Stephenson. Jeff Martin assists Mrs. Virginia Bozarth with checking in books, one of the jobs of the student librarian. Library Club: 1st row: Linda DeWoody, David Unger, Jeff Martin. 2nd row: JoAnn DeVore, Mrs. Virginia Bozarth, Mrs. Jean Fleck. 3rd row: Joanie Smith, Cindy Fleck, Teresa Miller, Solly Stephenson, Debbie Jones, Lori Knott, Kathy Cordell, Kathleen Urschel, Diane Preston. Drama Club Entertains Public With Student Talent The Dramatics Club was very active this year. In the fall, they worked on an intense drama, THE CRUCIBLE. During the Christmas season, the organization put on a convocation for the entire school. It was a short play concerning peace en- titled SHALOM. In the spring the entire club got a workout. Building and painting sets; cleaning the auditorium; selling tickets and, of course re- hearsing for the SOUND OF MUSIC. The Club also sold Rex Cleaner to raise money to buy carpeting. In the fall, the long awaited for carpeting arrived. Gautshi and Chain installed the blue carpeting in time for the year ' s first production. DRAMATICS CLUB: Miss Barbara Durnbaugh, Jean McColley, Mary Lou Weaver, Marcia Manning, Debbie Taylor, Dale Smith, Greg Schenkel, Eric Fleck. 2nd row: Don Wafkins, Vickie Jackson, April Risher, Sandy Cook, Linda Strange, Cindy Saxon, Patty Baldwin, Jeanne Dutt, Louise Martindale. 3rd row: Lottie Waggoner, Robin Galley, Tena Tyner, Rosie Sweet, Chris Yoder, Carrie McKin- ley, Bev Corn, Don Townsend, Miriam Heeter. 4th row: Debbie Miller, Beth Lawson, Deb Swart, Peggy Cook, Lisa Custer, Linda De- woody, Lori Knott, Sandy Meadows, Diana Kopis. 5th row: Steve Gant, Katie Ogolsbee, Janet Siders, Brenda Forbes, Joni Burton, Connie Jones, Bob Lewis, Deb Jones, David Unger. 6th row: Denise Mobley, Paula Fox, Pam Gaston, Pot Holloway, Rusty Reiken, Kothy Uschel, Nancy Pretorius, Shonna VonMeter. 7th row: Karen Sauder, Phil Dale, Lori Flohr, Jon Gaff, Marcia Metzger, Paula Waggoner, Mario Swope, Belinda Helvey, Byron Burns. Joanie Smith Advances fo Stafe Meef The Speech Team competed in 10 meets this year and at all levels of the state, regional and sectional competition. At the end of the regular season, the team held a kick-off supper at Papa Joe ' s. To get the mem- bers psyched-up, blue " good luck " ribbons were passed out to all members. Five team members represented NHS at the regional meet. For the first time in NHS history a team mem- ber competed at the state level. Joanie Smith competed in Humorous at Peru. SECTIONAL WINNERS were Katie Ogalsbee, Joanie Smith, Kar- en Souder, Dale Smith, Coach Barbara Durnbaugh and Don Watkins. SPEECH TEAM: 1st row: Jean McColley, Karen Sauder, Don Watkins, Sherry Gidley, Robin Galley, Bev Corn, Lottie Waggoner, Miss Barbara Durnbaugh. 2nd row: Belinda Helvey, Jackie Hahn, Tarn Sausaman, Denise Norman, Paula Waggoner, Joni Burton, Pam Gaston. 3rd row: Dale Smith, Katie Ogalsbee, Brenda Forbes, Byron Burns, Lisa Custer, Kathleen Urschel. FUTURE CAREERS: Lottie Waggoner, Teresa Freed, Keith Koch, Randy Unger, JoEllen Hipskind, Lisa Custer, standing: Debbie Tay- lor, Diane Dawson, Mary Lou Weaver, Gary Barnett, Marcia Manning, Mrs. Ida VanCamp, Jean McColley, Steve Hantelman, Denise Haupert, Ed Siders, Kathe DuBois, Mr. Wayne Fansler, Jeff Culver, Debbie Swart, Beverly Corn. Future Careers Club This year the Future Teachers of America changed the name of the club to that of the Future Careers Club. The officers of the club were: Randy Unger, president; Keith Koch, vice- president; and Steve Hantelman, secretary- treasurer. The club ' s sponsors were the guidance counse- lors, Mrs. Ida Van Camp and Mr. Wayne Fansler. Senior members of this organization may enroll in exploratory teaching which gives them the chance to observe teachers and to work in the classroom. The club contained 17 members, all teaching in various areas. Teresa Freed helped Mr. Mast ' s 8th grade science class. Four senior girls observed different procedures at the Wabash County Hos- pital. These girls were: Denise Haupert, Jo Ellen Hipskind, Marcia Manning and Debbie Taylor. Teaching in the English department were: Lottie Waggoner under Mrs. Smith and Bev Corn under Mrs. Bollenbacher. Three students taught at ele- mentary schools. Diane Dawson taught third grade at Metro North; Jean McColley taught first grade at Lagro, and Keith Koch, 4th grade moth at Urbana. Lisa Custer assisted Mr. Tom Miller ' s 8th grade history class and Randy Unger and Steve Hantelman assisted Mr. Coppler ' s P.E. class- es. Jeff Culver helped Mr. Christie ' s 14th and 15th mod class. Ed Siders helped Mr. Rice ' s 7th grade math class. Debbie Swart taught in the Home Ec department and Mary Lou Weaver taught under Mr. Becker in the choral department. FFA officers have been exhibiting prolific parlia- mentary procedure this year. Among their many club duties they presided over the Parent and Son Banquet, selected Diane Dawson FFA Sweet- heart and gave proficiency awards. The National Livestock Judging champions were Dan Haupert, Mike Howard, Eric Fleck and Kerry Keffaber. Five boys applied for the Hoosier Farm- ers Degree; Craig McKillip, Eric Fleck, Bob Kisner, Gary Carr and Steve Fleck, all were in the top 2% of the state. Dave Lefforge and Craig McKillip re- ceived farming scholarships. The FFA earns money through many different means. They sponsored such things as the trac- tor pull which has been very successful in the past years and the annual slave auction. r Greg Schenkel and Eric Fleck display their trophy they re- ceived for winning the State Quiz on the Wayne Rothgeb Show. FFA ' s Chief Crop Awards FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA: Diane Dawson, Steve Fleck, Bob Kisner, Craig McKillip, Eric Fleck, Greg Schenkel, Debbie Miller, Mr. Lonny Harts, sponsor, row 2: Dave VanBuskirk, Tinn Niccum, Dale Smith, Phil Dale, Tinn Fitch, Steve Gaston, Clarence Jones, Dennis Dyson, MJ Vrooman, Kerry Keffaber. row 3: Andy Cartwright, Billy Yentes, Randy Sheperd, Jeff Monce, Jim Lewis, Jeff Lelond, Doug Corn, Rick Baker, Jim Urschel, Dave Dale, row 4: Doug Dyson, Larry Swan, Randy Glassburn, Joe Foust, Gary Corn, Randy Norman, Todd Corn, Bob Lundquist, Joe Cook, row 5: Chris Cole, Gary Dale, Dean White, Steve Baker, Dan Corn, Phil Swihart, Criag Bornett, Bill Urschel, Jeff Mast, Greg Hite. row 6: Kevin Bell, Jeff Dawes, Rex Cunningham, Rod Merrick, Mike White, Roger Biehl, Rex Baer, Bob Hettsmanperger, Ron Stouder, Tony Yocum. row 7: Lane Custer, Dennis Siders, Tom Haupert, Bill Dyson, Bill Herron, Rod Grossman, Randy Renbarger, Jeff Cameron, Tim Haupert, Steve Rice. Art Club ART CLUB: 1st row: Cindy Boer, Linda Bidwell, Janet Bidwell, Diane Dyson. 2nd row: Kathe DuBois, Pot Holloway, Parm Gaston, Nancy Weaver, Kim Matthews, Debbie Herron, Carrie McKinley, Belinda Helvey, Marty Lutz, Mr. John Miller, sponsor. 3rd row: Rusty Reiken, Kathleen Urschel, Bernice Gressley. 4th row: Paula Fox, Maria Swope, Virginia Townsend, Nancy Pretorious, Jan Gaff, Kirk Heflin, Barbara Thomas, Diane Harvey, Kathy Cordill, Patty Wagner. 5th row: Louise Martindale, Victor Lehman, Keith Shaw, Fred Conkling, Ron Wagers, Kirk Lewis, Terry McCoy, Lorry Leanerd. FHA Extends Classroom Knowledge The Future Homemakers of America are mainly concerned with extending the knowledge learned in Home Economics beyond the classroom. It lets young people and adults learn from each other, making contributions to the knowledge of the other. Sandra Winters was this year ' s recipient of the Betty Crocker Homemaker Award. This award is open to all senior girls. The girls take a general knowledge test and write an essay. The Criscoe Award for excellence in Home Ec was presented to Debbie Swart. Nancy Mahre and Debbie Swart model the new and the old during National Homemakers Week. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA: row 1: Rhonda Leiand, Joni Burton, Karen Helvey, Brendo Thompson, row 2: Janet Siders, Mary Futrell, Connie Hettsmanperger, Deb Jones, Tina Richardson, Carolyn Myers, Nancy Mahre, Nancy McColley, Eugenia Driscoll, Mrs. Georgia Busch, Denise Wilcox, Connie Jones, Judy Ford. 65 DHver ' s Club Patfol Parking Lot This year members of the Drivers Club patrolled the student parking lot. They were to be on the lookout for students skipping out of study halls to go to their cars and leaving early; also, for any stealing from other students ' cars. Although this didn ' t prove too successful, the club hopes it helped a little. During the year the club sponsored movies on safe driving. The state police provided the films in hopes that there would be less traffic fatalities from Northfield. DRIVER ' S CLUB: Tom Dunphy, Denise Haupert, Robin Galley, Craig McKillip, Gary Barnett, Dove Lefforge, Ed Siders, Jean McColley, Jeff Culver, Steve Hantelman, Eric Fleck, Keith Koch, Rita Flack, Randy Stoffer, JoAnn DeVore. row 2: Ed Holycross, Cindy Fleck, Cindy Stieglitz, Linda Bidwell, Peggy Cook, Beth Lawson, Diane Dawson, Lisa Custer, Teresa Vrooman, Bev Corn, Deb Swart, Doug Weaver, Brenda Forbes, Teresa Bowman, Lisa Thomas, Connie Terrel, Chris McKelvey, Robin Gouvon. row 3: John Baer, Denise Baker, Marcia Manning, Patty Yentes, JoEllen Hipskind, Ron Stouder, Julie Paschall, Sally Stephenson, Katie Ogalsbee, Carlo Christie, Kathy Winters, Gary Carr, Denise Ford, Debbie Yike. row 4: Jeff Leiand, Teresa Miller, Connie Hettsmanperger, Kim Steele, Randy Unger, Dave Swan, Doug Haupert, Lewis Flohr, Debbie Gilbert, Sherrel Hawkins, Sandy Hall, Brenda West, Rod Titus, Mauri Long, row 5: Eddie Morris, Carolyn Myers, Greg Schenkel, Ed Gillespie, Mike Knoblock, Steve Hentgen, Duone Trump, Randy Fear- now, Lane Custer, Dove Dale, Jim Urschel, Jeff Singleton, Dan Corn, Gory Speelman. row 6: Roger Gordon, Lynn Baker, Teresa Freed, Kerry Steele, Ron Baker, Jim Hunt, Doug Weitzel, Brqce Show, Gory Barlow, Dan Keppel, Dale Smith, Don Watkins, Bob Kisner, Jody Ford, row 7: Deb Taylor, Vicki Linsburg, Ron Wagers, Tom Brainord, Dave Stewart, Linda Strange, Jane Forrester, Deb Cole, Jan Oswalt, Deb Miller, Kathy Knoblock, Mary Futrell, Deb Metzger, Kay Satchwill, Kathy Glassburn, Bev Weaver, row 8: Kelly Stephens, Phil Schnepp, Randy Raver, Dave Rensberger, Craig Schnepp, Eddie Bitzel, Robin Schaffer, Mick Baker, Kevin Joy, Bev Snapp, Gory Rensberger. row 9: Kerry Harmon, Mike Breedlove, Karen Souder, Phil Dale, Tim Fitch, Steve Fleck, Tim Bever, Steve Gaston. -Y: row 1: JoAnn DeVore, Denise Haupert, Mrs. Bernadine Smith, Kathy Glassburn, Shelly Haupert, Jill Hipskind, Marilyn 2: Diana Biehl, Debbie Taylor, Peggy Cook, Debbie Swart, Lisa Custer, Beth Lawson, Beverly Corn, Robin Galley, row " " 7, Diane Dawson, Teresa Vrooman, Patty Sally Stephenson, Janet Siders, Denise TRI H Biehl. JV. VV . l- IVJII l iv-r,,, t.- ,w . ;.. ., . - j ww.,, . _.., , - v- . , . .. , __._.., 3: Vicki Linsburg, Teresa Freed, Mary Lou Weaver, Morcia Manning, Jean McColley, Diane Dawson Yenfes, JoEllen Hipskind. row 4: Kris Dyson, Connie Hettsmanperger, Teresa Miller, Sally Stephens,.., , Mobley, Katie Ogalsbee, Bev Snapp. row 5: Denise Norman, Kim Matthews, Jan Oswalt, Deb Metzger, Kathy Knoblock, Linda Strange, Jane Forrester, Deb Bechtol, Mary Lutz. row 6: Miriam Heeter, Denise Baker, Jody Ford, Kay Satchwill, Carlo Christie, Joni Burton, Belinda Helvey, Sherry Gidley. row 7: Penny Calloway, Lynn McKillup, Cathy Yentes, Linda Hantelman, Kim Karns, Jill Biehl, Linda Johnson, Tena Tyner, Chris Yoder. row 8: Becky Thrush, Cindy Cammack, Diane Culver, Rhonda Lelond, Karen Hel- vey, Joni Hommel, Jackie Hahn, Tom Sousaman, Carolyn Myers. TH-HI-Y Qponsors Easter Convocation New members of the Tri-Hi-Y were inducted with a candle lighting ceremony in early Oct. The girls pledged to uphold the high standards of the club. The club is mainly a community ser- vice organization. At Christmas the club collected gifts for the patients at Vernon Manor. As usual the club sponsored the Easter convo- cation. A movie about a famous football coach who was very religious, was the main part of the convo. 6AA Numerous activities kept the girls in GAA on the go throughout the school year. Mrs. Jo Gamble, sponsor, led the girls in basketball, vol- leyball, Softball, bowling, swimming and track. A new dimension in girls ' athletics was added this year. Eight intramural basketball teams competed against each other. The Colt 45s (RIGHT) were the champions. They were: Kathy Steele, Cindy Fleck, Joni Burton, Pam Finch and Chris Yoder. Cindy Fleck received the Sportsmanship award and Kathy Steele the Most Valuable Player trophy. GAA: 1st row: Robin Galley, Cindy Fleck, Teresa Freed, Brenda Forbes, Kathy Steele. 2nd row: Robbie Baker, Marcia Lane, Nancy Pretorious, Joanie Smith, Teresa Miller, Bev Snapp, Denise Mobley, Cindy Bitzel, Mary Futrell, Lisa Custer, Marcia Manning. 3rd row: Cindy Hollenbock, Paula Waggoner, Marcia Metzger, Maria Swope, Penny Calloway, Toni Burton, Patti Stephens, Marcia Wiley, Carol Fleck, Deb Bechtol, Tanya Gill, Nancy Weaver, Joni Burton. 4th row: Pam Finch, Dolly Patton, Lisa Smith, Kim Matt- hews, Denise Norman, Carolyn Myers, Tina Richardson, Kathy Smith, Lori Ogan, Jan Gaff, Lori Flohr, Carrie McKinley. 5th row: Miriam Smith, Cindy Baker, Karen Tiede, JoEllen Pefley, Janet Sauder, Teresa Boyer, Barb Gagnon, Tina Keffaber, Jayne Lange, Janet Bidwell, Rhonda Foust, Jeanne Dutt, 6th row: Shelly Renbarger, Evelyn McKinley, Julie King, Lori Linsburg, Linda Dixon, Kelly Merrick, Carolyn Knezevich, Ellen Mouser, Lisa Johnson, Jane Wasem, Norma Gouvan, Tena Tyner. 7fh row: Deb Brodbeck, Kathy Dyson, Debbie Applegate, Joann Timberman, Amy Risher, Tammy Eilts, Denise Swart, Phyllis Plant, Linda Wilhelm, Laurie Urschel, Chris Yoder, Virginia Townsend. 8th row: Peggy McCord, Ruth Staggs, Joyce Hayes, Jenny Malott, Shiela Hite, Teresa Joy, Lanice Slisher, Kathy Frazee, Becky Yocum, Eugenia Driscoll. HH N-CLUB: 1st row: Ed Gillespie, Jeff Leland, Randy Unger, Gary Barnett, Dove Lefforge, Dove Swan, Ed Siders, Steve Hantelman, Mike Knoblock, Phil Schnepp, Eric Fleck. 2nd row: Kim Steele, Greg Schenkel, Kelly Stephens, Ed Morris, Lewis Flohr, Bob Kisner, Tom Dunphy, John Boer, Randy Rover, Eddie Holycross. 3rd row: Rod Titus, Craig McKillup, Steve Hentgen, Duone Trump, Bruce Shaw, Randy Fearnow, Jerry DeVore, Randy Titus, Tony Yocum, 4th row: Jerry Gaff, Doug Weitzel, Jim Hunt, Dole Smith, Lane Cus- ter, Dave Dole, Jeff Mast, Jim Urschel, Jeff Singleton, Don Corn, Kerry Harmon. 5th row: Mr. James Kaltenmark, Larry Schnepp, MJ Vrooman, Denny Dyson, Keith Koch. N-Club Hold Annual Qteak Fry May 25 All athletes who have earned a varsity letter according to the rules of the school are auto- matically members of the N-Club. The goal of this club is to become better athletes and citizens. Senior members of the N-Club contacted local patrons for advertisements to pay for all the pro- grams used for Northfield ' s athletic events. Since the club is honorary, it has no other regularly organized activities. Hov ever, a tradi- tional steak fry is held in the spring and the or- ganization sponsors a special convocation every year. U tCMKAU IK CJTJtf NORSETTES: row 1 : Tammy Sausaman. row 2: Carolyn Myers, Debbie Swart, row 3: Teresa Vrooman, Janice Oswalt, Joni Hammel row 4: Diane Dawson, Penny Calloway, Karen Sauder. Norseffes Add Qhowmanship The 9 girls who provided added entertainment for the marching band are, the Norsettes. The girls try out and are judged by Mr. Ross Trump and Mr. James Shipley. These try outs are held in the spring. The Norsettes are chosen ac- cording to marching ability, rhythm, personality, physical appearance and good citizenship. The Norsettes performed at all home football games and a few of the home basketball games. HIGH SCHOOL BAND: row 1: Diane Dawson, JoAnn DeVore, JoEllen Dyson, Jody Carr, Kafhy Glassburn, Cathy Yentes, Kris Dyson, Carlo Christie, Tina Richardson, Miriam Heeter, Sandy Meadows, Donna Biehl. row 2: Diana Biehl, Becky Thrush, Lynn Mc-- Killup, Linda Johnson, Katie Ogalsbee, Diane Kopis, Dean Weaver, Connie Terrel, Lisa Thomas, Joyce Wilson, Kerry Keffober, Con- nie Hettsmonperger, Lisa Custer, Bev Corn, row 3: Diana Young, Jill Biehl, Vicki Linsburg, Denise Norman, Cindy Cammack, Jon Gaff, Byron Burns, Tom VanBuskirk, Kevin Bell, Bev Weaver, Randy Stoffer, Nancy Pretorius, Debbie Schuler, Chuck Zinn, Karen Helvey, Marilyn Biehl, Carolyn Myers, Sherry Gidley, Jill Hipskind, Brenda Favorite, row 4: Matt Baker, Duane Trump, Gary Barlow, Dove Edenburn, Randy Glassburn, Bill Kerner, Gary Meadows, Randy Grossman, Doug Rensberger, Don Watkins, Tony Yocum, Steve Trump, Keith Shaw, Steve Hentgen, Ken Terrel, Kim Karns, Pat Breedlove, Dave Rensberger, Rod Grossman, Lewis Flohr, Beth Lawson. standing: Gary Barnett, Brenda Thompson, Jim Bowman, Mitch Sorell, Patty Yentes, Jerry Gaff, Gory Dole, JoEllen Hipskind, Mr. Ross Trump, director. Kirk Heflin. High School Band Receives 1st at Contest Mr. Ross Trump, Jill Hipskind, Diana Biehl and the other band members proudly show off their first place plaque. Junior High Band JR. HIGH BAND: row 1: Karen Heflin, Karen Glassburn, Lori Knee, Wendy Holman, Randy Richardson, Lori Linsburg, Debbie Brodbeck, Kelly Merrick, Shelly Renbarger, Robin EIrod, Karen Tiede. row 2: JoEllen Pefley, Dolly Patton, Lisa Johnson, Linda Dix- on, Sheryl Kelly, Sharon Metzger, Ron Deeter, Jeff Loehnis, Lanice Slisher, Sherlye Yocum, Mark Haupert, Debbie Zinsmeister, Deb Hively. row 3: Ann Edenburn, Sharon Slisher, Julie King, Amy Risher, Roxy Allen, Joan Timberman, Janet Sauder, Kathy Dy- son, Chris Krum, Steve Norman, Keith Kelly, April Karns, Evelynn McKinley, Missy Mast, Bryon Frehse, Kevin Kelly, Brian Ford, Dale Barlow, row 4: Jane Rice, Kathy Frehse, Deanna Schuler, Becky Yocum, Jenny Stouffer, Teresa Joy, Cheryl Hampton, Teresa Rice, Jane Dawes, James Chowning, Jay Hettsmanperger, Gary DeVore, Chris Cammack, Miriam Smith, Randy Lewis, row 5: Dan Dawes, Rod Glassburn, Jim Johnson, Melody Higgley, Mr. James Shipley, director. ■■■II r lilllinniiiinniiiiNi fs. f I ■ «fc.JL " m MIXED CHORUS: row 1: Brenda Thompson, Donna Biehl, Jill Blehl, Cindy Samsel, Kothy Schofer, Debbie Jones, Sharon McColley, Bruce Shaw, Rusty Reiken, Lorry Swan, Robert Lewis, Kathy Urschel, Deona Wilhelm, Pom Goston, Cindy Saxon, Melody Lane, row 2: April Risher, Bett y Burnsworth, Jeanne Dutt, Bev Gilbert, Lori Knott, Jody Corr, Virginia Townsend, Jeff Hunt, Randy Favo- rite, Ron Stouder, David Unger, Debbie McLaughlin, Patty Baldwin, Louise Martindale, Shelly Haupert. row 3: Jean Slee, Eliza- beth Whinery, Paula Fox, Robin Deeter, Kevin Joy, Dean Mishler, Jon Gage, Steve Trump, Rob Clarkson, Vicki Jackson, Carrie McKin- ley, Becky Thrush, Denise Baker. Combining their talents with the Girls ' Glee Club, the Mixed Chorus presented two special pro- grams during the year. " The Weaker Sex " was given in the fall, followed by a Christmas Concert. Three selections were taken to contest in April where the chorus received a second. Shelly Haupert served as president for the chorus; Jeff Hunt as vice-president and Dan Townsend as treasurer. Mixed Chorus GiHs ' Glee Club Several girls from both the Mixed Chorus and the Girls ' Glee Club added their singing talent to the spring musical, SOUND OF MUSIC. GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB: row 1: Mary Lou Weaver, Debbie Taylor, Diana Biehl, Robin Galley, Bev Thompson, Kathy Knoblock, Beverly Corn, Marcia Manning, Joyce Wilson, Janet Siders. rov 2: Mary Futrell, Lynn Baker, Bev Snapp, Alecia Walker, Julie Paschall, Bren- da Forbes, Jane Forrester, Kay Satchwill, Kothy Glossburn, Jean McColley. row 3: Diane Dawson, Teresa Bowman, Terri Hantelman, Teresa Miller, Teresa Freed, Peggy Cook, Denise Mobley, Debbie Cole, Debbie Metzger, Janice Oswalt, Brenda West, Linda Strange. Northfield ' s Qwing Choir Makes TV Appearance The NHS Swing Choir made many performances all over northeastern Indiana. The choir also ap- peared on Channel 33 ' s 4-H In Action show, hosted by Wayne Rothgeb. The choir did an ex- cellent job of entertaining, especially in the com- munity. The group sang many popular songs of to- day and yesterday. They also performed for the school in a convocation to introduce the North Central Evaluation Team. The Swing Choir was directed by Mr. Terry Becker. SWING CHOIR: 1st row: Joanie Smith, Debbie Taylor, Denise Baker, sitting: Mary Lou Weaver, Robin Galley, Debbie Swart, Bev- erly Corn, Jody Carr. standing: Larry Swan, Doug Weitzel, Don Watkins, Diane Dawson, Jon Gage, Beth Lawson, Ed Siders, Randy Fearnow, Dale Smith. stage Band STAGE BAND: Beverly Weaver, Brenda Favorite, Sherry Gidley, Karen Helvey, Carolyn Myers. 2nd rovi : Matt Baker, Duane Trump, Gary Barlow, Pat Breedlove, Mitch Sorrel, Gary Barnett, Rod Grossman, Kenny Terrel, Beth Lawson, Dave Rensburger, Don Watkins. 3rd row: JoEllen Hipskind, Mr. James Shipley, director, Teresa Vrooman. 8P0RT8 BIG BLUE Keeps Moving Along Despite the 3-6 season the Norse kept moving and hustling and often came close to winning more games. Coach Jim Kaltenmark commented that he thought the team as a whole is improving each year. " Next year should be a good year. We need more height and to be stronger on the field. " The greatest achievement is not in never falling but in rising after you fall. — Vince Lombardi Mr. Jim Kalfemark, coach of the mighty Norse football squad. BIG BLUE FOOTBALL: 1st row: Gary Meadows, manager, Jeff Sampson, Paul Bain, Eric Fleck, Kelly Stephens, Craig McKillip, Ed Morris, Jeff Leiand, Ed Gillespie, Rod Titus, Dean Mishler, manager. 2nd row: Dave Edenburn, Jim Hunt, Randy Titus, Bruce Shaw, Doug Weitzel, Dean White, Lane Custer, Gary Norman, Jim Urschel, Jeff Mast, Doug Huffman, Jeff Singleton. 3rd row: Kevin Joy, Tom Dunphy, John Baer, Randy Fearnow, Steve Hentgen, Tony Yocum, M. J. Vrooman, Stan Garriott, Dave Dale, Dan Corn, Jerry Gaff, Jerry DeVore. 80 FOOTBALL 7 1 VARSITY NHS OPPONENT Rochester 31 12 South Adams 24 Peru 18 7 Manchester 25 Whites 6 Homestead 25 26 Caston 6 Southwood JUNIOR VARSITY 20 26 Manchester 6 20 North Miami 8 Fmsh P09t 1 -5 Record This year the freshman football team under the coaching of Mark Coppler posted a 1-5 record. Fullback Jeff Dawes gained 272 net yards and averaged 3.9 yards per carry. Rod Merrick, quar- terback completed 13 of 31 passes for a .419 per- centage. Roger Biehl was the outstanding de- fensive player who had 43 assisted tackles and 14 solo tackles. He was the team ' s defensive end. FROSH FOOTBALL NORTHFIELD OPPONENT Manchester 14 Wabash 24 28 Salamonie 8 Whitko 37 14 Southwood 22 Peru 8 Ist: Mg. Tom VanBuskirk, Mg. Gary Dale, Dennis Siders, Jeff Hunt, Jeff Spiecher, Rex Baer, Dave Swart, Mike White, Rod Merrick, Coach; Mark Coppler. 2nd: Randy Renbarger, Rod Grossman, Jeff Dawes, Jim Bowman, Roger Biehl, Bobby Hettsmanperger, Andy Deeter, Tim Houpert. 3rd: Steve Urschel, Steve Rice, Kevin Bell, Audie Wiley. 7th GRADE FOOTBALL: 1st row: Kevin Baer, Greg Bell, Charles Neal, Mitch Beals, Charles Enyeart, Greg Pownall, Dan Gillespie, Tim Wagers, Tom Martindole. 2nd row: Kent Martindale, Mark Bowen, Jock Bever, Tony Judy, Kerry Hammel, Jim Johnson, Greg Raver, Ricky Leach. 3rd row: Brian Ford, Maurice Shelton, John Carpenter, Chris Sampson, Don Carr, Bob Swan, Richard Hawkins, Jeff Walden, Jeff Slee. 4th row: Don Townsend, Duane Sutton, Steve Campbell, Mike Skaggs, Doug Dawes, Kent Commack, Ron Deeter, Terry Tully. Coach Richard Leming is not pictured. Jr. High Football Qquads 8th GRADE FOOTBALL: 1st row: Coach Ho! Gunter, Dennis Gouvon, Joy Hettmansperger, Kevin Siders, Matt Driscoli, David Bow- man, Steve Gagnon. 2nd row: Mark Fearnow, Mike Deeter, Gary DeVore, Mark Filer, Dan Dawes, Jerry France, Ron Metz, Steve Norman. 3rd row: Gerald Young, Jeff Miller, Ed Doerr, Rob Collins, Jeff Loehnis, Chris Krom, Bob Corn, Tom Miller, Mark Siders. Cross Country Qeason Record. 5-8 This year it was Dennis Dyson year. After turn- ing in his best time of 10:16, he also won the Most Valuable Runner. Tim Hendrick was named Outstanding Underclassman for the 1972 season. This year Northfield placed 4th out of 12 teams in Northfield ' s Invitational Meet. Northfield also placed 14th out of 22 teams at the sectional at White ' s Institute. In Coach Harold Christie ' s opinion, the team was constantly improving. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: row 1: Coach Harold Christie, David Lefforge, Steve Hontelmon, Gory Bornett, Kevin Baker, rov 2: Tim Hendricks, Ty Tyner, Bob Dewoody, Jeff Loehnis, Dennis Dyson, Bob Kisner. row 3: Breck Harmon, Mike Knoblock, Randy Glossburn, Craig Barnett. • ■Pi ' 0iinsy HfTfi Bfm Hr NHS GRAPPLERS: row 1: Kerry Harmon, David Good, Gary Norman, Eddie Bitzel, Gary Favorite, Jeff Singleton, Terry Singleton, row 2: Bruce Shaw, Tom Clorkson, Jeff Monce, Gary Corn, Melvin Schafer, Coach Wm. Campbell. Paul Bain Named Most Valuable Wrestler This year ' s wrestling team was coached by Mr. Bill Campbell. The team practiced daily at the Metro North Elementary School. Awards for the 72 season were presented at the spring sports banquet. Awards went tO; PAUL BAIN: Most Valuable, BILL KERNER: Most Im- proved, Fastest Pin, JEFF SINGLETON: Spirit Award. DHHH jAMl ABOVE: Jeff Leland gets the tip-off for the Norse. ABOVE LEFT: Randy Urnger goes in for a lay-up. BELOW: Greg Hite and Jon Gage try to get the ball from Wabash ' s Randy Laird. LEFT: Keith Koch looks for an opening in Manchester ' s defense. •% VARSITY BASKETBALL: 1st row: Larry Schnepp, Jim Lange, Randy Unger, M, J. Vrooman. 2nd row: Coach Tom Miller, Tom Dunphy, manager. Jeff Most, Jeff Leiand, Greg Schenkel, Dave Weller, manager, Assistant Coach Jim Kaltenmark. 3rd row: Keith Koch, Greg Hite, Jon Gage, Kim Steele, Ed Gillespie. BIG BLUE BA9KETBALL 72 The sectional tourney was quite disappointing this year. It seems that you always play best against teams that are supposed to do you in. We had an opportunity to go to Elkhart. The boys just couldn ' t prepare themselves mentally, and as a result we lost. Dedication by all team members is what is necessary. We had three dedicated se- niors. When you have seven seniors, you can see why things didn ' t run smoothly. We had a win- ning season. We won the Wabash County Tourney, we beat Peru. Thanks go to all the senior boys, Randy (Unger) who was a truly dedicated player and led us many times. Keith (Koch) when he puts his mind to it was the best rebounder and shooter in the state. Kim (Steele) did an outstanding job on this team. Ed (Gillespie) finally came around and played and played at the end of the year like he should have in November. Tremendous hustle and desire made Jeff (Leiand) very valuable. If Greg (Schenkel) could have stayed healthy he would have done a much better job. Jon (Gage) came through on many occasions. We had learned from them and will miss them. — Coach Tom Miller VARSITY BASKETBALL NORTHFIELD OPPONENT 89 Manchester 76 66 Blackford 86 87 N. Miami (ot) 91 79 Caston 56 88 Oak Hill 60 82 Mentone 53 57 Wabash 56 66 Manchester 59 68 Oak Hill 84 81 Culver 79 69 Southwood 63 61 Eastbrook 79 68 Triton 96 65 Northwestern 68 75 Eastern 83 63 Maconaquah 62 70 Whitko 58 58 Wawasee 84 48 Peru 29 77 White ' s (dot) 78 MOST VALUABLE: Randy Unger and Keith Koch MOST IMPROVED: Gteg Hite BIG BLUE AWARD: Jeff Leiand CO-CAPTAINS: Keith Koch and Ra ndy Unger ,,„„.«l,„.„m ,,i. .» ,«».n«nM«Ma Mfffffflffliiff ' H mmmmrmmammim J.V. BASKETBALL NORTHFIELD OPPONENT 46 Manchester 44 49 Blackford 61 58 North Miami 48 42 Caston 38 59 Oak Hill 35 50 Mentone 27 45 Manchester 39 41 Wabash 55 50 Culver 44 48 Southwood 46 37 Eastbrook 55 49 Triton 55 38 Northwestern 53 69 Eastern 47 42 Maconaquah 38 66 Whitco 64 47 Wawasee 58 42 Peru 46 Wabash Cou nty Tourney Jr. Varsity Compile 1 1 -6 Record The junior varsity posted a fine 1 1-6 record this season, including a 3-1 conference record and the runner-up spot in the county tourney. The young Norsemen showed a great deal of improvement as the season progressed. A bright future awaits Northfield basketball fans. Awards were presented at the Spring Banquet. Best field goal percentage, Dean Mishler; best free throw percentage, Gary Kline; most rebounds, Jeff Mast; most assists, Gary Kline; most improved, John Baer. JR. VARSITY: first row: Tom Dunphy, Lane Custer, Rich Loehnis, Mike Knoblock, John Baer, Gary Kline, Dennis Dyson. 2nd row: Dave Waller, Dean Mishler, Don Corn, Tony Yocum, Mike Bechtol, Kerry Keffaber, Coach Jim Kaltenmark. FROSH BASKETBALL: row 1: Tom VanBuskirk, manager, Scott Driscoll, Rod Merrick, Mike White, Andy Deeter, Jeff Dawes, Ty Ty- ner. row 2: Don Cameron, manager. Coach Hal Gunter, Jim Bowman, Don Schafer, Tom Haupert, Randy Grossman, Randy Ren- barger, Kevin Bell. Freshman Learn Basketball Fundamentals The 1971-72 Freshman basketball team par- ticipated in a season that saw them play in many exciting, hard-fought, close scoring games. The Norse drilled daily in practice on basket- ball fundamentals and gained a great deal of experience in game situations. The highlight of our A-team season was the game in which we defeated Eastbrook, 68-64. Our B-team season highlight was a 68-34 victory over the Triton B-team. In both of these games a new Freshman scoring record was established. aaaa ttsaa 89 Jr. High Basketball 1st row: Doug Yentes, Mark Dyson, Mike Deeter, Fred Anderson, Steve Gagnon. 2nd row; Kris Kronn, Dan Dawes, Jerry Fronce, Steve Norman, Bob Corn, Ron Metz, st. man; Gary DeVore. top row: Mgr. Brian Harrell, Jeff Loehnis, Tom Miller, Duone Sheperd, Mark Filer, Mike Dyson, Mark Siders. Top Row: B. Ford, D. Carr, C. Sampson, M. Bowen, D. Gillespie, G. Pownall, J. Dyson, Mr. Grinstead. Middle Row: Mgr. T. Wagers, D. Townsend, G. Bell, D. Dawes, K. Baer, R. Deeter, Mgr. D. Sutton and D. Hawkins. Bottom: B. Swan, C. Hammel, T. Waldon, S. Rogers, D. Fads, T. Lane, R. Davis. 72 GOLF TEAM GOLF TEAM: Steve Trump, Jim Lange, Jeff Singleton, Eddie Gillespie and Duane Trump. Coach Reahard not pic- tured. 91 Norse Track Wins Second County Track Meet The 72 Norse track team had a victorious sea- son, posting a big win at the County Tourney and placing 2nd in the Conference meet. Six school records were broken this year. Those being the 100 yd. dash— Doug Weitzel, 10.3; 880 yd. run — Bob Kisner, 2:02.1; shot put — Keith Koch, 47 ' 3V4 " ; pole vault — Gary Barnett, 12 ' 10 " ; mile relay— 3:30.9; 880 relay— 1:34.7. In the sectional meet the Norse had 16 boys qualify. Two boys, Ken Kelly and Gary Barnett, qualified for the regional meet. Awards this season went to Doug Weitzel, Most Valuable, and Ken Kelly and Kelly Schnepp, Most Improved. ABOVE: Greg Schenkel soars over the high jump bar. LEFT: Keith Koch set a new school record in shot put. FAR LEFT: Coach Leming jumps with joy as Ken Kelly crosses the bar. ABOVE: Tony Cox clears the high jump bar safely. VARSITY TRACK TEAM: row 1 : Coach Mark Coppler, Gary Barnett, Dave Lefforge, Kelly Stephens, Steve Hantelman, Keith Koch, Greg Schenkel, Jeff Leiand, Tony Cox. row 2: Gary Dale, manager, Jeff Loehnis, Doug Weitzel, Dennis Dyson, Craig Barnett, Bob Kisner, Ralph McKinney, Mike Knoblock, John Boer, Tom Dunphy, manager, row 3: Kerry Harmon, Mike Benson, Bob Dewoody, Ken Kelly, Lane Custer, Breck Harmon, Phil Schnepp, Steve Hentgen, Kelly Schnepp. EIGHTH GRADE; row 1: Bobby Corn, Randy Good, Steve Norman, Jerry France, Dennis Gouvan, Scott Judy, Jeff Miller, row 2: Dan Dawes, Doug Yentes, Mark Siders, Chris Kronn, Jeff McKinney, Keith Kelly. Jr. High Track SEVENTH GRADE: row 1: Doug Dawes, Brian Ford, Mark Haupert, Kevin Kelly, Dan Eads, Tony Judy, Tim Wagers, Ron Davis. row 2: Gene Fox, Maurice Shelton, Steve Rogers, Mitch Little, Dan Gillespie, Paul Smith, row 3: Greg Rice, Mike Skoggs, Dennis Hard- ing, Charlie Enyeart, Chris Sampson, Bob Floyd. VARSITY BASEBALL: 1st row: Jay Calloway, Randy Adams, Stan Forrester, Mike Sampson. 2nd row; Ernie Holycross, Ed Holycross, Kevin Cordes, Rick Baker, Randy Linger. 3rd row: Steve Hentgen, manager, Bruce Shaw, Doug Pownall, Brad Bozarth, Coach Craig Winegordner, Not Pictured: Jeff Leiand, Larry Schnepp, M. J. Vrooman. 71 Baseball AWARDS Randy Unger — Pitching and batting average awards Ernie Holycross — " Big Stick " av ard Rick Baker — Outstanding Senior Gary Corr — Outstanding Jr. Varsity Player Ed Holycross — " Golden Glove " Ernie Holycross, Rick Baker, and Randy Unger — 1 St conference team Larry Schnepp — honorable mention This was the first summer that Northfield par- ticipated in a conference league. NHS placed third in the Three River ' s Conference. This year also saw Northfield ' s first JV Baseball team. They compiled a 4-9 record. VARSITY BASEBALL NORTHFIELC OPPONENT 6 Southwood 1 6 Wawasee 11 3 Norwell 7 4 Wawasee 9 9 Triton 2 3 Pierceton 9 2 North Miami 4 6 White ' s 1 2 Maconaquah 7 5 Wabash 2 1 White ' s (sectional) 2 11 Oak Hill 2 5 Culver 12 3 Triton 2 North Miami 6 5 White ' s 5 7 Caston 4 Culver 5 Triton 10 3 North Miami 4 11 Caston .1 Woody ' s Gang, Budmen League Champions INTRAMURAL TEAMS: row 1: Doug Weaver, Dave Swan, Sam Cox, Randy Stoffer, Ernie Holycross, Ed Holycross, Ed Morris, Jeff Sampson, Doug Corn, Eugene Young, Gary Bornett. row 2: Dave Lefforge, Kelly Stephens, Billy Yentes, Tony Cox, Rod Titus, Eric Fleck, Ed Siders, Doug Houpert. row 3: Steve Hontelman, Doug Weitzol, Steve Hentgen, Tom Dunphy, Bob Kisner, Duane Trump, Randy Fearnow, Steve Gaston, Phil Schnepp, Clarence Jones, Lewis Flohr. row 4: Don Davis, Mouricio Andrade, Jerry Gaff, Brad Bozorth, Bruce Shaw, Doug Pownoll, Jim Hunt, Mick Baker, Dale Smith, row 5: Bob Lundquist, Kevin Joy, Randy Titus, Gary Speel- mon, Dave Dale, Dean White, Tim Niccum, Steve Baker, Bill Urschel, Andy Holycross, Todd Corn, row 6: Craig Barnett, Mike Breedlove, Gory Rensberger, Steve Elliott, Ralph McKinney, Eddie Bitzel, Doug Huffman, Ken Terrel, Rod Grossman, Ken Kelly, row 7: Gary Corn, Rick Baker, Mike Mann, Tim Haupert, Jeff Speicher, Rex Boer, Roger Biehl, Tim Conrad, Rex Cunningham, Audie Wiley, Steve Urschel. row 8: Randy Favorite, Gory Norman, Tom Heeter, Eddie Blair, Ron Judy, Steve Rice, Bob Dewoody, Tom Tucker, Tim Creasy, Don Ireland, Rusty Reiken. row 9: Fred Anderson, Kenny Craig, Doug Case, Scott Judy, Jeff Monce, Vic Lehman, Jeff Singleton, Art Lehman, Lamoine Sanders, Gary DeVore. row 10: Ernie McCord, Randy Wagner, Ron Davis, Kent Mortindale, Dan Staggs. Intramurals FRIENDS 99 " ■»«™»«™» ™ ' ' ™ ' ™™ ' ™™ ' MAURICIO ANDRADE: YOUTH FOR UNDER- STANDING exchange student from Brazil- Track; Spanish Club. PAUL DAVID BAIN: Football 1,2,3,4; Wres- tling 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2; N-Club 2,3,4. KEVIN DEAN BAKER: Math Science Club 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; Cross Country 4. LYNN ANN BAKER (TERREL): Chorus 1,2,3,4; Twirler 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3; French Club 1,2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Driver ' s Club 4; Student Council 3. RONALD FRANKLIN BAKER: FFA 1,2,3,4; Driv- er ' s Club 3,4; VICA 3. GARY DEAN BARNETT: FFA 1,2; Band 1,2, 3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Basketball Manager 2,3; N- Club 2,3,4; Stage Bond 2,3,4. LINDA ANN BIDV ELL: GAA 1,2,3; Art Club 1,4; Cheerblock 1,2; Drama Club 1,2,3 ; Speech Club 1,2,3,4; Musical 1; Class Officer 1,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Driv- er ' s Club 3,4; Math Science Club 4. DIANA KAY BIEHL: Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Span- ish Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Swing Choir 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Library Club 3; Driver ' s Club 4. TERESA ANN BOWMAN: GAA 1; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. KATHERINE JO CARVER: GAA 2; Spanish Club 3; Cheerblock 3,4; Annual Staff 3; OEA 4. CYNTHIA LUCILLE CLEAVELAND: Norsette 1; GAA 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 1; Cheerblock 1; Homecoming Candidate 1; North Star Staff 3,4; OEA 4. MARGARET ESTHER COOK: Driver ' s Club 3,4; Cheerblock 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Drama Club 4. BEVERLY KAY CORN: GAA 1,2,3; Speech 1, 2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; National Foren- sic League 1,2,3,4; Art Club 1,2; Musical 1,2,3,4; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Swing Choir 4; Girl ' s State 3; Exchange Student 3. BRIAN DOUGLAS CORN: FFA 1,2,3,4; Foot- ball 1; Intromurols 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; VICA 3,4. ANTHONY PAUL COX: Intramurals 4. SR. CLASS OFFICERS: Jon Gage, vice-president; JoEllen Hips- kind, president; Steve Hantelman, treasurer; Linda Bidvk ' ell, secretary. Qeniors Alfer Graduation The SENIOR class began the year by deciding to have baccalaureate and commencement on the same day, May 21. The graduation and other paraphenaiio were ordered. During the middle of the year, the SENIOR class started petitions against not allowing mar- ried and or parent students to participate in graduation exercises. The petitions were presented to the Metro School Board in January. Mr. Lawrence Wade, superintendent, talked to the SENIORS later and informed them the school board had voted the idea down and the only way they would reconsider it was if 90% of the SENIOR ' S parents would sign a petition. Parental petitions were acted upon, but never completed. JERRERY ALAN CULVER: Track 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Math Science Club 3,4; Driv- er ' s Club 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Cheerblock 4; Fall Play 4; Musical 4. LISA JANE CUSTER: French Club 1,2; GAA 1, 2,3,4; FFA Svi eetheart 1; Cheerblock 1; Speech Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Fall Play 2, 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Student Council 4; Bond 1,2,3,4. DARRELL DAVENPORT MARY DIANE DAWSON: GAA 1,2; Chorus 1, 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Swing Choir 2,3,4; French Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Homecoming Candi- date 2; Stage Bond 4; Norsettes 3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; FTA 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; FFA District Sv eetheart 4. JOANN DEVORE: Bond 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3, 4; Health Careers 1; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Notional Honor Society 4; Shield Staff 2; North Star 4; Cheerblock 1, 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Library Club 3,4; Musi- cal 1,2. KATHLEEN LOUISE DuBOIS: Cheerblock 1,2; French Club 1; Art Club 1,4; Musical 1,2,3, 4; Fall Play 3; Driver ' s Club 3,4; FTA 4; Drama Club 3; Math Science Club 4. RITA ANN FLACK: GAA 1,2; Cheerblock 1,2, 3,4; French Club 1; Spanish Club 3,4; Band 1; Student Council 2,4; Shield 4; North Star 4; Drivers ' Club 3,4. CYNTHIA SUE FLECK: GAA 1,2,3,4; Cheer- block 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 3; Library Club 4; Drivers ' Club 4. GARY WAYNE FANSLER 101 «M«™»iatBB»HgiiwgaHiEBiBiBg«raCTgan GEORGE ERIC FLECK: FFA 1,2,3,4; Health Careers 1,2; Drama Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3; Cheerblock 2,3,4; Math Science Club 2,3; Intramurals 3,4; Football 4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; N Club 4; North Star Staff 4; Stu- dent Council 3,4; Musical 2; Fall Play 3. BRENDA GAVE FORBES: Cheerblock 2; Cheer- leader 3,4; Speech 2,3,4; Drama 2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Chorus 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. PAMELA SUE FORD (ELLIOTT): Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1; Art Club 1,2,3,4; Speech 1; Span- ish Club 2,3,4; Cheerblock 1,2; Student Council 1; Musical 1,2,3; Driver ' s Club 3,4. TERESA LYNN FREED: Chorus 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerblock 2,3,4; North Star Staff 3,4; Shield 4; FTA 4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Art Club 1; Health Careers 1. JON DAVID GAGE: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Foot- ball 1; Track 1,2; Swing Choir 1,2,3,4; Chor- us 1,2,3,4; N Club 2,3,4; Fall Play 3; Musi- cal 3; Driver ' s Club 3,4; North Star 4; Dra- matics 3,4. ROBERTA SUSAN GALLEY: Swing Choir 1,2, 3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Fall Play 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Health Careers 1,2, 3; Speech Club 2,3,4; Cheerblock 2,3; Drama Club 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. LEFT: Jeff Culver uses his independent study card so he can use the school ' s resources without study hall restrictions. RIGHT: Mr. Rex Price ' s 5th-6th mod Econ class looks somewhat inter- ested in the lecture on stocks and bonds. EDWARD G. GILLESPIE: Football 1,2,3,4; Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Golf 2,3,4; N Club 2,3,4; Track 1; Driver ' s Club 3,4; VICA 4. ROGER EUGENE GORDON: Driver ' s Club 3,4; Boy ' s Cheerblock 4. BONNIE MARIE HAEKER: Spanish Club 1,2. THOMAS WAYNE HAECKER: FFA 1,2,3,4; VICA 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Intramurals 4. STEVEN WAYNE HANTELMAN: Track 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Math Science Club 2, 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Boy ' s Cheerblock 2,3,4; Fall Play 4; Musical 4; N Club 3,4; North Star Staff 4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; FTA 4. DIANE SUE HAPNER: Cheerblock 2,3; Band 2, 3; Chorus 2,3; Speech Club 2,3; Drama Club 2,3; Musical 2,3,4; Fall Play 2; Girl ' s Ensemble 2; Driver ' s Club 3,4; OEA 4. MARCIA ANN HARRELL: GAA 1,2; Cheerblock 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Band 1,2; Health Careers 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; Shield Staff 2; VICA 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. DENISE NADINE HAUPERT: FTA 4; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Tri- Hi-Y 2,3,4; North Star Staff 3; Math Science Club 4; Driver ' s Club 4. DOUGLAS KIM HAUPERT: Chorus 1; Basket- ball 1; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2, 3,4; Boy ' s Cheerblock 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. LAURA MAY HEETER JO ELLEN HIPSKIND: Cheerleader 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Student Coun- cil 3,4; Class officer 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Cheerblock 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Exchange Student 3. EDWARD ALAN HOLYCROSS: Intramurals 1, 2,3,4; Band 1; Cross Country 2; Baseball 2, 3,4; N Club 3,4; French Club 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; VICA 4. ERNEST LYNN HOLYCROSS: Football 1; Intra- murals 1,2,3,4;. Baseball 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; N Club 3,4; VICA 3,4; Boy ' s Cheer- block 3,4. LUCINDA LYNNE HOLYCROSS: Cheerblock 1, 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; GAA 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3, 4; Drama Club 4; Math Science Club 4. LORRAINE MARIE HORSTMAN: Cheerblock 1, 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Driver ' s Club 3,4; D.E. 4. LEFT: Teresa Bowman, Bea Forbes and Mike Stanton exchange name cards. RIGHT: Greg Schenkel, Eric Fleck, Jon Gage and Dave Swan get their strength from the food in the cafeteria. LAURA MARIE HOULIHAN: VICA 3,4. KEITH ALAN KOCH: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; FFA 1; Class Officer 1; Baseball 1; N- Club 2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Drivers ' Club 3,4; Stu- dent Body President 4; Audio-Visual 3. BETH ELLEN LAWSON: GAA 1,2; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; French Club 1; Bond 1,2,3,4; Stage Bond 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Drama Club 2, 3,4; Speech Club 2; Drivers ' Club 3,4; Hon- or Society 3,4; Swing Choir 4; Math Science Club 4. DAVID KENNETH LEFFORGE: Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; FFA 1; N-Club 2,3,4; Math Science Club 4; Drivers ' Club 4; Intramurals 4; Boys ' Cheerblock 4. JEFFREY WENDELL LELAND: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2; Baseball 3, 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; VICA 3,4. JAMES E. LEWIS: FFA 1,2,3,4; Drivers ' Club 3,4. VICKI JO LINSBURG: GAA 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,4; Cheerblock 2,3; Band 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Drivers ' Club 3,4; Shield Staff 4; North Star Staff 4. MAURICE HOWARD LONG: FFA 1,2,3,4; Art Club 1; VICA 3,4; Intramurals 3,4. GLORIA JEAN McCOLLEY: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Fall Play 3,4; Shield Staff 1,2,4; North Star Staff 3, 4; FTA 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Speech Club 3,4; Drivers ' Club 4. JUDY McCOY: Cheerblock 1,2; Girl ' s Ensem- ble 2; Driver ' s Club 3,4. CRAIG EDWARD McKILLIP: FFA 1,2,3,4; Wres- tling 1; Football 2,3,4; N Club 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. MARCIA LYNN MANNING: GAA 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3, 4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; North Star Staff 4. CATHERINE ANN MILLER: Spanish Club 1,2,3; Cheerblock 2,3,4; Shield Staff 3,4; National Honor Society 4; OEA 4. RICKY GLENN MILLER: Fall Play 3,4; Spring Musical 2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3; Drama Club 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4. JEFFERY WILLIAM MONCE EDDIE DEAN MORRIS: Football 1,2,3,4; Intra- murals 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Baseball 1; Boy ' s Cheerblock 2,3,4; N Club 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. LYNN ANN PRETORIUS: Cheerblock 1,2,3; GAA 1,2,3; Norsettes 1,2; Drama Club 2,3; Driver ' s Club 3,4; OEA 4. HAROLD DAVID RENSBERGER: Basketball 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. LANCE DEA ROBERTS JEFFREY TODD SAMPSON: Football 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2; Golf 2,3,4; Stage Band 2; N Club 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Intramurals 3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Boy ' s Cheerblock 3,4; North Star Staff 4; VICA 4. GARY WAYNE SCHAAF: Drama Club 1,2,3; Speech Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1. GREGORY LYNN SCHENKEL: Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Track 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4; Dramatics 2, 3,4; Spanish Club 2; North Star Staff 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; N Club 3,4; Musical 2, 3,4; Fall Play 3,4. PATRICIA SHELTON RANDY E. SHEPHERD: Basketball 1,2; FFA 1, 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Intramurals 3; Cheerbloc k 3,4. - " ■ " ■— ™°™™™ ' ™ ' 105 And If Was Over May 21, 1972 Greg Schenkel gets coaching from the sidelines in Speech II class. Mauricio experiments in chemistry lab. DONALD EDMUND SIDERS: Football 1; Man- ager 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3,4; N Club 2, 3,4; Musical 2,3; Fall Play 3; Track 1; Class Officer 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Driv- er ' s Club 3,4; FTA 3,4; Math Science Club 4; Swing Choir 4; Intrcmurals 4; Cheerblock 4. PAULETTE LOUISE SLATER: Band 1,2; Cheer- block 1,2; Twirler 1,2; Spanish Club 1; GAA 1,2; North Star Staff 3,4; D.E.C.A. 4. JAY BURL STANLEY: Math Science Club 1, 2,3,4; Boy ' s Cheerblock 3,4. PHILIP MICHEAL STANTON: Wrestling 1; FFA 1,2; Driver ' s Club 3,4. MARSHALL THOMAS STATEN: Health Careers 1,2; Chorus 1,2,3; Driver ' s Club 3,4; D.E. 4; Musical 2. DANNY KIM STEELE: Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4; N Club 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. KELLY LANE STEPHENS: Football 1,3,4; Bas- ketball 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2; Home Coming Candidate 4. DAVID L. STEWART: Math Science Club 1, 2,3; Health Careers Club 1,2; Driver ' s Club 3,4. CYNTHIA SUE STIEGLITZ: GAA 1,2; National Honor Society 3,4. RANDALL D. STOPFER: Basketball 1; Intra- murals 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 2 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. MARY STUMBO (WILEY): Speech Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3; Cheerblock 1,2; GAA 1,2; Band 1,2; Chorus 2; VICA 3,4. DAVID ALAN SWAN: Basketball 1; Intromur- als 2,3,4; Boy ' s Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,4; Spanish Club 3,4; N Club 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Math Science Club 4. DEBORAH LYNE SWART: Norsette 1,2,3,4; Speech Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3, 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Chorus 1; Student Council 3; TrI-Hi-Y 3,4; Swing Choir 4. DEBORAH ANN TAYLOR: GAA 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; North Star Staff 4; Drama Club 4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Chorus 2,3,4; Swing Choir 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. LISA ANN THOMAS: Band 1,2,3,4; Cheer- block 1,2,3,4; Shield Staff 1; Spanish Club 1,2; GAA 1,2; Fall Play 2; Driver ' s Club 3,4; North Star Staff 4; Speech Club 2,3 BEVERLY JANE THOMPSON: Chorus 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Cheerblock 3,4. RODNEY HUGH TITUS: Football 1,2,3,4; N Club 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. DANIEL EDWARD TOWNSEND: Spanish Club 1,2,3; Math Science Club 1,2,3,4; Foot- ball 1; Drama Club 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. RANDY NEIL UNGER: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3; N Club 2,3,4; FTA 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4. BRAD LEE VAN DIELEN: Math Science Club 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Boy ' s Cheerblock 3,4. TERESA RENEE VROOMAN: Chorus 1,2; Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Norsettes 2,3,4; Shield Staff 1,2,3; FFA Sweetheart 2; French Club 2,3,4; Class Officer 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Notional Honor Society 4. ™ ' ™™™™ ™™™ ' ™™™™™ ' °™ ' ' ° " ° ' mgi aBss Bsm La LOTTIE LOUISE WAGGONER: GAA 1; Cheer- block 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2; Drama Club 2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Speech Club 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; National Forensic League 3,4; Fall Play 2,3,4; Musical 2,3,4; North Star Staff 3; Shield (editor] 3,4; FTA 3,4; Driv- er ' s Club 4. DOUGLAS KENT WEAVER: Math Science Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Intramurals 4; Boy ' s Cheerblock 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4. MARY LOUISE WEAVER: GAA 1,2,3; Cheer- block 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Swing Choir 1,2,3,4; Norsettes 1; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Fall Play 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. BRENDA FAYE WEST: GAA 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Cheerblock 1,2,3; Shield Staff 3; North Star Staff 4; Driver ' s Club 4. JOYCE AGNES WILSON: Band 1,2,3,4; Cheer- block 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1; French Club 1,2; Chorus 4. CONNIE WINTERS (McCOLLEY): GAA 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4; OEA 4. KATHRYN ELAINE WINTERS: FAA 1,2; Chorus 1; Health Careers 2; Driver ' s Club 3,4; Math Science Club 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; North Star Staff 3,4 (editor); Quill Scroll 3,4. SANDRA ELLEN WINTERS: Spanish Club 1,2,3, 4; Cheerblock 1,2,3; Health Careers 2; Na- tional Honor Society 3,4; FHA 4. CRAIG WYSONG PATRICIA ANN YENTES: Cheerblock 1; Cheer- leader 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4; DAR 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Driver ' s Club 3,4. WILLIAM HENRY YENTES: FFA 1,2,3,4; Track 1; Math Science Club 3; Intramurals 2,3,4. FLOYD EUGENE YOUNG: Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Football 3; Boy ' s Cheerblock 3,4. 108 MauHcio Andrade From Brazi Scoft Alber Rick Applegate John Baer Denise Baker Mick Baker Lou Baldwin Marie Ball Gory Barlow Mike Bechtol Tim Bever Marilyn Biehl Ed Bitzel Brad Bozarth Gory Carr Andy Cartwright Carlo Christie Debbie Cole Ron Collins Kathy Cordill Sam Cox Phil Dale Don Davidson Tom Dunphy Diane Dyson Jo Ellen Dyson Brendo Favorite Randy Fearnow Steve Fishback Tim Fitch Steve Fleck Lewis Flohr Denise Ford Jody Ford Jane Forrester Mary Futrell Jerry Gaff Juniors, Chris McKelvey, Duane Trump and Denise Baker hurry to get to their next class. Juniors Recieve Square Rings Square-shaped class rings were joyously re- ceived in late September, which made juniors feel more like juniors. Deb Miller, the Homecoming Candidate, was es- corted by Junior Class President Randy Fearnow, candidate for Homecoming King. The float, which placed second, was entitled, " The Old Home- stead. " Class flower, a yellow rose, and the class colors midnight blue and light blue, were seiectejJ along with the motto — " The future is not a gift, it is an achievement. Juniors honored the Seniors with the prom. Three Coins in a Fountain, in May. Debbie Miller and Kafhy Knoblock talk while waiting for the bell to ring to go bock to class. Stan Garriot Steve Gaston Debbie Gilbert Kathy Glossburn Robin Gouvan Bernice Gressley Sandy Hall Terri Hantelman Rhonda Hapner Kerry Harmon Shelley Haupert Sherrel Hawkins Steve Hentgen Jill Hipskind Gary Hively Jim Hunt Clarence Jones Dan Keppel Bob Kisner Kathy Knoblock Mike Knoblock Lorry Kokta Jim Lange Tammy Leiand Janet Siders and Mary Futrell try their hand at cooking a meal in Home Ec class. JR. CLASS OFFICERS: Randy Fearnow, president; Dale Smith, vice-president; Lewis Flohr, secretary. Absent: Tarn Leiand, treasurer. Art Lehman Chris McKelvey Gary Meadows Debbie Metzger Roxana Meyer Debbie Miller Teresa Miller Denise Mobley Katie Ogalsbee Janice Oswalt Julie Paschall Doug Pownall Randy Raver Kay Satchwill Karen Sauder Dennis Schaaf Ken Schaaf Robin Schaffer Craig Schnepp Phil Schnepp Bruce Shaw Janet Siders Dale Smith Joanie Smith Bev Snapp Diana Sorrell Jerry Sfaten Carol Steele Kerry Steele Solly Stephenson Ron Stouder Linda Strange Teresa Swank Connie Terrel Barbara Thomas Duone Trump Dan Wagers Patty Wagner Alecia Walker Don Watkins Bev Weaver Doug Weitzel Nick Winters Debbie Yike Diana Young Jan Zimplemon Roscoe Ziner Chuck Zinn Juniors received their square-shaped rings in late September, Bruce Show and Kerry Harmon have another year of eating in 1971. the cafeteria to look forward to. I L Sophs Claim Tnple Victory The class of ' 74 started the year by claiming a triple victory at Homecoming. The sophomore class King and Queen candidates, Jim Urschel, and Nancy McColley won the title of 1971-72 Homecoming Queen and King. All the hard work on the float was worth effort. The float with the title " Plow ' Em under, Norse " won first place in the competition. This was the first year a sopho- more class ever won honors at homecoming. Toward the end of the year the class mem- bers ordered class rings and enjoyed a class party early in March. SOPH CLASS OFFICERS: Marcia Wiley, vice-president; Carol Fleck, secretary; Connie Hettsmonperger, treasurer; Jerry DeVore, presicJent. Deb Bechtol Jill Biehl Tom Brainord Mike Breedlove Byron Burns Betty Burnsworth Joni Burton Penny Calloway Cindy Cammock Randy Carver Robbie Clarkson Joe Cook Don Corn Gary Corn Diana Culver Tony Curtis Lone Custer Dave Dale BBI BU aam Marilyn Davenport Debbie Davis Don Davis Jerry Devore Eugenia Driscoll Dennis Dyson Doug Dyson Kris Dyson Dave Edenburn Steve Elliot Carol Fleck Joe Foust Debbie Gant Pam Gaston Sherry Gidley Bev Gilbert Tanya Gill Randy Glassburn David Good Rick Gressley Rod Grossman Jackie Hahn Joe Hall Joni Hammel Linda Hantleman Breck Harmon Dianna Harvey Miriam Heeter Belinda Helvey Karen Helvey Connie Hettmansperger Greg Hite Pat Holloway Andy Holycross Doug Huffman Don Irelan Dean White, 44, and M. for the Big Blue Machine. J. Vrooman, 16, run and block Pat Holloway, Becky Thrush, Diane Culver, and Lisa Custer dissect frogs under the guidance of Mr. Dennis Grinstead. Linda Johnson Deb Jones Kevin Joy Kim Karns Kerry Keffaber Ken Kelly Bill Kerner Gary Kline Melody Lane Noel Learned Rhonda Leland Bob Lewis Rich Loehnis Bob Lundquist Marty Lutz Nancy Mahre Jeff Martin Jeff Mast Nancy McColley Sharon McColley Terry McCoy Lynn McKillip Carrie McKinley Ralph McKinney a % % W v lV 116 HimmniwiiiMi im i mii i mm ■n Marcia Metzger Kevin Miller Dean Mishler Carolyn Myers Tim Niccum Denise Norman Gary Norman Rusty Reiken Gary Rensberger Tina Richardson Jay Rife Tammy Sausaman Kelly Schnepp Larry Schnepp Kothy Shafer Melvin Shafer Jeff Singleton Kathy Smith Gary Speelman Jeff Steele Kathy Steele Patti Stephan Larry Swan Rosie Sweet Phil Swihart Maria Swope Ken Terrel Brenda Thompson Becky Thrush Randy Titus Virginia Townsend Steve Trump Tena Tyner Bill Urschel Jim Urschel Kathleen Urschel Dave Van Buskirk John Vigor M. J. Vrooman Ron Wagers Paula Waggoner Nancy Weaver David Weller Elizabeth Whinery Debbie White Denise Wilcox Marcia Wiley Vickie Wiley Roger Winters Cathy Yentes Tony Yocum Chris Voder ■mm Rex Baer Robbi Baker Patty Baldwin Ron Baker Kevin Bell Mike Benson Janet Bidwell Donna Biehl Roger Biehl Cindy BItzel Eddie Blair Jinn Bowman Toni Burton Jeff Cameron Debbie Campbell Mike Campbell Jody Carr Linda Cortwright Chris Cole Mike Cole Fred Conkling Tim Conrad Sandy Cook Jim Cordill Rex Cunningham Gary Dale Mark Davenport Jeff Dawes Andy Deeter Robin Deeter Linda Dewoody Bob Dewoody Scott Driscoll Jean Dutt Bill Dyson Korla Eilts Gary Favorite Pam Fitch Pom Fleming Lori Flohr Judy Ford Rhonda Foust H Class of 75 The Class of 1975 moved into high school status this year. With the prestige come the heavier w ork load and the harder courses. They also partici- pated in their first homecoming activities. The class nominated Sally Strange and Rex Cunning- ham as their candidates for queen and king. Class officers for the 71-72 school year were: Audie Wiley, president; Jeff Spiecher, vice-presi- dent; Andy Deeter, secretary; and Steve Urschel, treasurer. Student Council representatives v ere Rex Cunningham and Dave Swart. Debbie Mc- Laughlin was the class editor for the Shield. Eddie Blair and Randy Miller walk happily to their next class. Paula Fox Jan Gaff Steve Gant Rick Gaston John Green Sue Greesley Randy Grossman Rhonda Harding Tim Haupert Tom Haupert Tim Hendricks Tom Heater Kirk Heflin Bill Herron Debbie Herron Bob Hettmansperger Joan Hipskind Dennis Hite Cindy Hollenback Patty Honeycutt Jeff Hunt Vicki Jackson Connie Jones Lori Knott Diane Copas Marsha Lane Jayne Lange Larry Learnerd Louise Marfindole Stephanie Mclnfyre Debbie McLaughHn Sandy Meadows Rod Merrick Dave Metz Darrell Meyer Randy Miller Kathy Nordman Lori Ogan Sue Plough Kay Pretorius Nancy Pretorius Mary Pulsipher Diane Reahard Helen Reahard Randy Renbarger Doug Rensbarger Steve Rice April Risher Lamoine Sanders Debbie Schuler Don Shafer Keith Shaw Dennis Siders John Siders Jean Slee Mitch Sorrel Randy Sparks Jeff Speicher Sally Strange Mike Swan Julie King and Lori Linsburg stroll down the. hall during class time. Biology — Frosh Requirement LEFT: Mr. Dennis Grinstead teaches Modern Biology to fresh- man. ABOVE; Frosh class officers: Andy Deeter, Audie Wiley, Steve Urschel, Jeff Spiecher. Dave Swarf Ron Tucker Tom Tucker Ty Tyner Steve E. Urschel Steve P. Urschel Tom VanBuskirk Shanna Van Meter Dean W eaver Jerry Welch Mike White Audie Wiley Deana Wilhelm Don Winters Evelyn Winters ,! J Randy Abbott Jack Adams Fred Anderson Kovena Anderson Debbie Applegafe Cindy Baker Steve Bartoo Bill Sever James Bohnhoff David Bowman Shirley Boyer Teresa Boyer Kirk Brackenhiemer Debbie Brodbeck Bill Burnsworth Doug Cose James Clorkson Ron Cole Richard Collins Robbie Collins Debbie Corbin Bob Corn Kenny Craig Brenda Culver Pom Curtis Tom Curtis Debbie Daniel Rowena Davidson Dan Davis Dan Dawes Mike Deeter Gary DeVore Linda Dixon Matt Driscoll Kathy Dyson Mark Dyson Denise Swart and David Bowman listen intently in Mr Norman ' s math class. ° ' ' ' ° ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' " ™ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ™ Class of 76 At the beginning of the school year the class of ' 76 chose Mrs. Mary Bollenbacher, Mr. Ron Clark and Mr. Kenneth Norman. We also elected class officers. They are Steve Norman, pres. Lisa Johnson, sec. and Evelyn McKinley, treas. Shelly Renbarger was selected to serve as Student Coun- cil representative. Ellen Mouser was reporter from the 8th grade for the North Star and the 8th grade editor for the Shield. The class ended with a very enjoyable class party. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS: Clockwise; Steve Norman, Evelyn McKinley, Laurie Urschel, Lisa Johnson. Mike Dyson Ann Edenburn Mark Eiler Pom Elzrofh Randy Favorite Mark Feornow David Foust Richard French Barbara Gagnon Susan Gaston Tom Gidley Rodney Glassburn Randy Good Dennis Gouvan Norma Gouvan Diane Green Shelly Green Ronnie Hall Jeff Hammel Brian Harrell Peggy Haupert Sandy Hawkins Jerry Hayes Jay Hettsmanperger Melody Higgely Debra Hively Lisa Joh nson Morisue Joy Scott Judy April Karns Tina Keffaber Keith Kelly Sue Kelly Sheryle Kelly David Kerner Julie King Carolyn Knezevich Debbie Kochenour Kris Krom Cathy Lehman Randy Lewis Mary Lester Lori Linsburg Paul Little Sue Little Jeff Loehnis Greg Lundquist Evelyn McKinley Jeff McKinney Cindy McLaughlin Donna Martin Kelly Merrick Ron Metz Sharon Metzger Jeff Miller Tom Miller Pat Miracle Ellen Mouser Roxanne Myers Debbie Niccum Sue Noel Ken Nordman Dawn Norman Dollie Patton JoEllen Pefley Phyllis Plant Diane Preston Shelly Renbarger Randy Richardson Amy Risher Randy Robinson Janet Sauder Anita Scholes Kathleen Schultz Karen Sellers Kris Shafer Duane Sheperd «»««».« »«».««»«.« «■ B ' tUJ M ' Kevin Siders, Bill Burnsworth, Jerry France and Randy Good use the paper cutter in Art. Joan Shepard Judy Shepherd Kevin Siders Mark Siders Tina Simpson Sharon Slisher Larry Smalley Laura Smalley Kent Smith Lisa Smith Miriam Smith Karia Steele Mitchell Steele Joe Stieglitz Denise Swart LuAnn Swihart Greg Thomas Karen Tiede Joan Timbermon Ray Trusty Laura Urschel Mark Vigor Pam Walson Paula Walker Jane Wasem Linda Wilhelm Linda Winters Doug Yentes Gerald Young Debbie Zinmiester 125 Chris Sampson and Jenny AAcBrayer enjoy a reading day Mrs. Bernadine Smith ' s English 7 class. Roxy Allen Kevin Baer Bob Baker Dale Bartoo Troy Beals Greg Bell Jack Bever Melissa Bidwell Mark Bowen David Boyer Bonnie Burnsworth Kent Cammack Steve Campbell John Carpenter Dan Carr Tammy Chamberlain James Chowning Tina Corn Judy Crist Nancy Dale Dean Davenport Ron Davis Doug Dawes Jane Dawes Scott Dawes Ron Deeter David DeVore Kris DuBois Cindy Dyson John Dyson Tammy Eiler Robin EIrod Brian Elzroth Charles Enyeart Jim Fleck Joey Flitcraft |. a 126 Robert Floyd Brian Floyd Eugene Fox Kothy Frazee Brian Frehse Dan Gillespie Karen Glassburn Becky Hahn Gary Hammel Cheryl Hampton Dennis Harding Tammy Harrington Mark Haupert Dick Hawkins Richard Hawkins Joyce Hayes Karen Hefflin Barry Hicks Sheila Hite Cynthia Hobbs Diane Holloway Wendy Holman Jim Johnson Teresa Joy Dan Kaufman Kevin Kelly Teresa Keppel Modena Kisner Lori Knee Pom Kochenour Tim Lone Rhonda Leach Ricky Leach Chris Learnerd Leroy Lee Richy Lee Robert Lee III Barbara Lehman Mitchel Little Jenny McBrayer Charles McColley Peggy McCord Lolita Mclntire Bill Mahre Jenny Malott Kimberly Malott Cindy Martin Tonia Martin Kent Martindale Tom Martindale Missy Mast Allen Miracle LeeAnn Morrison Rhonda Myers Charles Neal Eric Overman Cindy Owen Audrey Plough Greg Pownall Greg Raver Mono Lisa Reahard Artie Rice Jane Rice Teresa Rice Steve Rogers Chris Sampson Scott Sanders Susie Sanders Linda Sausaman Deanna Schuler Trina Schuler Bill Schultz Maurice Shelton Bill Simpson Cindy Sinclair Mike Skaggs Jeff Slee Seventh grade officers: Doug Davi es, Lee Ann Morrison, Allen Miracle, Trina Schuler. «l J f " " " I,. K.:i i i ■i ' 1 1 ■If ' .. ' i li -r- r . •If III )iii|ii%» ' .liii i ' l iii u . I 1 A l...i-...: i i ■pw ' ' -— ■ F ii J Jflf W[ f r 1 f - ■ 1 fefBJgfiffigffffi CTWKV»CTra«i«MP)yCT«i Seventh graders recite in Indiana History class. Janice Slisher Paul Smith Dan Staggs Ruth Staggs Jenny Stouffer Micky Strange Bob Swan Bobbi Swanson Jolene Swope Iris Tackett Robbie Tarter Jackie Thompson Don Townsend Terry Tully Diane Unger Tom Vigor Amy Vrooman Tim Wagers Jeff Walden Debbie Warnock Roy Warren Teri Walsh Faith Williams Wanda Wilson Betty Winters Becky Yocum Cheryl Yocum Geraldine Young Jeff Young Mrs. Hood and Julie Paschall, and Alecia Walker, assistants, pose with Special Ed class and " Woodsy Owl . " II If Blondy Hanley Donna Haynes Pat Hubbard Raymond Lester Keith McKinney Greg Rice Ronnie Schaaf Randy Wagner Kevin Wilhelm Give a Hoot, Says Spec Ed The Special Ed class this year consisted of nine students taught by Mrs. Martha Hood. In the class- room they dwelt mainly on Math, Reading and Spelling. Some of the students also were enrolled in high school subjects. For a class project, all the students contributed to the making of a three-foot papier mache figure of " Woodsy Owl. " " Woodsy Owl " has been designated by the U.S. Department of Agri- culture as the anti-pollution symbol. The students also wrote letters to Sgt. Roger D. Garrett, a Wabash resident who lost both legs and an arm in an act of heroism in Vietnam. During December the class received a Christmas card from him thanking them for their thoughtful- ness. M QM( J MM 2(UI WM| Dedicated Faculty Inspire, Educate METROPOLITIAN SCHOOL BOARD: Charles Tiede, Richard Early, Joseph Cooper, Robert Rice, Lawrence Wade, Darle Dawes, Lewis Dale and Jerry Allred. LYLE K. EDENBURN: Principal GEORGE W. PRICE: Vice-principal. Ball State, BS and MS and advanced work. TERRY BECKER: Hanover College, B.A. Di- rector of chorus and Swing choir, sponsor of 9th grade class. MARY BOLLENBACHER: Huntington College and Ball State University, AB. Sponsor of 8th grade. DAVID BUCHER: Purdue, B.S. GEORGIA LAVAUGHN BUSCH: Manchester College, BS, Ball State, Masters. Sponsor of FHA. 8W TO«»MaM»»lin«l«JWt M»»tT»JK»IWB«lll HAROLD RICHARD CHRISTIE: Manchester College, BS, St. Francis, MS. Jr. class spon- sor and Cross Country coach. RONALD R. CLARK: Manchester College, BS, Ball State University, MA. Sponsor of 8th grade. MARK EUGENE COPPLER: Kent State Univer- sity and Huntington College, BS. Sponsor of intramurals, 7th grade, frosh football coach and head track coach. CO. DUKER: Manchester College, BS, Indiana University, MS. Runs school bookstore. BARBARA DURNBAUGH: Taylor University BS, Indiana University, MAT English. Spon- sors Drama Club, Speech Teann and Student Council. WAYNE E. FANSLER: Guidance Counselor. In- diana Central, BS, Ball State, MS, and Pur- due. Sponsors FTA. JO E. GAMBLE: Manchester College, BS, and Ball State. Sponsors Cheerblock, Cheer- leaders, GAA and Senior class. DENNIS WAYNE GRINSTEAD: Marion Col- lege, BS, St. Francis College, MS. Sponsors Science Club and coaches 7th grade basket- ball and track. HAL J. GUNTER: Manchester College, BS. Sponsors Senior class and coaches frosh basketball and 8th grade football. MARTHA S. GUYNN: Manchester College, BA. Sponsors yearbook, newspaper and 7th grade. LONNY D. HARTS: Purdue, BS and MS, Spon- sors FFA. LOUANN HENDRICKS: DePauw University, BA, and the University of Madrid. Spon- sors Foreign Language Clubs. MARTHA R. HOOD: Special Ed. Indiana Uni- versity, BS, and St. Francis College, MS. PAUL J. JONES: Head of English Depart- ment. Manchester College, AB, Indiana Uni- versity, MS. JAMES KALTENMARK: Manchester College, BS, and Ball State, MA. Coaches varsity foot- ball and junior varsity basketball. Sponsors N Club and freshmen class. Mrs. Dorothy Merrick and Penny Calloway settle matter in the office, while others look on. financial MARVIN MAST: Manchester College, BS, Ball State and St. Francis, MS. Sponsors sopho- more class and Math and Science Club, coaches jr. high track. MARY ANN MAST: Manchester College, BS, Ball State and St. Francis, MS. Sponsors yearbook and junior class. JOHN DOUGLAS MILLER: Indiana University, AB, MAT, University of California and U.S. International U. Sponsors Art Club. THOMAS R. MILLER: Manchester College, BS, and Ball State, MA. Sponsors Driver ' s Club and senior class. Varsity basketball coach. KENNETH NORMAN: Manchester College, BS, and Indiana University, MS. Sponsors 8th grade. REX E. PRICE: Ball State, MS, Manchester College, BS, and St. Francis. THOMAS REX REAHARD: Manchester College, AB, and Indiana University, MA. Golf coach, sponsors Math and Science Club and Chess Club. DAVID REEP: Indiana University, BS. Spon- sors 7th grade. ALLEN DALE RICE: Manchester College, BS, and Purdue, MAT. roTOW w»ffl;»« »«wgwtwa»vi. DORIS J. RICE: Huntington College, Science degree, Manchester College, BS, St. Francis, Masters. JAMES A. SHIPLEY: Grace College, BME, and Ball State, MA, Directs Stage Band and spon- sors sophomore class and Student Council. BERNADINE RYAN SMITH: Grace College, BA, and St. Francis, MS. Sponsors Tri-Hi-Y. DOROTHY SQUIRES: Indiana University, AB, and Ball State, MA. Sponsors National Honor Society. ROSS E. TRUMP: Marion College, BS, and Ball State, MM. Directs the bond. IDA VANCAMP: Manchester College, AB, Indiana University, Ball State, Masters. Guidance counselor. Sponsors Future Careers Club. CRAIG WINEGARDNER: Ball State, BS and MA. Baseball coach, sponsors junior class and intramurals. HILDA WILCOX: 2nd semester Home Econo- mics. NOT PICTURED: TERRY LYNN ARRICK: Purdue University, BS, and St. Francis College. Coach of the 8th grade basketball team. JACK LEE WEEKLEY: Boll State, BS and MS. Mr. Rex Price was voted tfie Senior ' s favorite teacher. 135 All Aid to Better Northfield COOKS: Mrs. Swihart, Mrs. Shultz, Mrs. Eads, Mrs. Stoffer, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Keffaber, Mrs. Mattern and Mrs. Vrooman. ABOVE: Mr. Getz, our head custodian. Miss Jo Beghtel Mrs. Virginia Bozarth — librarian Mrs. Jean Fleck — Library Guidance clerk Mrs. Jane Gorsuch — teacher ' s aide Mrs. Sharon Harris — secretary Mrs. Dorothy Merrick — bookkeeper 136 liw wft WMW ill wl»A M■wJM!la l Hffl m[ | Index Abbott, Randy 122 Alber, Scott 44,52,57,110 Adams, Jackie 122 Allen, Roxy 41,73,126 Anderson, Fred 90,96,123 Anderson, Kaveno 123 Andrade, Mauricio 56,96,100,109 Applegate, Debra 68,123 Applegate, Rick 110 Baer, John 66,80,88,93,110,70 Baer, Kevin 83,90,126 Baer, Rex 52,63,82,96,118 Barin, Paul 5,80,81,100 Baker, Denise 23,31,50,56,66,67,74,76 Baker, Kevin 45,58,84,100 Baker, Lynn 45,57,66,69,75,100,106 Baker, Lucinda 51,68,122 Baker, Matthew 58,82,77 Baker, Mick 66,96,110 Baker, Rick 63,96 Baker, Robert 68,126 Baker, Robbi 118 Baker, Ronald 52,66,100,118 Baker, Steve 52,63,96 Baldwin, Lou 13,34,110 Baldwin, Patsy 60,74,118 Ball, Marie 110 Barlow, Dale 73 Barlow, Gary 43,44,45,58,66,72,77,110 Barnett, Craig 56,63,84,93,96 Barnett, Gary 52,58,62,66,70,72,77,84, 93,96,100 Bartoo, Bob 58 Bartoo, Steve 122 Beals, Mitch 83 Beols, Troy 120 Bechtol, Debra 40,44,50,57,58,67,68 Bechtol, Mike 58,88,110 BECKER, TERRY 132 Bell, Greg 83,90,126 Bell, Kevin 63,72,82,89,118 Benson, Michael 93,1 18 Bever, Jack 83,126 Bever, Tim 36,52,66,110 Bever, William 122 Bidwell, Janet 51,64,68,118 Bidwell, Linda 8,45,56,58,64,66,100,101 Bidwell, Melissa 126 Biehl, Diana 13,20,45,50,67,72,75,100 Biehl, Donna 72,74,118 Biehl, Jill 72,74,50 Biehl, Marilyn 43,45,50,58,67,72,110 Biehl, Roger 52,63,82,96,118 Bitzel, Cindy 68,118 Bitzel, Eddie 66,85,96 Blair, Eddie 96,118,119 Bohnhoff, James 122 BOLLENBACHER, MARY 132 Bowen, Mark 83,90,126 Bowman, David 83,122 Bowman, Jim 72,82,89,118 Bowman, Teresa 75,66,100,104 Bowyer, Dovied 122,126 Bowyer, Shirley 122 Boyer, Teresa 7,68,122 Bozarth, Brad 19,52,95,96,110 BOZARTH, VIRGINIA 59,136 Brackenhiemer, Kurt 122 Brainard, Tom 66 Breedlove, Mike 21,48,52,66,96 Breedlove, Pot 22,72,77 Brodbeck, Debbie 51,68,73,122 BUCHER, DAVID 132 Burns, Byron 56,60,61,72 Burnsworth, Betty 74 Burnsworth, Bill 122,125 Burnsworth, Bonnie 126 BUSCH, GEORGIA 65,132 Burton, Joni 48,60,65,67,68 Calloway, Penny 4,50,58,57,67,68,71 Cameron, Jeff 63,89,118 Cammack, Cindy 57,67,72 Cammock, Kent 73,83,126 Campbell, Debra 118 Campbell, Mike 52,118 Campbell, Steve 83,126 Carpenter, John 83,126 Carr, Dan 83,90,126 Corr, Gary 52,54,66,110 Carr, Jody 51,72,74,76,118 Cartwright, Andy 42,63,110 Cortwright, Linda 51,118 Carver, Kathy 36,50,100 Case, Doug 96,122 Chamberlain, Tamera 51,55,126 Chowning, James 73,126 Christie, Carlo 50,56,58,66,67,72,110 CHRISTIE, HAROLD 20,133 CLARK, RONALD 85,133 Clarkson, James 122 Clorkson, Robert 74 Cleovelond, Cindy 100 Cole, Chris 63,118 Cole, Debbie 55,58,66,75,110 Cole, Mike 118 Cole, Ron 110,122 Collins, Robert 83,122 Collins, Richard 122 Conkling, Fred 64,118 Conrad, Tim 96,118 Cook, Petty 23,50,60,66,67,75,100 Cook, Joe 63 Cook, Sandra 14,23,51,60,118 COPPLER, MARK 82,93,133 Corbin, Debra 122 Cordill, James 118 Cordill, Kathy 59,64,110 Corn, Beverly 13,20,23,17,45,50,56,58,60,61, 62,66,67,72,75,100 Corn, Bobby 83,90,122 Corn, Dan 63,66,70,80,88 Corn, Douglas 63,96,100 Corn, Gary 52,63,66,84,96 Corn, Tina 126 Corn, Todd 56,63,58,96 Cox Sam 96,110 Cox, Tony 93,96,100 Craig, Kenneth 96,122 Creasy, Tim 96 Crist, Judy 126 Culver, Brenda 51,122 Culver, Diane 50,56,67,116 Culver Jeff 45,46,52,56,58,62,66,101,102,18 Cunningham, Rex 12,44,63,96,118 Curtis, Pom 122 Curtis Tom 122 Custer, Lone 63,66,70,80,88,93 Custer, Lisa 14,23,44,45,55,58,60,61,62,66,67, 68,72,101,116 Dole, Dave 52,60,63,66,80 Dale, Gary 21,72,82,93,118 Dale, Nancy 51,126 Dole, Phil 52,60,63,66,110 Daniel, Deborah 122 Davenport, Dorrell 101 Davenport, Dean 126 Davenport, Marilyn 115 Davidson, Don 110 Davidson, Roweno 122 Davis, Debra 115 Davis, Ron 90,96,126 Dawes, Dan 73,83,90,96,122 Dawes, Doug 44,83,90,126,128 Dawes, Jane 51,73,126 Dawes, Jeff 63,82,89,118 Dawes, Scott 126 Dawson, Diane 13,22,44,45,51,63,66,67,62,71, 72,75,76,101 Deeter, Andy 82,89,118,121 Deeter, Mike 83,90,122 Deeter, Robin 51,54,74,118 Deeter, Ron 83,90,126 DeVore, Jerry 52,80,115 DeVore, Joann 45,46,56,59,66,67,72,101 Dewoody, Linda 21,50,59,118 Dewoody, Robert 84,93,96,118 Dixon, Linda 54,51,60,68,73,122 Doerr, Edwin 83 Driscoll, Eugenia 50,65,68,115 Driscoll, Matt 83,122 Driscoll, Scott 89,118 DuBois, Kothe 62,64,58,101 DuBois, Kris 126 DUKER, CLYDE 4,133 Dunphy, Tom 66,70,80,87,88,93,96,110 DURNBAUGH, BARBARA 44,60,61,133 Dutt, Jeanne 60,68,74,118 Dyson, Cindy 51,126 Dyson, Denny 63,70,84,88,93,115 Dyson, Diane 64,1 10 Dyson, Doug 3,63,115 Dyson, JoEllen 50,72,110 Dyson, John 90,126 Dyson, Kathy 51,68,73,122 Dyson, Kris 56,67,72 Dyson, Mark 90,122 Dyson, Mike 90,123 Dyson, William 63,118 Eods, Don 90 Edenburn, Anne 51,73,123 Edenburn, Dove 14,21,30,58,72,80,115 EDENBURN, LYLE 132,134 Eiler, Mark 83,90,123 Eiler, Tammy 126 Eilts, Tammy 51,68 Eilts, Karlo 118 Elliott, Steve 30,96,115 EIrod, Robin 22,73,126 Elzroth, Brian 126 Elzroth, Pom 51,123 Enyeart, Charles 83,126 Fansler, Gary 101 FANSLER,WAYNE 5,62,133 Favorite, Brenda 30,43,45,50,72,77,110 Favorite, Gary 85, 118 Favorite, Randy 42,66,74,96,123 Fearnow, Mark 83,123 Fearnow, Randy 21,22,44,52,70,76,80,112 Fishback, Steve 110 Fitch, Ram 68,118 Fitch, Tim 63,66,110 Flock, Rita 5,44,46,48,50,66,101 Fleck, Carol 11,50,68,115 Fleck, Cindy 16,59,66,68,101 Fleck, Eric 44,52,60,63,66,70,80,96,102,104,110 Fleck, James 126 FLECK, JEAN 59,136 Fleck, Steve 52,63,66,110 Fleming, Pamela 118 Flitcraft, Joey 126 Flohr, Lewis 52,56,58,66,70,72,96,110,112 Flohr, Lori 60,68,118 Floyd, Brian 127 Floyd, Robert 127 Forbus, Brenda 55,60,61,66,68,75,102,104 Ford, Brian 73,83,90 Ford, Denise 36,66,110 Ford, Jody 58,66,67,69,110 Ford, Judy 65,118 Ford, Pom Elliot 102 Forrester, Jane 46,50,77,67,75,110 Fousf, David 123 Foust, Joe 63,115 Foust, Rhonda 68,118 Fox, Paula 60,64,74,119 Fox, Eugene 127 Frazee, Kathy 68,73,129 France, Jerry 83,90,125 Freed, Teresa 9,46,48,50,57,62,66,67,68,75,102 French, Richard 123 Freshe, Bryan 73,127 Futrell, Mary 65,66,68,75,110,112 Gaff, Jan 21,60,64,68,72,119 Gaff, Jerry 21,52,70,72,80,96,110 Gage, Jon 13,46,74,76,86,87,101,102,104 Gagnon, Barbara 68,123 Gagnon, Steve 83,90 Galley, Robin 14,23,50,60,61,66,67,68,75,76,102 GAMBLE, JO 133 Gant, Debbie 115 Gont, Steve 60,119 Garriott, Ston 37,80,111 Gaston, Grimes 1 19 Gaston, Pamela 23,50,60,64,74,115 Gaston, Steve 3,52,63,66,96,1 1 1 137 Gaston, Susan 51,123 Gidley, Sherry 20,50,61,67,72,77,115 Gidley, Thorn 123 Gill, Tonya 50,68,115 Gilbert, Beverly 38,66,74,115 Gilbert, Debbie 111 Gillespie Don 83,90,127 Gillespie, Ed 18,68,70,80,87,91,103 Glossburn, Karen 51,73 Glossburn, Kothy 44,50,56,66,67,72,75,111,127 Glossburn, Randy 63,72,84,115 Glossburn, Rod 73,123 Good, David 85,115 Good, Randy 123,125 Gordon, Roger 66,103 Gouvon, Dennis 83,123 Gouvon, Norma 68,123 Gouvon, Robin 66,111 Green, Diane 123 Green, John 119 Green, Shelly 123 GORSUCH, JANE 136 Gressley, Bernice 64,11 1 Gressley, Rick 115 Gressley, Susan 1 19 GRINSTEAD, DENNIS 58,90,116,121,133 Grossman, Randy 52,63,72,82,89,119 Grossman, Rodney 52,63,77,96,115 GUNTER, HAL 83,89,133 GYUNN, MARTHA 46,49,133 Haeker, Bonnie 103 Haeker, Tom 103 Hahn, Jackie 11,50,56,67,69,115 Hohn, Rebecca 51,127 Hall, Joe 115 Hall, Ronald 123 Hall, Sandra 38,50,66,111 Hammel, Gary 127 Hammel, Kerry 83,90 Hammel, Jeff 123 Hantelman, Linda 50,57,58,115 Hantelmon, Steve 5,14,52,56,58,62,66,70,84,93, 96,98,101,103 Hantelman, Terry 75,111 Hapner, Diane 103 Hopner, Rhonda 1 1 1 Hampton, Cheryl 73,127 Harding, Dennis 127 Harding, Rhonda 119 Harmon, Breck 52,84,93,115 Harmon, Kerry 66,70,85,93,111 Harrell, Brian 90,123 Harrell, Marcia 33,103 Harrington, Tommy 127 HARTS, LONNY 63,133 Harvey, Diane 74,115 Haupert, Denise 16,23,33,34,50,58,62,66,67,103 Haupert, Doug 52,56,66,96,103 Haupert, Mark 127 Haupert, Petty 123 Hammel, Joni 20,50,57,67,71,115 HARRIS, SHARON 134,136 Haupert, Shelly 23,43,45,50,58,67,74,111 Haupert, Thomas 63,89,119 Haupert, Tim 52,63,82,96,119 Hawkins, Richard 83,90,121 Hawkins, Richard W. 127 Hawkins, Sandra 123 Hawkins, Sherrel 50,66,111 Hayes, Jerry 123 Hayes, Joyce 68,127 HENDRICKS, LOUANNE 40,133 Hendricks, Tim 84,119 Heeter, Laura 36,103 Heeter, Miriam 56,60,67,72,115 Heeter, Thomas 96,119 Heflin, Karen 51,73,77,127 Helvey, Belinda 60,64,67,115 Helvey, Karen 11,50,58,65,66,72,115 Heflin, Kirk 64,72,119 Hentgen, Steve 58,66,72,70,80,93,95,96,111 Herron, Bill 63 Herron, Debbie 64,119 Hettsmansperger, Connie 5,65,66,67,72,115 Hettsmansperger, Bob 52,63,82,119 Hicks, Barry 3,127 Higgley, Melody 73,123 Hipskind, Jill 43,45,58,67,72,111 Hipskind, Joonn 119 Hipskind, JoEllen 14,15,44,45,50,57,62,66,67, 72,101,103 Hite, Dennis 52,119 Hite, Greg 63,86,87,115 Hite, Shiela 68,127 Hively, Debra 73,124 Hively, Gory 52,111 Hobbs, Cindy 127 Hollenbock, Cindy 51,68,119 Hollowoy, Diana 127 Holloway, Pot 23,57,60,64,115,116 Holmon, Wendy 51,55,73,127 Holycross, Andy 52,96,115 Holycross, Ed 57,66,70,95,96,103 Holycross, Ernie 15,20,95,96,103 Holycross, Lucinda 103 Honeycutt, Patricio 119 HOOD,MARTHA 133 Horstmon, Lorraine 4,103 Houlihan, Laura 16,104 Huffmon, Doug 80,96,115 Hunt, James 52,66,70,80,96,1 1 1 Hunt, Jeff 74,82,119 Irelon, Don 1 15 Johnson, Vickie 41,60,74,119 Johnson, Jim 73,83,127 Johnson, Linda 48,50,57,67,72,116,142 Johnson, Lisa 68,73,123,124 Jones, Clarence 63,96,111 Jones, Connie 21,60,65,119 Jones, Debbie 16,21,56,59,60,65,74 JONES, PAUL 8,133 Joy, Kevin 52,66,74,80,96,116 Joy, Marisue 24,51,73 Joy, Teresa 68,127 Judy, Anthony 83 Judy, Ronnie 96 Judy, Scott 124 KALTENMARK, JAMES 70,87,88,133 Karns, April 51,73,124 Karns, Kimberl 50,56,67,72,116 Kaufman, Dan 127 Keffaber, Tina 68,124 Keffaber, Kerry 63,72,88,116 Kelly, Cheryl 73,124 Kelly, Keith 73,124 Kelly, Kenneth 93,96,116 Kelly, Kevin 73,127 Kelly, Sue 124 Keppel, Danny 66,111 Keppel, Teresa 127 Kerner, David 124 Kerner, Bill 48,72,85,116 King, Julie 68,73,120,124 Kisner, Modena 127 Kisner, Bob 11,63,66,70,84,93 Kline, Gary 88,116 Knee, Lori 51,73,127 Knezevich, Caroline 68,124 Knoblock, Kathy 46,50,66,67,75,111 Knoblock, Mike 56,58,66,70,84,88,111 Knott, Lori 21,50,59,60,74,119 Koch, Keith 44,62,66,70,86,87,92,93,104 Kochenour, Debbie 124 Kochenour, Pom 127 Kokta, Larry 111 Kopis, Diane 60,72,120 Krom, Kris 73,83,90,124 Lane, Marcia 68,120 Lane, Melody 51,74,116 Lone, Tim 90,127 Lange, Jayne 54,68,120 Lange, Jim 43,54,56,58,87,91,111 Lawson, Beth 23,45,46,50,58,60,66,67,72,76,77, 104 Leach, Rhonda 127 Leach, Ricky 83,127 Learned, Larry 64,120 Learned, Noel 1 16 Lee, Alden 127 Lee, Richard 127 Lee, Robert 127 Lefforge, David 27,52,58,66,70,84,93,96,104 Lehman, Arthur 96,112 Lehman, Barbara 127 Lehman, Cathy 124 Lehman, Victor 64,96 Leiand, Jeff 63,66,70,80,81,87,93,104 Leiand, Tommy 18,36,55,111,112 Lelond, Rhonda 50,65,67,116 LEMING, RICHARD 93 Lester, Mary 124 Lewis, James 63,104 Lewis, Kirk 64 Lewis, Randy 73,124 Lewis, Robert 21,56,60,74,116 Linsburg, Lori 68,73,120,124 Linsburg, Vicki 15,46,48,57,66,67,72,102,104 Little, Mitch 127 Little, Paul 124 Little, Sue 124 Loehnis, Jeff 73,83,84,90,93,124 Loehnis, Richord 88,116 Long, Mauri 52,66,104 Lundquist, Greg 124 Lundquist, Robert 52,63,96,116 Lutz, Martha 44,50,57,64,67,116 Mohre, Nancy 65 Mohre, William 116,127 Molott, Jenny 68,127 Malott, Kimberly 127 Mahn, Mike 96 Manning, Marcia 20,23,34,46,50,56,60,62,66 67,68,75,105 Martin, Cynthia 127 Martin, Donna 124 Martin, Jeff 59,116 Martin, Tonia 127 Mortindole, Kent 60,64,74,120 Mortindole, Tom 83,127 Mast, Jeff 63,70,80,87,116 MAST, MARVIN 31,58,134 MAST, MARY ANN 49,134 Most, Missy 51,55,73,127 Matthews, Kimberly 56,64,67,68 McBrayer, Jennifer 51,126,127 McColley, Charles 127 McColley, Gloria 21,61,62,66,67,60,75,104 McColley, Sharon 50,74,116 McCord, Ernie 96 McCord, Peggy 68,127 McCoy, Judy 105 McCoy, Terry 64,116 Mclntyre, Lolita 51,127 Mclntyre, Stephanie 120 McKelvey, Chris 66,112 McKillip, Craig 63,66,70,80,105 McKillip, Lynn 11,44,50,67,72,116 McKinley, Carrie 22,60,64,68,74,116 McKinley, Evelyn 68,73,123,124 McKinney, Jeff 124 McKinney, Ralph 93,96,116 McLaughlin, Debbie 98,120 Meadows, Gary 72,80,112 Meadows, Sandra 60,72,120 MERRICK, DOROTHY 134,136 Merrick, Kelley 51,54,68,124 Merrick, Rod 68,32,89,120 Metz, Ron 83,90,124 Metz, David 120 Metzger, Debbie 43,45,46,48,50,58,66,67,75,112 Metzger, Sharon 73,124 Metzger, Marcia 11,23,50,58,60,117 Miller, Cathy 36,45,50,105 Miller, Debbie 11,43,45,50,63,60,66,111,112 Miller, Jeff 83,124 MILLER, JOHN 41,68,134 Miller, Kevin 117 Miller, Randy 119,120 Miller, Ric 14,105 Miller, Teresa 23,50,59,66,67,68,75,112 MILLER, THOMAS 87,134 Miller, Tom 5,83,90,124 Miracle, Alan 127,128 Miracle, Potty 124,128 Mishler, Dean 58,74,80,88,117 Monce, Jeff 63,85,96,105 Morris, Eddie 66,70,80,96,105 Morrison, Leeonn 127 Mouser, Ellen 48,68,124 Myer, Darrell 120 Myers, Carolyn 20,50,58,65,66,67,71,72,77,117 Myers, Rhonda 128 Myers, Roxanne 112,124 Neal, Charles 83,128 Niccum, Debra 124 Niccum, Tim 58,63,96,117 Noel, Sue 124 Nordmon, Katht 120 Nordman, Kenneth 124 Norman, Dawn 124 Norman, Denise 50,61,67,68,117 Norman, Gory 80,86,96,117 NORAAAN, KENNETH 122,134 Norman, Randy 63 Norman, Steve 44,73,83,90,123,124 Ogolsbee, Katie 50,58,60,61,66,67,72,112 Ogan, Lori 51,54,68,120 Oswalt, Janice 50,58,66,67,71,75,112 Overman, Eric 128 138 ife, ,,. .... ...... Owens, Cynthia 128 Paschall, Julie 66,75,112,130 Patton, Dolly 51,68,73,124 Pefley, JoEllen 51,68,73,124 PETTY, FLORENCE 39 Plant, Phyllis 68,124 Plough, Audrey 128 Plough, Sue 120 Pownall, Doug 58,95,96,112 Pownall, Gregg 83,90,128 Preston, Diana 59,124 Pretorius, Karen 120 Pretorius, Lynn 16,105 Pretorius, Nancy 60,64,68,72 PRICE, GEORGE 3,8,132 PRICE, REX 102,134,135 Pulsipher, Mary 120 Raver, Greg 66,83,98,112,128 Raver, Randy 52,70 Reohord, Diana 120 Reahard, Helen 120 Reahard, Mono 128 REAHARD, THOMAS 58,91,134 REEP, DAVID 28,134 Reiken, Rusty 21,60,64,96,117 Renbarger, Randy 63,82,89,120 Renbarger, Shelly 44,51,54,68,73,124 Renbarger, David 66,72,77,105 Rensberger, Doug 52,72,120 Rensberger, Gary 52,66,96,117 RICE, ALLEN 58,134 Rice, Artie 128 RICE, DORIS 7,135 Rice, Jane 51 73,128 Rice, Steve 63,82,96,120 Rice, Teresa 73,128 Richardson, Randy 73,124 Richardson, Tina 65,68,72,117 Rife, Joy 117 Risher, Amy 51,73,124 Risher, April 68,74,120 Roberts, Lance 105 Robinson, Randy 124 Rogers, Steve 90,128 Samsel, Cindy 74 Sampson, Chris 83,90,126,128 Sampson, Jeff 80,96,105,106 Sanders, Lomoine 56,96,120 Sanders, Scott 128 Sanders, Susie 128 Satchwill, Kay 50,66,67,75,112 Sauder, Karen 14,21,43,45,50,58,60,61,66,71, 112 Sauder Jonet 51,68,73,124 Sausomon, Tamara 57,61,67,71,117 Sausaman, Linda 55,128 Saxon, Condy 60,64,74 Schaaf, Dennis 112 Schaaf, Gary 105 Schaaf, Kenneth 112 Schaffer, Robin 66,112 Schenkel, Greg 46,60,63,66,70,87,92,93,105, 106 Schnepp, Craig 52,66,112 Schnepp, Kelly 93,117 Schnepp, Larry 5,70,87,117 Schnepp, Phil 30,32,58,66,70,93,96,112 Scholes, Anita 124 Schuler, Deanna 51,128 Schuler, Debra 51,72,120 Schuler, Trina 44,51,128 Schultz, Kathleen 124 Schultz, William 128 SCHULTZ, MARY 20,136 Sellers, Karen 124 Shafer, Chris 124 Shafer, Don 89,120 Shafer, Melvin 74,117 Shaw, Bruce 57,66,70,74,80,85,95,96,112 Shaw, Keith 21,64,72,120 Shelton, Maurice 83,128 Shelton, Pat 105 Sheperd, Dwoune 90,124 Sheperd, Judy 125 Sheperd, Randy 63,105 Sheperd, Joan 125 SHIPLEY, JAMES 73,77,135 Siders, Dennis 52,63,82,120 Siders, Ed 21,22,26,45,52,57,58,62,66,70,76, 96,106 Siders, Janet 46,50,65,67,75,112 Siders, John 120,125 Siders, Melvin 83,125 Siders, Mark 83,90,125 Simpson, Billy 128 Simpson, Tina 125 Sinclair, Cindy 128 Singleton, Jeff 66,70,80,84,91,96,117 Skaggs, Mike 83,128 Slater, Poulette 106 Slee, Jean 74,120 Slee, Jeff 83,128 Slisher, Lanice 51,68,73,129 Slisher, Sharon 51,73,125 Smalley, Larry 125 Smolley, Laura 125 SMITH, BERNADINE 27,67,135 Smith, Dale 14,23,19,42,43,44,45,57,60,61,63, 66,70,76,96,112 Smith, Joanie 14,19,21,22,59,61,68,76,112 Smith, Kothy 50,117 Smith, Lisa 3,68,125 Smith, Miriam 68,73,125 Smith, Paul 129 Snapp, Beverly 50,66,67,68,75,113 Sorrell, Diana 113,136 Sorrell, Mitch 72,77 Sparks, Randy 58,66,96,120 Speelman, Gary 117 Speicher, Jeff 82,96,120,121 SQUIRES, DOROTHY 27,135 Staggs, Dan 96,129 Staggs, Ruth 68,129 Stanley, J. B. 21,52,58,106 Stanton, Mike 104,106 Staten, Jerry 113 Steele, Carol 113 Steele, Jeff 117 Steele, Karia 124 Steele, Kathy 68,117 Steele, Kerry 52,66,113 Steele, Kim 66,70,87,106 Steele, Mitch 125 Stephen, Patti 68,117 Stephenson, Sally 50,59,66,67,113 Stephens, Kelly 66,70,80,93,96,107 Stewart, David 36,66,107 Stieglitz, Cindy 26,45,66,107 Stieglitz, Joe 125 Stoffer, Randy 9,66,72,96,107 Stouder, Ron 56,63,66,74,113 Stouffer, Jenny 73,129 Strange, Linda 46,60,66,67,75,113 Strange, Micky 129 Strange, Sally 12,51,120 Stumbo, Mary Wiley 107 Sutton, Dewayen 83,90 Swan, David 52,58,56,66,70,96,104,107 Swan, Larry 52,56,63,76,74 Swan, Mike 120 Swan, Robert 4,56,83,90,107,117 Swank, Teresa 44,55,113 Swonson, Bobbi 129 Swart, David 82,121 Swart, Debbie 14,45,50,60,62,65,66,67,71,107 Swart, Denise 68,122,125 Sweet, Rosie 19,22,55,56,58,60,117 Swihart, LuAnn 125 Swihort, Phil 63,117 Swope, Jolene 51,129 Swope, Maria 23,50,60,64,68,117 Tackett, Iris 129 Tarter, Robert 129 Taylor, Debbie 22,34,46,50,56,60,62,67,75,76, 107 Terrel, Connie 66,72,113 Terrel, Kenneth 52,72,96,117 Thomas, Barbara 64,113 Thomas, Greg 125 Thomas, Lisa 4,50,66,72,107 Thompson, Bevery 75,107 Thompson, Brenda 32,65,72,74,117 Thompson, Jackie 129 Thrush, Becky 50,57,67,72,74,116,117 Tiede, Karen 51,54,68,73,125 Timberlain, Joan 68,73,125 Titus, Randy 58,70,80,96,117 Titus, Rod 11,15,66,70,80,96,107 Townsend, Dan 14,58,60,107 Townsend, Don 83,90,129 Townsend, Virginia 50,64,68,74,117 Trump, Duane 52,66,70,72,77,91,96,113 TRUMP, ROSS 72,135 Trump, Steve 72,74,91,117 Trusty, Ray 125 Tucker, Ron 121 Tucker, Tom 96,121 Tully, Terry 83,129 Tyner, Tena 55,60,67,68,117 Tyner, Ty 84,89,121 Unger, David 21,56,59,60,74 Unger, Diana 129 Unger, Randy 9,33,62,66,70,86,87,95,107 Urschel, James 10,63,66,70,80,117 Urschel, Kathleen 21,59,60,61,64,74,117 Urschel, Laura 123,125 Urschel, Steve Paul 52,82,96,121 Urschel, Steve E. 121 Urschel, William 63,96,117 VanBuskirk, David 63 VanBuskirk, Tom 82,89,121 VANCAMP, IDA 62,135 VanEielen, Brad 37,52,107 Von Meter, Shanna 60,121 Vigor, Mark 125 Vigor, John 18,117 Vigor, Tom 129 Vroomon, Amy 51,55,129 Vroomon, M, J. 63,80,87,115,117 Vroomon, Teresa 33,45,50,57,66,67,77,107 Wagers, Don 113,118 Wagers, Ron 64,66 Wagers, Tim 83,90 Waggoner, Lottie 48,50,60,61,62,107 Waggoner, Paula 22,60,21,68,117 Wagner, Patty 50,64 Waldon, Jeff 83,90,129 Woldon, Pom 125 Walker, Alecia 75,113,130 Walker, Alecia 75,113,130 Woler, Paula 125 Wesem, Jane 68,125 Watkins, Don 19,22,52,56,58,61,66,76,77,113 Warnock, Debbie 129 Warren, Roy 129 Walsh, Terri 129 Weaver, Beverly 36,50,66,72,77,113 Weaver, Dean 52,56,72,121 Weaver, Doug 44,52,56,58,66,96,107 Weaver, Mary Lou 13,18,23,50,60,62,67,75, 76,107 Weaver, Nancy 40,64,68,117 Weitzel Doug 19,22,52,58,66,70,76,80,81,93,113 Weller, David 87,88,117 Welsh, Jerry 121 West, Brenda 15,46,66,75,107 Whinery, Liz 50,56,74,117 White, Dean 58,63,80,81,96,115 White, Debra 117 White, Mike 63,82,89 Wilcox, Denise 50,65,117 Wiley, Audie 44,52,82,96,121 Wiley, Marcie 9,68,117 Wiley, Vicki 117 Wilhelm, Deana 19,74,121 Wilhelm, Linda 68,125 Wilson, Joyce 4,50,72,75,107 Wilson, Wand 129 WINEGARDNER, CRAIG 20,32,94,135 Winters, Betty 129 Winter, Connie McColley 107 Winters, Dan 121 Winters, Evelyn 121 Winters, Kathy 45,46,48,47,66,107 Winters, Linda 125 Winters, Nic 113 Winters, Roger 52,56,58,117 Winters, Sandra 107 Wysong, Craig 107 WILCOX, HILDA 135 Yentes, Bill 107,96,63 Yentes, Cathy 8,50,67,72,117 Yentes, Doug 90,125 Yentes, Patty 10,17,45,55,57,66,67,72,107 Yike, Debbie 66,113 Yocum, Cheryl 129 Yocum, Rebecca 51,68,73,129 Yocum, Tony 63,70,72,80,88,117 Yoder, Chris 55,60,67,68,117 Young, Diane 50,72,113 Young, Gene 17,96,107 Young, Gerald 83,125 Young, Geraldine 129 Young, Jeff 129 Zimplemon, Jon 1 13 Ziner, Roscoe 113 Zinn, Chuck 4,21,52,72,113 Zinsmeister, Debbie 51,125 139 Thanks for Your Qupport Northfield Wabash CLASS OF 1972 NORTHFIELD BOOKSTORE Largo Celotex Corporation Commercial Printing Roann B R Phillips Station Drapers Service Station Grandstaff Funeral Home Hively Manufacturing Company Hoosier Stockyards Lynn and Shoemaker Mowery ' s Market Roann Hardware Smith Mobile Homes, Inc. State Exchange Bank Van Buskirk Insurance Agency Urbana A. B.C. Curb-A-Teria A. F. Billings Company Beauchamp McSpadden Insurance Beitman Wolf Brock ' s Music Center Canal House Chapman Jewelers Inc. City Meat Market Coast-To-Coast Dairy Queen DENNEY MOTOR SALES INC. THE CYCLONE SEEDERS CO. INC. Dick ' s Trading Post Dorais Chevrolet Emmalou ' s FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Fishback Auto Supply Gene ' s Bait House Hank ' s A W — Ralph H. Christman Jack Cross Ford Inc. King-Hipskind Company MIKE ' S LITTLE ITALY Miller Furniture MILLINER PRINTING COMPANY Mitting ' s Flowers PaPa Joes PUBLIC SERVICE CO. OF INDIANA Robin Hood Stores, Inc. Wabash County R.E.M.C. Wabash Portable Equipment Wa-Chester Equipment THE CYCLONE MANUFACTURING CO. North Manchester Van Buskirk Eiler Insurance 140 Ace Hardware Hansel Gretel Shoppe Mr. Kenneth Werking takes all senior pictures, sport group shots, organization pictures, graduation, prom, homecoming, musical, fall play and various classroom pictures. Without his help the staff would be at a complete loss. We can not thank him enough. 1972 Shield EDITOR: Lottie Waggoner ASST. EDITOR: Linda Johnson ORGANIZATION ED: Vicki Linsburg SPORTS ED: Mike Breedlove CLASS EDITORS: Rita Flack, Denise Mobley, Carol Fleck, Deb McLaughlin, Ellen Mouser and Betty Winters LAYOUT ASST: Teresa Freed BUSINESS MANAGER: Cathy Miller STAFF: Joni Burton, Kathy Carver, Debbie Metzger, and Kathy Glassburn PHOTOGRAPHER: Bill Kerner Without the help of various people and busi- nesses the 72 SHIELD couldn ' t have gone to press. The following deserve a great deal of thanks for helping the staff " get it together " : NORTH STAR for sending Lottie Waggoner to Editors ' workshop in 71 and Linda Johnson in 72. JOURNALISM CLASS for copy and photographs. MARTY LUTZ for the art work on the cover. DICK KENNARD, Newsfoto Yearbooks representa- tive, for valuable advice. MRS. MARTHA GUYNN AND MRS. MARY ANN MAST, sponsors, for assistance and encourage- ment. MR. KENNETH WERKING for photography. WABASH PLAIN DEALER for sports action pictures. 141 ' ' %1JU Thaf struts anci frets his hour upon mela IiltH»llH lt aal«HlMf[ Autographs ■ UUltLl- . r 11 '

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