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 - Class of 1951

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WWCAZST Frxends of Northern Mxchxgan Chrzstnan I-hgh School we the students thmk that a good way to open our annual 15 to review the xmprovements that have been done to our school durmg the past school year Our lxbrary was an operatxon in the new buzldxng for the fxrst time thxs year The many new books that have been added were purchased by means of an annual one hundred dollar gxft from the Hxgh School Cxrcle Th1s orgamzatxon also contnbuted the table and chanrs that rnake our lmbrary a pleasant place to study Of course some supervxsxon IS necessary so a group of students were selected to serve as hbrarxans Our gym xs fast becoming a well equlpped commumty meetxng place as well as an athletlc arena The stage was provxded wlth curtams and wxth the help of the Northern MlChlgaB Gxrls League an overhead mxcrophone was mstalled Our gym was used for practzce tlns year by our newly equipped basketball team Volleyball and table tenms are also now played m the gym Our school office was nn the new buxldmg for the fxrst time also The I-hgh School Cxrcle ur mshed rt with desks a table and a dztto machmne Turmng now to the school nn general we can see many xmprovements Inside of the school we have a new bubbler coat racks chan' racks and another piano Outszde of the school there rs now an asphalt path between buxldmgs lxghts placed at vanous places to ard walkxng and parkmg at mght and a landscapxng Job that everyone hopes w1ll develop xnto a beautxful lawn The changes come so quxckly that even as tlus annual as bexng prxnted somethxng new has un doubtedly been added All of these tlungs have come only through the txreless efforts of such organ xzatzons as the Hxgh School Cxrcle and mdxvxduals such as Reverend Kenbeek Reverend Wezeman Mr and Mrs Helms and others who gxve so freely of thexr time I ibeckcafion MR RICHARD KOOY We the students of Northern Chrxstzan Hxgh take prlde in dedxcatxng the 1951 Reflector to Mr Rrchard Kooy Mr Kooy came to us 1n 1949 and left for the servxce an February, 1951 We shall truss h1m for he was an xntegral part of our school lxfe As a teach er he was thorough consxderate and an mspu-at1on to hxs students As a counse lor he was frxendly interested and helpful As a coach he was hard worlung fa1r playing and a promoter of good sportsmansh1p We wzsh you Godspeed Mr Kooy and sxncerely hope that you wxll be back with us agam soon Z Q r I . . . . o ' ' I r 1 ' D I 1 ' 1 ' ' I - , . v ' 0 . WUWHWUSUIMWUHIQW ' x W , MW D B X WN - ' ' . . xw . 1 A Jw ' , xl!! I , , ' ' ' 0? Z, M f, my , Q I . f I I ' nl U f , V , kd Z . N , I . I 4! 7 ' CLCIA RICHARD KOOY A B Calvin College Latin Mathematxca 1-:LMI-:R luassns, A, 5, Calvin College I-Min. Mathematic n FREDERICK WESTMAAS, A B Calvm College Musxc Scxence Pnncxpal 4 DONALD EGGEBEEN A B Calvm College Hxstory Bxble EVELYN sci-IAAF. A. B. Calvin College English, Science 6 lfLC6LtL0l'L6L A THE BOAR D LEFT TO RIGHT Wxll1amNederhoed H Scheppers A Westmaas A Frylxng J Herweyer Secretary Treasurer F Westveer G Scheppers P DeRu1ter R Bans N Mulder BUS DRIVERS JANITORS Harm Jess Ralph Mr and Mrs Helms 5 C! - L 6 J. Ellens, Reverend J. Kenbeek, President, P. Ebels, K S Qi KT' f L K x M K ii ,yn K Lip! E7 Xfffsfj MAA! Hu X Q LJ-I Mr f ,Mm 4 f My Sf f -X Zcljfid , f E W X AQ ! I fl 27 A- 'fd' SE xl X fm xj VAR! 4 ly sbp ll fx' F x K rw MT!!! X M X , f 1 e 'f L7 of w f f ,iw ,La -XL x.f,,, Xkfffd 6LIf'l LUQ Dear Graduates How quxckly your four years at Northern Mlclugan Chr1st1an have sped' If seems but yesterday that you entered hlgh school as bewxldered youngsters and now you are already on the threshold of maturlty Yours has been a blessed chxldhood born 1n the covenant brought up 1n a Chrlstxan home and educated ln a Chrxstlan church and Chr1st1an school these have been real prxv1leges Are you ready now to assume the responsxbxlxtxes and obhgatmons of Chrxstxan adults? Chr1st1an1ty means more than a knowledge of God s Word It means more even than faxth 1n God Chr1st1an1ty 1S also a way of llfe It means lxvxng and domg almost exactly the opposxte from our natural lnclxnatxons It means seekmg the welfare and IIBPPIHCSS of othe s lt means a wxllxngness to do God's wxll If at t1mes xt seems hard to see clearly just what God s wxll may be perhaps the best start 15.10.51 to start to make a beg1nn1ng as best we know how It IS our smcere hope that you have th1s desxre to do Hxs wxll and that your Chr1st1an educatxon may help you to mtegrate your Chrlstxan knowledge wxth Chr1st1an lxvlng That man 15 blest who fearxng God From s1n restra1ns h1s feet We are reluctant to bld you good bye but we are happy wxth you that you have achxeved to th1s goal a hxgh school d1ploma Congratulatxons to you Senxors of 195 ' Sxncerely ,eff 7 , ff Q new QVLLOV5 Presxdent Mearl Hoekwater Vxce President Harold Ebels Treasurer Con-me Aardema Secretary Barbara Vander Wexde Ass't Sec Treas Kerw1nKoetje CORRINE AARDEMA Strongest minds are often those of whom the noxsy world hears least Wordsworth dau fra. MILDRED BERENS A good laugh xs sunshxne An a house " Thackeray DONALD BOES Silence xs one great art of conversa txon Haglxtt Class Motto Excelszor' Class Flower Wlute Rose Class Colors Maroon and Whxte ,I' GERALDINE BIERENS RUTH BIERENS Born wxth a grit. of laughter Sabatxm Very socxable and gay was she 8 Chaucer QVLLOW5 'QW Jr-2.33 MARJORIE DE VRIES SHIRLEY DICK The opportunity for doing mxschxef xs "ly-npulsgvg earnest, prompt to act Iound a hundred txmes a day Voltau-e Whxttxer RAY BRINKS There xs no gemus ln life hke the gen lus of energy and act vxty Mxtchell .r-2532 DONNA DYKHOUSE DOROTHY DYKHOUSE Speak and 1 ll speak wxth you laugh Do you know that I am a woman" When and I ll laugh too Norjage lthmk I must speak Shakespeare 9 I . a. -4 ' A f V i K A a ii A" f . JQWJWV' SAT? K f , ., 13242, f- rg Nsz, I " ,VQQV ff 4 'silifzii' , , ',-, 1 ,, . . . . , I , H A . . - ' ." ' 55: ' ' ' MMM A 2 U . ..,. - , 1 , ,, . A :F f Q ' - fi: ,:Q,f..., f ' 1 A , .. . - ' .. , . . .. 4 - H :ax Mwwiisd HAROLD EBELS Good humor makes all thmgs tolerable Beecher 8WfL0l"5 763- MEAR1.. HOEKWATER ln the lxfe of a young man the most es sentxal thxng for happxness xs the gxft of frxendshxp Osler 1 we ELLA JEAN MARCUSSE Facts and fxgures' Put 'em down' Dickens W 073, RONALD moan B k KERVLIN liolffth r Women upset everythxng G B Shaw oo 5 are Boo en ug I ex own 10 way, but they are a mxghty bloodless substxtute for lxfe " R L. Stevenson O ,S , x 5 . . ' v 'S - lf 7,'9w'Zg ' flaw 31? , 4 Jw " P' . X IE V. , fb z 1 " 4 4' lx' V ' 7 5 V. ,:,Lyf.ghf. V-.. Q 4 3,531 , 1 yfws 'gy 59 ' I t 7' -. 'fy 313533325 1' ,rg - . .iiffwff . - ,rf if f 'wif , rx ,sfffzfwf K .wwf 1,6 ,cyl Jmxxjf. lf' , ' I -, 5,4 Q5 5 ff,ff-fiffff' 5 -sg: A . f I . F wig gf - iff 4. ' as M" n ' - TL , X , elf 5, g ' ye. . X , g -' ,. , m ' 4 ':HQ' ' 5 1 . f H , 4: .. - - . .. micro CARL MULDER lt's safer bezng meek than fzerce B rownxng mt, HARM SCHOLTON My great pleasure An lxie IS doxng what people say you cannot do Bagshot .nl LEONA PLUGER "I had a pleasant txme wxth my mmd xt was happy " Allen FORREST SMITS BOYD TACOMA When people agree wxth me I always Much study xs wearmess of the flesh feel that I must be wrong Wzlde Solomon 11 8l'LL0l"f5 DOROTHY TACOMA "Talent knows what to do tact kno when and how to do xt " Matthews JOYCE TACOMA 'Good nature and good sense must ev Join Pope GLADYS TE BOS "Her eyes as stars of twxlxght faxr hk tvuhght too her dusky haxr Wordsworth BARBARA VANDER wx-:IDE ETHE1- V!-N HOUTEN "The great hope of society is in the in- "C0mm0n Sense is VCTY Uncommon- ' dividual character. " Channing Gffelv IZ eniom RUTH VAN HOUTEN "With such l comrade such I Inend l hm would wnlk to journey's end Van Dyke Arguments out of a pretty mouth are unnnswerable " Addnon GLADYS VIS The gentle mxnde by gentle deeds ns known Spencer JACK VREDEVOOGD HERMAN ZUIDERVEEN I have no moclungl or arguments I mt There u such n mxrthful can xn hu be lllll and wut Whxtmnn hnvxor that he ns rather beloved than es 13 teemed Steele l 4 , , L JOANNE WINKLE UNDER WN f "W K9 OJ, f 'U' f "' 'il SSM fwfr 5 mn gb fl F ' . A f f Q K 2 A. I Z' 2 nfx.,, ve? H- X , Q, all ,M f' f ' f fr ' 1 if? 5 X f 'J ,f Afffz fl: Cf ff 22 f MM X x 'N.Y7fQ'N,. f f Qwgiegyf' 3-,yx f ff! f f ,- W f ,f ,. ' 1 V f L ' - p I X 7 :az - ,A 3 Niles l JL.. LEE JULIA BRINKS OUWINGA ARDY THE TACOMA DUANE BUNING DON AARDEMA Eye? ,sf as ANGELINE HARMINA SIKKEMA RUTH MEEKI-ICF Z UIDER VEEN 9 JULIA KORTMAN DON OUWINGA EVELYN KENBEEK ADA LUCAS ,-Q. MARJORIE TACOMA ROGER LOEKS BRINKS JULIA PLUGER MEMS HARLAND HENDRICKS CLASS OFFICERS LEE BRINKS Presxdent BERNIE TOLSMA Vice President NORMA BOLKEMA Secretary LOIS BRINKS Treasurer LOIS ANGIE NELVIN NORMA LOU STANLEY DE VRIES JAG ER BOLKEMA ELLEN5 0Rvu.1.1-: zvmmon mommy BAAS KOSTER SLACHTER AGNES HARVEY KUIPERS MULDER JULIA SCHUTTE DOROTHY ESTHER BOVEN VREDEVOOGD 15 ANN SMITH BERNARD TOLSMA MILDRED HUEKER MARILYN DOROTHY KOETJE ZUIDERVEEN BILL DE ZEEUW JANICE BUNNING PHYLLIS GEERT DE RUITER BORGMAN VIRGINIA BILL ELLENS TAC OMA 41-as EARNEST BRINKS HAZEL WARSEN RUTH JENEMA PETER DE HAAN .kmihhli-. HARRIET QUXST li 1 MARVIN GLADYS Mys AGEMA Q33 Q N Alibi vw Ska qiwhg- ll as 'Fas ' it 5 'V E MARGUERITE FREDERICKS LUCILLE SIKKEMA 'S Huwfl BETTY LORRAINE KENNETH SCHUTTE FABER KLOMPARENS HENRY EDITH ROGER KOETJE DE HAAN WESTVEER HAROLD CALVIN JOHN BOB VANDER POL BAAS KOETJE VAN HOUTEN A nlflirwm RUTH 1ZABETl-1 RICHARD Bow-:N MEY1-:RING EUWEMA 16 AUKEY JAY MARJORIE BOUMA SMITS F LORE NC E KLIF MAN s iv' WILMER DIEKEVERS TOM KOE TJ E I 3 A 1: .p - . ' , g .Ji , T, E X . 2 A , 2 3 . f , V. 3 ,A , 4:3 .. , n-gv '- , f ' 4 L H. ' ' f . '3 11 V ' I ,A V :A 'A fe' L, 0 A ET' U H.-L. 4 "' ' ' 7' ,Q . If 5, I, ' 5- R " A It ' N 2 W E '17 5 5- , N 34 I Mfg. K ' YQ 1 I , 1 M :K V I :Q Q-ff' V Z I V , , 2 V! F , V . . - ,SQ ,lx a ii ff gy : L 3 A' nl' H., Y J' . ,h fwlwl- lx !ir,L?j A " 5 ox., . .41 I V 5' ff ,JM x .. A A 0 1. " ' v y ,F A 1 fm 1 Q x , ' " ggi. ' . 5 if 'JZ A i 5 " ' - 2 .- ' M' . 1 R 'Q' A 151535, X w q ai 1' if I ?L 5 Q . 5 5 , : 1 :wg . a gl 1 .rkaafgs ' Q1Qii,g3L- 3. k 'Q , A f EL TED SCHIERBEEK CHAR LE NE DORNBOS ROGER MULDER M LARRY FREDERICKS wr KAY WMM SHERWIN ELLENS CHARLENE KERWIN WESTMAAS KARS TEN HENRY Z UIDERVEEN GEORGENE BRINKS 'Q HARMINA PLUGER AUGUST HOEKSTRA KAY MULDER HAROLD ROZEVELD TRESSA VANDER MOLEN NORMA DY KHOUSE BILL VANDE POL GERTUDE KOET IF 17 'S-J' LEONA R IEMERSMA Vu- IVAN BR INKS PA T DOR NB OS GERALD VAN HAITSMA NORMA DE RUITER BERNARD BRINKS ALBERTA HEUKER 'N JOHN Z UIDERVEEN MARION AARDEMA 'S' SHIRLEY KOSTER vu- SERENUS ELLENS LUCILLE VANDER WEIDE 2 02, 'iriggw-my WILFRED VR EDE VOOGD BETTY DE VRIES HARR IE T KING K, 3 9, z P' y gl I f V A N,. .' . I V A , kfk .J .., 5, , . Viiw, 4, O 1 4' , , ,AAA Y' A 5 Q VIS A A , , A A L 'X ZVVL A N Vbllbq Z My :,. , , , . ,F K I , f "xv A ' -"4 , 5 , .5 ,, it .n l .M gg vf..v'M , , f o 1 A ' 2 9 DY A if Q, ' '43, I h V V JV A H. ' , 4, Q 4' A w A 'Y Q YS 1 ' f ' - , 'Y , Y, , A A G ,,,, gy, . , , V 4 v - , f, A I 4 I , f , 1 X, 74.32. 'VH In 8 4' . h ILZZHMQJU FUN 4 fm xx! LSNFKA ix I M gr ' xxx AZ ,I - . ' f X V -5 -A 7 J z ' w X N K 'Jg x . gf Q r X ,..f A ' N f' , . 9 ' ?" RUDOLPH AND SANTA' SLIPPING' OUR SOLOIST LOOK WHAT WE FOUND' WE EAT TOO! SANTA 'S HELPERS MERRY CHRISTMAS! Clwdfmcw parfg To open our party, held on December ZZ, we sang some carolsg Ray Brinks read the Christmas storyg and Reverend Kenbeek opened with prayer. Then came the program put on by some of our talented students. Freshman boys played the part of "Santa", and then we enjoyed our treat, pro- vided by the losing team of which Carl Mulder was captain. Kerwin Koetje 's team sold the most cards, and won the contest. 19 enior 19417 Suwbu 1 and Eg 9 You moxaa do arte K1 9191 with Taye x You wha 'I After you ve told my nxece that you ve somethmg xmportant to say to her just throw your armb around her and say Wxll you be mxne 'P f P 0 x 'XB u s am une BS VC' X95 er 5 X e Wher Wantt e 'nl Iv Z0 lfL6Ll9:5 H .L A-v-"" "wk MISS SCI-IAAF AND HER FLIVER THIRD PERIOD ww 1-A. T ANDD D 32.2145 'ip BRAINS AT WORK SING' SINC"' SlNC"' GOT YA' MR WESTNIAAS MR EGGEBEEN MR KOOY ME YOU AND HER JUMP JAGER JUMP' SWISHI Z1 ri ,.1,., Zio K.. ' , V Mg Vx, H. ' I ' ' :I i, J. . . . f ,wht i 1 .A , F , I Q -. ff , . 'I' U , . J., I... 'N , 1 " 'Mr f WN .. , if 'Q R 3 ' .4 7 - ' I -1 f r .va Y ' 4 r. anqwef sgfbczpa THE PROGRAM COMMITTEE Lee Brinks Lois Brinks Marjorie Tacoma Bernard Tolsma FOOD COMMITTEE Dorothy Zuxderveen Ruth Zulderveen Maman Koster Julxa Ouwxnga DECORATION COMMITTEE Julxa Schutte Dorothy Slachter Evelyn Kenbeek On the evemng of the Fourth of May The .Iuruors and Semors were pleasantly gay And they had a good reason to be' They were seen gomg to a well known place, the parlors Lucas Chrxstxan Reformed Church And what a surpnse they saw! An array of pastel colors yellow, green whxte p1nk and blue were worked xnto the beautxfully decorated blrdhouses candles and vlnes of flowers to symbolxze our theme of glorxous SPRING Of course everybody was there makxng th1s the largest Junxor Semor Banquet ever held A delxclous meal was served by the ladxes of the Lucas Church There wasn't one who dxd not enjoy the chxcken mashed potatoes vegetables and salad The dessert an keepzng wzth our theme, consisted of daffodxl cake and xce cream A word of commendatxon xs ln order for the program commxttee for everyone had a. memorable evenmg ZZ ..4 " V' N. !7' 4 I . ' - of . . . . I I I D I D l . . . I U I . . . , - - . . . - . u . . , I I ' ' . . . . . . , PALS TWO IN ONE GIDDAP SMOOCHY VL6L5 PRISON LEAVIN COEDS i 1 nb- Assz-:NT MIND1-:D PROP L.oA1-'xN 'rwms A ' FRESHIES LEE RECORDS GOIN' SOMEWHERE? '--T"-...NT-f -i.. .. V . - E.. m A K Q' Ar' ' - ' :""f's ANNUAL s1,Av1:s wm-:Rs YA con-M Z4 VL6LlO5 MAY IHAVE SOME? MR. RIBBONS BLOW, JANCE. BLOW! f ARTISTS MERRITT SCORES AGAIN" CHEST OUT STOMACH IN" BETWEEN CLASSES THE GRIM APPROACH Y N RECORD PLAYERS J FRIENDS RUTHIE ZS 5 7 A 1 an ' 4 as J W , 4. ! v .5 A39 ,. w i v 4 , '4 it ' f Y iv. V A E A f A A Cf M W!! CL We Semors bexng of sound and dxsposlng mxnd and to think that some doubt xt' d declare the following as our last WILL AND TESTIMONY To Freshmen The ab1l1ty to atta1n the h1gh cultural status we as Semors have attalned and a vamshlng cream to remove that green color so common among them To Sophomores Fxfty yards of curtam to keep under cover when a teacher approaches and a mxle of rope to help pull through the next two years To Jumors The headaches that come wxth bemg a Senxor and a ton of asp1rm left over by the annual staff To Mr Westmaas A choxr capable of reading mus1c and the ab1l1ty to sxng at least four dxfferent pltches at once To Mr Eggebeen A staff that always agrees wxth h1m and a horse whxp to tame h1s e1ghth hour study group To Mr Kooy One basketball game wxth th1s score Chrxstxan 71 the opponent 16 and the hzghe st rank attalnable 1n the army To Mlss Schaaf An electrxc dev1ce to keep Englxsh students awake and a. set of txres for her Terrxble Paxn To Mr Rxbbens An understandmg and co operat1ve busmess ar1thmet1c class To bus drxvers A four lane h1ghway so that they can drxve over twenty mxles per hour To the Jamtors The servxces of our Clean up Squad Cornne Aardema do wxll my quxet d1spos1t1on to Agnes Kuxpers Carl Mulder do w1ll my extra xnches to Nelvm Jager Harm Scholton do wxll the remamder of my Ford to Geert Borgman Geraldmne Bxerens do wzll my cute gxggle to Don Ouwxnga Gladys Vxs do wxll myself to Maman Koster fxguratlvely speaking Harold Ebels do wzll my excellent handwrltmg to Marllyn Koetje and Phyllxs DeRu1ter and Don Aardema Elle Marcusse do w1ll my fxrst three hours of sleep every week to Marge Tacoma Marge DeVr1es do w1ll my qulet ways to Ruth Zuxderveen Ethel Van Houten do wxll my abzhty to get 1n and out of trouble to M1ldred Heuker Forrest Sm1ts do wxll my crooked nose to Loxs Brmks Dorthy Dykhouse do w1ll my d1amond to the baseball team Herman Zulde rveen do w1ll my gxft of gab to Dorthy Slachter and Juhe Schutte Dorthy Tacoma do w1ll all wemght lost work1ng on the annual to Dorthy Zu1derveen Boyd Tacoma do leave I hope I hope I hope Joanne Wxnkle do wxll Angle DeVr1es and Ada Lucas my bubbllng personahty Ruth Van Houten do w1ll my barn overalls to Berme Tolsma Ron Jager do bequeath my eloquent vocabulary to Esther Vredevoogd Gladys TeBos do w1ll my late hours to Evelyn Kenbeek Kerwln Koetje do w1ll my abxhty to be a lady's man to Stan Ellens and Harland Hendrxcks Ruth Bzerens do wxll my last typmg permod to Lee Brmks Barb Vander We1de do wzll my bxg feet to B111 DeZeeuw for a better understand1ng Mearl I-Ioekwater do w1ll my athletxc ab1l1ty to Janxce Bumng and Anme Smxth Ray Brlnks do wxll my ab1l1ty to study to Roger Loeks Don Boes do wlll my 'One should be seen not heard motto to Dorthy Boven Donna Dykhouse do wxll my geographxc locatlon to Norma Bolkema Mxldred Berens do wxll my smgmg abxlmty to Ardythe Tacoma and Julle Ouwmga Leona Pluger do wzll my anonymxty 'P '7 to Jul1a Kortman and Angelxne Meekhof We Sh1rley Dxck and Joyce Tacoma do w1ll our 'why study? ' attztude to Harmma Sxkkema Z6 L ' . , . . . . Q . . J, O 1' . , . . . . . . . I' . . . . . I, , ' ' . 1' . . ' . . . . L . D . . ' . . . . 1' ' . . . . . . . I, Jack Vredevoogd, do will my way with Mr. Westmaas to Harvey Mulder, Orville Baas, I, , ' ' . I. . , . . . . I. , . . . . . D I. . , . . . I 1, , ' ' . I, . I . . . . It ' . . . . . I, , - , , . I' . , . . . . . . I, , ' ' . I, , . I, , ' . I. . . , . . . I, . , . . . . . In . I . . . . , I, , . . .. . . . . . 1, . , . . . . I, , ' ' " . I, 0 . . . . I. . ' . . . . . . . ' I, , . . - . - . . . . Cam Mya ec? It rs the year 1961 and Donna Dykhouse and Gladys Vxs who are the alumm reporters for the school paper Tra1l Blazer have completed the round up of tne class of 1951 as follows Ronald Jager a man of great xntellxgence has completed a dxctxonary whxch far ex ceeds Websters but It has not as yet been publlshed Harm Scnolton has succeeded ln guldmg h1s Jet engme Mercury on two wheels over a txght rope across the N1agara Falls Herm Zu1derveen has swum the Engllsh Channel ln 5 hours 7 mxnutes and 6 seconds Tins 15 an all txme record Geraldme Bxerens woke up one mornxng to fmd herself famous for dreamxng up a concoct1on whlch she calls Gerry's Freckle Remover Sne maxntaxns that she would have been even more successful mf Shxrley D1ck wouldn t run around sell1ng creams and powders to cover up freckles Forrest Sm1ts an F B I agent 15 on the track of a thxef who has stolen tne l1fe sav mgs of Mxss Joanne Wmkle They amounted to two mrllxon dollars Dorothy Dykhouse's alto voxce has become famous by advertxsmg over the N B C network whose ma1n statlon 15 rn McBa1n She IS bemg sponsored by M1ldred Beren s haxr tomc Ethel Van Houten and Margze DeVr1es are stxll the h1gh flyxng gxrls they always were They are now worklng as steward esses on the Amerxcan Overseas Axr Lxnes Boyd Tacoma xs agaln roam1ng the country only thxs t1me as a b1g game hunter mn Afrxca being employed by Brookf1eld Zoo of Chxcago Cornne Aardema has fmally worked her way to the honorary posxtmon as Custod1an of Magazlnes m the L1brary of Congress Ruth Blerens and her husband have moved to the state of Washlngton and are operatxng a large fruxt farm there called Fruxt Valley Dorothy Tacoma who thought that xt was too cold up here has gone down South and IS the manager of a hotel for summer resorters Jack Vredevoogd who has been an astronomer for the last few years has resxgned h1s lofty lookxng Job It seems he hasn't been lookmg too good lately Joyce Tacoma and Gladys TeBos together wmth a couple of assxstants are runnmg a home for aged men Last seen they were runnmg as fast as they could Leona Pluger has recently been employed by Joyce and Gladys as patcher and sock darner 1n thexr home for aged men Kerwm Koetje who used to go at quxte a pace rn a drlapxdated old chevy he owned IS stlll gozng hke a streak of hghtmng at t1mes He dr1ves one of the twenty e1ght fzre trucks owned by the great and growxng c1ty of Vogel Center Ella Jean Marcusse has taken over a candy company m New York Clty She specrahzes ln a certaxn varmety known as Ella Jean's Jelly Beans Carl Mulder IS experxment1ng w1th a new brand of corn wh1ch has now reached the hexght of two feet wlth ears as long as h1s arm Ruth Van Houten has majored 1n scxence at the Unxverslty of Columbla and IS work1ng on the hydrogen bomb Mearl Hoekwater and Ray Brxnks mxmsters from Calxforma and Rhode lsland respectxvely plan to exchange pulp1ts the next couple of weeks at the people's request Barbara Vander Wexde has recently moved to Cal1forn1a It seems that she has some specxal interest there Harold Ebels xs now a baker The other day as he was workxng xn a batter of bread he stumbled and fell and xs stall rolhng ln the dough Don Boes IS doxng the electrxc work here 1n the new rooms that are bemg added to the N M C H S He xs a very accomphshed electrxclan after four years of attendmg an electrxcal school Our school 15 qu1te proud of thxs class whxch has accompllshed so many th1ngs 27 f 0 . - i . , . 4 1 l . . . I . . QVTE3 I :N ff :J 4:1 ,' !,l ff? G P N W, S PM j J J F fx -v VX? CC KQ 1.-TY ,, Soorfo BASKETBALL The f1rst basketball teams of N C H named Comets by a school vote were organ 1zed th1s wmter And desplte bemg hand1capped by a cement floor they at once began practxce The flI'St team pract1ced the last perxod on Monday Wednesday and Fnday and after school on Thursday The second team practlced the seventn perxod on Monday Wednesday and Frxday and after school on Tuesday On January 9th wxth a couple months of pract1ce the Cnrlstxan Comets met the McBa1n Ramblers ' m Chr1st1an's f1rst game They lost 71 to 14 and tne second team lost 54 to 18 It can truthfully be samd that none of the team went home mad and a number of the cheerers spoke w1th modxfxed volces the next day They were hoarse' The second team 1S showxng the rnaklngs of a very good future team and there 15 lxttle doubt that the Comets w1ll soon take then' place among other hzgfm school teams BASEB ALL Our baseball team IS ln very good shape thls year We have a new group whlch 15 bexng broke ln but they are a flne bunch of talented baseball players and can show thexr abxlxty for xndxvxdual and teamwork plays on the held We also nave a group of seasoned players and they are Mearl Hoekwater with a battlng average of 428 a long ball mtter who last year h1t three txmes as many doubles trxples and home runs as smgles also a very good Zu1derveen wzth a batt1ng average of 111 a fast outfxelder last year and trylng for f1rst base th1s year and Ray Brxnks wxth a batt1ng average of 222 who alternated p1tch1ng and shortstop last year lost a close game agalnst Tustln and won easlly over Stoney Corners So when the 'rookxes get together wlth the old txmers they ought to be able to crack the cover clean off the cabbage GYM Last fall the baseball team not belng orgamzed certain actxv1t1es of many types wh1ch were not organxzed SPeC1flC3lly were partlcxpated mn by varxous groups of students Tne f1rst of these was football entered xnto by a group of the mascullne gender who were shown the fundamentals of 'touch football a mod1f1ed form of the real th1ng The last perxod was devoted to thxs At th1s txme other groups orgamzed volleyball teams Th1s was played at noons and last perxods usually an the gym Later basketball nets were put up and basketball teams used the leftover port1on of the gym Flve boys were appoxnted by the Student Councll to captam the volleyball and basketball games Stzll later rn the wmter P1ng pong came 1nto full swmg The tables were moved from the basement of the old buxldxng xnto the gym wmch gave the players more room The gxrls monopolzze the gym on Wednesday and Frxday wxth thelr basketball teams They also practnce the last perxod on Tuesdays and Thursdays although they have not as yet orgamzed a girls team 29 Q . . . . l . . . ' . ' - infielderg Harold Ebels, with a batting average of . 235, and a dead-eye outfielderg Herman g feigaf 'Po 494 oxlf R 99v O Q-df 9 + 4? 5 9 4 W9 0+ J lv Iv "+o""o 360.99 C Q1 oodkyett CL u 4, Q e Q' Q0 6 6194, W Q49 0, see, 4 Q6 e lv ,qi 47 lo 0 0 e 9 Y' 90 o"+4a o41": 9 xp, Q Vo x'+ 1- ,145 C 455, Q PW omeia 0 HAROLD HKENNYH 30 RON WL MCIUUWUTU Q '-'i x ry L Cl . H O Q sw- 4 ' . 1 ' W 0 Q' - . 4 ' N - H I 1 '- C4:'F'4:?-1. Mviuugg Q , I gd, o ox V 'X fy Y 1 K, ff-S 3' C, Q Q. . 4 f' N fa' '5 '27 A ' ' .yiffn A ' .SJ IBRHRY Q F f We 952 'P' xXx M834 iq X X 1 x'24sX9 Q, mag. +- mul ,49"""' KAGIQQZ ' X f f - ' his , PIANISTS LEFT TO RIGHT L Slkkemn J Winkel M Tacoma M Smit: D Dykhouse E Kenbeek P DeRu1ter D Dykhouse D Tacoma If you were to come mto our assembly room at 9 I5 each mornmg you could en dazly chapel servxce When we are all seated our faxthful song dxrector Mr Westmaas leads us in slnglng some of our favonte hyrnns The students usually chose the songs to be sung After the sxngmg one of the teachers or occasxonally a guest speaker leads us ln devotlons Th1s g1ves us somethmg to carry wxth us not only throughout the rest of the day but also throughout the rest of our llves These few moments together xn chapel are the baszs of our school l1fe 34 t joy with us an integral part of our school life-students and faculty coming in for the OLP' FRONT ROW Left to Rxght Mr F Westmaas Du-ector A Tacoma M Tacoma H Wax-sen Smxts J Wxnkel M Koster R Zulderveen D Dykhouse D Zuzderveen Kenbeek G Agema SECOND ROW Westmaas C Aardema E Vredevoogd D Dykhouse J Tacoma P Dornbos Tacoma E Del-iaan R Bxerens A Kuxpers THIRD ROW Brmks M Hoekwater C Baas H Hendrxcks L. Brmks B Tolsma Rozeveld H Mulder E Brmks T Koetje R Jenema N Bolkema BACK ROW Vredevoogd H Zuxderveen H Ebels W Vande Pol F Smxts R Westveer Zulderveen D Ouwxnga B Tacoma J Ouwmga S Dxck The choxr, dlrected by our prmczpal, Mr Westmaas, 15 an xmportant part of our school l1fe It 15 composed of members from every class and has da1ly sessxons of practxce In the past few years we have ga1ned an envxable reputatxon among other h1gh school choirs This we feel IS due to the abxlzty patxence, and 1nsp1rat1on of Mr Westmaas On Aprxl Z6 we part1c1pated m the annual choxr festnval at Calvln College, wruch xs a joy to all of us each year We have taken part 1n several programs and rendered some concerts We also sang a group of Chrlstmas songs over WATT Cadxllac, whxch proved to be an unusual and enjoyable expenence We hope that the choxr of l95l has been a credit to Mr Westmaas and our school as a Chr1st1an 1nst1tut1on 35 sgilftdent CODLWCL STANDING M Tacoma N Bolkema N Jager H Ebels D Slachter B Schutte SEATED V Ellen: J Vredevoogd B Vander Wexde R Brxnkn L. Rxemersma M F Westmaas Advisor The student councxl met this year for the In-st time on October 19 1950 and chose Ray Brxnks 'or our president Jack Vredevoogd for vnce presldent and Barbara Vander Welde for secretary Each class elects thelr own representatxves The Freshmen elect one the Sophomores elect two and Jumors and Semors each elect three We meet weekly on Thursdays and occaslonally our presxdent calls a specxal meetxng Mr Westmaas IS usually present to advxse us ln malung our dec1s1ons So far thxs year the student counc1l has sponsored a combxned paper and scrap metal drxve the Chrxstmas card contest and has sent letters to all the young people of these commumtles asking them for donatmns for our gym floor. Pxckxng beans for our school was a lot of fun and also helped to bu1ld up the student fund. Other actxvxtxes carried out by the student council are the noon hour amuse ments and the clean up squad, whxch IS helpful 1n keepmg our school lookxng neat. We, as the representatwes of the student body, alm to encourage student xmtx atnve and responsmbxhty, to promote 1n all ways xnterests and general actxvxtnes of the school. 36 C L'1:.LiV 1 ' .Q Ml3l325H?slfl2:'1 " , ' Qi h - '2':L!"f:4'l - ' 'K A 35, , . ' l' 'ff I , 'HX ,fix 'fy ' if-nt ".' ' "' ' -.1 : . , . , . . . . - 1 - - : . . - . - v ' - - ' 1' . Q , . I I . . t . - . . ' I D . ' I , . , . . . U D Pdf? STANDING M Fredericka D Dykhoule. M Koster E De I-hun D Boven SEATED E Kenbeek A Tacomg M Tacoma L Sxkkema Bus! AT woax BROWSING x-u-:An 1..1anAnuxN oux LIBRARY 37 ! I , '.. 7 Q Nr' N- 3 LIBRARIANS : . , . . . . , . . we any 01' tow", e in 1-Io 51 gf! 356,91 ssl Ute JPPIS Pl' 1 e 1 -,ge nal v-cf" 0, K. 9,5 B vb as at 09 be v 6 1- do 1 T A Tico pi, 9 5 x50 199 P-'V' 59" LIT STAFF AD GETTERS STANDING Vander Weide A Tacoma N Jager R Jager STANDING R Kenbeak M Tacoma F R mm" I K"""'k R B"""' ss.-rrzn Winkel R Brink: D 'r-com. B Tolsnm SEATED R Jenema D Slachter J schune B"""S Thzs xs the second year that our school has put out an annual, and we feel that xt IS a very worth whxle project We dxd most of our work ln the evenmg at the home of one of the staff members It's really amazmg that we accomplxshed anythmg at these meetmgs We hope that all who read thxs annual wzll enjoy It but especxally the students, who wxll be able to look at It a few years from now and recall many pleasant memorxes of then' hzgh school days 38 Q Z F . co' ' xx. 8' V g U 19- eff' h 1' 'Nxg.D't. ' . , 'C .NX luke, 1-10' s"'- "' - 9 '44, G1 NX. I E' 1. 8 ' 14994 K' 'og' C ' D- , tk ' , fi . r 'Ut ..,- u ,bi l - : B. , . , . , . , , E. , . . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' : J. , . , . , , , , ' ' B. ' . . . . . . . ' . W UWUSUUWE EX ffm Q 55 i i 53 W 5 '71 I I 2 B . E, A U 5 x E Q . X, I N! CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF '51 FROM THE FORD MOTOR SALES COMPLIMEINTS OF TACOMA LUMBER CO LUCAS MICHIGAN COMPLETE LINE OF LUMBER CELOTEX WALLBOARD CEILINGS TILES SHINGLES ROOFING DOORS INTERIOR EXTERIOR COMBINATIONS BUILDERS HARDWARE HOOKER PAINT PLYWOODS ESTIMATES FREE ON ALL TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION CUSTOM PLANING AND MILLWORK JOHN JOE PETE WINDCEVS - PICTURE - STANDARD - ODD SIZES DODGE CARS AND PLYMOUTH CARS - DODGE "JOB-RATEDI' TRUCKS THEY ARE OUTSTANDING IN THEIR PERFORMANCES THEY ARE PRICED RIGHT THEY ARE LEADERS IN THEIR CLASS AND THEY HAVE AN ANNUAL CHANGE THAT IS JUST AS APPEALING AS THIS ANNUAL OF THE MCBAIN CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL MAY WE HAVE THE PRIVILEGE AND PLEASURE OF DEMONSTRATING OUR CARS OR TRUCKS TO YOU A CALL FROM YOU WILL MEAN A VISIT FROM US FLYNN AUTO SALES CORNER OF MITCHELL AND HOWARD STREETS CADILLAC MICHIGAN ARTHUR B. SCHMIDT, MANAGER - FELIX H. H. FLYNN, OWNER SPRIK CHEVROLET CO LAKE CITY SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 2581 ' I CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE FALMOUTH COOPERATIVE CO. FARM AND BUILDING SUPPLIES FEDERAL EGG GRADING STATION DISTRIBUTOR OF CRAWFORD OVERHEAD DOORS PHONE 22 FALMOUTH PHONE 8 2341 MERRITT PHONE 48 MCBAIN IN THE WICKLIFFE BUILDING AUTO FIRE LIFE COMPLETE COVERAGE Sclwepers Insurance Agency WHERE INSURANCE IS A BUSINESS AND NOT A SIDELINE PHONE 106 R .I SCHEPERS MCBAIN MICHIGAN WATCH REPAIRIN G Wlckllffe Jewelry WATCHMASTER TESTING C T WICKLIFFE WATCH MAKER igi ...Qi WATCHES -1- GIFTS -:- CLOCKS . . , I g I CURRIER FURNITURE STORE INVITES YOU TO VISIT THEM THE NEXT TIME YOU RE IN TOWN AT 205 NORTH MITCHELL STREET NEXT TO CITY HALL IN CADILLAC MICHIGAN WE CARRY SUCH NATIONALLY KNOWN LINES AS ALEXANDER SMITH RUGS GIBSON RANGE REFRIGERATORS BARTON WASHING MACHINES ROOS AND LANE CEDAR CHESTS ARMSTRONG FLOOR COVERING SALEM CHINA SUNBEAM APPLIANCES AND ZENITH RADIOS ON EVERYTHING WE SELL DELIVERIES AT NO EXTRA COST CONVENIENT CREDIT Currier Fu rn :tu re Co 205 NORTH MITCHELL ST CADILLAC MICH IN SURE WITH Beaver Dalwlqulst Slwumaker Company MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY OF INSURANCE AND BON DED SERVICE WHO TRIES TO SAVE INSURANCE COST TO STATE HIS CASE IN RHYME IS LIKE THE MAN WHO STOPS THE CLOCK AND THINKS HE S SAVING TIME CORNER NORTHWOOD HOTEL BUILDING PHONE 113 WE INVITE COMPARISON IN PRICES - STYLE AND QUALITY Ben Bower GENERAL MERCHANDISE DRY GOODS SHOES AND RUBBER FOOTWEAR VOGEL CENTER MICHIGAN Thomas TeBos GENERAL HARDWARE AND IMPLEMENTS FARMALL TRACTORS MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEADQUARTERS PHONE 58 F 12 VOGEL CENTER PHONE 58-F-14 - MCBAIN EbeI's Hardware 8m Grocery MEAT AND PRODUCE PHONE 8-F-2 FALMOUTH, MICHIGAN Mlssaukee Realty Co R C A VICTOR RADIOS INSURANCE BONDS ABSTRACTS OF TITLE PHONE 2821 LAKE CITY MICHIGAN O I T , . 1 Y "'?----ff'-N" 'M' - ' Ebels Market gl Locker Plant Birdseye Fresh Meats - Frozen Foods - Fresh Vegetables Complete Meat Processing Serx ice McBain Michigan Obr1en Palnts G E Appl1ances Herweyers Hardware Plumbmg Heatmg Electrlc Contractmg Your One Stop Hardware Phone 21 McBa1n Mlchlgan Two Off1CQS to Serve You Well Member Federal Depos t Insur nee Cc poratlor Lake C1ty M1ch1gan McBa1n The Lake City State Bank COMPLIMENTS OF McBam Hardware Co THE BEST IN HARDWARE AND APPLIANCES PHONE 8 MCBAIN MICHIGAN THANKS PATRONS Rev R Wezeman Fredencs Grocery Tefts Drugs KGIIS Bakery FRED T VELDSMA Equltable L1fe Insurance Company of Iowa Phone 77 Box 17 McBa1n M1ch Lutke's Shoe Repair Gerald Schepers Quahty Graded Eggs and L1Ve Poultry Phone 19 F 2 Falmouth M1ch F Westveer Buyer and Seller of All Kmds of L1vestock Da1ry Cows a Speclalty W M11e East of Falmouth Kryger Furniture Your Home Should Come F1rst Cad1llac M1ChlgaH - . , 0 o 7 'C JOHN JENEMA Grocer1es Dry Goods Shoes Rubbers Phone 24 Falmouth M1ch KAETJE S GROCERY STORE Cold Meats and Quahty Grocerles Phone 58 F 6 Vogel Center Mlch DENNIS EBELS General Merchand1se Gas O11 TACOMA BROTHERS APIARIES Extracted Honey Sectlon Comb 1n Season We Produce and Sell It The Most Healthful Sweet You heed It Phone 1 F 31 Falmouth Phone 36 F 2 Phone 2-F-41 Falmouth, Mich. VANDER WOUDE MOTOR SALES Cars CHEVROLET Trucks A1115 Chahners Farm Eqmpment Home Apphances Phone 2 MCBHIH M1Ch A FRIEND JACK and JERRY S LUNCH Enjoy Llfe Eat Out More Often MCB:-un M1Ch1g3H FALMOUTH GARAGE Wm Vanderboss A1 De Ru1ter Phone 25 l . - 4 4 . - . , . Compliments of I ii ' I - !7 7 PEOPLE S DRUG STORE Drugs Sodas Drug Sundr1es 514 North M1tche11 Cad11lac Mlch KNAPP 81 COMPANY Women s and Ch11dren s Wear Cad11lac M1Ch1g3H Comphments of SUPERIOR ELECTRIC Phone 2021 Lake Clty M1Ch1g3H Congratulatlons to the Semors of 51 from McBAIN GRAIN COMPANY Sellers of Coal and All Kmds of Da1ry Feeds JESS LUTKE McBam Mach I . . . , . 7 ' 7 ! 3 . . , n a I n l l l 1 l 1 JOHN W JOHNSON CO The Home of Botany 500 Cloth1ng and Samsomte Luggage Cad1llac Mlchlgan ERICKSON S FLOWERS We Str1ve to Please Artlstry 1n Flovs ers Anywhere by Wlre 108 South Mltchell Street Phone 120 CARLSON S JEWELRY 81 MUSIC STORE Sllverware Havlland Chlna Pottery Glassware Chrome and Alum1num Ware Mus1cal Instruments Accessor1es Sheet Musrc Instructlon Books Blank Muslc Paper Etc Cad1llac Mlchlgan Complunents and Good W1shes to the Graduatmg Class of 1951 ARMSTEADS INC Your Lmcoln Mercury Dealer Gifts for all Occasions - In fine Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry MARK JENEMA 81 SONS John Deere Farm Equ1pment Sales and SGFVICS At Our Stores You get Qual1ty and SGFVICG Phone 9 F 12 Falmouth M1ch Phone 139 F 2 MHTIOH M1ch J KEENE GROCERY Fr1endhest Place on the Hlghland Corners Grocer1es Gas O11 Free A1r Phone 62 F14 H1ghland M1ch CASEY DE VRIES General Merchand1se Gas O11 Phone McBa1n 51 F 13 Maple Grove PETER DE VRIES Local Truckmg Gravel Haulmg Dump Truck Servlce Phone 91 M MCBHIH M1ch - - , U - - , . . H . . . ,, " - cc ' as - - , . . , . - B 0 0 S T E R S KEILS BAKERY Cadillac Mach WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE JESS I-UTKE McBain, Mich

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Northern Michigan Christian School - Reflector Yearbook (McBain, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Northern Michigan Christian School - Reflector Yearbook (McBain, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 36

1951, pg 36

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Northern Michigan Christian School - Reflector Yearbook (McBain, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 58

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Northern Michigan Christian School - Reflector Yearbook (McBain, MI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 34

1951, pg 34

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