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J v sv L 5. ? ,If gghlfww ,Z CDLDVWJ-exfx' X Q If C' Nix N M R MWJCMWE I . 1nfx'eL. 'c-Lian? - , gk . ,, .fe V A, AA if T t . F ,NJ .1 V . dp! KI x 1 , V M row il f, A ff A Og J ' Qi l,fJ R fi, 7 N i f gn I V - T .ix E if 'A E 1? I '- f g X 1 ' f x ,LR '53 XA 'J , - ,J ,. f lf 1 ' ' jf ' V' Iv N - A JM! W yy: h V I I 'X I Q V .W X5 U., J U ' M ' rf f ' 'L' ke f T9 I. 1' W ,N,-' 5 ' fluv ' X 3 X'---:....f Q f V fb , fig, 'FI E I f IQ jf l U 4' 4 I 'ff lf . , W ly K V 'Ji A Y z, S N w f-4 X 'X Q5 1-fi: X A X Ig ' 'Q E K' . A1 wg YN I ll 1 - f wifi 'K P' V 7 'X 5 . l',w " ' . ar , Q 'bf' X V E' FL. J A ' f 5 H iv l M Q ff l, N sg '4 1 Q , ' - Lf?" V15 4iTggr"Si wL.Qif"3'-1 1'Ci2.,1'K" An-i"xiZ!B"'i 'X v qguk' Q.. 3' QQQEQ Fig? iff' :X Bo? Qy swi 'E 2 P1 F? yi 1 ,Y M ft' if V 9 XJ r'C3XxNg, wil ls, 'L NORTH ERN HIGH SCHOOL PROUD LY PRESENTS Nmv THI1 VIKING Sum Annu 11 of JANUARY teen Hundx ed FLfty One ffy , ix fx X SY 7 'Sy 4 . Ns S5 fx xx K 'ffl w XX All , 'A f -Rl JA X fl f' X 1 1 - KXXSJ x '71 X1 K ff "J 1 .k Y wx 7, 1 92 df 9 X A f K z- 2 T J -f', A ., y X J Z x' ,ZZFL A X 3 S T , X: X' My ,f' A X ' f af xi! ff Cx f f N 'V ix ix 4 , QQ, U' N A ' - 2 ' f 4 ' - WEDNESDAY SEPT. 1950 0I'eul0I' To be alert is increasingly important in these fast ch ' ' anging days. Northern High School students are kept alert through the teachin of ll f g a orms of rapid and effective communication. Reading writin ' ' ' g, speaking, and listening techniques are stressed in all classes, as well as in the bl' pu ic speaking class. This semester a section in radio and television h b as een added to the curriculum, and a new electric typewriter has been purchased. In this semi-annual of Januar 1951 y, , the Viking staff tries to display pictorially a record of this Se , . . . mester s school activities, featuring communi- cation. :Dedication D dy -' 14 " '- Q ----,V 1 Q1--. .---1,-L.- -,.- 5 . 17, .Q-.. 1 ' f 2793.7 Q' "- '. mit-1 '2, L -- ' 'X "3-" 'H1t. ' ,,, R ?WN lf To Mr Rub1n WCISS, an env1ab1e personahty as teacher and fr1end, known on te19V1S1Of1 and radxo as well as 1n school product1ons, we e january class of 1951, proudly dedlcate th1s Com mun1cat1ons Issue of the VIKING v 1 P L I -4 .f I, , vi, , . if ' A 1 A y Y A ' , if N , 1 Q, 4 V Iv A J ' ' 1 ' - .xxx Y U jg ' Y., '.,..:-i.- .g. ,,,,,, - - ,, ' ' . ' . V 5 A I -' , V , Q N 1 in L ' , I ' ' - : A U 1 ' - I 1 L- f ' X - ' ' I , 1 ' h . 1 1 V 1 ' Q J, ' 1 Hx. ' N 4' .3 ' ft x . 1' 4 . , m xc . -I I . ' K 6 x ,I t T f ' '- , . ,, -' Yr ' ' Q. - . J. ' ' V ' ' F ' X7 5. - ,' b f '1' , , wx N Q . I I 1, ,h . . . . v W V, L I ll -, V , th V . + . . gg - x - - v 3 A . 13 4 ' ' - ' . . Q , , .f X rl P . xx' I. - . D V V xx W , 'A A - .1 I X A I i, ' V . 1' I Y lx X ' - ' '- l ' X ..' ' ,. ,, v' V' ' q ,E y' ., ' 1 ',Q,' -. . V-I f" I ' Q' ' F . ': I- b I 'I '- ' K vw . jf Y- ' ' , ARTHUR DONDINEAU 'VAN 5 CHAPMAN DETROIT PU BLIC SCHOOLS ARTHUR L M GRATH P I H LANMHOLTA WDP pal HURH BROWN A I UP january 24 1951 Student Body Northern High School 9026 Woodward Avenue Detroit 2 M1ch1gan Students of Northern High School Greetings to all, and best W1Sh9S to our departing seniors' Your Viking Staff has asked me to express a few thoughts on commumca tion, the theme of your Seml annual Thls I am happy to do Commun1cat1on IS concerned not alone Wlth the spoken and written word Commun1cat1on deals w1th 1deas 1ntang1bles It IS therefore so 1ntr1cate that, although It defies classification, It I'Il9I'1tS ser1ous cons1derat1on Take, for example a typical day 1n the life of a Northern H1gh School boy and note the vary1ng forms of commumcation 1n which he takes a part The alarm clock wakes h1m On h1S way to school he 1S stopped oy a red traff1c light, or by a pol1ceman s Wh1St16 If he drives his car he signals with his left hand for turns, or he may sound his horn In school he hears a bell ring, perhaps for a fire dr1ll for the passmg of classes, or for an a1r ra1d drill After school he may attend a game at Wh1Ch the umpire raises his right hand to 1nd1cate a strike or gives the thumb to an ejected player A football referee 1nd1 ates Wlth his hands or arms a f1rst down, a penalty or a point after touchdown Even the signals called by a quarter back are a form of commumcation, or the signs flashed by a catcher to the pitcher A clenched fist, a handshake, or a farewell salute IS a commumcation Ev1dences of communication in the outside world occur da1ly A smoke signal IS one An engineer blows h1s whistle a motorman clangs h1S bell a bus passenger presses the buzzer a stock exchange broker g1V9S signs with his flngers or h1S hands a stenographer writes shorthand The Navy uses 1tS code trade marks 1nd1cate the natures of products All are forms of commun1cat1on Cartoons, charts, diagrams, maps tables of stat1st1cs, bill boards, stop signs, d1rect1on signs, street signs are commumcationsf fact, in almost every activity of life from the cries of the infant to a sig- naled direction by an aged adult, a person experiences in one form or an- other the universal means of transferring ideas -- communication. Cordially yours, 4 S p undunv of Schools F' 1 Auinuvlv Suporinhnd 1 NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL 0 9026 wooowno AVENUE 0 Denon 2, MICHIGAN 0 TRFHHY 29625 , c , rincipo AR . , ui! an vinci . , uix an vincipcl L 7 Y ! .iTT ' . I y . . . . 1 . . , ! i . .0 1 . . i- . ., . , ai. - ---5 il Z Q ' - S . . I ' W , . . . . Q in J Cf Jdminid tra tion Mr A L McGrath Pr1nc1pal When Mr A L McGrath came to Northern H1gh School thxs semester as prmcxpal students and teachers welcomed back an old fr1end Be fore he left here three years ago to become the Pr1nc1palofNortheasternH1gh School Mr McGrath hadbeenAss1stant Pr1nc1pa1 at Northern s1nce 1937 and prevxously Counselor of Benjamm Frankln House S1nce h1s return there have been many eventful changes made Now boys and glrls may eat to gether 1n the school cafeter1a The old ten m1n ute rule has been abol1shed and tardy students fore or after a hol1day necess1tates takmg, a fmal exammatlon Rules about gum chewmg and lo1ter mg or smokmg 1n the v1c1n1ty of the school are str1ctly enforced A1r ra1d dr1lls have been mtro duced and 3.SS9HlbI16S are more frequent We llked Northern as lt was but 'ill must agree that these changes w1ll heln to l-.eep lworthern the k1nd of school from whxch we shall be proud to be graduated Mr McGrath Mr H M Holt Assxstaut Pr1nc1pal FLASH' MR MCGRATI-I FORMER ASSISTANT RETURNS AS PRINCIPAL MR I . . . , . 7 , . ' ' ' i ! . ' . N . - U ' , . must spend ninth hour in room 208. Absence be- ! . - . . y K J Y ' r Y -Ib X .1 4i,.3vA VIL . ,.,. ABOVE: Mr. H. M. Holt, Assistant Principalg Miss Inez Martinuzzi, Record Clerk. INSET: Mrs. Wanda Len, Secretary to Mr. McGrath. BELOW CLEFTJ: Mr. W. C. Loving, Attendance Counselor. BELOW QRIGHTJ: Mr. A. H. Brown, Assistant Principalg Miss Mary M. O'Donohue Secretary. enior Clan Ufficerd We are living in a world where speed is one of the prime factors and where new inventions and methods for accomplishing ends are discovered each day. Nevertheless we still have that old feeling which is familiar to all graduates at one time or another, a mixed feeling of joy and of unhappi- ness at the thought of leaving Northern High. We entered Northern High School four years ago as the first ninth grad- ers ever to attend this school of learning. Before that time Northern housed only the upper three grades. At first bewildered, we soon made very dear friendships with our classmates and teachers. Now, once more a little be- wildered, but more mature, we are opening the door upon new schools of learning. For some of us this will be further education in college, for others it will be education gained through daily living. To our teachers who have prepared us for this day, we give our sincere and appreciative thanks. To our parents who have worked and cared for us so that we may be successful in life, we shall ever be grateful. And we shall always be proud of the fact that we have learned how to get along with our friends and with ourselves in peaceful harmony. We are passing into another world today. Some of us may meet occasion- ally, more of us may never meet againg but let us promise ourselves that we will try to make our lives worthy of the start that has been given us and always strive for higher and worthier gains. Freda Hood Nellie Clark Vice President Treasurer Carol Watson President Dorothy Bradford Secretary - . swivels-f 3530?--.4 .Q g t -- -'N enior Cfadd CAP 'Nt' AND GOWN COMMITTEE Row 1 Iohnme Thomas Cha1rman Dale Scott Ethel Morr1s Me1v1n Green Nelhe Clark Dorothy Steele Row 2 Al1ce Wmeman Ten1c1a Banks Calvm Washmgton CIAL COMMITTEE ,l 1 .z SENIOR PLAY 'ig Row 1 Napoleon Thomas, Cha1rman Etta M111er Bette Norman, Thelma Row 2 Mary Parker Rlchard Lew1s, Delores W1111ams Echols Freda Hood DOI'Othy Fuller Maceo Thgmas Row 3 Mamxe Bracken Ida Coleman Fa1th Edwards ommitleed lllnflllm MEMORIAL COMMITTEE PIC NIC C OMMITTE E Freda Hood Ora Lee W1ll1ams Mar1on L Gaston Wasme Townes B111 Lov mg Chalrman L1la Turner Ros1e Townsel Theardls Reynolds Lou Ann Hunt Chaxrman Ethel Morr1s Rosetta Bell Delores Hornsby L11 l1an Bradley MHTEUQFIIG Barnes MarJor1e Clark W1ll1e Ruth N1ckerson Secretary LAST: 1: GRADU ATES COMMITTEE L...- COMMITTEE Glorxa Manmng L1ly Gore Ruth N1ckerson SITTIN W1ll1e Ruth Nmkerson Nellxe Clark Iohnme Thomas Moll1e Greason Dale Scott Dae Scott Freda Hood STANDING Iohnme Thomas Napoleon Thomas Glor1a Mannmg Mollxe Greason B111 Lov mg Carol Watson 5 ' ' z ' - 4 " 3 ' - , 1 1 Q - , ' : ' : 5 1 ' - V 1 T ig A v u I , r" - .. X 'K A . 1 F , - X K TZ 4 ri , , 1 A . i . B . Z k 1 i . 1 " 3 1 ' gr- , . , X u ! ' E y. I ' x - X I 1 - f vfrwlfll " 'C -C I , . . 3 . 1 . Z . . . 3 . . Q 1 . I . : ' 3 9 ' 1 - Q . 'Usd by ,lu f 739 M-...N FDU! 'anvi- wnun4N4 ,Y -2. T' Q.-np-w T ra uated DONALD ANDE RSON DORIS BAILEY Sherrard Int Spamsh Club G1rls House Basketball Socmal Comm Wayne Un1v BETTY BANKS Copermcus jumor Hlgh Chemxstry Club Modern Dance Club G1rls Glee Wayne Un1v TENICIA BANKS Hutchms Int Vxce Pres 307 Cap and Gown Comm LIGHT Staff Var1ety Show Camera Club Spamsh Club Senxor Play SWll'IlI'IllIlg Team Pxcmc Comm U C L A HAROLD BARKER MARGUERITE BARNES Sherrard Int Modern Dance Club Span rsh Club P1cn1c Comm Cap and Gown Comm Wayne Un1v ROSETTA BELL Sherrard Int Span1shClub Camera Club Semor Play Wayne Un1v ODESSA BLAKELY Northwestern Hlgh French Club Wayne Umv MAMIE BRACKEN McM1cheal Int ModernDance Club Cap and Gown Comm P1cmc Comm Cam era Club Wayne UNIV DOROTHY BRADFORD Sec Semor Class Treas ,House 307 Feature Ed1tor NORTHERN LIGHT Qulll and Scroll ESk1 Ettes SWlI'YlIIllIlg Team Modern Dance Club Cho1r Latm Club Varlety Show Semor Play House Basketball Wayne Unxv School of Nurs 1n ATHERINE BRADLEY German Club Glrls Glee U ofM LILLIAN BRADLEY OME TRESS BROWN Hutchlns Int Cheer Team Productlon Staff Cholr French Club Camera Club Soclal Comm Wayne Un1v OLLIE BURRIS Lmcoln High House Basketball Wayne Un1v ANNA BUSH Garfxeld Int JAMES CARTER NEAL CAVE TT Sherrard Int Chemistry Club Soclal Comm CameraClub Sen1or Play Wayne Univ PHILLIP CHAPMAN MARIORIE CLARK McMichael Int Girls Hockey Team Or chestra Basketball Team Eski Ettes Band Wayne Univ NELLIE C LARK Dwyer Treas Senior Class News Edit or NORTHERN LIGHT Pres House 307 Vice Pres , Student Council Memorial Comm VIKING Staff Qulll and Scroll Cap and Gown Comm Graduates Comm French Club Wayne Univ EUNICE CLEVELAND Alger Lat1n Club Modern Dance Club Boosters Club Memorial Comm F1Sk Univ IDA COLEMAN Hutchins Int Attendance Clerk Typing Editor, VIKING Social Comm Student Council Best Personality Mock Elect1on D I T IUNE DAVIS French Club Chemistry Club M ode rn Dance Club Variety Show P r o du c t 1 o n Staff Garfield Int Wayne Univ MARIORIE DAVIS Carver Int SpamshClub New York Nursing School PHYLLIS DAY Dwyer Modern Dance Club Bo o s t e r s Club Sewing Club Wayne Univ ROSE DUNGY jackson Hlgh Wayne Un1v THE LMA ECI-IOLS ANNIECE EDWARDS Garfield Int.g German C lubg Capand Gown Comm.g Picnic Comm.g C a m e r a Clubg Wayne Univ. FAITH EDWARDS Dwyerg Sec., House 307gSavimmingTeamg Spanish Clubg Beauty School. EDWARD ELLY Hutchins Int.g VIKING Staffg Wayne Univ. ' 5 if """k 'Rx A xl .. yu if it Nl wb 0 V NOT PICTUR ED: 57' -? 1-, l EMILE L. PROTIN, JR. 4 x N f"Q,p., C M 1' 5 Ili i' iw! M' WCS if 49 eafibi. 'I may gy.. 6 - u LINDEN T. EDWARDS, 1-:RWIN A.J. sTERNwE1ss CLEASTER FOWLER Lamphier Int. DOROTHY FULLER Alger: Latin Club: Chemistry Clubg Girls' Glee: House Basketball: Social Comm.: MESSIAH and Spring Festival: Nurs- ing School. MARION L. GASTON Dwyer: French Club: Girls' Glee:Mem- orial Comm.: Wayne Univ. TILTON GLENN G. W. Carver: Sgt. in R.O.T.C.: U. of M. LILLIE GORE Sherrard Int.: Sewing Club: Girls' Glee: German Club: Girls' Hockey: Memorial Comm.: Wayne Univ. MOLLIE GRE ASON Sherrard Int.: Editor-in-Chief, LIGHT: French Club: Camera Club: Girls' Bas- ketball Team: Social Studies Club: Senior Play Quill and Scroll MESSIAH House Basketball Girls Glee Wayne Univ MELVIN GREEN Sherrard Int Camera Club Boys Glee Lunchroom Comm Cap and Gown Comm SHIRLEE HACKETT Hutchins Int Girls Hockey Sec , House 227 Spanish Club Girls Tennis Camera Club Y Teens Product1onStaff VIKING U C L A CLARA HARLAN Post Int Mixed Chorus German Club Wayne Univ CATHLEEN HARVARD Post Int Cooley High School Social Comm Camera Club Girls Glee U of M FREDA HOOD Dwyer Vice Pres , Senior Class Pres House 227 Pres , Student Council Vice Pres Y Teens Managing Editor, LIGHT Graduates Editor, VIKING Varsity Cheer Leader Production Staff FrenchClub Delegate Junior Red Cross School Spirit, Mock Election Graduates Comm U of FRED HOO PER DELORES HORNSBY Sherrard Int Girls Glee Picnic Comm GLADYS KING Sherrard Int Library Staff Sewing Club Gym Clerk Wayne Univ GEORGE LEE RICHARD LEWIS Sherrard Int All City Baseball North ern Band Football Social Comm Club U of D JOAN LILLY Durfee Int Northern Girls Swimming Team Honor Roll WILLIAM LOVING Alger Varsity Track Varsity Cross Country N Club VIKING Staff Senior Play Press Conf Student Council Mich State F LE NCE LYONS 3' Sherrard Int Lewis Bus College PETE MAKRIS DAVID MALONE GLORIA MANNING Greusel Int Dr Murphy Award Typing Award VIKING Senior Play U C L A LEE MCCLORA Garfield Int Northeastern High Thi rd Prize Winner Mahoney Contest M ic h Tech Inst SAM MEANS Nix WILLIAM MERRILL NORMA MEYERS Hutchins Int. Wayne Univ. CORINE MILES Ullman jr. Highg Gym Clerk' Lewis Bus. College. V ETTA MILLER Pershing High' Band: Treas. House 227' ,N Social Comm: House Basketballg Beauty - School. ' 4-Q' ETHEL MORRIS A Sherrard Int.' Commerce High' S e n io r . X G U Play' Band- Wayne Univ. IN MURIEL MULDROW X, Q A 'w,,, Sherrard 1nt.g Chemistry Clubgjunior EL X ,. 'val Crossg House Dutyg Wayne Univ. 1 K X A Q N .PX bk, ix 3- 6' I l S' I-Q, 8 A -' -0 RUTH NICKERSON Sherrard Int Swimming Team Cheering Squad French Club Varlety Show Sen nor Play Cholr House Basketball, Picnic Comm Spring Festival MESSIAH Ohio State Un1v www! '36 'Ita' AP' wa., BETTE NORMAN Greusel Int Sec Student Council V1ce Pres House 227 Staff Sec VIKING Cap and Gown Comm Mixed Chorus Produc t1on Staff junior Town Meeting MES SIAH FISK Univ LUCILE OLIVER Durfee Int Northeastern H1gh Y Teens Plcnxc Comm Wilberforce Un1v ELROY PAGE MIKE PA LLANTE MARY PARKER Alger Social Comm Spanlsh Club Mod ern Dance Club Wayne Un1v SHELDON PATRICK Pres House 328 Off1ceAss1st VIKING Staff Miami Un1v THOMAS PERINGIAN R O T C MfSgt , Choir Hutchins Int MESSIAH Armed Forces DELORES REGISTER Dwyer German Club Girls Glee Sec House 327 Chemistry Club Wayne Univ THEARDIS REYNOLDS Carver Int Sewmg Club French C lub Camera Club Memorial Comm Soc1a1 Studies Club Wayne Un1v ..,,-.rv , 'K -y-1' ' FRANCES RIDLEY IOSH ROBERTS ADDIE SCARBOROUGH Barstow Int Y Teen School of Nursing DALE SCOTT Alger Track and Cross Country LIGHT Staff N Club VIKING Staff Cap and Gown Comm Sen1or Play Press Conf Social Studies Club Best Dressed Mock Election Highland Park Junior College IOSE PH SCOTT ' Dwyer: Mixed Chorus' Spring Festival MESSIAH' Wayne Univ. ,,.,-.,.,.,Q.4..,..,-.- ,,... .a..,.. ,....-, .1 A A ..,,..,,W-,. ,.. ,. . , ., .aww 'V ff- 1 -.,..-.. N fn., ,..,. .hh C LIFTON SC AR LE TT HELEN SHABAZZ Sherrard Int.g Girls' Gleeg M E SSIA Hg Spring Festivalg Memorial Comm.g Sew- ing Clubg Lewis Bus. College. HAZEL SIMPSON Hutchins Int.g Girls' Gleeg Spring Festival: MESSIAH. EDNA SMITH McMichael Int.g Modern Dance Clubg Soc- ial Comm.g Camera Clubg U. of M. SAM SOULTANIAN SOPHRONIA SPELLS Sherrard Int.: French Clubg Camera Clubg Social Comm.g MESSIAHQ Spring Festival: Choirg U.C.L.A. DOROTHY STEELE Sherrard Int.g Spanish Club: C a p a n d Gown Comm.g Camera Clubg Chemistry Clubg Vice-Pres. House 3275 Ohio State College. EDWARD STEPNEY French Clubg Camera Clubg Senior Playg LIGHT Staffg Office Assist.g Mich. State. BERNARD STEWART WILLIA MAE STUBBS New York Cityg Y-Teensg Camera Clubg Latin Clubg Senior Social Comm. IOHNNIE E. THOMAS Algerg Spanish Clubg Chemistry C lubg Cap and Gown Comm.g Office Clerkg Sen- ior Playg MESSIAHQ Spring Festivalg U.S. Air Force: Notre Dame. NAPOLEON THOMAS Chairman Social Comm.g Choir: Spr in g Festival: MESSIAHQ Chemistry Club. WASHIE TOWNS Carver Int.g House Basketballg Latin Club: Memorial Comm.g Social Study Club. ROSIE TOWNSEL Sherrard Int.g Spanish Clubg House Bas- ketballg Memorial Comm.: Highland Park junior College. EVELYN TURNER Sherrard Int.g Modern Dance Clubg Cheer Teamg Social Comm.g Picnic Comm.g Lib- rary Staffg Wilberforce Univ. 35' V 'K 'Sf its A.. A fo 'hu... ' f0"m f w I . 4 LILA TURNER Memorlal Comm Wllberforce Umv IAMES WALKER I-Iutchms Int R O T C Boys Glee LOUISE WALLACE Sherrard Int Mxxed Chorus Spr ng Fes t1val MESSIAH CALVIN WASHINGTON Sherrard Int Sprlng Festxval Cap and Gown Comm Army RUTI-IIE WASHINGTON M1ller Hlgh St Lou1s Nursmg School CAROL WATSON Hutch1ns Int Pres Semor Class Pres House 327 Basketball Tenn1s Hockey Lat1n Club Northern Y Teens Student Councll Edxtor xn Ch1efofVIKING VICE Pres Esk1 Ettes Semor Play M 1xed Chorus IMSSC U of M LE LA WE BB GEORGIA WILBOURNE Sherrard Int Spamsh Club Wayne Un1v DOLORES WILLIAMS Garfxeld Int Sw1mm1ng Team C a m e r a Club Socxal Comm Wayne Un1v GEORGE WILLIAMS MARVIN WILLIAMS Hutchlns Int Chemlstry Club MILDRED WILLIAMS Sherrard Int Spanxsh Club 'Y House Basketball L 1 b r a r y Staff P1cmc Comm Treas House 327 Nursmg School NORMAN WILLIAMS ORA WILLLAMS Carver Int Memor1alComm Glrls Glee House Basketball ALICE WINEMAN Von Stueben Hlgh Schoo1,Ch1cago, Delta Kappa Sw1mm1ng Te a m , Tenms Team Eskx Ettes M1ch State LORETTA A YOUNG Sacred Heart Academy of Design DOROTHY CALHOUN Sherrard Int , M oder Dance Club, D I C Sherrard Int.g Spanish Club: Wayne Univ. . .Z . . 3 va .1 U h 1 oud 5.x ed C LARA BARTON It Miss GIDDINGS Counselor HOUSE 307 A-G Irie- Hr- R' ,fi i ,Q-'Q U 'Q NE LLIE CLARK TENICIA BANKb Pres1dent FACULTY I..1l1an Allard Engl1sh Wayne Un1vers1ty Central, Qurto Ecuador V1Ce Presxdent -36- 1' AITH EDWARDS Secretary DOROTHY BRADFORD Treasurer 796' .rs ,Ea 'Y ye- Arthur Alqu1st Industrxal Arts Western Mlchlgan Wayne Umverslty Samuel Ascher Scxence Wayne Un1vers1ty Un1v of M1ch1gan M1ldred Beaman Counselor Detro1t Teachers College Wayne Un1vers1ty Florence Bradford Home Econommcs M1ChlgaH State Wayne Un1vers1ty T Q fr ,af We , I Hwy-:ri ui xxx 1 b Ss A S -, .V 'f "J K C K o 4A:'A'B' I X f r- P at T T X J.. Q o , f' BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOUSE 308 A K ,4 MR MUSCHELL3 Counselor ,ggilui IOHN M BROWN CLARENCE BURNETT LEE KATZIN WILBOURNE KELLY President Vice President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY Nadia Cadieux Home Economics Illinois Institute Wayne University ln Virginia Casucci Health Education Michigan State Wayne University William S. Caswell Social Studies University of Michigan if W 'UN Mary Ch cellor Home Eco omics Murray State, Kentucky Wayne University Leo Cierpial English Wayne Univer- sity ALICE FREEMAN PALMER HOUSE 227 H-O 3 4 FREDA HOOD President FACULTY 'Vw ay .- av A t Y 5-'L , Sophia Doll Cone Science University of Michigan Wayne University MISS KELLER Counselor lc .43 BETTE NORMAN SHIRLEE HACKETT ETTA MILLER Vice-President Secretary Treasurer FMR 'rr 'I' Alexandria M.Davis Maybelle Dean Foreign Language University of Michigan Commercial University of Michigan -s Q- , As-5, 17" Iarlet D9B0l'Sf Mary A. Delaney Mathematics Health Ed, Calvin College Asst. Dept. Head UniveI'Sity of Univ. of Michigan Michigan C olumbia Univ. WOODROW WILSON HOUSE 328 L Z ' s 'i SHE LDON PATRIC K President FACULTY Lucille Dreyer Mathematics N. E. Mo. S. T. C. University of Missouri MR VOZKA Counselor WALTER MCMURTRY OTIS STANLEY JAMES TRENT Vice President Secretary Treasurer 27" Ruth Elliot Mathematics University of Michigan 1.7 Gail M. Foster Speech University of Minnesota 00 441 Anthony Gerhardt Social Science Wayne University jane Giddings Counselor Columbia Univ Wayne Univer- Columbia University sity JANE ADDAMS HOUSE 327 P-Z X 4-1 a lm Z2 EW A CAROL WATSON President FACULTY sf' f M ' ,7 1 syW E. Katherine Gilmore Sight Saving gl Braille Wayne University University of Iowa T DOROTHY STEE LE Vice-President fx .C ,f I L.- . . 4' K . V X f 'W A' , ,tv Qgk rage. Zi' L I A Ruth I. Golden Lillian Gwinn English Commercial Central Michigan Wayne University Wayne University 21 MILDRED WILLLAMS Secretary MISS BEAMAN Counselor AV! :X5'9"' -15411 Elizabeth Halfert Science University of Michigan , O fl' I xt ix - lf William Hayden Art Morehouse Col- lege Wayne University ffzemid try .,. 1 5 Row 1: A. Row 2: er, D. B. Evans, O. Blakely, I. Stephens, V. Dorsey, C. Smith, V. Wright, S. Smith, Lawrence, M. Sanders, E. Allmon, M. Walker, I. Reynolds, A. Rice. Mr. Asher, V. Hardiman, B. Henderson, D. Steele, A. Rice, F. Iohnson, F. Book- D. Fuller, F. Milling, E. Bonner, M. Bryant, V. Green, B. Green, B. Green, Ford, H. Gerald. A. Hunter, V. Iohnson, M. jamerson, R. Robinson, H. Gaskill, I. Thomas, A. Banks, M. Thomas, S. Dysart, D. Ross, M. Young. Row 3: Marjorie B. Hicks English Central Michigan University of Michigan As' F' 5' X A. f it Florence Hieronymous Brady Hill Doris jean Holloway Modern Languages Commercial Home Economics Wayne University Williamsport Com- Univ. of Illinois University of mercial College Univ. of Wisconsin Michigan Detroit Teachers College learn through demonstrations and discussions the value of chemistry e ordinary things of life Trips also help to emphasize the extremely etween everyday living and chemistry. Through the work of the club, 'sue chemistry in its various phases, the chemistry club was organized. lation of things scientific is brought to the attention of the members. ,.. ,W ,J .elf i X' ff Shyrl Hund Home Economics Wayne University Uamera I If ..-Lv Row 1 I Crocco, M Syphax, M Walker, C Harvard, P Stubbs, D Steele, A Fagan, H Freeman, S McIntosh,j Battle T Banks, C Smxth Row 2 O Perkms, S Brown, A Trotter D W11l1ams, S Sm1th,I Mlller, L Crocco M Turrance, F Booker, R Nxckerson, S Spells, L Dan1e1s, M Strepek Row 3 M Brown, R B11l1ngslea,M Bracken I Brown, M Young D Angus, W Fryer N Kr1st1c, L Rrchardson, R Davls, I W1ll1amson, E Ross The Camera Club of Northern I-hgh meets every Tuesday durmg the n1nth hour 1n room 101 A membersh1p of th1rty nme puplls has been attamed The membersh1p requlrement cons1sts merely of the desxre to learn the proper methods of takmg and processmg good p1c tures Also mcluded 1n the program are the takxng of portraxts and the makmg of Chr1stmas cards FACULTY 5' Sf' 89' 7 ai. ,...5 I ri Ed1th Keller Freda S Landen Orvls Lawrence HermanT Lenser LauraA Leonard Counselor Health Educat1on Muslc Dept Head Enghsh Soc1a1 Stud1es Wayne Un1vers1ty Wayne Un1vers1ty Detro1t Inst1tute Hastmgs College Oberlm College Mus1cal Art Nebraska Fontamebleau, France Wayne Umversltv 23 C u . X V : , P ' X 3 . ,. . ' . . . . ,Q . ' I . . Z .. ' r: 9 N .rt K ' X ew i 1 xl, ' , . , fi' H. 'V gt: ' P - Qs F ., , , , W . Iii M ,calm Cl 6 ,neun Row 1 S Ransom, B jones, E Cleveland, Y Kelly, D Myers, A Mano lakas M Syphax Row 2 Miss Zinck, M Brown, I Williamson, D Iones G Palmer, C Steele, Miss Dean Row 3 M Walker C Watson R Motley, W Townes L Watson The Latin Club is one of the oldest language clubs at Northern High School It meets every other Monday, ninth hour in room 218 The Latin Club is composed of students who have had at least two semesters of Latin The aim of the Club is to show the students the importance of the Latin people and their language Miss Dean and Miss Zinck are the sponsors of the group src, ,N L ,,,i, A fl William Loving, Ir. Counselor Western Michigan Wayne University Gretchen K. Lutz Foreign Language Dept. Head Albion College Univ. of Illinois 'ov ' - LL , , ,M w..,Jv .1 'fi , Q . , s , Frances M. Lyon Librarian University of Michigan Wayne University , , .4 . Clarence J. McGivens Mathematics University of Michigan Wesley Mollard Vocational University of Michigan Wayne University efhllln Club Row 1 D R6g1St6I',I Battle K Brownlee, V Dorsey, S Gartre1l,M Bryant L Gore, D Badgett Row 2 D Belle L Arthur, E Bolden K Ealy M Walker, M Leg1on,I Lxttle John, Mlss Lutz Northern I-hgh School 1S one of the few schools that teaches the German language The members of the German Club learn about the country of Germany and 1tS people The Club meets every other Wednesday the n1nth hour 1n room 212 M1ss Lutz IS the sponsor of the group FACULTY Helen Monroe Scxence Un1vers1ty of Mlchxgan Umv of Ill1no1s Joseph Muschella Counselor Wayne Un1vers1ty Ph1l1p N1cham1n Mathematxcs Un1vers1ty of M1ch1gan Wayne Un1vers1ty George Owen English Wayne Un1vers1ty Un1vers1ty of No Carolma Samuel Patterson Socxal Sc1ence Wayne Un1vers1ty M1ch1gan State ' V 4.1151 X, : v : . ' . , . . . . , . : . , . . , . , . . ' . ' - 25 l'ellClL Row 1 B E1l1ot, Z Garland, M Sanford I M1118 T Robmson, E Kelly, D Cuyler, V Peed, B Sanders, L Patton Row 2 B Weldon, R Benson, M Hall M Graham jackson, O Brown, V Dorsey, W Alexander E Allmon, B Green A Hudson, Row 3 W Roberson,N Kr1st1c, P Hoffman Mlss Ward, A V1ckers, O Stanley,I Brown E Wxnes 'Parlez vous francaxs? Thls IS one of the most common phrases heard among Frenc students at Northern Students who are mterested 1n the ways of the French people are en couraged to Jom the French Club M1ss Ward IS the sponsor of thxs happy group whxch meets every other Thursday 1n room FACULTY Catherine Pottexger Spec1al Forexgn Nebraska State Teachers Wayne Un1vers1ty Edward I Powers Paulme Rockafellow Health Educatlon Commercxal M1chigan State Wayne Un1vers1ty Un1vers1ty of Mlch1gan Norma H Roemer Soc1a1 Stud1es Un1vers1ty of Mlchlgan E Carl Rolfe Math Sz Sclence Dept Head Un1vers1ty of M1ch1gan "L, . ' 5 Ll : . ' . . , . ' , . ' . . . : . . ' ' . . , ' . . ' . . , g - . yy . . h 212. . fait " 6121, 'Q 'V .s L 26 Adelalde Russell Spanwlz Club . 2 W .5 1' Rowl L Duncan M Snelllng R Bell M Walker, R Townsel E Pat terson E Parker Row 2 D Patr1ck, A Trotter W Brown R I-hxon, L Thompson MISS Russell Row 3 G Cole M Iamerson H Royal, T Brown One of the most popular languages taught at Northern Hxgh School 1S Spanlsh Habla vd espanol? IS one of the most commonly expressed phrases 1n the Spamsh classes The Club Wh1Ch meets every other Wednesday the n1nth hour, IS composed of students who are 1nterested 1n the ways of the Span1ards M1ss Russell IS the sponsor of the group FACULTY be 'L .4-X fx "!..."' 'l N f Span1sh Un1vers1ty of Mlchlgan Un1v. of MEXICO and Madr1d Henry L. Slmpson Arnold Sm1th Soclal Studles Dept Enghsh Head Wayne Un1vers1ty Un1vers1ty of Kansas Un1v of WISCONSIN 27 Mary R Snell Commerc1al Un1vers1ty of Mlchxgan Wayne Un1vers1ty Frank I. Solar Vocat1onal Wayne Un1vers1ty Un1v of Detro1t f ff 1 "5 ,. Wa- A , 4 - . Vi' if 1 rs, 1 Q 7 A am 1, lv 1- - ff" h 1 ' I - I Row 1 M Clark, G Cole, C Watson, I Stephens, L Lemmons, A LeGranc1 Z Garland, T Jefferies Row 2 D Bradford,C Myers,I Robinson, S White, N Lassiter, A Wineman, I Gaskill Miss Delaney Row 3 G Franklin, G Graham, B Henderson, D Henderson, P Patrick, Sanders, E Thrasher 1. The Esk1 Ettes is an organization for girls who have won letters in sports Under the guidance of Miss Delaney the g1r1s strive to build better sportsmanship throughout the school The club meets at 2 30 each third Wednesday of the month in room 208 FACULTY Y- -9 .,. ft' William R. Stocking Social Studies University of Michigan University of Colorado A. W. Strepek Science Sz Math Univ. of Illinois Wayne University faki-Cites A' f"' "A , Q , ,r"'M, Q xii' ,L . 'Q Af 3 Q' ,J Q V ,Q j if Louise Sturgeon Home Economics Univ. of Illinois Wayne University 28 asf IU' A Gertrude Teninga Mathematics University of Michigan Ruth Tenney English Wayne University Club Ro w 1 J Packer L R1vera,V L1tt1e, V Thomas, L Lew1s, R Lewxs Mr Ha 1 J den E Knxght W Wash1ngton,D jones R Grlggs R Saxo n Row 2 R Walker, N McM1llan G Llttle, ia Reed, L Green, D Armor R Arm strong W McBryde,I jones, E Nelson, W Lovmg Row 3 L Katz1n T Ell1s M Brown L M o F , , aJ rs, jones, A Barron, G Vlnson, W Ga1ther E G1bson I Love, A Jackson D Scott The N Club of wh1 h M c r Hayden IS the sponsor cons1sts of boys who have won let ters 1n some athletxc event The purpose of the Club IS to promote better sportsmansmp throughout the school The Club meets every Fr1day at 2 30 1n room 311 FACULTY 'Qu Q. 'DX -qv- in-fs Janet C Thorpe C Omm erc 1al Katherme Trumbull Edward C Trzcmskl Vocatxonal Asst Health Educatlon Wayne Un1vers1ty Dep Wayne Umversxty M1ch'i S e nv-1, YR fig A. Henry Vozka Counselor Umverslty of M1Ch1g2H Wayne Umversxty Q' 17' Ida Wallace Commercxal Dept Head Umv of Iowa Wayne Unlversxty 'W : . . , . ' . ' . . ' . ' . ' - , . , . . I - q , . . : . . ' , . ' . . . , . - , . . . . . n , I I y u u , 4 1 cr rv - - - - . , . I , . - 5 L , .L i 5 ' Q V A . 4,1 :Q 0 I A A ,N Q ,J Of- , - A , A . - , - I'. 3 v +4 ,aw V ' u -1 yn 1 of ,J Q t . .u 1 fuk!! A T, -1 tif. I if I , S . . ti ad . . . . . ' t ' ' ' . a Un' ity ' ' ' ' X 29 Koodterd Club it f , Row 1 M Whlte, E Marshall, L Lemmons, C Cathey, E Jackson, E Cleve land, I johmcan, G Reynolds, A Trussel Row 2 Mr McG1vens G W1ll1ams, G Cole, S Sm1th, M Sanders, G Myers, F Hood L Belfon, K Bartlett, C Taylor, Mr Owen Row 3 S Wllson, B Green E A1lmon,I Gasklll, A Ewmg, A Vlckers T L6W1S,I Parker, D Patr1ck I Graham Northerns newest club the Boosters Club, was orgamzed IH September 1950 by 1ts two present sponsors, Mr Clarence McG1vens and Mr George Owen The group meets every other Wednesday 1n room 205 The a1m of the Boosters Club IS to cheer our team on to v1ctory as well as to promote good sportsmansmp between the opposmg teams FACULTY Louxse E Ward Modern Language Northwestern Un1 vers1ty Malcolm B Weaver Health Educatlon Western Mlchxgan College Umv of Detro1t C1ar1be1K Welmer Muslc Western M1ch1gan College Detro1t Inst of Mus1cal Art lik, Rubm We1ss F H Whltmer Engl1sh Engl1sh Dept Wayne Un1vers1ty Head Alblon College Umverslty of M1ch1gan t v 2 I S- 8 . ,. .... . : . . , . . ' . ' . ' , . I . . , . . , . . . l l ! I f ' A . .,,. is , xi V an ' V7 'V ,gg vii ! M .'-,', .A e , Q, 1 4' ' 'jeggt A f 3 - ' f 1 Y tg,.,,,,., V orilzern Qirfd C ab Row 1 E Canty, M Whlte, E Thrasher, D Cuyler, G Reynolds F johnson, M Sanders G Myers, P Patrlck L Lemmons, M Er1ckson, S Norman, E Marshall Row 2 M1ss Halfert, E Jackson, C Cathey, S Rush, T Robmson, E Allmon, I Gask11l B arey,W Alexander I 1ohn1can,D Patrlck, B Green, I M1lls, M Syphax S Smith T Ieffer1es, G Cole, L Belfon, K Bartlett, M1ss Hxcks Row 3 B Manley B Henderson, D jones, A Ervlng M Iamerson, T Lew1s,M Sanford, S Hackett, C Watson, S Wh1te, H Huddleston, R McCloud, M Rxchardson, C Spear man, R Anthony The Northern Glrls IS one of the most popular gxrls clubs at Northern The purpose of the Club IS to develop the mmds of 1ts members xntellectually as well as soclally The Club meets every other Tuesday after school at the H1gh1and Park 'x W C A M1ss Halfert IS the sponsor of th1s group FACULTY : . . . ' . . I . , . . , . . , .... . Z ' . . . . ' 4 . . , . C l . , . ' . ' U. v . ' . , . ' , . : . , . . . ' , '. . ' . . . . , fi ,Y 'S Y n ,W ,gi K 4""s' f 'QQ ff' A 'Qi J' 5, Q xi Q G x 'PA L K 2' X, I ' 1 L T Q Q he A , Thomas C Whyte Vocatlonal Dept Head M1Ch1g3.U State College Detro1t College of Law lane Wolfley Enghsh Wayne Umverslty is Spencer Wr1ght Mechamcal Arts Stout Inst1tute Wayne Umverslty 31 May Z1nck Language Un1v ofCh1cago Columb1a Un1v MfSgt Robert C Schwarz R O T C Unlted States Army oreign Cfadd V26 'UL' we-ur k Robert McFarland W1ll1am A Fox Electrxcal Techn1 Muslc Accompanlst clan Bendetson Netzorg O11V9t College School of Plano Wayne Umversxty Wayne Unlversxty 32 -L ...QD 3:1 Nil Harr1ette Kunkel Health Ed Accomp Detro1t Teachers College Grove C1ty College Pennsylvama LLL and cgCl'0 Row 1 M Greason, N Clark Row 2 Mr Owen, D Bradford ,BQ E leanora Stonem an Bookkeeper , , . , X M " Q r 2 Q R . 1 f'W'7'f Ld fx U 4 " X X C Q,- la-aa IEE? A Mol , all 1 1? , X V YA Q ' fgf ,,i 4 fm ' ' ,V .V,, ' l 5, 1' I , " .. , Y X IV ? l"' - - 'film 7" , ' 1 ' f Q ,V 55543 : JZ ' ' 2 ' f f A Q 1 1 " T 4 . . . . , ' I I I s I z l 3 y'k l Robert Bennett. . . Mr. E. M. Ralston. Dick Donnelly .... Clarence Van Dusen Bishop Doran .... Gwendolyn Ralston . Mrs. E. M. Ralston Ethel Clark ..... Mable jackson . . . Sable Iackson. . . Martha ..... . . Bill Loving Johnnie Thomas . . .Dale Scott . Hugh Gaskill . . Ed Stepney .Tenicia Banks Gloria Manning Mollie Greason Ruth Nickerson Thelma Echols . Carol Watson SCENES OF THE PLAY Act 1. E. M. Ralston's stockbroker's office in one of the principal uptown hotels. Act 2. Summer home of E. M. Ralston. Act 3. Summer home of E. M. Ralston. X 4'Nothing But The Truth E. Stepney, M. Greason H Gaskill, T. Banks, J. Thom as, B. Loving, R. Nickerson G. Manning, D. Scott. Production Staff S. Hackett, R. Hixon, O Brown, Mr.Weiss, F. Hood B. Norman, M. Thomas NdQGxE0Mf'xThOmE S M If If 'A M051 Qu is 'rv ,?f'i 3 ln' W! X ills .fi fQ SAV 2 iw, K'.....f J mozyiz. 54 1 fl.Q,wM " fi' ET. K it ' A Carol matsbn M22 most Q1-U'xlEtlC Rmhang Mews SN R v f Moet Citklatzc, f' -K 5 x -' Q g M G 'K Q Q5 L Pi N , EW! .gh Mmfgxbw ' X ff j 'XX Xi ' K U X X -QQQUL-LQ! T3 2-at Dv-assed ,V ll Y ? Etkelm se 6 LJ .-jf J lBestLookm QEQNJ '35 5? gfllale-,Scoi'v.hj9 W J 10 j P'7Q.4vm4 Gu-een MOCK ELECTION Beg-1: Pevsonalftd Ida Coleman Bas-h P Y-'N-f ,ffwxxfy Q Klffjf YW jf 1 Sc? Qtr-rl: Q-5' J' Rf L36 -VVXYNYX TM maS Q Cla-as QXown!! ff ! Beiflty gyxks 7' B St Dressee-3 ig! We mam YS st Q12 lf! ff- f-gf XX ua VX Nev Bl! laSS Gwgglzv K Fkeda Hoag jx W School WV'F1. ffgffp 652 fxqf? ,lgigii , ,tie -- 'N ez omaiaw E 1 TCT- ig' fy. V X ,gg Kg W X' X A , , " A, i M W ' X 1, ' 7HQi"g"2 ff Xgn . '6 11? ' X X 7' - , lf if x f R XM ji ! "XX L ' VN X A -A ff H F3721 QM-Bn ll Lovmg , X x , ETX X T C7 KJ XM -wi S at Fit. 'gsvl 1, -W T Q.. ' C 1. F is ng, . 1' w K L O Nj O fwj .-., , 1 5 ' 7 B ' . K D X A t 1 I ' 2 Q ' i ie A v- Q e, 4 :Hn 5 X 1 E Q0 X Q X, K Q3 Q 1 xf - . Nw I Q df' 9 X1 ,af ' t Bette Norman Secretary St dent Councz Barbara Hunter Carol 1957 3-ser Freda Hood Floyd H Wh1tmer Presldent Adv1ser Loulse Watson Watson Dalrnas Taylor Treasurer Nelhe Clark V1ce Pres1dent Ida Coleman Wxlham Lovmg Reuben Bllhngslea u 0 . E . in H 1' 5 , f I, P M 5 :J Q S, 'XX Q-.X ji 5 'kixiryq X' o a ' ' f 51 . E 36 . . . . . peeclz Clauea Training in effective speech is an esse11tial part of training for leadership in any endeavor. Students in the public speaking class, taught by Mr. Weiss, are instructed in the best ways to write and deliver speeches. This training teaches students to develop correct personal habits and to adjust themselves to fit different occasions and audiences. N F, Q kg .Q BEEF?- The radio class, which had been disbanded for the last few semesters, was resumed this term. Students in this class learn not only about how to speak on radio, but also are instructed in other behind-the-scene radio and television techniques. ok 0 S L ang i Row 1: Mrs. Golden, A. Rice, F Hood, N Clark C Watson M Sanders, R Billings lea, D. Cuyler. Row 2: I. Coleman, G. Manning,R McCloud, D Taylor L Watson G Scales, W Lov ing, B. Norm an. Row 3: S. Hackett, W. McMurtry, E Elly, C McNa1r, G Williams D Scott Editor-in-Chief ......... Carol Watson Managing Editor . . Martha Sanders Business Manager ..... News Editor .......... Graduates Editor ........ Assistant Graduates Editor . . Advertising Manager ..... Assistant Advertising Manager' Feature Editor ......... Assistant Feature Editor . . . Typing Editor ........ Secretary-of-Staff . . . Boys Sports Editor .... Girls Sports Editor ..... Faculty Editor ........ Assistant Faculty Editor. . . Club Editor ......... Art Editor ......... Assistant Art Editor -.... Mechanical Drawing Artist . . Cartoonist.......... .aight stag Row 1: Mr. Owen, H. Graham, D. Bradford, M. Greason, F. Hood, N. Clark, D. Henderson, T. Jefferies. Row 2: I. Uddin, H. Cushingberry, M. Dunbar, H. Freeman, A. Fagan, G. Shirley, G. Myers. Row 3: I. McMillan, N. McMillan, E. Elly, E. Stepney, D. Scott, S. Smith. Editor-in-Chief , . Managing Editor . Composition Editor . News Editor ..... Feature Editor .... Associate Feature Editor Sports Editor ..... Asst. News Editors . Reporte r s ......... MOLLIE GREASON FREDA HOOD GLORIA MYERS . NELLIE CLARK .DOROTHY BRADFORD . HARRIET GRAHAM . DOLORES HENDERSON .GEORGE SHIRLEY, EDWARD ELLY Hattie Cushingberry, Mary Dunbar, Anna Fagan, Hilda Freeman, Thelma Jefferies, Sylvia McIntosh, Inez McMillan, Nelson McMillan, Dale Scott, Sharolynne Smith, Edward Stepney, Jomir Uddin. Faculty Advisers . . . MISS ROCKAFELLOW, . ., MR, OWEN Mollie Greason Editor-in-C hief I L Freda Hood Managing Ed. ' 'A ,L+ ag ' + , George H. Owen Adviser O Choir .G gg ,Gag Q ""!Q bak Row 1: W. Washington, N. McMillan, I. Rogers, S. Hill, E. Canty, D. McCann, C. Harlan, D Cuyler. D. Bradford, A. Hudson, D. Amos, M. Abney, K. Page, G. Little, V. Thomas. Row 2: Mr. Fox, R. Farmer, G. Shirley, N. Thrasher, B. Elliott, B. Norman, V. Edwards, M Miss Weimer. Row 3: C. McNair, B. Stokes, R. Pillow, R. Williams, L. jordan, V. Ingram, B. jones, E. Tins- ley, L. Wallace, E. Laster, C. Watson, K. Brownlee, T. Peringian, D. Harb, W. McBryde A. Barron. garb Q ee u ' ' I Cl 6 Row l: N. Scott, F. Williams, M. Hill, D. Armes, R. Tate, L. Boyd, E. jackson. Z. Garland, E. Bell, L. Banks, B. Bass, D. Robinson, D. Thomas, I. Bass. Row 2: G. Whiten, M. Owens, L. Humphries, M. johnson, E. Evans, I. johnson, S. Wilson. A Thornton, I. jones, M. Chenault, V. Thomas, R. Williams, V. Smith. Miss Weimer. Row 3: C. Reed, M. Smith, E. Hunter, W. Gunn, C. Burris, L. Wallace. D. Belle. I. Green. G Moore, C. Abraham, M. johnson, M. Faulkner "gf Lamar, O. Brown. V. Gentry, F. Reed, R. Nickerson, W. Broyles, R. Wallace. A. Wallace, ..,,.'g1ee cw Row 1: W. Teamer, N. Voe, A. Bragg, A. Price, A. Taylor, C. Griffin, M. Allen, T. Smith, M. Ealy, M. Pallante. Row 2: Miss Weimer, R. Brooks, H. Belton, F. Dubose, I. McQueen, H. Wicker, C. Finch, T. Reed, C. Pressley, R. Hall, P. McCracken, E. Young. Row 3: R. Boyer, D. johnson, T. Glenn, M. Gross, O. Knox, R. Greene, C. Boles, W. Brown, C. Heary, D. Livingston, A. Yancey, A. Cosley, C. Ogletree. The 7th hour Voice II and III class rehearsed every day for a perfect MESSIAH performance. Each girl earned two and one half hours credit. Row Row Row Row and 1: C. Rowland, R. Williams, C. Eaton, R. Knight, S. Kiner, E. Moore, M. Thompson. 2: T. Sparks, W. Wingate, V. Fails, W. johnson, R. Turner. C. Sims, M. Brinkley, E. Iones, W. Moorehead. T. Harris. 3: D. Byrd, D. Martin, R. Lovett, R. Farmer, R. Williams, L. Daniel. 1. Bingham, D. Akins. 4: Mr. Lawrence, P. Chambers, C. Boles, E. Morris. W. Gaston, R. Pillow. B. Sanders, R. Turner, A. Taylor, W. Hazel. Orclzed tra Q 5 Row 1: L. Doski, 1. Ford, R. Tinnell, 1. Sims, R. Turner, S. Kiner. Row 2: C. Boles, M. Byrd, M. Brinkley, W. Moorehead, N. Franklin, C. Williams, D. Byrd. Row 3: Mr. Lawrence, S. Clark, B. Grayson, I. Fulton, W. Hazell, B. Sanders. The students in the instrumental class are shown waiting for their Cue to go onstage. gpvl' l Mui .l R RQ-K .9-4" NINTH GRADE ELEVENTH GRADE Lillian Boyer, Herman Dean Ronene McWilliams, Iimmy jones TENTH GRADE 12B GRADE Carol Steele, james Robertson 43 Harriet Graham, Clarence Wardell aJJl'00l11.'J gngfwfz SZIII TwM11e HghScho1tdets gN o Wte odh Eglhcass ,fp Jzeaclzng peeclz Cxorrecfwn 44 I 17 7 Je . 0 i r i 0 s u n ,visitin orthern in an exch g -p p'1 p licy, look in n Mr. him r's sec n our n is 1 . O I L S ' , L . ' 1 ' ' 1 ri V S BIO LOGY Ubi- xg CHEMISTRY 45 g. .f-. , . . xg .1 k-fag 'X Rf Fur, ,R , mi N a 'X . 'KQV ...- il-4,114 , W 3h J 95 25 K 1 4 f , ,wwf 1 , , ' zjifgffl f f :H af f mimi?" , 4 f ff" , f, 7 1 , ., 2 7 4 M," ' , W f A iff Wi, f , ,M?i4,',f WW , , ff 4 1 4' 4 f j v f f , f ,f fy 4f,f M, A , , , y ,,.,,L V MM? M W. p Q ies ' xg., , i I 5,7 gif." as 1 ng!! 1 4 i f ,, f Wi A "' " , .5 , . x, Lg, V .,.us.H ,gu 4 H M - V V,, , A J i In Aa--. .V M f if M" fc I if V M We , . also .E Q' M., 'S 3 ..., A .,. ' fl W 4 gm., 11442435911 Mm' '63 5 is 5.13 if - x 'f EA 1 n Q. Mx! 1 X, N ag' 'fy ' lei, ome conomicd 6 added ,f -.N -.., fl' GIRLS' COOKING BOYS' COOKING CANNING EXHIBIT qv! gn ,Rt "T -Q 3 I Q' 1 T gamily Lfiuing T9 Wi Qu V, 221 1 Y it ,, A f. ,,..:: 15 f A ' ..':,,.: '-'::Cj?..,f,? 'V 1 'I,, if"Q'Z2L 'f f ,. .v-7. ...fa-3 Q , VJ, , 4, QQQQY wg ai, x ms,-, ' 4, 1 ,... , ff 15.251125 ' 2 ' Q' N il fb Q M 4' 93 4 wg f Q 'Bw M ZS X Qlwgkiiz 4327! MW: ,vp ' f,, 7, K.. ,. .T J f 4, ? g1g?g2 573, f Cheer aceculera Row 1 F Hood S H111 J Gask111 G Myers,I Graham, E Jackson Row 2 G Reynolds, C Cathey E A11mon,M Sanders J4't0llel'Il GHC? Row 1 B Breakf1e1d,E Cleveland, P Hefl1n, B Crowell C Taylor G Owen, B Clay Row 2 I Graves, M LaMarr, M Bracken Row 3 E Brooks, A Rrce, D Sampson Modern Dance 1S a means of commun1cat1on wh1ch expresses 1deas through graceful motron ockey eam Row 1 D Henderson, Co Captaln A LeGrand Row 2 D Cummmgs Manager P Patrlck L Lemmons F Gardner B Henderson T Car penter Z Garland Captam, Q Morrell M Sanders E Thrasher Mrs Landen Row 3 T Lewrs, E Brooks C Hutchms C Taylor E Marshall M Hazel D Patr1ck N Walker Row 4 I Graves, V Cross E Hazell M Wh1te L Belfon 52 : . . . . , . , . . . : . . . . . : . - 5 . . . . , , . , . , . , . 5 . - , . , . 5 . , . 5 . . : . ' . 5 . 5 . 5 . 5 . 5 . 5 . I u 1 u l 4 . . . , . , . , . . TQ p Uvinnr . 9 Facxm expressmons convey dxsappoxntnnent n t e deny o sw tahatxons ew water tube b01Xers, new pumps and new 0X heaters v1 S 561365161 oi new ul S nmnxng because ere xnstahed tm 53 . . . . X h i . . . , . H! . .No Sw IHMIN , ' IS WE . . .NEW u A HEATEasss 5! Q Y N4 vim , -n H ' ' W ,gag K4 ' T 3 4 , 3 . Z4 gy, ,,ff'Y , V Y YK Y . , n S' - 3 if V ,Lv Y , A X Y ' Y ' 4 4' , 2. 4 ,., 1 , W ' ' 6 f 1: 110 .4 y 1 8 Q16 ' , f I f ff 'Y W ' 0 v ' of Q X V ,I 7777: WV' , H WW H w ' WZ ' ': 1 'I i R" wwf' 1 g 4' v Z, y W :fwfr Q ki", W ,W . Tl 3. .A if Z: 5 if 3 I f ff 3 axial, 1 , In W If ,x I X . -4 1 , L , , . n 4 - V - W Y Y 'Y 'V' w n an 1 ., 4 W G' 1 . ... '-if Y-N! 3 0 rl ' . , . . Q Q .Q N ,. e. , ,, o a V . x . V -- - K , M -an Q 5 N 0 , c 1 1" 5, A pk ij. fjjfip g gooiball Coach Trzc1nsk1 s football squad proved to be no world beater th1s season, defeatmg only a med1ocre M 11ler Hxgh team, though v 1 c to r y seemed possxble 111 other games However, Iuorth ern s gr1d1ron squad IS defm1te1y on the up grade, although Graten L1tt1e, th1s year's star and spark plug, won t be around smce he departs m june Charles Sherr1l1, No 25, gets away from one of the tacklers 1n the Cass Tech Northern game Esk1mos L1neup L to R F Jones, G V1nson W W a s h 1ngton Green, O Cheatum W 1111 a m Washlngton goes to h1S knees to catchapass 1n the Cass Tech Northern game 1 . . ' , 1 . ' , R. 1 Lewis, E. Knight, L. gootbaff Squa Row 1 A jackson, I Love E Paso, R Armstrong, E Nelson Row 2 R Coates V L1tt1e L Majors M Brown, W Washmgton G Vmcent, E Kmght G Llttle R LGWIS C Sherr1l1, R Saxon A Franklm Row 3 Coach Trzc1nsk1 R Macker R Harr1s N McM1l1an D Glbson, R Green A Barron O Cheatum A Beard, M Walker M Evans S Armstrong, R Thompkms M Br1nkley Row 3 L Meadows, R Thomas B Holloway I Brown E Taylor N Cunmngham A Lovxng C W1111amS, M Calher R Grlggs I Wllson, M Lumpk1n, L Rlvera A Buchanan, D Humphrey, F jones L Washmgton V' Tl 9 W C JJIWHFQ 4 sm 1 EX'-gi J XX Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northeastern Denby Wilbur Wright " Southeastern Miller Pershin 'T Cass N Louis Green Graten Little Captain Quarterback rodd Cvounirg Row 1 D McCu1n L Brown,j Robertson, Mr Weaver, H Row 2 C F1nch,C Dawk1ns, W Roberson, N Ross L Fmch I Packer CITY MEET Northern Thmclad Cleveland Dawkms catches up w1th c1ty contestants from Mackenz1e and M1l1er 58 ,FK-331 :r,ff?f?f 'l f x ,A h ! : . ', . . . . Belton, I. Knox, R. Steele. : . ' . ' . . , . '. , W 'lei .. I fl K N K X x - X , Q 3' bb .xg--f, 2? 5 ' ...aff V . . if? , . . k . x Y I eff 5 4 ,.k: wt, K , N ,KA 'F Q, ,A 5! ' Q A M 3 gf' wg -5, - Q n fl 3 A .' , -- - ' f' , Q Q H 7 Q .wo he 4 5,147 J- !fLbAeaI?,N ZA! Q F g f , ff. E5 ' 2 I 5,4 x f u 5 9 9, li- L T7 n.,, l , i . ,Q 'w 3 I , f 51 gy Mtg LU NC HROOM STA F F i rl' ENGINEERS MAINTENANCE STAFF " 'F' -fQ 'sh EW LUNCHQROOM STAFF 'UK Mr A achoenrade Chlef Engmeer Mr P Valentme Head Iamtor Row 1 Mrs F Borkowskl Mrs R Elder Mrs A Vanderwaeh Mrs D Qearlght Mrs I Brown Mrs H Dewltt Mrs M Crane Mrs M Dav1s Mrs C Behnke Mrs Trula Kmg Row 2 Mrs I Darnell Manager Mrs D L1pscomb Mrs L Ross1 Mrs A Dahl Mrs C O INEEIII ENGINEERS Mr A Schoenrade Mr S Cobb, and Mr I Wendell make certam all IS under control around Northern MAINTENANCE STAFF The mamtenance staff took t1me out from then' dutles to pose for a p1cture A. Leshkev1ch, I Mannmg, L Lowe, H. Phxlhps, W Hammond, G Str1cklen Q, Y - in 1 jk- ' I 1 -1- , V' .-J, ' ,Y "9 l ' . ' , I4 K , I A v .sk .. M-,fix J! ' x '-f :P if ' ,fr N . YJ, :K , , , C WMA f ,-Jinx" ' J 1 , ' -.Lg . i gf 7 A 5 - - h . . . . . F, : . . 'g . . g . . 'g . . ' , . . g . . g . . g . . Q . . g . . : . . , g . . g . . g . . 3 . . J Y 1 1 . . , . . . . After Graduat1on What'? Busmess trammg offers you un11m1ted opportun1t1eS Good Stenographers Secretarles accountants are ALWAYS 1n demand Inqu1re about our courses Secretar1a1 Stenographu: Accountmg General C1er1ca1 New term begms February 5 DETROIT INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE 1308 Broadway Detro1 26 Wo 1 0190 RIVERS BARBER SHOP Comphments of 1309 Clay Ave Phone Tr 1 9751 LONV R PARISH The Shop for Men Who Care ONS Supreme Llbeffy REVERE CLEANERS Life Insurance C0 Home Off1C9 Chlcago I111no1S We Operate Our Own Cleanmg Plant 30 Years ID Detro1t John F Mormng Mgr 12824 E Seven M1 Road La 6 6005 Tr 1 6770 Detrolt 5, M1ch1gan T -I . ! I ' 't , - . I . ' L . O O 7 O . , I , in o - ' 1 a u u .Nuff Monitor Row 1: H. Sellers, M. Brown, H. johnson, A. Banks, R. Pillow, G. Scales, E. Dunn, D. Willis, G. Vinson. Row 2: M. Clark, S. Hackett, M. Walker, L. Lemmons, S. Campbell, A. Busch, H. Royal, G. Hornsby, E. Patterson, A. Lawerence, M. Snelling, M. Lamar, M. Barnes, D. Hornsby. Row 3: L. Gore, R. Swint, B. Edwards, B. Hollis, L. Turner, Q. 3 Hour Cleaning Service - Dependable Cleaners 81 Tailors Morrell, E. Bonner, E. Cleveland, T. Jefferies, E. Jackson, M Gaston, C. Moore, T. Reynolds, G. Smith, V. Myers, T. Nulling D. Steele. Row 4: D. Atkins, T. Echols, M. Hall, L. Bradley, C. Cole, L. Dun- bar, M. Lassiter, D. Johnson, J. Thomas, C. Mills, M. Davis, M Braken, B. Banks, D. Ware, M. Johnson, M. Cottrell. E. Kariem BEST WISHES T. A. Grissom Motor Sales, Inc. 11500 Jos. Campau Avenue 9228 Mack Ave. Wo. 1-3780 Hamtramck 12, Michigan 2227 E. Davison To. 6-9486 We Own and Operate Our Own Plant Dodge Plymouth Manager: E. Lampkin Sr. Tw. 2-6100 1 I' H IHETHUPMITHH HRT STUDIU YOUR OFFICAL PHOTOGRAPHER The Flnest 1n Photog aphlc Art 8745 G at ot Avenue at C ane Walnut 5 6100 Detro1t M chlgan TOPPS 81 FORDS Inter1or Decorators Exter1or Un 4 9467 EDELVI AN REALTY COMPANY 9450 Woodward Detro1t 2, M1ch Tr 3 600 We own and operate our own plant 7452 Woodward Phone Tr 5 1211 Wearlng apparel 1142 Clay Phone Tr 4 2190 WARREN NORTHFIELD SUPER MARKET 6 3842 We Del1ver 5454 W Warren at Northheld TY THE RICE BEAUTY SCHOOL Classes Unt1l 9 p m To 8 3805 9433 Oakland Avenue Compl1rnents of CARL S GIFT SHOP 9035 Woodward Ave School Supp11es, Cards, GLftS B H GUTMAN Lunches and Founta1n Serv1ce 59 to S1 00 Store 9101 Woodward Ave and up I . - 3 . -1 ' NEW CENTER CLEANERS 81 HATTERS Clay Automatic Self Service Launderette I . - . - RICHARDSON S DRUGS 9053 Woodward Avenue OIJIJOSIIIG Northern H1gh Attract1ve Rates Free Est1mates Owl Movmg 81 Storage Co Local and Long D1stance Movmg F1re Proof Storage Coast to Coast SGTVICP 3633 Chene St T 1 711 Detro1t 7, M1ch1gan 11620 26 los Campau Est 1913 Hamtramck, M1ch1gan Fmdmgs Supplles To 8 9643 13845 Ham1lton Hlghland Park 3, M1ch1gan TWELFTH AUTO SERVICE Weldmg Bumpmg Pamtmg Rad1ator Repa1r 15800 12th Street near Pur1tan NEIGHBORHOOD BARBER SHOP M G Dubo1s Manager 11545 Oakland Ave To 6 9340 WYATT REALTY Good Real Estate 15872 Wabash Ave Un 4 6137 PURITAN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Connected w1th Wyatt Realty 15872 Wabash Ave Un 2 9139 Compllments of MR and MRS E CHESTER HEDGEMAN Com phments of CONNORS GROCERIES - I , . . . K I J I, x . I e. -1 KRAJENKE BUICK SALES, INC. ANDY'S HATTERS 8: LEATHER C of ang ,brave fo! ang Uonirzbulord Northern students brought 1n for the old clothes These are only a few of the many students :1r1ve approxlmately four tons of clothmg most of who contnbuted to the clothmg dr1ve whlch IS not shown 1n the pzcture EDDIE BRINKLEY Comphm ents of F1ne Ta11or1ng For Ladles and Gents SLOMOVITZ CUT RATE STORE 6312 Van Court 9426 Oakland Avenue Detro1t, M1ch Good Luck Comphments of GETSOFF MARKET DR JOHN T PINDER Dentxst 9111 Brush st Detrou 2, M1ch 657 Owen Avenue Comphments of HATTIE S BEAUTY SALON DELMAR MARKET 8451 W 8 M11e Rd Detrolt 21, Mlch Un 4 9744 B M SEYBURN Dentnst CONGRATULATIONS' SMITTY S PLACE 1416 Grlswold Hours: 9 to 5 1121 Clay Ave. D6t1'0it, Mich- ! h o O 6 h 0 - o A 5 S ' ., ,1 X y 1 I N yy 8 A I ' 6 I . . , ' WE ARE EQUIPPED TO SUPPLY SUCCESSFULLY YOUR LIFE INSURANCE NEEDS' Home Off1ce 82 Ezmt Hancock Avenue Detrcut MICIIIQQII GREAT LAKES MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY I' FOREST CLUB May I invite you to the Forest Club Roller Rink and Ballroom or health s sake Fo Yours truly Sunnie Wilson rest at Hastings T 1 8795 Sunnie Wilson's Mark Twain Hotel Drop in the Mark Twain Hotel Quiet peaceful, and comforting Yours trul Sunnie Wilson 52 Garfield T 2 3900 Compliments of L Sherman Hardnman Prescription Iab 9421 Oakland Ave To 9 4800 Compliments of MR and MRS ASA T CANADIA LAWSOIN S CLEANERS One Dty Service 8288 Woodward Detroit Mich WILLIAM SCOTT SIMS M D Phvsician and Surgeon Office Phone 11665 Jos Campau To 6 8817 T 202 WGSLIIIIIISICI it johx Ii 2 1008 Dct1o1t2 Mich B1 okei ind Consultant 15872 Wabash Axe 4 6137 VI LSI DLI L DRLO Prescriptions Drugs Vitamins 120 Fountain Service 0 Westminster To 7 9456 Subscribe to the Publications of NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL . f 7 ' ' yy 7 . 9, - ' e. - . ,, , G,XR'I'LIiDC-E FURS HQDKE hICCLfI1LERS r.-'I '. Un.- i HARLEM mum 9404 Oakland Avenue 9404 Oakland Avenue 4 Hour Serv1ce on Request We own and operate our own plant All Work Insured and Guaranteed Telephone TOwnsend 8 0158 for FREE PICK UP Sz DELIVERY ' -e. - ,1"'212fE. I ,gag Rf.. Wil, 155- y :V-,1:Nn,' ' .- T'9S.'b -,":: rf Af I ,aa 0 , M N , 23 ' ' I l , n. 4 h I W K " Q A vi ' ,,. 'iq , vt ' at -MM, 1' ,' 3 ei ' ' A A p , ,Vi Q f . V , or '. 'fy J 2:5 ' f wwf! 3g Mg . 1, 3 " Q , ' W ' ' , . s N" '- ' Q ' Y 4. , V , Q, A , , ,A V' If 4 ' Q Q , N135 p kf. , 9 4. Visa., 'XYJ-J 144 "h' . 'I .n'i4L" " -gzqggsk ' 1 . 13 I .1 U f YN if - v , 1 J ,N , fy .! ,7. .4 -'1:, , , I L' X QT Al Mlfv I ld'14'1V'w U WL 'fvqx X '1 ' 'W H .., Q .. ..,A-,A-'It jx Y Lx A L I ., ,,.,vJ-qikrn Y .V V ,., - ,..-,, V an 4 JMX Lf CJJF7 ygjfyewwf A ry, uf - ., 1,1 2-3 2 sl - 3 "x g J f , . Y Ei fm: -s . gl! 5 VN f IX - ' X V' ir ' s U ,J 4 w 1 f f' X :LV 1' , ' 1' a-244 Nt - S 1- V' 1 ' f f -if' A Wx? I 'Qin I rw R1 5 29? ml xf 6 l A 54 v J 0 X x , ' Yjbf' 5 I v' 'Q 1 ,V H . - , f .-,g . " ' vw oo Q . A V, I W x 9' ' N - f 61 WV . A gi? - vw if , 1 P A-f' ' 1 ' A! I W V if f 5 :F it 'W In W ff f 'f if 7 ,f w If ,,' K V4 ! , , f 1 , J 1 ' l A gi, f cf' " 3 fi? ' 1 '11 'dxlp UU! I M! ' 1 ' ww 1- ' .f , l Ny! ,, f X i ' ,f - ,A K ,, v-,K , V " T' 4: :Q . .A+ 191 . li 1 , i . V A lj F in A gi M, f "Ed: st? 35.1-Y it 2' 'irc- ,'ia'e: ,,'Ai'Sl ,, L 1' 1. 44' ,f ,Z 1, W 5175? "gli 'iii ik f wg., -1 1. ,ab E148

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