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, A 'X 64 ' . 7 'n 1.6 I. 1 A QQ! -M Q ...n 9 5 tl Q in- 4 -- isa-to 4' 1 --up ', 5 ., .fm 5 10 Q A , ei . 1 ' ' QQ QA I O-Gig nI0 Qi..- , 1 1 1 r. N ' o .- Q- .1 'I , .,,,-, ...QQ h h ' i 411 O A s 1. 4- s 3- 1- 'L -tap -.3 Q 0 'CU Co-0. "tts ll ,, 9 . -. u-1 ..-,, -11 11 -., i-4 0 Q can-.. ,,- ui: ai l C15 -Q o-Q. 1, is ' ' tus -an -1- Q- asq -.Q-.seq G I g U Qin is-I in -1' QD: - 1--Qc syn-0 N 9 n 1.-Q Dil iq O-1 Q U " "-1 -4 1 ". 1 ,. Q fo- ang ' "' 0 0 vi ' ' :ft - - qv Q-0 1 ju , . --, Q09 'li Q Q-no TC ,. ., tn- S I Q v 99 'o .0 'ii U' " . l v 5 Q.- .C Q . .-.A Q, ' Q 0600 "Y ,, .. 9-so ' -.-10 more .qv---H--.Q v' 'O-0 -lC ,QQ-o . ooo- 0 '- 1 u ix I Y 4, S ' n , asa Upon perusing this Viking, one cannot help perceiving its in- teresting pictures and unique features - the result oi many laborious hours on the part of the Viking staff under the able supervision of Mr. F. H. Whitmer. May the reader find as much en- joyment in its contents as did those responsible ior its editing. EOREWORD DEDICATION FACULTY SENIORS HOUSES ACTIVITIES CLUBS SPORTS FEATURES ADVERTISING HUMOR V..iE u . I I ji To Mr. Henry L. Simpson-whose amiable character, helpful guidance, and infallible good humor have added immeasurably to our stay at Northern, we of the Viking Staff take great pleasure in dedicating this semi-annual. PlE 11 5 A ,-ji l I j . l fl: Plrt1.L'io!IilEfJl'7l 'ff' 'l'u x.! f iw C112 fe f- 'rf' HJ ' 1 W I li 5 Q51 4, i flwrigf, -'Q 5 , eg g :Q ' is r :ltr "TAI 5? W WWWW4 W 1' P if 1 1 1 i N 4 Y W l I sincerely hope that your three years at Northern High school are crowded With pleasant memories and that the tasks imposed upon you by our teachers have not been too burden- some. Now you will be fully occupied with the disagreeable busi- ness of War. May a speedy victory for Democracy return you to the pursuits of peace. Sincerely yours, if J. E. Tanis 9 9 Q.,-s 5 . Q .xgyc 1 H , .. fffllr I 2 f .gg 4, .,ef:.1m,. w M Q D XXL: ' i5z..fh'., Q I , -A .. 1425 fi. I Q51 it ma-eg,- ug' M 4 are -Q., N -.. ,A .v 'sir W W.. 'W :J me f va- ,, if . . V . 1 or , 5 an L .Zi ::'f k " ee - 1 1'L gg in T., -135 if aa' 5' qi , R gf '. x 'A - Q. ' lx 1 xx W Q up 1:- . ,WE- r ur. 'Q-P 1 J ,v t 1. i f 7 w ', 9 r '- , f- A '.-Q 6 U Q 53 I , 1 ,f'g?"2'7'm'g' D 3" "5b,3:L'l3iI":F9a I Social Science Isabel Bogle William Caswell Edna Clawson Laura Leonard Joseph Muschella Leon F. Plumb Jessie M. Toland Henry L. Simpson, Dept. Head Helen Wood u En lish Lilla Bacon Marjorie W. Brown Alice Gerrie Harry Goldstein Katherine Kubicek Cecile Moon Bernice Powels ' Florence Smith F. H. Whitmer, 1" Q gm, Hg Dept. Head , Q 2 - or A .V Mabel Tuomey 5 'g Languages Maybelle Dean Bertha Malone Adelaide Russell Louise Ward - . Gretchen Lutz, Vw g Dept. Head if Vgiji , May Zinck '- .. 'M K E1 ,,,, M, ni? L O J Commercial ALVIN l.. Alexandria , Davis ln Memoriam l885- l 943 Brady E. Hill Bertha Hobbs D 9, Clarence W. Q Blanchard, X iw ' Dept. Head Science Lillian Gwinn Clara K. Schaible Mary R. Snell Ianet Thorpe Helen Sterns Ray Bigler Sophia D. Cone Elizabeth Halfert Helen Monroe Margaret Schmidt Mark E. Schmidt ,K ' E. Carl Rolfe, Robert E. Warner A Dept. Head 4 0 Health Education Mary Delaney Walter Dierkes Abe J. Katz .rag 5 Edward J. Powers, Edith scduay , A Dept. Head C110 N X at ' , f, : ' ,kkk . , . 1 ,n, A . f . ' WN K ,,,, rg 'gr , xi a, V, "" 1 13 - -I X ,g . N .s D i ' - . . A 'x if 73 rf an mi 'gg-flflifzfggzi fad- 'f ' eiei 5' " 1 -4- wa-.n S ga ' c SX 'E f if 31 514 4513? F 1 4 at 3 4 , Q f file ' Q ffl: We g . wat . L ,, 4, in av X 1 f v xi ,1, rf T Q qi ii 3 fi3Qa, X3 in G' fr ,Wig , L. LALL .M it 5,2 fs 35.4 Har 525 4 as ,... V . as yoj al's5r1l'Si b il? 'VP if L J, J F x i.3 Counselors . ane Giddings Edith Keller Jean B. Knight Olive Sutherland Arthur H. Brown, Edward J. McRay, Henry Vozlca Principal Principal Evening School Summer School Home Arts Florence Bradford Nadia Cadieux Almira Digby A xg, -l A' Katherine ' I Q Trumbull, ' Dept. Head 4, ' :i': Q W-1.N ':"' g , if Doris Holloway Mildred Lamb Margaret Singleton 0 Mechanical Arts Arthur Alquisr Frank I. Solar Spencer H. Wright Thomas C. Whyte, Dept. Head C125 Special Education Marjorie Hicks Louise N ehil Evangeline O'Hara Gladys Owen Anna Sowden Mathematics Ruth Elliott Gertrude Teninga May F. Walsh, L ' Dept. Head , f M? g5',7',..a 1' S W yr N1 , A nf. U ,W rf in .,. ,e7, 4 FLORENCE TAFT In Memoriam April 25 I943 . . I Earl Watkins Additional at sew , ,V 5 Y SF? e 5:31, v :ffm Qi, 5, in .J ly' '- QJN , if iv' , Q ,g f x: aims wv: kg , wi ,-: Q' -Xi '1 1'- ' .1 K l f. L . . . if , X, E gi wk V,VkhV ouxse Bain Albert Rolmclc Frances Lyon, . it ,- ' L Art Dept. Head R.O.T.C. Librarian " Z - , swag? A W7 we Laura L. Searle, Orvis Lawrence, ky V Music Dept. Band and ' L' ' f 'L Head Orchestra "' A' ,, ., eb Q55-xx il 4 lI3l I R -sf Z, 0 o , o:'o'c', " 0' ".v. O .ig if 'fn .g". g o .' 0 'O 0 000 'D ' ': ,"0 . sag 0 .'o 0, , Z aah. a, ,', , ' g....o.o a. .Oo ,, ,.,.0 ..', c'0 ."0'0oo"9o"' co o'.o'oo'c'0l"l ll'. "' 0.o, . ., oo .. ,Q ,n:.. 'g,g '. . .o' :',' 0.0 9 0 0" 0 0 'Q' 00' 0'0 l.".o' o.' ' 9.00 'gi .0 Uno "z 'o'. u"0' :3'- 1' o 0 0 g 0 no ,:.c ,... 0a,.,..'o.,.. on o 9' .gg ,o.,...oo,. "UQ ' 'Ola 0 ' n 0l,0.0'g.,.ooq '. ""' O Q :I.o.:'o. " ".. 0.9 ' 5 O l 0 0 00 '05 Qggc. Q 'q.' ,,,'os 'Q o"o 'f ' :a I f I . ,n',aa.2a"o'.'. gifs o.'.:s'.:o:,'::s' Q f .gill ' . . I QQ Q n 0 'ooa,oqu:.,.00' .a 9 0 0 0' 0" .'s"i....ul . 0'u'0"'.a I 9 0 e Q, I ical' . .lp0., . 0 0', " .0 ' 'o ol' 0 0" .4. ',o,,..o..o.o ,Q o'l0o"n.9l ole . l ,oo .0 0 . oe":n 'Q ',o 'Q 0' . . 0.4 o Q n .." " on .o.o oi , one 90 12A ffieers President ...................... FRED GREEN Fred Green, President of the June class, has more than proved himself worthy of the high honor given him by his classmates. His friendliness, sportsman- ship, and ability combine to make him a leader of whom to be proud. Vice-President ................. JOAN HINKLE Charm, personality, and an earnest participation in Northern's activities have served to make Joan tre- mendously popular. Representative of her popularity is her position as vice-president, the functions of which she has so ably performed. Secretary ................ NINFA CATALANO Our efficient secretary is well known for her par- ticipation in such diversified fields as athletics and music. Popular and well liked by all who know her, Ninfa has filled her position with characteristic ability. Treasurer ................. SELWYN TOUBER Selwyn's likeable personality and ever ready smile for all who know him have placed him in a prominent position in his class. His ability to fulfill the duties of his omce has been amply demonstrated. 16 residenvs essage That hour which we have looked forward to with such eagerness has finally come. VVe, the members of the class of June, 1943, are about to be graduated. For the past three years we have been fellow-students, divided by different opportunities and different ambitions, united by a bond of loyalty to our school. We have looked forward to this day since we first entered Northern, but, now that it has come, we find a certain sadness at leaving and an unwillingness to say goodbye. During our years at Northern we have been welded together by common aims and common ideals. The students who have conscientiously given their best efforts to their studies have laid a foundation of both knowledge and character upon which they may safely build. The athletes who, in the face of defeat, have given their last ounce of energy for the Red and Blue have caught the spirit of loyalty, courage, and sacrifice which will do much to hold them steadfast in the battle of life. Our instructors have wisely and patiently given us the benefits of their knowledge and experience. They have taught us a great deal not found in text books, lessons which we shall never forget. Perhaps the most cherished feature of our high school life is the warm glow of friendship which has brightened each day. These strong, happy friendships which we have formed at Northern will always be cherished. We shall never forget this most profitable period of our lives, for it has been one of great happiness. In the future we will enjoy recalling our friends, our good times, and our successful efforts at Northern. Graduates, wherever you may happen to be or whatever you may do, Cod bless you! Jw WW -FRED GREEN K I7 I 2A Committees SOCIAL I I . .-Axe . 4519 :gf 2: Hifi!!! BETTY LOU .SCHNEIDER Chairman LAURENCE LOPATIN MIRIAM COTTLER BETTY JANE CLARK MARGARET CUTHBERT' HELMER ACKERMAN GLEN PENNIGER CAP AND GOWN 1525 Q' RUTI-I GRINNEWALD Chairman MARY ALICE SWOVELAND HELEN ZORN LUCILLE LEE ROSELYN GRILLA PEGGY JEAN BURRIS HAROLD TREXLER GRADUATION I JEAN HUNT Chairman THOMAS GREEN MARION CUMMIN1 GLORIA HART JOE RASAK ROLAND SUTTER MARY IVICFADDEN C135 MEMORIAL ! 34 " A ?I?,Af.--. ll EDDIE MARTINUZZI Chairman JULIAN WITHERSPOON HUGHES POTIKER DOUGLAS MGEVOY MARY LOU ECKERMAN I-IARRIET ROBISON DORIS HERRIOTT PLAY - 5 X 4 9 ' 32-55 r " N 4' XB " Hip .gf X 'I Il 'I I X: -:F I9 ' Q? MARGARET LXGI-ITNER Chairman BILL PFAFF JACK ROSEN MILTON LIPSI-IITZ ALICIA KEPPEL FRANK MILLER LLOYD HANNA student Councii Bette Anne Cole Eddie Martinuzzi Konrad Wosinski Orma Rose Jack Litwin, President 9? if Catherine Poterala Charles King Joan Hinkle, Secretary Mr. Whitmer, Adviser Carolyn Young Wyolean Strong Joe Rasak K I9 5 Marilyn Adels Hutchins Library Staff Sally Ann Albrecht Trideal-Euterpe, Vice-President Scc'y, House 207 Northern Light U. of M. Marian Christina Anderson Sherrard Corridor Squad French Club Wayne University Ruth Charlotte Armstrong Hutchins Golf Club john Price Arozian Mike Attan "N" Club Hi-Y Club U. of M. FO0Db3.l1 Ann Sharon Aishislcin Hutchins MSC Ann Alpert Spanish Club Hutchins Detroit Business Inst. Sara Barringer Andrews U. of M. Senior Play French Club Pearl Arnold Lewis Business College Ruth Atlas Hutchins Marvin Bailey Sherrard Army Air Corps C205 Helmer Akerman ' 'N" Club Varsity Tennis Hi-Y Social Committee Nancy Ammann Hutchins U. of M. Primo L. Ardune Shirley janet Arnold Hutchins Varsity Swimming House Swimming Shirley B. Ausen Matthew Barnes House Basketball House Swimming Sherrard Wilberforce U. Leo A. Barris Thelma Batchelor Marjorie Bean Hutchins Girl Reserve Viking Staff U. S. Navy Lewis Business Trideal-Euterpe Glee Club College Vice-Pres., House 207 Detroit Inst. of Tech. U. of M. Oscar Bederixi E Beatrice Bznnefield Valdree Benton Viking Staff Joppa High School Garfield Physics Club WBYDC U- High Standards Club Wayne U. Camilla Bersani Maryjean Bei-tolino Constance Louise Wayne U. Nolan Blount Corridor Squad Senior Play Physics Club Howard, U. Shirley Blllesieirl Vivian Albertha Gerald F. Bogan !gl11'1CgiI1S Bobo Varsity Swimming a u y Sherrard W'A'A'C' Frenbh Club Latin Club Wayne U. Bert Borton Mary jo Bourne Ernest Boyd Northern Girls All City Track Co-Capt. of Track Team Sherzard John Andrlew Sylvia Mary Gwendolyn Braun Brimble Zenobia Jefferson Broyles Detroit Business Inst. C215 House Council House Basketball Varsity Hockey Senior Band Mary Louise Brumbelow Radio Unit Senior Play Peggy Jean Burris Hutchins Senior Play Howard University Cap and Gown Com. Frances C. Carmichael Glee Club Bottineau High School Allen R. Champlin Varsity Football Hi-Y Northern Light Lieut. in ROTC James Clair james Clinton Viking Staff H1-Y Physics Club Chemistry Club Bobbie Ophelia Burlces Girls' Chorus Band Sherrard Detroit Con. of Mus. Pauline Burnstem Hutchins Business College Floriene Campbell Kfwx Canilel' Alfred Carpinelli Hilda Chodak Hutchins Detroit Business Inst. Ninfa I. Catalano Senior Play Sec'y Senior Class Sec'y Northern Girls Varsity Sports Eleanor Christensen Nolan BMW J 3319 Clflfk Eleanor Clark Senior Play Social Committee Ellen H. Richards Hutchins Caleb Coan Sherrard House Basketball Cheer Leader Manager of Team 4225 Hutchins Bertram Cohen Hutchins House Basketball Reserve Basketball U. S. Marines Bernie Cohn Bette Anne Cole Maxine Cole Varsity Football Viking Staff Sheri-ard "N" Club Student Council Senior Play Hutchins Pres., House 207 Business College University of Detroit Arthurine Collins William Compton Betty Conley Hi-Y Cleveland ROTC IR.if1e Team? A525312 Cook Donald Cook Dortha Lee Cook Radio Unit Varsity Tennis Albion College Miriam Cottler Edith Louise Marion Cumming Orchestra and Band Coulter Senior Play Senior Play G fi ld Graduation Com. Social Committee 551510: play U, of M. All-City Orchestra Wayne U. Bflargaret Marion Bette Ann Daiak Robert Burton Davy Cuthbert Treas., House 207 Corridor Squad Detroit Con of Music viking Staff Cleveland Senior Play Social Committee Co-Captain Va rsity Swimming Team Vernon R. Davy Robert George Louise Dickens De Masellis Radio Unis Sherrard Senior Play Varsity Swimming Wayne U' House Basketball Captain House Swimming C235 Rose Di Forti Maci Eloise Diggs Santa Maria School French Club Martha M. Eastman Varsity Swimming House Swimming Elinor Ethel Elly Hutchins House Swimming University of Detroit Velma Marie Everett Ethel Ellaine Fisher Wanda Fletcher U. of M. Girl Reserves Junior Classical League Philodendroi Gale Meredith Downes Mary Lou Carole Ehrman Eckerrnann Durfee Memorial Committee Spamsh Club Mt. Holyoke Barlsara Ensing Nancy Anne Ensley Trideal-Euterpe Light Staff Kalamazoo College Irene Finkel Shirley Dorothy Hutchins Finkelstein Detroit Business Inst. Hutchins Winifred Jean Fisher Maber Jackson Ford Light Staff Orchestra viking staff Talledega 4243 Randolph Douglas Flanagan Band Arthur G. Frazier Manual Max Freed Robert Lee Gaddie Thelma Galanos Yeshivath Chachmey Sherrard. Lublln Tema Galanter Hutchins Business Institute Margaret Gardner Sherrard Wayne U. Jennie Lee Gilbert French Club Lewis Business School Celia Gittleman Feature Editor of Light Senior Play Quill and Scroll Irving Goldberg Margaret Eileen Gans Wayne U. Pres. of French Club German Club Michael V. Geary, Jr. Senior Play Radio Unit Sally Yvonne Giles French Club Corridor Squad Senior Play Wayne U. Marilyn S. Goetz Senior Play Physics Club Tennis Club U. of M. Charlotte Hughes Golden Quill and Scroll Vice-Pres., House 227 U. of M. fzsl Milton Ganz Varsity Baseball Orchestra MSC Vivian Ghersig Jefferson Samuel Max Ginsberg Hutchins ROTC Walsh Business Inst. Bella Goldberg Hutchins Senior Play Wayne U. Belle B. Goldenberg Hutchins Detroit Business Inst. Albert Arthur Charles Goldstein Mary Elizabeth Goldfarb Sherrard Gordon U. S. Marine Corps U- S- Army Hutchins U. of M. Glee Club Wayne U. Lenore L. Graff Charles Fred Green Thomas Green IV Hutchins President, GTB-duatmn viking staff Graduating class Covlmmee Senior Play Varsity Baseball PhY5lCS Club Business Institute Varsity Basketball Philedendroi Sports Editor Light Wayne U- Rufus William Grier House Basketball Track Wayne U. Edward Henry Gross Jeff9!'SOXl Radio Club Lloyd Thomas Hanna Varsity Tennis House of - Representatives Eilieen Isabelle Hartman Rose Elaine Grillo Sherrard Cap and Gown Committee Detroit Business Inst. Mildred Haase Ruth Grinnewald Senior Play Chairman of Cap and Gown Committee Tennis Team Harold Handler H'-ltChiI1S Weequahic High Detroit Business Inst. Dorothy Harrison Gloria Hart Cleveland N01a1'1 Howard University Senior Play Graduation Committee Kathleen Hartman Shirley Jean Heinze C269 Doris Anne Herriott President, Trldeal-Euterpe Senior Play Memorial Committee Jeanne Auclrienne Hill Sherrard French Club Wayne U. Meyer Hoff Physics Club Wayne U. House Swimming Biology Club Jean Lynn Hunt Secretary of 227 Light Staff, Feature Editor Chairman- Graduation Com. Secretary- Trideal-Euteroe Eleanor Ruth Isaacson Senior Play Physics Club Latin Club Elsie LaVcrn Jackson Garheld Northeastern Lewis Business College Ernest Caleb Hickson U.S.C.G. House Basketball Mattie Hill Sherrard Poro School of Cosmetology Hazel C. Holley Sherrard Lewis Business School Corliss Hislop Hunter Hutchins Senior Play Wayne U. Mary Maxine Ivey Garfield French Club Wayne U. William Jacobson Captain- Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Light staff Hi-Y C273 Dorothy Hill Hutchins Joan R. Hinkle Vice. President of Senior Class Pres., House 227 Secretary of Student Council Viking Staff Nancy J. Hudson Albion College Basketball Team Tennis Team Giee Club Frances Lee Mae Isaacks Hutchins Detroit Business Institute Winifred Laura Jack Business College Zolieta Velma Jenkins Senior Girls Glee Club U. of M. Thelma Lee Sybil Esther J ones Josephine Kaner johnson Dunbar High School Wayne U. Thomas Bust Kanos Army Air Corps Richard Carl Kaufman Senior Play Philodendrol House Swimming Alicia Miriam Keppel ' Senior Girls Glee Club Play Committee Treasurer 227 U. of M, Patricia Imogene Kilgore Northern Girls Philodendrol Franz Louis Kuhne Boys' Glee Club Boys' Band Meharry Medical College Alexander Karay Viking Staff Physics Club Biology Club Wayne U. Thelma Kay Radio Class Nurses Alde SPARS J ack Lewis Keyte Army Air Corps Florence Eleanor Kingsbury Co-Editor-in-Chief Light Quill and Scroll Senior Play U. of M. Virginia Ellen Langs Senior Girls' Glee Club - Hutchins 6287 Hutchins Viking Staff Betty Karicofe Central High School U. of M. joan Joyce Kennedy French Club Band Junior Classical League Howard U. of Phar. Suzanne Kiefer Senior Girls Glee Club Melvin Elizabeth Knowles Lucille Margaret Lee Secretary of House 327 Cap and Gown Com. Northern Light Staff French Club Carmella Olga Lemon French Club Detroit Cons of Music Wayne U. Dorothy Ruth Lewis Sherrard Fish U., S. C. Minna Mae Lewis Hutchins Detroit Business Inst. Ruth Yvonne Linson Varsity Basketball House Basketball Eskiettes Jack Litwin Managing Editor of the viking President- Student Council Senior Play Pres., House 224 Shirley jean McCullough Northern Girls Wayne U. Jefferson Archie Rueben Lester ROTC Marines Sherrard Ernestine Lewis Condon Sherrard Lewis Business College Margaret Lightner News Editor-Light Vice President- House 327 Quill and Scroll Chairman- Play Committee Milton Lipshitz Light Staff Senior Play High Standards Play Committee Lawrence H. Lo Patin viking staff Senior Play Social Committee Secretary- High Standards Douglas Edward McEvoy Memorial Committee Air Corps Nolan C297 Burton Albert LeVine Physics Club M.I.T. Mech. Engineering U. S. Army Omcer, Ordnance Mattie Mae Lewis Wilberforce U. Mary Eleanor Lindsay Northern Light Senior Play Sherrard Wayne U. Phyllis Litwak Vice President- Delta Kappa Viking Staff Bernard Ludwig Biology Club Physics Club Wayne U. Mary Lewis McFadden Trideal-Euterpe U. of M. Graduation Committee Physics Club Norma Rhoda McLeod Nolan Nurses' Training School Max Marlrzon Mary Elizabeth McNames Sherrard Louise Estelle U. s. Army Air Corps Martin U. of M. Law SChO0l Jefferson Varsity Track Robert Mason House Basketball Varsity Track Varsity Football Reserve Basketball Youletta Marrya Mason Sherrard Tennis Club Wayne U. Pl-lilodendrol Taylor Mack House Basketball Reserve Basketball Varsity Basketball U. S. Army Air Corp's Eddie Arnold Martinuzzi Senior Play Memorial Committee High Standards Viking Doris Mather Hutchins Senior Girls' Glee Club Velma Zona May Albert Mermelstein Mary Meyers Viking Staff Library Staff Senior Play Howard University, Washington, D. C. Catherine Michaelis Girls' Sports Editor, Light Varsity Sports Quill and Scroll Treasurer, Eskiettes Ralph P. Miller Northern Light Wayne Medical Florence Miller Duriee Physics Club Senior Play Stephens College Mildred Million Hutchins Detroit Business U. C303 Hutchins Wayne U. Frank Michael Miller Hi-Y Varsity Track Play Committee Lieut, ROTC -Valeria Joyce Mitchell Hutchins l l l 1 l 4 l 1 l Willie Edward Moore House Basketball James Harry Mouzalces Gerald Quentin Nash Morris N ovetslcy Viking Staff Senior Play Band Physics Club Neil S. O'Hagan Rebecca Owens Post Wayne U. Ester Moser Spanish Club Bertha Myers Radio Unit Spanish Club Wayne U. Yolanda N astasi Santa Maria Spanish Club Business Institute Mariruth Oibryan Nolan Northern Girls., Treasurer Light Staff Spanish Club Emma jean Owen Frederic Rural Agriculture School Basketball Wayne Barbara Panzner Senior Play Treasurer of 327 Vice Pres., Detroit Junior Red Cross Sec'y Northern Girls C319 Harold Norman Moss Betty N aifeh Gloria.Newman President, Delta Kappa Senior Play Committee Hutchins Wayne U. Rubynell Oglesby President of Northern Girls Senior Play Swimming Team Albion College Lois Owens Jefferson Rosemary Phylis Paolacci Comptometer School Business Institute Hutchins Fredrick Parker Marilyn Parker Marion jane Parker United Insurance Jefferson Varsity Hockey' School Varsity Basketball Wilberforce French Club Grayce Parowski Glen T. Penniger Barbara Jean Jefferson Physics Club Perkins HPV Girls' Glee club Amiy , Detroit Cons. of Music Social Committee Ellen H. Richards MSC Erma E. Peterson William George Margaret Phillips Varsity Hockey Pfaff Dm-fee Basketball - e -- - - Hutchins COoiElil::fltll'l Chief Vice Pres., House of Representatives Quill and Scroll Varsity Golf Marion Pogarch Shirley Pomerantz Catherine Poterala Sherfard Hutchins Pres., House 327 Student Council Viking Staff spanish Club Hughes Leonard Daniel William Betty Radovsky Potiker Potter Detroit Business Inst. Senior Play Hu'-chms Varsity Tennis Team Physics Club Memorial Committee Ralph Rapiel joseph Louis Rasak Wanda Lee Rau Jefferson viking Staff Glee Club Student Council Hutchins Treas., House 208 High Standards Club C325 Alan C. Reinheimer Mary Francis Wyman La Verne Varsity Golf Rhodes Rhodes ugh" Staff Shcrrard Football Reserves House Swimming Captain Nancy Jane Rice Miriam Rine Eugene S. Post Hutchins Robertson Michigan State Physics Club French Club Ruth Robin Harriet Robison Mary Theresa German Club Trideal-Euterpe Romanin French Club Physics Club Senior Play jack Rosen High Standards Club Physics Club Play Committee Wayne U, Evelyn Rowan Jefferson Rose Salk Band Orchestra Senior Play All-City Orchestra Senior Glee Club Memorial Committee Senior Play Lenore Roslca Ethel J. Saint Cye Garfield Business School Olga Salowich French Club U. of M. 4335 Santa Marla Detroit Business Institute Bella Roth Hutchins Marion Saint Cye Garfield Northeastern Business College Inez Lola Sanford Rae B. Schear Viking Staff Secretary of the Eskiettes Vlce Pres. of Clty- Wide Home Ec. Varsity Hockey Mary Margaret Scott Betty June Shaw Wayne U. Play Committee Allen Smaltz Radio Unit Senior Play Betty Lou Schneider Social Committee Chairman Light Staff Senior Play U. of M, Joyce Seedberg Richard A. Shepherd Senior Play Band Radio Unit Betty Patricia Smith Senior Play Betty Scholar Varsity Hockey Capt Basketball Pres. of Eskiettes House Swimming Joseph Shaltis James R. Slaughter Walter Smith Sherrard Hall Monitor R 1 At Student Manager ad 0 Um Track Team Wilberforce College James Earl Smoot Barbara Snyder Donald Louise All-City Captain Tricieal-Euterpe, Sohlin Varsity Football Treasurer Varsity Basketball Senior Play gugclggzy Viking Staff Viking Staff ' ' U. S. Armed Forces Denison University Milton Soloman Julia Lorraine Domenic Matthew Hutchins Spaustinaitis St. Angelo Philvdendwi St. George School f34l Leroy Stanley Capt. of Rine Team U. S. Air Corps lst Lieut. ROTC Doretha Stewart Sherrard Victoria Anastasia Swendris St. George School Carmen Gloria Tafoya Detroit Business Institute Hutchins House Basketball Bertha Starovoyt Doris Lee Stephens Vice Pres.. 307 Girls'Swimming Team Alyce Wyolean Strong Editor-in-Chief, Viking Student Council Spanish Club U. of M. Mary Alice Swoveland Capt., Varsity Swimming Eskiettes, Asst. Sec. Pres., House Decoration Eleanor Ann Talaba Nolan Stella Mary Tergis June Gwendolyn Secretary, 307 Hutchins Wayne U. Doris Wauldean Todd Sherrard Spanish Club Business College Thorley Selwyn Touber Treas., Senior Class President, 208 Senior Play Quill and Scroll Wayne U. Cons. of Music Roland Sutter Pearl Sylvers Garfield Lewis Business College Sylvia Mary Talaba Nolan Yolanda Rose Marie Ticconi Spanish Club Ellen Richards Club House Council Detroit Business Institute Dorothy Joyce Treganowan Greenfield Park Nolan ' f35l l Harold Eugene Juanita Alba Vagnetti Trexler Tufnef Swimming Major, ROTC Philodendroi Physics Club Cap and Gown Committee Dertad Charles Mary Vahratian Coleman Vinson Vahratian Sherrard Nolan Band House Basketball U. of M. Annie N. Waller Eugene Wash Nicholas Waskul Sherrard Varsity Swimming Business College Team U. S. Army Air Corps Harry Wax Edith Webb Charlotte Kathryn Hutchins Trideai-Euterpe Westbrooks Philodendrol Lasell Junior College Sacred Heart Wayne U. Howard University Carlos Whitehead Gloria jane Erma Lee Williams Senior Play Whitney Sherrard Army Air Corps German Club Business College Joseph Amos Patricia JOYCE Julian Williams Williams Witherspoon, Jr . H t he S All-City captain semor may Wgfngrhl Varsity Track 36 Student Council Memorial Committee U. of M. Nancy Wolfs Senior Play Trideal-Euterpe Varsity Swimming Team Carolyn Mae Young President of 307 viking Staff scudem Council William Zucker Senior Play High Standards Treasurer Navy Physics Club Joseph Konrad Wosinski Student Council Viking Staff Mary Jane Zeller Sou th Hills High School Helen E. Zverblis St. Frances Academy Pittsburg, Pa. William Pon Wong Helen Zorn Treasurer of 307 Cap and Gown Committee School Debating Cup, 1941 Wayne U. dditional Graduates Dorothy Berry Paul Ernest Deeben .Jlorflzern in Warrhne . . . 0ur Boys in the Serwke 1 ir f . Top, left to right: Lieut. Richard T. Patten, Pres. of June Class '38, Army Air Corps, Corp. Irving Smarinsky, Medical Training Center, Little Rock, Pvt. Sanford Gordon, Army Air Corps, Rantoul, Ill. Center: Pvt. Dale Jacobs, l4I, Marines, San Diego. Next ROW! CQFP- Wm- H- Meadows PW- S01 Pirkovirz. Signal Aircraft Warning Company, San Francisco, Nelson Burt, Marine COFPS, S311 D1Cg0- Lower Raw: Ellis HL1ClS0U, '38, Jacksonville: Anthony Prokopatz, Cunner's Mate, 3rd Classy Pvt. Ist Class Joe Annis, Camp Davis, NJC. C381 "Pro Patrian IIARRY GORELICK CHARLES I-IOOBERRY RUBIN IDEN 101-IN LAMB WILLIAM Ross PERINE WILLIAM RESE DONALD STORER RALPH CARPINELLI NORTHERN BOYS WHO HAVE DIED IN SERVICE f39I And Now H 'l1 3nn- pl Lii"l-iln1 llll 9 h0uS S llouse 207 if if l Q if fl 5 BETTE ANNE COLE MARJORIE BEAN Prggidgnt ViC6-PT6Sid6Wt i i "jf . if Miss GIDDINGS 9 to Principal In SALLY ALBRECH'l' BETTE ANN DAIAK Secretary Treasurer Miss Giddings, counselor, and the students of the Mary Gamble House have con- tributed to Northern's war effort. In regard to victory we have knitted eight-inch squares for afghans to be sent to our boys in the service. Similarly, we have not failed to support whole-heartedly all of the school's activities. Our members are prominent on every team and on the LIGHT and VIKING staffs. Our 12A leaders in sports are Ninfa Catalano and Barbara Ensing. Nancy Ensley aids in reporting Northern's news. On departing, the June graduates leave their successors under the guidance of Miss Giddings and wish them the best of luck. 44 House 203 oi. ' firi- SELWYN Tour-nan President 1 WILLIAM PFAFF Vice'President MR. BROWN Prmczpal JOHN OHLIGER JOSEPH L. RASAK Secretary Treasurer MR. BROWN REIVIINISCES IQI7lTh6 House was formed with Mr. Warren Frye as House Principal. rgzo-Mr. John Powells replaced Mr. Frye, who left to teach at Eastern. 1923-Mr. Powells became Assistant Principal of the school. 1925-Ralph White won a 55,000 Union Trust Scholarship to an eastern college. 1927-The second hand bookstore was established in 2.08. 1930-The House adopted a new constitution.. 1931-The House fencing team won the school championship. 1936-The Clemens lVlemor1al Trophy was awarded to 2o8's swimming team. 1939-208 won the scholarship plaque. 1942-Many former members of the House serve with the armed forces on the battle- 1543 fronts of the world. -Many students are enrolling in the prerinduction courses in preparation for war service. l45l House 227 OAN HINKLE CHARLOTTE GOLDEN President Vice Preswlent Mrss KNIGHT Principal IEAN HUNT ALICIA KEPPEI. Secretary I reasurer Proudly displayed in study hall 227 is the scholarship shield, a symbol of recognition for outstanding work. For this we are grateful to our kind and sympathetic advisor, Miss jean B. Knight. But the Alice Freeman Palmer House is not onlylmown for its high scholarship rating, its members are well represented in school activities. Our President, 'loan Hinkle, is the Vice-President of the graduating class, Secretary of the Student Council, and a member of the VIKING staff. Also on the VIKING staff are Maber Ford and Lenore Graff. On the LIGHT stall are Florence Kingsbury, Co-Editor in Chief, Celia Gittleman, a feature editorg Rose Fine and Jean Hunt. Nancy Hudson, Marianne Graetzer, and Florence Harvey were active in school sports. Doris Herriott, Corliss Hunter, Florence Kingsbury, and- Ruth Grinnewald acted in the senior play, Marilyn Goetz, Lenore Graff, jean Hunt, and Eleanor Isaacson aided in its production. House 227 joins with Miss Knight in wishing the graduates success upon leaving Northern. C467 House IACK LITWIN CHARLES KING Prggide-nf ViCG-PT8Sid8V1i Mn. Vozm Principal DONALD KAHN ARNOLD Lisvrma Secretary Treasurer The members of the John Marshall House can boast of their already splendid record along with their additional pledges of augmented high standards of this tenn. The suc- cessful termination of the past five months under the guidance of Mr. Vozka has certainly emitted accomplishments of great worth. House 224 has participated in almost every national and local activity in respect to supporting the school and aiding the war effort. The long honor roll of former John Marshallites in the service is demonstrative of this. The high record of our basketball team puts 224 in a high position in boys' sports. Philip Katz, Robert Hampton, and George Kalendrut are prominent members of Northern's Rifle Team. Our president, Jack Litwin, is prominent in school activities, he is Managing Editor of the VIKING and president of the Student Council and of the High Standards Club We extend our hearty congratulations to the graduates and wish them success in their chosen pursuits. l47l House 30 BERTHA STARVOYT CAROLYN YOUNG Vice-President President Miss SUTHERLAND Principal 'K I w , .L aw . , 1 g f. 2 H Q.. - 4, " HELEN ZORN STELLA Tencis Treasurer Secretary Following the leadership of Miss Sutherland, House 307 takes its place among the best at Northern. A serious attitude has been adopted to maintain the high standards set up by the girls of this House for a full quarter century. A high scholastic average and good citizenship toward school and country are watchwords of 307 girls. Following the great work of Clara Barton's American Red Cross, the members of this House will perpetuate the high ideals for which this noted woman stood. House 307 has in its possession the plaque awarded for attaining the highest scholastic rating last term. On leaving Northern, the graduates give their thanks to Miss Sutherland and the entire faculty for the invaluable assistance and counsel given them throughout their stay here. H485 House is it V Y AMES CLINTON ' RICHARD CHATHELD President f Vice-President MR. MCRAY Q! , . . ff K as s I rmczpal X3 kv g s , f' . ,i14fi"2i '- , lb? ffl wiigsgi-, :A swa- Sor. ALPINER IOHN AROZIAN Secretary Treasurer House 308 has succeeded in giving forth to the world many men proficient in their respective fields. Boys of 308 have been winning awards and trophies for their graderoom since North- ern was established in 1917. The armed forces have claimed many Franklinites both in this war and the last. Former members of this House are now serving in remote. corners of the world: Australia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, North Africa and India. Thus far, thirty-two of our boys are known to be on active duty. Others are working in factories, producing the weapons that will win the war. The boys of 308 join in saluting their fellow Franklinites in 'arms and are doing every- thing possible to speed the victory that will come. To the graduates we extend our sincere wishes for a successful future. 6 49 J 303 House 327 A A " .- ' CATHERINE POTERALA MARGARET LIC-HTNER President Vice-President , .I V M . . 'X 1' i" Q .-----h - .VA . . ,rrzwt L, L., X . M. V hflISS.KlELLER 2 me A M ' Prmctpal LUCILLE LEE BARBARA PANZNER Secretary TTEIZSMTGT House 327 has completed another successful term under the able guidance of Miss Edith Keller. Numbered among some of the House's projects were contributions to the Victory Book Campaign, the old clothes drive, scrap metal salvage, and the March of Dimes. In the Held of sports the Jane Addamsites won the girls' basketball and swimming trophies. The first of these victorious teams was made up of Catherine Michaelis, cap- taing Bonnie Long, Catherine Marsh, Ruth Linson, Marion Parker, and Erma Peterson. Many of our girls took part in the senior play-Barbara Panzner, Florence Miller, Mariruth O'Bryan, Rubynell Oglesby, Mary Lindsay, and Ruth Robin. Velma May, Catherine Poterala, and Phyliss Litwak represented the house on the VIKING staff. The graduates of this house thank Miss Keller for the splendid assistancerand guid- ance she has given them throughout their stay at Northern. KSOJ' A RARE BQOLEENT I CAP Snaps LIKELY STORY! L - l - - 1 1 l 1 L - S.. Q - -I - l I A 1 1 I I i l.. 1 I I 1 lilll. - ' " - llilll - lllll- i i IIIIIQ 1 1 1 :uni l i numi- - i - IIN- - - - 'Ulu l 1 1 IIIII1 - Q .lill- - -lill- S 1 IIIII1 - mill- 1 IIIIIU - lllll' V 1 llllll 1 :mv 1 Ill" 1 Il' I I' 1 y 1 il Q W 1 ' flefia 'I mi x J i i '13 'Ili - I F li at , 'Q 1 x I x Elf' ffl! activities Vikin 'ditors f ' W fn , Yew This issue of the Viking has been thought- fully compiled with the hope that in the years to come the graduates of June, 1943, may, through its contents, relive their high school VVYOLEAN STRONG Editor-in-Chief memories. Heartfelt thanks are extended the students responsible for the success of this issue-for their zealous, untiring efforts in behalf of this publication as manifested on elvery interesting page. May it linger long in the minds and hearts of its alumni! JACK LITVVIN Managing Editor C543 viking staff Editor-in-Chief .. .... Wyolean Strong Managing Editor . . . ...... lack Litwin Graduates Sports . Velma May Iulian Witherspoon TYPU19 Mechanical Drawing John Arozian james Smoot Art Sara Andrews Jackie Robbins Lorraine Randolph Wilma Painter Kathlene Coulter Shirley Gutherie Mildred Wiley Charlene jones Marilyn Leppore Vanlca Tomofl: Joan Hinkle Barbara Snyder Bette Anne Cole Houses Charles King Clubs James Clinton Catherine Poterala Carolyn Young Activities Konrad Wosinslci Orma Rose Humor Edward Martinuzzi Oscar Bederin Features Marjorie Bean Maber Ford Alexander Karay Advertising joe Rasak Lawrence LoPatin Vivion Bobo Morris Novetsky Margaret Cuthbert Phyllis Litwak Bae Schear Josephine Kaner Faculty Advisers Mrs. Cerrie Mrs. Kubicek Miss Moon Miss Tuomey Mrs. Brown Mr. Goldstein Mr. Whitmer Miss Hicks Miss Smith Miss Bain ge I G , i H b fs Nil Ox xr .laoluojl 50 saagplog M0 THE NORTHERN LIGHT i I I n-. 1nr....:....4 Witl its re about writer Reporx poll tc article. here si miss t Some Why Study Inqumnggfggrter Random Notes Modern 'F inding Jn. If p the selves mle at e give of E t ' 3 IZILXZT 1St be ,reign 21:25 must that you r 1 The st lqth' ir inte HOHS1 Clos e light l isslgn the sp ay n sitar, ugges friend: 3 SS sports 'a te very X een - is for Sport, 'icans Sur1 rep' dozen fls if crossvs Ongio spot. ' ' ' dropp must was t' toms, prove f H pea' Barring the Lime-light. Name. is the favorite colu opines, "Most stud just to read abou feature page cou this kind of col1 would ever miss v A half dozen o couldn't think of a but were willing Jeanne Hunt sigr. When we get tit results, not more 1 will vote the san the editorials still Nancy Rice has "Now that the pape in-chief I like to trying to guess w certain piece. It's s George Besanco Allen Champlin a R. O. T. C. artic "With all the R. C school, I think the mand for stories The new serial, Brotsky, found it: Pat Ware: "This feature to me. Tl THE ORTHERN LIGHT Vol. XLV Wednesday, March 31, 1943 No. 2 w fiw o ALS I zz' QW c""'4fr gist. 1-22:6 l94l'42 l5E!19,Ljy 6"-Yfassoavwi CO-Editors-in-Chief .... ..... F LORENCE KINGSBURY BILL PFAFF News Editors ........ Feature Editors .... Sports Editors ..... News Reporters .... Feature Writers ..... Sports Writers ...... .. . .MORRIS BORNSTEIN MARGARET LIGI-ITNER . . . .CELIA GITTLEMAN BARBARA TERRY GREEN CATHERINE MICHAELIS ....Rose Fine, Mary Lindsay, Milton Lipshitz, Donald Marrich, Barbara Palmer, Morris Rose, Virginia Ruby, Selwyn Touber . . . .Kathryn Ackles, Rose Adler, Myron Barnes Allen Champlin, Nancy Ensley, Lloyd Hanna, Jean Hunt, Albert Mermelstein, Helen Myers, Mariruth O'Bryan, Barbara Panzner, Warren Pickett, Lucy Post, Betty Lou Schneider, Mary Wilkus. ..Bill Jacobson, Bill Meier, Alan Reinheime: Exchange Editor ...... .......... ......... L U CILLE LEE Staff Photographer. . . Advertising Managers .... Faculty Adviser ...... . . ........... BILL MEIER . . . .SHIRLEY BIERMACHER FRED GREEN . . . .MR. HARRY GOLDSTEIN y work. se a foreign lan- ed overnight. The started in high unior high school. the A. E. F. who ichute in France if a smattering of 'ing of shop work? Ranger who in- ieed German or ment realizes the 'ing trained men nicate with people erefore, intensive lepartments have army camps and 's all over the WSWSI' I re needed more Uncle Sam needs Joys that are now ned Forces. The 9 uill and Scroll With Mr. Goldstein's hand on the quill, the Vlfhitmer Chapter of the Quill and Scroll looks forward to equal or excel their past endeavors. The chapter, named after our English department head, has been active! at Northern since 1939. The. roster is made up of writers for the Northern Light who have had Fifty inches of outstanding copy printed, then accepted and approved by the National Association. Also, above average marks in other subjects constitutes one of the main qualifications. New candidates for this international honorary society are chosen by the faculty adviser of the Northern Light. First Row-C. Gitcleman, C. Michaelis, M. Lightner, F. Kingsbury, B. Pfaff, M. Bornstein, B. Terry. A Second Row-Mr. Goldstein, S. Biermacher, C. Golden, F. Green, S. Touber, J. Hunt, F. H. Whitmer. . f ' ,il'va,'22-eflgn New Ajit 4E"WX'f:t ?5k2'JfviTlI2441'H'iS11MJMiT'5"kil13T'iP' T'i'f1v7"i9fFv5"""' ' ' M-Q fs Kia Clemmons, Z. Colquett, C. Cosby, H. Echols, D. Fezzey, G. Goodwin, N. Harris, W. Henley, R. Holley, H. Hunter, Iones, C. Kalish, S. Kushmai, H. Lane, L. Massey, A. McCarthy, C. McCullough, H. McKnight, E. Anderson, I. Ayling, A. Cameron, B. Colquitt, C. Fezzey, G. McReynolds, W. hlerriweath Moseley, E. er, L. Naslund, I. Pastor, W. Prophit, M. Reid, Rosen, B. Thomas, H. Vinson, C. Wash, E. West, . Jones, C. Lacy, P. Salk, R. Bacon, W. Douglas orthern James, S. William, T. Wilson, L. Long, S. Moseley, R. Brown, C. Butts, A. Duncan, M. Glenn, W. McCullers, D. Lane, I. Robinson, H. Woodlaw, H. Lumpkin, E. Williams, Ambler, A. Ayling, A. Cameron, Wm. Band orthern rchestra Goodwin, N. Henley, R. Holley, H. Rosen, W. Smith, G. Storrs, V. Thomas, H. Abel, R. Ambler, A. Anderson, F. f6Il Cottler, M. Ellis, C. Goldfarb, C. Goldfarb, M. Harris, M. Henley, B. Lemon, C. Pumphrey, Rash, P. Salk, R. Smith, C. Smith, E. Zellner, C. Hunter, Lacy, P. I. Girls' Glee Club B0 S9 Glee Club Berman, M. Crotinger, B. Brubaker, D. Croxton, C. Carvener, P. Dancey, S. Cimizri, B. Dorsey, T. Clark, A. Fallis, M. Cleary, tl. Coins, D. Costello, A. Groom, B. Costello, M. Hearne, K. Hitchcock, M Hudson, N. Jones, M. Keppel, A. Langs, V. Lee, G. Leppere, M. Long, B. Martin, R. Messer, L. Mrs. Searle Agee, O. Knight, A. Barris, L. Kuhne, L. Chafetz, S. Lipman, A. Damon, Manks, A. Flanagan, L. Lane, L. Grant, Nelson, Harris, W. Pleasant, L Hastings, C. Pollock, T. Hickson, E. Pool, T. Rabinovits, S Royal, E. Smith, C. . Mclntosh, R. l -V ' A ' Merrivveather, 1 so 2 f Moore, C. ' 'I 5 .,,, Moore, L. ' Q' ii B f Moore, R. ,". Thompson, E. Wiseman, D. Mr. Lawrence A Wysocki, T. C629 A. L. Miller, Myers, H. Perkins, B. Perossa, B. Post, V. Randolph, L Robison, H. Romeo, D. Sangston, P. Scarfe, B. Smith, H. Sparks, B. Summers, M. Tappan, M. Trenbath, A. Van Wyck, Walker, R. Wilson, C. Stonestreet, G Walker, C. Weimer, M. Wiseman, D. Moore, D. Mosely, C. Forsythe, N. Hamilton, W. Harkins, C. Harper, C. Haworth, R. Hunter, Kunin, S. Lewis, Markowitz, McIntosh, R. Mosely, E. Norrhrup, A. Roberts, D. Roberts, W. eh X W gw, I MVV H, "'f"'5'4 Wh.. in 'N 534, I -,A J W3 X.. SA X FW U 'ff "iw x ' ' :Q 5 we 1 A1 , in --H . ' Mg? 1, ,V J 3 , T3 N N, 5 1 , Q , f Q? ? X .,J -. We 4 A 'K yy , gm pa .i v- X, . K' 1, 1 fx i iw. I 7 First Row-J. Tatro, Scott, V. May, Miss Lyon, J. Fanto, Pugliese, E. Bodzin. Second Row-M. Mathis, L. Lewis, M. Adels, R. Johnson, D. Carson, L. Brad- ley, D. Mathis, M. Roberts. , Third Row-L. Halliday, M. McIntyre, L. Williams, D. Dugans. Q lbrar Staff Because of its peaceful air of study, Northern's library is always well filled. It is the first place most students go for advice when difiicult research assignments are given. Under the cheerful guidance of Miss Lyon, or one of her "up and at 'em" stall, students are aided in the use of all that the library contains. The library boasts a collection of current magazines and a satisfying group of newspapers, which includes the New York Times. Also provided are the classics and many modern up-tordate books, as well as reference material. C645 adio nit Since its inception in 1939 the Northern High School Radio Unit, directed by Mr. Harry Goldstein, has presented many perfonnances of merit. Students who are taking, or have taken, the school's radio courses are eligible to participate in the activities of the group. Because the Radio Unit does not operate as a iclub, the members have never elected officers, however, students are appointed to positions comparable to those of commercial radio stations. John Ohliger is the production director this semester, Mary Dell Roberts and Pat Ludington are the executive secretaries, and Burghardt Taliaferro, the music director. Arthur Munch, sound director, and Loren Johnston, chief engineer, take care of the electrical equipment used in recording and broadcasting. Adapting and recordfhg well known stories and plays is the regular work of the group. Recently they produced a half-hour adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The group has presented plays written by staff-members of Station WWI and of the Wayne University Broadcasting Guild. Members of the Radio Unit have also written and produced several school rally programs. Directors for this year were Gerald Richards, Larry Terniack, John Ohliger, and Burghardt Taliaferro. The talent included Mary Lincoln, Betty Pat Smith, Mary Dell Roberts, Selwyn Touber, Pat Ludington, Marion Summers, Allen Smaltz, Bill Cornell, and Willis Ellis. C 65 J Miss Shea . . . Mr. Nelson . . Mr. Patterson .... Miss Pike .... B1ll .......... Miss Eggleston Miss Johnson . Vecchitto .... Henry ...... Barbara .... Gertie ...... Mr. Bradley . . . Miss Wheeler .... George Bigelow . Mrs. Aldrich . . Mr. Ferguson . Mary ....... Fred Green John Arozian Glenn Penninger Joe Williams Senior Pla CAST . . . . . . . Florence Miller, Betty Pat Smith . . . . . . Bill Pfaff, Michael Geary . . . . . . . . . . Bill Zucker, jack Litwin . . . Rubynell Oglesby, Ruth Grinnewald . . . . Dick Shepherd, Milton Lipshitz . . . . . . . . . Maxine Cole, Doris I-lerriott . . . Mariruth O'Bryan, Florence Kingsbury . . . . . . . Mike Attan, Eddie Martinuzzi . . . . . . Selwyn Touber, Allen Smaltz . . . . . Nancy Wolfs, Sara Andrews . . . . . . . . Celia Gittleman, Ninfa Catalano . . . . . . . . . . . Hughes Potiker, Dick Kaufman . . . Margaret Cuthbert, Mary Lou Brumbelow . . . ....... Lloyd Hanna, Lawrence LoPatin . . . . Barbara Snyder, Barbara Panzner . . . . Morris Novetsky, Carlos Whitehead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Peggy Burris, Mary Lindsay STUDENTS Miriam Cottler Ruth Robin Corliss Hunter Eleanor Isaacson Bose Salk Wyolean Strong Belle Goldenbcrg C 66 l 'QWhat iii!" PRODUCTION STAFF Loren Johnston ................................... Stage Manager Mary Lincoln ............ . . . Assistant to Director Lenore Grail: .............. .......... C ostumes Jeanne Hunt, Marilyn Goetz ............. . . . Properties PROMPTERS Harriet Robison Betty jane Clark Bella Goldberg Going to Princeton is a "fate worse than death." Naturally, we're quoting from that mountainous monument of woes, Clifford Goldsmith's What a Life. It was chosen as this term's senior play because of its natural appeal for all who have ever been to school. The play is full of adolescence, that time of mortal existence when even misery is funny-funny, that is, to the onlookers, not the participants. Henry Aldrich is the character about whom the play centers. He is rigor- ously guided by a well-meaning family until he gets a feeling of guilt about any achievement or act that's essentially his own. There is a history exam. If Henry passes with the highest mark in his class, his mother has promised to pay for a ticket to the school dance, to which Henry is taking a very cute girl. In order to get the highest mark he cheats. He is accused of stealing the brass instruments from the school band. Finally, the assistant principal tells Henry to own up to his cheating, and tells his parents that Henry belongs in an art school. The real thief of the instruments is caught, and the play ends with Henry facing another crisis-that of scraping up thirty cents. The play was well produced under4Mr. Goldstein's excellent :direction and the work of the large cast and production stall. i673 ifle eam H. SHIPPEN I. ANToNow W. CoMPToN H. Tmsxuan I. BARNETTE G. KALENDRUT P. KA'rz F. MILLER Led by co-captains Le Roy Stanley and Harold Trexler, the Northern R.O.T.C. Rifle Team took second place in their regiment. The regiment contains Eve of Detroit's ranking high schools. The team average was more than twenty points higher this semester than last. , Sergeant Rolnick from Camp Polk, Louisiana, and formerly at Cass Technical High School, was the instructor. Added to last semester's team consisting of Le Roy Stanley, Robert Hampton, William Kremidas, and Herbert Shippen were Phillip Katz, James Antonow, William Compton, George Kalendrut, Tom Opipari, Robert Paul, and ,lack Bamett. C685 .all E IW ini BETTY Sonoma President OHMA ROSE Vice President RAE SCHEAR Secretary CATHERINE MICHAELIS Treasurer MARY ALICE SWOVELAND A Recording Secretary First Row-F. Simon, R. Schear, O. Rose, B. Scholar, C. Michaelis, M. A. Swoveland, M. Massicci. Second Row--I. Miller, G. Marsh, J. Stover, B. Everett, M. Eastman, M. Graet- zer, E. Owens. Third Row-Miss Delaney, R. Martin, Mrs. Scollay. skiettes One of the many nice things about the Eskiettes is: once an Eskiette, always an Eskiette. Also, you meet girls bubbling over with pep, action, and friendliness. To promote better sportsmanship, to take part in athletic activities, and to further ' good fellowship have been our greatest aims. ' When a group such as ours has two such fine sponsors as Miss Delaney and Mrs. Scollay to lead us, life becomes more wonderful! Splash parties, teas, initiations, Varsity games, outside meetings and going away parties have provided cherished memories of the happy times we've had together. Though different be our aths, in s irit we shall alwa s be to ether. ' P P Y S Upon leaving we say to you, the Eskiettes-to-be: KEEP UP THE SCHOOL SPIRIT. i709 BILL MEIER President BILL SPAULDING 'Vice President JACK BARNETT Secretary CHARLES STEPANAUCKAS Treasurer , .. . . 3 y, 5. ,J it First Row-M. Attan, B. Barnes, C. Stepanauckas, Barnett, B. Spaulding B. Meier, J. Arozian. Second Row-J. Clinton, F. Miller, D. Eager, G. Penninger. Third Row-B. Jacobson, R. Sutter, G. Besancon, C. Miller, Prophet, A. Champlin, Rodgers, E. Sutter, Jacobson. i.-Y C. Compton, M f7I2 ,ry GLORIA NEWMAN President PHYLLIS LITWAK - Vice President SALLY BRENNER Secretary ADELINE t WoL1N Treasurer First Row-R. Donofsky, N. Lifshitz, G. Newman, P. Litwalc, A. Wolin, B. Goldfield. Second Row-E. Zager, Mrs. Stoneman, D. Adelson. elta Kappa Without relaxing the standards which have been theirlaim through the last twelve years, the Delta girls have added to the purpose of "The pursuit of knowledge, the development of the intellect and the furtherance of sociability among girls," that of "Aiding the cause of Victory." Before and after school, and even during school hours, the girls have conducted the sale of defense stamps and bonds. From October through March they have the grand total of 34,474.20 to their credit. Many enjoyable social meetings have been held outside of school, including a bowling party. At least a B average is necessary to maintain membership in this club. Mrs. Stoneman sponsored the club this term, and to her we extend our undying gratitude for the assistance she has given us. M. Henry, D. Adelson, R. Donofsky, N. Lifshitz, and E. Zager were accepted this term as new members in the club. C723 ouse of representatives Led by Ivan Ludington, its able and inspiring president, the Northern House of Representatives has risen to new heights. On March I2 a most successful dance was given at the Hackett Field House. Many from Northern came out to share in the fun which everyone was having. Basketball and baseball contests were held with Hi-Y and other teams. ln this way and by means of house parties the five new members have become well acquainted with the other seventeen. The "House" has endeavored to serve the school by selling bookcovers and ushering at the senior play. Mr. Bigler has kindly consented to be the sponsor of the club and is extremely capable. To Bill Pfaff and Lloyd Hanna the club wishes the best of luck in their years to come. First Row-R. C. Charlton, T. Bullet, B. Maedel, B. Pfaff, I. Ludington, Mr Beigler, D. Scarrow, Ludington, F. Meno. Second Row-B. Austin, D. Crawford, L. Hanna, G. Fitzgerald, B. Slater, J. Engel, E. Foltz, D. Peters, Bridge. IVAN LUDINGTON President BILL PFAFF Vice President DAVE SCARROW Secretary TOM BULLER Treasurer BILL MAEDEL S ergeant-at-Arms f73l DORIS HERRIOTT President SALLY ALBRECHT Vice President JEANNE HUNT Secretary BARBARA SNYDER Treasurer ADELINE CLARK X Corresponding Secretary HARRIET ROBISON Sergeant-at-Arms First Row-B. Snyder, D. Herriott, S. Albrecht, J. Hunt, B. Harner, E. Webb, Miss Clawson. Seconl Row-M. Amos, Miss Teninga, K. Ackles, K. Friclc, E. McCullough, B. Hook, S. Heiklcinen, J. Leonard, B. Ensing, Miss Elliott, M. Roberts. Third Row-P. McAdams, B. Dixon, B. Plumb, J. Hyde, N. Wolfs, M, Bean, B. Cimini, H. Robison, M. L. McFadden. rideal uturpe Regularly holding meetings at the homes of members, the Trideal-Euterpe Club has completed another successful temi. While knitting squares for their Bed Cross afghan, the girls were entertained by the sponsors who read aloud from popular books. Trideal and Euterpe, formerly two separate clubs, were joined in 1939. The three ideals of the club are scholarship, friendship, and service. Proof of the regard the members have for these ideals is the showing they have made in school activities. Nancy Wolfs, Doris Herriott, and Barbara Snyder held major parts in the 12A play this term. lean Hunt was on the Light staff, while Barbara Snyder and Marjorie Bean were active on the Viking. The girls would like to extend their gratitude to the sponsors, Miss Elliott, Miss Teninga, and Miss Clawson for their welcome guidance and friendship. 4749 JACK LITVVIN, SELWYN TOUBER Co-Presidents First Row-L. LoPatin, S. Touber, Mr. Caswell, Litwin, B. Zucker. Second Row--O. W. D. Beclerin, J. Rasalc, E. Martinuzzi, B. Rosen, J. Rosen M. Lipshitz. Third Row-S. Kalish, A. Munch. Ili h Standards x g ta ss- A' LAWRENCE LOPATLN BILL ZUCKER l K Secretary Treasurer The highlights of the semester were an outing at Mr. Caswell's estate and a dinner-dance at the Book-Cadillac. A DATE ? 75 X Elf First Row-J. Hinkle, R. Oglesby, M. O'Bryan, J. Dennis, N. Catalano, E. Styles, B. Panzner. Second Row-M. I-lolmlnerg, M. Leveque, S. McCullough, O. Fritus, C. Ziegler, S. Dancey, F. Anderson, Miss Halfert. Third Row-J. Storey, Miss Leonard, S. Town, V. Lewis, K. Moffett, M. J. Foley, W. Robinson. Fourth Row-P. Kilgore, M. Hoag, M. Gefken. orthern Girls RUBYNELL OGLESBY President JANET DENNIS Vice President NINFA CATALANO Recording Secretary BARBARA PANZNER Corresponding Secretary MARIRUTH O,BRYAN Treasurer C765 atin Club The Northern Chapter of the nation-wide organization, the Junior Classical League, organized and sponsored by Miss Zinck and Miss Dean, has successfully completed its first semester. The basic requisite for membership in this club is a genuine interest in the classics. A gold plated C. L. pin entitling him to membership in the junior Classical League is worn by every member of the Latin Club. Activities this temi was a visit to McKenzie High, where Dearborn High School students presented two plays based on the Aeneid. An interesting kodachrome movie travelogue on the topic "The Aegean Sea and its Environsu was given. Launched successfully this semester, the Latin Club looks forward to many more successful semesters. CHARLES KING President lx1ARGARET LIGHTENER Vice President f77l MORRIS BORNSTEXN President CHARLES KING Vice President DOROTHY CARSON Secretary MARIRUTH O'BRYAN Treasurer First Row-D. Perez, M. O'Bryan, M. Bernstein, C. King, D. Carson, M. Graetzer. Second Row-Miss Russell, A. Montes, E. Moser, G. Bledsoe, C. Ehrman, Whitby, J. Chenault. Third Rower-I. shippen, D. Carson, J. Bear. El Circulo Espanol The Spanish Club is enjoying ever-increasing popularity because of our growing friendship. The club is wholeheartedly in agreement with the new idea of the country- wide Pan American Clubs now being organized. Miss Russell, the very able sponsor, does everything possible to increase the ability of the members to speak the beautiful language. At every meeting of the "El Circulo Espanol" discussions of the customs, traditions, and beauty of South America, Mexico, and Spain are given. Programs are planned, and Spanish songs and games are always included. H85 e Cercle Francais The French Club, under the sponsorship of Miss C. K. Lutz and Miss L. E. Ward, who are sponsoring it this year, began to interest French students in November, 1930. Their motto is "Practice makes perfect," which they try to live up to by not speaking English in the meetings. The programs of games, plays, lectures, and songs are enjoyed by all. The spon- sors' suggestions are appreciated and accepted. . As in the years before, we continue to wish the seniors "Bonne Chance." MARGARET GANS President NANCY SHATTICK Vice President AMELITA HATCHER I Secretary OLGA SALow1cH Treasurer C795 First Rcw-M. Bryant, M. Anderson, N. Shattick, M. Gans, C. Lemon, C. Culton. Second Row-K. Moffett, R. Robin, M. O'Bryan, S. And:-ews, M. Cuthbert, W. Roberts. Third Row-L. Lee, Miss Ward, P. Fournier, First Row-L. Alcerlay, A. Barenholtz, B. Ludwig, E. Bishop, M. Adler, L. Sylvester. Second Row-A. Kermit, M. Burke, Mrs. Cone, J. Ohliger, F. Brown. Third Row-H. Trexler, A, Karay. Philodendroi E. BISHOP President B. LUDWIG Vice President A. BARENHOLTZ Secretary M. ADLER Treasurer The Philodendroi Biology Club has been built upon a keen interest in biology and high scholastic standards. Meetings are held once each week. Activities are of a varied nature, consisting of Held trips, quizs, lectures, movies, arranging biological display cases, and some special term project. This year, following the trend of the times, we are planning the development of a Victory Garden. The Philodendroi has been carried on under the able leadership of Mrs. Cone, SP011 SOI. 8 sics Club With the exception of one semester, the Physics Club, sponsored by Mr. Rolfe, has been active for about twenty-one years. The main purposes of the Physics Club are to stimulate interest in physics, and show how physics is applied to industry. This semester, the club visited the Cranbrook Institute in 'Bloomfield Hills and had their annual picnic there. First Row-B. Paul, G. Penninger, H. Grixley, Mr. E. Carl Rolfe, F. Green, L. LoPatin, R. Robin, D. Carson. Second Row-J. Rasak, A, Karay, E. Isaacson, W. Fisher, F. Miller, F. Kingsbury, B. L. Schneider, M. Goetz, A. Hatcher, T. Green. Third Row-J. Litwin, M. Lipshitz, S. Kalish, B. LeVine, B. Watso, B. Zucker, I. Ludington, B, Pfaff. Fourth Row-A. Lemon, B. Davis, J. Rosen, H. Potiker, E. Martinuzzi. Fifth Row-O. Bederin, F. Miller, S. Touber. , Ji M if '-w!',e L 3 HAROLD TREXLER President LAWRENCE LOPATIN Vice President FRED GREEN Secretary RUTH ROBIN Treasurer C313 o I- t J lififiififswi Eleventh Grade Team STEWART CHIPMAN CHARLES FRANKEL Co-Captains Twelfth Grade Team DAN POTTER BILL IACOBSON Co-Captains 84 Basketball Because of the physical fitness training of this year, Varsity Basketball gave way to intramural competition. There was a tenth, an eleventh, and a twelfth grade team. CThe freshmen did not do quite so well as upperclassmenl. Led by Co-captains Chuck Frankel and Stuart Chipman, the eleventh grade team won, all their games and ended by capturing the divisional championship. This team will be returning intact for com- petition next term. The seniors, with Jim Smoot and jack Reagan as guards, Co-captain Dan Potter, center, and Co-captain Bill Jacobson and Edward McKnight as forwards, also led in all of their games and completed a successful season by capturing the twelfth grade divisional championship. ' Most of these players will enter the armed forces immediately upon graduation. If they show' as much determination and teamwork for their country as they have shown for Northern we will understand the quick triumph of our forces all over the world. Boys, Northern is proud of you and may God watch and look over all of you as you become a member of a much larger team with a greater and more important goal- Freedom. Ss rack SOME NORTHERN TRACK STARS OF THE PAST GEORGE C"BucK"J HESTER '22 All-City dash mang later a leading college sprinter while at the U. of M., and a member of the Canadian Olympic team. EVERETT PAUSOHERT '24 Broke State quarter-mile record at Lansing. GORDON HESTER "Buck's" younger brotherg leading Detroit sprinter. Iuvuvrv RUSSELL '26 Dash mang later starred at Wayne. R. LAMB '28 Starred in the dashes at U. of M. BILL BONTHRON '28 Became one of the world's leading milers. ED SOLOMAN ,39 Outstanding in the hurdles and dashes. SAM SAcHs '30 Leading 220 competitor. LEONARD ALKON Holds present loo and 220 dash records for Cityg now star- ring at the U. of M. C869 f"l'w0-Man Team" The indoor track season was abandoned for the physical fitness training. After much deliberation on the part of school authorities outdoor track is to be returned. North- ern's chances this spring seem good with the presence of two All-City men, Co-Captains Ernest Boyd and Julian Witherspoong and one varsity man, Sidney Stevens. This will be Boyd's and Witherspoon's final year, and both will be giving their best. Boyd has jumped 6 feet 3 inches repeatedly, and if it were not for the Army he would most: certainly have a grand college career ahead of him. He is a good worker and a grand sport. Witherspoon has distinguished himself at Northern by his outstanding ability as a sprinter. He has been a member of Northern's team for all three years-earning an All- City stripe for each year and another after his hnal one. He is leader of the City's 30 and loo yard dash men. 187D M. A. SWOVELAND Captain M. CUTHBERT Co-Captain SHIRLEY Woon Manager First Row--O. Rose, S. VVood, M. A. Swoveland, M. Cuthbert, N. Vllolfs. Second Row-Mrs. Scollay, M. Craetzer, M. Eastman, A. Marco, S. Arnold. Girls' Swimmin Northern's Mermaids had no active competition this semester because Hamtramck, Highland Park, and Cass have no girls' swimming teams. This is unfortunate because Northern has an excellent team, consisting of: BREASTSTROKE. DIVING Marianne Craetzer Nita Marko Mary Alice Swoveland Barbara Palmer FREE STYLE BACKSTBOKE Shirley Arnold Margaret Cuthbert Martha Eastman Martha Eastman O1-ma Rose Shirley VVood Nancy Wolfs Shirley Wood The girls were helped in practice by Don Kiltie, Bill Meier, Chuck Miller, Bill Austin, Chuck Steppie and Leonard Isaacs, under the able guidance of Mrs. Scollay. Girls who participated in House Swimming were B. Palmer, R. A. Stella, M. A. Swoveland, M. Graetzer, B. jameson, S. Wood, O. Rose, W. Murphy, I. Marcus, C. Marsh, K. Culton, M. Eastman, M. Cuthbert, L. Van Tuyl, N. Monro. C385 . asehall May May May May May May june june June June First Row-M. Ganz, C. Frankel, F. Green, S. Chipman, E. Sutter, Damon, I.'Rodgers. Second Row-Coach E. Powers, B. Uronovitz, B. Jacobson, N. Baker, Jacobson, G. Guenther, Coach W. Dierkes. BASEBALL SCHEDULE-1943-NORTHERN LEAGUE 11, 1943 14: 1943 18, 1943 21, 1943 7-51 1943 28, 1943 1, 1943 4: 1943 8, 1943 11, 1943 Northern vs. Denby ...... Cass vs. Northern ...... Northern vs. Hamtramck . . . Pershing vs. Northern ..... Northem vs. Highland Park.. Northern vs. Denby ....... Northern vs. Cass ........ Hamtramck vs. Northern .. Northern vs. Pershing ..... Highland Park vs. Northern 4893 . . . . Chandler . . Codd Field . . Hamtramck .. Codd Field Highland Park . . Codd Field Cass .. Codd Field . . . . Pershing .. Codd Field RUTH HACKETT Captain MAUREEN FALLIS Manager First Row-B. Long, N. Catalano. M. Fallis, M. Parker, B. Scholar. Second Row-C. Michaelis, B. Everett, E. Owen, R. Linson, Mrs. Delaney, I. Miller, C. Marsh, Stoner. irls' asketball Northern's basketball girls, ably coached by Miss Delaney, had a good season, although there was less chance for inter-school competition. The most enjoyable game of the season was "Cuties vs. Farmerettesf' the final score being 30-32, the Cuties chalking up the winning point. The other schools played were Hamtramck and Pershing. Chosen to lead the team was Ruth Hackett, with Maureen Fallis elected manager. The other Varsity players were Ruth Linson, Bonnie Long, Catherine Michaelis, Leah Stanley, Betty Everett, Marion Parker, Catherine Marsh, Ninfa Catalano, and Betty Scholar. The Reserve Team won two games and tied one. Although many excellent players are graduating this term, the team shows great promise for next year. l90l Girls' ennis Although hampered by the loss of Virginia Colton and Hazel Mundie, last year's star players. this year's tennis team worked twice as hard, under Miss Delaney's coaching, to keep up its good record. The six seasoned players returning this year were Ninfa Catalano, unanimously elected captain, Dortha Lee Cook, Ruth Grinnewald, Betty Lou Schneider, Catherine Michaelis, and Nancy Hudson, well supported by several excellent new players. The other schools in Northern's league were Pershing, Hamtramck, and Highland Park. N. Hudson, C. Michaelis, N. Catalano, Miss Delaney, D. L. Cook, B. L. Schneider, R, Grinnewald NINFA CATALANO Captain 'i91l Boys' Golf H. Potiker, L. Hanna, H. Akerman Coach E. Powers, D. Potter, B. Pfaff, G. Fitzgerald, B. Slater, Bear G. Aiken, C. Anderson. E 92 and ennis This year's varsity team will be headed by Co-Captains Hughes Potiker and Lloyd Hanna who are the team's retuming lettermen. After barely missing out in the city finals in their successful ,42 season of eight victories and two losses, the Northern Tennis Team hope to better their records this year. ln spite of war time and its effect upon athletic activities tennis was brought back this year on a modified scale. This year Finds Northern's team with a new coach, Mr. Muschella, who takes the place of Mr. Lewis, now a Lieutenant Uunior gradej in the Navy. Mr. Muschella 9 3 Snaps ga Lflf-RN' D QK ' 5 K3 GU PERTH T 54? ff? 0" .Nahum Dsmfe ' J' WNC. Drwrf: H 1945 Snaps fl Z. t A orthern P in l'l35Sl3lltS Girls in picture: Barbara L ' oomls, Margaret Stevens, Iohnnie Fanto, Gene- vieve Farha, Ianet Dennis, Orggie Mitchell, Doris Jean Matchen, Mary Beth. Hitchcock, Mary Lincoln, Louise Loomis, Nancy Wolfs, Ruby- nell Oglesby. W 0,5211 oymmhqff'-es. c 96 J FINALISTS MISS 104 Its Typical Girls N MISS 1 - I, , """ "H MISS 1213 ' W Mb? Qfa-940 MISS 10B www Pictures by Lawrence Lopatin and Arthur Munch, VIKING photographers C 97 7 12A Snaps hat alle hem amous jack Litwin ..... Florence Kingsbury Bill Pfaff ....... Wyolean Strong . . Ruth Robin ..... Selwyn Touber . . . Nancy Wolfs .... julian Witherspoon Ernest Boyd ..... Bill Jacobson ..... Ninfa Catalano loan Hinkle ' Fred Green .... Joe Rasak ....... Allen Smaltz ..... Lawrence LoPatin Barbara Snyder . . . Oscar Bederin .... Sara Andrews . . Hughes Potiker . . Marjorie Bean . . . Sally Albrecht . . . Eddie Martinuzzi . Konrad Wosinski . james Smoot ..... Lloyd Hanna .... Margaret Cuthbert Dan Potter ,.... . . Albert Mermelstein Richard Kaufman Dick Shepard .... Milton Lipshitz . . . Rubynell Oglesby . Burton Levine ..... jim Clinton ....... Margaret Lightner .... Bill Zucker ...... Peggy Burris . . . . . . His moustache? Light . . . . . . . . . His enthusiasm ....................Viking Knowledge-War of 1812 Her dark eyes .........Speed High-jumping Basketball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Their inseparability . . . . From office boy to President-1 year 99 . . . . . . . His Civics recitations I-Iisgolf? ......... joe Rasak's Trig . . . A mother at I7 CHen1jy'sl . . . . Her Southern accent . . . . . His zo-zo vision . . . . . . Artistic ability . . . . Her clothes . . . His boldness? . . . His 1:eatness?P? . . . . Athletic ability . . . . His shyness??? . . . . . Her Swimming Hook shot Names and more names Mr.Voska DickShepard Lawrence LoPatin's Hash bulbs HerSloppyIoes Hisschoolbag ..................Cuppie Heraltitude His knowledge of Shakespeare Hermouth Umllll ' 5 ' Y ' u neu ny 0 Il I 0nag:nnanaununugnun - 0 0 - n gllllgil LN, unngua uufauuuusurnn "' "'," UP Ollfll I nafluncuug nun H -"-"""""""'l"i -1---- Il W N , II llgl llflgllllllgll xl 000 L zllllllrll 'xx K f'xX 'azuan XXX Z Q A 0 oo X f 5 S x N, Q Z S -- GSX , ft. X N.. IM luii' 4' HUYHOIFQ We Retief Cfporfs fouwmenf The Sport Center offers the sportsman everything in the realm of sports. Of interest to fishermen is our enlarged department featuring the latest "lure," fish- ing rods and equipment. We have iust added the complete line of Spalding Athletic Eqvilfmenl in ad' dition to our Rawlings and McGregor lines. We invite you to drop in any time and look over our stock. A GRISWC Scollay: Calf? H. Robison: "Ten inches." Scollay: "Thiglz?" H. Robison: "Twenty-six inches." Scollay: "Neck?" H. Robison: "Sometimes!" ' if Whitehead: "Will you increase my wages? l was married yesterday." Miller: "Sorry, but we are not responsible for accidents that occur outside the factory." If A teacher tested the knowledge of her kindergarten class by flipping a half-dollar on the desk and cried, "What is it?" Rubynell Oglesby yelled, "Heads!" Phone Tyler 4-2344 WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRS M. ' IN DIANER Expert Watch and Iewelry Repairing 8725 Linwood Ave. Detroit. Mich. is Ivan Ludington: "So the water at your fraternlty house unsafe?" Bill Pfaff: "Yeah!" Ivan: "What precautions do you take?" Bill: ' iFirst ,we filter it." Ivan: "Yes?" Bill: 'Then boil it." Ivan: "YesP" Bill: "Then add chemicals." Ivan: "Yes?" Bill: "And then we drink beer." Compliments of . . . A Graduate-:'s Father and Grandfather Xenophon and Nicholas Karay C :oz J GOOD POSITIONS IN THE WAR PROGRAM There is a critical shortage of stenographers, typists, accountants, and office machine operators for desirable positions in Federal Government departments, war in- dustries, and business. Young men with this training i are needed by our armed forces. You can help "work for Victory" in these positions, and increase your chances for worthwhile employment in the post-war era. You can prepare at The Business Institute for one of these opportunities. Call in person oi phone Randolph 6534 Schools at S040 ,loy Road, near Grand River, at 3240 Gratiot, corner of Mack, also in Pontiac. The BUSINESS INSTITUTE DOWNTOWN SCHOOL. MICHIGAN BLDG.. 220 Bagley Avenue. Detroit "Michigan's Largest Business School" ACCOUNTANTS NEEDED IN WAR AND IN PEACE A very real shortage of qualified high school gradu- ates to fill accounting positions exists today. There is an urgent need for women accountants. WALSH offers a time-saving, intensive Account- ancy Gourse in evening school classes beginning September 13, 1943 Serve your country and insure your future by pre- paring in evening school classes at WALSH for im- portant and high salaried accounting positions in war and in peace. WALSH INSTITUTE A professional. coeducational school of Accountancy and Business Administration 120 Madison Avenue, De'I'roi'I' 0 CA-5136 Write or call immediately for details about this practical course. N. r Mr. Hanna received a letter from his son Lloyd in college: DAFFY-NTSHUNS "I need fifty dollars for club dues. Your son, Lloyd. By W. D. MARTIN HP. S. Since writing this letter I am ashamed to ask you, Caesar-A man of great nerve and wonderful Gaul. so I ran after the postman and tried to get it back. I pray . it does not reach you... Canoe-An object that acts like a boy-it behaves well , lloyd received a letter from his father: when paddled from fhe rear' l "Dear Lloyd, your prayer was answered, the letter didn't Gentleman-Any man who wouldn't hit a woman with l reach me." his hat on.-Fred Allen. l Oleomargarine-A food bought by people who have seen l if butter days. l Oculist-A man with an eye for business. , l oscar Bederim 'That conductor glued ef me GS ii Street car conductor-The gent who tells them all where l I didrff PGY mY Ima' to get off at. z Alex Karay: "What did you do?" W , , 1 A . h , 1 oscar Bederim ..I glued right back as if I did... omans crowning g ory- nc man s sca p. Woman's ambition-To be weighed and found wanting. M Yes-A married man's last word. Dumb-Dora-A co-ed who is so dumb she brings her Mike Arran. HIS the boss in?" cosmetics for a make-up exam. Allen Ghamplin: "Are you a salesman, a bill collector or 1 a friend of the boss?" P' V Mike Attan: "I'm all three." Allen Ghamplin: "The boss is in conference, he is out of town, and please step in." 103 A definition Webster missed: - Petting: The study of anatomy and braille. ABUQAIJEIA ROLLER RINK 3527 Woodward Ave., Detroit Compliments ci Orville W. Godfrey Proprietor CLAIRMOUNT GROCERY Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver 15 Clairmount Ave. Ma. 7073 CAREY, The Florist 9101 Woodward Ave. Phs.: TRinity 2-3460-1 Detroit. Michigan Mrs. Tina Rowland. Prop. Phone TO. 7-5872 TIN A'S DRESS SHOPPE ALTERATIONS - COAT LINING 11595 Cardoni Street. near Woodland Detroit. Michigan Trinity 2-9003 IRVIN G BLATT Hi-Speed Super Service General Automobile Service 9105 Iohn R, corner Owen Compliments of Riehardsolfs Drugs 9053 Woodward Avenue Corner Clairmount 6 Open All Night Telephone Madison 7395 A KNEADED IOKE 'We've heard that college bred means a four-year loaf made with dad's dough. Some crust, eh! YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN Recently three individuals passed away. Arriving at the gates, Peter asked each the same ques- tion to determine which Way they were going. Call- ing the first one he asked, "What school did you go V to?" "Cast was the reply. Immediately he gave him a one-Way ticket down. Asking the second person D0 You know Aff? he replied, "Cooley," Likewise he followed the Cass Aff Wlw? student. The third person, Milton Solomon, said he Affesian- was a Northern pew-pill. Peter then said, "Here's Sure, I know Affesian Well- your ticket, you go straight up, you've beenthrough hell already." If Three Britons. each hard of hearing: V First Lirney: "Is this Wembly?" 2nd Briton: "No, Thursday." Third Limey: "So am I, Let's have a drink." A chap was arrested for assault and brought before the judge- , judge: "VVhat's your name, occupation, and what are you Next Sunday the Reverend Eddie Martinuzzi will preach on the subiect, "Skiing on the Sabbath" or "Are Young llfomen Backsliding on Their Week-Ends?" C104 charged with?" Prisoner: "My name is Sparks, l'm an electrician and I'm charged with battery." Judge: "Put this guy in a dry cell." l COIVIPLGIIIYIE We WXKSYUUD WW T 1535 ESTATE WK AND HUHNEK DKUG6 1535 E. STATE FAIK Tw. W V , W ff.: wg, X ig--J - , Lil" ,,,.4 3--:'..:-T: - SN ES RATIO llllll 5l " ' ssl- 0 w,', ,Nun -21:5 1 4 5' 'F ... N - . 3W6?f4JI'I3I5'5'3'Z'ZsI4'7 ,wo o av 4 4 o 69,4 Q 4 64 95.6Q8gf4Sq 90'o'q,':95,9'd 1'o'o'oVo9svWNf6'4',4 'AW uMoo0oou44,0,944 Vo' L' Ng6,9QI5.6,9, ' 'I' 5'g'4 4 4' 9' 30,950 4 QQ! Qs., 4 4 4 ' ' 9 o O If Q ,I O 0 O -g, I 4 , O D X Q 00 4 i 5 Q 9 Q . O O 6 Q 6 4 ,O Q, O 1 Q Q O Q 2 . rr 'off 1 4 -4 oo ,ofof Vo 4 0 n 0 Q 55,4 oat! Q ay o 0' 0 09 9 O OA 4 A PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTION in Painting, Drawing, Water Color, Commercial Art, and Clay Modeling 5,5 li Art School of the Society of Arts and Crafts . 47 Watson Street G , The-Se 336 'I'lme5 'I'T'y Catalogue on Request mem s' soles Mr. Warner: "Were you copying this paper?" Bederin: "No sir, I was only looking to see if he had mine right." If Overheard at the Stark-Raving-Mad Club: C. Wosinski: "I've lost my wallet with 31,000 in it. Who- ever finds it I will give Sligo." Bill Zucker: "I'Il give S75.u W TRICKY CONVERSATION "Ullow Fred." 'Ullow Iohn." "Come in to die?" "No. yesterdyf' I1 Then there was the "Walk this way, please." bow-legged Hoor-walker who said: 106 I used to 'snore so loud I'd wake up: but I cured myself. I sleep in the next room now. If A high school student's definition of ci rnale parent is: The kin I love to touch. If She was only the optician's daughter-two glasses and she made a spectacle of herself. W Bill Zucker came into a butcher shop and asked for a pound of "kidlies." Butcher: "You mean kidneys, don't you?" Bill Zucker: "I said kidlies, did'l IP" If Mr. Rolfe: "Why are you late, LoPatin?" LoPatin: "The class started before I got here." If "I shall now illustrate what I have in mind,",said Mr. W'hitmer as he erased the board. th 'H like 511215, you rk is kind of War wo "We girls in the 'Telephone Army' are doing one ot America's most irn- portant jobs today . . . handling vital war calls that MUST go through." The Telephone Company extends you a cordial invitation to investi- gate the opportunities offered for full-time employment after graduation. To learn more about this in- teresting war Work, consult your counselor, or visit the Employment Office, 1365 Cass Avenue. No previous experience requir- ed. You'll be paid while you learn, and you'll find working conditions pleasant and asso- ciates congenial . . . stable em- ployment with many opportun- ities tor advancement. MICHIGAN BEll TELEPHONE CO. C 107 D Friendly Movie House OAKLAND THEATRE 11759 Oakland Manager - Chuck Stepie GAROFALO PHARMACY Phone Townsend 6-9200 , 11650 Oakland Ave. Detroit, Mich. Prescriptions Our Specialty Remember the boys in the service with mail . . . magazines . . . and books. CARL'S BOOK SHOP 9103 Woodward at Clairmount Calvert Beauty Shoppe Complete Beauty Service SHIRLEY PENROD 10243 Hamilton at Calvert - TOwnsend 8-1011 Cop: "What's your name?" Truck Driver: " 'Tis on the side o' me wagon." Cop: CTrying to read name? "It's obliterated." T. D.: "Yer wrong. 'Tis O'Brien." V Shepherd: "I suppose you think l am a perfect idiot." Ioan: "Oh, none of us are perfect." If Customer: "Those sausages you sent me were meat at one end and cornmeal on the other." Rasak: "Yes ma'am, in these hard times it's difficult to make both ends meat." If Pierre Shultz: "Your wife bakes good cookies feven though they're hard as rocks.j" Mr. Vozka: "Thanks, here's a marble cake she wants you to have. She says it's got everything." Pierre: "No, thanks. Anyhow I always take what your wife says or cooks for granite." If lst Bum: "What's the matter with your arm?" 2nd Bum: "Hurt it smoking." lst Bum: "All the way up to your elbow?" 2nd Bum: "Yea, that fellow had a pretty big size foot." In a battle somewhere, a Yank and three Britishers were playing poker. The Yank understood little about their talk. One Britisher felt good and said, "Well, I'll wager a bally pound on this." Yank: "I dunno much about your English money, but I'll raise you a couple of tons." V Iokes Gramma and Grandpa Loved to Hear A meek soul prepares to rent a room for a week: "You must pay in advance, sir." Uwhypll "Your belongings are too emotional." .. . H Emotional? "Yes, too easily moved." V Mistress: 'AWhen I beckon with my hand, you come. I am a woman of few words." Maid: "Il am, too, ma'am, and when I shake my head, that means I ain't coming." Al M. Novetsky: "I have sold over 5o,ooo bottles of 'Health juicef I ask you, gentlemen, I ask you, what does that prove?" Voice from the rear: "Dead men tell no tales!" V Stu: "You spent two months in Alabama and you talk as if you had been born there." Ped: "Pardon my sudden accent." SewardnHamilton Garage Complete Automotive Service Towing Compliments of . . Telephone TRinity 2-9244 Seward at Hamilton M-WAY? Ideal Dress Shop e C 108 J FARGO Jewelry - Watches l,l ii Hom. Drxrnomzn Uncle Sam Needs You! Right now you have an obligation to put aside long range planning and train for immediate service. That would look like the part ot Good Citizenship. Lack ot properly trained help is hampering the War effort . . . over 700 needed in one agency alone . . . Stenographers, Typists, Calculating Machine Gperators, Accountants, etc. Special Streamlined Courses for Men and Women Preparing tor War Emergency Positions! Courses requiring 8 weeks, 16 weeks, and 20 weeks, depending on content. 5 o United Artists Bldg. -Entire 10th Floor DETROIT BUSINESS UNIVERSITY Finest of business college quarters, occupying the entire 10th floor of the United Artists Bldg. Write or phone for catalog "Look at that one-the one staring at us through the bars. Doesn't he look cute?" "Yes, there is something uncanny about it." "He looks as if he understood every word we were saying." "Walks on his hind legs, too, and wings his arms." "There, he's got a peanut." Well look, he knows enough to take off the shell." Listen to the female next to him chattering." "She must be his mate." Yes, I guess they wish they were in here with us monkeys." n u H If "Am I going to d-die. doctor?" "My dear Mr. Clinton, that's the last thing you will do. If A truck driver couldn't get his bill until he made a state- ment: "Three comes and three goes at two-hits a went comes to S1.5O.', 109 Following letter was sent to a resident in the Ozarks: "Dear Zeke, will meet you at the railroad depo about 5:00 o'clock. Effen you cain't read this letter, take it to someone who cain." ll Burris: "Ouchl l just cracked my funny hone." Smaltz: "Oh, just comb your hair on the other side and no one will know the difference." If Sandy joined a golf club and was told by the professional that if his name were on his golf halls: and they were lost, they would return them to him when found. 'AC-ood," said the Scot, "put my name on this ball." The pro did so. ' "Would you also put M. D. on it?" went on the Scot, "I am a doctor." The pro obeyed. "There's just one more thing," he said. "Can you squeeze 'hours io to 3' on it as well?" l Compliments of cs Friend Compliments of.. . Brooke, Smith 86 French STEVE'S MARKET 10241 Hamilton Avenue Detroit, Michigan TO 8-3620 We Deliver H 86 F Cleaning and Tailoring 8815 Brush and Holbrook Call Tr. 1-6760 LEWIS DRUG COMPANY PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTS 11505 Hamilton Ave. Ph. TOwnsend 8-2640 Detroit. Michigan Compliments of COIFFU RE BEAUTY SALON n 11317 Hamilton Ave. Proiessional Beauty Service Phone Townsend 6-9459 THE CHALLENGE PRESS lOHN F. GIGLER "Particular Printers" 10219 Hamilton Ave. Ph. TOwnsend 8-2313 GEORGE'S MARKET Groceries -- Meats Ice Cream - Frosted Foods 9315 lohn R. Latest reports from Berlin seem to indicate Hitler is killing his generals von by von. If Don't sit on daddy's knee, sonny, he's had a very busy day at the office. W "My brother is working with five thousand men under him." "Where?" "Mowing lawns in a cemetery." W A man of six-feet-eight applied for a job as a life-guard: "Can you swim?" asked the oH-lcial. "No, but I can wade to beat the devil!" If March l-Wanted-Teller, First National Bank. March 3-S. Touber has been appointed Teller at the First National Bank. March 4-Wanted-S. Touber. III Statistics show that Yale graduates have 1.3 children. VVhile a Vassar graduate has 1.7. Which proves that women have more children than men. V Wife: "ls that you, Iohn?" Iohn: "lt better be." If Mr. Simpson: "You said there is a bill collector at the door. Did you tell him I wasn't in?" Servant: "Yes sir. l-le didn't believe me." Mr. Simpson: "Well, I guess I'll have to go tell him my- self." ll A Britisher, Greek and German were riding in an airplane. The motor began to sputter. "This plane is overloaded," said the Greekg the German jumped overboard. The plane still sputtered. The Britisher looked at the Greek, the Greek at the Britisher. The Britisher and Greek went to the door. The Britisher opened the door, pushed the Greek out and yelled, "There'll always he an England." COPIES .... OIL PAINTINGS .... MINIATURES .... FRAMING WEDDING PORTRAIT SPECIALISTS I ' ' . .1 Edward razyson Sherlock . . . Fine Portrails . . . STUDIO and AT Hom: PORTRAITS ' Madison 5780 Detroit 920 Clairmount Avenue 11123 .,...- in I5 if C,- v. Bl 'Z D no ,, 0 lv 11-. Ll 5 v , .v . I K, 'bl n b '. io" 'I s Q nl fl I sr 4. nv. fl no In ,U -, . ,--jliy' . , . .,4w-ms. iv, Q- ,la-.1 . "wf'K . I 4 ' v ' x nf' Qi

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