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Ljffffv 51,51 53315553 A C, 59755 Yea, O .1 -Ju fgfj? V 9, dygsy 5.1 if V if SPY bv 5 of S Q5 A I md 'YNLD-X4 Noah w- X www UixiEE'. ' x-wa Kumi 4,g+.,.QQ.wQ1-'- QM om-Q,w1 XA 'is xg 3M-. QM .xdpiv 'WMP wi f QQ Mag, Kiwi v5fNm,m?,,,pP L,w'O,6 My W Wm' fifuvg YD X N " P QNX? L53 QEJXJQQ OMCQSWY U Zum Vg, 50 2x'Q0 'Sy xii! Of-A Q +1 N URTHERN .ff LEBANON HIGH Q SCHOOL Fredericksburg Pennsylvania Index Dedication .......... Memories ....... Administration and Sports . Activitie Undercla ...... 8 Seniors .....ll ARCHIVE 1970 ww 1 970 ARCHIVE Dedicated To Mr. Snafvely All of us at Northern Lebanon High School were startled at the death of Mr. Adam Snavely. Mr. Snavely had been the supervising principal of Northern Lebanon School District. We, the class of 1970, dedicate this edi- tion ofthe ARCHIVE to Mr. Snavely. Hoping that this action will serve as a token of our respect and honor for Mr. Snavely, we proudly made this dedication. Memories 0 LHS ge is-:H 2 ""':-1 ' 4 .......A.l... M if! f p .-.J x.. 1 I-an-..., ,f Memories of Classrooms And Study Q. , M " wa W9 w CI , S N f f 5 s ei '-I f3..m:l'!ini M" Memories of Activities and Special Events UF h QQ!! JF ,:- 1 ga y If gfrm Ann A 3 at 1 f ,pf ' H' 7' if unsung' - " "' 5'-'5 -',:: 1 'Q t is s . X F J v If I may 1 M I ss e V i i f e ffw V 2 fi' A W 4 my ' W Q I 'E Q ees , if 54 M ff ' ' ' 1 V ,f F 5 WW' W M WW 77 1 -M man.. .Uk www Memorial Lake-A Nearb Touch 0 Beauty Meniorial Lake State Park is indeed one ol' tlie most beautiful places in our school district. A familiar landmark to many ol' us. it is a favorite picnic and boating area for many local residents. The following message is part ol' tlie in- scription on tlie plaque at Memorial Lake. Tliis lake. covering approximately 85 acres, created by a uian-made dam, was constructed in l945. lt is dedi- cated to tlie memory ol' tlie otltlicers. warrant ollicers, non-conimissioned of- ficers, and guardsiuen ol' tlie Pennsyl- vania National Guard wlio served tlieir state and nation during World War l and World War ll more especially to tliose wlio made tlie supreme sacrifice in tliese great struggles lor freedom and democracy. Q z Tw' ' M' ' H 1 Memories of Familiar xx"-"fl x .4 . Faces - i Q- S. - L.-mask ,if Y A A If 5 is E . ' -, f '-. miriam: 'E . fn ,,.,...-gr . if Memories of the Faculty .L Q' 3 -5' W . ,Wm J S v V ' If: , Si " , I 4 T, ,K , K: ! I 3 ,A i MQ 2542 ,? , lun rw 4294 A-,.,..L,. 's Wag? 1 X-gi ? QEA, Milwiiilfl I HA NN 1 :uf T if I I A K' ,N 1 ' FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION . ff, H V mf ' ' H ' - r , , : - ,,L, , ,Q One ofthe most friendly and in- teresting men at our school is Mr. H. Marlin Heisey, our supervising princi- pal. One of his many responsibilities is to select and recommend textbooks and instructional material for the high school and four elementary schools. Our school is fortunate in having a man like Mr. Heisey who is so con- cerned about the interests of the students. MR. H. MARLIN HEISEY Mr. Heisey and Mr. Krammes Are N as Mrs. Rose Krammes, secretary S.-fs-4 W., N ,W-1 '-W .. .. li- MR. CLARENCE KRAMMES Mr. Clarence Krammes serves Northern Lebanon School District as the principal of the high school. Responsibilities. worries. rewards. and honor-all are ingredients ofthe posi- tion that he holds. ln his daily schedule Mr. Krammes must work with other administrators, faculty members. and students. We respect Mr. Kranimes for the capable Way in pogo. 555.2 R f ,, A I li R N!-9 which he handles the duties of his position. Head Administrators Mrs. Irma Schaeffer, secretary fp '57 Mr. Frederick Gahres, assistant high school principal. BOARD Olf DIRECTORS Mr. Warren Ditzlcr, President Mr. Hurry Boycr Mr. Harold Brandt Mr. Dwight May Mr, Jonas Nlcycr Dr. llarry Reed Mr..lol1n Spitlcr Mr. Gerald Wolfe Mr, Clifford Wood 5 Administrators Cooperate in S l, is l if 'X X-NNI -J' M and Staff tudent Services NJ Mr. Alfred Allison, business manager. Mr. James Davis, federal funds coordinator. Mrs. Ruth Fogelman, home and school visitor -'Q 'sf' GUIDANCE COUNSELORS Mr. Galen Donmoyer Mr. Kenneth Boyer Mrs. Sandra Wolfe 'Hsu fi. .E ff' X rf' Mrs. Joyce Jandrositz, secretary. und Mrs. Ruth Jeffers, librarian. Mrs. Mable Hollowell. nurse. Special Services Are Provided SECRETARIES NP' YM? iff Leona Wanner Jane Boyer June Sweigart Mr. Clarence Kline, Cafeteria manager. , Suzon Shctler i Lucille Meyer WWZWV' CUSTODIANS. Front Row: Miles Rittle, Carl Rhen, Harry Weidner. Back Row: Harvey Wertz, Henry Kreider, Lloyd Sweigart, Jacob Getz. to Help Keep a Smooth School Schedule CAFETERIA STAFF. Front Row: Mrs. Susan Boyer, Mrs. Marian felter, Mrs. Evelyn Swope. Back Row: Mrs. Nancy Frantz, Mrs. Mar- Emerich, Mrs, Mildred Wood, Mrs. Gerry Brandt, Mrs. Nancy Klein- jorie May, Mrs. Ethel Boltz, Miss May Bross. gg.----A I ,,...,..--'M-"""""" up- ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, Sitting: Marion Mowrer, Constance jgggph Saile, Lynn Burket, Milton Mowrer, Departmefli Chair- Stohler, Lottie Snavely, Edna Meyer, Ruth Reber, Kathleen man. Wiekenheiser. Standing: Daniel Kriston, Kenneth Miller, Language Arts and Histor Are Important Qs: M3701 ff ff Vi' M t WM L' 5 or T M T tlrr . Tiff rlrr tril ilaiitr M - ,,,r,, 2 '1',,1 14 ,," rr, M , LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT. Lottie Snavely, Lating Barbara Geisel, Spanishg Mae Watson, German, Department Chairman: Constance Stohler, German. READING. Kenneth Wolfe SPECIAL EDUCATION. Doris Wagner Studies or orlebco Students HISTORY DEPARTMENT: Sitting: Dorothy Ditzler, Ardith Brimmer, Frederick Spangler, Jack Kishpaugh, Joseph Rahale Hoover, Jack Shriver, Thomas Donmoyer, Richard lfolmer, wich, Department Chairman. Standing: Kenneth Watts, J. Ralph M E INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT: Armar Bordner, Walter Greenawalt, Department Chairmang Richard Krumbme Skills Are Requirement for tudent HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT. Sitting: Kathryn Kulikosky. Standing: Doris Weidner, Department Chairmang Annabel Melito. .. we- :sis .R , aze- - .--. fs i DRIVER EDUCATION. John Rhen mf' css? AGRICULTURE. J. Ray Bickel iii 5 i 2 ART DEPARTMENT. Nancy Deiter, Department Chairmang Sandra Lewin Achievement in Man ubjects CHORAL MUS1C-GlHdYSH00Vef- INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. Harlan Daubert. fn.-195' 9- 425' vw 5:7 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. Joseph Jandrositz, Department Chairman: Annabel Melito, Judith Heberling, Myron Ham- mes. Major ubjects Require Much Time 0 QC A O wif. X 3 et WW BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. Sitting: Patricia Bell. Standing: Albert Maurer, Department Chairmang Clair Wagner, Frank Wickenheiser, Carl Shetler. twas-swear:f,:.Qafm.fa,.:--2:S, :,.,g,,.g,.,::, - - t .. 7 7- -PW t - t 12115-fsisfgw . . -w e sag, gz - - Qfrafmgx N9 W., MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT. Frank Kocher, Geraldine Burket, Richard Zerbe. Jeanine Keefer, Department Chairman, Michael Setcavage. Bruce Althouse. eachers and Students at LHS SCIENCE DEPARTMENT, Richard Boyer, Michael Rank, Russell Smith, Larry Hall, Department Chairman: Claude Schach, Thomas Bender, James Logan. Faculty Members Enjoy Their Profession v F V I iii ,EZ Z 3 1 ,EN 1 img' SPORTS f "Ni s ff VARSITY BASEBALL. Front Row: Robert Sutherly, Larry Brandt, Craig Boltz, Ray Daub. Back Row: Jerry Relgle Al Fox, David Meyer, Galen Walmer, Jim Zimmerman, Barry Weierbach, Gary Hommel, Paul Smith, Glenn Hopple Craig Heilig, Bonnie Snyder, scorekeeper. Second Row: Mr. Gahres, Eberly, manager. coachg Stanley Blair, Mike Barone, Danny Ritchie, Brad Baseball Team Has .500 in League Play Five hundred seemed to be the 1969 baseball team's number. Pitchers Paul Smith and Glenn Hopple each had a .500 season in league games. Leading the team in batting average, Bob Sutherly batted .500. Also, at the end of league competition, Coach Gahres' team had a 6-6 record-.500, of course. Opponent NLHS O Millersburg 5 4 Upper Dauphin 3 Halifax 8 Line Mountain 1 Tri-Valley O Millersburg 8 Upper Dauphin 1 Halifax 5 Line Mountain O Williams Valley 7 Williams Valley 4 Tri-Valley Viking Cindermen Fight to Win, JUNIOR HIGH TRACK. Front Row: Pete Spitler, Randy Walmer, Andy Vardzik, Jeff Herr, Tim Atkins, Ricky Walmer, Oscar Moll, Doug 1-lain. Second Row: Mike Rhen, Dennis Rit- tlc, Douglas Kline, Randy Ziegler, Bernard Boltz, Randy Tice, George Bleichart, Gary Anspach, Lawrence Boger, Jim West. Third Row: Jay Bachman, Monte Fake, Roy Swetland, Ronald Lay, Joe Kelsey, Lonnie Hoover, Randy Spangler, John Ster- ner, Charlie Strouphar, Tom Bleichart. Back Row: Steve Saphore, Greg Frantz, Ken Hoover, Mark Krall, Joe May, Brad Garman, Steve Swope, Jim Blouch, Joseph Shultz, Bill Allison, Mr. Jandrositz, coach. Front Rowr B05 Pfaufl, Lamar B011inSe1', -lim FOUHH, Jim Marty Boltz, Carl Deaven, lsadore Ollar, John Boland. Back EdWa1'dS, LSROY Ad2imS, Jeff WHlICImYCI, Terry Bender- Row: David Krall, Tony Pajski, Lynn Kleinfelter, Lyndell Second Row: Mr. Rhen, coach, Dean Darkes, Jeff Peters, Shuey, Lloyd Kreigef, The 1968-69 track season brought Opponent NLHS Opponent NLHS only three victories to our mighty Vik- 84 Garden Spot 66 126 Cedar Crest ings, but it was a hard-fought battle all 27 Elco 18 52 Tulpehocken the Way. Sparked by the high scoring 144 Annville 18 78 Palmyra of Bob Pfautz, the Vikings gave all 64 Upper Dauphin 86 85 Cedar Crest teams a good fight and displayed re- 67 Elco markable determination. Coach Rhen, impressed by last yearls track team, anticipates the ,70 season. 83 91 Upper Dauphin 969 Viking Golfers Display Skill on the Green H" Mr Davis coach Standing Mr Rahalewich, coachg Ken Sager, George Hauer, Pete Ollar, Bernie Johnson, Glenn Kneasel, Ed Trainer Although our golf team posted only one victory this season, it shows great potential. Coached by Mr. Davis, the team was comprised of three juniors and four freshmen. Glenn Kneasel, a freshman, drove onto the green with the team's best average. Opponent NLHS 20 Cedar Crest 0 20 Cedar Crest 0 20 Elco 0 16 Elco 4 l7 Lebanon Catholic 3 15 Lebanon Catholic 5 19 Palmyra 1 20 Palmyra 0 I Williams Valley 15 IOM Line Mountain 9M Coach Heberling's girls opened their season with a smashing 6-O victory over Lebanon High. Captain Jodie Walmer and teammates Dawn Helms and Charlie Ditzler helped to bring in many of the goals during this exciting season. Although the girls fought hard, the only other victory came against Elco in the middle of the season. Opponent NLHS 0 Lebanon High 6 5 Annville Cleona 2 2 Cedar Crest 0 l Elco 2 0 Lebanon High 0 3 Annvile Cleona 3 6 Cedar Crest O 3 Elco 0 QV VARSITY. Front Row: Loretta Atkins, Ann Dieffenbach, Jody Carol Light, Karen Stickler, Gail Kreiser, Doris Ditzler, Dawn Walmer, Sharon Smoot, Cindy Anspach, Norma Patrick, Char- Helms, lcne Miller. Back Row: Miss Heberling, Coach, Connie Helms, Hockey Teams Drive or Victor A dl Ar .. , JUNIOR VARSITY. Front Row: Debbie Barlet, Susan Barone, Heberling, Coach, Ellen Stover, Cindy Greblunas, Pat Weller, Deb Brenda Sholley, Bonnie Bicksler, Cheryl Spangler. Back Row: Miss Kern, Theresa Peffley. York-Lebanon Count Soccer Champions JUNIOR VARSITY. First Row: Todd Tyrpin, Scott Maurer, Joe Kelsey, Glen Kneascl, Mark Nichols, Wally Donmoyer. Mike Rhen, Second Row: Mr. Boyer, coachg lfred Keeney, Neil Rhen, Dave The 1969 Norlebco soccer season was a successful one. Behind co-cap- tains Meyer and Reigle the Vikings posted 13 victories and only 3 losses. After capturing the York-Lebanon soccer crown, the squad entered the playoffs only to suffer a disheartening loss to an undefeated Garden Spot eleven. The game went into four over- time periods and was finally decided on corner kicks. Coach Rhen and his Jandrositz, Tom Bleichcrt, Terry Meyer, Terry Snyder. team look forward to another success- ful season in 1970. VARSITY SOCCER Opponent NLHS 2 Fleetwood 2 0 Cedar Crest 3 0 Annvillc 2 0 Elco 3 4 Elco l 0 Eastern 5 1 Annvillc 3 1 Dover 2 1 Northeastern 0 l liastcrn 4 1 Annvillc 4 1 Dover 2 1 Northeastern 4 0 Northeastern l tLeaguc Championshipj O Garden Spot 0 tDistrict Championshipb tLost by corner kicksl Whitman, Randy Sebastian, Ron VARSITY SOCCER TEAM. Front Row: Mr. Rhen, coachg Ken U1- Dennis Fortna, John Tyrpin, Lloyd Kreiser, Paul Sweinhart, Lynn rich, Dale Dieffenbach, Jim Zimmerman, Brad Brandt, Larry Boyer, Kleiflfelfeh WHYUG RCHTSCIIICI, D311 Riwhifl, Mike Barone, Bob BCH- Jerry Reigcl, Dave Meyer, Isadore Ollar, Dean Darkes, Bob Sutherly, def, David Rhen, Jim Artz, Manager- Steve Swope. Back Row: Genc Ulrich, Warren Fake, Dennis Schies, Co-captain Dave Meyer Co-captain Jerry Reigel fm. L Q , , 114 ' xl Zeb M s Cheryl Spangler: Hockey Ellen Stoverg Hockey Doris Ditzlerg Hockey Senior Girls Active in Vikingettes' Sports: Bonnie Bickslerg Hockey, Basketball Dawn Helmsg Hockey, Basketball Hockey Basketball Cheerleading Bev Endersg Basketball Bev Buchg Cheerleading -70111116 Lay00Ck:Cheerleadi11g QW JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS. Front: Donna Swoyer, Vicky Saphore. Middle: Su- san Rhoade, Cathy Dilger, Pam Walborn, Kim Brandt. Back: Marlene Sholly, Cindy Hammcs, Darlene Sholly. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Front: Ann Dieffenbach, Debbie Waltermyer, Bev Buch, Marcia Bross, Jonnie Laycock. Back: Susie Link, captaing Jamie Kern, Debbie Vrago- vich. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. Front: Debbie Moesehlin. Middle: Tina Rauthzen, Loretta Atkins, Carolyn Link, Jill Winters. Back: Cinda Ditzler, captain. Girls, Basketball Teams JUNIOR VARSITY. l'ront Row: Curol Neiswender, Debbie Nloeselilin, Debbie Bur- let, Colleen Light. Anita Seliuzib. Second Row: Marie Dilfuva, .loan Ironipeter, Kathy linders, Ilolly MacGregor, Patricia Luub. Louise Curriguii. Miss Knlikosky. Coueli. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKICTBALL TICAM. Ifront Row: Dawn sler. Buck Row: Puulu Sweinliurt, Sharon Sliuver, Gail Kreiser. Bev Helms, Doris Ditzler. Second Row: Connie Helms, Connie Meyerliof- erly linden. CIMIIIOIIC DUTY. MiSSllCbCrliHg.C0dCl1. fer, Cyntliiu Anspaeli, Jodie Wulmer, Sharon Smoot, Bonnie Bick- Boys junior High Basketball SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL. lfront Row: Dave Zimmerman, Roger Kline, Earl Baltt, Scott Wcntling, Scott Fritz, Bob Bord- ner. Back Row: Wendall Veach. Jim Allison, Brian Kern, Mr. Rahalewicli, coaehg Ron Laub, Edward Sutherly, Dennis Smith. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: Doug Hain, Larry Bickslcr, Ricky Hommel, Jay Hoke, Randy Light, Robert Arnold, Ken Nelson, Roger Klein. Back Row: Lawrence Roger, Ricky Basliore, Joey Ditzler, Lonnie Hoover, Fred Lutz. Randy Spangler, Kim Wcntling, Mr. Ralialc- wieh, coach. NINTH GRADE BASKETBALL. l-'ront Row: Edward Stidd, Roger Mease, Lee Swoyer, Jeff Hinkle, James West. Baek Row: George Miller, Roy Swetland, Ronald Lay, Scott Heller, Thomas Bleiehert, Ken Hoov- er, Charles Strouphar. Varsit Basketball VARSITY BASKETBALL. lfronl Row: John Scbustizm, Jerry mcrnmn, Mrc Wolfe. coach. Back Row: Bob Suthcrly. Lynn Klcinfcl Rcig1e.Duvc Mcycr. Pctc Ollur. munugcr. Second Row: Bob Bcndcr, tcr, Jim lortnu, Jim Ariz, Paul Swcinhart, Wally lkircstinc. Dale Dieffenbuch, Al Weierbach, Dick Evans, Brad Brandt, Jim Zim- """ " LBL LLLL ' i"1"f ,,'i m ,,c,, A I 'QHP Suzy Wa? Www JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL, Front Row: Kim Spannuth, Randy Sweigart. Second Row: Charles Graby, Wayne Vcacli, Dan Couper. Davc Jandrositz, Mr. Wickcnhciscr, coach: Stcvc Swopc. Randy Sebastian, Ronnie Meyer. Dano Miller. N-.xw G M. GN . Y 4 1 3 i i Varsity Wrestlers Have a 10-4 Record in '70 i WRESTLING TEAM. Front Row: Mike Rhen, Mark Nichols, Row: Skip Deaven, Dennis Himmelberger, Jay Bachman, Gene Ulrich, Carl Deaven, Dean Durkes, Rich Ulrich. Second Denny Atkins. Bill Allison, Dennis lfunck. Mr. Jandrositz, Row: Mr. Hainines. coach: Jeff Peters. Lamar Bollinger, Ricky coach. Dennis. .lim Bragg. Joe May. Tony Pajski, lfred Keeney. Back The '70 wrestling season brought to ' Coach Haniines and his NLHS inatinen a 10.4 record. Outstanding throughout the season was heavyweight wrestler. senior Ray Daub. whose individual record ol' l3-l included ll pins. Junior Eugene Ulrich, wrestling at l I2 pounds, had a season record of I2-2, while seniors Tony Pajski, Dean Darkes. and Richard Ulrich also had good records of l l-2-1, IO-3, and IO-4 respectively. Opponent NLHS 14 Lebanon 38 ll Annville-Cleona 42 23 Williams Valley 27 7 lilco 45 21 Millersburg 27 17 Williams Valley 33 21 Elco 29 35 Line Mountain ll 23 Millersburg 26 38 Tri-Valley lO 9 Lebanon 43 32 Halifax 9 9 Tulpehocken 40 17 Fleetwood 33 ,,-1 QS,-X45 ' r- .. , qi S 'fa P aw ' 1f?it1.'.S'l' , . 'lt W , . :gg 1 xxx, sr .gf ,,JsEw.A, q.'l?1,:g53kg ix v. R sfitg. . Owl Sf 'et GOLF TEAM. Mr. Davis, coach: Pete Ollar, Ken Sager, George Charles Boyd, Mrr Rahalewich, coach. Hauer, Greg Bollinger, Ed Trainer, Bill Gilliland, Fred Keeney. Golf Team's Season Record I s Opponent NLHS 17W Palmyra Zh 20 Eleo O 19W Cedar Crest W l4Vz Lebanon Catholic SM 15M Palmyra 4M 10M Lebanon Catholic 9M 15 Eieo 5 13k Cedar Crest 6M 6 Line Mountain l-4 CIW Tulpehoeken IOM This year's golf team had a rough season, ending with a reeord of 2-8. The two victories came at the end of the season against Line Mountain and Tulpehoeken. Maintaining the lowest average throughout the golf matches was senior Greg Bollinger. In two of the matches, Northern Lebanon eould boast medalists, Ed Trainer in the match against Tulpehoeken, and John Lemke against Lebanon Catholic. ., A A . P B- 'Sl 4' Q or M ries- iii i-'I -:" ' ., - in A-is T 1 K I 15 A Q' 0 if . . - f , A X L if - E B Y' x IN - f weav- qv Q is ru vii X is 1 Qgif 1 B ' r 'R kux- ex xi is J ' its I ii i FEI I' 2 'E 5+ A BASEBALL TEAM. Front Row: Brad Brandt, Dick Evens, Sebastian, Jerry Reigle. Back Row: Dan Ritchie. Mike Barone, Dennis Sehies,Ji1n Zimmerman, .luke Getz, iAift3dXVCiCI'bliCi1. Craig Bollz, Bob Sutherly, Dave Meyer, Mr. Gzlllres, eoueh. Second Row: Roy Swetlamd, Lee Swoyer, Gary Riwser, John 1 .W I - Mama ,,a,,f,1:m1fhf Viking Baseball Team Nearl aptures .--li' f Q W iw' -, L We , M445 A W , , ..,,- 5 A H, f 252 LiHm Q7 75 f I I L:VVV,, J., J . 1 1 K ' 5 f 'U X555 1 1 . YC Q ,. , . i,3'1N. f' l 9 X B BASEBALL TEAM. Front Row: Bob Walborn, Jim West. Ronnie Meyer, Jeff Hinkle. Glenn Kneasel, Frank Pottle, man- Terry Bcdlcyoung, Wally Hoffman, Kiln Spannuth, Mark ager. Back Row: Randy Irwin. Paul Getz, Randy Grunt, George Nichols. Second Row: Mr. Messcner, coach: Dane Miller, Vardzik,Tom Bleichcrt, DarrcllZcart'oss. District Championship in 1970 Season fffffw y ,Az Q I1 V A' , A v A , If by ,Vi .f v,,,,:.- ' Y -, , . ww . A ' . , , J., .E ..n..,Q.., QQ: 4diavAafLafff,6hfQd:2f.r4L,7lQKi4Hfa'iYw47-.i "'41'5f5' Viking Cindermen Per orm Well Throughout Season . ' M N ,I , fig af-5 SENIOR TRACK TEAM. Kneeling: Lamar Bollinger. Dean Darkes. Frantz. Issy Ollar, Jeff Peters, Wally Firestine, Carl Deaven, Tony Albert Zimmerman, ,lay Lentz, Tom Palaniea. Bobby Bender, Rieky Pajski, Jim Bloueli. Back Row: Dave Krall, Lyndell Shuey, .lim Fort Dennis, Terry Whitman. Second Row: Mr. Rlien, eoael1gGreg na, Joe May, John Boland, Steve Swope. ,ff ff' ,. Q yt Q Q Q ew wily at 1 JUNIOR TRACK TEAM. Front Row: Petc Spitler, Randy Joe Kelsey, Lonnie Hoover, Randy Spangler. John Sterner, Wulmer, Andy Vardzik. Jeff Hcrr, Tim Atkins. Ricky Wulincr. Charlie Strouphar. Tom Bleicliurt. Back Row: Stcvc Suphore. Oscar Moll. Doug Hain. Sccond Ron: Miko Rlicn. Dennis Rittle. Greg lfruntz. Kcn lloovcr. Mark Krall. Joc May. Brad Garman Doug Klinc. Randy Zicglcr. Bcrnzird Boltz. Randy Tice. George Stcvc Swopc. Jim l3loucl1.Joscph Shultz, Bill Allison. Mr. Jan- Blcicluirt. Garry Anspucli, Lawrcncc Bogcr. Jim Wcst. Third drositz. couch. Row: Jay Bzichniun. Montc lfukc, Roy Swctliind. Ronald Lay. NF 1. Sim? -is l if l 47 Q if orlebco Senior Athletes Help Brighten ' 'M' if wiizif ' g---- ' f text 'vi--5 5 as we ' i' " f'f 9"' - r ' ' a s e f K L if W- fi: ,e'e ,ig .F I! , . S x Vt L , Q L A F sf w i Q wikis.. . , 1 X . wlkwfygii A ' si. Www geierkii me S' ewes? sez 4' 'S' ' S ' ,, if ey ee A J M S ' ,,.. A s' 4 D i -Q S ' x. ,S X is K 'H- -g "Y -Agn: i s .. . - -3 F .- -- TE . ' '- '- , . X . W, 4' 5-s-QS? 'Yfiz ' " if 1+ 1 Q .: Q 8. " - . . 1- 3 - .ark - K - '.. ,qi-3, w.,.f--X-5,-w A -M. wi s" Mf.,-we . 4' -1 .r -'-J'f?1"QM-." 2 'xi IN'-4? ., ,, v, we -A+' - QSWWX Qgiigij-Q,. awk ' 1 , l WS 5 I - .. Hi? riff" 2. ' ,. " rg., '-f1f.5g5qv--- ,f .. l ,, A 'gy ,gf 40' wi H-. 1- -- - i'f1"' f - l""sf2 ' 'L9"e..- ,S-"ff" , -'-5:-X.2a',ggs'..,0-r ,' ., Q X, - 'W PX " c K5 'F " A ,CAM M 2 sl 'tif , vi f' is J Q' Ken Ulrich: Soccer Dean Darkes: Soccer, Wrestling, Track 'fa-wfi, B ,,i,,,-va-'Y John Tyrpin: Soccer Larry Boyer: Soccer Jim Bragg: Wrestling Skip Deaven: Wrestling A ,Q Lf lf Mike Barone: Soccer, Baseball Ray Daub: Wrestling Teams, Seasons Dave Meyer, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer Fred Weierbach: Baseball, Basketball Danny Ritchie: Baseball Denny Atkins: Wrestling Rich Ulrich: Wrestling Lamar B0llingeI2 Wrestling, T1'aCk Tony Pajski: Wrestling, Track Jerry Relgle Basketball, Baseball, Soccer .hm Forma Basketball Track Senior Athletes Spend an Active Last Year , 'fl ff U -A Q-5.55 Tl. ez' ,Q is ,,l.,mmw1Wf M wsu i 4--.. x, 4... ,k sff?f,,k,:.,, s 1 as V XXQEE iw PS' E N N K, . .. 9 Xi K S A f mils? ?is.f:i5iSQ'x?'i'hc-Kzlsrkas Maw Issy Ollar Track Soccer X A . s ig V-S TOIU Palaflica, Track Jeff Peters: Track, Wrestling Wally Firestine: Track Basketball in norlebco Sports Dave Krall: Track Jay Lentz: Track 0--gnu sl" A wk, 'aio ,, s. 'SQ :fm up in 'fa' as-'tri sq3n" ,W ws- Ywigmwvf 3 -ez:-mv!-ri :gs is 'iw ig R E. Albert Zimmerman' Track 1 N John Boland Track fwwnwwdfmwm as 'W , Wx E.. 1 4 hmi DP' Wi? ACTIVITIES SENIOR BAND COLOR GUARD. Front Row: Patricia Third Row: Beverly Wike, Sandra Hoover, Crystal Kern, Chris- Campbell, Jackie Campbell, Second Row: Sandra Forney, tina Tibbitts. Fourth Row: Brenda Sholl, Kathy Enders, Susan Hoover, Paula Swcinhart, Norma Patrick, Kathy Heath. Beverly Enders, Mary Adams, .leryl Ditzler. JUNIOR BAND COLOR GUARD. Front Row: SUS2111 Second Row: Darlene Sholly, Marlene Sholly. Back Row: Rh021dCS, NHTICY Dliubeff, BHIb21f2i GiUgfiCh, Cynthia Kefifef, Carolyn Peters, Kay Spangler, Kim Brandt, Denise Wentling. Michelle Rhen, Pamela Walborn, Gina Clemens, Robin Ger- Sharon Walmera Joanne K1-eidgr, hart, Cynthia Hammes, LeeAnn Kleinfelter, Patricia Krall. x--Nk Q Q Q V Q QQ "' Q i 'Q Q- lqtk -QQ rg.: ,... - ea.: Q, .... aa. Q QQ . . ,. I.. -- . ' i' ' - ' N: ,- 1 K at r r ,,, D ' M' sess C.. .,,. C 'Q-l ,. if f- .2-""" 5 A P" E ':.fEx ' 'f ' '.-: : -. , ., A iiiki ,. .JZ ' My n ew S ' 5 L .' H . ' , -' , ,a,.. -.,:-::'-5.:2..'::1::"?"r5'"a:-'I C N ""' .. . Wy. a , Q .. QQQ Q.QQ ,.QQ QQQQ QQ Q, .... .... '- K Q X K .if To ,Q twin' K 5 2 V A U, fffkl ' - E5 affinity? Erilifkzkp ss- ' S 'S O ' 4 .Q Q ,QQ Us ' Q - - QQXQ - L- ra.. Q" 4:, " K,.QQ , . .4 says s' ' - 17 '. 5 YF Q17 F 1" ff' Ex l i f ' ft QQ., Q QS f . -r . iifdigk-t1?we,,:1,-ao, 3.iQ,Q,'.1:'-.-W ig 'fi' jf'QQ Q QQ Q Q KQQQQQ., Q X css- -ifQ ,. :Q 7 . r Q.. A ,K we A a s t 71? . K xiwiil fe: WH A N . Ks A i" " X 3 X A ,--e.r-- 1 QQQQ QQ r-1. frm- an X n i. M1 - . A , -X - -1 V., Q-,gr ferr: , K ff-wr :Q-few-1:1-w'f:M. ,VKV f ff. ., f N t s is C ' i , X if Q l C C S- :P f fi, 1 - Q . l , r if ze ., 1-H T' as . - .- gw',v-K-eg,-:f.3i.if fs.fr2-g..:wrv ,N . , . v f ' 552 x - - A -N, ' - ifigiigv --.V - f t l., . -.1 .. A C ks- sa . . ' haf - .. A K 'S JV - w,..,'f,a9QSq,Q,wQ'ff Q ' -ff f:s'u'. Jil- . Q . 1 .efx1l+w.fft?s1--r I ' i, -:ii2ws,Li'e: A V 1 w. -X 'X - Q -- . QM r 1 SB Nssssxx Q na 'gf' M fix Q' N it W' T 5- ii., ri, A .. X , , M ,..,.,,f . , C, Qst, H., R, ,,.. 7..QQ. l Q. QQ., Q, QQ ,:,, 25--f: - g A - 2 .. K . .- ,QM-,gs - Q Q, 'Q f'eg:.s.,.r,1,.i4Sw-Wise wa - . s f N - -. . -L J, - womans.-fisw O ,W-as H wwf. o, mi A -- t 'N , f W . , ,, -- .. ,MW aw. 'H' FLAG TWIRLERS. Front Row: Debra Kern. Second Row: Linda Pfautz. Fourth Row: Marsha Bross, Jonnie Laycock, Karen Stickler. Kleinfelter, Bridget Soliday. Third Row: Debbie Vragovich, Judith Marching Band Faces Rough Competition MAJORETTES. Front Row: Beverly Buch. Back Row: Beth Peiffer, Christina Rautzhan, Cheryl Krall, Audrey Forney, Barbara Kreamcr. rv I' Band Presents Annual Christmas and Spring Concerts l JUNIOR BAND it img 5 YMIYI PERCUSSION SECTION. Front Row: Robert Bender. Susan John Boland, Nick Vasil, Danny Jernigan, Kenneth Hoover Slike, Dale Colyer, .lay Bachman, Michael May, Charles Graby, Tom Blcichert. Right. Drum Major, David Campbell. X Below. Director, Mr. Daubert. V Senior Band. If We Q BRASS SECTION. Front Row: Dale Deaven, LuAnn Gary Hommel, Scott Gettle, Joe May, Lynn Boyer, Galen Boger, Loretta Atkins, Ruth Ann Krall, Kim Spannuth, Frantz, James Artz. Fourth Row: Dale Dieffenbach, John Priscilla Huber, Lynn Kleinfelter, Denise Ditzler. Second Lemke, Dennis Fortna, Robert Boltz, Ricky Neidlinger, Row: Scott Weller, Judy Bachman, Gary Wolfe, Patty Mark Krall, Jeff Hinkle. Fifth Row: Paul Sweinhart, Campbell, Doris Ditzler, Cheryl Krall, Mark Tibbitts, George Rautzhan, Warren Wenger, David Krall, Hiram David Schwartz, Suzanne Daubert. Third Row: Nancy Brown. Behney, John Sterner, Patrick Kercher, Lamar Bollinger, WOODWIND SECTION- Front Rowi Chl'iSiiYl2 Tibbitts, B0flI1i6 Jo Ann Edwards, Brenda Grumbine, Elizabeth Tibbitts, Joan Het- Reifeifl, Marsha BIOSS, Fred Schmidt, CIYSUII Kern, Cafhl' BiCkS1e1', rick, Debra Vragovich, Sharon Shuey, Doris Long, Ann Dieffenbach Donna Long, Charlene Miller, Karen Peiffer, Patricia Glick, Dorinda wynanne Forma, Steve Swope, Beverly Miller. Fourth Row: Susan Dove, CTJCIYI Spanglef- Second ROW? Calmellfi Hefnley, BSVBIIY Gilbert, Harold Peiffer, Lynda Kleinfelter, Ellen Fortna, Iren Sna- Sticklef, Judy M0hH, JOY GIOSS, Judy Wolfe, Cathb' LCGHY, Char- vely, Karen Sticklcr, Jackie Campbell, Pam Kern, Reba Kline, lotte Derr, Evelyn Boltz, Sandra Gettle, Greg Frantz, Patricia Ger- Barbara Alley, brich, Maxine May, Carol Theirwechtcr. Third Row: Nancy Deaven, SENIOR CHORUS. Front Row: Cindy Glick, Norma Shenk, Chris- tina Tibbitts, Luann Boger, Beth Peiffer, Donald Ferguson, Mark Tibbitts, Jay Wenger, Jeff Neuin, Paul Bordlemay, Max Keller, Jelena Hoover, Dorinda Dove, Linda Sheuy, Gail Ollar, Marsha Bross, Karen Stickler, Mrs. Hoover, director. Second Row: Barbara Alley, Carol Theirwcchter, Renee Kline, Reba Kline, Karen Peiffer, Cindy Anspach, Lorretta Atkins, Clinton Stidd, Ronnie Meyer, Jim Zimmerman, Raymond Weik, Hiram Brown, Sharon Shuey, Maxine May, Carmella Hernley, Rita Stamm, Martha Patches. Third Row: Susan Gilbert, Cathy LeGay, Judy Mohn, Linda Stalnecker, Susan Link, Barbara Kreamer, Eugene Ulrich, Dennis Schies, Maury Boe- shore, Kenneth Sager, Lloyd Deaven, Randy Godfrey, Ralph Bech- tel, Denise Ditzler, Jamie Kern, Jeryl Ditzler, Robin Bates, Suzanne Choruses Per orm Well in Presenting SACRED CHOIR. Front Row: Cynthia Glick, Christina Tibbitts, LuAnn Boger, Donald Ferguson, Mark Tibbitts, Linda Shay, Gail Ollar, Marsha Bross, Karen Stickler, Mrs. Hoover, director. Second Row: Carol Theirwechter, Susan Gilbert, Beth Peiffer, Loretta At- kins, Clinton Stidd, Raymond Weik, Hiram Brown, Martha Patches, Maxine May. Third Row: Donna Patches, Cathy LeGay, Judi Mohn, Barbara Kreamer, Eugene Ulrich, James Zimmerman, Jamie Kern, Suzanne Daubert, Cheryl Spangler, Cathy Heath. Back Row: Gary Hommel, Lynn Kleinfelter, Bradley Brandt, Paul Sweinhart, James Artz, Peter Ollar, Lloyd Deaven, Kenneth Sager, John Lemke, George Rautzhan, Sharon Shaver, Crystal Kern, Michael May. Daubert, Cathy Heath. Back Row: Doris Long, Donna Patches, Mi- chael May. Gary Hommel, Lynn Klcinfelter, Dean Darkes, Walter Bisbee, Brad Brandt, Paul Sweinhart, Peter Ollar, Tom Bleichart, George Hauer, Jay Baehman, Jim Artz, John Lemke, George Rautz- han, Susan Hauer, Beverly Stiekler, Sharon Shaver, Chrystal Kern, Cheryl Spangler, Linda Klcinfelter. peretta- 66Mountain F ever" CHORUS OFFICERS. Donna Patches, Vice Presidentg Cheryl Spangler, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Dean Darkes President, Carol Theirweehter, Secretary-Treasurer. Choruses Harmonize or Presentation 0 SEVENTH GRADE CHORUS. Front Row: Randy Swanger, Brian Miller, Scott Wentling, Dave Rhen, Dave Zimmerman, Eugene Gerhart, John Gilbert, Debra Metz, Beverly Smith, Brenda Zimmerman, Cindy Swope, Donna Sturgil, Gina Har- man, Colleen Kiscadden, Debra Gross. Second Row: Vicky Saphore, Lynn Zerhring, Donna Swoyer, Debra Campbell, Gwen Boltz, Cindy Troutman, Pamela Gerberich, Debra Yordy, Sandy Keller, Robin Gerhart, Janice Yiengst, Laura Frantz, Brenda Bollinger, Sue Werner, Colleen Spitler, Kay Spannuth. Third Row: Terry Bailer, Craig Erdman, Daniel Adams, Dwight Berube, John Lehman, Richard Lord, Fred Wolfe, Darlene Shol ly, Joyce Walmer, Lori Dilfava, Gayle Kleinfelter, Crystal Wieand, Kay Spangler, Pamela Frantz, Linda Hertzog. Back Row: Paul Evans, Randy Laub, George Kochele, Ronald Laub, Marlene Sholly, Kim Brandt, Nancy Daubert, Karen Erb, Linda Lapp, Joreen Bross, Sherry Gassert, Joanne Kreider, Juliet Sattazahn, Sharon Walmer, Vicki Deaven. Annual Concerts TREBLE CHOIR. Front Row: Barbara Wolfgang, Brenda Wise, Beth Weaver, Dianne Haldeman, Caroline Link, Beverly Rhoades, Becky Reichart, LuAlice Stone, Debbie Weav- er, Colleen Light, Sue Allison. Second Row: Denise Rent- schler, Brenda Sutherly, Gloria Bohr, Kathy Sharpe, Gay Grumbine, Barbara Weaver, Carol Rhoads, Judy Richards, Cinda Ditzler, Jane Reddinger, Elen Stover, Renee Kline. Third Row: Lorraine Mease, Bonnie Bicksler, Nancy Kreiscr, Cindy Miller, Barbara Patches, Brenda Sholly, Kathy Schwalm, Cindy Greblunas, Kathy Gundrum. Back Row: Donna Heberling, Pat Minnich, Wendy Troutman, Sandy Forney, Sandy Billman, Mary Adams, Norma Patrick, Pat Elliot, Edna Heck. EIGHTH GRADE CHORUS. Front Row: Gina Clements, Cyn- thia Hammes, Beverly Myers, Michelle Rhen, Debra Troutman, Gale Propst, Bob Arnold, Curtis Lear, Jay Hoke, Ronnie Kubik, Robin Roth, Mary Clay, Sylvia Derr, Carol Rank, Linda Crespo, Kathie Dove. Second Row: Susan Rhoade, Beverly Reifein, Cynthia Keefer, LeeAnn Kleinfelter, Robert Erdman, Ken Kreiser, Gary Shirk, Timothy Atkins, Deborah Shuey, Cathy Dilger, Kenneth Nelson, Randy Walmer, Dan Yeagley, Ricky Walmer, Back Row: Spring Shuey, Julie Knapp, Glenn Ulrich, Ricky Hommel, Sue Worm, Lenora Krall, Jane Withers, Donna Beckwith, Cindy Yiengst, Mary Ann Light, Linda Shuey, Nelda Geesaman, Rebecca Zeigler, Bonita Kramer. 829 Seatedi Jim Zimmerman, Kathy Schwalm, Thefesa Peffky, Kleinfelter, Ronald Moyer, Frances Kulikosky, Brad Bran Debra Waltermyer, Donna Heberling, Susie Link. Standing: Nancy Deavgns Putty Glick, Bobby Bgnder, Lyndell Shuey, Mr. Mowrer, directorg Dale Dieffcnbach, Lynn Juniors Present Spooks Alive, a Mystery Comed ' i 'ff"M 3 PS? auf 2151 dt, Y, ,,.. 1' 6 ,,.,.....M" 1 W ,fx X! 'Z-,,, . lubs Develop tanclards and Skills for Future NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY. Front Row: Cinda Ditzler, Chris- Pat Elliot, Nancy Smith, Naneee Lutz. Back Row: Greg Frantz, tina Tibbitts, Cindy Anspach, Cheryl Spangler, Sandy Gettle, Debbie Galen Frantz, George Moeschlin, Maury Boeshore, Jim Artz, Brad Vragovich, Renee Kline, Sue Link, Brenda Vragovich, Jonnie Lay- Brandt, Dean Darkes, Dale Dieffenbach, Lamar Bollinger, Mr. Mow- cock. Second Row: Noreen Grimes, Norma Patrick, Louise Carrigan, ref, advisor. Jodie Walmer, Carol Theirwechter, Debbie Waltermyer, Sue Kline, INDUSTRIAL ARTS SOCIETY. Front Row: Dave Lingle, Witmer, Mr. Greenawalt, advisor. Third Row: Albert Zimmer- Walter Donmoyer, Richard Books, John Greish, Carl Ford, man, Edward Rupp, Roy Erb, Wayne Veach, Dale Rittle, Rod- Ernest Spitler. Second Row: Mr. Krumbine, advisorg Scott Lin- ney Weaver. Back Row: Terry Zellers, Richard Wagner, John gle, Eddie Zechman, Robert Walmer, Roger Kleinfelter, Donald Mengel, Brad Garman, Richard Ogurcak, Alfred Weierbaeh. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA. Front Row: Larry Weidman, gel, Darryll Wagner, Todd Tyrpin, Tim Weller. Third Row: Fred Un- Daniel Hostetter, Richard Shirk, Robert Shuey, Donald Weidman, ger, David Hostetter, Foster Gibble, Richard Ulrich, Gerald Bragg, John Tyrpin, Lamar Bollinger, James Bragg, president, Glenn Layser, Charles Deitzlcr, Randy Shaver, Ricky Davis, Charles Strouphar, Tom Shuey, Tom I-lostettcr, Mark Edris, Joe May, David Krall, Mr. Gary Dove, Terry Mauser, Mark Krall, Robert Rupp. Back Row: Bickel, advisor. Second Row: Robert Boyer, Kevin Moyer, Daryl Warren Kessler, Elwood Meily, Michael Brendle, Doug Davis, William Gross, Kenneth Mull, Jeff Werner, Kenneth Moyer, Dennis Himmel- Hooper, Marlin Reinbold, Clair Wagner, Gary Wagner. bcrger, Dennis Grubb, Dennis lfunck, Tom Van Lieu, Charles Men- Agriculture I s the Basis or Club Work an 'V M, CONSERVATION 8: OUTDOORS CLUB. Front Row: Ricky ger, Ed Bachman, Randy Spangler, Andrew Bohr, Mr. Hammes, Hartman, Glenn Wolfe, Eugene Strickler, Dennis Lerch, David advisor. Echenroth, Joe Trompeter. Back Row: Steven Blatt, Roy Wen- l 452 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA. Front Row: Third Row: Mary Brown, Sandra Sheriff, Lynette Lear, Beverly Mr. Shetler, Advisor, Bonnie Demmy, Irene lfake, Monica EHGCIS, Doris Fry, Mlifihli Brandt- Back ROWI Teresa MCCOTCL Grumbine, Donna Suthcrly. Second Row: Pam Zimmerman, Debra Weaver. Karen Smith, Carolyn Stricklcr, Helen Sticklcr, Katie lfcaser. Urganizations Promote Career Interests FUTURE NURSES CLUB. pl-ont Rbwz Marie Dipava, Mal., Donna Long, Linda Gingrich, Jane Witmer, Brenda Connaster, jorie Elliott, Patricia Elliott, Mary Adams, Joy Reichert, Rachel Lucille Mifmich' Back ROW5 Tina Zechmflnf Elaine Kfeisefr Wenger. Second Row: Violet Rohrer, Elizabeth Tibbitts, Veronica Auman, April Trout, Sherry Nafzinger, Robin Barr. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA. Front Row: Rita Lutz, Cindy Greblunas, Shirley Messner, Nancy Smith, Debbie Waltermyer. Jo Ann Umbenhen. Second Row: Miss Kulikosky, Advisor: Connie Greenawalt. Charlene Miller, Bonnie Smith, Becky Helms, Fern Sehamber. Third Row: Connie Weaver, Sandra Grumbine, Theresa Peffley, Bev Wike, Brenda Sholley Baek Row: Pat Weller, Pat Ruth, Kathy Gundrum, Denise Rentsehler. JUNIOR HIGH FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA. Front Row: Tina Fager, Lori DiFava, Sandra Swalm, Janice Yingst, Brenda Zimmerman, Cindy lfessler. Back Row: Martha ,- W was Q 6 .mn , fa Q-u Q' . -it g 'BP Q3 96 at It -ftefawagf. J Fahnestock, Brenda Doster, Debbie Snavely, Kim Kale, Nelda Geesaman, Juliet Sattazhan, Mrs. Melito, Advisor. lubs Provide Challenging Skills SENIOR HIGH CHESS AND CHECKERS CLUB- hore, Jeffrey Herr. Back Row: John Boland, Perry Naf- Front ROWI L00 SWOYCI, Alan Feaser, Fred Keeney, zinger, Dan Hoke, Ed Erickson, Dennis Betz, John Herbie Bohr, Walter Huffman. Second Row: Charles Oliver, Boyd, Joe Kelsey, Bob Reber, Ronald Lay, Steve Sap- JUNIOR HIGH CHESS AND CHECKERS CLUB, Front Row: visor, Richard Lord, Dwight Berube, Jolene Stoltzfus, Joyce Wal- Harry Kinney, Tommy Brough, Larry Bixler, Lonnie Lambert, Mel mer, George Bleichert, Ronald Kern. Back Row: Gary Kent, Ronald Kreider, John Deaven, Philip Roberts. Second Row: Mr, Saile, Ad- Purcell, Ch8flCS Sawyer, Gary Shellk- SENIOR HIGH ART CLUB. Front Row: Mrs. Lewin, Advisorglean Steevcr, Gail Cruise, Janet Moyer, Karen I-ldris, Heidi Keeney. Back JUNIOR HIGH ART CLUB. lfront Row: Scott Ellison, Eugene Chadwick, Debbie Wood, lillen Weidman, Dawn Whitman, Mrs. Deit- er, Advisor. Second Row: Dan Yeagley, Linda Buck, Donna Light, Row Richard Uhler Richard Weller Randy Reifein, George Moesch- lin, James Lentz, Steve Beach, Ken Fisher. Virginia Brehm, Donna Beckwith, Tommy Norris. Back Row: Carol Grcenawalt, Jo Ellen Kerr, Dale Zimmerman, Shane Brown, Steve Gristick. BOYS HOBBY CLUB. Front Row: Mike Chobanoff, Brian Row: Steve Hetrick, Tom Moyer, Leslie Mickey, Jason Kline, Miller, Tom Showers, lid Sattazhan, Robert Moyer, Wendell Randy lfitting, Kim Wentling, Jake Marinkov. Back Row: Ter- Veach, Darryl Moyer, Rodney Brogan. Second Row: Mr. Watts, ry Oliver, Harold liisenhower, Larry Keller, Dennis Garrison, Advisor: Randy Blouch. Mike Kulikosky. Edwin Auman. James Milton Weiss, Steve Shirk, Jeff Klingcr, Randy Weller. Rank, Robert Lay, Grant Gladfelter, Jeff Leininger. Third Groups Created for Interests, COIN CLUB. Front Row: Gregory Klinger, Michael Gensler, Steve Gentry, Greg Frantz, Larry Fox. Terry Diener, James Campbell. Back Row: Mr. Hall, Advisor, tl SENIOR HIGH KNITTING CLUB, From Row: Dawn Yeag- Patches, Kathy Weber, Barbara Zimmerman, June Geibe, Alice ley, Diane Haldeman, Beth Weaver, Amy Shelly, Elizabeth KI6iSCI- Back ROW! Kathy Bicksler, -lkldy WCHT-ling, PM Lallb, Kline, Brenda Wise. Second Row: Gwen Grubb, Michelle Groff, Karcn Grumbinc, Darlene Gebhart, Lorraine Meyer, Cindy Annette lfeaser, Colleen Light, Lori Kern, Vicky Barone, Bren- Miller. da Zerbe. Third Row: Miss Keefcr, advisor, Edna Heck, Barbara o Hobbles, and Fun 'Nil' ef GIRLS HOBBY CLUB. Front Row: Rose Mease, Elaine Nei- Behney, Brenda Krall, Debra Greenawalt, Debra Shuey, Lissette digh, Wendy Kohr, Pam Condran, Irene Ditzler, Linda Crespo, Lancaster, Mrs. Ditzler, advisor. Janet Furman, Kathy Dove. Back Row: Brenda Lutz, Gloria SENIOR TRI Hl Y. Front Row: Miss Stohler, Advis org Gloria Bohr. Second Row: Patricia Lcbo, Patsy da Lee Kline. Y-Groups Participate in Varied Activities JUNIOR TRI H1 Y. Front Row: Debbie Swanger, Carol Stidd, Linda George, Kathy Beach, Debbie Emrich, Debra Shuey, Tina Harmon, Karen Showers, Terry Harmon, Renita Lambert, Marion Swope, Ann Pajski. Second Row: Debbie Rudy, Sue Worm, Donna Rhoads, Kathy Sirriannia, Ann Wampler, Dorthea Reichert, Robin Roth, IZ, is y E I Debbie Nichols, Sharlee Moyer, Kathy Wagner. Third Row: Bev My- ers, Ruth Westhafer, Brenda Reber, Theresa Pugh, Lenora Krall, Debbie Rhen, Lori Hains, Vicky Zearfoss, Debby Warren, Shirley Matterness, Spring Shuey. Back Row: Beth Neumeister, Susan Hos- tetter, Judy Seaman, Joreen Bross. Neiswender, Wilda Rosa. Back Row: Jean Hinkle, Lin- JUNIOR HI-Y. Front Row: Mr. Schach, advisorg John Gilbert, Scott Robert Grubb, Earl Faust, Andy Vardzik, Mike Furman, Lonnie Wentling, Jeff Fake, Mike Mengel, Roy Varvel, Dean Moyer. Jeff Phillips. Back Row: Steve Dielman, Doug Bensing, David Rhoads Suphore. Second Row: John Lymaster, David Unger, Earl Blatt, Jeff Stickler, Mike Hopkins, Rick lfox, Allen Mattera. 'LN was-we fi 1 3 K 'Q lag: aircrew? 2 rl Q M is S at ,R ii5i"l"is he E? mmfn twigs aa? fl s iii! F ra fag xcrmasilitizr i SENIOR H1-Y' From ROW? Andrew Kfeisef, ROY Knapp, JBCK Rob- Kevin George, Stanley Stoner. Back Row: Mr. Burket, advisor, Dave inson, Michael Lentz. Second Row: Bradley Smoot, Richard Leeper, Boyer, Simon 301112 Craig MOVSI, Terry SUYdC1'- tl PEP CLUB. Front Row: Gail Krissinger, LuAliee Stone, Bridget Soliday, Brenda Sutherly, Barb Swalm. Carol lfisher, Rita Peters, Shirley Wilson. Second Row: Debbie linsminger, Connie Plotniek, Kathy Sharpe, Louise Carrigan, Carol lfahnestock, Theresa Peftley, Donna Heberling, Bev Wike, Christina Rautzhan. Third Row: Shei- la Ellison, Mary Eckert, LuAnn Wolfe. Anita Sehaab, Kathy Seh- walni, Gail Ollar, Norma Patrick, Kerehelle Horton. Back Row: Mrs. Wolfe, Advisor: Kimberly Gees. Ruth Ann Krall, Judy West, Doris Long, Gail Cruise, Debbie Waltermyer, Thursetta Henry. Clubs Help Stimulate JR. HIGH PEP CLUB. Front Row: Kathy Binkley, Colleen Spitler, Nancy Krall, Carol Klingler, Patty Miller. Second Row: Diane Helms, Sherry Gassert, Debbie Troutman, Michelle Gilliland, Mary Lymaster, Linda Miller. Back Row: George Koehell, Bonnie Kranier, Rose Ogurcuk, Eleanor lfish- er, Becky Zeigler. 1-1-Z PEP BAND. Gary Wolfe, Lamar Bollinger, Dennis Fortna, Michael May. John Lemke. Gary Homnrel, Galen Frantz. Skip Deavcn. D namic School Spirit SKI CLUB- FIOHI ROWI Susan George, Cinda Ditzler, David Long, Todd Tyrpin. Steve King, Mark Nichols, Pat Laub, Yvonne Sturgill Scott Maurer, Dane Miller, Dan Couper, Debbie Moeschlin, Bev SMC Wilson, Lorraine Meyer, Audrey lforney, Norma Patrick. Back Rhoads, Paula WeiSS. Second Row: Jane Rcddingcr, Judy Swanggr, Row: Mr. Bordner, Advisor: Charles Graby, Dave Jandrositz, Steve Judy Pfautz, Deb Brajkovich, Rebecca Helms, Karen Kapp, Beckey SWOPC- Randy Sebiisiiiiii, Biii Allison, Ronald MOYCT- Bernie J0iifi' RCiCi1Crl. Vicki Barone, Donna Long, Judy Bachman. Third Row: 5011- Eddie Tflliiwf- Active Students Form Sports Clubs SENIOR HIGH SPORTS CLUB. Front Row: Randy Sweigart, Jim Kreider, Phillip Ensminger, Dennis Fulk, Roger Mease, Bob Boltz, Mike Rhen. Second Row: Richard Evans, Charles Kern, Terry Bedelyoung, David Lutz, Glen Kneasel, Charles Varvel, Monte Fake. JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS CLUB. Ifront Row: Rose Smith, Donna Kreiser, Greta Ditzler, Colleen Kiscadden, Debbie Metz, Suzanne Crespo, Donna Sturgill. Second Row: Cheryl Long, Barbara Lutz, we i Flu Third Row: Ken Ulrich. Robert Reed, Mike Long, Terry Hernley, Randy Irwin, Ronald Keyton, Roy Alley. Back Row: Craig Boltz, Lyndell Shuey, Randy Swope, Charles Shaeffer, John Sterner, Tom Palanica. Judy Miller, Sarah Rupp, Lori Swisher, Pam Warlow, Colleen Stup- py. Back Row: Jean Fisher, Karen Erb, Linda Lapp, Donna Swoyer, Lynn Zehring, Lynn Strauss, Abigail Weiss. ,N ,dv .si IQNB' E mb -1: -Elf I WEIGHT-LIFTING CLUB. Front Row: Steve Vardzik, Patrick Kir- Frank Keller, Darrel Zearfoss, Kerry Fittery, Mike Zeehman, Steve cher, Lyle Swisher, Gary Wolf, Mr. Kriston, advisor. Back Row: Landvater. IUNIOR HIGH SPORTS CLUB. Front Row: Eric Brown, Randy Ziegler, Raymond Strubhar, Dennis Lcedy, Melvin Gilbert, Ken Kreiser, Randy Lapp, David Gcnsler. Second Row: Mr. Rahalewich, advisorg John Sirriannia, Byron Pottle, Dale Gingrich, Ricky Rittle, Scott Kunkle, Jay Hoke, Gary Shirk, Russell Yiengst, Eugene Ger- hart, David Zimmerman, Brian Gristick, Mr, Boyer, advisorg Mr. Wolfe, advisor. Third Row: Kevin Brumbach, Stanley Pfautz, Barry Kfciscr, Jeff Stuppy, Lester Hauer, Randy Light, Kevin Mindy, K Q lllllllllllllllllllllllg ' '11 Charles Steiner, Dennis Smith, Dale Patches, Pete Spitler, Dan Sang- er. lfourth Row: Glen Ulrich, Ronnie Kubik, Richard Mease, Larry Hartman, Doug Hain, Herman Leeper, Greg McGarvey, Keith Betz, Bob Arnold, Chris Downs, Wilfred Erb. Back Row: Jeff Geesaman, Nevin Stoner, John Kiene, Richard Krcitzer, lfred Lutz, Victor An- drew, Kevin Boltz, Lee Wenger, Scott Davies, Ricky Boeshore, Jerry Lutz, Bernie Boltz. BOYS ATHLETIC COUNCIL. Front Row: David Meyer, Tony drositz, Advisor. Third Row: Jerry Reigel, Lamar Bollinger, Pajski, Jim Fortna, Ken Ulrich, Bob Bender. Second Row: Gary Hommcl, Skip Deaven, Steve Swopc. Back Row: Charles Mark Nichols, lssy Ollar, Wally lfirestine, Gene Ulrich, Mr. Jan- Graby, Greg lfrantz, Randy Sebastian, Lyndell Shucy. Groups Formed to Contribute 5 E GIRLS ATHLETIC COUNCIL. l"1'0I1f ROWI MiSS Hebeflingr Debbie Waltermyer. Third Row: Kathy Schwalm, Brenda Advisorg Connie Helms, Marcia Bross, Jamie Kern, Susie Link, Krciscr, pal Mlnnlclll Debbie Kcrn, Cheryl Spangler, Bev Buch, Sue Gilbert, Dawn Helms. Second Row: Carol Light, Vicky Schultz, Sherry lfisher, Josie Miller, Doris Ditzler, Ellen Stover, Sharon Shaver, Charolellc Den' Gail Kreiser. Jonnie Laycock, Sue Ann Kline. Back Row: Cindy Greblunas, FIOFII Row: Clflda Ditzler, JOI1I1iC Lay' Lynn Boyef, Caroline Link, Jay Lentz, N01'IT1a PafIiCk, David COCK. DCFUSC DiiZlSI, SUSHH Liflk, S9C1'et11fY2L10Yd DCUVQH, Schwartz, Cindy Anspach. Jamie Kern. Back Row: Sue Kline, President, Jerry Rcigel, Vice President, Dean Darkes, Treasurer, Wendy Tmummn, Mike Barone, jim Zimmerman, Bernie john- Susan Gilbert, Bridget Soliday. Second Row: Tina Rautzhan, Son, Dale Dieffcnbagh, Paul Sweinhglt, B1-ad Brandt, Help Throughout School HALL MONITORS. Front Row: Jonnie Laycock, Rene'e Kline, ler, Dawn Helms, Walter Firestine, Dean Darkes, Back Row: Cheryl Spangler, Susan Gilbert, Sue Ann Kline, Carol Their- Galen Frantz, John Boland, George Moeschlin, Alfred Weier wechter. Second Row: Peter Ollar, Lloyd Deaven, Doris Ditz- bach, Ricky Dennis, Jerry Reigel. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA. Front Row: Charlene Mil- LeGay, Linda Shay, Barbara Alley, Donna Herberling, Harold Peif- ler, Gail Ollar, Susan Link, Gloria Bohr, Carol Theirwechter, Susan fer, Donna Patches, Mary Lou Blouch, Greg Frantz. Back Row: Gilbert, Sue Slike. Debbie Moeschlin, Christina Tibbitts, Mrs. Weid- Sh211'0I'1 SIHIVCI, M21rth21P21lCheS- 5211161 Moyer, WYUHHUC l'N01'tHLl. ner, advisor, Second Row: Sandra Hogvcr, Kafcn Sticklcr, Mal-Sha George Moeschlin, Patricia Elliott, Sandra Billman, Jerry Reiglc, Dave Bross, Barbara Patches, Jill Winters, Maxine May, Doris Long, Swank. Patricia Gerberich, Galen Frantz. Third Row: Norma Patrick, Cathy lub Members Provide Services or LHS LlBRARY CLUB. Front Row: LuAnn Miller, Debbie Weaver, Caro- fers, advisor. Back Row: Theresa McCord, Beverly Enders, Donna lyn Stricklcr, Nancy Kreiser, Kathy George. Second Row: Lynette Sutherly. Lear, Doris Ditzler, Monica Grumbine, Debbie Thompson, Mrs. Jef- wn f f f ei , 7, Vgipw' f "mea .V gm , dll? ,, I f' 1 M 'V mfwm W .L 'f ,,,w,,,,,,-, f it 2 fat? LIBRARY ASSISTANTS. Front Row: Lenore Andrew, Monica Grumbine, Susan Allison, Luann Boger, Donna Sutherly, Linda Uhl- er, Lucille Binkley, Karen Schott, Marian Meily, Susie Slike. Second Row: Renee Kline, Doris Ditzler, Sherry Nafzinger, Mary Brown, Judy Fisher, Vicki Schultz, Judy Richards, Gloria Bohr, Lois Kline, LIBRARY ASSISTANTS. lfront Row: Gail Krissinger, Marion Batz, Brenda Yordy, Linda Shay, Beverly Rhoad, Debbie Weaver. Second Row: Lorraine Meyer, Cindy Anspach, Colleen Light, Beth Weaver, Barb Alley. Third Row: Sue Ann Kline, Beverly Klinger, Veronica Auman, Marie DiFava, Gail Cruise, Bev Enders, Sharon Bohr, Martha Patches, Sharon Barnhart, Barb Zimmerman. Back Row: Peter Ol- lan, Robin Barr, Joy Reichart, Cindy Swalm, Donna Heberling. Ruth Ann Krall. Third Row: Barb Patches, Beth Tibbitts, Jill Win- ters, LuAnn Wolfe. Back Row: Cindy Miller, Karen Strohm, Ed- na Heck, Judy West, Nancy Kreiser. may 415 E 1 . BELRON STAFF. Front Row: Marcia Gerhart, Donna Carl, Karen Shuey, Carol Theirwechter, Jerry Reigel, Mr. Mowrer, Advisor. Back Schott, Susan Gilbert. Second Row: Mrs. Bell, Advisor, Denise Row: Wynanne Fortna, Gary Hommcl, Harold Peiffer. Publications Involve Much Hard Work ARCHIVE STAFF, Front Row: Marian Batz, Fem Schambey, Advisor. Third Row: Bradley Brandt, Cindy Greblunas, Patricia Susan Link, JOAnn Umbgnhen, Brenda V1-aggvich, Editgfg Barbara Glick, Rachel Wenger, Jill WiI1t6IS, NaI1Cy Smith. Back Row: Pat1'iCia Kreamer, Cinda Ditzler. Second Row: Carl Deaven, John Sebastian, Weller, N0fma PHffiCk, Paula Sweinhart. James Zimmerman, Cynthia Glick, Cindy Anspach, Miss Mowrer, if , 'W ' 5-PZ 3 1 5 at-, N 'ilgll . ' I , .1 ,M M 1 1 11, 7 '5 2 1 5M 29 2 ' 1 . B , 1,:ZV 2,,, A,,A , . ,,, ,,,. , U DERCLASSME wwawga .oengfwmg W --.....x- wg, wmv Muff'-' ,,...w fi Leonard Barone Terry Baylor Kathy Beach Edward Bechtel Dennis Beckwith Douglas Bensing Dwight Berube Steve Billman Kathy Binkley Rodney Birogan Earl Blatt Steven Blatt Brenda Bollinger Gwen Boltz Sheila Boltz Robert Bordner Ramon Boyer Susan Boyer Kim Brandt Rose Brandt Jeffrey Brehm Joreen Bross Shane Brown Kevin Brombach Debra Campbell Seventh Grade 4 1? I f' ?"""it B ji Z to f ,af , , 1 -zfv my films 7 I2 -fly H. Daniel Adams Mike Adams Jeffrey Adams -lim A158011 if iit KF tr f1. t"' A "f2t" - Y T n it eq V ., ci all x, 'W ' 4 W fm ,L ,Q Kevin Arnick Edward Bachman -.1, , , .A . 'K Q4 , ,- In ' 'H ,. 'ffffz t -vvv'r' 'r" , A ' ' - ' , Q .V , f .fs -t . j. W hx?-,. ir I L an., b at A .,.. , " aff ' 'T Q 3 ,, , H , . , V , 4 B K AB.. Q. it .tt atll f ' 7,5 by ,Cl f ' "f' ' , ' IVYV 'B' ' 4,4 ' -5 ff W, f ,,, H , A A SJ ,, va . " Jai, aet ' aw 'Q Eugene Chadwich Michael Chobanoff Yvonne Clay Pamela Condran Suzanne Crespo Judy Daub Nancy Daubert John Deaven Vicki Deaven Debra Deitzler ff I J A fw iv' 4 MW A 7 A , J my 1 ' 2235 ,I 1 ' X ff "'-N i 4 1 ,f x 'V :X-,f Urea: - Z if ,sy A -X QW W Q 1 ., ,-- , ,, V N' Yr J ,,,,1 y,,.i,"' ' 6 f J I F lrst Year at orlebco 'fu' ,ivy A ., V , ,VVAA V 2 ut, ,I -Hg, J M iiyy L VV v:,, I E as J 11 a v Vw f.:.,1 I ' f:,"' i ka ' :Ev , i"' ' ' , i,, so 74' . if W 'vs E ,. Hu Irene Deitzler Mike Dowhower Debbie Emrich Tina Fager David Fischer James Deitzler David Eckenroth Karen Erb Barbara Fake Jean Fisher Lori DiFava Harold Eiscnhauer Craig Erdman Jeffrey Fake Keith Fittery Brenda Doster Richard Emerick Paul Evans Cynthis Fessler Laura Frantz MM 3, . K., A il viii . Sherri Gassert Jeff Geesaman Samuel Geesamen Annette Gensler Pamela Frantz Scott Fritz Janet Fureman Richard Gamble Q fl ar e S A , avr' 23 ,la or Class of 975 53 ff f K ea K iff s ' . -- ' ' --,. r V u lin rank rw- 3, as . su YS? Y -'N xv is I ss-.s ., , 4' si. 'e . :M W, ,. ,, .. as ie'-Kwfzigvaxk . N Brian Gristick Debbie Gross Robert Grubb Rose Hall Terry Harmon Tina Harmon Barry Hartman Barry Hass Lester Hauer Diane Helms Debra Hernley Shawn Hernley if if -we Audrey Kapp Larry Keller Sandy Keller Brian Kern Randall Kern Karry Kinney Colleen Kiscadden Roger Kline Linda George Pamela Gerberich Eugene Gerhart Robin Gerhart John Gilbert Michele Gilliland Pat Gilman Dale Gingrich Wilma Gladfelter Thomas Graby Carol Klingler ,S k Gayle Kleinfelter . N 21 .L Linda Hertzog 5 Jeffrey Hoerner Q Susan Hostetter fees... x. A - ., ,J x is W as Jay Y. iff QF in .. it is '.:.. ' ':':: , I Hifi? - , 5 o R K .wi ,. Ji: .. .. W. --" :, ,' :Q- ai 1 .N-if . -- t -. if so X , , QW., - - ft, 5 . 1 1 X X , 2,51 Q Xl. '-' , L PHL -QW fffl George Kochell Wendy Kohr Joanne Kreider Melvin Kreider Barry Kreiser Cindy Kreiser Donna Kreiser Richard Kreitzer Michael Kulikosky Scott Kunkel Thomas Kunkel Lonnie Lambert Lisette Lancaster Linda Lapp Randy Laub Ronald Laub John Lehman Gerald Lentz Tammy Lentz Dennis Lerch Dennis Light Cheryl Long Richard Lord Barbara Lutz Mary Lymaster l Seventh Graders Discover X 5 , 'MPX -Q Jake Marinkov David Martin Mabel Martin Allen Matters Greg McGarvey Rosy Mease Pamela Meily Michael Mengel Debra Metz Marie Mickey Brian Miller Frederick Miller Judy Miller Patricia Miller Kevin Mindy Daryl Moyer Dean Moyer Dennis Moyer Kathy Moyer Thomas Moyer Linda Morton Patricia Moore Shirley Nafzinger Elaine Neidigh Gregory Neiswender Judy Norton David Patrick Stanley Pfautz Lonnie Phillips Byron Pottle Lorraine Proscyk Ronald Purcell Lester Ream Marilyn Reber Robert Reddinger fl, ,gr J J nz: fi X 'x .V 4 f Y 'iii in 'S 15.45 Ng That LHS Is So-0-0 Big Kim Rentschler David Rhen .V tif f-ff 11 .. , ., , , , ,SQ 4 b 41 ll A David Rhoads I, , y i i" Donna Rhoads Ricky Rittle Jeff Rodkey Terry Rogers Gary Rogers Z" JW 5 31 if 1 p - V vi' V1 . Joyce Rhoads 'Y ,f V ' 3 klmy, , t, i -a1r, J, 1 Z. zu -lat A Sarah Rupp 16 J if a . A Miva ' A L V , 5, td at Q X , 1 , ,,A " AE1 '9' ' 1. fvfi , Debra Shuey Debra Shuey Dawn Simone John Sirriannia Beverly Smith Dennis Smith Rose Marie Smith Sandra Smith Debra Snavely Kaye Spangler Kay Spannuth Charles Steiner Clarence Sterner Scott Stoddard June Stoner Lynne Strauss Eugene Strickler Jeff Stuppy Donna Sturgill Edward Sutherly Randy Sager Vicki Saphore Thomas Schwartz Judy Seaman Robert Sebastian Marla Seibert Steve Shirk Darlene Sholly Edward Sattazahn Juliet Sattazahn Marlene Sholly Karen Showers Tom Showers Louise Schaeffer Lance Schreckengost a w , J , ff si Q 5 ,1 " n uii it I' he f ' A xr f A 1 'kj wif J as K f N S Q f if 7 4 fd N I .,,.. Hall Travel Proves To Be as' I vt QV, " U ,Q 3' Sai 'S 1. .- axiwv.. ""' ,,. - is yi V sr ttt,,i J ii,y,i, " f-0 W ti' IVL, 5 , QL. 5. 1.4. ' , I ,,.. . ,7 M .. 3, -V ,V 5' ,. of A . , ,f - 2, fl , Y' VJ- X .1 lf 1175 I .K 1 fy fi Tw ,:2',,"Q4W'., 27 ,.,..f xxp L ,,,f f,,,: , . J It :,,, VVV,A. V ii Fun or Lively Newcomers - Crystal Weand ---" M N Abigail Weiss Janice Yiengst Russell Yiengst ' ' 'W ' R ' Debbie Weller Debra Yordy K Leilani Zearfoss W we .. Randall weuer ""i5iY ......-ff-Q. Seoit Wentling H L Q- 1 Susan Werner K Lynn Zehring Q ' Brenda Zimmerman ' 1 ' R f -Q Marie Wernl .lg .. -:ii , . . Qs'--...s P51 fr I A b N Ronald Wilheim - A il,-"4s. 'J S MXN Edward Wolf Fred Wolfe Glenn Wolfe Debra Wood David Zimmerman Kevin Zserai Sandra Swalm Randy Swanger Lori Swisher Cindy Swope Donna Swoyer Cindy Trautman Joseph Trompcter Linda Trout Linda Umberger Roy Varvel Wendell Veach Joyce Walmcr Sharon Walmer Russell Wampler Pam Warlow . -,Nm qi h e fry V 5 fl Z '19 2 re fi J if af I X 5. in 65 tc f 3 44 1 35 .1 1? zwgih 6 'B V H f 4 V fiifffjil hw I l t , f V 'W . if J, :fl.., , , fc: , l l y W ' .. 4, ' P 3 ,fi me .K YK , sw f - J- ,. , H33 if Q 'Ht f fe 4' i .Q ,,' .-2- Merlin Adams Pattie Adams Ricky Adams John Allison Victor Andrew Gary Anspach Joe Anspach Robert Arnold X Timothy Atkins Q suq Edwin Auman 1 'iiii Q I iii me Eighth Graders View Seventh Graders xl is 5 l tl S Us Q3 . I b.i. .- g I . 13,521 . t , IQQQ .K ' A A K gif. I I , . i fy ' 6 . Iqgyt .. 5 in if -.f .-.. . 45 -Ulf dpi:-1, , f,fw-W., lf, rw as xt Q M x v N ",,, C, ..,:.. L Q5 F . Michael Baal Richard Bashore Keith Batz Donna Beckwith Gloria Behney Larry Bicksler George Bleichert Ranae Blouch Randy Blouch Andrew Bohr Bernard Boltz George Boltz Kevin Boltz Vicki Boltz Keith Boyer Lawrence Boger Virginia Brehm Thomas Brough Eric Brown Linda Buck Mary Clay Gina Clements Cynthia Conner Jim Copenhaver Mark Couper if at , 5 , Q ASQ E " it K x A Q W: + ,.:' gt, it F so W Silk? fo at F 1 7 Y ' ' f- . Afx it with Feelings of Superiority Anna Drouplich Scott Ellison Wilfred Erb Robert Erdman Matha Fahnestock Earl Faust Nancy Felty Vicki Fields Cathy Firestine Eleanor Fisher Randy Fitting Mark Fowler Charlene Fox Ricky Fox Andrea Frantz Mike Fuhrman Robin Fuhrman Daniel Funkhouser Dennis Garrison Nelda Geesaman David Gensler Dennis George Melvin Gilbert Barbara Gingrich Grant Gladfelter aw 4 i ' :Q as-F ,,. ' .s . rf -1 Linda Crespo Scott Davies Sylvia Derr Cathy Dilger Greta Ditzler Joe Ditzler Daryl Dove Derek Dove Kathie Dove Chris Downs 5 . A L. if- fl' v. . if I 5 isa ii f it 'QF 'ggi R G ef Ii. r azfi 1. Q., . ., X ,, . Y 5 M fan , .. 9 ' fa- r- ,g 5 5 rd ,.. 'lx WR' hs . V A , 'ff la , gf , -,, Mfg' , 4 .v ' ' ' ful f f , M, fl 'Q .Y ',,. x 'iw xii V , . an r W W W ,, -vi '33 1745 Q , JK gf X ? Nbx ,. I ., ,ef ,. Zim l 5 -1 , W ' -. Y 1 . X N. 4: mf ' --fs le i 1 Y f, , 1: 4' m x A ff nhl ' We-we :., E ' x l B W K 2, , in , Rebecca Graby Carol Greenawalt Debbie Grcenawalt Steve Gristick Michael Grubb Randy Grumbine Douglas Hain Lori Hains Cathy Halsell Cynthia Hammes Jean Harnly Larry Hartman Steve Hetrick Jay Hoke Lonald Hoover Michael Hopkins Rickie Hummel Samuel Houser Kim Kale Cynthia Keefer Eighth Graders Develop Creative 'F-'Fe A 4-fm Gary Kent Jo Ellen Kerr Cindy Kessler John Kiene Lee Ann Kleinfelter John Klcss . Q .f . 2 -v. 2 k1:"' J 5:8 Douglas Kline I-A ff Elizabeth Klinc Abllltles Dennis Leedy Herman Leeper Jeff Leiningcr Donna Light Linda Light Mary Ann Ligh Randy Light Brenda Lutz lfred Lutz Jerry Lutz Sherec Lutz John Lymastcr Douglas Martin Nancy Martin Shirley Matterness Jason Kline Jeffrey Klinger Julie Knapp Brenda Krall Lcnora Krall Nancy Krall Patti Krall Bonita Kramer Karen Kreiser Kenneth Kreiser Ronnie Kubik Renita Lambert Randy Lapp Robert Lay Curtis Lear i,,' Q 4 A K ifr :ii I ii.l wt :': WCTURE AVAILABLE K :." L. ' - Q -1' litt t itt J J t ' f .J ..., Q S A J W 'H 'f ii L ., 'S If y .i . .F - L we wi aw was Charles Miller Cynthia Miller Linda Miller Oscar Moll Richard Moyer Robert Moyer Sharlee Moyer Terry Mull Beverly Myers Darlene Myers Kenneth Nelson Beth Neumeister Debbie Nichols Tom Norris Rosemarie Ogurcak Terry Oliver Ann Paj ski Dale Patches Carolyn Peters Diane Petkovich Rick Price Gale Propst Theresa Pugh Carol Rank James Rank '11 Eighth Graders -1, ,A .22 Ht. Q Q aw If 1 1 7' Lee Mck echnie Cindy Meily 4 IN, ff Q,".gw 1 Q 1? W Richard Mease Leonard Messner 'iff W Q. af-5 ' fffff 3 t , ,K , ff if WE W Hi' any Y . ' gi I Z if Za M ilgifigfl , "" '-" ' it ' A A A V f , 1 V ,..,,,, V , , , " ., , i'-" f 1.1 Q fl M V , Leslie Mickey Cindy Michael ,J M 69 1-41 mah 'A' a RW " A jj-,f" .SVQLH Swarm Through W me ' Brenda Reber Robin Roth SK '51 1 L. , A Gary Shenk Danny Sanger Nevin Stoner Steve Trout Dorothea Reichert Beverly Reifein Debra Rudy Robert Rupp LHS Halls M Rheum df X is is in ww? F' v W , ,R J f ae Debra Rhen Jeff Saphore if ., 5 , J' e 4 J . V J .',"-. G . A fi as .Xe K g Q W .6 1 Q 'QQ S 253 Q it ' vi-all ' We .gs fa in W at ,W ff JW? Michele Rhen Charles Sawyer ,an .- ' NSE if--EI ff., qw J A -.. . in 75252 QQ. Gary Shirk Deborah Shuey Randy Spangler Peter Spitler Jeffrey Stickler Colleen Stuppy Debbie Troutman James Tyrpin .,,, li'l: 6 K M Y .rw X I Jr Susan Rhoade Larry Schneck K' .Q C, Linda Shuey Spring Shuey Cathy Sirriannia Colleen Stamm Debbie Strickler Carol Stidd Debra Swanger Edward Swope Marion Swope Glenn Ulrich David Unger Andrew Vardzik Phillip Roberts Janet Schwartz HY? Q is 'A' ,K at an f at John Soliday Jolene Stoltzfus Randy Tice Kathy Wagner fa. Q ei-fl 'ie 5' Pam Walborn Milton Weiss Gale Wenger Lee Wenger Paulette Walmer Randy Walmer Ricky Walmer Luann Wampler Debbie Warren Scott Weiant Ellen Weidman Ray Wenger Denise Wentling Kim Wentling Ruth Westhafer Dawn Whitman Rochelle Wilson Alverna Wise Jane Withers Cindy Wolfe oose a Curriculum or Kathie Wood Susan Worm Daniel Yeagley Cindy Yiengst Carmen Young Vicki Zearfoss Becky Zeigler Randy Ziegler Dale Zimmerman Elizabeth Zimmerman John Zimmerman Ernest Zserai , mf X M f' . V "Ny b Q. is if I Xenon' ill' ll l7 5 iii' 1 ir'i. A H '31 Q T52 if 2 f QA., ' A V J J 5 24' va el 1 Kb X4 inth Graders riff- W 0 I ,f ag H Q N. 1 7 1 H 2 sf X 4 1 , 4 2 fi new I fra A ef. V fe 4 K idiit - , 9 e Face Course Selection f , C39 we ,f ee 5 ' 1 4 M ,. 5 V . H47 1 6 J J B' .A af. f .,. 15 '4 W ,355 ' , A L , AV A ,e, e.V, J J I V A34 , 7 V :. -C2595 if Z .4 fb I rr gfvaw 131 4' , f M, f I , ai -if 2 f ff ' 1- " 1 f ,f Robert Adams Roy Alley Helena Andrew Linda Arnold Paul Arnold Dawn Aurentz Jay Bachman Susie Barone Robin Bates Ray Bechtel Terry Bedleyoung Nancy Behney Bonnie Bender James Bender Charles Bensing Kathy Bicksler Debby Blair Cheryl Blatt Karen Blauch Tom Bleichert Simon Bohr Barbara Bollinger Nancy Boltz Robert Boltz Paul Bordlemay Tom Bosley Charles Boyd, Jr. David Boyer Robert Boyer Gerald Bragg Debra Brajkovich Randy Brandt Carol Breault Hiram R. Brown, Jr Penny Campbell Larry Craig Doris Custer Suzanne Daubert Dale Deaven Jim Deaven Walter Donmoyer Luann Doster 99 Denise Dove Dorinda Dove Mary Eckert Jo Ann Edwards Sheila Ellison Kathy Enders Debbie Ensminger Bruce Fahnestock Monte Fake Allen Feaser Annette Feaser Donald Ferguson Kathryn Fisher Kevin Fittery Carl Ford Ellen Fortna Carol Fox Charles Fox Sue Foy Sandra Friedman Anne Fritz Bradley Garman Darlene Gebhard June Geibe Kathleen George Kevin George Myra Gerhart Bill Gilliland Linda Gingrich Randy Godfrey John Greish Michelle Groff Joy Gross Gwen Grubb Gay Grumbine Christine Haldeman Diane Haldeman Brenda Heisey Scott Heller Rebecca Helms Camelle Hernley Jeffrey Herr 'A' s Q ,, K K, . , mia 5 i "' S gi I 4,53 'Ei M Q QW Z, , x, 2-, W -A Freshmen Must Choose- ,ww 4, 1 'fl I K ,N , .1 H, M, am or .,,,,, 6 is a aya iiaa H' 4 W, 1 7 2559 1 ,:2'a22" , , f 'H' 1. - W 40,4 .- V -,ww V, W , ,, ,.., ,, , ,, .g Z, ,ff ff f -17 -hd' if , 2 1 . , www .vi Y g 9 i AA i ' Q ,- .i, f" 1 ,E,.. .V 5 15, I I my N 6 I i 4' fr ?t W WI , ,i i .,.vV , 'Vw' 5 W, . E V ,, fi M i M' A 1 r it . , , 'MTN' J ' ' i ff Q im .f Vlnbb i M Decisions af 1 6' if W 'T i X M H 1.Wk Z.. wax! fl WM if v iy , f i y f l ' ihv 1 -' ' ,, , J, , , ",' 1 421 ' v V, K. , f 1 A ' av f A 7 E U , A E :,, A ,V fi 7 f. V . ecisions . . . Decisions Dennis Himinelberger Jeff Hinkle Wendy Hoffman Jelena Hoover Kenneth Hoover Susan Hoover Daniel Hostettcr Marilyn Hostetter Sue Hostetter Roseanne Howell Dennis Kauffman lfred Keeney Cindy Keller Frank Keller Joe Kelsey Robert Kennedy Pat Kereher Lucille Kerkeslager Crystal Kern Deborah Kessler Kathryn Kiene Gail Killo Karen King Lynda Kleinfeltcr Roger Kleinfelter Steve Kline Zen ' A. 'W 'Wil 1 K G A3 R s R , - ' 511. :-: t K 5 Y' '51 kk' M fi? ,' - R , f X Q Y iw X A f X + at gi I .r --ff", 'fe qsqk Qt -gg Q . , . g , ,Q 4 Ruth Krall Roy Knapp Brenda Jo Klinger Gail Krissinger Alice Kreiser Nancy Kreiser Joyce Lambert Debbie Lapp Ronald Lay Patricia Lebo Peggy Leedy Richard Leeper Freshmen Enjoy Exploring it eb' A ' ' ' - :- 2 4. - ' " : D V vb 1 ' we . M L , P .JW . , ' l 2- "Vs , . G' ', " :fi 5 - L' f . fa! W -Q isis, ff ix L Nw I ii Q Nik in I Michael Lentz Cynthia Light David Lingle Caroline Link Terry Long Charles Loverich Larry Lutz Holly MacGregor George Marinkov Rachel Maurer Roseanne McBride Tracey McCord Rodger Mease Charles Mengel Bev Miller George Miller Sherry Miller Susie Miller Lucille Minnich Tom Mohn Terry Mauser Karen Moyer Kenneth Moyer Kevin Moyer Diane Mowery Kenneth Mull Joyce Mumma Mary Neiswender Kay Norris Jeffrey Neuin 'rf i n wi sv :::. J f., I ,sis X its-f'E, 5. it r 2 el I , yn X x . ew Worlds of Stud fx S . 59' s e .N- li v 8, of L Q I an A Kenneth Rhoads Violet Rohrer Richard Ogurcak Dianne Oliver Mary Orendock Nancy Ruth Colby Sager Fay Peiffer Bernice Peric Rita Peters -It .N ,"" fx t Q X K 9 ! it . if , .N t , 4 Ss' wee? X .Wt nf Anita Schaab 5' - Kenneth Schaeffer X Q ,..' 1 John Pitkevitsch iii Connie Plotnick We , Q tr F' QS V N530 L ' .27 , 'Q is " if .US Q, at lil' .af- ' if . Q , Q , -J .MEMS f- Q t Frank Pottle Fred Schmidt Q A Judy Schott A " X 'et S Sl 9 ' Christine Rautzhan 3 in 4, yzyy Q , William Reed t,t Dennis Rittle .- , Janice Seaman Rose Ann Seidel Mike Rhen Ralph Rhoad Carol Rhoads .,,: ,Al .ms---e at 4 ffe x' INVW f55trhif i EE1E lie 5 wg, , r . -V rv , Q T pul""""'i Q- X Q-, I Carl Stauffer John Stemer Barbara Stickler Ed Stidd LuAlice Stone Linda Stoudt Charlie Strouphar Brenda Sutherly Barbara Swalm Roy Swetland Lee Swoyer Robyn Talley Rose Marie ' Taylor Debra Thompson Mark Tibbitts Charlotte Torbit Wendy Trautman Joan Trompeter Michael Turner Tom Van Lieu George Vardzik Nick Vasil Darrell Wagner Barry Walborn t ' , 5 11 4 ' ', " Z, L f ' X Q 'Q Jeffrey Seifert Robert Shuey Bridget Soliday Cathy Sharpe Bradley Smoot Gregory Spangler Richard Shifk Terry Snyder Rita Stamm Freshmen Seek H t"' ', , I VVVV " "- 4, T xlv n F , - H f rw arf? ,. at H' , ' . . rjrl g ,W 1' 1, i'i'i "" n Z g..: rey A ,r,t:r' A T W 9 ",V " te T ' e ta Gi 4? a A ' .1 ,,f , J V' W alia? will ,A - --V' X . .. " Z' ' 'f' " Q A:,, :AV , , ' A 3 , ' fi J -f 0 2, if 51' 1 l 4 2 : A V, - . .M ,AN V .agp , B J 4 J y ifim ge y y , an , , I i fe W .1 gf' Wei, V 4 - , ,fi if 0 - Robert Walborn Craig Watkins Rodney Weaver Dennis Walmer Barbara Weaver Larry Weidman Mildred Warren Beth Weaver Roseann Weik Jeffry Werner Susan Wikel Shirley Wilson James West Michael Wildasin Brenda Wise Judy West Ralph Wilhelm Connie Wolfe ut of School Tim Weller J ay Wenger Judy Wentling Excitement Both in and LuAnne Wolfe Barbara Wolfgang Dawn Yeagley Brenda Yordy Darrell Zearfoss Eddie Zechman Michael Zechman Tina Zechman Chris Zehring Cindy Zeller Larry Zeller Brenda Zerbe W rn ,jg 5.1 A A K V ff 4' 2 X, " . v,,' s '- li, if ,L HL4 gr Sophomore Class Officers Seated CmdaD1tzler Secretary Vice President Mr Folmer Advisor Lynn Boyer President Norma Patrick Treasurer Standing David Jandrositz Connie Adams Debby Adams Elizabeth Adams Bill Allison Cindy Anspach Loretta Atkins Judy Bachman Pat Baronowski Debbie Barlet Vicki Barone Mike Barrett Cindy Batz Marion Batz Steven Beach Rose Bechtel Walter Bisbee James Blauch Mark Boeshore X K xt my K 'N .1 it K. wbx Ye, wi..-'N' '- i . 2 34:1 es 'Sl . ,aligns - to Elect Class cers his R ,, gt 3 is W YS 3 Si X zql tell i n? s +4 ..-L24-"' x. Sufi' "ave 4 'X . -K X 1 Qs . 'J f' . ,N-.. .. I Na+.. Vanessa Bohr Darlene Boltz Evelyn Boltz Kathryn Boyer Lynn Boyer Ray Boyer Mike Brendle Harriet Champ Judy Clay Robert Copenhaver Daniel Couper Ernest Daub Deb Davis Ann Dieffenbach Larry DiFava Cinda Ditzler Jeryl Dilzler Mark Doster James Doutrich Gary Dove Randall Dove Arlene Dubbs Philip Ensminger Ed Erichson Peggy Felty Mildred Field Carol Fisher Audry Forney Gregory Frantz Dennis Fulk Dennis Funck Betty Funkhouser Kimberly Geer Steve Gentry Susan George nfl 1 I . M' , 421- f a- ew at f 1 fi if eg ogy A 'itmifzm I ' 1-2 fa ,,QL',, 2 Q ! is '45 if H. wg ,X 'iv ww ,ws 7 .A f , ,. "-v H ""' - -' 5 if r L Linda Gerberich Scott Gettle Paul Getz Foster Gibble Cynthia Glick Charles Graby Darryl Gross Dennis Grubb Brenda Grumbine Karen Grumbine Sophomore Class Proudl Dzsplays 'L Q . and , . ., vv-1i-- ig ,,., , W x X X x , W -ne -Q ll X A1 3 fa 4 ?,,4 in Cathy Gundrum Beverly Hass Cathy Heath Edna Heck Terry Hernley Joan Hetrick Jean Hinkle Deb Hopkins Kerchelle Horton Willard Houser Priscilla Huber Walter Huffman Randy Irwin Dave Jandrositz Bernie Johnson Karen Kapp Lori Kern Pam Kern Richard Kern Ronald Keyton Pam King Stephen King Linda Kline Mildred Kline Reba Kline Kathie Klingler Glenn Kneasel Lu Ann Kohr Mark Krall Penny Kramer Jim Kreider Andrew Kreiser Marion Kreiser Nancy Kreiser Steven Landvater Class Jackets Pat Laub Carole Layos John Lemke James Lentz Colleen Light Jacob Light Scott Lingle David Long Donna Long David Lutz Guy Lutz Sharon Lutz Michelle Marinkov Scott Maurer Joe May Donna McCord Dianne Mease Elwood Meily John Mengel Steve Messner Lorraine Meyer Ronald Meyer Connie Meyerhoffer Charlene Miller Cindy Miller W if of . VIAV - lw"?95' V. , 4 K an J W 'zglf :ZV E A I' 'V i 'P 5 ' A ., A l't if ,r,.v f i ' if and Rings by in 4 53" A ,LEP- 'Q 2 JF A!! I ...,,. ,,- 5 M ' ,W .V If VA L., A Dane Miller 2 G , .: , L Q ' , Kay Mindy ' Q ,V Deb Moeschlin '. P '79' ' YQ, Craig Moyer I V 'M Donna Moyer if 54 -J' ,Q 4 X 4216? Lee Myers Carol Neiswender Patsy Neiswendei Mark Nichols Debra Ollar Sophomores Sponsor GCA Time or USM Barbara Patches Norma Patrick Beth Peiffer Bruce Peiffer Judy Pfautz David Planken Frank Reber Jane Reddinger Beverly Reed Becky Reichert Randy Reifein Denise Rentschler Neil Rhen Bev Rhoad Chris Ribera Jack Robinson Wilda Rosa Barry Rudy Steve Saphore David Schwartz Randy Sebastian Robert Sechman Randy Shaver Linda Shay Amy Shelly :awww P Sa its it at R .,. is f " I W .: ,,,, Z , N K fe ,Zig ff-at A ' i':, 1 .f', ,J , ,Q f pf , A 1' , 4 , 11, X .,,, it 5,2194 2 y ? :5",I1L , 1' any J' ,Q ff? Q5 W as af... ,Y y V J f 4 J f rf f! of , Z ,W if 1 , Ui f fa , ' A - i A' W ' I 1.-' ,I 4' 7 ,K . l 2 Aff? , i f x me 0 on ' fa: , 'W 2 ' ,W ' e 'ei ima 1 ??fr he Wiit Miifwr S f iyrv ' ' A ' A ' , 'w e t 'V g v we ' -' f '1 ' ilk 4 ' it if i . if i , 'A" ' il .ML J 1 'V ' n ... x 1 . AML' .- twea S ,sf QT G ,, , 'XX V 'Xt ff i f t MQW f 6 XV Q A1 ,Q W' S Wk A , 4 f if X . 1 ' I -q...,- J 'if Q?1"'f V' ' r .affix , 1 ,. , X K fi f f ' ' "' A: .. W V Q 1 Af 1,1 , , ,- . 3 1 74? 4 sl Norma Shenk Linda Shockley Karen"Sliuey Bonnie Smith Sharon Smoot Kim Spannuth Ernest Spitler Alice Stickler Beverly Stickler Richard Stickler Clinton Stidd Andrea Stoddard Kenneth Stoner Stanley Stoner Karen Strohm Yvonne Sturgill Neil Swalm Judy Swanger Randy Sweigart Paula Sweinhart Lyle Swisher Steve Swope Elizabeth Tibbitts Ed Trainer April Trout W f M ff 4 G0 va ' 9 if , 4 5 W' Ar an I A 4 ,h fa L 11 4 mr Ku f l DV V W f' f f f ,, M . ..: ,. f Q l We ,M ff W 2 if i I fv' Ama' X W V ,S .wr My l 7 if if X A 'ff if .Q Todd Tyrpm Jean Varvel Richard Uhler Wayne Veach Cindy Ulrich Debbre Frederlek Unger Vragovich Richard Wagner , f ,aw , ,., ., 4 - I My if ,f It ,V 5.3 il 3, 5. V f A A ,xv . Jodie Walmer Jean Westhafer Deborah Weaver Terry Whitman Donald Suzanne Wilson Weidman Jill Winters Mark Wenger ,. 'L' vl ' ','. i',i W G' N' if sf- W 'W' D ge Ag 5 gi " ., 3 V 5 dy, my X K ,li M ff 1 an V Wa, , Q Janet Yingst Doris Yorty Betty Ann Z IPP Kathleen Zombro 4 W 7, , ,f any 1 we -4 Af, 1 ,Q- il JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, Dale Dieffenbach, Secretaryg hart, Presidentg Maury Boeshore, Treasurer. Mr. Mowrer, Advisorg Michael May, Vice Presidentg Paul Swein- .Es juniors Elect Sweinhart President A-f ,r., f fel We 1 Z fi i .,,k 4,,. , Ag ill, V .,,,, vgllv V H Z A 1 1. 4 is Y I' W , Bob Adams Margaret Adams James Artz .J ' ,3 , I like alph Barr Larry Gerald Bicksler Stanley Blouch Dennis Adams Fay Adams Susan Allison Veronica Lenore Andrew Auman Sharon Barnhart obin Barr Bedleyoung Sandra Billman Maury Boeshore arlene Batz Robert Bender Lucille Binkley Luann Boger Dennis Betz Judy Boyer Bradley Brandt Lucille Brandt Marsha Bross Kay Brown Jackie Campbell Patty Campbell Louise Carrigan Dale Colyer Brenda Connatser Glenn Connatser Gail Cruise Ricky Davis Carl Deaven Nancy Deaven Rodney Degler Bonita Demmy Charlotte Derr Dale Dieffenbach Marie Dilfava Denise Ditzler Dianne Dyer Mark Edris Mary Eisenhauer Marjorie Elliott Harold Erb Roy Erb Richard Evans Carol Fahnestock Irene Fake .ii f. ra .Af .Q is Wg' L- .Jr . X N N : - K X -. , -MI. Q, . A Y' i it QI ' - 'S Q . :K ' ,Qi ke Q S 1 'Sf 'XS ii A, xg Q N X V A bl t M X .1 N: tgp 1 QB X., w N Q wr so Q' X i RQ .1 I , , C w e , fr' : Q 17 ii t. , W t i ye tra , Q Q gf' :khv ..- yn Q... Nur X .... t i N... 'K 95" ..,,,. 3 N ,QS it 5 .W kiw- , at Ab 4 we-f f' 'Y . ' 'K W ' "'i' . h at-x , , 5 . 5 Q, ' 4 . -' K f ... .. 5 ,:. l is Q., tg is A Q Q X Q. 'Q BECK ta XM77 , Scholarship, Sports, and Fun JQQ M W Ov af X L is 7" W? M ., , ., 1'-aiwa, i 4, -. U , ., . ,W , ,M ., ' A l", fzw wi fir ' W "h: 1 is ., , . ,. to f' .gfv X l 12, 4, i x f ww 1 uf' 1 A A , ,:l: I in if , i .V I . V A,.: E' S W, , gkv J 6 'f' i ir ri rr , 'H 'Y' 1 A49 Mean Rein ' 1" s -We G j ' 'J 4 QV K ,Q i ,-,, ga? K We fl D Q ' 1 irkw em 6-uw-.N Y 4 I ank High with Juniors M A Q' S. fr - i , r 3 fs fl: I gk , fi f W Monroe Fake Warren Fake Sadie Feaser Melanie Fees Jerry Fessler Kenneth Fisher Sherry Fisher Dennis Fortna John Fortna Larry Fulk Jacob Getz Harry Gibble Karen Gibson Patricia Glick Victor Gonzalez Larry Good Cindy Greblunas Connie Greenawalt Monica Grumbine Sandra Grumbine William Haas Susan Hauer Donna Heberling Barry Heilig Connie Helms Sandy Hoover David Hostetter Danny Jernigan Cheryl Kale Heidi Keeney V ,i. 1 W 5 ,. ' avi a 1 -aww WWW J it S ff , . V A ..,, ,, M -I :QA V Y . v .1 ? Mi VV 4 .ii, " James Charles Kern Jamie Kern Warren Kessler Darlene Kiene Shirley Kindt David Kissinger LYQY1 Eeiler Beverly Klinger Kenneth Krall Barbara Kreamer Randolph Kreider Brenda Kreiser Elaine Kreiser gjgsnfelter ois Kline Kreiser 115 3 ,, r 7 i .f f .: ,K 1 i yt ,, , an VV X755 ,,,, '. I . , ,"I" 'f"' , 46 L+ -1:A l .:-, f: -, Larry Kreiser Lloyd Kreiser Frances Kulikosky 116 Class of '71 Has Active Members ,av-I , Q, UQ 4 ' ,X Q 1 .E ii ff f .WJ M J , 1 ,F wwf .V 2 Q .,,,,g.. , A K wgfnr May : 3 f I I K4 v,,. pw M I M ll,' I af" Wt Q Q ' ,. H I 'L ,iv 5 ' 'r' L 2 4: V' f fer r5"'f' r W 'ees is n A M MM ' ' W , L rw 24 ' ' f . ' L., , V "M" ' , ' 'f " , , ' ' W' N, VV asa ff I' V' Mi l M ,,s, 1 M M , M L ' L V f 1 see I i 1- - f Q i .Ei I Y , if vi ig ,rl VM xi f.' -I., 2 I . Lucy Kurtz John Leffler Carol Light Michael Long Maxine May Dennis Miller Barry Miller Joe Kwiatkowski Cathy LeGay Susan Link Rita Lutz Michael May Lu Ann Miller Edward Miller Marie LaMothe Marcia Lentz Doris Long Kathryn Maurer Dennis McGarvey Harold Miller Shirley Messner ,fi Z f L 1 7 if 7 w Z 4. fffvf 1 A , ,... ' " +5 .. 57 ff 7 W , 7 M fff' A5 X 5' xv!! J 1 I fa 1,4-f K 1' X ri , 4' 5 ,f ,fa 4' ff ? ,fa ww Wk W ' 2 ff, LE A A Pat Ruth Joyce Sattazahn Dennis Schies Kathy Schwalm ,-:..-' V V AA- 'AZ ,,,v I "',' ' , , , mr x ,, VV f ,.,,-I , 4 A f :. J , yr I ,. , J 4, .,. V--A :., 'A W aia if , 21' A ' : 7 1,"- H 1 " J 5 .f ff V J 1? ' xi ' V N I ,7 .,,, ,, Ag,4 2 1 J' 4 'V A X' I r x -f W J 1 ah .,', , I ' , f v.,. in f- ,J 'V VVZLV AV ,I ,' '5" , ," W J W ' 22'2 , Judy Mohn Sherry Martha Patches George Gary Risser Jay Moyer Nafzinger Teresa Peffley Rautzhan Dale Rittle Ronald Mgyer Ricky Karen Peiffer Bonnie Reifein Sandra Rohrer Roy Moyer Neidlinger William Peiffer Wayne Joyce Rudy Perry Stefanie Neuin Richard Pyles Rentschler Edward Rupp Nafzinger John Oliver Jim Rhodes Gail Ollar Judy Richard Dale Seaman .Mk John Sebastian Barb Seibert Cindy Shaak Jane Shafer Sharon Shaver 9 va M K Cherita Shelley Thelda Shirk Brenda Sholly Sharon Shuey Tom Shuey Lyndell Shuey Vickie Shultz Dale Smith Robert Smoot Iren Snavely Mamie Spudeno Karen Stickler Carolyn Strickler John Stubblebine Donna Sutherly Robert Sutherly Gary Swanger Paul Sweinhart Randy Swope Christina Tibbitts Patti Tobias John Truax Linda Uhler Eugene Ulrich Dave Vanasdalan Nancy Varvel Gary Wagner Diane Walker Debbie Waltermyer Sharon Watkins Connie Weaver Kathy Weber Raymond Weik Pat Weller Richard Weller Warren Wenger Bev Wike Patti Whiimer Gary Wolfe Gregory Wolfe Terry Yordy Rodney Zechman William Zeller Terry Zellers William Zellers Barbara Zimmerman James Zimmerman i S , X - 8- Nr' X M, f 2 'ff Q X ef 1, M T S :qir t X i t W .. .5'.:: . ' at if C b H at 2, ,,.. 4 :IK t ff f t R usnuu EM ARE , Xitii J J t ie' Q5 2 s K X 5 N . , ., Q. X M 2 - f U. f 1132. ii! . wi? i. X W 3 as 'E ,if Q Q x SR, iw 1 F .Q Q x x 4.4 is K ,J X SK ai 25 Xa -, v . xx mx N X .. V sw, ' QPHO4 W 0 . A ,r ' W J t suave! -., X J ,R 'S f fX:.,::. -3, J,- QQ? We x , -1- A 5 3 lx It iq. f' I -" 4 QM si 'W . zr. J , R :LN 4 5" ,. it ' , X5 fy ' 1 - -'J' my rz. J V' ! at ' X L . , .. Q. H EE: , .- :, fi N .sg il Q35 2 We rf Q x it N 'W if is NX x X 11 SQ Q it St X 1 l 'QW x r"-N,,-----"""' f -W in M-U-,,,,,,f . ,---,,,,.ff SENIURS :ws YLLOPEQU13 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Mr. Gahres, Advisorg Dean President: Carol Theirwechter, Treasurer. Darkes, Presidentg Renee Kline, Seerctaryg Doris Ditzler, Vice Darkes Serves Seniors As President MOTTO: We only have to explain failureg success speaks Mary Adams Samuel Adams David Alexander Barbara Alley for itself. COLORS: Maroon and Ivory FLOWER: Zulu Queen Rose hyhw ll ' f,-7423 Yi' Q I 3 'vw' W .5 -pins 0 .as w m jgiig , ,14-Q3-"'?"... ,gag-..W i I is e?5Ii I-ffiiix f 4 51 1:57 '+I s so ff 5 wffffsf' .g:.4555:f'!i5f. ,J 5 55555, Q 11:3i,....1I,2::'3 'Y . lk' .555 1,2 '31I'.?"""'2- is -iz' ii N .. 2 f Dennis Atkins John Barna Michael Barone 'f 1? MARY CHRISTINE ADAMS Academic Tall, friendly girl . . . interested in nursing . . . member of the color guard. Treble Choir C9-125g Band Front C10-1253 FHA C955 FNC C125. SAMUEL LYNN ADAMS General Heard when with the gang . . . can be found under a car . . . his first love is homework?? DAVID MICHAEL ALEXANDER Vo-Tech Quiet and shy until you get to know him . . . been trying for six years to find a secret formula to get by without doing homework . . "Navy Blues" will be his theme song. BARBARA ANN ALLEY General You can hear her giggle almost anywhere . . . has a keen personality . . . loads of fun. FTA C11-1253 Pep Club Q10-1253 Band Q9-125g Chorus C9-125. DENNIS GEORGE ATKINS Academic Takes school seriously'?? . . . son of a preacher man . . . plans to attend college. Chorus Q9-1253 Wrestling 1125. 'Ge-.27 Stephen Bartell Ralph Bechtel Bonnie Bicksler JOHN B. BARNA Vo-Tech Popular with the opposite sex . . . plans to be an auto body worker. MICHAEL GENE BARONE Academic Plans to be a medicine man . . . Did you say "Calling Doctor Mike?" Student Council cg-IZDQ Soccer C9-1253 Baseball C9-125g Junior Play. STEPHEN ALBERT BARTELL Academic Easygoing . . . known for his witty humor. Coin Club C9-125. RALPH WALTER BECHTEL General One of the quieter seniors . . . never seen without Jack . . . future barber. Chorus Q9-1253 Golf C95. BONNIE LEE BICKSLER Academic Great basketball player . . . active and talkative . , . future plans are to be a teacher. Chorus C959 Treble Choir 110-1253 Basketball C11-1255 Hockey tl 25g GAC fl 1-125. NSS, l -sin -tgp, mg' 'Wu' Barbara Blatt John Boland Mary Lou Blouch Galen Bollinger Gloria Bohr Gregory Bollinger Sharon Bohr Craig Boltz - , ' M ' " L 33 4 , y .,,,,,, . Candith Bomberger Larry Boyer James Bragg Martha Brandt L' . ll.. ff"'fsf57Avt1 31 .ini 1, .,t.'f2if1, 3' 525 . ,..,, ,, may agement g .ftf.yief- gk: . l I . rift , ,.,. , ,, ,.,. . 'ir f t.. . iw 55" " ' IQ., ,- - , - nl.. I - 4 sp 'I I - 2- V 155 1 , fm- fl, ' IQ-., ,a f"""P' W Mary Brown Beverly Buch David Campbell James Campbell Seni0rsP t' ' 1: ' M A t' 't' BARBARA ANN BLATT commercial undecided- U Extra talkative . . , fun to be with . . , giggles, giggles, giggles. FHA C9-1031Tfffb1e Choir 19-1052 PCP Club 002' FHA 49-123. LARRY BOYER V0-Tech MARY LOU ELIZABETH BLOUCH Academic Plans to own a body shop . . . drives a cool Chevy . , . great person- Very shy . . . never does things hastily . . . success is with her. amy- Spanish Club C10-113. Soccer C10-123g Sports Club C9-103. JAMES ARTHUR BRAGG Agriculture GLORIA JEAN BOHR Academic Has a warm smile . . . seldom heard . . . future elementary teacher. Tri-Hi-Y C9-123: Treble Choir Q9-1233 FTA C11-123. SHARON MAXINE BOHR Commercial Never seen without Judy . . . plans to be an officer in the Salvation Army. FBLA C10-1233 Library Assistant Q10-123. JOHN CRAIG BOLAND Academic A nice quiet guy . . . one of NL's best drummers. Band C9-1233 Track C10-1233 Chess 8t Checkers Club C1 133 District Band Q10-1133 Regional Band C113. GALEN LAMAR BOLLINGER Academic-Agriculture Original ideas . . . travels with the FFA . . . cool black hair, FFA Q9-1235 Band C9-1234 National Honor Society 1123. GREGORY NEIL BOLLINGER Vo-Tech Drives a hot Camero . . . training in data processing . . . a confirmed bachelor. Band C935 Baseball C9-103g Wrestling Q10-113. CRAIG HAROLD BOLTZ Academic A quiet member of our class . . . nice friendly fellow. Coin Club Q9-1135 Baseball Q10-123. CANDITH ANN BOMBERGER Vo-Tech Better known as Candy . . . one of our natural blondes . . . future is Quiet boy . . . can usually be found around the Ag. room , . . plans to enter the service after school. FFA 19-123. MARTHA V. BRANDT Very quiet . . . could do very well without homework . . . usually seen with Carol. MARY ANN BROWN Commercial Hails from Ono . . , has no immediate future plans . . . easy to get along with . . . quiet. Typing Club 193g Library Assistant 11133 FBLA 1113. BEVERLY ANN BUCH Academic One of the screamers for our sports teams . . . has a natural gift to talk . . . college bound. Cheerleader 19-1233 Majorette C10-1233 FHA C933 GAC Q11-123g Junior Playg Senior Play. DAVID BRIAN CAMPBELL Commercial Brightens any classroom . . . has a smile for everyone . . . future commercial artist. Chorus C9-1 13g Band C11-1233 FBLA Ll 13. JAMES CAMPBELL Academic Voices his opinions . . . has an idea for each problem. ' Coin Club K9-113. DONNA JEAN CARL Commercial One of our smaller seniors . . . hardly ever heard . . . friendly smile. Art Club C913 Typing Club C1011 Belron C111. PATRICIA ANN COLEMAN Vo-Tech Will brighten a home . . . coal black hair . . . has an everlasting smile. I-'BLA C10-111. DEAN DAVID DARKES Academic The president of our class and of the NHS . . . active in sports . . . plans to be a civil engineer. Soccer C10-1213 Wrestling C9-1213 Track C9-1213 Chorus C9-1213 Stu- dent Council C11-121, Treasurer C1211 Class Treasurer C1013 Class President C11-1213 National Honor Society C11-121, President C1213 Hall Monitor C1213 Junior Playg BAC C10-111. RAYMOND DAUB Occupational Education Great athlete . . . easy to get along with . . . arduous Worker. Wrestling C10-121: Baseball C10-121. DOUGLAS CHARLES DAVIS Agriculture Generally known as Doug . . . well-liked by the opposite sex . . . drives a hot Plymouth. FFA C9-121. LLOYD ALBERT DEAVEN Academic Likes to tease the opposite sex . . . known as Skip to all . . . tough hall monitor. Chorus C9-1213 Hall Monitor C1213 Student Council C9-121, President C1213 Band C9-1213 Wrestling C1 1-1213 Junior Playg Senior Play. RICKIE LEE DENNIS Academic A very quiet guy . . . motorcycles are his business . . . has blond, curly hair. Basketball C9-1213 Hall Monitor C1213 Wrestling C121. TERRY MARTIN DIENER Academic Has a way with Words . . , will someday defend our country. Junior Playg Senior Play. 4' 1 B , . . 9 C , is gg 'l!"" wmv Donna Carl Patricia Coleman Dean Darkes Raymond Daub Douglas Davis Lloyd Deaven Rickie Dennis Terry Diener 1 66Dressed To Kill"-Success ul Senior Pla DORIS A. DITZLER Academic Known to all as Charlie . . . takes part in most of NL's athletics for girls . . . practicaljoker. Hockey Q9-123g Belron C9-1133 GAC C11-1235 Hall Monitor t123g Basketball C9-123g Pep Club Q9-1133 Band C9-1235 Senior Play. KAREN F. EDRIS Academic Voices her opinion freely . . . friendly to all . . . keeps a class alive. Art Club C10-123g Art Club Secretary C1 1-123g Treble Choir Q11-1235 Student Council 11131 Library Assistant 19-113. PATRICIA EVA ELLIOTT Academic Friendly . . . pleasing personality . , . future Florence Nightingale. FNC C9-123g Treble Choir Q9-123: FTA 111-123g Hockey tl23g National Honor Society 1123. WARD A. ELLISON General Could do without school . . . is it true blonds have more fun? "".:.,-F Doris Ditzler Beverly Enders BEVERLY JEAN ENDERS Commercial A very quiet girl . . . plays a good game of basketball . . . a member of the color guard. Basketball C9-1233 Band C10-1235 Library Assistant C9-103g Pep Club C10-1133 Sports Club 193g FBLA 1123. DENNIS PATRICK FARRELL General Pleasure before work , . . can do without homework . , . owns a '57 Chevy . . . well-known. Soccer C10-1 133 Wrestling C10-l 13g Band tl13g BAC C10-123. KATIE HELEN FEASER Commercial Quiet . . . can seldom be heard . . . friendly and easy going. Typing Club 1933 FBLA C11-123. WALTER WILLIAM FIRESTINE Academic A quiet guy until you get to know him . . . plans to attend Penn State. Baseball C935 Soccer 193g Basketball C11-123g Hall Monitor f123g Sports Club C10-1133 BAC fl23g Coin Club C935 Junior Playg Senior Playg Basketball Manager C9-103. Karen Edfig Patricia Elliot Ward Ellison Dennis Farrell Katie Feaser Walter Firestine, JUDITH ANN FISHER Commercial Never seen without Sharon . . . has some pretty good views on life . . . future secretary. Typing Club 195g FBLA 1115. SANDRA KAY FORNEY Academic A very good seamstress . . . easy to get along with . . . plans a career in home economics. Band 110-125g Chorus 110-1255 Knitting Club 1954 Art Club 111-1255 FTA 111-125. JAMES G. FORTNA Academic An active member of the basketball team . . . usually seen with Wally. Coin Club 1953 Sports Club 11053 BAC 111-1253 Basketball 19-125g Baseball 1955 Track 110-1254 Junior Playg Senior Play. WYNANNE KAY FORTNA Academic Has a lot of enthusiasm . . . pleasant personality . . . future elemen- tary teacher. Band 19-125g FTA 111-1253 Dance Band 195. Y' W "-....,,.1s- Larry Fox Galen Frantz Doris Fry Michael Gensler Judy Fisher Sandra Forney James Fortna WYIIHHIIC FOIIHH LARRY PAUL FOX Academic Shy . . . big dimples . . . can be seen with a smile. Chess 8L Checker Club 19-1253 Baseball 11 15. GALEN EUGENE FRANTZ, II Academic Has brains to spare . . . a great asset to our class. Band 19-125g Pep Band 111-1254 Chorus 1115g Brass Choir 11153 National Honor Society 111-125g FTA 111-125g District Band 110-115 Hall Monitor 1125. DORIS LEE FRY Commercial Quiet, but friendly . . . bright red hair . . . uses her talents fully. Gym Club 195g FBLA 111-125. MICHAEL CURTIS GENSLER Commercial Only speaks when he has something to say . . . has an interest in coins. Coin Club 19-125. . , I . A V y w ' r w ig '1 vt aizzeftrfa, M an as fl i if y fr I 4 fx s 11' M Kenneth GCIb61'iCh Patricia Gerberich Marcia Gerhart Sandra Gettle SUSHI1 Gilbert Robert Gingrich AiCX8l'1d61' Ginnetto Marlene Ggnzglez Mighty, Mighty Seniors! KENNETH GENE GERBERICH Vo-Tech Quiet until you get to know him . . . wants to be an auto mechanic. FFA C9-105. PATRICIA ANN GERBERICH Academic A natural blonde . . . good student . . . congenial. Band C9-125g Basketball C105g Spanish Club Q10-125g Pep Club C115. MARCIA ELIZABETH GERHART Commercial A very quiet but pleasant girl . . . always looking for excitement. Belron Staff Cl 15. SANDRA MARIE GETTLE Academic One of NL's top students . . . interested in biology. Band 19-125gFTA fl1,125g National Honor Society C11,125g Knitting Club 195g Spanish Club C1153 Hall Monitor 1125. SUSAN COLLEEN GILBERT Academic A very active band member . . . easy to get along with. Band 19-125g Band President C125g District Band C10-1153 Regional Band C1153 Chorus Q9-1253 Student Council C11-125g GAC I11-1253 Pep Club 110-1253 Hall Monitor C1259 Senior Play. ROBERT EUGENE GINGRICH Vo-Tech Quiet . . . bashful and shy until you get to know him . . . plans to be an auto mechanic. FFA Q9-105. ALEXANDER NICHOLAS GINNETTO Vo-Tech Quiet until you get to know him . . . pleasant to all . . . plans to be a draftsman. IA Society 1105. MARLENE GONZALEZ V0-Tech Always lively and ready for fun . . . a future cosmotologist. Art Club C953 Library Assistant C105g Chess and Checker Club C1053 Pep Club 1115. 127 flu Noreen Grimes George Hauer Calvin Heilman Dawn Helms Thursetta Henry Jack Herb B. Jane Hernley Gary Hommel I I Semors Eagerly Awart Accep tance at Colleges NOREEN KAY GRIMES Academic THURSETTA HENRY V0-Tech Wants to be a vet . . . member of the National Honor Society . . . friendly to all. Photography Club 1935 Art Club 110-1133 National Honor Society 111-1235 Language Club 1123. GEORGE LEWIS HAUER, JR. Academic Widely traveled . . . good salesman . . . well liked by the opposite sex. Chorus 1l23g Golf1l1-123. CALVIN DOWHOWER HEILMAN Industrial Arts Blushes easily . . . better known as Junior . . . drives a hot motor- bike . . . future mechanic. DAWN STARR HELMS Academic Tiny . . . has a personality of sugar and spice . . . more friends than foes. Hockey 110-123g Basketball 19-1235 GAC 111-123g Art Club 110-1133 Typing Club 1933 Hall Monitor 1123. Where there's laughter, thereis Cookie . . . enjoys singing . . . plans to be a textile designer. FNA 1103. JACK STANLEY HERB V0-TeCh 'Could do without school . . . future ambition is to be a sheet metal work. B. JANE HERNLEY Academic Quiet except when there is a discussion going . . . plans to be a teacher. Typing Club 193g FTA 111-1239 Treble Choir 19-123. GARY LYNN HOMMEL Academic A faithful band member . , . avid baseball player . . . plans to major in the engineering field. Chorus 19-1233 Band 19-123g Baseball 19-1233 Junior Playg Senior Play. "Vw "'1-saw' me Timothy Keffer Randy Kent William Hooper Thomas Hostetter Deborah Kern Robert Keyton Chris Kleinfelter Renee Kline 1-,pf ""f? 45,4 ,aan WILLIAM CARL HOOPER Agriculture Cpuld do without school . . . can be seen flying at the airport. . . would like to serve our country. THOMAS HOSTETTER Agriculture Future farmer. . , quiet fellow . . . member of the FFA. FFA Q9-123. TIMOTHY JAMES KEEFER Vo-Tech Always on the go . . . puts pleasure before work . . . plans to be a G. I. RANDY ALLEN KENT Vo-Tech Has a smile for everyone . . . plans tojoin the Air Force. Track C9-1033 Reading Club C1013 Sports Club 193. DEBORAH JAYNE KERN Academic Known as Duck . . . very outgoing and inquisitive, Band C10-1233 Chorus Q9-1233 Hockey C1213 GAC L1 l-1 29g Junior Playg Senior Play. ROBERT JACKSON KEYTON Academic One of our most serious seniors . . . tall quiet fellow . . . plans to go to college. CHRIS THOMAS KLEINFELTER Industrial Arts Never has much to say . . . will someday join the Coast Guard. RENEE EILEEN KLINE Academic Has many friends . . . willing to lend a helping hand . . . future medical technologist. Chorus C9-1253 Library Assistant L10-121g Junior Playg Class Secre- tary C11-1233 National Honor Society C11-1213 Hall Monitor 1123. Q Gregory Klingef Chefyl Krall Samuel Kline Sue Ann Kline David Krall Larry Kreiser Gregory Lang Jonnie Laycock .. gg r5.":I:if?E5?EEiESP5!':,5EX' " 5515?153113557E51s?555P51f?T1 i?5'T:F::!15fEv.X- EES' , 'ff'-fssififfz-7 -iiffritiz-ts? EEN 1 wg W , 1 . -1 255 1, .- . F X if - IL-7539 . . ' A l X H.. AL ,.., ii .1 2 il- 1 . X t is ff ff- 3 .'i211i21sis 22, .... -555 52555 .- l,iEi'Si7 M5125-5i5 . . .,,., ...cmmw 35' K 325517 t I 1 x fi -I X. ' I nn gig I iw .vzffz .gf in I . .2 3 .. . rrry .,,, 3 2 - X .' 1 SAMUEL KLINE Vo-Tech A tall friendly fellow . . . easy going . , . has a serious nature. SUE ANN KLINE Commercial Plans to be a secretary . . . friendly personality . . . asset to the senior class. Student Council C9-1213 Pep Club C1013 GAC tl 1-1219 Junior Play3 Senior Play3 Library Assistant t9,l0,1213 Hall Monitor C1213 National Honor Society 6121. GREGORY ALAN KLINGER Commercial Known as Shag . . . always has some works of wisdom. Coin Club Q10-121. CHERYL ANN KRALL Commercial Asset to the band front . . . has a smile for everyone . . . plans to be a data processor. Band C9-1213 Head Majorette C121g Typing Club C913 Knitting Club tl 113 Library Assistant C9-121. DAVID KRALL Academic-Agriculture A cloud of dustg a streak of lightningg its David in his Mustang . . . easy to get along with. LARRY KREISER Vo-Tech Blond hair . . . quiet and shy . . . could do without school. GREGORY LANG Industrial Arts Wears zany clothes . . . definitely present . . . future lies in the Coast Guards. Pep Club 1111. JONNIE LEE LAYCOCK Commercial One of Norlebco's top cheerleaders . . . always ready to express an opinion . . . future Physical Education teacher. Band Q10-1213 Cheerleader C10-1213 Library Assistant C9-101g Junior Play3 Student Council 110-121i GAC tl 1-1213 Pep Club C1113 National Honor Society C11-1213 Hall Monitor 4121. Look Out World, Here GLENN SCOTT LAYSER Agriculture Annville's loss, N. L.'s gain . . . seen but not heard . . . easy to get along with. FFA Q10-125. LYNETTE MARIE LEAR Commercial One of the quieter seniors . . . has a friendly disposition . . . never bothers anyone. Girls Sports Club t9Jg FBLA tl l-125. JACK LEROY LEEDY General Gets along great with the feminine sex . . . has no immediate future plans. CRAIG R. LEMKE General Quiet I . . bright red hair . . . future plans undecided. Baseball Q10-D: Sports Club CID. We Come! JAY ELMER LENTZ Academic Friendly with the opposite sex . . . dark curly hair . . . plans to attend college. FFA C9-1233 Track t9Dg Baseball C1055 Student Council 1123. ELEM LIGHT General Tall, dark, and handsome . . . drives a '57 Chevy. NANCEE MARIE LUTZ Commercial Tall, slender, blonde . . . very studious . . . future plans are to be a typist. FHA C10-1213 National Honor Society Cl l-1213 FBLA Q1 IJ. BRADLEY MARLEY Vo-Tech Drives a red MG . . . can be seen in Jonestown . . . has a way with cars. Glenn Layger Lynette Lear Jack Leedy Craig Lemke Jay Lentz Elem Light Nancee Lutz Bradley Marley ,V . I Z iiwgak ., V . , I . 'r . ,,., V H V Mid' 'Hinds- ' """ 1.t,.s,,.w? 'UNL TERESA LYNN McCORD Commercial Known as Teri . . . tall and slender . . . future housewife. Typing Club 1935 Library Club 111-123g Library Assistant 11135 FBLA 1123. LORRAINE BERTHA MEASE Academic Friendly to all . . . fun to have around . . . will be a homemaker in the future. Treble Choir 19-123. THOMAS MEASE General So-o-o-o tall . . . takes school lightly . . . energetic? MARIAN JANE MEILY Commercial Short and sweet . . . if you're in the blues, stay away from Marian, her smile is contagious . . . a pleasant companion and friend. Library Club 1113. DAVID LYNN MEYER Industrial Arts Seen with Issy . . . NL's booter . . . easy going. Chorus 19-1133 Soccer 19-1233 Basketball 19-1233 Baseball 19-123g IA Society 111-123g Junior Playg Gym Leaders 110-123, JOSEPHINE MAE MILLER Academic Seen, but rarely heard . . . easy to get along with . . . plans a career in nursing. GAC 111-123. STEPHEN JAMES MILLER General Holds many ideas . . . could do without school . . . always can be heard. PATRICIA ANNE MINNICH Academic Blue-eyed blonde . . . quiet but friendly . . . future dental hygienist. Chorus 1934 Treble Choir 110-123g FNA 11139 GAC 1123g Art Club 11033 Pep Club 1103. 510 1 fe' -we . X 111 'ig.k3 4 at if Q jfxa-. A f ' . ' C. .ii M: :- .-, ' . is 95151153 If - "?:Z':'::.5f -2' 5 5 iii? 'Q .fi .ll A E-is 3, gy Quia Iii gisffsji? :ski-igii 555 221 -lf' ,-ggezf ggffij, f?if1ii:riM..w . -155 -1 sf? ' i-els- .?ifz1fsff1: 1 ,Ly 1 ..,. -any x . .. 1, , . . , ., 13251 1 r . ':Ef.5 5- f iff'--"1 Teresa McCord Thomas Mease David Meyer Stephen Miller 4 Ti? I 1- X E n is 5 ' + XL W SM I 4. f., , igzii- A -- -at 2 2 Q, M T' X'-I if 5 'F- A ,M at 'se as M sa mi...-,. 'wt fx ai 'B .1v1':-ff, mfr . ' --5 1-1. 1 " ' 5 'K . I - . Q -r f -em.. . - 1 Q. E qc .ark . ,,.., 5 Lorraine Mease Marian Meily Josephine Miller Patricia Minnich juniors Host Seniors at Prom GEORGE JULIUS MOESCHLIN Academic ANTHONY JOHN PAJSKI Academic Quite aware of the opposite sex . . . easy to get along with . . . plans Often called Tony . . . college bound . . . one of NL,s mighty to attend college. wrestlers. Art Club 110-1233 FTA 111-1233 Pep Club 11033 Hall Monitor 11233 Band 11233 Wrestling 110-1233 Track 19,1 1-1233 Gym Leaders National Honor Society 1123. 111-123. JANET LOUISE MOYER Academic THOMAS PALANICA Academic Very talented artist . . . quiet and ladylike . . . neat dresser. Willing to offer an opinion . . . small but mighty . . . easy to get Art Club 19-123. along with. ISADORE OLLAR Industrial Arts DONNA PATCHES Academic Drives a cool Barracuda . . . a good athlete . . . has a nice smile . . . fun, fun, fun. Soccer 110-1233 Track 19-1233 IA Society 19-1233 Gym Leader 111- Easy to get along with . . . college bound . . . sings like a lark Junior Play3 Chorus 19-1233 Typing Club 1933 FTA 111-123 HAROLD RAYMOND PEIFFER Academic Happy-go-lucky . . . could do without homework . . . future 123. PETER LEE OLLAR Academic Active in class . . . a whiz when it come to school . . . future electronics enginner. Band 19-1233 Chorus 19-1233 Basketball 110-1233 Junior Playg Senior Playg Hall Monitor 11233 Golf 1113. elementary teacher. 11 1-123. Band 19-1233 Honor Band 11133 District Band 11133 Spanish Club Tu., uv!-I-i!P' ..,..-ft' . PNN my M 3' 3'f- I 'P las , is fi Sis.-Q if 'ie---my George Moegchljn Janet Moyer Isadore Ollar Peter Ollar Anthony Pajgki Thomas Planica Donna Patches Harold Peiffer 3 -:ar at . s rf 1 'S Mm,. .. ff W ""'f.'f-F Sf 41? L"' v,,- ,,.L:LLLALgL1 . llm L,.E . ,LL1 I . , E. I .3.. L M 3 X Jeffrey Peters Ronald Reber Joy Reichert Marlin Reinbold Cynthia Rank Robert Reed Lloyd Reigel Daniel Ritchie Seniors Rule ! JEFFREY PAUL PETERS Vo-Tech Sometimes called Pete . . . track star . . . plans to become a mechanic. Gym Leaders 110-1135 Track Q9-123g Wrestling Cl 1-123. CYNTHIA ANN RANK General Voices her opinions . . . future housewife , . . has a way with words. Typing Club 193g Art Club Q10-123. RONALD REBER General Has naturally curly hair . . . plans to be a foundry worker . . . drives a Chevy . . . frindly. ROBERT M. REED Academic Where did you get those freckles? . . . expresses his opinions. Basketball 19-123g Hi-Y C933 Chess Sc Checker f103g Sports Club 111-123. JOY LEAH REICHERT Academic Well mannered . . . pleasant . . . a friend worth keeping . . . future practical nurse. FNC C9-1233 Library Assistant Q9-123. LLOYD JERRY REIGEL Academic A jovial fellow . . , has always been known as Jerry . . . can be found standing in the middle of the hall directing students. Baseball C9-1233 Basketball C9-1232 Soccer C9-123g Class President C1035 Student Council C1033 Student Council Vice-President t123g Chorus 49-1235 Junior Playg Senior Playg BAC Q11-1235 Hall Monitor 6123. MARLIN EUGENE REINBOLD Agriculture Has a way with girls . . . tall and sweet . . . always mischievous. FFA 110-123. DANIEL HUGH RITCHIE Agriculture Blessed with curly hair . . . could use a few more study halls . . . future lies in the service. Baseball C10-123g Wrestling 11039 Soccer C123. VICKI LYNN RODKEY Commercial Such long hair . . . on the quiet side . . . willing to put forth effort. KENNETH ALLEN SAGER Academic Favorite pastime is talking . . . always willing to offer his opinions . . . full of practicaljokes. Chorus C9-1235 Soccer C10,1 133 Golf Q10-123g Junior Play. CHARLES HENRY SCHAEFFER Industrial Arts Known for his cheery smile and comical expressions . . . happy-go- lucky spirit . . . hopes to be a barber. ' ' k Q . lg, xr. mmf. gg A .ef-. x N X 1 "" FERN LUCILLE SCHAMBER Commercial Friendly to all . . . plans to travel by joining the Navy . . . giggles a lot. FHA Q10-1233 Girls Sports Club 1953 Yearbook Staff C10-123. KAREN ELIZABETH SCHOTT Commercial Can be found in the library . . . plans to be a secretary . . . a good student. Library Assistant fl1,l2Jg Belron fl1,12J. WAYNE EUGENE SEIDEL Academic A newcomer this year at NL . . . very studious . . . plans to be a dentist. Vicki Rodkey Kenneth Sager Charles Schaeffer '!"" Fern Schamber Karen Schott Wayne Seidel Sandra Sheriff Karen Shirk Denise Shuey SANDRA KAY SHERIFF Commercial Can always be seen with Pam . . . likes to talk . . . chronic giggler, Girls' Sports Club C9,10,l2Jg Library Club Cl D. KAREN LOUISE SHIRK General Regular bookworm . . . one of the more quiet seniors . . . time will only tell her future plans. Typing Club C9Dg Tri-Hi-Y GOD. DENISE KAY SHUEY Commercial Always wears a smile . . . has a way with words . . . usually seen with Karen. Library Assistant fl l-l2Jg Belron Cll-125, 1 Robert Slade Suzanne Slike Karen Smith Nancy Smith Seniors Eagerly Await Their Trip to ew York ROBERT PETER SLADE Vo-Tech RANDALL LLOYD SPRECHER General Great personality . . . has plans to be a carpenter . . . friendly to all females. SUZANNE RENEE SLIKE Academic Plays a mean drum . . . enlightens any classroom. Band 69-1253 Library Assistant 610-1253 FTA 61l,125g Pep Club 61153 Junior Play. KAREN LOUISE SMITH Commercial Never fear, Smitty is here . . . plans to travel . . . talks a lot?? Gym Club 61053 Pep Club 61153 FBLA 6125. NANCY LOU SMITH Commercial A wonderful and friendly gal . , . she has more friends than you can count . . . Future bookkeeper or secretary. FHA 69-1255 Yearbook Staff 610-125g National Honor Society 611, 125. WENDY EILEEN SMITH Commercial Brightens any classroom . . . could do without homework? . . . plans to travel. FBLA 6125. DAVID JOHN SMOKER Academic NL's own Englishman . . . ladies' man . . . seen, but never heard. Track 6955 Golf 6105. CHERYL ANN SPANGLER Academic Nice, all around girl . . . good at sewing . . . active class member. Student Council 69-1155 Band 69-125, Chorus 69-1253 Junior Playg Senior Play, National Honor Society 6125. PATRICIA LOUISE SPITLER Commercial Always full of fun . . . plans to be an interior decorator . . . popular with the opposite sex. Pep Club 6115. Better known as Randy . . . has a heavy foot . . . mischievous. Baseball 695. LINDA CAROL STALNECKER Academic A likeable girl . . . look out world, here comes another Florence Nightingale! FNA 69-105: Treble Choir 69-1053 Chorus 611-125. JEANIE ANN STEEVER Academic Joined us for her senior year . . . constantly talking . . . hopes to be a legal secretary. Band 61053 Gym Club 6105g Chorus 61053 Basketball 6105. HARRY GLENN STICKLER Vo-Tech Never has much to say . . . shy around girls . . . plans to be a carpenter. HELEN DAWN STICKLER Commercial A very quiet but talkative girl . . . will make a very good housewife. Tri-Hi-Y 6953 Typing Club 6105. ELLEN MARIE STOVER Academic Real nice to be around . . . likes to drive a certain red bug. Treble Choir 69-125g Hockey 6l25g GAC 611-125, FHA 695. DAVID SWANK Academic Man with big words . . . usually quiet . . . scuba diving, bike hikes, and cameras fill his spare time. FTA 61 1-125. MICHAEL A. SWISHER Vo-Tech One of the shorter members of our class . . . always lookf. for fun . . . plans to be a machinist. Nh 1 fi: - 13325 ff I ,pn . ".-- 1. P ,-:f E 1 xl Q. X K A ,xii ..., . I wi V l . - ik' -:ee -vie 5, 5 L L N - Qi f e . - .i 6 W-1 KJ, -1- 3 'Ctr 5 , N we w w-'N 1-AN E f W A A 5 A 4 u, 4 FN ewwgxg .. S S .fliwxmaafk Jw e :15f,'-Wfiifm are , if v . ' :'- r1i5fgi- -. i ff--1 airfl- Q l Q as Wendy Smith David Smoker Cheryl Spangler Patricia Spitler Randall Sprecher Linda Stalnecker Jeanie Steever Harry Stickler Helen Sticklef Ellen Stover David Swank 'Michael Swisher 7 : I' s L 1 12171-f:ffzi:f f I . . an Carol Thierwechter f- A Clarence Trout John Tyrpin if . Kenneth Ulrich Richard Ulrich Jo Ann Umbenhen CAROL ANN THIERWECHTER Academic She has great school spirit . . . can be found with the band , . . plans to become a case worker. Chorus C9-1235 Band C9-123g District Band C9-1233 Hockey C9-103g Junior Playg Hall Monitor C1233 FTA C11-123g Class Treasurer C1233 Senior Playg National Honor Society C123. CLARENCE LEWIS TROUT General Blond hair . . . could do without school . . . majors in study halls. JOHN HARVEY TYRPIN Academic-Agriculture A member of our great soccer team . . . plans to be a construction engineer, FFA C9-1233 Soccer C11-123. KENNETH ULRICH Industrial Arts So quiet you hardly know hels around . . . easy to get along with . . . sweet smile. Sports Club C10-1133 Soccer Cl23. RICHARD LEE ULRICH Agriculture Undecided about his future . . . member of the FFA . . . quiet . . . pleasing personality. FFA C9-123g Wrestling C10-123. JO ANN CAROL UMBENHEN Commercial Talkative . . . has more friends than foes , . . plans to be in the business world. Yearbook Staff C10-123g FHA C11-123. GEORGE H. VANASDALAN General Likes to tease the opposite sex . . . our big bass drum player, Band C9-123. CHARLES N. VARVEL Industrial Arts Quiet, but look out! . . . hearty laugh . . . likes the opposite sex. Sports Club C1 13. BRENDA FAY VRAGOVICH Commercial An asset to the yearbook . . . sparkling brown eyes . , . future secre- tary. Yearbook Staff C10-123, editor C1235 FHA C9-123, President C1134 National Honor Society C11-123. CLAIR DEAN WAGNER Agriculture Tall and handsome . . . built-in tutors . . . has an eye on a certain senior. Baseball C9-1033 Soccer C10-113. DEBRA JANE WEAVER Commercial A fun loving girl . . . could do very well without homework. Typing Club C933 Library Club C11-1233 Library Assistant C10-1133 FBLA Cl23. ALFRED WARREN WEIERBACH Academic Active member in sports . . . more commonly known as Fred or Butch . . . usually found patrolling the halls. IA Society C9-1233 Band C9-1033 Basketball C9-1239 Baseball C9-1233 Hall Monitor C1235 Junior Play. Q.. George Vanasdalan Brenda Vragovich Charles Varvel Clair Wagner Good Luck, Seniors .V RACHEL ANN WENGER Academic A pleasant girl to be with . . . her future ambition is to become a nurse. FNA C9-1255 Library Assistant C1053 Yearbook Staff Cl 1-121. JANE LOUISE WITMER General Quiet, but friendly . . . diligent worker . . . interested in nursing, Knitting Club C9JgFNAfl1-121. JUDY ANN WOLFE Academic Always ready to make friends . . . friendly and easy going , . . future interior designer. Band Q9-125g Typing Club C9Jg Pep Club 11054 Library Assistant 1117. GAIL ANN YORTY Academic Usually quiet, but donlt let her fool you . . . plans a career in the medical field. Treble Choir C973 Typing 195g FNC C10-125. Debra Weaver Alfred Weierbach V Rachel Wenger ft? -Www, Jane Witmer Judy Wolfe Gail Yorty 40 nd of Security, Beginning of Decisions PAULICTTIZ ICLIZABITTH YOUNG Commercial Well dressed . . . a small pack of dynamite . . . will brighten some home . . . future undecided. Pep Club Clll. JACQUliLlNli ROBIN ZEARFOSS Commercial Lots of fun . . .never a dull moment . . . could do without school . . . class clown. Pep Club fl l J. ALBliRT JAMES STEPHIQN ZIMMERMAN Industrial Arts Doesn't work too hard . . . easy to get along with . . . interest lies in electronic engineering. Pep Club fllj. PAMELA KAY ZIMMERMAN Commercial A very small but cheerful girl . . . plans to get married right after school. lr. Tri-Hi-Y 193: Library Club fl ljg Girls Sports Club C1253 FBLA 1123. an Ts. 'S'-'f Paulette Young Albert Zimmerman ,dv X Jackie Zearfoss Pamela Zimmerman In Memory 0 Donna Not long after its graduation, the class of 1970 lost one of its members. Donna's life was taken in an automo- bile accident. Perhaps the author of the following poem expressed our feelings better than we can. DONNA CARL FOREVER Those we love truly never die, Though year by year the sad memorial wreath, A ring and flowers, types of life and death, Are laid upon their graves. For death the pure life Saves, Well bleS't is he who had 3 dear Ofle dead, And life all pure is loves and 10Ve can reach A friend he l'12lS whose fE:1Ce will 1'1eVe1' change! From heaven to earth, and nobler lessons teach A dear communion that will not grow strange? Than thgge by mortals read. The ElI1Cl'101' of 3 love is death. John Boyle O'Rei1ly Seniors Elect Their Classmates 42 .5 5 1 3153" 549, L i 1 I K 3 T. , Ni I-g t ' BEST DRESSED BEST ACTRESS AND ACTOR MOST ATHLETIC Greg Bollinger and Jonnie Laycock Debbie Kern and Skip Dcaven Dawn Helms and Dave Meyer MOST ATTRACTIVE Jeff Peters and Marlene Gonzalez MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Galen l-'runtz und Sandy Gettle .Q eg ' .1 Yun? l i Senior Superlatives l CZ, N l l BEST PERSONALITY MOST TALKATIVE 1 Dean Darkes and Sue Kline Ward Ellison and Pat Elliot i 5 -4 fig! QL l Q L 4s E , ,V A tim. f .f BEST DANCERS BEST MUSICIANS Cookie Henry and Jerry Reiglc Sue Gilbert and John Boland CLASS CLOWNS Charlie Ditzlcr and Greg Lang 14 44 l ,, Senior Class Play, Dressed to Kill wr . -. -5 SENIOR PLAY CAST. Seated: Doris Ditzler, Cheryl Spang- Debbie Kern. Standing: Wally Firestine, Terry Deiner, Jerry ler, Sue Gilbert, Bev Buell, Sue Kline, Carol Tlieirweehter, Reigle, Jim Fortnu, Skip Deuven, Pete Ollur, Gary Hommel Q A I f 4' - I 'V A liee 1 il f A ,". Chills Audience 5 N I Decorations Are Elaborate at 1969 Prom . V--f 1970 Prom Is Held at Lebanon T readway Inn n ww ii , Seniors Receive Long-awaited Diplomas Q 1 he , ' at Commencement1,Iune 2, 1970 1 , 2 V STNKH S lip, 'M Y . D 14 3 ....a1"' Support from Patrons Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. CSL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Paul Adams Alfred C. Allison, Jr. Wayne H. Anspach Robert Arnold Joseph W. Batz, Sr. Monroe T. Bender Roy J. Blouch Lloyd Brandt Howard Buch Burket George E. Carl Joseph Cyzeski Ray Deck Larry Deiter Galen Donmoyer Thomas Donmoyer Wilber Dundore Rufus B. Edris Richard H. Eisenhower Richard Folmer Galen E. Frantz, Sr. Alexander Ginnetto, Sr Neil Grimes Larry Hall George L. Hauer Joe Kneasel SL Joey Frank Kocher Ray Lentz Albert Maurer Eber Miller Gerald Morgan Milton Mowrer Robert Mowrer Dennis Myers Samuel Ollar Richard Patrick Lee C.. Rentschler Joseph A. Rosi Richard A. Rudy Gov. SL Mrs. Raymond P. Shafer Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Dr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs Mr. SL Mrs. Mr. SL Mrs. Landis Smith Harold Snavely John Spitler Harry Stalnecker lan C. Strachan Harry Swaak Roy Thierwechter James Tibbitts Kenneth Ulrich LeRoy Umbenhen Anthony Vragovich Kenneth Watts Alfred Weierbach Kenneth Weller Is Appreciated by ARCHIVE Staff and Seniors Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Wenger Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Wickenheiser Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Winters Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Wolfe Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Yorty Mr. 8: Mrs. James Zimmerman Mr. Kriston Mr. Ken Miller Mr. Milton, Mowrer, Jr. Mr. Joseph Rahalewich Mrs. Margaret Anspach Mrs. Hilda Bitzler Mrs. Merritt Jeffers Mrs. Angelo Melito Mrs. Hylton Reber Mrs. Wagner Mrs. Watson Mrs. H. Weidner Mrs. Edith Winters Miss Marion Mowrer Miss Lottie J. Snavely Miss Stohler Miss Connie Ulrich Mary C. Adams Jim Artz Maury Boeshore Lori Boland Barb Bollinger Dan Couper Gail Cruise Dean Darkes Ralph J. Daub Retta Demmy Marie Di Fava Alexander N. Ginnetto, Jr. JoAnne Glick Walter Huffman Kathryn Kulikosky Doris Long John Mengel Ronnie Meyer Adele Miller Walter H. Patches Teresa Peffley David Planken Ruth l. A. Reber Judi Rosi Steve flseboj Saphore 10-6 Jane Shafer Lyndell Shuey Dale Smith Cleava Stever Karen Marie Stickler Author Sweinhart Harold Sweinhart Pearl Sweinhart Scott Weiant Claude and Shirley White Terry Whitman Jim Zimmerman BarbJ'70" Gennie Linda Nancy Rick Amie 8: Cynthia H72 Beth 8: Norma Brenda 8: Jay Bruce 8: Pam Chuck, Greg, Andi, 8: Pam Cindy 8: Jim Dave 8: El Dave 8: Evy Denny 8: Carol Gail 8: Paul Jackie 8: Danny JoAnn 8: Ray Josie 8: Randy Karen 8: Jake Karen 8: Kathy Michael 8: Marlene Nanci 8: Dave Paul 8: Patty Snuffy 8: Tribble Steve 8: Marion Sue 8: George Tim 8: Jackie Tina 8: Lynn Tommy 8: Jimmy A Friend Cozy Cottage Hey Sam Homeroom 71 May Dream Pickles Soccer "70,' Strap Suds 6671" The Editor The QTQ Gang Tonyis Gang "The White Rabbit Weasel Whino Zim ARCHIVE Staff ratu ations, Graduates 5 Co ww W W Wil? 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Suggestions in the Northern Lebanon High School - Archive Yearbook (Fredericksburg, PA) collection:

Northern Lebanon High School - Archive Yearbook (Fredericksburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Northern Lebanon High School - Archive Yearbook (Fredericksburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Northern Lebanon High School - Archive Yearbook (Fredericksburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Northern Lebanon High School - Archive Yearbook (Fredericksburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Northern Lebanon High School - Archive Yearbook (Fredericksburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Northern Lebanon High School - Archive Yearbook (Fredericksburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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