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Port Huron Northern 1799 Krafft Koad Port Huron, Volume X VJJJ Zable of Contents Seniors . . . .8 Student Cife 86 Academics . . .58 Sports ... .92 {Juniors . .124 Sophomores . . 142 freshmen . .160 Ads-Jndee .. .178 5 6 Seniors WERE THE BEST THERE ' LL EVER DE: WE RE THE CLASS OF 63! Over rhe pasr four years, rhe Senior class has proven rhis chonr ro be true We ' ve porricipared m every ocriviry wirh spirit ond enrhusiosm Despure rhe many handicaps suffered or rhe beginning of our life or North ern, our spirit ond enrhusiosm prevailed We showed this drive by overcoming such obstacles os being rhe smollesr Fresh men class in rhe history of Northern High school In spire of rhe doubts in our Sopho more year ond rhe lock of unity creored by split sessions, we managed ro come in sec ond place during Snow Extravaganza activi ties ond third in Mardi Gras competition In our Junior year, we displayed our superior- ity when we overrook rhe orher rhree dosses in rhe fighr for rhe Darrel ond rhe Snow Skis Throughour our Senior year, we exhibired rhe some spirir ond enrhusiosm by winning rhe Darrel for rhe second consecu rive year No doss will ever ogam enter rhe halls of Northern os rhe Class of 1983 Memories of rhe rimes we shared rogerher will be trea- sured forever, like a faded rose pressed between rhe pages of our lives Now is rhe rime for us ro reminisce a little; ro examine exactly whor we hove left behind ro show for our efforts We should also be looking ahead at our life It ' s rime ro plan for rhe future, ro decide what road in life ro rake Graduation opens rhe door ro numerous responsibilities and decisions yet allows us a chance ro pursue our goals and dreams To everything there is a season, ond a time ro every purpose under rhe Heaven Senior Honors , . Ef -i % v» ;W fc V It v ' m: }m 4 1 Student Counci Vice President Hob Ross and President Gory Gillhooley. 2 Senior Class Officers Scon Mortlnek. Treasurer. Alison Mackenzie, VtcePrestdem . Lisa DIGiuseppe. President, and Angelo Krause. Secretary 3 Senior Court Nominees, (bock row) Down Slblllo. Kim Kodotz. Karen Anderson. Kathy Tolaskl. (front row) Jennie Dent. Krystal Mehorg. Andrea Wine. Lisa DIGiuseppe. Pot Kane, (not shown) Tracy Gordon. 4 Senior Gkjeen Court Gets Pot Kona. Queen Tracy Gordon. Krystol Mehorg. 5 The Senior Gris Tug ream showing off their winning style 6 A scene from the writing wal. the " Wizard of Oz. " brought to He 6 11 v! 2 ♦ M i T» s W mm. 1 k ' s o krrle too brtghr our for Tom Kinsman. 2 Dyonn Sompsell s o VAL. you Know ' 3 Seems Use ok) nmes ro Dove Hickman. 4 Kandy Davis and Chuck Vogliardo seem ro hove msraken rhe hols of PHN for o modetng stuck} of GO 5 Whor do you worv? soys Donna Olar. 6 Krystal Meharg sn ' r jusr another prerry face 7 Chris MeLeod soys " Hey Joe ' Whor cfd ya ger for 57 " 13 1 What ' s more fun than an N F L stoke 3 NANCY ENGELGAU thinks P O D news parts are 2 Sony ro wake you. DETH. J Here ' s PAULA FLYNN n o lovely three piece outfit for ol occasions 4 SCOTT MARTINEK crusts ' on through Senior Comp 5 Here ' s ANNA, stuffing off os usual 6 School ' s our. so leave me alone 1 7 CRIC STFVFNS having the time of hts He 14 IS friendships Jere Adorns Christina Ainsworth Timothy Ainsworth Karon Anderson John Ango Elaine Amor Steven Dailey Matthew Baker Brent barber Vicki Barnes Timothy barren ► Dor bora Beck told Julie Beeler Lisa Beck told Judy Deem Colleen Dell Christopher Benedict Kimberly Benjamin r 17 Joanne Dennett Michael Oerels Jeffrey Derube V Lisa Donnet Dob Drohl Dor bora Dlshop Steve Dlack ledge Diehard Donney Don Dostater Dobert Drockenbury Steven Dradley Edward Donln Michael Dranch Holll Drown Steve Dullls Derh Burgess Terri Durgos Jeri Durkhardt Dobln Durns Kevin Durrch Ken t ember When As ? resit men . . . our cart fell apart during the races disco died under pressure of ' D. K.S.A- ' D. ive won - rival game against P.H. H.S. Memories David Cord Richard Cleary Joseph Carl I Deanna Cholnlere Lori Coggins Uso Casey Ross Carolina Timothy Carolina Raymond Casper Shown Cole Rarer Clpollone Mark Coigon Pamela Collins Susan Collins John Collver Uso Conlen Lori Conley 19 20 Don Davy handy Davis Tina Davis £ loin e Doc Robert Delaurler Judy Deluca 1 David Dennis Jennifer Dent Joseph Denrel James Dewey Lisa DKjluseppe Dana Doan Remember When Js Sophomores . . . split sessions split up friendships Mr. Q. took a bus to JCakeside to gather up the skippers P.M.y. got a store . . . Lorry Duckworth Ann Downing Luke Fodell Alfred Fenner Spirit Of ’83 Bruce Fiedler Elizabeth Fitzgerald Poula Flynn Tracey Foglesong 21 Gory Glllhooloy Donlso Glonn Konnoth Goolsby Trocy Gordon Lisa Goodroou Klmborly Grombow tamos Hagor David Harris Jonny Horrls Patricia Harrison John Hartel Mary Hanson [ Remember When As juniors . . . ... we watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show we stole the bell from P.H.H.S. made a comeback at Northern . . . sports Decisions Sandra Hazelwinkel Brando Hearing Jeffrey Hickey David Hickman Charles Hicks Thomas Hill handy Hlnkley Debra Hoban Heather Hoffman Carolyn Hopkins Jock Horn Steven Howard Deborah Howe Brenda Hoy Byron Humphrey 23 James Ingram Patrick Janks Peter Jaskoski Harley Kelchner Andrea Kern Scon Kirby Anne Kish Kebecco Koch Susan Koehler Tom Kerr Michelle Kora Pa no y otis Kouros Angela Krause Heather Kucsero James Kuehn Remember When As Seniors . . . William Kullonder we received tons of college information Hill Wilton was voted most " desirable numerous newspoint turn-ins the benches our 24 New Qoals, Lisa Lamb Joseph Lambert Sandro Lambert LeeAnn Lambson Lisa Longoti Ruth Lapp R John Losky Renee Latendresse Trtcla Lindsay Kristen Little V w Debra Lomasney Grant Longley Tim Lucas f Teresa Lucey Jonathon Ludwig Alison Mackenzie James Modaus Stephen Madej 25 Laura Martin Scott Monlnek Michael Masseronl mm Harlow Mono Dennis Messenger Heidi Miller Lorry Miller Mary McLane ‘ H- Steven Meade Kathy Mills Christine McLeod Melody McToggart Robert McTaggart Krystal Meharg l ' Dill Mlreles Remember When ... we said such things as “ dry " ... " Qo for it " " Nothin matters but the weekend . " Coser ”... " Hurnt your cookies ”... Overt Moreheod Mark Habozny Jennifer Nuttall Zke Jut ure Js Ours WVi Sam Morgans Cl J Ji . »n ' David Mrozek Tracey O ' Connor Susan Oksck Donna Otar Daniel Polmateer Mickey Popineau Danielle Parsons David Patterson Donald Paul Glenn Peacock Son I Perod 27 James X oppose h Kathy Rosentreter Kenneth Rlx Don Koch Frondne Robinson Kristen Robinson ( Remember When . . ... we said such things as .. . “Spaz " ... “Cife goes on” . . “ Take off, eh? " ... “Score " ... " (Jimmie a break ” ‘Jt just doesn’t matter " 28 Kest Of Zimes Erich Schleman Angela Schmidt Tonya Schroder Anno Schwartz Paul Shank Thomas Shetfet Tyler Shoudy Thomas Shuler David Sick man Lisa Smith Rhonda Smith Tracy Smith 29 Robert Sovereen Michelle Spocll Erk Stevens Mike Steward Angenette Stewart Raymond Stone Jody Stoutenburg Julie Stoutmeyer Jill Stroud Leon Stubbs Kathy Taloskl Angle Sturdevan Richard Talbot Anne Symon Patricks Symon Kondy Szeszyckl David Tali Anne Tollmodge 30 Special Moments Jodi Thornton Kim Thornton Michelle Trapp Leonne Trlckey Dennis Vanloo Mark Vincent Laurie Troy Vance Vincent Mork Turloff Theresa Vertese Tamm! Turner David Turney Lori Ultsch Charles Vogllardo Lisa Wocker Shawn Wahl Todd Wedge Angela Weiss Angela Wessel 31 Robert Wiley Cindy Wilson Kelly Wilton William Wilton Dean Wessel Craig Williams Joseph Willis 32 1 Mike Cost soys, " Hum so good 1 " 2 " I always get caked on for newspanrs " 0 Dill Mlreles soys, ' 1 want muscles !“ 4 Derh Durgess and Anno Savalle remember rhe good nmes! 5 Marching practice! 6 Steve Dullis, Elaine Dec. Chris Bene- dict. and Horeen Fenner show how much fun t is to be our of school 7 The cop and diploma signify rhe end of our high school years Zime Zo Move Student Cife The srudenrs and faculty of Port Huron Northern ore glad that our school is more than just o place to study Northern is o place to meet new friends ond to enjoy new exper- iences Before homeroom, friends meet ond shore secrets to start off a routine day of learning Assemblies help to break up the monotony of the edu corionol routine, ond also odd spice ond variety to ones ' thoughts School spirit reaches on all-rime high during the days preceeding ond during the ■ PHN vs PHHS football gome All Huskies have the inner urge to defeat the Dig Reds in any event, bur the football gome is spe dot because of the bell or stoke Mordi Gras is another milestone in a Husky ' s education The week of Mordi Gras is filled with competition between both indi- viduals ond dosses Prizes range from one free ticker to the Masquerade Dali to the much-desired Darrel The wot ore built dur- ing this time, ond on exciting Spirit Week is also o major Mordi Gras event Two girls from each grade ore elected onto the Queens Court, with o senior girl becoming the Mordi Gras Homecoming Queen Snow Exrrovogonzo is another spark of life in o Husky ' s life Similar to Mordi Gras, students participate in o Spirir Week, bur build miniature floors insreod of large walls Insreod of o court, personality winners ore chosen from each grade The desired doss prize for this Husky holiday is the set of blue ond gold Snow Skis All in oil, the life of a Husky is one of competition, contentment, ond success os both on individual . . . and os o PHN Husky Queen 38 (fames The gomes ore a mqor port of rhe onnuol Husky holiday known as Mordi Gras These gomes ore held in assem- bly form This year rhe gomes includ- ed rhe rrodirionol officer pie earing conresrs, obstacle course, rricyde races, rug o ' wars, and 3-legged race Seniors come through on rop of rhe comperirion, followed in order by rhe Juniors, Sophomores, ond Fresh- men 39 Mar di Qras The Mordi Gras week is considered by many as rhe best parr of rhe school year ar Port Huron Northern Students try to come up with original costumes to win the prize of a ticker to rhe traditional Masquerade Doll The Mordi Gras games and rhe foot- ball gome, which we lost 014 after a tremendous amount of effort, all lead up to rhe Masquerade Doll, which highlights this memorable week The Mordi Gras dance featured the band Ripper, and was crowded as everyone had a good rime dancing When rhe wall and barrel winners were announced, everyone crowd- ed dose together in noisy anticipa- tion. The Seniors were very happy that their hard work has paid off for rhe second year in a row to retain rhe barrel The other classes were disappointed and will have to try again next year to win 42 1 Two lovely couples, just married by Father Laur- ence. Kathy Kroll wonts to Know whor you rhmk of her new dress 3. I ' ll go Krogenng wfh you anytime. Dan I 4 Usa Bonner, gufry of indecent exposure 5 The man from Marlboro. Mt. Klink. 0 The Urrobnghr smiles of Cindy Opplinger and Jill Joyner. 43 1 Mr Miller has a few words with. Alison MacKenzie. 2 The Sophomore class or o pep assembly 3 Michelle Vincent m deep concenrronon 4 Kristi Robinson s it mg pretty 5 Things are getting pretty heavy around here 6 Jon Ludwig lets Dr Pepper odd Lfe to POD 44 I i 4 1 Libby Fitzgerald remembers Tm sup posed to be or a reams notch ' " 2 Lisa Glenn and Donna Doetch studying rhetr music 3 Dove Patterson says Come on. give me a break ' 4 ' lr nor only looks good — It runs " 5 ' Where s a tutor when need one? ' , soys John Froncavlllo. 6 Come on you guys — one of us has to remember the combination 7 We re just pretending to study 49 1 Angela Krouse and Lisa Conlen ger a Inch our of seeing on old picture of themselves 2 Tolh about special treatment for rhe senior doss president " J A nee stroll in rhe hots of PHN 4 " I ' m sorry, bur I can ' t agree with that . " soy Debbie Donacci. 5 Go Fish ' 6 Ruth Wiersma whistles while she works 51 54 55 3ad$ 1982-83 Deaths National News Princess Grace of Monaco Henry Fonda Leonid Brezhnev Stanley Holloway John Delushi Jack Webb Marty Feldman Paul Lynde Bess Truman Anna Freud LeRoy " Satchel ' ' Paige Paul " Bear ' ' Bryant Michael " E.T. " Billon Karen Carpenter Eubie Blake Ingrid Bergman Jn Sports Cardinals win World Series Darrell Porter " Most Valuable Player " HFL Strike Sugar Roy Leonard retires U of M loses Rose Bowl Hershel Walker wins Heisman Trophy r.v. M A S H’s last season Square Pegs Magnum vs Matt Houston People ' s Court Raiders of the Lost Art rake-offs Madame s Place Shogun Winds of War Valley-ism Oooo That ' s Scary! Rubik ' s Puzzles Arcades Ms. Pac-Man Donkey Kong Super Pac-Man Frogger Sweat Suits Let ' s Get Physical Jane Fonda ' s " Workout Book " Legwatmers Headbands Preppie shoelaces The black and white tuxedo look Hots Ghetto Blasters Beruit Massacre Tylenol Scare John DeLorean scandal Copy-cat drugs 1st Commercial Rocker Al Haig retires Threat on the Washington Monument Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Invasion of Queen Elizabeth ' s bedchamber Doonesbury comics end Nuclear Freeze talks MX missile Liz Taylor ' s trip to Israel 10% unemployment rate Jimmy Hoffa declared legally dead Drunk driving issue 50th anniversary of the Nazi Holocaust Computer named Machine of the Year " " Cats " on Broadway 10th anniversary of legal abortion Capital Punishment issue Cocal News Sailor Paul Trerice dies aboard USS Ranger Boardwalk Park Place burns Giuliani Murders Sonny Eliot leaves Ch. 2 Am way conflict with Canadian officials Sambo ' s becomes Denny ' s Harvest Table becomes Chintzy ' s Rotor Trial The Belle Beauvais Fund Governor Blanchard Jh Keview i Movies ET The Year of Movie Sequels Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan Halloween II Friday the 13th part III (In 3D) National Lampoon Reunion Trail of the Pink Panther Rocky III Airplane II Don ' t Forger Conan, The Barbarian Creeps how Firefox Six Pack Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip Deathtrap Night Shift Jinxed Pink Floyd: The Wall Also An Officer and a Gentleman Poltergeist My Favorite Year The World According to Garp Best Friends 46 HRS. Tootsie Peter Pan First Blood The Toy The Dark Crystal Honky Tonk Man Kiss Me Goodbye The Verdict Music Bittersweet Alley (BSA) Loverboy The Bruiser Bond Hart Plaza Concerts Marshall Crenshaw The Who Farewell Tour The GoGo ' s Asia Men at Work Stray Cats Funk Music The Time Prince Motown ' s Marvin Goye Ozzy Osbourne gets o haircut The Doobie Brothers split up CKL W — 1st AM stereo radio station WLLZ. Ch. 56 and The Bear WABX changes its format WOR W goes Jazz John Cougar Billy Joel Bob Seger fires his guitarist 6 drummer Chicago Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney Alabama Lionel Richie Paul Davis (Key Largo) Daryl Hall and John Oates Adam Ant Personalities Eddie Murphy The MacKenzie Brothers Wayne Gretzky Pia Zodora Liz Taylor Prince Andrew and Koo Stark Roquet Welch Christie Brinkley Richard Pryor Richard Gere Goldie Hawn Garfield Andy Rooney David Letterman Dustin Hoffman Jessica Lange John DeLorean E.T. At PM.X Men of P.H.N. Colander Tennis and Golf reams go to State Competitions Tanya Crevier and her giant bask etball Garfield vs Smurf Penguin humor Mrs. Lyszok ' s teddy kidnapped The academic portion of school is definite ly the most imporronr port for it has the greatest impact on our future It is also the port of our education on which we spend the most rime Everyone has tried to make these difficult years os enjoyable os possible Between making good friends and helpful teachers, we oil hove sought ways to get by these hard rimes This year, maybe more so than the rest, teachers and students hove been working together It ' s the first rime in a number of years that the SAT and A C T rest scores hove risen noricobly Along with rest scores, school spirit is rising The Huskies are friendly and help is easier to get with Northern ' s expanding NHS tutoring pro- gram Students hove survived all of the pro- graming cutbacks, overloaded classes, and we ' ve actually come out on top of the situation i Yet during the course of the school year, most students do direct some of their rime to studying, cramming for inevitable exams, and preparing assignments Most students anxiously tools forward to graduation, a rime when all the studying is over — or least for a while Bur the rime spent in high school classes can never be forgotten, and that is why this section is devoted to those memories The odminsrrarton of Port Huron Northern High School seems to be come friendlier eoch year The ad mmisrrarive staff, headed by Principal Mr. William Pierce, our assistant Prin- cipals and counselors do o fantastic job of making all the students feel at home Mr. James Dickinson and Mr. James Goldsworthy, both assistant principals, do their best to keep our student population in line They serve up " okays " on blue slips, referee in troubled rimes between students, and check up on us throughout the day to make sure students are exact ly where we ' re supposed to be 1 Miss Patricia Austin, also an assistant phn- cipol, does wonders with the difficult task of scheduling the 1600-plus stu dents currently attending Northern Together with Mr. Pierce, our three assist ant principals work in general dis cipline areas, cafeteria and hall morn roring, and the evaluation of teachers to help create a more positive atmo- sphere in our own Husky educational center Administration 1 Mr. Goldsworthy is responsible for students with o lost name between M Z He deals with truants and dtsopknory problems 2 Miss Austin ralhng to o student about schedule changes 3 Mr. Dickinson, who a responsible for A L. also deals our dtsopknory ocnon to unruly students 4 Hoy Caspet. our E MLS representative addresses the Student Cound 5 Gary Glllhooley. President of the student body 6 The Student Council leans heovky on the advice of Mt. k. Miller, who gives o lot of time to the planning of assemblies and other special events 60 Student Council Our Srudenr Council is run in o democratic way so rhar each P H N student has equal representation Srudenr Council plans or approves oil dances, assemblies, and social events of which Northern is a port Every homeroom has an elected representative who enters rhe library every Thursday with other coundl members to discuss and moke decisions on various ideas that affect everyone or Northern Each year rhe Srudenr Council constitution is revised to reflea rhe ideab of current council members At rhe nucleus of rhe coundl (advised by Mr. Richard Miller) is rhe 18-member Executive Doard Executive Doard members ore nor chosen by eleaion, bur are appointed by rhe presidenr and rhen approved b rhe entire council This year ' s officers of Srudenr Council are Presidenr Gary Gillhooley ond Vice Presidenr Rob Ross. 61 English Mr. J. Canjeml Mrs. D. Doan Mrs. J. Fischer Mrs. M. Lyszak Miss K. Meyer Mrs. K. Pettibone Pott Huron Norrhern s English Deporrmenr has courses designed ro meer rhe needs and desires of every high school srudenr We have classes on every level (including remedial, college prep and advanced placemenr) so rhar every srudenr con odvonce or o pace educahonally profitable ro him English courses, heoded by Miss Ruth Meyer, include Reading, Composition, Speech, Psy chotogy, Droodcosring, ond Lirerorure All of rhese dosses help ro odd o new dimension of communication ro every Husky ' s life 62 1 Sieve Howard shows ha dazel in from of the comero 2 Chrlsrol Chlcone soys ' Where do I Starr? " 3 When Becky Drag- miller rote, people taren 4 Elaine Anrer me s ro ovoid rhe camera m Engbsh doss 5 Jill Gillhooley dreams of a great week end t Mr. Larry Miller soys " rhoughr I rold you guys nor sir on rhe desk 63 64 Math Mr. E. Dlynn Mr. R. Davey Mr. M. Dineen Mr. R. Fochrman Mr. G. Jamison Mr. R. LoOelle Miss M. Neil Mr. S. Renner Mr. R. Talladay Mr. P. Woods School may be o problem for some people, bur Northerns ' Morh Deporrmenr helps ro solve those ' ' Problems ' ‘ for oil of our srudenrs Mr. Stan Renner is rhe head of this deporrmenr, which offers courses directed or people with mathematical capabilities or remedial, basic and college prep levels Algebra, Geometry, Trigenomerry and Advanced Morh ore just four of rhe courses that assist hundreds of srudenrs with reol-life prob- lem solving I f fc cr oats + or cgs = C IW- ' 2 Oarr a r s ye? -. -r. • ur tr tr o ore jo 2 «fcr- «k ar s» Tctt ffrr t a « 3 t«- i Cmrfy «atrfoi «vi; -ors 5 »r V jo® -Tenr : c •» 7 ' XTe jocr ; ' l «jr 3 »-rai:«u 3 :w Mr. R. Anderson Mr. R. Clark Mr. I. Closeman Mr. S. Coughenour Mr. J. Dickey Mrs. J. Eastman Mr. F. Green Mr. D. Hanton Mr. C Meeker Mr. R. Miller Mr. G. Pike Mr. I. Rutkofske Mr. C. Smith I Mr Smith just coled on Jeff Waters for News pants 2 Mr. Young explaining risings rc Greg Rusch. 3 Mr. Meeker soys ' GET SEIVOUS 1 4 Scon Schram a rhtnkng hard 5 Brenda Heering loves dang newspomrs 6 Belinda Heler having fun m her history class 66 Social Studies Social Srudies is o viral parr of every Americans ' education There ore rhree required Social Srudies courses or Northern As o freshman, one is promptly enrolled in Civics, o course rhor explains rhe how ' s and why ' s of our judicial sysrem Juniors auromoricolly experience two full semesters of American History, during which they find our oil rhe derails regarding rhe development of this fine democratic narion Prob- lems of Democracy, a special course saved jusr for Seniors, reaches all aspects of economics, stocks, bonds, and current political and social issues Social Srudies courses at Northern . . . teaching our youth to accept and solve rhe social, economic, ond our world 67 Science Mr. T. Blackney Mr. W. Morrison Mr. 6. Nesbitt The American Heritage Dictionary defines science as the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural pheno- mea Port Huron Northerns ' Science Depart menr, headed by Mr. Stan Renner, pro- vides on excellent chance for any student to expand his scientific horizons. This years ' cur ficulum indudes everything from Earth Sd- ence to Health Science to Physics ' Students have the chance to participate in exdring experiments, daring dissections, and educa- tional trial and error investigations through dosses offered at Northern 68 Mr. J. Dickey . Deportment Head Mr. D. Armstrong Mr. J. Dates Mr. C. Dohlke Mr. R Elliott Physical Education . . . dreaded in junior high . . . anticipated m high school days! This department, headed by Mr. James Dickey, caters to the physical needs of most high school teens The male jocks usually choose Weights and Agility as their physical education elective Female students rend to lean more in the direction of Nutrition and Body, a course that reaches proper health mainten- ance along with body contouring Physical fitness and health care ore emphasized in Northerns ' Physical Education curriculum, of- fered to students in any grade Physical Education 1 Dan Palmateer giving it Ns all 2 Jeff Barrett pumping iron 3 Tom De wey is showing Ns sphnmg obiry 4 " Look or me. I ' m strong, ” soys Donna Repp 5 Tina concentrates on rhe btrde 6 Jocelyn Lambe: " Watch rNs guys 1 " 71 1 Tim Carrier struggles ro quench he rhrsr 2 Srudenrs m rhe school srore rry ro figure our how much change someone should get 3 All righr Typing 1 students, keep your eyes on rhe book A Ms. Knapp $ OencalSreno Dlock doss climbs rhe ladder ro success 5 Mr. Gable, Co-op Drecror says If you need o job. just come ond see me 6 Before seeing Mr. Goble, you ore bound ro fmd Angie Wessel carering ro your needs 72 business Education The Business Education deportment is headed by Mr. Edward Tinsley. In this deportment, Typing 1, 2, 3. and 4, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Retailing-Marker tig. Sreno-Clericol Block, and Office Practice Related classes are offered to students or Port Huron Northern. In Typing 1 and 2, students learn the basic method of rypmg The advanced typing classes stresses the importance of business letter typing and increased speed The main purpose of Shorthand 1 and 2 is to reach the students the basic strokes of shorthand and dictation In Bookkeeping, you learn how to keep a journal, ledgers and balance sheers The Retailing- Marketing classes ore for those students who wish to go into the business field. Students in Retailing are allowed to work in our school store The Sreno-Clencal Block dass reaches students basic office skills Also, in this dass you learn to arrange parries Finally, the Office Practice Related dass is for seniors who wish to go on Co-op The students further their office skills by being in on office environment 73 The Deco Club, which has ro do wirh rhe distribution of goods, is headed by Mr. White ond Mr. Goble. Another dub or Northern is rhe D.O.E.C., which sronds for Business Office Educorion Club. This dub por ricipores in local, regional, ond store compe- titions m many office shills 1 Profile of Dave Patterson. 2 Debbie Trudell — whor a pose! 3 Theresa Poirier — a member of Deco Club 4 Lou Hall ond Jeanne Den- nett listening intently 74 Special Education Pott Huron Norrhern is proud of ir ' s Special Educonon program, and has ev- ery right ro be Special Ed classes give special arrennon ro srudenrs who learn better or a less pressured poce Also. Special Ed gives those srudenrs with spe- cific learning disabilities the help they need ro excel despite their handicaps 1 Srudenrs n Mrs. Rlesbecks class worhng 0 More srudenrs working on several sub ecrs n hard 2 Loots whor you made me do 1 Mrs. Rlesbeck ' s doss 75 Band The Porr Huron Northern Bond is an excel- lent example of rhe finest young musicians the Blue Water Area has to offer Under rhe superb direction of musician Mi chael G. Schwalm. rhe band has become a respect ed competitive musical organization. After football season, rhe marching bond is divid- ed into a pzz band, wind ensemble, and a symphonic band, which perform several rimes during rhe school months. This year rhe wind ensemble and marching bond traveled to Virginia where it compered in rhe Apple Blossom Festival The bond also tries to be present at all school pep assem- blies to ossisr in rhe stimulation of school spirit among students and faculty. Take rime our to observe the PHN bonds ond experience rhe talents of your peers I 1 Lisa Duncal concenrroring on her music 2 Tom Kinsman rhe Drum Major 3 Band members whtsrle while they worts 4 Heather Kucsera ond Cheryl Kell in rhe woodwind section Mr. Schwalm 76 The Norrhern Choirs have been around for some rime now The Norrhern Choirs have been well known by rheir concert perfor- mances, comperirions and rours This years Choir director is Mrs. More I Culver. She reach- es 2 classes in rhe morning or P H and 3 dosses here in rhe afternoon This class, jusr like any other doss, is hardworking and achieves rheir best m making on excellent choir 1 Mrs. Culver dreers rhe char 2 Tina and Sharon sharing a piece of music 3 Some of rhe gris in Char smgag zealously 4 The Char is practicing rheir vowels 77 Monte Economics Home Economics prepare srudenrs for life by reaching such skills as cook ing and sewing which readies a stu- dent for life on rheir own In cooking new dishes and rhen sompUng whar rhey hove mode Srudenrs con save money on dorhes by creanng rheir own unique fashions in sewing doss Orher srudenrs make such rhings as pillows, blonkers and rugs in crearive needle work class 1 Libby Fitzgerald concentrating hard 2 Cherly Quitter says, " I don ' t rhmk you want ro rry rhis 3 Brian Nowak arracks some handy wrap Mrs. N Ditzmger 78 Art An offers srudenrs a chance ro ex press rhetr creativity in pointing, drawing, sculpture and other crofts An con be o relaxing, fun and stimulating hour owoy from tedious dosses Several srudenrs ore working hard ro gam experience for o career in rhe on field For many, An class s a new, creative experience 1 Jodi Thorn ion rhe Home thrower 2 Aliso Ceck- owski Sing rhe doy owoy J Jim Ingram says " I ' m gong ro draw a horse whor ore you gong ro draw? ' ' 79 language Port Huron Northern has a wide selection of dosses available to rhe students Among those classes are three foreign languages — French, German and Spanish Mr. Ryskewecz instructs hopeful French students, Herr Norman reaches German, and our own conquistador Mr. Ahearn reaches students all about rhe Spanish language 1 Chris Kreiner one Lisa How e smile bright whde studying rhe r Spanish 2 Hen Norman and Jim Ingram carry on a numerous conversation n Per man ,j Mike Ellsworth discovers thar French is no laughing matter Kitchen Aid And Custodians This is rhe second year rhor Mrs Jamison has worked os rhe heod of rhe kitchen staff Her staff consists of ten workers These ladies nor only prepare rhe lunches for Northern bur they prepare rhe lunches for nine intermediate schools and one other high school Their day begins at 6 00 a m and does nor end until 200pm Right along with our kitchen help is our wonderful custodian men who help m keeping this school clean and in good working conditions John Stem is rhe head custodian of both rhe night and day shift AH together Mr Stein has nine men working for him The day shift works from 700 am to 3 30 pm, and rhe night shift works from 3 00 pm to 11 00 pm The custodians do everything from cleaning up food after lunches to repairing important functions rhar keep this school running smoorNy 1 Margaret Setter pun her hearr nro cooking 2 Deo Zimmer concentrates on her job. 3 John Stein and Devil eye really overly exored about their job 1 Wood Shop doss m ocnon 2 One smol sip ... 3 Goohng oft agon 1 Dennis Dodge warchmg orensly 5 Karen Smith dong her homework 6 A furore Picasso getting ha s tort 7 Dan Seklar ond John Robinson work tng on o pro ecr Mr D. Pearson Mr. D. Baker Mr. L. Esterline 82 This year ' s Industrial Arts Classes ore very interesting They include Auto Shop, Wood and Metal Shop, and Power Mechanics The students learn the necessary skills to be- come craftsmen and use these skills to ex pond their knowledge in Industrial Arts. They master the various power tools and techniques used to improve their final pro- ducts Auto Shop introduces the fundamen- tals of repairing and restoring the outo- mobile Wood and Metal Shop encourages the students to use a variety of woods and other materials Power Mechanics reaches students rhe proper use of power tools ond other types of machinery These classes ore undersrondably enjoyed by all who porrid- pore in them 83 Exchange Students This year Port Huron Northern has eight ex- change students Some of the countries represent ed ore Greece, Australia, Denmark, and West Germany Families in the area rake in these stu- dents for the rime they ore here These students have the chance to compare their schools and customs from afar to the ways here We at North- ern hope these students have on educational and enjoyable stay. 1 Sandra Hozewlnkel showing off her Delgion chorm 2 Tim Barrett trying ro figure our one of his new American reochers 3 Front Dow Sandra Hozewlnkel. Leonne Tricky. Anrje Griem. Dock How Tanja Ohm. Tim Barrett. Edwin Bljl. Jens Klausen. Pano Kouros 84 National Honor Society The Notional Honor Society is composed of upper doss men with a high grade pant overage The advisor of rhe group is Mr H Duckowski The NHS recognizes highly schotosnc srudenrs These srudenrs extend rheir knowl- edge by ruroring those who request help Tutoring is done during homeroom in rhe library These helpful srudenrs of today will be rhe outstanding arizen ' s of tomorrow 1 The Notional Honor Society 2 The fiH 5 officers — Dyonn Sompsell. Secretary Andrea Wine. President Karen Anderson. Vice President Beth Burgess. Treasurer 3 Dyonn Sompsell and Kathy Tolaskl rohe time to pose for our photographer 85 worn - WOR W-FM is on educorionol public radio srorion beared in rhe hearr of Northern FM 919 is managed by Robert D. Trapp and operated cooperatively by the students of Port Huron Northern and Port Huron high schools WOR W broadcasts year-round eoch weekday, September through May from 7 a m. through 10 30 p.m. and June through August from 9 a m through 3 p m. In order to become on active parr of WOR W, a student must successully complete both one semes- ter of speech and on interview with Mr. Trapp. After gaining experience as an announcer, those competent and well-quali- fied students may be chosen to become a port of rhe manag- ing and decision-making WOR W Executive Board. Positions on this board indude Program Director Noreen Fenner, News Director Lisa Bonner, Musb Director Heather Kucsera, Assis rant Musb Director Andrea Kern. Co-Sports Directors John Ange and Chuck Hawkins, and Production Manager Suzln Cimbora. Being a port of WOR W provides h valuable exper- ience and encouragement to those interested in a career in rhe fieb of Communbarbns. Several former students have mode respected and repurobb names for themselves b rhe communbarions business partly due to rhe knowledge and experience gained from being on ocrive parr of rhe WOR W broadcasting family WOR W-FM 919 ... rhe Blue Water Area ' s premier publb rodb station provided as a listening alternative by the Port Huron Area School District. Computers Mi. R. Trapp Mr. 6. Jamison A rebhvety new class, rhe Computer Awareness course, has gained a br of popubr iry Whib sriU b rhe experimental stages, rhe doss is showing very promising results The class covers computers on all sides History, bgb, binary math, and rhe computer bnguoge BA SIC are all covered in one semester Mr. Ja- mison hopes to expand rhe class b rhe near future to indude several new computers ' Drafting Electronics Skills learned in PHN ' s drafting dosses could open several doors in rhe business world Stu- dents begin in rhe mechonicol drawing course, which is o study of basic mechonicol drawing fundamentals such os dimensions, sections, pec- torals, orthographic projections auxiliary views The second yeor covers technical illustrations and more ' Students con choose either o one or two yeor drafting occupations course where topics such os architectural models, exploded views ond derail drawing’s ore investigated Ik. Mi. R. Anderson Mr. 6. Pogel This program covers rhe basic AC- DC theory of OHM ' s low through maintenance ond evaluation of var- ious types of electronic signal transmis- sion There ore lows, formuob ond instrumentation rhor support rhe key concepts needed for rhe further study of electronics for rhe students going on to electronics related occupations Electronics occupations is o one or two yeor course in which rhe student leorns rhe theory ond application of A M ond E M modulation systems, rhe construction, resting, design, ond theory, of various types of electrical signal transmission To guarantee on ‘A " in electronics occupations, one con pass o second doss Federal Com- munications Commission Commercial License 87 — Study Mall An overflow ofsrudenrs has called for o study hall ro be Inserted into most everyone ' s schedule These " holding ranks " , os they ore offecrionarely known by PH A S D administrators, are sup- pose ro be places where students con complete homework assignments, although most play cords, car nap, or write letters. A lor of whor a student does in study hall is determined by the teacher Some teachers ore lenient and allow the students ro talk while others ore very stria and have the students do homework or sir silently oil hour 1 Everyone n study hoi wots orvaousiy for the be i 2 Jeff Rome just can ' t seem ro remember rhe name of rhor bools 3 Miss D. Boyd head bbranon Cibrary The Library is on essential port of our school Materials for personal pleasure reading or for assignment research can be found in our media center Miss D. Boyd and her aids ore always willing ro help students find necessary reading materials Micro ftche, audio visual equipment, and filmstrips along with written material are available ro Northern students. Skill Center The Skill Cenrer offers several programs such as Healrh core. Construction, and Business Office Cluster Many of Normern ' s stu- dents ore enrolled in these pro- grams so they may gain exper ience in the area in which rheyd like to work The progrom of Inter - mediate School District (CD) is avail- able to Juniors and Seniors of oil area high schools The students at- tend the skill cenrer for 3 hours a day, gaining 6 semester credits a yeor All together there is a total of 29 courses offered or the skill cenrer 1 V hor s cooking, Steve? 2 Ir ' s nor hard. now s t My mo? 3 Don Paimateer, how was your rest? 89 Spirit A lor of rime and effort was poured into this yearbook The jobs of the yearbook sroff included working long hours ofrer school, selling odver risemenrs, and meering deadlines Patience and o sense of humor ore o musr for this doss, bur ir is oil worth while — V- — r- (FRONT TO BACK) ROW ONE: Elaine Dec — Newspaper Ediror Noreen Fenner — Ediror Lisa Smith — Academics, and typing Beth G rase I - Student Life Ediror, and ocodemics Lisa Shovon — Assr Ediror, and ocodemics Sue Collins - Senior Co-Ediror, and darkroom coordinator Shawn Wahl - Underclassmen Co- Ediror ROW TWO: Pam Sol insky — Business Manager, and ocodemics Lisa Sig low — Academics, and student life Jill Stroud — Acodemics, ond index Scott Green — Academics Lisa Bon- ner - Copy Ediror, ond typing Anna Sovolle - Senior Co-Ediror, ond ocodemics Sandy Norman — Photographer Sandy Lam- bert - Assr. Copy Ediror, ond ocodemics ROW THREE: Mr. Wright — Advisor Angie Sturdevan — Soles Manager, typing, ond ocodemics Danielle Parsons — Underclassmen Co-Ediror, ond ocodemics Laura Martin — Introduction o nd rirle page Teresa Cain — Srudenr Life and academics Rika Ross — Junior divider, ond freshmen Margaret Sosnowski — Acodemics, ond girls sporrs ediror Michelle Harris — Advertisement Manager, freshmen, ond sophomores ROW FOUR: Doug Varga — Aca- demics. ond darkroom Dave Smith — Academics Steve Ten- n is wood - Photographer, sporrs ediror, ond darkroom Rod Burdick - Boys Sporrs Ediror, ond ocodemics Eric Stevens - Photographer Ediror, ond darkroom Corey Young — Acodemics ond faculty ediror John Rich — Photographer ond darkroom NOT PICTURED: Bill Wilton — Phorogrophy Coordinator ond darkroom Ms D Whirford Ms. J. Willard ■ We hove five counselors or Port Huron Nonhern Their days ore consranrly busy helping students schedule or work our orher problems They also help o srudenr decide ond apply ro rhe college which they wish ro orrend ofrer rheir high school years ore over The secretaries also ploy on important port in our school ' s staff They hove many jobs ro orrend ro in o days work Such os keeping srroighr who ' s here ond who ' s nor, plus, helping our our Ms. H. Albert Ms. L. Dagger (nor shown} Ms. M. Tett (nor shown) Counselors Secretaries • r Mr. A. Morehead Mr. G. Dunbar Mr. A. Mattson Mr. H. Duckoski Mr. D. Soule ossisronr principles ond counselors 91 Wirh sporrs now bock or Northern, arh teres are trying ro regain rhe school ' s pasr srrengrhs Over rhe post two years foorboll. reams, baslserball, girts and boys, golf, base ball, softball, track and field and some new dubs, along wirh rhe familiar ones of rhe pasr years, have joined rhe orhleric roster The old clubs, such os bowling and ski dub ore still going strong wirh many new mem bers Some of rhe new clubs ore rhe Trap club and rhe Equesrrion club The success of our reams in rhe future depends largely on having sports every year ro give rhe younger parricipanrs ex penence for rhe vorsiry squads Hopefully. Northern con build rhe present rolenrs and rum them mro winners like rhe post reams have been Sporrs are parr of rhe educo rionol process in school, and they will always be Though, winning isn ' r everything, and losses musr be token in srnde Being port of o Husky ream helps ro develop a positive arrirude rowords sporr events — won or lost Var sity football This year ' s Varsity Football ream hod on overall season record of 3-d Northern ' s squad began the year slowly because of lock of experience, bur as the season progressed, rhey polished up their defense and brought home three well deserved wins The Vorsity squad was mode up of 36 players and three coaches Of the 36 players two received honors by being selected os oil oreo and oil EML players They were Erich Schiemon and Jim Madaus. There are four annual awards given to outstanding players of each season This year’s awards and winners were Port Huron Exchange Oub — Coprans Award. Steve Howard. Jim Madaus, ond Harlow Meno. Fred McElroy — Sportsmanship Award Dave Morcero. Hustling Senior A word Jeff Tallmadge. And the Kurt Edie — Most Valuable Player Award was received by Jim Madaus. The coaches ore looking forward to o very success ful 198 3 season with the r eturn of 18 letter winning underclassmen and much more experience i From How Jett Tollmadge. Steve Howard. Don Garijo Dave Card. Erich Schieman. Harlow Meno. Dave Marcero. Jim Modaus. Brent Barber. Carl Woods. Doug MocToggert Bob Souvereen. Second How Coach Bares, Coach Armstrong. Dove Mrozek King Thomason. Paul Smith. Mike Morgan. Bob Wiley. Tim Jobbitt Rob Ross. Mike Fretenborough Charles Bolar Phill Strevett. Coach Dohlke Third How - Jeff Steinhouer Chuck White Steve Sullivan. Chris King. Bill Wahl. Brian Austin. Greg Perry. Tracy Nesbitt. Brad Brown. Tom Truske Richard Stone. Tom Smith. Dave Steinhouer. Ross Squires. Mike Morrison. 1 The Huskies " Fee Up ' before a t ? gome 2 A picture perfect hondoff to Charles Bolar from hrs Gkjarrerback J Quarterback Jim Madaus fakes a pitch ond drops back 4 Coach Armstrong ond his group of " fine boys 5 Quarterback Jim Modaus rots out of the pocket 95 iwiiieaifl % 9 . V. football This year ' s Junior Vorsiry Foorboll ream hod on over-oil season record of rwo wins, six losses and one ne Northern downed rheir cross town rivols 72 They also tied Anchor Day. and bear Roseville 20-14 The squads strong point wos their running gome, which really showed during rheir rough bottles ogoinsr Anchor Day and Rose ville They hod o good season finish by only losing one of rheir lost three gomes Coach Dares is looking forward to work ing with these experienced young athletes next season I T Dorrom now — Jamie Joso Todd Jackson. Lorry Provost. Steve Coon. Mike Derden Tom Andrews. Jim On. Gory Kelly. John Fleer. Paul Groff. Second How — Cooch Rufkofske. Tom Rumley. Mark Willing. Mott Condlond. Kurt Fritz. Keith Ellis. Drent Armstead. Dor in Tock. Ho word Spencer. Cooch Woods. Thrd TKow — Mike French. Jeff Eoton. Roy Hudy. Dob Donczor. Mike George Mike Sloon. Drert Cuper. Chris Herber. Greg Trainer. Scott Abrohom. dreshmen football BOTTOM BOW Charles Beauvais. James Jefferson. Paul Johnson. Greg Mike Nlrschke TOP BOW Coach Honron. Dan Wilson. Jim Grom. John Johnson. Bren Kearney. Larry Davis. Tom Troy. Mike Green. Mike Bond. Scrlver. Mike Yorger. Jeff Stevenson. John Ely. Greg Srroh. Tim Monzo. Steve Dave Collins. MIDDLE BOW Par Carey, Scott McVeigh. Phil Porte. John Brewer. Coach Robinette. Coach Baker. Collins. Jim Foltz. Kevin Fletcher. Troy Comm. Joe Houle. Stephen Johnson. The 1982 season was The firsr to see a freshmen foorboll ream since 1979 Coach Honron worked diligenrly all season wirh this group of young orhleres, resulnng in a 2-41 record They hope rhor wirh rhe experience received rhis year, rhey can moke o successful junor vorsiry squad for nexr year Here rhe Husky s Phil Porte dashes for rhe endzone in ptcrure one The Husky boll corner mes ro our maneuver his opponent in picrure two i FRONT now ft Fiedler. J. Hager. S. Oberteln. T. Nesblrt. R. Oonney. T. Jobbirt. BACK ROW K. Thomason. C. King. R. Elliott. T. Truske. Coach Honton. ft Morehead. ft Komph. R. Cleary. M. Drown. The Varsity Basketball ream rerurned ro The courr rhis year with returning players from lasr years squad and others from lasr years JV ream Mr. D. Hanton was the coach Seniors Rich Cleary. Mike Drown, Ricky Donney and Tim Jobbirt led rhe ream throughout rhe year A lack of varsiry experience affected rhe ream as a whole Though, they dis- played a fine outside shooring arrack and good hustle up and down rhe courr Good ream spirit was also a fine point throughout rhe season fJV Basketball FRONT ROW T. Woodley, K Hoffman, M. Agulnoga 0. Nolan. C. Herber. BACK HOW B. Cupei. S. Coon. K. Fritz. K. Ellis. D. Ashford. M Condland S. Abraham, C. Blomquisr Coach Nesbitt. 1 Bob Nolan ante a lay up m good form 2 Todd Woodley up for rhe long jurrp shot The Junior varsity basketball ream displayed exceptional rolenr, considering most of The ream hod never ployed high school baskerboll before Mr. Gory Nesbitt was the coach, and he did o fine job wirh his young ream Todd Woodley, Dob Nolan. Durand Ashford, and Kurt Fritz were rhe our standing players and ream leaders throughout rhe season These players represent future baskerboll rolenr here or Norrh ern We wish rhem good success or rhe Varsity level 100 freshman FUST ROW Joe Raftary. Matthew Yonlk. Charlie McCorkle Robert Steward. Jay Gillespie. David Lomasney. DACK ROW Travis Woodley. Rod Shogena. Tim O ' Sullivan. Kevin Fletcher. Guy Adorns Greg Johnson. John Smith. Pat Carey. Coach Anderson. 1 Jay Gillespie purs up a shot over o Yole defender 2 Tim O ' Sullivan awaits a pass from Jay Gillespie. J Joe Raftery raises Ns aim. with a teammate ready for a rebound Freshman basketball once again rerurned ro rhe court this year after a long absence from the sports scene or Northern This years coach, Mr. R. Anderson, was pleased with rhe ream He said they hod good talent for o freshman ream The freshman ream represented rhe backbone of future basketball reams here at Northern 101 flow 1 Lori Gorinac. Kris Schlautmann, Shelly Doan. Anne Tollmodge. How 2 Coach Gordon D. Jamison. Joanne Schaeffer. Pot Kane. Alison Copping. Jane Pollmodei. Lynn Soule. Mary Wyckoff, Sandy Lambert. Tracy Vertese. Basketball is a high skill gome rhar requires many years of practice ro master This year ' s ream was very inexperienced with eight of twelve players underclassmen Bur in spire of our record, the varsity displayed what I consid- ered by Coach Jamison ro be “championship qualities, byolry, dedication, improvement, un- selfishness, and fun . " The overall record was 1- 16 The most valuable player was Joanne Schaeffer, and the captain was Anne Toll- modge. 103 Qirls jj. V. basketball _ Oaslserboll is a highly specialized sport that requires many years of practice and hard work to reach perfection No sport displays the gracefulness and beauty more than two well trained basket boll reams The comments from Coach Vettese regarding his ream this year were " The ream was fun to work with Even with our record, the girls never gave up and showed excellent sports- manship throughout the season Plus, if all the freshman rerurn next year, we should be a little more competitive, bur we just will nor have enough experience Without height, and o program in the intermediate schools, next year will be another rough year ” The leading scorers on the junior varsity team were Denise Frost - 87 prs, Kosondra Gunter - 58 prs and Laura Elliott - 53 prs Gris JV DosIserboK PHN 16 St Gar 39 PHN V Richmond 70 PHN K Imioy City 25 . PHN 23 Roseville 25 PHN 12 L Anse Crease North 53 PHN 10 East Detroit 60 PHN 34 Port Huron high 43 PHN 17 Mount Clemens 55 PHN 16 Grasse Pomte South 64 PHN 33 Anchor Day 51 PHN IP Roseville 26 PHN 9 L Anse Crease North 56 PHN 9 East Detroit 53 PHN 27 Port Huron Ugh 30 PHN 22 Mount Clemens 30 PHN 29 Grasse Poinre South 63 PHN 17 Anchor Day 60 now 1 D. Frost. L. Flllot, C. Gibbons. Row 2 K. Gunter. J. Wyllle. K. Warner, E. Witherspoon. C. Tennlswood. T. Wilkins. C. Downing. K. Kearns. D. Hawks. Coach Vettese Coaches FIRST now, left to nghr, Mi. Anderson — Freshman baskerbol and JV terms, Mr. Armstrong, Varsity football, Mr. Doker - Freshman football Mr. Dotes - Varsity football. Mr. Dolhke - Varsity football. 2nd DOW. left to right Mr. Davey — Varsiry sofrbal and voleybol. Mr. Elliott - Athletic dreao ■ Mr. Honton - Doys Varsity basketball and freshman foorbot Mr. Jamison - Grt Varsiry baskerbol Mr. Klink - Varsiry baseball 3rd nOW, left to nghr, Mr. J. Millet — Golf, Mr. L. Miller - JV voteybal, Mr. H. Miller - JV baseball, Mr. Nesbitt — Doys JV baskerbol and foorbot trainer, Mr. Rutkofske — JV foorbal, 4th DOW, left to nghr Mr. Vertese — Gris JV baskerbol. Mr. Woods. JV foorbot and track Mr. Wright — Varsiry terms FRONT ROW 5. Cole. G. Foltz. D. Deloy. J. Dent. K. Forquhor. L. Fitzgerald. K Radatz D. Baker. P. Boro w ski. J. Pormonn, BACK ROW Coach Klink. 5. Howe. C. Bolor. S. Mosurok J. Moduas. P. Wyckoff. E. Schiemon. B. Fiedler. D. McToggort. B. Dudo FRONT ROW K Hoffman. M. Horn. K. Fritz. M Horn. J. Barren. J. Armstrong. L. Burleigh. J Matthews. DAO ROW S. Foltz. J. Keslar. M. Morgan. B. Ketch. J. Brown. J. Madison. M. Coleman. Coach Miller. Lost year ' s JV baseball ream posted a 9 7 overall record agarnsr Eastern Michigan League reams and non onference reams The coach of rhe ream was Mr. Richard Miller. Team captains were Jim Armstrong and Scott Howe. Most valuable players of rhe ream were Jeff Dorrett and Jeff Keslor. Considering none of rhe ream members had ever played high school baseball before. Mr. Miller was pleased wirh rhe ream and rheir playing obliry During rhe year . many of rhe JV players were moved up ro rhe Varsity squad mdiconng rhe rolenr rhar was on rhe JV squod Mr. Miller hopes for rhe same rolenr for After a year wirhour sports, rhe Varsity baseball ream re- turned ro rhe diamond wirh good success Coach Kllnk s ream posted a 11 10 overall record Led by last year ' s seniors Paul Dorowskl and Dale Deloy. rhe ream displayed a strong hirnng arrack, dong wirh a hord-rhrowing pitching staff Steve Mo- surak and Erich Schiemon led rhe pitching arrack Hopefully, wirh Vorsiry experience from mosr of rhe ream, this year ' s ream con be rhe strong contender rhar ream ' s of rhe post have been rhis year ' s ream 107 Top row M. Ullenbruch. M. Lands hoot. K. Duquette. Coach R. Davey. K. Shier. K. Nuss. R. F re ten borough. J. Brown. Dorrom row M. Kolof A. Laming. D. Hoy. P. Kone. K. Motfe. N. Repp. L Barren. Qirl’s Softball, Quickness and accuracy explains sofrboll ro a ree Dose ball reams are winners when a nine man ream efforr is present and ro hove your full orrenrion and concenrrorion on rhe gome The Vorsiry arnrude helped rhe 1982 ream finish with a record 19 wins and 5 losses With rhe ream bodsing up rhe outstanding pitchers Renee Fretenborough, Laurie Dar- ren and Mr. Davey ' s coaching making ir complete The 1982 Junior Vorsiry softball ream was led by Coach Vettese. Most valuable pircher was Shelly Perod with 5 wins. 2 losses They ended rheir season 9 9 Even rhough they had a good coach and dor of ream effort, they did nor hove rhe type of season they expected 1 Can I open my eyes now? 2 A Huskie gemng ready rot ' ll me bol 3 And if s atari 4 Julie Drown n deep thought gemng ready ro run 5 Laura Phillips rets her opponent, " Thor bol s nor going ro pass me 1 " Dortom row: W Trentacosra. D. Frost. S. Perod. K. Gunther. C. Tenniswood. T. Phillips. C. Houston. J. Schaffer L. Phillips. L. Musselmon. K. Schlautmann. Top row K. Pettlnglll. L. Olford. L. Mercurlo. M. Laming. V. Snyder. Coach J. Vettese 109 Northern ' s 1982 Doys Track ream hod an impres s ve spring season They were 25 in rhe EML and 3-7 overall They had a very successful season even though rhere was a lack of depth in disronce and sprints The Port Huron Northern Relays was on excir ing event with Northern gaining 36 points and placing 6rh our of rhe 10 schools represented There were a few school records broken, induding one by John Davis. He threw rhe shot pur a fantastic disronce of 54 ' 10“ The Port Huron Northern Girls were lead by Andrea Kern in distance, and Deanne Stabinskl and Mary Wyckoff in sprints How 1 D. Messenger: D Moreheod: R Dostorer- J. Armstrong. M Pool: H. Meno: D. Tore D. Wiley: M Dlomquist. How 2 Coach Dohlke G. Anduloz- K. Kantrowitz: C. Lewan- dowski: S. Vanwormer: 0. Cuper: D. Steele ■ 5 . Tenniswood: D. Ashford: C. White: T. Woodley: D. Mitchell: S. Smith; C. King- Coach Woods. 110 Row 1 - D. Stobinski: M. Burns: L. Bowers: M. Hayden: Row 2 — M. Wyckoff: A. Jackson: M. Komph: R. Johnson: L. Fngelgau A. Laming: Row 3 — Coach Nesbitt: D. Repp: A. Kish: K. Anderson: S. Morgans: M Hanson: Coach Moser: Row 4 — J. Wich: K. Jobbitt: A. Kern. Ill Zennis Varsity Northern Opponents 7 Fkv Powers 0 7 Port Huron Hgh 0 5 Orosse Ponte North 2 . 7 Mr Clemens 0 7 Port Huron Hgh 0 7 Rochester Adams 0 7 Flrv Powers. 0 7 Mr Clemens 0 1 Grasse Ponte South 6 7 Lanse Crease 0 7 Loose Crease 0 1 Grasse Ponte South 6 Flushing tournament — 1st place Regional — 1st place State finals — 8th place DACK RO W Teresa Lucey. Tina Phillips. Sue Moore. Kris Morten. Teresa Coin. Cooch Al Wright. MIDDLE ROW Lynn McFIroy. Libby Fitzgerald. Mory Pottery. Shori Stratton. Tonjo Ohm. FRONT ROW Shannon Harkins. Sheila O ' Sullivan. Julie Maynard. Amy Ketrlewell. 112 Amor Varsity Northern Opponents 5 Aimonr (varsity) 7 Port Huron High 7 St Oar (vors ty) 3 FSnr Powers 7 Port Huron Ugh 4 Mr Clemens 1 7 Grasse Ponte South 0 3 Loose Creuse North 0 1 Crosse Ponte South 6 BACK now Antje Grlem Jennifer Lovett. Kristi Robinson Tracy Nicholson. Sarah Henderson. Coach Randy Anderson. MIDDLE ROW Sarah Chargor. Colleen Shev. nock. Trlna Llss. Lisa London, Toml Rodatz. WONT ROW Jenny Heck. Elaine Anter. Ginny Mook. Angle Llss. The Northern girls tennis ream proved to be very successful this year The varsity team compiled o 102 dud meet record and won the regional chompionships, quali- fying the ream for the Store finals in Midland The third doubles ream of Shari Straffon and Teresa Lu- ce y. who finished the season 21-1, led the ream to on eighth place finish at Stares Other reom high- lights indude a first place finish at the Flushing Inviranond Tourna- ment and a second place finish in the EML The reom finished the season ranking fifth in class A in the store The junior varsity ream also did well this year, finishing second in the EML and compiling a final 6-2 record 1 The amoztng duo Shari Straffon and Tere- sa Lucey — winning ogam 2 Senior Elaine Anter smashes a serve 3 Varsity and junior varsity players waring ro ploy or EML 4 Soph omore Kris Morten worming up or rhe net before a march 5 Mary Raftery concentrates as she prepares ro hr o forehand 113 OOOOM flow 1 Katie Hartnett. Ann Harrington. Jeanie Schoft. Lisa Oorovich. Sondi Ellis. Tracy Parrish. How 2 Joanne Schaefer. Shelly Schopp. Tracy Jaskoskl. Pam Harrison. Colleen Cook. Brandy Combos. Kathy Cart net. Coach L. Miller. nOW 1 J. Srommel J Semrow, V. Snyder. C. Oppliger. L. Mussulman. HOW - Manager L Goudreau. L. Gosger K Durand. L. Goudreau. P Harrison. K. Shier. J. Krouss. L. 6orinoc. Cooch « Davey. 1 Volleyball s a gome requiring speed, leaping ability ond endurance Few orb er sports require as much ream play as volleyball, and one cannot be sure of a victory until the last point is soared Coach Hon Davey comments, " be heve this ream is stronger and quicker than the years past They ore very hard workers, very enthusiastic ond have great ream spirit " There ore only three returning letter winners They are Lisa Goudreau, Pot Harrison ond Kristine Shier. The captains ore Seniors, Kristine Shier ond Junior. Lisa Gosger. The JV girls have also started their season on a winning note The coproins ore Joanne Schaefer, Ann Harrington ond Colleen Cook. Coach L. Miller comments on his ream " The girls have good ream sptnr and operore well as a ream, win or lose, they know it ts sriUjusr a gome. " With both reams in victory wirh their first gomes, it looks like a good season Thanks to coaches L. Miller ond H. Davey. Golf Scores PHN 173 Copoc 186 PUN 173 Marys vile 178 PHN 172 Sr OOr 170 PHN 200 GP South 221 PHN 216 P H High 215 PHN 211 Mr Oemens 209 PHN 196 Anchor Day 235 PHN 212 LC North 243 PHN 224 GP South 227 PHN 212 P H Ugh 218 pm 212 Mr Oemens 229 PHN 209 Anchor Day 255 PHN 199 L C North 221 FRONT now J. Corey. M Baker M. Morte, K. Smith. M. Hill. BACK ROW R Poulos. D Anter. M Yanlk. B Komph. D. Wilhelm. B. Boor. Coach J. Miller. The Port Huron Northern Huskie Golf Team finished rhe regular season wirh on impressive league record of 8 and 2, end on overall record of 10 and 3. The Most Valuable golfer for the ream this year was Brian Root, wirh rhe ream caprain being Dan Wil- helm. The Huskies were rhe EM L Dual-Meer co- champions. and rhe roumomenr champions They finished in fourth ploce in rhe Regional Meet, and rhey finished in eighreenrh place in rhe Srore Finals Orion Root became a member of rhe Times Herald all-area firsr ream, and Don Wilhelm was nomed ro rhe second ream Brian Root and Don Wilhelm were also voted as members ofrheEML All-League Team Bob Komph, Mott Baker, and Don Wilhelm were voted as members of rhe EML All-Tourno- menr Team Congrorubrbns on a pb well-done, Hus- kies ! 4 117 Ski Club Equestrian Zeam The Northern shi dub did nor hove ro good of o year due ro the weather Out in February the dub went ro Blue Mountain, Collings wood, Ontario The dub members were as followed G. Adams, T. Andrews, C. Beauvais. C. Benedict, M. Bond, K. Branch, 5. Brewer, J. Collins, W. Cooper, R. Debein, J. Digiuseppe, L. Digiuseppe. K. Ellis, J. Ely. K. Fletcher. J. Franco villa, J. Heck. S. Henderson. M. Hill. L. Houck, G. Hummel, B. Hutchinson, J. Jaso, B. Kearney. M. Kelly. L. Loshbrook. T. Lucas. A. Mac- kenzie. L. Martin. B. McCarty. H. Meno, D. Nicol, J. Ort, M. Papes. C. Petho. K. Robinson, B. Ryan, A. Schultz, J. Sepsey, L. Shink, M. Spillard. J. Sullivan. S. Tait. J. Taylor. W. Walter. Wayne Walter and Bob Young show us their sising ability Being Northern ' s first year with an Equestrian Team they did well, coming in second in the store Cindy Wilson is President and Tricia Lindsay is Vice President The ream members ore as follows Mark Eagle, Barb Moses, Kelli Branch, Kim Gordon, Brandy Gombos, Lisa Lockwood, Kelly McCrock, Becky Hutchinson, Lee Munro. Paul Ridell. and Andrea Yeilp. Kim Gordon and Tricia Lindsay show off there Horseman ship 118 fowling Club Trap Team This year ' s bowling dub was led by many fine bowlers Mr. Richard Miller was rhe league advisor The league met on Mondays or Dow I Ar The Bridge The league consisred of eight reams, each of which was compering for trophies ar rhe end of rhe year High overage, high series and high gome rrophies were also compered for rhroughour rhe season The above pictures show Shawn Cole and Rod Burdick displaying rheir best form The Trap Team was newly formed rhis year The advisor of rhe group was Mr. E. Tinsley. The ream hod mosr of rheir marches ar rhe Dlue Warer Sportsman ' s Club Scott Scheonrock, was one of rhe top trap shoorers rhis year Firsr ream members, shown above, include Jim Kuehn, Scott Scheonrock, Mike Wilc- zynski, Bill Schroeder, and Dole Sanders. 119 Ckeerleading Row 1 Kelly Farquhar, Lisa DiGiuseppe. Jennie Dent, Jody Wilson. Row 2 Anne Morie Schultz. Darlene DeLoy, Liso Bouchard. Tino Yarbrough. Row 3 Mike Morrison, Jeff Ber- ube. Tom Kerr. Rick George, Steve Beebe. Row 4 Mr. La- Belle, Bob Wiley, Harlow Meno. Alrhough cheerieoding con be rewording and tors of fun, ir is also very hard work Each member of Northern ' s cheerieoding squad is required ro orrend oil rhe practices, gomes, ond o sum- mer comp This year rhe squad consists of borh girls and guys The guys rake port in oil rhe cheers ond mounts The advisor for rhis years cheerieoding squad is Mr. La Belle. Coprains of rhe squads ore Lisa DiGiuseppe of rhe vorsiry ond Jenny Madaus of rhe junior vorsiry Row 1 Chris Petho, Anne Marie Pelc. Suzanne Banning. Krystal Chicone. Shelly Betts. Row 2 Jenny Madaus, Nancy Gahns, Yvette Bourdeau, Christ i Symington. 120 flow 1 Michelle Kriet. Dawn Rich. Tina Bright. Jackie Bright. Kathy Grobblt. Tammy McDonald, flow 2 Dawn Kenny. Shelly Scha trier. Cindy Hamden. Deona Stones. Mary Beth Wiley. Diana Olor. ' Drill Zeam — The Drill Team is a lor of hard worts and is very strict The girls musr arrend rhree practices a week and comperiron Ar comperi non rhe girls compere ogoinsr orher drill reams from rhe district They also perform or oil home basketball gomes The advisor of rhis years drill ream is Mrs. Olor. Coproin is Diane Otar, ond co- coprom is Deona Stones. 121 juniors Many juniors felr rhar rheir ' s was on ideal year They didn T hove rhe pressure of POD and groduorion, nor rhe frustration and con- fusion of rhe freshmen The Juniors wouldn ' t ler anyone push rhem oround They kept rheir spinr and en- thusiasm flowing throughout rhe year Be couse of their energy, they mode o spec r ocular second ploce wall Their rheme was Peter Pan The Juniors did on outstanding job in rhe Mordi Gros gomes, they ploced second in rhe gomes otso The juniors used every bit of energy to try and win They were only three points shy from winning rhe gomes, unfortunately nor enough to grab rhe barrel owoy from rhe seniors The juniors class advisors ore Mr. Nesbitt and Mrs. Lyszok. They both hod and gave olor of spirir along with rhe juniors, rhey cheered rhem ond struggled ro win wirh them The juniors ore memorable for rheir posi- tive orrirude toward life ond rheir enrhusi- osm {Junior . Honors 1 This yecrs Juniors got second pkxe for rhee wot. which come from the wet known movie Peter Pan. 2 Junior doss officers are Sarah Chargor. Treasurer Sara Troy. President. Mary Beebe. Secretary. andUsa Gosger. Vice PresxJenr 3 The Junior nominees for Queens Court are (rop row) Sarah Chargor. Jennifer Srommel. Tracey Nicholson, Michelle Dionne. Sara Troy: (rrudcSe row: Mary Jo Gahns. Laurie Barrett: dot rom row) Jeri Ly nn Kollsh. Jody Wilson, Belinda Heier. 126 Cormello Aguinogo Timothy Ainsworth William Ainsworth Jeffrey Akers Angelina Amador Michael Ames Lauretta Andrews Douglas An ter Drett Armstrong Clarence Armstrong Stephanie Armstrong Suzanne Arnold Undo Artmon Joey Atkinson Kelly Dailey Daniel Da I dock 127 Success Susan Bonin Christopher Dorgerson Ronald Borkowski Karen Botelho Lisa Bouchard Douglas Bowers Cindy Bradford Bradley Brown John Brown Randolph Brown Sarah Brown Scott Buckley Rodney Burdick Lynda Burgetr Christine Burgos Louello Burns Maureen Burns Michelle Corey Connie Carpo Kenneth Cenci Sarah Chorgot Mike Clary Bryan Colemon Mark Coleman Mike Coleman Stephanie Collinge James Cook Walter Cooper Melissa Cope Alison Copping James Cox Rhonda Crawford Scott Crawford Lorle Cureton William Cusac Michael Dolton Timothy Dandron Tomra Dovey Robert Davis Mario DeJong Diane DeLourier Darlene DeLoy Todd Devoney Brenda Deview Michelle Dionne Shelly Doan Donna Doetsch Joseph Donnelly Gayle Dortmon De Wayne Downing Becky Drogmlller Andy Drouillord Brian Duda Lisa Dunkle Christopher Dupont Catherine Durand 129 Assurance Mark Eagle Melissa Easton Robert Elfert Jim Elliort Robert Elliott Susan Ely Drenda Esterline Dagny Evenson Jonathan Falk Jennifer Farnsworth Kelly Forquhat Scott Farquhar Donna Fields Mary Fincher Karen Flanigan T ravin Foglesong Steven Foltz Amy Forstner Kevin Frobls Alissa Francisco Stephen Frasier Debbie Frerenborough John Frizzle David Fry Sandy Fuller Becky Furness Brian Furness Mary Jo Gonhs Julie Gores Gail Genna 130 lull Germano Vickie Gerus Michael Gibbs Kim Gibson Angela Glermon Margaret Gllleran Lisa Gillis Lisa Glenn Theresa Goetze Lori Gorinoc Lisa Gosger Lana Grabbltt Julie Gray Robert Grebenok Robert Green Angie Grlem Kelly Griffin Thomas Griffith Robert Gross Suzonne Grouerre Joyce Gutierrez Todd Gwlsdola Melinda Hacker Thomas Haggerty Tracy Hagle John Hall Keith Hall Mark Hall Pamela Holl Mike Hansen 131 132 Lorno Holland Michelle Hamden Morion Harris Michelle Hotrts James Hortson Franklin Hawkins Marjorie Hoyden Carrie Heldemonn Belinda Heler Brenda Henderson Andrew Higgins Susan Hlllaker Mary Hoag Chris Hoerger Eric Hood Matthew Horn Michael Horn Deborah Horton Timothy Howard Scott Howe Doris Hoy David Humphries Cynthia Huston Walter Hyslop Terry Isaac Donald Jockson Carolyn Johnson Jon Johnston Karen Jonas Jane Jones V Kenneth Joslln Jert Lynn Kollsh Susan Kosdorf Frederick Kelley Molly Kercher Michael Kimball Heather Kindred Sharon King Maureen Kish Jens Klousen Christina Knowles George Kolmon Kobert Komph Michael Koon Michael Kovach Tina Kozlowskl Kimberley Kraffr Julie Krouss Katherine Kroll Kipp Lafferty Monika Laming Steven Lawrence Brian Leds worth Danny Leds worth Tommy Leonard Craig Lewandowskl Alan Lonczowskl kobert Lading ton Scott Lysoght Jacqueline MocMillon 133 yesterdays Andrew Maes Christina Maes John Majeske Denise Majeskl Wendy Marcozzi Kelley Martin Scott Martin Timothy Motteson James Maxon Kendo Maxwell Julie Maynard Kyle McCalmon Reeky McCarty Glenn McCombs Shelly McCoy Robin McForlane Timothy McKee ver Heather McLone William McMahon Michael McRoberts Lisa Mercurlo Dole Merrill Lynerre Mettz Theresa Middleton Darlene Miller Tammy Miller Deth Minnie ' Dreams William Mitchell Virginia Moak Kevin Monzo Noreen Monzo Paul Moore Karen Morden Michael Morgan Michelle Morris Michael Morrison Darlene Mory Barbara Moses Steven Mosurak Kilo Mosure Wendy Moulton Lynne Musselman Michael Myron Myrna Nolanga Anne Nebel Tracy Nesbitt Tracy Nicholson Eddie Norman Sandra Norman Thomas Northrop Colleen O Boyle Darrin O ' Donnell Colleen O ' Ha re Michael O ' Neil Sheila O ' Sullivan Tomorrows, Tonjo Ohm James Oksck Dionne Oksr Undo Oldford Cynthia OppUger Sean Oslln Ann Peacock Dale Perry Gregory Perry Kimberley Persondek Brad Perlpren Scon Perrenglll Christine Phillips Laura Phillips Sylvia Pletcher Jane Pollmodel Joel Ported Karen Porren Mark Porren Ronald Poulos Donald Price Ralph Quandt Teresa Quinn Clay Radford Lorlnda Rodlgan David Raveschot Monhew Reed Angellque Reese 136 future Gary Regan Debbie Reid Altonzo Reyna Linda Rhody Connie Rich Darrin Rich Dawn Rich Darlene Richards Kimberly Rush Renee Ryan Dennis Samson Dole Sanders Pheth Sayavong Cynthia Schmidt Gerald Schoenherr William Schroeder Anne Schultz Tina Schurt Lori Schwem Judi Semrow John Roach William Robbins Stephen Rogstod Teno Rojem Brian Root Rika Ross Susan Roth Jill Rufener Bradley Seymore Jeffrey Shagena Charles Shalasl Laurie Sharpe Michael Shay Kimberly Sheffer Ronald Sheffer David Sheldon Scott Sheridan Michael Shier Jill Shink Lisa Shovan Tammy Sigofoose Lisa Slglow Tina Silk Donald Simpson Colleen Smith Colleen Smith Jeffrey Smith Paul Smith Samantha Smith Timothy Smith Victoria Snyder Pamela Solinsky Margaret Sosnowski Lynne Soule Kenneth Sport Lisa Spirting Ross Squires Deonne Stabinski Ross Starky William Steele 138 Jeffrey Steemburg Michelle Stefansk i David Stelnhauer Curtis Stoeber Jennifer Stommel Deana Stones Phillip Strevett Orion Strosheln r Stephen Sullivan Julie Summeter Nancy Summeter Patricio Switlicki Steven VanWormer Leo Varodi David Wagner William Wahl 139 David Walch Denise Wales Alan Walker Michael Walters Penny Waters Herbert Werkmelsrer Scott Werner Julie Wesrley Charles White Vernon Whitehead Sherry Whitlcon Ruth Wiersma Spring Wilkins Sonyo Willett David Wlllhelm David Willis Lila Willis Jody Wilson Richard Wilton Kenneth Wolfe Sandra Wolfe Cheryl Wolff Mary Wyckoff Tina Yarbrough Donald Young Robert Zauner 142 The 1982-63 sophomore class srudenrs were vibrant and ready for new chal- lenges What they locked in experience, they mode up for in enthusiasm One of their first tasks was the planning and construction of their homecoming wall Their rheme for rhe wall was Pinocchb The hurdle facing them was to construct rhe wall or school while rotating nights with rhe freshmen As for rhe Mordi Gras gomes, rhe sophomores also pkxed third, bur they showed us that they oren ' r os little as we rook them for They showed oil of us that they don ' t give up easily ond that once they set their minds on something they go for it with their fists up The sophomore doss advisor, who has been a great contributor to rhe doss, is Mrs. Pettibone. All in oil rhe sophomore year wos notable for o br of memories such os rhe rime when we hod o pep assembly ond rhe hyper sophomores won rhe pep bone They were so overpyed rhor they tore ond shreod rhe pep bone ro pieces 143 L Sophomore Honors 1 Sophomore doss officers Sarah McCue. President Kell Branch. Vice Presrdeor. Michelle Weiss. Secre rary. Kris Marten. Treasurer 2 The sophomores Pm nochto ploced rhrd m wot compermoo J Sophomore Court Nommees (bottom row. Julie Srommel. Lori Rowe. Kasandra Gunter. Laurie Carpenter, (top row . Jane Ingram. Dona Bolin. Holly Blond. Jenni- fer Lovett. Pot Hebei. 144 Anita Amador Penny Ameel Thomas Andrews Carol Angbrandt Matthew Anger Amy Aplln Brent Armstead Lisa Amen Durrond Ashford Theresa Atkinson Brian Austin Robert Bailey Lori Baker Verna Do log h Tommie Barnes Jeffery Barren Margaret Basra I Jeffery Becktold Martin Beem Sandro Beery Corl Belger James Belklewicz Julianna Bell Melissa Bennen Michael Berden Michael Bernardo Scon Beuschleln Holly Bland Craig Blomquisr David Blondheim Dona Bolin Michael Boman 145 forever Deborah Bonaccl Robert Donczar Annette Doutbonals Yvette Dourdeau Brian Bowen Keli Branch Derrick Brock way Cynthia Brown Michael Bruen Kristin Bullock Leslie Burley Jeffrey Burns Roxanne Burns Scott Campbell Stephen Campbell James Carey Laurie Carpenter Timothy Carr Randy Ceckowskl Brandy Chicone Brian Chisholm Thomas Collinge Katherine Collins John Cornelia Matthew Condlond Stephen Conley Colleen Cook David Cook Steven Coon Michael Cooper Jeff Crankshaw Andrea Croll Kisiitg Brett Coper Catherine Cuthbertson Kimberly Dandron Michele Dandron Pamela Davis Donald Deochln Robert Deaner Christina DeBell Robert Debien Chistopher Debord Mary Dennis Jill Devoney Thomas Dewey James Dickson Jill Diem Kory Dimon Toni Do Kay Dobel Dennis Dodge Donna Dodge Tammy Dougan Sherry Duckworth Nancy Durand Mark Eastman Jeffrey Eaton Keith Ellis Michael Ellsworth Melissa Emeigh Jane Engelgou Karl Ernest Charles Fair Traci Fair 147 Confidence Catherine Farnsworth John Fleet Christopher Fletcher Cherle Fleury John Franco villa Deborah Fran cek Laura Fredendall Michael French Kurt Fritz Denise Frost Leonard Fuller Nancy Ganhs Jun Garcia Debra Gorljo Katherine Gartner Anthony Gates Timothy Gauthier John Genna Michael George John Gillespie Melissa Gllllhan Michelle Glenn Trieste Gombos Kimberly Gordon Leslie Goudreou Gory Graham Janet Grosel Solly Jo Green 148 149 Kasandro Gunter Julie Hager Rene Hall Julie Hallay Michelle Hamel Terri Hamilton Sharon Harder Jim Hardy Shannon Harkins Cynthia Hamden Ann Harrington Pamela Harris Rebecca Harris Pomelo Harrison Jennifer Hartley Carol Hastings Lisa Havner Richard Hawkins Micheolle Haynes Scott Helmboch Steven Helsler Christopher Herber Clare Hickman Mark Hill Progressing Ronald Hill Tracy Hlmmel Mary Hinson Kurt Hoffman Jeanette Hopkins Lisa Houck Laura Hudgens Raymond Hudy Glenn Hummel David Humphreys Monte lafrote Jane Ingram Kimberly Jackson Todd Jackson Phellca Jonks Tracy Jaskoskl James Jaso Kathleen Jobbltt Angela Johnson Larry Johnson Lynette Johnson William Johnson Christopher Jones Jennifer Jones Gregory Joslln Steven Jowett Eric Juzysta Pamela Kane Chad Kars Keith Keathley Cheryl Kell Robert Ketch Gary Kelly Steven Kelly Patrick Kercher Jodi Kllbourne 150 Sophomores Christopher King Edward Kippen Brendo Koehler Dion Koglin Michele Koob Lucinda Krofft Lisa Kraus Gregory Krelner Andrea Kreit Mark Kroll Keith Loin Lori Lash brook Cindy Lovelle Daniel Lawrence Donald Leds worth Donald Lester John Lewandowskl Kandi Lewandowskl Heather Lewis Trina Liss Mary Little Sharon Lomp Jennifer Lovett James MacDonald Kelly Macintosh Steven Mock Jennifer Modous Cassandra Madison Kathleen Moloney Mary Marcero Paula Marengo Kimberly Marsh Kristin Marten Leslie Martin Gerald Mas taw James Mo thews 151 David Maynard Eric Moywor Jill McCondless Mark McConnell Sarah McCue Lynn McElroy Timothy Mcforlane Mark McGowen William McLaughlin David McLeoO Timothy McMahon Anthony McMullln Patti McNoughron Mane McRoberts Jenny Mellas Tina Mettz Joseph Meyer Thomas Miller Doniel Mitchell Thomas Mitchell Patricia Mix Michael Motte Mork Murray Brenda Nolongo Kellie Naylor Patricia Nebel Doniel Nlchol Rodney Nlchol Jeffery Nichols Collie Nobles ■f Robert Nolan Thod Nosor Scott Obertetn Judy Olivet Lisa Olson James Ort Kori Otto Michael Papes Paul Peacock Elizabeth Pencak Shelly Perod Morey Peters David Peterson Kristine Pettengiii Michelle Pickett Edward Pincomb Carrie Praet Gregory Preston Lorry Provost Lisa Ptzytokoski Michael Putze Ralph Quinn Eric Rabine Tamara Rodotz Kimberly Rodemacher 153 Ronald Rodske Paul Rady Waneto Reckker Julie Recot Dianna Red Alan Reed Jill Repp Mark Repp Edna Reyna Dole Rich Susan Rlckert Christian Robinson Tamie Robinson Eulo Roe Jeffrey Rome William Rome Joe Roop Lori Rowe Tom Rumley Elizabeth Ryan Christopher Sandoval Joseph So voile Joanne Schaeffer Jeonnle Schaft Scott Scheonrock 154 Kimberly Schleman Kristine Schloutmonn Krystal Schlimpf Alesia Schnepp Scott Schrom Matthew Sch finer Stephen Schultz Karen Seely Dan Settlor Jennifer Sepsey Victoria Sharpe Kimberly Sharrard Anita Sheffer David She v nock Susan Shlnk Arthur Siewert Kevin Smith Kevin Smith Paul Smith Kochelle Smith Sarah Smith Stephen Smith Todd Smith Sherrie Solomon 1S5 Awareness Timothy Streeter John Sullivan Christine Symington Darren Tack Stephen Toll Daryl Talaskl Tracy Tollmodge Scott Tarzwell James Taylor Susan Tell Christine Tennis wood Paul Thieke Brenda Thompson Frederick Thornton Stuart Tollan Todd Torres Soroh Totten Ronald Tracy. Jr. Whitney Trentocosta Michelle True Ann Turner Carrie Tynan David Vails Shelly Vance Darrin VonConant 156 Matthew Vargo Donna Verlinden Clinton Vincent Paul Vroman Thomas Walker Amy Wolsh Daniel Ware Karen Warner Michelle Weiss Christopher Wells Jennifer Wlch Jonis Wlgginton Craig Wllbrett Michael Wllczynskl Richard Wiley Daniel Wilhelm Timothy Willey Kimberly Williams Mark Willing Debbra Willis Steven Willis Ellen Witherspoon Catherine Wolfe Todd Woodley Debra Wright Marybeth Wyllie Robert Young 157 158 This year rhe Freshmen class rook rheir firsr big srep They lefr behind rheir hid sruff ro become young adults Freshmen in rhe pasr were slow ro srorr for rhe pep assemblies and didn ' r show rheir spirir unrH rhe end of rhe year This years freshmen show about rhe some omounr of spirir as in rhe pasr, bur don ' r worry Fresh men! Time improves jusr about everything For rhe Mardi Gras ocriviries, rhe fresh- men showed a lor more enrhusiosm. They came in rhird for rhe cart races, bur in rhe over-all ocrivines, they placed last Derrer luck next year! They did " The Mupper Coper " for rheir wall and did a good job with it being rheir first rime working on something like rhis The majority of rhe freshmen vores were for Darcy Barber and Mary Seely ro be representatives on rhe Mardi Gras Queens Court Freshmen have rhe makings of a great class and ore looking forward ro a successful sophomore year freshmen Monors 1 Freshmen re-creored a scene from rhe Mapper Coper which got them a fourth place standing m Wal comped non 2 Freshmen Class officers Mike Wilhelm. President, Colleen Brennan. Secretory, Shelly Schopp. Treasurer, and Ann Mode Pete. Vice President 3 Nominees for Queens Court Dock Dow — Darcy Barber. Shelly Brown. Shelly Berts. Shawna Steembutg. Angie Llss. Front Dow — Colleen Brennan. Mary Seely. Ann Marie Pelc. Barbie Spencer. 162 Guy Adorns Rebecca Ainsworth Shown Ainsworth Suzanne Ainsworth Esther Allison Shelley Armour Ann Armsteod Amy Arquette Kelli Ashford Shelly Baker Steve Da laze v Mark Balia Rebecca Dankson Susan Banning Darcy Barber Kimberley Bassett Marvin Beadle Charles Beauvais Scott Deck told Hoe! Beeler Douglas Dell Anthony Dellomo Michelle Berts Brigerre Beuschleln Thomas Dllyeu Timothy Block ledge Michoel Bond Judith Borkowski Lisa Botov ich Scott Brockenbury Colleen Brennan Stephen Brewer Tina Bright Daniel Drohl David Brown Shelly Drown Solly Druen James Buckley Rick Buckley Laura Dullis flew Lynn Burns Danny Caldwell Troy Comm Jeffery Campbell Katherine Campbell Par Carey Angela Carr Benito Castillo Angela Catanzato Wendell Cares Michelle Chenoskl Timothy Chenoskl Crystal Chlcone Patrick Chrlvla Regina Chtzanowski Lynn Colgan David Col I Inge Gerald Collins John Collins Wanda Cooper Michelle Cronkshaw Eric Crimmlns Kathy Cureton Brian Curtis Heidi Curtis Jennifer Curtiss Brenda Dafoe Joserte Dondron Christina Davey Larry Davis Scon Davis Kelly Debien Huskies Sandro Delaurler James Delosh David Deprez Kay Dewitt Jeffrey DlGluseppe Kenny Do Orion Doan Bryan Dodge Holland Donbrosky Carol Downing Jeff Draper Douglas Droulllard Scott Dummlrt Gerry Dumont William Dunkle Ann Marie Dunn Deonn Duren Deborah Dyer Kelly Earl Laura Elliott Joseph Ellis 165 Sandro Ellis Jonathan Ely Angela Emerick Alison Engen Kenneth Evenson Robert Farrell James Fayed Hatalle Felt Craig Fenner David Fenner Kevin Fletcher Alison Flynn David Fockler Terry Foglesong James Foltz Sandra Forrest Renee Forstner Jennifer Frollck Heather French Donald Fretenborough Brian Friedle Russel Frltch Kenneth Frizzle Robert Frizzle John Gaertner James Gagne James Goleski Tammy Goult Christine Gibbons Karl Gibbs 166 Joy Gillespy Jill Gillhooley Luann Glllls Steven Glenn David Gold Guillermo Gomez James Goodrich Kevin Gossman Kathy Grobbltt Sherri Graham James Grant Marlene Green Gloria Groff Jill Groh Julie Gross Mary Grundy Kimberly Hall Christine Hamel Lisa Hamilton Kelle Honton William Harmer Jeffrey Harmon Melissa Harrington David Harris Charles Hartman Jnspiration Katie Hartnett David Hartson Kimberly Harvey Tom Harvey Kathleen Hoover Denise Hawks Scott Hayes David Hayward Jennifer Heck Karen Hegier Sarah Henderson Jerry Hendrick Kevin Hess Jennifer Hickey Jock Hl llls Laura Hinojosa Craig Hoetget Jacquelyn Hossler Joseph Houle Rhonda Houle Lisa Howe George Hubble Sharon Hudy Jacqueline Humphrey Jacqueline Humphries Lynne Hutchinson Rebecca Hutchinson Dawn Irvine Troy Irwin Sherry Jackson James Jefferson Laura Jerrett Gregory Johnson Patricio Johnson Pout Johnson Stephen Johnson Michelle Johnston Michelle Jonas Jay Jones April Kobonl Krystal Kamendot Drert Kearney Chris Kearns Nanette Keeney Michael Kelly Kimberly Kerswell Amy Kettle well Down Kinney Kirk Kirkendoll Kathleen Kish Marvin Kitson Christopher Know I ton Jeff Koppel Tim Kovach Kellie Kozloff Korionn Kreger Christine Kreiner Michelle Kreit Klrstln Kroll Kim Krueger Steven Kuschei Jocelyn Lombe Wayne Lambson Jeffrey Landocre Debra Lee Longolf William Longolf Keith Latrerell Rodney Lawrence Ella Lincoln Paula Lindsay Angelo Liss David Lloyd Lisa Lockwood David Lomasney Lisa London 170 Todd Looks Alice Ludingron George Ludingron Shannon Moos Elizabeth MacLeon Patrick MacLeon Morlo Maes James Moggs James Majeski Peter Martindale Jean Mastow Kenneth Motteson Michelle McAuley Charles McCorkle Kelly McCracken Andrea McDermott Tommy McDonald Daniel McEochen Diane McEochen Mlchoel McGill Jell McGowen Timothy McIntyre Margo McKibben Candace McLean Shannon McLean Michael McMaster Jill McNIven Scon McVeigh Gregg Meehan David Mecum Brenda Melnhardt Tina Marie Melton Monin Merchant Moriene Middleton Cindy Miller 171 John Miller Pamela Miller Paul Miller Paul Miller Handy Minnie Monica Moncriet James Monzo Timothy Monzo Susan Moore Thomas Moore Susan Morowskl Gregory Morden Ted Morrison Jeffrey Mosurak Cheryl Mueller Lee Munro Patrick My ton Lisa Nabozny Mark Neff Allen Nichols Catherine Nicholson Matthew Nicholson Michael Nitschke Ann Nugent Charles Nuttal Timothy O Sullivan John Ort Joanne Ostrander Linda Ostrander Alaino On Rachel Porker Tracey Parrish Douglas Parsons Renee Patterson Robert Peace Vicky Peacock Eva Peck Scon Pederson Annemorie Pete Lisa Perry Scon Perry Ann Peters Eric Peterson Christine Perho Kristine Picken Mary Pincomb Jennifer Poirier Kenneth Porren Philip Pone David Post Cynthia Pouios Jeff Powers Sheila Provost Stephen Quandt Andrew Quinn Patrick Quinn Terence Quinn Amy Radigan Joseph Raftety William Rankin Catherine Rowzo David Reed David Reed Christine Reese Pamela Reid Jennifer Relken Paul Riddell Elizabeth Riehle Richard Robbins Julie Robinson Gloria Rolfe Edward Romero David Rosenberget 173 Craig Rostoni Scott Rumsey Gregory Rusch Charles Rush Troy Sounby Shelly Schartler More Schloufman Sherry Schlimpf C. Bradley Schoenberg Kelly Schoenherr Michelle Schopp Kimberly Schroder Jenine Schultz Michelle Scott John Scrlver Mary Seely Rodney Shogena Polly Sholost Liso Sheline Sarah Siemen Mario Slewed Thomas Sloan John Smith Michael Smith Stephen Smith Leslie Snyder Kevin Spocil Dole Span Sonjo Spear Barbara Spencer Kristin Splllard Sarah Spirting Scon Squires Shaw no Sreemburg Christopher Stein Jeffrey Stevenson Robert Steward Lawrence Stewart Jason Stoner Mary Jo Streeter Keith Streven Gregory Stroh John Stuewer Gay Sweet Rebecca Switzer Michael Talbot Orion Tankersley Robert Taylor Mark Teets Laura Thieke Tina Thomas Laura Thornsberry Norman Tomlinson James Tonen Paul Touma Charlotte Tremper Thomas Troy Frank Tucker John VonLuven Mark Vermeesch Visions Gale Vincent Michele Vincent Orion Vlsga Denise Volk Tina Wagner Duane Wahl Marlene Waters Ann Marie Watson Ftonchesca Weiss Deborah Wessel Chris White Daniel White Kim Whitican Michael Wilhelm Tina Wilkins Angelo Williams Elizabeth Willis Daniel Wilson David Wilson Mary Wilton Kathryn Witherspoon 176 Travis Woodley Jennifer Woolley Guy Wooster Janet Wyllle Matthew Yanlk Michael Yarger David Zommtl Michele Zeller — m Ads — Judex PE Q P L EB : BA N Si 1 1 . 1 i v - —i— . Alexander Horn ung e rnr ' our Class King Headquarters JEWELERS SINCE 1971 DIRECT DIAMOND IMPORTERS 111 HURON AVENUE PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 46060 k t 3 rprtt REPRESENTED BY EDDIE. EOWARO MICHELE jBUrnot 4 Ca.rfiE.tA £r I AREA ' S OLOEST FLOOR COVERING SPECIALISTS 1 I 2404 - I0TH ST. 1 PORT HURON. MICHIGAN PHONE RES. phone 982-6290- 984-2607 982-3622 Come to... Acorn Press for Graduation your Wedding needs Invitations, announcements napkins, decorations, gifts, personalized stationery, Come to us for all of your printing needs Acorn Press 1419 Water St. Port Huron, Ml 984-3813 QUALITY Colonial Shopping Center 2842 Pine Grove Ave. Bus. Ph. 085 6582 Port Huron. Mich. (Eolmtial fNeat j8 f|oppe Freeh Quality Meats featuring Alexander 6 Hornuno Ho»- Made German Style Sausages 985-9704 VARTY SUPPLY 1308 Whipple Restaurant Supplies Janitorial Supplies Paper Supplies Home-Business Use (all . Day or ighl ■harry g| Imoak M U I li M mmWm PORT HURON 9859515 2916 Pine Grove Avenue Port Huron Michigan 48060 KSRR ACBSRZ Office Supply Store 1121 M rary Sr Port Huron, Mi 48060 Ph 984 4129 Vrandall’s for flower and gifts 1 f f! t oima J. — ' ia uei L THE GROVE MALL 2700 PINE GROVE AVENUE PORT HURON MICHIGAN 8060 PHONE 313 984-2631 ATTORNEY AT LAW KNOWLES NICKERSON 320 Michigan National Bank Building 313 987-3002 Port Huron. Michigan 48060 nans SflOW pjcowjm 4 JCJQMZ ZKUCKJM RESIDENTIAL 6 COMMERCIAL (313) 982 7635 Robert " Chico " Hall — Pror comra zuca z jons zo ZMS CCASS 07 19S3 PR07SSSJ0MC CARPS Z mZAJtXAZJOtf j fc. L»eor e Innes Men s W ear, Inc. 319 HURON AVENUE PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 48060 PHONE: 984-3129 Residential 4 Commercial Jnt. 4 Repairs 982-6830 181 Graduation is a time to face many new goals . A friend in the financial business can help you reach these goals. Depend on us. A lot of people do. PEOPLES BANK OF PORT HURON WURZEL FLEA MARKET The Flea Market With A Little Bit Of Everything Member FDIC THOMPSON ACOUSTICAL i PAimrmi m: 4 mi NW of Pt. Huron on M-136 Open Every Sunday 10-5 We Buy Sell P o box 863 Port Huron micm 48060 Pm |3 1 3) 984- 1 66 1 385-4283 Butck — Poor — Hondo — Mercedes Denz flpplewood Kennels " Quality Doberman Pinschers " ■4266 Pine Grove Avenue Port Huron. Ml 48060 BRfP WITH CART - RAISED WITH LOVE SHOWN WIIH PBOE (TUPTUSSOMETIMES) NO GUARD SAITS And Quality used cars Serving Port Huron Since 1919 ANN (TERRY GRUNDY 1-313-385 4440 2516 Pine Grove 987-3030 Seniors A 12 Adorns, Jere 17,73 Ainsworth, Chnsrma 17 Ainsworth, Timothy 17 Anderson, Karen . 10, 17, 85, 111 Ange, John 17. 31. 54 Anrer Elaine ... 16, 17, 63, 113 Anrer. Kathleen 17 D 12 Daley. Steven 17. 62 Baser . Matthew ... 17, 116, 117 Dorber. Drenr 17. 95 Domes, Vicki 17 Bauer Kathy 17 DecktakJ, Dorboro 17 DecktokJ. Ltsa 17 Beebe. Steven ... .17, 46. 120 Deeler Jute 17 Deem, Judy 17 Del. Colleen 17 Benedict, Christopher . 16. 17. 35 Detyomm. Kimberly 17 Dernerr, Jeanne 18. 74 Derets, A hchael 18 Derube. Jeffrey 18, 120 Dtshop. Dorboro 18 Dkxlsledge. Steve 18 Doom. Edword 9 Bonner. Lea . 18. 26, 43. 61. 90 Donney, Diehard 18 Dosrorer Don 18. 110 Dowers, Uso 18. Ill Bowman. John 18 Drackenbury Baberr 18 Bradley. Steven 18,33 Branch Michael 18.33 Drohl. Dob 16 Drown. Hoh 18, 85 Drown. Juki 18. 1 08. 109 Drown, Michael 18, 99 Buie. Steve 18, 99 Durgess, Derh 14 18, 35, 73, 85 Dagos. Tern 16 Ourkhardr, Jen 18 Dans. Bobm 18 Batch. Kevin 18 Durzn. Dorothy 19 Dy I Edwin 19 C12 Cam, Teresa . . 19. 66 90. 112 Cddwef. Kimberly 19 Ccimpbet. Jute 19, 68 Campbell. Karen 19. 85 Card. Dovtd 5. 19, 95 Carl, Joseph 19 Casey. Leo 19 Casper. Boymond 19, 61 Cototna. Bass 19 Corohno, Timothy 19 Cechowslsi Atso 19. 79 Chornere. Deonne 19 Cmbora. Suzm 19 77, 86 Cpotone. Peter 19 Cleary. Orchard 19 Coggins. Lon 19 Cole. Shown 19, 106. 119 Colgon, Moris 19 Cohns. Pamela 19. 34. 85 Cohns. Susan 19, 90 Cotver, John 19 Conlen. Leo 19. 50. 55 Conley. Lori 80 15, 19, 73 Cools, Douglas 5, 20 Cook. Jeffery 20 Cook. John 20 Coon. Susan 20 Copping. Leste 20. 85 Corwin. Mary 20 Cowan, John 20 Crankshow. John 17. 20 Cnmmms. Pod 20. 5b Care. Scon 20 D12 Daley. Arm 20.25. 77 Daly. Diehard 20 Davey. Don 20, 23 Dove. Bandy 13, 20 Dave. Tmo 20, 73 Dec, Elaine 20, 35. 90 DeLaurier. Bober 20 DeLuco. Judy 20, 85 Denne. David 20. 35 Dent. Jennie . 10. 20, 46, 47, 106, 120 Denrel, Joseph 20 Dewey, James 20. 42 DiGmseppe. Leo 10, 20. 41, 46 50. 55, 61. 120 Doan, Dona 20 Downing, Ann 21, 85 Duckworth. Lorry 21 Dumont, Ed 21 E12 Eagle. Crag 21 East, Michael 21. 34 Eastman. Loaa 21 Easton, Tracy 21 Edie. Pomelo 21 Eifer, Stocey 21 Ehort. Debbie 21 Ehs. Lynn 21 Engeigou. Nancy 14, 21 E12 Fodet. Luke 19, 21 Far. Steve 21 Farrington. Moms 21. 32 Feick. Pornoa 21 Fenner. Gary 203. 21 Fenner. Noreen . . . . 21, 35, 90 Fenner, Al 21 Ferguson, Mark 21 Fieder. Oruce 21. 106 Fitzgerald. Libby . 21, 47. 48 78. 106. 112 Flyrm. Paulo 14, 21 Foglesong. Tracy 21 Fox, Bene 22 Trappier, David 22 Fretenborough. Mtse ... .3. 95 612 Gamble. Michelle 22 Gardner. Tmo 22 Garjo. Darvel 52, 95 Gauthier, Jeffrey 22 George Bids. .3. 9, 18, 22. 35. 120 Gthodey, Gary . 10, 22. 53. 61 Glenn, Denise 22 Goolsby. Ken 22 Gordon, Trocy 11. 22. 38 Goudreau. Lisa 22. 115 Grombow, Kimberly 22 Grasel. Elizabeth ... .21. 22. 90 Grebenok. Frank 22. 33 Green. Jons 22 Grundy. Corhy 22 Guerrm, Liz 22 H 12 Hager. James 22 Hal. Loos 22. 74 Hamtron. Tracy 22 Harneds, James 22 Hams. David 22 Hams. Jenny 22 Homson, Porncio 22. 114 Horret. John 22 Horrson. Mary 22, 85, 111 Harvey. James 23 Harvey. Steven 23 Harwood. Bmhord 23 Howkms, Charles ... 23. 31. 55 Hayden. Eric 23 Hayes, Jute 23. 35 Haynes. Michael 23 Hayward. John 23 Hazewmkel, Sandro ... .23. 84 Heenng. Drendo 23, 67 Ftckman, David 12, 23 Hicks, Charles 23 HU. Tom 23, 46 Hmkely. Bandy 23 Hoban. Debro 23 Hoffman, Heorher 23 Hopkins, Carolyn 23 Horn. Jack 23 Howard, Steve . 23, 62. 94. 95 Howe. Deboroh 8, 23 Hoy. Drendo 23. 108 Humphrey. Dyron 23 AO Ingram, James 80. 24. 79 J12 Jcmks. Patrick 5, 24 Jaskosh. Peter 24 Jobbur. Timothy 24. 95 Joyner. Jh 23. 43 K12 Kalof. David 24 Kataf Mary 24. 108 Kane, Patnco 10 11. 24. 36. 68 108 Kanrrowitz. Frank 24 Kelchner, Harley 24 Kercher, Todd 24 Kern, Andrea . 6. 24. 47. 85. 110. If! Kerr. Tom 24 Kinsman. Thomas . 205, 12. 24, 76 Krby. Scott 24 Kish, Acme . 205. 4 24. 33. 69. HI Koch, Bebecco 24 Koehler. Susan 24 Kora. Mmhele 24 Kouros. Panoyohs 24 84 Krause. Angela . 10. 24. 50. 55. 77 Kucsera, Heorher 24. 76 Kuehn. James 24, 119 KuBonder WiKom 24 L12 Lamb. Uso 25 Lambert, Joseph 25 Lambert. Sandro 25. 90 Lambson. LeeArm 25 Longdf. Uso 25. 28 Lapp. Burh 25 Lasky. John 25 Lorendresse. Benee 25 Lerch. Mamna 25. 85 Lett. Metndo 25 Levitt. Km 25 Lewondowsh Deanna ... .25 Undsoy. Tnoo 25 Little, Knsren 25 Uoyd. Lynda 25 Lomasney. Debro 25, 73 Longley. Granr 25 Lucas, Tm 25 Lucey. Teresa 4 25. 85. 112 Ludwig. Jonorhcm . 204, 25. 45 M12 Mackenzie Atson . 3. 10. 25. 44 55. 85 MocToggarr. Douglas 95 Madous James . 25. 94. 95. 106 Mode). Steve 25 Marcero. David ... .26, 94, 95 Morrm. Laura 3. 26. 90 Marrnek. Scott .10, 14. 26, 55 Masseronr, Michael 26 McCarry, Annette 26 McCrocken, James 26 McDonnell, David . . 26, 42. 50 McFodden. Keith 26 Mdvor. Joddy 204. 26 McLone. Mary 26, 55 McLeod, ChrBme 13. 26 Mcktven. Leo 26 McTaggart. Melody 26 McToggarr. Bobert 26 McVeigh, Mark 26 Meade. Steven 26 Meharg, Krystal . 10. 11. 13, 26. 38 Meno. Harlow . 201. 26. 94. 95. HO. 120 Messenger, Denne 26, 110 Miter. Heidi 26 Miter. Lorry 26 Mks, Kathy 26 Mireles. CW 26. 34 Miron, Maureen 27 Mirmk. James 27 Moore, J Thompson 27 Moore. Sheraton 24 Moreheod, Dretr ... .9, 27. 110 Mrozek. David 27 95 N12 Nabozny. Mark 27 Nakmga. Yolanda 27 Nechtto. Michael 27 Nichols. Pomelo 27 Nobles. James 27 Nuss. Kay 27, 106 Nurral. Jennifer 27 012 O ' Connor, Tracey 27. 35 Olock. Susan 27 Okx. Donna 13. 27 P-12 Poknoteer. Darnel . 27. 42. 70. 89 Papneou, Mickey 27 Parsons. Darvete 27, 90 Porrerson. David . . .27, 48, 74 Paul. Donald 27 Peacock. Glenn 27 Perod, Sort 27 Phare, Susan 28, 85 Pincomb, Derry 28 Piper. Bity 28 Poner Theresa 28. 74 Pots, Andrea 26 012 Ojtrrer. Cheryl 78 B 12 Bodotz. Km ... 10. 28. 47. 106 Bedford, Gwen 28, 85 Battery. Mary .... 201. 28. 112 Dandckph. Joseph 28 Beed, Laurence . ... 16, 28. 42 Beed Paul 28 Beed. Bobert 28 Berruck. Timothy 26 Bepp. Donna ... 28. 71. 85. Ill Beyno, Jose 26 Btch, John 28. 90 Bichords. Done 26 Bichrer. Cndy 28 Bix, Kenneth 28 Bobbns. Oran 22 Bobnson, Froncne 28 Bobnson. Knsren . 28 45. 55. 113 Bock. Don 28 Bopposch. DU 28 Bosenrrerer. Kathy .... 28, 85 Boss. Bobert ... .10. 29. 61. 95 512 Sompsel. Dyom ... 12. 29. 85 Sandoval. Corhy 29 Sounby, Tracy 29 183 So vole, Amo . 15. 29. 35. 77. 85. 90 Soyavong Moly 29 Schemas. Erich . 29. 54. 94 95. 106. 107 Schmidt Angelo 29 Schrader. Tanya 29 Schwartz. Amo 29 Shank. PaJ 29 Shelter. Thomas 29 Shevnock, Coleen 29. 113 Shier. ISnstne 29 84. 108 Shilling. Andrea 29 Shnk. Lori 49 55 Shoffner. James 29 Shoudy Tyler 29 42 Shuler. Thomas 29 Sibiki. Down 10. 29 Sickmon, David 29 Smith, Lisa 29. 90 Smith, Rhonda 29 Smith. Tracy 29 Smith, Word 30 Snowden. Deborah 30 Sosnowski. Donna 25. 30 Sovereen. Robert 30. 95 Spacl, Michele 30 Stevens. Eric 15, 30, 90 Steward Mike 30 Stewart. Angenerre 30 Stone, Raymond 30 Stourenburg. Jody 30 73 Srourmeyer. Jute 30 Stroud. M 30. 90 Stubbs. Leon 30 Sturdevon. Angie . 204. 30, 90 Symon. Anne 30 Symon. Patnoa 30 Szeszyck Kendy 30 T12 Ton, David 30. 85. 110 Tolash. Kathy . . 10. 20. 30. 85 Talbot. Richard 30 ToUmadge. Ame 30 Tolmodge Jeffrey . 30 94 95 Taylor. Mark 30 left Stephen 30. 89 Thompson. Km 31 Thompson. Michael 31 Thornton. Jod 31. 79 Thornron. Km 31. 73 Tokn. Kerne 16. 31 Trapp. Michele 31 Tnckey. Leanne ... .31. 84 85 Troy. Loune 31 Turtoff. Mork 31 Turner. Tamm 31. 73 Turney. David 31 U 12 Llrsch, Lon 31 V 12 VonLoo, Demo 31 Varga. Douglas 90 Varry. Jod 31 Vertese Theresa 31 Vmcenr. Mork 31 46 Vincent Vance 31 Voghordo. Charles 13. 31 W12 Wocker. Lao 31 Wohl. Shawn 31. 90 Watters. Jeffrey 66 Wedge Todd 31. 61 Weiss Angelo 31 Wessei. Angela 31. 73 Wessel. Dean 32 West, Richard 32 Wesrfdl, Marvin 29 32 Westley Dwayne 32 White. Lyme 32 Wich, Janet Ill Wiley, Robert . 205 5. 32. 50 95. 110. 120 Wikxns. Craig 32 Wihs. Joseph 32 Wilson. Cindy 32 WHon. Kety 32. 85 Wilton. WiBam ... 205. 32 55 Wne Andrea 10 32 85 Wmorsh. Tom 32 Wnarsh. Traci 32 Wolfe. Annette 32 Wolfe. Stanley 32. 53 W otkensperg, Mane ... .27. 32 Woods, Cor! 5. 32 95 Wright Jock 32 50 Y12 Young, Corey 32. 90 {Juniors All Agunoga. Cormekt 127 Ainsworth. Timothy 127 Ainsworth, W tom 127 Akers. Jeffrey 127 Amador. Angelina 127 Ames, M hoei 127 Andrews Lauretta 127 Anrer. Douglas 117 127 Armstrong Brett f27 Armstrong, Clarence 127 Armstrong. Stephanie . . 86. 127 Arnold. Suzanne , 127 Arrmon Ltndo . . . 127 Atkinson, Joey . 127 Dll Daley Kety . . 127 Doldock Donel f27 DcJhoff Jeffrey 127 Barber Melony 127 Darkey. Lao 127 Barnes Thomas 127 Dorrerr Loune 108 109 126 127 Bearden David 127 Beebe Mory ... 126. 127 Bet Drendo . 127 Denectcr Jennifer 127 Dennett Joe 127 Derek Dovtd 127 Dolor. Charles . . .95, 106 127 Doan. Suson .... 128 Dorgerson Chrtsropher 128 Dcrkowski. Ronald 128 Dotefho. Karen . . 128 Bouchard, Lao . ... 120. 128 Dowers. Douglas . 128 Bradford Cindy . .128 Drown Droctey ... .95, 128 Drown. John . . . . 107 128 Drown. Randolph 128 Drown. Soroh 128 Duckley Scorr 128 Durctck. Rodney 90 119. 128 Durgert Lynda . 128 Burgos, Christine 128 Ourns. Loueto . 128 Burns. Moureen .... 111. 128 C 11 Corey. Michelle 128 Corpo. Connie . . . . 128 Comer Tmorhy . . 72 Ceno Kenneth . . 128 Chargor, Soroh . 113. 126. 128 Clary Mike 128 Colemon. Dryan . 128 Colemon. Mork . . .107 128 Cotnge. Stephanie ...69. 128 Cook. Jomes 128 Cooper Woter . . 128 Cope. Metsso 129 Copping Ahson 201, 129 Cox. James 129 Crawford, Rhonda 129 Crawford. Scorr 129 Cureron, Lone 129 Cusac. WJkom 129 Dtl Dalton. Michael 129 Dandron Timothy 129 Dovey Tamra 129 Do ns. Randolph 13. 36 Davis. Robert 129 DeJong, Mono 129 DeLouner Done 129 DeLoy Darlene 54 106 120 129 Devoney. Todd 129 Deview. Drendo 129 Donne. Michelle . . 38. 126. 129 Doan, Shelly 129 Doersch Domo . . . 48 129 Donnelly. Joseph 129 Donmon. Coyle 129 Downing. Dewoyne 129 DrogmAer. Becky 63. 129 DrouAard, Andy 129 Dudo. Oran 63 106. 129 Dunkle. Lao 76. 129 Dupont. Christopher 129 Durand, Corheme . . . 205. 129 Ell Eagle. Mork 130 Easton Metsso 130 Etfert. Robert 130 Eton. Jm 130 Eton, Robert 130 Ely. Susan 130 Estertne Drendo 130 Evenson. Dogny 130 Ell Fob Jonathon 130 Farnsworth. Jennifer 130 Forquhar. Kelly . 55. 106. 120. 130 Forquhor. Scorr 130 Fernondez. Louro 73 Fields. Domo 130 Fincher. Mary 130 Flanigan. Karen 130 Foglesong . Travtn 130 Foltz. Steven 52. 107. 130 Forrsrner. Amy 130 Fraba Kevin 130 Francisco Atsso 130 Frasier. Stephen 130 Frerenborough Debbie . 73. 130 Frizzle. John 130 Fry, Dovtd 130 Fuller. Sandy 130 Furness. Becky 130 Furness. Orion 130 n Garths. Mary Jo... 73. 126. 130 Gores. Jute 130 Gemo. Gat 130 Germono. Jut 131 Gerus. Vickie 131 Gibbs. Michael 131 Gibson. Km 131 Giermon, Angelo 131 GAeran. Margaret 131 Gits. Lao 53. 131 Glem, Lao 48. 131 Goerze. Theresa 131 Gonnoc. Lon 131 Gosger. Lao 126. 131 Grobbrtt Lana 131 Gray. Jute 131 Grebenok, Robert 131 Green. Robert 131 Gnem. Antje 84 113, 131 Griffin, Kety Of Griffith. Thomas 131 Gross. Robert 131 Grouene. Suzanne 131 Gutierrez, Joyce 131 Gwadolo. Todd 131 H11 Hacker. Melinda 205, 131 Haggerty. Thomas 131 Hogle. Tracy 131 Hal, John 131 Hal. Keirh 131 Hoi. Mark Of Hal Pamela 131 Hansen. Mike 131 Horlond Lorno 132 Hamden Michele 132 Harra Manor 132 Harra, Michelle 90, 132 Hanson. Jomes 132 Hawkins, Franktn 132 Hoyden. Marprte 132 Heidemom, Come 132 Heier Belinda 67. 126. 132 Henderson Drendo 132 htggms. Andrew 132 HAoket, Suson 77. 132 Hoog, Mory 132 Hoetger Ora 132 Hood. Enc 132 Horn, Monhew 107, 132 Horn. Mchoei 107 132 Honon. Deborah 132 Howard. Timothy 132 Howe Scon ... .106. 107 132 Hoy. Dora 132 Humphries Dovtd 132 Huston, Cynrhia 109 132 HysJop Walter 132 F11 Isaac. Terry 132 J11 Johnson. Carolyn 02 Johnston, Jon 132 Jonas, Karen 132 Jones. Jane 73. 132 Jostn. Kenneth 133 K11 Kotsh. Jen Lym . 38 126. 133 Kasdorf. Susan 133 Ketey Frederick 85. 133 Kercher. Moly 133 Keslor Jeffrey 07 Kmbal. Michoel 133 Kindred Heather 05 King. Sharon 133 Kah. Moureen 05 Klousen. Jens 84, 133 Knowles. Christina 05 Koknon. George 05 Komph Robert 117, 133 Koon. Michoel 05 Kovach. Michoel 05 Kozlowski. Tmo 05 Krofft, Kimberley 05 Krauss. Jute 05 Krol. Korhenne 42. 133 L 11 Lofferry. Kipp 05 Lotting, Monko 109 133 Lawrence Steven 133 Ledsworth. Brian 05 Ledsworrh, Damy 05 Leonard. Tommy 05 Lewondowsh Croig . .110. 133 Lonczowski. AJon 05 Luctngron. Robert 05 Lysoght, Scon 05 Mil MacMAon, Jocquetne 05 Modaon. John 07 Moes. Andrew 134 Moes, Christina 75. 134 Congratulations Seniors “S3” Marysville Assembly of Qod 1245 Sixth Street Marysville, Michigan 48040 — Kev. Kiehard Martin, Pastor “ Zhe Snd of our Search — — dor a driendly Church " Though money is right, And rimes ore quire rough, Congrorulorions. graduates — You ' ve got rhe righr stuff ! Desr of Everything — UWMAUGH eaCZKJC, div. of Powermer ( 313 ) 985 8678 Browning Home Improvement GENERAL CONTRACTOR BRIAN BROWNING Owner PORT HURON MICHIGAN Put J Cittle Class Jn your JCife St. CCAW eomnxy eoMMumv eocaoe 1(h cr , 7( (o o r ATA ' 6 19 Taylor Street Port Huron Michigan 48060 DEB I BILL BRUCE Managers i 3 I 3) 987 4 I 33 Auto Parts — Machine Shop Service Modem Motor Service Jnc. 3292 Capeer Kd. Port Muron. Ml 4 S 060 Parts 9 S 5 -S 96 Shop 9 S 5 -S 602 Zoll dree 1 - 800 - 572-3623 186 Mcyeske John 6 42 134 on SaJbvan Stephen . , .95 139 Deery Sondra 145 Mo eslv Denise 134 Quandt Ralph 136 Summer er Jube 139 Drkger Cod 145 Morcozzi Wendy 134 Qumo Teresa 136 Summerer Nancy 139 Delve wicz. James 145 Morrm Kelley 134 R 11 Swtrhck) Romeo 139 Det Jukonno 145 Morrm. Scon 85 134 Rodford, Cloy . . . 136 Til Bennett Mebsso 145 Morzoff Deborah 134 Dochgon Lormda 136 Tabmadqe. Curie ... 139 Bet den Michael ... 96. 145 Moneson Timothy 134 Daveschor Dovid 136 Tennis wood Sr even 00 110 130 Dernordo Mchoei 145 Maxon James 134 Deed Morthew 136 Thomason King . . 95 139 205 Deuscfbem. Scorr .... 145 Maxwell Kendo . . 134 Reese Angelique 49 136 Toumo Danielle 139 Blond Holy 144 145 Maynard Jobe 112. 134 Regan. Gory . . 137 Troy Sara 126. 139 OlomQuisr Crag . . . 145 McCaknon. Kyle 134 Red Debtxe 137 Trudet Deboroh . 74 139 Dkmdheim Davd 145 McCarty, Becky 134 Reyna Attomo 137 Truske Thomas .95 139 Bohn Dona 4 144 145 McCombs. Germ 85 134 Rhody. Lmdo . 137 Tynes Lawrence 139 Domon Mchoe ! . 145 McCoy Shelly 134 Rich. Connie 1 37 Off Donoco Deboroh .51. 146 Mcfarlone. Robm 134 Rich Dorm 137 Ulrich. Sondra 139 Donczor Robert . 96 146 McKee ver Timothy 134 Rich. Dawn 121 50. 137 Vff Dourbonas Annette 146 McLane. Heather 134 Richards Dorlerie 137 VondenOossche. Michoel . 139 Dourdeou Y ver re . . . 120. 146 McMahon. Wtham 134 Roach John 137 VonderHeuvei Kimberly 139 Dowers, Dnon 146 McRoberrs Michael 134 Robbins Witbom 137 VondeVoorde Wendy 139 Branch Keb .6. 144 146 Mercuno Lao .85 109, 134 Rogsrod Stephen 137 VanWormer Steven . 110. 139 Drockway Dornck . . . 146 Merrill Dale 134 Rcym Teno 137 Varadi Leo ........ 139 Drown Cynrhio ... 146 Men Lynerre 134 Poor Drton . . . 116 117 137 W11 Druen Mchoe . . ... .146 Middleton Theresa 134 Ross. Rika 90 137 Wogner David 139 Dukxk. Knsrm 146 Miller Darlene 134 Roth. Susan 137 Wahl Witbom 95. 139 Burge Porrcia 146 Miller Tommy 134 Rufener M 137 Wakh David 140 Burley Leslie 107 146 Minnie, Oerh 201. 134 Rush Kimberly 137 Wales. Denise 120. 140 Burns. Jeffrey ... 146 Mitchell, Wtbom 135 Ryan Renee 45. 137 Walker Alan 140 Burns. Roxanne ... 146 Moots, Virginia 113 135 S11 Waters Mchoei ... 140 CIO Morno Kevin 135 Somson Denrus 137 Waters Penny 140 Campbef Scon 146 Monzo Noreen 135 Sanders Dole 119 137 Werkmetsrer Herber 140 Compbel Stephen . 146 Moore Pout 135 Soyovonq Pherh 137 Werner Scon 140 Corey. James 117 146 Morden Karen 135 Schrmdr Cynthio 137 Wesrley Jube 140 Carpenter. Loure 144 146 Morgan Michael . . 95, 107, 135 Schoenherr Gerald 137 White Charles ... .95, W 140 Con Timothy 146 Morns Michelle 95, 135 Schroeder Wttbom .119 137 Whtrebeod Vernon . 140 Ceckowsk Randy .... .146 Morrison. Michael .... 120 , 135 Schultz Anne . 6, 120 137 Whncan Sherry 140 Chcone. Brondy . . . .146 Mary Darlene 135 S churt. Tmo 77 137 Wiersmo. Ruth 49 51. 140 Chisholm. Brian . . 146 Moses. Barbara 135 Schwem Lon 137 WMvns Spring 140 CcAnge Thomos 146 Mosurok. Steven , 106 107. 135 Semrow Jud .... 137 Wierr, Sonya 73 140 Colbns Korherme . . 146 Mosure. Rita 40 135 Seymore Drodtey 138 Wthekn dovid 140 Comebo John 146 Moulton Wendy 135 Shogena Jeffrey 138 WArnms Jube Anne . . .37 Condond Monhew 96 146 Musselmon, Lynne 109 135 Shakor Chortes 138 Wtks. Dovid 140 Conley Stephen .146 Myron. Michoel 135 Sharpe Loune .... 138 W s. Go 140 Cook. Colleen 114 146 Nil Shay Mchoei .... 138 Wilson. Jody . . . 120 126. 140 Cook. David .146 Nafongo Myrno 89 135 Sheffe r Kimberly 138 Wtron Rkhord 140 Coon Steven 96 146 Nebel Anne 135 Sheffer Ronald . 138 Wolfe Kennerh 140 Cooper Mchoei 146 Nesbm Tracy 69 95 135 Sheldon David . 138 Wolfe Sondra 140 Cronkshow Jeff . . . .146 Nicholson. Trocy . . 113. 126. 135 Shendon, Scott . . 138 Wolff Cheryl 140 Crol. Andrea . . . . . 146 No s Km . . 7 Shier, Michoel ... 138 Wyckoff. Mory . . . 110 Ill 140 Cuper Bren 96 110 147 Norman. Eddie 135 5 hmk. Ji 136 YU Curhberrson Catherine ... .147 Norman. Sondra 90, 135 Shovon. Leo ...90 138 Yarbrough. Tmo 120. 140 DIO Norrhrup, Thomas 135 Sugofoose Tammy .90 138 Young, Donald 140 Dondron Kimberly . 147 Nowak Orion 78 Sglow. Leo .90 138 Z11 Dondron Mchete 147 an Slk Tmo 138 Zouner Robert 140 Davis Pomelo 147 O ' Doyle Colleen 135 Sampson Donald 138 Deochm Donald .147 O ' Donnell. Dorm 135 Smith. Coteen .... 138 Deoner Robert . 147 O ' Hare. Colleen 135 Smith. Coteen ... 138 Qovjwmorcs DeBel. Chnsrmo 147 O Ned, Michael 135 Smith. Jeffrey . . 138 Deben. Robert . 147 O ' Suthvon Sheilo . 92, 112, 135 Smith Pout ...95. 138 A V Debord Christopher 147 Ohm. Tory) 84 112. 136 Smith, Somonrho . . 138 Abraham. Scon 96 145 Dennis Mory 147 Okxk. James 136 Smrh, Thomas .... 95 Adolph. Kurt 145 Devoney Jit 147 Olor Dionne 121. 136 Smith Timothy . . . 138 Agumogo, Mchoei 145 Dewey Thomos 70 14 7 Otdford Undo 109 136 Snyder Vcrono . . . 109 138 Amodor Amro 145 Dckson James .147 Opplger Cynthia . . 84 85 136 Sobnsky Pomelo . . .90 138 Ameef. Penny 145 I em J4 147 Osin Seem 85 136 Sosnowski Margaret . 90. 138 Andrews Thomas .... 96 145 Gmon. Kory .14 7 P11 Soule Lynne 138 Angbrondr Corot 145 Do Ton . . .147 Peacock. Arm 136 Sporr. Kenneth . 138 Anger Morrhew 145 Dobe Kay .147 Perry Dole 136 Spencer Howard . 96 Apkn Amy 38 145 Dodge. Dennis , 82 147 Perry, G regory 95 136 Spirting, Leo 138 Armsreod Drenr . . 96. 145 Dodge Dormo 147 Persondek. Kimberley . . . . 136 Squires. Ross ...95. 136 Amen Lisa 145 Dougon. Tommy .147 Penrpren Brad 136 Stobmski. Deonne 77. 110, 111. 138 Ashford. Durrond 110. 145 Duckworth Sherry .... . . . 147 PenengH Scott 136 Starkey Ross 138 Arkmson, Theresa ... 145 Durand Noncy . 147 Phillips. Chrome . . 205. 109 112 Steele Wtbam .... . . 119 138 Ausrm. Brian 95. 145 E 10 136 Sreemburg. Jeffrey 139 DIO Eastman. Mark 147 Philips. Laura .... 205. 109 136 Stefansk Michelle 139 Bexley. Robert 145 Eaton Jeffrey . . 96 147 Plercher, Sylvia 136 Sremhouer. David 205, 95 139 Baker Lon 145 Elk Ketrh 96 147 Pobmodet. Jane 47 136 Sroeber Curte ... 139 Dologh, Verna 145 Etsworrh Mchoe .... .147 Porrett. Joel 136 Srommel. Jennifer . 126. 139 Domes. Tommie 145 Emeigh. Alefcac 147 Porrerr, Korea 136 Stone. Richard 95 Barren Jeffery ... 70. 107 145 Engetgou Jone .147 Porrerr Mark 136 Stones. Deono ■ . 121 139 Basra. Margaret 145 Ernest. Kon 147 Poukrs. Donald 117, 136 Srreverr Philbp .95. 139 Deckroki. Jeffery 145 Ft) Price. Donald 136 Srroshem. Dnon . . . 139 Deem, Morrm 145 Ear, Charles . . 147 187 D I CAMERA SHOPPE EXPERT ASSISTANCE FOR AMATEUR PROFESSIONAL COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT INSTANT PASSPORT PHOTOS! OLYMPUS NIKON CANON PENTAX MAMIYA POLAROID KODAK BELL HOWELL WE RENT 16 mm Movie Projectors 8 mm Movie Projectors Slide Projectors Movie Screens Polaroid SX70 Cameras Take-Home Dark Rooms OPS ft 7 VAVS 1 Blk N of College Port Huron Lexington Locations 5482 Main 3595551 S27 Sr c ' St. at Stanton 9S7-2S54 Far. Troci Earns worrh. Catherine Fleer. John Fletcher, Christopher . Floury, Chene FrancoviHo. John Francois, Deborah . . Fredendal. Laura . . 96. Friz, Hurt Frost. Denise Fuler Leonard 610 96. 107. 104 109 Goroo. Jun Garfo, Debra Gartner. Katherine . ... 114 Oates. Anthony Gauthier. Timothy Gemo. John George. Michael 96, Gillespie, John GAhan. MeLssa Glenn, Michelle Gombos. Trieste .114. Gordon, Kimberly Goudreou. Lesha Graham. Gary Grasel. Janet Green, Solly Jo Green. Scott CO. Groff. Pod 76. Gruode. Catherine Gucwo. Louro Gaza. Tmo Gunter. Kasondra HV Hager XJte Hall. Rene . Hotay Juhe . . . Homel. Michele . Hamilton. Tern . Harder Sharon . Hady. Jtm . 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 148 14 ? 149 149 149 149 104 36 109. 144 149 149 149 149 149 149 149 149 Harkins. Shannon 112, 149 Hamden. Cynthia 121 149 Hamngton. Ann . . . 114, 149 Hams. Pomelo 149 Homs, Rebecca 149 Homson. Pomelo 114 149 Hatley Jennifer 149 Hastings. Card 149 Havner. Lisa 149 Hawkins. Richad 149 Hoyes. Dacy 64 Haynes. Mtcheofe 149 Hemboch, Scon 149 Healer Steven 149 Herber Christopher . ... 96. 149 Hickman. Clae 149 H 4. Mark 117 149 HA . Ronald 150 Hmmel. Tray 150 Hinson. Mary 150 Hoffman. Kurt (07. 150 Hopkins, Jeanette 150 Houck , Lao 150 hbdgens. Louro 150 Hudy. Raymond 96. 150 Hummel. Glenn 150 Humphreys. David 150 IV lair are, Monte 150 Ingram, Jane . 144 150 JV Jackson. Kimberly 150 Jackson. Todd 95. 150 Jonks, Phehco 203, 150 Jaskosk. Tracy 114. 150 Jaso. James 203, 96 150 9 1 Jobbirr Kathleen .111 150 1 | 1 | | Johnson Angela 150 1 2 1 | I Johnson. Larry . 150 | i ) 1 I Johnson Lynerre 150 1 1 i | | Jones Christopher 150 | | 1 I 1 Jones Jennifer 1.50 1 I i 1 1 Joshn Gr error v . 150 | 1 | 1 Jowerr Sreveo . 150 1 I 1 1 1 ktzysta Er . . . 150 1 I 1 1 1 K V 1 I 1 Kane Pamela 150 1 1 1 1 1 Kars. Chod .... 7 150 1 1 1 1 Keorhley Keirh . 150 1 | 1 1 Kef. Cheryl 76 150 | I 1 1 Ketch Robert (07 150 I I 1 1 Kefy Gary . 203 96 150 1 1 I 1 Kefy Steven 150 | 2 I I Kercher Patrick 150 1 i 1 1 Kilbourne Jodi 150 1 I 8 1 Koq. Chrisrooher 05 1(0 151 1 | I 1 Kippen Edword . . 151 1 1 1 I Koehler Orenda . .... 151 I 1 1 1 Koghn Dion 151 1 1 1 1 Koob Michele 205 151 | | 1 1 Krofft. Luanda , . 151 I 1 I 1 Kraus. Lao . ... 151 1 1 I I Kremer Gregory . . 151 | 1 I 1 Kren Andrea 151 1 1 1 1 Krof Mark 151 I 1 1 1 no I 1 Lain Keirh 151 1 1 I I Lashbrook Lon . . 151 1 1 1 1 LaveUe Cindy . 151 1 | 1 I Lawrence Daniel 151 I I 1 I Ledsworrh Donald 151 1 I 1 I Lester Donald I5i I 1 I I Lewondowski. John ... 151 1 1 I 1 Lewondowski Kond 151 1 1 1 I Lews Heather 151 I 1 I I Liss. Trino . .113 151 1 1 I I Little Mory ... 151 |i I I Lamp. Sharon . . 151 I 1 8 I Lovett. Jennifer 113 144 151 I I I 1 MV I I MacDonald James 151 | 1 1 I Macintosh Kefy .... 151 1 I 1 1 Mock Sreveo ... 151 1 1 I 1 Modems Jennifer 4 46 120 15: 1 § 1 1 Modtson Cassandra 151 1 I I 1 Maloney Kathleen 151 | I 1 1 Marrero Mory . 157 | | 1 1 Marengo Pouto . 151 1 I I 1 Marsh Kimberly 151 | § I 1 Morten Knsrm . . 112 144 151 1 1 1 I Marin. Leslie 151 I 1 1 1 Most aw Gerald 151 | 1 1 1 Mar he w s James . V7 151 | § I 1 Moynord David 152 | 2 I 1 Moywor Enc 152 1 2 I I McConchess Jr! 152 || I I McConnef Mork 152 1 | 1 I McCue Sarah . . 144 152 I I 1 | McElroy. Lynn . . . 112 152 | I I 1 McForlane Timorhy 152 1 I I 1 McGowen Mark 152 1 | 1 1 McLaughlin. Wfbom 152 1 I 1 1 McLeod Dovd . ’52 11 1 1 Tmorhy 152 | | I I McMuHm Anthony . . 152 || I 1 McNoughran Port 1 152 | | 1 1 McRobens Mane 152 | | 1 | Wetbs Jenny 152 1 1 ' 1 1 Mettz Too 152 | 1 § | Mever Joseph 152 | | 1 1 MAer Thomas . .152 1 1 5 1 I Mitchell Dornei IV 152 | | 5 1 | Mzchef Thomas . 152 1 I 5 1 1 Mix Pomao . 157 1 | 5 2 2 Metre Mchoei 117 152 1 1 5 1 2 Murray Mork 152 1 I 5 | I NV 1 1 5 Nolonga. Orendo 152 Naylor. Kelhe 152 Hebei , Panaa 144. 152 Nichol Dornel 152 Nichol. Rodney 152 Nichols, Jeffery 152 Nobles, Cote 152 Nolon. Robert 155 Nosa, Thod 153 OV Oberrem, Scar 153 Oliver, Judy 153 Olson. Lao 96. 153 Otto. Kan 153 P V Papes, Michael 153 Peacock. Pod 153 Pencak. Ehzoberh 153 Perod, Shelly 109 153 Peters. Morey 153 Peterson David 153 Petreng . Knsrine (00. 153 Pickett. Mohehe 153 Pmcomb. Edward 153 Proet Came 153 Preston. Gregory 153 Provost, Lorry 96. 153 Przyrakoski Leo 153 Purze. Michael 153 OV Oum. Ralph 153 R V Robtne. Eric 153 Rodaz. Tamara 113. 153 Rodemocher Kimberly .... 153 Radske, Ronald 154 Rody. Pod 154 Reckker Wonero 154 Reca Juhe 154 Red. Danno 154 Reed. Alan 154 Repp. JA 154 Repp, Mork 154 Reyna. Edna 154 Rich. Dole 154 Rickerr. Susan 154 Robinson. Chrrsnon 154 Robinson John 83 Robinson. Tome 154 Roe. Edo 154 Rome. Jeffrey 154 Rome. Wham 154 Roop. Joe 154 Rowe. Lon 144 154 Rumley Tom 96. 154 Ryan. Ehzoberh 154 SV Sondoval, Christopher 154 e. Joseph 154 tier Joanne . V9 114 , 154 V9 155 155 . 155 .67 155 ... .155 ...155 ....155 .83. 155 .155 155 . 155 . 155 . 155 155 Smith. Dovd . . 90. 155 1 S truth. Debbie . . . . 155 1 Smith Koren 205 82 155 1 Smith Kevin 117 155 1 Smith Kevin 155 I Smtrh. Pad 155 1 Smith Rochefe . 155 1 Smith Sarah . . . 155 1 Strath Stephen 110 155 I Snath . Todd . . .155 1 Solomon Sherrie 155 1 Soyko Edword .156 1 Spool. Theresa . 156 1 SpAord. Moureen 156 1 Stager Patrick . 156 1 Srantoke Gordon . 156 1 Stenhouer Kimberly .156 I Stewarr Sharon ... .156 1 Srommel Juhe 144 156 1 Stones Dole 156 1 Srraffon Shan . 112 156 1 Streeter Timorhy . . . 156 1 Sutrvon , John . . . . 156 I Symington Christine TV 120. 156 1 Tack Darren .06 156 1 Tar Stephen . .156 I Talaski Doryl . 156 I Tofmodge Tracy . . 203 156 I Torzwef Scon . .156 1 Taylor James 156 1 Jeff Susan . 156 1 Tennawood Christine 104 109 I 156 1 Thveke Pod . 156 1 Thompson Orendo 156 1 Thor nr on Frederick . .156 1 Toton Stuart 156 1 Torres Todd 156 1 Totten. Sarah 156 1 Tracy. Ronald 156 1 Trentocosro, Whitney 109. 156 t True. Michelle .156 1 Turner Arm 156 1 Tynan. Came VV ... .156 1 Vok David 156 I Vonce. Shefy 156 I VanConanr Dorm . 156 1 Vargo. Matthew . , ... 157 1 Verhnden , Donna . . . ... 157 1 Vncenr. Orvon ... 157 1 Vromon Pod WV .... 157 1 Waker. Thomas .... 157 1 Wolsh, Amy . . . . 157 1 Ware Donel . . 157 1 Warner Koren . V4 157 1 tt7eas Mchefe 144 157 1 Wets Christopher . ... 157 1 Wich Jennifer ... .. .157 I Wggnton Jons .... 157 1 Wfbrerr Crag .157 1 WJczynski. Mchoei . . 1119 157 1 Wiley Richard .... 157 1 WAselm. Donel 117 157 1 WAey Timorhy . . .... 157 I WiAams Kimberly ... 157 1 WAng Mark 96 157 1 WAs. Detbra .... 157 1 Wilts Steven .... 157 1 Wirherspoon. Eten . . V4 157 1 Wolfe. Catherine . . IV 157 1 Wnghr Debra . ... 157 1 Wythe. MaryDerh . . . Y V 121 157 1 Young. Robert dreslmen . ... 157 I 189 JlDxu fctj J " ' 2136 Pine Grove, Port Huron, Michigan " THE BEST TO THE CLASS OF 1 9 8 3 " rJ U i CL L y . r , . . Qp p Yfrrj ' fr - yyv f. Wholesale Sleetrieal Supplie s 305 Wall Street Port j H uron , Mi. 48060 C rfir f if ACCOUNTANTS 502 WALL STREET PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 48060 Phone: (313) 987-5010 ExCu-j r ANCHiecc JERRY SOUPAL JR ,7 PINE GROVE RO PORT HURON M CMIGAN HIT OR MISS The difference isn ' t in our Clothes It ' s in our Prices 4044 24th Ave. Port Huron Open 10-9 Mon. -Sat. 12-5 Sun. Bring your yearbook in and receive $1 00 off a pair of Blue Jeans Port Muron Paint would like to congratulate the Class of “83 " 317 McMorron Dlvd Phone 9823563 HOWARD _ Johnsons RESTAURANT 2910 Pine Grove at the foot of 1-94 Open 6 am to 1 1 pm — 7 days 984-1678 3920 Pine Grove Rd (313) 987-96 81 Progressive Hairstyling Award Winning Hair Designers Port Huron Ml 48060 A9 Adorn Guy VI. 163 Ainsworth Rebecca . . 163 Ainsworth Shawn . . . . 163 Arts worth So tonne . . 163 Alteon, Esther 163 Armour Shelley . . 163 Armsteod Ann 16 3 Arquette Amy 163 Ashford. Kelt 09 163 Doker Shety 163 Dotazev Steve . . . . 163 Data Mark 163 Oonkson Rebecca 16) Donning . Susan 120 163 Dorber Darcy 36 160 162 163 Dessert Kimberley . . 16) Deodle Marvin . ... 163 Beauvais Charles . 97 163 Decktold Scott 163 Dealer Noel . . 16) Dell Douglas 163 Detomo Anthony . . . 163 Derrs Mchete 120 162 163 Deuschtem Dndget ' e 163 EUyeu. Thomas 163 Dlockledge Timothy . . 163 Dond Michael 97 163 Dorkowski Aidirh 163 Dorovich. Lisa 114 163 Drockenbuty Scon . , , 16 1 Orennan Colleen 162. 16 J Drewer Srephe . 97 163 Dnghr Tmo 121 163 DroN . Daniel 163 Drown David . . . 163 Drown Shelly 162 163 Druen . SaHy . . 63 Buckley James ’63 Buckley Richard 160 Dak Laura 163 Burns. Lynn 1.64 C9 Caldwell. Donny . 164 Comm Troy 97 164 CompboH Jeffery 1 64 Campbell Katherine 164 Carey Pat 97 VI 1 ' 64 Can Angela 64 CasnUo Deniro 164 Caronzoro Angela 164 Cores. Wendell 164 Chenoski Mchete 164 Chenosh Timothy ... 164 Chicane. Crystal 62 120 164 Chnvto Porrch 164 Chrzonowski Regina 164 Colgon Lynn 164 CoSmge David 164 Coins Gerald 164 Coins, John 97 164 Cooper Wanda 164 Crankshow McheJe 164 Cnmmms Enc 164 Cureron. Kathy 64 Cunts. Dnon 1 64 Corns, Heat 164 Curtiss Jennifer D ? 164 Dafoe Drenda 164 Dandron Josene 164 Davey Christina 64 Dovts, Larry 97 164 Dovts. Scott 164 Debien Kety . 164 DeLauner Sandra 1 65 Dekish James 165 Deprez David 165 Dewm Roy 165 CMGuseppe Jeffrey . . . 165 Do Kenny 165 Doan Dnon 165 Dodge Dryan 165 Donbrosky Rolland 165 Downing Carol 104 165 Draper Jeff 165 Dromtard Douglas 165 Dummtt Scott 165 Dumont Gerry 165 Dunkle. Wtbom 165 Dunn . Ann More 165 Duren. Dearm 165 Dyer Deborah E9 165 Ear 1. Kety 165 EHort Laura 104 165 ffc, Joseph . 165 fte. Sandra 114 166 Ely Jonathon . 97 16 Emerck Angela 166 Engen Abson 166 Evenson Kennerh . . . . F ? 166 Forret Robert 166 Fayed James 166 Felt Notabe 166 Fenner Craig 166 Fenner David 166 Fletcher Kevin 97 VI 166 Flynn Abson 166 Focliler David 166 Foglesong Terry 166 Foltz James 166 Forrest Sandra 166 Forsrner Renee 166 Frahck Jennifer 66 French Heather 166 Fretenborough Donald 166 Friedle Orion 166 Frirch Russel 166 Frizzle Kennerh ... 166 Frizzle Robert G9 166 Goetrner John 166 Gagne James 166 Galeski James 166 Goulr Tammy 166 Gibbons Chnsnne V4 166 Gibbs Karl 166 Gtespie Jay VI 67 Gthooley M 63 167 G te Luonn 167 Glenn Steven 167 Gold David 167 Gomez Gutter mo. . 167 Goodrich James 167 Gossmor Kevin 167 Gobbttr Korhy 121 16 7 Gohom Sherri 167 Gonr James 97 167 Geen Marlene . 7 167 Goff Goto 16 7 Goh M 16 7 Goss. Jube 167 Gundy Mary H9 167 Hoi Kimberly 167 Hamel Chnsnne . . . 167 Harmlron Lisa 167 Honron Kete ... 167 Hormer WJbom 167 Harmon Jeffrey 167 Horrmgron Mebsso 167 Horns David 167 Horrmon Chorles . . . 167 Horrnert Katie 114 168 Harrson David 168 Harvey Kimberly 168 Harvey Tom 168 Houver Kathleen . . . . 168 Hawks Denise 104 168 Hayes Scott 168 Hayward David 168 Heck Jennifer 113 Heglei Karen 168 Henderson Sarah 113 168 Hendrick . Jerry 168 Hess Kevin 168 hbekey Jennifer . . 1 68 Hrits Jock 168 Hmo oso Laura 168 Hoerger Craig 168 Flossier. Jacquelyn . . . . 168 Houle Joseph .97 168 Houle Rhonda 168 Howe. Ltsa 80 168 Hubble George 168 Hudy Sharon 168 Humphrey Joequetne 168 Humphries Jocquebne 168 Hutchinson Lynne . . 168 Hurchmsoo Rebecca , 168 19 Irvine Down 168 Irwin, Troy 168 J9 Jackson. Sherry 168 Jefferson James . 97 168 Jerrerr Laura 168 Johnson. Gegory 97 VI 168 Johnson. Patricio 168 Johnson Pout 97 168 Johnson Srephon 97 168 Johnston Michelle 169 Jonas. Michele 169 Jones Joy 169 K9 Koboni April 169 Kamendor Krysrot 169 Kearney Dretr 97 169 Kearns Chris 104 169 Keeney Noner ' e 169 Kety Michoet 169 Ken well Kimberly 169 KerrleweH Amy 112 169 Kinney Down 121 169 KirkendoU Krk 169 Kish Kathleen 169 Kirson Morvtn 169 Know Iron Christopher . 169 Koppel. Jeff 169 Kovach Tim 169 Kozloff Kelbe 169 Kreger Kanann .170 Krener Chnsrne .... 80 170 Kreir. Michelle 121 170 Krot, Kttsrtn 170 Krueger Ktm 170 Kuschel Sreven . 170 L 9 Lombe Jocelyn 170 Lombson Wayne . . . 170 Landocre Jeffrey 170 Langotf Debra Lee . .170 Langot W am ... . .170 Larreret Keith 170 Lawrence Rodney 170 Lacoln Eta 170 Lindsay Paulo .. .170 .as, Angelo 113 162 170 Hoyd. David 170 Lockwood. Lao . 170 Lomasney David . VI 170 London Lao 113 170 Looks Todd ... .171 Ludngron. Abce ... 171 Ludtngron George . . . . .171 M9 Maas Shannon . 171 MocLeon Ebzoberh , . . . .171 MocLeon Fbarnck .171 Aloes, Mario ... .171 Moggs James 171 Mq eski James . . 171 Morrindale Peter 171 Masrow Jeon . .171 Marreson Kennerh 171 McAuiey Michelle 171 McCorkle Chorles VI 171 McCracken. Kety 171 McDermott Andrea .. 171 McDonald Tommy . 121 171 McEochen Donel . . 171 McEochen . Dane . . 171 McGi Michoel . . 171 McGowen Jeff 171 McIntyre Timothy . .171 McKtbben Margo 171 McLean Conoace ... .171 McLean. Shannon .171 McMasrer Michoel . . .171 Mcfsbven Jti .171 McVeigh Scott . 97 171 Meehan. Gegg .... 171 Mecum. David 171 Meahardt Drenda .171 Melton Tina More . .171 Merchanr Marta . . 171 Middleton. Marlene . . 171 Miller Cady ... 7 171 Miller John .172 Miller Pomelo . . .172 Miller Paul . . 172 Miter Paul . . 172 Mane Randy . 172 Moncref Monica . ...172 Monzo James . . . . 172 Monza Timothy . . 97 172 Moore Susan 112 172 Aloore Thomas .172 Morowsh Susan .... ... 172 AlorOen Gegory . . . . . .172 Momson Ted .172 Mosurak. Jeffrey . .172 Mueller Cheryl . . . .172 Murvo Lee ...172 Myron Patrick ...172 NQ Nabozny Lao ... 172 Neff Mark ... 172 Nichols. Aten ... 172 Nicholson Corherae . ... 172 Nicholson Morrhew . . .172 Nirschke Michoel . . . .97 172 Nugent Ann ... .172 Nurrat Chorles ...172 09 O Suhvan. Timothy . . . VI 172 Ort John . . . .172 Ostrander Joanne . . .. .172 Ostrander Lada ... ...172 Ort Alamo ...172 P9 Parker. Rochet ...172 Parrish Trocey 114 172 Parsons Douglas .172 Patterson. Renee . ...172 Peace Robert ... 172 ffeocock Vicky . . . .172 Peck Eva ... .172 Pederson Scott . ... 172 Pete Annemane 120 162 173 Perry. Usa .. .173 Perry Scorr ...173 Perers Ann ...173 Peterson Enc ... 173 Perho Chnsrae ... ...173 Ftckerr Krisrae . . 173 Ftncomb. Alory ...173 Poirier Jennifer ... .173 Porrerr Kennerh ... .173 Porte. PhAp . . 97 173 Post. David ...173 191 MA K VS MUMP k PAWZ 4566 Griswold Port Huron P.H. 1 -6 S 4-3756 or 985-7499 Hours S to 4 Monday- Friday Collision. Kust Kepair. Insurance Work CMC A r VO UK comsmpes! compcjmsnzs 03 MOSHSKS ysweesKS POKZ HURON, M3. Phono (313)984 1545 (mlDAS MIDAS MUFFLER mJTTlTm [ SHOPS 72S HURON AVE PORT HURON. Ml 48060 DISC STAN0AR0 EXHAUST SYSTEMS BRAKE SERVICE FRONT ENDS SHEREE L WELSH SHOCK ABSORBERS ALIGNMENT OFFICE MANAGER Phone 985 9621 MURRAY • ZIMMER SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS 2505 Pine Grove Ave. — Pori Huron, Mlchigon HEATING AIR CONDITIONING VENTILATION MAKEUP-AIR EXHAUST SYSTEMS CUSTOM SHEET METAL SCREEN PRINTING Printed T-Shirts HOODED Sweatshirts Printed BASEBALL STYLE Nylon Jackets Printed baseball STYLE Hats Suppliers of NORTHERN sweatshirts t-shirts for the past 5 years M c Carty Associates Inc. 227 Huron Are Port Huron Mich 48060 313)987 5124 Dus 0820149 J2 ALLIED AC, I N f Al I IH) VAN I INFS THf cadi nn Movrns HENRY L. MEYERS MOVING STORAGE INC. 1621 11TH AVENUE _ PORT HURON. MICHIGAN 48060 192 Poukx. Cynthia 65. 173 Powers. Jeff 173 Provost, Sheila . . . 173 09 Ouondr, Stephen 173 Quinn, Andrew 173 Qumn, Patrick 173 Qumn. Terence 173 P9 Podigon. Amy 173 Pafrery. Joseph 101. 173 Ponkm. Wiham 173 Powzo, Corheane 173 Peed. David 173 Peed. David 173 Pee se Catherine 173 Pe d Pomelo 173 Peken Jennifer 3 , 173 Pjddett, Paul 173 Piehle. Elizabeth 173 Pobbms. Pichord 173 Pobmson Jute 173 Potfe, GbrO 173 Pomero. Edward 173 Posenberger, Dovtd 173 Posroru, Crag 174 Pumsey. Scon 174 Pusch. Gregory 66. 174 Push, Charles 174 59 Sounby, Troy 174 Schorrier, Shelly 121, 174 Schkmfman, More .174 Schtmpf. Sherry 174 Schoenberg. C Drodtey .... 174 Schoenherr, KeHy 174 Schopp. Michele . 114 162. 174 Schroder. Kimberly 174 Schnver. John 97 174 Schulz, Jemne 174 Scon, Michelle 174 Seely. Mary . 36. 160. 162. 174 Shogena Podney VI. 174 Shatost, Poly 174 Shetne, Lao 174 Semen, Sorah 174 Siewerr, Mono 174 Sloan, Thomas 174 Smith. John VI 174 Smith. Michael 174 Srrnrh. Stephen 174 Snyder. Leslie 174 Spoci Kevin 174 Sporr. Dale 174 Speor. Son a 174 Spencer, Dorbora 174 SpOord, Knsrme 175 Spring, Sorah 175 Squires. Scon 175 Steemburg, Showno . , 162, 175 Stem. Chnsrppher 175 Stevenson, Jeffrey 175 Steward. Poberr 101 175 Stewart. Lawrence 175 Stoner, Jason 175 Streeter. Mary Jo 175 Streven. Kerh 175 Snoh. Gregory 97. 175 Sruewer, John 175 Sweet. Gay 175 Switzer, Rebecca 175 T9 Talbot. Michael 175 TonkersJey. Orion 175 Taylor. Robert 175 Teets. Mark 175 Tfueke, Lauro 175 Thomas. Tna 175 Thornsberry. Loura 175 Tomtnson. Norman 175 Tonen, James 175 Touma. Pout 175 Tremper, Chartone 175 Troy. Thomas 175 Tucker, Frank 175 V9 VanLuven. John 175 Vermeesch, Mark 175 Vincent. Gale 176 Vincent, Michele 44 176 Visgo, Orion 176 Volk, Denise 176 W9 Wagner, Tna 176 Wohl, Duane 176 Waters. Marlene 176 Watson, Arm Mane 176 Wetss. Fronchesca 176 Wessel. Deborah 176 White. Chris 176 Where. Darnel 176 Whmcon, Km 176 Wibetn, Michael 162. 176 Wilkins. Tmo V 4 . 176 Witams Angelo 176 Wis. Ehzobeth 176 Wison. Darnel 97, 176 Wison, David 176 WJron. Many 176 Witherspoon, Kathryn 176 Woodley. Travis VI 177 Wooley. Jennifer 177 Wooster, Guy 177 Wyfte, Janet 104 177 Y9 Yank. Matthew .117. VI, 177 Yorger. Michael 97 177 79 Zamrrrt. David 177 ZeUer. Michele 177 193 Congratulations Class of J9S3 SCMA7SK BAKSKJSS 4778 24rhe Ave 385-9244 A 1 4 A 1 Novelty Coin operated Amusement Devices Pool Tobies — Music Boxes — Videos Pin Dolls — ETC . . . DurUe Nichols Ron Nichols GD Nichols 4460 Pine Grove Port Huron Ml 48060 3855501 Northgate Baptist Church 4311 Pine Qrove Rev . Marty Doom Sunday — JO AM Services: uAM dPM Wednesday — 7PM YU. 2-8586 Dome Gos Service TRAILER SALES A RENTAL SERVICE NEW MOBILE HOMES USED Repairs and Supplies 26SO HOWARD PORT HURON. MICHIGAN SCUD JO PMOZO0KAPMV Professional Services: • Seniors • Weddings • -families • Commercial • Sports Photography • Slide Presentation • Photographic Illustration • Video Zaping • Screen Printing all types Decals and Signage By M ichael (Jr ecu QS7-S645 Ry Appointment Only A Slice SSKVJCS SZll ' DJO 1831 Pine Qrove (Suite JJ) — Port Huron TH Z hanks to our I IP 1982-83 Patrons 3 red Stanleys ' Market Mr. Nesbitt P.Jt. Northern Jail Sports Program Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Price Douglas J. Krause. M.D.. 3AA3P. P.C. George Dang Jnc. Charles 3enner Mr. and Mrs. David C. Nicholson Neumann Stowers Mr. and Mrs. Morehead Northgate 3ord Jnc. Jterr Norman Dr. IV m. M. VanMoogenhuize M.D., S.A.e.A.. A.H.A.J. Howlers Zhurnb Air. and Airs. Kalph Hurdick Hooked Up City Awning Co. Dalton Shoe Kepair Air. Jr Mrs. Sldon Jenner Che Office-Secretarial Service JNC. Dr. Zimothy J. Wilkins and Staff Jrito-Cay Jnc. Dr. Cawrence M. Heck and Staff Dunn Construction engineering Jnc. Warren J Joan Sib ilia Donald Zip pie Air. and Airs. Donnie Kutkofske fc Z ho mas M. Hooth O.D. f faffed s V. J. Zhornas Zruske. ton’s Z. V. J f Dross Optical Co. inner’s Mobile Village 195 Little Caesans Congratulations Class of J9S3 front: Mary Kosinc Dawn Donuts Ckick-N-floy: 7 06 -24 1 It St. Open for Cunch WILLIAM H. CORKINS III, F.I.C. PRESIDENT J-94 £ Hancock WILLIAM H CORKINS 111, ASSOCIA I I S INC. INSURANCE UNDERWRITERS Nobody said it was easy, Kick Cleary! Congratulations front Mom and Dad . bltPiK job, Kathy Calaski, now the world can feel your special Sunshine! JCove, Dad Mom Daryl We are proud of you. {fill {Joyner! Mom. Carson, {Julie . Grandma and (fraud pa Kandy. Congratulations, Scott Mortinek from your Mom S Dad! Congratulations {foe Neff, we hope you use your knowledge wisely. Mom S Dad. Congratulations Zo All 1983 frads. TWt MOST WAINEO ABOUT SHOES IN TOWN 221 HURON AVE. YU 4-3194 CJmSKt ' UA nsAuzy smopps • Controlled Permanent Waving • Cutting i Styling Super Cuts for Quys Gals 985-6250 Parking on Premises 1025 £ a peer Port Huron fust West of 10 th St. Seed N Seed Cawn — Garden — Pet Supplies 3658 Capeer Kd. 313-982-8861 Lev 197 Kwikie Duplicalmq Center ol Pori Huron n E3 • SUZUKI HONDA YAMAHA Cyele Sales of Port Huron Printing Hhlt toa tlUt 082 euo Motorcycle Snowmobiles 1044 LAPEER Avenue Port Huron, mi 40060 HYDE Water 13rh Street 987-2777 6 9872778 Port Huron. Ml Congratulations to the 1983 (graduates CS ZM£ woods jv muse MO ADS 5) Mortimer Son Cumber Co., Jne. u 0 BALLY MIDWAY MFG CO All right r« «rv«d 2307 £ a peer St. Port Huron. MJ 987-3020 2709 Pine (grove yVevt to Wiltons Ruff Floral Co. ROWERS FOR AU OCCASIONS 724 HURON AVE. AT GLENWOOD PORT HURON, MICH. 48060 985-8165 “qood men kjm " ZHS SPJKJZ SHOWS Complete Party Store and Cottery Zickets 985-826 1 Send your love with special care. 3561 Qratiot Me at Holland Port Huron, Mich. 4S060 Kopposch Brothers 3 loot Coming f A yy»A f p, “ 3585 Pine Croce 984-5553 Port Huron, MJ- 4S060 (7 ' — ' S hrty Vi K V Slof» Port Huron - Pine Grove at Garfield 9S4-26S5 199 202 2 03 205 Autographs Autographs

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