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) SPIRIT 1981-1982 Port Huron Northern H.S. 1799 Krafft Road Port Huron, Michigan Volume XVII ' ■ 1 Table Of Contents 10 A 9 ▲ 4 ♦ 1 4 8 8 Academics Student Life A K O J Staff and students were deeply saddened by the untimely death of Chene Drewyore Ross She died August 12. 1981. two days before her 37th birthday Mrs. Ross began her teaching career at Northern in 1966 For the next 15 years, until May of 1981, she taught Civics and American History. She continued working until her illness would not allow another day Many of us will long remember her dedication, diligence, conscientiousness and spirit. Students may best remember Mrs Ross’ classroom as a place where her high expectations of them resulted in a program of hard work, based on firmness, fairness, and consistency She is sorely missed by us all to Academics A Seniors A V J Freshmen J Learning For The Future A C A D E M I C S 19 Administration Administration Administration A Administration Has The Upper Hand The year 1981-82 brings back full day sessions to Port Huron Area High Schools. As a result sports and extra-curricular activities have also returned to the High Schools. Returning this year, is Mr. William Pierce as the principal of Northern. Under his direction, he has many trustworthy people. Miss Austin is in charge of counseling, testing, and scheduling. Mr. Dickinson and Mr. Goldsworthy are in charge of disci- pline and attendance. 1. Mr Pierce is at it again. He’s a real workaholic. 2 Mr Dickinson hearing another bad excuse 3. Miss Austin just can’t believe what she’s hearing 4 Mr Pierce start- ing to make his rounds The Administrations Right Hand At Northern this year, we have many experienced secretaries. Their daily routine starts at 6:30 a.m. to about 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon. These ladies help keep our school running smoothly and well orga- nized. Without these ladies, our school would be a mess. 1. Mrs Fleming left us this year and everyone was sorry to see her go 2 Mrs. Willard says Mr Golds- worthy can not get his picture taken right now. he’s busy and can ' t be disturbed 3. Mrs Shepherd who is in charge of financial accounts is busy going through her files 4. Mrs. Whitford takes time out for our photographer before helping a student. Office Staff Office Staff Office Staff Office Staff Office Staff Office Staff Office Staff Off la The Kitchen Staff Puts Their Hearts Into Cooking The head of the Kitchen staff this year is Mrs. Jamison. This is her first year at Northern and she enjoys her job. She was at P.H. last year. She ' s had 23 years in the district of Port Huron. Her Kitchen staff is made up of 2 cooks, 2 bakers, and 6 helpers. Altogether, there are 1 1 people working to get the food prepared. Their working day is from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. These ladies make about 19 hundred to about 2 thousand lunches a day. 350 of them are for Northern. The rest of the lunches are shipped to other schools. Their day is pretty busy. 1 My, what they won ' t think of next! 2. Preparing food is hard work here at Northern. 3. One potato, two potato, three potato four. Custodians Are King Of The Halls . ; 1 k a The head of Custodians is John Stein. He has worked at Northern for a long time. John enjoys his work and gets along fine with everyone else. Their work day is from 5:30 a.m. till 1 1:00 p.m. They have 3 custodians in the morning and 7 at night. They have 10 people altogether. Their general cleaning is from 3 to 1 1 p.m. It consists of hallways, lunch room, teacher’s classrooms and the outside of the school. If it wasn’t for them, what would are school look like? 1. Do you believe this? Really. 2. Time for a lunch break. 3. John Pavlov and Dave Sharrard take time out for a picture. Exchange Students Are A New Suit 1 . Anna trying to express her feelings on American restrooms compared to Swedish restrooms. 2. One of the exchange students taking advantage of his time spent in the library. 3. Derk. one of the lucky ones chosen from Germany to come to visit our fantastic school. Port Huron Northern has many new faces this year, and some of them are from other countries. Germany and Sweden are two of the most common countries this year although Japan and others are represented by courageous Exchange Students. These students live in the community with host families. These students get the opportunity to compare their home country to the United States. It may also aid the U.S. in foreign policies. We at Northern hope that these “temporary Ameri- cans " have a pleasurable and educational stay. Honor Society — Honorable Hand Deal Them A The National Honor Society is a group of 29 sen- iors and 13 juniors. Their advisor this year is Mr. Buckoski. The Honor Society’s goal is to recognize those students who are individually outstanding, and to promote academic achievement through tutoring those students who request extra help. These stu- dents will lead the way to a brighter future. 1. The elite group, the National Honor Society. 2. The officers for the National Honor Society are: President. Joya Popham, Vice President. Dale Deloy. Secretary. Lynn Payne, and Treasurer, Andrea Wine. 3. Joya Popham poses for our photographer I Honor Society Honor Society Honor Society Honor Society Honor Society Honor Societ] Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band B Band Members Are One Of A Kind . . After a year break, The Port Huron Northern Band is back in step marching its way to Florida. Under the direction of Michael G. Schwalm, and Drum Major Leslie Aplin, the band is by far the best in the Port Huron Area. After marching in the fall, the band breaks up into three bands at different levels. The most tal- ented musicians participate in the Wind Ensem- ble, then Concert, and Cadet bands follow. We thank the band for entertaining us during the year. Our hats are off to you. 1. Drum Major Leslie Aplin directs the band through another exciting perfor- mance. 2. Resting from the Mella- phone, Lisa Brohl is in deep concen- tration. 3. An outstanding display of Northern’s band during half time 4 The Northern Band Shows why they are number one in the city. Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Band Be Choir Choir Choir Choir Choir Choir Choir Choir Choir Northern’s choir has a familiar face back this year, Mr. Norager. He is pres- ently teaching girls choir, accapella and freshmen choir. Choral, this year meets after school on Wednesdays. All of the choir will participate in many fund raisers which will allow to pay for their Christmas and Spring concerts. We are betting that these concerts will be a big hit. 1 Mr Norager leads his choir in a song 2 And then . 3 The male singers are the ' backbone ' of the choir 4 Alison Copping and Debbie Droulliard sing their hearts out with the rest of the choir 5 Mr Norager displays his piano talents. 1 Mr Norager and the choir prepare for their concerts. 2. One and two and 3 Who says girls can ' t sing Choir Makes Two Of A Kind. Choir Choir Choir Choir Choir Choir Choir Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Math Matt Math — New Tricks For Old Problems Head of the Math Department this year is Mr. Renner. Each student is required to successfully complete two years of Math in order to graduate. A few of the courses offered are Algerbra. Geomerty, Consumer’s Math and Calculus. 1. Now it should equal something, right? 2 They’re going to love this test! 3 . Now seriously folks! 4 Cathy Steward trys to think of some of the old tricks for a new problem 1. Sue. are you cheating? 2 Stephanie Collmse finds out math can be fun 3 " Aw. your’re kidding!” 4 Now comes the hard part, doing the homework! Math Math Math Math Math Math Math M English English English English English English English English English English English English Is A Universal Language 1. Some people just can’t concen- trate 2. There’s never a dull moment in Mrs. Fisher’s class! 3 They must really like English! 4 Alright Freshmen get to work! 1. Students doing what they do best (Nothing) 2. Sopho- mores supposedly learning English English English English English English English English English English English English Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Is A Wild Straight The Social Studies Department is headed this year by Mr. Dickey. The freshmen ante with civics and the ju- niors follow suit by taking their required course, Ameri- can History. The seniors are handed P.O.D. which has 5 different teachers. Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies uslness Business Business Business Business Business Business Business Business Buslnet There Is No Limit In Business Education The business department, which is headed by Mr. Ed- ward Tinsley involves typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, mar- keting and retailing. Through these classes they learn a em- ployable skill. V - 1 X 1 This typing class is too busy to look up for a picture 2. The three parts of typing; typing, proofreading, and correcting errors. 3 Sherry Dehart studies her typewrit- er 1 Greg Robinette and Anna Ohman debating on what to buy at our school store. 2. Jody Mclvor is getting ready to type in Mr Johnson’s block class Business Business Business Business Business Business Business Business Business Bus Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Foods Cook Up A Good Hand 1. I don’t believe this! 2. Chets of the Future. 3. Bobbi Fuller teach- ers aid. separates an egg with ex- treme delicacy Foods Class offers many opportunities to discover new techniques in bettering our quality of food and nu- trition. It is also an exciting chance to open ones mind to the creativity in baking and developing ones ideas into reality. The instructors who hold the key to this gate of discovery are Miss Galoit and Miss Cameron. I iV M Band Always Knows What To Play The Northern Jazz Band (Northern Lights) which is taught by Mr Michael G. Schwalm got a late start this year but has since come on to perform very well at Pep Assemblies. 1 Trombone players reach for a high note at the court assembly. 2. Robin and Laura play with total concentration. 3 Mr Schwalm directs the band for the court assembly. Jazz Band Jazz Band Jazz ■ W h » I Band Jazz Be Artists Have The Best Hand . % This year at Northern, there are many art classes being offered. One of them is Art 1 2. This class is being instructed by Mrs. La- Beau. In Art 1, you basically learn to draw, and in Art 2, you learn more creative activi- ties. Art 1 2 are prerequisite classes. You must take Art 1 2 before you go any further in Art. Other classes being offered are: ceramics, drawing, and painting. The jewelry class is being taught by Miss Galoit this year. In this jewelry class, students can learn to make their own jewelry. WORW FM 92 W0RW J fl . r t THE BLUEVATBB ' S BIST MUSIC WORW is an educational non- commercial radio station, which is lead by Mr. Robert Trapp. Mr. Trapp ' s students work under his guidance to win the pot of their third class Federal Communications Commission license. They learn how to operate a radio station, within the laws of the F.C.C. Many former broadcasting students have be- come winners in many stations across the country. 1 The station, where it’s at. 2. Luke Fadeli charms his listening audience with his capta- vatmg voice 3 John Ange is another WORW D.J. WORW WORW WORW WORW WORW WORW WORW WORW WORW WORW WORW WORW Iris Physical Education Girls Physical Education Girls Physical Education Girls Physical Edu Physical Education Girls physical education classes are headed by Miss Fugiel and Mrs. Johnson. Classes that are offered in physical education are: Team Sports, such as basket- ball, flag football, and volleyball. Individual sports such as aerobic dancing, gymnastics and golf; and Nutrition and Body which teaches basics in food and nutrition and how to keep your body trim. 1 Isn’t this fun 2 Kathy Duquette says. ‘Watch this move.” 3. Miss Fugel’s class learning how to play floor hockey 4 Bill Robbins run- ning the stairs. 5. Northern’s Weight room. Has No Limit The Boy’s Physical Education class is headed by Mr. Dickey. Some of the classes offered are: Team Sports, such as flag football, basketball, and volley- ball. Individual sports such as golf, track, and softball and the ever popular Weights and Agilities class, which teaches mental as well as physical strength. Port Huron Northern has one of the finest Weights and Agilities program in Michigan. The Weights Program has been put together by Mr. Barry Armstrong, who is one of Northerns Varsity football coaches. Coach Armstrong feels that this program has helped Northerns football program greatly. Boys Physical Education Boys Physical Educ ciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Sciences Scien Sciences Requires A Steady Hand There are many science classes offered at Northern. They are Environmental, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Earth Science. Experi- ments and disecting are just some of the activities done in these classes. One year of sci- ence is required, but most stu- dents take more. Science is an important part of the expand- ing world and our Science De- partment would certainly agree! 1 The Science students are very stu- dious. 2. Experimenting with Chemis- try. 3. Steve Howard is dazed by the amount of knowledge he has to learn. 4. Old eagle-eye spots our photogra- pher 5. The best way to learn is to study the book. Three Kinds Of Languages Foreign Languages are not required but there are a large amount of students requesting these classes. These classes are available to students to help them understand the languages of other countries. For example this years French class is taking a trip to France to try to under- stand the past heritage. Here are some of the classes available; French, German, and Spanish. The French classes are taught by Mr. LaBelle and Mr. Ryskewecz. Herr Norman for German and Mr. Ahearn for Spanish. I J HGUURW " FAiRE 1 Mr Ahearn thinks Spanish class takes concentration but Tom An- drews doesn’t think so 2. Karen Anderson listens carefully in Mr Ryskewecz ' s French class 3. Herr Norman discusses German with a student Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Si Shop For A Good Deal Shop class this year includes many different and in- teresting classes. Classes that are available to students are; electronics, drafting, trade auto, power mechanics, woods and metals. These classes are instructed by Mr. Johnson, Mr. Esterline, Mr. Baker, Mr. Hobbs. Mr. Pear- son and Mr Singer. Some of the students who take the classes further their education by going to the Skill Center or on to college to become the person of their dreams. 1 Autoshops show their work. 2 Working in the classroom 3 Draft- ing class goofing off again 4 Mr Woods class takes a written test Jack Of All Trades The Skill Center offers all kinds of different educational classes. It is designed to teach juniors and seniors em- ployability skills that they are interested in. The courses offered at the Skill Center are: Data Processing. Auto Mechanics, Plastics, Foods, and many others. The Skill Center provides great exp erience, and it really helps with the skill that you like. Students attend the Skill Center from 8:30 a m. until 1 1:30 a m. and from 12:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. In the remaining hours of the school day, each student returns to their regular school and participates in normal classroom activities. The students who pass their course have a good chance of either being accepted to the college of their choice or getting the job that they have training for. 1. Bob Knapp is the operator of the computer system at the Skill Center. 2. Steve Harvey shows his business skills. 3. One of the many computers at the Skill Center Skill Center Skill Center Skill Skill Center Skill Center Skill Centei Student Life . . . Is Just The Beginning. s T U D E N T L I F E 49 Juniors Hold The Winning Hand 1 The Seniors based their wall on the comic strip Beatle Baily. The Seniors placed third in this competition. 2 The Junior wall was based on Hagard the Horrible and they won first place. 3. The Sophomores took second place and their wall was based on Snuffy Smith 4 The Freshman chose the comic B.C. for their wall and made a good attempt to win but they took last place. High Stakes are involved in Mardi Gras Games 1. Here we see Dan Barthel getting ready for the Mardi Gras Games 2. By the grin on Richara Stones face he obviously likes pretzels. Bobbi Fuller puts her best side forward in the girls tug-of-war Angela Krause seems to be enjoying the pie eating activities. co Senior, Junior Court Nominees Senior court nominees this year are Catherine McIntyre. Cathy Snider. Pam Stemhause. Patty McGill. Debbie Houle Front row Karen Shel- don. Kim Love. Mary Ann Westphal. Anne Jackson Junior court nominees are Dawn Sibilla, Karen Anderson, Andrea Wine. Tracy Gordon. Pat Kane Front row Lisa DiGiuseppe. An- gela Krause. Carolyn Hopkins, Krystal Me- harg. 52 Sophomore, Freshmen Court Nominees Sophomore court nomi- nees are Lori Barrett. Mary Jo Ganhs. Anne Nebel. Lisa Gosger Front row Jody Wilson. Darlene Deloy, Lisa Bouchard. Sarah Troy. Freshmen court nomi- nees are Jane Ingram. Beth Pencak. Jennifer Lovett. Holly Bland. Pat Nebel. Becky Harris Front row Yevette Bour- dou. Ann Turner. Trina Liss. Danna Bolin. Lau- rie Carpenter 53 Mardi Gras Queen and Court 1. Queen Anne Jackson and her court. 2 . Representing the Senior Class is Queen, Anne Jackson, Mary Ann Westphal, and Kim Love. 3. Representing the Junior Class is Tracy Gordon and Pat Kane 4. Representing the Sophomore Class is Mary Jo Ganhs and Jeri Lynn Kalish. 5. Representing the Freshman Class is Jane Ingram and Laurie Carpenter 5 There is no limit to the fun at Mardi Gras 1 Karen Sheldon asking herself " Why am I doing this? " 2. Seniors rooting their team on. 3 " MmmmMmmm Goooood. " 4 Donna Repp and Mary Raftery concentrat- ing on the finish line for the three-legged race. 1. Ron Bostater — Disc Jockey of Tomorrow. 2. Faster, John, faster!! 3 Tug-of-War. no problem for the Seniors 4 Steve Foltz — " What do you think you’re doing? " 5 What coordination?, not everybody can undress and eat a ba- nana at the same time. 56 nlr 57 The Wild Cards of PHN 3 4 1. Debbie Droulliard — Looking cute as ever 2. Mary Jo turns on her charm as she is stopped in the hall. 3 The Four Stooges 4 The Greek God Zeus serenades his Goddess, Venus. 1 These people obviously like punk. 2. Larry Lohr shows us his athletic ability. 3. Steve Beebe. Jenny Neil, and Patti MaGill let their true personalities out at Mardi Gras. 4 Dick and Mike clowning around again. Mardi Gras Games 1 What’s the scheme you ' ve got up your sleeve 2 Cathy Snider keeping score at the Mardi Gras game. 3 Becky Cook cheers on the juniors as they win one of the Mardi Gras games 1 Rich Garcia has to use a blanket to keep warm because .2. Kelly Smith going back to her childhood days 3 Kim Heidemann and Kim Moss disappointed at the seniors loss. 4 Seniors being cheered on by their fellow classmen. 5. Sue McCorkle cheers on the Huskies on the field A Good 1 The " Dead " comes alive at Mardi Gras. 2. The unex- pected shot of Chris Herber 3 Sherry Whitican fumbles with some notes. 1. Ask me I know everything. 2. If I had known that you were that hungry. I would have given you a fork. 3. If you take my picture. I’ll kill you 4 Rick George models his new punk style. Year . . . 62 One To Remember 9 V } 1. Kari Haight and friends, trying to keep warm. 2 Ann and Beth Laming showing off 3. “Go away we’re studying.” 4 Rob Elliot will do anything for his classmates Pg 67 1 Come on Dave we know you love it! 2. Steve Nurenberg says “Leave me alone!” 3. Karen Motte and Gaylord Jowett taking a rest at the Mardi Grah games 4 Huskies cheer for another victory 5. Marianna Komph — a happy huskie 66 ±P. cO e V Argvjte vSotKs GarfieldL -tjic. Ca£ VoV x % 3 ? xM ' " . » .. . .. ' Ra. rs of -the. -r V Jw T 1061 H B 0 d “Booster Club 5poM5ors 5chool Spo s vS Cj l kv icy %, , . v J ,»v 9 docKsuicrs 68 Kagnuh, P.X r ui 2 O : CO 3 a j cn Z O 0 LJ a Pori Hanor , gets nt Outlet Seniors 3 0 to FL0F(IPA £ ) X a cV V hv 9 v« S £ So- 1 ■ % % r? atti. X £ fij-3 Toot Reagan. A.S5as5(Ait|bw ' ? Attmpt f % 9. s« ,v£ K 0 3hoW ?vC O J uniors Wiq " Ike. 3 qstgL . . . General Hospital izop 0 0 v .(2 O 0 9 vT ' Sto nC5 Concerl . at Oliver POMC £ " o 69 Winning Isn’t Everything; It’s Having The Chance To Participate. S P O R T S 71 With the return of sports this year, so returned the school spirit, enthusiasum, and above all the return of football to the gridiron. After having a year off. the crowd participation was tremendous. Even when the thermometer dipped below freezing there still would be fans out at the game cheering our team on. With fantastic fan support our Huskies opened the season by beating Saginaw H.S. 13-0. They went on to compile a record of 4 and 5, winning 3 of their last 4 games, where the first of their 3 victories came against Grosse Pointe South. This game was also the hi-light of the season, since this was the first time in the school’s history that Northern has ever beaten South. It was even more of a victory in the aspects that it broke Northern’s losing streak, it was South’s homecoming and the Huskies kicked a field goal. Coach Bates said it has been about 10 years since a Northern kicker has booted a field goal. This year’s team was led by Senior Linebacker John Davis and Senior Halfback Dale Deloy. Davis led the team in tackles and was voted the MVP award. Deloy led the offense with 846 yards, he also was awarded the Vincent trophy by the Times Herald. 1ST ROW: S Nurenberg. G Nutt. J. Sparling, B. Brown, D. Kolar, D Deloy. S. Howard 2ND ROW: C. Pearson. R. Lambert. J Scahill, J. Gray. M MacReady. T Coleman 3RD ROW: M Pool. J. Nesbitt. B. Wurmlinger. H Meno. J. Tallmadge. S. Meade. M McVeigh. 4TH ROW: D. Marcero. L. Fadell. L. Lohr. M East, T. Hughes. L Miller 5TH ROW: D. McTaggart, M Fretenborough, M Sovereen. B Barber. P. Borowski. E. Scheiman, R. Hinkley. 6TH ROW: C. Benedict. G. Hayden. J Madaus. C Williams, M Warshefski. J Davis. 7TH ROW: T. Kinsman. D Card. G Robinette. J. Wynkoop. B. Wechesser. J. Armstrong. 8TH ROW: Coaches; B Armstrong. J. Bates, and C. Dalhke. SOWOQOOnIQ Northern Opponent Saginaw H.S. 0 P.H. High 14 Mt. Clemens 24 L.C.N. 10 East Detroit 14 G.P.S. 6 Anchor Bay 0 Roseville 22 Bay City H.S. 4 Wins 5 Losses 6 1. Dale Deloy goes off right tackle and over Dennis Kolar for one of his long gains against L.C.N. 2. Jeff Nesbitt and Larry Lohr concentrate on the P.H. game. 3 Quarterback Jeff Sparling hands off to Dennis Kolar, while Brent Barber holds off a L.C.N defender. a 6 1 Charles Bolar runs into a few of the L.C.N. defenders 2. Dale Deloy looking for a hole. 3. The Huskies get it together before another game 4. Coach Armstrong and Linebacker John Davis discuss defensive strategy. 5. The sideline inten- sity is tremendous at P.H.N 6. Coach Armstrong studying the play on the field. 7. Mike War- shefski and John Davis bring down an opponent. ti r This years JV team com- piled a record of 4 and 5. Mr. Woods was the head coach along with assistant Coaches Rutkofske and Ev- ans. They all felt the team did quite well considering none of the players had ever played high school football before. 1 Scott Howe is giving Quarterback Jeff Keslar a little help in the offensive back- field. 2. Chris King runs his pattern while the offensive line holds off a defensive charge 3. Brian Austin breaks a tackle and starts up the field for another long gainer. 1st Row: C. King, B Wahl, M Morgan, K. Fritz. J. Keslar. C White. S. Mosurak, T. Truske. 2nd Row: B Armstrong, J. Armstrong, R. Squires. B. Duda, K Thomason. M. Coleman, G. Kelly 3rd Row: M. Condland. B Robbins, T Dandron, M Myron. P Smith. T Smith. T Nesbitt, P Strevett 4th Row: D. Steinhauer, R. Stone. G. Dreiner, P Groff. J. Ort, M Hill, M Motte. M Rylander. 5th Row: M Koon. J Madison, J Jaso, M Morrison, T. Rumley, M Berden. B Rome. R. Borkowski. 6th Row: D. Farnsworth. B Branch. S. Whiting. B Kelch. R Green. B Bourdeau. M Porrett. 7th Row: J. DeLuca, D Ashford, T Woodley. R. Brown, S. Howe. S. Austin. R. George. M French. 8th Row: Coaches; Rutkofske, Evans. F Hawkins, D. Stones, B Brown M Eaqle J Bennett, Coach Woods. t 67 56 £ 6 4 ' 88 82 .t 78 7 ?_75 _M2 6? ( 77 76 Mr Hanton, Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball coach Mr Armstrong, assistant coach Varsity Football. Mr Nesbitt, J V Boys Basketball coach. Northern Coaches Are One Of A Kind Mr Rutkofske. assistant Mr Woods, Head J V. Foot- J.V. Football coach. ball coach Mr Bates. Head Varsity Football coach. Mr Dalhke, assistant coach Varsi- ty Football Mr Wright. Varsity Tennis and Mr Elliott P.H.N. Athletic Direc- tor 77 C. Snider, Captain — K. Sheldon. L. DiGiu- seppe. L. VanLuven, J. Dent. Co-Captain — L. Conlen. A M McGowen. K Morrison. This years Cheerleaders had something to cheer about as sports returned to Northern. Mr. and Mrs. Klink have worked all year long and have done a fine job. The Varsity has 8 girls on the squad, while the JV has 9. The squads have performed at football and bas- ketball games so far. Captain — J.L. Kalish, Co-Captain — J Ma- daus. J. Wilson. D. Deloy. C. Symington. T. Yar- borugh. L Bouchard. K. Farquhar, Y Bourdeau 3. Lori Van Luven. the Husky and Kristy Morrison take time out on Kroger Day for a picture. 4. Lisa Bouchard working hard on Kroger Day. 5 Darlene Deloy and Kelly Farquhar jump for joy during a basketball game 6. Our Varsity cheer- leaders are getting up in the world. Ski Club Dominates The Slopes P.H.N. Ski Club Tim Smith, Don Deaching, Bob Deaner. Mike Papes. Dan Nichol, Wayne Walter, Glenn Hummel. Kim Gordon, Rob Hess. Jennifer Sepsey, Brian Root, Dale Sanders. Scott Barrett, Mark Hill. Jon Ludwig, Scott Kutzweil, Bill Schroeder. Jim Dewey, Kelly Branch. Lisa Houck, Robert Young, Denise Wales, Tina Phillips. Jac Armstrong, Pat Nebel. Brian Aus- tin, Jim Taylor. Rob Debien. Jamie Jason. Kurt Hoff- man. John Sullivan. Tom Andrews. Kristi Robinson, Alison MacKenzie. Stephen Schultz. Cindy Lavelle, Becky McCarty. Laura Martin. Betsy Ryan, Lori Lashbrook. Jennifer Lovette. Steve Beebe. Chris Danko, John Majeske. Dan Garijo 1. Paul Wyckoff steals one from a LCN defender 2. Jeff Sparling and the Ref wonder how to get the ball past a defender 3. Jeff Nesbitt sky’s over a LCN player. FIRST ROW M Brown, D Stephenson. R. Cleary, S. Wilkinson SECOND ROW: B. Morehead. T. Jobbitt. J. Sparling. B Fiedler. D. MacTaggart. THIRD ROW: P. Wyckoff, J Nesbitt. B Brown, J. Bowns, M Schopp. P Napolitan, Coach D. Hanton. The Boy’s Varsity Basketball team once more returned to the court this year after not having sports last year. Mr. Dan Hanton was the coach this year and did a wonderful job considering none of the players had any experience on the Varsity. The team was led by 6 ft. 7 in. Senior Center John Bowns, Bowns was backed up strongly by Brad Brown and the rest of the team. Good Luck to next year ' s team. 1. Scott Wilkinson floats one over a defender. 2. John Bowns towers over a Big Red and referee 3. Jeff Sparling finds an open lane to the basket. 4 Mr Hanton says Paul Wyckoff has a good head for basketball JV’s Gain Experience And Sportsmanship The J.V. Basketball team also returned to the court this year. Their rough season was accredited to the lack of experience. Mr. Nesbitt coached this year ' s team and did a good job with the team. Good Luck to next year ' s team. Top Row: S. Obertein, B Duda. B. Coleman, S. Coon, J. Hager, T. Nesbitt. K Fritz, T. Truske. Front Row: B Bourdeau. B Kullander, B Komph, C. King, R. Elliott, K. Thomason. 2. Chris King beats everyone to the bas- ket 3 Bob Komph dribbles out of trou- ble 4 King Thomason, seems to be float- ing in mid-air as he tries to block an in bounds pass 5. All eyes are upon the ball 83 Girls Varsity Basket- ball had the makings for a good season. This team had six seniors and four juniors on its squad. But due to a lack of sports last year, the team ended with a 4-13 record. The only player with Varsity experience was Renee Fretenbor- ough. She was also team captain. She was also voted Most Valuable Player. Anne Tallmadge won the Spark Plug Award. 1. Coach Hanton tells the team the next play. 2. Renee Fretenborough rebounds a ball as Sally Hyslop looks on in dispair 3. Tracy Vettesse shoots another free throw 4 Kathy Duquette and Andrea Kern try to rebound a ball. Girl Cagers Return To The Court Top Row: Andrea Kearn, Tracy Vettesse. Pat Kane. Kathy Duquette. Anne Talmadge Bottom Row: Nancy Repp. Mollie Landschoot, Sally Hyslop, Renee Fretenborough. Marianna Komph, Coach Hanton. Top Row; Mary Wyckoff. Jane Polimadei. Pam Kane. Kris Schlautmann, Middle Row; Kim Schieman. Joanne Schaffer. Marge Hayden, Jeanette Hopkins, Front Row; Coach Vettesse. Lauri Barrett, Kasandra Gunter, Sheryl Forbes, Shelly Doan The Girls Junior Var- sity Basketball team had a record of 6 wins and 1 1 loses. The team had 6 sophomores and 6 freshmen on the squad. Jane Polimadei was high scorer and Mary Wyckoff was vot- ed Most Valuable Play- er. Mr. Vettesse did a fine job coaching the team. 86 Tennis Team Serves Up Aces TOP ROW: Tina Phillips. Bridget McKinley. Mary Raftery. Sheila O’Sullivan. Libby Fitzgerald. Coach Al Wright BOTTOM ROW: Lynn McElroy. Teresa Cain. Julie Nicholson, Kris Marten. Teresa Lucey. and Shari Stratton. Z £T_ n 2. JV players watch the Varsity in amaze- ment. 3. Mary Rattery returns a serve in style. The Northern girls tennis team provided one of the high spots of the return of sports to the Port Hu- ron Area School District. Led by freshman Kris Marten at first singles, the team rolled over almost all of their opposition. The only stumbling block was 6-time consecutive state champion Grosse Pointe South. The Huskies suffered their only dual meet losses of the year against South, 7-0 in Grosse Pointe and 5-2 at home. Northern completed the season with an 11-2 dual meet re- cord and finished third in the state regional tournament behind South and Grosse Pointe North. 88 Vanity Northern Opponent 7 P.H. High 0 7 Lanse Creuse North 0 7 East Detroit 0 7 Almont 0 0 Grosse Re. South 7 7 Mount Clemens 0 6 Lanse Creuse North 1 7 Mount Clemens 0 2 Grosse Re. South 5 7 East Detroit 0 7 P.H. High 0 7 Almont 0 5 Rochester 2 Northern’s Junior Varsity tennis team also did well this year compiling a fine 7-2 record, 6-2 in the EML. 4 Bridget McKinley returns a serve while Julie Nichol- son watches closely during a doubles match 5 Sopho- more Sheila O’Sullivan ap- pears to be surprized by the shot 6 Freshman Kris Mar- ten at her best. TOP ROW; Coach Dempsey. D Hoy. S. Chargot. C. Shevnock, B Belt. BOTTOM ROW; K. Marsh. T. Liss. J Lovett. S Harkins. T. Radatz. K. Durand 89 Golf Team Is The King Of Clubs This year ' s Golf team did extremely well Mr. Jerry Miller was the coach and was very much pleased with the efforts of the team. The Huskie golfers were led by Captain and M.V.P. Jim Wilhelm who captured numerous honors and awar ds throughout the season. Mr. Miller was blessed with tremendous talent in the rest of the Varsity golfers. The team’s dual meet record was 11-1. They were the E.M.L. dual meet and tournament cham- pions and finished 2nd in the Regionals and 18th in the state. 1. Brian Smith follows through on a short chip shot. 2. Jim Wilhelm blasts his way out of the sandtrap. 3. Dan Wilhelm leans way into one of his sandtrap shots. 4. Brian Roots says. “Where’s the Ball??? 90 Varsity Golf Team Northern 203 L’Anse Creuse N. 242 Northern 230 Grosse Pointe S. 233 Northern 208 p 0 rt Huron High 233 Northern 212 Mount Clemens 243 Northern 211 Anchor Bay 24 1 Northern 20€ L ' Anse Creuse N. 235 Northern 203 st. Clair 214 Northern 206 Grosse Pointe S. 233 Northern 219 Port Huron High 238 Northern 218 Anchor Bay 257 Northern 213 Marysville 207 Northern 205 Mount Clemens 244 1. Tom Jackson shows our photographer his good form. 2. Jim Wilhelm displays his golf expertise Top Row: Coach Jerry Miller. B Richardson. P. Wyckoff. P Napolitan, D Wilhelm. B Smith. J. Wilhelm. B Komph. T. Jackson. R. Cleary. Front Row: S. Smith. K. Smith. R. Hess. B. Root. R. Paulus. M Baker. 91 1 Pat Harrison sets a spike up. 2. Renee Fretenborough spikes a shot. 3. Lisa Goudreau puts a shot over the hard way 4 Renee blocks a shot against PH. 5. The Husky girls get ready for a serve. 6. The team takes time out to discuss strategy TOP ROW: L. Duda, P Harrison, H. Miller. A. Kish, B. Hoy, C. Wirtz, Coach Davey. SECOND ROW: D. Hoban, A Laming. BOTTOM ROW: L. Goudreau, B Laming. P McGill. A Jackson, and R. Fretenbor- ough. 92 The J.V. Volleyball team was confronted with the same problem as the Varsity. No experience, but with the J.V. team it went one step further. Not one girl on the J.V. team had ever played high school volleyball before, however, this did not slow the girls down as they played strong all through the season. Lisa Gosger was the Captain and led the team through the season. Mr. L. Miller was their coach and did a fine job also. 1. Mary Wyckoft spikes against two P H defenders 2 Captain Lisa Gosger shows perfect form in setting a shot up 3 Tracy Jaskoski sets a shot up for her teammates 4 Cindy Oppliger shows good form. 5. Lisa Gosger stretches for a shot. Wyckoff. M Laming. BOTTOM ROW: C. Cook. V. Snyder. J. Semrow. L. Barrett. L. ■J l . ■ • • M Mm , a . ' . %,X- ■:, 9 Jk An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest. F A C U L T Y 97 English Department TOP ROW: Mr Ahearn. Mr Hayward. Mr L. Miller. Mr Ryskewecz. Ms Boyd. Mrs Pettibone. Miss Foster. Mr. Aikins, and Mr Wright BOTTOM ROW Mr McCabe. Mrs. Fischer. Ms Meyer. Ms Mackie. Mrs. Lyszak. and Mrs. Rogers. Math Department Mr Dunbar. Mr Blynn, Mr Davey. Mr Talladay, Mr LaBelle, Mr Jamison 98 Band, Choir, and Library Mr Schwalm. Mr Norager. Ms Boyd. Mrs. Burns, and Mr McCabe Social Studies Department TOP ROW Mr Dickey. Mrs. Eastman. Mr Claseman. and Mr. Smith. BOTTOM ROW Mr Anderson. Mr Coughenour, Mr. R. Miller. Mr Hamil- ton. Mr Green, and Mr Clark. TOP ROW Mr. Vettese. Mrs. Steinbeck, and Mrs. Guske. BOTTOM ROW Miss Cantu, and Mrs. Lamarr. Mr Ryskewecz. Mr. LaBelle. and Mr Ahearn. Home Economics And Industrial Arts Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Galoit, Mr Singer. Mr Baker, Mr Hobbs. Mr John- son. and Mr. Esterline. C a dfcr Rf -r CENTER c TOP ROW Mr Mattson, Ms. Austin, Mrs. Goodrich. Mr Dunbar, and Mr. Soule BOTTOM ROW: Mr Morehead. Mrs. Rutkoiske. and Mr. Buck- owski. ai tj cd O Physical Education And Secretaries LEFT BACK: Mr Dickey. Mr Armstrong. Mr. Bates. Mr Hanton, and Mr RIGHT BACK: Mrs Dagget. Mrs Rose. Mrs. Teff. and Mrs. Sheperd Dahlke FRONT ROW: Mrs Johnson, Miss Fugiel. and Mr. Elliot. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Whitford and Mrs. Willard The 1981-82 Northern Staff 103 We Will Shine For Gold And Blue We f re The Class Of “ 82 ” 0 3D Q hi 0 Seniors Begin The Game Of Life Julie McCoy Bill McDonald Paul McDonald Ann Mane McGowen Patricia McGill Catherine McIntyre Tammy Mclvor Rob McKelvey Steve McKinch Maura McKinly Lori McNaughton Diana McShane Tami Meehan Kevin Meharg Art Mellos Chris Middleton Larry Mireles Bill Mitchell David Mitchell Cheryl Moore Tom Moore Julie Morgan Ron Morris Kristal Morrison 115 Friends Will Never Be Forgotten 118 Doug Siewert Sharon Smith Jeff Sparling Pat Stoutenburg Pam Singh Wendi Smith Colleen Spillard Kelley Sullivan Brian Smith Cathy Snider David Stephenson Victor Somers Carla Smith Kellie Snyder John Stewart Kathy Swinson Kelly Smith l on Solinsky Marlene Stolicker Ginger Tallant Jim Taton Patty Thompson Ginger Thornton Anita Thrash Christina Thrash Brian Warren Bob Weckesser Ardy West Mary Ann Westphal Thomas White Ivo Tschvemperlin Martha Ullenbruch Peggy Turner Terese Walsh Todd Warsinski John Tomlinson Gary Warwich Pam Trentacosta Linda Wade Donna Wardle Dwayne Way Kathy Whitehead Jim Wilhelm Karen Wilhelm Scott Wilkinson Darcy Wilson Crystal Wilton William Wolfe Jackie Wolkensberg Wendy Woodman Paul Wyckoff Linda Zurick Dean Young Lynn Young 1. Danita Churchill reading for POD. 2. We caught you guys skipping again!! 3. Smile Tina, you’re on Candid Camera! 4 Brad flashes us his Ultrabright smile. 5. Jody Kercher is ready for the weekend. 6. Gisele Green and Maryann Westphal at the Mardi Gras games. 7. John and Scott cleaning up their act 8. Greg Robinette in deep concen- tration. 123 The Memories 125 1. Ann Marie McGowen trying to study. 2. Jenny Neal ready to go home 3. Mark Schopp studying his newspoints 4 Scott Austin flashes his sexy eyes!! 5. “Hi there!” 6. Chad and John goofing around in class. 7. Jeff Sparling and Pat Napolitan helping each other out 8 Bruin took his vita- mins today! 9. Steve Nurenberg the perfect student. 10. Mike Glenn doing his thing. 1 1 . Becky and Doris study- ing their German 12. “It’s love!!” 127 , -m We’re The Best There Will Ever Be We’re The Class Of “ 83 ” We’re On Our Way Up Raynard Adams Chris Ainsworth Tim Ainsworth Jeff Akers John Allen Serbjeet Alluwalia Karen Anderson Brad Anecki John Ange Elaine Anter Steve Bailey Matt Baker Brent Barber Vicki Barnes Scott Barrett Wendy Bartley Kathy Bauer Robert Beauchamp Barb Becktold Lisa Becktold Steven Beebe Julie Beeler Colleen Bell Chris Benedict Jeanne Bennett Mike Berels Bonnie Berg Larry Bernardo Terri Best Barbara Bishop 130 Sieve Blackledge Denrse Blain Ed Bonin Lisa Bonner Lisa Bowers John Bowman Robert Brackenbury Steve Bradley Bob Brohl Holli Brown Julia Brown Boriharm Buanpthum Beth Burgess Terri Burgos Jeri Burkhardt Louella Burns Robin Burns Kevin Burtch Dotti Butzin Teresa Cain Kim Caldwell Juile Campbell Karen Campbell David Card Joseph Carl Ray Casper Ross Catalina Tim Catalina Susan Cimbora Peter Cipollone Rich Cleary Deanne Choiniere Lori Coggins Shawn Cole Mark Coigan 131 Another Hand Coming To An End Pam Collins Susan Collins John Collver Lisa Conlen Lori Conley Doug Cook Jeff Cook Sue Coon Leslie Copping Mary Corwin John Cowan John Crankshaw Paul Crimmins Ann Dailey Dan Davey Tina Davis Elaine Dec Judy DeLuca David Dennis Jennie Dent Joe Den tel Jim Dewey Richard Diaz Lisa DiGiuseppe Van Nhan Do Dana Doan Ann Downing Linda Drinkwater Lawrence Duckworth Craig Eagle 132 Dawn Eagle Mike East Laura Eastman Tracy Easton Pam Edie Stacey Eiferl Lynn Ellis Nancy Engelgau Ron Ernest Jerry Everitt Luke Fadell Steven Fair Randy Falk Morns Farrington Patricia Feick Noreen Fenner Bruce Fiedler Libby Fitzgerald Paula Flynn Tracy Foglesong Dave Frappter Rochelle Freeman Mike Fretenborough Bobbi Fuller Dan Garijo Jetl Gauthier Rick George Diane Gibson Gary Gillhooley Denise Glenn 133 One More Hand To Deal Ken Goolsby Tracy Gordon Lisa Goodreau Kim Grambow Beth Grasel Frank Grebenok Janis Green Cathy Grundy Liz Guertin Krista Hadley Jim Hager Louis Hall Tracy Hamilton James Harneck Dave Harris Jenny Harris Pat Harrison John Hartel Dierk Hartmann Mary Hartson Jim Harvey Steve Harvey Chuck Hawkins Eric Hayden Julie Hayes Mike Haynes Brenda Heering Geno Heilig Dave Hickman Charles Hicks 134 Heather Hoffman Carolyn Hopkins Jack Horn Steve Howard Tern Howard Debbie Howe Byron Humphrey James Ingram Lisa Jackson Patrick Janks Pete Jaskoski Tim Jobbift Charles Johnson Terry Johnston Jill Joyner Gloria Kaboni David Kaiaf Mary Kaiaf Pat Kane Frank Kantrowitz 135 Scott Kirby Anne Kish Becky Koch Kris Koch Susan Koehler Michelle Kota Angela Krause Holly Krohn Heather Kuscera Jim Kuehn Fred Kuhr Bill Kullander Mark Ladd Lisa Lamb Sandy Lambert LeeAnn Lambson Lisa Langolf William LaVere Mindy Lett Kim Levitt Deanna Lewandowski Tricia Lindsay Debbie Lomasney Tim Lucas Teresa Lucey John Ludwig Tom Lynch Alison MacKenzie John Mackie Jim Madaus Sieve Madej 136 Dave Marcero Charlie Marengo Scott Martmek John Maurer John Maury Annette McCarty Steve McCleary David McDonnell Bill McEachen Keith McFadden Joddy Mclvor Mary McLane Chris McLeod Lisa Me Niven Melody McTaggart Mark McVeigh Steve Meade Krystal Meharg Harlow Meno Dennis Messenger Cora Middleton Heidi Miller Laurence Miller Kathy Mills Mark Mmard Bill Mireles Maureen Miron Brett Morehead Sara Morgans Chuck Mosure Kim Mosure Mark Naboany Yolanda Nalanga Joe Nett Pam Nichols 137 Dave North Kim Note Kay Nuss Jennie Nottali Tracy O’Connor Suzin Otack Donna Otar Craig Orton Dan Palma teer Keith Patterson Don Paul Glenn Peacock Randy Pendergrass Karin Pettit Susan Phare Bill Piper Theresa Poirier Ann Polk Ann Powers Cheryl Quitter Kim Radatz Gwen Radford Mary Raftery Laurance Reed Paul Reed Robert Reed Tim Remick Donna Repp Diane Richards Francine Robinson Kristin Robinson Bill Ropposch Kathy Rosentreter Rob Ross Dyann Sampseli 138 Cathy Sandoval Tracy Saunby Anna Savalle Maly Sayavong Lynn Schappacher Erich Schieman Tanya Schrader Chns Schultz Ann Schwartz Paul Shank Cathy Shell Colleen Shevnock Kris Shier Lori Shink Jim Shoftner Tyler Shoudy Tom Shuler Oawn Sibtlla Bill Smith Lisa Smith Rhonda Smith Tom Smith Tracy Smith Deborah Snowden Donna So snowski Robert Sovereen SheHey Spacii Gary Stapleton Mike Steward Scott Stewart Kevin Stockling Ray Stone Julie Stoutmeyer Jill Stroud Angie Sturdevan 139 Julie Summerer Treena Sweet Anne Symon Patti Symon Ktsi toy Szeszycki Dave Tait Kathy Talaski Anne Tallmadge Jeff Tallrnadge Stephen Tetf Kim Thompson Jodi Thornton Kim Thornton Kerne Tollen Roseann Totten Laurie Troy Mark Turloff Tammi Turner Tammy Turner David Turney Lon Ultsch Melisa Vandagritf Dennis Vanloo Jodi Varty Tracy Vettese Mark Vincent Vance Vincent Lisa Wacker Shawn Wahl Angie Weiss Angie Wessel Dean Wessel Dick West Marvin Westfall Dwayne West ley 140 Each Step We Take Is Closer With Our Spirit We Will Soar We’re The Class Of “ 84 ” O o O Qc Uj o Sophomores Draw the . . Hardeep Ahleuwalia Tim Ainsworth William Ainsworth Angelina Amador Mike Ames George Andaluz Margaret Anderson Lauri Andrews Virginia Anglebrant Douglas Anter Carmella Aquinaga Brett Armstrong Jim Armstrong Stephanie Armstrong Suzanne Arnold . . . Ace of Hearts ■ Jennifer Benedict Joe Bennett Patti Betts Charles Bolar Laura Boley Sue Bonin 9 i r Ron Borkowski Lisa Bouchard Doug Bowers Cindy Bradford Brad Brown James Brown John Brown Randy Brown Sarah Brown Steve Bryce Scott Buckley Rod Burdick Chris Burgos Maureen Burns Jill Butner 145 Michelle Carey Connie Carpo Michelle Carrier Gallagher Catanzaro Ken Cenci Sarah Chargot Mike Clary Bryan Coleman Mark Coleman Mike Coleman Stephanie Collmge Jim Cook Walter Cooper Missy Cope Alison Copping Jim Cox Rhonda Crawford Scott Crawford Bill Cusac Renee Daly Tim Dandron John Danko Tamra Davey Bob Davis Ed Detour Mario Dejong Diane Delaurier Darlene Deloy Joe Deluca Todd Devaney Brenda Deview Michelle Dionne Shelly Doan Kim Dobson Mike Dobson Donna Doetsch Joe Donnelly Gayle Dor t man Jodie Dortman Deway ne Downing Becky Dragmiller Brian Duda Lisa Dunkle Chris Dupont Kat Durand Robin Eagen Mark Eagle Melissa Easton Robert Eitert Robert Elliott Susan Ely Brenda Esterlme Johnathan Falk Jennifer Farnsworth Kelly Farquhar Scott Farquhar Laura Fernandez Donna Fields Mary Fincher Karen Flanigan T ravin Foglesong 14? We Trump The Rest Steve Fottz Sheryl Forbes Mike Foon Amy Forstner Steve Frasier Alissa Francisco Debbie Fretenborough David Fry Sandy Fuller Becky Furness Brian Furness Mary Jo Ganhs Julie Gates Gail Genna Vickie Gerus Mike Gibbs Angie Gierman Peggy Gilleran Lisa Gillis Roger Gilmore Lisa Glenn Teri Goetze Lisa Gosger Betty Gould Lana Grabbitt Julie Gray Robert Grebenok Robert Green Kelly Griffin Thomas Griffith Bob Gross Suzanne Grouette Joyce Gutierrez Todd Gwisdala Melinda Hacker Bob Hadnch Tom Haggarty Tracy Hagle John Hall Keith Hall Mark Hall Mike Hansen Lorna Harland Michelle Harnden Marian Harris Michelle Harris Glenn Harrison Jim Hartson Frank Hawkins Henry Hawkins Henry Hawkins Marge Hayden Carrie Heidemann Belinda Heier Brenda Henderson Robert Hess 149 Andy Higgins Susan Hillaker Paul Hinski Mary Hoag Matt Horn Mike Horn Debbie Horton Tim Howard Scott Howe Dorris Hoy David Humphries Jefl Hurst Cyndi Huston Terry Isaac Don Jackson Carolyn Johnson Jon Johnston Karen Jonas Jane Jones Sue Kasdorf Fred Kelley Jefl Keslar Heather Kindred Tina King Sharon King Chris Knowles Zane Knudsen Steve Kogstad George Koleman Kim Krafft Kathy Kroll Kathy Kujda Monika Laming Steve Lawrence Dan Ledsworth Tammy Leonard Craig Lewandowsk ' Scott Lysaght Becky Macarty Jackie MacMiilian Andy Maes Christina Maes John Maieski Denise Majeski Wendy Marcozzi Ken Marriott Kelly Martin Scott Martin Mike Masserant Jim Maxon Kenda Maxwell Julie Maynard Kyle McCalmon Glenn McCombs Shelly McCoy Robin McFarlane Heather McLane Bill McMahon Lisa Mercurio Dale Merrill Lynette Mertz Theresa Middleton Darlene Miller Tammy Miller Beth Minnie Bill Mitchell Ginny Moak Noreen Monzo Karen Morden Mike Morgan Michelle Morris Mike Morrison Barbara Moses Rita Mosure Steve Mosurak Wendy Moulton Lynne Musselman Howard Muzzy Mike Myron Myrna Nalanga Anne Nebel Tracy Nesbitt Tracy Nicholson Sandra Norman Tom Northrop Colleen O’ Boyle Darrin O ' Donnell Colleen O’ Hare Jamie O’Lack Dianne Olar ■ Linda Oldford Mike Oneil Cindy Oppliger Bev Ostrander Sheila O’Sullivan Anne Palmateer r L . 1 v- Anne Peacock Dale Perry Greg Perry Kim Persondek Brad Petit pren Scott Pettengill Julie Phillips Laura Phillips Tina Phillips Jane Polimadei Joel Porrett Mark Porrett Karen Porrett Ron Poulos Ralph Quandt Teresa Quinn Clay Radford Lori Radigan Matt Reed Angie Reese 153 154 Gary Regan Debbie Reid Alfonso Reyna Lmda Rhody Darrin Rich Dawn Rich Darlene Richards Kevin Richards John Roach Bill Robbins Brian Root Rika Ross Susan Roth Kim Rush Sherry Salazer Sebenana Sanchez Douangpheth Sayavong Cindy Schmidth Jerry Schoenher Bill Schroeder Anne Schultz Tina Schutt Ralph Scott Judi Semrow Brad Seymore Jeff Shagena Charles Schalst Laurie Sharpe Kim Scheffer Ron Sheffer Dave Sheldon Bill Sherbutt Scott Sheridan Lori Schwem Patty Stolicki Mike Shier Jill Shmk Lisa Shovan Chris Shreeve Lisa Siglow Tina Silk Donald Simpson Colleen Smith Dave Smith Delbert Smith Jeff Smith Paul Smith Sam Smith Tim Smith Tom Smith Vicki Snyder Pam Solinsky Margaret Sosnowski Lynne Soule Kenn Sparr Ross Squires Bill Steele Dave Stemhauer Rich Stone Deana Stones Phil Strevett Jett Sttenburg Stephen Sullivan Curt Tallmadge Steve Tenmswood 155 Our Class Plays To Win Debbie Trudell Danielle Tuma Tracy Turner Larry Tynes Chris Tynes Sandy Ulrich Mike Vandenbossche Kim Vander Heuve Wendy Vandevorrde Leo Varadi Dave Wagner Bill Wahl Dave Wahfes Dave Wakeham Robert Wakeham Denise Wales Alan Walker Mike Walters Edie Ward Penny Waters Laurie Wehner Herb Werkmeister Scott Werner Julie Westley Charles White Vernon Whitehead Scott Whiting Ruth Wiersma Spring Wilkins Sonya Willett David Wilhelm Julie Williams Dave Willis Lila Willis Jody Wilson Lisa Wilson Rick Wilton Sherry Whitican Ken Wolfe Sandy Wolfe Cheryl Wolfe Kim Woolman Mary Wyckoff Tina Yarbrough Patti Young We’ve Got Spirit It’s Alive We’re The Class Of “ 85 ” 159 U. fie U 0 Scott Abraham Kurt Adolph Michael Aguinaga Anita Amador Penny Ameel Mike Andaluz Tom Andrews Matt Anger Amy Aplin Brent Armstead Lisa Arnett Durrand Ashford Theresa Atkinson Brian Austin Bob Bailey Lon Baker Verna Balogh Jeff Barnes Tammie Barnes Jeff Barrett Donnie Bartee Jeff Basnaw Margaret Basrai Jeff Battel Connie Beals Mike Beauparland Jeff Becktold Martin Beem Joe Beery Sandy Beery James Belkiewicz Juli Bell Melissa Bennett Mike Berden Mike Bernardo 160 Scott Beuschlem Holly Bland Craig Blomquist Dana Bolin Debbie Bonacci Robert Bonczar Brian Bourdeau Yvette Bourdeau Brian Bowers Bonnie Boyd Bill Branch Keli Branch Darrick Brockway Mike Bruen Cindy Brown Les Burley Jeff Burns Roxanne Burns Laura Camp Scott Campbell Steve Campbell Jim Carey Laurie Carpenter Tim Carr Darla Carrier Randy Ceckowski Brandy Chicone Brian Chisholm Mark Chrzasowski Steven Cimbora A New Beginning Tom Collinge Katie Collins John Cornelia Matt Condland Steve Conley Collen Cook Dave Cook Steve Coon Mike Cooper Tammy Cooper Jeff Crankshaw Brett Cuper Jamie Curry Cathy Cuthbertson Frances Daly Kim Dandron Jett Daniel Pamela Davis Don Deachin Bob Deaner Chris DeBell Rob Debien Chris DeBord Stephanie Deeter Mary Dennis Jill Devaney 162 Teresa Devroy Thom Dewey Lisa Diaz James Dickson Jill Diem Sherry Dehart Kary Dimon Charlene Doan Kay Dobel Dennis Dodge Donna Dodge Toni Do Tammy Dougan Nancy Durand Perry Duren Paul Eagle Mark Eastman Keith Ellis Mike Ellsworth Melissa Emeigh Jane Engelgau Karl Ernest Chuck Fair Cathy Farnsworth Chris Fletcher Cherie Fleury Martin Fleury John Francavilla Debbie Francek Mike French Lori Fredendall New in a New Place Kurt Fritz Denise Frost Lenny Fuller Nancy Ganhs Juan Garcia Debbie Garijo Kathy Gartner Timothy Gauthier John Genna Mike George John Gillespie Tnesie Gombos Kim Gordan Nancy Gossman Leslie Goudreau Gary Graham Janet Grasel Claudette Green Sally Jo Green Paul Groff Cathy Gruodis Laura Gucwa Tina Guizar Kasandra Gunter Julie Hager Rene Hall Julie Hallay Terri Hamilton Sharon Harder Jim Hardy 164 Shannon Harkins Cindy Harden Ann Harrington Becky Harris Pam Harris Pam Harrison Carol Hastings Richard Hawkins Chris Hayes Darcy Hayes Lisa Hayner Shelly Haynes Scott Heinback Steven Heisler Chris Herber Claire Hickman Mark Hill Ron Hill Tracy Himmel Mary Hinson Kurt Hoffman Jeanette Hopkins Lisa Houck Laura Hudgens Raymond Hudy 165 Freshman Need More Than Beginners Luck Glenn Hummel David Humphreys Monte laFrate Kim Jackson Mary Jackson Lisa Janks Tracy Jaskoski James Jasco Kathleen Jobbitt Angela Johnson Larry Johnson Lynette Johnson Mark Johnson William Johnson Mark Johnston Chris Jones Jennifer Jones Steve Jowett Pam Kane Larry Kantrowitz Chad Kars Denise Kearns Cheryl Keil Noel Kellogg Gary Kelly Harold Kelly Pat Kercher Jodi Kilbourne Chris King Ed Kippen 166 Julie Knudsen Dion Koglin Brenda Koehler Michele Koob Lucy Kratft Lisa Kraus Greg Kriener Andrea Kreit Mark Kroll Pauline Landis Lori Lashbrook Cindy LaVelle Don Ledsworth Paul Ledsworth Donald Lester Nannette Letzgus John Lewandowski Kandy Lewandowski Heather Lewis Trina Liss Mary Little Barb Logan William Lonsby Jennifer Lovett John Lund Jim MacDonald Kelly Macintosh Steve Mack Jenny Madaus Cassandra Madison Kathy Mallery 167 Angie Mallorey Mary Marcero Paula Marengo Kim Marsh Kristin Marten Leslie Martin Jim Mathews Chris Matts David Maynard Eric Maywar Ken McCallum Jill McCandless Mark McConnell Sarah McCure Lynn McElroy Mark McGowen William McLaughlin David McLeod Tim McMahon Tony McMullin Patti McNaughton Jenny Mellos Tina Mertz Joe Meyer Tom Miller Dan Mitchell 168 Frosh Show Great Enthusiasm Tom Mitchelle Pat Mix Terry Monto Kristina Morris Audrey Morse Violet Muma Mark Murrey Brenda Nalanga Pat Nebel Dan Nichol Ron Pavlik Paul Peacock Elizabeth Pencak Alicia Persondek Marcy Peters Dave Peterson Joyce Petoskey Kris Pettengill Michelle Pickett Edward Pincomb Mike Popes Carrie Praet Jennifer Quaine Ralph Quinn Kim Rademacher Tami Radatz Ron Radske Paul Rady Waneta Reckker Julie Recor Alan Reed Jill Repp Mark Repp Edna Reyna Dale Rich Eula Roe Bill Rome Lori Rowe Tom Rumley Betsy Ryan Chris Sandoval Joseph Savalle Karen Scheetz Scott Scheonrock Kim Schieman 170 Freshmen On Their Way ' ' r • . . » w V- . V, Kristine Schlautmann Krystal Schlimpe Kevin Schmidt Lisa Schnepp Matt Schrmer Larry Schuck Stephen Schultz Karen Seely Dan Seklar Jennifer Sepsey Vicki Sharpe Joanne Schaeffer Kim Sharrard Anita Sheffer Dave Shevnock Susan Shink Arthur Siewart Cristi Symington Dennis Singh Mike Sloan Debbie Smith Karen Smith Kevin Smith Kevin Smith 171 Freshmen are a Wild Card Lajaya Smith Paul Smith Sarah Smith Steve Smith Tom Smith Todd Smith Shellie Smith Sherrie Solomon Edward Soyko Theresa Spacil Maureen Spiliard Pat Staiger Gordon Stanlake Kirk Stecking Kim Steinhauer Sharon Steward Dale Stones Shari Stratton Timothy Streeter John Sullivan Daryl Talaski Tracy Tallmadge Scott Tazwell Jim Taylor Sue Teft Chris Tenmswood Fred Thronton Stuart Tollon Sarah Totten Whitney Trentacosta 172 Michelle True Elena Tsvetanova Ann Turner Robin Turner Carrie Tynan Tammy Underwood Dave Vails Darrin Van Conant Matt Vargo Donna Verlmden Jeff Vettese Paul Vroman Tom Walker Amy Walsh Wayne Walter Elena Weber Michelle Weiss Chris Wells Jenny Wich Jams Wiggsmgton Craig Wilbrett Mike Wilczynski Rick Wiley Dan Wilhelm Tim Willey Mark Willing Debbra Willis Steve Willis Louie Wise Cathy Wolfe Todd Woodley Debbie Wright Mary Beth Wyllie Tommy Vale Bob Young 174 (pin of Port Huron A D S 175 » " ” A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A T A » " “ " .▼. “» ™a " T T A A A A A A A A A J CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1982 George Innes Men’s Wear, Inc. 319 HURON AVENUE PORT HURON. MICHIGAN 48060 PHONE: 984-3129 JOHN G. HARRIS, D.D.S., M.S. Orthodontist 1109 MILITARY STREET PORT HURON. MICHIGAN 4S060 Phone YU S-6383 Crandall’s for flowers and gifts Yoima J . ' Jiaai THE GROVE MALL era 2700 PINE GROVE AVENUE PORT HURON MICHIGAN 48060 PHONE 313 984- 2631 Kwilie Duplicalinq Center ol Pori Huron r Printing Whik bu- kUt 982 61 lO 1044 Lapeer Avenue Port Huron mi 46060 JIM HYDE MOSHER’S JEWELERS 336 Hutoq Ave. Port Huron, Michigan 48060 987-2772 ENTITLES BEARER TO ONE FREE RADIO SHACK BATTERY EACH MONTH FOR 12 MONTHS Worth Up to S 7 08 23-466 23467 23464 23468 Present yearbook each month to salesperson or cashier at 3851 Pine Grove. Port Huron. Good only for batteries at left. JAN FEB MAR APR 5 JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC MANIS RESTAURANT Phone 982-9021 Corner 10th and Union SERVING FINE FOOD FOR OVER 65 YEARS ■ |“_ ♦Vf%V4%V4%%%%%V4%%V4V4%%%V4V4V4%V4V4 r 4V4V4 ' 4j 176 ►V V4 v V CRUI JKJ P O •• CRnAs ; Rocquctboll Club Racquetball Tae Kwon Do Aerobics In Door Track Nautilus Free Weights DO-BOY-DONUTS Phone: 985-6714 2636 Pine Grove Ave. Open 24 Hours Serving Best Coffee In Town COMPLIMENTS OF ylttic FOR JUNIORS iMNl ' DOWNTOWN PORT HURON Congratulations Class of 1982 DUNN CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING INC. 2240 10th Street Port Huron. Michigan EANNE HOMAS SCHOOL OF GYMNASTICS, INC. Pre School Class 1428 Military Beginner Class Intermediate Class Advanced Class CALL 364-5387 EARL KEIM REALTY I MIS Hll.BORN brown b ASSOC Port Huron Marine City 982-6103 765-3333 St. Clair Yale Sandusky 329-9093 387-3248 648-4222 photography by JENNY LEE CONIGUO for more than just another portrait — studios naturals, etc. to capture t he real YOU 985-8018 -X ' As J a 71 U Congratulations Class of 1982 Stamps Bullion Gold U.S. Canadian Coins Bullion Silver Proof Mint Sets COINS OF PORT HURON 1628 Stone 985-4080 Mon. thru Sat. 10-6; Closed Sun. At fit HONI 013) it 60 DAVE S BUMP Qc SPRAY SHOP foreign and Domestic INSURANCE WORK • RUST REPAIR • CUSTOM PAINTS All work Guaranteed DAVE WEST. OWNER 1410 MILITARY PORT HURON. Ml 46060 987-9681 Progressive Hairstyling Award Winning Hair Designers From Punk To New Wave 3920 Pine Grove Rd. Port Huron, Ml 48060 PHONE 985-6139 PORT HURON firestone I COMPLETE TIRE AUTO SERVICE 330 HURON AVENUE PORT HURON. Ml 48060 RIVER TOWER MARINA 3811 Strawberry Ln. Port Huron, Ml 48060 Owner: L. Arnold Chickonoski 40 Ton Hoist Inside Outside Storage 987-2884 985-9547 ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦VroV ♦V4V V9V8 V4V V4 V V V V4V4V 178 KZ I .-I With Great Pride We Appreciate the Large Number of Seniors that have come to ASKAR SHAIN for Graduation Portraits Congratulations Class of 1982 of ? Oft Huron UNIQUf GIFTS COURT OF FLAGS MALL 2807 Krafft Road Port Huron, Michigan 48060 962-7000 Bonnis 6 Don Ftstchsr SERVICE P ' v. QUALITY Colonial Shopping Center 2642 Pine Grove Ave. Bus. Ph. 085 6562 Port Huron. Micm. (EoUmial ifteat jSljoppe Fresh Quality Meats featuring Alexander 6 Hornuno Ho»» Made German Style Sausages C R Antique Reproductions Kitchen Cabinets. Bars 984-1924 Furniture BLUE WATER BIBLE BOOKS AND GIFTS Colonial Shopping Center 2848 Pine Grove 985-6817 Port Huron, Mich. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1982 GRADUATES MORTIMER S SON LUMBER CO.. INC. 2307 Lapeer St.. Port Huron. Ml-Tel.i 987- 3020 :♦ ; DORSEY HOUSE since 1847 WHERE YOUR GRANDFATHER ATE AND DRANK 985-9704 985-9704 VARTY SUPPLY 1308 Whipple Restaurant Supplies Janitorial Supplies Paper Supplies Home-Business Use :♦ ; j • i»kf l L Specializing in Homemade Soups and Biggest Salads in Town THE COPPER KITCHEN 609 Huron Ave. Downstairs Citade l Mall Port Huron 984-4726 Open Mon.-Fri. 11-3 LaWreqce Jewelers 772 Huron Avonuo DOWNTOWN OS4-S136 CLASS RINGS ...WITH CLASS The CHARTER by R. Johns, Ltd. says more about you than you’d ever say yourself Two Genuine Stones Includes diamonds at no extra cost Luxurious 10K Yellow Gold Contemporary Styling Styliicd Mascot School Colors on side Sport or Study Panel Now on display at: 3857 24th Ave. 985-7121 Port Huron ' s Finest- BING ' S Fruit s Cheese Market •««r Wiaa Cheeee Dtl i N««ta rruit lailtti Hkal«MU-l«tal! Exclusively Fpanchieeo On« hour ' mmimim ■ TNI MOST IN DRY CLEANING JERRY SOUPAL. JR 2037 PINE GROVE RD PORT HURON, MICHIGAN put a little class in your life ST. CLAIR COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE XAV4%Va%VaVa%VaVa%Va%Va%VaVa%VaV VaVaV4VAV4’4if 180 V”aVVaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaV , aa t a Congratulations Class Of 1982 PORT HURON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 4th Floor Peoples Bank Bid. Port Huron, Mich. 48060 financial aid phsb placement service CONGRATULATIONS CLASS of 1982 From« Herb Rosine DAIRY INN: 1936 Pine Grove DAWN DONUTS: 706 24th Street WURZEL FLEA MARKET The Flea Market With A Little Bit Of Everything 4 mi NW of Pt. Huron on M-136 Open Every Sunday 10-5 We Buy Sell 385-4283 FOX ' S JEWELERS SINCE 1917 DIRECT DIAMOND IMPORTERS 111 HURON AVENUE PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 48060 Port Huron 1301 Tonth Stroot 805 Pm Grove Avo 2797 Wadhama Road 3030 North Rivor Rd •t Clair 2293 Fred Moo ra Hwy Now Baltimore 37750 26. Mtla Rd Congratulations from the fast and friendly people PDQ MARKETS u 181 a aVaTa a TaTaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTaVTaTa Ta aTaTaTaTaTa” A f A 1 D CAMERA SHOPPE EXPERT ASSISTANCE FOR AMATEUR PROFESSIONAL , » 4 . COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT WE RENT 16 mm Movie Projectors 8 mm Movie Projectors Slide Projectors Movie Screens Polaroid SX70 Cameras Take-Home Dark Rooms INSTANT PASSPORT PHOTOS! 1 Blk N of College Port Huron Lexington Locations 5482 Main 359- 5551 OLYMPUS CANON MAMIYA KODAK OPEN 7 DAYS 827 Erie St. at Stanton 987-2854 NIKON PENTAX POLAROID BELL HOWELL 182 V4 " a VaVaYa aYaVa A aVa A A A A A A A A A A A aVaVaVaVa A STYLING UNLIMITED HAIR STYLING SALON Carefree Hair Styling By ... DEAN POTTER AND JACK HERNANDEZ RK REDKEN AND IMAGE PRODUCTS CALL 982-2110 WALK INS WELCOME 1133 LAPEER AVE AT 12TH ' Em COMPLETE IRAKI, SHOCKS, EXHAUST SYSTEMS, AND CUSTOM BEHDIHG JOHN GENNA — Ownor 915 9601 3002 LAPEER ROAO AT BYPASS. PORT HURON MICHIGAN BOJO ' S JEANERY Port Huron’s 1st Designer Jean Store Lay-Away-Plan Visa Master Charge Free Parking At Rear 711 Huron Ave 982-0096 . SAVING FOR A NEW CAR? PEOPLE’S BANK OF PORT HURON AT PEOPLES BANK YOUR SAVINGS EARN THE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE . . . 5.25% DAILY INTEREST WITH NO RESTRICTIONS ON DEPOSITS OR WITHDRAWLS. AND. IF YOU MAINTAIN A BALANCE OF $500.00 IN YOUR SAVINGS YOU RECEIVE SERVICE FREE CHECKING. IF YOU SHOULD FIND THE CAR YOU WANT BEFORE YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT SAVINGS-GET THE CASH YOU NEED FROM THE FRIENDLIEST LOAN OFFICERS IN TOWN. AT PEOPLES BANK. :♦ : 183 LITTLE CAESARS PIZZA Ruff Floral Co. " Flowers For All Occasions ' 406 Quay Street - Phone 985-8165 Dig r M ! ■ £ - r 1404 24th Street 985-3990 1-94 and Hancock 985-6644 Ipmg ijoii sag H rig I riaht. THE TIMES HERALD SAMUEL S. TOMION Personnel Director 91 1 Military 313 985-7171 toll free 1-800-462-4057 a Gannett Newspaper fo, r S °$ ' s 0 a 0r!°- 4r 0 OP e ° co ' i(oe r 0 SV ° e po AO ' .rO CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1982 THE FOGCUTTER RESTAURANT 511 FORT ST., PORT HURON: 987-3306 184 10% off to all staff and students 2516 Pine Grove Port Huron WE REPAIR ALL MAKES authorized dealer for Buick Honda CAPITAL TIRE OF PORT HURON COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE ccBi irr 185 . Thanks to our 1981-82 Patrons Goschnick Studio itology College Pollina’s Market Lloyd A Sons othy J. Wilkins D.D.S.M.S. Fenner’s Mobile Village Charles O. Townley M.D. Blue Wat Kfdiatrics, P.C. Mr. andtMrs. Eldon Fenner mi i Water Hobbies Dalton ' s Shoe Rt Honda, Yamaha Suzuki Motorcycle Shop Kerr Albert Office Supply Kinert’8 Market Mf. and Mrs. Lygzak Stan Marengo Appliance Surgical Associates, P.C. r 186 CANNON CAMERAS E «e of use • Precision and versatility Outstanding value 504 Quay Street. Port Huron, Mich. 48060 • (313) -o, 987-8080 ‘ x g Canon EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE C Photog ra phical Photograph - Cameras - Pholo Supplies instate COLONIAL SHOPPING CENTER 982-9507 Agents: George Stebbings Carmen Napolitan Paul Gillihan Lyell Schneider Brad Root Don Britz Mike Toles YMCA DRIVING SCHOOL We accomodate any student between the ages of 15-18 years of age. Permit given upon completion. State certified course. Evening classes available. For further details call the YMCA of the Blue Water Area at Y 987-6400. Five week class available. We Finance BUY A CAR FROM TONY GUIZAR 2543 Lapeer West of 24th Street 982-0174 INSTRUCTOR : GREG GAGNON Compliments of 187 IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY Wedding Portraits Restorations Passports At Campbell 367-3910 STEVEN L. TROPF STAFF SERGEANT U S ARMY RECRUITER m U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION 62 I RIVER STREET PORT HURON Ml 40060 OFFICE PHONE 3131 062 491 1 McVETY FOOD SALES, INC. 1626 Lapeer Ave. P.O. Box 803 Port Huron, Mich. 982-2282 HIT OR MISS The difference isn’t in our Clothes It’s in our Prices 4044 24th Ave. Port Huron Open 10-9 Mon. -Sat. 12-5 Sun. Bring your yearbook in and receive $1.00 off a pair of Blue Jeans Congratulations Graduates BLUE WATER BOWL INC. 2419 Lapeer Street Port Huron, Mich. 985-5133 Bowl JjMattress L shoppe 615 10th STREET • PORT HURON (313) 987-9559 Your Complete Sleep Center a he Bridge Bowl At The Bridge 1720 Hancock 984-1335 Open Bowling 1 a.m. — 1 p.m. 188 189 mm Accordino. M. 106 Adair, M. Ahearn, J. 106 Albert, S. Alcorn. J. 106, 104 Alexander. A. 106 Amon, D. 106 Anderson, A. . Andreae, M. Andrews, T. 106 Andrews, T. Aplin, L. 26. 106 Armstrong, J. 106 Austin. S. Backman, J. Bailey, J. Baker, D. 106 Baker, R. 106 Balboa, R. 106 Ball. G. Barnes, C. 106 Barringer, R. 39, 106 Barss, B. 34, 35. 106 Bartee, R. 106 Barthel. D. 51, 106 Bauer, R. 106 Beem, L. Beerbower, S. Beier, S. 106 Bellomo, M. Belt. B. Benedict, C. 106 Bennett, J. Bernum, B. 106 Betts. S. 34, 106 Bezenah, T. 106 Bickford. S. 106 Blackwell, J. 107 Blain, R. 107 Blashill, J. 107 Blatt, T. Blomquist, M. 107 Bond, S. 107 Bootes, T. 107 Browns. J. Borowski, P. Bo yd, J. Bright, R. 107 Bringard, M. Brohl, L. 26. 107 Brown. B. 19 Bryce, K. 107 Bryce, R. Seniors! Bucxiey. R. 38. 107 Buckoski, R 107 Bugaiski. R. Burch. S. 107 Burt, R. Burtch, K. 107 Camden. K. Campbell, C. Card. V. Carl, T. Carpo, R. Carrier. D. 107 Chapman, S. 107 Chartier, M. 107 Churchill, D. Cini, M. Clark, K. 107 Cole. S. 107 Coleman, S. Coleman, T. 107 Col ' inge. K. 107 Collins, K. Cook, A Cook. D. 46, 107 Corbm, A. 107 Corrigan, G. Coseo, S. Covrea, R. 108 Cox, 3. Cramer, M. 108 Crawford, L. 108 Cuthbertson, J. 108 Dancey, H. 108 Daniel, T. Danko. C. 108 Davis, H. Davis, J. 41 Davis, L. Deaner, B. 108 Deaner, D. 108 De Luca, J. 108 Dehart, S. Delaurier, A. Deloy, D. 25 Devereaux, S. Deview. D. 108 Dickinson, R. Do, H. 108 Do. H. Do. T. 108 Doan, R. 108 Dobson. D. 108 Doetsch, D. 108 Dombrowski, B. Donnellon, D. 108 Dortman, J. 108 . Dougherty, K. Downing, L. 39, 44, 108 Drouilard. D. 20, 108, 158 Duceatt, E. 108 Duda, L. Dupree, R. 108 Duquette. K. 42, 108 Duren, D. 108 Dyer, B. 66, 108 Eble, L. Elliott. A. 109 Elliott, T. 109 Ellis. S. 109 Elzinga, A. 109 Engelgau, J. 109 Engelgau, L. 109 Ernest, S. Evans, D. 109 Evans, D. 109 Fearnside, M. 109 Fencik, J. 109 Fenner, C. 109 Fenweber, J. 109 Fitzgerald, J. 109 Fletcher, S. Flury, S. Fogarty, W. 109 Foglesong, C. 109 Foglesong, D. 34, 109 Foltz, G. 109 Forstner, R. Forstner, R. Fountain, C. Fox, R. 109 Frantz. M. 110 Frendendall, M. 110 Fretenboroug, R. 110 Fuller, J. 1 10 Gaertner, K. 110 Gamble, M. 110 Garcia. R. 60, 110 Gates. S. 110 Geister, R. Gibbons, M. 110 Gibbs, R. Giese, M. Gillies, R. Glenn. M. 49, 1 10, 202 Goodreau, L. 49 Gorrell, J. 110 Gossman, L. Gouin, C. 1 10 Gould. M. Graham, J. Graw, M. 1 10 Gray, J. 110 Green, B. Green, G. 1 10 Groh, R. Haggerty, R. 110 Hagle, J. Haight, K. 110, 66 Haight. L. 19. 110 Hall. C. Hall. D. Hall, R. Hamilton, M. Hanchon, P. Hand. D. 1 10 Hardman. J. 202 Harrington, L. 110 Hartnett, S. 110 Harvey, T. Hayden. R. 110 Haynes. J. 1 10 Hearn, J. 1 10 Heering, T. Ill Heidemann, K. 60, 111 Heier, H. Ill Heilig, V. 1 1 1 Henry. D. 1 1 1 Henry, J. Hickey, J. Higgins. R. Ill Hill, M.111 Hillman, T. Hinchen, E. Ill Hinkley, R. Hodgens, M. Hodgins, C. Hoffman, J. Hoffman, T. Holmes, T. Ill, 202 Holmes. W. Horning, K. Houck. E. Ill Houle. D. 52. Ill Howard. D.111 Howard, J. Ill Howe, H. 1 1 1 192 Hoy. T. Hudson. A. Hudson. P. Ill Hughes. T. Ill Hummel. G. Hurst. C. 1 1 1 Huston. C. Ill Hyatt, T. Hyslop, S. 11. Ill Hyssong, P. Irwin, T. Ishmael, M. Jackson, A. 52. 54, 55, 112 Jackson, A. 112 Jackson, T. 71, 112 Jacobsen, P. 112 James, R. 112 Jensen. J. Jobbitt, T. 112 Johnson. G. Johnson, G. 112 Johnson, P. 112 Johnson, R. 112 Johnson, S. 112 Johnston, J. Jones, J. 112 Jones, R. 112 Jones, S. Jowwett, G. 67, 112 Kaids, K. 112 Kamsickas, G. Kartes, R. 112 Kasdorf, K. 1 12 Keeler, R. Keeney, M. 112 Kelly, R. Kercher, J. 112 Kerwin, P. 112 Kesner, J. Kirchner, K. 112 Kish. R. 112 Kish, S. 26. 112 Knight, I. Knowlton, J. 112 Koehler, J. Koehler, S. Koehn, R. Koide, K. Kolar, D. 1 13 Komph, M. 67, 113 Koppel, P. 113 Koppel, R. 19. 113 Koreiba, M. 113 Krafft, J. 113 Krause. M. 113 Krauss, R. 113 Kreeger, R. 113 Kuehn, L. Kurzweil, S. 113 Laber, R. 113 Lambert, D. Lambert, R. Laming, A. 66, 113 Laming, E. 66, 113 Land, S. 113 Landschoot, M. 113 Landon, L. Lang, D. Langolf, K. Lapp, R. 113 Lavere, C. Lavigne, K. 113 Labesma, P. Ledsworth, S. 113 Lee, G. 1 13 Lewis, R. 113 Lewis, Y. 114 Litteral, V. 114 Lohr, L. 59, 114 Lonczkowski, M. London, J. 114 Lorts, K. 29, 114 Losinski, H. Love, K. 52, 55, 114 Lovett, J. 114 Lumpford, G. MacDonald, C. 114 MacReady, M. Madden. L. 114 Maes, A. Maes, P. 114 Malachi, S. Mallery, A. 114 Manis, M. 114, 202 Marcero, L. 114 Marone, J. 114 Matthes, P. 114 Maurer, C. 114 Maxfield, T. Maxwell, J. 114 Maxwell, K. 114 McBrien, T. 114 McCleary, K. McCorkle, S. 114, 16C McCoy. J. 105, 115 McDonald. P. 115 McDonald, W. 115 McGill, P. 17, 52, 59. 115 McGowen, A. 78, 115 McGregor, B. McIntyre, C. 52, 115 McIntyre, L. Mclvor, T. 115 McKelvey, R. 115 McKinch. S. 115 McKinley. M. 49, 90, 115 McNaughton, L. 115 McShane, D. 4, 115 Meharg, K. 115 Mellos, A. 115 Michels, L. Middleton, C. 115 Miller, S. 115 Mireles, L. 115 Mitchell, D. Mitchell, W. 19, 115 Moore, C. 6, 115 Moore, T. 115 Morden, E. Morgan, J. 115 Morris, R. 115 Morrison, K. 67. 78, 105, 115, 116 Morrison, M. 116 Morrison, M. Morrison, T. Moss, K. 60, 116 Motte, K. 67, 116 Mouilleseaux, S. 116 Nabozny, L. Napolitan, P. 116 Neal, J. 7, 59. 116 Neaton, A. 116 Nelson, B. 19 Nesbitt. J. 116 Netter, J. Newingham, J. 116 Newmann, M. Nichols, M. Nicholson, J. 90, 116 Nofs, K. 116 Nolan, N. 116 Noonan, D. Norman, K. 116 Northropp, J. 116 Nowak. H. 116 Nurenberg, S. 67, 116 Nutt, G. 41, 116 Nuttall, E. 116 O’Connor, D. 116 O’Conner, G. 1 16 O’Connor. K. 116 O’ Hare. B. 116 Ohman, A. 24, 37, 116, 202 Olney, W, Olson, S. 116 Owen, G. 117 Palmadei, A. Palmateer, S. Parker, J. Parmann, J. 117 Payne, L. 25, 117 Peace. A. 117 Pearce, C. 117, 128 Pearson, C. 117 Pederson, K. 117 Pedrotti, L. 117 Perry, T. 117 Peterson, L. 117 Pettengill, R. 117 Phillips. J. 117 Pierce, D. 117 Pillsbury, C. 117 Plouffe, M. Polk, L. 117 Pool, M. 117 Popham, J. 25 Porter, B. 117 Porrett, S. Quinn, T. 117 Quitter. F. Rabine, M. Rady, M. Raftery, R. Rawlings. R. Rawza, J. Raymo, G. Renacker, T. 117 Repp, N. 117 Rich, D. Rich. J. 49, 202 Richardson, B. 34, 117 Richardson, E. Richert, T. 118 Richter, L. 118 Robinette, G. 37, 188 123, 202 Roche, J. 118 Rochon, A. 118 Romero, T. 118 Rosentreter, L. 118 Rowe, T. Rumenapp, T. Rushton. J. 1 18 Ryan, C. Sarnacki, B. 34, 118 Scahill, J. 118 Schieman, D. 118 Schieman, W. 118 193 Schlee, K. 202 Sophia, B. Troy, E. Whitmore, T. Schopp, M. 118 Sparling, J. 71, 119 Tschuemperlin, 1. 120 Wich, J. Schuyler, S. 118 Spencer, B. Turner, P. 120 Wilhelm, J. 8, 121 Scott, M. 118 Spillard, C. 4, 119 Ullenbruch, M. 120 Wilhelm, K. 121 Seely, L. 118 Steinhaus, P. 52 VanBuskirk, T. Wilkinson, C. 121 Setter, R. Stephenson, D. 67, 119 VanLuven, L. 67, 78. Wilkinson, S. 121 Seymore, B. 118 Steward, K. 30 120 Willis, D. 202 Shafer, S. Stewart, J. 119 Vass, J. 120 ' Willis, K. 37, 121, 202 Sharpe, S. Stoeber, D. Wade. L. 120 Wilson, D. 121 Sheldon, L. Stolicker, M. 119, 202 Wagner. G. 105, 120 Wilton, C. 121 Shreeve, S. Stoutenburg, P. 5, 119 Wakeham, K. 120 Wilton, R. 5, 121 Sibilla, W. 1 18 Sullivan. K. 119 Walsh, T. 120 Wirtz, C. 7, 121 Siewert, D. 119 Sweet, L. Walters, P. 120 Wolfe, B. Singh, P. 119 Swinson, K. 119 Ward, D. Wolfe. W. 121 Sloan, N. Tallant, G. 119 Wardle, D. 120 Wolkensperg, J. 121 Smith, B. 119 Tanton, J. 119 Warren, B. 120 Woodman, W. 121 Smith, C. 119, 202 Teeple, T. Warshefski, M. 120 Worden, C. Smith, K. 60. 119 Thelmas, L. Warsinski, T. 120 Wu, W. 121 Smith, R. Thomas, S. 5 Warwick, G. 120 Wurmlinger, B. 121 Smith, S. 119, 202 Thompson, P. 119 Way, D. 120 Wyckoff, P. 121 Smith, W. 119 Thornton, G. 119, 202 Weckesser, R. 120 Wynkoop, J. Snider, C. 52, 60, 67, Thrash, A. 119 Weis, D. Young, D. 121 78. 119 Thrash, C. 120 West, A. 120, 202 Young, L. 121 Snyder, K. 4, 105, 119 Tomlinson, J. 64, 120 Westphal, M. 52, 55, Zavitz, J. Solinsky, L. 119 Tomlinson, F. 120, 123 Zmolik, J. Somers, V. 119 Totten. P. 120 White, T. 120 Zurick, L. 5, 121 Sopha, P. Trentacosta, P. 120 Whitehead, K. 121 Juniors Adams, J. Barrett, S. 130 Bonin, E. 131 Butterbrett, J. Adams, R. 130 Bartley, W. 130 Bonner, L. 131 Butzin, D. 131 Adams, W. Basnaw, R. Bootes, T. Cain, T. 131, 89 Aguinaga, V. Bauer, K. 130 Borowski, P. Caldwell. K. 131 Ainsworth, C. 130 Bayless. E. Bostater, R. 56 Campbell, J. 131 Ainsworth, T. 130 Beauchamp, R. 130 Bowers, L. 131 Campbell, K. 131 Akers, J. 130 Becktold, B. 130 Bowers, M. Campbell. M. Albert, G. Becktold, L. 130 Bowman, J. 131, 202 Card, D. 131. 73 Allen, J. 130 Beebe, S. 44, 59, 130 Brackenbury, R. 131 Carl, J. 131 Anderson, K. 45, 52, Beeler, J. 130 Bradley, S. 131 Casey, L. 130 Beeler, P. Bragg, T. Casper, R. 131 Andrews, T. Beem, J. Branch, M. Catalina, R. 131 Anecki, B. 130 Beery. D. Brohl, B. 131 Catalina, T. 131 Ange, J. 41, 70, 130 Bell, C. 130 Brown, H. 131 Cavis, S. Anter, E. 130 Benedict, C. 130, 73 Brown, J. 131 Ceckowski, A. Arnold, J. Benjamin, K. Brown, M. Chalut, J. Avers, A. Bennett, J. 130 Buaprathum, B. 131 Chenault, J. Bailey, S. 130 Berels. M. 130 Burch, J. Chiappelli, V. 34 Baker, H. Berg, B. 130 Burge, W. Choinere, D. Baker, M. 130 Bernardo, L. 130 Burgess, B. 131 Choiniere, D. Bantle, C. Berube, J. Burgos, T. 131 Cimbora, S. 131 Bantle, T. Best, T. 130 Burkhardt, J. 131 Cleary, R. 131 Barber, B. 130, 73, 74 Bishop, B. 130 Burns, L. 131 Coggins, 131 Barber, B. Blackledge, S. 131 Burns, R. 131 Cole, S. 131 Barnes, V. Blain, D. 131 Burtch, K. 131 Colgan, M. 131 194 Collins, L. 34 Collins, P. 132 Collins, S. 132, 31 Colliver, J. 132 Conlen, L. 78, 129, 132 Conley. L. 132 Cook. J. 132 Cook. D. 132 Cook, J. Coon, S. 132 Copollone, P. 131 Copping, L. 132 Coronado, S. Corwin, M. 132 Cowan, J. 132 Cowels, W. Crankshaw, J. 132 Crimmins, P. 129, 132 Curry, E. Dailey, A. 59, 132 Daly, R. Davey, D. 132 Davis, P. Davis, R. Davis, T. 132 Davis. W. Deachin, S. Deaner, S. Deaner, B. Dec, E. 132 Delaurier. R. DeLuca, J. 132 Dennis, D. 132 Dent. J. 78. 67. 44. 129, 132 Dental, J. 132 Dewey, J. 132 Diaz. R. 132 DiGiuseppe, L. 52, 67, 78, 129, 132 Dinu, L. Drinkwater, L. 132 Do, Van Nhan. 132 Doan, D. 132 Dodge, D. Dougherty, K. Downing, A. 132 Duckworth, L. 132 Dumont. E. Dupuis, R. Eagle, C. 132 Eagle, D. 133 East. M. 133, 73 Eastman, L. 133 Easton, T. 133 Easton, T. Eble, D. Eddy, A. Edie, P. 133 Edie, R. Eifert, S. 133 Elliott, D. Ellis, L. 133 Engelgau, N. 59, 133 Ernst, T. 133 Everitt, G. 133 Fadell, L. 41, 70, 133, 73 Fair, S. 133 Falk, M. Falk, R. 133 Farnsworth, D. 74 Farrington, M. 133 Feaster, D. Feick, P. 133 Fenner, G. Fenner, N. 133, 202 Ferguson, M. Fiedler, B. 133 Fields, J. Fitzgerald, E. 133, 89 Fleming, G. Flynn, P. 128. 133 Foglesong, T. 133 Folks, D. Fox, R. Frappier, D. 133 Freeman, R. 133 Fretenborough, M. 133, 73 Fuller, J. 19. 202- Fuller. B. 38. 51, 133 Furness, S. Gamble, M. 38 Gardner, T. Garijo, D. 44, 133 Gates, S. Gauthier, J. 133 George, F. 63, 133, 76 Germano, J. Gibson, D. 133 Gillhooley, G. 133 Gillies, J. Gilmore. J Glenn, D. 133 Goolsby, K. 134 Gordon, T. 52, 55. 134 Goudreau. ' L. 134 Grambow, K. 40, 134 Grasel, E. 134 Grebenok, F. 134 Green, A. Green. J. 128, 134 Grene, K. Groh, J. Grooters, R. Grundy, C. 134 Guertin, E. 134 Gurnsey, R. Gustin, B. Gyorick. S. Hadley, K. 134 Haemelinck, D. Haemlinck, D. Hager, J. 134 Hall. L. 134 Hamilton, T. 134 Harmer, S. Harneck, J. 134 Harris. D. 134 Harris, J. 134 Harrison, P. 134 Hartel, J. 134 Hartmann, D. 24, 45, 134 Hartson, M. 134 Harvey, J. 134 Harvey, P. 134 Harvey, S. 47, 134 Harwood, R. Hawkins, C. 134 Hayden, E. 134, 73 Hayes, J. 134 Haynes. M. 134 Hayward, J. Heering, B. 134 Heilig, E. 134 Hickman, D. 19, 134 Hicks. C. 134 Higgins, T. 135 Hill, T. 135 Hinkley, R. 135, 73 Hoag. R. Hoban, D. 135 Hodgins, T. Hoetger, C. Hoffman, H. 135 Hoffman, T. Holburt, L. Hopkins, C. 52, 135 Horn, J. 135 Houston, D. Howard, S. 44, 135 Howard, T. 135 Howe, D. 135 Howse, C. Hoy, B. Humphrey, B. 135 Hutchins, K. Ingram, J. 135 Irvine, S. Jackson, L. 135 Janks, P. 135 Jaskoski, P. 135 Jezierski, S. Jobbitt, T. 135 Johnson, C. 135 Johnston. C. Johnston, T. 135 Joyner, J. 135 Kaboni, A. Kaboni, G. 135 Kalaf, D. 135 Kalaf, M. 135 Kane, P. 52. 55, 71, 135, 78 Kantrowitz, F. 135 Karl, D. Kartes, R. Kelchner, H. 135 Kelley, D. Kempf, I. 135 Kercher, T. 135 Kern, A. 84, 135 Kerr, T. Kesner, J. Kimball, M. King. S. 135 Kingsbury, R. Kinsman, T. 19, 73 Kirby, S. 136 Kirchner, K. Kish. A. 136 Koch, K. 136 Koch. R. 60, 136 Koehler, S. 136 Kook, C. Koschnitzke, S. Kota, M. 136 Krause. A. 51. 52. 136 Krohn, H. 136 Kucsera, H. 136 Kuehn, J. 136 Kuhr, R. 136 Kullander, W. 136 Kuzma, D. Ladd, M. 136 Lamb, L. 136 Lambe. J. Lambert, J. Lambert, S. 136 Lambson, L. 136 Lambson, L. 136 Landschoot, M. Langolf, L. 136 Latendresse, R. LaVere. W. 136 Lerch, T. Lett. M. 136 Levitt. K. 136 Lewandowski, D. 136 Lindsay, T. 136 Livingston. M. Lloyd. L. Locke. L. Lomasney, D. 136 Longley, G. Lucas. T. 136 Lucey, T. 71, 89. 136 Ludwig, J. 136 Lynch, T. 136 MacKenzie, A. 136 Mackie, J. 136 MacTaggart. D. Madaus, J. 73, 136 Madej, S. 136 Maes, P. Mallorey, R. Marcero, D. 41, 73, 137 Marengo, C. 30, 137 Martin, L. 29 Martinek, S. 137 Marzolf, D. Masserant, M. 40 Mathews, J. Maurer, J. 137 Maury, J. 137 McCarty, A. 129, 137 McCleary, S. 137 McCracken, J. 137 McDonald, P. McDonnell, D. 137 McEachen, W. 137 McFadden, K. 137 Mclvor, J. 37, 137 McLane, M. 137 McLeod, C. 137 McNiven. L. 137 Mctaggart, M. 137 McTaggart, R. McVeigh, M. 73, 137 Meade, S. 73, 173 Meharg, K. 53, 58, 137 Meno, H. 73, 137 Messenger, D. 137 Middleton, C. 137 Miller, H. 137 Miller, R. 137 Miller, L. 137 Mills, K. 137 Minard, M. 137 Minnie, J. Mireles, B. 137 Mireles, L. Miron, M. 137 Mitrink, J. Moews, R. Monzo, K. Moore. S. Morehead, B. 137 Morgans, S. 137 Morrison, M. Mosure, C. 137 Mosure, K. 137 Mrozek, D. Mugridge, D. Nabozny, M. 137 Nalanga, Y. 137 Nebel, E. Nechita, M. Neff, J. 137 Nichols. P. 137 Nobles, J. Nofs, K. 138 Norman, E. North, D. 138 Northrop, J. Nuss, K. 138 Nuttall, J. 138 O’Connor, T. 138 Olack, S. 19. 138 Olar, D. 138 Oldham, S. Orton, C. 138 Palmateer, D. 138 Palmateer, Parsons. D. Patterson, D. Patterson, K. 138 Paul, D. 138 Peacock, G. 138 Pederson, K. Pendergrass, R. 138 Pennington, J. Perry, T. Pettit, K. 138 Phare. S. 138 Pincomb, B. Piper, W. 138 Plant. B. Platzer, J. Poirier, T. 138 Polimadei, A. Polk, A. 138 Porter. B. Powers, A. 138 Provost, T. Przytakoski, G. Quitter, C. 138 Radatz, K. 138 Radford, G. 138 Raftery, M. 56, 138 Randolph, J. Reaume, J. Reed. L. 138 Reed, P. 138 Reed, R. 138 Regan, D. Remick, T. 138 Repp, D. 56, 138 Reynolds, G. Rice, S. Rich, J. Richards, D. 138 Richert, D. Richter, C. Rix, K. Robbins, B. Robinson, F. 138 Robinson, K. 128, 138 Rock, D. 39 Roesch, M. Rome, D. Ropposch, B. 46, 49, 138 Rosentreter, K. 138 Ross, R. 138 Rush, C. Rutkowski, M. Sampsell, D. 138 Sanderson, W. 139 Sandoval, C. 139 Saunby, T. 139 Savalle, A. 139 Sawdon, M. Sayavong, M. 139 Schappacher, L. 139 Schieman, E. 139 Schmidt, A. Schmude, M. Schott. D. Schrader, P. Schrader, T. 139, 202 Schultz, C. 139 Schwartz, A. 139 Scott, M. Shafer, S. Shank, P. 139 Sheffer, T. Sheldon, K. 52, 56 Shell. C. 139 Shenvock, C. 139 Shier. K. 59, 139 Shilling, A. Shink. L. 139 Shoffner, J. 139 Shoudy, T. 139 Shuler, T. 139 Sibilla, D. 52. 139 Sills, M. Smith, C. Smith. G. Smith, L. 139 Smith, M. Smith, R. 139 Smith, S. Smith. T. 139 Smith, T. 139 Smith. W. 139 Snowden, D. 139 Snuggs, J. Sosnowski, D. 139 Sovereen, R. 139 Spacil, S. 139 Spencer, T. Stabinski, D. Stapleton, G. 139 Steckling, K. Stein, M. Stevens, E. Steward, M. 139 Stewart, A. 12. 139 Stewart, S. 139 • Stockling, K. 139 Stone, R. 139 Stoner, S. Stoutenburg, R. Stoutmeyer, J. 139 Stroud, 139, 202 Stubbs, L. Sturdevan, A. 5, 12, 139, 202 Summerer, A. Summerer, J. 140 Sweet, T. 140 Symon, A. 140 Sumon, P. 140 Szeszycki, K. 140 Tack, L. Tait, D. 140 Talaski, K. 5, 12. 140 Talbot, R. Tallmadge, A. 140 Tallmadge, J. 73, 140 Taylor, G. Taylor, M. i% Teeple, S. Turner, T. 140 Watters, J. Teff, S. 140 Turney, D. 140 Weber, C. 129 Thompson, J. 140 Ultsch, L. 140 Wedge, T. Thompson, K. 140 Vanbuskirk, M. Weiss, A. 140 Thompson, M. Vandagriff, M. 140 Wessel, A. 140 Thornton, J. 140 Vandenbossche, M. 202 West, R. 46, 59, 140 Thornton, K. 140 Vanloo, D. 140 Westfall, M. 140 Thrash. A. Varty, J. 140 Westly, D. 140 Tollon, K. 140 Vettese, T. 42, 71, 84, White, L. 1 Totten. R. 140 140 Wich, J. Towns, M. Vincent, V. 140 Wiley, R. 44, 141 Treadgold, R. Vincent, M. 140 Walkins, S. 141 Troy, L. 140 Wacker, L. 140 Williams, C. 73, 141 Trzasko, M. Wahl, S. 140 Willis, J. 141 Turloff, M. 140 Wakeham, D. Willis, K. Turner, T. 140 Warsinski, A. Wilson, C. 141 • Sophomores Adkins, M. 144 Berels, D. Coleman, M. 58, 146 Ahluwalia, H. 144 Betts, P. 145 Coleman, M. 146 Aguinaga, C. 144 Bolar, C. 145 Collinge, S. 31, 146 Ainsworth, T. 144 Boleg, L. 145 Collins, D. Ainsworth, W. 144 Bonin, S. 145 Colvin. S. Aldrich, C. Borkowski, R. 145 Cook, J. 146 Amador, A. 144 Bouchard, L. 53. 78, Cooper, W. 146 Ames, M. 145 Cope, M. 146 Andaluz, G. 144 Bowers, D, 145 Copping, A. 28, 146 Anderson, M. 144 Bradford. C. 145 Corwin, J. Andrews, L. 144 Brown, B. 145 Cox. J. 146 Anglebrandt, L. Brown, J. 145 Crawford, R. 146 Anglebrandt, V. 144 Brown, J. 32, 145 Cusac, C. Anter, D. 144 Brown, R. 145 Cusac, W. 146 Armstrong, B. 144 Brown, R. Cutcher, L. Armstrong, J. 144 Brown, S. 145 Dalton, M. Armstrong, S. 144 Bryce, S. 145 Daly, R. 146 Arnold, S. 144 Buckley, S. 145 Dandron, T. 146 Artman, L. Bunda, W. Danko, J. 146 Atkinson. J. 144 Burch, T. Davey, T. 146 Bailey, K. 144 Burdan, C. Davis, R. 146 Bailey, R. 144 Burdick, R. 145 Dear, W. Baldock, D. Burgett, L. DeFour, E. 146 Balhoff, J. Burgos, T. 131 Dejong, M. 146 Barber, L. Burns, M. 145 Delaurier, D. 146 Barber, M. Butener, J. 145 Deloy, D. 53. 78, 146 Barkey, L. Campau, B. 145 DeLuca, J. 146 Barnes, T. 144 Carey, M. 146 Devaney, T. 146 Barrett. L. 53, 86. 14 Carpo, C. 146 Deview, B. 146 Barrett, S. Carrier, M. 146 Dionne. M. 146 Bearden, D. 144 Catanzaro, G. 146 Dixon, P. Beebe, M. 144 Cenci, K. 146 Doan, S. 86, 146 Belt, B. 144 Chargot, S. 146 Dobson, K. 146 Benedict. J. 145 Clary, M. 146 Dobson, M. 146 Bennett, J. 145 Cole. F. Doetsch, D. 147 Berardo, W. Coleman, B. 146 Dombrowski, J. Wilton, K. 141 Wilton, W. Wine. A. 25. 44, 52, 141 Winiarski, T. Winiarski, T. Wisenbaugh, M. 141 Wolfe, A. 141 Wolfe, S. 141 Wolkensperg, M. 14 Wolvin, S. Woods, C. 141 Wright, J. Young, C. 141 Young, D. Zobel, A. 25, 141 Donnelly, J. 147 Dortman, G. 147 Dortman, J. 147 Downing, D. 147 Downs, E. Dragmiller, B. 147 Drouillard, A. Drown, C. Dubuque, R. Duda, B. 147 Dunkle, L. 147 Dupont, C. 147 Durand, C. 147 Eagen, R. 147 Eagle. M. 147 Easton, M. 147 Eifert. R. 147 Elliott. J. Elliott, R. 66. 147 Ely. S. 147 Ernest, D. Esterline, B. 14, 147 Evenson, D. Falk. J. 147 Farnsworth, J. 147 Farquhar, K. 78, 147 Farquhar, S. 5, 147 Fead, B. Fernandez, L. 147 Fett, M. Fields, D. 147 Fincher, M. 147 Flanigan, K. 147 Fogelsong, T. 147 Foltz, S. 58, 148 Forbes, S. 56, 148 Foon, M. 148 Forstner, A. 148 Foster, R. Fowler, V. Francisco, A. 148 Frasier, S. 46, 148 Fretenbough, D. 148 Frizzle, J. Fry, D. 148 Fuller, S. 148 Furness. B. 148 Furness, B. 148 Ganhs, M. 53, 55, 58, 148 Gardener, E. Gates, J. 148 Genna, G. 148 Gerus, . 148 Gibbs, M. 148 Gierman, A. 148 Gillis, L. 148 Gilmore, R. 148 Glenn, L. 143, 148, 159 Goetze, T. 148 Gorinac, L. Gosger, L. 53, 148 Goss, D. Gould, B. 148 Grabbitt, L. 148 Gray, J. 148 Grebenok, R. 148 Green, R. 148 Griffin, K. 148 Griffith, T. 148 Gross, R. 148 Grouette, S. 149 Gutierrez, J. 149 Gwisdala, T. 148 Hacker, M. 149 Hadrich, R. 149 Haemelinck, J. Haggarty, T. 149 Hagle, T. 149 Hall. J. 149 Hall, K. 149 Hall.P. Hansen, M. 149 Harland, L. 149 Harnden, M. 149 Harris, M. 149 Harris, M. 149 Harrison, G. 149 Harrison, F. Hartson, J. 149 Hawkins, F. 149 Hawkins, H. 149 Hawkins, H. 149 Hayden, M. 149 Heidemann, C. 149 Heier, B. 149 Henderson, B. 149 Henry, G. Hess, R. 149 Higgins, A. 150 Hill, R. Hillaker, S. 150 Hinski, P. 150 Hislop, L. Hoag, M. 150 Hood, E. Horn, M. 150 Horn, M. 150 Horr, D. Horton, D. 150 Howard, T. 150 Howe, S. 150 Hoy, D. 90. 142, 150 Humphries, D. 150 Hurst, J. 150 Huston, C. 150 Hyatt. S. Hyslop, W. Isaac, T. 150 Jackson, D. 150 Jackson, R. Johnson, C. 150 Johnston, J. Johnston, J. 150 Jonas, K. 150 Jones, J. 150 Joslin, K. Kalish, J. 55, 78 Kasdorf, S. 150 Keane, P. Kelley, F. 150 Kercher, M. Keslar, J. 32, 150 Kindred, H. 150 King, S. 150 King, T. 150 Knowles, C. 150 Knudsen, Z. 150 Kolman, G. 150 Kogstand, S. 150 Komph, B. Koon, M. Kota, D. Krafft, K. 151 Krauss, J. Kroll, K. 151 Kujda, C. 151 Kuzma, D. Lambert, K. Laming, M. 15, 34, 151 Lawrence, S. 151 Ledsworth, B. Ledsworth, D. 151 Leonard, T. 151 Lewandowski, C. 151 Lonczowski, A. Lorts, R. Loxton, G. Ludington, R. Lysaght, S. 151 MacMillan, J. 151 Madison, J. Maes, A. 151 Maes, C. 151 Majeske, J. 143, 151 Majeski, O. 151 Marcozzi, W. 151 Marriott, K. 151 Martin, K. 151 Martin, S. 151 Marzolf, D. Masserant, M, 151 Maxon, J. 151 Maxwell, K. 151 Maynard, J. 151 McCalmon, K. 151 McCarty, B. 151 McCombs, G. 151 McCoy. S. 151 McFarlane, R. 152 McGuffin, P. McKeever, T. McLane, H. 152 McMahon, W. 152 Mercurio, L. 152 Merrill. D. 152 Mertz, L. 152 Middleton, T. 152 Miller. D. 152 Miller, T. 152 Minnie, B. 29, 152 Misyiak, D. Mitchell, W. 152 Moak, V. 142, 152 Monzo, N. 152 Moore, P. Moore, P. Morden, K. 152 Morgan, M. 152 Morgan, S. Morris, K. Morris, M. 33. 152 Morrison, M. 152 Moses, B. 152 Mosurak, S. 152 Mosure, R. 66, 152 Moulton, W. 152 Musselman, L. 152 Muzzy, H. 152 Myron, M. 152 Nalanga, M. 152 Nebel, A. 52. 152 Nesbitt. T. 152 Nicholson, T. 152 Noonan. D. Norman, S. 152 Northrop, T. 152 Norton, R. Nowak, B. Nugent, K. O’ Boyle, C. 152 O’Donnell. D. 152 O’ Hare, C. 152 O’Neil. M. 153 O’Sullivan. S. 90. 153 Olack, J. 152 Olar, D. 152 Oldford. L. 153 Opplinger, C. 153 Oslin, S. Ostrander, B. 153 Ottaviani, K. Palmateer, A. 153 Papineau, R. Parker, C. Peacock, A. 153 Peltier, D. Perry, D. 153 Perry, G. 153 Persondek, K. 153 Petitpren, B. 153 Pettengill, S. 153 Phillips, C. Phillips, J. 153 Phillips. L. 153 Phillips. T. 153 Philp, N. 153 Polimadei, J. 153 Porrett, J. 153 Porrett, K. 153 Porrett, M. 153 Post, V. Poulos, R. 153 Presley, T. Putze, E. Quandt. R. 153 Quinn, T. 153 Radford, C. 153 Radigan, L. 153 Rawlimgs, R. Ray mo, M. Reed. M. 153 Reese, A. 5, 153 Regan, G. 154 Reid. D. 154 Renno, C. Renno, D. Reyna, A. 154 Reynolds, M. Rhody, L. 154 Rich, D. 154 Rich, D. 154 Richards, D. 154 Richards. K. 154 Roach, J. 154 Robbins, W. 43. 154 Rogenski, T. Rogstad, S. Root, B. 154 Ross, R. 154 Roth. S. 154 Rufener, J. Rush. K. 154 Rutherford, J. Ry lander, M. Salazer, S. 154 Sampson, L. Sams on, D. Sanchez, S. 154 Sanders, D. Sayavong, P. 154 Schmidt, C. 154 Schoenherr, G. 154 Schroeder, W. 154 Schultz, A. 154 Schutt, T. 154 Schwem, L. 154 Scoilicki, V. 154 Scott, R. 154 Scott. R. Semrow, J. 154 Abraham, S. 159, 160 Adolph. K. 160 Aguinaga, M. 160 Amador, A. 160 Ameel, P. 160 Andaluz, M. 158, 159, 160 Andrews, T. 45, 160 Anger, M. 160 Aplin, A. 36P160 Seymore, B. 14, 154 Shagena, J. 154 Shalast, C. 154 Sharpe, L. 154 Shay, M. Sheffer, K. 154 Sheffer, R. 154 Sheldon, D. 154 Sherbutt. W. 154 Sheridan, S. 154 Shier, M. 155 Shink, J. 155 Shovan, L. 155 Shreeve, C. 155 Sigafoose, T. 155 Siglow, L. 155 Silk, T. 155 Simpson, D. 155 Smith, C. 155 Smith, D. 155 Smith, D. 155 Smith, P. Smith, P. 155 Smith, S. 155 Smith, T. 155 Smith, T. 155 Snuggs. D. Snyder, N. Snyder, V. 155 Solinsky, P. 155 Sosnowski, M. 155 Soule, L. 155 Sparr, K. 155 Spencer, H. Squires, R. 155 Stapleton, C. Steele, W. 155 Steemburg, J. Steinhauer, D. 155 Stevens. M. Stoeber, C. Stokan, D. Stolicker, R. Stone, R. 51, 155 Stones, D. 155 Strevett, P. 155 Stroshein, B. Sttenburg, J. 155 Sullivan, S. 155 Switlicki, P. Sylvester, D. Tallmadge, C. 155 Taylor, S. Tenniswood, S. 155 Thomas, S. Thomas, T. Thomason, K. 144, 155 Thompson, M. Thrash, A. Thrasen, T. 155 Touma, D. Troy, S. 53, 155 Trudell, D. 156 Truske, T. Turner, T. 156 Tuma, D. 156 Tynes, C. 156 Tynes, L. 156 Ulrich, S. 156 Urie, J. Vandenbossche, M. 156 Vander Heuve, K. 156 Vandevoorde, W. 156 Va nwormer, S. Varadi, L. 156 Wagner, D. 156 Wahl, W. 156 Wahles, D. 156 Wakeham, D. 156 Wakeham, R. 156 Walch, D. Wales, D. 156 Walker, A. 156 Walters, M. 156 Ward. E. 156 Warner, T. Waters, P. 156 Watson, A. Wehner, L. 156 Werkmeister.H 156 Werner, S. 156 Westley, J. 156 White, C. 156 Whitehead. V. 156 Whitican. S. 57, 62 Whitina, S. 156 Whiting, G. Wickings, S. Wiersma, H. 156 Wiley, H. Wilkins, S. 156 Willett, S. 29, 156 Willhelm, D. 157 Williams, J. 157 Willis, D. 157 Willis. L. 157 Willis. L. 157 Wilson, J. 15, 53, 78, 134, 157 Wilson, L. 157 Wilton, R. 157 Wolfe, K. 157 Wolfe. S. 157 Wolff, C. 157 Woolman, K. 157 Wright, W. Wrobel, J. Wyckoff, M. 86, 157 Yarbrough, T. 78, 157 Young, D. Young, P. 157 Zauner, G. Zauner, R. 157 Freshmen Armstead, B. 160 Arnett, L. 160 Ashford. D. 160 Atkinson, T. 160 Austin, B. 160 Bailey. R. 160 Baker, L. 160 Balhoff, J. Balough, V. 160 Barnes, J. 160 Barnes, T. 160 Barrett, J. 160 Bartee, D. 160 Basnaw, J. 160 Basrai, M. 160 Beals, C. 160 Beauchamp, T. Beauparland, M. 160 Becktold, J. 160 Beem, M. 160 Beery, J. 160 Beery, S. 160 Belanger, J. Belkiewicz, J. 160 Bell, J. 160 Bennett, M. 160 Berden, 160 Bernardo, M. 160 Beuschlein, S. 161 Bland. H. 53. 161 Blomquist, C. 161 Blondheim, D. Bogdan, P. Bolin. D. 53. 161 Bonacci. D. 161 Bonczar; R. 161 Bouchard. L. Bourdeau, B. 161 Bourdeau, Y. 53, 78, 161 Bowers, B. Bowers, B. 161 Boyd. B. 161 Branch, K. 161 Branch, W. 161 Bright, R. Brockway, D. 161 Brown, C. 161 Bruen, M. 161 Bullock, K. Burge, P. Burley. L. 161 Burns, J. 161 Burns, R. 161 Camp, L. 161 Campbell, J. Campbell, S. 161 Campbell, S. 161 Copps, J. Carey, J. 161 Carlson, C. Carpenter, L. 53, 55, 161 Carr. T. 161 Carrier, D. 161 Carrothers, J. Ceckowski, R. 161 Chicone, B. 161 Chisholm, B. 161 Cimbora, S. 161 Chrzanowski, M. 161 Collinge, T. 162 Collins, K. 162 Cornelia, J. 162 Condland, M. 162 Conley, S. 162 Cook, C. 162 Cook. D. 46. 162 Coon, S. 162 Cooper, M. 162 Cooper, T. 162 Corbin, S. Crankshaw, J. 162 Crosby. T, Cuper, B. 162 Curry, J. 162 Cuthbertson, C. 162 Daly. F. 162 Dandron, K. 162 Daniel, J. 162 Davis, P. 162 Deachin, D. 162 Deaner, R. 162 DeBell, C. 162 Debien, R. 162 Debord, C. 162 Deeter, S. 162 Dehart, S. 35, 36 Dennis. M. 162 Devaney, J. 162 Devroy, T. 163 Dewey, T. 163 Diaz, L. 163 Dickson. J. 163 Diem, J. 163 Dimon, K. Do. T. 163 Doan, C. 163 Dobel, K. 163 Dodge, D. 163 Dodge, D. 163 Dougan, T. 163 Duckworth, S. Durand, N. 163 Duren, P. 163 Dyer. J. Eagle, P. 163 Eastman, M. 163 Eckhardt, E. Ellis, K. 163 Ellsworth, M. 163 Emeigh, M. 35, 163 Engelgau, J. 163 Ernest, K. 163 Evans, D. Fair, C. 163 Fair, T. 159 Farnsworth, C. 163 Faust, C. Fleet, J. Fletcher, C. 163 Fleury, C. 163 Fleury, M. 163 Foster, J. Fowler, M. Fox, T. Francavilla, J. 163 Francek, D. 163 Fredendall, L. 163 French, M. 163 Fritz, K. 164 Frost, D. 164 Fuller, C. Fuller, L. 164 Galeski, D. Ganhs, N. 164 Garcia, J. 164 Garijo, D. 164 Gartner, K. 164 Gates, A. Gauthier, T. 164 Geffros, L. Genna, J. 164 George, M. 164 Gibson, W. Gillespie, J. 164 Gillihan, M. Glenn, M. Gombos, T. 164 Good, D. Gordan, K. 164 Gossman, N. 164 Goudreau, L. 164 Grabbitt, R. Graham, G. 164 Grasel, J. 164 Green, C. 164 Green. S. 164 Green, S. Groff. P. 164 Gruodis, C. 164 Gucwa, L. 164 Guenther, J. Guizar, T. 164 Gunter, K. 86, 164 Hager, J. 164 Hall, R. 164 Hallay, J. 164 Hamilton, T. 164 Harder, S. 164 Hardy, J. 164 Harkins, S. 32. 165 Harnden, C. 165 Harrington, A. 165 Harris, P. 165 Harris. R. 53, 165 Harrison, P. 165 Hastings, C. 165 Havner, L. 165 Hawkins, R. 165 Hayes, C. 165 Hayes, D. 165 Haynes, M. 165 Heimbach, S. 165 Heisler, S. 165 Hendrick, A. Herber, C. 62, 165 Hickman. C. 165 Hill. M. 165 Hill, R. 165 Himmel, T. 165 Hinson, M. 165 Hoffman, K. 165 Hopkins, J. 86, 165 Houck, L. 165 Hudgens, L. 165 Hudy, R. 165 Hull. L. Hummel, G. 165 Humphreys, D. 166 lafrate, M. 166 Ingram, J. 53, 55 Jackson, K. 166 Jackson, M. 166 Jackson, T. Janks, P. 166 Jaskoski, T. 166 Jaso, J. 166 Jobbitt. K. 166 Johnson, A. 166 Johnson, L. 166 Johnson, L. 166 Johnson. W. 166 Johnston, M. 166 Jones, C. 166 Jones, J. 166 Joslin, G. Jowett, S. 166 Juzysta, E. Kane. P. 86, 166 Kantrowitz, L. 166 Karner, P. Kars, C. 166 Karns, D. 166 Keil, C. 166 Kellogg, N. 166 Kelly, G. 166 Kelly. H. 166 Kendrick, J. Kercher, P. 166 Kilbourne, J, 166 King, C. 166 Kippen, E. 166 Knudsen, J. 167 Koehler, B. 167 Koglin, D. 167 Koob, M. 167 Krafft, L. 167 Krauss, L. 167 Kreiner, G. 167 Kreit, A. 167 Kroll, M. 167 Landis, P. 167 Lashbrook, L. 167 200 Lavelle, C. 167 Lawrence, D. Ledsworth, D. 36, 167 Ledsworth, P, 167 Lester, D. 167 Letzgus, N. Lewandowski, J. 167 Lewandowski, K. 167 Lewis, H. 167 Lincoln. M. Liss, T. 4. 42, 53. 167 Little. M. 167 Logan, B. 167 Lonsby, W. 167 Lomp, S. Lonsby, S. Lovett. J. 53, 167 Lowes, R. Loxton, R. Lund. J. 167 MacDonald, J. 167 Macintosh, K. 167 Mack, S. 167 Madaus, J. 167 Madison, C. 167 Mallery, K. 167 Mallorey, A. 168 Marcero, M. 168 Marengo, P. 36. 66, 168 Maloney, K. 36 Marsh. K. 168 Marten. K. 90, 168 Martin, L. 168 Mastaw, G. Mathews, J. 168 Matts, C. 168 Maynard, D. 168 Maywar, E. 168 McCallum, K. 168 McCandless, J. 168 McConnell, M. 168 McCue, S. 36, 168 McElroy, L. 49, 168 McFarlane, T. McGowen, M. 168 McLaughlin, W. 168 McLeod, D. 168 McMahon, T. 168 McMullin, A. 168 McNaughton, P. 168 Mellos, J. 168 Mertz, T. 168 Meyer, J. 168 Miller, T. 168 Mitchell, D. 168 Mitchell. T. 169 Mix, P. 169 Monto, T. 169 Monto, T. Morris, K. 169 Morse, A. 169 Motte, M. Muma, V. 169 Murray, M. 169 Nalanga, B. 169 Naylor, K. 35 Nebel, P. 53, 169 Nichol, D. 169 Nichols, J. 169 Nobles, C. 169 Nolan, R. 169 Nosar, T. 169 Nuttall, M. Obertein, S. 169 Oliver, J. 169 Olson, L. 169 Ort. J. 169 Oslin, S. 169 Otto. K. 169 Overstreet, J. Papes, M. Pavlik, R. 170 Peacock, P. 170 Pencak, E. 170 Persondek, A. 170 Peters, M. 170 Peterson, D. 170 Petoskey, J. 170 Pettengill, K. 21, 170 Pickett, M. 170 Pincomb, E. 170 Popes. M. 170 Praet, C. 170 Prigmore, L. 169 Provost, L. Przytakoski, L. 169 Putze, M. 169 Quaine, Jl Quaine, J. 170 Quinn, R. 170 Radatz, J. Radatz, T. 170 Rademacher, K. 170 Radske, R. 170 Rady, P. 170 Reckker, W. 170 Recor, J. 170 Red, D. Reed. A. 170 Repp, J. 170 Repp, M. 170 Reyna, E. 170 Rich. D. 170 Roe. E. 170 Rogenski, D. Rome, W. 170 Rowe, L. 170 Rumley, T. 170 Ryan, E. 170 Sandoval, C. 170 Savalle, J. 170 Schaeffer, J. 86, 171 Scheetz, K. 170 Scheonrock, S. 170 Schieman.K 86, 170 Schlautmann, K. 86, 171 Schlimpe, K. 171 Schmidt. K. 171 Schnepp, A. 171 Schriner, M. 171 Schuck, L. 171 Schultz, S. 171 Seely, K. 171 Seklar, D. 171 Sepsey, J. 171 Sharpe, V. 171 Sharrand, K. 171 Sheffer, A. 171 Shevnock, D. 171 Shink, S. 171 Siewart, A. 171 Singh, D. 171 Sloan, M. 171 Smith. D. 171 Smith. K. 171 Smith, K. 171 Smith, K. 171 Smith, L. 172 Smith, P. 172 Smith. 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T. 173 Young, R. 173 Zacharias, S. 1981-82 Spirit Staff BACK ROW: Sharon Smith — Academics, receipts, and juniors. Ardy West — Faculty. Ken Willis — Sports, and sophomores. Jon Hardman — Academics. Jill Stroud — Introduction. Bobbi Fuller — Index. Mr Wright — Advisor. Greg Robinette — Photographer, and sports editor Mike Glenn — Head Photographer MIDDLE ROW: Carla Smith — Academics, recipts, and juniors. Terri Holmes — Sports. Janet Rich — Juniors, and index. Ginger Thornton — Ads. Debbie Willis — Index. Kristy Morrison — Seniors, student life, and year in review Mark Vandenbossche — Ads. Tanya Schrader — Yearbook staff, and editors page. BOTTOM ROW: Anna Ohman — Seniors. Marlene Stolicker — Juniors, receipts, and academics. John Bowman — Introduction. Noreen Fenner — Editor. Kathy Schlee — Introduction Angie Sturdevan — Index, and typist Mitzi Manis — Seniors. NOT INCLUDED. Steve Bullis — Sports. Elaine Dec — Newspaper, and freshmen. Debbie Schieman — Juniors, and receipts. Lori VanLuven — Seniors, and student life. 202 Olb aSU tfa- diarmjc £$3i3Z» bad.Ji-ffa U ' ? Ji ooo to iio y , rlhcrn ao, o con xyrW , urho 06H o JW dtljlcu tfe p6 oooid ouoo ikv y f " “ rrJ %6. J (X y r 7 GknnJ Gj£ kobmM j us k hoouj j a UMrnc ffi -pE i f • xEovSt bsi ■ fiUXudaft. hfjr ' K UoO, ?fjjb(firr1z J UoCEW I ) -Lyt UOW LppO ST SVlnCOtU l ' fenrrvrY y i H - ' ' y J(,

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