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. My Pg fb X f xr? RJ J77 by Q5 'Q JS X 13 I I2 5 dp QL? -f Aj U1 H' Qc ,I V ff F X- v I AX- fp ' ,. jf ' J F' RQY 5 S' N J J 2' if C551 K ,Y my VX IX Ivy . , JQ X j -- ' ,3 N Ji I 55,1 If h QB! W Qty' N ' 1- 9 ,,. N, ND: wg BPM! C?" VY 34-7 pl! wg N! U 'J DJ av -xr QF, W 0 P U wi' X7 1' SN k f""?g2 -DNV NQSX X I v X Lf i .5 X1 V K1 YJ NW 50 5. .N K., K- Q QA it ,ftxz L-'ff - X xx' f qw AQ .gf X FXR A 3 V, rx , I Q w.,,fxw3 f A X-jul X-J, 'X QQL Q J ' . K' J ,Yi if 'ff 1 'Nj A 55- ur LE fx X 5 1' '- V ' ff X I Q I xfxlq-gQ?"V .. '15 Q' QQ J NQN5 'Q f' 32 4 J iw .5595 4 f A dim ' , EOM? wwf ,A Q15 ZQQ ,f in 'YYY QW D' wr Qbffirxffir Eli 3 4 tiff KNKXW 1 :Spiga N" X 59 ESQ TM A f E NW Ni M xi 'A fp,-23 QV xx, I I is KD' Kc EXQQJ x Sb an ' N97 5 V P ,XX ,fw 5365 .952 YN F252 XV 'Exp ' A V N Q 3 , yxfufwfj Hi ay? Y ,fix Q ,QL Q iw M , FSR A Q5 ,ff NX A fgxm ff-2.1-kj X 5' WG NQ mi + 74 ig, fin x 4' sw Pa .1 f ,lyk sf Xt is N ' l 3? Q . 5 i wg - vi. E, 3 Q .X an 5 .x in 1 ,Q lx ' X: ?ffF .5 ,, Y- g 3 . g, .Q x 'S L k X -Q. -w Q , . . ,Q Q 1 N 5 f 5 X is Q ix S SN Q' Quai! Y Q 9143 it is is E Q 'f in Q 8 GX di is va P wisp is ..M? -v if m A ' , V. is A pi' .S . ,fy Q' 5 .Q ,N 8.x Q 6 if if Q :'f I.. , - ,J H- I :ig :nk 3? -ff -w. , v v ii . , 14: E W 1 1. 5Vf,,.g,.lM K Q el , -1 in 1 W J J W L , . -, Q , M' M . 5' ,X , ,A A' v.. if f ' 4, Q . --38 if wr nw v -W ', .1 .VA W... -Q- M QSGS- 7 it '-in , fr' "' 's , . , N . W- . . N 55551 QW?--m ', mm .- Slim W. an in .K Q. I in f Snow Extravaganza G11 en ABOVE: Personalities pose. RIGHT: The winning float the Sophomores. OPPOSITE PAGE, ABOVE LEFT: The Freshmen "slope,'. ABOVE RIGHT: The Junlor's "old man". BELOW LEFT: The disaster of '78. BELOW RIGHT: What the fashionable 'Snow Extravaganza' winner will be wearing, 'The Old Snow Ski" award. 06- lL X wr M gy I 1. .,,: x ,1- , I Mi ,Af I S J Q g L ik fi s S . A ' -W MW W N , Y uf 1, 1.1. ,fn Ae ',:,Xt ,-ggi , 1 ,w-421 . P 1 W. "TN V" ff' ffl Q:14'f,Q TW ,I ' M YN ' ' -s . -- Q ' ' f " fm 'huh A - mms' f- H L hr' K, 'y ' W WIWL. .,...........-any L .- .. ' " , -wa ff. A. A .M ,M ww- .: , - in ff K- , 7 W- fr. ',,' f - V . 'fm-29' , .. 'J ,iv 41: fg szxfmiwfl- Q :ir ,- ,MWQ ,jf k,.,, ' , 4, 1 .Y . fx v fm. W , ,.. C.. X. - 'yd W NNN, Wk ,En 'N VJ. Q 'I N ,. ..,wani':- ' S E - ,N,.i, . , Q 1 A X' K1 A .ww 4 wif A hy A i, as -1: W IAN? wif Mardi Gras Star v A df' ' Ffh F f-fav' A " 417,-uv, -. , Q. , Y k my if s HR F , A 5 'LA - 1. 'ii 5' "' w ,Wgm , 1, XX N I ia? f, sm AMWPWJ L . A ' K 4. 1 -W bk l v 3' 1. 3 1 ' Q: - . .A .H Qu ang-553. 1 .fs .nl iffq, ,aV 1 pie. 'I-I 223--:QL 3-txf. me :X rj :yy wg E l 'asm 33:1-I N Wm MW a' L. gf N SM W Bz K R. . I i AE iZ'?""' WL fm hhh , MW? Gdadmy fm , tlwhugqf MIL N N X--A---nf-nQ....v M X rm..,w W- UW 5 ww .H M M ' 3' :W E 4 I 1 ,wr .N Y 5. , wg' Q , U i -.v-. V X1 a 1 .0 X H 2 N 3 J--2 lf- WJ. QQ 1 Aug 'fr n as 4 1 f . A 1 sd., 'f 7g-5 A M.. M A. M k --Lx: is , 5 -ff! m 1 1 The Beginning . . Together we enter Hopes, or fears, running high Successes, or failures Hide within - shall we try? Try to do the job well Work, enjoy, perservere So that once our time's done All will know, "We've been here!" the End Together we stood Joined by age, time and space, As we pass through these portals separation takes place Each offering life, Individuality untested, The ultimate testg With tomorrow your invested Cadermcs for the future Achievement Conscientious Aspiration Dedication Excellence , Motivation inf'?Uig9U9'? Character Studious ri, Lg-5454, 4- 415' .LL 1:21 'ga .,., gm -' t, ,, .,. 1' K ..3f,,. if Iii? 'Mgr -5 ggi X V il ,f.s,,t. M, 1 f WMF 1, M. .. 5, ., .. .MMF '- nm mf., J- K nf -tif - , . is- f np, fr ,4 '. ., 'r , , X cgi' 'f EX 1. fi K I Thank you for thinking of me with regard to PORT HURON NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL'S yearbook. I have always found it difficult in knowing how to advise those who are interested in becoming entertainers, but I have always felt that agood sound education in any field is an absolute "must',, and that of course, goes for the entertainment industry as well as any other. I would strongly advise those interested in my field to give some serious thought to entering a college in your area that offers a good drama program. Take as many classes relating to the field as possible, and take every opportunity to participate in school productions and local little theatre, A sing in church choirs, etc., etc. All these activities will help in the bettering of your craft. This is a very competitive business and at best, is very tough to break into. I think it demands not only talent, but experience, a lot of hard work, a tremendous amount of self-determination, and a TRUE love for what you are doing. I wish all of you the best of luck! Sincerely, Carol Burnett The Board Sets High Goals for 1977 78 As superintehdent of the school district, Dr. Burchyett maintained the education administration. In coordination with the school board, he had set several goals for the year. First, they have concentrated on improving the quality of evaluation at the same time identify the aspects needed to do the latter. In order to study the community education, the board has hoped to establish a citizens committee to begin such a study. Furthermore, a positive vote for the millage now in operation and an effort to ameliorate staff relations has been a goal, also set for the school district. RIGHT: Dr. Buchyctt, having a masters and doctorate degree in education administration, is currently the superintendent of the Port Huron area school district. BELOW: The school board members, Mr. Carl Schwedlcr, Mrs. William Dinnen, Mr. Leland Brown, Mr. Norman Cristick, Mr. Elvin Hartwig, Mrs. Nancy Maywar, Mrs. Alice McKinnon, discuss the policies and goals of the school. .HS-r W. 16 Qffice Personnel aintain Organization ,V :ga wa ,. :si ff . J, 'fir ries? 5 is 1'o . r f f : . . -SaA.s.,: - . . 5 I 7 ll. 1 Q, V . ar. . .. is 4 VJ fb V 1 .. , .i , ,W .: 5 t 4 1 gg, x -'J . sy ,f I 3, sf 1 , . nl! f X ,,. . 3 .Q , , . fb: -1 2 'ii . if iii- as 1 ,e- I f- T an ' 55? " W " 1 S Mr. Overly, principal of the school, was our administrator. He and his assistant, Mr. Moorehead, handled the policies and practices of the school. Performing the secretarial skills ofthe main office were .lean McLeod, Mrs. Vellma Shepherd, and Mrs. Ann Rutkofske. Jean McLeod, secretary to Mr. Overly, distributed the mail and payroll, finished needed correspondence for Overly, and paid the bills. Mrs. Vellma Shepherd, on the other hand, was the accounting clerk and had the specific job of recording the incoming money. Mrs. Ann Rutkofske, secretary to Mr. Moorehead, took the dictation, correspondence, and other secretarial skills Mr. Moorehead needed. ABOVE: Mr. Overly, left, and his assistant Mr. Moorchead symbolize their support for the school. LEFT: Left to right, Mrs. Ann Rutkofske, Mrs. Velma Shepherd, and Jean McLeod, take a welcomed moment to stop typing. Looking behind the scenes for a moment, one finds an important aspect of the school-cooks and custodians. Providing a nutritious lunch, the cooks enabled students to have a variety of choices. Everyday features in the cafeteria were hamburgers, fish buns, corn dogs, soup, sweet rolls, and cookies. Along with this was milk and a hot lunch. There was also the breakfast program served from 7:40 to 8:00 with a menu of milk, juice, and roll. The custodians, in their care for the school, performed a significant part of the school. With their help, the school was kept in good condition. RIGHT: George Vaughn enters his next room in style. FAR RIGHT: "The devil made me do it", smirks Ron Zimmer, better known as "devil", BELOW: Cooks have coffee breaks too! Left to right: Millie Green, Evelyn LeVere, Martha Graham, Marilyn Jotten, Bea Mimmer, Jessie VanDyke, JoAnne Rush, Shirley Campbell and Marylou Shaw. Luncheon Counters 'sss ,.,,: ff W' .g 551, Q, 5, , 1' QSM , '33 1 Ma., L G Q 0 I - ,:,:,. k 'W' as fff tk: ia, - gg was X,,,.. aI ' V ,, 1 6 f 1' A AN LL 5'-1 lll, ' W p F pp -1'-N N. l of the Best Kind . 1 Faculty has Many Sides xt X "z:Q I a 'B i A l"L K F E em et -I- Life at Northern, from the View of the teachers, has its highflow points. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Hanton stares at the blank sheet in amazement. ABOVE MIDDLE: Mr. Overly sizes up the situation. ABOVE RIGHT: "Really", exclaims Miss Nelson. BELOW LEFT: Mr. L. Miller prepares for his great oration. MIDDLE: "What do you think I am? Some kind of dupe!", replies Mr. Spraggs. MIDDLE RIGHT: Sleepy-eyed Komph. BELOW RIGHT: "Dum de dum dum". Gale Ahearn Don Aikins Michael Artman Richard Baker Jim Bates Nancy Bitzinger Thomas Blackney Carolyn Body Leah Carpenter Robert Clark Sam Coughcnour Ronald Davey Michael Dias James Dickey Michael Dincen Cherie Drewyore James Duncan Tex Durand Lynn Esterline Janet Farley Robert lfochtman Laura Foster Diane Fugiel Allen Gable Donna Galoit Katherine Goldsworthy Fred Green John Haas Thomas Hamilton Dan Hanton Nancy Harwood Irvin Hayward Howard Hcidemann Paul Johnson Gwendolyn Jones Larry Klink Patricia Knapp Bill Komph Meegan Landon John Lincer David McEwen Elaine McLeod RIGHT: Principal J. Overly and Ass't. Principal R. M o o r e h e a d Cstandingj meet weekly with the Department Heads t o c o n sid e r department and school problems. Seated are Mr. E. Tinsley, CBusiness Education, Home E C 0 n o m i c s , Industrial Artsbg Mr. J. Dickey CAth1eticsJg Mr. S. C o u g h e n 0 u r , CSocial Studies, Fine Arts, Special Educationy Miss R . M e y e r , Clinglish, Language Arts, Medialg and Mr. T. Blackney, CMathematics, Sciencej. tg 9 w ,e,D f Q if !! kt Nb, 1 M ' A 1 'J' .aktr it 3' 1 9' ,, . .L ., , f. ,, ,Q it i t Q ,V 5' I Q I L i 'BWV A ' L qhb, . T p . 4 ,,.r my P p C i s ig.: an h ' I Wifi ft 'Q A. it--P I ff-bt , ft Maul igQg in . 4 I ' X x , Jie f I r S, I A I if g jr J., ,il at , s iw:- 1. . ,f1, 1 K A 'A V t stes I A A . r T ,K ,tii .gx t ,A 'N .. X irz Q V, . Q, I iT5'M"f I' I 1 f fr 'M I C I - si.. I : Z ' " A M .9 Y 'W srrrr A A e an . r f 1 A?" ,., ,.. f i , 5 A . - KN Q 'Vt gt, ,. I Q A ff , Q F MA .KM I I I 5 , -if -4 ' .fs 5 1" qvfiifix 4 S9 'sf Rf., ,. ., Facult Survives Another Year 1, mg. sf. ' ' vu.. if 'ff .air p gives f .4 rin? a. - z 9'3" af, X dl it zg' I, K. ' A X J 'x vw N - N-Nw ,T 'w Q.. . . 5 f a v- we .. ,HM Ti . .r,, HZ' ii- an rm, Harold Miller Larry Miller Richard Miller Sandra Miller William Morrison Pamela Mosier Mary Neil James Norman Donald Pearson Lillian Perry Glen Pike Frances Renner Ellen Rogers Michael Schwalm Kevin Scnn Dianne Sevigny Cyril Smith Eleanor Smith Lawrence Spraggs Kathleen Tate Edward Tinsley J David Tracy . Q Jill Vachon if. f "1 '- ...ii M . Joseph Vettese ' 55 .V S., .- Barbara Wismer ' 'r , 9 H7 " Peter Woods A V p he V J 1 , i Gary Young ' s g. i 5 - if I 45: , 'ak Ruby Betts ' ,ty M, A wg 'X r r ' Mildred Green 5, . Susan Guest ' r - M V H Evalynn LaVere ' V ,fe J , , .., , in Esther Schmidt l ff ,' W L J :fi Margaret Setter -1-i 1 1 H f Kp 'V Marylou Shaw Y ' 0' ' 1 ' ' S Q: t Q XA Bertha Smith lt, A A , . Marion Stephens A V mi Marilyn Totten Q Q' ,, M Jessie Van Dyke . fa i John Stein .. G ', fi Q l LEFT: Grade Deans: Mr. lr Emlaw, tl lthJg Mrs. M. Haugner, t9thJg Miss P. Austin, Cl0thJg and Mr. V. Bonacci, fl2thJ, meet with Mr. J. Overly once a week to discuss N o r t h e r n ' s problems and policies. Not pictured: Barry Armstrong, Guy Bailey, Keith Barr, Eugene Blynn, Howard Buckoski, Nancy Burns, Racine Burns, Shirley Campbell, Helen Dcising, Craig uieterich, Emma Fleming, Eguene Gcnaw, Ruby Goodrich, Martha Graham, Tom Heath, Bruce Hobbs, Marguerite Huges, David Jex, Charles Johnson, Mildred Johnson, Julie LaBeau, Elizabeth Mackie, Robert Mattson, Mike Mavcety, Jean McLeod, Ruth Meyer, R.E. Morehead, Iris Nelson, Thomas Nowiske, J.E. Overly, Jo Ann Rush, Ann Rutkoske, Peter Ryskewccz, Charles Schutt, Velma Shepherd, Douglas Soule, Steven Taggart, Richard Talladay, Dwain Thayer, Robert Trapp, Ada Turloff, Jan Turner, George Vaughn, Dorthory Vigrass, Robert White, Marsha Wypysh, Berdine Zimmer, Ronald Zimmer. Much More Than a Library The Media Center played an important role in the life of the Northern student with its excellent library containing over 18,424 volumes, reference books, magazines, and newspapers. The listening center, at the left of the library area, comprised various audio-visual materialsg sound Elm strips, records, and tapes. Also, a copy machine was available. "Miz Ivan's,,' the Ludington reading room, with over 4,000 paperback books, was located in a small room outside the library. With the assistance of Mrs. Gwendolyn Jones and Mrs. Barbara Wismer, media specialists, library clerk Mrs. Marsha Wypych, and the student library assistants, the media center was an excellent place for the student to work. .qv 2 rfa-1-s-qw, 43' ...A mnnn....,f.a.. .V , ABOVE: "The boekworms squirm their way through Mr. 1van,s papcrbucksf' LEFT: Providing a reluxful atmosphere, the Media Center conforms to evcryoneas needs Truth Come Out at Open House l'All the worldls a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrancesg And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven agesf' Shakespeare Students recognize that gaining an education is a special stage in their effort to reach present and future goals. So that interested parents and visitors might become acquainted with Northern - its facilities and educational offerings - they were invited to an Open House on November 10. They had the opportunity to meet the student's teachers, counselor, and dean. Departmental displays were set up, and demonstrations were given in many classrooms. Refreshments were served in the cafeteria, as the Chorale and the Jazz Band entertained. Honor Society members greeted the visitors, handed out maps of the school, and gave tickets for which a drawing was held later in the evening. The lucky ticket holder won a turkey. ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Emlaw takes a moment to discuss matters with Mr. Richard Darling. BOTTOM: Parents visit the Home Economics room during Open House. Miss Donna Galoit talks with Mr. and Mrs. Cook, while Karen listens in. rein 44414 li, r'i' pw K Engli h Create Intere t frw syrl r A ,1-: 4, .iif 55,2 ,,, ABOVE LEFT: Hello, you dirty rat, says Nick Bandescu portraying James Cagney. ABOVE MIDDLE: When it comes to giving a speech Don Fredendall is lost for words. ABOVE RIGHT: When given a chance, Steve Dennis gets his point across. BOTTOM: Smile, you're on candid camera, says Mr. Trapp, our terrific cameraman. In an effort to try to meet the needs of Northern students, the English Department has added a number of courses in reading. All students enrolled in ninth grade English regular classes now take one full semester of developmental reading. The second semester of this course includes grammar and its usage. Courses in reading have also been added for grades ten through twelve, including basic reading skills, study skills, reading techniques, and composition. Readin Skill De eloped ln N W Cour ABOVE: Mr. Tracy, in his improved reading class, gathers his students all together for a meeting. STANDING: Gary Kibbc, Mr. Tracy, Bonnie Wallace, bee Harrison, Kevin Tack, Dave Williams, Tim Schmidt. SITTING: Tana Richert, Debbie Cressman. RIGHT: Mrs. Farley discusses the homework assignment with Kim Coleman. 28 alfa. ua LEFT: "On page 3, the author states..." continues Mrs. Goldsworthy to her individualized reading class, a course designed to develop reading skills. BELOW: Jackie Harmon, Kim Smith, and Bob Comwell take a moment off before resuming their Search for the "perfect,' book. Em... English - Enriched Reading and Writing BELOW: Mr. Duncun's Greek Literature class shows epicurean behavior as they discuss the mysteries of life. RIGHT: "I'll bet Shakespeare never had to do this!',, moans Miss Meyer's English class. -will . , VV -.wzsffk V 1 ABOVE: English has its dull moments too. Perhaps another time. LEFT: The time -- the place A the action: Clues to Mr. Atken's English class. orthern S Radio informs Public WORW, operated by Mr. Robert Trapp and several of his speech and broadcasting classes, is Northern's radio station. From inside room 202, it broadcasts 91.9 megacycles every school day, for a radius of 15-20 miles. Providing a variety of music, educational programs, news and Weather, WORW is licensed to the Port Huron Area School District by the Federal Communications Commission as an educational FM station. Qualified students may be involved doing on or off work or holding a management position. WORW is part of the National Public Radio and is a member station of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters. RIGHT: Nancy Focliman, one of several broadcasters, operates the phonograph While moonlighting as a radio broadcaster. BELOW: Linda Bombard reviews hcr notes during broadcasting class before taking the test qualifying her to work in the radio room. BELOW RIGHT: Relaxing for a moment While music is aired, Chris Berg looks toward the photographer. 32 Learning a foreign language adds spice to life at Northern. French, German, and Spanish are taught four years, where demand is sufticient. During the first year proper pronunciation was stressed. Through the use of films, tilmstrips, and tapes, a continuation of development and introduction of culture was obtained. In later years, time was given to writing, with some emphasis placed again on speech. Three courses are available in advanced Germang college prep, general studies, and general enrichment. College prep is specifically designed to continue German in college. However, general studies and general enrichment is for those students who wish to continue German only during their high school years. RIGHT: "Buenos Dias" chants the future Spanish scholars of Northern. BELOW: Want to impress some friends? Just throw a little German at them. ,,,, ,..,tg,. I Q1 qb -G we i Q-,,,,,..w ft . ll X..-nl IP WHW5 gt... ' 'ffifi f - Q -1 ' -V-sv German and French gi e European Touch ABOVE: "Bonjour mes amis! Comment allez-vous?',, greets Mr. Ryskeweczis French class. Back, Left to Right: Mr. Ryskewecz, Beth Bradley, Chris Nichol and Martha Durand. Front, Left to Right: Carolyn Dupuis, Megan Norris and Jean Francavilla. RIGHT: Tests taken in German insure quiet. Left, Front to back: John Bopp, Carol Stiver, Martha Fredendall and Tim Edie. Middle, Front to back: Dean Baker, Laurie Hagen, Paul Nelson, Scott McNutt and Penny Pincomb. Right, Front to back: Dave Staiger, Rick Bingham, Debbie Kring and Blake Bailey. Knowledge gained in the various Social Studies courses gave students an understanding of the world in which they live. In order to meet the demands of a changing world, they learned about local, state, national, and world problems and opportunities. In Civics, a required course, freshmen gained a basic understanding of the structure of the United States government, economic institutions, and the American way of life. Seniors took Problems of Democracy, required, in which they studied social, economic, political, and international problems confronting the nation and world. They were required to do outside reading of magazines and newspapers, and encouraged to watch and listen to television documentaries. Additional courses offered were American History, World History, Michigan History, and Futuristics. LEFT: Mr. Coughenour explains energy crisis to his POD class. BELOW: Nancy Dean points out the specifics to Kim Kroetsch, Rich Drouillard and Ms. Drewyore. BOTTOM: 1783, the Constitution, and Mr. Pike's AP American History class. NN A "'. Problem of Domoorao Pro onted ww-wmmsna ABOVE: HAfethe5e Supposed to be tax forms ABOVE RIGHT: MT- Clark gives his great BELOW: Mrs. Assaf's class has their own or puzzles?',, laughs Mrs. Rogers. debate during the third hour American Opinion of POD History class. ll 44 , .o......,.... pllssy POSS1b1G Solution Found .K -M BELOW RIGHT: 'KWel1, he had two ears like this", imitates Steve Hughes. e is y.. ABOVE: Dean Baker, Buddy White, Gene Vanwarmer, and Dave Poulin all watch as Mr. L. Miller uses Brad Christler as an example to take hold of his World History class. RIGHT: Mr. Hamilton "thinks" he has LuAnn Wilton, Lori Schwabauer, Ken Collier, Kim Little, Dave Kettlewell, Andy Dickson, Gary Houle, Greg Hummel, Jerry Soupal, Dave Repp, and Doug Hayman's attention. vb" ath - Department You Can 'Count' On 'tiff 4 l Whether it's practical math or calculus, dedicated teachers plus students plus effort equal complete success. There is a great range of math courses offered for students who desire to learn basic or advanced knowledge. Creating student interest is a main objective for the math teachers. Beginning with algebra, freshmen are given the foundations for further courses. As a sophomore, geometry is suggested, where students begin leaming basic problems concerning geometrical figures. Then as a junior, continuation of algebra is offered for more advanced leaming. Finally, advanced math courses may be taken in the senior year. Thus, with a complete background of math, the student is ready for future uproblemsf' ABOVE: Mrs. Miller explains a simple math problem, as Dave Per1ey,behind her, "does his thing." BOTTOM: Mr. Blynn helps Karen Keil with an Algebra problem. Karen Meade looks over the day's lesson as Don Johnson enjoys having his picture taken. RIGHT: "A joke a day keeps the work load down", is the motto for Mr. Davey's algebra class. BELOW: Anne Martin demonstrates her techniques during Geometry. Sphere , and Proof . . . ABOVE: Believe it or not, sophomores really work in Mr. Talladay's Geometry class. Row 1: John Bopp, Scott Siple, Laurie Colgan, Wendy Cargo and Karl Schuneman. Row 2: Andrea Gould, Rhonda Frappier, Sue Jacobs and Glenn Lee. LEFT: Mr. Dineen assists. Left to Right: Mark Hartel and Staate Hayward. Back: Joe Overbeck and Martin Hess in Calculus Science Science, defined by the dictionary, is a study through the use of observation and classification of facts. Through the courses, presented at Northern, the student was given a variety of choices in which to study. Evolutionary processes, cell structure, and human anatomy were discussed in biology, along with reproduction. Chemistry dealt with the elements, while physics studied motion, gravity, sound and like subjects. One semester courses included environmental and health sciences. For interested students, photography and aerospace were offered. Students, in aerospace, had the opportunity to take a cross country flight during the course. Futuristics, was also available for those students fascinated by the possibilities of the 21 century. RIGHT: Contained in this film is top secret information. BELOW: Brian Bates and Jerry Soupal, unawaring, experiment in chemistry class - but which test tube holds the HCI and which one holds the Water? BELOW RIGHT: i'Science", as expressed by Manuel Gonzales. sy or .56 ABOVE: "This, here, is called straw", explains Mr. Morrison to his environmental class. LEFT: Cluttered, but unfatigued is Miss Nelson's biology class. an with ' V The Essence of Things Mfsselevrgggg ABOVE: An interesting phenomena - it's Ji' if snowing during Earth Science class RIGHT' I b1:' I A L Q 1 Into the wide blue yonder the piane H1681 i 'H!fWQ W while the aerospace group looks on. V, V 1..- : ,Pi-1 y,.n5Z.' ,sg be . J' . i . 1 ir' ,S 1 fm 5 f ev L LL -P if X' ei nys gin Vymy ,,,,s,,s ...A ,,,...,,.Wm+ ,,,z,N,,,, .,,.. M -fff-- yn-ww f , V,,, 'l h ,,,5 v :eiLV ifl, A We 1'A M ii ,A,,f 5 , ' My fm f.5'H'Z gi? 15' wi fx , , , ,335 WW, V, ,, , , ,, -- A. ..,n ,. wb., nw- : , 1, k -, ,WJ ..., ,-V., MW, H 4 35 ,,1. g , 153 ff 1 M A iiei ' ' K v,.. W A on Li. ,, , y ' ,, mmm LEFT: The lfuturisties class reviews thc predictions for the 21st ecntury. BELOW: "Let mc SHOW you!", eries Miss Nelson's AP biology elass. lf' ,.-f' Up, down, intermingled with groans, resounds from the gym, as one passes by. Health and fitness is recognized as an important part of the curriculum, and as a result a number ot' health classes were offered, Team and individual sports were open to all freshmeng for upper-classmen, weights and agility and leadership trainii courses were available. Nutrition and body contouring, along with an individual fitness program provided an alternative. RIGHT: lfrcshmen in individual sports mill around before their physical abilities are tested. BELOW: The championship is about to begin... BELOW RIGHT: Mr. Weymouthis gym class loosens up before the game. A Sound Mind and Bod R J --fffsfeff 42 . fi --bb ' - 45, ,Jw l ABOVE LEFT: The girls gym class is either very excited or they're doing jumping-jacks. ABOVE: "Wow, I'm glad that's over", Maureen Sullivan ponders as she sighs in relief. LEFT: These are the up-downs of Northern gym. ew Approach Focu ed O In Band Under a new director, Mr. Michael Schwalm, the band has been undergoing several changes this year. Progress was the principle idea, as was demonstrated during the marching season through extra practice and effort on the part of the student. For the concert season, there were formed two major bands - the Concert and Wind Ensemble. The idea of sectionals, begun also this year, provided attention, alternating to enable work on individual instruments. Through this preparation, the band climaxed as it went into competition at the district festivals. RIGHT: "It's a complicated wor1d,"grimaccs the band director, Mr. Schwalm. BELOW: To each his own is the atmosphere before class formally begins. ggi,--yes' . . at . , ' J T' VT: fag-Se " - -1 .eva -f e " V ., -r 'f ' I , 'iff . . ,, W ff! " "" f V ' .ff f" ' 'i'- fi - NR ,,,. , M . at , y , .S , , 35 . itv V at ' """""'w-u-,,,. ai .. A .N r N gg i Choir Make Trip to England The Acappella and Chorale choirs, here at Northern have accomplished a great deal in recent years, Recognized on a state wide basis, the choir has appeared at the Midwest Conference for band and vocal music, held at the University of Michigan, and at the Albion College Choir festivals. The choir was also selected as one of ten ensembles to further compete in the State Ensemble finals. In May of this year, the choir was invited for a concert tour in England, where they stayed as guests of the American School in London. ABOVE: Mr. Dietrich joins right in on the verses. ABOVE RIGHT: The Acappella Choir is a multi-talented group - they cannot only sing, but can smile at the same time! LEFT: Officers handle the proceeds for the choir, with help from George Washington, center front. Left to right: Lawrence Lee, President: Tina Smith, Treasurerg Joseph Overbeck, Vice- President. Courses in art at Northern have been structured to cover the many visual forms of arts. Art 1 and 2, covering drawing, painting, printing, art literature, and information is a prerequisite for further studies in the Held. A continuation of an overall view of art is advanced problems in art education. Through library research and individual help, students become acquainted with advanced techniques in a given field. With permission from the teacher, commercial design, elaborating on package design and its presentation, and contemporary stained glass, using Tiffany foil methods, was available. Jewelry construction, along with graphics, where students learned methods of reproduction, was also offered. RIGHT: The artistic sense, at its strongest concentrated state. BELOW: For a change of pace, Mary Boyd and Karen McDonald take up spinning in Miss LaBeau's art class. BELOW RIGHT: Another moment and Scott Thomas will have completed his masterpiece. Visual Forms Emphasized in rt Classes fi' 1 t'iii 'ti' "t't '1'r" I , a':" i1" ' f': fi if in WW Aiwa, , , Extra attention was given in the special education classes this year. Students with specific problems received individualized help by trained personnel, where hearing disabilities, emotional upsets, and other like difficulties were overcome. LEFT: Students receive extra attention in subjects they need help in. BELOW: Reviewing today's questions, teacher-student relationship is stressed. BELOW LEFT: Mrs. Smith points out the fundamentals of mathematics. Special Ed. for Special People Bu iness Ed Paves Wa for Future An essential aspect of vocational instruction was the Business Education Department. Pre-job training emphasized the experience the student would need after hefshe graduated. The more popular classes in the business section were the general merchandizing and secretarial courses. Typing and shorthand, also offered, provided skills to familiarize the student with techniques for use in vocational and personal work. ln more advanced classes, especially for secretarial work, prerequisite for these two courses were frequently needed. Seniors, who wished to continue the business Education program, enrolled in co-op, where student work was directly related to hisfher job preference. RIGHT: Left to Right Back: Anna Maria Giroux, Russell Kid and Ronda Streeter. Front Row: Mickie Corp and Jim Ramsey. "No kiddingw, the retailing class replies in disbelicvemcnt. BELOW: Miss Knapp's business class works out the day's budget. j.. ,. N E 1 .'., M' he irrr M fi tag: Aka 4:55 .,. , .. .. .. , .. 'T ' 5' " il 9' ' K :J X i V 5755, J, g. 4 , fwwffw ..,f " J K iw i . f riff. if , - 'I S i 4. gelflilt , ,e,, it , 5 l i I. ,, , ...N - , V- wp af 'f .. - , . 5 M ,VVAV I W KVVVVV VVVV ?WfwN,, T, ,,,. .4-rt.. ,- W-f..w....s,,.,...Mm-vwwrf., 21.27 wmnwwlwmw. .,,., W .V f f' 3. ...Jar I at il Br- 5 it 3 DU ,af ..-1v'4"""': 'v 1. will I . V'Qff.,w , -Q, .Q f .g , ,.,.. . L f ov , Ti h if 'K Q-96 fis- r ,ln i:"'M' f.-11. ,- 'L ABOVE: L'It's going to be one of those days", sighs the members of Mr. Johnson's typing class, LEFT: Out of Mr. White's typing class, there are strange sounds heard... Co-opi preparing for our Future Co-op is more than just a job. It not only provides training and experience for future employment, Co-op students also get a credit for working and the paychecks always come in handy. Mr. Gable places the students in many different occupations in the area, some of which will become careers. Former students may also be placed if they need assistance after graduating. BELOW: Cindy Gibson handles the dough at Howard Johnson's. RIGHT: Richard Hunter enjoys leuming while he works at Peop1e's Bank. MIDDLE: Sharon Flanigan meets a lot of people working at People's Bank. BELOW RIGHT: Marsha Stein takes phone messages while she's a secretary in the Co-op Office. ,,,,:f,.i.8" I., W 'si QF 5355? ABOVE LEFT: Russ Bell takes time out to smile, while he's busy working at Wa1sh's Party Store. ABOVE MIDDLE: Diane Cole is busy helping to prepare the food at Howard Johnson's. LEFT: Keely Moulton arranges the fruit at Bing's Fruit Market. ABOVE: Teresa Hatlestad's job consists of waiting on customers ut Diana's. Home economics, a study ofhandling life's elementary needs, has had a growing importance in today's world. An understanding of this study also helped students with other courses. Courses, where for instance, metrics and fractions were concerned. The courses, basic foods and basic clothing, introduced the students to basic cooking techniques and clothing construction. Advanced classes, knits and specialty fabrics, requiring basic clothing as a prerequisite, discussed special problems arising from the use of different materials. Baking, a continuation of basic foods, studied the preparation of baked foods, as well as convenience foods, nutritional labeling and food additives. RIGHT: The basic foods class study the newest ways to prepare a variety of foods. BELOW: An indepth conversation happens quite often in Home and Family Living. BELOW RIGHT: "So that's what I did wrong-too much salt!", exclaims Becky Conger in baking class. Home Ee. Deals with Ingredient of Life K 'I ,qk , . .t ""8v-,, t 4 was? .tm-"'Q' V M: .. if Future Indu trialists Put it ll Together The facilities at Northern covered a balance of possible career areas this year. As a preparation for future employment skills, the vocational education program offered three main courses f auto mechanics, drafting occupations and electronical occupations. Auto mechanics, a continuation of power mechanics, dealt with shop operations and engine parts, while drafting occupations consisted mainly of a study of architectural and machine aspects. ln the former, students were required to build models. Electronics, the study of electricity, discussed the function and repair of several kinds of systems. In addition, the industrial arts program offered a variety of classes for students interested in woods, metals and mechanical drawing. . LEFT: Everyone gets into the act in metal shop. BELOW LEFT: The smell of exhaust and engine noise provides the atmosphere for auto shop. BELOW: In wood shop, all kinds of objects are created. Skill Center Provide Vocational Training The skill center, a part of the vocational training program, enabled students to ' receive individual instruction as well as further placement on a job after graduation. Three major categories existed: Manufacturing skills, food services, and data processing. Opportunities in manufacturing skills were open to machine operators, fork lift operators, assemblers and packagers, in which new products were assembled and experience in packaging and labeling of newly made products for shipping was obtained. In the food department, cooks were organized into special categories such as pastry, fry, mast, vegetable, and sauce cooks. The final Categ0fY of data processing included computer and key punch operators and programmers. BELOW LEFT: Rolling on, is Terry Weber's motto in building maintenance. BELOW RIGHT: "Three buttons to the right", mumbles Debbie Wheeler in data processing. BOTTOM: "Fil take an order of fries!" resounds from the cafeteria at the skill center. I .,,. if' V' If ,W I is r ..,,y 58 if LEFT: Sara Walsh proofreads the last letter , ,. before packing up for home. BELOW LEFT: V "This proves it - you're deadu, Kiln Minard, ,S ,V si . right, jokingly replies to Karen Vansickle. if BOTTOM LEFT: Debbie Mormon, in I retailing, right, takes back the unwanted i M y A bracelet. BELOW: "Something's wrong here , , H - I dOIl,t know quite what", frowns Julie 0 , M F.- ,, Ady in Graphic Arts. BOTTOM: "You all .. J 'f -' HW 1 come back soon, now", answers Claudett I ll V l Tuckers, tipping her hat. 'ff' 1 H , """""""""l ..,, ' ",, B T T ' E W . a W w if' llifl- ' 'flf' ' 1 , f ' zff i ' L.. .. , .W 'w , . l- ii L , 1, 'rykk Iig ,, x,, i ,ffm-up-d f- ,, M- . I L ,VVI 525 ,.,,x J i, l 'XN-W. , ' "" ' ir- "' ' ' ' ' 'gawk ysacff' """""" 'Rss ' , , ,. 1: fr I L , f , ' 4 .,,,, viz- " ' 5 Q ' K K f ,wsu k , 4 E I l i. S if- is E r fb' 59 The Beginning - the End - the I -Between All the world is queer save me and theeg and sometimes I think thee is a little queer A an unidentined Quaker. Life at Northern goes beyond the classes f there's the hall monitors, runners, and a lot more. Driver's Education is available, also. The objective of this is to prepare a safe and efficient driver with an attitude of cooperation towards himself and his fellow man. The beginner accomplishes the skills for driverls training and is helped to make proper decisions while operating a motor vehicle. es., 2, ,- f swf- or sew ---' . 2-ff: rtrr . V 0 x ' b-:fii'Ee?9E .. t serv sci-5-4 J ., i f r as e 'Wk U0'l9R9'F" Q 60 ........... ..........,,....4n H wif 7? HW 3 2 -R-. gin orthern 'Sports' the Besti Strength Pride t Ovation Representative Together Symetric , iipb ,ff .fi V X n Hu kies Stri e to be umber One Long practices and hard work paid off for the Husky Varsity Football Team, as they picked up a 3rd-place standing in the Eastern Michigan League. Senior Tony Abouganim showed outstanding effort this season as a guard. Northern kept a locked grip on the "Liberty Bell" trophy, awarded to the winner of the PH-PHN game. Jeff East completed a record amount of passes as the Huskies defeated the "Big Reds" 27 to 0. It was a tough ending for the Huskies, losing the Homecoming game to the Clarkston Wolves 19 to 30. The Huskies ended their season with a 5-2 win-loss record in the EML and a 6-3 win-loss record overall. l I .I I r I TOP ROW Cl. to LJ: Tim Pearson, Jeff Bourdiam, Jerry Soupal, Chris Tisdel, Steve Boyd, Rod Arquette, Jim Zmolik, Ted Davis, Don Keith, Steve Postill, Doug Hayman, Jeff East. SECOND ROW Cl. to r.J: Todd Moore, Cliff Johnson, Steve Cleaver, Don Deloy, Brian Bates, Bob Yanik, Scott MacReady, John Goodwin, Tim Rock, Bill Weckesser, Dick Marsack, Gary Houle. THIRD ROW fl. to r.J: Tim Studaker, Don Minor, Dave Ellis, Jeff Wine, Paul Moody, Will Simkins, Brian Shagena, Mike McTevia, lfrank Landschoot. FRONT ROW fl. to r.J: Joe O'Connor, Russ Kidd, Jeff Cornwell, Tony Abou-Ganim, Rob McLelland, Steve Miller, Joe Marsack, Brian VanDreumel, Tim Howard. f f as X. , tv . -9 - ,av 12 U x-.ji F W' 4 1 .. .t 9, n 8 V G i. YR - s Lili l Opposite page, left: Brian Bates doesn't hesitate to take the ball from a fellow player. Above left: David Lineoln receives an award from Steve Cleaver and Ted Davis. Above: Tony Abou-Ganim prepares for another gruelling practice. Bottom left: Bates tries a second time gthis time he has a tighter grip on the ball. Below: Steve Cleaver wanders around for a touchdown. FOURTH ROW CL. to RJ: Rex Brueggeman, Steve Motte, Lent Clark, Jim Savires, Jeff Johnson, Dave Abou-Ganim, Stu Weidenbach, Andy Johnson, Scott Fletcher, Joe Majeske, Craig Gordon, Jamie Ross, Jeff Lewis THIRD ROW CL. to RJ: Bruce Lasky, Dave Shoudy, Jim Barrett, Bill Angerbrandt, J.V. Pu he toward Perfection This season's Junior Varsity Football Team had that winning feeling as they posted a 8-1 win-loss record. Steve Motte led the team with twelve touchdowns and Greg Jones led the tackles with 64. This year the J .V. team set a record for the fewest points scored against at 66 points total. The J.V. Team was unbeaten until they met East Detroit and were defeated 18-20. ABOVE: Greg Jones hopes that he is bigger than No. 30. Jim Chafty, Dan Davis, Tim Daggett, Dave Herber, Bill Hillman, Greg Wilton, Andy Dailey, Paul Manz, Joe Wilson. SECOND ROW CL. to RJ: Coach Haas, Brian Martin, Dale Gathergood, Jon Kevder, Terry Evans, Harley Thomas, Craig Martin, Dave Orr, Steve Campau, Mike Smith, Scott Auringer, Dave Hill, Rocky McDonald, Coach Woods. FRONT ROW CL. to RJ: Coach Schmitt, Pete Kent, Chuck McLeod, Mike Vasquez, Greg Jones, John Bellomo, Bill Fralick, Howard Caldwell, Jim Fralick, Doug Warren, Bob Fritch, Pat Pearson, Mike Pearson. Fro h Blue: Future Winner 3 Y The Freshmen Blue Team followed the Husky tradition this season as they posted a 5-3 win-loss record. Craig Foster proved to be the most outstanding player of the team. The Blue Team held up the Husky tradition with their hard earned record. Vern Booker helped earn this record with fourteen touchdowns and yardage totaling over 1000. Above: Two Freshmen Gold players frisk an opponent for footballs Right: Rich Freeman sees his chance and charges towards a touchdown. Top row il. to r.J: Coach Larry Klink, Coach Bill Fvans, V. Booker, D. Lamb, M. Pedrotti, J. Hall, M. Gillihan, J. McVeig, D. Stocan, S. Davis, R. Kroetsch, Coach Cedrick Evans, Coach Larry Grinder. Middlc row fl. to rj: J. Murray, C. Foster, J. Wagar. L. Ludington, K Geclen, M. Kalish, J. Hill, B. Cornwell, T O'Connor, J. Zavitz, D. Ross, S. Brennan Front row fl. to r.J: J. Gibbons, G. Wickings, K. Motte, T. Birtch, J. Moore, M. Lester, J. Malane, K. Mitchell. Not pictured: C. Prigmore, K. Holmes, S. Bressette. TOP ROW CL. t0 RJ -Hanton fCoachJ, R. P. VanSick1e, S. Jermings, J. Carrier, B. Catalina, B- Bennett, W, Nye, C, Gordon, Haight, T. Patterson, J. McTevia, K. L8HdHCk01'- MIDDLE ROW CL- to R-J - J- FRONT ROW CL. to RJ: B. Hartson, T. Overbeck, J. Cornwell, T. Brennan, K. Ankle, S. Drake, G- DiCkiHS0H, G- Leahy, W. Spangler, P. Booner, C. Machin, I. Landacker, B. Polinade, S. Green, G. Nesbit, BC3LlCh3mP, B- Freeman, J- Kmdfed, B- Groff, S. Cleaver. Neuman, G. Stephenson, J. Horgan, T. Fino h Gold: Future Scorer' The Freshmen Gold Team didn't do as well as the Blue Team, but, all in all, they held together until the end. Kent Landacre, one of the most outstanding players, covered the most yardage, 293 yards. Kent and his brother Brent, who made sixty-three tackles, monopolized the field each time they were on together. The Frosh Gold Team ended their season with a 1-7 win-loss record. ABOVE: Two Freshmen Gold players shake up an opponent for the football. RIGHT: B. Freeman sees his chance and charges towards a touchdown. Through Rain or Snow. ei i Nothing can keep the Husky Cheerleaders from their weary flight. The Cheerleaders are always there Zith a warm smile and a pair of clapping hands keeping up crowd support whether our Huskies are winning 12 to l0 or losing 36 to O. Cheerleaders take timeout for a cup of hot cocoa and to greet the team mascot, Tonto. if A f xi.. , ,, ,, , ,iw iff' If r ' FRONT: Kim Brown, MIDDLE ROW QL, to RJ f Mary Lynn Boyd, Kathy Kalaf, Linda Scandalito, Amy Anderson. Sponsor: Larry Miller. Julie West, Jeri Lynn Brown, Kim Goodrich. BACK ROW QL. to RJ Dazzling Varsit Dribbler The Huskies Varsity Boys' Basketball Team closed its season with a fine record. Captains Andy Balough and Rob McLelland led their team with many great baskets and rebounds. The Huskies used their great speed instead of their height to score for the Huskyis victory. RIGHT: Pierre Rogers approaches an opponent. BELOW CENTER: Northern Basketball players listen attentively during an assembly. BELOW CENTER RIGHT: Paul Moody blocks a L'Anse Creuse pass. BELOW: During a Blue-Gold game, Blue wins the jump-ball. BELOW RIGHT: Andy Balogh forces the ball into the net. 14 aa , K-4 l i H I ,'fa."f5 Kr. 'frMH'l'i + Ml 11 14" 1 H 02 ,.. -iflde x A,-rf 1' f we fa? V, P4 sz F ,J K f' .2 , , Ill -39 , ,J rt VL 4 W, r 1,02 Q H LEFT: Pierre Rogers is surrounded. ABOVE: Andy Bulogh keeps the X Qi X' pressure on a L'Anse Creuse player. X. cis' ' v hx . Q BOTTOM ROW: Pierre Rogers, Dwight Tony Moncricf and Doug Vurfy. TOP ROW: Ethgfidgg, Rob Mglguund, Andy Bulggh, Couch Dan Ilgmton, Doug Hayman, Chris Tisdel, Jim Zmolik, Paul Moody, lfric Lohr, -.1 ii Scott MucReady, Steve Miller and Brian Bates. P Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall vias r 5 .N Sw A r K Close Encounter on the Court 34 tai'-2 N BOTTOM ROW: Paul Manz, Rich Cansfield, TOP ROW: Craig Gladdcrs, Steve Motte, Norm Fretenborough, Dave Goetze, Kent Clark, Brian Martin and Dave Herber. Sandy Scott Fletcher, Scott Urmy, Kevin Gavin, Tweedic and Coachlim Bates. Jump balls, free-throws and rebounds, the Husky Junior Varsity Basketball Team learned the meaning of these terms through their persistent work after school. Returning J.V. players and Freshmen team experience supported their efforts. Coached by Mr. Bates, the Huskies' J.V. Team marked their season with victories. rvwrtewx V 1 We FAR LEFT: Doug Varty and Scott Fletcher battle for a jump-ball in a J.V. Blue versus Gold game. LEFT: Dave Goetze sinks a basket. BELOW: Question: Are these three boys playing the same game? My-...- "' ear K .t V-, ' i . ,,,,,,.-vr4""""' K -11.3 4",ZSN , sail ' 4 as 5 A'-hQ- is s W SL I :-r 'Y 5 'Q " as rr f- 2U J 24 s Q 42 14 12 48 IU E . ..:-,,.. s A, ,fp k' J I Q, 2 , af 49' 'W' GA- r 'K rsi T M . . .. . K zy, -0 W 5' A ff .... Qf f I ' Top row Cl, to r.J: Lynda Meade, Lynn Manager Roxanne Burch, Coach Diane Fugiel. Terri Davey, Helene Schultz, Martha CUIU O,Dell, Micki Feichtner, Kathy Debien, Jill Front row fl, to LJ: Lori Meads, Julie Miller, A1111 Raffefy, MHIY Conzan, LOUIS Hyde- Poorman, Kris Wakcen, Becky Conger, Var it The Girls' Varsity Basketball season went to the highest of heights as they Won the city tournaments and the Eastern Michigan League. The Huskies most outstanding player was Jill Poorman, center. Most points scored were between Poorman and guard Lynn O,Dell. The Varsity Girls' Team ended their Spectacular season with 20 wins and only 3 losses. ABOVE RIGHT: Jill Poorman struggles to make a basket with two opposing players on her back. RIGHT: Kris Wakeerr and Mary Conlan reach for the basketball CPhotos courtesy of the Port Huron Times Herald.J Girls Win e er here 7 Girl ' J .V. - Bloomin' Dribbler The Junior Varsity Girls' Basketball Team had a successful season, even though the team had many fresh new players. Lisa Macero, center, was one of the highest scorers on the team until she ,T .lly, ...c , was sidelined with an injury. The girls ended their season with 5 wins and 7 losses. These girls are the promising basketball players of the future. 1 'D T' LEFT: Junior Varsity players make a good sq 4 start at ajump ball. BELOW: Margo Buckoski Q 3 Z offers to throw the ball at the camera. J' B 1 an ,ca TOP ROW U- 10 I-li Brenda Shagena, Sue Burch, Sally Penrod. BOTTOM ROW Cl. to Amy Boden, Kathy Kaehler, Margaret Wrne, Lisa Marcero, Martha ,Corb1n, Karen LJ: Heather Rock, Vicki McMi1lin, Rhonda Feichtner. F0Chfm8I1, Fody Left, Mary O Dell, Roxanne Frappier, Shawn Elliott, Margo Buckoski, Fro h Dribble on to Victor Although the Freshman Basketball Team gets teased a lot for its excessive dribbling on the court, they are really serious about what they are doing there. Which is sinking baskets, of course. The 1977-78 Freshman Boys' Basketball squad pulled off a successful season even though the team had never Worked as a group before. RIGHT: Coach llaas gives the freshman team their orders. BELOW: Tom Patterson makes a high jump. BELOW RIGHT: 'gTiny" Tim Harkins approaches a taller opponent with no fear. BOTTOM ROW: Steven Smith, Steven Beauchamp, William Schmitt, Timothy Harkins, Terry Leahy, Walter Borovich and Keith Geelen. TOP ROW: Vernon Booker, Tom Patterson, Doug Julien, Michael Pedrotti, James Hall, John Zmolik, Paul VanSickle, James Schuneman, William Polimadei, Joseph Gibbons and Coach John Haas. K .. M, ,,,,,, .- ...,,. ,M ..:,,,,,,,,.t.1.,s,...,,W "Song and Dance" Team I The Northstars Drill team A music and dancing for your entertainment. Halftimes at Basketball games were filled, not with mumurring and gossip, but with the dancing and music of the Northstars. I I ,J N 1 . !, if, ff. .. '+V' stit- O -s if. 1 V-af-av gl M s rin, BOTTOM ROW: Darla Koreiba fFirst Lieutenantl, Shelli May CCaptainJ, Rose Groff CSecond Lieutenantj and Bambi Darling fSecretary-Treasurerb. SECOND ROW: Cheryl l r lu' -'hm .Y A ll' x ' 've-M 'V ' M51 ' , ref' f ' i' f . Cluney, Lori Camden, Kim Watters, Margaret Michelle Kulish, Julie Haus, Judy Drake, Lisa Romero, Amy Jackson, Beckie Freeman and Revoir, Julie Reynolds, Tina Willis, Sandy Dianne Sevigny CAdvisorl. TOP ROW: Lohr, Kelly O'Connor and Sue Bolt. r Qv' BOTTOM ROW: Mike Pearson, Todd Horjn, Netter, Ed Martinez, Mark sonniz, John Bob Mattson- Tim Davey, Andy Wilhelm, Tim VanLuven, Walsh, Jeff Evans, Pat McGrath, Brian Ted Curtiss, Mike Heisler and Pat Pearson. VanDrueme1, Paul Wagner, Jim Kostoff, Ben TOP ROW: Coach Mr. Ron Davcy, Dave Davey, Tom Schultz and Assistant Coach Mr. 'H all 5 . YS , xx 99 Ni . .Nr ABOVE: Paul Wagner waits for the puck to be passed to him. RIGHT: Brian VanDrueme1 shoots one a Lapeer West goalie could not handle. in -I La WEST l . ,,, org, of P 3 Hu kies Shoot . . . And Score 'S Mimi' ,, I A 'X 'X This year the Port Huron School System added to the High Schoolls schedule a new Winter sport, Hockey. The Huskies proved to be aggressive, yet agile, hockey players. The Huskies captains were Ben Davey, Jim Kostoff and Tom Schultz. All three played an important part in each game, scoring and assisting in goals, and holding back the offense of the opposing team with cross-checks and body-checks. Although a few of the players, and many ofthe spectators, were new to hockey, the Huskies had a successful first season. LEFT: A Northern player makes a shot as the goalie and two opponents try to stop it. CENTER LEFT: John Walsh skates the puck behind his own net. CENTER RIGHT: The Face-Off. BELOW LEFT: Northern players look for the puck as the opposing goalie prepares to stop it. BELOW RIGHT: Pat Pearson has the puck stolen from undcmeath him. A f A- is T ff' if ooot T at S e ls' C 1 was I Q 7 ,.v-W... . .44 A 'ifvf' S' t v xi QA , as .gf g , ww xx! v 3 at , In kk 3 'C A , sr w 4 -A rg r :Ya 5 K gf- Huskies Strike Em Out ABOVE: Ted Simmons - All star catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and the Port Huron Northern Huskies Baseball team - that's American Spirit. Husky spirit is scoring home-runs, pitching strikes and catching pop-ups. The 1978 Husky Varsity Baseball Team kept the Spirit as they came through with another successful season. The Varsity Team was coached this year again by Mr. Larry Klink. ..,, ,wa LQ: fsfeaq ,,.fww1- - ee' ,, U H V. Hit Men r w, ar ,E 1 The 1978 Junior Varsity Boys Baseball team batted their way through the season with a good record. The team was marked with strong hitters and strike-out pitchers. These boys are a good sign of what the Varsity Baseball teams will be like in the future. 'Q When spring comes to Port Huron Northern, it looks alot like "Softball Cityl' with strong armed pitchers pitching to agile catchers. The Varsity Girls Softball team, coached by Mr. Mike Dias, was very successful this season. Stars of this years team were Helene Schultz and Mary Conlan. The Junior Varsity Team was also very successful this season as the team added some new players and tied up some loose ends from last year. The team came up with a fine record. The Freshman Softball team made its debut at P.H.N. this year. At first, the team had no coach, but with the large turn-out in try-outs, the team had some support. The Freshman team gives the girls experience, so the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams of future years will have the strength to be the number one team. an H,,..f st my 'J ' 'fm Softball City . ,I . 5' X f .Q r, or , Tl T f 3 , KIUNN ,,,,-rf g A lk Q f-ning: gg, 1 . . X .Kill a 'vu l E ' 5 ' ' l. nw' K., l -XX. Xi' ' l 'A 'Ji Q ljlxx -3' ,ff -ES , ,, "W ,I 'l .X tgp ff, H! j,,y,i,j j 1-,V ul 7."'s!"'KeQiEk Lk x . .f' KX . 4 X gi, .. , X ri-. 'X " 1 ta fax.- . T lXY'xi lf y t or mms 'fmt . IX , . t ,lf as X E 9 1 s r l 82 ,X Q , , 1 . V 3 -.M , s IJ 1 Yr ff' ' ff , iv' fr, u ., r-1 f 5 ' K F 1' a . ' u .gif .f - .. we f X ' Q . . . K fp. X e K t KJ- --.r- at-I bf-...ev i BOTTOM ROW: Coagh Mr, Baker, Nick MIDDLE ROW Jim Maekm Mike Gurzar Dan Davrs Steve Miller Steve Hughes Dave Dodea, Tony Abou-Ganim and Rusty Bell. Greg Jones and Joe Marsack TOP ROW Joe Llhs md Car1Schwedler Matches and Pin Wrestling is about the only high school sport where you play to "push the guy aroundv. The 1977-78 Huskies must have been good pushers, as they put together a very impressive year. Captain Tony Abou-Ganim led the Huskies with some of the best records. RIGHT: Northern stays on top everytime. BELOW RIGHT: Another Northern player on top. BELOW: A Northern man prepares to turn over his opponent. JV. Gain Experience 5 .J , H 5 QP? .ss if - f.. fr. at r T eeee ? S ., .J..,.,r:. -, . ...a f The Junior Varsity Wrestlers had a surprisingly good season, considering the fact that many of the wrestlers had never wrestled as a sport. They showed progress near the end of the season as they leamed the essential moves to win a match, The J.V. Team, made up of sophomores and freshmen, gave promise promise of good Varsity Wrestling teams to come. LEFT: Northem pins one! BELOW: Northern is off to a good start. BELOW LEFT: A Northern player waits for the moment of attack. 2 , , if J fs i 2 l wed., , BOTTOM ROW: Gary Schlce, Scott Ferguson, Mike Sheldon, Brent Jex, Brad Frost, Ron Mix, Dean Engelguu and Jan Wilson. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Horgan, Matt Schulz, Steve Dennis, Brian Daniels, Dale Guthergood, Joe Kemp, Roy Boden and John Horgun. TOP ROW: Chuck Ball, Don Maury, l Bill Collins, Bob Bennett, Dave Rowe, Rex Brueggeman, Bill Weckesser, Bob Pearce, Craig Daniels, James Ross, Ken Overbeck and Couch Roy Johnson. ot Your Everyda Maids "Matmaids?'f One freshman asked with a sheepish grin, 'gwhat do they do?" Not only do the matmaids keep up the moral support ofthe team, but they also keep score and record points for certain moves. This yearis Matmaids Were Kim Belonga, Louise Hyde fcaptainj, Sandy Stevenson, Lisa Tomchuk and Pam Willey. lk ' f E H ':t1...Q ,, I A .Q-diudumv' Bottom row: Lisa Ely, Blake Bailey, Jim Cansticld. Top row: Shane McEben, Doug Etheridge, Steve Wilhelm-N0i PiCtUIed3M3Ik Hicks, Scott Adams, Bill Povence, Rich Fielder, Joel Peatie, Paul Gillahan, Coach Bill SChU12HHdDHveNe11er- Komph, Tom Wilson, Tim Bateman, Dwight orthern Golfers go for State G E5 9 4 3 if , ,Q Eg 2' 'if' qw 7 a,iQ 5 Wi VV 1 QW B I X A , V4.4 f--, aw, ,, ,,,k A, ,, if ' L+ 'ff' "falls .if-ff .E , Far Left: Mark Schulz tees ofi Left: Lisa Ely shows off her putting style. Tennis Is Advantage The 1978 Boys Tennis Team swung through a smashing season this year. The team, coached by Mr. Dave Tracey, had strength in their backhands and found it wasy to win the advantage as they swung past their opponents. y -..M 5. , ff QQ , ,, .,, -- ,W ,, u M W W K it - as e -i ' g J , ,,., ,,,i.N,,,, I-NWVW --Q 5 n e T at T at .,,. .... ...G K, wg t X' Ax. -"Jr-it" hev- - L ,MT ., T, h N"""" J NOT AVF-YU,-ABLE. 'FGR?x+Uro Girl ' Tennis Sea on Snia hing To row Cl to rj Pam Mosier Maura Rutkofski Sue Hubble Bottom row fl. torl SChmiClf, Marsha RYHI1, C21f0liI16 SiHlkiHS, Raftery Joan Martha Durrand Kathy Carolyn Dupuis Sue Mcllroy Cherie PH'-113 Donnellon. The Husky Girls Tennis Team played exceptionally well this season. The Junior Varsity team tallied a 10-4 overall win-loss record. The Varsity Tennis Team posted a 14-5 overall win-loss record and an 8-2 league record. Mrs. Pamela Mosier, coach ofthe tennis team, commented on the season: '6Personally, I felt all the girls did an outstanding job because many of the girls were beginners with tennis. In many cases it was a new and uneasy experience and all the girls handled themselves very well on and off the court." Upper lefti Marsha Ryan is ready for action. Left: Sue Mclilroy and Lisa Schmidt - this year's outstanding doubles team. Q Back row varsity Cl. to r.J - Coach Buhagiar, Phil Papes, Bruce Buckoski, Rick Smith, Doug, Varty, lid Crimmins, John Burtrell, Harrier The 1977-78 Husky Golf Team has had a very successful season. Seniors Doug Fiedler, Paul Gillihan, Joel Peattie and Tom Wilson led the team to an undefeated season, the E.M.L. Title, the Class "A" Regional Championship, the All City Championship, and an eighth-place finish at the State. RIGHT: Three Cross Country members predict what place they will take in an up-and-coming match. OPPOSITE PAGE, ABOVE LEFT: Doug Varty takes the lead. OPPOSITE PAGE, ABOVE RIGHT: A tie for first place? OPPOSITE PAGE, BELOW: Anne Luce keeps up with the boys. Mike Heislef, From 1-OW 11, to Lp - Craig Oppliger Martin Hcss Joe Ovcrbcck Anne Daniels, Gary Miron, Richard Bonner, Scott LUCC C21flSchW0dlCf Alexander, Scott Demcrau, Bill Buttrell, Doug Hurt through Sea on Boys Running, jumping, and hurdling were the Husky with their skills easily acquired by Boys' Track team. Even vigorous practices, the team still had the energy and enthusiasm for tmck meet schedule. This their heavy year,s team was coached by Mr. Pete Woods. X. Sqyw Yi, 'ii 1, at Race to the Finish 92 Girls Run for the Record This year, like last year, there were a lot of girls who tried out for the Girls' Track Team. This large number gave the team a lot of strength, as well as team spirit. The amount of practice the girls had was evident in their fine record. Eg X 3 . if B 4 l' l it 11 , . G irl Voile for Serve ,,....i J.. The Varsity team ' BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Simkins, Helene Schultz, Kris Berg, Julie The Varsity Girls Volleyball team had another spectacular season as they bumped and spiked the ball past their opponents. The team, coached by Miss Fugiel, put their experience from J.V. to good use as they worked to improve last year's record. With a little determination and hard work the Junior Varsity Volleyball Team volleyed another exciting season. The team lacked experience at first, but they quickly gained it. The J.V. team was coached by Mr. Buhagiar. Jackson and Manager Rhonda Frappier. TOP ROW: ,Coach Miss Fugiel, Lorie Shaw, Kathy , law -ri-z t affs, s t , V -Q. bw- , ap ltaq t .Vfr fivk - - t y gk 5 y .. : ,., - is l es,-, - Z M- ,, f ,,,., A, ,V 5 ,if ,. , Q .,-,, .. it . 3 17 2 Ghk 5 5 if ' ,.. in S 1. ........,!..,.F. ..,. J., Debien, Linda Meade, Laura O'Dell and manager Laura Adair. tiii' W., ..,i-..., -. .. , ... V., , ..... U i s ls 3 .gf ' .J 1 as 9' 1 'Vx nl? 1 The Freshman Team w BOTTOM ROW: Ruth Majeske, Michelle Baron, Lauric Garrus and Maureen Sullivan, Debbie Kuehler and Phyllis Freedman, Valencia Caldwell and Cynthia Diana Beer. TOP ROW: Coach Miss Payden. Williams. MIDDLE ROW: Jill Hartnett, Mary Nickerson, Lisa Woodcock, Kathy Scouten, Orb OC 4 The Junior Varsity Team: - BOTTOM ROW: Lisa Schmidt, Beverly Lynch and Michelle Martha Durand, Cindy Johnson, Sue Wine, Lesslie Assaf, Amy Boden, Katie Andrews, Philips. TOP ROW: Coach Mr. Buhagiar, Lori Meades, Terry Davey and Lisa Marcero. :Sr . . ,sp fi jan-X0 ., iii' are is r ,E A l "Setters, Bumpers and Spikers? Which one am I'?', asked a young freshman at the beginning ofthe season. Northern added a Freshman Volleyball Team to the sports spectrum this year. The team, coached by Miss Nickerson, is a sign of how good the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams of thc future shall be. Activities Galore in a Students Life Spirit Tenacious ' United Dedicated Enthusiastic Non-confom1ing Talented Liberal Intuitive Flamboyant Efficient Ns" s f orthern i Candid RIGHT: Julie l-lrisca and Carol Touma are anxious for the Madri Gras games to begin. CENTER BELOW: Amy Anderson is spoiled by Steve Miller and Joe Marsack. LOWER LEFT: Lori Lavine looks happy about school. RIGHT: Debby Thurston combs her hair before her picture is taken. BELOW RIGHT: Marsha Holmes looks shocked as the camera is pointed at her. , H f iv Y E er da at ABOVE: Some students at Northern are shy in front of cameras. ABOVE RIGHT: Julie Minnie and Cathy Andrews think it's fun to workin the Library. RIGHT: Judy Drake smiles. 02 orthern W"""w ,..., y QW! L. 1 Z4 Y' LEFT: Judy Griffith takes a nap. MIDDLE The bus ridc on the way to school is a quiet one. BELOW LEFT: Andy and Bugsbunny go well together. BELOW RIGHT fLisa lily and Dwight Etheridge pose for the camera. 3 WWW ff?-. Court ' 7 w 5 K OHIIHQQS RIGHT: All of the nominees together. BELOW: Tenth grade nomineesg Top Row: Kim Meliarg, Kim Bettinger, Wendy Kelley, Kelley Moore, Lori Camdeng Bottom Row: Michelle Kalish, Sue Boldt, Joan Ropposch, Jody Reyna, BELOW RIGHT: Cindy Morden "exits stage left" at the court assembly. K nw l"" l f' 2 1977 Mardi Gras Court Assembly marked the beginning of the Mardi Gras activities. Of the ten girls nominated from each class, and presented at the assembly, two were elected from each class except for the Seniors. The Seniors elected three girls to represent their class on the Mardi Gras Court. Of these three Seniors, one was elected Mardi Gras Queen. This year's Court Assembly had some light moments, such as Greg Hummel's attempted joke, and Andy Willhelm's misplacement of some of the girls answers. Overall, the assembly was enjoyed by the whole student body. ABOVE LEFT: All the girls anxiously waiting for their turn. LEFT: The crowd takes one last look at the Freshmen court nominees. ABOVE: Mary Jo Bass is a pro at this by now. 105 Who has spirit The games assembly was a big success, with great participation from each of the four classes. The Freshmen gave it a good try, but brought back the tradition of coming in last. The Seniors and the Sophomores fought it out for second-and third-placeg with the Seniors coming in second and the Sophomores coming in third. As expected, the Junior class took first place by a fairly good margin. ABOVE LEFT: Diane Majeski looks relieved when the pie-eating contest is over. ABOVE RIGHT: Scott Demerau and Bruce Buckowski anticipate the start of the three-legged race. RIGHT: Anne Luce peddles with all her might in the tricycle race. 106 't Q 1 Huskie ha 1 W 'W' ,M W P :T 3,53 55525 ...-'n'm.- 242:13 l:,.lufOm 22555 . rug- Q 2255 if-.ww wicca CD43 ,:1. EEE? Ugg! "' 'cs 'Fi--r-2 O5 1. : '35 411904 :OBE S3215 !L1"1:-C-J .-,ffm Opaxsn' 93N C '77 Court Winner Show Spirit BELOW: Diane Majeski walks off the stage gracefully after the court assembly. LOWER RIGHT: Tony Catalina escorts Page Heirshfield to the platform at half time. RIGHT: Patrica Avery is led by Tom Wilson at halftime. AR' - IIE . .. 2 ' ,ia ...Ms THE NNER 1' A l,"" . 'ff 4 i iv f , le' i '+ 4, , YII V ,FQ q rg . l i n k .. ABOVE: All of the court winners line up for their pictures. RIGHT: Martha Curti smiles as she walks off of the stage. BELOW: Michelle Kalish happily walks to the football field, while being escorted by Dave Herber. BELOW RIGHT: Jill Harris, Page Heirshfield, Michelle Kalish and Wendy Kelly. if W FQ qc 1..Mm,f-V1 A P " ' 5 ,.N,L , , ni 1 Hz ,,, igilyg- , if f V , I , ,, , N..,, 4, w ,I f ' 8 , ,I nz -A ,,.,,, 'W H ,,,k ,. J, ,gg g5gfmf22, zap, 'C O No compass is not an instrument used in geometry, it is the new school newspaper, "Compass", Itas members are, Mary Bonner, Barb Corbin, Kathleen Debian, Janet Jamison, Kathy Krause, Allison Sagraues and Kris Talley. It's advisor is Mr. Schwalm. The School ewspaper fs 'r W 3 , t :Q ABOVE: The trampolinist entertains the students. UPPER LEFT: Here he shows off, while announcing his every move. CENTER: The Seniors cheer with excitement while finishing the cart race. LEFT: A Freshman works hard to get his wall ready for Mardi Gras. Four students out of each grade, two girls and two guys, were chosen by their class as people with personality, for the 77-78 school year. Of course, it was hard to discriminate who had outstanding personalities, because so many students here at Northern qualify. Some how these sixteen people have proven themselves more outstanding than others and therefore, have been placed in the yearbook for personality Pictures of 77-78 Winners for our Port Huron Northern Personality contest were announced at the dance. For the twelfth grade, Martha Curti, Mary McIntyre, Will Simkins, Dwight Ethridge. 11th grade, Connie Fitzgerald, Patti Leonard, Jim Barrett, David Staiger. 10th grade, Mike Guizar, Jean Francevilla, Wendy Cargo, John Bellemo. 9th grade, Michelle Ready, Paul Vansickle, Vernon Booker, Jill Harris. 5? ' :- greg' 4 -,Zi ig, ' J ki , , astfs e e t ,yyryl p y ' .. wx err N9 , . ' A- ,J'-, ,r if Vihi ' as ,X 4'If'aa 23,7 .X . , N. as i Y A Q HK :1 2:22 ft ,W 3' X . U BELOW: Tom MaCabe shows he's ready for a dip, during spirit week of the snow extravaganza. FAR LEFT: Four of personality contest winners "come together". LEFT: The Seniors do a little dance during the assembly. BOTTOM LEFT: All the winners of the personality contest. 115 if N Jil fxf iflfgr 1 M 'B' . ws, W 1 :31- -xi? in W 3 Ky M vs 'U . m v ,, ,L,, .,. QW, , ' 9-3 f N 5" ' , .? fu? wt Q av- ,if Sr V,.. .K 4' V, nf! 3, , 1 is , X v 45 2? 7 M N mx. QM -elif' www , 3532, The snow Extravaganza Adds New Life The Snow Extravanganza was something new this year. It consisted of a week of various spirit week dress up days. Friday night the Huskies played at P.H. against the Big Reds with a victory of 48-46. Sat. night there was a dance, the band playing was Cyprus. At the dance the winners of the personality contest were announced, along with the winners of the mini float, the Sophomores. The award for overall winner was the '6Snowski',, awarded to the class with highest point total, The Sophomores. Class participation was also counted during spirit week, and attendance at the dance. The Seniors and Juniors tied for second place and the Freshman came in last. , Z 42 s wt. -1. Q.. S 1 an wanaamr I we OPPOSITE PAGE, RIGHT: The Seniors display their only talent. BELOW: Becca King portrays a little girl. BELOW RIGHT: Steve Cleaver trembles with fea.r before the entire student body. CENTER: Get a load of those legs!!! THIS PAGE LEFT: The Sophomores portray their upperclassmen. BELOW: The Sophomores unite to "We are the Champions" BELOW CORNER: The Freshman demonstrate their innocence. , . fx ' F ' Q a Assemblie ABOVE RIGHT: Mr. Overly says a final prayer as the trampolinist jumps over his head. MIDDLE RIGHT: The trampolinist makes a deal with Jeff Wine. BELOW LEFT: Julie West stands in suspense while thinking what may happen to her. MIDDLE: The Seniors all scream their hardest at the Mardi Gras assembly. OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: The Court nominees wait nervously for the assembly to end. BELOW LEFT lulie West performs before the whole school RIGHT ABOVE: 'gWe should stop meeting like thisf' says Mary Gordon. RIGHT BELOW: David Lincoln, a very special person, is handed an award for being such a devoted fan to our Huskies. ...I n'-+91 .. f - X . :ws vows , 1' up rt G 3 X . ,, W- - 6.1 5 , ' s:25i'f,rr 2 ' I I Q 3-fi ti 'Q , , , gif ' f i, i 4: , 015 Q ' ' 'Q-A: 1 Q 5 . I - 5 , ,fifiafagfl S 't f 1 p , f .31 . - I .S .:'f!ix 14 , p :Ag i os xi ,IE X Q 1 an W S a l bw it a gk 9 iq' '3 -rl: Sr" T C5 :fig 1: t 1 fi Q . 1 ' ' XX Q 1 E 1 L ' 3. 5! 5 H, ' , - 3 ' 'l" 1 if 'K 2 fi' fr its-. lain' . .nt r I E E 5 sp.-:t i i' , N' ' rl . f r, , .k ppp' . I , ' n ' 'H' . I. ie. . . 1, up ' jf?" -gk ' . A A as ff , QL ' Q . .Q .. V t- or V fx V -'Q ' 'V' i A I sd ' V ,r:k. ij ,.....-e""""M A RIGHT: Action packed volleyball game with students vs. faculty. BELOW: Mrs. Turner receives a pearl necklace as a farewell gift from the Senior Class. LOWER RIGHT: Fred Lindy of WPHM presents an award to Rob McLellund. M .1 ,, .. I ,.., F . K 3 K H . in ,H A 3 -- sll- L fi, Ygl . x A -. .5 '-- 1, far :ff I kk-. , f . 4 ,,,.' f 1 EF 14 1'3" vi., ,.X, , , M W Vi' me r -,,, K rf 122 Assemblie Add Variety ..7,,g...-fx.: 1 if- -if--. i fd gg- wi ff u iigw uf if Q 4 A. .ff if sz.- 1 'LEE .. A " 'V"vi,. M 'r-Kohl - If nfllfllf we 5555 .r Wm '-E if-ml! Upmn I Kwai if :fs A-KB lJif'5F .ul :ani 1' UQ OR UU vu? if? 2245 , U15 ,Rf 'i " ' uri QE! i fs N 'Q E liz, 5 WSL wit, gl ' 45 'Y , all E 5 ' Li 7 ,, WS lg, 1 ' 5 w i 3 1 .HL ,Q 2 FN.. .. is Q ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Hobqs finds time to relax at the assembly. ABOVE: Charlie Robinson gives a big 10 for the Lumber Jacks while Sonyaa Chafty disagrees. LEFT: The lumber iacks pose for a picture. ff ' i f L K X- g J 7 .f I , ,f 4 I V M e , - in vi , I - I , 'f -XXI k J l , V . ' . I ' 7 , f L - M .. wi he . ' , , I j g ,KLM 1 'L fbi' f H V 1 W.. 'XR L . , 1 V v 3 f gf- X .1 if I XM 'l ,Q,f,l,z if 1' ii i K 1' ' -' ., V 4 ..-. , V , 5 V, X , , 1, . f g 1, e - I, . f 4 ! ,- X Q, , x-, " 1 f-, l, 3 ' , fl , 1 ,PI in .X 2. ... ' V J I ,f ff' 1 - U V, ' l f 1 J . l M r. 4 4 , if ff - ff. '- f : I i I ff .Ji kr fl ' l fly - E ,, , ,f N3 .f 5 f Q 'iff I' 'Xl V I f 1 Q 'L I 1 1 ,IL Ag! 4 if li Af' , ,IJ " '7 fx f , i ,E is i , ' f, 'f , if ' If ' f" lx ' ' A . J' 'G Q' 'X ' - The Ski Club consists of about 90 skiers of all types, some just beginning and others are long time skiers. The club is organized through the YMCA and the advisors are John Dubois, and Ellen and Dave Crankshaw. The club plans to take three trips this year. Two to Boyne and one to Blue Mountain. They have done several things to raise money, one, a raffle, and another, a bake sale. The club works in coordination with Black Forest to get and keep a discount rate one night a week for the club members. RIGHT: Can you spot the REAL Ski Club Member? Deutsch ist Leicht K E 511, 1 DELTA EPSILON PHI is the national honorary fraternity for high school students of German. It is not a club, but is established solely to honor students who have shown high achievements in high school. To be eligible for admission to the honorary, a student must be in at least his fourth semester of German studies, have at least a 3.6 average in German and a 3.0 overall average in academic subjects. Herr Norman is Northernls advisor to the honorary. IN., time 35 The Frisbee club was just this year organized. With president Tom Wilson, they tried hard to get gym time to practice before spring. These club members are skilled athletes and show this in their great leaps and bounds to try and catch the frisbee. 126 6 7 7 Frisbee Club Feelin Free Bowling Team Aims for Strikes not XD' f' " Port Huron Northern Bowling league is made up of approximately 40 students. They range from freshman to seniors, and bowl on mixed teams. Each team has four kids and each week two teams compete against each other. At the end ofthe year trophies and patches are awarded for the best games and series bowled by individuals and teams. ABOVE: Port Huron Northern Bowling league. RIGHT: Number 48 tries his hardest to pick up that spare. Student Council Q' . .. 2 1 First semester student council worked on making changes to make better our old activities and to come up with new activities. They started to set up the Winter Carnival. The major goal of the Student Council in having a Winter Camival is to maintain as much spirit and excitement in second semester as there is in first semester. Dwight Ethridge and Tom Wilson work hard at maintaining peace during Student Council meetings. Second Some ter Student Council Student Council: Second Semester Student Council had a whole new bundle of things to work on, among these were: making sure the Snow Extravaganza Winter Carnival was a success, also the Valentines Day Carnation sale, blood drive and the elections at the end ofthe year. Student Council also worked on improvements within the school, such as reframing the Hall of Fame pictures and Ecology day. RIGHT: Jeff East utilizes his time wisely, as usual. BELOW: Second semester student council representatives. ,Q it :QW , , 'X 5 " C B t. V zlii 4- t cl Qrgggrrfw- 'ff 'M--f it if 1- 'S S, ,N rt , ' eoi' r e.s, Z if 2 -- g Qu z . ,,,tt 5 l'l, - . S "'l A i t- J iitrs . , ' 2 x if V " "',- Tj , K 7 ff ky J il F '- A J ,,, ,. - y 5 .fy H S f r osr 4 . ' Q - K l . eit.s A l i,ss, C it 4 L. do iggg L ,,iit it g X , S ' - ..,. .11 tf ek "'-q" ' ,, i ', ,. .,,, ' gg- ' f lu., .. me F .. ,X J y ww' l 4 Y? S ti, 5 S-wa il the itil 1 'ii 'H , Zigi' " ,, me iyww 1 , , 0 ,, , N ' 1 ' , ,H L - 2 I wg, . 130 ABOVE: Student Council Officers first semester. President, Dwight Etliridge, Vice President, Mary McIntyre, Treasurer, Bill Povenz, Secretary, Wendy Cargo.. BELOW: Executive Board, Carl Schweidler, Mary Mclntyre and Connie Fitzgerald. Executive Board LL . I - 'iilfifw f , , . ..., , . i ff a Q BELOW: Tom Wilson - Parliamentarian, John Bellomo - posters, Sue McElroy - communications, Bill Povancel - Vice-President, Dwight Ethridge - Magazine sale, Sue O'Connor - special affairs, Karrie Petho - corresponding secretary, Paul Wagner W treasurer, Wendy Cargo - secretary, Tom Wilson - Constitutional revisions. fNot picturedj Carl Schwedler - Bills committee, Jim Hayden - const. revisions, John Buttrell - assemblies, Walt Peeling - elections, Win Cooper - special affairs, Helene Schultz - Magazine sale, Michelle Charbeneau - snow extravaganza. RIGHT: Student Council 2nd semester officers, President - Dwight Ethridge, Vice President - Bill Povance3,Treasurer - Paul Wagner, and Recording Secretary - Wendy Cargo. ifihf' Yiiggiiii iifijgggy .0 L,i . 1 Q, .lf .ff- ' 39 Y 55.754 Wffxifs 2--hw. .-ASQ. - 3 S I , L X: 5 . i K ..: ' 'JVIJ ff. -1 B . J.. . .. .. . K, 'N f 1 I-5. . ,ww X Q , F' 4 ..,, 1 ...L 5 l mv " , 5 5 , W .ig sf. -i H. --.if - A s 1 .1 - .mf M 'air U-ff .M . x ..,. if fvs- " Q 4 X. gx 4 . . 5 ,Y-is ' it 1, - wig- Faces at orthern BELOW: Seniors wuil for thc assemblies to begin. BELOW RIGHT: Kclly Moss is one of those liuccs at Northern. RIGHT: The Juniors get rowdy ut ussc mblics. V ' 5 'Q l i ,iii m l ,A,,, L L V W M l i Seniors Aspire to Dreams Successful Endurance Nostalgic Inventive Outgoing Resourceful Somberv T-Niiii Y .QQQR S2111 '75 f on Q4 wwe - fs K , It my ' ,Q 5- ' ,5- , we 3 'li Seniors Look Forward to Looking Back . , Ham, .M I I V M , 8 1 5,2 , iff , 1 3 , zo. oliz. 5 f , . 'of C I. I Q' ' h '55, I 'nr ,r I 194 lg., 1 n Q 'I 5 f The C1assoofa1978 used its final year at Northern io demonstrate outstanding eonficierice and spirit. Even throughiess encouraging etirnes such as an overall second is place or in eMardi e Gras, its sportsmanship surfaced again and again. After the prom,itrips and graduation day, the seniors will take a hand at their biggest task - the Future. A job they will no doubt place an overall first in! LEFT: Mr. Vincent'Bonacci, Dearig ABOVE CENTER! Mrsi Ruby Goodrich, Counselorg 'ABOVE RIGHT : Mrs. Janet Turner, Secretary. ABOVE: Emma Ashford, Sally Sturdevant, Paul Fleming. Seniors exhibit E.S,P. ree e Seniors f fr f 2 f . if f 4 W 9 aria . f ,er ,, M- 1.-Jw H 1' ,Z 42. F- Jg dwr .W ,,,, , M l 11, 2 f QQ ' f no 21 www, .W if 52' Fig 'E Q E we in ,,, . -.if - .,L,L. k Qbfc w 41' M I 3 gigs 't: K Q .4 is A m , X Q Mx.. ...el ':A S K , ,,..l,... .Weis I A 5 . A 9 l Q.. 1 X, , W I . Il k I gi' Ktgf fk' X We V , , 5 ' if ,91- EH gf A' rl A . , V -4- 1 V S df I x A, A , A 3 A, 55 f N , 'H 0 6 4.11 e X any v i ll, o h h A f I , if ll Q4 an jx 'val ' ,f F J: A to l l 51, ee , me , -ng .ab 1: -,Q-2 - e . ' Be A 1 Charles Abou-Ganim Michael Acker Michael Adair- . Julia Acjy 7 Anders Albinssoh Elizabeth Aiderson ' Julie' Alexander Scott Alexander Steven Alexandet l Judy Allen ' A Karen Allen . , . Amy, Andqson A Jennifer Aodreae Lynn Anglebrzindl V JohnlArmst:ong A Connie Altman - Emma Ashford Elizabeth Atkinson Patricia Avery A Michael Bacheller Ann Bachmann , Andxew Balogh ' Kathleen Barthel H Ma.ry1JoBass' f 5 5 Seniors 137 138 Seniors Ineke Bastiaansen Verna Beadle Timothy Bateman Marcelle Beauregard Mona Bauer Russell Bell "With Our Spirit. . . -b V. fm: X X ,X , 'B ga a 'fr B '.,4'f-'R L' D fr - 'f Bethany Bcrden , '-im QQ 5525 E'-'a ... O '-ng'-1 w Qwexi' 'T' U3 Qiifiw -5:t:.9i 31.-gwgoe " E0 of-1 'v"i'13 Q, e a Helen Boman Linda Bombard Gary Bonin Debbie Brandle Dennis Brennan Linda Brooks Kim Brown Rodney Brown Jay Brueggman David Burns Douglas Burns Mary .lo Cain Sally Campbell Deborah Canavan 5 Katherine Cansfield ' Michael Carl - Mary Ann Carrier David Castello -.- . 'C' a r. -ri My ' N s wx "' x , ws, all ik 1. K 3 ' Xie: 1,av,,Q13,1y u. , ..',. ..... .... pin v R X -.f A 's 1 ,F . , , . ,A , V it -if ,aa ii . le-,W rg- , :L . B f nr f W a ' oz: 34 , 4 5 ' Q it . e -4, B Q, .A 4 Q ff fy ,B XX fi a f L B f' NN ri V V r ro B+ B f N .MN .,,, .,,- K rx rsr if X, :X ,A i i' f r rrrr I Y Sonya Chafty 3 ' Amy Charles Gayle Christer pi ' W' '- Leanne Coggins 7' ' 4 "' A .4 5 A Kelly coke A B B L3 fi ,, .cg Debra Cole S If - W' if' J .H ' .ff , f Diana Cole .Q Brenda Collingwood ,S -f Q i Cindy Conlen ' ' ' Terri Conn j Q in ry 1, -1 ' Q ' ga, Y wmneid Cooper LQ B B B xi ,gy P xr . Barbara Corbin i i"' . Y' L "fi 1923 1173i as .1 rrr,i ,, D fi 2 X P! E.. "'- B- 1 I N My ga l if 3 ' ' W ' " f'fWN f- ' 'UN'-M fwfr Q W an . .mmwwfww M, fl, QA ,, f f . . - -,W,,.,.,, we ,, Q e K ' F, -x I , Q. fv' 0 'r ag - I , XXx.,. n f L V, 2 L . 1 v , f was ,. .E+ ,. 1 X "ff 'Q V f..,- J 1 ju, I Q, - ei. F D M -af' .D D . Q, ' K . , f A t an Q, Nm DE ,. ,Q M I A I ' A A, ' A z ,ff . .A Jeffrey Cornwell David Coronado Michelle Corp Lynn Corrigan Mark Coughcnour Edward Crimmins John Crimmins David Currie J an Currier Martha Curti Theodore Curtiss Elizabeth Daily Benjamin Davey Martha Davidson Nancy Dean Robert Deater Kathleen Debian Maxy Beth DeMars Seniors 139 ,A .- Q -K WL K, ' -.J 4 D G ,iz ' i 5 O . 4 V ee Q ,- G ,. 22' . G if ' 2' 54 ' ii is L, XL G. , 6 A K A . y -Q 5 5 ,mn ' l If - ' . , . N 5'-' " ' 'le L , 1 J -Alb. 2 'ffm A,f . I e',...l Z 2 . ' A D V ., .fa ff g i ...G ex Akin 'A if? -ftp. M N-SN' fi G G 1 . 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V G yyyi G, ,Jew yQWE,4lff4ff2 K ,, 1 W 'Af 1. ff 3 .-, ,, ' '- ji 'f., :eg - 5 is 1 ,yi .av .r - X. rye. 1J'v.,',.S N fi v My Www Jeff Evans Brenda Eveningred Pamela Fadell Soott Falk James Faulkner Deborah Fead Carol Feichtncr Timothy Feick Douglas Fiedler Rodney 'Fiedler Sharon Flanigan Paul Fleming Nancy Fleury L Sharon Fogal Charles Fogzuty Robert Foglcsong Tzmmafa Forsyth Brian Frahtz Martha Prede ndall Penny Fretenborough Lynnette Fritch Julie Frizzle Daxlene Fulton Kevin Garder Kelley Gargen Pat Genaw Nancy Gerry Dan Gates Cindy Gibson Michael Gillies Paul Gillihan Anne Giroux 142 Seniors Manuel Gonzales Mary Gordan Sharon Gorski Anne Grasel Gerald Graw Michael Gray Michael Green Judy Griffith George Guba Bambi Guertin Linda Haddad Fred Haight Darrell Harper Timothy Harmer Steven Harmon Bonnie Harneek Pamela Harrington X 5 , Jeffrey Harris Eugene Harrison Mark Hartel Teresa Hatlestad James Hayden Karen Havens Staate Hayward Jeffrey Heltman Amy Henderson Martin Hess James Hicks Linda Hillis Suellen Hillock !.....W1,e. ,,,, W ,. A r S S ,,,i, l P A fl W I , M B we 3 my G Q H ' X e', 4 i , 1, ,, ll F' - Eli' G . if rl- y - G if -K of Q X A .4 X9 in tl 1 iq X if H or he A or ix V vi X h , at n , ' Q l K V FX A i. K W r,.,. Q il eg. .K 'Mai .. I lrr K m"""f""f K "AH . A Q: :Inj A A "fe ' " 2 ZA ,. K i ,. 3 a Q AAA x I- I, , - ..': 8 . , --A 4 'K , .. ,f E E .,,g1m.:.,, W. .,,. ,L-My vw' ' 5 ll' 's. 'W' L 1 rg .am CJ - "1' 5. W, ss f 2. ' by M75 J. ,.- ' Q l- --la. , -.1 ff - xg-'Lili i my P15 V+ 'ff 2 I if k.:. Q, L , , I, , , 4 - ... ix an I '1....,- re -'Q' Q - ' L. .Were the Class of WFS" A ,,,,. aww., -.M,......... ,. , . ,A..,, ,,.,,,,,,f ...W A - H eq, 3 ,h N C f , 1 I - . J xi , i'2 ilk it Ni , A Q b b .. . S l Ely? . J f aq l J ff- s J g N "- ' .' ,QV "J gli ., lX Q' mx9'x:'l r lil 3 Wx' . 1 - :Fifi . E . M 5 V. R K X W 1 K 1 . K X .R 1 rls 3 l S ai .Q '... -,vfgur U . , XL 'gfgf i ,M ' NQ 'R , K. filer 2. IA . l 5 mm ' A - ala A - . f 15,1 Xi , Marsha Holmes Cathy Howard John Howard Thomas Howard Timothy Howard Julie Hrisca Steven Hughes Richard Hunter Charlene Hustek Esther Hyde Leigh Hyslop Robin Irvine Elizabeth Isabell Julie Jackson Leonard Jackson Jean J ansen Janet Jamison Michael Jenkins Wendy Johnson Billie Johnston Dave Jones Karen Jones Randy Jones Alan Kalaf Kelly Kalish Rebecca Kearns Timothy Kearns Karen Keller Cindy Kent Randy Kibbe Russell Kidd David Kimball Daniel King Patricia Kinnee Thomas Kohlman William Komph James Kostoff Gerald Kraft Kathleen Kraf t Kim Kuhr Scott Ladd Brian Lamb Seniors 143 l RIGHT: Student Council M a team on yeurz LA Sld6.' GPPOSITE PAGE LEFT!x CHEESE!!!- ' L OPPOSITE PAGE -RIGHT! 'fWi1h GU1"5ph'if'- we re sg g1neat?", , , Rick Laming Ben Landere Frank Landschoot Daniel Lapiih , Caxrie Lasky Marizmn 'Lazurka Patrieia Leahy Lawrence Lee Gary Leneway Carole Lomp Edward London Carol Longley Steve Lorts Anne Luce Jeffrey Lynn U Doug McDonald Torrie Mackie Chris Madej Judith Majeske Dianne Majeski Karen Mana , Kyle Manz Michael Marceto Nancy Mareozzi Gerald MaISack Iohne Mathews Anna Matthews Donna Matthews Shelli May Brian Maynard 146 Semois ! ,. ,., ,. . -..M . -,r... ,, -..M f , X,,,, . i , A,,,,. ,wmi ' S 4- ' - ' .. . . , X , I if 9. In kd K, 1 'iff-Wh in VSLL A., , .5 4 e eea , Q y Qay. f 1 uf . k k i 1 N., ., AQHA' "P . V ,L 21 I x "5 K ' K 4 V 2 - 2' 5 1 ex cw it 31. : ...,,, , ' 6' Q 6 , " n f 4 ef Q M- a 'A ' 5 I , Q., v 'QQ X ' X rs., e , 1 ,, .1 k L L W ' Q5 .5 A Y' l ' ' 1 -- - Y YY ' ' ,Q Jh- a.L.....i , 5 AX 14 Q ' ' F 9 ' e e S B .L - x f a a y , I ' . 1 'ee e e V i - ,, V , b ' , Y 'i' R , ' f if .1-.Q ,.,. 2 ' . in I ,ix N I J I V ,- tlvl. ,, aw' A Bi ea. a " 5 slew- 455: e K e- ee e e. z,.X,ix fs Xe ' ,Q e eee. ,, J - .N ,,,,...,,,, kqqb ww, ,wow -www .... ..,.,,...,--..W,. W. .wi 1:2 3. IT' 4 ij. a N K M: 'L K., - 1 A V x ry. 1, nfl' ' A J WX- 'N W vm ' .L K sf. ' 'QA 5' - Q-,Er ., , I . rm - iq-K YM , . 4 'K' 33.6 o . f XV V fnnfi ' 'Vw KAW, P.. A Vx , ,gas q,,! .p.blVs V., A SM .lifw-. -if A Q XV Y gf' W' 11 ' I x --'- . V V V fr ,Q K 4.212422 o 'W VS. . 4, Q V Q., ffm' ' .. r 4 l1l ,F . sv, is Y QV rf V ,V H Tina McCaImon Ann McCarthy ' James Mwleaxy Robert McCormick V, Carolynn McCoy Connie McGregor Mary Mclntyre V Robert McLeIIand Scott McPhail ' , Michael ,Mcffevia r ' Lynda Meade r Cheryl Meehan V V Maria Mczza VV . Gregory Miller Kevin Miller Steven Miller Don Minor , - - Rita Montgomery Paul Moody V Dan Moore Cindy Morden Joann Morley ' ' Keely Moulton Barbara Napolitan Ang l if Seruors 147 5 148 Seniors 5 Z s 1 Patricia Neumann Miariiyn Newton ' Deanna Nichols Susan Nicholson V Suzanne Noble David Nofs Toni Norman . . Rene Norton John Nowiski John Obermcsik Christopher O'Brien Kelly O7Conner Lynne O'Dell K' Karen Odle . Mary Ann Olaf Daniel O'Leary Richard'Osgood Brenda Ostrander Joseph Ovfirbock Eric Overholti ' Cynthia Palmer i Joel' Petattie ,A . Kimberly Pedersen h Walter Feeling Gloria Pemberton i, Marlg Pemberton ,V Chris Pemington ' Craig Pietrrxngelo' Edward Pionk Patricia Pobanz . , t ,4 4 x T' Q I fr., RL' ' . . ,rir my, it 0--is R, v..t o JP-A U fu ig! ef X 51:7 X M pm I 5 F ., f ii 'iffy iii' i or : mf -,wflvx KN I Q? 5' 'X Nl t 1 57' can y ,ffl , , 'X ,xx X I V Q ,Q , E V are it o W M H ,,,. -can I 2 , ' K xy , fky X tl A ii i 'iflpx rv " 5' nn , , 5 . ff ,i K f . Q on Z f i , W - Q L 2 S VV 5 hc' fffggfkf ,WH as l V, V f 1 i I k,, YIM 1: V I 'ggi i': gg . V "X f V X ,. Q gf ggt A I I W , V1 ,,,. .,, s,' VV Wan, , ul. I, H KW " K W K ., 'f '15-., 21 ' . ' . K A -N"'wi'01 - "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" , .i.r.1.-,...,.i.Wi,,.W,..m.i.....Q,,.,. T , ,, 1. an . A x 4 r K v X, A ' s O ajft i inn I kr V fc w K .N VU A VKLVK M f . . lk x f f J fi o 3 ' f' fr or S 'N " 4373 1 - -. ml is.. I - sf it rr oi if X X ei " we A 3 R 4 xg J Am' t " G V i ' .2 Qld I Q , y . so X L J ' 4 . Ku..-y Fl f M F4 .swf - 1 it J l x . fvl a. ,Q , S y vi 0 i ' as i -w Q- . -9' fc Q K' t 1 K Vkii I ,, ' K T 9 r J s i ii jim c A G D:-N . 'PW 'A Y Q' X A ix K, I W at . Q. f ' 'Sf' 1-. - 'L s. , R, .1 .. .. , . , L L 'va 'Ni sr s'ssss I Q W, S ,Qi 'VS xii Q Kathryn Pollock Jill Poorman ' Lynann Popham V William Povenz Anne Proctor Shawn Proctor Lorraine Quandt Heidi Rader Ann Raftery ' James Ramsey Robert Rawling Chervl Reaume Sharon Reid Kevin Renno Scott Richert William Robb Charles Robinson Michael Rock Pierre Rogers Jane Rome Ann Ropposch Martha Ropposch Dominique Rudolf Susan Ruelle Marsha Ryan Allison Sagraves Stephen Saint Coeur Lorrie Sanders Linda Scandalito Carol Schmelter Jeffrey Schneider William Schoneman Timothy Schrader Barbara Schultz Thomas Schultz Mark Schultz Carl Schwedler Elizabeth Scofield Karen Scott Steven Scouten Jeffrey Semrow Beth Ann Seymore Seniors 149 3 4 ii if Q ' fi! ug? -if-4. r X . my hw wgow. X .9-...-...ww A. -W... rv ..,...vly, Dig! N q . Dt. , Lk V 5, Q li' lf' , X., " , . ra? ,, , , N' .e . Q x pit , avi: 'wx ,:, lx V S X 9 In .15 .A ff-fi M it ' i A 1, Xu.. s O . .A . 4 .X 'ts 3 is is 5 5' S the '- K . s 4"k "--if I Q , fi X ff. xgl Q ' fr . A Q -J li ef A i X ..,, .f,: X K A S 1 E V L f ? r .. P 9' way. -, - 1 5' S' ,jig S Q i' 'io 3 1 ! I Q ITL' 154 'W D xr R V, xx W w Q M S, S on S S Brian Shagena Mark Sharrard Lorie Shaw Laura Sheldon Lisa Silvey William Simkins Brian Smith Gregg Smith Keith Smith Michael Smith Shawn Smith ' Tammy Smith Tina Smith Phyllis Snider Merle Sommcrs Marsha Stein Kathi Stevens Lori Stevens William Stine Carol Stiver Lynn Stocks Laurie Stoeber Charles Stoll Kathleen Stoutmeyer Scott Strauss Ronda Strceter Timothy Studaker Carol Stuewer Sarah Sturdcvant Pauline Swoffcr Susan Szelog Laurie Tait Kristin Talley Debra Tallmadge Elizabeth Taylor Jill Teeple Kelly Thayer Bruce Thompson Joni Thompson Kaye Thompson Debby Thurston Joni Toles Seniors 151 F"""f "W 152isefl1Q2s Aolimpseff a sen10lfSLife 1 , - 1 . i Carol Touma' - ' Mary Truchan 1 Laurie Turner L V Sandra Turney John Tynan m Uhi Mechthild ' law V Q ', ,, YK1 LW f' .. at Martin Ullenbruch ' l Brenda Underwood V- Jezmne Urban - . Brian vwvfluemell l l Timothy Van Luven ' l 'Roh Van Deiiren I Peter Wak l Janet,Wagar 'Patil Wagner' ' Kristine Wakeen V Dan Wallace . , I Krystal Waters - V 2. gp oll, s l 4 , , Q .X Vw, .. -M- v..,w..,.,,f Q T0 ' 5 My za Y H , X. . -' "' l'll' 4 A' ' '22. Xzfg. 'AN,' 5 533 l f of lll , 7 x K, Vg 2 V , f l fl ax 'fs ' N A Z i 2 F F 5 i 5 2 2 S i Q E l wwf S . .. -V,-...1 f . ,feel of .Je-.1 K A QM .i . . tr. ' VV is fikgxii 'M' K I , A 1'-QW ll Q QW 5 E . P S 3 S Q f 2 Y E S 9 1 x Q LN., .. lr A W Q, ' A , n , h 1 fi v N1 W ! ' iff' J ffl :ffl M ge ,, kv . ,izghr ,. n -Q ,- N. P 347, ,:'.'g!.:,- ,VV- df 15-,w,f4 V.,-. ' , " +V -.fgfjpgg 21' A gl . .::--.-'- -x fag.-' '., "bv: X ., ifzfv' 5 'V E , ., 5 522 HQ Q 1 X K A.. kk.k 3: 4. , A X w dl 4' Seniors 153 154 seniors Susan Weiner Debbie West Julie West ' H Scott Wcst Cindy Whitican Lynn Wiersma Steven Wiley Andy Wilhelm Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson I eff Wine W Kim Yull K 'ana fi -- Craig Watson T ,.- Q -. qw i Ei . fbi . , 7 -on h xx - f 5-Lx, if' "A ...Y .Q . , P - N '- ,, 1 iiii jgl. 5 ,. I V5 N K i - , nf? if o so ..,. jg 'f' f X ,f ,. X Ni -, . ff: 1 T X no W 'xi " X N V -1: B .N - s -i"'i'3 1 gums M22 A E 2 nkmfmafwrd yi, , , ,, A x ""W"f' 3' 'WEP ' f Q'f 'E' g ,QE Y,,, Q I V , 3 5 V, 3 V . Y . Q 78 J QA An, Q , , N V l t i gf-'Q an Aiffvz - "1, Vrff' , m 'W ,, 'zz' -aff . .. W .N .f N ' Q ?'2""'wf-2: . "i'...sXl..,.W.- M, . A- . ,S !v N Uqv., ' MN. - Xi. uw E .2 E2 an -0 ye f s 6 3 -' f 1 ,.. m W. w - m,. - M m , .. M! 'Q 1. 5 V,,,,,.k 5 'la . fig iii' ,. 'k w Z A M ,M Seniors Seniors The class of 1978 had an impressive total of ithirty-five seniors with grade point average of 3.5 or better. Theyaiareiri Kris Berg, Mike Carl, Ed CrirnminS, Martha Curti, Kathleen Debien, Jeff Evans, Mark Hartel, Staate Hayward, Louise Hyde, Julie Jackson, Janet amison, Kathleen Krause, Carollomp, Nancy Marcozzi, Mary Mclntyre, Cheryl Meehan, Paul Moody, Marilyn Newton, Chris O'Brien, C' Lynn Odell, 'Joe Overbeck, Chris ia Pepper, Allison Sagraves, C Tom Schultz, Carl Schwedler, Laura Sheldon, Marsha Stein, iKathy Stoutmeyer, Kris Talley, Laurie Turner, Carol Tounia, 'BrianiVanDrei1mel, Sue Weiner, Julie West and Kim Yull. Most impressive are valedictorian, Nancy Marcozzi and Salutatorian, Sue Weiner. Crightl Congratulations from Northern. Determination Powers Juniors Where Theres Will . . . at The juniors were really on top this year and they proved it by winning the barrel for the second year in a row. The juniors Wish to give a special thanks to their class officers - President Gregg Hummel, Vice President Joe Bennett, Secretary Mary jo Dodea, and Treasurer Lisa Ely. With the patience of Mr. Emlaw, Dean, Mr. Buekoski, Counselor, and Mrs. Burns, Secretary the juniors had a great year. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Einlaw talks with Mike Bressett about his schedule change. ABOVE CENTER: Mr. Buckowski is hard at work. ABOVE RIGHT: Mrs. Burns types away! CENTER: This Photography class is on the opposite side of the camera for this picture. BELOW LEFT: Pres. Greg Hummel, Vice Pres. Joe Bennett, Treasurer Lisa Ely, Secretary Mary Jo Dodea. BELOW RIGHT: Rough Riders. Juniors ig A., 5 iiiiis . .. E T 5 ' ti A H 7 . '." afg,s,-s 1 N P :" -if W V' if . H Viii . . .,. K N... . I . g W H MW F his , XL 1 'i i ' K K ".l,,-,- . ' G Q 1 Ak -- M" ' .... , it -ai t 3 S E. . 444 i . . .There's a Junior ,,. ft' V", ,.--"" M,,..--W v ' ,ff ,C A " ..-04' iii . 5,5 N 'X ,413 .ff Ex . ABOVE LEFT: Eric Lohr and Todd Moore, say "Hi There". ABOVE RIGHT: The Lighthouse Lookout. BOTTOM LEFT: Brian Shagonca, Scott McReady, Gary Houlc, John Mrozek love having their picture taken. BOTTOM RIGHT: Greg Hummel looks away when hc opens his locker, but if you had in your locker what he has in his you would too. Juniors 159 ABOVE LEFT: Winkin, Blinkin and Nodd. ABOVE RIGHT: Ray Aekers takes time to " N 'UNM help out his little sister. NN. S-.. w... -K -..,. Laurie Adair Ray Akers Cindy Allegree Kathi Archibald Dave Armbruster Natalie Armstrong Rod Arquette Blake Bailey Kim Bailey Faith Baird Kenneth Baird Dean Baker Nick Bandescu Jon Bargeman Cindy Baron Jim Barrett Matt Barringer David Barron John Bartlett Brian Bates Velma Bayless Melanie Beach Mark Beauchamp Dave Beery Lura Bell Scott Belonga Joe Bennett Kathy Bennett Mary Berels Michele Bettinger Rick Bingham Brian Bishop Sheila Bland Michael Bombard Rich Bonner 160 Juniors K 3 -A ,1 ,fi N... 5 ti' .. i fi ,gh I .E gg 45"-W' 51 B B We B if A A A , y ss A , fl Paw N S . 193. -,' at VE R f , ,J , ...J SK Exp -yr Q ' ii, , , ae. K I v nu? , :.N ii K V X , fy J ,.7,Jf..+Zf,ua 'QL ., A ,- 17 A 1 QQ i' if ii" A f'i+?.' 'Q' l , ex VW 'e 1 B B is 9 , . N S gf i t , I we f L rf iii if :ir 1 sk mt ,J at J in V . 5 , , K A J H ,VV Susan Borowski . , V33 ' V I . , Brad Borris W Q w x TF. J J ' T " vx Vt" J cfll Bourdcau . , ' 33, A K J' if 'V 'M Mary Boyd 3 ' A J or ' 4 Rink Boyd , X M V ...,. ' Q, ' l5-- ' ' - - .QQ vt' Srvvv Bllyd X O' I V is VV V Beth Bradley -V Q V N O A Steve Branch V- Gary Brauer ' Tim Breliler V VV 9 'P ' ' 1 A Michael Bressette 7 I VV f 4 Q Renee Bright V we .. ,, , ki lfrnestinc Bristle 'fr' N A i James Brown 5 o an vw- . X21 2... I Q f.VV V Jeffrey Brown jiri, ,ig V f i'ii:i Jerry Brown V : , .gy rf- Q -, - Q - V' Pam Brown lr , '. 2 .V s..- Tammy Brown K 1 A VV V A W Tainra Brown .1 J i "lla B rii J J f p 1 SUC.Bl'Cl'1'm'? A Q -'1-f1' B , , ,A ,551 lirure Buckoski I -i-i Roxanne Burch ' V ' Bob Burgctt I. Regina Burns 0 'fa' F .' V V , John Buttrell ,V Don Cain V . V Q ' it " ' Debbie Calabro 'ff o l V 'ilk X' Judy Callender ii A Dale Cainphausen V , V A O T Sue Carlyle N. Q , A I Gary Carpo ' ' , A - , 3356! 4' R6 in ' Q Shari Carroll 1 - -G ' 'V-'V ' Six' i Doug Carson 1 - . VV ff , " V ny Ruth Ellen Case 1 W i idk V . A- ' V z V' ' X V V Paula Catalina lr:-.-3 VVVV fini' 0 -gy V,v ...... BOTTOM LEFT: Jerry Robb and Mark Stine admire the fire extinguisher. BOTTOM RIGHT: Todd lilliot and James Brown find playing hall monitor as boring as it looks. Juniors l6l "With Our Spirit We Will Shine ABOVE LEFT: I think that I shall never see a thing as lovely as a tree. ABOVE RIGHT: David O'Brien, Brian Shagena, Scott McRcady, Gary Houle, John Mrozck will do anything for u picture. ' ee: . wg Michelle Charbeneau all I Lori Chartier Q, 3 Andrew Chiappelli W' Greg Chieholm W Brad Christler A I Q K x Robin Clark Ai " '95, Steve Cleaver ' 1, - " "5 Joel Oete 1. .,f: :ry It k.1,kV K 1 11 K K in Joe Cirubisi ' - ',-t k as Jody Cole ' , , Shannon Cole ' A .?-- Mark Coleman , f . I Richard Collinge 4 Lark V 'ff , . I ' 4- R . , . Jim Collins Q Q I. 22 ,I ffii i-,r I I Q L ii Q , X L , A fx. , Pam Collins , ' iii' I Becky Conger iiiii iii ii iii ' MQIY Conlan , ' .. Michele Conley , -- ' wi' 1 Mary Corbin " I Q Ray Coseo , . 4, it --,Q ji ' Cary coughenouf K uf, it J 1v'I:Iffaf I M Cindy Coulston i J If I I I ii 'S Lisa Courtney A i - John Cuppen it , Michelle Cureton I - ek , .. it Bryan Daft he ' U Q Kim Daft x ' , V I. 2 ,L ,QL ' A Jim Daly I 4 3' I ' 162 Juniors 3 . ' " 41 - We're the Class of '47 " an SM' , K In s , V I I1 5' v s 5 www fb a '41 1-. , W 'x an J A . ? e s lx fx .' L l il , 34' :1,:f :fs Th, K I -': ,r-. , , t J ' J lf'-3 D .G ,nk xi :wx A A . if . ii ABOVE LEFT: Nick Bandescu and Dave Armbruster take time out for a pose. ABOVE RIGHT: We wish you a Merry Christmas. is , A . .g,s, f 3 i . X i'oa I C ' KV Craig Daniels Bambi Darling Tim Davey Ted Davis Don Deloy Larry Demerau Tammy Denman Steve Dennis Ray Derush James Dewitt Andy Dickson Rae Dillon Jane Dilworth Mary Jo Dodea Dianna Doetsch Paula Donnellon Dan Dornfeld Judy Drake Carolyn Dupuis Roberta Durance Jeff East Michelle Eifert Harry Eldridge Todd Elliott Cheryl Ellis Lisa Ely Pat Ennest Kathy Evans Juniors 163 164 Juniors Connie Fitzgerald Steve Fleming Jeff Floyd Kay Flynn Nancy Fochtman Connie Fowler Ann Franca-villa Debbie Francis Marc Frasier Kathleen Frey Ron Galbaith Jeanne Gardocki Cindy Gillies John Goodwin Sue Gossman Tom Grambau Marjorie Grant Margo Gray Brenda Green Bob Gronek Kim Guertin Pat Gunter Joe Gwisdala Troy Haddad Laurie Hagen Marty Hagle Joni Haight Shelly Hall LeeAnn Hanchon Joel Hardman Larry Houver Jean Harmon Mary Harris Mike Hayes Doug Hayman Bob Hedring John Heering Richard Hess Mike Hickey Jackie Hillman Scott Hirschfield Tom Holmes Don Holmes John Horgan Sue Horton Darlene Houston Mark Howard Linda Hreha Mary Jo Hrisca Greg Hummel Dawn Ingles Rob Ingram Renae Jackson Terry Jacobs Mary Jacobsen Michelle Jarvis ma- - W-,mn i G YL? "ir G :fr , fgdi- Qf 2 L E 3 F GG, f Xr,, xx f , F K 8 il' G fa? 41 in 4 ffk E' - 4 V fn 'il' s we l Ga I -1 ,af S . i s r Q G G y QA G G G,,,A ,G, Gig: Gp, kj 2 V 3 Vs F53 X ,1 R51 NGGG ,Gi ig G K ,,G v 4 Q N F' if--X. GG 7' W -me ,I GG f-was ww rx QM A. it xx se W... sf slr . g G G N , iv i ir: X'-"'N- G .. ez, Q T g G 3 ' new F tre F V - 1 ' G : K A , . 3' xi, "ph, il" GG " ,FF 'Q E .J Y Q G.: ox 3. -Ga. Kg! .. F A A 'K' t V' "5 i Ns' J 1 'Q ' , .',.:, ,X . , G .-wg, ,,,,,i1-'X 4 ,. v use ... . W ' -auf , Q s-N0 V iiili q J Ga.,-1 .,.,v -we Q nr f Q 'ff B i .,-Qf J .ig :qi GX 1.3 tl. G il ...Mk I K: is K 'gk' G " Z , I I Sf' I .+L I is I Q5 are 'fi W R 'Xi Q B yet ... .G J Sw at as G as 'GG 751, ' 91 ' -5 'ig g f " : " i ' QQ - Ga xi. 'GG' B Mu ' GG.,g 'gk v 9 , t. . for f x I t H4 ..-s n J a e K L F L fs. . if 1 pa it 'S if-ri i f i t A ' f' 'z at MY, ' y k e bt ' ,Q i. g 1:25, 15 , -ff ,, ne w me f X if gt ,uw , 1 Q, ta y M ' f Q it , ,Ji K . ,J ft if L 1? is-, 5 , V. - v. -e , af- tfs -1 5 1 " SSM img! S L ' ig! 4 we 1 1 ' K .' ,K . ' .r a ' . 'T A . gi ,aggli - K -.g . , , 'J s ' A W ' Q 1 'IAQ Z xV ,. E 1 H LL,,.. x -N . ga K iff L -- S t Vg Kwik J is J f 'Q at NX, 5 ' in . J' KH 6 gm bf . . V iE I in f L -to gf: I , . K ,. K, - Q rf '-Ei I K S' , ' W fa: J J ,f 'N tx 0 R f 1 L i' 1 vii 2' ' J , K V iff-.K ' yi Rik I, i M S if V Lisa Jerry Cliff Johnson Karen Johnson Lisa Johnson Scott Johnston Jim Julien Debbie Kalaf Gary Kamsickas Don Keith Lynn Kelly Trina Kern Dave Kettlewell Jacky Kidd Kathy Kidd Lisa Kieft Shawn Kindred Rebecca King Ma.ry Kish Jeff Koch Judi Kogelschatz Linda Koebke Ed Komph Darla Koreiba Maralee Koreiba Kirk Kotelman Debra Kring Kim Kroetsch Roy Krohn Don Kuehn Brenda Lambert Pam Lane Sharrie Lane Colleen Lang Rebecca Lapp Rick Ledsworth Patti Leonard Julie Lester Cheryl Lett Lori Levin David Lewis Brian Lightle Kerry Little Kim Little David Lixie Eric Lohr Sherry Lonczkowski Melissa Lotermoser Debbie Love Rosemary MacDonald Jim MacMillan Scott MacReady Jody Mahosky Celia Marks Frances Marone Richard Marsack Craig Martin Juniors 165 Margo Matthews Brett May Tom McCabe Steve McCork1e David McDonald Richard McGrath Shawn McGregor Karen McKenzie Teresa McKenzie Lori McLaughlin Kenneth McNutt Scott McNutt Larry Michels Allan Miller J- ,- '41 4 x Y, ss' 'la' lt fi Bart Miller Colin Miller John Miller Julie Miller Randy Miller Kim Minard James Mitchell Cathy Mix Tammy Mix Caren Moak Anthony Moncrief Bob Monder Paul Montgomery John Moore 166 Jumors Sil:l:Tffl'5'f'lWvri-ei 3-.Jia t r YQ S 'K Mi 'W SSMWAE, :trio .awe , - A fx J E mm 1 b A , V 'K ' ' 'Q lf nb it N I, . xi t K , 2. Michael Moore Todd Moore Scott Morden Carlena Morgan Debbie Morrison Dorthy Morrison George Moss Kelly Moss Troy Moulton John Mrozek Sue Mullen Janet Murphy Kelly Nader Paul Nelson w. A mv, w E1 j , R Q X ' Hsu Qi Jw Mark Newman Cindy Nichol Shawn Nolan Megan Norris Mike North Don Nuss Roxanne Nye David O'Brien Anna O'Connor Sue O'Connor Brenda Odle Kelly Oswald Ellen Overbeck Julie Palmateer Juniors 167 Cherie Parker Victor Parmann Ken Paulos Karen Patterson Karen Payne Shawn Pearce Tim Pearson Tim Petho William Petoskey Richard Phillips Chris Pieehowiak Tara Pierson Leona Pillsbury Penny Pincomb Vincent Porter Stephen Postill Mary Ann Price Kelly Provost Todd Przytakoski Jeff Quandt Kurt Rabine Cheryl Radske Virginia Ramsey Joe Ready Cindy Reed Patty Rawley David Repp Holly Resseguie Lisa Revoir Don Reynolds Julie Reynolds Tamara Rich Terry Rich Doug Richardson Lori Riddell David Roach John Robbins Pam Rogers Nancy Ropposch Tim Rowe Bernard Rucker Andrea Rumenapp Julie Ryan Craig Scheffler Julie Snider Brenda Scoettle Tim Schrader Helene Schultz Lori Schwabauer David Schwitzke Anita Selby Cathy Senneff Kerry Setter Dana Sharrow Roger Sheldon Patti Sibilla 16 8 Juniors ' H- ,, I amz l expr-,E.g4I' .. s 'V . 'Ni 2 g 5: or ., e 5 w J it seal. K C f t . N.. :T-3 iw .N P f ar e ,. at -he wh T ,.i, , .Lvl A if it K Aer t 2221. 5 ' -- me J R 'Lab' fr' , . J 1 J 5 ,miss .. s ff N " ' K N " 1 lx ' ' RT e - 545 "' "if K y.y.l M Q ff, o 5' 4 i, eel.ilu i s -V tt" I f .X if 'R P A ,g, , T., s Q K 3 Rim i I V - , Aj La i ,,ii 5 ., tr. , Q, 5 ..,,, Ar it J Q 31? l it A N ft. . ,,, ,.,,, gsm: , , 'H . 1 ri M , lf' 1 W 1 T iii' i -' 'V W gi 9' Av. H, is r y te 21. Y K. ,X NX K gd' C L ,. .,-n -. C . iw N. as .. H - K, ' 325 Q aa L . 'Y' ,, Y r 'M Y: hx aa ,W , 59 wa ilk 4 'Ja it X fa rwnz:p9?9ff::::z::::::iymy V., - L 4 L .ieilr ,S-T.. 5, " ,. 5.k . yiii l at Q 'Q' h 1 .rr A J , L Q 11" of fs X K . Q A ' lr? ik.. A 03 ' F N, J ,M B - J J J A X k if K L L:: fy , I ii ii Q - , , 'J fe J fill K J J rx f 'Q-. V .G I I -- - f n ' -- 'J "1 , K K - A i , K ef it 5 Q '- L l - a '..f Y: I fi I Z g y 'L s . Qhjign J t rr gg L Q J ,tra i M54 K 2 ,. VK . f L S Caroline Simkins Jody Sitka Becky Smith Laura Smith Doug Snowden Mike Solinsky Jerry Soupal Steven Sovereen Rae Spangler David Staiger Stacie Stebbins Lisa Steemburg Mark Stein Lynne Stevens Rick Stiefel Jackie Symon Bob Tate George Taylor Jon Taylor Rose Taylor Larry Tenniswood Doug Thayer Cindy Thomas Howard Thomson Chris Tisdel Claudette Tucker Marcy Ullenbruch Scott Urmy Dave Vandenbosche Karen VanSickle Sherrie VanSickle Gene VanWormer Elizabeth Varadi Doug Varty Dawn Vaughn Sue Wagner John Walker Barb Wallace Sara Walsh Karen Warren Terri Warren Cathy Wasmuth Earl Waters Tom Weber Terry Weber Bill Weckesser Wendy Wellman Larry Westphal Debby Wheeler Anne Whipple Buddy White Cindy White Janie Whitehead Carrie Whittaker Vicki Whybrew Mark Wiersma Juniors 169 The Lives and Times of Juniors YWBPN Rita Wilczynski David Wilkins Julie Willard Cathy Williamson Gail Willing Tina Willis Bryan Wilton Kris Wilton LuAnn Wilton Sarah Winters Jim W oolman Allanna Wright Jim Zmolik Qi 'U Nik 1 'F ,.,, , .. . ,,- ,Kiln ff ov 8 A r. PM ,-04" f I ,hifi . ,iq l x W 'E f H lik 3 :S qi l 2 lkvy V Q f -' XF as A l N ,. Q iiis it W 'X issslll ' t if ,V 5 if W Y . ' M ' . Q I K K K Vyini, +I ,rhg x I, a lu I as 'lsr il"Tl it 4 'if K J, -UMW 7 .1 . 170 Juniors Z 'F' s ,Q llnl as V 4 , if Q2 nis is S M A , i n 'A M... r H R T 96 ki .f nj' Q. sms fr ,gl-as 0- 4. ABOVE LEFT: No one gets through here without a pass. ABOVE RIGHT: Hanging Icicles melt away time. BOTTOM: Junior Power Page 171 ABOVE LEFT: The bell rings as David Stzuger runs to class, ABOVE RIGHT: A fall day at Lakeside. BOTTOM LEFT: A day in the woods. BOTTOM RIGHT: Don Deloy has all the time he needs as he checks out the sights. Juniors 171 ABOVE: "Garth" BOTTOM LEFT: Pam Rogers relaxes ut noon. BOTTOM RIGHT: Juniors make their point by sticking together as shown by Lisa Jerry. 172 Juniors we M, T t X "S Y 90" xr f .Af .-J! ' fr LJ .ti t,,., ,,,, ii .W 19" Sophomores Exhibit Confidence al RIGHT: Miss Austin, grade-deang Mr. Matson, counselorg Mrs. Vigrass, secretary. BELOW LEFT: Jean Francavilla, Presidentg Mary Bonner, Vice-President. BELOW RIGHT: Michelle Baker, Secretary of Treasuryg Treasurer VanDreumel, Secretary. The class of "SO", along with the help of their class ofticials, put forth a tremendous effort this year to take a strong third in the Mardi Gras games and definitely had a great time doing it, They are a very spirited class when it comes to pep assemblies and money raising events, such as car washes and tee-shirts. The sophomore class looks forward to their next two years together. ,Nu t 'Q fr 174 Sophomores To The Top We Will Go - 1 x "f ' T fx 57 , 3 Q- ' QL - . lift? 'Tl - Q i - find' "' J .1 fs , A -K V f lmu A y 1- , W ' a A A Y E ,, ., "' an Ha I 5 1 A .9 Lf., . 3' ,St , ,I M .5 ne? E E K X LE "V Wg 'E- X is " ...-..,... 'K in ' " Q.. 'IR .f ,:," Q Q it ,-gy inf' iryi 'L , Q img X Q Q' I. 5, uv , -W wm- Welre the Class of Big SOM til FE? Q 4 Q be .f 1 , R' ,Q , A-P9 l B i 4. . .Va l A L, , 3' ,V fl..." f .-Z ' f 151 t f L, yyyl , A i B ak f ' i ' AVR. V' 'F A f he , 1 E.: ? Xu f 3 vi Zi? ,, G , - sf 1 gd M, A X A .. if . 4, 1 lf-5 fa-'ff .. .--at-, - .iq V Y fik, P M- 1 f Q, :T I 5' 'Z' "' L" ' J' . I' , W - ,N i V , ,,, ,.-, f , . ' I" W l , Scott Adams Carol Agar Dan Ahearn Richard Ainsworth Terri Albert Mark Alderson Debbie Alexander Robert Alexander John Allen Darla Amey Katie Andrews Bill Angenbrandt Cheryl Angenbrandt Paul Anglin Mary Arnett Dawn Arnold Leslie Assaf Scott Auringer Debbie Ayrton Teresa Bachmann Jeannie Bailey Michele Baker Mike Balboa Teresa Baman Elizabeth Banka Jeff Barber Paul Barrett Greg Baunoch Raye Lynn Bayless Don Beam Kattie Beauregard Shirley Beauregard Fred Beektold Ann Beebe Sophomores 175 Barb Beebe Dan Beeler Joe Beeler Kim Belonga Kim Bettinger Amy Boden Roy Boden Mary Bonner Judy Bonney Mari Boughner Wendy Bowman Cheryl Bragg Robin Brown Todd Brown Sarah Brunelle Gregg Burch Howard Caldwell Jim Callender Steve Campau Alane Campbell Lori Camden Rich Cansfield Wendy Cargo Robert Carl Dale Carrier Dan Carrier Bob Carrothers Jon Carson Barbara Casado Terry Cesefske Jim Chafty Tom Cheney Mario Chiappelli Kent Clark Cheryl Cluney 176 Sophomores 9. . erey X yyyaayyrra 1 r W J 3 gggg ga J ,arf iar, 'R ii , - .2 CQ' C .. raa C J, naaa f' . ,f B fii K iifi ,.,ar, aa "l5 K J ,'- C , S J ar A ' " V3 ' J iiie 'FY I ryyi do J ffel Rxnlbz '. l I P , K J K y grrya 1 4 JJ 3 . ,, Myaa B -. A C in W'!t:r2wI.A- X X as... ,mi 2 QW as y? Q, Vx bw -. ,NM me A if Jrb- 1 ' Fai J :sg C - i , ' J J J ' xx J X G J-,,,,E Q '1 f E A K ffl t I Q .. ef ..J. -X A r new -J 1 ' 11 M 1 3 if A ff ' I X El 'fum I yi ff ' V f i.. ff A A V ' ' i'- CCCA f yi C 5 Jody Cole my , - IE 4 I Kim Colcman I x ' , 1 A Lori Coleman K Z F E ,, . -CA A Laurie Colgan mmlmm Q C "' ' 1 , - Kim Comer in C .Q . -4' . l . 1 , f' . .1 Jeff Collins . . "A A , ' if pug. T he , f C '-5 , v . N., i T, A ..-. - V Y Xi .airy N Mike Conlan T' ' " ' " if 'Q 'Q' if mfsir llll,,l ENC ,,lll W ZEN - .T X' fi - X L5 A li C E' Cindy Cook ' it Pam Cook ' - Kiel Cooper V 5 Wendy Cooper ' ' A I . V John Crimmins . 5 A . K -. ,- Y f C ri A1 Crocker N., X C 'o, ' M' D Charles Crowl :li . lx ' I ' ' li Sandy Currie Randy Curtiss A O 1. , -.. xg C . l l Qi rt W 'M 4- Q z mr if . vs 1 aw' F. '11 1 I snip, Tim Daggett Andy Dailey Linda Dalenberg Terri Davey Chuck Davis Q, X L , we FAR LEFT: Jcfflohnson trying his charm on anyone near. CENTER: Joe Majeske shows the world his number. LEFT: Students line up to see their grade Dean. Ei . I is Dan Davis , Pl "1 ril' Karen Dawson ' ,. , . ., A ,,. - . rx Jane Day ' . I nazi 1 ' 1 - ' arcs ' Brenda Deem H f. ' ' S., P . 3 ' if Dave Demars .in .C . ' ,X y QL yyh, U by 1 Q N Q Tom Denxsh 'ff-. E fr-A - C E -' st' i - ,Q .A ff E -A 3 ' Patty Dewey ,U ,o wn f . rf ' Yi I 1, 1 1. i bi. W 115.41 ar M a li n: 'A D lil!! af wil 3 Q Rhonda Dillon M ,C ' . Dave Doan - Q f' 1 Peg Dortman S ' " Q " ' A na? f ' " T4 Mike Drake -- 1 lj I 33 ' ?attySJupreie 3 , I ' 'IL 4- n , ean uran ' x y W . ,Qgg,mb A A - . ' , 1 -'K V M Martha Durand f Qffl' Te: -I 'L ' , , if n -T21 X- - r 'P N . Y, ' ' K .:,k 1 - V . T H f 1 N " .L if . 1 M Sophomores 177 Sue Edie Thelma Eldridge Shawn Elliot Mary Elsholz Dean Engelgau Jeanne Engelgau Terry Evans Mike Evenson Bob Eves Tom Fargaher Tim Fearnsidc Lisa Fenton Paul Fetterly Chris Flanigan Tina Flanigan Scott Fletcher Brian Fogal Norm Forstner J im lfralick William Fralick Jean Francavilla Rhonda Frappier Dowald Fredendall Sue French Norm Fretenborougli Bob Fritch Brad Frost Kim Fuller Sharon Fuller Tom Gallagher Dave Garrettson Sheri Gates Dale Gathergood Kevin Gavin Craig Gladders Jeff Geister Laurie Godlewski Dave Goetze Kim Goodwin Craig Gordon Traci Gorinac William Gorishek Andrea Gould J eff Grattan 178 Sophomores f, ,i o r --Q. :.,, , - , Q X ,,,, . 'if,f,,, , 4 i:r,,,iii,i i , , th kk,, . ' rox . 3ifi"'h Q S A U , ., X A 1,, aw i ircv .T K 'isa h Q ar.. . :lk ,xr :C 5 Q.. ff ,D ,ig T , i if ef. an , in fu . S if gi. is 6 iw 5 he i T , , rrrr i l - T r reiii' L,,..4... ' " " K ' an D A 5 . it V I , ' . 1 ,i T xl . ..: l , iii i 1 "' T in of G fix G . K f,,,x. G . 8 A .. QE Julie Graw " -5 - 3' Yvonne Graydon ' . . .. -X A ., , , 1 Kari Green 1 7' - 'I - hL, g ' f is" A V, fz.. . Joseph Grcnbcnok - "'A ' F-sf"' Mike Guizar ' A ' lg . - Julie Haas s Q 'XT' - , 15 xi A-'U K , , Alicia Haasc 'Tl vi - . 'L ""'Z.A JS-R::i:.Q.y .. ZTL , , Jeff Haight M' , D Terry Hamilton 4 A ,Q William Hamilton b 1 ' A". - Julie Hand m ff r s! xiaiiqv. ' 3 . ' Linda Harneclc m K . J , W Mlchellellatrington S Q A. 1 Aleccia Harrison K i ,Of . 5 VX Q K N fa-KXQJQLT-A-an fe.-:,.., L 3 gi, J uxxxxXXXWY 7 .M-'ee' 1.3 Julie Hart' I m N if Tammy Hastings t W , , Janice Havens A Dave Haynes V af- S if J ' Jim Haynes 1 , N 'K 1 Jackie Hearn N J as , Tom Heath ,Q i,.iJ i.ii V lh Q Cathy Hcmg 7 Mike Heisler Q X Dav - He b r ,, -1 -A W! Aix :T A Dave Hill C it - ' B O it A l Theresa Hill Q' Ru. . 1 is J , Bill Hillman iss T JJJ J .X ,Jii fi .L 1 f' J B011 Hiuock E , AT. A ff- A. K- X R sm X " xi all r X s ii", fffg OPPOSITE PAGE: Dean lingelgau's trying not to be late for class. LEFT: Jeanne Radski to Lee Masserant and Bob Hillock: "Gee, my hair smells terrific!" ABOVE: Lisa Smith helps Jamie Ross and his mouth. BELOW: Patty Dewey and Kathy McLclland. Sophomores 179 Lori Hinkle lid Hinski Julie Hislop Mary Hodges David Horton Robin Hubble Susan Hubbell Cherie Hudson Ruth Hyde Kathy Hyslop Tom Irwin Craig Jackson Susan Jacobs Dave Janderwski Leslie Jerry Brent J ex Andy Johnson Cindy Johnston Jenny Johnston J im Johnson Robin Johnston Greg Jones Kathy J ones Julie Joyner Lorraine Juzysta Kathy Kalaf Michelle Kalish Karen Keil Wendy Kelley Steve Kelly Joe Kemp Peter Kent Darren Kidd Scott Kilbourn Patty Knowlton David Kraft Jeff Krampien Bob Kreeger Julie Kubek Amy Lamarsh Sue Lambert Tim Lambert Kelli Lang Bruce Lasky Chris Ledsworth Glenn Lee Cindy Lewandowski Carrie Liebi Jeff Lewis Yvonne Lewis Shari Litteral Larry Loane Robin Locke Joni Lohr Sandy Lohr Kelle Lorts 180 Sophomores . JE J J ,,,t fi I ..r. 'N J xtaffaw ,, we W A ...V , - J f f? I K 'fii g ig f ':,' :g l if H," is . ms lt L, -A 'iff an ,lty W z - x a . rx ala gillnf E 1 'T 2"-JF 3 J.,- , :if W ' as 'f rk - rref fiyx' -1 .5 Q W: g sg V by ., ...-- 4. ..... J --5, .,., K Vw ,r Y., A fest. sew.: 'iii' if is Q . at .' 'N Hx V1 I YI' u a 5 1 A f 2 ff as I .,,. iff s'll J Q ,L 'fin ' ,' , . tth.. kk N , lk , I x,J1gXNkfQ gg, f W .L . - L3 ,V ..LL I , ff. kgjrk- Q 'VI K A I Jill- H ' 3 ,:-11 SM' K' T ' wi . H K 'QW iff-Vt" W. 'fi " S' 7 is K 'f L f? f. rf.-.V , J J as-gi J fr J- Q I l as ' 1 J' AAmj..t V N. in 2 .e va QA W -vt f l 1 llii 'W . ,- e 'S it , s J . J ,rl Qit A s aty 5, A P ' S , .,.. Q K :lil L -' f - 4 h.. W V- 3 L ,, , .Q , f F-XX Lkkr L as fi, fl' 1 si di Q ga I Q S , ll v , 4-2 fm .A ' , . - i' ,, - - A IIN - W -f- i .39 f fl! . wr si 411.-' , wg QQ 6'5" ,... R V ,vp gal, I f , r Q U 1 ' , ' I f 1 A A Liu! 'J 4: V, , If 'S-.SY " Y " . we--9-. ' Z ----- A A' 1 J L S rs. N , A 4 '. 5?5fStffFffifESQl'f3NTf1-R335 f3"3i593."-'fT1' ui " L- A L . - . . . . - if - ' '-r-11 "" Q ,,1,,,.. X A L Q Q t ek ' i f l .uw , .v ,,,' U'-'-ws' if if ,Q.,""': ,vw+b- "Q,-S., I si-1? ?f'Y':"Pw.--4's Qs: 5, ii 'fn L , Y g :w gaixg:i?ig,:.af4.:.P-six? ee,,fX,3,gsv3,Q33i-gsfimixinligfg5, .g?g,...m3g,'fi- vi 3 Sandy Loxton if x A A 4 5 , s 3 --A:' it h A Eg ,J , . . . .X ,. . rx is H KW Eugene Ludington Natalie Lump Carrie Lyon Rae Mackie Chris Mackin Mary Mactaggart , Julie Madden Joe Majeske E Doug Majeski Paul Manz Lisa Marcero - - Anne Martin Brian Martin Jocelyn Martin Edwart Martinez ABOVE LEFT: An afternoon at the Blue Water Bridge. ABOVE RIGHT: "Fm all set except for my cane," says Joni Lohr. LEFT: Mike Pearson, Tom McKinch, Bill Hillman and Pat Pearson think that stripes are more un. Sophomores ophomore : Une Russ Martindale Lee Ann Masserant Jeff Matthews Lisa Matthews Robin McCombs Karen McDonald Vickie McKenzie Tom McKinch Kathy McLe1land Chuck McLeod Carol McNaughton Kevin McOuat Jim McTevia Karen Meade Lori Meads Tammy Medaugh Kim Meharg Julie Miller Paul Miller Sandy Miller Mike Mix 182 Sophomores ' of orthefs Vital Ingredien I my X 'W 6 5 'x -4 at at at 6 t l if Q if it , P X Y L L e' L xt f . i n 5 5 Q ' iii , 'kii 4 Lkwi A wr X QENQL Si i N4 in .. I ", fx , Af' 5 .xx I lj in , A : ,KM it Qx W M V -'ie f H I lV,W 1 - . , gf J if 'K it ee "5 . ye Pi X1 5 es ' ex ff Q? 135, X 3 F I Q 51 i . f . :CQ -.1 ANN I f L X .. Q , 1 -. ' it -,U , r A aiigpg . es' i, , tw Q- 'f ' Q . yr ' 3.1 ' 'ti R, fl' X, v. .0 ' may Lisa Molinaro Charles Moore Jo Anne Moore Keith Moore Kelly Moore Mary Morden - A - Cathy Morgans :af X f Q A,,' A 3 s 'K N is Y. X t OJ .: is rf' .E , fi I 'Q I 4 ri x ah x 'Y t tx K . M. r M. it 'fix isis 1 l Julie Morrison Steve Motte -3 Karen Munro Roy Murray Mike Mytinger Joe Napoliton - Diana Nettcr Diann Nevins Chris Nichol Ray Nichol Debbie Nichols Robert Nicholson Alison Nowak Kelley O'Conner OPPOSITE PAGE: LEFT: Cheri Vernocke enjoys playing in the Northern High Light Jazz Band. ABOVE: Bob Hillock joins J.V. membersg Dave Abou-Ganim, Jamie Ross, Joe Majeske, and Stu Weidenbach. BELOW: Rex Brueggemann and Stu Weidenbach look concerned during their game. THIS PAGE: LEFT: "lt,s so hard to be a star!" Rhonda Dillon tells Joni Lohr and Margot Buckoski. ABOVE: Al Crocker thinks better of a visit to the grade center. Sophomores 183 Judith Odle Kevin O'Hare Sandra Orlando David Orr Jill Palermo Mary Palmateer Phil Papes Harold Parrish Jeff Parrish Michele Parrish Kim Patterson Robert Pearce Mike Pearson Pat Pearson David Perley Julie Perry John Perz Steve Peters Steven Peters Michelle Phillips Lynn Pickard Greg Pingle Marti Pollock Cheryl Porrett Mike Porret Bill Post Vince Post Vernon Preston Charles Proctor Jeannie Radske Maura Raftery Paul Ravetta Pam Reken Jodi Reyna Kim Rhude Bob Rich Laurie Rich 184 Sophomores A f f L - K f-IJ?-17' t3gg.t5JT,1,,,rgt'5f ga. , Wm -mr. ihsiff Q' Qmemtretef J M 320 fit iiigijfi 552: 5 , me r if EX' 'S A 5 n-,, Q, -at A W ,S K 'N if F ,wt sf nbias it ,f f ' Q bp isgm ,A rv + , e ff? ,M 1 52,7 5 . W f I ,G ' 3 J Qt 5 fb fwmyefv Tggwt egg wg , - QE "-":Ei A m , isa , of lair its I V L rrt Q rib fr W X is asie fe . ,,,, : ' S ul ,K ,igxxgk Y' 2195 Sag? . X' i as - ,- K -Q 'A X X P r "' ffflo we Jie , R 0, iflg, - I if ii: 1 5 W ,. Qg' WE X -:ia h rarr 'if J y i. L , -v K . A T N ABOVE: Scott Adams, Stu Weidenbach, and John Bellomo at lunch. BELOW: Guess which duck is Donald. 4 , A ' . N , .5-hw A , , 'Q fi",-'K fi.. ' x, A K K gsm-2 gg X P 14'-f ws- uc- J . df ti i""i"a-"ir 'ffikf W .Q 5 fl, y iai- it-as Y 4 as 4 'L' N .y K ...,.,- 7 W ' W "Qs George Richards Jerry Riddell Scott Riddell Sue Roberts Brian Rochon Pat Rogers Tom Rosevear Margaret Romero Joan Ropposch Harold Ross Tom Ross David Rowe Michelle Rucker Scott Rusett Denise Rutherford Cindy Ryan Mary Schaeffer Patricia Scheetz Rose Schemansky Lisa Schmidt Audrey Schmitt Janet Schuck Brian Schultz Don Schultz Karl Schunemane Pam Scohy David Scouten Nancy Seely Julie Segor Nick Serra Kelly Sheldon David Shoudy William Sibilla Julie Sandoval Debbie Richards Bob Sigafoose Sophomores 185 it 94' FQ as at : ,r if David Silvey Scott Siple Karen Sites Lee Sloan Lisa Smith Michael Smith Rick Smith Wendy Smith Anna Snay Tammy Snowden Lori Soupal Scott Sovereen Deanna Spicer Jim Squires Stuart Stanfill Roger Stebbins Jodi Steinhaus Sandra Stephenson Linda Steward Sue Steward Beth Stockhausen Terri Stoeber Kim Strauss Renee Tack Kim Tate Becky Teeple Cathy Teff Harley Thomas II Scott Thomas Carlnell Thomason Barb Thomson Jeff Thomson Lucy Touma Cathy Truchan Lester True 186 Sophomores .1 W , If , A H ,S V 3 rt.,E i s as 1s B y ieee t et t NH gs JV vm if E . . kb K k k K kg k: :7VV N . 1 A K e e -,A I. Q ... N if A ,,,. .,1Z r,.,, l LL I VV k , M , r,y tr . r - 'L' Q t. ,,., it .. ' it Q K iif f i', 'i -Q. I A Dbl r e' y ' ttti M . 1 r.rt r,1. J: D Eyl it V, r,Lr, - , W J rrr " ' ','r -f L ff i iffif ff'i Y , if fii - , i i H f..: ui I . M- ff. - 2-: L ' itkik' 5 - I S f ' erti , , Q , I X J 'Tm NN Y, 3 -" .7 1 , r fi? ' ' : 4 I ' EHS' x l f- il" iw 55152 W W ,.. we 'illi- ls ,m-, E' if lg A W , , bl ix if " Gi ww V X 4 tg ,t .E v , Q my . N r ra. x R - '-vang. gp s, ', FAR LEFT: Barb Casado, Wendy Kelly, Kim Watters, Mary Bonner, Michelle Kalish, and Sandy Lohr represent the Sophomore spirit. CENTER LEFT: "Do we make a good line-up?" Ask Loraine Juzysta, John Perz, Joni Lohr, Rhonda Dillon, and Margot Buckoski. LEFT: Who says Sophomores aren't basically good? At least they pray before meals. Shelly Turner Q-x Sandy Tweedie Amy Tynan Debbie Ultsch A Julie Umlor i A Pam Vanbustirk , W Treasure Van Dreumel qw, :Q 1 f f ' Michael Vasquez John Verlinden Cheri Vercnoeke Calvin Vincent Kathy Vorpagel . ' Sheri Walters - ' .A Doug Warren -t Lisa Warren ' Jeff Warshefski Allyn Watson 3 I F5753 Missy Watson Kim Watters Dale Wedge Kim Welsh Michael Welsh Stuart Weidenbach Brian West Jeanne Whybrew Steve Wilhelm Mark Wilkins Pam Willey Claire Williams Scott Williamson William Wilson K .ty -1----F wi tw I? ,!" I k.kk si 14. , ,uw L, V, Jon Wilson Gregory Wilton - y June winon Q " Scott Wilton fu -,. - X 3,1 ' . Thomas Wilton A 'if A if V ' , -it - Sue Wine 'U' W arg, if ey,. 4 a Michelle Winkler W W 'Q -Q . sag Ala as K K K V .t I S it " 1 Lori winter or -- A ti Michael Wolfe 'A iyyyit ' aays 1 ' N Maw WY"k00P Q if yr- N Michael Youngs 1 yy X XY Shari Zachwieia ' V : X' Q Q ' A H' jfz, J oe Zauner Sophomores 187 Morning Ru h Part of Sophomore Life - " ' Kk:":2: f'NI?"' We of 'lf' ,f an ABOVE LEFT: HIS this curl o.k.?', Karen Dawson asks City Cook. ABOVE CENTER: Richie Cansfield keeps his mind on his books. ABOVE RIGHT: Rex Brueggemann: Who could refuse that face? CENTER LEFT: Sharon Elliot and Kathy McLelland wonder if they could pass as eighteen. CENTER RIGHT: Margret Romero and Lori Camden in a mad rush for the curling-iron. RIGHT: Robin Brown to Terri Stoebler and Joni Lohr: "Ha, Ha, my mouth opens widest!" 188 Sophomores Ideals Direct Freshmen C "We've Got Spirit H T1 , xi. 31.555 Lf' laws as - i - . . I qidfi' Freshman are hardworkers and creative. They showed it this year by their class T-shirts, and by their class chant, "Spirit by the Ton" which was clever. They have had great spirit in everything theyive done. The Grade Dean who helped them through SL through was Mrs. Haugner. They also have a fine Secretary Mrs. Fleming 84 a fine counselor Mr. Soule. The freshmen got it together. Through the "Great Support", of the Class Officers, Michell Ready - Pres., Melvin Palmer Vice Pres., Kara Henline - Secretary, and John Mctevia - Treasurer, the Freshmen have had a "Great Year". CENTER RIGHT - Surprise, Surprise! BOTTOM LEFT - Guess Who? BOTTOM RIGHT - Patricia Cureton is having a very interesting conversation. 190 Freshmen ABOVE: Is this the real freshmen Spirit? CENTER LEFT - Ms. Haughncr has a line up today. CENTER RIGHT: Ed Sills looks lost. BOTTOM LEFT: Starring into Space. BOTTOM CENTER: Feeling lonely. BOTTOM RIGHT: Lifc's Reflections. lfrcslunen 191 Jeff Adair Cheryl Akers Cherie Allegree Paul Allen Cardine Amadeo Laurie Ames Mary Anglebrandt Stacy Armstrong Kathy Andrews Jeff Anecki Sandy Angerbrandt Sherri Archibald Susan Artman Phillip Atkins Eddie Bachman Kathy Baird Charles Ball Richard Ball Michelle Baron Rebecca Baur Roberta Baur Janice Baunoch Don Beamer Steve Beauchamp Charlotte Beauvais John Beebe Deanna Beer James Beesley Julie Belkieuaic Bridget Bell John Bennett Brian Bernum Becky Berube Were the Class of '81 2 2 ",: Q eta - A S M, . ai qu, 'E Q .tt ., Tiff "iie J Z 5 .3 A X Hakim? i'i,'ii V f S an In I fx . , it J- ,,k, 1 5 , eri .,r " le 1 H j l Q . gi ' e -I i,, f,k,:. , I ::-b Vi E if K ,L kia 5 NE -Q Q 7 Ai l lf - 1. .I Z i M! H. 'l ff' , 5, K r r S ' . A X -NHL e , I 4 ,K V, WL ',.. V JN 'A-- V 3 2 : is-1 I . r , BOTTOM RIGHT - The tree of life. 192 Freshmen ...uf x We' e Got It Together will find w. ,, VL , 'K 3 ,gr " .5 ,I it Y ,ig 5 v J 5 f-31 if QL - If ' N :Em i . ,X x if i .., 1 M 3 A. I ' J . B -or C ' or d - 'Eff' dd B A 44 9' e rfifjiflb v ed L Q B rf' B it f of eeee ' :.,, C , 1 A e 4. il .ff 'fi fa. T LZ A ' . rg , ' ' "O V 1 . J J Sli? ir. :mil 4fE7'lefX,k4"' C X , 'L' In ,W :is 1 XL: x af' 1 XR X w 5? 'Ski N, Z: I 1. ii ee f X .r s t Ron Bingham Ted Biartch Steven Birtch Jon Blashill Hilda Blain Vernon Booker Michelle Boldt Lynn Bolin Scott Bombard Paul Bonner Lisa Bonney Wally Borovich Chris Borris Sandra Bostabene Debbie Bouvenette Malissa Boyd Steve Bressette Rich Bryce Seam Brennan Tim Brennan Tom Budsik Scott Bulanda Julie Burch Casey Burns Mark Calabro Valencia Caldwell Mark Camden John Cantwell Gary Cargo Joe Carrier Tony Catalina Andrew Cedarvall Jeff Chenault Pat Child James Cirabisi Freshmen 193 ' A long W to the Top ABOVE RIGHT - There will always be obstacles in your way but try hard and you will find your Way through. BOTTOM LEFT - Greg Teff catches the camera out of the corner of his eye. BOTTOM RIGHT - Freshman gather in the upstairs hall. ' 'Vkk L, W, . K 3' 1 Qi? . Qzwgffgr 'xr 2 E T fr 194 Freshmen 1,, 3' 2 ? . H5 - -Q ii 7 a' . C K! W ,L , y i if , sw , it H ., We J ta i Q ff.. J FL , 2 2 1. L. pf """ fs I -I 'X .5 Q Je f, ig X My , i 1 Ni ' 'ai J J J vi I 4' s. 5, f N so ff 'Q' fi ,S me 'tg Brian Clark Jim Cleaver John Cloeter Sheila Cluney Terri Cobb Scott Coleman Mike Collier Bill Collins Carrie Conlen Martin Conran Martha Corbin Bob Cornwell Jeff Cornwell Sherri Casco CENTER - Gary Schlee doesn't look very happy about having his picture taken. J. ape ,vw k,,,7: .V . A rftaatr" I ..,.. V 3 'J it J 2 it J 'f ,ii, J gf X XX Gale Coughenour Jeanette Cowan Debbie Crcssman Walker Crosby Bart Culbenson Patricia Cureton Lee Dancey Bud Dandron Brian Daniels Beth Davidson Robby Davis Stephan Davis Kathy Dentel Cherri De St. Aubm Craig Dickinson Rossa Dillon Richard Dobson Manll Donnellon Mary Dooley Sue Donbman Jeffrey Drake Freshmen 195 Linda Drouillard Michael Dupuis Don Edmonds Elizabeth Ely Bessie Ernest Drett Evans Dave Falk Anna Falzon Matt Farquhar Mary Feichter Melinda Fiedler Scott Fiedler Phil Fidler Sheryl Firestone Ron Flanigan Karen Foehtman Sue Foekler Billy Fogarty Donna Fohey Craig Foster Robin Fox Carol Francavilla Tim Frasier Paula Frazer Steve Frazer Rich Freeman Ruth Freeman Debbie Fuller Lorie Galbraith Jeff Gardner Steve Gates Keith Geelen Cindy Geuis Joseph Gibbons Sue Gibbs Stacy Gillespie Mark Gilliham Debbie Giroux Jeff Glen Russel Goodrich Sandy Goodrich Maureen Gottsleben Chris Gordon Kelly Gordon Shelly Gordon Brenda Gustin Karen Gower Melanie Gragowski Gary Grates John Gray Nancy Green Stephen Green Eric Groff Mark Gronek David Gwisdala Julie Gyoriek James Hadley Richard Haight Edward Hall James Hall Pamela Hall Robert Hall Mark Camden 196 Freshmen s ,, 1 J .L "'i rr1s+a t X r ' Cv' ' 52 1 7" -2 0 All X ' 12 M :VV s l , I .J 'P - Q 'f- ra E,: - 1 Q-f L 5 ' e , ooero vs. . ,, ' Q, l W P :-, ' f' ,,..g A wif? s ' ii qv F ,, t E or si? ,W A M! C it o, , Q.,. as eff 3 csots if r'eerr J g Q . , Xu 335 if sei I X , I ,ii xghffa ME ax ...45'f5Q alle W at a :W if J ' i1 V W E 5 at . Magi'-i J ras .1 ar - A Q as -::. Aylx., i axis ' hx . . x , 'M X6 Vkk , if-X t kk, 4 gr '5 3 1 'ffl s 'iir ' fi1 '.v,-,Qi- QW x5"ff'. 5 1 ' M4 txt' xxiffi? X " it K "' f' '-. E , , , t .X ...Q Q " 11 13 X ,. ,L 4-W i . 1 4- ' 4 iL-h -7 I ' f ' J i"""m - ri-- f Q .ares - 'Rb V, 'ra :gg L J " -ii ,SQ , link X r fir, M .ff-C ' A '5 trtl MTG Zil I . ,N A i . v - 1 Q 'M .-sA irwih-of xx U X il " f. fl C f 5 '1 N sf '.' . -,,' Q S W: Q liii , :S i r '-.. if 1 l' Q f ' 'fr 'arf' f if . .mas ' xy - i K I f I f- i as f K, A5 'I I 'ak V1 J, -gi 52 ,, , 2 x g -H , ' g : 1 Q - ,,, X 'L A . fi? at s 1 as - sis - " J , il., Q51 .si- V if A, 1 g J.. -.. I Y ,A iv? g I 1 llss" an 'B it I f1" 1 '24 Q + fe Jf , X I I I ot f I IM Z fi I I I i f R ' i I I W 1 ii x': A p A , g AX' 'i 1 W X with ng: reiigfi "" "' H as I Q . K ,M , f -.' , -- -M 1 A I I My L fi g ,, V 1 K . fi , , 3 at Qi A la, l f J X 'XCR s to 1 t. - 1 f rs, N 1- Iii K K Ivk ,, T, , "f 5 ts ti l Y KX v 52: 1 .: I I ' '-,-W 'ix iii .EP i f, ' A QQ w if? Q at 6 o t J I I Q , u Q 'm k I . ', I Sally Hamilton Terri Hand Neil Harju Tim Harrins Jacqueline Harmon Charles Harris Jill Harris Susie Harris Lee Harrison Jill Hartnett Ron Hartson Matt Harvey Craig Havner Nora Hawkins Staci Hayes Marie Haymend Cindy Haynes Greg Hearn John Henderson Kara Henline Susan Henry Jeff Hill Paige Hirschfield Cheryl Holmes Kevin Holmes Jim Horgan Sue Howard Tim Howard Patti Hreha Mike Ingles Anita Isaac Jeff Isabell Julie Israel Cathy Jackson Charlie Jackson Eric Jacobs Mark Jennings Annette Johnston Cindy Johnson George Johnson Matt Johnson Karen Jones Glen Joslin Doug Julien Kathy Kaehler Mike Kalish Rosemary Kammer Jackie Kearns Kim Kempf Gary Kibbe Stephen Kinnee Julie King Leo King Greg Kindred Kathy Kirschen Mark Kirschen Jackie Kish Patricia Koebke Gary Koreiba Kathy Krafft John Krauss Becky Kreger Ron Kroetsch Freshmen 197 Tony Kuberski Carla Kuhr Susan Kurzeweil David Lamb Brent Landacre Kent Landacre Ed Lane John Lange John Langowski Selena Lasater Dora LaVere Terry Leahy Barb Ledsworth Randy Ledsworth Mark Lester Jody Lett Lee Lewandowski Debbie Lewis Serena Liebert Laurice Lindsay Scott Lohr Sandy Longley Larry Ludington Robb Ludwig Cyndi Lutz Kathy MacDonald Julie Mackenzie Tim Mackin Margaret MacMillan Lisa Mahosky Mary Majeske John Malane Susan Marcozzi Mike Marriott Jay Massman Valerie Mass Dave Mauer Don Mauwry Tim May Collean McCabe Evans McCarty Richard McCullough Debbie McDougall Sue McElroy Sidney McIntyre Doreen McRoberto John McTevig John McVeigh .Beth Miller Kevin Mitchell Stephanie Montgomery Craig Miller Eirlan Morgans Dale Mina.rd Julie Minnie Qolleen Morden Todd Morrison Patti Moody John Moore Mary Mroziek Tony Ludington Clifford Macey Randy Ledsworth 198 Freshmen K C of ' M? J , 1 , ' , ,1,.' .H w.r.' V 1 ' 4 " g......,,., :M N K ' E ' ffffili Q - k I ,, ings! K A J ii 1 'Q f im fail' 'f , , x X 2 - ' Ag x .,,,.. or t,,,. K 'tiff gm. 1- N, if ' f iz QQQ S S nn t A 'E I -u , J X AQ: w D ' A i MZ rrr " K L. ,,.ii QAY5! X4 L3 1 1 Q N V, L: A. f ar ' --.1392 - A , ' J' A M Q i c o 2 i s I S M J- L,,.a.,,,. , A V. rw' T , , f t K- 1 N J' X t " ff iff 'e,"ic' A lv JIM . , , 1 'W If A A g h R K M E Q 3 Q: .,, , ,s l K J J 1 W an rx K E A Q, ,J J ' ,J 4' its I ,, . .5 , ,533 ,31:, r......3- J , ,,, , 3 -3.11.-sf..--xx':::1:rz,. ig i A gg acy Hi at 7 It Bla . ' ' 'W J ccll T' J Y it Z. , J: Q I V. A . , S so fr.. 1-J fd " y on he J 1:-:A -I--f--"' J , it - gif , , W.: it - sb - W FQ, 'i k"' r ' . I is in ik 1 in X -K.-3,12 W L W D 'MX , lm X Qtr . P J 2 i J ' P X if S it P S wo Y ' J v'2'?'l 5 J e :h 31,51 3.23 4 i A is 02 Ra, ' S 'W ' 5' . x ' A ,gl I r X ff ffm A, 'V b 5 :A , ,. .1 .V gg t V Qi ' . ,, , r .s v ., N S ,S Q, '35 ,lfk X -rf' 1 91 -VVE f., D f, f ' J r For 5, J to : t ' fy ,Z '45, D fn ' X ff , I' .' X 5 ,fc ' .' q QYQE ' if . , I 4 We t, I 'Sq' ' J W M - J 45 th, ., 3.1 wr, V , J ,f 5 v 5 X ' ww' .a 'J K . J f A P hx "" C ' . . wi :,, D 7 I- Ma i : I kr ' A i ei- K V -. Q M - h kb Vi rw il K ' A X ,N 'Alek 1,42 Li. .L Pr Kathy Mosurak David Moulton Elizabeth Moulton Mary Kay Mrozrek Donna Monro Melanie Murowski Joe Murray Marv Morrison Don Motte Terri Motty Gary Nesbit Larry Newman Richard Nichol Tami Nikula Ed Nobles Scott Nolan Theresa Nolan William Norris Cherey North Chris Nuttall Mike Nye Kathleen OlConnor Mary O'Dell Barry O'l-lare Brian O,Hare James Ordowski Mary O'Sullivan Pat Ottaway Ken Overbeck Janice Owen Mark Palmateer Mel Palmer Rodney Patterson Tom Patterson Tammy Paul Debbie Paulos Phyllis Payden Mike Pedrotti Karrie Petho Brenda Petoskey Monica Petty Eric Pifeyee Debbie Phillips Chris Pierson S Pionk Bill Polimadei Lisa Porrett Jim Purcell J oe Quandt Mike Radatz Ruth Radford Sheila Raftery Julie Ramsey Michele Ready Jim Rec Fritz Reed Shelly Reid Rocky Remick Joan Repp Pam Rhody Tana Richart J im Richardson Alan Richter Freshmen 199 Shari Riddell Leonard Robbins Heather Rock Don Ross Becky Rucker Barris Rusch Susan Rynties Lisa Sampsell Alice Sanchez Jamie Sanchez Becky Sandousi Karla Sarnacki James Sawdon Gary Schlic Tim Schmidt Bill Schmitt Teri Schulte Denise Schultz Matt Schulz James Schuneman Patrick Schwartz Deborah Scouten Cindi Scriver Tim Semrow Eugene Shafer Brenda Shagena Kemmis Shank Joy Sheldon Mike Sheldon Jeff Sheridan Sue Shoudy Todd Shoudy Edward Sills Terry Sipes J amine Siple Gregg Smith Ken Smith Kim Smith Marv Smith Steve Smith Mark Smolinski Nancy Sniper Scott Snowden Steve Sruggs Don Sprangler Greg Stephenson Jenny Stike Abigail Stoddart David Stokan Bernadette Stoldt Cherie Studakes Lori Streuier Maureen Sullivan Todd Summerer Kim Symon Kevin Taok Scott Tallmage Cherie Tanton Greg Toff Bev Thayer Sue Thompson Aurthur Thomson Judy Thurston 200 Freshmen .ik -K J 5 ,,..t, J , F x - t.r 'er ' S . at J e T J J . V V - - Q :Ar :V rg. K f ' J 1 'J T . is J J Q5 , ' 'X J XJ r KJ H X' 2 .,.-,V K I ry. ' Q X , K N S S ts R ' J i n ,Vk T K 5 F . 1 v m. ! Q: ..' 5 f K J 'W pf Q z.., J, " ii --'- S J -JJ 5 ,Ji ' vs . 1 J V- ' ' 'ta 1 it , J-Q 9 r ' ' .' . J X as an ' S X . it 7- l Q xi f, N - R x ja- nl: J Q g., g V l ' ' 'ff J - J a s - i'1t JH ' xiii 2 J 1 fa,- Mate Xwtgs , i Q U .' N e J 'X 4' nl t T' " -i 2 girrk I I ' ' ,ii 5 S ' J J re g 2 E X V I F . " I rrrrir S V. K S J, ii R r 1 J S I Y I' f .iiiii. "Nessie U' ,. s- f J ' Q t it J J W. r L Aff BJ Q v 8. B I "3 " "J Us iam 1 I in :F i J J asv: J It -R A X Ps KK X :Q - A, J "ff, J' Y 'si' , ' J L 7. , A wg SMJQNX .T K ".l 2 J "Si J s ry S ' B ' V , V - x : inf 3 - we NVN,Jf,? xii , X.kk g . V , J . -Q. xg 'V Ji - 1 x 1 J .J rl F ueulyy J ii K ' i 1 ' 4' ii J J .tgp J ' g ' f Gkkgsf We' e Gnl Just Begun C d -,,,fl 'Li 4 We 'ills x 1, x N dx it ' Q ' t i 1 N : W ,X , ITF' Mr M, ,., iv 1 , 2' " .ae-- 4 .f , we . xx? " , R Wm Uk, ' K Q 5 li , L Y X L -4 T K :tel K K , iz igb - V nk ., Ig . V A A V X 4, 5 r , r, A? lfililtg- ' -' V -.Y K - A A C - 4' o n ' ...W x ' if A ' 'ef Qt 3 X if L " C 13- ,gs ,rs i'l.+f1'f 1r .s A L , H S K J A ' ' , M heyyy sy .3 V -Q '. 1. , , ff we rt 'Q ei H i C hfirgfk 'X xi " L. L .. Q: is h A L,,, Y A rg 4 I cj K , L ,,. - vw, ' ' ,:xw,f f 'fr ,, fx-"Vg f . Margaret Toles Lisa Tomchuck Scott Tomlin Robert Trager Donna Trudell Laurie Truske Carolyn Turloff Connie Underwood Lisa Underwood Janet VanBuskirk Paul VanSickle Margaret Varadi Mike Vario Harold Varney Jolecn Vasquez Terri Vaughn Everett Vincent David Wak Bonnie Wallace Robert Watters Anne Weiss Jeff Welsh Kelly Wessel Jane Whaling Kelly White Winona Whitehead Julie Whiting Rebecca Wiersma Jeanne Wilczynski Jeff Wiley Eric Willey Cynthia Williams Debbie Willhelm Kathy Wilson Joan Wilton Lori Wolfe Lonie Wolfe Richard Wolfe Lisa Woodcox David Worden Clara Wright Julie Wright Eva Wie Mary Paul Young Jay Zavitz Freshmen 201 1 V -.-.....-..............v -,JW W N 202 Freshmen sn., PEDPLES BANK CIF PDFIT HUFIDN Telephone - 984-5161 Z, ...'3.,,w!S.,,. S. ,,,,,...,,.,..,..t,,,,. A .,.. - ,..... . .. 1. mam. , . I - QLQEQZ fi' K : Q 1' ,4 .., . . 5 l Mi 1 , 5 . ll ' f . 1' 2, S I l f ll f f s i S 5 .. 5 ,. . 'R 5e .S 11,7 l 4 . Congratulations, Seniors! Now that you are stepping out of high school, you will be faced with decisions about your future. f'We're going one step fuitherl' to help you make this transition step smooth and successful. Student Loans Checking Accounts Car Loans Master Charge Savings Plans Free ID Cards Friendly People Serving People at 8 Convenient Locations Main Office: 511 Fort St. Water St. Office: Lapeer Rd. Office: 4503 Lapeer Rd. Pine Grove Office: 1657 Garfield 24th St. Office: 1226 24th St. Busha Office: 1650 Busha Hwy. Marysville Office: 2425 Gratiot Blvd. Ft. Gratiot Office: 2512 24th Ave. Member FDIC randall , . .,.::, .. ., . ,, ',:.x W : Q., ., 1, ,,,,9 , for flowers and gifts DISTINCTIVE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS OPEN. MON THRU SAT - l VASES CARDS 1----- '-" -- 0 ADDQTIONAL HOLIDAY 'fffleia 3825 24TH AVENUE NORTHGATE HOURS ---.- CRYSTAL-PLANTS 1 9:00 AM To 5:30 PM U. 5 wg--A 4896 W' Ave- SONS UPHDLSTEFIY 55'5fL15Lf8 mt, UPHOLSTERY .www ff uxfkvy , gfubcae PHONE 985-6121 1628 STONE STREET PORT HURON, MICH. 48060 Free Delivery pmt WMM 77442413 PM X S Y xx- r 'ax 1 I 8 "Q ' :RSX "-.R:.x X .E .Q 'O K 1 Jf' 317 . McMorra11 8 Phone' Blvd 982-8563 .WW Exl IN'-if ,N - Il .- - i Z U -1 - Ill-.I IL QS FARM ' mc. 2136 Pine Grove Ave. Port Huron, Mich. 894-5111 "At your Store or at your Door" DIRECT DIAMOND IMPDRTERS 5 EW J ELERS MICHIGAN,S LEADING JEWELERS SINCE 1917 111 HURON AVENUE -s SKI 62 TENN S 'Por-t Huron B R Lanes l X l 'F 22 Brunswick Lanes 4' ' ' . "' Free Learn to Bowl Classes 'F Ji SKI5 'lg Quickie Bar 3' XJ WATER 5,05 1720 Hancock 984-1335 TENNQS .91 C ,Un f-Q'V'N Q '- "QD PEACQCK LUMBER Fe W XX BAC KPACKIN e il- EQUIPMENT? Best Wishes 4 APPAREL! to the students of Northern 42 SERVICE! Class Of 'i78,, 2015 Holland Ave. N' Ph I 982-0136 one 1001 mem Q84 -sm. MERCEDES-BENZ WHVNEBA GO PONTIAC BUlCK OPEL USED CAR LOT Pam' HUR an 2576 PINE GRO VEA VE. l l va f .. K Ei, fl, , l .,,,, ' A ' 3' Northgate Pharmacy Sickroom Supplies Vitamins Baby Supplies Cosmetics Packaged Liquors Pet Supplies School Supplies Film Service Large Selection of Greeting Cards Les Kieft R.P.H Call - 982-4742 3853 Pine Grove Plenty of Free Parking YF? 2 EQ: , t -Q PM '14 IL wa YB 'Pg M A- WL l r 2 5 as 22 ,112 1, .. I K A .gk m. k V vyyy 5? , .M ..,,,. ,- N r. was ,,.. -If ,rV,,.,,, . .,,,,N.,, aa,L m Paul L. Gillihan C.G. Napolitan Brad Root Lyell A. Schnieder George Stebbings E? 'I f ?i:f,iEQi sg: 'E E E Ya- " 3. ,XY-A .Ji EXW ? - fl, 1-1 U 2858 Pine Grove Ave Port Huron, Mich. 48060 PHONE: 982-9507 PHONE 952441451 LSLGHIQPKHSS Qpligul Cfjliililllllj 535 N ER EET' PORT HURON. MICH Robert L. Jechura Photography Specializing in PERSONALIZED PHONE PORTRAITS 982-4998 WEDDINGS 2780 Lewis Drive Eiferfs Eggairy 1635 Pine Grove Ave. Beer 96 Wine 1' Groceries Shop in comfort from your car Open 7 days a week 10 a.m.-12 p.m. AUTOMATIC METERED DELIVERY SERVICE FUEL OIL IS SAFE-YOU CAN BET YOUR LIFE ON IT BUDGET TERMS Blake andISon Glass 835 24th Street in OIL TII? FUEL 0 GASOLINE 0 MOTOR OILS 0 FARM OILS 81 GFIEASES 'INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS ' CALL 985-6141 1604 STONE-PORT HURON JEDDO AVOCA AGENT 327-6240 X!! PhOn91313I985-6817 2 ' BLUE WATER BIBLE 8: BOOK STORE Colonial Shopping 284EPineG oAvonuo Center ICoIoniaI Shopping Centerl Port Huron, Mich. 48060 Q A MOT lu S egmlllmg m -x 5 rxsmons Wes 3 All Famous Brands Court of Flags Mall Krofff 8. 24th Ave. Port Huron fagnvshfill 212 Grand River Port Huron, Ml 48060 Phone - 987-7000 Store Hours: Mon., Thurs., Fri., 9AM-9PM Tues., Wed., and Sat. 9AM-5:30 PM Sunday 12 PM-5 PM Store Side Free Parking Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back I USED BOB F CA RS Q J We Appreciate Your Business 'Q Complete Sales and Service on All Makes St. Clair County .Q In 7 -me ww 'mmm rnnvncnnrr ,L- 1 53' :Env T,ERI!l,!S!gimmSTS llllll'iH.1 E U 2 ' OWS!!! W5 Chev0roIef.Ford-Dodge QQ? PARTS DEPT MOTOR Homes DIRECT LINE Available CALL 984-5531 u n 1 ' h Cofbfn Buffdfng Cen ref mt e 2 "78" nr By the QV 3950 Pine Grove P H 3 i ort uron Area ' Q HW, Phone 985-6101 . Funeral D1P6CtOrS M I O C ASSOCl3tlOH HOME OF THE FRIENDLY ONES!!! CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DODGE DODGE TRUCKS no THINGS THE AMERICAN wnv... wma me EAGLE! The DEALERSHIP built on... TRUST, INTEGRITY and SERVICE. COME TO THE DEALER THAT BROUGHT... TO THE BLUE WATER AREA! Q S CARS RO G TO P G OSS PO d di ONE HOUR FINANCING 4080 24" AVE. 385-4481 OUT-OF-TOWN CALLS ACCEPTED A 3 sn YU 2-0014 EM 4-7771 Puzzn "' TAKE OUT o SUB SIINDWICHES o PASTRAMI o CORNED BEEF o KIELBIISA BEER WINE LIQUOR TAKE-UUT... ' 9 AM - MIDNIGHT FRI 8: SAT TILL 1 IIM 2741 PINE GRDVE AVENUE 1711 GRATIOT, MIIRYSVILLE OPEN 7 DIIY3 IIS. mmv Q me PHONE: 982-3273 'J 135: I? BY APPOINTMENT oNLY 'f '- F Q' Umf If :Vyf Q07- I II Q- 4 0 Wf f' 4 X f V M vf' If I , Im KZ' weoonvc 'I M f X " Q?ovAv5 zoMEoS U PORTRAIT I Q ABP Juuers LAN Now -me A ff , . w 0 E vsfxe TO A PASSPORT f I 1' 2?-gxyij-Qg,goge7i?v1gIIT4I5vfAKe I, ' Vw ARNIY5 NEW Qssxxfmzufseigy xmas-my GOOIQNIGHT -TH' ,T 55 MORROW: I-UCI-I ALLOWQ A QUALIFIED YOUNG 2902 Amoun sr. 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Rich 193 Buchanan, Sue 161 Buckoski, Bruce 161 Bulanda, Scott 193 Burch, Gregg 176 Burch, Julie 193 Burch, Roxanne 161 Burgett, Bob 161 Burns, Casey 193 Burns, David 138 Burns, Douglas 138 Burns, Regina 161 Buttrell, John 161 Beer, Deanna 192 Beery, Dave 160 Beesley, James 192 Belkievaic, Julie 192 Bell, Bridget 192 Bell, Lura 160 Bell, Russell 138 Belonga, Kim 176 Belonga, Scott 160 Bemum, Brian 192 Bennett, Joe 160 Bennett, John 192 Bennett, Kathy 160 Berdan, Bethany 138 Berels, Mary 160 Berg, Kristin 138 Berube, Becky 192 Bettinger, Kim 176 Bettinger, Mark 138 Bettinger, Michele 160 Bettridge, Susan 138 Biartch, Ted 193 Bingham Rick 160 Bingham, Ron 193 Birtch, Steven 193 Bishop, Brian 160 Blain, Hilda 193 Bland, Sheila 160 BlaShiII, Jeff 138 Blashill, .lon 193 .154 T S J ,S f W i if 5 6 g, f A . 1 A i t Cat Cain, Don 161 Cain, Mary Jo 138 Calabro, Debbie 161 Calabro, Mark 193 Caldwell, Howard 176 Caldwell, Valencia 193 Callender, Judy 161 Callender, Sim 176 - Camden, Mark 193 Campau, Steve 176 Campbell, Alane 176 Campbell, Sally 138 Campen, Lori 176 Ca mphausen, Dale 161 Canavan, Debbie 138 Cansfield, Rich 176 Cantwell, John 193 Cargo, Gary 193 Cargo, Wendy 176 Carl, Michael 138 Carl, Robert 176 Carlyle, Sue 161 Carpo, Gary 161 Carrier, Dale 176 Carrier, Dan 176 Carrier, Mary Ann 138 Carrier, Joe 193 Carroll, Shari 161 Carrothers, Bob 176 Carson, Jon 176 Casado, Barbara 176 Case, Ruth-Ellen 161 Caseo, Sherri 195 Castello, David 138 Catalina, Paula 161 Catalina, Tony 193 Cedarvalls, Andrew 193 Cesefske, Terry 176 Chafty, Jim 176 Chafty, Sonya 138 Charbeneau, Michelle 16 Charles, Amy 138 Chartier, Lori 162 Chenautt, Jeff 193 Cheney, Tom 176 Chiappelli, Andrew 162 Chiappelli, Mario 176 Child, Pat 193 Chisholm, Greg 162 Christler, Brad 162 Christler, Gayle 138 Cirabisi, James 193 Cirabisi, Joe 162 Clark, Brian 195 Clark, Kent 176 Clark, Robin 162 Cleaver, Jim 195 Cloe Cloe Clun Clun ter, Joel 162 ter, John 195 ey, Cheryl 176 ey, Sheila 195 C0bb, Terri 195 Coggins, Leanne 138 Coke, Kelly 138 Cole, Debbie 138 Cole, Diana 138 Cole, Jody 177 Cole, Jody 162 Cole Shannon 162 Cole rnan, Kim 177 2 Coleman, Lori 177 Coleman, Mark 162 Coleman, Scott 195 Colgan, Laurie 177 Collier, Kim 177 Collier, Mike 195 Collinge, Richard 162 Collings, Jim 162 Collingwood, Brenda 138 Collins, Bill 195 Collins, Pam 162 Conger, Becky 162 Conlan, Mary 162 Conlan, Mike 177 Conlen, Carrie 195 Conlen, Cindy 138 Conley, Michelle 162 Conn, Terri 138 Conran, Martin 195 Cook, Cindy 177 Cook, Pam 177 Cooper, Kiel 177 Cooper, Wendy 177 Cooper, Winfield 138 Corbin, Barbara 138 Corbin, Mary 162 Cornwell, Bob 195 Cornwell, Jeff 195 Cornwell, Jeff 138 Coronado, David 138 Corp, Michelle 138 Corrigan, Lynn 138 Coseo, Ray 162 Coughenour, Cary 162 Coughenour, Gale 195 Coughenour, Mark 138 Coulston, Cindy 162 Courtney, Lisa 162 Cowan, Jeanette 195 Cressman, Debbie 195 Crimmins, Edward 138 Crimmins, John 177 Crimmins, John 138 Crocker, Al 177 Crosby, Walker 195 Crowl, Charles 177 Culbenson, Bart 195 Cuppen, John 162 Cureton, Michelle 162 Cureton, Patricia 195 Currie, Sandy 177 Currier, Jan 138 Curris, David 138 Curti, Martha 138 Curtiss, Randy 177 Curtiss, Theodore 138 i Dictators Daft, Bryan 162 Daft, Kim 162 Daggett, Tim 177 Dailey, Andy 177 Dailey, Elizabeth 138 Dalenberg, Linda 177 Daly, Jim 162 Dancey, Lee 195 Dandron, Bud 195 Daniels, Brian 195 Daniels, Craig 163 Darling, Bambi 163 Davey, Benjamin 138 Davey, Terri 177 Davey, Tim 163 Davidson, Beth 195 Davidson, Martha 138 Davis, Chuck 177 Davls, Dan 177 Davis, Robby 195 Davis, Stephan 195 Davis, Ted 163 Dawson, Karen 177 Day, Jane 177 Dean, Nancy 138 Deater, Robert 138 Debian, Kathleen 138 Deem, Brenda 177 Deloy, Don 163 Demars, Dave 177 DeMars, Mary Beth 138 Demerau, Larry 163 Denman, Tammy 163 Dennis, Eric 140 Dennis, Steve 163 Dentel, Kathy 195 Derush, Ray 163 Derush, Tom 177 De St. Aubin, Cherri 195 Dewey, Patty 177 Dewey, Susan 140 Dewitt, James 163 Diaz, Jesse 140 Dickinson, Craig 195 Dickson, Andy 163 Dillion, Rae 163 Dillion, Rhonda 177 Dillion, Rossa 195 Dilworth, Jane 163 Dionne, Anita 140 Doan, Dave 177 Dobson, Richard 195 Dodea, Mary Jo 163 Dodea, Nickolas 140 Doetsch, Dianna 163 Donnellon, Manll195 Donnellon, Patrick 140 Donnellon, Paula 163 Donbman, Sue 195 Dooley, Mary 195 Dornfield, Don 163 Dornfield, Kathleen 140 Dortman, Peg 177 Drake, Jeffrey 195 Drake, Judy 163 Drake, Mike 177 Drake, Steven 140 Drouillard, Linda 196 Dupuis, Carolyn 163 Dupuis, Michael 196 Dupree, Patty 177 Durance, Roberta 163 Durand, Jean 177 Durand, Martha 177 Dykstra, Dan 140 Eagles East, Jeff 163 Easton, Pam 140 Edie, Michael 140 Edie, Sue 178 Edmonds, Don 196 Efstratis, Manuel 140 Eifert, Michelle 163 Eldridge, Harry 163 Eldridge, Thelma 178 Elliot, Shawn 178 Elliott, Todd 163 Ellis, Cheryl 163 Elsholz, Mary 178 Ely, Elizabeth 196 Ely, Lisa 163 Endelmann, Cherie 140 Engelgau, Dean 178 Engelgau, Steven 140 Ennest, Pat 163 Ernest, Bessie 196 Ernest, Linda 140 Etheridge, Dwight 140 Evans, Cedric 140 Evans, Drett 196 Evans, Kathy 163 Evans, Terry 178 Eveningrad, Brenda 141 Evenson, Mike 178 Eves, Bob 178 33 J if WWW K5 V I I .ry 1 K 7 ! X W 1 f if K g Franklin Fadell, Pamela 141 Falk, Dave 196 Falk, Scott 141 Falzon, Anna 196 Farguhar, Matt 196 Farguhar, Tom 178 Faulkner, James 141 Fead, Deborah 141 Fearnside, Tim 178 Feichter, Carol 141 Feichter, Mary 196 Feick, Timothy 141 Fenton, Lisa 178 Fetterly, Paul 178 Fiedler, Douglas 141 Fiedler, Melinda 196 Fiedler, Rodney 141 Fiedler, Scott 196 Fidler, Phil 196 Firestone, Sheryl 196 Fitzgerald, Connie 164 Flanigan, Chris 178 Flanigan, Ron 196 Flanigan, Sharon 141 Flanigan, Tina 178 Fleming, Paul 141 Flemming, Steve 164 Fletcher, Scott 178 Fleury, Nancy 141 Floyd, Jeff 164 Flynn, Kay 164 Fochtman, Karen 196 Fockler, Sue 196 Fogal, Brian 178 Fogal, Sharon 141 Fogarty, Billy 196 Fogarty, Charles 141 Foglesong, Robert 141 Fohey, Donna 196 Forstner, Norm 178 Forsyth, Tamara 141 Foster, Craig 196 Fotchman, Nancy 164 Fowler, Connie 164 Fox, Robin 196 Frahtz, Brian 141 Fralick, Jim 178 Fralick, William 178 FranCaviIla, Ann 164 Francavilla, Carol 196 Francavilla, Jean 178 Francis, Debbie 164 Frappier, Rhonda 178 Frasier, Marc 164 Frasier, Tim 196 Frazer, Paula 196 Frazer, Steve 196 Frendendall, Donald 178 Frendendall, Martha 141 Freeman, Rich 196 Freeman, Ruth 196 French, Sue 178 Fretenborough, Norm 178 Fretenborough, Penny 141 Frey, Katherine 164 Fritch, Bob 178 Fritch, Lynnette 141 Frizzle, Julie 141 Frost, Brad 178 Fuller, Kim 178 Fuller, Sharon 178 Fulton, Darlene 141 EW 5 If if Gibbons Galbraith, Ron 164 Galbraith, Lorie 196 Gallagher, Tom 178 Gardner, Heff 196 Gardner, Kevin 141 Gardocki, Jeanne 164 Gargen, Kelley 141 Garrettson, Dave 178 Gates, Dan 141 Gates, Sheri 178 Gates, Steve 196 Gathergood, Dale 178 Gavin, Kevin 178 Geaders, Craig 178 Geelen, Keith 196 Geister, Jeff 178 Genaw, Pat 141 Gerry, Nancy 141 Gevis, Cindy 196 Gibbons, Joseph 196 Gibbs, Sue 196 Gibsonn, Cindy 141 Gillespie, Stacy 196 Gillies, Cindy 164 Gillies, Michael 141 Gilliham, Manu 196 Gilliham, Paul 141 Giroux, Anne 141 Giroux, Debbie 196 Glen, Jeff 196 Godlewski, Laurie 178 Goetze, Dave 178 Gonzales, Manuel 142 Goodrich, Russel 196 Goodrich, Sandy 196 Goodwin, John 164 Goodwin, Kim 178 Gordan, Craig 178 Gordan, Mary 142 Gorlnac, Traci 178 Gorishek, William 178 Gorski, Sharon 142 Gossman, Sue 164 Gottsleben, Maureen 196 Gould, Andrea 178 Grambau, Tom 164 Grant, Marjorie 164 Grasel, Anne 142 Grattan, Jeff 178 Graw, Gerald 142 Graw, Julie 179 Gray, Brenda 164 Gray, Margo 164 Gray, Michael 142 Graydon, Yvonne 179 Grebenok, Joseph 179 Green, Brenda 164 Green, Kari 179 Green, Michael 142 Griffith, Judy 142 Gronek, Bob 164 Guba, George 142 Guertin, Bambi 142 Guertin, Kim 164 Guizar, Mike 179 Gunter, Pat 164 Gursdala, Joe 164 54? fi Q .!, 'W'-L Hill, Dave 179 Hill, Jeff 197 Hill, Theresa 179 Hillis, Linda 142 Hillman, Bill 179 Hillman, Jackie 164 Hillock, Bob 179 Hillock, Suellen 142 Hinkle, Lori 180 Hinskl, Ed 180 Hirschfield, Paige 197 Hirschfield, Scott 164 Hislop, Julie 180 Hillman Haas, Julie 179 Haase, Alicia 179 Haddad, Linda 142 Haddad, Troy 164 Hagen, Laurie 164 Hagle, Marty 164 Haight, Fred 142 Haight, Jeff 179 Haight, Joni 164 Hall, Shelly 164 Hamilton, Sally 197 Hamilton, Terry 179 Hamilton, William 179 Hanchon, Lee Ann 164 Hand, Julle 179 Hand, Terri 197 Hodges, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Holmes, Horgan, Horgan, Horton, Horton, Mary 180 Cheryl 197 Don 164 Kevin 197 Marsha 143 Tom 164 Jlm 197 John 164 David 180 Sue 164 Houston, Darlene 164 HOWal'd Cathy 142 Howard: John 142 Howard, Mark 164 HOWal'd, Sue 197 HOWaI'd THOITIBS 142 Howard: Tim 197 Howard, Timothy 142 Hrena, Linda 164 Hl'iSCa Julie 142 Hreha, Patti 197 ' lvl Hirsca, ary Jo 164 Hubble, Robb 180 Hubble, Susan 180 Hudson, Cherie 180 Hughes, Steve 142 Hummel, Greg 164 Hunter, Richard 142 O F A x jy i K 'S John Jackson, Cathy 197 Jackson, Charles 197 Jackson, Craig 180 Jackson, Julie 142 Jackson, Leonard 142 Jackson Renae 164 Jacobs, Eric 197 Jacobs, Susan 180 Jacobs, Terry 164 Jacobsen, Mary 164 Jamison, Janet 142 Janderwski, Dave 180 Jansen, Jean 142 Jarvis, Michelle 164 Jarvis, Mike 165 Jenkins, Michael 142 Hardman, Joel 164 Harju, Neil 197 Harmer, Tim 142 Harmon, Jacqueline 197 Harmon, Jean 164 Harmon, Steve 142 Harneck, Bonnie 142 Harneck, Linda 179 Harper, Darrell 142 Harrington, Michelle 179 Harrington, Pam 142 Harris, Charles 197 Harris, Jeffrey 142 Harris, Jill 197 Harris, Mary 164 Harris, Susie 197 Harrison, Aleccia 179 Harrison, Eugene 142 Harrison, Lee 197 Hart, Julie 179 Hartel, Mark 142 Harnett, Jill 197 Hartson, Ron 197 Harvey, Matt 197 Hastings, Tammy 179 Hatlestad, Teresa 142 Havens, Janice 179 Havens, Karen 142 Havner, Craig 197 Havner, Larry 164 Hawkins, Nora 197 Hayden, James 142 Hayes, Mike 164 Hayes, Staci 197 Hayman, Doug 164 Haymed, Marie 197 Haynes, Cindy 197 Haynes, Dave 179 Haynes, Jim 179 Hayward, Staate 142 Hearn, Greg 197 Hearn, Jackie 179 Heath, Tom 179 Hedring, Bob 164 Heering, John 164 Heilig, Cathy 179 Heisler, Mike 179 Heltman, Jeffrey 142 Henderson, Amy 142 Henderson, John 197 Henline, Kara 197 Henry, Susan 197 Herber, Dave 179 Hess, Martin 142 Hess, Richard 164 Hickey, Mike 164 Hicks, James 142 Hustek, Charlene 142 Hyde, Esther 142 Hyde, Ruth 180 Hyslop, Leigh 142 Hyllop, Kathy 180 fx- Issac Ingles, Dawn 164 Ingles, Mike 197 Ingram, Rob 164 Isaac, Anita 197 Isabell, Elizabeth 142 Isabell, Jeff 197 lseael, Julie 197 lrvlne, Robin 142 Irwin, Tom 180 Jennings, Mark 197 Jerry, Lesl ie 180 Jerry, Lis Jex, Bren Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Joh nson, Johnson, a 165 t 180 Andy 180 Cindy 197 Cliff 165 George 197 Lisa 165 Jim 180 Matt 197 Wendy 142 Johnston, Annette 197 Johnston, Billie 142 Johnston, Cindy 180 J ohnston Jenny 180 Johnston: Robin 180 Johnston, Scott 165 Jones, Da Jones Gr ve 142 eg 180 Jones: Karen 142 Jones Karen 180 Jones: Ka Jones Ra thy 180 rldy 142 Joslin, Gene 197 Joyner, Julie 180 Julien, Doug 197 Julien, Jim 165 Juzysta, Lorraine 180 - It Kiki Kaehler, Kathy 197 Kalaf, Alan 142 Kalaf, Debbie 165 Kalaf, Kathy 180 Kalish, Kelly 142 Kalish, Michelle 180 Kalish, Mike 197 Kammer, Rosemary 197 Kamsickas, Gary 165 Kearns, Jackie 197 Kearns, Rebecca 142 Kearns, Timothy 142 Keil, Karen 180 Keith, Don 165 Keller, Karen 142 Kelley, Wendy 180 Kelly. Steve 180 Kemp, Ken 197 Kemp, Joe 180 Kent, Cindy 142 Kent, Peter, 180 Kern, Trlna 165 Kettlewell, Dave 165 Kibbe, Gary 197 Kibbe, Randy 142 Kidd, Darren 180 Kidd, Jackie 165 Kidd, Kathy 165 Kidd, Russell 142 Kieft, Lisa 165 Kilbourn, Scott 180 Kimball, David 142 Kindred, Shawn 165 King, Becca 165 King, Daniel 142 King, Julie 197 King, Leo 197 Kinnee, Patricia 142 Kinnee, Stephen 197 Klnoned, Greg 197 Kirschen, Kathy 197 Kirschen, Mark 197 Kish, Jackie 197 Kish, Mary 165 Knowlton, Patty 180 Koch, Mary 165 Koebke, Patricia 197 Koebke, Linda 165 Kogelshatz, Judi 165 Kohlman, Thomas 142 Komp, Ed 165 Komp, William 142 Korelba, Darla 165 Korelba, Gary 197 Koreiba, Maralle 165 Kostoff, James 142 Kotelaman, Kirk 165 Krafft, Kathy 197 Kraft, David 180 Kraft, Gerald 142 Kraft, Kathleen 142 Krampien, Jeff 180 Krauss, John 197 Kreeger, Bob 180 Kring, Debra 165 Kroetach, Kim 165 Kroetsch, Ron 197 Krohn, Ray 165 Kubek, Julie 180 Kuberski, Tony 198 Kueh n, Don 165 Kuhn, Kim 142 Kuhr, Carla 198 Kurzeweil, Susan 198 JAH' Lesley Ladd, Scott 142 Lamarsh, Amy 180 Lamb, Brian 142 Lamb, David 198 Lambert, Brenda 165 Lambert, Sue 180 Lambert, Tim 180 Laming, Rick 146 Landacre, Brent 198 Landacre, Kent 198 Lander, Ben 146 Landschoot, Frank 146 Lane, Cherrie 165 Lane, Ed 198 Lane, Pam 165 Lang, Colleen 165 Lange, John 198 Langowski, John 198 Laplsh, Daniel 146 Lapp, Rebecca 165 Lasater, Selena 198 Lasky, Carrle 146 LaVere, Dora 198 Lazurka, Marlann 146 Leahy, Patricia 146 Leahy, Terry 198 Ledsworth, Barb 198 Ledsworth, Randy 198 Leaswortn, Rick 165 Lee, Lawrence 146 Leneway, Gary 146 Leonard, Patti 165 Lester, Julie 165 Lester, Mark 198 Lett, Cheryl 165 Lett, Jody 198 Levin, Laurle 165 Lewandowskl, Lee 198 Lewis, David 165 Lewis, Debbie 198 Liebert, Serena 198 Lightle, Brian 165 Lindsay, Lurice 198 Little, Kerry 165 Little, Kim 165 Lixie, David 165 Lohr, Eric 165 Lohr, Scott 198 Lomp, Carole 146 London, Edward 146 Longley, Carol 146 Longley, Sandy 198 Lonszkowski, Sherry 165 Lorts, Steve 146 Lotermoser, Melissa 165 Love, Debbie 165 Loxton, Sandy 181 Luce, Anne 146 Ludington, Eugene 181 Ludington, Larry 198 Ludwig, Robb 198 Lump, Natalie 181 Lutz, Cyndi 198 Lynn, Jeffrey 146 Lyon, Carrie 181 Melissa Manchester MacDonald, Kathy 198 MacDonald, Rosemary 165 Mackenzie, Julie 198 Mackie, Rae 181 Mackie, Torrie 146 McCorkle, Steve 166 McCoy, Carolynn 147 McCullough, Richard 198 McDonald, David 166 McDonald, Doug 142 McDonald, Karen 182 McDougall, Debbie 198 McElroy, Sue 198 McGrath, Richard 166 McGregor, Connie 147 McGregor, Shawn 166 Mclntyre, Mary 147 Mclntyre, Sidney 198 Mckenzie, Karen 166 McKenzie, Teresa 166 Mckenzie, Vickie 182 McKinch, Tom 182 McLaughlin, Lori 166 McLelland, Kathy 182 McLelland, Robert 147 Mcleod, Chuck 182 McNaughton, Carol 182 McNutt, Kenneth 166 McNutt, Scott 166 McOuat, Kevin 182 McPhail, Scott 147 McRoberto, Doreen 198 McTevia, Jim 182 McTevia, John 198 McTevia, Michael 147 McVeigh, John 198 Meade, Karen 182 Meade, L0ri 182 Meade, Lynda 147 Mechan, Cheryl 147 Medaugh, Tammy 182 Meharg, Klm 182 Meza, Maria 147 Michelle, Larry 166 Mackin, Chris 181 Mackin, Tim 198 MacMillan, Margaret 198 MacMillan, Jim 165 Mac Ready, Scott 165 Mactaggart, Mary 181 Madden, Julie 181 Madej, Chris 146 Mahosky, Jody 165 Mahosky, Lisa 198 Mairer, David 198 Miller, Alan 166 Miller, Bart 166 Miller, Colin 166 Miller, Gregory 147 Miller, John 166 Miller, Julle 166 Miller, Julie 182 Miller Kevin 147 Miller Paul 182 Miller Randy 166 Miller Sandy 182 Miller Steven 147 Majeske, Joe 181 Majeske, Judith 146 Majeske, Mary 198 Majeski, Dianne 146 Majeski, Doug 181 Malane, John 198 Manz, Karen 146 Manz, Kyle 146 Manz, Paul 181 Marcero, Lisa 181 Marcero, Michael 146 Marcozzi, Nancy 146 Marcozzi, Susan 198 Marks, Celia 165 Marone, Frances 165 Marriott, Mike 198 Marsack, Gerald 146 Marsack, Richard 165 Martin, Anne 181 Martin, Brian 181 Martin, Craig 165 Martin, Jocelyn 181 Martinez, Edward 181 Martindale, Russ 182 Masserant, Lee Ann 182 Massman, Jay 198 Mast, Valerie 198 Matthews, Anna 146 Matthews, Donna 146 Matthews, Jeff 182 Matthews, John 146 Matthews, Lisa 182 Matthews Margo 166 Maury, Don 198 May, Brett 166 May, Shelli 146 May, Tim 198 Maynard, Brian 146 McCabe, Colleen 198 McCabe, Tom 166 McCalmon, Tina 147 McCarthy, Ann 147 McCarty, Evans 198 McCleary, James 147 McComb, Robin 182 McCormick, Robert 147 Minard, Dale 198 Minard, Ken 166 Minnie, Julie 198 Minor, Don 147 Mitchell, Kevin 198 Mitchell, James 166 Mix, Cathy 166 Mix, Mike 182 Mix, Tammy 166 Moak, Caren 166 Molinaro, Lisa 183 Moncrief, Anthony 166 Monder, Bob 166 Montgomery, Paul 166 Montomery, Rita 147 Montomery, Stephanie 198 Monroe, Donna 199 Moody, Pattie 198 Moody, Paul 147 Moore, Charles 183 Moore, Dan 147 Moore, Jo Ann 183 Moore, John 198 Moore, John 166 Moore, Keith 183 Moore, Kelly 183 Moore, Michael 166 Moore, Todd 166 Morden, Cindy 147 Morden, Colleen 198 Morden Mary 185 Morden, Scott 166 Morgan, Carlena 166 Morgans, Cathy 183 Morgans, Eirlan 198 Morrison, Debbie 166 Morrison, Dorthy 166 Morrison, Julie Morrlso Morriso Morley, Moss, G n, Mary 199 n, Todd 198 Joann 146 eorge 166 Moss, Kelly 166 Mosurak, Kathy 199 Motte, Don 199 Motte, Steve 183 Motty, Terri 199 Moulton, David 199 Moulton, Elizabeth 199 Moulton, Keely 147 Moulton, Troy 166 Mrozeck, Mary Kay 199 Mrozick, John 166 Mullen, Sue 166 Munro, Karen 183 Murowski, Melanie 199 Murphy, Janet 166 Murray, Joe 199 Murray, Roy 183 Mytinger, Mike 183 Nigel Nader, Kelly 166 Napolitan, Joe 183 Nelson, Paul 166 Nesbit, Gary 199 Netter, Diana 183 Neumann, Patricia 148 Nevins, Dianne 183 Newman, Larry 199 Newman, Mark 166 Newton, Marilyn 148 Nichol, Chris 183 Nichol, Cindy 166 Nichol, Ray 183 Nichol, Richard 199 Nichols, Deanna 148 Nichols, Debbie 183 Nicholson, Susan 148 Nicholson, Robert 183 Nikula, Tami 199 Noble, Susanne 148 Nobles, Ed 199 Nofs, David 148 Nolan, Scott 199 Nolan, Shawn 166 Nolan, Theresa 199 Norman, Toni 149 Norris, Megan 166 Norris, William 199 Norton, Rene 148 North, Cherey 199 North, Mike 168 Nowak, Alison 183 Nowiski, John 148 Nuss, Don 166 Nuttall, Chris 199 Nye, Mike 199 Nye, Roxanne 166 Olivia Obermesik, John 148 O'Brien, Christopher 148 O'Brien, David 166 O'Conner, Anna 166 O'Conner, Kathleen 199 O'Conner, Kelly 183 O'Conner, Kelly 148 O'Conner, Sue 166 O'Dell, Mary 199 Odle, Judy 184 Odle, Judith 184 Odle, Karen 148 O'Hare, Barry 199 O'Hare, Brian 199 O'Hare, Kevin 184 Olar, Mary Ann 148 O'Leary, Daniel 148 Ordowski, James 199 Orlando, Sandra 184 Orr, David 184 Osgood, Richard 148 O'Sullivan, Mary 199 Ostrander, Brenda 148 Oswald, Brenda 166 Oswald, Kelly 166 Ottaway, Pat 199 Overbeck, Ellen 166 Overbeck, Joseph 148 Overbeck, Ken 199 Overhold, Eric 148 Owen, Janice 199 Peter Palermo, Jill 184 Palmateer, Julie 166 Palmateer, Mark 199 Palmateer, Mary 184 Palmer, Cynthia 148 Palmer, Mel 199 Papes, Phil 184 Parker, Cherie 167 Parmann, Victor 167 Parrish, Harold 184 Parrish, Harold 184 Parrish, Jeff 184 Parrish, Michele 184 Patterson, Karen 167 Patterson, Kim 184 Patterson, Rodney 199 Patterson, Tom 199 Paul, Tammy 199 Paulos, Debbie 199 Paulos, Ken 162 Payden, Phyllis 199 Payne, Karen 162 Pearce, Robert 184 Pearce, Shawn 184 Pearson, Mike 184 Pearson, Pat 184 Pearson, Tim 167 Peattle, Joel 148 Pederson, Kimberly 148 Pedrotti, Mike 199 Peeling, Walter 148 Pemberton, Gloria 148 Pemberton, Mark 148 Pemington, Chris 148 Perley, David 184 Perry, Julie 184 Perz, John 184 Peters, Steve 184 Petho, Karrie 199 Petho, Tim 167 Petoskey, Brenda 199 Petoskey, William 167 Petty, Monica 199 Phillips, Debbie 199 Phillips, Michelle 184 Phillips, Richard 167 Pickard, Lynn 184 Piechoviah, Chris 167 Pierson, Chris 199 Pierson, Tara 167 Pietrangelo, Craig 148 Pifeyee, Eric 199 Pillsbury, Leona 167 Pincomb, Penny 167 Pingle, Greg 184 Pionk, Edward 148 Pionk, Steven 199 Pobanz, Patricia 148 Polirrladel, Bill 199 Pollock, Kathryn 149 Pollock, Marti 184 Poorman, Jlll 149 Popham, Lynann 149 Porret, Mike 184 Porrett, Cheryl 184 Morrett, Lisa 199 Porter, Vincent 167 Post, Bill 184 Post, Vince 184 Postill, Steven 167 Povenz, William 149 Preston, Vernon 184 Price, Mary Ann 167 Proctor, Anne 149 Proctor, Charles 184 Proctor, Shawn 149 Provost, Kelly 167 Pryztakoskl, Todd 167 Purcell, Jim 199 Queen Quandt, Jeff 167 Quandt, Joe 199 Quandt, Lorraine 149 v r 'Q is i l i 1 Rondstandt Rabins, Kurt 167 Radatz, Mike 199 Rader, Heidi 149 Radford, Ruth 199 Radske, Jeannie 184 Raftery, Ann 149 Raftery, Maura 184 Raftery, Shelia 199 Rake, Cheryl 167 Ramsey, James 149 Ramsey, Julie 199 Ramsey, Virginia 167 Ravetta, Paul 184 Rawley, Patty 167 Rawling, Robert 149 Ready, Joe 167 Ready, Michele 199 Reaume, Cheryl 149 Rec, Jim 199 Reed, Cindy 167 Reed, Fritz 199 Reid, Sharon 149 Reid, Shelly 199 Reken, Pam 184 Remick, Rocky 199 Renno, Kevin 149 Repp, Joan 199 Renpi, David 167 Ressequie, Holly 167 Revoir, Lisa 168 Reyna, Jody 184 Reynolds, Don 168 Reynolds, Julle 168 Rhody, Pam 199 Rhude, Kim 184 Rich, Bob 184 Rich, Laurie 184 Rich, Tamara 168 Rich, Terry 168 Richards, Debbie 185 Richards, George 185 Richardson, Doug 168 Richardson, Liz 199 Richart, Tana 199 Richert, Scott 149 Richter, Alan 199 Rlddell, Jerry 185 Riddell, Laurle 185 Rlddell, Scott 185 Riddell, Shari 200 Roach, David 168 Robb, Willlam 149 Robbins, John 168 Robblns, Leonard 200 Roberts, Sue 185 Robinson, Charles 149 Rochon, Brlan 185 Rock, Heather 200 Rock, Michael 149 Rogers, Pam 168 Rogers, Pat 185 Rogers, Pierre 149 Rome, Jane 149 Romero, Margaret 185 Ropposch, Ann 149 Ropposch, Joan 185 Ropposch, Martha 149 Ropposch, Nancy 168 Rosevear, Tom 185 Ross, Don 200 Ross, Harold 185 Ross, Tom 185 Rowe, David 185 Rowe, Tim 168 Rucker, Becky 200 Rucker, Bernard 168 Rucker, Michelle 185 Rudolf, Domlnlque 149 Ruelle, Susan 149 RumenaDD. Andrea 168 Rusch, Barris 200 Rusett, Scott 185 Rutherford, Denise 168 Rutkofske, Doug 185 Rutkofske, Susan 185 Ryan, Cindy 185 Ryan, Julie 168 Ryan, Marsha 149 Rynties, Susan 200 2 Starr Sagraves, Allison 149 Saint Coeur, Stephan 149 Sampsell, Lisa 200 Sanchez, Alice 200 Sanchez, Jamie 200 Sanders, Lorrie 149 Sandouskl, Becky 200 Sandoval, Julie 185 Sarnackl, Karla 200 Sawdon, James 200 Scandallto, Llnda 149 Schaeffer, Mary 185 Scheetz, Patricia 185 Schelfler, Craig 168 Schemansky, Rose 185 Schlic, Gary 200 Schmelter, Carol 149 Schmidt, Lisa 185 Schmidt, Tim 200 Schmltt, Schmitt, Audrey 185 Bill 200 Schneider, Jeffrey 149 Schoneman, William 149 Schrader, Timothy 149 Schuck, Janet 185 Schultz, Barbara 149 Schultz, Brian 185 Schultz, Denise 200 Schultz, Don 185 Schultz, Helene 168 Schultz, Mark 149 Schultz, Thomas 149 Schulz, Nlatt 200 Schuneman, James 200 Schunemane, Karl 185 Schwartz, Patrick 200 Schwedler, Carl 149 Schwiszke, David 168 Scoettle, Brenda 168 Scofield, Elizabeth 149 Scohy, Pam 185 Scott, K aren 149 Scouten, David 185 Scouten, Deborah 200 Scouten, Steven 149 Screder, Tim 168 Scriver, Cindi 200 Seely, Nancy 185 Segor, Julie 185 Selby, Anita 168 Semrow, Jeffrey 149 Semrow, Tim 200 Senneff, Cathy 168 Serra, Nlck 185 Setter, Kerry 168 Seymore, Beth Ann 149 Shafer, Eugene 200 Shagena, Brenda 200 Shagena, Brian 151 Shank, Kemmis 200 Sharrard, Mark 151 Sharrow, Dana 168 Shaw, Lori 151 Sheldon Joy 200 sneldonf Kelly 185 Sheldon, Laura 151 Sheldon, Mike 200 Sheldon, Roger 168 Sheridan, Jeff 200 Shoudy, David 185 Shoudy, Sue 200 Shoudy, Todd 200 Shwatauer, Laurie 168 Slbilla, Patti 168 Sigafoose, Bob 185 Sills, Edward 200 Silvey, Silvey, David 186 Lisa 151 Simkins, Carolyn 169 Simkins, William 151 Slpes, Terry 200 Siple, Jamine 200 Siple, Scott 186 Sites, Karen 186 Sitka, Sloan, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smlth, Smith, Jody 169 Lee 186 Becky 169 Brian 151 Gregg 151 Gregg 200 Keith 151 Ken 200 Kim 200 Laura 169 Lisa 186 Marv 200 Michael 186 Nick 186 Shawn 151 Stevei200 Tammy 151 Wendy 186 Soupal, Lori 186 Sovereen, Steve 169 Spangler, Don 200 Spangler, Ray 169 Spicer, Deanna 186 Squires, Jim 186 Sruggs, Steve 200 Stackhausen, Beth 186 Staiger, Davld 169 Stanflll, Stuart 186 Steamburg, Lisa 169 Stebbins, Roger 186 Stebbins, Stacie 169 Stein, Mark 169 Stein, Marsha 151 Stelnhaus, Jodi 186 Stephenson, Greg 200 Stephenson, Sandra 186 Stevens, Kathl 151 Stevens, Lori 151 Steward, Linda 186 Stiefel, Rick 169 Stine, Jenny 200 Stine, William 151 Stiver, Carol 151 Stocks, Lynn 151 Stoddart, Ablgail 200 Stoeber, Laurle 151 Stoeber, Terri 186 Stokan, David 200 Stoll, Charles 151 Stoldt, Bernadette 200 Stoutmeyer, Kathleen 151 Strauss, Kim 186 Strauss, Scott 151 Streeter, Ronda 151 Studaker, Timothy 151 Studakes, Cherie 200 Stuewer, Karl 151 Stuewer, Lori 200 Sturdevant, Sarah 151 Sullivan, Maureen 200 Summerer, Todd 200 Swoffer, Pauline 151 Symon, Jackie 169 Symon, Kim 200 Szelog, Susan 151 as 'S' 1... , 1 A ff Tanya Tucker Tack, Renee 186 Talt, BOD 169 Tait, Laurie 151 Talley, Kristln 151 Tallmadge, Debra 151 Tallmadge, Scott 200 Tank, Kevin 200 Tanton, Cherie 200 Smollnski, Mark 200 Snay, Anna 186 Snider, Phyllis 151 Sniper, Nancy 200 Snowden, Doug 169 Snowden, Tammy 186 Snowden, Scott 200 Tate, Kim 1 86 Taylor, Elizabeth 151 Taylor, George 169 Taylor, Jon 169 Taylor, Rose 169 Teeple, Becky 186 Teeple, Jill 151 Solinsky, Mike 169 Somer S, Merle 151 Sou pal, Jerry 169 Teff, Cathy 186 Teff, Greg 200 Tenniswood, Larry 169 Thayer, Bev 200 Thayer, Doug 169 Thayer, Karen 151 Thomas, Cindy 169 Thomas, Harley ll 186 Thomas, Scott 186 Thomason, Carlnell 186 Thompson, Bruce 151 Thompson, Howard 169 Thompson, Jonl151 Thompson, Sue 200 Thompson, Aurther 200 Thomson, Barb 186 Thomson, Jeff 186 Thomson, Kaye 151 Thurston, Debra 151 Thurston, Judith 200 Tisdel, Chris 169 Toles, Joni 151 Toles, Margaret 201 Tomchcuk, Lisa 201 Tomlln, Scott 201 Touma, Carol 153 Touma, Lucy 186 Trager, Robert 201 Truchan, Cathy 186 Truchan, Mary 153 Trudell, Donna 201 True, Lester 186 Truske, Laurle 201 Tucker, Claudette 169 Turloff, Carolyn 201 Turner, Laurle 153 Turner, Shelly 187 Tweedie, Sandy 187 Tynan, Amy 187 Tynan, John 153 Unicorn Ullenbruch, Marcey 169 Ullenbruch, Martin 153 Ultsch, Debbie 187 Umlor, Julle 187 Underwood, Brenda 153 Underwood, Connie 201 Underwood, Lisa 201 Urban, Jeanne 153 Urmmy, Scott 169 ..r ,,,. Vinton VanBusklrk, Janet 201 VanBuskirk, Pam 187 Vanderbossche, Dave 169 Vandreumel, Brian 153 Vandreumel, Treasure 187 VanDeuren, Ron 153 VanLuven, Timothy 153 VanSickle, Karen 169 VanSickle, Paul 201 VanSickle, Sherrie 169 VanWormer, Gene 169 Vardi, Elizabeth 169 Vardi, Margaret 201 Vario, Mike 201 Varney, Harold 201 Varty, Doug 169 Vasquez, Michael 187 Vaughn, Dawn 169 Vaughn, Terri 201 Verlinden, John 187 Veronocke, Cheri 187 Vincent, Calvin 187 Vincent, Everett 201 Vorpagel, Kathy 187 Q Waters, Krystal 153 Watson, Allyn 187 Watson, Cralg 154 Watson, Missy 187 Watters, Kim 187 Watters, Robert 201 Weber, Terry 169 Weckesser, Bill 169 Wedge, Dale 187 Weidenbach, Stuart 187 Weiner, Susan 154 Weiss, Anne 201 Wellman, Wendy 169 Welsh, Jeff 201 Welsh, Kim 187 Welsh, Michael 187 Wesse, Kelly 201 West, Brian 187 West, D ebbie 154 West, Julie 154 Westphal, Larry 169 Whaling, Jane 201 Wheeler, Debby 169 Whipple, Anne 169 white, Buddy 169 White, Cindy 169 White, Kelly 201 Whitehead, Janie 169 Whitehead, Winona 201 Whitican, Cindy 154 Whiting, Julie 201 Whittak er, Carrie 169 Whybrew, Vicki 169 Whybrew, Jeanne 187 Wiersma, Lynn 154 Wiersma, Mark 169 Wiersma, Rebecca 201 Wilczynski, Jeanne 201 Wilczynsti, Rita 169 Wiley, Jeff 201 Wiley, Steve 154 Wilhelm, Andy 154 Wilhelm, Steve 187 Wilkins, Willard, Mark 187 Julie 170 William, Cathy 170 Willey, Eric 201 Willey, Pam 187 Willhelm, Debbie 201 Williams, Claire 187 Williams, Cynthia 201 Williamson, Scott 187 Willing, Gayle 170 Willis, Tina 170 Willkins, David 169 Wilson, Jon 187 Wilson, Kathy 201 Wilson, Tom 154 Wilson, William 187 Wilton, Bryan 170 Wilton, Gregory 187 Wilton, Joan 201 Wilton, Julie 187 Wilton, Kris 170 Wilton, Luann 170 Wilton, Scott 187 Wilton, Thomas 187 E Walker Wagar, Janet 153 Wagner, Paul 153 Wagner, Sue 169 Wak, Davie 201 Wak, Peter 153 Wakeen, Kristine 153 Wallace, Barb 169 Wallace, Bonnie 201 Wallace, Dan 153 Walker, John 169 Walsh, Sara 169 Walters, Sheri 187 Warren, Doug 187 Warren, Karen 169 Warren, Lisa 187 Warren, Terrl 169 Warshefski, Jeff 187 Wasmuth, Cathy 169 Waters, Earl169 Wine, Jeff 154 Wine, Sue 187 Winkler, Michelle 187 Winter, Lori 187 Winters, Sara 170 Wolfe, Lonle 201 Wolfe, Michael 187 Wolfe, Richard 201 Woodcox, Lisa 201 Woolman, Jim 170 Worden, David 201 Wright, Allanna 170 Wright, Clara 201 Wright, Julie 201 Wu, Eva 201 Wynkoop, Mary 187 Yes Young, Mary Paul 201 Youngs, Michael 187 vun, Kim 154 Zevon Zachweia, Shari 187 Zairte, Jay 201 Zauner, Joe 187 Zmolik, Jim 170 Staff 122, 123 1 1 The Blizzard of '78t 9222, '7fb0LNgweQ!2 x N J 3, Jlcwfavifffi , QND3' WWW 'WAQ' . 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Suggestions in the Northern High School - Spirit Yearbook (Port Huron, MI) collection:

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