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H , . .f 'fx 1 ' A 9 K 1 N X4 4 ' x X C 1 ., U q. H , X . 'rw A mmf ,J vj, I F ' .gi .L . qxl . r JS hi ' "n.,!Qf, V ,,.l .Vp 'u 1 V K 5- , L . '- -6 ' . , Wu I . 1" ., , I U U 1 "' ,. '.- 2, fd .5 Q- 'A - 1 - , M -Af ,P gk ',.-.wif i 1 w . Ar -Q . A .ls . in up N u dy, 'el I sa 5' A 1Ta15"' .F gg" l 'Y ,,. af, .ks, i J Wx is . 5 Ar..-,lm V - UQ Q. 4' X I ..' 0' Q.--M 'J p A f , f f :w ",', 1 M P? 3 1 '-"i1.,'ii5ia ',- -'-'Ji3"7'xt t. 1, - +4 . 1 lx ,"pJ nay' ,Q O ' gf, ., Q' 'Q " . l 'v. ' 1' ' , ' pix in ' X As . VO., .I 'XXL' gg ir is l,."Q 8 it 1 ' .lu - - , w ir vf -F if -- n .ab . W sv' "Vik i...1s. lt -. Ego' W, S ' ,E fd 4' ai "7 'WWA if 'Rs a X- .L : , Alf. , AiM..q,.,1 A-5 - :wr ,'16wil, Q' ' me-4 1-0" .M ,s J: 1 JU..-1.1 .ff 'sf -Q. -Y Mt' 'ix ' m Q. , . .1 "'9'f1. W' mwim 3 IJ Hail! N th I , , shall sw,..rLJ dallgl - F7 Heseseasfvwf -H13-.fB.-.qlfi-RQ? M-mee.S-.ww 5.55 ' J I F f 01' - ern, we thy sons and - tor W0 so cn- - in , - vos - - aa J i lb 'r 5 tr lv 'D+'-n'J " f 'ZA 5- J. L11 .3 15 5. '..:C. E5 F96 P Thu 'bf - CEI if Ed Hubs' - - dlul.'J :emu That lib - ur - ty or znjollglna um- - - my -7' i 'f T JT f b . 'EE P rd JE f BT ' L1 J-1? J i J- .b ,P-3 C ,fi A. 'Ihrough lass - . - ing , doo - adn ull pro - urnd With - - in our had shall nov - -' ur Qndl. . - 17 5, I , 5-- C py L ther S. Vest - Assigned to Bakaleinikoff-Uhl ngar Music Publlaho , Printod in U.S. . - A11 ight d C No ' V 2 ' ' -Z- gli. .Pr-'T Ji!-Le' 51 In IQ 3 Eli 'Emil r H449 f"rFl,,..J TL'.,.C .Q ,E,.',I.Q i E ?.J.v..I. 'Fi fi' w L-fb? V' 'ff I F fa -V-5 aw HF J le my with hon--or face the tut - - - ure Our hearte will pledge re--newed de--vo---- tim WE QVTJQJ J V,-E'1Jj,kLTL.?-rrrr 0 And mtch thy sour - age with our Gln! In hal - - lowed. nm - cry of ihy halle. ,412 ff:3,?E1 ' V13 ,' 1? 0142 LUOI' "The scholar is that man who must take up into himself' all the ability of the time, all the contributions of the past, and all the hope of the future." THE AMERICAN SCHOLAR Ralph Waldo Emerson 2. Lou Armstrong Ted Swanson Lemon's Studio Mike Lazarov Ray St. Cyr Ike Wood Editor- in-Chief Associate Editor Literary Editor Margaret Ann Petersen Ted Swanson Olive Murphy Staff Frank Szarenski Doloris Vertz Elizabeth Cory Sylvia Vedin Marcia Hicks Norine Cleary Bon Talvitie Art Editor Donna Ienson Sports Editor Iames Thomas Staff Ed Lubamersky Mel Vaara Layout Editor Mary Lou Brumm Staff loan Maki Ianice Aho Nancy Ruottenen Anne Charter David Pepin loan Lindholm Doug Nordine Keith Semenak Donald Potvin Business and Circulation Manager Robert Sachs Faculty Advisors Dr. Hilton The Mining Iournal Merle Payne Walsworth Brothers Northern News Mary Alice Linn Beauchamp's Studio 3 Dr. Durocher Acknowledgements STAFF Robert Sachs, Business Editor l EE 3' ,J :,fr,.I!'r,! ., ,. .W ,- ,-I J ii ' .r- Q,-r -' 4. .Lil ,. i.-,.',,- 5 . FJ' . V '. ' ,Qn,:l,. FLM: V 'f'7viQ',Q? I. r , I v I, I-7 . Margaret Ann Petersen, Editor Olive Murphy, Literary Editor 4 Drs. Durocher and Hilton, Advisers "To the tower!" commanded the editor, and the Penin- sulan Stall, pictured here, tramped its way up the many, lar too many, steps to "K-400 UP." The yearbook room. located in the center tower. would then be the scene of great activity. Paper, glue, pictures. and rulers were to be seen everywhere. Old yearbooks stacked here, completed pages there, extra pictures somewhere else: in general, everything in a state of very organized confusion. Somehow. out of this, alter many headaches. back-aches, and cases of fallen arches tdue to stair climbing? the PENINSULAN was a neat. tidy package, all wrapped and ready to mail to the printer. Yearbook work is an extracurricular activity and all those wishing to participate are welcome. No previous experience is needed: however, the work requires that a staff member have calm nerves, the ability to tolerate sticky fingers and bell-less typewriters, and - oh yes - climbing ability. V Donna Iensen. Art Editor 'lf Associate Editor Photographer 1 EPEJ F27 5-I I-5 X" N' ff 1. 'N . A - E.- ' 2'hns'4' " .gd - ":' V,-F , Y, W. ,pa-w. figs!-f fsizg .e ag ara? .,, ,Aan 1? 'L 'j-- ,D ,f - N, 1 '-1:3 - ws' "A X lim Thomas, Sports Editor Margaret Petersen, Ianice Aho, Nancy Ruottinen, Douglas Nordin, Bob Sachs ' .-.... 3 ,.. , .f' Marcia Hicks. Delores Vertz, Norine Cleary, Elizabeth Cory, Olive Murphy Qbecbcafion Dr. Luther West, besides giving Northern the benefit of his scientific knowledge, has given the college its Alma Mater. In the Alma Mater, he has given us a beautiful song which will be sung by Northern students for years to come. The Alma Mater is so appropriate to Northern that the Penin- sulan Statt chose to dedicate this issue of the Peninsulan to its composer and to use the composition itself as an overall theme for the annual. By doing this, the staff and student body hope to express in some degree their sincere appreciation to Dr. West for his friendly companionship, his sincere support of Northern, and for the Alma Mater. To Dr. Luther West we dedicate this book. 6 Dr. Luther West Dr. Henry A. Tape L fQfe5Lc!e1fLfL me55age The choice of the Alma Mater song as the theme of the 1955 Peninsulan is highly fitting. It reminds us that Northern is the Alma Mater or foster mother to approximately twenty thousand foster sons and daughters, or alumni, who have studied here between 1899 and the present. Our song stresses the continuing influence of the Alma Mater on her foster children, as do the divider pages of this year's Peninsulan, ending with pictures from Homecoming. Northern will always try to serve her alumni after they have left her halls. And I hope that Northern alumni will continue to guide themselves in the future, as they have in the past, by such ideals inculcated here as those stressed in our Alma Mater song: devotion to reli- gious and intellectual freedom and the spreading of knowledge and wisdom. H. A. Tape, President 7 ALMA MATER SONG QD ER' ll! HORIII We of the yearbook staff of 1954-55 have chosen the Alma Mater song for the theme of this year's Peninsulan. We feel that this choice is a most fit- ting one in that all the accomplishments of the past, work of the present and hopes of the future of all Northern students are embodied in it. We have used sections of the Alma Mater as sub-themes for the dividers, relating the specific quotations to the various sections. It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy your '54-'55 Peninsulan with its highly appropriate theme. The Peninsulan Staff 8 Table of Contents Foreword Peninsulan Staff Dedication President's Message Theme Page Introduction Divider Activities Divider Departmental Clubs Other Activities Music Social Divider Senior Divider Sports Divider Underclassmen Divider Freshmen Sophomore Iunior Religious Divider Sorority and Fraternity Divider Homecoming Divider Index V 9 gqarlf northern, we tny sons anc! Jaugfzters new bring tnee tribute long cfeservecf Cgnou beacon frgnt nuff natures grancfeur JAVOUQA pClSSt.I'lg CJQCCHJQS WQ!! pI'QSQI'UQC! Words or monuments are too humble to convey the actual feeling we have for a person or place. But for those that realize it, there is a warm satisfaction in the memory of worn steps, tiled halls, a snow covered campus and coffee breaks, that out-weighs the temporary tribula- tions that accompany these memories. 10 Z i -4 ,ist HT '11 Jr . Jn'-I, xg.-. .A Qi5I,,.:45q.L.g,. ,, :IK , ' :I .' Zflfnf f 555 , f., .. , 1... ,.,v, , 'i1."'v , . .-rp.-' -so- - 4 'W-'Af' I . 1 4,5 1- '. 4' Z . -L..-l'.4u4y. .. -. .Lil-NGlfe4'-5120-I Administration Max P. Allen. Ph.D. - Don H. Bottum. A.M. Ethel G. Carey. Ph.B. Luther O- GUM. AB. Director of Instruction and Dean of Men Dean of Women Feqisiidl' In-Service Education William C. Hoppes, Ph.D. Wilbur D. West, Ph. D. Leo Van Tassel, AM. Director of Student Teaching Director oi Counseling and Comptroller and Placement Guidance Evan H. Kelley' AM, Duane H, Plough, A,B, Lloyd R. Iones. B.S. Mrs. Iames Sherman principal, 1, D, Pierce Manager, Lee 'Hall Assistant Manager, Lee Hall Residence Hall Supervisor IZ Faculty Martha F. Beaman, A.M. lane S. Bemis. A.M. Clarence M. Bjork, Ed.D. Holmes Boynton, Ed.D Speech Home Economics Mathematics Mathematics Genevieve A. Bullinger, I-LM. Albert H. Burrows. Ph.D. Physical Education Sociology and Economics George S. Butler. M.S. Walter A. Chojnowski, A.M. Charles S. Clucas, Ph. D. Francis W. Cooke, Ph.D. Agriculture and Botany Business Education Education Physical Science 13 .. '. I . u ' ' I 4' ,- I V , , T rpg ix. it .V It l, la M V. A Ruth Craig, M.M. Aurele A. Durocher, Ph.D. Harry B. Ebersole. A.M. Esther B. Ferns, B.S Music English History Home Economics Alvin E. Fritz. A.M. Lynn H. Halverson, Ph.D. Psycology and Sociology Geography 9' Cleobelle Harrison. Ed.D. Charles B. Hedgcock, Ed.M. Henry S. Heimonen, Ph.D. Earl R. Hillon. Ph.D. An Physical Education GGOQYUPIIY English 14 'Va 'SJW Lucian P. Hunt, Ph.D. R. Victor Hurst, A.M. Flora M. Loubert, A.M. Hoy M. McCollom. M.S. Physical Science Physical Education History. French Geography and Audio-Visual Education gli A. t ig ' . -an-' Mildred K. Magers. Ph.D. Gunther C. Meyland. A.M. English English 4 1 n C. V. Money, M.S. C. Josephine Morris, AM. W. Donald Nelsen. M.S. Allen L. Niomi. Ed.D. Physical Education Art Business Education Music 15 5 : Richard F. O'Del1, Ph.D. lean R. Pearman, M.S. Forest A. Roberts, A.M. Madeleine C. Rubin De La HiSi0fY Sociology and Economics Speech Borbollu- A-M- Spanish William T. Sargent. M. Ed. Walter H. Schaefer. Ph.D. Industrial Arts Biology Roland R. Schwitzgoebel. Ph.D. Russell Thomas. Ph.D. T. Raymond Uhlinger. M.M. Almon V. Vedder, Ph.D. Pgychglggy English Music Psychology and Education 16 Kauko Wahtera, M.S. Clare Walker, A.M. Lorna Weddle, A.M. Geraldine E. Weideman. Ph.M Industrial Arts Education Business Education Business Education Don I. Zwemer. A.M. Business Education Luther S. West, Ph.D. Biology Taisto I. Nierni. A.M.L.S. Librarian Harold E. Wright, A.M. Music Mary B. McCarthy. A.M. Anna Frances Tuiiley, A.M.L.S Assistant Librarian Assistant Librarian V Kenneth W. Brenner. M.S. Lenore Bryant, A.M. Peter A. Carter, ILM. Critic Teacher. Sixth Grade Critic Teacher, Second Grade Critic Teacher, History Iosephine B. Curvey. M.S. Louise Enlow. KM- Critic Teacher, First Grade Critic Teacher. English Lois Iohnson, M.A. Mayme R. McCarter, A.M. Martha Mehnert. AJVI. Critic Teacher. Physical Critic Teacher, Fourth Grade Critic Teacher. Fiith Grade Education 18 Daniel Neville, A.M. Edna Paulson. B.L.S. Margaret Rarick Pette. A.M Critic Teacher, Social Studies Librarian Music Emily Slamar, A.M. Rollin K. Thoren. ILM. Critic Teacher. Home Economics Critic Teacher. Science D. Wilkerson, A.M. Anne Wells. A.B. Harriet Wilmer. A.M. Teacher, English, Latin Critic Teacher. Third Grade Critic Teacher, Kindergarten 19 , xx - , '-. - . SQ,. Frank Schwemin - Superintendent of Building and Grounds. responsible for all phases oi operation and supervision of the department. FIREMAN GROUP: L. to R. Thure Johnson, Carl Vickstrom. Ioseph Clement "'i'-'-TH. 1 .. +, V . .:,.f.- , 4 ' I . . ':f42L"'f .Qi CUSTODIAL GROUP: L. to R. Edwin Skoog. Donald MacPher- son. Mrs. Hilja Pakkala, Elmer Mahaifey. Allred Brazeau. Z0 Department of Building and Grounds MAINTENANCE GROUP: Back Row - Edward Anderson, Fred Larson, Gust Hill, Evald Sommers. Front Row - :Edward McDonnell, Charles Trepanier, Charles Lindberg, Hjalmer Peterson. ,., CUSTODIAL GROUP: L. to R. Phil Viton. Albin Lindquist. Office Staff Front Row: Ann Becxucloin. Ethel Rowe, Priscilla Densmore. Sully Peterson, Marion Orth, Ieunnette Bowden. Buck Row: Robert Dutmer, Aida Dutmer, Laverne Turkul, Mary Alice Linn, lanice Wagner, Ella Christian, Icmet DeMurinis. Kitchen Stall Irene Normand, Phyllis Urbcmski, Helen Gorst. Mildred Belfry, Lou Peterson, Albino Snell. Departmental Clubs Uther Activities usic The focal point of the campus is the Cafeteria. Here, though less academic pro- gress is made, the comparatively petty, but sometimes crucial, social contacts are made and gossip is swapped, decided or judged. The situation is nearly to the point where if a person cannot be found at the Cafe he's not in college or, if something cannot be procured at the Cate it does not exist. 1-1 1' e labor with untiring zea Front Row: Mary Frantti, Esther Anttila, Miss Curvey, Ioie Townsend, Doloris Vertz. Back How: Violet McLaughlin, Mary Orava. Betty McNaughtan, Dorothy Granskog, Blaine Racine, Tina Burns, Barbara Flannery, Louise Hall. Ieanne Swingle President-Esther Anttila A. C. E. I. The Association for Childhood Education Inter- national is an organization for students in the early and later elementary teaching curricula. Through various programs and projects, members are helped to gain a wider understanding of childhood education. This year's programs included a membership tea. a guided tour of the Whitman Elementary School, a panel discussion on problems of child guidance and a "Parent's Night". Speakers demonstrated the use of visual aids in the classroom, discussed the problems of beginning teach- ers, and presented book reviews. The annual spring breakfast was held, closing the year's activities. 2.4 The Art Club is composed of art majors and minors. Its primary purpose is to bring students with a mutual interest in art together in order to do work in various phases of art. This year's activities included decorating the Lee Hall ballroom for the Homecoming dance, aiding in decor- ating the ioyer tor the annual Christmas foyer party, and experimenting in finger painting. One of the chief interests of the club is the Art Alumni Scholarship, which is now in its third year. This scholarship enables the art major with the highest scho- lastic standing to attend a summer school session at Northern to further his art studies. Plans were also made during the year for a bus trip through the Copper Coun- try. A social meeting closes the Club's activities at the end of the year, at which time graduating art students are honored and the scholarship is awarded. Art Club President-Pat Shanley Front Row: Elaine Block. Pat Shanley, Miss Harrison, Ioan Probstield, Irma Maki. Second Row: Io-Ann Drake. Marilyn Myers Ellen Hakala. Claire Schater,.Paul Wuorenmaa, Tom Cook, Lawrence Caron, Arlene Iarvis. Marjorie Petersen, Irma Leppanen Sandra Dyer. Front Row: lelt to right: Barth Richards, Bob Aikala, Ron Koski, Mr. Zwemer, David Slick, Iohn Meyers. Bob Savera. Second Row: Russell Hermann, Cornelius Sochay, Robert Robicliaud, Burt Parolini, Iohn Erm, Mike Guelil, james Thomas, Paul Mlinar Robert Dianda. Business Administration Club President-Dave Slick The Business Administration Club is composed of students in the business administration curriculum, and is advised by Mr. Zwemer of the business department. The club holds regular dinner meetings in the small dininq room of the cafeteria on the second Tuesday of every month during the school year, and has a speaker from the business field at every meeting. The Business Administration Club sponsors the annual Valentine Dance in the Lee Hall ballroom. All students in the business curriculum are wel- comed as members to this club. 26 Front Row: left to right: Nelie Schafer, Lorne Iohansen, Marlene Seidl, Dr. West. Dr. Schaefer, Ioanne Becker, Tom Kee Second How: Robert Bullerdick, Mary Ann Luke, Al Dufour, Ioyce Bryers, Walter Dabeck, Meta Hunt, Nielsen Locke, Theresa Rose, Gary Olsen, Merrill Detroit, Martin Kopenski, Tom LaLonde. President-Tom Kee Cambium Club This organization was founded in 1938 by students of the biological sciences. The Cambium Club seeks to foster the growth and development of science education in all available Ways. At monthly meetings, through guest speakers educational films and general discussion, members seek to broaden their appreciation of modern science. For several years, through affiliation with the Michigan Iunior Academy of Science, Arts and Letters, the club has spon- sored an Upper Peninsula Science Fair. The Cambium Club also has its social side, a win- ter fish-fry and picnic-field trip in May were highlights of the year's program. 2? The Commercial Club was organized in the early 1900's and is the oldest departmental club on the campus. Throughout the years it has been very active in school affairs. The club is comprised of students majoring in any phase of business. Its purpose is to bring these students into closer fellowship and to furnish opportunities for in- tellectual development. This year, the main project of the Commercial Club was the sponsorship of the annual Senior Guest Day and another project for the benefit of the children at St. Luke's Hospital. In the Spring, representatives were sent to the Michigan Education Association Convention in Saginaw. Commercial Club President-Janice Gibson First Row: Katherine Olson. Lois Iones. Mr. Nelsen. Ianice Gibson, Iune Holmquist. Second Row: Nancy Koski, Karen Jamison Iames Thomas, Donald Giesen, Iames Lee, lean Boyer, Anita Ertel, Rosalie Owens. 28 if The English Club, another of the departmental clubs, welcomes all English Majors and Minors and all those interested in literature as its members. This past year found the English Club quite active, the members presenting a Choral Reading at the traditional Christmas Foyer Party and various inner club activities during the year. At times the members were entertained at the homes of the faculty advisors, The regular meetings were made interesting by book reports and talks presented by members and invited guests. The year's activities were concluded by a spring picnic. English Club First Row: Clara Farwell, Jacqueline Consul, Laverne Simonen, Olive Murphy Dorothy Davis Second Row Mary Orava Elizabeth COTY, Alyce Gallmore. Ioyce Bryers, Olga Mykkanen, Dorothy Granskog v Vi"'e-we-.... . is j,. I M 14:2 , 1 e Front Row le!! to right: Nancy Tauses. Mary Io Worth, Mary Ann Pirhonen. Ianice Tibor, Kenneth Brenner, Marjorie Peterson Arlene Iarvis. Second Row: Louise Hall, Doris Tormala, Barbara Flannery, Olga Myklcanen, Ioan Adamson, Esther Anttxla Karen Iamison, Delores Costantino, Delores Vertz, Erwood Slade, Mel Vaara, Marvin Tolleison. Future Teachers of America ,,.. President-Mary Ann Pirhonen The Don Bottum Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is an organization open to all students on cam- pus. Its purposes are to interest young people in a teach- ing career, develop in students an understanding of teach- ing as a profession, and acquaint them with the actual teaching program. Programs for the year included talks, a demon- stration of audio-visual and classroom aids, and a panel discussion by teachers in both elementary and secondary fields. During American Education Week, F. T. A. members observed classes in Iohn D. Pierce. Discussions on parliamentary procedure, and on the N. E. A. organ- ization were also held. 30 Front Row: Mr. Sain, George Smith, Harvey Fletcher, Gene Beaudoin. Tony Trukel, Dave Belger, Ken Heirn, Mr. Watera. Back Row: Iim Hicks. lack Channing, Ernest Belanger, Eugene Dellangli, Chuck Westen, Tom Thornton, Don Balzarini Peter Findley, Chuck McGee, Ray Lindstrom, Ierry Odlund, Andy Gauthier, Bob Monck. Industrial Arts Club The Industrial Arts Club, which is open to all industrial arts majors and minors and others interested in upholding the aims ot the organization, serves to supplement the classroom activities of the department. It provides extra opportunities to do research and to exchange viewpoints on problems in this subject area in a' friendly, informal atmosphere. At the monthly dinner meetings. guest speakers are featured. Among the highlights of the activities during the 1954-55 season were the venison dinner, the 'partridge party', and the annual 'rabbit dinner', at which the food committee served spaghetti, due to a rabbit shortage . . . or inaccurate hunting. A Iune picnic was also on the calendar. To promote the cause of Northern, the club this year built the Royalty Float, on which the Campus King and Queen rode in the Homecoming Parade. 31 4 w- -r Lx Front Row: Lawrence Morton, Shirley Mattson, Dr. Boynton, Dr. Bjork, Phillip Richel, Raymond Smith. Back Row: Iai Chun Kim, Iohn Ogren, Harold Wiitala, Edwin Iohnson, Merrill Detroit. Theresa Rose, Doreen Andary, Norman Mutka, Ki Senck Rycmg, Sam. Welcher, William Williamson, Reynold Banks, Al Skewis. President-Ray Smith Mathematics Club The Mathematics Club, which is affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, is com- prised of students majoring or minoring in that depart- ment. Most club meetings are devoted to discussions, and demonstrations oi new and improved methods of teaching mathematics. The Club also affords an opportunity for becoming better acquainted with other mathematics stu- dents, as well as obtaining a better understanding of the subject. Other activities include the annual banquet in February and the department picnic held at the end of the school year. 32 15 , I - , , ., tv Front How: Naomi Bodine, Mary Lou Brumm. Dayle Graves, Nelie Schaefer, Mary Beyers. Second Row: Ruth Platzke, Mar ilynn Simmons, Marina Hooper, Carolyn Brightsman. Sylvia Ostanek, Barbara Tuominen, Susanne Brungraber. Gail Swan son, Lois Lee, Gayle Starkey, Iudy Olson. President-Dayle Graves Novahoma Club The Novahoma is an organization for Home Econ- omics majors and minors which prepares them for pro- fessional work. It is affiliated with the Michigan Home Economics Association and the American Home Econom- ics Association. The organization participates annually in the state Province workshop. This past year Northern assumed the leadership of the Province workshop, which was held in Ypsilanti. It also sent four girls to represent the Nova- homas at the Central Regional Province Workshop held in Chicago in February. Other activities include a get- acquainted picnic in the fall, a Christmas bazaar and din- ner, and a guest day, which is held in the spring for high school students enrolled in homemaking departments throughout the Peninsula. 33 r l'l- Maw ,, , , ,.,,, . Jn.-. .+..,,.,Wy ss... ,T . -. m,,..-.. .,..Fs,, . .1 ft-.r..a,5T!.,e.r.-: - -- - .H-'i-"-'v. 1 "7s'i'f" ' ' '19, IL",-: ,,f '- 'E-7 ,7-11'.lf'fm ' r A' 'hx' 7955 ' ,aff.u. ' ' tg, - . -xi.. - - b gy ' vi tk, .5 . - in ,!.,,': , - , 'fy ..-4 f . 1 . "- ' r t 1- - .WSL '- V. azsssass' . -iw - 11l'llf,f2'f ill.: :'5i. 1':S5'z.5fil"i ',l:i' "7-'ffz Q 4 ii Front Row: Gary Arvo, C. B. Hedgcock, Genevieve A. Bullinger, Gil Canale, C. V. Money, Lucille Treado. Second Row Tom Peters, Ierold Saundri, David Gallinetti, Ron Peltier, Eugene Miller, Ron Iohnson, Al Skewis, Roy Bentley, Iohn Lepplqho Joyce Bryers, Third Row: Russell Richards, David Belqer, lack Channing, Harvey Fletcher. James Engle, Mervin Beadle, Brodie Westen Dick Lampinen, Tom Cook, Bob Monck. President-Gil Canale Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club is made up of men majoring or minoring in physical education, who meet together to improve social and professional relationships. Each year members of the Club, among their other activi- ties, visit the Holy Family Orphanage to teach games and rhythms to the children. 34 Front Row: Betty Ann Pynnonen. Lawrence Beltrame, lean R. Pearmcm. Second Row: Sandy MacLean, Ioan Lindholm, Mar mie Peterson. Sylvia Vedin, Nancy McDonnell, Douglas Nordin, Iohn Trembath. Social Science Club The Social Science Club is open to all students who are interested in civic affairs, social problems, and inter- national relations. The 1954-1955 programs have included speakers and a tour to increase the students' knowledge of Michigan history, an account of one of our professors' summer vacation in Europe, and a speech by a probate judge on law as a factor in social work. The Club spon- sored a mock election in November, 1954. The Club meets every month. The meetings consist of cr discussion in which all members participate, a speaker dealing with some pertinent topic, or a movie. Although an effort is made to follow parliamentary pro- cedure during meetings, we also gain much from informal discussions. An annual Christmas party is becoming a tradition. Professor Ebersolf-' " rs Lost at the 1954 party. Members of the Club and ' cial science faculty enjoyed the hospitality of tl .ole home and family. 35 President-Lawrence Beltrame 1 1 Front Row, left to right: Ed Lubamersky, Margaret McCollom. Henry Saastamoinen, Marcia Hicks, Earle LaVemo1s Second Row: Shigeko Nishihara, Marlene Seidl, Mary Ann Luke, Charles Bartels, Mrs. Rubin de la Borholla, Nancy Neisius Dorothy Davis, Dorothy Larson, Spanish Club The Spanish Club is open to Spanish majors and minors as well as all other students who are interested in the language. This year members of the club enjoyed another busy program of events designed to improve their conver- sational skill in Spanish and to further advance their understanding of the Spanish cultures. At the meetings. the students converse in Spanish and engage in other activities planned to aid them in acquiring the language. Other activities in which the Spanish Club partici- pates are the annual Homecoming parade, taking third place with their float entry and in organizing summer trips to Mexico. .36 O O O President-Marcia Hicks v-X--.-...,., f-f f-....-,:, M , F V i I Front Row, left to right: Alyce Gallmore, Margaret McCollom, Miss Loubert, Ianet Messenger, Dorothy Larson. Standing Henry Saastamoinen, Mary Lou Brumm, Ronald Kalk, Rachel Bellinger, Cornelius Sochay. French Club The French Club serves to bring students of French together informally to become better acquainted with each other and with French language and culture. Meetings feature conversation, singing, and games in French, and are usually followed by refreshments. 37 President-Ioanne Becker OTHER ACTIVITIES Carey Hall provides an excellent environment for the women of Northern who find it profitable to live on the College campus. Northern's Homecoming initiated the social activities for the year. Freshmen were responsible for the Carey Hall float, with all the girls serving as hostesses at the open house and tea. This year's Homecoming Day celebration saw Dorm girls all out to boost the morale of the College. Homecoming button- naires were sold to the student body. Special dinners were held during Thanksgiving, Christ- mas and Easter, with appropriate decorations. A Christmas caroling party is held every year for the purpose of spreading Christmas cheer. This year's party proved to be a success and everyone enjoyed the dance and refreshments that followed. In the Early spring an afternoon tea was held for the faculty and their wives. Sleigh rides and informal parties also added to the year's fun. A formal spring dinner climaxed the year with the intro- duction of the incoming officers. Mrs. Iames Sherman gave much of her time and guidance in making this year full of work and fun. Girls' Organization of Carey Hall Front Bow: Irma Maki, Ioanne Becker, Mary Trolla, Shigeko Nishihara. Second Row: Mary Cybulski, Ioie Townsend, Geraldine Sundelius. Front Row: Mary Lou Brumm. Glenda Paris. Mr. Roberts. Second Row: Dan Giovannini. Marilyn Meyers. Gale Sievers Debate Northern's debate team had one of its most active seasons during the past '54-'55 college year. Debating the National Intercollegiate Debate ques- tion required many hours of research by the team members. The team parti- cipated in several tournaments during the second semester, some of the mem- bers also taking advantage of an opportunity to participate in Intercollegiate Discussion at Madison, Wisconsin. All students interested in participating in Intercollegiate Discussion or Debate are cordially invited to join the group. Valuable experience in speaking and research can be gained through member- ship. 39 Kappa Delta Pi membership is limited to those juniors and seniors in the education school who are in the upper class rank. The regular meetings of Kappa Delta Pi include l 1 I speakers and general dlscussion among the members. This year Kappa Delta Pi assisted the Brown Me- morial Fund. The girls were waitresses at the kick-off President-Kay Bergstrom banquet and gave their pay-checks to the Fund. Kappa Delta Pi Front Row: Esther Anttila, Edgar Holmgren, Marcia Hicks, Shigeko Nishihara, Barbara Flannery, Richard O'Dell. Second Row: Iohn Ogren, Sylvia Ostanek, Elaine Block, Mary Ann Pirhonen, Irma Leppanen, Raymond Smith, Nancy Neisius, Ioan Maki, Ioan Lindholm, Ianice Tibor, Geraldine Sundelius, Shirley Mattson, Phyllis Porter, Don Hon. Front Row: Tom Peters, Gil Canale, C. V. Money, Victor Fochesato, Sandy MacLean. Eugene Miller. Second Row: Iohn Faccio. Erwood Slade, Bob Monck, Tom Cook, lack Clark, Ron Iohnson, Dave Gallinetti, A1 Skewis, Warren Wilson. Third Row: Ioseph Corbiel, David Belger, Harvey Fletcher. Ed Lubamersky, Tiny Anglim, Ierold Saundri. Varsity "N" Club The Varsity "N" Club is open to men of Northern who have received letters in major intercollegiate sports. It is the aim of this organization to sponsor and promote the interests of the students through various athletic activities. The "N" Club holds regular meetings which are under the supervision of its officers. 41 President-Vic Fochesato Made up of all girls attending Northern, and con- trolled by representatives from each class chosen in the spring election, the Student Girls' League works to estab- lish friendly relations among Northern's women students and to broaden student life. Each year it takes part in such activities as Homecoming, the Christmas party, and the spring Rose Ceremony held in honor of the girls who will graduate during the year. Student Girls' League President-Kay Bergstrom M K' ' ""-1--0--Q-1, Front Row, left to right: Louise Iodocy, Ioanne Becker, Kay Bergstrom, Pat Shanley, Marjorie Guillcmd. Second Row Ioy Collins. Helen Iohns. 42. 24 'ref - -- 'WIU af' Front Row: lay Bates. Mary Cybulski, Mary Ann Hellman. Karen Iamison, Sandra Gendzwill, Ann Saunders. Ann Beaudoin Ioan Freeman. Ioy Collins, Lois Jones. Second Row: Al Dufour, lack Slapp, Donna Iensen, Ianis Hoffman, Charles Westen Ian Gibson. Norine Cleary. Bill Hatch, Sue Griswold, Iohn Healy, Gene Beaudoin, Don Balzarini, Kay Reavie, Dorothy Slosson, Meta Hunt, Margaret Corcoran, Charles Wilson, Irma Maki, lim Jacobson, Carol Malila. President-Al Dufour Ski Club The Tempo Ski Club is probably the youngest or- ganization on the Northern Campus. The club originated one evening when a nucleus of ski enthusiasts called a meeting of all persons interested in skiing. The turnout was exceptional, and thus Northern had cr ski club. The aims of the club are simple: First, to promote skiing to its fullest extent on the campus, and, second, to further the comradeship oi the world-wide skiing fraternity. The club has its own ski shop on the campus where skiis can be stored and repaired. The shop also serves as a meeting place for the members. 43 1 6 1 . 1. I k f-WU x Skoskiin I I 1 ,km 'x 'x x Down " Q :far ' ', Down .frat rx: ,p ig -t?3 , Hwlxw F :V , , 'I 'X 25 1' ". y1. , ' 'wig .2-3.1 HQ , 4 11 , i f Lf' 22 V . fSj"'ns"u P gigs' 35' , " vi. . I . .. -.MR J gwzw , l. 5 1 - 'R 'Q' ' -"' fa-lf Q a x f ., ., . . 1' . .tp-12' 5' . xg 'T 3 '- .1 , vm, 1.4: 1 ,- ., A Q ,- :f I--111' Down 5 - ,"' ,,-1' :- l 5 Q. K s A 7 I Tempoites Oh Well, Al. it hop ens Down X Schussboomer ' S no-goer it 1 Y Form? .5 'if ST X X 2 gg ? N , X, , lm- x lin- se, 'QA .ig W ' ff: XR ii. . ' z:' Ski-reech! lr: , . P to the best oi us. Gelandesprungers ! 44 SKl SHOP Y Who does ihe work. lack? Up, Up-and-Away wr- I V , ax J I N After Ski Club ' 'QP -Ll'afka..f- iw Before .jfs N ' Y W 45 1, ,x Skiestcx? Each year, three members of every class are elect- ed to serve on the Student Council. Through these repre- sentatives students are given the opportunity to voice their opinions in the government of the school. The Stu- dent Council was organized for the purpose of promoting better relations between students and faculty. Holding regular meetings throughout the school year, the Council had one of its most active seasons. Stu- dent problems were solved, and Homecoming, one of the biggest projects of the year, was carried to a successful completion. The Council was the host to other Upper Pen- insula college councils during a two day conference per- iod during the first semester. This presented Council ,members with an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with those from other colleges. Student' Council f President-Bill Pearson gs ." T ' 1 Front Row: Tom Peters, Joanne Becker, Paul Gingrass, Charles McGee, Nancy Neisxus, Cory Hartbarger, Sue Gollenget. Shirley Boneville. Second Row: Mary Ann Luke, Les Peterson, Marilyn MYQYS' Bill PGUYSOHI lo Ann Greig' Idck Clark- Ianice Gibson, Sam Bogarin. 46 M asquers Front Row: Marjorie Quilland, James Fuller, Olive Murphy, Miss Beaman. Mary Trolla, Gale Sievers. Second Row: Meta Hunt, Liz Cory, Maxine Eblx, Stephanie Rubin, Dorothy Larson, Marilyn Myers, Shirley Bonevelle, Marina Hooper, Pat Niemi, Marmie Petersen, Pat Marley, Carol Mahla, Ioyce Bryers, Martha Closser. Ianice Tibor. Third Row: Iames Thomas, Blaine Racine, Dan Gxovannini, Iohn Calo, John Major. The dramatic club at Northern, known as the Mas- quers, had one of its most active seasons during the past school year. Beginning their work early in the first semes- ter, the members entertained audiences with regular theater and theater in the round. All those interested in any phase of theater, from curtain pulling to acting, are invited to be members of this club. On-stage parties after each production and a spring picnic are traditional doings in Masquers, although it is not primarily a social organ- ization. In Masquers, the fun and the work is the play, and "The play is the thing." President-Olive Murphy 47 Masquer s In Acuon , K- '- :DL i'a'i'1a!"X x x x 'x QQJE, HE MP5 QQeseNK fff-xx f? L EGF, X OQYN Mr. Meylcmd. Adviser 5 Fl ' fl lv Q 5 r - I 5, 5 First Row: Ruth Nordine, Zita Salemi, Ray Saari, Ed Lubamersky Laverne Simonen Marjorie Petersen Second Row Peter Bodi, Dottie Crase, lack Clark, Arlene Iarvis, Iim Fuller, Olive Murphy Dorothy Davis The Northern News, the college's newspaper, was made possible during the past year by those pictured here. Covering all College activities, the New's staff members, were to be seen dashing after people to be interviewed, banging away at the type- writer or working at make-up meetings. Glue and clippings are a part of the New's Office decor, not forgetting, of course, the tack-pocked bulletin board where assignments were posted. All those interested in either the business side or literary part of a school paper are welcomed to the staff. An hour of credit can be gained through staff membership which is supplemented by valuable practical journalistic experience worth having. :ff-EEA , A .4 - roy I. 41 0 Nome lhn ,, eva, 'U' Frank Szcrrenski Op, 'fb lR'l'lll.NN - 4 .-n ', PERSONAL TIES ng.-nur Ed since Brnh Ilonglslu sun-Z Mein Papa." nvl-r WDMJ dur- thu March of Dlmvs Cnmpulgn girls nt the dorm have been Ln get hlm n foster futher. girls. he wus only klddlnxl. jusl lhnl hr- sounds so sincere Ed Lubcmersky an 2' ff' "7 vyVS NI Zito Sclemi 1? NOQQQR MCMSAIW C Cb 0: 9 .J N Q s Lx, -L -f--K-me Xxx V ff lr' 5sr"j Laverne Simonen, Frank Szurenski, Shirley Vedin THE NORTHERN COLLEGE NEWS voL.xxv11 Nag Published Bi-monthly except August and September by the NORTHERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE of EDUCATION. Marquette. Mich. Editor-ln-Chia! ...... News Edllllr .....,. Sports Edllor ..,. ..,..,., Features Adveruung Manager .. Mailing Editor Member llssocialed Collebiale Dress Entered as Second Class Mutter at Marquette. Mlchlsan. ln November. 1914. under the ACL of March 3, 1873. Subscrlpllon price, 82.00 A year SAARI SALEM! , .......... ED LUBAMERBKY .,.....,...FRANK SZAR1-INSKI .........,.,.CHARLES PAPIN , .,..,..... CLARA FARVVELL L5 CAWON NORTHERN LITES BOB DIANDA I IOIE 'TOWNSEND "Pvppik nl ' '50'V9"y cor-cling ll 'lde YOU "1Allll1". L ' 'hallway ovvrwnel: V ' ml hm. , I 5 ivclxlcoyle Y b Feadfing under yc Ni N 21- , I 5 sedate' clown w I-.l , 'uf 2- Y BYGQL' steps on -' 1 -' ld call- Mu, no n I l . .i -I enjoy cxhibiriol 51 ,. A I neunmg sense og X I A Y. 3 to Cir- ble, un 'l vi ,..k , gt, ' 1 wus gr! -- ' mrol H I Diundu l ' ' pants J, even por , " , ' lf' ' :ould he - - - and ' K ' 73 ' zogcther as Ah Sc V, ' rl juncing Ah an ' 'Ui V . l . ' Lermlned f I ' ' ma? 'er' Anet g, ,. - Y , sxmng Sum-spa A 'U prefer- JHPFUMI N ' ee ses- declded U, , coffee, when I1 , ' , I Korean x I nk that member COUFSCP- was rail ,N lt Carey He mus V ' 'N a KilL's bucuuse .4 A Q L Norm- lered Y,Jrl.ucl'n ua cu- 4----N '----- -1 f H major in the business uclmlnislra- gm you don'Ll, "Slu1'dusi. , Smoke Llon field. Gels in Your Eyes", and lfxaniure, "Quite u globe-troLter" in his 2 .. 1 th t L Cnlumr-r fn Hmmhfnn FIHVE Rnh please'Nonhern Lumos ue 0 Laverne Simonen l 67 SCZOYOPS Qfsbi S P CAREY HALL POND Th 'l'hrrrc-nu ll LT:-ll', :mulls--r svnlvszta-r has Ia:-zur Thul rm-uns u wlmlr- luig pill- 1 nnrk zunl hm. Nur r-lawns. in alltvrnl, lllflerl-rlt lu'nl's 1-:nw lo Iwnzl. And prnllp small ln lhi- In-:wh u will run, 14' 57' .Nl in I sr, gl his llullng vumlxzulg In Shifley Vedin Jwn especially Lrnzlny nmrninzrs. X wouldni wan! lu my Llml Mai Winovets Front Row: Shirley Anderson, Helen Flynn, Mary Brennen, Audrey Lindstrom, Sidney Lane, Noreen Bellanger, Vi Paquette, Gloria Stevenson. Second Row: Loris Carlson, Ruthanne Cox, Sue Gauthier, Terry Fisher, Fern Peterson, Rita Banberry, Ruth Beecrott, Zandra Beadle, Shirley Iohnson, Shirley Gauthier, Irene Oqren, Kath- reen Nicholls. Back Row: Helen Johansen. Marilyn Dahlquist, Shirley Deschaine, Betty Welcher, Laverne Tur- kel, Iune Constantini, Ierry Mazzale, Deda Treloar, Shirley Slick. Laura Munter, Betty Collins, Betty Levine. Betty Boden. The Winovets is ct social organization for all the wives in Vetville. Under the leadership of its president, Mrs. Arthur Collins, and its other officers, the club has had another successful year. Some of its main activities included a welcome tea for new members, a bake sale and a rummage sale, Halloween and Christmas parties, and an annual Potluck Dinner. In addition to these is a Spring Style show, and the annual banquet held each May. 52. Front Row, left to right: Ioan Santimore, Elaine Dampierre, lean Kisabeth, Borqhild Muler. Gretchen Naser, Doris Olson, Iudy Santimore. Second Row: Sharon Simula, Betty Hill, lane Cleven. lcan Peterson, Ellen Palomaki, Ioan La Fountain, Katherine Timber, Beverly Paull, Sally Lynch, Nancie Lauglois, Dorothy Tauses, Martha Benaglio, Marilyn Gustafson. Third How: Margaret Tobias. Ruth Easley, Ann Paquette, Darlene McLean, loanne Peterson, Pauline Wesa, Marlene Wer- ner, Merle Koivu, Evelyn Ierxerou, Ianice Maki, Dorothy Keyala, lane Erickson, lane McGowan, Arlene Woodard, Ieanne Levermare. St. Luke's Nurses The student nurses from the Wallace Nurses Horne attend Northern for some of their preparatory classes. While they are in attendance at the college, they enjoy all the privileges of regular Northern students. Upon completion of her training, the student nurse is eligible to take the State Board Examination and later become a Registered Nurse. S. 1 is ,,,a 53 Music Department The college music department may write down a successful year, crammed with activity, and one in which the "esprit de corps" remained at triple forte. The College Little Symphony Orchestra per- formed at a student assembly, radio broadcast, and Klef Klub Sno-ball dance and wound up the year with its sixth annual tour of Upper Peninsula com- munities, May 10 thru ll. Accompanying the orchestra was the 16 mem- ber Collegiate Chorale, who also participated in the above programs. Members of the orchestra collaborated with the members of the Northern Community Symphony in presenting the annual Christmas Concert fremem- bered for the presentation of Bach's "Christmas Or- atorio"l, Annual Spring Concert on April 26, Bac- calaureate and Commencement exercises, and a concert for the state convention of the Michigan Parent-Teacher Association. The College Band performed at all the home football and basketball games and accompanied the team to the Michigan Tech football game in Hough- ton, where the band began a parade in Hancock. stopped traffic on the rustic bridge joining the two cities and finally wound up at the football field with hauberks of snow, slushy but undaunted. fWe wont. The band played on the ninth of March at the An- nual Spring Concert, and in several high schools on the route of a three day tour. Soloists were Edgar Holmgren, Ronald Smith, David Kjellberg, Ann Geigl, and Iohn Calo. Featured, was an arrange- ment of "South Pacific", tRodgers-Hammerstein! ar- ranged by student Richard Shultz. Student conduct- or on the trip was lack Chown of Sault St. Marie: "El Capitan". Twelve high school bands participated in a second High School Band Day and presented a mass half-time spectacle that thrilled spectators at the evening game with its brilliance and tumult. This was directed by guest conductor, Paul Yoder, con- temporary arranger-composer. The College Dance Band provided popular music for the assembly program-radio broadcast and the March of Dimes, "Talent for Sale" show. Solo- ists were Betty Beyers, Iohn Calo, Hildegarde Ehman, Robert Pedo, and Robert DeMille. A few of the 'cats' squeezed in a little rhythm with a combo and render- ed a few numbers, among which, one, "Opus With- out Title", a popular original by a former student, Iim Burgeoise. The Klef Klub, with money earned through its Sno-Ball Dance, sallied to Chicago via bus during the mid-term vacation to enjoy a cultural spree. Spot lighting the trip was the Chicago Symphony Orch- estra, Fritz Reiner conducting, and Robert Casadesus, pianist, who played mernorably, Rave1's, "Concerto for the Left Hand". Several heard lan Peerce, the Chicago Theatre of the Air broadcast, "Mademoisel- le Fifi", and the popular broadway musical, "The King and I". Early this spring a new arrivalblessed the de- partment: "a high fidelity sound reproduction sys- tem", or hi-fi set, nevertheless, a timely and much appreciated addition. Ji? 'lh 'lb - ill s -arf ,.,-1-5.511 Concert Band, '54-'55 vv - fr' N -f ' " . , W , rm'-rg Mi: ' Q' t iififft' if if, Geigl and Calo, "The Kiss Waltz," ' "Tarantella" sab- Eaxffw ft 1 WH: he . ', 15 f ml, , is tw .' M '71 -Yu nv 'kr I x., xy I if ,,,-. Paul Yoder directs outdoor rehearsal for High School massed field exhibition. 6:00 ILM. Congrats, Where's Niemi? ' A Chicago. here we come. rj K f- M MERRY NOTES Mary I ISI' 5 'c Reveille Social It has been said, "Pure air is good, but no one wants to breathe it alone," for, just as math, psychology and science are a part of education, cooperation, interaction and assoc- iation are equally integral elements for har- monious living in a modern social world. 58 1 4 ful-1 J' , 'ww I ' , - -. ls.-gf ,.'.. . b -. I A ' ' fl , , - 1 ' Ardgl ,n ' l :I ..x'Q5l?: 'i 1, 1- ' N 4 H I www I M if - -5 --14,1 , "rr '35 - if ' If YS - ,. . Y 1 ' 1 ' -' . i V' -' ' - , ', ' . 'b Q ' 0 P. -' ' S-mi : - . . -M FE ' d 'H 5 FL" L ju 5 I .f 3 .2 S ,ig fm 0If'lf1fL6L ima I Klef Klub-ers. Lf ' X if e NW' Formal twosome 5'---1 Klub com Formal foursome. Formal threesome. EW '- ' 5 Qv if -: n.. -., x M K fi I , V4 gl k,,.,.+E + .., , x., ,v -nf A ,125 .ls ' his v 5 'Q JT f 'f if X Y 4 ' is 41 v , . ' ' ,- 4 lf 3 l. Q, it Q 34" . "-Y ff 1-F2 v Ql,ff'l??f f v, 'iff i 13 i 4 'D , -.. V ,fu He. I -1, ix 'fx It 4-- -1 Q5 'nf X ami ' H-ww. - A ' fra' , W-v ' R ' ' 1 '15 1 W -V ' 5 xiii ,J n 41' .A 5- Q 34, ' , -" V .5 13 1 f X 3 I I l AK A. I :U 1 . 'U ' ?v, .4 A ,-,f,j-Siu..,1- -1- Sq fb: f 2 4 A 5' -9' " ' 5 xi - 'gfu'-' J, gg" -if ".x I-lf. 5 4 ' 4 1, 1 4! Y . 9 I xkwgg K. , Y A 0 - " ' x uit! I i , 251, x 3212 I Y qw! ,a L . ff :YK Q xl ' Y ga 1,, ,Ax - rr ,..u., I lar. 2231.5- ' f4f'g.1S gl lk- ' 1. C17-2 1 - 45 5 3 A l ' . f -ffflgiiggQilffii e ' Z 3 rf- ' , ..-. .1.-- 'T'-.-'33',?,'?f-."f' 1 ,ui f ' 1-- e i . F5 . W e W 3' 252- ' I - A" - 4 . ' ' 1 . f,,,5f -1i"7ffjjg'3f' ' ' A .-2Q. -n l E , -,1iu1'fgf,. .9 W- ' 'j y ,.,.-- 1.,5,,", A Y " vugyii-..w . f V. I Y Y ' 1 fe "'H: 'M ,' Qi, 145 V' ll il . 1 1 A , - ' H 2 I- ir 1 lf I - fe-1 fe 'H A "' :Qi-in j '!'ii'l-5'-ZLTQ-'1-.'5-1f -,.. A ffl.: h gh. W F .E-L! - .N rf ." , , - 'ji" '1 - " J Hviilrmn-,G M ' b 3 See? Ni fam' .12'T,' .X ,, - -I., Coke, coffee, cmd Co-eds. See that counter shine! On the hctll behind the line? 62 They're inside Some seven-cent-ers. -i L.. , Iusses, and learners. fub. , -' 'N-in : 1 -JCJPL -' -. J imw .J P ' Library lintel, f V .. 1 . J.. -Lg-::V. - 4 F Q.,-v s...,f --HL A 1 'T .' 5 Wray rl ,- - - - -- I w r. HJ iii My X 1 . ' X L 9" im 4.1! i I -4- i 1 , 13" 4 . Mgr.. i ui . 1-tif x RQ , nw- W 1235 " "mf, yy Q, I -, ,A 'ni-' V -- M ,X v Q , .H A ., ,Q ' J In B ff 422,53- ' ii"- . , 'Q 1 A s 5 .fn . ,tp r .' Jn, 5 5-11 .X. mm -.,,,, . N Jn U 4 'Q .Q iid .Ja .rl Aa. 1 -Vw , ,. ,. Q32 L-2' ! . f 4 ' H Lum ' IFN! A., ffl ral no on mum :ll 7 -Q.-nw.-.-. L n 1 fu, ' if 'E 8 Kg. 4 if is v :.fe25v.:iq 1. J 4'- . fi. J. fin W 44 ,. sen 5, - .jg Q1 l 5 'ffl I fi lap.: ,-,.-..,, fn, .hu W i Seniors e may 'with honor face the future When professors are considered fellow scholars, when hard studies are realized as a means to an end: when classroom surround- ings become as friendly as home, then you are a true senior, a credit to society, and worthy of self esteem. 66 ' n w K l L , L1 P xl r 1 V, 1 E , 73-A 1. . .': A Bi" 'QT I v 55 . 'TY Aikala, Robert: Business Administration. Ironwood. L.S.A., Social Science Club, Business Administration Club. Alanko. Marion: Early Elementary, lshpeming. A.C.E.l. Anttila, Esther: Later Elementary Mass. A.C.E.l. Kpresident, L.S.A. fsecretaryl, F.T.A., Peninsulan. Arenz, Iohn: Later Elementary, Marquette. 1' X s. 1 Balzarini. Don C.: Industrial Arts, Iron Mountain. Theta Omicron Rho. Northern News. Newman Club, Industrial Arts Club. Bellinger, Anna R.: Secondary Education, Marquette. Kappa Delta Pi, English Club, French Club, Peninsulan. Beltrame, Lawrence: Social Service. Negaunee. Tri Mu. Social Science Club Kpresidentl, Band, Orchestra, Chorus. Bartol, Iudith: Early Elementary, Marquette. A.C.E.l. Csecretaryl Kappa Delta Pi lsecretaryl. F.T.A. lhietoriani, Beta Omega Tau Sorority. 68 Bergstrom, Kathleen Annette: Early Elementary, Marquette. Delta Sigma Nu lchaplainl, Kappa Delta Pi lpresidentl. L.S.A. lvice-presidentl, Chorus, Collegiate Chorale, Student Girls' League tpresidentl, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Vice-president Senior Class. Boden. Ioseph W.: Secondary Education: Gladstone. Bolin, Arnold R.: Social Service, egaunee. Social Science Club vice-presidentl. arlson, Gilbert: Business Edu- ation. Iron Mountain. Commer- ial Club, Bus. Ad. Club lpresi- entl, Tri Mu, Spanish Club tsec- etaryl. Intramurals. Calo, Iohn R.: Music Education, Iron Mountain. Klef Klub lvice- presidentl, Newman Club, Band. Chorus, Orchestra, Collegiate Chorale, Quartet, Masquers. -5.1- A li 1 Caron, Lawrence H.: Later Ele- mentary, Escanaba. Art Club. Chown, Iohn R.: Music Education, Sault Ste. Marie. President, Theta Omicron Rho: Klet Klub: Band: Orchestra: Chorus: Student Assembly Committee. Dabeck, Walter, Ir.: Secondary Education, Iron River. Alpha Phi Omega tsergeant-at-armsl, Cambium Club tpresi- dent, secretaryl, Spanish Club, Newman Club. Sit Delmet, Iames R.: Music Educa- tion, Ishpeming. Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Dance Band, Klei Klub Kpresidentl, Contemporary Iazz Combo. Doig, David B.: Later Elementary. Ebli, Maxine: Later Elementary, Loretto. Masquers, A.C.E.I., Newman Club. Fisher, Terry Doyle: General. Traverse City. Delta Sigma Nu Sorority, Newman Club, Winovets. DeGayner Eugene I,: General, Channing. DeGayner, Mary Bluem: Liberal Arts. Channing. Winovets. ministration Marquette. Busm Administration C 1 u b, New Club, Theta O m ic r o n Fraternity. Dianda, Robert I.: Business I . ' 1 m R DuBord,, Barbara: Later Eleme tary, Escanaba, Beta Omega T1 Sorority, A.C.E.I., G.0.0.C.H. 4 -r 11-, 70 Freeman, Ioan: Early Elementary, Escanaba. A.C.E.I., Delta Sigma Nu. Granskog, Dorothy R.: Early Elementary, Stephenson. Lutheran Students Association. English Club, A.C.E.I. Griffin, Ethelyn Murray: Second- ary Education, Iron River. Kappa Delta Pi. Vi ' i A. l , E A-if ' ll, Yr F, W., Q :ff list wr '. . l ' ,' 2 x' , L, V, l. L 1 , .f , N elgren, Robert R.: Business dministration, Negaunee. Bus. d. Club, Intramurals. Hall, Louise: Early Elementary. Manistique. Westminster Fellow- ship, Chorus, A.C.E.I. F.T.A. Hockin, Betty: Early Elementary: Marquette. Del ta Sigma Nu Sorority, L.S.A. Hoffman, Iohn I., Ir.: Secondary Education and General, Rockland. Holmgren, Edgar W.: Music Education, Ishpeming. Band, Chorus, Klei Klub, Kappa Delta Pi. Iohnson, Mary Ellen: Art Educa- tion, Ishpeming. Art Club. Lindholm, Ioan: Social Service and Secondary Education, Mar- quette. Secretary Senior Class, Delta Sigma Nu tpresidentl. Kap- pa Delta Pi, Masquers, Social Science Club, Peninsulan. McLaughlin, Violet: Early Elementary, Cheboygan, A.C.E.I.. Gamma Phi Alpha, Chorus, Band. Major, Iohn, Music Education. Houghton. Klef Klub, Mas- quers, Newman Club. Band. Orchestra, Chorus. Jensen, Donna: Art Education, Escanaba. Delta Sigma Nu Sorority Ktreasurerl, Masquers, Peninsulan Art Editor, Art Club, Ski Club, Northern News. Iodocy. Louise M.: Early Elementary, Rock. Beta Omega Tau Sorority, Kappa Delta Pi, A.C.E.l., Newman Club, F.T.A. Kpresidentl, Student Girls' League, G.0.0.C.H. tsecretaryj. S' ' Wilson, Antonette Kenney! E Elementary, Republic. Gami Phi Alpha. F.T.A.. A.C.E.I. McDonnell, Nancy: Social vice, Marquette. Phi Kappa Social Science Club, North News, Newman Club. 1 4, ' I 72 ' Meyers, Iohn: Business Administration, Stambaugh. Mlinar, Paul A.: Business Administration, Marquette. Bus. Ad Club Cvice-presidentb, Tennis, Intramurals, Newman Club. Mosher, William Lee: Secondary Education, Marquette. Intr a- murals, Tennis. Myetski, Louis A.: Health and Physical Education, Iron River. Tri Mu Fraternity, President lun- ior Class, Football, Track. Basket- ball, "N" Club, Physical Educa- tion Club. Murley, LeRoy: Secondary Edu- cation, Ironwood. A.P.O., Wesley Foundation, Masquers, Chorus. Collegiate Chorale. Neisius, Nancy: Business Educa- tion, L'Anse. Beta Omega Tau Sorority lpresidentl. Student Coun- cil lsecretaryl. Newman Club Ctreasurerl, Kappa Delta Pi, Com- mercial Club. Masquers, Chorus. Nordin, Douglas: Secondary Education, Daggett. Social Science Club, English Club, I.V.C.F., Peninsulan, Chorus. Nystrom, Wayne Hadrich: Liberal Arts, Marquette. "N" Club, Basketball. v Papin, Charles: Business Admin- istration. Tri Mu, Bus. Ad. Club, Northern News ladvertising man- agerl. ' Ogren, Iehn: Secondary Education, Marquette. Alpha Phi Omega, Theta Omicron Rho. Owens, Helen Marie: Early Elementary, Marquette. L.S.A, tpresidentl. Delta Sigma Nu tinner guardl. Patron. Ronald: Music Educati Ishpeminq. Theta Omicron R Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Klub. 1 1 t w w t Pearson. Charles William: Sec- ondary Education, Escanaba. Student Council, L,S.A., Cambium Club, Tri Mu tpresidentl. Petersen, Margaret Ann: Social Service and Secondary Education, Marquette. Peninsulan Staff feditorl, Cegmer Seg Sorority tpresidentl, Wesley Foundation, Masquers, Social Science Club, Student Council. Peters, Robert Thomas, Ir.: Later Elementary, Marquette. Tri Mu, President Senior Class, Football, Basketball, Track, Golf, Varsity "N" Club, Student Council, Physical Education Club, Band, Chorus, Chorale. Pynnonen, Betty Ann: Social S vice, Negaunee. Social Scien Club Ksecretary-treasurerl, Del Sigma Nu lsecretaryl, Sophomo Class Secretary. Porter, Phyllis: Music Education. Marquette. Delta Sigma Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Chorus. Orchestra. Klei Klub, Collegiate Chorale. Rice. Mary Fugere: Secondary Education, Iron Mountain. Phi Kappa Nu. Masquers, Ski 'Club, Novohoma, Newman Club. Richel. Phillip I.: Secondary Edu- cation, Gladstone. Mathematics Club. Rose, Theresa Mary: Secondary Education. Marquette. Newman Club, Cambium Club. Klet Klub: Mathematics Club, College Choir. Orchestra. Salemi. Zita: Later Elementary. Marquette. Newman Club: Nor- thern News tnews editorl. Savera, Robert S.: Business Ad- ministration, Bessemer. Tri Mu. Business Administration Club. Commercial Club, Social Science Club. Newman Club, Intramurals, Basketball. Seppala, Shirlee Mae: transfer Suomi College. Beta Omega Tau, Chorus, Cheerleading, A.C.E.I., G.0.0.C.H. Slade, Erwood: Secondary Education. Tri Mu Fraternity. F.T.A., Basketball, Intramurals, Varsity "N" Club. Sullivan, Ioseph R.: Secondary Education. Escanaba. Masquers, English Club, Newman Club. Tollelson, Marvin L.: Later Elementary, L'Anse. Tri Mu, F.T.A., Intramurals. Townsend, Iosephine,: Later Ele- mentary. Houghton. Beta Omega Tau, A.C.E.I. tvice-presidentl, Chorus, Band, Masquers, Dorm Council, Cheerleading. Vaara, Mel Leroy: Later Eleme tary, Ironwood. Tri Mu, L.S.A Intramurals, P.T.A., Peninsula Staff. Vertz, Doloris, Later Elementary. Trout Lake. I.V.C.F. lpresident, vice-president, secretaryb, A.C.- E.I., French Club, Peninsulan, Chorus, F.T.A. Woods, Clarice: Early Elementary, Caspian. Gamma Phi Alpha, L.S.A., A.C.E.I. Corcoran, Margaret A.: Music Education. Ispheming. Chorale, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Community Symphony. Klei Klub, Newman Club Csecretaryl, Ski Club ltreasurerh, G.0.0.C.H., Beta Omega Tau. 76 Wiitala, Harold W.: Secondar Education, Toivola. Mathemati Club, Rod and Gun Club. Harju. Charles E.: Industrial Arts. Newberry. Industrial Arts Club, Alpha Phi Omega Frntnrnitv. Brungraber, Suzanne: General. Marquette, Cegmer Seq Sorority. Wesley Foundation, Northern News, Novahoma Club. Collins, Authur W.: General Hubbell. Bus. Ad. Club. Dufour, Alfred: Pre-Medical, Es- canaba. Alpha Phi Omega, New- man Club, Cambium Club, Ski Club. Iohnson, Marilyn Ruth: Art Edu- cation. Marquette. Newman Club, Art Club, Delta Sigma Nu Sorority. Hon, Donald G.: Secondary Edu- cation, Flint. Kappa Delta Pi. Kobasic, Anthony I.: Business Education, Escanaba. Long, Donna K. fMrs.J: Second- ary Provisional, Cegmer Seq Sorority. Marshalek, Bert A.: Secondary Education, Bessemer. Social Sci- ence Club, Newman Club. Torreano, Barry: Secondary Edu- cation. Marquette. M a s q u e r s. Intramurals. Sports Sportsmanship makes both the winner and loser a victor: for victory is meaningless and defeat complete without the inner satis- faction of a game well played. It may be that "a11 is fair in love and war" but it is an obliga- tion of the athlete to uphold the American tradi- tion of fair play. 78 End ITLCI ...A in ALI! courage with our own! 'ev 1 Ki' M , ' ,f x.f'! Q 0 CAPTAIN I Harry Raisin The Northern Golf Team had a mediocre season las year winning only two out ol five dual meets and plac ing 3rd. in the Copper Country Invitational Meet hel at Houghton. Northern's two victories were agains Soumi while the defeats were at the hands oi Soo Tec twice and Michigan Tech twice. Rain and cold wea ther made some oi the golfing difficult. The team wa paced by Captain Harry Rajala who was the mos consistent point maker followed by Tom Peters, Ra Saari, and Bob Bowers. Bowers is the only membe not returning this year. Tom Peters, Harry Rajala. Hay Saari, Bob Bowers Front Row: Robert Hero, Robert Monck. Iohn Faccio, Vic Fochasato Iames Him, Axel Anderson. Ierry Pengrazzi. Robert Pelkie, George Tomasi. Lowe MacLean, Eugene Miller, Gary Spigarelli. Second Row: Vince Lindberg, George Everard, Spencer Carlson, Ed Lubamersky, Coach Money, Dave Belger, David Gallinetti, Roy Bentley, Gildo Canale Cmgrl. I ' If Hr CAPTAIN ' H7 1 .y Ed Kuivinen Sig im' 'gf l RICH! ' The "Wildcat" tennis team of "54" had cr very good season. They took part in four team matches of which they won all lour. Ed Kuivinen was team captain. Ed also was the only player lost through graduation. This indicates that Northern's tennis squad should be powerful again in the "55" season. David Westlund, Eugene DeGayner, Ed Kuivinen, Tom Fisher, Bill Mosher. . A1 . 1. . . RECORD Northern 14 Northern 7 Northern 13 Northern 13 Northern 14 Northern 4 Northern 20 Findlay Col. B Ohio No. Univ. 25 Michigan Tech. 7 Ferris Inst. 13 Northland Col. 6 Mankato 20 Mission House O 1954 Wildcats mils. Playing five of their seven games on home territory the 1954 Northern football squad spent most of the season acting the host. In the opener the Wildcats defeated a good Findlay team 14-6. The following week the "Cats" played host to Ohio Northern University and were rudely upended by the boys from the Buckeye State with a resounding 25-7 tally. With memories of the sound thrashing by Ohio No. Univ., the Northern gridmen traveled to Houghton to play Michigan Tech. Northern was definitely the underdog. Disregarding all obstacles the Wildcats beat the traditional rival and clawed Huskies 13-7 for the second year in a row. Ferris Institute boasting the best football team the school's history came to Marquette and with- six minutes were leading Northern 13-0. Re- themselves in the second quarter the struck back to tie the score and that's the way game climaxed, 13-13. If not a complete victory for Northern, it served as cr moral one. The Homecoming Game against Northland was played under conditions that were full of sleet, snow, cold weather, and a sloppy field. Northern was pressed in gaining victory but staved off the Lumberjacks successfully. The Homecoming Game was a success with the Wildcats topping the Lumber- jacks 14-6. Traveling all the way to Mankato, Minnesota. the Wildcats were almost too certain of victory and let their pass defense lag. The Wildcats were de- feated via the air lanes 20-7. Playing their final game of the season under the free substitution rule the "Men of Northern" came through in style and clamped Mission House Col- lege 20-0. The season completed, the Wildcats look- ed back on a 4 won, 2 lost, and l tied record. It was not an undefeated season, but it was a winning one. 81 MORGAN GINGRASS Backiield Coach BRODIE WESTEN Marquette, Michigan Assis't Trainer Freshman C. V. MONEY Athletic Director And Head Coach W DAVE GALLINETTE Ironwood, Michigan Manager Junior Z-,een xv . 1 ' Q. 1 g a is S" 6.31: .N f Fi I '- 7 J 1555 Z 'R ' 4 V? ' I Y lp 5, e J fii H , -ff .V . " . iff, .K 1 2, I . ,1 if GILDO CANALE Crystal Falls, Michigan Trainer Sophomore COBY HARTBARGER Assistant Coach ,Q ION REDMAN Marquette, Michigan Assis't. Manager Freshman yn: i RUSSELL RICHARDS r 7' Houghton, Michigan A . LOWE MacLEAN End - 188 lbs- , Calumet, Michigan ll1I1iOI End - 187 lbs. Iunior , 'C l l , Y I I . FRANCIS LAURION Manisiique, Michigan Quarterback - 167 lbs, ' la Freshman , x fr' 1 Co-Captain LOUIS MYEFSKI Iron River, Michigan Tackle - 196 lbs. Senior vw 24 fs- -4 ELL BOGARIN ndotte, Michigan terback - 180 lbs. Peck, Michigan Tackle - 194 lbs. X Vi 1. r 4, ED LUBAMERSKY Shenandoah. Pa. End - 215 lbs. Sophomore IOHN KRAGE Grczyling, Michigan Tackle i 205 Lbs. Freshman AB' DAVID BELGER L ' ROBERT HONGISTO Wakeiield, Michigan Center - 217 lbs. SOpl'1Ol'l'iOl'e Ffeghmqn 1 ix Y x IOSEPH CORBIEL 1 Gladstone, Michigan Pullback - 176 lbs. Freshman 7' X 'x Obi 4. Q., 'V fe K -er 1 .-rg,-f " ' 1 , ' I' if 1 I I fra WARREN WILSON Manistique, Michigan Quarterback - 165 lbs. 1 Sophomore , . ' 1 V uf . .E E2 1 1 if 1 J: Hg N Q 1 I gl I IOHN LEPPIAHO Crystal Falls. Michigan Quarterback - 144 lbs. Freshman 'n CORNELIUS SOCHAY Nahma, Michigan Quarterback - 165 lbs Iunior x GERALD SAUNDRI Iron River, Michigan Quarterback - 170 lbs Freshman Co-captain PAUL GINGRASS Iron Mountain G Halfback - 155 lbs. 1 , Senior 1 f - 1 L 1 ' , f L . x Q4-1 . 5 gllnw' -. 1' 1 . -. 1, J . f 1 1 i i' w ii! 1 ,q ROY BENTLEY Menominee. Mich. Halfback - 153 lbs. Freshman - 1 . 1 5 ' N 4 RONALD IOHNSON Marquette. Michigan Haliback - 173 lbs. Iunior f .1 1. ,. f. 1 J wx, 1 Q4 4,4 JERRY KINNUNEN Munising, Michigan Haliback - 148 lbs. Freshman H-. r I LAWRENCE KRESS Ferndale, Michigan Haliback - 181 lbs. Freshman ADRIAN ANGLIM THOMAS THORNTON 63 CLAUDE MIRON Baraga, Michigan Center - 215 lbs. Freshman VM VICTOR FOCHESATO Hermansville, Mich. Guard - 184 lbs. Senior ALAN SKEWIS Ishpeminq. Michigan Guard - 154 lbs. Iunior Ironwood, Michigan Tackle - 270 lbs. Iunior f if Ishpeming. Michigan Center - 180 lbs. Freshman Most Valuable ROBERT MON CK Sl. lgnace, Michigan Center - 173 lbs. Iunior ' l F JOHN MARTELL Menominee, Michigan Guard - 203 lbs. Sophomore IOHN FACCIO Hermansville. Mich Tackle - 202 lbs. Senior l I 1 I, ,, DUANE LANE Wakefield, Michigan Guard - 200 lbs. Sophomore REYNOLDS BANKS Iron River, Michigan ,Guard - 175 lbs. Freshman ' I M, s f'!,. 'W v rf KENNETH CARLSON Bessemer. Michigan Haliback - 167 lbs. Freshman I. 4 I I EUGENE MILLER Bergland, Michigan Fullback -l 174 lbs. Sophomore 'I IAMES MASLOWSKI Ishpeming, Michigan Guard - 185 lbs. Sophomore A. fe I FF JAMES KREIG '31 N s 7 I L I Marquette, Michigan Halfback - 161 lbs. Freshman I f JJ N, V ' . I sh X I I . P Most Humorous ROBERT NYSTROM Marquette. Michigan Fullback - 198 lbs. Freshman ' o ,f 5 I I . Y P 1 Ji, F' xl' N. 1' LAMPINEN, RICHARD Rock. Michigan End - 160 lbs. Freshman w E JOHN COLLINS Ishpeming, Michigan End - 170 lbs. Sophomore I. FRANK SHEGINA Calumet, Michigan End - 196 lbs. Freshman W' 1 I I X I I V IAMES LASAK Munising, Michigan Fullback - 184 lbs. Freshman ' HARVEY FLETCHE Peck, Michigan End - 198 lbs. Sophomore 1 1 Nye-1 ' - Ox I 3 Q Q 9 Ji' ' I 1 rgx .. P I, .S i' 9 I VA,-,.4. , 1 . Plat, 4 5 A 4. I 9 . a v Q Q32 eff " QQ TJ 54 x41 VI' el . ' T Left to right: Les Peterson. Karen Icxmison, Lois Iones, Doyle Graves. MCTIIYH MYEYS' Iole ownsen Irmcx Maki. Cheerleaders d. Nu 12. 88 .f -QQQ YZ Wildcats 1954-'55 Back Row, left to right: Warren Wilson, Frank Shegina, Lowe MacLean, Ed Lubamersky, Coach Money. Harve Fletcher, Fritz Wilson, Iack Clark. Russell Richards, Dan Stupka. Front Row: Erwood Slade. Cornelius Sochay, Richard Artilla, Russell Bogarin, Thomas Cook, Robert Nystrom, Ierold Saundri. Ronald Peltier. Brodie Western- Northern completed its 1954-55 basketball season with a 7 won, and 7 lost record. Sometimes it was a slow start, and sometimes it was bad breaks, and sometimes it was missing important foul shots. But Northern had a better team than the record earned. In the two games played before Christmas vaca- tion Northern out-pointed both Suomi 69-50, and Mission House 81-63. After the vacation Northern traveled to Plymouth, Wisconsin and was upset by Mission House 63-61. St. Cloud of Minnesota came to Northern and left victorious 103-93. The Wildcats then packed up their bags and traveled to Wisconsin for two games. The "Cats" disposed of Northland College 92-88, but were humiliated by Eau Claire State who handed the Wildcats a 103-51 remembrance. Traveling to Suomi, Northern had a closelcall on Suomi's small court but earned a well deserved 78-71 victory. The between semesters trip down state proved disastrous for Northern. Ferris squelched Northern 86-71, and Alma edged the "Cats" in the last minute of play 70-68. Returning home the Wildcats took on Ferris and avenged the defeat suffered down state. The final score read Northern 86, Ferris 74. Next on the agenda was Michigan Tech. Northern started off to a bad start in this game and was edged 82-76. Northland came to Marquette to avenge the defeat suffered earlier in the season to Northern but left on the short end of a 119-81 trouncing. This was the highest score any Northern team has ever registered. lack Clark also established a new record in this game by scoring 45 points. Detroit Tech came to Northern and possessed one. of the finest basketball clubs Northern played all season. The "Cats" played their best game of the entire year in defeating Detroit Tech 78-67. The final game was played at Houghton where Michigan Tech swamped Northern 107-81. The season completed, the squad chose Wayne Nystrom as Captain, lack Clark as Most Valuable, and Tom Cook as Humorist. Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern MOST VALUABLE Northern Northern Northern CAPTAIN ?? .1 V- 1'-1' tg 1. T' L YE' -. ' 1 vltv L 4. I we .' ffl t Irr, . A Q? WAYNE NYSTROM Marquette Mrchxgun Forward Semor RECORD Suomr Mrssron House 63 Mrssron House 63 St Cloud Northland Eau Clcure 103 Suomr Ferns Alma Ferns Mrchxgon Tech 82 Northland Detroxt Tech Mrch Tech 107 HUMORIST JT '-:"j:::- JACK CLARK THOMAS COOK Arlington Heights. Ill. Marquette Michigan Guard Gl1C11'd s'z'1- ' 69 ' 63 81 ' ' 61 ' ' 93 . 103 92 88 51 I 78 ' 71 71 ' 86 68 70 86 ' 74 76 ' ' 119 81 78 ' 67 ' g rrr 81 ' . 7 7 1' . A, -"I, x. M 5 x I at eww- 6'1'j- ' Iunior 90 11111101 W q. Q ? J-,W BHODIE WESTEN Marquette. Michigan Team Trainer n 'CP .i' I E GERALD SAUNDRI Iron River, Michigan 5'11" - Guard Freshman . ye, ' 'Ti , ga is-fr Fw - Wy' -. In 5 . , ' i ee1".,'zx1,i' 1 - u ,. 3 A:'.j,:gi fa, I - M . A - Q r i L i A ,J.., Q1 1' , RUSSELL BOGARIN Wyandotte, Michigan 6'0" - Forward Iunior LOWE MacLEAN Calumet. Michigan 6'1" - Guard Iunior ROBERT NYSTROM Marquette. Michigan 5'11" - Guard Freshman 91 f-fr ERWOOD SLADE Ironwood, Michigan Senior Manager kr WARREN WILSON Manistique, Michigan 5'11" - Forward Freshman 'wil H 'A g Q R T 7' N E5 .fx EE rm 4 -ai ' ' K lk-Q iff- HARVE FLETCHER Peck, Michigan 6'3" - Center Sophomore fn W' 4' I I I 9 Q. .. ,4 5 A " x X ix I? 'f S i Y , 5 gffl - N ' A x Eiggg 'ij 4 i L ,Q CORNELIUS SOCHAY Q ' FRANK SHEGINA Nahum' Michigan 1 Calumet. Michigan 5'8" - Fofwcfd 6'1" - center Iumor Freshman Q I Q X on , RON PELTIER ' . i Alpha, Michigan 5'8" - Forward Sophomore , . DANIEL STUPKA l , s r FRITZ WILSON Houghton, Michigan 1 Marquette, Michigan 5'11" - Guard ' 4 6'2" - Center Iunior gy, 4 X Freshman -M 4 . A L Lrg' 1 N XI 'S V' if , Lf g 1 .1 -Q 9 --f . RICHARD ARTILLA ' 7 1 1 Marquette, Michigan K 5'11" - Guard ig, it Freshman if X A .,., ig ' 1 RUSSELL RICHARDS Houghton, Michigan 6'0" - Forward Junior 92 x ' x L. EDWARD LUBAMERSKY Shenandoah, Penncz. 6'4" - Center Sophomore Barracks Front Row: Iack Clark, Sandy MacLean, C. V. Money, Victor Fochesato, Iohn Faccio. Bob Monck. .Second Row: .Roy Bentley Dan Stupka, Larry Kress, David Belger, Harvey Fletcher, George Tomasi. Ed Lubamersky, Tiny Anghm, Warren Wilson, Gil Canale Jerold Saundri, Ioseph Corbiel. Corny Sochay. House "Mother"-Sandy MacLean Nineteen athletes attending Northern under the Grant-in-Aid plan live in the Barracks, this year under the care and guidance of Sandy MacLean. Each of the Bar- racks men takes part in one or more of the three major sports at Northern. All the curriculums offered at Northern are represented among them. and they take pride in the fact that their group scholastic average compares very favorably with that of other organizations at Northern. Besides furnishing men for the varsity, the Barracks enters good teams in the intramural program. 93 nderclassmen A product of a well organized education is the ability to apply accumulated knowledge to a particular field or profession. To instill this knowledge in others, the teacher must learn certain fundamental principles by ex- y perience as well as study. 94 we Slld cglze fig "WMF ' M'-i-572 T E . M W L 1 5 V J, 1 if 'T iff v 1 s N V , - I R J - lp E f .van , 'hi gig U, Q -'-f - ,iii 2:'1-- .. Y ., 111,573 EJ , J,.?-:,? ., -I QV, J...J. X ,,,,... Z? ,HM S k I 1. 1. ' f'f'-- M' 156. 1. ' 'V-1 2:31 A , M, 1 . JJ I - W 1 W ss ,E ., . . X , Ez :V .LM V, MLILHQQ Af? ' E'-'ig'-I. " "ik 5" ,, 1..Ll5f1ng,,,L,5I1-,LY if Q 'W W-Qft3Qf Li? , , Y N WLAN ,Lv f .. ii 'N 1,3 M mf " 5 -'?',,. H . aff" QYQQ " Q -MJ ll:-f:fr.vA2, 4 I wp -5 '."'. 7 c -' fl. , 'Q QV , 5 1:1 , .,- -,. v., "' --vi' J R.. 'tip , ' 1" - ' A , . ':lLlg::f'Q,1 V- , ,Z ' , I 5-.1-Lqlgrs' Y ' Q I-:M-" X '1 Jn' if , Q . F ' ' ' QQ 1 x '11 L, - at N.. 'i N ' Q: ul' - , v- , -, Mk 'ww Eff Q X Ig., aw ' 1 . M. x 7 V "'. - , '11 '. ,"5T-f1..L 3 s r '55-5: Maxx x 'egg y ,H Y me is U y I, ,zu 'lil I I, . v . ,.-" , -,L-' ,. , W ,.,.. Lf, 'nn ,p.-,fm ' , 5, 4? is E 3261- 51, , 'Q M Qi Robert Adams, Gladstone, Business Administration Ioan Adamson, Watersmeet, Early Elementary Doreen Andary, Newberry, Secondary Education Bill Anderson, Marquette, Forestry Freshmen R. Norman Andrew, lshpeminq, Secondary Education lack Arduin, Newberry, Business Education Maxine Arndt, Newberry, State Limited Carol Angus, Wakefield, Clerical Accounting I l i 4 Wf"f"j" ff Mill :ZH , I , ' .. , ' i l' t U i ,r..-5:29-,-Tgg' , -' ,i - I Jim.. 3' V-7? . tr if c . 1,5391 A .t1"4'I-1 .f t wt iz, :lvl 1 t '-QW L. . S' -Z' "" 4: 11,-. ...':' ' Ju' ' L .., " f Q l 5 g i Mary Ann Biscomb, Marquette, Music Thomas Boase, Ishpeming. Social Work Naomi Bodine, Stambaugh, Home Economics Shirley Boneville, Munising, English y-. 5, -it t If t Marlene Badini, Negaunee, Early Elementary Lydia Banach, Newberry, Social Service William Beaudin, Newberry, Business Administration Norman Bergeron, Masonville, Pre- Engineering rg ?wi.r:a.'t Ioyce Bryers, Escanaba, Secondary Robert W. Bucklin, Marquette, Pre-dental Robert Bullerdick, Hesperia, Conservation Carolyn Carlson, Bessemer, Early Elementary Education Bob Cope, Negaunee, Business Education Joseph Corbiel, Gladstone, Business Ed. Elizabeth Cory, Marquette, English Delores Constantino, Ramsay, Early Elementary Paul Bosley, Iron Mountain, Business Administration Eugene Branstrom, Elo. Music Education Barbara Brawley, Gould City, State Limited Iames Brusoe, Gladstone, Secondary Education V7 51 ' ! Y I less fl lr I gl 'Q -.::::l', :ijt - , i E iff I- f Shirley Carlson, Marquette, Art Dell Carlstrom, Crystal Falls, Industrial Arts Helen Charron, Manistique, Music Mary Christiansen, Menominee, Art Mary Courtney, Marquette, General Dale Cuculi, Channing, Ind. Arts Harry Culver, Marquette, Pre-Medicine Madge Danielson, Negaunee, Social Service Fran DeCel1e, Manistique, Retailing Robert DeMil1e, Menominee, Music Emma Dorow, Marquette, Home Economics IoAnn Drake, L'Aanse, Art P5 ""' E lil sf, Y J, sua gil, he-42 N, -J HK Kenneth Ericson Ishpeming Music Education Evelyn Ertel Sagola Sec. Training Marvin Federighe Hancock Music Education BQ! Roger Gaboury Ishpeming Prefdental G-P vi. Al Goodney, Ishpeming, General Nancy Gothe, Ishpeming, Secondary 3 J -' Education Ni Pharmacy Earl Halvas, Iron River, Business Ad. ftleyffl' ,i "- v 98 TTY, L yn Robert Hackinson, Marquette, Pre- 5--" :ff ff I LD O 1 'T D 'Q . -. I ,U 4 I QF' 4 1 4 nf l Hilde Ehman Monroe Music lack Elchroth Grand Rapids Music Iames Enwright Marquette Secondary Education Margaret Erickson Ironwood Early Elementary Alyce Gallmore Crystal Falls Secondary Education Anne Geigel. Escanaba, Music Education Sandra Gendzwill, Houghton, General Joe Giachino, Iron Mountain, General I wish, fl 4 'fy Richard Henqesh, Escanaba, General lames E. Hicks, Marquette, Ind. Arts David Him. Escanaba, Pre-Dental Ianis Hoffman, Gladstone, Early Elementary Nancy Isdebski, Bessemer. Early Elementary Karen Iamison. Ontonagon. Business Ad. Roy Holen Iohnson, Neqaunee, Industrial Arts Malcolm Iohnston. Marquette, Pre-Dental Shirley E. B. Hampton, L'Anse, Home Economics Thora Hansen. Rock. Early Elementary Robert Hayes, Crystal Falls, Prev Engineering Roberta Heidemcxnn, Negaunee, Social Service 5 l . 'Av 2. .- .. le 'lx 2 I nv , :rx cf? ' 2 Robert Hongisto, Wakefield. Social Service Tom Huebner, Ferndale, Secondary Education Robert Hulsizer, Stephenson, Conservation Meta Hunt, Marquette, Biology Eff? if A-1 4 5 : . v.. -Zxifjfg f ' wr.-f' - Y . r, rr , - eg. , 3 , K Celia Kauppila, Negaunee, Medical Technology Henry A. Kettunen, Ishpeming, Agriculture Kennith Kielinen, Ishpeming, Pre- Engineering Dave Kjellberg, Negaunee, Music Ed. Tom Klasell, Escanaba, Pre-Forestry Edward Knowles, Ishpeming, Business Administration Nancy M. Koski. Negaunee, Advertising Morton Kunan, Marquette, Social Service J I A PLS 554 ,Wu LA A li-Q l 1 X 1 fl ' ' 4 ' G, 355: 57 if "'A"" :Ft 'tt 7 'grtf-wi, in 1 .. iff. .- 1 .rv - V A 11. pf N 333, ..'3.-,J-J? 'Li-f . '51 m sz' t 1 'MAJ J ' 'I - , ng1.gfF'- . . i ..f:.f1s-Eze, J -'u ,. , ' .wa M,,,,,, 'Nik y I I f . ra- 1... . , l " A if ' ' i --f l yi-I Q'-1 5 , A-,, "X 1, ' 3g,i,L, ,-J' it ' wir- , ,, ,uit Robert Landre, Menominee, General Rene Lippens, Escanaba, Business Administration Francis Laurion, Manistique, General James Lee, Iron Mountain, General ,r1, . tt nf, ,L ,.. ' fx, . I .- , ----1 .mg-.' w-- 1 .g, 1 , ,. y , gg "vt ' w W" X I , :Q , "VI t xlibs. wr' Af, Y F' , Q?'i5:,i,s, it gg. fu ,X .:. 4' J, I :I ff. I J f 'P vit. W, " , . .. H' 1 W V . A -J Melvin Kyto, Marquette, Industrial Arts Richard P. LaBonte, Marquette, Pre-dental Tom LaLonde, Gladstone, Pre-Medicine Richard Lompinen, Rock, Phy. Ed. Y, wry, gg- , if t Leif Lindblom, Stambaugh, Secondary Education Theresa Linder, Nadeau, Early Elementary Ken Lindquist, Ishpeming, Math. Gregory Lindstrom, Marquette, Pre- Engineering Nielsen Locke, Marquette, Pre-Veterinary Y L A 5 I Medicine V f . I ' A - F James Lombard, Hermansville, Pre- , VV.. V A-j, , V , 1' , -7 -3' X K ' J Engineering ' 3 Lf X' A i 3 I t1 ' Mary Ann Luke, Michigamme, Liberal Arts ' --' y 1 753 ' X ' Gary Louma, L'Anse, Business Education ' ' ' A ' W gf?" .Zsff 1 iii-'iii ffff-" ' g ,V 'fy' ,qjft N N .. 100 t I ' 1' r" 'l ' ' - I -pg, . ' , - H MVT' I a I 'ff - ' I ' If l, , ,. X I. Ann Magnuson, Marquette, Music Ed. Mary Ann Mai, Gwinn. State Limited Robert Maisonneuve, Escanaba, Industrial Arts David Malette, Marquette, General Franklin Mattson, Newberry, Business Ed. Pauline Mileski, Marquette. Early Elementary Education Claude Miron. Baraga, Clerical Accounting Lawrence Morten, Crystal Falls. Pre- Engineering t Richard Lutey, Marquette, General Margaret McCo1lom, Marquette. Secondary Education lane McGowan, Marquette, St. Luke's Nurses Betty McNaughton, Bark River, State Limited Carol Malila, South Range, Early Elementary Eleanor Mannisto, Chatham, Early Elementary Education Marlene Marks, Manistique, State Limited Adam Marvar, Houghton, Industrial Arts .,..v.. ' ..:.. , ,X E .t., V M 1 ' E t 1 QI, f dr f Gerald Mottes, Alpha, Ind. Arts Norman Mutka, Negaunee. Pre- Engineering Marilyn Myers, Escanaba. Art Ioanne Nelson, Iron River, General Sigurd Nelson. Marquette, Pre'Mortuary Science Arlene Nesberg, Munising, secondary Ed. Robert Niemi, Grand Marais, Industrial Arts Catherine Noblet, Houghton. Early Elementary Education ' 'Alf bi!-Wa! If 1 fL""'lr 1 '. ' Q-.K d , are my 56, Katherine Olson, Ontonagon, Secretarial Training lean Osterhout. Manistique, Early f Elementary Tom Pallas, Marquette, Business Administration Ruth Palomaki, Ishpeming, Early Elementary Paul Pepin. Ishpeming, State Limited Les Peterson, Marquette, General Rosamond Peterson, Calumet, Early Elementary Daniel Phaneum, Marquette, Pre-law i I Beatrice Nordin, Daggett, Early Elementary Don Nordling. Marquette. Music Education Ierry Odlund, Marquette, Industrial Arts Caryl Olsen, Escanaba, Later Elementary -Ke -.., F11 .. v.T 2 lj?-' ' f", " A ' LQ- ' 1+ ' ff ,. , . Vernon Pacquet, Marquette, Industrial Arts Edward Paulson, Ishpeming, Secondary Ed. Robert Pedo. Iron Mountain, Business Administration David Pepin, Ishpeming, General l , i 1' .,.' 'A .. 73" -i f if--I A -fi l ' y , , I 53 Annette Richel, Gladstone, Mathematics Donald Rittenhouse, Kinsgford, Music Education William Rodman, Kinsglord, Business Administration Rubin de la Borbolla. Marquette, Pre-Nursing Gerold Saundri, Iron River, Phy, Ed. Gordon Chils, Escanaba. Early Elementary Education Chet Schultz. Hermansville, Agriculture Dorothy Schwalenberg, Kingslord, Early Elementary Education V Iohn Pontti, Ishpeming. Retail and Art Blaine Racine, Marquette, Later Elementary Patricia Revord, Chatham, Secondary Education Allen T. Reynolds. Marquette, PreJaw LaVonne Rutila, Munising, Later Elementary Keith Sackett. Marquette, General Marian Sanregret. L'Anse, Music Ann Saunders, Hancock, Early Elementary .551 Lek-4 3. S 0 Shirley Segerstrom, Marquette. Commercial Frank Shegina, Calumet, History Marilyn Sleeman, Stambaugh, Early Elementary Paul Sporalski, Painesdale, Ind. Arts Ronald Stenglein, Marquette, Pre- Engineering Gail Swanson, Ishpeming, Home Economics Maurice Talo, Negaunee, Business Administration Iudith Toms, Negaunee, Later Elementary Education Brodie C. Westen, Marquette. Secondary 'n -Y Education lane Whitton, Menominee, Music Viola Williams, McMillan, State Limited William Williamson, Rapid River, U Pre-Engineering 'Eli .L 10 Mary Tuch, Marquette, Early Elementary Education Barbara Tuominen. Marquette, Home Economics Celeste Villemure, Newberry, Early Elementary Marianne Watson, Gladstone, State Limited 'J N 'fl jr if W 'X ' :. ,i.l. xx' 4-f!'i 4 Charles Wilson, Marquette, Art Education Fritz Wilson, Marquette, Industrial Arts Arlene Woodard. Cornell, St. Luke's Nurses Bob Youngren, Stambauqh, Secondary Education Czwijfmow oyer puffy-79 4 gs 'sf W WNSM ..,+1-"N Beverly Anderson, Ishpeming, Sociology Mary Anderson, Marquette, Later Elementary Education Greta Anderson, Iron Mountain, Early Elementary Helen Andrews, Hermansville, Home Economics Sophomore-5 Iay D. Bates, Crystal Falls, Pre-Forestry Gene Beaudoin, Marquette, Industrial Arts Ernest Belcmger, Esconaha, Industrial Arts David Belger, Peck, Industrial Arts ga- I I Roy Bentley Menommee Secondary Ed Elizabeth Beyers Marquette Music Mary Beyers Marquette Home Economics lack Bretila Ishpemmg Pre dental lean Boyer, Rapid River, Business Education Carolyn Brightman, Marenisco, Home Economics Mary Lou Brumm, Marquette, Home Economics Iudith Campbell, Rock, Early Elementary 106 Carol Corn, Vulcan, State Limited Iames E. Cox, Munising. Business Administration Dottie Crase, Rockland, Social Service Peggy De Cook, Marquette, Secretarial Training Peter Findley, Ontonagon, Ind. Arts Harvey Fletcher, Peck, Industrial Arts Jeanette Fosmo. Ishpeming, Early Elementary Mary Frcmtti, Ishpeming, State Limited ...vii .yum V' f "i. 'L f is J . L Gloria Carlson, Ishpeming, Secondary Norine Cleary, Marquette, Later Elementary Ioy Collins, Sault Ste. Marie. Early Elementary Iacqueline Consul, Republic. Early Elementary Vern Dahlquist, Iron Mountain, History Ioan DeHut, Ontonagon, Later Elementary Education Richard Derusha, Escanaba, Later Elementary Marilyn Faull, Lake Linden, Early Elementary Education ff: if f'-tyf 'I' W ,K , Iames Fuller, Petosky, Geography 2 Muriel Galer, Pickiord, State Limited Carrie Tuominen, Champion, State Limited Ronald Garceau, Marquette, Business Administration Ianice Gibson, Munising, Business Education , Elenore Gieser, Ishpeming, Early Elementary Marjorie Guilland, Marquette, Early Elementary Clem Gingras, Marquette, Retailing ' A Ioyce Ann Hamlin, Charlevoix, Music Education Ioanne Harju,Negaunee, Music Education Kenneth Heim, Bark River, Industrial Arts Iohn Henderson, Powers, Business Administration i- is-ef new -f '- WITH? Arlene Iarvis, Ishpeming. Art Education Lorne Iohanson, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Canada: Pre-Dental Lois Iones, Iron Mountain. Secretarial Training ' 'j' Iames Kane, Ontonagon. Secondary Education Y A '- . gh, A fi IW t 108 t L. . ,lb t I . 4"- N U, :X - - , rg. . iw . 1 1 ,N .. . Marie Godell, Chassell. State Limited Sue Gollinger, Munising, Secondary Education IoAnn Greig, Iron River, Early Elementary Ellen Hakala, Escanaba, Art Education gb A aa X Ronald Hescott. Marquette, Secondary Education Iune Holmquist, Niagara. Wisconsin: Business Education Marina Hooper, Republic, Home Economics Yvonne Iacques, Marquette, Secondary Education ,.. . X Tom La Fountain, Iron River. Pre-dental Duane Lane, Wakeiield. Health 6 Physical Education Dorothy I. Larson. Marquette, Secondary Ed Lubamersky, Shenandoah. Pennsyl- vania: Pre-Iournalism Pat Marley, Ontonagon, Secondary Education Roberta Martin, Sault Ste. Marie. Early Elementary Barbara Medlyn, Ishpeming. Secretarial Training Ianet Messenger, Marquette, Early Elementary Lillian Kangas, Rock, Medical Technology Robert Kelly, Ishpeming. Pre-Engineering Ronald Koski, Marquette, General Iames Kreig, Marquette, Physical Education f -'fl 'S ' . ' i nfl' ' , , , 5 ge -ig : '15 5-lffifffiff ,, A ' Q . G . . '45-:155:3:' - i Charles I. McGee, Marquette, Business Administration Bernice McNeely, Powers, State Limited David Mahowald, Marquette, General Gloria Maki, Negaunee, Business Education Marian Mincofi, Manistique, Early Elementary Olive Murphy, Marquette, Secondary Education Ruth Nordine, Ewen, Music Education Mary Orava, Trenary, State Limited Nancy Ostman, Escanaba, Music Donald Paquette, Negaunee, Business Administration Glenda Paris, Menominee, Secondary Education George Parolini, Marquette, Bus. Ad. K-. ,., , Leslie Ruohonaki, lshpeming, Social Service Raymond H. Saari, Negaunee, Pre- journalism Nelie Anne Schaefer, Marquette, Home Economics Claire Schafer, Rapid River, Art Education 1 F l 1 Marjorie Petersen, Ishpeming. Art Ruth Platzke, Bruce Crossing, Business Education Ioan Probstield, Lake Linden, Art Education Roland James Revello, Ishpeming, Secondary Education , 'ilygfrz-fffw c' ' ,v 1 4- 'I f' 'W' E . ii' i' K ,V -5 W ' V -I ' ' is F' '11 5 Tis. A I , tg W 'lnv 'fi I 'A Iohn D. Slapp, Escanaba. Secondary Education Nancy Sorenson, Marquette, Music Rita Struthers, Marquette. Home Economics Elizabeth Superko, Ishpeming, General Marlene Seidl, Escanaba. Librarianship Russell W. Seppi, Watton, Secondary Education Gale Sievers. Marquette, Secondary Ed. Laveme Simonen, Michigamme, Secondary Education 11 0 Betty Vallier, Naubinway, Early Elementary Marilyn Vande Weghe, Gladstone, Early Elementary Iohn Trembath, Negaunee, Secondary Ed. Iohn K. Ward, L'Anse. Business Education ,J l Ver l w, I, in, l, R" fl l X 1, Don Wilson, Manistique, Secondary Education Patrick Wood. St. Ignac, General Ieanne Swingle, Mainistique, State Limited Frank Szarenslci, Saginaw, Iournalism Phyllis Talbot. Painesdale, Secretarial Training Alice Tanguay. Manistique, Early Elementary Barbara Webber, Trenary. State Limited Charles Westen. Marquette, Industrial Arts Ioan Whitmarsh, Traunik, Early Elementary Education Claude Willette, Alston, Clerical Accounting lanice Aho, Hancock, Later Elementary Tiny Anglim, Ironwood, Later Elementary Gary Arvo, Houghton, Physical Education Mervin Beadle, Sault St. Marie, Secondary Education . G 4' xx 2' I Juniors Joanne Becker, Iron Mountain, Phy. Ed. Donna Benson, Negaunee, Early Elementary Lorry Beyers, Marquette, Later Elementary Elaine Block, Escanaba, Art Education l 1 A R t 4 7' . . 1 A, ,jf A e i ul:, Q,.e. -S' f Q I ull. I.. A ,v t . N , I . tu W -4 . ,5. M. - f 1 A - - ti ug.- A .kL3.1iQ t H Tom Cook, Marquette. Art Dorothy Davis, Stevenson. Secondary Ed. Sandra Dyer, Marquette. Art. Iohn Erm, Ironwood, Business Administratiorl 9 7- , ,., C 1 ll ' ,L , Q l ,li ' A 'A Jw". :I- cl' '35 . U , ,. gy? Pg? ' 'hw' , r' ., - ' :ink F! i95i':RMf:wal'01 Peter Bodi, Hubbell. Social Service Tina Bums, Marquette, Later Elementary Gil Canale, Crystal Falls, Physical Education lack Clark, Arlington Heights, Illinois General 5... g,,'?'G . I I, 'A fn ov .I rl' , V... -. . in 7,5 , , l. . . . '71, 4 1' l 'I A-K S 'I r' ' L' ,lk 'U . 1 l n-Hrp , f t Eugenia Anne Ghiardi, Negaunee, Later Elementary y Donald Giesen, Vulcan, Business Ed. Dayle Graves, South Range, Home Economics Herbert H. Hamlin, Charlevoix, Industrial Arts Hg, . ' fly-- Tom Fisher, Marquette, Pre-Mortuary Patrick Flanigan, Marquette, Social Service Barbara Flannery, Ishpeming, Early Elementary David Gallinetti, Ironwood, Secondary Education Marcia Hicks, Marquette, Secondary Education Edwin Iohnson. Rock, Mathematics Ronald Iohnson, Marquette, Secondary Education Mel Keranen, Baraga, Music Education i-- it ' 1 Charles Harju, Newbery, Industrial Arts Iohn C. Healy, Tulsa. Oklahoma: Business Administration Tom Heinonen, Ironwood, Social Service Russell Hermann, Lake Linden, Business Administration ff' ATN! Irma Lepprmen. Marquette, Art Education Earle M. LeVernois, Crystal Falls, Pre-med Frank Ll-lCCi, Negaunee, Social Service Lowe S. MacLean, Laurium, Social Service Irma Maki, Negaunee, Art Education Ioan Maki, Marquette, Early Elementary Shirley Mattson, Negaunee, Secondary Education Eugene Miller. Matchwood, Physical Education ll , l .. -rn.-4 s --,v H Shigeko Nishihara Kumakani, Hawaii, Secondary Ed. David Nordin, Daggett, Secondary Education Carolee Oas, Munsing, Later Elementary Iudy Olson, Marquette, Home Economics YEAQ re It My Mary Ann Pirhonen, Alston, Early Elementary Maxine Raab, Trenary, Home Economics Harry Rajala, Gladstone, Business Ed. Kay Reavie, St. Ignace, Early Elementary ?7l ,.-.. l , w ,, . .h l .-. tub: if -'.v , X .,,v'.,'. .J t. ,,. f 8' v A". 'JU' -1'i - . ant ,Q v' Iulia Minzey, Gwinn, Early Elementary Bob Monck, Epoufette, Industrial Arts Maxine Morrisette, Ishpeming, Secondary Education Pat Niemi, Wakefield. Early Elementary Education Sylvia Ostanek, Trenary, Home Economics Eugene Parkonen, Negaunee, Secondary Ed. , Pauline Petermann, Ahmeek, Music Education Vivian Peterson, Kingsford, Later Elementary H ,J 4 Y, af Nancy Ruottinen, Hancock, Later Elementary Robert Sachs. Wakefield, Business Administration Lucy Salminen, Ishpeming, Business Education Keith Semenak, Ironwood, Secondary Education F. Barth Richards, Marquette, Business Russell Richards, Houghton, Secondary Ed. Erwin Richter, Ironwood, Secondary Education Paul Roberts, N egaunee, Business Administration iz- ..-, .M -.6 in w Q , M .t t, ,J Q D ry, ' gfgrsfff' 1 i AI g , 11 S- Af Ronald Smith, Wakefield, Music Cornelius Sochuy, Nahma, Business Administration Gayle Starkey, Republic. Home Economics Shirley Strom, Stevenson, Early Elementary Patricia Seppala, Rock, Music Education Pat Shanley, Marquette, Art Education Al Skewis, Ishpeming, Secondary Education David Slick, Marquette, Business Administration ' '-all 'l f. . .LJ t " tt., 115 2 Daniel Stupka Houghton Conservation Palmer Swanson Wakefield Later Elementary Ronald Talvitie, Rapid River, Music Nancy Tauses, Marquette, Early Elementary Education Hen . Paul Tervo, Mohawk, Social Studies James Thomas, Ironwood, Business Administration Ianice Tibor, Marquette, Early Elementary Terry Tibor, Marquette. Social Service Sylvia Vedin, Menominee, Secondary Education Anita Walsh, Ontonagon, Early Elementary David Westlund, Wakefield, Later Elementary Education Myron A. Weston, Marquette, Business Administration eff' e " ff W 4' . l-1 ljj , l S l . - t .' ' 'EL D. I? :ESV in r, ral . , v 1 ,MQ Q-: It I in ' , -33,1 F ,ri ' -rzfmrg -' - 4 1 .,.,:,,2s. 5 V.:. R5 ..,., 5 Z 3- ,I . , , L' ,gzip 3'...A 1, 15. ' l --f , ' ' gl ,f '-ff X' X. Ui,-Mu 1' eff., , , wr, U, A , . :iii M k . , N i ul' l , J ,, it - 1 -X ,J -tr ei-- ' " X 1 ' ,, . 'T , rg-fu? , l , ' 1 'O , ,, ,, , -, ,. ,. - ..-. ,- 'a V it ,Al ' E , 1 v , ll 1 X we , l 1 r 1 1 .J .I ,ff .f George Tomasi, Hermansville, Business Administration Doris Tormala, Marquette, Early Elementary Mary Trolla, Wakefield, Music Education Shirley Vedin, Menominee, Secondary Education Paul Wuorenmaa, lshpeminq, Art Augustine T. Momiyama, Tokyo, Iapan: Sociology 1 16 41' 068 C ' Yu 1 4 5 f ' . 4, ' lb., J I , 'f YI I 1 X, . V ! 'gi ' b 11, J' 51,71 g .I f 1-."4 JE' Yiif, R 8lf'8lf1fL0lfLy I'-P T ix- V K l i 'V ' 5 N 'A F X . J ' -' L f 5 1' 'J K TK A x 1 L Religious Cglzat liberty of tfzouglzt an wors Q0 lfm'tlu'n our lane! shall never en . Wherever you find a cross-section of humanity you will also find a variety of religi- ous creeds. And whether these people are jovial, sad, cruel or kind despite any defects in their character or personality - their Belief must be their guide in Life as knowledge is the basis of a successful profession. 118 4 5' --e W Wi f . , Y -, . f ' Fronl Row. lei! to right: Naomi Bodine, Vivian Peterson, Delores Vertz, Rev. A. Hautamaki, Peter Bodi, Viola Williams Second Row: Douglas Nordin. Beatrice Nordin, Carol Angus, Greg Lindstrom. ' Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an inter- denominational evangelical fellowship group having as its primary aim the promotion of Christian faith and stimulating spiritual growth among the students. There are many chapters on colleges and university campuses throughout the world. Northern's I.V.C.F. Chapter meets weekly for Bible studies and Christian fellowship. Several social events are sponsored during the year. During the past year several members attended the Conference held at Gitche-Gummee Bible Confer- ence at Ironwood. A conference with the Michigan Tech Chapter was held at Northern during the sec- ond semester. First Row: Mary Ann Pirhonen. Marcia Hicks. Olga Mykkanen. Dr, Schaefer, Harry Rgjqlq, Helen Owens, Mary Lou Brumm. Second Row: Iohn Reppiaho, Dottie Crase, Mel Vaara, Ruth Nordine, Ron Johnson, Laverne Simonen, Palmer Swanson, Anne Charter. lohn Ogren, Kay Bergstrom. L. S. A. The Lutheran Students Association is a national organization established to promote a spirit of fellow- ship among Lutheran students, to encourage partici- pation in religious activities and to provide opportunity for discussion of religious problems encountered by college students. Meetings are held once a month in Lee Hall Conference Room where group discussions take place. This past year the L.S.A. sent three delegates to the Land O' Lakes Regional Convention of the L.S.A. in December. The members had their first get-together in the fall with a Potluck Supper to which all contri- buted. Mr. Fritz was featured as guest speaker at the annual Christmas dinner of the club. Other speakers in the religious and educational vein have been scheduled for regular meetings. Concluding the year's activities is the annual Sunrise Breakfast at Presque Isle which appeals to the more hardy Lutheran students. First Row: Rose Dittrich, Irma Maki, Arlene Nesberg, LaVonne Rutila. Carolyn Carlson, Ioanne Nelson. Eleanor Mannisto. Second Row: Dorothy Granskog, Nancy Ruottinen. Marie Godell, Marcia Belmas. Ann Magnuson, Caryl Olsen. Arlene larvis. Alyce Gallmore, Ioanne Harju, Ann Saunders, Carol Malila, Betty McNaughton, Helen Kaarre, Ruth Platzke. Third Row: Henry Saastamoinen, Ronald Koski. Charles Pearson, Donald Nordling. Earl Halvas, William Williamson, Leif Lindholm, Bob Aikala. Tom Huebner, Nelie Schaefer. Front Row: Dorothy Davis. Nancy Neisius, lack Clark, Norine Cleary, Pat Shanley, Theresa Linder. Second Row: Carol Corn, Mary Cybulski. Betty Beyers, Ioan Probstfeld, Helen Charron, Anne Geigel, Maxine Ebli, Pat Marley, Lydia Banach, Doreen Andary, Shirley Bonevelle, Marina Hooper. Third Row: George Tomasi, Iohn Healy, Cornelius Sochay, Barry Torreano. Richard Hengesh, Terry Tibor, Lorry Beyers, Donald Giesen, Ioe Giachino, James Lee, Bob Savera. X Newman Club The NGWHICIII Club is the CCIHIPHS O1'CJCII1iZC1li0I1 Regular meetings are held on the campus on the which aims to keep the Catholic students in spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and social contact with their church. The Club at Northern is an affiliate of the national Newman Club Federation, which is a part of the National Catholic Welfare Council. gatherings- third Tuesday of each month. The Newman Club sponsors Sunday suppers, communion breakfasts, an annual retreat, and other religious and social Front Row: Frank Lucci, F. Barth Richards, Dave Gallinetti, Ed Lubamersky, Patrick Wood, Charles McGee. Second How: Marilyn Simmons, Stephanie Rubin de la Borbolla, lean Boyer, Katherine Olson, Yvonne Iacques, Ianice Tibor, Marlene Badini, Mary Beyers, Peggy DeCook, Rosalie Owens. Nancy McDonnell, Kenny Heim, Marvin Federighe, Don Balzarini, William Rodman, Bob Maisonneuve, George Parolini. Clem Ginaras, Iohn Erm, Robert Hulsizer, Adam Marvar, K. David Hlffl. The Wesley Foundation, as a part of the Methodist Student Movement, has as its objectives to deepen Chris- tian iaith, provide warmth of Christian fellowship, promote religion in higher education, and develop a sense of world Christian community. The Wesley Foundation has as its activities the annual Christmas faculty tea, and this year the group sponsored a Sock Hop. A delegation was sent to the winter conference at Albion College. During the summer officers attended the Student Leadership Training Con- ference and in the Spring a group attended the Michigan Interdenominational Christian Convocation. Speakers, panels and discussions were held at meetings. The Wes- ley Foundation offers students wholesome activity and strives to provide a "home away from home" for its members. President-Dottie Clase Wesley Foundation ' ' Y it Front Row, left to right: Marlene Seidl, LeRoy Murley, Dottie Crase, Rev. Cargo, Mr. Nelson, Geraldine Sundelius, Phyllis Talbot. Second Row: Sandy MacLean, Russell Richards. Iohn Ward. Liz Cory, Erwin Richter. Shirley Segerstrom, Mary lane Rodgers, Muriel Galer, Meta Hunt, Nancy Isdebski, Naomi Bodine, Robert Sachs. Third Row: Marmie Peterson, Dor- othy Larson. Nancy Sorenson, Ruth Platzke. Marilyn Sleeman, Mary Orava, Io-Ann Drake, Shigeko Nishihara, Shirley Hampton, Les Peterson. 123 Front Row, left to right: Carolyn Brightsman, Louise Hall, Rev. Homer D. Mitchell, Helen Iohns, Elenore Gieser. Second Row Ioi Chun Kim, Mr. L. Gant, Mrs. Gant. Ki Seuck Ryong. Nielsen Locke. C.: .' 1 iq f nnnee .ss President-Niel Locke Westminster Fellowship The Westminster Fellowship is a Presbyterian Youth Group organized for the purpose of promoting Christian fellowship among its members. Meetings are held each Sunday evening in the Church social room which are open to all interested persons. The Sunday night sessions are taken up with bus- iness, study, recreation, and an informal meal prepared by members. Educational speakers have been invited to the meetings whose talks have been enjoyed by members of Westminster. During the past year much attention has been devoted to a special study series concerning the topic "Integrating Religion into Your Work". 124 Sororities Fraternities The gregariousness of man has forced him to seek a companionship that is more in- timate than the normal contact with society. Such friendship is formed by common interests in the fraternities and sororities of colleges and universities. The reminiscent years thrive on memories of these youthful school-day friends. 126 vu ,.v an--' p ' 'ffl r. . ' ' 1855, 'if 1 A 1 i 1 u I V . t,t ' I' , l T i 1.4 .w . wt,- Fi wack: 5 .-.., -ggusuni and Wllf LM' S0104 j -1' .,f,'.w-x-.. " f -4 , , . . f ""Tf"V'2 ' ,453 .. . -1 -'PQEZ " ,gif -:E: i:TJ"'f fif- -f Q- - .-ah 1s41+.L:f..+, m f-'F wr .1 .- 7' - 4 :Agp 3.11912 i.E".f"' 25,5 -7-4gu'fEUr, r.g,'i"":.- .Az-fL'1's igrlp flag? -F" '.w':1, '- -:.f'5::-l Y'1'2:4,1 CHE: ' , xii, 1iL5,','1'51 3 im D i 'W fi. A hirf- - 1 ., "fx-'.,-'JK - E , ,v -lx ,M gs l L if Qi QQCZTS to COITLQ M78 P011 QI' NVQ!! eatlz thy Wye walfs, 127 Beta Omega Tau Sorority ,, Ts-Y'M'+-fa.. Z Front Row: Mary Cybulski. IoAnn Greig, Nancy Neisius. Ioanne Becker, Dayle Graves, Lois Iones, Janice Gibson, Nancy Sorenson, Iune l-Iolmquist. Second Row: Ioan Probstfeld, Iean Boyer, Carol Corn. Shirlee Seppala, Phyllis Talbot, Greta Anderson, Ioie Townsend, Marilyn Faull, Dorothy Larson, Mary Lou Anderson, Mary Beyers. Back Row: Marie Godell, Carolee Oas. Dorothy Slosson, Betty Vallier, Barbara Nelson, Gayle Starkey. The members of the Beta Omega Tau Sorority, founded in 1923, aim for the qualities ot sincerity, loyalty, reliability, and understanding. With an increased mem- bership this year the Betas enjoyed a full and active social calendar. A candlelight initiation, followed by rushing parties, began the year's activities for the Betas. Their rushing parties, the annual Smorgasbord and a Beta Round-Up, yllilllqiify f it ' 4' A were enjoyed by the many who attended. The Betas joined ' 1 with the other sororities in the Ianuary Tri-Sorority Dance T g ,zu :" lb 5 but, for the first time, they had their own spring dinner V ' dance. The Beta Bunyan Ball was their contribution to y gf Northern's social calendar. Their annual Mother's Day T Teas completed the year for the Betas. if , Nancy Neisius-President 1 2 8 FH-vF'1ff2i., r' ' ... ,. V.. , M - .X ' 5 1- X -, ' -: : J IN'-Q -A X ' rg 1 , Sf V4 , lazy, ,ll l I N, .---nt . ,M 1' ,V 1 Front How: Mary Ann Watson, Marilyn Sleeman. Noblet. Emma Dorow. Rosamond Peterson, Arlene Simmons, Lydia Banach, Doreen Andary, Sandra Segerstrom, Elizabeth Cory, Ioyce Bryers, Nancy Caryl Olson, Nancy Koski, Ioan Adamson. ,fl Carol Malila. Shirley Hampton, Marilyn VanDeWeqhne, Cathy Nesberg. Second Row: Susan Griswold, Naomi Bodine, Mary Ann Gendzwill, Barbara Brawley, Ann Saunders, Mary Hayes, Shirley Kuisti. Back Row: Rosemary Peterson. Mary Tuch, Helen Felt, Beta bird? 415 Beta birthday! Beta boosters! :si 1 9'-ic EM Beta ballad. ef I . Betas? X W c 129 'Cegmer Seg Sorority ri ll if fl -I 5 l I Front Row: Nancy Ostman, Yvonne Iacques, Marmie Petersen. Gloria Maki, Kathy Olson. Ianet Messenger. Back Row Betty Superko, Ieanette Fosmo, Mary Ann Pirhonen, Sandy Dyer, Anita Walsh, Pat Marley, Bev Dean, Marina Hooper, Ellen Hakala if at at it 5.4 45. Y, W -'.1. -' ' if . ' ,' i UU -gp- l f Q r , .. . 'I XV- ,iv ' i. Y .lg T I r.. . ,.. T.: The principal aim of the Cegmer Seg Sorority has always been the promotion of sisterhood among Northern women. The segs have been on campus since April of 1923. Another full year of social activities was enjoyed by the Segs this year. After a solemn candlelight initiation the Segs moved into their fall rushing program. Their two rushing parties were a Barbecue and a Candy Tea. In Ianuary they participated in the Tri-Sorority Dance, Pink Paradise. The Segs' spring social calendar included an- other formal dance and a picnic. Their contribution to the social life of the school was their annual Waterfront Cafe. Yvonne Iacques-President 1 3 0 lt 'S t .TW Pretty smile ,,. ,,g' , ' U Q . ,,.v Z. lff' . M 1.15 Christmas goodies Engaqed Look . Tl, X Seg Beauties Helen pledging R'- ., v .- Umm, taste good? 1' I . All set! Jeanette becomes a member s i 1 7-I' Marmie Peterson, Kathy Olson. Pat Marley, Gloria Maki. Ellen Hakala. Bev Dean, Mary Ann Pirhonen. Yvonne Iacques, Susie Brungraber. Delta Sigma Nu Sorority E Front Row: Sue Gollinger, Norine Cleary. Terry Fisher. Donna Iensen, Phyllis Porter, Doris Tormala, Ruth Platzke Betty Hockin. Second Row: Irma Maki, Ioan Freeman. Sylvia Vedin, Ioan Maki, Mary Lou Brumm, Ianice Tibor Pat Shanley. Arlene Iarvis. Elenore Geiser. Back Row: Betty Beyers, Laverne Simonen, Helen Owens. Shirley Mattson Lois Lee. loan Lindholm-President The Delta Sigma Nu Sorority, the oldest sorority on campus. enjoyed another successful year with a full social calendar that also promoted their aim of friendly sisterhood. Their Back-to-School Dance with a special floor- show at intermission started the sorority activities for the year and was enjoyed by the entire student body. Rushing parties-an informal Scotch party and a Birthday Party- took up the fall season and were greatly enjoyed by all who participated. Their Christmas Dinner Dance, Silver Bells, was a huge success. A caroling party and an out- door tun party made up the winter social program. The Delta's 32nd Birthday Party, the Spring Dinner Dance, and the annual sorority picnic rounded out the year's activities. 132 it A in Sisiemoo creases HMM Are you afraid?????? in ll 5 r I I ' 2 I 1 I , . , t ' I Gienac- and New Banner among the beauties I 1 ,.v- -ajn-. ,r y i ff: ty il, 1 'I 15 Front Row: Iane W Row: Janice Aho, Badini. Back How: it hitton, Nancy Gothe, Io-Ann Drake, Karen Jamison, Stephanie Rubin, Mary Ann Biscomb. Marcia Belmas, Nancy Ruottinen, Dottie Crase, Betty McNaughton, Shirley Bonevelle, Ianice Wagner, Betty Pynnonen, Mrs. Wilmer, Marcia Hicks, Ioan Lindohm. , 415 71 Second Marlene xv V if . ,:, !5f:.f s i - Egwnl ' Mi "',i1?' ,V . - V ' ' 55' lf - . . ' ' "1 -Q H I . r li" ' :rm s w is? L ',. ' . ' :ning .1 rss- V 1 . - V - . ttf: H 64' ' . ,Q - is-H ' I 54 t Vi l ' "- f M -A 'xl' K' - 'g .J ' gr . " 2 is ia' ff. All id r H- .,mf 'af S. it it Q V ., ,Q A L ,AL Front Row: Mrs. Gant, Mary Ann Hoffman, Toni Wilson, Pat Niemi, Clarice Woods, Mrs. Plough, Shigeko Nishihara, Carol Rasmussen. Second Row: Theresa Linder, Hosalee Owens, Dorothy Schwalenberg. Shirley Strom, Beatrice Nordin, Helen Andrews, Violet McLaughlin, Doris Falardeau, Shirley Vedin, Ianice Hoffman. At Window: Delores Costantino, Gayle Swanson, Elaine Block, Bernice McNeely. Gamma Phi Alpha Sorority This year the Gamma Phi Alpha Sorority, whose objec- tives have always been high scholastic standards, friendliness, to all students, and the furthering of Northern's interests, cele- brated their twenty-seventh year on campus. an ' Participation in Homecoming, particularly their Corona- H f tion Ball, began the year's activities for the Gammas, Two rush- i f" A 1529 ing parties, a Hunting Party and a Backwards Party, were .3 , ,J 4 preliminaries to the pledging season. The Tri-Sorority Dance f it , ' w if ' Pink Paradise was held in Ianuary and enjoyed by all. A ' 3 l 9 candlelight initiation welcomed the new members who joined it ' P P in the Gammas annual springtime activities-another formal 1' dance and a sorority picnic. Mary Ann Hoffman-President 1 3 4- Enler - Royalty Formal Dress??? Everyone feels cz little backwards. 351. 9 Fall-cleaning lor homecoming. 11 Big Three Conference. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity Iota Chi Chapter N r LXJ, Front Row: Walter Dabeck, Mr. Wahtera, Palmer Swanson, Al Dufour, Iohn Slapp, Tom Kee, Iay Bates. Second Row LeRoy Murley, Gene Beaudoin, Ierxy Odlund, Charles Westen, Iack Channing, Ierome Waldron, Robert Maisonneuve, Iames Thomas Blaine Racine, Doug Moreau, Paul Muorenmaa, Charles McGee, David Westlund, Kenneth Heim. 44' Al Dufour-President The Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, was founded in 1925 at LaFayette College. The'Iota Chi Chapter of N.M.C.E. became a member of the national fraternity in 1951. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the scout oath and law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity. At Northern, Alpha Phi Omega performs such services as assisting the administration during freshman orientation week, preparing the homecoming bonfire, sponsoring the annual Christmas dance, serving as guides and ushers at many of the school functions, and helping to judge the district Boy Scout Klondike Derby. This year we also assisted in promoting the Gilbert L. Brown Memorial fund, an activity we expect to con- tinue in future years. 136 Front Row: Dick Hengesh, Mr. PGUFUIUH, Icy Bates, Icrck Clark. Iohn Slapp. Tom Kee, David Gcrllinetti. Second Row: David Pepin. Harry Rajcrlu, Terry Tibor. luck Ardvin. Leif Lindblom. lim Brusoe, Tom Lcr Londe. Walter Dcrbeck. K.P. amy. Do you hereby swear . . . The Wheel. Money, money, money! 137 You made xt. Krcrge. Eight in cx row Cutting ccxk-ers. Theta Omicron Rho Fraternity First Row: Dave Mahowald, Ken Ericson, Iohn Henderson, lack Chown, lack Elchroth, Marvin Federighe. Second Row Allen Reynolds, Malcolm Iohnston, Iames Lombard. Don Hooper, Ronald Patron, Mark La Bonte, Don Balzarini, Iohn Pontu lack Chown-President The Theta Omicron Rho Fraternity, the oldest organiza- tion on Northern's campus, was founded in 1914 for the purpose of promoting the intellectual, moral, and social standards of its members. The large fraternity house offers ample opportunity for the Thetas to get better acquainted and join together in many and varied social gatherings. The Theta Turkey Trot is an annual affair and other big events included the Christmas formal and a Spring Dinner Dance. Bowling, tennis and volleyball, and ping-pong are regular activities at the house and the Thetas were also active participants in the college intramural program. 138 V .1 .H , A'-A A 1 i .1 asa f Q vii Front Row: Tom Peters, Erwood Slade, Roy McCollom, Cornelius Sochay, Sandy MacLean, Lou Myetski. Second Row: Iohn Healy, Frank Lucci, Gil Canale, Bill Hatch, Bob Savera, Bill Pearson, Tom Cook, Edwin Iohnson, Mel Vaara, Marvin Tollefson. Tri Mu Fraternity Tri Mu Fraternity, organized in 1922, has long promoted high physical, social, intellectual, and moral standards among its members. The fraternity house has aided in the development of a strong iraternal spirit among the Tri Mu members. Tri Mu contributions to Northern's social calendar were their Halloween Masquerade Party and their biennial stage production, "Brite Liles," the big event on campus for the spring semester. A dinner dance and many smaller social gatherings at the house were also part of the Tri Mu program. Active partic- ipation in intramural sports was enjoyed by many Tri Mu's. Xl . as Q .x .gy K' ' 'VH . , 5 'ff 'gneffe Cornelius Sochay-President 1 4 0 Yiifah' X . Nosing?? A 5, 4 ? W4 -- - 32' A 'v ' . I . 1, .fl ii I Q ifffw.-. "N F , , wg :Fr V ' mn. , "?.,f- Q Ny M B 21' Homecoming ur earts will pleclge renewecl clevotzon n allowecl memory of tlzy lzalls Faculty and students alike drop the semi- formal attitude of college life and plunge into the happy confusion of Homecoming. A better understanding of college functions and the people who make it function evolve from the common interests and close relations of cam- pus royalty elections, parades, pep rallies and dances. 142 11: ,. 191 - 39-111 may FA 'z E H 1 ?1'U 1' , H' . ' ,11 1 5 1 , , if 3.. , V . , 1' 11 .. jf!! Ai '11 . A ,, .- Y. 'V I 1-'I " 41 .1-4 V 2 . 4 fn Y-- E"W 1 1 1 .4 .113 .4 34,1 15-11-:Brix f W , .. . ':'.?Ar,1:,1'f'' "L, ' , ',","11 by '11v.Ni'. -.-ff. 'Jlnfflaf 1311 '-."f+'fW"' , ': 1 .- Y. , ,. 1 1 . 1.2, Q" 1 ,J 1 ,. ' ,. -1, ar. 1 1 f 'I f','-fF9lG'11?-5"' ' . - .1 1' -0 1 1 1 1 1i, gl , , , 1 1 ' . ...t. . Y . . 1 E ,-, ,f.Qf."111?:: 1' "Vie ' T " 'Q 'nr L -1 11121-f ' ffrf ' 5 If '51, .1'Zffi'?i'? 1 -1,1 T 11,1L:11':jM"- E' 'Nwfli gf'-P531 4-4 , . 313- W L.:'5',- zz' -1. 211' Q31 J f 111.1 Q! U r s!-u f.1 wf1 1 . .gf Y Y. 11, , 9 .L I -': 2' 1'1'.-21. ,-.2 QQ! 1, 1 V ' , 1g,,,,, ,. ,,f:,-.c,g1-41 . j.2'i"-.?fw.'1,r',' V A -:f f-f 1'-I-' 1 eh, ,B4l i fi Trfif-ff, ' 42 - . , I, 1.1 N , ' .31 1 1, , .. ,, .... . ng , ::,g 1 1 . Q . gf ., X , 2,?1.1U11 4' I ., 5' I bm 1 ' W! E 1 r 1 1 g 11 I 3 Q? 1 Q Q 1' , F ggi n 55323 1 'Biz L Vg' 1 1 f 1 I 4 A 2.1 5 -I 55: 1 15211 ,Q A: 47 :tgagi I ,I U :jg K . 1 V K, ' , 1 Mfg. 1 J., ,-, ,.g,1 3' 1 ogg 'U N 1' 'Tf I' '11K1.1-413: +11 1 -1 M, r..g 11 :A - 1 fig , 15153 5 -- E '.gif11"1'5'umS'iY"1'fj3 ' 1, M' +1 1. - 1 , r,- 'Y 1 ' ' W Y,,QiT"' . W W A-. 11 ., - 13151. il' LAM? - 5QL,I'Ef'Y17." 1 -if 1- -1 1? 'Q pil-, , 1 ,gf:?'4' fu M i' -11:1-.1 '1' 1.2955 ' F 51351-.f1:1"?, ' w,111'.'-'f' ' vi' -'51 1 U":"'l"i' ""'1m'?1"-a-' V 1 111.-,, 131 .. M,-.Ir 1-1:-1621, yyy- 11 , M," 31 -1' ,L rjqr if , NN 1' '1' 11' Y.. Y . .Fa J? if 1""l'-:wi 1' 4 1 '- ' g?fF?,',':-fins Q, 5 Xu. A1332 ,il"E., 23- 1 'i"'.1'iv ,1 1 1- 11 15 ' Q' Fiwalf-' 'V ' 55 5'-if 1 l' 'l f 5 .j1., 1 1- f 3 '. A A2,.,,,V1 it 13- 11 1.3 1 1 1-','1f"1 M M , MZ' 1 ,wzrgrg N 1 . QW :Z i A A -L lfLlfVLPlfLf5 , . V- ! i JW-L L, ' 144 L L X 4 W I N Nj A0115 gd, OV8 ska - , 1 my A J ' -at I .. ,,.,,,.,,,- ' ,Q X 1,1 LK I 35 5 4 512 :,, :-5 1 1 W b 'x N. fps C. Triumph Our coach. It gives us great pleasure ..... Our cczptcxm. Muggs. X., J lv, Rah! ,f T, QI XE x xxx ffff X53 743' Q.. E ,A'..i . EE? Tec '? Rcxh ! Rah! EC v 'kj' " I 3' N Dxtto ' Dltiol ,f-4 MQW K: Aartila, Richard, 39, 92 Adams, Robert, 96 Adamson, Ioan, 30, 96, 129 Aho, Ianice, 2, 112, 133 Aikala Bob, 26, 68 121 Alanko, Marion, B8 Andary, Doreen, 32, 96, 122. Anderson, Beverly, 106 Anderson, Greta, 106, 128 Anderson Mary Louise, 106, 128 Anderson, William, 96 Andrew, Richard, 96 Andrews, Helen, 106, 134 Anglim, Adrian, 41, 85, 93, 112 Angus Carol, 96, 120 Anttila Esther, 24, 30, 40 68 Ardvin lack, 96, 137 Arenz. Iohn, 68 Arndt, Maxine, 96 129 Arvo, Gary, 34, 112 Badini, Marlene. 96, 122, 133 Balzarini, Don, 31, 43, 68, 122, 138 Banach Lydia 96, 122, 129 Banks, Reynold, 32, 85 Bartels, Charles, 38 Bartol, Iudith, 68 Bates, Iay, 43, 106, 136, 137 Beadle, Mervin, 34, 112 Beaudin, William, 96, 106 Beaudoin. Louis, 31, 43, 136 Becker, Ioanne, 27, 38, 42, 46, 112, 128 Belanger, Ernest, 31, 106 Belger, David, 31, 34, 41, 80, 83, 93, 106,141 Bellinger, Anna, 37, 68 Belmas, Marcia, 121, 133 Beltrame, Lawrence. 35, 68 Benaglio, Martha, 53 Benson, Donna, 112 Bentley, Roy, 34, 80, 84, 93, 106, 141 Bergeron, Norman, 96 Bergstrom, Kathleen, 42, 68, 121 Beyers, Elizabeth, 106, 122, 132 Beyers, Lorry, 112, 122, 139 Beyers, Mary, 33, 106, 122, 128 Bietala, lacob, 106 Biscomb, Mary Ann, 96, 133 Block, Elaine, 25, 40, 112, 134 Boase, Thomas, 96 Boden. Ioseph, 69 Bodi, Peter, 50, 112, 120 Bodine, Naomi, 33, 96, 120. 129 Boqarin, Russell, 46, 83, 89, 91 Bolin, Arnold, 69 Boneville, Shirley, 46, 47 96 122, 133 Boyer, lean, 28, 106, 122, 128 Branstrom, Eugene 97, 141 Brawley, Barbara, 97, 129 Briqhtsman, Carolyn, 33, 106, 124 Brumm, Mary Lou, 33, 36.39, 106, 121, 133 Brunqraber, Susanne, 33, 77 131 Brusoe. Iames, 97, 137 Bryers, loyce, 27, 29, 34, 47, 97, 129 Bucklin, Robert, 97 Bullerdick, Robert, 27, 97 Burns, Tina, 24, 112 Calm, Iohn, 47, 89 Campbell, Iudith, 106 I DEX Canale, Gildo, 34, 41, 80, 82, 93, 112. Carlson Carolyn, 97, 121 Carlson lean, 107 Carlson Gilbert, 69 Carlson, Kenneth. 86 Carlson Shirley, 97 Carlstrom, Dell, 97 Caron, Lawrence, 25, 69 Channing, Iohn, 31, 34, 136 Charron, Helen, 97, 122 Charter, Anne, 121 Chown, Iohn, 69, 138 Christianson, Mary, 97 Clark, lack, 41, 46, 50, 89, 90, 93, 112 Cleary, Norine 5, 43, 107, 122, 132 Cleven, lane, 53 Closser. Martha, 47 Collins, Ioy, 42, 43, 107 Collins, Arthur, 77 Collins, Iohn, 86 Constantini, William, 134 Consul, Jacqueline, 29, 107 1 Cook, Tom, 25, 34, 41, 89, 90, 112, 140 Cope, Robert, 97 Corhiel, Ioseph, 41, 84, 93, 97 Corcoran, Margaret, 43, 76 Corn, Carol, 107, 122, 128 Cory, Elizabeth, 5, 29, 47, 97, 123, 129 Constantino, Delores, 30, 97 Courtney, Mary, 97 Cox, Iames, 107 Crase, Dorothy, 50, 107, 121, 123, 133 Cuculi, Dale, 97 Culver, Harry, 97 Cybulslci, Mary, 38, 43, 122, 128 Dabeck, Walter, 27, 69, 136, 137 Dahlquist, Vern, 107 Danielson, Madge, 97 Davis, Dorothy, 29, 31. 50, 112, 122 Davison William, 139 Dean, Beverly, 130, 131 DeCelle, Francis, 98, 139 DeCook, Margaret, 107, 122 DeGayner, Eugene, 70, 80 DeGayner, Mary, 70 DeHut, Ioan, 107 Dellangelo, Eugene, 31 Delmet, Iames, 70 DeMille, Robert, 98, 141 Deschaine, William, 107 Detroit, Merrill, 27, 32 Dianda, Robert, 26, 70 Dittrich, Rose, 121 Doig, David, 70 Dorrow, Emma, 98, 129 Doubek, Dennis, 98 Drake, Io-Ann, 25, 123, 133 DuBord, Barbara, 70 Dufour, Alfred, 27, 43, 77, 136 Dyer, Sandra, 25, 112, 130 Easley, Ruth, 53 Ebli, Maxine, 47, 70, 122 Ehman, Hildegarde, 98 Elchroth, lack, 98. 138 Engle, Iames, 34 Enwright, Glenn, 98 Erickson, Marge, 98 Ericson, Kenneth, 98, 138 Erm, Iohn, 26, 112, 122 Ertel, Evelyn, 28, 98 140 122, 137 Faccio John, 41, 80, 85, 93 Falardeau, Doris, 134 Farwell, Clara, 29 Faull, Jeanette, 107. 128 Federighe, Marvin, 98, 122, 138 Felt, Helen, 129 Findley Peter, 31, 197, 139 Fisher, Shirley, 52, 70, 132 Fisher, Thomas, 80, 113 Flanlqan, Patrick, 113 Flannery, Barbara, 24, 30, 113 Fletcher, Harvey, 31, 34, 41, 86, 89, 91, 93, 107, 141 Fochesato, Victor, 80, 85. 93 Fosmo, Jeanette, 107, 130 Frantti, Mary. 24, 107 Freeman, Joan, 43, 71, 132 Fuller, James, 47, 50, 107, 139 Gaboury, Roger, 98 Galer, Muriel, 107, 123 Gallinetti, David, 34, 41, 80, 82, 113, 122, 137 Gallmore, Alyce, 29, 37, 98, 121 Gauthier. Andrew, 31 Geigel, Ann, 98, 122 Gendzwill, Sandra, 43, 98, 129 Ghiardi, Eugenia, 113 Giachino, Joseph, 98, 122 Gibson, Janice. 28, 43, 46, 108, 128 Giesen, Donald, 28, 113, 122 Gieser, Elenore, 108 124, 132 Gingras, Glem, 108, 122, 137 Gingrass, Paul, 46, 84 Giovannini, John. 39, 47 Godell, Lydia, 109, 121, 128 Gollinger, Suzette, 46, 108, 132 Goodney, Albert, 98, 139 Gothe. Nancy, 98, 133 Granskog, Dorothy, 24, 29, 71, 121 Graves, Dayle, 33, 88, 113, 128 Greig, JoAnn, 46, 108, 128 Griffin, Ethelyn, 71 Griswold. Susan, 43, 129 Guelff, Michael, 26 Guilland, Marjorie, 42, 47, 108 Gustafson, Marilyn, 53 Hackinson, Robert. 98 Hakala, Ellen, 25, 108. 130, 131 Hall, Mary. 24, 30, 71, 124 Halvas, Earl, 98, 121 Hamlin, Herbert, 113 Hamlin, Joyce, 108 Hampton, Shirley, 99, 123, 129 Hansen, Thora, 99 Harju, Charles, 77, 113 Harju, Joanne, 108, 121 Hartbarger, Cory, 46, 82 Hatch, William, 43, 140 Hayes, Mary Ethel, 129 Hayes, Robert, 99 Healy, lohn, 43, 113, 122, 140 Heidemann, Roberta. 99 I-leim, Kenneth, 31, 108, 122, 136 Heinonen, Thomas, 113 Helgren, Robert, 71 Henderson, John, 108, 138 Hengesh, Richard, 99, 122, 137 Hermann, Russell, 26, 113 Hescott, Ronald, 108 Hicks, James, 31, 99 Hicks, Marcia, 5, 36, 40, 113, 133 Hill, Betty, 53 Him, James, 80 Him, Keith, 99, 122 Hockin. Betty, 71, 132 Hoffman. Hoffman, Hoffman, John, 71 Janice, 43, 99, 134 Mary Ann, 43, 134 Holmgren, Edgar, 40, 71 Holmquist, June, 28, 108, 128 Hon, Donald, 40, 77 Hongisto, Robert, 83, 99 Hooper, Donald, 138 Hooper, Marina, 33, 47, 108, 122, 130 Huebner, Thomas, 99, 121 Hulsizer, Robert, 99, 122 Hunt, Meta, 27, 43, 47, 99, 123 lsdebski. Nancy, 99, 123 Jacobson, James, 43 Jacques, Jamison, Yvonne, 108, 122, 130. 131 Karen, 28, 30, 43, 88, 99, 133 Jarvis, Arlene, 25, 30, 50, 108, 121, 132 Jensen, Donna, 4, 43, 72, 132 Jodocy, Louise, 42, 72 Johenson, Lorna, 27, 108 Johns, Helen, 42, 124 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnston, Jones. Lo Edward, 139 Edwin, 32, 140 Marilyn, 77 Mary Ellen, 72 Ronald, 34, 41, 84, 113, 121 Roy L., 99 Malcom, 99, 138 is, 28, 43, 88, 108, 128 Kaarre, Helen, 121 Kalk, Ronald, 37, 141 Kane, James, 108, 139 Kangas. Lillian, 10 9 Kauppila, Celia, 99 Kee, David, 27, 136, 137 Kelly, Robert, 109 Keranen, Melvin, 113, 139 Kettunen, Henry, 99 Kielinen, Kenneth, 99 Kim, Jai, 124 Kinnunen, Jerry, 84 Kisabeth. Jean, 53 Kjellberg, David, 99 Klasell, Tom, 100 Knowles, Edward, 100 Kobasic, Anthony, 77 Kaivu, Merle, 53 Kopenski, Martin, 27 Koski. Nancy, 28, 100, 129 Koski, Ronald, 26, 109, 121 Krage, John, 83, 86 Kreiq, James, 109 Kress, Larry, 84, 93 Kuisti, Nancy, 129 Kunan, Martin, 100 Kyto, Melvin, 100 LaBonte, LaBonte, F. Mark, 138 Richard, 100 LaFountain, Joan, 53 LaFountain, Tom, 109 LaLonde, Torn,'27, 100, 137 Lampinen, Richard, 34, 86, 100 Landre, Robert, 100 Lane, Duane, 85, 109 Larson, Dorothy, 36, 37, 47, 109, 123, 128 Lasak, Iames, 86 Laurion, Francis, 83, 100 Layne, William, 100 Lee, Iames, 28, 122 Lee, Lois, 33, 132 Leppanen, Irma, 25, 40, 113 Leppiaho, Iohn, 34, 84, 121, 141 LeVernois, Earle, 36, 113 Lindblom, Leii, 100 121, 137 Myelski, Louis, 73, 83, 140 Myers, Marilyn, 25, 39, 46, 47, 88 101 Mykkanen, Olga, 29, 30, 121 Naser, Gretchen, 53 Neisius, Nancy, 36, 40, 46, 73, 122, 128 Nelson, Barbara, 128 Nelson, Ioanne, 101, 121 Nelson, Siqurd, 102 Nesberg, Arlene, 102, 121, 129 Niemi, Patricia, 47, 114, 134 Linder, Theresa, 100, 122, 134 Lindholm, Ioan, 35, 40, 72, 100, 133 Lindstrom, Ralph, 31 Linstrom, Theodore, 100, 120 Lippens, Rene, 100 Niemi, Robert, 102 Nishihars, Shigeko, 36, 38, 40, 114, 123 Noblet, Catherine. 102, 129 Nordin, Beatrice, 102, 120, 134 Nordin, David, 114 Nordin, Douglas, 5, 35, 73, 120 Locke, Nielsen, 27, 100, 124 Lombard, Iames, 100, 138 Long, Donna, 77 Lubarnersky, Edward, 36, 41, 50, 51, 80. 83, 89, 92. 93, 109, 122 Lucci, Frank. 113, 122, 140 Luke, Mary Ann, 27, 36, 46, 100 Luoma, Gary, 100 Lutey, Richard, 101, 139 Lynch, Sally, 53 McCollom, Margaret, 36, 37, 101 McDonnell, Nancy, 35, 72, 122 McGee, Charles, 31, 46, 109, 122, 136 McGowan, lane, 53, 101 McLaughlin, Violet, 24, 72, 134 McLean, Darlene, 53 MacLean, Lowe, 35, 40, 80, 83, 91, 113, 123, 140 McNaughton, Betty, 24, 101, 121, 133 McNeely, Bernice, 109, 134 Magnuson, Ann, 101, 121 Mahowald, David, 109, 138 Mai, Mary, 101 Maisonneuve, Robert, 101, 122, 136 Major, Iohn, 47. 72 Maki. Gloria, 109, 130, 131 Maki, Irma, 25, 38, 43, 88, 114, 121, 132 Maki, Ioan, 40, 114, 132 Malet, David, 101 Malila, Carol, 43. 47. 101, 121, 129 Mannisto, Eleanor, 101, 121 Marinelli, Arthur, 101 Marley, Patricia, 47, 109, 122, 130, 131 Marshalek, Bert, 77 Martell, Iohn, 85 Martin, Roberta, 109 Marvar, Adam, 101, 122 Maslowski, Iames, 86 Mattson, Franklin, 101, 114 Mattson, Shirley, 32, 40, 132 Medlyn, Barbara, 109 Messenger, Ianet, 37, 109, 130 Meyers, Iohn, 26. 73 Mileski, Pauline, 101 Nordine, Ruth, 50, 109, 121 Nordling, Donald, 102, 121 Nystrom, Robert, 86, 89, 91 Nystrom, Wayne, 73, 90 Oas, Carolee, 114, 128 Odlund, Gerald, 31, 102, 136 Ogren, Iohn, 32, 40, 74, 121 Olsen, Caryl, 102, 121, 129 Olsen, Gary, Z7 Olson, Doris, 53 Olsen, Iudith, 33, 114 Olson, Katherine, 28, 102, 122, 130, 131 Orava, Mary, 24, 29, 109 Ostanelc, Sylvia, 33, 40, 114 Osterhout, lean, 102 Ostman, Nancy, 119, 130 Owens, Helen, 74, 132 Owens, Rosalie, 28. 132 Pallas, Tom, 102 Palomaki, Ellen, 53 Palomaki. Ruth, 102 Pacquet, Vernon, 102 Papin, Charles, 73 Paquette, Anna 53 Paquette, Donald, 110 Paris, Glenda, 39, 110 Parkkonen, Eugene, 114 Parolini, Burt, 26 Parolini, George, 110, 122 Patron, Ronald, 74, 138 Paull, Beverly, 53 Paulson, Edward, 102 Pearson, Charles, 46, 74, 121, 140 Pedo, Robert, 102 Peltier, Ron, 34, 89, 92, 141 Pepin, David, 102, 137 Pepin, Paul, 102 Peterrnann, Pauline, 114 Peters, Robert, 34, 40, 46, 74, 80, 140 Miller, Eugene, 34, 41, 80, 86 Mincolf Maryanne, 109 Minzey, Iulia, 114 Miron, Claude, 85, 101 Mlnar, Paul, 26, 73 Momiyama, Augustine, 116 Monck, Robert, 31, 34, 41, 80, 85, 93, 114 Moreau, Douglas, 136 Morrisette Maxine 114 Morton Lawrence, 32, 101 Mosher, William, 73, 80 Mottes, Gerald, 101 Murley, Le Roy, 73, 123, 136 Murphy, Olive, 29, 45, 47, 50, 109 Mutka, Norman, 32, 101 Petersen, Petersen, Petersen, Lloyd. 139 Margaret, 4, 5, 35, 47, 74, 123, Marjorie, 25. 30, 50, 110 Peterson, loanne, 53 Peterson, Ioan, 53 Peterson, Les, 46. 88, 102, 123 Peterson, Rosamond, 102, 129 Peterson, Rosemary, 129 Peterson, Vivian, 114, 120 Phaneuf, Daniel, 102 Pirhonen, Mary. 30, 40, 114, 121, 130, 1 Platzke, Ruth. 33, 110, 121, 123, 132 Pontti, Donald, 103, 138 Porter, Phyllis, 40, 75, 132 Probstield, Ioan, 25, 110, 122, 128 Pynnonen, Betty, 35, 74, 133 , 134 1 31 Raab, Maxine, 114 Racine, Blaine, 24, 47, 103, 136 Raish, George, 139 Rajala, Harry 80, 114. 121, 137 Rasmussen, Carol, 134 Reavie. Kay, 43, 114 Redman, Ion, 82 Revello, Roland, 110 Revord. Patricia, 103 Reynolds, Allan, 103, 138 Rice, Mary, 75 Richards, Francis, 26, 115, 122, 139 Richards, Russell, 34, 83, 89, 92, 115, 1 Richel, Annette, 103 Richel, Philip, 32, 75 Richter, Erwin, 115, 123 Rittenhouse, Donald, 103 Roberts, Paul, 115 Robichaud, Robert, 26 Rodgers, Mary, 23 Rodman, William, 32, 103, 122 Rose, Theresa, 27, 75 Rubin, 47, 103. 122, 133 Ruohomaki, Leslie, 110 Ruottinen, 5, 115, 121, 133 Rutila, LaVonne, 103, 121 Ryanq, Ki Souck, 32, 124 Saari, Raymond, 80, 110, 139 Saastamoinen, Henry, 36, 37, 50, 121 Sachs. Robert, 4, 5, 115, 123 Sackett, Keith, 102 Salemi. Zita, 50, 51, 75 Salminen, Lucy, 115 Sanreqret, Marian, 103 Santinxore, Ioan, 53 Santimore, Iudith, 53 Sareacu, Ronald, 107 Saunders, Ann, 43, 103, 121, 129 23 Saundri, Ierold, 34. 41, 84, 89, 91, 93, 103 Savera, Robert. 26, 75, 122. 140 Schafer, Claire, 25, 110 Schaefer, Nelie, 27, 33, 110, 121 Schils, Gordon, 103 Schultz, Chester, 103 Schwalenberg, 103. 134 Segerstrom, Shirley, 103, 123, 129 Seidl, Marlene, 27, 36, 110, 123 Semenak, Keith. 115 Seppala, Shirlee, 75, 88, 128 Seppala, Patricia, 115 Seppi. Russell, 110 Shanley, Patricia, 25, 42, 115, 122, 132 Shegina, Frank, 86. 89, 92, 103 Sievers. Gale, 39, 47, 110 Simmons, Marilyn, 33, 122, 129 Simonen. Laverne, 29, 50, 51, 110, 121, 132 Simula, Sharon, 53 Skewes, Iohn, 85 Skewes, Alan, 32, 34, 41, 115 Slade, Erwood, 30, 41, 75, 89, 90, 140 Slapp. lohn, 43, 110, 136, 137 Sleeman, Marylyn, 43, 103, 123, 129 Slick, David, 26, 115 Slosson, Raymond, 128 Smith, George, 31 Smith, Raymond, 32, 40 Smith, Ronald, 115 Sochay, Cornelius, 26, 37, 84, 89, 92, 9 Sorenson, Nancy, 110, 123, 128 Sporalski. Paul, 103 Starkey, Gayle, 33, 115, 128 Stenglein, Ronald, 104 Strom, Shirley, 13-1 Stupka, Daniel, 89, 92, 93. 115 Sullivan, Ioseph, 76 3, l15,122, 140 Sundelius, Geraldine, 38, 40, 123 Superko, Elizabeth, 110, 130 Swanson, Gail, 33, 104, 134 Swanson, Palmer, 115, 121 Swanson, Theodore, 5, 136 Swinglo, Ieanne, 24, 111 Szarenski, Frank, 51, 111 Talbot, Phyllis, 111, 123, 128 Talo, Maurice, 104 Talviiie, Ronald, 115 Tanguay, Alice, 111 Tauses, Dorothy, 39, 53 Tauses, Nancy, 115 Tervo, Paul, 116 Thomas, Iames, 5, 26, 28, 47, 116, 136 Thornton, Thomas, 31, 85 Tibor, Ianice, 30, 40, 47, 116, 122, 132 Tibor Terrence, 116, 122, 137 Tolleison, Marvin, 30, 76, 140 Tomasi, George, 80, 93, 116, 122 Toms, Iudith, 104 Tormala, Doris. 30, 116, 132 Torreano, Barry, 77, 122 Townsend, Iosephine, 24, 38, 76, 88, 128 Treado, Lucille, 34 Treloar, Elizabeth, 52 Trembath, Iohn, 35, 111 Trolla, Mary, 38, 47, 116 Tuch, Mary, 104, 129 Tuominen, Barbara. 33 Tuominen, Carrie, 104, 107 Turkal, Anton, 31 Vaara, Mel, 30, 76, 121, 140 Vallier, Betty, 111, 128 VanDeWeghe, Marilyn, 111, 116, 129 Vedin, Shirley, 35, 51, 116, 134 Vedin, Sylvia, 132 Vertz, Dolores, 5. 24, 30, 76, 120 Villemure, Celeste, 104 Waldron, Ierome, 136 Walsh, Anita, 116, 130 Ward, Iohn, 111, 123 Watson, Marianne 104, 129 Webber, Barbara, 111 Welcher, Sam, 32 Werner, Marlene. 53 Wesa, Pauline, 53 Westen, Brodie, 34, 82, 91, 104, 141 Westen, Charles, 31, 43, 89, 111, 136 Westlund, David, 80, 116, 136 Weston, Myron, 116 Whitmarsh, Ioan 111 Whitton, lane, 104. 133 Wiitala, Harold, 32, 76 Willette, Claude, lll Williams, Viola, 104, 120 Williamson, William, 32. 104, 121 Wilson, Antonette, 72, 134 Wilson. Charles, 43, 104, 139 Wilson, Fritz, 89, 91, 92, 104 Wilson, Warren, 41, 84, 89, 93. 111, 114 Woodard, Arlene, 53, 104 Wood, Patrick, 111, 122 Woods, Clarice, 76, 134 Worth, Mary, 30 Wuorenmaa, Paul, 25, 116, 136 Youngren, Robert, 104 ...f W A L S W 0 R T H,..,r..a A some ny WLLBWOHTH BROTHERS Knusline, lla., U. 8. A. 5 ,. -. - 'ws' . X L - v -.:.:.H .,u. 2..Q. ,. X. . w ,lf " E. 'rf S 'G P 2 9.-1 nf-.1 'N , -fri? -sid.:--J..-:. 2? -V :, - - ,- Y ' ' 'H ' If' J I .Tj . . JL, ' 'I ' -.fig-.L,':,: .'.. ,.f.-. .- ,v .4 .: .. px .I L-,,.L.g.. ,rn , ,- Q. - ., V W... . ,.g':?v".3.g.uh1,',.-"fl-1 4, ' A-W '2 A 4 - , 41...g ,,gj,g-515, .. - 1. , . , .gfffiw 152-:' ,fy-, , 51- 1: , V. ,Y ' ' 4 : ...wif ty . .g,,'y--ag.. -1. ." . 1...-fmw' ,-, ,- 1. 2 .- - 4 ,fx ?r.f1.w1'f-J,-. vr '-f .--L . .w -'1- fg- Q-.?...fg55i9f5 L'!:y5' ' . - ,W .. . -. .. 'i 1 Ig , ,T.'.f.Yw2f.'1:s1,w gniu - -1 ..-'fu-L '"f.w-:'A'fff.t53i:1'-'iff'i . Y ,ffgugfl-Tr' YS " -,..f-'-W." "fl: - ' ' x -4:1 ' ff ,U-. 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Suggestions in the Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI) collection:

Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 26

1955, pg 26

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