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fl fift ' W 4 . % W ' lju Hl - r..-X 322t " jc SP RIT PORT HURON NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL 1799 KRAFFT RD. § PORT HURON, Ml VOLUME XVI W- ■ Table Of Contents 10 44 82 94 ACADEMICS STUDENT LIFE FACULTY SPORTS 102 130 1 150 170 SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 190 206 True happiness consists not in the multitude | of friends, but in their worth and choice. Ben Johnson When time, who steals our years away, shall steal our pleasures, too, the memory of the past will stay, and half our joys renew-Thomas Moore We all didn’t come over on the same ship, but we’re all in the same boat. 7 8 Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on. w Academics 1980-81, A year of change This school year, 1980-81, marked a year of change in the Port Huron Area School District. Due to the fail- ure of the millage in the spring of 1980, the Board of Education made drastic cuts in everything possible. Port Huron Central was closed and its students were sent to Port Huron High School and Port Huron North- ern. PH and Northern were put on split sessions, morning and after- noon, with students with the last names beginning with A-L going from 6:30-12:30 A.M. and students with last names from M-Z going from 12:30-6:30 P.M. This system was con- sidered the best way to deal with the situation and to save money. Other changes included serious cuts in teaching positions, all school athele- tics, and also cuts in supplies, text- books, and services. In spite of all of these cuts, through the cooperation of the students, the teachers and the administration. Port Huron Northern has continued operating with few problems, and with the attitude of " grin and bear it.” 12 New faces in Northern ' s administration At the head of Northern’s new ad- ministration is our principal, Mr. William Pierce, the former princi- pal of Central High School. He has under him three hard-working vice-principals. Miss Austin, Mr. Goldsworthy, and Mr. Dickinson. Miss Austin is in charge of coun- seling, guidance, and testing, and also oversees scheduling and re- port cards. Mr. Goldsworthy is in charge of discipline and atten- dance in the morning session, and Mr. Dickinson is his counterpart in the afternoon session. Besides many other duties, all three of our vice-principals are in charge of general discipline, hall and cafete- ria supervision, and teacher evalu- ation. Our principal and vice-prin- cipals are an invaluable part of our school, and they all work together to create a place where we can come to learn. 13 Doing their part for P.H.N. The secretaries help to keep the school running as smooth- ly as possible each day. There is a staff of secretaries that run the office and a secretary for each of the vice-princi- pals. There are also two sec- retaries that help out the counselors. Some of the sec- retaries start their day at 6:30 each morning while others work as late as 7:00 in the evening. 2: Mrs. Teff covers the counseling offices in the morning and the li- brary in the afternoon. 3 If you have any questions just ask these ladies, Mrs. Fleming and Mrs. Shepherd. They know everything about this building. 4: Mrs. Vigrass can tell anyone how to run the office ma- chines. 5: Before you meet Mr. Pierce, you’re bound to meet his pretty secretary Mrs. Rose. Mrs. Willard recieves her daily instructions from her boss, Mr. G. 14 I: Mr. Mattson leafs through the files. 2: Mr. Moorehead intensely reviews a students re- cords. 3: Mrs. Goodrich is always around to help out when- ever possible. 4: Communication is an important part of Mr. Soule’s job. The counselors for the stu- dents this year are Mr. Buck- owski, Mr. Dunbar, Mrs. Go- drich, and Mr. Soule. Each of the counselors help to give the students any personal, oc- cupational or educational guidance they may need. The counselors seek to maximize educational opportunities for each student while he is at- tending school. Students can find any educational informa- tion from the Career Re- source Center. The Resource Center has a computer print- er and a CRT, a cathoderay tube, set up for students to do research on any career, edu- cational and vocational infor- mation they may be interest- ed in. When in need, call on a counselor 15 The kitchen staff keeps things cooking The kitchen staff begins each day at 5:30 a.m. to prepare lunches for Northern stu- dents, plus the students from ten other schools. Approxi- mately 1,600 to 1,800 lunches are sent out each day to the various schools. About 380 plate lunches and all of the ala carte food is served each day in Northern’s cafeteria. Mrs. Setter manages the kitchen staff to keep things running as smoothly as possible. The day is ended for the staff at 3:30 p.m. only to start again at 5:30 the next morning. I: A kitchen aide ' s work is never done. 2: The lunch ladies on their lunch break. 3: And the Huskie Spir- it is here. 4: Work, work, work, work . . . Members of Northern ' s kitchen staff are, front row: Mrs. Setter, Bertha Smith, Dorothy Weston, Martha Graham, and Joan Ward, second row: Nancy Burns, Valerie Jenkins, Helen Deising. Ada Turloff, Nadine Massman, Grace Ceder- vall, and Marilyn Totten. Missing are: Mable Melms, Joann Rush, and Kathy Ernest. 16 Another one mops the dust I: Dave Jex doesn’t stop long enough for a picture. 2: Devil — now here’s a guy that loves his work. 3: Last sweep of the day. The custodians play an impor- tant role in maintaining the school. This year there are three shifts of custodial staffs working around the clock. Where would we be without the custodians to keep the school in a liveable condition? 17 This year, in order to cope, the li- brary has undergone many changes because of personnel cuts. There is one media special- ist, Miss Boyd, and two part-time secretaries, Mrs. Burns in the morning and Mrs. Teff in the afternoon. These three ladies must run the library from 6:15 A.M. to 6:45 P.M. Cuts in services have come along with all of the other changes, but in spite of this, the library has managed to continue operating on a full schedule. Miss Boyd feels that, on the whole. Northern students show much courtesy and respect while using the library, and believes that the library " is to be used not abused. " I: Reading is to the mind like a library is to a school. 2: Miss Boyd and her assis- tants do a fine job at running the library. Ever heard of the expression " variety is the spice of life?” Well, Northern’s ten ex- change students added enough variety to liven up anyone’s life, coming from such countries as Norway, Mexico, Holland, France, and West Germany. These students are with Youth For Understanding, the in- ternational student exchange program, headed at Northern by Mr. Hayward. new way of life for those from afar. 19 WORW FM 92 Mr. Robert Trapp is the head of WORW. Port Huron Northern’s school radio station. Students in the broadcasting class work towards their FCC third class license and hold managing positions on the staff of the radio station. Many students from WORW have gone on and be- come successful in the communica- tions field. WORW is an educational non-commercial station operating on your 92 FM dial. 20 It PHN’s Honor Society with its advisor, Mr. Buckowski. 2: President Scott Ferguson, Vice- President Sandy Bos- tater and Secretary Lin- da Gray. Not pictured: Treasurer Lisa Sampsell. Port Huron Northern’s National Honor Society is involved in many activities this year, such as sponsoring a school dance and raising money in order to go on a ski trip. The goal of NHS is to recognize those students who are individually outstanding, and to promote academic achieve- ment through tutoring those students who re- quest extra help. PHN ' s National Honor Society 21 Play it again . . . band Under the leadership of a new director this year, Mr. Hon- singer, Port Huron Northern’s band has been a good example of the statement that " change isn’t always for the worst.” Due to the fact various cuts, there were only four bands: Jazz Band, which played at many of the assemblies. Wind Ensemble, Honors Band, and Freshman Band. Though the various bands as a whole did not go to any competitions this year, they did have individual district compe- titions and two concerts: a Christmas concert in Northern’s cafeteria and a Spring concert at McMorran Arena. 22 P.H.N. choirs sing to a new director Northern ' s choirs have a new director this year, Mr. Unger. He is a very enthusiastic teacher and had many new and interesting ideas for our three choirs. Chorale, Acca- pella Choir and Freshman En- semble. Some of these ideas included the sale of 1,000 ap- ple pies in November, spon- soring a Christmas dance, and various other fund-raising projects. The choirs also had a Christmas concert and a Spring concert which enter- tained many a person. 23 Experience is one thing you can ' t get for nothing Retailing has two new additions this year. These are involvment in Distributive Education Clubs of America, and the class is now a two-hour block. DECA allows stu- dents to learn and compete with others state and nationwide in areas of their interest. The dis- trict competition is held in one of several high schools in the St. Clair-Macomb County Area. All competitors may also compete in the state competition. Winners and runners-up advance to nation- al DECA competition. All members of Retailing and Marketing classes are eligible for membership in DECA. Because of the fact that the classes are longer students have time to learn the things that will help them in DECA competition. Funds for DECA are provided by the students themselves through various fund-raising projects. Today’s artists are tomorrow’s future The art classes this year are being instructed by Mr. Taggart in the morning session and by Mrs. LaBeau in the afternoon session. The basic art classes, art I S 2, are a prerequisite to all of the other art courses. Students interested in art have many classes to choose from. Some of the classes offered are ceramics, drawing, and painting, and jewelry construction. Students have the opportuni- ty to show their best works in art shows and exhib- its which are held throughout the year. The Business Education Dept, is run by Mr. Tinsley. This year business teachers went to con- ferences to get some new ideas and techniques for their busi- ness classes. Some classes of- fered by the business dept, are steno-and clerical-block, typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. Many students find the business courses are very beneficial in helping them further their ca- reer goals. 27 Shop classes are offered to students who are interested in such things as auto me- chanics, metal shop, and elec- tronics. Mr. Pierce, Mr. Hobbs, and Mr. Johnson are among the teachers who in- struct these classes. Is Auto Mechanics students learn the basics of auto repair. 2: Mark Jaskowski, " You see, the sum of the square root of the hypotenuse is di- rectly proportional to ... 3: It’s hard to be humble when you’re a Huskie. 4: Matt Harvey receives ad- vice from Mr. Baker. 5: Students get experience by repairing people’s troubled vehicles. 6: Actually, we didn’t need to take the tire off at all. 29 English speaks for itself The English Department at Northern, headed by Miss Meyer, offers many interest- ing courses such as Greek Lit- erature, World Authors, Speech and Composition. Four semesters of English are re- quired — one basic Grammar. English credits are also of- fered to members of the SPIR- IT staff. I : Mike Morrison and Mark Naboz- ney-can you tell they enjoy being the class clowns? 2i English classes are full of the Huskie Spirit. 3: Liz Moulton and Amy Elliot receive help on their English assignment from It Tim Teeple says, " Does this teacher know what he ' s talking about? " 2: Reading is FUNdamental says Tracy Turner. 3: Is John Ma- lane sleeping behind those dark glasses? 4: Mrs. Renner always means business when it comes to speech class. 5: Larry Tynes des- troyes the evidence-AFTER an Eng- lish test. 31 Math-new approaches to old problems Mr. Renner formerly of Central High School, is in charge of North- ern ' s math department. Each stu- dent is required to successfully complete two years of math be- fore graduating. A wide variety of classes and academic levels are provided for students to choose from so that they may take the classes that are best for them. A few of the offered course are Al- gebra, Geometry, Consumer’s Math, and Calculus. 32 Headed by Mr. Renner, North- ern’s Science Department is so varied that no one could find the time to explore all of the fascinating fields offered. Such fields include not only the basics of Biology, Chemis- try, and Physics, but also such fun and interesting subjects as Aerospace, Photography, Earth Science and A.P. Biol- ogy, for which college-bound seniors can earn college cred- it. Numerous labs and experi- ments are conducted in these courses, and what could be more fun than finding out what is really in those things you eat every day? Experimenting with life I: In Biology class, a little bit of this and a little bit of that will do. 2: Mr. Klink can tell you anything you want to know about Biology. 3: Well, you see a drop of this, and what do you think will happen? 4: Electron- ics is so much funl 5: Freshmen make a new discovery: water boils when it is heatedl 1 ■L 35 Social Studies: A study of old traditions and new ideas One class in the Social Studies De- partment, headed by Mr. Dickey, is P.O.D. (Problems of Democrary). A required class for seniors at P.H.N., P.O.D. is infamous for its newspoints, a system of points which are acquired by reading about current events. Besides this students learn about the different forms of government, the stock market, and discuss the various problems in our American Democ- racy. 36 Another class which is re- quired in the Social Studies Department is American His- tory, to be taken in the elev- enth grade. There are three levels of this class so that each student may choose the best course suited for him her: Regular, College- Prep, and Advanced Place- ment. In these classes, every- one learns about the history of our United States so that they can become more aware of his her country. Civics is the third and final re- quired class in Social Studies at Northern. To be taken in ninth grade. Civics teaches freshmen the governmental and economic systems of our country. I : A teacher’s job is never done. 2: Huskies have been famous in histo- ry, too. 3: Mr. Clauseman empha- sizes a point. 4: Social Studies is a very serious business. 5: " I don ' t have to do newspoints until I’m a senior, do I?” 37 Physical Education Girl’s physical education classes are headed by Miss Fugiel and Mrs. Johnson. Miss Fugiel teaches team sports such as basketball, volley- ball, and softball. Mrs. Johnson instructs indi- vidual sports, some which are gymnastics, bowling, and aerobic dancing. Both instruc- tors also help students develop individual agil- ity and coordination. I: Come on, Liz, one, two, three streeeetch. 2: What we won ' t do to be beautiful. 3: There are some of us who don ' t need to exercise. 38 Building for a stronger tomorrow The Physical Education De- partment is headed by Mr. Dickey. E. ch gym class deals with the physical develop- ment, along with mental, so- cial, and emotional develop- ment of each student. Some of the offered Physical Edu- cation Classes are Team Sports, Individual Sports and Weights and Agility. I: Rob Lambert shows the amateurs how it’s done. 2: Bob Bennett gets a little help in Weights and Agility. 3: One of our exchange students. Roar Tomassen, gets into the spirit of things by wearing a Northern Phys- ical Education T-shirt. Sprechen sie deutch? A four year sequence of German is of- fered at Northern. The third and fourth year levels are combined and are indi- vidualized to better meet the needs and desires of the students. Those who want to continue their study of Ger- man in college take a College Prep Course. Others may take an " enrich- ment” course. I: Herr Norman must think he’s the choir direc- tor. Don’t let him fool you, though, he’s really one of Northern’s German instructors. 2: Even our Huskie speaks German! 3: Herr Norman hard at work preparing for another long day. 40 Parlez-vous Francais? This year ' s economic purge all but devastated the French here at North- ern. These first-year " cherubs” are all who survived. Alors, vive le Francaisl Harvey, le lapin, M. Ryskewecz, and two exchange students from Europe continue to FAIRE APPRENDRE and FAIRE PARLER despite the earli- ness of the hour. Merci a tout qui se souvient de notre classe qui avait lieu de si bonne heure pen- dant cette annee de 1980- SI. I: Regardez ici tous les etu- diants qui disent " FROMAGE”. Translation: Look at all the stu- dents here who are saying " CHEESEI’’ This is Mr. La Belle’s first-year French class in the afternoon. 2t " Now, how do you say THAT in French?” 41 cHabla usted Espahol? This year’s Spanish classes were also affected greatly by the budget cuts. The only Spanish class is taught by Mr. Ahearn first hour in the morning ses- sion, and it consists of first-year stu- dents. These lucky kids are just begin- ning their exploration into the fascinat- ing language of Espaghol. I: John Ange is really concentrating on his Spanishl 2: Mr. Ahearn says it’s not very easy to concentrate on Spanish at 6:30 in the morn- ing. 3: Spanish students start out their days helping each other. 42 The St. Clair County Community Skill Center offers vocational training at no cost for any high school Junior or Senior who wishes to gain a vocational education. Students attend the Skill Center for approximately two and one half hours each day either before or after they attend required classes at Northern. Some of the classes instructed at the Skill Center are auto body, data processing, health care and food service. Along with educational development students also broaden their hori- zons socially. I.- Jim King gives this car a full inspection. 2: Mary Ann Komph and Julie Knowlton work overtime on their as- signments. The Skill Center- where Vocational Education begins. 43 % • ' J Jk s Student Life hose old familiar faces 46 47 I: Now I’ve told you over and over, get your hands off the pianol 2: I like to eat my pie without silver- ware. 3: WRIF, the home of rock and roll. 4: Katherine McIntyre and Kim Moss take a friendly stroll down the 500 Hall. 5: Lori Johns and Debbie Gilleran-good friends stick together. 6: Wendy Smith enjoys talk- ing with the guys in the back of the classroom. 48 Birds of a feather flock together I: The Freshmen enthusiasm during as- semblies just ain’t what it used to be. 2: Rob Lambert gets a helping hand. 3: When school gets out at 6:30 P.M., no one stays longer than they have to. 4: Come onl Pull baby, pull! 5: What a remarkable radio station. BABY! 49 A thing of beauty is a joy forever Kristy Robinson says that her teacher doesn ' t know that she pulled her own card-until now. 50 ”My name is Jody Lett. I have lived in Port Huron all my life and this is my 4th year at Northern. It’s a real honor for me to be chosen as Mardi Gras Queen because I feel that our Senior Class is the best ever.” Representatives from the Freshmen class are Jeri Lynn Kalish and Lori Barrett. From the Junior class are Anne Jackson and Maryann Westphal. The Sophomores are re- presented by P at Cane and Crystal Meharg. 51 v Representing the Senior class as Mardi Gras court nominees are; (sitting) Mickie Simpson, Julie Whiting, and Susan Dou- gherty; (standing) Jody Lett, Missy Boyd, Laurie Truske, and Paige Hirshfield. Also from the Senior class arej (R. to L.) Michelle Ready, Lori Johns, Kelly White, Tami Ni- kula, and Winona Whitehead. Mardi Gras nominees from the Junior class are (bottom row)-Margie Andreae, Anne Jackson, Gisele Green, Mar- garet Gamble, and Karen Shel- don; (second row) Debbie Houle, Pam Steinhause, Kim Love, Beth Barss, Kim Moss, Maryann Westphal, and Kath- erine McIntyre. 56 Mardi Gras court nominees The Mardi Gras nominees for the Sophomores are? (bottom row) Kristine Shire, Sara Mor- gans, and Jill Joyner? (top row) Crystal Meharg, Terry Spencer, Sue Olack, Pat Cane, and Andrea Wine. The Freshmen nominees for Mardi Gras court are? (bottom row) Denise Wayless, Lory Barrett, and Debbie Trudell? (top row) Kelly Farquar, Jeri Kalish, Jody Wilson, Colleen O’Boyle, Darlene Deloy, and Ann Neble. Life goes on . . . and on . . . and on It The thrill of victoryll 2: Patty Keobke and Tom Hoffman just can ' t get into this class. 3s Mary O ' Sullivan is too happy for words when the Senior class wins the Mardi Gras barrel, for the first time. ' m ' •at,’ 62 A friend is someone who accepts you for what you are-c. schuitz 4 I: Michelle Boldt assists Laurie Truske in the pie eating contest, h A few late students hope to casually cruise into class without being no- ticed. 3: Kevin Holmes and Jeff Wiley show their talent when it comes to the three-legged race. 4» Debbie Gilleran enjoys the sites. 5: Kathy Snider seems a little surprised when she finds out that she must eat her chocolate pie without a fork. Ease on down the road ... of student life Where’s all the action at? " V Ordinary people Some of Northern ' s smiling faces 4 I: Kris Gaertner really enjoys her milk at lunch. 2: Jackie Harmon thinks the library is loads of fun! 3: Boy, Connie Wirtz must really be in troublel 4: Our photographer catches Mark Schopp while he’s busy studying. 5: Jody Lett, Winona Whitehead, and Jim Rankin take time out to flash their smiles. 6: Art Mellos must really like studying alonel 7: Does it look like Ardie West enjoys doing her Math? 73 Live it up! I: Tom McBrian is thinking. " Oh. brother, do I have to go in?” 2: Chris Pearson doesn’t like looking at cameras. 3: Don’t mess around with me! 4: Walter Crosby after a quick stroll in the woods. 5: Is this Lisa Bonney’s best side? 75 Gotcha! I: Gary Cargo says that school is a pain in the neck. 2: Can you tell that Mike Dupuis just flunked his Phys- ics test? 3: Which one is the real rabbit? 4: Is Margaret Feichtner lighting up? 5, 6. 6 7: " THE PICK UP.” by John Malane. What can he say? lA I- — Z vi 7 Pui km £ART HQiMK.£ c.i+EftPCt ut£ SK Ct‘XAty 1 % LED7EPPUM BREAKS OP L t r i4 «A -Vh iz n to CR BINARY 0 )S UKUIIVA T PECRLt d NEW TIMES REfiAUJ [Y lltll __ I BOIUWKS rj PH ILUtS MT ST. HEIEN W,N WRlb ERUPTS qeoge mauny oUxIbo - . M A AA " d ec . Afc := Vwj ‘ CKN CKU REAGWM BUSH p IN t i It I K l i N I k X V 2 n A ' d " CftN CKU „ o I a yr reagwm bush p =4 1 1 ? W a lANDSUHc | tf RUBBER otko-SWAs: YaJLI 7 otmeirt Nlw wHstis CAWH s) £ ' b Peto " . Se»« s Oics t mcCj ‘ $ HITrUVlITHVOURBESlSHOL 18 1 ; MICHIGAN WINS B.OSEB0YU. $ noca THEjte rEV HORKat Ac U ee SHOh calypso sails Hta Sb.ddiVriwr-Ar K-CAR BACK IN BUCK IO 4 i )OC OO MGM GRAND BURNS l AT 4 f R L,C ' r N H STA6fcS RETURN AFTER. -J d $?R ' m 444 MNS F CAPiNtTf 3 V I l J} 8t , - counrny vocsnEAis) clcckshocj eo at: JOE UEWS { 1 ? oU n | KjiUjcui itl- 9 -BO V) l s o 2 u LiJHIP (L Another on L bites Win. dust " lTO tSy A » O »4 IT IT (J a Ah J lA in - Zk L A yOva Cais NOI H RiVEfc RttAO 66fS RE0AV6.O g 0 79 Funny faces 80 Introducing . . . The Faculty Mr. Ahearn Mr. Armstrong Mr. Baker Mr. Blynn Mr. Bates Mr. Buckoski Miss Cantu Mr. Clark Many of the faculty members are new to North- ern this year as a result of the changes that have taken place. Each of us has an opinion of those changes, and some of the faculty members voiced their views. ”1 like the change. It has affected me positively. It has given me the opportunity to continue with my advanced studies. I only regret that not ev- eryone has been affected in the same manner by the change of schedule.” Olga Cantu 84 Mr. Dickey Mr. Dickinson Mrs. Eastman Mr. Dineen Mr. Domke " My few short months at P.H.N. have been very enjoyable-the students are nice to work with, as is the faculty. I just hope that some- how the district can restore sports and do away with split sessions.” Irv Claseman " There must be a better way to peddle our product-education.” Mr. Dickey - 85 Mr. Duncan Split sessions turn them into earlybirds or owls " Teenagers are mar- velously flexible in- dividuals. It took only a few short weeks for everyone to get used to the early morning hours and now it seems perfectly normal to be eating pizza at 7:00 am!” Mr. Elliott Mr. Esterline Mrs. Fischer Miss Foster Mr. Fotchman Miss Fugiel Miss Genaw " What this country needs is a 100% education concious community that is not trying to get by on a 50% effort.” I. Hayward " I feel very bad, for the students not being able to take all the courses that were cut out of the curriculum and for the student athletes for the many lessons that athletics teach which can’t be taught in the classroom.” Larry Klink Mr. Hamilton Mr. Hayward Mr. Heideman Mr. Jamison Mrs. Johnson Mr. Johnson Mr. Honsinger Mr. Klink 87 ft- ' Miss Knapp Mr. LaBelle " L es temps changent et nous changeons avec eux.” (The times change and we change with it.) Mr. LaBelle Miss Lapish Mr. Mattson Mr. Meeker tt ■ Mrs. Lyszak Miss McLean Miss Meyer 88 Teachers have class! Mr. J. Miller Mr. H. Miller Mr. L. Miller Mr. R. Miller " Considering the inconvenience caused by the double sessions and the lack of school- sponsored, extra curricular activities, I think the students have adjusted amazingly well. I guess the only part of me that hasn’t adjusted is my body clock.” Herr Norman Mr. Morehead Mr. Morrison Mrs. Mosier Miss Neil Miss Nelson Mr. Nolte Mr. Norman Miss Perry Mrs. Pettibone Mr. Pierce Mr. Pike Mr. Rutkofske Mr. Smith Mrs. Smith Smiling faces reflect dedication Mr. Tracy Mr. Vettese Mr. Talladay Mr. Tinsley Not pictured: Mr. Aikins Mr. Blackney Mr. Feick Mr. Gable Mr. Hobbs Mr. C. Johnson Mrs. LaBeau Mrs. S. Miller Mr. McEwen Mr. Rosales Mrs. Ross Mr. Ryckewecz Mr. Pearson Mr. Singer Mr. Trapp Mrs. White Mr. Wright and Mrs. McLeod. Counselors: Mr. Soule Mrs. Goodrich and Mr. Dunbar. 91 Teachers have their moments too I: Herr Norman-just hangin’ around. 2 -. " I have to think about that one for a minute,” says Mrs. Cantu. 3: Mrs. Eastman with one of her familiar looks while trying to prove her point. 4: Mr. Smith looks at his class and thinks, ”1 don’t believe them sometimes; they ' re ridicu- lous.” 92 Sports " A picture is worth a thousand words’’ This picture of Memorial Stadium during the 1980-81 football season explains the sports situation at Port Huron Northern. The city failed to pass three millages, one of which would have kept sports at Northern. Thus, the school had to go without their athletics and their well-known school spirit this year. No cross-town rivalry, no pep assemblies, and above all, no enthusiasm in school at all. This was certainly a " different” year. This photograph credited to Ralph Polovich of The Times Herald. The Bowling Club The Bowling Club now meets at two separate times because of the split sessions. The morning stu- dents meet in the afternoon, and the afternoon students meet in the morning. They have formed two separate teams, both of which meet at Bowl at the Bridge. There is a lot of competition between the two teams, and they are going to compete for a trophy at the end of the year. Pictured are some of the morning students showing off their best forms. % Rolls on Student-Faculty Game f Student basketball team: Back row from left to right: Vernon Booker, Mike Dupuis, Martha Corbin, Gary Nesbitt, Jim Schune- man, John Beebe. Front row: Steve Smith, Jody Lett, John Malane. Not pictured: Terry Leahy, Mike Petrodytti. Joe Gibbons, Tom O’Connor, and Coach Jim Rankin. 98 J.V. and Varsity Cheerleaders 100 I: The J.V. Cheerleaders show off their style. 2: Melissa Boyd and Lorie VanLuven do a cheer. 3: Carrie Conlen, C. Ann Wich, and Missy Boyd try to decide which cheer they should do. P.H.N. Sports at their best Thinking that many long hours of practice would pay off, the basket- ball team got slam-dunked. This year’s football team was tack- led even before the season began. Better luck next year, boys! This year ' s track team was left in the dust coming off of the starting block. This year’s golfers got shot into a sand trap. Maybe next year they will dig themselves out. The baseball team got lost out in left field after finishing second in the state last year. Although they put forth a worth- while effort, the tennis team got clobbered. 101 Seniors Children of yesterday; heirs of tomorrow. Presenting the Class of 1981: Laurie Ames Julie Andreae Mary Anglebradt Kathy Andrews Kathy Armstrong Shelly Andrews Stacy Armstrong Jeff Anecki Ed Bachmann Wayne Baird Rebecca Bauer Roberta Bauer Steve Beauchamp Charlotte Beauvais 104 Ralph Beerbower John Bennett Bridget Bell Eric Bell Brian Bernum Becky Berube Lynn Bolin Paul Bonner Chris Borris Sandra Bostater Rick Berg Lisa Bonney Lisa Boucher Janice Bonnoch Robert Bowers Leann Bradley Tim Brennan •» Wev’e come a long way, baby Mark Camden Melissa Campbell Tony Catalina Jeff Chalut Sheila Cluney Carolyn Cole William Clark William Carso Sheri Collinge Carrie Conlen 106 Joseph Cook Martha Corbin Sherri Coseo Gayle Coughenour Jeff Cornwell Beth Davidson Kelly Drinkwater Debbie Dodge Mark Donnellon Michael Dupuis Elizabeth Ely Sue Dougherty Jeff Drake . f ' 1 MA Bessie Ernest David Falk Matt Farquhar Margaret Feichtner Scott Ferguson Mel Fiedler Someday we will all be stars 108 Matt Fox Robin Fox Carol Francavilla Tim Freeman Darmar Frerking Gary Gerlach Stacy Gillespie Mark Gillihan Debbie Giroux Jeff Glenn Sonia Gonzales Pam Hall Valerie Grunenwald Brenda Gustin Sally Hamilton Terri Hand James Hadley Ed Hall Neil Harju Tim Harkins Jackie Harmon Charles Harris Jill Harris Lee Harrison A 4 109 Ron Jenkins ill We may never pass this way again 112 Michelle Miron John Moews S. Montegomery Patti Moody Don Mott Robin Miron Paula Moore Mike Moroan Colleen Morden 113 Today we follow, tomorrow we lead Eirian Morgans Barry Moses Mack Moses Rick Mouilleseaux David Moulton 114 Lis Moulton Mary Mrozek Donna Munro Melanie Murawski Linda Mussleman Terri Muzzy Larry Neumann Rick Nichol Ed Nobles Bill Norris Janice Owens Lisa Paeth Mark Palmeteer Shelly Palmer Rodney Patterson Tery Pincomb Sheila Raftery Fred Reed Shelly Reid Roxanne Remick Joan Repp Jim Rankin Michelle Ready Jim Rec Mike Relker 115 I really have enjoyed my stay, but I must be movin ' on— super tramp 116 Barrie Rusch Sue Rynties Lisa Sampsell Denise Schultz Jim Schuneman Brenda Shagena Kemmie Shank Joy Sheldon Ron Sherbutt Shari Riddell Don Ross Scott Robbins Becky Rucker Karla Sarnacki Bill Schmitt Nancy Snyder T odd Shoudy Janie Sipie .y Randy Shreeve Lisa Smith Don Spangler Greg Stephenson Jenny Stine Bernie Stoldt Cherie Studaker Lori Stuewer Maureen Sullivan Susan Swanson Kim Symon Bill Tacia Scott Tallmadge Mickie Simpson Abigail Stoddart Todd Summerer 117 Just when you think tomorrow will never come, its yesterday Carol King Greg Teff Art Thomson Becky Thompson Robin Thornton Becky Ticknor Roar Tomassen Lisa Tomchuck Laurie Truske Carolyn Turloff Margret Varadi Mike Vario Joleen Vasquez Jim Wager Dave Wak Bonnie Wallace Ed Wardle Anne Weiss Kelly Wessel Kirk Weston Jane Whaling T Judy Thurston Dave Trzasko Everitt Vincent Winona Whitehead Debbie Wilhelm Julie Whiting C. Ann Wich Rebecca Wiersma Jeff Wiley Eric Willey Cynthia Williams Dave Williams Laura Wilson 119 Are you for real!?!? 1. Michelle Boldt will try anything to light up her day. 2. Gary Koreiba has only 3 classes before going to work at McDonalds on his 8 hour shift. 3. A smile from Rosemary Kammer. 4. Pals: Missy Boyd and Carrie Conlen. 5. Doesn’t Stacey Gillespie look bored? 6. Jeff Butzin doesn’t want to watch his own movie. 7. Paul Bonner leads his gym class in prayer 121 Seniors got what it takes I: Mark Lysaght tries to decide what it is that he has just eaten. 2: All of Mary’s hard work has paid off. 3: Mark Deveraux can’t get into SALT II talks in P.O.D. We are family 126 Work and play, seniors all the way Hey buddy!! Is Linda Musselman and Jean- ette Cowan. 2 : Robin Kettlewell and Lori Johns are buddies from Central to Northern. 3: Sue Dougherty has her eye on a new guy. 4: Nancy Snider " I just lost a friend 5: Mike Vario and Sue Kurzweil. 6: Matt Johnson, " I have no friends today! 7: Robin Kettlewell and Matt Fox- more than just buddies. Senior Class Officers Mary O’Sullivan-Presi- dent: " Miles will separate us, memories will bond us, we will be apart, but we will be together. (G. Betts) To the Class of ’81: I’ll always remem- ber the good times we’ve had togetyher. I hope you never for- 8e ' " .Mary Lori Johns-Co-Presi- dent: " I will always remem- ber this year. I’m really glad I got to meet so many great people like you. Good Luck in the future and in everyth- ing you do.” Beth Miller-Secretary: " All the underclassmen should try and make the best of their high school years, especial- ly their senior year. It will be over before you know it.” Kathleen O’Connor- Treasurer: " Look at it this way: it is remarkable that we’ve come as far as we have in so short a period of time. (Lewis Thomas) P.H.N. Class of ’81: Thanks for the memories!” Senior Class Advisor Mr. Nolte, President Lori Johns, and Presi- dent Mary O’Sullivan. 129 Juniors We are true to gold and blue we ' re the class of 82 Juniors do it best Mike Accordino Matt Adair Bill Adams James Ahearn Scott Albert Dory Alrich David Allen Alan Anderson Majorie Andreae Tammy Andrews Theodore Andrew Leslie Aplin Jacque Armstrong James Arnold Scott Austin Janie Bailey Donald Baker Ronald Baker Gregory Ball Charles Barnes Robin Barringer Bethany Barss Ricky Bartel Daniel Barthel Roger Basnaw Rae Anne Bauer Cheryl Bantel Bonnie Barber Lori Beem Scott Beerbower Deana Beery Steve Beier Michael Bellomo Brain Belt Carol Benedict James Bennett Belinda Bernum Shane Betts 132 Thomas Bezenah Shona Bickford Judy Blackwell Robin Blain Joseph Blashill Thomas Blatt Mark Blomquist Scott Bond Todd Bootes Paul Borowski Jeanne Boyd Robin Bright Martin Bringard Lisa Brohl Bradley Brown Kari Bryce Robert Bryce Robert Buckley Rachelle Buckoski Suzanna Burch Robert Burt Kimberlin Burtch Kimberly Camden Colleen Campbell Vicki Card Thomas Carl Robyn Carpo Darlene Carrier Vicky Carrothers Scott Chapman Mary Chartier Jeffrey Chenault Valerie Chiappelli Danita Churchill Michael Cini Karen Clark Stacy Cole Timothy Coleman Jennifer Collinge Karo Collinge Lori Collins Allan Cook David Cook Andrew Corbin Richard Covea Melissa Cramer Luann Crawford John Cuthbertson Richard Daly Hunter Dancey Troy Daniel Christina Danko John Davis Lori Davis Becky Deaner Susan Dehart Arthur Delaurier Dale Deloy James Deluca Sara-Jane Devereax Debra Deview Jessica Dickinson Roxanne Dickinson Hien-Due Do Hong-Phuc Do Thamb-Nha Do Richard Doan David Dodge Doreen Doetsch Robert Dombrowski Denise Donnellon Jodie Dortman Kent Dougherty Laura Downing Deborah Drouillard Edith Duceatt Rebecca Dupree Kathy Duquette 134 Dana Duren Bruce Dyer Tammy Easton Amy Elliott Trent Elliott Stephen Ellis Katrin Elsaesser Anne Elzinga Jay Engelgau Linda Engelgau Matt Ealk Melissa Eearnside Jeni Eencik Colleen Eenner Jack Fitzgerald Shelley Fletcher Sandra Eleury William Fogarty Christopher Foglesong George Foltz Ronald Forstner Christine Fountain Richard Fox Michael Frantz Winnie Frederiksen Renee Fretenborough Juanetta Fuller Kris Guertner Margaret Gramble Richard Garcia Randy Geister Mary Gibbons Rich Gibbs Michelle Giese Russell Gillies Michael Glenn Lindi Gorniac Linda Gossman 135 Cathy Gowin Miriam Gould Lou Goudreau Janet Graham Mary Graw John Gray Beth Green Gisele Green Dawn Haemelinch Robert Haggerty Jodi Hagle Kari Haight Lu Ann Haight Cindy Hall Douglas Hall Renee Hall Matthew Hamilton Donella Hand Jonathan Hardman Scott Harrington Sally Hartnett Theodore Harvey Pat Hanchon Rich Hayden Julie Haynes Todd Heering Kim Heidemann Hugh Heier Valerie Heilig David Henry Jeffrey Hickey Ronda Higgins Jeffrey Hill Mike Hill Ron Hinkley Ruth Hoag Mike Hodges Anne Hodges Tom Hoffman Lori Ann Holburt 136 Terri Holmes William Holmes Kelly Horning Eric Howak Debra Howie Debbie Howard Jeffrey Howard Hayley Howe Terence Hoy Martin Hudson Phillip Hudson Thomas Hughes Geoffrey Hummel Carol Hurst Thomas Hyatt Sally Hyslop Phillip Hyasong Terry Irwin Mary Kay Ishmael Anne Jackson Arleen Jackson Charles Jackson Thomas Jackson Timothy Jacobs Ricky James Derek Jenson Thomas Jobbitt Charles Johnson Gordon Johnson Penny Johnson Remonia Johnson Steven Johnson Jill Johntson Douglas Jones Robert Jones Scott Jones Gaylord Jowett Annette Kaboni Robert Kalaf Dee Kaul 137 Randall Kartes Karen Kasdorf Tammy Kelley Randall Kelly Jody Kercher Pamela Kerwin Kippy Kirchner Richard Kish Stephen Kish Julie Knowlton John Koehler Scott Koehler Robert Koehn Dennis Kolar Marianna Komph Paul Koppel Robert Koppel Michael Koreiba Suzanne Koschnitzke Jeffrey Kraff Mike Krause Robert Krause Randy Kreeger Lisa Kuehn David Kuzma Rebecca Laber Robert Lambert Anne Laming Elizabeth Laming Scott Land Lori Landon Millie Landshoot Kaye Ann Lavighe Sylvia Ledsworth Gary Lee Ralph Lewis Vicky Litteral Lisa Locke Lawerence Lohr Mark Lonczkowski 138 Jeffrey London Kandi Lorts Kimberly Love Jeffrey Lovett Connie MacDonald Michael MacReady Laurie Madden Annette Maes Paul Maes Sharyn Malache Amanda Mallery James Marone Joann Matthews Pauline Matthews Robert Matthews Craig Maurer Timothy Maxfield Jane Maxwell Kenneth Maxwell Thomas McBrien Kenneth McCleary Susan McCorkle Julie McCoy Pual McDonald William McEachen Patrica McGill Ann McGorwin Brian McGregor Catherine McIntyre Lori McIntyre Tammy Mclvor Robert McKelvey Steve McKinch Maura McKinley Lori McNaughton Diane McShane Tamera Meehan Kevin Meharg Art Mellos 139 Juniors lead the way Robert Miller Larry Mireles David Mitchell William Mitchell Kevin Monzo Cheryl Moore Julie Morgan Ron Morris Kristal Morrison Michelle Morrison Kimberly Moss Sandra Moulleseaux Patrick Napolitan Jennifer Neal Angela Neaton Mike Neumann Jodi Newingham Julie Nicholson Kenneth Nofs Nick Nolan John Northrop Heather Nowak Elizabeth Nuttal Dennis O’Connor Brad O ' Hare Walter Olney Suzanne Olson Gerald Owen Julie Parker John Parmann Lynn Payne Cynthia Pearce Christopher Pearson Penny Pederson Peggy Pedigo Polly Pedigo 140 Lori Pedrotti Tamara Perry Lori Peterson Robert Pettengill Jody Phillips Charles Pillsbury Alan Polimadi Laurie Polk Joe Ponds Michael Pool Joya Popham Sarah Porrett Gay Przytakoski Mark Rady Ruth Rafferty Suzanne Ratcliffe Robin Rawlings Jean Rawzo Jame Reaume Nancy Repp Jose Reyna Garland Reynolds David Rich Janet Rich Bruin Richardson Elizabeth Richardson Terry Richert Greogory Robinette Anne Rochon Timothy Romero Lisa Rosentreter Cindy Rush Charles Ryan Barbara Sarnacki John Scahill Debbie Schieman William Schieman Mary Schmude Marc Schopp Laura Seely Amber Seklar Bruce Seymore Colleen Sharpe Scott Sharpe 141 Karen Sheldon Larry Sheldon Laurie Shilling Scott Shreeve Skip Sibilla Gordon Singh Pamela Singh Nancy Sloan i Brian Smith Carla Smith Kelly Smith Sharon Smith Wendilyn Smith Cathy Snider Jerry Snuggs Bradley Sophia Jeffrey Sparling Bernard Spencer Colleen Spillard Pamela Steinhaus David Stephenson Jurnie Stolicker Marlene Stolicker Leon Stubbs Kelley Sullivan Adam Summerer Kathy Swinson Ginger Tallant Stephen Teeple Timothy Teeple Patricia Thompson Ginger Thornton Anita Thrash Christine Thrash John Tomlinson Pamela Totten Roseann Totten Mark Towns Pamela Trentacosta Elizabeth Troy Mark Turner Peggy Turner Martha Ullenburch Mark Vanderbrossche Lori Vanbuven Douglas Varga Jim Vass Linda Wade Gregory Wagner Margaret Wagner Terese Walsh Patricia Walters Dennis Ward Cody Warden Donna Wardle William Warner Brian Warren Todd Warsinski Gary Warwick Dwayne Way Robert Weckesser Danny Weiss Ardythe West Mary Ann Westphal Thomas White Kathi Whitehead James Wilhelm Debbie Willis Kenneth A. Willis Christopher Wilkenson Scott Wikinson Darcy Wilson Crystal Wilton Rebecca Wilton Connie Wirtz Betty Wolfe 144 145 Sophomores We ' re the best there will ever be, we ' re the class of 83! Baynaid Adams Jere Adams Raynard Adams Victoria Aguinage Christina Ainsworth Timothy Anisworth Jeffrey Akers Gerald Albert John Allen Karen Anderson Bradley Anecki John Ange Elaine Anter Steven Bailey Howard Baker Matthew Baker Brant Barber Brent Barber Vicki Barnes Wendy Bartley Don’t dream it ... be it!!” Kathy Bauer Ella Bayless Robert Beauchamp Barbara Becktold Lisa Becktold Steve Beebe Julie Beeler Paul Beeler I : It can be lonely at the top. 2: Randy Davis seems to be caught in the act when he pulls out a little slip of paper from his sleeve. 3: Sophomores only appear to be all work and no play. 4: O.K. buddy, does that pretain to school? 5: You’re supposed to go over your notes be- fore, not during a test. Christopher Bendict Kemberly Benjamin Jeanne Bennett Michael Berels Bonnie Berg Larry Bernardo Terri Best Barbara Bishop Steve Blackledge Denise Blain Edward Bonin Lisa Bonner Richard Bonney Ronnie Bostater Lisa Bowers Michael Bowers John Bowman Robert Brackenbury Steven Bradley Thomas Bragg Micheal Branch Bob Brohl Holli Brown Julia Brown Micheal Brown Robin Brown Jonathon Burch Beth Burgess Terri Burgos Jeri Burkhardt Louella Barns Robin Burns Kevin Burtch Dorothy Butzin Teresa Cain Kimberly Caldwell 153 The winners of the neat and clean locker contest. I: Brenda they shows off her tidy locker while. 2 : Mike Bellonio is very proud to be a member of the messiest locker at P.H.N. 3: Jim Pennington can do more than just sit there and look good. Julie Campbell Karen Campbell Michelle Campbell David Card Joseph Carl Raymond Casper Ross Catalina Timothy Catalina Lisa Ceckowski Deanne Choinier Gelille Chreiki Susan Cimbora Peter Cipollone Richard Cleary Mark Cole Mark Colgan Pamela Collins Susan Collins John Collver Lisa Conlen Lori Conley Jeffrey Cook John Cook L. Cook Stephanie Cook Susan Coon Leslie Copping Sylvia Coronado Rusty Corry Remember me as the sound of laughter Mary Corwin Jerry Corwin John Cowan John Crankshaw John Cressman Paul Crimmins Scott Curtis Cheryl Cusac Ann Dailey Dan Davey Paulette Davis Randolph Davis Tina Davis Wade Davis Scott Deachin Denise Deeter Robert Delaurier Judy DeLuca David Dennis Joseph Dente James Dewey Richard Diaz Gary Dickinson " So if you look close enough, you ' ll see the sparkle of my dia- mond " exclaims Tracy Turner. Koreen Dougherty Paul Dougherty Ann Downing Linda Drinkwater Ed Dumont Kim Duncan Ronald Dupuis Craig Eagle Dawn Eagle Michael East Laura Eastman Tracy Easton Anna Eddy Pamela Edie Robert Edie Stacey Eifert Debbie Elliot Lynn Ellis Nancy Engelgau Donald Ernest Gerald Everitt Luck Fadell Steve Fair Randy Falk David Farnsworth Morris Farrington Patricia Feick Gary Fenner Noreen Fenner Bruce Fiedler Elizabeth Fitzgerald Paula Flynn Tracey Foglesong Rene Fox David Frappier Rochelle Freeman Michael Fretenborough Roberta Fuller Scott Furness Michelle Gamble Tina Gardner Daniel Garijo 156 Jeffery Gauthier Frederick George Diane Gibson Gary Gillhooley James Gillies Jennifer Gilmore Denise Glenn Tracy Gordon Lisa Goudreau Kimberly Grambow Elizabeth Grasel Frank Grebenok Janis Green Jodi Groh Rebecca Grooters Cathy Grundy Elizabeth Guertin Roxanne Gurnsey Bryan Gustin Stephen Gyorick Krista Hadley Darlene Haemlinck James Hager Louis Hall Louis Hall Tracy Hamilton Steve Harmer James Harneck David Harris Jenny Harris Patricia Harrison John Hartel Mary Hartson James Harvey Patrick Harvey Steven Harvey 157 " To thine own self be true. " Thomas Hill Randy Hinkley Laura Hislop Thomas Hodgins Chris Hoetger Heather Hoffman Timothy Hoffman Carolyn Hopkins Jack Horn Derrick Houston Steven Howard Teresa Howard Deborah Howe Cynthia Howse Willie Howse Brenda Hoy James Ingram Lisa Jackson Peter Jackoski Sharon Jefierski Timothy Jobbitt Cheryl Johnston Terry Johnston Jill Joyner Gloria Kaboni David Kalaf Mary Kalaf Patricia Kane Harley Kelchner David Keiley Charles Kempf Todd Kercher Andrea Kern Thomas Kerr Michael Kimbal Shelley King Thomas Kinsman Scott Kirby Ann Kish Rebecca Koch Kris Koch Erik Koehler Susan Koehler Christopher Kook Michelle Kota Angela Krause Holly Krohn Heather Kuesera James Kuehn Lisa Lamb Jennifer Lambe Joseph Lambert Sandra Lambert Lee Ann Lambson Lisa Langolf Renee Latendresse William LaVere Martina Lurch Melinda Lett Kim Levitt Deanna Lewandowski Tricia Lindsay Debra Lomasney Grant Longley Greg Loston Teresa Lucey Jonathon Ludwig Thomas Lynch Thomas Lynch Alison Mackenzie James Madaus Stephen Madey Randall Mallorey Charles Marengo Laura Martin Scott Martinek Michael Masserant John Maurer John Maury Annette McCarty Scott McCracken Patrick McDonald David McDonnell Joddy Mclvor Mary McLane 160 Cristine McLeod Lisa McNiven Melody McTaggart Robert McTaggart Mark McVeigh Steven Meade Krystal Meharg Dennis Messenger Cora Middleton Heidi Miller Laurence Miller Kathy Mills Mark Minard Jeff Minnie Bill Mireles Maureen Minor James Mitrink Robert Moews Brett Morehead Sara Morgans Kim Morris Hans Morseth Charles Mosure Kim Mosure David Mrozek Mark Nabozny Yolanda Nalanga Edward Nebel Pamela Nichols Kay Nuss Jennifer Nuttall Tracy O’Connor Troy Oden Susan Olack Donna Olar Shellie Oldham 161 " Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Daniel Palmateer William Palmateer Mickey Papineau Danielle Parsons Keith Patterson Donald Paul Glenn Peacock Randy Pendergrass Jim Pennington Karin Petit Susan Phare Betty Pincomb William Piper Joel Platzer Theresa Poirier Andrea Polk Tami Presley Tina Provost Cheryl Quitter Kim Radatz Gwen Radford Mary Raftery Laurence Reed Paul Reed Timothy Remick Donna Repp John Rich Diane Richards Desi Richert Cindy Richter 162 Kenneth Rix Brian Robbins Francine Robinson Kristin Robinson Don Rock Michael Rosech Diane Rome William Ropposch Kathy Rosentreter Robert Ross Mary Rutkowski Dyann Sampsell Humberte Sanchez Isabel Sanchez Cathy Sandoval Tracy Saunby Mark Sawdon Maly Sayavong Lynn Schappacher Dough Schett Erich Schieman Angela Schimdt Paul Schrader Christophe Schultz Anna Schwartz Steve Shafer Joseph Sharpe Thomas Sheffer Colleen Shevnock Kristine Shier Lori Shink James Shoffner James Shoffner Tyler Shoudy 163 " I don ' t wanna be just like anyone ff Dawn Sibilla Bill Smith Gary Smith Lisa Smith Rhonda Smith Thomas Smith Tracy Smith Donna Sonowski Robert Souereen Anne Sovalle Shelley Spacil Terri Spencer Deanne Stabinski Mark Stein Eric Stevens Mike Stewart Angie Stewart Raymond Stone Steven Stoner Ronald Stoutenburg Julie Stoutmeyer Jill Stroud Angie Sturdevax Treena Sweet Dawn Sylvester Anne Symon Patricia Symon Kendy Szeszgcki Laurie Tack David Tait I: What an easy testl 2: Let’s try to make some music. 3: Rick Bon- ney gets delayed on the way to his bus. 4: Wake up Karo! Kathy Talaski Richard Talbor Anne Tallmadge 1M Jeffrey Tallmadge Gerald Taylor Mark Taylor Stephen Teff Frank Tesorero Kimberly Thomas Kim Thompson Jerry Thompson Jodie Thornton Kim Thornton Kerrie Tollon Robert Treadgold Laurie Troy Mike Trzasko Mark Turloff Kristine Turner Tammie Turner Tammy Turner David Turney Lori Ultsch Brad Urban Mark VanBuskivk Melisa Vandagritt Dennis Vanloe Jodie Varty Theresa Vettese Mark Vincent Vance Vincent Lisa Wacker Shawn Wahl Tina Ward Amy Warsinski Carolyn Weber T odd Wedge Angela Weiss Angela Wessel " We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. " Richard West Marvin Westfall Dwayne Westley Lynn White Janet Wich Robert Wiley Hugh Wiley Hugh Wiley Stephen Wilkins Craig Williams Joseph Willis Cindy Wilson Kelly Wilton Andrea Wine Torri Winiarski Traci Winiarski Mary Wisenbaugh Jack Wright Annette Wolfe Stanley Wolfe Marie Wolkensperg Carl Woods Corey Young Donald Young Ann Zobel 166 I: Experts Mary O’Sullivan and Jim Rankin are called in to identify student mug shots. 2: One by one students fall asleep during stimulat- ing lectures. 3: Mr. R’s students enjoy his philosophy of no work and all rest. 168 I: Suzy Microphone and the Headsets perform daily in P.M. homeroom 204. 2: Joe Randolph belts out a tune to an empty room. 3: Dell Davis runs the tapes and re- cords for a dance. 4: Ice caverns on Lake Huron. 169 — Freshmen The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Carmella Aguinaga Tim Ainsworth William Ainsworth Sara Allen Michael Ames George Andaluz Margaret Anderson Lauri Andrews Douglas Anter Brett Armstrong Jim Armstrong Stephanie Armstrong Suzanne Arnold Linda Artman Joe Atkinson Kelly Bailey Rhonda Bailey Dan Baldock Jeff Balhoff Melany Barber Lisa Barkey Tom Barnes Laurie Barrett Dave Bearden Mary Beebe Brenda Belt 172 and years to grow. Jenni Benedict Joe Bennett Bill Berardo Dave Berels Charles Bolar Susan Bonin Ron Barkowski Lisa Bouchard Doug Bowers Cindy Bradford Brad Brown James Brown John Brown Randy Brown Sarah Brown Steve Bryce Scott Buckley Wendy Bunda Rod Burdock Lynn Burgett Chris Burgos Maureen Burns Eric Burroughs Brian Campau Michelle Carey Connie Carpo Gallagher Catangaro Ken Cence 173 Sarah Chargot Mike Clary Bryan Coleman Mark Coleman Mike Coleman Stephanie Collinge Dana Collins Jim Cook Walter Cooper Missy Cope Alison Copping James Cox Scott Crawford Bill Cusac iJl Mike Dalton Renee Daly Timothy Dandron John Danko Jamie Davy Robert Davis Eric Dawnkaski Joseph De Luca William Dear Edward De Four Diane Delauver Mario De Jong Darlene De Loy Todd Devaney 174 Freshmen are out-of-this world! Brenda Deview Michelle Dionne Prez Dixon Shelly Doan Kimberly Dobson Donna Deutch James Dombrowski Joseph Donnelly Gayle Dortman Jody Dortman DeWayne Downing Edward Downs Rebecca Dragmeller Brian Duda Chris Dupont Catherine Durand Lisa Dunkee A. Drowilgand Mark Eagle Melissa Easton Robert Elliott Jim Elliott Robert Elliott Susan Ely Brenda Esterline Dagny Evenson 175 Jonathan Falk Jennifer Farnsworth Kelly Farquhar Scott Farquhar William Fead Laura Fernandez Donna Fields Mary Kay Fincher Karen Flanigan Tamyra Fleming Travin Foglesong Steve Flotz Vicki Gerus Michael Gibbs Ffumberto Gomez Angela Gierman Margaret Gillerman Lisa Gillis 176 Roger Gilmore Lisa Glenn Theresa Goetze Lori Gorinar Lisa Gosger Darryl Gross Betty Gould Lance Gra bbitt Julie Gray Robert Grebenok Robert Green Kellie Greene Robert Gross Suzanne Grouette Todd Gwisdala Joyce Guiterrez Scott Griffith Robert Hadrich John Hamelinck Tom Haggerty Tracy Hagle John Hall Keith Hall Mark Hall Pamela Hall Mike Hansen Lorna Harland Marian Harris 177 " A smile cost nothing but creates much.” Carrie Hiedemann Brenda Henderson Robert Hess Belinda Heier Greg Henex Robert Hill Andy Higgins Susan Hillaker Paul Hinski Mary Hoag Eric Hood Matt Horn Mike Horn Debbie Horton Tim Howard Scott Howe Doris Hoy David Heimphries Jeff Hurst Susan Hyatt Walter Hyslop Carie Ichenberg Terry Isaac Carolyn Johnson James Johnston Jon Johnston Karen Jonac Jane Jones Jeri-Lynn Kalish Sue Kasdorf Fred Kelly Jeff Kendsach Molly Kercher Jeff Keslar Heather Kindred Sharon King Tina King Stacey Koehler George Kolman Bob Komph Mike Koon Donald Kote Kim Kraft Julie Krause Kathy Kroll C Kujda Ray Kushel Julie Land Monika Laming Steve Lawence Brian Ledsworth Dan Ledsworth Tammy Leonard Craig Lewankowski " We ' ve only just begun Dan Lewis Alan Lonczkowski Scott Lysaght Kelly Martin Jackie MacMillan John Madison Andy Maes Christina Maes Denise Majeski John Majeski Wendy Marcozzi Scott Martin Debbie Marzolf Jim Maxon Julie Maynard Kyle McCalmon Becky McCarty Glenn McCombs Shelly McCoy Robin McFarlane Patty McGuffin Tim McKeever I; Where are all the people gone? 2; Hey, I’m flying! Heather McLane Bill McMahon Adam McTaggart KM A Lisa Mercurio Dale Merrill 180 Lyrette Mertz Theresa Middleton We’re on our way Darlene Miller Tammy Miller Beth Minne Dana Misyiak Teri Mitchell William Mitchell Ginney Moak Noreen Monzo Ruth Monzo Paul Moore Paul Moore Karen Morden Tony Moretto Mike Morgan Steve Morgan Michelle Morris Barbara Moses Steve Mosurak Rita Mosure Wendy Moulton Lynne Musselman Mike Myron Myrna Nalanga Anne Nebel Tracy Nesbitt I ; This work is the pits. 2; Hey, Look I’m a star. 3; Holding up the wall is my hobby. Tracy Nicholson David Noonan Sandra Norman Tom Northrop 181 " A time of innocence ' Robert Norton Brian Nowak Ken Nugent Colleen O’Boyle Darrin O’Donnel Colleen O’Hare Karen O ' Havinni Mike O ' Heil Sheila O’Sullivan Jamie O’Lack Dianne Olar Linda Oldford Cindy Oppliger Sean Oslin Bev Ostrander Anne Palmateer Richard Papineau Cindy Parker Anne Peacock Darryl Peltier Dale Perry Greg Perry Kim Persondek Brad Petitpren Janice Petokey Scott Pettingill Julie Phillips 182 Laura Phillips Tina Phillips Nancy Philp Jane Polimadei Joel Porrett Karen Porrett Mark Porrett Vicky Post Ron Poulas Ed Putze Ralph Quandt Teresa Quinn Lorinda Radigan Russell Rawlings Matthew Reed Angelique Reese Debbie Reid Alfanzo Reyna Michelle Reynolds Linda Rhody Darrin Rich Dawn Rich Darlene Richards Kevin Richards John Roach William Robbins Faye Rock Clay Rodford Stephen Rogstad Tracy Rogenski 183 Dale Sanders Douangpheth Sayavong Cynthia Schmidt Gearld Schonherr William Schroeder Anne Schultz Tina Schulz Robert Scott Judi Semrow Bradley Seymore Jeffrey Shagena Charles Shalast Brian Root Rika Ross Jill Rufener Kimberly Rush Jeffery Rutherford Michael Rylander Sherry Salazar Laura Sampson Anna Sanchez Laurie Shapre Michael Shay Kimberly Sheffer Ronald Sheffer David Sheldon Scott Sheridan Michael Shier Nanette Shilling Jill Shink 184 Lisa Shovan Cris Shreeve Tammy Sigafoose Lisa Siglow Donald Simpson Colleen Smith Delbert Smith Jeffrey Smith Paul Smith Samantha Smith Timothy Smith Vietona Snyder Margarent Sosnowski Lynn Soule Ken Sparr Howard Spencer Ross Squires Gary Stapleton Bill Steele Dave Steinhcwen Curt Stoeber Phil Strevett Deana Stone Richard Stone Stephen Sullivan Patty Swithicki Curt Tallamadge Kathey Taylor Steve Tenniswood Stephanie Thomas King Thomason Mike Thompson Tony Thrash Dannielle Touma 185 " Freshmen, spice your thoughts with laughter " Sara Troy Debbie Trudell Tom Truske Tracy Turner Kim Vander Heuve Wendy Vanderwoode Les Varad David Wagner Bill Whal Robert Wakeham David Walch Denise Wales Micheal Walter Todd Warner Penny Walters And rea Watson Herbert Werkmeister Scott Werner Julie Westley Charles White Vernon Whitehead 186 ' Sherry Whitican Scott Whiting Sherri Wickings Ruth Wiersma Spring Wilkins Sonya Willett David Willhelm Lla Willis Jody Wilson Lisa Wilson Richard Wilton Kenny Wolfe Sandy Wolfe Cherly Wolfe Kim Woolman Bill Wright Jeff Wrobel Mary Wyckoff Tina Yarbrough Dave Young 187 I, 2, 3: Mr. Meeker, Junior Class advisor-, Mr. Ruiz, Sophomore Class advisor-, and Mrs. Fischer, Freshman Class advisor. 4: No, this isn’t someone’s front yard, it’s the front of Northern after Devil’s Night. Anyone want to buy a school? 188 Ads With the co-operation of Port Huron’s business community, the yearbook staff creates a memory-packed ’’Spirit.” Dur- ing the advertising campaign, we gather support from many business and professional persons. Through the ADVERTISE- MENTS we inform Northern students of the wide selection of goods or services that each of our business friends of- fers. Together we support shared interest. 191 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF " 81” instate COLONIAL SHOPPING CENTER Agents: George Stebbings Carmen Napolitan Paul Gillihan Lyell Schneider Brad Root Don Britz BLUE WATER BOWL 982-9507 Mike Toles " CASH FOR YOUR PROPERTY " NORTHGATE PHARMACY Prescriptions JOHN A. ROWLING INC. Les Kieft RPH 982-2543 3853 Pine Grove EVE: 982-0881 Phone: 987-4742 PHONE 985-6139 PORT HURON Tirestone COMPLETE TIRE AUTO SERVICE 330 HURON AVENUE PORT HURON. Ml 48060 THE VERY BEST TO THE PORT HURON NORTHERN CLASS OF ”81 i A f k LEARN TO DRIVE TEENS 15-18 Classes in 2 Port Huron Locations FREE PICK-UP FOR DRIVING LESSONS PAY AS YOU LEARN STATE APPROVED LOW RATES CALL 268-5540 19 ? CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1981 GRADUATES a MORTIMER % SON LUMBER CO., INC. 2307 Lapeer St., Port Huron, Ml-Tel.: 987- 3020 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF " 81” FROM STAVROS RESTAURANT (North Lakeport) NORMATE AUTO COMPLETE SHOE SERVICE CRANKSHAFT GRINDING- MILLWORK NEW AND REBUILT • A-C • Auto-Lite • Champion Over Night Service Call 984-1501 3841 PINE GRV RD CUSTOM BLENDED TOBACCO j— ! IJp (Dlfcr Briar ' hnp Court of Flags Mall Imported Pipes Cigars • JOBEY • WEBER • B.B B. ' ButzChoouin • Calibri lighters KRAFFT RD 24TH. PORT HURON. MICH. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 Of Port Huron UNIQUE GIFTS COURT OF FLAGS MALL 2887 Krafft Road Port Huron, Michigan 48060 982-7000 Bonnie Don Fletcher CINDERELLA BEAUTY SHOPPE 1025 LAPEER AVE. PORT HURON, ML PHONES: 985-7088 985-6250 SUPER CUTS FOR GUYS AND GALS SPARLING -ELLIOTT REALTY 4032 24th AVE 982-0161 193 Bowl CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1981 George Innes Men s Wear, Inc. 319 HURON AVENUE Bowl At The Bridge 1720 Hancock PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 48060 984-1335 (Formerly Port Huron Lanes) PHONE: 984-3129 Open Bowling Saturdays 3-12 pm MICHELIN KELLY rlM» fio»«rroi» Custom Wall Coverings and Mercury Paints Commercial - Residential - Industrial 3520 Pine Grove Ave — Port Huron. Ml 48060 (313)984 5096 1106 Griswold Street Port Huron, Ml 48060 313 984-5050 SPECIALIZING IN COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR SHOCKS. BRAKES. FRONT END. TUNE- UP EXHAUST AND ALL MAJOR REPAIRS 10% DISCOUNT FOR STUDENTS. TEACHERS. AND PARENTS 10% OFF ON ALL WALL COVERINGS FOR STUDENTS ONLY 194 IE HELM 6f T ITEMS COfFEE SOUP MUGS ORDS i SUNSET KKUOIll) CouM of floq» SHOP }(I7 K oH. Id 987-4440 mmm MON PHI W AM- 9PM SAT 10AM 6PM SUN I PM 5 PM W OL FIND US FAST IN THE BOB FOX CHEVROLET INC. 2915 Lapeer Road PORT HURON. MICHIGAN STAR OIL COMPANY. JL. Established 1920 2929 Lapeer Road Port Huron, Michigan 48060 (313) 985-9586 ((jlie ffome of finer furnishings Chevottc Monza Camaro Nova Malibu Monte Carlo Vining-Thompson Furniture, Inc. INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE BOB FOX President Bus. Phone 984-5531 dJnds, znd nt ddzrvLcz dzntEi 3700 Pine Grove Avenue port Huron, mi 48060 BRIAN BEAUCHAMP Manager (313) 987-8473 C. F. THOMPSON A S I D 1011 Military St. Phone 984-2697 Port Huron. Mich Res 982-3520 48060 Cautaad BEARD AND CAMPBELL CO. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS PORT HURON 2975 Lapeer Congratulations Seniors 25 16 Pine Grove Port Huron DORSEY HOUSE Congratulations To The Class Of 1981 From: Since 1847 Herb Rosine Where Your Grandfather DAIRY INN: 1936 Pine Grove Ate And Drank DAWN DONUTS: 706 24th Street 7 . _ SAVING FOR A NEW CAR? PEOPLES BANK OF PORT HURON MEMBER FDIC AT PEOPLE BANK YOUR SAVINGS EARN THE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE . . . 5.25% DAILY INTEREST WITH NO RESTRICTIONS ON DEPOSITS OR WITHDRAWALS. AND. IF YOU MAINTAIN A BALANCE OF $500.00 IN YOUR SAVINGS YOU RECEIVE SERVICE FREE CHECKING. IF YOU SHOULD FIND THE CAR YOU WANT BEFORE YOU HAVE SUFFICIENT SAVINGS-GET THE CASH YOU NEED FROM THE FRIENDLIEST LOAN OFFICERS IN TOWN. AT PEOPLES BANK. 196 PORT HURON PAINT CO. 317 McMORRAN BLVD. PHONE: 982-8563 Paint CONGRATULATIONS HUSKIES OF ’81 CANNON CAMERAS Ease of use • Precision and versatility Outstanding value 504 Quay Street. Port Huron, Mich. 48060 • (313) -4A 987-8080 Cation KhmVMHP discover The Photographica Difference C MiolographicF) Photograph - Cameras - Photo Supplies £ Mattress t shoppe , 615 10th STREET • PORT HURON (313) 987-9559 FOX ' S Kwikie Duplicating Centers of Port Huron JEWELERS SINCE 1917 DIRECT DIAMOND IMPORTERS 111 HURON AVENUE PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 48060 Printing While-You Wait Owner 1044 Lapeer jj m Hyde Port Huron. Mich. 982-61 10 197 1980-1981 SPIRIT PATRONS " Thanks” Blue Water Bible and Book Store Mrs. Janet Eastman Mrs. R.P. Gibbs Dalton’s Shoe Repair Aurand’s Lawn and Garden Center Randy’s Trim Shop Northgate Chiropractic Clinic Sargent Dairy Queen The Spirit Shoppe Mr. R.L. Gibbs Curtana Inn Dr. Schlitts and Dr. Bolla The Olde Store Goschnick’s Studio John A. Ward D.D.S. Neumann Flowers Wilton’s TV and Appliances Shall Cross Optical Co. Knapp’s Feed Store Stan Marengo Judge and Mrs. James T. Corden Mr. and Mrs. Renner The Collection Peter Johnson’s Family Shoes Kerr Albert Office Supply Mr. and Mrs. Turloff randall’s for flowers, gifts and prom corsages THE GROVE MALL 2700 Pine Grove Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF Port Huron, Michigan 48060 Phone (313) 984-2631 KOI fi. FRENCH ASSOCIATES INC. Two Locations ARCHITECTS ENGINEER COMPLETE ARCHITECTURAL INTERIOR DESIGN ' SERVICES MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SERVICES COMMERCIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS 987-4848 2001 ELEVENTH AVENUE PT. HURON 500 1 0th Street 618 24th Street UNITED RENT-ALL 1 824 Pine Grove 985-7 1 95 Live Like A Queen Rent Everything Having A Bash Or A Ball? Graduation Partyl Do Not Rent Or Buy Until You Have Seen Ours TO RENT Tables — Chairs — Glasses — Pitchers — Chafing Dishes — Champagne Fountain And Much More TO BUY Disposable Glasses — Plates — Silverware — Table Decorations — Table Cloths — Napkins — Doyleys — Crepe Paper — Streamers And Much More School Supplies And More At Your School Store 7f r 200 201 Around town 204 John Beebe. Amature Snapshooter — I will to next year’s yearbook class the finesse of an Austrian Hummingbird and the " this paper manufactured by Kodak” sign. Richard Berg. Sports and Advertising Executive — I will to next year’s yearbook class hope for a good sports editor, if there are sports next year. Rebecca Berube. Secretary — I will my swift fingers to the next typist and all my secretarial knowledge of office machines to Missy Cramer. Lynn Bolin. Academics and Copy Editor — All I can say is good luck to next year’s copy editor because whoever it is will really need it; plus a lot of imagination. Missy Cramer. Photographer — I will my patience to the next person who has to stay after to print pictures for overdue deadlines. Carol Francavilla. Professional Photographer — I leave all my crayons to whoever is dumb enough to take them. Robin Kettlewell, Senior Editor — I hope that the senior section editor has a great class, like I did, to work with. I’ve really had fun doing this section, working with all of my friends. Ralph Lewis. Student Life — I leave the cropper and a camera with no instructions on how to use them to any future yearbook ie. Sharyn Malachi, Underclassmen — I will my ability to get out of work with all my acceptable excuses, also I will an undetermined amount of patience and determination that was set forth by the 1980-81 class. Go od luck. Linda Musselman. Student Life — I will patience, hard work, organization to the next yearbook staff. Good-lucki It is not as easy as you may think. Mr. Nolle, Advisor — I will to the next yearbook class an editor as capable as Carolyn Turloff and also the ability to put up with me as an advisor. Carolyn Turloff, Editor — I would like to leave with the 1981-82 Spirit Staff a thought to remember throughout the 81-82 school year: IF A JOB IS WORTH DOING, IT’S WORTH DOING WELL. I also hope you have as much talent, cooperation, and originality that the 1980-81 Spirit Staff had. Ed Wardle, Photographer — I will my camera to any person who is searching for the false glory of a photographer. I hope he she realizes all the work that has to be done. Bill Wilton, Photographer — I will remember everything that I was willed. Kemmie Shank. Underclassmen Editor — I will my underclassmen section to a capable person who can get things done. Also, I will my co-editor position to a person who likes to boss people around. Eva Wu. Underclassmen — I will all my deadlines and my worries to the next yearbook staff. 207 AnEJ i THKlNfc, AU- Of THE CHANfaES IN STILIOE, THE SPlR ' T swf has done an excellent 7C . EACH MEMftEA DESERVES A f, £AT WANKS, AS to THOSE NON- MEMEECS Wtto HAVE HELPED US OUT IN »NUMEEA6L6 WANS . Xr is NEXT ID iMftftSIflLE TO UVT ALL Or 1HE FAtOLTV M€MBOD,SrDO0 5 AND UXLAL ' BlAoJ ES ES vohd HAME ASSISTED OS, ' EOT ID NAME A FEW: Ml. ZittM MtuEt; Mft.L A BeiLC; town vkch; Pam EhoDv; mass o ' Sullivan; kathleen aco»Moe; ME. LA4A.V THOMAS) AND came A SHOPPE. LAS’, Bor NOT LEAST, A SPECIAL THANHS 30 EL to All of ho . this booh. vmS Nor WANE BEEN fcSSlAUC VJOH- 0OT ALL Of XOOt SoPftsEX! THANK -n)oo) 208

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