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. A t Vi r(K _ , r + 2 m ' 5 • 4 A • ♦ Port Huron Northern High School 1799 Krafft Road Port Huron, Michigan 48060 Volume XX Mttlt M Hr l U A unique Spirit runs through the halls of Port Huron Northern. Found in both the staff and the students, this great flow of life is always evident. The enthusiasm of the Mardi Gras week, the rivalry between Port Huron High School and Northern through the year, especially at the game which Northern competes with P H. to win the Bell The winter antics during the Snow Extravaganza also add to the Special Spirit of Northern Although the following pictures capture only a glimpse of Northern life, they help to give you a look at the true meaning of School Spirit Page 2. 1. Northern students rally after a victory over Roseville 2. Proud Northern Seniors Heather Lewis, Chris Debell. Cheryl Keil, Am Harrington and leanette Hopkins Page 3 1 Much more than friends, (on Ely and Patty O ' Grady 2 Meredith Burdick 3. Senior beauties leanie Schaft and Shannon Harkins 4 True friends Carrie Tynan and Lisa Olson 5. Last minute directions from Coach Rutkofske 6 Finally Friday!!! TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life 4 Seniors 22 Sports 52 Activities 92 Juniors 118 Sophomores 138 Freshmen 158 Academics 178 Ads Index 188 Your Sficnit Now Is Forever Spirit SOARS HIGH Page 4 1 Northern faces 2. Lunchtime friends Linda Parker. Dave Deprez, and Andrea Adolph 3 Senior Sue Teff 4. Yes. it is possible to smile during lunch! 5 Dashing Senior Bob Nolan 6 A wounded hero! 7. Husk football fans in Action Page 5 1. lunior classmates Laurel Deegan, Annemarie Pelc, and lack Hossler 2. lunior lay (ones enioying a late summer sail 3. Hey! Hey! say Sophomore power 4 Nor- thern ' s exchange student to Australia Wanda Cooper arriving in Sydney ° a Spirit Is Contagious 1 Sarah Sharpe and Melam Liss impersonate the Go-Go ' s 2 The " Three Stooges " . Michelle Kreit, Sue Banning and Karen Chidester 3. " I am representing our school with a " Special Spirit! " says |ohn Sullivan, and his friends; Paul Vroman, Matt Vargo and Len- ny Fuller agree 4 Who ever passed the test raise your hand 5. " Hurry up and take the pic- ture! " , moans Gary Kelly, )ohn Sullivan and left Eaton 6 Better than mannequins. Sue Shink, Anki Gussiaas. Iben Hansen, Kris Spillard. and lennifer Relken pose in a showcase. 7 Alicia Bryden, lulie Carpenter, and Laura Collins, take time out for a picture • V Sponsored by Hair Images 9 A Unique Sf ut FUNERAL (fyooen r-l) n. 1. The ceremonies held in con- nection with the burial and cremation of the dead. 2. The ceremonies held by Port Huron Northern students for the hopeful downfall of the so called " Big Reds. " Every year some mysterious force in our student body organizes the funeral for Port Huron High School. The funeral is a procession of Port Huron Northern students through town to Memorial Stadium. At the stadium Northern ' s faithful fans cheer on our Huskies to a hopeful victory over Port Huron. Not only students attend this game but alumni and parents are there also. In fact, this year the game also happened to be Parent ' s Night. On Parent ' s Night, the football players and the cheerleaders are in- troduced with their parents. The true Huskie Spirit really shines through on this night, and everyone has a terrific time. to Sponsored by Yale Heating and Air A Tear, A Smile A Queen Is Crowned, Norther n Style. This year the 1984-85 Mardi Gras Queen was kasandfa Gunter Kasandra has attended Port Huron Northern tor her entire high school career, and was deeply honored for this position which was bestowed upon her by her classmates. Lori Rowe and Whitney Trentacosta were her senior at- tendants on the Northern Court. The junior class repre- sentatives to court were Annemarie Pelc and lackie Hossler. Kirsten Glark and Debbie Rhody were the sophomore representatives at court, and lanice Musselman and Lisa Davey represented the freshmen class Sponsored by The Bicycle Center Captured The time spent here at Northern passes by us so quickly. It is always nice to stop and capture some of those special moments of our high school years that we will always remember 1. Keith Strevett and Chris Stein getting a little chum- my 2. Darcy Barber and Angie Liss at a home football game. 3 Betsy Ryan, lulie Hager, Paula Marengo, and Mike Wilhelm showing us their spirit 4 Class of ' 86 ' ' being rowdy 1 5 It ' s just you and me kid. Matt Gerus and Karen Lewandowski at Mardi Gras. 6 Rochelle Sass and Steve lowett give each other a smile 7. lenine Schultz. Kathy Witherspoon, and Shelly Smith having a good time 12 Sponsored by the Perkins Photography Catch the Spirit and Challenge of Mardi Gras Mardi Gras is one of the most exciting events throughout the school year. The dance showed how unique a person could be in the decision of their costume. The costumes ranged from clowns to sailors and the winning costume was a couple dressed as a bride and a groom. They were Senior, Tony McMullin and Junior, Candy Mclane The games, of course, added a lot of extra spirit, too. Pitting class against class made the games spec- tacular The games consisted of the following events: the scooter race won by the Seniors, the three-legged race won by the Seniors, the obstacle course won by the Seniors, the tug-o-war won by the Junior girls and Senior boys, the wagon race won by the Sophomores, the cart race won by the Juniors, and the pie eating contest won by the Junior President, the Sophomore Vice President, the Senior and Sophomore Secretary tied. The over all winners were the class of 85 ' . The scores were Seniors — 65, Juniors — 58, Sophomores - 57, and the Freshmen — 43. The whole week was a success and we are hoping it is exciting next year, also. 14 Sponsored by St. Clair County Manufacturers Credit Union 1 lody Kilbourne. second place costume at the Mardi Gras dance 2. left Pietrowski helping the Freshmen out 3 Kaylene Robbins. Deanna Bartrow. laurel Deegan. Anne Howe and Monica Hyslop enjoying the dance 4 The Senior girls pulling for their life. 5 Debbie DHjnn and Diana Gaiger. sailor pals. 6 Pat Hoy waiting for the whistle. 7. Pat Hoy digging in. Sponsored by St. Clair County Manufacturers Credit Union is Experience the Husky 1 Okay lim Taylor, give us that scary took! 2. " The Blues Brothers " ; Troy Saunby, Vince lafrate, Eddie Parks, Matt Vargo, and Chns Williams 3. School spirit counts, win or loose according to Lori Rowe, Michelle Koob, Tammy Dougan, Tracey Parrish and Pam Harris 4 Three ' s a crowd, but not for Monte lafrate, Ruth Cochrane and Dawn Kinney 5 Darlene McLane cheers her sophomore team on 6 He may look like Tom Cruise to you, girls, but he ' s really Steve Tait. 7. " I think we’re on the wrong side! " , yells Susan Fischer to Suzie Straffon 8 " We should get paid for this, " says Gina Bruno, Kathy (ones and lennifer Kessler Sponsored by Currie Jewelers 17 The Walls Rise During Mardi Gras The building of the class wall is one of the major events that takes place at Northern during Mardi Gras week. The entire student body votes on one general theme that each class wall is to be based upon. The topics that the students had to choose from were: Walt Disney Movies, Horror Films II, Comics, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and Foreign Countries. The theme for this year ' s wall is Saturday Morning Cartoons. The fun starts as soon as the theme has been decided. Each class has to find a willing classmate who will allow the wall to be built at their house. As each grade struggles to build their wall, they are all hoping that their ideas are the most original. These ideas also have to pass the regulations that are required for qualification. The major rule for the building of the walls is that everything must be made by the students themselves. After the walls are finished, they are judged by people from the community who do not know which wall belongs to each class. This year the Seniors came in first place, with the theme “Looney Tunes " , capturing the barrel, juniors took second place with “The Flintstones " followed by the Freshman wall of “The Shirt Tales. " The Sophomores ' " Chipmunks " ended up in fourth place. ChtyamunhAt 18 Sponsored by St. Clair County Manufacturers Credit Union Wash-n-wear hair Dad ' s fishing lures make for good jewelry. Brother ' s hand-me-down jacket that has made its own history The forward approach of. flirting Never fear, the paper clip- necklace is here. Sexy but innocent anklet The classic pump If no time to shampoo, wear . hat. ' The overworn earrine The casual approach of flirting Brought the wrong textbook again Cropped in, but not cropped that much! Over night make-up bag to stay at friends Feet out of shoes (the dreaded coms) Upperclassmen Fashion The European A-symmetrical cut The " Don ' t push it! " expression The ultimate in fad groups The untouched notebook The strategically placed ripped look Two for one special at Goodwill .Industrial working shoes (worn since junior high) Underclassmen Fashion Size 7 Vi bowl The " Thomas Dolby” influenced eyewear The prestigious " Vaurnet " symbol No time to talk, got to study! Sunday pants rolled up (mom ' forgot to hem them) First hour gym socks Mommy did not tie shoelace tight enough! Sponsored by Firestone 19 Spi ut of Life 1. Marilyn Wells, Shari Potrykus, and Denise Could, other- wise known as the " Three Musketeers " 2. " lt ' s been a long day, and I ' m hungry! " , says Kim Massman. 3 Leon Singh, Sonja Spear, and Kelli Ashford, what a team! 4 Ann Howe and Debbie Rhody are fnertds forever. 5 Sally Bruen and Jen- nifer Hickey getting ready for the pep assembly 6. " Is this really my sister Michelle ' " , asks Tim Chenoski 7 Rhonda Locke shows us her special spirit 8 Paula Marengo, KeHy Branch, and Debbie Bonacci check out the new guy in school. 20 Sponsored by Carlos Hair Port Scott Abraham Kurt Adolph Michael Aguinaga Anita Amador Penny Ameel Thomas Andrews Carol Angbrandt Matthew Anger Amy Aplin Brent Armstead Lisa Arnett Durrand Ashford Theresa Atkinson Brian Austin Robert Bailey Lori Baker Verna Balogh Tammie Barnes Jeffery Barrett Margaret Basrai 24 Sponsored by St. Clair County Community College Connie Beals Jeffery Becktold Martin Beem Sandra Beery Julianna Bell Michael Berden Michael Bernardo Scott Beuschlein Holly Bland Craig Blomquist Elizabeth Bohorquez Dana Bolin Deborah Bonacci Robert Bonczar Yvette Bourdeau Sponsored by William J Bonacci Accounting, Inc. 25 Barry Bowers Keli Branch Robert Bristle ■ Darrick Brockway Cynthia Brown I Michael Bruen Leslie Burley Jeffery Burns Roxanne Burns Stephen Campbell lames Carey Erin Carpenter Laurel Carpenter Timothy Carr Randy Ceckowski 26 Senior court nominees (top row from left) Hotly Bland, Denise Kearns, Kasandra Gunter, Lori Rowe. Whitney Trentacosta, lane Ingram, Yvette Bourdeau, Callie Nobles, Lynn McElroy, and Amy Aplin Sponsored by Ben Franklin Ruth Cochrane Michele Dandron Thomas Collinge Pamela Davis Brian Chisholm David Cook Catherine Cuthbertson Steven Coon Frances Daly Matthew Condland Stephen Conley Michael Cooper Jeff Crankshaw " Hey! Hey! Say Senior Power! " Colleen Cook lames Curry Kimberly Dandron Donald Deachin Robert Deaner Christina DeBell Robert DeBien Mary Dennis Thomas Dewey |iil Diem lames Dickson Kary Dimon Charlene Doan Kay Dobel Nancy Durand Perry Duren Mark Eastman leffrey Eaton Eric Eckhardt Keith Ellis Michael Ellsworth Melissa Emeigh Jane Engelgau 28 Sponsored by Ryan ' s Party Store John Francavilla Deborah Francek Laura Fredendall Leonard Fuller Diane Caiger Nancy Ganhs )un Garcia Debra Garijo Katherine Gartner Anthony Gates Timothy Gauthier )ohn Genna Michael George )ohn Gillespie Melissa Gillihan Michelle Glenn Trieste Combos Kimberly Gordon Nancy Gossman Leslie Goudreau Gary Graham Janet Grasel Sally Jo Green 30 Sponsored by Bojo ' s Jeanery Scott Green Paul Groff Laura Gucwa Tina Guizar Kasandra Gunter Ann Gu sias Gina Guthrie Joyce Gutierrez Julie Hagar Rene Hall Julie Hallay Michelle Hamel Terri Hamilton Iben Hansen Sharon Harder Jim Hardy Shannon Harkins Cynthia Harnden Ann Harrington Pamela Harris Sponsored by Kerr Albert Office Supply 31 Pamela Harrison lennifer Hartley Carol Hastings Lisa Havner Michealle Haynes Christopher Herber Clare Hickman Willard Hicks Mark Hill Tracy Himmel Jeanette Hopkins Laura Hudgens Raymond Hudy David Hulverson Glenn Hummel Monte lafrate Dale Ingles Jane Ingram Sherry Jackson Todd Jackson 32 Sponsored by Garfield Kindred Associates P C. Ann Harrington and loanne Schaeffer just love POD ' Phelica lanks Tracy laskoski lames )aso Kathleen lobbitt Lynette Johnson William Johnson Alan Johnston Christopher Jones Jennifer Jones Eric Juzysta Pamela Kane Denise Kearns Cheryl Keil Robert Kelch Timothy Keller Sponsored by Coniglio Photography By lenny Lee 33 Jodi Kilbourne Christopher King Brenda Koehler 34 Sponsored by Londons Dairy Cary Kelly Michele Koob Keith Lain John Lewandowski Patrick Kercher Lisa Kraus Lori Lashbrook Kandi Lewandowski Greg Kreiner Andrea Kreit Mark Kroll •V T Paul Ledsworth Donald Lester Nannette Letzgus Heather Lewis Trina Liss Mary Little Amanda Locke Jennifer Madaus leanie Weis, Ellen Witherspoon, Ruth Cochrane, and Dan Nichol show their excitement during the Queen ' s Court Assembly Sharon Lomp ■ . 1 Jennifer Lovett James MacDonald Steven Mack Kathleen Mallery Kathleen Maloney Mary Marcero Paula Marengo Kimberly Marsh Kristin Marten Gerald Mastaw James Mathews Jill McCandless Sponsored by The Sewing Center 35 page 36 1 Seniors enjoying a break from POD! 2, Who ' s that masked marvel 1 We don ' t know, but we love him! page 37 1. Tammie Barnes, Kim Rademacher, Kris Pet- tengjH, and Michelle Glenn planning their escape 2. Tom Andrews, Mardi Gras Chairman, smiles and says, " This job is a breeze. " Mark McConnell Sarah McCue Lynn McElroy Mark McGowen William McLaughlin David McLeod Timothy McMahon Anthony McMullin Patti McNaughton 3. Chris (ones and Callie Nobles bright-eyed Marie McRoberts Jenny Mellos Thomas Miller and bushy-tailed for first hour Algebra 36 Sponsored by Port Huron Automotive Supply Daniel Mitchell Patricia Mix Michael Motte Mark Murray Brenda Nalanga Kellie Naylor MHHir l»l Daniel Nichol Jeffery Nichols Callie Nobles Robert Nolan Thad Nosar Mary Anne Nuttall Sponsored by The Spirits Shoppe 37 38 Sponsored by lames W Shink and Associates Scott Obertein Lisa Olson lames Ort Michael Papes Paul Peacock Gregory Preston Leon Prigmore Michael Putze Jennifer Quaine Tamara Radatz Tad Peel Elizabeth Pencak Shelly Perod Christine Perry Dorothy Perry Marcy Peters David Peterson Kris Pettingill Michelle Pickett Carrie Praet Kim Rademacher Ronald Radske )ulie Recor Dianna Red Alan Reed Gary Regan Jill Repp Mark Repp Dale Rich Dorene Richards Leigh Richert Christian Robinson Eula Roe William Rome Lori Rowe Tom Rumley Gregg Rusnak Elizabeth Ryan Christopher Sandoval Joseph Savalle Sponsored by Blue Water Legal and Business News 39 leame Schaft adds the final touch to the winning Mardi Gras wall Kimberly Schieman Kristine Schlautmann Krystal Schlimpf Joanne Schaeffer Jean Marie Schaft Scott Schoenrock Mr Bee (Mr LaBelle) holding up Mrs Witch (Mrs Eastman) for ransom They ' re our class advisors! Kevin Schmidt Scott Schram Matthew Schriner Roxanne Schultz Karen Seely Jennifer Sepsey 40 Sponsored by Peter L ' s Nancy Gahns and lerry Mastaw - Not in the halls please ' !! David Shevnock Kris Shim Susan Shink left Barrett and Scott Abraham are friends forever Arthur Siewert Leon Singh Kathryn Skyles ttJfl ' UV m .»¥ Durrand Ashford and Sarah McCue show that special Senior spirit Seniors Amy Walsh and lenny Mellos on their way to school Kevin Smith Paul Smith Rochelle Smith Sarah Smith Stephen Smith Todd Smith Manuela Sommer Cari Sowinski Theresa Spacil Maureen Spillard Patrick Staiger Gordon Stanlake 42 Sponsored by Cinderella Beauty Shoppe Kimberly Steinhauer Sharon Stewart Dale Stones Shari Straffon Timothy Streeter )ohn Sullivan Christine Symington Stephen Tait Daryl Talaski Tracy Tallmadge Scott Tarzwell lames Taylor " We Can ' t Wait to Graduate! " Senior treasurer Glenn Hummel loves to participate in the Mardi C games Sponsored by Midas Muffler Shops 43 Susan Teff Christine Tenniswood Scott Thompson Frederick Thornton Christina Tomlinson Todd Torres Sarah Totten Ronald Tracy Whitney Trentacosta Ann Turner Carrie Tynan Michael Valentine Matthew Vargo Donna Verlinden Jeffrey Vettese Paul Vroman Thomas Walker Amy Walsh Wayne Walter Karen Warner 44 Sponsored by Cros-Lex Eyeglass and Contact Lens Jeanne Weis Michelle Weiss Jennifer Wich Craig Wilbrett Michael Wilczynski Richard Wiley Daniel Wilhelm Timothy Willey Christopher Williams Mark Willing Debbra Willis Steven Willis Michelle Wilson Ellen Witherspoon Catherine Wolfe Todd Woodley Debra Wright Marybeth Wyllie Robert Young Andrew Youngblood Sponsored by Ruff Floral Company 45 SENIORS NOT PICTURED John Balhoff Keith Keathley William Philp Donald Bartee Noel Kellogg Edward Pincomb Michael Beuparland Edward Kippen Ralph Quinn Joel Belanger Dion Koglin Eric Rabine Scott Campbell Daniel Lawrence Tammy Roberts Darla Carrier Michael Lincoln Tammy Robinson Tim Carrier Richard Lowes Stephen Schultz Stephanie Deeter Jason Martin Russ Sharpe Dennis Dodge Leslie Martin Karen Smith Tammy Dougan Jerry Martin Wendell Teague Thomas Fox James Mathews Kris Tripp Richard Hawkins Eric Maywar Michelle True Scott Heimbach Tim McFarlane David Vails Steven Heisler Joseph Meyer Darrin Vanconant Ronald Hill Thomas Mitchell Michael Walker Mary Hinson Kenneth Nugent Kimberly Williams Steven Jowett Karen Parish Rebecca Wolfe 46 Sponsored by Acheson Colloids Co. W ¥ Senior W, emoried Class Chant Class Song Class Colors Class Flower Class Officers Class Advisors Class Gift My Best Friends Favorite Teachers Favorite Movie Favorite Song Favorite Class Favorite Outfit Who I Wanted to Take To Senior Prom Who I Took What I Wore Grade Point Average Where I Worked Where I Want To Be In Ten Years Most Important Moment Of My Four Years at PHN SENIOR S« SOARS HIGH! 48 Sponsored by Sunset Studios 1 Most Likely To Succeed Pat Staiger. Sarah McCue 2 Most Involved: Tom Andrews, Sarah McCue 3. Most Intelligent: Clare Hickman, Kurt Fritz 4 Best Athlete Chris King, Joanne Schaeffer 5 Class Clown Durrand Ashford, Jennifer Lovett 9 Class Couples Jim Taylor and Shari Straffon Ray Hudy and Vickie Sharpe 12 Most Talkative: Jeanie Schaft Monte latrate 13 Best Personality Shannon Harkins, Steve Coon 14 Friendliest: Bob Nolan, Nancy Gahns 16 Best Dressed Tom Andrews. Kasandra Gunter 17 Best Of Friends Tom Andrews. Shannon Harkins and Glenn Hummel 7. Best Legs Scott Abraham, Kathy Jobbitt SENIOR CLASS MOCK ELECTIONS 49 8. Best Artist: Heather Lewis, |im Taylor 15 Best Car: Matt Vargo Kris Shim 18 Class Mooch: Mike Papes, Amy Walsh 6 Class Flirt: Whitney Trentascosla. Durrand Ashford 10 Best Musician Amy ApJin. Craig Blomquist TV Times H Mld Occi 0 ?cuA Ute Animal Sweatshirts " Body By Soloflex " Ads Cardigans and More Cardigans Chain Earrings Cropped leans Colored Hair — Over The Eye Evenings At Harpo ' s Campbell Street Woody ' s Fake ID For Canada Forenza V-Neck Sweaters Cold Fingernails Guess leans Hackey Sac High Top Tennis Shoes LRT Christmas Dance (12-15-84) Lace Lace Lace Leather Jackets Madonna " Massive! " " Mega! " Motley Crue Mousse Styling Foam Obnoxious Neon Colors Pastels For Spring Pearls On Everything POLO Cologne For Men Prince and Wendy and Lisa Rat Tails - Braided Please Rhinestone lewelry Shelia E. And Her Clamorous Life Sleeveless Vests Stone Washed leans Students Against Drunk Driving Teddies For The Ladies Tinted Contacts Twisted Sister U-2 Concert — Massive Sellout The United States Van Halen Wendy ' s Stuffed Potatoes White 1984 Fieros By Pontiac Oh! By The Way . . . " Where ' s The Beef? " ?9Z4- 5 7 ' a 7 v6 20 1 Dallas 2 60 Minutes 3 Dynasty 4 The A-Team 5 The Cosby Show 6 Simon Simon 7 Webster 8 Family Ties 9 Hardcastle and McCormick 10 Knots Landing 1 1 Benson 12 Magnum PI 13 Hotel 14 Falcon Crest 15 Highway To Heaven 16 Riptide 17 Cheers 18 Remington Steele 19 MacCruder Loud 20 TV ' s Blooper ' s and Practical lokes Occi Ot en Wanda Cooper Coes To Australia As Exchange Student lennifer Lovett Returns From One Year Stint As Congressional Page Shannon Harkins Wins The Daughters Of The American Revolution Award Suzi Straffon Wins Front Row Tickets To Prince On Z95.5 And Takes Her Sister Shari Via Limousine Northern ' s Band Represents Michigan In National Competition in St. Petersburg, Fla. Mr. William Pierce Retires After 33 Years Mr. Harold Miller Retires After 28 Years Miss Mary Neil Retires After 36 Years 7 40 1 VAN HALEN |ump 2 PHIL COLLINS Against All Odds 3 KENNY LOGGINS Footloose 4 PRINCE When Doves Cry 5 PRINCE Let ' s Co Crazy 6 |OHN WAITE Missing You 7 LIONEL RICHIE Hello 8 CYNDI LAUPER Time After Time 9 RAY PARKER |R Ghostbusters 10 D WILLIAMS Let ' s Hear It For The Boy 1 1 CHICAGO Hard Habit To Break 12 TINA TURNER What ' s Love Cot To Do With It 13 STEVIE WONDER I lust Called 14 CULTURE CLUB Karma Chameleon 1 5 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Dancin ' In The Sheets 16 DURAN DURAN The Reflex 17 LIONEL RICHIE Stuck On You 18 STEVE PERRY Oh Sherrie 19 THOMPSON TWINS Hold Me Now 20 YES Owner Of A Lonely Heart 2 1 HUEY LE WIS Heart Of Rock And Roll 22 LAURA BRANICAN Self Control 23 BILLY OCEAN Carribbean Queen 24 MICHAEL )ACKSON Thriller 25 WHAM! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 26CARS Drive 27 CYNDI LAUPER Girls lust Want To . . 28 CYNDI LAUPER She Bop 29 EURTHYMICS Here Comes The Rain 30 BILLY IDOL Rebel Yell 31 ROCKWELL Somebody ' s Watching Me 32 PRINCE Purple Rain 33 BILLY IDOL Eyes Without A Face 34 HUEY LEWIS I Want A New Drug 35 SCANDAL The Warrior 36 CARS You Might Think 37 NIGHT RANGER Sister Christian 38 NENA 99 Luftballoons 39 HUEY LEWIS lf This Is It 40 SHELIA E. The Glamorous Life l PARRISH WOK QBSON 50 Sponsored by People ' s Bank D CARROU AND I COUNS StCowi S ieett Amedaus Avenging Angel Bachelor Party Beverly Hills Cop Blame It On Rio 1 The Breakfast Club Christina City Heat Conan The Destroyer The Cotton Club Country Desperately Seeking Susan Dune First Born The Flamingo Kid Footloose Friday 13th The Final Chapter Ghost busters Girls lust Want To Have Fun Gremlins Greystoke, The Legend Of Indiana Jones Johnny Dangerously Karate Kid The Killing Fields Last Star Fighter Mask The Mean Season Micki and Maude Muppets Take Manhatten Nightmare On Elm Street A Passage To India Places In The Heart Protocol Purple Rain Razor ' s Edge Return Of The Jedi Revenge Of The Nerds Silent Night Deadly Night Sixteen Candles Splash Star 40 Starman Star Trek III Teachers Thief Of Hearts 2010 ‘Review ' peuietveM Ansel Adams, 82 Anastasia, 73 Count Basie, 79 Jack Berry, 76 Richard Burton, 58 Truman Capote, 59 Constantine Chernenko, 76 Jackie Coogan, 69 Joe Cronin, 77 Baby Fae, Infant Jim Fixx, 52 George Gallup, 82 Indira Gandhi, 64 Marvin Gaye, 44 Andy Kaufman, 35 David Kennedy, 28 Martin Luther King Sr., 84 McDonalds Massacre, 2 1 Killed Ethyl Merman, 75 Randy Rhodes, 27 Robert D. Trapp, 38 Peter Yustinov, 69 Detriot Tigers Win World Series Edmonton Oilers Win Stanley Cup Hockey ' s Wayne Gretzky Still Great Isiah Thomas Gets $ 10 Million And A Ten Year Contract With Pistons Lion ' s Coach Monte Clark Fired Miami Wins Super Bowl IXX Michigan Panthers Leave Michigan Muhammad Ali Suffers Brain Damage Olympians Go Hollywood Russians Boycott Olympics Sassy Wins PH To Mackinac Race And Breaks Record Swale Wins Belmont, Dies 8 Days Later Tigers World Series Tickets Scalped USA Takes 178 Medals In Los Angeles Summer XXIII Olympiad Reagan Wins In Landslide Gas Leak A Disaster In Bhopal, India Fiesty Ferraro Fights For Fritz Indira Gandhi Assassinated US Embassy Bombed In Beirut Drought Causes Ethiopian Famine Summer Olympics A Smashing Success Baby Fae Receives A Baboon Heart Economic Confidence At 18 Year High 2 1 Slain At McDonald ' s In Calif. DeLorean Acquitted In Drug Trial Soviet Leaders Andropov and Chernenko Die Jesse Jackson ' s Presidential Quest Vanessa Williams Resigns Crown Gas Leak Kills Hundreds In Mexico Child Abuse Is Spreading In USA Detroit ' s Image Worst In USA Herpes And AIDS Scare America Consumers Power Halts Project Chrysler Corporation Rebounds Republicans Take Control Of Senate Tigers Win World Series Hotel To Be Built On Peerless Site Jackson ' s Victory Tour A Dud Liz Taylor Marries 8th Hubby Bernie Goetz Named Subway Vigilante Sharon Loses TIME Libel Suit Statue Of Liberty Gets A Face Lift Americans Protest Apartheid Govt UN Ambassador Kirkpatrick Resigns USA, USSR Discuss Arms Control America ' s Banks Awash In Troubles Violence Erupts In Abortion Clinics Chernenko ' s Power Is Stripped Mulroni Is Canada ' s Prime Minister Americans Are Drinking Less Alcohol Trudeau ' s Doonesbury Cartoons Return W. Schroeder Receives Plastic Heart Lady Di Bears New Baby Harry Gas Wars A Result Of Oil Price Drop RONALD AM3 NANCY REAGAN Sponsored by People ' s Bank 51 Thr Ttmps HerakJ The Preparation Before any athlete faces his competition, he must go through training and all the necessary preparation. There is more to the preparation before a game than just the physical training and having one ' s body in shape. There is the mental aspect also, and that plays a very large role in any athlete ' s performance. The preparation really depends on the individual and varies from the type of person who gets really hyped-up in the anticipation of his sport, to the athlete whose mental prepara- tion consists of a lot of self-discipline and devotion. The weeks, months and years that many athletes spend preparing themselves takes severe determination. The time- consuming, often gruelling hours spent doing sprints, running distances, jumping rope and lifting weights becomes a way of life for many athletes. The training is building more than just muscles. Practice builds self-assurance. The self-confidence an athlete has in himself is vital to his performance. A positive attitude is essential. Many athletes look back on their previous games remembering their weak points and try to improve their stengths. They visualize the game ahead of them and try to mentally prepare how they will react under various circumstances; by having already " played the game, " a certain confidence is established. Many athletes are superstitious and believe strongly in lucky charms. Some feel that by wearing the same " lucky " pair of socks, shorts, what have you, they main- tain that winning streak they believe was brought about by wearing those items. The physical training itself is often an athlete ' s way of psyching up. For some, the preparation becomes a total preoccupation. They walk, talk and think of nothing but their game, match, bout or tournament. Liv- ing with the other team members, the preoccupation is multiplied. Each athlete talking about what competition is ahead is a big part of the pre-game mental prepara- tion. When a goal is set, it gives one something to strive towards and work for. Ah, the sweet smell of success! However, to win, someone must lose and there is always the possibility of being injured. These feelings must be surpassed and push- ed to the back of one ' s mind. An aggressive " all out " attitude must prevail. The fear of defeat can have a positive effect by becom- ing a motivator and a real driving force. No one likes to lose, to let down the fans, the team and most of all, oneself. One of the most frustrating feelings an athlete can ex- perience is when they have lost control. To put everything in, both physically and men- tally, and have it not be enough, is one of the most aggravating and frustrating moments for any athlete. Losing is part of the game. The long hours, the sore aching muscles, the cramps, shin splints, special diets and drained hopes are all part of the sports we play and the price that some must pay. As mentioned, the athlete ' s attitude before a game is as important as the many hours of training invested. Whatever it takes to in- crease confidence and get the adrenaline go- ing. Many different aspects of preparation are taken. For some, the key is to " look good, feel good. " New or special clothing, whether it ' s a new tennis shirt or a pair of athletic socks can often make you feel good and perform bet- ter. Getting to " know " one ' s equipment is also important for many people. Athletes are sometimes seen wearing their mouthpiece hours before it ' s necessary or subconsciously twirling their racquet in their hand while in a deep mental state. These athletes are getting in touch with their equipment and with themselves. Many athletes choose to be alone before a match. Others enjoy music as a psych-up. Athletes can practice head fakes, sprints, running up and down the stairs or test their physical stength against one another in a group. The best of athletes must also practice their psych-up. They must have their mind in shape also. The mental preparation and con- ditioning requires a personal workout. VARSITY FOOTBALL Better Every Year The Varsity Coaches believe that this year ' s football team has improved since last year They are one step closer to being a winning team Coach Woods, Rutkofske, and Nesbitt are very pro- ud of the players Coach Rutkofske said he hopes that the players have learned that the best things that life has to offer comes to those who have the patience The team really worked hard to be winners. The team ' s attendance at practices has been the best ever this year. Kurt Fritz was honored with the Most Valuable Player award He was also awarded an EML award for 1st all area Defensive Back. Chris King was awarded the EML, 1st Offensive Receiver Brian Austin was the team ' s Best Offensive Back One of the team ' s cap- tains Kurt Fritz told us that two problems the team had was size and lack of experience, " But we do have outstanding enthusiasm which makes up for this. " Team Captain Brian Austin said " In winning a game, he thinks the fans ' support really helps Their encourage- ment helps the team get " Psyched Up " for the game The season record was 2 wins and 7 losses The team defeated Anchor Bay by a score of 27-0 and Rosevile 21-20. We all wish the team " Good Luck " for next year 1 Rallying for the game to start 2 Fritz and McVeigh tackling oppo- nent 3 Play has begun 4 A successful handoff Front row C. Herber, S Coon, S lohnson, K. Fritz, B Austin,, |. Eaton. G lohnson, M Aguinaga Second row: Coach Rutkofske, B Hicks, M Condland. M Quinn, I Stevenson, K Ellis, I Ort, B Kelch, G Kelly, T Rumley Third row: Coach Nesbit, M. McMaster, G Grahm, P Duren, j. Gillespie. G. Stroh, T. Andrews, ). Grant, M. Sloan, | (aso, S. Anger, Coach Woods Back row: M Willing, T lackson, C King, I Fleet, S McVeigh, D Ashford, P Porte, P Groff, P Carey, T. Troy, B Bonczar Sponsored by: Coca-Cola J.V. FOOTBALL A Fundamentally Sound Team The Junior Varsity team this year started slow, then put 4 straight wins together, before stumbling at the end. They narrowly lost their last two games, after some key players were called up to the varsity The team posted a five win four loss season and are looking forward to var- sity play next year. This year ' s coaches were head coach Mr Robert Elliott, and assistants Mr Pool and Mr Stewart The coaches felt that this was a very fundamentally sound team and should combine with next year ' s seniors to make a very strong varsity unit. The team is confident that with inspired varsity coaching that they should bring the EML title back to Port Huron Northern this coming season. 1 Co Get ' em Huskies!! 2. 27 Pat Hoy is getting a head start as Kevin Corby is kicking off. Front row: L. Troy, D Rome, C Fritz. S Marcero, I Houle. A Force Second row M Glenn. M Oldford. ) Gormac, |. Dent. D Hall, I Davis, B Symington Third row: Coach Pool, T. Choiniere. I. Beebe. S. Westphal. D Weis, F Burgess, P Torress. R Rock, D Bostater, Coach Elliot Back row: S. Atkins, M VanderHeuvel, ). Kreger, D. Stein. S. Shagena, S Palmateer, C Carlisle, H Wisner, Kevin Corby Sponsored By: Proper Framing FRCSri rCCTBALL What a Future The freshman team had a very successful season this past year, posting a 7 win 2 loss record This was the first time that the frosh team has had 7 wins since the 1978 season. Last year ' s freshman team had a 6 win 3 loss season When these two squads are grouped together in two years the Port Huron Huskie fans should expect nothing short of a league championship This group was coached by Dan Hanton, Richard Baker and |im Bates and their goal was to develop these players to varsity caliber The Frosh squad scored 45 touchdowns this season as they were led by Todd Morgan with 18 touchdowns and 1462 yards Mike Emerick followed with 13 touchdowns and 652 yards. Henry Miller also contributed 7 touchdowns to this fine team effort Defense was the freshmen ' s motto as they held their opponents to 8 points per game and posted 4 shut outs. 1 7 Henry Miller is passing the football to 17 Mike Emerick as they head for a touchdown 2. 44 A. I Foltz tries to get past a Titan while 84 Chad Warwick is tackling a Titan Front row M Benson. B Locke, T Morgan, T Sepsey, B Furness, E Pionke, D. Vanderheuvel, D. Gardner Second row D Hubbard, C. Kucera, T. Houle, L Ball, T Houle, T. Harrington, A. Cable, M Hanton, P George, S Sharrard Third row: Coach Baker, |. Kinsman, P Hoy, T Smith, H Miller, G Muscleman, M Emerick, M Bader, | Tingley, Coach Hanton Back row: M Esterline. K Robinette, R Balmer, C. Warwick, K. Stein, I Klink, S Fox, |. Pietrowski, T Lutz, P Harris. MEN’S 6CLf Second in E.M.L. Sponsored by: Sunset Studio | This year ' s golf team had a successful year finishing second in the E.M.L. with a record of 8-3 under the first year coaching of Mrs. Lyszak. The golf team had an over all record of 1 1-5. Special awards given to the 1984 team included the E.M.L. all-academic team. Kevin Smith, Mike Motte and |ohn Sullivan were members of this team that was made up of Seniors who had a 3.0 grade point average or better for four years of high school Members of the E.M.L. all-league team were |im Carey, Steve Smith and Matt Vanik. The E.M.L. tournament team which in- cluded the five lowest scores recorded at the tourna- ment were Matt Yanik with an 80 and Steve Smith with an 83. Steve Smith was voted by the all area coaches to be on the five man all-area golf team. The returning players on the team are looking forward to next year ' s competition and they hope next year ' s team will be as successful as this year ' s if not better 1 Sieve Smith hoping for a down wind ' 2 lim Carey puts all effort into getting his ball out of the sandtrap 3. Troy Saunby is determined to show Chuck Fair and (on Ely that concentration is the key to success! Front row Emil Steinhaus, Paul Repp, Troy Saunby, Charles Fair; Top row lohn Francavilla, Steve Smith, (ohn Sullivan, lim Carey, Mike Motte, Steve Netter, Matt Yanik, Dave Mecurio, Alan Reed, Scott Wilbrett, Mike Geelen. Kevin Smith, Coach Mrs Lyszak gicl’s TENNIS State Finalists Again The varsity tennis team went to the state finals for the third year in a row. The team again proved that they were one of the best teams in the state by placing 2nd at the Mt Clemens Regionals and qualify- ing for the state finals at Midland, Michigan The team won 5 points at the finals to make them the 17th best team in the state in class A competition The team had a somewhat sub par regular season with a 7 win 6 loss record. Two disappointing l osses came at the hands of Port Huron High who had never beaten the Huskies until this year. The identical 4-3 losses were heartbreaking, but the revenge at the regional was very sweet as the Northern netters squeaked by P.H. for 2nd place. The junior Varsity squad had an average season winning 6 and los- ing 6 while playing very tough competition This year the teams were coached effectively by first year coaches Frank Sharpe - varsity, and Bill Ropposch - junior varsity. The two new coaches were responsible for introducing new techniques and confidence to inspire the team to a strong finish. 1. " No problem " says Shannon Harkins. 2. Trina liss returns her opponent ' s serve. 3. Lynn McElroy reaches for an overhead 4 Keeping her eye on the ball. Sue Moore prepares for a backhand. 5. Lisa Smith and Peggy Stimpson. playing doubles against Port Huron High Front row: Amy Kettlewell, lessica Rubin, Shannon Harkins, cpt , (ennifer Heck, Lee Ann Hubble, Middle row: Frank Sharp, Peggy Stimpson, Kara Kirshner, Trina Liss, Heather Williamson, Angi Liss, Ann Marie O ' Connor, Kate Raftery, Bill Ropposch; Back row: Lynn McElroy, Kathy Petho, Karen Root, Sue Moore; co-cpt . Shari Straffon, |en- nifer Lovett, Lisa Smith, Kristy Card, Lisa London Sponsored by: Bellow Pool Supply Well run miles for Cross Country The 1984 cross-country season marked the first time that the sport was brought back since sports were abolished in 1980. This year ' s cross country coach was Mrs. Joy Buhagiar With a lack of early notice for the revival of the sport the turnout of athletes was very small. After a week of practice there was no girls team and only nine participants for the boys, which is just barely enough to have a team The season got off to a great start but as they came up against the more experienced teams they fell short, although not without a gallant effort. Their 3-4 EML record gave them respect as a new up and coming team, with five lettermen leading the way. Tom Miller was co-captain and was voted most valuable player. Next year promises to be a great season, however, if this is to happen, girls as well as boys, must get out and par- ticipate in the sport. Anyone who goes out for cross- country next season will find the sport different, and truly an experience any runner should not bypass as a school sport choice 1 Con jon Ruffing practice is a major part of cross country track 2 Northern keeps a steady pace 3 Stretch those muscles ' 4 Tom Miller finishes a race far ahead of everyone else Front row: Kelly Schoener, Laura Elliot. Tricia Speiss Middle row learte Wies, Chris Ecarius, Paul Ecarius, )enny lories. Coach Buhagiar Back row Tom Miller. Con Ion Ruffing, Norm Tomlinson, Larry Chapel, Mike Delacy. Roger Price. Nick Toodzio fa ms ?• §; T v . CROSS t . u V i $• 5 .. kS yQH WAl-K fife v it Sponsored by: Walsh ' s Party Store CCUNTEy men’s VAEsrry EASIETEALL Improvement Shows! As the basketball season fell upon us, Northern returned three senior starters to this year ' s varsity basket- ball team Captain Chris King was last years leading scorer with a 13 point average and was EML ' s honorable men- tion, also. Six-foot-five Scott Obertein started at center for the Huskies. Scott had a shot at breaking Brad Bates (1977) rebounding record of 668 Kurt Fritz started at point guard and was co-captain along with King and Obertein Senior Todd Woodley last years second leading scorer met eligibility requirements second semester and added a scoring punch for the Husky squad Six two, junior Jay Gillespie, one of Northerns bet- ter shooters started as guard. Gillespie led the 83-84 junior varsity in scoring. And Senior Keith Ellis Northern ' s most improved athlete, added his 6 ' 4 height to the Husky lineup. Other players that received playing time are (all juniors) |im Foltz, Matt Yanik, Travis Woodley, Charlie McCorkle, and Pat Carey. Sponsored by: R. A. Shaikh M.D 1. Chris King puts the ball up for two more 2 Keith Ellis shows his shooting form 3. Chris King and Keith Ellis showing good defense 4 Coach Hanton giving the players the strategy 5 Kurt Fritz moves up the lane for another basket Front row: Travis Woodley, Pat Carey, |im Foltz, Leon Prigmore, Chris King, and Todd Woodley Back row: Shane Palmateer, lay Gillespie, Charlie McCorkle. Scott Obertein, Keith Ellis. Kurt Fritz, Matt Yanik, and Coach Dan Hanton BCrS J.V. BASKETBALL j.V. ' s Show Improvement This year ' s J.V. basketball team was a dedicated, en- thusiastic, hard working group of young men whose ambitions were directed toward becoming a good Varsity Basketball team. Coach Nesbitt set the goals for our J.V. basketball team this past year. The team goals were to learn good strong offen sive and defen- sive game fundamentals while improving their general knowledge of the game. Coach Nesbitt and the team worked toward ending the season above the 50% win lose level . perhaps even number two in the League Fred Burgess, guard; Chris Carlisle, forward; and Dave Mercurio, center; developed into a firm core of strong leaders Fred Burgess fast became one of the high scorers while Dave Mercurio was certainly the outstanding Big ' ' man of this years Junior Varsity basketball team. Steve Marcero ' s quickness gave the team a strong point to rally around Spark plugs - Fred Burgess and Chris Fritz kept the team morale and spirit high even when the going got tough. Coach Nesbitt ' s starters Fred Burgess, Chris Carlisle, Chris Fritz, Dave Mercurio and Rob Patterson led the team to one of the outstanding victories this season in the 59-51 win over Lutheran North. The team demonstrated their ability to play sound defense while also playing a high scoring game. 1. Chris Fritz executes a fast break against Rosevelle Brablec. 2 Not even the prayers of East Detroit cheerleaders could keep Sean Shagena from scoring. Front row Rob Patterson, Mark Vanderheuvel, Chris Fritz, Fred Burgess, Don Rome Back row: Paul Repp, coach Nesbitt, Chris Car- lisle, Sean Shagena, Dave Mercurio, lay Kreger, Scott Moncrief and Steve Marcero Not pictured Mike Glenn FRCSH BASKETBALL Freshman Season Gives Hope for the Future The Freshman team had a good start this year, they won 57-50 against St. Patrick, a team from Sarnia, who had a record of 12 wins in 15 games. The coach, Mr. Miller, said ' This Freshman team will become a fantastic Varsity team if they keep up the good work, the positive attitude and they receive more game knowledge " " We have a good defensive rebounding team, ' ' stated Coach Miller, " but we still need to work on our shooting skill Our goal is to break even with our record If we do this we will have had a very successful season. ' ' The leading players are Lee LaVere (center), Mark Han- lon (guard), Mark Collard (forward) Lee LaVere was also the scoring leader on the team 1. No 50, Mark Collard. makes a |umpshot 2 Freshman players Sieve Burrows, Kevin Stein. Casey Kucsera during a free throw attempt by Mark Collard Front row: Tony Bonacci, Doug Touma, Mike Flanigan Middle row Casey Kucsera, Steve Burrows. Pete Deegan, Mark Hanlon, Al Cable Back row Kyle Delacy. leff Young, Lee LaVere, Kevin Stein, Mark Col- lard, Troy Lutz, Mark Warden VACJITy Wrestling Is Back! Port Huron Northern offered wrestling this past year for the first time in five years. Although the beginning of the season was difficult for the Huskies, their attitudes were ones to be proud of. The coaches feel that 1984-85 had been a time for rebuilding In the beginning the coaches expected hard times for the team, but they feel that the group shows great promise for the future Paul Groff, captain of the 84-85 team, felt that wrestl- ing is one of the toughest sports to participate in because it takes individual strength. As the season progressed, a lot of determination and hard work was spent making a stronger wrestling team Members of the team felt that practicing every day after school for 2 Vi hours was worth it Others on the team feel it was a great experience and will pay off in the years to follow 1 Tracy Tallmadge makes his move 2 Kurt Adolph never gives up 3 Who ' s pinning who? Front row Paul Croft, Mike Agumaga, Bob Moak, Ed Pincomb, Kurt Adolph, |ohn Balhoff Middle row Steve Tate Bill Rome, lason Klmk. Greg Morden, Mike Baker. )eff Harmon, Paul Torres, Jeff Daniels Back row: Coach Rosalis, Thorsten Flack. Greg Stroh, Bill Shirkey. Tracy Tallmadge, Coach Scott Burt WRESTLING GIRLS VARSITy BASKETBALL Has Spirit 1984 ' s varsity team only had three players return, two of which were the captains, Denise Frost and loanne Schaeffer, The team ' s lack of height was off set by play- ing with excitement The inexperience was overcome with pride, Huskie spirit and a never seemed to give up attitude One of the goals the new varstiy coach, Mr Vettese, set for the team was to improve the scoring from last year. This was accomplished by the team improving the team average by 4 points per game In addition, loanne Schaffer established two new scoring records — in- dividual season record of 373 points and individual career record of 653 points. This is the third year she has been voted as most valuable player. This year ' s team highlights began with the Huskies outscoring tough Cros-Lex by almost doubling the score, 49-25. The team ' s defense was led by loanne Schaeffer with 19 rebounds - a new Northern record, she also had a career record of 423 re- bounds The Huskies ' second win came in a close match against Grosse Pointe South. The game ' s star player was again loanne Schaeffer, setting a new school record with 44 points in an individual game. The last win of the season came at home against Marine City, despite the loss of Laura Elliott, the spark plug and best defensive player. The team won 53-45 The district tournament loss ended the Huskies ' season at 4 wins and 17 losses We hope this year ' s basketball spirit will be passed on to the coming teams. 1 Freshman Sarah Fngelgau in firm control, leads Crosse Pointe South defense on a merry chase 2. Laura Elliot fights to gain control of a loose ball 3. Enthusiastic team 4 At the foul-line, loanne Schaeffer for one of her many foul shots of the season. 5. Mr. Vettese marks out strategy in a dose game Front row Denise Frost and Laura Elliot Middle row: Sysan Odgers, Sarah Engelgau. Michelle Peek, lenny Howard Back row: Coch Mr. Vet- tese, Di Gaiger. Chris Tenniswood, lanet Wyllie, loanne Schaffer, and Anki Gussiaas 0 9 , 0 , vsz 1 » - .fk : J m m m i i.i .7 J.V. BASKETBALL Moving Up! Northern ' s ).V. team, with its twelve freshmen and three sophomores, improved a lot during the season. The team was led by captain Corrine Becigneul, who was also the highest point scorer with 141 points. For- ward Stacie Schoenberg did a good job underneath the basket while leanne Beauchamp was the starting point guard. First year coach Lynn O ' Dell inspired the J.V. to many good games this year Their overall record was six wins and 14 losses. A victory against Cros-Lex was a high point of the season, after losing the first game by one point, the young J.V. ' s came back and got revenge by winning by two points. The team also got even with Port Huron High ' s Big Reds when they lost the first game by six points and came back to win the second game by exactly the same amount The team showed improvement by winning their last two games. They defeated Marine City 33-32 and they beat Roseville 44-35, in the final game of the season. This was another team to which they had lost the first time around. The fifteen girls on the J.V. had excellent attitudes and great spirit which continually showed in their support for the team 1 Fancy footwork helps Karrie Fretenborough drive down court 2: leanne Beauchamp gives the offense player a hard time getting to the basket. Front row: Karne Fretenborough, lennifer Hartson. and loleen Giacolone. Middle row: Andrea Adolph, lanet Mussleman, Corrine Becigneul, leanne Beauchamp, and Krista Campbell Back row: Stacie Shoenberg, Cynthia Kane, Lisa Dykstra, Kim Gold, Lori Over- back, and Coach Lynn O ' Dell Absent Becky Tenniswood and Elesha Carlo. 3 A 10 J.V. VOLLEYBALL J.V. Develops Teamwork Learning the basic fundamentals of bumping, setting, and spiking is what the lumor Varsity Volleyball season was all about individual skills and talents were developed as a result of the teams cooperation and desire to win This year ' s ).V. team was coached by Miss Lynn O ' Dell. She is very proud of her team for what they have ac- complished and is very excited for them. Their winning season is a result of the positive attitude that the girls uphold The captains for the team were lenny Howard and Sarah Engelgau, they both did a fine job in giving the team the spirit they needed The players of this years J.V. team will be a warm welcome for the Varsity team in the years to come. 1 Sarah Engelgau making the save of the day 1 2. The |.V. team as they MJl bulk) themselves up for a win Front row (anice Musselman. Sarah Engelgau. Cpt . Andrea Adolph, Lisa Davey Middle row: Karen Root, lenny Howard; Cpt, lean Beauchchamp, Tiffiny Combos Top row: Miss O Dell, Stacie Schoenberg, Becky Schneider, lulie Mathews Not pictured: lulie Caroenter 1 VARSliy VOLLEYBALL Don ' t Let Down! Volleyball is an exciting sport, and the girls at Port Huron Northern are excited about it. The coach of this year ' s Varsity team, Mr. Davey, has been coaching Varsity Volleyball for three years. He felt that this year ' s team showed a lot of spirit, intensity, hustle, and proficiency. The confidence and spirit that the team had in each other helped them accomplish many things faster than they had expected. One of the highlights of the season was the win over the tough team, L ' Anse Creuse North, with the scores of; 10-15, 15-3, 15-13. There is something special about the team, that is, if there is a mistake that occurs it is not taken out upon just the one individual, but upon the whole team Hard work and determination is all anyone needs and that ' s what this team had. This year ' s captains were Ann Harrington and leanie Schaft. Both girls helped each other in helping the team work together and to uphold their confidence. 1 Ann Harrington hits one of her many scoring serves 2. Everybody in ready positions, as )eame Schaft makes her pass into the setter (Ann Harrington, Sandy EHis, loanne Schaeffer, and Colleen Cook in background ). 3 Renae Johnson watching the bail all the way in. 4 loanne Schaeffer gets ready to spike the ball Front row: Lisa London, Katie Hartnett, leanie Schaft, Ann Har- nngton Middle row: Sandy Ellis, Tracey Parrish, Lisa Perry, Renae lohnson Top row loanne Schaeffer, Colleen Cook, Shelly Schopp, Tracy laskoski. Coach Davey pointe Bay i PKosevHlf 1 Lanse Creusel East Detroit Port Huron Hij M r Clemens Grque Pointe Feet Girl’s Varsity Tennis Marysville 3 Lanse Creuse North 3 13 ' Mount Clemens 0 7 East Detroit 6 9 Grosse Pointe South 0 59 Anchor Bay 27 0 Roseville 21 20 Port Huron High 0 28 Marine City 12 21 Men’s Varsity Basketball Ml Clei ‘Roseville I It i rj Ficu isk mens Lutheran Rrablec HBatricks UtK d Eisenhov, gr-J Lanse Creusu North Port Huujn High jii. Oemenv East Detroit Anchor Bay Roseville Lanse East Detroit Huron PHN Lapse Ov ise North East lietroir MC€jrfh«ns j»v- Grossey ' btrtta.soul Port Huron Highrx " Crosse Pointe Worth Lanse Creuse NortN East Detroit Mt Clemens Grand Blanc Crosse Pointe South Port Huron High St Clair J.V. Feetball Men 1 T, 3 E PHN Opp 14 28 sville orth Lanse Cr. jse Ni Marysv,, . VL Marine City H East Detroit - Roseville fl Cri Hiuh ’sJ!T, ketba Marine gHN Opp jauf’Nt Patrukl ' a Eisenhower anst Creuse North t East Detroit f Pdrt HurorvHigh Mt. Clemens Anchor Bay ' Roseville Lanse Creuse North East Detroit Port Huron High Mt Clemeqs Crosse Pointe South Anchor Bay - Roseville PHN c Jr.r. Tosh. Feetball Pointe North Warren Pbrt Huron High Marine City Varsity Velleyball City Lanj| Creuse North Jiftarys Hetroit 4 W» Pomti ' South fbrt liluron High ™rBay Siemens I 1f - 14 Cros-Eex Lanse Creuse Men’s Marysville St Clair Anchor Bay Port Huron High Utica Eisenhows Crosse Pointed Lanse Creusc M ens ion High e Pointe So brt Huron Higt P »osse Point muth Ise North Cry’s fresh Easketbal I’s Varsity sketball Detroit jn High ise North Mt Clemens Luthern N Anchor Bay lanse Creuse North SarniaCt Patricks Mdl Kville Yale • Port Huron High St Clan prosse Pointe South Purl HuuMligh Anc hor Bay Richmond ' Vale Marine Ci Kosevi i ■.dm, Varsity Easeball Crossbow ' ll south Cr y note r lr-nei B l- ir se j|(g» North, V sity 1 ’ l’H josevwe r Clair ft Clair l eUs NortW knchor Bay last Djtroit , Huron H, " Uosse Pointe South irosse Pointe Soui Clemens ke Creose North (fcior Bay uByille MtviHe Marysville Cros-lex Cros-Lex Roseville Brablec Marine City Lanse Creuse North East Detroit Port Huron High Mt Clemens fkosse Pointe South 18 jnchor Bay Jit . Clemen VARSITY A Super Team, A Super Season High school hockey has been a stranger to Port Huron Northern for the past five years. During the 1984-85 school year the Huskies were able to come back with an extremely successful season. The team had an amazing average of 17 goals per game Both Coach Bill Murray and Coach Bob Mattson worked hard in putting the team together, and are proud of the seasons outcome Northern ' s success was not due only to one or two players, but was a result of all seventeen players working together as a team. The fans support during the year was also a plus for the Huskies. A group of students was formed within the school called the E U R. (East Upper Rowdies). The members of this group were present at every game to cheer on the team When asked how they felt about hockey returning to Northern, students said things like, " I ' m glad, because hockey is a good sport and we have a great team! " and " I enjoy going to the games with my friends. They are really exciting! " 1. 2 Steve Smith patiently waits as 8 left Crankshaw tries to take the face-off 2. Todd lackson and lohn Sullivan wave to their fans after win- ning a game 3. 12 Steve Smith stands by as 8 Jeff Crankshaw at- tempts a goal 4 Matt Vargo bends down to block a goal 5 Mark Eastman and Mike Berden come face-to-face as they practice » W w HCCKEy Running for Victory Port Huron Northern has traditionally been known for its strong spring sports program, and this year was no exception. The men ' s track team this year posted an excellent 8 and 1 dual meet record, and won many awards for their achievement in various meets. They out scored their op- ponents during the year 825 to 427 total points. While competing in the big meets they captured the Husky Relays Championship. They also finished 2nd at the Port Huron Northern Invitational, and 2nd at the Class A regional meet. They also finished 2nd at both the Eastern Michigan League Meet and the Marysville Invitational. The team was coached by Mr. Pete Woods and his assistant Dana Pool. Receiving special awards this past year was Todd lackson, who captured the Times Herald Invitational 2 mile Championship in 9:49.1; Durand Ashford, who came in third in the long jump with a jump of 20 ' 5Vi " ; and )ohn Fleet who pole vaulted 12 feet 1 Todd Jackson, one step ahead of Crosse Pointe North opponent 2. (ohn Fleet, flying over the pole vaulting bar 3. Jim Taylor hands off to Durand Ashford at the last exchange of the 440 relay 4 Todd Woodley and King Thomason starting off with a BANC 5 Matt Condland, up and over Front: S. Tennis wood, K Thomason. Row 2: T. Miller, T Jackson, D Ashford, S. VanWormer, C Bolar, B. Nowak, C. White, T Woodley, J Fleet, D Rosenberger Row 3: J. Taylor, M. Berdan, J Balhoff, T Rumley, B Armsted, ). Ort, B Autin, C. Wilbrett, M. Condland, J. Gillespie. Row 4: Assistant Coach D. Pool, M Aguinaga, S. Jowett, K Adolph, R. Bijl, K. Ellis, S. Tate, C. Kreiner. R Squires, J. Raferty Row 5: L Chappel, M Lashbrook. M. Ellis, J. Kreger, M Quinn, S Johnson, D. Weiss, S Marcero, D Voss, Coach Woods. Row 6: R Patterson, M. Vanderhavel, D Gunter, M Oldford, S. Palmateer, S. Palmateer, S. Shagena. P Soule. J. Howard, M. Crause GIRL’S Running High The 1984 girls track was a team that worked together and strived for their goals. Last year ' s team being quite young and inexperienced left room for the hope of a bet- ter and successful season for " 84. " Throughout the season while improving overall and gaining the ex- perience that was needed they ended up 5 wins of their 14 meets, while tying one. This year ' s captains did a good job in upholding the team and giving them support where it was needed. The captains were Lori Gorinac, Mary Wykoff, and Marge Hayden. The 3 captains along with the entire team helped to make this season record breaking In the 3200 meter relay Marge Hayden, Joanne Schaf fer, Kris Spillard, and Sarah Henderson broke the old record with a 10:37.3. Mary Wykoff broke the high jump record at 5 ' 5. The 4kg shot putt record was broken with a 30 " 6.5 " by Patti Young and Kathy Jobbitt broke the standing record for the 100 meter hurdles with 15.95. With the effort of the entire track team they proved that with a lot of work and a little determination a lot can be accomplished. 1. Kathy lobbitt is hurdling for the finish line 2. Cindy Miller is handing off to loanne Schaeffer during the relay run. 3. Chris Petho striving to clear the bar 4 Darlene Mclane is out to win 5 Maureen Spillard dashes toward victory Bottom row: L Gomiac. M. Wycoff, M. Hayden First row. ). Wiess, J. Schaeffer, T. Nicholson. R Wiersma, J. Krauss, M. Burns, ). Stommel, ). Semoro, K lobbitt, M Spillard, S. Banning, Second row: K Spillard. K. Hall, A Pek, C. Petho, D Mclane. |. Howard, B Coleman, A Adolph, K. Schoenher, P Speiss, C. Miller, Third row: A. Harrinton, S. Henderson, D. Kirkendall, L. Perry, Y Babin, I Elliott, K. Cambell, M lohnson, S. Hudy, S Kerswell, Fourth row: ). Heck, D. Barrett, K Debein, L. Col- egan, A Dunn, R Sass, Y Bordeau, A. Liss. S. Wilkins, W Trentacosta, Top row: B Deegan, S Shink, K. Kroll, S. Teff. Coaches Mr Hanton, Mr. Nesbitt A -l Irffr: : il ‘ Sponsored by: Murray Zimmer TRACK VAcsiiy Hail to the Champs! Port Huron Northern continued its tradition of being a spring sports powerhouse. The Husky varsity baseball team posted an incredible 20 wins with only 3 losses. The team won the EML title for the second consecutive season. Some of the awards won this season were: EML all league |im Foltz, Tony Cates, Chris King; School records that were broken were: team batting average (.337), most runs scored in a season (197), most runs scored in a game (20 against St. Clair), most runs scored in an inning (14 against St. Clair), most RBI ' s in a season (179), most hits in a season (232), most doubles in a season (48), most homeruns (20). The only setback to this outstanding season was a pre- district upset to the hands of Port Huron High 6-2. The team was coached by Larry Klink who won Co- Coach of the Year in 1984. Congratultions Mr Klink and the varsity baseball team for a job well done. 1. Steve Coon makes a diving slide. 2 Chris Herber going for the " BIG ONE ’’ 3 Port Huron Northern ' s left Barrett steals another base against the Big Red team 4 It ' s us against them Men! 5 left Mosurak. and Steve Barrett pickle a Big Red Front row Chris Herber, Phil Porte, Sandy Ellis, Anjie Kemp, Scott Abraham, )eff Barrett; Middle row Brian Duda, |im Mathews, Kurt Hoff- man, Chris King, Steve Foltz; Back row Mr Klink, Scott Howe, Steve Mosurak - co-captains, Steve Coon, Les Burley, Tony Cates BASEBALL J.V. BASEBALL Junior Huskies Get It T ogether Cruising to a successful season, our Junior Varsit Baseball team posted fifteen wins and five losses, (eight and four in the Eastern Michigan League.) To what did the team attribute its success? Having a great coach, left Wiley, mixed with the right amount of discipline. A part of the reason for their terrific season, though, was the team ' s depth and hard training Leading hitter Travis Woodley pounded the ball all season, while pitchers Charlie McCorkle, Rod Shagena, and Michael Kelly all mowed down the opposition. Mike Kelly added a batting average in excess of .425. They had great offense and defense. When they needed to score, they did Travis Woodley and Jeff Mosurak, team captains, led the team in enthusiasm The season ended with a game against cross town rival Port Huron High School. With another victory over P.H. by the score of four to two, the Junior Varsity Huskies were proud of their successful season 1 Tom Choiniere says " Mmm that dirt tastes good! " 2. Mike Stevens leans over to catch a fly ball. Front row: Michael Stevens, Michael McNutt, Shannon Maas, Matthew Troy, Kenneth Phillips, David Reed; Middle row: Travis Woodley, Thomas Choiniere, Kevin Corby, Michael Kelly, Donald Rome, Jeffrey Mosurak, Back row: Coach Wiley, Rodney Shagena. Charles McCorkle, David Stein, Craig Fenner, Troy Camm, Scott Westphal v3fc. . ■J i ' ft- V . ' V _ , J.V. SOFTBALL The Pride of the Future The 1984 Junior Varsity Softball team was coached by Mr. Vettese. He feels that the J.V. team did quite well considering that all but four members on the team had never played high school softball before. Although the team completed its year with a record of seven wins and eight losses, the won-lost record does not show how the girls have played. Many fine games, pitched by Alison Engen and Maureen Flanigan were successfully won. Also, Jackie Humphries, who played short stop and had one of the best batting averages, was voted the most valuable player. Although rookies, this year ' s team did ex- ceptionally well " Having self-confidence is a main part of the game, ' ' commented Coach Vettese. But self- confidence was hard to come by at times. When someone makes a mistake they lose confidence in themselves. Therefore, the team was thankful for Coach Vettese ' s help in reassuring them when they were down. 1 Rhonda Locke tagging an opponent out at third base 2. An Anchor Bay runner out at home by Northern catcher Chrystal Chic one Front row Paula Lindsay. Kimberly Massman, Rhonda Eagle, Anna Filia, Anne Lewandowski; Middle row: Dionne Zick, Laura Elliott, lacquelin Humphries, Caryn Tomlinson; Back row: Maureen Flanigan. Alison Engen, Rhonda Locke. Kendra Coleman, Coach Vettese 2 VARsrry A Winning Season The varsity softball team after several losing seasons turned the corner in 1984 The varsity posted 12 wins and 10 defeats and had an impressive 9 wins and 5 losses in the EML. The team started off slow, but finished very strong, winning 10 of their last 14 games This strong finish included two impressive wins over Crosse Pte. South, a 9-1 win over Port Huron High and two strong wins over Mt. Clemens. The team was led by Kris Schlautmann, Denise Frost and Kris Pettengill. Special awards went to Kris Schlautmann, most valuable player, most improved player was Shelly Betts, Kris Pettengill received the coaches award and Denise Frost received the Cold Clove award. The team was coached by Mr Ron Davey, who is enthusiastically looking forward to the 1985 season. 1. Kris Schlautmann awaits the ball at 3rd base 2. Shelly Betts throws her famous slow ball 3. Denise Frost is keeping her eye on the ball 4 Denise Frost keeping low profile 5. Kris Pettengill yelling for the play. Front row: Lynne Mussleman. Denise Frost. Krist Schlautmann, Laurie Barrett; Middle row: Shelly Perod, Vicki Snyder, Shelly Betts, Chris Ten- niswood. Sharon Stuart, Back row: Unda Olford, Monica Laming, Lisa Mecurio. Kris Pettengill. Laura Phillies. Mr Davev SOFTBALL STUDENT COUNCIL Student Council Has the Sfa ut Student Council here at Northern is one of the largest and most democratically run in Michigan. It con- sists of a representative from each homeroom. These people attend the weekly meetings and vote on issues and bills that pass through Council. A more recent bill was one that would arrange to have music piped through the halls from 7:30 am to 8:10 am. The Council will also discuss other prominent issues such as the recently formed Drug Task Force and what can be done to support it. This year Student Council has a new group entitled SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving). This chapter is helped by Council by supporting events such as a Hot Line throughout the holiday season. Another recently formed organization is the EUR (East Upper Rowdies) which is designed to promote spirit at our athletic events. Represent- atives report these and many other items back to their homerooms for discussion. The backbone of Student Council is the Executive Board. This 21-member board meets once a week in addition to the regular Student Council meetings. These people go over what is to be discussed at the upcoming meeting. This private Tuesday morning meeting helps keep Council running by keeping the board chairmen informed on what the other members and their committees are doing. Some of the more popular events sponsored by Student Council are Mar- di Gras, Snow Extravaganza, and the Magazine Sale. In addition to these, they also collect canned food for the Christmas season. The Council is also responsible for assemblies, dances and the candy sales A sincere thanks goes out to Mr. Richard Miller (Student Council advisor) for all his time and support put forth for Northern students. 1. (Top row from left): E. Maywar, P Kercher, M. Willing, W Hicks, |. Gillespie, K Ellis, ). Taylor, B. Austin, S. Coon. 3rd row: H Bland, C Nobles, L McElroy, V Sharpe, T Radatz 2nd Row T. Saunby, C Nuttal. D Duprez, D McLeod, N. Tomlinson, M Merchant, I (ones Front row T Melton, A Liss, C. Chicone, ). Hickey, K Hanton, K. Williams, L. Snyder, D. Barber 2. (Top rpw from left): M Beebe, C. Fritz, D. Rome, D. Stein, | Kreger, P Chenault 3rd row: D Zick, B Deegan, R McFarlane, L. Farrington, A. Haggerty, M. Tomlinson. R Locke, M Liss, H Mosier 2nd row P Deegan. K Schieman, T Harrington. ). Radatz Front row: S Moody, M Maxfield, S Straffon, M Sli, K Fleet, K Whittliff, E Beebe, I Carpenter. 1 President Kurt Fritz. 2. The heart of Student Council, Mr Miller 3. Vice-President Durrand Ashford Opposite page, Ex- ecutive Board: (Top row from left): T Bellomo, S Banning 3rd row: ). Gillhooley. C. Fritz, P. Marengo, B Bankson, S Harkins 2nd row S McCue, K Branch, K Pettengill. R Sass, K Gunter, S Schopp Bottom row K Fritz, T Andrews, D Wilhelm. M. Gerus, M Wilhelm, | Kreger, S. Straffon. 94 Activities Sponsored by Arden ' s of Port Huron BAND Let ' s Hear it for the Band! The 1984-85 school year was a busy one for the Port Huron North- ern Band They started off the year, before school even began, with a Band encampment at Camp Nissokone in Oscoda, Michigan. The days were long, and the work was hard but it gave them a good start on the busy marching season ahead. They performed at four home foot- ball games and presented a different version of their half-time show at each game The District 16 Michigan School Band and Orchestra Associa- tion Marching Band Festival was held in Port Huron this year at Memorial Stadium. The Northern Band took home another First Division rating and was thrilled to have the highest score in District 16 this year Shortly after the MSBOA Festival, the band participated in the Michigan Com- petetive Band Directors Association Lakeview Invitational and placed 1st in their class and 3rd overall! As a result of this fine performance, the band was invited to perform the ex- hibition at the MCBDA State Com- petition which was held in Plymouth, Ml. During the fall, the band was also very busy with fund raising. To help meet the important goal they had set for the spring of 1985, the goal they set was $15,000. The Sarnia Santa Claus Parade on Dec. 1 resulted in a Best Band trophy for the Northern Band, as they competed against many local bands One of the most exciting events of the spring was the band ' s representation of Michigan in the Festival of States Band Competi- tion in St. Petersburg, Florida, March 26-30. The band was invited as a result of their past accomplishments, and competed in two parades, a field show competition and a concert band competition. % Activities BAND Activities 97 YEARBOOK 98 Spirit Captured Forever Ti here is much time and dedication needed to produce a successful yearbook. Here at Northern this is accomplished through a class called SPIRIT. Many students who enter this class in the fall do not realize just how much of their time will be need- ed for this class. It is not just another hour of the day, SPIRIT requires hours after school or at home. There are many first year students who have to be taught how to make a layout, crop pictures, use yearbook terms correctly (yes, " deadline ' ' is a yearbook term) and the student also learns to use their journalistic skills effectively Much time is spent in the spring when a theme is decided upon for the upcoming book. The " A Special Spirit " theme was chosen because we felt it exemplified the student ' s changed attitude toward Northern and many special features were add- ed. Sponsored pages, the color sec- tion devoted mainly to the Seniors, the largest color section in the sur- rounding area (48 pages), less atten- tion focused on academics, a lithograph cover, and our platinum anniversary are some unique and " Special " highlights of our twentieth volume Also at the end of the year, it is ideal to have completed a ladder diagram (a detailed page structure of the book), the spring sports, and at least half of the advertisement pages sold. The price of a sponsor page was $50. rising to $250. for a full page ad The advertiser allows us to keep the price of the yearbook down ($16.) and enables the year- book class to create an exciting book SPIRIT is very unique in that memories of your high school years can be logged by a member of this class. It is a special feeling when an old yearbook is opened and you sud- denly recall that memorable football game, a familiar teacher, or an old friend. Back row Advisor Mr AI Wright lamie laso. Pat Myron. Lee Munro. Anki Gussiaas, Renae lohnson, Susan Banning, Mi Ciilhootey Middle row Dawn Kin- ney. (odie Currie. Cathy Cuthbertson. Michelle lonas. Iben Hansen Laura lerrett Karen Chidester Angie [Leaner Tom Moore Front row Michelle Tomlinson Lisa London. Darcy Barber Tracey Parrish, Karen See- ly On the marquee are Editors Sarah McCue. Bill McLaughlin and leanie Schaft ■ t I ft PyL T iy| THE spirit J PRESENTS if I A special spirit Activities Sponsored by lechura Photography CLASS OFFICERS Leaders of Northern S unit Senior President Pat Staiger - My fellow classmates, I would like to thank you for your support throughout this great school year, 1984-85 There have been some memori es created such as deciding graduation colors, class song, and Senior announcements I can also proudly include winning the Mardi Gras Barrel and Snow Extravaganza Snow Skis My officers, Vice-President lenny Madaus, Secretary Michelle Weiss, and Treasurer Glenn Hummel have made many helpful contributions. I hope your future is very successful. See you at the reunion! L to R 1 Freshmen Vice-President Pay Hoy, President Andrea Goldsworthy, Treasurer Pam Robinson and Secretary Yvonne Fawcett 2 Sophomore Vice-President Pat Soule. Presi- dent Sarah Sharpe, Secretary Kimm Massman, and Treasurer Mike Ellis 3. lumor Secretary Chnssy Gibbons, Vice-President Cindy Miller, President Mike Wilhelm, and Treasurer Rhon- da Houle 4 Senior Treasurer Glenn Hummel. President Pat Staiger. Secretary Michelle Weiss, and Vice-President lenny Madaus lunior President Mike Wilhelm — As our year comes to a close, I would like to thank the class of 1986 for the op- portunity to be your president. I also think it is important to recognize your other officers As Vice-President, Cindy Miller has always been at my side and given me support Secretary Chrissy Gibbons has kept a detailed log of all the 1984-85 activities. Our treasurer Rhonda Houle has also kept detailed records of the lunior class ' money Thank you for such a great year! Sophomore President — Sarah Sharpe - My fellow Sophomores, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for allowing me to perform the presidential duties for the class of 1987. I also would like to thank our other of- ficers vice-president Pat Soule, secretary Kimm Massman, treasurer Mike Ellis They have all done a magnificent job. Thanks to the class of 1987 for their support and contributions given to our class. Freshman President Andrea Golds- worthy - The primary responsibility of the officers of the freshman class is to organize students from three junior high schools into one great class Through ef- forts and hard work of the Freshmen, we have proved that our class could build a Mardi Gras wall that did not come in last place Pat Hoy, Vice- President; Yvonne Fawcett, Secretary; and Pam Robinson, Treasurer helped me with the refreshment stand at several dances to earn money for our once empty treasury. Most of all, we learned to make friends and share responsibilities. In all, this has been a great year Sponsored by S H Electronics Activities 99 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 100 Activities Sponsored by Skate Port Roller Rink Striving for Academic Excellence The National Honor Society is an o rganization based upon Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. It is under these principles that students are elected to the NHS in the spring of their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year. Northern ' s NHS consists of 46 members — 20 Seniors, 21 Juniors and 5 exchange students as Honorary Members. Advised by Mr. Glen Pike and of- ficers President Kris Marten, Vice President Dan Mitchell, Secretary Jennifer Madaus, Treasurer Beth Pen- cak and Historian David Lomansney, the group has participated in various projects. One of the Honor Society ' s major projects is the tutoring service provided during homeroom. This service is available to all of those re- questing help Other projects in- cluded writing letters from Santa to first and second graders, holding a luncheon for induction of the ex- change students, and organizing the Scholarship Tea. National Honor Society has also participated in the " Statue of Liberty Restoration Pro- ject " through the Liberty Luau 1984 dance he ld last spring. Port Huron Northern ' s Honor Society has become a more visible part of the school during the past year and looks forward to being even more active in years to come Senior members of the Honor Society are: Margaret Basrai, Scott Beuschlein, Jeff Crankshaw, Kurt Fritz, Michelle Glenn, Clare Hickman, Glenn Hummel, Jennifer Madaus, Kris Marten, Jill McCandless, Sarah Mc- Cue, Pattie McNaughton, Tom Miller, Dan Mitchell, Beth Pencak, Kris Pet- tengill, Pat Staiger, Gordon Stanlake, Dan Wilhelm, and Cathie Wolfe. Junior members of the Honor Society are: Angela Carr, Jennifer Curtiss, Bill Dunkle, Chris Ecarius, Dan Ecarius, Julie Gross, Jennifer Heck, Craig Hoetger, Sharon Hudy, Michelle Johnston, Tim Kovach, Kari Kreger, David Lomansney, Mike McGill, Candy McLean, Scott McVeigh, Lisa Perry, Ken Porrett, Kris Spillard, Michelle Vincent, and Chris White. 1 (From left) lennifer Madaus. David Lomansney, Kris Marten, Dan Mitchell, and Beth Pencak 2 . Mi chelle Chenoski showing Dollie Kirkendall the basics of Algebra 3 Paula Lindsay trying to figure out the answer to Rod Knowles question 4 Mr Pike listening to someone ' s problem again BOEC They ' re on Their Way to Success! 1” he Business Office Education Club is a vocational student organization for high school students who are enrolled in vocational business and office programs. BOEC provides for the recognition of individual members and chapters for involve- ment in a variety of programs designed to develop leadership and office skills The club is made up of juniors and Seniors who are pres- ently enrolled in Clerical-Steno Block or Office Related class Northern has had BOEC for three years under the leadership of Ms Pat Knapp The of- ficers for this year are: Lori Baker, President; Shelly Haynes, Vice Presi- dent, Brenda Nalanga, Secretary; Cathy Cuthbertson, Treasurer; and Leslie Coudreau, Historian Approx- imately 20 students a year have gone through the club. On lanuary 19, 1985, BOEC members attended Baker junior College in Flint to com- pete in various areas of office careers such as: Clerk Typist, Receptionist, Typist Spelling Team, etc. The club has sold over $3,000 in Christmas items for their fund raising project for this year BOEC is a great program designed for learning, but at the same time having fun. 1. Sarah Spirting and Sonya Spear taking inven- tory 2. Kris Pickett, Kay Dobel, and Bndgette Beushlem showing off their Christmas items 3. BOEC officers (Top left): Cathy Cuthbertson, Brenda Nalanga, Leslie Coudreau Bottom: Lori Baker. Ms Knapp and Shelly Haynes Activities ioi Cheerleaders Let ' s Hear It Cheerleaders spend all their time jumping up and down on the sidelines Right? Well, no not really. Being a cheerleader involves lots of time, expense and just plain hard work Two hour practices are held each Tuesday and Thursday During football season. Friday nights are spent cheering at games During basketball season three nights a week are reserved for practice. Most Saturdays are devoted to fundraising activities and clinics. For instance, on Saturday, October 28, the squad taught cheerleading techniques to other teams from around the state at the local Y.M.C.A. November 6 found them at Saint Mary ' s School judging that school ' s junior high school cheerleading hopefuls. On November 12, they taught tryout techniques to students in Yale On December 9, the cheerleaders spon- sored a school dance as a fundraising activity. Northern ' s cheerleaders par- ticipate in many charitable donation drives, also. The experience is a fun way to participate in school activities despite the sore muscles and cold days. You can ask any cheerleader and she will most likely say, " My high school years wouldn ' t have been the same without it. I ' ve met many new peo- ple and shared many happy times with friends. " 1 Varsity members; (top to bottom): S Bann- ing, C Symington, A Pelc. C. Chicone, S. Betts, B Bankson. K. Kamendat. K Shim, N Ganhs, (not pictured) S. Maas 2. Varsity cap- tain and co-captain Nancy Ganhs and Susan Banning 3 tumor varsity members (l-r): K. Watson, I Branch, K Clark, |. Kessler, K lones. D Armstrong, | Shoudy, R Sass, D Mclane, A. Haggerty, M. Liss, G. Bruno 4 Frosh members (l-r); S. Fischer, L Hurst. S. Moody. K Beedan, A Bryden. S. Straffon Middle row T. Saunby, L. McIntyre, L Lockwood. |. Matt- son Front row: A. Pelc and P O ' Grady 102 Activities For The Sfri ' Ut Makers! Drill Team Kicking High On Sfi ut Activities 103 he Northstars is a drill team at Port Huron Northern. They perform at many home basketball games and several pep assemblies throughout the course of the year. Many people hear the words " drill team " and have no idea of what that means. For those people here ' s a quick definition: drill team is a group of girls (ninth through twelfth) that practice three times a week after school for two hours to learn and perfect dance routines The team performs at two ma- jor competitions each year in November and March. This year the team set its sights on attending the Grand National competition at the state level with hopes of placing high enough for national competition During the summer of 1984 the girls attended Badgerette Summer Camp at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant. The Port Huron Northern Northstar Drill Team is a class act that is truly en- joyed by all the fans at the halftime ac- tivities. Each member should be com- mended for their fine work. 1. This year ' s drill team consists of: Robin Taylor, Trudy Soehren. Tina Scancella. Denise Shans. Lorinda Strong, Rim Howison, Kim Edie, Shellie Hinkle, lenmfer Thomsberry. Karen Chidester, Kelly Leslie, Kristy Grabbitt, Beth Hutchinson, Kim Bostick, Stephanie lurzysta (co-captain). Dawn Kinney (captain), Kathy Grabbitt (first lieutenant) 2. Say " Cheese! " Beth 3. Smile girls’ 4 Open your eyes Robin warn PHOTOGRAPHY Got Cha! In I he one semester course dealing with photography at Port Huron Northern provides the basic physical and photochemical theory essential to an understanding of the fun- damental science of photography Laboratory exercises provide prac- tical experience through the use of photographi c equipment and darkroom procedures Projects will include using various types of film, lighting, paper, chemicals, and mounting techniques. The projects consist of depth of field, center of interest, action, camera position, and portrait techniques These are the main topics each per- son will choose to use as guides for a project This project is done for the first six weeks deadline. The second six weeks requires that you have six different topics of research work, plus different styles of pictures The third six weeks you are given a list of topics for a one thousand word essay. In photography you ' re expected to spend between fifteen and twen- ty dollars This covers your film cost and also the cost of printing paper Photographers must have access to a camera for shooting pictures and developing their film The instructor of this photography class is Mr Larry Klink 1 Sue Shink really gets into developing her film 2 Tammy Radatz looks over the print she just developed 3 kelly Debien and Michelle Tomlinson smile at the results of their first prints 104 Activities Photography ART Learning What Art Is All About N any classes are offered in the art field Classes are available in the drawing, painting and jeweler ' s field. In order to become involved in these special art classes, you must have taken Art 1 and Art 2. In Art 1 you learn how to draw and in Art 2 students work on more creative projects such as poster drawing, silk screen T-shirts and abstract drawings The jewelry class, available in the second semester only, is different, lewelry is made out of pure silver selling for seven dollars an ounce Silver is put into the casting machine, which melts it into a liquid form mak- ing it ready for shaping. The hardwork is evident in the final products, no matter what kind of art class one is in. The students feel that there is a piece of themselves in every object, and therefore they take a special pride in everything they create To make good art work it takes good facilities . . . the students sure have both! 1 This student concentrates on his form in Ms LaBeaus class 2 Steve Amey — the next Nor- man Rockwell ELECTRONICS Catch the Electrified S u a Electronics is a one or two year course that can be taken for credit at Northern. Mr. Johnson runs a broad base program focusing on the fun- damental concept of linear and digital electronics. The class format is to calculate through lectures and demonstrations and verify through lab. The first year is made up of mostly Sophomores learning anything from OHM ' s law to maintenance and evaluation of dif- ferent types of electronic signal transmissions. Second year is a little more complex. It covers advanced linear techniques, digital techniques, and micro-processing. Electronics has been accused of being more of a col- lege course but Mr. lohnson feels that it is the college course that is more like the high school course. There is a future in electronics. Eighty-five percent of the students in this course will go on to related fields. Some will get jobs through Co-Op and follow through with a full-time career. Jobs may be found at WPHM, WHLS WSAQ, Neil ' s Audio Videoland Many go on to college and are placed in such promi- nent jobs as IBM or Boing Beyond the classroom, Northern electronics pupils compete at the state level and have never failed to finish below third place. As Mr. Johnson says, " We have a state champion placed every year. ' ' 1 Phil Porte figures out a hard equation 2 A student working with the electronic equip- ment 3 Mr lohnson and a student point out how it should be done 106 Activities COMPUTERS Processed Sftinit It has taken years to establish this class here at Northern. Computers have gained much popularity among students. With computers becoming a major part of the student ' s life, this course will some day be an essential part in the learning process. Northern offers students two basic classes in this field. Introduction to computers, logic, binary math and the many computer languages. Computer processing is spent mostly making computer programs Mr Meeker and Mr. Talladay are the advisors in charge of these courses, each having different hours in the computer room. When the class began, it started from the bottom and now has many computers with which to work This class is one in which the future counts and Northern is in the building process. Working today in computers looking toward the future. 1 Mr Meeker explaining something complex 2 A computer collage 3 Two students figur- ing out a program 4 Bill Harmer working out with his computer Activities 107 Choir The Sound Of Music! T he Port Huron Northern Choir is a leading choir in District 16 of the Michigan School Vocal Association The 1983-1984 Acapella received all Ones in competition last year which are the highest marks one can receive. All Ones last year took the Acapella to state competition where they received two Ones and one Two. This is the goal for the 1984- 1985 choir also. There are three choirs at Northern of which choral is the most select. Choral is the show choir, they sing in many competitions. As a choral they perform at various places throughout the year, such as the Fogcutter, and different churches in the Port Huron area. Acapella is the largest choir of the three choirs and as a group they also perform at the intermediate schools. Mix Choir is the building block for the future of the Acapella and Choral Two concerts are given by the Mix Choir each year. This year the choir has been kept busy through fundraisers to help pay for new choir robes. The annual Ap- ple Pie Sale is one of the biggest money raisers that the choir par- ticipates in. The choir i$ directed by Mr Thomas Norager, and is greatly helped out by the choir officers. Pictured below They are: President Brandy Chicone, Vice-President Chris Stein; Secretary Mary Dennis; and Treasurer Kris Shim. 108 Activities DRAFTING Architects of the Future All the skills learned in PHN ' S drafting classes can help open several doors in the business world of drafting and com- mercial arts. Students begin with a two year course in mechanical drawing. The course gives the student the basic background or mechanical drawing fun- damentals such as dimensions, section- ing, and pictorials The student also studies orthographic projections, aux- iliary views, and technical illustrations. Many other aspects of architecture such as architectural models, exploded views, and detailed drawings are among the details which are studied. 1. This student is absorbed in his work 2 Jim Fayed may be designing his future, 3 Bnan Chisholm is getting to know all the right angles Sponsored by Pete Gates Roofing Siding Activities 109 CO-OP Looking for If you are already beginning to think about your future in the business world, then CO-OP is the answer. Mr. |erry Miller will help you find a job in the field that you are in- terested. First, you begin by deciding on the field in which you are in- terested in and then you will take the classes in that field. At Port Huron Northern there are many classes to choose from. For instance, retailing, auto mechanics, electronics and the clerical block. It is highly recommend- ed that you, as a junior, be placed in a business related class. Then as a senior, proceed on to CO-OP After you have the training and background that are needed in the business world, Mr. Miller will place you in the job that best suits you There are many businesses in the Port Huron area that are pleased to have CO-OP students You learn what it ' s like to work with people and to get a chance to know what field you are really interested in. Most students who are given a job through CO-OP plan to make a career out of it. They find that CO- OP is the best way to go about this. As a CO-OP student you begin at minimum wage Your hours may vary according to your schedule but you usually work between 20 and 25 hours a week Every marking period the school will send your employer a report card. Your employer is to grade you on your personality, ap- pearance, job ability and how well you work with others. CO-OP is where your future begins 1. Northern Co-op students working hard at the Huron Theater 2. Paul Vorman checking sizes at Payless 3. Mr Miller is in charge of Co-op. no Activities a Job? Sponsored by Colonial Meat SCHOOL STORE " Attention Northern Sponsored by Skate Port Roller Rink Shoppers!! " Have you ever thought about how boring lunch would be without the school store? Most people really don ' t appreciate how much time, care and hard work that goes into our store. Kathy Campbell, the manager, and many other workers can tell you that running a mini- market consists of more than just operating a register There are many long hours spent stocking the shelves, cleaning the floor and taking inventory. Between 3 to 5 students work in the store each hour and before homeroom . . some of them working up to 3 hours a day Mr Tinsley is in charge of making sure this whole process runs smoothly While you are working, Mr. Tinsley determines your grades. Instead of grading you on tests, he grades you on your participation, how well you do your job and how much work you do. Before you can begin working in the store, you must first take a retail- ing or a marketing class. Many students who are hard workers and can accept responsibilities, have on- the-job training while they continue to take the class. This year not only does our store sell pop and candy but they provide our auto shop with all of their parts. They are also selling an assortment of other goods, including hunting and fishing equipment, sweat shirts and sweat pants and tickets to the foot- ball games. Combined along with our school store we also have a book store which is run by Kim Schiemen. There are man y long hours spent working in both of our stores. The students at Port Huron Northern really ap- preciate all the time and hard work that is spent in order to make our stores a success. 1 Northern students looking for a blue light special 2. Mark Nicholson digging for that last unbroken pretzel Activities in Equestrian Team Happy Trails To You . Ti he fall weather was perfect again this year for all three Equestrian meets. The horses were polished, the riders were waiting in their show clothes; from derbies and flowing coats to huntseat blazers and hard hats to western wear. All three groups have classes in showmanship, patterns, riding on the flat, and bareback. Huntseat equipment is re- quired for jumping and in gymkhana western or huntseat equipment is used. After the performance classes the team saddles up for the gymkhana events; cloverleaf, two- man relay, flag race and speed and action. These are judged by time and accuracy. The Equestrian team had a great season in the competition this year. 1 Sue Somogy is doing great in Western Equatation 2. Concentration is the key for Lee Anne Munro in the Reining Pattern L to r: Lori Sudomir, Lee Anne Munro, Laura Lockwood, Pat Fields, Kelly McCracken, Paul Riddell, Mr. Dickey - sponsor Standing: Lori lohnson - assistant Coach, Lisa Lockwood, Lisa Carr - Coach, Andrea Yeip 112 Activities Sponsored by ' hbaue Electric Downhill Cross Country Two Kinds Of Fun IN 1. lamie la so shows his natural skiing ability 2. The members of the Cross Country Ski Team include (from left to right): Dave Reid, Stephan lohnson, Glen Pike (advisor). Sue Thomson (assistant ad- visor), Tom Moore. Lisa Sheline, Marybeth Wyllie and lustin McCarthy 3 Sue Thomson exhibits her excellent cross country form The Slopes . . . F of this years annual trip. Port Huron Northern ' s Downhill Ski Club traveled to Sugar Loaf. The popular downhill skiing for people of all ages is at Black Forest, Pine Knob and Mount Holly. All Winter sports, including downhill skiing got off to a slow start in the 1984-85 season due to the considerable lack of snow. The club consisted of 28 members, including downhill professionals and amateurs of which all are welcome. The club ' s advisor was Mr. Chuck Meeker. The T racks . . . Northern s Cross Country Ski Club enjoyed its second year of activities with skiing at local golf and ski clubs and trips to the Pinery and Stone Creek. The club boasts a member- ship of almost fifty. Some of the members have been enjoying the sport for many years, while others are novices who have put on skis for the first time this year. Cross Country skiing is a relatively inexpensive ac- tivity and can be learned by spending just a couple of hours on the trails. Equipment can be rented at a nominal fee or can be purchased in a package deal (skis, poles, and boots) for under $100. One of the benefits of cross country skiing (in addition to being one of the best forms of exer- cise) is that it can be enjoyed just about anywhere there is snow. The advisor for the past two years has been Mr. Glenn Pike. Activities 113 Bowling Club Bowling ' Em 1” he Port Huron Northern Bowling I Club is the oldest club in the school. It started the first semester of the school ' s history and has continued each year since At that time there were three schools with bowling teams that bat- tled each other for bragging rights of the cities best bowlers. The three schools were: Port Huron High, Port Huron Northern, and Catholic Cen- tral High School. The first year 1964-65, Port Huron High won the team-mixed champion- ship. The last year of the trophy, 1974, was won by Port Huron Nor- thern and is on display in Northern ' s School. Competition ceased from 1974 until 1979 due to the lack of any competing teams from Port Huron High. Competition was reinstated when Central came into existence and formed its own bowl- ing league. Another trophy was established for Match Game Championship in 1979 and was won and displayed by Port Huron Northern. The Northern Bowling League bowls every Monday from 4:00 to 5:30 at the Inn at the Bridge. The high bowler for the boys ' is Keith Latterell, his average is 152; The girls ' high bowler is Sandy Berry and her average is 150. Martin Merchant is this year ' s president of the league which is sponsored by Mr. Richard Miller and assisted by Mrs. Deanna Beery 1. left Krauss picks up a spare 2. Marlin Mer- chant perfects his stance. 3 )ohn Francavilla concentrates on his strategy to bowl a strike 114 Activities Over Sponsored by Crocker Accounting Activities 115 FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENTS A Year of My Life! Becoming an exchange student and going to another country for a year. Knowing that from now on everything will be different. Asking yourself if you are willing to leave your friends, your school, and your parents for a year. I was ready to go and take the chance. I wanted to find out how the Americans live, their customs, and of course, I wanted to improve my English. So I con- tacted Youth For Understanding, filled out papers and on August 9, 1984, 1 was ready to leave. On the plane I finally realized I was really on my way! The on- ly things that worried me were my host family and entering school. The YFU had already helped a lot by giving advice and one of the most important things they told us was, " It ' s not right or wrong, just different. " It is hard sometimes but if you keep these words in mind, it helps to understand the dif- ferences between the two cultures. Lockers, food, school, classes, TV, clothes, relationships between friends, drive-thrus, they are all just small things but if you add them all together, it ' s very different. The decision about becoming an exchange student has been the hardest choice I ' ve had to make in my life. It was hard to leave, but it was worth it. I have not regretted anything. I want to thank all of you for making this year so special for me. Be proud. Americans are something special. — by Iben Hansen 1 Our 1984-85 exchange students pointing out the country they are from: Elizabeth Bohorquez from Columbia. Iben Hansen from Denmark. Anrt-Christin Gussiaas from Norway, Thorsten Flack from Germany and Diane Gaiger from Zim- babwe 2. None of the exchange students have cheerleaders in their countries, so a little practice was needed What Can You Say About Speech? Opeech is a course designed to give tenth through twelfth grade students a solid introduction to formal speech making, as well as to help the students feel more at ease in any situation in which they may be forced to speak. Special emphasis is placed on the development of the student ' s personality. Speech class has many benefits. The skills that the students receive are invaluable. The class, most impor- tantly, teaches the students to speak well in front of, and with, their peers. The speech class teacher tries to build self-confidence along with speaking ability. The recipients of this class learn to be more successful in communicating their personality to others. Therefore, they learn to work well with others. The class teaches the students many important things, such as con- fidence. Confidence is very impor- tant in life, because without con- fidence a person would never ac- complish anything. This is especially helpful to the students that are shy and do not like to speak in front of or with people. This class also gives its students better speaking abilities. Better speaking abilities are beneficial to the future orator and the casual conversationalist alike. Speech also gives the students an English credit and a prerequisite for the school radio station. On a usual Monday in Ms. Simowski ' s class the students work on their speeches which were ex- plained to them on Thursday and Fri- day. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays the students usually give their speeches. There is only about two hours of homework per week. Speech is a very beneficial class and anybody that ever plans on talk- ing in any situation should take it. SPEECH 116 Activities Sponsored by: Studio Photography 1. Chris Nobles giving an inspinng speech. 2. (enny Heck preparing for her speech RADIO STATION Changes on the Air P ort Huron Northern ' s radio station was started on May 9, 1972 by a very caring individual, Mr. Robert D. Trapp. During the summer of 1984 the un- timely loss of Mr. Trapp saddened the students and faculty at Port Huron Northern. He organized and built the station located in Port Huron Northern High School, with the help of students Mr. Trapp was more like a friend than a teacher to students. He spent many long hours working along side each stu- dent to help them reach their potential. In the 60 ' s Mr. Trapp had the distinc- tion of being one of the youngest disc jockeys in Michigan. At 16 he was known as " Trapp on Tap, ' ' for his jazz show over WLAV in Grand Rapids. When Mr. Trapp spoke of the radio sta- tion there was always pride in his voice. He felt that if a student was willing to give their time, then he was willing to give up his time, that ' s why all of his work with the station was volunteer. After Mr Trapp passed away, Ms. Susan Simowski became station advisor. Ms. Simowski is working hard to make WORW as good as ever, and she is suc- ceeding. This year instead of playing jazz they are playing the Top 40 and the response is overwhelming. This past year Keli Branch was the program direc- tor, with Shannon Harkins as music director. WORW begins it programing for the day at 7:00 am to 10:30 pm, 5 days a week. The students of the radio station consider themselves as " one big family ' ' and that great feeling was started by Mr. Robert Trapp. He will be remembered always. 1. Laurie Carpenter getting down! 2. On the air with Kety Schoenhen 3. Robert D. Trapp Class of " 86 " It has taken sometime, but the spirited class of " 86 " finds itself one step closer to becoming Seniors. This year ' s luniors truly exemplify the meaning of Husky spirit Although only moderate as Freshmen, they reached their zenith as Sophomores by overruning all other classes here at Port Huron Northern and capturing the Mardi Gras Barrel. As juniors they put up a tremendous fight in the effort to recapture the Barrel, but were just shy and lost to the Senior class. It ' s been a long and hard struggle to the top, but the spirit, energy and enthusiasm of the junior class will long be remembered Page 120 1 junior court nominees are (top row) Cindy Miller, AnneMarie Pelt, lackie Hossler, Lisa Borovich, Leslie Snyder (bottom row) Marlene Green, Kelly Hanton, Darcy Barber, Linda Parker, and Shelly Brown 2 lay Gillespie and Mike Me gill dare to eat the cafeteria food 3 lenny Heck, the model student 4 Tina Melton, hard at work for W O R W 5 Shannon Maas and Krystal Kamen- dat along with mascot Shayla Maas cheer on Northern ' s football team Page 121. 6 Thorston Flack, Ken Evenson, Dave Reed, Stephen Johnson, relaxing in study hall 7 Planning the great escape from class 8 (unior. Monica Moncrief 9. Michelle Chenoski. and Sally Bruen, two of Northern’s smiling faces Rebecca Ainsworth Suzanne Ainsworth Ann Armstead Amy Arquette Kelli Ashford Mark Balia Rebecca Bankson Susan Banning Darcy Barber Kimberley Bassett Marvin Beadle Chuck Beauvais Paul Becigneul Scott Becktold Douglas Bell Anthony Bellomo Christopher Berberian Michelle Betts Brigette Beuschlein Thomas Bilyeu Timothy Blackledge Timothy Boman Michael Bond Judith Borkowski Lisa Borovich Lisa Brain Colleen Brennan Michael Brickey Tina Bright Victoria Brosky David Brown Angela Carr Michelle Chenoski Timothy Chenoski Crystal Chicone Karen Chidester Shelly Brown Sally Bruen lames Buckley Richard Buckley Laura Bullis Lynn Burns Danny Caldwell leffery Campbell Katherine Campbell Pat Carey 123 Regina Chrzanowski Lynn Colgan David Collinge John Collins Angela Cook Donald Cote Michelle Crankshaw Eric Crimmins Brian Curtis lennifer Curtiss losette Dandron Christina Davey Larry Davis Kelly Debien Sandra Delaurier David Deprez Theresa Devroy Roy Dewitt Jeffrey Digiuseppe James Dillon Dawn Dinsdale Brian Doan Bryan Dodge Lynn Dombrowski Rolland Donbrosky Carol Downing Jeff Draper Douglas Drouillard Scott Dummitt William Dunkle Ann Marie Dunn Deann Duren Deborah Dyer Kelly Earl Christopher Ecarius Daniel Ecarius Paul Ecarius Laura Elliot Joseph Ellis Sandra Ellis Terrance Essenmacher Kenneth Evenson Robert Farrell lames Fayed Natalie Felt Craig Fenner David Fenner Thorsten Flack Alison Flynn David Fockler Terry Foglesong lames Foltz Sandra Forrest Renee Forstner Jennifer Foster Jennifer Fralick Heather French Donald Fretenborough Brian Friedle Karl Gibbs lay Gillespie (ill Gillhooley Luann Gillis Steven Glenn David Gold lames Goodrich Kathy Grabbit Sherri Graham Marlene Green leannie Groff (ill Groh Julie Gross Mike Gutherie Mike Haas Kimberly Hall Lisa Hamilton Kelle Hanton William Harmer Jeffrey Harmon 126 Melissa Harrington Katie Hartnett David Hartson Tom Harvey Kathleen Hauver Denise Hawks Scott Hayes David Hayward Jennifer Heck Karen Hegler Kelly Herron Kevin Hess Jennifer Hickey Jack Hillis Craig Hoetger Joel Hooper Jacquelyn Hossler Joseph Houle Rhonda Houle Lisa Howe Sharon Hudy Jacquelin Humphrey Jacquelin Humphries Liesyl Huntington Lynn Hutchinson Rebecca Hutchinson Dawn Irvine Troy Irwin Laura Jerrett Gregory Johnson Patricia Johnson Paul Johnson Renae Johnson Stephan Johnson Michelle Johnston Michelle Jonas Jay Jones April Kaboni Krystal Kamendat Brett Kearney Chris Kearns Blair Kellerman Michael Kelly Anjanette Kemp Kimberly Kerswell Amy Kettlewell Dawn Kinney Kirk Kirkendall Kathleen Kish Marvin Kitson Christopher Knowlton Jeff Koppel 128 Sponsored by Rainbow Mobile Home Sales and Service Greg Kovach Tim Kovach Kellie Kozloff Kariann Kreger Christine Kreiner Michelle Kreit Kirstin Kroll Jocelyn Lambe Debra Lee Langolf Keith Latterell Rodney Lawrence Paula Lindsay Angela Liss David Lloyd Roxanne Lochran Lisa Lockwood David Lomasney Lisa London Todd Louks Alice Ludington George Ludington Shannon Maas Elizabeth Maclean Patrick Maclean Mario Maes lames Maggs lames Majeski Peter Martindale Jean Mastaw Kenneth Matteson Michelle Mcauley Charles McCorkle Kelly McCracken Tammy McDonald Diane McEachen 129 Michael McGill Jeff McGowen Margo McKibben Candace McLean Shannon McLean Michael McMaster Jill McNiven Scott McVeigh Gregg Meehan Brenda Meinhardt Tina Mari Melton Martin Merchant Marlene Middleton Cindy Miller John Miller Paul A Miller Paul J. Miller Randy Minnie Monica Moncrief Timothy Monzo 130 Lisa Perry Scott Perry Susan Moore Thomas Moore Greg Morden Ted Morrison Jeffery Mosurak Joel Motte Lee Munro Patrick Myron Lisa Nabozny Allen Nichols Catherine Nicholson Matthew Nicholson Michael Nitschke Ann Nugent Charles Nuttal John Ort Joanne Ostrander Linda Ostrander Tracey Parrish Douglas Parsons Renee Patterson Robert Peace Shelly Pearson Annemarie Pelc 131 Eric Peterson Kristine Pickett Mary Pincomb Kenneth Porrett Philip Porte Cynthia Poulos Stephen Quandt Patrick Quinn Amy Radigan Joseph Raftery David A. Reed David P Reed Christine Reese Pamela Reid Jennifer Relken Rhonda Rhea Paul Riddell Richard Robbins Edward Romero David Rosenberger Michelle Rosier Craig Rostoni Gregory Rusch 132 Troy Saunby Shelly Schattler Marc Schlaufman Bradley Schoenberg Kelly Schoenherr Michelle Schopp Kimberly Schrader jenine Schultz Michelle Scott Dave Searle Mary Seely Rodney Shagena Polly Shalast Lisa Sheline lackie Show Maria Siewart Thomas Sloan John Smith Michael Smith Michelle Smith Stephen Smith Leslie Snyder Kevin Spacil Dale Sparr Sonja Spear Barbara Spencer Scott Spencer Kristine Spillard Sarah Spirling Valery Stabinsky Shawna Steemburg Christopher Stein Jeffrey Stevenson Lawerance Stewart Jason Stoner Thomas Stoutenburg Mary Jo Streeter Keith Strevett Gregory Stroh John Stuewer Rebecca Switzer Robert Taylor Mark Teets Laura Thieke Tina Thomas Laura Thornsberry David Toles Norman Tomlinson James Totten Paul Touma Charlotte Tremper Thomas Troy Mark Vermeesch Brian Visga Michelle Vincent Tina Wagner Duane Wahl Matthew Warsinski Marlene Waters Ann Marie Watson Deborah Wessel Chris White Kim Whitican Michael Wilhelm Tina Wilkins Angela Williams Daniel Wilson Mary Wilton Kathryn Witherspoon Travis Woodley lennifer Wolley Guy Wooster lanet Wyllie Matthew Vanik Michael Yarger Andrea Yeip David Zammit Michele Zeller 135 1 Showing that true junior spirit, here ' s Kelly Ashford. 2. Three classic junior faces jay Jones, Dawn Kinney, and Charlie Nuttal 3. A serious Nor- thern student, Dave Reed 4 jason Ayers and Dave Brown enjoying a leisurely gym class. 5. jack Hillis, too good to eat in Northern ' s cafeteria. Most Likely To Succeed Most Intelligent Best Personality Most Involved Friendliest Best Athlete Best Musician Best Dressed Best Looking Cutest Prettiest Eyes Nicest Smile Best Legs Class Mooch Class Couple Best Of Friends Class Partier Class Clown Most Talkative Biggest Flirt Worst Driver Dave Lomasney Ken Evenson Tom Moore Tony Bellomo Mike Wilhelm )im Foltz Mike Smith Ion Ely Ion Ely Craig Hoetger Craig Hoetger Mike Smith Scott Brickey Troy Saunby Guy Adams Scott McVeigh Pat Carey Ken Evenson Tony Bellomo Mike McGill Troy Saunby Bill Dunkle Candy McLean Angela Carr Becky Bankson (ill Gillhooley Darcy Barber Shelly Betts Jackie Hossler Debra Lee Langolf Jackie Hossler Jennifer Relken Shannon McLean Annemarie Pelc Tina Melton Jill McNiven Lori Bullis Lisa Borovich Shelly Schopp Mary Seely Shelly Brown Mary Seely Lisa Borovich Kathy Kish This year ' s Sophomore class has experienced a tremendous shift of spirit No longer are they the quiet Freshmen who roamed the halls in a shy stupor Now they walk through their school with heads held high School spirit is an attitude and the Class of ' 87 has it all 1 Sophomore Court nominees this year are (from top left): Lisa Farrington, Bridgette Deegan, Yvette Babin, Debbie Rhody, Rochelle Sass, Sue Wilkin- son, Kirsten Clark, Denise Could, Melany Liss, and Julie Shoudy. 2. Sophomore homerooms have lots of fun. 3. Sarah Smith, Cara Kirshner, Cynthia Whitney playing in the park 4. Sophomores show their spirit at a pep rally. 5. Sophomore girls trying to get points in the Mardi Gras Games. 140 Sponsored by Fox ' s Jewelers. Andrea Adolph Deborah Alexander David Anter Diana Armstrong leffrey Armstrong Christopher Aslanian Sara Ask Stacy Ray Atkins Tamara Aurand Jayson Ayers Yvette Babin Michelle Barker Dawn Barrett Tina Barrett Kimberly Bartley Stephanie Bartley Belinda Basnaw Deanne Bartrow Michael Beebe Melora Bennett Eddie Bernardo Laura Biiyeu Laura Bishop Cari Black Stephanie Blythe David Bostater John Bowers Peter Bradway Jodi Lee Branch Amy Brannon Scott Bridge Julie Brown Gina Bruno Rodney Burch Steven Buchheister Meredith Burdick Fredrick Burgess Diane Burkhardt Kimberly Burt Renae Calkins Matt Camden Jerry Cameron Stephen Camm Christopher Carlisle Lisa Casper Vincent Castillo Joseph Catanzaro Mary Catanzaro Tammy Catanzaro Katherine Cenci Jeanne Chalut Lawrence Chappel Paul Chenault Thomas Choiniere Kirsten Clark Theresa Clouse Michael Cogley Kendra Coleman Rebecca Coleman lanet Colgan Renee Collinge Kurt Collins Patrick Collins Marikay Cope lames Copping Kevin Corby Tony Cornette Carmella Course Tanya Course Tricia Course Robert Cromer lodie Currie Matthew Curtiss Penny Dalton Jeffrey Davis Laurie Davis Linda Davis Roy Davis Erik Dawson Angela Deaner Penelope Debell Tricia Debell Bridget Deegan Laurel Deegan Maria Deluca Ann Marie Dempsey jonathan Dent Amy Deprez Barbara Derrick Catherine Dewitte Stacey Diem Charles Doan lames Dondineau Michael Doyle Leeanna Drewanz Donald Dulmage Charles Dummitt Debra Dunn Angela Duva Lynann Eagle Rhonda Eagle Carla Eldridge leanie Elliott Michael Ellis Deborah Ellsworth lames Ernest Cary Essenmacher Erik Evenson Gregory Fair Richard Fair 144 • t Kenneth Falk Steven Falk Nathan Felt Lisa Farrington Lara Feeny Bryan Fenner Norman Ferguson Pat Fields Anna Filia Catherine Flanagan Maureen Flanigan Jodi Fletcher Kenneth Fontenot Allan Force Kimberly Fost er Ryan Forstner Darcy Francek Loren Francisco Dale Friedle Chris Fritz Michael Geelan Deborah Fry Wendy Furness Lisa Gamble Richard Gerrow Scott Gilbert I Shawn Giraud Michael Glenn Duane Glover Tina Glover Kimberly Gold lames Gorinac Mary Gostinger Denise Gould Trevor Graham Leslie Green Stacey Green Brian Guilds Darryl Gunter . Anne Haggerty lohn Hale David Hall Robert Harnden Matthew Harvey Caroline Hawkins Shellie Hinkle Beth Hoag Mark Hoewisch Sean Hornbostel 146 John Houle Melvin Houston James Howard Jennifer Howard Ann Marie Howe Lee Ann Hubbel Don Hudgens Vince lafrate Sean Johnston Kathleen Jones Michelle Joyce Stephanie Jurzysta Joseph Kalish Tracy Kaufman Valerie Kellar Jeffrey Keller Jennifer Kessler Wayne Kettlewell Richard King Darren Kirby Dollie Kirkendall Kara Kirshner Ronald Kolman Sherry Knowles Delbert Kittridge Cheryl Krause Jeffrey Krauss Michael Krauss James Kreger Mark Kresin Stacey Kurzweil Lisa Landschoot Danielle Lanter Mark Lashbrook Donald Lasher Cindy Lawrence Kimberly Leduc Cheryl Lee Deeanne Lepien Tony Lessie Anne Lewandowski Patty Lewandowski Bruce Lightle Darin Lipinski Melani Liss Andrew Little Rhonda Locke Micheal Losoncy lames Love Michelle Love David Lytle Debora Marriott 14 Steve Marcero Deborah Marsh Kimberly Martin Kimberly Massman Raymond Mathieson Julie Mathews Sharon Matthews Jeffery Maxon Thomas McCallum Tara McCombs Cheryl McConnell Greg McFadden Renea McFarlane Stephanie McGraw Darlene McLane Dawn McNaughton Michael McNutt Gregory McPhedrain Theresa McQueen Calvin McTaggart Lori Meadows Paul Merchant David Mercuio 149 Dawn Meinhardt Daniel Merrill Allen Miller Michelle Miller William Miller Kimberly Mills Scott Moncrief Kelly Monzo Edward Moses Heather Mosher William Mouilleseaux Steve Netter Christine Nobles Patrick Norager Maureen O ' Boyle Susan Odgers Mark Oldford Bessie Ostrander Richard Ostrander Melvin Oswald 150 Lorraine Overbeck Shane Palmateer Robert Patterson Alan Peltier Christine Pencak Katherine Petho Deborah Pettibone Kenneth Phillips Monica Pickett Susan Piorkowski Ronald Platzer Sheila Potrykus Sheri Potrykus John Powers Roger Price )r. Deborah Pringle John Rademacher Robert Rankin lanae Recor Malinda Red Paul Repp Kelly Reyna Deborah Rhody Anne Rich Cheryl Rich Daniel Rich Michael Rich Loretta Richards |ohn Richardson Kaylene Robbins leanette Robertson Scott Robinson Victoria Robinson Robert Rock Shannon Rogstad Donald Rome Karen Root Kirk Rutkofske )ay Sanchez Michael Sanderson Ernest Sands Rochelle Sass Steve Schlautmann Steven Schwabauer Sean Shagena Kevin Shapiro Matthew Sharpe Sarah Sharpe Mark Sheridan Julia Shoudy Timothy Siblla Brian Simpson Tammy Silk 152 Will Symington Michaelle Talbot Dale T aylor Kevin Teeple David Thompson Richard Smalldon Mary Smith Nicole Smith Rodger Smith Sarah Smith Trudy Soehren Patrick Soule julie Steele David Stein Michael Stevens Douglas Steward Barbara Stewart Stephen Stickel Vicki Strickland Lorinda Strong Cheryl Stuewer Kevin Sullivan Frank Switlicki 153 Leeann Thornton Caryn Tomlinson Michelle Tomlinson Nicholas Toodzio Paul Torres Anthony Towns Greg Towns Tamara Tracy Ben Tripp Matthew Troy )ohn Turner Marty Vanconant Mark VanderHeuvel Renee Vandevoorde Melissa Varty Penny Vincent lames Visga David Voss Rebecca Wagley David Walters Kelly Ward Michael Ward Lori Warner Charles Waters Kari Watson Ronald Way Mike Webb Michael Webster David Weis Marilyn Wells |ill Werner Scott Westphal David Wheelihan Synthia Whitney Scott Wilbrett Wayne Wiczorek Richard Wilkins Susan Wilkinson Christina Wille Lisa Williams Michael Williams Timothy Willis Melissa Winchester lames Wirtz Harold Wisner Sandra Wolfe Laurie Woolman Julie Worden leffrey Young Michael Young Linda Zeros Dionne Zick 155 1. Dawn McNaughton is always smkng 2 Tammy Aurand, " Do you mind, I am eating my knch! " 3. fenny and Kathy delighted at the end of the school day 4. Don Rome laughes when Sue Wilkinson remembers her mother is serving fish for (firmer 5 Alen asks Dave, " What are we supposed to do in study had? " 1 • ' » yT jfj O, ’ q , y,u riyjBA BXi [, if V N «%. ft 1 MH» - a- . ,d ... » m me 1 jy 156 ‘Tflt CA i Mark Oldford Bridget Deegan Most Likefy To Succeed Mark VanderHeuve Yvette Babin Most Inteigent Don Rome Bridget Deegan Best Personality Pat Soule Sarah Sharpe Most Involved Don Rome Debbie Rhody FriencSest Best Athlete Shane Palmateer lenny Howard Best Musician Mark VanderHeuvel Ann Dempsey Best Dressed Fred Burgess Rochelle Sass Best Looking Matt Troy Kirsten Clark Cutest Vince lafrate Lee Ann Hubbell Prettiest Eyes Rob Patterson Anne Haggerty Nicest Smie Best Legs Jeff Davis Heather Mosher Class Mooch Sean lohnston Chris Nobles Class Couple lay Kreger Jodi Fletcher Best Of Friends Matt Troy Kirsten Clark Class P artier Shane Palmateer Chris Carlisle Kathy Petho Lee Ann Hubbell Class Clown Rob Patterson Stacey Kurzweil Most Takative Biggest Flirt Kevin Sullivan Caryn Tomlinson Always Late Don Rome Caryn Tomlinson lay Kreger Lisa Farrington Kevin Sullivan Missy Winchester Off to a Good Start!!! This year the Freshman class was the largest to enter Port Huron Northern. Freshmen feel the excitement of their first Back-to- School dance, Mardi Gras, and Spirit week. Above all, these ac- tivities call for class unity. This year ' s Freshmen displayed the kind of spirit needed. With their energy and enthusiasm, they proved that they can be a class able to act as one to provide spirit and leadership for the school. 1. Back row Pam Robinson. Robin Taylor. Sue Moody, Rhonda Recker, lamce Musselman Front row Lisa Davey, Andrea Goldsworthy, Kim Beedon, Laura Lockwood, Lori McIntyre. 2 lason Wedge amusing himself again 3 Ray lawor and Ted lobbitt smile for their picture being taken while they sit patiently for one of P H N s assemblies 4 " It looks Greek to me ' says Dianna Horton 5. Todd Bartly and George Grady take a fast pose in the halls as they journey to their next class Ronald Ainsworth Michael Allen Anna Anderson Johnathon Andrews Scott Anglebrandt Matthew Anter Mohsen Anwar Michelle Armour Todd Armstrong Randy Atkins Scott Bailey Michael Baker Larry Ball Richard Balmer Earl Bartashnick Todd Bartley Patricia Basrai lames Beals leanne Beauchamp Corrine Becigneul Elizabeth Beebe Kimberlee Beedon Michael Benson lennifer Beuschlein Susan Boman Anthony Bonacci Tom Booth Kim Bostick Angela Bowns 161 Michael Bright Raquel Bright Robert Brown Alicia Bryden Steven Burch Michael Burgett Jack Burns Renee Burns Stephen Burrows Timothy Camden Krista Campbell Tracy Campbell Tricia Campbell Kristina Card Tracy Carleton Elisha Carlo Jennifer Carpenter Julie Carpenter Yolanda Castillo Scott Chandler Jennifer Clark Mark Collard Laura Collins Jacquelyn Cook Nathaniel Cook Jennifer Copping 162 Lisa Cosgrove Sara Crawford Roger Cross Vickie Curnow Christy Curtis David Cuthbertson Donald Dancey Stephanie Daniels Lisa Davey Paige Davis Peter Deegan Natasha Delong Kyle DeLacy Lynly DeLacy Michael DeLacy Shelley DeView Christine DeWitt Shawn DeWitt Bronson Diffion Mark Dodge 163 Michael Dolan Daniel Donnellon Sarah Dragmiller Bonnie Drake Deanna Drouillard Laura Duckworth Lisa Dykstra Kimberly Eagle lames Ecarius lennifer Edie Kimberly Edie Alison Elliott loanie Elliott Bridget Emerick Michael Emerick Sarah Engelgau Michael Esterline Brian Evans Cynthia Evans loseph Farnsworth lanette Farrington Yvonne Fawcett Rebecca Fayed Chip Fenner lulie Ferrier Vickie Filia Susan Fischer Robert Fitzgibbon Michael Flanigan Kathy Fleet Eldon Fleury Alfred Foltz Channon Forstner Scott Fournier Steven Fox Hal French Karrie Fretenborough Carol Fuller Brad Furness Allen Cable Linda Gaffney joanne Gagne Dawn Galvez Timothy Galvin Karen Gamble David Gardner David Genna Bethanie George Peter George Matthew Gerus joleen Giacalone Samantha Gibson Andrea Goldsworthy Tiffiny Combos Michelle Goodrich Bev Gozdialski Kristina Grabbitt George Grady Robert Grant Catherine Grasel Lisa Gray Randy Hadrich Jeffrey Hall David Hansen 165 Mark Hanton Nancy Haremza Shawna Harneck Thomas Harrington Jennifer Harris Philip Harris Jody Harneck Amy Harron Duane Hartley Jennifer Hartson w Sherri Hayes Sherman Hayner Diane Hearn Kelly Heimbach Dean Hency Julie Henry Cary Herbert Kerri Hill Robert Hill Kristen Hillaker 166 167 lames Kinsman Adrian Kippin Tricia Kitson Kathleen Kittridge Scott Klawon lason Klink David Knott Rod Knowles Dawn Kolman Katie Koppinger Karl Kraft lames Krampien Brian Krauss Darrin Kreger Lori Kreiner Kelli Krenke Roxanne Krokker Casey Kucsera lay Lasky Brian Latendresse Amy Latterell Arvin LaVere Lee LaVere Lorrie Lawrence Amy Ledsworth Dennis Lee Kelly Leslie Lori Lessard Carl Lester Karen Lewandowski Sarah Lewis Larry Lick Kerry Lindsay Maynard Little Brady Locke Laura Lockwood Janet Lohr Louis Losoncy Tamara Louks Kimberly Lowes Charles Luft Carl Lundblad Troy Lutz Kimberly Mack Beth Mackin Heather Maes Ruthann Mahosky John Mallory Sharon Mallory Angela Marone Steven Martin Danny Mason Lisa Mathews Eric Mattson Jennifer Mattson Mary Ellen Maxfield Kevin Maxwell Drew Maywar Frederick Meehan Andrea Merrill Melissa Middleton Ericka Miller Henry Miller Joseph Miller Nathan Mitchell Robert Moak Michael Monaghan Jeaninne Mongeon Michael Me Alpine Edward McCabe Scott McCandless Justin McCarthy Karri McGregor Michael McGregor Lori McIntyre Teresa Mclvor Douglas McLean John McNeill 170 T racey Monzo Susan Moody Todd Morgan Terry Morrison Julie Munro Angela Munson Gary Musselman Janice Musselman Lynn Nalanga Elaine Nedrow Donald Nettleton Marc Nicholson Daniel Nitschke Mark Nitzel Shelly Nugent Ann Marie O ' Connor Carl O ' Connor Amy Odle Mary Odle John O ' Farrell Patti O Grady Margaret O ' Hare Mark O ' Hare Melanie O ' Hare Steven O ' Malley I Edison Palmer 171 Edward Parks Michelle Peek David Peel April Pelc Lorissa Peruski Barbara Peters Marci Petitpren lohn Pettengill Jeff Pietrowski Paula Pion Edward Pionk lay Popham Tony Pospishel Shirley Pringle Thomas Quinn lames Radatz Kathleen Raftery Daniel Randolph Kenneth Rec Rhonda Recker Angela Red )ohn Reese Jennifer Repp Rebecca Schneider Stacie Schoenberg )ohn Schroeder Renee Schultz Scott Schultz Rebecca Reynolds Terri Reynolds Kristen Richardson Christopher Richter Daniel Robbins Kevin Robinette Calvin Robinson Kenneth Robinson Melinda Robinson Pamela Robinson John Roffey Shelly Rogstad Michelle Rosenberger Karen Ross Kimberly Rostoni Jessica Rubin Conjon Ruffing Carol Rutkowski Tammy Salyers Donald Samson Victoria Sanchez Robert Sands Jeffrey Sarnacki Lisa Schaffer Susann Scharnakau Michelle Schattler Carrie Schoenrock Kirk Schieman Jennifer Schlaufman Jon Schmidt 173 Todd Sepsey Debbie Shafer Denise Shands Tim Sharpe Shane Sharrard Danielle Sheffer lennifer Shepherd John Sherbutt Spring Shilling Evi Shirkey Angela Simmons James Slowinski Michelle Sly Debbie Smarch Jamie Smith Jennifer Smith Kevin Smith Lisa Smith Sara Smith Timothy Smith Raymond Somogy Susan Somogy Christopher Spencer Tammy Spencer Thad Spring Richard Stabinski Terry Stalker Christopher Stefanski Jeffrey Stein Kevin Stein Ronald Stein Emil Steinhaus Steven Steinhaus Marguerit Stimpson Susan Straffon Renee Stroh Shannon Stroshein David Struble Steve Surinck Allison Swegles Irene Swoffer Lillie Szymarek Robin Taylor Stephanie Taylor Lyn Tenbusch Robin Tenbusch Rebecca Tenniswood Ronald Teufel Melissa Thomas Steven Thomas Michael Thompson Jennifer Thornsberry 175 Cherie Thornton Jeffrey Tingley Tammy Toles Amy Toodzio Mark Toodzio Douglas Touma James Tremper Joanne Uresti Dean VanderHeuvel Jennifer Walter Debra Warshefski Chad Warwick Jesse Weber Jason Wedge Melissa Welker Wendy Westbrook Alfred Westley James White Vincent Wilczynski Heather Williamson Tammie Willis John Wilson Suzanne Wirtz Daniel Wise Kristina Wittliff Eric Wolf Carole Wolfe Shelly Wolff Mark Wooster Mark Worden Christopher Wright Carolyn Wyllie Jeffrey Young Nicholas Youngblood Nicolaos Youtsos 176 ‘7%,gc6 SCetUMA Peter George Peter George Jeff Pietrowski Pat Hoy Kirk Schieman Todd Morgan Mark Hanton Brad Furness Kirk Schieman Brad Furness Todd Morgan Jim Radatz Todd Morgan Edward Parks Todd Morgan Jim Radatz Kirk Schieman Mark Nitzel Edward Parks Pat Hoy Edward Parks Jay Lasky Lisa Matthews Patti Gerus Lisa Davey Andrea Goldsworthy Susan Fischer Sarah Engelgau Suzi Straffon Lori McIntyre Lisa Davey Tabby Saunby Natasha Dejong Pam Davison Sue Moody Rhonda Recker Tabby Saunby Tabby Saunby Vicki Filia Julie Carpenter Kim Bostick Elizabeth Beebe Laura Lockwood Tracie Holmes 180 Academics William B Pierce grew up in Ishpeming, a small town in the Up- per Penisula Before he went into teaching he was a musician in the United States Air Force and a social worker in Ypsilanti for three years. Mr Pierce has been a member of the Port Huron Area School District for 28 years. He was the assistant principal at Port Huron High in 1%9 and the principal of Central High School in 1971 before coming to Port Huron Northern in 1980 He says, " Being in the teaching field keeps me young and gives me a youthful perspective.” In his spare time Mr Pierce plays the drums in the lake Wade Jazz Band In addition to drumming, the majority of his spare time is spent hunting down rare books and at- tending antique shows - often as far away as Pennsylvania He also enjoys writing and has sold some of his articles to nationl magazines At the end of the summer of 1985 Mr Pierce will be retiring After his retirement he hopes to do more writing and playing in the band William B Pierce is a wonder- ful man and a great principal The staff and students of this school will truly miss him Pictured above are the department heads From left: Stan Renner (mathematics), Ruth Meyer (English), lames Goldsworthy (assistant pnn- cipal), William Pierce (principal), Patricia Austin (assistant principal), Edward Tinsley (business and in- dustrial arts), and Robert E liott (physical education and social studies). Mr Robert Mattson is a counselor here at Northern. He helps students whose last name begins with H through M. He has been here for sixteen years and really enjoys working with the faculty and students In addition to his normal duties as counselor, he is the Class of 1986 ' s advisor and the assistant coach for the newly formed hockey team Mr. Mattson also works for the United States Customs at the Blue Water Bridge Mr Mattson grew up in Sault Saint Marie, Ml During his high school years he attended Soo High School and played on the basketball team He was very in- volved in school activities and known to all high school buddies as ' Lefty. " At present, he is married, drives a green van and has six children Two of his children are attending PHN as freshmen, one is in the eighth grade at Central In- termediate and his other three children have graduated In his spare time he is an amateur radio operator with equipment based from his home He also enjoys fishing, hunting and just being outdoors Pictured below are the counselors From left Gene Dunbar, Howard Buckoski, Douglas Soule, Patricia Austin, Robert Mattson, and Ray- mond Morehead. If you are a Junior and decide lo lake American Literature, your teacher may very well be Mr Larry Miller Mr Miller also teaches a very in- teresting class entitled " Mark Twain " It is a class based solely on the study of the history and literary works of Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain Mr Miller has been teaching for twenty-three years and he says he truly enjoys it He feels that young people are gifted with an in satiable thirst for discovering new things and learning, regardless of test grades and or ability. His wish is for every young person to believe in him herself as well as the world he or she lives. Putting aside the " teacher " Mr Miller, the " person " Mr Miller has lived in Port Huron for forty-six years. He and his wife of twenty-seven years have raised three children. The family pet is usually a dog of some sort but beagles are Mr Miller ' s per- sonal favorite Writing poetry, doing " photography stuff, " playing golf, and play- ing Hide-And-Go-Seek with his grand- children are just a few of his favorite hob- bies In his spare time he also likes doing yardwork, reading, or studying the Bible. As for retiring? Nothing special planned Mr Miller just wants to stay active, useful and concerned The school is a better place because of Mr Miller and the students who have come in contact with him have appreciated the dedication and professionalism that he has always shown (row 1 from back): A Wright. R Meyer, K. dowski (row 3 from back): J Duncan, D Pettibone (row 2 from back) I Hayward, P Aikens. E Mackie, W Pierce, M Lyszak Ryskewicz, G. Ahearn, |. Fischer, A Lewan- (row 1 from left): R Panoff, C. Goldfarb. M. Dineen, P Mosier (row 2 from left): P Woods. E. Blynn. R. Eotchman, R LaBelle, R Talladay, S. Renner Mr Richard Talladay has been leaching for seventeen years Attending Eastern Michigan University. Wayne Slate University, William Tyndale and the University ot Michigan, he majored in mathematics Here at Northern the classes he teaches are Consumers Math, Basic Geometry and Advanced Com- puters Mr Talladay feels computers will help the students to be better prepared for the high-tech worn in which they live During the summer, Mr Talladay is a residential housing contractor a pro- fession he enjoys greatly in addition to teaching He also enjoys spending time with his two children He tells hts children |ust what he tells his students All students should be more conscientious about doing their homework Never put homework off because it seems to get harder the longer one waits Homework is the basic tool for learning in school Aca3emlc i8i 182 Academics From left: W Morrison, F Nesbitt, H Miller, T Blackney, H Heidemann, and L. Klink SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES " T eaching is great fun as long as you have students who are interested, challenged and ambitious The vibrance and en- thusiasm of youth keeps you young. " says Mr Cary L. Nesbitt He enjoys teaching and the challenge of dealing with young " moldable " minds as they prepare for their future education and employment Mr Nesbitt has been married for 23 years. He says there are two things nobody can touch; his lunch or his wife, not necessarily in that order He has four sons; Gary, Jeff, Tracy, and Christopher. He is an avid sports fan and coach. At Northern he is the Varsity football trainer, the |V basketball coach, and the girl ' s track coach As far as a future in teaching, Mr Nesbitt says, " Never tie yourself to any one post Always leave enough slack in the rope to be enthusiastic and energetic for anything which may come along in the future. When a career becomes laborous work it is time to change so as to always challenge the mind and body Therefore, I will never become tied to any one thing but always in search of an interesting experience " Mr Lonnie Rutkofske found that leaving Port Huron Central was very hard, but Port Huron Northern offered a different brand of students, activities and interests. It is from these things that Mr. Rutkofske developed his loyalties for Port Huron Northern Crowing up all over the world in such places as lapan, Hawaii, an l Louisiana has given him much to draw for his teaching Mr Rutkofske attended St. Mary ' s College of California, SC4, and MSU where he received a Bachelor ' s Degree in History and Art. Coaching football plays a very big part in the school year for Mr Rutkofske He also coached boys tennis for eleven years at Washington Intermediate and Central High School before its closing His favorite time of the year is Fall, with all the excitement which is generated from the students due to football games, dances, and homecoming In his spare time. Mr Rutkofske enjoys playing chess and racquetball, either for fun or in a tournament Ten years from now Mr Rutkofske hopes to still be in the teaching field In his own words, " I enjoy teaching, and I like kids, besides that the hours are good and I like the summer vacations. " First row: C Meeker, L Rutkofske, S Coughenour Second row R Elliot, |. Eastman, C Smith, F Green Third row: I Claseman, R Anderson, C. Young — T he secretaries at Port Huron Northern are a very vital part of our school One of the most respected and admired secretaries at Northern is Mrs Whitford Mrs Whitford works in the Attendance Office for Mr Dickinson, one of Northern ' s Assistant Principals She begins her work at 7:30 a m and works until 3:30 p m Her job duties include typing the white absence sheet or the yellow excused unex- cused sheet, recording daily and weekly absences of students, or people who want her to believe they are the student ' s parent She has been working in the P H.A.S.D for thirteen years: nine at P.H. Central and four at Northern She enjoys her job because she is working with students and parents In her spare time she enjoys reading, needlepoint, gardening and traveling Mrs Whitford feels one of the most interesting qualities about her is her two " super " children, Wendy and David, whom she is very proud of Her daughter is married and works for a doctor in Port Huron and her son David is married and is a weatherman for a television station in Lans- ing Mrs Whitford ' s personality reflects a kind and understanding person She is always ready to help in time of need (Secretaries from left to right) Mrs Albert, Secretary for the counselors; Mrs Willard, Secretary for Mr Goldsworthy: Mrs Teff, Ac- counting Secretary: Mrs Vigrass, Secretary for Miss Austin, Debbie Lucas, Secretary for the Librarians (bottom left to right): Mrs Daggett. Main Office Secretary, Mrs. Whitford, Secretary for Mr Dickinson SECRETARIES LIBRARIANS Miss Betty Boyd was bom and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan She graduated from Battle Creek High School and attended the University of Michigan where she ma)ored in Accounting While in college, she worked for a CPA for seven years She graduated from the University of Michigan with two Master Degrees and one s Degree Miss Boyd started out teaching school in St Clair for four years She then taught 5th and 6th graders at Port Huron Township School for three years When the school districts merged she went to Washington where she taught Social Studies to 6th and 7th graders Miss Boyd worked in the library at Washington for 2Vi years After Washington clos- ed she was transferred to Port Huron Northern in 1980 She has been the librarian at Northern for the past 5 years Her working day begins at 7:55 a m and usually ends around 3 15 p m She chose this job because of the fascination and exposure to knowledge this position offers her In her spare time she likes to read, work in the yard, play with her dog Misty, play golf, and she also likes to fly planes, which she has her own private license to operate a plane She has also done some exten- sive traveling throughout the United States in- cluding Alaska and Hawaii, also through many European countries She has been in Russia for two weeks and has also been behind the Iron Curtain She has traveled to Buenos Aires. Peru, and has visited the old Inca Civilization She received a Full-Bright Hayes Government Grant which gave her the opportunity to study for six weeks at the University of Santiago in Chile Miss Boyd enjoys her position at Northern as a librarian because she feels that it is very rewarding to work with other people 3. Librarians at Port Huron Northern (left to right): Mrs loarm Fick and Miss Betty Boyd 4 Miss Betty Boyd This year ' s Foreign Language teachers are Mr Mr Ahearn Labelle, Mr Ryckewecz, Herr Norman and Mr Norman, commonly refer- red to as Herr, is the teacher for our German language pro- gram here at Port Huron Northern Herr Norman has been teach- ing since 1959, twenty six years He taught at Port Huron High School for one year then at Bay City Central for five years before Northern Herr majored in International Affairs and minored in German for the four years that he attended the University of Col- orado Before teaching Herr Norman worked in the foreign service where he was assigned to work in Burma, England, and Italy Herr enjoys traveling and hopes to do more in the future Herr Norman enjoys keeping in shape by swim- ming When Herr has free time from his busy schedule and wants to relax, he enjoys playing classical music on his organ An active member in his community of Lex- ington, Herr is a member and chairman of the Historic District Committee He also enjoys be- ing active in his church and is on the vestry. GYM FOREIGN LANGUAGE Air Dan Hanton is a physical education teach- er here at Northern He has been teaching here for 1 1 years, Mr Hanton has also spent time teaching at Port Huron High School and Brown City. Mr Hanton chose the career of teaching physical education because he enjoyed it when he was in high school. He also finds it very rewarding to see the change in the ability of the students from September to june Sports activities, coin collecting, and motorcycle riding are just a few of Mr. Hanton ' s hobbies, which he enjoys in his free time When asked if he thought F’hysical Education was an important part of a students academic career he responded " Yes, it allows the student to release some of that energy that would sometimes get him in trouble in a classroom situation. I feel it also helps him to become a healthier individual, a more fit person, and a well balanced student Like every teacher, Mr Hanton has one moment that sticks out in his mind more clearly than others because it was rather embarrassing Mr Hanton says teaching football is embarrassing because some of the stances are not very " lady-like! ' ' Mr Hanton teaches other classes such as P O D but is most recognized for his extraordinary ability to teach Physical Education This year ' s Physical Education Department in- Fugiel. Mr Bates. Mrs. lohnson, Mr Elliott and eludes Mr Hanton, Mr Armstrong, Miss Mr Dickey 184 Academics COOKS LEARNING ABILITIES Academics 185 Mrs lamison. Ms Wesion, Ms Hughes. Ms Hughes, Ms Ullenbrach. Mrs Stephen- son, Ms Dlising. Ms Brown, Ms Shaw, Ms Totten, Ms Turloff Mrs lamison started her work in 1958 at Port Huron High School She worked there until the Fall of 1981, when she came to Northern Here at Northern, she begins her day at 5:30 a m She is the cafeteria manager and is in charge of ten women Together they prepare from 2,500 to 2,600 meals for eleven different schools everyday Mrs lamison enjoys her work here because she feels Nor- thern is excellent and she really en- joys the students. Mrs lamison has a son Cordon lamison, a former math and com- puter teacher at Port Huron Nor- thern She and her husband have three grandchildren whom they are very proud In her free time Mrs lamison en- joys sewing, knitting, cooking and all types of sports, mainly playing golf Upon the arrival of her retirement this year, Mr and Mrs lamison plan to do some ex- tensive traveling They will also be spending some time at their cabin in Northern Michigan Mr and Mrs lamison wik spend their time " just enjoying life " Miss Olga Cantu was born in Lincoln Park. Michigan At age four, her father moved them to Monterrey, Mexico where he had bought a business While in Monter- rey she attended public elementary school, and later attended a bilingual school where the curriculum was in English and Spanish She had all of her English classes in the morning and all of her Spanish classes in the after- noon Did she have the homework! After her mother ' s death her family moved back to Michigan where she finished her high school education in a special program at Denby and Cass Tech High School Miss Cantu ' s high school curriculum was geared toward college prep and secretarial skills Once she graduated from high school, she decided to attend col- lege on a part-time basis, as she was more interested in finding a good-paying job that would afford her the opportunity to travel She was fortunate to land an exciting job as a bilingual secretary in the in- ternational division of the Bur- roughs Corporation During her stay at Burroughs she had the op- portunity to travel extensively to Mexico and Central Europe In 1970 Miss Cantu decided to go back to college and finish her degree in education of foreign language and English After graduating from college, she work- ed for seven years for a parochial school m the [Detroit area, and dur- ing this time was nominated to take a student group to Denmark on a summer exchange program Upon return from Denmark, she com- pleted her Master ' s Degree in Special Education and in 1979 join- ed the PHN staff, and in 1983 com- pleted a Specialist ' s Degree in Education. Sne enjoys working at Northern and said she would not give it up for anything Left to back: Mrs. Metz, Mrs LaMarra, Mr Murray, Mrs Hein Right side, back row to front Mrs Contu, Mrs Riesbeck, Mr Vettese, Mrs Guske BUSING SKILL CENTER Dale Ropp is a job place- ment coordinator at the St. Clair County Skill Center. Primarily, he finds jobs for students on un- paid work experience, co-op, or full time jobs for Skill Center graduates. He loves working with students, and likes the satisfaction and thanks he gets when he helps them get a job Mr Ropp graduated from Sturgis High School in Sturgis, Michigan, and received his Bachelor ' s Science degree and Master of Arts degree at Western Michigan University Mr Ropp and his wife jane started dating as freshmen in high school They have three sons; jeff, 23 years old; Topher, 19 years old; and Patrick, who is 16. Mr. Ropp and his sons love the water and enjoy boat building, working on racing engines, boat rac- ing and water skiing together One MTtftMflMATt SCHOOL DISTRICT SI. Cl«l« CSVWTY EDUCATIONAL SERVICE CENTER of the most exciting things he has ever done was set a world record in racing boats. In his spare time, Mr. Ropp likes to watch the freighters on the St. Clair River, and he runs 3 Vi miles every morning. When asked where he wants to be ten years from now, he replied, " I hope to be doing the same job at the Skill Center that I ' m doing now, because I have the best job in the whole wide world!! " 3 Dale Ropp, job placement coordinator of the St Clair County Skill Center 4 The St Clair County Skill Center. At three o ' clock when the bell rings to go home, you may walk down the line of buses and see bus 154. Sitting behind the wheel you will find one of the favorite bus drivers in the Port Huron Area School District. His name is Quinten Bowerson, better known as " Hot Dog. " He has been driving buses for five years and enjoys it because he likes kids. Before he became a bus driver he was a tool maker, but as he got older and heavier he needed a job that he could do sitting down. The Some of the replies from kids riding the bus as to why they liked Hot Dog so well were, " because he treats us like people and not kids, " and " because ne ' s chubby. " The kids feel that they are lucky to have him for a bus driver and they hope that he will come back to drive their bus next year 1. A few of our loyal bus drivers take time out for a picture. 2. Drivers have time to joke with their passengers most embarrassing moment that Hot Dog experienced was when a policeman pulled him over because some of the lights on the front of the bus weren ' t working. The kids had fun teasing him about it for a long time afterward. He doesn ' t really have a favorite age group, but he enjoys working with Special Education. Hot Dog is married and has six children and twelve grandchildren. One of his personal hobbies is repair- ing small appliances. P H.N. ' s foods teacher and business teachers Qockwise from front left Calort (the foods teacher), Mr Morehead, Mr Miller, and Mr McEwen Mr Tinsley, Miss Knapp, Mr (ohnson, Mr Wright, Mr White, Miss BUSINESS FOODS At , Port Huron Northern our business office educator is Miss Patricia Knapp, affectionately known as " Knapper " Miss Knapp loves her work and enjoys teaching something that is relevant that the students can use after graduation Students often go to her with problems or just wanting to talk Her love for her work and her ge- nuine interest in the future of her students is what makes students have such respect for her Miss Knapp ' s students enioy her class and have lots of fun. They think Miss Knapp is a wonderful teacher and genuinely concerned for her students. Miss Knapp ' s hobbies are reading, sunning, tracing her family roots, collecting balloons and music boxes, and traveling In her spare time, Miss Knapp loves to travel She has many favorite places including Italy and Ireland She says she got the gift of gab from kissing Ireland ' s Blarney Stone Legend has it that if one kisses the Blarney Stone, they will inherit the gift of gab and the art of flirtation Miss Knapp has worked as a counselor for American Leader- ship Study Croups during the summer Under this program, she organizes trips to Europe for students and travels with them T he foods teacher here at Port Huron Northern is Ms Caloit She has been teaching for 22 years Ms Caloit has also had the opportunity to teach Clothing 1-4. Living In Today ' s World, Child Development, Money Management, and Creative Stitchery All these classes benefit not only the future homemaker, but also the future adult Ms Caloit attended Central Michigan University She receiv- ed her Master ' s degree in Science Ms Caloit has many hobbies Creative stitchery, sewing, drawing cards, reading, and walking are among them She has made some shadow stit- ched dresses of which she is very proud Quilts, quilted vests, and some Igolochkot (Russian punch needle) are also among her achievements. Ms Caloit said that she would rather do stitchery than cook But, when she does cook at home, she enjoys trying low-calorie recipes that don ' t taste very low-cal. Academics 187 A Abraham, Scott 24. 41, 49, 86 Adolph, Andrea . 4, 74, 75, 84, 141 Adolph, Kurt 24, 36, 70. 82 Aguinaga, Michael 24, 70, 82 Ainsworth, Rebecca 122 Ainsworth, Ronald 161 Ainsworth, Shawn 122 Ainsworth, Suzanne 122 Alexander, Deborah 141 Allen, Michael 161 Amador, Anita 24 Ameel, Penny 24 Amey, Steven 105 Anderson, Anna 161 Andrews, lohnathon 161 Andrews, Thomas ... 24, 37, 49. 94 Angbrandt, Carol 24 Anger, Matthew 24 Anglebrandt, Alan Anglebrandt, Scott 161 Anter, David 141 Anter, Matthew 161 Anwar, Mohsen 161 Aplin, Amy 24, 26, 49 Armour, Michelle 161 Armstead, Ann 122 Armstead, Brent 24, 82 Armstrong, Diana 102, 141 Armstrong, leffrey 141 Armstrong, Todd 161 Arquette, Amy 122 Ashford, Durrand ... 24, 42, 49, 82, 94 Ashford, Kelli 20. 122, 136 Ask, Sara 141 Aslanian. Christopher 141 Atkins, Randy 161 Atkinson, Theresa 24 Aurand, Tamara 141, 156 Austin, Brian 24, 82, 94 Ayers, Jayson 136, 141 B Babin, Yvette 140, 141 Bailey, Robert 24 Bailey, Scott 161 Baker, Lori 24, 29, 101 Baker, Michael 59, 70, 161 Baker, Robert Balhoff. John 70, 82 Ball, Larry 161 Balia, Mark 122 Balmer, Richard 161 Balogh, Verna 24 Bankson, Rebecca ... 94, 102, 122, 126 Banning, Susan ... 94, 98. 102, 122 Barber, Darcy . 12, 94, 98. 120, 122 Barker, Michelle 141 Barnes, Tammie 24, 29, 37, 23 Barrett, Dawn 84, 141 Barrett, Jeffery 24, 41, 80. 86 Barrett, Tina 141 Bartashnick, Earl 161 Bartee, Donald Bartley, Kimberly 141 Bartley, Todd 161 Bartrow, Deanne 14, 141 Basnaw. Belinda Basrai, Margaret 24, 100 Basrai. Patricia 161 Bassett, Kimberley 122 Beadle, Marvin 122 Beals, Connie 25 Beals, James 161 Beauchamp, Jeanne ... 74, 75, 161 Beauparland, Michael Beauvais. Charles 122 Becigneul, Corrine 74, 161 Becigneul, Paul 122 Becktold, Jeffery 25 Becktold. Scott Beebe. Elizabeth 99, 161 Beebe. Michael 58, 94, 141 Beedon, Kimberlee 102, 161 Beeler, Noel Beem, Martin 25 Beery, Sandra 25 Belanger. Joel Belkiewicz, lames Bell, Douglas 122 Bell. Julianna .25 Bellomo, Anthony 94, 122. 123 Bennett. Melora 141 Benson, Michael 161 Berberian, Christopher 122 Berden, Michael 25, 70, 82 Berger, Dawn 141 Bernardo, Eddie 141 Bernardo, Michael 25 Betts, Michelle ... 98, 102. 122, 132 Beuschlein, Bngette 101, 122 Beuschlein, Jennifer 161 Beuschlein, Scott 25, 100 Bilyeu, Kenneth Bilyeu, Laura 141 Bilyeu, Thomas 122 Bishop, Laura 141 Black, Cari 141 Blackledge. Timothy 141 Bland, Holly 25, 26. 94 Blonquist. Craig 25, 49 Blythe, Stephanie 141 Bohorquez, Elizabeth 25, 115 Bolin. Dana 23,25 Boman, Susan 161 Boman, Timothy 122 Bonacci, Anthony 69, 161 Bonacci, Deborah 15, 21, 25 Bonczar, Robert 25 Bond, Michael 122 Booth, Thomas 161 Borkowski, Judith 122 Borovich, Lisa 4, 120. 122 Bostater, David 58, 141 Bostick. Kim 161 Bourdeau, Yvette, ... 25, 26, 15, 84 Bowers, Barry 26 Bowers, Brian Bowers, lohn 141 Brackenbury. Scott Bradway, Peter 141 Brain, Lisa 122 Branch, lodi Lee . . 9, 102, 141, 216 Branch, Keli 24, 26, 94 Brannon, Amelia 142 Brennan, Collen 13, 123 Brickey, Michael 13, 123 Bridge, Scott 142 Bright, Michael 162 Bright, Raquel 162 Bright, Tina 123 Bristle, Robert 26 Brockway, Darrick 26 Brohl, Daniel Brosky, Victoria 123 Brown, Cynthia 26 Brown, David 13, 123 Brown, Julie 142 Brown, Robert 162 Brown, Shelly 120, 123 Bruen, Michael 26 Bruen, Sally 21,121 Bruno, Gina 9, 102, 142 Bryden, Alicia 16, 102, 162 Buchheister, Steven 142 Buckley, James 123 Buckley, Richard 123 Bullis, Laura 123 Burch, Rodney 142 Burch, Steven 162 Burdick. Meredith 4, 142 Burgess, Frederick 58, 68, 142 Burgett. Michael 162 Burkhardt, Diane 142 Burley, Leslie 26. 28 Bums, Jack 162 Burns, Jeffrey 26 Burns, Lynn 123 Burns, Renee 162 Burns, Roxanne 26 Burrows, Stephen 69, 162 Burt, Kimberly 142 Byrd, Mark c Caldwell, Danny 123 Calkins, Renae 142 Camden, Matthew 142 Camden, Timothy 162 Cameron, Jerry 142 Camm, Stephen 142 Campbell, Jeffery 123 Campbell, Katherine 84, 123 Campbell, Krista 74, 123 Campbell, Scott Campbell, Stephen 26 Campbell, Tracy 162 Campbell, Tricia 162 Card, Kristina 4, 63, 162 Carey, lames 8, 26, 61 Carey, Pat 13,67, 119, 123 Carleton, Tracy 162 Carlisle. Christopher 58, 142 Carlo, Elisha 74, 142 Carpenter, Erin 26 Carpenter, Jennifer 162 Carpenter, Julie 2, 16, 75, 162 Carpenter, Laurel 26, 117 Carr, Angela 100, 123 Carr, Timothy 26, 36 Carrier, Bradley Carrier, Darla Carrier, Timothy Casper, Lisa 216 Castillo, Benito Castillo. Vincent Castillo, Yolanda 162 Castro. David Catanzaro, Joseph 142 Catanzaro, Mary 142 Catanzaro. Tammy 142 Ceckowski, Randy 26 Cenci, Katherine 142 Chalut, Jeanne 142 Chandler, Scott 162 Chappel, Lawrence 64,82, 142 Chenault, Paul 94, 142 Chenoski, Michelle ... 21, 121, 123 Chenoski, Timothy 21, 123 Chicone. Brandy 26, 43, 108 Chicone, Crystal . . 89, 94, 102, 123 Chidester, Karen 98, 123 Chisholm, Brian 27, 109 Choiniere, Thomas .... 58, 88, 142 Chrzanowski, Regina 124 Clancy. Lynn Clark. Jennifer 162 Clark, Kirsten .... 11. 102, 140, 142 Clarke, Tammy Clarke, Terri Clouse, Theresa Cochrane, Ruth 8, 27, 35 Cogley. Michael 143 Coleman, Kendra 89, 143 Coleman, Rebecca 84, 143 Colgan, lanet .143 Coigan. Lynn 84, 124 Collard. Mark 69, 161 Collinge, David 124 Collinge, Renee 143 Collinge, Thomas 27, 80 Collins, John 124 Collins, Kurt 143 Collins, Laura 16, 161 Collins, Patrick 143 Condland, Matthew 27, 82 Conley, Stephen 27, 80 Cook, Angela 121, 124 Cook, Colleen 27, 78 Cook, David 25, 27 Cook, Jacquelyn 161 Cook, Nathaniel 161 Coon, Steven 27, 49, 86, 94 Cooper, Michael 8, 27 Cope, Marikay 143 Copping, lames 143 Copping, lennifer 161 Corby, Kevin 58, 88, 143 Comette. Tony 143 Cosgrove, Usa 163 Cote, Donald 124 Course, Carmella 143 Course, Tanya 143 Course, Tricia 143 Courtney, Timothy Crankshaw, Jeff 27, 80, 100 Crankshaw. Michelle 124 Crawford. Sara 163 Crimmins, Eric 124 Cromer. Robert 143 Cross, Roger 163 Curnow, Vickie 163 Currie, lodie 98. 143 Curry, James 27 Curtis, Bnan 124 Curtis, Christy 163 Curtiss. Jennifer 100, 124 Curtiss, Matthew 143 Cuthbertson, Catherine .... 27, 98, 216 Cuthbertson. David 163 D Dalton, Penny 143 Daly, Frances 27 Dancey, Donald 163 Dandron, Josette 124 Dandron. Kimberly 27 Dandron, Michele 27 Daniel, Jeffrey 70 Daniels, Stephanie 163 Davey, Christina 119, 121, 124 Davey, Lisa 11,75, 163 Davis, Jeffrey 58, 143 Davis, Larry 124 Davis, Linda 144 Davis, Paige 163 Davis. Pamela 27 Davis. Roy 144 Dawson, Erik 144 Deachin, Donald 28 Deaner. Angela 98, 144 Deaner, Robert 28 DeBell, Christina 2, 28 DeBell, Penelope 144 DeBien, Kelly 84, 104, 124 DeBien, Robert 28 Deegan, Bridget . . 84, 94, 140, 144 Deegan, Laurel 144 Deegan, Peter 69, 163 Delong, Natasha 163 Delacy, Kyle 69, 163 Delacy. Lynly 163 Delacy, Michael 64, 163 Delaurier, Sandra 124 Deluca, Maria 144 Dempsey, Ann Marie 144 Dennis, Mary 28, 98 Dent, Jonathan 58, 144 Deprez. Amy 144, 156 Deprez, David 4, 94, 124, 128 Derrick, Barbara 144 Deview, Shelley 163 Devroy, Theresa 124 Dewey, Thomas 28 Dewitt. Christine 168 Dewitt, Roy 124 Dewitt, Shawn 163 Dewitte, Catherine 144 Dickson, James 28 Diem, Jill 28, 29 Diem, Stacey 144 DiGiuseppe, Jeffery 124 Dillon, James 124 Dimon, Kary 28 Dinsdale. Dawn 124 Doan. Brian 124 Doan, Charleen 28 Doan, Charles 144 Dobel, Kay 28, 101 Dodge, Bryan 124 Dodge. Mark 163 Dolan. Michael 164 Donbrowski, Lynn 124 Donbrosky, Rolland 124 Dondineau, lames 144 Donnellon, Daniel 164 Dougan, Tammy 8 Downing, Carol 124 Doyle, Michael 144 Dragmiller, Sarah 164 Drake, Bonnie 164 Draper, Jeff 124 Drewanz, Leeanna 144 Drouillard, Deanna 164 Drouillard. Douglas 124 Duckwroth, Laura 164 Dulmage. Donald 144 Dummitt, Charles 144 Dummitt, Scott 124 Dunkle. William 100, 124 Dunn, AnnMarie 84, 124 Dunn, Debra 15, 144 Durand, Nancy 28, 29 Duren, Deann 124, 130 Duren, Perry 28 Duva, Angela 144 Dyer, Deborah 124 Dykstra, Lisa 74, 164 E Eagle, Kimberly 164 Eagle, Lynann 144 Eagle, Rhonda 89. 144 Earl, Kelly 124 Eastman, Mark 28, 80 Eaton, Jeffrey 17, 28 Ecarius, Christoph 64, 100, 124 Ecarius. Daniel 100, 125 Ecarius, James 164 Eckhardt, Eric • 28 Edie, Jennifer 164 Edie. Kimberly 164 Eldridge. Carla 144 Elliott, Alison » 164 Elliott, Jeanie 84, 164 Elliott. Joame 164 Elliott, Laura 64. 73, 89, 125 Ellis, loseph 125 Ellis, Keith 28. 66, 67. 82, 94 Ellis, Michael 82,99, 144 Ellis, Sandra 77, 86, 125 Ellsworth, Deborah 144 Ellsworth, Michael 28 Ely. Jonathon 3, 61, 134 Emeigh, Melissa 28 Emenck. Bridget 164 Emerick. Michael 59, 164 Engelgau. Jane 28 Engelgau, Sarah 73, 75, 164 Ernest, James 144 Ernest, Karl 29 Esquibel. Lisa Essenmacher, Cary 144 Essenmacher, Terrance 125 Esterline, Michael 164 Evans, Brian 164 Evans, Cynthia 164 Evenson, Erik 144 Evenson, Kenneth 121. 125 F Fair, Charles 29, 61 Fair, Gregory 144 Fair, Richard 144 Fair, Traci 29 Falk, Kenneth 145 Falk, Steven 145 Farnsworth, Joseph 164 Farrell, Robert 125 Farrington, Janette 164 Farrington, Lisa 94. 140, 145 Fawcett, Yvonne 99, 164 Fayed, James 109. 125 Fayed, Rebecca 164 Feeny, Lara 145 Felt, Natalie 125 Felt, Nathan 145 Fenner, Bryan 145 Fenner, Charles 164 Fenner, Craig .88, 125 Fenner, David 125 Ferguson, Norman 145 Ferrier, Julie 164 Fields, Pat 112, 145 Filia, Anna 89, 145 Filia, Vickie 164 Fischer, Susan 9, 102, 164 Fitzgibbon, Robert 164 Flack, Thorsten . . 70, 121, 125, 126 Flanigan, Maureen 89, 145 Flanigan, Michael 69, 164 Fleet, John 29, 82 Fleet, Kathryn 94, 164 Fletcher, Christopher 29, 36 Fletcher, Jodi 145 Fletcher, Kevin Fleury, Cherie 29 Fleury, Eldon 164 Flynn, Alison 125 Fockler, David 125 Fogelsong, Terry 125 Foltz, Alfred 164 Foltz, James 67, 125 Fontenot, Kenneth 145 Force. Allan 58, 145 Forrest, Sandra 125 Forstner, Channon 164 Forstner, Renee 125 Forstner. Ryan 145 Foster, Jennifer 125 Foster, Kimberly 145 Fournier, Scott 164 Fox, Steven 5, 59, 104 Fox, Thomas Fralick, Jennifer 125 Francavilla, John 29, 61 Francek, Darcy 145 Francek, Deborah 29, 36 Francisco, Loren 145 Fredendall, Laura 29 French, Hal 165 French, Heather 125,130 French, Michael 29 Fretenborough, Donald 125 Fretenborough, Karrie .... 74, 165 Fricia. Russell 145 Friedle, Brian 125 Friedle. Dale 145 Fritch. Russell 125 Fritz, Chris 57. 68, 94, 145 Fritz, Kurt 29. 67, 49, 95. 100 Frizzle, Kenneth 125 Frost, Denise 29, 73, 90 Fry, Deborah 145 Fuller. Carol 165 Fuller. Leonard 30 Furness, Brad 5. 19, 165 Furness. Wendy 145 G Gable, Allen 59, 69, 165 Gaffney, Linda 165 Gagne, James 125 Gagne, Joanne 165 Gaiger. Diane 30, 115 Caleski. James 125 Galvez, Dawn 165 Gamble. Karen Gross, Julie Gmble, Lisa 145 Gucwa, Laura . . 31,36 Ganhs, Nancy . .. 30.41.49 Guilds. Brian . . . . Grcia. Irene Guizar, Tina . . . . Grcia. Jun 30 Gunter. Darryl . . 82, 146 Gardner. David 165 Gunter, Kasandra ...11,26,31,43, Grijo, Debra 30 49,94 Grtner, Katherine . . 30 Gussias, Anki . . . 16, 31,73,98, 115 Gtes, Anthony 30, 86 Guthrie. Gna . . . Guthier, Timothy . . . 30 Guthrie, Mike . . . 126 Geelen, Michael 61, 145 Gtierrez, Joyce Genna, David 165 Genna, John George, Bethanie George, Michael 30 George, Peter 59, 165 Gerrow, Richard 145 Gerus, Matthew 13, 94 Giacalone, loleen 74, 165 Gibbons, Christine 99 Gbbs. Kari 126 Gibson, Samatha 165 Gilbert, Scott 145 Gillespie, lay 67,82,120. 126 Gillespie. John 30, 94 Gillhooley. Nil 94, 98, 126 Gillihan, Mellissa 30 Giraud. Shawn 145 Glenn, Michael 58, 145 Glenn, Steven 126 Glover, Duane 145 Glover, Tina 146 Gold, David 126 Gold, Kimberly 74, 146 Goldsworthy, Andrea 99, 165 Combos, Tiffany 75, 165 Combos, Trieste 30 Goodrich, lames 126 Gooodrich. Michelle 165 Gordan, Kimberly 30 Gorinac. lames 5, 8, 145 Gossman, Nancy 30 Gostinger, Mary 146 Goudreau. Leslie 4, 102, 30 Gould, Denise 20. 140, 146 Gozdzialski. Beverly 165 Grabbitt. Kathy 126 Grabbitt. Kristina Grady, George Graham. Sherri 126 Graham, Trevor 146 Gant, lames Gant, Robert Gasel, Catherine Gasel, lanet 30 Gay, Lisa Green, Laura Geen, Leslie 146 Green, Marlene 120, 126 Geen, Sally Jo 30 Geen, Scott 31 Green, Stacey 146 Goff, Gloria 126 Goff, Paul 31, 70 Goh, fill 126 H Hayner, Sherman 166 Haynes. Michealle 32, 101 Hayward, David 127 Hearn, Diane 166 Heck, Jennifer . , 63, 100, 1 16, 120, Heering, Shelley Hegler, Gary Hegler, Karen 127 Heimbach, Scott Heisler, Steven Hency, Dean 166 Hendrick, lerry Henry, kilie 166 Herber, Christopher 32, 86 Herbert, Gary 166 Hudy. Raymond 32, 49 Hudy. Sharon 84, 100, 127 Hulverson.David 32 Hummel, Glenn . 32, 49, 43, 99, 100 Humphrey, lacquelin 127 Humphries, lacquelin 89, 127 Hunt, David 167 Huntington, Liesyl 127 Hunwick, Michael 167 Hurst, Laurie 102, 167 Hutchins, Shelly 167 Hutchinson. Elizabeth 167 Hutchinson, Lynne 127 Hutchinson, Rebecca 119, 121, 127 Haas. Michael . . . 126 Herron, Amy Hadrich, Randy Herron, Kelly . . . 127 1 Hager, Julie 12.31 Hess. Kevin Haggerty, Anne . . ..2,94. 102, 146 Hickey, lennifer . . 21, 127 ■ Hale, lohn Hickman, Clare . . . . 29, 32. 49, 100 lafrate, Monte 8, 32 Hall, David Hicks, Willard . . . 32,94 lafrate, Vince 2. 147 Hall, Jeffrey Hill, Kern 166 Ingles. Dale 32 Hall, Kimberly . . . ... 13. 123, 126 Hill, Mark 32 Ingram, lane 26,32 Hall, Rene Hill, Robert Irvine, Dawn 127 Hallay, Mie 31,36 Hill, Ronald Irvine, Todd 167 Hamel, Christine Hillaker. Kristen . 166 Irwin, Troy Hamilton, Lisa . . . . Hiller. Kevin Hamilton, Terri 31 Hannan, Jennifer Hansen, David Hansen, Iben 16, 31, 115, 98 Hanton, Kelle ... 94, 120, 130, 126 Hanton, Mark 59, 69, 166 Harder, Sharon 31 Hardy, )im 31 Haremza, Nancy 166 Harkins, Shannon .... 4, 31, 49, 16, 216 Harmon, Jeffrey 70, 126 Hamden, Cynthia 31 Harnden. Robert 146 Hameck, lody 166 Hameck, Shawna 166 Harrington, Annmarie ... 2. 31, 33, 77,84 Harrington, Melissa 127 Harnngton, Thomas 5, 94, 166 Harris, Jennifer 166 Harris, Pamela 8, 31 Harr on, Amy 9, 166 Hartley, Duane 166 Hartnett, Katie 4. 13, 77. 127 Hartson, David 127 Hartson, Jennifer 74. 166 Harvey, Blinda Harvey. Matthew 146 Harvey, Thomas 127 Hastings, Carol 32 Hauver, Kathleen 127 Havner, Lisa 32 Hawkins, Caroline 4, 146 Hawkins, Richard Hawks, Denise 127, 131 Hayes, Scott 127 Hayes. Sherri 166 Hillis, Gegory HHIis, lack 127 Himmel. Tracy 32 Hinkle, Diane 167 Hinkle, Shellie 146 Hinojosa, Laura Hinson, Mary Hoag, Beth 146 Hoag, Ruth Hoetger, Craig 100, 125, 127 Hoewisch, Mark 146 Hoffman, Kristen 167 Holmes, Trade Hooper, Daniel 167 Hooper, Joel 127 Hopkins, Jeanette 2, 32 Horley, Dean 167 Hornbostel, Sean 146 Horton, Dianna 167 Hossler, Jacquelyn . .5, 11, 120, 127 Houle, John 147 Houle, loseph 58, 127 Houle, Rhonda 99, 127 Houle, Thomas 167 Houle. Tim 167 Houston, Melvin 149 Howard, lames 82, 147 Howard, Jennifer ... 3, 73, 75, 147 Howard, lohnathon 167 Howe, Annmarie 20, 147 Howe, Lisa 127 Howison. Kimberly 167 Hoy, Patrick .... 15, 58. 59, 99, 167 Hubbell, LeeAnn 63, 147,216 Hubble, Gorge Hudgens, Don 147 Hudgens, Laura 32 Hudy, Christopher 167 I Jackson, Ashley 167 lackson. Sherry 32 lackson. Todd 32, 80 Jamison, Bruce 167 Jamroz, Christopher 167 Janks, Phelica 33 laskoski, Tracy 33, 78 laso, lames 2, 33, 98 lawor, Raphael 167 Jerrett. Laura 98, 127 lobbitt, lames 167 lobbitt, Kathleen .... 19, 33, 49, 84 lobbitt, Todd Johnson, Gegory 3, 128 Johnson, Lynette 33 Johnson, Patricia 128 Johnson, Paul 128 Johnson, Re nae . . 82. 98, 119, 128, 130 Johnson, Stephan 121, 128 Johnson, William 33 lohnston, Alan 33 Johnston, Jeffrey lohnston, (odi lohnston, Mark lohnston, Michelle ... 84, 100, 128 Johnston, Sean 80, 147 Jonas. Michelle 98, 128 Jones, Christopher 33, 37 Jones, lames 167 Jones, Jay 128, 136 Jones, Jennifer 23, 64, 94 lones. Kathleen 9, 102, 147 Jones, Kimberly 167 Iordan. Erica 167 loslin, lames 147 lowett, Steven 82 (oyce, Michelle 147 furzysta, Stephanie 147 luzysta. Eric 33 K Kaboni, April 128 Kalish, loseph 147 kamendat, Krystal . . . 102. 120, 128 Kamsickas, David 167 Kane, Cynthia 74, 167 Kane, Pamela 33, 36 Kars, Bradley 167 Kasdorf, Gregory 167 Kaufman. Tracy 147 Kearney. Brett 128 Kearns. Cheryl 167 Kearns, Chris 120. 123, 128 Kearns, Denise 26, 33 Keathley, Keith Keil, Cheryl 33 Kekh. Robert 4. 33 Kellar, Valerie 147 Keller, leffrey 147 Keller, Timothy 33 Kellerman, Blair 128 Kelley, David 167 Kellogg, Noel Kelly, Gary 17, 33 Kelly. Michael 88, 128 Kemp, Anjanette 86, 128 Kemp, lack 167 Kercher, Patrick 34, 94 Kerswell. Kimberly 126, 128 Kessler, Jennifer 9, 102, 147 Kettlewell, Amy 63, 128 Kettlewell, Wayne 146 Kilbourne. lodi 14, 34 King, Brian 167 King, Christopher ... 34, 49, 66, 86 King, Richard 147 Kinney, Dawn 8, 98, 128, 136 Kinney, Lynette Kinsman, lames 59, 168 Kippen, Edward 36 Kippin. Adrian 168 Kirby, Darren 147 Kirkendall. Dollie 84, 147 Kirkendall. Kirk 128 Kirshner, Kara 63, 140, 147 Kish, Kathleen 128 Kitson, Marvin 128 Kitson, Tricia 168 Kittridge. Delbert 147 Kittridge. Kathleen 168 Klawon, Scott 168 Klink, |a son 59, 70 168 Knott, David 168 Knowles, Rod 168 Knowles, Sherry 147 Knowlton, Christopher 128 Koehler, Brenda 34 Koglin, Chad 147 Koglin. Dion Kolman, Dawn 168 Kolman, Ronald 147 Koob. Michele 8, 34 Koppel, leff 128 Koppinger, Katie 168 Kovach, Greg 129 Kovach, Tim 100, 123, 129 Kozloff, Kellie 129 Kraft, Karl 168 Krampien, lames 168 Kraus. Lisa 34 Krause, Cheryl 147 Krauss, Brian 168 Krauss. leffrey 147 Krauss, Michael 147 Kreger. Darrin 168 Kreger, Kariann 100, 129 Kreger. lames 68, 82. 147 Kreiner, Christine 129 Kreiner. Gregory 23. 34 Kreiner, Lori 169 Kreit. Andrea 34 Kreit. Michelle 119, 129 Krenke, Kelli 168 Kresin, Mark 148 Krokker, Roxanne 168 Kroll. Kirstm 84, 119, 123,129 Kroll, Mark 34 Kucsera, Casey 69, 168 Kurzweil. Stacey 168 Kuschel. Steven L Lain, Keith 34 Lambe, locelyn 129 Lambson. Wayne Landschoot. Lisa 148 Lane. Donald Langolf. Debra 129 Langolf. William 123 Lanter, Danielle 148 Lashbrook. Lori 34 Lashbrook. Mark 82. 148 Lasher, Donald 148 Lasky, lay 168 Latendresse. Brian 168 Latterell. Amy 168 Latterell. Keith 129 Lavere. Arvin 168 Lavere, Lee 168 Lawrence, Cindy 148 Lawrence. Daniel Lawrence. Lorrie 169 Lawrence, Rodney 129 Ledsworth, Amy 169 Ledsworth, Donald Ledsworth. Paul 34 Leduc, Kimberly 148 Lee. Cheryl 148 Lee, Dennis 169 Lepien, Deeann 148 Leslie, Kelly 160 Lessard, Lori 169 Lessie, Tony 148 Lester, Carl 169 Lester, Donald 34 Letzgus, Nannette 34 Lewandowski, Anne 89, 148 Lewandowski, )ohn 34 Lewandowski. Kandi 34 Lewandowski, Karen 13,169 Lewandowski. Patty 148 Lewis, Heather 2, 34 Lewis, Sarah 169 Li ck, Larry 169 Lightle. Bruce 148 Lincoln, Michael Lindsay, Kerry 169 Lindsay. Paula 89, 129 Lipmski. Darin 148 Uss. Angela 12. 63, 84. 129 Liss. Melam 140. 148 Liss, Trina 34, 63 Little, Andrew 148 Little, Mary 34 Little. Maynard 159, 169 Uoyd, Andrew Lloyd, David 129 Lochran, Roxanne 129 Locke, Amanda 35 Locke, Brady 169 Locke, Rhonda 21, 89. 148 Lockwood. Laura . . . 102, 112, 129 Lockwood. Lisa 112, 129 Lohr, lanet 169 Lomasney, David . . 100, 123, 128, 129 Lomp, Sharon 35 London. Lisa ... 4, 63. 77, 129, 130 Losoncy. Louis 169 Louks. Tamara 169 Looks, Todd 129 Love, lames 148 Lovett, Jennifer 35, 63 Lowes. Kimberly 169 Lowes, Richard Ludington. Alice 129 Ludmgton. George 129 Luft. Charles 169 Luis. Vasquiz Lundblad Carl 169 Lutz. Troy 59. 69, 169 Lytle, David 148 M Maas, Shannon . 88. 102, 120, 129 MacDonald, lames 35 Mack, Kimberly 169 Mack, Steven 35 Mackin, Beth 169 MacLean, Elizabeth 129 MacLean, Patrick 129 Madaus. Jennifer ... 35, 36, 99. 100 Maes. Heather 169 Maes. Mario 129 Maggs, lames 129 Mahosky, Ruthann Majeski, lames 129 Mallery, Kathleen 35 Mallorey. John 169 Mallorey, Sharon 169 Maloney. Kathleen 35 Marcero, Mary 35 Marcero, Steve 58, 68, 82. 149 Marengo, Paula 12, 21. 25 Marone, Angela 169 Marriott, Debora 148 Marsh, Deborah 149 Marsh, Kimberly 35 Marten. Kristin 35, 100 Martin, lason Martin, Kimberly 149 Martin, Leslie Martin, Steven 169 Martin, lerry Mason, Danny 169 Massman, Kimberly .... 20, 89, 99, 149 Mastaw, Gerald 2, 4, 35, 41 Mastaw. lean 129 Mathews, lames 35 Mathews, lulie 75, 149 Mathews, Lisa 169 Mathieson, Raymond 149 Matteson, Kenneth 129 Matthews, Sharon 149 Mattson, Eric 169 Maxfield, MaryEllen 169 Maxon, leffery 149 Maxwell. Kevin 169 Maywar, Drew 169 Maywar, Eric McAlpine, Micheal 170 McAuley. Michelle 129 McCabe, Edward 170 McCallum, Thomas 149 McCandless. Ml 35, 100 McCandless. Scott 170 McCarthy, lustm 170 McCombs, Tara 149 McConnell, Cheryl 149 McConnell, Mark 36 McCorkle, Charles .... 67, 88. 129 McCracken. Kelly 112, 129 McCue, Sarah . 36, 42, 49, 98, 100, 215 McEachen, Diane 129 McElroy, Lynn 26. 36, 63 McFadden. Greg 149 Mcfarlane, Renea 149 McFariane, Timothy McGill. Michael 120. 130 McGowen, Jeff 130 McGowen, Mark . . 36 McGraw, Stephanie 149 McGregor, Karri 170 McGregor, Michael 170 Mdlhagga. Samuel McIntyre, Lori 102, 170 McIntyre, Timothy Mdvor, Teresa 170 McKibben. Margo 130 McLane. Darlene . . .9.84. 102, 149 McLaughlin, William . 2, 36. 98. 210. McLean, Candace 100, 130 McLean, Douglas 170 McLean, Shannon 130 McLeod, David 36 McMahon, Timothy 36 McMaster, Michael 130 McMullin. Anthony 36 McNaughton, Dawn 149 McNaughton, Patti 36, 100 McNeill, lohn 170 McNiven, (ill 130 McNutt, Michael 88. 149 McPhedram, Gregory 149 McQueen. Thereesa 149 McRoberts, Marie 36 McTaggart, Calvin 149 McVeigh. Scott . 3. 57, 80, 100. 130 Meadows, Lori 149 Meehan, Frederick 170 Meehan, Gregg 130 Meinhardt, Brenda 130 Meinhardt. Dawn 150 Mellos, lenny 36, 42 Melton. Tina 120, 130, 133 Merchant, Martin 130 Merchant, Paul 149 Mercurio, David 61, 68, 149 Merrill. Andrea 170 Merrill, Daniel 150 Meyer, loseph Middleton, Marlene 130 Middleton, Melissa 170 Miller, Allen 150 Miller. Cindy 99, 120, 130 Miller. Ericka 170 Miller, Henry 59, 170 Miller, john 130 Miller, loseph 170 Miller, Michelle 150 Miller. Paul 130 Miller, Paul 130 Miller, Thomas . . 36, 42, 64, 82, 86, 100 Miller, WHIiam 150 Mills, Kimberly 150 Minnie. Randy 130 Minnie, Troy Mitchell, Christina Mitchell, Daniel 37, 100 Mitchell, Nathan 170 Mitchell, Teresa Mitchell, Thomas Mix, Patricia 37 Moak, Robert 70, 170 Moncrief. Monica 121, 130 Moncrief, Scott 68, 150 Mongeon, leainne 170 Monzo. Kelly 150 Monzo, Timothy 130 Monzo, Tracey 171 Moody. Susan 94, 102, 171 Moore, Susan 4, 13, 63, 131 Moore. Thomas ... 4. 98. 1 19, 131 Morden, Gregory 70, 131 Morgan, Todd 171 Morrison, Ted 131 Morrison, Teny 171 Moses. Edward 150 Mosher, Heather 150 Mosurak, leffrey 88, 131 Motte, loel 131 Motte, Michael 37. 61 Mouilleseaux. William 150 Munro, lulie 171 Munro, Lee 98, 112. 131 Munson, Angela 171 Murray, Mark 37 Musselman, Gary 59, 171 Musselman. lanice . 11, 74, 75, 171 Myron, Patrick 98, 131 N Nabozny, Lisa 131 Nalanga, Brenda 37 Nalanga, Lynn 171 Naylor, Kellie 37 Nedrow, Elaine 171 Neff, Mark Netter, Steve 3, 61, 150 Nettleton, Donald 171 Nichol, Daniel 35, 37 Nichols. Allen 131 Nichols, leffery 37 Nicholson, Catherine 131 Nicholson, Marc Ill, 171 Nicholson. Matthew 4. 131 Nitschke. Daniel 171 Nitschke, Michael 131 Nitzel, Mark 171 Nobles. Callie 26, 37 Nobles, Christine 116, 150 Nolan, Robert 4, 37, 49 Norager, Patrick 150 Norton, Robert Nosar, Thad 37 Nowak, Bonnie Nugent, Ann 131 Nugent, Kenneth Nugent. Shelly 171 Nuttal. Charles 4, 131, 136 Nuttall. MaryAnne 37 o O ' Boyle, Maureen 150 O ' Connor, AnnMarie 63, 171 O ' Connor, Carl 171 O ' Hare, Margaret 171 O ' Hare. Mark 171 O ' Hare, Melanie 171 O ' Sullivan. Timothy 4 Obertein, Scott 38, 67 Odgers, Susan 3, 73, 150 Odle, Amy 171 Ode. Mary 171 Ogrady. Patti 3, 102 Oldford, Mark 58, 82. 150 Olson, Lisa 3, 15 Omalley. Steven 171 Ort, lames 38, 82 Oft, lohn 131 Ostrander. Bessie 150 Ostrander, loanne 131 Ostrander. Linda 131 Ostrander. Richard 150 Oswald. Melinda Oswald, Melvin 150 Overbeck, Lorraine 5, 74, 151 P Palmateer, Shane . . 58,82,67, 151 Palmer. Edison , . . 171 Papes, Michael . . Parish. Karen 27, 28, 49 Parker, Linda Parker. Rachel 4. 120,210 Parks, Edward . . 172 Parrish. Tracey . . . .48,77,98, 131, 216 Parsons, Douglas . 131 Patterson. Renee 131 Patterson, Robert . . 5,68,82, 151 Peace. Robert . . 131 Peacock, Paul . . . . Peacock, Vicky 38 Pearson. Shelly . . Pederson. Steven 131 Peek Michelle 73, 172 Peel. David 172 Peel, Tad 38 Pek. Anne Marie . . . 5, 1 1, 84, 102, 120. ' 127, 131 Pek, April 102, 172 Peltier, Alan 151 Pencak, Christine 151 Pencak, Elizabeth 38, 100 Perod, Shelly 38, 90 Perry, Christine 38 Perry, Dorothy 38 Perry. Lisa 77, 100, 131 Perry, Scott 131 Peruski, Lorissa 172 Peters, Barbara 172 Peters, Marcy 38 Peterson, David 38 Peterson, Eric 132 Petho, Katherine 63, 151, 216 Petitpren, Mard 172 Pettengill, lohn 172 Pettengill. Kris . . 37, 38, 89. 94, 100 Pettibone. Deborah 151 Pfeil, Christy Phillips, Kenneth 88, 151 Philp, William Pickett, Kristine 101,132 Pickett. Michelle 38 Pickett, Monica 151 Pietrowski. leff 14, 59, 172 Picomb. Edward 70 Pincomb, Mary 132 Pion, Paula 172 Plonk, Edward 172 Piorkowski, Susan 151 Platzer. Ronald 151 Poirier, lennifer Popham. lay 172 Porrett, Kenneth 100, 132 Porte, Philip 80, 86. 106, 132 Pospishel, Tony 172 Potrykus. Sheila 151 Potrykus, Sherri 151 Poulos. Cynthia 132 Powers, lohn 151 Praet, Carrie 38 Preston, Gregory 38 Price, Roger 64, 151 Prigmore, Leon 38, 67 Pringle, Deborah 151 Pringle, Shirley 172 Putze, Michael 38 Q Quaine, lennifer 38 Quandt, Stephen 132 Quinn, Patrick 132 Quinn, Ralph Quinn, Terence Quinn, Thomas 172 R Rabine, Eric Radatz. lames 94, 172 Radatz, Tamara 23,38, 104 Rademacher, lohn 151 Rademacher, Kimberly 37, 39 Radigan. Amy 131, 132 Radske. Ronald 82, 130, 132 Raftery. loseph 82. 130, 132 Raftery, Kathleen 63, 172 Randolph, Daniel 172 Rankin, Robert 151 Rawlings, Russell Raymo. Darrel Rec, Kenneth 172 Recker, Rhonda 19, 172 Recor, lanae 151 Recor, lulie 39 Red. Angela 172 Red, Dianna 39 Red, Malinda 151 Reed, Alan 39,61 Reed, David .... 88. 121. 132, 136 Reed. David 132 Reese, Christine . . 7, 123, 130, 132 Reese, |ohn 172 Regan, Cary 39 Reid, Pamela 132 Relken. Jennifer 2, 16, 132 Repp, Jennifer Repp, Jill 23, 39 Repp, Mark 39 Repp, Paul 69, 151 Reyna, Edna Reyna, Kelly 151 Reynolds, Rebecca 173 Reynolds, Terri 173 Rhea, Rhonda 132 Rhody. Deborah .. 11, 20, 140, 151 Rich, Anne Rich, Cheryl 151 Rich, Dale 39 Rich, Daniel 151 Rich, Michael 152 Richards, Dorene 39 Richards. Loretta 152 Richardson, John 152 Richardson, Kristen 173 Richert, Leigh 39 Richter, Christopher 173, 177 Riddell, Paul 112, 132 Robbins, Daniel 173 Robbins, Kaylene 15, 152 Robbins, Richard 132 Roberts, Tammy Robertson, Jeanette 152 Robinette, Kevin 59, 173 Robinson, Calvin 173 Robinson, Christian 19, 39 Robinson, Kenneth 173 Robinson, Melinda 173 Robinson. Pamela 173, 99 Robinson, Scott 152 Robinson, Tamie Robinson, Victoria Rock, Robert 152 Roe, Eula 39 Roffey, John 173 Rogstad. Shannon 152 Rogstad. Shelly 173 Rome, Donald . . 5, 58, 88, 152, 156 Rome, William 39, 68, 70 Romero, Edward 132 Root, Karen 63, 75, 152 Rosenberger, David 82, 132 Rosenberger, Michelle 132 Rosier, Michelle 132 Ross, Karen 173 Rostoni, Craig 132 Rostoni, Kimberly 173 Rowe, Lori 8, 11, 26, 39 Rubin, Jessica 63, 173 Ruffing, Conjon 64 Rumley, Tom 39, 82 Rusch, Gregory 132 Rusnak, Darren Rusnak. Gregg 39 Rutkofske, Kirk 152 Rutkowski. Carol 173 Ryan, Elizabeth 12, 39, 43 s Salyers, Tammy 173 Samson, Dale Samson, Donald 173 Sanchez, Jay 152 Sanchez, Victoria 173 Sanderson, Michael 152 Sandoval, Christopher 39 Sands, Ernest 152 Sands, Robert 173 Sarnacki. Jeffrey 173 Sass, Rochelle . . .9, 13, 84, 94, 102, 140, 152 Saunby, Tabatha 102 Saunby, Troy 61,80. 133 Savalle, Joseph 39 Scancella, Tina Schaeffer, Joanne ... 33, 40, 49, 73, 77,84,215 Schaffer, Lisa 173 Schaft. JeanMarie . 3, 40. 49, 33, 77, 84 Scharnakau, Susann 173 Schattler, Michelle 173 Schattler, Shelly 133 Scheonrock, Carrie 173 Scheonrock, Scott 40 Schieman, Kibmerly Schieman, Kirk 173 Schlaufman, Jennifer 173 Schaulfman, Marc 133 Schlautmann, Kristine 40, 90 Schlautmann, Steve 152 Schlimpf, Krystal 36, 40 Schmidt, Jon 173 Schmidt, Kevin 40 Schneider, Rebecca 75, 173 Schoenberg, Bradley 133 Schoenberg, Stacie 74, 75. 173 Schoenherr, Kelly . 64, 84, 117, 133 Schopp. Michelle 77, 94, 133 Schrader. Kimberly 133 Schram. Scott 40 Schriner, Matthew 40 Schroeder, John 173 Schultz. Jenine 13, 133 Schultz, Renee 173 Schultz, Roxanne 40 Schultz, Scott 173 Schultz, Stephen Schwabauer, Steven 152 Scott, Michelle 133 Scnver, John Searle. David 133 Seely, Karen 29, 40, 98 Seely, Mary 122, 133 Sepsey, Jennifer 40, 43 Sepsey, Todd 174 Shafer, Debbie 174 Shagena, Rodney 88, 133 Shagena, Sean 58, 68, 82. 152 Shalast. Polly 133 Shands, Bryan Shands. Denise 174 Shapiro, Kevin 152 Sharpe, Matthew 152 Sharpe, Russ Sharpe, Sarah 99, 152 Sharpe, Tim 174 Sharpe. Victoria 41 Sharrard, Kimberly 41 Sharrard, Shane 59, 174 Sheffer, Anita 41 Sheffer. Danielle 174 Sheline, Erik Sheline, Lisa 133 Shepherd, Jennifer 174 Sherbutt, John 174 Sheridan, Mark 152 Shevnock, David 2, 41, 43 Shilling, Spring 174 Shim. Kris 15,41,49. 102, 108 Shmk, Susan 16, 41, 84, 104 Shirkey, Evi 174 Shirkey. William 70 Shoudy. Julia 2, 140, 152 Show, Jacquelin 133 Sibilla, Timothy 152 Siemen. Rachael 174 Siemen, Sarah 133 Siewert, Arthur 41 Siewert, Maria 133 Silk. Tammy 152 Simmons, Angela 174 Simpson, Brian 153 Singh, Leon 20, 36, 41 Skyles, Kathryn 27,41 Sloan, Mike 3,41 Sloan, Thomas 133 Slowinski. James 174 Sly, Michelle 174 Smalldon, Richard 153 Smarch, Debbie 174 Smith, David 41 Smith, Debbie 40, 41 Smith, Jamie 174 Smith, Jennifer 174 Smith, John 133 Smith, Karen Smith, Kevin Smith, Kevin 42,61 Smith, Lisa 63, 174 Smith, Mary 153 Smith, Michael 7, 133 Smith, Michelle 13, 40, 133 Smith, Nichol 153 Smith, Paul 36, 42 Smith, Rochelle 42 Smith, Rodger 153 Smith, Sarah 153 Smith, Sarah 42 Smith, Stephen 42, 61 Smith, Stephen 133 Smith, Timothy 59, 174 Smith, Todd 42 Smith, Walter Snyder, Leslie 120, 133 Soehren, Trudy 153 Sommer, Manuela 42 Somogy, Raymond 174 Somogy, Susan 112, 174 Soule, Patrick 82, 153 Sowinski, Cari 42 Spacil, Kevin 133 Spacil, Theresa 42 Sparr, Dale 133 Spear, Sonia 20, 101, 133 Spencer, Barbara 119 Spencer, Chnstopher 174 Spencer, Scott 133 Spencer, Tammy 174 Spiess, Patricia 64 Spillard. Kristine .16, 89, 100, 134 Spillard. Maureen 23, 42, 84 Spirhng, Sarah 101, 134 Spring, Thad 174 Stabinski, Richard 174 Stabinsky, Vallery 134 Staiger. Patrick 42, 49, 99, 100 Stalker, Terry 174 Stanlake. Gordon 42, 100 Steele, Julie 153 Steemburg, Shawna 134 Stefanski, Christopher 174 Stein, Christopher .... 12, 108, 134 Stein, David 58, 88, 153 Stein, Jeffrey 174 Stein, Kevin 59, 69, 175 Stein, Ronald 175 Steinhauer, Kimberly 43 Steinhaus, Steven 175 Stemhaus, Emil 61, 175 Stevens, Michael 153 Stevenson, leffrey 134 Steward, Douglas 153 Steward, Douglas 153 Stewart, Barbara 153 Stewart, Lawrence 125, 134 Stewart, Sharon 43 Stickel, Stephen 153 Stimpson, Marguerit 63, 153 Stoner, lason 134 Stones, Dale 43 Stoutenburg, Thomas 134 Straffon, Shari . . 43. 49, 63, 94, 216 Straffon. Susan 9, 102, 175 Streeter, Mary |o 134 Streeter, Timothy 36, 43 Strevett, Keith 12, 134 Strickland. Vicki 153 Stroh. Gregory 70.134 Stroh, Renee 175 Stroshein, Shannon 175 Struble, David 175 Stuewer, Cheryl 153 Stuewer, John 134 Studomir, Lori 112 Sullivan, lohn .... 16, 17, 43, 6 1, 80 Sullivan, Kevin 153 Surinck, Steve 175 Swegles, Allison 175 Switlicki. Frank 153 Swotzer, Rebecca 134 Swoffer, Irene 175 Symington, Christine . . 23, 43, 102, 207 Symington, William 58, 153 Szymarek. Lillie T Tack, Darren Tait. Stephen 9, 43, 82, 70 Talaski, Daryl 43 Talbot. Michael Talbot. Michaelle 153 Tallmadge, Tracy 43, 70 Tankersley. Brian Tarzwell, Scott 43 Taylor, Dale 153 Taylor, lames 8, 23, 43, 49, 82 Taylor. Robert 134 Taylor, Robert 153 Taylor. Robin 175 Taylor, Stephanie 175 Teague, Wendell Teeple. Kevin 153 Teets. Mark 134 Teff, Susan 4, 44, 84 Teobusch, Lyn 175 Tenbusch. Robin 175 Tenniswood, Christine . . 44, 73, 90 Tenniswood, Rebecca 175 Teufel, Ronald 175 Thieke, Laura 134 Thomas. Melissa 175 Thomas, Steven 175 Thompson. David 153 Thompson, Michael 175 Thompson, Scott 44 Thornsberry, Jennifer 175 Thornsberry, Laura 134 Thorton, Frederick 44 Thornton. LeeAnn 154 Tmgley. leffrey 59, 176 Toles, David 134 Toles. Tammy 176 Tomlinson, Caryn 89, 154 Tomlinson, Christina 44 Tomlinson, Michelle . . 98, 104, 154 Tomlinson. Norman 64, 134 Toodzio, Amy 176 Toodzio, Mark 176 Toodzio, Nicholas 64, 154 Torres. Paul 58, 70, 154 Torres, Todd 44 Totten, James 134 Totten, Sarah 44 Touma, Douglas 6. 176 Touma, Paul 69, 134 Towns, Anthony 154 Towns, Gregory 154 Tracy, Ronald 44 Tracy, Tamara 154 Tremper, Charlotte 134 Tremper. lames 176 Trentacosta, Whitney .11, 26, 27, 44, 49, 84 Tripp, Benjamin 154 Tripp, Kriss Troy, Matthew 5, 58, 81, 154 Troy, Thomas 134 Ture, Michelle Turner, Ann 44 Turner, lohn 154 Tynan, Carrie 4, 44 u Uresti, loanne 175 V Valdez, David Valentine, Michael 2, 44 Vails, David Vanconant, Darrin Vanconant. Martin 154 Vanderheuvel, Dean 176 Vanderheuvel, Mark ... 58, 67 82 154 Vandevoorde. Renee 154 Vanluven, lohn Vargo, Matthew 43, 49, 80 Varty, Melissa 154 Verlmden. Donna Vermeesch. Mark 134 Vettese, leffery 44 Vincent, Michele 100, 134 Vincent, Penny 154 Visga. Brian 134 Visga, lames . . ■. 154 Voss. David 154 Vroman, Paul 44, 110 w Wacker, Andrew Wagley. Rebecca Wagner, Tina 134 Wahl, Duane 134 Walker, Dawn Walker. Michael Walker, Thomas 44 Walsh, Amy 42, 43, 44, 49 Walter. Jennifer 176 Walter, Wayne 44 Walters, David 154 Ward, Kelly 154 Ward, Michael 154 Warden, Mark 69 Warner, Karen 44 Warner. Lori 154 Warshefski. Debra 176 Warsinski, Matthew 134 Warwick, Chad 59, 176 Waters. Charles 154 Waters, Marlene 134 Watson, AnnMarie 134 Watson, Brian Watson, Kari 102, 154 Way, Ronald 154 Webb, Michael 154 Weber, (esse 176 Webster. Michael 154 Wedge, Jason 176 Weis, David 80, 154 Weis, Michelle 44, 82, 99 Weis, Jeanne 35, 44, 64, 84 Weiss, Michelle 44,82,94 Welker, Melissa 176 Wells, Marilyn 20, 155 Werner, |ill 155 Wessel, Deborah 134 Westbrook, Wendy 176 Westley, Alfred 176 Westphal. Scott 58, 88, 155 Wheelihan, David 155 White, Chris 100. 134 White, Daniel White, lames 176 Whitican, Kim 134 Whitney, Synthia 155 Wich, Jennifer 44 Wiczorek. Wayne 155 Wiggington. lanis Wilbrett, Craig 44, 82 Wilbrett. Scott 61,155 Wilczynski, Michael 44 Wilczynski. Vincent 70, 176 Wiley, Richard 44 Wilhelm, Daniel 44, 94, 100 Wilhelm, Michael 12, 94, 99 Wilkins, Richard Wilkins, Tina 134, 155 Wilkinsm. Susan . 2. 9, 84, 140, 155 156 Wille. Christina 155 Willey, Timothy Williams, Chnstopher . 2, 36. 44, 80 Williams, Kimberly Williams, Lisa 155 Williams, Michael 155 Williamson, Heather 63, 176 Willing, Mark 44 Willis, Debbra 44 Willis, Elizabeth Willis. Steven 44 Willis, Tammie 175 Wilson, Daniel 134 Wilson, Denise Wilson, John Wilson. Michelle 44 Wilton, Mary 134 Winchester, Melissa 155 Wirtz, lames 155 Wirtz. Suzanne 176 Wise. Daniel 176 Wisner. Harold 58, 155 Witherspoon, Ellen 35, 44 Witherspoon, Kathryn 13, 134 Wittliff, Kristina 176 Wolf, Eric 176 Wolfe, Carole 176 Wolfe, Catherine 44, 100 Wolfe, Rebecca Wolfe, Sandra 155 Wolff, Shelly 176 Woodley, Todd 32, 44, 67 Woodley, Travis 67, 88, 134 Woolley, Jennifer 134, 155 Woolman, Laurie Wooster, Guy 134 Wooster, Marcus 176 Worden, Julie 155 Worden, Mark 176 Wright, Christopher 176 Wright, Debra 44 Wyllie, Carolyn 176 Wyllie, Janet 73 Wyllie, Marybeth 29, 44 Y Yanik, Matthew 8,67, 134 Yarger, Michael 134 Yeip, Andrea 112, 134 Young, David Young, leffrey 155 Young, leffrey 176, 69 Young, Micheal 155 Young, Robert 44 Youngblood, Andrew 44 Youngblood, Nicholas 176 Youtsos, Nicolaos 176 z Zammit, David 134 Zeller, Michele 121 1. Northern ' s football coaches: D Pohl. G Nesbitt. P Woods, L. Rutkoski, B Elliot. D Hubbard, D Hanton, and R Baker 2 lenny lones and Maureen Spiilard take a stop in the school store 3. Senior Tom Dewey, is he or isn ' t he -4 Michelle lonas enjoying the day on the slopes 197 Carrie Jewelers DIAMONDS • PRECIOUS GEMSTONES CUSTOM GOLD CRAFTING • APPRAISALS Rick Currte S H ELECTRONICS 3235 N Shoreview Port Huron, Mi. Port Huron. 48060 _Steven fl. Helsler m Technical Engineer 619 Huron Port Huron. Michigan 48060 967-2272 Where the owners of the business are the craftsmen of the trade’’ TELEPHONES • ANTENNAS • ELECTRONICS • PHONE 385-3286 Phone (313) 385-5393 RAINBOW MOBILE HOME SALES AND SERVICE NEW AND USED HOMES COMPLETE MAKE, SHOCKS. EXHAUST SYSTEMS, AND CUSTOM (ENDING JOHN GENNA — Own« Taffy NUFFLBI SHOPS Repairs Insurance Work Awnings Furnaces Skirling Concrete Moving and Set Up 4511 24th Avenue Port Huron, Ml 48060 9(5 9601 3002 LAPEER ROAD AT BYPASS. PORT HURON MICHIGAN TOMLINSON ADULT CARE HOME CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 85 ADULT FOSTER CARE FOR MEN WOMEN PLEASANT HOME ATMOSPHERE STATE LICENSED 7400011 PRIVATE SEMI-PRIVATE ROOMS NEW HOME WITH A COUNTRY SETTING ON 10 ACRES ( 313 ) 984 4466 76edA dp haft Paving Go., One. ASPHALT paving contractors MANUFACTURERS OF ASPHALT PRODUCTS 6223 Wildcat Rd. )eddo GOOD LUCK TO TAMI AND THE CLASS OF ' 85 Ruff Floral Col. Flowers for All Occasions 724 Huron Ave. Port Huron, Ml 48060 985-8165 327-2025 THOMAS J HESS Vice President 6330 LAPEER ROAD GOODELLS Ml 48027 SUIT) JO PHOZOQKAPHV Prelessienal Services, • Semen • Weddings • families • Cemm crnal • Sperts Pketegrapky • Slide Presentation • Pkelegrapkit Jllustralien • I ' idee Pep i up • Screen Printing nil types Petals and Signage Hy Michael (Jr ecu 987-8645 Hy Appointment Only Send your love with special a ducc ssKvjce szudjo 1831 Vine Grove (Suite JJ) — Port Huron 198 PHONE 985 6139 PORT HURON ' firestone COMPLETE TIRE AUTO SERVICE 330 HURON AVENUE FRANK ORLANDO PORT HURON Ml 48060 985-9704 Varty Supply 1501 10th Ave. Paper Supplies Restaurant Supplies Janitorial Supplies Wholesale — Retail CAR WASH INC. Phone: Richard K. Brast, Owner (313)987-9730 709 Huron Ave , Port Huron, Ml 48060 CINDERELLA BEAUTY SHOP • Controlled Permanent Super Cuts Waving f or W Sr • Cutting i Styling 985-6250 Parking on Premises 1025 Capeer Port Huron j lust West of 10tk St. 199 GO TO WALSH ' S For Pizza-n-Subs and All Your Party Needs CROS-LEX EYEGLASS CONTACT LENS CENTER V ( 313 ) 679-4150 COMPLETE ★ Family Vision Care ★ Senior Citizen Discount ★ No Steps or Barriers 110 N. Howard, Croswell A A A A Congratulations Graduates 2741 Pine Grove Ave. at Garfield Port Huron 982-0014 1711 Gratiot at Michigan Marysville Phone 364-7771 DOWNTOWN PORT HURON Congratulations Karen and 1 Shirley A. Seely REAL TOP ASSOCIATE IB — MLS 985-HAIR (4247) 3920 Pine Grove Rd. Port Huron, Ml. 48060 200 THE GmLF SHOP DISCOUNT GOLF EQUIPMENT PI I Hu ' on Avenue • Pori Huron MchtQan 48060 (313) 98P 3800 Beverly Peter Laudazio Your Hosts 3812 Pine Grove Avenue Port Huron. Ml 48060 Spirits Eatery 987 ' 4900 985-6146 402 HURON AVE. PORT HURON, Ml THE SEWING CENTER GOOD LUCK HUSKIES (313)982 4550 YALE HEATING AIR FROM: nealq. |miiaviilBalamL SALES AND SERVICE DM 0 BLUE WATER S LARGEST AUDIO t VIDEO DEALERS VISIT OUR COMPLETE SOUNDROOM TOP NAME BRANDS U AFFORDABLE PRICES TIM ROMAN 1401 WATER ST PORT HURON Ml 48060 987-2940 IN THE COLONIAL SHOPPING CENTER 7M6 PIKE GROVE AV PORT HURON $. 5 . ‘t). C udlom ' ft )-S irl« )fcna« sjf £ Owners: Dennis Floyd 1 804 1 0th Street Swoffer Port Huron, Ml 48060 Phone (313) 982-2578 Bellow Pool Supply Doug Bellow, Builder 2880 Gratiot Blvd. Marysville, Michigan 48040 (313) 364-7589 201 (313) 982-3377 Licensed ' Jom Uyinruy Co- Aluminum a Vinyl Siding Soffits » Gutters Free estimates 3 1 eo abbotts ford road GOODELLS. Mich 48027 Kerr Albert Office Supply Store 1121 Military St. Port Huron, Ml 48060 Ph 984-4129 Graduation is a time to face many new goals. A friend in the financial business can help you reach these goals. Depend on us. A lot of people do. PEOPLES BANK OF PORT HURON Member FDIC CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 85 Phone (313)984-1545 ITU DAS) MIDAS MUFFLER 725 HURON AVE PORT HURON. Ml 48060 OSC stanoaro BRAKE SERVCE SHOCK ABSORBERS exhaust systems FRONT ENOS ALIGNMENT “we ' re f ast friendly ” 5 peed fit MARKETS Kwikie Duplicating Centers of Port Huron Printing While-You-Wait 982-6110 1044 LAPEER AVENUE PORT HURON, Ml 48060 JIM HYDE 202 StlJ ClFltj unlimited ‘TIAIRJ3TYLING SALON » 0 » Af P{yNTVfHT ™ 982-2110 1 1 33 LAPfER AVI AT 12TH S si m l idDomami’ INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTANT 2004 10TH AVE PORT HURON. MICHIGAN 48060 TELEPHONE 987 5445 MEMBER NATIONAL SOCIETY OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS The Bicycle Center Featuring the finest bikes the world has to offer Schwinn, Mayata, Peugeot, Bianchi; Racing; Touring Bmx Pro Shop PORT HURON BEN FRANKLIN ' ' the best seat in town ' ' VISA AND MASTER CHARGE 215 Huron venue Colonial Shopping Center 2850 PINE GROVE PORT HURON 982-9691 — Open Monday thru Saturday 9:00 a m. -9:00 p.m. — Port Huron, Ml 982-0096 Colonial Smorrino Cintcn 2842 Pinc Grove Ave. Bus Pm B 85 6582 Port Huron. Mich. Colrniial Shoppe Fresh Quality Meats featuring Alexander ft Hornuno H o- - Made German Style Sausaoes 203 St. Clair County Manufacturers Credit Union M SERVING MANUFACTURING FIRMS. THEIR EMPLOYEES 8. FAMILIES • MONEY MARKET CERTIFICATES • TRAVELERS CHECKS • SPECIAL DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS • SHARE SAVINGS ACCOUNTS • SHARE DRAFT ACCOUNTS • CHRISTMAS CLUB ACCOUNTS • DIRECT DEPOSIT SAVE - BORROW - INSURE at... St. Clair County VMNUF OURERS • AUTO LOANS • FAMILY GROUP LIFE INSURANCE • REVOLVING CREDIT LOANS • VACATION LOANS • ALL TYPES OF CONSUMER LOANS 987-3333 716 Seventeenth Street Port Huron 204 Special Thanks to Our ' 84- ' 85 Yearbook Patrons DR MRS R M. CILLHOOLEY PORT HURON FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION FRITO-LAY, INC. FOUNTAIN ' S CUSTOM DRAPERY SHOP WILTON ' S APPLIANCE DR. THOMAS TRUSKE, DDS ELMWOOD PARTY STORE DETROIT FREE PRESS CYCLE SHOP OF PORT HURON CITY AWNING COMPANY SCHAFER ' S BAKERY ARMBRUSTER ' S ROPPOSCH BROTHERS PORT HURON NORTHERN NORTH STARS RIVERSIDE PRINTING PINE ACRES RIDING STABLES, INC. PALMATEER INSURANCE ONE HOUR MARTINIZING ONCE UPON A TIME MARENGO APPLIANCE MORTIMOR SON LUMBER CO., INC. NEUMAN FLOWERS DR B HUBBLE HERR NORMAN HARRY WILLIS SON 205 RYAN ' S PARTY STORE " YOUR ONE-STOP PARTY STORE " THE SPIRIT SHOPPE Complete Party Store and Lottery Tickets Beer • Wine • Groceries • Party Supplies 1837 Pine Grove 985-8261 356 1 Gratiot Ave. at Holland Port Huron, Mich. 48060 PORT HURON 982-5051 Murray • Zimmer OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OE 85 ' Mechanical Contractors 2505 Pine Grove Ave. Port Huron, Michigan Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Pipe Fitting, Boilers, Steam Fittings, Custom Sheet Metal, and Exhaust Systems Congratulations Class of 85 ' G. C. TOUMA D.D.S. Best Wishes to Susan and the Class of 1985 FLINCHBAUCH ELECTRIC CO POWER MET " Keeping Blue Water industry running since 1919 " Carlos Hairstyling 3920 Pine Grove Rd. James W. Shink Associates Consulting Engineering 982-0487 987-9681 206 Conora tit fat ions s entors f ort J4uron Hurl It St 14 dent ( ouncif ern “JJofy WackaJ i °° 9 fe” §KA Architects Garfield Kindred Associates, RC. 1776 Michigan Avenue Marysville, Michigan 313 364-4680 48040 Crock er Accountini Congratulations 85 Graduatesf rom Acheson Colloids ( liriiti ne W. Crocker 3ncome Saxei bookkeeping business - individuals HO C. J4uron bU WarySoi fe, WJ Pk one 364 4880 " More than just pictures " For the very best in senior portraiture SUNSET STUDIOS 984-3794 2211 10th. Port Huron, Ml 48060 984-3794 207 SPECIAL THANKS TO THE MANAGEMENT OF THE HURON THEATER By Appointment Only 985-7391 " Your Senior Specialist " We have dozens of props and posing areas right outside our studio door. 3540 Gratiot Avenue Port Huron, Michigan GREAT LAKES SECURITY PATROL, INC 4080 KEEWAHDIN RD NORTH STREET. Ml 48049 • Guard Patrol Alarm Service • 24 Hour Central Monitoring Service • 24 Hour Radio Dispatched Mobile Patrol • Bank Messenger Service • State License »SG 518-BA252 MICHAEL K SLY PRESIDENT 385-3827 385-5070 NORTH AMERICAN BENEFIT ASSOCIATION for your family’s life insurance needs! R. A. SHAIKH, M.D. ADULT PEDIATRIC UROLOGY 2603 Electric International Headquarters 1338 MILITARY ST • PORT HURON TEL 313-985-5191 Port Huron, Michigan 48060 984-3848 Port Huron Regional Sales Office TEL 313-984-5041 PORT HURON AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY • AUTO PARTS : NEW AND REBUILT JUST THE PART YOU WANT WHOLESALE • RETAIL BRAKES — DRUMS AND ROTORS TURNED 1006 3RD at WATER Ou a THoUo Quality £ aapjct 982-8567 PORT HURON PNPU FtAMIMC Opan 10- 8 duty Saturday 0-2. on l ha cornar or Slona 4 Stata airaata m Part Moron 208 (313)985-6430 1 TAPE 4 DOLLARS 2 TAPES 6 DOLLARS 3 TAPES 8 DOLLARS 5283 Lapeer l VIDEO HUT| Port Huron, Mich. 48060 CONGRATULATIONS PORT HURON NORTHERN GRADUATES. IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE TO SERVE YOU IN 1984-85 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES ASKER-SHAIN 1002 MILITARY PORT HURON. Ml 48060 CONGRATULATIONS from SKATE PORT ROLLER RINK TO THE CLASS OF 1985 BLUEWATER LEGAL AND BUSINESS NEWS 411 FORT ST. PORT HURON, Ml 48060 PHONE : 984-8980 Phone 982-8525 VERN (DICK) DICKINSON Service Sales New Used Car Consultant Sales NORTHGATE FORD LINCOLN MERCURY, INC. 3600 Pine Grove Ave. P.O Box 706 PORT HURON, MICH 48060 Bus Phone 984-5011 " LET ME HELP YOU SELECT your first car- should YOUR SENIOR PORTRAIT BE DIFFERENT ? PETE GATES ROOFING and SIDING 2463 RIVERWOOD PORT HURON, Ml 48060 PHONE : 987-4125 By all means your personal senior portrait should be differ- ent from everyone else ' s. This may mean special lighting, clothing, and poses what- ever it takes to capture you at your best and reveal your unique character No assembly line, please! At our studio we re prepared to put out that special effort to make your senior picture one that " captures the real you, and one that ' s worthy of this important event in your life! Call us and see the difference! Robert )echura photography 3261 Lapeer Rd Port Huron 48060 (313)982-4998 209 NORTHERN STYLE!!! 1 Sieve Coon picking another hit to play on WOR W 2 Good friends Lisa Casper and Bill McLaughlin 3 And they said that study hall was boring 4 Linda Parker and lenny Porier. future cover girls? 5. Friends now and forever Shannon Maas and Krystal Kamendat 210 SENIORS cftc • tA rj %■ Wt»ev Ms U u Sy V ' fta Ssl»i r ' ? X ' SENIORS In the words of . . . Madonna Everybody spread the word, we ' re go- ing to have a celebration. All across the world in every nation because it ' s time for the good times, forget about the bad ■ -jots pho - WARRANTY Wham! Party nights and neon lights we hit the floors, we hit the heights! Berlin Yes, it ' s time for fun, dance ' till the night is done. Dennis DeYoung Those summer nights when we were young ... we were dreamers, only dreamers. Ollie and Jerry There ' s no stopping us, no one does it better. 1 Rocheil Sass and Melani Liss engage in a playful leaf fight. 2. Cheryl Keil and leanette Hopkins take a break 3 Meredith Burdick says, " So you don ' t ap- prove, well who asked you to. " 4. lennifer Mattson and Susan Fischer smile for the camera 5 Edna Reyna displays her Prince dedicated locker 6 and on the eighth day Cod made Yearbook Editors leame Schaft. Bill McLaughlin, and Sarah McCue. 7. The first snowfall brings the Spirit of Winter to Northern students 8 Look out Einstein here comes Mr Nesbitt 215 216 COLOPHON Port Huron Northern ' s 1985 Yearbook was printed by Taylor Publishing Co., Dallas, Texas There were a total of one thousand one hundred fifty books sold, with a total of 216 pages. 48 pages were in color. The print type used was Optima and Brush Our cover photo was a lithograph Editors for this years book were leame Schaft. Bill McLaughlin, and Sarah McCue who attended a summer workshop at Adrian College, Michigan Our advisor was Mr Al Wright The students took their own photos, designed their own layouts, and wrote their own copy Our book was started during the spring of ' 84 The Port Huron Nor- thern Spirit class would like to give special thanks to the Times Herald for the use of their photos in the sports section, Craine-Williams for our cover photo, Huron Theater for the use of their marquee, lechura Studios for the photograph of queen ' s court and sup- plies. and thanks to Barb Bloom who was the Taylor Publishing Co. representative of the Port Huron Nor- thern Yearbook 1985 We would like to again thank our patrons and advertisers 1 A Freshman ' s day at the beach 2. Lisa Casper and lodi Branch display their charm in our halls. 3 Lee Ann Hubble, Kathy Petho, Shannon Harkins and Shari Straffon show off their ravishing beauty for our camera 4 Cathy Cuthbertson working hard? Or hardly working? 5. Tracy Parrish working hard in Yearbook class a D C.

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