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 - Class of 1964

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Northern State University - Pasque Yearbook (Aberdeen, SD) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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Vague '6 4 S fl 'll .- ' ' '!- ' .qi x! hx' V Y V,ffw'. SLM' -W Qssgggwv-3 ,xx H W. FJA 1 K "-'- X " ' 'F' v' C A R 'N A "' ' ' TA' 11 4- r -' u- I., 1 ,Y -.. ,:..i4..w -.-s X, D ,,. . ,qt x , l.. rn. K , . 4 -.dt 'Ying f'. -,."' -5'-9 - - ' --.8-. 4: . . .f " 'J'-"5 . vii 4:Q7"',. it ' - Y 'Kofi 5" 'H' ' L I . X- - ". Z'X".c. s1...,N-A '- 1' vu- b- vb 'K - D- . ' vw 4 f-Van-f,,?..f1' . . fx - ' 4 'U--f ' 'f 'ii' I Q V .A 'sv 'xH"',J0y: ' , 'xt f '- ' .1-.Ui-91 N-4' -f-w.'3fx1'5 FQ' ,suv 'I' X a X: g H . V V4 N .33-yi f 5 .I -. .f Q- " 14- s" ff? ' 'ixfwg' 4 511' 5 , A -D A - gi ' 9.0 'Y W- In . .' - 6 Z ,sf ,NV tax Y ,, X . - ,.f . .1 " -'4.- I, ff' - 5 uw .", - . -- ' 7'b2., Q .'l'Q. Ol . . 8 . . v ' ,. ,-. - ,,, - :,. - -, . .1- - qu'-uv -Ng-. . N : 5iQQ,A 3 ,,,,'f,-A, ., ,,v . , ,QL ,YO gr. 1:5 i. 'N t. . "1 "' .v-"g:"-" . 'l ' w " . , ' ' , 1- ' 52" . QA, --L' ' 1, , 'u.-9 4 .. , 441- WHQ uv' N-fa-uf'-fb if ,- 413' isffffn-f 34 - 11'-Q ' .Q E-'f., ,K X". '. " ? ,i,.. '.-. ff v . i 'gh - M, A . ' 151 xv: D . bl. Jar- - . Q-I Q .Un-Xvsvl. -L' ft", Il 'k .':' fblxfv, 1 -.-'gx.. K ,Q m .rv v-,.'h'3'-rm I Y fu Q 4 ' AL- r 'K .gel , ,, - 5 0 ' ' , . , .24 "khan , 4 , ' - W - Q ,---. . aff' Q-. . . '- ' , ' h tv! -1 . 'KL- . r Q ' , , n ..Yvr W I .. A .wb W A 5 . li 31 'f -5f'?g-1 if' ss. sg. 4 er' A Uh D A 34,54- 'P'-0 'UN r 'Y r -, J "1 A ,,, H I o -- W P 'x -Cp 4' 1, ., I .0 -4. K LY' 'is fp AP ' A , H X' ..v" tg' . A ,I ' ' . 1. v Q 'full - - P, ', :T Y! 'Q-fr." jqmx ' 5, 6' V1 I .- , , ., .Y +8 -L-3 - V -nz, 1,-nf hrrxf .I A . n . N if-1-.I A., . :ji .H '3 ' Ig". o , .: 'iv . Ewa "L -,- - -'ax -si. 1 ,'. 'WV ' -P' 1 'C - Q 4. v. V - f --. x' .f-.. , 'f' ."- -3' ' i Ay - 4 'un f -f if' K Q. ...xl ' I . A ,xiii -1. 0,4 ,,.- :V xghf, '+int if , Q . 'N'-h 0 - V , fm, JL, " - 'I I .. h. 1- ' F' ' - ' h.. .as ,N N'1x"5u"jf -A . ' 'fa 4- " uvq ' , W t 5 f .gf I . ., , . ,I lg- .,, in .a .-. -' ,1 ' .",.i-', H fx Q-"' ' ,af .Tx . ,Sf s , YI' 3: "' "' ' 'ff W 1'-"' - iff' -' 215.4 J - ....',:ef' ' , 5,1 , 3 . I, v. ,-'...A- .--,Q .. -ni , -A., .-Q, V -K . , ,' --vf -1.9 -2 wk- - - . .- -ff-V I-jf 'ey ,Q . -I h 3, .fv,5,- ,gp -7 my -o fm, 'Q gf. -0- 0., si V ony' ,Q , -1 41,, 4- 1, i -,K ' - 3.4 ,, .QA I 5 ,. . , ,, 'Z N- f "' P ' 72 mfs-.M isa 1 ' 'Wm :aw - ' 1. fx,-' .. 0 , '+'r'1r. ' - -' Q. ,. 1 I " ,.w":i, ' . Q,-1 .1 1 ., ., - ' . - , pkw, P . f " 4 Nj ,E 5 X . I-QQ: -J ' va , , F .4 'Z -M Q , Q 4 ' f 2 , -. --Q Mi, 9 ' W 6 V. - '. 'J ' tl. K" A - ' '3 ' "-4, ' '. N - 4 L 3-3.,4 .5 3 EI' '.- E52-V if - I-' . ,- .H ' .iq--' ,. ,' 1 I 3 .W '- "1 -:lg X s. sf- . , 9 1 - 5+ v.--': V-F " 4 'S ' , , . v, .t 0 , . fg'.f-uf R, , . f .,. 1. .UTY v , .1 -ag. ,. JE, b 5 ,EY rg., ,ff af, . ' I. ' I n Q ,-: by gr-t, . sf' .Arg ' 'I .: iid! f V' 4 U A 5- '34 -,yr AL, fi- l. Q' ,9 no Q .r"' L '+. .'ffg" N: , ' vi, ,QUIK 1 it ' . V Lf 'f '.1 5, V: H A. V .Mm M fig" .324 A -: 'TL JL . - I Q-7.551 . ,fl ,,'.. 1 S.. 'Uv E, . -T ' ' ff' T "2 27-A 4 ' tj "5 ui.. 5 4 .,w3'x., 110 ' ' '-'g--g4- 1. '- 'M fl f wg.-'-1 .-,,.,, . M k Xa n- N YP: 5 r f 8-,L ' '.' ,c -,Lk ,V 1. O J 1 . ff .,. xr . 'gxv A, 'yr , , ,., -if-F ' 1 ' fl- , J .lf la' ff? 4 'I f fn, U 5 ,if 5 , :. .v - .5 4 ' I I ' A if 'X ' -s ' -2- ,',2'-1:4 gf: ' 1 1 and v 5 3 L., x , , ML h ,Mm I" 1 g '.- Q 4, -- -f - 34 971 2 W 11? 'ff' n" 1 4 . ' s . .n . -rc , -,va ,' 17 .. ,Gi .n N L bv.- . V - YJ- , NHL. l ef , 1 H ,tv .aw-wvg'mw T ,J 7 -Elixir. -i f 'L e ' ' E s or P- wb I '3FY.9f1.,"', 4 .fy ,gay-4,4 lbiryiih.-aim ,Q : J, - ,, fwref-rfgn Q f ' ff' Qqgg " ' A 'f 'M " ' M . ..g,.,,.:s 2'-"7 E 'fg,,,x,a, K. Q Aly i. . our Lv N M ,.,. .., V N 4:-3,1 li- .3 lr . W ,I .fy ,Ti X tfxxfft- QI J 9' w x ws' J rr' ' Pa' que '64 Northern State College Aberdeen, South Dakota Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Copy Editor Photographer Typists Staff I Mary Kay Johnson Nancy Benson Dave Ulmen Stephanie Jeffcoat Mike Williams Diann Harrison Darryl Skogmo Judy Bingham Joan Breske Jean Johnson Mary Lynn Dorothy Morske Peggy McKee Keith Pritchard Con ten tA Dedication ----- Faculty and Administration - Senior Events Junior Class ----- Class ---- Activities ----- Honorary and Religious Organizations - - - Sophomore Class - - - Campus Organizations - Freshman Class ---- Athletics - - - - Index Table l C NL.. l ri. l-lorolcl A, Fowler Dedication Upon completing his unclergrocluole Work here ot Northern in V730 oncl re- ceiving his Bochelor ot Science degree, o young mon occeplecl o position on the oc'lministrol'ive stofl of his olrno meter, During the ensuing thirty-lour yeors, he has proven his true cilevolion to his college time ond time ogj,:'n, lhere is prolboluly no ospect ol Northern which hos not benetitetl from his servicesg oncl it is un- lgkcly rhgt there is onyone else to whom this college hos meont so much, For his pride in his work oncl his college oncl for his sincere clesire to en- honce lNlorl'hern's stolus, the i964 PXXSQUE stoll is proucl to clerlicote this yeor- boolq to Horolcl A. Fowler. Posque Q Eclucation and Psychol: Literature Q Social Sciei gy Q Science and Math Q Fine Arts Q Language and ice and Business ' Health and P E Q Industrial Arts ?acultq and ddminin tration Q Q , ,,.,,. ..,.-.....,,....,..,.....,. ,.... ww - I lr. I ,,, .,.. ...-.-..f- --.-.-.-.. ...f ,-.. . ur., ..,...-f " 37' ff-2 1 Q3 . 8 O Administration X 1.0 -n Mary Spcnsley Secretary to the Prcsidcnt Dr. J. Howard Kramer President of thc College i 1 1 x w f 1 P I 1 Y W 1 I I , 1 1 1 1 i I Dr. W. J. Jcrdc Dean of the Collcgc iT .1 M U1 7'2'rf?ifQ'F'Af'?""s'f2Q?EfQEW:52LQAf? - L g V tx- . 3, ,,Qk,4,. r-1. NS.. A X Q own own 5 4 ..... I mrs .V .' f U 'M 'x Edna zun1Brunncn Secretary to thc Dean w.,.,,.,.., Pasque Q 9 Office of Student Personnel -.,,-nimwh ..., Dr. Joseph A. Wettstein Director of Student Personnel Q94 ,. , 1-1 ' Margaret Smith Don Vogt Dcan of Women Deon of Men Jim Vogt Director of Memorial Union Qin'-1 sf l VAX ' Carol Cramer, School Nurse Dr. Carson Murdy, Physician and Health Examiner Frances Heier, Assistant School Nurse S1 iz? IPX , 1 Russa Osborne Manager of College Bookstore -- 1 we A . ssr ohs, i mi M Administration l l Cffice ofpSpecial Services Dr. Lloyd F. Johnson Director of Special Services Yi l ' 14" ... ' ' Hill lllll ll lil ACH is: M! 1 ., rf' ' Frank Gellerman, Associate Director of Special Services Esther Robertson, Assistant Director of Extension and Harold Widvcy Placement Assistant Director af Special Services Robert Larson Printer I2 Q Administration 3' Helen Holgate Assistant in Speech Office of Admissions and Records 4 . Marie A. Johnson Asst. Director of Ad d R d RhdV Bk D fAd dR d Cffice of Graduate Studies H W II 1 D fG d Studies . A. N. Q13 Business Office William Krikac Associate Business Manager I4 Q Pasque Irene Rennolet, IBM Operator and Inventory Director Assistants in the IBM Dept. Ann Engelhart Pat Vostad 1 new III 6"""i Harold Fowler Business Manager 54? Q, I ,Lui ,rd M A h N l iIrs . W Office of Buildings ancl Grounds ,cl -qnlrgh ,Llano A P Ralph Johnson Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds a h MP1 Representative Personnel af the Physical Plant Anton Materi, Administration Custodian, and Carl Schwarz, Carpenter 8, Bryaln Mickelson Asst. in Buildings and Grounds Administration Q I5 Office Personnel L '-x 'nv Edythe Davies, Student Personnel Office Harriet Anderson, Admissions and Records Office fab , Mavis Horan, Special Services Office X Norma Boldridge, Buildings and Grounds Office 115 5 3 Y I it ,L 'xl ,- ,I X 'M' 5, f U fy A - ' - .ii x f t ,.,,,,, - I Z L , i Vangie Kruger .' l . -X - ,, A 'I Secretary for Faculty Services 1 -i I, ' ,Ti 1 A ' A" Q :ix , ll I, Admissions Secretaries l6 Q Administration Delores Conley Florence Holm 1:3 we '99- g- Business Office Assistants Mavis Schroh Betty Mordian Wava Dahl Bonnie Suurmeyer Joan Hanson 5,1 Betty Larson, Education Office Delores Rost, Music Office Dee B untin, Graduate Studies Office Geneva Hulshof' College Bookstore Groyce Kettering, College Post Office Eileen Angcrhofer, College Bookstore Posque O 17 Esther Showalter, Supervisor at Library Circulation Arlocne Becklund, Instructional Materials Department I8 Q Pasque F L7'J55'i"'f?i' T' " r I W., . ,yr ,ug , gg l y Campus Library Personnel Robert Elftmann, Director of the Library James Mauseth, Associate Director Keith Warne, Reference and Documents Librarian Charles Booth, Periodicals Department 9 Division of Education and Psychology Dr. Lester A. Clarke B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Chairman of the Division Education and Psychology lit. fy 3 .. 'i A. 'N 4. 'lk if rv- - Fifa H- we M :sv-' Yfg. -ay? ., ' ,TVA "'.,, ' ' ,J is rt fp ' H98 ,. 'Qfyi ai P W. iff y 2 4 ' 9'7" . "'ftu.-"gff5- Q 'Nw v wtyw-mer , ,, K Harley Adamson Michael Baum Alyce Berggren ,,f 'K' H A 1 5 , , zjff- -q w-in Q ggfiff: Q . fi "Wi fe 'AY . Margaret Briscoe 3 L VGYHOH CUlP ff' 4. 'K i .SIAM -VL, yxr, A A Faculty Q I9 20 Q Faculty Donald King Paul Kraig Walter Hack Vesta Hanson I A' -L,-.-v ,WW xi HI V f zz iq!! ml? x wo. 122: A I Gordon Diedtrich Julia Finley Melvin Grabowslcn iffy ,4p-N... IU' 8 125,- Lois Hartwell Muriel Hoover Glenn Jordan Howard Robson Charles Schwahn Graduate Assistant W1 4 LeRoy Larson Helen Neubauer H. C. Rctzlaff John Silvestcr Barbara Steele Milton Tostlebe Division of Science and Mathematics William Bosch Jac B. Coachcr 22 Q Pasque .fx Arthur Coe William Haigh Dr. Gertrude Miller B.S., M.A., Pl1.D. Chairman of the Division Science and Mathematics Jack Saunders Louise Stollc Gordon Williams Edwin Williamson Grace Williamson John Jensen Nathaniel Mewoldt Ronald Oines 'Vs 'ii J. Edmund Wood Fdculfv Q 72 24 Q Faculty Division of Fine Arts 5 N umm . X fx 'I l,,'g' 1,11 , A 73: 1 1"!:I'1,,, Il ', -I ll .eq Dr. John Berggren B.S., B.M., M.A., Ed.D. Chairman of the Division of Finc Arts .X - r','L. :FL .xx i "aff f X f A , . X i . I I -xuk , gil S William Holaday James Lauver Alma Schwarz William Chaloncr James Ewing Merritt Johnson Grace McArthur Wa QS. I x -Q... 3 Harvey Moen Leonard Palmquist Ben Vanderveldc Pasaue 6 25 26 Q Pasque Dr. G. 0. Kelley B.A., M.A., PI1.D. Chairman of the Division Language and Literature - .. -lb ' 1 Division of Language and Hazel Benn Sinnia Billups 'tv fit X-T"'f' Wallace Dohman ' Evelyn Effland Literature Donna Ellwaod Kenneth Erickson Edward Gibson Adalene Hall Ralph Klein Barbara Schmidt Graduate Assistant Robert W. Schreiber Jerod Story Faculty Q 27 28 Q Faculty Division of Social Science and Business , 4 5 6 7 8 l 1U ll I2 13 ll I5 I6 7 18 I9 Z0 11 12 23 45, 1252627282930 lu ll I2 I3 ll I9 20 25 26 27 S '-Q i T Dr. Russel O. Brock B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Acting Chairman of thc Division Business and Social Science Perry Armin Arthur Buntin Rudolph Dahl Marvin Ehley Virgil Ellwood Wayne Ester Lyman Human Harry Jasinski Thomas Karwaki Richard Lawton Duane Padoll Irwin Thomle Robert Thompson George Walters Pasauc O 29 Division of Industrial Arts 30 Q Pasquc YYY 'X Marvin Burroughs Duane Johnson Graduate Assistant Jcrauld Wright Dr. B. Harry Gunderson B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Chairman of the Division Industrial Arts Division of Health ancl Physical Education or ' ii is A is ,, ,,,i f Clark L. Swisher Mama 'suns Bartlett Berndt Graduate Assistant B.S., M.Ed. Chairman of the Division Health and Physical Education Fred Drcws EQ-H -,N Dianne Evans William Jordon X X Gail Sleistcr 'Ti'3S,.,'5'S1 if is i Robert Wachs Hildred Wolfe Donald Woods JG' Faculty Q T3 I 3 1 1 I 1 l I .N 1 .5 .4 1 1 4 4 i Business 0 Music Q Chg Geography + Aeronau12 I 1 A nistry ' Spanish ' Speech + Art Q Math 0 History Q cs Q Business 0 Music 0 Chemistry 0 Spanish . Speed Seniom 34 Q Pasque Senior Class ollicers for the i963-64 srliool year are lleft to rightl Norm Nea, secretaryg llnrvey Sotileli, vim presiclentg Donna Groos, treastirerg and Andy Parlfn, presi- dent, t H .-A t Y 4 i , ,,l' t ,yy f , j awk' fo., sf IP' W I f I ' .-silk" ' J.--1f'rF'j - J .V ,.. 41" IU' A Su, ian-nur' f gl?" L' , W Lowell Clarence Aamold Robert Allen Ackerman Clarissa R. Alden William Aldrich Clear Lake, Soolli Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota llf-nry, Sotttlt Dalcota Alnerclecfn, Sotitlt Dalgota ljusiness Cliernlutry Biology and Matliemalics lltiuitiesf, Ruth Marie Allison Frans C. Amelinckx Arthur Douglas Amiottc Larry Gene Ammann Sontli Shore, South Dakota Pollock, South Dakota lvlancli-mon, Soiitlt Dalcota Wilmot, Sautli Dalcota Elementary Education Composite Social Science Composite Art Business Eclucatifzn 1 . :n Qi rf gnu-s H , .- N-E , lt ak , VS 3 - :rg Yugi , ME: i . x I may 4 , km, xr . ,K 's.,M.,,,. wry, v gp... 4 ' Ai 'S fx. i in. ' Q Galen Dennis Arbogast Larry John Arndt Sandra F. Baldwin Harlan J. Bamesberger Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Rapid City, South Dakota Lowry, South Dakota Music Elementary Education Elementary Education Mathematics - Morris Harold Bates R b t Alf d B ' Raymond Wesley Barnett F. J. Barrie A 0 9' 'e COMIC Pierre, South Dakota Conde, South Dakota AbergeelmsollglIgoliplii Aberdeen' South Dclkpm Health O Physical Education Industrial Arte G? 1 on WSWS HCGIHJ mild Pl'lY5ICOl Education Ielistaiy Eqlttggimn 1.iigi0W AY "WY ly-T:. 4 N I t , Q fi . 1 in - ft f "wi "f,':gx3si " , N ' g: , , tg ,:, .,fr"iAl1 . , . ,- ' ,qgt,i, , 4, "Sl - t wg" -a . ' , 'it ' 4 'Tw t 5 T' ,i , 'lf ni. ft! J", , . 5-1. x 2 , , ti, ' E. I il 'W ' . ., S Qi J 'D' as in at i ' J ' ' f 'ff-I ' f- so arr+ S wzew B. x 'I :X M' Nm if P' I A f . Q ri 2 - tu, A Ji - 1 X W Sharon Beitelspacher JoAnn Jean Benthin Alice Ann Bertrand Madeline Kay Bieber Bowdle, South Dakotc Watertown, South Dakota Lemmon, South Dakota JQVQ South Dokotm Elementary Education Mathematics English G Spanish t3t,5i,qC5S Edt,CGtiO,, Sylvia Anne Bieber Mary Biegler Ken Binder Rim Ann Bl k Warner, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Rapid City, South Dakota Welrater S0iii:tqeEQt,1OiO Composite Social Science Elementary Education Elementary Education ccmpostie Mugic Senior: A 29 36 Q Seniors 5 gn k ,nl , ,' My as its ' it ff'-s ag 11. K g i dm A 'VL- six, 1, M' . 'TTT' Cecelia Ann Boulais Henry Bowker Vicki Lavern Brandland Karl Heinz Bretsch Mina, South Dakota Eagle Butte, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Irlecla, South Dakota Mathematics Business English Industrial Arts Russell Ray Brockel Delbert Alan Buisker Byron Bymers Richard Cameron McLaughlin, South Dakota Kidder, South Dakota Ashton, North Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Composite Industrial Arts Composite Social Science Social Science Social Science :if Jack Carlis Loren Wayne Carr Jaan F. Carson Delwin Carter Webster, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Langford, South Dakota Fairfax, South Dakota Business Education Composite Business Mathematics Er English lslistory Carolyn Rae Christman Leonard E. Clausen Raymond Lee Conley' Gail Grayce Cotton Hayti, South Dakota Bristol, South Dakota Conde, South Dakota Cresbard, South Dakota Business Education Elementary Education lflistory Elementary Education f- ire!-F' ic ., i in l S E ,t it ttf its li i Qflsipw' K C,g:i,tr3-M-ur., lr A- .- Charles Nelson Crane Dean Oliver Cretsinger Elizabeth Crogan Orietta Faith Cuellar Mansfield, South Dakota Redfield, South Dakota Barnard, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Medical Technology Businomf, Elementary Education Bugmggg Edncgiiou Mildred Ruth Dahme Gary Paul Dais Gerald Davis John H, Deblon Aberdeen, South Dakota Eureka, South Dakota Raymond, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Composite Business Business Physical Science and Biology Business f "5ii?j: ' tvTN - Avlgl J V " ' Nix 1' '-- ' wg, 4 -Q. Q. t.-A .., 7' , 'T if .. I V M , I N Q' l ...,.f, .. .,,g,,,"' A lvl yt uf., 'UN I i. ,Ag E' Maynard Dehnert Charline J. Dittman Glenn Richard Dix Glenn Ivan Downer Ipswich, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Doland, South Dakota Scotland, South Dakota Business Elementary Education Composite Business Composite Business Kirk T. DunKer Harry R. Eagle Bull Rita Nadine Easthouse Nw Flikoy Wlndso' Edlund Aberdeen, South Dakota Pine Ridge, South Dakota Brandt, South Dakoiq W6 - Ittilton, Solllll Dqwm Composite Social Science Composite Industrial Arts English O"tPOS'tC S0C'Gl SUGVTCC and Mathematics Pasque Q 37 38 Q Pasque i f 4 x ' Q S 'inf N I 2 'Rafi i .. JK 1 wgb xx I 'if ,Vp I Sm,,,-' y l Y ,f' ,, H in-,efg '34 X, l. ' , , , . ea N- tn. , X ' W fw- ,. Y r l f .t-fi , ' "' r T7 N A, .w , E ff l m L .X Susan Gail Eissinger David H. Ellig Neil D. Elliott Donna Jean Engel Alaercleen, South Dakota Britton, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Aherdeen, South Dakota Art Education Composite Social Science Composite Social Science Elementary Educaticn Lovonne Ann Ensminger Dale Edmund Erz Donald F. Fernholz Marilyn Marie Fernholz Aberdeen, South Dolcoto lvlclntosh, South Dal-aoto Wessington, South Dakota Fort Pierre, South Dakota Elementary Education Bioleqy Composite Social Science Elementary Education .Aa, V 5,11 4' . fy' -4' , vi 4 1 ,Q 17, ., S15- , .. ...z .. ff v ,. 'Qt A ,mf , ta' w ,. N , . I A X , wg, 4-iw 6, -'t2?"i7K"' .' it , 31.3 it 5' ky If Arlyn John Fiedler Vern Edward Fleeger Mary Margaret Folk Brian Terry Ford Java, South Dakota Willow Lolce, South Dakota Milbank, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dalsola Composite Social Science English Elementary Education Composite Business Juanita Ann Frank Virgil Leroy French Marcia Ann Friedrick Curtis Arnold Furness Chamberlain, South Dakota Belle Fourche, Parkston, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Elementary Education South Dakota Elementary Education Industrial Arts Composite Music W? IRD 2 ' NM . ll lg ' J' E, VN 'xii - ri. it W . if! et M. px . 'wi L. Med' 1, 3 ,-5 sg ,- ., 13. K' Q3-. s... ,f l tat: SIL l cf Eldon Leroy Gopp Frederick Garland Karen Gayton George Eygreff Gibson Salem, South Dakota ADOfClCOD,lSOLlllN Dakota Sellridge, North Dakota Chamberlain, South Dakota Composite Business Mathematics Elementary Education Composite Business David E Godderz . V . ' George Godfrey Doris Ilene Gonsor Jeffrey Rob t G plolnlfcgilfqelzlntglvricjscsliclg Aberdeen, South Dakota Wilmot, South Dakota Brooklyn, lsthw lift!! Physica' Science Biology Elementary Education English 1 1 r .Eg X i 6 so . 3 , ll 'if wwf" with V ff' ff 'fs A , .. i""4v-4 L 3 D q,f,,l' -- f ig is gpg l. at ' ' s 4 21 ' Q A ' Q Conternplating a tennis game, Arthur Amiotte looks out on the snow-covered trees sur- rounding the campus, His alternative looks like skat- ing. Seniors Q 39 Pasque Q 40 'us I li rv 5,1 i Y 5 ' .th 1' i S L , 0, 'rf' . ,J -rrgjr 7 4 'A - 'Tk' , 4 - h . Ramona Jean Grey ?I22g::mMggSl+?'BgZO1G Virginia Grovesteen Duane Gruebele St. Lawrence, South Dakota Health and ph Sim' Aberdeen, South Dakota Eureka, South Dakota English Edumtion and VHISQOW Elementary Education llistory Sharon Kay Gugel Janice Haberly Richard Thomas Hagen Philo David Hall McLaughlin, South Dakota Castlewood, South Dakota Webster, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Composite Music Elementary Educaticn Composite Music Composite Social Science Larry Wayne Hanks tk,, ., ,. . ,TW 4. 4:-5 55? 125 ,-sf i 'tw if ,N f.:-t 471--uf Qu I' l Karen Marcia Hanse Sharon Kay Hansen Mary J. Hardesty 2:35:75 SSI? PIEOEEL? Webster, South Dakota Mina, South Dakota Hlghmore, South Dakota Education and Hitory Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education gmijgn Eggjttf Sloalfgzgn Karen Lee Hartman Roberta C. Hauge Anthony B. Hawthorne Ccncrgll Scionc Gnd Britton, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dalzota Edgemont, South Dakota Mcnhcmotics G Business Elementary Education Composite Industrial Arts s -. 's y , f,,., , vw-I .KM 'tl ,N l -A t WN YS V ... L A Linda Gay Hector Estelline, South Dakota 353 l-Iosmer, South Dakota l ,-QL .L T x Na. -ir 'X ' wb ts- ff ii FQ fix l Larry Willis Heer Agatha F. Heiberger Verlin John H ' Spencer, South Dakota mer Omaha, Nebraska Music Composite Business Medical Technology Social Sqtimfft Earleen Kay Helgelien David Michael Hein Mansfield, South Dakota Mariella Herreid Donald James Hess Browns Valley, Minnesota Composite Social Science Britten, South Dakota Clark, South Dakota Composite Music Health and Physical Elementary Education Composite Mugtg Education WA, 0 , . , -1.5- if . Q ' " '5' vc'-W--y L1 t 'HM V. . l"1"N wr,-gr . , ,- x "'l in ,vi 13,1- S-. Richard Charles Hild William Franklin Hild Dennis W. Hildebrand Harry Himmerick Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Kulm, North Dakota Roscoe, South Dakota Composite Business Elementary Education Composite Music History Margaret A. Hochstetter Dale Thomas Hoffemann Annette Marlene Hoines Michael Glenn Hoing Aberdeen, South Dakota Tulare, South Dakota Weatport, South Dakota Kimball, South Dakgm Composite Music Mathematics Elementary Educaticn Compogtte 50061 Science Pasque Q 41 Pasque Q 42 .Q-, -Q , dv 'L Wk: f J i U' 9 1 ' , I ' rv T t , Q' ' J X If J s TR '- sf' ""'v 'in Karen Lee Hokanson Dennis Dwight Hollan Linda Karen Holmes Dennis Loren Hopfinger Brookings, South Dakota Kulm, North Dakota Mansfield, South Dakota Lemmon, South Dakota Elementary Education Composite Music Elementary Education Composite Social Science Sherman Albert lsensee Davene Hottmonn Robert Jacob Huber Adrienne Hynes t Aberdeen, South Dakota Leola, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Lokc Gly' South Dgkolc' . 1 , V Social Science, Economics, Music Mathematics Elementary Education History 1:-f 1 G it-1 Elane Kay Iverson James Edward Jacobs Sister M. Jane Gaspar Gerald Jax White River, South Dakota Milbank, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Elementary Education German Elementary Educatien Social Science Melvin Joseph Jewett Donnell James Johnson Walter Allan Johnson Marilyn Jayne Koasa Mobridge, South Dakota Langlord, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Business Composite Business Business Business m X di . - A 3 , L, 2, tw ,,. J lf! My ': A. W 54, -Q , ,lg 'iz 5 isp J' 5 li If I ,E ,K r Nu 'ist ! . ' Wh, ., AL lei., , xx i :GN W , , s 'fi . ' Q t u 1 fi , ffl K ' rs.-v X 1 - rvDL Frederick J. Kamande James Edward Kampen Gary Otis Kathan Dave Leroy Kaul Kenya, East Africa Corona, South Dakota Chamberlain, South Dal-:eta Leala, South Dakota English, Health and Health and Physical Composite Science and Elementary Education Physical Education, and Education and Composite Chemistry Mathematics Mathematics Rose Marie Kaul Doreen Carol Kayl Janice Sandra Kellcr Tom Ronald Kenyon Leola, South Dakota Zell, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Naples, South Dgkoig Composite Music English and Speech Elementary Education BUSWQSQ K A , owen. at Y t 'X A Yzllgvil ,- l if t i f-so J'-si it , y 4 A " -5? t an We l ' t ' ' 'if ff. . , W, V I t i - 'saw ,- - Ji- v my Q. A Joyce Kettering Lawrence M. Kinder James Earl King C ' J - Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Pieti:e1IeSoSlli1 SQEZTZ Composite Social Science Business Composite Social Science Elementary Education and English Glenn Kirschenman James Ronald Klein Marvin J- Klein Al M - - Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Aljdidee?tmSoiitIl'iJgSdk0tQ Art Composite Social Science Composite Industrial Arts Art Education and History Seniors Q 43 A fl 'il TW Thomas Kolbo Claremont, South Dakota Warner, South Dakota Composite Business Social Science Education Judith Marie Kner Myra Lavae Kruger James Wesley Kruse Alexandria South Dakota Rosholt, South Dakota Lily, South Dakota Elementary Education English Composite Business P5 dfvxy 45 .-1 dv' Q-- -ff X ,A M .X 4 tiff v ' x 5 , R-Q " ' Z7 sg new 'AWN 5 A. 1 I , 'if' I ,Lge Q vm. ' "' 4' hx Q 5 I N fe-ff Jo Ann Krause New Etfington, South Dakota Biology Janice! Louise Kruse Parkston, South Dakota Elementary Education Spanish students are taking advantage at the delicacies prepared far them at' the Spanish party, Miss Adalcne Ifiall, Spanish teacher at Northern, was in charge ot arrangements. V N V' ,AW ' -- V tv i i 'T J .M A A nj J -vw Q", mv: 'YV' Kenard Clyde Kucker Sharon Mae Lane Loren Roy Langager Sherman Dean Laubach Watertown, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Sisggign South Dgkom lndustrial Arts English and I-lealth and Composite Art ' Mgtlqemoficg Physical Education Richard Lautzenheiser Dana J. Lavoy Joran Loyton Henry Rqymgnd Lenards Aberdeen, South Dakota Cheyenne Agency Rosholt, South Dakota Goodwin, South Dgkoio Political Science South Dakota Composite Art Cgmpggitg SOOO' Science and l-lealth and Phygiggl Elementary Education Education Qin"-'S ,. iii' Xi - V ,ft Virginia Louise Liedle Mary Ellen Lindell Henry L. Linsey David Howard Little Eureka, South Dakota Milbank, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakoig Elementary Education Elementary Education Composite Business Biology and Health and Physical Education Mary Jane Lottman Garry Dean Louder Madeline A. Louder Henry G o L bb Sioux Falls, South Dakota Draper, South Dakota Kennebec, South Dakota e rggig uStohZmCylTy Elementary Education Composite Business Elementary Education South Dokofo Composite Social Science Pasque O 45 46 Q Pasque ,fQ uf- K sf: 'N ax .ff V .rli':- QQ 1 S Qi, N ' ' -. ,.. likidiftg, 4, atv' .- for il' Larry L. Luitiens Richard Lee Lundeen Douglas Hugo Lyrcn Leroy Andrew Malsam Britton, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Conde, South Dakota Hosmer, South Dakota l-lealth and Physical Secondary Education Composite Music Composite Business Education and Mathematics Jack William Mansfield Sister Marita Kunda Irma Raye McCuaig Wayne Walden McGruder Perry, Iowa Aberdeen, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Pierre, South Dakota Composite Business History Elementary Education Mathematics .L , it sf: , , , 5 A wifi it 1 V 4 Ai ce-S 7 x., K Yvonne B. Merrick Donna Mae Michaels Bryan Selmer Mickelson Raymond M. Miller De Smet, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Herreid, South Dakota Gettysburg, South Dakota Elementary Education Elementary Education Composite Industrial Arts Chemistry Jack E. Mills Delmar Lewis Moench Gene L. Moore Rose Marie Moore Rapid City, South Dakota Columbia, South Dakota Wheaton, Illinois Fort Pierre, South Dakota Composite Social Science Composite Science and Composite Business Elementary Education Composite Clientistty m .4 T23-"F ' 4 . . , ft fr t' . Eff vfiwt N ' it fi ,t it I ll, Ml xv. 'gy ' 'E X 1 5 3 X ' , fiflgt' S fc- in V xi I ,N , - fs, i MF..4 , ,YSLVIK l , Wiqyfy N: 1 ai! i lit, .r 'Q Lanny R. Mowry Loo K. Murschel Susan Leigh Myers Diane E, Nelson Redfield, South Dakota Webster, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dalaotci Kulm, North Dakota Composite Social Science English and lrlistory Elementary Education Business Education and Mathematics Harold Paul Nelson James Allen Nelson Karen Rene Nelson Margaret A, Nelson Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dalaotu Langford, South Dakotu Sigsetonl Sonny Dclkolq Eler9ent'ary Education Matliernaticn English and Speech Cgmpggitg A,-1 and Mathematics 'fr fwfr' -'6"" in Mx ,N ' is ,nord 1----v out r- ,S Ronald Curtis Nelson Larry V. Nesland Norman Dean Neu Sharon Ann Neumq r Sisseton, South Dakota Faith, South Dakota Redfield, South Dakota Parlcston South Dqlqoll Mathematics and I-lealth anrl lvlatliemalics and liealtli Biology and Ileallh and English and lliit 'U Physical Education and Physical Education Physical Education ll OW Janice Arlene Niemann Robert Leon Nikolas Gary Allen Nygaard Lynette Marie Olsen Clear Lake, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Pierpont, South Dakota Columbia South 135114010 Elementary Education English and Gannon l-lealth and Physical Composite Social Science I Education and I-Iistory Mathematics Gm E Seniors Q 47 """ 'tttrvtttlt9ks.t . t' ' ,r 5' 'Q qyi .L " it 'W' " 1 -t , ,, s I Q ,f , ' 1 1 , I r., , ---r . .fb ,fg'79'r Q Mt d fi- W. i K ,M N V , Q , H ' ,r 'N 'xi ' f"-no I ,, 4 , 5, , C 11" li ' l i l 3 l ' x Q' Myrna Rae Olson William J. O'Neill Gertrude Oster Charles Overby McLaughlin, South Dakota l-lenry, South Dakota Ellendale, North Dakota Wilmot, South Dalfota Elementary Education Composite Business English Elementary Education Andrew Curtiss Parks Donna Gayle Parscli Adrian Henry Paulson Madeline Ann Paulson Freclericktown, Missouri Aberdeen, South Dakota Pierpont, South Dakota Pierpont, South Dakota Composite Business Composite Music Elementary Education Elementary Education A A S' ' w GV . ' V l v,b la 3 ' lt x 7 ' r 'W' ' 1 ' f , rv ll l it W A, .., ami, .P Doreen Ardell Perez Rand Donald Petersen John Russell Peterson Mamie Ellen Peterson Westport, South Dakota Lemmon, South Dakota Sisseton, South Dakota Faulkton, South Dakota Elementary Education ComDOSilC lVlUSif' Composite Business Elementary Education Ralph Darbey Pettersen Terrance Phares Adele Pearl Phelps Bonnie Lou Phillips Sisseton, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Hermosa, South Dakota Willow Lake, South Dakota Composite Business Health and Physical Elementary Education Elementary Art Education and Mathematics 48 Q Seniors f""' I3 'Qhl ' gf 1' ti Mel Pibal Alvin G. Picotte Luclla 0. Pies ' Mllrliell, Somilli Dcilaoto Clieyennii Aqmwfy, VVc'lvslCr, Sciilli Ddkolci !Xl1Qrflcen gilliltlllaliflligill Evoiiomic 1, Soiilli Dfjl-4Olll Elvmcviilciry Eclirfolioii ' lm! lliwlugy uiicl Mdllicmdlim Donald Dean Pitkin Richard Charles Pitkin Dean Roger Podoll Thomas Herbert Powell Kidder, South Dcilcolci Kidder, Soiilli Dulzratfi Coliimlrim, Soiilli Dzilrntri Billiiiqm, Momqmq Ccmposite SGCic1ISficmver1iid Compcsilc Scfiml Sficiivv Composite l3ii',im-is Comibo-site Scrcigl Sficm-0 Health cmd Physical Edumiion "1 . 'fx fi-S9 f-ji V!! Phyllis Carleton Price Charles Prochaska Donald Henry Quimby Arden Rapp Clark, Soiiili DCll'LOlCl Floiidicfiii, South Dcilwlfi Nevvporl, New Ilnmpsliirc fxrlinglon, Soiilli Dqlcom Elvmcvilury Ecliirciliuu Clicmimlry Polilicdl Sr ieiifc- Composite Sufiul Scignr-Q Don E. Rasmussen Charles Dennis Reich Paula Gay Reich R. Evelyn Rubens Howard, Soiilli Dcillom Al.DOI'ClCL'I1, Soiilli Dcilaolci VVc'In'.ler, Simllw IMI-srmlfi Drmlciml Smith liul,-,my Q1Cl1CfLll Sviciirc ciiirl Hccillli and Pliysiciil Sc'fciicl'ii'y lklief filiuii Ilimiclw fm! limi,-Gy Mntliemriilii w Edin ation and I-listoiy i Pasque Q 49 'C 7 'Ct' S Q., ,--' C+ " if-0' ..-A Q- f . sh, Rodney Ray Rocsler John Ronayne Steve E. Rudolph Francis Robert Sack Selby, South Dokotu Nperdecrtt, South Dokotu fXhercleeu, South Doisotu Onidrt, South Dolott Economtrf, l5ltSII1C'i't lfh-.tory Composite Sofiul Sftcncc Ruth Ann Sockreiter Norgrin A. Sanderson Doreen Kaye Sathcr Darlene M. Sayler Revillo, South Dokoto Wess, Sprinqf.,Southllolfotu Sioux Folis, South Dulcoto Aberdeen, South Do o o Composite Bu-,mesa Heolth and liltyzrfctl Elementary Eclufotiom Composite liuuiuef-f. Edumtiom IU5 'Y -2? 4- C' Lawrence G. Schaefbauer William J. Schaefbauer Harvey D. Schanzcnbach Sally Schlagel Herreid, South Dokoto Herretd, South Dolaoto Wetohlqct, South Dul-goto Roymond, South Dulaoto Heolth omd Physicol Composite l.5t1Sme',s CompoSite Sofiol Srieufe Heulth oucl Pltyuirul Edufotiort ond lhAOll1CIWiL'IlIi"w Eclurutiou cmd Motltomolit-3 John G. Schlaht Marjorie Schleckcway Sharon Schlcpp Rick C. Schlicbc Pierre, South Dokotct SISSClOt1, South Dokottt Jovo, South Dolaotu Britton, South l'JuI-iotu Composite Soriol Sciemm Elementary Education l3uf,tnef.w Composite Sofiol Scieuro 50 Q Pasque r t I J Janet Ann Schmidt Ruth Louise Schmidt Elodie K. Schmiercr Sharon D. Schoenwalcl Sisseton, South Dakota Crosbard, South Dakota t-Iosiner, South Dakota Monroe, South Dakota Camposite Social Science Elementary Education Elementary Education Mathematics Dennis Scott Diana Geraldine Seidel Lyle Seitzinger Hqrgld Seve,-sun Valley Springs, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Webster, South Dgkoto English Elementary Education lleatth and Pliysifat Indttgtfigt Arts Education and Matlieinativi, 'fa , tv fx at 1 ,Y-:QQ NI ANI X 4 ky ""5s ff' with Connie Fay Shine Robert Earl Sicgle David Sigdestad Danna Sippert Doland, South Dakota Pollock, South Dakota Bristol, South Dakota Eureka South Dakota Elementary Education Composite Chemistry and Business i BLISlttCQ,3 Mathematics Frances A. Smallfield James Raymond Smith Martin Bruce Smith Joseph David Sommer Elkton, South Dakota Plankinton, South Dakota Gettysburg, South Dakota Miller, South Dakota Composite Business Biology and Health and Business MOthCmOt,c-S Physical Education Seniors 6 El 52 Q Seniors fp , if , C. i :P i'-, .. ' lyk? Q , fvg? 1. 4 , 'i QT bg 'rf' Harvey Eldon Soulek Clayton Sauthwick Gayle F. Southworth John Vernon Spear Chamberlain, South Dakota Stockholm, South Dakota Sturgis, South Dakota Brentford, South Dakota History and Health and Composite Music Composite Social Science History and Mathematics Physical Education Leanne L, Staudenraus Brion Stemwedel Jerald W. Stephens Paul H. Stienecker Rosholt, South Dakota Florence, South Dakota Onicla, South Dakota Molbridge, South Dakota Composite Social Science and Mathematics Composite Social Science Biology Speech H ,W e 1 ' ,:'-Al are , it , in ff. ' ' fig' X A SEQ f' ' J ff 'e I 4 'J f ,,,..f if 5-...qi ' 'Q X N.. 1 ,' ,,, A Nm' 'Whsvt Janice Marie Stillman Diane Marie Stoecker John William Stoecker Dalton Earl Stowell Tripp, South Dakota McLaughlin, South Dakota Ahercleen, South Dakota Groton, South Dakota Mathematics Composite Chemistry Business and I-lealth and Composite Business Physical Education Coraine M. Streyle Dorothy Jane Sueltz Carl O. Swanson Robert A. Taylor Isabel, South Dakota Groton, South Dakota Alnercleen, South Dakota Faulkton, South Dakota Elementary Education Composite Music History Composite Social Science . v , x.. . 's 2 ,. Ml .. 'fr 'B XX. t :qw as X in . ' . i., , "LIS 11' 'ix ' ii- J sw tw.-gf , r f - 'YB Q an Art Duane Edmund Theilen Jerry Allen Thiel Jerry Edward Tiede Kennedy Lone Tiegzen Long Lake, South Dakota Brentford, South Dakota Wessington Springs, Nlqrjgnl South Dtjkoyc, Business Business and Math South Dakota Biology and Physical Science Curtis Alvin Thompson Gary Allen Tobiason Elizabeth Arlene Todd John Harold Tollefson Gettysburg, South Dakota Cresbarcl, South Dakota Gettysburg, South Dalcota Omaha, Nebraska Composite Business Composite Chemistry Elementary Education Compoqitg t3l,gi,,CgQ and Math X i Heh 1. i A r an ,fi S M' S ,Q gp J T 8 I- ' , V 'vt I ky pl 5 " ll A 4' 5 L - A I -. -We-3 kk " i Verne Lloyd Twitero Melvin Ole Udager Harvey Gustave Ulmer Barbara L. Van Hook Claire City, Faith, South Dakota Leola, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dqlqoig South Dakota Social Science Composite Chemistry Composite Art Mathematics and Physics Theodore C. Van Kempen Royce M. J. Van Sickle Kristi Lenore Vensand Raymond Leroy Vikqndcr Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dalzota Aberdeen, South Dqltoig Mathematics and Health Composite Social Science Composite Music Mathematics and l-lealth and Physical Education and Physical Education Pasque O 53 54 Q Pasque l ,7 Hi- -S K, tl lad ,1 2 I L t ', ' , ,,nrit7zd, W - ws, , ,K t ' it V x. ' ew K wx? tl X l . f,,,,, . elf , it E sd ' " ' t t ,ak S, LaDanna Mary Waldner Gary G. Walker Susan Kay Walker William Chase Walker Doland, South Dakota Wecota, South Dakota Sioux Falls, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Mathematics and English Mathematics and Elementary Education Business Physical Science Joyce Ann Washnok Curtis R. Waterman MaDonna L. Watson Kenneth D. Webb Verdon, South Dakota Northville, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Milbank, South Dakota Mathematics and lrlistory Composite Business Elementary Education Composite Business ' PM xy' Ji' ' t A y. if 'gift 45 K .P "MN fx is. it 10 vu F I Qqt, E -an 'X ',l - ' , , s::.::r' 1, eq ., so 11 , 'iv' 1 Yr' , 2 1, , .i,,,,,,d,.i ---'fig ..... 2 , we i 1. L ry. A' Yi ff" Sgt' if A, 1 fri V 'EF-t E .LLL 4" -4-"l , -' nr? rwsv K Kathy Helen Weber Andrew Edward Wee Darlene Weibel Elsie L. Weigel Aberdeen, South Dakota Taipei, Republic of China Aberdeen, South Dakota Pukwana, South Dakota English and Speech Composite Music Business English and History Karin Ann Wheeler Ronald Gene Wicks David G. Wiedebush Steve John Wiitala Raymond, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Mansfield, South Dakota Frederick, South Dakota Elementary Education Mathematics and Health Composite Business Composite Social Science and Physical Education f ! rf. 1-1 ,ri 5 ,Q use .. Z , ' " , we f , f 4 A 1 ' ' , ff? 4' My 3, ,, W. . fe-N si ll. 4 ' " v L: 'Sf' 'T ' ' ""f"""'-1-sr 'Y 3 S' 'X Q . ,gl ' 'A 5 in i 2 .N , ' ' M' -f 'P fs ' fe- il is A t s- ,ii t T ' 5, V V rv: 'V' ,Lg ,- Q J .T A x ,Y s., 1' X ,r A- .tv 3-. S A t. of if-N. Michael W. Williams Robert J. Wilson Karen Renee Wingerd James Anthony Winters Watertown, South Dakota Kimball, South Dakota Aberdeen, South Dakota Neenah, Wisconsin Health and Physical Composite Business Political Science Composite Industrial Arts Education JoAnn Wittler Susan Nell Woodward Ruth P. Workentine James Francis Worfman Agar, South Dakota Watertown, South Dakota Wood, South Dakota Isabel, South Dakota Elementary Education Elementary Education Composite Business Mgfhcmofics 41' 'R Wi, f-qi - ,v L A gmpvnf' ri V : A I V ,u i A PM A 1 1 ' '5- f-L - , , 1., A The big event for seniors is 'A the final march at graduation. Two commencement exercises Q' are held, one in May and one 1 'Q in August, George J. Wosika Ire 0 1 W Doland, South Dakota Rosholilf Sogilh Darlgglg 5P99Cl1 Elementary Education George Frederick Zenk L ' E. Z' Webster, South Dakota Bgilsllsl, Sou:lTnDi1rlFo?d Composite Industrial Arts Composite Business Seniors Q 55 ww Fairylancl 0 Orientatioff Formal Q Big Name Ent 2 ' Gypsy Day 0 Sno Sho 0 Christmas Formal Q Sweeth rtainment + Fairyland + Orientation 0 Gypsy Day Q f17entA .4, . ,..,.,... ...........,.....,....-..-..---Y if-W V Year's Highlights 58 Q Pasque Will Be Long Remembered Many events in past years will be remembered by NSC students. This year, however, many new things have happened which will remain in the students' minds for an even longer time, Each year more activities are being planned to include a larger percentage of the students. ACTIVE SENIOR IS PASQUE QUEEN Ruth Saclcreiter, active NSC senior, has been chosen i964 PASQUE Queen from a field of eight candidates. Miss Sackreiter has been active in college life since she first came to Northern, but her most recent activities have centered around Student Senate, SAC, and AWS. She serves as vice president of AWS. Comprising the Queen's Court are two more outstanding senior girls, Karen Nelson and Kristi Vensand, Karen has been active in AWS, acting as president of the women's organization, She has also centered her talents in the speech field participating in varsity debate, Kristi's activities have been primarily in the field of music, her ma- jor, She recently received a S50 award at the Met tryouts in Minneapolis. l-ler future plans are to attend Northwestern Graduate School of Music. Qualifications for PASQUE Queen are based on all-around contribution to the college- depict- ing the typical college coed, KING OF THE GYPS CHOOSES COVER GIRL King of the Gyps, Walde Schreiber, chose the I964 Exponent Cover Girl, Mona Carolin, Gettys- burg freshman, First and second runners-up in the contest were Susan Eissinger, Aberdeen senior, and Donna Newcomer, Wessington Springs fresh- man, Other contenders for the title were Susan Woodward and Linda Sather, These top five were picked from a field of twenty-nine by the PASQUE Editor, Exponent editor and managing editor, di- rector of Publications, and the assistant director of Special Services, The final judging was done on the basis of beauty. TONI COOK IS MISS NSTC Toni Cook captured the winning votes to be- come Miss NSTC of l963. Also placing in the Howling Echo annual contest were Valencia Faifer, l-lighmore, first runner-up, and Janith Fritz, Water- town, second runner-up. A music major, Miss Cook sang an aria from the opera "The Telephone" in the talent division of the contest. l-ler future plans included contin- ued work in vocal music, She was sponsored by Collegiate Choir and Sigma Alpha lota. After winning the local contest, Miss Cook went on to become first runner-up in the state Miss South Dakota contest, This entitled her to a S750 scholarship. She was also the winner in the state talent division. Entrants in both the local and state contest were judged on the basis of personal interviews, bathing suit reviews, evening gown appearances and talent exhibition. FAIRYLAND BECOMES "RANCHLAND" Approximately 350 children from the Aberdeen area attended the forty-first annual Association of Childhood Education Fairyland. A play, "Three Wishes," was presented for the children's enjoy- ment before they entered the gym which was gayly decorated in a Western style. After the short play, Ellen Peterson was crowned Queen of Fairy- land. Lynda Tellinghuisen and Mary Ellen Lindell were Princesses for the day. The theme was well depicted in the props which conveyed a Western mood. A general store, chuck wagon, reading round-up booth, fishing creek, doll booth, and parents' wagon were some of the var- ious booths set up for the children. Fairyland is presented each year for the pur- pose of exposing future teachers to children out- side the classroom situation. ORIENTATION WEEK PROVES LIVELY Over 600 new freshmen bombarded Northern's campus on September 9, l963, to register for the coming year at Northern. Tours, speeches and in- troduction to campus life kept the newcomers fairly confused for the first week. Donning the beanies which they were destined to wear for the first week, some freshmen found it mighty con- fusing to get used to all the new buildings and other unfamiliar things. Those who didn't'think it necessary to wear their beanies all the time found that they had to get used to something extra-an egg in the face, for instance. This is what Andy Parks, judge, and his prejudiced jury had in store at Kangaroo Kourt, held especially for the new freshman class. "MUGS" AND ANDY REIGN Andy Parks and Margaret Hochstetter were the I964 rulers of the Gypsy Clan. The annual three-day event included many activities which took up both day and evening, A barbeque, cos- tume ball, King of the Gyps program, parade, luncheon, band competition, football game, and other activities were just the end result of long weeks of working on floats, dorm decorations and costumes used during the final days of the cele- bration. Many changes were seen in this year's festiv- ities. Two of the most distinctive took place in regard to the barbeque where a pig was roasted over an open fire, and the parade, the route of which was reversed, Many people felt the changes advantageous, particularly in the parade route re- verse. This meant that all floats and bands would end up near the college instead of at the other end of town. Other changes were seen the night of the cor- onation when the curtain was pulled. First, a new set designed by Dr. Berggren was used which iri- cluded anvils which produced sparks. The second change in the evening's activities came when Mrs. Kramer, Queen Mother of the Gypsy Clan, crowned the new Gypsy Queen and Marshal. Taking charge of Gypsy Day activities were the co-chairmen and business manager, Virginia Thee- ler, .lim Fischer, and Jerry Nichols. These students worked with Dr. Lloyd Johnson and Frank Geller- man, faculty chairmen for the event. SINFONIANS WIN CONTEST The two music fraternities on campus, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Sigma Alpha Iota, again spon- sored the annual Sno-Sho held this year on De- cember l9. Contestants were nominated by the various campus organizations and dorms. The new Miss NSC Sno Queen is Miss Julie Ann Di- Re, an Aberdeen sophomore. After her coronation, she represented Northern at the state Snow Queen festivities. First and second runners-up in the contest were Nancy Breckinridge, Mitchell freshman, and Wanda Essington, Bristol sophomore. A group of four Sinfonians captured the first place spot in the talent division of the program. A very versatile group, the boys represented the college in the state talent division, putting their talent against statewide competition. Last year's first runner-up, Delores Fiskvik, was present to crown the new Sno Queen. Events Q 59 60 Q Events CHRISTMAS BALL HIGHLIGHTS SEASON Highlighting the Christmas season was the Mistletoe Ball, sponsored by I-lowling Echo and SAC. Students and their guests enjoyed dancing to the tunes of the Gaylords and later in the evening witnessed the crowning of Jerry Neff and Kathy Smith as Mr. and lvlrs, Santa Claus. SWEETHEART QUEEN CROWNED Doreen Alkire, freshman from Rapid City, be- came the I964 Sweetheart Queen at the annual Sweetheart Ball sponsored by AWS, As each girl entered the dance, she signed up for the title of queen which was to be drawn for during the evening's activities, Jerry Neff acted as master of ceremonies while the new queen was presented with a bouquet of red roses and serenaded with two songs. Music for the annual event was pro- vided by a campus group, the Swinging Sinfonians. 'TOSCA' PRESENTED IN ABERDEEN Peter Palmer and his "Big Band l-lootenannyu provided the big-name entertainment for the first semester. The sounds of folk singers, pop singers, and various name bands and orchestras from early times to the present were presented for the listen- ers' enjoyment. A cultural series of community concerts was again presented in Aberdeen. This year the series consisted of four concerts. The first concert was the presentation of an opera by Puccini, "Tosca," which was sung in Eng- lish. The second in this series was presented later in the year. Leonard Rose, a cellist, performed for an area audience in the Civic Theatre. A real treat was in store for all ages when Paul LaVelle brought his "Bandstand, USA" to Aberdeen for a concert. The band presented a program which imitated the great sounds of the early century through the roaring l92O's. l-le also included comedy acts and individual solos. The final concert in the I963-64 season was a winner of the Van Cliburn piano award, Ralph Votapeck, who appeared in April. Through the efforts of the Student Senate, the Four Preps were contracted for an appearance in Aberdeen on April I. Their concert contained many of their recent hit records and folk songs. PASQUE Queen Ruth Sackreifer awww R h Sackreiter Kristi Vensand O61 62QP Exponent Cover Girl Mona Carolin First Runner-Up Susan E fy nf' ails, ts t vt ks Vs 4 A X I I MAZAZ , in - , , 1 AZ 2 Miss NSTC-Toni Cook Miss Toni Cook, who represented Northern ' ' tm thc Miss South Dokoto Contest, is X shown leoving her house, Her motlwcr is L, vvtth ltor. Miss Cook was ftrst runner--up to Miss Soutlt Dokoto, mtitlmq Itor to o ' ,FV 25750 scttotorslmiol ff , I ' M N Al ,Mm , ,, ,,,,...,-M ,......-- pundit' pawn- plain YW""HF nun- Events Q 63 64 Q Foiryland 9 Xi. , Queen Ellen Peterson along with Princesses Lynda Telling- hiiisen and Mary Ellen Lindell reigned over the i963 Fairy- land, Their duties were to read to the children who at- tended- the Fairylond activities which centered around Ranchland. ACE's Spring Fairyland I ACE-sponsored Fairyland provided fun for area children. These striving young artists seem to be quite satisfied with their work. The booths seemed to be a favorite, The idea ot Ranchland was carried to the fullest extent by the ACE members The booths were made to fit the theme and were called by such names os the Chuck Wagon, Reading Round-up, and General Store. Western dolls were featured in another booth, as 'Ranchlancl' as Theme The royal court of Fdiryland is chosen from members of ACE, The Coronation of the queen takes place during ci program which precedes the opening of the gym where the booths are built, Two sessions of the Fairyland are featured, in the morning and in the afternoon. Pesquc Q 65 66 O Pasque W I Frosh Are Welcomecl The main event of orientation week was the initiation of freshmen who were disobedient, The proceedings made a shambles of the stage as well as freshman dignity. Fw? Many extraordinary events take place during Beanie Week such as air raids brought on by upperclassmen. Freshmen were required to carry large paper sacks used for covering when an air raid was called by the initiators. A-.J ' ,. Q40 it lifA':,l'-il an nf' . ' f ,-, ,. The final step for freshmen is the most exhausting and confusing - Registration. Events 6 67 Gypsy Day Royalty fu: ire. 'Q X. "a,v 'F ' "' K' U . , if V Queen Margaret Hochsfeffer Marshal Andrew Parks 68 Q GYPSY D I R A x N ,. rw Mrs, Kramer introduces the candidates for Gypsy Queen and Marshal. The girls are lleft to righti Bonnie Phillips, Ellen Peterson, Jon Kruse, Margaret l-lochstetter, Karen Gayton, and Juanita Frank, Marshal can- didates are lleft to rightl Andy Parks, Norm Nou, Larry Nesland, Dave Little, Jim King and Wally Johnson. U n ff . Gypsy Fiesta ls Theme of 1963 Homecoming The committee in charge ol planning and organizing Gypsy Day infludas Jerry Nichols, business manager, Mr, Gcllormgnl fggllliy Odvigop Virginia Thooler, Co-Chairman, Dr, Lloyd Johnson, iafully advisor' and Jim Fischer, co-chairman, ' Pasque Q 69 Gypsy attire was worvn to the Costume Ball and prizes were awarded for clever costumes, The winners in the Sophomore Class are lleft to rightl Jerry Thomas, Ben Hanson, Donna Cotton, Janith Fritz, and Cheryl Schliebe. The Collegiate Choir provided Q,-eg-p the musical entertainment at AE the Coronation, Dennis Hilde- brand was one of the soloists. i Many area high school bands were in- vited to participate in the gala Gypsy Day parade, Thirty-eight bands with over a thousand musicians performed in the parade. Decorations which are in compliance with the Gypsy Day theme "Fiesta" adorn the varioiis dormitories on campus. The dorms compete for prizes and therefore work diligently to construct a unique decoration which will frilly illustrate the Homecoming theme, Although the ellorts do not always win a prize, the decorations add much to the Gypsy Day festivities. i ,f' An important but seldom recognized aspect of Home- coming is the sewing center. A few Coeds devote their spare time to sew costumes for those who are unable to make their own, 1. i r ' i f e . I, Gypsy Day Q 71 X The many llaats which furry out the "Gypsy fiesta" therne acld tu the Valar at the pararle, The ltioycilty llaat, clesigncfd by Arthur Arniotte, was one of the most beautiful entries. Q- 'fi During the Gypsy Day festivities, many alurnni return to enjoy the events of the three days, This year a special get- together was planned on Gypsy Day for all visiting alumni, A special class was honored on that day. Dancing to the music of Tommy Tornak and his orchestra brought Gypsy Day , to a close. The traditional dance, which is open to the public, is the homecoming activities' climax, ix 1 .iziciiiiz mu fwwll C 'K 'i limi . P 1 "1',t,' 4, 1 ' ' Univ 15 ' i :ffl 305' Q ' i I ' i " H e, , . -v, "' W Q ' 1 A . AR -H ,Ili X g a Nx 1 if 2 .. 1.715 -NM ' h ' f JI .V ?.1 bl . 'QL .MJ A r xl Q Q xi v J- -f C .mm I xii.. f u,,.'t N qi '63, X ,W . X1 4g Q s. ish u Juni F , O r.,, Floats in the Gypsy Day parade are varied and beauti- ful with off-campus as well as on-campus organizations tak- ing part, Winning the class float section of the Homecom- ing parade was the Freshman Class. 4 HL! Mrs, i3ei'nife Webb, V773 Gypsy Queen, presents eanh new Gypsy Queen a book oi Ciippings about Gypsy Day. Mrs. Webb compiles the book iliroiighoiit the year. Walde Schreiber accepted the crown of King of the Royal Order of Gyps the Friday night preceding Gypsy Day. Prior to his Coronation, Schreiber textreme Ietti and the other Gyps heard Congressman Ben Reifei address the assemblage. Pasque Q 73 i Julie Ann DiRe Reigns as NSTC B-l 'ii IJ Candidates for Miss NSTC Snow Queen are chosen by or- ganizations on thc campus, They are lstanding, I. to r.l Cfiayla Johnson, Cheryl Schliabe, Janet Ellis, Kathy Smith, Ruth Saclcrcitor, Vonnic Whitman, Valencia Faifer, Carol Merriman, and Elaine Braun, Seated are Marcia Gizinski, Dianne Licktaig, Joanne Bialas, and Janice Peterson. Also competing in the music fraternity-sponsored show are lstanding, left to rightl Wanda Essington, Julie DiRe, Carol Sackreiter, Linda Boettcher, Annette l-lauk, Nancy Rasse, Dana Weiland, Elizabeth Hagen, Nancy Breckenridge, Kirstin Lefholz, and Rita LaPlante, Seated is Phyllis Schaunaman. Not pictured: Kristi Vensand. 74 Q Pasque l A 13 Nl Reigning at Nortl1ern's Sno Slio in Docernlwer was sophomore Julie DiRe, Members of lier court are Nancy Breckenridge lleftl, first runner-up and Wanda Essingtan, second runner-tip. Miss DiRe represented Northern in the State Snow Queen con 4 i test, held in Aberdeen in January. Four fraternity brothers took top lionors in tlie Sno Slio talent contest, The Singing Sinfonians lleft to rightl, Pat Lalylee, Jim Downie, Robert Larson, and Larry Lewis, repre- sented Norlliern in the state Snow Queen talent show in January, Mr. ancl Mrs. Claus Named at Mistletoe Ball 76 Q Mistletoe Boll Kothy Smith, Frederiflc, ond Jerry Neff, Ropid City, were chosen os the royolty of the on- mtol Mtstletoe Boll, All who attended the ddnfe submitted their homes os they entered, Sontds helpers were Virginia Ermkson ond Judy Deurmter, Couples ot the holl domed to the music of the Goylords, Howl- 'HQ Echo ond the Sortol Affairs Committee sponsored the offoir. Dorene Alkire Chosen Sweetheart Queen Donna Newcomer visits the re- freshment toble during one of the intermissions, I-ieort-shaped Cookies ond punch were served. i i Bonnie Philips, 1963 Sweetheart Queen, chose this yeor's queen, Dorene Alkire, from the nomes of oil the single Northern coeds attending the donce. Jerry Neff octed os moster of ceremonies. Mr, and Mrs, Jim Edwards cionvoci to the music of the Swinging SIINOIHICIIWS 78 Q Pasque Peter Palmer Band Featured as Big if P7395 9 ,F- 'x K I Peter Pcnlmer ond his bond wos the scheduled big nome entertainment for the first semester of this year, The bond gave 0 big bond hootenonny includ- ing many different kinds of music. Name Entertainment Leonard Rose, a nationally known cellist, appeared in the Community Concert series. Northern students were ad- mitted on their activity tick- cts. As a special attraction for Shakespeare enthusiasts, the drama department sponsored two players from the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. Kathryn Emery and William Pogue presented cuttings from various works of Shakespeare, Leonard Rose Q 79 ,pf ug. ,41 .' 1' I J I. , ,Q X Nc W as ff' ' CE i N krhll X "X-,X Ce f, X , .... ,. ,.., , ,.,,... . ..,.... W-I 'vpn'-H We-W H -TV. --- W" 1 2 'X v 1 , ! fl IE :i Q , y F , - 'P ,ix j or if 5:5 Community 1 1 - . ':. - f- " J f' 1 -. .ii f 1 +1 I . iii 1 ii E E 'j' Z' TO' lr ' "" i I I 'sig l' i X' X-v--'- ri X esi ' V Puccini's "Tosca" was ihe , , Q first in ihe Community Con- -! IJ, X X' cert series, The. opera was ' X, sung completely in English. ""'U.L.Q .... J S-I 80 Q "Tosca" A prcgram featuring the early i900's and jazz period was presented by Bandsiand USA, This bond, which features nationally-known musicians, is directed by Paul Lavelle. The final artist of the l963-64 Community Concert series was Ralph Votopeck, internationally known pianist. He was the first prize winner of the Von Cliburn International Piano Competition in l962. 4 J 4 1 1 i I 4 Music Q Biology 0 Germ Psychology Q Music L ' il an Q Drama Q Art ' Math + Business Q History Q iology Q German 0 Drama Q Art Q Math f Business Q I anivm 84 Q Juniors Norman Alexander Fred Andrews 5 K Q " M. K r' Leaders of the iunior class for the i963- 64 school term are lleft to righri Jo- Ann Benlhin, secretaryj Richard Cam- eron, vice presidenig James Fischer ' '-P .fi My -Q-sx , presidentg and Vern Bastian, treasurer. Shirlee Aljoe Allan Asher JN 'ki Martin Badgley Judith Bamesberger Vernon Bartz in -f-I Vernon Bastian if .' 9, ,, -'Q . ,Ji .4, .,,3, 1' f : . 'e.-- . .- . -Q ,y,.wf in gf uliihh Gerald Beck Rosanne Beck Otis Belden Sharon Berreth tl nf,L Robert Beck Charles Begeman John Berger John Bieber . H W 4,1 ' do li ., . ,fx .W ' Q, if 2.8 1 "' 'M .2 l JV' A ,i Q f 'Q 'M' ' i r 1:9 W QQ Kenneth Bietz Tom Birchem Richard Bleth James Breitag ,,,r I Clifford Brekke w rt., - ' J ' L. Carol Bridge , Connie Buechler Sharon Buechler William Bunce Ronald Button N A ,qlu 2 A l H itil? fl A J Lx J .5 M . K ,hi 'Wh T li M at ,W , ,., . cu H77 4, Daniel Cody Catherine Coplan C7 Robert Coyle Floyda Butts Mary Carlson Gary Crippen Carol Ching Kenneth Clark 1- 1, tU""" l. f QA ir 86 Q Pasque I y . Merlin Dahl Dan Dailey Jerome Dayton X' ,X I John DeMarais 5. f f Robert Dockter .7 xxx C I 41" ,N va my f' U1 it 'lrw'N Nz VL, Q? I f 3 V-.W Q. r Students often use the Union John Donahue rooms for parties or organiza- tional meetings. , , rv YT- .., -. we J, ,.' J -li v ,K .4 J , N F I 4 P A Q Q-Tw V ,., i in s I 'J il 530594 ig. l 1 in 4 Q53 1 is X A . Valentine Dosch Ronnie Dumdei James Durkee Seymour Easthouse Richard Edenstrom Rita Edenstrom Dwight Eicheiberg Joseph Engelhart Dale Enkers David Erickson '-if ' A .- " J.: M ' 11. . 2 fw ifit f 'V , 'J yr :L f'-fu: ',1 . l at he X . r ' E u 2, Q fb 1. X , Q Q , an I Q A' 1 V M 2 A Leroy Ernst Gary Famias Donald Fenelon James Fischer Gail Fleeger Vern Fleeger Karen Fodness Sheryl Froiland K Juniors Q 87 88 O Juniors 'Wig 13. YT? pf ik , l Ms 3 Douglas Golligher James Ganje David Garland Thomas Gauer Marlys Gehring David Gerdes Sheryl Gerharter Leighton Getty Douglas Glader Jerome Goetz ' H X l 'gli' 7' Qi I 6. l lr 1' y l H A ,txt Sw- 'Z I' Mark Grasse David Griffith John Gustafson Marjorie Gustafson Sonia Hagenson Steven Hansen Marilyn Hare Donald Harrell .. ,ww ff wr-,H fy iN I o Susan Hawkins Elizabeth Hay Charles Henthorne Jane Herman Darell Herron Kay Herring l-Ynn Hieb Sharon Hieb i f i .- A l Lora Hildebrandt Ronald Hilson Clellan Hines Dennis Hohn Joseph Holaday Curtis Hollon Judith Holland Mark Holtz Warren Hunstad Craig Jackman x f . 1 - -W' 5 but ff' rl' sn' f J J . ,am i"" ' hx, 51,1 ' JMS 15- J AM J ' . Marilyn Jensen Clay Johnson Gene Johnson Kenneth Johnson Mary Johnson Robert Jones James Judd Kristen Kompen :f l lil 'E' w w ,o.. y J Et L Pasque Q 90 Karen Kingslien Larry Kirsch Karen Kjelden Merlin Klein Ronald Klingman Leo Kopetsky Robert Kath Stan Kruger Sarah Klum James Kurkowski 4"""" 'E' , 4. "L, "3',':f "L' 'x l if ggi? qw-WW 7 x 3' , 941' Jauane Kurtz Caroline Mary Ladner Edward Laue Monte Linafelter Fay Marcia Loll IW Q AM 1 c, Xxxiw al' 'X All 1' J! We Pat Allen LaMec James Lucas Jon Mqdgand Mdnfull Lqrry Mqrsh Earl Martell Paula Martin Gordon Marrinson Mary Jean Matson Louis Long May Longwood L H. ' , f Lowell Loayenga 'L f A Belly LOVGH frrk 1 Q ' V, A : 'll' is L' i if -i ff' A 'L if Juniors Q 91 ., J:'::.- - Q? F945 J 15 ,, , --4 .. , M7 va Q Gb, 1-'- K-s 92 Q Juniors f Q '- ff' Seq' A 'ff Q J E 7' 3 ,,.,.,..,.w Charles McMullen Carol Merriman Jacob Meyer Harley Middleton Kathleen Myers Donald Nelson Kaye Newcomer Gerald Nichols Mary Niemi Judith Norbeck ,rw "Qt:1""...T"J1 63 .-if .... , t fi, H-J fi if :gm M If Q Jerry Ochs Ronald Ochs Sharon Osborne Dennis Peck Rochelle Ochs Robert Osborne Linda OH James Perry .'1,h.J,1 m I -. X, KX. X 'Hifi' lov.,- Karolyn Perry Betty Peterson Gary Peterson Laverne Peterson Larry Pietz Barbara Prehn Robert Preszler Kenneth Pudwill JR' . W V " 'Ri ,' i -ffm Q Joan Radel Rita Raines Douglas Rausch Merle Rove Thomas Reed Kathleen Rich William Robertson Dennis Roggenbuck Donald Ronshaugen Linda Rowen GC'-Z fn, K A 3 A 4. .-. Wm 'Ti' nt.-ffht, "N'?'s 4, .gl Pwxue 0 93 rin. , XM 1 l i 1 "9 94 Q Pasque , 'ff Karen Schliebe James Schloe John Schlomer William Schlosser Jack Schnabel Glenn Schneider Helen Scoblic Ervin Seidel David Shaw Loren Siefken Y'-:fr A U 9 J ei fgiyv-9' E -W ' Y' ' l L xg 1.V W an fi inf g , y Y J 4, Gvgf kffif Larry Rumpca Gary Sandquist Darlys Schanzenbach John Schlaht r A A xf Q f il ki S1 S sviyk t' ig, . l Darwin Sampson Leo Schaefbauer Charles Schimke Gerald Schlekeway N'-.M is ef L 'CWS 'V f A if Gary Smith Q , if Him J 47? ,x if 'Q Dallas Solberg S 'T James Sonnenfeld fi , is Em-:A I X , Af i " K f Nr 'J A William Spicer ng- ! 5 Jerome Stanford 1 Georgia Stavig J ' .M 'ah- ".- W " is -1- , y Bonnie Steffen - h sk y . 14.5, Jerald Stern M- wi' Barbara Stoick John Stone 1'1" Oskar Strobel Douglas Sweetland Edith Swenson Janet Sylvester George Taylor Virginia Theeler Charles Thomas Jill Thompson in 'faruih G Q . V L Juniors Q 95 96 Q Juniors 8 K , JX - .iii mr-af, V 5 40' 6. "TLA I he-....,,, , A-'Yi fx. , qi .,,., ,YH ri' Leon Tobin Virginia Tobin Virginia Trask Larry Tripp Josephine Tschakerr Miriam Tschetter Lyle Tyler Patricia Ufen David Ulmen James Ulmen 15 P"'K : , M A M Q H MQW X J V 6-'xx 4 'V e-- 157 Charles Van Stone Janice Veldhouse Vivian Veldhuizen Don Wade Carole Walker Allen Wall Charles Weibel Robert Weigel V. ,Hhs -, v F U 'Tw IW! veg-pq L, . V ' . 1. i 1 4 Janice Weiss Carolyn Wells Pati Jo Wermersen Jerry WGSYPIWI Gary Whiteaker Vonnie Whitman Robert Wilson Michele Wingerd We qi' 1 W X ., or X Qi fir X Paul Wolf Norma Wright Gary Yeske Dorothy Young Mary Youngman Dwayne Zerr I . Pasaue O 97 Band Q Choir 0 Orch Staff Q Pasque Staff Q I l l f rtra Q Plays Q Debate Q Northern Lights Q Exponer Iiand Q Choir Q Orchestra ' Plays f Debate + Norther 14cti1JitieA Credit and Training Gained in Participation 100 Q Activities Students often wonder if there is any way that they can get credit for their extracurricular ac- tivities at Northern, Joining a music group, jour- nalism staff, play cast, or debate squad is one of the ways a student can get credit for his outside work. MARCHING BAND PERFORMS AT HALFTIMES One of the necessities to any college athletic contest is a college band. Northern's band, un- der the direction of William Chaloner, presented many outstanding performances during football halftimes and basketball games, Playing host to the visiting bands Gypsy Day, the Marching Band also put in their own maneuvers to show the high school bands how a college band can do it. Also during the Gypsy Day activities, North- ern's band takes part in the mass-band maneuvers which take place during the halftime of the home- coming game, This display is under the direction of Harvey Moen, Northern instructor. All high school bonds who participated in the parade and band competition are a part of this exhibition. , CONCERT BAND GIVES CONCERT The concert band, also under the direction of William Chaloner, held a winter concert this year, Students who were in marching band could also try out for a chair in the concert band. ENSEMBLE HOSTS BAND CLINIC Ensembles are very popular at Northern, Both a woodwind ensemble and a brass choir are part of the music department. The wind ensemble played host for the Band Clinic held at Northern for the surrounding area. COLLEGIATE CHOIR PRESENTS "MESSIAH" Climaxing the Christmas season was the Col- legiate Choir's presentation of I-landel's "Messiah" The Choir, under the direction of Dr, John Berg- gren, was accompanied by the College-Civic Symphony. Also assisting in the accompaniment were Mrs. Berggren at the piano and Leonard Palmquist at the organ. Soloists tor the production were Kristi Vensand, Margaret Hochstetter, Carol Ching, Dennis Hilde- brand, David Hein, Douglas Lyren, James Ewing, and Clayton Southwick. Many area people, some past students at Northern, joined the Choir tor this presentation. Another program was presented at Easter time. The Choir's main event ot the year is the an- nual trip to Minneapolis to see two operas. ln the early part at the year, members at the choir sell candy in an ettort to raise part ot the expense of making the trip, TWO NORTHERN SENIORS ARE HONORED Two students have brought much recognition to Northern's music department during their sen- ior year. Dennis Hildebrand and Kristi Vensand both traveled to Minneapolis to participate in the Metropolitan Opera tryouts, Kristi came home with a SSO honorable mention award. Later in the year both ot these students were accepted into the Northwestern Graduate School of Music in Evanston, lllinois. Both plan to go into some phase ot opera work. ORCHESTRA COMBINES CITY AND COLLEGE MUSICIANS Another branch of the music department is actually a part of a community project. This is the College-Civic Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Ben Vandervelde, instructor at North- ern. Students from Northern who- play string in- struments are given an opportunity to keep in practice while participating in a school activity. OPERA PRESENTED ON TELEVISION Noticing the span of time since the last mu- sical production at Northern, the music depart- ment last spring presented an opera, "The lmPVe' sario." This was scheduled for two local presenta- tions and it was hoped that eventually it would be taken on tour. "The lmpresario," a one-act opera by MOZOFT was presented over KXAB-TV on the Northern State Television program. Presenting the opera were Clayton Southwick, Dennis Hollan, Dennis Hildebrand, Kristi Vensand, and Margaret Hoch- stetter. The play centered around two sopranos both vying for a position in an opera. DRAMA DEPARTMENT VARIES PLAYS The drama department presented several plays for the enjoyment of the students during the year. A variety in the types of plays presented gave more students a chance to show their talent. THEATRE "IN THE ROUND" PRESENTED A new type of play was brought to Northern's campus in the spring production. lt is known as the theatre "in the round." The audience was seated on the sides ot the stage, with the actors on the same level as the audience. The full length play which was presented in this manner was the Greek tragedy, "Antigone." Music for the production was arranged and pre- sented by Dan Cody. Marjorie Nelson took the lead role ot Antigone while Carl Swanson played her uncle, Creon. Some of the other cast members included Charlene Fuhrman, Gary Crippen, Jeff Green, Mike Heintz, Karen Nelson, and Richard Lautzenheiser. The play concerns King Creon's edict that his son's body may not be buried because he had dis- graced the Kingdom of Thebes. The boy's sister, Antigone, wants to bury him and when she does, she herself must be killed because of royal com- mand. The group presented the play tor visiting seniors on College Day in the spring. STUDENTS DIRECT ONE-ACT PLAYS A series at one-act plays was presented through the drama classes. One of these was "This Prop- erty, ls Condemned," written by Tennessee Wil- liams. The play was directed by Pat Dunker, Tom Piper and Sandra Sonnenteld were the actors. The tall production was a play by Tennessee Williams called "Summer and Smoke." Leads were played by Donna Michaels and Carl Swanson. STD SPONSORS NORTHERN LIGHTS Sigma Tau Delta on campus is the sponsor of a semiannual literary publication which consists of poems, essays, short stories, and articles on various subjects written and submitted by students at NSC. Frans Amelinckx and Rita Easthouse were the co-editors of the booklet this year with Arthur Amiotte in charge of the art work. The first edition came out in February and was distributed through the freshman English classes. Other students may obtain theirs from English teachers. Pasque Q 101 l02 Q Posque DEBATE SQUAD HAS SUCCESSFUL YEAR Northern's debate squad, coached by Kenneth Erickson, speech instructor, compiled a fine record for the year, Many trips found the students bring- ing home a trophy or award to show for their fine efforts. The varsity squad was made up of Kathy Weber, Karen Nelson, John Stone, and George Wosika. Other students participated in individual events as did the debaters. One of the big events for the speech depart- ment this year was the annual Pi Kappa Delta debate tournament held for high schools from the area. Winning mention for their individual debate efforts were Gregg Lauver, Aberdeen, John Kline, Aberdeen, Barbara Burr, Lead, and George Acker- man, Watertown. Members of the department and students acted as judges at the various events scheduled for these schools. The winning trophy went to a team from Watertown l-ligh School. RITA RAINES EDITS EXPONENT A hard-working crew of students can be found working on the college's weekly newspaper, the Exponent. As editor, Rita Raines has faced many difficulties in the past year. She and her staff worked many hours compiling the never-ending news which took place during the year. l-lampered by a loss of some staff members at the beginning of the second semester, a skele- toncrew found itself nearly snowed under with reporting, writing, copy reading, and proofreading. The paper helps the students keep informed as to what is taking place on campus. PASQUE STAFF MEETS DEADLINE Problems seemed to triple as the PASQUE deadlines approached but the staff pulled through an top. Under the direction of Mary Kay Johnson, editor-in-chief, the PASQUE staff began sorting pictures, writing, typing, and compiling as early as October. With a deadline each month starting in December, the work was always piling up, only to be multiplied as the final deadline approached. Ten last pages were finally completed and sent in before the deadline passed. Members of the PASQUE staff ore volunteers or asked to work on the staff. Members were in charge of a section for which they had to com- pile all pictures and copy. Norlhern's Merclming Bond is mode up of freshmen, sopho- mores, juniors, end seniors who must first' try out for the rlirerlor, Williom Choloner, The bond is responsible for the holflrme entertainment ot oll home gornes, Marching Band Performs Complicated Patterns FlilifF.'uefi-,1af""-4i'G'-5-'qi "1i':' i ' ' - J '. ' " " 3t" " "3" ---'M ---1 125' 1--,i w- 11' ." Q ' if i' "' "' ff' " . 4- L" ?-ff"'. i.f T fr-Z1-' if-ia 59333 ' 1 'W ' 25 ' 3U .2 5 5 DAUA K 5 50, Jil Jill' J55- f A 'il' . I ' wiv. 5 . V z , l . 2 .. ' ll. -A ... l . V' r 'Q V 'Ir-Tj . r U -DA, s! . -Q Y I tl if n .I J." A Q y 'J Q ,4,- N ss. ...- .f -ff" , M. "f ,-11" 'G'- -v-' ' ' u .. L, we QP'-lah . 4. -J " if ' vlganj Performing the pollerns of words or icleos involves hours of proclife for the bond before they feel they ore reody fo perform, The big N is one potlern used quite often when playing the school song Marching Band Q 103 Shown rehearsing music io be Sung of The spring concert are members of Northerrfs Collegiate Choir, 104 Q Collegiate Choir Nor'rhern's Choir Featured at Members of the Collegiate Choir are directed by Dr, John Berggren, chairman of the music department ot Northern. 1 .fe i LJ bn: Quints' Birthday Party l lm... 5- '5- The Collegiate Choir is always prepar- ing for c coming event. The big appear- ances for the year were the Quints' Birthday Party, the "Messiah," and the spring concert. Posque Q 105 'x -s. X 'NX xi The Coilegc - Civic Symphony ii rompozcd of musicians from Northern and tlie surrotimdmg Aberdeen area, mnrigj. . ' if I06 Q Pasque The orchestra meets for practice every Tuesday night at Northern, Students may get credit for participation in the orchestra. A College-Civic Orchestra Serves Aberdeen Area Members of tbe bross section of the orebesire run ibrougb o number or o Tuesdey night practice. The group presented o concert in Jonuory, Merriit Johnson, Professor of Music, is 0 member of 1I1e orchestra in 1l1e siring sedion, Tb 0 cllredor of tIwO OICIWOSYIKI " Vunderwicie, Assislunt Profe-r-.or' of Muwu' u1 NOV!!!- Ol H. Members participating in Nortliern Singers are lfirst' rowl Vita llalaerer, Linda Colgroye, Margiiret llorli- Sill ter, Susan Sterrett, Carol Cliing, anfl Bonnie Ottenlnarlier. Second row: Stan Krtiger, Allen Jnfola- sen, Carolyn Ladner, Sliaron Crliigel, Julie Williams, Jean lrlegg, Linda Brown, Donnfi Cotton, Dan lrless, 108 Q Northern Singers and Mike Irlilt. Third row: David Hein, Doug Lyren, Ctirt lrlollan, Jolin Beaver, Clary Crippen, James Ewing, dirertor, Dennis llildelurand, Virgil Frenrili, Clayton Soiitliwifk, Mifliael Coats, Jerome Goddard, and Larry Wilske, Singers and Collegians Prepare Contemporary Works -5 Tlie Collegians for i964 ore lleft to rightl Clayton Satitlif wick, Dennis llilclelurarid, Carolyn Ladner, and Margaret Hocli- Stetter. Above: Loron Pulmcw followa Mila music dill- qomly, Left: Dirovlur Williom Choloncr lends thc lncmd ut Q iypiciul practice, Below: Bmwd members take pmfticc scriouslyl Members of Brass Choir are lfirst row, left to rightl Virgil l-lein, Blake Urban, Thomas Hansen, Ronald l-luyck, ln the second row are Randall Fauth, James Downie, Curtis l-lollan, Dennis Tiede, Robert Larson, ln the third row are Michael Coyne, Allan Jacobson, Stan l-lansen, Donald Nultemeier, Doug Lyren, Loren Siefken. Ensembles Add Variety to Music Department l.l0 Q Pasque Members of the Clarinet Choir are lfirst row, left to rightl Marlena Balsiger, Jo- Ellen Price, Konnie Weslerbiwg, Nanry Larsen, Janice Kruse, and Donald Wade, Second row: Richard Hagen, Virgil French, Linda Greene, Bonnie Pielz, Sonia War- wick, and Director lrlarvey Moen. Music Department Presents "The Impresario" Mr. Scruples - the lmprcsario Dennis Hollan Madame Goldentrill ,, , ,.,. . Margaret Hachstettcr Miss Silverpeal ,. .,,,.. . Kristi Vcnsand Mr. Bluff ..a,,, ,....., Clayton Sauthwick Mr. Angel ,,,,,, ,,,.,, D ennis Hildebrandt Pigying tlic port of tlic rivii yoting iugfiwioi' i-. Dennis Hiidciurnnclt, Ifio is striving to tind jobs for two iovciy snprcinos, one ot vviwrn is Mnrgnrut Iiorlt- stcttcr. This time, with another soprano, Kristi Vcnsand, Dennis has the lmprcsario, Dennis Hoiian, ronvincod that sIwe's the one, Sitting down tiiroiigii tttc Witoic event is oniookcr, Ciayton Sotitliwick. 4. f "J gig? : N 'S i fifl wi. ,f ,tif t ' s g. is If J 2 1' q. V, tg ,? lb J , it i. ,Q L, ,rv-.. The lmprcsario Q Ill iw Fifi f V 4 Y , "VW K - 1. f 4 eg T, s fe . . i Q, ,, it ' Antigone, a Greek piay, was presented during the spring quarter lost year Cast members were ileft to righti Char- lene Fahrrnan, playing the part of lsmaneg Gary Crippen, i-laemang Karen Nelson, Eiirydiceg Nancy Erickson, the maidg Marjorie Neison, Antigoneg Ron Beckett, rhoriisg Jeff Green, Jonas, first gaardg Mike Heintz, serond guard, ciorporalg Richard Laiitzenheiser, rnessengerg Nathan Kiiehi, pageg and Cari Swanson, Creon, Nancy Kona OfiCOVTllX1V1if'Ci Certain parts on the drums, Carl Swanson portrayed the part of the firm-handed father in Antigone. He was cruel enough 'ro put his own niece to death, Theatre in The Round Feafurecl in Spring Play Pleeding with the king, who has decreed thot death shall come to anyone who tries to bury the deed Polymices, is Mor- jorie Nelson, who played ihe port of Antigone, Charlene Fuhrmen looks on, vii' f-4 .JJW Two students in drama pre- sented a Tennessee Williams work early this year, Tom Piper and Sandra Sonnenfeld played The lead roles in The play, "This Property ls Condemned" l . i t iglk' Assigned the task of editing the Sigma Tau Delta paper, Northern Lights, are Frans 3 - Amelinckx and Rita Easthouse. -1 H4 Q English Frat Produces Semiannual Magazine ,te Arthur Amiotte, a Northern art major, is in charge of designing the cover for the literary mag- azine, Northern Lights. The magazine is pubiished twice during the school term. N Northern Liqhts 6 IIS Forensics Squad Brings Home Many Honors Members purtifipulmq in dehmle cmd other speech nflivilies ere lleft to right? Cclrelme Hofer, Fmilhe Fluth, Pcnllcl Ileirh, Kem Erickson, pooch, George Wosiko, Kelhy Weber, Chuck Wenbel, Keren Nelson, John Stone, Phd Selem, end Mery Iieylngten, yiwfiu C7 'H' 'gf-'ff' 1' f 1 F" ff "' 'i'k'g' 'P f 1737"-5 'M if 'J ff I ' i J rf V vi, f 5 If 9' it I ' s 2 fi Showing some of ihe lrophies they hed won ot C1 refehl mur- nemenl' ere Ilcft to right! Chuck Weibel, Kathy Weber f Peule Reich, cmd Keren Nel- SOD, Debating the current college question of aid to qualified high school graduates is Kathy Weber, a member of lNlorthern's Varsity squad. i .J1.uJ":r. l , v 1 l 5 , i l t , , Researching for extemp topics was the first job for the debaters who attended the Pi Kappa Delta Tournament, Water- town High School captured debate honors that day. i l The Watertown High School team capturing the first-place trophy in the Pi Kappa Delta Tournament are lleft to rightl Robert Timm, Paul l-linderaker, George Ackerman, and Carolyn Stigeman. Karen Nelson is pre- senting the trophy. ,T , -x.- ,N 1 10754 f 1 l 4 ! 6 1 A 9 o u ll is I an in ll lx H u x n ,M ,i K 8 I ' iiif 3 ' "AF .' ff' ji ,J -' f 254, ' J 13 - , V om A f w i ':,,,- I . It Y , A , I ww-ii ,L 1 ,xv if AWA- A . ,, W-Q p 1 "1-"nina ""f6lWi1'I'w5ff,.i ' ""Aijg' kf'ii4,,, f - hwsfisz- -f.a 4 J" K 52' "HW , ,if "1 """ 0 -55 , , , A WMQ, f ., S x. S3 "' "- ' F, IS,-WN In charge of publishing o paper each week is the Editor-in-chief, Rita Raines, I Am , , 1 if " 5 f f"f5 ', K1 Avia . 4 v 'f ' 5 ly V ' fe H gf' . 1 . .,, diff, A W If h 'fn Exponent Staff Produces 'WV i Looking over the ods of The latest edition of the Exponent is the circulation monoger, Dove Ulrnen, Seated is Circulo- tion monoger Mary Schindler. 4-Af h5Dannl Weekly School Paper Editing sports news for the Exponent are lleft to rightl Keith Pritchard, Mike Wil- Otlrier members of the Exponent staff include lseated, I. to r.l Linda Brown, typist, and Brad Nelson, news editor. Standing is Gary Crippen, managing editor. ls-WR Photographers for the staff are Jack Hayes and Mike Williams. liarns, and Jack Hayes. iwm,wm"" -xf LVM.. 1 51.-My mu I 1 xl xx n Heading ihe 1964 Pasqiie staff is Mary Kay Johnson, odi1or-in- chief. Pasque Staff Finds New Problems Three girI5,each heading a particular sec- tion of the 1964 Pasque, are Cleft to i righti, Joan Breske, campus organizationsg ' Dorothy Marske, eventsg and Mary Lynn! i honorary and religious organizations, The i entire staff worked on class pictures. ! ' I20 O Pasque Staff l I i 1 l . 1-fee.-- l i l 2 Nancy Benson lleftl, af.',istant editor, looks over copy editor Stephanie Jeffc:oat's work. Roherl Schreilner, assistant pro- fessor of English and director of pulnlirations, is adviser lor the staff. in Semester System sig: , ..,d......,- ' 2' -' .' I 'ffm ri'-V5.3 Qi., ltll l' " 'L lp limit: jf lg ---i..,., Above: Sports editor, Mike Williams, lleftl explains a few details about one of the games to stalfwriter, Keith Pritch- ard. Dave Ulmen, business manager, is not pictured. Left: Questioning a page ready for typing is typist, Diann Harrison, standing. Seated lleft to rightl are Peggy McKee, activities section, and Jean Johnson, index. Pasnlm A 171 Who's Who 0 NCF 0 Si Lutheran Student Asso Uma Delta Epsilon Q Newman Club 0 Maroon ancl Gol Ciafion Q Blue Key + Who's Who Q NCF ' Sigma Delf. lvlvn or and feligiocw 0rganQmtionA Honorary, Religious Groups Meet Student Needs 124 Q Honorary, Religious Organizations Any NSC student can find a place in a relig- ious or honorary organization on campus, These organizations include all major religions and hon- orary fraternities for nearly all major and minor fields offered at Northern. Qualifications for these groups are such that most students who are truly interested may join. TWENTY-SIX STUDENTS NOMINATED Perhaps the most selective group on campus is composed of the candidates named to Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Twenty-six Northern students were nominated for this national honor by the faculty and administration on the basis of their all-around contributions to NSC. They were Frans Amelinckx, Arthur Amiotte, Cecelia Boulais, Joan Carson, Rita Easthouse, James Fischer, Juanita Frank, George Godfrey, David Griffith, Kristen Kampen, Rose Kaul, Joyce Kettering, Karen Nelson, Margaret Nelson, Norman Neu, Gary Nygaard, Rita Raines, Ruth Sackreiter, Frances Smallfield, Clayton Southwick, Douglas Sweetland, Virginia Theeler, Kristi Ven- sand, Joyce Washnok, Karen Wingerd, and George Zenk. PI OMEGA Pl ON CAMPUS iota Chapter of Pi Omega Pi, business frater- nity, was organized on the campus of Northern State College in l929, Dr. W. Sheldon Wingerd was made an honorary member of the fraternity in recognition of his contribution to Business Educa- tion as head of the Division of Social Science and Business. - Officers of Pi Omega Pi for the past year were Larrie Zimmerman, president, Ruth Work- entine, secretary-treasurer, and Wynne Ester, ad- viser. lnitiation of new members into the honorary business fraternity took place in late February. Changes have been made in the requirements for admittance in order that a student may enter as a junior. TOP TWELVE IN MAROON AND GOLD The Order of Maroon and Gold, a Junior Class scholastic order, is achieved by the highest rank- ing members of the class. Its members include the top twelve ranking Junior students who have attained a semester average of no less than 3.35. For the year I963 the members were Frans Amel- inckx, Penny Anderson, Cecelia Boulois, Charles Crane, Rita Easthouse, Donnell Johnson, Virgil Johnson, Kristen Kampen, Janet Meland, Robert Nikolas, Sharon Scheenwald, and Karen Wingerd. From these twelve members, the Dean of the college, Dr. Jerde, selects two members to act as Marshals for the commencement activities. BLUE KEY SPONSORS OLYMPIC DAY Blue Key is a service fraternity for men stu- dents. This year the organization sponsored an Olympic Day on campus in order to raise money to support the United States Olympic teams at the summer meet in Tokyo, Initiation was held for new members during the year. The main event for the club is the annual Awards Assembly which they hold near Commencement time. The awards represent all phases of college life from athletics to science. President of Blue Key this year was Marsh Miller. KDP IS ESTABLISHED ORGANIZATION Kappa Delta Pi is one of Northern's oldest and most distinguished organizations. Established in l922, the purpose of this fraternity is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal stan- dards and to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of education, Kappa Delta Pi en- deavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members and to quicken pro- fessional growth by honoring achievement in edu- cation work. One of the highlights of this year's activities was a trip to Purdue, Indiana, by a group of dele- gates to the Kappa Delta Pi national convention held there. Officers of the year were George Zenk, presi- dent, Kathy Weber, vice president, Joan Carson, secretary, Susan Walker, historian, and Dr. Diedt- rich, treasurer. SENATE ADDS NEW COMMITTEE The biggest change in the Student Senate at Northern this year was the addition of a new standing committee, the Balladeers. With the be- ginning of the year, the Senate started its second year of operation. lt began with a retreat at Pickerel Lake to plan the year's activities. The function of the Student Senate is to provide an organization with elected representatives for both on and off-campus students which will stimulate intelligent thinking on the part of the students in regard to certain college problems. The various activities handled by the Student Senate include Freshman Orientation, All-Campus Blazer Day, deciding big-name entertainment, which was Peter Palmer's "Big Band l'lootenanny" and the Four Preps, and revision of the constitu- tion. The Balladeers, headed by a member of Stu- dent Senate, consists of seven permanent members selected and voted upon each year and seven other members selected at large from the student body to act as helpers. The big project for this group during the year was the planning of the all- campus variety show which was called "Things, lnc." The show consisted of an act from each dorm and two from off-campus. The prize went to an off-campus folk singing group, The Pledges. A traveling trophy was established with the one winning three consecutive times becoming the per- manent owner of it. lt will be displayed on campus in the Union or dorm that wins. SAC PROMOTES SOCIAL AFFAIRS Another permanent committee stemming from the Student Senate is the Social Affairs Commit- tee, whose president this year was Philo I-lall. The main function of the organization is to sponsor and promote social activities for the student as- sociation. During the year SAC sponsored many week-end activities such as the Frosh Fling, the Scalper's Wake, HER Week, the Bohemian Blast, the Mistletoe Ball, a I-loedown, and numerous other dances and parties. PI KAPPA DELTA SPONSORS TOURNAMENT Pi Kappa Delta is the honorary speech frater- nity on campus. The main event of the year for this group was the annual high school debate tour- nament. Four rounds of debate plus numerous in- dividual events filled the two days of the tourna- ment. Members of the group acted as hosts and judges for the contests. These members also travel to surrounding areas to judge contests and tournaments in prep- aration for their teaching careers. SAI SPONSORS MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP Northern's Gamma Iau Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota was chartered in l96O. Membership is restricted to girls who are either music majors or minors. Pasque Q I25 126 Q Posque One of the girls' main annual projects is the sale of soft drinks at the local community concerts, the profits from which go into a scholarship fund for a music student wishing to attend Northern. Other main events of the year included an initia- tion and recital of new members, a Braille Tran- scription project, and a senior Farewell Ceremony where special awards are given to outstanding members. SINFONIA ELECTED CHAPTER OF THE YEAR Sinfonia was elected chapter of the year in this province by the Province Governor, Carelton Chaffee. Sinfonia, together with SAI, sponsored this year's Sno-Sho Queen, Miss Julie Ann DiRe. A group of four Sinfonia members joined together in the talent division and took top honors which entitled them to represent Northern in the state Snow Queen contest. Other activities for the year have included a winter and spring dinner-dance for members and guests, initiation of new members, and an All- American Music Concert sponsored jointly with SAI in the spring. A sixteen-piece dance band consisting of mem- bers of Sinfonia plays for various on and off- campus events. All money earned goes into a music scholarship fund. WARNER ADDRESSES EPT Epsilon Pi Tau, an honorary fraternity for ln- dustrial Arts students, is among the most active groups at Northern. Highlighting EPT's fifth year on campus was the presence of Dr. William E. Warner, founder and executive head, who gave the initiation address and progress report. Projects this year included the printing and sale of Christmas cards showing scenes of North- ern, finishing furniture, and supporting a scholar- ship fund. The Industrial Arts Newsletter was published three times during the year by the mem- bers of the organization. Epsilon Pi Tau officers for the year were Bryan Mickelson, presidentg Otis Beldon, vice presidentj Ervin Seidel, secretary-treasurer, and Kenard Kucker, historian. XI GAMMA PROMOTES CREATIVE WRITING Xi Gamma, Northern's chapter ot Sigma Tau Delta, was organized in I93I. The purposes of the club are to promote creative writing, to encourage the study of literary masterpieces, and to foster fellowships among English majors and minors. The main project of Sigma Tau Delta is the publication of Northern Lights, this year edited by Frans Amelinckx and Rita Easthouse. SIGMA DELTA EPSILON AWARDS KEY Sigma Delta Epsilon was organized in i926 in order to stimulate interest in the field of science and mathematics. Each year a key is awarded to the outstanding freshman student who has achieved the highest credit and honor point in all of his pursued sub- jects with special consideration of those courses he takes in science and mathematics. Each monthly meeting presents a different phase of science or math to the group. Films, speakers, and discussions are featured. Officers for the group during the past year were David Ciodderz, president, Judy l-lolland, vice president, Jim Perry, secretary-treasurer, and John Jensen, adviser. NCF HAS WEEK-END RETREATS Northern Christian Fellowship is one of the many intervarsity Christian Fellowship chapters in South Dakota. The year's activities have included week-end retreats and a new series on the mis- sionary program. Officers for the i963-64 school year were Bill Spicer, president, Karen Schliebe, vice president, Sharon l-lansen, secretary-treasurer, and Mary Ellen Lindell, prayer and Bible study chairman. Marvin Ehley acts as adviser. THEME CARRIED ON BY NEWMAN CLUB "Sail the seas of ambition and with God's help you will land on the shores of success." With this as their theme, Northern's Newman Club for Catholic students began its new year. Discussion groups and lectures comprised the weekly Monday night meetings. A featured event of the year was a Mass explanation to which all religious groups were invited. Other projects and activities included a fall picnic, a statewide leadership clinic, trips to Minnesota for Province conventions, Lenten de- votions held daily during Lent, and a general initi- ation. Representing Newman Club at Prexy Club was Leroy Malsam, president. Other officers included John Tollefson, vice president, Mary Jane Kirch- gasler, secretary, and JoAnn Tschakert, treasurer. LSA SPONSORS SPIRITUAL EDUCATION Worship services and candlelight communion services have become part of LSA's weekly meet- ings, which contribute to the spiritual education of the Lutheran student on Northern's campus. Among the many activities and programs pre- sented by LSA members were panel discussions, guest speakers, and programs presented for the children from the School for the Blind. LSA officers were Margaret l-lochstetter, pres- ident, Muriel Ammann, vice president, Karen Oveson, secretary, and Karen Nelson, treasurer. CHRISTIAN IDEALS PROMOTED BY PHALANX Phalanx is a YMCA affiliated group set up for college men. lts purpose is to unite the group in an effort to promote Christian ideals on campus. At periodic supper meetings, Phalanx members hear speakers and discuss topics of interest. This year the members have begun working with the Y athletic program. This consists of boys of var- ious age groups entering into sports activities at the Y. WESLEY CLUB HAS ACTIVE YEAR Wesley's programs for the year centered around the theme "The World, the Word, and the Sacraments." Speakers, films, and student dis- cussionswere used to present this theme to the students. Activities were comprised of study groups, l-loly Communion, Sunday suppers in the Wesley trailer, field trips, retreats, and informal get-togethers. UCCF DISCUSSES STUDENT PROBLEMS United Campus Christian Fellowship meets twice a month. At one of these monthly meetings the topic for discussion concerns the problems of marriage. At the other meeting students discuss problems that arise from campus life. Officers of UCCF for the year were Larry Lutz, president, Lynda Boettcher, vice president, Judy Bamesberger, secretary, and Jerry Thiel, treasurer. TWO SYNODS COMPRISE GAMMA DELTA Gamma Delta, consisting of the Missouri and Wisconsin Synods of the Lutheran Church, began their activities with a traveling supper for all members. Later in the year a banquet was held following the initiation ceremonies. Conducting Bible studies and Christian fellow- ship were President Barbara Reich, Vice-President Gisela Richter, Secretary Connie Fischer, and Treasurer Richard Bleth. Honorary, Religious Organizations Q I27 Twenty-six Stuclents Selected For Who's Who Membership 128 Q Who's Who Twenty-six Northern students will repre- sent the college in the l963-64 listing of Who's Who in American Universities ond Colleges, Six of these students ore lseated, I. to r.l George Godfrey, David Griffith, ond Joon Carson, standing ore George Zenk, Rita Raines, and Cecelia Boulois. ""? Who's Who members Kristen Kam- pen, Norman Nea, and Frances Smalltield lstandingl have some- thing in common -they are all majors in health and physical ed- ucation, Kristen is captain of the cheerleading squad, Norm partici- pates in varsity sports, and Frances is active in sports. Pasque Q 129 Selection of the honored stu- dents is mode by members of the foculty, odministrotion, ond Proxy Club from o list of eligible juniors ond seniors pro- vided by Dr, J, A, Wettstein, Director of Student Personnel. Jomes Fischer, Koren Wingerd, ond Douglos Sweetlond ore three of the members, Jim wos co-choirmon of Gypsy Doyg Koren hos been octive in speech octiyities, while Doug hos been helping with Business Club projects. Seated are Arthur Amiotte, Margaret Nelson, Kristi Ven- sand and Clayton Southwick Standing me Vlfginia Thee-ler and Rose Kaul. Art andllvlargaret are art mOlOrs while the other four are major- 'VTQ in music. Seated ll. to r.l are four members of Wbds Who, Karen Nelson, Joyfe Keller- ing, Rita Easllwouse, and Frans Amelinclax are all maiors in English, Karen is presi- dent of AWS and is a member ol llme varsity debate leam and Joyce was last year's editor al Northern Lights. Frans and Rita ore co-editors of that magazine this year. ,ap 'Je MILA A Officers of Pi Omega Pi are Lorrie Zimmerman, presidentg Ruth Workentine, secretory- treosurerg ond Wynne Ester, adviser. Pi Cmega Pi Revises Qualifications 132 6 Pi Omeaa Pi Mrrrnluors of thc luusincss frcitornity orc tscatcd, left to right! Lyman llumcinn, VVynnC Ester, ond Rudy Dciltl. Standing orc llfirry lflfslttfilit, Dcirlys Sclionzcnluorli, liiitli Workcntinc, Charles Siliirnlco, Ruth Scirgkreitcr, ond Lorrie Zimmerman, Not pirturufd if, Sliciron Srlilcpp Maroon and Gold Members Usher for Commencement -1-V Mcmbers of the Order of Maroon ond Gold orc lseatcd, left to right! Knstun Kompen, Jonot Mclord, Koran Wxngvrd, ond Rim Eosthousc. Standing oroPe:1ny C7 Anderson, Covcho Boulois, Donna!! Jolmn- son, Vnrgul Johnson, Rolvorr Nrkolos, Prong Amolunrkx, ond SUOFOYTSf'I1OUI1WCl1Ll. Cnnrlcs Cronc I5 not prctnrod. Pasque Q 133 Annual Awards Assembly Sponsored by Blue Key 134 Q Pasque Members of Blue Key who are responsible for planning the annual smoker and the awords assembly are lclockwise from fore- groundl Jim Fischer, Dave Griffith, Jim Perry, George Zenk, Steve Wiitala, Steve Hansen, Marsh Miller, Virgil French, Nor- man Neu and Mike Williams. Officers of Blue Key for lhe I963-64 school year are 'Virgil F r e n c h, secretary-treosurerg Norman Neu, vice-presidentg and Marsh Miller, president, Officers not pictured are: Leroy Malsam, corresponding secre- tary, and Douglas Lyren, alumni secretary, Participating in Kappa Delta Pi during the current school term are lseated left to rightl Victor Koenig, Sharon Schlepp, An- nette Haines, Norm Neu, Betty Todd, Karen Nelson, Karen Wingerd, Coraine Streyle, Jerry Jax, Loa lvlurschel, and Mabel Jasper. Standing are Frances Smallfield, Sharon Neumayr, and Rita Easthause. KDP Members Promote Education Goals Q7 Kappa Delta Pi elects officers aniially, Those for this year were ll. to r.l Dr, Dietrich, treasurer, Joan Carson, secre- tary, Kathy Weber, vice-president, George Zenk, president, and Dr, Robson, adviser. Kappa Delta Pi Q 135 The responsibility of good school gov- ernment lies in the honds of the people elected by the students, Of- ficers of the Student Senote ore lleft to rightl John Stone, president-elect, Steve Wiitolo, president, Don Vogt, odviser, Keren Goyton, secretory, ond Corel Eleeson, treosurer, Steve Wiitala Presides over Student Government Above: Members of Student Senote ore chosen to represent both on ond off-compus students. Philo Hell, Dorlene Bolough, Ruth Sockreiter, Gregg Wiitolo, Joy Erickson, Donno Cotton, Peggy Bryne, ond Bill Welker ore shovvn seated, left to right, discussing vorious ideos brought before them, Standing ore Murroy Woulfe, Jim King, ond Jerry Nichols, Peggy Neff was obsent when the picture vvos token. Below: A newly-formed bronch of the Senote is the Bollodeers, This wos sterted in on effort to enlist the help of more students in helping orgonize compus octivities, They ore lleft to rightl Koye Newcomer, Joron Loyton, Bill Welker, John Stone, Steve Honsen, ond Ruth Allison, Their first job wos plonning on oll-school tolent show. l36 Q Student Senate ...ix SAC Provides Various Social Functions on Campus SAC members concerned with planning activities for Northern students are iseated, I. to r.l Gary Drake, Vir- ginia Theeler, Jan Fritz, Dan Cody, Bonnie Waltorman, Jan Kruse, and Bill Walker. Standing are Jim Vogt, ad- Standing by the famed SAC man is the chairman of the committee, Philo Hail, The SAC man is used for advertising the work of the committee. .i- viser, Danna Cotton, Pat Ufcn, Philo Hall, and Ruth Sackreiter. The SAC works closely with the Student Senate an activities, .I i Posque Q 137 'lr ,'2 5 4 fl ' l l i i 4 it ri iff t f it f tgirl! ,ll tf15'lfl5.' all Wiiliifllf fl: 44 'iz +1 if f ' iz, , 2 ref-tfirwtfff?i"'ifil1'l l t 4 i 1 I tl lf li li' di 4 ililt fill Pi Kappa Delta Honors Excellence in Speech 138 0 Pasque Above: Members of Pi Kappa Delta, Northern's speech fraternity, are tleft to rightl Philo l'lall, Kathy Weber, Karen Wingerd, Janet Melon, Charles Weibel, Karen Nelson, John Stone, Ruth Gustaf- son, and Professor Erickson. Right: Planning the activities for Pi Kappa Delta are flcft to rightl Karen Wingerd, recording secretary, Karen Nel- son, president, Charles Welbel, secretory- treasilrer, John Stone, vice president, and Professor Erickson, adviser. -'Q 4 Musicales Featured By Sigma Alpha Io'ra .rl Above: Members and officers of the Gamma Tait Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, vvomen's national music fraternity, are tleft to righti Carol Lippert, Davene I-Iottmann, chapiain, Caroi Ching, Linda Hector, Norma Wright, sergeant-at-arms, and Dorothy Sueltz. Left: Officers in Sigma Alpha Iota are tseoted, I. to r.i Donna Cotton, editor, Gail Cotton, recording secretary, Vesta Henson, adviser, Virginia Liedie, corres- ponding secretary, and Bonnie Phiilips, treasurer. In the second row are Sharon Gugel, president, Gail Sleister, adviser, Rose Kaul, vice-president, and Grace Mc- Arthur, adviser. Below: Gathering for a mnsicaie are tstanding, I. to r.i Mary Niemi, Kristi Vensand, Margaret Hochstetter, JoEIien Price, Roberta I-Iauge, and Jane Herman. Seated are Donna Parsch, Virginia Theeier, and Marcie Freidrich, Martha Watson is not pictured. SAI Q 139 L illedginq mcrmluerziiip in Sinfonia riiirinri Ilia lull nernnzler wsrf lseafcd, left to rightl Dave Jolwnuan, Virgil llein, Clary Zim- Promoting interest in music on Northern! campus is the main function of the Sinfonia Club officers, Standing il. to r.l are David l-lein, historiang Leroy lvlalsam, alumni secretaryg Douglas Lyrcn, prcsidentg Leonard Palmquist, adviserg Dennis I-Iollan, vice presidenlg Glenn Downer and Clayton Southwick, secretaries, Virgil French, not pictured, is warden. 3 0 I Q mcrman, and Kenneth lioerig, Standing are Loren Palmer, Richard Traplwanen, Mifliaei Coaln, Larry Wilulfcf, Don Nui- lemeier, Jerry McCain, Jim Opurilil, Jim Ciiiqni, Dave Scflnring , and Don Wcidrs, Any man iiilerr3',lc'rcl in miimic may pledge time fraternity, 1 "HOW 'RW '9 31' dx i MSW f U 'W ff Q The "old" members at Sin- fonia are easily distinguished on campus by their bright yellow emblems and olive green blazers. ln the first row are Robert Larson, Steven Hansen, Stan Hansen, and Wil- liam Thompson, Second row: Gary Dais, Rich Hagen, and Larry Lewis, Third row: Randall Fauth, Steve Dresbach, Don Hess,ond Leighton Getty. Fourth row: Glenn Kirschenman, Pat Lalvlee, Mike Coyne, and Curt Hollan, Fifth row: Larry Arndt, Loren Siefken, Jim Downie, Ren Huyck, and Dennis Hildebrandt. his k Include Dance Band n 6 'N All men members at the music depart- ment staff are also members of Sinfonia, Left to right around the piano, they are James Ewing, Harvey lvloen, Ben Vander- velde, Jack Berggren, William Chaloner, Leonard Palmquist, and Merritt Johnson, 3 Pnsnun C 141 142 Q Pasque vga Industrial Arts Students Honored in Epsilon Pi Tau Above: Officers serving this veor in Epsilon Pi Tou ore ileft to rightl Bryon Mickelson, president, Ervin Seidel, secretory-treasurer, Kenord Kucker, his- torion, ond i-lorry Gunderson, odviser. Otis Beldon, vice president, was not present. Below: Members pciriicipofing in froiernity ociiviiies ore iseated, l. to. r.l George Godfrey, Morvin Burroughs, ond Tony I-iowihorne. George Zenk, Jeroufd Wright, ond Kdrl Brefsch ore standing behind. Planning the creative writing contest for high school students are the officers of Sigma Tau Delta. Seated, they are Joan Carson, treasurer, Sharon Neumayr, secretary, and Rita Easthouse, vice president, Standing are Wallace Doh- man, adviser, and Frans Amelinckx, president. English Fraternity Sponsors Book Sale Doing final judging in the contest will be some of tlto members of Sigma Tau Delta Seated members are fl. to r.l Vic Koenig, Kay l-lerting, Sandy Baldwin, Kristi Kampen, Marjorie Gustafson, Marilyn Franzen, Dennis Scott, l.oa Mur- schel, Carole Walker, Karen Nelson, and Steve Taylor. Standing: Arthur Amiottc and Philo l-lall, The organization sponsors an annual book sale in addition to the writing contest, i I Y I I I I I , I I Q l ' l I t I 1 l , I I 9 -as Frat Honors Excellence In Math and Science Officers of Sigma Delta Epsilon are istanding, left to rightl Marsh Miller, sergeant- ot-orms, and Dave Godderz, president. Seated are James Perry, secretary - treasurer, John I-l, Jensen, adviser, and Judy l-iolland, vice president, Above: Students and faculty belonging to Sigma Delta Epsilon are lseated, left to rightl Ken Bianco, Dale Erz, Dave Kahlo, Mrs, N, l-l, Mewoldt, Professor Mewalclt, and Mrs. Grace William- son. Standing: Asst, Professor Joe Coacher, Asst, Professor William l-leigh, Lynette Olsen, Rita Raines, Dr, Gertrude Miller, Jean Brown, Mary Carlson, Evelyn Roberts, and Asst, Professor William Bosch. Below: Other members are lseate-d, left to rightl Mrs, Edwin Williamson, Asst. Professor Edwin Williamson, George Godfrey, Cecelia Boulais, Kathy Grote, Jim Fischer, Kathy Rich, Merle Werner, Lila Nickolousen, Miss Louise Stolle, Mrs, Margaret Smith, Gary Tobiason, Asst. Professor Gordon Williams, ond Professor Jensen, Standing are Dave Jaspers, Ronald Peterson, Dennis Roggenbuck, Darrel Kahlo, Ronald Ochs, Oliver Gilbertson, Donald Fenelon, John Spear, Joan Carson, and Kathy McKown, ' rvu-,--..--......., ------any---. .- NCF Provides Bi-Monthly Meetings NCF members seated are lleft to rightl Lester Bloen, Donnie Heck, Karen Kingslien, Clay John- son, Roberta Krchnavy, Edith Swenson, Robert Siegle, and Caroline Hofer, Standing in back are Ann G 't ion, Gloria Terveen, Mary Boyington, Susan Meyers, Betty Berrelh, Theresa Trask, Ruth usas ' All' Fuhrer, and Rulhie ison. fl: ii, il ill I! il il il if A , i i I. . I xii !1 1 I I I I I li 1, :sein Egg! I? If ' If- I I I Planning a meeting are the officers of NCF, They are lleft to rightl Karen Schliebe, vice president, Sharon Hansen, secre- tary, Bill Spicer, president, and Mary Ellen Lindell, Bible study chairman. Their adviser is Mar- vin Ehley. Pasque Q 145 . ,uhqqnhul ,,.,,,.--f""""' -J? Newmaniles considering one ol the topim used in cli-,r'ti','.ioi1 groups are lseated, left to rightl Cleo Miller, Janet Arbaelc, Mary Jurgens, Martin Wiesbaek, Janice Weisi, Barbara Stoiek, and Carol Wells, Standing: l3tll 'llioinas and Dick Mitzel. Left: The officers of Newman Cluln are lfront, left to rightl Clturk Weilnel, repre- sentative, Murray Woulle, representative, Joltn Tollelgon, vice president, and Margaret Nelson, publicity chairman, Jo Ann 'l'aeltalaert', treasurer, ln tlie sccond row are Mary Jane Kireligasler, secretary, Joyce Kettering, regional representative, Ed l-lunstad, social rhairrnan, Kathy Weber, program eltairman, and LeRoy Malsom, president, Newman Club Members Look 1 ,ibm .,-W" -... ,, Engaging in a little singing after a Newman meeting are lscoted, left to rightl Mary Kay Johnson, Sally lfliekenbotliam, Connie Morrissey, Jan Kruse, Elaine Braun, and Ciloria Kopetalfy. Standing: Joan Breske, Mickey Coats, Ray Mack, Ken Roerig, and Mike Hilt. 146 Q Pusque Ollier members ol Newman Cliila are lknccling, I. to r.l George Zonlc and Dir!-1 Miller, Standing are Pai liorglieiinflc, Mary Slia Daminvier, Carol Nelson, Maxine Miincll, and Caral Merriman. Forward to Catholic Student Center l Seated on eitlier side of Dr, Kraig, Newman Cliiln adviser, Melvin Leiilweiser, James Mitzel, Standing gre -lglqn are lleft to rightl Virgil Binlel, Marilyn Fernlwolz, Karst, David Maslrier, Dave Sommer, Dale Erz, Donne Edward Wegner, Mariella llerreid, Dr. Kraig, Sliaran Mislerelc, Kailry Nelson, and William Burger, Pisehlce, Mike MeKernon, Carol Sched, Yvonne Merrick, Newmnn Flnk A 141 Members of L,S,A,, standing, are lfirst row, left to rightl Sandra Sonncnield, Sharon lllacllcy, Janice Jencks, Virqinia Erickson, and Mary Clliarnlnem, Second row: Diana llirnrnericils, Diane Bauer, Cherry Wagner, and Diane Nilsen, Third row: Patty Ulrner, Bonnie Pietz, Loretta Jonas, Janice Mayer, and Janet ASDCV, Fourth row: Nancy Benson, Carol Lahre, Karen liender, Earleen l-lelgelien, and Janet Syverson, Fifth raw: Carol Bridge, Doris Eszlinger, Jean Johnson, and Siie Starrett. Lutheran Students l l LSA, officers iseated, I. to r.l are Margaret l-loch- stetter, president, and Muriel Amann, vice presi- dent, Standing are Gayla Johnson, publicity chair- man, Judy Holland, Frontier chairman, Ken Bianco,Fron- tier chairman, Karen Oveson, secretary, Anna Brammer, food chairman, Kirstin Let- holz, devotion chairman, Karen l-lokanson, LS. Action, and Karen Nelson, treasurer. 148 Q LSA LSA, members lseated, left to rightl are Carol Strand, Sherry Karinen, Donald lloines, Mary Lee Youngman, Steve Bergerson, Beth Grenoble, Jo Ann Goette, Alice Olson, Madeline Paulson, Carolyn Christman, and Karen Fodness, Standing behind them are Edna Bien, Seymour Eosthouse, Neil Bien Gary Aadland, Nancy Larsen, and Gloria Beck. ' Strive for Better Religious Understanding Ollier LSA, members are lseated, left to rightl Gregg Wiitala, Joy Erickson, Barbara Disbrovv, Julie Pfilzer, Elaine Road, Terry Klungselli, Curt Furness, Barbara Weller, Barb Prelin, and Sieve Wiilala. Pasque Q 149 Phalanx Members Have Interest in YMCA Members shown here are lfirst row, left to rightl Gary Drake, Marsh Miller, Lloyd Duncan, Gary Kulm, Al Wall, Harlan Bamesberger, Ken Bianco, Mel Udager, Dave Griffith, Gary Sandquist, Don Pitkin, and Dave Stokke, Second row, Dale Buisker, Dick Pitkin, Dick Edenstrom, Andy Parks, and Ron Stroh. Standing are Bryan Mickelson, Steve Wiitola, Leighton Getty, Gregg Wiftala, Bob Huber, Jim Perry, and .lake Meyer. Checking for special meeting notices are the Phalanx officers, Left to right they are Thomas Karwaki, ad- viser, Jim King, vice presi- dent, Vern Bastian, president, Dean Podoll, secretary, and Larry Marsh, treasurer, 150 Q Posque Officers of the Wesley Foundolion ore lleft to rightl Mory Molson, president, Sherry Clem, secretory, Jim Jacobs, treosiirer, ond Corol Wolker, vice president. Wesley Foundation Promotes Christian Ideals Members of Wesley include lfirst row, left to rightl Ronald Peterson, Mory Rickenboch, Judy Bomesberger, ond Bev- erly Linskov. Seoled in the second row ore Paulo Reich, Elone lverson, Dove Stokke, Dione Wright, Georgie Stovig, Ken Larson, ond Mory Jo Hill. Standing ore Dona Wei- lond, K o n n i e Westerberg, Kothy Moeller, ond Bill Col- lins. ' " M "f ,l'+1'i.U2x.'14i64llYi!NKlY' ' . vf Lutz Is UCCF Prexy Officers of UCCF include ileft to right! Lynda Boettcher, vice president, Nancy lxasse, Members participating in UCCF are ileft to right! Dennis Frey, secretary, and Larry Lutz, president, Jerry Barbara Meidinger, Rene Alkine, Joyce Veren, Dorothy Symens, Thiel, treasurer, is not pictured, Darlene Balough, Meriiys Thorpe, Sue Bassett, Janice Niernann, and Dennis Tiede. V 152 Q UCCF Enjoying a joke told by Reverend A, F. , Pingel, Pastoral adviser, are the officers of Gamma Delta, They are tleft to rightl Gesila Richter, vice president, Richard Bleth, treasurer, Dr, Gordon Diedtrich, adviser, Rev, Pingel, and Barbara Reich, president. VM! .ff nv' Gamma Delta Schedule Shows Various Interests Members taking an active part in Gamma Delta are tfirst row, left to rightl Delvvin Carter, Karen Lienemann, Dorothy Marske, Rosie lbis, lvlarlys Mascher, and Cheri Ackerson, In the back row are Wayne McGruder, Robert Prunty, James Pahl, Gary l-lahler, Ron Stroh, Cheryl Schliebe, and Janice Stillman. Pasaue 6 153 Physics 0 English + Soci Math Q Physics Q Englisl Bl Science + Elementary Eclucation Q Music Q Business 1 ' Social Science + Elementary Education Q Music . B Sepia vm of-eA 4. l a - 5 rc i g:1 1 li I, 156 Q Sophomares , , 'll ?5ff r tr Officers for the sophomore class for the l963-64 school year include ll. to r.l Gregg Wiutolo, vice preside-nrg Dove Sebring, sec- reloryg l-lorry Little, presidentg ond Valen- Clo Folfer, treasurer. I ,.. -wwmi. sg.. ' A . , - NA, Nr. .Q-.0--T-,N--' avg.. Sheila Adam Cheryl Akerson Jerome Aman Barbara Amdahl Muriel Ammann Elizabeth Anderson Greg Anderson Trent Anderson Lowell Anthony WC? ,x 1 iw' ri , .. l . 33,5 . , 435 , 1 I' 'GPC if ,, s. '47-P 'z ..-..- :Q W PX A -M ' 5-w Q., A 'la vfvlq 'l - - fm 'V . s .IVV ' K A. ' A - T ., . AAI' 1 Q ,,!g...,-fl' J K fr 1' Janet Arbach Jack Archer James Austin Darlene Balogh Norma Banning Sue Ann Bassett George Bates Cherly Baumberger Herbert Beauvios Donald Becker Carol Belk Berniece Ballack Constance Bely Karen Bender Kathy Benkendorf Maryann Berndt Betty Berreth Joann Bialas Kenneth Bianco Lenora Bieber Peggy Bieber Edna Bien Niel Bien Virgil Binfet y V777 "ind: ' ' if? " ,-A . H: - . . 1' N F -. PIN- in W -,NV 5 il Q gl .L IV' '77 3,55 S' ii, Ji " X . f 'B A avr i ii- B Y' A .lon Blake Barbara Boulduan 01 f, A , 'MY W tiuttfryf Daniel Boyd ru, Z4 K fig Annolee Brammer - 4? 1-., H., , I 1 Robert Braun K Linda Braunstein 158 Q Pasque Denece Brekke Karie Bringman Larry Brockel Frederick Brost Jean Brown Robert Brown Margaret Bruse Kenneth Bunn Allen Buus Roberta Chaboya Roger Clarke Sharry Clem Richard Clemetson William Collins Colleen Conroy Mary Corbin Donna Cotton Anita Cowie A ., Q T ,iii lffn ' B q 4 lc i"""f'2l ,wi 'Z' 'S' ifgieff' ,ki'l"'i""" ei 'fa 1 v-r' ji 'Rklx I ,N V :L F25 w wr 'lf' John Stone, Rafe Mock, Jim Evenson, and Horry Little were oll leaders during Orion- totion week ot the beginning of school. Q -3, ,Ziff ' ,,Q'.7uA'1 5 4. Q gg-A, A .ull X gg, I . ,. l mpgs ,, N ty , -s-.1 . an-'V I Michael Coyne John Davies Patricia Dawson Bonnie Dingsor Juliann DiRe Claudia Dithmer Phyllis Docktor Rita Dohn James Downie Gary Drake Stephen Dresbach Roger Dubs Charles Duchene Lloyd Duncan Patricia Dunker wa r Q ,ls A if, W' v l ii ia. t ,,,:,, . TN Z S im lil w tw: 4. .bf , if ni waxy Qi L Sophomores Q 159 x - i . .1 f- .. f R.. , W X .y Q! gr .4 'v' lx K gb A5 A i ,,s1:,r Lg! 3' 'fl ff' x 1' pv- Marlys Ecker Carol Eleeson William Elliott Janet Ellis Lyle Elton Allan Engel Barry Erickson Wanda Essington James Evinson t Nor1l'iern's cheerleaders orc olwoys present for assemblies ond games, stirring up en- thusiasm among ine students, ..- .- fin Burdette Faehn Valencia Faifer George Farnham Randall Fauth Wayne Feller Connie Fischer ,1 Q' 1" A I L .. We-jill I il 1. 1 1 --v -4 Lorraine Fisher tif 1, KK X QW' Wig X K wary? Q p Steven Fisher Deloris Fishvik Jerald Fix Judith Florentine Curtis Forbes Marilyn Franzen Sharen Freier Dennis Frey Ronald Frey Janith Fritz Theresa Fuhrer Dale Gerriets Oliver Gilbertson Jerome Goddard Joann Goette Gayle Goodroad Gary Gramm Janice Graves Richard Grebner Virgil Green Jerald Grenz Kathleen Grote Bonnie Gruver ix. ,J fy 'f-21:-.rr ' , Q ,. -Q, Li , Mirqliwuk ii 1 fs ev il S, gy, pf V W, -fm v - xx F .r lf. Q C ah W 5 VV 'rtiglzqnff fn' I iX95L' Q h tw, yew , WY aw .W ii, J, I X i , A mga-q by wi ,f or-x bv X xi at H Pdsque 0 161 ivwff Wu ini ,. V' , 4-:Mlm , I .vw lv' L i a ,' I 1-LJ' --K., A X. K 4' in V ' ,F ir 162 Q Pasque Ruth Gustafson Joan Guyot Norman Haan Linda Hagberg James Hannigan Stanley Hansen GRI Tommy Hansen Dennis Hanson Peggy Hanson Roger Hanson Tom Harman Gary Harris Tom Hawkins Dannie Heck Janis Heilman Y my --. , vii , , Many parents took advantage of the guided tours of the new Mewaldt-Jensen Building on the visiting day prior to school. , i 1 K ..,'i-'A if pa . 3 H 'Wy H , 1 V fp -...,...v Ai fl ii, in -.J Ak YL 4, '-ig ,u ' 3. , ,v , -sc ff K gl, lsr, , .., 9 X -ff, . W. .,.,f f -1.J,f 11 C. .JI 1' 'li 1 W R C i f'9'w:.l x 1 .....-. Virgil Hein Michael Heintz Larrie Heinzen Beverly Hendricks Ronald Hendrickson Steve Henneberg Neil Herman Sally Hickenbothom Carolyn Hieb Charlene Hillgren Craig Hilton Sharon Hladky Gay Hoenscheid Robert Hofemann Jacob Hoff William Hoff Vicki Hoisington Kenneth Holler Ronald Holtz Keith Hons June Howell Edward Hunstad Ronald Huyck Allan Jacobson l f 5 KST, L Q l h Sophomores Q l63 vi? 'J if 'i K, S Ji tif' sag -4' e X be 'W K I S. W -:ii 5 , t J it 1' P V N N2 L t AQ '? n ' 1. W K , ,XML ' M, . .N .Y iw it 45" 'S E I , " an W -0. il f nf - T gif.,-1 aff 5 S , J A if ig, ,S get ,tha 0 .sf 'Q' 4. Km' Ar 4.. f-1'f!f"f: :- 'I f Eigifitk A WJ' W .r M 'WF "' 'f X 1 -as ,W 'CE' I I 164 Q Sophomores David Jones David Jaspers Charlene Jensen Nancy Jensen Edith Joachim Marcus Job David Johnson Gayla Johnson Dennis Johnston Cora Sue Jones Kenneth Jones Larry Jordol Karen Jorgensen Dwight Jundt Wayne Junso Mary Jurgens Dale Kahla Darell Kahla David Kapphahn Jerry Keeley Ralph Kemnitz Judy Kettwig Judith Keup Shayne King , M :5f:gf,gffez'. glfiaswuf' ' iww .v.t .L L, ... , V 9 Mary Kirchgasler David Kirkpatrick Kay Klein Donald Kluck Gary Kraft James Kranhold Kenneth Kranz Sandra Krause Wayne Krentz Hugo Kryger Gary Kulm James Kunde Judith Ladner Rita La Plante Cheryl Larsen Kenneth Larsen Robert C. Larson Robert L. Larson Robert Leach Kirstin Lelholz Roger Lekvold Larry Lewis Robert Lewis Dianne Lickteig Pasque Q 165 lg 6 3 Y. -who 166 Q Posque Elroy Likness Dennis Lindner Douglas Lindner Beverly Lindskov David Linngren Carol Lippert Harry Little Neil Lupkes Larry Lutz Raphael Mack Sheila Mackey Lynn MacPhail Kenneth Manning Joan Marshall Janice Mayer Janice McDaniel Ross McDonald Pat McGurren Kathryn McKown Willis McLaughlin Dennis Mecklenburg Wayne Meidinger John Mertz Cleo Miller HQ- V54 as ' Q Ii 535, , 4 UA L- f . -X '-.'iif.l A. If--He.. .V Gy A ,-0 . ,N-V M ll ...V -if um 1+ 'lr , , . i , 5 ls , v ,.., we g , -Q 10' xy, .JU 'M , J' . .- r " - 1 i A X x ,X i -X ..- exl M MM 'YW- l rm ,AN X 'iw , ' v 421' l"l Creighton Miller Frances Miller Jerry Miller Arlene Minder Donna Misterek Rita Mitchell Loretta Mohr June Moser Irene Mueller 5,- Denology is 0 popular subject for most of Northerrfs stu- dents. Shirley Neifer Douglas Nelson Gary Nelson Kathleen Nelson Robert Nickisch Lila Nickolauson ' gi, A PW ' Y. Y ,Q A -ll I- F1 f 0' 5 r . A my -,Q 1 U " A it Sophomores Q 167 xl . .5 - L 'X so .Mg 7, + Fill , 'Q ff , if -I Q E 168 Q Sophomores .P"'i 'fn' 'uf 9 , 1 xx U pus.. . ,s 'AES' f 7 i 'fm' 3 U - V, f -QM ,v fix L B x hiss? "ii t St A e f Jerome Nicolay Judith Nielsen Judith Ninke Bryan Nuttall Kathryn Nyvold Daniel O'Connor Carol Ogren Connie Olmstad Layton Olsen Charles Orr Cheryl Overland Karen Oveson Harold Pardew Virginia Paul Larry Petersen Arden Peterson Karen Peterson Ronald Peterson Sandra Peterson Shirley Petik Julie Pfitzer Roger Philbrick Allen Phipps Carol Pierce 1-5 ki lx , Q , fi 4 f N I in 2 Q ' 1, , FN R i N fa' 7+ Aff : 'Rs- IT' . . X J' 4-. , w x el. ' 1 Y w , i .4-..u.u' tr A Mike Pietz Sondra Pischke Sharon Pischke DeAnn Prentice Jo Ellen Price Donna Punty Elaine Raad Theresa Robo Sharon Raetzman Georgia Ramos Bette Rasmussen Duane Rasmussen Theodore Ratliff Lloyd Rave Robert Redlin Barbara Reich Dennis Reis Richard Reisenweber Marilyn Remmers Lynn Reyelts Timothy Rich Gisela Richter Ruth Rosenau Gary Ruckdaschel fr Z... nl' A 'H fp 113. Er, 1- ... it s 'T' if 'ink Y f qi ' , ,f yi '1 7? ' 1 , .. my :E fi f'f'i'iQ: qw ,,.-one mr Wi , Wh 1 : Q ' 4' '01 5 cu., Pasque Q 169 nv 'QW if I v i MR? . W, if ' is W W as , -Aww -1 sl ' E I Q, S asf' X 45 A . Af'-'T V' .F 170 Q Pasque Norbert Rusch Patrick Russell Jerald Ryan Carol Sacreiter Donald Sagmoe Robert Sampson Dennis Schauer Phyllis Schaunaman Georgia Schickendanz Mary Schindler Cheryl Schliebc Curtis Schryer Paul Schumaker Marian Scriver David Sebring e x wr . 1 , 1 , 1 if 1 i , 5 fl .N V 0, ll -vu Q A Bi ,W , lx xx f x Ah Ae.: of 1 3. , . l . -.,- ",. Q . f...- . 1 , e , A ' rf 5 N f 'fl 1: l' fr S l ,o -,,: gf j ' - 4- l QR I ' Q : -.Wk ...F-J ng 'Q he Richard Sebring Dianne Selzle James Shantz Willis Shockley Robert Simonson Terry Small Roland Smit Robert Smith Margaret Snethen Sandra Sonnenfeld Delight Sperle Roger Spiry Lyle Stable Carole Stein Winifred Steinocker Clarence Stern David Stokke Carol Strand Ronald Stroh Kenneth Strohfus Clifford Sunbear Ryan Sutton Linda Swanson Sharel Swanson or Sophomores Q l7l I .A -C 5- q ,J 3 D 2 T 'x 17 ' 1 l F V 'A r . N ,,, I .2 an WI , A IES' ' , genes' A J I my 5. V 1 , is , . ,, Y. ia.: x , 3: , K 4' s- 1, N' ,. 'Q , "' 0 , L dm :Eg H i ,v ll Sophomores Q 172 A-ma X -W F' ' 1 fc yi"-'ws 6 I T l'-'Sf will i. , , , ,3 J K rm' fhofinf QI 'lun-P X l., A Y , .4 3' 11 Q," M T u 1' 7 JW V L' -v : 4 I, Q -. sk. . . d i A H Wx, , ,-., , 15 B6 53 AL N. fr Mr,--:C ' Q' ' X . as of Clark Swisher Lawrence Tempel Charles Terry Rosalie Thill Jerry Thomas William Thomas Joyce Thompson William Thompson Merilys Thorpe Nancy Tracy David Treffry Thomas Tschetter Joseph Unzicker Calvin Waddell Cheryl Wagner Phyllis Wagner Diane Walker Bonita Walterman Patsy Walters Judy Watson Donald Weber Edward Wegner Barbara Weller Merle Werner 'Qui , :T A - i 1, s,,, X 1 5' 9 ,,. lr M ' ' x 'G , l TJ' A 1 A 5 , 'ii' 3 . WG A J I iff . li , ff 1- ' 4' 1 iw 'nr' W W js Ah 'N ...Q Ronald Wormke Lois Yackley Dianne Zabel John West Q Grant Wichs Gregg Wiitola Dianne Wika Norma Wika Rosealita Wolf David Zacher Mary Zacher John Zemlicka David Zerr Michael Zerr rg ' G 1, 1, . , - M I L A s -14 ,- JW: . V , as 1 v 'U "' t -fr , lin! r J-fl 37 .L Formal cowboy dress wos in order or the Western Hoedown sponsored by SAC. Prexy Club 0 AWS Q YoU Business Club + SNEA Q Q ng Republicans + Young Democrats Q Art Fraternity Q NCE 0 International Relations Club Q WRA Q Prexy C C'ampuA Ufgdhgdfivhd Campus Organizations,Serve Many Purposes 176 Q Campus Organizations Northern is fortunate in having many different organizations on its campus to fulfill the various interests of the students, The groups fall into four categories: honorary, religious, governing, and campus. Each club meets at least once each month and some as often as once a week. All students are given the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities while pursuing their education, These organizations represent numer- ous fields of endeavor for the students and are usually centered around the major and minor fields offered at Northern. PREXY CLUB MEETS WITH DR. KRAMER Membership in Northern's Prexy Club includes the presidents of the various campus organiza- tions, the editor of the PASQUE and the editor of the Exponent. The group meets once a month for a noon luncheon in the Rushmore Room with Dr. J. l-loward Kramer, president of the college. Prexy Club represents the voice between the president of the college and the student body. Discussions involving the future plans of the college and prob- lems concerning the general student body or or- ganizations are presented and suggestions and solutions offered. The new Northern State College sign on the front gate and the new bulletin board erected outside the Union Building were backed by the Prexy Club. AWS ELECTS NEW OFFICERS Included in the membership of the Association of Women Students are all women on the college campus. The main purpose of the AWS is to set up and assist in enforcing standards and rules for the girls both on and off campus. During the first week of school, the AWS committee presented three skits to acquaint the students with campus policies. The Judicial Council from each dormitory is the enforcing agency of the organization. The major accomplishments for this year were the revision of dormitory standards and hours and the writing of a new coed book of rules and hints. Many activities were sponsored during the year, including a Big-Litttle Sister program which was held at Melgaard Park where the girls were given the opportunity to become better acquainted with the big sisters of their classmates. AWS also sponsored week-end activities for all Northern students. One of the final projects of the year was scheduled in April in the form of a style show-tea. Committees were appointed to plan all of the details of the project and the show was held in the Union Ballroom where both girls and mothers modeled clothes from a downtown store. After the show the new officers were in- itiated. New officers for next year include Vir- ginia Theeler, president, Barbara Prehn, vice pres- ident, Kathy Smith, secretary, and Marlenna Balsiger, treasurer. The council members and rep- resentatives will be elected at the beginning of the next fall semester. The officers traveled to Chi- cago in March to attend a national convention. YOUNG REPUBLICANS HAVE MANY PROJECTS The goal of the Young Republicans this year was to bring in good speakers, films, and debates that would stimulate the students and make them better prepared for the up-coming November elec- tion. A few of their main projects for the past year have been to set up a YGOP at Presentation Junior College, a fund-raising banquet, and sup- porting a group of delegates at the state, midwest, and local conventions. Specifically on the local level, the members canvassed Aberdeen in an attempt to learn how politics works in a community of this size and nature. Special dinners were held for legislators on the local and state levels. The officers for the Young Republicans for this past year were William Walker, chairmang Marsh Miller, vice chairman, Susan Walker, vice chair- woman, Lloyd Duncan, secretary, and Gary Kulm, treasurer. YOUNG DEMOCRATS STRESS POLITICAL EDUCATION The Young Democrats on the campus this year tried to develop a political interest among Northern's students. The club carried on a polit- ical education program in an effort to fulfill their theme, This included a monthly meeting featuring a special speaker who presented a new insight into practical politics. The purpose of the Young Democrats organiza- tion is to enable the college student to channel his political belief into useful endeavors. The club was led during the past year by President David Stokke. Other officers included Gregg Wiitala, vice president, Ken Bianco, treas- urer, and Rita Easthouse, secretary. ART FRATERNITY EXHIBITS WORKS Northern's art fraternity was organized on the campus in October, l962. The purpose as ex- pressed by the group is to promote a professional attitude among its members and to develop a deeper meaning and appreciation of art on the campus and in the community. During the past year many students have ex- hibited some of their works at business places in the city. Local people interested in art as well as college art students displayed their works at the Aberdeen Municipal Airport during the school year. The Fine Arts Department has sponsored a com- bination art exhibit and music concert and several times works of art by the college students have been exhibited at the local community music con- certs. Presently the organization is working toward affiliation with the National Art Fraternity. Though the club sponsors many activities dur- ing the year, the main project of this past year was a trip to Minneapolis in September. The trip included tours of the Walker Art Institute and the Minneapolis Art Institute. Members were also given the Opportunity to explore some of the small downtown art shops in the city. Officers for the fraternity for the past year were Alan Klinger, presidentg Robert Preszler, vice president, Joran Layton, secretary-treasurer, and Margaret Nelson, historian. James Lauver, as- sistant professor of fine arts, acted as adviser for the group. BUSINESS CLUB BOASTS LARGEST MEMBERSHIP The Business Club at Northern is proud to claim the title of the largest as well as the richest organization on the campus. Membership is com- prised of interested business students and the main goal of the club is to assist the student in gaining a broader and more complete knowledge of what is expected of him when he enters the business world. Business CIub's Gypsy Day float took first prize in the parade contest, and later in the fall they held their annual money-making project, the Bus- iness Club Carnival. All Northern students were invited to this event to help support the organiza- tion. This year's chairmen for the yearly affair were Robert Osborne and Jack Carlis. Booths for various games were arranged in the Dakota I-lall Gym. A stereo was the grand prize. Pasque Q I77 l80 6 Camnus Oraanizations Annual projects for this year included a tele- vision show which displayed artwork of various types, a Christmas display in the library, and the responsibility for the Queen's Luncheon on Gypsy Day, All decorating and arranging was taken care of by this group. The group was also involved in a little off- cornpus project last October when they were con- tacted to design a float for use in the Fischer Quint Parade in Aberdeen. A member of the organization was also in charge of redesigning the Oueen's float for use in the parade. 'N' CLUB HEADED BY GLADER Representing the male segment of the athletic department of Northern at the monthly meeting of the Prexy Club is 'N' Club President, Doug Glader, Other officers for the year were l-larold Pardew, vice president, and David Little, secre- tary-treasurer. Main events for the year for members includ- ed initiation of freshmen and first-year letter- men, sponsorship of an Olympic Team Fund Drive, held to raise money for financing the U.S. teams in Tokyo, sponsorship of a Sno-Sho candidate, and participation in the mental health drive for which they join with city officials. The biggest event of the year came in Feb- ruary when the group sponsored another annual appearance of the Harlem Globetrotters in Aber- deen. Membership in the club is limited to men at Northern who have lettered in any one field of athletics while attending Northern. HOWLING ECHO BOOSTS THE WOLVES Second only to the band, the girls' booster club on campus is an essential part of the cheering section at all of the Wolves' games, Doing this important job are the members of Northern's Howling Echo, a pep club for coeds. The girls are tapped for membership into the organization in the fall, and if they are accepted as pledges, become full-fledged members the following fall. This year sixty girls composed the group. During the homecoming activities, the girls again took charge of selling the traditional maroon and gold Gypsy Day mums to all members of the Gypsy clan. The sales continue until the last event of the festivities. Besides providing a cheering section which backs the Wolves, l-lowling Echo has organized football pep rallies and been in charge of decora- tions for the Mistletoe Ball. Other projects have included the sponsoring of a February week-end dance and the Annual Miss NSC contest. The winner of this contest represents Northern at the l-lot Springs Pageant in the late summer. The win- ner of that contest goes to Atlantic City for the Miss America Pageant, l.ast year's Miss NSC, Toni Cook, won the first runner-up spot in the state contest. She also won the first place in the talent division of the pageant. ln charge of initiation and encouraging the pep of the club are the officers. This past year Gail Cotton acted as president while Sandra Son- nenfeld was vice president, Pat Ufen, secretary, and Dorene Sather, treasurer. Miss Diane Evans of the Physical Education Department acted as faculty adviser. CHEERLEADERS LEND PEP A most essential ingredient at the Wolves' games has always been the cheering section. At Northern the cheering is led by six peppy coeds who do much to add to the enthusiasm of the crowd at the games. The cheerleaders, led by Kristen Kampen, did much to boost morale and give spirit to many games. The other cheerleaders for the year were Thomalene Bucklin, Judy Deurmier, Cheryl Schliebe, Sandra Sonnenfeld, and Barbara Weller. Nancy Clawson and Kathy Benkendorf served as substi- tutes for this year. All interested girls may try out for a position on the squad at the beginning of the year. New cheerleaders are chosen each year and the previous year's cheerleaders must try out each year, too. GIRLS ESTABLISH PEMM CLUB A club especially established for the girls who are interested in sports is called the PEMM Club, Physical Education Majors and Minors Club. This group is open to girls who chose to major or minor in physical education. With Miss Wolfe at the helm, the girls have sponsored both college and high school sports days. A special project the girls have taken on during the year is the bulletin board just inside the front door of Spafford. Each month the board depicts a sport for the month. The main climax of the year is a banquet for all members. Officers for the past year were Kristi Phillips acting as president, Claudia Dithmer, secretary- treasurer, and Kay l-lerting, program chairman. MOCCASIN TRACKS PROVIDES FELLOWSHIP A special organization has been in existence on campus for the lndian students attending school. This group is called Moccasin Tracks and its purpose is to attempt to acquaint its students with college life. A main point for the club is to provide a better opportunity for Indian fellowship. An active organization, Moccasin Tracks has participated in a number of activities during the past year in an effort to live up to its purpose. Earlier this year, a delegation of students attended the annual lndian Youth Conference. This year the Conference was held at Black I-lills State Teachers College. Last year Northern was the scene of the meeting. All colleges and high schools throughout the state may send delegates to this Conference. Other activities the group participated in throughout the year included float assembling for both the Gypsy Day and Fischer Quint Birthday parades. The Moccasin Tracks float in the Gypsy Day parade won a second prize place in the most- original category of judging, I Organizing the group and activities they par- ticipated in during the year have been Kenneth Webb, president, Clifford Sunbear, vice president, and Roberta Chaboya, secretary-treasurer. The faculty adviser for the organization for the year has been Wynne Ester, Assistant Professor of Bus- iness. BAKE SALE SPONSORED BY NORTHERN DAMES A group designed especially for the wives of Northern students has been quite active on campus. The name of this organization is North- ern Dames. To get acquainted, the group held a get-acquainted party at the first of the year to get it off to a good start. Many of the events they sponsored during the year have helped them realize their role on Northern's campus. Later in the year, the Dames sponsored a bake sale on campus as one of the money-raising pro- jects, Their Christmas party was the scene of many presents which they later sent to the School for the mentally retarded at Redfield. Other projects during the year often took place on the campus. The official duties of the presidency for the school year were given to Marjorie Zerr. Vice- president this year was Vonnie Erickson. Other officers were Carol Bymers, secretary, Karen Jor- dahl, treasurer, and Dorothy Van Kempen, pub- Iicity. Pasque Q l8I -.,........ 1 K V. -.q,,......, . 182 Q Pasque ,, X L4- QD Representing vorious groups on campus or Prexy Club ore lstanding, left to rightl Mory Koy Johnson, Borboro Reich, David Srokke, Byron Mickelson, Mike l-loing, Edno Bien, Jim Evenson, Karen Nelson, Donno Michaels, ond Sharon Giegcll Seated orc Allen Klinger, Dr. Kramer, Andy Parks, ond Morsh Miller. Prexy Members Meer Monthly with Dr. Kramer 'V .N5-'nni , Members of Prexy Club are fstanding, left to right! Bonnie Steffen, Harry Little, Ken Bianco, George Zenk, Mary Matson, Sharon Hansen, Frans Amelinckx, William Spicer, and Gait Cotton. Seated are James Fischer, Steve Wiitaia, Larry Lutz, and Rita Raines. Standing ileft to righti are Jack Carlis, Leroy Malsam, Marcia Gizinski, Gayla Johnson, Gregg Wiitala, and Robert Larson. Seated are Dr, Kramer, Kristi Vensand, Jerry Neff, and Sandra Sonnenfeld. Prexy Q 183 184 O AWS Olficers representing AWS for the citr- rent year are llcft to rightl Michele Wingerd, secretary, Ruth Sackreiter, vice president, Miss Vesta Hanson, ad- viser, Mrs, Margaret Smith, adviser, Miss Barbara Steele, adviser, Karen Nelson, president, and Julie DiRe, treas- urer. AWS Sponsors Activities to Help Orient Composing the AWS Council are lleft to rightl Karen Wingerd, K i r s t i n Lefholz, Sharon Hieb, Adio Hynes, Mary Ann Corbin, .loan Car- son, parliamentarian, Miss Vesta Hanson, adviser, Mrs. Margaret Smith, adviser, Miss Barbara Steele, adviser, Pat Dawson, Carol Pierce, Sally Hulander, Pat Ufen, interna- tional AWS Contact Chair- men, and Barb Prehn, 5-., Standing are ihe chairmen far the AWS sponsored Sweet- heart Formal. They are Danna Cotton and Karen Oveson. Seated is Virginia Theeler who is chairman of the Annual Spring Tea. Coeds 'ro Northern C0mD0S'fWQ The AWS Judicial Councii are ileft to righti Mary Matson, Norma WWQW, Joan Carson, Pauia Reich, Ruih Gustafson, Kirsrin Lefholz, and Ruth Sackreiter, rx ' ce, fa r'-- 'Va s x a l86 Q Posque Helping to promote Republicans' ideas on North- ern's campus are lfront row, I. to r.l Willis Mc- Laughlin, Mary Riclcenbach, Elizabeth l-lagen, JoAnn Bialas, Mary Lynn, Nancy Breckenridge, and Lucy Rule, ln the second row are Wayne Mc- Grucler, Jim Recllielcl, Lyle Gasskjolen, Nancy Rasse, Carole Lewis, JoEllen Price, Diane Lickteig, Jim Smith, ancl William Collins. Refreshing in the Den is a favorite pas- time for some of the Young Republicans. Standing ll. to r.l are Sherry Clem, Anna Brammer, Mary Niemi, Mary Beth Eckhardt, Bryan Mickelson, Lila Nicke- lauson, Pat l-lofer, Robert Redlin, Bonita Pietz, Gaye Aman, Sarah Kulm, and Judith Norbcck, Kneeling in front are Jake Meyer and Bruce Smith. Young Participating in ihe Young GOP aciivilies are lseated, I. to r.l Ellen Peterson, Gary Drake, Rulh Allison, Mary Ann Corbin, Beverly lrlen- dricks, Vonnie Whilman, JoAnn Goalie, Allen Wall, and John Slone, Standing are Ralph Pellerson, Maynard Dehnert, Sharon l-lansen, and Don Johnson. Republicans Help in State Campaigning X c , j Y 6 Officers in charge of YGOP are ll. to r.l Lloyd Duncan, secretory, Gary Kilim, treasurer, William Walker, presidenlg Sue Walker, vice chairwoman, and Marsh Miller, vice chairman. DDDDDD l"'l flija D D S ki , as an N- whine: hy'- YGOP Q 187 I .1 l Young Demos Encourage Political Awareness Helping to promote political ideals on Narthern's campus are the officers ot Young Democrats, They are ll. to r.l Gregg Wiilala, vice president, Rita Easthouse, secretary, Robert Thompson, adviser, Dave Stokke, president, and Ken Bianco, treasurer. ..4.....1u A Members of Young Democrats are lseated, left to rightl Cheryl Wagner, James Evenson, Karen Wingerd, Myron Wolft, Jane Evans, Joyce Kettering, Roger Philbrick, Guy Howell, and Ken Larsen, Standing are Margaret Snethen, Don Sagrnoe, Gerald Jax, Sue Bassett, Leighton Getty, Larry 188 Q Young Democrats Lewis, Mary Jane Johnson, Ryan Siitten, Michele Wingerd, Steve Hansen, Steve Wiitala, Dick Cameron, Sherry Karinen, Dean Podoll, Donna Misterek, Edna Bien, Bill Bunce, Bev Lindskov, Betty Lovett, Ronald Worrnke, Fran Miller, Cathie Caplon, Virgil Binfet, and Roger Miller. l Ji' Discussing the history and ideals of recent artists such as Salvador Dali are members of lNIorthern's Art Fraternity. Seated left to right they are Tom Schmitt, Susan Eissinger, Barbara Van i-look, Linda Braunstein, and Marilyn Such, Standing are Kenard Kucker, Ken Binder, Burk Holaday, Howard Gelling, and Dwight Eichelberg. Art Frat Studies Recent Painters X N Olficers in charge al the Art' Fraternity are lleft to rightl Margaret Nelson, historian, Martha Chaloner, chairwoman of standing cam- mittee, Alan Klinger, president, Marlys Gehring, secretary-treasurer, and James Lauver, adviser. Bob Preszler, vice president, was not present. Pasque Q 189 W lf Business Club Plans Business Club officers for i963-64 are lstanding, l. to r.l John Tollefson, float chairman, Jack Carlis, vice president, George Walters, adviser, Diane Nelson, secretary, and Robert Osborne, carnival co-chairman. Seated ere Doug Sweetland, vice president, and Andy Parks, president. l 190 Q Pasquc Members of llie Business Club include lsianding, Icft to rightl Bill Farnham, Barb Sloick, Tom Pibal, Diann Harrison, Mark Holly, Jake I-lofi, Eclvyarcl Laue, Diane Walker, Ronald McGregor, Ken Webb, Ruth Roberts, llicli Clemelson, Clara Garrigan, Marilyn Benfit, and Judy Amundrurl, Seated are Dennis Frey, Ronald Ronslwaugen, Allen Wall, Lloyd Duncan, Mary Jurgens, Jim Fimrlwer, Carol Saclnreiler, Bob Beck, Lowell Aamold, Dianne Selzle, Elaine Tassler, Sliaron Sclwlepp, Judith Norbeck, and Shirley lilweaull, Minneapolis Trip l ou. I Aesisling in making plans lor llie Ollier members are lfirst row, left to righti Alice Olnon, James Gange, Jucly Angerlioler, Lea Scliaelbauer, and Diane Cooper, Second row: Margarel Bruse, Jerry Cfiaetz, Dave Sommer, Janice Pelerson, and Kelly lliners, Third row: Clieryl Wagner, llila Mileliell, Virgil lilnlet, and George Gibson, Fourth row: Orietla Cuellar, Sliaran Hlaclky, Sey- mour Eastliause, Danna Jung, and Sue Baseetl. Fifth row: Guy Howell and Molly Suiter, Sixth row: Jerry Tliiel, Dar- lene Weibel, Fred Brose, Sonia lrlagensan, and Karen Ben! der. Seventh row: Gary Sanclquisl, Duane Tlieilen, Ronald l-Ial1'z,iWilliarn Walker, Carolyn Berrelli, Peggy McKee, anal Charles VanS1one. carnival Wliinli is llie fall projeil al tlie Busi- ness Club are lfirst row, left to rightl Wayne lyleiclinger, Carol lfiiikanii, Jelin Sloecker, Paul Engellwarl, Jim Ulmen, Leif. Demnsiey, and Jim llnllill, In llie second row are Gary Fisclier, Don Deminei'-2, Ilene lvlaare, Caial Scliad, Cliailels Sciliimke, Jerry Keeley, Joe Engelliarl, Daiell llerran, Daria lS'UJCVf-Oli, Manic: Llnafeller, and Craig lrlillon, In llie back row are Curlis llaalancl, Rosa iWDonelrl, Janel Ellis, Curlis Scliryer, Jolin Danciliue, Don Jelinaon, Arlo Salma, Maynard 7 Delinerl, and lxalpli Pelteraon, Business Club Q 191 Hoing Presides Over SNEA Activities Left: Planning the year's activities for SNEA are the officers of that group, They are ll. to r.J Milne Hoing, president and state treasurer, Bryan Mickelson, treasurer, Dr, Paul Kraig, adviser, Paula Reich, state vice president, Carole Walker, vice president, and Karen I-lokanaon, secretary. Below: Members ol SNEA are lstanding, I. to r.l Norman Alexander, Victor Koenig, Janice Mayer, Cheryl Larsen, Robert Simonson, Shirley Mueller, Elane lyerson, Nancy Tracy, JoAnn Bialas, Janet Syverson, Jean Johnson, Ronald Peterson, Pat l-lofer, Delwin Carter, James llecllield, Charles Thomas, Clarence Pollard, and Lellay Edlund. Seated are Sharon Buechler, Lorraine Fiwhor, Mary Ann Corbin, Judith Norbeck, Jim Smith, Sue Haw- kins, Mary Kirchgasler, Ferd Barrie, Denece Brekke, Anna Brammer, Susan Woodward, and Joyce Kettering. Q ll' Some of the members of SNEA are lsected, left to rightl Ruth Allison, Jo Ann Benthin, Danna Misterek, Edna Bien, Ruth Sackreiter, Jerry Westphal, Gregg Wiitala, Earlean Helgelien, Dave Stokke, Charlene Jensen, Mary Jane Lottman, Ken Bianco, Carole Stein, Rita Edenstrom, Dana LaVoy, and Steve Wiitala. Standing ore Ronald Wormke, Judy Nielsen, Patricia Borgheiinck, Barb Prehn, Dallas Solberg, Cheri Akerson, Linda Holmes, Sherry Clem, Jan Kruse, Evelyn Roberts, Judy Holland, Judy Kettvvig, Cecelia Boulais, Connie Bely, Jill Thompson, Valencia Faifer, Carol Bridge, Diane Zaber, Carol Eleeson, and Darlene Sayler. ,hi ,ha . 4 ll I ll li J flE,.l'lkr 2 .. Guest speakers lreqtiently appear on SNEA programs, Members are lseated, left to rightl Curt Furness, Connie Buechler, Carolyn Wells, Cleo Miller, Mary Jane Johnson, Donna Sippert, George Zenk, Janice Stillman, Catliie Cop- lan, Doug Rausfh, and Shirley Neifer, Standing are Dave Kaul, Jack Mills, Earl Martell, Ruth C-ill'wlCllfsOIl, Ginger Theeler, Pat Ufen, Mary Carlson, Rita Easthause, Rosanne Beck, Betty Lovett, and Janice Niemann. Pasque Q 193 Elernentory education majors who are in ACE are lstanding, I. to r.l Lorraine Fisher, Jill Thompson, Judy Deurmier, Pat Aldrich, Theresa Fuhrer, Betty Berreth, Janet Asper, Connie Buechler, and Shirley Mueller. Seated ore Coraine Streyle, Sharon Beitelspocher, Janice Weiss, Nancy Jen- sen, and Sharon Buechler, Below: Assuming most of the responsibility for planning Fairylancl are the ACE officers. They are lleft to rightl Carol Merriman, treasurer, Donna Michaels, president, Ruth Allison, secre- tary, Carol Bridge, vice president, and Mary ACE Sponsors 194 Q Pasque Motson, representative. Members of the Association of Childhoocl Education are lfirst row, l. to r.l Jiidy Kettwig, Cleo Miller, Charlene Jensen, and Janis Niemann, Second row: Connie Bely, Edna Bien, and Mary Ann Corbin. Third row: Jan Kruse, Donna Misterel-1, Virginia Paul, and Ronald Worrnlae. Fourth row: Janice McDaniel and Dianne Zabel, Fifth row: JoAnn Bialas, Bernice Bellack, Sharon Pischke, and Karen Fod- ness. 'fill 'VB , A , e ,gc Jigga Mi Axbygi. H 2 u Yearly Proiect-Fairylancl i'ili'i' Standing are Lora Hilde- brandt, Elaine May, Pat Dawson, Marlys Peters, Dana LaVoy, Carol Belk, Karen Gayton, Janis Ar- bach, Darlene Balough, Judi I-less, Eileen VanSoesl, Sherry Kenny, Barb Hanson, Lindo Swanson, Monni Greene, Rebecca Greene, Kaye Newcomer, Donna Newcomer, and Barb Am- dahl, Seated are Phyllis Roberts, Shirley Neiter, Jan l-leilman, Valencia Faifer, Carol Eleeson, Carole Stein, Pat Borglieiinck, Sharel Swanson, and Dianna Wika. Not pictured is Gayla John- son. ACE Q 195 IE Club Sponsors Craftsmen's Fair tv V, XX Officers of tlie lnduslriol Education Club ere lfront rowl George Zenla, president. Second row ll. to r.l Doug- los Rousclw, treasurer, ond Don Kluck, secretory, Third row: Curtis Furness, vice president, ond Jerould Wriglit, cidviser. Above: Members of the lndustriol Educotion Club seated ore lleft to rightl Lorry Brockel, Dennis Mecklenburg, Otis Belden, Dove Show, Gory Sond- quist, cind Les Grollori, Standing ere Dennis Frey, Dwight Jundt, Russel lirockel, Gene Oleson, Denny Lindner, Cliorles Duclwene, Jim Evenson, Dove Burger, ond Joke Holt. Below: Otlwer members who ossist in sponsoring the Foir ore lseated, I. to r.l Ferdinond Borrie, Ervin Seidel, ond Colvin Waddell, Standing ore Dr. I-lorry Gunderson, Jim Winters, Woyne King, Ron Dumdei, Dove Koul, Jerry Miller, Ricliord Sclwliesmen, Jerry Grenz, Duone Leboldus, Edwin I-lillmer, Cliorles Kettering, Ken Kuclcer, Dennis Tiede, Jim Wortmon, Bryon Mickel- son, ond Mervin Burroughs, Members not pictured include John Wolberg ond Jerry Nicoloy. . 5 Xil mtlllE1vtliusi, Charter members of lNlorthern's International Relations Club are lseated, I. to r.l Cheryl Lemcke, Carole Walker, l.oa Murschel, Mary Jane Johnson, Roger Phillnricls, Michele Wingerd, William Bunce, and Karen rlokanson, Standing are Vonnie Whitman, Diane Wright, Ken Bianco, Susan Myers, William Walker, Dave Stoklqe, Allan Engel, Valencia Failer, Carol Eleeson, Guy lflowell, Fred Kamande, and Joyce Kettering, Parks Heads International Relations Club Planning the future events of this new group is the responsibility of the officers, They are tseated, left to rightl Gregg Wiitala, vice president, Richard Cameron, treasurer, Jim Judd, program chairman, Karen Wingerd, secretary, and Gerald Jax, publicity chairman. Standing are Thomas Karwalai, Arthur Buntin, Russell Brock, advisers, and Andy Parks, president. qu. I ,,'. 'A ll -i Pasque Q 197 WRA Offers Partlclpatlon In Sports f . 4. WRA offncers are lleft to nghtl Peggy Hanson treasurer Dorene Sother secretary Bonnue Steffen presudent Kaye Newcomer publnruty and Kay Herttng basketball chairman Members of the WRA are tfront row, left to rightl, Karen Kjel- den, Dana Wetland, Charlene l-lillgren, Kathy Klotz, Jan Pe- terson, Diane Middleton, Diane Cooper, Deloris Fiskvik, and Bar- bara Prehn. lSecond row, left to rightl Sally Schlagel, Carla Landreth, Sue Hawkins, Donna Stoddard, Janet Arbach, Dorothy Symns, Sandra Sonnenfeld, and Nancy Tracy. 198 Q Pasque A11 i111ror11L1ro1 progmm for 1110 girle woe spomorocl by N.S.T,C, this current ycor. T110 W1l111C1'S, pirturcd c11Jovo, were from 1116 d1v1sior1 of !Xrc11ory and 13uc1111i111o1'1, 1110 130110111 picture i11c1L1c1cs 111C w11111crQ 111 111C Archery d1viSio11, WRA Q 199 NAEA Experiences M Successful First Year The founders of Northern Art Education Association are shown at their Christmas party held in the home of Mrsr Schwarz. They ere iseated, first row, left to rightl Marcia Gizinski, Karen Hanse, and Norma Wright. in the second row are Linda Braunstein, Burke i-ioiaday, Sharon Hansen, and Elayne Iverson, Standing are Dwight Eicheiberg, Michele Wingerd, Gisele Rich- ter, and Arthur Amiotte, i 1 200 Q NAEA og E' ,, ,, .. li il fi -5? :gg 'ff' iii .L f if ffiii i.i,,-i f f' .Jn ' E r 1 f 'fi' i T' A v a. ' i'fj,"' 1 iz: i i if Officers of NAEA are il. to r.i Dwight Eichelberg, treasiireij Karen I-lanse, secretaryg Norma Wright, vice presiclenig Marcin Gizinski, president, and Gisele Richter, historian, E Mary lhlarclcwlyf Standing are Marlyl, Clanrinq, Loran Lanaaqur, W Vw I an MOXVUILI CX Nl q J y ' D I 4. w Above: Two inwlruc'lar-, in Inu arl dapartrncnl art as advise:-. for ilwo group, Wnay are William llalaclay and Mrs, Alma Scilwwarz. Below: NOW rnvmlwors in NAEA are Iseated, I. to r.J Stvvo Hargcrman, Pvgqy Iiwclsor, Lynda Bocvtlrlwr, Anita Lowm, and ' nan Valcllmai' , ' ,-aWn,, acl lmarmwlvulflvr, ava Scbrxnq, Dorothy Young, Nancy Jcnwn, lady Sanford, ana Jeanine Wright. . V i3 . V we 2 , Q V Z If ?I Sf? r 5 L A Pasque Q 201 Showing the "N" ieiier each othletics ore ifirst row, left Gory Nygoord, Jim Breitog 'N' Club Members Are Representatives of Varsity Sports president, Proud of their new moroon blozers ore more of North- ern's lettermen. Starting from the left, following the "N," they ore Tom Gouer, Brion Nuttol, Roy Mock, Roger Philbrick, Bill Schlosser, Elroy Likness, i-Ionk Lenords, Lorry Neslond, Doug Nelson, Don Pitkin, Clarence Stern, Borry Erickson, Robert Brown, Andy Porks, Clork Swisher, Jomes Evenson, Gregg Wiitolo, Lynn Hieb, Rich Olson, Robert Simonson, ond Jerry Thomas, Officers of "N" Club orc ll. to r.l l-lorold Pordcw, vice presi- dent, Dove Little, secretory- trcosiirer, ond Dong Gloder, UNH , Officers of Howling Echo ore Sondra Sonnenfeld, vice presidentg Doreen Soihcr, lreosurerg Potty Ulen, sccretoryg ond Goil Cotion, president. Howling Echo Members 204 Q Howling Echo Discussing the outcome of the previous week's game ore fseated, left to rightl Judy Nielsen, Cheri Akerson, Jonet Ellis, Keren Oveson, Roberto l-louge, Bonnie Phillips, ond Corol Merriman, Standing ore Donna Cotton, Ginger Theeler, Jo Ellen Price, ond Julie DiRe. Add i 6 The new members initicited into Howling Echo lost toll ore lseated, l. to r.l Donn Weiloncl, Glorin Terveen, Elaine Broun, Virginio Erickson, Corel Nelson, Dione Middleton, Lucy Rule, Judy Watson, Claudio Dithmer, Dionne Lickteig, ond Kothy Benkendorl. Standing ore Kotliy Smith, Donna Newcomer, Sally Hulonder, Sonjo Warwick, Monnie Greeno, Edno Bien, Pot Dowson, Kciy Klein, Jon lletlmon, Lindo Hogberg, Borboro Prehn, Koye Newcomer, ond Mory Corlson. Enthusiasm To Cheering at Games Qty , -, 5 ii, 1 The cheerleoders make up the core of Howling Echo ond ore shown here with the members, The cheerleoders ore tl. to r.l Tomi Bucklin, Borb Weller, Sondro Sonnenfeld, Judy Deurmier, Cherry Schliebe, ond Kristi Kompen, Members standing ore Sondy Bold- win, Jo Ann Biolos, Corol Sockreiter, Ruth Allison, Jon Kruse, Joon Rodel, MoDonno Wotson, Ellen Peterson, Ruth Sockreiter, Deloris Fiskvik, ond Jo Ann Benthin. Pusquc Q 205 Cheerleaders Help 'ro Arouse School Spirit Practicing old cheers and learning new ones seems a prominent part of the Northern cheerleaders' lives. ln the first row are Cherry Schliebe and Kristin Kampen. in the second row are Judy Deurmier and Sandy Sonnenfeld, In the third row are Tomi Kay Bucklin and Barb Weller, Substituting for these girls are Nancy Clawson and Kathy Benkendorf. The cheerleaders have a miilli-respon- sihilily on Northern's campus, Besides being present at all football and haslcel- ball games they are in charge of conduct- ing pep assemblies and generally arous- ing schoel spirit, Another ditty was ta appear in the Gypsy Day parade. .V D 5 - 1 he fit X. .gm I tfn, .4 4. u..w?.'ML1 WVWIBK vlir Officers of the PEMM Club ore: ll. to r.l Key l-lerting, progrciin clioirmnng Kristy Phillips, president, Claudio Ditlimcr, secretory-treasurer, Miss Wolfe, adviser. Below ore otlier members ll. to r.,seut'edl Pot Dawson, Potty Jo Wermerscn, Kristin Kompen, Sue Hawkins, Jean Glonder, Clicri Alcerson, Joon Breske, Frcincics Smollfield, Bonnie Steffen, Donna Groos, Sharon Lone, Scilly Sclwlogcl, Eorleen l'lcl- gelien, Betty Hoy, Standing includei Kaye Newcomer, Julio Pfitzer, Dano Wic- lond, Borboro Weller, Judy Nielsen, Korcn Jorgensen, ond Peggy Henson, Mayors and Minors Organize PEMM Club ,A W -.-if ' ' 'R 1-. . . v,r.-. i .. V 1 .4 E Y-1 PEMM 0 207 Campus Sponsors Moccasin Tracks I sn JE Members of Moccasin Tracks are lseated, left to rightl Karen Gayton, Ory Cuellar, Donald Standing Elk, and Allen Bluedog. Standing are Lowell Anthony, Roger Philbrick, and Leon Adams, 208 Q Moccasin Tracks Officers of Moccasin Tracks for this year are lleft to rightl Wynne Ester, adviserg Roberta Chaboya, secretary- treasurerg Kenneth Webb, presidentg and Clifford Sunbear, vice president. Stuclents' Wives Organize Northern Dames up sq, is Showing real Christmas spirit, these Northern Dames are displaying gifts they sent to the state school in Redfield. Standing they are ileft to rightl Lucille Johnson, lrene Bellen, Joyce Stenberg, Viola McDovvall, Nancy Phares, Marilyn Martinson, Mable Miller, Wanda Schliebe, and Loretta Holtz, Seated is Charlene Langager, A gaily decorated table seems to be the center ol attraction lar the ol ltveif' and lttulilly members of Northern Dames, They are ll. to r.l Carol liyiners, setretary, l.,aVonne Erickson, vice president, Mrs. J, Howard Kramer, Mrs, liorzloii Willlainw, Mrs, lyitiiqiiiiwt Smith, Marge Zerr, president, and Karen Jordalil, treastirer. Pasquc Q 209 Boys' Dorms Elect Officers Officers of Seymour Iflelt fire tlcft to right! viv-z president Jcimei Bishop, treuxiirei' Pete Miiler, previ- deiit' James Evensoii, cmd dorm iiiriiicigrfi' Dcuii Vvgt. Not pictured ore secretory Drive Kryder cmd Studeiit Semete representative Jev Erielrqseii, 210 Q Pasque it N 1 .J- i Officers of Steele llrill ore tlcft' to rightt Ken Iiieiiw, presideritg Larry liroekei, virge presidentg Virgil Biufet, secre- tory, end Rey Meek, treasurer. Not pictured ore Gregg Wii- tuio, Student Senote represen- totive, end Bartlett Bermdt, dorm merieger, Otiireri. cf I-irtiiiier Iletl fire tlcft to right! dorm meiifiger Jim Vogt, uecretcirv- trerisurer Steve Odeiibfielt, Student Seiiete represeittcitive Murrciv Weulle, rind presi- deiit llcii lfreiirjlt, t l 5 Leaders Chosen for Girls' Dorms Officers at Lincoln l-lall are lstanding, left to rightl Sally Ilulander, AWS representative, Sharon lrlladky, vice presidentg and Donna Newcomer, treasurer. Scatcd are Janith Fritz, secretary, Miss Hanneman, Ileusemotlierg Edna Bien, president, and Peggy Neff, Student Senate representative, ll t ll ,, fl, if fig' fire. , Officers at Graham I-tail are lleft to rightl Gayla Johnson, president, ,Connie Fischer, vice president, Mrs, Bauer, l-lousemotherg Julie Raider, secretary, and Margaret' Byrne, Student' Senate repre- sentative, Not pictured is Janice Peter- son, treasurer. Above: Officers of Briscoe Hall are tleft to rightl president Danna Michaels, llousemother Mrs, Lundeen, treasurer Vicki I-toisington, and secretary Edith Joachim, Not pictured are vice president Marcia Gizinski, and Student Senate representative Darlene Baloughc Below: Officers of Lindberg Hall are lstanding, left to riglttl secretary Claudia Dithmer, president Sharon Hanson, and vice president Bonnie Phillips, Seated are treasurer Muriel Aman and House- mother Mrs. Thorson, Not pictured is Stu- dent Senate representative Donna Cotton. Girls' Dorms Q Zll Psychology 0 Biology Spanish Q Psychology English 0 History Q Music Q Speech Q Economic Biology + English Q History Q Music Q Speech Q E ?reAlamen v-1 , . fi as L, Officers of the Freshmen Clciss of 1963-64 are ileft to righll Lynda Boetfcher, vice presidenrg Kathy Smith, secretoryg Lindo McNenny, freosurerg ond Jerry Neff, president, 214 Q Posque Q A ,N k iQ , Y, I tv FL 'rs an I. ii A A "'f'j 1: if. Q: ' ix Gary Richard Leon Patricia Aadland Aa: Adams Aldrich Dorene Quentin Faye Lee Alkire Alwin Aman Aman ' Q ln- 2' 'C A 6' . 1-ii ' L' I W r' ' 4-M ,,,' af ii A! 1, I Allen Shirley Amdahl Amdahl Judith Carol Amundrud Anderson ' 5 l Ai i - 4 . if Lavonne Linda Roger Judy Anderson Andrews Andrews Angerhofer Marjorie Cliff Zane Gayle Archamvault Arneson Arpan Ash ' Tim , h F 'ff x by M l., N - I gg, ' A 5 , if ' K - , gmt--.. ' at , . M za- f X X' i - - 3' J f--ar' if,igB A xfw - A ln' x 2 fe, , Zi . Q W f i "-af Y- ali! -H ,M , I A . uv gr 0417 x , t if , 'SUV I f ' -ij " Alan Janet Terrance William Judson Marlenna Ask Asper Babb Baker Ball Balsiger Harry Michael Marn Diane Hartzon Tomas Banik Barondeau Bartlett Bauer Bauer Bauer G ., vi-naw' ., A A J xii V f x N7 -va U -V .J 1-..., V , i 4 ' 'QJEX , -.4 ,1 1.5 John Gloria John Karl Marilyn Sheryl Beaver Beck Beck Becker: Beckler Beekman Kit Curtis Nancy Michael Ken Stephen Benadom Benning Benson Berberick Berger Bergerson fre 0 A H ll! lf', 5 if fx Q i LJ I X K- 5, ff ' ,Q f'j4f,QN fp H ' " Andrea Marjorie Carolyn Diane Thomas Myra Bergh Bernd: Berreth Berreth Bertsch Bettmann John Carol Marilyn .JUdi!h Gerald Ron Bieber Beitz Binfet Bingham Birchem Bi,-chem Freshmen Q 215 in 4? v- f, in C -ev-fr ' Beverly Pamel a Lester Allen Gary Wesley Bl b a aom Blake Bloem Bluedog Bockorny Bode Lynda Patricia Mary Ray El ' anne Nancy Boeltcher Borgheiinck Boyington Bradberry Braun Breckenridge L. iffy -0' QV 1-r lL,J',l , ' , , K -cz' lx 1 .'-1-W . , if ' A, J' W J A ' gvtfai Q fn - A 1 'H ' we .L i ' li 9 fir ' af' I 'N 4 ' l Joan Herbert Charlene Linda Jill Leanne Breske Brosz Brown Brown Bruns Bruns David Thomalene Larry Walter David Floyd Buchele Bucklin Buechler Burckhard Burger Burger ' 'W . 4 fi R . K ' 1 1 ,,,.- 'Y' . ' X-0' , I V I J, . William Cathleen Charles Louise Mona Robert Burger Califf Campbell Carlson Carolin Carolin Carol Donald Mary Ronald Sharon Carston Chamberlin Chambers Christiansen Clark . 216 Q Freshmen Nancy Clawson 4 P, -mx-L :jc l , i , ia 6 I 'i M Q U AB- v-V , K W! . ln, , "' g . ' H -5 -Q an an . L14 i 37.7 ,' Michael Linda Linell Paul Lois Diane Coats Colqrove Colgrove Comeau Conklin Cooper Stephen Diane Carol John Mary John Craig Dahl Dale Daly Dammeier Dannenbring i JM, if x " Y lv- , A 1' ,,,i N H 0- L.: M i '1-5, wa fi 14 J - we 'Rf' 17' . X - it y ly 5 , , T2 1-,I .. . - Q 'ET 'M . qv ,, i 1 L- v 'ki 5 5 7' M J 1 i i- ,. 7+ is . P' H 'Rv YJ X My i Y 'F a L g . 1 i,,A o,,. l J' R' h d Ton' Kathleen Carol Lois ggrggwg Dgcviagqn Davidson Davies Delme Dempsey J d Terrance Thomas Janice Barbara Deneglm Deurmlief- Diegal Dillon Dir-ks Disbrow T , "la, , t lu. Aid , I .. P A , L V u , .L 1, 5' A x , D 'I' PL ' f" 'w 'i ' , 'ff-gf, .Y l """' - .1 A " W 1 V ,, ' 5 QT , ' " A 1 ' . '. AQ, 'f " ,V '. fly -1 . V 1. 3 A V -5 'E f , rg ' K, ' , 'fa r l- N 3- Q' M , l N' X I . 4 if oz. . 2 ' i ' ff f ,. , f- ' -Af - f L 4 1 A, 4 AN Les Henry Mary Larry gxtorkan gig? Duncan Dunkel Eckhardt Eldeen Joyce David Donald James Thomas Alan Eldridge Engebretson Engelhart Engelhart Engelhart Erickson Pasque Q 2l7 xi W -N ' -nl' 'LQ ,K will :J-2 1, . -ng F as K i W," . was I I 9 , , rv: A Qvxx f , :fu '-vw f' ,ln N V' 'M 4.:.:::r ' t -- qv M, . E 'ff f 1 Carol Dianne Gerald Jay Richard Virginia Erickson Erickson Erickson Erickson Erickson Erickson Gary Judy Doris Jane David Thomas Erlenbusch Ernst Eszlinger Evans Evelo Farnsworth ffv . ' . ' il' ,fur , ,V F! by M s,Qi uf' I! Q, . 1 4 ' ' A J: X X , i ' , lx , . f. 'IK W 5 1, A 4' 1-1 ' A , rx ' if 4 A V3 fy 2' 1, .1 Ronald Sharlyn Marvin Cheri Shelly Elroy Fast Fear Feil Fenstermaker Filip Fischer Dale Faith Don Richard Robert Mary Fisher Flath Fordam Forst Fossum Foster Dennis Wylie is a bit leary about having clean-shaven legs, but Lucy Rule enjoys the job. Watching over is Judge, Andy , - r Parks. ,, Q E Q "Q, ,al :Q N U 4 XV: ,S V! --w kay, f . x-5 71' I J 'V A Nas ""1 A i..- 'fit ' I' old" W V A g 49' W L. A 'I ?"', ll 1 L , Donald Kathleen Daniel Ronald Fox Fox Franklin French s Terry Dell Larry Verneen French Gaaskjolen Ganje Garrett f Q? 'f', , l ii: A - ' ,y - i' . Nj .-f 1 . A Q Q HJ 'gg P M.. , X f .wr li., , ,. x. M it . Vffawtx vgt I ' 'R ' ,. A. 7. ' 1 " , 9 X- " a Y' '3 fi "L l .Mx ' ' V ' qv' v.-,X a K g s...f ' . , Clara Claudia Robert James Lawrence Susan Garrigan Gates Gates Gauer Gauer Gefre Charles Edith Howard Linda Robert Robert Geis Gelling Gelllng Georgeson Gergen Gibbs 3 C M J Q ' .N 5 ,f M-.9"XS" - -ef' , 'IJ' , 'Q' ' n " Y . A 4" X ki ' V, .J I1 A 'L Carl Jean Frederick Robert Michael Aileen Glander Glander Glau Gloss Goebel Gal: Henry Frank Zane Linda M ' Grafton Granger Gray Greene Gy-32:3 Rgfjjjg ' b . 3,4 I 'Ulf Wi . -ww J X J ., , uf - .. ' W - 'Y 5 f' J' - '.'- 4 " .N :A E' 'f' 'HN 'J - f- J . 'Q 'v fi wi-1 ' 't Mr - ' V , A we-A 'YL f L Beth Duwayne Margaret James Dale Curtis Grenoble V Groos Guericke Gugel Gutenkauf Haaland James Vita Elizabeth Gary Robert Paul Haas Haberer Hagen Hahler Hallstrom Halvorsen Freshmen Q 219 -af 1' 'ij -.k 1'-. ' 1' -nr 7 Wg? Q I ., -V , -' ' t ,f ' Q -1 S' , il , ff' 1 I ,of 4. L It A J ffl. 5 I 'fi , A N, A M-' dr. W. V - ,,,, ff Vtw--v 5 F9 WJ' at as 55 .1 ' " - 'Ur' V ,r W ' , 1' if bk ' k 'L An - if . ' Bernadette Burdette Vicky Barbara Richard Wayne Hansen Hansen Hansen Hanson Hanson Hanson Patrick Dean Diann David Gerald Barbara Hare Harrison Harrison Haskin Hauck Haugan 3? we ,Og "J i 1,1-Qf L' ': 1: 1 ' 1 is J 4,. S. .to , " . -,Af . . ' f Y Q- 4' 5' x.-Y' .f J ' "1 ' I ' .L J J .4 A xr L gy' -x , . . V, I Qi X X X I -- , if Annette Jack Jay John Jean Lynn Hauk Hayes Heath Heck Hegg Heinemann Linda Carole Gene Judith Dennis Charlene Hemmer Henschel Harold Hess Heuer Hicks G 1 . ,J ,. 'L-. - J . A .., igv Y 2 3 J 'rv A ' L. , . . X 2-, if- A . N iw a at -wg 4 1 at , l 5 1 fa 'R' 7' - , ' .4 ' k x 5 . 7 N 1:3 "T ,WT eff- Marc Martin David Michael Diana Sharyn Hill Hilson Hilt Hilt Himmerich Hinrichsen Caroline Patricia James Donald Robert Bqyd Hofer Hofer Hoff Hoines Holman Hopkins 220 Q Freshmen A . " ' 'Q - . AE 3 A a ,ww F- A . , t fx, .-ff' AJ' 5' X N' FA KP N , ., as EJ. J D wil' - J al l i if' f x ll if J' lv i J V . H E f ,,.Q1?'T A N J 4 ' -v -VJ, I .gn-:' , . " .N J 5 , " , fl, ' vnu. 4- 4 " x 'W v IV' an i , 1 QF! Q -. f Q James Orvine Charles Guy Dennis Robert Hqran Horse Looking Howe Howell Huber Huebner Sally Kathleen Randolph John Mary Hulander Hunstad Hutchinson Huntington Hurlbut Roselyn Ibis X 'V . 4' 7 a , Y ' r ev' L -r--?'f 4--" ,',,1 I """! 'w A 'R Q xv Q, ld Edmund Ronald Trudy Roger frgigxd 'nazi Jacobsen Jacobson Japs Jacquot - J ' D el Dennis David Jean stjgfllggai Jgnacslii Jeegen Jeske Johnson JOHNSON I l N . a ,V 'N ,. 1, ' ., , I I V4 .V Q V V ., , Qi? - V A , - , , , A .gf xx ' if ,- Q, ,.., 4 T? 9' M ' 3' f K Noel Sherri Loretta Donald Dennis Toirgggnay Johnson Johnson Jonas Jondahl Jones Karen Lucian Gary Donna Donna Gary Jones Jones Jordanger Joy Jung Junso Pas que O 221 wi-n Q The easiest person recognized ' at the beginning of school was 2 a freshman. Beanies were worn ,Q M 4 . R 0 ,vi J - . Carlene Marcella John Karen throughout orientation week and Kaasa Kampa brought pionishment to some who Auen John were neg :gen . Kai-len Karat Sherry Karinen Dennis Joseph Keck Keller L 4 A Aj' fl , I 4 P X 1 r 'X' . 1 2 J 'Q-fy rrir .,i.., u, " 1 1 X X " ,I if . K ,, ,A 7 'L Ig W-3 za ic:- , aysyf , D so if U A - . 'A 2 V371 4.1 li I -W cw X Larry Sharry Chuck Donald Kathleen Gayle Kemnitz Kenny Kettering Kettering Kettering Kindelspire Robert Susan James Gloria Kathleen Beverly Kinder Kipp Kirschenman Klaudt Klotz Kluck rf: F, N I , V.--L Qs wi , N. . 1 4. - ,F an , Y , 4 Q, N' f 1 ,f ' '- V I A to . , K 222 Q Pasque 'N W4 Lf, i Y 'Wu-fl Terry Daniel Richard James Charles Diane Klungseth Koch Koch Koenig Koerner Konrady Gloria Letha Edith Flay Mary Gail Tom Kopetsky Kopplin Korab Koahi Kraft Kramer R 5:91 1- I Ma . . l 0 nh- A . I X 'fx di I L.4.f" Linda William Roberta Lloyd David Robert Krause Krause Krchnavy Kreatz Krider Kroell John Robert Diana Gary Carla Barbara Kruse Kruse Kutz Ladue Landreth Lang . ,, V is-' ' J' il' ii D ' .lf 1- ff- as 1, K ' 1' 1 V' ,v li 'sf' X , H' " L .,l r 49 ll" , ff, 1 w 7 4 , ' w . ' g 'g I .l M' v , ' g ff Q ' 1 o af .- A Ve L 1 5 Thomas Nancy Barbara Jo Ellen Terry George Larimer Larsen Larson Larson Larson Laswell Dwayne Curtis Charles Robert D I - Leuoldus Leclair Lehmann Lam- Leisciqfr LeiZ11i,i:g:- - Fr , vvsxs. J" jill! . "i-M s' ,pub 1. .I , , 4 , ' 'iff I 11 1,1 121- A rw, f' ,.-Q 'T V' A. ff .- , H 1. "g Af- l- Q l l. I 2 'Y-af' if ff Q in A, x . ZA .ixlxk , M, ' 1 r ' in ,I .. .I 'Wi A Q A lf V V' 4, if K Nm yn X fi 5 gf' Q 1 S Mai A 'N fy K ,,,7yf . ' 'V ' . A " L PM AL Cheryl Delores Dennis Carole Joh-n Harvey Lemcke Lerew Lesher Lewis Libis Liedle Karen Ronald Michael Burton Carol Curtis Lienemann Lindemann Lmngren Loe Lohre Lomica Freshmen Q 223 L.. 44' , l fir' 113- 4 - wr'--" 'l Y 'k 4 'V mn- 1' a , . 5 .. . . Q f 1 " H ' L. r 3 xx ' ' x a U I 'V' X f Gd ,K 'tg-' A 'A a. he luv' -.-, -,V D -l .., ' -. ' David Mary Raymond Susan JoAnne Michael Luce Lynn Mack Mackey Madsen Mahoney Ronald Michael Ann Donald Dorothy David Maier Mallow Markve Marlette Marske Martin .3-' A,-v .M N V . k -5 ' ti Q. , ". 'il Wg tk -I ,' rl x V ' W Jolaine Marlys Andrew Elaine Jerry Patricia Martin Mascher Mathern May McCain Mccuaiq Ronald Peggy Mike Carol Paul Alan McGregor McKee McKernan McNary McNeary McNeill , Qi QT? Linda Harvey Barbara Cheryl Dorothy Charlotte McNenny Mead Meidinger Meidinger Meier Mehlhaff Gary Julian Mary Diane Lowell Shirley Merchant Meuer Michael Middleton Mielke Milbrandt 224 Q Freshmen - ' . 1 ' . , Q, W 40, 1 gg ' " ".4 - vi j xr -. V ,,.,u.' fy , . i.,,, . '- +84-gy M I l ' . .T F V. 0 5. 1 .ii ,- y '- N. Y ' .Q -" ,V I " .P i . 'I ,, . . L- a 'W' 1 . I 1 vj W A vm 'v--. fir.. - i r f " .Q . . 'MW A I A ' A L E Af' 4, " x -. ' If b gg l . QAM 11. .-.:.,g,y, ,A . t Q . V . , ., if it . bw' A . . , in Q Nnigf f V. - . . .L 1 ., r Nm., , If r 'R 'L Neff 1 .rf 'X ' Y... ' , x-.44 A .- I A Jack Richard Roger Tarrel Ambrose James Miller Miller Miller Miller Mitzel Mitre! Richard Kent Kathleen James Ambrose Donna Mitzel Moeckly Moeller Moffenbier Monroe Monroe 1 sql'-Q. 'F g f 'RTW K A l R Q. . , "' 1. fr 0 4' - 'ilu fx '- . hi V f ' 0 . ' 'lr - I s ' ' - . W f sg A ,infer My f 1 -an-my I iii!-eh ' 3 L f I A Vu.. l ' ' Q r ' V Y " Y" Q' h . aa., , , or ,Q f .U in or gi i r if swf-f mf .M if . R. M f ,K-H-1 1 N, umm f Yin Robert John Connie David Maxine David Montgomery Morris Morrissey Moshier Mundt Murphy Bernice Carl Dennis John Jerry Peggy Myers Myers Napton Nebola Neff Neff ,,-.-. ff' Norman Neu ond Karen Nelson, both seniors, acted os guides for the newcomers during the first week. , ,J in 'V .,., , ter, I JK fp M 1- ' ,x"'xv.J' .,' 1 Q ,', 3 0 1, AL my tidfl, i ,f 2 I ' g W Carol Dorene Donna Marvin Nelson Nelson Newcomer Niedan Karen Diane L Nielson Nilson Ning! Norliiiatyee Pasque O 225 L . 7, ' ,-, ' 1 gr J A657 'W v .i,k t Y , ." I A ' ,A , ,fi A ' Q f- 6 , I ,. 1 f 'S N ' 1 i m- - 'Lf A X ' . Douglas Donald John Charles Steve William Nostrud Nultemeier O'Connor O'Dell Odenbach 0'Keefe David Gene Alice James Robert GHPY Olen Oleson Olson Opsahl O'Rielly Oster ,,... .ff John Oster 226 Q Posque ,4- Pa tv. , in , ' AV "i - ll 1' it f, 4' X D Y an AA '- A, 1 1 t I, is Bonita James Loren Rodney Daniel Ottenbacher Pahl Palmer Palmer Pape Susan Janice Linda Glen Steve Charles rkhurst Parsch Parsons Paulson Payne Pederson l L 11 If l 7 if ' , WI. 6 f -. f -rn- Terrance Kurt Craig Robert Marlys Doris Pekron Permann Perry Perry Peters Petersen Janice Margaret Larry Karla Tom Tom Peterson Peterson Petrich Petrick Petrosky Pibal - 1671" 1 , l K , 'Y . j 'fr ' 'um' ,A R' ' ' if W 'wi' A: , in , Q , ig J , A J S U is MAJ I ,. U V ' , 1, ,4 y f J 1, - A . X X 1--- at L A I fs. .Q to w e F i W . Q: I f " ,'5x5 5X -I-A 'G , , l. , l A R 44, it , L V A - 5 A - - ',f ... ' gYg.,,v3f x or Bonita John Joseph Duwayne Judy Keith Pietz Pittarelli Planansky Plant Price Pritchard Robert Berand Gordon Ralph Susan Nancy Prunty Quaschnick Rabenberg Rabenberg Ramsey Rane ar -f not -au. 1!--4 . 1 'ith ' K M' no R 47 J ,,..,.,3, 4'-HQ ' .3 . vi b f Linda James Robbin Julie Joan Richard Raynes Redfield Rehfeld Reider Reints Flenelt Carole Sharon Lanny Shirley Paul Hellmut Rensberger Reuer Reynolds Rheault Richard Richter .i, I' v A ,, 2 -- E X f . , 1' N-4 .Ae 'N N l f fr - " ' ' wi' 1 4 K 3,2 LG, , - 1 Q K v.," " -wg MJ 1i'.5,,ftA Q to S nll' of-fl' l'll ,ll -W f K Af' A ' l K v L 'L -,. elk. Mary Robert Ronald Cherie Connie Phyllis Rnckenbach Rnedl Riedl Ring Roach Roberts Ruth Kenneth Robert Roland William Gerald Roberts Roerig Rohrbach Rosedahl Roth Rothbauer Freshmen Q 227 A s X' A ' ' ,N 'A' . I 'E-V A f .1 ,R Q 4 . N . 'K' ,,' A in . A .S NNN . x la, at l A., Q 'P ,W gp 'X 41,5 in -ax 44 --iv X - 'UMW A fi Q Vx Tl, N wh I - ' S fi Q-7Vf' ' time 'rf' 7 'S'-J , ' A ig, KW I lil" x L ' I Rodney Angela Lucy Ar-lo Philip Barbara Routh Rueb Rule Saboe Salem Salverson Nancy Larry Judith Dave Coral Alan Sampson Sandland Sanford Scepaniak Schad Scheusner M, " 4 fi "4 xi J iv - l, Qs, ,' S' ...X A 19' fri ' . me , . g l , ki I 'A l ' , , '- , ' - , h,, J 1 ' ' ggi - y? 5 f Q if A , - A 4 WN X- Donna Gloria Richard Cyril David Wayne Schulberg Schlicht Schliesman Schmidt Schmidt Schmidt Johln Walter Richard Robert Joseph Alan Schmlt Schmitt Schneider Schroeder Schulte Schultz 5 'rl Y: 1 4-V N .L lg- 17 - 3 di ,,,,,,:,, 1" 3 5' jf . , "ff J W 'Yr "' 'J S ' 'ff Q A Sire:-f' L' 7' 7 J- l Arthur Luther Wayne Jerome Jo Ann Barbara Schumacher Schumacher Schweitzer Scriver Seaman: Seefeldt Douglas Robert Michael Jerry Alice Christine Sevening Shaw Shearer Sjerven Smith Smith 228 Q Freshmen ,pg ' '-TT? ing , ' 'wu- Qevq x , Q l 15, if K 1, I 1 . vw 1 ,. fl J , it ww- "" . 0 lg 'gi 4,1 i ,I , X1 ,. + if t -uv, , x our V Eldon Kathryn Kay Laverle Sandra Robert Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith sodenlin Norman Michael Judith Marvin Roger Donapd Solberg Spear Spicer Spissman Standard Standing Elk 41' K - 'W-ff 'X ' NN ul .1 Mary Sheryl Stanley Stapf Carole Stockert X f' 1 ' ., Q A",,.:' 3,"hn 5 ""'4 , ,WW 4. P 11. XML 7 Q A 1 C ,Q ' m f' yi I A , 7' V vc? 1, ' S .. H ,N L .X Q -.. ' 4 L- 'W . Harold Ruth Garry Susan Stapp Stemmerman Stepanek Sterrett Donna Joseph Bondell Dennis Ronald Stoddard Stoebner Stokke Storly Streyle r 'H I 3 f at if K A La Verne Richard Duane Sharyn Marilyn Molly Strohfus Strom Stuoelmwer Siulken Such Suiter Clifford Jeanette Charles Joel Dorothy Janet Sumption Sumption Swanson Swisher Symens SYVGPSOI1 Pasque Q 229 f w -n , -' Zg ,Y 51 , fn- " 5 ,Y V I X' wif: ' 1 t F I Q M' Q ' exif L 5, 'x 5 ,. SI, . . I 1 ' Dick, Q fr W A g v , ,W H ff, 4 ,, , 2 - Q 1 1 , ii- 5' T U ii 2-Y T 'i in Q' we ,lf g Q-f L if L wif Q' L .. L " Roger Elaine Loren Gloria Marvin Alwyn Tarbox Tassler Tekrony Terveen Thill Thoreson James Dennis James Gary Richard Nancy Thronson Tiede Tilgner Tipton Tobin Toman i h , , , ,, Lx O1 xl x vie-0' x " cj? an-'NJ' im H- 4 l-ihgffni 47'-6 ' Q 'Q I "Yu Gardner Richard Ann Vernon David Diane Toniaan Traphagen Trask Traversie Trefz Tullar Louis Patty Blake Irene Eileen Joyce Tyon Ulmer Urban Vangilder Van Soest Veren 230 Q Posque , 1 4 I r wig. -5? I 2:1 N l - ' .5 his ' ,V H in -T , , A 13 K 1 56: l Curtis David Louis Bob Dave Jon Vilhauer Vitters Vollmer Von Wald Walberg Walberg Kenneth Ann Nancy Sonja Ronald uae Walberg Wallace Waller Warwick Waterfall Weatherill 'Y 1 l .H "' E "V, ,ta 4 'X if .H ' an an , -AIX J v GN-" K 3, , 1 2 ,1 , 4 --' V kd 2? , A .nn l Q V. ' J 45 o H 2.1 I A ,Q -' ""' .. rg,- AA 1- I- 3 . , I ,-,Jxr A ' , Cf' Tl, - J '1' .11 - - A e L .,, " J Dana Martin Richard Stanley James Carol Welland Weisbeck Weischedel Weisz Welsh Werner Harlene Edwin Konnie Larry Theodore Dianne Werner Westendorf Westerberg Westphal Wettestad Weverstad 'Sift Y , A ,l Ji ' e C x l , ,Nr 5 I wx j , J 1 ff' ' a W Jeanette Keith Stanley Richard Julie David Weverstad Weverstad Whipple Wicks Williams Willoughby Larry Judy William Leland Ch l B Wilske Wilson Wilson Winters wig 3533121 Vanin, V 15, 'ff 'A A I I ?"'i 'gang 535 ,ff-A J.- - up ,gg we V , , ' 1' f,.,, Ak I, '-sf l ,. Y d, , X 3 ,. "ff , ff .J an ik L x .4 L? I I'Xf 1 fn ... 2 , lb fu' J L. e , Q l '- V W..." 'alaf' , i fe " ' - f 'W Myron Douglas Murray Diane Dennis Marcella Wolff Woods Woulfe Wright Wylie Zacher Mary Albert Ellen Gary Barbara Zenk Zena Zimiga Zimmerman Zumm Freshmen Q 231 f lf Football Q Intramural Q sl Golf 0 Football Q lntrart r l L. l I L i Q4 l gsross Country Q Basketball Q Wrestling + Track 0 Tenr 'tural Q Cross Country Q Basketball Q Wrestling Q Tral 14tlaleticA 1 l 234 Q Pasque Sporting Activities Bring Honors to NSC Now known across the nation, Northern State athletic teams once more brought honor and rec- ognition to South Dakota. With four champion- ship crowns in their favor, Northern's athletes have become synonymous with the word champ- ions. National recognition and true sportsmanlike conduct have made the Wolves the envy of all schools throughout the state, The football squad has done much to bring national recognition to the school, but the under- lying competitive spirit generated by the coach- ing staff has made this all possible. Three All-Americans led the powerful Wolves football squad to their highest ranking in the school's history. Rising as high as fifth in the poll of America's top small college teams, the squad struck with precision and sheer power to leod the nation with an offensive attack. Averaging nearly 'SOO yards per game in total offensive rushing, the offense piled up on amazing total of 3l5 points. The power-packed squad made it eleven South Dakota Intercollegiate champion- ships under Coach Clark Swisher, as they came close to blanking the conference opposition from the scoring column. Eleven seniors closed out fine careers at North- ern after winning four consecutive conference titles in as many years. Winning 39 games in four years of regular season play while only losing one, the seniors played to the most impressive win-loss record in the school's history. The powerful group of gridders led the Wolf pack to three consecu- tive national rankings in the top ten and per- formed in two small college NAIA playoffs. Basketball fell victim to an unusual series of bad breaks and finished the season in a fourth place berth in the SDIC. Two outstanding players made the Wolves the team to beat this season, but the famous quint lost the services of big DuWoyne Groos who was averaging over 25 points per game. The Sisseton sophomore was the mainstay on the squad with his tremendous rebounding ability and limitless scoring potential. Gary Nygaard, the other half of the one-two punch, took over after the loss of Groos, and went on to set a tremendous scoring record. But this was not enough and the squad finished with an 8-i5 record. The Intramural program took on a new feel and became the highlight of the campus activities, giving the student body the widest variety of sports ever afforded them. A Tremendous number of students greeted the new program and entered the various activities with enthusiasm. Badminton, archery, cross coun- try, volleyball, swimming, diving, and track are just a sample of the sports to choose from, One thousand-plus students played a part in the co- educational program. Wrestling gained popularity throughout the season and the hard fighting squad gained many fans before the winter was over. Coach Don Woods led his team to an 8-3 victory and saw five of his men reach the finals in the SDlC tour- ney in Springfield. The only SDIC team that downed the eight- man squad was a well-established Black Hills team, The squad finished the year with five en- trants in the National NAlA wrestling tourney in Spearfish. Senior Jim Kampen led the cross country team to their finest season in many years. I After several regular season meets in which Kampen placed either first or second, the harriers captured the SDIC crown undisputed and won the NAlA District l2 meet to qualify for the small college national event. The five-man team placed thirteenth in the big event at Omaha, Nebraska. Freshman Carl Glander developed fast in the short season and was a big reason for the team's suc- cess. The strongest golf squad in Northern's history ended the season with four tournament crowns. The linksters posted victories in the l-luron Dual, Bemidji Invitational, SDlC, and District Twelve NAIA. Two seniors and three freshmen made up The winning combination for the year. Norm Scott, senior, took top honors in the SDIC with a score of 76, just one stroke ahead of teammate, Dennis Schauer. The team added more national honor to North- ern by qualifying for the national small college tournament in Kansas City. The linksters were the fourth team of the season to gain recognition from the NAIA. Tennis added more glory to the athletlCS of NSC by dominating the SDIC tourney and NAlA District l2, Coach Fred Drews led the netmen to a fine season which showed improvement in every match. ' Led by Rich Cinclair and Charles Reich, the racketmen posted the most successful season since the Jordre-Saylor combination in l96O. Adding the final touch to athletics, a track squad all but rewrote the record book on their way to being one of the top track teams in the history of the institution. Veterans Arden Rapp, Jerry Schlekeway, and Wally Johnson led the cindermen to crowns in the SDIC and District l2 NAIA. All but one of the fine athletic teams gained national recognition in the NAlA, and track was one. After finishing first in the conference and smashing a large number of points to win the District l2 NAIA meet, the squad hosted a state- wide AAU meet and won going away with the grand total of l34 points. GRIDIRON TEAM SHOWS POWER The high-flying gridders had their NAIA play- off hopes shattered in the final game of the sea- son after posting a brilliant record, stemming from the year l96O. Putting a Bl game regular season winning streak on the line against the speedy Kearney eleven, the mighty Wolfpack finally met its match and lost its first game since l96O. Three All-Americans added brilliance and power to the brutal attack of the Big O, as they rolled over the season's opponents with ease, The Swishermen racked up l69 points before any team could even score upon them, Before the season came to a close, the Wolfpack piled up an amaz- ing total of 3l 5 points to their opponents' 65. The power-balanced squad won their eleventh confer- ence title under Coach Clark Swisher, and this season's title made it four in a row, with three straight undefeated seasons in conference play. Launching their football campaign for i963 against Chadron State of Nebraska, the Wolfpack picked up where they left off in '62, by smashing the Chadron Eagles 48-O, Another score in the forties put the Southern Pointers in their place as five players crossed the touchdown stripe in a 40- O rout. Fumbles kept the score lower than previous games, but the Swishermen made a shambles of the Tech squad and rolled to a 32-O victory. The Waldomen kept the ball rolling as they thrilled a capacity Gypsy Day crowd with a 48-O shellacking of the loud-talking DWU Tigers. All- American quarterback, 'Joe Phipps, showed the kittens what football is really like as he tallied two touchdowns and passed for another in the offensive onslaught. Fumbles were a plague to the Wolfpack all season and they nearly put an end to the Northern win streak as the golden toe of Lynn Ray kept the pack out in front, l4-l3, in a real tight one. Fumbles again slowed up the mighty Wolves as they pressed on to a 27-l2 win over Bl-lTC. The highlight of the season came on October 26, when the Big N held l-luron scoreless for the second straight year and skunked the hapless Scalpers l9-O, lt was the fourth straight year that Athletics Q 235 236 Q Athletics they won this bitter rivalry. A supposedly tough team from General Beadle was no match for the powerful attack of the Waldomen and the con- ference ended with a 60-6 slaughter. Playoff dreams were shattered when the high ranking Kearney State Antelopes upset the victory- minded Wolves 40-27 in a real action-packed ball- game. Twelve seniors saw their last football game end in a loss but battled hard to stay in conten- tion, just as they did way back in i960 when they began. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM OUTSTANDING Seniors Jim Kampen and Dave Little led the cross-country squad to a good season record lead- ing the freshmen tracksters to an undisputed SDIC crown and several good showings in the three-state area. Jim Kampen began the season by leading 23 runners to a top berth in the NDSU Quadrangular. The squad was minus football manager, Little, and fell to a second place slot. Freshman Carl Glander came in near the top along with John l-leck. The cindermen placed third in the SDSU all- comers meet in Brookings. Kampen fell behind his arch rival and settled for second place in a field of 80. Kampen came right back and won the Roe Granger meet and led the pack to another third place spot. Finishing fifth in a field of fourteen colleges at the Bison Invitational, the cross-country team put forth their best team effort. John l-leck placed 28th behind third place Kampen in a group of runners numbering over lOO. l-le was followed by Roger Philbrick, Joel Swisher, Joe Stoebner, and Ron Fast. The first SDIC meet fizzled, as no other con- ference school could musterone hearty trackman to compete in the initial conference event. The squad nominated themselves as champs and held an inter-squad meet. A tremendous team effort pushed the Wolves' cross-country team into first place in the NAIA District Twelve Meet. The Wolves, placing five men in the top ten finishers, represented District l2 and Northern State in the national finals of the NAIA at Omaha. Jim Kampen paced the l-larriers to a thirteenth slot in the national event by finishing in a spot number 40, Freshman Carl Glander came in fifty-third in a fine performance for any freshman. INTRAMURALS EXPAND Intramurals became the highlight of the win- ter months by giving additional activities to the student body. The new expanded program offered a variety of activities and contests to become the most popular program addition on the campus. A tremendous number of students greeted the new program by eagerly entering the big variety of activities, ranging from basketball to table tennis. The program began with badminton, archery, and cross-country track. A total of 560 students participated in the first three activities as the new program officially got under way. Team cap- tains were chosen to represent the dormitories and off-campus students. First round activities drew to a close and new ones appeared as the new intramural pro- gram blasted off for what seemed to be the greatest new activity on the campus in many years, Over 300 students entered in volleyball competition, l50 in handball, and approximately 30 entered the 50-mile swim program. Mid-winter activities included a variety of dif- ferent programs. In the winter program were basketball, billiards, table tennis, swimming and diving, and wrestling. Twenty-seven basketball teams competed for the men's title and I0 teams vied for the top spot in the women's division. Some of the spring activities scheduled were track, softball, tennis and golf. All events were open to men and women. HARDCOURTERS HAVE RUGGED SEASON The SDIC basketball race was a real scramble until late in the season. The hard-fighting Wolves fell victim to final second baskets in four games and had to settle for a tie with l-luron for fourth place. Scoring stars DuWayne Groos and Gary Ny- gaard kept the Wachsmen in the running but over-all opponent balance was too much and the Wolves finished with an 8-I5 win-loss record. After dropping six straight games at the be- ginning of the season, Coach Bob Wachs began to wonder if there was a winning side to basket- ball, but the die-hard Wolfpack came battling back. ln the initial game of the year, a powerful St. Cloud auint downed the Wolves 85-5l, Bemidji State was equally as powerful as they poured in 95 points to 62 for Northern. Minot and Yankton found the baskets red hot and won 73-70 and 83-60, respectively. Kearney State found it rough going but made it six in a row with a 78-68 victory. Groos and Nygaard sparked the first win of the year by netting 52 points and keeping the hardcourters out in front 7l-67 in a win over Mayville. The Wachsmen captured second place in the Daily Ploinsman Tourney, with a 75-73 win over Huron and a 68-62 loss to General Beadle, Big DuWayne Groos set a new scoring record as he pumped in 48 points. The pack opened the SDIC with two decisive victories over Black l-lills, 66-62, and South Dakota Tech, 74-66. The l-luron Scalpers hemmed in Groos after his scoring spree and downed the Wolves 77-64. League-leading DWU slipped by Northern in a 65-63 win to stay out in front of the Wolves in the race for first place. Despite the loss of Groos, who had been aver- aging over 25 points per game, the plucky North- ern auint downed the Southern Pointers 77-65 and moved into a three-way tie for first place. General Beadle set back the Wolves for the second time in SDIC history as they knocked the pack from the first place slot with a 60-57 win. I-lowever, the Waldomen fought back and white- washed the I-luron Scalpers, 69-58. Seeing new hope, the pack trounced Tech 80-6l and moved within one game of first place. A win over Bl-ITC would have pushed the Wolves to the top, but the hot-shooting Black l-lills auint toppled their hopes, 77-66. DWU also found the Wolfpack down and all but diminished the title hopes with a 7l-62 victory. General Beadle made it three in a row by sneaking by 6l-59. Southern also climbed on the band wagon to make it five one-basket losses of the year for the Wachsmen, with a 77-75 wind-up. Gary Nygaard set a four-year scoring record with I687 points, 522 of them coming in his final year, with a 25 point conference average in an attempt to keep the basketball domination North- ern has had for over a decade. GRAPPLERS GAIN RECOGNITION Despite the fact that Coach Don Woods couldn't find wrestlers for the II5 and l23 pound classes, the Waldo grapplers worked hard and posted a fine 9-3 season record. Relying on re- turning veterans to lead the squad, the eight-man team showed a desire to win and battled all out in every match. Aiming at the SDIC Tourney in March, the matmen worked hard each week to improve their style and body conditioning. Some team juggling was done during the year, but it was soon evident who the top wrestlers were. Pasque Q 237 238 Q Pasque The pack took on USD in the season's opener and walked away with an impressive 33-5 victory. Northern wrestlers placed four men in the Valley City invitational meet as they continued to look good, losing the first and last matches of the meet-one by forfeit. The mighty matmen won eight straight combinations to dominate the South- ern Pointers 28-8, Don Pitkin and Doug Glader both scored pins. After opening the SDIC action with a 28-8 win, the matmen followed immediately with a 20-8 vic- tory over South Dakota Tech. Glader scored his second pin of the SDIC loop. The pack dropped a 27-ll match to Black l-lills, Veterans Bob Brown, Norm Neu, and Glader posted the only wins with Gloder picking up his third straight pin. The grapplers battled hard against Minot to eke outa close i5-i4 win, Jim Koenig and Brown each scored a pin to put the pack out in front and the heavyweight made sure it stayed there. Biting off more than they could chew, the grapplers fell hard to the Valley City group on the score 25-3. Picking themselves up, the matmen came right back to trounce Jamestown College 25-9. Look- ing more impressive in each match, the Northern squad continued to improve as they won two out of three in the conference rematches. They downed Southern 2l-l5 and Tech 29-l2 before losing to Black l-lills I7-26. The grapplers made one last trip before head- ing into the conference tourney. The l-luron Scalp- ers were no match for the Wolves and fell 30-6. Bob Brown and Doug Glader reigned as champ- ions in their division in the SDIC tourney and sev- eral others reached the finals to wind up the reg- ular season before going to the NAIA National Tournament in Spearfish. TRACK SQUAD POSTS NEW RECORDS A power-laden track squad nearly rewrote the record books as they sped their way through the season to post several wins. They ranked as the best track squad Northern has ever had. lt was Northern all the way in the Moorhead State Quadrangular lndoor Track Meet as they came out on top with 63 points and three new records. Arden Rapp, Jerry Schlekeway, and the mile relay team posted new indoor marks. Placing second in the South Dakota Invita- tional, Northern's team showed in nine events with two first places. Following the invitational, the team journeyed to Mitchell for the Corn Palace Relays where twelve members of the squad earned medals. The harriers placed second in the pre-Easter Invitational at Northern as they followed South Dakota State but led six other teams. Fifteen new records were set in spite of the cold weather, with the Wolves capturing five of them. Improving every meet, the tracksters traveled to Huron to win their first outdoor meet of the season. Totaling 82 points, with seven first places, they swept the meet by outdistancing all other entries. Setting five new records on a trio of outings, the Wolves looked strong in competition at Sioux City, Howard Wood, and the Bison Jay-Cee before heading to the Bemidji Invitational. Minus four ace contestants, an eleven-man squad battled Mankato State for first place in the Bemidji Invitational before returning home for the SDIC, Quentin Alwin and Jerry Schlekeway posted new marks. The pack set five new records to capture the SDIC championship with 88 points and an over- whelming victory. Arden Rapp, Jim Kampen, Rob- ert Sherwood and Jerry Schlekeway posted the new marks. Nine first places gave the Wolves the title. The Wolves piled up an enormous number of points to take the District I2 NAIA meet be- fore winding up the season with the AAU meet. Northern amassed IS4 points to win the first AAU meet in South Dakota. Jerry Schlekeway set a new state record with a toss of 53'8W'. Arden Rapp ended his career by placing in seven events plus helping out Northern's relay teams. TENNIS TEAM HAS GOOD YEAR Coach Fred Drews had a successful season for the first time since the Jordre-Sayler combination. The season opened with a shut-out over Southern, and Northern captured the SDIC title with wins in three out of four divisions. The netmen completely blanked the Southern Pointers in a dual meet and won a 7-0 decision in the season's initial outing. South Dakota State turned the tables on the racketmen and beat them 5-2 in a dual meet. Charles Reich and William Thompson won their singles matches. After returning from a tough outing at the Bemidji State Invitational where the Wolf net- men tied for third place with St. John's College, the squad went against South Dakota State in a rematch, Thompson and Reich again scored wins in their division as Northern fell 5-2. The net squad copped three of four divisions to take the SDIC tennis championship. Richard Cinclair and Charles Reich took their singles div- ision while Charles Prochaska dropped the final match in the number three division. William Thompson and Trent Anderson defeated the Tech doubles team to win the conference doubles championship. The racketmen took first place in the NAIA District I2 Tournament by winning the doubles match and the number one singles match to end the season. A team composed of Cinclair and Reich dominated the doubles competition and won readily. Cinclair also won his division in the singles competition. LINKSTERS HAVE GREAT YEAR The strongest golf squad ever assembled at Northern posted a brilliant record with three tour- nament wins and a victory in the only duel of the season. The linksters posted victories in a I-luron duel and swept the field to earn first places at the Bemidji Invitational, SDIC, and District I2 NAIA meetings. Veterans Norman Scott and Steve Taylor joined forces with three freshmen, Jim Olson, Dennis Schauer, and Mike Goldhammer, to keep the SDIC crown at Northern for five straight years. Senior Steve Taylor gave the younger members of the squad something to rally on as he posted the first major tournament medalist win in Northern's his- tory. The Frosh golf stars took the lead in the open- ing tourney as they led the Wolves to a seventh place in the Bison Invitational at Detroit Lakes. Thirteen teams were present. Freshman Dennis Schauer, playing in his first meet, led the pack with a 79. Following the Bison meet, the linksters loosened up a little and posted a second place berth in the Cougar Invitational. Goldhammer found a 75, Schauer recorded a 76, and Jim Olson a 79 to again lead the upperclassmen. The Wolves discovered the Grand Forks course to be too diffi- cult and finished fourth in a field of nine with a 40l total. Taylor found the Bemidji course suitable for his type of play and finished the 27 hole tourna- ment par I07, just four strokes over par, and took medalist honors over 90 entrants. Scott backed him up with a II4 to help put the Wolves in the first place slot. Making it five in a row, the Wolves' powerful golf team ran over a small field of SDIC teams to capture the conference links crown. Shooting a 309 total on a windswept course, the linksters came in 30 strokes ahead of the nearest finisher. Scott was a medalist with a 76 and Schauer suffered a triple bogey on the last hole to finish with a 77. The Wolves' golfers, coached by Bob Wachs, finished the year with the District I2 NAIA National Tournament, where they were eliminated after the second day of play. Athletics Q 239 Wolf Pack Posts Brilliant Year The Season Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Chadron O Southern 0 School of Mines 0 Dakota Wesleyan 0 Nebr. Wesleyan 13 Black Hills I2 Huron College O General Beadle 6 Kearney State 40 Members of the i963 football squad are, front row, left to right, Joe Phipps, Rick Schliebe, Mike Williams, Robert Taylor, Norgrin Sanderson, John Stoecker, Norman Neu, James Winters, Andy Parks, Ray Barnett, Don Pitkin, Harley Riel, Second row: Dave Krider, Myron Wolff, Melvin Hoff, Jerry Schlekeway, Harold Par- dew, Jim Judd, Ron Wicks, William Schlosser, Ken Holler, Doug M6 All Americans' Three members of the 1963 Wolves trightl were voted honorable mention NAIA All ,M Americans, Left to right: Don Pitkin, fullback, Harald Par- ,i,, . Guiding the Wolves during the i963 season were lleft to rightl Graduate Assistant Bart Berndt, Assistant Coach Bill Jordan, l-lead Coach Clark Swisher, Assistant Coach Bob Wachs, and Assistant Coach Don Woods. 240 Q Football dew, guard, and Joe Phipps, quarterback. Gloder, Ron Gilbreath, Jim Bishop, Jim Breitog, Tom Garter, Third row: Harold Stapp, Roger Lekvold, Tom Birchem, Ross McDonald, Clark Swisher, Jr., Robert Braun, Richard Sebring, Elroy Likne-au, Clarence Stern, Raphael Mack, Gregg Wiitala, Lynn Ray, lflarry Little, Byron Nuttall, Larry Brockel. Fourth row: Ron Bircliem, John Karen, Torn Kramer, Tom Petrosky, Mike Scherer, Terry Klungseth, John Kettering, Jim Welsh, Tom Farnsworth, Clill Arneson, Loel Anthony, Kirk Leclair, Mike Mahoney, Rick Tobin, Robert Ptiinty, Robert' Gates, Ron French, Albert Milner, Loren Tekroney, Jack Morris, Joe Planansky, Dennis Wylie, James Koenig, Tom Riecll, Les Duncan, Larry Gauer, Charles Wise ancl Jerry Neil, Not' pictured are stiiclent trainers Dave Little and Richard Forst. i, ,,, 'I- , t' X . J ,, 'lt In J i vc. E 'L R K t .4 lb- ,F JE J " i , 'lily 1 7, 1 Nine Northern State football players were selected for thc All-SDIC football team for l963, They orc lclockwise, left to rightl Don Pitkin, Joe Phipps, Jim Breitag, Jerry VX Schlckeway, Ron Gilbraath, I-larold Pardew, Doug Glader, Tom Gaucr, and Norg Sander- , ALL-SDIC Student Managers Dave Little, left, and Richard Forst per- form o valuable duty by keep- ing track of all equipment used by the Wolves, w ' ff 1 gf"-'M X.. 5, 4, Q, K n .., :- M., K i- ,A ., A, . 1 -N ' -fvwvifmr '-" -'fi' - fi--Fr ' ,L X - . W -' Q u 4 li' 'I 'lil '- f M' J - '- 'A i t E4 2 74 sa U 7 P 1' fl ,Y , A T'i:?WPwS 5 " 1 . iz fig,-,.'599,,1,iis' -, 1 Q, 3, , H A 'Emo 'FE 'X v. Q E W T' in l I NJ :I i 4 1: l 41 5 H .vu na Nl i 1 Mm J i L l fain f A .4 NK, , ff W p - V 6 D b j F B 91 E J I . i i l i 3 l 1' H N + i ' 1 ,, b A4 f. A R- f' 4, , ' QQ- . V if Q- -it , w - If , , n f u ffl: . Y 7 'I -4 ' " 0 X30 - ' ji" x ' ' ' 1 1 755 . 4 1 ' , , ij Y' ,, , 1, N , fx-,. 'lf x 5 E'ixltk, , rw ,. ,.. K, , , A , 4 "- , . ,M L aft,-5.55 , h. wif- , ' KN 5 V v 1 M QV -gf ,Q 1 f- 1 il V I-.-A Z lm 'S' Wiki - f 'W-',i'ir hw ' M M if 1' 1 X s, M kn , v .Jr fps' ,Q An qltjgiyi 'v , ,Y -A sr 4 Y L. M 4-I 1 " qs il-" - Min f' Vi M N W T -if - ' 4 M y i fit - -.-. ly. mf'wf"'5:v ,' -' tw ' ffl- . .. vl 'H K ,' ' un x N' llll o gi hug 4 A .2 li i ' 5 V ' - ": ,T-1-o I n N -A ji'-', .V T81, V' '---" .- .,. ' 3 72,3 3- Q.,--,. KQW. : ,, F i 7 fp: Ji' A . ' 5,'i.'fvJ!',aif',1jgg-QT?VHA-"?7l,Q.iV,,y2LM i' ' . "' "Y 1 . ' 'f un, Senior lirlemfriw for llic i963 socmoil orc, left to right, Viiilsliiiiq oiil llioir foollxill Coi'00i'f. for lliv Vlfolvfx Roy Bcimcll, Jolm Slocrkor, Rolacrl Taylor, Norq Sun- in llic lmrlxlvlulcl orc llcft to rightl Noimoii lxlllll, derson, Miko Williams, Jim Wimlcrs cmd Amcly Pmrlm, Jive llliigup-l, Dum Pill-:iii ciiicl Ilii I-.. Svlilivlvc -1- fi xx!- ix? ri 1' 5 if, X' - I k,.z1i-"1 NN. ' ,sf i an A 1 N A vvoll ol llcalw cpilomizm llio mqqvcl loollnaiil 'llfifmbiii osloiii-llimmil, lXlOI'll1Cl'l1 Slain' cmlicl lla Seoson. Fiilllnocils Doll Pitkin polqof. liis Wfly lliioiigili Wo! SiJlC K'OllllHC'lIllUll iii lliis qomc luy sliiiosliiiiq 0 Window in llio Woll Wliilc ClUQJl'lClAlYlL'lx ,loo Pliliup-2 C'miicri'ol limfllc ivy ci SLOW ol CO--6 Football 4 243 Wolves Roll 'ro Victory 244 Q Football Flankcrs Ron Gllbrcath, right, and Bill'Schlosscr, below, do some high flying lo haul down passes, 4 Below: Wary Yellowjaclccts approach with caution as they get sol for a blasting jolt in an allcmpf To bring down hard running Wolf wingback Rick Schliebe. l Players rusli onlo ilic liclcl to congralulaio one anollior aflor llic win over llic lr-liiron Scalpcrs, Miko Williams and Don Pitkin labovc, righfl wiiliri it up wliilc Clark Swisher, Jr. liurrics lo join llic l94O victory colcbralion. Right: Heading lor pay dirt, freshman Harry Siapp, l88l, pounds the turf as two General Beadlc players close in. ,xp " -ix-Q l-lallboclc Byron Niillall lcars lliroiigli a group ol Joi: Phipps allows CIiaali'oii'a Qlvloiiwo -.omc lamy defcmclem on his way to picking Lip valiiolblc yardage loolwork O9 lic pram'QQ liii way for ci long gawi for llio Wolfpack, to wi up a luiirliduwii, I 9 Pasque Q 245 L r 1 x i f J U ti rr r r ,ig 'rf Www' 1 , ln."-ji N is-'flu -A 4' . ii J - 1 :. ' , i' ' - Am " Q A., ' . 'Q Q.,- nhl'-tw' 'ri' L i e J' ui Ti' QM at it 1 w it -J Q - , , iie L me mm W ' it Mme ML'-M' x , ,. V , .,," Ask' X ' , I h ,Q ,iw 'rj' 4 V ., 'fl'-' ' "h.,..-..f., ,,'..-,K u iw-wa VLZ- .,..., A ' --' U' v 1411" " ,, ,- '-" ""f'f': ' Q1-A - ' " Wx ., ,x ... V L - i 4 fftfll 1' "'f"R?m 'Mr or Cross Country Team Goes to NAIA Finals Members of Northern's i963 vorsity cross country squod ore lleft to rightl Ron Fost, Lynn Hieb, Jim Kompen, John Heck, Roger Philbrick, Joe Stoebner, Dove Little, Joel Swisher, Corl Glonder ond Bernie Ouoschnick. . A 1 , w , 1 L J 246 Q Pasque ie Veterons Jim Kompen, left, ond Dove Little were the only seniors on the squod ond were the moinstoys of the i963 teom. 2 H fl lf is J f I, it Jim Kompen crosses the finish line well oheod of the 40 entries in the 38th on- nuol Roe Granger cross country invito- tionol meet. 1 l-lappy first round trophy win- ners display some of the many awards given for participation in the new expanded intramural program. Adviser, Bill Jordan, .Az Viv lfar Ieftl and program director, Bartlet Berndt lfar rightl, in- troduced the intramural activi- ties and coordinated the pro- gram. Intramural Program Expands A look of pride and joy crosses the face of Mary Youngman she receives her archery trophy from Bart Berndt, Awards were presented between halves of Northern Basketball game. OS O Intramural Q 247 W Xa-' ' .J- A hearty group of men pitted their en- durance against the long cross country layout in a race to find the best intra- mural distance man on campus. Dave Griffith lfar Ieftl led all runners to win the 1.7 mile race in.lO144.8. per-fy' Diving was one of the more acrobatic events in the program Kit Benadom lleftl spreads her arms for balance as she prepares for her entry All eyes are fixed cn the ball as John Mertz lcenterl spikes the hall following a setup by Bill Nagy lleftl in a semifinal volleyball contest. Above: Gary Nelson ileftl and Hank Lenards demonstrate their ability in the finals of the badminton tournament. Right: Archery was an activity that drew a lot of interest. The four finalists lleft to rightl Peggy Neff, Dana Wetland, Mary Youngman, and Gloria Beck stand beside the target. Pasque Q 249 Basketball Team Has Rugged Members of the Wolf Squad are lfront row, left to rightl, Jim Breitag, Dave Linngren, Doug Nelson, Larry Nesland, Lewis Tyan, Barry Erickson, lsecond rowl Roland Smit, DuWayne Groos, John Schlonr, lthird rowl Judd Bail, Harvey Liedle, Hank Lenards, Larry Luifjens, Gary Nygaord, and Manager Dave Little. 250 Q Pasque Season The South Dakota Intercollegiate Confer- ence was up for grabs until the final games of loop play, The Wolves rated high in the scramble but fell victim to last-second-baskets by the opposition in the last three games and finished in a tie for fourth place. Strategy and basketball know- ledge are a part of coaching that makes a coach good or poor, Head Coach Bob Wachs trightl and Assistant Fred Drews discuss a weak spot in the opponents' defense in an up-coming game, Wachs leads the Wolves and Drews works with the younger members of the squad to find the winning combination. Basketball Q 251 Gary Nygaard, a formidable one man team, gave fans an excellent display of ball-handling and shoot- ing. One of tlie most outstanding players in basket- ball, be posted a 23.7 season average and scored 522 points. Driving around opponents labovel or sliooting liis under-handed layup, be epitomized basketball at its greatest. 252 Q Basketball After a short briefing on offen- sive strategy, Coach Bob Waclis sends the players into tlie game with a little more knowledge ot the opponents. Roland Smit came off the Bombers' squad to give the big Wolves a hand in down- ing the Huron Scalpers, Always a good rebounder, Rally also found the basket range which helped him score eleven points. Two speedy guards, Doug Nelson labovel and Jim Breitag lrightl were important factors in setting up plays for the bigger men. They made a deadly team in steal- ing the ball from opponents and putting the stop to foreign offenses. Pasque Q 253 254 Q Pasque DuWovne Groos 4533, Lorry Luttjens 1407, ond John Schloht ISM, move up front to get the rebound. Above: Reserve Center, John Schloht 643, sow ptenty of oetion ond moved into o stortung spot tovvord the end of the season, I-Ie quickly proved his worth by tremendous rebounding ond shooting, Right: Lorrv Luitjens pumps one in from wov out os Groos 1521 ond Breitog get set for cm possubte rebound. 4 Pups Have Successful Year Above: Don Weber l2Ol fires from woy out beliind o screen set by fresltmcin, Judd Boll, Left: Borry Erickson drops in o loyup os Don Weber gets set to rebound. Coocb Fred Drews' Pups posted on omozs ing record this seoson plus providing good proctice competition for the yorsity, Below: Judd Boll, who was moved up to the vorsity, seemingly blocks o shot of bis own teommote. Basketball Q 255 256 Q Track YW Clarence Slern, Richard Sebring, Robert Simon- son, Wayne McGruder, Dave Shaw, Third row: Dove Lillie, Jim Kampen, Arden Rapp, Ray Mitchell, and Don Pitkin, SDIC and District l2 NAIA track champions are lleft to right, fmnt rowl Robert Sherwood, Jim Knudlson, Jerry Thomas, Craig Hilton, Richard Olsen, Barry Erickson, Tom Icloake, Second row: Jim Eyenson, Lynn lclieb, Jerry Schleleewoy, Track Team Has Outstanding Spring 'X , Leng hours ol preparalion in ihe cold weather are necessary N ugif, I-lead lrack coach Bill Jordan, lo reach a high level ol per- - left, worked long hours helping formance ability, Coach Bill ' , runners reach their pealc per- formances. Q, ' - Olicnlin Alwin, left, passes time lnoloii To Clarence Stem, above, wins llie 220, Below, left: Jerry Dave Sliaw on tlio lirnl log of ci relay, Schlekeway practices his discus form. Below, right: Barry Erickson passes ihe baton to Richard Olsen in lhe 880 relay. --rr f 1 i JOrdar1 lthird from righfl briefs Robert' Slicrwoocl iriclicfa over llic liigli lnair the squad on the practice ses- in o record i2'lOUQ" polo voiiil. sion for the day. Posquc Q 257 f 'X 1963 SDIC champions ore ileft Back row C och Fred Drews to right, front rowi Chorlos Rich Cincioir Bill Thompson Reich Trent Anderson, Jim ond Doug Sm: King ond Chorics Prochosko. gh? M u A f ' , 4 .wi ' ' 'A , , SDIC champions in their rc- speciive divisions, Chorios Reich, left, ond Rich Cincloir, right, disploycd grcoi' tolcni ond desire in the 1963 scoson. Golf Team Posts Records ' Northern State's SDIC and Norman Scott, Jim Olson, Milne NAIA District I2 championship Goldhammer, Dennis Scliauer, team included lleft to rightl ancl Slave Taylor, Steve Taylor, left, lines up a putt in tlie early practice rounds that lcd to a medalist position in the Bemidji in- vitational, Slwarpsliooting Jim Olson lupper rightl played a major role in keeping the team in a top spot all season. Golf Q 259 260 Q Wrestling Members of the SDIC runners-up are lback row, left to rightl Don Fox, Dave Engebretson, Don Pitkin, Bob Gates, Doug Gloder, Al Wall, Gregg Wiitola, Les Gref- ton, Coach Don Woods, lFront rowl Lanny Mowry, James Koenig, Clark Swisher, Jr., Norm Neu, Bob Brown, Dick Bleth, Ron Hilson, and Wayne King. Wrestlers Fight Hard In Exciting Contests Providing leadership ond power to the squad, Doug Glader labove, leftl and Bob Brown won nearly every match of the season. Both were stondouts in the SDIC and captured in- dividual crowns in their weight class. Anyone who Iwos ever wotclwed wrestling quickly becomes od- dicted to the sport. Actton oplenty is chorocteristtc of wrestling os shown by Lonny Mowry tabovet who oppeors to be tongled up, Doug Gtoder trightl getting set for o pin, Jomes Koenig tlower rightt who upends his mon on o pin, ond Dove Krider tbelowt in the fomilior first-round-stonce. MDI Posque Q 261 Aberdeen 0 Northern Northern Q Aberdeen Aberdeen + Northern f Aberdeen Q Northern f Abel Northern f Aberdeen + Northern f Aberdeen ' Nortl Index The Aberdeen Agency OF .Q ' .1 A .3 RJA. STH-ES y-'-'- '-' General Age., Aberdeen 418 So. 2nd St. Phone: BA 5-7861 Aberdeen, S. D. For V Lite V' " 5 . . . A ,-31 W X! Hospitalization I NX Accident and Sickness ELMER BAUER Zeeland, N. D. V Retirement V Mortgage Redemption N! Employment Opportunities 1 -.. :CT JIM EDWARDS Field Supervisor NSTC Grad. - 1959 Aberdeen ALVIN BERTSCH Eureka D N A ..,,y 4 'B CLAYTON BARKER ERWIN NJOS Aberdeen Duwee ETD 13 'Z ' '- 3 - ag' K1 :ft ,P 4. Q4 I 2 .- U Q, . -f - - Vs ' 'h A 1 'Q h f ' . .hs WAYNE BARKER BOB GOEMAN JOHN STILES DALE GOEHRING ROBERT POLLOCK NSTC Grad. - 1961 NSTC Grad. - 1960 Aberdeen Attended NSTC NSTC Grad. - 1960 Eagle Butte Woonsocket Aberdeen Pollock Students: See us about our College Student Plan 264 Q Index Aadland, Gary 149, 214 Aamold, Lowell 36, 190 Aas, Richard 214 Ackerman, George 117 Adam, Sheila 156 Adams, Leon 208, 214 Adamson, Harley 19 Akerson, Cheryl 36, 153, 156, 204, 207 Alan, Delbert 36 Alden, Clarissa 36 Aldrich, Patricia 194, 214 Aldrich, William 36 Alexander, Norman 84, 192 Aljoe, Shirlee 84 Alkire, Dorene 77, 152, 214 Allison, Ruth 36, 136, 145, 187, 193, 194, 205 Alwin, Quentin 214, 257 Aman, Faye 214 Amon, Gaye 186 Aman, Jerome 156 Aman, Lee 214 Amdahl, Allen 214 Amdahl, Barbara 156, 195 Amdahl, Shirley 214 Amelinckx, Frans 34, 117, 131, 133, 143, 183 Amiotte, Arthur 39, 117, 131, 133, 143, 183 Ammann, Larry 34 Ammann, Muriel 148, 156, 211 Amundrud, Judith 190, 214 Anderson, Carol 214 Anderson, Elizabeth 156 Anderson, Greg 156 Anderson, Harriet 16 Anderson, Lavonne 214 Anderson, Penny 133 Anderson, Trent 156, 258 Andrews, Fred 84 Andrews, Linda 214 Andrews, Roger 214 Angerhofer, Eileen 17 Angerhofer, Judy 191, 214 Anthony, Lowell 156, 208, 241 Antigone 112-113 Arbach, Janet 146, 157, 195, 198 Arbogast, Galen 35 Archambault, Marjorie 214 Archer, Jackie 157 Armin, Perry 28 Arndt, Larry 35, 141 Arneson, Cliff 214, 241 Arpan, Zane 214 Ash, Gayle 214 Asher, Allan 84 Ask, Alan 214 Asoer, Janet 1-18, 194, 215 Association of Childhood Education 194-195 Association of Women Students 184-185 Austin, James 157 Babb, Terry 215 Badgley, Martin 84 Baker, Bill 215 Baldridge, Norma 16 Baldwin, Sandra 35, 1-13, 205 Ball, Judson 215 Balogh, Darlene 136, 152, 157, 195, 211 Balsiger, Marlenna 110, 215 Bamesberger, 1-larlan 35 Bamesberger, Judith 84, 151, 201 Banik, Harry 215 Banning, Norma 157 Barnett, Raymond 35, 2410, 2-13 Barondeaii, Michael 215 Barrie, Ferdinand 35, 192, 196 Bartlett, Marn 215 Bartz, Vernon 84 Basketball Bassett, Sue Ann 152, 157, 188, 191 Bastian, Vernon 8-1, 150 Bates, George 157 Bates, Morris 35 Batter, Diane 148, 215 Bauer, Inlartzon 215 Bauer, Thomas 215 Baum, Michael 19 Baumberger, Cheryl 157 Beattie, Robert 35 Beauvais, 1-lerbert 157 Beaver, John 108, 215 Beck, Gerald 85 Beck, Gloria 149, 215 Beck, John 215 Beck, Robert 85, 190 Beck, Rosanne 85, 193 Becker, Donald 157 Beckers, Karl 215 Beckett, Ron 112 Beckler, Marilyn 215 Becklund, Arloene 18 Beekman, Sheryl 215 Begeman, Charles 85 Beitelspacher, Sharon 35, 194 1 Three Northern art students are arranging a display in Dakota Hall Little Gallery. Q v i Pasque Q 265 O LUMBER O Building Materials - Paint Roofing - Millwork - Coal Everything for the Homebuilder H. C. BEHRENS LUMBER CO. SERVING ABERDEEN SINCE woe, BA 5-9450 AND SAVE Sllfl'.I'fIIl'fI'0II CIIllH'llI1ft'l'l1 ABI'IRDIfI'fN, S. IJ. JUNIS GOEHRING e Insurance Agency 406 S. LINCOLN ABERDEEN RELIABLE INSURANCE AT A SAVINGS Specialized Service DIAL 225-0384 Zczlfea ZW Q Disability Income Q Educational Plans . Q Life Q Savings Plans Complete Dlnners Q Life Time Gua t d Q Morrtgage Cancellation , , Ren wable Q Retirement Inc me Sandwiches - Ice Cream - Pizza Hqgpit liz ti Corner of Ninth and Main -4 wana. 5 , .LI I F13 - DRIVE-IN WINDOWS - CUSTOMER PARKING LOT - O OF AIIRDIEN BA ITK' Branches at Britton. Groton. Heclo, Milbank, Mobridge and Redfield 266 Q Pasque Belden, Otis 85, 142, 196 Belk, Carol 157, 195 Bellack, Berniece 157, 195 Bely, Constance 157, 195 Benadom, Kit 215 Bender, Karen 148, 157, 191 Benfit, Marilyn 190 Benkendorf, Kathleen 157, 205, 206 Benn, Hazel Benning, Curtis 215 Benson, Nancy 121, 148, 215 Benthin, JoAnn 35, 143, 205 Berberick, Michael 215 Berger, John 85 Berger, Ken 215 Bergerson, Stephen 149, 201, 215 Berggren, Alyce 25 Berggren, John 141 Bergh, Andrea 215 Berndt, Bartlett 31, 210, 240 Berndt, Marjorie 157, 215 Berreth, Betty 145, 157, 194 Berreth, Carolyn 85, 191, 215 Berreth, Diane 215 Bertrand, Alice 35 Bertsch, Thomas 215 Bettmann, Myra 215 Bialas, JoAnn 74, 157, 186, 192, 195, 205 Bianco, Kenneth 144, 148, 150, 157, 183, 1238, 193, 197,210 Bieber, John 85 Bieber, John 215 Bieber, Lenora 157 Bieber, Madeline 35 Bieber, Peggy 157, 201 Bieber, Sylvia 35 Biegler, Mary 35 Bien, Edna 149, 157, 182, 188, 193, 195, 205, 211 Bien, Neil 149, 157 Bietz, Kenneth 85 Big Name Entertainment 78 Billups, Sinnia 26 Binder, Kenneth 35, 189 Binfet, Marilyn 147, 215 Binfet, Virgil 157, 188, 191, 210 Bingham, Judith 215 Birchem, Gerald 215 Birchem, Ronald 215, 241 Birchem, Tommy 85, 241 Bishop, James G. A, 210, 241 Blabaom, Beverly 216 Blake, Jon 158 Blake, Pamela 216 Bleth, Richard 85, 152 Blocker, Rita 35 Bloem, Lester 144, 145, 216 Bluedog, Allen 208, 216 Blue Key 134 Bocle, Wesley 216 Boettcher, Lynda 74, 152, 201, 214, 216 Bolduan, Barbara 158 Bomeberger, Harlan 150 Booth, Charles 18 Borgheiinck, Patricia 147, 195, 216 Bosch, William 22, 144 Boulais, Cecelia 36, 128, 133, 144 Bowker, 1-lenry 36 Boyd, Daniel 158 Boyington, Mary 116, 145, 216 Boys' Dorms 210 Bradberry, Ray 216 Brammer, Annalee 148, 158, 186, 192 Brandland, Vicki 36 Brass Choir 110 Braun, Elaine 74, 146, 205, 216 Braun, Robert 158, 241 Braunstein, Linda 158, 189, 200 Breckenridge, Nancy 74, 75, 186, 216 Breitag, James 85, 202, 241, 242 Brekke, Clifford 85 Brekke, Denice 158, 192 Breske, Joan 120, 146, 207, 216 Bretsch, Karl 36, 142 Bridge, Carol 85, 148, 194 Bringman, Karie 158 Briscoe, Margaret 19 Brock, Russell 28, 197 Brackel, Larry 158, 196, 210, 241 Brockel, Russell 36, 196 Brost, Brosz, Brown, Brown Brown , Brown, Bruns, Bruns, Bruse, Frederick 158, 191 Herbert 216 Charlene 216 Jean 144, 158 Linda 108, 119,216 Robert 158, 203, 254 Leanne 216 Jill 216 Margaret 158, 191 Buchele, David 216 Bucklin, Thomalene 205, 206, 216 Buckorny, Gary 216 Buechler, Connie 85, 193, 194 Buechler, Larry 216 Buechler, Sharon 85, 1912, 194 Buisker, Delbert 150, 202 Bunce, William 85, 188, 197 Bunn, Kenneth 158 Buntin, Arthur 28, 197 Buntin, Dee 17 Burckhard, Walter 216 Burger, David 196, 216 Burger, Floyd 216 Burger, William 147, 216 Burroughs, Marvin 142, 196 Business Club 190, 191 Button, Ronald 85 Butts, Floyda 86 Buus, Allen 158 Bymers, Byron 36 Byrne, Margaret 136, 211 The chorus line for the campus variety show, Things, Inc., consisted of eight Martian maidens from Briscoe Dorm. Index Q 267 DANIELS FOR DRUGS "THE NAME You CAN TRUST" FREE ADQUGHX SERVICE Phone BA 5-9700 THE GORDER CO. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LOANS Capilol Bldg. Aberdeen, S. D. J. E. GORDER R. F. GORDER 268 O lndex I4-4+l'T Ave. S.E. Aberdeen, S. D. Mgr' lnsurance DeP+- H. J. Lussem, Jr. EVERYTHING in P. 8: H. BOOTERY MWC 205 SOUTH MAIN ABERDEEN. SOUTH DAKOTA --.. ..... Your Family Shoe Store 209 S. Main Aberdeen, S. D. AN NOUNCING Tl-IE ALL NEW . . . Rambler N440-H" Hardiop " T' 1 5" : ' ' , f .T , " 14 Q . T, gif 4: I , '-. , .... P an vm" 77 X ' ilu. ., . ..., .-,, 'N ' r-'A T D., ."' T , . ' 1, .. "" . ... See the Classic V-8 too BlAECiLER Corner lst Ave. SE and Kline BA5-4533 7 Twp.. Painfs - Wallpaper -- Linoleum Carpefing - Furnilure LIBERAL TERMS Eslimafes Gladly Furnished on Requesl I8 - 2nd Ave. S. E. Phone BA 5-3320 ABERDEEN FEDERAL SAVINGS 6' LOAN ASSOCIATION I3 Second Avenue, S. E. Aberdeen, S. Dak. BA 5-8811 Savings Accoun+s 8: Home Loans Califf, Cathleen 216 Cameron, Richard 36, 188, 197 Campbell, Charles 216 Carlis, Jack 36, 183, 190 , Dahl, Dianne 217 Dahl, Merlin 86 Dahl, Rudolph 28, 132 Dahl, Wava 17 Carlson, Louise 216 Carlson, Mary 86,' 144, 193, 205 Carolin, Mona 62, 216 Carolin, Robert 216 Carr, Loren 36 Carson, Joan 36, 128, 135, 143, 144, 184, 185 Carston, Carol 216 Dahme, Mildred 37 Dailey, Dan 86 Dais, Gary 37, 141 Dale, Carol 217 Daly, John 217 Dammeier, Mary Sue 147, 217 Dannenbring, John 217 Daschel, Edward 217 Davidson, Richard 217 Eckhardt, Mary Beth 186, 217 Edenstrom, Richard 87, 150 Edenstrom, Rita 87, 117, 193 Edlund, Leroy 37, 192 Efllond, Evelyn 26 Ehley, Marvin 29, 145 Eichelberg, Dwight 87, 189, 200 Eissinger, Susan 38, 62, 189 Eldeen, Larry 217 Eldridge, Joyce 217 Eleeson, Carol 136, 160, 195, 197 Elftmann, Robert 18 Ellig, David 38 Elliott, Neil 38 Elliott, William 160 Ellis, Janet 74, 160, 191, 201 Ellwood, Donna 27 Carter, Delwin 36, 153, 192 Chaboyo, Roberta 158, 208 Chaloner, Martha 189 Chaloner, William 25, 109, 141 Chamberlin, Donald 216 Chambers, Mary 148, 216 Cheerleaders 206 Ching, Carol 86, 108, 139 Christiansen, Ronald 216 Christman, Carolyn 36, 149 Christmas Formal 76 Cinclair, Richard 258 Clark, Kenneth 86 Clark, Sharon 216 Clarke, Lester 19 Clarke, Roger 158 Clausen, Leonard 36 Clawson, Nancy 206, 216 Clem, Sharry 151, 158, 186 Clemetson, Richard 158, 190 Coacher, Joseph 22, 144 Cody, Daniel 86, 137 Coe, Arthur 22 Colgrove, Linda 108, 217 Colgrove, Linell 217 Collegians 108 Collegiate Choir 104-105 Collegiate-Civic Orchestra 106-107 Davidson, Toni 217 Davies, Edythe 16 Davies, Kathleen 217 Davies, John 159 Davis, Gerald 37 1 Dawson, 205, Caralee 159, 18-1, 195 207 Dayton, Jerome 86 Debian, John 37 Dehnert, Maynard 37, 187, 191 Deline, Carol 217 DeMarais, John 86 Demmers, Don 191 Dempsey, Lois 191, 217 Denholm, Dolly 217 Deuranier, Judy 76, 19-1, 205, 206, 17 Diedtrich, Gordon 20, 135, 153 Diegel, Terrance 217 Dillion, Thomas 217 Dingsor, Bonnie 159 D1Re,Juliann 74, 75, 159, 184, 204 Dirks, Janice 217 Disbrow, Barbara 149, 217 Dithmer, Claudia 159, 205, 207, 211 Dittman, Carol 217 Dittman, Charlene 37 Dix, Glenn 37 Dockter, Phyllis 159 Dockter, Robert 86 Ellwood, Virgil 29 Elton, Lyl Engebrets o 160 on, David 217 Engel, Allan 160, 197 Engel, Donna 38 Engelhart, Ann 14 Engelhart Donald 217 Engelhartl James 217 Engelhart, Joseph 87, 191 Engelhart Paul 191 Engelhartl Thomas 217 Enkers, Dale 87 Ensminger, LaVonne 38 Epsilon P1 Tau 142 Erickson, Alon 217 Erickson, Barry 160, 203, 256, 257 Erickson, Carol 191, 218 Erickson, David 87 Erickson, Dianne 218 Erickson, Gerald 218 Erickson, Jay 136, 149, 210, 218 Erickson, Kenneth 27, 116, 138 Erickson, Nancy 112 Erickson Richard 218 Erickson, Virginia 76, 148, 205, 218 Erlenbusch, Gary 218 Ernst, Judy 218 Ernst, Leroy 87 Erz, Dale 38, 144, 147 Essington, Wanda 74, 75, 160 Ester, Wynne 29, 132, 208 Collins, William 151, 158, 186 Comeau, Paul 217 Community Concert Artists 79-81 Concert Band 109 Conklin, Lois 217 Conley, Delores 16 Conley, Raymond 36 Conroy, Colleen 158 Cook, Toni 63 Cooper, Diane 191, 198, 217 Caplan, Catherine 86, 188, 193 Dohman, Wallace 26, 143 Dohn, Rita 159 Donahue, John 86, 191 Dasch, Valentine 87 Douglas, Arthur 34 Downer, Glenn 37 Downie, James 75, 110, 141, 159 Doyle, Nancy 217 Drake, Gary 137, 150, 159, 187 Dresbach, Stephen 141, 159 Drews, Fred 31, 258 Dubs, Roger 159 Corbin, Mary Ann 158, 184, 187, 192, 195 Cotton, Donna 108, 136, 137, 139, 158, 204, 211 Cotton, Gail 36, 139, 183, 204 Cowie, Anita 158, 201 Coyle, Robert 86 Coyne, Michael'11O, 141, 159 Craig, Stephen 217 Cramer, Carol 11 Crane, Charles 37, 133 Cretsinger, Dean 37 Crippen, Gary 86, 108, 112, 119 Crogan, Elizabeth 37 Cross Country 246 Cuellar, Orietta 37, 191, 208 Culp, Vernon 19 Duchene, Charles 159, 196 Dumdei, Ronnie 87, 196 Duncan, Les 217, 241 Duncan, Lloyd 150, 159, 187, 190 Dunkel, Henry 217 Dunker, Kirk 37 Dunker, Patricia 159 Durkee, James 87 Eagle Bull, 1-larry 37 Easthouse, Rita 37, 131, 133, 135, 188 7 1-13, , 19: Easthouse, Sctnicur 87, 149, 191 Ecker, N11--'11 '60 Eszlinger, Doris 148, 218 Evans, Dianne 31 Evans, Jane 188, 218 Evelo, David 196, 218 Evenson, James 159, 160, 182, 188, 203, 210, 256 Ewing, James 25, 108, 141 Exponent Cover Girl 62 Exponent Staff 118-119 Faehn, Burdette 160 Faifer, Valencia 74, 156, 160, 195, 197 Fairyland 64-65 Famias, Gary 87 Farnham, George 160, 190 Farnsworth, Thomas 218, 241 Fast, Ronald 218, 248 Fauth, Randall 110, 141, 160 Fear, Sharlyn 218 Fell, Marvin 218 Feller, Wayne 166 Fenelon, Donald 144 Fenstermaker, Cheri 218 Fernholz, Donald 38, 87 Fernholz, Marilyn 38, 147 Pasque 0 269 INVESTORS BUILDING SUPPLIES DivFrsiiied lSiLilli1nZer lggoliows Sllavlliogloa rd SSIVICSS, Inc. lnsulafion Cabinets Roofing C. L. DELL, Divisional Manager 3I2 Cilizens Bldg. Aberdeen. S. D. Minnesota Paints and Varnishes Allen Fellers, Manager ABERDEEN LUMBER CO. ami PLYMOUTH CLOTHING CO. When You Look Your Best . . . You Do Your Best! OUR 5lsT YEAR OE FRIENDLY SERVICE ABERDEEN, soum DAKOTA 621 6th Ave. SE Aberdeen, S. D. 270 Q Pasque 4 f Q. 'yy X NF' XE E X - i, Avi" F . L 2 4. A '65 ' ' 'E A Fiedler, Arlyn 38 Filip, Shelly 218 Finley, Julia 20 Fischer, Connie 160, 211 Fischer, Elroy 218 Fischer, James 69, 87, 131, 134 144, 183, 190 Fisher, Dale 218 Fisher, Gary 191 Fisher, Lorraine 161, 192, 194 Fiskvik, Deloris 161, 198, 205 Fix, Jerald 161 Flath, Faith 116, 218 Fleeger, Gail 87 Fleeger, Vern 38, 87 Florentine, Judith 161 Fodness, Karen 87, 149, 195 Folk, Mary 38 Football 240-245 Forbes, Curtis 161 Ford, Brian 38 Fordham, Don 218 Forst, Richard 218, 241, 242 Fossum, Robert 218 Foster, Mary 218 Fowler, l-larold 5, 14 Fox, Donald 218 Fox, Kathleen 218 Frank, Juanita 38, 69 Franklin, Daniel 218 Franzen, Marilyn 143, 161 Freier, Sharon 161 French, Ronald 210, 218, 241 French, Terry 218 French, virgin 38, los, no, 134, 140 Freshman Orientation 66-67 Frey, Dennis 152, 16.1, 190, 196 Frey, Ronald 161 Friedrick, Marcia 38, 139 Fritz, Janith 137, 161, 211 Froiland, Sheryl 87 Fuhrer, Theresa 145, 161, 194 1 Fuhrman, Charlene 112, 113 Furness, Curtis 38, 149, 193, 196 Gaaskjolen, Dell 218 Gaaskiolen, Lyle 186 Galligher, Douglas 88 Gamma Delta 153 Ganje, James 88, 191 Ganje, Larry 218 Gapp, Eldon 39 Garland, David 88 Garland, Frederick 39 Garrett, Verneen 218 Garrigan, Clara 190, 219 Gates, Claudia 219 Gates, Robert 219, 241 Gauer, James 219 Gauer, Lawrence 219, 241 Gauer, Thomas 88, 203, 241, 242 Gayton, Karen 39, 69, 136, 195, 208 Gefre, Susan 219 Gehring, Marlys 88, 189, 201 Geis, Charles 219 Gellerman, Frank 12, 69 Gelling, Edith 219 Gelling, Howard 189, 201, 219 Georgeson, Linda 219 Gerdew, David 88 Gargen, Robert 219 Gerharter, Sheryl 88 Gorriats, Dale 161 Getty, Frank 88, 1111, 150, 188 Gibson, Edward 27 Gibson, George 39, 191 Giudd, Leslie Gilbortson, Oliver 144, 161 Gilbreatli, Ron 2-11, 242, 2-ll Girls' Darms 211 A new addition to the campus was this Association. Details of the project were sign, presented to NSC by the Alumni discussed by Prexy Club. Gizinski, Marcia 74, 183, 200, 211 Glader, Douglas 88, 203, 240, 241, 242, 254 Glander, Carl 219, 248 Glander, Jean 207, 219 Glau, Frederick 219 Glass, Robert 219 Goddard, Jerome 108, 161 Godderz, David 144 Godfrey, George 39, 128, 142, 144 Goebel, Michael 219 Goette, JoAnn 149, 161, 187 Goetz, Jerome 88, 191 Goldhammer, Mike 259 Golf 261 Gonsor, Doris 39 Goodroad, Gayle 161 Gordon, William 31 Grabowski, Melvin 20 Grafton, Henry 196, 219 Gramm, Gary 161 Granger, Frank 219 Granger, Roe 241 Grosse, Mark 88 Graves, Janice 161 Gray, Zane 219 Grebner, Richard 161 Green, Jeffrey 40, 112 Green, Virgil 161 Greene, Linda 110, 219 Greeno, Monni 195, 205, 219 Greeno, Rebecca 195, 219 Grenoble, Beth 149, 219 Grenz, Jerald 161, 196 Grey, Ramona 40 Griffith, David 88, 128, 134, 150 Groos, Donna 36, 40, 207 Groos, DuVVayne 219 Grote, Kathleen 141, 161 Grovesteen, Virginia 39 Gruebele, Duane 40 Gruvor, Bonnie 161 Guericke, Margaret 219 Index Q 271 ABERDEEN GLASS COMPANY Libby-Owens-Ford Glass Products B ' in-M P it enlam oore a n s Owens-Illinois Glass Blocks GE-Textolite Laminates PHONE BA 5-1450 NO. 2 N. STATE lgfzecii 'Where Shopping is a Pleasure' Fashion Apparel for Half a Century All Forms of Insurance - Real Estate - Bonds CAREY - GRAEBER - NOBLE THE A. N. HOFFMAN co., INC. 223 Citizens Bldg. Ph. 225-l72O Aberdeen, S. D. 4 BROTHERS MARKET - Open 7 Days and 7 Nights - 7th G Mein South We Deliver - Sf: H Green Stamps Q . . C?-,v 9 Bulova 1f......f-WQfif1L.w'Q WH fo' Q? 'T' Wyler Ii I FROM Orange Blossom Black Hills Gold Weber Floral Dim' PLEINIS JEWELRY PHONE: 225-6533 - 4l4 SOUTH MAIN ZH S- Main SHERMAN HOTEL COFFEE SHOP MEXICAN ROOM VISIT OUR NEW ZEBRA LOUNGE 272 Q Index Gugel, James 140, 219 Gugel, Sharon 40, 108, 139 Hanson, Hanson, Barbara 195, 220 Dennis 162 Gunderson, Harry 142, 196 Hanson, Joan 17 Gustafson, John 88 Hanson, Peggy 162, 198, 207 Gustafson, Marjorie 88, 143 Hanson, Richard 220 Gustafson, Ruth 138, 145, 162, 185, Hanson, Roger 162 193 Hanson Vesta 20 139 184 Gutenkauf, Dale 219 Guyot, Joan 162 Gypsy Day 68-73 Haolond, Curtis 191, 219 Haan, Norman 162 Haas, James 219 Haberer, Vito 108, 219 Haberly, Janice 40 Hack, Walter 20 Hogberg, Linda 162, 205 Hagen, Elizabeth 74, 186, 219 Hagen, Richard 40, 110, 141 Hagenson, Sonia 88, 191 Hahler, Gary 153, 219 Haigh, William 25, 144 Hall, Adelene 27, 44 Hall, Philo 40, 136, 137, 138, Hallstrom, Robert 219 Halvorsen, Paul 219 Hanks, Larry 40 Hannem Hanse, Hansen, Hansen, an, lda 211 Karen 40, 200 Bernadette 220 Burdette 220 iifinsen, simon 40, 145, 133, 187, zoo ,211 Hansen, Stanley 110, 141, 162 Hansen, Steven 88, 134, 136, 141, 188 Hansen, Tom 110, 162 Hansen, Vicky 220 Hanson, Wayne 220 Hardesty, Mary 40, 201 Hare, Marilyn 88 Hare, Patrick 220 Harmon, Craig 40 Harmon, Tom 162 Harrell, Donald 88 Harris, Gary 162 Harrison, Deon 220 Harrison, Dionn 190, 220 Hartman, Karen 40 Hartwell, Lois 20 Haskin, David 220 Hauck, Gerald 220 Hauge, Roberta 40, 139, 204 Haugen, Barbara 220 Hauk, Annette 74, 220 Hawkins, Susan 89, 192, 198, 207 Hawkins, Tom 162 Hawthorne, Anthony 40, 142 Hay, Elizabeth 89, 207 Hayes, Jack 119, 220 Heath, Jay 220 Heck, Donnie 145, 162 Heck, John 220, 248 l--lector, Linda 41, 139 Hegg, Jean 108, 220 l-leiberger, Agatha 41 Heier, Frances 11 Heier, Verlin 41 Heier, Larry 41 Heilrnan, Janis 162, 195, 205 Hein, David 41, 108 Hein, Virgil 110, 140, 163 Heinemann, Lynn 220 Heintz, Micl1ael 112, 163 1 ll '5.'iff- '2 Heitmann, Mary 163 Helgelien, Earleen 41, 148, 193, Hemmer, Linda 220 Hendricks, Beverly 163, 187 Hendrickson, Ronald 163 Henneberg, Steve 163 Henrickson, Sharon 220 Henschel, Carole 220 Henthorne, Charles 89 Herman, Jane 89, 139 Herman, Neil 163 Herald, Gene 220 Herreid, Moriella 41, 147 Herron, Darell 89, 191 Herting, Kay 89, 143, 198, 205 Hess, Donald 41, 108, 141 Hess, Judith 195, 220 Heuer, Dennis 220 Hickenbotham, Sally 146, 163 Hicks, Charlene 220 Hieb, Carolyn 163 Hieb, Lynn 89, 203, 248, 256 Hieb, Sharon 89, 184 Hild, Richard 41 Hild, William 41 Hildebrand, Dennis 41, 70, 108, 111, 141 Hildebrandt, Lara 89, 195 Hill, Marc 220 Hill, Mary Jo 151 Hillgren, Charlene 163, 198 Hillmer, Edwin 196 Hilson, Martin 220 Hilson, Ronald 89 Hilt, David 108, 146, 220 Hilt, Thomas 220 Hilton, Craig 163, 191, 256 l-limmerich, Diana 148, 220 Himmerich, Harry 41 Hinderaker, Paul 117 Hines, Clellan 89 Hines, Kelly 191 207 Ken Binder, Northern senior, and his pet turtle are watching o pre-game pep fest. X X Pasque Q 273 if '?, lsfers Af WRU ZW! 'WW I 11:2 "Serv:ce You'Il Like" ,-mens wean D K a 1 il Everything in I j LESURANC-Eil REAL ESTATE Menls Fine 'L-'lx-'d Liv' 404 South LlncolnABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA Phone: 229-0222 COX RETAIL BAKERY 101 - 3rd Ave. S. W. Across From Northwest Public Service Phone BA 5-7213 - ALLAN RYLANCE, Mgr. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF ABERDEEN BOTTLERS OF COCA-COLA AND 7 UP I -l' ?, 23121121 ' QP if 57 i' ' ' Mis -I I. Flm m , .Kle- - e m , f 1 fail I - . Eahinf A I 1 wi wi' ee ' ' L CRX . f HANCOCK 5200.00 Wedding Ring 34.75 Select from 89 Lovely Patterns of Sterling Silver By Towle, Reed 6' Barton, Gorham, International and Heirloom Bulova, Elgin, Croton, Corovel Ie Watches 7 ll S ABERDEETNVS LEADING DIA MOND EXPERTS EGR 59 YEARS 274 Q Pasque Jones Jackman, -Craig 89 Kappa Hladky, Sharon 148, 163, 191, 211 Hoakes, Tam 256 Hochstetter, Margaret 41, 68, 69, 108, 111, 139, 148 Hoenscheid, Gay 163 Hoffmann, Dale 41 Hoffmann, Robert 163 Hofer, Caroline 116, 145, 220 Hofer, Patricia 186, 192 Hoff, Jacob 163, 190, 196 Hoff, Melvin 240 Hahn, Dennis 89 Haines, Annette 41, 135 Haines, Donald 149 Hoing, Michael 41, 182 Hoisin ton Vicki 163 211 HokQn2on,'kQfen 42, '148, 192, 197 Holaday, Joseph 89, 189, 200 Holaday, William 24, 201 Holgate, Helen 12 Hollan, Curtis 89, 110 Hollan, Dennis 42, 111, 140, 141 Holland, Judith 89, 108, 144, 148 Holler, Kenneth 163, 202, 240 Holm, Florence 16 Holman, Robert 220 Holmes, Linda 42 Holty, Mark 190 Holtz, Ronald 89, 163, 191 Hans, Keith 163 Hoover, Muriel 20 Hapfinger, Dennis 42 Hopkins. Bovd 220 Horan, ,James 221 Horan, Mavis 16 Horse Looking, Orville 221 Hottmann, Davene 42, 139 Howe, Charles 221 Howell, Guy 188, 191, 197, 221 Howell, June 163 Howling Echo 204-205 Huber, Dennis 221 Huber, Robert 42, 150 Huebner, Robert 221 Hulander, Sally 184, 205, 211, 221 Hulshof, Neva 17 Hamann, Lyman 29, 132 Hunstad, Edward 146, 163 Hunstad, Kathleen 221 Hunstad, Warren 89 Huntington, John 221 Hurlbut, Mary Jo 221 Hutchinson, Randolph 221 Huyck, Ronald 110, 141, 163 Hynes, Adrienne 42, 184 Ibis, Roselyn 153, 221 lmpresario 111 lmsland, Sharry 221 Industrial Education Club 196 International Relations Club 197 Intramural 247-249 Isaak, Arnold 221 lsensee, Sherman 42 lverson, Elane 42, 151, 192, 200 Jacobs, James 42, 151 Jacobsen, Edmund 221 Jacobson, Allan 108, 110, 163 Jacobson, Ronald 221 Jacquot, Roger 221 Sister Jane Gaspar 42 Janes, David 164 Japs, Trudy 221 Jasinski, Harry 29, 132 Jasper, Mabel 135 Jaspers, David 144, 164 Jax, Gerald 42, 135, 188, 197 Jeffcoat, Stephanie 121, 221 Jencks, Janice 148, 221 Jensen, Charlene 164, 193, 195 Jensen, Darrel 221 Jensen, John H. 23, 144 Jensen, Marilyn 90 Jensen Nancy 164, 194, 201 Jerde, 'w. J. 9 Jeske, Dennis 221 Jewett, Melvin 42 Joachim, Edith 164, 211 Job, Marcus 164 Johnson, Clay 90, 145 Johnson, David 140, 164 Johnson, Dennis 164 Johnson, Donnell 42, 133, 191 Johniora, Goyla 74, 148, 164, 183, 1 Johnson Joitnsonf Jean 121, 148, 192, Gene 90 Johnson, Kenneth 90 Johnson, Lloyd 12, 69 Johnson , Marie 13 221 Johnson, Mary Jane 90, 188, 193, 197 Johnson, Mary Kay 120, 146, 182, 221 Johnson, Merritt 25, 107, 141 Johnson, Noel 221 Johnson, Ralph 15 Johnson, Sherri 221 Johnson, Virgil 133 Johnson Walter 42 69 Jonas, Loretta 148' Jondahl, Donald 221 Jones, Cora Sue 164, 221 Jones, Dennis 221 Jones, Karen 221 Jones, Kenneth 164 Loretta 221 Jones, Lucian 221 Jones, Robert 90 Jordal, Larry 164 Jordan, Glenn 20 Jordan, William 23, 240, 256 Jordanger, Gary 221 Jorgensen, Karen 164, 207 Joy, Donna 221 Judd, James 90, 197, 240 Jundt, Dwight 164, 196 Jung, Donna 191, 221 Junso, Wayne 164, 221 Jurgens, Mary 146, 164, 190 Kaasa, Darlene 222 Kaasa, Marilyn 42 Kahla, Dale 144, 164 Kahla, Darell 144, 164 Kamande, Frederick 143, 197 Kampa, Marcella 222 Kampen, James 43, 248, 256 Kampen, Kristen 90, 129, 133, 205, 206, 207 Delta Pi 135 Kapphahn, David 164 Karen, John 222, 241 Karinen, Sherry 149, 188, 222 1 Karlen, Allen 222 Karst, John 147, 220 Karwaki, Thomas 29, 150, 197 Kathan, Gary 43 Kaul, Rose 43, 131, 139 Keck, Dennis 222 Keeley, Jerry 164, 191 Keller, Janice 43 Keller, Joseph 222 Kelley, G. O. 26 Kemnitz, Larry 222 Kemnitz, Ralph 164 Kenny, Sherry 195, 222 Kenyon, Tom 43 Kettering, Chuck 196, 222 Kettering, Donald 222 Kettering, Grayce 17 Kettering, John 241 Kettering, Joyce 43, 131, 146, 188, 192, 197 Kettering, Kathleen 222 Kettwig, Judy 164 Keup, Judith 164, 195 Kindelspire, Gayle 222 Kinder, Robert 222 King, Donald 20 King, Jim 43, 69, 136, 150, 258 King, Shayne 164 King, Wayne 196 Kingslien, Karen 90, 145 Kinney, Connie 43 Kipp, Susan 222 Kirchgasler, Mary 146, 165, 192 Kirkpatrick, David 165 Kirsch, Larry 90 Kirschenman, Glenn 43, 141 Kirschenman, James 222 Kjelden, Karen 90, 198 Klaudt, Gloria 222 Klein, James 43 Klein, Kay 165, 205 Klein, Marvin 43 Klein, Merlin 90 Klein, Ralph 27 Klinger, Alan 43, 182, 189 Klingman, Ronald 90 Klotz, Kathleen 198, 222 Kluck, Beverly 222 Kluck, Donald 165, 196 Klungseth, Terry 149, 222, 241 Koch, Daniel 222 Koch, Richard 222 Koenig, James 222, 241, 254 Koenig, Victor 44, 135, 143, 192 Koerner, Charles 222 Kalbo, Thomas 44 Kona, Nancy 112 Konrady, Diane 222 Kapetsky, Gloria 146 Kopetsky, Leo 90, 222 Kopplin, Letha 222 Korab, Edith 222 Kashi, Ray 222 Kath, Robert 90 Kraft, Gary 165 Kraft, Mary Gail 222 Kraig, Paul 20, 147, 192 Kramer, J. Howard 8, 182, 183 Kramer, Tom 222, 241 Kranhold, James 165 Kranz, Kenneth 165 Krause, Duane 44 Krause, Jo Ann 44 Krause, Linda 223 Krause, Sandra 165 Krause, William 223 Krchnavy, Roberta 145, 223 Kreatz, Lloyd 223 Krentz, Wayne 165 Krider, David 210, 223, 240 Index Q 275 ' SPOWNG GOODS WEBB SHOE CO. "Aberdeen's Largesi Hardware S!ore" 3I5 s. Main Aberdeen, s. o. "ANDY" WESTRA' Owner ABERDEEN, S. DAK. BA 5-9320 Expanding with South Dakota OFFICE EQUIPMENT C0- to fumu your dame for OFFICE ond PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES OFFICE SUPPLIES - REPAIR SERVICE farm fresh dairy products. . . "Lars" Larson "Phil" Valle DA I R Y Phone BA 5-4072 ABERDEEN' S' D' H Third Avenue SW - Aberdeen, South Dokofc BROWN COUNTY CO-OP FUEL OIL, GAS, DIESEL FUEL, PAINTS APPLIANCES AND FERTILIZERS 8l"l"7L5 2608 P? DIAMONDS--WATCI-IES GUARANTEED WATCH gi Cify and Farm Delivery JEWELRY REPAIRING 622 Nh Ave. SIE. ABEREEQLTSIITR MENS Bifieee 335557 Amee" Rgiwig TIFFANY LAUNDRY - DRY CLEANING - FUR STORAGE Aberdeen Phone BA 5-I520 276 Q Index Krier, Judith 44 Krikac, William 14 Kraell, Robert 223 Kruger, Myra 44 Kruger, Stan 90, 108 Kruger, Vangie 16 Kruse, James 44 Kruse, Janice 44, 69, 110, 137, 146, 195, 205 Kruse, John 223 Kruse, Robert 223 Kryger, Hugo 165 Kucker, Kenard 45, 142, 189, 196 Kuehl, Nathan 112 Kulm, Gary 150, 165, 187 Kulm, Sarah 90, 186 Kunde, James 165 Kurkowski, James 90 Kurtz, Jauane 91 Kutz, Diana 223 Ladner, Caroline 91, 108 Ladner, Judith 165 Ladue, Gary 223 LaMee, Pat 75, 91, 141 Landreth, Carla 198, 223 Lane, Sharon 45, 207 Lang, Barbara 223 Langager, Loren 45, 201 LaPlante, Rita 74, 165 Larimer, Thomas 223 La rsen Larsen I Larsen, Larson, Larson, La rson, Kenneth 151, 165, 188 Nancy 110, 149, 223 Sheryl 165, 192 Barbara 223 Betty 17 Jo Ellen 223 A Northern coecl presents "The Most Eligible Man on Campus" Award to Doug Glader. Larson, Le Roy 21 Larson, Robert 12 Larson, Robert C. 75, 110, 141, 165, 183 Larson, Robert L. 165 Larson, Terry 223 Laswell, George 223 Lauback, Sherman 45 Laue, 'Edward 91, 190 Lautzenheiser, Richard 112, 117 Lauver, James 189 LaVoy, Dana 45, 193, 195 Lawton, Richard 29 Layton, Joran 45, 136 Leach, Robert 165 Leboldus, Dwayne 196, 223 LeClair, Curtis 223, 241 Lefholz, Kirstin 74, 148, 165, 184, 185 Lehmann, Charles 223 Lehrj Robert 223 Leischner, Darrel 223 Leitheiser, Melvin 147, 223 Lekvold, Eugene 165, 241 Lemclce, Cheryl 197, 223 Lenords, Henry 45, 203 Lerew, Delores 223 Lesher, Dennis 223 Lewis, Carole 186, 223 Lewis, Larry 75, 141, 165, 188 Lewis, Robert 165 Libis, John 223 Liclcteig, Dianne 74, 165, 186, 205 Liedle, 1-larvey 223 Liedle, Virginia 45, 139 Lienemann, Karen 153, 223 Likness, Elroy 166, 203, 241 Linafelter, Monte 91, 191 Lindell, Mary Ellen 45, 64, 145 Lindemann, Ronald 223 Lindner, Dennis 166 Lindner, Douglas 166, 196 Lindsey, 1-lenry 45 Lindskov, Beverly 151, 166, 188 Linngren, David 166 Linngren, Michael 223 Lippert, Carol 139, 165 Little, David 45, 69, 203, 241, 242, 248, 256 urine, Harry 156, 159, ice, 183, 241 Loe, Burton 223 Lohre, Carol 148, 223 Loll, Fay 91 Lomica, Curtis 223 Long, Louis 91 Longwood, Mary Ellen 91 Looyenga, Lowell 91 Lottman, Mary Jane 45, 193 Louder, Garry 45 Louder, Madeline 45 Lovett, Betty 91, 188, 193 Lubbesmeyer, 1-lenry 45 Lucas, James 91 Luce, David 224 Luitjens, Larry 46 Lundeen, Mabel 211 Lundeen, Richard 46, 202 Lupkes, Neil 166 Lutheran Student Association 14 149 Lutz, Larry 152, 183 Lynn, Mary 120, 186, 224 Lyren, Douglas 46, 108, 134, 14 Mack, Raphael 159, 166, 241 3- 0 Mack, Raymond 146, 203, 210, 224 Mackey, Sheila 166 Mackey, Susan 224 MacPhail, Lynne 166 Madland, Jon 91 Pasque O 277 Ziaylof, MUSIC, INC. 0 CONN, OLDS, SELMER, BAND INSTRUMENTS 0 LUDWIG AND SLINGERLAND DRUMS 0 BAND INSTRUMENT REPAIR DEPARTMENT 0 FENDER GUITARS AND AMPLIFIERS EXCELSIOR ACCORDIONS STORY 8. CLARK PIANOS HAMMOND ORGANS -60 MQ! MMS VOLKSWAGEN MERCEDES-BENZ HIGHWAY IZ. EAST ABERDEEN. S. DAKOTA W5 MILE EAST OF AIRPORTI 513 som Main Bfaldwsn 5-1335 PHONE BA 5-3500 R. E. HUFFMAN COMPANY I-OMS Tc Insurance OI' Office Machines Mobile Homes - Cars Of' Business Equipmeni Siarionery Aberdeen, South Dakota "THE STORE WITH THE REDWOOD FRONT!" Any Worthwhile Purpose ABERDEEN FINANCE CORP. Hgllc Cgylace fo go men Cyan Cyleezl Gough" is Third Ave. S. E. 225-8050 -,',,,,.- 278 Q Posque Madsen, JoAnne 224 Mahoney, Michael 224, 241 Maier, Ronald 224 Mallow, Michael 224 Malsam, Leroy 46, 134, 140, 146, 183 Manful, Philip 91 Manning, Kenneth 166 Mansfield, Jack 46 Marching Band 103 Mordian, Betty 17 Sister Marita Kunda 46 Markve, Ann 224 Marlette, Donald 224 Maroon and Gold 133 Marsh, Larry 91, 150 Marshall, Joan 166 Marske, Dorothy 120, 153, 224 Martell, Earl 91, 193 Martin, David 224 Martin, Jolaine 224 Martin, Paula 91 Martinson, Gordon 91 Mascher, Marlys 153, 223 Materi, Anton 15 Mathern, Andrew 224 Matson, Mary 91, 151, 183, 185, 194 Mauseth, James 18 May, Elaine 195, 224 Mayer, Janice 148, 166, 192 McArthur, Grace 25, 139 McCain, Jerry 140, 224 McCreery, Patricia 224 McCuaig, lrma 46 McDaniel, Janice 166, 195 McDonald, Ross 166, 191, 241 McGregor, Ronald 190, 224 McGruder, Wayne 46, 153, 186, 256 McGurren, Pat 166 A beatnik jazz combo provided mood music for the Bohemian Blast. McKee, Peggy 121, 191, 224 McKernan, Mike 147, 224 McKown, Kathryn 166 McLaughlin, Willis 166, 186 McMullen, Charles 92 McNary, Carol 224 Mchleary, Paul 224 McNeill, Alan 224 Mchlenny, Linda 214, 224 Mead, Henry 224 Mecklenburg, Dennis 166, 196 Mehlhaft, Charlotte 224 Meidinger, Barbara 152, 224 Meidlnger, Cheryl 224 Meidlnger, Wayne 166, 191 Meier, Dorothy 224 Melard, Janet 133 Melon, Janet 138 Merchant, Gary 224 Merrick, Yvonne 46, 147 Merrggan, Carol 74, 92, 147, 194, 4 Mertz, John 166 Meuer, Julian 224 Mewaldt, Helen 144 Mewaldt, N, H. 23, 144 Meyer, Jacob 92, 150, 186 Michael, Mary 224 Michaels, Donna 46, 182, 194, 211 Mickelson, Bryan 15, 45, 142, 150, 182, 186, 192, 196 Middleton, Diane 198, 205, 224 Mielke, Lowell 224 Milbrandt, Shirley 224 Miller, Cleo 146, 166, 193, 195 Miller, Creighton 167 Miller, Frances 167, 188 Miller, Gertrude 22, 144 Miller, Jack 210, 225 Miller Jerry 167, 196 Miller, Raymond 46, 134, 144, 150, 1 82, 1,87 Miller, Richard 147, 225 Miller, Roger 188, 225 Miller, Tarrel 225 Mills, Jock 46, 193 Milner, Albert 241 Minder, Orlene 167 Miss NSTC 63 Misterek, Donna 147, 167, 188, 193, 195 Mitchell, Ray 256 Mitchell, Rlta 167, 191 Mitzel, Ambrose 225 Mitzel, James 147, 225 Mltzel, Richard 146, 225 Moccasin Tracks 208 Moeckly, Kent 225 Moeller, Kathleen 151, 225 Moen, Harvey 25, 110, 141 Moench, Delmar 46 Motfenbier, James 226 Mohr, Loretta 167 Monroe, Ambrose 225 Monroe, Donna 225 Montgomery, Robert 225 Moore, Gene 46, 191 Moore, Rose 46 Morris, John 225, 241 Morrissey, Connie 146, 225 Moser, June 167 Moshier, David 147, 225 Mowry, Lanny 47, 202 Mueller, Irene 167, 192, 194 Mundt, Maxine 147, 225 Murdy, Carson 11 Murphy, David 225 Murschel, Loo 47, 135, 143, 197 Myers, Bernice 225 Myers, Carl 225 Myers, Kathleen 92 Myers, Susan 47, 145, 197 ,f"3 E! 'CLUB CAFE Our Speciaify 0 Homemade Postry 0 Southern Fried Chicken 0 Fresh Shrimp Compiefe Carry-our Orders Open 6:00 AM. to I :OO ANI. Sor. 6 tiII 2 Phone BA 5-2604 E. J. Johnson 6I6 South Mein ARMANTROUT INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds of Insurance Excepi Life 209 Newbury Bldg. Aberdeen. S. D. Phone BA 5-4270 NORTHWESTERN PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY INVESTOR OWNED UTILITY 0 dependable Electric Service LARSON 8. LEE H- eoov si-ioP and I .Y I economical, clean-burning Natural Gas " 'f ROBERT O. LARSON OWEN W. LEE I02 3RD AVE. S. W. BA 5-6300 421 S. HRST BA 5-6694 Farmers Sr Merchants Bank ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA ABERDEEN'S FRIENDLY HOME-OWNED BANK 280 Q Index NN EY' ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY 4 Convenient Ways To Pay MEMBER F.D.I.C. 0 Cash as voun owN . Charge E 'I--D-luolnwxviliin-I-' 9 DECORATOR I 521-9 I . . L , , W 4, ay a way SUPER SUJER Ken1LTone ' T - I sup"IA'7lNhlhI1'Sup4'lDUr'hIo S lg5 GAL' For all your home furnishing and SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO- clorhing needs shop Penney's in 305 N. Main Aberdeen Aberdeen first. Phone BA 5-4213 J Napton, Dennis 225 'N' ciiib 202-203 Neboio, John 225 Neff, Jerry 76, 77, 183, 214, 225, 241 Neff, Peggy 211, 225 Naemoim, Janice 47, 152, 193, 195 Niemi, Mary 92, 139, 186 Nikolas, Robert 47, 133 Nilson, Diane 148, 225 Ninke, Judith 168 Olson, Jim 259 Olson, Myrna 48 Olson, Richard 203, 25 One'Act Play 114 O'NeilI, William 48 6, 257 Neifer,- Shirley 167, 193, 195 Nelson, Brad 119 Nelson, Carol 147, 205, 225 Nelson, Diane 47, 190 Nelson, Donald 92 Nelson Dorene 225 Nelson, Douglas 167, 203 Nelson Gary 167 Nelson Harold 47 Nelson, James 47 Nelson, Karen 47, 61, 112, 116, 117 1 131,135,138,143,182,184, 225 Nelson, Kathleen 147, 167 Nelson, Margaret 47, 112, 113, 131 189 , 146, Nelson, Ronald 47 Nesland, Larry 47, 69, 203 Neu, Norman 36, 47, 69, 129, 134, 135, 225, 240, 243, 254 Neubauer, Helen 21 Neumayr, Sharon 47, 135, 143 Newcomer, Donna 62, 195, 205, 211, 218, 225 Newcomer, Kaye 92, 136, 195, 198, 205, 207 Nolan, Larry 225 Norbeck, Judith 92, 186, 190, 192 Nordbye, Peter 225 Norfolk, Donald 140 Northern Art Education Association 200-201 Northern Christian Fellowship 145 Northern Dames 209 Northern Lights 115 Northern Singers 108 Northern State Art Fraternity 189 Newman Club 146-147 Nichols, Gerald 69, 92, 136 Nickisch, Robert 167 Nickolouson, Lilo 144, 167, 186 Nicolay, Jerome 168, 196 Nielsen, Judith 168, 204, 207 Nielson, Karen 148, 225 Jack Carlis and Andy Parks, decorations in hand, look over Dakota Hall Gym before it was transformed for the Business Club Carnival. Nostrud, Douglas 226 Nultemeier, Donald 110, 226 Nuttall, Bryan 168, 203, 241, 245 Nygaord, Gary 47, 202 Nyvold, Kathryn 168 Ochs, Jerry 92 Ochs, Rochelle 92 Ochs, Ronald 92, 144 O'Connor, Daniel 168 O'Connor, John 226 O'Dell, Charles 226 Odenbach, Steve 210, 226 Ogren, Coral 168 Oines, Ronald 23 O'Keefe, Bill 226 Olen, David 226 Oleson, Gene 196, 226 Olmsted, Connie 168 Olsen, Layton 168 Olsen, Lynette 47, 144 Olson, Alice 149, 191, 226 Opsalil, James 140, 226 O'Rielly, Robert 226 Orr, Charles 168 Osborne, Robert 92, 190 Osborne, Russo 11 Osborne, Sharon 92 Oster, Gary 226 Oster, Gertrude 48 Oster, John 226 Ott, Linda 92 Ottenbacher, Bonnie 108, 226 Overby, Charles 48 Overland, Cheryl 168 Oveson, Karen 148, 168, 185, 204 Pohl, James 153, 226 Palmer, Loren 109, 140, 226 Palmer, Rodney 226 Pofmquist, Leonard 25, 140, 141 Pape, Daniel 226 Pordew, 1-lorold 168, 203, 240, 242 Parkhurst, Susan 226 Parks, Andrew 36, 48, 68, 69, 150 182, 197, 203, 218, 240, 243 Parsch, Donna 48, 139 . Parsch, Janice 226 Parsons, Linda 226 PASQUE Queen 61 PASQLJE Staff 120-121 Paul, Virginia 168, 195 Paulson, Adrian 48 Paulson, Glen 226 Paulson, Madeline 48, 149 44:5 ., QNX, .l ,sr .sl-'rp 'I in 'r QQ, A my '-CL.. ,, a ,,, -.Lit .,:i,,,, t W 1 ry I 7 .' ,lf-2' 1111 I 'l 1 ,a 1, fill' , Pasque Q 281 1 'll 1 WHEN IT COMES TO YOU ALWAYS DO WELL' AT S 6? L Printing Dress Up the Old - Develop New Time Saving Office Forms - Neat - Dignified Hayes Brothers PRINTING W3 SOU I H MAIN BA 5-sioo 723 s. MAIN DANIELSON - BROST CO. W2 .gitruice Dutch's Cafe and Drive Inn Our Specialty 'A' Buffet Dinners Every Friday and Sunday 'A' Catering Service gferylding IM -Ar Complete Carry Our Service Refrigerators Ranges ir Banquet Room , 'A' Ample Free Parking Radios Freezers 'lr I-Ienny Penny Fried Chicken TV Sets Dryers ir Two Private Dining Rooms th Ave. East - U. S. I2 to Airport BA 5-2600 or 2601 Washing Machines "YOUR PHILCO DEALER" I It the Newest Look 'Ea 0 0 ir in Banking U 2 fi! I Su rf i m Tri 'I Iili ' s - III . L ,, under construction 55252555 NATM' A'.:..E!I...,I5 282 Q Pasque 4 WE'RE ANXIOUS TO HELP YOU 5 3 -.- Payne, Steve 226 Peck, Dennis 92 Peckron, Terrance 226 Pederson, Charles 226 Perez, Doreen 48 Perry, Craig 226 Perry, James 134, 144, 150 Perry, Karolyn 93 Perry, Robert 226 Permann, Kurt 226 Peters, Marlys 195, 226 Petersen , Petersen, Peterson Peterson Peterson 205 Peterson, Peterson, 226 Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson, Peterson Peterson 192 Peterson Doris 191, 226 Rand 48 Arden 168 Betty 93 Ellen 48, 64, 69, 187, Gary 93 Janice 74, 191, 198, 211, John 48 Karen 168 Larry 168 Lavern 93 Margaret 226 Ronald 144, 151, 168, Sandra 168 Petik, Shirley 168 Petrich, Larry 226 Petrick, Karla 226 Petrosky, Tam 226, 241 Pettersen, Ralph 48, 187, 191 Pfitzer, Julie 149, 168, 207 Phares, Terrance 48 Phelps, Adele 48 Philbrick, Roger 168, 188, 197, 203, 208, 248 Phillips, Bonnie 48, 69, 77, 139, 204, 211 Phillips, Kristy 207 Phipps, Allen ies, 202, 240, 242, 243, 245 Physical Education Majors and Minors Club 207 Pibal, Mel 49 Pibal, Tom 190, 226 Picotte, Alvin 49 Pierce, Carol 168, 184 Pies, Luella 49 Pietz, Bonita 110, 148, 186, 227 Pietz, Larry 93 Pietz, Mike 169 Pi Kappa Delta 138 Pingel, A. F, 153 Pi Omega Pi 132 Piper, Tom 49 Pischke, Sandra 147, 169, 195 Pischke, Sharon 169 Pitkin, Donald 49, 150, 203, 240, 242, 243, 245, 254, 256 Pitkin, Richard 49, 150 Pittarelli, John 227 Planansky, Joseph 227, 241 Plant, DuWayne 227 Podoll, Dean 49, 150, 188 Podoll, Duane 29 Pollard, Clarence 192 Powell, Thomas 49 Prehn, Barbara 93, 149, 184, 198, 205 Prentice, Deanna 169 Preszler, Robert 93, 189 Prexy Club 182-183 Price, JoEllen 110, 139, 169, 186, 204 Price, Judy 227 Price, Phyllis 49 Pritchard, Keith 119, 121, 227 Prochaska, Charles 49, 258 Prunty, Donna 169 Prunty, Robert 153, 227, 241 Pudwill, Kenneth 93 Quaschnick, Bernard 227, 248 Quimby, Donald 49 Raad, Elaine 149, 169 Raba, Theresa 169 Rabenberg, Gordon 227 Rabenberg, Ralph 227 Radel, Joan 93, 205 Raetzman, Sharon 169 Raines, Rita 93, 128, 144, 183 Ramos, Georgia 169 Ramsey, Susan 227 Rapp, Arden 49, 256 Rasmussen, Bette 169 Rasmussen, Don 49 Rasmussen, Duane 169 Rasse, Nancy 74, 152, 186, 227 Ratlitf, James 169, 191 Rausch, Douglas 93, 193, 196 Rave, Lloyd 169 Rave, Merle 93 Ray, Lynn 241 Raynes, Linda 227 Redfield, James 186, 192 Redlin, Robert 169, 186, 227 Reed, Thomas 93 Rehteld, Robbin 227 Reich, Barbara 153, 169, 182 Reich, Charles 49, 258 Reiclyggaula 49, 116, 151, 185, Reider, Julia 211, 227 The police arrested this pig after two Northern students tried to make him the half-time star of a Northern-Dakota Wesleyan basketball game. Index Q 283 'llmmlz Sm., "THE HOUSE OF BEAUTIFUL FEMININE APPAREL" Sherman Hotel Building Aberdeen, Sourh Dokovo linger - gin ' Qualify Photographers RORTRAITS AND WEDDINGS TIT SOUTH MAIN ABERDEEN WITH STUDIOS IN BRITTON AND ELLENDALE I 0. , PEPSI-CQLA BOTTLING Co. BOTTLERS OF PEPSI - COLA, NESBITT'S SQUIRT, HIRES 65 BUBBLE UP II NORTH s'1'A'1'r: s'1'. ABERDEEN, s. UAK. lonzo Ward Hote FIREPROOF Quarler of Block Free Parking ABERDEEN, S. D. BA5-6lO0 l04 Soufh Main l HARR'S AUTO REPAIR FRIENDLY SERVICE 930 Soulh Main -- Phone BA 5-4665 WE GIVE S 8: H GREEN STAMPS We Specialize in Brakes and Repair All Makes ENE'S I 'W WEST ON 6TH AVENUE ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA E. C. RHODES COMPANY INVESTMENTS, REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 305 Capilol Building Aberdeen. S. D. - Phone BA 5-0832 E. C. RHODES. Presldenl S. R. DORNBUSI-I, Vice Presidenf E. lvl. KELLER, Secrelary and Treasure 284 Q lndex 1 Reints, Joan 227 Reis, Dennis 169 Reisenweber, Richard 169 Remmers, Marilyn 169 Renelt, Richard 227 Rennolet, lrene 14 Rensberger, Carole 227 Retzlaff, H. C. 21 Reuer, Sharon 227 Reyetts, Lynn 169 Reynolds, Lanny 227 Rheault, Shirley 190, 227 Rich, Kathleen 144 Rich, Timothy 169 Richard, Paul 227 Richter, Gisela 153, 169, 200 Richter, Hellmut 227 Riclcenbach, Mary 151, 186, 227 Riedl, Robert 227 Riedl, Ronald 227 Riedl, Tom 241 Riel, Harley 240 Ring, Cherie 227 Roach, Connie 227 Roberts, Evelyn 49, 144 Roberts, Phyllis 195, 227 Roberts, Ruth 190, 227 Robertson, Esther 12 Robertson, Kathleen 93 Robertson, William 93 Robson, Howard 21, 135 Roerig, Kenneth 140, 146, 227 Roesler, Rodney 50 Roggenbuck, Dennis 93, 144 Rohrbach, Robert 227 Ronayne, John 50 Ronshaugen, Ronald 93, 190 The Scalper's Wake allows o few unusual Wolves' fans to lead a pep rally before the Huron-Northern football game. Rosedahl, Roland 227 Rosenau, Ruth 169 Rost, Delores 17 Roth, William 227 Rothbauer, Gerald 227 Routh, Rodney 228 Rowen, Linda 93 Ruckdaschel, Gary 169 Rudolph, Steve 50 Rueb, Angela 228 Rule, Lucy 77, 186, 205, 225 Rumpca, Larry 94 Rusch, Norbert 170 Russell, Patrick 170 Ryan, Jerald 170 Saboe, Arlo 191, 228 Sack, Francis 50 Sackreiter, Carol 74, 110, 190, 205 Sackreiter, Ruth 50, 61, 74, 132, 136, 137, 184, 185, 193, 205 Sagmoe, Donald 170, 188 Salem, Philip 116, 228 Salverson, Barbara 228 Sampson, Darwin 94 Sampson, Nancy 228 Sampson, Robert 170 Sanderson, Norgrin 50, 240, 242, 243 Sandland, Larry 228 Sandauist, Gary 94, 150, 191, 196 Sanford, Judith 201, 228 Sather, Doreen 50, 198, 204 Saunders, Jack 23 Sayler, Darlene 50 Scepaniak, David 228 Schad, Coral 147, 191, 228 Schaefbauer, Lawrence 50 Schaefbauer, Lea 94, 191 Schaefbauer, William 50 Schonzenbach, Carlys 94 Schonzenbach, Harvey 50 Schauer, Dennis 170, 259 Schaunaman, Phyllis 74, 170 Scheenwald, Sharon 133 Scheusner, Alan 228 Schickendanz, Georgia 170 Schilberg, Donna 228 Schimke, Charles 94, 132, 191 Schindler, Mary 118, 170 Schlage, Sally 50, 198, 207 Schlaht, John G. 202 Schlaht, John H. 50, 94 Schlekeway, Gerald 94, 202, 240, 242, 256, 257 Schlekeway, Marjorie 50 Schlepp, Sharon 50, 135, 190 Schlicht, Gloria 228 sciiiaebe, Cheryl 74, 153, wo, 205, 206 Schliebe, Karen 94, 145 scmiebe, Rick 50, 202, 240, 243, 244 Schliesman, Richard 196, 228 Schloe, James 94 Schlomer, John 94 Schlosser, William 94, 203, 240, 244 Schmidt, Barbara 27 Pasque Q 285 zas U0 ina -I 4' Q Standard - l l Auto 01 911 90,5 ' SUPPW X T Auto and Sport Supplies B U TTR E Y'S FINEST FASHIONS 'fdmeeam gem" Carpet 0 Paint 0 Linoleum ' Ccalsk Wall and Floor Tile 0 S irts i 0 Dresses Free Estimates Installation Service 0 Sportswear Financing Available . L. . 'n,geXe ssones Phone 229-0030 ziz souri-i MAIN 'ice A i g. i ""-,,-Fi, These fine diamonds twinlfle "like a thousand glistening lk- i g i stars" on your finger. And set in exquisite Jewels of Joy 'll A ? l you'll always wear them with pride as beautiful symbols 5200 XXX Tj" l of your heart's first choice. x,.1 r I3 o--- -: l 1N i4K' i lll Y 14K ' 5 S170 Lf: E oo A re 1 ewe ry fl i C' lf' C' 'f I S180 E X "Aberdeen's House of Diamonds" ""? 322V2 South Main Schmidt, Cyril 228 Schmidt David 228 Schmidt, Janet 51 Schmidt, Ruth 51 Schmidt, Wayne 228 Schmierer, Elodie 51 Schmit, John 228 Schmitt, Thomas 189 Schmitt, Walter 228 Schnabel, Jack 94 Schneider, Glenn 94 Schneider, Richard 228 Schoenwald, Sharon 51 Schreiber, Robert 27, 121 Schroeder, Robert 228 Schroh, Mavis 17 Schryer, Curtis 170, 191 Schulte, Joseph 228 Schultz, Alan 228 Schumacher, Arthur 228 Schumacher, Luther 228 Schumaker, Paul 170 Schwahn, Charles 21 Schwarz, Alma 200, 201 Schwarz, Carl 15 Schweitzer, Wayne 228 Scoblic, Helen 94 Scott, Dennis 51, 143 Scott, Norman 259 Scriver, Jerome 228 Scriver, Marian 170 Seaman, JoAnne 228 Sebring, David 140, 156, 170, 201 Sebring, Richard 171, 241, 256 Seefeldt, Barbara 228 Seidel, Diana 51 Seidel, Ervin 94, 142 Seitzinger, Lyle 51 Selzle, Dianne 171, 190 Sevening, Douglas 228 Severson, l-larold 51 Shantz, James 171 Shaw, David 94, 196, 202, 256, 257 Shaw, Robert 228 Shearer, Michael 228, 241 Sherwood, Robert 256, 257 Shine, Connie 51 Shockley, Willis 171 Showalter, 'Esther 18 Siedel, Ervin 196 Siefken, Loren 94, 141 Siegle, Robert 51, 145 Sigdestad, David 51 Sigma Alpha Iota 139 Sigma Delta Epsilon 144 Sigma Tau Delta 143 Silvester, John 21 Simonson, Robert 171, 192, 203, 256 Sinfonia 140-141 Sippert, Donna 51, 193 Slerven, Jerry 228 Sleister, Gail 31, 139 Small, Terry 171 Smallfield, Frances 51, 129, 135, 207 Smit, Roland 171 Smith Alice 228 Smith Christine 228 Smith, Doug 258 Smith, Eldon 229 Smith, Gary 95 Smith James 51, 186, 192 Smith Kathryn 74, 76, 205, 214, 229 Smith, Kay 229 Smith, LaVerle 229 Smith, Margaret 10, 144, 184 Smith, Martin 51, 186 Smith, Robert 171 Smith, Sandra 229 Snethen, Margaret 171, 188 Sno Sho 74-75 Social Affairs Committee 137 Soderlin, Robert 229 Solberg, Dallas 95 Solberg, Norman 229 Sommer, Joseph 51, 1-17, 191 Sonnenfeld, James 95 Sonnenfeld, Sandra 148, 171, 183, 198, 204, 205, 206 Soulek, l-larvey 36, 52 Soulhwick, Clayton 52, 108, 111, 140 Southworth, Gayle 52, 131 Spear, John 52, 144 Spear, Michael 229 Speech 116-117 Spensley, Mary 8 Sperle, Delight 171 Spicer, Judith 229 Spicer, William 95, 145, 183 Spiry, Roger 171 Spissman, Marvin 229 Stabbe, Lyle 171 Standard, Roger 229 Standing Elk, Donald 208, 229 Stanford, Jerome 95 Stanley, Mary 229 Stapf, Sheryl 229 Stapp, l-larold 229, 241 Staudenraus, LeAnne 52 Stavig, Georgia 95, 151 Steele, Barbara 21, 184 Steffen, Bonnie 95, 183, 198, 207 Stein, Carole 171, 193, 195 Steinocker, Winifred 171 Stemmerman, Ruth 229 Stemwedel, Brian 52 Stepanek, Garry 229 Stephens, Jerald 52 Stern, Clarence 171, 203, 241, 256, 257 Stern, Jerald 95 Sterrett, Susan 108, 149, 229 Stienecker, Paul 52 Stigeman, Carolyn 117 Stillman, Janice 52, 153, 193 Stockert, Carol 229 Stoddard, Donna 198, 229 Stoebner, Joseph 229, 248 Stoecker, Diane 52 Stoecker, John 52, 191, 240, 243 Stoick, Barbara 95, 146, 190 Stokke, Bondell 151, 193, 229 Stokke, David 150, 171, 182, iss, 197 Stolle, Louise 23, 144 Stone, John 95, 116, 136, 139, 159, 187 Storly, Dennis 229 Story, Jerod 27 Stowell, Dalton 52 Strand, Carol 149, 171 Streyle, Caraine 52, 135, 197 Streyle, Ronald 229 Strobel, Oskar 95 Stroh, Ronald 150, 153, 171 Strohfus, Kenneth 171 Strohfus, LaVerne 229 Strom, Richard 229 Student National Education Associ- ation 192-193 Student Senate 136 Stugelmeyer, Duane 229 Stulken, Sharyn 229 Such, Marilyn 189, 229 Sueltz, Dorothy 52, 139 Suiter, Molly 191, 229 'x Sumption, Clifford 229 Sumption, Jeanette 229 Sunbear, Clifford 171, 208 Sutton, Ryan 171, 188 Suurmeyer, Bonnie 17 Swanson, Carl 52, 112 Swanson, Charles 229 Swanson, Linda 117 Swanson, Sharel 117, 195 Sweetheart Formal 77 Sweetland, Douglas 95, 131 Swenson, Edith 95, 145 Swisher, Clark 31, 240 Swisher, Clark, Jr. 172, 203, 241, 245 Swisher, Joel 229, 248 Sylvester, Janet 95 Symens, Dorothy 152, 198, 229 Syverson, Janet 148, 192, 229 Tarbox, Roger 230 Tassler, El'aine 190, 230 Taylor, George 95 Taylor, Robert 52, 202, 240, 243 Taylor, Scott 256 Taylor, Steve 143, 259 Tekrony, Loren 230, 241 Tellinghuisen, Lynda 64 Tempel, Lawrence 172 Tennis 260 Terry, Charles 172 Terveen, Gloria 145, 205, 230 Theeler, Virginia 69, 95, 131, 137, 139, 185, 193, 204 Theilen, Duane 53, 191 Thiel, Jerry 53, 152, 191 Thill, Marvin 230 Thill, Rosalie 172 Thomas, Charles 95, 192 Thomas, Jerry 172, 203, 256 Thomas, William 146, 172 Thomle, Irwin 29 Thompson, Curtis 53 Thompson, Jill 95, 194 Thompson, Joyce 172 Thompson, Robert 29, 188 Thompson, William 141, 172, 188, 258 Thoreson, Alwyn 230 Thorson, Moretta 211 Thorpe, Merilys 152, 172 Thronson, James 230 Tiede, Dennis 110, 152, 196, 230 Tiede, Jerry 53 Tieszen, Kennedy 53 Tilgner, James 230 Timm, Robert 117 Tipton, Gary 230 Tobiason, Gary 53, 144 Tobin, Leon 96 Tobin, Richard 230, 241 Tobin, Virginia 96 Todd, Elizabeth 53, 135 Tollefson, John 53, 146, 170 Toman, Nancy 230 Tonigan, Gardner 230 Tostlebe, Milton 21 Track 257-259 Tracy, Nancy 172, 192, 198 Traphagen, Richard 140, 230 Trask, Ann 145, 230 Trask, Virginia 96 Traversie, Vernon 230 Treffry, David 172 Index Q 287 1 si 1 g g JONES 6II'I AVE. DRUG 54 7' Q9 'EQ INext to KessIer's Super Value on U.S. I2I PRESCRIPTIONS . . . FREE DELIVERY FOUNTAIN AND LUNCHES SCHOOL SUPPLIES ,y 7520121 ffffff COMPLETE SELECTION OF GIFTS ff SE RVN WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS AUTO PARTS - - ACCESSORIES TIRES - BATTERIES GILLETTE WAREHOUSE DISTRIBUTORS AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE BURCKHARD'S NORTH SIDE BAKERY Quality Bake Products Since T908 PAISLEY AUTO SUPPLY, INC. CUSTOM STYLED WEDDING Aberdeen, South Dakota phone BA 5.4860 II7 N. MAIN BA 5-7270 I LEN NOX CAN DY err- JI1,,f,I,I, T""' AND AIR-CONDITIONING ELECTRIC SERVICE GAS OIL SHEETRggTFfT'I1.GWORK MILBRANDT and GROTE ABERDEEN BURT'S MAIN SURPLUS "A FRIENDLY STORE" Headquarters for the ,arrest sweaters . and knitwear in all of Aberdeen Burt Frank - Vern Moulton - Frank Schuck 288 Q Index Trefz, David 230 Tripp, Larry 96 Tschakert, Josephine 96, 146 Tschetter, Miriam 96 Tschetter, Thomas 172 Tullar, Diane 230 Twitero, Verne 53 Tyler, Lyle 96 Tyon, Louis 230 Udager, Melvin 53, 150 Ufen, Patricia 96, 137, 184, 193, 204 Ulmen, David 96, 118, 121 Ulmen, James 96, 191 Ulmer, Harvey 53 Ulmer, Patty 148, 230 United Campus Christian Fellow- ship 152 Unzicker, Joseph 172 Urban, Blake 110, 230 VanBeek, Richard 13 Vandervelde, Ben 25, 107, 141 VanGiIder, Irene 230 Vanl-look, Barbara 53, 189 VanKempen, Theodore 53 VanSickle, Royce 53 Northern students can enjoy a dance after almost every home game, Music is either by rec- ords or some local group. Van Soest, Eileen 195, 230 Van Stone, Charles 96, 191 Veldhouse, Janice 96 Veldhuizen, Vivian 96, 201 Vensand, Kristi 53, 61, 74, 111, 131, 139, 183 Veren, Joyce 152, 230 Vikander, Raymond 53 Vilhauer, Curtis 230 Vitters, David 230 Vogt, Donald 10, 136, 137, 210 Vogt, James 210 Vollmer, Louis 230 Von Wald, Bob 230 Vostad, Pat 14 Wachs, Robert 31, 40 Waddell, Calvin 172, 196 Wade, Don 96, 110, 140 Wagner, Cheryl 148, 172, 188, 191 Wagner, Phyllis 172 Walberg, Jon 196, 230 Walberg, Kenneth 230 Waldner, LaDonna 54 Walker, Carole 96, 143, 151, 192, 196 Walker, Diane 172, 190 Walker, Gary 54 Walker, Susan 54, 187 Walker, William 54, 136, 137, 187, 191, 197 Wall, Allen 96, 150, 187, 190 Wallace, Ann 230 Waller, Nancy 230 Walter, John 190 Walterman, Bonita 137, 172 Walters, George 29 Walters, Patsy 172 Warne, Keith 18 Warwick, Sonja 110, 205, 230 Washnok, Joyce 54 Waterfall, Ronald 230 Waterman, Curtis 54 Watson, Judy 172, 205 Watson, MaDonna 54, 205 Watson, Martha 139 Wealherill, Bruce 230 Webb, Bernice 73 Webb, Kenneth 54, 190, 208 Weber, Donald 172 Weber, Kathy 54, 116, 117, 135, 138, 146 Wee, Andrew 54 Wegner, Edward 147, 172 Weibeg Charles 96, 116, 138, 146, 1 1 Weibel, Darlene 54 Weigel, Elsie 54 Weigel, Robert 96 Weiland, Dana 74, 151, 198, 205, 207, 231 Weiner, Merle 144 Weisbeck, Martin 146, 231 Weischedel, Richard 231 Weiss, Janice 97, 146, 194 Weisz, Stanley 231 Weller, Barbara 149, 172, 205, 206, 207 Wells, Carolyn 97, 146, 193 Welsh, James 231, 241 Wermersen, Patti 97, 207 Werner, Carol 231 Werner, l-larlene 231 Werner, Merle 172 Wesley Foundation 151 West, John 173 Pasque O 289 MEET THAT 8 0'Cl0CK CLASS HEAD-ON ---------,.,,,f,, '-"--- R .......... . I 'Wi' "fff"" -'D FOR A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP TRY A NEW QUALITY MATTRESS BY B ETTE R ETTER FURNITURE - MART BE - SMART - SHOP - THE - MART 142, 147, 183, 193, 196 Westendorf, Edwin 231 Westerberg, Konnie 110, 151, 231 Westphal, Jerry 97, 193 Westphal, Larry 231 Wettestad, Theodore 231 Wettstein, J. A, 10, 135 Weverstad, Diane 231 We-verstad, Jeanette 231 Weverstad, Keith 231 Wheeler, Karin 54 Whipple, Stanley 231 Whiteaker, Gary 97 Whitman, Vonnie 74, 97, 187, 197 Who's Who 128-131 Wicks, Grant 173 Wicks, Richard 231 Wicks, Ronald 54, 240 Widvey, Harold 12 Wiedebush, David 54 Wiitala, Gregg 136, 149, 150, 156 173, 183, 188, 193, 197, 203, 210, 214 vvirieie, sieve 54, 134, 136, 149, 154, 183, 188, 193 Wika, Dianne 173, 195 Wika, Norman 173 Williams, Julie 108, 231 Williams, Michael 55, 119, 121, 134, 240, 243, 245 Williamson, Edwin 23, 144 Williamson, Grace 23, 144 Williamson, Vivian 144 Willoughby, David 231 Wilske, Larry 108, 140, 231 Wilson, Judy 231 1 Wilson, Robert 55, 97 Wilson, William 231 Wingerd, Karen 55, 131, 133, 135, 138, 184, 188, 197 Wingerd, Michele, 84, 97, 188, 197, 200 Winters, James 55, 196, 240, 243 Winters, Leland 231 Wise, Charles 231, 241 Wittler, JoAnn 55 Wolf, Paul 97 Wolf, Rosealita 173 Wolfe, Hildred 31 Wolff, Barbara 231 Wolff, Myron 188, 230, 231 Wollman, I-Iarris 13 Women's Recreation Association 198-199 Wood, J. Edmund 23 Woods, Donald 31, 240, 254 Woods, Douglas 231 Woodward, Susan 55, 192 Woodwind Choir 110 Workentine, Ruth 55, 132 Worrnke, Ronald 173, 188, 195 Wortman, James 55, 196 Wosika, George 55, 116 Woulle, Murray 136, 146, 207, 210 Wrasse, Irene 55 Wrestling 256 Wright, Diane 151, 197, 231 Wright, Jeannine 201 Wright, Jerauld 142, 196 Wright, Norma 97, 139, 185, 200 Wylie, Dennis 218, 231, 241 Yackley, Lois 173 Yeske, Gary 97 Young Democrats 188 Young, Dorothy 97, 201 Young Republicans 186-187 Youngman, Mary 97, 149 x Zabel, Dianne 173, 195 Zacher, David 173 Zadwer, Marcella 231 Zacher, Mary 173 Zemlicka, Jon 173 Zenk, George 55, 128, 134, 135, Zenk, Zens, Zerr, Zerr, Zerr, Mary 231 Albert 231 David 173 Dwayne 97 Michael 173 Zimiga, Ellen 231 Zimmerman, Gary 140, 231 Zimmerman, Larrie 55, 132 zumBrunnen, Edna 9 Zumm, Barbara 231 FRANCHISED NEW CAR DEALERS ABERDEEN. SOUTH DAKOTA ABERDEEN MOTORS, INC. PLYMOUTH - VALIANT JOHNSON MOTOR COMPANY OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC 'lmao 1UOI' FAST PHOTOFINISHING OF uucoust - MERCURY - comer CAMERA A LOEL LUST CHEVROLET COMPANY S ND SUPPLIES CHEVROLET - co12vA112 - CHEVELLE 408 S' MM' BA 5-2210 VOIGT BUICK, INC. BUICK - GMC TRUCKS HUB CITY MOTORS. INC. PONTIAC - TEMPEST SPAULDING AUTO COMPANY FORD - THUNDERBIRD MARTYN-EDWARDS COMPANY DODGE - CHRYSLER - IMPERIAL BIEGLER MOTOR SALES RAMBLER I CAL GOLZ Moroizs VOLKSWAGEN - MERCEDES For the Finest ln Wearing Apparel It's ' EAT ES MIDWEST-BEACH C0. SlOUX FAL1.s s 1: Index Q 291

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