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The Beginning of a decade. 1980 SPIRIT Port Huron Northern High School 1799 Krafft Road Port Huron Michigan Volume XV student life 8 academics 42 sports 68 seniors 114 juniors 134 sophomores 150 freshmen 166 faculty 182 spirit staff 192 ads 195 Your Success Depends Upon You. You Have To Steer Your Own Course. You Have To Do Your Own Thing. Y ou Must Make Your Own Decisions. You Have To Solve Your Own Problems. Your Character Is Your Handiwork. You Have To Write Your Own Record. You Have To Build Your Own Monument Your Own Pit. B.C. Forbes TO AVOID CRITICISM — DO NOTHING SAY NOTHING BE NOTHING. — ELBERT HUBBARD THE MAN WHO GOES ALONE CAN START TODAY; BUT HE WHO TRAyELS WITH ANOTHER MUST WAIT TILL THAT OTHER IS READY. — HENRY DAVID THOREAU 4 IF IN THE LAST FEW YEARS YOU HAVEN ' T DISCARDED A MAJOR OPINION OR ACQUIRED A NEW ONE, CHECK YOUR PULSE . . . YOU MAY BE DEAD. — GARLETT BURGESS EVEN IF YOU ' RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK YOU ' LL GET RUN OVER IF YOU JUST SIT THERE. — WILL ROGERS STUDENT LIFE ABOVE LEFT: Mary, what ' s the prob- lem? ABOVE RIGHT: Oh, my god, he went the wrong way! CENTER LEFT: Stevie pauses for a smile. CENTER: Craig Foster awaits the coaches signal. CENTER RIGHT: Linda Steward and Ka- ren Munro are just hanging around. BELOW: ATTENTION! ABOVE LEFT: What a guy that Rob (Bubbie) Ross! CENTER: Some of us do know what ' s going on! BELOW: Mike Hillis says, " It ' s a bit nippie outside tonight! " o o 11 MOVIN ' ON! 12 TOP LEFT: What a smile! TOP RIGHT: Watch out, here I come! MIDDLE LEFT: Left, right, left. MIDDLE RIGHT: Kelly Moore and Mi- chelle Phillips say, " We ' re winning, MOVE IT! BOTTOM LEFT: Deb Richards says, " SEN- IORS ARE NUMBER ONE! " Jeff Wiley says, " This sure isn ' t any pic- nic. " BOTTOM: Just call me Bart Baby! tan» i V . j V TOP LEFT: Julie, you forgot to wash your face. TOP RIGHT: Come on, C. Ann, some- time today. MIDDLE LEFT: PULL, MOE, PULL. MIDDLE RIGHT: Terry Hamilton looks like Mr. Cuddles. ABOVE MIDDLE: Joe, Jamie, and Brian stare into the camera in total amaze- ment! BOTTOM LEFT: Michelle Kalish catches some Zzzzzz! BOTTOM CENTER: Krystal Meharg and Rene Fox root for the freshman. BOTTOM RIGHT: Slow down, we ' re gonna fall! Miss Kathy Kalaf is our 1979-80 Mardi Gras Queen. She was nominated for court the last three years and made court the last two consecutive years. She has been a cheer- leader for all of her four years at Northern. Miss Kalaf was born August 17, 62, and went to St. Mary ' s Catholic School before she came to PHN. Good Luck in the future, Kathy, from the PHN student body. RIGHT: Whom should I take to the dance? Eenie, Meenie, Miny, or Moe? 14 TOP: Queens Court: Freshman, Laura Hislop; Sophomore, Anne Jackson; Junior, Jody Lett; Senior, Michelle Ka- lish; Senior, Kathy Kalaf; Senior, Katie Andrews; Junior, Michelle Ready; Sophomore, Kim Love; Freshman, Jenny Bates. LEFT: Queen Nominees: Michelle Ka- lish, Kathy Kalaf, and Katie Andrews. ABOVE: Michelle Kalish gets rid of her formal. 15 TOP LEFT: Lisa Smith says, " This is my favorite event. " TOP RIGHT: Bob Pearce shows, on his face, the strain of pulling on that lit- tle rope. MIDDLE LEFT: Kim Burtch looks on as the sophomores lose to the seniors. MIDDLE RIGHT: We ' re freshman, give us a break! MIDDLE LOWER LEFT: Beep! Beep! I ' m turning. BOTTOM LEFT: Freshman power! Pulling strong. BOTTOM RIGHT: John McDougall doesn ' t look too overly happy. ABOVE CENTER: Mike Guizar doesn ' t even like pie! 17 GO BANANAS! TOP RIGHT: Kelly Moore and Michelle Phillips slide in for the exchange. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Jill Harris says, " Do you have to? " Theresa Hill pedals her little legs off. Pat Rogers and Cindy Cook get ready for the Mardi Gras games assembly. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Anglin awaits the start of another race. Dave Abou-Ganim and Stu Weidenbach sit in a daze. They can ' t believe what they see. Beth Miller says, " I never should have gotten my hair cut. " 2 2 TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Robin Locke suffers for her fellow seniors. Jeff Adair and Matt Schulz sure can ' t hold anything in that wheel-barrow. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Stop! It ' s the blue and gold twins Michelle Rucker and Diane Rumley. John McDougall says, " Oh, sure, I don ' t think so. " BOTTOM: Your right! I al- ways hold up lockers. 19 TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Tim Brennan says, " It sure is bor- ing in lunch today. " Kim Collier plays a peek-a- boo with the camera. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Steward and the gang gab at lunch. Shirley Beauregard says, " Lunch sure isn ' t like this in Canada! " Relaxing after class is Carolyn Turloff. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Lambert says, " Watch me eat tacos. I don ' t spill! " Matt Adair says, " I ' ll raise you ten. " TOP TO BOTTOM: Paige Hirchfield and Jenny Stine say, ' ' Leave us alone. It ' s lunch time. " Craig Foster and Mike Kalish say, " We ' ll smile, if you take our picture! " Beth Miller says, " Smiley Wiley won ' t smile. " Steve Ellis says, " Look! She ' s taking my picture! " Don Ross says, " You can ' t mean me, RIGHT! " CHOW TIME CAUGHT YA! TOP TO BOTTOM: Margo Buckoski and Joni Lohr say, " Where ' s the party? " Not bad for second string. Right, Fletch? Have you seen my daddy, the Colonel? John McDougall says, " I do have friends. " TOP LEFT: Donny Baker says, " I ' m not three. " TOP RIGHT: Baby, it ' s cold outside! MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Go for it. Treasure! You can count on Terry for a friendly smile. Tim Remick says, " I ' d walk a mile for a camel. " BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Ann Wich — too pretty for words. Sue Lambert says, " Cheese. " TOP LEFT: Junior Court Nominees. Winners: Michele Ready and Jodi Lett. TOP RIGHT: Huskie fan J. Overly gets spied on by our photogra- pher. ABOVE LEFT: Carol Benidict has Huskie fever. ABOVE RIGHT: Sophomore Court Nominees. Winners: Anne Jackson and Kim Love. RIGHT: O.K., Dave Hill, calm down! 24 TOP LEFT: Joe Grebenok, stop the smiling and get to class! TOP RIGHT: Rob (BUBBIE) Ross, the freshmen head hon- cho. ABOVE: Senior Court Nomi- nees. Winners: Katie Andrews, Kathy Kalaf and Michele Kalish. LEFT: Freshman Court Nomi- nees. Winners: Jenny Bates and Laura Hislop. TO EACH HIS OWN (Opp. pg.) Far Left; Carol Francavilla and Rhonda Dillon study steadily. (Opp. pg.) Top Middle; Sophomores have a ball building their wall! (Opp. pg.) Center; Dave Abou-Ganim — " It ' s lonely at the top! " (Opp. pg.) Left Center; Bill Hillman, a Cheryl Tiegs you ' re not. (Opp. pg.) bottom left; " Gotcha! " Left; Freshmen talk advantage of the vast amount of sources in the beautiful library of PHN. Below left center; Jill Hartnett and Jody Lett — Always time for a laugh. Below; Eagle eyes spot our photographer. Bottom left inside corner; " I love a parade! " Below Center; Jim Horgan and John Henderson converse during class. Bottom middle; Jim Squires asks, " Do I look like Jamie Ross yet? " Bottom Corner; Who is this guy anyways????? HAPPY DAYS TOP LEFT: Bri an Martin is one mighty SENIOR. Au- brey Singh smiles and shows us his pearly whites. MIDDLE LEFT: The library is a busy place for all Northern students. CENTER PACE: Richie Harwood, Dickie West, Mark Ladd, look on at a J.V. football game. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lori Collins out for a lunch time TOP LEFT: Rich Cansfield and Scott Adams pose for a flick or two. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Nobles say ' s, ' ' Don ' t bother me. " Dickie West say ' s, " Boy! I like this kind of help! " BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Craig Foster and Jeff Adair say, " Don ' t tell Mr. Weymouth we stopped! " Jeff Lewis loves to get his picture taken. What a star! WE ARE FAMILY 0 9 4J TOP: Craig Williams is just a lit- tle bashful! MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Squires always poses for the camera. Dave (Ho Ho) Shoudy spots a good one. BOTTOM: Mr. Hei- deman says, " You don ' t fool „ _ me. TOP: I see you over there. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Rich Cansfield speaks out at a city council meeting. Oh, no, not me! Can I help you? ABOVE: O.K., what ' s going on? BELOW LEFT TO RIGHT: Oh, sure he ' s funny. Missy Boyd tries out for the team. TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: John Hen- derson Shelley Reid. Darren Kidd Joanne Moore. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Ann Wich Mark Gillihan. Tim Fraier Kathy Mac Donald. Terri Holmes Geoff Hummel. BELOW LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff Wiley Michelle Kalish. Beth Miller Jeff Wiley. Scott Fletcher Brian Martin. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeff Lewis Lisa Smith. Lori Quitter Brian West. Laurie Colgan Tom O ' Connor. TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Col- leen McCabe Gary Cargo. Steve Motte Missy Boyd. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT. Linda Steward Joe Ma- jeske. Dale Gathergood Shirley Beauregard. BOTTOM: Jamie Ross Treasure VanDreumel 33 YES, SIR, THAT ' S MY BABY HIGHLIGHTS OF NORTHERN TOP RIGHT: Jeff Lewis, Dave Abou Ganim, and Ja- mie Ross pose for a gang flick. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Michelle Ready doesn ' t know what ' s going on. Kelly Moore and her toothpaste commercial smile. BELOW LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Hislop and Pal. Just an- other one of those guys. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Shelly Turner and Alan Wat- son have their own thing go- ing. Robin Hindes say ' s " I can breathe better this way. " ► 11 1 34 TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Vern Booker and Catherine Morgans say, " Hello. " Jim Squires gets a trophy at the Fall Sports Banquet. Excuse me, coming through. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Maybe not the three stooges, but close. Mr. Weymouth says, " Hey, Motte, that ' s not yours. " BOTTOM: You guessed it. They ' re a couple, but of what? 35 TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: I know she ' s taking my picture! Does anyone recognize this camera? Scott, you ' re losing. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: We think this one explains itself; don ' t we guys? Which way does your current run? BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Don ' t bug me; I don ' t know you. Mike Mullins hops and bops his way to eternity. TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: You ' re a little late, Bellomo! Aren ' t we a cute couple? No way; we are! MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: What about these two! Boy, Julie, you look happy. BOTTOM: Ja- mie Ross shows off some of his charms. NORTHERN ' S OWN TREND-SETTERS! BRIGHT AND SHINING FACES! 38 TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth, I ' m done now; you can open your eyes now. Just call me Speedy! I ' ll be all right later. MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Kent Clark, turning into su- perman! Hello, world. Leo, love your teeth. BOTTOM: What was that thing, Kelly? i 4 TOP LEFT TO RIGHT: Martha, big time stuff; you made it in the yearbook. Kari, aren ' t we overdoing it a bit? MIDDLE LEFT TO RIGHT: Wake up, Wendy Cargo. Try again, Smitty! Really, it ' s the truth. I won ' t smile. Oh, here it comes. BOTTOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dale Gath- ergood is stunned. One of the many faces of Jeff Lewis. Paul Manz, what can I say? TOP LEFT: Julie Morrison and date pose at Snow Extravaganza! TOP CENTER: Sophomore personality contest win- ners: Jim Wilhelm and Anne Jackson. TOP RIGHT: Junior personality contest winner . Mi- chelle Ready, Paul Van Sickle. SECOND ROW: Freshman personality contest win- ners: Laura Hislop, Ann Kish, Rob Foster. CENTER: Macho Man, Don Ross dances with his broom. RIGHT: Kelly Moore and Michelle Philips — Blondes have more fun?? ABOVE: Senior personality contest winners, Mike Guizar and Kathy Kalaf. ABOVE CENTER: Rob Ross and Treasure VanDreu- mel: Close but no cigar! ABOVE RIGHT: Rich Freeman plays supervisor. RIGHT: John Bellomo holds up the ceiling at PHN. CENTER RIGHT: " One second while I converse with my better half. " t TOP LEFT: Matt Berto Schulz, The Fonz of Port Huron. TOP RIGHT: Vern Booker waits on No One! CENTER LEFT: Michelle Ready is not camera shy. ABOVE: One, Two, very good. Tomor- row well learn our colors. FAR LEFT: The 2nd place junior float. LEFT: The freshman float that tied for first. 41 INDIVIDUALISM STARTS WITH ACADEMICS THE POLICY MAKERS The Board of Education makes important decisions in the maintaining of our school district. This year rising costs forced the School Board to make drastic cuts in our educational system. Cuts included supplies to textbooks, learning equipment, and special educational cuts. But the cuts that caused the most con- troversey, were the cuts on our athletics. The Board was forced to cut all the Winter sports except basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. With this budget passed, few sports will be continued unless state aid is received or the participants pay the costs themselves. This year our own school has gone under some changes as well. We discontinued the grade centers and are going with what is referred to as the traditional system. Three assistant principals are now handling the following responsibilities this year: Miss Austin, scheduling, curriculum, counseling; Mr. Bon- acci attendance, and Mr. Morehead, discipline. Also this year, students were assigned alphabetically to counselors rather than by their grade. Top Left: Mr. Overly, principal, trying to point out his own opinion. Top Right: Mr. Morehead, assistant principal, posing his best. Above Left: Mrs. McLeod, executive secretary to Mr. Overly, takes time out for a picture. Above Center: Mrs. Shepherd, Mr. Overly ' s account clerk. Above Right: Miss Austin, assistant principal. Right: Mrs. Vigrass, secretary to Miss Austin. Lower Right: Assistant principal in charge of attendance, Mr. Bonacci. 44 The kitchen staff plays an important role in the preparation of the school lunches. The cooks are here early each morning to make sure an adequate supply of luncheon food is available. Every day features of the cafeteria include cheeseburgers, submarine sand- wiches, doughnuts, and numerous other tempting tantalizations. 45 AND THE BAND PLAYED ON! The 1979-80 P.H.N. Marching Band began its season one week before school started at a band camp northern Michigan. At band camp the students developed a marching style unique to the Port Huron area. Throughout the many weeks of diligent practice during marching season, the band strived under the leadership of Mr. Schwalm, to perfect a show that would entertain the public and develop a sense of pride within the band and student body. All of the band ' s hard work led them to their first competition in Toledo, Ohio. They didn ' t do as well as they hoped to but they learned techniques that improved their marching style. On Oct. 16, 1979, the band competed in District Competition and received a first Division (A) rating. The Marching Band has had a successful marching season! 46 Top Left: Left . . . Left . . . Left, Right, Left! Top Center: The band in their bright new uniforms perform an excellent half time show. Top Right: Mike Welch ' s superb performance during one of the band ' s many shows. Right Center: The drum line leads off the field after the half time show. Above Left: One of the many practices during each day at band camp. Above Center: Cindy Haynes, Leslie Aplin and Missy Cramer are deep in concentration. Above Right: Bill Norris gets all the luck as the Flag Corps surrounds him. Bottom Right: Mr. Schwalm . . . Our loyal and friendly band direc- tor. It 47 THEY THAT GOVERN THE MOST MAKE THE LEAST NOISE. BOWLING — JOHN SELDEN CLUB The Port Huron Northern High School ' s Bowling Club is the school ' s oldest continuing club and this year ' s only active club. They meet every Monday at 4 at the Port Huron Lanes. Bowling pro Jack Hurst and teacher Richard Miller are the clubs coaches. The club is divided into 10 teams and competes with each other each week. The club has several competitive tournaments that they take part in. An award banquet ends the season in April. ABOVE: STUDENT COUNCIL, first semester officers: PRESIDENT — Rich Cansfield; VICE-PRESIDENT — Jamie Ross; SECRETARY — Jean Francavillia; TREASURER — Mary Mactaggart. ABOVE RIGHT: STUDENT COUNCIL, second officers: PRESIDENT — Mary Mactaggart; VICE-PRESIDENT — Jamie Ross; SECRETARY — Jean Francavillia; TREASURER — Karen Munroe. The Student Council at Port Huron Northern is run mainly by the student body at large. Mr. Richard Miller is the Student Council advisor and assists the students in their activities throughout the year. Our Mardi Gras this year was put on by Leslie Assaf and Laurie Truske. The assembly and dance along with the many activities were a success. Rich Cansfield was our first semester president and did a very good job. The second semester president was Mary MacTaggart. Jamie Ross held the position of vice-president both semesters. The second semester Council had many responsibilities to fulfill, also, starting with the Snow Extravaganza winter activities and leading right into the magazine sale. We also have a blood drive and ecology day each year. " The Student Council members have done a super job this year in all of their activities. A special thanks to Mr. Richard Miller for his assistance, guidance and dedication throughout the years. " I SING ON FOR NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL THE FUTURE Is In Our Hands Top: Rod King — " It takes a good eye and a steady hand to do what I do. " Above: Good Morning, Sir Freshmen!! Above Right: Carol Zelecki — " This ain ' t no party!! " Top Left: " I spy something . . . foxy! " Top Right: Welecome to Thrillsville. Population: 4 Above: Mr. Morehead ' s understudy Above Right: Our Quick Photographer has snapped " superboy " before his change — can you spot him? 51 SURVIVAL Of The Smartest? Top: Mr. Green ' s POD class is one wild and crazy group! Above: " Got any 5 ' s? " " Go Fish. " Top Left: Frustration builds character! Top Right: Check out smiley Tom in the back row. Above: Now Mr. Miller keeps his assistants at his desk? Above Right: This class looks . . . comfortable. LIFE GOES ON (And On, And On) Top Left: " I have no time for the prattlings of these insiginificant striplings! " Above: " Hey, Mr. Smith, I need some help! " Top Center: Hey Mr. Miller, we love readirV over the weekend. Give us more. Top Right: Charm to the max!!! Above Center: He doesn ' t even suspect that I ' m actually decoying him and gorging myself with tape. Above Right: Quick guys . . . Make it look good! 55 (What Ever Happened To) Fop Left: " What ' s with the hats? Didn ' t they comb their hair? " Middle Left: All the world loves clowns. Above: " What class is this? " Top Right: Mr. Blackney ' s physics class is all work and no play. Above Right: " Like, wow, man, this is a bummer ... " WHEN ' S LUNCH? W ' H ri Top left; Racking brains and confiscating chips. Top right; OH . . . Where is my fermata? Middle; Waiting for the morning edition of the Compass. Above right; " I have only one hand, (just kidding!) . . . since the incident with the meat grinder. " Above; Study now, avoid the June cram. Top: Sandy is a studious student. Top Right: Students certainly have the life. Left Middle: This beats studyhall any day. Above Left: " Are you sure I ' m strong enough? " Above Right: " I ' m sorry, boys, but we ' re quarantining this lavoratory. 59 VARIETY ADDS LIFE Top Left: " Where are all my friends? " Top Right: " Marching really bums me out. " Center Right: A helping hand from Mrs. O ' Hare. Above Right: " Hoo-boy, when ' s lunch? " Above: Class can be fun. Top Left: Escaping the humdrums of study hall. Top Right: Arduous work prospers. Above: Boy, these freshmen are getting smaller every year! IN TIME Creative needle- work deals with a wide variety of fi- ber and stitchery techniques such as rug hooking, quilting, tra- punto, Russian punch needle, and Seminole In- dian patchwork. Miss Galoi is developed in all of these skills and takes and teaches a number of these classes. BUILDING STRONG BODIES Physical edu- cation should provide op- portunities for development of the stu- dent. Each student should devel- op physically, mentally, socially and emotionally toward the general aspects of a healthy and a fulfilled life. Retailing pre- pares students for CO-OP work in a distributive occupation. Stu- dents learn var- ious techniques in advertising and window dis- plays. Students also learn how to fill out job applications and partake in job interviews. Students are then recommended to the CO-OP coordinator for job placement. THE PRICE IS RIGHT! ARTISTS -j- ° F TOMORROW In Art 1 the to basic struc- tures with the visual arts. ' Project mate- rial covers drawing, painting, printing, forming, and art literature. After com- pletion, Art 1 can be used as a prerequisite to other specific art classes such as ceramics, draw- ing and painting, jewelry, or commercial design. KEYS TO SUCCESS Typing is an ex- cellent course for the college bound student. Speed and accu- racy is stressed. Realistic goals are set for each prac- t i c e , giving meaning and di- rection to the work of the student. — STENO BLOCK- ADES employment are also discussed. In this course, students survey office job skills and are drilled to improve any weak areas. Such topics as human relations, prob- lems on the job, and terminating THE QUICK WAY Basic Foods is ' ■ an introduc- tory course in foods and nu- trition em- phasis is placed on the human need for nutrition and on food supplying the necessary nutrients. Students pre- pare foods using basic cooking techniques and a variety of kitchen utensils and appliances. They learn the use of kitchen equipment and practice kitchen safety. A START OUTTA LIFE Auto Me- chanics I con- sists of the study of the automotive electrical sys- tem, internal combustion engine, trans- mission, dif- ferential brake system, and steering components. After successful completion of this course, one may go on to an advanced program in this area. SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH? Northern ' s German is, if nothing else, unique. First year is mainly a traditional course, with emphasis on speaking and under- standing. Second year uses a " modified self- pacing " approach. The third and fourth years are individualized, making it possible to of- fer several different courses at that level. This individualized pro- gram helps prepare the ' students for college, in that they must study to reach long range goals, not for day to day goals. 64 Hola, Amigos. Not only is this a nice greet- ing in Spanish, but it happens to be the title of a brand new text- book, published this very same year. We have it at Northern and it is doing a super job. The pace is fast and en- joyable. No wasted mo- tion; it ' s all ahead full speed. These beginning students are pursuing a skill that could be used the rest of their lives. Down which exotic lane will this language steer them? 65 Habla uste d Esoanol? JE PARLE FRANCAIS 3 Northern ' s unique French classes are sprinkled with fun, food, and fraternity. First year " cherubs " compete daily in the tension filled " open bank. " The entrance kiosque provides a changing source of knowledge and deja vu to both present students and to those former students who pass by. While second year " seraphims " tackle new verb tenses with great chagrin they never lose their enjoyment of instant oral recall still provided by the " banque ouverte. " Word games such as scrabble and board review more seriously pervade the second level. The creme de la creme, the third year independent study students, plus the addition of a few exchange students, provide the necessary interchange for a most volatile, enjoyable, and comprehensive learning atmosphere. To all us " grenouilles, " our sojourn with this Romance language will never leave us with an end. To us it is just " Au Revoir. " 66 H u yf r PHN ' S GREATEST ROCK Mr. Robert Trapp, along with several of his speech and broadcasting stu- dents, operate Port Huron Northern ' s school radio station, WORW. Students in the broadcasting class work towards their FCC third class license and hold managing positions on the staff. Many students from WORW have gone on and become successful in the communications field. WORW is an educational non- commercial station operating on your 92 FM dial. NUTSHELL The Compass is Port Huron Northern ' s school newspaper. In class, about a month is spent preparing each issue of the paper. The Compass staff consists of a managing and assistant managing editor. There is also an advertising manager, art director, chief and assistant photographers and a number of reporters. Each work together to bring you wonderously witty words from a " woomful of wombats. ' ' 67 COMPASS II WORW SPORTS THE PACK IS BACK! 1st ROW: Rex Breuggeman, Bob Fritch, Dave Shoudy, John Wilson, Dave Abou-Ganim, Jeff Lewis, Mike Pearson, Dave Herber, Pat Pearson, Jamie Ross, Paul Manz, Stu Weidenbach, Kent Clark, Dave Orr. 2nd Row: Andy Dailey, Joe Napolitan, Paul Anglin, Brian Martin, Scott Fletcher, Steve Motte, Joe Majeski, Jim Squires, Bill Hillman, Tim Dagget, Dave Hill, Dale Gathergood, Howard Caldwell. THIRD ROW: Tim Mackin, Tom O ' Connor, Jim Hargan, Mike Kalish, Kevin Holmes, Mark Gillihan, Gary Koreiba, John McVeigh, Don Motte, Tim Brennan, Terry Hamilton, Vern Booker, Mike Craig Foster. Fourth Row: John Moews, Ted Birtch, Jeff Hill, Joe Gibbons, Terry Leahy, Bart Culberson, Dave Lamb, Mike Pedrotti, Paul Vansickle, Bob Cornwell, Bob Bennett, Jon Malane, Jim Wagar, Eric Groff. Varsity Football The first game of th yfcar proved to be an upset for the Huskie " team, Marysville beating us by 1 point. This upset did not deter later performances, however, the Huskies won the three following contests with L ' Anse Creuse North, Mt. Clemens, and Port Huron High without so much as a field goal. Coach Jim Bates said " We ended the sea- ' of defensive son cords tensive . We broke alot year. Our team was th earn in the league H great. Is tfys ive fe« V| He Creul Norl est de- Marysville L ' Anse Creui Mf. Cle ne Port Huron High EasyDetroit A Grdsse Pointe South Sterling Heights Stevenson Roseville St. CJair Shores Lakeshore Eastern Michigan 4 winsr3 losses 0 ties Overall seasort 5 wins- 4 losses 0 ties 70 « Coaches: Standing: Coach Evans; Coach Woods; Coach Baker Kneeling: Coach Weymouth; Coach Bates; Coach Armstrong The Huskie seniors had a major roll in the year ' s turn-out, seniors such as Steve Motte having 58 points and Dave Herber having 30 points this season. Also having a good year were Jamie Ross who had 11 big plays and Mike Pear- son with 10 big plays. All these performances had a big effect on the total points, which were 67 — a new school record. Player of the year — Steve Motte Most Improved Player — Mike Pearson Fourth: (l-r) Nebel, E.; Newling ham, M.; Nicholson, C.; Norager, P.; Palmateer, B.; Brown, M.; Pollock, M.; Ross, R.; Shofner, J.; Smith, G.; Stevens, E.; Tallmadge, J.; Woods, J.; Warren, B. Third: Prigmore, A.; Way, D.; Bates, J.; MacDonald, D.; Moorehead, B.; Beebe, S.; East, M.; Foster, R.; Wynkoop, J.; Wecjcessar, B.; Fretenbrough, M.; Hinkley, R.; Howard, S.; Kinsman, T.; McDougal, J.; McTaggert, D. Second: Coach Evans; MacReady, M.; Middleton, C.; Mitchell, B.; Nutt, G.; Palmateer, S.; Pearson, C.; Pool M.; Robinette, G.; Sibilla, S.; Sparling, J.; Spencer, B.; Teeple, T.; Warwick, G.; Lincoln, J.; Coach Baker; Coach Woods. First: Armstrong, J.; Baker, D.; Blatt, T.; Brown, B.; Coleman, T.; Dancey, H.; Davis, j.; Deloy, D.; Ellis, S.; Harvey, T.; Hillman, T.; Hinkley, R.; Hughes, T.; Kolar, D. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Junior Varsity Football team coached by Mr. Woods, Mr. Ba- ker, and Mr. Evans were successful in every way but the won-loss record. This years team won 3 games and Tost 6. This season was the first time that PHN did not have Freshma 25 Freshman came out for Junior Varsi it last two games in impressive prefor ville 22 to 6 and Lakes all and over rn won Rose- Marysville L ' Anse C North Mt. Clemens Hufc East Det Grosse Poin South Stevenson Roseville Lakeshore Port Huron Hi troit 73 A HUSKIE PUP JUST WON ' T GIVE UP! SIDELINE COACHES AND CHEERS Top Row: Kelly Moore, Kathy Kalaf, Sandy Lohr, Kara Henline, Bottom Row: Michelle Kalish, Lisa Smith, Melissa Boyd, C. Ann Wich, Carrie Conlen. 74 75 BRING ON THE VICTORY, NOT THE TEARS! lUi Kv goes to ■Humble Mi . a t - - «■« «:_ HHHM IP CQ Tlgl 401 hours 40 minutes tax-mas mppi , l I ; ■Bp fame IffiAi T holds itiJ3 hos tages Jfllf HMflpi JOHN WAYNE tvd 2 11 62 | Mil nr nangs uf His gloves GIRLS SHOOT THE HOOP! Front Row:Ruth Raftery, Renee Fretenborough, Jody Lett, Lori Meads, Shawn Elliott, Mary O ' Dell. Back RowrHeather Rock, Colleen Czajka, Coach Diane Fugiel. Susan Wine, Lisa Marcero, Martha Corbin, Terri Davey, Girls Varsity Basketball The Girls Varsity Basketball team had a lot of confidence this year. Although their league record was 3 wins and 11 losses, they kept their spirits high. Their overall record was 3 wins and 14 losses. Lisa Marcero added help to the team with 147 total points and 130 rebounds. She will be remembered by her team along with her fellow senior teammates, Sue and Terri Davey Wine, Shawn PH Central Marysville Flint NW East Detroit L ' Anse Creuse North Stevenson Crosse Pointe South PHHS i e C ,!r ens East Detroit L ' Anse Creuse North Stevenson Grosse Pointe South PHHS Mt. Clemens l League Record 3 wins 11 losses Overall Record 3 wins 14 losses THE UNEXPERIENCED GET EXPERIENCE Top Row L to R: Coach Vattese, Kathy Duquette, Terri Holmes, Karee Rock, Julie Wacker, Maureen Czajka, Maryann Komph, Debbie Houle, Middle Row: Andrea Kern, Tracy Vattese, Lindi Gorniac, Jenny Bates, Sandy Lambert, Bottom Row: Anne Tallmadge, Anne Beauchamp, Lisa Wacker. GIRL ' S J.V. BASKETBALL he girls who participated in J.V. basketball gained great experience for next year. They all had good attitudes and they kept their spirits high. The most valuable player was Anne Beauchamp. Northern is looking forward for al these girls to be on Varsity next season. A H Mm all of 80 Top Row L to R: Debbie Scheman, Artie West, Nora Hawkins, Lynne Wolfe, Cheryl Porrett, Lynn Young. Bottom Row L to R: Denise Schultz, Terry Pincomb, Cindy Lutz, Janice Baunoch, Lisa Lamb, Jenny Collinge. Run onto the next page for 1979-80 cross country!!!!! BRING ON THE DANCING GIRLS! THE P.H.N. DRILL TEAM THROUGH THE WOODS Back RowiCoach Buhagier, Mike Heisler, Craig Dickinson, Jeff Humme;, Rick Smith, Paul Bonner, Chris Pierson, Phil Papes. First RowiEric Hayden, Bill Buttrell, Traci Gorniac, Mary O ' Sullivan, Ross Catalina, Russ Smith. Cross Country Cross Country at Port Huron Northern during the 1979 season reached one exciting climax after another. The Husky Harriers ran through the entire season without a loss, tie, or blemish on their 17-0 record. As a result of that undefeated season, the Northern Cross Country team captured City, Eastern Michigan League titles and returned to the state finals for a second successive year. Memorable moments came after PHN defeated Mt. Clemens for the first time in six years and busted Sterling Hts. Stevenson by 1 point for the league title. Outstanding individual performances were turned in by Craig Dickinson, all city, all county, all league and ail state. Northern ' s three seniors, Mike Heisler, Phil Papes and Rick Smith also had an outstanding year, culminating with four runners in the top 20 at the state regional meet. The rest of Northern ' s Varsity runners included juniors Paul Bonn , Chris Pearson; freshmen Eric Hayden, and Ross Catalina. Mary O ' Sullivan, one of the two girls on Northern ' s Cross Country j team capped an outstanding with a 2nd place finish in the EML meet Reese Sandusky East Detroit Flint Davison L ' Anse CreusejJ Lapeer East Lapeer We ' iville Crosse Pointe South Utica Eisenhauer Port Huron High L ' Anse Creuse High Port Huron High Marsville Port Huron Central Sterling Hts. Stevenson Mt. Clemens It 45 PHN 17 107 17 41 16 £ 19 m 15 % 23 23 49 15 39 | 17 38 18 47 15 50 15 92 28 70 28 37 28 29 . 28 31 26 83 THE SWINGERS Left to right Jeff Thomson, James Wilhelm, Brian Schulz, Scott Adams, Rich Cansfield and Coach Senn ABOVE: Rich Cansfield is one smiling and swinging guy! RIGHT: I think that I shall never see, a thing as lovely as a ... . . golfball??????? Jim Wilhelm demonstrates his Arnold Palmer-like style. BOYS GOLF The golf had a terrific season. They were co-cham- pions in the E.M.L. tournament in Burning Tree. They won the city championship for the 7th con- secutive year at Black River Country Club. They came in 2nd at the regionals , to qualify for the state at Oakland University Course, and they were run- ner-up for the winner ' s circle at the state competi- tion at Pine View Golf Club, Kalmazoo. Rich Cansfield, average 39.4, was named all E.M.L., all area and all city. He was 2nd Team all tourney at the E.M.L. tournament. He had the 4th best score in the state meet and was the longest driver on the team. James Wilhelm, average 39.6, was named all E.M.L., all area, and all city. He was 1st Team all tourney at the E.M.L. tournament and had the best score at the regionals. He shot the best score of any sophomore in the state. Scott Adams, average 41, was named 1st Team all tourney at the E.M.L. tournament. He became a " School Star of the Week " by the Times Herald along with Rich and Jim. Jeff Thomson, average 41.6, was named all city. He ' s probably the best golfer and band drummer combination in the state! Brian Schulz, average 42.7, was the only left-hand- ed golfer on the team. He made the team a well- rounded one. Coach Senn says, " I was blessed with talent; I ' m just glad I didn ' t mishandle it. It was a great year and it gives next year ' s team something to shoot at! " Stevenson 210 PHN 202 Mt. Clemens 228 200 PHHS 226 199 GPSHS 206 203 GPNHS 220 202 L ' Anse Cruise N 238 220 L ' Anse Cruise N 257 216 Stevenson 217 216 Mt. Clemens 217 195 PHHS 226 212 GPSHS 194 205 L ' Anse Cruise N 218 211 GPNHS 174 179 " Will the real Chris Evertt please step forward. " 85 Bottom Row: Mary MacTaggert, Joan Ropposch, Sue McElroy, Carol Francavilla, Jean Francavilla. Top Row: Coach Dave Tracey, Maura Raftery, Mary MacTaggert, Martha Durand, Kathy Wilson, Theresa Lucey. Grosse Pointe South 6 East Detroit o L ' Anse Creuse North 0 Port Huron High o Steveson o Mt. Clemens o Grosse Pointe South 7 East Detroit 0 L ' Anse Creuse North 0 Fraser 0 Mt. Clemens 2 League Dual Match Record 8-2 Overall Dual Match Record 9-2 PHN 1 7 7 7 7 7 0 7 7 7 5 GIRLS VARSITY TENNIS The Girls Varsity Tennis team had another outstanding year, losing only two matches in the season. They came in 1st place in the Grand Blanc Invitational and 2nd in the EML and State Regionals Tournaments, ending up 3rd in the State Class A Finals for the State of Michigan. The team wouldn ' t have done so well without Mary MacTaggert, Joan Ropposch, and Carol Francavilla in the singles. Also, Sue McElroy and Kathy Wilson did exception- ally in the doubles ' matches. SENIOR SPORTS SPECTACULARS Tony Bonadio Tennis Mike Hillis Hockey Steve Kelly Hockey Terri Davey Softball, Volleyball, Basketball Carisfield Golf, Tennis, Basketball Lisa Marcero Basketball, Volleyball, Softball Michelle Phillips Softball Kevin Gavin Basketball Kelly Moore Softball, Cheerleading 88 MAT MAIDS 89 WRESTLING, JUST ANOTHER CONTACT SPORT! Standing L to R: Coach Johnson, Ken Overbeck, Joel Bates, Greg Ball, Chuck Ball, Chris Pearson, Rod King, Scott Palmateer, Tim Brennan, Don Ross, Robert (Bubbles) Pierce, Hugh Hier. Kneeling L to R: Ted Harvey, Asst. Coach, John Stine, Mike Fretenborough, Joe Kemp, Brad Frost, Tim Mackin, Capt. Jamie Ross, Mike Guizar, Scott Ferguson, Steve Bradley, Jeff Tallmadge Front L to R: Angie Neaton, Theresa Hill, Cindy Pierce NORTHERN ' S VARSITY WRESTLING 1979-80 The Wrestling team this year was composed of 4 seniors, 6 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 4 freshman. The captain of the team was Jamie Ross. Jamie placed 1st in the East Detroit tournament, 2nd in Midland Dow, 2nd in Hazel Park, 1st in City, and 1st in E.M.L. His season consisted of 23 pins ard the fastest pin (13 seconds). Bubbles Pierce placed 2nd in the East Detroit, 4th in Hazel Park, 1st in city, 3rd ip the E.M.L. Mike Guizar placed 3rd in the city tournament and 4th in the E.M.L. Joe Kemp placed 2nd in the city tournament and the final senior Br n J ment. This was Mr. Johnson ' s 2nd year as a assistant coach. " With the number of returning sophomores and j be an experienced one!! " ced 3rd in the city tourna- r. Stine ' s 1st year as an rs, next year ' s team should Capt. Jamie Ross 90 BUMP, SET, SPIKE! Top Row L to R: Lori Meades, Martha Durand, Mary MacTaggart, Cindy Gerus, Miss Fugiel, Lisa Woodcox. Middle Row L to R: Michelle Phillips, Katie Andrews, Jeannie Siple, Renea Freten- borough. Front Row L to R: Terri Davey, Lisa Marcero. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 1979-80 Terry Davey, Lisa Marcer ern to a successful season, leading the offense with key spikes. Michelle Phillips ' setting ability has been largely responsible for the fine offensive attack of Terri, Lisa and Martha. Steady, consistent play by players like Katie Andrews, Lori Meads and Mary MacTag- gert has also contributed to Northern ' s success. Also working hard on the team are sophomore Rene Fretenborough and juniors Cin- dy Gerus, Lisa Woodcox and Janine Siple. They show promising potential for this year. o and Martha Durand have led North- 92 Girls J.V. Volleyball has its own " set " of " bumps " and " spikes! " 93 UP . . . AND OVER! Top Row, L. to R.s Shire, K., Wacker, J„ Komph, M., Nuss, K., McIntyre, C., Laming, A., Coach Buhagiar. Middle Row, L. to R.: Laming, B., Hoy,B., Jackson, A., Lmabert, S„ Bottom Row, L. to R.: Cornac, L., Beauchamp, A. JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 1979-80 J.V. Volleyball at Port Huron Northern is looking forward to another winning season. At this time, the J.V. team holds a 6-3 win-loss record and is being led by outstanding players Lindi Gorniac and Julie Wacher. Co-captains for this year ' s team are Anne Beauchamp and Lindi Gorniac. Other team members include Julie Wacher, Beth Laming, Anne Laming, Anne Jackson, Marianna Komph, Catherine MacIntyre, Brenda Hay, Sandy Lambert, Kay Nuss and Kris Shier. " Hard work, fundamentals and enthusiasm have built a winning tradition for Northern ' s Junior Varsity Volleyball. " C.C. Buhagiar v 94 Port Huron Northern hockey players really “stick it to ' em! " HUSKIE MAGIC: A SEASON OF HATRICKS Top Row L to R: Manager Bruce Seymore, Coach Mr. Davey, Pat Pearson, Mike Pearson, Steve Wilhelm, Steve Kelly, John McVeigh, Mike Hillis, Scott Williamson, Randy Curtis, Chuck McLeod, Terry Hoy, Stats — Scott Tallmadge. Bottom Row: John Cloeter, Mike Heisler, Brian Schultz, Paul Fetterly, Brian Smith, Dave Abou-Ganim. HUSKIE HOCKEY Northern ' s hockey team is compos ed of 13 seniors, 2 juniors, and 2 sophomores. The three captains are Mike Hillis, Steve Kelly, and Mike Pearson. The Huskies are classified among the top 20 class A teams in the state. Northern defeated Port Huron High both times this year, while splitting games with Central and Marysville. The top 5 point scor- ers for the team are Randy Curtis, Steve Kelly, Mike Hillis, John McVeigh, and Dave Abou- Ganim. " IT ' s MORE FUN WHEN YOU WIN!!!!! " MR. DAVEY Opp. — Northern Lakeview Central SET Marysville Clio Cabrini St. Clair Central South lake Lakeshore 5 - 5 3 - 2 % WIN A FEW, LOSE A FEW Top row: Left to right: Coach Dan Hanton, David Goetze, Bill Polmadei, Kevin Gavin, Melvin Palmer, Paul Vansickle, Jim Schuneman, Mike Pedrotti. Bottom row: left to right: Rich Cans- field, Kent Clark, Vern Booker, Steve Motte, Brian Martin, Joe Gibbons, Paul Manz. VARSITY BASKETBALL 1979-80 Although short on height, the PHN varsity team proved they could run with the best in the Eastern Michigan League. Led by 6 ' 1 " captain Steve Motte and 6 ' 2 " Rich Cansfield, the Huskies had one of the best defensive units in some time. Anchored by 6 ' 1 " 210 pounds junior Mike Pedrotti, the Huskies ' biggest win was against the Mt. Clemens Bathers. Northern had not defeated them on their own home court since 1971 ' s season. However, the Hustlin ' Huskies exploded for a 61-59 win and moved up a step in the standings. Senior Steve Motte joined the Huskie elite as he became one of a few to score 30 points in one contest. Rounding out the senior members are 6 ' 2 " Paul Manz, leading assist man Kent Clark, and center David Goetze. " ' Cuts and Hustle ' was the motto of the 1979-80 Huskies " 98 99 PRACTICING FOR THE PROS Top Row L. to R.: Bill Mitchell, Bernie Spencer, Mike Cansfield, John McDougall, Mike McReady, Brad Brown, Marc Schopp, Bruce Fiedler. Bottom Row L. to R.: Rick Bonney, Rich Cleary, Don Baker, Scott Wilkinson, Jeff Sparling, Dave Stephenson, Dale Deloy, Dana Duren. Improvement " was the goal of the J.V. basketball team this year. The two areas of improvement that we were concerned with were individ- ual and team. A couple of positive influences on our attempts at our goal were 1. Player turnout (54 try-outs) 2. Player attitude 3. Player enthusiasm 4. Player coachability v 7 v _ Along with positive influences are always negative influences. The neg tive aspects in our basketball program are: 1. No intermediate basketball program. 2. No freshman basketball program. 4 ft • - 3. Limited facilities, (In order to have use of the full Court practice at 6:30 in the morning.) " My opinion of this year ' s J.V. team at this the season, is that our progress is satisfactory players realize that we have got a long way to go to be consistent — Coach Weymouth lis point, half way through iry. This is true only if our 1 to go to be consistent. " 100 rr ft- ' , -ft J p’ " C ' •. » . , - n ;. n’ ti - I ■Hbu 1 The Junior Varsity softball team: TOP ROW: Julie Nich- olson, Maureen Sullivan, Jody Lett, Mary O ' Dell, Deb- bie Schieman, Karen Lass. BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Goodrich, Stephanie Mont- gomery, Jill Hartnett, and Jeanine Siple. " It was a pleasure to work with these girls, and hope- fully they will make a strong addition to the varsity team. " — Coach Vettese ■u ! u l- ' J The Freshman Softball team: TOP ROW: Beth Laming, Terri Holmes, Cheryl Moore, Mollie Landshoot, Karen Motte, Catherine McIntyre. BOTTOM ROW: Ann Lam- ing, Patty McGill, Kathy Du- quette, Martha Ullenbruch, Lynn Petty, and Julie Wacker. " The freshman girls had a great attitude and never gave up all season. Many of these girls will be able to help the varsity carry on the Northern winning tradition in the future. " — Coach Grinder NORTHERN - J.V. SCOREBOARD Algonac Stevenson East Detroit Mt. Clemens Port Huron High 8ishoDCallagher Lanse Creuse North nson etroit lavison [son emens Huron High ak Dondero Oak Dondero se Pointe South anse Creuse North 11 WINS 6 LOSSES OPPONENT 13 NORTHERN FRESHMAN SCOREBOARD 10 Roseville Burton Roseville Guest Port fluron High Holland Woods Kimball Port Huron Holland Wq Howard D. I Roseville 1 Royal Oa Fort Grat| 11 16 9 29 30 16 14 4 16 15 101 J.V. AND FROSH HAVE A WINNING SEASON ANOTHER GREAT YEAR FOR VARSITY SOFTBALL It seemed impossible for Northern ' s girls varsity softball team to top their highly successful 1978 season, but that is just what they did. Once again entering the prestigious Royal Oak Shrine Invitational Tournament, they competed against 32 teams in a double elimination battle, from which they emerged victorious. They also repeated as E.M.L., City, and District champions; and Regional runner-ups. The team finished fifth in the state. Great individual effort was shown as five girls were named All E.M.L. and All Blue- Water Area. They were: Helene Schultz, Terri Davey, Lisa Marcero, Michelle Phillips, and Kelly Moore. Tara Pierson, Mary Conlan, and Sue Wine received honorable mention. In addition, Terri and Michelle were named to the Royal Oak Shrine Tournament All-Star team along with Helene, who was also named the tourney ' s M.V.P. After compiling a career pitching record of 73-12, Helene Schultz, a four-year letter winner in three sports and outstanding girl athlete for the class of ' 79, was named All- State by the Detroit News. Her season batting average of .627 was the best among the All- Staters. " The 26-2 record and the four championships were fantastic; but it was the fun, friends and fellowship that made the season a success. " — Coach Dias NORTHERN SCOREBOARD OPPONENT 8 Stevenson 7 2 East Detroit 1 14 Chippewa Valley 2 11 Flint Kearsley 0 1 Plymouth Salem 0 16 Port Huron High 2 12 Mt. Clemens 2 22 Roseville 1 4 Grosse Pointe South 2 10 Royal Oak Shrine 0 7 St. Clair Shores Lakeview 3 10 Lanse Creuse North 12 18 Stevenson 11 3 East Detroit 0 12 Marysville 1 8 Port Huron Central 0 13 Mt. Clemens 1 13 Port Huron High 0 18 Roseville 5 7 Royal Oak Dondero 4 14 Royal Oak Dondero 4 6 Grosse Pointe South 2 10 L ' Anse Creuse North o 15 L ' Anse Creuse North 3 9 Romeo 2 6 Lake Orion 3 5 Waterford Township 0 1 Flint Carmen 3 26 WINS 2 LOSSES Royal Oak Shrine Invitational Tournament Champions City Champions E.M.L. Champions District Champions Regional Runner-up Team Awards M.V.P. — Helene Schultz Gold Glove — Lisa Marcero Most Improved Player — Sue Wine Clutch Hitter — Mary Conlan Pilot Award — Tara Pierson The 1979 varsity softball team: TOP ROW: Kathy Wilson, Lisa Marcero, Jean Engelgau, Julie Umlor, Coach Dias, Mary Conlan, Lynn Bolin, Terri Davey. Center: Tara Pierson, Helene Schultz. BOTTOM ROW: Renee Fretenborough, Kelly Moore, Michelle Phillips, and Sue Wine. LEFT CENTER: Kelly Moore, Michelle Phillips, and Lisa Marcero enjoy one of their 26 victories. LEFT: Coach Dias lis- tens intently to his team as they ask about pre-game strategy. ABOVE: Catcher S ue Wine eagerly awaits her turn to bat. TOP: Jeanne Engelgau 103 SHAKE THAT BAT AND BUST THAT BALL ABOVE: Shortstop Terri Davey slides in safely. RIGHT: Michelle Phillips gets ready to blast one. BELOW: Kathy Wilson races to beat the throw to first base. BELOW RIGHT: Kelly Moore, knowing the sign, waits patiently for the pitch. OPPOSITE PAGE TOP: Kelly asks, " What was that sign, coach? " CENTER: The team cele- brates Michelle Phillips ' game winning hit in the Shrine tournament. BELOW: Terri Davey slides to score. TENNIS ' MENACES Top row, left to right: Rick Cansfield, Rick Phillips, Pat McGrath, Mike Cansfield, Troy Haddad, Coach Tracey Front row, left to right: Scott Adams, Tony Bonadio, Mary MacTaggart, Tim Mackin, Steve Beauchamp B TENNIS The boys tennis team of 1978-79 wasn ' t just another average tennis team. There were some outstanding matches by Mary MacTaggert, Rich Cansfield and Tony Bonadio. They led the team to the Regionals, taking second place out of 15 teams. Northern and GPSHS then made it to the state tournment, with Northern taking 13th in the state. The team ended up winning 11 and losing 2 of their matches. Trenton L C North PHH S. H. Stevenson Mt. Clemens E. Detroit L C North PHH Stevenson Mt. Clemens GPS A 0 0 1 0 0 0 5 0 0 1 6 PHN 7 7 6 7 7 7 2 7 7 6 1 First Row: Rob Balboa, Pat Hanchon, Bill Schieman, Tim Harkins. Second Row: John Beebe, Bill Schmitt, Tom Moore. JUNIOR VARSITY BOY ' S TENNIS The Junior Varsity Tennis team had another outstanding sea- son, in both league and non-league play. The team finished the season with an overall record ofll wins and only 1 loss. They were dual-match co-champions of the league, along with Grosse Pointe South, and they finished second in the EML Tournament. The J. V. ' s most impressive dual-match wins this year were over East Detroit, Stevenson and L ' Anse Creuse North. In these matches the netters did not lose any sets and did not yield any team points. Many of this year ' s J. V. players were able to gain some valuable experience for the future by playing in some varsity matches. This was a great opportuni ty for the younger players and should be most helpful to the future teams at Port Huron Northern. Even track stars have to take a break. 107 RUNNING FOR THE BLUE Bottom row, left to right: R. Raferty, T. Gorinac, J. Francavilla, M.P. Young, L. Colgan Second row, left to right; C. Spillard, D. Wilhelm, L. Gorinac, C. Williams, K. Morgans, B. Bernum, J. Mackenzie, K. O ' Connor Third row, left to right: P. Schoey, Coach Buhager, M. Frendendall, L. Englegau, M. O ' Sullivan, D. Gilleran, S. Raferty, M. Buckowski, M. Durand, L. Meads, M. Komph, R. Buckowski, M. Graw, J. Ryan, M. Czajka Top row, right to left: D. Houle, K. Rock, C. Truchan, L. Payne, S. Kring, B. Conger, B. VanLitsenberg, A. Gould, D. Churchill, R. Solmson, G. Wolfe, S. Malchi GIRLS TRACK The captains for the girls track team were Margo Buckowski, Lori Meads and Shawn Kindred. The majority of the team were freshmen. Lindi Gorinac was voted most valuable freshman. Becky Conger, one of the three seniors on the track team, was selected most improved track athlete for her all city, all league and all state per- formances. Becky established a new girls discuss record at PHN with a throw of lll ' IO " . L or j Meads was named most valu- able athlete on the girls track team and set new school records in the half mile run, the mile run, and contributing to the mile relay team to tie the school record. Marga- ret Fletcher continued to improve as the team ' s outstanding sprinter, setting a new school record in the 220 yard dash and equaling the old 100 yard dash mark. The girls ended up winning 9 out of their 12 meets. Cros-Lex 42 PHN 81 Richmond 80 49 1 2 Marysville 26 PHH 73 51 LCN 60 63 E. Detroit 59 64 Mt. Clemens 65 57 GPS 54 69 Roseville 38 85 Stevenson 15 47 Lapeer East 16 79V 2 Lapeer West 60 2 Dave Herber says, " It ' s a great day for baseball! " " As a young team, these girls had an outstanding season. Most are young and eager, and will continue to improve with each run. They anxiously await the 1980 season. " 109 WHO ' S ON FIRST? Top row, left to right: Troy Moulton, Tony Moncrief, Dave Herber, Jeff Wiley, Paul Anglin Second row: Dave Hill, Norm Fretenbrough, Scott MacReady, Dean Baker, Andy Dailey, Coach Klink Third row: Steve Campau, Pat Pearson, Doug Majeski, Mile Pearson, Scott Fletcher Front row: Stats. Girls: Nancy Norris, Michelle Kalish, Lisa Bonney VARSITY BASEBALL Varsity Baseball The 1978-79 Varsity Baseball team was one of the most outstanding baseball teams that Northern has ever had. The team cap- tains were Dean Baker and Scott MacRea- dy who both were ALL State in their posi- tions. Jeff Wiley, a junior this year, also made ALL State. The team first showed their talent by winning the first Distriqt Baseball Tourna- ment in Northern ' s history. They also won the Regionals and then went all the way to the semi-finals in the State of Michigan. The Huskie baseball players won 23 out of the 28 games they played. PHC 6 PHN 8 St. Clair 0 4 St. Clair 4 13 Stevenson 3 5 E. Detroit 4 3 Mt. Clemens 4 5 Algonac 3 4 Algonac 1 4 PHH 9 10 Roseville 0 2 GPS 1 7 L.C. North 2 6 Stevenson 4 5 E. Detroit 7 1 Mt. Clemens 0 2 PHH 8 7 Roseville 3 1 GPS 0 1 L.C. North 4 2 i J.V. Baseball The J.V. Baseball team captains for the 1978-79 season were Mike Kalish and Rod King. The Huskie Pups won 17 out of their 21 games. A record was set by Rod King for the most stolen bases. The team had the best depth and a good winning attitude which is different from any other team that Mr. Klink had coached. PHC PHC Marysville St. Clair St. Clair Stevenson E. Detroit Mt. Clemens Algonac Algonac PHHS Roseville GPS L ' Anse Creuse North Stevenson E. Detroit Mt. Clemens PHHS Roseville GPS L ' Anse Creuse North PHN 3 4 2 4 4 0 0 6 3 15 4 5 1 0 4 9 3 7 0 4 1 6 2 1 4 5 0 2 14 3 0 1 3 9 2 6 3 13 1 0 11 14 Jamie Ross shares his all American boy spirit. HUSKIES RUN FASTER, JUMP HIGHER! First row, left to right: Gary Miron, Mike Wich, Rick Smith, Mike North, Doug Varty, Brian Bates, Rich Bonner, Craig Daniels, Scott Demerau, Mike Heisler Second row, left to right: Bob Cornwell, Mike Nye, Vernon Booker, Tom Patterson, Jim Schuneman, Jeff Lewis, Jamie Ross, Paul Manz, Mark Gillihan, Kent Clark, Craig Dickinson, Coach Hanton Third row, left to right: Coach Woods, Don Ross, John Malane, Steve Bressette, Craig Foster, Richie Fox, Paul Miller, Paul Bonner, Eric Willey, Kevin O ' Hare, Neil Widerman i BOYS VARSITY TRACK The 1979 Varsity Track team was the first track team in Northern ' s history to run on its new $200,000 all-weather 400-meter track. Led by team captains Brian Bates and Doug Varty, the team-established eleven new metric school records and were undefeated in all even meets. Scho ' records were set in the indoor high jump by Jim Zmolik at 6 ' 0 " , pole vault by Dick Marsack at 13 ' 6Vi ' 60-yard high hurdles by Rich Bonner at 8.7 seconds, indoor mile run by Doug Varty in 4:26.7, indoor two- mile run by Craig Dickinson in 9:42, discus relay of Mike North, Jamie Ross and Brian Bates at 409 ' 9 " , four-mile relay of Kent Clark, Mike Heisler, Cary Miron and Rick Smith at 18:43, and the eight-mile relay team of Rick nith Ytike Heisler, Doug Opplingar, and Gary Miron at 41:25. v Leading scorer this season were: sopNfljnore, Mark Cillihan with 134 points; junior, Rick Smith with 94 23 points; sophomore, Tom Patterson with 07 points; senicfrDick MarsaCMhith 73 Vi points; Jirrt Zemolik with 72 Vi points; junior, Kent Clark with 71 Vi points; senior, Brian Bates with 71 112 points; ano serUBPdfcch Bonndr with 64 % points. 1 " This season was one of the greatest seasons in Northern ' s 14 year history. With the top two scorers returning along with manv other fine athletes, the 1980 season will be |ust as successful. " w r X Cros.-Lex. ,17 115 Marysville , 36 96 Port Huron 52 80 S. H. Stevenson 0 132 L ' Anse Cruise N. 27 105 Mt. Clemens | 71 61 E. Detroit 37 95 Roseville 14 118 GPSHS 38 94 Lapeer East 37 83 Lapeer West 45 83 First Row(L to R) Mark Rabine, Dennis O ' Connor, David Henry, Danny Barthel, Tom Hughes, Geoff Hummel, Jeff Sparling, George Foltz, Tom Quinn Second Row (L to R) Brian Warren, Dennis Kolar, Joe Lieberman, David Katz, John Davis, Greg Robinette, Bob Weckessar Third Row (L to R) Hugh Heier, Scott Palmateer, Dave Amon, Richie Fox, Bernie Spencer, Tom Blatt, James Lincoln BOYS FRESHMAN TRACK The Freshman Track team had a great seas n With 9 wins and only 2 losseWsichie Fox scoring 81 V i points and Jeff Sparling scoring 79 % yere the two top point leaders on the team. The team competed in the Clio Invitational track meet this year placing 5th piit of 12 teams with 20 pointj. The Freshman brought tapme 16 medals fron die meet. Northern also compet- ed in tie itan Invitational aU placed 6th out of 12 with 15 points. Wfnie Spencer placed 1st amj broke the school record in the high hurdles. Ricfye Fox plac nd and broke tlaevschool record in the mile. Long jumper Vern Booker flys through the air with the great- est of ease . . . barefoot! 113 " SENIORS ARE GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN " David Abou Ganim Scott Adams Carol Agar Daniel Ahearn Richard Ainsworth Terri Albert Mark Alderson Scott Allen Katherine Andrews William Anglebrandt Cheryl Anglebrandt Mary Arnett Dawn Arnold Leslie Assaf Above: Julie Madden, " You ' re kidding me? " Below: L to R — Debbie Cressman, Sue Lambert, Robin Locke, Chris Mackin, — What Hams! Teresa Bachman Jennifer Bailey Mike Balboa Elizabeth Banka Gregory Baunoch Raye Lynn Bayless Donald Beam Kattie Beauregard Shirley Beauregard Ann Beebe Above: Is there really someone shorter than Smitty? Right: Joan Ropposch, " You called? " Far Right: Ann McBrian, Cindy Johnson, " We ' re on Candid Cam- era! " Barbara Beebe John Bellomo Kim Belonga Deborah Berk Kimberly Bettinger Amy Boden Susan Boldt Anthony Bonadio Mary Bonner Judith Bonney s e n i o 117 r Seniors LIFE IN THE FAST LANE John Bopp Wendy Bowman Cheryl Bragg Greg Brown Robin Brown Todd Brown Margo Buckoski Gregg Burch Laurie Burgett Harold Buttrell Jim Callender Lori Camden Steve Campau Richard Cansfield Wendy Cargo Robert Carl Dale Carrier Dan Carrier Jon Carson Barb Casado Kent Clark Cheryl Cluney Lori Coleman Laurie Colgan Kim Collier s e n i o r ns Seniors Mike Conlan Cynthia Cook Wendy Cooper John Crimmins Sandy Currie Randy Curtis Andrew Dailey Linda Dalenberg Terri Davey Karen Dawson Edward Decloedt Brenda Deem Rhonda Denny Patricia Dewey David Doan Michael Drake Patricia Dupree Jean Durand Martha Durand Susan Edie Thelma Eldridge Shawn Elliott Dean Engelgau Jeanne Engelgau Robert Ennest Left: Barry Moses, — Genius at work Right: Carol McNaughton, " Take a picture of my Teddy, not me! " Tina Flannigan Scott Fletcher Gillian Flynn Brian Fogal Norman Forstner William Fowley James Fralick William Fralick Jean Francavilla Rhonda Frappier Suzanne French Norman Fretenborough Robert Fritch Bradley Frost Tom Gallagher Dale Gathergood Gregory Gauthier Craig Gladders David Goetze Kim Goodwin Graig Gordon Tracy Gorniac Andrea Gould s e n i o r 120 Seniors Right: Julie Norager, " What a day! " Facing Page Left: Andy Dailey, " Would you please get me another milk? " Center: Terry DeStAubin, " Wachyou want? " R ight: Mr. C. Smith, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Green, " Should we have a news quiz? " l A NEW DECADE HAS BEGUN Jeff Haight Terry Hamilton Todd Harju Linda Harneck Michelle Harrington Aleccia Harrison Dave Haynes Jim Haynes Jackie Hearn Kathy Heilig Mike Heisler Dave Herber Dave Hill Theresa Hill Bob Hillock n i o Seniors S e ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH FOR " THE CLASS WITH CLASS " Robin Hines Mary Hodges David Horton Susan Hubbell Kathy Hislop Thomas Irwin Amy Jackson David Janderwski Leslie Jerry Brent Jex Andrew Johnson Cindy Johnson Robin Johnston Tami Jordan Julie Joyner Lorraine Juzysta Kathy Kalaf Michelle Kalish Karen Keil Wendy Kelley Steve Kelly Joe Kemp Darren Kidd Patty Knowlton Sue Knowlton Jeff Krampien Rob Kreeger Sue Lambert Tim Lambert Sue Lang Chris Ledsworth Paula Ledsworth Glenn Lee Carrie Liebi Shari Litteral Robin Locke Joni Lohr Upper Left: L to R: Senior Class Officers, Sue Boldt — Secre- tary, Anne Beebe — Vice Pres., Mike Guizar — Pres., Lynn Pickard — Treas. Lower Left: Karen Munroe: Suffering from a severe case of nail-biting. Right: Chris Mackin: What a Ham! Facing Page Left: Kim Strauss, " I don ' t know about her! " Center: Sue Wine, " Like my new glasses? " Right: Pat Pearson: Those glasses really do something for her! Sandy Lohr Kelle Lorts Sandy Loxton Bev Lynch Carrie Lyon Jill Lyons Rae Mackie Chris Mackin Mary MacTaggart Julie Madden Greg Maddox Joe Majeske Doug Majeske Paul Manz Lisa Marcero " REMEMBER THE DAYS OF THE OLD SCHOOLYARD " Vickie McKenzie Thomas McKinch Kathy Mclelland Charles Mcloed Carol McNaughtin Karen Meade Lori Meads Tami Meddaugh Kim Meharg Tami Mierendorff Paul Miller Lisa Molinaro Joanne Moore Kelly Moore Mary Morden Catherine Morgans Julie Morrison Steve Motte Karen Munro s e n i o 125 r Seniors i Roy Murray Mike Mytinger Joe Napolitan Diane Netter Diane Nevins Chris Nichol Debbie Nichols Robert Nicholson Julie Norager Bill Norris Alison Nowak Kevin O ' Hare Dave Orr Mary Palmater Phil Papes Robert Pearce Mike Pearson Pat Pearson Sheryl Pedigo David Perley Julie Perry Steve Peters Michelle Phillips C Lynn Pickard Greg Plant e n i o r 126 Seniors SENIORS LOOK INTO THE FUTURE Left: Mark Olderson, " Look, Ma, no cavities! " Center: Lisa Warren, " You ' ll never know what I ' m thinking! " Right: Kelly Moore: Premature Bi- focals??? Facing Page Left: Susan Hubbell, " It ' s easier said than done. " Opp. Page Right: Chic Moore, " Hey — This is Senior Life. " Cheryl Porrett Mike Porrett Vernon Preston Charles Proctor Lori Quitter Jeannie Radske Maura Raftery Paul Ravetta Rick Rawlings Pam Relken Scott Reynolds Kim Rhude Laurie Ri ch Robert Rich Debbie Richards George Richards Gerry Riddell Scott Riddell Brian Rochon Margaret Romero Joan Ropposch Jamie Ross Dave Rowe Michelle Rucker Diane Rumley Doug Rutkofske Sue Rutkofske Cindy Ryan Julie Sandoval Patty Sheetz Lisa Schmidt Brian Schultz Donald Schultz Karl Schuneman Pam Schoy David Scouten Nancy Seely Julie Segar Nick Serra Peggy Serwatowski Kelly Sheldon Dave Shoudy William Sibilla Robert Sigafoose Left: ' " Could I bum some money? " " Yuk " , for a hot lunch? Right: Julie Umlor and Mardi Gras Date, Paul Galligan, just clowing around. Upper Right: " HEEERRRE ' S JOHNNY " Facing Page Left: Leslie Assaf, " Just strolling along. " Opp. Page Right: Craig Gladders: A Bad case of MONDAYITIS! " IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED " Scott Siple Karen Sites Mark Slingerland Chris Smith Lisa Smith Richard Smith Dave Snider Lori Soupal Vickie Sparling James Squires Stuart Stanfill Jodi Steinhaus Sandy Stephenson Linda Steward Sue Stewart Beth Stockhausen Terri Stoeber Kim Strauss Frances Sweet s e n i o 129 r Seniors WE ' RE ALL TOGETHER NOW Brian Tack Becky Teeple Cathy Teff Harley Thomas Scott Thomas Karl Thomason Barb Thomson Jeff Thomson Lucy Touma Cathy Truchan Lester True Shelly Turner Sandy Tweedie Amy Tynan Julie Umlor Michelle Valentine Pam VanBuskirk Treasure VanDreumel s e n i o " 130 Seniors Pam Varga Mike Vasquez Cheri Vernocke John Verlinden Sheri Walters Doug Warren Lisa Warren Jeff Warshefske Jeanette Washburn Allyn Watson Missy Watson Kim Waters Dale Wedge Stu Weidenbach Mike Welch Brian West Jeanne Whybrew Steve Wilhelm Clair Williams Jon Wilson Bill Wilson Julie Wilton Sue Wine Mike Wolfe Mike Youngs Left: Brian Martin, " Can I get news points for this section of the paper? " Right: Lori Meads: Very becoming! Facing Page: Upper right: Sure wish those teachers would hurry up! Center: Julie Graw, " I guess I can bear a slim grin. " Below: Just between friends. 131 JUNIORS ARE THE FOUNDATION OF ALL GOOD THINGS. Nancy Accordino Jeff Adair Audrey Alaxander Cherie Allegree Paul Allen Laurie Ames Julie Andreae Kathy Andrews Shelly Andrews Jeff Anecki Mary Anglebrandt Sandy Angerbrandt Kathy Armstrong Stacy Armstrong Susan Artman Ed Bachman Charles Ball Michelle Baron Janice Baunoch Becky Baurer Roberta Baurer Steve Beauchamp Charlotte Beauvais John Beebe Above: Junior steering committee; first row: Julie Minnie, Mary O ' Sullivan, Beth Miller, Karri Petho; second row: Kathy O ' Con- nor, Debbie Cressman, Paige Hirschfield, Margaret Feichtner, U Colleen Morden, Carol Francavilla, Nancy Snider, Jenny Stine; PI third row: Julie MacKenzie, Tami Nikula, Michelle Ready, Mau- reen Sullivan, Tim Mackin, Lisa Porrett, and Matt Schulz. i Right: Junior class officers: president, Mary O ' Sullivan; Vice Pres., O c. Ann Wich; Sec., Julie Minnie; Treasurer, Beth Miller. r 136 s Juniors Steve Beery James Beesley Bridget Bell Sheryl Benedict John Bennett Robert Bennett Richard Berg Brian Bernum Ron Bingham Jon Blashill Lynn Bolin Scott Bombard Paul Bonner Lisa Bonney Vernon Booker Wally Borovich Chris Borris Sandy Bostater Missy Boyd Tim Brennan Rich Bryce Julie Burch Mark Calabro Valencia Caldwell Mark Camden John Cantwell William Cargo Joe Carrier Tony Catalina Jeff Chenault Left: The eyes of Joe Quandt — big, brown, and beautiful. Below: The 1979 junior class Mardi-Gras wall was a scene taken from Walt Disney ' s Lady and the Tramp. It took second place, beaten by the seniors. THE CLASS OF ' 81 MAKES EVERYTHING MORE FUN! Pat Child Brian Clark John Cloeter Sheila Cluney William Collins Carrie Conlen Pam Cook Martha Corbin Jeff Cornwell Robert Cornwell Sheri Coseo Gail Coughenour Jeanette Cowan Debbie Cressman Walter Crosby Bart Culberson Joseph Dancey Brian Daniels Beth Davidson Dan Davis Rob Davis Kathy Dentel Cherie DeStAubin Craig Dickinson Debbie Dodge Mark Donnellon Mary Dooley Jeff Drake Michael Dupuis Bessie Ernest Bob Eves Dave Falk Matt Farquar Margaret Feichtner Scott Ferguson Phil Fidler J u n i o r s Melinda Fiedler Scott Fiedler Sheryl Firestone Karen Fochtman Sue Fockler Billy Fogarty 138 Juniors Far left: " Yes master. Any- thing you say ' responds Da- vid Maurer as he seems to be in some sort of trance. Left: " Hey, check it out. I ' m on Candid Camera. " says Jeff Drake. Below right: " Earth to Jim Beasley, Earth to Jim Beasley. Come in, please. " Below right: Harold Varney gets into staying after class to finish an assignment. Donna Fohey George Foltz Craig Foster Richard Fotter Lisa Fowler Robin Fox Carol Francavilla Brigitte Frankenberger Tim Frasier Steve Frazer Debbie Fuller Lorie Galbraith Jeff Gardner Cindy Gerus Joe Gibbons Debbie Gilleran Stacy Gillespie Mark Gillihan Debbie Giroux Jeff Glenn Deb Goodnough Russ Goodrich Sandy Goodrich Chris Gordon 139 Juniors J u n i o r s JUNIORS DO IT BETTER! Maureen Gottsleben Karen Gower Melanie Grag owski Eric Groff Mark Gronek David Gwisdala Jim Hadley Richard Haight Edward Hall Julie Hall Pam Hall Robert Hall Sally Hamilton Terri Hand Tim Harkins Jackie Harmon Charles Harris Jill Harris Sue Harris Jill Hartnett Ron Hartson Matthew Harvey U Nora Hawkins PI Staci Hayes i o r 140 s Juniors Opposite page, left: Lisa Sampsell thinks of how terrible lunch would be if she had to eat school food instead of her brown bag full of goodies. Right: " Pssst. Hey, she didn ' t just take my picture, did she? " says Eric Groff. This page, above left: Jackie Harmon takes five to think about things other than school. Top right: " Heee, heee, heee, we just love to have our picture taken. " says Mary Paul Young and Joleen Vasquez. Left: Debbie Willhelm just has time for a quick snap for a photographer. Above: " Would you care for a bite of my sweet roll? " asks Everett Vincent. Cindy Haynes John Henderson Kara Henline Susan Henry Jeff Hill Paige Hirschfield Martha Hoag Cheryl Holmes Jim Horgen Sue Howard Tim Howard Scott Howe Anita Isaac Julie Israel Cathy Jackson Chuck Jackson Cindy Johnson George Johnson Matt Johnson Annette Johnston Karen Jones Mike Kalish Rosemary Kammer Kathy Krafft p i o 141 r Juniors Jackie Kearns Kim Kempf Julie King Leo King Rod King Steve Kinnee Jackie Kish Patricia Koebke Gary Koreiba Becky Kreger Ron Kroetsch Carla Kuhr Right: Valencia Caldwell is quite stunned when she realizes that she has just had her picture taken. Above: Criag Miller takes time from his studies to be a yearbook guinea pig. Left: " Nope! I refuse to have my picture taken. " says Marv Morrison. Dora Lavere Terry Leahy Barb Ledsworth Kelly Ledsworth Randy Ledsworth Jody Lett Mike Levin Lee Lewandowski Debbie Lewis Yvonne Lewis Serena Liebert fl Laurie Lindsay i o r 142 s Juniors WE ' VE GOT SPIRIT BY THE TON! Scott Lohr Sandy Longley Larry Ludington Tony Ludington Robert Ludwig Cyndi Lutz Kathy MacDonald Cliff Macey Julie Mackenzie Tim Mackin Margaret MacMillan Doug Maddox Lisa Mahosky John Malane Susan Marcozzi Juha Markkula Mike Marriott Jay Massman Valerie Mast David Maurer Don Maury Tim May Colleen McCabe Evans McCarty Debbie McDougall Sue McElroy Edwina McLean John McTevia John McVeigh Leon Mikolaczuk Beth Miller Craig Miller Joe Miller Dale Minard Julie Minnie Robin Miron Left: Tony Catilina and his accomplice, ' ' Honest, we didn ' t do it. " J U n i o i 143 r Juniors s John Moews Stephanie Montgomery Patti Moody Charles Moore John Moore Colleen Morden Eirian Morgans Marvin Morrison Todd Morrison Barry Moses Mark Moses Don Motte Richard Mouillesaux David Moulton Elizabeth Moulton Mary Kay Mrozek Donna Munro Melanie Murawski Linda Musselman Terri Muzzy Gary Nesbitt Larry Newmann Richard Nichol Tami Nikula Ed Nobles Therese Nolan Nancy Norris William Norris Chris Nuttall Mike Nye Kathy O ' Connor Mary O ' Dell Barry O ' Hare Brian O ' Hare u Pat O ' Hawaly H Shelle Oldham r 144 s Juniors Jim Ordowski Mary O ' Sullivan Ken Overbeck Lisa Paeth Mark Palmateer Mel Palmer Rodney Patterson Tom Patterson Phyllis Payden Mike Pedrotti Karri Petho Steve Pettengill Monica Petty Eric Pfeiffer Debbie Phillips Terry Pincomb Janet Platt Bill Pollmadei Lisa Porrett Debbie Poulos Charles Prigmore Joe Quandt Ruth Radford Sheila Raftery Julie Ramsey Michele Ready Jim Rec Kevin Rech Fritz Reed Shelly Reid Roxanne Remick Joan Repp Opposite far left: Jackie Kish and Joy Sheldon like to pretend that they are lunch hour su- pervisors. Opposite: Tim Brennan rushes to the cafete- ria to beat the lunch time crowds. Top: " My food just moved! " says Paige Hirschfield. Above: Sheri Riddell, alias King Tut. Pam Rhody Heidi Richards Liz Richardson 145 Juniors J u n i o r s Tana Richert Alan Richter Shari Riddell Scott Robbins Heather Rock Don Ross Tom Ross Barrie Rusch Sue Rynties Lisa Sampsell Rebecca Sandoval Karla Sarnacki Gary Schlee Tim Schmidt Bill Schmitt Vicky Schnepp Denise Schultz Matt Schulz Jim Schuneman Pat Schwartz Debbie Scouten Tim Semrow Eugene Shafer Brenda Shagena J u n i o r s Top: " What did I forget now? " asks Scott Lohr. Center: Kevin Holmes tries to hide from the camera. Top right: Chris Gordon says to Doug Hall, " Hey, no one is looking now. We could just walk right out of these doors. " Above: Rod King looks very worried as he sees Mr. Dickey approaching. Right: David Moulton gives us his best side. 146 Juniors Kemmie Shank Joy Sheldon Mike Sheldon Jeff Sheridan Sue Shoudy Todd Shoudy Randy Shreeve Donna Singh Terry Sipes Janine Siple Chuck Smith Greg Smith Lisa Smith Marvin Smith Shawn Smith Steve Smith Nancy Snider Kim Soyko Don Spangler Jenny Stine Abby Stoddart Dave Stokan Bernie Stoldt Cherie Studaker Lori Stuewer Maureen Sullivan Todd Summerer Susan Swanson Kim Symon J Kevin Tack Scott Tallmadge Cherie Tanton H i o 147 r Juniors s JUNIORS: EXCITING, SUCCESSFUL, SUPERIOR Greg Teff Bev Thayer Leslie Thelmas Sue Thompson Arthur Thomson Judy Thurston Lisa Tomchuk Laurie Truske Carolyn Turloff Paul VanSickle Margaret Varadi Mike Vario Harold Varney Joleen Vasquez Everett Vincent Jim Wagar Dave Wak Bonnie Wallace Robert Watters Anne Weiss Jeff Welsh Kelly Wessel Jane Whaling Kelly White Winona Whitehead Julie Whiting C. Ann Wich Rebecca Wiersma Jeff Wiley Jeanne Wilczynski . . Eric Willey Dave Williams PI Cynthia Williams i 0 r 1 148 s Juniors Debbie Willhelm Kathy Wilson Laura Wilson Joan Wilton Felix Witte Lorrie Wolfe Lynn Wolfe Richard Wolfe Lisa Woodcox Eva Wu Julie Wright Mary Paul Young Opposite page: Joleen Vasquez likes to pretend that she is a very scary monster. Above left: Rick Berg likes to spend his spare time holding up the walls. Top: Don Spangler, Dracula, patiently awaits his next victim. Left: Charles Prigmore takes his time going from class to class. Above: Rob Watters is finally released from Miss Wheatley ' s of- fice. 149 Juniors J u n i o r s i Top Left: Steering committee. Top right: Pooh is the sophomore choice. Mike Accordino Matt Adair Billy Adams James Aheam Scott Albert David Allen David Amon Margie Andreae Tammy Andrews Theodore Andrews Leslie Aplin Jacque Armstrong Scott Austin John Backman Janie Bailey Don Baker Ron Baker Roberto Balboa Greg Ball Terry Bantle Charles Barnes Robin Barringer Bethany Barss Ricky Bartee s Danny Barthel P Anne Beauchamp h Jackie Beeler Laura Beem O DeAna Beery PPI Steve Beier O r 6 152 Sophomores Carol Benedict James Bennett Belinda Bernum Shane Betts Thomas Bezenah Shona Bickford Robin Biain Joe Blashill Tom Blatt Mark Blomquist Scott Bond Todd Bootes Jana Bourdeau Debbie Bradshaw Kathy Brickey Marty Bringard Lisa Brohl Bradley Brown Sherry Brown Tami Brown Kari Bryce Robert Bryce Robert Buckley Rachell Buckoski Robert Bugaiski Sue Burch Bob Burt Kim Burtch Kim Camden Collen Campbell O Left: Class Officers: Scott Austin, vice-president; Kath- erine McIntyre, president; Dave Cook, treasurer; Anne Jackson, secretary. q Right: Hey! Let ' s compare answers! m o r 153 e Sophomores Mike Cansfield Robin Carpo Darlene Carrier Vicky Carrothers Michael Casado Valerie Chiappelli Danita Churchill Stacy Cole Tim Coleman Jenny Collinge Karo Collinge Kathy Collins Lori Collins Robert Colvin Allen Cook David Cook Andrew Corbin Gary Corrigan Rick Covrea William Cowles John Cox Missy Cramer LuAnn Crawford Colleen Czajka Maureen Czajaka Hunter Dancey Troy Daniel Harry Davis John Davis Lori Davis James Deluca Becky Deaner Susan Dehart Dale Deloy Sherry Denman Terry Denman " 82 " TAKES IT EASY!! Kathy Dequette Jessica Dickinson Richard Doan David Dodge Doreen Doetsch Denise Donnellon Jodice Dortman Laura Downing Dedorah Drouillard Harvey Drouillard Edith Duceatt Becky DuPree Dana Duren Bruce Dyer Tammy Easton Amy Elliot Trent Elliot Steve Ellis Jay Engelgau Linda Engelgau Theodore Ernst Douglas Evans Far left: " This is my Jimmy Carter impersonation. " Middle left: Brad Brown shows us the easy way to do exercises. Middle: John Backman takes his time the the halls. Top: Another pretty face takes life easy. Right: Joel Platzer is hard at work. 155 Sophomores S o P h o m o r e s Melissa Feanside Jemi Fencik Colleen Fenner Jack Fitzerald Shelley Fletcher Debbie Foglesong Ron Forstner Richard Fox Mike Frantz Mary Fredendall Renee Fretenborough Juanette Fuller Margaret Gamble Steve Gates Randy Geister Mary Gibbons Richards Gibbs Michelle Giese Russell Gillies Mike Glenn Lindi Gorinac Cathy Gorin Mariam Gould Pam Gower Janet Graham Mary Graw Beth Green Gisele Green Rich Groh Dawn Haemelinck Bob Haggerty Jodi Hagle Kari Haight LuAnn Haight Cindy Hall Douglas Hall Renee Hall 0 n Pat Hanchon 1 Dee Dee Hand Scott Harrington O Sally Hartnett Theodore Harvey Erik Hayes O r 6 156 s Sophomores Top: Jenny Smith gives advice to Lisa Brohl. Above center: " Hey! " says Mike France. Below center: " Who me? " says Donna. Bottom: Doug Hall says, " Cheese. " Julie Haynes Jim Hearn Hugh Heier Dave Henry Jim Henry Jeff Hickey Jeff Hill Mike Hill Eric Hinchen Ron Hinkley Ruth Hoag Anne Hogins Jerry Hoffman Lori Holburt Terry Holmes Bill Holmes Debbie Houle Debbie Howard Jeff Howard Terry Hoy April Hudson Philip Hudson Tom Hughes Jeff Hummel Christine Huston Sally Hyslop Philip Hyssong Mary Kay Ishmael Paul Israel Anne Jackson Arleen Jackson Tom Jackson Pauline Jacobsen Ricky James Derek Jensen s o P h o m o r 157 e Sophomores s Thomas Jobbit Gordon Johnson Penny Johnson Remonia Johnson Jill Johnson Jon Jones Rob Jones Gaylord Jowett Bob Kalaf Dee Karl Karen Kasdorf Randy Kelly Kevin King Kippy Kirchner Richard Kish Steve Kish John Koehler Robert Koehn Dennis Kolar Mariann Komph Bob Koppel Michael Koreiba Nancy Koss Jeff Kraff Michael Krause Robert Krause Randy Kreeger Susan Kring Scott Kurzweil Charles LaVere Becky Laber Daniel Lambert Anne Laming Beth Laming Scott Land Lori Landon Diane Lang Ruth Lapp John Lasky Kaye Lavinge Sylvia Ledsworthy Gary Leel Ralph Lewis Joe Lieberman Vicki Litteral Lisa Locke Larry Lohr Kandi Lorts Holly Losinski Kim Love Jeffrey Lovett Mike MacReady Connie MacDonald Laurie Madden Annette Maes Paul Maes Sharyn Malachi Amanda Mallery Mitzi Manis Linda Marcero r 159 e Sophomores s Andrea Marek Jim Marone Kim Martiny JoAnn Mathews Craig Murer Thomas McBrien Sue McCorkle Julie McCoy Paul McDonald William McDonald Kathy McGill Brian McGregor Top left: Hey! " Let ' s be late for homeroom. " Top right: Hey! " The last day of exams. " Bottom left: Jody and Doug are laughing over a little water. Bottom right: The sophomores have ghosts in the cafeteria. Catherine McIntyre Tammy Mclvoir Rob McKelvey Steve McKinch Bridget McKinley Lori McNaughton Diana McShane Tami Meehan Kevin Meharg Lori Michels Chris Middleton Robert Miller Bill Mitchell David Mitchell Kevin Monzo Cheryl Moore Ed Morden Julie Morgan O Kristy Morrison P Michelle Morrison h Frederick Morse Kim Moss O Karen Motte m Sandy Mouilleseaux O r e 160 s Sophomores Jerry Nusselman Lenae Nabosny Pat Napolitan Jenny Neal Angie Neaton Brian Nelson Jeff Nesbitt John Netter Jodi Newingham Mike Neumann Mike Nichols Julie Nicholson Ken Nofs Nick Nolan Donna Noonai. Eddie Norman Heather Nowak Steve Nurnberg Gerry Nutt Elizabeth Nuttall Dennis O ' Connor Brad O ' Hare Walt Olney Suzanne Olson Jerry Owen Scott Palmateer John Parman Lynn Payne Cindy Pearce Chris Pearson 161 e Sophomores s Peggy Pedigo Polly Pedigo Kathy Pederson Lori Pedrotti Steve Perry Tamarce Perry Lori Peterson Chad Pillsbury Alan Polimader Lori Polk Mike Pool Joya Popham Sarah Porrett Burton Porter Guy Przytakski Mark Rabine Mark Bady Ruth Raftery Robin Rawlings Jean Rawza Gary Raymo Carol Reid Nancy Repp Garland Reynolds Shannon Rice Dave Rich Janet Rich Bruin Richardson Terry Richert Lori Richter Greg Robinette Anne Rochon Karee Rock Tim Romero Tim Rumenapp Cindy Rush John Rushton Charles Ryan Barb Sarnacki Debbie Schieman Bill Schieman Kathy Schlee O Maryjo Schmude P Valerie Schutz h Mark Scott Laura Seely Amber Seklar m Randy Setter O r e !62 s Sophomores Bruce Seymore Sheri Shafer Scott Sharpe Karen Sheldon Scott Shreeve Skip Sibilla Michael Sills Brian Smith Carla Smith Jennifer Smith Kelly Smith Michael Smith Russ Smith Sharon Smith Tammy Smith Wendie Smith Cathy Snider Jerry Snuggs Kellie Snyder Lori Sobinsky Victor Somers Brad Sophia Jeff Sparling Bernie Spencer Pam Steinhause David Stephenson Kathy Steward Debbie Stoeber Jurine Stolicker Marlene Stolicker O Lisa Stoner Leon Stubbs Kekky Sullivan Jim Tanton Tim Teeple Patty Thompson 163 Sophomores P h o m o r e s SOPHOMORES SHOW THEIR STYLE Frank Tomlinson Pamela Totten Roseann Totten Mark Towns Pamela Trentacosta Peggy Turner Martha Ullenbruch Tim VanBuskirk Mark Vandenbossch Lori VanLuven Douglas Vargo Maria Vario Julie Wacker Linda Wade Gregory Wagner Kelly Wakeham Teresa Walsh Patty Walters Dennis Ward Brian Warren Gary Warwick Dawyne Way John Weber Bob Weckesser p h o m o r e i64 s Opposite Page Left: Hard working — or is it hardly working? Right: Hey! Don ' t look at my answers! Above: Steve McKinch tries not to work hard Far right top: Can some one help me? Far right bottom: Hey! Kim! Look at us. Sophomores Dan Weis Ardythe West Maryann Westphal Thomas White Kathy Whitehead Toni Whitmore John Wich David Wildie James Wilhelm Karen Wilhelm Scott Wilkinson Ken Willis Darcy Wilson Crystal Wilton Becky Wilton Ginger Wolfe William Wolfe Jackie Wolkensperg Wendy Woodman Cody Worden Walter Wu Jeff Wynkoop Dean Young Lynn Young s o P h o m o r e s FRESHMAN ARE FANTASTIC! NEW HUSKIES GET Jere Adams Chris Ainsworth Tim Ainsworth Jeff Akers Jerry Albert Chris Aldrich John Allen Kristi Anderson Brad Anecki John Ange Elaine Anter Nancy Bailey Steve Bailey Matt Baker Brant Barber Vicki Barnes Wendy Bartley Jenny Bates Joel Bates Robert Beauchamp Barb Becktold Lisa Becktold Steve Beebe Julie Beeler Above: The Freshmen picked a scene from Bambi to create their 1979 Mardi Gras wall. Right: " You wouldn ' t dare ' Kim Levitt seems to say. Upper Right: Tracy Smith tells some of her friends about her weekend adventures. Lower f Left: Forget the words; it ' s the pictures, DaveMcDonald, g Janet Green, and Tyler Shoudy like to look at. Right: Pete Norager says, " When I grow up, I ' m gonna have a motorcy- S cle all my own. " h m ® 168 n Freshmen A FROSH START Paul Beeler Judy Beem Chris Benedict Kim Benjamin Jeanne Bennett Mike Berels Bonnie Berg Barbara Bishop Steve Blackledge Denise Blain Ed Bonin Lisa Bonner Rick Bonney Ron Bostater Kim Boughner Lisa Bowers Robert Blackenbury Steve Bradley F r e s h m 169 e Freshmen n Below: Mike Pollack likes the Pepsi Life!! Right: Mark Nabozny and Ed Bonin check out the girls during lunch. Center: Ella shows her Colagate smile. Opposite Lower Left: Hey, anybody wanta dance??? Lower left: Jerry Corwin tells us how he won against a whole football team! Right: Guess who chuckles, " All right you guys; one of us has to remember the combination. " F r e s h Tom Bragg Michael Branch Bob Brohl Julia Brown Mike Brown Robin Brown Jon Burch Beth Burgess Terri Burgos Jeri Burkhardt Robin Burns Kevin Burtch Teresa Cain Kim Caldwell Julie Campbell Karen Campbell Ray Casper Ross Catalina Tim Catalina Lisa Ceckowski Deanne Choiniere Susan Cimbora Peter Cipollone Rich Cleary m e 170 n Freshmen FRESHMEN SHOW THEIR TALENT Kurt Cloeter Lori Coggins Mark Colgan Jim Collier David Collin Pam Collins Susan Collins John Collver Jim Colvin Lisa Conlen Lori Conley Jeff Cook Sue Coon Leslie Copping Sylvia Coronado Rusty Corry John Cowan John Crankshaw John Cressman r Ann Dailey r Dan Davey r Paulette Davis Randy Davis Wade Davis S h Freshmen 171 m e n WE ' VE ONLY JUST BEGUN. Right: Peter Cipolloni seems to be thinking, " All right, I messed that up. Now what do I do? " Far Right After all these weeks sitting in the hall, Sue Koehler finally spots her Prince Charming. F r e s h Judy DeLuca Dave Dennis Jennie Dent Joseph Dentel Jim Dewey Lisa Digiuseppe Dana Doan Ann Downing Ed Dumont Kim Duncan Ronald Dupuis James Durand Craig Eagle Dawn Eagle Mike East Laura Eastman Tracy Easton Bob Edie Stacey Eifert Lynn Ellis Linda Ellsworth Nancy Engelgau Dan Evenson Randy Falk Morris Farrington Patty Feick Noreen Fenner Mark Ferguson Bruce Fiedler Elizabeth Fitzgerald m e i72 n Freshmen Paula Flynn Rob Foster Rene Fox Dave Frappier Rochelle Freeman Mike Fretenborough Jill Fulcher Roberta Fuller Scott Furness Michelle Gamble Dan Garijo Jeff Gauthier George Frederick Gary Gillhooley Jim Gillies Jenny Gillmore Denise Glenn Terry Gordon Chris Gould Elizabeth Grasel Frank Grebenok Janis Green Jodi Groh Becky Grooters Cathy Grundy Liz Guertin Roxanne Gurnsey Brian Gustin Krista Hadley Roger Hadrich Darlene Haemlinck Jim Hager Robert Hamilton Steve Harmer James Harneck Dave Harris Jenny Harris John Hartel Mary Hartson Jim Harvey Pat Harvey Richie Harwood Chuck Hawkins Eric Hayden Julie Hayes Mike Haynes John Hayward Brenda Heering F r e s h m 173 e Freshmen n ' 83 IN A NEW PACE! F r e s h Charles Hicks Ted Higgins Tom Hill Randy Hinkley Laura Hislop Tom Hodgins Chris Hoetger Tim Hoffman Carolyn Hopkins Derrick Houston Steve Howard Terri Howard Debbie Howe Brenda Hoy Jim Hull Brett Hulverson Bryon Humphrey James Imgram Scott Invine Lisa Jackson Pat Janks Frank Jesovero Tim Jobbitt Cheryl Johnston Terry Jordon Jill Joyner Right: " Oh, my gosh, I don ' t believe it! " , says Lisa Conlen. N. m 6 174 n Freshmen Dave Kalaf Mary Kalaf Dave Kelley Charles Kempf Andrea Kern Mike Kimball Shelly King Tom Kinsman Scott Kirby Anne Kish Becky Koch Nancy Koebke Sue Koehler Angela Krause Holly Krohn Heather Kucsera Jim Kuehn Fred Kuhr Bill Kullander William LaVere Mark Ladd ' Lisa Lamb Jennifer Lambe Joe Lambert Sandy Lambert Renee Latendresse Mindy Lett Kim Levitt Tricia Lindsay Chris Little Left: Mike Brown what he has behing a slow death. gives anyone three guesses to his back. Below: Rick George has F r e s h m 175 G Freshmen n FRESHMEN SHOW THEIR Debra Lomasney Grant Longley Greg Loxton Teresa Lucey Jon Ludwig Tom Lynch Andrea Macey Alison Mackenzie John Mackie Doug Mactaggart Jim Madaus Steve Madej Dave Marcero Charles Marengo Laura Martin Scott Martinek Michael Masserant John Maurer John Maury Annette McCarty Dave McDonnell John McDougall Joddy Mclvor Mary McLane Chris McLeod Mark McVeigh Steve Meade Krystal Meharg Cora Middleton Heidi Miller F T Above: Mr. Morrison shows his look of p grief as he watches the new 1979 Fresh- men file in. Middle: Jim Hager says, 5 " Don ' t worry wall I ' ll hold ya up. Right: h Dick West shows his smile of Triumph as he gets away without his parking ppi sticker once again. 6 176 n Freshmen STYLE!!! Left: Some freshmen show just how friendly they can be. Right: Jon Ludwig always wears his hard hat in the case of a falling ceiling. Larry Miller Kathy Mills Mark Minard Jim Mitrink Robert Moews Sheraton Moore Bruce Morauski Brett Morehead Sara Morgans Mike Morrison Chuck Mosure David Mrozek Mark Nabozny Yolanda Nalanga Ed Nebel Joe Neff Marty Newin gham Peter Norager Kay Nuss Jennie Nuttall Tracey O ' Conner Kristine Ohier Susan Olack Donna O ' Lar Bill Palmateer Dan Palmateer Micky Papineau Danielle Parsons David Patterson Keith Patterson Randy Patterson Don Paul Glenn Peacock Karin Pettit Susan Phare Betty Pincomb F r e s h m 177 Freshmen n Brad Plant Joel Platzer Pat Pockington Andrea Polk Mike Pollock Tami Presley Tony Prigmore Tina Provost Kim Radatz Gwen Radford Mary Raftery Joe Randolph Laurance Reed Paul Reed Robert Reed Debra Regan Connie Reid Tim Remick Donna Repp John Rich Sherilyn Rich Diane Richards Desi Richert Cindy Richter Kelly Riddell Steve Riddell Ken Rix r Brian Robbins ■ Francine Robinson r Kristine Robinson Don Rock Mike Roesch S James Ropposch h m e 178 n Freshmen Kathy Rosentreter Bob Ross Dyann Sampsell Cathy Sandoval Isabel Sanchez Humberto Sanchez Tracy Saunby Anna Savalle Mark Sawdon Erich Schieman Angie Schmidt Paul Schrader Chris Schultz Suzi Schulz Anna Schwartz Steve Shafer Paul Shank Colleen Shevnock Kristine Shier Rhonda Shier Jim Shoffner Tyler Shoudy Dawn Sibilla Doug Sites Bill Smith Chris Smith Gary Smith Larry Smith Lisa Smith Terry Smith Tracy Smith Deborah Snowden Donna Sosnowski Robert Sovereen Shelley Spacil Terri Spencer F Above: Freshmen have another exciting day. Middle: Smile , you ' re on Candid Camera. Bottom: Angie Schmidt and Angie g Wessel hold an interesting conversation with the register and wall. S h m 17 ? 6 Freshmen n F r e s h m Dion Spicer Charles Spokaeski Deanne Stabinski Kevin Steckling Eric Stevens Mike Steward Angie Stewart Scott Stewart Ray Stone Steve Stoner Bob Streeter Jill Stroud Treena Sweet Dawn Sylvester Anne Symon Kendy Szeszycki Laurie Tack Kathy Talaski Richard Talbot Anne Tallmadge Jeff Tallmadge Mark Tarewell Gerald Taylor Stephen Teff Kim Thompson Michael Thompson Rob Treadgold Mark Turloff Tammy Turner David Turney 6 180 n Freshmen Upper Left: Paulette Davis shows relief; she passed her math test! Middle: Sheraton Moore relaxes at lunch in his homemade easy chair. Right : Dawn Sylvester knows milk is a natural. Below: Steve Shafer tells Ronald that he always hangs around upper classmen ' cause the girls will think he ' s older. Lori Ultsch Jodi Varty Tracy Vettese Mark Vincent Vancel Vincent Lisa Wacker Shawn Wahl Steve Watson Jeff Watters Carolyn Weber Todd Wedge Angie Wessel Dick West Dwayne Westley Lynn White Janet Wich Bob Wiley Steve Wilken Craig Williams Joseph Willis Cindy Wilson Bill Wilton Gary Wilton Kelly Wilton Andrea Wine Torri Winiarski Traci Winiarski Mary Wisenbough Annette Wolfe Marie Wolkensperg Steve Wolvin John Woods Rettia Woody Jack Wright Lottie Wright Corey Young Don Young F r e s h m 181 Freshmen n FACULTY WHAT ' S YOUR EXCUSE NOW? Would you believe I don ' ! have my homework because I left all my books on the golden sands of Daytona Beach, Florida, during spring break? Would you believe I was late because my bus had a bomb scare, and was then held up by Iranian demostrators who wanted us for hostages? re today ' s students still handing out far-fetched excuses to their all too trusting teachers? The vacuity members of PHN were asked to submit the est excuse sputtered to them by some nervous student who thought he ' d try to pull one over on an unsuspecting teacher. For the next 8 pages, you will read some of these zany excuses. Keep in mind that temporary insanity would be a possible plea on the student ' s behalf! Mr. Guy Bailey was told one that any rational individual would find hard to believe. " My mother was defrosting the refrigerator. She placed the meat on the table where I was working, and the frost stuck to my paper. By the time I realized my paper was missing, it was frozen to the meat. The defrosted paper was ruined, so I had to throw it away. (I have to ad- mit, it ' s different!) Mr. Jim Bates, athletic dept., " I had to go home to help my parents build our ga- rage. I was planning to come back 5th hour, but was held up by extra work. " (sure ya were, kid!) Mr. Thomas Blackney, sci- ence dept., heard a student say, " I was late because I had to finish my smoke — I just bought the new milli- meters longer brand. " (cough cough) Mr. Richard Baker, when he was attending the parking lot, once heard a car squeal out. When questioned the owner said, " I ' m sorry, but my foot just slipped off of the clutch. " Mrs. Nancy Bitzinger told us about a boy in her home- room whom she told to stay after school for excessive tar- diness. He begged to be let off, giving the excuse: " My girl friend just had a baby and I have to go the hospital to visit her. " (He probably didn ' t even have a girlfriend!) Mr. Eugene Blynn, math dept., was told, " It was fog- gy on the way to school this morning and when I rolled down my window to see outside, my paper blew out. " (okay — ) 184 Mr. Robert Clark, history dept., was told, " I was late beause someone stole my pants in gym class and I had to wait un- til my mom brought me another pair ' Mr. Sam Coughenour, POD says he always hears, " I just don ' t have time. I ' ve got to work you know! " Mr. Ronald Davey, math dept., hears the " old faithful " of excuses, " I don ' t have my homework paper because my puppy wet on it. " (next!) Mr. Michael Dias, softball coach, once heard, " I was late for the game because I left my uniform in the dryer. " (This girl really must have had her mind on the game!) Mr. James Dickey was not present during our poll, but his sub gave us a good one! " Some guys were be- ing punished for smoking non-cigerettes. They de- nied the charge against them. When asked to ex- plain why their eyes were so bloodshot, they an- swered, " When we were driving around we had the windows down and the exhaust must have gotten inside the car. " Mr. Michael Dineen, made us wonder the mental age of his students when he told us that one of his pupils told him " My babysitter ripped my assignment. " (pretty mean babysitter!) 185 Mrs. Florence, English dept., has been given the same old song and dance. Her students tell her, " I had so much homework in all my classes that I de- cided not to do yours ' (pretty big of them!) Miss Laura Foster told us an unbelieveable story that later turned out to be true. " I put my books in the closet and the house burned down. " (it ' s time all books came out of the closet!) Miss Diane Fugil, athletics dept., was told, " I went home to get my gym clothes, and on the way back my car ran out of gas. " (this must ' ve been on a " run " day, eh girls?) Miss Donna Galoit, cre- ative needlework, asked her student why she didn ' t bring her project in to work onit. The excuse? Simple. " I left it home so my mother could work on it. " (thank heaven for mothers!) Mr. Fred Green had a stu- dent with a colorful im- magination. He was told, " My little brother thought my paper was a coloring book. " Mr. Thomas Hamilton, history dept., told us that his students didn ' t even bother with any excuses. They just told him, " Not now, I ' m busy! " (who isn ' t these days???) 186 Mr. Dan Hanton had a student who believed in blaming someone else to save his own skin. This student looked out for 1 by telling Mr. Hanton, " I was late because Mr. Weymouth wanted me to find the deer he mis- sed! !(he must have meant he was in the woods, right??) Mr. Irvin Hayward found a student who found a brighter side to getting married. His excuse? " I won ' t have my paper to- morrow because I ' m get- ting married. " (now that ' s original) Mr. Howard Heidemann, science dept., gave us al- most as bad of a one as we made-up at the beginning of this section. Instead of leaving his paper at Day- tona Beach, some student told Mr. Heidemann, " I don ' t have my paper be- cause I left it in Nebraska after our vacation there. " Mr. Paul Johnson ' s stud- net didn ' t blame some- body else for his own tar- diness, instead he blamed Mr. Johnson himself. " I was late because I was picking up trays for you in the cafeteria, " (that ' s understandable) Mr. Larry Klink had a stu- dent tell him, " I had it all done, but my mom put it in the washing machine. " (that ' s pretty cold-blood- ed, blaming your own mother) Miss Patricia Knapp was being taken advantage of because she ' s such a softy for young love. She was actually told, " I was late because my braces got caught on my boyfriend ' s braces! " 187 Mr. Robert Mattson, one of our counselers, was once told by a student, " I was late because I lost my schedule. " (this sounds like the excuse of a freshman — it better be anyway!) Mrs. Elaine McLoud ' s stu- dent seemed to play dumb. He used the " cute-but- dumb " approach with the quick thought-up excuse of ... " — What homework? Did we have homework? " (snicker snicker) Mr. Harold Miller, science dept., was innocently told, " The family dog ate up my assignment. " (I bet if it were disected no trace of paper would be found!) Mr. Larry Miller was given a rather creative excuse. A stu- dent of his told him, " I didn ' t do my homework be- cause I was kidnapped. " (If it can happen to Patty Hearst, it can happen to anybody, right? WRONG!) Mr. Richard Miller, Student Council Advisor, was told, " Our dog and cat had a fight and my papers were all destroyed. " (they must have really been " scrapping " it out! Get It? sorry) Mrs. Sandra Miller, math dept., was told, " My locker partner stole my home- work. " (c ' mon, if ya can ' t trust your locker partner, who ' s left to trust??) Mr. William Morrison, science dept., received the ole, " My dog ate it after I put it away. " (let ' s x-ray the mutt!) Miss Iris Nelson, science dept., was told " I can ' t type my blood type be- cause I have a bad cold. ' ' (how very thoughtful) Mr. James (Herr) Nor- man, German teacher, was told, " ... You ' re not going to believe this but my mother took it to Chicago. " (sure, blame good ole mom; you ' re right, I don ' t be- lieve it!) Miss Mary Neil, math dept., received this flim- sy excuse not from a stu- dent, but from a parent. " I never could do math , so I assume my son daughter can ' t do it either. " (intelligence IS hereditary, but effort must enter into it some- where) Mr. Thomas Noranger, choir dept., was told by a vacation-minded stu- dent, " I can ' t sing today because I twisted my an- kle. " (he must sing all the low notes! Get it? Ha! Ha!) Mr. Glen Pike, history psychology dept., was told by an obviously psy- chologically confused stu- dent, " Mr. Pike, I can ' t take the test today be- cause, you see, I thought the test was yesterday, but I wasn ' t here yester- day so I didn ' t know you had changed the test day for today. " (nice try, but you can ' t psych-out a psy- chology teacher) 189 Mr. Dominyo Ruiz was told on the second-to- the-last day of school in June, " I was late because I forgot the combination to my locker. " (you know the locker he had, the one with the combination scratched in the paint.) Mr. George Singer ' s stu- dent must have believed in the old " honesty is the best policy " slogan. He said, " I did it, honest! But I forgot it at home. " (so much for that policy) Mr. Richard Talladay, math dept., was told by some cruiser, " While we were riding around town in my car, my friend shredded my paper and threw it out the window. " (some friend) Mr. Kevin Senn was told by some spoiled cherub, " My dad thought it was a masterpiece so he took it to work with him. " (where ' d he work? the National Gallery of Art? nice try) Mr. Cyril Smith, ws given the brush-off for an ex- cuse. He says he ' s always told, " I just don ' t have the time. " (short, sweet, and to the point; what more could anybody ask?) Mr. David Tracy was told a whopper of an excuse. Listen to this . . . " My goldfish ate it! " (Great!, what was his name? Moby Goldfish? uh-huh, and I suppose he has fangs, too) ! 190 Mr. Joseph Vettese re- ceived an excuse from a juvenile deliquent who said, " I didn ' t do my homework because I was in jail. " (of course Mr. Vettese didn ' t argue for fear of being stabbed by a pencil or something after- wards — just kidding) Mrs. Barbara Wismer, Li- brarian, was told a year after losing a library book, " Hey, I found my library book! You know, the one I lost last year. " When asked where the book was found, the student re- plied, " I found it be- tween the walls in the liv- ing room. It must have fallen through the hole in my bedroom. " (SURE) Miss Barbra Wheatley, counselor, was told " I ' m late because I forgot to turn my clocks back- . " Nice try, But the student outfoxed himself. This would have made him one hour earlier! (think about it) Mr. Peter Woods heard an excuse which is very rare because many of us don ' t dare to say it. Or maybe the student had the dreaded " quitteritus " in his blood. He told Mr. Woods, " I just can ' t think of anymore ex- cuses!! " (wonder how many excuses he had used before???) Mr. James Young was giv- en an excuse from a possi- ble sadist. He says, " I was late because I was stuck behind a funeral. " (quit complaining, you could ' ve been the " Guest of Honor " , so to speak.) The other PHN faculty members have probably heard the same excuses, except they were too shy to tell us about them. After reading this section, one will probably ask himself, " Who believes this junk, anyway? " Well don ' t be fooled. Teachers don ' t either. It ' s all a conspiracy between them. They just want to hear what you have to say. So don ' t ever disappoint them. Start having an excuse for everything you do . . . even if it ' s wrong! The remaining faculty members are as follows: Mr. Ahearn; Mr. Aikins; Mr. Armstrong; Miss Cantu; Miss Drewyore; Mr. Duncan; Mr. Esterline: Mr. Fotch- man; Mr. Gable; Mrs. Goldsworth; Mr. Hobbs; Mr. C. Johnson; Mrs. Nancy Johnson; Mrs. LaBeau; Ms. Mackie; Miss Meyer; Mrs. Pamela Mosier; Mr. D. Pearson; Miss Perry; Mrs. Renner; Mrs. Rogers; Mr. Ryskewecz; Mr. Schwalm; Mrs. Smith; Mr. Taggart; Mr. Tinsley; Mr. Trapp; Mr. Weymouth; Mr. White; Mr. G. Young; Mrs. Jones (librarian); Mr. Soule (Counselor); Mr. Howard Buckoski (Counselor); Mrs. Goodrich (Counselor); Mr. Benedict. 191 ADVISOR Mrs. Linda Florence EDITOR Treasure Van Dreumel (Faculty ADS) STUDENT LIFE Kim Collier SPORTS Dave Bair Kim Meharg Jack Bennett JUNIORS Carolyn Turloff Mary Arnett FRESHMEN Jennie Bailey ACADEMICS Matt Johnson Sue Rynties Cathy Truchan SENIORS Julie Umlor Sue Lambert Sue Hubbell SOPHOMORES Kemmie Shank Theresa Hill PHOTOGRAPHERS Kim Collier Treasure Van Dreumel Jack Bennett Julie Umlor denotes section editor Introducing the Port Huron Northern Spirit staff of 1980! Who are they? (Good question.) Believe it or not, they are the commoners of PHN just like you. The only difference between them and you is that they are " into " book production and copy rules and all that other stuff they know (Of course, there is one other small differ- ence: they signed up for the class and you didn ' t, but let ' s assume you already know that part). How are they organized? (Another fine question.) They are made up of about 16 students and one " head honcho " who keeps the pace of progress up to a fast waltz (so to speak). What does this staff actually do? (Boy! You ' re really on your toes now!) Instead of curling up with a book, they curl up with a bunch of layouts in triplicate, and create the pages that will appear in your yearbook. Is there anyway that I could be a member of this excit- ing staff, TOO? Well, there is a slight chance. Okay, more than a slight chance. All you have to do is sign up for SPIRIT then fill out an application for the editor to approve (which he she will unless you ' re weird or something). So what do you have to lose? (That ' s our question.) i ; . ' V- ' mmma , ' -A 0 f k ■■.V- - 5 ■ •. ' : i •• » ' C «- hld took. vicas no “ piece of cake” to “ produce , bat the r of. 1980 worked hard and did a fantastic job X would especially like to thanK J oar Aolvitoe } Mri. LirvM Florence, who not only made t throuah Ker f;rst year at ' - ' PUN, but came a tJon top as toell- ' X viould also like to thanK ?7r ftithard filler -far helpira tiS through- exxv financial djffioxxlti s • Also , xwbuld i Ke e tkiank Jeff Tborasorv for ' thf cole pictures jft this boo , if . . f e.-yervoAe else. laW them ose lots better bo6K riyFfacdt mearJ thanK- you. because we could-nb have done it alone. ThanKs 16 JiH- - . 7 T ' he Sp r +5 Sfof-f i OOOVdl l_vKA +o ir xr ' K TH6- T ) MgS Vle-rg-d for tK«- liSE 1 of tV tlr Sporf-s pWo-hij-e s. a nliAtUrriSt ' 7 w ? : v ? •. v •;• — ; y . ; . v y.- ; . .; . . .i r [ ; r Ts V o. • v , v‘ r • ;• •j, ? ; . w: w . w-iy tl . • . ' ’ ■ F i ; ' je . ' » - h . • . 1 C ' 1 A. J !. • . V w »f 7 AiW joes ™ adidas restaurants C vu£$ Dairy Queen Sears ALEMITE Wfl OLD FASHIONED HAMBURGERS chomplin Jeep |(nWfa| T™d A! " RESTAURANTS 195 sxAraMasixHtiAav 1 % orx: upon a time. cblLDRera ' s appaReL Sizes 0-14 Susan Watson Yvonne Babin (313) 984-4500 COLONIAL SHOPPING CENTER 2854 Pine Grove Ave. Port Huron, Michigan 48060 BIJOU CLUB 401 GRAND RIVER — PORT HURON DANCING DISC JOCKEY LIGHT SHOW ARCADE REFRESHMENTS SATURDAY MATINEE 12:00-4:30 PM 14 YRS. AND YOUNGER $2.00 FRIDAY SATURDAY EVENING 7:00-12:00 PM $3.00 PORT HURON TEENAGE NIGHT CLUB 985-6182 2887 Krafft Road Open For Lunch 11:00-4:00 Monday-Saturday Disco Opens At 8:30 PM Tuesday-Sunday TUFF-KOTE Introduces a Warranty Good For As Long As You Own Your New Car. Only Tuff-Kote Rustproofs Every Car Twice With Our Exclusive 2-Step System. Used Car Rustproofing Tuff- Kote ' s Unique Penetrant Thoroughly Penetrates Tight Welds And Seems To Help Stop Existing Rust. Now With A 3-Year Refund Warranty. 517 BARD 987-7447 Port Huron ' s Car Preservation Center Tuff-Kote, Dinol The world’s largest automotive rustproofer. c Tuff-Kote Dinol. Inc. 1979 197 ; ♦ ♦ ► ' ; ♦ ; ♦ ► SMIBRRN - ± And Food Stamps Accepted Here " The Best Products At The Best Prices " 10th LaPeer In Port Huron 984-5222 CARPENTER ' S QUALITY MEATS Fresh Meats Custom Cutting Of Meats For Home Freezers • Cutting • Wrapping • Curing Smoking 419 LAPEER RD. 984-1628 ■ 4 : 3 : 3 : 3 kg : ] »1 ] ] | ] M M M m ♦ M ♦ 1 ♦ m ♦ 1 ♦ 1 ♦ K ♦ 1 . ♦ CONGRATULATIONS CHERYL CLASS OF 1980 BRAGGS PARTY STORE 3578 PINE GROVE AVENUE BEER, WINE, LOTTERY TICKETS, ETC. ole ole OF PORT HURON UNIQUE GIFTS COURT OF FLAGS MALL 2887 K RAF FT ROAD, PORT HURON ML, 48060 BONNIE DON FLETCHER : ♦ ► ♦ ♦ ► ; ♦ ► FOX ' S JEWELERS SINCE 1917 DIRECT DIAMOND IMPORTERS 111 HURON AVENUE PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 48060 ACORN PRESS " COMPLETE LINE OF WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ACCESSORIES REASONABLE PRICES FOR THE BUDGET MINDED COUPLE. SAMPLE BOOKS LOANED. PERSONAL, FRIENDLY ONE-TO-ONE SERVICE. COMMERCIAL PRINTING 1419 WATER STREET PORT HURON, MICHIGAN : ♦ f| BOB FOX CHEVROLET INC. 2915 LAPEER RD. PORT HURON, MICH. CHEVETTE, MONZA, CAMARO CITATION, MALIBU, MONTE CARLO BUSINESS PHONE 984-5531 RANDALL ' S FOR FLOWERS AND GIFTS NORMA J. TRAVLER THE GROVE MALL 2700 PINE GROVE AVE. PHONE: PORT HURON, MICHIGAN 48060 984-2631 198 BUY A CAR FROM . . . TONY GUIZAR 2543 LAPEER RD WEST OF 24th Ilow mileage guaranteed cars 982-0176 WE RENT AND LEASE CARS TOO! Hertz OPEN: MON.-F RI. 10-9 SAT. 10-6 SUN. 12-4 A»C£? KItchen Bftrh COOKWARE BAKEWARE CUISINART SHOWER CURTAINS TOWELS MATCHING ACCESSORIES COURT OF FLAGS MALL PORT HURON 984-5385 7 ' BRIDAL REGISTRY GIFT WRAPPING DELIVERY SERVICE JLf. _ 7 J0 PEOPLES BANK OF PORT HURON MEMBER FDIC SAVING FOR A NEW CAR? AT PEOPLES BANK YOUR SAVINGS EARN THE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE . . . 5.24% DAILY INTEREST WITH NO RESTRICTIONS ON DEPOSITS OR WITHDRAWALS. AND, IF YOU MAINTAIN A BALANCE OF $500.00 IN YOUR SAVINGS YOU RECEIVE SERVICE FREE CHECKING. 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Sizes 3-15 All Famous Brands Court of Flags Mall Krafft 24th Ave. Port Huron 4 204 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 rWCU M BLUE WATER BOWL BLUE WATER BOOK BIBLE STORE SUNDAY SCHOOL MATERIALS MUSIC SUPPLIES RECORDS — GIFT ITEMS GREETING CARDS COLONIAL SHOPPING CENTER 2448 PINE GROVE 985-6817 JONES SEWING CENTER l ,: { m CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES, SENIORS THE TIMES HERALD SINGER 402 HURON AVE., PORT HURON, 985-6146 £ Mattress 5 shoppe r PAUL KELLEY 615 10th STREET • PORT HURON (313) 987-9559 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF " 80 " NORTHGATE PARTY STORE 3845 PINE GROVE 985-4341 n WINFIELD COOPER REALTOR MULTI LIST MEMBER APPRAISAL AND BROKERAGE 523 HURON AVE., PORT HURON PHONE: 987-2100 r ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 205 a a A A A A A A Ta A aTaTaT4 aTaTa A A A TaTaT4%%T aTaT aTaTaT aTa A ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ A A K : ♦ K ; ♦ ► ♦ ►: ♦ ♦ ► ♦ ► ♦ ► ; ♦ ► ♦ ► ♦ ► ♦ ► ♦ ► ♦ ► MORTIMER SON LUMBER CO. INC. FOUR YARDS TO SERVE YOU j MAIN YARD: PORT HURON: 2307 LAPEER AVE. 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COOPER — Realtor RES.: 984-3624 OFFICE: (313) 987-2100 neal - AuiliiiltiiixL Audio Electronics Sales Services 2866 Pine Grove Ave 987-2940 Car Stereo installation available in the Colonial Shopping Cn Fctyiak-dhATAJi csssa — mm IJrWH And Much Much More!! Town r r ' f ‘Count ry realty J 902 Military Street 987-4600 Wirtz Manufacturing Co. 1105 24th Street 987-4700 The Feed-N-Seed 3658 LaPeer Rd 982-8861 J — Should Your senior picture be different? By all means your personal senior portrait should be dif- ferent from everyone e lse ' s. This may mean special lighting, clothing and poses — whatever it takes to cap- ture you at your best. No assembly line, please! At our studio we ' re pre- pared to put out that special effort to make your senior picture one that " captures the real you, " and one that ' s worthy of this important event in your life! Call us and see the difference! R.L. Jechura Photography 208 209 IPs r ' • w 1 ' SI % h Rub-A-Dub-Dub, A very crowded TUB! Love DAD f $ i s jUm v. ' -fc u I I l‘ St pear il;s I II. , : ♦ CONGRATULATIONS MR. AND MRS. PETTIBONE 1979-1980 SPIRIT PATRONS " A MILLION THANKS TO THESE PEOPLE” The Tool Shack Morrish Flowers Blue Water Beauty Supply Blue Water Hobbies Paulines Beauty Salon Quinlan Music Store Hamilton ' s Country Store Goshnick ' s Studio Kerr Albert Office Supply Robert ' s Tuxedo Silke Bruggebors Mr. Mrs. Coughenour Ace Hardware Mr. Mrs. Van Dreumel P.H.N. Choirs P.H.N. Administrators Anonymous Ned Katie Hubbell Mr. Mrs. Vincent Truchan D. Ruiz Marilyn Zomlik Diane S. Collier Mr. Cy Smith Port Huron Lanes Stan Marengo The HONDA Shop Mr. Mrs. Milton Hyslop Treasure ' s Grandparents River District Glass Shallcross Optical Mr. Mrs. Douglas Huston Sun Ridge Apts., Ypsilanti Mr. Richard Miller Congratulations Julie — Mom Dad Mr. Mrs. David Tracy Troy Laundry Company Sport ' s Haven This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. It is the end of the beginning. — Winston Churchill '

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Northern High School - Spirit Yearbook (Port Huron, MI) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Northern High School - Spirit Yearbook (Port Huron, MI) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


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