Northern High School - Panorama Yearbook (Dillsburg, PA)

 - Class of 1955

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Northern High School - Panorama Yearbook (Dillsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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-. mf .Li W gh, Wm M: 8.1, Q- -Q . ...- um F I !,- -. -'- 1 Af b ' 'TA .4 .1 - - mf ,,,. Jun, ...- 5 i' . if 5 4. , .. in 3 ..f -.f --r Q',0UNTy 2 'NNSY LVAW 'wp 4- 0 Q' 419 A ' 'fa Z if " E' my '2 5' 06 .A N W u. .-W- .A ,W v V-. A M If 'lx K ' 4 v- 39 . ' rf' ,, ,I '9 - -'ex of I S' '1+w. ff 3: f-'S ' ff , J' ' ' ,. i 1 W 5,1 ,, r., .,nu-'IH' , f Wav, ' A ' 6 0" I - A ,, 'M' vf ff a v r K' , ff tv? , " g iv . V, I ' ' Q 'U .- A, . "4 ' ,fu-.r - 3' 'y " W Q I qt, v .1 A 1- " ge 1 , A L. A W , 3 A v,:.,fA 7 - ' , -ly--A ii -, ye' f,,'Q,i- I f 'Q I F, ,'V . 7 Y A, ,QM 4 sf fa-,ii 5 fr 'mf-J A 4. ', fl! ' , " wg? Ei' ' ' Q - A fi' Q ,, f4"5if?"' 1:21 1 1 'K ,V V ' ,fx 1 4 f,'.,'!,f5A, ' ff' , ., W., 1 ff, , " , , , if ' ' f . 'J-W f' A .47 L..o , f ' h ' ig, 'Ty' ll ah 'V I, "fl, W .5 A , . H , ..- - . 2 r ' Y A , 1 gk I , 4 1 F' , , 9- f ji h, , Y ,ir -- ,e5' I , ur f 1 " . - r' 1 , 5' ' ,, W aw? Q Q 9 - f .f J 5 ay .4 7 , rs W: , K A' , 1' I 1 ,. , -Nr .4 , -4' l , ' G n- u'- Y if .vi-?,,Mi ,,. 9 'Ely jf. 1 'A-Y A . V I I 3.2-b' ' 1 J f ,far . 1 gf' I A I .. if!-:lr-4" I ,,, .I A QPF? I , 5 . -3, , 3 I - i' Z0 ' "L ' -vw!" ,f " g, 3- uf' -Y E JI ' I , - 5 F. , - 7 . I .f-mi' I 1. Q ' lv' X' V " ' fi- V f. fn, meg ,, - V --- . - I 77? I If? I ' .M ,,.,. "' . , I " " I uf' , I . f' " , A I ,, ... V' 1 ' , , , " I v .M-ya ' I f ff' ' ' ' " 'A ' 5 ' , .2 . , 4 u-as 1 L - , --f N ,. . ,- ' X ' H iw- . ' I II 'LI - 'L 'ty if , 4 -H' X tw aff , - - fi - M,-Q - J .A V , iv 4- H 1 , by ' fs V, 'fy - lei' " 4 f er . f Q . I I . , M IIIIIV. II, 'P' Ah , ' ' 'V flea, 'ik' I, g V .1 III- im ,, M W ,, " 42 Ig 'L' f' ' 11, ' ,Ib f f , .Q , , 1,1 H-.f I J 1 5. D -a- in A P r 3' 'se PI-IOTOG RAPHER 'EI' Fay Luc as ASSOCIATE E DITOR Jane Myers ADVERTISEMENT CHAIRMAN Sally Kmsely ,-x BU SINE SS MANAGE R Barbara Na1lor EDITOR Ann Mxllard CIRCULATION EDITOR Jeanette Hughes Q7 FEATURE EDITOR 4 TYPIST IN CHARGE Jane Lefever Elaine Mxller I . gl as -Ri."?,,Q Editor-in-Chief .... . . Ann Millard Associate Editor .... ..... J ane Myers Business Manager . . . . . . Barbara Nailor Assistants ..... . . . Phyllis Crone Glemt Gerber Feature Editor . . . . . . Jane Lefever Assistants . . . . . . Charles Eurich ' Linda Ripple Cynthia Flohr Sports Editors . . . ...., Elwood Haar Darlene Baker Assistants .... .... K erwin Nailor Pat Darr Photographers . . . .John Zerby Fay Lucas Advertisement Chairman . . .... Sally Knisely Circulation ......... .... J eanette Hughes Assistants . . .... Betty Heighes Gene Baptisti Bob Miller Typist-in-Charge . . . . . Elaine Miller Assistants . ..... . . . Delores Darr Earlyn Baker Jack Strayer Nancy Bruaw Bob Fletcher 5 X f qrilbfw "SnQ,,flff' ' ' -si FACULTY 14 - 20 SENIORS 22-au EXTRACURRICULAR 52 - 66 If ' x . ,xxx X X vxxxx x'-X SOCIAL ACTIVITIES 68 - '74 ATHLETICS '76 - 88 UNDE RCLASSMEN 90 - 94 wo' fl' In later years when we look through the book we hope it will serve as a reminder of the most im- portant years in our life, our school years. As our school days at North- ern draw to a close, we wish to pre- sent this book as an ever lasting re- minder of our school years. I ' -11 if-pr . al gv21':wr' A fv.,"-ry: ,. , v . ' u if fl! 3? J 'a- 2 ' 5,3 . f'eff"' A Q' V- x . , :Q A K . 5 1 -.QMX if 'yr X ' 1 ' A 1 452 f, 2 . fwg,,,, -1Q i1i'Q 5 mf - f :Inv ,,. hwy-M-W""? ""' .K - fxfi fx -gf ' -- V "N ,yvuvv Aw. wfww' nf x 1 ia Q 4 -.Q in yfrl , if gf Q r Q C " .3 H' 3' - 45' , a il fm, - M ..,...n . ,A Us .pin U5 an I ,,. E, A I 4 Y i Y . -V i ,-L f 3+'f"7+',-Q X - Q 0' ' ' ,,. X "Sk I If f .f v 6 , I -W5 f ,QS f .I 4 4 5. ' g 1 fs " I ffl W. 1 ." 1 I' J- H, 'Q z Q 3 4' z ,f" ffL'! ' 9 o ,Q if cape gi.. QA R Lefever G Krusely R. Gundrum R Young S Lehman E Albert L Speck J Kulp I MONAGHAN TWP R Elchelberger H A Fortney W E Myers Myers Cocklxn WARRINGTON TWP' H Srearer Wentz Beam Myers Laughman ll WELLSVILLE BORO F Long Myers E Lemkelde Burrell Brown LIEUTENANT W. C. EVANS WORLD WAR I MAJOR W. C. EVANS WORLD WAR II .P r MR. W'I.LLIAM C. EVANS Principal Lebanon Valley University of Pittsburgh A.B. and A.M. a , L Members of the Class of 1955: Twioe in my life my civilian status was interrupted to wear a uniform, which happened to millions of other Americans. The philosophy of our country has been to speak softly but "carry a big stick." You maybecalled to serve so that our country can maintain that "Big stick," so do it proudly. God has blessed America and he here is hoping that America can maintain spiritual strength as well as physical might. Let us pray for peaoe, for another war with its "A" bombs would bring a holocaust. Someone said "My country, may she always be right, but right or wrong, she is my Country." Yours is a great heritage so preserve it and work to make it greater for our posterity. One never fails whe he does the best he can. Let us hope for strength and remember a motto, "My God, My Country, and My Home." 12 .!"'w xx W. an ei? , I mf J, A '-1 W vine jx,-Vi. CID' GERALDINE WEAVER B S lf L yfb' Li ,ga 15 Bloomsburg ykfk, Enghph 7 iw Q77 '44 f""b. -tk ELIZABETH K. SAQIDERS ,f4pfumam4ZMm2Qf Soc ml S tudles Enghsh . English C7 PEGGY JEAN ROOK B A, Lebanon Valley Soclal Srudles English Cl 7 17 9 , 'N QFPJ' f H , '7 ' " M ' B nf' A ,Ziff vi Y f . V -ff jgxj . . 1. A f,, avvvc, 3- V ,,, up' , 6. I ", .Vx A C , , 'X , , ' ' 1 . , I " - . ' " f' . ff V V: 7 h , I ,f L, , , 114- . I Q f" f hw -,u 1' Y,z I7 - , . ' 14 ps- 1 C7 RUSSELL L WALTER B JANET L. BINNER Ehzabethtown Mxllersvllle Hlstory Socxal Stud1es Enghsh 'Y ' K IANICE E. WALKER ARTHUR T. KAUP A.B Lebanon Valley Franklin and Marshall English Social Studies -O X I5 Tj? RICHARD R HOOPE IRENE M WRIGHT B A M A Ehzabet ow Albrlght College M the Co1umb1a Urnverslty Socxal Studxes Lat1n RICHARD NELL B S C Z MUSSER A B M Ed Suppensburg Taylor Umvermy Mathemancs Penn State Umvemty of Plttsburgh Biology 1 Mathemancs 'T WILLIAM H KETTERMAN IR Mlllersvxlle Guxdance '29 CHARLES A HOFF Temple Mathematxcs Dr1ver's Educatlon ROBERT F HABIG B S Sh1 ppensburg Shorthand TYDU18 Bookkeepmg XJ, xv ,I OL. THELMA S, ARMSTRONG B.S M . . Lebanon Valley Uruversuy of Pennsylvanla General Busmess TYPIHS Shorthand 4 ff f T T' J 5 A A?- I . . All if A x 5 Q L 5, 1 , x QI ,, ,f,?J? ' Z? A .- i ATV T ' : ' A I l 9' 'NX vs, . . . . . . I s C! XF: J ' , ' ' ' ly? U' 5 L N Q Q ' if-n 'J 1 X fl! lf, ,Qi . . .B A OUENTIN E GETZ B S Shxppensbu rg Sc1ence Penmansh1p 3 QW LLOY D S STETLER Ehzabethtown Geography B JOYCE L EAKIN BIS MIIICTSVIIIC S T C L1brary Sc1ence YW THOMAS L TURNER ROBERT PAXSON B S Perm State Kutztown PTIYSICS rt SCICHCC 18 LUCILLE B STEELE B S Indiana S T C Music AC Acfci J QZQFJL 'uw-X 'Ds IEANE L BOCK ,Z CHESTER L RICHWINE Lebanon Valley Instrumental Music School Secretary .I ,i ,A I ' . Q? ELWOOD I. SCHAEFFER SHIRLEY L. FGREST B.S Lockhaven Lockhaven Boys' Physical Education Girls' Phys cal Education I9 'Uv "'Q ANNA M BOLTON B S York Junior College Penn State Home Economics """X MIRIAM C ZUDRELL School Nurse FRANCES HOXWORTH B S Drexel Institute of Tech Cornell Home Economics .Z f' N M ,S :fi ff . 1 , -.L 5-1 2 J ,Y P ,J , -f ?g 'M KENNETH F. STOUGH HARLEY H, IN B.S Millersville University of Maryland Industrial Arts Agriculture 20 X w X' mfw A g, I H M X ia DARLENE M. BAKER X N EARLYN ROMAYNE BAKER 'V Commerc1a1 Commerc1a1 J J J WW W0 f A V 'A jWWvfK'iQY'9 GENE A. BAPTISTI CHARLES M. BINGHAM Agriculture Academic 22 A ROBERT M. B1sTL1NE!ZZ' General if -M J' V YY P' KENNETH L BRETZ Commerclal NANCY JANE BRUAW DONALD L COOK Commercxal Agnculture 23 I 'I 1 .. vga? 3 3 W9 if W7 sk L Q N fx 'H' M J ' 1 , fe f , ' of aww MW QM W 'L me W PHYLLIS M. CRONE EDWARD I DANNER Commercml General e,,Na:2 pf KENNETH E DANNER My R DELORES M. DARR General Commercxal 24 gf!! g 7 V ,Ll F K UZ? S' ' ,ff Sv 1 :gf ' 'X . .N A J ' f, U 5 506 V PATRICIA A DAP-R Q DENNIS GARY DORSEY CHARLES E. EURICH DONALD G. FISHEL Academlc Gener 1 25 MZ 1 55X 'x 5 - A J . MLS G 1 G ral M ,, f , IP M A Vf 'C' W Wffff n,,,z,.L4L!2 1 .JJ L J ROBERT CHARLES FLETCHER 'Aja' -any .MV ig. V 3 SAX ' CY HIA LOUISE FLOHR ca 4A-f " Commerc1a1 Commercxal iq.. in f 3 ALLA FROLOFF GLENN H GERBER? General 26 Academlc " 1' 4 ' nf" f - . , V' ,QQ ' ' ,4 - 4: 4' ' W is-A . ,u X .. E L ff ff Q LL NK' Eff' rV A Q ' , 9 , - -.J.. W "ff 'HE G X' ,LN gm.. '24, ' J J J K Q - N17 xv ' Y 1 , P rx K 514: , BL, I Y YY' tp? 4-5+ 'ur ,ik 522 TQ? Dm DONALD R. GERMEYER BETTY LOUISE HEIGES AQIICUIIUIC Commerc1a1 061 Lf! GEORGE E HUFFMAN JEANETTE M HUGHES Academxc Commercml 27 QW! Pl'-f I X, V uf, L, . XL J .f'.4 ' 'ir' I 'ED X- ' i 1 1 I L . Wk iz, P ' V 4 ' O 5 A A '27 .1-o,d,54,f Lvqkvuw ELWOOD C HAAR Commerc1a1 KERMIT KIRKLAND Agrxculture XXX by X S wax? RER aww V? 28? JCWXZ5-J DONALD O KELLER Agnculture SALLY KNISELY Academxc L ,L:, A A J ' . 2. 2 Q5 4 -f-R m R , A X ' Zf JANE LEFEVEK General I f J 4,11 f ! G- 4 aww LAWRENCE R. LEREW General ,gjf 29 iii' ZLTQW lfQflZ'3,f,f,eZ,f ROGER MARLIN LEMKELDE General FAY LUCAa J Com mercral s C ' I , C '- V s 7 ' M, 1 Y ,, .K ' " 1.3 1 ,-2 I, ,ff if H ,, ff ' My , 4' ' . 54.1-' I 10 7 "5 ,fi B! !'!hlLLx g f V -, 4 1 L' IFA' L, ' Q ,JW-' ' fr if 1' -fe' TT' 4 A-ff!! ' ...,. if 3, f. ur- ' 1 'ff "f L4 Lf,-fill . I Li . ' 3, K . 2 K ,122 I 1 ' I Zx I I I -JG' f .f f O 3 . 23' A WE M Qympm 3 xx-Cb" 'L22' -L QQ, 2121?-4, f N4 C' RONALD L MACKEY ,Y 94,224 7 ANN Ml LARD By! 'QQ' Q' L Agrxculture 6 ci .PQ ,fp Commerclal L'5 E-ggzffo Oiawtwj fffw 4441111 Viiffwj U7 L ELAINE MILLER zlf' E1 VUJJWV A Commercxal 30 ROBERT D. MILLER Commerc1a1 N ka " JYIFWX A is 93 ' W W M ' ' X " Q'-,fv 4. . - J: V! ,xg c I 1, -CJ? , I Q24 I . . 4 0 .Q fx' fi V Eff . Q o If I A tfg. 10: . I 'QJ . C . 'Q' . "5 G. Sm ETHEL M MYERS JANE QD W L-.X "3" i SHIRLEY M MYERS if MA!! LEWIS E MURRAY A55 TW E' Q5 JJ Q MY . X 5 E J ,ll WLQ, C rcial by Academic mv., ' MXKQEVU ps S M 3 MM I M' , . .QU , V 1 I Q x W Com . ' 1 xx jjsji' Gelneral WW Jeff 'J 71 .xfffuj -.f'J'a.9 psf MWM4! A ,1 '+V WW 6 BARBARA ANN NAI R KERWIN C NAILDR Commercxal General fi SUANN NESTER DONALD K. PETERS Commercxal General 32 Col K, M 4 'L 'J' I ' I e W Q A ,A Lypf-' x Q 4 W A Mid , 1 ,IU , J r V vbb avi' 0 , , ,Q Vo 8 M, 6' X Y -f fe ' "' X A . X g 4 til: I ,- Elma 1 595,52 RICHARD REASEY LINDA LEE RIPPEL 'N...' mmxagxugcr Www- GLENN M REED GLENN F SHAFFER MW fpff VW 40 aff I HN SCHRAEDLEY W Q ,New RONALD EUGENE SLOUGH Agrrculture General if Q is mfbr' Az, " ,ff 7 My WZ' 5,4 C ,I MJ Uzavdfg,-aa? .N lifg, :QF L EUGENE M. SPECK MARTHA I. STONE General General 34 DEC: an 5 ' 5 Qiifffv E' K E ' fl 5' M7 1 xx ' K f V K- l Q, '-- H L' i," 15.4, , 7559 I "I f , .J ,I Ly-JJ V , Magi, S f fzpf , '7 f 111' f ! fp V, 11, 0,6 I V . f'.1Lg ff' ,- -I iv! f f"" 'O A K ,f I! 7 E i 1 ik 'W 1 V " . 1. fd V L, , . , ip K ' 1 2 JACK STRAYER General AYNE C WENGER Agnculture W 35 flea-4.J.v4.2p maui? ROBERT LEE THRAN Agrxculture CC' JACK F WIERMAN Academlc 5 KENNETH L WOLF MARY CATHERINE WOLFE Agnculture Commerclal s C 1 wk LEON EUGENE ZEIDERS General 36 7 fi 4 1. U 'I 'I 1 4 4 'xg ,vnfn A . 49? H22-3 C2598 Q2 QM 1,124 L3 UD 37 ,JI NAME Darlene Baker Earlyn Baker Gene Baptrstr Charles Bmgham Robert Btstlrne Kenneth Bretz Nancy Bruaw Donald Cook Phyllrs Crone Edward Danner Kenneth Danner Delores Darr Patrlcta Darr Gary Dorsey Charles Eurtch Donald Ftshel Robert Fletcher Cynthra Flohr Alla Froloff Glenn Gerber Donald Germeyer Elwood Haar Betty Helges George Huffman Jeanette Hughes Kermtt Ktrkland Sally Kmsely Jane Lefever Roger Lemkelde Lawrence Lerew Fay Lucas Ronald Mackey Ann Mrllard Elarne Mrller Robert Mtller Ethel Myers lane Myers Hurley Myers Lewxs Murray Barbara Narlor Kerwrn Narlor Su Ann Nester Donald Peters Rrchard Reasey Glenn Reed Lrnda Rrppel John Schraedley Glenn Staffer Ronald Slough Eugene Speck Martha Stone Jack Strayer Robert Thran Jack Wrerman Wayne Wenger Kenneth Wolf Mary Wolf Leon Zerders NICK NAME Darlene Curly Baptrstr Btng Btsey Bretzy Peep Cookte Ph1ll1 Eddre Ken Dots a Gary Charlre Ftshel Bo Cyn Alla Glenn Donrue Abe Betsy oe Nettle Irmmy Ktnsey Lefever Rog Lam' Lukle Mackey Annabell Elarne Bo Shorty ane Shul Louie Barb Cat Susle Kerm Dtck Reedte Rtppel Reds Shaff P68 Lea Speck Marty ack Bo Jack Wenger Wolfxe Mary Zerders FAVORITE EXPRESSION Oh Man Don t Belreve O You Don t say You d be surprrsed Whoopee I don t grve a hoot Oh Shoot' Ah Heck Gee WIIIIRCIS Never can tell I say there Oh Gosh Oh Cats Ya Don t say Amen You re just saymg that You re ktddrng of course Goodness Gractous O My Somebody Goofed Oh yeh rrght away Come and get rt Boy that s a dozzte Don t you belreve tt Good Lakey Igtve up Well Ill clue you My Stars Sure Don t know do you More than lrkely You better belteve that Holy Hannah How do you know You sure can do tt Could be Good Glory Honestly Shucks Good Gravy Buy me that Daddy It Doesn t Matter Your Balmy Good Gnef Yea Morbld Somebody Goofed Help that boy Let s Go Who Knows Holy Cow Aw Nuts Ah Heck Oh Great Get off tt What s the hurry Honest to John H1' Buddy 38 AMBITION Detecuve Beauttcran TV Announcer Lawyer TV Repauman Arr Force Secretary Farmer Secretary Wrestler Mechamc Secretary Physrcal Therapy Bell Telephone Employee Teach Musxc Jom Army Carpenter Secretary Study Language Band Leader Navy Arr Corps Get Marrred Secretary Chemlst Alrlrne Stewardess Undectded College Teacher Race Drtver Mrllronarre Get Marned Farmer Secretary Teacher Undectded Secretary Teacher Secretary Hot Rod Drrver Typrst Jet Prlot Secretary Electrrcran Sc1ent1st Farmer Teacher Penn State Mechanrc Jorn Servtce Navy Old Mard Navy Jorn Servrce Pharmacrst To be prosperous County Agent Waves College ' ' P t ' b , . . I v - - . Donald Keller Don Don't know do you Navy ' b f 1 . I I b . . LIKES Handsome boy Holrday Olds Italran food Grrls Hrllbrlly musrc To sew Anythrng Cats Women Women Drrve the car Classrcal musrc Cars and grrls Grrls Men True frrends Dancrng and skatrng Physrcs Englrsh Football games Glenn Mrller s musrc Women sports Blue Olds Sports Chewrng gum Huntrng and Frshrng Thrck mrlkshakes New cars Mechanrcsburg Band Women Foolrng around Recerve letters Sports Red Fords See Steward wrn races Sports Small chrldren To read T V Hot Rods T V Football games Make teachers mad Money Fords Huntrng Good Food Women songs Readrng Hot Rods HER Sewrng and cookrng Grrls Racrng wrth State Cops Grrls Go to partres Frrendly people Convertrble Dancrng soccer DISLIKES Sour prckles Snobbrsh people Mrller pesterrng me Hrllbrlly musrc Englrsh To hear swearrng Lrberace Berng short Men Sauerkraut Berng short Rough problems Norsy grrls Cowboy drrvers Women Spanrsh Hrstory Butter Hrllbrlly musrc Gerber s drrvrng Srlly grrls Homework Shorthand Drrty whrte bucks Errglrsh Books The Dodgers Men Grrls Have my charr pushed Borrng classes Tomatoes See Stewart wreck rn races Physrcs Hornblowers Hrllbrlly Musrc Sausage Englrsh Redheads Lrberace School frve days a week Women and Englrsh Solrd Geometry School Harr rn fountarn Homework Berng rn the offrce Cops HER brother Boys School Losrng lrcenses Frrst day of school Foolrng around Chemrstry Gum rn water fountarns Norsy study halls 39 USUALLY FOUND Wrth Pete Newberry Phonrng Germeyer Nell s Restaurant Wrth Danner At home Wrth Mackey At home Srde Krckrng wrth Rog Mt Pleasant At home Drtmer s Nester s Servrce Statron Runnrng around Gulf Statron Backstage Anywhere At home At home Cat Glenn Baptrstr Sellrng rce cream Anywhere but home Everywhere Wrth Happy Go Lucky 6 Nester s Servrce Statron Everywhere Wrth Happy Go Lucky Wellsvrlle Restaurant Nell s Restaurant Wrth Happy Go Lucky Wrth Don Cook Wrth Happy Go Lucky Wrth Betty and Phyllrs Nell s At nerghbors Wrth Happy Go Lucky Wrth Barb Narlor Frshel s Garage Wrth Shrrl Myers Wrth Don and Glenn Wrth Joyce at Haar s Drrve rn School Wrth Shaffer Art room Wrth her Wrth Glenn Reed Roller skatrng Roller skatrng At home Lemoyne Darry Queen Nester s Servrce Statron Nell s Restaurant Wrth Bretz Wrth Wenger At Haar s Wrth Wenger and Wolf ' - - 6 ' Cabbage and Potatoes With Happy-Go-Lucky 6 .E . . - - 6 ' - - 6 . . . . - - 6 As Seruors, we are suddenly aware of the fact that graduat1on IS near and our hlgh school days are now Just a memory Whtle remtntsctng we remember our Freshman year We were a confused tr1be of teen agers not know 1ng just where to go but too bashful to ask After an assembly we were assigned to the commerc1a1 room and the sc1ence room havtng as our homeroom teachers and class advrsors Mr Habxg and Mr Tur ner Our class numbered a grand total of 83 At our f1rst class meet1ng we elected the followmg off1cers Presldent Jeanette!-Iughes V1ce President Ann Mxllard Secretary Mary Hunter Treasurer Jane Lefever H1stor1an, Lawrence Lerew We held two skattng part1es one tn November and one 1n March That f1rst year Farmers Day appeared to be a bxg undertaklng through Wh1Ch money was e1ther lost or gamed Luck11y our stand tn front of Wo1f's Restaurant was successful and so was our f1rst attempt at a float The theme of our float was THE LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS and we won a prtze To celebrate theChr1stmas season we decorated Mr Turner s homeroom and erectedaChr1stmas tree sprayed wh1te Prxzes by Mr Evans were glven to the class w1th the best decorated room of course we were qu1te happy when we captured f1rst prtze We closed our Freshman year wrth an enjoyable p1cn1c at Her shey Park Agatn we returned to the school bulldmg 1n D11 lsburg for our Sophomore year Most of our Fresh man daze was gone but st1ll we felt the flutter of exc1tement on that f1rst day Mrs Armstron and Mr Hoopes were sentenced to betng our homeroom teachers tn the typxng and algebra rooms respectlvely Our class officers were as follows Presrdent, E1 wood Haar V1ce Presldent RobertM1ller Secretary Donald F1shel Treasurer, J an Hostetter H1stor1an Lawrence Lerew St111 bemg 1n the money maklng process we held two skatxng parttes and had a stand on Farmers' Day We entered two floats 1n the parade BETSY ROSS pr1zes At the end of the f1rst semester we made a new and excxtmg move to the new SCh0O1bUl1d1I1g wh1ch acqu1red the name of Northern York County Jomt I-hgh School Qtr new homerooms were 40 and 42 wlth Mr Habxg and Mrs Armstrong as home room teachers We made a record for ourselves thxs year we bought our class rmgs We ended the year w1th a bang by gomg on a DICHIC to Hershey Park By the ttme we were Jumors we were back 1n the swmg of things We were asstgned to homerooms 21 and 23 w1th Mrs Snook and Mr Hoopes as home room teachers At the f1rst class meetrng we elec ted the followmg off1cers Pres1dent,R1chard Reasey Vrce Presldent Jane Lefever Secretary Mary Hun 5 ' ' . and QUEEN OF HEARTS, winning lst. and 3rd. o I l l ter Treasurer Jan Hostetter we held two skanng parues at Haar s Skatmg Rmk whlch added a b1t to our nunt Fmally the great event Farmers' Day came around and as usual we tr1ed our sklll w1th floats We put WINTER WONDERLAND and THE FIRST THANKSGIVING ln and won on both of them. The car was a beautl ful creatlon of yellow crepe paper and some of our pretty glrls rode on It and called ll MISS MOTH The day we were wa1t1ng for fmally arrived the day of the Junlor Seruor Prom. It was a lot of fun decoratmg the Allenberry and when the evemng arr1ved, even though most of us were t1red ll was like walkmg mto a dream when we entered the Croquet Room Bdund a WIIIIB wrought lron gate wrapped w1th garlands of roses there stood a foun tam spurung water Around the fountam was a scene of flowers, roses and buddmg trees All these helped to carry out our theme Gateway to Paradise. Our f1nal good byes were S3ld by a tr1p and excmng day at Hershey Park Fxnally our b1ggest year was upon us W were HSSIQHQ homerooms 20 and 22 w1th Mrs Hab1g and Mr Kaup as homeroom teachers At our flrst class meetmg we elected the followmg of flcers Pres1dent, Jane Myers V1ce Presxdent Elwood Haar Secretary Fay Lucas Treasurer Jane Lefever Hxstorlan Lawrence Lerew We held a skating party whlch proved to be very prof1tab1e The names of the floats ween tered 1n the Farmers Day Parade were THE LAN DING OF THE PILGRIMS and PRINCESS OF NIGHT AND DAY The car was DREAM OF PEACE and we made a cons1derable sum of money on these thmgs along wrth the stand Our Senxor Play I M A FAMILY CRISIS, was a great success Fru1t cakes and two polar bears were another means of ra1s1ng money for our future tr1p to New York We wish to thank all the teachers especlally Mr Evans for the t1me and effort spent 1n makmg our school years a suc cess Now as our remuusclng draws to a close we suddmly realize our school days are soon over and Graduat1on Day looms near 1n the future we look forward to Graduauon Day as a milestone 1n our llves leavmg bdlllld us our school experlences and gomg forward IH the world of tomorrow We w11l remember what was taught us at Northern I-hgh and try to be better CIKIZGUS of tomorrow J . . . e . . l . 41 pr DARLENE BAKER wills her danctng ab1hty to Donald Bonsell EARLYN BAKER w1lls her abllity to go w1th an Elwood to Dons Markel CHARLES BINGHAM wrlls h1s seat 1n Spamsh Class to Jan Wrley KENNETH BRETZ wllls h1s abllity to keep out of trouble to Tom Staub NANCY BRUAW w1l1s her bashfulness to Joanna Hoff DONALD COOK wmlls h1s place 1n Ar1culture to Eugene Harbold PH'YLLlS CRONE w111s her ablllty to get along w1rh Mrs Armstrong to Carala Balr EDWARD DANNER w1lls h1s crazy I1'llX5i up nlckname to anyone who wants ll DELORES DARR w1lls her qu1etness to T1111e Slyder PATRICIA DARR wxlls her love for boys to Mary Ann Hollinger GARY DORSEY wxlls h1s abundant supply of freckles to John Zerby s massxve supply Do you have room J ohn'7 CHARLES EURICH wills h1s abxlity to play and teach musxc to Tom Baker DONALD FISHEL w1l1s h1s wolf scentmg ab1hty to Marlm Hartman BOB FLETCHER KEN DANNER BOB BISTLINE and GENE BAPTISTI w1l1 the Stage haven of Northern J omt back to the School Centertamment and all.D CYNTHIA FLOHR w1lls her father s statxon wagon to Larry Lerew the .Tumor who rldes h1s b1cycle to school every day ALLA FROLOFF w1lls her ablhty to learn languages to J ay Evans GLENN GERBER w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to get along wnh Jean Bock fStrayerJ to anyone who needs lf DON GERMEYER w1lls h1s ablhty 1n typmg to whoever wants II ELWOOD HARR w1lls Donna Anthony a seat m the boys locker room BETTY LOUISE HEIGES wxlls her typewrner m Mrs Armstrong s class to Charles M1ller GEORGE HUFFMAN w111s h1s wreck1ng ab1l1ty to Bonsell s wreck JEANETTE HUGHES wllls her sour notes 1n chorus to Lo1s Evans DONALD KELLER w11ls h1s Englxsh book to Dale Baer KERMIT KIRKLAND anyth1ng he has to anybody who can fmd ll SALLY KNISELY w1lls Jane Dav1s her qu1et cheerleading manner JANE LEFEVER wllls her volleyball abthty to Sandra Snyder ROGER LEMKELDE w1lls h1s ab1l1ty to pay traff1c fmes ln ten days to George Harlacker LARRY LEREW w1lls h1s attendance record to J ohn1e Mxller F AY LUCAS w1l1s her true blueness to R1ta Mae Shore RONALD MACKEY w1l1s h1s stature to Donald Bonsell ANN MILLARD wxlls the headaches of edmng the Panorama to next year s editor ELAINE MILLER w11ls her homework to John Ilgenfritz B03 MILLER leaves h1s posmon 1n the soccer team to Art Ryder and h1s ab1l1ty w1th grrls 42 IL' , . . , . 3 . I I l . lthe .D . . , . . . . I I . . ' . . . , - . . . .. , . .. g . ,. , . . .. . . . ETHQEL MYERS wills her drrvrng abrlrty to Sylvia Myers JANE MYERS wrlls the edrtorshrp to anybody who wants a lot of headaches SHIRLEY MYERS wills her dark eyes to Margaret Delp LEWIS MURRAY wrlls hrs fatness to Kenneth Markel BARBARA NAILOR wills her curly hair to Marlene Fogle CAT NAILOR wrlls hrs typrng ability" to Shelvy Cromer SU ANN NESTER wrlls her abrlrty to take World History for 3 years to Darlene Sealover DON PETERS wills hrs swrmrrung abllity to Elwood Orner RICHARD REASEY wills hrs studrous manner to Fred Rrckrode GLENN REED w111s his abrlrty to m1ss school to Charles Shaeffer LINDA RIPPEL wills the art room keys to Mr Paxon JOHN SCHRAEDLEY wills hrs red harr to Mr Kaup the could use rt J RONALD SLOUGH wills hrs abrhty to hook school to Tom Baker GENE SPECK wills hrs Studebaker to anyone who can drive rt MARTHA STONE wills her luck in wrnnrng at the fairs to Doris Cromer JACK STRAYER wills hrs ability to get along with Mrs Armstrong to Nancy Lehmer ROBERT THRAN wills hrs Agriculture abrhty to Eugene Harbold JACK WIERMAN wills hrs abrhty to get along with a certain girl fromMt Alto to Barry Se-HIOVBI' WAYNE WENGER wrlls his ability to get along with girls to Eugene Harbold KENNETH WOLF w111s Larry Wonders hrs bookkeeping papers MARY WOLFE wills her norsrness on the bus to Dons Hollinger LEON ZEIDERS wills hrs abrlrty to get along with teachers to .Tay Reed 43 tm GLENN SHAFFER wills his hot rod driving to John Bentzel. 8' 1 'iglem W Dear Dtary TOl'l1ght .T une 5 1965 we the class of 55 are havmg an alumn1 dance 1n the lobby of Northern H1gh School Elwood Haar the prmctpal of the school and Su Ann Nester tus secretary arranged the whole dance Elwood IS marr1ed to a lovely g1rl that qu1te frequently skated at lus father s roller r1nk Wlule l stand at the door Jane Myers .Tumor and Semor Enghsh teacher arrtves wxth Elatne M1ller and Linda R1ppel Linda has the t1me of her hfe teachmg art to the htgh school Elatne has been teachtng typtng and shorthand for three years Jane Lefever teadles the f1rst grade at the new school across the street Ann Mlllard president of her own secretar1a1 school has almost f1ve hundred pupils an nually Her students are well known for thetr secretarlal ab1l1ty Shxrley Myers Jeanette Hughes and Nancy Bruaw are teachers at her school They are all marr1ed and have cluldren Betty Hetges found a good job m Ph1ladelph1a and marr1ed the boss Cynthla Flohr ts marr1ed to a florlst tn Vermont and she keeps the fam11y records fDoes a good job of tt tool Fay Lucas has been marr1ed for e1ght years to Eugene Bushey and they have two ch11dren twm glrls The Navy IS here 1n full dress utuform Eugene Speck now an adm1ral w1th a fleet of h1s own IS marr1ed and has three lovely daughters Donald Germeyer after rece1v1ng three C1 ald Slough Donald Keller and J ack Strayer, all sa1lors are really g1v1ng the QIFIS here a hard t1me ton1ght Don t play so hard to get fellows D1llsburg 1S now a pretty b1g place and Wayne Wenger and Larry Lerew owns the largest department store ui eastern Pennsylvanta lhear they are actually m1lhona1res Earlyn Baker works as a beauncxan 111 the1r beauty salon I was there yesterday hav1ng my ha1r set and she told me all about her husband and ch1ldren Delores Darr the head of the secretanal staff keeps all the records stra1ght Phyl11s Crone IS the head buyer 1n the lad1es wear department I almost d1dn t get here yesterday when my car broke down But thanks to Kenneth Damer and Glenn Shaffer I was back on the road 1n no t1me They own a large Cadtllac sales and SCFVICB garage tn Harr1sburg Ethel Myers IS the1r secretary Our school tomght IS hghted by a new 3t0l'l'1lC SCleIlIlf1C dxscovery made by R1chard Reasey He and George Huffman work w1th General Electrtc 1n New York George IS a cherntst and LS work mg w1th new metals And whose lovely mustc are we dancmg to torught'? You guessed nl None other than Glenn Gerber and h1s Band of Merry Rovers He has a very heavy schedule of appearances 1n the Blue Cafe tn Florlda but he flew up here Just for th1s OCCSSIOII I saw Edward Danner wrestle on TV last week They call h1m Edward the Unbeatable I hear he IS the most popular wrestler tn New York Clty Ken Wolf the York County Agriculture Agent tells me that Ronald Mackey Don Cook and Glenn Reed have the largest turkey and wheat farm around here They even slup turkeys to Afghantstanl And who do you think is the dectective for the F BI who tratled down the latest k1l.ler" None other than Darlene Baker our g1rl sleuth lhear Charles Bmgham IS gotng to be State s Attorney tn th1s case when ll comes to trial. 44 ' l - u ll ' ' ' O I I U I 0 I l I . . . . . . . , . . I . . . . ' . . . - . . . . . . . ' . . . U . . .- tations for his Navy flying, has settled down and bought a grocery store here in Dillsburg. Ron- . ' . ' . . . . . , . , . ' O 9 I . . , . . . . I 9 O O Our own LEWIS Murray IS now a test dr1ver for Ford Motors He and Kenneth Bretz work together now that Kenneth IS out of the A1r Force, Sally Kmsely has her own modeling agency m Parts She 15 here tomght wxth some of her latest dress creatlons Roger Lemkelde, that world famous race dr1ver IS here w1th us tomght with h1s wxfe He hves 111 Cahforma when not racmg And here s the Army they Just marched 1n Robert Thran and thetr Star General Don F1shel are on leave and have the1r w1ves w1th them tonight Kerwm Na1lor has Just arrxved after compleung h1s last rn1ss1on on hrs Jet plane He IS so experxenced that the Alt Force has glven h1m a desk Job tra1n1ng new P11015 Charles Eurlch teaches mus1c tn a conservatory U1 Germany and has won recogmnon for h1s outstandmg work tn the f1eld of mus1c Robert Fletcher has started a housmg project and to date has three CODSIFUCIIOB crews workmg for h1m Don Peters does all the electr1c w1r1ng U1 the new homes John Schraedley and Leon Ze1ders alter completmg college have 6-XCCUIIVC pos1t1ons on a flrm 1n Utah Gary Dorsey works at Bell Telephone when he 1sn t dr1v1ng to Maryland to see Ius g1rlfr1end He IS gettmg marrted next month Mary Wolfe, a Wave Lleutenant IS stauoned on a sh1p 1n Honolulu Gene Bapt1st1 start1ng as a d1sc Jockey man on TV has worked h1s way up to top panel announcer He won the Look award just last week I was 1n a drug store yesterday and whom d1d I see but J ack We1rman compoundmg drugs Patr1c1a Darr IS a physlcal theraptst at the MayoC11n1c where a dlSI1l'lgl11Shi doctor named Robert M1l1er pract1ces Martha Stone IS marrted and IIVCS 1n North Carohna Did you ever wonder where toys come from? Kerrrut K1rk1and can tell you He has a toy factory 1n Vermont Robert B1stl1ne and Barbara Na11or have a rad1o and TV repa1r shop Barbara keeps the records now that Robert has gotten such a volume of bus1ness Alla Froloff now 11VlIlg tn New York IS a language spec1a11st at Columb1a Uruvers1ty So as the last bars of the muslc fade away we each go our seperate ways hopmg that we have tn some small way contr1buted to makmg a better world tomorrow by be1ng better CIIIZSIIS of today 45 11 I 1' ' W' ,,, I 5 wx U TW' f 11 'W M gig 'I fiig-2 , 4, 1 M -. AI ,la !,! IU WMW. ,-.,,,-. If-mf-...,,, -...,, A 1hwfm,,,,mm,, 'f lwgyg 4 fer, I I T1 Q ,Q 1 i , u . ' 1w:,wh-- y .4 . .. Ay.. ,f . , ,,.- f M 'l ' .4 Q .75 4' f" ' E4 ',?:::i5,if" ..' "3 ' ' ' ' ' .ac-J-.,. , 4.54.4 NK, 4' Q .34 mfg. a.:--nufn' .QTY-., , , - , 4 Q " " A ,, Ai, A ' 'f' , .-V ' '-wr-: 1 . . , ,. . K ' " 'Q thi" -' , ' ' "' V01 V ,QT zz., ' H-K 4 H Xa 4 .q Q ..,.-. A.4,,. M,,, - ' ' y, 3 , f I. AA ll A . 1-.1 . , , . fzvf. -,, , ,X :Mi W? ,gi . , , Wk? f- ""'--""' vfful. .-,., , ' ' ' " "L L51 .fr , w- Vx' . ' , - PW . " ' , P ,uw ,Xp -lgwqfu 441. A I , - ,fwyi 1 V, ' uw , Q gf- , ,-5,-.ukghes ,pc Lm5,,,,f- Y .-A 2-,f , A, u Wi n 1 . , ,, ,g,l,l,li,Q,Yj V A ..," Saw! , 1 I X 42 ji mx i, . f 12 :si War f " '. - m' LJ - ,xq l mfm V N 4 r . E:'?w"w-A .'f,sQ,,lY Q1 rug- Ng My 1 'Z f ISU u 1' x 1, ,V . V. ., wb R 1 .1 N in D "mn, an aide-15 4 ff- -1 . T ln, .M 7. mffl' ' V2 ..,, 1,5 V fk. wqrm N 'gm '-vc"f3 Mikie, " . ff? figif. K. V a mm a 4 gaem We are sad to leave thxs school It s nurtured us twelve years And taught us all the arts and crafts And mrmmrzed our fears We entered tt as lrttle babes Whrle teaeher held our hands And now we leave rts Ivy Halls To trod upon lrfe s sands Our Prrncxpal brds us fond farewell Our hearts and mrnds mature The world a great brg wonderland Our future IS secure Rrppel CLASS MOTTO One step at a ttme but always forward CLASS FLOWER SCHOOL COLORS Yellow Rose Purple and Whrte 50 Qwfple L , ,...,,,.f-,.W,.,y-W , , ,,,,. ..,,. , .4..., Ad? if ...Hr-'f-+-4 Editor-in-Chief . . Assistant ..... . Feature Editor . . Assistant . . . . . Sports Editor Boys .... Girls . . Art Editor . . Photographer .... Circulation Manager AsSistant.......... Typist in Charge . . Typists ....... Reporters . . . . . . . . .lanelwlyers . . Carol Arnsberger . . Sally Knisely . . . . . . . . . Mar1eneFOZ61 . . .Glenn Gerber, Kerwin Nailor . . . Jane Lefever, Nancy Bruaw ............LindaRipp1e . . . . . ..... John Zerby . . . . . . .-Ann Millard . . . Mary Shambaugh ..................................Phy11isCrone . . . E. Miller, F. Lucas, C. Flohr, D. Sowers, H. Bubb, S. Nester, P, Stiffler, Q. Fickes, L, Evans, . . . . . . . E. Baker, D. Baker, K. Miller, J, Edgar, J. Nell, K. Folley, D. Germeyer, B. Sealover, R. Fletcher, C. Eurich, P. Darr, F. Drake, J. Davis, J. Wiley, N. Dick, B. Brehm, J. Topper, M. Laird, C. Mills, C, Bair, M. Lefever, E. Weigard, E. Myers, L. Harbold, D. Cromer, D. Hudson, N. Shaffer, L. Leight, C. Rebert, 52 md FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D, Darr, P. Darr, D. Baker, L. Evans, J. Myers, M. Stone, S. Knise1y,.T. HUSUSS. F- Lucas. J. Nell, C. Flohr, P. Crone. SECOND ROW: J. Edgar, C. Mills, M. Fogle, B. Brehm, D. Cromer, Q. Fickes, H. Bubb, J. Lefever, N. Dick, B. Nailor, C. Bair, S. Myers, D. Sowers. THIRD ROW: D. Beamer L. Lerew, E. Rider, J. Zerby, G, Gerber, J. Miller, B. Bollinger, J. Evans, J. Wiley, A. Ryder, S. Reynolds. FOURTH ROW: R. Wallis, C. Urich, G. Baptisti, D. Fishel, R. Fletcher, G. Dorsey, K. Nailor, P. Fulmer, L. Baker, J. Weirman, L. Zeiders. Conductor, Mrs. Steele, Accompanist, Ann Millard. Outstanding programs were presented by theMixed Chorus during the 1954-55 school term. This year's Mixed Chorus has been lauded as one of the best in the history of the school. We wish to thank our talented director, Mrs. Steele, for a job well done and also for her much needed patience. 53 12L!oS9!ee'6 J ' ffl' e, 6 'X .157 J nf, if 3' fl 143 We f'9m 'th ... , ... 'Us R , i 1 J 'J if .-. g 37' . FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Director, Mrs. Steele, R. Eurich, P. Darr, F. Drake, J. Hoff, J. Slothower D. Darr, I... Evans, C. Rebert, J. Bruaw, C. Flohr, P. Crone, J. Nell, M. Laird, C. Bair. SECOND ROW D. Sowers, J. Topper, S. Cromer, D. Baker, D. Cromer, C. Arnsberger, S. Knisley, J. Hughes, N. Shaffer M. Lefever, B. Nailor, S. Myers, F. Lucas, M. Folley, N. Dick. THIRD ROW: E. Baker, M. Fogel, A Millard, J. Davis, C. Mc C1ure,B. Heiges, Q. Fickes, D. Harbold, M. Stone, P. Hess, L. Harbold, J. Sowers S. Hoffman, E. Weigard, P. Stiffler. FOURTH ROW: M. Shambaugh, C. Mills, B. Brehm, J. Myers, J Edgar, K. Miller, A. Herr. J. Lefever, J. Kauffman, B. Hoopes, M. Wolfe, D. Hudson, I. Yost, R. Diller G. Shaw. Accompanist, H. Bubb. The Girls' Glee Club is open to all girls in the Senior High School. Under the expert direction of Mrs. Lucille Steele, the Club has presented many fine musical programs throuylout the year. Jointly with the Mixed Chorus, the Glee Club presented a Christmas pageant which highlighted the holiday season. 54 in-is S U -ig-:li--...,, -ws s Sr' . -...N L,,?"--- ,Y .im qr - -ii iii- """?h-'5""""'hi N t:"""" hung, lah-g,,-ligfa-Q.,-1'?afn1'.. ...I',j-'hz-:L fffr--.1 r .- - , -"".."'.:' s"'L., .Wiggi- ., 'I ff... . . A in M ,,, ... ,WMM nn.-.aa -Y xql' inns ""f' ., ,AQ 0 - n .4 ,ww o-,Qt ,N K U .M--sm... " W-'.' - 4 lg: fs f,f,,f. V 3 ' filming .. " 'M' 009 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Spahr, J. Otto, G. Myers, C. Smith, J. Wetzel, K. Smith, Y. Downey, B Evans, S. Myers, G. Ryder, D. Weigle, T. Anderson, A. Baer, P. Dubbs, D. Cook, G. Rider, J. Nesbit SECOND ROW: Mrs. Steele, Director, L. Myers, R. Nelson, C. Trostle, G. Kaltrider, C. Lehman, M Kauffman, J. Ilgenfritz, P. Minter, D. Freed, G. Markel, M. Eckert, B. Wolf, B. Grove, J. Flohr, D. Sipe S. Ditmer, A. Murray, W. Eurich. THIRD ROW: S. Kellison, B. Kurtz, M. Crone, B. Dellinger, J. Brant P. Divens, N. Jones, C. Ward, S, Brehm, M. Myers, D. Baker, N. Heiges, L. Hughes, N. Gerber, B. Rahn C. Laird, R. Gasswint, E. Gross. FOURTH ROW: T. Good, S. Grove, L. Cassidy, R. Wolf, M. Marshall L. Eshelman, D. Bentz, R. Kirkland, J. Farence, R. Glenn, B. Spangler, S. Myers, N. Sherman, J. Binner M. Pentz, J. Kinter, B. Rosenberger. The Junior Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Steele, participated in the Christmas pageant presented December 16, 1954 for theP. T. A. They also sang in other outstanding events throughout the year. 55 Gizi- '- and jf'- 5 E - If FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Reasey, Secretaryg E. Staub, Vice-Presidentg E. Haar, President, S Knisely, President: J. Myers,Vice-President, A. Mi1lard,Secretary. SECOND ROW: J. Evans, Treasurer J. Davis, M. Folley, L. Leight, R. Shore, F. Lucas, S. Myers, M. Delp, V. Nester, A. Herr, J. Lefever Treasurer. THIRD ROW: K, Nailor, Chaplain, C. Flohr, N. Bruaw, L. Ripple, M. Stone, M. Wolfe, L Evans, J. Edgar, Q. Fickes, S. Snyder, M. Shambaugh, D. Baker, J, Hughes, C. Arnsberger, Chaplain FOURTH ROW: C. Eurich, Recording Secretary, E. Miller, A. Dutrey, P. Crone, B. Heighes, B. Brehm D. Sowers, D, Darr, N, Dick, M, Fogle, J, Topper, M, Lefever, K. Miller, P. Darr, D, Cromer, H. Bubb Pianist. FIFTH ROW: G. Huffman, Sergeant-at-Arms, D. Germeyer, G. Gerber, J. Weirman, J, Wiley J. Zerby, Mr. shaeffer, Advisor, Mrs. Habig, AdvisorgMr. Hoff, Advisor, R. Wallace, R. Slough, J. Miller B. Brenneman, D. Zeiders, Jack Strayer. The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community, high standards of Christian character. YTTI -f Y I 56 if " TWIRP DANCE The Senior Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y are two very active clubs. As abranch of the Y.M.C.A, they participated in many world wide projects which help the members to realize the ways of life and the needs of their fellow men. This year their many projects have included: ATwirpDance, held by the Tri-Hi-Y in the school lobby. At this dance the girls brought the fellows and paid the expenses. The combined clubs also made up Christmas baskets for the needy in and around the community. Another project was making Christmas favors for the hospitals. Several girls went to the United Nations General Assembly on March 19. The Hi-Y decorated small trees with Christmas cards for the hospitals. The combined clubs went Christmas Caroling and had an enjoyable evening of fellowship. A swimming party was held at the Y.M.C.A. inHarrisburg with both clubs participating. 57 ' mg- '- y t cfm TW FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Bentz, Treasurer, C. Trostle, Secretary: J. Nesbit, Presidentpl. Nell Vice-President. SECOND ROW: B. Evans, Chaplain, K. Smith, C. Laird, J. Kinter, M. Pentz, R. Nelson B. Grove. THIRD ROW: M. Crone, S. Grove, L. Myers, J. Binner, G. Markel, B. Spangler, J. Flohr, C Smith, J, Wetzel. FOURTH ROW: L. Hughes, D. Weigle, E. Spangler, J. Farence, Mrs, Weaver, Advisor P. Minter, S. Moose, M. Walton, E. Zeiders. TRI 58 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: G. Rider, Vice-President, J. Richwine, President, G. Harlacher, Secretary SECOND ROW: J. Bronawell, Treasurer: L.Bist1ine,F.Harlacher, R. Brough, C. Fetrow, J. Pemz, Chap- lain. THIRD ROW: W. Eurich, N, Butler, S. Arnold, D. Cook, J. Cromer, T, Harter, E. Myers, M. Hert- wich. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Kaup, Advisor, L. Harbold, E. Books, R. Gasswint, P. Hudson, D. Mc Clusky R. Metzger, B. Bentz, G. Gettys, T. Spotts, Mr. Getz. 59 575 4 o T f T 5 ,K I 9 if N. ' , - I ,,. "' 4? , N ' .f 4 T 6 It 4 -3, A , 6 .I , 1 L I MZ ,, 4. V-7 ."f . T u ,.. , 2 'Q A, 5 , . a FIRST ROW, Left to Right: D. Schumck, Reporter, D. Markel, Treasurer: S. Eichelberger, Secretary, M. Stone, Historian, D. Cromer, President, M. Laird, Song Leaderg M. Myers, Vice-Presidentp D. Mc- Curdy, Parliamentariang Miss Hoxworth. SECOND ROW: D.Harbo1d. J. Mc Curdy, A. McCurdy, S. Myers E. Myers, B. Haverstock, V. Nester, G. Kaltreider. THIRD ROW: N. Smith, M. Kauffman, S. Myers,J. Nell, B. Kurtz, D. Jones, R. Hammond. FOURTH ROW: G. Hughes, N. Bonsell. J. McKeever, M. Delp, J. Mckeever, E. Baker. The Future-Homemakers have been engaged in many interesting activities. The girls along with their advisor, teacher and friend, Miss Hoxwortfh, wrapped Christmas presents to be sent overseas, sold cook books, made Christmas cookies and did many other worthy projects too numerous to mention. 60 99,6 Q FIRST ROW, Left to Right: H. H. Spoerlein, G. Baptisti, I. Schradely, L. Cook, K. Wolf, E. Har- bold, Treasurerg S. Reynolds, D. Cook, President, R.Mackey, N. Hess, E. Orner, Vice-President, R. Otto, .T..Pentz. SECOND ROW: D. Mc Coy, H. Yost, L. Propst, Reporter, K. Fortney, Assistant Secretaryg K. Grove, R. Henry, K. Kitzmiller, E. Chinault, E. Stambaugh, R. Deardorff, P. Mc- Curdy, N. Knisley, K. Keller. THIRD ROW: L. Altland, R. Hollinger, H. Schwanger, D. Stump, L. Myers, R. Miller, E. Edgar, D. Reed, K. Schoffstall, G. Hess, G. Wagner, R. Schoffstall. FOURTH ROW: H. Haar, H. Smith, D. Myers, W. Wenger, F. Myers, R. Myers, G. Reed, G. Geiger, E. Baer, R. Thran, J. Knaub, T. Cutlip, R. Miller, M, King, Sentinelg E. Myers, Secretary. The Northern Chapter of the Future Farmers of America participated in one of a series of programs sponsored by WGAL T-V in Lancaster. The boys did a job of which we should all be proud. A dart team was one of the main centers of interest during the winter months, and the FFA took their annual trip this spring. Many awards and prizes were captured at local and state-wide events by the FFA members. Thank you, Future Farmers of America for a wonderful job of representing our school. 61 : L' ,4 " A ' ' Y ' . ,, , . . ' We B 'f .f 2131A71 X W 'f iQ RADIO CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Germeyer, L. Cook, J. Weirman, G. Baptisti, M. Yoder, A. Good, R. Wallace, E. Myers. A. Crisamore, L. Trump, H. Gundrum, Mr. Turner, Adviser. ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Paxson, Adviser. N.Bruaw,H,Gund1-um, P. Fulmer, Fi. Wallace, L. Murray, S. Nester, G. McKeaver, M. Wolf, M. Stone, I. Weigard, D. Hudson, L. Rippel, M. Laird, J. Nell. mwfw-P' ,Y W, 'mwwisf igfwwi EM F' ig 1 f,..w' ,,.-fs G... 'R Mwiw .v0f"f"'i L-A 'NOWHV N JOIW 'IIC' Nf vom A 'zlhinuuawwaiiiw " Q 'ia-iv 'zsmJi'WJMv 535 AUDITORIUM f ' zmawmwQwf2MfNf N W 5.4, ' - V' 3-' ,J ff-gf," y., Vw ' ' -Q ww imbf ip , '-' .1 "f,f,.5, H W W , Egg xl f2fMQ.fg,,?wQwg,.,L-g1.i.,.-iss -' 4. .ff -ii ,L yank Q . ,X :W,z:,y ygfwwfh- 7 ' 4' 'YZ t M im R! -W, .1 R ,..,...--f- as 1 -A 6' X mf mf'f'-.Q If if- , If., - '-.f1,g5g,gj.ffgf' ,L b ,... ,. , ----------- TQ? 5 ,, - M' V g H M . ' HM' ' ' Y Y A M 4 -' -.-..,..,6. , ,d,,,,,.,.., .Y -fit' --'W A' """""' 'Or' . .1 K M .,- in ,X k.f- M-N"'.v-f 4 A ,.:X -' 'M' 'Q A YV qw -Sf., Kvtxg-.,Tf7s1,I-ev: -14.1 7 -, ' ,g'g ,,5"'.ff ' .Q - ' ,f f.,f . - ' L, -.3 V new . , A- - K . . J., - Q, f . 5 ,Ya ,, x U.. I, ' ., W v M ,. - ,. :ww eg., - in A fd- .- ', - b ,wsawvf Q A 1. ,gs A .f, . f A mf. - .4 -- 4'1i"' . V -Maxff' -'- - - ' . - .. ri 'A L V ,. v , 1 A 1 " v : t . 63 its-aruuuavg ff! LOBBY is-J Q..-I 1-.J -ff 64 A CAFETERIA if Mun Af ULJLIAJ " STANDING Left to Rxght R Blsthne K Danner G Bapt1st1 R Fletcher D Ger rneyer KNEELING L Lerew S Reynolds J Reed DRIVERS EDUCATION TEACHER Mr Charles A. hoff a ! ! 5 ! Q x i A' Q x,.4 ,V J ' 0 ,dm ? S r f 1 , , ' : . ' ' , . . . ' ', . , . - . : . , . , . . gi? I Km' W fb Hi- ,' 9 .Q , 5, f I :,.,:A':i:"-. Y S A E' X U Q R QW' X fa, 5-s a Q' , 1 sf' 5 Q44 'L -I--...-?',..v .flff L W . A ' H ' QF' i ii xx. SSX x fs XN uw, 'W M' is , ,,,s ,fd ,W , Q ii?-P f 5 T ii w 1 1' ia gi af , 45 v 'Vg 3 4 V 'aft A If 'W J E xg X5 xix ,lx 'Qifix ff NN V Nxikfxx W - 1 ' XQX U ig BN ff! 3 x X l J, iaisam, , Erm'3"'v:mew1+ w 6 ff-7-'W ., ,uw 1 'V 9. " l A ' , 4 1-. Y ag, .. A 1 1 ww, , K Monkey's th ree Q ,, , j , f Mg - ie ' .V ' 'Mft 'MV' And they're Seniors, tool f .ig avynf' I f lr 1 Q 4 1? 1 . ,ali M . M? ': '-.225 5 ,I ,, - 4 sf" Sim 3 Ns- wwhf- L , S ,Y :,,, V,, A, x . Q 1 1 593624 4c12'Qff5 .-K LY 1 I 1 X 1 3 0 8 K Whoa Trigger! -x : "" M, bg -1 'zvlfm wSat5-'fff'w2fi"-'S'-4" r "lung," 'ffif ii ., 12 . V. FQ -wg, f wp. f 'A OH Q A Qilm , 1. mf . I " 1 vyifwf if U JW ' 1 w 1:1 ,.L' ' - - X f "xiii:-Em' W mxeffile' Q, L ' '-ff-12: 2, ff'-,gi 'ls Us Q- I . in A ,AN N' f, v M. m . X is Q., 'M ' .3 ,NMR A w v I gn 'Vs 4 ' 3 ftinw' . 5 N 1 his Q4 N? gq ' 4- ' t' , 9 ll. A' K , t . R , ,3 fa ' mf ZEN 4 xx A, , J H -2 ' 6' f' A , 5' b l vm. I 4. 1 QW- -L 4' -eh - - - .' J' , if WA iz xg. ,xx XX The North Cassius UP ar Shumakers Wooddman 7 S...- 7 Wi NY 5 Moih X953 nter WOl'1de1-land 35 Dream of Peace 1954 ina.. 1- 1953 M",-I 'Sas-., ll 4 The :HHS 195 princes fm wg S of Ni 11 ., gf! 8 ndmz O I 8' D L3 ay 1954 74 0 v ,v 'X 1 - if 4 ".- ff. .ye 'PS 1 ,.:'!.1:HlLu Aden f o 'Mu if 461 4-'um 'Finney at Y is jf . was , lv-q,,M , . 4 . .w.v- yi . 's "1 ff M. 'f 921 "fb "" L' um wi' G'if'uq "' MM fit? '74"""' -' 1 rf' LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Lemkelde, E. Haar, L. Zeiders, G. Shaffer, G. Dorsey, R. Slough, D. Fishel, G. Huffman, J. Schraedly, R. Reasey, D. Keller. TN FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Managers - L. Lerew, K. Wolf, W. Wenger. SECOND ROW: Mr. Habifg, Mr. Kamp - Coaches. 78 Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern 1 Manchester 1 1 North York 1 2 East Berlin 1 1 Dover 2 0 East Berlin 0 O Dover 1 1 Spring Grove 1 2 Spring Grove 0 1 Manchester 1 1 North York 3 2 McKaskey I2 5'1- 1--C., ws Sanken 7 nfl 'QQQP v jr -Qm. F54 'KM A Rlder SECOIND ROW Mr Kaup Coach D Staub D Keller G Sheaffer E Haar C Huffman R Brenneman J M111er K Wolf Nlanager THIRD ROW W Wenger L Z.e1ders L Lerew D Bonsell R Slough R Lemkeld R Reasex L Lerew Manager 'Aix lg, ,,. EJ af 1 wa A ghd'-. 'livin AF, fp, gan. mi' 'fn If 2, 4 5 ff- hi J' we , 4- " may W -P 1. -w- It m P+' ,lk .111 81.6 FROINT ROW Left to R1g,ht R Otto F R1ckrode I Baker I: Orner C huffman E Ha r I Frennf- man A Rlder SECOND ROW K Wolf P Fullmer U Shaffer D .utaub J Evans K cnoffstall J N1111er D Keller L Castle G Hess F Shwe Xw Wenger THIRD ROW Mr Kaup T Cuthr J ehra L1 1e5, M Kmg, L, Lenders, D F1she1, R Slough, D Bonsell, G Dorsex, L Lerew, R Lemkelde, R Reasex, L Lerex-., Mr Hablg 79 I gg. I x - 't ..' fi. I ' K. 111- - .v:'z-.f. - - "1 V - 'WZ 'T A Ti-1 - ' ' "r'-Sf. ..sf: If '-Q1 -1 fb A 15. ' ' . HA NW.: U"z.' 1 ' x-1 -c A A 'f' " --Q' .-- ' 'C - .Ls - , v ' 1 . .1' . uw - v ."3vL':?,3 ,- ."5-- - .: L' K' ,, , .I 'W 2 i ffm., . .gz--.LE 1 3 lf 1 9' C -' .LL ffl ' -Im 'gf -'Q ' . ,-.,- . 1 H, ' . - - -I-f -, K 1' sy -, K. 'g1.- ' I P iff" , - P., , '--cf ' ' '7' .. f ' ' ' " Y'.Q,.' '. ' 1 ' " '- 1, A ...Q --'R A .. 35 -4 ff- A . ' '-.J,," -S 'P-',. , , -ms, 'I - '. ff "' .' ' - -1 , ' VARSITY FIRST ROW, Left to Right: J. Evans, T. Baker, F, Rickrode, E. Orner, B. Miller, L. Castle, . ' . ' : . , 1 . . . , . , . , C. , . 1 - ' 1 - 1 ' - 1 1 1 - D 1 1 1 - r 1 D I , . V , . C, . ,, . , I . R i f 4 ' A i.. , ,...., - - A 'nr-'V' , f ' , f 1 1 "A I f QF'-L C- S 1 " .. 'ifarf 'EFI 1- . ' 5 . ... U 5 44 .. , I .Af -1 1' 6 ggfrvs df A A- 1 . I .. Haig' , . V. ' V T5 'L' w 1 4,5 -R .' A Q 44 . "' yn w 1 ,M 4- A My A R ", , ,--. ,H gf .4 I 'M V. -.nv N , ' 1 I A f Y A ff , A, . ff, ,- , dx' : VM, V i w'b , 'iw .N 1 N 'X i A . ' . f fm , 1 , -' I' we ' gi, ' ' . fx V A H ,, 1, A ,f , I f ,gt ,. lm "' 4 -' A Av s - A .J K.. Q .' .. , .v u . 1. , . , 1 1 4 - 1 ' - a 1 1 1 ' 1 I 1 U- 1 I 0 1 'J' '-' -' . , . ,. , . , , Q , . . . . , . , . , . , . , . -f A-1 , . I ' , . ' , . , . , . ' , '. . ': . . . . 3' 5 - FIRST ROW, Left to Right: S. Cromer, C. Rebert, L. Harbold, B. Caskey, M. Lefever, C. Arnsberger. SECOND ROW: G. Alwine, L, Ripple, B. Haverstock, I, Yost, L. Evans, V. Nester, D. Ixlarkel. THIRD ROW: N. Bruaw, R. Diller, M. Wolfe, J. Edgar, B. Hoopes, G. Hughes. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: G. Gochenaur, A. Myers, J. Bonsell, R. Ralston, R. Myers, J. Sipe. J. Edgar, J. Lefever, A. Millard, J. Hughes, G, Alwine, SECOND ROW: M. Myers, N. Lehmer, D. Schmuck, N. Bonsell, Miss Forest, Coach, B. Caskey, F, Lucas, V. Nester, I. Yost, THIRD ROW: J. Bruaw, L. Evans, C. Bair, D. Baker, D. Markel, M. Laird. 80 AQ , Qin 9 . 1, .'l '1 Q5 ,. ,. Q -mr li K xg f "' ' 4""f'ie +W c wb' if L A WWW BACK ROW, Left to Right: B. Caskey, S. Greenfield, J. Bruaw, L. Evans, B. Haverstock, D. Anthony J. Flohr, M. Myers, I. Yost, G. Hughes, N. Lehmer, G. Alwine, J. Mc.Keever, R. Diller, J. McKeever, J Edgar, B. Hoopes, Miss Forest, Coach. FRONT ROW: S. Grove, M. Crone, N. Bonsell. J. Nesbit. The girls' field hockey team had a record of one win, four losses, and two ties. On November 9, Northern participated inaField Hockey Play Day at Lebanon Valley College. Northernlost toNorth Lebanon2-0 and to Highspire 1-0. They played Elizabeth- town and Annville to a 0-0 score. 82 ugf 3 Hal!" Ab' .,,,..-sb ai' VARSITY Mlss Forest Teacher B Hoopes Catchmg N Bruaw Battmg FIRST RUN Left to Rrght G Alwme J Bruaw I Yost C Arnsberger M Lefever D Markel J Bonsell A Myers SECOND ROW R. D111er B Caskey S Cromer .T Slpe G Gochenaur L Harbold G Hughes D Gross JR. HIGH CHAMPS LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Flohr, E. Speck, G. Markel, C. Smith, S. Davis, S. Grove, J. Wenger, L. Byers. 83 . 'Ji G .N ', 'X Wa- r 'Va ff' T S 4 fi' -B , 4, 3 ,w QW M, if R f 5 wkffg L 'H Q at si A 5 i i n 1 X . we 5 k ,,,g. we V ft ar E'N 'M , k X 9 . , 6: , gi . 94 1 I 'K , v .P W 6 QQ :E .. af H E -tk gp? 1.9 i 44.5, gf M ' m iff .iq r 1 ' 2' P m A . K vi FIRST ROW Left to R1ght K Nallor B Brenneman T Myers G Huffman B Evans SECOND ROW B Brenneman E Haar G Bapt1st1 N Charczenko THIRD ROW H Smuh J Ilgenfutz E Suereth Teacher G Snellbaker R Otto Jfaack FIRST ROW, .eft to Right: F. Rickrode, K, Dick, G. Iferew,H. Nailor. SECOND ROW: R. Desenberg, S. Arnold, M. Rurnsey, R. Miller. 86 A 5 'J 5 ,K RRTHEJ4 FIRST ROW Left to Right: D. Bonsell, E. Haar, M. Ruth,B. Brenneman C Lucas G Huffman J Evans SECOND ROW: Mr. Habig, Coach: G. Gerber, B. Chronister, G. Speck C Wolf D F1she1 A Rxder J Strayer E Orner, L. Lerew, G. Lerew, M. Rumsey, E. Miller, K. Na11or Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Dover...... Lower Chanceford Wrightsville . . . Kurtz Creek . . . Dover ....... Lower Chanceford Spring Grove . . . Spring Grove . . wrightsville . . Krutz Creek . . . 87 ibm f 'mf' MfQf4 l., UU nf? I ? v Ui .T oanna, Rita, J ane, Sally, Linda, Darlele, Judy. 88 5A XJ' Q. -V V . 'ta' W S! I ff x QS FIRST ROW Left to Right M Laird G Wiley J Zerby Historian C Arnsberger Vice President Le1g,ht President D Cromer Secretary B Bollinger Treasurer SECOND ROW I Yost A Dutrey Myers R Diller M Fogel D Sealover D Anrhony M Arnold N Tehmer THIRD ROW D Sowers Boone A Herr P Powley N Detter M Delp E Newcomer J Kauffman C: Naull FOURTH ROW D Bonsell J Elgenfritz G Harlacker D Myers D I-Iollandsworth D Beamer F Shive E Harbold Baker L Cook J Knaub E Myers FIRST ROW, Left to Right: M. Lefever, J. Topper, V. Nester. D. Markel, M. Hollinger, A. Grove, L. Evans, D. Hollinger. SECOND ROW: K. Miller, J. Davis, M. Shambaugh, N. Dick, M. Fogle, M. Foley, D. McCurty, R. Shore, B. Brehm. THIRD ROW: A. Crisamore, E. Ryder, H. Smith, H. Bupp, Q. Fickes S. Snyder, J. Wiley, L. Baker, B. Sealover. THIRD ROW: C. Urich, L. Lerew, C. Leathery. D. Baer, B Hoopes, N, Thran, J. Edgar, R. Brenneman, C. McCoy, E. Orner. 90 nah 0 ,, P T rs ti FIRST ROW Left to Right G McKeever P Fulmer R Wallace G Shaw J Sowers S Myers J Slough B Caskey T Slyder J Evans J Reed R Sturn. SECOND ROW J Fee K Schaf fstall J M111er P F1restone P Carpenter K Fortney J Shaffer E Fleming R Desenberg C Ross L Propst G Erb THIRD ROW M Hartman D Zeiders L Cassell V Arbagast .T Laukman H Gundrum G Gess E Staub C Lion R Nester F Rickrode H Nailor G Wagner L Trump FOURTH ROW H Haar K Albert E Zelgler F Myers A Good W Spahr R Schoffstall R Myers T Cutlip H Bentzel C Knnnh M If cv G Lerew D Shrade E M11 er FIRST ROW, Left to Right: L. Harbold, D. Hudson, P. Hess, G. Alwine,J. Mc.Keever, C. Mc- Clure, B. Haverstock, J. Bruaw, P. Keiter, R. Eurich, B. Yoder. SECOND ROW: J. Slothower, J. Hoff, F. Drake, S. Elicker, N, Bonsell, N. Schaffer, G. Wonders, C. Rebert, D. Harbold, D. Gross. THIRD ROW: S. Cromer, G, Hughes, R. Hammond, E. Weigard, S. Mackey, D. Walker, D. Jones, L. Myers, S, Eichelberger. FOURTH ROW: M, Wolfe, C, Mills, C. Wise, H. Kennedy, C. Miller, A. Rider, M. Yoder, E. Miller, J. Mc Curdy, M. Smith, S. Hoffman. 91 0 9Q9y UA 566 FIRST ROW Left to R1ght D McCurdy R Nelson J Flohr J Nesblt C Lehman H1stor1an J Rlcu wme Presldent C Trostle Secretary W Eur1ch Treasurer C Srruth V1ce Presldent P Hunter C Ross SECOND ROW S Greenfleld I Wetzel D Cook D McCoy B Banes W Echert G R1der V Runk G Mummert W Murray M Crone L Dagnell THIRD ROW T Staub R Deardorf J Swanger P McCurdy M Kauffman P Clauser B Grove S Grove S Mackey Y Drawbaugh E Yost L W11ey, E Stambaugh P Zum FOURTH ROW E Ch1nault J' Brown J McKeever E Naxlor N Gerber .T Ilgenfntz E Gross G Ka1tre1der P Taylor M Pentz D Bentz J Kmter E Baughman FIFTH ROW J Pentz S Arnold D Harter D Gexger J Reed L Altland W Greason A Coulson H Yost D Stump E Edgar R Nelson R Ivhller R Hoff L Myers P1 gist fv T' on FIRST ROW Left to Rxght H Dalhammer G Kottcamp L HBIQICS N Conley J Walker C W1re Noss J Caskey R Dunham Y Wentz S Sheeley SECOND ROW F Kelhson B Stough L Fxshel Thomas C Wood Y Downey K Grlest N Kmsley D Srpe M Eckert J Wenger THIRD ROW Holhnger P Brandt L Byers S Dav1s L Dav1s B Kurtz B Wolfe .T Welr D Updxke B Bortner Rahn B Rosenberger FOURTH ROW R Hollmger D K1tzm1ller K Myers N Hess D Grove Flowers R Henry G Harbold R Russell L B1shop R Kearns FIFTH ROW K D1ck P Cressler T Spahr D Stambaugh D Foster D Klugh S H111 R Wolfe J Bentzel R UflCh R Mlller R LIVIHQ ston 92 4 I g" , at S O Q 4 y Q Q V il , ki , VM Vu ' 4' V. A I: l,' 5 i gh Q4 4, y ll ' S 0 f Q . . j ' T a 1 l 'S 0 ref . mln. ry . N F Q Q M , T iz A 645 ' U, 3,K.,, , NM tg 5 ,fig . . QA W -V-,M . . F , Q -S2541 e . ., - '. .X 8 f ' S ,I X' T L ' W f ' A t - , ' : . , . . . ' , . , . , . ' , G. ' . . . . . . . . . ' 2 . ' . . . . ' , D. , . , . , . ' , . ' , . ' , . , . . : I. ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , . . . , . ' , . ' , . , B. . . . : . ' , . ' ' , . . . , . , D. 6 0 9 B190 X 1' FIRST ROW Left to Rtght A Murray .T Otto G R1der L Myers L Snyder A Ba1r C La1rd Evans S Dttmer H Jones J Nell SECOND ROW D Harbold J Mrller D Spahr P Dubbs T Ander son R Ke1ter E Newcomer L Kl1ned1nst G Markel THIRD ROW P Drven K Srruth C Kehson B Scott N Jones J Anderson D Wetgle S Myers L Hughes L Todd C Ward FOURTH ROW H Myers D Ftshel D Rahn D Baker B W11son D Freed S Brehm S Sherman M Myers F Page, H Z.e1g1er G Harlacker R Brough FIFTH ROW V Bordlemay J Cr1ssamore,D Ruth J Brandt J Bmner B Dellmger A G1les B Spangler L Eshelman T Good C Shaffer G Glass 0 i FIRST ROW Left to Rlght P Walker S Kelhson B Hetghes J Srruth M Hess G Yohn B Hess L Myers G Myers R Stough P Mrnter SECOND ROW M W1se J Frederxck L B1stI1ne R Har locker J Srruth P Myers C Fetrow V Albert R Trost1e,K Baker E Harbold THIRD ROW B Bressler F Forry J Grxsslnger S Fahenstock R Ktrkland M Nelson S Myers R Glenn D Lavden slager N Helghes J Farence M Marshall FOURTH ROW B M11ler H Brown W Stump L Ware ume R Schumes J Brownewell H R1chmond E Hoffman R Slagle C Dtemer R Gasswlnt FIFTH ROW R MICRBISOH A Stum L Cockhn L Harbold G Bear F Harlacher R Drcker L Cass1dy H Myers E Bordlemay W Stough M Dalp 93 0 . 0 P+ I p , A or n ,, o 9 Rx If D: Q . .Pix , V' , 1 " A I . .4 G P 5 fi I A I D, ' I . , . , . ' , . , . , . ', . ' ,B. Y I 9 9 te, 9 H9 ea 1 P 0 ' ' gf 6 T cv . I sv -me , l 'si ' i H 9065 A 0 09 6 9k NATl0NAL BANK THE DILLSBURG C O1'1'1p1lIT19l'1tS The Flrm of EDMUND GEO 60011 .IR Reglstered Arclutect 904 North Second Street Harrlsburg Perma 96 of 0 Q , . COMPLIMENTS DEPARTMENT STORE HOME DRESSED MEATS GROCERIES DRY GOODS APPLIANCES CLOTHING PHONE 3152 DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA 97 EVA BROTHER CAPI'I'0I ENGINEERING COIIPOIIATION ENGINEERS CONSTRUCTORS MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE OFFICES b g GE N ERAL CONTRACTORS DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA R. W. 3Ml'I'i'l fix SON I I H. W. HAIR and SUNS OPERATORS SCHOOL BUSES or NORTHERN YORK COUNTY JOINT SCHOOL SYSTEM GRADUATING CLASS OF 1955 May Prospemty Happmess and Peace be Wlth you ln the years to come 99 of f 0 TO THE IRWINS DAIRY CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1955 I WANT you To ' KNOW WHAT HRPPENS T0 My 234 Quan-r X fs GRADE OF 'WWILK' Q' HERE ARE THE FACTS' XJ 'l'Del1very Adver t1s1ng Offlce Suppl1es Repa1rs Insurance L ab oratory Expense B a d Debts a n d All O t h e r E x penses smug A il X EXPENSES R A xxxxxxxxxxxxxg 4: comrnuuzns Smnanes Ano wncfes S-Ll FN To the farms of York and Cumberland C o un t 1 e s 1n i264 mo 'fb Fa nnmev, Psa 1S chart IS based on 1954 f1gures Just released by the Pennsylvama M1lk C o n t r o l Comm1ss1on QT af Annu: NET Paawn' fl 4: As men and women of the future lt w1l1 be your prlv 11ege to preserve the greatest of all her1tages The Amer1can Way of L1fe SOUTH 32ND STREET Our Da1ry 1S glad to sub m1t these f1gures to prove t he I'1'1lIk 1ndustry's con tr1but1on to that cause CAMP HILL PENNSYLVANIA 100 I x 5 U v . If N - .... - A W , 1 . 2 91. Q . .Gi , , - K ' 1 , X XX ' ' SZ-4: 5555.532 1953 - S13,463.,U0.0 iii: ........ ....... ,. A P Th. S ' . ' 'UZ IRWI DAIRY EMR' DRIVE-I THEATER OPENING IN SPRING WITH CINEMASCOPE DILLSBURG ROUTE if 1 5 HAAR S FURNITURE FINE FURNISHINGS AND COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 101 9 DILLSBURG R. D. H3 WOLFS BUS LINES MOTOR COACH CHARTER SERVICE FOR GROUPS AND PARTIES TO ANY PART OF THE UNITED STATES EUS ERVICETOANY ART' OF UNITED STATE gf' If I 1 N1 9 Q COMPLIMENTS OF RITTER BRUTHER GE ERAL C0 TRACTUR TELEPHONE 4 30 6 1 1511 N CAMERON HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA We Wlsh to congratulate the graduatmg class of 1955 May your future years be f111ed wlth happlne s s pleasure and success 103 ' J . I . LEFEVER BIWTHER 192 1955 f CHEVROLET 7 SALES SERVICE f PHONE 2 48 1 DILLSBURG DISTRIBUTOR GOODYEAR TIRES BEAR FRONT END ALIGNMENT AND WHEEL BALANCING 'W' GENE RAL REPAIRING MOTOR TUNEUP BY SUN ANALYZER BODY AND FENDER STRAIGHTENING 104 Q"- 'tn ,Ng --QS," I l 2 if - if if ,k . , SCHOOL DAYS They cement many lasting friendships Soon you and your class mates will take different roads and it may be years before some of you w11l meet again School days do not last forever and when they are past memories are kept warm by the photographs of friends of the classroom and campus Your chums should have a personality portrait of you and so you took this means of keeping alive the memories of your school days the home folks will always cherish a portrait of the 'turning point in your life This studio is the headquarters for the special photographic work and the doors are open to students of the Northern High School and their friends Why not arrange to come to the studio now and have that photograph taken? SPECIAL STYLES AND RATES FOR STUDENTS ESTABLISHED IN 1882 CENTRAL PENNSYLVAN'IA'S LARGEST AND OLDEST PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIOS PHONES 67968 67969 67960 SECOND 8: WALNUT STREETS HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA IO5 ll ' - ll you will prize one of theirs in return. In a year or so you will be glad And . . . g . . H COMPLIMENTS UNl0N EMBLEM C0 FELT GOODS COMMENCEMENT STATIONERY PAUL H NISSLEY MANAGER JEWELERS TO CLASS OF 1955 RINGS PURCHASED THROUGH RHODES JEWELRY STORE DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA PALM YRA PENNSYLVANIA 106 OF O HIGH SCHOOL AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY EEE Cnnihnnilns PLUMBlNG'HEATING SHEET METAL TODD Commercial l I d atrial OIL IURNEIS SMITH HDDPES W K W K J WITH QUIET ml? OIL HEATING EQUIPMENT AMOCO FUEL OIL consrwn commnv 66' EXCAVATI NG OF ALL KINDS 107 l ll " 1 np ann Friends- lg uplng Frlu 5 Wu!" AND 4025 ufi,m+l ww www w:.m2s5mmcs an O C DILLSBURG SHOE FACTDRY NELL S RESTAURANT 9 PARTIES, BANQUETS, CATERING KNAUB'S FUR ITURE and APPLIANCES AND YOU LL LOVE OUR FURNITURE TOO FINE FURNITURE FLOOR COVERING VENETIAN BLINDS DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA HARBOLD S GARAGE Sales Cars Servlce Trucks KE. ROUTE A15 DILLSBURG There s a n your future' E , 1, , ' ! 0 81. SL I I I 109 L G BALFO R COMPAY nown wherever there are schools Class Rlngs Pms Commencement Invltatlons Dlplomas Club Ins1gn1a Medals and Trophles Personal Cards Represented by Mr W G Ross WORMLEYSBURG PENNSYLVANIA COM PLIMENTS OF MCKEESPORT PENNSYLVANIA 110 DILLSBURG MEAT MARKET WILLIAMS GRMVE PARK and SPEEDWAY REM 'firm OS., PRGPRIETORS P BEST WISHES 1955 Opening Jalopy Stock Car Races 4: - X -ff -. PAA ni .-n-. h ill I " EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT l I Y x, Compliments of LEER' 0NE- TOP SERVICE CENTER U. S. ROUTE 15 DILLSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA I cl-Alg UI' I Y 9 ll SPE CIALIZING Lubr1cat1on O11 Change General Repalrs Car Washlng Motor Tune ups Full 11ne of Smclau- Product of HARBOLDS Esso REST WHILE INN SERVICE sTA'rloN Fsso vlctl lll0l9 5 R F D Route 315 Dlllsburg Pennsylvama D111sburg Pennsylvama 'I12 E TER' Q Tlsxfxco Envlcla Dillsburg, R. D. 03, Pennsylvania N OUR SPECIALTY MINOR REPAIRS 'I GAS, OIL AND TIRES .52 Telephone Dillsburg, Pa. 6-R-5 HARRY E. num Famlly Monuments Authorlzed De alex' ME CHANICSBURG PENNSYLVANIA GET OUR ESTIMATE BUTLDINC' REMODELING BAKER and PRICE Re sIdentIa1 Custom Made Comrnerclal K1tchens I nf ff if wwf It WW Phone 3598 Green Street jf!! Harrisburg 6 3694 Harnsburg Pennsylvama Dlllsburg 3 3301 113 ll' nel I .. 'v 81 . V yi A4 Z ' 11, ' ' ' - ,f ' - 2 l - , 'Z KI TER and GIIIIVE, I C. "Your Progresswe Feed M1ll" "K and G Feeds" DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA Cornpl1rnents of Phone 370 7 DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA PECKS ESSO SERVICE CE TEII Gas O11 T1res General Repa1r1ng Sunbeam Electrlc Apphances Zemth Radlo and Telev1s1on Etc Phone 2591 Route 74 1 112 M1 N DILLSBURG PEINNSYLVANIA II4 W. E. FI ER and 0 Lumber - Paint - Hardware - Building Supplies 9 Comphments of WILEY BRO APPLIA CE 'PURE Phone 2856 - DILLSBURG gi! PENNSYLVANIA f l HEMPT BRO'l'HER Crushed Stone Sand Translt M1X8d Concrete Asphalt Pavmg Materlals Street and Drlveway Constructlon Excavatlon Dralnage Pavlng CAMP HILL PENNSYLVANIA EW and ED "Every Car on the road 1 a sed Car E Gochenauer Proprletor Phone 2098 DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA i l H5 Telephone CHarrisburgl 7-3411 MOX' CAR 'S U ll E. . ' I , J I Congratulations and Good Wishes To The Graduates May Graduation Be The Key That Unlocks The Doorway To Success J. H. REARICK and 0 DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA . . SPA GLER uv anna or annul. noun ROSSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA COCKl.lN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 2561 DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1955 The Home of Nationally Advertised Brands Paul A Lindon Proprietor DILLSBURG PENNSYLVANIA 116 Ll DY' ME' SHOP FLOHR GREENHQIU E P hone 3177 W F . AU1 West York D111sburg Pennsylvama HUMAKER ATL TIC ATLANTIC KEEPS YOUR CAR ON THE GO' Shurnaker IS Located on Route 515 Two Blocks from the Square 1n Dlllsburg I T1res Q' xi Car ACCESSOTISS Lubrlcatlon Car Wash Comphrnents of POTT MANUFACTURIG C0 DITMER' RE TAURANT "We serve w1th srmlmg courtesy" f4"""'i Servmg Only the Fmest Quahty Food We Can Obtam Route 15 it V D1115bur-g Pennsylvanla 117 9 - as N As JEEP '. lf gg,-5-TJ. rs, 'no' Q I - , L-1-' 1 a 99 ' ,, ' I O Compliments of A FRIEND Compllments of HARLACHER JEWELRY and GIFT SHOP Phone 30 3 1 Dlllsburg Pennsylvanla Cosmetlcs Perfumes Men's Tolletrles D1st1nct1Ve Statlonery Underwood Typewrlters Snorkel Pens Wh1tman's Chocolates D111 sbu rg Pennsylvanla RE TZ HARDWARE The Store Wlth Three Great Names Fr1g1da1re Maytag DuPont If It's Hardware We Have It Phone 3 79 6 Dlllsburg Pennsylvanla 118 KRALL' "On the Yellow Breeches" At Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania The Ideal Spot For REUNIONS DANCES DINNER PARTIES Allenberry Playhouse May through Oct IIII. BBG FABM PPLY I Dillsburg MCCORMICK 'I' NEW IDEA 'If PAPEC Farm Equipment Phone 3 1 82 Pennsylvania BILL B BG HOBBY and GIFT CE 'IBB Model Planes Cars Boats Trains H O 8: S Gauge Art Supplies Craft Materials Gifts ALWAYS A LARGE VAR IE TY OF FINE FLAVORS Berg: Hergilnng , 'I Bw, Heenixaelll AVAILABLE IN THE PINT OR HALF GALLON PACKAGES II9 LMT "-I"fI .y ,I ,..,. ,, DILLSRURG PRINTING co L J and P M KAMPEL and SON ASSRCIATED GRRCER YORK MACHINERY and SUPPLY COMPANY O "Pr1nt1ng That P1eases" ' ' nns lvania Ph 2627 I O I C Dillsburg Manuf urers of BOOTHS HAIRS Compliments of Featuring "LAND O'LAKES BUTTER" Compliments of 20-28 North Penn Street nns lvania SHENK and TITTLE Play More L1ve Longer lEveryth1ng for Sports? 313 Market Street Harrlsburg Pennsylvama Dlusburg Pei!-,qyliamjv E E Y B L Tl Phone 3236 S3 50 Two Years DAVID S FRY Edltor Servlng the northern part of York County and nearby sect1ons of C u IH b e rland and Adams Countles Anythlng prmted for your socxety Commerclal church farm auct1on our s p e c 1 a 1 t 1 e S ADVERTISING PRINTING HILL TOP FARM FRESH DRESSED POULTRY TURKEYS EGGS DUCKS GEESE C R Gembe Prop GUINEAS We w111 de11ver your order York Sprmgs R D 52 Pennsylvama PENN DAIRIE IC York Pennsylvanla CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 'M11l1ons of people eat Pensupreme Ice Cream Da1ly 121 :inns l n w I u ' 3 u u , 3 e a Q 3 a o s I I I . . n Q I a Compliments of DILLSBURG GRAIN St MILLING CO. Dillsburg Pennsylvania Compliments of SUNSHINE FEED STORE Phone 3671 Pennsylvania Compliments of SHAMBAUGH'S HARDWARE STORE Compliments of THE WILL FISHER ORCHESTRA Dillsbur g Pennsylvania D111 THE DILLSBURG AGENCY Douglas J Harter INSURANCE AND BONDING Phone 2 7 6 1 sburg Pennsylvania Congratulations Class of '55 NESBIT ELECTRIC Located at Nesbit Motel By Pass Rt 015 Compliments of A FRIEND WELLSVILLE AUTO and TRACTOR SERVICE General Repair Service Automobiles gl Farm Tractors fGas or Dieselj State Auto Inspection Auto Tune up Sun Master Testing Equipment S E Lemkelde Prop 22 on Q I I I 1 Compliments of Compliments of SPOERLEIN'S WOMEN'S 81 CHlLDREN'S SHOP HOLLINGER'S MEATS Bowmansdale Pennsylvanla Dlllsburg Pennsylvama JOHN LAURER JR Compllrnents Dealer In THE JOHN C LOWER CO INC General Merchandise Feed Coal 8L Produce Wholesale Grocers Wellsvllle Pennsylvan1a Gettysburg Pennsylvan1a Phone 3352 Free Dellvery W H SCHRIVER 81. CO Compllrnents of Agrlcultural Implements SHENANDOAH FLo RAL MANUFACTURING co Feftlllzef MeChaH1C sburg Pennsylvanla phone 3561 Dlllsburg Pennsylvama Comphments of MYERS OLDSMOBILE LEHMER'S GARAGE Sales SL Serv1ce Inc Flrestone TIPCS TJ-1b9S Telephone 8 7293 l Home and Auto Supp les 840 Market Street Phone 3832 Lemoyne Pennsylvarua Dlllgburg Pennsylvanla 123 - Dealers In SL J NORMAN E WEIGARD nsure e Secure Phone 72 R 2 D111sburg Pennsy1van1a SEIBE RT 'S FOOD STORE Dlllsburg Pennsylvama QRS Ur f gif-X Reasonable Prlces 4405 nga BUSHEY'S DAILY MARKET Grocerles Meats Llght Lunch Frozen Foods Gas O11 Etc Bowrnansdale Pennsylvanla Comphrnents of BRUCE FLEMING Owner 81 Operator of School Bus NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL D111 sburg Pennsylvanla Complnnents of G A MYERS Tree Surgery SL Landscaplng Compllrnents of I-IARRISBURG DAIRIES George Kn1S61y D1str1butor D111sburg Pennsylvanla BILLETT'S GROCERY Grocer1es and Luncheon Meats D1a1 367 1 S1ddonsburg Pennsylvama Comphments of RAKESTRAW'S DAIRY PRODUCTS Me rchanlc sburg Pennsylvaxua 124 s . HI - B H n o , Wa U + 0, X U 1 9 xg 5 1 5 . . 90 Q' mf, SQ If ' Q a ' ECKE LS ELECTRIC STORE Westinghouse Appliances Ironrite Ironers Phone Mech 4914 Bowrnansdale Pennsylvanla Compllrnents of HERSHEY'S 5 and 10 York Sprlngs Pennsylvanla Congratulations To The Graduates and Faculty JONES FOOD MARKET Phone 32 3 1 Dlllsburg Pe nn sylvama Comp11ments of J A WIERMAN D D S MILLER'S OLDSMOBILE OLDSMOBILE G M C TRUCKS Sales and Servlce Phone 1205 Mechanlcsburg Pennsylvania MCCLURE and WAGNER Meat Market 123 East Ma1n Street Compllrnents of MT VIEW POULTRY FARM SL HATCHERY Glenn Cromer Owner Dlllsburg Phone 3577 GRIMES 81 STUM Men's Boys' Clothmg Phone 32 12 Phone 2521 Me chamcsbu rg Pennsylvama Dlllsburg Pennsylvanla 125 o i 1 7 - 0 n 3 o a Q l nl l 1 u a Q Q JOHN SEXTON 81 CO Manufacturlng Wholesale Grocers P O Box 508 Ph11ade1ph1a 5 Pennsylvanla Congratulatlons to the 1955 Graduatlng Class GILLETTE SHOE STORE Nat1ona11y Advertlsed Brands for the Whole Famlly CASTLES LUMBER MILLWORK Bulldmg Supp11es D111sburg 3692 Carllsle 16 54 LONG BROTHERS We1lsv111e Pennsylvanla We Feature the Flnest ln Grocemes Flrestone Tlres and Auto ACCCSSOFISS Home Appllances Cornphrnents of CROMER MOTORS DODGE 81 PLYMOUTH Sales Servlce D111 sburg Penn sylvama Cornplunents of For See THEODORE LAUKEMANN Phone 3501 R F D 1 D111 sburg Penn sylvanla EASTERN STATES FARMERS EXCHANGE CHARLES B RIDER Repfesentatlve Home Dressed Meats D111sburg Pennsylvama CHARLES A GROVE Phone 3329 fRes D Phone 3272 fExchangeJ D111sburg Pennsylvama 12 Dillsburg Pennsylvania W - O E L R ' F S I . I ' ' . . . if - I Q 1 I 6 Compl1ments of DILLSBU RG THEATER Dlllsbur g Pennsylvanla KEEFER'S GROCERY "THE FRIENDLY STORE Grocer1es Meats Dry Goods Member of Assoclated Grocery Store Authorlzed Dealer of Phllco Apphances Phone 4422 Grantham Pennslyvarua DITZLE R'S FURNITURE STORE Electrlc Apphances L1v1ng Room Su1tes Bed Room Su1tes Lamps Desks Odd Cha1rs Telev1s1on Sales and Servlce Floor Covermgs of all k1nds Youngstown K1tchens Tappan Gas Ranges Bottled Gas and Serv1ce York Sprmgs Pennsylvama Comphments of CLEAR SPRINGS GARAGE AND MOTOR COURT Clear Sprmgs Pennsylvama Cornphments of GUY E BRANDT R D 32 Mechanlcsburg Pennsylvama R D MARKEL R D 02 Dlllsburg Plumbmg Spoutlng Heatlng Electr1cAppl1ances Roofmg Plumblng Flxtures O11 Burners Sales SL Servlce Andrews Paper House of York WA One of Pennsylvan1a's Largest D1StF1butOFS of Paper Products York Allentown Ph1lade1ph1a 127 mv. .g LTER, l 0. Mr and Mrs Bob R1chw1ne Country Slde Inn Dr and Mrs Henry Hoff and Fam1ly Mr and Mrs J Herbert Myers Paul O Donson Aden Hoffman Mrs Margaret Schrum Mr and Mrs Jack Cooper Dr and Mrs John Mlller Mr and Mrs Henry Strayer Martha L Ba1ley M D Mr and Mrs Alvln A Alwlne Mr and Mrs Chester Stauffer Mrs W1ll1arn H Barratt Lt Col and Mrs Charles Smlth Mrs E W Gladfelter Ruth Ade Beauty Shop Mr and Mrs John Yohe The Harvey Bentzes Mr and Mrs Marshall C Stevens Mr and Mrs W1ll1am Cromer M1ss Nancy Strayer Bob and Joyce 4Class of '55' 7 Mr and Mrs Scott D1ck Mr and Mrs Ph1l1p Hudson D1ck Spott's Gun Shop Bob Funk Ant1ques Logan's Stone House Mary Petermen F1Sh9F'S Muslc Shop Helen Slyder Mr and Mrs John March W W Welgle Mr and Mrs N B Hess Mr and Mrs A B Zerby G R Gladfelter M1ller's Turkey Farm Mrs G J P1tcher Donald Hoover Mr and Mrs Blame Lefever Hi Mary and Gene's Saltzman's Lunch Martln Trostle Mr and Mrs John Gross Mrs Helen Gross Cramer's Barber Shop Don Bolden Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs A Fr1end I' I' I' I' I' I' and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Lloyd Zmn Earl Robson George A Germeyer Harold Ellne Crawford Me1v1n Grove Ralph Lefever J E EuP1Ch E M Kllne and Gayle S W McCreary Dale Mlller Stough's Atlantlc Servlce Shlves Food Market Mlss Marlene Cook Chrlstlan Bender r r r r r r r r Jun r Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Prosser and Mrs and Mrs Rollo Lehman Jr Charles Gr1ff1n John Arnsberger Darm Shearer Charles L Fletcher Marv1n Brehrn George Slebert Arthur Constantme Jay Mumper and Susle Paul Eurlch Mlss L1l1e Wagoner I' I' I' I' I' I' Sylvan Myers and Mrs Wayne E Myers and Mrs Paul Mlllard and Mrs Bradley Flohr and Mrs George H6PIW1Ck Paul Wolfe Dr and Mrs Frederlck J W1ll1arn Jr 128 . . Dr. . . . . ' M. . - M. . . . ' . . M. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Charles C'hronister ' ' M. . , . . . " M. . ' M. . ' M. . . ' - M. . ' . . . . M. . . M. . . . M. 0 . . . . ' M. . M. . ' . . ' M. TO THE ADVERTISERS We slncerely thank you for your generous support W1thOut lt our 1955 PANORAMA would never have been posslble TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS Have you taken the opportumty to read the advertlsements carefully Everythmg you wlsh to buy can be found here 1n and around our com munlty Use this advert1s1ng sectlon as an 1ndex for buymg It W111 save you t1rne and money' 129 I - J gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS FAUO E Kansas Cnty w Nyfll Publlxhers fovev Mnnuiuclurers BookB4nde1s RY HUM OFFICE .11 Q. A rx' n-up , Q n Q I I i I ,,,. f, QQ.. Aw., ,. , ,xt -vw ...,.. M ,.x-L.:-1: H... VM1 , .' ff 51.1, A buf-:raswnn-V.: 5 1.,,,,,W.m z.. . ...ww , , ..Q's4wQaxae Q-. spam ng, M... y .. wt , . .4 ,, mv., W. . f , fm, f..,... - V ,.-4-Q AM, A ., ,-W, ,.,, , ,. . , M 5, . - ,, , Nm A .mx .mf ,. . , ,Q .ner Q ., Qs,-an-..x 1. .- am :fm Lf '- - x wa, K ' ., A ' , . Q 4 rf- f - .1 r K . .. 4 V . ,N .. . smmun-M ww 'Ms ?ua-.'- mm -,-Q-ff mm . e I ZSl!'f-'17 QQ. 2 54 'e X -MH -.... ,.. H, A N, , ,A Q ,w . . ., , .M .N Q ,vu . -1-wma f-, V.- ,4 1 uv., , W ' wa Y Q. my .A ff ..... W .x U 1 . ,, N. uw 9 f' -' W www- ,. ...W -ua. ., , -,xl-5 au. . ,. . ,, dw. ,i . fp, . .. U, Q., .., by ,...W.W ., . ,M W, V - . M.. , .W , L., . ,.,. .. ,W , . . . ,Mm mv. WW. Q .W...,,,,,,.. ., hw.. , .,.......M f ,A MSB .- WNW' 'whiff-vi .1 .,.,..4 X. ,, -m,......,, -.W . yw.. ,, .W ., ,.. ..,., .,,Vw . , . .., www mv 4.6-Q , 5.41, , ,,,. ,, , .....M. ,mM.... , ., W., .. W , .. .M . .. M .,..-W 4' - wvyw.. .A 'iw' .-J M. .N ,. .,. ....... ,, . . W--...,A,.,. 4... ,. A .,.,1..N M.,..,.,.,., .. . , .,.,,,, - .- . L., . 1,-J.,....i.....-..-W. MM, ,.--we L., --Q ,..-M-.m-ev -.nsavfn ,. V. V .,.,..... . Z ,....W,A ...Q .,. ,.., nu V . . .1 p4tv'lllv,-a 4 , , .. . ,, .N V . A.,x. .K ,,H,,,...X .M ., . K, . K. W, W.. N., . . , M, Y. , , 4..,..,4,.., M., .. W .,-J.... , . , h , -,.,,,.,, W., ,. X . ,- Mm., , ,...,. MQ, ,W , , f I .,,.....,,, W-. f A .Jw ,-. A .,.. W, ., ,,X. . .W .. , .,. W. U ,,.,,,. 4 H... -. .. ,mf ., , xx "fb- .M . .M .M b.w af. fc as Q Q um,

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