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r » Lll ' l The world they gave us Let the work of their fathers and elder-brothers be cancelled this instant and what would happen ? Everything that we are — everything that we will be — wouldn ' t need to be erased. Nothing — only every tool bus , car, light , torch , bulb , print , film, instrument or communication depending for its lite on electrodynamic power would stop and stand dumb and silent. Carl Sanburg Even our egos, wrapped in the colorful threads of our everyday lives, could not escape the cancellation. They were brilliant; they live on through history. They are our fathers and elder brothers. Soon we will take their place. He was a king or a shah , an ahkoond or rajah, the head man of the country, and he commanded the learned men of the books they must put all their books in one, which they did, and this one book into a single page, which they did. " Suppose next, " said the head man, who was either a king or shah, an ahkoond or rajah, " Suppose now you give my people the history of the world and its peoples i n three words--come, go to work ! " And the learned men sat long into the night and confabulated over their ponderings and brought back three words: " Born, troubled, died. " This was their history of every man. " Give me next for my people, " spoke the head man, " in one word the inside kernel of all you know, the knowledge of your ten thousand books with a forecast of what will happen next— this for my people in one word. " And again they sat into the peep of dawn and the arguments raged and the glass prisms of the chandeliers shook a nd at last they came to a unanimous verdict and brought the head man one word: " Maybe. " And in that country and in other countries over mountain ranges where white clouds rested and beyond the blue sea and its endless tumblers the people by sunlight, by candlelight, by lanterns by the new white bulbs spoken to with buttons, the people had sayings touchinq the phrase carrying farther the one word: " maybe, " spacing values between serenity and anguish, from daily humdrum and the kitchen stove to the inevitable rainbow or evening star. " Born, troubled , died , " from THE PEOPLE, YES by: Carl Sandburg on " O O On » » ? n CD Q. 0 ) n ✓ Oi On 15 In ' 76 our spirit soars STUDENT LIFE The Spirit of ' 76 ' ! Spirit Week The spirit took over Northern the week before the game with Port Huron High. The spirit started out warm and became hot. Red, white, and blue day started out the week. There was not as much participation as expected, but as Tuesday rolled around everywhere you looked there were long skirts, greased hair and bobby socks. Wednesday was athlete ' s day, so everyone was able to be on the team. Thursday, down on the farm day was hilarious. So many people dressed up as farmers, their wives and other farm things, the day was altogether perfect. Blue and gold day came on the last day of the week, Friday. Every- one wore school colors to help the Huskies on to victory. Bicentennial Mardi Gras Court Nominees 1. Freshman FRONT ROW: Michele Conley, Connie Fitzgerald, Laura Bell, Sue Mullen, Kelly Moss. BACK ROW: Mary Harris, Lisa Ely, Lori Walters, Celia Marks, Mary Boyd. 2. Sophomore BOTTOM: Anne Luce and Martha Curti. SECOND ROW: Mary Gordon, Linda Hillis, and Julie West. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Post, Mary Jo Bass, and Linda Scandalito. TOP: Trish Avery and Jane Rome. 3. Junior BOTTOM: Rocky Guizar and Jane Thomas. SECOND ROW: Shelly Mix, Sue Willey, Suzanne Kimball, Marie Catalina, Cathy Lorts, and Julie Warshefski. THIRD ROW: Lisa Bennett, Terri Smith, Wendy Wurmlinger, and Lynn Arm- strong. 4. Senior BOTTOM: Lynn Worden and Josie Radar. TOP: Anne Bonadio, Autum McMakin, Anita McTivia, Lauri Luce, Vicky Nunn, Carolyn Raetzel, Charron Fenbert, and Becky Rome. 21 1. Julie Parrish and Kris Kent do their three- legged thing. 2. The sophomores apparantly didn ' t read the rule sheet thoroughly. 3. Lee Karl and Mac Dawson get some last minute instructions. 4. Mr. Miller can ' t believe he got last place for his pie eating attempt. 5. Don Parker storms his way across the finish line. 6. The president ' s pie eating begins in a flurry of flying pie. 7. Did Helen Schultz actually eat any pie? 8. Mr. Davey checks Paul Nelson and Dale Fraser for form. 9. The seniors and juniors wait in rowdy anticipation for the assembly to start. 10. Mary Napolitan and Sandy Johnston streak with senior supre- macy in the 3-legged race. 22 S Uv A blur of excitement Mardi Gras assembly offered little in the way of new games, but the upsurge of spirit was really something new. Each class put forth their best effort in their push for points. The end result was seniors and sophomores shared first place. The freshmen pulled a surprisingly strong third and the junior class placed a lowly fourth. Chilled victory A 15-0 victory over East Detroit highlighted a perfect weekend for Mardi Gras. Forty degree temperature combined with thirty knot winds brought the temperature down to a mere twenty degrees, making a frosty night for football. Spec- tators bundled up well and at half-time they greeted the Mardi Gras court with deafening enthusiasm. The cart race was a special attraction during halftime. There was mass confusion at the start- ing line as usual. The freshman cart collapsed before it even got to the starting line. No one knew where their starting slot was, and some cart runners didn ' t show. Somehow, everyone compensated for the disorganization and a very exciting race ensued. At the fin- ish line, the senior cart pushed a fast first and sophomores ran a close second. The juniors pushers lagged behind for a dismal third and the dilapidated freshman cart fell apart at the seams for a dis- appointing fourth place finish. 25 Mar di Gras characters in a Disney-whirl 1 . Greg and Martha exchange a happy glance while the crowd separates to let them through. 2. Let ' s not lose our heads over the great music! 3. Mr. Overly enjoys Mardi Gras as much as the students. 4. Terry ' s smile is just something that could not be missed. 5. Bill Jowett and Sally Sturdevant, a couple of dolls, came as Raggedy Ann and Andy. 6. " It must be my break. " yawns Wendy. 7. The Tin Person looks as if she has lost the Wizard, but she won second place in the costume contest. 8. Not finding Snow White, the wicked witch, Mr. Pike, offers his apple to Minnie Mouse. 9. Chiquita (Kris Berg) won third place in the costume contest. 10. Howard Henderson is looking for Kiss, his favorite music. 11. Anne Bonadio ' s crowning as our Queen, will be a memory for many. 12. Elton, we were glad you could make it! 26 Wonderful walls of Disney 28 I This year every class was " Disney-minded. " People were talking about Alice in Wonder- land, The Jungle Book, and Pinocchio. The reactions to the an- nouncement about the winners were quite different. The jun- iors were overjoyed when it was announced that they had first place. The real surprise was that the freshmen took second place. This is the first time freshmen have not received last place. Because of the great effort which goes into the wall, com- ing in third or fourth is difficult to take. The seniors removed the head from third place Alice and carried it around. The sophomores dismantled the Sourcerer ' s Apprentice and the dancing brooms leaving the background to represent their efforts. 1. The winning junior wall : The Jungle Book. 2. Sophomores cap off their ef- forts by finishing the Sourcerer ' s Appren- tice. 3. The freshmen put it together for second place. 4. Second place win- ners: Pinocchio. 5. Perfecting touches wall in Pinocchio. 6. The sophomores build toward higher goals. 7. The judge- ment day brought ruins to the sophomore wall. 8. The seniors have a grand time building their tree. 9. The senior wal I loses Alice ' s head. 29 Anne Bonadio! Our Bicentennial Queen Anne has accomplished a lot in her four years of being at Northern; in her freshman year, she was on court. During her sophomore year she was her class president. While a jun- ior, she was vice-president of student council, second sem- ester. Finally, in her senior year, she was crowned our Bi- centennial Queen! Our Bicentennial Mardi Gras Court TOP ROW: Junior-Sue Willey, Senior- Autum McMakin, Senior-Anne Bonadio, Senior-Josie Rader, Junior-Terri Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Sophomore-Martha Curti, Freshman-Kelly Moss, Sophomore -Carolyn Post. 30 The Juniors won! The juniors may have come in last in the games and only third in the cart race, but their creation of " Jungle Book " took first place. This pulled them through to win the barrel. The barrel winner is figured through a point system. In the games, you get eight points for first place, six points for a second place, four points fora third place, two points for last. In the cart race, twenty points goes to first place, fifteen goes to second place, ten points goes to third, and five points goes to last. The walls count the most. First place is worth sixty big points, second place is worth forty-five points, third place is worth thirty, and fourth place is worth fifteen. 32 Hurray for the Hemoglobin , White, and Blue! The Bicentennial Blood Drive was truly bicentennial in every respect. Co-chairpeople Mike Hughes and Julie Parrish tallied up the ' 76 hemoglobin packed pints for one of the best Blood drives ever. Those associates with the Blood drive were easy identifi- able. Volunteers bustled around in crisply starched blue uniforms. Nurses collected the red stuff and donors were seen meandering with white faces. Student Council is — dyn-o-mite The student awareness brought a new sense of re- sponsibility and unity to the student body at Northern. The students, this year are more involved with our school activities. They are making things more relaxed and suit- ed to the students needs. This is the only level we can work on together! 1. Student Council at work. 2. Pres- ident: Lynn Worden. 3. Vice-Pres- ident: Julie Parrish. 4. Advisor: Mr. Richard Miller. 1. EXECUTIVE BOARD: SITTING; Anne Bonadio, Lynn Worden, Matt Davidson, Becky Barthei, Ted Barss, Mary McIntyre, Nancy Marcozzi, Julie Parrish. STANDING; Chris Berg, Lynn Armstrong, Mike Hughes, Lynn Vincent, Dave Baker. 2. 1st Semester Student Council Debate is classy! Forthe first time in North- ern ' s history, Debate is a classas well as a club. They are in the EML this year and are going to the Novice Debate Preliminaries. They expect to be in the regional debates in January. Although none of the members have debated be- fore, they are pulling an occasional win. RIGHT: BACK, JVs July Allen, Kim Goodrich, Joni Toles, Debra Fead, Rhonda Streeter, missing Vickie Sloan. In the middle is the coach. Miss Borst. SEATED are the Varsity Debaters, Mark Morden, Janet Jam- ison, Mari lyn Newton and Kris Talley. 38 Lit Club Many students who find literature an enjoyable pastime also enjoy Lit Club. On Wednesdays at 7:30, the club meets to discuss plans for outings and put on skits for other members. Although the skits are entertaining, the big attraction is a planned trip to Toronto. National Honor Students maintain a 3.0 average and represent the four goals of N. H. S. These four goals are scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The N.H.S. sets the honor roll and posts the list with the student ' s grade point averages. N.H.S. raises money for a scholarship to St. Clair Community College. This year they have begun a tutoring program. Exchange students are — foreign bodies Again Port Huron had the privilage of having exchange students from foreign countries. Port Huron Northern School welcomed 1. Finn Rhode, Den- mark; Dietrich Bludau, Ger- many; Chris Buri, Switzerland; Katja Finger, also from Ger- many; and Ann Folkhammer, Sweden. From talking to the exchange students it seems that they all like the school and the families they are staying with. P.H.N. students are lucky to have had the chance of getting to know people from other countries. 41 Fitness and fun GAA stands for the Girls Atheletic Association. Under the supervision of Miss Sandra Gentilly, the group meets every Monday night at 6:30--8:00 and they play dodgeball, baketbal I , etc. The group strives for perfect physical fit- ness, while having fun! The group also runs our concession stands at football and basketball games. D.E.P. Delta Epsilan Phi is the German Nat ional Honor Society. To be a member of the Delta Epsilan Phi Club you must maintain a 3.6 average in your German class. Also you must be taking a class in German the year in which you are a member. In all your academics you must maintain a 3 point average. In the past Delta Epsilan Phi has shown a movie about Germany. At the present they have no plans for the year but are ready to help when needed. L Herr Norman. 2. Delta Epsilan Phi Members: Mark McNash, Jane Thomas, Terry Meads, Cheryl Vincent, Cheryl Rapp, Kim Brown, Pat McKinley, Brigitte Pancratz, Brenda Smith, Maureen Char- beniau, Rick Meads, Leslie Patzke, Sally Wilson, Howard Henderson, Marilyn Melms, and Josie Rader. Second Semester Student Council The second semester Stu- dent Council sponsered the Bi- Centennial Parade, the JC re- cycling program, magazine sale, and Talent Assembly. These boosted the school spirit of Northern students. The Presi- dent of Student Council second semester is Stan Wilkinson; the Vice-President is Mitch McCalmon. The secretary is Becky Barthel; and the trea- surer is Dave Baker. 45 A caring community makes a dedicated School Board Under the auspices of a new superintendent. Dr. James Burchyett, The school board has surmounted the tremendous obstacles often placed in its path. In spite of fiscal losses due to state budget deflation, this year ' s officials managed to maintain the high standards Port Huron Area School District is re- known for. It ' s the Principal of the thing Mr. Overly has been the Principal of Port Huron Nor- thern, since it opened eleven years ago. He survived every kind of craze: Lack of school spirit in the 60 ' s, Student Protest, Hard Rock, Nostal- gia, the Ecology movement, and the Uni-sex look . Currently things are at rest and we have mellowed down. Secretly we think Mr. Overly is rejoycing. Second in Command. The job of the assistant principal tends to be behind the scenes. Our Vice-Prin- cipal Mr. Raymond Moore- head is responsible for the computer side of scheduling and report cards. He often acts as a go-between for out- side businesses that deals with school. He sometimes acts as a disciplinarian — but he is always on our side. He fills a most needed job. Highest Honors. Naming the top two scho- lars in the graduating class is a long standing academic tra- dition. It is the highest aca- demic honor given. Jeanine Bowman with the highest grade point average in the Senior class has been named Valedictorian. At graduation ceremonies she will give the farewell address to fellow students. The second highest grade point of this year was Kristi Stoddard, she will give the welcoming address at the commencement exercises. Photography " develops " new talent 54 ACADEMICS English: a study based on knowledge 1. Mr. Reed, an English sub said, " Good- bye. " after teaching for more than a marking period. 2. Nick Dodea enjoys writing in creative writing class. 3. Individualized Reading is a step up for better understanding. 4. Lee Karl relaxes during Independent Study. 1. " I wish dreams could come true ' sighs Sherrie Lonczowski in English. 2. The Bicentennial push fills American Heritage class. 3. Mr. Duncan is deluged with ever-ready answers in 5th hour Greek Literature. 4. Greg Harder and Gerry Moses put the squeeze on Tim Hickey for Mr. Duncan. The value of a good education is based upon the knowledge of English a nd its functions. The English program provides for the students ' needs. L 2. Kirk Schmidt and Sandee Johnson say Hi-from the W.O.R.W. Radio Station. 3. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Lewis, Miss Fisher, Miss Lane, Mr. Aikins, Mr. Chapman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. McLeod, Miss Perry, Miss Meyer, Miss Foster. TOP: Mrs, Landon, Mr. Hayward, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Ryskewecz, Mr. R. Miller, Miss Borst, Mrs. Renner, and Mr. L. Miller. Missing are Mrs. Goldsworthy, Mrs. Richards, Mr. Trapp, Mrs. Rogers, 59 Molecules to man and . . . beyond This fall Photography was added to the curriculum and is adding a special flash to the Science Depart- ment. Not only does it develop an occupational skill, but it becomes a new medium to express thoughts creatively. Science classes abound in variety. Aerospace, Health and Earth Science, Chemistry, Futuristics, Biology, Phtoography and Physics combine to provide the student body with different areas from which to choose. Page 60: 1. Did you know Mr. Lysac was Mr. Green in disguise? 2. Northern ' s plant counselor. 3. 3rd hour biology is puzzled by Mr. Spraggs latest diguise. Page 61: 1. Aloysius sets an ex- ample for students on good health habits. 2. Stu- dents express their mechanical ability. 3. Linda Scandilito doesn ' t get upset by Mr. Spraggs gross specimens. Page 62: 1. Chem labs are an exper- ience of a lifetime if you live through them. 2. Which part of Mars? 3. Aerospace gives a bird ' s eye-view of flying. 64 Reflections from the past Social Studies combines the best of all eras. Futuristics, a relatively new program, pushes the time machine ahead, plan- ning for the near and distant future. In contrast, this year the Bicentennial History class turns to the time when great Americans made our country what it is today. Economics class offers a direct approach to the social areas presently affected by fluctuating econo- mic trends. 65 Math: Add effort. Total success. The Math Department con- sists of dedicated teachers who teach the fundamentals of Mathematics. . . 1. " Look! There ' s an ant on your paper ' says Mr. Talladay to Scott Dalenburg, 2. I only wanted to go to the lab Mr. Dineen. 3. " What ' s so funny ' Mike Dunn replies in Miss Beaumont ' s calculus class. . . .also Mathematics is helpful for the future. 1. Tom Kohlman is ready to shoulder his work. 2. " Look " and learn " says a student in Mr. Davey ' s class. 3. " Once upon a time, there were three Bears . . . " reads Mr. Davey in Algebra class. 4. Howard Henderson glances off to find the peanut man. 67 Kaleidoscope of colors whirl in P.H.N. ' s art classes! Art courses offer something for everyone. Dabblers and promising professional artists alike can be found in classes that range from Art I II drawing and painting, ceramics and sculpturing. the return of Mrs. LaBeau combined with the many faceted talents of Mr. Taggart marked the start of another progressive year in the Art department. 69 Art class is a good way to express one s inner feelings. Through drawings, paintings, pottery, and other crafts, you can allow your imagination to run wild. Special Education — a special class for special people L Teresa McKenzie appreciates Mrs. Car- perter ' s help. 2. Mrs. Smith and her aid Mrs. Carpenter. 3. " This is what you call living! " exclaims Terry Weber. 4. Melody Stroh and Judy Klann don ' t mind taking a break once in awhile. 5. " Mrs. Smith is great when you need help! " exclaims Sandy Willis. 6. Tom Taylor is busy study- ing individually. 7. Chuck Fogarty enjoys using audio-visual equipment. 8. Miss Chess and Linda Coats pause to have their pictures taken. 9. Tom Weber finds it easy to smile at the camera. Music Bicentennial Style A Cappella, Chorale, Freshman Choir and Mr. Dietrick ' s Music Appreciation class are very busy. Aside from A Cappella making a Bicentennial record this year, there are rumors of Chorale going to Lon- don, England. The kids this year are getting a real taste of music " 1976 " style. 74 The band played on Under Mr. Wade ' s talented direction, the band puts in lots of hard work. However, the kids in pic- ture 1 find a little time to fool around. I II Drivers Education — an experience always remembered 78 Co-op is a relatively new program at Nor- thern. In spite of its short existence, it has proven itself instrumental in learning an oc- cupation for many students. Not only does it provides employment for worthy applicants, it supplies the trainee with more insight into the working world. Co-op changes a job into more than just a job. 79 The home of the homemakers You almost have to throw " a heap of this in a bowl of that " to get your cakes done, kitchens cleaned and yourself cleaned before the fifty-five minutes is over. Through the ruckus and confusion, the students are gaining experience for cooking and caring for a family and home of their own. Home and Family Living and Child Development give the students insight to the responsibilities of marriage and raising a family. 80 Industrial Arts develops skillful and creative students If you saw, draw, hammer, get dirty, and design, then you are what is happening in Nor- thern ' s industrial Arts Classes. The courses in Industrial Arts are for both beginners and the more advanced. General shop is required first. In general shop the stu- dent experiences a semester of woodworking and a semester working in metals. After gener- al shop, he may go on to the opened area of hobbies, trade or a job skill . 85 Practice makes perfect The kids in the business classes this year know that statement by heart. " Practice, prac- tice! " exclaims Mr. Johnson. Timing makes the practices worthwhile though when the stu- dents in typing or shorthand increase their speed. Language Classes — a step to learning how to talk all over again! L Robin Irving enjoys reading her Spanish book. 2. The Eiffel Tower falls in Mr. Ryskewecz ' s French class. 3. Mr. Ahern ' s Spanish III class seems to be having a good time. 4. Mr. Ryske- wecz has as much fun teaching French as his students have learning it! 5. Mrs. McLeod ' s Spanish class spends their time wisely. 6. Mr. Norman ' s German class enjoys learning a new language. Gold incognito The media center has everything, from some- thing as strange as absurb literature to the common- place dictionary. The core of this veritable gold mine of sources consists of Mrs. Wypytch, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Wismer. Thanks to them the library is really a central part of Northern. 90 Weights and agility strengthens men The class, Weights and Agility, gives boys in the 10th through 12th grade an opportunity to grow physically strong. The emphasis on healthy bodies creates a good self-concept. Great thanks is given to the boy ' s physical education teachers, Mr. Haas, Mr. Weymouth, Mr. Bates, Mr. Dickey and (missing) Mr. Armstrong. Games, exercises, and showers, all a part of 9th grade gym New! Etc. is a new one semester Class this year. It was introduced by Mrs. Goldsworthy ' s Creative Writing Class. They hope to pub- lish a book every Spring. Writings come from the student body at large. Everybody is urged to con- tribute to the book even if they aren ' t in a creative writing class. The contents include poems, or stories, compositions, novels, and many other interesting things! Along with Etc. there are two other new classes for the ' 75- ' 76 school year, the bicentennial class and photography. 94 ±rS SPORTS , Nr % ' WZ§+ , : ■ -• _.- ►• _ 95 Senior All-Stars Kirk Heier and Patti Mil- ler are this year ' s 1976 Scholar Athletes. They have been recognized as being out- standing and participating in sports . Northern ' s Huskies E.M.L football co-champions. 1. FIRST: C. Stiver. SECOND: B. Ros- sow, M. Renno, T. Halpin, T. Hickey R. Meads. THIRD: R. Shaw, M. Morden, J. Gunter, S. Moody, M. Hughes, FOURTH: M. Foley, T. Houle, B. Bates, G. Conger, S. VanSickle. FIFTH: S. Collins, M. Abbe, A. Holmes, J. Hazel- wood, M. Shagena. 2. Brad Bates takes one last look to see how far we have to go for a touchdown before he gets tackl- ed. 3. Steve Bringard looks at the end- zone before he scores. (All photos courtesy Times Herald.) 98 1. FIRST ROW: D. Langolf. SECOND: M. Sheldon, J. Duval, G. Osgood, B. Schmidt, S. Reese. THIRD: G. Harder, D. Bloch, E. Nicewicz, D. Smith, P.Conlan. FOURTH: S. Bringard, J. Taylor, E. Hyde, R. Cost- ello, B. Bell. FIFTH: M. Shagena, L. Nuss, B. Rock, L. Gordon, E. Brennan. 2. Dan Langolf runs for the touchdown. 3. Steve Bringard edges away from the Stevenson Titians to get a first down. (All photos courtesy Times Herald.) Fantastic — Team effort by the Varsity football team led them to an EML title with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss. Winning their first seven games, the Hus- kies seemed undefeatable. The Varsity players knew it took not just ability but determination and pride. However, all good things must come to an end. In our eighth game Grosse Pointe South took command and won 14-6. The Huskies won 7 of 9 games. This indicat- es a first rate team. They proved it by sharing the EML title with GPS and Mt. Clemens. Although we lost our last two games, PHN never lost team spirit. The Huskies came up with 192 points to the oppositions ' 97. In league games, the team out scored all teams by 14 points, except L ' Anse Creuse North when they slipped by 15-12 and when the lost to GPS 14-6. In the passing and rushing departments, the Varsity came out on top. The Huskies rushed for 2063 yards, 1138 belonging to Ed Brennan. The Defense held opponents to 907 yards. The Varsity also passed for 357 yards although their opponents passed for 772 yards. Thirteen of those passes were intercepted. All together the Huskies yardage total was almost double that of their opponents 2420-1679. Teamwork results in city championship GRASPING the city championship, the JV Huskie team had an overall record of 5-4. Coach- ed by Pete Woods, they have a league record of 3 wins and 4 losses. The Huskies gained shut outs against L ' Anse Creuse N. and Marysville. They also beat Port Huron 42-24. The seasons results were close but the Hus- kies held their opponents to 149 points while they got 152 points. 101 JV builds for next year 1. 1ST ROW: Coughenour, O ' Connor, Castel lo, Armstrong, Rock, Lorts, Jones, Dodea, Diaz. 2ND ROW: Coach Dalkhe, Renno, Kidd, Schwedler, Marsack, Evans, M inor. Dresser, Studtaker, Coach Woods. 3RD ROW: Shagena, Abou- Ganim, McTevia, Lanchard, Miller, Wine, Moody, Me Lellan, Howard, Schultz, Ellis, Lee. 2. Varsity Foot- ball players use all kinds of devices to cheer the JV football team. 102 L JV Huskies get into their rowdy huddle. 2. Paul Moody and Steve Miller lead the way to the locker room after practice. 3. Coach Dahlke talks to his " men " during time out. 4. The Huskies run wild as they come out of the locker room with a 26-18 lead. 5. Tony Abou-Ganim (66) and Rob Me Lei Ian (22) cheer along with their teammates for a victory. 103 School spirit has bolstered the Northern Huskies. Some of the credit goes to our Varsity Cheerleaders. These eight girls have the spirit and confidence needed to back our Huskies. They helped get the whole stu- dent body involved in supporting our team. Seven completely filled bus loads of students went to the game at Stevenson High. This way the cheerleaders show their enthusiasm and dedication. 1. Varsity cheerleaders: Brenda Smith, Debbie Morris, Sandy Johnson, Penny Baker, Wendy Wurmlinger, Karen Step- hens, Mary Kay Armbruster, Shelly Wild. 2. Varsity cheerleaders ready for the big Stevenson game. 3. Mary Kay Armbruster shows her feeling toward PH. 104 Cheerleaders Cheerleading is a new ex- perience for most of the Junior Varsity squad. The cheerlead- ing squad learned the impor- tance of getting the entire stu- dent body interested in the Nor- thern Huskies J.V. teams. The J.V . ' s learned a lot just by having the responsibility of re- presenting Northern High School, and by having to work with and use team spirit. They backed the J.V. Football and Basketball teams with spirit and confidence. L J. V. Cheerleaders: Kim Brown Lynn Ann Cantwell, Jeri Lynn Brown, Kim Goodrich, Julie West, Amy Ander- son, and Mary Lynn Boyd. 2. Kim Good- rich (center) is holding the weight of the J.V. squad on her shoulders. 3. Jeri Lynn Brown and Kim Brown show their ups and downs of cheerleading. 105 Blue ties Gold Frosh Blue tied the Gold team this year in their first game, starting off a great sea- son. They have a 7-1-1 record. Their most outstanding game was played against Mt. Clemens. The offensive team built up a lead, then the second string was put in to hold for a 34-6 win. 1. Bottom: T. Moulton, T. Elliott, D. Lixie, S. Dennis, T. Joerger, C. Martin. 2ND: S. Demerau, J. Brown, R. Phillips, D. Baker, R. Ingram, T. Rock, R. Boyd, J. Bourdeau. 3RD: Coach Haas, D. McDonald, S. Morden, R. Marsack, J. Robbins, S. Cleaver, W. Stocks, K. Rob- inson, G. Houle, R. Galbraith, R. Willis, Coach Hayman- 4TH: S. Mac Ready, F. Marone, M. Bresette, B. Weckes- ser, T. Davis, S. Postil I, D. Hay man, L. Michels, D. Berry. 106 Frosh Gold defeats East Detroit The season for the Gold was rather excit- ing, not only for their wins, but also for their losses. When they lost they still put on a good defensive game. The Gold team rushed to a 4-4-1 record. L BOTTOM: D. Severson, D. Hutchins, S. Boyd, T. Schrad- er, T. Pearson, T. Rowe, D. DeLoy, L. Westphal. 2ND: P. Balancier, C. Daniels, J. Floyd, A. Brennan, B. Bates, D. Keith, J. Zmolick, Johnson, J. McLean. 3RD: Coach Klink, D. Snowden, R. Arquette, J. East, D. Cain, J. Towns, R. Bonner, J. Soupal, D. O ' Brien, Coach Hanton. 4TH: S. Mc- Kibbon, B. May, Coun, D. Repp, S. Barker, C. Tisdel, T. Brehler, J. Goodwin, J. Moore. 107 _ NORTHERN high school A bird, plane Superman ? That ' s a question that a 1 1 the birdie swat- ters asked. Even though they swung with their eyes closed, the results were good. Their coach, Mr. McLeod stayed with them through their second season. 1. FRONT : Janet Frank, Sandy Weston, Carolyn Blatt, Martha Curti, Betsy McFadden, Carol Haynes. BACK: Linda Meade, Cheryl Vincent, Chris Pepper, Jane Bland, Sue Hopkins, Mr. McLeod, Chris Bishop, Nancy Vigrass, Brenda Ptaszynski, Lanie Boukamp, Sandi Hayden. 108 The girls varsity volleyball players look most promising. So far they haven ' t lost a match and hope to keep up the good work. The team works well together in coordinating their bumps, sets, and spikes. The Junior Varsity Volley- ball team is doing great. Al- though most of the matches have gone into three games, the J.V. team always pulls it out in the third game. Volleyball 1. " Where did it go? " asks Heather MacTaggart and Lynn Odell. 2. Wave to the birdie! 3. BOTTOM: Mary Jo Dodea, Marie Belkiewicz, Helen Schultz, Helen Lucas, Shelly Wild, Karen Keller. TOP: Julie Jackson, Heather MacTaggart, Patti Miller, Linda Meade, Coach Diane Fugiel, Jane Bland, Theresa Durand, Lynn Odell, Julie Dodea. 4. BOTTOM: Mary Jo Dodea, Cathy Debien, Lori Shaw, Chris Berg, Carol Stiver, Karen Keller, TOP: Martha Fredendell, Sharleen Hustek, Carolyn Simkins, Coach Marsha Budd, Micky Feichtner, Paula Donnellon, Karen Tait. 109 Varsity Basketball Yes, I am the victim of Basketball Jones. Ever since I was a little baby, I ' d always be dribbling. In fact, I was the baddest dribbler in the whole neighborhood; then one day my momma bought me a basketball. And, I loved that basket- ball. I took it with me everywhere I went. That basketball was like a basketball to me. I even put that basketball underneath my pillow, maybe that ' s why I can ' t sleep at night. I need help, people, I need someone to stand beside me. I need someone to set a pitfall for me at the free- throw line of life. Someone I can pass to. Some- one to hit the open man on the given goal, and not end upon the popcorn machine. So cheerlead- ers— help out 1 Sing it out; like you ' re proud! Ev- eryone sing it out! Mark Kearne, you can help! Mr. Hanton! Please, Coach! We need you ' re help! No one can stop it, cuz I ' ve got a Basket- ball Jones! The whole Northern High School has a Basketball Jones. But that ' s ok; cuz we know it ' s right! 1. Varsity Basketball: FRONT: Jerry Conger, Marv Shagena, Jesse Gunter, Mark Cougehenour, Mike Renno, Larry Gunter, Kirk Schmidt. BACK: Pat Conlen, Rick Meads, Mark Conger, Coach Hanton, Mark Kearns, Brian Clark, Brad Bates. Missing; Bob Schmidt. 2. Bob Schmidt bounces his ways through the game. 3. Mike Renno guards with his life. 4. Mark Kearns shoots a perfect basket. 5. Brad Bates takes his time at the freethrow line. Ill " Do a little dance " The Drill team members performed very well this year. They stayed late after school and made up new routines. Which they performed at football and basketball games. 3. LEFT TO RIGHT; Cathy Scandilito, Denice Beauvais, Shel- ly Mix, Terry Smith, Sue Peacock, Maureen Leahy, Elise Jack- son, Sandy Harvey, Wendy Wilson, Deb Tallmadge, Mary Napolitan. Missing; Leanne Lane, Sue Kemp Mary Hagen. 112 J.V.s are traveling. J. V. Basketball approached the court with a mighty bounce and went traveling along to make another year ' s record for our school. 1. Dwight Etheridge dips to dump in a basket. 2. Rob McLel- land tries for a jumpshot. 3. FRONT : A. Balogh, T. Wilson, R. McLelland, D. Etheridge, W. Peeling, T. Schultz, D. O ' Leary. BACK: S. St.Coeur, S. Miller, G. Bonin, P. Moody, Coach Bates, T. Kearns, J. Wine, S. Dalenberg, W. Simkins. 113 Frosh basketball The Frosh basketball team did excep- tionally well this year with a final score of 14 wins, 3 losses. They had a spec- ial attraction this year. For the first time, they had their own cheerleaders. Their coach Mr. Haas, has taught them sportsmanship, how to lose as well as win. The freshmen learned that winning is more fun. I. FRONT: D. Camphausen, R. Moore, K. Collier, S. Barker, D. Hayman, D. Deloy, G. Hummell, R. Ingram. BACK: Coach Dahlke, C. Tisdel, D. Keith, J. Zmolik, J. McLean, S. MacReady, S. Boyd, B. Bates, Coach Haas. 114 1. FRONT: Kelly Moss, Laurie Hagen, Jamie Alloway, Sponsor Mrs. Ingram. BACK: Lynne Quanstrom, Chris Piechowiak, Celia Marks, Melony Brewer, Michele Con- ley. 2. " Clpa you hands. " say the freshman cheerleaders to the audience. 3. Stack ' em up and stay up. 115 Channel 7 As the Muscles Turn Junior Varsity Wrestlers are struggling toward victory. So far, the team has more wins than losses. This year, twice as many wrestlers were added to the JV team. Be- cause of this many fans are attending. Most of them are girls. 1. JV Wrestler: FRONT; Dave Lixie, R on Mix, Ed Komph, Martin Ullen- bruch, Rodney Willis, Dave Staiger, Dave McDonald, Jeff Semrow, Craig Martin, Todd Harju. SECOND ROW; Chuck Fogarty, Steve Fleming, Bill Johnston, Joe Marsack, Mark Harju, Joe Overbeck, Carl Schwedler, Staate Hayward, Rusty Bell. BACK; Rick Leveille, Tony Houle, Tony AbouGanim, Dave Ellis, Mike Hickey, Steve Hughes, John Towns, John Buttrell, Jeff Floyd, Tim Pearson. 2. Mark Harju takes his opponent down easy. 3. Jeff Semrow does a reversal on his opponent. 4. John Buttrell takes it easy before his match. 116 The Young And The Wrestlers Varsity Wrestling has gone on another exiting season. It has become such a competitive sport that many more spectators come to the matches, the Mat Maids were a great inspiration to the wrestlers. They helped them to win their matches. 1. Rod Shaw looks hesitantly at the referee. 2. Taco Gonzales holds down his opponent forcefully. 3. Varsity Wrestlers: FRONT: Steve Collins, Steve Kraft, Jesse Diaz, Nick Dodea, Dave Castello, Kris King, Greg Butrell, Brad Heier. BACK: Bill Rich, Gordon Hughes, Rod Shaw, Charlie Stiver, Coach Baker, Greg Harder, Taco Gonzales, Kirk Heier, Ev Hyde. At the edge of the mat Mat Maids went on to their second season cheering the wres- tlers on. They prepared the gym for the matches and cleaned after- ward. During these matches they were a great help keeping time. They have also helped our Huskie Wrestlers in many other ways. 1. Laura Mordis Sandy Cox, and Sue Friz- zle cheer on the wrestlers during the match- es. 2. Mat Maids: FRONT; Karen Havens, Tammy Peterson, Sue Frizzle, and Louise Hyde. BACK; Laura Mordis, Janet Clark, Coach Baker, Kim Anderson, and Sandy Cox. Track stars are always on the run Every night the trackmen ran through town to get in shape. All this came in han- dy when it came to the meets and the runners raced around the track to victory again this Huskies cross country Kirk Heier, Captain of the Cross Country team led themto an 8-5 record placing them fourth in the EML. Heier and the team placed second in the city meets. Congratulations. 1. FIRST ROW: M. Boyd, A. Luce, E. Crimmins, J. Buttrell, B. Buckowski, G. Miron, C. Fogerty. SECOND ROW: B. Heier, M. Pat- terson, D. Miron, K. Heier, Coach Bahgair, D. Hillman, D. Eth- ridge, T. Wilson, J. Cornwell. 2. At the line up for the city meets, Kirk Heier says his last prayers while Mark Patterson tries to figure out the course. 3. Kirk Heier and Mitch McCallmon pose after practice. 120 A Pars, birdies, and eagles The Golf team did a fine job this year. Many of the players got their names in the pa- per. Mark Harju got his name in for having a low score of 41. Joel Peattie and Rick Lev- ille got theirs in for being great golfers. Way to swing guys. 1. Mark Harju keeps his eye on the ball. 2. FIRST ROW: T. Wilson, J. Peattie, P. Gillihan, SECOND ROW: J. Hicks, R. Leville, Coach Komph, D. Fiedler, M. Harju. 121 PORT HU ( ' On ivl O RTh E ft HIGH .SCHOOL C iris Softball — Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that ' s what girls are made of? Girls Softball smashed their way onto the field last season and amazed the many viewers with their unexpected talents. Foul balls and strike outs didn ' t effect the team for they just brushed them under the plate as they got up to bat. The girls struck their way to the top as they slid safely home as the City Champs. 1. TOP: Judy Pincomb, Vicky Hustek, Theress Durand, Kathy Debein, Mr. Miller, Theresa Gardocki, Rene Norton, Karen Tate, Lori Shaw, Cathy Cummerlato. BOTTOM: Marie Belkiewitz, Pearl Pincomb, Chris Berg, Ellen Peters, Lor Schindler 122 Baseball 1. Varsity Baseball. BOTTOM: C. Ely, T. Hickie, J. McKinch. TOP: J. Gunter, D. Langolf, Coach Davey, M. Renno, J. May. 2. J.V. BOTTOM: M. Acker, E. Hyde, T. Schultz, J. Evans, D. Hillman, E. Peeling. TOP: P. Conlen, T. Wilson, L. Gunter, D. Briscoe, S. VanSickle, R. Shaw, M. Petterson. 3. The masked man catches again! 123 Tennis anyone ? The girls tennis team did the same as always . . . a winning streak seems to stick to them. The Varsity tied for first in the regionals, second in the EML. The star racketeer was Heather Mac Taggart who went to the state finals but was defeated. She only lost one game during her season. Con- gratulations to the team and good luck next year. 124 n huCj " £5 . v t A s Boys ' tennis ? N X X ' X. ' C © v ? Don ' t be confused! The racket is not the boy ' s tennis team. The boys were not available for a picture at the time. © 125 Varsity Basketball: girls finish with surprise ending Girls Varsity basketball has become a more competitive sport. Many nights of practice have taught them to work and improve as a team. It seems girls ' sports have risen and become equal to boys ' sports. They are now the district champs in Class A. Girls Junior Varsity has improved and are looking forward to joining the Varsity team. The girls basketball team has been estab- lished for two years. Varsity: Mary Conlan 40, Celeste Lewis 10, Vickie Hustek 22, Helen Lucas 24, Anne Raftery 12, Marie Belkiewicz 14, Helen Schultz 42, Martha Curti 44, Coach Miss Fugiel, Karen Tait 50, Patti Miller 54, Teresa Geelan 20, Kris Wakeen 52, Lynda Meade 30, Mickie Feichtner 34, and Lynne O ' Dell 32. J.V.: Lori Shaw 52, Lisa Ely 34, Julie Miller 32, Louise Hyde 10, Mary William 14, Sue Willey 24, Martha Fredendall 22, Paula Donnellon 12, Becky Conger 44, Sue Hopkins 54, Kathy Debien 42, Carol Luck- hardt 40, Andrea Rumenapp 50, and Charlene Hustek 20. Golf Wins Losses 1 3 Ties J.V. Wrestling Wins Losses 9 11 Cross Country Losses 5 J.V. Basketball Wins Losses 11 7 Girls Varsity Basketball Losses Wins 8 Wins . " 3 14 130 Laura Adair Raymond Akers Cindy A degree Jamie Alloway Kathi Archibald Maggie Arends Thersa Arends Dave Armbruster Don Armstrong Natalie Armstrong Crystal Arnot Rod Arquette Blake Bailey Kim Bailey Faith Baird Ken Baird Dean Baker Paul Balancier Nicholas Bandescu Jon Bargeman Scott Barker James Barrett Cynthia Baron Mathew Barringer John Barlett Sharon Bartley Brian Bates Melanie Beach Mark Beauchamp Cl iff Beauvais James Beebe Dave Beery Laura Bell Scott Belogna George Benjamin Joe Bennett Kathy Bennett Michele Bettinger Rick Bingham Brian Bishop Shelia Bland Mike Bombard Richard Bonner Susan Borowski Bryan Boughner Jeff Bourdeau Mary Boyd Miriam Boyd Rick Boyd Stephan Boyd Beth Bradely Steve Branch Gary Braver Tim Brehler Anthony Brenner Mike Bressette Melony Brewer Renee Bright Cathy Brodeur Chris Brooks 134 James Brown James Brown Jeff Brown Jeri Lynn Brown Pam Brown Pamela Brown Tami Brown Tammy Brown Bruce Buckoski Roxanne Burch Bob Burgett Regina Burns Bernie Bucker John Buttrell Don Cain Debbie Calabro Denise Caldwell Judy Callender Mickey Cameron Dale Camphouser Gary Carpo Ruth Ellen Case Paula Catalina Michele Charbeneau Lori Chartier Brad Christler Greg Chisolm Jim Clark Steve Cleaver Joel Clotter Jody Cole Ken Collier Richard Col linger Jim Collins Pam Collins Becky Conger Mary Conlan Michele Conley Mary Corbin Bob Cornel ious Mark Corwin Cary Coughenour Cindy Coulston Lisa Courtney Sandra Cox John Cuppera Michele Cureton Bryan M. Daft Kim Daft Jim Daly Steve Dampier Craig Daniels Bambi Darling Jim Davey Steve Davis Ted Davis Mike Debien Don Delay Larry Demeraw Tammy Denman Steve Dennis Ray De Bush Rae Dillion Jane Dillworth Mary Jo Dodea Dianna Doetsch 135 • ' v Paula Donnelon Danny Dornfeld Judy Drake Rich Drouillard Sue Dumont Carolyn Dupuis Roberta Durance Jeffery East Michelle Eifert Harry Eldridge Todd Elliott Cheryl Ellis Lisa Ely Pat Ennest Kathy Evans Linda Farrar Dave Fike Linda Filian Connie Fitzgerald Nancy Fleming Steve Fleming Mike Frantz Becky Freeman Pat Gunter Kim Guertin Brenda Green John Goodwin Shelly Hall LeeAnn Hanchon Joel Hardman Todd Harju Jean Harmon Maryleigh Harris Nancy Harris Larry Hauver Doug Hayman John Heering Robert Heering Monty Helms Richard Hess Jackie Hillman Scott Hirchfield Don Holmes Tom Holmes James Horn Gary E. Houle Darlene Houston Mark Howard David Howe Linda Hreha Mary Jo Hrisca Charlie Hubble Greg Hummel Don Hutchins Dawn Ingles Rob Ingram Renae Jackson Mary Jacobsen Michelle Jarvis Lisa Jerry Thomas Joerger Cl iff Johnson Don Johnson Lisa Johnson Scott Johnston Barry Jones Fred Jones Mike Jones Debbie Kalaf Gary Kamsickas Cheryl Karrmann Don Keith 137 138 Lynn Kelly Trina Kern Dave Kettlewell Jacky Kidd Kathy Kidd Lisa Kieft Shawn Kindred Becca King Mary Kish Judy Klann Debbie Knapp Jeff Koch Doug Kochn Linda Koebke Ed Komph Darla Koreiba Maralee Koreiba Kirk Kotelman Barb Kraus Debbie Kring Kim Kroetsch Roy Krohn Donald Kuehn Brenda Lambert Sharrie Lane Rebecca Lapp Lisa Lashley Tom LaVigne Rick Ledsworth Patti Leonard Robin Le Page Julie Lester Cheryl Lett Lori Levin David Lewis Biian Lightle Kerry Little Kim Little Dave Lixie Eric Lohr Sherry Lonczkowski Messa Lotermasen Debbie Love Rosemary McDonald Jim MacMillan Scott MacReady Donna Martin Ernest Marone Frances Marone Dicky Marsack Celia Marks Craig Martin Bob Mason Lori Maxwell Brett May Walter McCabe Steve McCorkle Dave McDonald Dave McDonald Debbie McFarlane Shawn McGregor Robert McIntyre Karen McKenzie Teresa McKenzie Scott Morden Don Caine 140 Lori McLaughlin Jim McLean Tammy McLean Kim McLellan Peggy McMullin Ken McNutt Scott McNutt Larry Michels Alan Miller Bart Miller Colin Miller John Miller Julie Miller Kim Minard Gary Miron Denice Mitche ll Jim Mitchell Ron Mix Caren Moak John Moore Michael Moore Rick Moore Bob Morden Scott Morden Corlena Morgan Dorothy Morrison George Moss Kelly Moss Troy Moulton Gary Moultoux John Mrozek Sue Mullen Jim Nechita Paul Nelson John Newton Cindy Nichol Shawn Nolan Megan Norris Donald Nuss Roxane Nye Larry Obermesick David O ' Brien Anna O ' Connor Susan O ' Connor Mary O ' Dell Brenda Odle Laura Olary Doug Oppliger Linda Ordowski Kelly Oswald Ellen Overbeck Julie Palmateer Tom Palmateer Cheryl Parker Victor Parmann Karen Patterson Karen Payne Shawn Pearce Tim Pearior Cindy Perry Tim Petho Billy Petorkey Eliza Petorkey Richard Phillipe Chris Piechowiak Tara Pierson 142 Leona Pillabury Penny Pincomb Kim Porrett Vincent Porter Steve Postil I Curtis Potter Ken Poulos MaryAnn Price Kelly Provost Todd Przytakoski Connie Putz Jeff Quandt Lynne Quanstrom Kurt Rabine Cheryl Radske Virginia Ramsey Patty Raw ley Joe Ready Sandy Reaume Cindy Reed Michelle Remick Julie Renolds David Repp Holly Ressesvie Don Reynolds Scott Reynolds Lisa ReVoir Tamara Rich Terry Rich Lori Riddell David Roach John Robbins Kevin Robinson Tim Rock Doug Roehn Nancy Ropposch Tim Rowe Andrea Rumenapp Julie Ryan Helen Sanchez Joe Sanchez Craig Scheffler Ilene Schlimpf Julie Schneider Brenda Schoettle Tim Schrader Donna Schreiner Helene Schultz Dave Schwitzke Ron Scriver Anita Selby Cathy Senneff Kerry Setter Dave Severson Wendy Sharetle Roger Sheldon Arlene Shilling Lori Shults Patti Sibil la Caroline Sim kins Jody Sitka Brian Smith Chris Smith Laura Smith Lee Ann Smith Rebecca Smith Doug Snowden Stanley Snyder Mike Solinsky Jerry Soupal Steve Souereen Dana Spicer David Staiger Stacey Stebbi ns Lisa Steemburg Mark Stein Bob Stephanson Lynn Stevens Rick Stiefel Bill Stocks David Studaker Tracy Sweet Jackie Symon Lynn Tasker Bob Tate George Taylor Kari Taylor Rose Tatlor Tom Taylor Larry Tenniswood Cindy Thomas Howard Tomson Chris Tisdel Bob Totten John Towns Claudette Tucker Mike Turney Mary Ullenbruch Scott Urmy Dave Vandenbossche Karen VanSickle Sherrie VanSickle Gene VanWormer Elizabeth Varabi Dawn Vaughn Tracey Vincent Sue Wagner John Walker Barb Wallace Sara Walsh Lori Walters Karen Warren Cathy Wasmuth Earl Waters Jim Watkins Terry Weber Tom Weber Bill Weckesser Wendy Wellman Larry Westphal Debbie Wheeler Anna Whipple Buddy White Cindy White Janie Whitehead Carrie Whitaker 145 Vicki Whybrew Mark Wiersma Rita Wikzynski Julie Willard Cathy Williamson Gail Willing Rodney Willis Snady Willis Tina Willis Holly Wilson Christine Wilton Bryan Wilton Sarrah Winters Allanna Wright Shelly Young Bret Zeller Jim Zmolik The freshman class of ' 79 as Mr. Emlaw says, " is one of the better freshman classes. " This group of kids are doing great in atten- dance with very little skipping. Their grade dean, counsler and secretary are very proud and happy to be with them for these next four years. As we all know the freshman have alot of spirit. We could tell when the class of ' 79 came in second place for the Mardi Gras wall, no other freshman class has done that. Congradulations from the yearbook staff. 146 Tony Abou-Ganim Joe Accordino Michael Acker Mike Adair Leila Alam Liz Alderson Scott Alexander Steve Alexander Tom Alexander Judy Allen Karen Allen Lynn Anglebrandt Amy Anderson Jennifer Andreae Mary Arends John Armstrong Lowell Arnot Connie Artman Betsy Atkinson T rish Avery Michael Bacheller Ann Bachmann Andy Balough Kathy Barthel Karen Bartley Mary Jo Bass Tim Bateman Brad Bartlett Margie Barnett Romona Bauer Vema Beedle Rusty Bell Beth Berdan Kris Berg Sue Bett ridge Mark Bettinger Carolyn Blatt Pam Bogart Linda Bombard Gary Bonim Linda Borra Cherly Boughner Linda Bowman Debbie Branl Dennis Brennen Emesti Bristle Linda Brooks Kim Brown Rod Brown Bill Brown Jay Brueggrmann Steve Berdan Doug Bums Mary Jo Cain 148 Deb Canavan Kathie Cansfield Michael Carl Mary Ann Carrier David Castello Sonya Chafty Amy Charles Craig Chopp Gayle Christler Scott Clingendeel Leanne Loggins Kelly Coke Diana Cole Rick Collins Brenda Collingwood David Cororado Cindy Conlen T erri Conn Barb Corbin Jeff Cornwell Gerald Cornwell Michele Corp Mark Coughenour Wen Cooper Ed Crimmins John Crimmins Dave Currie Jan Currier Martha Curti T ed Curtiss 1 49 Liz Dailey Scott Dalenberg Dave Dam pier Deborah Dandron Ben Davey Martha Davidson Paul Davidson Cheeta Dawson Nancy Dean Bob Deater Kathy Debien Mary Demars Eric Dennis Lee Deveraaux Sue Dewey Jesse Diaz Anita Dionne Nick Dodea Patrick Donnell on Kathy Domfield Sheryl Drovillard Dan Durand Pamela Easton Mike Edie Minuel Efstratis Dave Ellis Karen Emig Cherie Endelmann Steven Engelgau Linda Ernest Dwight Etheridge Cedric Evens Jeff Evans Brenda Everingred Pam Fadell Joe Falk 150 Scott Falk Jim Faulkner Debbie Fead M ickie Feichtner Tim Feick Doug Fiedler Rod Fiedler Paul Fleming Tina Fleming Nancy Jo Fleury Sharon Fogal Bob Foglesong Tammy Forsyth Pam Frazer Penny Fretenborough Martha Fredendall Lynnette Fritch Julie Frizzle Darlene Fulton Keven Gardner Kelly Gargan Dan Cates Cheryl Geelan Pat Genaw Cindy Gibson Ralph Giese M ike G illies Paul Gillihan Manuel Gonzales Mary Gordon 151 Anne Grasel Gerald Graw M ike Green Brad Gregory Judy Griffith George Guba Bambi Guertin Mariann Haas Linda Haddad Fred Haight Cindy Hamilton Tim Harmer Steve Harmon Bonnie Hameck Darrell Harper Pam Harrington Jeff Harris Robert Harris Eugene Harrison Mark Hartel Terry Hatlestad Karen Havens Jim Hayden Jim Hayes Staate Hayward Amy Henderson Jim Hicks Mike Hickey Linda Hillis Sue Hillock Marsha Holmes Martin Houston Cathy Howard John Howard Tim Howard Tom Howard 152 John Hreha Julie Hrisca Sharon Gorshi Ann Marie Girou x Steve Hughes Jill Hunter Richard Hunter Charlene Hustek Louise Hyde Leigh Hyslap Robin Irvine Elizabeth Isabell Julie Jackson Leonard Jackson Janet Jamison Jeanne Jamsen Mike Jenkins C lassie Johnson Laura Johnson Wendy Johnson Bill Johnston Greg Johnston Harvey Johnston Julie Johnston Dave Joner Gary Jones Karen Jones Randy Jones Steve Juziuk Alan Kalaf Kelly Kalish Jim Karrmann Tim Keams Abraham Lincoln 153 • .V. . N P ’ ' •+ • tf 12 e SKL • r " . • 2T 4SS,y£ 4 v . HM ■■■■■ loom kfe- . j IB Karen Keller Cindy Kent Russell Kidd David Kimball Dan King Pat Kinnee Roger Kish Sandi Knapp Judi Kogelschatz Tom Kohlman John Komph Jim Kostoff Jerry Kraft Dick Kraus Kathy Krause Kim Kuhr Vickie Lacey Brian Lamb Ben Lander Frank Landschoot Dan Lapish Carry Lasky Mariann Lazurka Patricia Leahy 154 Phillip Ledsworth Larry Lee Roy Lee Gary Leneway Dan Lester Janice Lewandowski Jaimie Lindsay Jere Little Mary Livingston Tammy Locke Ed Landon Carol Lonsley Steve Lorts Anne Luce Lois Lynch Jeff Lynn Doug MacDonald Torri Mackie Chris Madej Jody Majeske Diane Majeski Karen Manz Kyle Manz Mike Marcero Nancy Marcozzi Gerald Marsack Brian Martin Tom Marzolf John Mathews Anna Matthews Donna Matthews Shelli May Brian Maynard Sandy McAllister Tina McCalmon Pat McGrath Connie McGregor Mary McIntyre Carol McKenzie Rob McLelland Robert McMullin Mike McTevia Lynda Meade Carolynn McCaly Maria Meza Greg Miller Kevin Miller Jim Miller Steven Miller Don Minor Paul Moody Cindy Morden Dave Moser Deanna Mosher Rita Montgomery Keely Moulton Janet Murphy Kathy Myers Barb Napolitan Dave Netter 156 Pat Neuman Cheryl Newton Marilyn Newton Judy Nicholson Susan Nicholson Sue Noble David Nofs Toni Norman Rene Norton John Nowiski John Obermesick Chris O ' Brien Joe O ' Conner Lynne O ' Dell Matt O ' Dell Karen Odle Bert O ' Hare Mary Ann Olar Danny O ' Leary Rick Osgood Brenda Ostrander Joseph Overbeck Eric Overholt Cynthia Palmer Brad Parrish Lori Parrish Mark Patterson Joel Peattie Mark Pemberton Kim Pedersen Jim Peeling Walt Peeling Gloria Pemberton Chris Pennington Chris Pepper Richie Phillips Craig Pietrongelo Ed Pionk Kati Pollock Lyn Popham Carolyn Post Jeff Post Marilyn Post Bill Potter Bill Povenz Anne Proctor Shawn Proctor Lorrain Quant Stephan Quanstrom Ann Raftery Jim Ramsey Bob Rawling Cheryl Reaume Sharon Reid Kevin Renno Sari Richert Scott Richert Lori Ripley Jerry Robb Pat Robbins Charles Robinson Mike Rock Charlene Rome Jane Rome Ann Ropposch Martha Ropposch 158 Sue Ruelle Marsha Ryan Patty Russell Allison Sagraves Lorrie Sanders Linda Sandilito Janet Schmidt Jeff Schneider Bill Schoneman Tim Schrader Barb Schultz Mark Schultz Tom Schultz Carl Schwedler Carol Schmelter Bob Schulte Stephan Saint Coeur Karen Scott Judy Seefried Jeff Semrow John Severson Beth Seymore Brian Shagnea Mark Sharrard Lori Shaw Laura Sheldon Kirk Shepley Jerry Sherbutt Lisa Silrey Will Simkins Vikki Sloan Brian Smith Chris Smith Craig Smith Gregg Smith Keith Smith Mike Smith Shawn Smith Tammy Smith Merle Somers Richard Stebbins Marsha Stein Tim Stephason Kathi Stevens Lori Stevens Bill Stine Carol Stiver Lynn Stocks Lauri Stoeber Brenda Stoll ings Kathy Stoutmeyer Scott Straws Rhonda Streeter Jenny Struble 159 The Class of ' 78 finds itself in a comfortable position. No longer the youngestand not having the pressures of seniority, they are breezing through their sophomore year. Although the building of the Mardi Gras wall caused them re- curring problems reminiscent of freshman year, they made a sur- prisingly strong showing in the games. They tied Seniors for first place. The sophomores have shown some potential Student Council (cont. on page 161). 160 Tim Studaker Karl Stuewer Sarah Sturdevant Ken Sugden Pauline Swoffer Susan Szelog Laurie Tait Kris Talley Debby Tallmadge Brad Tarrant Elizabeth Taylor Harold Taylor Janet Taylor Joni Toles Jill Teeple Bruce Thompson Joni Thompson Kaye Thompson Bill Thrash Debby Thurston Carol Touma Mary Truchan Jim True Lauri Turner Sandy Turney Martin Ullenbruch Jean Urban Ron Vandeuran Tim Vanluven Pete Waddell leadership through Chris O ' Brien, Julie Ady, Nancy Marcozzi, and others. The sophomores show athletic promise through Steve Miller, Andy Balogh, Tony Abou- Ganim and others. Academically these sophomores are taking the lead; Kris Talley, Susan Weiner, Carl Schweller, Chris Pepper, with others in the class close be- hind. With such an exciting year behind them the sophomores are anticipating a great Junior year. James Wagner Janet Wagar Paul Wagner Pete Wak Kris Wakeen Dan Wallace John Walsh Craig Waal Craig Watson Kelli Watson Betty Wehrwein Sue Weiner Debbie West Julie West Scott West Terry White Cindy Whitican Mary Wiersma Steve Wiley Andy Wilhelm David Wilkins Mike Williams Robin Willis Tom A. Wilson Tom G. Wilson Randy Wilson Julie Wilkon Jeff Wine Sue Wolfe Bob Wynkop Kim Yuli 161 v 12.1974 A - Port Hur Workshops 1 Msr ing - Rk. L I Physical Then Ottupaftona! 7f Dental Pya ten tfpd cat As« s+at Labcratoro ?eA °karmaCif termary A( died £ocia and f ad c 7 ichniC frc Matt Abbe Dianne Agar Margaret Albert Lynn Alexander Carol Allen Debbie Ames Deborah Anderson Denise Anderson Kim Anderson Tim Anderson Bob Andrews Jeri Anglebrandt Lynn Anglebrandt Chris Anglin •Lynn Armstrong Tim Assaf Jill Auringer Gary Axlerod Shari Badley Bruce Bailey Sue Bailey Darlene Baird Tina Baird Susie Baker Debby Barbee Linda Barnhart Becky Barthel Chris Basset Brad Bates Debbie Bauer Maurice Beauvais Cindy Becker Steve Beeler Duwain Belkiewicz Marie Belkiewicz Bob Bell 162 Wes Belling Lisa Bennett Stacey Bennett Ed Biemot Kris Bishop Robert Bland David Bloch Betty Boden Ben Boldt Linda Boman Mitchell Booker Linda Bouchard Melanie Boukamp Nancy Bourdeau Ron Boyce Sue Boyd Tedd Bradley Donald Bragg Ed Brennan Stephen Bringard Dave Briscoe Marcia Brott Chris Brown Jody Brown Rick Brown Tamra Brown Kim Bruen Liz Bruton Todd Bryce Gail Buckoski Heather Burleigh Dave Burns Amy Buttrell David Byers Lauralee Byers Joann Campau 163 Lynn Ann Cantwell Rob Carrell Chris Carson Diane Casper Richard Castello Marie Catalina Allan Cedervall Denise Chatty Fred Charles Brian Clark II a Cokonougher Brad Cole Renae Cole Tammy Cole Michael Collingwood Stephen Collins David Collver Jerry Conger Pat Conlen Annette Conley Ed Cook Wally Cook Virginia Cooke Jeff Collidge Stan Cope Jan Corp Harold Coulston Pam Coyne Jeff Crawford Kathy Crocker Catherine Cumerlato Ruth Cummins Tracie Dahlke Sondra Dake Debbie Davis Rebecca Dawson Russ Day Lori Delong William Demars Charles Demerau Debi Detavernier Margaret Dewitt Barb Dillon Robb Dilworth Julie Dodea Vic Donaghy Jean Dortman Gerald Drake Kathy Dunn Maureen Dunn Dan Dupes Robin Durance Theresa Durand Robert Eagling Jack Ellerthorpe Dave Elsholz Thomas Emeigh Tim Engelgau Francis Evenson Theresa Evenson 165 166 Gerald Faded Rebecca Felck Craig Fike Jay Fiori Pat Fitzgerald Diane Flanigan Vicki Fleming Dan Fockler Charles Fogarty Matt Foley Cindy Fowler Julie Fowler Matt Francavilla Janet Franke Dale Frasier Bella Frazer Karen Frazer Dominic Fredendall Pam Fretenborough Roland Frey Lucinda Fritch Steve Frizzle Bonnie Gardner Teresa Geelen Lee Ann George Nancy Gerry Kim Gillette Bruce Gilmore Lou Gordon Georgia Gostinger Gina Grates Douglas Grattan Carol Gray Melody Green Barry Gregory Mariann Gronek Roxanne Guizar Larry Gunter Shirley Gutchess Dennis Haan John Haddad Vicki Hagle Mike Halifax Trish Hall Kenneth Hal lock Debbie Hamilton Joan Hand Jim Hansen Dawn Hanton Jay Hardman Mark Harju Bill Harmon Mark Harrington Debbie Harris Walter Harris Don Harrison Doug Harrison Allen Hart Jeff Hart Lenny Hartel Pamela Harvey Sheryl Hastings Sandy Hayden Carol Haynes Debbie Hayman Jim Hazlewood Tom Heering Glenn Heimburger Paul Herber Mark Hewett Denny Hillman Judy Hillman 168 Carl Hinkley Hollie Hirshfield Jean Hodge Judy Holbrook Tom Holburt Dawn Holka Jeff Holka Alan Holmes Tony Houle Bryan Houston Gordon Hughes Randy Hulverson Vickie Hustek Suzanne Hutchins Everett Hyde Tamara Ingerson Elise Jackson Ray Jackson Scott Jackson Loran Jacobs Jude Jacobsen Mike Jehl Greg Jex Jim Johnston Tari Johnston Cel ia Jones T yrone Jones Cheryl Joslin Alan Jowett Bill Jurzysta Emil Kanthak Janet Karl Leonora Karl Robert Keasling Kris Kent Suzanne Kimball Lisa Klein Stephanie Kober Vicki Koehn Ken Koppel Clark Kremer Janice Kring Dennis Krohn Nancy Kuhr Patti Labadie Steve Lambert Leanne Lane Glenda Lanyon Gloria LeMieux Linda Lentz Brenda LePage Jeneal Lepien Donna Lester Rick Leveille Tom Lees Paul Levin Maureen Leahy Gary Led sworth Mike Ledsworth Bruce Lewandowski Celeste Lewis Barb Liddle John Liebi Dave Lindberg Lori Loane Brian Lohr Lori Lohr Wendy Lohr Cathy Lorts Helen Lucas Julie Ludwig Dave Lyon Heather Mactaggart Joe Maloney Bruce Martin Jim Martin Julie Martin Terri Massman Cheryl May Velda McCoy Scott McCabe Shannon McDonnell Jim McElroy Betsy McFadden Pat McFarlane Beth McKenzie Cathy McKenzie Shelia McKenzie Mark McNash Jean McNaughton Wendy McNaughton Cheryl McQuat Rusty McPhedrain Terry Meads ,Denny Mehler Ken Miller Marie Miller Teresa Miller Don Miron Karen Mitchell Shelly Mix Mary Molinaro Bonnie Moore Larry Morden Mark Morden Laura Mordis Janice Morgan Debbie Morris Emily Mosher Debra Moyher Karen Moyer Barry Mugridge Dave Murphy Gale Nelson Karen Newman Ed Nicewicz Cheryl Nichol Richard Noble Brett Norton Larry Nuss Linda Nutt Anne Nuttall Bill O ' Conner Cheryl Odle Kevin O ' Donnell Danny Parker Julie Parrish Mark Patterson Mark Patton Sue Peacock Debby Peeling Ed Peeling 171 172 Pam Pemberton Tammy Peterson Sharon Petho Joff Petty Lori Phi Ip Kim Pollock Shelly Porrett Ranee Post Brenda Ptaszynski Jay Przytakoski Jack Quandt Kevin Quandt Pam Racz Ed Rawza Dave Reed Arline Reid Jim Reid Ricky Reynolds Dave Rice Bill Rich Norma Rich Lisa Riddell Cindy Robbins Diana Roberts Bill Rock Mel Rodrigues Kim Ross Laira Ross Leslie Rucker Marilyn Rushton Bev Rutkowske Carol Sanderson Karen Schaeffer Lori Schindler Steve Schindler Eric Schmidt Kirk Schmidt Jim Schneider Julie Schonk Chris Schulte Jim Schultz Lori Scriver Kevin Semrow Sheryl Sergent Marv Shagena Mike Shagena Lorrie Sharrard Rod Shaw Terry A. Sheldon Terry Sheldon Connie Sigafoose John Sigafoose Paul Sihon Doug Simoes Randy Sitka Steve Slyford Ken Smith Mark Sapleton Robert Stebbins Karen Stephens Jerome Stevenson Terri Streb Melody Stroh Judy Szostek Karen Tait Greg Tarrant Jon Taylor Kathy Taylor Pam Taylor Steve Taylor Diane Tarzwell Jill Tegge 173 Jane Thomas Ken Thomas Bette Thompson Julie Thompson Terri Ticknor Stacey T urk Vickie Urie Martin VanBuskirk Scott VanSickle Kris Vargo Kevin Vaughn Nancy Vi grass Cheryl Vincent Doug Wacker Dave Wade Karen Wager Laurie Wakeham Roger Walker Mary Walsh Julie Wasmuth Tim Ward Julie Warshefski Linnea Warren Krystal Waters Phillip Waters Debbie Watkins Andy Weideman Glen Weideman Randy Wellman Pat West Scott Wessel Sandy Weston Paula Wheelis Jane Whitican Shelley Wild Stan Wilkinson 174 Pat Willey Sue Willey Ed Wildie Mary Williams Wendy Wilson Shelia Wilton Jed Winters Fred Wisson Mike Worden Moe Worden Bob Worden Dene Wright Pappy Wright Wendy Wurmlinger Riley Youngs Joe Zmolik 175 1. " SMILE " Lori Schindler, " you ' re on NORTHERN camera! " 2 The win- ning speech of our new " JUNIOR " Stu- dent Cou nsil President Stan (the man) Wilkinson. 3 Margaret Albert enjoys the class that all Juniors do " Ame- rican History! " 176 1. Debby Anderson and Chris Basset rehearse their version of " Romeanna and Juliette? " 2. Roger Walker eyes something more interesting than his work, for sure. 3. Hey there, Ke- vin O ' Donnel " you sexy thing ! " 4 " Ay! " says Larry Gunter alias Dynamo-Kid. The Bicentennial Student Government The class of ' 76 ' has had a very hard working Senior Steering committee this past year. Among the committee ' s usual decisions, like picking a scene for our wall during Mar- di Gras, they have also picked are class motto, flower, song, and colors. They chose the location of the Senior prom and how to raise money for it. The committee came up with the candy sale. Through all of these activities, they have made this Bi- centennial Class a celebration. 180 The Senior grade center staff mem- bers have been greatly appreciated these past four years. Both for their leadership and their handling of the day-to-day chores that go along with keeping track of more than 400 people. The class of ' 76 wishes to thank: Miss Austin, grade dean; Mr. Matson, counselor; and Mrs. Vigras, secretary, for helping us through the last four years . 181 Linda Andrews Michelle Aldrich Vickey AJdrich Jeff Allen Tim Allen Kim Alloway Jodi Archibald Mary Kay Armbruster Bill Armstrong James Arnot Cheryl Artman Marcia Bailey Ron Barley David Baker Penny Baker Karon Balogh Becky Barnes Albert Barnett Kathy Barr Ted Barss Wiki Bateman Maryann Baunoch Denice Beauvais Sharon Beebe Vicki Belkiewicz Matt Bennett Mark Blanchard Jane Bland John Bland Chris Bloch Dirk Bludau Sandi Bombard Gloria Boman Anne Bonadio Nancy Bonney Joyce Booker 183 Maxine Borowski Mary Bottrel Lori Bouchard Mark Borovich Dale Bowles Jeanine Bowman Matt Boyd Scott Bradley Joanne Branch Kathy Briscoe Karen Brohl Don Broth we 1 1 Artie Brown Cindy Brown Greg Brown Kim Brown Carol Bruce Cheryl Brueggeman Robin Buckowski Bob Burch Russell Burgett Chris Buri Marie Burns Phil Busher Greg Buttrel Bob Cain Cindy Cantwell Paul Caris Mark Carmen Jane Carpo Bruce Carrier Maureen Charbenean Cathy Chargot Jeff Child Nancy Chisholm George Washington 184 Brian Clark Janet Clark Pete Cleary Cathy Cook Linda Coats Alice Collins Debbie Collins Debra Collins Mark Conger Emma Crocker Patty Curtis Danny Cuthbert Raelynn Daggett Joel Dalenburg Rich Daniels Debbie Davey Matt Davidson Pam Davis Kathy Dawson David Delory Mike Dennis Laura Dental Mary Sue Demars Cheryl Dewitt Mike Dunn Don Dupree Larry Dupuis Mary Durand Don Durst John Duval Debby Edie Chuck Ely Dan Ennest Kurt Eppley Nan Ernst Debbie Farley 185 Kim Farley Deena Farquhar Rob Fenner Charron Fenbert John Fields Missy Fitzgerald Rhoda Fleming Ann Folkhammar Ken Fowler Teresa Fox Denise Fralick Jackie Fuller Ted Furness Vicki Gerhardt Irving Gerry Sue Giese Taco Gonzales Debbie Gossman Steve Gossman Julie Gragowski Theresa Grasel Karen Gregory Bob Griffith Elaine Guilloz Louis Gunn Jessie Gunter Mark Gutchess Sue Gutchess Mary Hagen Tom Hal pin Barry Hancock Greg Harder Bill Harmon Julie Harmon Erich Harris Trisha Hartnett Jeanne Hart Steven Harvey Liz Hayden Kirk Heier Jeff Henry Tim Hickey Julie Hillis David Hillman Janet Hillman Michele Hirschfield Bill Hogg Carolyn Holmes 187 Port Huron Northern will always remember the class of 1976 for their abundant Spirit. Class Motto: " Cherish yesterday, live today, dream tomorrow. " Class Flower and Colors: American Beauty Rose, Red, White and Blue Class Song: (please fill in) Graduation daze Always Remember Our giant size pooh bear Winning the pep bone for the first time Anne Bonadio ' s bra full of bubble gum as ransom for the barrel . . . . . Winning the barrel two years in a row With our spirit we can ' t miss we ' re the class of ' 76. Sue Hopkins Lynne Horn Dave Howard Lynne Hrisca Mike Hughes Sue Hyslop Katja Finger Mark Jacobsen Rick Janderwski Lynn Joerger John Johnston Mark Johnson Mike Johnson Sandee Johnson Mark Jones T erri Jones Bill Jowett Mark Kearns 190 Claire Kessler Sue Kemp Kathy Keys Kathy King Kris King Jayne Koback Mark Koch Charles Kott Steve Krafft Cathy Krampien Mark Kraus Mike Kring Kevin Krueger Debbie Kukola Rick Kullander Nanette Lambert Terri Lambert Cathy Lamonte Elizabeth Lander Dan Langolf Steve Langolf Julie Ledsworth Carl Lee Sandy Lepa Mike Lester Sharon Lewandowski Madge Lewis Frank Livingston Sharon Loxton Carol Luckhardt Laurie Luce Jane Lukasek Lauree MacKenzie Al Maciejewski Dan Majeski Mark Marengo 191 Theresa Marigold John Marone Sue Marston Mike Martinez Pat McKinley Cheryl McLeod Autum McMakin Anita McTevia Sue Meade Rick Meads Steve Meddaugh Barb Meinhardt Marilyn Melms Cathy Meyers Manuel Meza Geoff Miller Greg Miller Patti Miller Denise Miron Kevin Montgomery Steve Moody Kathy Moore Therese Moore Jerry Moses Debby Mosher Dave Moss John Moulton Bill Mytinger Mary Napolitan Debbie Nelson Bill Neumann Loren Newton Janice Nicholson Dave Norris Brian Olary Kim Olney 192 Geof Osgood Brigette Pancratz Robin Parrish Lesile Patzke Dave Peacock Leslie Perry Debbie Peters Ellen Peters Kathy Peterson Kathy Phillips Bill Pickard Gayle Pickett Tim Porter Russ Preston Scott Proctor Bettie Pung Joan Quanstrom Andy Rabine 193 Josie Rader Debbie Radford Carolyn Raetzel Mike Raftery Alice Reed Mike Renno Dianne Reynolds Pat Reynolds Jeff Riehl Bruce Robbins Cathy Scandolito Bob Schmitt Bob Schoettle Bonnie Schoettle Paul Schroeder Cindy Schwitzke Tracy Selby Steve Roctta Finn Rode Doug Rolph Becky Rome Rita Ropposch Dan Roskey Bill Rossow Barb Rowe Mark Rutkofske 194 Susie Rutledge Mark Sheldon Robbin Sheldon Sue Sicklesteel Brenda Smith Charile Smith Cheryl Smith Connie Smith Darrell Smith Denis Smith Dennis Smith Greg Smith Kevin Smith Deanna Stalker Sally Steinborn Charlie Stiver Kristi Stoddaft Brian Streeter Cindy Studaker Cheryl Symon Sandy Tate Nancy Tarzwell Kim Taylor Nancy T eeple 195 Ronda Thompson Paula Thorton Cathy Trager Bill Tremble Steve Umlor Dannette Urmy Christy VanDeuren Becky Vaughn Lynn Vincent Ed Waddell Rick Wagner Alan Walker Robin Walker Glenda Walters Pat Ward Ellen Waters Tom Watkins Dave Watson 196 Freb Webb Wendy Weber Cathy Welch Don Welsh Keith Welsh Karlen West Tom West Becky Western Mark Willey Jayne Willing Jim Willing Carol Wilson Sally Wilson Lynne Worden Sharon Wright Jan Yarbrough Nancy Young Ted Barass Doug Gribbons Mike Majeske Dan Majeski Tim Major Kim Marks John Marone Sue Marston Larry Martin Mike Martinez Jon May Pat McKinley Kelly McLelland Norman Schuck Unknown Solider Bald Eagle G. Washington Uncle Sam USA 197 Presenting: The spirit of ' 76. Sneaking up on Business cyjjiAj aJupCLij Q ' V OS Class a Good -LucX K n arV N 6 650 2 SVr«eV PcrV VWcaa SERVICE p j- QUALITY Colonial Shopping Center 2842 Pine Grove ave. BUS. PH. 985-6582 port Huron. Mich. (Holmrial fflpat lioppr fresh Quality Meats featuring Alexander a hornung home Made German Style Sausages SANDERS CANDIES Si BAKERY JIM MADAY tr oQ tUPHOtSTERY no owxnu do tm »ou Ntli ESTIMATES. Hf[ RCX-Uf DSUVEHY PMMQ CALL 385-4348 LHHd : mmm — — — fa — — ■ — — — — FIND US FAST IN THE . . . B vettow pages 202 Congratulations KERR-ALBERT to the OFFICE SUPPLIES class of 943 Military Portable Typewriters Pocket Electronic Calculators ‘for all your formal wear’ ROBERT’S tuxedo Jfm sH ° p Hours: 9:30-5:30 INSURED BONDED STATE LICENSED Saturday 9-5 Mon. and Fri. till 8:30 p.m. 918 Pine Grove HICKEY ' S SPRAYER SERVICE 984-3041 INDUSTRIAL WEED CONTROL - TREE SPRAYING MOSQUITO INSECT CONTROL LIQUID LAWN FERTILIZATION (313) 082-1006 THE TRADE WA60N, 3523 NORTHWOOD RD DAN HICKEY PORT HURON. MICH. 40060 1 WiOOS DTKMES FOB «U£UL roXFMB. WBIOH8 BUT 400 POTTOS. aSSw’ 40(C I ftjt(nCohia 203 LOW AUTO RATES MOTORCYCLE INS. John Francavilla Dave Muehlmann iim INDEPENDENT FLOOR COVERING m PORT HURON • 930 LAPEER AVE. • 984-4196 Phone 967-5330 Don ' t Wait Insure With Tait DAVID A. TAIT INSURANCE Complete Insurance Service •4166 LAPEER ROAD BETwttN Beach tk Range Port Huron. Mich. 46060 DON SHEVNOCK AUTO SALES Pine Grove at McPherson 987-4149 EVENINGS 985-6847 Our Specialty: Mid-Price, Mid-Size Fine Used Cars Home of the Big Boy 3961 24th Avenue Port Huron Tires Brakes, Shocks, Front End Specialists DELTA TIRE SALES 1014 Lapeer Ave. Port Huron, Mich. 48060 Bill Cooke 985-8188 CONGRATULATIONS . . . THE NEXT STEP IS UP TO YOU J , Phone (313) 985-6817 BLUE WATER BIBLE BOOK STORE Sunday School Materials Music Supplies Records Gift Items Greeting Cards Colonial Shopping 284fi Pine Grove Avenue Center (Colonial Shopping Center) Port Huron, Mich. 48060 VOLKSWAGEN AMERICAN MOTORS JEEP GEORGE LANG, INC. ro American -a- ■won 2929 Gratiot Boulevard Marysville, Michigan 48040 KAelugoiL C aL GEORGE LANG President Phone 364-7000 Op«n Doily 9:30-5:30 Friday 9:30-9:00 THE SKI HUT 1002 Lapeer at 10th St. Port Huron, 984-5222 ROPPOSCH BROTHERS FLOOR COVERINGS Expert Installation Quality Call Carpet 984-5553 Tile Linoleum Draperies 3585 Pine Grove 205 (±) d u RADIO ELECTRONICS ASSOCIATE STORE Di Duca a 66ociate6 PLUMBING a HF.ATING COMPANY Ray Lukasek 3124 LAPEER ROAD PHONE: 984.4149 Salesman PHONE: 985 5103 1503 24th St. at Griswold — Port Huron, Mich. 48060 f4II C. SMITH IMG. )QfUs -C£ HOME OFFICE: P.O. BOX 349 • PORT HURON, MI. 48060 HURGN ST.GmiR go. a DIVISION OP MASCO CORPORATION LOTT ANTER CLEANING G TAILORING RZN P PFR SERVICE ( leather JACKETS ' Repaired ReunedN tuxedo rental 206 3862 24th Ave. at Northgate 984-3815 FTH I N 1 V ' % V ? m r 3 • t ; 1122 V « i • ' 10th St. Vtk • v f i ' ’ 985-6109 i hi 1 2830 Pine Grove 984-1533 Vollmer-Watson Pharmacies, Inc. Congratulations to the Class of ' 76 618 24th St. 500 10th St. From A W Drive In INC. ■ WAimC NftM ■ cootmcs ■ iajy mm ■ KAUMAM CAK ■ HUS5QJ. STCVCT CANDY 985-9694 OCi’Vft MVv.Ci W 24TM ST AT NOW A 90 PONT MU NOS FIND US FAST IN THE. . Yellow Pages Cor? TJlcnt n W tn ; trains it pours LUMBER PAINT FLO OR COVERING Your appearance is our Business . . . KNAPP’S FEED STORE Seeds-feed-pet supplies 3735 Lapeer Ave. Port Huron, Mich. 984-4291 2307 Gratiot Blvd. He Hour ' TlflRT MHM ' 2057 Pinegrove Ave. MERCEDES-BENZ WINNEBAGO PONTIAC BUICK OPEL USED CAR LOT 985-7159 (Cauiaad, PORT HURON 2516 PINE GROVE AVE. OPEL BUICK PONTIAC WINNEBAGO NEW CAR SHOWROOM 987-3030 Congratulations to the Class of ' 76 ' ’ Sisznot i (2azf2s.ti. 2404 - 1 OTH ST. BLAKE AND SONS GLASS 835 24th Street Port Huron, Michigan PORT HURON, MICHIGAN For Vans and Dormatories Phone 962-6298 - 964-2667 !I7a £ oj tfie. own cHaix aimoni. 1 206 Va Griswold Street PORT HURON. MICHIGAN Phone 007-3100 ASKAR - SHAIN We Congratulate the Class of 1976 And wish to Thank those Students of Port Huron Northern who chose us to take their Senior Pictures. And hope someday they will bring back memories of that senior year. Photographers George Askar George Shain 1 1 . H: |T : , 2 WT JW • k. ■ , • ■ ' % M L A AAA 4 • C - » A Sj. J M f i s|V yr 1 Si. f| OGDEN MOFFETT “ SPECIALISTS IN TRANSPORTATION” Serving Sarnia, Ontario, Direct Daily From All Connecting Lines Shippers in Detroit Port Huron, Michigan Port Huron. Michigan, 3565 — 24th St., YUkon 4-4177 Sarnia. Ontario, 344-0957 ‘ The International Company That Dependable Service Built ” It’s the real thing. Coke Trade -mark® BEARD CAMPBELL COMPANY Contractors and Industrial Supplies Hardware Auto Parts Electrical Equipment Lighting Paints 209 COMPLETE TRAVEL SERVICE- WORLDWIDE LUGGAGE ACCESSORIES TRAVEL CENTRE INC. 201 NORTH RIVERSIDE ST CLAIR MICHIGAN 48079 ' PanrH uu e efNTe SaUS-SER VICE- RENTALS QAuc - OSx - o Piftnos o OfcGimS ° GAAJD l sreumtlOTS ° pcootZD iOAjS RENTAL PURCHASE PLAN A V ARABIC Au.THoGt rj) £, e( ueo K ( r sftftui- Compete 6ao£ i rvsrRuPrenT feffc ' .fe Seru gc, ?« 4 - 50 S (A;»Haas, twu Best Wishes to the students of Northern class of “ 76 ” PEACOCK LUMBER CO. PORT ELECTRONICS MORITZ CLEANING CO. HILLMAN ' S PART-T-PORT Window Washing Wall Washing Janitor Service Venetian Blind Cleaning Smoke Damage Clean-up Furniture Cleaning 6695 Lk Shore 385-4997 Telephone — 982-7811 2530 Beach Rd at Lapeer Port Huron Fresh Fruit and Vegetables CAL MILLERS 1003-24th Street Port Huron HURON ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. 308 Wall Street Port Huron, MI 48060 Phone (313) 985-8183 211 Patrons Ann Bills’ Flowers Ann L’s Inc. Armbruster’s Club Miss Janet Borst Ezra V. Bridge, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. John D. Cantwell Emerson Pharmacy Floyd E. Emlaw Dr. Earl T. Enright Katherine Fisher Dr. Armin T. Franke Fox’s Jewelers Direct Diamond Importers Anthony C. Gholz M.D. Fred Stanley’s Market John G. Harris, D.D.S., M.S. Isarel Photography H. R. Kostoff, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Losinski Martas Record and Jewelery Shop Phillip J. Martin, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. T. Mitchell Moshers Jewelery Nabozney’s Trophies and Sporting Wear Newmann Flowers Pick Way Shoe Mart Port Huron Building Supply Co. The Reef Referral and Crisis Center of St. Clair County Riverside Metal Products Co. Dr. A. G. Ruttle Joseph L. Sanderson, M.D. Stan Marengo Appliance Steward Adams and Son Surgical Associates, P.C. Suzuki Motorcycles Emil Touma, D.D.S. De. C. O. Townley George C. Touma, D.D.S. Sr. J. Thomas Truske Voights’ Firearms and Hobby Lobby Dr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Walker Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Wilhelm Robert B. Williams, D.D.S. Wirtz Mgf. Co. Inc. Yarger’s Cash Register PEOPLES BANK OF PORT HURON Congratulations Class of 76 7 CONVENIENT FULL SERVICE OFFICES Pine Grove Office: 1657 Garfield Marysville Office: 2425 Gratiot Blvd. Downtown Office: Military Water Street Lapeer at Range Rd. Office: 4503 Lapeer Rd. 24th St. Office: 1226 24th Main Office: 511 Fort Street Marysville-Busha Hwy. Office: 1650 Busha Hwy. EACH DEPOSITOR INSURED TELEPHONE: 984-5161 Friendly People “Going One Step Further For You” Allen Abbe, Matthew 98,162 Abou Ganim, Charles 102,103 148 Accordino, Joseph 148 Acker, Michael 148,123 Adair, Laura 132 Adair, Michael 148 Ady, Julia Agar, Diane 162 Akers, Raymond 132 Alam, Leila 148 Albert, Margaret 162,176 Alderson, Elizabeth 148 Aldrich, Michelle 182 Aldrich, Vic key 182 Alexander, Lynn 162 Alexander, Scott 148 Alexander, Steven 148 Alexander, Thomas 148 Alexander, Tressa Allegree, Cindy 132 Allen, Carol 162 Allen, Jeffrey 182 Allen, Judy 38,148 Allen, Karen 148 Allen, Tim 182 Alloway, Jamie 132,115 Alloway, Kim 182 Ames, Debra 162 Anderson, Amy 105,148 Anderson, Deborah 162,177 Anderson, Denise 162 Anderson, Kim 162,118 Anderson, Ralph Anderson, Timothy 162 Andreae, Jennifer 148 Andrews, Linda 182 Andrews, Robert 162 Anglebrandt, Jeri 162 Anglebrandt, Kathy Anglebrandt, Lynn 162 Anglebrandt, Lynn 148 Anglebrandt, Sueann Archibald, Jodi 182 Archibald, Kathi 132 Arends, Marybeth 148 Arends, Mary 132 Arends, Mary T 132 Armbruster, David 132 Armbruster, Mary 104, 182 Armstrong, Donald 132 Armstrong, John 102, 148 Armstrong, Lynn 21,35,162 Armstrong, Natalie 132 Armstrong, Robert Armstrong, William 182 Arnot, Crystal 132 Arnot, James 182 Arnot, Lowell 148 Arquette, Rodney 107,132 Asmen, Leslie Artman, Cheryl 182 Artman, Connie 148 Asman, Scott Assaf, Timothy 162 Atkinson, Elizabeth 148 Auringer, Jill 162 Avery, Patricia 21,148 Axelrod, Gary 162 Brook Bacheller, Michael 148 116, Bachmann, Ann 148 Badley, Shari 162 Bailey, Blake 132 Bailey, Bruce 162 Bailey, Kimberly 132 Bailey, Marcia 182 Bailey, Ronald 182 Bailey, Susan 162 Bair, Douglas Baird, Brad Baird, Brenda Baird, Darlene 162 Baird, Faith 132 Baird, Kenneth 132 Baird, Tina 162 Baker, D avid 35,182,45 Baker, Dean 106, 132 Baker, Susanna 162 Ballancier, Evnell 107,132 Baker, Harriet Baker, Penny 104, 182 Balogh, Andrew 148,113 Balogh, Karen 182 Bandescu, Nicholasd 132 Barbee, Debby 162 Barber, Gary Bargeman, Jon 132 Barker, Scott 107,132,114 Barnes, Rebecca 182 Barnett, Albert 182 Barnett, Margaret 148 Barnhart, Linda 162 Baron, Cynthia 132 Baron, Jeffery Barr, Kathrine 183 Barrett, James 132 Barringer, Mathew 132 Barss, Theodore 35,183,197 Barthell, Kathleen 148 Barthell, Rebecca 35,162,45 Bartlett, Brad 148 Bartlett, John 132 Bartley, Karen 148 Bartley, Lorena Bartley, Sharen 132 Barthold, Catherine Barton, Gregory Bass, Mary 21,148 Bassett, Chris 162,177 Bateman, Niki 183 Bateman, Timothy 148 Bates, Bradley 98,162,114,111 Bates, Brian 107,132 Bauer, Deborah 162 Bauer, Ramona 148 Baunoch, Marry Ann 183 Beach, Melanie 132 Beadle, Verna 148 Beam, Michael Beauchamp, Mark 132, Beauvais, Cliff 132 Beauvais, Denise 183,112 Beauvais, Maurice 162 Becker, Cynthia 162 Becktold, William Beebe, James 133 Beebe, Sharon 183 Beeler, Steve 162 Berry, Dave 133 Belkiwicz, Duwain 162 Belkiewicz, Marie 127,162,109 Belkiewicz, Vicki 183 Bell, Laura 21,133 Bell, Maryann Bell, Robert 99,162 Bell, Russell 116,148 Belling, Wesley 163 Belonga, Scott 133 Benjamin, George 133 Bennett, Joe 133 Bennett, Kathleen 133 Bennett, Lisa 21,163 Bennett, Matt 183 Bennett, Stacy 163 Berden, Bethany 148 Berg, Kristin 26,35,148,109 Berry, David 106 Betti nger, Mark 148 Bettinger, Michelle 133 Bettridge, Susan 148 Bingham, Rick 133 Biernot, Edward 163 Bishop, Brian 133 Bishop, Kristin 163,108 Bland, Jane 183,108,109 Bland, John 183 Bland, Sheila 133 Blatt, Carolyn 148,108 Bloch, Chris 183 Bloch, David 99,163 Bludav, Dirk 41,183 Boden, Betty 163 Bogert, Pamela 148 Blanchard, Mark 183 Boldt, Benjamin 163 Bom an, Gloria 183 Boman, Helen Bom an, Linda 163 Bombard, Linda 148 Bombard, Michael 133 Bombard, Sandra 183 Bonadio, Anne 21,26,30,35,183 Bonney, Nancy 183 Booker, Charlotte 183 Booker, Mitchell 163 Bonin, Gary 148,113 Bonner, Richard 107,133 Borovich, Mark 184 Borowski, Susan 133 Borowski, Maxine 184 Borra, Linda 148 Bottrell, Mary 184 Bouchard, Linda 163 Bouchard, Lori 184 Boughner, Bryan 133 Boughner, Cheryl 148 Boukamp, Melanie 163,108 Bourdeau, Jeff 106,133 Bourdeau, Nancy 163 Bowman, Linda 148 Bowman, Jeannie 184,51 Boyce, Ronald 163 Boyd, Mary 21,105,133 Boyd, Mathew 184 Boyd, Miriam 120,133 Boyd, Rick 106,133 Boyd, Steve 107,133,114 Boyd, Susan 163 Bradley, Beth 133 Bradley, Scott 184 Bradley, Tedd 163 Bragg, Donald 163 Branch, Joanne 184 Branch, Steve 133,9 Brandi, Debbie 148 Brauer, Gary 13 3 Brehler, Timothy 133 Brennan, Anthony 107,133,9 Brennan, Dennis 148 Brennan, Edward 99,100,163 Brennan, Joseph Bressette, Michael 106,133 Brewer, Melony 133,115 Bright, Renee 133 Bringard, Stephen 98,99,163 Briolat, Alan Briscoe, David 163,123 Briscoe, Kathleen 184 Bristle, Ernestine 148 Brodeur, Cathy 133 Brohl, Karen 184 Brohl, Marcia 163 Brothwell, Donald 184 Brooks, Christina 133 Brooks, Linda 148 Brown, Arthur 184 Brown, Chris 163 Brown, Cynthia Brown, Gregory 184 Brown, James 106, 134 Brown, Jeffrey 134 Brown, Jeri Lynn 105,134,9 Brown, Jody 163 Brown, Kim 184 Brown, Kim 43,105,148 Brown, Pamela F. 134 Brown, Pamela J. 134 Brown, Rick 163 Brown, Rod 148 Brown, Tamra 163 Brown, Tammy 134 Brown, Tamra 134 Brown, William 148 Bruce, Carol 184 Brueggeman, Cheryl 184 Brueggeman, Jay 148 Bruen, Kim 163 Bruhns, Kevin Bruton, Elizabeth 163 Bryce, Todd 163 Bucker, Bernie 134 Buckoski, Bruce 120,134,9 Buckoski, Gail 163 Buckoski, Robin 184 Budzik, Debra Bugaiski, Randy Burch, Robert 184 Burch, Roxanne 134 Burdan, Steven 148 Burgett, Bradley Burgett, Debra Burgett, Robert 134 Burgett, Russell 184 Burke, Thomas Burleigh, Heather 163 Burleigh, Vicki Buri, Chris, 41,184 Burns, David 163 Bums, Douglas 148 Burns, Marie 184 Burns, Regina 134,9 Bushor, Philip 184 Buttrell, Amy Jo 163 Buttrell, Gregory 117,184 Buttrell, John 116,120,134 Byers, David 163 Byers, Lauralee 163 Culver Cain, Don 139,134 Cain, Robert 184 Cain, Mary Jo 148 Calabro, Deborah 134 Caldwell, Denise 134 Caldwell, Raynard Callender, Judy 134 Cameron, Michael 134 Campau, Joann 163 Campbell, Sally Camphausen, Dale 134,114 Canavan, Deborah 149 Cantwell, Cynthia 184 Cantwell, Lynn 105,164 Caris, Paul 184 Carl, Michael 149 Carman, Mark 184 Carmichael, Jyll Carpo, Gary 134 Carpo, Jane 184 Carrier, Bruce 184 Carrier, Mary Ann 149 Carroll, Robert 164 Carson, Christophe 164 Case, Ruth Ellen 134 Casper, Diane 164 Castello, David 102,117,149 Castello, Richard 99,164 Catalina, Marie 21,164 Catalina, Paula 134 Cates, Lyndon Cedervall, Allan 164 Cencich, Janet Chafty, Denise 164 Chafty, Sonya 149 Charneneau, Maureen 43, 184 Charbeneau, Michelle 134 Chargot, Catherine 184 Charles, Amy 149 Charles, Fred 164 Chartier, Lori 134 Chartier, Margit Chiappelli, Andrew Child, Jeffrey 184 Chisholm, Gregory 134 Chisholm, Nancy 184 Chopp, Craig 149 Christler, Brad 134,9 Christler, Gayle 149 Clark, Brian 164 Clark, Brian 185,111 Clark, Janet 185, 118 Clark, Jim 134 Cleary, Peter 185 Cleaver, Steve 106,134 Cl ingen peel, Scott 149 Cloeter, Joel 134,9 Coats, Linda 73, 185 Coggins, Leanne 149 Coke, Kelly 149 Coke, William Cokonougher, Ila 164 Cole, Brad 164 Cole, Diana 149 Cole, Jody 9 Cole, Ken 135 Cole, Renae 164 Cole, Ramara 164 Collier, Ken 134,114 Collinge, Richard 135 Col ling wood, Brenda 149 Collingwood, Michael 164 Collins, Alice 185 Collins, Debbie 185 Collins, James 135 Collins, Pamela 135 Collins, Rick 149 Collins, Stephen 98,164,116 Collver, David 164 Conard, Steven Conger, Becky 127,135,9 Conger, Jerry 98,164,111 Conger, Mark 185,111 Coni an, Mary 127,135,9 Conlen, Cindy 149 Conlen, Patrick 99,164,111,123 Conley, Annette 164 Conley, Michele 21,135,9,115 Conn, Terri 149 Cook, Edward 164 Cook, Kathleen 185 Cook, Wallace 164 Cooke, Virginia 164 Coolidge, Jeffrey 164 Cooper, Winfield 149 Cope, Stanley 164 Corbin, Barbara 149 Corbin, Mary 135,9 Cornelius, Robert 135 Cornell, Sheri Cornwell, Gerald 149 Cornwell, Jeffrey 120,149 Coronado, David 149 Corp, Jan Marie 164 Crop, Michelle 149 Corwin, Bethel Corwin, Mark 135 Coughenour, Cary 135 Coughenour, Mark 102,149,111 Coulston, Cynthia 135 Coulston, Harold 164 Courtney, Lisa 135,9 Cox, Sandra 135,118 Coyne, Pamela 164 Crawford, Jeffrey 164 Crimmins, Edward 120,149 Crimmins, John 149 Crocker, Emma 185 Crocker, Kathryn 164 Crowl, Mark Cumerlato, Catherine 165 Cummins, Ruth 165 Cuppen, John 135 Curcio, Patricia Cureton, Dwain Cureton, Michelle 135 Currie, David 149 Currier, Jan 149 Curti, Martha 21,30,127,149,108 Curtis, Patricia 185 Curtiss, Theodore 149 Cuthbert, Danny 185 Dole Daft, Bryan 135 Daft, Kimberly 135 Daggett, Raelynn 185 Dahlke, Tracie 165 Dailey, Elizabeth 150 Dake, Sondra 165 Dalenberg, Joel 185 Dalenberg, Scott 66,150,113 Dalton, Jeanette Daly, James 135 Dam pier, Dave 150 Dam pier, Steven 135 Daniels, Craig 107,135 Daniels, Richard 185 Dandron, Deborah 150 Darling, Bambi Jayne 135 Davey, Benjamin 150 Davey, Debra 185 Davey, Timothy 135 Davidson, Martha 150 Davidson, Matthew 35,185 Davidson, Paul 150 Davis, Carol Davis, Debra 165 Davis, Pamela 185 Davis, Steven 135 Davis, Ted 106,135 Dawson, Cheeta 150 Dawson, John Kathryn Dawson 185 Dawson, Rebecca 22,165 Day, Julie Day, Russell 165 Dean, Nancy 150 Deater, Robert 150 Debien, Kathleen 127,150 Debien, Mike 135 Delliss, Dale Delong, Lori 165 Deloy, David 185,114 Deloy, Donald 107,135 Demars, Mary 185 Demars, Mary Beth 150 Demars, Williams 165 Demerau, Charles 165 Demerau, Larry 106,135 Denman, Tammy 135 Dennis, Eric 150 Dennis, Steven 106,135 Dentel, Laura 185 Derush, Ray 135 DeTavernier, Nicki 165 Devereaux, Lee 150 Dewey, Michael Dewey, Susan 150 Dewitt, Cheryl 185 Dewitt, Margaret 165 Diaz, Jesse 102,117,150 Dillan, Rae 135 Dickson, Andrew Dickinson, Charles Dickinson, Gail Dillon, Barbara 165 Dilworth, Jane 135 Dilworth, Robb Dionne, Anita 150 Doan, Gary Dodea, Julie 165,109 Dodea, Mary Jo 135,109 Dodea, Nicholas 56,102,117,150 Doetsch, Dianna 135 Donaghy, Victor 165 Donnell on, Patrick 150 Dooley, Margaret Donnellon, Paula 127,136,109 Dornfeld, Danny 136 Dornfeld, Kathleen 150 Dortman, Jean 165 Drake, Gerald 165 Drake, Judith 136 Dresser, Steven 102 Drouillard, Sheryl 150 Drouillard, Richard 136 Dudley, Leigh Dumont, Susan 136 Dunn, Kathleen 165 Dunn, Maureen 165 Dunn, Michael 185 Dupes, Daniel 165 Dupree, Donald 185 Dupie, Gregory Dupuis, Carolyn 136 Dupuis, Larry 185 Durance, Roberta 136 Durance, Robin 165 Durand, Dan 150 Durand, Mary 185 Durand, Patty Durand, Theresa 165,109 Durst, Donald 185 Duval, John 185,99 Dykman, Debra Dykeman, Thomas Eagleton Eagle, Amy Eagle, Sherry Eagling, Bobby 165 East, Jeffrey 107,136 Easton, Pamela 150 Edie, Deborah 185 Edie, Gary Edie, Michael 150 Efstratis, Mauel 150 Eifert, Michelle 136 Elridge, Harry 136,314 Ellerthippe, Jack 165 Ellis, Peggy Elliott, Todd 106,136 Ellis, Cheryl 136 Ellis, David 102,150,116 Elsholz, David 165 Ely, Charles 185,123 Ely, Lisa 21,127,136 Emeigh, Thomas 165 Emig, Karen 150 Endelmann, Cheri 150 Engelgau, Steven 150 Engelgau, Tim 165 Ernest, Linda 150 Ennest, Daniel 185 Ennest, Patricia 136 Eppley, Kurt 185 Erhardt, Nancy Ernst, Nan 185 Etheridge, Dwight 120,150,113 Evans, Cedric 102,150 Evans, Jeff 150,123 Evans, Kathryn 136 Evans, Wanda Evenson, Francis 165 Evenson, Teresa 165 Eveningred, Brenda 150 Fong Fadell, Gerald 166 Fadell, Pamela 150 Falk, Joseph 150 Falk, Scott 151 Farley, Debra 185 Farquhar, Deena 186 Farquhar, Randy Farrar, Linda 136 Faulkner, James 151 Fead, Deborah 38,151 Fearnside, William Feichtner, Mickie 127,151,109 Feick, Rebecca 166 Feick, Timothy 151 Fenbert, Charron 21,186 Fenner, Robert 186 Fenner, Shelley Fetterly, Mark Fetterly, Mark Fiedler, Douglas 121,151 Fieldler, Rodney 151 Fields, John 186 Fike, Craig 166 Fike, David 136 Fi I ion, Linda 136 Finger, Katja 190 Fiori, Julian 166 Fitzgerald, Connie 21,136 Fitzgerald, Patrick 166 Fitzgerald, Virginia 186 Flanigan, Diane 166 Flanigan, Sharon Fleming, Nancy 136 Fleming, Paul 151 Fleming, Rhoda 186 Fleming, Steven 116,136 Fleming, Tina 151 Fleming, Vicki 166 Fleury, Nancy Jo 151 Floyd, Jeffrey 107,116 Fochtman, Nancy Fockler, Daniel 166 Fogarty, Charles 73,116,120,166 Fogal, Sharon 151 Fogelsong, Robert 151 Foley, Matthew 98,166 Folkhammar, Ann 41,186 Forsyth, Tamara 151 Fowler, Connie Fowler, Cynthia 166 Fowler, Julie 166 Fowler, Kenneth 186 Fox, Teresa 186 Fralick, Denise 186 Francavilla, Ann Francavilla, Matthew 166 Francis, Debra Franke, Janet 166,108 Frantz, Mary Frantz, Michael 136 Frasier, Dale 22,166 Frasier, Marc Frazer, Brian Frazer, Karen 166 Frazer, Pam 151 Fredendall, Dominic 166 Frendendall, Martha 127,151,109 Freeman, Becky 136 Freeman, Ronald Fretenboroug, Pamela 166 Fretenboroug, Penny 151 Frey Roland 166 Fritch, Lucinda 166 Fritch, Lynnette 151 Frizzle, Julie 151 Frizzle, Steve 166 Frizzle, Susan 118 Fuller, Brad Fuller, Jackie 186 Fuller, Ronald Fulton, Darlene 151 Fulton, Kirk Furness, Ted 186 Goldwater Galbraith, Ronald 106 Gardner, Bonnie 166 Gardner, Kevin 151 Gargan, Doris Gargan, Kelly 151 Gates, Dan 151 Gates, Sherry Gavin, Timothy Geelen, Cheryl 151 Geelen, Teresa 127,166 Genaw, Patricia, 151 Genaw, Paul George, LeeAnn 166 Gerhardt, Victoria 186 Gerlach, Mary Gerrow, Barbara Gerry, Irving 186 Gerry, Nancy 166 Gertz, Shelly Gibson, Cindy 151 Giesa, Ralph 151 Giese, Sue 186 Gillies, Michael 151 Gill, Michelle Gillette, Kimberly 166 Gillies, Cynthia Gillihan, Paul 121,151 Gilmore, Bruce 166 Giroux, Ann Marie 153 Gonzales, Jose 117,186 Gonzales, Manuel 151 Goodrich, Ki mberley 38,105 Goodwin, John 107,136 Goodwin, Rick Gordon, Lewis 99,166 Gordon, Mary 21,151 Gorski, Sharon 153 Gossman, Deborah 186 Gossman, Stephen 186 Gossman, Susan Gostinger, Georgia 166 Gouin, Patrick Gragowski, Julia 186 Grambau, Thomas Grambow, Cheryl Grant, Marjorie Grasel, Anne 152 Grasel, Theresa 186 Grates, Gina 166 Gratton, Douglas 166 Graw, Gerrard 152 Gray, Carol 166 Green, Brenda 136 Green, Melody 166 Green, Michael 152 Green, Michelle Green, Robert Gregory, Barry 166 Gregory, Brad 152 Gregory, Karen 186 Gribbons, Douglas 197 Griffith, Judy 152 Griffith, Robert 186 Groff, Rosemarie Gronek, Marianna 166 Gronek, Robert Guba, George 152 Guertin, Bambi 152 Guertin, Kim 136 Guilloz, Elaine 186 Guizar, Roxanne 21,167 Gunn, Lewis 187 Gunter, Jessie 98,187,111,123 Gunter, Larry 167,177,111,123 Gunter, Patrick 136 Gutchess, Mark 187 Gutchess, Shirley 167 Gutchess, Susan 187 Gutierrez, Andrew Gwisdala, Joseph Humphrey Haan, Dennis 167 Haan, Leslie Haas, Mariann 152 Haddad, Linda 152 Haddad, John 167 Haddad, Troy Hagen, Mary 187,115,112 Hagle, Martha Hagle, Vicki 167 Haight, Fred 152 Halifax, Michael 167 Hall, Patricia 167 Hall, Shelly 136 Hallock, Kenneth 167 Halpin, Thomas 98,187 Hamilton, Cindy 152 Hamilton, Deborah 167 Hanchon, LeeAnn 136 Hancock, Barry 187 Hand, Joan 167 Hansen, Donald Hansen, James 167 Hanton, Dawn 167 Harder, Greg 59,99,117,187 Hardman, Jay 167 Hardman, Joel 136 Harmer, Timothy 152 Harmon, Jean 136 Harmon, Julie 187 Harmon, Steve 152 Harmon, William 167 Harmon, William 187 Harneck, Bonnie 152 Harper, Darrell 152 Harrington, Mark 167 Harrington, Pamela 152 Harris, Debbie 167 Harris, Erich 187 Harris, Jeffrey 152 Harris, MaryLeigh 21,136 Harris, Nancy 136 Harris, Robert 152 Harris, Walter 167 Harrison, Dale Harrison, Donald 167 Harrison, Douglas 167 Harrison, Eugene 152 Hart, Allen 167 Hart, Jeanne 187 Hart, Jeffrey 167 Hartel, Leonard 167 Hartel, Mark 152 Hatlestad, Teresa 152 Hartnett, Patricia 187 Harju, Mark 116,121,167 Harju, Todd 116,136 Harvey, Pamela 167 Harvey, Sandra 112 Harvey, Steven 187 Hastings, Sheryl 167 Hauver, Larry 136 Havens, Karen 152,118 Havner, John Hayden, Elizabeth 187 Hayden, James 152 Hayden, Sandra 167,108 Hayes, James 152 Hayman, Deborah 167 Hayman, Douglas 106,136,114 Haynes, Carol 167,108 Haynes, Frank Hayward, Staate 116,152 Hazlewood, James 98,167 Heering, Robert 137 Heering, John 137 Heering, Thomas 167 Heier, Brad 117,120 Heier, Kirk 117,120,187 Heimburger, Glenn 167 Helms, Monty 137, Heltman, Jeff Henderson, Amy 152 Henderson, Howard 26,43,67 Henry, Jeffrey 187 Hensley, Stacia Herber, Paul 167 Hess, Richard 137 Hewett, Mark 167 Hickey, Michael 116,152 Hickey, Timothy 59,98,187,123 Hicks, James 121,152 Hi 1 1 is, Linda 21,152 Hillis, Julie 187 Hillman, David 120,187,123 Hillman, Dennis 167 Hillman, Jacqueline 137 Hillman, Jack Hillman, Janet 187 Hillman, Judy 167 Hillock, Suellen 152 Himmel, Kevin Hinkley, Carl 168 Hirschfield, Hollie 168 Hirschfield, Scott 137 Hirschfield, Micheles 187 Hodge, Jean 168 Hogg, William 187 Holbrook, Judy 168 Holburt, Thomas 168 Holka, Jeff 168 Holmes, Alan 98,168 Holmes, Carolyn 187 Holmes, Donald 137 Holmes, Marsha 152 Holmes, Thomas 137 Hoover, Christopher 217 Hoover, Jennifer Hopkins, Susan 127,190,108 Horn, Lynne 190 Horn, James 137 Houle, Anthony 98,116,168 Houle, Gary E. 106,137 Houston, Brian 168 Houston, Darlene Houston, Gary Houston, Marlin 152 Howard, Cathy 152 Howard, David 190 Howard, John 102,152 Howard, Thomas 152 Howard, Timothy 152 Howard, Mark 137 Howe, David 137 Hreha, Deborah Hreha, Linda 137 Hreha, John 153 Hrisca, Lynne 190 Hr i sea, Julie 153 Hrisca, Maryjo 137 Hubble, Charles 137 Hulberso n, Randy 168 Hughes, Gordon 117,168 Hughes, Michael 35,98,190,33 Hughes, Steven 116,153 Hummel, Gregory 137,114 Hunted, Jill 153 Hunter, Richard 153 Hustek, Charlene 127,153,109 Hustek, Vickie 127,168 Hutchins, Donny 107,137 Hutchins, Suzanne 168 Hyde, Esther 127,153,118 Hyde, Everett 99,117,168,123 Hyslop, Leigh 153 Hyslop, Susan 190 Inouye Ingerson, Tamara 168 Ingles, Dawn 137 Ingram, Robert 106,137,114 Irvine, Robin 89,153 Isabel I, Elizabeth 153 Jackson Jackson, Elise 168,112 Jackson, Julie 153 Jackson, Leonard 153 Jackson, Michael Jackson, Ray 168 Jackson, Renae 137 Jackson, Scott 168 Jacobs, Loran 168 Jacobsen, Jude 168 Jacobsen, Mary 137 Jacobson, Mark 190 Jamison, Janet 38,153 Janderwski, Ricky 190 Jansen, Jeanne 153 Jarvis, Michelle 137 Jehl, Michael 168 Jenkins, Michael 153 Jerry, Lisa 137 Jex, Gregory 168 Joerger, Lynn 190 Joerger, Thomas 106,137 Johnson, C lassie 153 Johnson, Clifford 107,137 Johnson, Donald 107,137 Johnson, Laura 153 Johnson, Lisa 137 Johnson, Mark 190 Johnson, Michael 190 Johnson, Sandee 22,59,104,190 Johnson, Wendy 153 Johnston, Billie 116,153 Johnston, Greg 153 Johnston, Harvey 153 Johnston, James 168 Johnston, Julie 153 Johnston, Scott 137 Johnston, Tari 168 Jones, Barny 137 Jones, Celia 168 Jones, David 153 Jones, Frederick 137 Jones, Gary 102,153 Jones, Karen 153 Jones, Mike 137 Jones, Randy 153 Jones, Terri 190 Jones, Tyrone 168 Joslin, Cheryl 168 Jowett, Alan 168 Jowett, William 26,190 Jurzysta, William 168 Juziuk, Steven 153 Kennedy Kalaf, Alan 153 Kalaf, Debbie 137 Kalish, Kelly 153 Kamsickas, Gary 137 Kanthak, Emil 168 Karl, Janet 168 Karl, Leonora 22,56,57,168 Karrmann, Cheryl 137 Karrmann, James 153 Kearns, Mark 190,111 Kearns, Timothy 153,113 Keasling, Robert 168 Keith, Don 107,137,114 Keller, Karen 154,109 Kelly, Lynn 138 Kemp, Susan 112 Kent, Cindy 154 Kent, Kristine 22,168 Kern, Trina 138 Kessler, Claire 190 Kettlewell, Scott 138 Keys, Kathryn 190 Kidd, Jacky 138 Kidd, Russell 102,154 Kidd, Kathy 138 Kieft, Lisa 138 Kimball, David 154 Kimball, Suzanne 21,168 Kindred, Shawn 138 King, Daniel 154 King, Kathryn 190 King, Kris 117,190 King, Rebecca 138 Kinnee, Patricia 154 Kish, Mary 138 Kish, Roger 154 Klann, Judy 73,138 Klein, Lisa 169 Knapp, Debra 138 Knapp, Sandra 154 Koback, Jayne 190 Kober, Stephanie 169 Koch, Jeffrey 138 Koch, Mark 190 Koebke, Linda 138 Koehn, Douglas 107,138 Koehn, Victoria 169 Kogelchatz, Judi 154 Kohlman, Tom 67,154 Komph, Ed 116,154,138 Koppel, Kenneth 169 Koreiba, Darla 138 Koreiba, Maralee 138 Kostoff, James 154 Kotelman, Kirk 138 Kott, Charles 190 Krafft, Stephen 117,191 Kraft, Gerald 154 Krampien, Catherine 191 Kraus, Barbara 138 Kraus, Mary 191 Kraus, Richard 154 Krause, Kathleen 154 Kremer, Clark 169 Kring, Debra 138 Kring, Janice 169 Kring, Mike 191 Kreuger, Kevin 191 Kroetsch, Kimberly 138 Krohn, Dennis 169 Krohn, Roy 138 Kuberski, Gerry Kuehn, Donald 138 Kuhr, Kim 154 Kuhr, Nancy 169 Kukola, Deborah 191 Kullander, Rich 191 Long Labadie, Patricia 169 Lacey, Vickie 154 Lamb, Brian 154 Lambert, Brenda 138 Lambert, Nannette 191 Lambert, Steven 169 Lambert, Terri 191 Lamotte, Cathy 191 Lander, Ben 154 Lander, Elizabeth 191 Landschoot, Frank 154 Lane, Leanne 169,112 Lane, Sharrie 138 Langolf, Daniel 99,100,191,123 Langolf, Stephen 191 Lapish, Daniel 154 Lapp, Rebecca 138 Lanyon, Glenda 169 Lasky, Carri 154 Lashley, Lisa 138 La Vigne, Tom 138 Lazurka, Mariann 154 Leahy, Maureen 169,112 Leahy, Patricia 154 Ledsworth, Gary 169 Ledsworth, Julia 191 Ledsworth, Michael 169 Ledsworth, Phillip 155 Ledsworth, Rick 138 Lee, Carl 191 Lee, Lawrence 102,155 Lee, Roy 155 Lees, Thomas 169 Lemieux, Gloria 169 Leneway, Gary 155 Lentz, Linda 169 Leonard, Patti 138 Lepa, Sandra 191 Lepage, Brenda 169 Lepage, Joseph Lepage, Robin 138 Lepien, Jeneal Kay 169 Lester, Dan 155 Lester, Donna 169 Lester, Julie 138 Lester, Michael 191 Lett, Cheryl 138 Leveille, Richard 116,121 Levin, Lori 138 Levin, Paul 57,169 Lewandowski, Bruce 169 Lewandowski, Janice 155 Lewandowski, Sharon 191 Lewandowski, Thomas 127 Lewis, Celeste 127,169 Lewis, David 138 Lewis, Madge 191 Liddle, Barbara 169 Liebi, John III 169 Lightle, Brian 138 Lincoln, David Lindberg, David 169 Little, Jere 155 Little, Kerry Little, Kimberley Livingston, Frank 191 Livingston, Mary 155 Lixie, David 106,116 Loane, Lori 169 Locke, Tammy 155 Lohr, Brian 169 Lohr, Eric Lohr, Lori 169 Lohr, Wendy 169 Lonczkowski, Sherry 59 London, Edward 155 Longley, Carol 155 Lorts, Cathy 21,169 Lorts, Steve 102,155 Louks, Gary Lotermoser, Melissa Love, Debbie Loxton, Sharon 191 Lucas, Helen 127,169 Luce, Anne 21,120,155 Luce, Laurie 21,191 Luckhardt, Carol 127,191 Ludwig, Julie 169 Ludy, Lynette Lukasek, Jane 191 Lynch, Lois 155 Lynn, Jeffrey 155 Lyon, David 169 McGovern MacDonald, David MacDonald, Doug 155 Maciejewski, Allen 191 MacKenzie, Lauree 191 MacTaggart, Heather 124,170 Mac Lean, Hugh MacLean, Kenneth MacLean, Steve MacDonald, Rosemary Mac Ready, Scott 106 McAllister, Sandra 155 McCabe, Scott 170 McCabe, Walter 139 McCalmon, Mitchell 219 McCalmon, Tina 155 McCarthy, Ann McCleary, Cindy McCleary, James McCleary, Teresa McCormick, Jeriann McCormick, Robert McCorkle, Steven 139 McCoy, Carolyn McCoy, Velda 170 McCulloch, Addie McDonald, David 106,116,139 McDonnell, Shannon 176 McElroy, James 170 McFadden, Betsy 170,108 McFarlane, Debbie 139 McFarlane, Patrick 170 McGrath, Paton McGregor, Connie 156 McGregor, Shawn 139 McIntyre, Mary 35,156 McIntyre, Robert 139 McKenzie, Carol 156 McKenzie, Cathy 170 McKenzie, Elizabeth 170 McKenzie, John McKenzie, Karen 139 McKenzie, Sheila 170 McKenzie, Teresa 73,139 McKibber, Shane 107 McKinch, Jack 123 McKinlay, Patricia 43 McKinley, Patricia 192,197 McLaughlin, Lori 140 McLean, James 107,140,114 McLean, Tamara 140 McLelland, Kelly 197 McLellan, Kimberly 140 McLelland, Robert 102,103,156,11 3 McLeod, Cheryl 192 McMakin, Autumn 21,30,192 Me Mull in, Peggy 140 McMullin, Robert 156 McNash, Mark 43, 170 McNaughton, Jean 170 McNaughton, Wendy 170 McNutt, Kenneth 140 McNutt, Scott 140 McPhedrian, Larry 170 McQuat, Cheryl 170 McTaggart, Cynlthia 109 McTevia, Anita 21,192 Mctevia, Michael 102,156 Mackie, Bill Mackie, Torri 155 Madej, Christopher 155 Mahosky, Brian Mahosky, Jody 155 Majeske, Judith Majeski, Diane 155 Majeske, Michael 197 Majeski, Dan 191,197 Major, Timothy 197 Maloney, Bruce 170 Manz, Karen 155 Manz, Kyle 155 Marcero, Michael 155 Marcozzi, Nancy 35,155 Marengo, Mark 191 Marigold, Theresa 192 Marks, Celia 21,139,115 Marks, Kim 197 Marks, Linda Marone, Ernest Marone, John 192,197 Marone, Frances 106 Marsack, Gerald 102,116,155 Marsack, Richard 106 Marston, Susan 192,197 Martin, Brian 155 Martin, Bruce 170 Martin, Craig 106,116,139 Martin, Donna Martin, James 170 Martin, Julie 170 Martin, Lawrence 197 Martinez, Mike 192,197 Matthews, William Massman, Terri 170 Mathews, John 155 Mason, Robert 139 Matthews, Anna 155 Matthews, Donna 155 Matthews, Margo Maxon, Loren Maxwell, Bradley Maxwell, Harley Maxwell, Lori 139 May, Brett 107,139 May, Cheryl 170 May, Michelle 155 May, Wilson 197,123 Maynard, Brian 155 Meade, Lynda 127,156,108,109 Meade, Susan 192 Meads, Rickey 43,98,192,111 Meads, Terry 43,170 Meachan, Cheryl 156 Meddaugh, Steven 192 Mehler, Dennis 170 Meinhardt, Barbara 192 Mellick, Charles Mel ms, Marilyn 43,192 Meyer, James Meyers, Cathy 192 Meza, Manuel 192 Meza, Maria 156 Michels, Lawrence 106,140 Miller, Alan 140 Miller, Barton 140 Miller, Colin 140 Miller, Donna Miller, Geoffrey 192 Miller, Gregory 192 Miller, Gregory 156 Miller, James 156 Miller, John 140 Miller, Julie 127,140 Miller, Ken 170 Miller, Kevin 156 219 Miller, Marie 170 Miller, Patti 192,109 Miller, Steven 102,103,156,113 Miller, Terry Miller, Theresa 170 Minard, Kim 140 Minor, Don 102,156 Miron, Denise 192 Miron, Donald 120,170 Miron, Gary 120,140 Mitchell, Eileen 140 Mitchell, James 140 Mitchell, Karen 170 Mix, Ronald 116,140 Mix, Shelly 21,170,112 Moak, Caren 140 Molinard, Jeffery Molinaro, Mary 170 Montgomery, Kevin 192 Montgom ery, Rita 156 Montgomery, Sherri Moody, Paul 102,103,156,113 Moody, Stephen 98,192 Moore, Bonita 171 Moore, Kathleen 192 Moore, Michael 107,140 Moore, Richard 107,140,114 Moorer, Therese 192 Moore, William 107,140 Morden, Cindy 156 Morden, Lawrence 171 Morden, Mark 38,98,171 Morden, Robert 140 Morden, Scott 106,139,140 Mordis, Laura 171,118 Morgan, Corlena, 140 Morgan, Janice 171 Morley, Joann Morris, Deborah 104,171 Morris, Jody Morrison, Dorothy 140 Morrison, Judy Mortimer, Melissa Moser, Dave 156 Mosher, Deanna 156 Mosher, Deborah 192 Moses, Gerald 59 Mosher, Emily 171 Moss, David 192 Moss, Gary Moss, George 140 Moss, Kelly 21,30,140,115 Moulten, John 192 Moulton, Keely 156 Moulton, Troy 106,140 Moutoux, Gary 140 Moyer, Karen 171 Moyher, Debra 171 Mrozek, John 140 Mugridge, Barry 171 Mullen, Susan 21,140 Murawski, Deborah Murphy, David 171 Murphy, Janet 156 Myers, Kathleen 156 Myles, Sandra Mytinger, William 192 Nunn Napolitan, Barbara 156 Napolitan, Mary 192,22,112 Nechita, James 140 Nelson, Debra 192 Nelson, Gale 171 Nelson, Paul 22, 140 Netter, David 156 Neumann, Patricia 157 Neumann, William 192 Newman, Karen 171 Newton, Mariln 38,157 Newton, Cheryl 157 Newton, John 140 Newton, Loren 192 Nicewicz, Ed 99,171 Nichol, Cheryl 171 Nichol, Cynthia 140 Nichols, Deanna Nicholson, Daniel Nicholson, Janice 192 Nicholson, Judy 157 Nicholson, Susan 157 Noble, Sue 157 Noble, Richard 171 Nofs, David 157 Nolan, Shawn 141 Norman, Toni 157 Norris, Dave 192 Norris, Kathleen Norris, Megan 141 Norton, Brett 171 Norton, Rene 157 Nowiski, John 157 Nunn Vicki 21 Nuss, Donald 141 Nuss, Lawrence 99,171 Nutt, Linda 171 Nuttall, Anne 171 Nye, Roxane 141 O ' Brien Obermesik, John 157 Obermesik, Lawrence 141 Obermesik, Phyllis Obrien, Christophe 157 Obrien, David 141 Oconnor, Anna 141 Oconnor, Joseph 157,102 Oconnor, Susan 141 Oconnor, William 171 Odell, Lynne 127,157,109 Odell, Matt 157 Odle, Brenda 141 Odle, Cheryl 171 Odle, Karen 157 Odonnell, Kevin 177,171 Ohare, Bert 157 Ohare, Patricia Okarmus, Debbie Olar, Mary Ann 157 Olary, Brian 192 Olary, Laura 141 Oleary, Daniel 157,113 Olney, Kim 192 Oppliger, Douglas 141 Ordowski, Laura 1 Osgood, Jeff 99,193 Osgood, Rick 157 Ostrander, Brenda 157 Oswald, Kelly 141 Overbeck, Ellen 141 Overbeck, Joseph 116,157 Overholt, Eric 157 Overholt, James Proxmire Palmateer, Julie 141 Palmateer, Patti Palmateer, Thomas 141 Palmer, Cynthia 157 Pancratz, Brigette 43,193 Parker, Brenda Parker, Cheryl 141 Parker, Daniel 22,171 Parmann, Victor 141 Parrish, Brad 157 Parrish, Julie 22,34,35,171,33 Parish, Lori 157 Parrish, Robin 193 Patterson, Karen 141 Patterson, Mark 157 Patterson, Mark 120,171 Patton, Mark 171 Patzke, Leslie 43,193 Pawlak, Michael Peacock, David 193 Peacock, Susan 171,112 Pearce, Shawn 141 Pearson, Timothy 107,116,141 Peattie, Joel 121,157 Pederson, Kimberly 157 Peeling, Deborah 171 Peeling, Edward 171,123 Peeling, James 157 Peeling, Walter 157,113 Pemberton, Gloria 157 Pemberton, Mark 157 Pemberton, Pamela 172 Pennington, Christophe 157 Pepper, Chris 157,108 Perez, Irene Perry, Lezie 193 Perz, Sydney Peter, Ellen 193 Peters, Deborah 193 Peters, Edwin Peters, Kristin Peterson, Kathleen 193 Peterson, Tammy 172,118 Petho, Sharon 172 Petho, Tim 141 Petoskey, Eliza 141 Petoskey, Joan Petoskey, William 141 Petty, Jeffrey 172 Phare, Timothy Phillips, Kathy 193 Phillips, Richard 141 Phillips, Richard 157 Philp, Lori 172 Piche, Susan Pickard, William 193 Pickett, Gayle 193 Piechowiak, Chris 141,115 Pierson, Tara 141 Pietrangelo, Craig 158 Pillsbury, Leona 142 Pincomb, Penny 142 Pionk, Edward 158 Pionk, Vickie P leysier, William Pollock, Kathryn 158 Pollock, Kim 172 Porrett, Kim 142 Porrett, Shelley 172 Popham, Lynann 138 Porter, Timothy 193 Porter, Vincent 142 Post, Carolyn 21,30,158 Post, Jeff 158 Post, Marilyn 158 Post, Ranee 172 Post ill, Stephen 106,141 Potter, Curtis 142 Potter, William 158 Poulos, Kenneth 142 Povenz, William 158 Preston, Russell 193 Price, Maryann 142 Proctor, Anne 158 Proctor, Scott 193 Proctor, Shawn 158 Provost, Kelly 142 Przytakoski, Jay 172 Przytakoski, Todd 142 taszynski, Brenda 172,108 Pulford, Kevin D ung, Betty 193 D utze, Connie 142 Quie Quandt, Jack 172 Quandt, Jeffrey 142 Quandt, Kevin 172 Quandt, Lorraine 158 Quanstrom, Joan 193 Quanstrom, Lynne 142,115 Quanstrom, Stephen 158 Quitter, Diane Randolf Rabine, Andrea 193 Racz, Pamela 172 Rader, Heidi Rader, Josie 30,43,194 Radford, Debbie 194 Radske, Cheryl 142 Raetzel, Carolyn 21,194 Raffery, Michael 194 Raftery, Ann 127,158 Ramsey, James 158 Ramsey, Virginia 142 Rapp, Cheryl 43 Raw ley, Patricia 142 Rawling, Robert 158 Rawza, Edward 172 Raymo, Francis Ready, Joe 142 Reaume, Cheryl 158 Reaume, Sandra 142 Reed, Alice 194 Reed, David 172 Reed, Lucinda 142 Reese, Scott 99 Reid, Arline 172 Reid, James 172 Reid, Sharon 158 Reid, Wayne Remick, Michelle 142 Renno, Kevin 102,158 Renno, Micheal 98,194,111,123 Repp, David 107,142 Resseguie, Holly 142 Revoir, Lisa 142 Rey, Kathleen Reynolds, Dianne 194 Reynolds, Donald 142 Reynolds, Julie Reynolds, Patricia 194 Reynolds, Ricky 172 Reynolds, Scott 142 Rice, David 172 Rich, Norma 172 Rich, Tamara 142 Rich, Terry 142 Rich, William 117,172 Richardson, Douglas Ri chert. Sari 158 Ri chert, Scott 158 Rickett, Sabrina Riddell, Lisa 172 Riddell, Lori 142 Riehl, Jeffrey 194 Ripley, Lori 158 Roach, David 143 Robb, Gerald 158 Robb, William Roberts, Cynthia Roberts, Diana 172 Robbins, Bruce 194 Robbins, Cindy 172 Robbins, Bruce 194 Robbins, Cindy 172 Robbins, John 106,143 Robbins, Patrick 158 Pobinson, Charles 158 Robinson, Kevin 106,143 Rock, Micheal 102,158 Rock, Timothy 106,143 Rock, William 99,172 Rode, Finn 194 Rodrigues, Melvin 172 Rogers, Pamela Rogers, Pierre Rogerson, Kimberly Rolph, Douglas 194 Rome, Charlene 158 Rome, Jane 21,158 Rome, Rebecca 21,194 Ropposch, Ann 158 Ropposch, Jane Ropposch, Martha 158 Ropposch, Rita 194 Roskey, Dan Ross, Kimberley 172 Ross, Laura 172 Rossow, Bill 98,194 Rowe, Barbara 194 Rowe, Timothy 107,143 Ruckler, Bernard Rucker, Leslie 172 Rucker, Rita Ruelle, Susan 159 Rumenapp, Andrea 114,143,9,127 Rushton, Marilyn 172 Russell, Patty Ann 159 Rutkofske, Mark 194 Rutledge, Suzanne 194 Rutherford, Douglas Rutherford, Terry Rutkowke, Beverly 172 Ryan, Julie 143 Ryan, Marsha 159 Stevenson Sagraves, Allison 159 Samuel, Pamela Sanchez, Helen 143 Sanchez, Joseph 143 Sanchez Jr , Rogelio Sanchez, Ubaldo Sanders, Lorrie 159 Sanderson, Carol 172 Sanderson, Kimmie Jo Sawdon, Suzanne Scandal ito, Catherine 194,112 Scandal ito, Linda 21,60,159 Schaeffer, Karen 172 Scheffler, Craig 143 Schindler, Lori 176,172 Schindler, Stephen 172 Schlimpef, Ilene 143 Schmelter, Carol 159 Schmidt, Eric 172 Schmidt, Gary Schmidt, Janet 159 Schmidt, Kirk 59,173,111 Schmitt, Robert 57,99,194,111 Schneider, James 173 Schneider, Jeffrey 159 Schoettle, Bonnie 194 Schoettle, Brenda 143 Schoettle, Robert 194 Schneider, Julie 143 Schoneman, William 159 Schonk, Julie 173 Schrader, Timothy 107,143,159 Schreiner, Donna 143 Schrieber, Linda Schroeder, Paul 194 Schuck, Mark Schuck, Norman 197 Schulte, Christine 173 Schulte, Dawn Schulte, Robert 159 Schultz, Barb 159 Schultz, Daniel Schultz, Helen 22,127,143,109 Schultz, James 173 Schultz, Lori Schultz, Mark 159 Schultz, Thomas 102,159,113,123 Schwedler, Carl 116,102,159 Schwitke, David 143 Schwitzke, Cindy 194 Scott, Karen 159 Scouten, Stephen Scriver, Lori 173 Seefried, Judy 159 Selby, Anita 143 Selby, Tracy 194 Semrow, Jane Semrow, Jeffrey 116,159 Semrow, Kevin 173 Senneff, Catherine 143 Sergent, Sheryl 173 Setter, Kerry 143 Severson, David 107,143 Severson, John 159 Seymore, Beth Ann 159 221 Shagena, Brian 102,159 Shagena, Marvin 98,173,111 Shagena, Michael 99,173 Sharrard, Clayton Sharrard, Lorrie 173 Sharrard, Mark 159 Sharette, Wendy 143 Shaw, Lori 127,159,109 Shaw, Rod 98,117,173,123 Sheldon, Laura 159 Sheldon, Mark 99,194 Sheldon, Robbin 194 Sheldon, Roger 143 Sheldon, Terrance 173 Sheldon, Terry 173 Shepley, Kirk 159 Sherbutt, Jerry 159 Shilling, Arlene 143 Shults, Lori 143 Sibilla, Patti 143 Sicklesteel, Susan 194 Siebert, Robert Sigafoose, Connie 173 Sigafoose, John 173 Sihon, Paul 173 Silvey, Lisa 159 Simkins, Caroline 143,109 Simkins, William 159,113 Simoes, Douglas 173 Sinnett, Bonnie Lee Sitka, Jody 144 Sitka, Randy 173 Slingerland, Barry Sloan, Vickie 38,159 Slyford, Steven 173 Smith, Brenda Smith, Brenda 43,104,194 Smith, Brian 144 Smith, Brian 159 Smith, Charles 194 Smith, Cheryl 194 Smith, Christina 159 Smith, Christopher 144 Smith, Connie 194 Smith, Craig 159 Smith, Craig Smith, Darrel 194 Smith, David 99 Smith, Debra Smith, Denis 194 Smith, Dennis 194 Smith, Gene Smith, Gregg 159 Smith, Gregory 194 Smith, James Smith, Karen Smith, Keith 159 Smith, Kennith 173 Smith, Kevin 194 Smith, Laura 144 Smith, Laura Smith, Le e Anne 144 Smith, Mark Smith, Rebecca 144 Smith, Shawn 159 Smith, Sheryl Smith, Tammy 159 Smith, Terri 21,30,112 Smith, Terri Snider, Jeffrey Snider, Phyllis Snowden, Douglas 107,144 Snyder, Stanley 144 Solinsky, Michael 144 Somers, Merle 159 Soupal, Jerry 107,144 Sovereen, Steven 144 Sparling, Greg Sparling, Sharon Spencer, William Spicer, Danny Spicer, Dana 144 Spiess, Timothy Staiger, David 116,145 Stalker, Deanna 194 Stanfill, Stephen Stapleton, Mark 173 St. Coeur, Stephen 159 Stebbins, Ray Stebbins, Richard 159 Stebbins, Robert 173 Stebbins, Stacie 145 Steemburg, Lisa 145 Steemburg, Timothy Stein, Diane Stein, Mark 145 Stein, Marsha 159 Steinborn, Sally 194 Stephens, Karen 104,173 Stevenson, Jerome 173 Stephenson, Linda Stephenson, Robert 145 Stephenson, Timothy 159 Stephenson, Timothy Stevens, Kathi 159 Stevens, Lori 159 Stevens, Lynn 145 Stiefel, Peter 145 Stine, William 159 Stiver, Carol 159,109 Stiver, Charles 98,117,194 Stocks, Lisa Stocks, Lynn 159 Stocks, William 106,145 Stoddart, Kristi 194,51 Stoeber, Laurie 159 Stol lings, Brenda 159 Stoutmeywr, Kathleen 159 Strauss, Scott 159 Streb, Teresa 173 Streeter, Brian 194 Streeter, Rhonda 38,159 Stroh, Melody 73,173 Struble, Genevieve 159 Studaker, Timothy 102,160 Studoker, Cindy 194 Stuewer, Karl 160 Sturdevant, Sarah 26,160 Studaker, David 145 Summerer, Paul Henry Sutphen, Ralph Sweet, Tracey 145 Swoffer, Pauline 160 Symon, Cheryl 194 Symon, Jacqueline 145 Szelog, Susan 160 Szostek, Judy 173 Taft Tait, Karen 127,173,109 Tait,Laurie 160 Talley, Kristin 38,160 T all madge, Debra 160,112 Tarrant, Bradley 160 Tarrant, Gregory 173 Tarzwell, Diane 173 Tarzwell, Nancy 194 Tasker, Lynn 145 Tate, Robert 145 Tate, Sandy 194 Taylor,Elizabeth 160 Taylor, George 145 Taylor, Harold 160 Taylor, Helen Taylor, Janet 160 Taylor, Jon 99,173 Taylor, Kari 145 Taylor, Kath ryn 173 Taylor, Kathy 173 Taylor, Kim 194 Taylor, Pam 173 Taylor, Rose 145 Taylor, Stephen 173 Taylor, Thomas 73,145 Teeple, Jill 160 Teeple, Nancy 194 Tegge, Jill 173 Tenniswood, Larry 145 Thomas, Cynthia 145 Thomas, Jane 21,43,174 Thomas, Kennith 174 Thompson, Bette 174 Thompson, Bruce 160 Thompson, Joni Thomson, Howard 145 Thomson, Kaye 160 Thompson, Rhonda 196 Thornton, Paula 196 Thrash, William 160 Thurston, Debby 160 Ticknor, Terri 174 Tisdel, Christopher 107,145,114 Toles, Brenda Toles, Joni 38,160 Totten, Robert 145 Touma, Carol 160 Trager, Catherine 196 Tremble, William 196 Trousdale, Diane Towns, John 107,116,145 Truchan, Mary Ann 160 Tucker, Claudette 145 Turk, Stacey 174 Turloff, Eric Turner, Laurie 160 Turney, Sandra 160 Turney, William 145 Tynan, John Ullman Ullenbruch, Marty 116,160 Ullenbruch, Mary 145 Umlor, Steven 196 Urban, Jeenne 160 Urmy, Dannette 196 Urmy, Scott 145 Urie, Vickie 174 Vandra Veen Vandenbossche, David 145 Vanbuskirk, Kennith Vanbuskirk, Martin 174 Vandaele, Michael Vandeu ren, Christy 196 Vandeuren, Ron 160 Van Luven, Timothy 160 Vaughn, Becky 196 Vermeulen, Richard Vansickle, Karen 145 Vansickle, Scott 98,174 Vansickle, Sherrie 145,123 Vanwormer, Gene 145 Vargo, Kristine 174 Varadi, Elizabeth 145 Vaughn, Dawn 145 Vaughn, Kevin 174 Vincent, Tracey 145 Vigrass, Nancy 174,108 Vincent, Cheryl 43,174,108 Vincent, Lynn 35,196 Vincent, Tim Visga, Dorothy Wyman Waal, Craig 113 Wacker, Douglas 174 Wade, David 174 Waddell, Edmund 196 Waddell, Peter 160 Wager, Janet 161 Wager, Karen 174 Wagner, James 161 Wagner, Richard 196 Wagner, Susan 145 Wak, Peter 161 Wakeen, Kristine 127,161 Wakeham, Laurie 174 Walker, Alan 196 Walker, John 145 Walker, Robin 196 Walker, Roger 174,177 Wallace, Barbara 145 Wallace, Dan 161 Walsh, John 161 Walsh, Kevin Walsh, Mary 174 Walsh, Sara 145 Walters, Glenda 1% Walters, Lorie 21,145 Ward, Patrick 196 Ward, Timothy 174 Warren, Karen 145 Warren, Linnea 174 Warshefski, Julie 21,174 Wasmuth, Cathy 145 Wasmuth, Julie 174 Waters, Earl 145 Waters, Ellen 1% Waters, Phillip 174 Watkins, Debbie 174 Watkins, James 145 Watkins, Thomas Watson, Craig Watson, David 196 Watson, Kellie 161 Watson, Virginia Webb, Frederic 197 Weber, Terry 73,145 Weber, Tom 73,145 Weber, Wendy 197 Weckesser, William 106,145 Wehrwein, Betty 161 Weideman, Andrew 174 Weidner, Karen Weiner, Susan 161 Weitzel, Rod Welch, Catherine 197 Wellman, Randall 174 Wellman, Wendy 145 Welsh, Don 197 Welsh, Keith 197 Welsh, Sheree Wessel, Scott 174 West, Darlene 197 West, Deborah 161 West, Julie 21,105,161 West, Patricia 174 West, Scott 161 West, Thomas 197 Weston, Sandra 174,108 Westphal, Larry J. 107,145 Wheeler, Deborah 145 Whell is, Paula 174 Whipple, Ann 145 White, Buddy 145 White, Cindy White, Cynthia 145 White, Terry 161 Whitehead, Janie 145 Whitican, Cindy 161 Whitican, Jane 174 Whittaker, Carrie 145 Whybrew, Victoria 146 Wiersma, Mark 146 Wiersma, Mary 161 Wi Iczynski, Rita 146 Wild, Shelley 104,174,109 Wildie, Charles Wildie, Edwin Wiley, Steven 161 Wilhelm, Andrew 161 Wilkins, David 161 Wilkins, Stanley 174,45 Willard, Julie 146,161 Willey, Mark 197 Willey, Patrick 175 Willey, Susan 21,30,127,175 Williams, Mary 127,175 Williams, Michael 161 Williamson, Margaret 146 Willing, Gail 146 Willing, James 197 Willing, Jayne 197 Willis, Robin 161 Willis, Rodney 106,116,146,201 Willis, Sandra 73,146 Willis, Tina 141 Wilson, Carol 197 Wilson, David Wilson, Helen 146 Wilson, Randy 161 Wilson, Sally 43,197 Wilson, Thomas 120,121,113,161 Wilson, Wendy 175,112 Wilton, Bryan 146 Wilton, Christine 146 Wilton, David Wilton, Julie Wilton, Shelia 175 Wine, Jeffrey 102,161 Winters, Jed 175 Winters, Sarah 146 Wise, Michelle Wisson, Frederick 175 Wolf, Matt Wolfe, Susan 161 Wolford, Kimberly Wolford, Pam Worden, Frank 175 Worden, Lynne 21,34,35,197 Worden, Morrison 175 Worden Robert 175 Wright, Allanna 146 Wright, Nadene 175 Wright, Sharon 197 Wright, Tamara 175 Wurmlinger, Wendy 21,104,175 Wynkoop, Robert 161 Wynkoop, Vickie Young Yale, Cindy Yarbrough, Janice 197 Yeagley, Kimberly Young, Christine Young, Nancy 57,197 Yeagley, Kimberly Young, Christine Young, Nancy 57,197 Young, Roy Young, Shelly 146 Youngs, Riley 175 Yuli, Kimberly 161 Ziebarth Zelecki, Dan Zeller, Bret 146 Zmolik, James 107,146,114 Zmolik, Joe 175 PROTECTING TF The Gr Nuclear 6r °r Final ;be d Ofv ru Emp 1 JR le Right to Live— or DieJ NSW YORK Last-Minute Bailout Of a City on fhe Brink Fmomonrv A NftftHfiH hnrlr he r E PRESIDENT link I Can Help Jerry Ford.’ Conies to Call ] or 0-i 1 I % THE SECRET SERVICE LIVING THE NIGHTMARE E HIEOHITD I I i r e. A EDITOR Denice Beauvais MANAGING EDITOR Jody Brown SENIOR SECTION Joanne Branch— Editor Lauree MacKenzie Dave Brisco UNDERCLASS SECTION Gerri Kuberski — Editor Sue Peacock Trish Hall Mary Williams Julie Wasmuth Lisa Riddell Brian Lohr ACTIVITIES Shelly Mix — Editor Lynn Joerger Julie Parrish Lori Schindler Diane Casper ATHLETICS Shari Badley— Co-Editor Bonnie Gardner— Co-Editor Debby Edie Debra Detavernier Cynthia Cantwell ACADEMICS Karen M itche 1 1 — Editor Julie Ludwig Diane Flanigan Debbie Gossman BUSINESS-ADVERTISING Janet Franke — Editor Karen Tait Bruce Bailey SECOND SEMESTER Finn Rhode Heather MacTaggart ADVISOR Janet Borst — Photographer — T yp ist 229 Everything you ' ve wanted in a yearbook — and less! 230 The time and effort that goes into the production of a yearbook just can not be measured. There are many people who deserve many thanks for their help in making the SPIRIT OF 76 a success. I ' d like to use this page to mention them. Josten ' s American Yearbook Company and their representative, Betty Uxa; The Times Herald, Judy Allen for lending us her negatives; Bob Andrews for his division page art- work; Mr. Bargiel ' s advanced typing class; Rick Kullendar, de- signer of the cover; Mr. Spraggs, for his after hours assistance, and his lifesaving photography work; and last but most important Miss Borst and the whole yearbook staff. Without these people there wouldn ' t be a yearbook. The SPIRIT OF 76 has brought out the BiCentennial theme. Without the people of the past there wouldn ' t be U .S . . Thank you Denice Beauvais Editor

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