Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI)

 - Class of 1953

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Northern Michigan University - Kawbawgam Yearbook (Marquette, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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1 a I S 1 f 1 F 5 Y i I Q I rl -1, 11 "WY "4 'FMA' "4 A1f"fj ' M 1 .. gm., :T'z:1f-af. -- Af.-:gg-f,-,fl-.Liz 3,14 A Agfizg-rf-.,41, -.--444, .., ,4.n L 2 ,WA .. U . , - 22"-'lv M-1 . 4. ' ' - W. .31 V 1.T1f.r-1 U ' A' ' A, ,k,- at . .. Ku' ',X'?Ji5' 'N ' A .-gp, -.T ' . Y . was . ---,4. , . ,, -.Y , , . af..-.L A- A Q MD' I N Q...- a"'. v . . 1 Q . .If v 15' avi. ' r'-, fi- ' Q iii, v -1 rl' -. nw. X . fwm CD NCDRTHERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE OF EDUCATICJN Z .Atl .A 5-asm! ME!!! fliinuiii STRETCH Foreword It has been our purpose, in preparing this yearbook, to present readers with an accurate picture of how Northem lived and breathed during this year. The divider pages carry out this year's theme of "Northern Serves the U.P." Editor-in-Chief ........ Associate Editors ......... Literary Editor .......... Staff .......... Art Editor ........ Staff .......... Layout .......,.. 1953 PENISULAN Staff Peninsulan Staff ..........Ar1ene Keskey Laird Business Manager .......... Faculty Advisors ......... Rollin Thorin Dr. Thomas Lou Armstrong Daily Mining Iournal's Photo Shop Jake Young Walsworth Brothers General Office Staff Northern News Lemon's Studio Acknowledgments Pierce Roberts Ann Sword Vance Fern Aho Lois Fennig Ioan Maki ................Gene Materna fl-Ielen Iune Alfredson Donna Iensen Pat Sincock argaret Peterson Margaret Perrin Ioan Corbett Marjorie Meehan Sally Stack Carol Vanderheiden .............Rudy Kaminen Dr. Shrell Dr. Hilton All those who in any way helped to make this yearbook possible. Table of Contents Page Dedication ................. ,.,,,. 5 President's Message ............... ,,,,,, 6 Faculty and Administration ..,...,.,.,,,...,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,.. 8 Theme Picture: Vital Issues Conference Office' staff ...... ......,..,.,.................,..,,,.... .,,,,, 1 8 Seniors .............,....,..............................................,......,.,... ,.,,,,, 2 U Theme Picture: Iune Commencement, 1952 Iuniors ...,.......,...... Theme Picture Driver Training Sophomores ......V,.,,.. Theme Picture: Science Fair Freshmen ................. Theme Picture ifiiQi'iE,ElI55""""" Departments .........,..,.................................................. Theme Picture' High School Solo Ensemble 5-1-52 Other Activities ..,.....,........................................... Theme Picture High School Debate Music ,,.,.....,........, ..................... P .........,...... .................. . Theme Picture High School Solo Ensemble 3-21-53 Sororities and Fraternities ...,..... Theme Picture: M.E.A. Religious Organizations ,4,......,....,.,,.,t...,,.,.... Theme Picture: Press Conference Sports .............................................................. Theme Picture: Northern's Gridders - ll "Hail Northern A...........,.............,.............. CK and yet there are those that lofve it. It iS...a small college, Daniel Webster Dedication Ever since she came to us, Miss Van Antwerp has been cr symbol of the ideal to students -a memorable person in the lives of all who have known her, as students and as friends. Because we feel that she is a true friend, this book is af- fectionately dedicated to her. my manje ,Mum .fgnfwer -'vvfu - 1r'-f--nf '-'v4,v.'T'3':51"Z"N":4 FS.-' , 'QF 5gp'lYr'f-"1 -"ff-7'w'CY'.j'2' 12-3519939 fx.-"5,.,'S'fn'i. 2.11117 '5'2'bif-312193-,,P:i5 'ar 1:1-591,141 lf-'71 T' ' F"':7P 9' 793, .-1Hv'Qi'kw 'HM -Ph -'V-' ' 'fi 'i5'3'g'q'1i'.'25?ikr?'7f!5-'15f?'.:-5 .rle'-.-xx--ni,-,1f-n-Q.:v.rQ,a:5-,-:Qz-fufdi .v-9,-W -5-ffm:--g.m!1.q1f --'wa-.5-:eg .!f.gS-4411-fag,-P-'f4:'4" - .5ii32:2i-f.'.251g., g,w':ep!w'zrg:-I5'4u!1,2' 1 L ' v g ,-.1 K, I I ll l Qf AD ' 1 q f I 'J N154-zr"!v-"" -'CV'-'1'.r.'-'2'?s5'9'1v'3-'4'Zt9w-3""5"'5'3i12,':"'1" gl:-q":" 57? 'L-' '."':.Li1a cf- -nl M.. " J"-.v:!w 42 I? 'H 'J wird I., 5 ' -- W1- -I-If-If: 1,1 43 lx- s -'721'z5K'z-"7FQ5"4' 1374"5i'5f'1"'?'.5k5-'-f'.i9' ,'1-"7?S""k'9""4?'5i'19Yf5"STA ' PQGB-5'31vif'f'11'?+"f' ' 7"1'55'7if'W'534'f'?34"4'4T-" ' 3132527-14 -'4-"'s"i'5 "Ve:'!1,l4J5'41'Ff,,-'45-5-iifif V -, 9, -may 5 1,34-.,.sg,.4g JL.-,-..,,f,g05.43.J3QQ5-,?'44:rsg.,-gn cg 4. rfqgrkf.-A ... .,Qv..n:,4.. Q91-312-M4331 ,.f-1,41 ggfli-1,3252-1-fo. Ml ..jw,,,fi.1,.,-YQTMQ .0 Jr- ,,- -17,31-9 1.3, up 512:-ceffiflf-if'f'rf1w-wa--::1. .w--.fv-Nw. g1,34-91-fs':sf.-'1':i"fFV?l'?"1f"f7Xf-'E'-'e'FWMM-4. wr- ws!ff1"e."f4i-fW?fw- -l-4-"f4"f5,15fffl'f-5"'-'Er'w4sf'15A"'i'rf-i::'Q,4Ffr-X ' rrrzh-v'1'12h2f3,61u-xv-gf'-if-'S '4.5,'Qc:w:s7.f-'f,'m. A-pe,AQ"Ae1'rlW-.':.'2.Ff:-"5?."1R:"'-'HS3gg'c.ff!uS.'f'e .:'S2w-:47."'fQ-1.15 """gj?f"54'5-591154.-n 'X-1'i'.15'21f-.. Q"4r.Lw"'-15" 4-BS-5f'?e,..! 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V. -A,-. .v"2:'1 Vv.gfe,,Q's' 'gg 54: L" jx'-' . 4 , u' .1 .' - - Q'-gf '-3.2, -W 9: rw 5 "' 'S--at 22' :Y f:+afgwza:4m'2f+:s55sw+we: fri? , I!'Jf1gq15L!J":Sf-'k,xv5L'1iaX'Z" 5 'lv 'I g5 rl, " 1"g,.Qt'4, ga .44gf1'1 r-.s J slab, VH,-lpt. L1zfw+w1vZ4f:--,gfffan-1-:H D-.dai-gym ffawfehfssiw-4 'S--ii W" V! 5:-"QP --- 625 3. .4,ii.'tij!? :.nkh,,:' F'ii49f?s?5'f5r?smfw:53aiE ghfszih3'2?535E,3:1-1'gS'LfeW5f: I, vL:,v.g,-ilsfk x7 ,-iq,-:,, .1., A ' p','I- -. ,Q . "1 : I nv' "N: KM iz.'r.gs1 4--. Qu.-:fs-A. A --1. 'W' L 43. .v 5u"71"al1'-Q' "rQ'1C."Lgben ff. ' M' 'H::"'q?HIiYy,9".p" :L 3'4,n-'EIL I 4' .,,-. .--Hgx - '1-A ' 'Q . '. isfggzdwpgggkaeggqisgg 61.94-5':eF?3:. ,,-55 5f7f:l'g::,-fJe'gQQ3fr4 n'fsfv'fJ2-1-'ff:"4:"z+ fzffvfaqiff 6. 33' 22.1.5-"b,f-, :Jw ,nn ci. . ,Vp lu an-, l , l 3:76933-5gvfs.v:.,,gf2,",W-y.'a4 so aF.S':f.'v-"TW:-M:-"!PJ3s' v'.--:PQ -cj: 'r:'f'57:',':L'?-11'J!-31-: -. S F- '- HG,":'ga '-.f1".,:'.5. 1 .-u,,35-ug-,,f .f'l.:q-. 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N358 ' 4 41,4-w5fc"g .ugh-.gui pl .2 ,, Egg?-:5'5,Qt,r'i'l.v,.xEu!fQ:,'W6 .- !-J'.s'Ev!?3. .am-.xifm-. .mee-ra: mm . juice, Ph. D. Presid nt, orth rn i higan College of Education . . -.l- -' --- 'g ,gn -1-fr'-c f'9"'1""-v gf' -'za' '." 5- ' f--"'f .lfqfgy I Mfg" 0. . ' ' -'othf .f'u'-'..v- .:l'v3" 1- A :timiaitdwiizk-.fsxnsrif-312155451sfaigfis6--ifsf.g:.'-1:fe,sr3:4:f:f4ia2:-'rsmgfz '- 1-.v ff -.3511 -5 a v -9!a.sN ' 'QSFM-, '- '1-.'w,g'f 45' K Jr. -rv:-30 r -4425!-:'r t - l?JxNf:'f'2,7fu!nU5-'CG' fb elv:'fi5.lf-ffl'-sfuie 'fE??!es.:L:':x!fsf4.-:sf NORTHERN MICHIGAN , COLLEGE OF EDUCATION MARouE'rrE. MICHIGAN March 25, 1953 Students, Alumni, and Faculty: T It is appropriate that the Peninsulan committee should take for this year's theme, "Northern Michigan College Serves the Upper Peninsula of Michigan." Since Northern's beginning in 1899, over 19, 000 different students have received part or all of their academic undergraduate education at Northern. Nearly all of these students were from the Upper Peninsula. The greatest number have prepared- forvteaching, although opportunities are offered for pre- professional training for medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, and law, as well as terminal or short courses in business education. Northern in cooperation with the University of Michigan is also expanding her offerings on the graduate level. Three-fourths of the work for the master's degree may be taken at Northern. This cooperative graduate program has made it possible for many of the teachers in the Upper Peninsula to complete the 'work for the master's degree. Northern's In-Service Education program is extended to the entire area of the Upper Peninsula on the undergraduate level, and in cooperation with the University of Michigan lirnited offerings are being made on the graduate level. This is a program in which we learn as we work. Northern is gradually becoming the conference center of the Upper Peninsula. Various adult and high school groups participate in these conferences to which Northern enjoys the privilege of serving as host. The greatest service which Northern can give to the Upper Peninsula is not that which is given by the faculty alone, but by that which is given by the students and in turn by these students as alumni. May each one of us as students, as alumni, and as members of the faculty re-dedicate ourselves to a greater service to the youth and to the adults of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Yours very sincerely, .974 6: we-,fc-Gfl'!1. H. A. Tape, President HATWJB 4 ,p".-w- x 'rf - ...'l- ' ""5'Pl'?,I!.!T4f'E' Y7F"2-'vgf5f"'.T K- 'gif' 5:1-'JUS ,- --pl,sV'v"'- -5 af' If fo rv. r' av.: 'J -v,J -.'u.','.g',-he, ' .-"1 2-'a-9'u'-s"5f"f ' 4'4s3-:- - -41'-9:-1'-iw LP:-GGL.1I3'l5-g7sff-l'.'L46""".':UFC"" .p,fc..,g:,1,,a:- .'gs,gc.1v.B4 -ga . .,.::, - lv v 1- -. 324:21 If eu' N.-" , r .-. -we 5'-uv , v Q '5 .df . .1 'azfffmga?::w51::g:a':w:.:-:rQ:- --T 5'r.."ac1' 'qyi-4' 1-' Juf?L:,'1!Jf,viY'.' Eg5Ee.'me.fAgfflgrfibiilf-Sirqzigrgq 1-Zqrrllfjgzj'-1 5.'3-ay-6.fx':-1-73.'qff:G - u . egg. 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Ph.D. Psychology and Education Psychology and Education Mrs. Iames Residence Hall Duane H. Plough. A.B. Lloyd R- Iones. B.S- , Manager, Lee Hall Assistant Manager, Lee Hall 55Sf9.r2g,4.zfg?,,-'gEg53g5gffrx2-,-keg:bg SEE-.sir-2J5is515S25'fSQ"F3'M2gQS2,J 2.2.11 an Neg-,sfs?..?2"-Sam. .4 f J f.?""l5. pg,-fr-Iv'-7o,f ghff' Q .f,'g,,.v., ' sGl-',y,54.i- N gg' ,Jay rfaul L ll 99 Q. Q. N-if J-:K-61. ' ' ' vu. ."'.' -w 40"-'I efq,wsg-z-'Ia1v,.-3.ii-:s',MQf--.5g+.f- 'ul ' TJ age '4'P.v5fJ'r ,--fm :,9'1? 75?-.-nn. --3-MFA,-1 :Z-gn pu-,Yaesu .441 511951-k.:-45 Icne S. Bemxs, A.M. Clarence M. Bglork. Ed.D. Home Economics Mathematics F. Beamcxn. A.M. Speech Holmes Boynton. Ed.D. Ma-themcrtics Genevieve A. Bullinger, A.M. Albert H. Burrows. Ph.D. Physical Education - Sociology and Economics 1:41 pu,-z rr 1,-:.-.nw nv.-i.un:v.n nav.. - Charles S. Clucus, Ph.D. Francis W. Cooke. Ph.D. Educatign Physical Science Ruth Craig, M.M. Music 555f",f14"-757"!i55'i4?557'Z7"'7N'ff"q5!f" 'fi f-.viffin JS',,bq,"g.h-F"--'i'r9F'1'?.1?i?fz3,- -'1-- are-91: 1 - "-..f.- -.W-v. --'sw .- P "'S"' ' U!! 9,:. ' ,"' ch. M- .3 1- -- -mv 1 5-0 ...aa - '9--1-.5 - ,4,33g44n,qg.g,5,.F,v 712315, .gl fx .o,.,,Ls..g 's '..v.,,,3,SJN J' rf-A 7 45? gl N 1-h'a79g'9'v-Jr' -1-'40 151955 " -: '43 069- 'u',pv..:, 5gS?',Z1 190 -tg',f'Z5-4i'5-'4-"viii"-'-I -szwl -'i 2:15 QA .qv.fI'Q'!Jfv-.6 ff.:-Qsgghgxkc' Dfgrndal ugypZ'Q,s,i"Q! .ky ugh. 47,9 bg. 74, 'vi ' -- 5 fn-:',.'?r.Ys? f-765'-v'5Ys?'N. ' -3 Q?-2' P17 5"P'?'i'9 '. V V? K A 'Q Home Economics Esther B. Fems, B.S. Alvin E- Fmz' AM- Psychology Harry B. Ebersole, A.M. Lynn H. Halverson, PhD History Geography .xi X-fig. ea me 53 Cleobelle Harrison. l-LM. Art Earl R. Hilton. Ph.D. English gzgsgz.. . ,3 ' gl P W 5 gl, , i A , ,wig 3 sa ,-if 1 E, inf: 1- : :ff lg , ii lk 4 , la ' 5 Lucian P. Hunt, Ph.D. Physical Science Charles B. Hedgcock, Ed.M. Physical Education , ' : .f-.H R. Victor Hurst. A.M. Physical Education A Iumes Jennings. Qeography Roy M. McCo1lom. M.S. Mildred K. Mugezs, Ph.D. Geography and Audio-Visual English Education Flora M. Loubert A.M . ' ' Oscar F. Mattson. Ph.M History Mathematics I ol C. V. Money, M.S. Gunther Cbnlgtggand' AM' Physical Education 3 Allan L- Miami. Ed-11 Richard F. O'Dell. Ph.D. Q Music History Forest A. Roberts, A.M. Madeleine C. Rubin de la Borbolla. Speech A-IVL Spanlsh . G William H. Raleigh, Ed.D. William T. Sargent, Psychology and Education Industrial Arts Walter H. Schaefer, Ph.D. Darwin Shrell. Ph.D. Biology English Roland R. Schwitzgoebel. Ph.D. Psychology 14 Russell Thomas, Ph.D. T. Raymond Uhlinger, M.M. 'English Music Maude L. Van!-lntwerp Education , 5.1 fl, gs . sg I I. . yq,i"::.p.'X'iQ a1'.r5a3f:fH?E3w!iqf'?-'-31' 12:55:21 a1'..a.12:,-:T 1-9-1 .-94' - ',:"?..-12. .-4--La'-S szv25s1f53.fvdew21 wharf- eamzi 5ua'.:.::-mgrrzfffsfuifzrmwnsszrl ..-'--'L-v.'-w ..-.thu --gn, 4-n'-'- '-' fi sf... 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' ' ' Anna Frances Tufiley. A.M.L.S. Assistant Librarian 'r' 1 ' , 'uf A u5s1g.7v--- url' -'a -uv-1, -' 5 wr-,t '-'.,5'.2' 4 ,- J " 21-TU! fy I I. 1:51. , snigzv. , ' Q. .2,vmmxs1s.. ,, IQ, ,n1:g4-'e ,1.3U55'4La.-,ua - Ag.-lg9?,c, vr -,OP 1, a'3K'1.TR hiv- .qtu -"-f'371- '!"'l - ..z3,k.xf:' 1-""k"w"""-""' "-' Yldrgk 0 Si"rgf'.-ram-5fJ. 1 fav.:-E2-?.S 503352 'fyvvy v,i'g,.-g25Qf,H.'g-'g4.-Jw 2-Y55J,f!,-4 kb-'-fizik-:2Q,?saf'f2aeW'15:-'f.v"' PZLG'-rr-Til'-1-Q-1122-'6.s"f-rrs-"w'3'1-"f:4Npf-"Ii-3-"' -x,--:-0-Q-In-r-lg,-'y,.,.'H--an :q:c44-43.-:.2-. -11 :qi-me., .J.51:-- 9,-R-1-'.-m'W .sr . -4-,.n.caf"v'f .M sp-4, .Ls-Manila .A-.1..!.,9If-?'fp,,-g'5Js.qLa 1nS.:.-3,55f"-5-ff'-xCMS'a'4f:e:'::51' .-3'i1'q1-2-il' - .Ly-gat., .91 'tiff' 1'3f,yQ.'5 q-,-gvwif-1,4-"cl ny! r.-.Q,,c-.355-1'-.3511,-1-f,.9.'-0 dw- ..' --12---.-ff rf- w. :--1- . 1. v 1.-L--Am 'e Jn".-n.v'Lu .o:5:'jn- qi- egg? 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Critic Teacher, History Critic Teacher, First Grade Edna Paulson. Mayme R. McCarter, M.Ed. Librarian Critic Teacher, Fourth Grade ' l Martha Mehnert, ILM. C. Iosephine Morris, ILM. ' ' Critic Teacher, Fifth Grade Margaret Rarick Pehee. A M Lucile P Shepard. A.M. Music Cntrc Teacher Social Studies Lucile Payne AM Rollin K. Thoren, ILM. Critic Teacher. Enghsh Critic Teacher, Science Catherine D Wilkerson, AM Helen Wils, B.S. Critic Teacher, English, Latm PhysicaIEducq1iQn ?'5'F'?6"W"""'fY'l':'1' ':wsmp9'lt-21' G-F5-ri''f4"'.i'P:IG'?"2Tf15 aa go .- -v m- 7 r.- 'M 'na - .5-'11, -5 -. -nxw. .1 :1-'ga'-,F :9 AW4534'-2.1 lgl"Z1'j-'4F," ."l'-.13-vglr' ur.'1m'vf:"" .-'P-1 ag:iSgg414:.,.s'4e.-F11-.Y,','5.,grlpg.r"1rEg:L.n,,-je:RQ,,,g-'.5gQ:g5u-gag 1,4-::'f'-f,-'L'Qf:212s'4Ph11'1g-Q-zz1.512-:1egga3'2v,y:4:-'-flfr.-.'!'r.f -'nay-Mi.: .,c::,'r53g:,,,-.g.1,,gnLp:q5g,1..3.:,,.e.,.,iiu 4,-ma, 13-56sQ-5 ggi-iff, Ls 1 1- .. ..,f.7 -.. qc,-gf.. nv- ff. fu-W ,-.:...,Sr-L-s,,,g,,.,, qi-1 E41-Silrlfyff-'f:" -41f412:"5"'? "ff'1lf'S 'V19-""4i-rv"-' Q'-it - . 0' 3' ' E - . ' ""':4 -J' -flf,9v 4f'P' .nhfj-Co' -'ll ' ,,4s,g-gg..,131-,1.,11.'.',:.-g"4LI. -g.f,-- ,'.,c, . ,a,.1..,-MII, . ,P .- .-snug, pf: A MM: 'g::!:1'n':.:,5M"-M.qgy3'l"!-5"."I'rl'-'iyfiqg' 'SL 'SH'-.m"'-g. Hfs:?EfG?f:'fwf:f,uUf?:f'e1wv:?5f:-L'1?01-9311?4-5154-.-C1v!:fzrIe?4z-:J r 4251- -fr"1-I'-'73F11-if 'G :rifle li If . 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' 1 I Egg! , ,Q-fn, ',-x:'-g:,..,-rw A g .rr 4.51 ,J g.sfwPf 112145, -'i..4m,p,,r,,gLx- -1 ,,n,,:.f- rv- 1- Q-z..,f-'-1 A N-lj! I.-9171. :fr-p:5,,k,. f 5-'h,.'n, -'--srnffsg Q.:-by iff- 155565-me-ad!m:1ms:i'G132A:fr,?Qifsr.S5w?!.fer2ftGi, I 4 , Q' -uq. T5-F , 4 o 'fc A . lllllllllllllll s x .1 Q33 'A r.'.':'- -4 1 ' .u W. ,L 4 4" V ' slam ,X -- v , .. ,'x,MA1?:.a,..w- if ' . " .L ' if ' ..-M 1 ' I-:4-Jn-mfg , ., , .,. SENIORS AHO, FERN. South Range Business Education: Delta Sigma Nu. Student Council, Collegiate Chorale. Chorus, Social Science Club, Commer- cial Club, P.T.A., Klei Club. Masquers, Peninsulan, Secretary - Iunior and Senior Class. Student Activities Com- mittee, Curriculum Committee. l ALFREDSON, HELEN I., Menominee Early Elementary: A.C.E.I., Art Club College Choir, Delta Sigma Nu Sorority. Intramuralsj Masquers. Wesley Foun- dation, Peninsulan Staff. AHO, RAULI, Rumely Secondary Education: Rod G Gun. Math Club, Intramurals. -' BAER, RICHARD B., Marquette Music Education: Band. Orchestra. Chorus, Theta, Kappa Delta Pi. Klef Klub, Collegiate Chorale. AIKALA, ARNOLD S., Ironwood Business Administration: Business Ad- ministration Club. 'F ANDERSON, HOWARD ROY Industrial Arts. BARNES, RUTH A.. Saulte Ste. Marie AUTIO, RAY E., Hancock Early Elementary: IVCF, College Choir. - Industrial Arts. 1 t-t- A-C-El ZZ w l BARTOL, DONALD, Traunik Business Administration: Business Ad- ministration Club, Men's Union, Intra- murals, CARLSON, BETTY, Ramsay I Secondary Education: Gamma Phi Alpha Sorority, Art Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer-Iunior Class. BEAUMIER, IOHN, Escanaba Liberal Arts: Football, Track, Intra- mural, N. Club, French Club, Cambium Club, Neuman Club, College Chorus, Men's Union, Tri-Mu Fraternity. - . 1' Wir - I I CHILLMAN, IOHN C., Ishpeming Secondary Education: Northern News, English Club, Masquers. BELL, ROBERT W., Marquette Business Administration: Alpha Phi Omega Fratemity, Intramurals. BOOGREN, KENNETH F., Gwinn A Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Club, Math Club. N CARLSON, LESTER G., Ir., Ewen COLE, DEAN, Painesdale Business Education: Commercial Club, Secondary Education: Mathematics Business Administration Club, Mas- Club, Theta Omicron Rho Fraternity. quers. Z3 Z4 CRENNA, MAE, Bessemer Later Elementary: English Club, Mas- quers. A.C.E.I., F.T.A. ERKKILA. HAROLD. Calumet Secondary Education. , EKBERG, IAMES P.. Kingsiord Business Administration: Newman Club. Intramurals, Alpha Phi Omega, Busi- ness Administration Club. DAVIDSON, ALICEMAE, Escanaba Early Elementary: Beta Omega Tau So- rority. A.C.E.I.. Student Council, Sym- phony Orchestra. X l EWING, LOLA I., Marquette Home Economics: Beta Omega Tau So rority, Kappa Delta Pi, Novohoma Club -w,jA,t1'j ', J.-r'-uf-+ . , FLANCHER, IACK. Iron River Elementary: Rod and Gun, Tri-City g Orchestra. FAGSVOOG, KENNETH H.. FOWLER, BURTON I., lshpeming Iron Mountain Social Service: Social Science Club, - Secondary 'Edna-mon, An Club, Mas. Alpha Phi .Omega Fraternity. -Intra- quem. mural, Tennis. N GEHVAIS, HAROLD E., Ir., Kingsford Liberal Arts: Northern News, Masquers. Business Administration Club. Newman Club, Peninsulan Staff. GOODNEY, MARY, Ishpeming Early Elementary: Delta Sigma Nu, A.C.E.I., Collegiate Chorale. Kappa Delta Pi. Art. GRANSELL. G. EDWIN, L'1-lnse GRIES, MARCIA, Negaunee Secondary Education: Gamma Phi Alpha. G.0.0.C.H., Masquers, Cambium Club, Social Science Club. GUSTAFSON, ROBERT E., Ishpeming Arts: Industrial Arts Club. Phi Omega Fraternity, Intra i y . 2.34 HILL, SHARLEEN, lshpeming Physical Education. HAUKKALA. MATT, Wakefield HIRN, DANIEL, Escanaba Business Education: Commercial Club, Physical Education: Physical Educa- Iournalism. Intramural. ,I .tion Club, Social 'Science Club, "N" Club, Track, Intramurals. 25 1, L te- 'n: W I Zi we HIVALA, ROY, Hubbell Secondary Education. KINNUNEN. SYLVIA. Alston X Early Elementary: L.S.A.. Kappa Delta IACOBSEN, SHIRLEY ANNE, Stonington Business Education: Masquers, Segmez Cegs, Commercial Club. KAMARAINEN, IAAKO. Rock Social Service. Pi, Winovets, Debate. LAHAY, RICHARD C., Escanabq Business Administration: Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, Newman Club, Busi- gesi Administration Club, Social Science ll . LEHTO, PAUL, Hancock Secondary Education: L.S.A., Math Club, Collegiate Chorale, College Choir. LIIMATAINEN, BRUNO, Painesdale LAIRD, ARLENE KESKEY, Wakefield Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Club. Early Elementary: Gamma Phi Alpha Sorority, Kappa Delta Pi, Penlnsulan, A.C.E.I.. Student Activities Committee. LIM. GEOK LOOI. Singapore, Malaya 1 . Home Economics: Delta Sigma Nu So- 1 rorlty, Masquers, Novahoma, Cambium Club. Chorus. Ming Club, Wesley V Foundation. ig LINDBERG, EDNA. Ishpeming Home Economics: Kappa Delta Pi, li - 1 fi . V . ' 1" ' , ' 1 W LINDBEHG, STANLEY, lshpeming General: Alpha Phi Omega Pratemity. Business Administration Club, Intra- murals. g' " . iff' 'W -'Tr . I Q. LUND, ALFRED C., Ironwood Business Administration: Business Ad- ministration Club. Club. Novohoma Club, Delta Sigma Nu So- rority. MATEHNA, GENEVIEVE, Sault Ste. Marie Secondary Education: Masquers, Art Club, Penlnsulan Staff, Rod and Gun ,f ,ti It LINDHOLM, I-IAZEL, Carlshend La-ter Elementary: Gamma Phi Alpha Sorority, Kappa Delta Pi, A.C.E.I., L.S.A., Masquers, College Choir. McCORRY, IAME8 W., Sidnaw MAYOTTE. RAYMOND. Hubbell : Secondary Education: Theta Omlcron Secondary 'Educationy Industrial Arts Rho Fratemlty, Industrial Arts Club. Club, Rod and- Gun Club, Newman . Ng ' 92 j QQ, f it -!lf?.25Lf.L-g.' Athletic committee. Club. ' " Z7 Qi- MANGHINI. NICHOLAS A.. Iron Mountain Secondary Education: Trl Mu Fraternity. Math Club, Student Council. Intra- murals. Newman Club. i MONEY, ROBERT 1VL, Marquette Liberal Arts: "N" Club, Wesley Founda- tion, Westminster Fellowship. Cambium Club, Northern News. MILLER, LAWRENCE, Germlasl: Secondary Education: Math Club. New- man Club. MORRIS, DAVID. Lansing Social Service: Carnblum Club. Spanish Club. Social Science Club. Student Council. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Wesley Foundation. MITCHELL, WARD S., Iron Mountain General: Tri Mu Fraternity, Business Administration Club. Intramural. MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM, Ktngsiord Business Administration: Newman Club Business Administration Club, Intra murals. f l MORRIS, ALBERT In Lansing MORISSETTE. DOROTHY. Ishpeming Social Service, Business Education: Commercial Club, 28 Beta' Omega Tau Sorority, Intercollegiate Committee. Northern News. NARDI. IAMES N.. Ishpeming Business Education: Commercial Club. NEBEL. IAMI-IS A., Marquette Business Administration: Tri Mu Frater- nity, Business Administration Club. Bas- NICHOL, PATT, Escanaba Early Elementary: Cegmer Ceg Sorority. Vice-President Freshman Class. A.C.E.I.. Northem News Staff. Band. ketball. Masquers. Wesley Foundation. NORBY, IOI-IN, Gladstone a . 1 Service NIEMELA. LAILA. Ilhpeming i I Biology: Camblum Club. Social Science Club. OLLILA. EDWARD E., Mass Later Elementary Education. N NYMAN, BEHNHARDT C.. Ishpeming OLMSTEAD, STEWART.'Cedarville Business Education: Business Adminis- Secondary Education: Social Science tration Club. Commercial Club. Club. Intramurals. Z9 :Up gf in L if gn - x. 23,-'f,' , ,',e.:f' Q..-Lf. , ??4f'-EL' ' J' . -Y Qn9H'. -I l,f:..,,1,4 .H -Ili'-1 45 " Ng- -1- r 4 , 1. E fs , -4, , 1 MF f?fyw1.' , : . una: P'-Eigffa-vs wif-"IS af' ,gxi-Ziiigw. U aw-15+-,.g::-Y - 'u'+J'Qf'i. Mx ' A 21,5 5. H3 155 '-f , M I NT! r xl 1, ff' PEKURI KENNETH B Benson Social Sexvzce Soclal Sclence Club PETERSON DONALD M Ishp Medical Technology Alpha Ph Fraternity Cambxum Club PIERCE WILLIAM D Ishpemmg REGAN IOHN P Negmmee Socxal Servxce Soclcxl Science Club Ge xerul. , REYNOLDS, ROBERT P., Marquette Industrial Arts: Alpha Phi Omega Fra- temlty, Industrial Arts Club. HOLMSTROM, WILLIAM, Carney Secondary Education: I.V.C.F. s Administration Business Ad- HOBERTS, IOHN. Nagaunee :rtion Club, Intramurals. n v ROSSEAU, OLIVER I., Iron River Industrial Arts: Intramurals. ROBBINS, NORMAN, Iron Mountain Secondary Education: Math Club. Com- mercial Club, Intramurals, Iournorlism. Square Dance Club. ROBERTS, PIERCE, Laurium Liberal Arts: Tri Mu Fraternity, "N' Club, Cambium Club, Masquers, Stu dent Councll, Peninsulan Staff, Football Track, Intramurals. ROUSSEAU, IOHN, Munising Secondary Education and Social Work: Tri Mu Fraternity, Curriculum Commit- tee, Student Council. Social Science Club, Newman Club. Kappa Delta Pi, Masquers, Mez-i's Union. President- Iunior and Senior Classes, Vital Issues Planning Committee. RUNDMAN, RALPH. lshpeming General: Chorus, Intramurals, Business Administration Club. 31 32 Student Council, Newman Club. RYAN. VVILLIAM, Marquette Mathematics: Industrial Arts Club. Math Club, Kappa Delta Pi. ST. THAN, EMILE N., Lake Linden Secondary Education: English Club, French Club, Social Science Club, New- man Club. SAASTAMOINEN, HENRY D. Marquette Liberal Arts: French Club, Spanish Club. I 41 I t SCHOBER, ARTHUR, Ontonagon Newman Club, Camblum Club, English Club, Theta Omicron Rho Fraternity. SCHRANDT, IAMES H., Marquette Secondary Education: Cambium Rod and Gun Club. l 4 SELIN, MERILYN, Norway, Michigan - : Later Elementary: A.C.E.l., IVFC, Kappa Delta Pi, Dormitory Council. SEIDL' EUGENE, Ypsilanti SHERMAN, CATHERINE H., Manistique Physical Education: Football, Basket- EUTIY EIBYUQNUIY1 GUmUfG Phi P-1PhU ball, Track, Intramural Baseball. SOYOYHYI Chorus. COHSQIUW Chorale. Cambtum Club, Masquers. A.C.E.I.. SEPPALA, KARL E., Ironwood Liberal Arts. SIPOLA, EVELYN M., Ishpeming Business Education: Commercial Club, SOMMERS, E. LORRAINE, Marquette Early Elementary: A.C.E.l., Secretary- Freshman Class, IVCF, Kappa Delta Pi, L.S.A., Orchestra, Student Girls' League. Gamma Phi Alpha Sorority. TACCOLINI, FRED, Negaunee Later Elementary: "N" Club, Men's Union, Physical Education Club. Basket- ball, Intrarnurala, Tri Mu Fraternity. A.C.E.I. STUBENRAUCH, FRANK, Ahmeek Social Science. TODD, DAVID F., Marquette Music Education: Theta Omicron Rho Fraternity, Student Council, Collegiate Chorale, Klef Klub, Pastel Dance Band, 'Band, Chorus. Orchestra, Cambium Club. 1 VANDERHEIDEN. CAROLE, Menominee Home Economics: Cegmer Seq Sorority. Student Activity Committee. Student Council, Novohoma Club, Masquers. Newman Club, Penlnsulan. i into WARD, MARY ALICE, Armada Later Elementary: Masquers, Wesley Foundation, A.C.E.I., F.T.A., Student Girls' League, Campus Capers. 3 VYEILAND. LOUIS D.. Marquette General: Business Administration Club. WOLFORD. EDWARD H.. Otter Lake Physical Education: Physical Educa- tion Club. "N" Club, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Intramurals. BENNETS, ROBERT, Calumet Business Education. 34 WILLIAMS. ROBERT H., Stonington Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Club. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Iohn Rousseau. President Robert Bell. Vice-President Fern Aho, Secretary David Morris, Treasurer MEYERS, IO!-IN R.. Business Administration 'E gi SQ!-5 ww J, ,Q I v . if I 1 i 'o I 'V 5. fu '.4 """7 J ,"'1 CA, K i. 5 Q, I w 11. .1 ,..,,...' - ' .5344-1 .cf ' ' ,'Qfn :,-qw. x, , .,.. ,.,a- M, 1. ..f ,, ,,., fy., -,wr ' in 'wr' '11 ' rf x.. B I -QA!-if' xg' -9 Y n Q!! ,,, , 9 ms- 'Qs B f -1 g I Ni iiqg- - mf ' Z' 'AL 710' ., Q up rs 1' E 1, . M-W ..-xp ,Q 'ij .,., 3 7 . - , Qld -. .UM 4 A A-Ygmkl vii.-fi!!! wifi: 67" 3 Wi 912+ -P "4 iff-A' Ex! .IUNIORS T? Anderson. Axel: Escanaba: Physical Bartels. Charles: Munising: General. Bartanen. Helen: Mohawk: Liberal Arts. Chlebowshi, Iohn: Ramsay: Secondary Administration. Corbett. Ioan: Escanaba: Early Elementary. Courtney. Iohn: Marquette: Business Administration. Passbender. Agnes: Marquette: Early Elementary. Fassino, David: Ironwood: Munich Gaboury, Keith: Ishpeming: Pre-Law. Education. Beauparland. Paul: Munlslrtg: Business Administration Bradway. Ruth: Peshttgo. Wisconsin: Art. Came. Willard: Iron River: Secondary. fwfsfir - . llrligl I f Eldred, Alice: Marquette: Early Elementary. at Ellis, Don: Negaunee: Later Elementary. Falardeau. Doris: Lake Linden: Secondary. Gant. Lauriann: Marquette: Early Elementary. Gardipee. Warren: Gwinn: Business Administration. Gleason, Iarnes: Ishpemixxg: Later Elementary. Hakala, Donald: Gwinn: Pre-Law. Heine, Albert: L'Anse: Social Service. l-loule, Ted: Menasha, Wisconsin: Secondary. Iohnson, Claire: Norway: Early Elementary. Iohnson. Mildred: Marquette: Music. I l Koehler. Arlene: Escanaba: Secondary. 'Laakso, David: Wakefield: Music. - Lindholm, Ioan: Marquette: Social Service. .h 1 L., lg :f..,"'. McNaughton. Otto: Sault Ste. Marie: Secondary. Maki. Wilma: Negaunee: Secondary. Mlinar. Paul: Marquette: Business Administration. tl 3 HT" Nelson. Carol: Marquette: Home Economics. t Nelson, David: Ishpeming: Pre-Law. , . A 'Pangrazzi. Jerry: Caspian: Later Elementary. I, , , Holman. Marilyn: Hancock: Early Elementary. fr: H 1 .. I 5 fl' A . ' Wm all ea' . 'l?b3i,- 8 Q . V V " :fl S :Q agiinei frnf :ffl . 4. .it -Ll l A553 fe -ne, ' Y av-' . El' f fn'-1. 3,1 if iizli' 141254. .Ds DLE? Parolini, Burt: Marquette: Business Administration. Pelkie, Robert: Gwinn: Physical Education. Peters. Tom: Marquette: Physical Education. Peterson, Clyde: Norway: Secondary Education. ' Polo. Ethel: Trimountain: Home Economics. ' Roosen, Marie: Kingsford: Early Elementary. Z f , I .1 5 :..f',,:- 7 ' wf 31 l I! t S M - N , r ' 15, v ,x ' ' X V .W 1 ,, I ' 1 5.5. l ,,:.e 1 Ryan, Ivan: Marquette: Physical Education. 'f '- Selin, Larry: Norway: Secondary. Slye. Allan: Escanaba: Agriculture. s Spencer, Robert: Iron Mountain: Secondary. Shanley, Robert: Marquette: General. Sword, Ann: Gladstone: Liberal Arts. Underhill, Donna: Marquette: Home Economics. Tredway. Ianis: Munising: Music. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Willard Carne, President Axel Anderson, Vice-President Ioan Corbett, Secretary Ierry Pangrazzi, Treasurer' Trebilcock, Charles: National Mine: Industrial Arts. 1. W f 1 X Q-ai N r B -1 ki 4 I A 1 ,VH X ' A 5 'W ,g- Q + ina: YI -! K, ff I J-Q' 'L '1 :L lv . jim E' 'A 1 , 1 ,,. Zfo cj DU oo ogo goo foo Q o ,coco oo doo foo o ooh , vi-+ 5.11 S .6 V ii Y.. ry ' L D w .A 'ff-f'.'Gz.':'r1Q , .. '. , .- A 1Q' v',iJ'J?f4:fv1Zf 25- ss 4' v-1,4 4.151 'fUf2.i?' '-F ways?-2f,qS,q?g,'h:y5-vgfzgv-rpmA , .Q 1 A vm., ,, , , 521 ri, g-7t5?4If4?qf'9, P'-Afhgl' igfpjn -'12-ui4,pw .4m.' Wg-,..Q. -'Q ' kv ' ., 'ef-211 vI'3Q.,'!i'Qb9 .gg .s F. .Q gg' 5,-:,'7:?ni5P5Sl?i'-'B,v?'-'14.Q'- . '-fef-wzi in xi .- Q +'L'.4v'::'L-1,".4'-"rV""'vm '- . , . 51 'iv u . ,' i k i , , x , 3 ,W . . Qs., ,Z ,I Q . -v' ,x 'L' 'fx' -W - , . J ' ' ' KF yr , ,, , 1 . Al .-N. '- " n , U ' , , .snv ",. f ' . , , 'ix ' Af -' -' L5 V -3' -P f 53,3 ,V "5 . " 'H'-'- qu V-Ll rw: , A, ' . ' 'N 1 4' " . ,, -,. -- wjfj-,Vai-' L: .. ,?'n,,.gQhVe:gr'?.f".,'-.-.MT - -P I f . f T , . L- 1: ew. ui ., 5, ff f Q1a?ss9ge -Q34 .m.,- J, fl i-4?'a?sf?w:a P 1 Y . 1" fafgfnw-dwniii 'Qt' -gn , 1.. .',,-.W-f Ck 5' N -X, SOPHOMORES g 57' . W Ai 33:-" J 1 f X, 4 Z' s ..'S C21 fi ix Alanko, Marion: Ishpeming: Early Elementary. Anttila, Esther: Mass: Later Elementary. Arenz, Iohn: Marquette: Later Elementary. gfl-J: t 'UR -', N. Balzarini. Don: Iron Mountain: Industrial Arts. Z Beltrame. Lawrence: Negaunee: Social Service. " Bergstrom. Kay: Marquette: Early Elementary. M Brigman, Wayne: Marquette: Social Service. Bisque, Dorothy: Iron River: Physical Education. . Bn.mgraber,'Susanne: Marquette: Home Economics. Calo, Iohn: Iron Mountain: Music Education. Caron, Larry: Esccmaba: Later Elementary. ,Q Channing. John: Iron Mountain: Industrial Arts. 'I ' - A '-'41 4 A . Corcoran, Margaret: Ishpeming: Music. Dabeck. Walter: Iron River: Secondary. .LQLRWL .1 Delmet. Iames: Ishpeming: Music Education. Dittrich. Rose: Escanaba: Early Elementary. Dufour. AI: Escanaba: Pre-Med. Dykstra, Ed: Kingsiord: Business Administration. 45 Ellsworth, Lowell: Bergland: State Limited. Erickson. Carl: Stambaugh: Physical Education. Faull. Betty: Vulcan: State Limited. ,..,4, , . Freeman, Ioan: Escanaba: Early Elementary. Harju. Denis: Rock: Secondary Education. Freeman, Charmine: Escanaba: Business Administration. Hintsala. Virginia: Republic: Early Elementary. I-llrn, Iames: Escanaba: Secondary Education. Hockin, Betty: Marquette: Early Elementary. rt "ht 5 3 fuss . lsr Holmgren, Edgar: Ishpeming: Music Education. lppolite. Bruno: Bessemer: Secondary. Iacobson, Donna Mae: Marquette: Home Economics. Jensen. Donna: Escanaba: Art Education. Jewell. William: Negaunee: Social Service. Iohnson, Iean: Diorite: State Limited. q H-:yi tl I I ' I Kaminen, Rudy: Rock: Clerical Accounting. Kenney. Antonette: Republic: Early Elementary. Kokame. Sylvia: Kaumakane. Hawaii: Secondary. Mannisto. Irene: Chatham: Secretarial Training. Meehan, Marjorie: Escanaba: State Limited. Meyers, Iohn: Stambaugh: Business Administration. Nordin, Douglas: Daqgett: Secondary Education. V Nystrom, Neil: Marquette: Business Administration. Ogren, john: Marquette: Secondary Education. Patron, Ronald: Ishpeminq: Music. Petersen, Margaret Ann: Marquette: Social Service. X Porter. Phyllis: Marquette: Music. Linn, Mary Alice: Marquette: Secretary Training. Mackey, Norma: Ahxneek: Secondary. Major, John: Houghton: Music. Miller, Ioan: Munising: Pre-Nursing. Myeiski, Louis: Iron River: Physical Education. Neisius, Nancy: L'Anse: Secondary. Owens, Helen: Marquette: Early Elementary. Papadakis, Iames: Marquette: Business Administration Papin, Charles: Marquette: Business Administration. x fi t..' , .:,:. f Pynnonen, Betty Ann: Negaunee: Social Service. Richards, Ronald: L'Anse: State Limited. Roberts, Sara: Marquette: Early Elementary. Rose. Theresa Mary: Marquette: Secondary. Ruska, Dorothy: Chatham: Early Elementary. St. Vincent, Iames: Norway: Industrial Arts. ! Sincock, Patricia: Marquette? Art. Solka, Mary: National Mine: Early Elementary. Tan, Itak: Singapore: Home Economics. Tollefson. Marvin: L'Anse: Later Elementary. Tonkin. Adrian: Ishperning: Engineering. Torreano. Barry: Negaunee: Secondary. Townsend, Ioie: Houghton: Later Elementary. Tuominen. Mary: Champion: State Limited. Vance, lean: Mackinac Island: Music. Vedin, Sylvia: Menominee: Later Elementary. Vertz, Doloris: Trout Lake: Later Elementary. Vogeler, Annagret: Calumet: Physical Education Waara, Ruth: Iron River: State Limited. , Wahlman. Peter: Ishperning: General. Warner. Ieannette: Nahma: Clerical Accounting Wiitala, Harold: Toivola: Secondary. Williams. Helen: Plymouth: Physical Education. Woods, Clarice: Caspian: Early Elementary. Worth. Mary Io: Marquette: Music. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Paul Gingrass, President Iohn Ogren, Vice-President Betty Pynnonen, Secretary Kathleen Bergstrom, Treasurer Marie expounds Who said that? Music? or cke Sleeping at Lv.. r, A the swxtch . he brush off '54 x1 4,4 6 c ' 5116 wh YK 591016 5 Iusf mu Oh. q'wan gging 4 9 u x f' 3" Q at ,Azi F 440 l it , in V, . 4. QE-,i ga an W A,f f-zlikifi-M 1 zu Pi Q x x is. 'fm EW Q9 SET? S' .55 ,u W f Q-sf--. ww- . ,. ,h J F I ,J ,, .AICZ-L I lil. an '3 1 l X Z RTH ERA FRESHMEN Adams, Donald: St. lgnace: Secondary. ' Anderson, Elaine: Elcanaba: Home Economics. Anderson, Iudith: Ispreming: Early Elementary. Anglim. Adrian: Ironwood: Later Elementary. Arvo, Gary: Houghton: Physical Education. Bacher. Mary Ann: Calumet: Later Elementary. Bashaw, Margaret: Marquette: Clerical-Accounting Beber, Tom: Wakefield: Business Administration. 1 Becker, Ioanne: Iron Mountain: Early Elementary. Bergstrom, Charles: Marquette: Pre-Engineering. . Betters. Grace: Powers: State Limited. Biekkola, Fred: L'Anse: Forestry. G I l A i , , , '-jf 1 1 v . Bloch, Ronald: St. lqnace: Secondary. A . Block. Elaine: Encanaba: Art. ' V W Bogarin, Sam: Wyandotte: Physical Education. . 'K Boyle, lack: Marquette: Industrial Arts. Carlson, lean: Marquette: Early Elementary. Caviani. Francis: Iron Mountain: Music. W? . , A., t --,. , Charter. Iohn: Marquette: Liberal Arts. .l ' Cook, Tom: Marquette: Art. 'ful' Christianson. Mary: Menominee: Art. 53 as 4, L . 'J F It '- '52 , ' U ',-. . Q V ' 2 E , V- . N . I Y 3 Q. 4 5 :1 1 , ' -fu! A .rig 5 M - . . I ..,- ,:.. ij ? ea Cory, Dave: Negaunee: Business Administration. . ' Davis. Dorothy: Stephenson: Secondary. - QQ Clark, lack: Arlington Heights, Illinois: Clerical-Accounting. W -rn.. Derocha, lim: Champion: State Limited. Duntord, Dorothy: St. Ioseph, Mo.: Pre-lournalism. Dyer, Sandra: Marquette: Art Education. Ellis, Sheila: L'Anse: Social Service. Erickson. Douglas: Iron Mountain: Music. Fennig, Lois: Marquette: General. Fellman, Ted: Ferndale: Physical Education. Fisher. Tom: Esccnabc: Pre-Mortuary. Flanigan, Pat: Marquette: General. Flannery, Barbara: Ishpeminq: Early Elementary. Postveit, Carol: Ishperning: Early Elementary. Frantti, Mary: Ishpeming: Early Elementary. Gallinetti. David: Ironwood: Secondary. Giesen. Donald: Vulcan: Business Education. Ghiardi. Eugenia: Negaunee: Later Elementary. Goetz. Raechel: Sault Ste. Marie: Med. Tech. L Graves. Dayle: South Range: Home Economics. -f , MH' . Hamlin. Herbert: Charlevoix: Industrial Arts. , 'V ' . t".1!r' . -Q.. "J Harrington, Ann: lshpeming: Secretarial. Hassenger. Barbara: Ishpemlng: Social Service. Hawes. Carol: Marquette: Business Secretarial. Heim, Kenneth: Bark River: Secondary. Hicks. Marcia: Marquette: Secondary. Hoffmann, Mary Ann: Gladstone: Early Elementary. Hornung, Dorothy: Stephenson: Secondary. Howlett, Carolyn: Munlslng: Early Elementary. Ingebrigtsen, Ieannette: Gladstone: State Limited. Iackson. Richard: Negaunee: Music. Iacques. Daphne: Marquette: Liberal Arts. N Iohnson. Ron: Marquette: Later Elementary. ' Iohnston. Meryle: Ensign. State Limited. ' Iones. Lois: Iron Mountain: Secretarial. Kcrweck. Dale: Midland: General. V" ' Kepler, Keith: Marquette: Pre-Engineering. Keranen. Melvin: Baraga: Music Education. LaCrosse, Ioan: Escanaba: Occupational Therapy Lausen. Shirley: Escanaba: Art. Leppanen. Irma: Marquette: Art. Lompre, Barbara: Marquette: Early Elementary. I ' Lucci. Frank: Negaunee: Social Service. MacLean. Lowe: Marquette: .Social Service. Maki, Irma: Negaunee: Art. Maki, Ioan: Marquette: Early Elementary. Maki. Nan: Ishpexning: Physical Education. Martonen, Nancy: Gwinn: Early Elementary. l Mattila, Bernard: Ishpeming: Pre-Engineering. Mattson. Shirley: Negaunee: Secondary. , Minzey, Iulia: Gwinn: Early Elementary. t 1 , ,fl . , Moran, Martha: Escanaba: Early Elementary. -V 7 Nelson, Barbara: Rock: Early Elementary. : H M 1 MUNI. t x I Niemi, Pat: Wakefield: Early Elementary. -f 5 ew -1' 1 1 5 'Q' 'Qi 9 r .- ' isiiisl U 25 i Nishihara, Shigeko: Kaurnakani, Hawaii: Secondary. A Nordling, Iarnes: L'Anse: Secondary. Numinen. Philip: Michigamme: Business Administration. ' ' 1 1 Oas, Carolee, Munising: Later Elementary. Olson, Curtis: Iron Mountain: Secondary. Olson, Iudy: Marquette: Early Elementary. ,, I I Peterson, Lois: Ishpeming: Art Education. Pirhonen, Mary Ann: Alston: State Limited. Prestay, Dolores: Powers: State Limited. ' fi' E ' E , ,. ff V fx- -Wg " .,.'. ig Raab, Maxine: Trenary: Home Economics. jj. U L 1A Reavie, Kay: St. Ignace: Early Elementary. - f A D .- , Q- -- b ,3 Regan, Bernard: Negaunee: Social Service. at . if ,,Y.I ..,g Nt T-V kg I K f t i V' in A, .,,". .f H JVA, - I X ' ' ' ,S 'A-I lil xr VY Y 4 : 56 Richards, Barth: ,Marquet!e: Business Administration. Rossi, Ramon: Vulcan: Business Administration. I Robinson, Marilou: Marquette: Music. V Rule, Mary: lshpeming: Early Elementary. St. Martin, Robert: Escanaba: Physical Education. St. Pierre. Wayne: Escanaba: General. 1 Salminen. Lucy: Ishpeming: Business Education. WI' . Shanley, Pat: Marquette: Liberal Arts. Skewis, Alan: Ishpeming: Secondary. Smith. Ronald: Wakefield: Music. Sochay, Cornelius: Nahma: Business Administration. Sommers, LaVerne: Marquette: Early Elementary. j ' A Strom. Shirley: Stephenson: Early Elementary. 'LQ dx ,- Sundquist, Ioyce: Escanaba: Later Elementary. df' ' 33' 11- g, IW: I' t .iff i in Sundelius. Geraldine: Stambaugh: Business Education. Talvitie, Ronald: Rapid River: Music. Tauses. Nancy: Marquette: Early Elementary. Tervo, Verna: Stambaugh: State Limited. -vi: Tibor, Ianice: Marquette: Early Elementary. Tibor, Terry: Marquette: Social Service. Tomasi. George: Hermansville: Business Administration. 57 Tormala, Doris: Marquette: Early Elementary. Trolla. Mary: Wakefield: Music. Vedin. Shirley: Menominee: Secondary. Wachter. Richard: Marquette: Secondary. ' Walsh. Anita: Ontonagon: Early Elementary. V' T- Walton. Ioan: Muskegon: Later Elementary. L 'TU 41 ' Ffy, f' W i . 1 ' I Westlund, David: Wakefield: Later Elementary. M Willette. Carol lean: Alston: Secretarial. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Tom Cook, President ' A ' Pat Flannigcxn, Vice-President Inna Leppinen. Secretary Charles Bergstrom, Treasurer White, Philip: Marquette: Business Administration. X: ei' X5 qex xo 'lf Z. G Co fcjlqfle ng 'ol lplfdi Phyllis Urbcmski. Mildred Belfry. Irene Normcmd, Lulu Peterson, 'AlDelphine Sczvitski, Ingeborg Gustafson. And we eat R 5 L ,ref U? Nz iii vig ,f if .W nge: wr' ,, iq -Q IG W 1 - .f.,-A ','. Q ,A . -Axw r . "I I 5 if ' zu 3' xi Adair Qiiiu , 1 ,NV Y I ,tl .y AA .Aw- ' r . .K A ,AW ' N W 1 x ,fn , J - .' - A 41, " ' . 5 .. . . I - .ff " .,. ,. 'Lf' , w Q- 'V-Zak jkyji' A '- is ag, f A+1,,4' ' 4 " 73 big- .. ,L . Q ,AA 'T 5 lf ' 5 AJ.. fi.. x . ,ii - U f. ' X sf iflp, f' 3' ' N if if 1, I 'g,,E?fw ,F L U 1 saw,-,N V x n Vw ., v I' 1 2 ,w 1 n A w 'I v K I o , . I ..-3 , 1 : ,Q Pay ED. 730A v 9400 -I Y 'BE vwffgzv-' WMQ Wtcefy '77-I Ul'50Aj E 3' Z o A ff .'30 I 25 I 3,0 ,504 AQQJTQ . 032. '43 DEPARTMENTAL Z '53 EL 42' eff C? 'ax 'gf- Z ART ' CLUB NUEETINQ A- 7' 3-' 30 ? 5-lg-rg Q igT1 CLUBS erm NJ E Standing, Back Row: Ioanne Becker, Martha Moran, Clarice Woods, Fred Taccolini. Helen Alfred- son, Alicemae Davidson, Mary Alice Ward. Standing, Middle How: Rose Ditrich, Dorothy Ruska, Virginia Hintsala. Merilyn Selin, Lorraine Sommers, Ruth Barnes, Patt Nichol, Ioie Townsend, Lois Peterson. Seated, Front How: Carol Fostveit. Claire Iohnson, Margaret Miller, Hazel Lindholm, Mae Crenna. Arlene Laird, Catherine Sherman. A. C. E. I. The Association of Childhood Education, Interna- tional, is made up of students in the early and later teaching curricula. Through various activities, mem- bers are given a wider understanding of childhood education. At the beginning of the 1952-53 school 62. year, a party was held to which freshman student in the above curricula were invited. Other activitie during the year were discussions, a Christmas party and a film about youth education. r Standing, Last Row: Edwin Gransell, Mary Christiansen, Shirley Lausen, Tom Cook, Donna Iensen, Helen Aliredson, Kenneth Fagsvoog. Standing, Middle Row: Betty Carlson, Iiak Tan, Marilyn Iohnson. Carolyn Babcock. Irma Leppanen. Anna Bollinger. Seated: Elaine Block. Patricia Sincock. Miss Harrison, Genevieve Materna, Marilyn Priedgen, Ruth Bradway. Art Club The Art Club is composed of Students majoring or minoring in art. The main purpose of the club is to get the students better acquainted with each other and to do further work in various fields of art. At the meetings, projects of interest to all are carried out. Some of the things that have been done during the past year are pen and ink sketches, drawing to music, potato printing, water color painting, chalk drawing, and figure sketches. Another function of the Art Club is to interest other Northern students in art. This is accomplished by means of signs. posters, and exhibits, many of which are displayed through- out the school year on the third floor bulletin board. 63 Standing, Back Row: Charles Papin, Paul Williams, Paul Mlinar. Burt Parolini. Paul Beauparland. Robert Dianda, Robert Bennetts, Stanley Lindberg. Curtis Halonen. Standing, Middle Row: Robert Shanley. James Ekberg, lack Clark. William Montgomery, Louis Wetland, Iames Nebel, Iohn Roberts, Iames Fontecchio. Alfred Lund. Mr. Zwemer. Sitting, Front Row: Richard Lahay, Donald Bartol, Margaret Bashaw. Carol Hawes, Arnold Aikala. Iohn Courtney, Harold Gervais. Business Administration . The Business Administration Club elected its of- ficers at the first meeting of the year. The club's policy of dinner meetings was carried on through- out the year with guest speakers and other enter- tainment. Highlights of the club's activities throughout the year included a Valentine dance open to all stu- dents at Northern, the club's annual Dinner-Dance 64 for club members and alumni, and the club's annual picnic. It was interesting to note that the club's float committee correctly predicted the score of Northern's homecoming game. The Business Administration Club enjoyed a very successful year. Membership in the club increased considerably, and all the members took an active interest in the club's activities. Standing, Lett to Right: Keith Moran, James Moody, Francis St. Andrew, David Todd, Sam Bogarin, Dorothy I-Iornung, Robert St. Martin, Pierce Roberts, Martin Kopenski, Art Schober. Seated, Lett to Right: Iames Hooper, Walter Dabeck, Helen Williams, Dr. Luther West, Dr. W. H. Schaefer, Otto McNaughton, Barbara Lompre. Cambium Club Membership in the Cambium Club is open to all students interested in physical or biological science. Programs presented at the monthly meetings give members an opportunity to gain a type of knowledge not found in classroom studies. Through guest speakers and discussions, members become better acquainted with problems in the field of science and with the workers who are attempting to solve them. Since the Cambium Club became affiliated with the lunior Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters, Northern has served as the Upper Peninsula head- quarters for the Academy. Each year a Spring Fair is held. This gives high school and college students an opportunity to submit projects or read papers. They are judged, and ratings are awarded. Those projects showing the most talent and originaltity are sent to the all-state fair sponsored by the Iunior Academy in Lower Michigan. 65 Standing, Back Row: C. Herbert Carlson, Rudy Kaminen. Wayne Lindstrom, Rudy Salmi, Matt Haukkala. Standing, Middle Row: Bernhardt-tNyman, Nancy Neisius, Norman Robbins. Mr. Nelnen, Ronald Loch Den's Ha 'u. . 1 ri Front Row: Fern Aho, Lester Carlson, Evelyn Sipola, Bruno Ippolite, Irene Marmisto. Commercial Club, The Commercial Club is the oldest departmental club on the campus. It was originated in the 1920's and has a long and admirable record in school ac- tivities and functions. The club is open to any students majoring or minoring in any phase of business. Its purpose is to bring students in this field into closer fellowship and 66 to furnish further opportunities for intellectual d velopment. This year the club had a special Christmas pa at which the members and their guests made pop corn balls, taffy, and candy for the polio patient at St. Luke's Hospital. Standing, Back Row: Emile St. Jean, Dorothy Davis, Arthur Schober, Virginia Hintsala, Iohn Chillman. Standing, Middle Row: Mary Tuominen, Sexafine Pancheri, Fern Posenke, Dr. Shrell, Viola Iohnson. Front Row: Rose Dittrich, William McGraw, Claire Iohnson. Douglas Nordin, Mrs. Anna Rachel Bellenger. Engzfsh czub The English Club, which is composed of English majors and minors and other interested students, meets to discuss subjects of common interest to its members. The club meets once a month. Highlights of some of this year's activities were book reviews, movies, readings of poetry, and programs of recorded music and poetry. Group projects consisted of collecting local folklore and preparing a radio program. The special activities were excursions to local points of interest-archictectural and historical-a literary character masquerade party and theater parties when classical movies were presented in the city. 67 Standing, Back Row: Sara Roberts, Claire Iohnson. Larry Erickson, Ronald Richards. Lowell Ells- worth, Alva Flake, Verna Tervo, Geraldine Sundelius. Standing, Middle Row: Meryle Iohnstort, Martha Moran, Rose Dittrich. Betty Faull, Dolores Prestay, Grace Betters, lean Carlson, Barbara Lompre, Ioie Townsend, Mary Solka. Doris Tormala, Nancy Tauses, Hazel DeGayner. Seated, Front Row: Louise Iodocy, Ioan Maki, Iudith Anderson. Mr. Brenner. Iudy Olson. Irma Leppanen, Ruth Waara. F. T. A. The Don Bottum Chapter of the Future Teachers ot America is a new organization on Northern's campus this year. Although newly formed, this club's meetings have featured speakers who discussed topics such as social security, teachers' retirement. and the European school system. Plans for the fu- ture include study trips to the various schools in this area, observations of instructors' teaching meth- 68 ods, and actual work with children of different age levels. Northern's chapter can be considered one of the "pioneer" college groups in joining the F.T.A. move- ment. The chiei purposes of this movement are to interest young people in the teaching career, and to acquaint them with the teaching program. Last Row: Mr. Sargent. Charles Trebilcock, Donald Lirette. Iohn Mishica, Mr. Wdhterd- Middle Row: Lawrence Hegstrom, Herbert Hamlin, Raymond Autio, Howard Anderson, Robert Reynolds. Front Row: Edward Dudo, Robert Williams, Robert Gustafson, Iames McCorry, Kenneth Boogren. Industrial Arts Club Quite in contrast to the past, when practically the only offerings were manipulative work in metal and wood, industrial arts-as we know it today- offers a variety of shop activities, as well as a-wealth of informative material. In addition to this enlarged program, membership in the Industrial Arts Club is afforded for those students desiring to further their interests. The club's objective is to promote the welfare and the mutual interests of the department and the students who are enrolled in it. Club membership is open to all Industrial Arts majors and minors. ' Regular meetings are held to promote and pursue professional activities as well as numerous social functions. Upholding the tradition of being the "best fed club on the campus", some of this year's high- lights included the partridge supper, the venison banquet, the rabbit stew, the smelt fry, and the annual spring picnic when the families and friends of the members gathered to bid farewell to gradu- ating members. Other activities included visits to local industrial plants. 69 Standing, Back Row: Edgar Holmgren, Iames Deli-net, David Todd, Robert Kline, Mr. Wright. Ronald Patron, Dr. Niemi, Iohn Charter, Douglas Erickson, Melvin Keranen, Francis Caviani. Standing, Middle Row: Iohn Major, Pat Seppala, Margaret Corcoran, Phyllis Porter, Iean Vance, Helen Nordling, Ianis Tredway, Earl Barber, David Stimac, John Calo. Seated, Front Row: Ronald Talvitie, Mary Tnolla, David Laakso, lim Ozello. Mary Io Worth, David Fassino. Klef Klub The Klef Klub was organized in the fall of 1949. Membership is open to all music majors and minors and any other students who participate in musical organizations such as band, chorus, or orchestra. The purpose of the organization is to promote ap- preciation of all types of music among the students and community, to provide entertainment for the students and faculty, and to promote social fellow- ship among students in the club and the faculty. The main event of the year is the annual Klef 70 Klub Snowball in Ianuary. This year's guests en- joyed dancing to three different dance imitsz the Symphonic Swing Orchestra and large dance band, both under the direction of Dr. Niemi: and a hillbilly group. Featured with the dance bands were vocal soloists, and a quartet. The Collegiate Chorale was directed by Mr. Uhlinger. The club members acted as host to the Upper Peninsula High School Solo and Ensemble Music Festival on March 21st this spring. Standing, Last Row: Francis Caron, Philip Richel, Ted Houle, Richard Ossana, Dorothy Homung, Ted Kero, Rauli Aho, Harold Wiitala, Norman Robbins, Eugene Rigotti. Sitting: Dan Peterson, Dr. Bjork. Mr. Mattson, Dr. Boynton, Wilma Maki. Iohn Ogren. Mathematics Club The Mathematics Club, which is affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. is open to all students majoring or. minoring in that department. The primary topic of discussion at the meetings is the study of modern methods of teaching mathe- matics. The club affords an opportunity for becom- ing acquainted with other mathematics students, as well as obtaining a better understanding of the subject. Some of its other activities include the annual banquet, which is held during the month of February, and the department picnic given at the end of the school year. 71 184 1'5'-.ut-va-B, ll Back Row: Ruth Henes, Carol Nelson. Donna Iacobson, Iiak Tan, Olive Sain. Ethel Polo, Carol Vanderheiden. Second Haw: Gayle Starkey, Lois Lee, Lola Ewing, Dayle Graves, Helen Vogt, Iade Lim, Susanne Brungraber. Front Row: Mrs. Ferns, lane Fine, Margaret Perrin. Donna Underhill, Edna Lindberg, Miss Bemis. N ovohoma Clul: The Novohoma Club was organized to promote a feeling of unity and friendliness among students enrolled in the home economics curriculum. lt is affiliated with the Michigan Home Economics As- sociation and the American Home Economics As- sociation. At a formal candlelight ceremony in the fall, 72. freshman girls are initiated, and at another candle- light ceremony in the spring the senior girls are initiated into the American Home Economics As- sociation. Other highlights of the school year are a Christmas bazaar, Christmas dinner, and Guest Day during which the members are hostesses to the Upper Penisula home economics students. Standing, Back Row: Robert Monck, Louis Myefski, Axel Anderson. Paul Baldwin. Adrian Anglim, Sam Bogarin, Ted Houle, Ivan Ryan. Eugene Seidl. Second Row: Gary Arvo, Robert Pelkie, Fred Taccolini. Ed Wolford, Ted Fellman, Robert St. Martin, Tom Peters, Paul Gingrass, Jerry Pangrazzi, Iohn Mishica. Front Row: Miss Bullinger. Sharleen Hill. Dorothy Bisque. Annagret Vogeler. Helen Williams, Nannis Maki, Mr. Hedgcock. , Physical Education Club The Physical Education Club is the departmental lub for all students majoring or minoring in health nd physical education. The purpose of the club is o promote better social and professional relation- hips among the members of the department. Each week various club members visit the Holy Family Orphanage to teach games and rhythms to the children. Club programs include the annual spring carnival, play nights, cmd guest speakers. The Physical Education Club supports all activities which originate in the department. 73 Standing, Back Row: Donald Hakala, Richard Lahay, Douglas Nordin, Burton Fowler, Peter Oczus, Peter Valek, Emile St. Iean. Standing, Middle Row: Mr. Pearmarn, Sheila Ellis, Shigeko Nishihara, Lyla Bater, Dr. O'De1l. Frank Stubenrauch, Albert Heino, Dr. Burrows. Seated: David Morris, Fern Aho, David Nelson, Elaine Saari, Barbara Haseenger, Sarafine Pcmcheri. Social Science Club The Social Science Club is open to all students who are majoring or minoring in one or more of the social sciences, or who have a special interest in them. The club exists to encourage student participation in discussion and projects relating to current social 74 problems. The program for the past year has in- cluded panel discussions, movies, talks by outside speakers, a picnic, and the sponsoring of an all- college mock election. The ultimate goal of the organization is the development of responsible citizenship and effective civic action. Standing: Charles Bartels, Shirley Vedin, Seratine Pancheri, Dorothy Davis. Seated: Henry Saastamoinen. Mrs. Rubin de LaBorbolla, Mary Plattenburq. Marcia Hicks. Spanish Club The Spanish Club is comprised of Spanish majors and minors, as well as other persons interested in the customs and culture of Spanish-speaking coun- tries. Meetings are designed to improve the students' ability to comprehend and speak Spanish. They are carried on in Spanish, and they provide interesting and diversified activities. The varied programs in- clude such things as games, movies, and informative talks by the various members. 75 ,- QL unh' mar.: 'uf fu Uuxvd-fx it , , ' '.'V- , , Q 4 1 cyf . 'A lm.. ' A' -,wwxc - Xx. xx . ul GQ , , in H 'mx' xxscYxxixxxxKl9E1-ALA 0 mdq ur . N , 1 'xg D '7.i'?,.' Q sn? 'gm' gk! ..'-Tix? ga H gif .. L20 -5 J-125: H iw. F.. n , Q 1 9 Y if A 4 , 'Sqft 0 . ,f, 1 I A 1 ,-..- Y-.1 -pb? ,"u ' , 1' X mu J 1: L' w I 1 If ,r- -13 .gl , x HH A . g 'S ,M A ' 1 .w 'V L 3 v 'Y 3 Q ' .ff 5' - .,1 -x EU - I I W 'fy bg.. . 5 H-nap, .zfiw ,dmv ww 5 1.4 How do ya spell . . .? 53-17' aff" 'L ,Y ,, vp, . V , .,, L .Af N 1 'x .-.. I 2 '- W., ' , '-fe?-Q' ' 'fu U -- 1 , Mig? V ,J , How patriotic can you get? u vw-xr ' f fx' v" " " 'vr4.aQ.vv,nu qvlav ,X--, - ,Lx-125,12 Q- ,vjfifniy A353 ,5::. D TL - .Z '. A.. fi 1 in '. F w- gil-f auf' .w--' ' -'-1 ...lg . sz ' - :5e....'fy.-1 . Jn yi, :Y A5 .-,V '-1:1...L.,.-.,.,, , 'Lam r .. .N , ,P .. 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Q ,Ju ...J .. sic- .Ip . L Lp. V gg: qw.. .Q ,,,, 4, ,,. 'iq-,"ga",?CG'Lt'!f2f'3S'1f5'4' 'Wt '4:?iL'f' ""3J'J'1"3-4-:-'a'1k.'.'a1'3-'15l"7"1 gy... . Q-. ff a- ew.xa.fe6Eiwv1-in-api.:-1514.2 w- ,SH , -!l'F9""' , i. . 1 ff A i i VI I. vi 5,4 M- 1 P , H V, IA jf :L I , 33 ' ,. w -'I ' Nc." X , 1..- . bk ,I .VU E Q. A , ', . F. - , V , - w , :,,x'. I P" J . i'I,"1gQi'," 1: T .ju A ' M ' if-L 4- J .. - -t.l-- OTHER ACTIVITIES x 43 1 J x , l 31 II -1- I ., lgv - QS P-I Z9 . N A- 1.1 li , -- VIHTERNFK lli,, - Y Xa 0695. 519 0569 titqitll H1869 to new yell 9 Boo 9,65 196 wx.. fs Carey Hall xdd ' soda XM ootbe . X049 X 1 eden x Nlxileyie W , cfeqx 6,01 YL Carrying on its well established tradition, Carey Hall added another successful year to its history. The social season began this year with an Open House and Tea at Homecoming. At this time the freshmen girls were put to work decorating the outside of the "dorm" and the Carey Hall float which was good but not best. The Christmas Caroling Party was the next social function on the G.0.0.C.H.'s social calendar. Then came the Faculty Wives Tea in Feb- ruary. Open House was again held on March twenty-third for "Senior Day". Second semester social activities came to a close with the annual Spring Formal Dinner held in Lee Hall. At this dinner the new dormitory officers are introduced and initiated into their offices. This event clirnaxed a banner year for Carey Hall under the capable guidance of Mrs. Iames Sherman. ' fflll., lw.Q,,I'zIs ST Q ffl 1. 1' ,. , . tl - 'ET Standing: Ioan Corbett, Ruth Waara, Helen Williams. Sitting: Mary Ann Hoffman, Marcia Gries, Marie Roosen, Nancy McKevitt. Left to Right: Ann Sword, Ioyce Sundquist, Marie Rossen. Dayle Graves, Ieannetie Warner Cheerleaders Debate Standing: Mr. Roberts, David Nelson. Seated: Mary A. Pirhonen, Margaret A. Perxin, Iohn Regan, Donald Hckala. 6 L ' I i si Standing. Left to Right: William Ryan, Arlene Laird, Sylvia Kinnunen, Claire Iohnson. Nancy Mc- Kevitt, David Laakso. Marilyn Selin, Mary Goodney, Leonore Isdebski, Richard Baer. Seated, Left to Right: Betty Carlson, Lorraine Sommers, Edna Lindberg, Lola Ewing. Miss VanAnt- werp. Hazel Lindholm, Alice Eldred, Wilma Maki. Lauriann Gant. 'Kappa Delta Pi In education, Kappa Delta Pi is one of the leading national honor societies open to men and women exhibiting commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals, and sound scholarship. This organization fosters high standards of preparation for teaching and it endeavors to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship amonq its mem- 82 bers. Kappa Delta Pi has taken particular interest in and held discussions on the shortage of teachers, in this state particularly, with special interest in the Future Teachers of America association. The fresh- man award given annually in recognition oi out- standing achievement was presented to Mrs. Anna R. Bellinger. Top Row, Left to Right: Robert Monck. Robert St. Martin, Theodore Gawry, Louis Myefski, Sam Bogartn, Adrian Anglim. Robert Money, Lowe MacLean, Theodore Houle, Ernest Pardon, Ronald Iohnson, William Barnes, Theodore Fellman, Coach Money. Seated, Left to Bight: Daniel Him. Francis St. Andrew, Fred Taccolini, Iohn Mishica, Ierry Pangrazzi, Axel Anderson. Pierce Roberts, Ivan Ryan, Paul Gringrass, Iohn Beaumier, Robert Pelki, Wayne Brigman, Iarnes Him. "N" Club The members of the "N" Club are men who have won major letters at the college. Their aim is to promote and hack all types of activities at Northern. They usher, collect tickets, and pass out programs at football games and other functions. They col- lected money at one of the basketball games for the "March of Dimes" campaign. This year the "N" Club started work on a much needed trophy case and helped in the construction of sixty new hurdles for the college. The club also sponsored the final Upper Peninsula High School Track Meet held on the college track. 83 I Lett to Right: Nancy McKevitt, Irma Leppanen. Pat Sinooclc. Ioan Corbett, Mary Alice Ward, Joanne Becker. Helen Williams. Student Girls' League All of the girls enrolled at Northern are members of the Student Girls' League. Each class is repre- sented on the council by girls chosen in a spring election. The League works to establish friendly relations among its members and to broaden student life. The 84 Student Girls' League takes an active part each year in preparations for Homecoming, the annual foyer Christmas party, and the spring Rose Cere- mony held in honor of the girls who will be gradu- ated during the coming year. nil I f I , 1 .Xu O I that ':Af'l.', - Left to Right: Lowe MacLean, T. Ray Uhlinger, Pierce Roberta, Cathy Sherman, Ted Houle. Ed Kuivinen, Nancy Neisius, Bob Kline, Dave Todd. Sara Roberts. Helen Williams. Student Council As the council is the voice of the students in the government of the school, each class elects three members to the council for the year. The council strives to promote better relations between the stu- dents and faculty, and works to improve the school as a whole. In their attempt to accomplish this, the council became a member of the National Stu- dent's Association. This membership was the re- sult of a trip taken by some council members to Ann Arbor in December, 1951. In December of the next year. the council took an active part in the N.S.A. convention at Detroit. ' Activities of the year included pep sessions for the football season. The pre-Homecoming pep ses- sion was a Kangroo Court held for the freshmen which fonned the conclusion to the freshmen initia- tion program sponsored by the council. Also, the Homecoming Dance was one of the council's projects. Each year the council has a dinnefat the close of the second semester for both the old and new members. A 85 Seated: Gene Materna, lack Flancher. Oito McNaughion, Ruth Btadway. Standing: Harold Wiitala, Ralph Wallin. Wayne Schwenke. Ray Mayotte. Rod and Gun Club Members of me Rod and Gm Club me mcse Seffiiiiilgielliifmfit'ffliiiiikifoifoilliliie9253 11'-'If'-119 lovsfs whose ffIV01'ife Pastimes include fish' conservation. One of the highlights of the year was ing. hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, hunting for small the annual rabbit supper, which was held in Ianu- game, and archery. ary this Year' 86 Standing: Kay Maynard. Elaine Bishop. Georgia Fontecchio. Marge Gervasio, Lois Aikala, Shirley Hivala, Catherine Pitt. Seated: Ioyce Pekuri. Betty Autio, Ellen Woliord. Marjorie Bermets. Charlotte Montgomery. Dona Wyland. Mara Morris, Pearl Morris. Winovets The Winovets Club is composed of the wives of eterans who are attending Northern. It was organ- zed in 1945 for the purpose of providing social ac- ivities for the members and their families. The outstanding activities of the year included a Christmas party for the children of the members, a spring dinner-dance, and a picnic honoring the graduating veterans. The club also gave toys to the children's hospital at Christmas and donated to the March of Dimes and the Red Cross. 87 The Masquers, Northem's dramatic club, is one of the most popular and active organizations on the campus. The club's activities center around the production of plays, one each semester, for the enjoyment of the student body and the townspeople. Not only those people who see the finished production find enjoyment, but every Masquer can say that work and play backstage can be mixed successfully. Every Masquer has learned that in producing a play everyone has a part whether it's painting scenery, organizing properties, collecting costumes, acting on stage, or doing the countless other jobs necessary in making that play a success. The plays this year were "The Man Who Came to Dinner" and "The Robe". Other activities were a series of radio plays presented over the local radio station, and an annual spring picnic at Parker's camp. M asquers VY X M, N , ' f - 4 . 'fi Y, .X -, AA, M tv ,V E,-T M -My NT ,AN ,WI .r'.. uw if re V- 1 ' f , ' v . ' 5 .-Q' .4'.ft7E . .J . 1, , 1 1 . . ' r - , , 'y t. , wks .L g I 1 . , . , 4 .. f, -. , ,-, ,-.-.-...J - fs ., -ae r..,,.-Jw. .t "-ef.'r',v:1.- - ' 292' "3 :ami 11" . -.. "5 , ' LQ.-QALLEA-h-"wT"3Q'-Q-" ,. , fu -,,, ' v , 7 . 2 I l"iff-ff., ' ' ' ' " . , --lf 1,1 -: 'afilfii , 1 I Y ,-,g.J..,,. - -:aa-Y,,i.,. A- M., 4, , Q .-, Q.:-1,...,',-.,:1, 5-fry,-.:.g4'5 in .J ' T 4' l ' ' l - '- V. 1'1" Allele-: :.' 71' ' ' ' ' ' ...H 12 f' 03. ' F. ' :J Q", lf" 4 N f f.:g9,f'lE li ' 1 , .."',Jia:,f'!:g,,: ,' ' 5? N ' ' " ' Jw. 'la' V 541:f"A+ ': "pi-lil-F:':f -Q l V "T 4"" Standing, Back Row: Carol Vanderheiden, Mary Christiansen, Helen Alfredson, lim Nebel, Les Perino, Iohn Major, Iohn Calo, Nick Menghini, Dick Ossana, Les Carlson. Sitting, Front Row: Ian Overholt, Cathy Sherman, Marcia Gries, Pierce Roberts, Miss Bearnan, Iack Rousseau, Donna Iensen, Mary Alice Ward. Marjorie Meehan. Jade Lim. 88 GA-. AQ' 'E THE NORTHERN COLLEGE NEWS vonxxxv r No, 12 ' Published Bi-monthly except August and Setpember by the NORTHERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE ot EDUCATION. Marquette, Mich. Mn-mum-1 Dssocialed Colle ' e Pres ' Eval s Entered as Second Class Matter at Marquette. Michigan. in November, 1914, under the Act of March 3. 1873. Prlce, 81.00 a year: ten cents s. single copy. FRANK MOODY DAPHNE JACQUES. FRANK STUBENRAUCH DOROTHY DUNFORD EDVVIN WEILAND SANDRA DYER ROBERT SHANLEY ERNEST PARDON WILLIAM PIERCE CRAIG OLSON-Editor-in-Chief PATT NICHOL-Feature Edltor AJEIL ANDERSON-Spur!! Edltbl' JEAN SUBEE-News Editor ANN SWORD-Malling Editor REPORTEBS MARGARETANN ST, DOLORES PRESTAY CAROL NEISON DAVID NELSON TOM KEOUGH - BUSINESS STAFF RUTH BRADWAY GILBERT CARLSON CHARLES PAPJN CYR MARY CHRISTIANSON YLVIA VEDIN ROBERT REYNOLDS MARCIA GRIES DOROTHY MORISSBTTE DAVID MORRIS BERNHARDT NYMAN DAVID JOHNSON MATT HAUKKALA Faculty-G. C. Meyland, Adviser: Don J. Zwem Len Vaan Tassel. Buslness Manager. . er, Circulation: Northern News I 4-K. s 5555 AJ gl' M k.,! -J .,.-. 1 : 4 11 A W X 1 N The group above, pictured at a News make-up meeting, in- cludes most of the staff which produced the campus news paper this year. Those helped keep the paper rolling off the press from left to right, Don Craig Olson, lean Suber Dolores Presiay, Ann Carol Nelson. Prof. G. C. land ladvisorl, Dorothy ette, Robert Reynolds, Rigotti, A1 Heino, and Panchen. y, The Beloved Country," in most viewers minds, was a neces- ovie. Especially so in view of universal bigotry and recent unrest h Africa. Coincidentally, it was shown in Marquette during rhood Week and, for the very commendable job the British did is story, all concerned wlthiits produmion fri.:-"5dPl"X7n nm no est 't It's too bad the British i "Movies Are Better Than ncer Tracy has been cas 5 d The Sea. No other de , but after seeing a num ers in the above English parts could, and should, ' ience is not likely to asso of present box office so lanigan to some, a Courz wit-h. some ,performance.1 a popular, wealthy, and 1 bout in a fake ocean and a comfortable bed. Hell nd' no supercolossail cellu ncise than was the book. ments have been receive: 0 . '1 he Old an- lar, ,ry om Ii.l'c be ted lite lilo mtl zhe ary rd, Sut 1.,...,.v 4-..,.:1:+a.-... in fha mldlfnrium. They Seem to be quite loonmlionif Domes hat do you look so 8lUmlCan't someone help me out? l I1 ni L' Ou 'X1'l7"': 'I nun -'inn of-'i ny r er 1 they bur y wi eir of it g ake' d : the gh. A's haf' Way, I know what. I heard some s talk the other day about a k which Dr. Murray Banks wrote Zthere were some mighty clever tations which I heard them re- ' so would you like to hear going to ltell you them anyway. he first cute excerpt I heard girls mention was that this in- rsting author was telling about it hum beings want from life. :eems it t most people tnormal t is? want a mate. Most of us it lov.: and yet some want to W what it is that we want in . ed. , , U U an you imagine that? I love, and what it is we get in love? ought that was a class "One fellow wrote to his sweet- played games and had heart: n. re isn't . If I p writir. ld 'probi' and M13 e my gra " - ut? Tt not don ing thx anywaj ., quiet: ore mu' is,l so for tl, w tand I-Iazel erilyn ft the ith 5 hands ers of th and irtions , chool-s men, t Mary ,aff 0 re 4 Wh- ll, nov' haf el: pacei, you ti side, :a 5-I ' x "Dearest Annabelle: ' urruzlrl -'alviv-v1 Ohm vvm3rx,l'xi+7nn!-44.4141411- ie? Too bad if you don't 'cause, I "OUR RED MENACE" Chapter VI X Dhisel is at- orthern col- ' check on Y. He has nmunist wo- gshave been lnquiring Reporter Draft Status of Men In Colleges Questioned 'V QUESTION: Do you students should be dr MARCIA HICKS Mich.-"If their acadez are high enough, I should be allowed to before being drafted." KENNY HEIM, Bark -s"If a college stude. junior or senior year. due for the draft, he I lowed to finish school freshman or sophomo be all right to draft 'l MARGARET BAS1 quette, Mich4"I think' go when his number? RUTH BRADWAY up when I rea are the com neople like ma Z over falilin peen doing m ilupes by Shar is but the pr etty shrewd 0 scared of me one of thos V 4 dless birds t Wise.-"The boys with an academic Hhand out some spiel on the part, 'lfowelroom Tales By LEI.ANll WHEAT ' lx - ' " the heading, the name is Wheatg W-11," . 's WS:-st up there, you'll know that the dirty! QM hor ups. A price We artists must pay but c' ' Vg' hc r alicious, but merely the airing of my o P' mtl 'uns is ukeiy, that before the last two b apen und radio station have completely ignorf 1 om- word in the paper: not one word about, aclio station. This was particularly errant Houghton Tech game. Of all the gamdg most people in town would like to see. Yet o'nQ - information kept the game a well- guard As a result, I talked to several people that rl j and' would have gone to it if they had. Q everything considered. I xdvertisoment for the home games, the last tm., gu..n-- lllrfy mon L out it in, maybe this is the explanation. H-ow- ever, thc cold SllOLllfl'?I' we received seems a ,little difficult to explain wholly and rathsr hard to take. While much time on the sports programs is spent on the local in- stitutions, the college isn't often one of them. Then interesting and im- nnxtnnf fhinus' like Crmvas-back Smith was TKOed in the eighth round of the program. The L31 it but a word or Jlace. I Tech and North- but it dominates the college game paper extoilled a basketball game it we got a nice zo the game. The games with the 1 can't offer any of columns of , the college be- at all functions, rquette area and rt of the city as ketbzji team has 1, yet these play- 1 miles away. Are arent movement rs we draw from .ig-,,l.v led up, much to eight-six record. -ssos would have Ion't always need I the points were cured one that's i pped on recently. remain nameless, .ter. Just goes to 5' ling about it is, '. xr ' ifglihll L-. WI-. . inn' - v- xl ll ler! 1 1,7- Laird O Igbf .x ,.,, ,mw3.Q3ig.,, ' sfrlly Io ,sions M9 Pierce Roberts, Associate Editon Peninsular: Staff jean Vance, Literdry Edibl- Mqtema' Gewxigvgditor ' Ylviffwii, .A ,W . " 1: Shan, Fern A ' mzkglgg 1 Qc , Ioan Maki' ho, ,queue r I n Business Manage Kcxmlne ' ' RudY Ann Sword, Aslwciate Editor . Ediwf Laird, Arlene Keskey Left to Right: Carole Vanderheiden. Margaret Perrin, Marmie Peterson. Helen Iune Altredson, Donna Ienson. Rudolph Kaminen. What with the new location of the yearbook workshop, up in the Peter White science building, one of the hardest parts of preparing this year's book was finding the room. After that it was simple-just enter. reach for a stack of pic- tures and a jar of paste, and begin smearing the hands and, incidentally, the pictures, with nrbber cement. Or one could type-or perhaps sprawl on the floor and identify pictures- this entailed racing to the far corners of the building, finding someone to identify the Man Nobody Knew in one of the group pictures. All things considered, including the typewriters with the unmarked keys, it can be safely said that more effort and more fun went into meeting this year's deadline than in quite a few previous years. ' Left ro Right: Lois Fenniq. Mocm Maki. lean Vance. Genevieve Moiemd- v.g:,-1?-f:,thg':1 23:31, .gqjq-9:-"Qi Pgsg-351122-E-H5974-I-mf1'6x1'fa'f124'.w gf-7 :,l.J519?L':f:l.,,... l f 1. ,- , '-iffvfga.-rpg-,v-.g:2:E:':y-'i'J.:7eg1-g-1116.4 -cf -. ia. -- ww-.' N' --H+- uTf.'3.':'rx:Vg'J':'3n"1 gf"-'1"'l152P'll 'us fr-t-A-. H-17-rv. :s-.1'.-avr-Q I j ,.-. '..a,.l!g.f A nk-.Jig ll A. 43.1 ,glgvflliftt-lb?gK',bf1iig'7::::.::La3:2'Q'l'Q' -' 1- ' r.".'.- frgvh- '.-XAPV- 'f'lf'fa1'f.qx95 obid- fr'.!f"" 9 'A- '.-tnfAw.-fd'--.'r1ft'f r write-.--A .-, .- P .,-..., . L- '.l --f ". Of .s .I- :QQ-110350: F-L' .rfi-fig I3l.':6ln-4 eu' I "-1-'fs:11:S'.53sf:'1fP-6' 5'Q'553'ap:TlC7"45 '-vL5fqL""AiW'3,l'3' Lg' -1.1. 'L -1 'u-- ,-L61 -sg. 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I ' or I ' S if t"Lu"7.2-1f":u:'15 .5411 t 10 -Hqphlxja 15.0. ,goqihg gig-.E gf:- v2,:vssc:ff.a+5w'w' whtistrsttl' 4 .. nv,!3,:1'f'x?-4..i5?9y-"0 'f' as in '- :gr -.v -y.. 4151 1- -,er "y'J'b"-:VU ffrfnfz 74--r 1-'VT . b 5,-4313?-A'v..5-..o :gg Q-Qs!-kv, uvar-54,-!3,r7?r.5'ei?rs,a-.59fgafq-,vilff 5i'grq.'t:,'3,qL-,5gg.nge":.g,1:3.g,s,,.?:g . .. ...J ..g a, Back Row: Irene Matero, Vivian Morton, Gertrude Sherbinaw, Sally Danielson. Carol Sperberg, Iulienne Miller, Pat Bessolo, Helen Wallis. Karen Fink, Beverly Talo, Pat Kennedy. Front Bow: Elizabeth Gall, Nancy Daniels. Pat Tremblay, Mercedes Starkey, Merle Marttnson Charlotte Lukkarinen, Suzanne Lindstrom, Shirley Salmio, Elsie Premeau. St. Luke's Nurses Upon completion of three years training in the St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing, a young woman is cz Graduate Nurse. During her first yecrr of training the student nurse completes six courses at the Northern Michigan College of Education. These courses are Chemistry, ' Physiology and Anatomy, Microbiology, Nutrition, Sociology. and Psychology. l Throw un cz kiss. Scxntul fv ebeencq oo-1 W' 11011999 Foyer l Pa rt Ghristmas 19 52 Turn up ihe heat! Sardine Qgnounded. 4 ' 'hs meaning of chmifmas. Are you for real? 95 Y .Mx . ,, W , x A ,gk E 4 x ,nm ,,.. 'U um . .m ,- 1-ww.. wg . Jef B, pm f s , 1--.ggzzrrr kgm 15Lg-r:-5-5ri:r,:- ,Pc .5 ,ex gag,-2, .HL M 2. w PG W 2 JY neg nlfin ' ' :Zi ,,.. ,, Q ru W A-M 'E 5 f N 1 . A93 -': x 1':'k X. mf MUSIC DEPARTMENT S , W ff J B J LE al iff! Sl Band On Northern's campus there are five lively and active musical organizations: the mixed chorus, which presents two concerts each year and assists at the baccalaureate ceremony: the band, which marches for football games and plays for basketball games, and presents a concert of fine music each spring, in addition to going on tour: the Tri-City Symphony Orchestra, with members from Marquette. Ishpeming, and Negaunee, and the College Little Symphony, made up of musicians from all depart- ments of the college. Both these last groups present concerts, and a select group from the college orches- tra share tour concerts with a slightly enlarged Col- legiate Chorale, which is the last group. This vocal group utilizes some of the better voices on campus, and has presented many radio broadcasts, programs and concert numbers since it was organized three years ago. Orchestras are conducted by Dr. Allan Niemi, and Mr. T. Ray Uhlinger directs chorus. Chorale, and band. Chorus ff "ef JL. . 1 ,1 -" fi-'riff-.Sir ',',"a1p.'i-3-'Zi-fi 'TQ-7 .-,,,,, -f -:Q fi. .- yr, , , ,.. , , ,- -arf ' C6434 1 f".', "Ali 1- 1 .,, ww. V ,I .A u ip i ' 4' -:ff , -2 F H X--if' "J -' 3".'ff'e-,,',',g1g,.':- ,g'55-:xi gf:-555-LJ. ,-'1 ' ' AL A ' lv, 2,1211 4 v V Q ,,.,??5i:A vl,:,Y-'.v.7v!1,?1 5 - 44. E , ,W '1 ' fET-3f7f7'ff- 1 V . ' - - 'L 1 5 W- 1 ,-H 1- if ff 1 A VI' 5 B K. l J W' -. if I A. :J 1. I . X-Li re T.. 1, "' 'wx 'V ' ' ' . ' ' 0 T' .1 ' 4 -X..-ew: 'i - flf" - A.- , . 1 I- " ,:.' UQ", ' .h'f.:yna.:,h 1 '-- ,A .11-Y V '. -..-, - . -' - q " . . ,. "U--4'-' vm , N :Fm M- Il' "--- A, --4--- ' fw-Y if - NSW' 3 X ' 1 ' E. """3""' ' ' g X X . HP 5 X 12 Ill 2 '-'J' " " " " """'?"7- - ' ' "':?':i?1kf'i"'9'q55'1 W ' Q 5 uf I W 4- .. .L,.., . ,' " ff .H :V ' ,,. F7iZ37Q-l"7" '13 ' sg ll "' U" 'HA """'-iff' T' M- M f ski L :lmIl'f"Ntz , 5551 i lx xwf fig 5' y 3 . FE X521 ' 'jg A LQ , 'V ji- : ii fl. ,Q - ft 5 iP' l .V f ' Q ,A Q' W. ff. X' I ,' fx X ' f I .V I' 1 I S1 1 1 il' I fi. N fm M M 4 g 4' 'WH ' ..-. , .M l i 1 . , Open wider. please. ' V "A" 'X',, Q! L ,,,z .thx I Q , J. 5 Time machine? l 3 -,-.,.,f.,-.-.-.e..-,177-,Z ,,,.,, , Y . Y 1.1 , ll, - ' , .' P.,: ,, in L -V g l.,-:jj Q r Fiddle-faddle. They uren't that bud. T. Ray. Robert Kee dedxcctes our new electromc organ ff 5:1 1 rf? ffw Stl 5 ,, Eg, fi . ., , 4 H3 , n,' A2233 u Y?- v I -0" 1015 4 1 .eb f",.ux ,f . 1 1 Xu! xkj Q, X , . . 1 M, ,1't,XU P. .ig SORORITIES and FRATERNITIES K"-YX, S X.. x' f , NX t t .1 f . s i K . I .t','15, me-ea-, if 5 Riff is r 153, 11 1 - -7'-to i l ' 152 - 4 . 1. 'iii Ecf ifii' "N it " Q f , Y L .A -rw 5335 Q gg Jlt: - .,' 1 1 4 -l - , 15,71 ,,, ff , -. QM - v - 7 Y 1 I V1 r 2 fe L -fy 1,1 V, ,N , , , , 'F f .HH : 'J' -KL 1: C' Tv. 1 - ' ... Standing: Helen Williams, Annette Pierce, Dorothy Buska, Marilyn Holman, Iudy Anderson, Mrs. Money, Mrs. Boynton, Louise Iodocy, Margaret Corcoran, Alice Mae Davidson, Barbara DuBord, Arlene Koehler. Seated: lean Collins. Nancy Neisius. Marie Roosen. Ann Sword. Helen Nordlinq, Lola Ewing. Zim Omega M Sincerity, loyalty, reliability, and understanding are the attributes for which the Beta Omega Tau Sorority has strived since its beginning in 1923. During the first semester two rushing parties were held-a Brazilian Coffee Party and a Smorgasbord. At the beginning of each semester initiations were held at a candlelight ceremony. 104 During the Christmas Season the Betas joined in the annual four-sorority formal dance. The annual Beta Bunyan Ball and the Mother's Day Tea were held during the second semester. As part of the homecoming activities, the Betas helped decorate the campus and a float for the parade. 'll s 7 F3192 gva B X0 e-19? fa aloof q'QQxw'2- Most of 'em are 1 v A s?i'Ir, L ,fy .n.,1,-,Uv 5 f f'-,H ' 2f:'a,j , . -is ff' -s -L Merry Christmas to you, too. happy, anyway. Standing: Barbara Nelson. Gayle Starkey, Ioan LaCrosse, Ioyce Sundquisi, Joanne Becker, Barbara Hasaenger, Dayle Graves. Sitting: Kathryn Bartol, Carolyn Howlett, Iosephine Townsend, Lois Iones, Shirley Lausen, Sheila Ellis, Carolee Oas. .4 TT' 65 0 Standing: Mary Ann Pirhonen, Daphne Iacques, Ruth Henes, Beverly Dean, Carol Nelson, Susanne Brungraber, Anita Walsh. Sitting: Margaret Petersen, Ian Overholt, Donna Mae Jacobsen, Patt Nichol. Miss Beaman, Ieanette Wamer. Qglflflelf' 89 The Cegmer Seg Sorority received its charter in April of 1923. The promotion of good fellowship and sisterhood among Northern women is the principal aim of this sorority. The characteristics which are desired by its members are character, scholarship. friendship, love, loyalty. cheerfulness, kindness. in- 106 tegrity, and perseverance: The social calendar for the year is made up. Fall rushing parties, and a dinner-dance in hon of the pledges who were initiated as new membe In the Spring, the sorority sponsors an all-scho social. 1. Sf iff 19051 ' 5 ' -ii. . Happy Ceg pledges. Solemn ceremony Private ceremony? iw-w Comfy? x ,, U1-ad e. s over 107 5232601 igmoz The Delta Sigma Nu Sorority was organized March 17, 1923, and is the oldest sorority on the campus. At the present time it is also the largest. Delta Sigma Nu is devoted to the moral, spiritual and intellectual development of its members and the furthering of the best interests of Northern. Twenty-one girls became pledges during the first semester, following two rushing parties which were Barn Dance and French Cafe parties. Top to bottom, Ieit: Donna Iensen, Ioan Maki, Helen Vogt, Marllyn Iohnaon, Anne Harrington. Helen Bartonon, Irma Maki, Mary Robinson, Doris Tormala. Top to bottom, right: Ianice Tibor, Lois Fenning. Pat Shanley, Terry Doyle, Carol Hawes, Nancy Tauses, Marcia Hicks. 4 Top to bottom, left: Kay Bergstrom, Mary Leaf, Sara Roberts, Clare Iohnson, Nancy McKevitt. Ioan Corbett, Betty Faull, Sylvia Vedin, Ioan Freeman, Betty Hawkin, Margaret Perrin, Fern Aho, Phillis Porter, Iade Lim. Top to bottom, right: Mrs. Wilmer, Mary Good- ney, Ioan Lindholm, Dorothy Lustic, Donna Under- hill, Lila Bater, Helen Alfredaon. Pat Sincock, Helen Owens, Alice Eldred. The Christmas and spring formal dinner dances highlighted the Delta's social calendar. These were held in the Lee Hall Ballroom with an orches- tra furnishing music for dining and dancing. To aid in the all-school pro- gram, the traditional Back-To School Dance was sponsored by the Delta's early in the fall. Other outstanding events of the year included construc- tion of a float and decorations for the Homecoming celebration, the dressing of a Christmas Doll, the pledging and initiation ceremonies, and a spring picnic. Smi Xe. wma ig J---Nw. The art oi relaxation. ouch! I , f-'gm 3 That's okay. we don't like io study. either. Swee f a . Hd Innocent X bodY nn Irma emoting. -KAI J, 3? Stretch eYes e goodies, I 4,0 41- - .fx ,' 'HAL-ii-4 ' .Lf-4" " achl l,,...L, J.-. I -house I6 Watch thai boarding Funny bunnies. Standing, Back Row: Antonette Kenny, Delores Prestay, Maxine Raab, Mary Trolla, Kay Reavie, Marcia Gries, Ruth Waara, Hazel Lindholm, Lauriann Gant. Middle Row: Annagret Vogeler, Elaine Bloc, Miss Bryant, Grace Betters, Arlene Laird, Shigeko Nishihara, Betty Carlson, Wilma Maki. Seated, Front Row: Clarice Woods, Dorothy Bisque, Pat Niemi, Mary Ann Hoffman, Catherine Sherman, Iudy Olson. ummm This year the Gamma Phi Alpha Sorority is cele- brating its 25th birthday. A Silver Anniversary tea was held on Homecoming Day to celebrate the oc- casion. The maintenance of high scholastic standards, friendliness to all students, and the furthering of the best interests of Northern have always been the objectives of this sorority. Each year, the sorority holds a series of rushing parties which enables the Gammas to become acquainted with the new women 110 of Northern and helps them adjust to their new life on the college campus. The oustanding events of the year included a Christmas party, the pledging ceremony, the dress- ing of a doll, the buying of toys for less fortunate children in Marquette, the four-sorority Christmas formal, the candlelight initiation, and the sprin formal. The year's activities closed with a sororit picnic and outing. P M 5 A is xii?-N - : ' .2 Uv' f Y! Vq, 1 Q9 1155 Left to Right: Rose Dittrich, Martha Moran, Ioan Walton, Mary Fugere. lean Vance. Agnes Fassbender, Nancy McDonnell. !9Ai .jcaloloa or Cnce again the Phi Kappa Nu Sorority sponsored the contest for campus King and Queen GS its PGH of Northern's Homecoming festivities. After the hard- fought campaign was over, Helen Nordling of L'Anse was crowned Queen and Bob Bell of Marquette be- came Campus King. The annual Kappa Koronation 112 Ball was the scene ofthe big event of the year. The Phi Kap's held rushing parties in the fall fo the new women enrolled at Northern, and later the initiated pledges at their pledging party. The othe big activity of the sorority was taking part in th four-sorority Christmas formal in Lee Hall Ballroo Olffflf' .v 11-'H , j L. ,Q 54 ,7-W---Ng-we -V - Y :EF P "'Z L ,u.,,.v., VV.,-, - v ,M If ,L K v 1 I ' ":i:,fe ., V A sw ...V ' :J J 'LX' Alpha Phi Omega Standing: Mr. Pecxrman, Eugene Rigotti. Icxmes Moody, Robert Shcmley, Iumes Dorsey. lack Clark. Iohn Oqren, Donald I-Iakala. ' Seated: Alcm Skewis, Richard Lcxhay, Wayne Lindstrom, James Gleason. Frank Moody, Burton Fowler. Peter Wahlmczn, David Gcxllineiti. 1-1 "v-"d:.t-"4""w-'V .- -----1. 4.-. - ---.---- - -v. -.---.- fr -v --'- ..- -. -f -- --V. .- -.-.--,- - - .. .. - .- . . - - 1 ... . . ... -, . dvl'1u,,.-gn ,Q Ag: .gbpr 15.-,J, 1 .v-,1....--,- rgxffpm -Nqm 4.5:-R5 5' ,5,w,,n.,v .r. 5454. 1 .5 1 ,MA-f-,,.,fg,, q,. 1 . ,., .g-5-yn, .ry-. ,. .,,v.,,v, ,p..5, fwQ..z-J..-.-v L 55 P... , fb. ,Of , -fn Q ps-us.,,, FQ-M ' 1,3 5- 1vPy'y,33,1 4-' - Q-l:,,1.QI - .-ggfc. 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The Iota Chi chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity is the youngest frater- nity on Northern's campus. The purpose of the ALP.O. is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and to promote service to humanity. The four main fields of activity which call for the attention of each chapter are: Service to the studentbody and faculty. Service to youth and community. Service to members of the fraternity. Service to the nation as participating citizens. The Iota Chi Chapter of Northern received its charter from the National Representative on May 27, 1951, with the Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Michi- gan Tech carrying out the installation-initiation ceremonies. Service projects undertaken during the past year have consisted of sponsoring a Christmas Dance, fence guards at the football games, assisting fresh- men during the days of orientation and ushering at college programs and assemblies. 115 Standing: Marvin Shanks, Dave Todd, Tom Keough, Lee Laitala, Keith Cutler, Iohn Hoffman. Seated: Don Campbell, Richard Baer, Mr. Fritz, Art Schober. Frank Stubenrauch. Theta Omicron Rho The Theta Omicron Rho Fraternity, founded in 1914, is the oldest existing organization on Northern's campus. Founded for the purpose of promoting the intellectual, social and moral welfare of its mem- bers, the fraternity offers ample opportunity for men to work together in the fraternal spirit of co- operation. Because of the size of the fraternity house, Theta Omicron Rho offers a large and varied social pro- gram for its members and guests. Along with the Thanksgiving social, the Christmas formal, and the Spring dinner-dance, week ends see the house open for such activities as dances and informal parties. "Are You From Dixie", a biennial Minstrel Show, is written and produced by the fraternity. The pro- 116 ceeds from the show are used for house improve ments. This fall they undertook the window Wash ing job at the Lake Shore Engineering Co., whic enabled them to put a new roof on the greater portio of the house. The fraternity encourages participation in th college intramural sports program, along with varied program of recreation at its residence. Th bowling alley, tennis and volleyball court, and pin pong tables are in constant use, and regular tea competition is carried on in the house. The fraternity has a large and varied membership representing not only the majority of the communi ties of the Upper Peninsula, but nearly every curri culurn offeredat Northern. Q .ckeib .WH or we em Yiwu 6. sflaie . mote Who 5 Standing: Dave Stimac. Barth Richards, Carl Tuch. Don Lirette, Keith Moran. Dan Zintman Seated: Ed Dykstra, Allan Slye, Iames Ozello, Don Balzarini. Iohn Courtney, Tom Niles. l Standing: Dave Corey, Charles Bergstrom, Philip White, Lowe McLean, Ron Iohnson, Gilbert Carlson. Seated: Wayne Brigman, Neil Nystrom, Mr. Wright. Mr. Raleigh, Lawrence Beltrame, Walter Fassbender. Tri The Tri Mu Fraternity was organized in 1922. This fraternity has promoted high physical, social, in- tellectual, and moral standards and has developed a fraternal spirit among its members. Headlining the events sponsored by the fraternity 118 Mu are the all-school Halloween party: the fall dinne dance: the biennial stage production, the "Brit Lites": and an active pledging program, which h been devoted to building a larger and strong fraternity. Standing: Francis St. Andrew. Iim Nebel, Bill Pierce, Bob Kline. Axel Anderson. Roy Cassette Willard Came. . Second Row: Charlie Papin, Ted Gawry, Dave Nelson, Mr. McCollom, Nick Menghini, Les Perino Pierce Roberts . First Row: Iohn Beaumier, Ned Dudo, Paul Beauparland, Fred Taccolini, Ivan Ryan, Iack Rousseau Ierry Pangrazzi. N'Q ,, N- q- - iiri , , 924.4 M.,L,,w -A a 1 1 1 af? ,fw 'ur 4?- W0 T' 'il dl ig, .J -lf, 2 11 Yu M ,- ,. few Q n ,,,.a-'I 5 I'-'is - L 1 ,f """ 2, .,..,.-4isg,,,i I 'L 2 E X XY 1 Y RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS fy Wi! fn Back Row: Marilyn Selin. Evelyn Anderson. Douglas Nordin. Dr. Cooke, William Holmstrom. Mrs. 1 Holmstrorn. Claire Iohnson. Front Row: Rose Dittrich, Shirley Strom, Ieanelte Ingebrigtsen. Ruth Bames, Barbara Lompre, LaVerne Sommers, Delores Vertz. Interfvarsity Christian Fellowship Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is an inter-de- university campuses throughout the world. The loc nominational evangelical fellowship with thefpf chapter holds Bible studies every Monday nig mary aim of promoting the Christian faith. There during the school year, and sponsors several soci are more than one hundred chapters on college and events, 122 Back Row: Iack Flancher, Wayne Brigman, Paul Lehto, Mrs. Roepke, Dr. Schaefer, Rev. Pelkonen. Second Row: Verna Tervo, Clare Johnson, Lorraine Sommers, Renae Lingberg, Rose Dittxich, Esther Anttila, Irene Mannisto, Agnes Fassbender, Rev. Roepke, Helen Nordling, Sister Arleen Ingebrigt- son, Mrs. Schaefer, Ioan Maki, Irma Maki, Rev. Maki, Indy Olson. First Row: Rev. Lindberg, Mrs. Lindberg, LaVe!ne Sommers. Helen Owens, Iohn Ogren. Kay Bergstrom, Mr. Fritz, Mrs. Pelkonen, Mrs. Maki. Lutheran Students Association The Lutheran Students Association was organized Homecoming, a skating party and social, a Christ- o promote a spirit of Christian fun and fellowship mas ban tl - d di - - - or Lutheran students at Northern. The club meets que G meme cm scussmn on mlxed . . . marria es a Sunrise s ' ' nce cr month Wllh Dr. Schaefer as 1lS advisor. g ' . ervlce' and outslde speakers' as well as regular business meetings and Bible Activities for the year include participation in studies. , 123 , tx. wr, ,n , , ,, 'iw 3 :- il. . if - 'G f ' ' t g.+...,-- A ,, , 4' Last How: Mary Christiansen, Theresa Rose. Dorothy Bisque, Art Schober, Iohn Major, Peter Valek, Ronald Bloch, Wayne St. Pierre, Richard Lahay, Ioan Corbett, David Fassino. John Calo. Middle How: Carol Rasmussen, Dorothy Davis, Ann Sword, Father Cordy, Mrs. Bucklin, Willard Came, Mary Io Worth, Louise Iodocy. Front Row: Meryle Iohnston, Betty Pauli, Iedn Miller, Emile St. lean, Barth Richards. Walter Dabeck, Mary Trolla, Lyla Bater, Terry Doyle, Mary Solka. Newman Club The Newman Club is the campus organization which aims at keeping the Catholic students in spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and social contact with their church. Organized in 1926, the Newman Club is an affiliate of the Newman Club Federation, which is a national association and a part of the National Catholic Welfare Council located in Wash- ington, D. C. The Newman Club at Northern recently 12.4 transferred membership from the Oh' V 11 lrlrgvince to the Northern Central Provinbae inath a. Regular meetings are held on the 1 third Tuesday of each month. The Clilzgllvlirtlfrnoral SPODSOTS SUHCRIY Slippers, communion breakfast gtgthtgginugi retreat, and other religious and soci Back Row: Iames Finley, Lowe S. MacLean, Stuart Eldred, Herbert Hamlin. Middle Row: Marmte Petersen. Iiak L. Tan. Mrs. Finley, Geok Loci Lim. Pauline Hockenberry. Edith Nobel. Front Row: Don Nelson, Mrs. Nelsen, Leonore Isdebski. Iames Nebel, Mary Alice Linn, Alice Eldred, Lois Fennig, Rev. Wright. Wesley Foundation The purpose of the Wesley Foundation is to pro- ide for the intellectual, moral and religious care nd instruction of students of Northern Michigan llege of Education, especially those who are ad- erents of the Methodist Church. The organization eets each Sunday evening during the college year for a supper and program. Each spring a delegation of about thirty students attends the Michigan Stu. dent Christian Convocation in lower Michigan. The Wesley Foundation also sponsors recreational and social events at frequent intervals throughout the year. 125 Last How: Lauriann Gant, Leonore Isdebski. Ben Chapman. Mr. Gant, Robert Money, Marilyn Murphy, lane Fine. Front Row: Rev. Mitchell, Donna Underhill, Sara Roberts. Mrs. Chapman, Alice Eldred. "Westminster Fellowship The purpose of Westminster Fellowship is to pro- mas Party. outdoor activities, guest speakers, and vide the Presbyterian young people with an oppor- tunity to join in worship, Christian fellowship, and recreation. sunrise breakfast. This organization meets each Sunday night a seven o'c1ock and welcomes all young people o The program for the year has included a Christ- college age. - 126 ,751 Bottoms up! Carol snoozes while Missouri helps Shot wiih breakfast in bed! UM a" Corcoran M 0 D 1' 0 D 9 1' ,, J, Y Ming, .5 ,n r Y 4 ,.J .,. DOUW ,, ' 'E o i n 9 s In hothdh me ' ' How'd he get in here? That lived-in look! We had cr party! Homecoming Activities C'mon gang, fifteen for the Wildcats! 4 In the N old tow H tomghtl ,f -Q., "T S bln.-gi. "-'G--...Ni -... -syp- THE BU5! ms swf NUFTHLAND NESS lehdox He! Bob tide in Yeqcl sp mms eh and ' ,I ' If? 19 , -'lv Soup's on. cmd are they glad! 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W 5 5, L, . gy '- ! -1 A - v.k,z.!.' h Y ' 7 -A 1 L I 7-3'--, 7, A4 .1,. ,:' 'A' A I -. i ' - Q 1 143: 'K . ' Y- W I' ' i'b"!v- -, - . , W , I Q' fb' 54 vi' v L-iff , " 1 A' A 7 S fi . ,Q,.--if - I ng -F 5 m .TH ff JB: V I. Q5-11-,V , , , 4 if L1 K f I ,-4' ' ,, , , ' 'L ' .9 ' -4 . , - F- -' ' 4 - , f ' K' iih ' ' 4 IGI. f 'I fl- E J - J " ' .. K' 'C -rt, 5 5 -9 Q f I M, .. L ' . A J" , -f' i ' 1- . - " - . ' f- '- uni? fag?-f, I .Jr A f .w .1 -gif. 1, A 'P' -P , Q -. " P 1 K . -1 "T ' .' ES W m rf n. JF , i' , - G " . 'W ' f ,v f Ai L, in L ,L F-' J 3 i Q -1 v- i -Q . W? L . A -"gig" -1. -Q. -rf ' ,,, ,1.q,Hi if s f f Y Q 1 ' ,- iw v 1 M a , 759- -- , L ' 'bv - ' 'n - W- .-Z wi , , 'I' - 0 F 1: -1 H 40? ' Q ' . -1: ..: 1 4 ' . L ' 1 n ,I-2 A . , 1, My - - -Q5 ,, ' ' A ,. L- ,lv - . '-ff", - 4 "fi .-Vid! - m,,5-ga QF N H ., lg-,s 1 i in - 1 , - W , I . A V N W ...t Ju - - 1-.1 H, iw E, ? S in .r 5 tt , -KV Q5 Y. , 1? V, V J... ,, Q-:Aff M L ii' 1. , l Y' dx .EL 'JH SPORTS 132 5 S ...4 Q. 1,'. ",' Jn. FCJOTBALL Head Coach Backfield Coach C. V. "Red" Money "Muggs" Gingrcss Coaching Line COUQI1 S ff Ass't Line Coach Bill" Rulelqh "Pete" Peters 1952 FOOTBALL SQUAD ' ' " " "' . .., , X, ,,. W, A " 1 ' f- "v ' Q gnw wg-1' ,' 5 ' ' , ,- Us 1 5555. "' H. W.. . ' V " ' ' ' ,m - Q5 . 34 Gridiron Action 32 Olivet 27 Oskosh 33 Ferris 0 Michigan Tech 28 Northland 27 Cedarville f?'i'- l . S- ' What's the good word coach? l Football IUC!!- m.,,,cQ With apprehension Coach Money unveiled his 1952 "Wildcats" on their first game of the season. The outcome of that game with Olivet left no doubt in the minds of those present that this was going to be a great year for Northern's football fortunes. The local gridders continued to show great offen- power in defeating Oshkosh and Ferris on week ends at Marquette. But the "Wildcats" went down to defeat in the of Engineer's Field to end the hopes for an season. Michigan Tech scoring all their in the first half won the traditional game The memory of that sad journey up to Houghton 1952 netsw Cac' was somewhat erased when the Northland College "Lumberjacks" were soundly beaten in the home- coming game 28-7. The "Wildcats" ended the sea- son with a hard earned victory over a smooth Cedar- ville team down in Ohio. At the end of the season the squad members elected lack Mishica and Ed Wolford co-captains of the 1952 eleven. lack played stellar ball from his line backing position and "Grand Ol' Man" Wolford, at the center slot, was the bulwark of a fine of- fensive line. Lou Myefski, who was perhaps the best tackle in many a year, was the most valuable. The humor of the team was handled by Pierce "Gums" Roberts who was elected the tecan humorist. 135 a 'Novo .,Lou,. LOUIS MYEFSKI Tackle fuscmff SAM BOGARIN End "Chauncey" RON IOHNSON Buck r: ..Emie.. ERNEST PARDON Back nsqintn BOB ST. MARTIN Tackle "Luicxck" IIM HIRN Tackle "DIvin" "Pau1ie" IVAN RYAN PAUL GINGRASS Buck Back "One Crack" "Crcxzy1eqs" JERRY PANGRAZZI PIERCE ROBERTS Buck End "BuIdie" "Stinky" PAUL BALDWIN BILL BARNES Back 'Guard "Ted" TED FELLMAN Guard nAxu AXEL ANDERE End "Pe1k" BOB PELI End Sdn, Yygp, 4, WM -vi, 1+ v .Sr qi ,wi rg In 1 A wrffizfkszz'-in rn ffm, -14 2 .. O ,M .,, ua -' -'1 . ' " 'Kiwi 1.-L3-,K':..1,ll5F' Q-:Mprj .f . ui-.1q.,.. as ....-sw.,..4- 55151: SEIDL Back "Chuck" ES BERGSTROM Back "Al" "Serious" ALAN SKEWIS FRANK LUCCI Guard Tackle "Sleepy" "Tiny" BOB MONCK ADRIAN ANGLIM Guard Tackle "Magee" "Tommie" JOHN BEAUMIER TOM BEBER Guard Back '.' X , L 0 V' -1- :fx . .ea .5 "2 ' ,Sf .f J., ,I :' , 1 w., ' 4 ' -M-,'1fy,-', ' ' 5 5. 5 . 4 4731 ' T -Q, 41 ,--,. T ' - '7 w', ., ff. -. 2'Lf.Qfi:,'LJ-:,- f if MQ" .:.' . - ' ff ' 25. 515.1 qgfi-aj? ,, 3:-'r p " ' . leg-if W if?-ff Ti '1 .Z,Q'1'f L fn 'Q En - V "'f555??i'?' "kim eCLrvi?f" V1 A ' " ' r efe1f'9f'?'- fr-P 'fzfka ff :,..j,f-ia:-.L - '7 . 4"-' r V- " . ff ",- -lui' 'fi Ear-Sv ' 51,412 F?-in 'il Y .Q " 4-Q. FB 5-51: Q-L+.-if ., 3 . 21 ,.Gm,Y,. GARY ARVO Center "Kuiv" ED KUIVINEN Center "Deedee" CARL ERICKSON Guard .,Bob,. BOB BARR Tackle "Brigie" WAYNE BRIGMAN Back Hsundyn LOWE MACLEAN End A ,wlfeie .- ,, - 'fifl-54. EH , wi ' ' ' ' Agiff ..1 ' v ' ' ez -r . 1 fig ll T H . ' - . 21 is23E2sug.,5- ' ' .: 1 'LN -rf'--'. , - K ., I x -X ,J - .9 , . I .,- , 'I' ' v - 1 , x FEB: Zi' 8 BASKETBALL Northern's basketball team though hampered by ct lack of height finished the season in the win column with eight victories and six defeats. More than once our scrappy "Wildcats" came from be- hind to snatch victory from defeat. The game of games was of course that never-to-be-forgotten win over Michigan Tech at Marquette. Trailing the first three quarters, the "Wi1dcats" overtook the "Engi- neers" in the final stanza and stayed in front to win a much cherished victory, 86-83. Tech threatened continually but Houle and company proved too much to overcome. Freddy Taccolini and "Cash" Money were elected co-captains and Ted Gawry was the team humorist. Ted Houle was voted by his teammates as the "Most Va1uable", an honor which he certainly earned with his fine play throughout the season. 1952-53 BASKETBALL SQUAD 139 "Gcxiree" GAWRY "Bogcxro" BOGARIN Aches ANDERSON Bob PELKIE -- " 1 I 'Skcnive" TACCOLINI Co-Captain WL "Toupee" COOK "Keg" NUMINEN Vw. wiv " 1. 4 0 "Pains" HOWLE "George" TOMASI S., P City CLARK .AL-.. . ', , , v , "Uncle Hoy" BRIGMAN "Cornie" SOCHAY "Fluke Out" MACLEAN Carbuncle" BOYLE "Cash" MONEY "Mike" BISHOP Co-Captain Abe ANGLIM Gary ARVO ,S 22:51 fiigzfw TRACK Northern's cindermen took part in five track meets during the 1952 season. At the Gogebic night meet they placed second behind Michigan Tech. The following week saw the "Wildcats" third at the Houghton Invitational. Northern copped first place in the UPIAC meet held at Marquette. Michigan Tech won the Memorial Day triangular meet which -i 5. WLT 1. was also held at Marquette. A dual meet at Soo Tech finished the season with another victory for Northern. Bob McKer-roll. dashman. and Pierce Roberts. hurdler, were elected co-captains of the 1952 track team. 1952 TRACK SQUAD l43 , - ,-P ,, .-M. SCHILS -1351151 -, ovigam 509 '1- QSSZ Distance P 'IND O1 5 whocgexclg' 9 Vqvlgvofv eos 17 ROBERTS McKERROLL Hurdles Dash-Relay Co-Captain Co-Captain 4 ,- I . ' H ' 'ish Left to Right: Mlinur, Bxigman, Kuivinen. Mosher, Pantcxlone. TENNIS AND GULF Left to Rishi: Pohlmcm. Peters, Coach Money, Him, Payonto HAIL , NORTHERN Harold E. Wright Luther S . Ja W 4 1 i r 1' Q? gall! -1133213 ern, ,ge th gy sozins d and dargh - tara e a ' go . or - sp re , e vo ii , - Y I J 2 9-T 2 QP f Lf' b 'gr Pr I ' Now brin theo trib - ute long de served. The lighg of vris - dom to ez tend, 'XT ' v-- F, H F Fl- 9 0 4 i r 14 Thou bea con light mid na - tures gran-deur That lib - er - ty of thought and wor -E5 V J J P '1-or 0 r f fy ff , au 42 .L F W ?v?iZ3u5h 9388 ' 23? 333.1 ' 23231 23319 E36 2S3 Yed 3' . ji , - YJ' 'J 7 Q 5 Tffl , V an , A if f 5 3 I l jg QM 233 53311 1.15 2-gr 22332 32 ' ggi I 325 5231 4-ff b ij 'f-.fw 1 r L f f W . l "Y fmt :sae geese easel-ea, dawg" ssgnl UH 7 ww! i 395' 3 Q We may with ho - or face the fu - ture Our hearts will pledge re-newed de vo - tion Y- m fh"l 'J' J ' F L--J y haf T 1 1 1111, 'EE match thy cour - age with our own! hal - lowed mem - ory of thy halls, 1 s 15.4 Q 'li , li Ai 6.....J-' WALSWORTH 1.m,,,.,h.a A nw-A by 'RLqlOl"I'H BBOTKITRH ln.:-enlnn, Ho.. U. B. A. 14 awww V x I 5 y . D ,I xx H-1:5 fzr. .' r A K .nA, LK 11 3,9 B t 'HV-,Nl s I I X Y If I I . L s :gn-'.',,, ,,, ' ?'Q5'ifl.11?fQf "" V - 11,456 1 27:3-if' " 3- 1 if ll fi, 9.5.1-.J b . , - x, - 1.5.1 . -m 1, -q":: 1- xxx n' f .L 'I in ' Q ,, 'Y 1 . .si X . A .MX 'mf 'H 1... s f 'Wy 7 I' -.i"" ' YY + . . ff! ,, g 4 1 'vi ' 1, , :K 'r x '.. ' 3 7! .. In E 1 x , W , g , , 42? "'a'JP. T. x 'H ,Q 5 ,f .:- ,9 . I .Nz gr A W r l 1 1 I 1 A I, ' 1 5 , X l 1 I , , .Q J ll L. KA, la T ,' Y 4 r, 4' HI, 51. ,4 A .L , '.. W 1 .- V, ,wh . L . , , A . ', ,J lay ,. -A .-. ' .1 .. .gl-5. ,fr X M f 1-. '-"2 ff" V' . . - r- , ' - -J '-' fu if .-- ' V ' " ' ' y,- f , A H - flu: ' .M .31 ,J . ' " , Qi.. 4' , L- " , - - ' ' , - --T' ' , . -'Cllr ,J ,V v .A v I ,-1 I, ..t f , I V J..-. , A -rg-' ' I- - , H+ 4 ,-, ,' QQ , 'N E - X ...Q -.V -, , -., N y 6 . ,2'1:. . . ,. . -"W '- ' 'zw::g 1,4 -,.,. . ,, X - ' fag 1. ' - 1 A xi .,,-,,, , n - . wr. - :,- . 1 -"fl x.: ' - ,j,:,- -A .1- ' -ffri-17:-1-fm x " , 1:3 . 4 f , z , . .. -2.--'H -,w-H iv' a , . ,Y .A N, , ,J wx ", x , - ,'. Q ,' 4 ,. .l ,W-'ju '.,.- 'I - K2 - '-LA 'flu Y X

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