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Northern High School S e mi - A n n u ol KD JUNE Nineteen Hundred Forty-one The sfaff of fhis semes+er's Viking has al' femplecl fo give you a pic+ure of Norfhern, noi' wifh bare walls or empfy swimming pool, buf busfling wifh lhe acfivifies of fhis or any o+her gracluafing class. We do fhis in fhe hope fhaf when you look back on fhis book in fhe years fo come, you will remember Norfhern as a place of warm friendliness, happy acfivify, and gainful learning. Foreword Dedication ' Faculty Seniors Houses Activities Clubs Sports Literary Humor gg . f.",5,:' . 5':.'.' O o 600 O Oooh 0 .5- ,. K4 o 0 O O X ,,, l"'g :f ,z , ' 0 gf .'!r6,"'Z 06. 8 oo .390 n S We 'the members of Hue graduahng class of June I94l dedlca+e 'rhus book +o Mr Rober+ E Warner who has con frlbufed much fo fhe SCl9I1+l'FlC advancemenf of bofh pasi' and reseni' Norfhern sfudenfs and who has been an and and adviser +o fhose seelung knowledge In fhe field of Chemlsfry I 1 5 u fam 1 r P ' J . To 5 W t Lamplighters 'Twas once before that earth was dark, Unlike the dark we know today. A pall fell on the world each night, Upon the sea it stretched away. Then prescient Tom began to dream, And in that placid sleep saw he, A world of light at midnight hours, That world he made existing be. But darkness shrouds the earth again, And vaunted progress seems to end. Hate clogs the mind of mortal man, Where hope and wisdom should transcend. Perhaps some day upon the ebb, Of love and hope and liberty, When all the world is quiet, still, When shadows hug the silent se:-15 A genius from We know not where, Will light man's heart, and forethought lend That he may see las it should bel His brother not as foe, but friend. -Jonathan Williams. I Page Six 1 Q From the Principal When you entered this building three years ago, nobody could have foreseen that there could now be so tremendous a struggle between regimentation and individual freedom. What its outcome will be, nobody can predict. We do, however, know this: that you must do everything within your power to preserve democracy in its best aspects and prepare yourself to defend your native shores. No matter how your plans for the future may be upset by these changed social conditions, you must preserve your individuality and strive to live up to the high ideals for which America has ever stood. This can be achieved best by the simple and homely things and not by heroics. If you can find the meaning expressed by this simple, ancient poem of unknown origin, I think you can safely weather the storm and do your part in building a better America. "I-Ie loves his country best Who lives pure life and doeth righteous deed, And walks straight paths however others stray, P And leaves his sons, as uttermost bequest, A stainless record which all men may readg This is the better way. as 44 is "No drop but serves the slowly lifting tideg No dew but has an ei-rand to some flowerg No smallest star but sheds some helpful rayg And man by man, each helping all the rest, Make the firm bulwark of the country's powerg There is no better way." You all have my very best wishes. Sincerely yours, I Page Eight 1 From the Assistant Prmczpal The development of Americanism has cultivated a loyalty to our country which transcends petty, selfish interests, without implying, however, the doctrine of uniformity. If patriotism is defined alone in the spirit of jingoism-strength, power, superiority-not much solace can be expected. If, however, we define patriotism as strict loyalty to the spiritual and moral ideals of the founders of our country, of what it can contribute to human well-being, of what progress can come from pooling of resources, rather than the attainment of selfish interests, the country as a whole and the individuals therein will benefit. In other words, freedom to reach decisions on the basis of moral knowledge and ethical inquiry is stressed, rather than the imposition of totalitarian propaganda and indoctrina- tion. Perpetuate to the best of YOUR ability freedom to reach YOUR decisions on the basis of YOUR just knowledge and investigation. Sincerely, L Page Nine 1 F acult ' w ii M '-EW i ...,z H WSJ' i T -4 as-1..sss. I' William S. Caswell History Dept. Edna A. Clawson History Dept. Alexandria M. Davis . Comm. Dept. Walter A. Dierkes Health Ed. Dept. Willis Ferrill R.O.T.C. ' .. V 1 ,,11. -zii . ,Q ,-.QQ .. . .. . .. :- . . - . Q , s 35 5 in . it . im 1 .5 . Q53 U1 1 .5 f D uk H 'W rw? Q t A N . L..-2 B 3 ,ir rf, in si as 3. 1 ' f'f-- am. .. .ryt 5 ""' ,Tix - "'1Y-- 51 - . ' .E . ,:'- ' 5091112 D- Cone -A S - D Clence ept. ' 'G' " lik '6' : :i1SP-. 1 4..Z:.f Maybelle A. Dean Latin Dept. Almira B. Digby Home Arts Dept. Robert Foster Eng. Dept. Mary A. Delaney Iiealth Ed. Dept. Ruth Elliott Math. Dept. Anthony E. Gerhardt Science Dept. Alvin L. Babb Comm. Dept. Ray Bigler Science Dept. Isabel K. Bogie History Dept. .. .... . -2 . .afar-wha ---- sig, ein - . .. 4:5fiw1":f,i ' -- .. gf . . X .. gage -21 iiaaiifiix si :KE- I Page Ten I Lilla B. Bacon Eng. Dept. C. H. Blanchard House Prin. Florence Bradford Home Arts Dept. Marjorie Brown Modern Lang. Dept. 4:-:rift 3 nlltg ' fi Q . . 23? . 25? 512 .1 f E. mf Q me r wif as M.. .1 Q -5, fs a 5xe'..1s.' ,ai . . .. 'sPg,'?E:. f' i Louise Bain Art Dept. Head Clarence W. Blanchard Comm. Dept. Head Arthur H. Brown House Prin. Esther H. Buckeye Health Ed. Dept. Nadia R. Cadieux Home Arts Dept. , ,,,. ..-.. , , - ff ,, F15-ns: 3 s 5 ' My M .-1,3 3. M angie H f ish? .,. J. mei 1 l x 'J A slew. LQ Q . . .. 'L J i I ". :.. ...Af if 1fv.s.E gf . fy-E' , "7-5 5 t L-L 6 we ... M .ilrw M. sim wil if 355251 iilhli A awk-.I ,, ,,,. . ----' . Exim' ' my ri-2 ig.-e I X W: bg Y1. if ,.,L-fs 3. K if 5.1 aww 1 Eg . , fl Ruth E. King Math. Dept. Jean B. Knight House Prin. Katherine L. Kuhicek Eng. Dept. Laura A. Leonard History Dept. Frances Lyon Librarian ...- ..,..1-more ' me gm' ' r ' if S4 l -if 'R is tk -1 ai a . ,,. 5 J' Ze Q it-,fr " E .-'mesa W... , , ,, has Q1 ,ggi 7 - ' '. egg ' . . Henry C. Kolbe English and Journalism Nlildred I. Lamb Home Arts Dept. Charles S. Lewis Eng. Dept, and Dramatics Edward J. McRay House Prin. ' K , ' ' '1 "'..,fs..I M 11. .ia1rsx"s:zz.ssn 1 :as , .,.. ...... LL.. , ....,.A X fl N . s- E "JDE . ,Fe 5 .,:2:EffffiEf 447 ...ii Orvis A. Lawrence Music Dept. Gretchen Lutz Mod. Lang. Dept. Head Bertha E. Malone Mod. Lang. Dept. Alice A. Gerrie Eng. Dept. Lillian M. Gwinn Comm. Dept. Harvey B. Hayes Comm. Dept. L. jane Giddings Health Ed. Dept. Dorothy M. Hagen Comm. Dept. Marjory B. Hicks Eng. Dept. Doris J. Holloway Home Arts Dept. Faculty Harry Goldstein Eng. and Radio Dept. Elizabeth Halfert Science Dept. Brady E. Hill Comm. Dept. Abe J. Katz Health Ed. and Football Coach Edith Keller House Prin. , iw- v I Page Eleven 1 Facult , ,- ,F . Aa!! .1 -5 Mark E. Schmidt Science Dept. Laura Searle Music Dept. Head Margaret Singleton Home Arts Dept. Mary Snell Comm. Dept. Olive M. Sutherland House Prin. Q . 1 3 .lee Henry L. Simpson History Dept. Head Eleanor Skimin Comm. Dept. Frank I. Solar Mech. Arts Dept. Eugene Swem History Dept. 'i .. "ik-.' .. 51 , :I ink Florence M. Smith Helen Monroe Science Dept. Louise Nehil Braille Bernice I. Powels Eng. Dept. N an , .... we .,, . K 12" Cecile W. Moon Eng. Dept. Gladys Owen Sight-Saving Dept. Edward J. Powers Health Ed. Dept. Head Adelaide Russell Mod. Lang. Dept. Joseph W. Muschella History Dept. Leon F. Plumb Science Dept. E. Carl Rolfe Science Dept. Head Clara K. Schaihle Comm. Dept. Margaret S. Schmidt Science Dept. Eng. Dept. Anna G. Sowden I A,'VV -. Speech Improve- . f ment Dept. K,.. A 4 Gertrude Teninga Math. Dept. if-1? at 5.5 ..,,., ,.,. . SEB. W E S.. . . 8 . r I Page Twelve 1 724 'L .. J .. iff-.S W fx gi-5 A. 9- Q '- ZWV1 . X 'I Q if . . ,gg w e --' 1. I ' - ,.., ' , ,, 1 my -4 we A - - 1 .f f a-1 .. ff .e.23'Wf -. -, : , .. . " ' .. Thomas C. Whyte Mech. Arts Dept. Head Helen Wood History Dept. Spencer H. Wright Mech. Arts Dept. 2. an Janet C. Thorpe Comm. Dept. Katherine Trumbull Home Arts Dept. Henry Vozka House P rin. H - 5 , ,,,. -.h.. .,f -,,- - . " 1 . f Q I Page Thirteen 1 Seymour Tilchin History Dept. and Debate Mabel Tuomey Eng. Dept. May F. Walsh Math. Dept. Head Robert E. Warner Science Dept. Facult Jessie M. Toland Science Dept. Zaide I. Voorheis Eng. Dept. Louise E. Ward Mod. Lang. Dept. Earl E. Watkins Mach. Dept. F. H. Whitmer Eng. Dept. Head May E. Zinck Latin Dept. Make Believe When my heart is filled with sorrow Ancl life's end has come, it seems Then I wander through the valley To my hidden house of dreams. There the sun is always shining And the slcies are always bright. There the folks are always happy Be it day or be it night. All my dearest friends reside there, How I love their gaiety, As I listen to the gossip Of each flower, bird, and tree. So if troubles come to bother, You can build a house sublime, That will weather all your hardships Till the very end of time. -Sarah Philka I Page Fourteen 1 7 all DJ! 12A O cers JOE DAIAK President MORRIS WEISS Vice-President SYLVIA NEUMAN Secretary MILTON S. COHEN Treasurer An easy-going friendly manner and an enthusiastic interest in everything have won for our tall, lanky president alhost of friends. Numerous activities give evidence of his versatility and intelligence. Joe is without doubt an indispensable member of our senior class. Our vice-president's chief charm is an irresistible smile, which betrays his excellent sense of humor. Many of us will remember him for his portrayal of Silas in the 12A play, "Silas, the Chore Boy." Morris has taken an active part in school affairs and, because of his engaging personality, enjoys a wide popularity among his classmates. Vivacious, loquacious Sylvia quickly wins the affections of whomever she meets. As secretary of the 12A class, business manager of the Light, and treasurer of her house, Sylvia has shown that she is as capable as she is attractive. Our secretary is best described by a single word, the name of the character she portrayed in the senior play, "Perm" Quiet, unassuming Milton Cohen, popularly called "Mickey,,' is a class ofhcer to be proud of. His excellence in scholastic achievement and his able participation in school activities make him a leader. A favorite of all, "Mickey" is quite a busy fellow these days, what with being 12A treasurer. I Page Sixteen 1 President? Message AT long IasT we have reached ThaT TaTeTuI day: ThaT day when we are graduaTing Trom high school. Twelve years ago, when we were sTarTed on The road To educaTion, we viewed The ThoughT oT going To school wiTh disTincT pleasure. We soon learned whaT Tun school could be. BuT, alas, alack, someThing happened: somewhere along The way, we, all oT us, aT some Time or oTher, and Tor some reason or oTher, musT have made The wish :"Oh, how I wish I didn'T have To go To school!" Perhaps some ThoughTIess Teacher Took us To Task Tor noT doing our assigned homework. Do you remember how bad we Tell' Then? Was iT our TauIT Though ThaT There were so many oTher Things ThaT we would much raTher do Than go To school? We would Take a day Trom school To go hiking or swimming. Could we help iT iT our minds could noT be Torced To do our lessons? This phase of our lives disappeared when we enTered high school. SympaTheTic and undersTanding Teachers poinTed ouT To us ThaT if we were To succeed aT iobs in The TuTure, we would have To learn To apply ourselves To iobs in The presenT. "Your only iob now," we were Told, "is To GET AN EDUCATION." WhaT do we mean by educaTion? Anyone, who gives iT iTs IiTeral and noT iTs real meaning, will Tell you "GeTTing an educaTion is The learn- ing oT TacTs abouT various subiecTs." ITs applied meaning, however, is quiTe diTTerenT. I would deTine iT as, "The resuIT oT The masTering oT The abiIiTy To Think clearly and independenTIy, The abiIiTy To geT along wiTh and To help oThers, and The acquisiTion of a knowledge oT The TacTs oT life." Your educaTion To daTe has consisTed oT The learning oT These quali- Ties. The exTenT To which you can apply Them will deTermine The value oT your educaTion. a Some oT us, realizing The need Tor a conTinuaTion oT our sTudies, will go on To college and will noT have To go ouT inTo The world Tor some Time yeT. OThers will Take Their place in The world now. These are The maioriTy, and To Them I would like To repeaT a Tormula Tor success, "You geT ouT oT This IiTe whaT you puT inTo iT." The graduaTe who is going To college will Tind This To be True, also. There is a place oT TrusT and dependabiliTy waiTing Tor each oT us. IT we Try hard enough, we can make ourselves anyThing we wanT. s AIThough we bid Tarewell To NorThern wiTh Tears in our eyes, we KNOW ThaT we are going on To beTTer Things, ThaT we are leaving our school IiTe, buT are enTering IiTe's school. MQW, I P g S venteen 1 Committees Memorial Committee Russell Burton, Chairman Joseph Dobkin Meyer Kaminsky William Tinsley Alvin Singerman Lillian Markowitz Shirley Altshuler Olga Yatich Cap and Gown Committee Sylvia Ring, Chairman Gino Ticconi Marcus Plotkin George Bennett Julius Iskow Anne Radin Betty Barchko Nellie Melnik MRS. STONEMAN Play Committee Phil Sirotkin, Chairman Eugene Radcling Willie Melton Bryant Bernard Gins Suzanne Soulam Charlotte Touher Nan lVlcLelland Jacklyn Morrison Donald McL,ean I Page Eighteen 1 Social Committee Peter Coralis, Chairman Tom Anderson Jack Graham George McMartin Eleanor Philips Nancy Brown Estelle Blumenthal Elizabeth Rieger Finance Committee Irving I. Wrotslavsky, Chairman Sidney Aronavitz Paul Miller h A Bill Lansky' William Chung Ouicla Harrison P Gertrude Zucker Ann Coleman Student ouncil HARVEY KATCHAN ROSE TAMBURRO SCOTT STYLES j EAN HARRIS MR. WHITMER HELEN COOPER MARVIN LoPATIN JOE DAIAK CHARLOTTE TOUBER GWENDOLYN HESS BEN FOX NAN McLELLAND MORRIS WEISS I Page Nineteen 1 Graduates .. , - 2- "Whiz 'ftllil-i 55"fi::11:f:Qi'f2 'T"::'2,:'f" 'F2II95ITZ5'i--1 15125, 1 - it fc- :2' ii.: .at -,z ' . -- '--- 1 --- rj sf.. ' -r iii! , rrry . ? rryyyy Dorothy Atlas Hutchins Intermediate Corridor Squad Detroit Business ,a Institute . ,,.r ,rfrw L :nn-e"'3'3l 3 E Q,i.. Q 4. 15 N , ff S Lillian Gloria Berkowitz Corridor Squad Grace Hospital School of Nursing Evelyn Mae Arnold Edward Frank Bagdon St. George Walsh Institute Shirley Helene Bechtel Hutchins Intermediate Viking Staii' House Council Business College Estelle Berns Chicago, Illinois Wayne University Shirley J une Altshuler Hutchins Intermediate Vice-Pres., House 207 Memorial Committee Detroit Business Institute Sidney Aronovitz Sherrard Intermediate Glee Club Finance Committee Wayne University Morris Baill Hutchins Intermediate R.o.'I'.C Q .,,,:.. ., ,,f-- , Seymour Barenholtz Hutchins Intermediate Senior Play Wayne University Helen Beck Hutchins Intermediate Wayne University Richard Berry Jeiferson Intermediate Band House Track Ruth Alexander Barbara Ann Allen Joyce Allen Rockdale High School Sherrard Intermediate Hutchins Intermediate Camilla, Georgia West Virginia Alliance High School State College Detroit Business Institute Thomas W. Sylvia Applebaum Anderson Hutchins Intermediate Capt Varsity Football Coffldof Squad Capt.',' Varsity Baseball Detlfoit Business Varsity Basketball Institute University of Detroit Alice Assadoorian Nolan Intermediate Robert E. Bald Viking Staff Varsity Track House Council University of Mich. Bernard Terry Barris Senior Play House Basketball George Henry Bennett Sherrard Intermediate Physics Club Cap and Gown Committee Wayne University iiiiiii - I Page Twenty 1 ' 'BT .:: :- I s.,.., - Msn . a f' 1 , E3 'ir F:-2 ' 6 ,ara Mar- : 71- 'eff g gi., J, to 1?1F3EE'!E?i1iSHfiiX!-iii , " - iff Le Roy Banks Miller High School Band Detroit Conservatory of Music Betty Batchko Sherrard Intermediate Philodendroi Club Cap and Gown Committee University of Mich. l , i 2 L 'ie 51' 5. ,. 1 .5 ,M Q. .Q as 1 N f 3 at , iv ,, Lottie Barbas Sherrard Intermediate Business School .gf aria? 31-.,.-ia," f i,,e,zegz .,.....:. , ,... ....,, ras- W , . 4 Jean Arda Bierbower Nolan Intermediate Detroit Business Institute Russell George Burton Senior Band Senior Orchestra Chairman, Memorial Committee Senior Play if .enee Z ,R esnne 5 ssn.nn,s t get is at . " "' Mari, 11. 3355 ggggiiiiii 5aaa5'aeeHaeeag V Robert Owen Billany Massanutten Military Academy Viking Stad Orchestra General Motors Tech. Estelle Blumenthal Treas., House 207 Treas., Delta Kappa Viking Stan' Social Committee 4 'fs ' +2 K K , a s . . fig 'aiij Marion Camen Sherrarcl Intermediate Peter Caralis Nolan Intermediate 12-A Play Chairman, Social Committee Walsh Institute 1meHeftewfaiifwffr-5re.rawrw-fwsrcvaerff fu , , A ,i.ii at A' .- a f WM ' -'L f' 'ii wma. Frances Eualia Blakeney Henry Boatman Sherrard Intermediate Varsity Swimming Band Virginia State College Graduates Alvin Le Roy Boyd Barbour Intermediate Capt., Varsity Track Wayne University Marilynn Braun Durfee Intermediate Trideal-Euterpe University of Mich. Mildred Bronstein Oliver Reginald Hutchins Intermediate Broome Corrldnf Squad Sherrard Intermediate Dramatic School Nancy Brown f A Tr ideal-Eu terpe f Albion College , ,--- '- f my was William Haslett Canham Viking Stag sean-zzf: W American Academy ' -- Of Dramatic Art Violet Carpinelli Spanish Club Corridor Squad Ann Casselman f ew 1 I A ax . as E 55? N g it F f t 5: ra J- we 1 Q fl .. e s,..:e,,ai5,5.gei,,a:5,3ei. Charles Earl Cartwright Hutchins Intermediate Varsity Football Walsh Institute Fern Casson Varsity Swimming Varsity Field Hockey Corridor Squad Burroughs Business College joseph Chaps Catholic Central Walsh Institute I Page Twenty-One J House Swimming Wayne University Willie Bryant Capt., Varsity Basketball Varsity Track Sr. Play Committee University of Mich. Adeline Catalan Nolan Intermediate Wayne University Marion Charusofsky Hutchins Intermediate Spanish Club Stamp Club Wayne University Stuart Burleigh Viking Staff Vice-Pres., House 328 Band Wayne University Martha Chestnut Nolan Intermediate Graduates Sheila Frances Comstock House Swimming Senior Girls' Glee Business Institute Blanche Ruth Davis Hutchins Intermediate Milton S. Cohen Treas.. Senior Class Northern Light Quill and Scroll House Council, 328 Helen H. Cooper Pres,, House 207 Theresa Ciacchella Sherrard Intermediate Spanish Club Business Institute Betty Ann Coleman Hutchins Intermediate Wayne University Rae Cornwell House Basketball Sec'y, Student Council Eski-ette Club Viking Stan' Delta Kappa l l V sf -H ' hi" Marion Cunningham Garfield Intermediate Corridor Squad West Virginia State College John DeForge House Council 328 Physics Club Hi-Y Wayne University University of Mich. Joan Crews Durfee Intermediate Vice-Pres., Trldeal- Euterpe Mich. State College june C. Dahl Hutchins Intermediate Ellen H. Richards Club Wayne University Roamand Ruth Hall Viking Staff Howard University Mamie Chomiuk Business Institute John Clearyf Sault Ste. Marie High School Corridor Squad Evelyn V. Coleman Sherrard Intermediate Thelma Jean Cram Nolan Intermediate Detroit Business Institute Angeline Cubba f Sec'y, House 207 Viking Stall' Spanish Club Wayne University Joe Frank Daiak Pres., Senior Class Quill and Scroll Pres., House 328 Student Council l Page Twenty-Two l Milton Robert Cohen House Council Northern High Standards House Track and Basketball Wayne University John L. Cranny St. Benedict High Golf Squad R.O.T.C. Rifle Squad Aero Club Eileen Culp Rosary Intermediate Burroughs School Anita Christ William Chung Leland School Nolan Intermediate Finance Committee University of Mich. Sturges Crawford Swimming Team Kenyon College at., HMS 5 fr 1 X' L as it 5 we it 3325 as s .wrt is as E il fs 1 E.. .r ,Q-L, ,F :rs ails-113' 1' J?-a s ,gjr ull- K-M 1 f ' Henriette Dembicki , - :KL ,,.' iff? Robert Ellerbusch , A ,,iA,,, U 5 X ew.. ,Aj W, i w if 2' "' 'l L 54 + 3 F' F ,lt gm- 2 25, i -:Z -'ff 'F i 552 1 it-Ly, n Liv ' if i ,H -1 1 Lois Lucille Dickerson Redford Union High School Peter Dimeif, Jr. J 'l A Jack Esson Sec'y, French Club Biology Club Toronto University Ida Falinsky Nolan Intermediate W af riitea 3 1: ,Y w aigifa ii. 5f59ff ',kk 552 ' on fs we V if H 5 I1 Q I ,I im, :skier -F hw El 1,3 agar I A re 4515 ' .1 ff' 'Zi 41551. . , , , . .. ew as , J,:, I eine:-ef may 4 -Y: I A -is 555935 l li F 1, rf '51 EET 15 ff gy Charles Dickey Hutchins Intermediate Mich. State College Joseph Dobkin House Council, 328 Memorial Committee Wayne University Julia Dorsey Sherrard Intermediate Senior Orchestra Paul Evely Nolan Intermediate Raymond Feldman Dorothy Domnitch Hutchins Intermediate Glee Club Ruth Frances Dravis Hutchins Intermediate Nursing School Linden Taylor Edwards First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. National Guard Manuel Fertell Graduates Ruby Muriel Duncan Ridgewood, N. J. House Basketball Varsity Basketball Mary Jean Egger Spanish Club Northern Girls' Club Wayne University ,,,, 1 . '5-Ia 5 5 5 5 ,J " 5 lr A g Q Q r 4 a F K 11 as . .,.1, w, ,,1fW fat , , fe ir.. fi Florence Eisner Hutchins Intermediate Glee Club Wayne University ,,.. C C 4. 'Eat X 'TL ,X 5 WI wean: af L J' r 'Q s 'li wi "'-.ora ia Sherrard Intermediate Glee Club Physics Club House Swimmlm! and Basketball Wayne University Abraham Fetter Freda Fetter Peter Gregory Finn Viking Stai Delta Kappa Light Stan Sec'y. Northern Hizh Standards Wayne University Helen Alice Fogel Wilma Folkerth Hutchins Intermediate Post Intermediate Stamu Club Wayne University L Page Twenty-Three 1 Radcliff e College William John Forest Varsity Football N-Club House Basketball House Track "9?fi52233s raduates -, .--,fe M 1 ,M A r W we D re.: P - :. A I 5 I ,,,..., f 1 , , , ' l Q M X1 ml if .4 E G he it Monte Frankel Hutchins Intermediate Northern Light Corridor Squad Detroit Institute of Technology Geraldine Garber Lewis Gentry I 5 S90'Y1H0US'9 227 Sherrard Intermediate Pres.,German Club Band "7 ,. Afilfeftlslng Manager, HOUSE Track Vlkmg Howard Univefsitv z Chemistry Club Jean Giannola Alice Gilboser jack E, Gin,-li Glee Club H t h' I t ' Business College " C ms H ermedmte gtltiiifglilimedme University of Mich. ii ..., .'.... f 'I 31.1. Q7 --:' . , .,.. 1 1 L'w..f'J' ' l ol? .l059Phln9 nnn l Glover Q E' Sherrard Intermediate - ' 5 Corridor Squad A I I H0959 Basketlmu -- V Business Institute fQ':'kf'g-1x12 Hersh Goldberg Mildred lvl. Goldin jf ifgffg : Varsity Football Sherrard Intermediate VafSitYBaS9ba11 Orchestra H0959 Basketball Corridor Squad University of Mich. Walsh Institute Mary Katherine Bernacline Gordon Helen Marjorie Goodwin Goul Jefferson Intermediate ' Glee Club Elizabeth Sidney Foster Sherrard Intermediate University of Calif. Carol Gale Hutchins Intermediate Business Institute Peter Antone Gherardini Benjamin Fox Pres.. House 308 Student Council Viking Stan' Lawrence Institute of Technology Philip J. Gannon House Treasurer Senior Play "N" Club Co-Captain Swimming Bernard Gins Edna Marie Hutchins Intermediate Glasener 512:35 Student Northern Girls' Club Play Committee Glpe Club Walsh Institute Efilflglgb Rita Gold Celia Goldberg Hutchins Intermediate Business Institute ' Joseph Goldman Sherrard Intermediate House Basketball Sherrard Intermediate Wayne University I Page Twenty-Four 1 Cornel Francu Gloria Lorraine Gloherson Hutchins Intermediate House Swimming Varsity Swimming Detroit Business University .::F,5,g5,,qw-: z, I -,.r1.,W. .mm ff- -- 'S " ""' "E la ,. Q-.,5..? , , Beige' ..-. 5 att AF-it , 25:25 iam , Q 3 i 1. 55 K3 E E , H , 5 E A. jack Graham Capt.. Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Capt.. Varsity Baseball Vice-Pres.. N-Club William Gordon Gray Vernor Grier f r-it Sherrard Intermediate ,Q Detroit Institute , -A of Technology M , , 2 " Zvi' td if L' 'JT' SH-. , - rw.,-2 ' STE? ' ' ' Zia at -2 t v, 1 in ,,,A 1, .. tl 4' ,, a ai' M 'Q- K' 'iff 7 5' ffa r i Elizabeth Sadie Harper Sherrard Intermediate Howard University lrrrrl SQL Q I has ' A at fi L Ouida Eleanor Harrison Hutchins Intermediate Finance Committee Glee Club Talledega College Gail Harvey I Varsity Track House Basketball Band Virginia State iffgl ," 5 as S if Betty Greenberg Hutchins Intermedia. te Glee Club Virginia Grosel Richard Guilford Physics Club Senior Play Clare F. Harvey Hi-Y Northern Light Vice-Pres.. House of Reuresentatives Varsity Swimming Sonia Havis Patterson Collegiate Chemistry Club Wayne University Martha Hawes Sherrard Intermediate Bee Dew Beauty School Graduates Irene M. Grundle Nolan Intermediate Detroit Business ' Institute Sadie Guiney Hutchins Intermediate Ellen H. Richards Club Paul Edward Gulley House Basketball House Track House Swimming West Virginia State College '49, K ,JU X yn Bessie M. Hawes Sheri-ard Intermediate Corridor Squad House Basketball Girl Reserves Clara Nelle Hayes Ellen H. Richards Club Leola Gulley Garfield Intermediate Corridor Squad Howard University Rigoberto Manuel Guzman Straubenmuller Textile High School, New York City Glee Club Wayne University ,I ' V at ,t I I - - -resi C 1 Pearl Sylvia Heit Shirley Halberg Hutchins Intermediate Business Institute fi 25 Albert Heller Anne Heller Wardell L. Helms Hutchins Intermediate Sherrard Intermediate Senior Play House Baseball University of Mich. Wayne University l Page Twenty-Five 1 Graduates W,l1: omit: iig 5 ki ' iv fc Y i ., f2aQff,ffs1fl15s , a'g'ozgewe,,x1.N lf?2!'!E2fET!+:w "" . , ,-1, at mfasmseenw, F pw? E . Q .. B , Y Edward Ibbotson Hutchins Intermediate -safe " " ' ,, ,..,, .2 ge, . . -- ,. - Z'?eiz fl?5ii June Elizabeth Jones Hutchins Intermediate Wayne University 1 s , 5 Ks 9 H i 'L L f Merrill Hudson Nolan 'Intermediate Senior Play Northern Light House of Reuresentatives Yetta Barbra Isenberg Hutchins Intermediate Detroit Business Institute ,L 1? P4 s -if ,...,, ..:33i:s- - " fig .W ' 'ev W Jean Phyliss Johnson Ellen H. Richards Club G-lee Club Joseph Juliano Catherine Henelcs A Clark L. Hoagland Jeanette Howard Cleveland Intermediate Paul Wesley Hurley Richard S. Hyman Sherrard Intermediate Chemistry Club Varsity Basketball Band Wayne University Julius J. Iskow Patterson Collegiate Cap and Gown Committee House Basketball Margarette J aroski Wade Johnson Sherrard Intermediate Football Track Sergeant-at-Arms. "N" Club Sylvia Kamer 'Hutchins Intermediate Delta Kappa Detroit Business . Institute I Page Tw Radio Club German Club Wayne University Michael Heryk Nolan Intermediate Jacquelyn Faith Hubbard Varsity Field Hockey ,Z Z' Margaret Jackmon Hutchins Intermediate Corridor Squad Alice Nancy Jensen Northern Girls' Club Treas.. Ellen H. Richards Club Inter-Club Councilor Irene Maud Johnston Treas.. House 227 Ellen I-I. Richards Club Northern Girls' Club Wayne University wa til? 4 an '2f z"L'5i1L,5Mff5Li K N was enty-Six 1 Maxine Jacobs Hutchins Intermediate Walsh Business J Institute Lillian Eleanor Jerasunas House Duty - tif ' to "i"' 'A I al SFT 5122? 1 2,15 W 'C' ,fe iii 'I il ' 2 ' Gwendolyn Hess Hutchins Intermediate Pres.. House 227 Student Council Viking Stal! l, ..,, 1 as ..,. . 1 lrras J rlellaarae aneeenanel -. I amaz e , - an 'Donald James Meyer L. Kaminsky Hutchins Intermediate Athletic Manager Wayne University if I 1 If I 'eee Shin-lee Kunick Hutchins Intermediate Wayne University William Harry Kampf Eileen Ruth Kaplan Hutchins Intermediate Corridor Squad Detroit Business Institute ' J ack Kape Senior Play Radio Unit House Basketball German Club Graduates J. Anthony Kaseta Ann Kasselman Varsity Baseball Sherrard Intermediate FY :fa Varsity Football Geraldine Keys U.C,L.A. Bessie La Chance Avis Lahman Nolan Intermediate Varsity Swimming Senior Play Trias.. Eski-ettes William Lanslcy Vedah Maxine Hutchins Intermediate Lawson Senior Play . Finance Committee Wayne University , Betty Lebeis I eeiy if U 'A ' iiii iiti I s H X yyy y ' 'ei ef 1 g9,jfg',sgfg4. , 5- Q 3 21311 A Wayne University Evelyn June ' 2 ' Virginia King Keywell Hutchins Intermediate - Sherrard Intermediate Deqmlt Business Detroit Business Institute Rose Kloian Vice-Pres.. House 227 Treas., French Club Vikinlr Stai Physics Club University Annette Kohn Hutchins Intermediate Viking Staff Detroit Business Institute jane Lazar Hutchins Intermediate Corridor Squad Detroit Business College Nicholas Lelcas Lillian Levy David Levine Hutchins Intermediate House Basketball Lawrence Institute of Technology Rebecca Levy Sherrard Intermediate Sherrard Intermediate Corridor Squad I Page Twenty-Seven 1 Corridor Squad Eva Kranhouse Sherrard Intermediate Miracle Book Club Business Institute e 1-xx? Q 3 Y ep My wg' ,L 5 1, 'M ' ,id QS ,M , im ,ii ., Lucille Frances Lewis Sherrard Intermediate House Basketball Corridor Squad Detroit Business Institute Graduates , me E Irwin Mahler News Editor. Northern Light Vice-Pres., House 224 Quill and Scroll U: Qi R 3 .4-' :eff M - ..L,' F L I 6 If I M tal riffs. N elle Patricia Melnik Chemistry Club CBD afld Gown COIIIIYHULSB House C011I1Cil . , ,... like . . ., ,J .l,,,..m..,., effwae: if .... fr . .Q - gait " ' ta ' 5 , -2 .. . . . New--f EEQEYYEB' - 55 :- Weir! ,, 4, V eexggffzgggisegu -M 'P :ge :J il' . . at it , 1 X 2 as ,fu George McMartin 1 K f lg.gviA file ff-iiff Q 9 Ib H if r Nadia McKay Cant., Varsity Swimming Team Eski-ette Club Robert MacFarlane Light Staf House Swimming Rae A. Mann Lillian Markowitz Marjorie Matteson Harry Mendelson Junior Assistant Scoutmaster Ford Trade School Memorial Committee Delta Kappa, University of Mich. if -11 f "'7 f23I.- .f1:1 '7r:?5i?f53' w r ,, 1 1 1 Myrtle Ward Martin Condon Intermediate Northwestern High School Phyllis Mayberry Maxine Blanche Miller Art Editor, Northern Light French Club Quill and Scroll Edna Louise Livingstone Senior Play Normal University Donald McLean Vikinrf StaE Band Orchestra. University of Mich. Robert Madigan Marvin A. Lo Patin Student Council Vikinsz Staff Sec'y, House 224 Orchestra Nan McLellai-id Preg.. House 327 Senior Play Varsity Hockey and Basketball Student Council I ,.,,t is ttt, F E-pg , 3 . 'Y 4 Q 5 B M 'ia-' W , ,, 5 i 'Z' - S ,Lt K fa Usa Franco Mai-one Hutchins Intermediate House Basketball Varsity Football Ruby Martin Sherrard Intermediate Abe Medwed Central High School Varsity Tennis University of Mich. Lowell Hubert Marquis Edmund B. Massey Physics Club Wayne University Frank McGee Sherrard Intermediate Corridor Squad jack Marsom Michigan State College S ' L Page Twenty-Eight 1 Paul J. Miller Varsity Football Finance Committee House Basketball Wayne University Norman Millman Sherrard Intermediate Boys-' Glee Club Baseball Geraldine Moore Varsity Hockey Varsity Basketball Lincoln Memorial Hospital, N. Y. Graduates Allen Moase Jacqueline Moran Recording Secretary. Trideal-Euterne Gulf View Park Finishing School jacklyn Sue Morrison Play Committee Reserve Basketball Reserve Hockey Highland Park Junior College Rose Mary Najor Hutchins Intermediate Jty I - Walsh Business Institute Sylvia Neuman Sec'y. Senior Class Senior Play Business Manager Northern Light Quill and Scroll 'L .- --5 . 'xrls viii' , ,r x 3, 92 isa? 41" K Sidney JL Parel Sh6I'I'8.I'd Intefmediate House BaSk6lZlJ8,l1 june Mortiere Grace Kathleen ii MUfPhY 1 Hutchins Intermediate .. A Z..,, ,, .U F . ' House Council 327 ,.t. Wayne University 'liii iii-1: 'i.'- ,514 ' 1' Ann Gertrude Sherrard Intermediate A " s new X Corridor Squad t - s F rifiiiiiif' ,,,. Detroit Business 1 Institute . A,..-: "i" i" ' Fred N oifert George Norman Barbara Marie ""' ' Nolan Intermediate gouse iizfviniming Ouellette Coicau. am' ' ouse ac Hutchins Intermediate ' Swimming Team Basketball House Basketball Tennis gg Viking staff Joseph G. Ouellette Miriam Eloise Pace Mary jo Page Copernicus Jr. High West High School. Sherrard Intermediate Minneapolis French Club Trideal-Euterne Wayfle Univefslty UHlVeTSitY of Minn. . James T. Pagonas Evelyn Palmer Radio Unit . , , ig i Q1f55l , . Dancing Teacher West Vllglflla ' Wfngu f Senior Play State C0 ege A , . kk, V C -iisi ,. W 'ffiffffjiff L , i'.i i i,"'1 in 16: . , I' Qfiittil ' V I Lolita PGYUYCI' . ' , ,V ff,,,q3,:,,f,auf:-pg Mitt , . . Varsltv SW1mmm2 ,iff " ,.,,' Eski-ette Club if..i:Ye5w ' , ' i . Glee Club 2921 I I Page Twenty-Nine 1 Robert Pearson Cant.. Rifle Team Cant.. R.O.T.C. U.S. Army , gage! 'W , 53 at 5 P Donald Ney Viking Staff Senior Play Wayne University 2 .,. .... l i ,LQ ff ., . W ijgkfrt. Victor H. Penalba Snanien Club Sh errard Intermediate Detroit Bl.lSlIl9SS Institute Graduates .. Marion Pomerantz Senior Play Literary Editor. Northern Light Program Secretary Radio Unit Quill and Scroll C iioi it .ii in Manuel Ravet Hutchins Intermediate House Basketball Wayne University Felecita Perez Sec'y House 327 Corridor Squad F , L sit , . t George M. Pistole -- Sarah Philka Michizan State Normal College Rose Miriam Robert H. Phillips Garfield Intermediate Senior Band Wayne University Marcus Plotkin Dorothy Peterson Vice-Pres.. House 327 Ross Pinto, Jr. Santa Marla Junior Hinzh School Treas.. Spanish Club Swimming Eleanor Philips Vice-Pres.. Delta KaDD8. Glee Club Senior Play gag: Eglligglggs Pirkovitz Varsity Basketball Mich. State College Senior Girls' Give giihiffgfown 'Q-if Committee U.c.L.A. Nick Potapshyn Nancy Ann Povah fQA1,big5,7l ff Varsity Baseball ., Club 45 ' i'- 1' VlkinzS'tat1' , University of Mich. l 2 x - m Lillian M. Prested James Howard Doris Prolfer V M Priest Nolan Intermediate gpg' - Jefferson Intermediate Band yhfy Orchestra ff fl K Joe Racas Varsity Football Marcella Prys Hutchins Intermediate Eugene Radding Varsity Debate Pres.. House 224 Viking Staff Sr. Play Committee Paul Williams Reid Helen M. Reinhardt Lilzht Staff Hutchins Intermediate Camera Club Glee Club Howard University Richard Quinlan, Jr. Post Intermediate Physics Club Wayne University Rebecca Rabinowitz Hutchins Intermediate House Swimming Varsity Swimming Corridor Squad Anne Radin 35 Hutchins Intermediate H House Council 301 l CBP and Gown Committee Q ee 1'i - it I "'r" ,,. i n 2 , .."- .1 - ee 1 A ' - es J u , I - si,'1 eii ii:?lf" -V ff " ytt' - i it 'jf' I Page Thirty 1 Ruth Reinheimer Charles William Hutchins Intermediate Rice Golf Team m Josephine Ruff Howard University. Washington. D. C. Post Intermediate University of Mich. Elizabeth Ann Rieger Trideal-Euterpe Social Committee Glee Club University of Mich. Sylvia Miriam Ring Robert H. Roberts Library Staff Chairman, Cao and Gown Committee University of Mich. Maxine Rodecker F rancis Shimer Junior College University of Miami. Florida Geraldine Rylko Madeline T. Salter - St. Rita Pershing Art Studio Viking Stafl' Anastasia Saltis Sh errard Intermediate Detroit Business Institute . Ellen H. Richards Club Business Institute Thelma Louise Sanderson Nolan Intermediate Girls' Basketball Corridor Squad Del-Mar Beauty College Jack Schneider Editor-in-Chief. Noi thern Light Vice-Pres.. House 208 Pres.. Northern Hizh Standards Warren Robinson House Basketball House Track Betty jane Rodgers Barbara Rosenbaum Freda Schiffman Hutchins Intermediate Raymond Schneider Soorts Editor, Light Managing Editor Lizht Vice-Pres.. Biology Club Quill and Scroll Claire Schwartz Patterson Collegiate , Detroit Business Institute - I Page Thirty-One 1 Graduates Isadore Rosen Soorts Editor. Northern Light Varsity Track Quill and Scroll House Basketball Pearl Rosenberg Sh errard Intermediate Wayne University Edward N.. Schulz Nifzht School. Northern University of Detroit Libby Schwartzberg Hutchins Intermediate House Congress, 307 French Club Wayne University Norman Rubin Ruth Scott Trideal-Euterpe Stoneleigh College Graduates 11.5-if-" 'r -a. -rar... 1 K thai I 1 Y x 'irw if 5' Q 15 ,J M the SP if 2 I X ,J , J, wk ik. 1 Fa' af' i 'I 1' lf if L .1 5+ 4, . i Peter Sirvis Varsity Football House Swimming House Basketball . . , W i -:J E H fi 3, -f 4 1 ,, 5 i S i by 1 ff , Q ia , 1 i Isabella M. Stark Redford High School Wayne University j -L tie., , ig 1, 'P si. f Q-N' is .i W sf, 53? L -Riu Q :-- I. V azsaat H . ,ep . is M EQ L F ts 1. s sz ig' e' was 5 if fi re ' A as we i Z 3 '52 Jw ' , 'T-I ' T'f?TI f5 Margy Simpson Senior Play Vlkillil Staff Light Staff Virginia Sloan Girls' Glee Club Sherrard Intermediate House Basketball -Tn: 3-25 ., ff' F . f ikaiitifif' ' ' sm' Joe Arthur Sonc, Jr. Lillian Barbara Stasaitis Tennis Team G168 Club Del-Mar Beauty School 'K ?Q3?awa:ia Qglegtaz ... ,,. N 1 fi zfflfzirstrea ei in ii. r f is i ie I use if tag , git gt' .-at 1L 9 Z3 it ,erl an A Phyllis Sielshott Corridor Squad Alvin A. Singerman Physics Club Model Aeroplane Club Memorial Committee Arnold F. Smith Marjorie Snyder Pres., Trideal-Euterpe Mich, State College Suzanne Soulam Sbanish Club Play Committee Corridor Squad Minnesota University Beniamin Stein Hutchins Intermediat House Basketball Walsh Institute Ruth Louise Shelton Sh erra rd Intermediate Viking Stan' House Congress, 307 Dorothy Sikora Phillip Sirotkin Varsity Debating Team Senior Play Chairman of Play Committee House Basketball '1 if 'K 7 . 'Fits as t ,Hi use 05 i:-.i:1f?1'ee 1 ai' P t , ,,itrif . Geraldine Smith Frideal-Euterbe Gertrude Solomon Hutchins Intermediate House Debating Harriett Spilg French Club University of Minn. I Page Thirty-Two 1 Joseph William Wietku David Jacob Silberg ...., , WEEE? ,. ii! ,sgr Bernice Siegel H Sei P be Q mf L M A e Q Q sew My X a- ,Y 1 r U- i , Q 'L at A 1. f s. not ,W 6 ' X G X' ei S i ' H ein? is A ,, , 4 .Q ,, ent 4 H M .. 04, , i e :iz ' Barbara Leigh Snell Hutchins Intermediate Tennis Club Viking Stan Detroit Business University Betsy Somberg Hutchins Intermediate . i ' Q1 L X it ,A ff af - ff ' ,.i.:f'.-,inf a z 4 W.: .rg s r -i K . John Snodgrass Senior Play X 5 'fa 1, ta V . , A' Q ---- . 1 2 ' are 1 L 4 gap? I Mary Elizabeth Steiner House Congress. 307 Detroit Business University Er Gretta Caroline Thompson Hutchins Intermediate Detroit Business Institute J ftg -g,. 5 rs! june Stephen Nolan Intermediate Radio Unit Girls' Golf Team Elaine Stolarsky Nolan Intermediate University of Detroit 1' 6 I D an 6 Kr Grace K. Tibbetts Nolan Intermediate Ellen H. Richards Club Houe Congress, 3107 William Lee Tinsley House Basketball House Track SG-P Y. Herman Stewart Northeastern High School Band House Track R.0.T.C. Sergeant. Northeastern Robert Samuel Straith Physics Club R..O.T.C. Oftlcer R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Purdue University Scott Styles Editor-in-Chief, Viking Sec'y. House 208 Student Council Hi-Y Gino Ticconi German Club Band Cap and Gown Committee Emma Todd Sherrard Intermediate Detroit Business Institute Helen Tropp Durfee Intermediate Business Institute Frank C. Stroh Graduates Shefrrard Intermediate - V , Q Corridor Squad Virginia Sulatyclti Senior Play Vice-Pres., Eski-ettes Varsity Hockey and Swimming Viking Photographer julio Tacconelli Nolan Intermediate Vice-Pres.. Spanish Club Corridor Squad Walsh Institute Charlotte Touber Treas,, House 307 Student Council Physics Club Play Committee Peter Turner Hou:-e Basketball House Track Walsh Institute Adelaide Veasy I Page Thirty-Three 1 Elaine Tabor Hutchins Intermediate Rose Tamburro Managing Editor. Viking Pres, Student Council Pres.. House 307 Quill and Scroll Evelyn Van Esley Hutchins Intermediate Wayne University Loumanda Vinson Sherrard Intermediate Basketball. Reserve Squad Meharry Medical College , 1' -w ?'if,i' HES- ' lb' . 17: , - ' S' is Lillian Mary Thomas Hutchins Intermediate S Nancy Volpe Hutchins Intermediate Business College Graduates fw ifgral' f 1 43' v , Q"' Q' ,. if I ,gizv , mas 9 ,Pe g Jack Edward Weiss Physics Club I I Football Team 4 ""gI e Track Team ,KLV ' eh University of Detroit ' Mary jane Wheeler Beatrice Wickstrom Hutchins Intermediate Nolan Intermediate A 'X . tv. I Ann Webb Trideal-Euterpe Bradford Jr. College Morris Weiss Vice-Pres.. Sr. Class Pres., House 208 Student Council Senior Play Elsie Wilde Nolan Intermediate Art Club 0' V, Oweita Walker David Weiner Nolan Intermediate Wayne University James W. Western Band l L. Frank Williamson Football Team Track Team Leith Agnes Wanley Norman J. Weinstein Nolan Intermediate Radio Unit Corridor Squad Marcelyn Watkins Durfee Intermediate Detroit Business Institute LJ' s trrs Alice Grace Willner Sr. Girls' Glee Club Pres.. Delta Kappa House Congress. 307 Wayne University William Gwynne Windle Nolan Intermediate Viking Stai Senior Play University of Mich. . 1 Ida winnick Ann Wise Sally Wise , . 1 Hutchins Intermediate House Cong!'eSS, 307 Cl?VelaI1d 1 if L Sec'y, House 307 Business Institute Intermediate Detroit Business Basketball, Reserve , " Institute Tuskegee College we l i- 'g.,,.ff Adele Wolak , , Sterlinz High School Add1t10nal Detroit Business School l Page Thirty-Four 1 Walter Edward Bourque Robert Emmett Broquet Agnes Marye Kroll Bella Wolf Wayne University ,J it s is Joseph Frank Zabala were sa ,,,. ,, WL.. Graduates Eva Cohan Margaret Ellen McCoy Ida Mae Flanagan Hyman Wolfman Student Manager, Varsity Football and Track House Basketball Walsh Institute Viola V. Woods fv-- , aware 1' 1 iewfmst , ..., ,,,. 3 , i .,,,, - W v - ,,J'eMH---1: meme 1 ' Bernard Zaifern Lieutenant, R.O.T.C. Literary Editor, Northern Light Quill and Scroll Sec'y. Northern High Standards Mildred Zeltzer Sherrell Wolner Durfee Intermediate Vice-Pres, House 307 French Club Wayne University Dovis Wright Edward Wright Hutchins Intermediate R.O.T.C.. 2nd VlkinE Stan' Detroit Business Institute Lieutenant Eleanor Wylie Nolan Intermediate Miracle Book Club Issie Wrotslavsky Chairman, Finance Committee Northern High Standards Monitor, House 208 '... 55'-'Y it H. Charles Yaker Hi-Standards, Treas. e ,,,' .mt "1-' 1, 1-5' Viking Staff Michigan College of Mining' and f Technology tttrtltr r tttrttt E tttt rrttttt H 9 Marion Zeigler Gertrude Zucker El Circulo Espanol House Basketball Finance Committee Wayne University . , .... st :sf ,Quan -- " I -1 :E J ,. 2 sl 'P is 67+ lv ,QT rr-2 'ar t, , t we :g ' E iv iw? sf 6 t " B mi I . + 'W fl r f Dorothy Zuckerman Sec'y, Delta Kappa House Congress, 307 Wayne University l Page Thirty-Five 1 X B Bernard B. Yagoda Sherrard Intermediate House Basketball D.I,T., College of Pharmacy Olga Yatich Graduates "'i A x 2 --,,1i , .. ,, ....,,, sq, .a Q, if i . Q Q 2 ' 12:21 , W .. fi 3 fx- W is - ff' W . Arnold Yerman Philodendroi Biology Durfee Intermediate Club Spanish Cl-uh Band Barbara Louise Hines Hutchins Intermediate Library Stail' University of Mich. 5 4 A if 'Round the School BIOLOGY-The biology rooms have long been bright spots of freshness in Northern. Their attractive exhibits on the tables, and of course the conservatory, provide plenty of atmosphere for the topics of study which deal with both Botany and Zoology. COOKING-Northern girls with an eye to the future make goocl students in the cooking classes. There they not only learn to cook tasty and balanced meals but how to serve them so attractively that Miss Emily Post herself could find nothing at fault. I Page Thirty-Six 1 As Others See Us CHEMISTRY LABORATORY-Although the source of unearthly odors that occasionally per- vacie the corridors, the Chemistry laboratory is one of the school,s most interesting classrooms. Here the scientific aspirant leaves the toy chemistry set and begins to be confused by the actions of bases, acids, salts, colloids, and real scientific laws and theories. SEWING-Northern, too, is doing its bit for the deserving Recl Cross. In the sewing classes Red Cross clresses were made for British Relief. We can think of no better project for a clothing class. I Page Thirty-Seven 1 F if Y: in t X, M... , ,M r M ore Activities PHYSICS LABORATORY-The Physics laboratory becomes a snarl of strings, wires, pendulums, batteries, and magnets as the future Fords, Morses, and Edisons get acquainted with the scientific aspect of our everyday life. Anything might and does happen here as Northernites learn the whys and wherefores of things that most of us take for granted. SHOP-Under the hands of future mechanics and amid the hail ,of sawdust and shavings, the boys in the shop have accomplished many interesting projects. It is interesting to note that they are sanding the school benches so that soon you may wear your sheer stockings without any qualms, girls. I Page Thirty-Eight 1 , . . , ,. I, K ,,.. ,. i ,,,,,...,.. ,...,,.,,,..,, . ,,.. ....,,. f , . , House 207 HELEN COOPER President MISS GIDDINGS H ouse Principal SHIRLEY ALTSHULER Vice-President ANGELINE CUBBA ESTELLE BLUMENTHAL Secretary Treasurer As another term draws to a close, House 207, under the guidance of Miss Giddings, can look with pride upon its contributions to the school and its activities. The girls of 207 have made a good showing on the Varsity Athletic squads. To Varsity Basketball we contributed Wilma Biggs, Phyllis Christiansen, and Suzanne Comets. Barbara Ensing, Janet Ensing and Eileen Dark did their part as members of the Varsity Swimming Team. The Hockey Team was supported by Wilma Biggs, Patricia Branley, and Fern Casson. Virginia Culton represented House 207 on Nortl-1ern's Tennis Team. To Viking and Light Staffs we have contributed our full share. Miss Giddings and the girls of 207 wish the seniors all the possible success in attaining their goal. I Page Forty 1 House 208 MORRIS WEISS , JACK. SCHNEIDER Pfegidgnf Vife-Pfefidenf MR. BROWN House Principal SCOTT STYLES S ARNOLD SUSMAN Secretary Treasurer Under the capable and able supervision of Mr. Brown, House 208 has completed another successful term this June. Representing our house on Northern varsity athletic teams were S. White, swimming, S. Sirkin, baseball, R. Weakley, basketball, F. Williamson, football, and Witherspoon, track. Capably filling their position on the house council were: M. Weiss, president, J. Schneider, vice-president, S. Styles, secretary, and A. Susman, treasurer. Other members were Franklin Shippen, John Warren, and Torgeir Vigmostad. Among the prominent 12A members of our house were S. Styles, Editor-in- Chief of the Viking, Jack Schneider, Editor-in-Chief of the Light, Morris Weiss, Senior class vice-president, Hyman Yaker, news editor of the Viking, John Snodgrass and Gwynne Windle who both portrayed important roles in the senior play, and Phil Sirotkin who has been outstanding in the senior play and debating. I Page Forty-One J House 227 ,,, 5-Q ,-:um 1 GWENDOLYN HESS ROSE KLOIAN President Vice-President MISS KNIGHT House Principal 'GERALDINE GARBER IRENE JOHNSTON Secretary Treasurer May I perform the honors for this semester? My name is Alice Freeman Palmer, guardian of House 227 since the year 1919. Under the expert guidance of House Counsellor, Miss Knight, 227 has developed a homey spirit in which girls may present their problems to her with the same response as would be given them at home. Her flair for systematic executive organization and abiding interest in the welfare and work of her girls has established her as one of the necessities at Northern. Enduring satisfactions in whatever you may'encounter is my sincere desire for each member of the graduating class. I Page Forty-Two -1 House 22-4 EUGENE RADDING IRWIN MAHLER President Vice-President MR. VOZKA House Principal l MARVIN LQPATIN JACK RIBIAT Secretary Treasurer Under the able-direction of Mr. Henry Vozka, our House Principal, 224 has once again concluded another successful semester. The John Marshallites, besides establishing high scholastic averages, have been successful in school athletics also. Fred Noffert has been the star of Northern's swimming team, and Abe Medwed, our tennis king. Franco Marone, Paul Miller, and Nick Potapshyn represented us on the football teamg Bob Pearson was a ROTC captaing Marvin LoPatin was our Student Council memberg Donald McLean was on the Viking, and Irwin Mahler and Isadore Rosen were editors on the Light. .We also boast of Eugene Radding, Jack Ribiat, and Charles McMillen, who formed the nucleus of our varsity debating team. The students of the John Marshall House join with Mr. Vozka in wishing the seniors the best of luck and happiness. I Page Fo ty Three 1 House 307 ROSE TAMBURRO SHERRELL WOLNER President Vice-President MISS SUTHERLAND House Principal IDA WINNICK CHARLOTTE TOUBER Secretary Treasurer House 307 has many members participating in every activity at Northern with zeal, enthusiasm, and a true spirit of democracy. Under the leadership of Miss Sutherland, our counselor, we are being taught the rucliments of self-government, self-reliance, and self-discipline. Just as the test of a cake lies in the eating, so the final test of the high school is in the house. As the house sows, so the student harvests, and we of 307 shall reap a large crop. I Page Forty-Four 1 House 308 BEN FOX JACK GRAHAM President Vice-President MR. BLANCHARD House Principal SIDNEY FERSI-ITMEN PI-IILLIP GANNON Sefrelary Treasurer Benjamin Franklin Hall has put "Democracy in the Study Hall" to work. It was our belief that the study hall developed more school spirit under demo- cratically-chosen leaders. The boys were learning to pull together, and a fine fellowship and school leadership was found throughout the study hall. The Franklinites were well represented in various school activities. Jack Graham and Tom Fezzey were the stars on Northern's Varsity Basketball team. We wish to extend our congratulations to the seniors and to wish them success and happiness in all their future endeavors. I Page Forty-Five J House 327 NAN McLELLAND DOROTHY PETERSON Pregidenf Vice-President MISS KELLER House Principal FELICITA PEREZ SYLVIA NEUMAN Secretary Treasurer Under the able guidance of Miss Keller, the girls of the Jane Addams House have completed another successful term. We are proud of hearing the shield for maintaining a high scholastic rating. As in previous years, House 327 has actively engaged in sports. Nadia McKay, Avis Lahman, Marie Ouellette, and Lolita Paynter are familiar names along that line. House 327 has had its share of dramatic talent this semester. Nan McLelland, Eleanore Phillips, Marion Pomerantz, Avis Lahman, and Sylvia Newman have all taken part in the senior play. - Sylvia Neumanfour treasurer, is also secretary of the 12A class. The girls of House 327 extend a hearty and sincere wish to the June Graduat- ing class for a happy and successful future. I Page Forty-Six J House 328 JOE DAIAK STUART BURLEIGH President Vice-President MR. MCRAY H ouse Principal ROBERT BREZSNY JOHN BAUGI-IMAN Secretary Treasurer President Joe Daiak, vice-president Stuart Burleigh, secretary Robert Brezsny, treasurer John Baughman, and the House Council under the guidance of Mr. . E. McRay have piloted Woodrow Wilson House to the end of another inter- esting and enjoyable semester. Prominent athletes in the house were as follows: Willie Bryant, hasketballg Alfred Bargi and Harold Bradshaw, swimming, Clarence Boyd, Alvin Boyd, and Robert Bald, track. V Seniors who held positions of importance were Joe Daiak as IZA class president, Milton S. Cohen as class secretary, and Peter Caralis, Seymour Baren- holtz, Russell Burton, and Willie Bryant represented 328 in the senior play, SILAS, THE CHORE BOY. On the Light staff we had Milton S. Cohen, Joe Daiak, and Rohert Davey, while Joe Daialc, Robert Bald, and Stuart Burleigh were on the Viking staff. The Woodrow Wilsonites extend their heartiest greetings to the graduates and wish them happiness and success in their future lives. l Page Forty Seven 1 A Student's Complaint Like a biting colcl day are my senses all numbg My brain will not work and I feel myself clumbg For the terror of terrors to students has lcome, Exam clay is here with a vengeance. I glance to the left and I glance to the rightg The answer won't come tho I strive with my might O teacher, O teacher, I'11 shrink from thy sight When my gracle will be reacl to my shame. I wish I were homeg I wish I were Cleacl, Elsewhere but here, even home sick in beclg I feel like a lamb to a sacrifice 1ecl-- , O why was I born to such woe? The clock has no mercyg the hour is flown. As I hand in my paper I stifle a groan And stagger and totter outside to my home. O the life of the scholar is drear! -Jean Harris. I Page Forty-Eight 1 w 4 l Viking Editors SCOTT STYLES Editor-in-Chief ROSE TAMBURRO Managing Editor I Page Fifty 1 We have put together this semes- ter's VIKING with the object of making it a complete record of your high school activities and exper- iences. Our: only hope is that you will get as much pleasure reading it as we had in preparing it. ivory ' f f' f 'M K We have Worked hard and feel that we have succeeded in our en- deavor, hoping that each page of this VIKING may serve as a memo- randum of Northei-n's splendid faculty and opportunities which it has to offer Viking Staff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MANAGING EDITOR Literary Morris Weiss Jean Harris Abe Fetter Mai-gy Simpson Humor Eugene Radding Donald McLean Clubs Harvey Katchan Angeline Cubba Typists Marie Ouellette Barbara Snell -Shirley Bechtel Ruth Shelton Dovis Wright Annette Kohn A Estelle Blumenthal Graduates Helen Cooper Stuart Burleigh Ben Fox Charlotte Touber Houses Gwendolyn Hess Marvin LoPatin Photography Virginia Sulatyclci Sports Nan McLelland Bob Bald Advertising Geraldine Garber, Manager Joe Daialc News Rose Kloian I-I. Charles Yaker I Page Fifty-One 1 SCOTT STYLES ROSE TAMBURRO Mechanical Drawing Nick Potapshyn Gwynne Windle Torgier Vigmostad Robert Bellany Donald Ney Art Staff Gwendolyn Hess Betty Mitchell Geraldine Ryllco Faculty Advisers Mr. Whyte Miss Bain Mr. Whitmer and Members of English Department Band and Orchestra Crescendoes and Diminuendoes 5 2 Page Fifty-Three 1 Silas, the Chore Boy First row-E. Livingstone, V. Sulatycki, N. McLelland, M. Simpson, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Kolbe, M. Pornerantz, S. Neuman, A. Lahman. Second row-R. Burton, W. Bryant, D. Ney, M. Hudson, P. Caralis, W. Lansky, S. Baren- holtz, P. Sirotkin, H. Rowin, P. Gannon. Last row-B. Gins, Snodgrass, G. Windle, B. Barris, J. Kape, A. Heller, R. Guilford, M. Weiss. Turning the dial of plays back 50 years, "Silas, the Chore Boy," an old- fashioned "gay nineties" melodrama by Frank H. Bernard, was selected by Mr. Charles S. Lewis, our able director, as this term's senior play. The story begins when our heroine, Cecil Dare fNan Mclselland, Margy Simpsonj, who is being pursued by her villainous husband, Gerald Blake fSeymour Barenholtz, Russell Burtonj, because he wants to get the valuable deeds that Cecil has, collapses on the Ridley farm where she is found by Arthur Ridley, the hero Uohn Snodgrass, Richard Guilfordj. Blake's failure in his attempts to get the papers is mainly due to Silas fMorris Weiss, Gwynne Windlej, who has thrown aside his chores long enough to play the part of a hero. Blakels wo'thless servant, Cinch fWillie Bryant, Jack Kapej, is captured by Jed Perkins, the town constable fAlbert Heller, Donald Neyj, who, because of his bravery, wins the hand of Nancy Ridley fAvis Lahman, Marion Pomerantzj. The rest of the, cast consists of the following: Hiram Ridley, Merrill Hudson and Peter Coralisg Pert Ridley, Sylvia Neuman and Eleanor Philips. Bernard Barris played the Barker, and Phil Sirotkin delivered the prologue. Specialty numbers, favorites of the "gay nineties," were presented by Bill Lansky, Edna Livingston, Phil Gannon, Virginia Sulatycki and James Pagonas. Music was furnished by a special orchestra directed by Mr. Kolbe. Q I Page Fifty-Four J 12A Play February 12, 1941 THE NORTHERN LIGHT Page Three E LIKE FQEWWS Essay Contest "The Negro and National Defense" is the topic just released for the second an- nual Negro history essay contest. The awards will be announced in June, and the first prize will be awarded at the N. A. C. F. National Convention, June 29 through July 4, 1941. concurrently, flnnmzl' in 9 lnnal nnnfnef going on upon The awards fc First Secoi Thirc The awards 1 First Secoi Thirc RULES AND It All entries fo postmarked not February 28. All essays mu words in lengtl The national c son under the graduated from The local con1 under the age I uated from any All essays mu bly written in paper only. No names or tion marks are 1 manuscript. The .. number, age, educational status, and other essential data are to be placed in a sealed envelope accompanying all manuscripts. All essay entries rnust be sent to the office of the Detroit l: CHANGES With the beginning of the January semester, a- number of changes went in- to effect. They are as follows: ily A regular 9th hour class will be held instead of the old study period. This was caused by the pupils who, although they needed help from teachers, refused . .1 nn 1 1 . . . Although the rim'-3.'Bin:nb WHS late in opening, it is do' ch better busi- ness than was - Graduation On January 22, 1941, graduation exer- cises were held for 262 graduates. Mr. Orvis Lawrence directed the school orchestra which supplied the music for the program. The guest speaker was Dr. DeWitt Jones of the Central Woodward Christian Church, the diplomas were pre- L. Spain, Vice- ,yne University, :unced the hon- DENTS de was awarded 0 was president ie Viking, mem- icil, varsity de- :l Scroll club. u l' 5 Dates April 48 ,nors were pre- ski, 96.4'Z2g Fern ig, 94.4fkg Betty Swartz, 94.3175 Earl Gossett, lez, 94.198 Fran- Voss, 93.9'Z:g and IIP The semi-annual scholarship to Wayne University was awarded to Miriam Chy- linski. ALUMNI AWARDS d the Best Girl Cit- P., 446 E. Warren Ave an, in care of Miss I' ir for the locallcontest S T A F F mi? further mfofma Editor-in-chief .. .......,.,....' . . ..., . .. JACK SCHNEIDER -i1 Managing Editor . . . . .,,. RAYMCND SCHNEIDER Student Council News Editor ............................... ........ IRWIN MAHLER The Student Counci for the June '41 gr been chosen. Headed the staff members ar Styles, Editor-in-chie Managing Editor, Mo Lo Patin, Ben Fox, Cooper, Gwendolyn l Reporters ............ Milton S. Cohen, Merrill Hudson, Etta Goldstein, Carmelina Natoci, Monte Frankel Correspondents ........................ Literary Editors .................. Ray Dixon, Joe Daiak, George McMartin BERNARD ZAFFERN, MARION POMERANTZ Feature Writers . ..... Sylvia Neuman, Betty Macauley, Jack Ribiat, Jean Athay, Patricia Stearns, Albert Finkelstein, Henrietta Cooper, Patricia McPhillips, Elvera Narmont, Antoinette Tumbarello, Paul Reid agna Cum student, the Northern Light, id a member of the e Best Boy Citizen wartz, Magna Cum -president of 208, ent Council, Editor- ern Light, president and on the varsity l0 pitched a no-hit of the varsity base 2 award for the Best lan, Jean Harris am Sports Editor ................................. ..... .. ..... ISADORE ROSEN an of whom are cow Assistants ........ Marcus Plotkin, Clare Harvey, Sidney White, Sidney Zimman Robert Bald, Eugen Art Editors ............................. MAXINE MILLER, Irvine Unger twentywight gal-- Burlelghi Blu can-ha' Photographers . .. ......... John Meier, Paul Reid Jr refugee children ggfbefletsii LI-,Hain Proofreader .- ..... Patricia McPhil1ips 'lerT1lIZSethe Elini? the? elgcted Staffg Nic Exchange Editor ...... . . . . ........... Bob Davey dresses ang panties Sell' V1gm0St8dt, R0bi Business Manager ............... .....,,.. S YLVIA NEUMAN nd skirts varied in Ney, and Qwynne Faculty Adviser and Copyreader . . . . . MR. HENRY C. KOLBE - They were neatly the mechanical drawi l twelve and securely The 11515 15 cgmpletg ADVERTISING SPACE .............................................,.......................................... 75c per column inch delivered by Miss Any Sfllflent Wh0 eton to the Ameri- the Vzkmg will please- submit ms name to Watch mor announcements of coming can Red Cross headquarters at Larned his English teacher. programs. V and Dubois streets, uill and Scroll First row-M. Miller, R. Tamburro, Schneider, M. Pomerantz, I. Mahler S. Neuman. Second row-Mr. Whitmer, I. Rosen, R. Schneider, Daiak, B. Zaffern, M. Cohen, Mr. Kolbe. The Northern chapter of the Quill and Scroll, "the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists," named for- Mr. Whitmer, the head of the English department, consists of Northern journalists who have written 50 inches or more of above average articles. Mr. Henry C. Kolbe, faculty adviser of the Light, selects the members. The present group consists of the following: Rose Tamburro, Joe Daiak, Maxine Miller, Sylvia Neuman, Marian Pomerantz, Jack Schneider, Ray Schneider, Milton S. Cohen, Isadore Rosen, Bernard Zaffern, and Irwin Mahler. I Page Fifty-Seven 1 G lee Clubs R. O. T. C. Rifle Team First row-F. Shippen, R. Straith, R. Brezsny, H. Dryden, R. Pearson, G. Kazup, S. Kazup, J. Cranny. Second row-V. Killewald, H. Trexler, C. Simon, L. Bowen, L. Stanley, F. Johnson, J. Rotare. Third row-Sergeant Ferrill. The rifle team engaged in outside competition twice this year. On March 7, with the five best men from each school contending for the Hearst Trophy, the Northern riflemen were third. In the Sixth Corps meet, March 21, the team was seventh. In each meet a contestant fires at Hve targets, two shots to each target, at a distance of fifty yards in each of four positions. These positions are prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing. The targets have six rings with a l:aull's eye one- sixth of an inch in diameter. Bob Brezsney, George Kazup, and Bob Pearson were high scorers for this year. With only Pearson graduating, next year,s team will be made up mostly of veterans. I Page Fifty-Nine 1 R. O. T. C. I Page Sixty 1 "We're In the Army N Page S ty-One Alumni Association GLENN LONG EILEEN MCCLARY Vice-President Recording Secretary THOMAS KASS President HELEN MOODY IRVING MUNCH Corresponding Secretary Tffdfufff Greetings Graduates: You are leaving the portals of knowledge we love so much. To you is extended the felicita- tions of the world beyond those beloved portals of education. We know you are as well qualified to meet the future as we were. The training that you received as students is thrust aside when comparing it to the qualities of good citizenship that have been impregnated into you by the able faculty of Northern High School. The need for true patriotic citizens has never been impressed upon the schools of our country as it has been at this time of grave peril threatening our demo- cratic institutions. You are now in your maturity. You are well able to understand the trouble- some times that have come upon us. Your interest in attempting to solve successfully' the problems that beset us is part of your inherent duty as citizens of the United States. You cannot and will not fail. Your adolescent years are behind you. You are men and women that we are proud to know, and upon whom we look for the reassurance of success that is so vital to our success in the struggle to overcome those ills that beset us all. We now stand shoulder to shoulder with the common foe before us. Your strength has increased our chances of victoryg and with you-victory is ours. THOMAS I-I. KASS, President, Northern High School Alumni Association. I Page Sixty-Two 1 Northern High School Librar First row-J. Pagonas, S. Ring, Miss Lyon, D. Leonard, M. Milby. Second row-W. Coleman, E. Santer, S. Tate, B. Hines, J. Williams, E. Meyers, Y. Greenwald. Third row-N. Smith, W. Keiser. The library of Northern High school provides a pleasant place for students to study in a quiet atmosphere. The room itself is large and spacious, and its attractiveness is increased by the pictures, the beautiful grandfather clock, and the plants provided by the biology department. The library staff, which consists of fifteen members and three pages, is under the direction of Miss Lyons, the librarian. It is composed of students who are particularly interested in library work. They have many and varied duties which include, besides the essentials of librarianship, the preparing of new books for the shelves, mending old books, assisting the student body to find books and charging them out, and the recording of the many magazines and newspapers to be found in the library. All in all, the library is agreat help and an indispensable part ofthe schoolf I Page Sixty-Three 1 Debate P. Sirotlcin, C. McMillan, Mr Tilchin, J. Ribiat, E. Radding Firstrow - D. Wright, H. Weinberg, M. Gordon, G. Solomon. Second row Mr. Tjlnhin, R a n d a l l, D. Phillips, E. Edmonson. The Northern varsity debating team has been idle during the spring term, but Mr. Tilchin, the debating coach, has directed his energies toward developing "freshies" to replace such stalwarts of last semester as Miriam Chylinski, Philip Sirotlcin, and Eugene Radding. Jack Rihiat and Charles McMillan are the only two veterans left to carry on in the fall, however, Mr. Tilchin hopes to find at least one promising "lVliriam,' from among the following newcomers: Helen Zorn,iGertrude Solomon, Mary Randall, Elizabeth Edmunson. I Page Sixty-Four 1 Radio Unit Twilight Huge, round King Sol atop his blinding steed Splits wide the veil of gray oblivion And spurs with zest his golden stallion Across the heavens' molten floor. At length He rubs his blushing cheek upon the top Of Mother Nature's highest mountain peak So gilding that celestial spire that now He cuts in twain the deep and subtle blue. Then thru that breach, stream myriad diamonds Which frisk and scintillate about a sun Fast sinking 'neath the florid western deep. And purple spray mounts up above the clouds Ah, view the melancholy obsequy A summer day has died and night descends. -Jonathan Williams. I Page Sixty-Six 1 ,933 O House of Representatives EDWARD KNOTE President CLARE HARVEY Vice-President GEORGE SEWELL Secretary DON MCALONAN Treasurer BOB TRUESDELL Sergeant-at-Arms First row-C. Harvey, B. Wyatt, E. Knote, G. Sewell, B. Pfaff, Mr. Kolbe. Second row-J. Ludington, N. Fashbaugh, L. Hanna, D. McAlonan, R. Ellerbusch, R. Truesdell, M. Hudson, G. Hull. Under the guidance of Mr. Kolhe the House of Representatives has com- pleted another semester of service to Northern. The club, headed by Edward Knote, president, meets at the homes of its members and plans its activities of recreation and service. Frequently a guest is invited to show movies or to speak on general topics of interest, such as: How to Camp, Hunting in the United States, and Safe Driving. For the promotion of good fellowship, we give house parties at the cottages of various members. Regular ushering for the senior play and contesting the Hi-Y club sports are important. activities in each season. L Page Sixty-Eight I January found Trideal-Euterpe members organizing for another successful term at Northern under the sponsorship of Miss Clawson, Miss Elliott, Miss Voorheis, and Miss Teninga. The Trideal-Euterpe Club was formed in 1939 to promote school spirit and service. The girls' activities have been varied-holiday baskets, Red Cross sweaters, money for infantile paralysis victims, and the club dances. We hope our motto will be an inspiration to the graduates: "May our ideals of today be the hope of our tomorrow." Trideal-Euterpe Club MARJORIE SNYDER President JOAN CREWS Vice-President EMILY ANDERSON Corresponding Secretary JACQUELINE MORAN Recording Secretary A SALLY McFADDEN Treasurer First row-A. Webb, R. Scott, E. Anderson, S. McFadden, Crews, M. Snyder, Moran, Miss Clawson, Miss Voorheis, M. Page, G. Smith. Second row-J. Keller, P. O'Leary, M. E. VanDusen, E. Reiger, Amos, N. Brown, B. Jewell, Athay, J. Harris, S. Comer, M. E. Templeton. Last row-N. Povah, M. McFadden, S. Chapman, C. Crane, E. Webb, Merritt, N. Ensley, B. Snyder, A. Hartman, H. Bowerman, E. Coffey, S. Albrecht, M. Braun, J. Fowler. I Page Sixty-Nine 1 Ellen H. Richards Club JULIA THOMAS President JEAN JOHNSON Vice-President BETTY PETI-IER Corresponding Secretary JACQUELIN E MORAN Secretary J ALICE JENSEN Treasurer First row-B. Panzner, N. Tramontin, B. Pether, J. Thomas, A. Jensen, J. Johnson, C. Hayes. Second row-R. Rosenberg, D. Geselis, J. Johnston, J. Kandt, M. Salter, R. Richards. Third row-Mrs. Cadieux, B. Farrow. In keeping with the aims of the club, friendliness, and interest in the many phases of the economic world, the activities of the Ellen H. Richards Club were varied and interesting this term. Under the leadership of their capable sponsors, Mrs. Digby and Mrs. Cadieux, a trip to the Fanny Farmer factory, a project for the Children's Hospital, and a picnic were enjoyed by the girls. Their membership has been increased by the initiation of six new members added to the ranks of the club which initiation took place March 3rd' at Northern. I Page Seventy 1 The sponsor of this club is Mr. Watkins, and our oflicers are as follows: John De Forge, president, Tom Fezzey, vice-president, and Bob Wiseman, secretary and treasurer. We have quite a few members that have just been admitted to the club and hope to be inducted. We are planning an induction service at the Metropolitan Church on April 22, 1941. We have invited all parents of the club members to be there. We had a combined meeting with the Girl Reserves, and have been quite busy making our program for the rest of the year. Scott Styles is the committee chairman for the group planning the program, and our service committee is planning some duty for the school. The Northern Hi-Y Club JOHN De FORGE President TOM FEZZEY Vice-President BOB WISEMAN Secretary and Treasurer First row-C. Harvey, F. Sayed, S. Styles, B. Wiseman, J. DeForge, T. Fezzey, B. Richard- son, P. Hovsepian, Y. Sanborn. Second row-J. Meier, R. Coffey, P. Gannon, S. Wilson, D. Rhead, B. Meier, A. Wood, F. Crane, J. Leadbetter, J. Wyatt. Third row-C. McCollough, B. Davey, H. Bradshaw, Mr. Watlcins,'V. Rosenthal, R. Welling, Baughman, W. Slack. I Page Seventy-One 1 Physics Club DONALD CRANE President NEWTON RESSLER Vice-President PATRICIA McPI-IILLIPS Secretary-Treasurer First row-R. Tamhurro, Mr. Bigler, Mr. Rolfe, M. Ressler, P. McPhillips, D. Crane, S. Sangsron, R. Kloian, E. Whilhelmi. Second row-I. Alaramovitz, R. Guilford, J. Gincli, C. Touher, L. Kennedy, H. Katchan, J. Ribiat, D. McLean, J. Daialc. Third row-D. Darling, R. Damon, E. Massey, M. Brown, G. Bennett, R. Feldman, R. Quinlan, R. Kress, DeForge. Q The Physics Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Rolfe, has planned an active session for this terrn. We plan to go to the United States Weather Bureau as one of our various projects and see many of the principles of physics illustrated. When no trips are planned we have either a lecture or a student demonstration. We wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Rolfe for his splendid 'efforts to make our club successful. I Page Seventy-Two 1 The Chemistry Club, with Mr. Robert Warner as sponsor, has completed another very successful semester. Among the interesting student-demonstrations presented were those pertain- ing to the care and use of the analytical balance, the method of taking and develop- ing photographs and the making of blueprints. Several of the members interested in radio learned the Morse Code, on a code machine. Many slides dealing with chemistry were made by the members, and explained by them to the rest of the club. The club has also planned to make an entry in the American Chemical Society Exhibit to be held at Cass Tech. A number of the members have entered essays in the contest on the "Chemical Industries of Michigan" sponsored by the Detroit Section of the American Chemical Society. Chemistry Club HARVEY KATCHAN President ARTHUR SPER Vice-President ALICE MEISER Secretary RUTH UEBE Treasurer First row--R. Bender, D. Rhead, L. Yanitz, A. Sper, H. Katchan, Mr. Warner, Mr. Schmidt, R. Uebe, A. Meiser, M. Johnson, E. More-lli. Second row-W. Floyd, L. Kennedy, R. Hyman, J. Ribiat, M. Brown, J. Clinton, A. Finkelstein, M. Smith, M. Raskin, R. Stephens. Last row--J. Ziehr, B. Clemon, S. Havis, M. Lazur, P. Palmieri, L. Levin, G. Garber, P. Melnik, R. Goldstein, R. Kaner, M. Edwards. 5 l Page Rventy-Three 1 Philoclendroi OLGA YATICH I , President ALEXANDER KARAY Vice-President HELEN WEINBERG Secretary BETTY HOFFMAN Treasurer First row-C. Moll, S. Stillwater, B. Hoffman, H. Weinberg, Mrs. Cone, O. Yatich, A. Karay, L. Spiegel, J. Eisenberg. Last row-H. Buliga, R. Levy, L. Linder, H. Swetka, D. Kaufman, M. Solomon, Arozian, B. Ludwig. Under the helpful guidance of Mrs. Cone, sponsor, the Philodendroi Biology Club has again launched a successful term. The members are being kept busy with a membership drive and their new project. This project includes plans for an animal menagerie modeledifrom clay, soap, and paper mache. The animals are to be encased in their natural habitats. The club hopes to develop a few artists as well as biologists. Among the various activities planned are trips to the Cranbrook Institute, the Detroit News Building, Good Will Industries, Children's Museum, Alger Gardens, and many other interesting places. The highlight of the term includes a trip to the Flower Show. I Page Seventy-Four 1 "Die Amerikanerv was organized this term through the persistent efforts of the students in the German Classes. Miss Malone, who has lived in Germany, directs our activities. Our purpose is to further the interest in the culture, the language, and the literature of Germany and to increase our knowledge and understanding of the German people. ' We have planned various trips, one of which was an excursion to Jack Miner's Bird Sanctuary in Canada. The German Club GERALDINE GARBER President NAOMI MENDELSON Vice-President LILLIAN C. LINDER Secretary JACK KAPE Treasurer. First row-G. Ticconi, R. Hyman, G. Garber, N. Mendelson, J. Kape, L. Linder, Miss Malone. Last row-R. Keller, Y. Greenwald, A. Buddenbaum, R. White, B. A. Coleman, G. Whitney, Ft Mellen, R. Robin, J. Renehan. I Page Seventy-Five 1 Le C ercle Francais JEAN HARRIS President MARILYN BRANDON Vice-President ROSE KLOIAN Secretary JACK ESSON Treasurer First row-M. Pace, M. Parker, H. Zorn, Mrs. Brown, Harris, M. Brandon, J. Esson, R. Kloian. Last row-M. Croxton, W. Floyd, R. Bender, M. Edwards, M. Miller, J. Bean, J. Williams, S. Neuman, S. Wolner, C. Shafer. "Adieu et bonne chancef, said Mademoiselle Jean Harris as she closed the final meeting of another successful term of the French Club. Amon our activities were tri s to the Cinema Theater, where the club S P enjoyed several French movies. At our spring outing, a picnic, the members had a good time using their French. Our members found French songs, cross-word puzzles, monologues, and games very interesting. Mrs. Brown was our sponsor. I Page Seventy-Six J I June, 1941, will mark "al fin" of another entertaining and instructive season of E1 Circulo Espanol. Miss Adelaide Russell, sponsor of E1 Circulo Espanol, has this past semester scored a royal triumph. The meetings have been always fully attended. Little plays were presented, Spanish songs were sung, and various kinds of entertainment were given by talented Spanish students. To Miss Russell we extend our sincerest thanks for her help and advice. The ofiicers for this semester were Pauline Barja, president, Julio Tacconelli, vice-president, Phyllis Palmieri, secretary, Ross Pinto, treasurer, and Adelaide Russell, sponsor. El Circulo Espanol PAULINE BARJA President JULIO TACCONELLI Vice-President PHYLLIS PALMIERI Secretary ROSS PINTO Treasurer First row-F. Nastasi, G, Tacconelli, P. Barja, P. Palmieri, R. Pinto, Y. Ticconi. Second row-G. Zucker, M. Egger, S. Soulam, M. Cherusofsky, C. Michaeles, B. Myers, C. Poterala, A. Cubba. Third row-Miss Russell, P. Duffy, T. Ciacchella, V. Carpinelli, N. Glasgow. I Page Seventy-Seven 1 The Northern High Standards JACK SCHNEIDER President MORRIS WEISS Vice-President ABE F ETTER V Secretary HYMAN YAKER Treasurer First row-A. Fetter, M. Weiss, Mr. Caswell, J. Schneider, H. Yaker. Last row-M. R. Cohen, J. Litwin, B. Zaffern, I. Wrotslavsky, S. Touber. The Northern High Standards, under the able guidance of Mr. Caswell, have had another successful season. ' An outing to Mr. Caswell's estate and a banquet have been the highlights of the past semester. Prominent in school affairs are Jack Schneider who is Editor-in-Chief of the Northern Light, Morris Weiss who is vice-president of the 12A class, president of 208, member of Student Council, and Viking and Light member. Abraham Fetter and Hyman Yaker are members of the Light and Viking. We sincerely extend our best wishes to the 12A's. I Page Seventy-Eight 1 GRACE WILLNER President ELEANOR PHILIPS Vice-President DOROTHY ZUCKERMAN Secretary ESTELLE BLUMENTHAL Treasurer The spring semester of 1941 marlcsrthe tenth year of existence of the Delta Kappa as a club of Northern High. Under the favorable auspices of Miss May Zinclc of the Latin department, Delta Kappa has incorporated a renewed spirit in its social and educational activities. Rituals performed at the formal initiation of the new members held a special significance this tenth year, and on this same occasion plans were laid to celebrate the anniversary of a decade in a gala fashion. New members who ,pledged their support in carrying on the traditions or Delta Kappa include Sylvia Taxi, Betty Hoffman, Helen Weinberg, Lillian Cann, and Shirley Katz. After a season of friendship and fun Delta Kappa will say its adieus to the departing graduates, Grace Willner, Eleanor Philips, Freda Fetter, Dorothy Zuckerman, Lillian Markowitz, Estelle Blumenthal, Sylvia Kamer, and Helen Cooper. Delta Kappa First row-I. Davidson, F. Bonder, L. Markowitz, F. Fetter, D. Zuckerman, Miss Zmck G. Willner, E. Blumenthal, H. Cooper, S. Kamer. Last row-B. Goldstein, S. Katz, D. Geselis, E. Goldstein, R. Rosenberg, M Boeslcy H. Weinberg, S. Taxe, B. Hoffman. L Page Seventy-Nine 1 Eski-ettes First row-P. Bramley, V. Sulatycki, C. Warde, Miss Giddings, Miss Delaney, A. Lahman N. McKay, V. Culton. y Last row--N. McLelland, R. Cornwell, S. Bonstelle, JI Ensing, L. Paynter, A. Ryan, M. Oullette, H. Mundie. CATHERINE WARDE President VIRGINIA SULATYCKI Vice-President V EDITH COTTLER Secretary AVIS LAI-IMAN Treasurer A comparatively new club, the Eski-ettes, was formed to promote sports- - manship among the girls at Northern. Q Our sponsors, Miss Delaney and Miss Gidclings, have kindly given their time and their help to make our meetings more enjoyable and beneficial. The club was founded in 1939. We find as its present officers the following girls: President, Catherine Wardeg vice-president, Virginia Sulatyckig secretary, Edith Cottlerg treasurer, Avis Lahman. . All of the girls are actively interested in some sport of the school. We have representatives from the basketball, swimming, tennis, and hockey teams. I Page Eighty I Under the sponsorship of Miss Halfert and Miss Leonard, the Northern Girls, Club, one of the first organized in Northern, is a part of the Girl Reserve movement which was organized in Detroit in 1912. The club has various functions which include trips, speakers, and social activities. The purpose of this organization is to create a Christian spirit in the school, home, and community. The Northern Girls'C lub NANCILEE NOYES President BONNIE MCDONALD Vice-President EDITH MADDUX Secretary BETTY MACAULEY Treasurer First row-F. Trippensee, A. Harding, R. Findeisen, P. McAdams, A. Jensen, B. Macauley, N. Noyes, B. McDonald, E. Maddux, P. Christensen, M. Bourne, W. Ghigo. Second row-D. Wolstenholme, I. Johnston, M. I, Egger, B. Nolte, J. Gray, E. Glasener, i Hinkle, M. Goetz, J. Thomas, Miss Leonard. i Third row-M. Moore, L. Hight, J. Bean, Primrose, N. Tramontin, B. Bradley. I Page Eighty-One 1 Northern "N" Club IRVIN E UN GER A President JACK GRAHAM ' Vice-President PAUL MILLER Secretary VINCENT ROSENTHAL Treasurer First row-E. Cartwright, D. Burch, M. Rubenstein, J. Smoot, P. Miller, N. Jones, J. Leadbetter, J. Racas. Second row-J. Ward, W. Bryant, D. Rheacl, C. Harvey, P. Gannon, V. Rosenthal, H. Bradshaw. Third row-Mr. Kolbe, P. Sirvis, L. Northrup, N. Potapashyn, Meier, T. Kaseta. The object of the Northern "N" Club is to promote in Northern good sportsmanship and to encourage better attendance at all athletic contests. Mem- bership is based on the possession of a varsity letter won in any major sport. Mr. Henry C. Kolbe is acting sponsor with coach Abe Katz as honorary sponsor. The "N" Club's only activity so far this year is an "N" club-faculty basketball game and dance for the purpose of raising funds for the baseball season. I Page Eighty-TWO 1 Basketball Team V First row-L. Northrup, T. Fezzey, W. Bryant, Coach Powers, J. Graham, W. Wealcley. Second row-A. Wood, S. Chipman, T. Weakley, D. Potter, C. Lowery, J. Smoot, N. Jones, M. Kaminsky. After Northern had won the first five games, two successive defeats prac- tically ruined their hopes of a championship team. Paced by Bryant and Fezzey, Northern easily defeated Miller, Pershing, Northeastern, Hamtramck, and Denhy. However, the satisfaction gained by defeating Miller and Hamtramck was not enough to carry the team on, as they lost to Highancl Park and Southeastern. Having defeated Eastern, the Eskimos bowed to Cass. This left Northern and Cass tied for third place. Willie Bryant placed second among the Metropolitan league scorers, sinking 104 points. Tom Fezzey, with 92, was also near the top. Bryant and Graham will not he hack next year, but the return of Fezzey, Jones, Weakley, Northrup, and Lowry makes the outlook for the future bright. Northern 40 Northern 34 Northern 28 Miller 29 Hamtramck 23 Southeastern 35 Northern 48 Northern 38 Northern 40 Pershing 38 Denby 23 Eastern 22 Northern 37 Northern 23 Northern 30 Northeastern 25 Highland Park 28 Cass 33 l Page Eighty-Four 1 F ree Shots Page E ghty-Five I Track Team First row-H. Kaufman, R. Bald, G. Parker, P. Manhire, Coach Katz, A. Boyd, D. McA1onan, E. Gorman, L. Jackson. Second row-H. Wolfman, I. Rosen, J. Keane, E. Boyd, J. Witherspoon, W. Bryant, H. Grant, N. Jones, E. Jordan, J. Weiss. Loss of all last year's lettermen left Coach Katz the difficult task of building a team around a few veterans and new talent. Bowing to Eastern and Hamtramck, the Eslcies threatened to defeat North- eastern, but were thwarted by having an incomplete team. In the final meet Southeastern was victorious. Julian Witherspoon, Herb Kaufman and Izzy Rosen have led the team in scoring. The coming outdoor season promises a better record considering our schedule. Although Al Boyd, Rosen, Bald, Manhire, and McAlonan are leaving, the return of Witherspoon, Kaufman, Parker, Ernie Boyd, Kean, and Morris gives prospect of a balanced team next year. L Page Eighty-Six 1 Practice Makes Perfect I Page E ghty-Seven 1 Girls, Swimming First row-E. Dark, S. Janawitz, L. Paynter, N. McKay, B. Kolb, S. Truesclell, P. Sloman. Second row-A. Lahman, S. Arnold, B. Jameson, S. Bonstelle, Ensing, Miss Buckeye, S. Bonstelle, P. Waldron, R. Oglesby, J. Horn, K. Leslie. The girls' swimming team ended a successful season, winning three out of five meets, under the able instruction of their new coach, Miss Buckeye. The strongest swimmers of the squad are Nadia McKay, captain, doing the free style, Janet Ensing, manager, the free style and back stroke, Lolita Paynter, co-manager, back stroke, Shirley Truesdell, the back stroke, and Barbara Kolb and Barbara Ensing, the breast stroke. The leading divers of the team are Peggy Sloman and Barbara Ensing. The team,s schedule began with a victory over Western, 61-55. Being defeated by Highland Park did not discourage them, as they subdued Central 56-45, and Denby, 61-56, in their third and fourth meets. Although the season ended with a defeat by Cooley, the score was close, 52-47. E V Great spirit was shown among the members throughout the season. l Page Eighty-Eight 1 Baseball Team .. Yi Y " ' ' ' 41-I Though only four lettermen are returning, Coach Dierkes has some good prospects around which to build a balanced team. Graham will be back at first, Potapshyn coaching, and Weakley and Gold berg in the outfxeld. Among the prospects are Northrup, Kaseta, Ross, Talkington, and Rabinovitz. The team's aim is to better the record of last year's team which just failed to make the playoffs. This season's schedule is as follows: May May May May May 2-Miller at Northern 6-Northern at Highland Park 9-Northeastern at Northern 13-Southeastern at Northern 16--Northern at Hamtramck Coach - - May 20-Pershing at Northern May 23-Northern at Denby May 27-Cass at Northern May 29-Northern at Eastern June 2-6--City Finals - - - - DIERKES I Page Eighty-Nine 1 Girls' Basketball Z First row-G. Moore, L. Shaw, C. Warde, A. Meiser, M. Randall, N. McLelland, S. Comer, P. Christensen. Second row-N. Catalano, S. Epstein, M. Adams, Miss Delaney, M. Fahac, R. Anderson, T. Sanderson, N. Holt. Miss Delaney once again coached an enjoyable girls' basketball year Although not very many of the last year's varsity players returned, the team played some good games. This year's 'captain was Alice Meiser and the playing manager was Catherine Warde. The girls played Central, Eastern, Highland Park, Southeastern, North- western, Northeastern, and Pershing. The first team was composed of the following girls: forwards, Lois Shaw, Ruth Linson, Phyllis Christensen, and Susanne Comer, guards, Catherine, Warde, Geraldine Moore, Nan McLelland, and Alice Meiser. Elizabeth Wilhelmi and Lucille Wilson were our official score and time keepers. We are glad to say that few of our varsity squad are being graduated, so we plan to have a good team next year. I Page Ninety 1 Girls, Tennis First row-Miss Delaney, A. Meiser, C. Warde, V. Culron, A. Stasaitis, H. Mundie G. Fenner. Second row-P. Christensen, N. Catalano, Diskin, B. Leigh. M. Diamond, M. Boesky, M. Backalar, P Practice for tennis has already begun this year. Miss Delaney is the coach. As yet the team has not been picked, and the captain has not been elected. Returning from last year's team are Hazel Mundie, Virginia Culton, and Lillian Stataitis. The new hopefuls that have come out for practice are Dorotha Lee Cook, Catherine Warde, Isabelle Stark, Jean Phyllis Disken. We wish this year's team luck against their foes. as follows: Pershing, May 63 Highland Park, May May 275 Mackenzie, June Z, Eastern, June 10. l Page Ninety-One 1 Ziehr, Marilyn Boesky, and The opposing teams will be 135 Denby, May 203 Redford, Tennis and Golf Jfjoboulian, A. Medwed, Mr. Lewis, M. Brown. First row-D. Crane, R. Welling, R. Frick, J. Moore. Last row-B. Davey, P. King, Coach Powers, A. Ardito, J. Cranny I Page Ninety-Two 1 NOCENCE A55 OF 'N R6Yn01ds After sir Joshua Our Own National Gallery THE BLUE BOY L After Gainsborough .4lllh. I CHILDREN OF CHARLES STUART After Van Dyck With Apologies to the Artists Involved I Page Ninety-Three 1 LAUGHING CAVALIER After Franz H818 Putting Together VIKING STAFF MEETING-There has to be a system to every organization and for this reason staff meetings are an essential part of the job of getting the book together. Ar the center of this busy picture is Mr. Whitmer who is always ready to advise and help when the stag gets into difficulties. MECHANICAL DRAWING-One of the major tasks in the making of the Viking is the laying out of each page. This is where the mechanical drawing boys come in. Before the various parts of the Viking can he sent to the printer each page must be carefully laid out so that the printer will know just where the pictures are to go. I Page Ninety-Four I ART DEPARTMENT-As far as the Viking staff is concerned it's "orchids to the art department." Their big job of the term was doing the division pages for the Viking and they worked hard for something that would be unique and different. The result certainly merits not only our approval but our thanks as well. PASTING-For anyone who has a hangover from his muclpie-making days, pasting the pic- tures on the mounting boards would be a joy. Although undeniably messy it's a lot of fun and since it has to be done the staff just pitches in up to its elbows. The Viking Science vs. Superstition By CLARE SWARTZ There are many little things we do and say today simply because others do and say those things, but how many of us actually know what they mean and how they originated? The phrase, "Adam's apple," for instance, is used constantly by people who haven't the slightest idea where the phrase originated. The story is that a piece of the forbidden apple lodged in Adamys throat, and that all men have this lump in the throat as a reminder of Adam's sin. The custom of "knocking on wood" appears to have come from the custom of touching wood upon every occasion of happiness or good fortune in gratitude to Christ who died upon a wooden cross. Therefore, the custom of touching or "knocking" on wood came to be looked upon as a means of warding off ill luck. A similar type of superstition is found in Sweden, where fishermen do not dare mention to anyone during the course of the day how many fish they have caught, fearing that if they do so, they will catch no more fish that day. Another superstition, that eating garlic gives strength, is traced back to ancient times in Egypt, when the pyramids were being built. The workmen were given great quantities of onions and garlic to eat, because it was believed that this food would make them stronger. It is customary for children to fall out of bed, but there has existed for many centuries the superstition that a child falls out of bed at the will of the spirits that hover about it. If a baby does fall out of bed before it is eleven months old, it will be a fool. Another curious superstition is that if a baby should happen to look into a glass before its first birthday, it will die. An amusing combination of warning and superstition is that if you are cross when you are young, you will be an old maid! Dreams have always interested man, and through the centuries many super- stitions have been evolved concerning the things that man sees in his dreams. An example is, to dream that someone hates you indicates that you have gained a new friend. Here are some of the familiar dream superstitions: Dream o f death and you will hear from the living. Dream of eggs and you will quarrel with a friend. Dream of a nest and you will receive a gift. Dream of a fire and you will have ill luck. Dream of a great blaze in your home, and you will receive money. Dream of men and you will be lucky, of women, and you will be unlucky. No matter how strong science has grown, it has been unable to destroy such ridiculous beliefs. I Page Ninety-Eight I On Superstition By SHERRELL WOLNER Primitive men had plenty of reason to believe that over and above the world of sense there was a supernatural world, the inhabitants of which were cruel and bent upon the destruction of humanity unless they were appeased and humored. Nothing appeared so self-evident as the fact that the human race dragged on its existence under the spell of a curse. Health did not appear to spread from person to person, but sickness was contagious. Poor man was chilled in the winter and burned in the summer. Ac times there were unusual terrors, for example, when the sun, which generally shone all day long, was swallowed up by the dragon of eclipse. Enemies were everywhere. In the face of these obstacles if any man did manage to live and attain some degree of comfort, this was because the powers of the supernatural world, for reasons of their own, had permitted him to do so. He was a lucky creature. But if another man fell by the wayside, if, indeed, he died, this was because he was out of favor in the sight of the gods. He was an unlucky creature. The idea of luck among superstitious people has not changed much in the course of the ages. The belief that there is a supernatural world inhabited by two warring factions, one creative and the other destructive, is the foundation upon which most modern conventions, social habits, beliefs, and even arts rest. And basically, the rule holds today as it did yesterday that the purpose underlying all attempts at commerce with the supernatural, if that commerce takes the base form of superstition, is that of improving one's luck. I Page Ninety-Nine 1 The Birth of Superstition By SARAH PHILKA In the earliest stages of undeveloped civilization, man's greatest weakness was fear. The crashing of thunderbolts sent him pell- mell into the darkest corner of his cave, where he sat petrified. The twisted trees and the creeping shadows bewildered and terrified him. The night with its peering eyes brought an expression of horror and suspicion upon his face. From his own imagination, he visualized the miracles of the world as being fiendish creatures of destruction. He was like a frightened child who is afraid of the dark. As time elapsed, man grew to respect the world of spirits and witchcraft. Traditional tales of good and bad omens were conceived and related. Thus, the ignorance of that age created superstition, which was really a state of mind. As civilization moved upward, superstition followed close ,behind and managed to survive until this very day. The blaclc cat, which is a popular superstition of today, was supposed to represent a witch in disguise. It was believed that a mirror was a crystal of the future dominated by the will of gods. If anyone broke the glass, he was cursed with seven years had luck. A horeshoe, luclcy coin, rabbit's foot and others represent good luck, because of some wild tale that has been handed down through the generations. Although superstition is a strange inheritance, it is not harmful. It is an exaggerated privilege 'of imagination. After all, what would a wedding be without rice, or? Halloween without black cats and witches? The absurd characteristics of superstition will always prevail in the hearts of men. L Page One Hundred 1 Sailors' Superstitions and Science By Ross TAMBURRO Puttering around test tubes and proving the laws of gravitation have alwa s been associated with classiiied knowled e. On the Y g other hand did ou ever realize that su erstitions la an im ortant a Y P P Y P part in science, too? In the former days, mariners clung to the belief that witches and nixies took possession of the sea on Friday. They often repeated the proverb: "Friday,s moon, Come when it will, it comes too soon." Even the Very mention of the day was taboo to all seafaring men. The superstition still remains, although in a modified form. In fact, there still are some seamen who will not set sail on the sixth day of the week. Their reason being, that in the event of a gale, the crew might become panicky and lose confidence. Thus, we see that science has taken its place but not entirely though, for there are yet some points that will have to be cleared up. Priests were definitely bad omens. Their black robes and austeriry were reminders of burial. Even talking to a minister before a voyage was said to bring ill luck. Meeting barefooted women with Hat feet was a hap that all sailors wished to avoid. This token was particularly strong among French- men, but there is little evidence of its existence now. The ceremony of christening a ship can be traced to antiquity, namely, when the vessel was under the divine blessing, its journey would be a prosperous one. This custom has ceased to be a super- stition although it is practiced today with full pomp and glory. What great feats science is accomplishing! I Page One Hundred-One 1 More Old Masters ,Lf liwwfwqwkf z E f nm asm sw Af '-Isa liter Van Dyck te' Da Vinci Jig.. I NFANTA DONA 'NF F 5 Yuu After Goyfurs uou CARLOS PQRXIZQLE Zan gg-le! And Still More Apologies I Page One Hundred-Two 1 Wishin' There,s wieners to he roasted 'Round a fire that's Hamin' high. Sendin' sparks a-shootin'-- A-shootin' to the sky. There's a patch of watermelons That we visit in the night. We grab an' pull, an' then we run- Run with all out might. There's a game of hide an' seek on- I can hear 'em as they shout. The kids are all a-hollerin'- A-hollerin', "I-Ie is out!" I can hear the dogs a-barkin' As they chase the boys aroun'. That's Billy,s big ole collieg That's Jimmy's ole black houn'. I wisht that I wuz out there, A-havin' lotsa fun. But I guess I won't he goin'- 'Cause there's dishes to be done! -Joyce Allen I Page One Hundred-Four l EZOPPCRTUNITIES IN BUSINESS -2 The demands of the National Defense Program for trained office personnel is one of the factors responsible 11 for the acute shortage of qualified young men and women for this type of work. Calls on the Institute Employment gg Bureau now outnumber graduates more than three to one. Thorough practical courses, including Secretarial, Shorthand, Stenograph, Stenotype, Typewriting, Accounting, Comptometer, and related subjects, are available in the conveniently located schools listed below. ' The Business Institute is incorporated under the Educational Acts of the State of Michigan as a "Class A College, 5 empowered to grant degrees." Those interested are invited to visit these schools to look over the quarters and equipment, and to discuss the courses with a member of the staff. Schools at 3240 Gratiot, corner of Mack: at 5040 Joy Road, near Grand Riverg also in Pontiac ' The Business Institute DOWNTOWN SCHOOL, MICHIGAN BUILDING . . . zzo BAGIIEY, DETROIT Telephone Randolph 6534 for prospectus ' Mr. Goldstein: "Jimmy, use the words 'effer- vescent' and 'fiddlesticlc' in a sentence." V Jimmy Pagonas: Q'Effervescent enough covers on your bed your fiddlestick out." Kel Ben Stein: "I talce off my hat to your jokes." Don McLean: "Glad you like 'emf' Ben Stein: "Well, I really do it to show respect to old age." AEC One day the teacher was talking to someone at the door. The class was laughing. The teacher turned around and said, "When I am not in the room, there is nothing to laugh at." 'TC Hyman Yalcer: "I-Iow did you get your start as a ghost writerf' Jack Schneider: "I-Iaunting publishing houses." Aix! Eleanor Phillips: "I wonder what causes the fiight of timef, Sylvia Neuman: "It,s probably urged on by the spur of the momentf, Aix! Epitaph Here lies the body of Dentist DeIVIille In the biggest cavity he'll ever 611. COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Cooper's Drug Store At New Location 7618 Mack Ave., Bet. Townsend and Baldwin CL. 0966 12-5x7 Pictures in Folder: 1-8x10 ' .5800 Oil Painting with Frame Free, for only Cap and Gown Furnished RADIOS - WASHERS f RUGS - APPLIANCES THE SHECTER FURNITURE Co. Formerly Shecter Music Co. 8928 TWELFTH STREET N. H. SHECTER I TRINITY 2-3636 Townsend 6-93 00 Rosedale Beauty Shoppe SI-IAIVIPOOING - HENNAS - HAIR DYEING PERMANENT WAVING MANICURING 11546 Woodward Ave. I Page One Hundred-Five 1 Resemblances A to Comic Characters Mickey Finn 7....v. ., ......,...,,.,,,,,,.,............ Donald Ney 'Lil Abner ,,,,..., A,,.,,,,,,,,,, J oe Daialq Superman K. ,,,..,. ,....,7,....... J ack Graham Harold Teen A.,,,, ...... G eorge McMartin Joe Paloolca .,,,,,,, ....,.........A B ill Forest Ben Webster ,,,.... --, ,,..,,, Scott Styles Tiny Tim ,,,,,,..... -- .,,,. .,.,,...,,,,., B en Fox George Bungle ...,..,.. ....... M arvin LoPatin Daisy Mae . ,,.,.,, -.. ,....,,...... June Dahl Tillie the Toilet, ,,,....,,...........,..,...., Rose Tamburro 'ii Donit worry if your job is small And your rewards are fewg Remember the mighty oak Was once a nut like you. Aix! Proud Mother: Q'Yes, he's a year old now and heis been walking since he was eight months." Bored Visitor: "Really? He must be awfully tired." fix! Company Clerlc: "If you added 76,923 to 8l,412, what would you get?" First Sergeant: "A wrong answer." Teacher: "Give me a quotation from the Bible. Student: "Judas went and hanged himself." Teacher: "Another," Student: "Go thou and do lilcewisef' if Customer: "Do you serve fish?" Waiter: "We serve anyoneg sit right down." fix! Gwynne Windle: "I spotted a leopard yester- day in the ZO0.,, Elizabeth Rieger: "Silly, They grow that way." if Cops use nightsticlcs to beat the daylights out of guys. if Resemblances to Famous Characters Cicero , ,....,.,....,r,,,.......,......,,..,,.....,..,, Morris Weiss Caesar ,....... ......., H yman Wolfman Napoleon ., ....,,, Irwin Mahler Socrates ,,,,,, ...,,,,.. P lflillip Sirotlcin Neptune ,,t. ,......., F red Noffert Mercury ,,,.. ,..... W ade Johnson ACCOUNTANCY AIDS NATIONAL DEFENSE PROGRAM 0 Executives of war industries, and government officials require the aid of young men and women who are technically trained as accountants and auditors to prepare daily reports on the prog ress ofwarorders and on the expenditure of huge sums of money required for defense. 0 Heavy taxes for defense costs will be levied for many years to come which will continue the demand for skilled accountants, auditors, and tax specialists on the part of both business and government. Fall Semester-Day and Evening Classes begin September 15, 1941 9 Registration for fall classes may be made immediately upon graduation. Write or call about the practical courses and the distinctive methods of teaching. WA L I T U T E of Accountancy, Taxation, and Business Administration 120 MADISON AVENUE, DETROIT CADILLAC 5136 I Page One Hundred Six 1 YY I MADISON 5733 SECRETARIAL TRAINING ZIV Secretarial training is an effective wedge to a desirable business position. Stenography is vital to the work of thousands of ofhces, both in busi- ness and government service. The Business Institute offers thorough, prac- tical coureses fAccounting, Secretarial, Business Administration, Gregg Shorthand, Stenograph, Comptometer, and othersl. Complete information will be sent on request. Phone Randolph 6534, write, or call at our most AN SORGE 86 SCI-ILEH, Inc. PHARMACISTS 11550 Woodward Ave., Corner Englewood Tels. Townsend 8-5326 - 8-5327 Detroit, Mich. BLATT'S HLSPEED SUPER SERVICE A TIRES - ACCESSORIES - BATTERIES HOME and CAR RADIOS REPAIRED TRinity 2-9003 9105 John R, Cor. Owen 55 convenient location. 11 Schools at 5040 Joy Road, near Grand River, at 3240 :: Gratiot, corner of Mack, in Pontiac, and in Saginaw The Business Institute EE Downtown School, Michigan Bldg., 220 Bagley, Detroit " "Michigar1,s Largest Businers School" When my father came from Europe there was such a thiclc fog that his boat had to be pulled in by thugs. if Miss Smith: "Albert, give two pronouns." Albert Heller: "Who?? Me??" Miss Smith: "Correct," '4 Miss Bacon: "I notice your composition, 'My Mother,' is exactly the same as your brother's.,' Student: "Yes,m. We have exactly the same motherf' fix! Customer: "Give me two pork sandwiches to take out." Waiter fcalling to cookj: "Dress up a couple of grunts for a walk." Abe! A And a laughing pickpocket is a fellow who never takes things seriously. Harper Beauty Shoppe HAIR DYEING - HAIR STYLING PERMANENT WAVING, ETC. . 9111 Woodward Detroit, Mich. as TO. 8-5840 We Call For and Deliver D. L E I F E R FIRST CLASS TAQILORING CLEANING . PRESSING . REPAIRING AND FUR REMODELING 17614 John R St., Nr. Longwood Detroit, Mich. EE Father: "How are your marks at school?" David Silberg: "They,re under water." Father: "What do you mean?" Dave: "They're below 'C, level." A '55 Abie Fetter: "Waiter, give me a cup of weak tea." Waiter: "Well, that's what I gave you." Abie Fetter: "I said weak-not helpless." 465 Employer: "Do you know the ins and outs of this business?" Willie Bryant: "Yes, in at twelve and out at three.',' ABC Manuel Ravet: "Was I driving too fast, ofii- cer?" QAfter being stopped by a policeman.j Officer: "No, you weren't driving too fast, you were flying too low." I Page One Hundred-Seven 1 Patient an Waiting room of doctotys office, "How do you do?" 3 3 Second patient:' "So-so. I'm aching from neu- ritisf' DAY AND EVENING CLASSES SINCE 1926 First Patient: "Glad, to meet you. I'm Mendel Also Short Courses 55 baum from Chicago." , 'iw in , , They were speeding at 85 Drafting, Tool Designing, Die The auto gm a lmh , , , 55 Services Sunday at 2 p. m. D6Slg11111g, Machine At the First Methodist Church. Designing 'Fw Said the toe to the stocking: S T A R T A N Y T I M E Let me through, let me through, Said the stocking to the toe: gzip' I'11 be darned if I do. DETROIT COLLEGE N Trafiic Ofiicer: "Piave you read the traffic as sa 12" rugiach Powers: "Yes, what would you like to 3 55 know?" 8203 Woodward Avenue ..... ................................ Mrs. Schmidt: :When do the leaves begin to EE BAR-B.Q fufnfp' AIR CONDITIONED Manuel Fertell: "The night before the exams." FINEST BAR-B-Q CHICKEN AND fm! SPARERIBS TRY OUR SPECIAL DINNERS ,z Milton R- Cohen: "1 have a lot of elwficifv ................... 219?..W99.s4resfi..f?:xs1... in my hair." 12 Milton S. Cohen: "Sure, it's connected to a - :E dry Cen, Clazrmount Flower Shop XE 9101 Woodward Ave. Clare Harvey: "Is it cold enough outside for Trinit 2 1703 Edw Rode M I, a Coat? ......,......... .... i .............................. ................. i ............. f ...... Jack Weiss: uYes, and Pants mov, ...................................................... ............................................... COMPLIMENTS OF . . . First Communist: "Nice weather we're having." H Second Communist fgrudginglyjz "Yes, but the rich are enjoying it too!" '4 5 Livestock Commission Merchants He: "I'm keeping a record of all our good times together." She: "Ah, filling pages in a diary?" 6 7 5 0 D I X A V E N U E He: "No, stubs in 3. check bO0k.,, 23121122IIZ1ZIZZZ12IIZ!I122Z1IIZI2ZZ11II1Z21IIIII121llIIZIIIIII232IIISZIIZIIZZZIZIIIIZZZ Phone Vinewood 1-4797 I Page One Hundred-Eight J AFTER GRADUATION . . WHAT THEN? H Why not "Develop the Fortune in Your Fingersi' by studying Beauty Culture as taught in "America's Finest Schooli' INA DEL MARVIN, Director 5 Del-Mar Beauty School 213 Boulevard Building Woodward at East Grand Boulevard DETROIT Maid: "The garbage man is here, sir." Mr. Whitmer: "Tell him we don't want any." 1. 'ixsi Teacher: "Junior, can you tell me how matches are made?" Junior: "No, ma'am, but I don't blame you for asking." Teacher: "What do you mean?" Junior: "Well, my mother says y0u've been trying to make a match for twenty years." 45:5 She: "Does champagne make you see double?" He: "No, but it makes me feel single." WHITE STAR CLEANERS TAILORS AND EURRIERS Quick Service Reliable Workmanship FUR WO'RK A SPECIALTY 18239 John R. Phone TO. 8-6108 COMPLIMENTS OF . . . RlCHARDSON'S DRUGS 9053 WOODWARD AVENUE Corner Clairmount OPEN ALL NIGHT Telephone Madison 7395 Phone TO. 7-7072 5 My Beauty Parlor . Sanitary Service - No Waiting : QAMERIIA , -gg L!!! . My Business is to Improve Your A I ' APPEARANCE T' 'Z E MINNIE MATIJEVICH, Prop. wia-rgvxrflxrnrj-I 17708 John R. sf. Detroit, Mich. AMWAN5 Patronize Our Advertisers Mrs. Bogle: "Give, for one year, the number of tons of coal shipped out of the United Statesf, James Western: "1942, none." 'ii Mr. Kolbe: "Students, I am dismissing you ten minutes early today. Please go out quietly so as not to wake the other classes." lk! Epitaph Here lies a pedestrian, Much colder than ice, He only jumped once, When he should have jumped twice. TELEPHONE TOWNSEND s.zzoz BYRON 'S FLOWERS 2 ORIGINAL CREATIONS . CORRECTLY STYLED 11301 Woodward Ave. Cor. Collingwood Ave. 2ZZ!S!!IZ!ZZ!121ZZ!ZZ!221IIIIIIIIZZIHIIIIIIIIZZI2111 ZZ!I22I1IIIII221Z22!ZZ1!!!!!iIZZ!112!C1ICZZZIZIIIIZIIZIRI I Page One Hundred-Nine 1 This Space is Donated by a Friend Of Northern High School COMPLIMENTS OF . . . Meyers Palmer House Cor. Woodward and Savannah His sister called him q'Willie," His mother called him "Will", But when he went to college, To Dad 'twas "Bill, Bill, Bill." 'QS If you like songs, Ouellette you Reid this- Burton your old Gray Bennett With the blue rib Berns on it, While I hitch old Dobkin to the shay, And through the fields of Glover Windle ride to Touber on our Goldin wedding Ney. fix Judge: "You have been brought here by two officers." ' Accused: "Yes, your Honor." Judge: "Drunk, I suppose." Accused: 'QYes, your Honor, both of themf, 'QC A caslcet's best friend is his mummy. For Flowers Phone Bauer's TO. 8-3615 17618 John R. - - Opposite Longwood We invite you to make this shop DUNK DoNUT co. " serving 38 VARIETIES HOT DUNK DONUTS Coffee and Fountain Service 8532 Woodward - - - at Pingree 149 W. 6-Mile - - - at Woodward IZ...III...ZIZIIIIICII!IliilgiiixmglIZgglfgiyggiijgggllilZIZZZIIZIIIIIIIICZIIIZI Clearing Out Several Large Collec- tions of U. S. and Foreign-Over c 15,000 Different Stamps .. --.-- WE BUY Stamp Collections and Odd Lots of Stamps Complete Selection of Albums and Stamp ....................................Q?llEEF.2Fi...5uPP'les sHoE REPAIRING SHOP 18606 JoHN R ALL WORK GUARANTEED 23:13:11311121222I:I31:11:22:ZZIIIZIZZIZIIZIZZIIZIII11222112225ICC23:12:12:I3112221222IIIZIZIIZZIZZIIZZZZI Young Bride: "Now dear, what will I get if I cook dinner like this for you every day of this year?', Husband: "My life insurance." 'EC Sergeant Ferrill: "If you don't salute properly. I'l1 give you five demeritsf' Bernard Zaffern: "How much is that in Ameri- can money?" 'kt Miss Walsh: "Now, Hersh, if I subtract 25 from 45, what's the difference?" Hersh Goldberg: "That's what I say. -Who cares?" ix! Son: "Mother, do you believe in love at first sight?" Nlother: "Of course. Do you suppose I would have married your father if I had taken a second look at him?" Established 1874 J. BERTRAM BELL, Director , Complete courses by expert instructors for as all musical instruments, voice, dramatic art, ss dancing. ' Beginners or Advanced Students. Enroll Now as for Summer Term. Send for Free Catalogue. sz 5035 Woodward Avenue C0lumbia 2810 LEONARD AND CO. SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES X 3100 W. Grand Boulevard Open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Evenings I Page One Hundred Eleven I COPIES .... OIL PAINTINGS .... MINIATURES .... FRAMING WEDDING PORTRAIT SPECIALISTS I J , '31' .Y Edward roysoh Sherlock . . . Fine Portraits . . . STUDIO and AT HOME PORTRAITS Madison 5780 I Detroit 920 Clairmount Avenue E L N w N . I I I w I 4 1 F I Page One Hundred Twelve I I

Suggestions in the Northern High School - Viking Yearbook (Detroit, MI) collection:

Northern High School - Viking Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Northern High School - Viking Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Northern High School - Viking Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Northern High School - Viking Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Northern High School - Viking Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Northern High School - Viking Yearbook (Detroit, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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