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SWETi? -t SPIRIT OF 12 PORT HURON NORTHERN PORT HURON, MICHIGAN VOLUME VII “FROM QUIET HOMES AND FIRST BEGINNING OUT TO THE UNDISCOVERED ENDS, ; ss£J. ' - ' ■ ' • v : ' . ... % vi ?Vv =. “FRIENDS ARE AN AID TO THE YOUNG, TO GUARD THEM FROM ER- ROR; TO THE ELDERLY, TO ATTEND TO THEIR WANTS; TO THOSE IN THE PRIME OF LIFE, TO ASSIST THEM TO NOBLE DEEDS.” LEFT: Toni Guizar and William (Mike) Taylor, strengthen their friendship by relax- ing for a few minutes. CENTER: Laughter is important to friends. RIGHT: Hand grasps a hand, silence of a still shore, friendship grows stronger, sometime without conversa- tion. Karen Hunter and Brian Anderson re- flect this type of friendship. ABOVE: Port Huron Northern, a place where friends are made and kept for a lifetime. “TIME IT WAS, AND WHAT TIME IT WAS, IT WAS A TIME OF INNOCENCE, A TIME OF CONFIDENCE. PRESERVE YOUR MEMORIES; THEY’RE ALL THAT’S LEFT OF YOU.” Simon and Garfunkcl TOP LEFT: Friends must be unified; Dave Bopra, Philip Krenke, Philip Yost and David Letts demonstrate. LEFT : Freshmen find it easier to make friends during assem- blies. CENTER: Barbara McCarthy shows concern for her friend, Andrea Thomas as she eats the winning Blueberry pie. BELOW CENTER: Sophomore nominee. Sue Boro- vich, wears a smile as she grasps the friendly hand of Richard Whipple. TOP RIGHT: Anxious students await the result of the tricycle race. RIGHT: Maureen Fulton and Karen Hunter keep time for the pie eaters. ILE AT PJEM3 « TOP LEFT: Students from English and History classes take advantage of the li- brary’s resources. ABOVE LEFT: Enthusi- astic football players, introduced to the student body, promote spirit. ABOVE: Mr. Thomas Blackney tries to ex- plain the laws of Physics in a friendly way. CENTER: The Library is open to the stu- dents all day. Many students benefit from its variety of literature o ffered. FRIENDS Friendship is a quality that should be cherished. But friends are not just found they must be sought out. What would we do without those “extras” to lend a helping hand? Student Council, Band, Physical Education, and sports. By sharing the same griefs and burdens, joys and pleasures which come to us through everyday activities at school, Northern is made a friendlier place. RIGHT : The marching band, led by Eric Willmarth, practices many hours a week for their performance at football games. BE- LOW: Freshmen gym classes enjoy many outdoor sports, when the sun is shining! Mardi Gras Court 1972 Janet Ledsworth Cindy Postill Junior Freshman Vicki Barbee Deborah Tomchuck Andrea Thomas Shelly Guizj Sophomore Senior Senior Freshman Susan Borovich Paula Wurmlinger Sophomore Junior Custodians and Cooks, Great Friends to Have Contributing greatly to Northern ' s attractive appearance of building and grounds are the combined ef- forts of Mr. Robert Barr, head custodian, and the efficient maintenance teams during the school and summer months. Mrs. Beatrice Dewey, in charge of the girl’s restrooms, joins the men in remarking that Northern’s stu- dents are “a pleasure to know”. LEFT: Mr. Adolph Kanthak. CENTER: Mr. Robert Barr. ABOVE: Mrs. Beatrice Dewey. TOP RIGHT: Evalynn La Vere, Gail Brown, Bertha Smith, Margaret Set- ter, Jessie Van Dyke, Nancy Burns, Louise Van Dusen, Betty McCormic, Mildred Green, Mable Melms, Bea Zimmer, Leona Miller, Eleanor Kuschel, Catherine Wilton. RIGHT: Mrs. Mildred Green. An especially friendly group at Northern is the cafeteria staff. These ladies work hard and long hours each day preparing the food for Northern and ten other schools; they manage to wear a smile at the end of a tiring day. Mrs. Mildred Green, head cook, has many responsibilities in working with a well-qualified staff of seven- teen. They prepare stimulating breakfasts, nourishing lunches, and between-meal snacks. For students in study hall, a welcomed new policy of having a snack at the beginning of each morning hour is ideal. Principal Reflects a Friendly Attitude James E. Overly, principal of Northern since its opening in 1964 admits the fact that “Students want to be recognized as individuals and respected as such.” Mr. Overly con- siders the needs and wants of the faculty and student bodies alike, and works diligently so that every Northern Student is given ample opportunity to make friends and learn in a personal and friendly atmosphere. Working closely with the assistant principal, department heads and grade deans, Mr. Overly constantly strives to make the curriculum rele- vant to today’s world. Mrs. Clara Wellman, Mr. Overly’s secretary, efficiently and promptly assists the principal in handling records, forms, and vast amount of detail work every day. Mr. Overly, a Michigan State University graduate, began his career in Grass Lake, Michigan, where he taught and served as princi- pal for ten years. TOP RIGHT: Department Heads; BOT- TOM ROW: Mrs. Carman Mahla, Home Making; Mrs. Daphine Rantanen, Business Education; Mr. Robert Hayes, Health Education; Mr. Overly; Miss Ruth Meyer, English; and Miss Mary Neil, Mathematics. TOP ROW: Mr. Walter Lyszak; Science, Mr. Gale Ahearn, Language; Mr. William Komph, Industrial Arts; and Mr. Richard Dougherty; Social Studies. LEFT: Mr. Overly is giving Robert Dost a few last minute instructions before the pie-eating contest begins. CENTER: Mr. James Overly, our friendly principal. LEFT: Mrs. Clara Wellman busy at her desk. Mr. Morehead . . . Administrator and Friend Mr. Raymond Morehead, assistant principal of Northern is an energetic, interested, friendly man with progress on his mind. Among his many respon- sibilities as assistant principal, his main concern is regulating Northern’s busy activity calendar. Of valuable assistance to Mr. More- head is his secretary, Mrs. Velma Shepherd. Mrs. Shepherd handles the business accounts and supervises the switchboard. Mr. Morehead was formerly a Busi- ness Education teacher and Counselor at Port Huron High School. He has been assistant principal since the opening of Northern and has contrib- uted a lot of time and effort to make certain that the best is always offered for the students. FAR LEFT: Mr. Morehead gives a fond farewell to the graduating Seniors. Shown on stage are class officers Juliette Tweedy, Andrea Thomas, and Sandra Campbell. President Charles Stevens is not shown. CENTER: Mrs. Velma Shepherd takes time off from her busy daily schedule to pose for a picture. BELOW: Grade Deans: 9th grade, Mr. Floyd Emlaw; 11th grade, Mrs. Marjorie Haugner; Mr. Morehead; 12th grade, Miss Patricia Austin, and 10th grade, Mr. Vincent Bonacci. LEFT: Mr. Raymond Morehead. 17 Board Selects Local Educator to Head PHASD Supt. Robert W. Coulter Northern students, faculty, and administrators wel- come Mr. Robert W. Coulter as the new superintendent of the Port Huron Area School District. Upon assuming his new position last July, Mr. Coulter stated that “the superintendency ... is an awe- some responsibility until one realizes that the responsibil- ity is a shared one.” He feels that striving for the continuing development toward an effective educational program is the concern of everybody. Mr. Coulter, since 1965, held the office of Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Administration of the PHASD. Formerly, he served as a counselor and teacher in the local schools, and as Superintendent of the Township School District; he joined the PHASD as Director of Sec- ondary Education in 1961. As a graduate of Port Huron Junior College, Mr. Coulter continued his education at Wayne State University where he earned the B.S. and M.E. degrees. Currently he is in the process of completing the final requirements for the Doctor of Education degree through Wayne. Mr. Coulter is a member of a number of professional organizations; among them are the Michigan Association of School Administrators, American Association of School Administrators, the NEA, MEA, and Michigan Association of School Administrators Council. The Rotary Club and the YMCA are two service groups in which he is presently active and interested. Mr. Coulter has a son and a daughter pursuing their studies in the field of education at Central Michigan Uni- versity. ABOVE: Mr. Robert W. Coulter receives the Christmas album given to him by the A Cap- pclla and Chorale Choirs. Board Directs Area Schools BELOW: The Port Huron Area Schools Board of Education. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Wm. J. Dinnen, Mr. A.B. Carlisle, President; and Mrs. Alice McKinnon. TOP ROW: Mr. Martin E. Weiss, Mr. Elwin F. Hartwig, and The Reverend F.A. Schoof. Not shown in the picture is Dr. H. J. Hazledine. The Port Huron Area School Dis- trict Board of Education consists of a highly dedicated group of seven mem- bers which meets regularly at least twice a month to consider school poli- cies, act upon current business matters, and approve curriculum development. The Board’s main concern lies in the betterment of the school system and in the interests of all students. It is also interested in an increased account- ability to insure that the increasing costs of education are matched by in- creased achievement of educational goals. With the m ovement of new families into the district and the addition of the Catholic High School students to the system, the Board faces the prob- lem of overcrowded conditions. In- forming the community of the school district’s accomplishments and prob- lems is another concern of the Board. It recognizes the importance for in- creasing communication and involve- ment of the community and the school staff. Current questions and discussions relative to the legality and adequacy of the property tax as a means of fi- nancing public schools was considered one of the most crucial problems by the Board. Locally, the 16% mills of property tax expires this year. 19 Student Life The life of a PHNHS student can be fun as well as educational, and the student may avail himself of the many advantages of the after-school functions of- fered. Clubs, organizations, and sports programs are created to meet the needs of each student providing outlets for action, creativity, guidance, and perfor- mance. Activities of varied backgrounds bring victories, de- feats, happiness, and disappointments. Projects and plays, programs and assemblies make learning more interesting and bring students to realize the closeness they achieve throughout the years. Activities provide the action, clubs supply the challenge, and friends are gained and all together these make up a happy STU- DENT LIFE. 21 Students Take Advantage of the New Study FRESHMAN COURT NOMINEES-BOT- TOM R OW: Nancy Allen and Pam Lynch. TOP ROW: Margaret Guizar, Regina Schultz, Linda Lynch, Becky Sharette, Sarah Tomion, Cindy Postill, and Anita Har- ris. ABOVE LEFT: With this year’s Mardi Gras theme in mind, the frosh came up with the original setting of Atlantis. ABOVE: Deborah Wade seems to be really excited about the tricycle race. With the pep that she had, she came in first. 26 Sophomores Have the Mardi Gras Spirit But Not the Power SOPHOMORE COURT NOMINEES- BOT- TOM ROW: Lauri D. Smith, Debbie Toles, and Peggy Matthews. Missing is Judy Childs. TOP ROW: Lynda Rodriguez, Leslie Amadon, Mary Cargo, Sue Borovich, Laurie Wagner, Kim Williams, and Vicki Barbee. LEFT: The Time Tunnel was a great wall for the Sophomores. 27 JUNIOR COURT NOMINEES-BOTTOM ROW: Lori Amadon, Kathy Gilmore, and Linda Turloff. Missing are Debbie Nunn, Lori Illingworth, and Jamie Fenner. TOP ROW: Paula Wurmlinger, Darlene Sitka, Julie Keys, Linda Tracey, Debby Papinaw, and Janet Ledsworth. LEFT: Juniors dis- play their power by placing first in wall competi- tion with their scenic creation of the “Land of Time. i THROUGH TIME MAN . REACHED OUT FOR A BETTER TOMORROW AND I FOUND 2001 n " j— 28 Seniors and Juniors Add to Mardi Gras Success MARDI GRAS QUEEN NOMINEES- BOTTOM ROW: Candace Kirkendall, Nora Ryan, Lisa McCalmon, Andrea Thomas, and Darlene Richards. TOP ROW: Dondra Toles, Sandra Campbell, Cynthia Stein, Karen Hunter, and Deborah Tomchuk. BELOW RIGHT : Charles Stevens is hard at work on the senior wall. BELOW LEFT : This year’s senior wall was very original with the theme of the 21st Century. The Class of ’72 put up a scroll with the idea of giving all the money, that would have normally been spent on an elaborate wall, to a charity. Port Huron Northern High — We Represent You STUDENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE BOARD-SEATED: Mr. Thomas Hamilton (advisor), Karen Hunter, Greta Armbruster, Rich- ard Whipple, Mike Ward, Barbara McCarthy, Sherrie Postill, and Gayle Philp. FIRST ROW, Standing: Frances Ryan, Maureen Fulton, Debbie Nunn, and Dori Neal. SECOND ROW: Lori Illing- worth, Sue Borovich, Tim Mullen, Mark Setter, William Wolf, Brent Dupes, and Mark Willard. 30 9th GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL-From bottom are: Carmen Gil- lett, Thomas Barry, Cindy Postill, Marilyn Biemot, Kevin Setter, Carol Claflin, Cindy Rome, Harry MacCallum, Mark Willard, Ed Thayer, Mike Collin, Nancy Kearer, and Robin Fleming. 10th GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL-LEFT: Jean Hudy, Caroline Gonzales, Susan Lewis, Leslie Amadon, Cynthia Jacobson, and Lynne Pionk. MIDDLE: Laura Havens, Timothy Mullen, and Eileen McIntyre. RIGHT: Lisa Fadell, Janet Shoffner, Michael Chafty, Karl Warsheski, Grant Delworth, and Susan Borovich. 11th GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL-LEFT: Dori Neal, Linda Turl- off, Terry Barbee, Tim Hudy, Sue Lucey, Jamie Fenner. MIDDLE: Brian Lynch, David Zurick, Dee Stevens, and Lori Illingworth. RIGHT: Debbie Rabine, Gwynne Stoddard, Jodi Harris, Mark Borowski, and Ed Clark. 12th GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL-LEFT: Karen Hunter, Mike Ward, Timothy Collins, Elaine Manis, Mark Setter, and Richard Whipple. MIDDLE: Carol Bennett, Jim Olary, Mark Ryaties, and Greta Armbruster. RIGHT: Maureen Fulton, Dennis Talarico, Barbara Brown, Barbara McCarthy, Margaret Tomion, and Sherrie Postill. 31 Second-Semester Student Council Promotes Annual ABOVE: Second-Semester Student Council members at- tend a weekly meeting where they get details for the up- coming Magazine Sale in February. RIGHT: The “Grease Band” performs at the Magazine assembly. Mr. Shields and Bradford Teeple are on stage; and from left to right are Eric Willmarth, David Stein, Michael Ward, Terrance Cogley, Brian Turner, and David Rambaum. Not pictured is drummer, Rick Martin. 32 Magazine Sale — A Success LEFT: The Magazine committee takes a few minutes out of their busy campaign. BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen xMc- Kinley, Geoffry Pennington, Laura Lalley, and Barbra McCarthy. TOP ROW: Mike Ward, Mike Fadell, Bradford Teeple, John Willmarth, and Charles Stevens. BELOW- The Executive Board for Second-semester is: BOTTOM ROW: Mike Ward, Karen Hunter, Bradford Teeple, Kath- leen McKinley, and Charles Stevens. TOP ROW: Laura Havens, Mark Rynties, William Wolf, Mark Stevens, Richard Whipple, John Wolf, Geoffry Pennington, Sarah Tomion, Mark Setter, and Carmen Gillett. 33 700 Strong Attend PHN’S Seventh Birthday Dance The annual Birthday Dance was well attended by approximately 700 students in the celebration of North- ern’s seventh year. Everyone danced to music provided by “Julia” and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. To top the night off, three cakes were supplied by the Student Council and were served by Executive mem- bers Richard Whipple and Greta Arm- bruster (below). Happy Birthday, Northern, for another year! Chess, Anyone? The PHNHS Chess Club is an in- formal organization of students which meets once a week to compete among themselves to improve their technique, procedure, and subsequently, their total skill in this complicated and dif- ficult game. The Club is composed of students of all grades who are interested in playing or learning chess. The selection of officers in the Chess Club is established by playoff tournaments, and which position each member will play during interscholastic competitions is determined by his standings in club tourneys. Miss Doris Warren is sponsor. The Chess Club atmosphere is social and friendly, which enables members to have a good time with friends when not engrossed in the stimulating game of chess. TOP: CHESS CLUB MEMBERS: Mark Bottrell, Karl Schmidt, Kevin Alloway , Russ Brown, John Willmarth, David Mordis, Gerald Harper, and Geoffry Pennington. Seated is Miss Doris Warren, Spon- sor. BELOW LEFT: Dedicated chess players in the midst of an ex- citing game are John Willmarth, Geoffry Pennington, and Karl Schmidt. BELOW RIGHT : Geoffry Pennington contemplates his next move in order to outwit his opponent. 35 36 No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, apart of the main: if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man ' s death diminishes me, be- cause I am involved in Mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. 37 Debate Club Chalks Up Another Win — Hurrah Port Huron Northern belongs to the Blue Water Debate League, which, this year, is composed of 13 schools from the general area of St. Clair County. In debate, each school presents a team consisting of one affirmative team of two debaters and one negative team of two debaters. Each school partici- pates in a regularly scheduled meet or 12 rounds of debate this season. During the round the affirmative team from one school meets the negative team from another school, so four schools are involved in any one particular round. Usually, the league has two rounds per meet. Competition consists of two parts: school vs. school and individual vs. individual. After 12 rounds or 24 debates, the school with the most wins becomes the top school. This year PHN won 17 and lost 7, placing third in the area league. At the end of the sea- son, the top speaker for each school is listed. During the season, the debater is judged on the basis of 6 categories with a 5-point scale. The categories are: analysis, organization, refutation, reasoning, evidence, and delivery. This year’s top speaker for PHN was Kevin Alloway, with an average of 27 points. In addition to the Varsity, Northern also has a Ju- nior Varsity which practices against JV’s from the other league members. This year’s team composed of Kevin Alloway, John Willmarth, Bill Wolf, and Robert Ulrich dis- played a keen competitive spirit along with fine sportsmanship in representing the school. Beginning in January, the team enters the District tournaments hoping to win 4 of 6 rounds to be eligi- ble for the Regionals; then, perhaps, the State finals! ABOVE LEFT IS NORTHERN’S DEBATE CLUB-BOT- TOM ROW: Robert Ulrich, Kevin Alloway, William Wolf, and John Willmarth. TOP ROW: Linda Tracey, Karl Schmidt, James Ward, Myra Hayward, and Mr. Irvin Hay- ward, sponsor. LEFT: William WolFs enthusiastic attitude makes every debate club meeting an interesting one. 38 Drama Club Displays Its Talents To promote interest in drama, the new Drama Club was formed this year at Northern under the supervision of Miss Frances Korbelak. The club’s first performance, “The Last Laugh,” with the faculty mem- bers participating, was directed, written, and costume-designed by the students themselves. One-act plays are planned and per- formed after school throughout the year. Pantomimes, readings, and sing- ing take place at the weekly meetings. The club readily donates its services to various community groups; such as homes for the aged, and homes for children. ABOVE: Kathy Klein, Susan Morseth, Deborah Cichoracki, Marvin Manska, and Susan Som- merville. BELOW LEFT: DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS: Dee Stevens, President; Mary Therese Elliot, Vice President; Linda Back man, Secretary; and Kathy Klein; Treasurer. BELOW RIGHT: Margaret Cichoracki displays her dramatic ability as she portrays the wicked witch of the West from the WIZARD OF OZ. PHN Students Become Aware of Ecology Problem Northern’s Environmental Action Group, better known as the Ecology Club, under the gallant leadership of president Steve Morris, has gone back to Nature to learn about the roots of the Michigan Ecology Movement. Through the many journals and magazines N.E.C. (Northern Ecology Club) has kept informed of all other environmental activists in the nation. Because of the educa- tional emphasis of NEC first semester, the Big Four (Steve Morris, Linda Tracy, Gwynne Stoddart, Lisa Schoof) set aside second semester and the coming school year (’72-’73) for ACTION. Each and everyone of N.E.C.’s members believe that ecology is EVERYONE’S concern. They practice their beliefs and encourage others to help improve Northern’s Ecology. ABOVE RIGHT: Officers of the Environmental Action Group sit- ting leisurely and enjoying the beauty of nature are: Linda Tracey, Vice President; Steve Morris, President; Gwynne Stoddart, Trea- surer; and Lisa Schoof, Secretary. BELOW LEFT: MEMBERS OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION GROUP-BOTTOM ROW: Kim Williams, Catherine Corbett, Steve Morris, Christina Jarvis, Mark Rapp, Adelaide McLean, David Oppliger, and Janet Zieg. TOP ROW: Linda Tracey, Susan Hart, Debbie Hautau, Elizabeth Mill- wood, Liza Schoof, Gwynne Stoddart, and Sue Myron. BELOW RIGHT: Searching for ways to improve wild life, four members of the Environmental Action Group stroll through the woods. 40 Future Nurses Get Practice At the Hospital The Future Nurse’s Club emphasizes volunteer hospital work and service to the community as their main goal. These include assisting at the Health Clinic and the Candy Striping program at the Port Huron Hospital. At Christmas time the girls help a needy family or homeless children. Field trips are taken to several hospi- tals in the Detroit area which have pro- grams for obtaining a Nursing degree. With Miss Iris Nelson as sponsor the girls enjoy a picnic or a dinner at the end of the year. RIGHT-SEATED: Kathy Peacock, Susan Wille, and Gayle Heidenrich. STANDING: Betty Jo Porter, Susanne Montgomery, Mary Ellen Hunter, Karen Knotts, Nancey Kosel, and Janice Belanger. BOTTOM: Linda Eagle, Peggy Matthews, Deanna Tice, Candy Putz, Jeanette Potter, Sandy Stevenson, and Kathy McKinley. SEATED: Catherine Corbett. 41 LEFT-SEATED: Cynthia Williamson, Presi- dent: Mary Ann Warnke, Vice President: Dianne Krohn, Secretary: and Reese Thom- as, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Miss Doris Warren, Advisor, Laurel McLean, Bill Jex, Deborah Stocker, Cindy Stocker, Ann Rutherford, Beth Robbins, Eugenie Bart- ley, Rose Rynties, Carol McCallum, Mari- lou McKelvey, Christine Collins, Jeanne Williams, Lynn Beaver, and Miss Dorothy Kemp, Advisor. BELOW LEFT: ‘You two be the students, exclaims Cynthia William- son to Christine Collins and Jeanne Williams, ‘and 1 11 play the teacher.’ Future Teachers Gain Valuable Experience For those who are interested in learning about teaching as a possible profession, the FTA is the club to join! Service to educational groups, such as serving at the PHEA dinner in Sep- tember and working on Northern’s Open House brings Future Teachers in- to contact with that part of a teacher’s work outside the classroom. An annual Christmas party, at which children from underprivileged families are entertained, helps the members learn to work with children. The Cadet Teaching Program gives members the experience of working with children in the classroom. Each year a trip to a college campus gives members an opportunity to learn about programs provided by that insti- tution. In the spring, the club honors Northern’s teachers by sponsoring an Appreciation Week; it also plans a pic- nic in honor of the senior members. With the assistance of the sponsors, Miss Doris Warren and Miss Dorothy Kemp, the Future Teachers respond to give various services throughout the school. 42 DEP Lures Top Students From German Classes The German Honor Society, Delta Epsilon Phi, is a na- tion wide organization. In order to become a member the stu- dent must excel in German for at least two years, maintain a B plus average in German, and a B average in his other sub- jects. The members meet approximately twice a year for din- ner and at this time the induction of new members takes place. This year’s dinner is expected to be held at the Surf- sider in Lexington-an occasion all German Honor Society members look forward to. BELOW: This year’s German Club includes Mr. James Norman (spon- sor), Roy Schultheiss, Jane Aldrich, David Letts, and Peter Juziuk. RIGHT: Mr. Norman and David Letts look with disgust at each other’s “hair”. 43 GAA Stresses Importance of Sportsmanship To have fun and enjoyment, girls who are interested in sports and games extend their knowledge of these activities at GAA twice a week at six-thirty. Among the special activities enjoyed during the year are Dad’s Night, Mom’s Night, and Co-ed Night when the girls bring their boyfriends. High points of the GAA year include the interscholastic sports where the girls learn new skills at playdays and compete in the EML Volleyball and Badminton meets. To finance activities, GAA is in charge of the concessions at Northern’s Varsity basketball and football games. With the assistance of their sponsor, Miss Diane Fugiel, the girls plan a banquet at the end of the year to honor all outstanding participants. LEFT: “Get that ball,” exclaims Jan Griffith as Rebbecca Langolf and Deb Johnston play bas- ketball. LOWER LEFT: GAA OFFICERS- BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Pool, and Stephanie Dudas. TOP ROW: Sharon Falk, Rebecca Lan- golf, Judith Capadagli, and Jan Griffith. LOWER RIGHT: Monday night is a time for fun for GAA members. Council Plans Interesting, Peppy Assemblies ABOVE LEFT: Richard Whipple presents the Mardi Gras barrel to the Sophomores. ABOVE: The Crimson Bridge group was enjoyed by both students and faculty. LEFT: The A Cappella choir, directed by Mr. Dieterich, performs throughout the year. BOTTOM LEFT: Dondra Toles has lots of spirit for the pep assemblies. BELOW: These students “seem” to see something funny about the hypnotist Dr. Ross. Sponsored jointly by Northern High School and the Y.M.C.A., Lakers Hi-Y is a young men’s organization dedicated to furthering fellowship and Christian ideals in the home, school, and community. In an attempt to reach this goal, the members of Lakers participate in many activities throughout the year. The Club’s energies during the first semester are concentrated on preparation for the Y.M.C.A. Youth Legislature in Lansing. This annual event involves many members of the Club who spend three days at the Capitol building as part of a model legislature. Students not only learn through participation how a bill becomes a law, but gain invaluable experience in meeting other young people from com- munities around the state. Lakers’ other activities include various fund-raising and community projects, and social functions with its sister club, Tri Hi-Y. Although the club’s policy has been to hold membership down to twenty-five, by popular demand the enrollment has been allowed to increase to over thirty this year. Mr. Glen Pike is the enthusiastic sponsor. Lakers Promote Christian Unity ABOVE: Lakers engage themselves in a frisky game of basketball. LAK- ERS BELOW LEFT— BOTTOM ROW: Alfred Morris, Vice President; Robert Dost, Chaplain; Brian Lynch, Treasurer; Thomas Staiger, Secre- tary; and Kevin Carolan, President. SECOND ROW: Conrad Majeski, Scott Snyder, Bob Toles, Mike Bums, and Mike Wise. THIRD ROW: Mark Campbell, Mike Carolan, Jeff Rader, Craig Overly, Ed Hess, Ron Tosch,and Lynn Darr. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Glen Pike, Advisor; Ken Tosch, Assistant Advisor; Steve Bonney, Joseph Fetterly, and Richard Witzke. TOP ROW: Jim Carolan, Assistant Advisor; Jeff McNash, Rich- ard Whipple, Gregory Majeski, Lome Neal, Philip Yost, and John Shire. BELOW RIGHT: “Help!” exclaims Mr. Glen Pike as he and his fellow Lakers enjoy themselves after a weekly meeting. BOTTOM ROW: Craig Overly, Brian Lynch, Scott Snyder, and Thomas Staiger. SECOND ROW: Steve Bonney, Mike Bums, Richard Whipple. THIRD ROW: Gregory Majeski, and Ed Hess. TOP: Mr. Glen Pike, Advisor. “Kappa Phi Sigma” P.H.N.’s Latin Club Members of the Latin Club are either enrolled in a Latin course or have previously completed two years. Even though the group lost several former members to Central High, more students elected Latin this year; so, there are a number of new faces. The Junior Classical League sponsored trip to Italy is a particular interest of the Latin Club members even though they elected not to send anyone this year. Last year, how- ever, the Club raised several hundred dollars to help five of its members take the trip. Sherrie Postill, Beth Millwood, Alelaide McLean, Eric Willmarth, and Greg Reynolds were the lucky ones. Besides visiting many places in Italy which they had read about in their Latin studies, they stopped in Rome and toured the Vatican and museums of Renaissance art. With Miss Mildred Rush as sponsor, this year’s club is ably led by Eric Willmarth, President ; Beth Millwood, Vice President ; Adelaide McLean, Secretary ; and Andrea Thomas, Treasurer. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS: LEFT: Sherrie Postill, Eric Willmarth, Gregory Reynolds, Elizabeth Millwood. BELOW: The group that went to Italy; Sherrie Postill, Eric Willmarth, Gregory Reynolds, and Elizabeth Mi llwood. ABOVE: Carol Ogg, Elizabeth Corbin, Billie Hodgins, Michele Berdan, Linda Bair, and Bob Walsh have fun in the library looking for good literature. BELOW: Lit Gub Members are-SEATED: Linda Bair, Treasurer; Billie Hodgins, President; Mr. Miller, Elizabeth Corbin, Vice President. STANDING: Elizabeth Wildes, Jeff McNash, Robin Delong, Roberta Irwin, Catherine Corbett, Deborah Bailey, Carol Ann Ogg, Marianne Rauth, Denise Dazer, Laurie Illingworth, Bob Walsh, Tina Stocks. Lit Club Members Enjoy Stage Productions Northern’s Literature Club is a group of students interested in the writings of America. It is open to any student interested in examining novels and plays in depth. One of the Club’s aims was to raise money for a trip to Niagara Falls and several of the forts around the area. They had several money-making proj- ects, which included a Bake Sale and a Sucker Sale. The group sponsored the movie, “EXPERIMENT IN TER- ROR,” which was open to all inter- ested Northern students. They have at- tended Fisher, Hillberry, Wayne State, and Little Theatre of Port Huron pro- ductions as a group. 48 Scholars and Leaders Make Up Honor Society National Honor Society members are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. To be eligible for consideration for membership, each prospective member must have been enrolled at Northern at least one year, be in the upper third of his class, and have maintained a 3.0 grade average. Proceeds from a tea, held at one of the student’s homes, were among the resources used for a scholarship provided to a Northern student who plans to attend SCCCC. The society held two car washes, sponsored an open house for the PTA and had various parties throughout the year. The purposes of this organization are to create an enthu- siasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote a worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character. Mr. James Norman (advisor), and David Schumacher, President of the NHS look through a previous Honor Society’s scrapbook. Other officers of the Society are Sherrie Postill, Vice President; Karen Hunter, Secretary; and Brian Anderson, Treasurer. BOTTOM: Barbara McCarthy, Heather Hayward, Mary Ann Nichol- son, Andrea Thomas, Connie St. Onge, Patricia Andreae, Carol Bennett, Maureen Fulton, Lisa McCalmon, and Juliette Tweedie. SECOND ROW: Margaret Tomion, Sherrie Postill, Kevin Alloway, Linda Gregory, Tami Wismer, Pamela VanThournout, Sandra Camp- bell, Sandra Eagling, Peggy McBrien, David Schumacher, Greta Armbruster, and Karen Hunter. THIRD ROW: Alex Dalrymple, William Wolf, Mark Setter, Philip Yost, Joseph McCarthy, Robert Burchill, Brian Anderson, and Laura Ledsworth. TOP ROW: John Willmarth, Eric Willmarth, Daniel Schoof, Murray Daniels, and Jeff Ronan. 49 Enthusiastic — Y es ! A great deal of school spirit is aroused by the ever- energetic members of Northern’s Pep Club. This group’s activities include selling suckers on the streets of Port Huron, sitting together at games, learning cheers, and having parties. The club has sponsored the annual Spirit Week during the week of the P.H.N.-P.H. basketball game. Pro- motion of school spirit is the major interest of the club. Dis- cussing and planning projects take place at the regular meet- ings. ABOVE LEFT: Kathleen McKinley makes a disapproving face to all those who are non-ecology minded! LOWER LEFT: MEMBERS OF PHN’S PEP CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Gilda Torello, Susan Smith, Bonney Brissel, Kathy Watson, Pam DuPree, Sue Lucey, and Paul Gordon. SECOND ROW: Kathleen McKinley, Roxanne Mein- hardt, Ann Osborn, Marilyn Campbell, Renee Smith, Tami Wismer, and Sue Kerr. TOP ROW: Michael Nagy, Clayton Lucey, Darlene Richards, and Kathleen Kirkpatrick. BELOW: Gilda Torello, Sue Lucey, and Kathleen McKinley put trash in its place. Radio and Broadcasting Port Huron Northern’s FM radio station hopes to get on the air before the end of this school year. The station will operate on 91 .9 FM and have a range of approximately 15-20 miles. Its programs are both educational and musical, and selections are chosen from classical, folk, jazz, and rock music. The station is fully licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. The station is to be operated by the students of the broad- casting class. The General Manager is Mr. Robert D. Trapp. Mr. James Over- ly is the Executive Director. LEFT: Bob Walsh takes a moment out of his busy broadcasting schedule to relax. BE- LOW LEFT: Students working with the radio are Vern Pierce, Tina Stock, and Gynne Stoddart. BELOW RIGHT: Jeff Mc- Nash, Robert Dost, and Scott Snyder get in some T.V. experience in broadcasting class. 51 Blue Mountain Challenges Snowdrifters As the Snowdrifters skid into their meeting at the “Y” on Wednesday nights at seven, many skiers turn out. This is an opportunity for all Northern ski enthusi- asts to get together and have some fun and snow. Trips are planned, exciting movies are shown, ideas to raise money are brought up at the meetings. The urge for snow fills the air as tentative trips are planned for Boyne Highlands and Blue Mountain. The YMCA helps the group with bussing and trip planning, and accom- modations. The Executive Board, consisting of the four officers and five members at large, puts the final touches on all plans. Miss Elaine Faba and Mr. Howard Heidemann are co-sponsors and are pre- pared for anything! If you talk to any skier after a meeting, the only thing he’ll say is, “THINK SNOW!” RIGHT ABOVE: The officers for Ski Club are Kathcen Keeler, Peter Drescher, and Patrica Whaling. BELOW LEFT: The Ski Club is having a meeting discussing the next ski trip. BELOW RIGHT: Steven Morris, Frances Ryan, and Jerry Kent. 52 Juniors and Seniors Make Plans At Prom Time LEFT-Prom time was an exciting and fulfilling time of year for Ju- niors Shelly Berden, Marianne Rauth, Sue Blanchard, and Elizabeth Corbin as they worked diligently on their decorations. BELOW LEFT -Seniors Donald Kirkendall, Gayle Philp, Timothy Collins, Laura Lalley, and Linda Gregory have fun while making plans for their big night, “An Old-Fashioned Love Song.” BELOW -Both Juniors and Seniors enjoy themselves at the Junior Prom “A Time For Us” with music provided by “The Plain Brown Wrapper.” BOTTOM- Seniors Karen Hunter, Brian Anderson, Deborah Castello,and Mark Setter consult Mr. Robert Mattson on ideas for decorations. Frederick S. Peris Academics Northern’s wide and varied curriculum covers a broad area of offerings designed to provide the op- portunity for a well-rounded education for all stu- dents. It consists of all types of classes ranging from Homemaking to Aerospace. Every type of individual is considered in the classes, and many students may improve daily under the excellent instruction of Northern’s well-qualified faculty. Dedicated teachers, grade deans, and coun- selors assist as well as become good friends to stu- dents during their four years of high school. The teachers challenge students to delve into the practical, and sometimes the abstract. They provide appropriate instruction to meet the needs of all stu- dents as their abilities and needs warrant. The curriculum provides the challenge, the faculty provides the leadership. Together they mold students to be worthy citizens in a progressive society. 57 Compass Staff Provides News That’s Current! The Compass staff members tried to put out a 4-page weekly paper during the first semester. They succeeded and ended up with 12 issues. Because of a small staff the group switched to a bi-weekly paper for the second semester. A typical weekly schedule for the staff was: Monday, ad copy comes in and assignments are given; Tuesday, stu- dents are out interviewing and getting facts for their stories; Wednesday, all copy comes in, is proofread, and page layouts are given to page editors; and Thursday, copy is laid out and by 1 :00 the paper is ready to go to the printer in Marysville. In Marysville all copy is once more laid out, type sizes for headlines and ads are set. Then it goes to Sarnia where it is printed on an offset press. This means that each page is photographed and then run off on newsprint. From all the rushing to meet the Thursday deadline, recuperation day is Friday. However, members critique the paper and do some “brainstorming” for new stories to be as- signed on Monday. Even though it is a big job for a small staff, it is truly a challenge to put out a “newsy” paper! Small Staff Plans School Paper LEFT: Wendy Farquhar explains to Susan Lewis and Linda Havens the fundamentals of making layouts. BELOW: Jennifer Dar- ling and Bradford Teeple bring in ads to Di- ane Langolf. OPPOSITE PAGE -TOP RIGHT: The Compass Staff enjoys a rare moment of peace and quiet. Leaning are Diane Langolf, Wendy Farquhar, Ada Con- lan, Constance Meehan and Darlene Rich- ards. Daryll Saunders and Steve Kremer back them up as Andrea Thomas raises her arms in joy. CENTER: Elizabeth Shoffner and Constance Meehan type copy while Susan Lucey observes. BOTTOM: Elizabeth Shoffner, Wendy Farquhar, Darlene Richards Richards, Miss Loroli e Brown, Constance Meehan, Linda Havens, and Susan Lucey go over copy for another Compass dead- line. Compass Staff Elizabeth Shoffner Front page Editor Jenni Darling Editorial page Editor Constance Meehan Feature page Editor Diane Langolf “Hickline” Writer Wendy Farquhar Sports page Editor Susan Lucey 2nd sem. Reporter Susan Lewis 2nd sem. Reporter Linda Havens 2nd sem. Reporter Bradford Teeple 1st sem. Reporter Darlene Richards 1st sem. Reporter Andrea Thomas Editor in Chief Daryll Saunders Photographer Steven Kremer Photographer Jeffery Ronan Photographer Miss Lorolie Brown .... Advisor 59 Developing English RIGHT : This may look like a music class, but actually it is Janet Staggart giving a report in Miss Meyer’s English class. BELOW: EN- GLISH DEPARTMENT TEACHERS-STANDING: Miss Ruth Meyer (chairman), Miss Francine Fisher, Miss Elaine Faba, Miss Loroiie Brown, and Miss Frances Korbelak. OPPOSITE PAGE LEFT: Timothy Funkhouser does a special assignment for Mrs. Tate’s English class. LOWER LEFT: Ralph Schoettle gets help from Mrs. Goldsworthy in Creative Writing class. 60 Skills Requires Concentration and Self-expression The nongraded phase elective curriculum was intro- duced by the English Department in the Fall of 1970. Un- like the static traditional English program, this curriculum is structured to provide greater opportunities for student success and satisfaction. It is flexible and dynamic enough that it can be continuously adapted to make English ex- citing and stimulating. With its wide range of course offerings, the phase elective curriculum makes English more personal and mean- ingful by allowing each student to set up a program which uniquely fits his individual needs. Each course is designed carefully to insure that it will correspond to the interest, need, and ability of the student for whom it is intended. This phase elective curriculum is designed to give the student more freedom in the selection of his English pro- gram. In order to make intelligent selections, the student needs to have a greater understanding of his own education- al and personal goals. Early in the second semester of his freshman year, the student, with the help and guidance of his counselor and English teacher, plans a course of work for the next three years that will best fulfill his educational goals and provide a varied and balanced program in the lan- guage arts. 61 English Students Learn 62 OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT: David Ruthofske does his own thing in Mr. Trapp’s second-hour Broadcast-T.V. class. BELOW RIGHT : Pam Gates finds Mrs. Goldsworthy’s Reading for Problem Solving very entrancing. BELOW LEFT: Karen Rilling, Ann Moore, Michelle Schatzline, and Roxanne Miron are taken in by the art shown in this specific picture. TOP LEFT : Roger Ross doesn’t know what to think about all the books. That’s just one of the things that happens in Mrs. Patterson’s First-hour American Litera- ture class. BELOW RIGHT: English Department Staff: SEATED: Mrs. Nancy Jo Condland, Mrs. Kathleen Tate, Mrs. Kathe Golds- worthy, Miss Lillian Perry and Mrs. Marian Houck. STANDING: Mr. James Duncan, Mr. Richard Chapman, Mr. Irvin Hayward, Mr. Larry Miller, and Mr. Donald Aikins. English Dept. Program Emphasizes Participation ABOVE: Glenys Daft and David Ziegler explain to Miss Brown the correct way to give and follow directions. RIGHT: Mrs. Matthews substitutes in Reading for Problem Solving class. BELOW: William Wolf, Barbara McCarthy, David Schumacker, Juliette Tweedie, Dan- iel Schoof, Karen Hunter, and Mark Setter look over the video tape machine in Advanced English class. 64 ABOVE: Susan Myron, Patricia Andrcae, and Patricia Smiley por- tray the witches from Hamlet in Mr. Duncan ' s English class. BE- LOW: Lawrence Hanbidge works tediously on his assignment. RIGHT: Susan Morseth, Linda Backman and Deborah Bailey decide how they can portray the image of “Hair " in Miss Korbelak’s Styles of Acting class. 65 One-Semester Courses in Speech, Literature, 66 and Composition Prove Popular with Students TOP LEFT : Mr. Miller explains the three ways of doing things to his Mark Twain class: the right way, the navy way, and his way. ABOVE: Acting in “Inherit the Wind” are Charles Drescher, Sandra Stevenson, and Karl Warshefshi. LEFT: Mrs. Condland’s speech class presents a song pantomime. Languages. . . Tools of Friendship and Peace The primary method of communication is language. Improved communica- tion between people depends upon knowledge of more than a student’s mother tongue. Hence, Northern’s emphasis on foreign languages. Included in the curricu- lum of the Language Department are four years of Spanish, Latin, French, and German. Each of the four languages offered deal with its own grammar, composi- tion, and conversational techniques. Students are also greatly aided by Northern’s extensive language laboratory. Through its use teachers can readily check the progress of each student at the twist of a dial. To Speak or not to Speak . . . OPPOSITE PAGE: LEFT: John Hitchings questions students for the English translations to his German words in Miss Elaine Faba’s third-hour German class. CENTER: Sixth-hour French class is the scene as Mr. Ryskewecz helps Robert Dost adjust the dials for the head phones. BOTTOM: Language Department teachers. SEATED: Miss Elaine Faba, Miss Linda Thalheimer, Miss Marci Townsley and Miss Mildred Rush. STANDING: Mr. James Norman, Mr. Peter Ryskewecz and Mr. Gale Aheam, chairman. ABOVE: Mr. Norman’s first-year German class spells out Piuf-a term whose meaning re- mains a mystery to us Anglo-Saxons. UPPER RIGHT: Tom Schlitts dons his headphones in Mr. Ahearns fifth-hour Spanish class. CEN- TER: Catch the bean bag and answer the question in Miss Townsley’s first-year Spanish class. BELOW: Le Francais (or the Frenchmen) play their spelling game in Miss Thalheimer’s first-year French Class. 69 TOP: The library is a popular place each hour of the day. ABOVE: Mrs. Gwendolyn Jones checks over the daily requests for A-V equipment. LEFT: Karl Schmidt reads a newspaper before homeroom. OPPOSITE PAGE-TOP: Mrs. Barbara Wismer assists Ruthann Dewey in Filing the information folders. CENTER LEFT : Mrs. Marsha Wypych, library secretary, works at the cir- culation desk. CENTER RIGHT: Karl Schmidt, John Willmarth, and David Schu- macher check out magazines for POD. BE- LOW-LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-BOT- TOM ROW: Max Segar, Timothy Funkhous- er, Patricia Johnson, Gloria Emerick, Rebec- ca Semrow, Susan Ronan, Donna Diaz, Don- na Daniels, Linda Krauss, Benjamin Bailey, Heather Hayward, and Robert Selby. TOP ROW: Raymond Silk, Charles Monzo, Carl Osborne, and Jeffery Schmidt. 70 Library Provides Place for Relaxation, Research School libraries are known as instructional material or research centers. Northern’s library warrants this name since it houses and has for circulation more than books. Some of the instructional media are: phonograph records, of music, drama, and foreign language lessons; film strips; films; slides; maps; specimens; globes; and microfilm. The library staff cir- culates the audio-visual equipment to reproduce these items. Books of fiction, past favorites and current selections, both in hard cover and paperback, fill the shelves. Mrs. Barbara Wismer and Mrs. Gwendolyn Jones are the librarians; Mrs. Marsha Wypych is the secretary. Numer- ous student assistants complete the staff. 71 Friendly and Well-qualified Social Studies The Social Studies program at Northern is directing it- self more and more toward the increasing social problems and developments within our society. In the Problems of Democracy class, for example, topics dealing with such issues as crime, delinquency, popu- lation, minorities, money and banking, taxation, foreign af- fairs, consumer affairs, and political parties are examined and discussed in depth. Two new courses added this year are Psychology and Comparative Religions. Both of these courses are offered to upperclassmen on an elective basis. Curriculum Study Committees have been formed to review the U.S. History, World Problems and Civics course offerings in relation to their relevancy and the students’ needs. Course offerings in other districts throughout Michi- gan are also being studied for their effectiveness and for their possible use in Northern’s program. Additionally, a new course entitled History of Michi- gan is being planned. Hopefully, this course will be included in the Social Studies program next year. ABOVE: Mr. Green once again gives one of those little quizzes that everyone forgets to prepare for -especially Bradford Teeple and Timothy Wiegand. LEFT: Mr. Bruce Brown’s American History class class enacts a scene from the play “Escape from the Planet of the Apes.” BELOW: SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT TEACH- ERS-STANDING: Mr. Clinton Mosher, Mr. Richard Dougherty, Chairman; Mr. Robert Clark, Mr. Thomas Hamilton, Mr. Gary Young, Mr. Cyril Smith, Mr. Fred Green, and Mr. Sam Coughenour. SEATED: Miss Mildred Rush, Miss Cherie Drcwyore, Mr. Bruce Brown, Mrs. Eugenie Becker, and Miss Doris Warren. 72 Faculty Uses Up-to-date Teaching Methods ABOVE: Karen Tucker, Stuart McLeod, Mark King, and Cindy Havner lead a Civics panel discussion in Mr. Green’s class. RIGHT: In Mrs. Becker’s World Problems class Thomas Easton and Daniel Armbruster meet the Oracle of Delphi. BELOW: Thomas Miller, Marvin Tait, Gayle Philp, and Greg St. Coeur check the newspapers for newspoints. FAR RIGHT: Brian Anderson gives newspoints on the ’72 presidential candidates in Mr. Coughenour’s POD class. 73 Social Studies Dept. Adds Psychology Course TOP PICTURE: Mr. Young seems to have hypnotized his Psycho- logy students-and they don’t mind at all! ABOVE RIGHT: Bruce Kirkendall and Bill Mills point out Port Huron on the map in Mr. Mosher’s Civics class as they explain the advantages of living in the Port Huron area. ABOVE: Stanley Pearson, Margaret Barnes, and Jamie Fenner talk about some of the significant personalities of the Civil War period in American History. RIGHT: Mr. Smith prepares for an hour s discussion on the students’ newspoint reading relating to the acceptance of China to the United Nations and the India- Pakistan War. 74 Curious Science Students Urged to Explore LEFT: Mr. Gehman’s Earth Science students Chris Graw, Vicki Cedervall, and Robert Neuman observe rocks and minerals through the microscopes. BELOW LEFT: David Bell and Tim Flanigan perform an acid foun- tain experiment in Mr. Miller’s Chemistry class. BELOW: Jeffrey Brown points out the location of the International Dateline to Nancy Allen in General Science. BOTTOM: Mr. Blackncy shows Robert Hicks and Carol Chance the effect of magnetism on radiation in Physical Science class. Science Teachers Assist Students in their Search For All the Answers In Science courses, students probe the mysteries of man and the world in which he lives. Test tubes, micro- scopes, experiments, formulas, dissection, classification are all words familiar to the science student. Experimentation is stressed in all the science courses, from physics to general science to chemistry to aerospace, allowing students to verify scientific theories and ideas for themselves. Applied thinking and methodical proof lead to scientific truths and by these means students begin to real- ize the significance of science’s relation to themselves and their lives. 76 OPPOSITE PAGE TOP RIGHT: Testing model airplanes is not a joke in Mr. Lyszak’s Aerospace class. BOTTOM LEFT: Linda Gregory, Philip Krenkc, Craig Neil, and Kevin Carolan experiment with mice in Miss Nelson’s A.P. Biology class. BOTTOM RIGHT: Philip Krenke appears to be good friends with the skeleton in Miss Nelson’s Advanced Placement Biology class. TOP LEFT: John Hitchings and John Boukamp have Mr. Spraggs inspect the test tubes in Biology class. BELOW: SCIENCE DE- PARTMENT TEACHERS-BOTTOM ROW LEFT: Mr. Howard Heidemann, Mr. Thomas Blackney. STANDING: Mr. James Gehman, Mr. Harold Miller, Mr. Laurence Spraggs, Miss Iris Nelson, Mr. Richard Gon- nering, and Mr. Walter Lyszak, chairman. Math Department Adds Northern’s Mathematics Department offers a wide variety of courses intended to provide each student with courses that will serve his needs as he plans for the future. Northern’s newest course is a semester course in Con- sumer Mathematics. It is intended for all interested senior students. Its two basic goals are to help students become more intelligent and efficient buyers and users of the goods and services available to the American people, and to help students become more competent in the mathematics re- quired of today’s consumer. A ninth grader may choose from Practical Mathe- matics, General Mathematics, or three levels of algebra. His choice and success at this level determines his choice as a tenth grader where he may choose from General Math- ematics, Algebra, or three levels of Geometry. In the eleventh grade, he may choose from Algebra or an acceler- ated course in Algebra and Trigonometry. In the twelfth grade, his choices are from a variety of semester courses. They include Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Logic, Statistics, Consumer Mathematics, and Calculus. This large variety of courses has been developed for the students because of the increased demand by business and industry that a student have a thorough working knowledge of many mathematical skills. 78 New Course for Seniors OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: James Holth, Elroy Raymond, David Thomas and Paul Jones work with an adding machine in Miss Gentilly ' s Consumer Math class. BOTTOM: MATH DEPART- MENT TEACHERS-SEATED: Miss Mary Neil (chairman), Mrs. Pamela Mosier, Miss Sandra Gentilly, and Mrs. Ruby Crittenden. STANDING: Mr. Tex Durand, Mr. Dale O ' Bryant, Mr. Richard Talladay, Mr. Peter Woods, Mr. Robert Fotchman, Mr. Ronald L. Davey, Mr. Eugene Blynn, and Mr. Michael Dineen. LEFT: Cheryl Wisson and Brian Dooley work out a General Math problem in Mr Durand ' s class. CENTER LEFT: Karen Gribbons, Laura Ange, and John Boukamp show off their geometric designs in Mrs. Critten- den’s Geometry class. BELOW: Renee Ravetta, Bob Belanger, John Marengo, David Letts, Craig Neal, and Ken Juysta observe Charles Stevens as he works on a math puzzle. BOTTOM RIGHT: In Basic Algebra, James Baker, Charles Harland, Lisa Fadell, Dave Luce, and Jerry Kent work out problems in Mr. Blynn ' s class. BOTTOM LEFT: Brian Fleming and Shawn Anderson put their homework problems on the board in Mrs. Mosier’s Algebra class. 79 Relax, Take Heart, Fun RIGHT: Ernie Hyde sits this one out in Mr. Bates gym class. BELOW: Randy Meads, Jerry Kent, Ronald Hustek, and Lynn Tooman demonstrate weight lifting in Mr. Armstrong’s ad- vanced gym class. LEFT: Robin Fleming demonstrates her abilities on the balance beam for classmates in freshman gym. LOWER RIGHT-TEACHERS IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPART- MENT-SEATED: Mrs. Nancy Harwood, Mrs. Sandy Hammond, and Miss Diane Fugiel. STANDING: Mr. James Bates, Mr. J. Robert Hayes (chairman), Mr. Barry Armstrong, Mr. Jay Weymouth, and Mr. Mike Falter. Is Only a Groan Away! Physical exercise is the key to a sound body and a stimulated mind. The physical Education department im- presses on the student the value of sound health and offers an opportunity to develop some basic skills. With any of these skills, a person may enjoy himself while ful- filling the purposes of exercise. Basketball, volleyball, baseball, track, tumbling, and calisthenics are standard for all students, along with field hockey and Swedish exercises for the girls; and football, soccer, and wrestling for the boys. Through gym classes, students realize how necessary regular exercise is to maintain a good physical condition. ABOVE: In gym class everyone has to try, even when it comes to standing on your head! LEFT: Mr. Weymouth gets a workout when he plays dodge ball with the boys. BELOW: Mr. Bates’ gym class vigorously plays a scrimmage game of basketball. % 81 A Capella Choir and Chorale Groups Perform ABOVE— NORTHERN CHORALE— BACK: Romney Parker, Brian Turner, Richard Ramsey, Bradford Teeple, Russel Harrison, Doss Spotts, and Lynn Tooman. FRONT: Jennifer Darling ' , Pamela Pickard, Bonnie Robbins, Caroline Harrison, Sally Proctor, Cheryl Kring, Storm Hise, ' Jean Scott, Patti Coggins, Jane Aldrich, Margaret Barnes, Mary Therese Elliott, Eugene Mitchell, Mike Ward, and David Stein. AT RIGHT: Brenda Hagel and Karyn Perley sing their part in the ninth grade choir. BELOW LEFT: Mr. Craig Dieterich, head of the Vocal Depart- ment, smiles with satisfaction. BELOW RIGHT: Freshmen practice their voice skills in class. OPPOSITE PAGE-TOP: Dawn Hess, Sandra Burns, Bonnie Barness, Christine Collins and Patti York try out for Girls’ Glee Club. CENTER LEFT: Jeff Gross, David Hubbard, Clair Hopkins, and Brian McKenzie show how they’ve mastered the art of breath controL CENTER RIGHT: Elizabeth Robbins keeps the ninth grade choir in tune. BELOW -GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB -BACK: Teresa Pearson, Sandra Burns, Christine Collins, Patricia Renshaw, Mariane Lukasek, Bonnie Barnes, Denise Conger, Mary Ellen Hunter, Kay Aurand, and Kim Skinner. FRONT: Laura Bringard, Jeanette Potter, Susan Fuller, Suzanne Smith, Dawn Hess, Beverly Reno, Patti York, Sandy Stevenson, Barbara Rodegeb and Gilda Torello. 82 for School and Community Entertainment ABOVE: Treasure House observes David Thomas as he works with his clay in Mr. Taggart’s art class. ABOVE RIGHT: It looks hard, but to Cecil Harvey the potter’s wheel is something he uses easily. BELOW: Lori Illingworth, Cynthia Hearl, and Bruce Kremer express themselves through their drawings in Mrs. LaBeau’s art class. BELOW RIGHT: TEACHERS IN THE FINE ARTS DEPART- MENT are Mrs. Julie LaBeau and Mr. Steven Taggart. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Mrs. LaBeau’s art class demonstrates its skills in a combined mural. BOTTOM LEFT: Denise Dazer works on a stencil for silk screening in drawing class. BOTTOM RIGHT: Terry Floyd and Wendy Krenke break tradition and hang their painting on the ceiling. Creative Art Students 84 Plan and Complete Useful and Worthwhile Projects If a student possesses a little creativity, has a good sense of proportion, and is eager to learn, he is bound to do well in art courses. Students develop painting techniques, receive basic instruction in color combining, and study paintings of the masters. During the course of the year, students involve them- selves in a variety of projects, including pottery, sculpture, sketches, and paintings in a variety of mediums. These are frequentl y displayed in different areas of the school, elicit- ing the admiration of both students and visitors. 85 1971-72 Bands Schedule Roseville Football Game Marching Band Utica Stevenson Football Game Marching Band Mardi Gras Football Game Marching Band Open House Stage Band Concert All Bands Football Banquet Stage Band Basketball Game Stage Band Choir Christmas Concert Wind Ensemble Christmas Assembly Concert Band Christmas Concert Marching Band Basketball Game Marching Band Wings Games— Toledo at P.H. Marching Band Pops Concert All Bands District Contest— in Flint Concert Band Band Dinner Dance Band St. Patrick’s Day Parade (P.H.) Marching Band Big Band Bash Stage Band Spring Concert at McMorran Concert, Marching, and Stage Bands Big Band Bash Baccalaureate Commencement Stage Band 86 LEFT-MARCHING BAND-BOTTOM ROW: G. Germaine, R. Martin, M. Bennett, D. Dear, E. Willmarth, D. Slingerland, D. Cichoracki, E. Brooks, S. Beach, and M. Manska. SECOND ROW: L. Mills, J. Ely, C. Schindler, K. Jones, C. Ogg, N. Charles, L. Kober, T. Stock, B. Brown, S. Dawson, and L. Thompson. THIRD ROW: D. Oppliger, P. Gordon, K. BalkweU, D. Loftis, C. Ste- phens, C. Claflin, R. Ross, L. Gragowski, T. Jameison, M. Davis, N. Maxwell, C. Maleen, L. Nelson, M. Cichoracki. FOURTH ROW: R. Brown, J. Miller, C. Jahn, H. Stuart, K. White, D. Sheldon, S. Meads, R. Miller, J. Olary, M. Pattison, T. Beckett, R. McOuat, J. Willmarth, and CONDUCTOR-Mr. Clarence Wade. TOP ROW: J. Pattison, M. Patrick, D. Schoettle, P. Krenke, S. Dawn, J. Johnson, L. Harwood, D. Spencer, T. Gar- docki, D. Hudson, W. Dennis, S. Tomion, G Davis, N. Fraser, D. Sheldon, D. Weaver, L. Baird, D. Stevens, M. Heath, R. Schoettle, D. Rambaum, and F. Leslie. CENTER LEFT: Marching Band is set for concert at McMorran. BELOW: Brian Turner and Rob- ert Burchill give an extra touch to the music of the Dance Band. OPPOSITE PAGE- CENTER: The Dance Band at its daily practice. LEFT: Frederick Leslie reports at McMorran for the Christmas Band caroling. BOTTOM: Sandy Sheldon and Regina Schultz hold signs made by the band classes. Bands Rehearse To Keep High Standards ABOVE: Flag Bearers Martha Foley, Connie St. Onge, Cindy Donavan, Gail Heidenreich, Mary Kay Foley, Susan Sommerville led by Dianne Slingerland, Golden Girl. RIGHT: The Marching Band performs in front of Mc- Morran. OPPOSITE PAGE-TOP: Mr. Wade plays the trumpet with the Dance Band dur- ing practices and performances. BOTTOM - LEFT: Eric Willmarth, drum major, struts his stuff. RIGHT: The Dance Band practices for a performance. 88 89 Home Economics Students Learn Sewing, RIGHT: Susan Henderson, Valerie Mills and Miss Margaret Hornick frost cupcakes in Baking class. BELOW: Kathy A. Smith and Becky Wynkoop patiently sew their dresses in Miss Galoit’s Basic Clothing class. BE- LOW RIGHT: Darlene Frey and Virginia Robbins whip up delectable chocolate sauce in Mrs. Bitzinger’s second-hour Basic Foods class. FAR BELOW: Home Economics De- partment staff. SEATED: Mrs. Carmen Mahla, Miss Donna Galoit, and Mrs. Nancy Bitzinger. STANDING: Mrs. Catherine Brown and Miss Margaret Homik. OPPO- SITE PAGE: TOP: Barbara Rawlcy works on a rug project during Mrs. Brown’s sixth- hour class. LOWER LEFT: Kathryn Reece, Barb Cowles and Pat La Vigne carefully knit and cut patterns in Mrs. Brown’s sec- ond-hour Fabrics and Sewing class. RIGHT: Ian Farquhar displays a pie baked in Mrs. Mahla ’s first-hour Basic Foods class. 90 Demonstrate Cooking Abilities Several innovative changes were put into effect in the Home Economics Department this year. Freshmen girls may take a one year course in Compre- hensive Homemaking. For upperclassmen, single semester elective offerings are available. In the foods area, courses are provided in Basic Foods, Baking, Meal Planning, and Foreign Foods. Course choices in the clothing area include Basic Clothing, Knits, Specialty Fabrics, Tailoring, and Creative Needlework. Elective courses in Interior Decoration, Family Living, and Child Development are offered to juniors and seniors only. Foods and Family Living courses are also offered to boys, who make up approximately one-half of the enroll- ment in these classes. 91 It’s a Big World Industrial education includes avocational and voca- tional offerings-exploratory, specialized and technical in nature. It provides the individual with an insight into our advancing modern technology through actual experiences involving industrial materials and procedures evolved through experimentation and manipulative exercises. Industrial education at Port Huron Northern is com- prised of industrial arts and vocational education, each dis- tinct in purpose, but flexibly interwoven to perform a func- tion important in the education of a student in manipulative processes and industrial procedures. Offerings in the industrial arts area from which a stu- dent may select include General Shop, Advanced Woods, Advanced Metals, Power Mechanics, Drafting and Electron- ics. If the individual wishes to specialize in the vocational area, he may enroll for courses such as Automotive Mechan- ics, Electronics and Machine Shop after completing appro- priate pre-requisites. 92 of Industry OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP RIGHT : The oxy-acetylene welding draws James Carrier’s atten- tion in Mr. Sadlier’s Advanced Metals class. CENTER LEFT: David Huston, Jeff Walsh and Rich Wolfe enjoy the T.V. in Mr. Paul Johnson’s first-hour Radio-Electronics class. CENTER RIGHT: Mr. Guy Bailey watches over his first-hour drafting class. BOTTOM: Mr. Baker’s Power Mechanics class investigates the functions of an auto engine. LEFT: Timothy Collins and Carl Myers observe the damage done to a car in Mr. Esterline’s Auto Shop class. ABOVE: Ronald Rabidue, Craig Stapleton and Mark Chance hope their drafting projects will turn out as well as the model. BELOW : Teachers in the Industrial Arts Department-Mr. Donald Pearson, Mr. William Komph, Chairman; Mr. Richard Baker, Mr. Paul Johnson, Mr. Dean Berder (student teacher), Mr. James Sadlier, Mr. Lynn Esterline, and Mr. Guy Bailey. 93 Insight Experience Acquaintance Opportunity OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Work to be done is the story told by Mr. Bailey’s third-hour General Shop class. LOWER LEFT: Mr. Bailey helps Jeff McDonnel, Brian Harris and Donald Moss complete the last step of their gun rack. FAR RIGHT : Student teacher, Dean Berden, consults with Ter- rence Cogley about his drafting plans. ABOVE: Mr. Paul Johnson, Robert Hebner, and John Walker observe Jerry Durand as he sharpens the picture on the T.V. in Radio- Electronics class. CENTER LEFT: Mr. Baker displays skill by working the overhead projector with his fourth-hour Power Me- chanics class. BELOW: David Lee Mason astounds Mr. Sadlier’s Advanced Metals class. Industrial Education Provides: Accent on Common Sense in Driver Education The Driver Education department which came into be- ing at Northern High School in the fall of 1965 operates throughout the entire school year and also for seven weeks in the summer. The program is a three-phase program, consisting of classroom instruction coupled with laboratory exercises in the Aetna Driv-O-Trainer simulator and actual driving experi- ence. The program is operated with two full-time teachers and accommodates three hundred seventy-five students dur- ing the school year. When a studen t enrolls, he is active in the course for one entire semester. Upon completion, the student receives a Michigan Drivers License. In the instruction given in Drivers’ Education classes, the teachers stress the importance of driving in a safe and reasonable manner, and becoming familiar with the necessary traffic regulations. It is hoped that all future drivers gain the necessary responsibility that is required enabling a person to drive successfully in today’s traffic. ABOVE: Dennis Dwyer and Pat Krafft work with the simulator in Drivers’ Ed. ABOVE RIGHT: James Sparling and Pat Ultsch return with Mr. Palmateer after an hour of driving practice. RIGHT: DRIV- ER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT TEACHERS-STANDING: Mr. Bernard Palmateer and Mr. William Morrison (chairman). 96 Co-Op Students Gain On-The-Job Experience The Co-op Program gives Northern seniors an oppor- tunity to gain actual work experience in many of the busi- nesses in the Port Huron area. Students earn money for col- lege or personal expenses as well as gain an insight into their possible future vocations. This program is not only open to seniors but also to Juniors. The Co-op program offers training in office education, distributive education, trade and industry, and health occu- pations. Most Co-ops carry three academic classes and then re- port to their jobs. One high school credit per semester is given based on the employer’s evaluation of the Co-op student. TOP LEFT: CO-OP DEPARTMENT CO- ORDINATORS Mr. Edward Tinsley, at left, and Mr. Allen Gable. CENTER LEFT: Lin- da McElroy’s supervisor checks with her as she works at Sears. RIGHT: Judy Hogg and Valarie Mills make Whoppers at Burger King. LOWER LEFT: Timothy Boyd is busy on the job at Burger Chef. LEFT: Pamela Davis, on duty in the Library, finds the overnight slips for the PD magazines. 97 ABOVE RIGHT: Pamela VanThoumout, Leith Lampard, Carole Ann Ogg, and Susan Purcell demonstrate practices used daily in Mr. Johnson’s Shorthand class. ABOVE: Running the duplicating machine is Yvonne McDonald during her business-work experi- ence hour. RIGHT: TEACHERS IN THE BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT: SEATED: Miss Barbara McLean, Miss Patri- cia Knapp, and Mrs. Daphine Rantanen, Chairman. STANDING: Mr. Edward Bargiel, Mr. David McEwen, and Mr. Charles John- son. Many of PHN’s Career- 98 minded Students Chose Business Education Courses TOP PICTURE: Peggy Bonkoske, Linda Norris, Ruthann Muzzy and Carole Ann Ogg are working on the filing project in Office Practice Class. ABOVE: In advance typing class, Kay Mullen observes Debby Sharrow as she demonstrates how to run the mimeograph machine. RIGHT: Gregory Majeski soon learned that speed and accuracy are very essential factors in beginning typing. The Business Department offers knowledge and train- ing for the students who hope to enter the business world. Courses are also given for students’ personal use. This year the department offers shorthand, bookkeep- ing, office machines, office practice, data processing, note- hand, vocational and personal typing, general business and record keeping. Through day-by-day training, students gain competence in the various skills and acquire practical business knowledge. A business-work experience program is arranged for students to be assigned to work one hour in the offices at Northern. Eighteen girls are on duty this year. Sports Without a doubt, sports activities provide the most exciting and challenging part of students’ high school years. Whether they participate in the cheering sec- tion of a thundering crowd, or whether they take part in the sport itself, they feel the rising tempo of a fast- paced game. Many experience the sweet taste of vic- tory, and sometimes the disappointing pain of defeat. But, whether the game is won or lost, Northern fans and teams realize the importance of good sportsman- ship and display it throughout all their games. Football, basketball, wrestling, and tennis; these are only a few of the sports which promote student interest, pride, and friendship, giving mutual excite- ment for everyone! 101 Dedicated Coaches Lead Northern’s Huskies irom leit to ngnt: James bates, Barry Armstrong, Jay Weymouth, Athletic Direc- tor James R. Hayes, Walter Lyszak, Bernard Palmateer, Michael Dineen, Richard Baker, William Komph, Laurence Spraggs, Peter Woods, Steven Taggart, and Bruce Brown. Tough Opponents MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: BOT- TOM ROW: M. Hayman, A. Dalrymple, S. Jex, R. Ramsey, R. Pate, G. Munce, B. Anderson, D. Kirkendall, R. Meads, D. Losinski, D. Papinaw, L. Tooman, and M. Anderson. SECOND ROW: R. Riggs, B. Webb, B. Ross, E. Clark, R. Nestle, B. Turner, G. Thomas, W. Taylor, C. Overly, T. Kendrick, J. Morengo, G. Oden, C. Brewer, and D. Maxwell. TOP ROW: D. McKenzie, T. Leveille, D. Dwyer, D. Bell, J. Popham, B. King, B. Guyette, P. McCoy, D. Kelch, M. Borowski, K. Lamb, N. Roe, B. Belanger, and B. Jex. LEFT: Richard Nestle outreaches a Roseville opponent for a pass thrown by Michael Hayman. ABOVE: Roseville opponents trip up William Taylor after a long gain. PHN Huskies this year fell to a dismal 2-7 record following last year’s championship. Bright spots provided for the team came from all EML players Donald Kirkendall and Capt. Brian Anderson. Trip Up Huskies PHN Opponent 22 Grosse Pointe North 32 58 Lapeer 28 8 Roseville 7 6 Stevenson 13 6 East Detroit 27 8 Riverview 14 6 Mt. Clemens 20 6 Port Huron 14 8 Ferndale 36 105 Junior Varsity Grows with Experience PHN OPPONENT 12 Crosse Point South 19 12 Roseville 18 6 Stevenson 0 12 East Detroit 18 22 Port Huron 12 12 Mt. Clemens 18 16 Warren Woods 28 The J.V. Football squad, led by Coach Peter Woods, fought to a tough 2-5 record. The highlight of the season was a 22-12 triumph over Port Huron High. The experience gained promises to make an interesting varsity team next year. FAR RIGHT: J.V. Defense breaks up an- other key offensive move. ABOVE-Coaches Peter Woods and Richard Baker look over a few plays before leaving the locker room. BELOW- BOTTOM ROW: S. Wilkinson, R. Reshe, D. Becker, T. Redmond, R. Hustek, R. Leslie, J. Marone, J. Jex, P. Boyd. SEC- OND ROW: Coach Woods, S. Collins, L. Watkins, E. Mathews, K. White, M. King, D. Armbruster, N. Angerbrant, J. Jones, G. Brown, B. Dooley, and Coach Baker. TOP ROW: P. Parrish, G. Morseth, J. Pattison, D. Losinske, R. Kail, T. Leveille, J. Cole, B. Corbett, and J. Heller. 106 Frosh Learn What a Rugged Fight It Is! The Gold team, also playing for the first time, which was led by Steve Taggart and Mike Flater, fought hard to earn 2 wins, 4 losses, and 1 tie. FRESHMAN GOLD TEAM-BOTTOM ROW: J. Brown, A. Harrison, M. Willard, D. McIntyre, K. Kole. SECOND ROW: Coach S. Taggart, M. Falter (student teacher), T. Case, B. Mills, B. Hicks, J. Genaw. THIRD ROW: S. Anderson, J. Beach, H. Schnepp. TOP ROW: M. Dykeman, T. Wynkoop, F. Sassanella. The Blue team, a newly formed organiza- tion, coached by Jay Wemouth and Greg Rosine, ended the year with a five won three loss record. FRESHMAN BLUE TEAM-J. Rich, D. Lapish, C. Rich, R. Archibald, K. Overly. SECOND ROW: C. Hopkins, M. Sheldon, G. Morrison, T. Harmon, D. Hubbard, G. Rosine, Coach J. Weymouth. THIRD ROW: K. Boyd, G. Abee, M. Reese, C. Jansen, M. Clark. TOP ROW: D. Schindler, S. Boden, T. Gleason, W. Wynkoop, R. Archibald, D. Willhelm, and K. Smith. AT LEFT : The Blue and Gold football players pay close attention to the Junior Varsity games since they look forward to be- ing on the JV team next year. PHN GOLD OPPONENT 14 Northern Blue 28 16 East Detroit Oakwood 28 0 East Detroit Kelly 36 6 L’Anse Creuse North 18 12 Mt. Clemens 12 22 Port Huron 14 36 Mt. Clemens 0 PHN BLUE OPPONENT 28 Northern Gold 14 30 Port Huron Braves 0 40 Port Huron Arrows 0 38 L’Anse Creuse 6 0 East Detroit Grant 18 6 L’Anse Creuse North 12 16 Warren Woods 32 36 Mt. Clemens 0 107 Northerns Cross Country Team, coached by Michael Dineen had a dis- appointing season losing all of its eleven meets. The Harriers finished fifth in the EML League meet and took a six- teenth place in the State Regional Meet. Leading harrier Tim Hudy (a junior) finished eleventh in the EML League Meet. Returning lettermen Richard Whip- ple and Dome Clark, both seniors, also displayed fine effort. MEMBERS OF THE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM SEATED: T. Hudy, D. Clark, R. Toles, T. Staiger, K. Marcozzi, J. Boukamp. STANDING: D. Sheldon, D. Boden, C. Clark, B. Kremer, Coach Dineen, R. Whip- ple, T. McPhee, G. Hurley, and B. Coolidge. TOP RIGHT: Thomas McPhee and David Boden sprint the last leg of the course. RIGHT : John Bouchamp sets the pace in a cross-country meet. Northern’s Harriers Hustle PHN Opponent 41 Port Huron 17 47 East Detroit 16 44 Utica Stevenson 19 46 Mt. Clemens 16 33 Cros. Lex 22 41 Port Huron 16 45 East Detroit 18 32 Sarnia Central 27 45 Utica Stevenson 18 40 Cros. Lex 21 50 Mt. Clemens 15 108 109 Varsity Enters the Regionals LEFT: Alex Dalrymple hesitates for a sec- ond to watch the rebound, before taking ac- tion. RIGHT: Steve Wilson uses his strategy to shoot a successful basket. BELOW: STANDING: Ben Bailey, Mgr.; Robert Ross, Michael Hayman, Steve Wilson, Donald Kirkendall, Alex Dalrymple, and Bruce Brown, Coach. FRONT ROW: Doug- las Hendershot, Fred Mitchell, William Tay- lor, Richard Nestle, Roy Schultheiss, Craig Overly, and Dome Clark. Missing -Russel Harrison. For Basketball Fans, Spirits Soar LEFT: Coach Bruce Brown gathers the team for a last-minute pep talk. BELOW: Don Kirkendall attempts to recover a jump ball. BELOW RIGHT: Alex Dalrymple stops for a quick shot as Doug Hendershot looks on. no As Huskies Challenge Big Reds ABOVE: During the exciting PH-PHN Steve Wilson, 34, makes a good effort to get the rebound as Donald KirkendaU and Douglas Hendershot stand ready to help. BELOW: Douglas Hendershot shows a look of frustra- tion as PH players steal the ball from him. Port Huron Northern Varsity Basketball Northern Opponent 55 Ferndale 56 45 East Detroit 67 64 Lapeer 49 78 Port Huron 65 Port Huron Tournament 79 Marysville 68 61 Royal Oak Kimball 58 76 Port Huron 68 73 Mount Clemens 67 41 St. Hts. Stevenson 54 78 Lincoln Park 57 60 Roseville 50 65 Madison Hts. 47 62 East Detroit 66 55 Port Huron 63 74 Mount Clemens 62 56 St. Hts. Stevenson 65 75 Roseville 59 District Tournament 64 Port Huron 61 63 Romeo 51 58 Clintondale 61 WON-13 LOST— 7 COACH -Bruce Brown Ml J.V. Games Are Fast and Full of Action Numerous displays of teamwork by PHN’S 71-72 JV team provided ample evidence of willingness and growing ability. The team showed constant im- provement and will be a valuable asset as part of the varsity squad next year. LEFT: S. Collins tries for a basket as the Mt. Clemens opponent rushes in, Steve Wilkin- son (no. 44) pays close attention. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD-BOTTOM ROW: Tim Beach, Joe Nofs, Scott Collins, Bob Harrison, Steve Gavin, and Steve Meads. SECOND ROW: Chris Collins, Mark King, Russ Leslie, Bruce Hall, Jim Kohlman, Mark Love, and Coach James Bates. TOP ROW: Bruce Corbitt, Bob Wacker, Tim Redmond, Mark Tisdel, Pat Cole, and Steve Wilkinson. PHN OPPONENT 39 Ferndale 84 38 East Detroit 59 53 Lapeer 57 56 Port Huron 77 58 Mount Clemens 54 39 St. Hts. Stevenson 58 60 Lincoln Park 28 68 Roseville 59 50 Madison Hts. 49 49 East Detroit 58 69 Port Huron 68 67 Mount Clemens 56 47 St. Hts. Stevenson 61 77 Roseville 50 WON-8 LOST —6 Frosh Shows Courage in Disappointing Season The Freshman “Blue” Basketball Team, coached by Jay Weymouth, had a record of three wins and six losses for the 1971-1972 seasons. PHN BLUE OPPONENT PHN GOLD OPPONENT Led by Coach Laurwence Spraggs, 50 Mt. Clemens 76 43 Kennedy 60 the Freshman Gold Team showed an unsuccessful season of 1 win, 7 losses. 43 L’Anse Creuse 48 44 P.H. Braves 38 The outstanding players for the season were high scorer Kevin Kole, with 32 Pt. Huron Arrows 31 53 L’Anse Cruese North 63 Mark Dykman, Mark Reese, Jeff Brown and Jim Abernathy rounding 40 L’Anse Creuse 51 46 East Detroit Kelly 76 out the starting five. 49 Capac 44 46 Capac 66 FRESHMAN GOLD AND BLUE TEAMS 59 E.D. Grant 96 41 East Detroit Kelly 71 —BOTTOM ROW: Mark Dykman, Kevin Kole, Richard Bonin, Craig Bolar, Kris Over- 48 L’Anse Creuse North 52 50 Mt. Clemens 81 ly, Mike Clark, Dave Thomas, and Steve Boden. SECOND ROW: Coach Lawrence Spraggs, Steve Mayers, Benjamin Curti, 32 Kennedy Jr. High 53 56 55 P.H. Arrows Mark Reese, Jeffry Brown, John Rich, Dave Lapish, Brian Belanger, Kevin Boyd, and Coach Jay Weymouth. TOP ROW: Mike Roache, Herb Liverance, Paul Fiori, John Beach, James Abernathy, Dan Dupuis, Craig Rich, Jim Koob, Irving Gerry, Jeff Bartlett, and Mgr. Bill Mills. 59 Pt. Huron Braves 42 Young Wrestlers Gain Experience the Hard Way ABOVE: Brian Anderson takes his opponent to the mat. RIGHT: Northern man pins his opponent. BELOW -WRESTLING TEAM- SEATED: Don Sheldon and Mike Manchester. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Ptaish, Rudy Rosales, Co-captain Kim Lamb, Captain Brian Ander- son, Shawn Anderson, and Neil Angerbrandt. SECOND ROW: Lar- ry Kincaid, Dale Wilhelm, Bruce Webb, Mark Dickinson, Mike Spencer, and Mgr. Mark Willard. TOP ROW: Coach Walter Lyszak, Ken Kincaid, Dave Sheldon, John Kober, Chuck Monzo, Ed Clark, Clare Gerlach, Tom Fleming, and Ass’t. Coach Barry Armstrong. A young wrestling team led by Co-captains Brian Anderson and Kim Lamb was only able to compile a 2-9 dual meet record and 5th place in the EML. Throughout the year team members worked to im- prove themselves against increasingly difficult competition; and, finally, in the EML tournament Kim Lamb was able to become 126 pound champion; Brian Anderson, 185 pound runner-up; and Bruce Webb and Shawn Anderson took third- place ribbons. The team will lose only two starters from this year’s lineup and looks forward to a more successful season next year. 114 Lamb Places Fifth in State Championship Meet VARSITY PHN OPPONENT 18 Clintondale 38 3rd Berkley Quad 34 Lakeview 22 18 Port Huron 35 17 Mt. Clemens 37 15 L’Anse C reuse 32 21 East Detroit 31 8 Fraser 44 24 Port Huron 33 8 Stevenson 36 6 Hazel Park 42 42 Troy 12 WON-2 LOST— 9 ABOVE: Kim Lamb stresses one of his often used stances. BELOW: Points are easily gained when Michael Spencer goes into ac- tion against a tough opponent. JR. VARSITY PHN OPPONENT 33 Clintondale 30 55 Lakeview 12 21 Port Huron 35 15 Mt. Clemens 51 27 L’Anse C reuse 13 24 East Detroit 30 21 Frazer 38 36 Port Huron 22 21 Stevenson 27 28 Hazel Park 33 33 Troy 9 WON-5 LOST— 6 115 Tennis Team Anticipates Successful Season The ’71 tennis team had an outstanding record of 9 wins and no losses. They received the EML championship and were runner-up in the regionals. The team hopes, also, to do as well in their ’77 season. They are welcoming some very capable freshmen and fine players from Port Huron Catholic, remembering, of course, the players on last year’s team who are out to win again. Returning lettermen are Alex Dalrymple, Donald Cole, Brent Dupes, Mark Bottrell, Steve McCalmon, Thomas Mc- Phee, Steven Yost, Steve Wilkinson, and John Boukamp. The team is under the superb supervision of their fine coach Mr. Steve Taggart (right). BOTTOM ROW: Mark Rapp, Thomas McPhee, Mark Love, John Bou- kamp, and Dudley Miller. TOP ROW: Dave Lapish, Steven Yost, Steve McCalmon, Steve Wilkinson, and Fred Young. 1 116 Varsity Golfers Putt Their Way to Victory Returning golfers provided the needed experience and ability to cap- ture the 1971 EML Championship. Roy Schultheiss was first-place meda- list with a fine round of 76. The Varsity team played its golf season in the fall rather than the spring under the able direction of the new coach, Mr. William Komph. The team members pictured above are: LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael West, Thomas Schlitts, Stanley Pearson, Coach William Komph, Roy Schult- heiss, Thomas Peacock, and David Luce. The teammates missing from pic- ture: Thomas Stark, Brian Lynch, Randall Gibson, and John Walker. The team’s outstanding season closed with a 6-0 EML Record and a 7-0 overall record. The boys placed fifth in the Regionals out of 23 class “A” teams with Schultheiss taking second medalist. At left: Brian Lynch demonstrates for the photographer how to create the perfect swing. PHN OPPONENT 216 Stevenson 226 213 P.H.H.S. 219 209 Lans C reuse 224 216 Mt. Clemens 238 212 P.H.H.S. 235 203 Stevenson 232 227 Mt. Clemens 231 EML Tournament -415 Non-league 117 PHN Track Stars Get Off to a Running Start TOP-This year’s sprinters get in some good pre-season practice: Nel- son Roe, Curtis Leaky, Terry Kenderick, and Brian Dooley. R1GHT- Pole vaulting is an important event in track and Dean Miller realizes the importance of hard work at practice. ABOVE-“Oooooooh”, ex- claims Brian Anderson as he easily flies over the hurdle. 118 Returning Lettermen Contribute to Baseball Hopes Eight returning lettermen help to make up the Var- sity baseball team. These players, along with transfers from Port Huron Catholic and from last year’s junior var- sity team, help to make Coach Mike Dineen’s outlook favorable. The Husky baseball team finished fourth in the EML for the ’71 season, losing 4 games by only 1 run. LEFT: Michael Hayman and Michael Manchester are in position to receive a pitch during a baseball practice session. BELOW LEFT: Michael Dineen, Coach, leads the baseball team this season. BELOW: Donald Kirkendall demonstrates good stance while swinging a bat. 119 DRILL TEAM-ABOVE: BOTTOM ROW: Margaret Barnes, Lynn Gardner, Suzette Tweedie, Deborah Stevens, and Nancy Al- len. SECOND ROW: Dawn Hess, Kim Whit- taker, Connie Hillman, Laura Wagner, and Mary Schrader. TOP ROW: Nancy Ketchen, Janet Schoof, Heather Hayward, and Sue Wroton. RIGHT: Drill team members Sue Wroton and Margaret Barnes strike a pose. OPPOSITE PAGE-TOP: Nancy Ketchen and Heather Hayward begin a routine. BOT- TOM LEFT: Dawn Hess and Kim Whitta- ker are set for a performance. BOTTOM: Miss Linda Thalheimer, Sponsor. 120 New Drill Team Adds Color At Sports Events And now introducing Northern’s Drill Team, the North Stars, alias ‘The Bumblebees.” The North Stars received this nickname from many students around school because of their attrac- tive bright blue and gold uniforms. The drill team makes appearances at several pep assemblies and at all the home basketball games. Practices for these performances are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from three-thirty to five. At the end of the basketball season, the girls enjoyed a tea for their parents and planned a slumber party at Miss Thaiheimer’s apartment. The drill team looks forward to per- forming in a Detroit area dance recital and participating in the Blue Water Parade. 121 Cheerleaders Inspire Spirit TOP: Port Huron Northern’s Varsity Cheer- leading Squad; Juliette Tweedie, Sandra Sheldon, Lisa McCalmon, Dondra Toles, Mary Margret Lotermoser, Suzanne Cum- mins, and Candace Kirkendall. RIGHT: Port Huron Northern’s Junior Varsity Cheerlead- ing Squad; BOTTOM ROW: Kari Schmidt, Margret Guizar, and Laura Ange. CENTER: Marjorie Cope. TOP ROW: Linda Burns, Regina Schultz and Susan Lewis. 122 Varsity Club Promotes Sports and Spirit BELOW: VARSITY CLUB MEMBERS: TOP ROW: Craig Overly, Mike Taylor, Terry Kendrick, Richard Whipple, and Bruce Webb. MIDDLE ROW: Nelson Roe, Brent Dupes, Steven Yost, Mark Bot- trell, Mark Borowski, Thomas Schlitts, Benjamin Bailey, Stanley Pear- son, Curtis Brewer, Edward Clark, and Robert Toles. BOTTOM ROW: Kim Lamb, Thomas Staiger, Thomas McPhee, John Beaucamp, Brian Anderson, Lynn Tooman, and Philip Yost. Northern’s N Club is composed of Varsity players who have won letters for their achieve- ments in all areas of sports. All club members are symbols of leadership and physical excellence gained through hard work and determination. They all exemplify the true Spirit of Husky Sports. LEFT: Varsity Qub Officers: Brian Anderson; Presi- dent, Curtis Brewer; Vice-President, Thomas Staiger; Secretary-Treasurer, and Robert Toles; Sergeant- At- Arms. In Memory of Jacques “Poc” Cote 1954-1972 Although he was not actively engaged in school sports, he attended many sport events and took inter- est in them. He was a tremendous pool player, devot- ing much of his time becoming skilled in this art. In one sense there is no death. The life of a soul on earth lasts beyond his departure. You will always feel that life touching yours, that voice speaking to you, that spirit looking out of other eyes, talking to you in the familiar tilings he touched, worked with, loved as familiar friends. He lives on in your life and in the lives of all others that knew him. —Angel Patri 123 t Student Body The halls of Northern are a colorful cluster of spirited and enthusiastic students, each unique in their own respects, yet all striving for the common goal of the betterment of the school. The apprehensive Freshman year is concerned with becoming acquainted with new friends and new surroundings. Sophomores’ concerns include devoting time and energy to their class while maintaining acceptable grades. Spirit bubbles into a memorable Junior year fill- ed with new ideas. Seniors recognize their last year of few responsi- bilities. Their year is one of final maturing, awareness, and pride. Their years as a group together may have ended, but the memories of true friendships will last them a lifetime. 125 Freshmen Select Active Class Workers As Steering Committee Members The destination of the Class of 75 is deter- mined greatly by the leadership and concern of their advisors and their Steering Commit- tee. They proved to be an enthusiastic group as they planned successful activities through- out the school year. LEFT: Counselor, Miss Dorothy Kemp. Grade Dean, Mr. Floyd Emlaw and Secre- tary, Mrs. Anne Hildebrand will assist the Freshmen class through their exciting high school years. FRESHMEN STEERING COMMITTEE: BOTTOM ROW: Pam Kolar, Cynthia Racz, Cynthia Olunek, Linda Lynch, Mike Carolan, Drew Watson, Martin Franke, Steve Boden, Barb Barrett. TOP ROW: Linda Jordan, Sue Lewis, Nancy Graham, Sarah Tomion, Marylou Witzke, Rebecca Cressman, Tammy Smith. 126 CLASS OF 75 Freshman Class Officers Lead Class of ’75 Deborah Gilliom Sharon Berlin Drew Watson Jackie Ely Treasurer Secretary Vice President President FRESHMEN Success and Unity Begin with Leaders Jackie Ely, SharahTomion, Sharon Berlin, and Deborah Gillion united- ly present their campaign speech. Shannon Aaron Greg A bee James Abemethy Tony Acker Jackie Agar Burke Albert Doug Alexander Linda Allen Nancy Allen Susan Andrews Marsheila Anderson Shawn Anderson Susan Anderson Jamie Andreae Denise Anglebrandt Robert Archibald Crystal Armstrong Teri Armstrong Brent Baird Paul Baird Kathy Balkwill Jeff Bartlett John Beach Lynn Beaver Brian Belanger Mike Bell Stewart Benedict Dorothy Bergquist Marilyn Biernot Vicky Bishop Rick Anglebrandt Joe Anthony Deborah Antoine Steve Armstrong Charles Backman Catherine Banka Susan Barnes Barbara Barrett Thomas Barrymore Thomas Beckett Marilyn Beeler Mike Beeler Scott Berdan Sharon Berlin John Berg Sheila Black Steven Blatt Steve Boden 128 FRESHMEN “We’ve Got Spirit We’ve Got Drive We’re the Class of ’75” ABOVE: Sheryl Curtis, Doug Vasich, and Cindy Brandi discover that the grade center is a fine place to study. BELOW: Freshmen pack the bleachers as they gather for their first Mardi Gras assembly. Cindy Brandi Mary Bready Bonnie Bristle Cynthia M. Brown David Brown Jeffrey Brown Tim Burgess Michael Bums Alan Campbell Mike Carolan Richard Carl Carmen Carpenter Paul Carr Linda Carrier Tom Case Frank Cantanzari Marielle Chafty Craig Colar Edward Brooks Henrietta Brooks Cindy Brown Sherry Brown Mark Bruhns Katherine Buckoski Marilyn Campbell Scott Campbell Marsha Coplinger CLASS OF 75 129 Frosh Show Carol Chance Ron Charles Julie Chargot Deborah Cichoracki Mike Clark Carol Claflin Joe Clingenpeel Elizabeth Cole Brian Coolidge Linda Cope Marjorie Cope Robert Corbin Kenneth Crago Becky Cressman Kay Crimmins Theron Crorey Mike Collins Sheryl Contis James Corp Carol Cox Faye Crowl Nancy Cunningham While in the library, Randy Studaker and Bob Wagner discuss the answer to a civics question. Mike Dennis Ronald Derocher Tom DeWitt Dennis Deovillard Jo Ann Dodea Cindy Donovan Dan Dupuis Donna Duquette Kenneth Cummings Ben Curti Glenys Daft Steve Dahn Dawn Davis Matt Davis Dennis Dean Ken DeGraw Michael DeLong Lauri DeMars Jeffery Dionne Douglas Doan Mark Dykman Dale Edie FRESHMEN Great Enthusiasm William Evans Thor Evenson Dave Fetterly Paul Fiori Sharon Flanigan Brian Fleming Robin Fleming John Forstner Kathy Fountain Paul Francek Martin Franke Nancy Fraser Bella Fraser David Fredendall Janis Fredendall Mary French Joel Genaw Sherie Genaw Cindy Gilmore Thomas Gleason George Efstratis Jacki Ely Jim Emery Bob Etzel Mary Jo Faust Robert Farquhar Carol Feick Rick Fenton Kevin Friedland Mabel Frizzle Theresa Gardocki Stephen Gates Lonnie George Kathy Gerlach Carmen Gillett Debbie Gilliom Steven Gorski Nancy Graham Don Greene Jeffery Green CLASS OF ’75 131 Freshmen Share New Experiences Glen Mugridge shows deep concentration as he studies in the library. Allen Gronek Jeff Gross Lucy Graw Dominie Graziadei Eileen Grenfell Susan Groff Sandra Guest Margaret Guizar Brenda Hagle Deborah Haley James Halifax Debbie Hamilton Kim Hand Mary Lou Hansen Wesley Harper Jeff Hardman Tom Harmon Janice Harrington Anita Harris Sandra Harris Andie Harrison Elaine Harrison Ruth Harland Jeff Hart Cindy Havner Chris Haywood LeAnn Heeke David Heidenriech Jonathan Heller Robert Henderson Larry Henry Mike Hepting Freshmen girls enjoy the freedom of study hall as they discuss the current events around the school. 132 FRESHMEN and Enjoy Making New Friends Bob Hicks Gloria Hill Kenneth Hill Brenda Hills Ted Hoffman Jack Hillman Clair Hopkins Barb Horn David Hubbard Brenda Hughes Bruce Hurd LuAnn Hustek Steve Hustek Terry Hyde Terry lngerson Charles Jansen Mark Jarvis Holly Jenkins Carol John Don Johnson Narvella Johnson Tim Johnson Virjean Johnson Annette Johnston ABOVE: Regina Shultz and Sharon Berlin give James Miller a big lift in Algebra Class. ABOVE: Sarah Tomion and Rebecca Cressman pull for the freshman in the tug of war. The freshmen took a sad fourth place in the 1971 Mardi Gras activities. Vicky Johnston Kim Jones Sheryl Jones Linda Jordan Kurt Kading Cindy Keil Penny Kearns Cheryl Kelch CLASS OF ’75 Kathy Keller Jeff Kelly Ian Kenny Bruce Kirkendall Jill Kirkendall Kathy Klein Patricia Kolar Kevin Kole Debbie Koss Sherry Koschnitzke Steven Kremer Nancy Kuehn Dave Lapish Martha Lapish Merle Lardner Ann Kensley Nancy Jo K inert John King Jeff Knowlton John Kover Pam Kolar Joseph Koss Jim Koob Tim Koppel John LaBadie Bob La Grange Jim Langolf Tim Lardner Bob Leahy David Ledsworth Diane Lee Cathy Lees Vida Lemieux Laurie Leonard Joseph Lewandowski Susan Lewandowski Tim Lewis Susan Leveque Michelle Lindsay Michelle Limberg Sara Lloyd Randy Logan Tom Logan Daniel Louks Greg Louks Jeff Ludy Linda Lynch Pam Lynch Kevin Boyd voluntarily writes his homework problem on the board in first-year Algebra class. 134 FRESHMEN Leslie Lyons Harry MacCallum Dave MacDonald Michele MacReady Raymond McTaggart Scot MacTaggart Theresa Maloney Kevin Marcozzi Paula Marczan Mark Massman Gregg Masters Steve Mayers Susan MacDonald Terry McIntyre Terry MacMillan Glenn Magridge Lawrence Malatt Colleen Malane Thomas Mains Timothy Manns Sharon Marriott Kris Maylor Debbie McAllister Joseph McBrien Freshmen Adjust Socially and Academically in New School Environment Bruce McCarthy Pat McCarty Susan McCoy Daniel McIntyre Brian McKenzie Stuart McLeod Roxanne Meinhardt Rhonda Miley Jeffery Miller Kurt Miron Michael Miron Jacqueline Moak Jody Morris Kris Morris Gary Morrison Debra McCulley Pamela McDonald Diana McElroy Dan McPhedrain Mary Ann Meehan Frank Mehler Kimberlee Miller Sue Mills William Mills Tom Molinaro Martha Moore Jacalyn Montgomery Glen Morrison Fritz Morrison Richard Moses CLASS OF 75 135 Students Take Advantage of School Facilities Debra Rush finds it convenient to use the school pay phone to call home. Jim North Mary Nowiski Mike Nurenberg Bill Nutt Karen O’Dell Dave O’Donnell Cindy Olunek Diane Orr Ann Osborn Kris Overly Denise Pagot Barbara Pancratz Steve Parker Cary Parmann Rick Patterson Karyn Perley Susan Peters Ruth Piechowiak Christopher Pollock Betty Porter Cindy Postill Tom Prince Gary Ptaszynski Karen Quitter Patrick Raymo Brian Reaume Mike Raymond Shaleene Pearson Suzanne Pedrotti Margaret Peek Kevin Pietrangelo Perl Pincomb Judy Pincomb Debbie Postill Marilyn Postill Cathy Povenz Cindy Racz Laurie Ramsey Kathy Rawley Dan Reed Peggy Reed 136 FRESHMEN Mark Reese Cindy Reiche Dick Reynolds Milt Reynolds Craig Rich John Rich Stephen Rickard John Robb Beth Ann Robbins Richard Robbins Mark Robinson David Roberts Dennis Robison Marlene Roe Maurice Roe Steven Rocha Cindy Rome Susan Ronan Lois Rutkofske Deborah Rynties Charlene Sandie Charles Sassanella Chris Schaidt Irene Schlimpf Mary Schrader Linda Schreiner Sara Schultheiss Regina Schultz Scully Ryan Robert Selby Kevin Setter Becky Sharette Pamela S harrow Lois Ropposch Jesse Rosales Debra Rush Freshmen boys seem to enjoy playing basketball in physical educa- tion. CLASS OF 75 137 Douglas Shepley David Sherlock Valerie Siebert Janis Sischo Julie Smith Kevin Smith Sandra Smith Scott Smith Tammy Smith Joe Snell Karen Snider Jim Snyder Larry Spiess Janet Staiger Deborah Stalker Gary Standel Richard St. Coeur Diane St. Onge Mike Straw ska Heather Stuart James Sum merer Mark Symon Dave Szelog Donald Tasker Bonnie Smith Jeffrey Smith Steve Smith Susan Smith Greg Spencer Mike Spencer John Steinborn Kathy Stephens Doug Studaker Randy Studaker Edward Thayer Beth Thomas Dave Thomas Tom Thomas Cindy Thompson Calvin Thompson Lori Thompson Peggy Thompson William Thomson Sue Thomson Sheryl Thrash Vicky Thrushman FRESHMEN Freshmen Steering Committee Plans Events Freshman steering committee members discuss plans for their Mardi Gras wall. Craig Tibedeau Sarah Tomion Richard Trembath Sandra Trousdale Karen T ucker George Tunningly Mathies Ullenbruch Robert VanBuskirk Jane Vargo Douglas Vasich Deborah Wade Donald Wade Debra Wagar Robert Wagner Raymond Wallace James Walsh Mike Walsh James Ward Sandy Weiss Gary Wellman Kerry White Sue Ann Whitican Dale Willhelm Robert Williams Mary Witzke Kenneth Wolf Susan Young Richard Zeien Drew Watson Jeanne Watson Kathy Watson Deanna Weaver Sherec Welsh Steve West Mary Beth Whaling Debbie White Richard Whybrew Debbie Wiersma Mark Willard Mike Willey Nancy Wilson Stephen Wilson Mike Wilton Mike Wise Pamela Wolford Mary Beth Wr ight Timothy Wynkoop Wayne Wynkoop David Ziegler Steve Zurick Synde Zweng CLASS OF 75 139 Competent Officers Lead Spirited Sophomores Dudley Miller Treasurer Deborah Toles Secretary David Oppliger Vice President John Wolf President SOPHOMORES In the absence of a Sophomore Steering Committee, members of the Class of ’74 volunteered to meet, when necessary, to plan class projects and activities. They are-EXTREME TOP: Jerry Kent, Doug Fleming. STAND- ING: Laurel McGinnis, William Kostoff, Grant Dilworth, Eileen Mc- Intyre, Timothy Mullen, Lisa Fadell, Gina Jones, Michael Chafty, Debbie Hendrick. SEATED: John Wolf, Mark Love, David Oppliger, Laura Havens. The guidance and concern of their counselors gave the Sophomores con- fidence and motivation over the past year. Pictured at right is Vincent Bonacci, Grade Dean. Not pictured are Mrs. Jan Preininger, Mr. Bonacci’s sec- retary. CLASS OF 74 141 Daily Experiences Fill Sophomores’ Lives Nancy Aaron Kimberly Abernethy Mike Agar Rae Ann Aldrich Joe Allen Leslie Amadon ■ Jeff Ames Donna Anderson Kathy Anderson Laura Ange “I’m always prepared,” says Mark Love, “even if it means taking my chair with me!” Karen Anglebrandt Lori Anglebrandt Dawn Anthony Leo Anthony Dan Armbruster Mary Artman Dennis Assaf Melanie Assaf Diane Assman Barbara Bailey Becky Bailey Mark Baird Anne Bajis Nicole Bandescu Vicki Barbee Brian Barnes Dan Barr Polly Bartlett Tim Beach Mike Beaver Doug Becker Janice Belanger Steve Belling Mark Bennett SOPHOMORES Michelle Bennett Counselors Aid Class of ’74 Dave Borntrager Sue Borovich Karen Anglebrandt irons out her problems with her counselor, Mr. Bonacci. John Boukamp Bill Bowman Peter Boyd Debbie Brown Russ Brown Marrill Bryant Marilyn Burke Shane Burleigh Carol Bums Diane Carman Michael Chafty Monica Charbeneau Edward Churchill Daina Clingenpeel Jill Cochran Richard Branch Laurie Bringard Sandy Brooks Donald Bryce Jarie Burde Dave Burgess Linda Burns Cindy Callely Mary Cargo Nancy Charles Judy Childs Susan Chisholm Pat Cole Arlene Collingwood Dave Collins CLASS OF 74 143 Sophomores Seek Relaxation Scott Collins Walter Cooley Debbie Cooper Bruce Corbett Gordon Cornwell Joseph Cowles Brian Crankshaw Phyllis Crimmins John Cummins Todd Cunningham Robin Daft Donna Daniels Tim Daniels Nancy Davis Cathy Cox William Crackel Catherine Currie Jeffrey Currier Mary Dawson Dale Day Homework done, Sandy Duncan, Diana Hyde, and Russ Leslie pass the time in a friendly card game. Samuel Deglopper John Deising Dawnn DeMars Susan Dennis Donna Diaz Ken Dickinson Mark Dickinson Raymond Dickinson Sharon Dickinson Grant Dilworth Sue Disser Larry Donaldson Ann Dooley William Dortman SOPHOMORES Sophomores Find Time to Relax with Friends Steve Dortman Stephanie Dove Chuck Drescher Lynn Duceatt Pam DuPree Susan Durand Linda Eagle Jack Eagling Jill Eagling Tom Easton Gary Edwards LaVern Edwards Charles Wedge impresses fellow Sophomore, Jeff Weit- zel, by using his head. Cindy Erbe Lisa Fadell Joseph Fetterly Bob Fitzgerald Deanne Fogal Martha Foley Sarah Foster Chris Fountain Marguerite Fox Mary Frizzle Susan Fuller Cheryll Fulton Lynn Eldridge Susan Elliott Donna Engelgau Rex Ennest Raymond Falk Richard Fearnside Jackie Feldhouse Virginia Ferguson Laura Flanigan Linda Flanigan Doug Fleming Thomas Fleming Donna Anderson loses her ribbon to Bob Fitzgerald during Spirit Week. CLASS OF ’74 Sophomores Enjoy Extracurricular Activities Timothy Funkhouser Lynn Gardner Pamela Gates Randy Gibson Joseph Gladwish Caroline Gonzales Clare Gerlach Sharon Gerlach Joseph Giammarinaro Paul Gordon Laurel Gossman John Goudy Julie Gragowski Sondra Gragowski Karen Gribbons Marcia Guest Kathy Gwisdala Kathy Hagemann Jan Griffith Thomas Groff Lonny Gross Fredrick Hall Donna Hamilton James Hampton Lezly Hand Lloyd Hanselman Charles Harland Berlie Harrison Robert Harrison Susan Hart Jeff Harmer Terrill Harrington Cindy Harris Lynne Harwood Laura Havens Linda Havens Debbie Hautau Tim Haymend Myra Hayward Sue Ann Heath David Hebner Joel Heller 146 SOPHOMORES Debbie Hendrick Mike Henninger Kimberly Henry Dawn Hess Connie Hillman Laura Hills Sue Holbrook Chris Holsbeke Dwight Hopwood Kathy Howard Gary Hubbeil Debi Hudson Ron Hustek Rick Huston Diana Hyde Beth Jowett Mary Johns Nancy Johnson ABOVE LEFT: John Wolfe, Sophomore class president, reaches out to other members of the class. ABOVE: Joseph Gladwish shows his school spirit on Spirit Day by displaying his Northern sweat shirt. Janice Himmel John Himmel Dan Home Sandra Houghton Jean Hudy Gary Hurley Cindy Jacobson Jeffery Jex Cynthia Johnston Toni Johnston CLASS OF 74 147 Sophomores Show High Potential in School Spirit Patricia Johnson Paul Johnston Robert Kail Maureen Kearns The Sophomore class listens attentively to the speeches of the candidates for Student Council. Diane Kring Jim Kubek Jeanette Kuberski Mary Lattin Don Ledsworth Theresa Leneway Denise Liddle Melanie Limberg James Livingston Jamie Jones Marie Jones Regina Jones Mike Keith Ginger Kelchner Cindy Kelly Jim Kemp Jerry Kent Alan Kibbe Marsha Kilboume Kevin King Larry Kincaid Richard Kinnee Phillip Klaus Marie Kosel Nancey Kosel William Kostoff Karen Kott Daniel Krafft Jenny Kranz Linda Krauss Joe LaMarsh Debbi Lampard David Langolf Dave Lentz Ervin Lewis Susan Lewis Christina Loane William Loane Douglas Loffel 148 SOPHOMORES Full of Vim and Fun They Are Friends to Everyone Debra Loftis Gregory Long A. David Losinski Janice Lowes Dave Luce Clayton Lucey Pamela Lump Susan MacFarlane Kathie Maciejewski Kenneth Lounsberry Mark Love Martha Ludwig Lois Jane Lugg Nancy Maciejewski Alvin Mac Lean Janet MacLean Timothy MacRury Ruth Main Conrad Majeski Kathy Manns Denise Marigold Scott Marks Joe Marone Brian Martinek David Mason Michael Mayers Mark Maxwell William McAllister Kathy McCabe Carol McCallum Harry McCallum Lorraine McCarty Bob McCleary Sharon McClure Melody McCoy Laurel Mclnnis Eileen McIntyre Bruce McFadden Mary Lou McKelvey Cari McLeod Edward Mathews Peggy Matthews Catherine May These Sophomores find it convenient to study in the cafeteria be- fore homeroom. From left to right they are Merle Lardner, Kath- leen Smith, Carl Norton, John Hitchings, Nicole Bandescu, and Patrick Ward. CLASS OF 74 149 Ambitious Sophomores Are Eager to Learn Susan Hart and Lauri Wagner browse through the selection of books in the library. Kathy Molinaro Gordon Morscth Doug Nelson Deborah Nichols Trish O Leary David Oppliger Frederick Ottaway Patrick Parrish Mark Patrick Jeffrey Pattison Cheryl Pedrotti Sue Peters Pam Pickard Daniel McNutt Craig McOuat Pam McTaggart Vickie McTaggart Steve Meads Cynthia Megerle Darlene Megerle Dudley Miller Greg Miller Jim Miller Lori Miron Michael Miron Carolyn Moss Timothy Mullen Katie Naylor Barb Nicholson Joe Nofs Steven North Carl Norton Wanette Odle Mark Ojczyk Douglas Page Barbara Paquette Gregory Parks Kathryn Peacock Tom Peacock Teresa Pearson Richard Pincomb Lynne Pionk Gloria Plummer 150 SOPHOMORES Sophomores Enjoy Hearty Cafeteria Luncheons Mary Pool Randy Porrett Theresa Potter Connie Purcell Candy Putze Doug Quandt Julie Rader Leslie Reaume Tim Redmond Kevin Reece Pam Reeves Carl Reid Robert Reid Denise Reynolds Robert Richards Debra Rilling Debbie Ristau Virginia Robbins Augustine Rocha Marsha Roche Evone Rodrigues Lynda Rodriguez Jeff Ropposch Roger Ross Gary Russell Cindy Rutherford Joe Rutherford Doug Schlitt Jeffrey Schmidt Karri Schmidt Kathleen Preininger Dale Privette Linda Rabe Pam Rabine Keith Ziegler enjoys his ice cream bar after a hearty meal during C lunch. Brian Rossow Darrel Rowse Mark Ruelle Mike Ryan Greg Rynties Kathy Schindler Ralph Schoettle Kathy Schonk Janet Schoof CLASS OF ’74 David Schroeder Max Segar Walter Segar Becky Semrow Cathy Shaw Don Sheldon Terry Shepley Jane Shivers Sherry Slyford Steven Smafield Janet Shoffner Brad Sieman Dan Sinnett Sandy Sischo Carolyn Smith Don Smith Don L. Smith Kathleen M. Smith In Memory of Madelyn Summerer “To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die.” Campbell Dale Thompson Mariann Thorton Kathy Smith Laurie D. Smith Laurie G. Smith Maureen Smith Diane Smyth Carole Snowden James Sparling Gary Sparr Diana Spencer Todd Spencer Cindy Stalker Leah Stalker Frank Stein Lisa Stein Paul Steinborn Sandy Stevenson Jim Stoutmeyer Mary Beth Stowe Debbie Studaker Norman Sturdevant Jeff Szostek Cheryl Talley Tom Tanton Penny Tenniswood Rick Thrushman Mark Tisdel Debbie Toles Ron Tosch 152 SOPHOMORES Sophs Welcome Guidance of Dean and Counselor Shown at left is Mrs. Jan Preininger, 10th Grade secretary; and with her is Mrs. Ruby Goodrich, 10th Grade Counselor. Together they help Sophomores with their problems and keep everything in the 10th Grade Center running smoothly. Rob Tubbs Mary Ann Tuer Suzette Tweedie Deborah Varty Thomas Vigrass John Vorpagel Robert Wacker Lauri Wagner John Walker Nancy Walker Cindy Wallace James Ward James Warren Karl Warshefski Michele Wasmuth Larry Watkins Mary Watkins Melody Webb Cindy Weston Patti Whaling Ken White Jeff Weitzel Carol Welsh Paul West Kim Whittaker Dave Willey Kim Williams Sally Willing Diane Wilton John Wolf Rick Wynkoop Patti York Cyndy Zachwieja David Wright Susan Wroton Renae Wurmlinger Sandy Zick Don Zgieb Keith Zeigler CLASS OF ’74 153 Junior Officers Lead Class of ’73 Dee Stevens President Mark Bottrell Vice President Carol Joerger Robert Dost 154 JUNIORS Steering Committee Plans All Class Activities ABOVE-JUNIOR STEERING COM- MITTEE-BOTTOM ROW: Kimberly Skinner, Bruce Kremer, Bob Walsh, and Steve Bonney. TOP ROW : Catherine Corbett, Francis Ryan, Cheryl William- son, Dave Boden, Julie Davis, Robert Banka, Janet Ledsworth, and Mary Arm- strong. NOT SHOWN : Steve Morris, Marshall Hayward, Karolyn Harrison, David Rutkofske, Tom Schlitts, Mark Rapp, Christina Stock, and Deborah Hyde. LEFT: Mrs. Marjorie Haugner, Grade Dean; and Mr. Douglas Soule, Counselor, guide the Juniors through their high school years. Mrs. Emma Fleming is grade center secretary. CLASS OF ’73 Peter Drescher seems to enjoy sitting next to senior Barbara Brown while hypnotized by Dr. Irwin Ross. Joseph Acker Jane Aldrich Laurie Amadon Karen Anderson Lloyd Anderson Louis Anglebrandt George Anthony Mary Armstrong Richard Artman Charles Atkinson Pamela Avery Jim Babcock Ben Bailey Mary Bailey Linda Bair Elizabeth Bajis Jim Bajis Chuck Baker Jim Baker Tim Baker Robert Banka Terry Barbee William Barnhart Margaret Barns Gary Bartee Dell Bauslaugh Steve Beach Debbie Becker Bill Belanger Dave Bell Bob Walsh takes a break from working diligently in the Northern Radio Station. 156 JUNIORS Juniors Show Determination During Mardi Gras Activities Curtis Brewer and Wendy Wirtz share the sick feeling felt by Mark Bottrell after the pie eating contest. Dennis Bringard Douglas Brown Kathleen Brown Terry Budzik Shelly Bcrden Karen Betts Sue Blanchard Teri Bland Wayne Bland Dave Boden Steve Bonney Mark Borowski Mary Borra Mark Bottrell Shane Boughner Jeff Bowersox Karen Boyce Curtis Brewer Carol Burdell Vickie Burgett Sandy Burns Brent Bushor Gary Calabro Gregory Campbell Bette Carmicheal Ronald Carmicheal Paul Carpo James Carrier Mark Campbell Jill Camphausen CLASS OF ’73 157 Gloria Caulkett Judette Caza Crystal Clark Ed Clark Vicki Cedervall Kirk Churchill Margaret Cichoracki Clifton Clark Tim Cleary Terrence Cogley Linda Collingwood Brenda Collins Juniors Show Hearty Appetites During Lunch Charles Collins Rebecca Collins Beverly Cope Catherine Corbett Steven Collins Denise Conger Ada Conlan Connie Cooke Elizabeth Corbin Gail Corwin Jim Cotter Dan Craig Mark Crowl Debbie Cummings Gearld Cureton Steve Cushman Georgina Daggett Lynn Darr Cindy Davis Julie Davis Susan Dawson Denise Dazer Peter Durand and Elizabeth Millwood enjoy an appetizing lunch together in the cafeteria. 158 JUNIORS Donald Dear Cathy Delong Robin DeLong Ed DeWitt Janine Dionne Dennis Diyer Rick Doan Jeff Dodea Gwynne Stoddart, Lynn Symon, and Beverly Cope keep Jean West busy in Northern’s Supply Store. Ron Dortman Robert Dost Mike Duceatt Brent Dupes Julie DuPree Sandy DuPree Peter Durand Vicky Durrenberg Mike Easton Betty Edie Julie Edie Carolyn Ellis Dan Falk Wendy Farquhar William Farnum Donna Faught Charles Faulkner Terry Feick Jamie Fenner Dennis Freeman Nancy Ketchen enjoys participating with the newly formed drill team. CLASS OF ’73 159 Maggie Fitzgerald Tim Flanigan Sharon Fleming Darlene Fogarty Sharon Frazer Dan Fredendall The pressures of school seem to be getting to Tom Staiger as he makes a sincere attempt to escape. Thomas Gleason Cathy Golden Lea Gonzales Margie Goodwin Carole Gorski Richard Gossman Bob Goyette Hector Goyette Christine Graham Gwendy Grates Deborah Gray Barbara Griffith Sherry Guilds Toni Guizar Joanne Gwisdala Bruce Hall Gerald Harper Brian Harris Fred Harris Jody Harris Wendy Harris Karolyn Harrison Bruce Kremer puts the finishing touches on one of his many pieces of artwork. 160 JUNIORS Kevin Harrison Pamela Hart Robert Hartnett Nancy Hatfield Marsh Hayward Tim Haywood Gayle Heidenreich Bob Henry Elaine Hayne Judy Haynes Bert Hering Edward Hess Juniors Look Forward to Wintertime Activities Debora Hicks Patricia Hillman Storm Hise Steve Hoffman Darrell Hollister Stephen Holmes Juniors enjoy the snow as they take time out for a friendly snowball battle. Richard Holsbeke Bob Holstine Mike Holth Dan Hopkins Randy Howe Dean Hudson Tim Hudy Mary Ellen Hunter Deborah Hyde Lori Illingworth Roberta Irwin William Jex Connie Cooke and Gloria Caulkett get ringside seats at a pep assembly. CLASS OF 73 161 Carol Joerger Becky Johnson Juniors Plan Prom “A Time For Us” Deborah L. Johnson Hal Johnson Mark Bottrell, Nelson Roe, and Gwynne Stoddard prepare a bal- loon tree as a decoration for the Junior Prom. Jeff Johnson Deborah Johnston Diane Johnston Thomas Jurzysta Peter Juziuk Fred Kading Mark Keller Sherry Kendrick Sean Kenny Micheal Kerr Burnieta Kessner Nancy Ketchen Julie Keys Kenneth Kincaid Robert King Kathleen Ann Kirkpatrick John Klein Lisa Kober Arthur Koontz Mark Koppel Mary Koss Frank Kovach Bruce Kremer Paul Krenke Jennifer Kring Dianne Krohn Karen Lamb 162 JUNIORS Kim Lamb Irene LaMotte Karen Lane Diane Langolf Richard LaVere Curt Leahy Ruth Leahy Janet Ledsworth David Lees Ben Bailey and Jane Aldrich swing to the music of the Plain Brown Wrapper at the Junior Prom. Craig Ludwig Marianne Lukasek Gerald Luks Dan MacDonald Laurel MacLean Gregory Magda Elgin Mahosky Marvin Manska Sandra Manzel Lynda Marigold Jane Martin Terri Martin Randy Martinek Dale Masters Janet Mattice Thomas Leveille Mike Lixie Wayne Logan Cheryl Lohr Mary Margaret Lotermoser Sue Lucey Robert White and Nancy Ketchen enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the Junior Prom. CLASS OF ’73 163 Dennis Maxwell Nancy Maxwell Steve McCalmon Janice McCarthy Karen Lamb and Patrick McCoy sit in cozy conversation at the end of a long day. Juniors Keep Informed on All School Events Vicki McCleary Patrick McCoy William McDermott Shawn McFarlane Torre McGregor Valerie Mclnnis David McKenzie Ronald McKenzie Mark McLane Thomas McPhee Connie Meehan Valerie Millar Deborah Miller Lee A. Miller Michael Miller Elizabeth Millwood Susan Miron Eugene Mitchell Susanne Montgomery Ken Moore Mike Heath Fred Mitchell Mark Mitchell LuAnn Molinaro Pat Hering Randy Hills Bob Holstine 164 JUNIORS Janet Montney Dave Mordis Steve Morris Kim Morrison Donald Moss Pat Muxlow Ann Mytinger Alex Nagy Dorriane Neal Robert Toles poses as a Big Red during a pep assembly before the PHN- PH football game. William O’Donnell Susan O’Leary Dawn Osgood Craig Overly Debbie Papinaw Susan Parent Bill Patrick Stan Pearson Debbie Pedrotte Bill Phare Bettie Pollina John Popham Jeanette Potter Debbie Prince Don Prince Richard Nestle Bob Nordberg Debbie Nunn Peggy Nutt James Nyeste Gary Oden THE S i EMINGUAG Jamie Fenner looks to Richard Whipple for assurance as she leaves the stage at the Court Candidate Assembly. CLASS OF ’73 165 Walter Pringle Jane Probst Ju? We’re the Greatest, nTJP ' jk You See, We’re the Can’t Class Dee Stevens accepts an award from Mr. Overly that recognizes the Juniors for buying the most football tickets. of ’73! Bob Pryor Diana Przytakoski Sandra Quitter Charlene Rabe Debbie Rabine Debbie Racz Jeff Rader David Rambaum Mark Rapp Heidi Rauth Kathryn Reece Karen Reiche Pete Relken Beverly Reno Patti Renshaw Bob Riehl Tim Riehl Bob Riggs Bonnie Robbins Clifford Rodegeb Nelson Roe Tom Ropposch Debbie Rosine David Roskey 166 JUNIORS Juniors Encounter Many Responsibilities Bob Rutherford Francis Ryan Tom Schlitts Charmain Schmidt Height is the overpowering factor in getting the book you wan Dave Boden demonstrates to Merla Snider. Dale Schoettle Roy Schultheiss Karen Schwartz Jean Scott Steve Scutt Paul Seely Maureen Sheehan Cindy Sheldon David Sheldon Daniel Shoudy Kim Skinner Wanda Slyford Jane Smiley Dan Smith David Smith Dennis Smith Edward Smith Karen Smith Wendy Wirtz and Linda Turloff prepare to hit the road during drivers training. CLASS OF ’73 167 Peter Juziuk takes advantage of being a hall monitor as he catches up on his sleep. Being a Monitor Proves To Be a Relaxing Job to Juniors Peter Smith Suzy Smith Merla Snider Susan Snider Scott Snider Karin Somers Walter Spencer Thomas Staiger Stacie Steinborn Jon Stiver Gwynne Stoddart Mark Sturtz Frank Summerer Lynn Symon Penny Tallant Tina Tarsi Mike Taylor Elisa Thomas Joe Thomas Reese Thomas Paul Thompson Greg Thomson Deanna Tice Bob Toles Gilda Torello Linda Tracey Jeffery Turk 168 JUNIORS Juniors’ Spirit Is Evident At Northern’s Assemblies Linda Turloff Randy Van Norman Tom Vatter Diane Wakeham Bob Walsh Susan Warner Mary Waters Bruce Webb Denise Webster Charles Wellman Michael West Harold Wheelihan Elizabeth Whipple Robert White Jeffrey Wietaoff Elizabeth Wilds Lynda Wiley Thomas Wille Sherren Williams Cheryl Williamson Peggy Wilson Steve Wilson Karen Wilton Pam Wilton Wendy Wirtz Cheryl Wisson Chuck Woodman Debra Wright Paula Wurmlinger BeAnn Zaremba Janet Zieg Dave Zurick Sandy Sheldon demonstrates typical Junior spirit as she enthusiastically leads her class in cheers at a pep assembly. Lori Illingworth helps her candidates gain support by participating in a skit at the election assembly. CLASS OF ’73 169 The Seniors thank their Dean Patricia Austin (above) Class Colors Maroon and Gold for her many kindnesses and guidance and Mr. Robert Matt- son (below) for his helpful assistance as counselor and friend. Mrs. Dorothy Vigrass (below), as secretary for the 12th grade center, was always patient as she listened to the “true” reasons for some of the absences. Class Motto “Yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.” Kahlil Gibran Class Flower Lily of the Valley Class Cheer We’re for gold, we’re for blue, we’re the Class of ’72! 170 Edward Alexander Curt Allen Kevin Alloway Brian Anderson Patricia Andreae Nancy Apsey Greta Armbruster Viola Arvoy Lynn Asman Kay Aurand Dave Bacheller Linda Backman Deborah Bailey Larry Baird Kris Bankson Bonnie Barnes Kenneth Barr Geri Barr Betsy Barrett John Barrett Marrilee Barrett 172 12TH GRADE STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBERS-BOTTOM ROW: Timothy Collins, Cynthia Head, Mary Mosher, Dave Schumacher, Dan- iel Schoof, and Geoffry Pennington. SECOND ROW: Frederick Leslie, Sandra Campbell, Juliette Tweedie, Darle ne Richards, Andrea Thomas, and Patricia Andreae. TOP ROW: Robert Burchill, Mark Setter, and Richard Witzke. Marcy Bartlett Bill Bass Cynthia Beach Nick Becker Marilyn Beesley Bob Belanger Carol Bennett Janet Berka Michael Bland Peggy Bonkoske Dave Bopra Karen Borovich Kathy Bowers Debra Bowman Tim Boyd Roger Brackenbury Letitia Bridge Richard Bringard Deborah Brohl Barbara Brown 173 Dennis Brown Robert Burchill Catherine Byers Colleen Cain Sandra Campbell Judith Capadagli Craig Caris Kevin Carolan Nancy Carpa Neil Carpo Catherine Carroll Ruthann Carrothers Deborah Castello Dan Caughill In the library Dan MacDonald watches Karl Schmidt as he enjoys his psychology lesson. 174 Seniors Study Faithfully Penny Charles Gay Christofferson Dome Clark Patricia Coggins Donald Cole Melinda Cole Carlo Collins Christine Collins Cynthia Collins Linda Collins Timothy Collins Barbara Cooper Rodney Cope Chris Coraw Jacques Cote Jonathon Cortese 175 Seniors Work and Learn 176 Barbara Cowles Susan Crimmins Suzanne Cummins Sandra Curran Stu Currie Sharon Daft James Dale Alex Dalrymple Murray Daniels Jennifer Darling James Davis Pamela Davis Kathleen Day Anita Deacons Cheryl Demerau William Dennis Tim Detary Michelle Devereaux Ruthann Dewey Carol Doan Mary Donaldson James Dove Steve Down Stephanie Dudas David DuPree Marcia Eagle Donald Edie Daniel Essenmacher Sharon Falk Ian Farquhar Margaret Fearnside Cynthia Fenton Dennis Feidler Kirt Fleming Karen Fletcher Terry Floyd MaryKay Foley Cynthia Foltz Michael Francis Maureen Fulton Judy Gardner Brian Gavin Lorraine Mills catches a few minutes of studying between calls as she works at her Co-op job on the switchboard in the main office. 177 Seniors Grow Up — Quickly Randy Gersten David Goodman Linda Gragowski Sally Green Linda Gregory Nancy Halifax Lawrence Hanbidge Kathleen Harmon Russell Harrison Cecil Harvey Cindy Haymend Sandy Haymend Mark Haynes Heather Hayward Cynthia Hearl Robert Hebner 178 Ron Hellmuth Doug Hendershot Carolyn Henderson Susan Henderson James Hering John Hering Linda Hildebrand Billie Hodgins Judy Hogg James Holth Kay Horn Deborah Howe Patricia Howe Karen Hunter Ernie Hyde Robert Hyslop Denise Illingworth Patricia Jamison Christina Jarvis Steven Jenkins Stephen Jex Steven Johnson Charles Johnston Michele Johnston 179 Philip Johnston Kathy Jones Paul Jones Ken Juzysta Robin Kaschatsky James Kearney Kathleen Keeler Rick Kelch Steven Kerr Carol Kerwin Gordon Kerwin Robert King John Kinnee Robert Kinney Ronald Kinney Candace Kirkendall Lawrence Hanbridge and Candace Kirkendall combine their knowledge to prepare research papers for Advanced Biology. Michael Koss Kathleen Kramp Philip Krenke Wendy Krenke 180 Seniors Look to the Future Cheryl Kring Lyle Krohn Bernadette Kuberski Laura Lalley Leith Lampard Rebecca Langolf Kent Lappin Mary LaVigne Len LePiors Frederick Leslie Darrell Lester David Letts Richard Levin Eve Lewis Beth Livingston Kathy Lloyd 181 Seniors Are Extremely Spirited Huskies Neil Logan David London Dennis Losinski Marcia MacAfee Daniel MacLean Gregory Majeski Donald Maness Elaine Manis Richard Marczan Bill Marenich Jonathan Marengo Ronald Marriott Catherine Martinko Marjorie Matthews Jan Maxon Peggy McBrien Lisa McCalmon Barbra McCarthy Joseph McCarthy Yvonne McDonald 182 Linda Melms Debra Meyer Bryan Miller Dean Miller Ronald Miller Thomas Miller Linda McElroy Howard McFadden Greg McGregor Jack Mclnnis Gary McIntyre Scott McKenzie Kathleen McKinley Sandy McLaughlin Ross McNaughton Richard McOuat Randy Meads Sue Meharg Brian Turner enthusiastically speaks to the stu- dents to bring out their hidden spirit. 183 Richard Whipple tries to impress his fellow stu- dents as he runs for Student Council President . . . and it worked! Gary Munce Ruthann Muzzy Michael Nagy Craig Neal Laura Nelson Rick Nelson Robert Neumann Alfred Nicholson Mary Ann Nicholson Linda Norris Shanna Noyes Tim O’Donnell Lorraine Mills Valarie Mills Ann Moore Debra Moses Mary Mosher Kay Mullen 184 Seniors Are Involved in Leading the Way Carole Ogg Merri O’Hare James Olary William Orr Marsha Overholt Jack Palmer Doug Papineau Gary Parker Romney Parker Gary Patrick Karen Paulus Katie Pearson Robert Pearson Geoffry Pennington Rosemarie Perez Elizabeth Perley Fred Phare Robert Phare Gayle Philp Nadine Phipps 185 William Phipps Vern Pierce Debra Pool Deborah Porrett Sherrie Postill Brenda Premo David Prince Susan Purcell Linda Quigley Ron Rabidue Rick Ramsey Renee Ravetta Barbara Rawley David Rawling Elroy Raymond Cathy Reckker Dawn Reno Gregory Reynolds Darlene Richards Karen Rilling William Roach Kevin Roberts Barbara Rodegeb Jeff Ronan 186 Seniors are Sometimes Quiet and Reserved Sharon Rosenau Ann Rutherford Jack Rutherford Bob Rutledge Nora Ryan Mark Rynties Rose Rynties Cindy Sassanella Daryll Saunders Mark Sanderson Mary Schaidt Michelle Schatzline Karl Schmidt Jack Schneider Michael O’Brien pauses for a moment to drift away in thought. 187 Seniors Have Fun at After-School Activities Daniel Schoof David Schumacher Diana Scutt Sally Seefried Karl Semrow Mark Setter David Sharrard Debby Sharrow Donald Shaw Patricia Smiley Cathy Smith Danny Smith Debbra Smith Renee Smith Stella Smith Stewart Smith Susan Smith Suzanne Smith Jefferson Sommerville Caroline Somers 188 Jeffry Sparks Gary Spencer Doss Spotts Gregory St. Coeur Connie St. Onge Craig Stapleton Thomas Stark Cynthia Stein Andrea Thomas, Cheryl Kring, Kathleen Harmon, and Debra Nunn are happy at the best Carlo Baker took time out to learn the art of turnout at the annual Open House for parents. self-defense at GAA. Jo Ann Steinborn Charles Stevens Mark Stevens Terry Stoner John Stoutmeyer Harold Struble Deborah Summerer Debra Symon 189 Dennis Talarico Helen Tallant Douglas Talley Melvin Tarzwell Bradford Teeple Andrea Thomas Catherine Thomas Dave Thomas Greg Thomas Robert Thomas Michael Tippie Dondra Toles Deborah Tomchuck Maggie Tomion Lynn Tooman Sue Tudhope Brian Turner Juliette Tweedie Jo Ullenbruch Jack Umphres Philip Yost is relieved to learn that he fi- nally made his Newspoint quota. 190 Seniors are Anxious to Avoid Extra Work Jill Vargo Pam VanThournout Jane Varty Debbie Victory Terry Vigrass Randall Wade Ruth Wagor John Walker Jeffery Walsh Michael Ward Mary Warnke Michael Warren James Warsinske Elene Weber Bernard West Jean West James Whipple Richard Whipple Arthur White Tim Wiegand 191 Seniors Are Now Ready to Face the Future John Wilds Sue Wille David Williams Jeanne Williams Cynthia Williamson Eric Willmarth John Willmarth David Wingard Tami Wismer Richard Witzke William Wolf Frances Woodman Patricia Wright Becky Wynkoop Philip Yost Steven Yost Patricia Young Fred Young Linda Zeien Michael Zweng 192 Seniors Receive Parts in All-School Play “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” The personalities of Charlie Brown, the blockhead, the lovable Snoopy, and many other Peanuts characters came to life for Northern students in the all-school play’s production of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”. The play, which consisted of many short skits and clever songs, was perform- ed in front of appreciative audiences May 12 and May 13 in McMorran Auditorium. Snoopy’s portrayals of several impossible situations were heartily received as were Charlie Brown’s ridiculous blunders. Lucy’s subtle hints for praise on her beauty and winning personality were very believable to Peanuts fans, as were Schroeder’s obvious rebuttals on Lucy’s part. Linus, true to his life story arrived with his securit y blanket, and Patty’s silly side comments brought smiles to all. The play was likewise graced by a walk-on by Pig Pen, dust clouds in- cluded. The hard work of all those involved in the play was obviously appreciated by the audiences as words of praise and catch-phrases from the play were heard echoing the halls of Northern for weeks afterward. ABOVE: The chorus rehearses its songs in the play. LEFT: The cast practices one of the scenes: Bill Wolfe, Linda Tracey, Dan Armbrust- er, Paul Johnston, John Wolfe, Sue Lewis, and Tom Giese. BOTTOM: Mr. Craig Dieterich and Miss Frances Korbelak portray the masks of the theatre. The chorus members are: Greta Armbruster, Margaret Barnes, Margaret Cichoracki, Jennifer Darling, Linda Havens, Vaiarie Miller, Dorie Neal, Gayle Philp, Bonnie Robbins, F. Toodie Ryan, Jean Scott, Renee Smith, Gilda Torello, Julie Tweedie, Bob Banka, Tim Daniels, Kevin Graham, Fred Leslie, Richard Ramsey, Doss Spotts, Jon Stiver, Mike Ward, and Steve Yost. 193 With Many Fond Memories of PHN, Seniors Regretfully Say Good-Bye As graduation time approaches most seniors become sentimental even though they think they won’t. These are the final steps that they will take in their carefree adolescent days which come to an end. Their future steps are those that will be taken in their new life as adults. The time has come for fond last looks and tearful farewells. But they must never say good-bye to the many happy memories of all the good times they have had and all their old friends. Instead, they should keep in touch with all their old friends as they make new friends and keep the good times happening in an exciting, different, and challenging future that lies ahead. OPPOSITE PAGE-FAR CENTER LEFT: Letitia Bridge is measured for her cap and gown. CENTER LEFT: Miss Patricia Austin consoles Greta Armbruster as she leaves for Senior Assembly. BOTTOM: Dennis Talar- ico, Sandra Campbell, Juliette Tweed- ie, and Andrea Thomas lead the class at marching practice. ABOVE: Mr. Robert Mattson straightens Dennis Talarico’s tie before he gets in line. LEFT: Mr. Raymond Morehead gives the procedures to be followed for Graduation Activities. BELOW: At the Senior Assembly, the last time the members of the class of 1972 meet as a group with Northern stu- dents, there were a few tears as they left the gymnasium. 195 PHN Honors Seniors for Scholastic Achievement Valedictorian Salutatorian DIANE PARSONS LINDA GREGORY Di ane Parsons earned a grade point average of 3.96 by the end of seven semesters’ work and Linda Gregory followed closely with an average of 3.93. Diane is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Parsons, Tenth Ave- nue; and Linda is the daughter of the Howard Gregorys, Strawberry Lane. Seniors who earned a grade point average of 3.5 or above are: William Wolf, Murray Daniels, Mark Haynes, Cynthia Foltz, Sandra Campbell, Mar- garet Tomion, Karl Schmidt, Andrea Thomas, Daniel Schoof, David Schu- macher, Kevin Alloway, Mark Setter, Patricia Wright, Sandra Eagling, Rob- ert Phare, Lisa McCalmon, Greta Arm- bruster, and John Willmarth. 196 Recognizes Performance in Individual Endeavors OPPOSITE PAGE-BOTTOM-STANDING: John Willmarth, an avid class worker; Rich- ard Whipple, first-semester Student Council President; Kevin Alio way, PHN champion debater; and Eric Willmarth, drum major. SEATED: Mary Mosher, yearbook Editor- in-chief; Andrea Thomas, Compass Editor- in-chief; and Greta Armbruster, an active Student Council representative. ABOVE- STANDING: Mark Anderson, an active class representative; Richard Nelson, an outstand- ing Electronics student; Maggie Tomion, a Physical Education leader; Sandra Campbell, an imaginative art student; and Barbra Mc- Carthy, a Spanish language major. SEATED: Mary Schaidt, a Home Economics lab as- sistant ; Susan Morseth, a creative drama stu- dent; and Susan Purcell, an outstanding Business Education student. FAR LEFT: Brian Anderson, a dedicated sports enthusi- ast. LEFT: Senior business students work in various school offices. Suzanne Cummins works for a Department Chairman, Miss Ruth Meyers. 197 Community Along with the important education students may gain each day, Northern provides more. Through such activities as collecting for the March of Dimes, con- tributing to the Canned Food Drive, working as Candy Stripers, attending School Board and City Council meetings, and getting experience through the Co-op program, students become actively involved in experiences important to them as future members of the community of which they are proud-Port Huron. Students who participate in Northern’s extracur- ricular activities appreciate the cooperation they re- ceive from the business and community patrons who help to Finance the various projects. The yearbook staff thanks its many friends who contributed toward the production of the “Spirit of 1972 .” i EZHBIz OGDEN MOFFETT MANUFACTURING COMPANY INCORPORATED “SPECIALISTS IN TRANSPORTATION” Serving Sarnia, Ontario, Direct Daily From All Connecting Lines Shippers in Detroit Port Huron, Michigan Marysville, Michigan 1515 Busha Hwy., 364-8880 Sarnia, Ontario, 344-0957 1105 Twenty-Fourth Street Post Office Box 96 Port Huron, Michigan 48060 “The International Company That Dependable Service Built” ? guu3TSbUi« 1408 Wall Street “Your senior photographer” NORTHGATE PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS MCINTYRE’S TRANSMISSION SERVICE Holland Gratiot Ave. Port Huron, Mich. 985-8783 3853 Pine Grove GEORGE INNES MEN’S WEAR TROY LAUNDRY 319 Huron 984-3129 Laundry— Dry Cleaning Plus STAR OIL CO. Shell Products Complete Rental Service Linen Supply— Industrial Dust Control 2929 Lapeer Road 985-9586 6th Pine Sts. Port Huron 200 DAWN DONUTS 706 24th St. Across From K-Mart Donuts— 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Chicken— 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Family Bucket Dinner box Shrimp Bucket Fish Bucket Fish Dinner Snack Sak Party Box Shrimp Dinner Barrel-O-Chicken Call 985-8181 CHICK-N-JOY 2731 Pine Grove Avenue Monday— Friday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday Sunday 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Call 987-3888 THE BOILER ROOM Pants, Shirts, Belts 404 Quary Street FOGCUTTER RESTAURANT AND ANDREAE FASHION FABRICS BANQUET ROOMS “Little Red Store” 511 Fort Street Atop the New People’s Bank Building Silks— Wolens— Cottons— Velvets Call 987-3300 for reservations VIKING SEWING MACHINES VAGABOND 5651 Lakeshore Rd. 385-4436 Visit our— Vagabond Gift Center THE SKI HUT Port Huron, Michigan 48060 Phone 984-5222 201 CAWOOD’S Pine Grove At Hancock Buick— Opel— Pontiac— Mercedes Benz Winnebago Motor Homes— Trailers Campers New Used— Sales Service New 987-3030 Used 985-7159 Dunn Paper Company “Flowers Say It Best” ULLENBRUCH FLOWER SHOP AND GARDEN CENTER 1839 Lapeer Ave. WILTON’S TV APPLIANCE 2703 Pine Grove Avenue Port Huron, Michigan 982-9549 RUTKOFSKE-NEAL ELECTRIC Electric Contractors Industrial— Commercial— Home Electric Heating 17 17th Street 985-5158 COLONIAL MEAT SHOPPE Fresh Quality Meat Featuring Alexander Hornung Homemade German Style Sausages JOHN A. ROWLING REALTOR 3745 Pine Grove Rd. BRISCOE PHARMACY 1634 Stone St. 985-6121 JENSEN-TOWNSEND PRINTING COMPANY Russ Jensen Stan Townsend 912 Water Street 984-2081 Exclusively On« hour Mnmimc " THI MOST IN DPV CLEANING Franchised Jerry Soupal, Jr. 2307 Pine Grove Rd. Port Huron, Mich. 202 OPEN ’til 9 p.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday Plenty of FREE Storeside Parking Sears You Can’t Do Better Than Sears 212 Grand River Avenue Downtown Port Huron St. Clair County Community College Two Six-Week Summer Sessions June 9 to July 21 July 24 to Sept. 1 Air-Conditioned Classrooms 323 Erie St. Phone Port Huron, Mich. 984-3881 DeFours Bicycle Shop New Used Vista, Murray, Rollfast Puttman Mini-Bikes All Sizes and Models Complete Repairing All Ma kes Models Call 985-8545 New Location— 838 Griswold 203 CLASS OF NINETEEN SEVENTY-TWO COMGRATULATIOW . . . THE NEXT STEP IS UP TO YOU C JERRY’S MARKET Port Huron— Marysville and Richmond FOLLOW LEWANDOWSKI Auto Parts— New Used Parts 1956 Water Street Port Huron, Michigan 982-4905 BLUE WATER YMCA 700 Fort Street 984-1566 INDEPENDENT FLOOR COVERING Greatest Floor Show in Town Carpets Linoleum Wallpaper Tile Draperies Decorator Service Available 984-4196 3855 Pine Grove MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Has a Complexion Care Plan for You Ask Your Merle Norman Beauty Advisor About It. 415 Quay St. 984-3751 KERR-ALBERT OFFICE SUPPLY 943 Military Street Port Huron, Michigan “Helpful Hints— Friendly Service” Olivetti Underwood Portables t w’s GEORGE’S FINE SHOES 219 Huron Avenue 982-1751 QUINLAN’S 922 Military Street 984-3157 204 MAC’S RADIO T.V. SERVICE 2614 14th Ave. Port Huron, Michigan 48060 PEOPLES BANK OF PORT HURON Main Office Marysville 511 Fort St. 2425 Gratiot Blvd. Twenty-Fourth St. Water St. 1226 24th St. 501 Water St. Pine Grove — Garfield St. 1657 Garfield St. Member F. D. I. C. FRIENDLY PEOPLE— SERVING PEOPLE Detroit: 313-371-6550 Port Huron: 313-982-8200 WEBB FLYING ENTERPRISES New Terminal Building Detroit City Airport Detroit, Michigan 48213 Charter or Air Taxi Multi-Engine Single Engine Complete Flight School OPTICAL COMPANY Port Huron Eye Clinic 1131 Erie St. YU2-0614 ASKAR— SHAIN We Congratulate the Class of 1972 And wish to Thank those Students of Port Huron Northern who chose us to take their Senior Pictures. And hope someday they will bring back memories of that senior year. Photographers George Askar George Shain Leather goods and Suedes displayed by the new NEXT DOOR SHOPPE. 205 Burgett’s Standard Service 101 Services You Can Bank On 3500 Pine Grove Ave. Port Huron, Michigan Towing Wrecking Service Best Wishes For a Bright Future! LONDON ' S » ■“ lPm y»i 1,1 2136 Pine Grove Ave. Port Huron, Michigan 984-5111 4 Convenient Locations To Serve You Main Office North End Branch 802 Military 1620 Pine Grove Griswold Street Branch South Park Branch 2300 Griswold Street 2313 Conner Street MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK the SATURDAY Bank ROPPOSCH BROTHERS Insurance Real Estate “Since 1915” BERT D. WRIGHT AGENCY FLOOR COVERINGS Quality Good Carpet Tile Linoleum 841 Lapeer Ave. at 9th St. Call YU4-1591 Draperies CONGRATULATIONS Expert Installation CLASS OF 984-5553 1972 A FRIEND 3585 Pine Grove 206 Aaron, Nancy 142 Aaron, Shannon 1 28 Abee, Gregory 1 28 ABERNETHY INSURANCE Abernethy, James 1 28,1 13 Abemethy, Kimberly 142 Acker, Joseph 1 56 Acker, Tony 128 A FRIEND Agar, Jackie 1 28 Agar, Mike 142 AGAR’S MARKET 224 Agee, Roger W. Mr. Ah earn Gale 14,69 Aikins, Donald 63 Albert, Burke 1 28 Aldrich, Jane 43,82,156,163 Aldrich, RaeAnn 142 Alexander, Doug 128 Alexander, Ed 172 Allen, Curt 172 Allen, Joe 142 Allen, Linda 128 Allen, Nancy 23,75,128,120 Allison, Jack Alio way, Kevin 37,38,99,172, 197 Alio way, Joe Amadon, Laurie 156 Amadon, Leslie 27,31,142 Ames, Jeff 142 Anderson, Brian 5,49,53,73, 172,197,114,218,123 Anderson, Donna 142,145 Anderson, Karen 156 Anderson, Kathy 142 Anderson, Lindsey Anderson, Lloyd 156 Anderson, Mark 104,197 Anderson, Marsheila 128 Anderson, Shawn 79,170,128, 114 Anderson, Susan 1 28 ANDREA FASHION FABRICS 201 Andreae, James 1 28 Andreae, Patricia 49,65,172, 173 Andrews, Sue ANDY THOMAS MENS WEAR Ange, Laura 79,142 Angerbrandt, Louis 156 Angerbrandt, Neil 114 Anglebrandt, Dave Anglebrandt, Denise 128 Anglebrandt, Karen 142,143 Anglebrandt, Lori 142 Anglebrandt, Rick 1 28 Andrews, Susan 1 28 Anthony, Dawn 142 Anthony, George 156 Anthony, Joe 128 Anthony, Leo 142 Antoine, Deborah 1 28 Apsey, Nancy 172,222 AQUARIUM SHOP 218 Archibald, Robert 107,128 ARDEN’S Armbruster, Daniel 73,142, 193 Armbruster, Greta 31,49,172, 193,195,197 Armstrong, Barry W. 80,102, 114 Armstrong, Crystal 1 28 Armstrong, Mary 155,156 Armstrong, Steve 128 Armstrong, Teri 128 Artman, Richard 156 Arvoy, Viola 172,222 Ashford, Betty ASKAR-SHA1N 205 Asman, Diane 142 Asman, Lynn 172 Assaf, Dennis 142 Assaf, Melanie 142 Atkinson, Charles 156 Atkinson, Sabbath Aurand, Kay 82,172 Austin, Patricia 170,195 Avery, Pamela 156 Babcock, Jim 156 Bacheller, Dave 172 Backman, Charlie 1 28 Backman, Linda 39,65,172 Bailey, Barbara 142 Bailey, Becky 142 Bailey, Ben 70,156,163,109, 225,123 Bailey, Deborah 48,65,172 Bailey, Guy 93,95 Bailey, Mary 156 Bair, Linda 48,156 Baird, Brent 128 Baird, Larry 172,87 Baird, Mark 142 Baird, Paul 128 Bajis, Chris A. 142 Bajis, Elizabeth 1 56 Bajis, Jim 156 Baker, Brian Baker, Carol 1 89 Baker, Chuck 156 Baker, Jim 79,156 Baker, Richard 93,102 Baker, Tim 1 56 Balkwill, Kathy 128,87 Balogh, Mary Bandescu, Nicole 142,149 Banka, Robert 155,156,193 Banka, Catherine 128 Ban kson, Kris 172 Barbee, Terry 31,156 Barbee, Vicki 27,142 Bargiel, Edward 98 Barnes, Bonnie 82,172 Barnes, Brian 142 Barnes, Susan 128,137 Bar nhart, William 156 Barns, Margaret 73,82,156, 193,120 Barr, Dan 142 Barr, Geri 172 Barr, Kenneth 172 Barr, Robert 12 Barr, Ron Barrett, Barbara 127,198 Barrett, Betsy 172 Barrett, W. John 172 Barrett, Merrilee 172 Bartee, Gary 1 56 Bartlett, Jeff 9,28,113 Bartlett, Marcy 1 73 Bartlett, Polly 142 Barrymore, Tom 31,128 Bartlett, Jeff 128 Bartley, Edward Bartley, Eugenie 42 Baska, John Bass, V. William 1 73 Bates, James 80,81,102,112 Baumstark, Cindy Bauslaugh, Dell 156 Beach, Cynthia 1 73 Beach, John 107,128,113 Beach, Steve 156,87 Beach, Tim 142,112 BEARD CAMPBELL BEAUTY COLLEGE OF PORT HURON Beaver, Lynn 42,128 Beaver, Mike 142 Becker, Debbie 1 56 Becker, Douglas 106,142 Becker, Mrs. E. 72 Becker, Nick 173 Beckett, Tom 128,87 Beeler, Marilyn 1 28 Beeler, Mike 1 28 Beesley, Marilyn 173 Belanger, Bill 156 Belanger, Bob 79,173 Belanger, Brian 128,113 Belanger, Janice 41,142 Bell, Dave 75,156 Bell, Mike 128 Belling, Stephen 142 BELVEDERE GOLF CLUB Benedict, Stewart 1 28 Benjamin, Delores Benner, R. Dale Bennett, Carol 31,49,173,222 Bennett, Michelle 142,143,87 Berdan, Scott 128 Berden, Dean 95 Berden, Michele 48 Berden, Shelly 53,157 Berg, John 128 Berg, Richard 143 Bergquist, Dorothy 1 28 Berka, Janet 173 Berlin, Sharon 126,128,133 Berta, Gordon 143 BERT D. WRIGHT AGENCY Betts, Karen 157,228 Betts, Ruby Beutner, Carl Biemot, Marilyn 31,128 Bills, Brad R. 143 Bills, Mark Bishop, Vicky 128 Bitzinger, Nancy 90 Black, Sheila 128 Balackney, Thomas E. 8,75 BLAKE SON GLASS Blanchard, Sue 53,157 Bland, Michael 173 Bland, Teri 157 Bland, Wayne 157 Blatt, Steve 1 28 BLUE WATER RECREATION Blynn, Eugene 79 BOB’S HAIR STYLISTS 220 Boden, Anita Boden, Dave 155,157,167 Boden, Steve 107,127,113 THE BOILER ROOM 201 Bolar, Craig 113 Bombard, Sue 1 29 Bonacci, Vincent 143 Bond, Lyle Bonin, Michael Bonin, Richard 1 29,1 13 Bon koske, Peggy 173,228,222 Bonney, Steve 46,155,157 Borntrager, Dave J. 143 Bopra, Dave 7,173 Borovich, Karen 1 73 Bony vich, Susan 7,11,27,31, 143 Borowski, Mark 31,157,123 Borra, Mary 1 57 BottreU, Mark 37,151,154, Boughner, Jackie 1 29 Boughner, Kathy Boughner, Shane 157 Boukamp, John W. 77,79, 143.116.123 Bourn, Michael Bower, Dave 1 29 Bowers, Kathy 173 Bowersox, Jeff 157 BOWL-O-DROME 220 Bowman, Bill B. 143 Bowman, Debra S. 1 73 Bowser, Hope Boyce, Karen 157,228 Boyd, Kevin 107,129,134, 113 Boyd, Peter J. 143 Boyd, Timothy 97,173 Burgess, Pat L. Brackenbury, Gary 1 29 Brackenbury, Janeen Brackenbury, Roger 173 Branch, Richard A. 143 Brandi, Cindy 1 29 Bready, Dawn Bready, Mary 1 29 Brennan, Arlene E. Brewer, Curtis 157,123 Bridge, Letitia 173,195 Bringard, Dennis 157 Bringard, Laura 82,143 Bringard, Richard 1 73 BRISCOE PHARMACY Bristle, Bonnie 1 29 Brohl, Deborah 1 73 Brooks, Edward 129,87 Brooks, Henrietta 1 29 Brooks, Sandy 143 Brown, Barbara 31,156,173, 87 BROWN, BRUCE B. Brown, Bruce 72,102,109,110 Brown, Catherine 90 Brown, Cyndy 1 29 Brown, Cynthia 1 29 Brown, David 1 29 Brown, Debbie J. 143 Students show their enthusiasm during one of the assemblies. 207 MacTaggart’s 935 Military Street 985-5101 Sargent ' s Dairy Queen and Brazier Pine Grove Scott Best Wishes To the Class of 72 Manis Restaurant Corner of 10th Union 982-9021 Port Huron. Michigan FINE FOOD FOR 43 YEARS MAKE IT YOURSELF AND SAVE! Mary Maxim 2001 Holland Ave., Port Huron Phone: 984 5135 Jas. F. Abernethy Eve. 982-0033 Jas. J. Abernethy Eve. 982-5230 Abernethy Insurance Agency AUTO — FIRE — CASUALTY — BONDS OFFICE PHONE 1113 Military St. 984-1547 Port Huron, Mich. 208 “It takes more than just a little effort to get this note out!” demon- strates Russel Harrison and Doss Spotts. Brown, Dennis 37,174 Brown, Douglas 157 Brown, Gail 1 2 Brown, Gery Brown, Jeffrey 75,107,129, 113 Brown, Kathleen 157 Brown, Lorolie 59,60,64 Brown, Russ 143 Brown, Sherry 129 Bruhns, Deborah Bruhns, Mark 1 29 Bryant, Marrill 143 Bryce, Donald 143 Buckoski, Katherine 129 Budzik, Terry 157 Burchill, Mr., Mrs. Burchill, Robert 44,173,174, 87 Burdan, Ann Burde, Jarie 143 Burdell, Carol 157 Burgess, Dave 143 BURGER CHEF 220 BURGER KING 208 Burgess, Tim 1 29 BURGETT’S STANDARD SERVICE Burgett, Vickie 157 Burke, Marilyn 143 Burleigh, Shane 143 Burns, Carol 143 Bums, Debra Burns, Linda Burns, Mike 46,129 Burns, Nancy 1 2 Burns, Sandy 82,157 Bushor, Brent 157 Byers, Catherine 1 74 Byers, Jim C. JERRY’S MARKET Cain, Colleen 174 Gala bro, Gary 157 Caldwell, Barbara 90 Caldwell, Samuel Caldwell, Tyrone Callely, Cindy 143 CAMERA CRAFT 220 Campbell, Alan 1 29 Campbell, Gregory 157 Campbell, Marilyn 1 29 Campbell, Mark 46,257 Campbell, Sandra 29,49,171, 173,174,195,197 Campbell, Scott 129 Cam phausen, Jill 157 Capadagli, Judith 44,174 Caplinger, Marsha 1 29 Cargo, Mary 27,143 Caris, Craig 1 74 Carl, Richard 129 Carman, Diane 143 Carmicheal, Bette 157 Carmicheal, Ronald 157 Carolan, Kevin 46,77,174 Car olan, Mike 46,127,129 Carpa, Nancy 174 Carpenter, Carmen 1 29 Carpo, Neil 174 Carpo, Paul 157 Carr, Linda Carr, Paul 129 Carrier, James 93,157 Carrier, Linda 129 Carroll, Cathy 1 74 Carrothers, Ruthann 174 Carse, Robert 157 Carules, Barb 90 Case, Tom 129 Castello, Deborah 53,174,228 Castello, Janet 157 Catanzaro, Frank 129 Caughill, Dan 174 Caulkett, Gloria 158,161 CAWOOD AUTO COMPANY Caza, Judette 158 Cedervall, Vicki 75,158 Ceglarek, Robin Chafty, Mariette 129 Chafty, Michael 31,143 Chambers, Charles Champenoy, William D. 175 Chance, Carol 75,130 Chance, Mark 93,175 Chandler, Hollis 175 CHANTAL BRIDAL SHOPPE 2-3 Chapman, Richard 63 Charbeneau, Monica 143 Chargot, Clay 175 Chargot, Julie 130 Charles, Nancy 143,87 Charles, Penny 175 C harles, Ron 130 CHARLES SCHOOR MEMORIAL HOME INC. Child, Judy 27,143 Chisholm, Susan 143 Christofferson, Gay 175 Churchill, Edward 143 Churchill, Kirk 158 Cichoracki, Debbie 39,130,87 Cichoracki, Margaret 39,15 8, 193,87 Claflin, Carol 31,130,87 Clark, Clif 158 Clark, Crystal 7,158,228 Clark, Porne 175,109,225 Clark, Ed 31,104,158,114,123 123 Clark, Mike 107,130,113 Gark, Robert 72 Geary, Tim 158 Gingnpeel, Daina 143 Gingenpeel, Joe 1 30 Cochran, Jill 143 Coggins, Patricia 82,175 Cogley, Terrence 32,95,158 Colar, Craig 1 29 Cole, Don 175,116 Cole, Elizabeth 1 30 Cole, Melinda 175 Cole, Pat 106,143,112 Collingwood, Arlene 143 Collingwood, Linda 158 Collins, Brenda 158 Collins, Carol 175 Collins, Charles 158 Collins, Christine 82,175 Collins, Christopher 1 1 2 Collins, Cynthia 175 Collins, Dave 143 COLLINS ENGINEERING COMPANY 216 Collins, Kathy Collins, Linda 175 Collins, Mike 31,130 Collins, Rebecca 158 Collins, Scott 106,144,112 Collins, Stephen 158 Collins, Timothy 9,31,53,93, 173,175 COLONIAL MEAT SHOPPE Condland, Nancy Jo 9,63 Conger, Denise 82,158 Conlan, Ada 59,158 Contis, Sheryl 1 30 Cook, Ron Cooke, Connie 146,158,161 Cooley, Walter 144 Cooligde, Brian 130 Cooper, Barbara 175 Cooper, Debbie 144 Cope, Beverly 158,159 Cope, Linda 130 Cope, Marjory 1 30 Cope, Rodney 1 75 Coraw, Chris 175 Corbett, Bruce 144,112 Corbett, Catherine 40,41,48, 155,158 Corbin, Elizabeth 48,53,158 CORBIN LUMBER CO. Corbin, Robert 30 Cornwell, Gordon 144 Corp, James 30 Corwin, Gail 158 Cote, Jacques 175 Cortese, Jon 175 Cotter, Jim 158 Coughenour, Sam 72 Cowles, Barbara 1 76 Cowles, Joseph 144 Cox, Carol 30 Cox, Cathy 144 Gackel, William 144 Crago, Kenneth 130 Gaig, Dan 158 Gankshaw, Brian 144 Gessman, Rebecca 127,130, 133 Crimmins, Kathleen 130 Gimmins, Pat Gimmins, Phyllis 144 Gimmins, Susan 176 Crittenden, Ruby 79 Gorey, Theron 130 Crowl, Faye 130 Gowl, Mark 158 Crawford, Robert Cumerlato, Michael Cummings, Debbie 158 Cummings, Kenneth 130 Cummins, John 144 Cummins, Suzanne 176,197 Cunningham, Nancy 130 Cunninghan, Todd 144 Cureton, Chris Cureton, Gerald 158,213 Curran, Mr. Mrs. Martin J. 224 Curran, Sandra 176,228,222 Currie, Catherine 144 Currie, Stu 1 76 Currier, Jeffrey 144 Cur ti, Benjamin 130,113 Curtis, Sheryl 129 Cushman, Steve 158 Daft, Glenys 64,130 Daft, Robin 144 Daft, Sharon 176 Daggett, Georgina 158 Dahn, Steve 130 Dale, James 176 Dalrymple, Alex 49,104,176, 109,110,116 Daniels, Donna 70,144 Daniels, Murray 49,176 Daniels, Tim 144,193 Darling, Jennifer 59,82,176, 193 Darr, Lynn 39,158 Davey, Ronald 79 Davidson, John Davidson, Laura Davis, Cindy 158,87 Davis, Dawn 1 30 Davis, James 1 76 Davis, Julie 155,158 Davis, Matthew 130,87 Davis, Nancy 144 Davis, Pamela 97,176 Davis, Paul DAWN DONUT CHICK-N-JOY 201 Dawson, Mary 144 Dawson, Susan 158,87 Day, Dale 144 Day, Kathleen 1 76 Day, Mary Dazer, Denise 48,84,158 Deacons, Anita 176 Deal, Jesse Deal, Joseph Dean, Dennis 130 Dear, Donald 159,87 DEFOURS BICYCLE 203 DeGlopper, Charles DeGlopper, Samuel 144 Degraw, Kenneth 130 Deising, John 144 Delong, Cathy 159 Delong, Michael 130 Delong, Robin 48,159 Demars, Dawnn 144 Demars, Lauri 130 Demerau, Cheryl 176 Dennis, Julie Dennis, Michael 130 Dennis, Susan 144 Dentel, Freeman 159 Deovillard, Dennis 1 30 Derocher, Ronald 130 Detary, Tim 176 Devereaux, Michelle 116 Dewey, Beatrice 12 Dewey, Bill Dewey, Ruthann 70,176 DeWitt, Ed 159 DeWitt, Thomas 130 DIANA’S RESTAURANT Diaz, Donna 70,144 Dickinson, Ken 144 Dickinson, Mark 144,114 Dickinson, Raymond 144 Dickinson, Sharon 144 209 RICHARD HOPPS, FLORIST 627 Huron Avenue “Say it With Flowers” PORT HURON PAINT CO. Paint • Glass • Wallpaper Artists Supplies 317 McMorran Boulevard 982-8563 BELVEDERE GOLF CLUB Semi-Private— Public Invited 9-Hole Course— Open to Leagues call 982-7010 3311 N. River Road 1 mi. W. off Pine Grove PEACOCK LUMBER CO. Congratulations 1972 Seniors 2015 Holland Ave. 982-0136 Free Estimates THOMPSON’S JANITORIAL SERVICE Office Cleaning— Window Wall Washing Phone 982-2563 Jack Thompson Compliments of PORT HURON FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION The Fine Art of Creative Hair Styling 2838 Pine Grove Ave. Colonial L ip ° Shopping Center J ? Port Huron, Michigan RING 982-6662 „ Open— Monday thru Saturday MUSIC CENTER HALLMARK CAROS Baldwin Pianos Organs books, gifts novelties 1430 Pine Grove 209 Huror Dicterich, Craig 82,193 Dietrich, Mary Dilworth, Grant 144 Dineen, Michael 79,102,119 Dionne, Janine 159 Dionne, Jeffrey 130 Disser, Sue 144 Diyer, Dennis 159 Doan, Carol 1 76 Doan, Douglas 130 Doan, Ken Doan, Rick 159 Dodea, Jeff 159 Dodia, Joann 130 Donaldson, Larry 144 Donaldson, Mary 176 Donovan, Cindy 130,88 Dooley, Ann 144 Dooley, Brian 79,218 Domfeld, Cindy Domfeld, Pat Dortman, Ron 159 Dortman, Steven 145 Dortman, William 144 Dost, Robert 15,46,51,69 Dougherty, Richard 14 Dove, Jim 176 Dove, Stephanie 145 Down, Steve 176 Drescher, Chuck 67,145 Drescher, Pete 52,156 Drewyore, Cherie 72 Drouillard, Dennis Duccatt, Lynn 145 Duceatt, Mike 159 Dudas, Stephanie 44,176 Duncan, James 63 Duncan, Sandy 144 DUNN PAPER COMPANY Dupes, Brent 159,116,123 Dupree, David 177 Dupree, Julie 159 Dupree, Pam 145 Dupree, Sandy 159,228 Dupuis, Dan 130,113 Duquette, Donna 130 Durance, Scott Durand, Jerry 95 Durand, Peter 158,159 Durand, Susan 145 Durand, Tex 79 Durrenbery, Vicky 1 59 Dwyer, Dennis 96 Dykman, Mark 107,130,113 Eagle, Linda 41,145 Eagle, Marcia 177 Eagling, Jack 145 Eagling, Jill 145 Easton, Laurie Easton, Mike III 159 Easton, Tom 73,145 Edie, Betty 159 Edie, Dale 130 Edie, Don 177 Edie, Julie 159 Edmondson, Michael Edwards, Gary 145 Edwards, LaVern 145 Efstratis, George 131 Eagling, Sandra 49 Eldridge, Lynn 145 Elliott, Marytherese 39,82 Elliott, Susan 145 Ellis, Carolyn 159 Ellis, Charlie Ely, Jacki 126,128,131,87 Emerick, Gloria 70 Emery, Jim 131 Emlaw, Floyd 1 27 Engelgau, Donna 145 Ennest, Rex 145 Erbe, Cindy 145 Esterline, Lynn 93 Etzel, Robert 131 Essenmacher, Daniel 177 Etzel, Richard Evans, Debra Evans, William 131 Eveningred, Paul IV Evenson, Thor 131 Faba, Elaine 52,60,69 Fadell, Lisa 79,145 Fadell, Mike 33 Falk, Dan 159 Falk, Raymond 145 Falk, Sharon 44,177 Falter, Mike 80,107 Farquhar, Ian 90,172,177 Farquhar, Robert 131 Faruhar, Wendy 59,159 Farnum, William 159 Faught, Donna 159,228 FAULKNER’S Faulkner, Charles 1 59 Faust, Mary Jo 131 Fead, Richard Feamside, Margaret 177 Fearnside, Richard 145 Feick, Carol 131 Feick, Terry 159 Feldhouse, Fred Feldhouse, Jackie 145 Fenner, Jamie 28,31,73,159, 266 Fenton, Cindy 177 Fenton, Rick 131 Ferguson, Fred Ferguson, Virginia 145 Ferriby, Stanley Fetterly, Dave 131 Fetterly, Joseph 46,145 Fiedler, Denise Fiedler, Dennis 1 77 Fiori, Paul 131,113 Fisher, Francine 60,309 Fisher, Lora Fisher, Thomas Fisher, Thomas C. Fitzgerald, Bob 145 FITZGERALD, E.W., DR. 224 Fitzgerald, Maggie 160 Flanigan, Laura 145 Flanigan, Linda 145 Flanigan, Sharon 1 3 1 Flanigan, Tim 75,160 Fleming, Brian 79,131 Fleming, Doug 145 Fleming, Emma 155 Fleming, Kirk 1 77 Fleming, Robin 31,80,131 Fleming, Doug 145 Fleming, Emma 155 Fleming, Kirk 177 Fleming, Robin 31,80,131 Fleming, Sharon 160 Fleming, Thomas 145,114 Fletcher, Karen 1 77 Floyd, Mark Floyd, Terry 84,177 Fochtman, Robert 79 Fogal, Deanne 145 Fogarty, Darlene 160 FOGCUTTER 201 Foley, Martha 88 Foley, Mary Kay 145,177,88 Foltz, Cynthia 1 77 Forstuer, John 131 Foster, Sarah 145 Fountain, Chris 145 Fountain, Kathy 131 Fox, Marguerite 145 FOX’S Francek, Mark Francek, Paul 131 Francis, Michael 177 Franke, Martin 127,131 Frazer, Bella 131 Frazer, Sharon 160 Fraser, Nancy 131,87 Fredendall, Dan 160 Fredendall, David 131 Fredendall, Janis 131 Freeman, Dennis 159 French, Mary Beth 131 Frey, Darlene 90,160 Friedland, Kevin 131 FRITCH, RONALD, MR. Frizzle, Mabel 131 Frizzle, Mary 145 Fugiel, Diane 80,319 Fuller, Susan 82,145 Fulton, Cheryll 145 Fulton, Maureen 7,31,49,177 Funkhou ser, Timothy 60,70, 146 Gable, Allen 97 Galoit, Donna 90 Gardner, Judy 177 Gardner, Lynn 146,120 Gardner, Steve 160 Gardocki, Theresa 131,87 Gates, Pamela 63,146 Gates, Stephen 131 Gavin, Brian 1 77 Gavin, Steve 112 Gehman, James C Geister, Lewis Genaw, Joel 131.107 Genaw, Sherie l3l Gentilly, Sandra 79 GEORGE’S FINE SHOES GEORGE INNE’S MENS WEAR George, Lonnie 131 Gerlach, Clare 146,114 Gerlach, Kathleen 131 Gerlach, Sharon 146 Gerrow, David Gerry, Irving 113 Gersten, Randy 178 Giammarinaro, Joseph 146 Gibson, Randy 146 Giese, Thomas 1 93 Gillett, Carmen 31,33,131 Gilmore, Kathy 28,160 Gilmore, Lucinda 131 Gilmour, Sandra 160 Girriom, Debora 126 Gladwish, Joseph 146,147 Gleason, Thomas 131 Gleason, Thomas E. 107,160 Golden, Cathy 160 Goldsworthy, Kathe 63 Gonnering, Richard Gonzales, Caroline 31,146 Gonzales, Lea 160 Goodman, David 178 Goodman, Doug Goodrich, Ruby 153 Goodwin, Margie 160 Gordon, Kerwin Gordon, Paul 146,87 Gorski, Carole 160 Gorski, Steven 131 GOSHNICK STUDIO Gossman, Laurel 146 Gossman, Richard 160 Goudy, John 146 Gouin, Mary Goyette, Bob 160 Goyette, Hector 160 Gragowski, Julie 146 Gragowski, Linda 178,87 Gragowski, Sondra 146 Graham, Christine 160 Graham, Kevyn 193 Graham, Nancy 127,131 Grant, Carey Grates, Gwendy 160 Graw, Christopher 75 Graw, Lucy 132 Gray, Deborah 160 Graziadei, Dominic 132 Green, Donald 131 Green, Fred 72 Green, Jeffery 131 Green, Mildred 12,13 Green, Sally 178,208 Gregory, Linda 49,53,77,178, 196,217 Grenfell, Eileen 132 Gribbons, Karen 79,146 Griffith, Barbara 160 Griffith, Jan 44,146 Geoff, Susan 132 Groff, Thomas 146 Gronek, Allen 132 Gross, Jeff 82,132 Gross, Lonny 146 Guest, Marcia 146 Guest, Sandra 132 Guest, Susan Guilds, Sherry 160 Guitar, Brian GUIZAR AUTO COMPANY Guizar, Margaret 11,23,132 Guizar, Toni 5,160 Gwisdala, Jo Anne 160 Gwisdala, Kathy 146 Hagemann, Kathy 146 Hagle, Brenda 82,132 Haley, Deborah 132 Halifax, James 132 Halifax, Nancy 178 Hall, Bruce 160,112 Hall, Cindy “The simple pleasures are the best pleasures!” demonstrates Tom Miller. 211 HOMESTEAD GARDENS 1284 Krafft Rd. 385-5441 RUFF’S FLORAL SHOP THE LITTLE MARKET 406 Quay Street Wholesale Retail Port Huron Yu 5-8165 Nothing Fancy But the Produce 3505 Lightle Rd. Port Huron Sends You Best Wishes 982-5824 CORBIN Lumber Floor Covering 3950 Pine Grove 985-6101 Office-5121 Res. 982-2703 GUIZAR AUTO CO. Guaranteed Used Cars Buy— Sell— Trade Sal " Peanuts’’ Guizar 2111 Pine Grove Ave. Congratulations, Seniors DIANA ' S Compliments Delicious Foods Since 1926 NORMAN D. MEHARG, SHERIFF 307 Huron Avenue VAN KEUREN CLEANERS MAC KENZIE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS 1402 Lapeer Port Huron, Michigan 985-9694 929 — 24th St. Port Huron, Mich. W. BRUCE KEYS REAL ESTATE BLAKE AND SON’S GLASS 1113 Military 835 24th Street " Key to Good Real Estate " Port Huron, Michigan 212 better than one! Hall, Fredrick 146 HAMILTON’S COUNTRY STORE Hamilton, Debbie 132 Hamilton, Donna 146 Hamilton, Thomas 72 Hampton, James 146 Hand, Kim 132 Hand, Lezly 146 Hanbidge, Lawrence 65,178, 180 Hanselman, Lloyd 146 Hansen, Mary Lou 132 Hardman, Jeff 132 Harland, Charles 79,146 Harland, Ruth 132 Harmer, Jeff 146 Harmon, Kathleen 178,189 Harmon, Thomas 107,132 Harper, Gerald 37,160 Harper, Wesley 132 Harrington, Janice 132 Harrington, Terrill 146 Harris, Anita 23,132 Harris, Brian 95,160,228 Harris, Cindy 30,146 Harris, Fred 29 Harris, Jody 31,160 HARRIS, J.G. DR. 224 Harris, Sandra 132 Harris, Wendy 160 HARRIS, W. MR. MRS. 224 Harrison, Ardie 132,107 Harrison, Berlie 146 Harrison, Elaine 132 Harrison, Karolyn 82,160 Harrison, Kevin 161 Harrison, Robert 146,112 Harrison, Russell 82,178,209 Hart, Jeff 132 Hart, Pamela 161 Hart, Susan 40,146,150 Hartnett, Robert 161 Harvey, Cecil 84,178 Harwood, Lynne 146,87 Harwood, Nancy 80 Hatfield, Nancy 161 Haugner, Marjorie 155 Hautau, Debbie 40,146 Havens, Laura 31,33,146 Havens, Linda 59,146,193 Havner, Cindy 73,132 Hayes, Robert Mr. 14,80,102 Haymend, Cindy L. 178 Haymend, Sandy A. 178 Haymend, Tim 146 Haymend, Mike 104,109,119 Hayne, Elaine 161 Haynes, Judy 161 Haynes, Mark J. 178 Hayward, Heather A. 49,70, 178,228,120,222 Hayward, I., Mr. and Mrs. 224 Hayward, Irving L. 38,63 Hayward, Marsh 161 Hayward, Myra 38,146 Haywood, Chris 132 Haywood, Tim 161 Hearl, Cynthia 84,173,178 Hearn, Debra Heath, Mike 164,87 Heath, Sue Ann 146 Hebner, David 146 Hebner, Robert C. 95,178 Heeke, LeAnn 132 Heidemann, Howard T. 53 Heidenreich, David 132 Heidenreich, Dennis L. 178 Heidenreich, Gayle 41,42, 161,88 Hellmuth, Ron 179 Heller, Joel 146 Heller, Jonathan 132 Helwig, Fred Hendershot, Doug R. 179, 109,111,110 Hendershot, Carolyn E. 178 Henderson, Robert J. 132 Henderson, Susan 90,178 Hendrick, Debbie 147 Henninger, Mike 147 Henry, Bob 161 Henry, Kimberly 147 Henry, Lawrence 132 Hepting, Mike 132 Hering, Becky Hering, Bert 161 Hering, James A. 178 Hering, John 1 79 Hering, Pat 164 Hess, Dawn 82,147,120 Hess, Ed 46,161,225 Hicks, Bob 75,107,133 Hicks, Debora 161 Hildebrand, Anne 127 Hildebrand, Linda 179 Hill, Gloria 133 Hill, Kenneth 133 Hillman, Connie 147,120 Hillman, Jack 133 Hillman, Patti 161 Hills, Brenda 133 Hills, Laura 147 Hills, Randy 164 Himmel, Janice 147 Himmel, John 147 Hise, Storm 66,82,161 Hitchings, John 69,77,149 Hodgins, Bille 48,179 Hoffman, Steve 161 Hoffman, Ted Hogg, Judy 9,97,179 Holbrook, Mr., Mis. 224 Holbrook, Sue 147 Hollister, Darrell 161 Holmes, Stephen 161 Holsbeke, Chris 147 Holsbeke, Richard 161 Holstine, Bob 161,164 Holth, Jim 79,179 Holth, Mike 161 HOMESTEAD GARDENS Hopkins, Clair 82,107,133 Hopkins, Dan 161 Hop wood, Dwight 147 RICHARD HOPPS FLORIST Horn, Barb 133 Horn, Kay 179 Horne, Dan 147 Horne, Sharon Hornik, Margaret 90 Houck, Marian 63 Houghton, Sandra 147 House, Treasure 84 Howard, Kathy 147 Howe, Deborah 1 79 Howe, Patricia 179 Howe, Randy 161 Hubbard, Dave 82,107,133 Hubbell, Gary 147 Hudson, Dean 161,87 Hudson, Debi 147 Hudy, Jean 31,147 Hudy, Tim 31,161 Hughes, Brenda 133 Hughes, Marguerite Hunt, Dennis 12 Hunter, Karen 5,7,12,29,31, 49,53,64,179 Hunter, Mary Ellen 41,82,161 Hurd, Bruce 133 Hurley, Gary 147 Hustek, LuAnn 133 Hustek, Ron 80,106,147 Hustek, Steve 133 Huston, Dave 93 Huston, Rick 147 Hyde, Deborah 161 Hyde, Diana 144,147 Hyde, Ernie 80,100,179 Hyde, Terry 133 Hyslop, Robert 1 79 Illingworth, Denise 179 Illingworth, Lori 28,31,84, 161,169 INDEPENDENT FLOOR COVERING Ingerson, Terry 133 Ingles, Roger INTERIORS DESIGN, INC. Irwin, Roberta 48,161 Jacobs, Cherie Jacobs, David Jacobson, Cindy 31,147 Jahn, Carol 87 James, Marvin Jamison, Trish 179,87 Jansen, Charlie 107,133 Jarvis, Mark 133 Jarvis, Tina 40,179 Jenkins, Holly 133 Jenkins, Steven 179 JENSEN TOWNSEND PRINTING COMPANY Jex, David Jex, Jeffery 147 Jex, Stephen 104,179 Jex, William 42,161 Joerger, Carol 154,162 John, Carol 133 Johns, Kathleen Johns, Mary 147 JOHNSON AMBULANCE 220 Johnson, Becky 162 Johnson, Charles Johnson, Deborah 162 Johnson, Don 133 Johnson, Hal 162 Johnson, Jeff 162,87 Johnson, Narvella 133 Johnson, Nancy 147 Johnson, Patricia 70,148 Johnson, Paul 93,95,98 Johnson, Steve 179 Johnson, Tim 133 Johnson, Virjean 133 Johnston, Annette 133 Johnston, Chuck 179 Johnston, Cynthia 147 Johnston, Deborah 44,162 Johnston, Diane 162 Johnston, Michele 1 79 Johnston, Norma Johnston, Paul 148,193 Johnston, Philip 1 80 Johnston, Toni 147 Johnston, Vicky 133 Jones, Barbara 1 2 Jones, Gina Jones, Gwendolyn 70 Jones, Jamie 148 Jones, Kathy 179 Jones, Kim 133,87 Jones, Marie 148 Jones, Paul 79,179 Jones, Regina 148 Jones, Sheryl 133 Jordon, Linda 127,133 Jowett, Beth 147 Jurzysta, Tom 162 Juziuk, Peter 162,168 Juzysta, Ken 79,180 Kading, Fred 162 Kading, Kurt 133 Kaercher, Leo Kail, Robert 148 Kalli o, Kathy 162 Kanthak, Adolph 12 Karl, Debby 162 Kaschatsky, Robin 179 Kaupp, Donna KAUPP, WILLIAM, MR. MRS. 224 Kearney, James 179 Kearns, Maureen 148 Kearns, Penny 133 Keeler, Kathleen 52,179 Keith, Mike 148 Kelch, Cheryl 133 Kelch, Dennis 162 Kelch, Ricky 179 Kelchner, Ginger 148 Keller, Kathy 134 Keller, Mark 162 Kelly, Bryan Kelly, Cindy 148 Kelly, Jeff 134 Kemp, Dorothy 42,127 Kemp, Jim 148 Kendrick, Sherry 162 Kendrick, Terry 218,123 Kenny, Ian 134 Kenny, Sean 162 Kensley, Ann 134 Kent, Jerry 79,80,148 KERR ALBERT OFFICE SUPPLIES Kerr, Micheal 162 Kerr, Steven 1 79 Kerr, Sue Kerwin, Carol 1 79 Kerwin, Gordon 1 80 Kessner, Bumieta 162 Ketchen, Nancy 159,162,163 120 213 Sparkling Designs In Solid 10 Karat Gold With Your School Crest Your Initials Any Year Date Teenage Accounts Welcome loiRICT DIAMOND IMPORTER?) E V C JEWELERS rVAS OPTICIANS MCMCAin LIAMM6 4WIUII UNCI HU 111 HURON AVCNUR Others To Choose From Big Stone Color Selection If it’s in it’sat. Congratulations Class of 1972 Fine Furniture Modern Contemporary Early American At The Best Prices R.E. MARRIOTT S £. THanniott ‘punutune “The Heme Of Quality Furniture” Mon. thru fri. ’HI 9 - Saturday to 6 P.M. - Era PofNSrf — Froo Dolivory 3057 riNI GROVE NORTHGATI YU 2-0503 LOTT ANTER Formal Wear For All Affairs Cleaning Tailoring - Tuxedo Rental All Styles and Colors Available 1330 -24th St. 982-2409 MEN’S FURNISHINGS 215 HURON AVE. YUkon 5-7131 214 Keys, Julie 28,162 Kibbe, Alan 148 Kibbe, Ray Kilbourne, Marsha 148 KILEYS BEAUTY SHOP Kincaid, Kenneth 162,114 Kincaid, Larry 148,114 Kinert, Jim Kinert, Nancy Jo 134 King, John 134 King, Kevin 148 King, Mark 73,106,112 King, Robert A. 1 80 King, Robert 162 Kinnee, John 180 Kinnee, Richard 148 Kinney, Robert 1 80,225 Kinney, Ronald 1 80 Kirkendall, Bruce 73,134 Kirkendall, Candace 29,180, 221 Kirkendall, Donald 53,104,10 109,111,110,119 Kirkendall, Jill 134 Kirkpatrick, Kathleen 50,162 Kivel, Debbie M. Klaus, Phillip 148 Klein, John 162 Klin, Kathy 39,134 Knapp, Patricia 98 Knowlton, Jeff 134 Kober, John 114 Kober, Lisa 162,87 Kohlman, Jim 112 Komph, William 14,93,117, 102 Kolar, Pam 127,134 Kolar, Patricia 134 Kole, Kevin 107,134,113 Kole, Ron Koob, Jim 134,113 KOONTZ‘ Art 162 Koppel, Mark 162 Koppel, Tim 134 Korbelak, Frances 60,193 Koschnitzke, Kevin Koschnitzke, Sherry 134 Kosel, Marie 148 Kosel, Nancey 41,148 Krenke, Wendy 84,180 Koss, Debbie 134 Koss, Joseph 134 Koss, Laura Koss, Mary 162 Koss, Michael 1 80 Kostoff, Bill 148 Kott, Karen 41,148 Kovach, Frank 162 Kover, John 134 Krafft, Daniel 148 Krafft, Gail Krafft, Pat 96 Kramp, Kathleen 1 80 Kranz, Jenny 148 Krauss, Linda 70,148 Kremer, Bruce 84,155,160, 162 Kremer, Steven 59,134 Krenke, Paul 162,87 Krenke, Philip 7,77,180 Keil, Cindy 133 Kring, Cheryl 82,181,189 Kring, Diane 148 Kring, Jennifer 162 Krohn, Dianne 42,162 Krohn, Lyle 1 81 Kubek, Jim 148 Kuberski, Bernadette 181 Kuberski, Jeanette 148 Kuehn, Nancy 134 Kulczycki, John Kuschel, Eleanor 1 2 LaBadie, John 134 LaBeau, Julie (Mrs.) 84 LAFAYETTE LaGrange, Robert 134 Lalley, Laura 33,53,181,228, 203,222 LALLEY, WILLIAM, MR. MRS. 224 LaMarsh, Joe 148 Lamb, Karen 162 Lamb, Kim 163,115,114,123 Lampard, Debbi 148 Lampard, Leith 181 Lane, Gerald Lane, Karen 163 Langolf, David Langolf, Dianne 59,163 Langolf, Jim 134 Langolf, Rebecca 44,181 LaMotte, Irene 163 Lapish, Dave 107,134,116, 113 Lapish, Martha 134 Lappin, Kent 181 Lardner, Merle 134,149 Lardner, Tim 134 Lattin, Mary 148 Lautner, Larry LaVere, Evalynn 1 2 LaVere, Richard 163 LaVigne, Mary 90,181 Lawrence, Bridget 181,225 Lawrence, Curtis Leahy, Bob 134 Leahy, Curt 163,218 Leahy, Ruth 163 Ledsworth, Catherine 181 Ledsworth, Diane LEDSWORTH, CLYDE Ledsworth, Dave 134 Ledsworth, Don 148 Ledsworth, Janet 11,28,155, 163,228 LEDSWORTH, JANET 224 Ledsworth, Laura 181,49 LEDSWORTH, LAURA 224 LEDSWORTH, WARREN MR. MRS. 224 Lee, Diane 134 Lee, Randy Lees, Cathy 1 34 Lees, David 163 Lem ieux, Vida 134 Leneway, Theresa 148 Lentz, Dave 148 Leonard, Laurie 1 34 Lepien, Denise 181 Lepien, Edward LePiors, Len 181 Leslie, Frederick 173,181, 193,87 Leslie, Russell 1 06 , 1 44 , 1 1 2 Lester, Darrell 181 LESTER, DARRELL LETT ANTER FINE TAILORING Letts, David 7,43,79,181 Leveille, Thomas 106,163 Leveque, Sue 134 Levin, Richard 181 LEWANDOWSKI AUTO PARTS Lewandowski, Joe 1 34 Lewandowski, Susan 134 Lewis, Ervin 148 Lewis, Eve 1 81 Lewis, Jim Lewis, Ronald Lewis, Susan 31,59,148,193 Lewis, Tim 1 34 Limberg, Marsha Limberg, Melanie 148 Limberg, Michelle 1 34 Limmer, Berdine 1 2 Lindsay, Michelle 134 THE LITTLE MARKET Liverance, Herb 113 Livingston, Beth 181 Livingston, James 148 Lixie, Mike 163 Lloyd, Kathy 181 Lloyd, Sara 134 Loane, Christina 148 Loane, William 148 Loffel, Douglas 148 Loftis, Debra 149,87 Logan, Neil 1 82 Logan, Randy 134 Logan, Tom 1 34 Logan, Wayne 163 Lohr, Cheryl 163 London, David 1 82 LONDON’S FARM DAIRY Long, Gregory 149 Losinski, David 149 Losinski, Dennis 104,182 Lotermoser, Mary Margaret 163 Louks, Daniel 134 Lou ks, Greg 134 Lounsberry, Kenneth 149 Love, Mark 142,149,116,112 Lowes, Janice 149 Lucas, Neil Luce, Dave 79,117,149 Lucey, Clayton 149 Lucey, Sue 31,59,163 Ludwig, Craig 163 Ludwig, Martha 149 Ludy, Jeff 134 Lugg, Lois 149 Lukasek, Marianne 82,163 Luks, Gerald 18,163 Lump, Pamela 149 Lynch, Brian 31,46,117 Lynch, Linda 23,127,134 Lynch, Pam 23,134 Lyon, Leslie 135 Lyszak, Walter 14,102,114 MacCallum, Harry 31,135 MACKENZIE PRESCRIPTION DRUGS MacLean, Daniel 182 MacLcan, Laurel 163 MacDonald, Dan 163,174 MacDonald, Dave 135 MacDonald, Susan 135 MacFarlane, Susan 149 Maciejewski, Kathie 149 Maciejewski, Nancy 149 MacLean, Alvin 149 MacLean, Daniel MacLean, Janet 149 MacMillan, Anna MacMillan, Patricia MacMillan, Terry 135 MacReady, Michele 135 MacRury, Meredith MacRury, Timothy 149 MAC’S RADIO TV SERVICE 205 MacTaggart, Scot 135 MAC TAGGART’S 208 Magda, Gregory 163 Magridge, Glen 135 Mahla, Carmen 14,90 Mahosky, Elgin 163 Main, Ruth 149 Majeski, Conrad 149 Majeski, Gregory 46,1 82 Malane, Colleen 135,87 Maloney, Theresa 135 Malohn, Larwrence 135 Manchester, Mike 1 1 9,1 14 Maness, Donald 1 82 Manis, Elaine 1 82 MANIS’ RESTAURANT Manns, Kathy 149 Manns, Linda Manns, Thomas 135 Manns, Timothy 135 Manska, Marvin 39,163,87 Manzel, Sandra 163 Marcozzi, Kevin 135 Marczan, Paula 135 Marczan, Richard 1 82 Marenich, William 1 82 Marengo, Jonathan 79,182 Marigold, Denise 149 Marigold, Lynda 163 Marte, Scott 249 Marone, Joe 149 R.E. MARRIOTT FURNITURE Marriott, Ronald 182 Marriott, Sharon 135 Martin, Dianne Martin, Jane 163 Martin, Rick 87 Martin, Terri 163 Martinek, Brian Martinek, Randy 163 Martinko, Catherine 182,225 MARY MAXIM INC. Mason, David 95,149 Masters, Dale 163 Masters, Gregg 135 Mathews, Edward 149 Matthews, Marjorie 1 82 Matthews, Peggy 149 Mattice, Janet 163 Mattson, Robert 53,170,195 215 INTERIORS DESIGN INC. Gifts 107 Huron Ave. Port Huron TOT ’N TEEN SHOP Sizes 0-14 204 Huron Ave. 984-3669 HAMILTON’S COUNTRY STORE 4007 Pine Grove Ave. COLLINS ENGINEERING COMPANY Congratulates the Class of 1972 Buckley Collins 1819 Pine Grove Ave. Congratulations Class Of 1972 Downtown Port Huron’s Complete Department Store Since 1893 BLUE WATER RECREATION Beard Campbell Billiards, Hotdogs, Hamburgers Company 527 Quay St. Port Huron NEUMANN FLOWERS 2975 Lapeer Road Contractor and Industrial Supplies 914 Military 982-8505 “Say it with Flowers " Hardware Auto Parts V.F.W. Electrical Equipment Lighting Paints Best Wishes to the Class of 72 Charles Schoor Post No. 796 1711 Pine Grove Ave. 982-0572 KILEY’S BEAUTY SHOP Distinctive Hairstyling For the Gracious Look Patricia Foster Phone Owner 984-1471 216 MAXI-MARINE Maxon, Jan 1 82 Maxwell, Dennis 164 Maxwell, Mark 149 Maxwell, Nancy 164,87 May, Catherine 149 Mayers, Michael 149 Mayers, Steve 135,113 McAllister, Debbie 135 McAllister, William 149 McBrien, Joseph 135 McBrien, Peggy 49,182 McCabe, Kathy 149 McCailum, Carol 42,149 McCallum, Harry 149 McCalmon, Lisa 29,49,182 McCalm on, Steven 164,116 McCarthy, Barbra 7,31,33,49, 64,182,197 McCarthy, Bruce 135 McCarthy, Janice 164 McCarthy, Joseph 49,182 McCarty, Colleen 308 McCarty, Lorraine 149 McCarty, Pat 135 McCleary, Robert 149 McCleary, Vicki 164 McClure, Sharon 149 McCormick, Betty 1 2 McCoy, Melody 149 McCoy, Pat 164 McCoy, Susan 135 McCulley, Debra 135 McDermott, William 164 McDonald, Jeffrey 95 McDonald, Pamela 135 McDonald, Yvonne 98,182,222 McElroy, Diane 135 McEwen, David 98 McElroy, Linda 97,183 McFadden, Bruce 149 McFadden, Howard 1 83 McFarlane, Shawn 164 McGregor, Gregory 1 83 McGregor, Torre 164 Mclnnis, Jack 183 Mclnnis, Laurel 149 Mclnnis, Valerie McIntyre, Daniel 107,135 McIntyre, Eleen 31,149 MC INTYRE GARAGE McIntyre, Gary 183 McIntyre, Jerry 135 McKay, David McKelvey, Mary Lou 149 McKenzie, Brian 82,135 McKenzie, Christine McKenzie, Dave 1 1 McKenzie, Elton, Mr., Mrs. 224 McKenzie, Ronald 12 McKenzie, Scott 183 McKinley, Kathleen 33,41,50. 183 McLane, Mark 13 McLauglin, Craig McLaughlin, Sandy 183 McLean, Adelaide 40 McLean, Barbara 98 McLeod, Carl 149 McLeod, Stuart 73,135 Me Nash, Jeff 46,48,51 McNaughton, Ross 1 83 McNaughton, William McNinch, Kathy McNutt, Daniel 150 McOuat, Craig 150 McOuat, Richard 183,87 McPhee, Thomas 116,123 McPhedrain, Dan 135 McPhedrain, Kim McTaggart, Pam 150 McTaggart, Raymond 135 McTaggart, Vickie 150 Meads, Randy 80,104,183 Meads, Steve 150,87,112 Meehan, Connie 59 Meehan, Mary Ann 135 Megerle, Cynthia 150 Megerle, Darlene 150 Meharg, Sue 183,228,222 Mehler, Franklin 135 Melms, Linda 1 83 Melms, Mable Meharg, N.D. Melnhardt, Rozanne 135 Merhling, L.S., Mr., Mrs. Meyer, Debra 183 MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Meyer, Ruth 14,60,197 MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK Millwood, John Miley, Randy Miley, Rhonda 135 Millar, Valerie 164 Miller, Bryan 1 83 Miller, Dean 183,218 Miller, Dudley 140,150,116 Miller, Greg 1 50 Miller, Harold 67 Miller, James 150 Miller, Jeff 135 Miller, Kimberlee 135 Miller, Larry 48,63 Miller, Laurie Miller, Lee 164 Miller, Leona 12 Miller, Michael 164 Miller, Ronald 183,87 Miller, Sharee Miller, Thomas 73,183,211 Miller, Valerie 193 Mills, Bill 73,107,135,113 Mills, Lorraine 177,184,87 Mills, Sue 135 Mills, Valarie 90,97,184 Millwood, Elizabeth 40,47, 158,164 Minnie, Randall Miron, Kurt Miron, Lori 150 Miron, Michael 1 50 Miron, Roxanne 63 Miron, Susan 164 Mitchell, Carolyn Mitchell, Eugene 82,164 Mitchell, Fred 164,109 Mitchell, Mark 164 Moak, Jacqueline Molinaro, Jill Molinaro, Kathy 150 Molinaro, LuAnn 164 Molinaro, Tom Montgomery, Jacalyn 135 Montgomery, Susanne 41,42, 164 Montney, Janet 165 Monzo, Charles 70,114 Monzo, Susan Moore, Ann Mary 63,184 Moore, Ken 164 Moore, Martha 135 Mordis, David 37,165 Morehead, Raymond 17,195 Morgan, Charlene Morris, Jody 135 Morris, Kris 135 Morris, Steve 40,52,165 Morrison, Gary 107,135 Morrison, Fritz 135 Morrison, Glen 135 Morrison, Ken Morrison, Kim 165 Morrison, William 96 Morseth, Gordon 106,150 Morseth, Susan 39,65,197 Moses, Debra 1 84 Moses, Richard 135 Mosher, Clinton 72 Mosher, George, Mr. Mrs. 224 Mosher, Mary 173,184,197, 228,222 Mosier, Pamela 79 Moss, Carolyn 15,150 Moss, Donald 95,165 Moss, Rosalyn Motte, Denise 136 Moutoux, Yvonne Mugridge, Glen 132 Mullen, Kay 1 84 Mullen, Timothy 31,150 Munce, Gary 1 04 , 1 84 Murawski, Randy Massman, Mark Muxlow, Pat 165 Muzzy, Ruthann 184 Myers, Carl 93 Myron, Sue 65 Mytinger, Anne 165 Nagy, Alex 165 Nagy, Michael 50,184,225 Naylor, Katie 150 Naylor, Kris 135 Neal, Craig 77,79,184 Neal, Dori 31,165,193 Neal, Lome 46,136 Neil, Mary 14,79 Nelson, Doug 150 Nelson, Iris Nelson, Laura 90,184,87 Nelson, Rick 184,197 Nestle, Richard 104,109,165 NEUMAN FLOWERS Neumann, Robert 75,184 NEXT DOOR 205 NICHOLAS AND DAVID 220 Nichols, Deborah 150 Nichols, Marilyn 136 Nicholson, Alfred 1 84 Nicholson, Barb 1 50 Nicholson, Mary Ann 49,1 84 Noel, Robert Nofs, Joe 150,112 Nordberg, Bob 165 Norman, James 69 Norris, Linda 1 84 North, Jim 136 North, Steven 153 NORTHGATE PHARMACY Norton, Carl 149,150 Nowiski, Mary 136 Nowiski, Thomas Noyes, Shanna 1 84 Nunn, Debra 165,189 Nurenberg, Mike 136 Nutt, BUI 136 Nutt, Peggy 165 Nyeste, James 165 Obermesik, Terry O’Brien, Dan O’Brien, Mike 1 87 O’Bryant, Dale 79 O’Dell, Karen 136 Oden, Gary 165 Odle, Wanette 150 O’Donnell, Dave 136 O’Donnel, Tim 1 84 O’Donnell, William 165 Ogg, Carole Ann 48,98,185, 87 OGG, DAVID, MR. MRS. 224 OGDEN MOFFETT COMPANY O’Hare, Merri 185 Ojczyk, Mark 150 Olary, Jim 185,87 O’Leary, Mickey 165 O Leary, Trish 159 Olunek, Cynthia 127,136 ONE HOUR MARTINIZING Oppliger, David 40,140,150, 87 OPTICAL COMPANY 205 Orr, BUI 184 Orr, Diane 136 Osborn, Ann 136 OSBORN, GREG Osborne, Carl 70 Osgood, Dawn 165 Ottaway, Frederick 150 Otis, Karren 104 Overholt, Marsha 184 Overly, Craig 46,104,165, 109,123 Overly, James 14,15 Overly, Khris 107,136,113 Page, Douglas 150 Pagot, Denise 136 Palmatecr, Bernard 96,102 Palmer, Jack 185 Pancratz, Barbara 1 36 Papinaw, Debby 28,165 Papineau, Doug 104,185 Paquette, Barbara 150 Parent, Susan 165 Parker, Gary 1 85 Parker, Romney 82,185 Parker, Steve 136 Parks, Gregory 150,213 Parmann, Cary 136 Parrish, Patrick 106,150,114 Parsell, Lorene Parsons, Diane 196 PARTY STORE 220 Patrick, BUI 165 217 " mxi ’Mmim 2451 PINE GROVE, PORT HURON CLIPPER SAILBOATS U.S. DIVERS EQUIPMENT ENGINES MARINE ACCESSORIES OBRIEN WATER SKIS SNOWMOBILES THE AQUARIUM SHOP 1662 Mansfield St 965-6405 ST. CLAIR PHOTO The Complete Ultimate JL Coverage in BH ' Home — Church Wedding Receptions Photography VfrAA Low— Low 1427 PRICES Pine Grove ir 985-9626 Compliments of TRUCHAN BROS. FURNITURE CO. 1608 Garfield Port Huron, Mich. 985-9549 Congratulations from ALLIED RADIO SHACK 3851 Pine Grove Ave. The Finest in Electronic Parts CB Equipment Stereo and T.V. 984-3851 218 Patrick, Gary 1 85 Patrick, Mark 150,87 Patterson, Edythe Patterson, Rick 136 Pattison, Jeffrey 106,150,87 Pattison, Michael 87 Paulus, Karen 185 PEACOCK LUMBER COMPANY Peacock, Kathryn 41,150 Peacock, Tom 117,150 Pearson, Donald 93 Pearson, Katie 185 Pearson, Robert 185 Pearson, Shaleene Pearson, Stan 73,117,165,123 Pearson, Teresa 82,150 Peart, Jack Pedrotte, Debbie 165 Pedrotti, Cheryl 150 Pedrotti, Suzanne 136 Peek, Margaret 136 Peeling, Sherrie Pemerton, George Pennington, Geoffry 33,37, 173,185 PEOPLES BANK OF PORT HURON 205 Perez, Rosemarie 1 85 Perley, Elizabeth 1 85 Perley, Kauyn 82,136 Perry, Lillian 63 Peters, Sue 1 50 Peters, Sue 1 36 Petoskey, Glenda Pettengill, Kathy Phare, Bill 165 Phare, Fred 1 85 Phare, Robert 1 85 Phillips, Denise Phillips, Mark PHILP, CHARLES, MR., MRS. 224 Philp, Gayle 53,73,185,193, 228 Phipps, Nadine 1 85 Phipps, William Phipps, William 1 86 Pickard, Pam 82,150 Piechowiak, Ruth 136 Pierce, Vern 51,186 Pietrangelo, Kevin 136 Piggott, Cindy Pike, Glenn 224 Pike, Glenn 46 Pin comb, Judy 136 Pincombe, Pearl 136 Pincomb, Richard 150 Pionk, Lynne 31,150 Pionk, Terry JOE’S PIZZA 224 Plummer, Gloria 150 Pollina, Bettie 165 Pollock, Christopher 136 Pool, Debra 44,186 Pool, Mary 151 Popham, John 165 Porrett, Deborah 1 86 Porrett, Randy 151 Porter, Betty 41,136 PORT HURON COSME- TOLOGY COLLEGE 224 PORT HURON FUNERAL DIRECTORS 210 PORT HURON PAINT COMPANY Post, Rodney Postal, Cindy 11,23,31,136 Postill, Debra 136 PostOl, Marly n 136 Postal, Sherrie 31,47,49,186 Potrykus, Elizabeth Potter, Jeanette 41,42,82,165 Potter, Theresa 151 Povenz, Catherine 1 36 Preininger, Jan 153 Preininger, Kathleen 151 Premo, Brenda 1 86 Price, Thomas 1 36 Prince, David 186 Prince, Debbie 165 Prince, Donald 165 Pringle, Walter 166 Privette, Dale 151 Probst, Jane 166 Proctor, Sally 82,166 Provost, Jan 166 Pryor, Bob 166 Przytakoski, Diana 166 Ptaszynski, Gary 136 Ptaszynski, Jerry PurceU, Connie 151 Purcell, Susan 98,186,197 Putze, Bonnie Putze, Candy 41,151 Quandt, Doug 151 Quandt, Sandy Quigley, Linda 1 86 QUINLAN’S Quitter, Karen 136 Quitter, Sandy 166 Rabe, Charlene 166 Rabe, Linda 151 Rabidue, Ron 93,186 Rabine, Debbie 31,166 Rabine, Pam 151 Racz, Cynthia 127,136 Racz, Debby 166 Rader, Jeff 46,166 Rader, Julie 151 RADIO SHACK Raeume, Jenny Rambaum, David 32,166,87 Ramsey, Laurie 136 Ramsey, Rick 82,104,186, 193 Rantanen, Daphine 14,98 Rapp, Mark 40,166,116 Rauetta, Renee 79,186 Rauth, Marianne 48,53,166 Rawley, Barbara 90,186 Rawley, Kathy 136 Rawling, David 1 86 Rawling, Gordon Rawza, Franecs Raymo, Kevin Raymo, Patrick 136 Raymond, Elroy 79,186 Raymond, Michalle 136 W. BRUCE KEYS REALTOR Rea ume, Brian 136 Reaume, Dennis Reaume, Leslie 151 Reckker, Cathy 1 86 Redmond, Tim 106,151,112 Reece, Kathryn 90,166 Reece, Kevin 151 Reed, Bob Reed, Bonnie Reed, Daniel 136 Reed, Peggy 1 36 Reese, Mark 107,137,113 Reeves, Pam 151 Reiche, Cindy 137 Reiche, Karen 166 Reid, Alton Reid, Carl 151 Reid, Robert 151 Relken, Pete 166 Remick, John Reno, Beverly 82,166 Reno, Dawn 1 86 Renshaw, Patricia 82,166 Reuter, Alvin Reyna, Dave Reynolds, Denise 151 Reynolds, Dick 137 Reynolds, Gregory 47,186, 215 Reynolds, Milt 137 Rice, Ron 166 Rich, Craig 107,137,113 Rich, John 107,137,113 Richards, Darlene 29,50,59, 173,186 Richards, June 166 Richards, WOliam 151 Richards, Sue 166 Rickard, Stephen 137 Riehl, Bob 166 Riehl, Timothy 166 Riggs, Bob 104,166 ROling, Debra 151 Rdling, Karen 63,186 Roach, William 1 86 Roache, Mike 1 1 3 Robb, John 137 Robbins, Bonnie 82,166,193 Robbins, Elizabeth 82,137 Robbins, Richard 137 Robbins, Virginia 96,151 Roberts, David 137 Roberts, Kevin 1 86 Robertson, David Robinson, A1 Robinson, Mark 137 Robison, Dennis 137 Robison, Walt Rocha, Augustine 151 Rocha, Steven 137 Roche, Marsha 157 Roche, Michael Rodegeb, Barbara 82,186 Rodegeb, Clifford 166 Rodrigues, Evone 151 Rodriguez, Lynda 27,151 Roe, Marlene 137 Roe, Maurice 137 Roe, Nelson 162,166,218,123 Rome, Cindy 137 Ronan, Jeff 59 Ronan, Susan 70,137 ROPPOSCH BROTHER INC. Ropposch, Jeff 151 Ropposch, Lois 137 Ropposch, Tom 166 Rosales, Jesse 137 Rosales, Joseph Rosales, Rudolfo 1 14 Rosenau, Sharon 1 87 Rosine, Debby 1 66 Rosine, G. Roskey, David 166 Ross, Bob 104,166,109 Ross, Dale Ross, Roger 63,151,87 Rossow, Brian 151 JOHN A. ROWLING INC. REALTOR Rowse, Darrel 151 Rucher, Agnes 166 RueUe, Mark 151 RUFF’S FLORAL SHOP Rush, Debra 135,137 Rush, Mildred 69,72 Russell, Gary 151 Russell, Rena Rutherford, Ann 42,187 Rutherford, Cindy 151 Rutherford, Jack 187 Rutherford, Joe 151 Rutherford, Robert 167 Ruthofske, David 63,166 Rutkofske, David Rutledge, Bob 1 87 Rutofske, Lois 137 RUTKOFSKE-NEAL ELECTRIC INC. Rynties, Deborah 137 Ryan, Francis 53,155,167 Ryan, Mike 151 Ryan, Nora 29,187 Rynties, Greg 151 Rynties, Mark 31,33,187 Rynties, Rose 42,187 Ryskewecz, Peter 69 Sadlier, James 93,95 ST. CLAIR PHOTO ST. CLAIR COMMUNITY COLLEGE St. Coeur, Gregory 73,189, 228 St. Coeur, Richard 138 St. Onge, Connie 49,189,88 St. Onge, Diane 138 Salton, Glen Sanderson, Mark Sandie, Charlene 137 SARGENT’S DAIRY QUEEN Sassanella, Charles 137 Sassanella, Cindy 187 SassaneUa, Fred 107 Saunders, DaryU 59,187 Sawdon, John Scha id t, Chris 137 Schaidt, Mary 187,197 Schatzline, Michelle 63,187 Scheffler, Dennis Schindler, Daniel 107 Schindler, Kathy 151,87 Schlimpf, Irene 137 Schlitt, Doug 151 Schlitts, Tom 69,117,167, 123 Schmidt, Charmaine 167 Schmidt, Jeffery 70,151 SCHMIDT, KARL, MR. MRS. 224 Schmidt, Karl 37,38,174 Schmidt, Karri 151 Schmidt, WOliam Greg Thomas and Tim Wiegand find that Study HaU breaks the monot- ony of a long day. 219 BOB VINING’S MEN’S HAIRSTYLING Port Huron’s First Full Service Hairstyling Shop for Men Individual Booths Haircoloring Hair Straightening Mod— Shag— Conventional —appointments available but not always necessary 506 10th St. 984-1329 — Port Huron Cosmetology Building — Ample Free Parking BURGER CHEF Systems Incorporated 2626 Pine Grove Port Huron, Michigan CAMERA CRAFT 504 Quay Street Port Huron, Mich. 985-5852 NICHOLAS DAVID Hair Stylists 2838 Pine Grove Port Huron, Michigan PARTY STORE 2741 Pine Grove 982-0014 Best Wishes to the Class of “72 " JOHNSON AMBULANCE 1222 Water St. Robert Johnson— Owner 985-7115 220 Schneider, Jack 187 Schnepp, Harry 107 Schoet tie, Dale 167,87 Schoettle, Ralph 60,151,87 Schonk, Kathy 151 Schoof, Daniel 49,64,173, 1 88 Schoof, Janet 151,120 Schoof, Lisa 40 Schrader, Mary 137,120 Schroeder, David 152 Schultheiss, Roy 43,167,109 Schultheiss, Sara 137 Schultz, Marsha Schultz, Regina 23,133,137, 87 Schumacher, David 49,64,70, 173,180 Schwartz, Karen 167 Scott, Jean 167,193 Scott, Pamela 82 Scully, Ryan 137 Scutt, Diane 188 Scutt, Stephen 167 SEARS ROEBUCK COMPANY Seefried, Sally 1 88 Seely, Paul 167 Segar, Max 70,152 Segar, Walter 152 Seim, John Selby, Robert 70,137 Semrow, Becky 70,152 Semrow, Karl 188 Senneff, Diane 167 Setter, Carol 167 Setter, Kevin Setter, Margaret 12 Setter, Mark 31,33,49,53,64, 173,188 Sharette, Becky 23,137 Sharp, John 167 sharrand, David 1 88 Sharrow, Debby 1 88 S harrow, Pamela 137 Shaw, Cathy 152 Shaw, Donald 188 Sheehan, Maureen 167 Sheldon, Cindy 167 Sheldon, David 167,87,114 Sheldon, Don 152 Sheldon, Monte 107 Sheldon, Sandy 157,167, 169,87 Shepherd, Eugene Shepherd, Velma 17 Shepley, Doug 138 Shepley, Vicld Shepley, Terry 152 Sherbutt, Larry Sherlock, David 138 Shire, John 46,66,167 Shivers, Jane 153 Shoffner, Elizabeth 59,167 Shoffner, Janet 31,152 Shoudy, Daniel 167 Siebert, Valerie 138 Sieman, Brad Sigafoose, Brenda Sigafoose, Edgar Silk, Raymond 70 Sinnett, Dan 152 Sischo, Janis 138 Sischo, Sandy 153 Silver, James THE SKI HUT 201 Skinner, Kim 82,155,167 Slingerland, Diane 87,88 Sly ford, Mark Slyford, Sherry 152 Slyford, Wanda 167 Smafield, Steven 152 Smiley, Jane 167 Smiley, Patricia 65,188 Smith, Bertha 12 Smith, Bonnie 138 Smith, Carolyn 1 53 Smith, Cathy 188 Smith, Cathy E. Smith, Cheryl Smith, Chester Smith, Christi Smith, Cynthia Smith, Cyril 72,73 Smith, Don 152 Smith, Don L. 152 Smith, Dan 167 Smith, Danny 188 Smith, David 167 Smith, Debbra 1 88 Smith, Dennis 167 Smith, Edward 167 Smith, Eleanor Smith, Jeffrey 138 Smith, Julie 138 Smith, Karen 167 Smith, Kathy 152 Smith, Kathleen 149,153 Smith, Kevin 107,138 Smith, Laurie D. 27,152 Smith, Laurie G. 152 Smith, Maureen 153 Smith, Peter 168 Smith, Renee 50,188,193,225 Smith, Sandra 138 Smith, Scott 138 Smith, Stella 188 Smith, Steve 138 Smith, Stewart 1 88 Smith, Susan L. 188 Smith, Susan L. 138 Smith, Suzanne 82,188 Smith, Suzy 168 Smith, Tammy 127,138 Smyth, Diane 152 Snider, James 138 Snider, Merla 167,168 Snider, Karen 138 Snider, Susan 168 Snill, Joe 138 Snowden, L. Carole 152 Snyder, Scott 46,51,168 Somers, Caroline 1 88 Somers, Karin 168 Sommerville, Jefferson 1 88 Sommerville, James 168 Sommerville, Sue 168,88 Soule, Douglas 155 SOUTH EASTERN MICHI- GAN GAS COMPANY Sparling, James 96,152 Sparks, Jeffry 1 89 Sparr, Gail 168 Sparr, Gary 152 Spangler, Dennis Spencer, Diana 152,87 Spencer, Gary 1 89 Spencer, Greg 138 Spencer, Mike 138,115,114 Spencer, Shirley Spencer, Todd 152 Spencer, Walt 168 J.B. SPERRY COMPANY Spiess, Larry 138 Spotts, Doss 82,189,193,209 Spraggs, Laurence 77,102,113 Staiger 138 Staiger, Thomas 46,16Q,168, 123 Stalker, Cincy 152 Stalker, Deborah 138 Stalker, Leah 152 Standel, Gary 138 Stapleton, Craig 93,189 STAR OIL Stark, Daniel Stark, Thomas 189 Stein, Cynthia 29,189,228 Stein, David 32,82,178 Steinborn, Jo Ann 1 89 Stein, Frank 152 Stein, Lisa 152 Steinborn, John 138 Steinborn, Paul 152 Steinborn, Stacie 168 Stephens, Kathy 138 Stevens, Charles 29,33,79, 171.189.87 Stevens, Debbie 1 20 Stevens, Dee 31,39,154,166, 168.87 Stevens, Mark 33,189 Stevenson, Sandy 41,67,82, 152 Stephenson, Thomas 168 Stevenson, Warren Stevenson, William Stiefel, Susan 168 Stiver, Jon 168,193 Stock, Christina 51,87 Stoddart, Gwynne 31,40,47, 51,159,162 Stoner, Terry Lynn 1 89 Stoutmeyer, Jim 35,152 Stoutmeyer, John 1 89 Stover, Jay Stowe, Mary Beth 36,152 Strawska, Mike 138 Struble, Harold 1 89 Struble, James Struble, William Stuart, Heather 128,87 Studaker, Debbie 37,152 Studaker, Doug 130,138 Studaker, Randy 138 Sturdevant, Norman 38,152 Sturtz, Mark 18,168 Suder, Elizabeth Summerer, Deborah Kay 1 89 Summerer, Frank 19,168 Summerer, James 138 Symon, Debra 1 89 Symon, Mark 138 Symon, Lynn £0,159,168 Szelog, Dave 138 Szostek, Jeff 39,152 Tacia, Joe Tait, Marvin 73 Taggart, Steve 84,107,102 Talarico, Dennis 31,1 90,1 95 Talladay, Richard 79 Tallant, Helen 190 Tallant, Penny 21,168 Talley, Cheryl 40,152 Talley, Douglas 190 Tanton, Don Tanton, Russ Tanton, Tom 41,152 Tarsi, Tina 22,168 Tarzwell, Melvin 190 Tasker, Donald 138 Tate, Kathleen 63 Taylor, Mike 5,23,104,109, 123,168 Taylor, Ken Taylor, Robert Teeple, Bradford 32,33,59,72, 82,190 Tenniswood, Penny 42,152 Thalheimer, Linda 69,120 Thayer, Ed 31,138 Thomas, Andrea 7,11,29,49, 59,171,173,189,190,195, 197 Thomas, Beth 138 Thomas, Bob Thomas, Catherine 190 Thomas, Dave 79,84,190,113 Thomas, Dave 138 Thomas, Elisa 24,168 Thomas, Greg 104,172,190, 219 Thomas, Joe 25,168 Thomas, Reese 26,168 Thomas, Robert 190 Thomas, Tommy 138 Thompson, Calvin 138 Thompson, Cindy 138 Thompson, Dale 43,152 THOMPSON’S JANITORIAL SERVICE Thompson, Lori 138,87 Thompson, Mark Thompson, Paul 27,168 Thompson, Peggy 138 Thomson, Greg 28,168,223 Thomson, Susan 138 Thomson, William 138 Thorne, Janey Thornton, Mariann 44,152 Thornton, Tina Thrash, Sheryl 138 Thrushman, Rick 45,152 Thrush man, Vicky 138 Tibedeau, Craig 139 Tice, Deanna 29,41,42,168 Tinsley, Edward 97 Tipppie, Michael 190 Tisdel, Mark 46,152,112 Toles, Bob 30,46,165,168, 123 Toles, Debbie 27,47,140,152 Toles, Dondra 10,29,190 Toles, Mary Tomchuck, Deborah 11,29, 190 Tomion, Maggie 31,49,190, 197 Tomion, Sarah 23,33,127, 128,133,138,139,87 Tooman, Lynn 80,82,104, 172,190,123 Torello, Gilda 82,168,193 Tosch, Ron 152 TOT-TEEN SHOP 216 221 These Senior girls joined together and purchased this advertising space as a final farewell to Port Huron Northern High School. They have greatly enjoyed their school years at Northern, and wish to express their gratitude to the many people who have made them memorable. May the senior classes to come find prosperity and opportunity in future years, as these girls have. They are from left to right; TOP: Mary Mosher, Laura Lalley, Nancy Apsey, and Peggy Bonkoske. BOTTOM: Heather Hayward, Sandi Curran, Sue Meharg, Carol Bennett. Viola Arvoy, and Yvonne McDonald Northern Extends Gratitude To Its Advertisers. FOR THE EXTENSIVE SUPPORT from our advertisers, the entire student body at Port Huron Northern High School wishes to express its deep appreciation. We fully realize that without their generous response our yearbook would contain fewer of the many features that make it more in- teresting and attractive. 222 Tohen, Helen TOUMA, EMIL, DR. 224 TOUMA, G.C., DR. 224 Townley, Kim Townsley, Marci 69 Tracey, Linda 28,38,40,168, 193 Trapp, Robert Trembath, Richard 139 Tremble, Jerry Trousdale, Sandy 139 TRUCHAN BROTHERS FURNITURE Tubbs, Rob 153 Tucker, Karen 73,139 TUDHOPE OPTICAL CO. Tudhope, Sue 190 Tuer, Mary Ann 153 Tunningly, George 139 Turk, Jefferey 168 Turloff, Linda 28,31,167, 169,228 Turner, Brian 32,82,104,183, 190,87 Turner, Howard E., Mr. Mrs. 224 Turney, Kathryn Tweedie, Juliette 49,64,171, 173,190,193,195 Tweedie, Suzette 153,120 Ullenbruch, Jo 190 ULLENBRUCH FLOWER SHOP Ullenbruch, Mathies 139 Ulrich, Robert 38 Ultsch, Gayton Ultsch, Patric 96 Ultsch, Stafford Umphres, Jack 190 Van Buskirk, Robert 139 Van DenBerghe, Barry Van Dusen, Agnes 12 Van Dyke, Jessie 12 VAN KEUREN CLEANERS Van Norman, Randy 169 VanThournout, Pam 49,98, 191 Vargo, Jane 139 Vargo, Jill 191 Varty, Debora 153 Varty, Jane 191 Vasich, Doug 129,139 Vatter, Tom 169 VFW Victory, Debbie 191 Vigrass, Dorothy 1 70 Vigrass, Terry 191 Vigrass, Thomas 153 Vincent, Tim Vorpagel, John 153 Vroman, Guy Wacker, Robert 153,112 Wade, Clarence 87,88 Wade, Deborah 23,139 Wade, Donald 139 Wade, Randall 191 Wagar, Debra 139 Wagg, Brian Wagner, Bob 130,139 Wagner, Cynthia Wagner, Lauri 27,150,153, 120 Wagor, Ruth 191 Wak, Bryan Wak, Harriett Wakeham, Diane 169 Walker, John 95,153 Walker, John 191 Walker, Mike Walker, Nancy 153 Wallace, Cindy 153 Wallace, Raymond 139 Walsh, Bob 51,48,155,156, 169,223 Walsh, James 139 Walsh, Jeffery 93,191 Walsh, Mike 139 Ward, James 139 Ward, James 38,153 Ward, Michael 32,33,82,191, 193 Ward, Patrick 149 Warner, Susan 169 Warren, Doris 37,42,72 Warren, Michael 191 Warren, James 153 Warshefski, Karl 31,67,31 Warsinske, James 191 Wasmuth, Michele 153 Waters, Mary 169 Waters, William Watkins, Larry 153 Watkins, Mary 153 Greg Thompson and Bob Walsh work very diligently at their Chemistry experiment. Watson, Drew 126,127,131, 139 Watson, Jeanne 139 Watson, Kathy Weaver, Deanna 139,87 Webb, Bruce 104,169,114, 123 WEBB’S FLYING ENTERPRISES 205 Webb, Melody 153 Weber, Elene 191 webster, Denise 169 Wedge, Charles 145 Wedge, Edward Weiss, Sandy 139 Weitzel, Jeff 145,153 Weiss, Laureen Weis, William Wellman, Charles 169 Wellman, Clara 14,15 Wellman, Gary 139 Welsh, Carol 153 Welsh, Duane Welsh, Sheree 139 Werth, Micheal West, Bernard 191 West, Jean 191 West, Michael 117,169 West, Paul 153 West, Steve 139 Weston, Cindy 153 Weymouth, Jay 80,81,107, 102,113 Whaling, Mary Beth 139 Whaling, Patti 52,153 Whailing, Patricia 52 Wheelihan, Harold 169 Whipple, Elizabeth 169 Whipple, James 191 Whipple, Richard 7,33,46, 123,165,184,191,197 White, Arthur 191 White, Debbie 139 White, Ken 106,153 White, Kerry 127,139 White, Robert 163,169 Whitican, SueAnn 139 Whittaker, Kim 153,120 Whybrew, Richard 139 Wiegand, Tim 191,219 Wiersma, Debbie 139 Wietaoff, Jeffrey 169 Wilds, Elizabeth 48,169 Wilds, John 192 Wiley, Lynda 169 Wilkinson, Steve 106,116,112 Willard, Mark 31,107,139,1 14 Willey, Dave 153 Willey, Mike 139 Wille, Sue 41,42,192 Wille, Thomas 169 Willhelm, Dale 107,139,114 Williams, David 192 Williams, Jeanne 42,192 Williams, Kim 27,40,153 Williams, Robert 139 Williams, Sherren 19 Williamson, Cheryl 155,169 Williamson, Cynthia 42,192 Willing, Sally 153 Willmarth, Eric 9,32,47,49, 192,197,228,87,88 Willmarth, John 37,38,49, 70,192,197,87 Wilson, Janet Wilson, Nancy 139 Wilson, Peggy 169 Wilson, Steve 169,109,111 Wilson, Stephen 139 Wilton, Barb Wilton, Catherine 12 Wilton, Diane 153 Wilton, Karen 169 Wilton, Mike 139 Wilton, Pamela 169 Wingard, David 1 92 WILTON TV APPLIANCE WIRTZ MFG. COMPANY Wirtz, Wendy 167,169,228 Wise, Michael 139 Wismer, Barbra 70,224 Wismer, Tami 49,50,192,225 Wisson, Cheryl 79,146,169 Witzke, Marylou 127,139 Witzke, Richard 46,173,192 Wolf, John 30,33,140,147, 153.193 Wolf, Kenneth 139 Wolfe, Richard 93 Wolf, William 33,38,49,64, 192.193 Wolford, Pam 139 Wofvin, Richard Woodman, Chuck 27,169 Woodman, Frances 192 Woods, Peter 79,106,102 Wright, David 31,153 Wright, Debra 28,169 Wright, Mary Beth 9,139 Wright, Patricia 1 92 Wroton, Susan 32,153,120 Wurmlinger, Paula 11,28,29, 169 Wurmlinger, Renae 33,153 Wynkoop, Becky 192 Wynkoop, Rick 34,153 Wynkoop, Timothy 107,139 Wynkoop, Wayne 107,139 Wypch, Marsha 70 YMCA York, Patti 35,82,153 Yost, Philip 7,46,49,172,190, 192,123 Yost, Steven 192,193,116, 123 Youns, Fred 192,116 Young, Gary 72,73 Young, Patricia 192 Youngs, Susan 139 Zachwieja, Cyndy 36,153 Zaremba, BeAnn 30,169 Zeien, Linda 192 Zeien, Richard 139 Zeien, Valorie Zgieb, Don 38,153 Zick, Sandy 37,153 Ziegler, Dave 64,139 Ziegler, Keith 39,151,153 Zieg, Janet 31,40,169 Zimmer, Carl Zurick, Dave 32,31,169 Zurick, Steve 139 Zweng, Michael 192 Zweng, Synde 139 223 P.H.N. Appreciates Its Patrons — Business and Friends Agar’s Market Joe ' s Pizza Port Huron Cosmetology College Dr. E. W. Fitzgerald Dr. J. G. Harris Dr. Emil Touma Dr. G. C. Touma Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Curran, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Hayward Mr. and Mrs. Holbrook Mr. and Mrs. William Kaupp Miss Janet Ledsworth Miss Laura Ledsworth Mr. and Mrs. Elton McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Philp Mr. G. Glen Pike Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Merhling Mrs. Barbara Wismer These Seniors’ Parents Congratulate the Class of 72 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lalley Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Ledsworth Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Morseth Mr. and MRss. George Mosher Mr. and Mrs. David S. Ogg, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Turner 224 Above are (bottom row) Renee Smith, Cathy Mar- tin ko, Robert Kinney, and (top) Michael Nagy, Tami Wismer, Bridget Lawrence, and Ben Bail- ey sporting their Spirit Week garb. At left, Dome Clark and Ed Hess model the latest styles in long johns for a Speech Class sales demonstration. 225 As Seniors Think of Graduation, They Leave PHN .. 226 With Fond Memories of Good Times, Many Friends! 227 ABOVE: (Left to Right) Gayle Philp, Crystal Clark, Karen Boyce, Peggy Bonkoske, Heather Hayward, Sandra Curran, Brian Harris, Linda Tur- loff, Gregory St. Coeur, Cynthia Stein, Sandra DuPree, and Karen Betts. OPPOSITE PAGE: Donna Faught, Mary Mosher, Sue Meharg, Laura Lalley, Deborah Castello, Janet Ledsworth, Wendy Wirtz, and Eric Will- marth. 228 EDITOR COPY EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Assistant SECTIONS EDITORS— ASSISTANTS Academics Seniors Underclassmen Student Life Sports Index PHOTOGRAPHERS ADVISER Heather Hayward Janet Ledsworth Karen Boyce Sue Meharg Cynthia Stein Sandra Curran Linda Turloff Wendy Wirtz Gayle Philp Deborah Castello Brian Harris Crystal Clark Donna Faught Karen Betts Eric Willmarth Greg St. Coeur Mrs. Daphine Rantanen To Our Students, Faculty, Administrators, and 230 HIGAN jar- Business Friends — The Spirit Staff Says, Thanks! I extend my sincere appreciation to all the members of the Spirit staff of 1971-72. It took many hours of plea- sure, as well as grief, during school and afterwards, to pro- duce a book that would be long remembered by Northern’s students. Each member of the staff had his own individual responsibility, but it took the staffs combined efforts to strive for the production of a successful yearbook. On behalf of the entire staff, I extend a special thanks to: Mrs. Daphine Rantanen, Adviser, who patiently stood by us as we struggled to meet each deadline; to Mr. Larry Smith, Inter Collegiate Press Representative, for his assis- tance; Yvonne McDonald, for her many hours of volunteer help; and to the advanced typing classes for typing many pages of copy. I hope that as the years pass, each one of you will look back on this year as one of our best, and remember all the friends and all the good times we shared at Port Huron Northern High School. Sincerely, Mary Mosher, Editor 231 tp : g i nior collog ic i lo progs

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