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965 f965 t oitUKclU SA£eid WETROFULITRN WABASH INDIANA EDITOR : JANET 5KAGG5 3IISSISTANT editor: KRIS KEFFABER SPONSOR ; MR. CO. DUKER ' a " 5 ' ' " -i ■ ;j «». kX: BH ctioitUA 39 veoAU 55 S lutnU 64 SettionA 7 illcC€ntJUlA44H€lt Wf 2 TOeve Tt iat t 7 f4e We ' ve got what it takes to be great. I ' ll tell you why. We at Northfield believe that our school is the very best. We have excellent facilities and faculty, alert, friendly, and attentive students, well organized activities, and useful clubs. The SHIELD staff has brought the highlights of the 1965 school year to you so that you may see for yourself what we have. You will see that we have fun while getting our education. Everyone enjoys our homecoming, prom, play, record hops, concerts, convocations, and athletics. We also have spirit. A lot of vital and determined spirit. What does it take to develop that kind of spirit? A sense of belonging? A deep and glowing pride? Or maybe a true and devoted loyalty? We have all these too. If all these things are needed as the requirements for a first-class school, we ' ve got one. Indeed, we ' ve got what it takes to be great! M. School buses arriving in the mornings are a common scene at any rural school, but here at Northfield, it ' s different. On these buses each day come students who have accepted the adjustments of consolidation. The consolidation in 1963 not only marked the beginning of a new high school, but also a new social environment for over 600 students. We of the SHIELD staff are very pleased to observe this gradual change from the small-school attitude to the development of the spirit and loyalty of Northfield. We take great pride in dedicating this 1965 yearbook to the students of Chip- pewa, Lagro, Noble, Roann, and Urbana who consolidated in the fall of 1963 to start Northfield High School on its way to becoming great. " THetna toiOoK 4d»iU t£Atn itioK MR. IRA HUNTINGTON SCHOOL BOARD MR. EARL DYSON, MR. HERMAN WHITZEL, MR. CHARLES TIEDE -MlORHEi FOR THE BOARD, MR. HUNTINGTON, MR. EL- BERT CARR, MR. JOHN CHAMBERLAIN, MR. ROBERT CLARK. " Ttont ceid 4cUHtHcAtnatccH OUR PRINCIPAL 1 J t M % .- 1 u MR. WILBUR DAWES VICE-PRINCIPAL MR. GEORGE PRICE OFFICE PERSONNEL- MRS. BEHY COOPER MRS. DOROTHY MAHERN Roger Meyer takes final glance before going to class. JUDY PRICE RICHARD RONDEAU English is required in tine ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades. A person taking English receives two credits per year. Senior English, English Literature, Communications, Speech, and Journalism are also offered. The seventh and eighth graders and the seniors taking Senior English v ould go to the reading lab- oratory one day a week. This was to improve one ' s speed in reading and increase one ' s vocabulary. Our reading laboratory is equipped with the best facilities and is a help to all who use it. S fic Rich Monce uses our fine library as a source for book reports. ROSEMARY PRICE DAVID GRAY LaAAoine Lauer increases his reading rate by using the shadowscope. efrciftt«Ke tt To the interest of all, the Jour- nalism class published the school paper as they did in the preced- ing year. Speech continues to at- tract many who wish to gain more confidence when addressing an audience. This year two of our students. Senior, Michael Byers and Junior, Jane AAcKinley, at- tended a speech conte st and ranked very well. Jane received a first and Mike received a sec- ond. Sally Hipskind gives a grade-winning speecli. PAUL JONES All students are required to take one year of mathematics. Two credits are re- ceived for one year of math. The many courses offered in mathematics are General Mathematics, Algebra I, Algebra II, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry, and College Mathe- matics. Students are taught how to use a compass, protractor, and a slide rule in these courses. Two years of Social Studies are re- quired which include U. S. History and Civics-Economics. Orientation, World History, Citizenship and Geog- raphy, Psychology, and Sociology are also offered in the Social Studies De- partment. Each course deals with not only the study of the past but also the future. Psychology and Sociology an- swer questions regarding human be- havior and how an individual reacts to his role in society life. We feel these history courses taught to stu- dents are a link to the answer of our world problems. By studying each other ' s way of life, one becomes bet- ter equipped to make peace and offer his friendship. J. P. Howell uses map during history class. StuMeA JUDY CRAINE Supply and demand curve is pointed out by economics student Jay Burcroff. GEORGE SCHEERER CARL MILAM uses the globe in library One semester of health is required in the tenth grade and a semester of physical education is required in the ninth and tenth grades for all stu- dents. Health deals with the elemen- tary understanding of the body, its growth, function, and care. Physical Education classes engage in tumbling, stunts, individual and team sports, rec- reational games, and a physical fitness program. Advanced physical educa- tion work is offered to those who may want it. Catcher Bryan Mendenhall waits for a pitch. ' P fdical S CucatioK One year of Science is required for all students. Biology is the required subject for the ninth graders. Chem- istry, Physics, Physiology and other advanced sciences are offered. Each course is worth two credits per year. Besides the scientific knowledge gained in this course, there is an in- troduction to better health standards and better appreciation of nature. We try to stress our applications to every- day needs. New laboratory equip- ment and facilities have added much to the Chemistry and Physics classes. Dan Odum observes the growth of bacteria under a microscope. D£LBERT GRAHAM MARY ANN MAST C. O. DUKER Don Fleck shows bad but cute typing form. The business course is entirely an elective. The courses include General Business, Typing, Book- keeping I and II, Shorthand I, Secretarial Prac- tice, Business Law, and Business Math. Our typ- ing room is adequately equipped with thirty-six typewriters. For Secretarial Practice the room is equipped with a variety of machines including three ten-keys, four educators, one electric ten- key, one calculator, one edi-phone, and one full- key. a cUcCcutee MARY PENROD Kandy Frantz browses through occupa- tional files. Every student has the opportunity to have a counseling session with a counselor about any matter. The counselors may call you in when there are certain decisions they know you will have to be making. The counseling area Is very well equipped with pamphlets on almost every problem you may meet. A student secretary is always present to set up appointments to talk with a counselor. Marie Weiss gives Sharon Cripe an appointmen slip to see Mr. Fansler. WAYNE FANSLER John Brown n d afting class. GEORGE JERRY PRICE SMELSER General Shop, Drafting, General Woods, Gen- eral Metals, General Electricity, Power Mechanics, and Building Trades are the many courses offered in Industrial Arts. This department is a combina- tion of the studying of the theory of the problem plus the practical application put to use in the shop room. THuAcc Rod Dias using the sande The Music department includes junior high and high school band and high school chorus. Band is worth six-tenths credit per year and chorus is worth four-tenths credit. Band meets Monday, Wed- nesday, and Friday. Chorus meets Tuesday and Thursday. The aim of the instrumental program is to offer opportunity broadening and developing the student ' s ability and interests in music. The or- ganizations of the band were Concert Band, March- ing Band, Stage Band, and small ensembles for contest. To learn the skills that are necessary for a superior performance such as: tone quality, into- nation, correct breathing, clear diction, fine blend, and artistic intonation is the main goal of our chorus. 4 ntce(itufte J. p. Mattern, Brad Eads, and Keith Ford lookin through farm magazines. Marshall Wilson plowing west of Northfield. Agricultural Production and Mechanics, Ad- vanced Livestock and Crop Production, Farm Man- agement, Farm Machinery, Plant Science, Animal Science, and Soil Science are some of the courses offered. This department is meant for the boys who are not planning further education but are going right into the v orld as the farmers of to- morrow. A study of the problems faced everyday on the farm helps these boys become better men. The F.F.A. is the organization for these Future Farmers of America. o tte ScOHO HCC Three years of Home Economics are offered and one year of special Home Economics is of- fered for seniors who have had none or only one year. The year is divided into two sections. One semester deals with foods and nutrition value. The other consists of clothing and textiles. This year our- Home Economics department presented a style show on May 12. The special Home Eco- nomics course teaches also of family living. Judy Wilcox reaches for ingredients with which to bake. OVIDIO BARBARA FERNANDEZ- GARBER CUERVO Our fine Language laboratory equipment helps Linda Dale. Bob Monroe tries his hand at Spanish. Three years of French, two years of Spanish, and two years of Latin are offered in our Lan- guage department. Each year is worth two credits. Each foreign language deals with the pronuncia- tion and comprehension of the vocabulary. Basic fundamentals of the background of life in France, Spain, and Italy are also studied. French and Spanish students enjoyed the use of the language laboratory twice a week. The Spanish students were very fortunate to have a Spanish teacher, Mr. Cuervo, from Cuba, for the second semester of School. itt Art is a required subiect for seven and eiqhth graders but is elective for high school students. At the awards program on May 20, Karen Hanes received a trophy for her outstanding artistic achievement in her oil paintings. Joe Catterton and Elisabeth Derek also received honorable men- tion for their work. Susie Proctor, Becky Urschel, Phyllis Bran- ham, Dave Paschall, and Jeff Hay Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Stouffer Mrs. Hall, Mrs. McLaughlin, Mrs. Matfern, Mrs. Keffaber, and Mrs. Wilson. 18 7«-- r- first Row: Connie Vigor, Morie Weiss, Poulo Alexonder, Dionne Goff, Rosemary Dcrshem, Pot Yocum, Diono Hegel, Chen Wilson, Corel DeArmond, Donno McKillip, Noncy Young Diane Tarter Mar Mills, Dmnna Lee Horstmon Second Row: Alice Rogers, Sally King, Cathy Wolfe, Judy Baker, Ginger Snopp Janet Nees Diane Coburn, Kondy Franfz, Holly Kite, Mary Kendall, Linda Draper Sharon Cripc, Borbaro Stouffer. Third Row: Lois Weover, Shirley Felobom, Susan Louer, Mildred Wilcox, Lana Schroder, Vicki Driscoll, Jonie Wilson Rustee Graft, Mary Thrush, Judy Kirby, Linda Long, Joanie Yentes. fourth Row: Sharon Mills, Marge Mourer, Candy Snapp, Diann Dunphy, Barbara Swope, Ruth Ogon, Suson Gingrich, Morilyn Brown, Karen Hones, Lindo Meyer, Linda Clark, Ruthonn Tresko, Nancy Baker, fifth Row: Eloine Lauer, Helen Harrell, Beth Sever, Shirley Gilbert, Cecile Thompson, Barbara Gaff, Joyce Bowman, Pat Vigor, Corolyn Hall, Rita Pankop, Morcic mood, Maiibess Lefforge Jone McKinlcy. Sixth Row: Margaret Walker, Marilyn Ross, Mclinda Weitzel, Peggy Schlemmer, Lois Smith, Cheryl Steward, Rita Rehok, Joyce Louer, Suson McVickcr, Liz Wolf, Becky Pobsl, Margoret Feornow, Marilyn Faust. Seventh Row: Cheryl Groendyke, Susie Proctor, Jennifer Wilcox, Sally Hipskind, Becky Wilson, Sue Hartong, Becky Filer, Peggy Pretorius, Cathy Poole, Linda Wysong, Kothy Eighth Row: Kothy Miller, Kristine Keffaber, Jone Krom, Barbo Elaine Ford, Diane Bever, Cheryl Urscheh Miss Musselman, Mrs Sponsors; Cindy Unger. Penrod, 20 Kris Keffaber TREASURER Our Tri-Hi-Y club, a Christian organization for girls in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades, has a total of ninety members. Miss Musselman and Mrs. Penrod were the girls ' sponsors. Our club co-sponsored both the Christmas and Easter programs. We also co- sponsored with the Hi-Y boys a WOWO rec- ord hop with Don Chevrolet as the guest disc jockey on April 23. Cheryl PRESI Elaine Ford VICE-PRESIDENT Our girls served as baby-sitters at the Urbana Parent-Teacher Association meetings. After the tornado brought disaster, our Tri- Hi-Y collected clothes for the tornado victims. The Girls ' Athletic Association invited us to a swimming party at Bunker Hill. Elaine Ford, Vice-President, will be the President of our club next year. c- " Tom Bumgardner TREASURER The Hi-Y, a Christian organization for boys, consisted of forty-three members. The night before the Homecoming, our Hi-Y sponsored a bonfire for the student body. The cheer- leaders led a few yells and the football boys said a word of encouragement. A Sa- die Hawkins Dance on November 13 was sponsored by us. Erick Stowe VICE-PRESIDENT For our party we went swimming at Bun- ker Hill. On April 23 our Hi-Y co-sponsored a WOWO Record Hop with the Tri-Hi-Y. We collected clothes for the victims of the April 1 1 tornado and sent them to Nappanee. In order to have a better club next year, we sent our officers to a meeting at Fort Wayne, Indiana, on October 10. firsf Row: Mike Byers, Larry Herron, Dan Eller, Bill Watson, Rich White. Roy Jackson, Tom Bumgardner, Jom Gilmer, Ertck Stowe. Zscond Row: John Brown, Tom Panning, Gene Warren, Rolland Fearnow, Dave Story, John Oswalt, Beto Otero, Jay Burcroff, Gene Tomlinson. Tfi Vc Row: Jim Clark, Mike Swango, Terry Cope- land, Phil Amones, Ray Meyer, Mike McLaughlin, Larry Sheetz, Doug Ross, fourth Row: Larry Dixon, Dave Wright, Dale Carpenter, Scottie Chamberlain, Ronnie McColley, Tim Kreider, Don Griffith, Mike Baker. Fifth Row: Marlin Pattee; Mr. Smucker, Sponsor; Martin Smalley, Bill Bean, Dana Carpenter, Lee Myers, Gary Kusiak, Steve Leach, Rick Panning. Stccde ( M tccC First Row: Clifton Cordes, Jim Gilmer, Danny Eller, Erick Stowe, Alberto Otero, Sally King. Second Row: Carol Fansler, Ken Dyson, Kris Keffaber, Rustee Graft, Diane Bever. Third Row: Mike Yentes, Bill Bean, Rick Sloniker, Jim Stowe. Fourth Row: Kim Custer, Mr. Rehard, Sponsor; Richard Monce. The student government body of our school is known as the Student Coun- cil. The members included five seniors, four juniors, three sophomores, two freshmen, one eighth gra- der, one seventh grader, and one honorary member, Beto Otero, our foreign ex- change student. Mr. Thom- as Reahard was our spon- sor. The Homecoming Queen and dance were sponsored by us. To the in- terest of all we presented two convocations. Mr. Pfeif- fer, a refugee from Hun- gary, gave a talk on Com- munism and the Hungarian Revolution. The other con- vocation was a film titled " Mechanized Death " shown by State Trooper Biggs. OFFICERS Standing: PRESIDENT, Jim Gilmer; VICE-PRESIDENT, son; TREASURER, Dan Eller. Seated; SECRETARY, Kr faber. Ken Dy- stine Kef- At Christmas time our Student Council decorat- ed the tree and several of the rooms which add- ded to the gay atmos- phere. The annual jobs of the Student Council were the coat check dur- ing the basketball sea- son and the selling of ice cream in the cafeteria during the lunch hour. We attended a District Student Council Confer- ence in Wabash. Ken Dyson was elected by the student body to pre- side as Student Council President during the 1965-66 school year. A gift was presented to our foreign student, Beto, as a memory of our stu- dent body at Northfield High School. 22 TtcitioH OHon. Soccetcf The National Honor Society is a scholastic organization based on the grades of the per- son during his four years of high school. Our seven mem- bers from the previous year in- ducted twelve new members on December 1 . These included one senior and eleven juniors. On January 15, we held a cake raffle at the White ' s basketball game and served food after- wards. Career Ds on March 24 with seven- teen speakers was sponsored by us also. After the program, a tea was held for the faculty, the guest speakers and the members of our club. Duri ng the last week of May, a picnic was held for our mem- bers, their guests and sponsor, Mr. Pansier. OFFICERS Standing: PRESIDENT, Clif Cordes; VICE-PRESIDENT, Mike Mc- Laughlin; REPORTER, Dave Smith. Seated: SECRETARY, Mary Ellen Wysong; TREASURER, Maribess Lefforge. first Row: Diane Bever, Elaine Ford, Cheri Wilson, Virginia Strong, Alberto Otero, Maribess Lefforge, Jane McKinley, Rosemary Der- shem, Clifton Cordes. Back Row: Dave Smith, Mary Ellen ' Wysong, Randy Jeffrey, Cheryl Urschel, Kristine Keffaber, Kathy Bowen, Mike Byers, Mike McLaughlin, Diane Rodocker, and Stan Bozarth. 23 t intA kUeUc 4 4 fcCaU9K First Row: Linda Cole, Bev McVicker, Miss Musselman, Sponsor; Sandy Horner, Karen Cunningham, Barb Gorsucfi. Second Row: Janet Skaggs, Patty Fleck, Judy Wilcox, Linda Felabom, Jennifer Barker. Third Row: Ruth Ann Treska, Ruth Ogan, Susan Gingrich, Melinda Weitzel, Jean Keaffaber. Fourth Row: Suzanne Proctor, Linda Dale, Anita Elward, Peggy Pretorius, Lois Quivey. Fifth Row: Carol Radabaugh, Carol Friermood, Sandra Forbes, Susie Brewer, Cheryl Stewart. The G.A.A. is our Girls ' Athletic Association which consisted of 26 girls. The sponsor was the physical ed- ucation teacher, Miss AAusselman. Since this was a new organization all of the games were intramural ex- cept one which was a volleyball game with North Miami High School. We were defeated. We won twice over our own Northfield women faculty in a best two out of three game series of volleyball. During the win- ter, basketball as well as volleyball was also enjoyed. We played baseball and ran track in the spring. OFFICERS Front Row: PRESIDENT, Janet Skaggs; VICE-PRESIDENT, Judy Wilcox; SECRETARY, Anita Elward. Bade Row: TREASURER, Carol Friermood; SOPHOMORE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE, Susie Proctor; FRESHMAN STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE, Bev Cleaveland; REPORTER, Jean Keaf- faber. 24 " H " ee»6 Each Northfield High School boy who had earned a varsity letter was a member of the " N " Club. The club consisted of seventeen seniors, nineteen juniors, and eleven sophomores making a total of forty-seven members. During football and basketball seasons our Letterman Club was busy preparing the programs which you received at the games. On April 14, a convo- cation was held in the gym sponsored by us with guest speaker, Mr. Carl Erskine, a former Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodger for eighteen years. A party on May 26, held at our school, was enjoyed by the members and sponsors,- Mr. Smucker, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Christie, and Mr. Reahard. PRESIDENT, Tom Panning; VICE-PRESIDENT, Mike Baker; SECRETARY, Jim Clark; TREASURER, Rolland Fearnow. Firsf Row.- Jim Gilmer, Don Griffith, Tom Panning, Mike Baker, Danny Eller, Rich White, Rolland Fearnow, Jim Yates, Terry Cope- land, George Gordon. Second Row: Larry Sheetz, Tom Bumgardner, Mike Byers Doug Ross, Larry Case, Bob Meek, Phil Amones, Ken Dyson, Lee Myers, Jim Stowe. Wxrd Row: Jerry West, Jim Gidley, John Swango, Dave Wright, Ralph Frank, John Oswalt, John For- rester, Larry Dixon, Jim Clark, Steve Leach. Fourth Row: Roy Jackson, Jim Simpson, Ronnie Bakehorn, Dale Carpenter, Lyie Porter, Duane Siders, Marshall Wilson, Larry Thrush, Ken Dale, Rick Sloniker. Fifth Row: Don King, Marlin Pattee, Dana Carpenter, Gary Haupert, John Krom, Gary Dawson, Jay Burcroff, Jay Fear- now, Gary Kusiak. Sixth Row: Mr. Smucker, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Christie, Mr. Reahard, Sponsors. 25 %eHe i (3lcd The purpose of La Cercle Francais was to promote interest in the subject of French and French civilization. We had at least eight evening meetings a year plus activity pe- riods once a month. This year we took a trip to the South Bend Indiana University Exten- sion Campus to see L ' Annouce Faite A Marie presented by a French group touring the American campuses. There were approxi- mately forty members. Kathy Bowen John Krom Pii . i — VICE-PRESIDENT [ «=-- first Row: Marcia Friermood, Elizabeth Wolf, Marilyn Faust, Joyce Lauer, Susan McVicker, Danny Eller, Sally Hipskind, Barbara Gor- such, Susie Heffelfinger, Barbara Gaff. Second Row: Kathy Miller, Rosemary Dershem, Becky Pobst, Diane Bever, Kathy Bowen, Lorna Lutz, Jenny Wilcox, Becky Wilson, Sheri Bidwell. third Row: Dianna-Lee Horstman, Carol De-Armond, Dianne Gaff, Beto Otero, Neil Cline, John Krom, Rick Sloniker, Gary Dawson, Doug Alfeld. Fourth Row: Niles Cline, Alan Fishback, Jon Fisher, J. P. Howell, Dennis Eller, Brad Flohr, Roger Haupert, Kim Custer, Mrs. Deck, Sponsor. 26 at K Ccd First Row. Gary Drier, Phyllis Walker, Anita Elward, Ruth Ann Treska, Merle Myers. Second Row: Tom Bain, Mark Stefonatu , Cheryl Beihl, Anita Baker, Jir Sponsor; Margaret Walker, Diai Gilmei Bever, Third Row: Mrs, Jinb, Lorna Lutz, Nancy Baker. Our Latin Club consisted of fifteen mem- bers. We had regular meetings once a month. For a special program at one of our meet- ings, we invited Steve Plummer from Wa- bash to show us his slides of his trip to Rome. At another special meeting, a few of our members presented a Latin play entitled " Post Bellum " to the other members. As a project everyone constructed a replica of a Roman building, such as the Parthenon. We decided to buy a Latin-English Dictionary or a flag for the Latin room. (-■ - ' ■ r VICE-PRESIDENT Merle Myers SECRETARY-TREASURER Becky Walker 27 SflOHld i ( icd First Row: Jane Cripe, Karen Harris, Joyce Johnson, Marilyn Ross, Melinda Weitzel, Pat Yocum, Cheryl Groendyke, Barbara Lewis, Linda Long. Second Row: Ruth Ogan, Jean Keaffaber, Karen Hanes, Linda Wysong, Cathy Poole, Nancy Baker, Diane Rodocker. Third Row: Mr. Cuervo, Sponsor; Lois Quivey, Susan Gingrich, Terry Tomlinson, Bob Monroe, Tom De-Armond, Sally King, Sharon Cripe, Ellen Draper. Fourth Row: Patsy Terrell Lois Smith. PRESIDENT, Patsy Terrell; VICE- PRESIDENT, Barbara Lewis. At the North Miami basketball game on Novem- ber 20, our Spanish Club sponsored a turkey raffle which was followed by a soc hop. DeVon Wilson and Tom DeArmond were the winners of the two Thanksgiving turkeys. On March 3, the movie en- 28 SECRETARY, Sally King, TREAS- URER, Cheryl Groendyke. titled " The Littlest Outlaw " was shown by our group. Our Spanish Club donated to the Dora Bridge fund with the money received from the above activities. Mr. Cuervo sponsored our twenty-eight members. 7H zt i utd Sccenee Icd OFFICERS FiVsf Row; REPORTER, Rolland Fearnow. Second Row; PRES- IDENT, Mike Byers; SECRETARY, Bob Kendall; TREASURER, Gary Dawson. Ih r6 Row: VICE- PRESIDENT, Clifton Cordes. Thirty members made our Math and Science Club, sponsored by Mr. Eiler, Mr. Rehard, and Mr. Graham. A cake walk on February 13 was sponsored by us to raise money for building a laser, an instrument used in the study of light beams. Each chemistry and physics student and anyone else who was inter- ested entered a project in the Science Fair on March 19. The booths were set up by our club members. Ribbons were received by the three top display win- ners in each division. The winners were as follows: Biology, Cheryl Groendyke; General Science, Doug Ross; Physics, Dave Wright and Beto Otero; Chem- ical Demonstrations, John Swan and Bill Bean; and Chemical Products, Barbara Lewis. The main event of our club was the trip to Chicago, Illinois, taken on May 22. Ftrst Row; Mr. Graham, Sponsor; Clifton Cordes, Rolland Fearnow, A lark Barker, John Ferrier, Larry Dixon, LaMoine Lauer, Erick Stowe. Second Row: Mr. Eiler, Sponsor; Doug Ross, Mike Byers, Martin Smalley, Stan Bozarth, Carl Milam, Jeff Houlihan. Third Row; Mr. Rehard, Sponsor; Scott Chamberlain, Beto Otero, Ray Meyer, Brady Winer, Dale Carpenter, Tim Kreider, Bob Kendall. Fourth Row: John Krom, John Swan, Bill Bean, Rick Sloniker, Gary Dawson, Dave Wright, George Gordon. 29 ' utunc ' y ifunen o 4(n€nica. On September 29 our FFA presented a convocation. Len- nie Stout, Indiana State FFA President, introduced the speaker, Nels Ack- erson, National FFA President. A tractor-pulling con- test for anyone wishing to enter was held on Octo- ber 3. In January we had a convoca-i tion demonstrating parliamentary pro- cedure. Our forest- ry, antimology, soil, and crop judging teams were first in Wabash County. OFFICERS Front Row; Ray Meyer, TREASURER; Fred Wright, PRESIDENT; Tom Bumgardner, VICE-PRESIDENT; Dave Smith, SECRETARY. Back Row: Don Flecl , REPORTER; Archie Alger, SENTINEL; Joe Willcox, FARM MANAGER; Terry Knee, FARM MANAGER. A Father-Son Banquet was held at the school. Doc- tor James Clouse, Purdue University, was the speaker. He was introduced by Lennie Stout, State FFA President. State FFA Vice- President George Coons, Rochester, was present. Fred Wright was an- nounced as the Sen- ior DeKalb winner. Terry Knee was pre- sented the Chapter Star Farmer award. The Sophomore and Junior awards for chapter work were given to Ken Ahl- feld and Dave Smith. The out- standing Freshman award was given to John Fearnow. First Row: Jim Yates, Don Sparling, John Oswalt, Bill Watson, Fred Wright, Tom Bumgardner, Terry Knee, Don Fleck, Archie Alger, Larry Thrush, Ray Meyer, Dave Smith. Second Row: Kim Huffman, Mike Furgeson, Ben Corn, Larry Slater, Roger Meyer, Ronnie Mc- Colley, John Closser, Phil Miller, John Lynn, Brady Winer, Tom Dale, Mr. Ray, Sponsor. Third Row: John Shultz, Dennis McKillip, Scottie Chamberlain, Joe Willcox, Frank Tracy, John Lawson, Joe Yoder, Fearno ' Rice, D Wilcox ;en Alfeld, Carl Milam, Greg Fleck, Ken Dale, John Mr. Penrod, Sponsor. Fourth Row: Marshall Wilson, Tom e Schenkel, Walter Burns, Horace Cripe, Steve Meyer, Jim 3an Odum, Jim Bennett, Larry Rosser, Richard Day. Fifth Row: Dave Paschal, Keith Graham, Phil Rogers, Dave Baker, Jerry Gilbert, Richard Renz, Steven Pressler, Jody Baker, Jim Corn. 30 Kdu tniae 4%U Icd First Row. Jerry West, Marlin Pattee, Jody Baker, Butch Roth, John Martin, Steve Leach. Second Row: Don Baker, Ronnie Coburn, Jim Baldwin, Mr. Fisher, Sponsor. Third Row: Mr. Smelser, Sponsor; Ronnie Bakehorn, Herbert Baker, Phil Wilcox, Stan Meyer, Ken Dyson, Bryan Mendenhall, Tom Worthington. As of now, our Industrial Arts Club has not been ac- cepted by the Fac- ulty Advisory Board. To meet the requirements of the board our club has set up its rules and regulations in its constitution. Offi- cers have been elected for the next year so the club may have a smooth beginning. If our club is ac- cepted by the board, we will be a member of the American Indus- trial Arts Associa- tion, a nation-wide organization. The boys must also meet certain re- quirements before they may join this club. Mr. Fisher and Mr. Smelser were the co-spon- sors of cur organi- zation. OFFICERS Seated: Jim Baldwin, PRESIDENT; Carl Fields, VICE-PRESIDENT; Butch Roth, SECRE- TARY; Jerry West, TREASURER; Steve Leach, SERGEANT-AT-ARMS. Standing: Marlin Pattee, REPORTER; Jody Baker, PRODUCTIVE MANAGER. 31 fuHcon. " f c Z %€UH4Z eu6 First Row: Debra Hamilton, Becky Corn, Glenda Chain, Debra Miller, Betty Combs, Betty Watkins, Donna Swan, Linda Day. Second Row: Susan Wilcox, Mary Yoder, Barb Steele, Linda Wray, Markie Rife, Carol Dale, Rhonda Cunningham, Cindy Swan. Third Row: Janet Weaver, Barbara Strickler, Brenda Monce, Marilyn Wilcox, Margo Copeland, Joycelyn Bowman, Debra Hoppes, Teresa Alger. Fourth Row: Rita Dale, Beverly McVicker, Carol Graft, Debra Foster, Susan Metzger, Tina Walker, Becky Mestelle, Debra Van Dalsen. Fifth Row: Jane Winterrowd, Chuck King, John Diehl, Steve Case, Sue Gutt- rich, Teresa Haupert, Mary Hipskind, Linda Golhke. Sixth Row: Tom Bever, Danny Giddens, Ted Beihl, David Keppel, Mike Mc- Killip, Rod Mendenhall, Mrs. Price, Sponsor. Rita Dale VICE-PRESIDENT Our fifty member Junior High Drama Club vi as newly formed tiiis year under the di- rection of Mrs. Judy Price. A constitution was submitted to the Faculty Advisory Board and was accepted. The purpose of this club is to learn about staging a play both on and off stage. The club was also formed as a basis for an eventual high school club. Mary Lou Hipskind SECRETARY 32 ( UHcox " If i ScCcHce ( luA ik VICE-PRESIDENT Gary White Our twenty-six member Junior High Science club was newly organized this year under the direction of Mr. Thomas Reahard. A consti- tution was set up and ap- proved by our members. A project on the study of fish was made by our club mem- bers. REPORTER Larry Hamillon Firsf Row. Jim Dale, Jim Tinkle, Phillip Siders, John Ross, Joe Oswalt, Dean Sparling, DeWayne Day, Judy Black, Diane Simpson. Second Row; Greg Sheetz, Mark Herendeen, Dennis Barker, Keith Satchwell, Bill Roberts, Ronnie Abbott, Jim Polk, Laurie Grogg, Kaye Pankop. Third Row; Mike Brown, Gary White, Charles Mann, Don Rinearson, Larry Hamilton, Ron Schenkel, Craig Pankop, Peg Stowe, Mr. Reahard, Sponsor. 33 Seated: Cheri Wilson, Nancy Young, Nancy Baker. Standing: Sharon Cripe, Carolyn Thompson, Ginger Snapp, Gloria England, Kathy Leisure, Diane Rodocker, Margaret Walker, Becky Pobst, Elizabeth Wolf, Randy Frantz, Linda Meyer, Mary Kendall; Mrs. Bozarth, Mrs. Mast, Sponsors. Pw ecH fuc iuA Every month our Li- brary Club met with the Library Club from Southwood High School taking turns at holding the meetings at the two schools. At these meetings, we would have guests such as a salesman for the World Book Encyclopedia and an Audio-Visual man. In October our club vis- ited Purdue University for a library convention. In the first of May our club, along with the Southwood club, ate supper at Emiey ' s Res- taurant in Marion. At the awards day pro- gram certificates were given to members and the senior library club members received pins. Mrs. Bozarth and Mrs. Mast were the club ' s sponsors. Our projection club was a fairly new orga- nization this year. Mem- bers of our club ran the film projector for the teachers when they had a film to show. Our club also helped set up the microphone for con- vocations. Our projec- tion club was busy writ- ing its constitution for acceptance by the Fac- ulty Advisory Board. Mr. Fansler was our sponsor. F rst Row; Dana Carpenter, Gary Dawson, Brad Flohr, Gary Kusiak, Larry Hanes, Mark Stefonatus, Tim Foster, Herb Baker. Back Row: Bill Bean, Scott Chamberlain, Mike Clarkson, John Schultz, Mr. John Swan, Jim Smith. 34 " Extra! Extra! buy your NORTH STAR! " was the familiar cry of our jour- nalism students while se ing our paper. Working on the school newspaper in- volves more than reading a journalism book. Standing: Janet Nees, Dan Tucker, Alice Rogers. Seated: Larry Herron, Ed Graham— REPORTERS John Oswalt— CIRCULA- TION; Priscella Gatchel- NEWS EDITOR. igei, mag- record at Jft books to the il at Fayettovilli the Fort Bra«l packages wer the high seas. lied Cross has seni covers, Christmaa potted plants to th money and gifts to supplied by thi service men oi have no f ami- fern presents. The contain cigarette , nuts, fount ii ettes. . gift packages con- ' ge gift and smallei ._ playing cards, clg- and candies — were eteran hospitals. Oth- :lude: 14 fruit cakes, Christmas music, hard candy, 48 icrlptions to the Post, and sfev- _, edition books. Cross will fum-. ■ith 100 Christ- ling fouat- .rettes, and :d poinset ' , jnior group , stmas cards . by the service !ir families and enu covers were :ts. have sent $1001 ren overseas, and I gift boxes to b«| em at Christmas, .ns one toy, soap, toothbrush, socka.l lets. sent the St. Ma- to ' sine for vet- of chriatlaa faith, much which Is club is directed obscure and confused becomes ' " " ' fster:!«;r ' ' ' W. " re»»« that even g »■ " t J rt in Not only do we write stories, type stencils, and run the Gestetner during class periods, but we also track down a news source during study halls and af- ter school. NORTH STARS are sent to other schools in exchange for their news- papers in order that the staffs may learn more and better ideas. We had ten members under the super- vision of Mrs. Judy Price. Dear Fellows, The 1965 SHIELD ctaff would like to dedicate this page to you for all your help in producing this yearbook. Although it may not seem like much, it Is the only way we know to express our gratitude. Since it was not always possible to get a staff photographer out of class when he was needed, you both vjere a blessing. We are sure, Mr. Werking, that you will not soon forget your disturbed lunches, rush-jobs, and our lost pic- tures. And, Mr. Klare, (Gosh, Tom, that sure sounds funny, but it is your name!) we feel that you are prob- ably somewhat relieved that we have finished this book so we no longer will be calling you at the to come and take urgently needed photos. Also, maybe you should have a gasoline bill since you over the country trying golf meet and going out ay about thirty miles in the ection. en, we hope you member this lovely little page the next time we are screaming for help and do not hestitate too much in offering your much needed assistance. You both may consider yourselves life-long honorary members of the Northfield annual staff! Thanks again, SHIELD STAFF drove a I to find . of your ' wrong d Gentlei ( 4«Kencc€Ut cetd Sendee) Dear Friends; When I feel like it, I ' m a good author. For my- self I should say, because I run out of words to match my thoughts and put them in writing. If I just could express properly half of my feelings, I ' d be able to write a book about this year at Northfield. And, believe me at least fifty percent of it would be about my friends, the other half of it would be divided between im- pressions, experiences and other minor details. Most of you are good friends of mine; some, very good and a few of you I didn ' t get to know too well. But I ' m sure that in that case we also could be good friends. I hope it will stay that way forever. I want to thank everybody, teachers, students and parents for putting up with me and mainly, for a wonderful year. God bless you all and good luck to everyone in everything. Your friend who will never forget you. Angel Alberto Otero J. M. Estrada 81 Concordia, Entre Rios R. Argentina 38 (UHCCO KCtt FRESHMAN: Connie Roth, Richard AAonce SOPHOMORES: Jane Kisner, Bill Bean VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Jane Wilson Marcia Friermood Cindy Eads Joanie Yentes Kathy Mi PURDUE ' S GOLDEN GIRL Miss June Ciampa Northfield ' s Homeconning game was played at the Wabash Alumni Field on October 16, 1964. The Norsemen won the game 21-18, over the Tri- ton Trojans. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the homecoming queen. 40 4ctc(Actce JUNIORS: Jane McKinley, Lee Myers SENIORS: Sally Ki ng, Alberto Otero Another feature of the evening was the per- fornnance of our high school band with the " Gold- en Girl " of Purdue University. During the half- time intermission, the Northfield F.F.A. sponsored a greased pig contest with Tom Rice winning the pig. Following the game, a dance was held in the Northfield cafeteria. JIM STOWE (81) going for a pass during the homecoming game. 41 2 FRESHMAN CANDIDATE Miss Connie Roth SOPHOMORE CANDIDATE Miss Jane Ann Kisner SENIOR CANDIDATE Miss Sally King 43 As one entered the cafeteria on the night of the dance, he felt the warm effect of a gaily decorated room. The stretch appeared to be too much for senior Rich White ' s suspenders. Rosemary Dershem, refreshment committee chairman, greeted the thirsty guests at the punch bowl. This " STOWE-MAN " greeted the students arriving at the Christmas Dance. Seniors .. . recruited sophomore Jim Stowe to build it. " 1 44 Senior Sally King and her escort A.F.S. student, Alberto Otero, seem to be enjoying themselves. On December 21, 1965 the senior class spon- sored the Christmas Dance entitled the Snow- flake Ball. The decora- tions included a snow- man on the cafeteria wail with the words Merry Christmas. In the center of the floor was a red brick chimney where everyone hung his stocking that night. The band was the Am- bassadors. The commit- tee for decorations was headed by Erick Stowe with Roy Jackson, Fred Wright, Carol DeArmond, and Dianne Gaff. The chairman of the refresh- ment committee was Rosemary Dershem with Virginia Strong and AAary Ellen Wysong assisting. Approximately 150 at- tended. SwM Ca SaU ' ••!• •••••••■••••• " .•,♦. ♦ • ♦ • »•» • , , , , , The Ambassadors, from Peru, provided the music for dancing at the Snowflake Ball. 45 S € For a sign of good luck, the decorating committee placed this shamrock in the middle of the dance floor. ' » h ' 1 1 1 « K i . • 1 ( 4 4k N ' V V .M A» Maribess Lefforge, Kristine Keffaber, and Rustee Graft work hard on the preparations. Terry Knee and Marcia Harper go through the ritual of signing their names to the guest list. 46 -rrt wriii-iaa— iwa The junior class sponsored the Saint Pat- rick ' s Dance on March 13. The John Lotsen- hezer Combo furnished the music for 118 guests. The decoration committee was headed by Rustee -Graft with Kris Keffaber, Maribess Lefforge, Randy Jeffrey, Joe Wilcox, and Ron- nie Bakehorn assisting. The refreshment com- mittee was Ken Dyson, chairman; Marge Rada- baugh, Ray Meyer, and Joanie Yentes. Being a gentleman, Don Griffith helps Rita Pankop out of his car Ken Dyson lends Nora Tracy a hand with the punch. John Krom helps Rita Rehak with her gloves. Gary Dawson and Janine Smith watch. The combo from Wabash added to the romantic atmosphere of the evening by furnishing their delightful dance melodies. 47 Keep it up Don Griffith, someday you will make someone a good wife. The decoration committee for the banquet and prom head- ed by Rustee Graft worked several days to prepare the gym for this occasion. " AAaytime " , the theme of the prom, was carried out with large baskets of flowers on the banquet ta- bles in the cafeteria. Large pastel crepe paper balls and streamers decorated the dining area. Tom Sawyer? Rustee Graft and Jon Barile painting the picket fence. Keep working girls, only 317 more placemats and 19 more hours to go. A lot of work goes into hav- ing a Prom, as Ken Dyson, John Forrester, and Don King knov . " Ouch " , said Rolland Fearnow as Sally King pinned on his carnation. The banquet, on May 15, was enjoyed by our juniors, sen- iors, school board, and members of the faculty. Horace Cripe gave the invocation. Mr. Peter Strodel was master of cere- monies; Mike Baker, junior class president, gave the welcome; and Michael Byers, senior class president, gave the response. Our principal, Mr. Wilbur Dawes, was the speaker. Approxi- mately 245 attended the banquet. The faculty also enjoyed the Banquet, didn ' t you Mr . Bozarth? The Gentlemen Juniors enjoyed their first banquet. Smiling pretty, Kathy Bowen and Ronnie Roller posed for a picture t en by Mr. Kenneth Werking. Carolyn Janeway, Don King, Nancy Baker, and Carl Abbott enter through the archway into the gaily decorated ballroom. A large maypole with pastel streamers forming the false ceil- ing, was in the center of the gym- nasium. Picket fencing with flow- ers completed the Maytime set- ting. " The Delts " , a band from Ball State University, provided the music. Mr. Kenneth Werking, from Werking Studio, was busy taking pictures of the festive oc- casion. About 300 enjoyed the prom. Everyone seemed to enjoy the dancing. " Who, me? " asked Cheryl Groendyke as she was whistled at during the grand march. ' Ti ; A streaming maypole decorated the center of the dance floor. Blinking with bewilderment, couples line-up for the grand march. 51 t ie First Row: Bobo. Second Row: Joanie Yentes, Mike Byers, Larry Thrush, Ray Meyer. Third Row: Sharon Mills, Barb Lewis, Elaine Ford, Dianne Gaff, Erick Stowe, Diane Bever. fourth Row: Befo Otero, Pat Yocum, Kristine Keffaber, Dan Eller, Cheryl Groendyke, Jane McKinley, Bill Watson. Fifth Row: Ken Dyson, Donna McKillip, Carol DeArmond, Cindy Unger, Rich White, Maribess Lefforge. a4€ A lr. Gilbreth Erick Stowe AArs. Gilbreth _ Dianne Gaff Kris Keffaber Anne Barb Lewis Jane McKinley Frank Mike Byers Bill . Bill Watson Fred Danny Eller Dan Ken Dyson Jackie Larry Thrush Miss Brill Maribess Lefforge Cindy Unger Ernestine Cheryl Groendyke Joanie Yentes Martha Diane Bever Sharon Mills Lillian — Elaine Ford Larry Rich White Joe Scales Ray Meyer Doctor Ortego Beto Otero Dog Bobo Mrs. Fitzgerald _— Carol DeArmond Donna McKillip 52 " Cheaper By the Dozen " was a delightful family comedy. The story was centered around a family with twelve children. A family counsel was set up with parliamentary procedure for the discussion of any problem. Try-outs for the cast was on April 6. Since there were so many girls who tried out, Mr. Peter Strode! and Mrs. Rosemary Price decided to have two casts of girls. One cast would perform on Friday night, April 30, and the other on Saturday night, May 1. Practice was every night after school. Costumes were made by the cast itself and the background for the stage by the shop class. Mrs. Dean Sheetz helped with make-up. On May 7, Mrs. Price gave a party for the play cast at her home. 53 Senior, Marie Weiss, was the narrator for the style show. Debbie Bozarth lool s smart in her new skirt and blouse. Senior, Mary Kendall, was the re- cipient of the " Homemaker of To- morrow " award. On Wednesday night, May 12, our Home Econom- ics girls presented a style show. Each girl modeled one outfit which she had made in Home Economics class. The eighth grade girls made box pleated skirts with a matching and a contrasting overblouse. The freshman, sophomore, junior and senior girls were allowed to sew anything according to their ability and experience. These consist- ed of dresses, three-piece suits, coats, and formals. Marie Weiss was the nar- rator and Mary Kendall and Cheri Wilson were the or- ganists. Mrs. Petty and Mrs. Cooper were the Home Economics teachers. This year the stage band bought new blue blazers which we wore for the first time. We were busy this year performing for Parent-Teacher ' s Association meetings and various other group meetings. We played at several of the basketball games during half time intermission. Practices for these performances were held on Monday, Wednes- day, and Friday after school. At district contest we received a superior rating and we re- ceived an excellent at state. 55 mil Front Row: Barbara Gorsuch, Cindy Unger, Elaine Ford, Diane Bever, Becky Behny, Susie Brewer, Sandra Forbes, Kristine Kef- faber, Jane Wilson, Maribess Lefforge, Jane McKinley, Rustee Graft. Second Row: Melinda Weitzel, Mildred Wilcox, Barbara Lewis, Barbara Gaff, Jeri King, Lois Weaver, Larry Sheetz, Danny Filer, Corky Cordes, Donna McKillip, Jim Gilmer, Cindy Urschel, Susie Heffelfinger, Diane Hegel, Kandy Frantz, Linda Draper, Gary Dawson, Richard Day, Cheryl Groendyke, Jim Clark. Third Row: Cheri Wilson, Pat Yocum, Carol DeArmond, Carl Milam, Erick Stowe, Elaine Lauer, Sue Hartong, Becky Eller, Cathy Poole, Becky Walker, Marilyn Brown, Peggy Pretorlus, Ruth Ogan, Dianna- Lee Horstman, Lana Schrader, Barbara Stouffer, Elizabeth Derek, Ann Smith, Judy Wilcox, Gloria England. Miss Cherryblossom Donna McKillip Kokemo Clifton Cordes John Henry Wilson Jim Gilnner Henry Foster Jones Jim Clark Horace Worfhingfon Dick Day James Young Gary Dawson Jessica Vanderpool Cheryl Groendyke Togo Tom Bumgardner 7 tcM A€nfUf6lo4 d4Mt " Curtain going up! " has always been the watchword for worth- while entertainment and our high school choir has been the one to supply it this year. Under the direction of Mrs. Huntington, the cho- rus presented " Miss Cherryblossom " on Friday, November 6, 1964. " Miss Cherryblossom " was a musical comedy featuring Miss Eve- lyn Barnes, an American girl, born in Japan whose parents died of fever. Evelyn, known as Cherryblossom, was raised as a Japanese maiden by Kokemo. Mr. Barnes ' secretary and several other Amer- icans visit Japan. One of them, John Henry Smith, falls in love with ' Cherry and wants to marry her but Kokemo has promised her to Togo, a rich politician. Eventually Cherry learns her true identity, comes into her own property, marries John, and all ends happily. Clif Cordes gives Mrs. Huntington a cor- sage of appreciation from the choral mem- bers. 56 Jim Clark, as Henry Foster Jones, and Cheryl Groen- dyke, as Jessica Vanderpool, having lunch in Tokyo, Jim Gilmer, Gary Dawson, Erick Stowe, Jim Clarkj Larry Sheetz, and Danny Eller strolling down the streets of old Japan. First Row; Barbara Gorsuch, Nancy Young, Linda Draper, Cliff Cordes, Jim Clark, Gary Dawson, Carl Milam, Dick Day, Liz Derek, Lana Schrader, Jane McKinley, Rustee Graft, Susie Heffelfinger. Second Row: Diane Bever, Elanie Ford, Barbara Lewis, Becky Walker, Larr Sheetz, Tom Bumgardner, Erick Stowe, Danny Eller, Jim Gilmer, George Gordon, Susie Brewer, Kandy Frantz, Diane Hegel, Carol DeArmond. Third Row: Patty Yocum, Dianna-Lee Horstman, Donna McKillip, Cheryl Groendyke, Mildred Wilcox, Melinda Weit- zel, Gloria England, Joyce Johnson, Peggy Pretorious, Cathy Poole, Sandra Forbes, Carol Radabaugh, Sue Hartong, Becky Eiler. Fourth Row: Cheryl Wilson, Dianne Gaff, Barbara Stouffer, Ann Smith, Cindy Urschel, Judy Wilcox, Ruth Ogan, Marilyn Brown, Barbara Gaff, Cindy Unger, Jane Wilson, Kris Keffaber, Maribess Lefforge, Marcia Friermood. One of the main events for us this year was the presenting of the operetta, " Miss Cher- rybiossom " , on Novem- ber 6, starring Donna McKillip. We presented a program at Saint Ber- nard ' s School, Wabash, and for the Rotary Club. On December 13 and May 18, our chorus was in the winter and spring concerts. Northfield, Southwood, Wabash, and North Manchester ' s cho- ruses combined to pre- sent the County Music Festival on March 7. At the district contest on April 3, we received a first and at state con- test on April 10 a sec- ond. On May 23 we added to the Baccalau- reate program with the songs " Climb Every Mountain " and " You ' ll Never Walk This Way Again " . On May 29, we made a trip to India- napolis to see a show. 4o iu DIRECTOR, Mrs. Huntington Sheetz, OFFICERS Seated: Pat Yocum, PRESIDENT; VICE-PRESIDENT. Standing: Rustee Graft, REPORT- ER; Cheryl Groendyke, LIBRARIAN; Clifton Cordes, SECRETARY-TREASURER. 58 First Row: Linda Yentes, Kitty Chamberlain, Linda Wray, Cindy Odum, Lorie Grogg, Helen Strong, Kay Grandstaff, June Zimple- man, Nancy Stanley, Carol Dale, Judy Black. Second Row: Peggy Cordes, Diane Carpenter, Susan Wilcox, Carol Fansler, Becky Howard, Tim Grossman, Rhonda Cunningham, Rita Dale, Regina Forbes, Pam Unger, Melissa Jeffery, Bryan Cole, Janet Landrum, Kathy Yentes, Melinda Schnepp. Third Row: Carla Gidley, Janet Mouser, Pam Wasem, Teresa Alger, Mary Lou Hipskind, Ronnie Gilbert, Gary Faust, Craig Pankop, Dean Sparling, Ron Schenkle, Randy Thrush, Jocelyn Bowman, Kraig Alfeld, Larry Biehl, Brent Wilson, Darl Hall, Mike Yates, Gene Miller, Teresa Haupert, Mike Gaff, Dennis Beihl. Fourth Row: Greg Gorsuch, Peggy Stowe, Cindy Swan, David Keppel. UHcon utct DIRECTOR, Mr. Strodel On December 13, we performed in the Winter Band Concert and on May 8, we were in the spring concert. Our band played in two convocations for the junior high stu- dents. For the third year straight, we junior music makers received a superior rating at state band contest. On April 14, a victory cel- ebration party was held at the school. OFFICERS SECRETARY-TREASURER, Carol Dale; VICE-PRES- IDENT, Kraig Alfeld; PRESIDENT, Kitty Chamber- lain. 59 First Row: Cheri Wilson, Becky Eiler, Margaret Fearnow, Cheryl Urschel, Joanie Yentes, Sally Hipskind, Jennifer Willcox, Patty Grogg, Rita Pankop, Judy Wilcox. Second Row; Nancy Young, Joyce Bow- man, Sue Hartong, Rustee Graft, Marge Radabaugh, Carol DeAr- mond Mildred Willcox, Marilyn Faust, Becky Wilson, Sharon Schnepp, Kim Custer, Vicki Driscoll, Lana Schrader, Marlbess Lefforge. Third Row: Royce Thrush, Karen Cunningham, Becky Grossman, John Fearnow, Sandra Forbes, Kris Keffaber, Marcia Friermood, Kathy Miller, Diana Hegal, Rosemary Dershem, Roger Haupert, Gary Daw- TREASURER: Maribess Lefforge, VICE-PRESIDENT: Rosemary Der- shem, PRESIDENT: Pat Yocum, SECRETARY: Cheri Wilson. 60 ' Sc4oo Our concert band composed of sixty-six members performed in the winter concert on December 13. A pre-contest solo and ensemble recital was held on January 27 to prepare for district contest at North- western High School and state contest at Butler Uni- versity which was on January 30. On March 7 we participated in the County Music Festival at South- wood High School. As a preparation for district and state contests we held a concert on March 30 and April 6. ii Bsamimmmmmn son, Pat Yocum, Denny Flack, Bob Monroe, Larry Conners, Larry Thrush, Bob Kendall. Fourth Row; Gary Haupert, Jim Gilmer, Jane McKinley, Linda Dale, Linda Murray, Linda Long, Jim Hughes, Ralph Frank, Elizabeth Derek, Martin Smalley, Marilyn Ross, Phyllis Walker, Marge Mauer, Erick Stowe, Dave Schenkel, Judy Ateyer, Dennis Hall, Jim Clark, Mike McLaughlin, Clif Cordes. Fifth Row: John Fisher, Allan Mattern, Linda Cole; Mr. Trump, Director, Jim Bennett. oHce uuC As a result of this practice we received a superior rating at the district band contest held at Southwood on April 3. We continued our glory by receiving a superior rating also at state contest held here at Northfield on April 10. Our concert band performed in the spring concert on May 8. For Commencement on May 24 our band played " My Fair Lady High- lights " and " Rhythm of the Winds. " We also played " Pomp and Circumstance " for the processional of the graduating seniors. Mr. Trump 61 rajSi»jis sPTi Tftanc iut and Our Marching Band was a section of the entire band which marched at half-times of the Triton, North Manchester, and North Miami football games. We participated in State Marching Band Contest at New Haven, Indiana, on October 3 and received an excel- lent rating. At the head of our band marched Senior Erick Stowe as drum major. He was followed by our ma- jorettes. At the end of the prelude procession marched our Norsettes, a first year attraction at Northfield. flE ( a ttfrioK ( eenenA o Tt. ' S. Front Row: Don King, Rich White, Jim Gilmer, Jim Gidley, Mike Cole, John Krom. Back Row; Mr. Shaw, Coach; Lee Myers, Mike Baker, Roy Jackson, Jim Sfowe, Jen7 West, John Lynn. STUDENT A IANAGERS Jim Yates Tim Kreider onAet SitA et aU 11 18 64 11 20 64 11 25 64 12 5 64 12 12 64 12 18 64 1 2 65 1 9 65 Northfield .- North Miami 75 73 Northfield North Manchester Northfield Huntington Northfield ...- 60 Swayzee - — 69 Northfield 52 Oak Hill 79 Northfield - 79 Akron - - - — 66 4-WAY TOURNEY Northfield .— . Southwood Northfield North Manchester . Huntington Township 71 . 69 63 _ 76 100 71 1 15 65 1 22 65 1 30 65 1 30 65 2 5 65 2 6 65 2 12 65 2 13 65 2 19 65 2 20 65 Northfield . White ' s . Northfield Southwood Northfield Rochester ., Northfield Northwestern Northf%ld — . Argos Northfield South Whitley Northfield Maconaquah .-. Northfield Van Buran Northfield Warsaw -. Northfield Pierceton . 51 100 68 2 26 65 SECTIONAL Northfield North Manchester wmmmmmmam 69 ' ' ecuH Front Row: Neil Cline, Jim Bennett, Ken Dale, Rick Sloniker, Gary Kusiak, Roger Flitcraft. Back Row: Coach, Harold Christie; Bill Bean, John Lynn, Jim Stowe, Alan Young, John Clos- ser. Ken Dyson; Student manager; Gary Haupert. " B " TEAM TOURNEY WINNERS Mr. Harold Christie was the coach of our twelve member basketball B- team. Gary Haupert was our student manager. We won our 4-way tourney held here at Northfield by first de- feating Southwood on December 14, then North Manchester on December 15. During the Southwood game, our boys hit twenty-six free throws out of twenty-eight. After the tourney we ate supper at the Colonial Res- taurant in North Manchester and we also had a party at Mr. Christie ' s. Dur- ing the season we won eleven games and lost eight. CHEERLEADERS Front Row: Rita Rehak Back Row: Susan AAcVickers, Karen Cunningham, Jane Kisner. 70 %€4A Het€ " A " TEAM Fronf Row: Alan Mattern, Denny Flack, John Fear- now, Kim Huffman, Larry Connor. Bacfc Row: Student manager, DuWayne Horstman; Larry Slater, Dave Summers, Tom DeArmond, Doug Ahlfeld; Coach, George Scheerer. " B " TEAM Fronf Row: Ron Smith, Mike Yates, Mike Pretorius, Ben Corn, Richard Monce. Bacfc Row: Student manager, DuWayne Horstman; Mike Ferguson, Rick White, Mike Clarkson, Phil Rogers, Dennis McKillip; Coach, George Scheerer. CHEERLEADERS Connie Roth Carolyn Janeway Cheryl Siferd 71 First Row. Gary Faust, Brad Eads, Jerry Harrell, Ronnie Gilbert, Roger Cole. Second Row: Steve Flohr, Student Manager; Keith Ford, LeMoine Lauer, Gene Miller, Dallas Baer, Dan Stephan, Frank Strange. Third Row: Mr. Smelser, Coach; Steve White, Kraig Ahlfeld, Norman Kirk, Tom Stieglitz, Gary Dillard, Ifon Aemcte " ' 4 Northfield 37 Caston 45 Northfield 32 North Miami 36 Northfield 41 White ' s 27 Northfield 22 Warsaw _ 64 Northfield — Huntington — — - Northfield 24 North Manchester 49 Northfield 31 White ' s 43 Northfield 41 Southwood 58 Northfield .. Beaver Dam Northfield Wabash ... Northfield .. North Miami Northfield Bippus Northfield ., St. Bernard ' s Northfield Talma Northfield .. Beaver Dam Northfield ... Maconaquah CHEERLEADERS: Kitty Chamberlain, Kristy Long, Linda Yentes, Becky Howard. 72 ' t , -..r ' sTl First Row: Ronnie Baer, Ted Beihl, Phil Siders, Joe Oswalt, Tom Bever, Greg Gorsuch, Keith Cole. Second Row: Rod AAendenhall, Steve Case, Gary Wilson, Steve Dyson, Bob Ahlfeld, Jim Dale. Third Row: Ronnie Schenkel, Mike Yentes, Gary Treska, Gary White; Mr. Graham, Coach. 7Un em€te4. " ' Northfield 39 Northfield 42 Caston .. . . _ 34 Southwood 25 Northfield 33 Northfield 57 North Miami .... . 39 35 16 Beaver Dam Northfield Wabash _.. 50 Northfield --.... 30 White ' s 43 Northfield .. 17 Northfield _. 27 Warsaw 40 North Miami _ - 34 Northfield 18 Northfield .- 37 22 Bippus Northfield .. .. 17 Northfield 36 .._ 47 North Manchester . 35 St. Bernard ' s _. 7 Northfield ..- 33 Northfield _ .._ 32 White ' s _ 26 Maconaquah ._ 37 CHEERLEADERS: Kneeling: Cindy Swan, Rhonda Cunningham. Stand- ing: Carol Dale, Beverly McVicker. 73 €tn4zt€f nccUnen TERRY COPELAND TOM PANNING I Our football team con- sisted of forty members. Despite the fact we won only one game out of eight, we assure you we played with all we had. Because our football field at Northfield had not been completed, we played our home games at the Wabash Alumni Field. During the season we ate out several times. Mr. Richard Rondeau was our varsity coach; Mr. Larry Smucker was our assistant coach; and Mr. Thomas Reahard was our freshman coach. MARSHALL WILSON 74 DUANE SIDERS DAVE WRIGHT DANA CARPENTER MR. SMUCKER ASS ' T. COACH MR. REAHARD FRESH. COACH GREG KUSIAK : ' THif e THtH. ■ H- IC i ao K i " V % mLm 1 m ■ - m m ii 11 " ' % i 1 . kVi . Ul r IP 4 }l ' " ' i m IP A ... .- ,.isiL ' „ " ' . K ' ' ■- -Yi7w -. " ■ ' - V ' - ' -•ij; M ■Sm " - " " • •i « Left to right: Mike Byers, Doug Ross, Don Griffith, Jim Gidley, Duane Siders, Tom Panning, Dana Carpenter, Jim Stowe, Rich White, Dave Wright, Greg Kusialc, John Forrester, Carl Milam, Jim Yates, Steve Leach, John Barile, Bob Meek, Terry Copeland, George Gordon, Don King, Dan Eller. Rolland Fearnow, Dale Carpenter, Bob DuBois STUDENT MANAGERS Coach Rondeau at bonfire preceding homecoming. :. ji .- ' ..i. 76 o Ttrnt t ceU fi 31 V 5 5pVj ' ,? Iftfr 55 lljJF ?1 SI 5a Front Row: Brad Flohr, Tom Dale, Doug Ahlfeld, Jim Bennett, Mike Yates, Roger Meyer, Larry Dixon, Gary Kusiak, DuWayne Horstman. Back Row: Rick Panning, Charles Wray, John Fearnow, Ron Smith, Dale Pickens, Denny Flack, Jeff Baker, Ben Corn, Neil Cline, Mike Pretorius. BACKFIELD AND CENTER— Right halfback-John Forrester, Fullback —George Gordon, Left halfback— Don Griffith, Quarterback— Dana Carpenter, Center— Steve Leach. Dr. John Dragoo TEAM PHYSICIAN 77 First Row: Steve Dyson, Bob Ahlfeld, Greg Sheetz, Jim Dale, Tom Bever, Ronnie Baer, Marvin Horine, Mark Bark- er. Second Row: Mr. Smucker, Coach; Gary Dillard, Steve White, Kraig Ahlfeld, Mike Yentes, Gene Miller, Bruce Tonovitz, Dan Stephans, Larry BeihI. First Row: Jim Gilmer, George Gordon, Tom Panning, Rick Sloniker, Jim Bennett, Allen Young, Carl Milam, Butch Roth, Don King, Ken Dyson. Seconc Row; Ray Meyer, Roger Haupert, Gary Dawson, Jim Stowe, Alan Fishback, Don Griffith, Mike Baker, Jay Burcroff, Lee Meyers, Terry Copeland. ThircJ Row; Mr. Shaw, Coach; Rick Panning, Neil Cline, Ben Corn, Phil Rogers, Bob Meek, Mike Pretorius, Jim Smith, Dave Sommers, Rich White, John Krom. 78 HIGH SCHOOL Northfield — Andrews Northfield ... Manchester -. Northfield ... Wabash North Miami Northfield „. Maconaquah Northfield ... North Miami Akron Northfield Huntington Twp. Whites Northfield . Southwood Swayzee ... Warren JAY BURCROFF pole vaulting NEW RECORD 11 ' 6 " Jim Gilmer half-mile run NEW RECORD 2:09 Pierceton Relays Pierceton ._ 58 Whitley 48 Northfield ..._. 42 Leesburg 40 Larwiil „ _. 34 Webster _. 28 Mentone 1 2 Milford 6 Syracuse 2 Oak Hill Relays Northfield Sectional — Gary Dawson broad jumping ALMOST NEW RECORD Lee Myers low hurdles NEW RECORD 22:8 Gary Haupert high jumping NEW RECORD 6 ' Northfield ... Maconaquah JUNIOR HIGH Northfield 7th grade . . 24 Wabash 7th grade 7A Northfield 8lh gradp 26 Wabash 8th gradp 70 Northfield 9th gradp 56 Wabash 9th grsrfp 53 Northfield 99 North Miami 67 NorthfiplH 51 White ' s 50 79 at U JOHN OSWALT RICK SLONIKER ROY JACKSON hSIMMMMI MR. SHAW COACH GENE TOMLINSON DANA CARPENTER Since our baseball diamond had not been completed yet, we played our home games at Wabash Park. This year we won five games and lost seven. At our last game of the season. Rich White, with the hopes of some day playing professional baseball, pitched a shut-out. Mr. Jerry Shaw was the coach of our thirteen mem- ber baseball team. f ' , ■ :: J. Wi;Ni, First Row: John Martin, Mike Ferguson, Ricl White, Brady Winer, J. P. Howell, John Lynn, John Closser, Bill Bean. Second Row: Marlin Pattee, Student Manager; Alan Mattern, Tom Finnegan, Tim Foster, Roger Flitcraft, Ken Dale, Dave Summers, Rick Sloniker; Mr. Christie, Coach. Third Row: Phil Rogers, Allen Young, Lee Myers, Roger Haupert, Gary Dawson, Jay Burcroff, John Krom, Jim Gilmer. Our twenty-three member cross country team was coached by Mr. Harold Christie, in our twelve meets, we placed first in three of them. We were fortunate to go to the Marion Invita- tional and the Huntington Invitational. We also attended the sectional cross country meet held at Logansport. fU 44 OCUtt Northfield 35 Southwood 24 Northfield 29 South Whitley 26 Northfield 38 Maconaquah _ _ _ 36 North Miami _... 46 Northfield _.. 41 Jefferson _ 40 Swayzee 44 Northfield _._, 49 Pierceton _ _ 27 North Webster 57 Northfield __ _... 22 Wabash 46 Mentone 52 Northfield __ _ 20 North Manchester 37 Bennett Invitational: We placed 7th out of 12 teams with 175 pts. Huntington Invitational: We placed 5th out of II teams with 145 pts. North Miami Invitational: Freshmen and Sophomores tied with Oak Hill for 1st place out of 7 teams with 48 pts. Northfield „ 62 Rochester 36 Oak Hill 58 Southwood _ - 70 Sectional Results: We placed 12th out of 18 teams entered. Kneeling: Larry Dixon, Larry Thrush, Bob Kendall, Ralph Frank, John Swango, Dale Carpenter, Jay Fearnow, Ronnie Bakehorn. Standing: Mr. Smucker, Coach; Jeff Baker, AAarlin Pattee, Steve Leach, Marshall Wilson, Mike Swango, Don Griffith, Dana Car- penter, Lyie Porter, Rolland Fearnow. Mr. Larry Smucker was the coach of our seven- teen member wrestling team. During the season we won six and lost seven making a total of thirteen matches. Since most of our high school students had never seen a match, we held one during school hours and the students were per- mitted to attend. Northfield 5 Northfield North Manchester ._ 51 Warshaw Northfield .. Twin L akes Northfield Goshen ... Northfield . Royerton — . Northfield . Southwood Northfield 13 North Manchester 41 Northfield _ ._ 33 Southwood _ 23 Northfield F. W. Concordia Northfield South Whitley Northfield Pierceton . Northfield 21 Warsaw _- 27 Northfield Pierceton , Our team was fortunate to go to the sec- tional at Marion. At this match, Ralph Frank won the right to go to semi-finals. At the sports award program, Ralph was awarded the most out- standing wrestler award. 7i n€4tCutf RESERVE TEAM Front Row: Kim Huffman, Jeff Hay, Gary Drier; Mr. Rehard, Coach. Second Row: Brad Flohr, Duwayne Horstman, Dennis Eller. Six varsity members and six re- serve members made up our golf team coached by Mr. Thomas Rea- hard. We won five meets and tied one out of thirteen. We went to the Culver Invitational and after the meet spent the rest of the day tour- ing the Academy. Our varsity boys went to the sectional held at Lo- gansport. On our way home, we stopped and were treated to supper by the Athletic Association of our school. TIM KREIDER MIKE McLaughlin LARRY SHEETZ ry Don King receives most val- uable football avi ard from Coach Rondeau. Outstanding cross countr award is given to Jim Gil- j mer by Coach Christie. Sfufnt4. 4€Oi ind Mike Byers, Jim Gilmer, Roy Jackson, Rich White, and Doug Ross receive senior jackets from Coach Rondeau. This year ' s Gus Dorais trophy was received by Senior Mike Byers. Greg Kuslak was voted the most valuable football player. Coach Christie presents cross country awards. Football letters were presented to the boys by Coach Rondeau. Northfield .. North Miami Pierceton 52 Northfield North Webster 31 2 I Northfield — - 41 North Manchester — 40 Northfield Maconaquah 42 Northfield . Southwood Northfield - 32 Huntington - — 43 Northfield - - - 20 White ' s - 38 Northfield Rochester . Northfield North Miami - — 46 Northfield - 43 North Manchester - 28 Northfield Akron Northfield — - 4 North Webster - 6 Northfield — North Miami Northfield 39 Mentone 30 Northfield — 46 Huntington Twp. . — — 53 Northfield 43 White ' s - 28 Northfield 36 Rochester 30 Northfield .— . Northwestern Northfield Argos - 86 Northfield - - 40 South Whitley - 41 Northfield .- 34 Maconaquah - 46 Northfield 60 Van Buren 49 Northfield 33 Warsaw — - 53 Culver 5-way in which we placed 4th Northfield Clearcreek Northfield Wabash .. Northfield - Oak Hill --. 10 Northfield 5 Maconaquah - 1 ' Northfield - -- - 4 Silver Lake 5 Northfield 10 North AAanchester ..• 14 Northfield Syracuse P H Hf H i K " j M ' 1 ' . jT H mk- M . " WBk f ihbIv BK: ' «iiiHK 1 W ' M Br M i K) mjL£ nf - ' j K, ScHlofi £044. o f965 PRESIDENT MICHAEL JOE BYERS SECRETARY CHERYL JOANN URSCHEL STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT JAMES ALLEN GILMER STUDENT COUNCIL SARAH LOUISE KING 88 VICE-PRESIDENT EDWARD MELVIN GRAHAM TREASURER CHERYL DEVONNE WILSON STUDENT COUNCIL DANNY JOE ELLER STUDENT COUNCIL ERICK DAVID STOWE STUDENT COUNCIL CLIFTON DALE CORDES PAULA DIANE ALEXANDER TONIE M. BAER JILL ANN BAKER TfCotta: aunofc utd FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT ANGEL ALBERTO OTERO PHILIP ARTHUR AMONES DAVID ALLEN BAKER JUDY ANN BAKER 89 DIANE KAY BEEKS PHYLLIS ANN BRANHAM JAMES GAHAN BROWN THOMAS LEE BUMGARDNER ( oHduct s ead to ' f onoft 90 CHARMAINE LEE BLANCHARD JUDY KAE BRIGHT JOHN OLIVER BROWN JR. JAY BURCROFF C(Z 4. ' pCowen.: aae LARRY EUGENE CASE JIMMIE LEE CLARK TERRY EUGENE COPELAND CAROL LYNN DeARMOND JOSEPH ALLEN CATTERTON DIANNE KAY COBURN SHARON TIANN CRIPE ROSEMARY LYNN DERSHEM 91 ( (044 ototA; aaenden. €UtcC Ti Aite LINDA KAY DRAPER DAVID RAY FINNEGAN DIANNE KAY GAFF JERRY LaVAUGHN GILBERT 92 ROLLAND EUGENE FEARNOW KANDICE ELAINE FRANTZ PRI SCILLA ANN GATCHEL JESSIE ROBERT GRESSLEY TiriiT-«-iW-TTHlF C Ttocui ( ome4. t ie Ic kc 70 ieK 7( c THu t , DIANA LYNN HEGEL HOLLY ESTELLE HUE ROY LOUIS JACKSON TERRY ALLEN KNEE LARRY DEAN HERRON DIANNA-LEE HORSTMAN MARY EVELYN KENDALL CYNTHIA JO KUSIAK 93 TOene Ccav nf eAcnd €( 4at t4 Cooed k». GREGORY MICHAEL KUSIAK DONNA IRENE AAcKILLIP MARY KAREN MILLS ALAN DAVID NORRIS 94 LORNA DOROTHY LUTZ MICHAEL JAMES McLaughlin JANET KAY NEES JOHN RICHARD OSWALT 7( eU Aeefr tAc ideojU ok €4 ACeA a tand. THOMAS WILLIAM PANNING CHERYL JOAN ROBERTS DOUGLAS GAINOR ROSS LARRY DEAN SHEETZ PATRICIA PAM PATTEE ALICE LORRAINE ROGERS DIANNE SUE SCHULTZ JANET SKAGGS 95 ' Tfe ' 65 cloM t iiH U TtontA celcC U ifnancl. ELIZABETH ANN SMITH DONALD EUGENE SPARLING BARBARA ANN STOUFFER VIRGINIA ANN STRONG 96 GINGER LYNN SNAPP DAVID ALAN STORY LEON E. STOUT ARTHUR MICHAEL SWANGO K dcufA ta co KC coic €(kjU 6e tnue, DIANE LOUISE TARTER CAROLYN SUE THOMPSON DANNY LEE TUCKER BECKY JEAN URSCHEL PATSY JANE TERRELL GENE LOWELL TOAALINSON JAMES NELSON TUCKER CONNIE KAY VIGAR 97 70cd c ieni4 i t o e coion4 o fna f Kd 6tue, WALTER EUGENE WARREN DOROTHY LOUISE WEISENBERGER RICHARD DEAN WHITE FREDRICK WAYNE WRIGHT 98 WILLIAM DENNIS WATSON MARIE ANN WEISS CATHERINE JANE WOLF MARY ELLEN WYSONG TOct ut ou fi fnt U4 , ei Cl ho Icmfen. cUaeU, JAMES RUSSELL YATES NANCY ROSE YOUNG PATRICIA ANN YOCUM JUDY KAY WILCOX Jim Tucker approached the stage during Baccalaureate. Forty-seven girls and forty-five boys gave us a total of ninety-three seniors. During the month of October, we sold $1,900 worth of magazines, to raise money for our caps and gowns. For the Homecoming, we decorated a car for our candidate, Sally King. To liven the school year our girls had a " Tie Day " , the boys had an " Apron Day " , and together we all enjoyed " Clash Day " and " Senior Cord Day " . On December 19, we seniors sponsored the annual Christmas Dance entitled " Snowflake Ball " . To show the teachers we could act like grown-ups we had a " Senior Dress-Up Day " on May 20. Of course the main events of the year were Bac- calaureate on May 23 and Commencement on May 24. Mr. Fansler and Mrs. Penrod were our sponsors. „ . . faculty. S( TUnt i celct ' C4 , cute 6id €f M faneu eU. Seniors Mike Byers, Dan Tucker, and Fred Wright decorating for Commencement. Corky Cordes receiving his diploma from School Super- intendent Ira Huntington. Nancy Young and Mike McLaughlin heading the procession. Charmaine Blanchard shaking hands with Principal Wilbur Dawes upon re- ceiving her diploma. " With the power invested in me, I now pro- nounce you GRADUATES of Northfield High Graduate Jay Burcroff receiving a white rose, as did all ex-seniors, from junior class treas- urer, Marcia Friermood. Ft. ' Ni Cu 2n n r S " i " Te I X. Po Rt f! Fifty-four girls and Fifty-four boys combined to make a total of 108 juniors. Jane McKinley, our homecoming candi- date was chosen by the Northfield students as the 1965 Home- coming Queen. At the beginning of the year, we received our class rings. We sold $2876.48 worth of magazines to defeat the seniors in the magazine sales. On March 13, we sponsored a Saint Patrick ' s Dance for the high school. The main event of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet, which we sponsored. Our advisors were Mr. George Price and Mrs. Ann Jinks. MIKE BAKER President ?■ CU€CO% DON KING Vice-president Archie Alger Carolyn Awker Sharolyn Awker Ronnie Bakehorn Jody Baker DIANE BEVER Student Council KEN DYSON Student Council Horace Cripe Dave Crockett Elizebeth Derek Vicki Driscoll Bruce Duncan jtcuA MARCIA FRIERMOOD Treasurer JANE McKINLEY Secretary Pat Eckerly Gloria England Shirley Felabom Carl Fields Don Fleck RUSTEE GRAFT Student Council KRISTINE KEFFABER Student Council Helen Harrell Darrell Hilema Randy Jeffrey Jeri King Judy Kirby (( UHlonA ffoKt) Tim Kreider Jane Krom Elair e Lauer Susa n Lauer Mar bess Leffo ge Marlin Pattee Lyie Porter Steve Pressler Margie Radabaugh l ichard Renz Diane Rodoci er Larry Roser Paul Roth Charlotte Schlemmer Lana Schrader Ann Shultz Duane Siders Jim Simpson Martin Smalley Dave Smith Jerry West Mildred Willcox Joe Willcox Jane Wilson Marshall Wilson Brady Winer Tom Worthington David Wright Joanie Yentes Ann Yoder 1i ' 5 -jSr _ M Sofij o4Hone The largest class at Northfield this year was the sophomores with sixty-two girls and sixty-two boys, making a total of 1 24. We participated in the homecoming with Jane Ann Kisner as our candidate. To earn money, our class had charge of the concession stand during basketball season. The highlight of our sophomore year was the selection of class rings. Mr. Richard Rondeau and Miss Linda Musselman were our sponsors. 106 Ken Ahlfeld Tom Bain Don Baker Charles Ballard Jennifer Barker JOHN KROM President Niles Cline John Closser Ron Coburn Karen Cunningham JOHN SWAN Secretary Ken Dale Linda Dale Tom Dale Linda Davidson Gary Dawson RICK SLONIKER Student Council BILL BEAN Student Council ( C i Dick Day Larry Dixon Bob DuBois Diane Dunphy Ruth Dyson ELIZABETH WOLF Vice-President JANE KISNER Treasurer Susan Gingricli Barbara Gorsuch Karen Hanes Karen Harris Sue Hartong JIM STOWE Student Council Anita Elward Marilyn Faust Fay Fearnow Margaret Fearnow Jon Fisher Alan Fishback SopAomoneA oKt) Gary Haupert Roger Haupert Ted Heckman Sally Hipskind Mary Hipskind J. P. Howell Karen Huffman Jean Keaffaber Nancy Keaffaber Jim Keefer Bob Kendall Kathy Leisure John Lynn Susan McVicker Bob Meek Carl Milam Bob Miller Phil Miller Bob Monroe Dan Odum Ruth Ogan Richard Pannir Bill Pelphrey Becky Probst Cathy Poole Peggy Pretorius Sandy Price Susie Proctor Carol Radabaugh Rita Rehak Marilyn Ross Peggy Schlemme Marjory Scholes Steve Simpson Terry Sloan Lois Smith Candy Snapp David Sparling David Stephenso Cheryl Stev art Barbara Sv rope Cecile Thompson Terry Tomlinson Becky Walker Melinda Weitzel Jim Willcox Jennie Willcox Janice Williams Cecil Winstead Becky Wilson Linda Wysong Joe Yoder Allen Young Frank Tracy Ruth Ann Treska Debbie Tucker Oran Tucker ne ifHCiM There was a total of ninety-eight freshmen, including thirty- five girls and sixty-three boys. Connie Roth was chosen by her classmates as our homecoming candidate. Our class also helped with concessions at home basketball games. Our sponsors were Mr. Galen Eiler and Mrs. Mildred Deck. 3 % Doug Ahlfeld Anita Baker Herbert Baker Jeff Baker Kraig Barker CONNIE ROTH Secretary Pam Clark AAike Clarkson Beverly Cleaveland Sam Coldren KIM CUSTER Student Council Linda Cole Wllma Combs Larry Conner Ben Corn Randy Corn i «44 RICK WHITE Vice-President Jane Cripe Charles Davidsoi Tom DeArmond Roddy Dias Ellen Draper RICHARD MONCE Student Council Bill Gustin Melvin Harrell Jeffery Hay S ' jsan Heffelfinger Sandra Horner Cp eA meK ( ont) DuWayne Horstman Jim Hughes Kim Huffman Carolyn Janeway Lois Quivey Tom Rice Phil Rogers Melanie Roser David Schenkel .•:-:;:f Steve Schlemmer Sharon Schnepp Mike Scholes John Shultz Cynthia Shaffer Phyllis Waike Doug Will Phil Wilcox Charles Wra Scf t VICE- PRESIDENT SECRETARY- TREASURER STUDENT COUNCIL Charles Adams Kraig Ahlfeld Dallas Baer Danny Bain Jesse Baldwin Eddie Barker 1 I Mark Barker Beverly Bennett Doris Bever Susie Bever Shirley Bidwell Tara Bidwell Debbie Bozarth Diane Carpenter Kitty Chamberlain Roger Cole Linda Cooley Pe ggy Cordes Jim Davenport Nolan Davidson Kathy Denney Gary Dillard Alice Durnbaugh 114 ncide Brad Eads Sharon Eckerley Sturat Elliot Zana Fahrnow Gary Faust John Ferrier Rugena Forbes Keith Ford Martha Futrell Caria Gidley Ronnie Gilbert Vicky Herendeen Terry Hobbs Judy Hoover Marvin Horine Jeff Houlihan Becky Howard m V ih Cam Huffman Bob Hunt Melisa Jeffery Lola Keffaber Norman Kirk Janet Landrun 115 Gary Pankop AAelba Parrett John Parke VicWe Parson Deloise Pelphrey Coral Plough AAinda Powell A %■ § y 1 Don Smalley Nancy Stanley Emma Stanton Danny Stephan Helen Strong Rosemary Swain Maria Townsend Barbara Tracy Ronnie Watkins David Weaver Junette Weisenberger Marilyn Wilcox Jay Windsor Darlene Wood Kathy Yentes Linda Yentes June Zimpleman 117 Seoe tt President SECRETARY- TREASURER STUDENT COUNCIL Judy Black Dave Blevins Jocelyn Bowman W il e Brown n icCe Lena Gressley Laurie Grogg Tim Grossman Susan Guftrich Darl Hall Larry Hamilton 119 Roberta Haupert Steve Haupert Theresa Haupert David- Keppel Jerry Reed Mark Herendeen Mary Hipskind Janice Ousley Craig Pankop Kaye Pankop Jim Polk AAarkie Rife Don Rinearson Jim Shipley David Shockey Phillip Siders Diana Simpson Debra Sommers Barbara Steele Sharon Steele Randy Thrush Gary Treska Phillip Turner Betty Watkins Gar Wilson Kay Windsor Jane Winterrowd Nancy Urschel Janet Weaver Gary White Susan Wilcox Marilyn Willcox . ,- ' 5 Mary Yoder Alfred Young r 121 4c(taijfn ifiA 122 r Valedictorian Rosemary Dershem receiving her award from Mr. Dawes. indeed f eo Mary Ellen Wysong receiving her saluta- torian award from our principal. Cheryl Urschel and Corky Cordes received outstanding Senior awards. 124 SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASS Miss Kristine Keffaber 1966 SHIELD Editor SHIELD Room North 70 Steps, East Hall Northfield High School Dear Kris, I just want to let you know how much I miss you and the staff, now that we have completed our book- and I have left for college. Without your help and patience, I feel that we could not have gone through the entire year without my being assas- sinated. When you see the other members of my 1965 staff, please say " Hello! " for me. Also, tell Jeannie Keaffaber to behave herself and not give you as much trouble as she always did me. I ' m sure she will make you a fine assistant. I hope your staff is as good and as much fun as mine was. Although at times, the going was tremend- ously rough, we always managed to overcome the obstacles and work as a well trained team. I was al- ways extremely proud to say I was Captain. Even though the administration was co-operative, I sincerely hope they will be even more so for you. Remember to stay in good with all teachers and, of course, the paper-staff. You will need to be kind to all janitors, for they are the little men with the keys to the SHIELD room when you have locked yours up inside. 1 hope you don ' t get caught in the teacher ' s lounge getting pop, and when you break our record of having twenty-eight empty pop bottles in the annual staff room, please let me know! I will seeing you soon to buy my 1966 North- field SHIELD with the hopes that it will be a very well edited book. 1 must say meaningfully, Kris, that no one could have done a better job for me than you and there is no one I would rather have turned the job over to. Well, not only did we work together, but we be- came very good friends, and I am sure it will always remain that way. Good-by, Kris, and may God bless you. Your Editor, Student KcCcx Abbott, R. 33-118 Adams, C. 114 Alexander, P. 20-81 Ahlfeld, D. 26-71-77-110 Ahlfeld, K. 11-30-85-106 Ahlfeld, Kr. 59-72-78-114 Ahlfeld, R. 73-78-118 Akers, R. 118 Alger, A. 19-30-102 Alger, T. 32-59-118 Amones, P. 21-25-89 Awker, C. 102 Awker, S. 102 Baer, D. 72-114-119 Baer, R. 73-78-118 Baer, T. 89-100 Bain, D. 114 Bain, T. 27-106 Bakehorn, R. 25-31-49-51-83- 02 Baker, A. 27-110 Baker, C. 118 Baker, D. 30-89-100 Baker, Do. 31-106 Baker, H. 31-34-110 Baker, J. 41-77-83-110 Baker, Ji. 89 Baker, Jo. 30-102 Baker, Ju. 20-89-100 Baker, M. 21-25-39-41-49-68-69- 75-78-80-85-101-102 Baker, N. 20-27-28-34-50-102 Baker, S. 1 1 8 Baldwin, J. 114 Baldwin, Ji. 31-49.101-102 Ballard, C. 106 Ballard, K. 118 Barile, J. 41-48-75-76-85-102 Barker, D. 33-118 Barker, E. 114 Barker, J. 24-106 B arker, K. 110 Barker, M. 29-78-114 Bean, B. 21-22-29-34-39-40-44- 70-82-101 Bechdol, M. 110 Beeks, D. 85-110 Beeks, Di. 90-100 Behney, B. 55-58-106 Bennett, B. 1 14 Bennett, J. 30-61-63-70-77-78- 106 Bever, B. 16-20-67-106 Bever, Bo. 67-102 Bever, D. 67-110 Bever, Di. 20-22-23-26-27-52- 53-55-56-58-67-102 Bever, Do. 114 Bever, S. 114 Bever, T. 32-73-78-118-119 Bidwell, J. 118 Bidwell, R. 106 Bidwell, S. 26-110 Bidwell, Shi. 114 Bidwell, T. 114 Biehl, C. 27-110 Biehl, D. 59-118 Biehl, J. 118-119 Biehl, L. 59-78-114 Biehl, T. 32-73-118 Bitzell, R. 110 Black, J. 33-59-118 Blanchard, C. 90-100 Blevins, D. 118 Bowen, K. 20-23-26-50-62-67- 101-102 Bowman, J. 15-20-60-63-67-106 Bowman, Joycel. 32-59-118 Bozarth, D. 54-114 Bozarth, S. 23-29-51-85-102 Branham, P. 18-90 Brewer, S. 24-55-56 58-106 Brewer, T. 110 Bright, J. 90 Brown, J. 49-90 Brown, Jo. 5-21-49-90 Brown, M. 20-36-56-58-67-106 Brown, Mi. 33-118 Bumgardner, T. 21-25-30-56- 57-90 Burcroff, J. 11-21-25-49-78-79- 82-85-87-90-100 Burns, W. 30-102 Burnsworth, J. 1 10 Byers, M. 21-23-25-29-36-39-41- 49-5 1 -52-53-74-75-76-85-87- 88-100 Carpenter, D. 21-25-29-76-83- 102 Carpenter, Dan. 21-25-34-55- 63-75-76-77-83-106 Carpenter, Di. 59-114 Case, D. 106 Case, L. 25-35-81-91 Case, R. 118 Case, S. 32-73-118 Catterton, D. 106 Catterton, J. 91 Chain, G. 32-118 Chamberlain, K. 59-72-114 Chamberlain, S. 21-29-30-34- 51-112 Clark, J. 21-25-46-55-56-57-58- 61-63-84-85-91 Clark, L. 20-67-106 Clark, P. 67-110 Clarkson, M. 34-71-110 Cleaveland, B. 110 Cleaveland, S.- 17-54-102 Cline, N. 26-70-78-106 Cline, Ni. 26-106 Closser, J. 30-70-85-106 Coburh, D. 20-67-91-100 Coburn, R. 31-106 Coldren, C. 118 Coldren, S. 110 Cole, B. 59-118 Cole, K. 73-118 Cole, L. 24-60-110 Cole, M. 39-64-68-69-107 Cole, R. 72-114 Cole, S. 114 Combs, B. 32-119 Combs, W. 67-110 Conner, L. 41-61-63-71-110 Cooley, L. 114 Copeland, M. 32-119 Copeland, T. 21-25-49-50-74- 75-76-78-85-91-100 Cordes, C. 10-22-23-29-49-55-56 57-58-61-63-87-89-100-123 Cordes, P. 59-114 Corn, B. 32-119 Corn, Ben. 30-71-77-78-85- 110 Corn, J. 30-102 Corn, K. 119 Corn, R. 110 Cripe, H. 31-102 Cripe, J. 28-111 Cripe, S. 14-28-34-91 Crockett, D. 102 Cunningham, K. 24-60-63-65- 70-101-106 Cunningham, R. 15-32-59-64- 73-118 Custer, K. 22-26-61-63-110 Dale, C. 32-59-71-119 Dale, J. 33-73-78-119 Dale, K. 13-25-30-70-82-85-106 Dale, L. 17-24-60-63-67-106 Dale, R. 15-32-59-119 Dale, T. 30-41-77-82-85-106 Davenport, D. 119 Davenport, J. 114 Davenport, Jo. 1 19 Davidson, C. 1 1 1 Davidson, F. 119 Davidson, J. 39-91 Davidson, L. 119 Davidson, Li. 106 Davidson, N. 104 Dawson, G. 19-25-26-29-34-36- 47-55-56-57-58-61-63-78-79- 82-85-106 Day, D. 33-119 Day, L. 32-119 Day, R. 30-44-56-58-107 DeArmond, C. 20-26-36-44-49- 51-52-56-60-63-67-91-100 DeArmond, T. 28-44-71-85-1 1 1 Denney, K. 1 14 Derek, E. 39-56-58-60-63-67- 102 Dershem, R. 20-23-26-44-55-61- 63-67-91-124 Dias, R. 15-85-111 Diehl, J. 32 Dillard, G. 72-78-114 Dixon, L. 21-25-29-41-77-83-107 Draper, E. 28-111 Draper, L . 20-49-56-58-92 Drier, G. 27-84-85-91 Driscoll, V. 20-45-63-67-102 DuBois, B. 76-85-107 Duncan, B. 49-102 Dunphy, D. 20-107 Durnbaugh, A. 114 Dyson, D. 119 Dyson, De. 1 1 1 Dyson, Del. 119 Dyson, K. 21-25-31-47-48-49- 52-53-70-78-81-101-102 Dyson, R. 67-107 Dyson, S. 23-78-119 Eads, B. 16-72-115 Eads, C. 40 Eckerley, P. 103 Eckerly, S. 115 Eiler, B. 20-56-58-60-63-67-107 Eller, D. 21-22-25-26-39-52-53- 56-57-58-74-75-76-81-85-87- 88 Eller, De. 26-84-107 Elliot, S. 115 Elward, A. 24-27-49-62-67- 107 England, G. 34-44-56-58-103 Fahrnow, Z. 115 Fanser, C. 22-59-114 Faust, G. 59-72-115 Faust, M. 20-26-61-62-63-67-101- 107 Fearapw, J. 25-85-107 Fearnow, Jo. 19-30-60-63-71- 77-85-111 Fearnow, M. 17-20-49-55-60- 63-67-107 Fearnow, R. 21-25-29-35-49-75- 76-83-85-92-100 Felabom, L. 24-111 Felabom, S. 20-67-103 Ferguson, M. 30-71-82-111 Ferrier, J. 29-115 Fields, C. 14-49-103 Finnegan, D. 92 Finnegan, T. 82-85-1 1 1 Fisher, J. 26-55-60-63-107 Fishback, A. 26-78-107 Flack, D. 61-63-71-77-85-111 Fleck, D. 14-19-30-51-103 Fleck, G. 30-107 Fleck, P. 24-111 Flitcraft, R. 44-70-82-107 Flohr, B. 26-41-77-84-85-107 Flohr, S. 72-115 Forbes, R. 15-59-14-115 Forbes, S. 24-55-56-58-60-63- 107 Ford, E. 20-23-52-53-55-56-58-62- 66-103 Ford, K. 16-72-115 Forrester, J. 25-41-48-75-76- 77-84-85-103 Foster, D. 32-119 Foster, T. 4-34-82-1 1 1 Frank, R. 60-63-83-103 Frantz, K. 20-34- 6-58-67-92 Friermood, C. 24-36-67-107 Friermood, M. 20-33-40-48-49- 51-55-58-60-63-66-100-101 103 Futrell, M. 115 Futrell, W. 119 Gaff, B. 20-26-56-58-62-67-107 Gaff, D. 20-26-39-44-49-52-58-67- 92 Gaff, M. 59-119 Gatchel, P. 35-92 Gatchel, R. 107 Giddens, D. 32-119 Gidley, C. 59-114-115 Gidley, J. 25-49-68-69-75-76- 85-103 Gilbert, J. 30-83-85-92 Gilbert, R. 15-59-72-87-114-115 Gilbert, S. 20-67-107 Gilmer, J. 21-22-25-27-56-57-58- 60-63-65-68-69-78-79-8 1 -82- 85-88-101 Gingrich, S. 20-24-28-51-67-107 Givens, V. 20-67-103 Gohike, L. 20-67-103 Gohike, L. 32-119 Golden, N. 119 Golden, S. 115 Gordon, G. 25-29- 58-75-76-77- 78-103 Gorsuch, B. 24-26-55-56-58-63- 67-107 Gorsuch, G. 59-73-119 Graft, C. 32-119 Graft, R. 15-20-22-46-48-55-56- 58-60-63-66-103 Graham, E. 35-51-88 Graham, K. 30-111 Grandstaff, K. 59-114-115 Gressley, J. 39-92 Gressley, L. 119 Griffith, D. 21-25-47-48-75-76- 77-78-83-103 Groendyke; C. 20-28-39-48-51- 52-53-55-56-57-58-67-103 Grogg, L. 15-33-59-119 Grogg, P. 61-67-111 Grossman, B. 60-111 Grossman, T. 59-119 Gustin, B. Ill Gustin, P. 103 Guttrich, S. 32-119 Heacker, B. 115 Heacker, Bo. 103 Hall, C. 20-103 Hall, D. 59-119 Hall, De. 51-61-63-103 Hamilton, D. 32 126 Hamilton, L. 33-103-119 Hanes, K. 20-28-62-67-107 Hanes, L 34-115 Harrell, H. 20-67-103 Harrell, J. 72-115 Harrell, M. 1 1 1 Harris, K. 28-62-67-107 Hartong, B. 115 Hartong, S. 20 6-58-60-63-107 Haupert, G. 25-55-60-63-64-65- 70-78-79-108 Haupert, R. 120 Haupert, Rog. 26-61-63-82-108 Haupert, S. 120 Haupert, T. 32-59-120 Hay, J. 18-84-85-111 Heckman, T. 108 Heffelfinger, S. 26-56-58-1 1 1 Hegel, D. 20-39-51-56-58-60- 63-67-93 Herendeen, M. 33-120 Herendeen, V. 115 Herron, L. 21-35-93 Hileman, D. 103 Hipskind, M. 118 Hipskind, Ml. 32-59-120 Hipskind, S. 9-15-20-26-61-63- 108 Hite, H. 67-93 Hobbs, T. 115 Hoover, J. 115 Hoppes, D. 32-120 Horine, M. 78-115 Horner, S. 24-111 Horstman, D. 20-26-39-56-58- 67-93 Horstman, Du. 71-77-84-112 Houlihan, J. 29-115 Howard, B. 15-59-72-114-115- 118 Howell, J. 11-26-82-108 Huffman, C. 115 Huffman, K. 108 Huffman, Ki. 30-71-84-85-112 Hughes, J. 60-112 Hunt, R. 115 Jackson, R. 21-25-68-69-80-85- 93 Janeway,.C. 50-51-62-67-71-112 Jeffrey, M. 59-115 Jeffrey, R. 23-103-101 Johnson, J. 28-56 Keaffaber, J. 24-28-36-67-108 Keaffaber, N. 108 Keefer, J. 108 Keffaber, K. 20-22-23-36-39-46- 49-5 1 -52-55-56-58-60-63-67- 103-125 Keffaber, L. 114-115 Keith, T. 112 Kendall, B. 29-55-61-63-83- 108 Kendall, M. 20-34-51-54-67-93 Keppel, D. 32-59-120 Kin g, C. 32-119-120 King, D. 25-48-50-64-68-75-76- 78-80-85-101-102 King, J. 51-58-67-103 King, S. 20-22-28-39-41-43-45- 49-67-88 Kirby, J. 20-36-48-67-105 Kirk, N. 4-72-115 Kisner, J. 39-40-43-44-62-65- 70-107 Knee, T. 30-46-47-93 Kreider, T. 21-29-39-68-75-84- 85-104 Krom, J. 20-67-104 Krom, Jo. 25-26-29-47-68-69-78- 82-85-106 Kusiak, C. 93 Kusiak, G. 21-25-34-41-70-77 108 Kusiak, Gr. 75-76-94 Landrum, J. 59-115 Lauer, E. 20-58-67-104 Lauer, J. 20-26-44-62-67-108 Lauer, L 9-29-72-116 Lauer, S. 20-67-104 Lawson, J. 30-101-108 Leach, S. 21-25-31-75-76-77- 83-108 Lefforge, M. 20-23-46-52-55-56- 58-61-63-67-104 Leisure, K. 34-63-108 Lewis, B. 20-28-48-52-53-56- 58-67-104 Lewis, S. 112 Little, R. 116 Long, C. 72-114 Long, L. 20-28-48-60-63-66-101- 104 Lutz, L. 26-27-51-94 Lynn, B. 116 Lynn, J. 116 Lynn, Jo. 13-30-68-69-70-82-108 Mann, C. 33-120 Mann, R. 116 Manning, D. 39-104 Martin, J. 31-82-112 Mattern, A. 16-116 Mattern, J. 44-60-63-71-82-85- 111 Mauer, M. 20-51-61-63-67-104 McColley, R. 21-30-51-104 McKillop, D. 30-71-85-112 McKillip, Do. 14-20-36-52-55- 56-57-58-62-67-87-94-1 00 McKillip, M. 32-119-120 McKinley, R. 20-23-39-41-42-48- 49-52-55-56-58-60-63-67-1 Ol- ios McLaughlin, M. 15-21-23-49-55- ' 61-63-84-85-87-94-100 McVicker, B. 20-26-65-70-108 McVicker, S. 24-32-73-118 Meek, B. 25-44-75-76-78-85- 108 Meek, T. 114-116 Mendenhall, B. 11-31-108 Mendenhall, R. 32-73-120 Mestell, R. 32-120 Metzger, S. 32-120 Meyer, J. 61-63-67-112 Meyer, L. 20-34-108 Meyer, R. 21-29-30-51-52-53- 78-87-101-104 Meyer, Ro. 41-77-85-108 Meyer, S. 31-108 Meyer, Ste. 30-104 Milam, C. 11-29-30-56-58-75- 76-78-108 Miller, B. 108 Miller, Br. 120 Miller, Bri. 112 Miller, D. 32-120 Miller, F. 116 Miller, G. 59-72-78-116 Miller, K. 20-26-39-40-49-60- 63-66-104 Miller, P. 30-108 Miller, V. 116 Miller, M. 20-36-49-51-67-94 Mills, S. 20-51-52-62-67-104 Monce, B. 32-118-120 Monce, R. 8-22-39-40-71-111 Monroe, B. 17-28-61-63-108 Mouser, J. 59-116 Murphy, L. 85-111 Murphy, P. 116 Murray, L. 44-60-67-112 Myers, L. 21-25-39-41-49-51- 65-68-69-78-79-80-82-85-1 04 Myers, M, 271 11 Noes, J. 14-20-35-39-67-94 Nees, K. 112 Norris, A. 49-94 Dates, B. 112 Odum, C. 15-59-116 Odum, D. 13-30-108 Ogan, R. 20-24-28-36-56-58- 67-108 Oswalt, J. 33-73-120 Oswalt, Joh. 21-30-35-80-94 Otero, A. 19-21-22-23-26-29-38- 39-41-45-51-52-89 Ousley, J. 120 Pankop, C. 33-120 Pankop, G. 59-116 Pankop, K. 33-120 Pankop, R. 20-47-61-63-104 Panning, R. 21-77-78-101 Panning, T. 21-25-41-49-74-75- 76-78-85-95 Parrett, M. 116 Parke, J. 116 Parson, V. 116 Paschall, D. 18-30-112 Pattee, M. 21-25-31-49-82-83- 104 Pattee, P. 95 Pelphrey, D. 116 Pelphrey, L. 112 Pelphrey, W. 108 Pickens, D. 77-112 Plough, C. 116 Pobst, B. 20-26-34-44-51-101-lOE Polk, J. 33-120 Poole, C. 20-28-56-58-67-108 Porter, L. 25-51-83-104 Powell, M. 116 Pressler, S. 19-30-104 Pretorius, F. 112 Pretorius, L. 1 16 Pretorius, M. 71-77-78-85-112 Pretorius, P. 11-20-24-41-56- 58-109 Price, D. 116 Price, S. 109 Proctor, J. 116 Proctor, S. 18-20-24-63-109 Quivey, L. 24-28-112 Radabaugh, C. 24-51-56-63-109 Radabaugh, M. 51-60-62-63-10- Reed, J. 120 Rehak, R. 20-47-65-70-109 Renz, R. 19-30-46-104 Rice, T. 30-112 Rife, M. 32-120 Rinearson, D. 33-120 Roberts, C. 95 Roberts, W. 33-120 Rodocker, D. 23-28-34-49-104 Rogers, A. 20-35-49-67-95 Rogers, P. 30-65-71-77-78-82- 112 Roser, L. 30-104 Roser, M. 61-112 Ross, D. 21-25-29-74-75-76-84- 85-95 Ross, J. 33-120 Ross, M. 20-28-61-63-109 Roth, C. 39-40-43-62-71-110 Roth, P. 31-39-49-78-104 Satchwell, K. 33-101-120 Sausaman, K. 120 Schenkel, D. 30-59-61-113 Schenkel, R. 33-73-120 Schlemmer, C. 104 Schlemmer, P. 20-62-67-109 Schlemmer, S. 113 Schlemmer, Su. 120 Schnepp, M. 1 16 Schnepp, S. 61-63-67-113 Scholes, M. 109 Scholes, Mi. 113 Schrader, L. 20-51-56-58-61- 63-67-104 Schuler, D. 120 Schultz, A. 105 Schultz, D. 116 Schultz, J. 30-34-113 Schultz, S. 95 Shaffer, C. 113 Sheelz, G. 33-78-120 Sheetz, L. 13-21-25-44-51-56- 57-58-84-85-87-95 Shellenbarger, J. 116 Shipley, J. 120 Shockey, D. 121 Siders, D. 25-75-76-85-105 Siders, P. 33-73-121 Siferd, C. 67-71-113 Simpson, D. 33-121 Simpson, J. 25-39-105 Simpson, S. 109 Skaggs, J. 19-24-36-51-95-125 Slater, L. 30-71-113 Slater, S. 117 Sloan, T. 109 Sloniker, R. 22-25-26-29-64-70- 78-82-85-106 Smalley, D. 117 Smalley, M. 21-29-39-44-46-55- 60-63-105 Smith, A. 113 Smith, An. 56-58-96 Smith, D. 19-23-30-105 Smith, J. 34-78-113 Smith, L. 20-28-36-67-109 Smith, R. 71-77-85-113 Sn;pp, C. 20-62-109 Snapp, G. 20-34-96 Sommers, D. 121 Sparling, D. 109 Sparling, D. 33-59-118 Sparling, Dp. 30-96 Stanley, N. 59-117 Staton, D. 113 Staton, E. 117 Steele, B. 32-121 Steele, L. 113 Steele, S. 121 Steele, St. 105 Stefonatus, M. 27-34-113 Stephan, D. 72-78-117 Stewart, B. 105 Stewart, C. 19-20-24-62-67-109 Stewart, N. 1 17 Stieglitz, T. 72-117 Story, D. 21-96 Story, V. 54-114-117 Stouffer, B. 20-49-56-58-96 Stouffer, L. 121 Stout, C. 113 Stout, D. 10-121 Stout, L. 126 Stowe, E. 19-21-22-29-36-39-52- 53-56-57-58-61-62-87-88 Stowe, J. 22-25-41-49-68-69- 70-75-76-78-85 Stowe, P. 33-59-121 Stowe, T. 1 1 7 Strange, F. 72 Strasser, S. 35 Strickler, B. 32-121 Strong, H. 15-59-117 Strong, V. 23-96 Sturgill, R. 121 Summers, D. 71-78-82-113 Swain, R. 117 Swan, C. 32-59-73-121 Swan, D. 32 Swan, J. 10-29-34-106 Swango, M. 17-21-49-83-96 Swango, J. 83-105 Swope, B. 20-67-109 127 Tarter, D. 20-51-97 Tarter, Do. 67-113 Terrell, P. 28-97 Thompson, C. 34-97 Thompson, Ce. 20-67-109 Thrush, L. 19-25-30-52-53-61-63 83-105 Thrush, M. 20-105 Thrush, R. 64-119-121 Thrush, Ro. 60-63-113 Tinkle, J. 33-121 Tomlinson, G. 21-81-97 Tomlinson, T. 28-109 Tonovitz, B. 78 Townsend, J. 67-105 Townsend, M. 1 17 Tracy, B. 117 Tracy, F. 30-109 Tracy, N. 39-47-49-62-67-105 Treska, G. 73-121 Treska R. 20-24-27-67-109 Tu cker C 113 Tu cker D 35-97-100 Tu cker De. 109 Tu cker J. 97 Tucker O 109 Tu rner P. 121 Ur ger C. 20-49-52-55-56-58 67-105 U iger P. 64-117 Urschel, B. 18-97 Urschel, C. 20-49-51-56-60-63- 67-87-88-124 Urschel, Ci. 56-58-67-101-113 Urschel, N. 121 Van Dalsen, D. 32-121 Vigar, C. 20-51-97 Vigar, D. 121 Vigar, M. 114-117 Vigar, P. 20-105 Waggoner, K. 121 Walker, B. 56-58-67-109 Walker, M. 20-27-34-51-63-105 Walker, P. 27-61-63-113 Walker, T. 32-121 Warren, G. 21-98 Wasem, P. 64-117 Watkins, B. 32-121 Watkins, R. 117 Watson, B. 21-30-52-53-98 Weaver, D. 117 Weaver, J. 32-121 Weaver, L. 20-56-67-105 Weeks, S. 51 Weisenburger, D. 98 Weisenburger, J. 117 Weiss, M. 14-20-51-54-98 Weitzel, M. 20-24-28-56-58-62- 67-109 West, J. 25-31-41-68-69-101- 105 White, G. 33-73-121 White, R. 21-25-35-41-44-49-51- 52-68-69-75-76-78-80-85-98 White, Rick. 82-85-117 White, S. 72-78-114 Wilcox, J. 16-19-24-56-58-61 Wilcox, P. 31-85-113 Wilcox, S. 32-64-121 Willcox, D. 113 Willcox, J. 30-109 Willcox, Je. 13-20-26-49-61-63- 66-109 Willcox, Jo. 30-101-105 Willcox, M. 32-117-121 Willcox, Mi. 20-56-58-60- 63-67-105 Williams, J. 109 Wilson, B. 20-26-61-63-67-109 Wilson, Br. 59-117 Wilson, C. 20-23-34-56-58-60-63- 67-87-88 Wilson, G. 73-121 Wilson, J. 20-40-51-55-56-58-66 105 Wilson, M. 16-25-30-41-74-83- 105 Windsor, K. 121 Windsor, J. 117 Winer, B. 29-30-82-101-105 Windstead, C. 109 Winterrowd, J. 32-101-121 Wolf, C. 20-98 Wolf, E. 20-33-34-67-107 Wood, D. 117 Worthington, T. 31-105 Wray, C. 77-85-113 Wray, L. 15-32-59-121 Wright, D. 21-29-41-51-75-76- 85-105 Wright, F. 30-51-98-100 Wysong, L. 20-28-66-109 Wysong, M. 23-36-39-67-98-124 Yates, J. 25-30-41-49-51-64-68 74-75-76-85-99-100 Yates, M. 59-71-77-109 Yentes, J. 20-40-52-61-66-105 Yentes, K. 59-117 Yentes, L. 44-59-72-14-117 Yents, M. 22-73-78-118 Yocum, P. 20-28-52-55-56-53- 61-67-99-100 Yoder, A. 1Q5 Yoder, J. 19-30-109 Yoder, M. 32-121 Young, A. 121 Young, All. 70-78-82-109 Young, N. 15-20-34-58-60-67-99- 100 Zimpleman, J. 59-117 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 128 ' ■BWsiSiij , J li ■ . aa - ?i- m niii ; r r r . r r r r .T. 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Suggestions in the Northfield High School - Shield Yearbook (Wabash, IN) collection:

Northfield High School - Shield Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Northfield High School - Shield Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Northfield High School - Shield Yearbook (Wabash, IN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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