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x 1 1 1 r f x 1 I ew - X 1 Rx , Y i X auf' , f K, i " 324, is ,vf ' I if Wk - . f I! Wi ,B I , -9 169-'Z 254141 2 -f ,f Nj -fe? 242 - A f VA ziggy iam if 4-4 i I, I: 'QA f g. -X x ,N 4 J ! -Sirzxfs-1232,-xg, -Q.: f fd E f 22? ,Q-' if xx ,H zfwzf - ,f f f ' , y , ff H- if xx N 2i-555. V -Z! f' 1. ff X X, -X " I .. yy vi - , ff' '. ff' X ' f If' - Z J ffff..: A N 1 ff!! ,iw-f--!'f" if ff! I i ' -X giiiiigfggiieffii f,,, ,6i7fEf4' v y! fff15i?7f?2ggfri2 ggfff 1- ax W ffge' Iwa fcc , E. Z ,E , Ii f , Z5 , Q ft -gr .1 Q ---' 7 gg gi 1.5 X .5 0, 5, W 4, 4"""5', Q -4 ss iff , I L71-J-:Ll , f i , WX' ' 1, ,X xy! 1 Nlllllb f f f g m: 425' v 1. uf f,, . 'w my ,- ,QV , V Vt: N -57-11, - i 741. Y ,- . 41 , ,W ' - 9x ff- , kvi X4i:g.,ag:g-577, , 1 -El - 2 'ago .4 - Li.: f,gff ' 2.1, yfaa-21 ,. f -' , gpm ff L L., ' 7:-1 Jil?" 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W ,film ,wx A 1- A V .JI in ,gm ' Wlzpgj' , E T M X U .9 I N, ' K V -1 K I RW 'WW , ,, J N x3iiEEE5:e f ' 3 o . Iii my , L 52355555554 X f f if f ii figs fesefz I HQ I I " , Bifeefm , ,l-:vm f 6 f vesiaierff' ff ,A:1512fi' fl f f ' -211-' -1 .efzfw LE- , 1 4, f - 1 nyigiif' , f, W Wfigwgeg J, ff f if I n T 'cu' 1 1 f ll 7W fW,N J W7 'J wr 1 ' Wfm f fl K I I I waz ,fm M . . If o I. No. COPYRIGHT '95 6 Norghgllrthlat. A ffbx ,I ,gx 4 N 97 QQ? Vx 1" f qi P ,lu IILS4.. j 112' , ,,4 4 .4 ' 'r, egg' X 'T if 'lf A um -.'4AVN4.x I R W v, :A 1 WY ,ky XZQXLEXYZQ If ' Y 1 +- J ly :, h J f ,J 1, N . V X' 2 - J 0""' I, ffiflf ' 1 E X X ' Af ff! ' ,f ' 5 ,Q 2 llfhygyil , Y Y .Y ' I A 1 fffi - f f f ' A Z E F T 'A 'Q X 'U WA ,fa X' Xe, T 2 X X Mx' J , 7f , ,f f Q - ff fm 6, ff U." y - l , 2p ! :2, 1!!Ilx1 A i N 7 'K 2 N mm, if Ni fwy' fn xx , p rfb. fm A 2.15-:We e if 74,411 A gm ' 1-17-EE" -.-- -f-f Q Q , E ' 6 fi foablfsfz ec! Qf Sefzzbf 614255 of X9 56 TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication .... ---. - Introduction -.- .... .-- ---- - A Backward Glance .... - Seniors .......... -- School Board .... -- Administration --- -- Faculty ....... -- Activities --- -- Athletics ----- -- Underclassmen -- -- Advertisements -.-- -- Proudly We Hailed --- ---- Conclusion ...... Index ..... .... Credits ..-. .... 5 6 7 17 33 34 35 41 61 73 79 112 113 114 115 DEDICATION ln memory of his warm smile, his droll wit, his friendly disposition, his outstanding ability as o scholar, and his will- ingness to lend a helping hand whenever needed, we grate- fully dedicate this edition of PANORAMA to ....... EDWARD LEE FLETCHER 5 MM llillll . in INTRODUCTION A poet once said, "A memory is the power to gather roses in wintertime." To the members of the class of 1956 of Northern High School, this book will be a treasure-chest filled with memories -each page will be a rose. To the underclassmen, it will be an example for the future, and to our adult readers, it will be a reminder of their past. Since high schools bridge the gap between adoles- cence and adulthood, the story of high school is the story of growing youth. Many of the unfor- gettable experiences shared during this period can never be relivedg only their memories remain. This is our attempt to put into concrete form those experiences of thought, word, and deed. This we do in the simplest possible manner, without the aid of an artificial, so-called "theme." Instead, our intent is merely the purpose of all yearbooks: to give an account of the wondrous abstracts of learning and living, of thinking and doing, of growing and changing that have been our four years at Northern High School. will lllllblfgfl i, W ,,, ,ti , I ,l WI MZIHLIAU I l r 6 ,lf 1 - '. uf '7 - lIIn.yk" ' ...-- Fil 'pw sg Q'lli' ' A 7 ii-f I 4-if-7' 'i4: " """ K, s if :iff MW' ff" Jil-1i5 l'Z9l Ei b W D 6 we E P so u as F' D Z H Fl llllfl Jnfil ' "V" ,jfyg . V 1 I" -Nl "JV lllllllllll "' " ' lllllllillilllll 5 'W Q :V I "'4 n ui I ' Y X ,I-'?r.i'7:: rv' ""rIlIlI" ig M ' I L I I ' W i ,l-- -. -'i. .!" J ' X -- '-Er: .5 l'l'lll"'6.'I"k' I' THE! si I' Il' II , '--' F II IW' In i'ls'.ui,i.fsiiii-llli 11All'lll'll'H1I, 554, '! f I I I 3 I I n 'AIP I I l Il L.img'iwviiiji-'lniilil !l'l'f1-'WPWH 1 I ' I 'L I 'l 'lll' Illt 'yi l'l'i-yilliifitiliwll' --.uiri1yv.Ir. IWHQ, .S .II I A I I. 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XII ,I I, A - " II III diff! f i y 4 g. 4 . ,...:,-..l, ...I . f.,x. .,, Vu. .2243Ef5l:.5"I5l1E?f3ff''- .if'SV'I-isEP5if5i?555E352isfm'H' ill-133. iTliiiii'l' 04?-iii U ':::::i5iiif ::..4.:r.53ee:aei'l121:1 -115 ' ff:2:w:iis:ifs2'2ff'.'.'f H?-lSr.'I'2'Fi'f ':-F::11f5if' iiu f'lllllll 'ifF?r1::::. fizziiiggggiazmf if IiaQI'mfEgQil1.:i elI ggi ' "f"E5i,g55552j:,,II I..ja',IlE.'II..1gf.gg5552525551-15,1315gpg1, F, fi :II IIIII-'2gg52:':7A -2-'H-'..:1...J. ..,...l"f '-L 5 Fil' Lx ,IIQi1fL"E2l PCQ- in 12Ef'5?5?4?' 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Let us now take this opportunity to look back over the past four years and relive the exciting incidents, touch both the heights and depths of physical pleas- ure and mental strain. As we don the ultra-super helmets of our atomic-powered time ma- chine that takes us into the past, we set the dials for that fateful day in September 1952, when the class of i956 came to Northern High, and off we go for an adventure of excitement and thrills. 7 r FRESHMAN YEAR Here we are, September 3, i952-our first day of high school! lt's a nice autumn morning as we see ourselves walking up the steps of the old school building. Last year, we were ll0 individ- uals, going to the various "one-room" schoolhouses in the area, now we are one body-the Freshman Class of l956. As we pile into the community building with our class mates to be greeted by Mr. Evans, the principal, we are bursting over with an- ticipation and excitement, wondering who our teachers and fellow students will be. Little do we realize that the friends we are about to make and the fun we will have, will be remembered for a long time. Finally our names are read and we' follow our homeroom teachers up the hill. We learn that our class is occupying the rooms of Miss Wright, Miss Kerstetter, fMrs. Snooki and Mr. Turner. Soon it comes time for elections. Officers are: President, Jan Wiley, Vice President, Barry Bollin- ger, Secretary, Barbara Hoopes, Treasurer, Mary Rodgers, Historian, John Zerby, Cfour yearsi. Gradually the freshmen get into the activities, newspaper work, athletics, choruses, clubs, etc. The magazine drive begins-after outselling our competitors, we get to go to the Allenbury Dance for free - zowee! As Farmers' Day arrives, the excitement be- gins to mount for this big event. We stand watch- ing the parade, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our float. Here it comes! Decorated in red, white, and blue, it depicts the coming Presidential election. Our frantic cheers seem to have no effect on the judges, however, as we don't win a prize. What's this? New schoolhouse? Ah, yes! lt's March 9, and we're moving into the beautiful Northern' High School Building, that cost ap- proximately Sl,250,000 fand that ain't hayl. Spring arrives with summer vacation not far off - oboy, l can hardly wait! Left to Right: Jan and Barry at Prom Presentation of key of the school Left Top to Bottom: Miss Wright's room lold buildingl Christmas Party at Community Building Right, Top to Bottom: Art room Mr. Turner's room SOPHOMORE YEAR This is the year the wheels of school life begin to grind. We finally learned the name of the girl across the aisle and found out who the bashful boy in the last seat is. Our home room teachers are Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Neff and Mrs. Habig. Being a year old and thus more sophis- ticated and accustomed to school life, we par- ticipate whole-heartedly in the activities of the school - dances, skating parties, club functions, etc. The class officers are elected as follows: President, Bob Brenneman, Vice President, Linda Leight, Secretary, Robert Nailor, Treasurer, Barry Sealover. On Farm- ers' Day our float is again unsuccessful. As November rolls around, we prepare to select a class ring. While the representa- Top to Bottom: Mr. Bushey and Mr. Albert. Our float. Auditorium. tives from two manufacturers try to outsell each other, we become involved in heated arguments. After several votes, the Cadillac model of the Balfour Company is selected. We all eagerly await their arrival in Decem- ber. Christmas time brings the traditional carol- singing assemblies and "pulling" names. This is the year the purple and white jackets are made the official school jackets. Our Sopho- more year is closed by a picnic at Hershey Park. Top to Bottom: Our stand during Farmer's Day. Miss Wright's room Knew buildingl. JUNIOR YEAR Back to school again in the fall. This time we seem to feel a bit more important. After an assembly in the auditorium, we are assigned to the rooms of Mrs. Sanders, Mr. Hoopes and a part of Mr. Kaup's. Soon the officers are elected- President, Linda Leight, Vice President, Doris Cromer, Secretary, Carol Arnsberger, Treasurer, Barry Bollinger. The float for Farmers' Day called "Hansel and Gretel" was complete with a gingerbread house, a lollipop tree, and a wicked witch. The car was decorated with a wedding cake with a doll bride and groom on top. Top to Bottom: "Riddle Me' Riches," "Cot", Jan, John Linda, Jane, Jan, John, "Cat" Entire cast giving Mrs. Habig a gift. Our car. Top to Bottom: Drill team during Gym Show Our float "Evening in Paris," the theme for the prom, was cleverly woven into the beautiful decorations of the Allenberry's Crockett room. A sidewalk cafe and an art shop highlighted the decorations. Floral floats, twining ivy and colorful flowers, also aided in creating an exotic Parisian mood. The ceiling, elaborately draped with blue cloth studded with silver stars, produced an outdoor effect. Upon entering the ballroom through the French-type swinging doors one would first confront the cafe, at the extreme right. The pattern of the red bricks was broken were fastened to the sides wall surrounding the front The art shop to the glittering banner on the by a green door and shutter. Colorful balloons and a blue awning streamed from the top. The was covered with flowers and ivy. left consisted of colorful French paintings. A wall opposite the shop denoted the theme in sparkling letters. Directly beneath there was a pink flower cart containing bright peonies, pansies, and snowballs. An exquisite meal was served in the Bosler Room. Throughout the dance the musical strains of Will Fishers Orchestra filled the room with mystic melodies-a truly memorable evening. Left to Right: Kathryn Miller, Judy Topper, Mary Le- Brehm. FRONT ROW Ernest Rider Barry Sealover fever' Carol A,-nsbe,-gen Carole Bair, Marion Laird, Leon Baker Barry Bollinger, Jan Wiley John Zerby Linda Leight, Mary Kay Folley, Doris Cromer, Bonnie ll O SENIOR PLAY o 0 0 0 o 0 0 o o 0 o o 0 o 0 o The production of OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY will always remain deep in the hearts of those who aided in its performance. The play was suc- cessful both financially and educationally and the ex- periences enjoyed by the cast and crew will long be remembered. The three-act comedy, which was an autobiography by Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough, told the delightful story of the adventures of two nineteen-year- old girls who took an ocean voyage to France during their vacation. Judy Topper and Lindo Leight portrayed the leading roles as Cornelia and Emily, the two girls. The dominating parents of Cornelia, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Skinner CBarry Sealover and Jean Edgari, were also making the trip. Fortunately, however, they were going on another boat. On board ship, the two girls made many friends. Dick Winters and Leo McEvoy, two Harvard medical stu- dents, were played by Barry Bollinger and Jan Wiley. Mary Lefever as Harriet St. John and Jane Davis as Winifred Blough were two English girls. The story begins to display a bit of humor when the girls become involved with some of the members of the ship's crew- the Steward CElwood Myersi, the Purser CCarl Leatheryl, the Stewardness CMary Kay Folleyl, the Admiral lLeon Bakerl, and the Inspector CRita Shorei. As the action progressed the girls finally arrived in Paris. Cornelia, who had just recovered from a case' of measles, wanted to take acting lessons from Monsieur de la Croix, who was portrayed by John Zerby. While staying in a hotel the girls met Madame Elise fNadine Dickl and Therese fKay O'Delll, a mother and daughter who ran the hotel. The window cleaner in the employment of the hotel was played by Leon Baker. At this point several hilarious episodes follow. The father became involved with bedbugs which were inhabiting Cornelia's bed, and Monsieur de la Croix, who was only interested in Otis Skinner, leaves in a rage. The story takes a happy ending, when the two boys arrive and Cornelia discovers she had acting talent after all. Of course we can never forget the individual who contributed the most to this success-our beloved "coach," Mr. William Ketterman. Without his expert directing, his untiring devotion, and his masterful touch, the efforts of the cast would have been in vain, To him goes our deepest gratitude, respect and admiration. Dear Members of the Graduating Class: Your class, in my considered opinion, accomplished a monu- mental piece of amateur theatre in its production of "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY." Before I go further, let me clarify my own position. I did only what any thinking director must dog that is, I trained my cast on the fundamentals of stagecraft and taught them how to release their inhibitions and abilities, so that their characteriza- tions might emerge completely and believably. The basic talent had already been put there by a far greater hand than mine. I merely enhanced their native gifts. Therefore, to them must go the credit. It took uncommon courage to tangle with this production in the first place. With a cast of seventeen and a multitude of problems like costuming, scenery, sound, set appointments, etc., all of which usually never occur in the standard high-school drama, the play is a real challenge to persons in any echelon af theatre activity. For amateurs it is a tremendous undertaking. Certain individuals excelled, of course. However, the de- lightful part of this nostalgic recall is that I can report in all honesty that everyone came across in splendid style. Judy Top- per had the toughest role, and she played it magnificently. She was best. John Zerby's audacious buffoonery as M. de Ia Croix was a peak in amateur characterization. But let us never forget the solid contributions of all others concerned. Linda Leight was pert and perfect as Emily. Jan Wiley, a fine amateur actor, and Barry Bollinger, who played beautifully despite a bad throat, were excellent foils for the high jinks of the girls. Jean Edgar and Barry Sealover were just right in their heavy character roles. Kay O'Dell was a confection and Elwood Myers, a farm boy with- out previous experience or inclination in things theatrical, saved the day with intelligent ad-libbing. He came across nobly. Bless him! High praise must go to Leon Baker, who played two roles and played them well. Carl Leathery and Mary Kay Folley did very well by small roles. Mary Lefever and Jane Davis mastered the English dialect in no time flat. Nadine Dick, Kay O'DeIl, Rita Share, Leon Baker, and John Zerby did the same with the French. The class owes undying gratitude to Robert Paxson and his helpers, and to all others who contributed both time and talent. In the last rehearsing, however, it was the talented, thoughtful, and courageous class of '56 who merit the bows. I tip my derby to the finest group of young people with whom I have ever worked. Please know that I shall follow your pursuits with un- diminishing interest through the years. My heart is younger and gayer for having worked with you in this very worthy project. Very truly yours, WILLIAM KETTERMAN "We go to Harvard. We're Medical students." l mean - mademoiselle - zat you have no talent! "l must request all passengers to remain in their cabins during the emergency." ". . . chain me with ROARING BEARS!" "Such a lovely, lovely summer - and it's all over." "Be of good cheer. Stout fella, nowI" ll "May l see your passports? "Bedbugs aweigh, my lads-bedbugs aweigh!" 'I3 SENIOR HISTORY lt takes a little while for us to realize we final- ly are seniors. We have spent eleven years in school, and now we soon will graduate. This year we have a new administration-Mr. Scott, supervising principal and Mr. Smith, high school principal. With them, they brought various changes in the school. Numerous organizations were formed-among these: Student Council which was one of the most important and also the Na- tional Honor Society. We did, however, participate in the magazine drive and Farmer's Day as other years. The money for the drive bought a projector and the remainder went into the activity fund for school parties and dances. Elections got under way. The following offi- cers were elected: President, Barry Bollinger, Vice- President, Carol Arnsberger, Secretary, Linda Leight and Treasurer, Judy Topper. During Farmer's Day parade our float for the first time captured a first prize. After winning prizes in other parades in the vicinity our work proved very profitable. The play, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, was one of our biggest activities and proved very worthwhile. Much to our dismay, however, the money was stolen from the school safe. The busi- ness men of the community came to our assistance and the net loss was not too great. The senior Problems of Democracy class went on a field trip to Philadelphia December lst. Here is an account of the trip written by Linda Leight. "Bright and early Thursday morning lat 5: l 53, droopy-eyed Seniors left for the train station in Harrisburg, enroute to Philadelphia. Upon leaving the Philadelphia station we boarded two sight-see- ing buses, for a tour of the city. One of the inter- esting points was a drive through Fairmont Park. Benedict Arnold's house was one of the highlights here. Strangely enough at the United States mint, they wouldn't give us any samples. The Betsy Ross House was our next stop. From here we went to Independence Hall, where the most interesting thing here is the Liberty Bell. Do you know what? Davy Crockett didn't patch up the crack in the Liberty Bell either. Then came what everybody was waiting for-lunch! What you needed here was a lot of nickels. After lunch we spent an hour in the Franklin Institute seeing many interesting exhibits. "Cinerama Holiday," at Boyd Theater, was next on our list. This brought many thrills to all of us. We went window shopping and saw many things which I know everybody asked Santa Claus for. By the way, we saw Santa when we went through John Wanamaker's Store. We ate supper at Horn and Hardart's. From here we went to the station, where we boarded the train for our weary homeward journey. A wonderful time was had by all." OUR FIRST PRIZE WINNING FLOAT 14 Dale Smith, principal and Arthur Kaup, teacher, accompanied the class members. A Christmas musical entitled, "Holiday High- lights" was presented by the senior high choruses Wednesday, December 2l. The sophomores, juniors and seniors presented a mystery farce entitled Ramshackle Inn, February 23 and 25 in the school auditorium. The play was directed by Mr. William Ketterman. Jane Davis portrayed the leading role of Belinda Pryde, the woman who solved the mystery. Supporting her in the other roles were Jean Edgar and Elwood Myers who played Joyce Rodgers and Mr. Arbrithnot respectively, Mame Philips, lTillie Slyderl, Constable Small lLeon Bakerl and Commo- dore Lucius Towser, Belinda's fiance for twenty years lStanIey Reynoldsl. Patton, played by Ronald Wallace was a sinister handy man around Ye Olde Colonial Inn. He was a member of a bootlegging ring that operated at the Inn. Mr. Temple lDale Hollandsworthl, Dr. Steven Russell and wife, Gail, played by Jan Wiley and Judy Topper, and Fred Porter lBarry Sealoverl were members of the gang. Miss Alice Fisher lLinda Leightl arrived at the Inn with her sister Gail. The plot of the play involves Bill Philips, lBarry Bollinger? who has just returned from jail and Mary Temple Uudy Slothowerl Bill's girl friend. The Constable and Gilhooley, a cop played by Arthur Rider, make a feeble attempt to break up the ring. Several exciting episodes followed, in- cluding several murders. The mystery is finally solved as the story ends. Philip Lovejoy, Commencement Speaker y II Northern High Band This year Mr. Paxson painted a mural in the lobby of the school building. The title for the mural is The Progress of Education in the Rural Schools. As time passed again plans were made for the Prom, which was presented by the juniors. Of course, we shall never forget the fun, ad- ventures and pleasures we had on our senior trip. The three days in New York proved exceedingly en- joyable as well as educational. ,Fl ni? if it Ili 5 'K Q KING AND QUEEN CLASS QUEEN Carol Arnsberger CLASS KING .lan Wiley I6 Historian, John Zerby, Treasurer, Judy Tapper, Secretary, Linda Leight, Vice-President, Carol Arnsberger, President, Barry Bollinger. MILDRED MAE ARNOLD Commercial Dance Club 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. Happy-go-lucky Millie likes skat- ing and her spare time she does a little embraidering...nosey people annoy her...plans to be a secretary. CAROL ANN ARNSBERGER Academic Varsity Sports 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Purple and White 2, 3, 4, -Editor 4, PANORAMA 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, GAA 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 35 Class Officer 3, 4. Carol wants to be a nurse and has the friendly personality needed for success...likes bowling, swimming and dancing...cute and cheerful...class queen. CARALA BAIR Commercial A Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Chor- us 2, 3, 4p Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Purple anl White 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Has an outstanding interest for the Navy...known as 'Sugar' to her close friends...hasn't made up her mind whether to be a medical sec- retary or air line hostess...pleasing personality. LEON A. BAKER Academic Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 47 Dance Club 4, PANORAMA 4, Dramatics 4. Watch out, all girls who wear ber- mudas, Leon despises them.-.lik6S T0 hunt and fish...wants to be an engi- neer. THOMAS H. BAKER General Soccer l, 2, 3, 4. Tom, the woman hater, likes to hunt and fish...frequently seen at the big car races...real nice guy who wants to be a truck driver...really on the ball when it comes to soccer. I8 DONALD GENE BEAMER General Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Wants to be a carpenter and will probably make a good one...Don will make a good husband, he is cute and friendly...dislikes school. R. DALE BEAR General FFA 3, 45 Varsity Sports 4. Dale wants to be one of those strong-nerved automobile test drivers ...he likes hot rods and enjoys work- ing in the ag of his main dislikes is books. BARRY GEORGE BOLLINGER Academic Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Purple and White 4, PAN- ORAMA 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4. A member of the Moonlight Sere- naders...real gone guy...likes music and the theatre...doesn't care too much for geometry...'Beeg' has done a great job as Senior Class President ...plans to be o business education dancer. DONALD LEROY BONSELL General Varsity Sports 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. Don is an outdoorsman...likes to hunt and fish...dislikes school. ROSALIE JOANN BOONE Commercial Dance Club 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Intramurals 2. A true supporter of Perry Como... doesn't get along with crabby people ...spends some of her free time skat- ing and dancing...will be an efficient secretary. l9 BONNIE LOU BREHM Commercial Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Purple and White 3, 4, PANQ- RAMA 4, FHA l, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Wants to become a secretary... Bonnie, who is known as 'Tessie' to her friends, enioys reading and listening to the radio...among her few dislikes are grouchy people... always cheerful. ROBERT LEE BRENNEMAN General Varsity Sports 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y l, PAN- ORAMA 4, Dance Club 4. Real nice guy...usually found sleep- ing or running around...dislikes girls ...likes sports and Fords...friendly and good bound and bound to be a bachelor, so he thinks. HILDA E. BUBB Commercial Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chor- us 2, 3, 4, Purple and White 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Tri4Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, School Play 3. Her friends call her 'Bubbles'... very fond of music...member of the Northern quartet...enioys good books ...back seat drivers annoy her...wants to be a secretary.,.good personality. LORIN EUGENE COOK General FFA l, 2, Radio Club 3, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. For one thing he has marriage in his future, plus becoming a success- ful businessman...'Cooky' likes to make new things...usually happy. ALLAN LEON CRISSAMORE General Stage Crew 3, 4, Radio Club 3, 4. Allan is usually found back stage or working on radios...wants to be an electronical engineer...likes movies and girls...very co-operative. 20 DORIS JEAN CROMER Vocational Home Economics FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Purple and White 3, 4, Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. Will make a wonderful social worker...nobody dislikes routine work more than 'Dorie'...likes to read and chew gum...hard worker...gets along with everyone. JANE DAVIS Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Purple and White 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. Jane's pleasing personality will aid her greatly in attaining her ambition -being a nurse...likes to swim and dance...dislikes books...wants to go to Bryn Mawr. MARGARET ANN DELP Commercial FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Dance Club 3, GAA 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. Marg spends a lot of her spare time writing to service men...she also likes crew cuts...her main ambition is to be a secretary. NANCY LOU DETTER Commercial FHA 4, Panorama 4. Future secretary...Nancy is usually seen scurrying through the corridors 'to get to class on time...dosen't like unexpected quizzes...fairly quiet but likable. NADINE KAY DICK Commercial Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Purple and White 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4. 'Neddy' has a wonderful ambition to be a medical secretary...dislikes soggy pop-corn at drive-ins lyou shouldn't sit with the windows open when it rainsl...usuaIly seen with Bon- nie, Hilda and Marlene. 21 ROXIE ANN DILLER Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Purple and White 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, GAA 3, 4. Athletic and good natured...dis- likes tests and hard work...grouchy teachers really annoy her...wants to be a nurse. ARLENE ROMAIN E DUTREY Commercial PANORAMA 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. A good student with a sweet dis-- position...Arlene's only gripe is the school's seventh graders...her favorite subjects are bookkeeping and short- hand, which qualify her to be a sec- retary. JEAN EDGAR Academic Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Varsity Sports 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramural l, 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 4, Purple and White 2, 3, 4, PAN- ORAMA 4. Real nice gal...likes playing sports and swimming...a real good ice skater too...wants to be a physical education teacher...usually smiling. LOIS EILEEN EVANS Commercial Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 4, PAN- ORAMA 4, Purple and White 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, GAA 3, 4. Being a private secretary is 'Lo- Lo's' ambition...this lassie likes "48" Dodges and has a peculiar dislike for head gaskets...she is a brisk basket- ball player and a snappy ice-skater. QUERIDA LORRAINE FICKES Commercial Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Intramurals l. Likes to swim and ride in con- v e r t i b I e gars...'Che-Che' dislikes drive-in movies...her main goal is to be a success in whatever she does... plans to be a secretary...pert and pretty...plans to attend college. .22 MARLENE EDITH FOGLE Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Purple and White 3, 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. Very much interested in popular music and a certain Dillsburg resi- dent...'Marty's' ability to work pre- cisely has prepared her for becoming an efficient secretary...dislikes home- work. MARY KATHRYN FOLLEY Commercial Cheerleader 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, Purple and White 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4. Likes to swim and dance...has a keen attraction to Fords and chicken farms...Kay wants to be a secretary and has the cheerful personality to go with her job. AQUILLA ROMAINE GROVE Commercial PANORAMA 4. Grouchy people annoy her, and so do unexpected tests...likes to sew and cook...she'll make a good wife... preparing to be a secretary. DAVID EUGENE HARBOLD Vocational FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. He's a good worker...will make an excellent farmer...Gene dislikes getting up early, he'll have to get used to it though...reol nice guy. GEORGE G. HARLACKER JR. General Varsity Sports l, 3, 45 Panorama 4. Watch out criminals of all sorts, George plans to be a State Police... likes to work on cars and kill time... never a dull moment when he's around,..aIwoys on the go. 23 AUDREY ELIZABETH HERR Commercial Girls' Chorus 3, 4. A very good student...Audrey wants to be a secretary...enjoys listen- ing to hill-billy music...she also sews and cooks for enjoyment...doesn't care for homework. DALE CHARLES HOLLANDSWORTH General Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 45 PANORAMA 4, Dramatics 4. Much to Dale's distress his friends call him 'Birdie', but due to his pleasantness he takes it all in good thing bothers him and that's riding with Carl...plans to be an Aeronautical engineer. DORIS MARIE HOLLINGER Commercial Dance Club 3, 4. Doris will make a good secretary... likes to ice-skate...usually very quiet but very co-operative...disIikes home- work. MARY ANN HOLLINGER Commercial Usually swimming when the weather permits...likes to watch T. V ...Mary wants to be a secretary... especially dislikes homework...has a very pleasant smile. BARBARA LOU HOOPES Academic Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer lj PANORAMA 4: GAA 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4. Avid sports fan, that's Barb... she'd rather play basketball or hockey than do anything else, except of course eat and sleep...easy going type of person who also likes '5l Chevies...future nurse. 24 JOHN MARTIN ILGENFRITZ General Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Sports l, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. 'Fritz' is a future naval trainee... likes hunting and fishing...mischiev- ous...friend to all...doesn't get along with grouchy teachers...favorite pas- time is girls and hot rods. SARA JAN E KAUFFMAN Academic Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Dance Club 3, 4, Intramurals 2. Janie wants to join the navy, Waves, of course...just loves La Rosa and Como...enjoys square dancing... usually found with Rosalie...quiet and pleasant...most studious. JAY LEE KNAUB Vocational FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. Artistically minded, Jay just loves to draw and paint in his spare time ...wants to become a mechanic . . . he also enioys a good automo- bile race. MARIAN NADINE LAIRD Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Dance Club 4, GAA 3, 45 Purple and White 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, FHA 2, 3, 4, Varsity Sports 2, 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Cho- rus 4p Student Council 4. Marian usually has a smile for everyone . . . likes to swim and skate . . . dislikes listening to long, drawn-out speeches . . . prefers boys who have outstanding personality . . . wants to be a secretary. CARL EUGENE LEATHERY General PANORAMA 45 Intramurals I, 3, 4. Carl likes to hunt and fish . . . his main ambition right now is to stay single . . . wonder how long that will last? One of the class clowns . . .real swell guy. 25 MARY LEFEVER Academic Student Council 45 GAA 2, 3, 4, Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Varsi- ty Sports 2, 3, 4p Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 45 Dramatics 4. Mary's ambition is to. be a physical education teacher . . . always will- ing to help out . . . likes sports and especially enjoys bowling. LINDA JANE LEIGHT Academic Cheerleader 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Purple and White l, 2, 3, 4, PAN- ORAMA 47 Girls' Chorus lj Mixed Chorus 4, Dance Club 3, 45 Intra- murals 3g Tumbling Club 2, 35 GAA 37 Class Officer 3, 4. Linda has the ability to get along well with people and will make an excellent nurse . . . likes to swim and dance . . . always on the go . . . voted class clown and best dancer . . .a friend to all. LARRY LEWIS LEREW Vocational Band 2, 3, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y l, 2, 3, FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Larry wants to become a profes- sional baseball player . . . he is an- other avid sports fan . . . also likes to read. DORIS LOUISE MARKEL Commercial FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. Dislikes going to bed early and doing homework . . . Doris is a very good volleyball player . . . likes to chew gum and go to movies . . . plans to be a medical secretary. CHARLES EDWARD MC COY General Varsity Sports 2. Likes to roller skate and does so frequently. . . 'Chuck' is a swell guy who wants to join the air force . . . among his many interests are cars and money. 26 DARLENE MAE MC CURDY Commercial FHA l, 2, 3, 4, PANORAMA 4. Likes music and good reading . . . Darlene wants to be a beautician. KATHRYN RUTH MILLER Academic Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Purple and White 2, 3, 4, PANO- RAMA 4, Library Club 3, Debating Club 4. College bound . . . wants to teach high school history and English . . . 'Katy' likes to eat and go to movies . . . has a phobia for geometry and homework . . . voted most likely to succeed . . . very cooperative. DONALD CLAIR MYERS Vocational Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, FFA l, 2, 3, 4. A real nice guy who wants to be a farmer . . . Don likes the out-of- daors . . . usually spends leisure time hunting and fishing . . . he also gets a big kick out of his little Austin. ELWOOD KENNETH MYERS Vocational Varsity Sports 4, Dramatics 4, FFA l, 2, 3, 4. Among his many interests is farm- ing and he plans to own a farm of his own after he graduates . . . Elwood also likes all kinds of sports . . . he usually is seen smiling or laughing . . . a swell fellow. MARY I. MYERS Commercial FHA l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Dance Club 4, Varsity Sports 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, PANORAMA 4. Mary wants to be a nurse . . her friendly personality will aid her greatly . . . snobbish people don't agree with her . . . she likes to sing and play sports . . . warm disposi- tion. 27 JANICE L. NELL Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Purple and White 2, 3, 45 PANORAMA 4, FHA 3, 4, Arts and Crafts Club 3. Janice wants to be a medical sec- retary . . . gum chewing enthusiast . . . a talented artist in her spare time . . . full of fun . . . always happy. VERNA NESTER Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, FHA 3, 4, Dance Club 35 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Verna doesn't like to find her lock- er stacked . . . plans to be a medical secretary . . . always seen laughing . . . has an interest in Fords. ERMA ROMAINE N EWCOMER Commercial PANORAMA 4. One of Erma's favorite hobbies is horse-back riding . . . she dislikes ELWOOD WILLIS ORNER Vocational Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 45 FFA l, 2, 3, 4. Elwood has an unusual nickname, 'Smokey' . . . likes to play all kinds of sports . . . dislikes doing home- work . . . ambition is to be a farm- er. grouchy teachers . . . when she grad- uates she wants to be a secretary . , . quiet and cooperative. GERTHA VIVIAN NULL Commercial Dance Club 4, PANORAMA 4. Gertha enjoys good movies and likes to see stock car races during the summer . . . would like to be a secretary , . . dislikes unexpected tests . . . gentle personality. MAFALDA KAY O'DELL Commercial Intramurals 4, Mixed Chorus 45 Dra- matics 4. A new member of the senior class . . . likes to dance ad skate . . . known by her friends as 'Kitten' . . . dislikes show-offs and people who gossip . . . wants to be a sec- retary . . . cute and cheerful. .28 ROBERT FRANKLIN OTTO Vocational Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Likes all kinds of sports... usually seen around the gym . . . Bob wants to be a farmer . '. . Mr. Kaup's handy man during soccer season . . . very reliable. PATRICIA ANN POWLEY Commercial Dance Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. Pat wants to be a secretary and with her pleasing personality will make a good one . . . her main in- terest right now is boys . . . dislikes doing homework. STANLEY LEE REYNOLDS General FFA I, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Dance Club 45 PANORAMA 4. His chief goal right now is to grad- uate . . . another avid hater of Ber- mudas . . . 'Stan' likes to hunt and fish . . . among many of his per- sonal interests is a certain cutie. ERN EST GARWOOD RIDER Academic Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Dance Club 45 PANORAMA 45 Intramurals 4. 'Ernie's' ambition is to become a mechanical engineer . . . likes sports and automobiles . . . dislikes work and Bermuda shorts . . . quiet but likable . . . a good student. 29 KAYE RIGBY Kaye Rigby was a new member of the class this year. Unfortunately she became very ill and had to be taken to the hospital. She has been trying to keep up with her school work in order to graduate. BARRY L. SEALOVER Academic Purple 81 White 3, 45 Band 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Dance Club 45 PANORAMA 45 Dramatics 45 Class Officer 25 Intramurals 4. Barry is navy bound and raring to go . . . an oll around outdoor guy who enjoys hunting and fishing, and has a dislike for Spanish . . . plays in the band and is fond of jazz music . . . he is well liked by every- body. DARLENE SEALOVER General PANORAMA 45 FHA 2, 3. Darlene's ambition is to get mar- ried . . . dislikes homework . . . always full of fun. MARY LOUISE SHAMBAUGH Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Purple and White 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, PANO- RAMA 4. Very quiet but sweet . . . 'Wegie' wants to be a secretary.. .very efficient and neat . . . has a soft spot for puppies . . . dislikes tests . . . who doesn't? FRED ALBERT SHIVE General Varsity Sports 2, 3, 4. An outdoorsman plans to join the navy . . . also likes stock- car racing and fishing . . . small but mighty. 30 'RITA MAE SHORE General Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 45 Dance Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, PANORAMA 45 Intramurals 3, Dra- matics 4. Usually seen during the wee hours of the morning . . . dislikes getting up on Monday mornings . . . an avid cat lover . . . doesn't get along too well with catty girls . . . ambi- tion is to be a model. HARRY LEON SMITH Vocational FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Sports 2, 3. Likes swimming and school . . . his main ambition is to graduate... Smitty doesn't care too much for Bermuda shorts . . . his chief in- terests include girls and cars. SANDRA JEAN SNYDER Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Purple and White 4, Dance Club 4, PANORAMA 4. Cute and likable . . . doesn't like show-offs . . . wants to be a stenog- rapher . . . likes to read and listen to music , . . avid fan of the tele- phone, especially when the call is for her. DARLEN E MAE SOWERS Commercial Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Purple and White 3, 4, PAN- ORAMA 4, Dance Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3. A sparkler dons the ring finger of Darlene's left hand, so her future is already planned . . . she likes to play the piano and sing . . . always smiling. NORMAN LAWRENCE THRAN Vocational Stage Crew 3, 4, FFA l, 2, 3, 4, ln- tramurals l ,3, 4. 'Slip' is a pinball machine whiz, who dislikes girls . . . has a special fondness for Nester's Texaco Station ...wants to be a mechanic... usually has a smile for everybody. 31 JUDITH A. TOPPER Academic Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 45 PANORAMA 4, Purple and White l, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 35 Dance Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 4, Dramatics 4. After Judy becomes an R.N. she wants to go to Europe with a few of her friends . . . usually talking or eating . . . sweet personality . . . best actress. CHARLES RUSSELL URICH General Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Varsity Sports 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 45 PANO- RAMA 4. Quiet and nice . . . usually seen hunting, fishing or driving around . . ..likes hot rod stories and dis- likes homework. GLORIA MARTHA WILEY Commercial PANORAMA 4. Knitting and reading are some of Gloria's hobbies . . . she also likes stock car racing . . . usually smil- ing . . . Gloria will make a good and efficient secretary. JAN WILEY Academic Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Club 3, 4, Varsity Sports 3, Class Officer l, Dramatics l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Debating Club 3, 4, PANORAMA 4, Purple and White -l, 2, 3, Student Council 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4. Real nice guy with swell person- ality . . . drummer of the Moonlight Serenaders . . . wants to be a lawyer . . . likes girls and hep music . . . voted class king. LARRY FRANKLIN WONDERS General FFA 1, Stage Crew 4. Larry wants to be a mechanic, and with his mechanical knowledge will probably make a good one . . . dislikes senior science, but has a keen interest in girls. 32 IRENE LENORA YOST Academic Girls' Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Varsity Sports l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Dance Club 3, PANO- RAMA 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4. 'Rene' just loves sports and spends most of her time playing them . . . pet peeve is grouchy teachers . . . full of fun and has lots of school spirit.. .future p h y s i c a I educa- tion teacher. JOHN A. ZERBY Academic Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Purple and White I, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, Dance Club 4, PANORAMA Editor 4, Stu- dent Council 4. Our competent editor of PANO- RAMA . . . John likes to be kept busy . . . an amateur photographer . . . plans to be an engineer . . . enjoys golf, swimming, bowling . . . voted most likely to succeed and most studious . . . best actor. SCHOOL BOARD CARROLL TOWNSHIP Robert Hartman Frank Slyder M. L. Speck C. C. Gasswint Sylvan Wiley FRANKLINTOWN BORO Ralph Gundrum Lewis Hershey Clyde Lucas Edgar Shope MONANGAN TOWNSHIP Richard Eichelberger Wayne Myers Mrs. Emma Cocklin Paul Myers Harold Fortney DILLSBURG BORO Kenneth Cocklin George Knisley George Hertwick FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP Steward Lehman John Yohe Robert Young Richard Snyder WARRINGTON TOWNSHIP Ervin Lauchman Stanley Butler Russell Beam 33 WELLSVILLE BORO Mrs. Kenneth Weaver Steward Lemkelde Richard Long Mrs. Evelyn Myers Mrs. Ray Burrell Donald Hoover ADMINISTRATION SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL M. Luther Scott was graduated from Indiana S. T. C. where he received his B. S. degree and then attended Penn State University for a Master of Education. Since l936, he has taught at Blairsville, Newport, and Lewis- town High School, was principal of Millerstown High, supervising principal of Greenwood Joint Schools, and was assistant county superintendent of Perry County. To the Class of 1956: Congratulations on the completion of an- other milestone of your life-graduation from high school. Through your efforts, the ef- forts and interest of your teachers, and the sacrifices of your parents you have achieved this goal. Always be grateful to those who have helped you along the way. May your lives be blessed with an abun- dance of success. Sincerely, M. Luther Scott Supervising Principal Dale' W. Smith attended Cataleba and Elizabeth- town Colleges where he received his B. S. degree and Temple University for his master's degree and is now doing graduate work there. Each summer since I940, he has been employed at the seashore. He was in the U. S. military service for two years and served with the combat engineers in Europe. This is his first job as a high school principal, but he taught in suburban Phila- delphia, and was principal of an adult education school there. Just as a parent regards his first born with a little more pride and admiration, so shall I, as a new high school principal, regard this graduating class at Northern. For you, I wish the many good things of life. Your school believes that the purpose of your education here was to help you live your own lives. lt has tried to cultivate in you, as future citizens, an appreciation of both the responsibilities and benefits which will come to you because you are Americans and are free. It has tried to equip you to live demo- cratically with satisfaction to yourselves and profit to society as students, workers, home members, and citizens. If in all your affairs you conduct your- self in an honest, sincere, and straightfor- ward manner, you will find the road to the top and to success easier to climb. May the success you desire come to each of you. Sincerely, DALE W. SMITH FACULTY Of course, we will always remember our classes, and above all-our teachers. Yes, those unsung heroes are the ones that give us our education. Their theories and princi- ples tested our mental processes: their busi- ness and vocational courses trained us for future occupations, the languages gave us a foundation for all studies, social studies in- formed us of personal and world wide prob- lems, athletics developed strong useful bodies, and the arts and music created interests and hobbies. lt would be difficult to compliment each one individually. Rather the words of Billy Sunday are the most fitting: "Teachers of children fill places so great, that there isn't an angel in heaven who wouldn't give a bushel of diamonds to come down here and take their place." Let us now look at our capable and understanding teachers-as we saw them, as we shall remember them. Mrs. Miriam C. Bubb, ur school nurse, ac- uired her R. N. degree rom York Hospital and s now doing graduate ork, work for her B. S. iegree in nursing edu- ration. She is very enthusi- stic about sports, espe- ially football and base- all. She has supervised in he York Hospital but his is her first job as chool nurse, and she as been working for his school for four years. HELMA S. ARMSTRONG enior Class advisor ttended Lebanon Valley ollege and the Univer- ity of Pennsylvania olds B.S. and M.B.A. egrees . . . teaches ping, office practice, nd general business . . . kes gardening and col- cts pressed glass and onstone. 35 Margaret Schaffer Smith attended Thompson Busi- ness College and worked 15 years at the Capital. Not much time for hob- bies but likes needlework and playing the piano. CAROL WIRT BADEN HOOP Teaches Senior and Soph- omore English . . . Sen- ior Tri-Hi-Y and Debat- ing Club advisor . . . attended Wilson College and Columbia Universi- ty and Union Theologi- cal Seminary . . . holds B.A. and M. A. degrees . . . collects records and raises a miniature schnauzer. MRS. ANNA M. BOLTON Received her B. S. degree in homemaking from the Pennsylvania State University .....l'ler special field is junior home- making and senior high vocational, clothing, ..... coached girls varsity basket- ball and is a member of the school Activity Committee ..... her hobbies are sewing and handicrafts. CHARLES A. HOFF B. S. and M. S. in Ed. at Temple Uni- versity ..... has taught science, drivers' education, and health for four years ,.... coaches football and junior high basket- ball coach ..... his hobbies are sports and fishing. QUENTIN E. GETZ Graduate of Shippensburg S. T. C ..... has Bachelor of Science degree ..... teaches world history and general science ..... in his fourth year at Northern, he is the J. V. basketball coach ..... his hobbies are photography, hunting, and fishing. RICHARD R. HOOPES Graduate of Elizabethtown College ..... holds a B. S. degree in mathematics ..... in his 5 years at Northern, he has taught general math, algebra, plane and solid geometry, and trig ..... sophomore class advisor ..... enjoys sports, church work, and working with young people. .....favorite sports are archery and hunt- mg. 36 ROBERT F. HABIG Graduated from Shippensburg S. T. C. with a B. S. degree ..... spent 8 years at N. H. S ..... teaches shorthand and book- keeping ..... assistant football coach, head baseball coach ..... he likes hunting, fish- ing, and raising sheep ..... lives in Middle- town. FRANCIS A. HOXWORTH Was graduated from Drexel Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics ..... teaches homemaking ..... advisor of F. H. A. and chef's club ..... enjoys crafts of all kinds, especially weaving ..... fourth year at Northern. ARTHUR T. KAUP Holds an A. B. degree ..... attended the colleges of F. and M., Elizabethtown, Lebanon Valley, and the Theo. Sem. of the Evan. and Ref. Church ..... teaches U. S. history and P. O. D ..... soccer coach, advisor of the Senior Guidance Council, and Director of Athletics ..... He enjoys sports, fishing, and chess, and is active in numerous local organizations. MARGARET WALLACE LECA.TES Graduate of Bucknell University, where she received an A. B. degree in English .....teaches English.....enjoys reading and travel and likes to teach swimming ..... helps on the Parties and Assembly Com- mittee and assists the Junior Tri-Hi-Y in their work. MRS. AMY KELLEY Attended Gettysburg College, Penn State, and John Hopkins Universities ..... holds Bachelor of Science degree ..... spent 8 years in the Dillsburg schools and is now teaching arithmetic at Northern ..... She is fond of traveling. EDWIN GEORGE MILLER Library science teacher ..... a graduate of Kutztown S. T. C. and has a B. S. de- gree ..... besides duties as librarian, he is advisor to the Library Club and is in- terested in photography and beekeeping .....he also likes reading, hunting, fjsh- ing, camping, and canoeing. 37 l WILLIAM H. KETTERMAN JR. School's guidance counselor ..... received B. S. degree from Millersville State Teachers College ..... teaches English, guidance, and civics ...., he was also the director of the Senior Class Play "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" and the all-school play, "Ramshakle Inn." CLARENCE Z. MUSSER Acquired an A. B. degree at Taylor Uni- versity and a M. Ed. degree at Pennsyl- vania State University ..... teaches biology and chemistry in his seventh year at Northern ..... He is the student council advisor and is interested in church work and farming. RICHARD F. NELL Obtained B. S. degree at Shippensburg State Teachers College ..... has spent four years at Northern High and is now teaching algebra I and algebra ll ..... besides advising the Sportmen's Club and National Honor Society, he.tries to find time for some of his favorite hob- bies, such as hunting and fishing. PEGGY JEAN ROOK B. A. degree from Lebanon Valley Col- lege ..... teaches ninth and tenth grade English ..... has been at Northern for three years ..... advisor to the Junior Dra- matics Club ..... likes traveling, reading, and sports. ROBERT C. PAXSON B. S. in Art Education from Kutztown State Teachers College ..... also attended Penn State ..... teaches art subiects ..... painted mural in lobby and several oils .....advisor to stage crew. ELWOOD J. SHAEFFER Attended Lock Haven State Teachers College, where he was graduated with a B. A. degree ..... teaches boys physical education ..... he is the boys' varsity basketball and track coach ..... the di- rector of boys' intramurals, coaches the drill team and is an advisor of the Dance Club. 38 CHESTER L. RICHWINE Instrumental music teacher ..... received his B. S, degree in music education at Lebanon Valley College ..... has spent 2 years at N. H. S., and is the director of the band ..... is a member of the Harris- burg Symphany Orchestra, and is in- terested in concert bands-and dance or- chestras. HARLEY SPOERLEIN Attended the University of Maryland and was graduated with a B. S. degree .....has been teaching at Northern for I8 years ..... teacher and advisor to the F. F. A ..... he is the president of the Northern Joint Teachers' Association ...., also finds time for hunting, fishing, and farming. LUCILLE B. STEELE Acquired B. S. and M. A. degrees at Indiana State Teachers College and New York University, respectively ..... enjoys art and music, and now teaches vocal music and works with the school choral groups ..... has taught three years at Northern High School. BARBARA G. TAYLOR Received Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Lebanon Valley College ..... first year at Northern ..... teaches English, and arithmetic ..... advises the French, PURPLE AND WHITE and the PANO- RAMA ..... she likes reading and music .....plays the piano and pipe organ. LLOYD S. SETTLER Was graduated from Elizabethtown and holds a Bachelor of Science degree ..... teaches geography ..... advisor to Audio- Visual Aids Club ..... Hobbies are hunting and traveling ..... he also has interests in the farm and apiaries. BOYD EDWIN THOMAS Was graduated from Gettysburg College, where he received o B. A. degree ..... teaches girls' physical education ..... In addition to this unique position,. he ad- vises the Girls' Athletic Association, Dance Club, and intramural sports ..... he also coaches our cheerleaders ..... electronics, radio, and sports are his hobbies. 39 I I KENNETH F. STOUGH Teaches industrial arts ..... holds a Bache- lor of Science in Education from Millers- ville State Teacher's College ..... second year at Northern ..... hunting, sports, and farming are his hobbies ..... an advisor to the stage crew. THOMAS L. TURNER Holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University ..... teaches physics, physical science and general science ..... Junior Class and Radio Club advisor ..... in his spare time, he enjoys photography and hunting ..... fourth year at Northern. RUSSELL J. WALTER Received a Bachelor of Science degree in secondary education at Elizabethtown College ..... he teaches seventh and eighth grade history ..... has been at Northern for three years. IRENE M. WRIGHT Was graduated from Millersville State Teachers' College and Columbia Uni- versity ..... holds a B. A. and A. M. A. degree ..... teaches Latin, Spanish, and mathematics ..... advisor for the ninth grade ..... her hobbies are puzzles, reading and gardening. ROBERT WILLIAM WATKINS Upon graduating at the Bloomsburg State Teachers College, he received his B. S. degree ..... first year at Northern ..... teaches seventh and eighth grade Gen- eral Science and seventh and eighth grade Penmanship ..... coach of the Girls' Hockey Team and the Advisor of the Senior Hi-Y ..... his hobbies are hunting, oil painting and carpentry. GERALDIN E HESS WEAVER Spent 3 years at N. H. S ..... teaches seventh grade English and spelling ..... she was a student at Bloomsburg S. T. C. and holds a B. S. degree in Ed ..... the Junior Tri-Hi-Y advisor ..... in her spare time, she enjoys sports, reading, and crossword puzzles. KARL E. WRIGHT Graduate of Juniata ..... acquired a B. A. degree ..... teaches Pennsylvania history, civics, general business training, health, and spelling ..... Junior Hi-Y advisor and girls' basketball coach ..... woodwork and music are his hobbies and he enjoys hunting and sports. 40 STUDENT COUNCIL Left to Right, FRONT ROW: J, Zerby, J. Wiley, K. Miller, J. Miller, M. Lefever, J. Flohr, S. Reynolds, Mr. Musser. SECOND ROW: J. Richwine, M. Yoder, D. Hudson, P. Hess, E. Heikes, J. Zinn, D. Landis. THIRD ROW: M. Pickle, A. Bair, P. Brandt, B. Haines, L. Nell, R. Kearns, G. Harbold, C. Bross. lf the organizations of Northern High would be ranked according to their importance, the Student Council would be first. The Council efficiently governs the school's social and business affairs. Being newly formed this year, the Council's main job was to get itself organized and establish a constitution as well as publish a handbook for students. Among its other activities the Council placed in the school a pencil vending machine and a juke-box for the cafeteria. Participating in the Inter-scholastic Student Councils, several of the local group traded places with students from Camp Hill for one day. The advisor was Mr. Musser and the officers were as follows: Kathryn Miller, President, John Miller, Vice President, Mary Lefever, Secretory, and Joyce Flohr, Treasurer. SENIORS ON STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Left to Right, SITTING: M. Lefever, K. Miller J Wiley Left to Right K. Miller, President: J. Miller, Vice Presi- STANDING: J. ZerbY, S- ReYf10ldS- M I-Ulfd WGS not dent M Lefever, Secretary, J. Flohr, Treasurer. present when picture was taken. 41 PANORAMA surf Left to Right: Bottom Row: C. Arnsberger, J. Zerby, K. J- Davis, D- SOWGVS- TOP Row: J W'leY B B0ll"'1Qef Miller. Middle Row: Mrs. Taylor CAdvisorl, L. Leight,- B- Sealover, J- Knflllbl E- MY9VS1 l- B0keF The Publication of the Panorama of 1956 has been an experience an experience for the class as well as the school. It is a combination of captions pictures, hastily typed write-up, planned lay-outs, much hard work and the needed assistance of business men and friends. The staff was headed by: Editor in Chief ....... Associate Editors -- Business Manager ........... ---- Literary Editor .... ---------John Zerby Carol Arnsberger Kathryn Miller ------Barry Bollinger ------..----------------Jane Davis Art Editor ............................... Jay Knaub Photographic Editor ....,......... Advertising Manager ............. Treasurer ...................... Assistant Treasurer ...... - ....... Typist-in-charge ................. Circulation Manager 42 ---------Leon Baker --------Linda Leight ------Barry Sealover -------Elwood Myers ------Darlene Sowers -----------------------Jan Wiley Other members of the class in turn served on various staffs who con- tributed much to the book. Literary Staff-Jean Edgar, Barbara Hoopes, Robert Brenneman, Carol f Leathery, Judy Topper, Mary Kay Folley, Mary Le ever, Roxy Diller. Art Staff-Stanley Reynolds, Janice Nell, Jane Kauffman, lrene Yost, Charles Urich. Photographic Staff-Lorine Cook, Rita Shore, Carala Bair, Marian Laird, Doris Markle, Nadine Dick, Hilda Bubb, Marlene Fogle, Bonnie Lou Brehm, Eugene Harbold, Darlene h Lind McCurdy, Audrey Herr, Darlene Hollandswort , a Leight, Mary Myers. Advertising Staff - Circulation Staff-Ernest Rider, Lois Evans, Nancy Detter, Robert Otto, T Baker, Donald Norman Thran, Larry Wonders, om Bonsell, John llgenfritz, Erma Newcomer, Aquilla Grove, Fred Shives, George Harlacher, Charles McCoy. Arlene Dutrey, Mary Sham- baugh, Sandra Snyder, Querida Fickes, Gertha Null. Typist Staff-Gloria Wiley, Millie Arnold, lt is our hope that our readers will continue to enjoy reminiscing over their high school days, as they are recorded here. S59 5f'f0,'.r N A Q F- IMI 3 5 FJ.: ,xx A 5599 43 PURPLE AND WHITE Left to Right FRONT ROW: L. Harbold, C. Arnsberger, J. FOURTH ROW: D. Hudson, R. Diller, M. Folley P Hess H Davis SECOND ROW' Mrs. Taylor, Advisor, E. Weigard, F. Bubb, B. Brehm, S. Snyder, S. Cromer, C. Mills Q Fickes N Drake C Rebert THIRD ROW: J. Topper, M. Lefever, D, Dick, K. Miller, L. Leight, J. Edgar. FIFTH ROW B Eurlch Cromer S Elicker D. Harbold, J. Hoff, R. Eurich, C. McClure, J. Wiley, B. Sealover, E. Myers, B. Bollinger, J Zerby N Schaffer D Sowers, M. Shambaugh, M. Laird, M. Fogle. PURPLE AND WHITE STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF --. ............................ CAROL ARNSBERGER Assistant ........... ......... L enore Hfarbold Feature Editor -..- .........,. Marlene Fogle Assistant ......... ............ E ileen Weigard Sports Editors Glrls .............. --- Jean Edgar, Roxie Dilller Assistant Art Editor - ..,-.,,.... Maureen Arnold Art Editor ......... .......... D ianna Hudson Photographer ....... ...... J ohn Zerby Circulation Manager - ,,,.,, Jane Davis Assistant ------------. ...---.. ....-...... ............ N a d ine Dick Head Typist' ----.-..-............................... ......... H ilda Bubb BeD0l'l50l'S ------------------.---------.-- ..................... D . Cromer, B. Brehm, C. Rebert, P. Hess, L. Propst, R. Eurich, S. Cromer D. Harbold, S. Elicker, W. Eurich, C. Mills, G. McKeever. A peek into Monday meetings finds the Purple and White staff, under the direction of Mrs. Barbara Taylor preparing another edition of the school's newspaper. The job of editing this publication fell to Carol Arnsberger and her capable assistant Lenore Harbold. John Zerby searches for snapshots .....Barry Bollinger and Jean Edgar try to get the sports articles in on time..... behind the secrets of "The Wondering Flea" is our ghost writer, Marlene Fogle. And so deadline for the Northern mouthpiece finds some reporters with cramped hands, others dashing off an article, and still others searching for new ideas. The typists type the copies and Mrs. Taylor breathes sighs of relief as the material goes to the printer. The newspaper publishes the latest and most interesting news, prints the newest "gossip," and strives to make its readers enjoy themselves. Did you like it? We hope sol 44 BAND Left to Right, FRONT ROW: C. Mills, G. Alwine, B. Sealover, R. Fetrow, H. Bentzel, E. Myers, R. Scott, R. Slagle, J. Byers C. Fetrow, J. Lowery, J. Nell, J. Farence. SECOND ROW: J. FOURTH ROW: Chester Richwine, Director, L. Harbold, R Otto, E. Books, L. Myers, J. Paxton, J. Miller, J. Wiley, B. Gasswint, H. Jones, L. Harbold, R. Eurich, S. Cromer, R. Boone Bollinger, W. Greason, B. Richwine, D. MacCluskie. THIRD C. Lehman, B. Haverstock, J. Slough, J. Caskey. ROW: J. Walton, P. McCurdy, R. Brough, S. Moose, J. Zerby, Under the fine direction of Chester Richwine, the band has become an asset both to the music department and to the school. The Northern High Band consists of 35 members in both the Junior and Senior High. Although music at football games was the band's specialty, the band engaged in playing for the Farmer's Day Parade, assemblies and a Musical Concert. Some members of the band displayed their talents in a small combo, which provided music for student dances. 45 MIXED CHORUS Left to Right, FRONT ROW: F. Drake, J. Hoff, L. Harbold C. Arnsberger, D. Cromer, R. Eurich, J. Slothower, L. Evans, M. Folley, C. Bair, J. Nell, J. Bruaw. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Steele, Director, D. Sowers, J. Davis, J. Edgar, B. Brehm, C Mills, J. Topper, K. Miller, M. Lefever, Q. Fickes, M. Fogle B. Hoopes, R. Diller, D. Hudson, l. Yost, L. Leight, N. Dick, M. Laird, H. Bubb, Pianist. THIRD ROW: E. Gross, D. Beam er, A. Rider, R. Wallace, J. Wiley, J. Zerby, W. Eurich, D Zeiders, G. Mummert, H. Gundrum, G. Rider, D. Hollings worth, D. Cook. FOURTH ROW: S. Reynolds, B. Bollinger C. Urich, R. Nester, S. Arnold, D. Harter, B. Sealover, L Baker, G. McKeever, P. Fullmer, J. Miller, J. Evans, E. Harbold Of the many organizations Northern High has to offer to its students, one of the most enjoyable is the Mixed Chorus. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the eighth period one may hear the harmonious tones of the chorus issuing forth from the Music Room. lts sixty-five voices blend in harmony on both sacred and secular numbers. The Mixed Chorus operates under the baton of Mrs. Lucille Steele. Student officers, however, are elected to assist their leader. The president, Carol Mills takes over in the absence of the director, Kathryn Miller, sec- retary, takes the roll and Jean Edgar and Ronald Wallace, librarians, pass out the music. This year Hilda Bubb is the regular accompanist. The major activity of the chorus was the production of "Holiday High- lights," their Christmas Program. Through much effort, the group was able to capture the feeling of sacred arrangements. The Waring arrange- ment of "Twas the night before Christmas" received high student and chorus approval. The chorus sung for assembly and various community pro- grams in addition to a splendid concert with the band. They appeared on T. V. in connection with the Christmas performance. The members of the chorus can look back upon their activities with utter satisfaction, knowing that their group under the guidance of the director and officers has been a great success. GIRLS' CHORUS Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Steele, Director: J. Hoff, F Drake, R. Nelson, B. Grove, M. Pentz, M. Crone, N. Schaffer, C. Rebert, R. Eurich, J. Slothower, M. Laird, S. Grove, C. Bair, L. Harbold. SECOND ROW: C. McClure, S. Cromer, J Slough, E. Heikes, J. Wetzel, P. Brandt, C. Trostle, J. Caskey L. Evans, H. Bubb, J. Hollinger, C. Smith, J. McKeever, J r Braw. THIRD ROW: M. Shambaugh, J. Smith, D. Sowers, C Nelson, M. Myers, D. Cromer, D. Harbold, P. Keiter, J. Flohr J. Nesbit, S. Elicker, J. Sowers, J. Nell, M. Folley, E. Weigard FOURTH ROW: A. Coulson, M. Arnold, B. Brehm, C. Mills Q. Fickes, M. Fogle, D. Bentz, A. Herr, P. Hess, J. Kinter, S Hoffman, R. Diller, D. Hudson, N. Dick. "All right, girls, let's begin," and Mrs. Lucille Stelle starts off another session of the Girls' Chorus. President Hilda Bubb is ready to take over if necessary. Mary K. Folley takes attendance. Joanna Hoff and Judy Slot- hower have distributed the folders. Lenore Harbold is seated at the piano, and the singing of 60 voices begins. Sectional rehearsals, expression and diction drills constitute the best part ofthe period. Interest in this organiza- tion is held by the wise selection of songs and good results seen ..... "Straighten chairs and pass the folders over" ..... another day with the Girls' Chorus comes to a close. Their first public appearance was in the "Holiday Highlights", in which they favored their audience with lovely arrangements of familiar carols. After the holidays the chorus began working on its spring activities. New music was chosen and the girls settled down to master the songs. The goals then in view were assemblies, various community programs, com- mencement and baccalaureate services. 1 SR. HI-Y AND TRI-HI-Y Left to Right, FRONT ROW: J. Topper, M. Lefever, S. Green- Fickes, J. Nesbit, J. Flohr, C. Trostle, R. Nelson, C. Smith, P. field, B. Caskey, J. Davis, K. Miller, D. Hudson, C. Arnsberger, Hess, C. Mills, E. Weigard, S. Grove, J. Wetzel. FOURTH L. Harbold, B. Grove, C. Bair. SECOND ROW: S. Elicker, S. ROW: Mrs. Badenhoop, Advisor: J. McKeever, H. Bubb, M. Hoffman, M. Laird, L. Evans, D. Harbold. THIRD ROW: N. Fogle, B. Brehm, N. Dick, R. Diller, B. Hoopes. FIFTH ROW: Bonsell, M. Shambaugh, V. Nester, D. Cromer, S. Snyder, Q. L. Cassel, G. Rider, P. Fullmer, J. Richwine. The purpose of the clubs is "to create, maintain, and extend through- out the home, school and community high standards of Christian character." The clubs are affiliated with the YMCA. The girls are under the sponsorship of Mrs. Carol Badenhoop. The student officers are: President: Jane Davis, Vice President: Kathryn Miller, Secretary: Diana Hudson, Treasurer: Carol Arnsberger, Chaplain: Lenore Harbold. 48 JR. H-Y AND TRI-HI-Y Left to Right, Front Row: P. Hudson, A. Rider, W. Schaffer, T. Harter, J, Paxton, J. Binner, B. Evans, E. Spangler, L. Myers, M. Miller. Second Row: J. Farance, E. Zeiders, C. Dahr, N. Miller, M. Reisch, P. Dick, J. Dutrey, G. Rider, D. Baker, S. Myers, J. Otto, N. Hudson. Third Row: L. Baughman, P. Berkheimer, D. Haverstock, C. Blanchard, S. Moose, M. Reese, K. Reese, K. Smith, B. Spangler, G. Markel, C. Ward, F. Zook, S. Wright. Fourth Row: C. Wagner, L. Nell, S. McCurdy, G. Kline, M. Myers, N. Heighes, G. Myers, J. Paxton, D. Cocklin, L. Abel, J. Nell, S. Alwine, R. Albert. Fifth Row: R. Knisely, W. Messner, J. Myers, D. Stevens, P. Sprenkle, K. Lucas, K. Cromer, B. Klugh, C. Fortney, M. Walton, E. Wagner, R. Shambaugh, J. Tuten. Sixth Row: R. Altland, V. Dutrey, R. Spahr, R. Miller, J. Fishel, J. Cromer, E. Books, R. Spertzel, L. Hess, R. Fetrow, R. Hanford, J. Erb, D. Fry. The Junior Hi-Y, under the direction of Mr. Karl Wright, elected the following offi- cers: President ,, - ,..... -Philip Hudson Vice President---, ------... .... Alden Rider Secretary ----. -, -. .... .- -Walter Schaeffer Treasurer -., ....e...... ---Thomas Harter Chaplain -- .-. --------- ----James Paxton The projects and activities for the group were: dancing lessons, hobby displays, safety projects, Christian education, sports and rec- reation. The club consisted of 24 members. ----The Senior Hi-Y under the sponsorship of Robert Watkins, elected the following of- ficers: President ----. ------- --James Richwine Vice President ..---..-- Edward Baughman Secretary ---- -- ---- ---... ---- .-Jay Evans Treasurer ...----- ....---..---Galen Rider Chaplain -. ----- ------- ---- Paul Fullmer The members presented an assembly program on the 27th of October. Guest speaker was Mr. Steve Mace, from Manches- ter. After a short talk Mr. Macy showed a picture on conservation. ' L' I 49 FOH QAQ Left to Right. Front Row: N. Smith, B. Coskey, D. Har- Left to Right. Front Row: B. Sponsler, D. Weigle, M bold, S. Myers, Second Row: Miss Hoxworth CAdvisorl, J. Spertzel, K. Gieger, P. Yost. Second Row: M. Wonders, McCurdy, R. Hammond, D. Cromer, J. Kimmel. Third S. Sowers, S. Williams, L. Diller, J. Nitchmon, N. Wag- Row: N. Bonsell, D. McCurdy, G. Hughes, V. Nester, S. ner. Third Row: Miss Hoxworth CAdvisorl, L. Eshleman, Eichelberger. Fourth Row: J. McKeever, M. Delp, J. B. Dellinger, S. Myers, L. Myers. McKeever, SENIOR F. H. A. OFFICERS JUNIOR F. H. A. OFFICERS 50 F.F.A. Left to Right, Front Row: P. McCurdy, E. Newcomer, J. Anderson, J. Yost, P. Dubbs, H. Zeigler, C. Shaffer, E. Harbold, N. Hess, N. Knisely. Second Row: D. Grove, E. Stombaugh, L. Miller, V. Albert, H. Myers, E. Harbold, D. Stump, R. Slagle, C. Deiner, Mr. Spoer- lein lAdvisorl. Third Row: K. Fortney, L. Altlond, R. Deardorff, E. Orner, R. Otto, F. Myers, D. Myers, L. Myers, M. King. Fourth Row: E. Myers, D. Baer, H. Smith, D. Geesey, H. Hoar, L. Propst, J. Pentz, L. Lerew, J. Knaub, N. Thran. 3 The Northern Chapter F entertained approximately 500 farmers Farmers of America always has been business men ofthe Community. Several active. They participated in various co AHI. ixy guests and speakers were pres- making several field trips and prese .,V,: Refreshments were served and three number of projects. 'nii ille acts from Philadelphia concluded One of the outstanding events l'i' og.-gm, year took place November 3, when the E. Myers Secretory, E. Harbold President, E. Omer Vice-President, J. Knaub Sentinel, F. Myers Chaplain, L. Propst Reporter, D. Myers Treasurer. DEBATING CLUB Left to Right: Jan Wiley, Kathryn Miller, Larry Cassidy, Glenn McKeever, Harold Bentzel Mrs. Badenhoop, Clair Fetrow, John Zerby. I With Mrs. Badenhoop as their advisor, the Debating Club studied various elements of speech and debate. The President was Glenn McKeever. SPORTSMAWS CLUB The officers of the Sportman's Club were: President, Ken Dick, Vice President, Fred Shive, Secretary, Skip Runk, Treasurer, Charles Urich. The advisor was Mr. Nell. Left to Right: Front Row: Mr. Nell lAdvisorP, K. Dick, F. Shive, V. Runk, C. Urich. Second Row: R. Kearns, R. Urich, G. Harbold, S. Hill, E. Baughman, P. Zinn. Third Row: J. Smith, R. Brough, L. Wareheim, C. Keiter, F. Harlacker, D. Spahr. 52 LIBRARY CLUB Left to Right, Front Row: Mr. Miller, E. Weigord, J. fer. Third Row: D. Kaltrider, J. Walton, D. Stevens Kimmel, P. Firestone, M. Walton, P. Keiter. Second D, Firestone, R, Baker. Row: B. Coskey, J. Slough, C. Wise, L. Myers, J. Schat- The purpose of the Library Club is to promote better library facilities in the school. The president of this organization was Eileen Weigard, assistant's vice-president, Phyllis Firestone, secretary, Mary Ellen Walton, treasurer, Joan Kimmel. The advisor was Mr. Edward Miller. The Club planned to attend a Library Assistant's Conference at Millersville State Teachers Col- lege and take several trips to the State Library. CHEFS' CL UB The Chef's Club, which was just formed this year, consisted of junior high boys who were interested in learning how to cook. They were under the direction of Miss Hoxworth. Left to Right, Bottom Row: G. Cook, W. Bell, L. Miller, L. Harbold, D. Fishel, J. Miller, D. Rahn, V. Bordlemay. K. Markel, T. Harter. Middle Row: R. Laughman, Top Row: C. Cook, H. Brown, B. Bentz, R. Albert. 53 STAGE CREW Left to Right: A. Crisamore, L. Trump, M. Hartman, R. Griest, L. Wonders, G. Harbold, R. Kearns, D. Schrade, N. Thran, Mr. Paxson, Advisor. Under the direction of Mr. Robert Paxson and Mr. Kenneth Stough, the ten members have succeeded in making our plays and assembly programs a great success. They have given their time and energy above and beyond the call of duty to help Northern High better the auditorium programs. 54 AUDIO-VIS UAL AIDS Left to Right: H. Gundrum, H. Bentzel, V. Albert, R. Scott, E. Hoffman, M. Yoder, C Nell L. Cassidy, K. Schoffstall, J. Willis, V. Arbogast, G. Lemkelde, Mr. Stetler, Advisor: N. Butler A, Good. K Q The ' . - f L1- The purpose of the Audio-Visual Aids Club is to furnish trained projectionists for auditorium and classroom, and to educate and teach by the use of pictures. The ten members are under the supervision of Mr. Lloyd Stetler. Harold Bentzel is the elected president. The club proposes to photograph principle events of the school, develop the film and print slides. 55 RADIO CLUB Left to Right, Front Row: Mr. Turner, M. Yoder, A. Row: L. Harlacker, W. Bishop, R. Fisher, L. Ware Good, R. Wallace. Second Row: J. Fee, H. Gun- hiem, L. Gleixner, J. Morse, J. Diehl. drum, R. Harlacker, A. Crisamare, D. Schrade. Third The Radio Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Turner, seriously studied the mysterious world of radio and electricity. The club was very active. Dur- ing the World Series Games they placed a television set in the auditorium. 56 G. A. A. Left to Right, FRONT ROW: P. Divens, R. Kirkland, H. Jones, B. Evans, Mr. Thomas, Advisor: l. Yost, President: B. Hoopes, Vice President: J. Flohr, Secretary: R. Diller, Treasurer: N. Schaffer, C. Rebert, S. Cromer, L. Hughes, E. Speck, B. Haver- stock. SECOND ROW: C. Ward, J. Otto, S. Myers, D. Baker, B. Spangler, G. Rider, L. Myers, G. Markel, C. Lehman, B. Rohn, B. Rosenberger, D. Updike, S. Alwine, B. Cromer, P. Dick, S. Alwine, C. Hanford. THIRD ROW: L. Kurber, E. Zeiders, G. Myers, N. Heighes, J. Binner, S. Davis, L. Davis, G. Kaltrider, L. Harbold, R. Urich, C. McClure, B. Myers, M. Haverstock, S. Greenfield, J. McKeever. FOURTH ROW: A. Murray, J. Brandt, J. Smith, J. Paxton, L. Nell, D. Cocklin, J. Dutrey, L. Byers, J. Wenger, N. Sherman, G. Yohn, P. Nelson, C. Laird, S. Seiple, G. Hughes. FIFTH ROW: N. Miller, M. Kimmel, M. Miller, D. Freed, J. Nell, S. Wright, S. Moose, B. Caskey, L. Eshleman, B. Dellinger, S. Brehm, L. Albl, K. Smith, D. Harbold, G. Alwine, M. Myers. SIXTH ROW: -B. Richwine, F. Linden, C. Blanchard, D. Bentg, C. Smith, R. Nelson, M. Krone, C. Trostle, J. Nesbit, S. Grove, J. McKeever, S. Eichel- berger, J. Bruaw, N. Bonsell, J. Edgar, L. Evans. SEVENTH ROW: M. Reish, J. Caskey, D. Stevens, E. Spangler, J. Goche- naur, J. Myers, L. Myers, S. Ditmer, S. Myers, R. Glenn, M. Marshall, M. Lefever, V. Nester, M. Myers, C. Bair, D. Markel, M. Laird. The G. A. A. consists of 98 members, the largest organization in the school. The club sells the school jackets. All members must participate in some sports activity. DRILL TEAM "Hep two, three, four, get in step there," shouts the Advisor, Elwood Shaeffer and Drillmaster, Jimmy Richwine. There are twenty-two energetic members of the Northern High Drill Team. All are out for the purpose of doing correct, military and parade drills. The Drill team has performed in parades and the Northern High. Left to Right, FRONT ROW: J. Richwine, S. Roberts, M. Hertwick, J. Padford, G. Altland, E. Gross, Mr. Schaeffer, In- structor. SECOND ROW: M. Pickle, B. Sheaffer, T. Harter, W. Schaffer, J. Brownawell. THIRD ROW: P. McCurdy, P. Hudson, G. Gettys, T. Good, D. Zeiders. FOURTH ROW: J. Cromer, W. Eurich, D. Cook, L. Cassidy, R. Stum. FIFTH ROW: V. Dutrey. DANCE CLUB Left to Right, Front Row: J. Topper, M. Lefever, S. Greenfield, J. Wiley, President: C. Arnsberger, Vice President: M. Folley, Secretary: J. Miller, Treasurer: C. Rebert, B. Grove, C. Bair. Second Row: M. Laird, L. Evans, J. Edgar, L. Leight, R. Shore, J. Davis, J. Sheaffer, D. Harbold. Third Row: K. Miller, J. Brown, G. Alwine, L. Davis, S. Davis, S. Cromer, L. Harbold, J. Nesbit, J. Flohr, C. Trostle, J. Hollinger, C. Smith. Fourth Row: P. Hess, M. Arnold, D. Cromer, M. Myers, S. Snyder, Q. Fickes, R. Boone, J. Kaufman S. Grove, N. Schaffer, J. Slothower. Fifth Row: E Gross, E. Rider, A. Rider, J. Hoff, C. Mills, D. Hudson, J. llgenfritz, J. Wetzel, R. Nelson. Sixth Row: D Zeiders, L. Lerew, M. Hartman, B. Bollinger, L. Cassell, J. Evans, R. Wallace, S. Reynolds. Seventh Row: J. Zerby, B. Brenneman, B. Sealover, L. Baker, R. Stum. Every Friday during the eighth period one may hear the sweet re- frains of famous dance bands issuing forth from the gymnasium. Its fifty senior high members have gathered for another dance session. Under the faculty directors, Elwood Scheaffer and Boyd Thomas, the members elected officers for the school year. The President, Jan Wiley calls to order the business meetings. Carol Arnsberger is standing ready to take over as Vice President. The minutes are read by Mary Kay Folley and an account of the treasury is given by John Miller. The main goal of the club is "To teach dancing to those who don't know how to dance and teach new dances to those who know how to dance." 1 STARDUST SERENADERS Left to Right, First Row: J. Otto, C. Mills, clarinetsg B. Bollinger, trumpets, J. Wiley, drums, B. Grove D. MacCluskie, L. Lerew, saxes, L. Harbold, pianist, C. prano. Bair, alto. Second Row: J. Byers, trombone, J. Zerby, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY nmoun nouon socam' x 1 , Y f - L E2 5 The National Honor Society which was just formed this year was di- rected by Mr. Richard Nell. Several members of the Junior and Senior class were selected as part of this organization. The selection was based upon the individual's character and citizenship as well as his leadership and scholastic standing. 59 CLASS OFFICERS Lett to Right, Sitting: D. Zeiders, Secretary: G. Mc- Keever, President: E. Wei- g a r d, V i c e President: Standing: H. Bentzel, Treas- urer: D. Hudson, Historian Sitting: S. Sheeley, Vice President: M. Kauffman, President: J. llgenfritz, Sec- retary. Standing: W. Eu- rich, Treasurer: C. Lehman Historian. 1 Sitting: J. Nell Vice President: N. Lett to Right, Sitting: D. Grove Left to Right, Sitting: T. Harter, Sherman, President: S. Wright, Sec- Vice President: N. Wagner: Presi- Vice President: E. Spangler, President: retary. Standing: C. Laird, Treas- dent: S. McCurdy, Secretary. Stand- Kenneth Wire, Secretary. Standing urer: and F. Harlacker, Historian. ing: D. Cocklin, Treasurer: L. Hess, G. Gettys, Treasurer: M. Miller, His- Historian. torian. 60 4 BASEBALL Left ro Right, Bottom Row: .D. Stump, E. Miller, G. TOP Row: G- Gerber, L. Lerew, E- Hear, K- Nailor, L Harbold, E. Edgar, P. Fullmer, V. Runk. MIDDLE ROW: Lerew, M- King, J- STVGYGV, MV- l'l0l3lQ, Coach- T Cutlip, J. Evans, A. Rider, E. Baughman, R. Miller. The l955 baseball team did not have a very good season, having won only three and lost eight in the league. They lost one exhibition game. The scores have been: Lower Paxton West York Central Eastern A Manchester Dover Central West York Spring Grove Eastern A Manchester Spring Grove Northern 2 Northern O Northern lO Northern l Northern 0 Northern 4 Northern 8 Northern O Northern l l Northern 2 Northern 6 Northern 2 62 SENIORS ON THE TEAM Elwood Orner Larry Lerew SOFTBALL TEAM Left to Right, Front Row: G. Alwine, D. Baker, B. Arnsberger, M. Lefever, G. Hughes. Third Row: Miss l'l00pes, R. Diller, J. McKeever, N. Bruaw. Second Forest, Coach: L. Harbold, S. Eichelberger, N. Bonsell Row: D. Markel, l. Yost, S. Cromer, C. Rebert, C. J- BFUGW, M- MYSVSI B- l'l0Ve"Sf0Ck- Last year, the girls' softball team completed a good season with Miss Forest 'as coach. This was the last year Miss Forest taught at Northern. SENIORS ON THE TEAM Carol Arnsberger, Roxie Diller, Barbara Hoopes, Mary Le fever, Doris Markel, lrene Yost. ls 63 TRACK TEAM Left to Right, Bottom Row: J. Evans, E. Hour, G, J. Miller, S. Arnold, J. Wiley. Top Row: R. Reasey, Holffman, R. Mackey, R. Nailor. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Sheoffer, Coach: H. Nailor, R. Brenneman, B. Bollinger, All the sports events in Northern are won or lost through team participation ex- cept track and field events. This sport de- pends solely an the expertness of each in- dividual. One of the main track events was the York County meet. Our school came home with 3rd place in the broad jump and 4th place in the 220 yd. dash. G. Dorsey, K. Nailor, H. Yost. Two events held on our field were as follows: a triple meet with Biglerville gain- ing the most points-51, Dallastown next with 35, and Northern 23. One other event where Northern came out on top with 47 points over East Berlin's 43. Mr. Schaeffer was the Coach. SENIORS ON THE TEAM .lan Wiley Barry Bollinger Robert Nailor Bob Brenneman SOCCER TEAM Left to Right, Front Row: H. Nailor, J. llgenfritz, T. Baker, A. Rider, E. Omer, J. Evans, B. Brenneman, J. Miller, E. Baughman. Second Row: L. Lerew, D. Bon- sell, K. Dick, C. Eurich, E. Myers, M. King, D. Stump, The 1955 soccer squad brought to a close soccer activities at the Northern. This sport, which has been the traditional fall activity of the school for several decades, has been terminated so that full emphasis may be placed on football, which will field its first varsity squad in 1956. The 1955 Polar R. Stum, T. Cutlip, Mr. Kaup, Coach. Third Row: R. Otto, Manager, W. Spahr, Manager, D. Staub, P. Zinn, L. Castle, G. Harbold, D. Baer, V. Runk, F. Shive, D. Cook, G. Horlacker, W. Eurich, Manager. Bear record of 4 wins, 6 losses, and 1 tie may not be as impressive as some of the records of the past, but the squad played vigorously and valiantly, proving to be good sportsmen even in defeat. ln total points the Polars cholked up 22 points against 21 points by opposing teams. FOOTBALL TAKES OVER WHERE SOCCER LEAVES OFF. During the years 1930 - 1935 inclusive, Dillsburg High School had a comparatively good football team, considering the size of the school and the teams with which Dills- burg was compelled to compete. In 1935 the sport was discontinued be- cause of the expense involved. At that time soccer became the major sport of our school. Now, in 1955, football again becomes our major sport. During the years 1935 - 1955 Dillsburg and Northern won several district championships and on three occasions played for state honors but were defeated. Both in football and soccer, Arthur T. Kaup was the coach. On January 13 and 18 the boys re- ceived their awards-the cherished "N" in soccer, the last to be issued in that sport. SENIORS ON FIRST STRING: Elwood Orner, Thomas Baker, Larry Lerew, Donald Bonsell, Bob Brenneman, George Horlacker, John llgenfritz. - ...,-.-, -Y--.--., ,......., .'..-.. --.u-, Fred Shive, Bob Otto, who served as manager this year, played on the team for three years. BASKETBALL Kennard Dale Central Dallastown Dover Susquehanna East Berlin Left to Right: L. Lerew, R. Stum, C. Knaub, E. Edgar, J. Miller, B. Brenneman, Captain: H, Yost, E. Bauchmon, J. Evans, E. Orner, D. Cook. For the third year of varsity basketball, the Northern Polars did fairly well considering the amount of games and various other hurdles they had to cross. All in all it was a very good season starting the team off on a large bound towards future years. The J. V. team also had a "not too" successful year but have learned a lot and will make the future varsity great. VARSITY 65 Northern 32 Kennard Dale 61 Northern 26 Central 54 Northern 29 Dallastown 49 Northern 34 Dover 51 Northern 37 Susquehanna 67 Northern 33 East Berlin 66 Left to Right, Front Row: J. Byers, L. Klinedinst, G. Arnold, T. Cutlip, L, Cassidy, A. Stum, G. Glass. W Mummert,. D. Ruth, D. Stump. Second Row: S. Greoson. Left fo Right, Fronl- Row: G, Getfys, J. Bentz, L. Hudson, J. Cromer, T. Good, L. Bistline. Back Row Harbold, J. Brownawell, G. Yost, W. Stump, J. Radford. T. Anderson, L. Cocklin, G. Horlacher, D. Landis, R Middle Row: M. Cole, W. Fitting, W. Schaffer, P. Goswint, R. Yohe, D. D. Huffman. SENIORS ON TEAM THE coAcHss AND MANAa:ns Bob Bfennemafv Cavffin Larry Lerew Elwood Orner 67 FOOTBALL TEAM Left to Right, Front Row: P. Dubbs, D. Ruth, D. Rahn, R. Nicholson, L. Cocklin, A. Stum, L. Cassidy, C. Schaffer, D. Landis. Second Row: W. Osborne, E. Hoffman, W. Fitting, G. Gettys, J. Cromer, L. Klien- This year marks the beginning of foot- ball at Northern. Only the junior boys partici- pated, but plans have been laid for the months and years ahead. Many new develop- ments are sure to be seen. Let's take a look at the past. This season's junior high squad made a good show- ing, considering the fact that they were "be- denst, K. Baker, P. Hudson, J. Smith, M. Pickle. Third Row: J. Haverstock, A. Rider, W. Bingham, D. Grove, G. Brehm, L. Wareheim, E. Zeigler, T. Good, D. Arnold, M. Cole, L. Eichelberger. ginners." The boys were off to a flying start with a I4-7 defeat over Perry Joint. They lost to a strong Littlestown team 27-O, then put up a good fight against an experienced Mechanicsburg eleven, only to be defeated 20-7. Neither of the losses was a runaway, and the team showed spirit and enthusiasm. Mr. Hoff, coach Jim Richwine, manager Mr. Habig, assistant coach Northern's first football game with Perry Joint. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Left to Right, Front Row: C. Rebert, M. Crone, C. Leh- C. Arnsberger, B. Haverstock. Third Row: S. Cromer, man, H. Jones, E. Speck, L. Byers, E. Nailor. Second G. Alwine, L. Harbold, J. Edgar, B. Hoopes, R. Diller, Row: J. Flohr, I. Yost, D. Markel, L. Evans, M. Lefever, G. Hughes. SENIORS ON THE TEAM Carol Roxie Jean Lois Arnsberger Diller Edgar Evans Barbara Mary Doris Irene Hoopes Lefever Markel Yost An enthusiastic group of 73 girls signed up to ploy l955-56 Northern High girls' basket- ball. The team played a total of 8 games. The girls were coached by Mrs. Bolton. The G.A.A. managers were Mary Lefever and Jean Edgar. r , . 1 l ' 69 HOCKEY TEAM Left to Right, Front Row: P. Divens, K. Smith, S. Flohr, G. Hughes, J. McKeever, M. Marshall L Greenfield, H. Jones, L. Evans, J. Bruaw, E. Speck, L. Hughes, l. Yost, J. Edgar, R. Kirkland, M. Myers B Albl, B. Haverstock, S. Eichelberger, D. Harbold, B. Hoopes, R. Diller, N. Bonsell. Evans, B. Dellinger. Second Row: G. Alwine,' J. The hockey team this year was They concluded a successful year. under the supervision of Mr. Watkins. SENIORS ON THE TEAM Lois Evans, Roxie Diller, Barbara Hoopes, 70 Jean Edgar, Irene Yost reed CH EERLEADERS Left to Right: Joyce Hollinger, Mary Folley, Rita Shore, Jane Davis, Captain: Linda Leight, Jo Hoff, Judy Slothower. Al f 16,0 xll 'YA TEAM ' XXX' Q6 ob .Q X These seven girls cheered for all the soccer and basket- ball games. Their pep rallies held in the auditorium before the big games, urged the players to victory. They also did much in promoting school spirit. The captain of these peppy cheerleaders was Jane Davis. 71 anus' TRACK Left to Right, Front Row: E. Nailor, I. Yost, J. Mc- Forest, J. Myers, C. Hanford, S. Alwine, S Alwine E Keever J Edgar, G. Alwine, B. Haverstock, G. Hughes, Zeiders, B. Caskey, N. Bruaw, R. Kirkland. R Diller J. Flohr, B. Hoopes. Second Row: Miss The I955 girls' track team competed in the York County Track and Field Meet at York. Gail Alwine took first place in the 50 yard dash, Barbara Hoopes came in second in the basketball throw, Irene Yost came in fourth in the basketball throw. Lois Hughes came in third in the junior high basketball throw. Northern competed with Mechanicsburg in a track meet here, which our Senior High girls won by the score of 44-62. The Senior High winners were: Gail Alwine, first and Irene Yost, second in the fifty yard dash, Barb- ara Hooper, first and Roxie Diller, third in the basketball throw, Gail AI- wine, first in the high jump, jumping 3'-ll", Barbara Hoopes, first and Roxie Diller, third in the shot putj Irene Yost, first and Hoopes, second in the baseball throwj Gail Alwine, first and Jean McKeever, second in the broad jump. 72 gf ,QW ,, E WPT, . ks . . , ss QM' ' A., .:. .. Ms' 'g:'5" 2::Zi',,."?. sl l in fruit Y fists fs 'X' l lim llglf -as. -If L' -V 1 ' s .ssl is., . 24 :4 :gsm-ss. as .ss ,....,,.1 fs smsls sm, W.. .ms ms ss. 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Hughes, P Keiter, J. Kimmel, M. King, G. McKeever, J. Mc- Keever, J Miller, L. Propst. ROW THREE: A. Rider, J. Slough, K Smith, J. Sowers, W. Spahr, E. Staub, R. Stum, G. Wagner, M Walker, R. Wallace. ROW FOUR: G. Wonders, M Yoder, D Zeiders. ROOM 23: V. Arbogost, P. Carpenter, T Cutllp J Fee, P. Firestone, H. Haar, B. Haverstock. ROW ss ll ll ' s s ll? 'fs ,Q R554 25 s ills ssl sssm 54 v2 sl sl llllif 53.5 2 , F l S 5 5 595 s W 'S QF Si, 55? sa EE sw, is its X ' ls s E , f 2 5 5 lsl isle s 'sts X s l ? lg? W 1 5 ' 'R 'X l .?f'lm - ll Q ii Q ig R' . ,: WA 26,1 5 Q 53. 2 555 Eg? S ffl ,J E 5 . M +ve , ll? 1 s as ,ss ls . l s s ll l s :s,.. . sf" all 5532.5 . : ,.. " QQ ' f r ls L si AE .1 s l Y if sl 1 s s K l S J sh sq " ll. s E ill E23 Q gxjisssgs g. ps sms 5 -is ,. 3 s is 1, Tig gg .. Q.. - . 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Reed, B. Rosenberger, R. Russell, T. Spahr, E. R. Miller. ROW SIX: K. Myers, Stambaugh, T. Staub, B. Stough, D. Stump, R. Urich, J. Walk- er. ROW SEVEN: Y. Wentz, Room 42: M. Arnold, D. Bentz, P. Brandt, J. Brown, L. Byers, A. Coulson, L. Dognell, L. Davis, S. Davis, R. Dunham, J. Flohr. ROW EIGHT: N. Gerber, S. Greenfield, B. Grove, S. Grove, L. Heiges, P. Hunter, G. Kalt- reider, M. Kauffman, J. Kinter, M. Krone, C. Lehman, S. Mackey. ROW NINE: J. McKeever, E. Nailor, R. Nelson, J. Nesbit, C. Paxton, M. Pentz, B. Rohn, S. Sheely, D. Sipe, C. Smith, C. Trostle, J. Weir. ROW TEN: J. Wenger, J. Wetzel, C. Wire, B. Wolfe. oy, V. FRESHMEN .WWW w,5gl,,V5.V Vw',V ,5Ezj,a,,fg. "xx-'ls,'V'.'i ,J gxI.fy:y.L,fV..V ...LxV,,,j,, Q2g,.,..,3lV . llgitlgi lflv lg? Eiiaglgifff f Q'17 llfJ'ffiiQill.,2?2l3? -. wwf W fraf X, J ' . .H is 2:2 1. if fi ' ' + m. ie . . vf:,VaV:f 5 " P ,133 1JfGi:3ffr' 'J me '- . . .- M i? Mme ,,., " g . 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Goss- wint, A. Giles, G. Gloss, J. Grissinger, L. Harbold, F. Harlocker, G. Horlocker, R. Harlocker, H. Jones, C. Kellison, S. Kellison, P. C. Loird. ROW THREE: M. Marshall. J. Miller, P. Myers, Nelson, D. Rohn, D. Ruth, B. Scott, J. Smith, J. Smith, Speck, W. Stump, L. Worehime. ROW FOUR: D. Weigle, Yohn, J. Yost, H. Zeigler. ROOM 31: P. Bollinger, B. Bress- ler, J. Brandt, S. Brehm, S. Bunnell, J. Crisamore, B. Dellinger, S. Ditmer. ROW FIVE: P. Diven, L. Eshelmon, B. Evans, Forry, J. Frederick, R. Glenn, B. Heiges, B. Hess, M. Hess, E. G. F. L. Hughes, N. Jones, R. Kirkland. ROW SIX: D. Mock, A Murray, H. Myers, L. Myers, S. Myers, M. Nelson, R. Nichol- son, C. Shaffer, L. Snyder, R. Stough, A. Stum, L. Todd. ROW SEVEN: P. Walker, ROOM 32: L. Albe, V. Albert, J. Ander- son, T. Anderson, A. Boir, D. Baker, K. Boker, J. Binner, J. Brownowell, J. Byers, L. Cassidy. ROW EIGHT: C. Diener, C. Fetrow, D. Freed, T. Good, E. Harbold, N. Heiges, E. Hoffman, L. Klinedinst, G. Morkel, B. Miller, G. Myers, H. Myers. ROW NINE: L. Myers, M. Myers, S. Myers, J. Nell, E. Newcomer, J. Otto, G. Rider. ROW TEN: N. Sherman, R. Slagle, K. Smith, B. Spangler, C. Word, S. Wright. 75 EIGHTH GRADE . igillig lei: llf .sn . .. ,P aw.. E lil. . - , fl... ,. M.. ...G . . .. ... . i f i ff ig, f--" la ,,,, , ' RQ :M 'F si ' H ' .. . , M H., I WL i 'Q -gg E .M ETR if gi W. is il? ., K: M :-Egyez :gi fgdliri : an xl 'QM 4 f 'mia is Q L as 5? :'W???lif 1 ffl? if 'il L All .lsr .e n .sw 2' U N W 1:-55 . .flflil il S it fb fb. , .,,, E, Q J' S. 4, ' S a: . Q' 1 .li 1 ' if i l :ff 'likwj 7 if . w i ll S.. ltifilfftl F4 2, Q ' 3 iiiilifi .nf 1. .f,-...ii f--.fw .Ms is . s . , f -42: .J -3:2 595 ' f ti: . is i a I 2 . ,L . . .. .. ,,... i. .ls si... . . .ei 5 . es . w if: .e 5 . I . wg . .f. ess.. .liffl .. ...i ,,. : -,.-Z N.. 2 - V ,g.fV,g,..gL K 33-.' a Q ' xjkg b g-.,.'-.jx 1. : . ,ifyqii 1 . gig! 2 :lil :l m W i .w - ima... 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ROW FOUR: D. Atland, S. Alwine, W. Bell, B. Bentz, P. Berkheimer, C. Blan- chard, N. Butler, G. Cook, B. Cromer, L. Delp, C. Hanford, T. Harter, D. Haverstock, J. Henry. ROW FIVE: M. Hertwick, D. Jones, J. Kimmel, M. Kimmel, L. Koeber, D. Landis, F. Lindon, J. Lowery, D. MacCluskie, K. Markel, R. Metzger, L. Miller, M. Miller, N. Miller. ROW SIX: S. Moose, R. Morrow, E. Myers, J. Radford, M. Reisch, B. Richwine, N. Slothower, J. Van Evera, A. Weigard, E. Zeiders, J. Zimmers. ROOM 35: D. Albert, R. Albert, E. Beck. ROW SEVEN: W. Bishop, B. Boyd, C. Bross, B. Gochenaur, R. Harlacher, M. Haverstock, W. Heighes, M. Henry, M. Himes, C. Hoffman, D. Kellison, C. King, C. Knaub, D. Lake. ROW EIGHT: R. Laughman, S. May, B. Monmiller, B. Myers, R. Myers, J. Naugle, D. Pefer, S. Seiple, R. Shaffer, D. Shellenberger, L. Smith, L. Sponsler, R. Stermer, M. Sterner. ROW NINE: W Stambaugh, W. Stough, F. Vaughn, L. Weigle, C. Wentz, R. Wright, G. Yost. ROOM 36: R. Albert, P. Cadwallader, L. Coble, C. Cooke, M. Coulson, R. Decker, D. Evans. ROW TEN: D. Frick, G. Gettys, P. Groscost, C. Grosser, B. Haines, L. Harlacher, R. Henry, D. Kaltreider, C. Kearns, J. Koser, J. Leese, G. Lemkelde, P. Lenig, T. Lucas. ROW ELEVEN: S. Mackey, J. Markel, D. Myers, J. Myers, M. Orner, B. Osborne, R. Powley, M. Ralston, R. Reynolds, A. Schrade, A. Slothower, I. Smith, P. Smith, W. Smith. ROW TWELVE: K. Sterling, C. Stoll, E. Updike, N. Wagner, C. Watts. SEVENTH GRADE M .. . iris V ... jf' ' A VX,'- ll 5' 7:5 Ci ,:.. 1 S EE. f- f 'EE " A R ,E 'izg , -- " i. 1. J f-,A i 5:1 Q,1,.fil .5153 Q11 ,1-Ii. ' 1'flfl'. cl' ,:Q" .j.?ifl51 ,ww i, X . .yi-if wi' 11:1 , . ,, . , .. . ,. .lf '.f.f f'i"iv 'lil M., fzffgs l lg! vm ,....,. v , . w i. . 4,5 ..-. ,.., XV. W 1 , , , ...lg . . I In , Q ,, . 2. 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Messner, R. Miller, R. Nailor, Nell, J. Nitchman, J. Paxton, A. Rider, S. Sealover, R. Sho baugh, J. Smith, R. Spahr. ROW THREE: M. Spertzel, Sponsler, D. Staub, C. Strayer, C. Troup, J. Tuten, J. Vaugh C. Wagner, E. Wagner, N. Wagner, B. Wenger, S. Williams, Wise, F. Zook. ROW FOUR, ROOM 38: G. Altland, R. Alt- land, G. Anderson, K. Cromer, D. Deardorff, P. Diener, Dutrey, L. Eichelberger, R. Fetrow, C. Fortney, K. Haines, Heikes, L. Kitzmiller, B. Klugh. ROW FIVE: K. Lucas, Merovich, P. Miller, G. Myers, C. Nell, J. Nell, W. Pifer, K fer, K. Pitch, J. Rinehart, S. Roberts, R. Scott, B. Sheaffer, Sheoffer, R. Sheppard. ROW SIX: F. Smith, R. Speck, L. Tra er, D. Trimmer, E. Trimmer, J. Trostle, D. Walker, R. Watts, er, ,D. L. m- B. fl, D. V. B. A. . Pi- B. Y- D. TURED: E. Trimmer, S. Strayer, N. Wanghtel NOT PIC Witmer, M. Wonders, F. Wright, S. Yost. ROW SEVEN, ROOM 39: D. Arnold, G. Biller, R. Bistline, Y. Boisvert, G. Brehm, H Cutlip, J. Crisamore, L. Donner, J. Diehl, P. Dall, R. Dunham, C. Eshelman, D. Forry, R. Glass, J. Gleim. ROW EIGHT J Gleim, L. Gleixner, R. Gochenaur, J. Haverstock, D. Hoffman, B. Kellison, C. Lartz, R. Lehman, L. McCurdy, J. Morse, B Myers, D. Myers, K. Nelson, F. Nester. ROW NINE: L. Reed, D. Schmuch, Gene Seitz, P. Shaffer, R. Shaffer, J. Smith P Speck, G. Stermer, L. Stough, D. Stoll, R. Todd, L. Emig A Backinstoss, L. Baker. ROW TEN: C. Dahr, L. Diller, C Fletcher, K. Geiger, C. Harbold, A. Jumper, B. Kellison, W Koser, A. Laudenslager, K. McClain, M. Reese, J. Slothower Sharon Sowers, V. Spangler. ROW ELEVEN: J. Strayer, M Stump, M. Urich, D. Weigle, P. Yost, J. Zinn, N. Wanghtel, K. Reese. 77 PATRONS Mr. :Sn Mrs. Robert Paxson Mr. at Mrs. Richard Snyder Melvin Grove Mr. 81. Mrs. Robert Gerber A Friend Mrs. Guy Fickes Pat Diven Ronald Wolf Mrs. Arthur Constantine Charles Myrick Mr. Sn Mrs. George Knisely Mr. SL Mrs. N. B. Hess Mr. St Mrs. A. B. Zerby Clyde E. Wolfe Mr. Sn Mrs. Maynard Sterner Mrs, Barbara Taylor Dr. H. J. Jones? W. L. Crawford, M. D.? Dillsburg and Vicinity Ministerium? Mr. 821 Mrs. Kenneth Fogle Mr. 81 Mrs. John Arnsberger Jean Arnsberger Mr. 81 Mrs. F. A. Leight Shdalikay Mr. SL Mrs. Gerald Lefever Johnny Crook C. S. Williams, Contractor? Ruth-Ada Beauty Shop Mr. Sr. Mrs. Donald Sealover Arlene Stough Dick Spotts Gun Shop Sherril Strayer Mr. Harvey Bentz Ross Beitzel, Auctioneer, Builder? Doctor W. B. Wright George F. Arnold, Concrete Contracting? Mrs. Florence Wiley? Mr. 8: Mrs. Bob Young 81 Family? 78 Antiques-Logan's Stone House Mr. St Mrs. Gilbert Cromer Mr. at Mrs. Marvin Brehm Mr. 8: Mrs. P. Nelson Alexander Mr. KL Mrs. Isaac Lehmer Hollinger's Meats? Chalet Restaurant? Dr. Sn Mrs. Alvin Levin Mabel Wallace Quickel Mrs. Margaret Plank Mr. St Mrs. Earl Robson Ralph K. Rumsey Mr. St Mrs. Russel H. Smith Dr. Sz Mrs. Ralph Bentz Mr. KL Mrs. Wm. Harold Eline Mr. Sz Mrs. S. W. McCreary Mr. 81 Mrs. C. M. Kline and Gayle? Mr. Sr Mrs. George Mummert Richard Ditzler Mr. 8: Mrs. Glenn Myers Mr. SL Mrs. Lester Wiley Dr. Sn Mrs. John V. Miller and Family? Dr. Sn Mrs. J. A. Weirman Mr. Sn Mrs. Aden E. Hoffman? Dr. James E. Warner, Chiropractor Mr. at Mrs. Earl Bubb Wilda Deardorff Rev. 8: Mrs. Jack Elser Lloyd M. Albert John E. Bushey Mr. 'Sn Mrs. Herman S. Armstrong Mr. 8: Mrs. Dale W. Smith Mr. Sc Mrs. M. Luther Scott Robert Habig Rev. 8: Mrs. A. T. Kaup Mr. Sn Mrs. Robert E. Badenhoop ADVERTISING We are greatly indebted to our advertisers whose generous support aided us tremendously. X-f' 79 " 53' f - fl 1 : , 35. .. . X11 Q fl ' 73632-I"f ':-g- 45 9 i - ga .. fkf:','.:f-1" ' ra- Vr- - , .-,. ,. ,.,. ,U ,:N :N -. ,- 1 ' -Q -2 xg. 12 A E.. 5: ,' , - , -:,.- , '.l-.-zzqlg:-:-,fag I I 25,13 5553 :in-:-5.3:-I-ng.-,'-3, gr-: -,. . -1- - . -l Jn.-,,..'.-....'.-,, lim, Q.. 1-, QM 1 .J -:- 5 -' -m Q 1 -1 L-. Q S' 5 1 l 3 '-f g " ' 2 ' x V - 2 : '- :U 2 ' . ' KX ' -" I 5 N . Compliments Of THE DILL BURG ATIO ALBA K DillSbuI'g Pennsylvania U .' Quant.. ' ' can A 5 Lzznnnnnq ' ..!2!.',', Q ' Q Q l , u 3 X - Jn 1 g il t. f ' s afe , ,nk , 80 C g t 1 t And Best Wishes F EVANS BIHITHERS 1 M -ifli '52 5 1 MW- ' THRIFT MARKET Dllb g dMdd1twn Ph Phon 4071 WH 4-5451 81 H. W. HAIR and S0 S Operators of School Buses for Northern York County Joint School System 0 To The Graduating Class Of 1,956 May Prosperity, Happiness and Peace be with you in the years to come 82 Irwins Dairy Congratulates The Class Of 1956 I WANT you To H ' U wow wHAr HAPPENS X I T0 'mv 234 alma-r X ffg. 'GRADE of NYXILK' ,,,,,, , - ' 7 HERE ARE THE - Y" 7 s W ol Q 4- Q fffDelivery, Adver- tising, Office , s 1' ,R a' S, YYWNYFN Ixssfgzie, 6551- xg oratory Expense, ALL OTHE B d D bt, d N- A penses. 4: CO A NE S Em :JT To the farms of York and f21:!Z'fZf 122323. Cumberland Counties in Smnmes Ano who-ES 21.11 ......---..-.-......aga 3 I2Z+ Bun 'fb Fammev, PER. QT. af amuux :VET Paomr 72, + As men and women of the future it will be your priv- ilege to preserve the great- est of all heritages. .The American Way of Life. South 32nd Street 1954-9513, 085, 715. This chart is based on 1955 figures just re 1 e a s e d by the Pennsylvania Milk Con- trol Commission. Our Dairy is glad to submit these figures to prove the milk industry's contribution to that cause. Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 83 HARBOLD BRGTHER R. D. if 3, Dillsburg Phone 3851 Dealers, Owners and Operators of School Buses 84 E TER' TEXACO ERVICE Our' Specialty Minor' Repairs Gas, Oil, and Tires Dillsburg R. D. if 3 Pennsylvania 85 l i i l I 1 SCHOOL DAYS ..... They cement many lasting friendships. Soon you and your class- mates Will take different roads, and it may be years before some of you will meet again. School days do not last forever--and when they are past, memories are kept warm by the photographs of friends of the classroom and campus. Your chums should have a "personality portrait" of you, and so you will prize one of theirs in return. In a year or so you will be glad you took this means of keeping alive the memories of your school days. And the home folks will always cherish a portrait of the "turning point" in your life. This studio is the headquarters for the special photographic work and the doors are open to students of the Northern High School and their friends. Whynot arrange to come to the studio now and have that photograph taken? Special Styles and Rates for Students THEE Ml GER TUDIO Established In 1882 Central Pennsylvania's Largest and Oldest Photographic Studios Phones: 67968 - 67969 - 67960 Second St Walnut Streets Harrisburg Pennsylvania 1 86 CAPITUL ENGINEERI G CORPORA'l'l0 Engineers - Constructors - Management Executive Offices Dillsburg, Pennsylvania X Roads and Streets - - il Design and Surveys Wafer WOFKS Sewage Systems AiI'pOI"l2S Planning Dams , ' K Bridges . 7 ,i 76 T! WaShiUg'C01'1, D. C. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Compliments of R. W. MITH Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Range End Golf Club, Inc. Fine 18-hole Golf Course Beautiful Swimming Pool Cozy Club House Facilities Golf Driving Range Bowmansdale Stone Quarries Crushed Limestone, all sizes, Prompt Delivery Excavation and Driveways 1 87 DILL RURG MEAT MARKET - f Y'-wr ' -Q ' I I1 -- , ,Q n'p f X ' - ' 6- L Byers Bros., Proprietors Phone 3312 ELL' RESTAURANT 'yg tgg Clllisi gs' 0 Parties Catering Banquets Serving Ice Cream For A11 Occasions Di11Sb11I'g Phone 3101 88 Compliments Of DILL BURG HOE FAC'l'0RY Best Wishes to the Class of '56 HARRI BURG DAIRIE Milk and Milk Products Leader in Flavor Leader in Sales George Knisley Distributor Dillsburg Pennsylvania 89 HARLACKER' JEWELER-GIFT H013 Bolova - Hamilton Longines SL Wittnauer Watches .,,f.- ?,4'.",eX'fw2' ifq: Keep Sake Diamond Rings Aa- irgm, 1 ' ' ' " Phone 3031 'p Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Some of the cast playing in "Our Hearts Were Young And Gay 90 L.G.BALFO R COMPA Y "Known wherever there are schools" Class Rings - Pins Cornrnemcernent Invitations Diplomas - Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies - Personal Cards MR. W. G. ROSS 120 So. 2nd Street Worrnleysburg Pennsylvania HARBOLD' GARAGE Therefg 3 n your futlire! Q . W X3 I Dillsburg R. D. if 3 Phone 3851 91 1927 LEFEVER BRO'l'HER X CHI-:YEQLET f Sales-Service Phone 2401 Dillsburg Distributor-Goodyear Tires Bear Front End Alignment and Wheel Balancing General Repairing Motor Tune Up by Sun Analyzer Body and Fender Straightening C. H. EICHELBERGER WELL-DRILLER Mechanisburg, Pennsylvania R. Phone PO-6-6301 Pumps Installed and Serviced 92 D Compliments of LEER' 0XE- 'l'0P ERVICE CE TER Cl Q r I coonfvnn 0 Q TIRES 480 + U. S. Route 15 Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Specializing Lubrication-Oil Change-General Repairs Car Washing-Motor Tune-Up Full line of Sinclair Products l 1 HUMAKER' ATLA TIC Atlantic Keeps Your Car On The Go! Shumaker is Located on Route if 15 Two Blocks from the Square in Dillsburg Fire stone Tire s Lubrication and and Accessories Car Wash 24 Hour Road Service Phone 3693 - Day 2053 - Night 93 Be st Wishes WILLIAMS GROVE PARK and SPEEDWAY CRIDMER M0'l'0RS X s Nu P A U 9' sXxx I Q - 5, f " ' 2 00 u 0' WN 99950 senwc I My 94 to 1 I 0RMA E. WEIGARD All Forms of Insurance Excluding Life Dillsburg Phone 3022 Get Our- Estimate Building - Remodeling Residential 7X l' Cl1St01'I1 gl Made Commercial I B E R 3 PR l CE Kitchens 4305 N. 3nd, Street Phorge 3694! , if ,Q W W4 Hbg. CE - Har isb -' Dbg. 3053 r urg ,fW! -J ' 95 C. N. SPANGLER Sales - Service 7mZ5c DIVISION Ol lllllll. IDYOII Division of General Motors .1oHN LAUER Jn. -H General Merchandise Coal, Feed, Produce Compliments of KRALIIS DRUG STORE Compliments of CRCKLIN FUNERAL HRME WRIGHT T0 E.l C. Carlisle, Pennsylvania Farmall Tractors McCormick Farm Equipment Sales gl Service Phone: Carlisle 2 32 5 SMITH HO0PES 'Ya lup Wann Frlnla - lg Kuplug Friends Warn' MTH QUIET ml? on. HEATING EQUIPMENT AND Amoco fuel on. loozs Noam slxm smear, Hmlsaune, PA.- G. C. Fl HEL and C0. Plumbing Water Systems Pumps Water Heaters Septic Tanks Dillsburg Ph- 2585 L. J. and F. M. KAMPEL and 0 Manufacturers of Sinks Booths Counters Chairs Table s Stools 97 A Ian Tnl ..... . ,, Beslnffvergllung aww 512532: HW, Messe'-" Hsiiliggzn Telephone iHarrisburgJ RE 7-3411 HEMPT BRO'l'HER Crushed Stone-Sand-Transit Mixed Concrete Asphalt Paving Materials-Street and Excavation- Drainage - Paving Driveway Construction Camp Hill Pennsylvania The Store With Three Great Names Frigidaire-Maytag-DuPont If It's Hardware-We Have It Phone 3796 Dillsburg Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of cHAMP1oN KNITWEAR C. C. KOTTCAMP CO- Rochester, New York i 98 Good Luck To The Class Of 1956 Ll llY'S ME 'S SHOP The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands Paul A. Lindon, Proprietor Dillsburg Pennsylvania Compliments of W. E. Fl HER and Lumber - Paint - Hardware - Building Supplies Phone 3707 Dillsburg Pennsylvania KI TER and GROVE,l . "Your Progressive Feed Mill" "K and G Feeds" Dillsburg Pennsylvania Andrews Paper House of York DIV. .WAL'l'ER,l . One of Pennsylvania's Largest Distributors of Paper Products York Allentown Philadelphia 99 l HARBOLD'S Esso sEnv1cEsTAT1oN SSTMIDAIDU STATIONS R. D. if 1 Pe ' FLOHR'S GREENHOUSE , BQ Diusbnrg, Pennsylvania M W MV? , a n F That Unllnggrgi goorway Em J. H. REARICK ' n'n - and sow Compliments of LAUEIYS GROCERY S'l'0RE FROZEN FOOD LOCKER PLANT LeRoy Koser Phone Carlisle CL-83906 WELLSVILLE AUTO AND TRACTOR SERVICE General Repair Service on Autos and Tractors S. E. Lemkelde, Prop. R. D. if 1 Dlusburg Pennsylvama Wellsville Pennsylvania .5 l Y K. E. ZERBE BILLETT'S GROCERY Plumbing Groceries and Luncheon Meats Heating Siddonsburg, Pennsylvania O11 Burners Phone PO 6-3691 Water Heaters serving the people of this Shir-emanstown community for twenty years Phone A RE 7-9420 I Better Homes Better Schools Better Communities ---- P. 'l' .A. Meets Third Thursday of Every Month Compliments of YORK MACH! ERY and PPLY CUMPA Y York Pennsylvania 101 WEBB and WOLFE Outfitters of the Official Northern High School Corduroy Jackets 210 North Second Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Phone CE 3-4507 CA 'PLE LUMBER "The Best in Lumber and Millwork" Carlisle Dillsburg 1654 3692 102 Compliments of RAKESTRAW'S DAIRY PRODUCTS Me chanicsburg Pennsylvania LONG BROS. A-G MARKET General Merchandise Phone DBG- 2 2 9 6 Wellsville Pennsylvania LESTER W. ERB Texaco Heating Oils Printed Meter Receipts Phone PO-63277 Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Compliments of POTTS MANUFACTURING COMPANY Me chanic sbur g Pennsylvania Monday and Thursday 9A.M. to8P.M. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9A.M. to 5 P.M. Saturday 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. DR. J. K. LOEWEN DENTIST Bell Phone CE 8-8333 325 Market Street Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ECKELS ELECTRIC STORE Westinghouse Appliances Ironrite Ironers Phone PO 6-4914 Bowmansdale Pennsylvania KEEFER'S A-G MARKET Home Town Service Super Mailcqet Prices Phone PO 6-4422 Grantham Pennsylvania MC CLURE and WAGNER Meat Market 123 East Main Street Phone' 32-12 Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania THE K-ANN SHOP Dresses- sportswear- lingerie for Juniors- Misses- Ladies Dillsburg Pennsylvania THE WEEKLY BULLETIN David S. Fry, Editor Dillsburg, Pa. Phone Dillsburg 3236 83. 50 Two Years ADVERTISING Serving the northern part of York County and nearby s e c tio n s of Cumberland and Adams Counties. PRINTING Anything printed for your business or your society. C o m m e r cial, Church, booklet, f a r m a u c tio n printing our specialties. Prescriptions - Biological Diabetic Needs STOYE R ' S PHARMACY Morris O. Stoyer, B. Sc., R. Ph. Manager Hours: Monday - Sat. 9 A. M. - 10 P. M. Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Phone 4081 DONSON'S GARAGE General Repair Work Batteries and Tires Phone Mech. 806 Located on R. F. D. if 3 Compliments of WILEY BROS. APPLIANCE STORE Phone 2856 Dillsburg Pennsylvania Always Ask For . SMITTIE'S FAMOUS SOFT PRETZELS Guaranteed Fresh Phone-Dover 3811 Compliments of SUNSHINE FEED STORE Phone 3 6 71 Pennsylvania Compliments of SPOERLEIN'S Women's 81 Children's Shop Dillsburg Pennsylvania Be st Wishe s from W. H. SCHRIVER AND SON EASTERN STATES FARMERS EXCHANGE Representative Charles A. Grove Phone 3329 QRes.J Phone 3272 CExchangeJ Dillsburg Pennsylvania SEIBERT'S FOOD STORE Reasonable Prices Dillsburg, Pennsylvania Congratulations to the 1956 Graduating Class GILLE TE SHOE STORE Nationally Advertised Brands for the Whole Family Dillsburg Pennsylvania Compliments of HUNTER'S STORE Be st Wishes from LAUKEMANN'S GREENHOUSE R. D. if 1 Dillsburg Pennsylvania CHEERLEADER K. L. SMITH SCHEAFFER and SON Heating Plumbing Plumbing and Appliances Heating R. D. if 1 R, D, if 1 Dillsburg Phone 2412 Dillsburg Phone 2793 L. B. SMITH INC. Your Hotel and Playhouse Camp Hill Pennsylvania 1- ON THE YELLOW BREECHES AT BOILING .SPRING6 , PA. Phone-Carlisle Clinton 8-3211 Compliments of MENCHEY MUSIC SERVICE 1 8 York Street Hanover, Pennsylvania "Menchey Means Music" Sporting Goods BERNIE'S Third at Herr Streets Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Open Evenings until 9 P. M. ll Best Wishes DOROTHY DEAN our High School Counselor Pomeroy's Inc. Harrisburg Compliments of A F R I E N D DITZLER'S Furniture 81 Appliance Store JOHN Z. BARTON INC. Road 2, York Springs, Pennsylvania Electrical Frigidaire Appliances Kroehler Livingroom Taylor Livingroom Philco T. V. Admiral T. V. Youngstown Kitchens Tappan Gas Ranges Bottled Gas SL Service Engineering Construction 317 West Market Street York Pennsylvania KNISLEY BROS. Pork and Pork Products Milk Made Mush Phone 2382 R. D. if 3 Dillsburg Pennsylvania HARR'S DRIVE -IN THEATRE Compliments of BRUCE FLEMING Owner SL Operator of School Bus Northern High School Dillsburg Pennsylvania Compliments of DILLSBURG GRAIN gl MILLING CO. Dillsburg Pennsylvania VANCE E. SEIBERT Electrical Contracting and Repairs Phone 3246 CAPITAL HILL FARM Dairy 81 General Farming Owned at Operated by the David Harbold Family R. D. if 1 Dillsburg Pennsylvania RUSSELL E. SHOTT Well-Drilling and Water Systems Phone-2574 Dillsburg Compliments of WAYNE H. BISHOP Your E sso Distributor Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania STOUGH GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Repairing Welding and Brazing Body and Fender Work and Painting GRIMES SL STUM Men's - Boys' Clothing Phone 2621 Ivan Stough, Prop. Phone 3582 Dillsburg Pennsylvania Dillsburg Pennsylvania OFFICE SPECIALTY CO. Smith-Corona Portables Standard Used Typewriters All kinds of office supplies Desks, Files, Chairs P. O. Box 416 Dillsburg Pennsylvania 12 inch Hot Dogs SHOEMAKER'S SANDWICH STOP Route 15 Mechanicsburg R. D. if 2 VELMA I. COULSON Notary Public Insurance Agency All kinds of Insurance Phone 3731 Dillsburg THE DILLSBURG AGENCY Douglas J. Harter Insurance And Bonding Phone 2761 Dillsburg Pennsylvania Eat the Best For Less At DITMER'S RESTAURANT Home Cooking Best Wishes from CHARLES B. RIDER Congratulations Compliments from of SHAMBAUGH ' S JONES FOOD MARKET HARDWARE Compliments of Best Wishes from KNAUB FURNITURE STORE G. A. MYERS Tree Surgery-Landscaping Cabling Cavity Work Pruning Feeding Compliments of Congratulations MT VIEW from Poultry Farm at Hatchery REST-A-WHILE-INN Glenn Cromer-Owner Dillsburg Pennsylvania SPECK'S ESSO SERVI-CENTER 74 Route v-4 241: d oi sburg, Dill Wishes ncere Best Si To The Graduating Class 1956 Of L. L. KING Paper Hanging and Painting DALE TROSTLE Estimates Cheerfully Furnished Mason Contractor I Phone 2426 Diusburg Phone 2976 Diimburg R. D. if 1 R' D' MARKEL UNION EMBLEM CO. R' D' ig ilumbing - Spoutingmsburg High 5011053 5311 fraternity Heating - Electrical Appliances Felt Goods, Commencement Roofing - Plumbing Fixtures Stationery Oi1BuI,ner,S Paul H. Nissley, Manager Sales SL Service U Palmyra Pennsylvania RE T-A-WHILE INN K AUB' FURNITIRE DiUSbl1I'g R. D. if 1 Dillsburg Pennsylvania 'Ill PROUDLY W E HAILED lt would neither be fitting nor proper for us to conclude this remi- niscing record without mentioning a person who contributed much to our success as a class and our personalities as individuals. William C. Evans concluded a career of service in education when he resigned as supervising principal Commencement night 1955. He served in both World wars, a Second Lieutenant in the first and a Major in the second. He started as a teacher and coach of all varsity sports and athletic director in 1919. ln 1947 he came to Dillsburg as principal of the Dillsburg High School. Mr. Evans was instrumental in getting our new high school building and served as Supervising Principal of the Jointure, in which capacity he retired from service. He was a much respected and a wonderful person and will remain in the memories of the Class of 1956 for years to come. 112 CONCLUSION And finally, we come to commencement! This always will remain in our memories, a symbol of our high school days. As the name implies, we actually are beginning, beginning to live, beginning to learn. We already have begun striving to reach our goals and to give our contributions toward making the world a better place in which to live. You have now seen the past and the present. What remains for you in the future depends upon you, for we no longer are a class, we now are individuals. Your success now, depends upon whether you make your life an example of what you learned, or whether you go your own way. You know, opportunity is like a train or a bus, if you don't catch it, it will pass you by. Every day there are many opportunities round about. lt is up to you to take advantage of them and make the best of them. lt is the editor's hope that this book will be a new horizon for you. The golden age of mankind lies ahead of us-it is our job to make it so, We all will have a share in working out the future of the world, of making history in the next 50 years. With the guiding hand of the Great Father of us all, we shall move forward during the days of the next half century. With His help we shall attain the dream of freedom for all, and a better understanding of all man- kind, and brotherhood among all the peoples ofthe world. For this is our heritage and our responsibility as citizens of the United States of America. Use this book as a reference for the past, but always live for the future. Use its lessons and words of wisdom, and I can assure you, your life will be full. H3 PICTURE INDEX OF SENIORS Arnold, Mildred 17, 58 Arnsberger, Carol 11, 16, 17, 42, 44, 48, 58, 63, 69 Bair, Carala 11, 18, 47, 48, 57, 58, 59 Baker, Leon 11, 12, 18, 42, 58 Baker, Tom 18 Beamer, Donald 18 Bear, Dale 18, 51 Bollinger, Barry 8, 11, 12, 13, 17, 19, 42, 44, 45, 58, 59, 64 Boone, Rosalie 19, 58 Bonsell, Donald 19 Brehm, Bonnie 11, 19, 44, 48, 49 Brenneman, Bob 19, 58, 64, 66, 67 Bubb, Hilda 20, 44, 47, 48 Cook, Lorin 20 Crisamore, Allan 20, 54 Cromer, Doris 1 1, 20, 44, 47, 48 Davis, Jane 12, 20, 42, 44, 48, 58, 72 Delp, Margaret 21, 50 Detter, Nancy 21 Dick, Nadine 13, 21, 44, 47, 48 Diller, Roxie 21, 44, 47, 48, 57, 63, 67, 69, Dutry, Arlene 21 Edgar, Jean 12, 13, 22, 44, 58, 67, 69, 70 Evans, Lois 22, 47, 48, 58, 67, 69, 70 Fickes, Querida 22, 44, 47, 48, 58 Fogle, Marlene 22, 44, 48 Folley, Mary Kay 11, 13, 22, 44, 47, 58, 72 Grove, Aquilla 23 Harbold, Eugene 23, 51 Harlacher, George 23 Herr, Audrey 23, 47 Hollandsworth, Dale 23 Hollinger, Doris 24 Hollinger, Mary 24 Hoopes, Barbara 24, 48, 57, 63, 67, 69, 70 llgenfritz, John 24, 58 Kauffmann, Jane 24, 58 Knaub, Jay 25, 42, 51 Laird, Marian 11, 25, 44, 47, 48, 57, 58 70 Leathery, Carl 13, 25 Lefeve r, Mary11, 12, 25,41,44, 48, 57 58 63 6 Leight, Linda 11, 12, 13, 17, 25, 42,44 58 72 Lerew, Larry 26, 51, 58, 59, 62, 66, 67 Marke 1, Doris 26, 57, 63, 69 McCoy, Charles 26 McCurdy, Darlene 26, 50 Kathryn 11 26, 41, 42, 44, 48 52 5 Miller, , Myers, Donald 27, 51 Myers, Elwood 12, 27, 42, 44, 51 Myers, Nell, J Mary 27, 45, 47, 57, 58, 63, 67 anice 27, 47 Nester, Verna 27, 48, 50, 57 Newcomer, Erma 28 Null, Gertha 28 O'dell, Orner, Kay 12, 13,28 Elwood za, 51, 62, 66, 67 Otto, Robert 28, 51 Powley, Patricia 29 Reynol Rider, Rigby, ds, Stanley 29, 41, 58 Ernest 1 1, 29, 58 Kaye 29 Sealover, Barry 1 1, 12, 13, 42, 44, 45, 58 Sealover, Darlene 30 Shambaugh, Mary 30, 44, 47, 48 Shive, Fred 30, 52 Shore, Rita 13, 30, 58, 72 Smith, Harry 30, 51 Snyder, Sandra 31, 44, 48, 58 Sowers, Darlene 31, 42, 44, 47 Thran, Norman 31, 51, 54 Topper, Judy 11, 12, 13, 17, 31, 44, 48,58 Urich, Charles 31, 52 Wiley, Gloria 32 Wiley, Jan 8, 11, 13, 32, 41 , 42, 44, 45, 52, 58, 59 wonders, Larry 32, 54 Yost, Irene 32, 57, 63, 67, 69, 70 Zerby, John 11, 12, 16, 17, 32, 41, 42, 44, 45, 52, 58, 59 CREDITS Most of the group pictures except those in the Adver- tising and Backward Glance Sections were taken by the En- sminger Studios. The editorial staff is greatly indebted to the following yearbooks from which they obtained some of their ideas: 1955 BUFF and BLUE 1955 - 56 QUITTAPAHILLA X 1955 LA REVISTA 1952 COLUMBIAN 115 AUTOGRAPHS Wir ir '5 6, C iz 4 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers A Cover Manufacturers - Book Binders FACTORY -HOME OFFICE Kansas City ,A -.xr ' MSS' A ' . ,RW , N355 .9 L , I . Q Q if . - - N.: 9 if Q S be 5 -. W Nag- . Q ' "3 X N , 1 k in an nr

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