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1957 The Archive NORTHERN LEBANON SCHOOLS h DEDICATIO Northern Lebanon Htgh School May 31 1957 Dear Mr Roberts Three years ago you entered the 11ves of the class of 1957 Smce then you have patlently gu1ded us through our d1ff1cu1t1es helped us 1n our prolects counseled us and trled to mold us 1nto becomrng better CIIIZCDS rn the future In these years Wh1Ch have flown so qutckly we have often omrtted thankmg you as we should have for your unfa111ng mterest tn us and our act1v1t1es There have been ttmes when we have fa11ed but your example of perservance has tnsptred us to attempt new and even greater proJects We hope that your 11fe w1l1 be f11led w1th health and happlness and pleasant mem or1es of the Class of 1957 We know that rn the future you w111 be gurdmg other classes as you have counseled us Reahzmg the effort you have put forth for our class we proudly ded1cate Ih1S fourth ed1t1on of the Archlve to you Smcerely Class of 1957 3 1 a 1 l l I 1 I . I 1 0 1 9 1 BOARD OF EDUCATION FIRST ROW, Left to Rrght Lev1 Daxkes, Leo Darkes, George Aurentz, Warren Klemfelter, Da.n1e1 Lrght, Rlchard Gerhart, Clarence Walborn SECOND ROW James Blouch, Paul Flmchbaugh Isaac Plnlhppy, Russell Demler, Clarence Manbeck, Guy Behney PRESIDENT Damel Llght VICE PRESIDENT Clarence F Manbeck SECRETARY George Aurentz TREA SURER Clarence Manbeck -l KW. KIT Cv J fl Q ADMINISTRATION fu!! ff 4 I? I x 7 MJ I ' N.J gf, I fi 4 N I I .r :I if 'I f PRINCIPAL America lS strong today because thousands of young men and women like you realized the importance of con tinuing your education through the twelfth grade You surmounted many times in these last few years obstacles up to what was expected of you You have learned with very few exceptions how to get along with other people You have learned how to be tolerant You have learned in the main how to apply the principles of the Golden Rule For these reasons we of an older generation ee confident that America will remain strong because those to whom we give it to will keep it strong 6 SUPERVISING PRIN CIP L Your high school education is completed. You have learned many factsg you have acquired new and difficult skills. Important as these may be, Huxley has said that the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the things you have to do when they have to be done whether you like it or not that, at the time, seemed impossible to you. You lived t . . , ' f 1 PAUL BASHORE r Elrzabethtown College B A Fnglrsh Socnl Studus Central Sclencc RALPH BRLMMER Mrllersvllle State Teachers College B S. Hlstory, Engllsh J RAY BILKEL Pennsylvama State Unxversrty B S Vocatlonal AgflCUllUIC Soclal Studus SCILIICP 'I' JULIA BOLTZ Lebanon Busmess College, Lebanon Valley College Business Educatlon FACULTY FLORENCE BLACK Wxlson College A B Latm Ihstory EVELYN BROWN Lebanon Valley College A.B. Enghsh, Geography L1brary ALLEN BOYER Lebanon Valley College B S Chemrstry, Brology Sclenct BEVERLY BUCK Kutztown State Teachers College B.A, Art MARY BRANDT Ltb mon Buslness College Lrbrauan DOROTHY DITZLER Mrllersvllle State TeaCl16I'S College B S Geography, Hrstory E 0 5 Q yt 1 A --I, , A ' 'A S ets . L to C . .' - , 'AM ...,,' 5 I A I af . 'Q ' y EDWARD DARKES Penn State College , Mathemat1cs Scxence MARY LOU HARRIS Pennsylvama State UHIVBISILY B S Home Econom1cs FACULTY 'HDI' HARLAN DAUBERT Lebanon Valley College B S Penn State College M Ed Music GLADYS HOOV ER Lebanon Valley College B S Mus1c JAMES DAVIS FREDERICK GANTZ MYRON HAMMES Lebanon Valley Ehzabethtown College East Stroudsburg State A B , Enghsh Soc 1al Stud1es Teachers College B S Kutztown State Teachers College HISIOIY, Phys1ca1 Educatxon, Sc1ence College A B Mathematxcs Hxstory MARY ANNE JOSEPH JANDROSITZ JEANINE IEEFER HRUSKA East Stroudsburg State M1l1ersv1lle State 111411211121 State T62Ch61'S Teachers College B.S Teachers College B S College B S Physxcal Educatlon Mathemancs Home Econom1cs Health, Blology ig., 8 is oat . , U 1 ' Q A g.V, Q 1 5 , A :': V e iw, V' A ' S ttaa R A ' 9 1 I 4 gift? A L I 'CEC f A X -::' V l ' I - ,. A B.S.' I ' . . . I I . .. ' I I 1 4, nw i Q g B A 1 J y L gq FACULTY an-ff ll' CLARENCE KRAMMES Kutztown St ate Sluppensburg State Teachers College B S Teachers College B Busmess Educat1on Engllsh RUSSELL SMITH Penn State College B S Aguculture LOTTIE J SNAVELY Lebanon Valley College A B Teachers College Columbla Unxverslty M A Lebanon Valley Collegt A B German ANNA STRICKLER Pc nn State Collegt School Nurse gunn- gv ALBERT MAURER KATHRYN RICHARD ERNEST SAPHORE RICHARD SCHWANG Penn State College Lebanon Valley S , Industual Arts College A B Scxence CLAIR D WAGNER Lebanon Business College Umversxty of Pennsylvanla Umversxty of Alaska Lebanon Valley College B S Economxcs Socxal Studxes 4-up ll-nv El'1g11Sll, HISCDIY KENNETH WILLIAMS M111ersv1l1e State Teachers College B S Soclal Studxes lvlzlthematlcs . , 4 It-ff, ,.1 0 w Q J ' '- R ,..l il ttll Q ,,l: s--V 9 '. , 4 J. , V ,myl 30 I Y I rl . I . C , Q ,i,,.. tr M , - I U7 K Q ,i ,tzti B C' " 1' i V., . - h U: lnzl Ng? -,.:5 ? . ' ' 4, -I ,..v.- A A l R A . L' E , 1 :E :': 5 ' y I Y . . . . . . www "-- , '.:. . 1't'., r 2 ' ' . --Xv V I eff at it - . x V ' . 1 I , f . . X , . ELEMENTARY PRINCIPAL -. 1 . I ,L .,AA at GFFICE PERSONNEL CUSTODIANS if f M """""""N ' Y .1 X .gulf ,I if-f" SENIORS 83" KAY BENDER Kay Vocatronal Harls from Jonestown On the hockey team Has brown eyes a wartress at Tralners Lrlxes the boys Wants to be a Home EC teacher DONALD BLOUCH Slug Agrrculture Brown wavy harr Hearty laughter an usually be seen drrvmg around rn hrs Burck One of our Natronal Guardsmen Actrve m F FA aifarrs HAROLD BARNIIART Bar-me General Short Popular Good lool mg Fnendly Easy to get along with lves a hot '56 Olds mobrle Eferyone 1S hrs frrend Popu lar wrth tne opposrte sex JEAN ANN BASHORE Jeannre General A popular g1rl Nrce personalrty Dr1VeS a ca.r Peppy cheer leader Keen on a certarn fellow Fun fo be wrth I-hgh Stepprng maj orette KMA BOESHORE Rlta Vocatronal Lrves rn Jonestown . A cheerleader Cute Always has a cheerful word . Usually seen wlth Carolyn Our class treasurer is ARLENE BOMBERGER Tootsre Academrc Lrkes to talk . Has pretty eyes . Usually seen wrth Jeannre L . Always laughmg . . Lrkes study halls . Neat dresser . . Ambrtron 1S to be an elementary teacher. CAROLYN BLOUCH CaCa General Has harr of brown Never wears a frown Halfback on the hocl e5 team Lrkes to tell Jol es Works at Tramers ON ants to be John's wrfe RAY BOESI-IORE Ray Agrrculture Quret member of the class Not so very tall Drrves a olue Plymouth Actrve rn FFA Interested 1n agrrculture 'll w e ' . . . ' ' ' - - - - Dr' I X - , . s - , -Q . o . . -. X ff X P t . . . Qg. 1 ' . . Is 1 7 , I 1 I . . ' f-' 3, if W. t .-..C Zag ' . 1 a uh 7 I ' an 1. 1 . 1 ' . "rV Aj . , . . . 'sk r in in 1 ...,. ...2 ROSEV ITA BRUCKER Ros1e Commercxal Ha11s from West Jones town Qu1et occa sxonally Not 1nter ested 1n the opposxte sex, or IS she'7 Dnves around 1n a Hud son Future uncer tain LESTER CASSEL Cassel Agnculture Harls from Grantvllle Hot rods around ln a "56" Merc Has a great mterest 1n the op POSIEE sex Ma1n problem seems to stay1ng mterested 1n school EARL BRANDT Brandy Agnculture Sort of qu1et Easyto get along w1th Duves a Plymouth Hard worker 1S l1vestock wms pI'1ZeS at the fall' aff MZ, VIOLET COOPER V10l8t Commerc1a1 Quxet . . . Can usually be found studymg . . . One of the few blondes m the class . . . Member of FHA . . .Usually seen w1th Ruth. AGNES BROWN Aggme Commerc1a1 One of the shortest glrls m the class Qulet, unt1l you get to know her Treasurer of the FHA Usually seen w1th Loretta Haxls from Mountv1lle RALPH DAUB Ralph Industnal Arts Tall . . . Brown wavy halr . . . More on the qulet s1de, unt1l you know h1m . . . Usually seen around school wzth Reg. REBECCA BUFFAMOYER Becky Vocatlonal Fnendly and popular Has a b1g sm1le for everyone Works as a clerk 1n a store os sesses a good slngmg vo1ce Actxve :Ln many clubs JOYCE CONNER Joyce Vocatronal L1ves between Jonestown and Lxckdale Usual ly found w1th Kay Qu1et unt1l you get to know her Works at Tramers as a wartress Future 15 uncertain af ' I la l A as - "1 .. R -'- . ...H' ..- . . ' ' 0 . 0 . . . P - . . . be . . . . . . . . . H K L7 , Q, f I A 13 it ji .y 4 CAROL DEGROAT Carol Commercial A shortze in our class Trademark is her pony tai Great sense of humor Loves to read "D1g" magazines An Elvis Presley hep ca Likes the oppo site sex, especllly one PIERCE DITZLER Pierce Industrial Arts Halls from Greenpoint Good ice skater and hockey player ually seen with Bob and Hauer Just loves school, or does he? REGINALD DAUBERT Reg Academic Can always be found with Jack . . . Likes to play his guitar . . . Would like to be a ra- dio and TV technician . . . Always well dressed. NANCY ERB Nancy Commercial Pleasmg personality Always willing to lend a helping hand One of the taller members of the class Full of pep Commercial student pal of Mary's has a smile for everyone PRISCILLA DEARWECHTER Prizze Vocational Plays the clarinet in band . . . Likes sports and driving . . . Dislikes sewing . . . An ardent commercial student . . . Hopes to be a medical secretary . . . Has a part time job . . . Good luck Priscilla. HENRY FORTNA Hen Academic Happy go lucky type Quiet until you get to know him Rates high with the opposite sex Good athlete Ambition is to be a veterinarian Good dresser 1 gf .. JANET DITZLER Janet General Hails from Lickdale Very talka ive Friendly Depend able Popular and intelligent Has a nice personality Likes to go skating Usually seen with Joyce RICHARD DITZLER Dmle Industrial Arts Hails from Lickdale Never seen with opposite sex Quiet Keeps to himself His am blf1OD right now 1S to get out of school 'H+ -los: ' ',. - ' u - i ' ' D ' 1 ' 'i .f . ....Us- ' , . . bl .,.., -F: A A ' . . l ' ' ' -. - . ka If ... - -if-A , ' ... ' ... 'i 14 DANIEL GRUMBINE Grummy Academic Short Quiet until you get to know h1m Easy to get along with A brain in math Always willing to help someone 1n need Wants to be an aviator ROBERT HILBERT Industrial Arts L1ves 1n Bunker H111 Good looking Tom' match in bowling One of the stars on the soccor team Thinks school should be Phvs Ed LEONARD GERHART Lenny General Artistically inclined. . . Blued eyed . . . Has a very hearty laugh . . . Plays the bass drum in the band . . . One ofour good vocalists . . . Doesn't care for study- in Future indefi nite NAINCY HOKE Nancy Academic On the hockey team A cheerleader Likes to be seen with Red Has big brown eyes A vtry popular girl XVants to be .in eltmen tary school teacher VIRGINIA GERHART Ginny Academic A tall cute blond . . . Active in all sports . . . Always smiling . . . Strickly an Ike and Yankee fan . . . Usual- ly seen around school with Hokie Likes to crack dry Jokes Wants to be a Phys teacher DORIS HOSTET I ER Doris Vocational Dresses neatly as a beautiful smile Plays the b ll lyre in the band Has many interests Drives a Pontiac Good all around student ur LO tdrlor of the Archive RICHARD HAUER Dick Industrial Arts Lives in Mountville Quiet until you get to know him Usually seen with Bob and Pierce Has a good future CLAIRE HOHMAN Shorty Vocational Cute and friendly Popular Likes to argue Usually seen with Jean B Full of fun Enjoys read mg, music, and dancing Athletic Likes to eat Always will mg to lend a helping y 'g... ' '- ' ... i '. .-Ed. I ' Ill ..- ... s , -" ... ...fl- h a n d ' ...H . ...o 15 ROBERT JONES Red Academmc Has blue eyes a fxrst str1ng man rn all sports Llked by everyone Usually seen w1th Nancy Has common sense Wants to become a chemlst THOMAS KERKESLAGER T0m Industrral Arts Drlves a green Ford Usually seen w1th Ken Strong fullback on the soccer team . , Works at the Rec. , Plans to be a brlcklayer. RONALD HOUSER Ronme Commerc1a1 class ls qurck on h1s feet Fr1endly Often seen wlth Rrchard or Earnest Shows enthus1asm 1n sports LOIS KNEASEL Lo1s Commercral An attractlve member oftheclass. . .Ama Jorette . . . Haliback on the hockey team . . . Usually seen w1th Don me S .... A wartress at Tralners. HELEN HUGHES Helen Vocatronal Good ln sports majorette Thlnks a lot about the opposlte sex Wants to be an a1r11ne hostess VIOLA KRALL Shorty Voc atzonal Blue eyed blond . . , Usually can be heard . . , D1Sllk6S German class . . . Usually seen wlth Ethel . . . Works at Tramers as a waxtress. CARL KAYLOR Buck General A l1ve WIIE Drlves a Chevle Curly ha1r that's hard to beat Fnendly Slngs 1n the Chorus L1.kes blg game huntlng May Jo1n the Au' Force RUTH KLINE Ruthxe Comrnerc1a1 A wh1z at the typewnter Qulet Stl1d101!S A good commerclal student Lxkes popu lar musrc Plays the saxaphone ln the band . . . Tall . . . Usually seen wxth V1olet. ts t R atrar 1" N 'A Quiet . . . Tries hard in Has pretty blue eyes . . . E - ' - ...A TQ, I A . ' .. X ir A 'D f . . . Is . . . 16 JOHN KUTAY Kutay Industnal Arts Harls from West Jones town Dnves a Ply mou h to school Works at hrs Dad's as statxon seen Wlth Nelson Act1ve m class, but not 1n class work PAUL LERCH Paul Agnculture Llves rn Mt Z1on Qmet somenrnes Lrkes to complam Plays the dnxm rn band Speeds aGreen Plymouth Hates to Study EFHEL KREISER Ethel General Halls from Llckdale Always w1th Vrola Works at the Ga L1.kes Home Ec Class because she enjoys eat rn Probably w1ll run a restaurant KENNETH MAYBERRY Ken Industnal Arts Tall Blue eyes Curly han Are the reasons for lus populauty wlth grrls Usually seen w1th Tom and Glenn Enjoys P O D class SYLVESTER KREISER Vesty Industnal Arts Halls from Greenpomt Can usually be found wrth Roger Qu1et untrl you get to know h1m hkes to play soccer 6' CATHERINE MoGOLRICH Cass Academrc Short Cute ways laughrng Planmng to become a nurse Strong nght lnner on hockey team A Dodger fan JEAN LENTZ Jeannre Vocatronal hat a doll" fnendly lrkes chew mg gum and horses Spends her weekends clerkmg and wrth J 1m Lrkes to sleep ID study halls future beautxcran JAMES LINEWEAVER Bones Academrc Popular Never a dull Lrkes Chemxstry class and argtung wrth the teachers constant compamon of Lee and Carl Not mterested rn opposrte sex plans to go to college ' - '-w E . ' , Akt- 'M . t ' ' -- A. - I . . . PJOYQ easrnglglfls.. .. . Iqs X- 2 moment around Jim ' ' ' . Ehg . M K4 ' . . . , ' . . . . . . . . . Al- f I7 7- 'fi ?""t S LQ - Z 's vel' X Q Q n Fd H 2 -'il f J ull? 3, 4 W V .sqm I 2 NELSON NEFF Nelly Industrial Arts One of class redheads Tall . Seldom heard Good golfer . Likes to play soft- ball Hails from Bunker H111 future hotel manager SHIRLEY REAM Reamy Commercial Pretty black hair Constantly giggling Commercial student Drives a Pontiac Maj orette Can be found working at "Skips Ambition is to be a beauticran MARIANNA MERKEY Merkey Academic Quiet . . . Serious . . . Can be depended upon . . , One of our "A" students . . . A whiz in math . . . Active in club work . . . Plans to be a nurse. PATRICIA REIGLE at Commercial Crazy about Elvis Very talkative Loves to dance Always seen with Pamela, either talking or arguing Probably will be a secretary LORETTA MOYER Loretta Commercial Can usually be found giggling . . . Secretary of the FHA . . . Neat .. .Go0dtypist... Usually seen with Agnes . . . Always well dressed. Y""'7 JOAN RHOADS Joanme Commercial Shortest member of the class Quiet Goes with Tom with Jeanette and Bar bara Llkes to dance and roller skate KENNETH POORMAN Ken Industrial Arts Dark Seen with Mayberry Likes to hot rod in his old Ply- mouth Seems de- termrned not to work too hard wlule rm school JERRY REBER Jerry Academic Comes from Bunker Hill Friendly Dependable Easy to get along with Studious Likes to argue Nice Per sonality Handsome Active in sports A good class president Plans to be an en gineer . . V I 0 0 I . ...'. 'i . ff. ..'.... . ' ' ' x V1 Y . ' .. . - .I . t . 1 y 59? . . .. - .b . . ' N I, Q N N - -. . .. f . P . a n great fan of bandstand Neat . . . Usually seen as 7 18 k'hhs-A ROBERT SCHAEFFER Spmder Agnculture L1.kes to sleep when pos srble Loves to tease the grrls A very en thusrastrc FFA member Takes thmgs as they come W1l1 become a noteworthy farmer VIOLEI' SCHRIVER V1o1et Vocatronal A cute brunette ways srmlmg Frm to be wrth One of our maj orettes Popular w1th the opposite sex. ANTHONY RISING Tony Academrc Usually can be heard before he IS seen Always has an opmion Actrve m the Band A future teacher Chooses reading as hrs pastrme Student manager of our athletic teams 3' MARGARET SIBASTIAN Margme Vocatxonal Makes frlends easlly . . Serious and qu1et untxl you get to know her , Very ambrtlous and mtelllgent . . . Never gets rnto any trouble . . . Cute and fnendly, IRA RUDY Butch General A real fnend of every one Good sense of humor Goodlookmg What the grrls call "real catch" ten seen rn his Chevxe Future rndefxmte 1 ,FN MARTHA SHELLY Marty VOCSIIODSI Harls from Greenpornt . . Fnendly . . . Us ually seen w1th VIOIEI . . . Hot rods around 1n her Plymouth . . . Her bakmg IS exceptronally good to some Semor boys. MARY SCHNUPP Marybelle Commercral Pleasant dlSPOSltlO11 Works hard at her studres A wh1z rn book keeprng Dependable Can be seen dnvlng a gray Chevle Lrkes house trarlers Plans to become a homemak MERVIN SCHWARTZ Buddy Industnal Arts Lrves m Jonestown Usually seen hot roddmg rn h1s Ford Always chasmg the farrer mem bers of the opposrte sex Enjoys Enghsh class? 1, I Lg sao - ' ' I f I L' ' . . . of- ' s e - . ' , . 5 N gk l 7 ' . . ft ' Q ' I . . 1 n . ei. - . . . A1- ' '-' 19 EARNEST SI-IUEY Earme Agrrculture Rattle, bang crash here comes Shuey to school rn hrs prckup FF Can be found w1th Wampler Mrnes coal CARL SMITH Jack General Halls from Bunker H111 Almost always seen w1th Reg Lrkes huntrng, trappmg and the outdoors Actrve rn church affairs rn Bunker H111 E C Church BARBARA SHIRK Babs Commercral Green eyed lass Wlth a ready smrle Looks especrally pretty rn prnk Enthuslastrc about school Courteous and unsel rsh Outstandmg rn shorthand Plans become a secretary HE. HERBERT SPANNUTH Herb Academrc Fnendly A good personalrty s a braln Actrve m band and sports good lrneman rn soccer Always ready to make fnends Plans to go to college. ROGER SHOLLY Sholly Industnal Arts Harls from Greenpornt Doesn't seem to be rnterested rn the op posrte sex? One the farthful drnner tune soccer players ually quret Can of ten be found wrth Syl vester and Sonny BARBARA VANCE Babs Commercral Usually seen wlth Jeanette Enjoys dancmg Is very mterested rn the opposrte sex Drshkes Enghsh Class Her future rs rndeflmte ESTHER SIEGRIST Essre Vocatronal Presrdent of our Student Colmcrl Can be found berng teased by a Future stenographer Works as a wartress at Skrps JPITNIE SMITH Jenme Vocatronal One off the smaller members of the class Is on the quret srde Ambrtron 15 to be secretary We wrsh Jenme luck rn the future ' , , , ' ' ' . . . . of D . ' .. . . . Us- f' . . . ' ' ' - - 3 ' . . . to ' . ' 1 7 J Lkh V' 5: I ' - A - t"-: 1 Q f ' ' truck , , , Active in member of SeniorClass A... '2'-- D "' it i - ' . I I I . . . a , ' ,' ' , if I o . I . . . . . . A . 0. u ui 20 EIAINE WALTERMYER Ela1ne Commerc1al L1kes typmg ways w1t.h Slnrley Fnendly toward every one Often seen dnvmg a Plymouth H3115 from Fredencks burg Fun lovmg Dependable FHA member On the GLENN WIKEL Glenn Industnal Arts Halls from Mountv1lle Can't stay away from the opposrte sex Usually seen wrth Mayberry and Tom PAMELA VOWLES Pam Commerclal Born rn England Loves to draw Usually seen w'1th Pat Dresses neat Loves Elvms Presley is LEE ZARTMAN Zartre General A dark handsome Sen 1or Happy go lucky Has a certa1n heart mterest 1n the Sen1or class Always has a crew cut Plans to be 3 Xl'11I1lSteI JEANETTE WALMER Jeanette Commerc1a1 Goes to Moose E1v1s Presley fan Usually seen w1th Barbara and Joan One of the taller members of the class Neat tI2Ct1V8 Llkes to dance GLENN WAMPLER Glenn Agnculture Actlve 1n FFA work Hard worker Makes fnends eas1ly Future farmer Lxltes to go huntmg Often can be found w1th Shuey and Sholly SHIRLEY YORDY Yordy Vocat1ona1 Nlce personahty Rates h1gh wrth class mates L1kes sewmg, basketball and Do: Can often be seen wlth Babs Takes hfe w1th a snule Loves to es Future secre tary CLASS R... I g ' l... '...2.t- 'U a' :..Al-A . quietside... V . , ' as 5 ' ' ,,tQ.."' - is NM Q! 21 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Y , ,. , an - ' ,, 'Q G PRESIDENT Jerry Reber VICE PRESIDENT Henry Forma SECRETARY Jean Ann Bashore TREASURERS Rlta Boeshore Carl Kaylor 99 SENIOR ACTI ITIES HAROLD BARNHART Student COUHC11 1 3 4 FFA 4 FIISI A1d Club 3 Treasurer 3 Home Ec for Boys 3 Presrdent 3 Class Presldent 1 JEAN ANN BASHORE Band 1 2 3 4 Student FCPIBSSHIHIIVC 3 Band head 3 Head maJorette 4 Concert Cho1r 1 2 3 4 Treble Cho1r 1 2 3 4 Press Club 4 FHA 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Operetta 1 3 Junror Play 3 County band 1 Secre tary of class 2 3 4 KAY BENDER Concert Cho1r 2 4 Treble Cho1r 4 Press Club 2 4 Scrence Club 3 Teen Club 1 CAROLYN BLOUCH Concert Cho1r 2 3 4 Treble ChO1I' 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Busrness Manager 4 Scrence Club 3 Lrbrary Club DONALD BLOUCH FFA 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Prestdent 4 Shop for G1rls 3 Sports Club 1 3 RAY BOESHORE Concert Cho1r 1 Boy s Cho1r 2 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 porter 4 Sports Club 3 RITA BOESHORE Concert Cho1r 2 3 4 Treble Cho1r 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Edrtor 4 Scrence Club 3 Teen Club 1 Secretary 1 Hockey 2 Student Manager 2 Softball 1 4 Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Iumor Play 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Crrculatron Manager 4 ARLENE BOMBERGER Concert Cho1r 2 3 4 Treble Cho1r 1 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Semor Tr1 H1 Y 2 3 4 Song Leader 4 FHA 2 3 4 Parlramentarran 4 Operetta 3 EARL BRANDT Concert Cho1r 2 3 4 Band 4 Boy s Cho1r 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent 4 Sports Club 3 4 County Cho1r 2 3 4 Operetta 3 County FFA 4 Treasurer 4 AGNES BROWN Concert Cho1r 4 Treble Cho1r 4 FHA 2 3 4 Treas urer 3 4 ROSEVITA BRUCKER Senror Tr1 H1 Y 4 Secretary 4 SCIENCE Club 3 Booster Club 3 Dramatrcs Club 2 REBECCA BUFFAMOYER Concert Cho1r 1 2 3 4 Treble Cho1r 1 2 3 4 Student Councll 1 Press Club 1 Senror Tr1 H1 Y 2 3 4 Presrdent 4 FHA 2 3 4 Reporter 3 V1ce Presrdent 4 Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 4 Archtve Staff 4 Busrness Mana ger 4 Operetta 3 LESTER CASSEL Ir JOYCE CONNER Press Club 2 4 Sctence Club 3 Teen Club 1 VIOLET COOPER FHA 2 3 4 Teen Club 1 RALPH DAUB Press Club 2 4 Senror H1 Y 1 Frrst A1d Club 3 Home Ec for Boys 3 REGINALD DAUBERT Press 2 4 F1rst A1d Club 3 Pres1dent 3 Commerctal Club 3 Safety Patrol 1 PRISCILLA DEARWECHTER Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Cho1r 2 Treble Cho1r 2 as ketball 1 Senror Tr1 H1 Y 2 County Band 2 CAROL DeGROAT Scrence Club 3 Senror Dramatrcs Club 2 VICE Pres 1dent 2 Commerc1al Club 3 Secretary Treasurer 3 Tr1 H1 Y 4 1, Vice-President lg Hockey 45 Softball 2. FFA l,2,3,4. ' : ' ' . , : , , . , Re- , , , : ' : ' : B - 39 SENIOR ACTIVITIES IANET DITZLER Concert Cho1r 1 3 4 TreL1e Chou 3 4 Boy s Cho1r 3 4 Press Club 1 2 Sc1ence Club 3 4 Secretary 3 Teen Club 1 PIERCE DITZLER Nature Club 1 Huntmg St F1sh1ng Club 2 H1 Y Club RICHARD DITZLER Seruor H1 Y 4 F11'SI Ald Club 3 Sports Club 1 2 3 NANCY LOUISE ERB Band 2 3 4 Concert Cho1r 4 Treble Cho1r 3 4 Sen 1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 Shop for G1rls 3 Jun1or Play 3 HENRY FORTNA Al'Ch1VC Staff 4 Student Councrl 2 3 Sen1or H1 Y 1 2 Sc1ence Club 3 4 Presldent 4 Commerc1al Club 3 Presldent 3 Class Vrce Presrdent 3 4 Soccer 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 LEONARD GERHART Band 1 2 3 4 Quartermaster 3 Concert Chou 1 2 3 4 Boy s Cho1r 3 4 Press Club 4 FFA 1 2 County Chorus 1 2 3 4 State FFA Chorus 2 Operetta 1 3 VIRGINIA GERHART Archrve staff 4 Newspaper staff 4 Softball 1 2 3 4 Hockey 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 Teen Club Commerc1al Club 2 Grrls Shop 3 DANIEL GRUMBINE SCIGHCC Club 4 Ftrst A1d Club 3 Home Ec for Boy s 3 Nature Club 1 Hobby Club 2 Soccer 3 4 Track RICHARD HAUER Nature Club 1 H1 Y2 3 4 Home Ec for Boy s 3 V1ce Pres1dent 3 ROBERT HILBERT Nature Club 1 H1 Y 2 3 4 Presrdent 2 Home Ec for Boy s 3 Soccer 2 3 4 CLAIRE HOFFMAN Press Club 4 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 FHA 2 Sports Club 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4 NANCY HOKE Band 3 4 Concert Cho1r 2 Student Councrl 2 Sec retary 2 Press Club 2 Semor Tr1 H1 Y 3 Presldent 3 Sc1ence Club 4 Shop for Grrls 3 Hockey 2 3 4 Softball 3 4 Teen Club 1 Vrce Pres1dent 1 Archrve Staff 3 4 DORIS HOSTETTER Band 2 3 4 Concert Chotr 1 2 3 4 Treble Cho1r 1 2 3 4 Student Counc1l2 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 2 FHA 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Presrdent 4 Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 4 V1ce Presrdent 4 Arch1ve Staff 3 4 Operetta 1 3 Iumor Play 3 County Chorus 3 RONALD HOUSER Boy s CIIOII 3, Sen1or H1 Y 4 FFA 1 2 FIISI Aid Club 3 Home Ec for Boys 3 HELEN HUGHES Band 3 4 Treble Cho1r 4 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 FHA 2 Shop for G1rls 3 Fleld Hockey 2 3 4 Softball 2 ROBERT JONES Sen1or H1 Y 2 Sc1ence Club 3 4 V1ce Prestdent 3 4 Sports Club 1 Commerc1al Club 3 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 Soccer 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 CARL KAYLOR Band 4 Concert Chou 4 Boy s Cho1r 4 Student Counctl 3 VICC Presrdent 3 FFA 1 2 3 Reporter 3 Sports Club 3 4 Presrdent 3 4 Iumor Play 3 Class Treasurer 2 3 4 Track Team 3 4 THOMAS KERKERLAGER Sen1or H1 Y 3 4 V1ce-Presrdent 3 4 Home Ec for Boys 3 Sports Club 1 2 RUTH KLINE Band 4 Home Ec for G1rl s 2 3 Teen Club 1 LOIS KNEASEL Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Cho1r 1 Treble Cho1r 1 2 Sen1or Tn H1 Y 3 Shop for Girls 3 Teen Club 1 Hockey Team 3 Softball 2 3,4. 3,45 Cheerleader 4g Basketball 23 Teen Club 1. 3. VIOLA KRALL Press Club 2 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 Chapla1n 4 Shop for Grrls 3 Teen Club 1 ETHEL KRIESER Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 Treasurer 3 4 Teen Club 1 News paper 2 3 Hockey Team 3 Shop Club 3 SYLVESTER KREISER Jr Sen1or H1 Y 4 Sports Club 2 3 Huntrng gc Frshrng 1 IOHN A KUTAY Sen1or H1 Y 3 4 Home Ec for Boys 3 Sports Club 2 Huntrng 8a Frshrng 1 JEAN LENTZ Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 2 3 4 News Reporter 4 FHA 2 3 4 Shop for Glrls 3 Junror Play PAUL LERCH Band 2 3 4 Concert Cho1r 1 2 3 4 Boy s Cho1r 3 4 Press Club 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 County Chorus 2 3 4 Op peretta 1 3 State FFA Band 2 3 4 JAMES LINEWEAVER Boy s Cho1r 3 4 Press Club 2 3 Sports Edrtor 2 3 FFA 1 2 3 Treasurer 3 County Chorus 1 2 3 4 County Band 1 2 3 4 Junror Play 3 Class V1ce Pres rdent 2 Baseball 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 KENNETH MAYBERRY Band 1 Concert Cho1r 3 Boy s Cho1r 3 Press Club 2 Sen1or H1 Y 3 4 Chaplam 3 Pres1dent 4 CATHERINE MCGOLRICK Press Club 2 Reporter 2 SCIGHCC Club 2 4 Treasurer 3 4 Shop for Grrls 3 Secretary 3 Teen Club 1 Hockey 2 3 4 Co captarn 4 Softball 1 2 3 4 MARIANNA MERKEY Student Councxl 3 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 Chaplatn 4 FHA 2 3 4 Hrstorran 3 Reporter 4 Ltbrary Club 1 2 3 4 Secretary 2 Pres1dent 4 Arch1ve Staff 4 Assls tant Edrtor 4 Shop for Grrls 4 NELSON NITE Press Club 4 Cartoonrst 4 Sports Club 3 LORETTA MOYER FHA 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Lrbrary Club 1 Booster Club SHIRLEY REAM Band 2 3 4 Majorette 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 2 3 FHA 2 3 4 Sports Club 3 4 Pres1dent 4 Arch1ve Staff 4 C1rculat1on Manager 4 Basket ball 2 3 4 JERRY REBER Sen1or H1 Y 1 2 Vrce presrdent 2 SCICHCC Club 3 4 Presrdent 3 Commerclal Club 3 Vrce Pres1dent 3 Archrve Staff 4 Class Presrdent 3 4 Soccer 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball Juntor Varsrty 2 3 Var Slly 4 Track 2 3 4 PATRICIA REIGLE Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 FHA 2 Teen Club 1 Booster Club 3 JOAN RHOADS Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 4 FHA 2 3 Booster Club 3 Teen Club 1 Band 1 2 3 4 Quartermaster 3 County Band 2 3 4 Schnrcklefrrtz Band 4 Arch1ve Staff 4 Junror Play 3 Press Club 3 Sen1or H1 Y 1 2 SCISDCC Club 3 Commercral Club 3 Soccer Student Manager 3 4 Basketball 1 3 Student Manager 2 4 Baseball 1 2 Student Manager 3 4 Track 2 3 4 IRA RUDY Concert Cho1r 4 Boy s Cho1r 4 FFA 1 2 3 Home Ec for Boys 3 Sports Club 3 4 ROBERT SCHAEFFER FFA 1 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Home Ec for boys 3 Sports Club 3 4 FFA Basketball 2 3 4 FFA Iudglng at Penn State 3 MARY SCHNUPP Press Club 4 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 Hxstonan 4 Shop for G1r1s 3 ' , , ' ' 3. Band 1,2,3,4g Treasurer 4g Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g ANTHONY RISING , s . . s ' MARY SCHNUPP Press Club 4 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 Hrstorran 4 Shop for Grrls 3 VIOLET SCHRIVER Band 4 FHA2 Teen Club 1 MERVIN SCHWARTZ H1 Y 1 2 3 4 Hunung 81 F1sh1ng Club 1 Home Ec for Boys 3 Soccer 1 2 3 4 MARGARET SEBASTIAN Student COUDCII 4 Press Club 4 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 2 3 4 V1ce Pres1dent 4 FHA 2 3 4 Lrbrary Club 1 2 3 4 G1rls Sports Club 3 MARTHA SHELLEY FHA 2 3 4 Pres1dent 3 4 Shop for G1rls 3 Teen Club 1 County FHA 3 H1stor1an 3 County FHA Reporter BARBARA SHIRK Student COUUC11 2 4 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 Secretary 4 G1rls Sports Club 3 ROGER SHOLLEY Sen1or H1 Y 3 4 Sports Club 1 2 3 ERNEST SHUEY FFA 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 Sports Club 3 Treasurer 3 ESTHER SIEGRIST Student Councrl 3 4 Pres1dent 4 Press Club 2 3 4 Reporter 2 3 Typ1st 3 4 Shop for Glrls 3 Teen Club 1 Archrve Staff 4 Busmess Manager 4 CARL SMITH Press Club 2 4 Assrstant Edrtor 4 Safety Patrol 1 SCICHCC Club 3 JENNIE SMITH Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 1 2 FHA 1 2 Dramauc Club 1 Teen Club 1 HERBERT SPANNUTH Band 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent 4 County Band l 3 Sen1or H1 Y 1 2 V1ce Pres1dent 1 Sc1ence Club 3 4 Com merc1al Club 3 Arch1ve Staff 3 4 Iun1or Member 3 Co Ass1stantEd1tor 4 Jumor Play 3 J V Basketball 1 2 Varstty Basketball 3 4 Soccer 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 2 Student Manager 3 BARBARA A VANCE Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 1 2 3 4 Pres1dent 4 FHA 1 PAMELA JOY VOWLES Teen Club 1 FHA 2 SCHIOI Tr1 H1 Y 3 4 Booster Club 3 IEANETTE MARIE WALMER Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 4 V1ce Pres1dent 4 FHA2 3 Boost er Club 3 Teen Club 1 Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 2 3 4 Treasurer 4 FHA 2 3 4 Shop for Grrls 3 GLENN R WAMPLER Concert Chorr 3 4 Boy s Cholr 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 Re porter 3 Secretary 4 Sports Club 3 V1ce Pres1dent 3 GLENN G WIKEL Travel Club 3 Pres1dent 3 Home Ec for Boys 3 Press Club 2 H1 Y 1 4 Chapla1n 4 SHIRLEY ANN YORDY Sen1or Tr1 H1 Y 3 FHA2 3 4 Sports Club 3 4 as ketball 2 3 4 LEE ZARTMAN Band 4 Concert Chou 3 4 Boy s Cho1r 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 Sports Club 3 4 V1ce Pres1dent 3 Secretary Treasurer 4 County Chorus 3 State FFA Chorus 3 Soccor 3 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 4- ELAINE B. WALTERMYER , , ' , Q ' z ' '- '- : , , : , :B - 26 Jw 409' I QS-213 ,-. -B6 FIRST ROW, Left to R1ght: Rebecca Buffamoyer , Co Busmess Manager, Dons Hostetter, Co Edrtor, Nancy Hoke, C0 Edrtor, Roseanne Johnson, Jumor Staff Member, Carolyn Snyder, Junror Staff Member, S1'ur1ey Ream, Co Cu' culatron Manager, Esther S1egI1St, Co Busmess Manager. SECOND ROW: R1ta Boeshore, Co C1rcu1at1on Manager, Herbert Spannuth, Co Asslstant Edrtor, Carl Srmth, Lee Zartman, Co Photographer, Elwood Kerkeslager, JIIDIOI Staff Member, Suzanne Dotter, Junror Staff Member THIRD ROW: V1rg1n1a Gerhart, Co Photographer, Jerry Reber, Anthony Rrsmg, Henry Fortna, Robert Jones, Mananna Merkey, Co Assrstant Edxtor. Tom -Roan I8 V9 QTY elevx oY'lS IC. 0852 CQSSCI N Joanne NAME Harold Barnharr Jean Ann Bashore Kay Bender Carolyn Blouch Donald Blouch Ray Boeshore Rlta Boeshore Arlene Bomberger Earl Brandt Agnes Brown Rose Brucker Rebecca Buffamoyer Lester Cassel Vrolet Cooper Ralph Daub Regrnald Dauberr Pnscrlla Dearwechter Carol DeGroat Janet Drtzler Prerce D1tz1er Rrchard D1tz1er Nancy Erb Henry Fortna Leonard Gerhart Vlfglllla Gerhart Damel Grumbme Rrchard Hauer Robert Hxlberr C1a1re Hoffman Nancy Hoke Dons Hostetter Ronald Houser Helen Hughes Robert Jones Carl Kaylor Thomas Kerkeslager Ruth Khne Lors Kneasel V1o1a Krall 'Buck Hokey LIKES Sleeprng Neal Gnmes Sewrng Przza Racmg Shop Ice skaung School Chevres Floyd Donme Musrc Mercury Eaung Talklng Playmg the g Iklvlng E1v1s Money Cars Dodge Plzza Sports Dancrng Sports Food Cars Ioan Dancmg Swrmmrng MUSIC Typmg Toffee Sports Chevles Grrls Dancrng Donme Dancmg 'Ru-1-hiv, To ny 'Hiya zarfie Llltal' QQ PASTIME Grrls Dancrng S1eep1ng Drrvrng Drrvrng Woodworkrng Eatlng Readrng Musrc Sm mg Drrvrng Selhng shoes llrvxng T V Huntrng Workrng Readrng Resung FlSh1l'lg Frshmg Muslc Workmg Drawrng Drrvrng Outdoors Loafxng Loafrng Sonny Re Readlng Puzzles Eanng Nancy Drlvlng Math Eanng Loafrng Sleeplng 55 'Paul Elamz feivm Hun 'Bobby V . Joy H . . . . fgi Joyce Conner Dancing Working ' ' T. V. 'D' k 1 f I Q 15. . . 64 ' . . d M Tick Slut AMBITION Gas stanon owner Beautlcran Home Ec teacher Bookkeeper Unknown Farmer Earn some money Elementary teacher Star farmer Housewlfe C1v11 Serv1ce worker To travel Gomg rn the Navy To get out of school To work rn an offrce M1l11ona1re Radro Xa T V techruclan Medrcal secretary Lawyer s secretary To be rrch To Jo1n the Army To get out of school Prlvate secretary Veterrnartan Art teacher Phys Ed teacher To be a Prlot Mechamc To get out of school To graduate thrs year Elementary teacher Medlcal secretary Bookkeeper A1r11ne hostess Chemlst Iorn the A1r Force Brtcklayer Musrc teacher Secretary Iotn the Waves lisa-.s. ageqksa 1 Hen PROBABLY WILL BE Race dnver Co -owner of Slenderella Trapeze arust Mother of mtdgets Bald Champ1on farmer Treasurer of the U S Marrrage broker M11k can manufacturer Bus Dr1ver Woman wrestler Champton bowler Admtral Teacher Brcyclrst Hobby horse dealer Second Elvrs Ctty sl1cker Watchmaker B1ll1ona1re Well dlgger Dare dev1l Advertlser of nerve prlls Poor farmer Fats Domrno H Olymplc champ Second Etnstem Grease monkey College professor Hypnotrst Channel swlmmer Hollywood Colummst Noveltst Seal tramer Professlonal skater Statroned at Sebrtng Fla Doctor Nrght club dancer Wash women Seaslck -Dll1'Q Nancy Bedw FAVORITE SAYING What the Drshmgle Btte me Oh shut up Judas Pnest' Dlg th1s Let s go Oh no' You better belteve 1 Huh? G1 George Oh brother Oh you re a r1ot Is tt hot? Hey? 99997999 Should I do backfl1ps" Oh get lost 99999999 You better know ll dad 99999999 Huh? Pow' Darn It I don t know G1 well It s not easy You re funny You re good It wrll come to ou Oh yea I had to laugh Oh I guess so That s funny I declrne Keelers' Well I 11 be Yes I guess I don t care Don t be cruel S Nelly VIOIQT El-hae Essae Mavfy ll'l Sh ol"'hl 123 'ay Cldi Lens-my GI Q mn 'Buddy K tt-ras. Me rke if 5 ' f S RY ' oe' L s9 a 9 , I Lia. . 9 9 i -ya .D .. In I ", . nw. yvV Q' , W -1 Jevnne Herb 4-v V l 0 l tf 'Ream y 'Bon es Qin e'lTt. Lbs 'ii-A LQYC UQ -re ny 0 n e gl' -HID ji xi-45515 Y :harm we May ber-ry Mir-y B202- NAME Ethel Krerser Sylvester Krerser John Kutay Jean Lentz Paul Lerch James Lmeweaver Kenneth Mayberry Catherme McGol.r1ch Mananna Merke Loretta Moyer Nelson Neff Kenneth Poorrnan Slurley Ream Jerry Reber Patrrcra Re1g1e Joan Rhoads Anthony R1s1ng Ira Rudy Robert Schaeffer Mary Schnup Vrolet Schnver Mervrn Schwartz Margaret Sebastran Martha Shelly Barbara Slurk Roger '-'holley Ernest Shuey Esther Sregnst Carl Sm1th Jenrue Srmth Herbert Spannuth Barbara Vance Pamela Vowles Jeanette Walmer Elame Waltermyer Glenn Wampler Glenn Wrkel Shlrley Yordy Lee Zartrnan LIKES Dancmg Chevle s Crrls Musrc Musrc Dr1 vmg Grrls C andy People G erald Eve rthr ng S le eplng Musxc Sports Tom Drlvmg Sports Huntmg Food Dnvmg Donm e Fords People Boys Lee Grrls Shop Elvls Phys1 cs Skatrng Sports E1v1s Baseball Ronme Dnvmg Shop Food Basketball Barb ara QC ogg::D' 009,00 fo Flaw 05951 F E Mar-5 e. Carol Janet PASTIME Sleeprng Watchmg T V Watchmg T V Sleepmg Sleepmg Sports Loafmg at Sprecher's Sleepmg Readmg Dr1v1ng Woodworkmg Loafxng Wotklng at Skrp' Goofmg off Loafrng Dr1v1ng wrth Jeanette Readmg Horseback ndrng Eatmg Datmg Kenny Sleepmg Dragglng Readmg Sleepmg Readrng Huntrng Huntmg Worklng at Skrp' Huntrng Readrng Sports Boys Drawmg Dnvmg Workmg Huntlng Loafrng at Horst' Bexng w1th Don Danclng WEMFQKQJ 'Rgs Shelly' Yo rely W IRQ' Ken 'BQBS 'Bit-1-ne xg ' Eau' . . ' 3 I 0 N 0 ' . 1 1 5 - - 3 2 A . ' . . Q Y -u'. f ' I. Q S P .A Q ' . ' . 0 ' ' 3. . . ' S viii? H-51:2 V ev? -Red AMBITION Get out of school Jom the Arr Force Carpenter Beautrcran Band Drrector Car Custormzer Mecharucal engmeer Nurse Nurse To get mamed Archrtect J om the Mannes Beautlcran Engmeer W Secretary Chem1stry teacher Plumber Farmer Secretary Get out of school Get out of school Graduate S0c1al worker Secretary Jom the Au Force Farmer Stenographer Forester Secretary Chemlst Secretary Secretary Secretary Undecrded Farmer Contracter Secretary Uncertarn PROBABLY WILL BE Gas statron attendant Plumber Chaueffeur Bronco buster Famxly man College Romeo Pop smger Mrdget polo player Model nurse Champxon gum chewer I.1on tamer Barber Tarzan's mate Great debator Tall Ballet dancer Roy Roger's replacement Werghthfter Ken's chlef cook Hog caller Henpecked Blushmg brlde Flrst woman boxer Perfect housekeeper Second Buffalo B1l.l Soda Jerk Woman undertake: Afncxan explorer School secretary Educated hobo A blackmarler ARIS! Ice Capades star Speed demon A clown Pea prcker Don's pnde 8: joy Globe trotter 9.60 Eel I-awww 'By-ayuj FAVORITE SAYING Huh? Huh? ?7??7 Boy, you know lt I don't care Crrmeannette' I'll be a cotton pxcker That was funny Oh, no Oh, dear 90799 M799 Cut rt out Shucks Oh, lovely Good God Gertme' You better be11eve 1 Shucks Brother I don't belreve rt You're krddmg ?'P?9'2 I don't care I hear you You bet What the? I'll clue you Harl Macbeth Oh, no Tell me about rt I love you too Oh, boy Tell you somenme I hear you I guess You know rt 'rv '2 2? You sure d1d Asa tt" Cass 9272 QR 'Par X.: 'Barb Fl 3- Lo re11'1 S hu I' Class 9998 Stains us? fS7aT-A Hspll-nn ? g 3 DQR 5 Kell X. 7"0'f'9'C 'BU' 'Kalrk Pfam Unch-k Cin'-y 'P-er-ce O c 45' B Q J: I O 0 Q 0 0 O y 5 Eflwll J N, G, Y Y 3 ' H ' , ' I . lb' . . . . D . 3 ' . . ' ' ff: 4, we Secfeta Chubby judge Oh, mf . . 'A . ut' - 'I ,Ha . . ' X . - ' ' ..... ' 1 Q ' YI J' ' ag, ef Li UN DERCLASSMEN 'Fl X 419 i an 'V' ' K i P: 5 Y M Xa QQ' ', Q" ia '. 3 J E A r , V' , ' s FIRST ROW Left to Right. Charlotte Schaffer Joanne Leedy Beverly Marks, Melvin Kreiser, Hilda Miller, Louise Lengle SECOND ROW James Lehman Liniord Donmoyer, Frederick Dimmick, Florence Price, Richard I u 2 K gs fin. 0- f9 i ny- ,Q I V, , f a U' gl .GJ ,, " J 'UI' ,bv -Q I I so , 5 I 'its 'i .A ' , ii ' xy f i t , Q.. an A Y 7" ' " ' I x f In-'g ,. Q' 5 WJ ,f I Og ' I I' FIRST ROW, Left to Right Mary Yeagley, Eva Grumbme, Manlyn Boland, Nancy Edris, Carol Bogner, Lena Fake SECOND ROW John Harnly, Jack Lentz, Ellwood Kerkeslager, Sumnne Dotter, Robert Lash, Kenneth Q' A FIRST ROW, Left to Right Kay Z1mmerman, Deanna W11son, Mary Ann Tavam, Patricia Smith, Joan Moyer, Janice Hoover, John Deppert SECOND ROW R1chard Bomberger, Bruce Fee Frances Boyer, Ruth Ann Soliday, 'S lik ' ' I A 'mf A , ' f"Qi4Qn at-I as - 'rl -Jai -- fa- v K . 38 fu, UN IORS Q9 -iff, Q. ,LK .as A, 11 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Gasena Hock, Mary Ann Felty, Mark Wolfe, Richard Nye, Lynda Moritz, Frederick Kohr. SECOND ROW: Robert Reigle, Chester Krciser, Yvonne Miller, Gloria Emerich, .Ioan Miller, Kenneth Yeingst, Marshall Richie, IX FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Janice Donmoyer, Carl Theirwcchter, Dolores Clay, Glenn Hoffa, Pauline Muth, Melvin Rittle, Colleen Sholly, Harold Keller. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Peiffer, Ray Kreider, Larry Sattazahn, Robert Weaver, Mary Ogurcak, Richard Weaver, Roy Kreider, Kenneth Smith, -Ill FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Carolyn Snyder, Sophie Bicksler, Janice Werner, Carol Shirk, Bonnie Spitler, Connie Rissinger, Verda Wenger, Roseanne Johnson. SECOND ROW: Frederick Spangler, Lester Merkey, Conrad Brandt, Larry Brajkovich, Kenneth Moyer, Gerald Mohn, William Bensing, Ronald Rittle. I SOPHO ORES 95 no ' t FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Dale Darkes, Roberta Culp, Ernest Lehman, Shirley Merkey, Earl Mohn, Beatrice Moyer, Samuel Kline, Gail Doster, Ethel Leeper. SECOND ROW: Richard Long, Arlene Shuey, Diane Hauer, Leroy Boltz, Gerald Mickey, Kathryn Neff, Anna Vragovich, Eleanore Adams, Harper Bretz, C5 K... "' -4"hu-v Nui' 0 5 M 'll --- Q vu 4" ,fkrmi P' 5 will as wa' "7 1. LV 4 f' n in 3- - ., V . A Q M. tl F f if l Q . r L' 1 l . ci I 0 Fm 4 1 .A . A X vis X is Z L L I FIRST ROW, Left to Right: May Kreiser, Helen Kreiser, Kathryn Daub, Delores Kline, Charlotte- Feaser, Eva Vance, Geneva Stickler. SECOND ROW: William Marinkov, Ella Beckman, Ted Smith, Faith Zimmerman, Mark Myers, John Wolfe, Shirley Trautman, Ronald Bender, 91 is 0 , Jissratm ab 16 sr- 'i' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Miles Shirk, Arletta Krall, Patricia Gingrich, Kay Sterner, Patricia Wolfe, Kaye Barr, Naomi Fortna, Lester Bingaman. SECOND ROW: Pete Harnly, Ronald Smith, Barbara Bender, Doris Hopple, Mary Ann Smith, Claude White, Raeanna Kohf, William Houser. 36 'OO 443' Xia 'I' .' .iz-' .R .--S! l'll1h' IIHIHIL :i' ... ""' g KJ ' Q .-. 'S FIRST ROW, Left to Rrght. Horace Krieser, Brenda Kapp, Ralph Ohmacht, Judy Lmeweaver Warren Mo er Sandra Kelly, Sandra Frttery, Sandra Ditzler Catherme Walmer SECOND ROW Nelson Garrlson, Ceral Fahler, Samuel Grumbrne, Doris Theirwechter Sandra Krause, Margaret Ruck, Judy Hoover Robert Krreser Da vrd Boyer Rxchard Westhafer. FIRST ROW Left to Rrght Gloria Peiffer Carolyn Deck, Joyce Klxck, Phyllrs Vance, Charlotte Bupp, Ruth Zartman, Corrnne Hostetter, Clarence Sholley SECOND ROW Raymond Drener Ronald Bugg, Peter Boyer, Fredeuck Ream Glenn Knescr, Margeret Schulze , Joyce Moyer, Arthur Brandt, Lmda Fhnchbaugh I -111 ' FIRST ROW Len. to n 5 I nuoua rule. I, 1 y mary Ellen rarrell Bette Alberta Sterner Davrd Kohr, Ruth Ann Lentz SECOND ROW Jay Donrnoyer Ronald Behney Jean Yordy John Lerch Audrey Putt Geraldme Dove, Joy Gmgrxch, Clark Bachore Barry Reedy FRESHME 14.1 W is xats l ' A sw-Hal' 1 i - H,- FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Sharon Pittenger, Linda Boeshore, Patricia Doll, Dorothy Folmer, Collin Shuey,Frank Long, Bonita Aurentz, Mary Anna Fortna, Karen Gerhart, Mary Hughes. SECOND ROW: Clarence Reigel, John Hess, Edward Gerhart, Marlin Spangler, Sandra Brady, Gloria Mohn, Larry Weller, Robert Wenrich, William Horn- berger, Robert Zimmerman, 1 LEW 'lt wqoigfx ek! 'iff 912 -CU FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Pearl Kreiser, Joan Dean, Patricia Engle, Shirley Adams, Roy Long, Rachel Kline, Margaret Reigel, Eva Strubhar, Patricia Kline, Linda Edris. SECOND ROW: William Koons, Dale Tobias, Ronald Shaver, Edward Gingrich, Thomas Jones, David Dudley, Martin Rising, Elmer Krall, Carol Wagner, Walter Myers. 4., '33 . Q0 .- H kno, ,X ill' ' K va , l. fr' P f' ., TU FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Larry Leedy, Anna Mae Shirk, Bruce Kern, Carol Royer, Bruce Weand, Sandra Kern, Eugene Mease, Dora Moyer, Dennis Rhen. SECOND ROW: Robert Schaffer, Sylvia Moyer, Benjamin Schriver, Barbara Trautman, Caroline Moyer, Anna Mease, Alice Wenger, Roy Kleinfelter, Constance Unger, David Kelly. T48 FRESH E R ia.: aa . 'L""."f2'itF' J -wif aww- T Ein, V . V - I' ah' .J W' 1 J ,D Z, ' ' Q . - ,,' ..,. ' fc: mf , f 1 'Y f 'lf' If K- K' Je si :Will A f 4 1' slid .f . 1, x 1 f ' T f .sh 1 rw. s V 1 tl no if 'W FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Harold Donmoyer, William Nothstien, Lorraine Lerch, Gloria Westhafer, Glenn Stoner, Nancy Smeltz, Vivian Kennedy, Emory Helsel, Joyce Kindt, SECOND ROW: Frances Knerr, Ronald Engle, Marilyn Yeaglcy, Shirley Batz, Phyllis Kreiser, Lorraine Nye, Linda Sholley, Eloise Seltzer, Bernadine McGolrich, Carl Kreiser, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Terry Weible, Sandra Shirk, Evelyn Wenger, Roger Kirst, Joyce Spitler, Sarah Shirk, Verling Hostetter, Grace Sweigert. SECOND ROW: Harry Beamesderfer, Gerald Shirk, Frank Sebastian, Lillian Morgan, Marilyn Snyder, Kathleen Buffamoyer, Larry Grimes, James Yiengst, Bruce Bashore. 863 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mary Reidel, Helen Shirk, Robert Heverling, Madelyn Noll, Raymond Brandt, Jef- frey Bensing, Caleb Bross, Doris Waltermeyer, Robert Lentz, SECOND ROW: Kenneth Yordy, Clarence Smith, Dorothy Muth, John Gingrich, Rita Bonberger, Robert Getz, Lena Martin, Richard Hoffman, Charles Kohr. V9 EIGHTH GRADE M tl H7-nil' uh, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: James Doviak, George Appelt, Kay Yeagley, Barbara Long, Jacqueline Kindig, Eugene Reinbold, Lynn Reber, Winifred Kapp, Sandra Cook, Anna Mae Kreider, Daniel Kreiser, SECOND ROW: Sheila Kneasel, Paul Flinchbaugh, Gloria Kleinfelter, Patricia Young, Mary Ann Weidman, Henry Walck, Pricilla Lash, Ketty Lou Miller, Patricia Laicha, Watson Klopp, Linda Fees, Jay Kern. is 1 if! .D fbh 0, QD FIRST ROW, Left to Right: John Rutter, Earl Kindt, Irene Sensenig, Lynwood Michael, Margaret Moyer, Richard Snyder, Phyllis Long, George Luch, Fern Hilbert, Amos Rutter, Shirley Moyer, Barry Kohr, SECOND ROW: Con- nie Edris, Harold Moyer, Patricia Gahres, Gerald Thierwechter, June Blouch, Kenneth Stickler, Ruth Kimmel, Grady Simmons, Carol Kleinfelter, Glenn Lehman, Marilyn Shuey, af .1541 4 A-in 4 rr ' 4, nu" l Jim ,! ' "' ' ilu, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mary Jane Rupp, Marie Miller, Stella Glassford, Eva Grumbine, David Scheaffer, Sandra Klohr, John Price, Charlotte Lepper, Francis Moyer, Jean Kreiser, Constance Ulrich. SECOND ROW: Mil dred Hollinger, George Roush, Rose Sattazahn, Marie Shott, Arthur, Krall, Helen Stashak, Wayne Nye, Grace Kohr, Kay Ann Mohn, Donald Werni, Eleanor Krouse, Audrey Yeagley. EIGHTH GRADE gl Qs. QR i 'fl FIRST ROW, left to right: Betty Getz, Dennis Wood, Joanne Brown, Warren Wolfe, Fayette Boltz, Ronald Yordy Sharon Brosius, Lee Stoner, Jane Doster, George Fees, Joanne Adams. SECOND ROW: Donald Siegrist, Lynette Kulp, Warren Hopkins, Sandra Ditzler, Paul Getz, Gale Hauer, Ralph Heck, Elaine Wenger, Robert Winklebleek, Sharon Brandt, John Krall, Ida Kreiser. gl? FIRST ROW, left to right: Elwood Spangler, Betty Bashore, Betty Bruxnbaeli, Esther Zimmerman, Gary Kissinger Sandra Spitler, Barbara Ltxtz, Arlene Sholly, Virginia Mowrer. SECOND ROW: Dennis Phillips, Donald Line- weaver, Charles Zearfoss, Sharon Krall, Robert Lineweaver, Jack English, Ronald Bornberger, Jerry Lineweaver, Clarence Martin. Glenn Kohr. FIRST ROW, left to right: Earl Kreiser, Jeanette Kreider, Charles Rissinger, Frank Bashore, Carolyn Dubbs, Nelson Reed, Rita Molin, Marion Van Dyke, Charles Knerr. SECOND ROW: Thomas Bixsler, lawrence Don- moyer, George Werni, Gail Yoder, Marianne Ritchie, John Irwin, Ralph Keirn, Ephriam Erb, Robert Shirk. ll Y SEVE TH GRADE 'L W N bs 'sf 3 son -M' """ v-f:r.,4"5H T- ,cg y -r'lf'lN....f X, if! 1 ,U 6 I 1 rl. A X fi 1 i FIRST ROW, Left in Right: Helen Schaeffer, Sandra Spitler, Larry Miller, Mary Ellen Knerr, Richard Runkel., Joyce Krause, David Light, Judy Boland, Edgar Lightner, Barbara Snider. SECOND ROW: Chester Roush, Henry Drupp, Lucille Zimmerman, Larry Smith, Kay Stickler,15llen Messe, Jo Ann Rhodes, Ronald Neidlinger, Elaine Hostetter, Joseph Brewer, John Marrow. ""' 'F is ff ' ,mas gy' i o . .4 . -'vs J ' N FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Sandra Ditzler, Barbara Edris, George Rhodes, Evelyn Engle, Daniel Wealand, Sylvia Corl, John Light, Barbara Degler, Pamala Corl, Gary Kneasel. SECOND ROW: David Kline, Neal LeGay, Lor- raine Boltz, Dennis Kerkeslager, Sandra Barr, Glenn Miller, Audrey Floyd, Richard Soliday, Gale Sholley, Chester I-Iornberger, Bruce Waltermeyer. 'C' fl L . W 5. ' 'a ll? E, K, . h.A3 , 1 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Betty Lou Krieser, Robert Daub, Luek Grumbine, Warren Feaser, Annie Rupp, James Brewer, Phyllis Kimmel, James Dove, Robert Aurentz, Romaine Smith. SECOND ROW: Marvin Ganele, Ruth- anna Rupp, Daniel I-Ioke, Marilyn Theinvechter, Dale Bloueh, Illwanda Fortna, Thomas Belmey, Lena Kreiser, Franklin Ditzlei. -12 SEVE TH GRADE all Q.. , FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Vera Redeay, Jacqueline Bachman, Richard Soliday, Rachael Soliday, Edward Kreit- Ler, Brenda Atkins, Harold Kreiser, Carol Sehafebook, Mary Werni, Larry Westhafer. SECOND ROW: Larry Wolfe, Paul Spitler, Barbara Sanders, Richard Moyer, Bonita Zerbe, Earl Yordy, Rochelle Wood, Robert Meyer Anita Spannuth, Robert Ruch. nil iii' Cb Db dll- r asf Q f""i" ' N 2, M3 X 3 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Harry Daub, Kay Ditzler, Dennis I-Iecla, Janice Krall, Marla Batz, Helen Marks, Richard Boyer, Robert Farmer. SECOND ROW: Harold Blair, Shirley Kline, John Dudley, Betty Krall, Robert Hess, Sherry Sanders, Eugene Ditzler, Martha Kline, Gene Davis. 'sa an vi" " -a..m,J.i'f M Juli , 'wir he - 31 at v . an - as up-A-Q' . ' ' f -on .fi 1 .:,,,, 1 f,.,g ri, 5 oc' f Z, X I-, ai. QQ' , N f Y, , FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Robert Strubhar, Elwood Smith, Irene Redeay, Joseph Maurer, Jennie Sticlzler, Landis Smith, Diane Darkes, John Maurer, Betty Smith, Sandra Vance. SECOND ROW: Patricia Marinlsov, James Houser, Barbara Dudley, Elmer Shelley, Judy Evert, Stanley Simmons, Jo Aim Jones, Robert Stoudt, Wilma Dilger, David Shelley, Bnree Ilopple. -lli SEVENTH GRADE f Mil L 4 'il 1- FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Knen, Lucy Spangler, Bertha Brandt, Leroy Shirk, William Troutman, Lloyd Martin, Patricia Brajkovich, Martha Hostetter, Raymond Shirk. SECOND ROW: Gene Keim, Gene VanDyke, Leslie Sattazan, Stuart Troutman, Maxine Krall, Jane Boyer, Barbara Stick, Russel Unger, Roy Sweigart, Glenn Rudy. -1 wig?- FIRST ROW, left to right: Earl Davis, Rowena Vanasdalan, Paulette Schulze, Dixie Kaylor, Elaine Wolfe, James Heverling, Bertha Unger, lloyd Brandt, Gail Grimes, Mark Bornberger. SECOND ROW: Edith Reidel, Chester Copenhaver, Mary Jane Leininger, Sven Bomberger, Lana Fuscini, Sandra Erb, Kenneth Reed, Lynn Werner, Carol Behney, Pauline Prys, Nancy Schott. fx 92+ E-fi:?'???: if H341 f,151i'4 ,2-,fi 9a --K11n" ,u-1 '4'C'."5 iz: F-E 6131, 43.1 .-Y ---.--ws-:.: i'n?'r'-51-3 y lil :1:, ",l min 0 A if Q Q ,H SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Peter Hamly VICE PRESIDEN I' Raymond D1ener SECRETARY Shrrley Trautman TREASURERS. ..... Sandra D1tz1er Peter Boyer UN IOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT John Harnly VICE PRESIDENT Kenneth Pelffer SECRETARY Mary Ann Felry fabsentj TREASURERS Lena Fake Paulme Muth ff - 1 ,ffl 0 ' .mf in 2 IOOI lllillllil' P '- ', 11 I , 0 . 3. oceno..noasaeono-no C, IOCIOIOOIOOIOO ' I J 000000 I I ,li 4 Q-1 :JK-1-' QQ-Www 4 f if v. 'M' .,1' Y 'F 4 I I-TX L " . 15? .? 5 LXR .ff f 4 ,K .fy H ' ,Y 1 . 'V f - J-E' '- ,.- W 9 X . av T - K V , N R Wfm L " N,N-' I lg. W nu. 1 ' K Q4-1'3" gpm Mwx' i .Ny Q , -. 5 1. . W ff . E ' 32? L A ' .1 k t ' Q-1--lim-f M-'q.,:'fa: A V W - " -I , - 'i M 4,,u .-..4:.anhlll 4 ,.-,. .. EJ.. A I I , 1 s Y 5... 'K S .1 4 15, .. - 'I 'Q '- - ,3,,i,'1 xi ' i lelfl .-V ,I aw f a pA Ava. k 5 'hid' " I Q Q 'Q in If N 5 X ' 3 mf' 5 5 , ' 2 i 'L v 1 " I 2 ' "' QS ', I A I 1 5' K ., '42 ..' - .1-r --1 ""'!, b L .- Q , :, ,,vg1gif,g:.fYf".,-tl ,Ju ,vw aa iv ,wr f ,f 1 Ji . Q wb ,"' ,M X .51 1' M, ' f"Kys'i ,SW 35, . "7 1- .fr "' V , 563-.'. r ' xi' x fl 'Q- f T. Q X12 ' QFMJ '4ff2fve- 4 22.191 x ,, .1 Q, NW ywwff i ,fn l K7' l GMFCOMQNQ Gdtgh ACTIVITIE QL X fl Q. 1 I 1 I x, ox x x.,...---" ' 'bw My x.,-f" f A wr- 'X X f fb fx V5 1 Q-2 X' A C'a'5 XXL, - J N ..'w rx w- 'Jiri Q fy fx un.- I Y Y H . ' i - .. - '-L. -gt - N ' 1 ,fm ORTHER LEB N N HIGH SCHOOL B The band has agarn completed another busy year Our numerous engagements thrs summer took us from Potts vrlle Pennsylvanra to Martrnsburg West Vrrgrnra Up unt1l Sprxng Concert trme, the members of the band had been busrly preparrng marches overtures novelrtres and many other musrcal numbers for the varrous parades and concerts A number of our members entered the compertron for drstrrct band thrs year and three were chosen to repre sent us rn the Southern Drstrrct Band They were Mary Yeagley R1ta Bomberger and Warren Moyer We sponsored a Crystal Ball rn March at whlch two of our musrcal organrzatrons the Dance Band and the Sch nrckelfrrtz Band entertarned Thlrty f1VC of our members partrcrpated rn the County IVILISIC Festrval whrch was held March 13 14 and 15 Later we presented the Sprrng Concert whrch appears to have been one of the best BAND MEMBERS OBOE June B louch Kay Yeagley Rhoda Rrtchre FLUTE Kay Mohn Patrrcra Grngrlch Jay Kern Eb CLARINET Roseanne Johnson ALTO CLA RINET Brenda Kapp BASS CLARINET Mary Yeagley Bb CLARINET R1ta Bomoerger Anthony Rlsrng Bette Gahres Wlnlfred Kapp Glorra Perffer Lmda Boeshore Bb CLARINET Barbara Troutman Alrce Wenger Prrscllla Dearwechter Glorla Emrlch Alberta Sterner Ruth Lentz Jeannette Krerder Tlmothy Nrckerson SAXOPHONES Jeffry Benslng Lena Fake Warren Hopkrns Mary Ann Felty Bruce Bashore Kenneth Petffer HORNS James Lmeweaver Bruce Kern Robert Lentz TROMBONES Conrad Brandt Ray Krerder Larry Grrmes Shrrley Troutman W1111am Hornberger Roger Krrst Ellwood Spangler BARITONES Kenneth Sm 1th Frederrck Spangler Harold Moyer Patrrcra Moyer Ruth Krmmel BA SSES warren Moyer Roy Krerder Gerald Mtckey Elmer Krall Ephrarm Erb 49 Dorothy Muth CORNETS W1111am Koons Herbert Spannuth Eugene Gerhart Kenneth Moyer Robert Wernch Jack Lentz Verlrng Hostetter Mart1n Rrsrng Edward Glngrrch Ronald Rlttle Raymond Dlener Gary Krssmger Davrd Kelly Dennls Wood Charles Zearfoss Robert Lrneweaver PERCU SSION W1111am Bensrng Paul Lerch Dorrs Hostetter Leonard Gerhart Ruth Solrday Barry Reedy John Lerch Deanna Wrlson Rrchard Poffman Jonn Grngrrch '1 . ' . . , . . , . . . . . . , , . . , . , , .- . . . I , . , A ' - A , . . . - . . , . . . , I I ' D . , W6 IIBVS CVC! PICSGIIICCI. I 1 v . I K . ' . A BAND FRO T -2 ,.,,,' FIRST ROW Jamce Werner, Wrlma Hart, Maulyn Snyder, Shuley Ream, Helen Hughes, Vlolet Schnver SEC OND ROW Joy Gmgrxch, Colleen Sholly, Jean Ann Bashore, Llnda Flmchbaugh, Jamce Donmoyer UN IOR B f"A FIRST ROW Left to Rrght Arlene Sholley, Joyce Sp1tler, Betty Brumbach, Mary Jane Lemmger, Lucy Spangler Barbara Lutz SECOND ROW Edward Gahres, Robert Auramz, James May, Sheldon Knapp, Carol Hellman, James Dove, Barry Swope, Ehzabeth Prerce, Davrd Helms, Leroy Sherk THIRD ROW Lrllran Fager, Barbara Manbeck, Rochelle Wood, RJchard Wemch, Sandra Erb, Sven Bomberger, John Zlmmerman, W1l.l1am Trautman, Clarence Shelley FOURTH ROW Judrth Poorman, Nancy Schott, Jane Doster, Mananne Thtchxe, Rrchard Moyer, Susan Long, Donna Hernley, JHJIICC Shoemaxer FIFTH ROW Denms Doster, Jerry Llneweaver, Gene VanDyke, Marlene Houser, Lawrence Donmoyer, Donald Lmeweaver, Dale Blouch, An1ta Spannu h, Jane Boyer 'JO ' .' , . K .i ki . A 'rw 'fps ,f"b l I A ' 5 . y ir - 14 ' H AI . . Rita K A , A ' V Q ' ' PM F . . . 1 , xv , M 6 VM' . V . . K I ir K 1 Af Q f h xl X -i if 2 do , I 1 -.. , A ' X A ' . : i . . . i I , SN ICKELFRITZ BAND FIRST ROW, Left to R1ght Bette Gahres, Anthony R1s1ng, Rrta Bomberger SECOND ROW Kenneth Moyer, Da b rt Kenneth Smlth, Gerald M1c1 ey, Conrad Brandt, Mr Harlan u e DANCE BAND FIRST ROW, Left to Rrght Bruce Bashore, Mary Ann Felty, Lena Fake, Jeffrey Bensmg, W1lharn Bensmg SEC OND ROW Elwood Spangler, Larry Grunes, Conrad Brandt, Robert W61I1C1l, Kenneth Moyer, Wrllram Koons 51 CONCERT FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hoover Mary Yeagley Arlene Bornberger Sandra Ditzler Agnes Brown Pauline Muth Carolyn Deck SECOND ROW: Ruth Ann Soliday Patricia Boger Carolyn Blouch Rebecca Buffamoy Frances Boyer Arlene Shuey 'Cl' 53 THIRD ROW: Melvin Kreiser Peter Boyer Earnest Lehmen James Lehmen David Kelly William Koons FOURTH ROW: Peter Harnley Richard Long William Marinkov Leonard Gerhart CHOIR FIRST ROW: Sandra Kelly Kay Bender Alice Heisey Patsy Gingrich Kay Zimmerman Karen Gerhart Mary Amr F elty SECOND ROW: Rita Boeshore Doris Hostetter Sandra Krouse Roseanne Johnson Jean Amr Bashore Gloria Emrich 53 THIRD ROW: Carl Kaylor Clark Bashore Paul Lerch Gerald Michey Ronald Bugg John Lerch FOURTH ROW: James Lineweaver Kenneth Peiffer Jay Donmoyer Earl Brandt Lee Zartrnan BOYS CHORUS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: John Lerch, Glenn Hoffa, Walter Meyers, Ronald Leedy, Miles Shirk, Melvin Kreiser, Ray Bashore, Robert Bretz, Marlin Spangler. SECOND ROW: Carl Kaylor, William Koons, Martin Rising, Ernest Lehman, Peter Boyer, James Lehman, David Kelly, Lee Zartman, Clark Bashore, Paul Lerch. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hoover, Leonard Gcrhart, William Marinkov, Peter Harnly, Earl Brandt, David Dudley, Ronald Bugg, Jay Don- moyer, Richard Long, James Lineweaver, Kenneth Peiffer. TREBLE CHOIR FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Hoover, Audrey Putt, Arlene Shuey, Kay Sterner, Alice Heisey, Carolyn Deck, Patricia Gingrich, Kay Zimmerman, Arlene Bomberger, Mary Ann Felty, Mary Yeagley, Lorane Lerch. SECOND ROW: A s Brown Alberta Sterner Joan Dean Pauline Muth, Anna Mary Fortna, Carol Bogner, Sandra Ditzler, gne Phyllis Vance, Betty: Gahres, Karen Clerhart, Linda Boeshore, Ethel Leeper. THIRD ROW: Jean Bashore, Margaret Schulze Rhoda Ritchie, Gloria Mohn, Sandra Kelly, Kay Bender, Deanna Wilson, Lena Fake, Helen Hughes, Sandra Fittery., FOURTH ROW: Shirley Troutman, Ruth Ann Soliday, Patricia Boger, Doris Hopple, Bernadine Mc- Golrick Carol Wa ner Sandra Krause, Frances Boyer, Rebecca Buifamoyer, Carolyn Blouch, Rita Boeshore, Rose- 8 anne Jdhnson, Doris Hdstetter, Marilyn Boland. 54 STUDENT COUNCIL-FREDERICKSBURG President, Barbara Shirkg Vice President, Carol Shirk, Secretary-Treasurer. Peter Boyerg Advisor, Mrs. Black. Goodwill toward all and malice toward none. STUDENT COUNCIL-JONESTO N 5 -4'4'1J3+:fiU5ANsAf my bg 'C' if 'wish 1 President, Esther Seigrist, Vice President, John Harnlyg Secretary-Treasurer, Sandra Kelly, Advisor, Mr. Sch- wang. To promote better relationship among faculty, students, and administration through co-operation no ATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 'if' d t Robert Jones, Secretary, Herbert Spannuth, Treasurer, Damel Pres1dent, Mananna Merl ey V1ce PIES1 en , d M1Ss Snavely Grumb me A vlsor, PRESS CLUB Ed tor Carl Srmth Bus1ness Manager, Carolyn Blouch Adv1sors, Mrs Black Ed1tOI,R1t3BOCShOI6 ASS1SlZ2lIlt 1 , Mr Maurer Mlss Keefer MX .Bk New 'V' T I s I n s throughout the schools To mform the student body of all the 1appe mg 56 E we Whilst SENIOR TRI HI Y JONESTOWN I President, Barbara Vance Vice President, Jeanette Walmer, Secretary, Rose Brucker, Treasurer, Ethel Krelser, Chaplain, Vrola Krall Advsiro, Mrs Boltz To promote crmsmn standards and Clean lrvmg rruoughour our community SENIOR TRI HI Y FREDERICKSBURG President, Rebecca Buffarnoyerg Vice President, Margaret Sebastian, Secretary, Barbara Shirk, Treasurer, Elaine Waltermyerg Chaplain, Marianna Merkey, Historian, Mary Schnuppg Reporter, Jean Lentzg Song Leader, Arlene Bombergerg Pianist, Corinne Hostetter, Advisor, Mrs. Brown. Pure words, pure thoughts, pure actions, and most important Christian fellowship. 57 UNIOR T RI-HI-Y-FREDERICKSBURG Pres1dent, Sandra Shrrk V1ce Presrdent, Joyce Spxtler Secretary, Betty Brumback Treasurer, Madelyn Noll, Reporter, Arlene Shelley, Chaplam, Barbara Lutz Song Leader, Garl Gnmes Program Charrman, Kathleen Buf famoyer Advrsor, Mrs Black UNIOR TRI HI Y JONESTO esrdent Amta Spannuth, V1ce Pres1dent, Evelyn Engle Secretary, W1lma D111ger Treasurer, Barbara Edrls aplam Ehzabeth Srruth Advrsor, Mrs Rrchard An oxgamzatron wrth a character educat1on program. 58 SENIOR I-II-Y-JONESTO 36 A 'i Pres1dent, Kenneth Mayberry Vice President, Torn Kerkeslager Secretary, Kenneth Waltermyer Treasurer, Kenneth Poorman, Advisor, Mr Wagner Tl' To promote wholesome recreation and entertainment for high school boys UNIUR Hl Y J ONE STO 09 V4 I President, Robert Schaeffer, Vice President, Eugene Mease- Secretary, Thomas Behney- Trewurer, Robert Me er, Advisor, Mr. Bashore. To prepare boys to face their problems in the future with courage and resourcefulness. 59 'W F REDERICKSBURG Presrdent, Dorrs Hostetter, Vxce Presrdent, Rebecca Buffamoy er Secretary, Jean Ann Bashore Treasurer, Rose anne Johnson, Reporter, Marranna Merkcy lhstouan, Mary Ogurcal Pallramcntarran, Arlene Bomberger Song F H A JUNESTOWN Presrdent, Martha Shelly Vrce Presrdent, Shrrley Trautman Secretary, Lorrette Moy er Treasurer, Agnes Brow Ad M Hnsk n, vrsor, rss 1 a Toward new horrzon. no Fo :Ho ot' , 3 . 5 7. -. is Y . . S Leader, Janice Wemerg Chaplain, Colleen Sholley. o 0 o l . S . . . 5 I 5 -JONESTO Q4 Presldent, Donald Blouch, Vice President, R1cha.rd Nye, Secretary, Glen Xvampler Treasurer, Earnest Shuey, Chaplain, Lynford Donmoyer, Sentrnal, Lester Cassel Reporter, James Light, Advisor, Mr Smith F REDERICKSBURG President, Earl Brandtg Vice President, Ronald Buggg Secretary, Robert Schaeffer, Treasurer, Paul Lerchg Parlia mentarian, Arthur Brandt, Reporter, Ray Boeshoreg Chaplain, Ronald Behney, Sentinal, Kenneth Moyer, Song Leader, Peter Boyerg Advisor, Mr. Bickel. Striving to better rural life. 61 CRAFT CLUB-JONESTOWN N,- President, Jacqueline Kmdig Vice President, L1nda Cook, Secretary, Marilyn Theuwecther, Treasurer, Patricia Marmkov, Advrsor, Mrs Ditzler CRAFT CLUB FREDERICKSBURG President, Sharen Krall, Vice President, Lucy Spangler, Secretary, Nancy Wenger, 'l'rea.surer, Doris Waltermyer, Reporter, Barbara Stick, Advisor, Mrs. Harris. Using our hands to learn new skills. 62 SCIENCE CLUB Pres1den1:, Henry Fortna, V1ce Prenclent, Ellwood Kerl eslager, Secretary, Janet Dxtzler, Treasuxer, Cathenne McGoLr1ck, Advlsor, Mr Boyer GIRLS SPORTS CLUB Pres1dent, Shuley Ream V1ce PI'8S1d6!1I, Jan1ce Werner, Secretary, Carolyn Deck Treasurer, Carol Sh1rk Representatwe, Mary Ellen Farrel, Adv1sor, Mr Dav1s Promote champrons m spmnt and 1n deed 63 , V- Q . . Q . ' . . . READING CLUB- JONESTO M39 ,,9 .ini as ,-.5 1. tw L ' " Y if ..- I -f' R 'll' .fiiw Pres1dent, Den.n1s Kerkeslager, V1ce Presrdent, Mark Daub Secretary, S5 lvra Kohr Advrsor, Mlss Snavely To arouse an mterest rn the wonders of readmg LIBRARY CLUB Presldenr, Mananna Merkey, V1ce Presrdent, Dons I-Iostctter, Secretary, Carol Slurlx, Treasurer, Lmda Flmch baugh, Representatwe, Jamce Werner, Advrsor, Mrs Brown Readmg 1S the process by wluch we acqurre knowledge enter-tamment, and satrsfactron 64 . . ' . . l I - . - - i ! ' . . . . . . .l Y . Y- . . - . , . CHESS AND CHECKER CLUB X' A gi! Iirendent, Henry Walck, V1ce Pres1dent, Kenneth Strclder, Secretary 84 Treasurer, Francrs Knerr, Advrsor, Mr ammes To stlmulate the power of concentratron and provrde wholesome entertamment President, Carl Kaylor, Secretary 6: Treasurer, Lee Zartman, Advisor, Mr. Jandrositz. Learn to win, lose or draw . . . and like it. 65 TRAVEL CLUB pn 4. Presldenr MaryWe1dman V1cePres1dent Patncra Young, Sec Treas Sharon Bra.ndt,Adv1sor Mr Bnmmer To create an mterest 1n other countrles by travelmg m them through books and p1ctures PI6S1d6Ht John Wolfe V1ce Presxdent Rxchard Yemgst, Secretary Gale Doster, Treasurer, Mark Myers, AdV1S01' Mrs Buck Leammg to Crea te rn another dimenslon 66 CLUB OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Student Council Student Colmcil Future Hornemakers of Amenca Press Club Future Homemakers of Amenca Future Farmers of Amenca Sr Tn H1 Y Future Farmers of Amerrca Jr Tr1 H1 Y Jr H1 Y Craft Club 67 CLUB UFFICERS AND ADVISORS Reading Club 2C .. Sr. Tn,..H1 Shop Club 4E - Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 5F - Travel Cl DEAR R TH P" SITTING Herbert Spannuth, Jear Lentz, Doris Hostetter, Nancy Erb STANDING Jean Ann Bashore Anthony Rising, Robert Jones, James Lmeaweaver, Rita Boeshore, Carl Kaylor P O OLD SMOKEY 4-rgiiljf' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Earl Brandt, Gerald Mickey, Paul Lerch, Dale Helms, Lee Wenger, Carl Lutz, Neal Grimes, Leonard Gerhart, Nickolas Bogner, John Kneasel, Gerald Eclris, William Marinkov. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Felty, Arlene Bomberger, Joanne Salem, Frances Swope, Mary Emrich, Patricia Demler, Carolyn Blouch, Joanne Wagner. THIRD ROW: Geraldine Edris, Anna Lerch, Elizabeth Erb, Marilyn Shirk, Carrie Gerhart, Frances Boyer, Kay Zimmerman, Linda Wolfe, Barbara Smith, Sa.ndra English, Arnetta Laub, Doris Hostetter, Jean Ann Bashore, Elaine Barone, James Lehman, Ernest Lehman, Melvin Kreiser. 69 SWING FEVER waraaiaziiari H l SITTING Left to Rlght James Lineweaver Dons Hostetter Carolyn Blouch R1ta Boeshore Nancy Hoke Re becca Buffamoyer Herbert Spannuth Margaret Sebastam STANDING Earl Brandt V1rg1n.1a Gerhart Kay Bender Shrrley Ann Ream JeanAnnBa.shore Robert Jones Leonard Gerhart Anthony Rming Mr Schwang 70 fi 107 Q oxfq. .5 J n VE ?,yQ?1 Q5 ATHLETICS Z x g f w xi 3 .. pg rf WY? 4 ,W A 1. ,I f' ' as f 1 fg"" Q if 4. 1 my . V 9 SOCCER TEAM fb if J' FIRST ROW, Left to Rlght R Lash, H Spannuth, J Reber, R Hrlbert, T Kerkeslager, R Bomberger, R Kre1der,H Fortna, R Jones, E. Kerkeslager, W Bensmg SECOND ROW R Long, H Krelser, D Gmmbme, V Krmer, E Mohn, J Bensmg, N R1S1Hg,W Myers, F Kohr, E. Lehman, G Krerser, B Bashore THIRD ROW A. Rrsmg, J Ja.ndros1tz, ASS1St3.l'1t Coach, K Moyer, M. Spangler, J Lentz, K Yrengst, R Krerser, K Poorman, T Jones, K Waltermyer, R Long, M. Schwartz, M. I-Iammes, Coach The 1956 edmon of the Northern Lebanon Hrgh School soccer team began the season in quest of therr fourth straight champlonshlp only to have thelr hopes shattered by an accurate passmg Elco Baron Club Coach Myron Hammes booters d1Sf1Ilgl11ShCd themselves 111 vlctory and defeat by then f1ne play and sports manshrp The team 15 to be congratulated for a f1ne season even though they dtd not cop the champronshrp The team completed the season w1th only two defeats at the hands of Elco to mar therr record The rec ord IS as follows Elco Bethel South Lebanon Myerstow n A nnv 11le NLHS OPP NLHS OPP Manchester Elco South Lebanon Myerstown A nnv 111e 72 ,Sw mg-WMWM if -V., 'PV J' Q if-HJ -. wif WL' A RMQ5 W4 N A lzggiw Hr M L 535553 Wy, T 53535-'afii g qiw. T TQ kpx Q5 wwf lem M 'QW v wwe z S Q ,- mmwff . Q... , f vga. nw , H, M4 .731 rg, f'7'I ..f ' V 3? , , 44136 , M , V ,:,., . , - ' " wma ,.,AWA JK K ,, J "2 If f K i L, M -5, , A gi W Q' A " 1 fm-fy ff , M , .. H, Ak,Vk kc ,,, , H Mm.. A QAK. ,mi .fu ----f .,,., wg, A " -A "f ,, .1 Q, an . 1 5, mx Q 5 f 1 S' n A' N, ww .A ,rg , L ,, f .1 . ,. . . m t ty. gg, ,, ,- fe Q 454' ,,. H nag! "' 'tk 81 Q mi Q15 " 1.37" ,.,.,,A L ,SN FIELD HOCKEY TEAM AM FIRST ROW, Left to nght Kay Bender Carolyn Blouch Nancy Hoke, Lmda Edns, V1rg1n1a Gerhart Co Cap tam Loms Kneasel Cathenne MCGO1I1Ch Co Captam, Mary Yeagley SECOND ROW Len Fake Mr Sch wang Coach, Patr1c1a Engel Sandra Brady Nancy Edns Patncxa Boger, Bemadme MCG01I1Ch Glona Emnch Constance Unger Sandra Kern THIRD ROW Ruth Ann Sohday Karen Gerhart Anna Mary Fortna Boruta Aurentz Mary Hughes Deanna W11son 74 GIRLS' BASKETBALL FIRST ROW Left to Pqght Shrrley Yordy Jean Ann Bashore Shrrley Ream, V1rg1ma. Gerhart Captaln, Cl:-ure Hoffman Conme Rlxmger SECOND ROW, Carolyn Snyder Mr Saphore Coach Verda Wenger Joyce Mo yer Manlyn Snyder G2.11DOSt6I Mary Ellen Farrell Kathleen Koh: Paulme Murh THIRD ROW Glona Emerlch Roseanne Johnson Lmda Fhnchbaugh, Mary Ogurcak, Colleen Sholly, Ruth Ann Lent: Gladys Mowr 5 ' H? mwmmwm li WMM 7 I. 3 . , , . . . . , . . . I . ' ' ' '. 5 ' . - I . 7 ' ! ' D I ' : 9 1 v ' CI. L f If- 'Le ,fm "N j M,,,zliQJ E372 if yy" hy d ,M VA 1 N X 3, M, ,X W or as J we wi A " 9" Unk V VARSITY BASKETBALL KNEELING Lee Zartman, Mr Hammes, coach STANDING Herbert Spannuth Roberf Jones, Anthony Rlslng, James Lmeweaver, Jerry Reber l 'S. 5. 1 z U . z , .. J Vg 1: A 'U A iff ' A fa A -L X A ,ig . I, L - - 6 A, 1 if -- I X Q. ' e 4 A X- Yi A UN IOR VARSITY , ,.f,,-.--q 12- 'cc Q. 1 A . paw-ix - f FIRST ROW left to nght Roy Kre1der Ellwood Kerkeslager Will1am Bensmg Raymond D1ener Ray Krez der SECOND ROW Thomas Jones Mr Boyer Coach, Wxlham Houser Jack Lena UNIOR HIGH FIRST ROW left to nght Charles R1SS1Dg8I' Donald Lmeweaver Jerry Lineweaver Robert Lmeweaver George Roush SECOND ROW Martxn R1s1ng Glen Koh: Mr Schwang Coach, Ronald Shaver Fra.nc1s Knerr W1111am Koons x i 16 11 ' 30' 19 C xi' W-L in R Q iii ' A .W Q O", .K v . ' , 'V ,. i l , 2 . I I CHEERLEADERS 'za A Wg wtf' h 7 L ,W 1:1 nb FROM LEFT to RIGHT Barbara Bender Jean Ann Bashore Colleen Sholly R1ta Boeshore Sandra Fntery, Mary Yeagley Center Nancy Hoke Captaxn We Y '8 in LA, -L1 , 1-if J' 1. i 'P 1-vf'c: i"f fE9'f5"g 3 1" .kiwi ij, QM , 3.1 R? ,',, tw' N. Ik .R 3 . Wx H1 MW ,, if ,Q - I 3+ v v in 'Q 3 iffilfffy U + Q -:dwg BASEB LL SQUAD 9 Hi' FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Richard Evert, William Houser, Raymond Diener, Paul Bowman. SECOND ROW Elwood Kerkeslager, Herbert Spannuth, Edwin Noth- stein, Richard Lash, Frederick Zimmerman, Roy Kreid er, Richard Bomberger, Robert Jones, Ray Kreider, Neal Grimes. THIRD ROW: Nlr. Hammes, Assistant Coach Henry Fortna, John Kneasel, James Lineweaver, Wil- liam Bensing, Kenneth Moyer, Jerry Reber, Anthony Rising, Student Managerg Mr. Jandrositz, Coach. 2 4 4 N.L.H.S . OPP 4 Annv ille 1 Palmyra 0 Elco 5 South Lebanon 2 Cornwall 2 Myerstown 5 Annville 3 Palmyra 7 Elco mx gf' SOFT B LL CHAMPS FIRST ROW Left to R1ght Joan Mrller Beverly Marks Catherme McGolr1ck Vlfglnla Gerhart Elarne Barone Helen Hughes Kay Bender Mary Yeagley Nancy Hoke Carol De Groat SECOND ROW Mrss W1t craft Coach, Judrth Lrneaweaver Carrxe Gerhart Jeanette Nevxn, Nancy Wolfgang Kathryn Leob Carolyn Deck Andrey Putt Mary Ellen Farrell Ilene Luch Student Manager THIRD ROW Sandra Drtzler Mary Ebersole Barbara Bender Sandra Krause Rohoda Rrtchre Catherme Walmer TRACK FIRST ROW Lett to Rrght Jerry Reber Robert Jones Edwm Nothstern James Kerkeslager Ray Albert Glenn Wrkel Ray Kre1der Rrchard Lash Roy K.re1der Anthony Rrsrng SECOND ROW Mr Hammes Coach, Robert Bretz Carl Kaylor Henry Fortna Gerald Mlckey Ellwood Kerkeslager vvrlham Bensmg Ronald Houser Damel Grumblne 81 . . . . . . . . , . "" ' 1 1 1 7 . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' -- . . . e . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . CHnkSS4OP" iff: A -ef 1 .V 2,1 Adward Winners '36 'Q ff 19 mv- an ,saf- 'S 'Xe 1 --Q. L ' " FIRST ROW, left to right: Shirley Gerhart, Patricia Hartman, Sandra English, Nancy Wolfgang, Joyce Wen- ger, Elaine Barone, Patricia Demler, Ruth Light. SECOND ROW: Lee Wenger, Earl Hopple, Edwin Noth- stein, Glenn Ebersole, Lloyd Ream, Neal Yiengst, Frederick Zimmerman, Mark Deaven, Richard Lash, John Moyer. 82 A frroud 11 fraud or M1 Daubert A11ene, and Dorrs Xl1ll1o Barstow Mr D r r P K X Mrs Waltor Bcrnlrursol Mrs W Edx1ardl3lack da M Blouch X rs lvlrs Lurov 3louc11 Jacobl Booslloro 1 X rs R.1yBo1slo1o X IS lxuslllltslll bolt! r X rs Proms Boltz X rs Russoll P Hmrgsr r X Ls lirrv 13115 1oly1 1 l 1rlotr1. s Ldllfl Bob Flrofux XXI ml L1 Co1 or 1 J1111os D lXlN 1 r Art'111r Dt lsr X X rs lovcl E Juzlor Xlr A Mrs 1 11rsr D1t4l1,r Dorlsou s Bsauty show Mr L Xlrs X 1llJ11r Duudoro Xlr Mrs Harold Edx wrds PATRON S NH rx Mrs Wrllram ElSClll our Blame and Ernest Mr 8 Mrs Leroy F1ke JOllll lettor MI 6 Mrs El11sW Gllmss Galrrw G irafw l' I' l' I' I I A IL Cr Henry E Gorhart Clmrlss I om fr1c, X rs JOlll1GL'OlI rs W 1rrL11 lloss lwrs ll1.111ylI1ll X rs Brrnxrd ll1 ffl rr llo vs X s 5, no X1s l11111s1 llo x on md Earl stal harm .ll Ili, xufll so Il solf sorvms sroro K1.vs1o111. C llldy Co R1.lJ1 klurn, X r A 1vIIS K 1111 Klure Bur Krall I F I I IX rs Lloyd Krolssr Mrs ll lymoud Kful X lb Iol111k11taX Mrs brown Kuray 1 X 'J ' ,Q ' ' s I , , , 1. r. CE '. . ' 1 rg 1 or M 5.1 ' . M . ' . " M.Gt1l. I I' ' M.8sZ1lrs. 1 r'."5'l Mr. 8: ' . 1' A M. Sz 111 '. lXl'.1Q1l'. ' -- M.1Xip M '. 1 ' Mr.6?,1l'." "l' 1 M.5L: 1 . ' ' ' M.6f'1l . N'1.8Zl1. Va' va Mr. Sn 11-. 1 ' ,011 11 ' M l f lm M .S-lr, 1,111 IL I ' 'cr Mr. Cx .lrg. I. '. ll lr Mr. QI, Mrs. llurl l311l'fo111yc1' Mr. Ji, Mrs. llcrborl lluovor ljrllulu ,md lf1'r111l1 Mr, JF, 1l'3 l " rL', C11' 1 1111111118 ny 'rr 4' C111 1" BU' ,'Slg1'1p ' ' ,r LS I""f1" MF.1X:Ml'S.4"1l1' ', llll 's " N' X r Mr. Qi Xlrs. 1 " L '15 ' 1 . M1361 Xl s. 1. ll ' - 1 ' ' ' 1lr.3.:1lr.Z. I up X 1l.kX .Je ' 1 . Q W. 'WL " " ' " "'r X' 'N 1 M.84 'ly ' "' , 5-1 - M .SL X. 1 -'scr 1' .big 1, '. M.S:.'1". ' " M. Sr . ' 'H 1 811 PATRONS r as Mrs Lloxd Lcbo Rov AMN HL Lthman Xnna Mao Lontz Mr Mrs W L Ludwlb Mr Qlarsnoc Manbcck Mrs Llargncu Mwnbeok K Mrs Jol111M1r1nkow Mrs Mllos Mayor Mrs Harry E Mlllcr br Mrs Harvsyl Mrllcr Mrs Wrlham Mlllsr Mohn s Hardware 'wir A Mrs Royj Moore Nir cl Mrs R.1c11ardF Moyer Nir 8 Mrs R1c11rdR Moyur Myrtle and George L1111e IX-Cld1Z Pat and 11111 Mr 8 Mrs El1woodPL11man IG Plullrppy Elrzabotl P1erce SM Mrs Emlsr E Plastercr A Mrs Gcorgr Rhen QL Mrs John Rhen r 8 Mrs AJ R1SlI1g Ruth and B111 XVIHISHI Snhaoffer 1191: S X11 ci Jol 11 9 slnmy V A 81111111 F I' 1' I' I' I' 1' I N 'X 1's 'vlrs r A rs IMIQ 'N I: SL Mrs Mary Ji Mr S Mr Mrs llllda kt? 4.1 tgal Mr Morwn srhwartz br gbastran dvd Bains Mr Hubert W Nhuoy s Groc uy 111o11as s11 t 1 Xrthnr sohd 1x H 1 01111 ard H 11 N Dannut W G bpannutn Gegrse I- S Jott Guy mtover Stan str xus SMLAI E C VILFCCRI Gtorne W Waltermy W1t1 urs O H W lI1ll.I Clarsncg Wo'f1. Mr fi Mr Mr 6' Mrs nrdruw H arosky r H aros Chfford Wood Norman I Ylllb t Mr it Mr Harb rt Yost Young, s Restaurant Mr 8 Mr Cllroncu L1.Cl11nan M." I' X 21 NV' , ' A x1I'. 'L S. 'E H . C 1 Mr. ti ' .. 1 A 1 Mr. ik 1115. 1' i ylc' Mr.c- '. 111 M.CL1It.1 .C MLR '. . ' X. Ix1.5?,1'-. .ZS '1' Mr, ai -, - , W M , Sf, M s. . 311 Mr. gl . ' ' ' 5 M .42 1 . '. . ' ' 1 1 ' ' Mr.8n '.. wg '. 1 ' 5 1'. ' .. . IV1.SLr1A. 'x 'E 1 . ' -. ' ' . Nl. - A E 5 1 . Q . ' 1. , ' H Mrs. fi ' 'A' 1' K1 . 1 5. . . "H ' ' Y ' ' M . ' s. 3 5 . ' ' 1 . A fl. , P . 1 . ' 1 M1331 '-. . . " 'is ' ' 1- . ' S. a 5 A 1 5 Mr. ' . " SJ . 'f :ky Mr. ' . . ' 'S M. 3 ' . . . 'I ' . ' S. ' C 81

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