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FU ' ' so Q73 0 9 63! ' W e lt's a Grand Old Name!! The Vermont Hosiery and Machinery Co. Northfield, Vermont Oflice P. T. CUTHBERT 81 CO. 271 Church Street New York City 'fha Rambler 4' 7950 GAJ The Yearbook of the Senior Class of Northfield High School, Northfield, Vt. WMA Gangum NZ! I MISS MYRTLE ROGERS 1 Z. Z. We, the Class of 1950, wish to dedicate the Rambler this year to our Commercial teacher and friend, Miss Rogers. She has been a real help and constant source of encouragement to us throughout our four years in North- field High. This year marks her 30th year of teaching at Northfield High School, and during that time she has been constantly making new friends and endearing herself to the hearts of her students and fellow teachers. She has kept many a student on the road to success when he would otherwise have fallen by the way. To you, Miss Rogers, we say, "Thank you," and may you soon enjoy that rest and vacation which you have cer- tainly earned. Rambler Staff Editor-in-Chief . .... .. Pat Mazuzan Associate Advertising Managers .,,. Bob Brassard Assistant Editor . ,. ,. ,.,.,, Randall Bell Irene Hebert Associate Editors ,. ,, ,.,, . Hazel Greenslit Evelyn Terry Gordon Merritt Art Editor ,. ..,.. ., ,. .... Co-nnie Sargent Barbara Pregent Circulation Manager . ..,, A Lindsay Wheeler Wesley Rumney Associate Circulation Managers .,.,,.. .. John Diego Homer Smith Betty Hardaker Millard Stranahan Muriel Wood Business Manager . , Alfred Ouellett Layout and Photography Mr. Walter Reeder Advertising Manager .... . Max Templeton Printing and Engraving Mr. Roy Haggett Seated fleft to 'rightj - Hazel Greenslit, Pat Mazuzan, Max Templeton, Mary Garrity. Stafrwling - James Ford, Dick Owen, George Goodrich. Student Councif The Student Council was organized under the able guidance of Mr. Crane. The Council consisted of seven representatives from four classes - three from the senior class, two from the junior, one from the sophomore, and one from the freshman. Max Templeton was elected chairman and Pat Mazuzan secretary. During the course of the year the Council set up a school calendar which listed the activities each class was allowed. It also took charge of the assemblies that were held every two Weeks. Room inspections were made twice a week and a plaque was given to Miss Wellington's sophomore homeroom in recognition of the excellent condi- tion of the room. The Council also corresponded with surrounding schools to get sugges- tions as to the organizing of the freshman handbook. The work of this group has helped the faculty and the student body uphold the fine traditions of Northfield High School and make it a better school. S1'!lfl'lI Klcff fo riglifj - Miss Wellington, Mrs. VVhitney, Mr. Crane, Miss Rogers, Miss Ballard. Sfrrnrl ing -- Miss Snell, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Brew, Mr. Bateman, Mr. Towle, Mr. Ashton, Miss Lapolice B. LLOYD E. CRANE, PRINCIPAL S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute M. A., Clark University lllSfl'lH'fOl'.' Mathematics MISS MYRTLE ROGERS Albany Business College Insfrm-fm 5 Commercial Suluects MISS ETH EL VVELLINGTON B. S., Ithaca College lnsf1ncfo1'.' English MRS. H. A. WHITNEY lnsfrnr'1'm'.' Music MISS ELIZABETH SNELL B. S., University of Vermont Ins-ffucfm.' Home Economics MISS ESTHER BALLARD A. B., University of Vermont Insfrucfou' Languages Faculty MERTON ASHTON B. S., Norwich University M. A., Columbia University I11sf1Hr'for.' Social Studies, Mathematics B. ROBERT F. PIERCE A. B., Norwich University lIlSlll'lll'fU1'.' Social Studios MISS LORETTE LAPOLICE A. B., Middlebury College Izzsfzffvfoi : English, French JOIIN BATEMAN F. A., University of Pennsylvania i l11sf1nr'f01': Art FRANKLIN VV. TOVVLE tchlmurg State Teachers' College Insfizw-for: Industrial Arts HAROLD BREW A. B., Middlebury College l11sf1ucfo1'.' Science 3 3 1 QLWWRWJ sf, mama mga mvmce pweswge na-,SLS EXW THE RAM BLER NANCY ABBOTT "Dfmples" Sweetest Memozy - Class Ride Volley Ball 15 Honor Roll 1, 3g Corridor Marshal 45 Dramatic Club 1. This fiashy little blonde with a super personality has added charm and laughter to our class as well as many nickels to- Mr. Pierce's gum box in payment for breaking his personal rul-es. RUBY ALLEN t'Di'mpIes" Sweetest Memory - Farmer's Ball, '49 Glee Club 15 Honor Roll 1, 35 Dramatic Club 1. This quiet little miss is hardly noticed by the majority of her classmates, yet her amiable smile and courteous disposition has taken its place of favor in the class of '50, RANDALL BELL "Buckwheat" Sweetest Memoiy - Seventh Period Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Play 23 Rambles Staff 2, 3, 4, Freshman Reception Committee 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Farmer's Ball Committee 45 Senior Play 43 Latin Club 15 Class Usher 35 Dramatic Club 19 Vic-e President 25 Secretary 33 Social Chairman 4, Rambler Staff 4. Always on the go - that's our Randy - either to 'Pelier or to Desparte's for a quick root beer before going to wo-rk. Nevertheless, "Buckwheat" always finds time to add some wit to a conversation. MARIE BERNO "Little Bounce" Sweetest Memmy - Lenny Volley Ball 13 Civics Club 13 Dramatic Club 1, 2g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4g Photography Club 49 Corridor Marshal 45 Senior Play Promp- ter 4. Gay and cheerful, Marie, one of the few classmates from North- field Falls, can always be distinguished by her jolly laughter and witty remarks. Marie has also been a true supporter of Mr. Pierce's gum box. THE RAMBLER MARTENIA BETTIS "Tina" Sweetest Memory - "Bill" Honor Roll lg Charles P. McKnight Prize 15 Glee Club 3, 4g Corridor Marshal 4. This country lass with the fancy specs has helped to keep the mischievous N. H. S. scholars in line in her service as a Corridor Marshal. We know that with Martina's fine outlook on life the future holds no problems. 7 is RANDALL BOARDMAN "Pum'hy" Sweetest Memory - '49 Golden Gloves Volley Ball 1g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Vermont Music Festival 25 Junior Prom Committee 33 Dramatic Club 1. When reminiscing over the antics of U. S. History Class, "Punchy" will never be forgotten as a jester with his corny jokes and tall tales. With these traits, Randy easily captured the title of "Class Clown." ROBERT BRASSARD "Bob" Sweetest Memory - History Class With Boardman Volley Ball 1g Dramatic Club 13 Class Play 1, 2, 33 District Play Con- test lg President 1, 25 Rambles Staff 43 Farmer's Ball Committee 43 Freshman Reception Committee 23 Junior Prom Committee 35 Ram- bler Staff 4. Zoom - here cc-mes Bob with a late slip. This young chap never secms to get enough beauty sleep, but from the looks, does he need it? GARDNER BUCK "B1wlfy" Sweetest Memory - Town Hill Glee Club 15 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Vermont Music Festival 25 Dra- matic Club 19 Vo-lley Ball 1, Junior Prom Committee 3g Freshman Reception Committee 2g Ride Club 35 Ski Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Co-Captain 43 Rambles Staff 4. Either in Barre or Montpelier, Sonny has left a trail of broken hearts of young damsels who have been charmed by his wit and looksg nevertheless, he has always found time to win honors for the N. H. S. Ski Team. TH E RAMBLER JOHN DIEGO "Joh1znie" Sweetest Memory - Joanne Glee Club 43 Dramatic Club, President 15 Golf Club 3, 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4g Volley Ball lg Vice President 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Rambles Staff 43 Softball 2, 3, 4, Rambler Staff 43 Freshman Reception Com- mittee 2g Farmer's Ball Committee 4, Junior Red Cross Council 43 Boys' State 3. The class of '50 has a spark of Spanish in its presence. Our Johnny has also proved to be the spark of the basketball team and of a certain young lady's heart. HENRY FERRY "Hen" Sweetest Memory - Senior Year 1950 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vermont Music Festival 1, 2, Ski Team 3, 45 Class Play 3. When entering Room D, it was never unusual to find Henry en- grossed in a heated argument with Mr. Pierce. As we go to press, the debate still rages, and it may take some time to determine the final victor. ERMA FLINT "Erma" Sweetest Memory - June Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Vermont Music Festival 25 Latin Club 1g Volley Ball 15 Dramatic Club 15 Farmer's Ball Committee 4. "Silence is Golden" - this proverb is used by Erma, who rarely makes a peep in school, but outside, she certainly pcsscsscs a sense of humor and a charming personality. BEVERLY FOGG "Bev" Sweetest Memory - Lonny Dramatic Club 1, Volley Ball 1. Never complaining or griping, is Bev, the highlight of the Home Ec. class. Because of her willingness to "pitch in" it has made her a valuable member of the class of '50, THE RAMBLER LILLIAN FRAZER "Lily" Swcelesf Mrmory - Graduation Dramatic Club 15 Volley Ball 1. When listening to the N. H. S. basketball rofoters, you can always hear Lillian. Although on the quiet side in school, she has been a true supporter of the Maroon Marauders. f vw' ., 3 ,.-'f ' ar DELWYN GOKEY "Geek" Sweetest Memory - Town Hill Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 45 Golf Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1: Volley Ball 15 Dramatic Club lg Softball 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Freshman Reception Committee 2, Rambles Staff 43 All Tourna- ment 4. The name of Gokey will always haunt the halls of N. H. S. Del. has display-ed his skill as pitcher of the baseball team, the sparkplug of the basketball team, and the clown of the study halls. All this belongs to our 6' 2" "Geek." HAZEL GREENSLIT "Haste" Sweetest Memory - Paul Home Ec. Clubg Senior Play 43 Treasurer 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club, Treasurer 13 Photography Club, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Student Council 4, Rambles Staff 45 Good Citizenship Girl 45 Corridor Mar- shal 4g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Rambler Staff 4. Voted "Good Citizenship Girl", Hazel certainly has the qualities cf this honor by her efforts and work done for the classy nevertheless, she always finds time to add a cheerful remark to a conversation. BETTY HARDAKER "Shorty" Sweetest Memory - It's Private Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 1, Senior Play 43 Corridor Mar- shal 3, 4, Captain 4, Rambles Staff 45 Rambler Staff 4. Yes, she's small, but she's full of pep. It's never unusual to see Betty engaged in a chat, reminiscing over a Saturday night dance or a history test. This bundle of charm certainly has added cheerful- ness to the class. THE RAMBLER CHRISTINA HEDGES "Tina" Sweetest Memory - June Class Play 1, Volley Ball 1, Farmer's Ball Co-mmittee 43 Rambles Staff 4. Tina has been a prominent member of the Home Ec. Department and has accomplished quite a few tactics in this art. By the looks of that sparkler on her finger, her future plans will be well prepared for. IRENE HEBERT "F're'nchy" Sweetest Memory - Graduation '48 Treasurer lg Civics Class, President 13 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Librar- ian 3, 43 Vermo-nt Music Festival 23 Social Chairman 35 Honor Roll 1, 4g Dramatic Club 15 Class Play 1, 25 District Play Contest 13 Sen- ior Play 4g Junior Prom Committee 33 Farmer's Ball Committee 4, Rambles StaH' 45 Rambler Staff 4, All-State Chorus 4. This young damsel sparkles like those root beers she mixes at Desparte's. Her magic charm has never ceased to capture the eyes of the opposite sex, who can often catch glimpses of her displaying her talents on the dance fioor. RALPH HILL Sweetest Memory - Class Ride Volley Ball 1, Dramatic Club 1. A cute little sharpie with wavy hair, who always has the girls in a dither, is Ralph. He never has much to say, but his quiet, out- spoken manner has taken a permanent place in the Senior Hall of Fame. LUCY LAWTON Sweetest Memory - Graduation Glee Club 13 Latin Club 19 Dramatic Club 13 Honor Roll 3, 43 Rambles Staff 4. Lucy has displayed her speed at nabbing men as well as pecking at the typewriter keys, and we know that with such a dispo-sition, it will not require luck to keep him. THE RAM BLER ROBERT LUCE 'tBug Eyes" Dramatic Club 15 Volley Ball 15 Glee Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee 35 Freshman Reception Committee 25 Farmer's Ball Commit- tee 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Senior Play, Property Man- ager 45 Rambles Staff 4. This carefree lad never has a worry as he dribbles down the bas- ketball court or wanders his way to school. What his secret recipe is, no one knows - but Bob is certainly an attraction to underclass- men. Sweetest Memoiy - Montpelier Games DORIS MACY "Dada" Sweetest Memory - New Year's Eve Volley Ball 15 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 45 Ho-me Ec. Club 15 Class Play 1, 25 Rambles Staff 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Farmer's Ball Co-mmittee 45 Senior Play Usher 4. When the Lord passed out humor, He certainly gifted Doris with a double amount. In the din of the Senior Home Room, this tiny creature can always be heard above the others as she strains her vocal cords in a realm of laughter. PATRICIA MAZUZAN "Aim Ann" Sweetest Memory - Graduation '48 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Volley Ball 15 Music Festival 25 Latin Club 15 Dramatic Club 15 Class Usher 35 Vice President 35 Secretary 45 District Play Contest 15 Junior Red Cross Council 45 Student Council 2, 4, Secretary 45 Rambler Staff 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Farmer's Ball Committee 45 Rambles Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Chairman Publicity Committee 45 Girls' State 35 All-State Chorus 4. With silver in her laugh and an undying light in her eyes, Pat's ability to cooperate and agree is priceless in the class of '50, as is her ability to donate a nickel to Mr. Pierce's gum chewers' collection box. ,,, 1 2795. T4 J. GORDON MERRIT "lIe'njy" Sweetest Memory -- Junior Prom' '50 East Hartford High School, East Hartford, Conn., 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 45 Rambles Staff 45 Rambler Staff 45 Senior Play 4. Although Go-rdon was not well acquainted with his classmates, he gained fame when he displayed his talent as "Benjy, the Grave- digger," in the Senior Play. Being one of the few songbirds of our class, Gordon is the highlight of the musical activities. 14 THE RAMBLER ALFRED OUELLETT "Rip" Sweetest Memory - Class Ride Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Rambles Staf 43 Dramatic Club 13 Class Play 33 Class Usher 33 Senior Play 43 Rambler Staff 4. "Ripper" has faithfully guarded the class's loot acquired from social events and financial activities for the past four years. Only "Rip" could hold school funds in his hands, and the hearts of the classmates in a smile so securely. FRANCES PALMER t'I"rfm" Sweetest Memory - Senior Play Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Play, Prompter 43 Corridor Marshal 4. Behind those fancy specs you will see our charming Frances, who can always be found making eyes at the boys, chattering or singing between classes, or adding sparkling light to a shrine of conversation. , NINA PERRY "Nine" Sweetest Memory - Senior Play Senior Play 4. Who chased out disgust and dismay to keep a light of humor shining during the tiring hours of play rehearsals? Only Nina's laughter could chase out the gloom and keep the cast's spirits up. BARBARA PREGENT 'tBru'b" Sweetest Memooy - Graduation Dramatic Club 13 Rambles Staff 43 Class Play 3g Senior Play 43 Rambler StaH 43 Honor Roll 3, 4g Corridor Marshal 4, Barb has won fame among the class by her performance as the jovial maid in the Senior Play. On stage, or off stage, Barb can always be found in a gay and jolly mood. THE RAMBLER RICHARD RICHARDSON "Dick" Sweetest Memory -- Basketball Trips Dramatic Club 1, Latin Club 1, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Rambles Staff 4, Basketball 4. A walking dictionary, a master-mind of trig identities, a dis- penser of co-rny jokes, and an enthusiastic basketball player - this combination can be none other than the one and only "Richardson" HOMER SMITH Sweetest Memory -- Class Ride WESLEY RUMNEY "Jeff" Sweetest Memory - Alumni Ball '49 Dramatic Club 1, Class Usher 3, Basketball Manager 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Electrician 4, Rambles Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, Boys' State 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. "The Whole world loves a clown" is the motto of the Hirtatious Romeo who sang and laughed his way into the hearts of everyone, as Well as into the heart of the golden-haired girl of Vine Street. CONNIE SARGENT Sweetest Memory - All-State Festival Honor Roll 1, 2, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Music Festival 1, All-State Festival 2, 3, 4, New England Music Festival 4, Dramatic Club 1, Class Play 1, 2, Dis- trict Play Contest 1, Latin Club 1, Rambles Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4, Girls' State 3. This demure little lass seems to be attracted to brass buttons along with writing letters, dispensing sodas at the Dairy Bar and being an "A" student. With these traits the class of '50 is proud to possess this Hashy attraction. Class Play 2, Orchestra 3, 4, Rifle Team 3, Photography Club, Presi- dent 4, Rambles Staff 4, Rambler Staff 4. "Flash - Click!" You look around only to find He-mer has taken another picture, perhaps of an eighth period checker game or of Mr. Pierce adding to his endless collection of comic books. Whatever occasion arises, Homer is always there to snap the best and store it for future reference. THE RAM BLER MILLARD STRANAHAN "Rusty" Sweetest Memory - Trips to 'Pelier Volley Ball 13 Freshman Reception Committee 23 Junior Prom Com- mittee 33 Farmer's Ball Committee 43 Senior Play, Electrician 43 Class Play 13 Baseball 3, 43 Ski Team 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 43 Rambles Staff 43 Rambler Staff 43 Craft Club 4. This fast-talking teen-ager adds vim and vigor to every class and seldom is found without a "line of lingo" to entertain his class- mates. MAX TEMPLETON "Temp" Sweetest Memory -- Basketball Tournaments Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 43 Music Festival 1, 23 New England Music Festival 43 All-State Chorus 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Class Play 13 Rambles Staff 43 Student Council, President 43 Latin Club 13 Dramatic Club 13 Rambler Staff 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 President 3, 43 All-Tournament 4. Our "Temp" can be characterized by the following traits: a great lover, a master-mind of weird ideas, a valuable Maroon Mar- auder, and the ambitious leader of our class. EVELYN TERRY "Tessie" Sweetest Memory - Diamond Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Dalton High School, Dalton, Mass., 33 Music Festi- val 23 Dramatic Club 13 Volley Ball 13 Civics Class, Vice President 13 Freshman Reception Committee 23 Rambles Staff 43 Rambler Staff 43 Corridor Marshal 4. Red hair, flashing blue eyes, a radiant smile, and witty remarks - nobody but Tessie could claim these traits. It must have been these characteristics that attracted that diamond to her finger. JACQUELINE THURSTON t'Juckic" Sweetest Me'm.0'ly - Junior Prom '49 Glee Club 3, 43 Volley Ball 13 Civics Class, Secretary 1. Whenever We see this dashing young blonde in "pin curls" We suspect that Jackie has a date scheduled or is planning a quick trip to 'Pe1ier. Because of her striking personality, her social calendar always seems to be filled. THE RAMBLER 17 LINDSAY WHEELER "Red" Sweetest Memory - Grange Dances Rambler Staff 4, Dramatic Club 13 Rambles Staif 4. Lindsay spends most of his time bouncing over Vermont hills in his car, always accompanied by a gang of girls. He seems to be a favorite among the fairer sex - must be the red hair and sense of humor. MURIEL WOOD "Woodie" Sweetest Memory - February 20, 1949 Social Chairman lg Secretary 23 Volley Ball lg Dramatic Club 13 Honor Roll 15 Civics Class, President 1, Junior Prom Committee 35 Class Usher 33 Senior Play Usher 4g Photography Club 45 Library Club 45 Corridor Marshal 45 Rambles 45 Rambler Staff 4. Either fiitting around N. H. S., whipping frappes at the "Pan- try," dancing in Randolph, or cheering at a ball game, "Woodie" is always in her gay and carefree mood, displaying her certain femi- nine charms. JOHN YEARMAN "Bud" Sweetest Memory - Class Ride Glee Club 2, 3, Volley Ball lg Bowling Team 3, 4. "Yeah, I got this one, but you guys should have seen the one that got away." That's our Bud, the Robin Hood of 1950, who can be found in the woods when not in school, or speeding around North- field delivering groceries. Class Motto: Deeds, Not Words Class Colors: Maroon and White Class Flowers: Red and White Roses Class Adviser: Mr. Robert Pierce THE RAMBLER Senior Class History Our first recollection of Northfield High School was Sub-Freshman Day in the spring of '46, when we were marshalled through its doors for the first time and made to feel welcome by Principal N. Richard Butler, the faculty, and some of the members of the slightly superior classes, whom we were soon to learn to respect and follow as ex- amples. Never will be forgotten the wonderful pep talk delivered to us by Mr. Butler as he tried to prepare us for our next few years, three-fourths of which was to be spent at N. H. S. trying to gather knowledge and wisdom from our often exasperated teachers. As freshmen, we didn't quite grasp the meaning of it all, but we have had four long years to think it over and most of us have realized that our education has contributed much to starting us out with our best foot forward. The first big step that fall was getting acquainted with each other and electing class officers, under the supervision of Mrs. Brown, our class adviser. The person to hold the honored position as first president of the Class of '50 was Robert. Brassard, who led our class very ably for two years. Other class ofiicers were vice president, Marjorie Gifiing secretary, Connie Sargent, and treasurer, Irene Hebert. We did not contribute much to the social activities that first year, as we were too busy getting settled and learning the routine we were to live by for the next three years. We did win the one-act play contest, due to the careful coaching of Mrs. Brown and the talented acting of some of the members of our class. That same spring we bade a sorrowful farewell to our principal, Mr. Butler, who left to accept a better position in his teaching professiong but the next fall, we glad- ly welcomed Mr. George Allison, who took over the difficult, but successful task of put- ting us through our next two years of absorbing knowledge at Northfield High. As sophomores, we presented the Freshman Reception, one of our most suc- cessful undertakings of the year. Our only other enterprises of the year were a few small school dances and parties, where a group of students danced to the music of the ever-popular phonograph and filled up on sandwiches and other eats furnished by the various committees. The reason fa vain onej, of these shindigs was to increase the de- pleted class treasury. We began the second half of this era as juniors, with class officers as follows: president, Max Templetong vice president, Pat Mazuzang secretary, Randall Bell, treas- urer, Hazel Greenslit. We were pretty happy that year, having only one superior class above usg and we joined more in the social activities. The highlight of them all was our presentation of the Junior Prom, which, after much hard work and planning, was judged as one of the best in many years. Music was furnished by the Catamounts. Many days of labor and neglected school work had been put into this unique activity, but we felt it was worth it after hearing the remarks of our classmates and other citizens of the town who had patronized the Prom. Also, that same spring, as successors to the Senior Class, we put out our first issue of the school paper, "Rambles," with Max Templeton as editor, Hazel Greenslit as fContinued on page 29.1 OU Ea 03 Nigga 4 bwgim WNHUENEQ rage? NCEE NEFF 34 223 MESOS Madam gsm M-H EEO 'Ewan EWU H 56 NEW N ami. EL bggw E AEAEBW hdad gh MEN OMAN M55 MEZNQ 3vOnNQwPm :NO DSW mwioehgg M365 N334 ,Eh QESOZ oz .ECA Oz VEEEE? 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RUBY ALLEN - Quiet - goes steady - good typist - possesses a sweet voice. RANDALL BELL - Always talking - partial to Vine Street - plans to be a para- trooper. MARIE BERNO - Super square dancer - gum chewer -- has the giggles - hails from Northfield Falls. MARTENIA BETTIS - Valuable corridor marshal - always in a hurry - strictly a home girl. RANDALL BOARDMAN - Class clown - drives a Ford - prize fighter - confused about love. ROBERT BRASSARD - Neat - nice looking - never on time - part-time soda jerk. GARDNER Buck - Stays in Barre week-ends - towhead - always getting tickets from cops. JOHN DIEGO - Grocery boy - often seen in 'Pelier - goes steady?? - thrives on cough drops. HENRY FERRY - Drives a blue Chrysler - works nights - collects jewelry - one of Miss Wellington's admirers. ERMA FLINT - Goes steady - bashful? ? - works in Dairy Bar - hopes to be a teacher. BEVERLY FOGG -- Still waiting for Lonny - a Home Ec. girl - nice personality. LILLIAN FRAZER - Quiet - usually with Martenia - basketball fan - sports red boots. DELWYN GOKEY - Dancing feet -- good athlete - happy-go-lucky - well-known at Community. HAZEL GREENSLIT - Works in Margie's - always on the Honor Roll - Good Citi- zenship Girl. BETTY HARDAKER - Baby of the class - pretty eyes - has several boy friends ' - a terror for her size. IRENE HEBERT - Popular with the boys - emotional -- often in 'Pelier - smooth dancer. CHRISTINA HEDGES -- Pretty face - super cake baker - always with Al - sports a diamond. RALPH HILL - High school janitor - nice hair - takes little part in social life. LUCY LAWTON - Quiet - usually seen in a Plymouth - Honor Roll student - likes to act. THE RAMBLER ROBERT LUCE - Partial to underclassmen - tall - pretty eyes - talks with a slow drawl. DORIS MACY - Class clown - has a sense of humor - works in dime store - cares not for high school romances. PATRICIA MAZUZAN - Neat - smiling eyes - mixes frappes at Desparte's - collects cups. GORDON MERRIT - Friendly - often known as "Benjy" - intelligent - nice voice. ALFRED OUELLETT - A second "Charles Atlas" - impartial to work - eats contin- ually. FRANCES PALMER - Struggles with English - writes poetry - likes to sing - smiles at boys. NINA PERRY - Sports fancy spectacles - likes to laugh - unseen in the social sun. BARBARA PREGENT - Goes with Reggie - split personality - drives a Ford - collects pictures. RICHARD RICHARDSON - Spouts corny jokes - likes apples - good student - women hater. WESLEY RUMNEY - Good sports writer - partial to blondes - likes to dance - never gets mad. CONNIE SARGENT - Fond of square dancing f?J - writes letters - deliverer of tardy slips. HOMER SMITH - A red-head - blushes easily - rides a bicycle - sports an expen- sive camera. MILLARD STRANAHAN - Expert skier - goes steady - witty - drives a beach- wagon. MAX TEMPLETON - Ran for Governor at Boys' State - possesses a temper - drives a coupe. EVELYN TERRY - Sparkling red hair - has a lazy way of walking - will take the fatal step in June. JACQUELINE THURSTON - Nice dancer - flirt - class blonde - often seen with cadets. LINDSAY WHEELER -- One of the red-heads - drives a car -- has interests at the Center. MURIEL WOOD - Gum chewer - admirer of the Randolph boys - ambitious -- full of fun. JOHN YEARMAN - Good sport - delivers groceries - bowling artist - collects war trophies. SEGLTJOQUD l E0aCiT'0D THE RAMBLER BACCALAUREATE EXERCISES Sunday Evening, .lune 11, 1950 8:00 P. M. - Norwich University Processional .. ......,......i....i....,..,..,. A..., . ,........,..A......... i....i. ,..... U n d ergraduate Orchestra Invocation and Prayer ,... . ,....... . . . Reverend George Weiss Ave Maria, Shubert .....,... . . . Northfield High School Orchestra Sermon .............................. ..,, ......r.......t... D r . Arthur W. Hewitt The Lost Chord, Sullivan ..... ....l.,....... Mixed Glee Clubs Benediction .....,.,................ ....r. R everend George Weiss Recessional .,..........,........ ....,e......... ...... ...,............,,.............,. U n d ergraduate Orchestra CLASS DAY EXERCISES Wednesday Afternoon, June 14, 1950 2:30 P. M. - Norwich University Processional ............... ,....,...,.........,... ......,...........,..,...,,.......... U n dergraduate Orchestra Address of Welcome . ..... ..........,......., M ax Templeton Selection .........,.,...,..... .........,..,4....,....,... .,... ..,... S e n ior Boys' Glee Club Class History ............ .......,...,...,.......,...A..,...................,.............,......... M arie Berno Prophecy ,..... ........ , ..., . .. Betty Hardaker, Irene Hebert, Lucy Lawton, Gordon Merritt, Millard Stranahan, Lindsay Wheeler Solo ....... ....,.....,.....,.....,........,..,..,.. . ., ,..,,, r .. .. Randall Boardman Gifts .,., .,.., .,.. R a ndall Bell, Alfred Ouellett, Barbara Pregent. Wesley Rumney, Connie Sargent, Muriel Wood Selection .. .,.,......,......,..... , ,.,..,.. , .,.. Senior Mixed Glee Clubs Will ...,... ..................... . ..... N ancy Abbott. Robert Brassard. John Diego, Beverly Fogg, Doris Macy, Evelyn Terry Presentation of Spoon ,..... ......,....,.,,..,........ ..... ............ M a x Templeton School Song ..............,..,... ,.,,.,..... ..,,. ..........,..,... . . Unison Recessional ....... ...,...... ...... ....,......,..............,..,....,..,.,....,....,.., U n d ergraduate Orchestra GRADUATION EXERCISES Friday Evening, June 16, 1950 8:00 P. M. - Norwich University Processional .. ............... .....,,..........,.........,...,....,..,... . , Undergraduate Orchestra Invocation ........,., .,.., ....,... R everend Francis Nitchie Salutatory ,,,...,.......... ,,.... , . , Patricia Ann Mazuzan Clear Track, Strauss . Northfield High School Orchestra Valedictory .... ...........,....,., ...,...........,.,.... ...., ...... H a z e l Greenslit Introduction of Speaker ...,.,. ., .. Superintendent Walter Gallagher Graduation Address ,....,....... ,....,.. . .... . Dr. A. John Holden Commissioner of Education Battle Hymn of the Republic ...... Northneld High School Chorus Arranged by Ringwald Presentation of Diplomas .............,,.., ,...... R everend Jeremiah Sullivan Awarding of Honors and Prizes ,.,.., . ., . .... . Principal Lloyd Crane Benediction ........,......, .....,,........., . . ....... Reverend Francis Nitchie Recessional . .. ..,.... Undergraduate Orchestra SENIOR HCTIVITIES THE RAMBLER EVHOV OC! Junior Prom The greatest event in the history of our class was our lavish Junior Prom pre- sented Friday, May 13, 1949. With the ideas for decorations based on superstitions, the Co. F Armory was gaily decked with balloons, crepe paper and confetti. To gain admittance each couple was obliged to walk under a ladder and separate at a bread and butter post. The faculty section was entered through a huge decorated horseshoe gateway. "GOOD LUCK, 49ers" was hung above the orchestra-each letter covered with small, hand-made shamrocks. In the center, tossing colors over all the room and add- ing splendor to the highly decorated hall, a crystal ball was suspended. This ball was hung directly above our prize attraction, a beautifully decorated wishing well At midnight the U. V. M. Catamounts were interrupted by the unsuspected downfall of balloons and confetti which, unfortunately, dropped with more force and rapidity than had been expected. Shortly before 1:00 A. M., weary but still inspired seniors and other dancers helped themselves to the sagging streamers. Since then, the Junior Prom of '49 has been considered one of the most mem- orable events in the history of Northfield High School. THE RAMBLER g Ne:- Front row fleft to rightj - Irene Hebert, Betty Hardaker, Pat Mazuzan. Sccmzd row - Millard Stranahan, Barbara Pregent, Mario Berno, Frances Palmer, Nina Perry. Third row - Alfred Ouel- lett, Dick Richardson, Gordon Merrit, Jeff Rumney, Bob Brassard. Senior Pfay Pretty Carol Colloway fPat Mazuzanb is in a desperate situation as head of a family of eccentrics! Sister Ione CBetty Hardakerb has gone ga-ga over psychiatry! Little brother Sid fRandall Bellj is crazy for "shoot-'em-up" gangster films and comic books! Aunt Eunice fHazel Greenslitj is an easy prey for phony mediums and occult- ists! And then Carol Colloway inherits an old haunted farmhouse, to which she moves her family immediately. How each member becomes cured of his phobia on one wild, stormy March evening, forms the plot of this hilarious farce. The haunting of a blood- spattered, head-bandaged ghost, the appearance of a ferocious gangster fRichard Rich- ardsonl and an escaped maniac flrene Hebertb, all delightfully chilled the spines of the spectatorsg while the hysterical antics of the jittery maid, Allie Katz fBarbara Pre- gentl, and the lisping Dicky Bird 1Richard Richardsonb, moved them to screams of laughter. Other characters included Minerva Hawkwood fNina Perryj, the mournful housekeeperg her daffydil nephew, the crippled Benjy fGordon Merritlg Rex Rosner fAlfred OuellettJ, a young plastic surgeongand Clemuel McClatchin fBob Brassardb, an eerie undertaker! The third act revealed that the blood-curdling happenings were not genuine, and the play had a surprise ending which sent the audience into gales of merriment. The play opened in the old haunted house late at night. Carol and her family are just arriving and Minerva is trying to make them feel at home in her own way. They soon turn to the subject of ghosts and she tells them of a man killed in this house many years ago. She says he was murdered with a red-hot poker by his half-crazy wife, who is now in the insane asylum on the other side of the hill. His eye, which the wife put out during one of her spells, is preserved in a jar on the mantle. This man Hugo now THE RAMBLER haunts the house, and whenever he is near, they can smell him, for he has a horrid scorch- ing odorg and the lights go out as he passes them. You can imagine their state of mind when this happens and Clemuel, the undertaker, is strangled and then dragged out by the half-Witted son of the housekeeper. The next frightful experience is the entrance of the maniac, Gerda, and her near-murder of Carol. Gerda, also, it killed by the unseen murderer. Rex appears on the spot now and succeeds in discovering a secret panel from which topples the corpse of the undertaker. After Dicky Bird and Sid almost got shot by a gangster, the play comes to an end when the hoax Carol and Rex and Dicky Bird are acting for the benefit of Eunice, Sid and Ione breaks up. Gerda, Clem, Minerva and Benjy are found to be peaceful oc- cupants of this house, only playing along with Carol and Rex in trying to cure Carol's family of their eccentricities. Incidentally, Sid and Ione were entirely cured. But Aunt Eunice - perhaps? ! This play, "Spooks and Spasms," was presented by the Class of '50 under the skillful direction of Miss Wellington, with Millard Stranahan as stage manager and Jeff Rumney as electrician. Marie Berno and Francis Palmer were prompters. It was given on November 4, 1949, at Norwich Armory and proved to be a highly successful and memorable event. Farmer's Ball On Thursday, November 10, 1949, the Senior Class gave the annual and long- awaited Farmer's Ball. With an extremely limited amount of time, the highly en- thused seniors Went to work decorating the stage with month-old newspaper and color- ful comic strips. The arbor, or rather, the Well named the "Passion Pit," was done in a gala of black and orange crepe paper, and banked with shoddy cornstalks, pumpkins and summer squash. Constalks, long-barreled rifles, cob pipes and straw hats, plus gal- lons of sweet cider and a multitude of home-made doughnuts added to the attractive en- tertainment. The spirit of bygone days was there, thanks to Rogers' Rhythm Makers, who supplied hilarious as Well as energetic square dancing. Waltzes and round dancing added to the mardi gras of gaiety, and all agreed that the Farmer's Ball was its usual success. THE RAMBLER History - - - fContinued from page 18.1 assistant editor, and an organized group of workers to help in keeping the reputation of the good work started by Mrs. Rowe and the Class of '48. We weren't too proud of our first issue, but each one was improved a little more and we soon felt justified for all the time and effort spent on the "Rambles" Once again we welcomed a new principal, Mr. Lloyd Crane, who was of never- ending value in guiding us through our last busy months before graduation. We also feel an everlasting gratitude to Mr. Pierce, our senior class adviser, who willingly gave us a greatshare of his endless store of knowledge and in every way possible prepared us for our future careers. Our class oflicers remained unchanged this year except for John Diego, who re- placed Pat Mazuzan as vice president, with Pat stepping into the job of secretary. Her predecessor, Randall Bell, was chosen for the difiicult and important task of social chair- man. One of our greatest successes of this last happy year was a superb presentation of the Senior Play, "Spooks and Spasms," a mystery farce furnishing much laughter, horror and thrills, with the characters as follows: Randall Bell, Bob Brassard, Hazel Greenslit, Betty Hardaker, Irene Hebert, Pat Mazuzan, Gordon Merrit, Alfred Ouellett, Nina Perry, Barbara Pregent and Richard Richardson. Marie Berno and Frances Palmer acted as prompters, with Millard Stranahan as stage manager and J eff Rumney as elec- trician. A large audience attended and funds were added to our depleted class treasury. Another enterprise bestowed on Northfield by the senior class was the Farm- ers' Ball, which was a success socially, but not financially, for the only profit we re- ceived was happiness at adding to the good spirits of our classmates. This event took place on Friday, the thirteenth, and the hall was trimmed accordingly with black cats and funny papers adorning the walls. A couple of underclassmen had the task of guid- ing the "unwilling" couples into the arbor. For music we had the Rogers' Rhythm Mak- ers, who helped us in making the students happy and dancing smooth. Refreshments of doughnuts and cider were served. 1 The next excellent example of the ingenuity of the Class of '50 was the Scaven- ger Hunt, which proved another source of income for our class funds. We chose Pat Mazuzan as editor-in-chief of the "Rambler" and Randall Bell as assistant editor, with a hard working group of associate editors and other staff mem- bers backing them. Our yearbook, the "Rambler," is the last project of the Senior Class When we graduate this June, we will do so with the realization that we have spent a happy four years at Northfield High School acquiring knowledge and gaining many friends - assets which will always be with us. THE RAMBLER Editor-in-Chief ,.,,. Assistant Editor ,,,.. Literary Editors .. Sports Editors ...., Art Editor .. .....,, ., Exchange Editors ..,.. .,,. Business Manager Advertising Manager Assistants .. Rambles Staff Max Templeton Hazel Greenslit .. .,.,. Connie Sargent Patricia Mazuzan Jeff Rumney Millard Stranahan Randall Bell ,. ,. Muriel Wood Christina Hedges Alfred Ouellett Robert Brassard , .,.. Irene Hebert Barbara Prcgent John Diego Gos and Sip Moron's Haven Poetry Corner Production Staff Junior Staff Betty Hardaker Doris Macy Lucy Lawton . Frances Palmer Lindsay Wheeler Gordon Merrit Christina Hedges Nancy Abbott Beverly Gray Elaine Taylor Joanne McGlaHin Phyl Diemur f""' pe P6 D1'1C11x'l2 xj QQ? Luz xeas-"C X . - Q Exqqesf QXXP-t8 C1G,S6 Cxow Beef cars ROV 7? Hike' Hj'z1n?,QSi 45 LO GXIQQOI. L4 SICQ1 THE RAMBLER Left to right - Martenia Bettis, Frances Palmer, Hazel Greenslit, Barbara Pregent, Muriel Wood, Evelyn Terry, Marie Berno, Betty Hardaker, captain. Corridor Marshals The corridor marshals should be congratulated for the great Work they volun- teered to do for their school this year. The students should also be congratulated for the way they cooperated with the marshals. As some people do not realize the extent of the responsibility placed on the mar- shals, We will endeavor to make it clear. They are not just ornamentsg the marshals all do a special job. Their job is to keep the traiiic of the students in as orderly a state as possible. Their duty is similar to that of a policeman when he keeps traffic going the right Way. The marshals help students pass from class to class quickly and quietly. They stand by the doors, stairs and other places where there are many stu- dents passing at the same time. At the small door, large door, foot of the stairs, and in the upstairs hall, the corridor marshals are always on the job to do their duty, and Work for the safety of everyone. Sometimes it is necessary for a marshal to speak to her best friends, and she does so for t.he best interests of all. This year the marshals were provided with shoulder straps of maroon and white, the school colors. This was to make them outstanding and better recognized by the students. Also, the shoulder straps were an award for loyalty. In conclusion, let us say that the success of the corridor marshals has been due to cooperation by all - students and faculty alike. UNDER CLHSS MEN THE RAM BLER Junior Cfass Frrmt row, Ivff to :ight - Dolores Bussiere, Dot Plunkett, Marlene Gcodcnough, Donna Hart, Beatrice Davis, Avis McKinney, Jane Welch. Second row - Rachel Sanders, Elaine Taylor, Phyllis Diemer, Joanne McGlaHin, Shirley Hubbard, Marion Kolinich, Lorraine Bell. Thiid row - Frank Partlow, Betty Holt, Ruby Baker, Beverly Knowles, Betty Maloney, Ruth Palmer, Alice Ricker, Caroline Reed, Elizabeth Robar, Darrel Amell, George Cruickshank. F'01u'fh row - Bo-b Sargent, James Ford, Ladora Cruickshank, Nancy McKeon, Solon Staples, Hank Jennett, Jim Yearman, Wally Reed, Bill Foss, Ed- ward Relation, John Bell, Everett Drown. Fifth wmv - Mike Henry, Dick Owen, Fred Toulouse, Bob Gallagher, Dick Plastridge, Martin Lyon, Jessie Spaulding, Dick Drinkwine. Class Officers President ...,,....... ....,,,.... .. Solon Staples Secretary . ,.... . .,... . .,.,.. ...,.. M arlene Goodenough Vice President ,..........,.,.. Dolores Bussiere Treasurer .,....,.,....,...,,.... .. .,.. .....,.,, F red Toulouse Social Chairman ...,.......,....,,. ,,.,.......... B ob Gallagher THE RAMBLER Sophomore Class Fiisf row, left fo right - Nancy Beattie, Dolly Flint, Helen Chase, Marion Holt, Ronnie Hicken, Wesson Thresher, Barbara Abbey, Nira Drinkwine. Ser-ond rom - Joyce Cross, Pat Dunham, Marion Swann, Kitty Lance, Barbara Demasi, Pat Osborne, Betty Macy, Nancy Doney, Philip Andre, Evelyn Hardaker, Doris Abbey. Third row - Pat Osmer, Geraldine Hurlburt, Dot Henry, Lorraine Brassard, Bev Gray, Vera Pratt, Betty Dickinson, Rusty Marshall, Juanita Hill, Marlene Johnson, Maydene Davis, Beverly Duffany, Beverly Flood, Eleanor Pratt, Richard Luce, Richard Tucker, Mary Garrity. Fourth row - Jack Genero, Polly McGlaHin, Bob Davis, Annie Kempton, Nancy Holmes, Priscilla Marshall, Lorraine Ouellett, Stella George, Fay Dubois, Edith Hill, Carmen Revilla, Nor- man Hall, Pat McCarty, Bucky Hill. Fifth row - George Colty, Dick Marceau, Maurice Bedard, Jack Baroffio, Philip Viens, Mervin Thurston, Ro-bert Swann, William Frazer. Class Officers President , ,..,.,.. .. .,.. ..., ...,,.... J a ck Barolfio Secretary ,. ,,.. . ., . .. ,. Betty Dickinson Vice President .,,. .. ..... .,...,,.. , ,, Joyce Cro-ss Treasurer ., ., , ,,...,.,.. .. ,.,,.. Carmen Revilla Social Chairman ..,.. . .,., , Polly McGlafiin THE RAMBLER Freshman Boys Front row, left to right - Robert Miller, Roger Provost, Robert Manning, Richard Pope, Alton Col- ombe, Joseph Falzarano, Charles Comie. Second row - Francis Ibey, Leon Wright, Richard Greens- lit, Donald Ford, David Sargent, Robert Plastridge. Third 'row - Donald Drinkwine, William Amell, Robert Perra, George Goodrich, Francis Guidi, Wesley Palmer. Fourth row - Edward Smith, Harry Truman, Deward Connley, Richard Elwell, Wallace Aseltine, George Matheson, Joseph Am-ell, Thomas Kingston, Joe Garrity, Jo-hn Maloney. Fifth row - Glen Gilbert, Robert Check, Eric French, Stanley Warner, Norbert Hebert, Norman Culver, Carl Sheppard, Richard Brassard. Class Officers President . . . Joe Garrity Treasurer ...,. .,., . .. ,.... Thomas Kingston Social Chairman ,.,....,... ...,..,.,..,.,........ D avid Sargent THE RAMBLER Freshman Girls Firsi row, left to :ight - Jackie Provost, Connie Wilson, Margaret Tassie. Second row - Elaine In- galls, Peggy Jennett, Janice Gilpin, Myrna Snelling, Margaret Farnham, Nancy Allen, Betty O'Grady. Th.1'1'd low - Dot Kimball, Elaine Rogers, Jackie Willett, Anita Jerd, Janice Berno, Doris Fuller, Marie Duquette. Th-ird row - Beverly Qu-emby, Doris Chamberlin, Betty Connoley, Charlotte Drought, Judy Lamson, Shirley Smith, Phyllis Parker, Beverly Williamson. Fourth row - Mary McCarthy, Libby Streeter. Class Officers Secretary ,.... ,.,....,,.,,. . ,, ,.... ..,... M arie Duquette SPPH ff! ,, 5 Vik S h e A.. ju I Z tiff 4 'f' 1 2 - gg Q T , A Q T if , z. 31' if Q . , Q W I l 4? Q 5' SU' xikixx jz V R Q fl mr Y Q3 k fy Null -, IKQ. ,ww 3 - Q xv , Ju N THE RAMBLER VARSITY SCHEDULE INDIVIDUAL SCORING Opponent , Northfield Opponent Name Points Alumni ..,.... ,. 34 23 Diego .... 117 Spaulding ., 33 45 Reed ,.... . 120 Montpelier . ., 39 38 Gokey .,.. 277 Spaulding .. 24 33 Luce ......,. .. 113 Plainfield .. 55 23 Templeton 157 Montpelier .... .. 38 33 Toulouse ., 10 "'St. Johnsbury ...,., .. 38 27 Richardson . 8 'Waterbury ....,....,. .. 38 42 Jennett ..,. 8 "'Peoples Academy .,...., ., 45 42 Elwell ...... 6 "Bradford .,.,.,....,.,.. .. 27 24 Gallagher 3 'fSt. Johnsbury .,..,.,........... 48 40 Barohio 2 "'St. Michae1's ............,..,.,.. 35 57 Hull ..,.... 2 Vermont State Aggies .. 45 24 "'St. Michael's ..................,. 29 27 'Waterbury ..,.........,....... 33 24 "'Bradford ............... ...,. 4 7 44 'Peoples Academy .,....,.,,.. 52 50 'League Games. Northfield High started off the '49-'50 basketball season with a new coach and seven lettermen. The outlook was good for the boys in maroon and they began the season by defeating Montpelier High twice. There were several close games during the season, with Northfield showing ex- cellent play both offensively and defensively. In the regular season, when Northfield played St. Mike's at Norwich, the boys in maroon found themselves eleven points be- hind at the official time out. Northfield then staged their biggest rally of the season to come out on top, 29-27. THE RAMBLER 4? X '5f0D-Q.JfDf"'ifND ',,f' . fx I 5 Top row, left to right - Phyllis Dismer, Joanne McGlafiin. Next row - Elaine Taylor, Dot Henry, Dot Plunkett, Kitty Lance. Boffom row - Beverly Gray, Polly McGlaflin. In the final game of the regular season, Northfield played Peoples Academy and d th winning at the end of four periods the game was tied at 46-46. Templeton score e basket with fifteen seconds left and then tightened up their defense to win, 52-50. The end of the season found Northfield matched against Newport in a playoff which The Marauders won easily, 58-24. N th B Tourney Northfield dropped Winooski 30-28, and went on In the or ern . , to win the Northern B crown from Peoples Academy in an overtime thriller, 39-36. The state finals brought Northfield up against West Rutland in a great game. The final score was Northfield 42, West Rutland 45. The game was hard-fought all the ' ' ' 'l th fi l un sounded. way, with Northfield never giving up unti e na g THE RAMBLER Varsity Team Scfrflcd, loft to right - Wally Reed, Bob Luce, Max Templeton, Del Gokey, John Diego. Stfmdiwg - Michael Henry, Dick Elwell, Jack Baroffio, Bob Gallagher, Dick Richardson, Fred Toulouse, Henry Jennett, Frank Towle, coach. Junior Varsity Team Sefrzfvd, left to right - Don Ford, Jack Barofiio, Glen Gilbert, Eric French, Billy Foss. Slfl'7ldi7I-U - Michael Henry, Joe Garrity, Roger Provost, Maurice Bedard, Stanley Warner, Tom Kingston, George Gczxzdrich, Ronnie Hicken. THE RAMBLER 45 'litmus' il' SENIOR JUNIOR First 1010, left to right - Irene Hebert, Randall First rom, Ivff to right - Avis McKenney, Phyl Boardman. Sc:-mid :ow - Dick Richardson, Al Diemer, Dot Plunkett. Src-and row - Marlene Good- Ouellett, Bob Brassard, Bob Luce. enough, Joanne McGlaHin, Elaine Taylor. Third row - Bob Sargent, James Fo-rd, Mike Henry. I , Y SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN Fizsf row, Irft fn fight - Juanita Hill, Nancy Beattie, Lvff to zighf -- David Sargent, Elaine Rogers, Jackie Lorraine Brassard. Second row - Maurice Bedard, Provost, Margaret Farnham, Donnie Ford. Dot Henry, Bucky Hill, Bev Gray. Thiid row - Jack Baroffio, Philip Viens. One-Act Plays The annual one-act play contest was held at the Norwich Armory, April 27, 1950. The Senior Class presented a drama, "The Valiant," coached by Miss Ethel Wel- lington. Under the able direction of Miss Elizabeth Snell and Mr. Brew, the Junior Class presented a hilarious comedy entitled, "Ada Gives First Aid." Another comedy was presented by the Sophomore Class, entitled, "I'm a Fool," coached by Miss Esther Ballard. A group of Freshmen presented 'their first play, "His First Shave," another comedy. Mr. Merton Ashton and Miss Lorette Lapolice acted as coaches. As we go to press, the outcome of the contest has not been determined. THE RAMBLER Ski Team Due to a lack of snow cover, the activities of the ski team were necessarily cur- tailed this season. During January the team went to the district meet held in Lyndonville. A 'third place in this meet enabled them to compete in the State meet at Middleburyg however, because of the loss of one of their star competitors, the team managed only a seventh in this meet. A couple of weeks later, at Bradford, Northfield High School won the Bradford Winter Carnival. A few of the boys competed in individual contests and placed very well. Letters were awarded to Co-Captains Millard Stranahan and Sonny Buck, Pat Sheppard, Henry Ferry, Robert Perra and Robert Manning. THE RAMBLER Girls' Glee Club F"i1'st row, left to 'right - Connie Sargent, Beverly Quimby, Anita Jerd, Jackie Provost, Phyllis Par- ker, Peggy Jennett, Janice Gilpin, Elaine Rogers, Betty O'Grady, Jackie Willett. Second 'row - Mar- garet Tassie, Joyce Cross, Marion Kolinich, Donna Hart, Dolores Bussiere, Nancy McKeon, Betty Macy, Doris Macy, Beatrice Davis, Betty Dickinson, Nancy Allen. Third row - Mary Garrity, Polly McGlaHin, Elaine Taylor, Dot Plunkett, Bev Gray, Dot Henry, Lorraine Brassard, Joan Osmer, Helen Chase, Martenia Bettis, Lorraine Bell, Pat Mazuzan, Irene Hebert. Fourth row - Phyllis Diemer, Joanne McGlaf1in, Libby Streeter, Judy Lamson, Ruby Baker, Beverly Knowles, Betty Maloney, Fran- ces Palmer, Avis McKenney, Erma Flint, Kitty Lance, Carmen Revilla. Fifth row -- Marlene Good- enough, Lorraine Ouellett, Annie Kempton, Nancy Beattie, Nancy Holmes, Ladora Cruickshank, Shir- ley Hubbard, Ruth Palmer, Priscilla Marshall, Shirley Smith, Jackie Thurston, Evelyn Terry. THE RAMBLER Boys' Glee Club Front row, left to right-John Maloney, Robert Plastridge, Donald Ford, Alton Colombe, Charles Buck. Second row - Wesley Palmer, Joe Falzarano, Joe Garrity, George Goodrich, Robert Perra, David Sar- gent. Third row - Randall Bell, Tom Kingston, Richard Brassard, Dick Owen, Bucky Hull, Dick Pro- vost, James Ford, Maurice Bedard, John Bell. Fourth row - Alfred Ouellett, Robert Brassard, Randall Boardman, Gordon Merrit, Fred Toulouse, John Diego, Bob Sargent, Stanley Warner. Fifth row - Martin Lyon, Max Templeton, Jeff Rumn-ey, Dick Richardson, Henry Ferry, Eric French, Frank Partlow, George Colty. Sixth vow - Del Gokey, Bob Luce, Bob Gallagher. THE RAMBLER F1-out low, Icff to right - Judy Lamson, Marlene Goodenough, Anita Jerd, James Ford, Connie Sargent, Maureen Mason, Homer Smith, Libby Streeter. Second low - David Sargent, Gardner Buck, Ruby Baker, Beverly Knowles, Margaret Tassie, Mary Garrity, Jackie Provost. Musical Organizations The musical organizations, under the capable leadership of Mrs. Whitney, had a very successful year. About 110 students in the combined glee clubs took part in the annual Christ- mas pageant. In the spring, the orchestra and glee clubs of Northiield and Randolph gave two concerts. This was the second year the concerts were presented, and it is hoped that the plan will be continued. Northfield High School was represented in the All New England Music Festi- val at Springfield in April. Max Templeton and Connie Sargent sang in the chorus and Marlene Goodenough played in the orchestra. In May several of our group went to the All-State Music Festival in Burlington. Those chosen for the chorus were Irene Hebert, Pat Mazuzan, Connie Sargent, Randall Boardman, Wesley Rumney and Max Templeton. James Ford, Marlene Goodenough, Beverly Knowles, Maureen Mason and Homer Smith played in the orchestra. The oflicers for the organizations for the year were as follows: Girls' Glee Club: president, Pat Mazuzang secretary, Connie Sargent, librari- an, Irene Hebert. Boys' Glee Club: president, Max Templeton, secretary, Wesley Rumney: li- brarian, George Coltey. Orchestra: president, Connie Sargent, secretary, Beverly Knowles, librarian, James Ford. faniaa Reef 64044 Gaunoil THE RAM BLER Gaafl' 01446 eameaa. Glad .fiiaafuf Glad TH E RAM BLER Dramatic Club Ifronf row, left to right -- Betty Macy, Pat Osborne, Evelyn Hardaker, Myrna Snelling, Avis McKin- ney, Peggy Jennett. Second 'row - Joanne McGlaflin, Lorraine Brassard, Dot Henry, Phyllis Diemer, Bev Gray, Elaine Taylor, Nancy Beattie, Margaret Tassie. Third row -- Shirley Smith, Marion Kolinich, Marlene Goodenough, Pauline McGlaflin, Dick Provost, Mary Garrity, Frank Partlow, John Bell. Fourth row - Philip Viens, James Ford, Bob Sargent, Joe Amell. l Art Club First row, lcft to right - Janice Berno, Beverly Quimby, Betty O'Grady, Donna Hart, Ronnie Hicken. Secrmll row - Ni1'a Drinkwine, Beverly Flood, Marion Holt, Jackie Provost, Elaine Rogers, Betty Ma- loney. Thizd mu' - Ruth Palmer, Nancy Holmes, Annie Kenipton, Jackie Willett, Mary McCarty, Libby Streeter, Judy Lamson. SITTJEPIPQQ s gwafnmj 54 THE RAM BLER -- lawful-- Class of l9ll9 Constance Abbott - Hosmer's Dry Cleaning, Northfield Elaine Abbott - Hethrington's Store, Northfield Earle Baker - Kingston's Store, Northfield Gerald Billings - Air Force Bernice Buck - Mrs. Pat DeFlice, Providenc-e, R. I. Madeline Berno - Children's Store, Montpelier Harry Brusa - St. Michael's College Albert Chamberlin - Baker's Service Station, Northfield Mildred Coutts - home Muriel Cross - Mrs. Ken Lima, Southbridge, Mass. Lorette David - Norwich College Store, Northfield Catherine Demasi - Northfield Telephone Co., Northfield Phyllis Devoid - National Life, Montpelier Melvin Dickinson - Northfield Mills, Northfield Gordon Dockler - Sullivan School, Washington, D. C. Leo Donahue - Northfield Barbara Doney - Mrs. John Jenkinson, Burlington Arlington Flinn - Roxbury Peggy Flinn - Northfield Mills, Northfield Charles Flinn - Hosiery, Northfield David Gaylord - University of Vermont, Burlington Donald Gilpin - home Avis Gokey - Vermont Junior College, Montpelier Everett Greenslit - Cheese Factory, Northfield Bob Holt - Air Force Barbara Jenkinson - Mrs. Paul Arley, Jr., Texas Dolores Johnson - Carnegie Library, Norwich, Northfieli Ralph LeFebvre - Felt Mill and School, Albany, N. Y. Robert Maloney - Northfield Mary Miller - home Gloria Marshall - National Life, Montpelier Lawrence Ouellett - Air Force Donald Peach - Middlebury College, Middlebury Perley Pike - Unemployment Ofiice, Montpelier Joan Pollard - ofiice at Northfield Hosiery, Northfield Joyce Thurston - Secretary at Norwich, Northfield David Wheeler - Grand Union Store, Northfield Betty Whitco-mb - Rock of Ages Plant, Barre Verley Williamson - Welfare Department, Montpelier Christina Wright - Northfield Mills, Northfield Arlene Derby - home Hylan Dickinson - Northfield Mills, Northfield Class of I948 Caroline Abbey - clerk, father's store, Northfield Ernest Aldous - Burrow's Market, Northfield Margaret Ashton - nurse, Bishop DeGoesbriand Hospital, Burlington Kenneth Billings-Castleton Teachers' College, Castleton Martin Bingham - University of Vermont, Burlington Phyllis Buck - married, living out of town Gloria David - Massachusetts Muriel Croney - nurses' training, Mary Hitchcock Hospital, Hanover, N. H. Alberta Chamberlin - Northfield Wood Products, Northfield Nancy Clough - National Life, Montpelier Joseph Cournoyer - deceased Priscilla Dole - Castleton Teachers' College, Castleton Bruce Doucette - Castleton Teachers' College, Castleton Durwo-od Doucette - U. S. Navy, Great Lakes, Illinois Esther Drown - University of Vermont, Burlington Edward Duquette - Air Force, Japan Harriett Fogg -- Northfield Telephone Co., Northfield Kathryn Foss, Imperial Restaurant, Montpelier Richard Gardner - Navy Joseph Genero - Northfield Howard Glidden - home Charles Goodrich - home Corrine Hart - nurse, Barre City Hospital, Barre Joseph Hebert - Air Force, New Jersey Merle Hicken - Sullivan School, Washington, D. C. Mona Hill - secretary, Norwich University, Northfield John Jcuret - Lowell Textile, Lowell, Mass. Martha Kimball - Mrs. Arnold Jerry, East Roxbury Kathleen King - National Life, Montpelier Ruth Macy - Mrs. George Jones, Kentucky Stanton Maheu -- First National, Northfield John McGrath - Vermont Marble, Roxbury Max Newbrough -- Norwich University, Northfield Lawrence Nichols - Providence College, Providence, R. l June Paye - married, Los Angeles, Cal. Mary Peake - Northfield High Schoo-l, Northfield Vincent Perry - U. S. Navy, Great Lakes, Illinois Gene Provost - Denny's IGA Store, Northfield Bernard Provost - U. S. Air Force, San Antonio, Tex. Emmett Seckfngton - home, Northfield William Spear - St. Michael's College, Winooski Ervin Staples - U. S. Army, Texas Barbara Terry - Dairy Bar, Northfield John Taylor - U. S. Army, Japan Cleveland Webster - Vermont Marble, Roxbury Ann White - Northfield Wood Products, Northfield Lorraine Williamson - Secretary of State's Office, Montpelie Rita Williamson - Mrs. Francis Jerry, Northfield Dorothy Wright - telephone operator, Northfield THE RAMBLER 55 Class of 1947 Juanita Abascal - Northfield Richard Bean -- Air Force Louise Bedard - . Bishop DeGoesbriand Hospital, Burlington Jean Berno - Mrs. Leo Hebert, Northfield Arnold Bickford - Navy Lillian Boardman - National Life, Montpelier Kenneth Brunelle - New York Donald Buck - Rock of Ages, Northfield, Vt. Ruth Bussiere - Heaton Hospital, Montpelier Otis Daniels - U. S. Marines Katherine Drown - Mrs. Bernard Jerry, Northfield George Gifiin - Colby College Helen Grenier - Mrs. Floyd Baker, Northfield Walworth Hauver - Navy Patricia Hill - office at Rock of Ages, Northfield Donalda Houston - Mary Hitchcock Hospital, Hanover, N. H. Barbara Ingalls - Hartford, Conn. Edward LeFebvre - Northfield Woolen Mills, Northfield John Mazuzan - Boston College, Boston, Mass. Arlene Messier - Margaret Holland Inn, Northfield Beverly Miller - U. S. W. A. C. fWomen's Army Corpsj Dorothy Montgomery - nurse at Heaton Hospital, Montpelier Donald Muntz - Arlington, Vt. Raymond Newbrough - Norwich University, Northfield Arthur Peterson, Jr. -- Post Office, Northfield Homer Plastridge - Northfield Mills, Northfield Winston Rabidou - Vermont Junior College, Montpelier Madeline Relation - ofiice at Northfield Mills, Northfield George Rich -- Northfield Mills, Northfield Patricia Rogers - National Life, Montpelier Rosalie Staples -- nurse, Heaton Hospital, Montpelier Joseph Viens - married, Montpelier Carl Wood - Northfield Harold Wright - Northfield Mills, Northfield Class of I 946 Barbara Abbott - office at Rock of Ages, Northfield Vivian Aiken - nurse in New Hampshire Allan Bell - Northfield Eleanor Bell - Northfield Ramona Boudreau - Northfield Studio, Northfield Bernice Brassard - Montpelier Dolores Brassard - Montpelier Maurice Brassard - Vermont Junior College, Montpelier Trueman Bryer - Northfield Depot, Northfield Phyllis Bussiere - Sargent School, Boston, Mass. Shirley Cleveland - Mrs. Rodney Richardson Alberta Cole - nurses' training, New York Hospital Albert Cole - Washington, D. C. Eva Cummins - Northfield Esther Cressey - Rochester, N. Y. Leah Diemer - Heaton Hospital, Montpelier Caroline Dillingham - National Life, Montpelier Florenz Drinkwine - Mrs. John Laporte, Claremont, N. H. Robert Flint - Air Force, Florida Marilyn French - Northfield Telephone Co., Northfield Marie Hallstrom - Mrs. Clement Strout, Northbridge, Mass. James Healy - U. S. Navy Yvonne Hebert - Mrs. Maurice Rocheleau, St. Albans Mildred Hedges - Mrs. Francis Gagney, Montpelier Elaine Jones - Mrs. Mario Puricelli, Burlington Betty Kimball - Mrs. Lynn Sanders, Northfield Barbara Kleinhams - Roxbury Wendell LeFebvre - Northfield Mills, Northfield Kathryn Maloney - Heaton Hospital, Montpelier Edward McCarthy - married, Connecticut William Miller - Northfield Wood Products, Northfield Richard Pervier - University of Vermont, Burlington Miriam Peterson - University of Vermont, Burlington Shirley Plastridge - office, Northfield Mills, Northfield Irene Pombar - Castleton Teachers' College, Castleton Pauline Shorey - Mrs. Richard Kennerson, Northfield Roberta Snelling - Mrs. John Fitzgerald, Waterbury Betty Viens - Mrs. Paul Hebert, Northfield Russell Woodin - Maine We appmeeiate the support given us threugum the advertisements .. 0 7a am afawfidmd Cn We dcuf '7!1anA 'Ifm THE RAMBLER -------------- ...... ,,,.--,,----------------- - ..... --,, HPROTECTING THE AMERICAN HOME" H"i:,3-.S Talb- Ib XTQQA Nw, QQ In early New England, a bell was a luxury that few schools could afford. Often, students were warned of approaching classes by the booming notes of a conch shell, sounded by a stout-winded freshman. Modern equipment and methods have replaced the conch shell, as well as many other features of yesterday's educationg t0day's graduate is the best educated, best equipped ever. National Life congratulates the class of 19505 we have every confidence that your background fits you to face the problems ahead. The future belongs to you. NATIUNAL LIFE INSURANCE CUMPANY MUNTPELIER - VEIIMUNT -::::::::::::: : :: o .ra-0 ::' 0 : :0.'Q: ::: THE RAMBLER COMPLIMENTS OF Cross Brothers Company igaramnunt illlrmnriala BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '50 THE DAIRY BAR TRI-MOTORS CO. Cities Service Products New and Used Parts General Repairing Northfield, Vt. ly vvvvvvvvvvv ' Compliments 6 1+ I' Of 1+ it 1, PROVOST GRANITE C0., INC. 1+ 1 :E Barre Granite Memorials 1+ 1+ 1: Riverton, Vt. 1 1, -:,:,:,::::- 1+ P P YQ Compliments if 1: of 1 1 1 I I THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING C0 P 1a IE OF BARRE, INC. :I 1 THE RAMBLER COMPLIMENTS OF Bean's Dairy Farms Pasteurized Milk and Cream "Every Day ls a Fresh Beginning-- Every Morn a World Made New" Ph 1511 THE RAMBLER ealfegze Wiew fbaifzq flwlwwi of qme.n,bz, 114116 ancf Gaeam P4STEURIZED AND HOMOGENIZED Ph 100 THE RAMBLER --- ,--- ----,,,,- JEWELERS to the Class Of'l95O Loren Murchison SL Co. Newark 2, N. J. 14 Park Place GEORGE W. HUMPHREY District Representative ----,---- ---- --- -----A-,,--,,--,,, v--- --vw -'iv' 1, lr lr Compliments I 0 f 5 'r lr 1 lr .I H llenn 81 Son 1' o 0 1: :r +I Ir Largest. Most Dependable Food Store in If P This Vicinity 11 I U I Self-Service Low Everyday Prices :I 4+ 1 1 Home Owned if 'r P Remember, when you start Buying Food, we :E will have the Most Modern Store to shop in. 4 Compliments Of L. W. Morse S Son CLOTHING. HATS. SHOES and FURNISHINGS Complete Outfitters NORTHFIELD, VT. -:: ,4-4.''."Q,",00 'QQ 62 THE RAMBLER ,,,N,-.'..,..'s,.,.'-04':::: COMPLIMENTS OF The Russell Asbestos Co. ermont ransit 0. valuable T Connections Any Way You Look at It Time ' ' ' Timetable "The People Will Be Servedi' onserved ersatile Clean Transportation Vouchsafed ---,--- READ THE Montpelier Evening Argus Vermont's Capital City Newspaper for complete coverage of AP News, from the State House and Sports News. Drew Pearson's Column Appears Daily TH E RAM BLER COMPLIMENTS OF Northfield Mills, Inc. Compliments BEST WISHES of to the MAY0 CLASS OF 1950 MEMORIAL Rock of Ages Plant HOSPITAL Northfield, Vt. Phone 97 No. 1 Northfield, Vermont :::::'::::: THE RAMBLER COMPLIMENTS OF Northfield Telephone Company I 1 Compliments THE 1, , of GREEN MOUNTAIN : SLATER'S SHOP CLINIC E 1 ANTIQUES - GIFTS E :::::::::::::: 5' -:::::::::::::::::,:: Compliments 1 CONGRATULATIONS of 11 PROVOST'S FIRESTONE : to the STORE 1 CLASS OF 1950 D 5 East Street .I '11- I 5 TEMP'S GROCERIES Northfield, vm. P THE RAMBLER A- 044 ----- 440---,Q-A400--'-a0-aa"A+Q----- COMPLIMENTS OF Cross Brothers Company Garage HOME OF GOOD GULF PRODUCTS Largest, Best Equipped Garage on Route 12 GENERAL REPAIRING - BODY and FENDER WORK - PAINTING Phone 37 NORTHFIELD - VERMONT --,-,,,v--, I -- ------- Compliments ' 1 of Q P R I N T I N G lr 1 Ba roffio's at the I 1 Ga ra e ' 9 3 N E W S 1 Goodrich Tires and Batteries I 1 Amoco Products I ' E- st St t Tel. 216 'I ds me I NORTHFIELD, VT. Ugo Baroffio, Prop. 'P 1 1 -::::,:::::::::::- , ,::: , ,',,"':::: v THE RAM BLER John I-I. O'6rady Tel. 63-2 Depot Square NORTHFIELD - VERMONT MAYTAG AUTOMATIC WASHERS RECORDS MAYTAG WASHERS RECORD PLAYERS KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS EASY WASHERS PHILCO REFRIGERATORS FREEZER CABINETS PHILCO STOVES PRESSURE COOKERS PHILCO RADIOS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES REAL ESTATE I it Diegcfs Market 1: P +I If S. PIERCE FINE Eoons Q I and ' QUALITY MEATS P 'r Delivery Service Ei :E It Tel. 168 If QI :E Northfield, Vt. " 4 'I in 1 ----,--- SULLIVAN CONFECTIONERY COMPANY Montpelier, Vermont GET IN THE HABIT - SAVE SOMETHING EACH WEEK You will be surprised how fast your account will grow in the NORTHFIELD SAVINGS BANK THE RAM BLER 67 '-----------,--------v----------,,----------- Get in the Guard - - And get the opportunity of a lifetime to serve yourself as you serve your country. Young men, 17 to 34 years old, can take part-time military train- ing - at home - in the New National Guard without giving up their jobs or their education. You can wear the same uniform, use the same modern equipment, get the same rates of pay as the Regular Army and Air Force. And as you add to your civilian income in a fighting outfit, you can also qualify for retirement pay at no cost to you. What's more, you can ad- vance as rapidly as you increase your skill, even become a commissioned officer. Get the facts, then Get in the Guard. For further information, contact STATE AllM0llY - N0llTllFlEl.ll, VT. Phone 262 H::::::fA:::::: Axxirxx Mx:x:::::::::::::::x:' COWLPZWIWB if L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY of : Attleboro, Massachusetts C U L V E R S. I' G' A' l "Known where there are schools and Self-SCTUECC i I colleges" Where people are served the right way 1, Class Rings and Pins at the lowest posslble prlces 1: Commencement Invitations Diplomas GROCERIES MEATS 1 Personal Cards 1 Insignia 1 Medals and Trophies 3 Represented by: Sawyer G. Lee, WIRTHMORE FEED li 230 Boylston St. Northfield, Vt. 1: Boston, Mass. ,,,, ,,,,:::,,,:,,,, 2 :::,::::,:,,,,,,:,::::- Compliments ll Compliments lr D of l Of 1+ P 1 GENERAL BEAN'S SERVICE STATION I ICE CREAM i Matthew Bean, Prop. I P 1 CORPORATION 1 Good Used Cars 'I 4 68 THE RAMBLER Compliments MESSIER'S BARBER SHOP GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS THE WHAT-NOT GIFT SHOP Nellie Ketchum, Prop. FOR BETTER HOME COOKING -- FOR BETTER MAPLE CANDY Telephone 228 - Home of MARGARET HOLLAND INN Compliments of REAL ICE CREAM Barre - Burlington, Vt. 0:::- -:::::::::::::::::::: H. G. BENNETT CO., INC. Buick Sales and Service Barre, Vt. 11 1 1 11 11 11 :1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 I 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 :1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 11 1 11 1 Compliments Of PAUL B. DUTTON "The Earth Mover" PRESCRIPTIONS FILMS - COSMETICS - DRUGS SANBORN'S DRUG STORE Compliments o f ABASCAL'S MARKET Compliments to - THE CLASS OF 1950 NORTHFIELD GRAIN CO. Phone 153 Compliments of JOHN MORALE Attorney-at-Law THE RAMBLER Compliments Of NORTH END FILLING STATION STUDEBAKER Sales and Service 441 North Main Street Barre, Vt. Compliments Of HUGH A. McGRATTAN Blue Coal Dealer Esso Range and Fuel Oils Tel. 69-12 Compliments of GEORGE DeGEORGE One Flight Up I. O. O. F. Temple FOR INSURANCE See HARRY SALMON DR. HARVEY B. WHITING, M. D. 9 South Main St. Tel. 306 Northfield, Vt. -:.- ::.,.-::::::::::::::::::::::: LINCOLN-LILLIE Book Sellers Stationers Montpelier, Vt. CAPITAL SPA Across from City Hall E. 8t Y. Biron, Props. Montpelier, Vt. BAKER'S SERVICE STATION Glen M. Curtis, Pro. Phone 6-22 Texaco Gas Motor Oil Battery Charging South Main St. AMERICAN FIDELITY COMPANY Montpelier, Vt. FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY 1900 - 1950 Complim ents Of VERMONT ROAD EQUIPMENT C0 INC. Montpelier, Vt. 70 THE RAMBLER A--- ,,.,---- HALL'S JEWELRY STORE Diamonds Watches Gifts Compliments of A FRIEND TO THE CLASS OF 1950 Compliments of "THE LITTLE CAFE" THE NORTHFIELD STUDIO Telephone 223 Northfield, Vt. Congratulates THE CLASS OF 1950 DuBOIS 49 HARMS Excavating and Grading Tel. 246-11 DEPENDABLE INSURANCE WITH SERVICE Tel. 158 KERR 8: ELLIOTT LADD 62 GROSS Trucking Sand and Gravel Tel. 338-4 Northfield, V DALGASH MOTORS, INC. DeSoto - Plymouth Baldwin - Merchant, Props. Montpelier - Barre Road Tel. 61, Montpelier, Vt. DR. A. C. WATSON Osteopathic Physician Compliments of LYMAN'S LITTLE VALLEY RESTAURANT Montpelier Road ',-'-v-v THE RAMBLER 7 1 THE HETHRINGTON STORE Dry Goods Furnishings Read y-to-Wear Shoes Northfield, Vt. WHEN you need Smart, Youthful Clothes and Bright, New Accessories, Shop and Save ------ With Us. Your Patronage Is Appreciated. GRA Y'S DEPARTMENT STORE Montpelier, Vt. SILLOWAY TIRE SERVICE Better Lasting Repair Recapping - Vulcanizing Compliments of BEBE'S DAIRY BAR Barre - Montpelier Road Compliments of THE ALL AMERICAN DINER Montpelier, Vt. -v - .'--,,o--v,- -- Compliments of MIX MUSIC STORE Montpelier, Vt. Compliments of NORTHFIELD SPORT CENTER OUTSTANDING QUALITY FOOTWEAR FOR ALL OF THE FAMILY Name Brands Style - Quality CITY BOOT SHOP Montpelier, Vt. THIS STORE IS YOUR CLASSROOM FOR CLOTHES OF STYLE A. D. FARWELL Sz CO. Montpelier, Vt. THE CLEANING SHOP East Street Tel. 340 Dry Cleaning - Pressing - Repairing Bendix Self-Service Laundry Rug and Upholstery Shampooing 72 THE RAMBLER GRADUATES AND UNDERGRADUATES Alike Prefer to Buy Their Clothes at N A T E l S IN Montpelier Compliments of BERNO'S I.G.A. Tel. 59-2 Northfield Falls Compliments of T U T T L E ' S Montpelier, Vt. Compliments Of BETSY ROSS BREAD Makes Every Food Taste Better CROSS BAKING CO., INC. Montpelier, Vt. Est. 1828 SMITH WOODWORKING CO. Dowels Handles Doors Windows Moulding Plywood Chrome Trim Textolite Shop Work :::4-:::: 0 Compliments Of THE PAVILION HOTEL :::::::::::::::::::::::::::' 0 Q NORTHFIELD TRUST CO. Build for the Future As the first stepping stone to suc- cess, secure the backing of a bank account here and let us help you realize your ambition. Your sav- ings, whether small or large, will be welcomed. Open an account 'to- day! THE HOUSTON STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP 69 Main St., Montpelier, Vt. Phone 505 Glendon A. Foster RICHMOND OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 15 State Street Montpelier, Vt. Portable Typewriters Sold and Serviced DONAHUE'S FOOD STORE For Better Things to Eat Northfield, Vt. THE RAMBLER LOU'S AUTO SERVICE Expert Body and Fender Repair Sun Tuneup Equipment 24-Hr. Wrecker Service Phone 132-13 If We can't save you money, We don't expect your Business. Compliments Of KEN'S SERVICE STATION Batteries Accessories Socony Products Tires and Tubes Kenneth E. Drown, Prop. Tel. 170 A. FERNANDEZ MEATS AND GROCERIES Phone 55-2 ::::4- PlKE'S GROCERY Northfield Falls GROCERIES .ICE CREAM CANDY COLD DRINKS Open Evenings Compliments of KING KLEANERS Depot Square Tel. 82 THE NORTHFIELD PHARMACY The REX ALL Store Northfield, Vt. Compliments Of NORTHFIELD CANDY KITCHEN Compliments Of NORTHFIELD COAL COMPANY Gulf Fuel and Range Oils Tel. 145-2 74 THE RAMBLER DAVIS AUTO SERVICE Northfield Center FORD Sales and Services Batteries Tires Compliments Of SAVOY THEATRE Northfield, Vt. GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF "50" from GEORGE J. KINGSTON FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments Of THE ECONOMY STORE FLOWERS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS GAYLORD'S GREENHOUSE Compliments Of NORBERT J. TOWNE Attorney-at-Law TRUCKING-MOVING LARRY FALZARANO Compliments of The HAGGETT PRESS Randolph, Vt. Printers of "THE RAMBlER" AUTOGRAPHS NOBWICH UNIVERSITY THE MILITARY COLLEGE of the STATE OF VERMONT Founded 1819 Incorporated 1834 U. S. RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS Academic Courses leading to the DEGREE B.A. OR B.S. Arts, Chemistry, General Science, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering, and Military Science. Military instruction, practice and discipline are required of all cadets throughout their stay in college, in faith that a citizen is not fully equipped for his duty to the State unless he is trained for ser- vice in its defense as well as for its upbuilding. The story of our Nation's struggles for existence justifies this faith. "The liberties of Rome were safe while military information was generally diifused and every Roman citizen considered and felt him- self a soldier? - Captain Alden Partridge, Founder of Norwich University. For Catalogue, Address - Director of Admission, N0llWICll UNIVERSITY N0ll'l'IlFIELD, VT.

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