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g f . 'v fi . A ii ,ff . N ' QJJML Z by V yy? . jg? TEST WL"'fZi7'Q Ji W wif if fy' ZQW 3 if , if K Lf Vgggffab my W! If M 622355: 'a?7 W y:2,sf'gM, if 1 5?- ,fQfvf,E.,Qf !U , QfkjJ Qxiebqfe fWW0fZ'22 wf,ivf5yf'1Qg? ik, ' Ei: W dai www wiwfiff 0 0 W f' N5 wfzffff 7 ,J iffy ww" mf M4j,, I jJ,f'wf!,l-jiffp , + ,M If VJMMP Ulla if , Q. 'fb W dj WWW Mfiffjfffff ffff?f,ff W jyaanepf, up x, j,fPr'sf!v- j fvjx , J QQ ,W W., 2 ww W ,f f fi Wifi W-:Sf F M 1Wiw72b U' wir ffxw 1 'iff Y, 4 WWW? 55 f I W,fW wWW My W iss X 5?5WCZ2jffyQMQ3XQgB, X ,QQ W QW X x we 'iii if by xF'6J ? f:.g Oggiig gf ' ., XN X 'YC' DC W Qfw wx WZ K, 35 Q75 '. ff My W'iy flffgboiygjf f?GW4fMH'21'l'Qgfg M21 W ,QMQEW Q M155 VW M . N Q A .g.lug.,...lQhiiA.iaii-:'aN - . ,, , I Q '- A V . "- -LM-ik 'AM ' 7' ,ri b -- -. QW jfgiif iw! z2ZE,LVQ,d0V""-051.40 My of Xnyyw alex, WW Ninja, W Tj N WW, lMfWMimz7 'Wk iff' i7f PULL bww Inq rgfftwfff' 5213 ZZQZM Zig ffl' M5490 ' M Niiip .,. A ., , A, .. 4 . ,... . , M '- I 0 1, A X . .I ,y A ' A ' 'U f 309 ly! ,, yi! lt, A I ' N X . Ng ' v f . ' Jf 9 K A ,J J 5 3 s wvqlv 4 A .. g l 5 ' 1 ' I ,6V?f'f0 4, s ja ,, I M l .A VJ? M L Um UMW yW ww Jw M ?ff f f MwW F4 ll M N1 l . x X A 1 X, ' . ,Ui "ly LD! W I Ara? V I X"-J ' U! 'fx no I .iv S 1 Mr tb .X I N, l IL, , Lf ,M l XJ' MJTHE QRUSCCPE rlffff 1 . I , 2 -y -46 -J' Aj. X My A fl - ff ' r ! 1 Z-L 1, ,fx 1 jf pf,-1 I, 1' Qrllnbv ul JJ -Jw I . t ' " - ,W " 'L' ' Ya, N, J' fix, ' 'f if lvzvfjlx-if fir fp? , -'VU i" lwmvfujw IPA' 10 s .D X4 r VJ . V ' A-.Ly Q iff-M 4 f,f J I ' f f f f ' l96O ff' 7 , W J fr fl f l,fff5l5f'f ff rf' If ffl? , J,,jf , I, f A rf' I 5 5 . 1 1 r w E0 ,Wu r K4 Nil l! NNANX Xia Q ' -' x J if xi' xf T E 33 Tx N3 SXWN 1+ , A ix l l N K l il LXLAX va, fl 4 1 3 U T 3, fi .Al .z' R. 1 lf l i N1 X lx , fr V ll , A - X M' N E in il N + l I fl' 1 vi T!! ET 'ix l-. - l 'D 'fi X. M r. J iw V w .3 x. IX X Wx my il ' f K QXQ7 kr L? HQ P fl lf 0 l K if ff -- ka l l- E 2 1' If lib M, if if C. ,Lf il Eff l, fr 'Q g 1, Si u V lf VIVI bf!! K' 1, M 1- V 5" 4 1,-. "7 . J- 5' Z lil QD Elf . 5? r V S0 N 5 ff: x KE'-"T.' A I' gf: LLC- Y" if ' 5, - - l", l' A K I 2 Northern Highk School published annually by rlre yearbook staff Flint, Michigan Volume XXXII Ui ,-,J 1 ,. . l x. e ication of ith t V With gentle firmness d sound advice, Miss Gretch- en Walz, as a counselor and teacher, has helped to mold many Vikings lives. As a counselor, she is always willing to listen to students' aspirations and then assist them to fulfill their dreams. As a teacher, she plays an active and important role in the mathematics department. Be- cause she is a fine example of a loyal Viking, she may be found cheering and assisting the students at many Viking activities. Because of her untiring efforts in trying to make Vikings better students and citizens, we dedicate the 1960 Noroxs pew? Mi Gretcheyr Walz. 1 DX lf if L 4 lol. t 1 I . ll if I f 1 l fi jgyydjffj Jgwf U 5 'ggi Jfjjfg I X BMW, -ij I JV, wed? 35.5 tj! A QQWW M t if , S i it f fl to if X U Y .v',5Q3?j,-Q Q H I I in fl Will! Ybv JJ' Mft' if 4- W N' 'lumix' uvllix W of W if .X f ,- tl I lv It lil I l His willingness to assist a student with a problem is the most outstanding characteristic of Mr. Herman Steele. In his thirty-two years at Northern,'he has served not only as a counselor and a history and economics teacher but also as an active leader of the job placement pro- gram. Through this special program, he has helped many Vikings obtain iobs throughout the city. He is also very interested in Northern activities, especially since he has a son and daughter graduating this year. With sincere appreciation to a fine teacher and advisor, is this 1960 Noroscope dedicated to Mr. Herman Steele. 2 Q9 ' ,WWC W M! M EWKSWFPWM f p MWQLJ M o g heyh ff pay JJ Wth thelastth ytwo yea h Vk g ho e cledo many " x Ityt Th td th e 1 I X Vkg yblfth ptfth yg fth my 19591 1960 Th 0 p h f h am f Nj Mg, y The 1 QF choo p k g Io yone to Kp KX U M beco the g trcdto that Not e Q! 35 A w I th I 9 L W Q? 'SQ if Il fh xg y 1 f 1, f ff? QW ,W MW Wy Qfifllffgw ff' M W K fp VM Wofifx Y' able of Contents uf wg ge 'I g 2 g 3 g 4 g 22 ge 50 age 78 ge 100 age 'I'l8 T Wwe f I " M x ll' t "ii f, QC for L7 QWQXQ ' Mp X -- I. 5 ff if f 'T' T ft xi" V! f F 9 f 'll . ' f . ct fit! no I , r --.H - y, 'I f A , .iff f iw' . 1 , , . Q. I! q V I O ffw 5 I IE .HRD W A f' , 5 , V ' if-'ll 'Vi ,fL" fi--" l , " MN X N fl 7 5 N K' 'M My fi' - gl 4 fl-' ' gf f 1 .4 , 1 . L J l N I l' y 'J rj bf 1l..' A .l ,1 fl ll 1' .T Lf"-f 7 U, if bfi Q fx Lf' M, cific, Ifllf 5 ,M XJ 1 y I J " - 'Pl W' ' V i l Stl NL MW if s if lil W' if nf f f Wi H duh L L' , - 1 f - i 3 I c-lx I I :-X -'V by T V lay if li-f X 4, ,T 'll X .11 UL t V., Il X1 i' ,VT 1' R fl 5 v " Nm Af Val N Hg by Wqayg iii f I i tif f " ' Q1 - f "J ,, ,i ll , I J fix? Y HPV My fi 'ff t ll! A k 'V V U, T, f f f Tl KAN Q' joiftlik xklxkjl ,, W MQ n l f ' HQ Vu- rf 'iq i Url' T T if if V Mx ' 9 l-'li' T s 'Hx I .. , W we , 'Q 7,7190 k X lx 17 7 JJ F ,Zh Qigong fs 2-Zfwff 1' Jaw, I U7 fa, f MW? UQ fwigwff if Activities k 9+ dn lr l A4445 ' I df Ti 'M 1 Nj, ,Mx fgfffhfdlhff Ufllflff il ,Nuo N ' C The Northern Vikings sail f'r?ri"dne ada 7 0115 tivity into another as the year' l whirls by. 1,--.51 Our wide sea of activities inclucllts the Journalism Banquet Cat rightj, the Thanks- " giving Pep Assembly, the Junior Prom, Teen Club, Hom alming, and many others. The s ig of Vlllings long ago is present in ou iviti lat Northern today. 'J N Th se och ties ha furnished pleasant 1 . 5 me ries Q h we ill cherish for years to Q' 'J co' e. f 7 Nt I 'X , XA, JJ 5 'X fy nit-ll rm -U N N , X , . it, J' LV X u Xp-1 XV 'A .tix-' N' ll f' kj Q 1 T' I' if ii JJ , L' V 'X Xl T i mdk? Ply' 'X if PI x T Y T ,ltf . V 'JS 'ff Il X Li Q N TJ L, J , f , l T , J' 'tt IX if 'ill J' lf? ., X Q' Q 1, , -v ggi F ll! :EL tv. A i N. In get fl Ll ilk: ll 'J' Qi Ng, n VSQSAR so U-W Y' VFD Cx mm, frzffwfb fn LATE KLVUNJ C5 fm M255 -I-7 k,,,L,, g2,Q'1'WL6 Guvjbib Q-I 'C' E . A 1 Ex . NV -, X 5'-' X ii., x W .. K , M... EN., S-.1 it 'Rt - xw al f k X I I C , , 1 ,I X ' 1 M y is ,sWf,,lfWafi, f U li! iffy il Classes begin agai .lylf "Here's 227," says Craig Koepke. "Now where's 2l2," ask Michele Goldstein and Bob Draip. 'yf ,wi , , L' l 2 Mary Heddon watches, as Josie Hall receives assistance from Sandee Harrold with her locker combination. S S "Back to the old grind," Gary Lindsey and Bruce Gonyea seem to be saying, as they carry books upstairs to their class. 6 Eckard Gollan, Kathy Martin, and Gary Lindsey compare their schedules . M, bla E-U, Ullnqlif YI X ' M fU And so do activities . . . i Mm Sf 'rm was . H J ex-a1lwwfM4PvM'7' X L K ' Our foreign students, Else Anderson from Sweden, and Interested Vikings eagerly pour over the first North Wind of Helgfl Gl 071 of Germany, compare their former schools with the year. Northern. 'iiK"iSW!Q The school echoed during the lunch hours before each game and pep assembly with the cheers from the students , 7 X X., College and Career Day is a day eagerly anticipated by the students here at Northern. On that special day each year, they are able to choose their classes for the day, accord- ing to their interests. Classes are attended throughout the day by the juniors and seniors at Northern. Among them were teaching, business administration, cosmetology and many others. There were rep- College and resentatives from various colleges to talk with the students and from the Armed Forces to outline their program for men of the future. A carnival, consisting of booths explaining various types of occupations available to young people in Flint, was held at Ballenger Field House for the sophomores. 1 SUCH 8 Ns' I?- V3 tim vlan... Refreaiion 1. Wuui ka Career Day 9' 'T :n1v Xixg! 3,-h U , 9 Democracy at Northern , ' .X ..... - 'vu an L I f I in , , 4 u J 5 M! 4 if , 1 ,. -'4f -...' ' , 1 .4 hd-v -1 - 'N-J - -..'.c J xx F 0 R ' KSKW' n K ' " flg .greg if no y Hanging a banner in a campaign for Mickey Schulmeister are Linda Smith, Dick Johnson, Mervin Goldstein and Mary Heddon. O O O Voting Voting is an important activity in the lite of a Viking. One day is set aside so that students may elect their otticers to represent them in the com- ing year. Each candidate receives a petition to be signed by his classmates. When the petition has 50 signatures the campaigning begins. Many un- usual banners, posters, and name tags appear everywhere. On the morning of election day cam- paign assemblies are held where each candidate presents his speech to his class. During the lunch hours and after school votes are cast. Results are announced the next day. This is the way in which Northern students exercise their right to vote. l l , Karen Perdue signs Mike Hansen's petition for Sophomore Class president as Richard Newton looks on. Janet Maynard is presenting her Carol Long and Kathie Lanckton receive their ballots from campaign speech to the Senior Class. Nancy Lee and Bonnie Donell 10 Our First Homecoming Northern's first Homecoming sponsored by the student council was November 6. The Sophomore and Junior Class each picked two candidates and the Seniors picked three. Then from the three Seniors the whole school voted to elect the queen, Janice Knapp. Janice with her father as escort is pictured at left being crowned by Barry Mitchell. She was crowned during half-time at the Northern-Arthur Hill football game. The court was seated during the game on a platform decorated with red and gray streamers. They all marched down tothe 50-yard line, escorted by their fathers, forthe crowning after which the band played our Alma Mater. Janice and her court reigned at a dance after the game. The girls were dressed in pastel skirts and sweaters and wore red rose corsages. Members of the court are pictured at the bottom: ftop rowl Linda Toole, Kathie Lanckton, Janice Knapp, Jo Ann Ries, and Mary Heddong lbottom rowj Diana Peters and Carole Cooper. C7 'Is..J Mem -. S sfffl uf Cb 6 Q O O fx I 'UN gg T . ip yr r . 'et' s s' f. TW X-ss rg. . t 1 A xs-of 11 Scarlet and Gray, Fight! .... Assembl Shakers Cheering i Pep Team Sharon Gushen is purchasing a shaker from Carolyn Robbins and Diane Shaw while an eager crowd of Vikings await their turn. The red and gray shakers were made and sold by our Journalism Department. If im : 3 'S srl 12 f li Els ,S 1 M251 '- ZS-' 'J H WEL f++Y.,, K h Al M 1 I d b Mr. Bumgarner. Student body, choir, team, cheerleaders, and speakers ioined toget er to sing our ma a er, e y . f Biff f r. Dale Chri Speakers at the assembly were M MacDonald, Al Miller, Gene Csapo, Mr. Sem Pin are the seniors of our i959 football team. .4 stenson, Mickey Holaly, Tom Riutta, Ken Paul, Barry Mitchell, Mr. Andy ta, Mr. Guy Houston, Tom Pyper, and Colleen Lindsey. The players standing 13 Cheerleaders mean pep . . . .X-xxxx How many times have you heard cheers echo from the gym after sixth hour? These voices that you hear are Northern's cheerleaders. Many hours are spent working on new cheers and coordination in order to represent our school. Out of approximately T00 girls, the seven Junior Varsity cheerlead- ers were picked by Miss Powers, Mrs. Dennis and the Varsity cheer- leaders on the basis of marks, spirit, appearance, and ability. The new Junior Varsity squad made its first appearance at the Northern-South- western basketball game. The cheerleaders end the year by having a cheerleaders' banquet where they are presented letters for their outstanding abilities in lead- ing our school in cheering. J Q- 'ii ,f',fi .,,- 2 , .- F V l s 4 Q Jig b. gy ' ""' at ' M X 1156 The Varsity Cheerleaders are: ftop rowl Kay Jines, Janice The JUf1l0f VUFSHY Cheefleudefs Ure! lf0P YOWJ 5'-Je Cflmpbe Knapp, Jeaneffe Reed, Judy Hopkins, and Kathie Lqncktonj and Janice Davison, lmiddle rowJ Belinda Darby and Carol cboffom ,-owl Dawn MCD4-mold, Louise Hugocki and Cqfhy Stevens, fbottom rowl Marty Pierce, April Newby and Kathy Manley, Martin. 14 Act Your Best- Look Your Best ' ' 0 Linda Warner and Sheryl Yonan approve of LOU Ann Thomcs0n's new hcirdo. Looking their best ure: Terry McCullough, Ed Ambrose, Mike Hansen and Greg Gilman. 'i ,...- Tom Macksood praises Penny Frcnk's Joyce Solsman and Lorna Smith pay boshtul Ben Andrus a compliment, while JoAnn new Outfit- Ries admires Ron Miarka's sweater. 15 ,ANN ' io. 0 X also 'X-3 , if 1?-W I' Working on decorations these active iuniors are hoping to make the bandstand a scene of a night in tropical Hawaii. They are Judy Krason, Alice Lattie, Mickey Schulmeister and Mervin Goldstein. Twilight at Waikiki . . . Making an island in the middle of the dance floor proved to be great fun. Helping to make it look like an island in Hawaii are Priscilla Prudence, Diane Shaw, and Royanne McNew. The lei, a tradition of welcoming in Hawaii, was adapted to our prom to add a special note of cordiality. Laid out to form a lei shop they blended in perfect harmony. After the crowning of the king and queen each couple was ballots for king and queen are Gary View, Donna Stikeleather, given a lei. Putting the leis around their necks, and singing Connie Moll, Eddie Ambrose, Dave Purdy, and Linda Schryer. 16 Our Junior Prom . . . X 7.115 S ' f"i2:rZ4 .ii t ij . , Q, Y i Barb Hetchler and Jerry Horcha Nancy Hynd and Carl Harris Karen BOI'ld Gnd T0m l"lll9em'l0l'f li 1 - if-t . N. W R Hawaiian punch and pineapple chunks gave an hawaiian taste to the refreshments. The table decked with a white fluffed skirt and topped with a lovely center piece, was much admired that night. Talking over the prom are Alice Lattie, Gary Davey Bill Wilson, Mike Whalen, Susan Wesighan, Judy Leiter, and Mervin Goldstein. Serving the refreshments are Linda Prause, Janet Littell, Beverly McCombs. 17 Y 2' 4 J is The orth Wind Staff The North Wind Staff is composed of many different committees who are busily working to- gether each day of the week, compiling news of the many activities and events that are con- stantly taking place here at Northern through- out the year. The Vikings greatly look forward to each month's publication, finding its infor- mation enioyable and of lasting interest Joyce Eleades, assistant editor, Sharon Newby, editor, Marie Malenich, assistant editor, are laying the paper out ready to go to press. Christine Tollman, Linda Burnham, and Sally Bolanowski, the feature Jane VandenBelt and Dora Johnson are the news edi- writers, are making out the sales slips. tors, conferring with Sandy Shafer on an assignment. E7 The elditorial writer for The North Wind are Penny Franks, Pat Haviland, and The Sports edifors Mike McDougall, and Paul prlsclllo Prudence' Johnson write stories ofthe current sports. N -QW? ' -is .ts The circulation staff is in charge of exchanges with other school papers, Miss Dillgnl our Qdyisgrl is helping fhe HWY We CWD' Benneff, Divne R0ml0W, MYYU 5fePl"enS-From fheif UPPBUYUVICS typists, Pat McKinsey and Sandra Cranston if ml-'Sf be Pleasant work. in getting the copy for the North Wind typed. 18 -Fw. The oroscope Staff Checking copy, arranging pictures, writing cut-lines, stories, and planning pages are but a few of the many iobs taken on by the staff of the 1960 yearbook. These students find it a great challenge and wonderful opportunity for training. The yearbook gives the Vikings a last- ing memory of the many enioyable moments to look back on in later years. Della Hansel, assistant editor, Colleen Lindsey, editor, Nancy Lee, assistant editor, and Luan Channels, copy editor, are checking money, S' 8 pn- Lindo Smith, copy editor, is reading copy for Linda Hill Undergrad Section is prepared by Joan Kiszka, Diane Shaw and Marsha Laing who are in charge of the Activity Section. and Doris Monroe, 1 x. sc Er, . 41. .ex Q ",,4c' S '-,-11531 'if" 1 , Sli M S M A l U I --M ' -- Organizations Section, is, Carolyn Rob ' The Faculty Section gets pictures of every teacher This iob falls to Jo Ann Ries, bins, Donna Stikeleather Linda Marshall. Mary Ann McGaffigan, Lorna Smith, Beverly Morey and Joyce Solsman. Q Q g r-- tt :sf-is .... cy The Senior Section which consists of Karen Ketchum, Barbara Keeping up with our Vikings on the Fields and courts Pomeroy, Pat Cherveny and Judy Niec, is working on the grad- and tracks is the iab of the Sports Department, which con- uation pictures. sists of Ben Andrus, Larry Baldwin and Ron Miarka. 19 Fun, enjoyment and relaxation . . . V Q Mr. William Yambrick, Community School Direc- tor, is our sponsor for Teen Club. Without him it would not be as enjoyable an evening. He is always ready to help out. You can be sure if you goto him with a problem that he will do his best to help you Dancing to records is an enioyable past time at Teen Club. solve if' A cool refreshing night is being spent in the pool by Manley DeShong, Bill Pribble, Rodney Eaton, Bob Pribble, Marv Rettenmund, Dick Shedd and Jim Riutta. Enioying a game of basketball are Marv Rettenmund, Terry Rose, - Francis Burton, Ken Mcclellon and An informal talk with Frank takes place between Margaret Percy, Jackie Jones, Willie Dewey Nixon. Moody and Kathy MacDonald. Wednesday is a busy evening in the Wildanger Field House, for this is the night Teen Club meets. It is spon- sored by the Mott Foundation and is under the direction of Mr. William Yambrick. While we are there, we play basketball, ping-pong, swim or dance. During one of our meetings this year, we elected an advisory council. It consists of two sophomores CDiana Peters, Johnny Seccol, one junior Uim Riuttal, and one senior fBob Piotraczkl. The officers remained from last year, who are Ameen Howrani, president, Dawn McDon- ald, vice president, Cathy Manley, secretary, ancl Janice Knapp, treasurer. At eight o'cloclc all the members ioin with each other in the gym to take care of the club's business. I JJ ' ,- f ul f 13 fill!! N ,Q ,Q lil, it ,Jil W 'Lil' lj K ff ill ,lt fjl if , ,. W VW ,uf I r I M X tj 1 t V VIL VAL V91 , V .V',, f 7 f AV V , X fi , el .al 1 xi i .fvh y f' ty, Z K , rf ltr fV I 'fi ff! V ' Wi f if y ff X' I' ff r s if' t ga- t I t Q! fill ,f ' f.Q-3V1ffA 1 VVV wif VV' ' VVV 'QQ, V I XV r, 1 V A , g Vvt -1 HV: 2? LV 61 VO wil r Lf l I I W ff, 'f-h if i If V, VVVV,f't yolydk V 2 V V,. , a Ur VW Lf ,pf ff Q7 NW ffl, 'I qt fl ' 'l fl. ,u Vf y, s ff f ' i, tif f A X OJ, X ' lL y JA, Kit' VD' imp' NL V, WV V1 V J L 1 BVJVIAN lj irq, ri V VVV V VV Zvi, ly, l elf it ,P it r ,li V JV V , i . V J Faculty members have many outstanding characteristics which, like the keel ofthe Vik- ing ship, support the educational system at UA" ' 1 Northern. Being understanding, co-opera- tive, and willing to help give them the re- spect of all students. They are developing a path which we will follow in the future and giving us a background of remarkable qual- ity. We greatly appreciate the men and women who have given us their patience and learning. r. I - y , 1 .1 2 LJD6 M' , L , X 1 ,gg 5 lfzzbcz ,77 fV'Lf -1 ' . L 11-fly-dk: HC '77 KL? of' V. I Z QLKZQKEPK-Y Qjjd, '-' J fy LQ Y Cid July LA Y I 17Ccf fl, Ek M fkg,1L If , J CL'-Q KLFQS LL! f YZEQ . ' g k 3 fc I ,- My M y fry r ,1 xx I X 1 x '41 jf- Q24 7 y X A xy L 1 X r in I 1 r ' f X.- L 4-by -X 11 Cur Assistant Principal Mr. Donald Bentley, our assistant princi- pal, is a man who gives help to the students and participates in the activities as well. He has a reputation of willingness to co-oper- ate. We appreciate his kindly advice and capable leadership through life, in school and out. Our Principal Mr. Guy Houston, our principal, is a man who has great devotion and concern for Northern High School and the student body as well. Through the years he has been looked to for guidance and leadership. He is as sturdy as the Viking ship and can be depended on always. u fr ff ' t, is 35 if 9s x 425335 W- animporturn , W mvssngofovl'-Q-U! it Y Q3 Q 24 tt., c Qur Dean of Girls To most Northern students, Miss Frances Lyon is not only known as cz Dean of Wom- en, but better as a friend and counselor. She tries to help each girl bridge the gap from adolescence to young womanhood. Her warmth and friendliness make her one ofthe outstanding women at Northern. . VF L , ry' . i A, c U 2 E A 1 r s'?Zf.T0 , i i 'Hu-lb'-xv XXX."-I, :H N . ...Mi il Our Dean of Boys Mr. Stanley Zero, our Dean of Boys, has many qualities that are necessary in hand- ling the boys at Northern. His fairness and generosity, together with that of teachers and instructors, shape the minds that will guide the future of our nation. We have great respect and esteem tor a man who has given us guidance, leadership and help. Have brush, will paint Art Art, one of the earliest cultures of man, is a highly developed and worthwhile course at Northern. Difterent phases of Art education are offered here. Teaching stu- dents to express and appreciate the beauty found in the world about us, is the main obiective of this class. Unless art is included in the school curriculum, a student may never learn to understand the beauty in his surround- ing life. ln preparing ourselves today, for the future, Art has an increasing importance in developing the creative mind. Besides what you receive in intangible knowledge such as appreciation, you also learn to develop your talents as much as possible. O O Q ls., The Art Department designs all the hall banners and show cards around Northern. Miss Lucy Dillon's room had the holiday spirit with the Santa Claus picture drawn by Ronald Gruener and Fred Gebstadt. The holiday spirit also prevails in the posters. Carol Long paints the happy holidays on one as John Gillian W0l'kS OH Url oil portrait. Mr. James Walker helps Jerome Moore while Douglas Altheimer, Ruby Johnson and Betty Coleman work On their individual paintings. 26 iff' Maxx' q,,,.4f"L MM! ,,.,fff'x'f .V .Mwf 'Ml ff- 1 In tv V, , MK, lf . f --J' fp' ,JA If My f .MLA ' Business in the world about us . . . Budness Educauon i Business Education at Northern means the classes of typ- ing, shorthand, commercial arithmetic, calculating, law, sales and office practice. Any of these classes give the student a fundamental education useful in many vocations in the world about us, such as banking, accounting and bookkeeping, secre- tarial and clerical work. A special typing class is offered. It is available to college preparatory students, teaching them the fundamentals of typ- ing necesary for their own use. The course of sales enables students to participate in the co-operative program. Through this, students are able to attend school one-half a day and work the remaining hours. The faculty informs students of opportunities in their re- spective fields and interests. Using checkbooks is very important in our everyday life. Here Mr. Fred Tucker shows lona Halifield and Juanita Haralson a checkbook as Janet Johnson and Barbara Lampshire look on in the background. 5 Q ,AQ Carol long and Solomon Jones fin the backgroundi, Carol Suski, Ken Lotz, Terry Rose frow threei, Terry Kollar, Barbara Pomeroy, Gary Robinson frow twoi and Karen Lehr, Norman Hatter and Marcia Cogswell lfront rowi prepare for Miss Margaret Eggers' speed test. 27 1' ,, X., it ,fi J ff ,vi ,sn .,,,fregqtg.esMMm ., KV' Miss Helen Rankin, shorthand instructor, shows Janet Mr. James Polites, lmokkeeping teacher, checks his 055590 Fischer how to transcribe shorthand into typing. ments as Betty Blauvelt is busy using the adding machine. 'Q ln the co-op class, the students learn to operate various business machines. Here, Mrs. Helen Steele shows Pauline Andrews, Karen Turner and Shirley Etherly how to operate the ditto machine as Lois Lawrence uses the tabulcitor typewriter. 28 if N.,- .-...X 5 M,-5, Dofofhy Bacon, fyping feqcher, explains how to Linda Schryer and Maxine Stocker listen as Mr. Stewart change the ribbon in a typewriter to Lou Ellen Young. MGSOVH bookkeeping l90Cl"ef1 9XPlUin5 'WOW To Use U Work sheet- Mr. Ted Fisher, sales teacher, smiles his approval at the Christmas display which Carol Bachman, Leroy Miller, Joyce Bryan and Karen Goll have prepared from articles which teach them how to make displays for store windows. 29 L'-, 'x "S f. Q V.- Learning our own language 'K tu lynn, , MUS QAESAR SK iT tl.- w ll Nllf X" English The study ofthe English language brings about a better understanding of people, for it is the basis of all our studies and of everyhing we do. Through the study of this lan- guage we learn to communicate with others by speaking correctly. We also learn how to express our feelings and our thoughts elTectively in the writing of themes and other original work. ln English classes, we learn of other people by reading novels. We learn to understand these people, their moods and their problems. This knowledge of others will be of great importance to us throughout our liveS. After reading about Julius Caesar in English class, Margaret Raby, William Chilcutt and Mrs. Glenora Andresen, admire a bulletin board on their subiect. Anna Howard, Randy Gibson, Gus Talbert and Sylvia Cox are anxious upon getting their papers back from Mr. Paul Mazza. The expressions on their faces indicate that they are pleased with their grades. 30 Rl VIE Mrs. Elizabeth Hurst and David Bernstein use the card cata- Mr. Dale Christiansen explains a passage from the English Iouge as Sall.y Irving and Linda Marshall work on reports. book to Sue Nielson as Nila Tosto concentrates on reading. 3 43 'bl Mrs. Magdalene Rhodes glances at the camera as Betty Dean, Dick Brewer, Hershal Pritchard, and Roger Dunn, Senior English students, busily correct the themes of fellow students. Doing this not only provides the students with experience in correcting papers, but also helps them to realize some of the mistakes made frequently in every- day English. 31 Mary Fras, Linda Barber, Ken Elder, Jim Curtis and Charles Ballard begin to discuss a topic of inieresf in Mrs. Marilyn Sfeele's English class. Mrs. Steele also takes part in the discussion. WV ,,........-1 """""'1lhnnnn-1 -fl , X, . , f , ,, A...-N W .. .W 3. 6 . sy. . egg ,mmm L ' K ggi N' rm. g, 3 N 1 E' 5, f ,gr vhs Q W 4 .,..v..s,.,. 'i. A - K KY f swf Q- x re . iii- - s f jj M., lc' 'W or . Ngxx' Ou librarians, Miss Eloise Wellock and Mrs. Elecfa Rudy Terrell and Zollie Turner look on with interest, as Huss, check the index to see that everything is in order. Mr. Russell Ward explains the layout ofa magazine. 32 f Miss Morycatherine McCarty of the radio speech department, shows Delores Skalicko how to operate the tape recorder as they prepare to tope a program given by Dave McCarius and Sully Irving. We Express Ourselves ...... f 4, VV Ex. r I xg h l .1 I . ' . s Mr- Thomas HeI'I'0I'1, CGYOI MCWeThy and Marilyn Clark Mr. Richard Heifzner, Larry Richards, Dick Perry, Harlan look over the results of the ticket sale for the senior play. McGhan and Barry Mitchell look over debate 'TN'-'fefl0l 1 33 Cur future homemakers . . . Homemaking The homemaking department is made up of food and clothing classes. The girls who take food classes learn more than iust how to prepare healthful and attractive meals. They also learn how to set up a budget and how to use it. Child care is another important phase of this class. Family living and how to deal with the problems which will arise in their own homes are also covered. Through clothing classes the girls not only learn the correct method of sewing and fitting clothes, but also how to buy, repair, and clean different fabrics. In taking these classes, the girls are developing their talents which will help them become successful homemakers. Hems have gone up this year. Gayle Williams is measuring Karen Miller's skirt to get the exact length. Mrs. Lura Brewer watches and is ready to give help if needed. Ai KL- ,stiff lt's time to eat! -the best part of the foods class. Miss Lois Van Ness puts the salad on the table while Ophelia Wright, Doris Marks, Josephine Naso, Kathy Hicks, Juanita McAdory and Sharon Gillam get ready to eat. 34 We develop technical skills, . . Industrial Arts Mr. Gene Riccelli is demonstrating to Frank Glover and Dennis Chisholm the use of a new shaper in machine shop class. One of the most complete courses at Northern is Industrial Arts. The classes develop basic skills and knowledge the students will need in industry. The course consists of classes in auto shop, wood shop and machine shop. ln these classes the work -is specialized in one field. ln general shop the work com- bines all the classes. There is also drafting, shop math, architectural and machine drawing. K Mr. James Creamer and Charles Azelton are discussing a Mr. Marshall Mossman is explaining to Dave Mungall correction that has to be made on an architectural drawing. another use of the drattsman's protractor. 35 I . 'wil x uw. 'UF' Mi N,-.. , Mr. Anthony Rasmovich is demonstrating the use of the circular saw to Willie Cox, James Blair, Raymond Hefflandell Harold Anderson, James Stevens and Jerome Moore. Besides being a teacher in general shop, Mr. Auto repair seems not only int MGC Valleau has charge of the equipment. Here he and Charles Walker check out to Carl Harris. the oil leak in the can 36 Here Mr. Edward Jones and Mr. fs, eresting to the boys, but also to their teachers as v Charles Zeilinger are helping Robert Sfoutenburg We converse with others .... Foreign Language To be able to converse with others in their own language is one way to strengthen international friendship. At Northern our language classes include French, Spanish and Latin. Although Latin is no longer spoken, it is the basis of many languages and many of our English words are derived from it. This year Spanish was added to the curriculum. Like French and Latin it is taught for two years. In these classes students learn correct pronuncia- tion and conversation. Students are prepared for X. X' Ragga .K I further study in foreign languages if they choose. - While Ted Mott, Sharon Allen, and Ken Elder study, Mrs. Helen Lincoln helps Jeanne Whitt with a question on translating a Latin story. Q '1 010 I 'K ..- 5 .A 'Nw 1 - 1' f if 4 y gt . . .tv .sgwv-Lite A 3.31 .f "" 'fu W X .- ..Q U.. . 1 -D s 5, r . . my s - ,, , 'M 1 7 A -- -0,- N- ,, - ,.,,.,- Mg ' was .. "VC ' 41 B ,-is f fs., w Q :'4 1 ",': L IL egg Sidewalk cafes at Northern? Well, at least in French class. Joyce Forbes and Miss Phyllis MacKlem check the menu for rare delicacies, while Hershall Pritchard patiently waits for Craig Koepke to take the order of Glena Lewis 37 Mathematics- An aid in every field . . . na: f 68 al Cl fl OC f Egg , X 'ff ' From the smile on May Bell Golden's face, the answer Mrs. Helen Clark has corrected must be right. Throughout our lives the skills we develop in mathematics will be useful. The abilities to solve arithmetical problems and reason will be used in our daily lives in almost any profession At Northern the mathematics department offers many cours- With u helping smile, Mr. Jack Marlette checks the work of Edward Johnson in basic math es to students. For students on a college preparatory curricu- lum, algebra, geometry and trigonometry are offered. Basic I personal and business math are available for those on a gen- eral or business course. Principles of geometry are more easily understood when they are put in displays. Miss Bertha Zenzen is explaining the solution to a problem by this method to Emily White, Ann Cutler, Trudy Ingalls, Dennis Blonclin, and Dennis Root. 38 Dave Purdy has a question on a problem in personal math Sometimes it seems there iust isn't a in geometry and Mr. Thomas Lee is explaining the correct way to solve it. that can be used to solve a problem, because Earl Fisher had that trouble. Mr. Burton Jackson explains the correct procedure FEQZ' x., ----an-gp in lun.. -1 M.. 'f--M. Correcting tests is an important part of trigonometry class. Jeanne Witt is answering a question Miss Gretchen Walz has on her correction. Waiting to have theirs corrected are Larry Ervin, Lorry Richardsi Diane Maier. 39 Music hath charms . . . Music is the one international language which started long before man knew how to read or write. Northern expresses this language through its vocal departments of choir and glee clubs and instrumen- tally through the orchestra and bands. During the year these groups perform for holiday concerts, regional and state contests, and as enter- tainment throughout the city. Through the constant eFforts of these departments music is enjoyed by those who wish to continue with music as a career or lust to increase their knowledge of music as a hobby. "Stop the music. Trouble in the orchestra pit," calls Mr. Allen Walters, director, as he examines the problem of the unstrung cello. Judy Overholt faces this situation while David Bower wonders about the delay. x l William Norton and Dennis Gore try to give helpful advice to James Elstan, the smallest member of our choir. Mr. Roy Bumgarner wonders if u gown is made small Y enough to fit him. Alertness through health . . . An alert mind is one result of a strong and healthy body. To attain this healthy body, Northern offers many special types of physical education. Baseball, basketball, football, softball, swimming, track and wrest- ling are offered for the boys besides the regular gym class. The girls' extra program is synchronized swimming while such activi- ties as badminton, softball, square dancing and volleyball are offered during the class. Participation and good sportsmanship help to make a better individual. i Mr- Bill Adams gives Richard Mitchell some pointers during practice shots. As Richard keeps a sharp eye on the basket, Mr. Fred Crawford prepares to help Dan Lindsey and Laverne Jones, next in line. Mrs. Mariorie Dennis gives a steadying hand to Janice Davison as she practices her head stand. Miss Betty Powers gives a smile of approval while Jill Smith, Mary Heddon, Michele Shulmeister and Judy Leiter watch in amazement. Science -A Challenge for tomorrow . . . Mr. Francis Bentley points out to Jim Massey and Craig Nourse in his chemistry class that this experiment of double displacement reactions will not go toward com- pletion unless a precipitate formed. Today the field of science is a challenge to the youth throughout the world. With the advancement of space through rockets and missiles, and the improvement of health by conquering disease, this category is open to those who wish to work for the betterment of mankind. Through science, we learn to study, reason and accept known facts that help make up our lives and the world around us. Those students interested in sci- ence wil find various courses of study offered at Northern to aid their interests and also to prepare them for the future. Arthur Dupont, Vaughn Koester, Rodney Brown and John Boylan face the problem of determining the force need- ed to pull the weight to the top of the incline plone. Mr. Roy Scheick checks with the boys to see if they have found the answer. 1 ti, Mr. Harold Cochran finds disecting the frog iust as enioyable as his students do. While he explains a few instructions to Elizabeth McMurray and Linda Warner, Tom Richards and Gregory Pierce are hard at work. - Qlgx 7' M .. X -X A it-L HP-1 X i . J ' ' of ft 5, . fi A" x , ,J W . . K, 1 . - lr, s , ,i V' ,. P Mr. Charles Pennock illustrates to his biology students Mr. Norbert Bador demonstrates to his physiology class, iTom Sizemore, Marilyn Lewis, Dawn Dominy, James Ruppel, with the help of Robert Barrett, the use of the blood pressure Marcia Bacon, Joe Joseph, Carol Weisberger, Sue Bauder, and machine. Waiting for the reading results are Marcia Perry, JOYCE F0fbeSl The Pl'0Pef WUY fo CHSSCT the 8'-Iffh Wofm- Myrtle Price, Sharon Whitmire and Delores Skolicka. 43 Carol Zirrmer shows the modern science class how the oscilloscope will react to sound waves. Dennis Wilcox adiusts the machine so the light pattern will be more visible. While Mr. Ronald Hauglie waits for the results, George Jones and Kathy MacDonald wait their turn. An aid to all... f' Ll: in 3 ll"I',wm-uw... . Q 2 vu z 5 ,vt P wr mv rf 4 in F' A 'Q s s i,c ,,:. f. 'y ,V lf: '1 . . - .wg - . , z wi'f , .,'i Mr. David McCall, a new member to Northern's faculty, Mrs. Virginia Rodgers, our school nurse, has the listens while Betty Hall explains and demonstrates the Crookes' dl-ny of giving each student an eye examination. we tube which was first used in the discovery of electrons. Dave . . , I , can rely on her assistance, continuous effort and Stebbins checks for the green electron beam which is attracted patience alon with helpful advice, when it is needed. by the magnet. 9 44 The world and its people . f sz Q 2.12212- -.5 , t A me 1 ,st t .,,, I N 1 .ls v se V--W me--T I Mr. John Garber finds charts a great help in his history cl ass. MY- Edward KY'-JPG lllUSfl'0feS on his Civics Ledora Byrd and Carol Card find the topic of "Sectional Interests Cl"U"f filled uClfl2e"'5l'1lP For D6m0CfUCY" the Before The Civil War" interesting. 9"0Wfl1 of C0mmUnlC0'l0"'S- Social Studies are very important and necessary. Through face the world today. these classes we learn not only about our own country but With the help of our able teachers these Social Studies also about the history of other countries. This knowledge of classes are made more enioyable. They also are more clearly ourselves and other nations gives us a better understanding understood through the many prOieCfS, YGPOVTS, Gnd term of the problems and triumphs which have prevailed and which papers assigned. 'WH tv! XX Books, books, and more books. They are the main source of information and are in frequent use in this United States Hi.story class- Bonnie Donell, Craig Parr, and Florence Koenig have selected the ones they wish to use. Carol Bachman looks on with Mrs. Gladys Westcott as Doro Johnson writes down some data, and Larvell Buchanon finds the book he prefers. 45 Mr. John Muhvic glances at Morton Maizlish's paper as Donna Stikeleather looks over her work. William Wilson seems to be dis- tracted by the cameraman for a momentg Cathine Dougan seems to be amused by something she has written. As John Adams and Carol Kendall locate a point of inter- est on their maps, Mrs. Ordelia I Gould directs Don Symons' ' attention to another interesting site. The stock market seems to be the main interest in Mr. Herman Steele's class these days. The pamphlets in discussion seem to intrigue Byron Baxter, Schmidt and Ruby Red dick. Charles McNeely, John ZS ,. Ted Cragar and Diane Berryman are intent on reading, as Harold Severance looks up from his history magazine to Mr. Herbert Rhoads tells Earl Fisher about a phase in Early see what site Mr. Clare Dean is pointing to with his pencil. European History. Our cafeteria staff, which includes Mrs. Z. James, Mrs. M. Eckerdt, Mrs. P. Bayoff, Mrs. K. Gideon, Mrs. M. Blackwell, MVS- J- Cfemh Mrs. V. Andrews and Mrs. Vera Sinnott fManagerl, not only prepare excellent, nutritious meals, but also keep OUF klfcllen F1907 and clean. Here they take time out from their busy schedule to pose for this picture. 47 COMMUNITY S Q H Q Sl. '- Mr. William Yambrick, Community School Director for Miss Grace Milledge and Mr. Joseph Sventko, counselors Northern looks on os poor' Bu,-ken poims to one of the for Special Education, look over material used for the follow I many announcements of activities which are offered "TQ dUY'5 GC7'V'i'e5' through our school. J-JN, The main office is always busy giving out information useful to the students and faculty of Northern. Here Sharon Anderson, Mrs. Thelma Austin lhead secretaryl, Sharlotte Sagarsee, Phyllis Davis, Helen Eaton and Miss Juanita McKinnon ffinancial secretaryl are working intently at their various iobs. 48 Personal Securit Education Mr. Andy McDonald and Mr. Merton Vincent show Minnie Jones parts ofthe human stomach in Security Education class, and they also tell ofthe interesting way in which it functions. Special Security Education and Driver Training is an interchanging program where Driver Training is taught during a six week period and Special Security Education is taught the rest of the semester. Security Education is a class consisting of anatomy, first aid, civil defense and other subiects of value to high school students. Driver Training is a subiect where one day the students go to the range and the other day they attend classes here at Northern. ln these classes students are lectured on the dangers of a car under the guidance of a reckless driver. This class is a necessity for any teenager under the age of 18 if they wish to acquire an operator's license. Driver Training Mr. Andrew Corsi and Mr. Stuart Willett concentrate on the driver training students. Through this tower in which they are sitting, which was recently built, they are able to View fl-le emi,-e range and direct each driver. 49 N X X X Q, Q X Ut Nil' , f 7 ,X!.'1EJ' 3 , . -f rl v Q X F E. x by ' Q X3 ll ., X5 5 ix ,X X. W 17 il Lx J ' is , ru ,J ft, '--. Q XXJ K X ,J xg rj f Bl ' rs Nl Q J Y .X ' A S Q at s f 'V' J TJ Q , X s J TX X555 ,N X' U -fl , , .Q J I X XX- X We J Y X xi l . 5 'Q rx. QJ X , J i X as Q N3 P4 'x V XD - X x K ' Finial ixj N fs 55 Q 1 xr f yi, xy 3 D Q 9 iv , fi 'KLA jx We if N t v at st ri Q r J X J F P r X X Yxj xg x . ' Nj P X f , How man of ou remember this nr ht? .NB xg ' ' RThe sophomore dance was the beginning of X Cffyxx our voyage at Northern. X f ., ,Off X Although we had some difficulties in Q BX charting our course our voyage has been A Dx? successful. XD ' s, Football games, pep assemblies, dances, X 'X and the final moment at graduation remain s'X5 prominent in our memories. l' Now as these things are coming to an end the seniors set forth on a new voyage into the future. fc 5 Jaw If .SK Q E f, Zi 3 1 Q if? 5 1 1 U 'I' ' 1 ,f K x I ,far 1L',.f,L7 TAA4. T3 i ffm x A ' Q , ,K , f L f f If h k , l A L V f f , xl, , ,.L ' 1 Q v V L f , x 5 I 1 Cold Mornings Always Homework Senior Activities More Snow Snowball Fights i he Another day begins for these five seniors. Frank Glover hold s the door for Dora Johnson while Larry Ervin, Roger Dunn, and Marie Pintar waif .. i A P I o I ,W L mu, Boys playing iacks? What won't the seniors think of next Taking advantage ofthe snow before it melts are Barbara Pomeroy: to amuse themselves during the winter months. Ron Miqrkq, Dennie Gore, Tom Jenkins, and Tony Smith. 52 -U!'F"" Spring Memories Senior Fun Picnic Lunches Baseball Game Go- Go- Go Senior Picnic time again! Pot Cherveny and Gary Lightfoot carry the picnic basket, while Dawn McDonald and Bruce Vick take charge of the baseball equipment. PM ,.. Q- rjg- ' x, , I, f 5 I ,rv-I-,, - ,L 5 6 . i a 1. .7 1 . i w 2 icic 1 'Q E., is ,931 Q s. ? ..., , we-.:"G:ss, A Gil .6 L QM .41-QQ ' N h -"L . ,ijt 'K .i , X, y.:..fp:'w.3f3g,'glEf:1. 'V' su- f - X Will it be a single or an out? Bonnie Pattinson scurries to first base while Chuck Koch scrambles forthe ball. Catcher Tom Pyper eagerly watches with Dora Johnson, Linda Marshall, and Stu Washburn cheering Bonnie on. 53 1 1 v Honor Students of the Class of l96O Summa cum laude JUDITH RALENE LEHR Sigma Chi Lambda Valedictorian BARRY ROGER MITCHELL Sigma Chi Lambda Debate Extempore Student Government Salutatorian Magna cum laude MARILYN A. CLARK Sigma Chi Lambda Orchestra NANCY KAY L EE Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll Choir Student Government HARLAN P. MCGHAN Sigma Chi Lambda Debate Oratary THOMAS DONALD PYPER Sigma Chi Lambda Debate Student Government Tennis, Varsity ANDRIANA CHRISTINA STAMOS Sigma Chi Lambda Choir ' Student Government KAYE ELLYN STEELE Sigma Chi Lambda Band JANE CAROL VANDENBELT l Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll VAUGHN J. KOESTER Sigma G1i Lambda Student Government BETTY COLLEEN LINDSEY Sigma Chi Lambda Debate Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll Student Government JANET MARIE MAYNARD Sigma Chi Lambda Drama JOYCE LEE SOLSMAN Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll Band KEITH ALLYN STEELE Sigma Chi Lambda Perfect Attendance Band BONNIE DON ELL Sigma Chi Lambda Debate Declcmation Student Govemment RICHARD JAMES FRIZZLE Sigma Chi Lambda MARTHA Z. MASZCZAK Sigma Chi Lambda SHARON KAY NEWBY Sigma Chi Lambda Drama Joumalism Letter Quill and Scroll Student Government YVONNE CARAL CLEMENT Sigma Chi Lambda ARTHUR LOUIS DUPONT Sigma Chi Lambda Band GYNETH LYNN PROTSMAN 5i9':" Us-ambd' HELEN Lucll.LE HARRINGTON Stu ent vernment Sigma Chi Lambda NORMAN HATTER Sigma Chi Lambda LARRY GEORGE RICHARDS Sigma Chi Lambda Debate Extempore Swimming, J.V. DELLA MAE HANSEL Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll JUDITH ANN HOPKINS Sigma Chi Lambda Service Cheerleader KAREN MARGARET K ETCHUM Sigma Chi Lanbda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll Band RICHARD RONALD PERRY Sigma Chi Lambda Debate Drama Student Government Tennis, Reserve Cunm laude JOHN ALAN COMFORT Sigma Chi Lanbda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll Band KATHERINE LOUISE FISHER Sigma Chi Lambda Perfect Attendance Quill and Scroll DIANE LORENE MAIER Sigma Chi Lambda LEOTA MARIE ROBISON Sigma Chi Lambda Orchestra JERRY DUANE WRIGHT Sigma Chi Lambda Perfect Attendance Basketball, Varsity, Reserve, Sophomore Football, Varsity, Reserve Track, Varsity, Reserve SHARON ANN MCCRARY Sigma Chi Lanbda Debate Glen Club Student Government NANCY LEE PACHOLKE Sigma Chi Lambda Band JOHN KEITH SCHEER Sigma Chi Lambda Tennis, Varsity ' ss 1 .1-. . 1 auf' 5 vi- ,Q I . My ,lt Q' .X Q gy if .f 'lil l' IW , I I 'Ds-vi ' 1 M' , ii-'if' f. 'RRG' 3- H' ,Z Et ni. J yr . 1, A 2 ff x x Cum laude SANDRA LEE SHAFER Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll LORNA LEE SMITH Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll KATHIE IRENE KETCHUM Sigma Chi Lambda Band A Orchestra CARLHEINZ WILH ELM LESSER Sigma Chi Lambda JAMES L EE NICHOLS Sigma Chi Lambda Cross Country Reserve, J.V. Track, J.V. Student Athletic Manager JoANN JUSTINE RIES Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll MYRA JULIA STEPHENS Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll Drama JAMES ROBERT YEAGLEY Sigma Chi Lambda Band BETTY LEA DEAN Sigma Chi Lambda PATRICIA ANN E DOMIN E Sigma Chi Lambda Orchestra LARRY ERVIN Signa Chi Lambda Cross Country, Varsity, J.V. Track, Varsity, Reserve CAROL ANNE MCWETHY Sigma Chi Lambda Drama Orchestra SHARLOTTE BERNIECE SAGARSEE Sigma Chi Lambda PEGGY SUE WELKER Sigma Chi Lambda Service 56 DAVID J. GRANT 1 Sigma Chi Lambda . Cross Country. J.V. - Track, J.V. A H ,A Student Athletic Manager A A if CHARLES FREDERICK GROSS Sigma Chi Lambda Cross Country, Varsity, Reserve , Track, Varsity ' DORA JOHNSON Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll JOYCE ZOE EL EADES Sigma Chi Lambda Debate Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll Student Government DAWN JOAN MCDONALD Sigma Chi Lambda Cheerleader BARBARA JO MORRISON Sigma Chi Lambda Band K-ff K , yi 'ml I lb' CRAIG B. PARR Sigma Chi Lambda . fn., . ,, . ' is r ml it K , I J S l J Jr: A ll! o f iii I .fll IFE S' Q ii, ,is ,Ah . I K ik 'K f 1 . W7 1013355 9 A - BETTY JANE HALL K N 5' LS. i A Sigma Chi Lambda .AM Z A , . Girls' Glee Club it X :A' f1p. '.2x Student Government N h ' , ' g vsifyff' ROBERT R. KOESTER ' f Sigma Chi Lambda 5 ' I P erfect Attendance 'L ' Band, Orchestra ii A Student Government 5 " "" e'i' - THERESA MARY SKLENA W Sigma Chi Lambda ,,, f-r , ""' 0 SHER.IAN KAY JINES S Sigma Chi Lambda i N Service ' r 1Q1 ' Cheerleader f, .X 'lu K A. , CATHERINE MARIE MANL EY E Sigma Chi Lambda Cheerleader All honor students are arranged according to rank in class. '2- 54 WA. -ff -Q., ,nf ' ,rf ,I ff' P' f ' I X I M l 1 T M' '1 L I - ' M 'H L ' Kathleen Lanckton was Northern's representative to the "Good Citizen Pilgrimage", sponsored by the Genesee Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Kathy was elected by the senior girls for her dependability, loyalty, punctuality, truthfulness, leadership, ability to assume responsibility and her loyalty to American ideals. Harlan P. McGhan and James L. Nichols were semi-finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Test. these boys outscored more than half a million other students in the nation for the right to compete for scholarships sponsored by 100 business and industrial organizations, professional societies, foundations, individuals and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Class of June I96O -1 : , fm' NVQ -'JR' TWH ld., ""' W1 C , T W 'L ,fi l we , X 4 Dlfk Pe"'Y Colleen Lindsey Bonnie Pattinson Sharon Newby President Vice Presidenf Secretary Treasurer ULYSSES STEVEN ADOLPH Orchestra Cross Country, J.V., Reserve Wrestling, Varsity, Reserve ANITA BERNICE ALEX BETTY JEAN ALLEN DOUGLAS RALPH ALTHEIMER JUNE SUSAN ANDERS PAULINE ANDREWS BENJAMIN DAVID ANDRUS Journalism Leffer Quill and Scroll BARBARA MARIE ANTHONY Drama JAMES PERRY ATWELL JOAN ELAINE AURE JUNE ELLEN AURE CHARLES WILLIAM AZELTON SUE ANN BABB CAROL SUE BACHMAN Choir DOUGLAS MORGAN BAEHR MAXINE MARIE BAIL EY VIOL ET MARIE BAILIE LAWRENCE C. BALDWIN Journalism Letter THELMA JEAN BANKS MABLE BARNES All he .L 4 H... 49 ' 'I gg N 552 . I ' ' - . -- LL" , . wp- J 'finer ,., 'K T Aff' I I lg: It T 5 ROBERT JOHN BARRETT JR. HAROLD RAY BATES Football, J.V. BY RON VAN BAXTER ELAINE JOYCE BEARUP FREDRICK E. BEAUDETTE Boys' Glee Club FRED J. BEGGS LINDA SUE BENAWAY Service WILLIAM DONALD BENNETT DAVID LEROY BERNSTEIN OrcI1e slra MICHAEL JOHN BIL AN JAMES WILLIAM BLAIR Football, Sophomore Track, Reserve MAMIE LOUISE BLAIR PAUL H. BLASSINGAME, JR. DONNA RAE BL EAU FRANKLIN ROBERT BOUZA Service JOHN BOYL AN GLORIA JEAN BRADSHAW VICKIE SUE BRADY Drama RICHARD WILSON BREWER. BERTHA FAE BROWN JOYCE MARIE BROWN Band VICTOR WARREN BROWN EVELYN JEAN BRUG JOYCE MARIE BRUG JOYCE ELIZABETH BRYAN WALTER BURDGICK HUBBARD L EE BURRELL FRANCIS ARTHUR BURTON LEDORA BYRD ALICE EILEEN CALDWELL MARY SUEANN CAMP NILA MARIE CAMPBELL 59 917' 'r -"Q 'IA W I I, ,u L 'ilijtf si , W , , .tg H 'I wi . ai? get 259 X, CAROL ANN CARD Service RICHARD R. CARPENTER EARNEST CARR Ba sIcetbaI I, Varsity, Reserve, Cross Country, Reserve Track, Varsity, Reserve P ATRICIA LOY CAY WOOD BEVERLY ANN CHAMBERLAIN PATRICIA DIANE CHERVENY JournaIism Letter QuiII and ScroII DOLORES ANNE CHRISTIAN SEN ROY WILLIAM CHUNN SH ARI ANN CLARK CAROL J EAN CL AY DONNA J EAN CLUCH EY Band Student Government MARCIA LOUISE COGSWELL BETTY JEAN COLEMAN BETTY JEWEL COLEMAN LAVE RN E COL EMAN Orchestra MARTHA JO COL EMAN FLOICE COOPER JIMMIE LEE COOPER Track, Varsity, J.V. ALOMA JOAN CROSS J.V. Service GENE CUMMINGS ROSETTA DANIELS LEE ELLEN DARLINGTON ALVIN LARRY JOE DAVIS BONNIE JO MARIE DAVISON JAMES DAWKINS Football, Varsity, Reserve K ENN ETH JOHN DEL ECKI VIRGINIA ETHEL DELECKI MANLEY SYLVESTER DESHONG ORVETTA JEAN DODDS Band DONNA LYNN DUFF GARNER LYNN DUNAVANT Drama ROGER ALAN DUNN BasebaII, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Varsity, Reserve 60 V525 3 I ' it env., 4 aw' H Q nf' x g xf P g x., . K I ik at I. sr f ROBERT CHARL ES DUVALL Golf, Varsity DIANE LEE EDGAR J. B. ELZY, JR. Perfect Attendance Basketball, J.V. Football, Varsity, J.V. Track, Varsity RAMONA RENEL ELZY DAVID LYNN ENDERS Tennis, J.V. JANET KAY ERLER ALVIN ETHERLY SHIRLEY MAE ETHERLY PARRIS L EONARD FABER EDWARD WAYNE FARBER PAUL JOSEPH FIGIOLI JANET LOUISE FISCHER JUNE ROSE FITTANTE THOMAS RICH ERD FL EETWOOD Band JERRY DEAN FORD HELEN RUTH FORWARD ROBERT MILTON FRAS ALLAN JAMES FULLER Swimming, Varsity, Reserve DIAN E K AY FUNSCH GEORGE WILLIE GAINES Football, Sophomore Track, J.V. Wrestling, Reserve Athletic Manager . 4-' if 4 L ,, 'Y I . AQ iq L J' If ,M Y F?-' .K ,"ig,':- PHYLLIS ANN GAINES W , 74" if ,gf " IRVING THEODORE GALLINAT H, e. .4 S ' . Service P I-v . WILLIE GATES, JR. Football, Varsity, J.V. Track, J.V. JANE ALLEN GIBSON JOHN LEWIS GILLIAN Basketball, Varsity, J. V. RAY GIST Football, Reserve Tennis, J. V. H ELGA GL ATZ Student Government FRANK JAY GLOVER, JR. Baseball, J.V. Football, Varsity, Reserve KAREN SUE GLOWNEY MARTHA JEAN GOLDSTEIN KAREN ANN GOLL Choir Girls' Glee Club DENNIS LYNN GORE Choir Golf, Varsity A A fs i"'f we 'ff' , ,,,,. I fi J, . ka 6 Q a X' M' 'E , a I tw M .. 'f A , 5' Remember the fun we had . . . Our senior year was filled with many memories that we will treasure forever. Re- member the way we added to our class treasury by selling pins in the shape of an "N"? The cheering during the lunch hours before each game and pep assembly? The parade before the Thanksgiving Game led by the light blue, 1923 Dodge? The locker clean-out twice each semester? These are iust a few of the many things that happened clur- ing our senior year which helped to make it our wonderful year. "--rx 'fi Af, 1- H 1 I' " ' .,-ff' 5 ffl 1 J ', I 'Q Caps and Gowns..A dream come true ff, at E a The l0f1g awaited caps and gownslife l'5UdY Your tassles are crooked! Andriana Stamos and Karen Glowney help Roy Jean Rutter and Tom Pyper are among the Jeffes and Bill Schultis straighten their caps before going into the Honors first to receive their graduation attire. Assembly. Frm: ,..,......g-.qg3'g7 ii Q 1-'I"..'2!' in-qv -L me gub,.RMiNaw 1 ,--dviv' """""""' 'Je on A 'Q 5 2 late The night ofthe Honors Assembly has finally arrived! Jerry Wright helps JoAnn Ries out ofthe car while Nancy Johnston and Harvey Sanders excitedly discuss the coming evening with Sharon Gushen and Stu Washburn. 63 W W ' :I if 4' CZ-' A ian? .Kgs NWJI, ,,., ,,.,. , Emfmmx I I--,f., ,L1 f22, ::- molten. 5 ,bs ' V551 I W Y ml A 51' .ERE A M -:QI K 'L' Mi Awili Qfgs is-f Ewen, imwv ,exwgzymw iieei VY,K ,,.A ,,,e, IQ ky, Mqgigif I , gfgigrwgw .. , R - is. TWV? 2 a- , 9 ,mwspf XNKQ w . 89' 'M' SHARON KAYE GRAMER GLORIAJEAN GRANBERRY JAMES STANL EY GRAY Service FRANK GROCE RONALD LEE GRUENER Band GLORIA JAN ETTE GRUNO EVELYN BURRNELL GUICE SHARON E. GUSHEN Service BRIAN D. HAMBLIN BEVERLY KAY HARRIS Service CHARLES RICHARD HARRIS Baseball, Varsity, J.V., Re Football, J.V. Student Athletic Manager DANIEL EVANS HARRIS JIMMY G. HARRIS REBECCA JOANNE HARRIS Dram a WILLIE LEE HARRIS Baseball, J.V. ARTHUR JAMES HENRY SeI'VB ARMA TEAL HICKMON DOROTHY JEAN HODO JAMES EDWARD HODO Football, Varsity Track, Varsity JANET MARIE HOLICKI Service MELANIE JEAN HOLT MICHAEL EDWARD HOLT ROBERT L. HOPSON FLORIDA HORNE CONSTANCE MAE HOSK EY Perfect Attendmvce Choir FAY E HOUSER KAROL ANN HOWARD DAVID NATHAN HOYT FREDERICK F. HULL BETTY JEAN HUMES SALLY KATHRYN IRVING Radio SAND RA MARIE JACKSON ii, ,l., we I I QM Y in .' ' fix .-' was 1 if Q A-av X -Qtr ., .,.,, at ei , - Il R I ,, 'v -t 1 L . R? ., W' as 5, 4 i el P' Y vi, 1 ' K R 'F .5 -,V . . tg-rv 1 . A ay Y fix B F as 5 4 ' lg 5 , SE: X 'ix N . . , ,. W A, Q ' me --5 ' .,s. ' f J ' y ,'!: xi" ' , J J ? .xi A A at ,f ge. ROY W. JEFFES Student Athletic Manager THOMAS W. JENKINS Wrestling, Varsity, Reserve CARL PAIGE JOHNSON IVORY LEE JOHNSON Football, Sophomore SHERROD JOHNSON ll Boys' Glee Club Football, J.V. NANCY SU E JOHNSTON Service CAROLYN JONES Girls' Glee Club EDWARD EARL JONES Football, J.V. PEGGY LEE JONES Girls' Glee Club SOLOMON JONES, JR. IV JOAN CECILE KALE Student Government DAROLD D. KEELY Student Athletic Manager GERALD JOSEPH KEELY Cross Country, J.V. HALBERT LEE KELLUM, JR. Football, J.V. CORRINA JOYCE KILBOURN JANICE KAY KNAPP Student Government Cheerleader 65 CHARLES NELSON KOCH Tennis, Varsity Swimming, Varsity, J.V. FLORENCE RAY KOENIG Drama ANTHONY GENE KOULCHAR Service GAIL LYNN K Rl BS DELORES LABEAN KATHLEEN JUNE LANCKTON Student Government Cheerleader BETTY LOUISE LANQUIST Girls' Glee Club LOIS KAY LAWRENCE PATRICIA JEAN LEACH Girls' Glee Club CAROL ELAINE LEADER DIANNE MARY LEEMON KAREN CHRISTIE LEHR Girls' Glee Club .T ss' F f if if wg H ' i VIWAVN, mix P' 5 - K. YU' ' are of ' r- 5, 'R mb' ' ' ir Ni L QA S f it Fe , n ll u JOE ANN LESLIE , ,hy CATHERINE LOUISE LIGHTFOOT l - vsp fi ' GARY EVERETT LIGHTFOOT A ' 1 Swimming, Varsity, J. V., Reserve .A , 'f " ' Q DAN M. l.lNosEY Band A T Q Orchestra 7 SWlI'I'IlI1lngl Juv- 1 - JT- JJ ' 5 . nu-'T 1 9.-1 l Hw- U .2 , "" 2.15 52 g. A ef Y., ..,f' f I. I 1. f, Q. Q Q3 W ta 1 Wy N I 'II' 'WMI WIKI 149' I P I QUT . ef A 'I Q , -I s ,., M W-f"' 1 Wu DENNIS M. LINK JERRY A LITTELL Cross Country, J.V. Wrestling, Varsity RENA MAE LIVINGSTON GARY KENDALL LOCKE Baseball, Varsity, J.V. Basketball, Varsity, J.V. Cross Country, Varsity CAROL JO LONG KENNETH RICHARD LOTZ Basketball, Varsity, Reserve, Cross Country, J.V. Golf, Reserve WILLIAM H. LURVEY Wrestling, Varsity PHILIP HARTLEY MABBS LORRAINE MABRY KAREN MARIE MACARTHUR BARBARA JEAN MACK ENZIE EVELYN ANN MACKLIN MARIE ELANIA MALENICH Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll JOYCE ELIZABETH MALONE LARRY E. MALOTT LINDA LOU MARSHALL Quill and Scroll GARY ROBERT MARTIN HAROLD FLOYD MARTIN WIL BERT MARTIN Cross Country, J.V. Track, J. V. DAVID S. MCCARIUS KENNETH W. MCCL ELLAN Glee Club Service Baseball .I.V. Sophomore Football J. V. JAMES LESLIE MCDIARMID HERBERT G. MCDOUGALL MICHAEL J. MCIDUGALL Band Tennis, Reserve MARY ANN LOUISE MCGAFFIGAN Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll FRED MCGLOWN, J R. Band Choir Glee Club BRENDA MCINTYRE EARL E. L. MCKEE JUDITH KAY MCKINNON Service CHARLES MCNEELY RONALD R. MIARKA Journal i sm L etter KAREN SU E MILLER Service 66 ... . if, .wr X M - ' X ff., , 9 1 v " -fx in i f , of K ,f 1 sw A , ii -Q v M ua G' 's 4 LeROY CHARL ES MILLER Service PATRICIA ALBERTA MITCHELL 1 PAUL WYLIS MITCHELL ROSCOE MITCHELL JR. BOy's Glee Club Baseball, Varsity, J.V. DAVID P. MONAHAN ROSE ELIZABETH MONDELL DORIS LA VERNE MONROE Quill and Scroll BEVERLY ANN MOREY Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll PATRICIA ANN MORRISSETT CLIFTON JEROME MOORE Cross Country, Varsity Track, Varsity DAVID ANDREW MUNGALL Cross Country, Reserve Swimming, Varsity DELBERT LEE MURPHY Baseball, Reserve Basketball, J.V. Football, Varsity, Reserve JO-ANN MYSLICKI DARL EN E NAGEL Service CHARLES ALLAN NAGY Perfect Attendance Football, Varsity J V Track, J V Student Athletic Manager JOSEPHINE NASO NELSON N. NICHOLSON RUSSELL FERMAN NICKLES JR. JUDITH ANN NIEC Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll JOHN STEVEN NOVOTNY Drama Service MARY EVELYN NUNESS GERALDINE ANNE OGDEN PATRICK T. OGDEN Football, Varsity, Reserve Track, J.V. ALICE MARIE OU ELL ETTE ROY PALMER Choir Golf, Varsity Student Athletic Manager JUDITH ANN PANCHECK ROGIA JEAN PARHAM MATTIE B. PARKS BONNIE LOU PATTINSON Drama Student Government JULIA FAY PAXTON MAURICE FRANKLIN PEA Football Sophomore Track Varsity JUDI TH ANN P ELLOW 14 'If I II .F vw... I K Senior Part - A replica of Central Park greated guests at the Senior Couple Dance held on January 28, l960 in Wildanger Field House. As they entered Club 60, alias the gym, they heard the stra ins ot the Bob Dumont Sextet filling the gym. ln Central Park were authentic park benches, lamp posts and refresh- ments venders. The far end of Club 60 consisted of a terrace overlooking Q the night skyline of Manhattan. Aff0"'9'f"9 Park bel'lCl'leS and lumps TO give the foyer a Central Park atmosphere are Jim Yeagley, Della Hansel, Sue Popadich, Betty Hall and Barbara Morrison. sf- Uv... .,... . . . ,M A scene ofa boy and girl walking through Central Park was the l'DGCkgr0l-'nd SCeY1ef0l' The f0YeI'- Busily putting finishing touches on it are: Helga Glatz, Barbara Morrison, Kathy Fisher, Gary Lightfoot,G0ry Veenhuis and Craig Parr. 1 1 2 S A Y Dancing on the terrace of Club 60 are: Sharon Newby, Tom Taunt, Jeanette Reed, RGY Metcdlf, Else Anderson. Craig Parr, Marilyn Clark, Joe Lockard, Sharon Gushen, Dick Perry, Judy Niec and Roger Dunn- 68 Night in Manhattan . . . 3. During intermission, a stroll through Central Park enabled Rogia Parham, Roscoe Roberts, David Grant, Melissa Foster, Bill Shultis, Delores La Bean, Diane Maier and Carl Lesser to stop for refreshments. f 'MK-xx ,f Taking time out from a pleasant evening of dancing, Helga Glatz, Keith Steele, Gloria Fan, James Yeagley, Doris Monroe and Willie Junior find the conversation delightful. 69 VIRGINIA LEE PEMBERTON Band CHARLES B. PERCY III ARNOLD LEE PERDUE MARCIA ANN PERRY KAREN DELORES PHILLIPS MARIE ANTONIA PINTAR ROBERT W. PIOTRACZK Baseball, Varsity WISDOM AL EXANDER PITTMAN Cross Country, J.V. Student Athletic Manager BEVERLY JOYCE PLAMONDON GARY ROBERT POLISKY Tennis, Reserve RONNY L. POLMANTEER BARBARA ELLEN POMEROY Sigma Chi Lambda Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll Student Government MYKOLA PONOMARENKO Student Athletic Manager SUSAN POP ADICH Band Orchestra MYRTLE LEE PRICE Girls' Glee Club ANNIE JO PRINCE HERSHAL PRITCHARD P erfect Attendance Choir NED ARDEN P RYSOCK Service DIANE KAY RAMLOW Journalism Letter Quill and Scroll SAUNDRA ANN REAVES JEANETTE ELIZABETH REED Band Cheerleader PHILIP FRANCIS REHMUS Band Orchestra Student Government Tennis, Reserve CONNIE MARIE REX REGINAL D Rl CHAR DSON Football, J. V. SANDRA JEANETTE RICHMOND Sigma Chi Lambda Drama LARRY PHILLIP RILEY JOHN LAUREL RIVARD Football, J.V. BETTY JEAN ROBERTS MARY LEE PORTER CATHERINE ELIZABETH ROBINSON LeROY PRATT Football, J.V. Track, Varsity, Reserve Wrestling, Varsity GARY LEE ROBINSON ' Football, J.V. Swimming, Varsity 70 Ai , E-.4 M . Ni ur E. , X I 7 VA f I, an it A -if : 'Elf R' ' I 'lll I I 'N' . .25 I 6 - I , . . fi' I I . h Kap' I .J ' ' wk ,L 'ESV lv" S Q sw, -,X iv e v A Q I 1 x B vi sp 1 WILLIAM ROBINSON LINDA JUNE ROGERS CHARLES J. ROSA Ill LAVARNE ROSS MARLYNN JOYCE ROSTER Service DOROTHY RUFFIN ELIZABETH RUPP EL Choir LOIS JEAN RUTTER Radio HARVEY SANDERS Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity, Reserve KENN ETH SANDERS CAROLYN SARG ENT Service JOHN HENRY SCHMIDT JR. JOYCE ANN E SCHO EPPACH WAYNE DALLAS SCHULZ Band Baseball, J.V. JUDITH ELLEN SENIURA MARILYN ANN SHEMES WILLIAM LEON SHULTIS Swimming, Varsity DELORES AMELIA SKALICKA ANTHONY DALE SMITH JAMES HENRY SMITH LOUIS A. SNYDER Student Arhl eti c Manager DOROTHY ANN STEWART Girls' Glee Club WILLODEAN E. M. STEWART DIANNE STITT Girls' Glee Club CH ESTER STOCK ER Track, Reserve L AR RY ALL EN STOCK TON WILLIAM ROGER STOLPIN Band THOMAS M. STORY ROBERT J. STOUTENBURG Football, J.V. GENE SUMMERS Basketball, Varsity, Reserve Football, J.V. THOMAS ALLEN TAUNT Perfect Attendance Drama Student Athletic Manager MAGGIE REE THOMAS 4 E' 9 L1 il K nions in the Siewv bt' Betty MacDonald FRIDAY, MAY 8 SATURDAY. MAY 9 WILDANGER FIELD HOUSE Curtain at 8:00 P.M. 'lr 'A' i' THE CAST Betty MacDonald Don MacDonald Anne Joan Howard Roger Claud Claire Fcssenden Lesley Arnold Margo Miss Garvey Bee Gee Salsic Kitsie Mrs. Watson's Harry New Motor Marvin Mr. Curtis Mrs. Curtis Lydia Jim Dotty Joey Delia Murray Della Murray Old Buddy Announcer -Armdma hy ,Win arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing company." Sharon Whittttire .lack Novotny Bonnie Pzttiinson Jean Thvfnsort Dick Perry Tom Taunt Barry Mitchell Sharon Newby Sue Wiggins Rebecca Harris Janet Maynard Laura Kay Hains Vickie Brady Carol Mcwethy Lynn Dunavant Myra Stephens Janie Richmond Douglas Harris Cheri Taunt Robert Hanflik Barbara Anthony Zona Simmons Lynn Dunavzmt Dick Pcrry SYNOPSIS OF SCENES ACT I Scene One: The MacDonald living room. An afternoon in lfall. Scene Two: The same. A winter evening. i' ai' 'A' ACT ll Scene One: The same, Late afternoon in Spring. Scene Two: The sarnc. A Saturday afternoon in Summer. 'k 'A' 'A' ACT lll 'rm sam. The nm spring. 'k 'A' 'A' STUDENT PRODUCTION STAFF Student Director Florence Koenig Assistant Producer Orvetta Dodds Beokhalder Jacquelyn Woods Set Edward Allison, Robert Love, Don Johnson Properties Barbara Anthony Make-Up Melissa Foster Costumes Monigee Urbanik Lights Douglas Harris Sound Effects Robert Schlomer Tickets Zona Simmons Publicity Janet Maynard Programs Melissa Foster Music Mary Lou Duffield Junior Class Play "Onions in the stew" is a com- edy involving the dating prob- lems of a teenage girl who has too many boy friends at one time. Most girls who live on an isl- and have the problem of not enough boy friends-but not An- ne, who had two at the same time. But the hand of fate stepped in and Roger won out. Curtain time will be in a few minutes and the girls are busily helping each other with last- minute touches fmiddle picturel. Laura Haines looks as if she is having fun arranging Janet May- nard's hair. By the expression on Janet's face, it looks as if she is too nervous to enioy it. Sue Wiggins is really apply- ing the eye-shadow. She wants to make herself up as Lesley, the Southern belle, whom she por- trays in the play. Bonnie Pattinson tries to be pleasant as she introduces her beaux, Tom Taunt and Dick Per- ry fbottom picturel. Barry Mitchell, Jean Thomson and Sharon Newby are interest- ed in what the outcome will be. Mother fSharon Whitmirel and father Uack Novotnyl are stand- ing by in case of trouble. 493 I su S6 l1lOl' Class Pla "Jane Eyre" is a story about a young girl, who came to Thornfield Hall as a governess. She falls in love with Mr. Ro- chester, the owner of Thornfield fMiddleD The attention seems to be focused on Zita Uoyce Solsmanl, as she looks into the future of Jane Eyre lEmily Whitel. Adele Varens lKathy Lancktonj, is very surprised at what Zita is telling her gover- ness. Lady Mary CHelen Har- ringtonl, and Lady Blanche Ua- net Maynardj, are listening carefully . Dr. Carter fWisdom Pittmanj, seems to be a little puzzled. CBottom leftl Zito fPhyllis Gainesl, knows what lies ahead in the future. Jane Eyre Uean Thompsonj, is very anxious to find out what the future holds. Mr. Rochester lTom Tauntj, stands by eagerly, to hear what the gypsy really knows. fBottom rightj. It looks as if Bertha Uanie Richmondl, is try- ing to strangle Lady Mary QRe- becca Harrisl. Grace Poole CMartha Goldsteinl, is holding Bertha's arm in case of trouble. Lady Mary and Sir Wilfred fKeith Steelej, are interested in what Adele Varens CBetty Hallj, Friday, January B Mrs. Fairfax ..... Adele Varens. Nora ......... Grace Poole .... Jams Eyre ...... Edward Rochester.. Bessie Leavcn. . Bertha ............. Wall Spence Saturday, January 9 WILDANGHI FIELD HOUSE at. 8:00 P.M. THE CAST Dowagcr Lady Ingram. . . . . Lady Mary .......... Dr. Carter. . . Lady Blanche ..... Sir wilfrud Lynn. . . . .1fBonnie Pattinson Sharon Newby . . . .4fKathy Lanckton Betty Hall . . . . .+tSharon Gushan Myra Stephens - . . .Hflartha Goldstein Earbara Anthony . . . . .ttliknily White Jean Thompson . . . . .J'1'om Taunt Jack llovanty . . .. .. .ilprna Smith Florence: Koenig . . . .'lJanio Richmond Mario Malenich . . . .ihlanice Knapp Suc Wiggins . . . . i'Hc lcn Harrington Becky Harris . . . . . .tfLuvi March Wisdom Pittman . - . . Maynard Vickie Brady . . . . . . .Keith Steelc SYNOPSIS OF SCENES The cntirc action takes placc in the drawing room Tharnficld Hall, England. Time: 1550. ACT ONE Scene 1: An evening in May. About 9 P.M. Scans 2: Two months later. About 8:30 P.M. an an as ACT Tlnll The following week-ond. About 9:30 P.M. 4+ ar 4 ACT THREE More than a year later. Afternoon. are STUDENT PRODUCTION STAFF Costumes.................................. Stage Director............ ,,,, Assistant Stagc Directaxx... ,.,, of . . . . . Juno Aura Douglas Harris ..Du.rold Keely Z1m.............. ....4fPhy1lis Gaines gfOmptur................... ..---C21rO1y11J0nes Joyce Solman 3kU'UP.......... .....C4LruI i-'clqlgthy Richard Mason....... .. ...................I.ynn Dunavant I 34'F3d7'3f1I'0Wl'1 Rev. John Hivcrs..................................Dick Perry BUSUWSS DU'9CtOr-- -----BOW-Y'l.Y MOIKJY whcni A-mums will 3 Har in Tickut5.......... ......Dicl, Furry JPlZrIdny,s purformsxiz. Propcx'tics...... .....N:in:y Johnson Mamie Blat: .- . n 4 st a ,Y : A! , is' ' D 73 i . s ' n l -'sc Looking forward to an evening of dancing and fun are Karen Lehr, Gary Locke, Karen Glowney and Ken Lotz. Moon Mist . . . "Moon Mist," our senior dinner dance, was held May 2'l, 1960. The dance followed a dinner held in our school cafeteria at which the class will and prophecy were read. Seniors worked on the prom for six weeks in order to transform the Field House into a beautiful southern garden where the wishing well was the center of interest. Many of the girls helped to carry out the theme by wearing long, beautiful ball gowns. "Moon Mist" was truly a night to remember. "What a beautiful corsagelu Helen Harrington, Colleen Lindsey and Janet Fisher Gdmlfe CUfl"Y Waiting for their dates ht J ' Knopp's bow. are Dick Perry. Craig Manley's corsage, while Kathy Lanckton fastens it. Kay Jines straig ens anlce 74 A night to remember . . . Y7 Bonnie Pottinson, Tom Pyper, and Judy Hopkins and Bob Piotraczk pose io have their picture token during intermission Parr, Charles Percy, Dave The lost dance together of the Senior Prom is enjoyed by Delores La Bean, Bill Shulfis McCarius and Tom Pyper- Betty Hall, Fred Gross, Judy Hopkins and Bob Piotroczk. 75 . 'mn' 1-if a S 1 in , ,W . ,,5,5?:,.2i::52:ir , ' . i' Wifi , SUSAN MARIE THOMAS DALE T. THOMPSON JEAN ELIZABETH THOMSON Sigma Chi Lambda Drama CURLDEN TIMS PHYLLIS ALDEAN TRIGGER SHARON L EI TRIPL ETT MARY LOUISE TURBIN Band KAREN MAE TURNER VICTOR STEVEN URICK Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity, J.V. Football, Varsity Golf, Varsity DONALD A. VALLEY GARRETT MELVIN VEENHUIS Basebul I, Varsity BRUCE RAYMOND VICK Tennis, Varsity Swimming, Reserve wYvoNNE vELols VIVERETTE VERNON N. WALLS Football, Varsity, J.V. Track, Varsity, Reserve WILLIAM FRANCIS WARNER Service STEWART WIL SON WASH BU RN Baseball, Varsity, Reserve, J.V. Swimming, Varsity GLORIA DEAN WATSON DOUGLAS ROBERT WENGER Baseball, .I.V. GERALD WAYNE WHATLING EMILY LOUANNE WHITE Choir SHARON KAYE WHITMIRE Debate SUZANNE MAE WIGGINS Drama EMYLYN LILLIE REE WILLIAMS ESSIE MAY WILLIAMS ETHEL MAY WILLIAMS EVELYN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS GAYL E JOYCE WILLIAMS L EONARD L EE WILLIAMS Perfect Attendance MAHALA WILLINGHAM JIMMIE CLARK WILSON Wrestling, Varsity, Reserve DIANE ADELE WINCHEL DAVID JOHN WOOD I. -Y -es- " , .v 1?- wf MX Vi. -4 'Ai nw 'i:QfE'If.l'fff'- ' .. ' ' , I 'H 'W .. L I 5939?-.1 ' lx.. eel. N- N., , E1 KATHLEEN SHARON WOODBURY ' GLORIA LOUISE woons JAMES WOOTEN OPHELIA CLARA WRIGHT ROBERT DEAN ZITTERKOPH U ? Shutter Shy Brenda Adair, Robert Allen, Edna Anderson, Arthur Belk, Fred Bingham, Rodney Brown, Larvell Buchanan, Eugene Burton, Joe Carter, Dennis Chisholm, Warren Copeland, Willie Cox, Janet Cudney, Laurence Duncan, James Dunlop, Alton Evans, Kenneth Fee, Leon Flanigan, Martha Flynn, Georgianna Forbes, Robert Foss, Jack Fransioli, John Free, Phillip Friedman, Charles Froats, John Gala, Frederick Gebstadt, Robert Goodwin, John Hamlin, Shirley Harvey, Willies Henry, Selather Hill, Margaret Hitko, Barbara Hodge, Juanita Humphrey, Robert Jones, Adolf Klostermann, Ralph Lee, Joseph Lewiclci, Marcia Lincoln, Levi March, Jerodine Mathis, Dorothy Matti s, Lillian McCray, Thomas McCray, Vernon Miller, Callie Parker, Bobby Pate, Patricia Pate, John Petersen, Lawrence Pleaugh, Bennie Powell Ross Prior, Ruby Reddick, Irvin Ridley, Arnett Rison, Clarence Robinson, Carl Rushing, Robert Russell, Cynthia Turner, Thelma Turner, Marilyn Wagner, Rudolph Webb, Larry West, Loretta Williams, Jean Wingfield, Donnice Wright. "Cheer her sons who bring her fame" . . . "Ring out your praises to her name" . . . if- qw- ' fi, X 1 K 'iii it T' T Jin it ,-"lt I ' 1 f ,tu tflj -- '.'.1 ' , VXI" 'V 1' V' , f it kiwi u t A xv? twig 'film 7 lily J i ' Alb f 5 1 bij 'I 7 "' K l ' if lf i flip L My V I Jvbblijyji U i U Q fbi j ,T A e -2 ' X Q V, MV whirl 'lAPbi lt fftlw tri S 'I lu vf. XO ,TN Jw MU Grganizations The Viking ship needs interest to keep it active as a school needs interests to main- tain its school spirit. The Vikings of North- ern High School keep their student body enthusiastic through organizations. Those who share in her activities also develop leadership and good citizenship. Working together in organizations is not only educational but enjoyable. Through continued interests and abilities students accomplish much. There is harmony among the students as they work together making friends and discovering new capacities. ? r' Q h K9 '1 fs' Q orthern's Busy Finance Committee Finance Committee members going over a report of the finances are Mary Lou Duffield Cchairmanl, Willie Moody, Barry Mitchell CStudent Council Presi- dentj, and Mr. Don Bentley fStudent Council spon- sorl. The purpose of this committee is to receive, con- sider and report on proposed ideas related to the finances of the Student Union. They also prepare a budget for the year and supervise all council-spon- sored polls and election. Miscellaneous Committee Carrying on a discussion for the approval of a radio club at Northern are Betty Hall, Linda Toole Cchairmanj, and Diane Shaw. Other duties of the Miscellaneous Committee are to approve the qualifi- cations ot Student Council officers, representatives and class officers, to take care of the Statute Book and the Constitutions of all school organizations, and to consider, report, and originate bills not related to other commissions. Athletic and Arts Committee JoAnne Stinson, Judy Krason, Tom Pyper, and Con- nie Moll are the members of the Athletics and Arts Committee. The duties of the committee include ath- letics, music, graphic arts, iournalism speech, and similar school activities. lt is headed by the appointed chairman, Tom Pyper, who sees that the duties are carried out. They work hard throughout the year to make pep assemblies and similar activities successful. Publicity Committee Discussing the announcement of a Student Council meeting that will be put over the public address sys- tem are Joyce Eleades CNorth Wind representativel, Bonnie Donell fchairmanj, and Sharon McCrary. Al- ways included in this committee are a member of the North Wind Staff and the Student Council recording secretary who acts as the chairman. Besides broad- casting, the Publicity Committee also cares for the Student Council bulletin boards and approves all school advertising. Student Council Activity Committee Members of the Activities Committee are Helga Glatz and Barbara Pomeroy. The appointed chair- man is Mervin Goldstein. The main duty of the com- mittee is to take charge of all Student Council spon- sored activities, not specifically given to other com- mittees. This year the commission took charge of the decoration of the Christmas tree in Wildanger Field House. Here the commission is discussing plans for this proiect. Social Committee The Social Committee is headed by Nancy Lee, who is also the corresponding secretary. Others on this committee are Eileen Parnes, Peggy McMurray, and Janice Knapp. This year they had charge of plan- ning a homecoming event, a Red and Grey Day, and other class activities, This committee has the responsi- bility of originating all bills which pertain to Student Union social affairs. Traffic Safety Committee The traffic safety and parking situation is being discussed by Janice Severin, Mike Hansen fchairmani, and Carol Weisberger, members of the Traffic Safety Committee. The main problem that the committee faces is how it can improve the traFfic safety around the school area. This is for the benefit of the students at Northern as well as those at Garfield. Parking is also a problem that faces the committee. Public Relations Committee Carrying on diplomatic relations with the other high schools in this area is an important function of the Public Relations Committee. Alice Lattie, Dick Perry fsenior class president and chairmani, and Mary Stubbs are shown discussing some of the business of this committee which include the promotion of the exchange of Student Council presidents between Northern and Central each year. -a. f ' or H C at P ,' I K-.--.L l N -ac Participating in the car wash for initiation are these busy members. Watching Andriana Stamos at work is Kirt Nichols lsupervisorl, Joyce Eleades is holding the hose while Kay Steele, Elverta Kindell, and Barry Mitchell patiently wait. Sigma Chi Lambda Sigma Chi Lambda is Northern's branch of the National Honor Society. The Students are asked to ioin because of their high standings in leadership and citizenship as well as in scholastic accomplishment. This year, as a project to raise money, the students held a candy and cookie sale. Part of the other activities is the formal invitation tor the new members. In the spring a breakfast is held for all the members. Students have a right to feel pride at being asked to be a part of Sigma Chi Lambda. C7 The old members of Sigma Chi Lambda are: fback rowi Della Hansel, Kaye Steele, Martha Maszczak, Marilyn Clark, Yvonne Clement, Karen Ketchem, Kathie Ketchem, Tom Pyper, Jerry Wright, Norman Hatter, Barry Mitchell, Judy Hopkins, Kay Jines, lfront rowl Colleen Lindsey, Nancy Lee, Andriana Stamos, Jane Vadenbelt, Mrs. Glenora Andresen lsponsorl, Jdyce Eleades, Dora Johnson, Diane Maier and JoAnn Ries. New senior members are: lfront rowi Mrs. Carolyn Black fsponsorl, Barbara Pomeroy, Barbara Morrison, Jim Yeagley, Pat Dornine, Sharon McCrory, Nancy Pacholke and Mrs. Glenora Andresen lsponsorli lfront rowl Janie Richmond, Dawn McDonald, Cathy Manley, Sharlotte Sagersee, Carol McWethy, Lorna Smith, Jean Thompson and Myra Stephens. 82 Marks and Citizenship Count . . . K New members of Sigma Chi Lambda are: fback rowi Leota Robison, Diane Shaw, Betty Dean, Peggy Welker, Carol Hammond Theresa Sklena, Kathie Fisher, Gail Richardson, frow twoi Glena Lewis, Carl Lesser, Bob Koester, Paul Chirgwin, Paul Blanchard, Richard Vollrath, Priscilla Prudence, ffront rowi Sharon Newby, Betty Hall, Janice Davison, Melynda Bumgarner, Carol Henderson, Marsha Laing, Phyllis Tuckey. I .- 1 ,af Other new members are: Bonnie Donell, Joyce Solsman, Dave Grant, Dick Perry, Keith Scheer, Fred Hall, Janet Maynard, Sandy Lewis, frow twoi Richard Frizzle, Jim Tomaszewslci, Alfred Adler, Larry Williams, Joe Beres, Craig Parr: ffront rowi Sandy Harris, Jeanne Witt, Sharon Powell, Monique Urbanik, Carol Mclntosh, Heather Schwartz, Norma Snyder. 83 Au 4' r , 3 gr N G ar ., .. J .f 3 g U " K V I 1. X 1- . v Lf itiffiiiv ' if "T 7, f E x w P Ui . 1 . . Y: 7 V K ' -Kwai . 1 - . Y ., 4 gi .5 A gi T -Q 5 Kc ig Q, ff? .. ., I ,Ek Va Q-V' S 4., 1 I Vk, i ?5.l55,N v if ggi , 2? '55,m,., an V11 fx N1 S f mzigklw Qiffksif ifsiaffg wif? ww fn " -E K 2 A Z V J A K me.,-. a -' Q, -gf 1- . E. Q ,, if 2 f- s S 'Ak"' 2 5 -f gQ gg - ,. ,Q I Q K iw Q ' X5-f. U in Q .,.. . ,V M i 'W N522 -M V QA NA 1 ' A K L 2 19, if, 41, W ge mf if my M ga uik E ek ,,,. . W, Qi 'X ,, "' Qur Glee Clubs in Action .... Under the direction of Mr. Roy Bumgarner, our Glee Clubs combine fun with music while singing here at Northern, clubs, churches, and other varied musical activities throughout the city. The Boys' Glee Club is a small and newly organized group. A larger and more active singing group is the Girls' Glee Club. Their hard work and practice leads to enioyment and achievement. Northern students are proud of both groups, and Mr. Bumgarner for doing such a fine iob. Mr, Roy Bumgarner The members of the Girls' Glee Club are: Mary Fras, Karen Lehr, Kathy Markland, Joanne Malloy, Sue Hempstead, Sharon McCrary, Loretta Williams, Glenq Lewis, lrow threej Sharon Brown, Diane Stitt, Julie Muller, Judy Wilcox, Carolyn Dearman, Karen Bond, Diane Berryman, Patricia Woodard, Crow twol Gloria Wolfe, Kathie Webb, Phyllis Tuckey, Bonnie Davison, Judy Westervelt, Sue Zedo, Doris Marks, lbottom rowl Pat Narrin, Dorothy Stewart, Delores Christensen, Judy Kerr, Martha Lopez, Sandy Lewis, Pat Naso, Judy Bailie. 86 Members ofthe Boys' Glee Club are: ftop rowJ Ken McClellan, Clarence Robinson, Phil Friedman, Tom Williams, Lester Thomas, Fred McGlown5 fbottom rowl Earl Fisher, Arnold Smiley, Art Vanadia, Jack Thorpe, Marion Peters, Rudy'Terrell. Additional Members are: ftop rowl Sue Chema, Judy Reno, Pat Leach, Mary Heddon, Maureen McGuinness, Phyllis Jefferson, Myrtle Price, frow threei Bonnie Benn, Janice Brown, Diane Smalley, Karen Johnson, Betty Landquist, Colleene O'Hara, Carolyn Jones, Crow twol Delores Williams, Mary Rosenburg, Janet Kroeger, Barbara Hetchler, Helen Matus, Magdalene Patterson, Carol Suski, Nora Williams, Cbottom rowl Violet Bailie, Betty Hall, Gretchen Westervalt, Mary Forgie, Jill Smith, Juanita McAdory, Peggy Jones. 87 ' fr Our Band QE Nun? I. V Bob Koester Drum Maior Bob Smifh Dwm Malo' Mr. Allan Walters, director The members of the Concert Band are: hop rowl, Nancy Pacholke, Ray Cochran, Bob Smith: Crow threel Kay McCurdy Claudia Eastman, Mark Barnhart, Carol Sawyer, Warren Buchanan, Barbara Morrison, Orvetta Dodd, John Comfort, Bob Koester, Mike McDougal, Dick Jurk, Don Allison, frow twol, Donna Cluchey, James Tomaszewski, Dave Harrison, Gail Brookey, Don Charneyf Ron Criner, Jim Clarkson, Linda La Londe, Dale Blondin, Ed Verdun, Dan Lindsey: lbottom rowl Kathy Ketchum, Melynda Bumgarner, Joyce Forbes, Karen Ketchum, Sue Stewart, Bill Stolpin, Carol Hartwell. 88 "" it W -md i,eQ?,: fp , sy .pi-,iivfsh If . .Q.+ . x' ,t P L, 2 ' A e " f Cooperation and hard work combined bring forth a camp and is able to practice in the beautiful surroundings fine performance by our band. Many long hours are spent of nature. The Northern band, under the direction of Mr. working on formations. ln the summer, the band goes to Allan Walters, plays at concerts, pep assemblies, games. - - .. f. li.. n Additional members of the Concert Band are: ltop rowl, Steve Polkinghorn and Charles Leverettei lrow threel, Harold Hoffman, Phyllis Tuckey, James Yeagley, William Crofton, Dave Collins, Ron Miller, Ron Gruener, Craig Koepke, Wayne Schultz and Dick Absherp Crow twol, Sue Gebstadt, Sue Popadich, Jim Kirkland, Royanne McNew, Dennis Blondin, Keith Steele, Judy Krason and Lionel Verdunj fbottom rowl, Mr. Walters, fdirectorl, Virginia Pemberton, Barbara Hewitt, Pam Bearup, Sue Jones, Arthur Dupont and Paul Body. 89 DNC:- orthern Orchestra Marilyn Clark, Phil Remus, Carol McWethy, Pat Domine, and Susan Bauder make up a string quintet. The Orchestra makes up a very important part of our music depart- ment. Under the direction of Mr. Allen Walters, it has grown and improved. The orchestra consists of 50 members. We now have the largest string section that we have ever had. The orchestra plays a variety of music from back to modern day. Our orchestra parti- cipates in the regional tournaments, and has always done well in com- petition. Three of the orchestra members belong to the Michigan Youth Symphony, and one belongs to the Flint Youth Symphony Or- chestra. Our orchestra attends comp during the summer months which 'includes lots of work and fun. The orchestra provides us with entertainment in the Christmas and Spring Concert. The members pf the orchestra are: fStandingl Nancy Pacholke, Margie Steinbauer, Bob Smith, Hugh Green, Dave Bower, Mattie Bolcleng Crow threel Bob Koester, Dick Jurk, Tom Fleetwood, David Harrison, Jim Tomaszewski, Don Lindsey, Jim Clarkson, Ed Verdun, Royanne McNew, Ron Gruener, Ron Miller, Dave Collins, Crow twoi Karen Frye, Karen Perdue, Barbara Kosal, Joyce Forbes, Melynda Bumgarner, Paul Body, John Comfort, Leota Robinson, Pat Domine, Sue Cartwright, Karen Care, Barbara Lampshire, David Bernstein, LaVerne Coleman, lbottom rowl Marilyn Clark, Phil Remus, Steve Adolf, Ethan lrwin, Sue Nielson, Shirley Scarborough, Judy Overholt, Carol McWethy, Diana Peters, Nila Tosto, Sue Weisberger, Sue Bauder. 90 Looking forward to a future in nursing . . . "ls there a doctor in the house?" No, but there is a group of girls known as Fut- ure Nurses. They are in the process of learning and be- . , , 4-nv' coming tomorrow s women in white. They gain experience by working in hospitals during their iunior and senior year. nitiation consists of bowing to u superior. Following his ,Nucl are Linda Smuh and Carolyn Robbins. -I-heir The new uniforms for hospital duty are shown by Miss Rankin and Mrs. Rogers superiors are Norma Snyder and Christine Tallman. lSP0f'S0l'Sl, to Barb Pomer0Yf MUYY Ann McGaffigan and Beverly Morey. 91 vw-f ..-ie... T ' Stepping Stones Hamady House's fountain seems to be the topic of conversation for Mrs. Edna Carlson, house mother, at the club house Floarstean Leon, Brenda Mclntyre, Yvonne Armitage, and Delores points out a Bible passage for Barbara Anthony, Skalicka. Nancy Howard, Rita Weber, and Anna Howard. The Stepping Stone program is designed to teach girls the high standards which are necessary to make them quality women for tomorrow. For two weeks each year the club is in residence at Hamady House, a luxurious residence donated to this Mott Foundation program by Mr. Michael Hamady 'l5 years ago. At Hamady House the girls learn character betterment, the proper method of setting a table, Singing is one of the club's many entertainments at Hamady House. Grouped around the piano are Yvonne Armitage, Dawn Dominy, Brenda Mclntyre, Helen Smith, Betty Dawkins, Diane McAndrew, Delores Skalicka, Nancy Howard, Gloriaiean Granberry, Glena Lewis, Floarstean Leon, Rita Weber, Barbara Anthony, and Miss Mary Penney 92 serving for formal and informal meals and social etiquette for living. The club house has a swimming pool for use in the summer ancl provisions for other entertainment. The club ofticers this year are: president, Diane Mc- Andrew, vice-president, Barbara Anthony, recording secre- tary, Dawn Dominy, and attendance secretary, Paulette Dover, the leader, Mrs. Veva Armitage. Lyn' ,QVQ ...insur- Concentrating their efforts on a iig-saw puzzle are Gloriaiean Granberry, Betty Dawkins, Helen Smith, Dawn Dominy, J V N, 5 , 1 Diane McAndrew, and Glena Lewis fcounselo Red Cross in action . . . The members of the Red Cross Council are kept busy working on their Junior Red Cross Proiects. These proiects include filling a chest for a disaster area, and a school wide enrollment drive. The club sponsors are Mr. Fred Tucker and Mrs. Dorothy Bacon. The officers ofthe Red Cross Council are: Mary Jane Ballreich, secretary, Sandra Harrold, vice president, Mary Heddon, president, and Margaret Percy, treasurer. They are discussing the program for the next meeting. Mr s. Dorothy Bacon Sponsor. Connie Smith and Betty Lanquist are collecting money for the Red Cross Drive from Martha M0SlC2Gk and Marie Malenich. In the background Violet Bailey is working on a poster for the Red Cro ss chest. bv sg., i in K- - s Looking at a Red Cross poster are Madelyn Skalicka, Barbara Hetchler, Mr. Fred Tucker, Bill Stolpin, Sharron Fralick and Ethan Irwin. 93 Our Debaters After four valley tournaments are held, a winner is decided by a point system, which gives first team debates two points, and second and third team debates one point. The Northern de- bate squad has always received a plaque for excellence in debating, re- warding Mr. Richard Heitzner and the debaters for many hours of work. Valley Standings for 1959-60 follow: Pontiac Central-49, Flint Central-47, Flint Northern-43, Arthur Hill -33, Bay , ' City - l2, and Saginaw Eastern - 7. Listening to Joyce Eleades debate are Sharon Whitmire, Barrie Mitchell and Bonnie Donell. Ready tolboard the debate bus leaving for a tournament are Mr. Richard Heitzner, Bonnie Donell, Harlan McGhan, Heather Schwartz, Alfred Adler, and Gregg Dettman. .4 The members of the l959 debate squad are: fstandingl Gregg Dettman, Harlan McGhan, Sharon Mccrqryl John Free, Monique Urbanik, Bill Buehler, Heather Schwartz, Gary Polisky, Judy Odgen, Sharon Whitmire, Joyce Eleades, Barry Mitchell, Judy Martin, Vicki Halbothg lseatedl Argelio Lecea, Alfred Adler, Larry Richards, Cathy Dougan, Sandee Harrold, Rosemary Boros. 94 Future Teachers Every year the Future Teachers plan a worthy proiect. This year they plan- ned to make puppets for the show, "Three Billy Goats Gruft' to be used by Durant-Turui-Mott Class for the blind. Many of their members are cadet teachers. These girls take classes at other schools and observe the tech- niques of the teachers. In this way they find out what grade will interest them most when they are out of college and ready to teach. Examining the fur to be used on the puppets for the Turun Mott Classes are Eileen Parnes, Bonnie Donnell Fisher Della Hansel, Pat Domine and Myra Stephens Q, W "Y E .f to Q .L ff? ixff' L , 4 5.2, Cadet teacher, Pat Cherveny, is handing out Valentines to Andrlana Stamos cadet teacher at Garfield IS helping with Sherry Ward and John Morgan at the first Grade Garfield class the play Hansel and Gretal She IS ty: ng Janet El ston s sash pq'-fy, while Larry Ploucho looks on Science Club Our Science Club is for students interested in the Held of science. The club maintains a scientific library, visits museums and laboratories. CTop picturej Marilyn Lewis, Douglas Harris, Harlan McGhan, and Steve Adolph listen at- tentively while Bill Stolpin explains how the firetly produces chemical light. This project was for the 1959 Science Fair. lt is hand made of styrofoam. CPicture twoj Alfred Adler, Greg Pierce, Ron Joseph, and Joe Joseph look on while Larry Richards demonstrates how the Van de Graft generator causes his hair to stand on end. CPicture threel Douglas Stewart, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Blandin, Dale Blandin, and Steve Schultz watch Don Allison demonstrate the use of the slide rule. CBottom picturel Bob Foster, George Lecea, Nila Campbell, James Tomaszewski, and Barry Mitchell watch Larry Richards and Phil Friedman make a plastic. L- Tennis - Game of Love . . . gl , M . I 'N . --' i ---1, E . ll ll li il 41 U17 li . gf...LI Lf-.. , --- W ' vis .. i ,-. . Q- ' , , . W.- v . " - 1' mf? r . V , , Q- - - k V YQ X 8 'A 0 : Q-4:1 I -O Pat Toole and Connie Smith were runner-ups in the novice division. my 4' fi' 1 - un- 2 1,-'ou bei' 'W s , . be is KF , , ,, 1: e if' K. es-.-M 'S is F' 2 hw? 5' is Donna Cluchey, Mary Ann McGaffigan, and Cathy Manley Gyneth Protsman and take time out for refreshments. Diane Maier were champi0f1S . in the open division. filo i 4' , Q --3' X ' ' .. hs : is A Karen Ketchem and Jeanette Reid were novice champions. Am6, am5s, amat O O O 'i B ' Latin club members try on Roman styles for the Roman banquet. David Borg, Gregory Dettman, and Richard gSamson watch while Susan Neilson, Michele Goldstein, and Mrs. Helen Lincoln assist Joan Stauffacher. Judy Ogden and Linda Warner look with approval at Vickie Hal both's toga. I 97 Hi-Y Our Hi-Y club conducts the T. B. drive, makes Christmas posters, ushers at assemblies, plays the Hi-Y vs. Faculty games, and participates in the Hi-Y tournament. The club is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. and accepts the purpose of the Hi-Y fellowship, which is "Ta create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." The boys must maintain a "C" average and be of good character in order to ioin. The club is made up of eighteen members. The officers are: Gary Lightfoot, Chuck Koch, and Bruce Vick. ftopl Sam Hall, Dewey Nixon, and Dick Pemberton display the posters entitled, "Christmas is Christ's Birthday," made each year by the Hi-Y. They are distributed to local merchants. fmiddlel Terry Rose, George Koufasimis, and Gary Parr count the money collected in the home rooms during the T.B. drive, while Mr. Stewart Mason looks on. T.B. pins are also given out. Kbottoml The senior Hi-Y basketball players proudly display their trophy won in the T959 Hi-Y tournament. They are: Gary Veenhuis, Craig Parr, Tony Smith, Chuck Koch, Bruce Vick, Bob Duvall, and Gary Lightfoot. Girls' Swimming Cathy Manley Synchronized Swimming is a class for expert swimmers. The The Synchronized Swimming Club presented its first full girls are interested in learning stunts, and swimming skills length show for the public this year. This show involved a mini- necessary for portraying different rhythms and moods in the mum of 'IOO hours of work. The students wrote and directed water. lt is comparable to modern dance, but in a different their own numbers. There was a wide variety of music used medium. The class is supplementary to the physical education to prevent monotony, and a wide variety of students and com- program in order to give the more talented girls a challenge bination of swimming strokes. The members ofthe Synchronized Swimming Club are: ftop rowl Linda Rogers, Sandy Ruddell, Kathie Lanckton, Cathy Manley, Janice Knapp, Gail Kribs, Glenda Shaft, Michelle Goldstien, Judy Seniurap lmiddle rowl Sue Campbell, Jackie Jones: Dawn MCD0"10lClr CW'-'l l-009, Cdthy Dougan, Delores LaBean, Roberta Silver: lbottom rowl Pat Morrissett, -lanlce DUVlS0n1 -losle Hflllf Gui' wllll'-1mS, Penny Tegart, Sandy Harris, Connie Hoskey, Dawn Dominy, Rita Baier. 99 l 0 ry -.5 90 Q W gg if ' X t ' ' nf' Undergraduates The undergrads possess a great deal of the spirit at Northern this year. They love being a part of her activities, sharing in her triumphs, and accepting her defeats with the determination to improve. The framework of the Viking ship is formed by the undergrads. Without their support Northern would not be able to carry on her famous tradition of good sportsman- ship. During their first two years at Northern they begin on the road to their future ca- reers, guided by their counselors and teach- ers. They dot their best to help keep her great. F f 1 Ami kbs, Juniors 'uf 'Q ' Mm 5 i i' . f . W, as ' A - XX 1 BMX 't in 1 5 ei? E QQ' at V' N. in ti ' F I '91 , -41" i l' Judy Leiter Treasurer Beverly Abbott Richard Absher Jim Acheff Margaret Adams Sharon Adams Alfred Adler Fred Ager Donald Aldrich Sharon Allen Geraldine Allison William Allison Bill Alquire Ed Ambrose Harold Anderson Sharon Anderson Tommie Jean Anderson Betty Anger Joanna Anger Norman Armstrong Yvonne Armitage Lillian Arnould Michael Arnould Anthony Asaro John Athey Dollie Lee Avart Bonnie Badder Rita Baier Judith Bailie lrene Baker Forrest Baldwin Mary Jane Ballreich Kathy Banacki Carolyn Baxter Shirley Beach . Pamela Bearup Karen Beaulieu June Bell Bonnie Benn Carol Bennett Gary Bennetts Diane Bentley Joe Beres Mervin Goldstein Michele Schulmeister Penny Franks President Vice President Secretary ,Q -. 1, ,V - ' S in - i I fran, iii, I AQ 'Q' 1 .37 .N y Z, sf, Q1 ,1 ' " seess S Aggie e f- , f" - 'wr f MJ- I ""' i 'FAT' I A A H , , y x is in .1,. A I is A - ,I -P tic. M1 Aww 5. . - .. L 4, A If QI K, I A tytoo i if , 1. gi E ,. P6 K I N 3 -K 9 . , M -Mi I 'yawn F " K Q3 Q A 'Q' " J 'if' Z -'-. " ' D 'i z ' J ,sig .,'V' -f i ' J. ' m . I I in H, , li .J A fig . i. 5 , ff - V fs 4, ' I 1 If ' 2 A ' J 'CID W i. I i .5 QQ V. ' -Ai y J v A J A 5 4 - ' ' A -:Q , . sow -- Q ion' 1 ' ww K.. I tw 1 it ' A 'si 3' A 3 i f fi .gt f 1"' if A ig ' '? s 2, V Lg? ,Q Z 1 'N :i,ggf,, gi on-11 RQ - 'T' ,i, A A - A ad ' A fl- ' ' ' ' fx 102 4 .1 i 4 f A My if Ruth Berry Dolly Bickford Jim Black Bill Blackburn Paul Blanchard Judy Bleck Franklin BoBo Paul Body Sally Bolanowski Mattie Bolden Karen Borey Clara Bradley Gary Brady ev 5' ' A ,,,. Karen Bond 'aim F- W Gail Brookey 11 ,gy Patricia Brooks ky . A -... A K Sharlene Brotebeck JV was 4'f- V. ' Q, MV Janice Brown fin' 'ii Q' u -4. Z-gi aus' V Sharon Brown - il -,Q . f. Q . . Larry Brownell ' Q", . in -Y Stan Brunske ' A -A - xf A Warren Buchanan Rick Buckton Melynda Bumgarner Carl Burke Sharon Burnell Arn etta Burroughs Dave Bush Janet Butterfield Dennis Cady Bennie Campbell William Caruh Juanita Carpenter J0l'1n Carter Roberta Castano Ronald Caylor Robert Chambry Gary Chandler Donald Charney Paul Chirgwin Robert Chunn Erlyn Clark Jim Clarkson Richard Cline Ransom Cochran Sanford Cohen Patsy Cole Edward Coleman David Collins Nicholas Contos Robert Coone Vivian Copeland William Cornish Thomas Cosselmon Ted Cragar Sondra Cranston Jack Crawford Ronald Criner Steve Crosby Michael Curvin Gary Davey Greg Davey Joe Davis Phyllis Davis Robert Davis Janice Davison Carolyn Dearmin Mike Delcore Beverly Demler Sharon Demock Gerald Den son Sandralee Dominy Beverly Danes Randolph Dorsey Catherine Dougan Bob Draheim E, evgni -rr ,,,, x Linda Burnham WJ 1 1' 1 K nv K, as Rf. lg.. -A . V hi t , A .4 -A A s-seWGm i V-"9 w i ki 2 CY Y .SAQN , ,. 5:3 ,.. N me x X , A .:?'I'. sr . bb in Iswg i -M L wa S dig 'Q ,-42' 'Z fx i i 3 K 4 C if " Ii 1' EM. is: .L A I 'EL Ki 9 N 7 pl nk vm. 5 x. Q J " 1 . ,gglw i Q ' Ai gl ., -.Q 5: hd,i? ..,' gli A - ge, 'Q yqsa A -"elm" - -, wi ' X fl gf -ie, as C .mg 1 '.. ,JV ,X I i x A'v it muh, i 7 1' ' , .Zz 9 2... h 1 - K 1 ffyaf, 5 r-3 i 4-bf is my -A :if K! , , K 'f f in X C-3 1, 1' lf? 1 ! N x XR E as N 1 1. 4 , 1, gg . , 5 .QM--K Eff so i 9 J 'H X35 ' V- ,fish 5' 6 f BF ,W .., V , 1:1 " , - , . X. "bp .A ' F F it 1 A. 7 'bi if Qt A' 'J 4 Y' 2 ,Q if Aff? wwf in K -lu . , +,., t ve M., . --rf ffl' -V U, .2 NIJ ws 4 M W 'h ff , ,Q , ., -,u is ' i --- -- wgii, ' 'iffkf X ' if' ' JA url N was Q " I it 1: 'A if .f '3 ' ,vs 4 ml 41 gf .: X X -9 .H ,rg Y A- 1' YI- ' ' . . V- R' it A 1 ff' - 5 ' , c ,A 5 " A 4 I 3 grad 2 J yt? C 155 Je Ll ' 4- K ei 3Y5. f' . 4a 1-' .3 Q-3 fi! Keri iS? Aa 1? hh ...ew I 405 ,, I 42,0 F 1' nu- Q., 7 , 9 ' C . ' 4 i wh- if , ' ' h so , 2'- ? , .x' ' ' 5 s 'W 5 X E, ,1 . I I 1' 103 :4 se , lil -1 3 N ra ij in fl qw rf A I 453324 35:5 - L .Qui J nr Vgjx v was J . I Q W 7 ' , ii I ' ' 5... ' ""- .. -as l , . . at .- wx .nl . 9 Q ' K . ,Q , Mary Lou Duffield . . Ml A 'am V, in a L :Nm A - 5 'ig fir . g , , RM .. fi My ra y E x. . Q x N. - X I 5 as f gf .. ' Y fs: ,Za Z, i '- K if H 1' 4 ' g WV K I V zlu ig ,r Y V::: V. is , -f .eg f' ,, Q Q ," N. ,. ,. E Q .P N , K ' : li k,Vk J X , A W Qi I ., V-NV Ji, -i 'iff S ..-- 4 sri ' my .ws V Y' ,,::5gsrg ,fjv J vi., 5 yi , QA , V fe. lv , .,, K , ' -I .V tt an san , "' 'ii' .. . C J ,Nr E sv I , 7 4 , E W' 'B M' ii ' Q EV I H, A A 'L fi" LggL. ff! , l l lr . L ,A:, , .ax ,, y 25:1 'Lf 9' 'S' - r , A , -., V- KQQ ' V g i f I 9 J A-S Q45 K ,5 '7', V ...l Wi in Lfzz i i 0- JA l it V if ,J - rf 5. 1 1. 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Mae Strozir I in Carol Suski N ' L Harry Swank dm' Martha Switzer cy Szarafinski Christine Tallman Pat Taylor Penelope Tegart Herbert Temple 'J Ronald Thalhammer F52 ii"'y' Carole Thomas V,,,'i Lottie Thomas ' V Sam Thornell Doris Tisdale Dorsey Tisdale Joyce Todd A James Tomas J Nancy Toms ri.. Linda Tonks zewski V L i nda Toole Diane Tosto Doug Trevillian ,V-Q. Pennie Tubbs , Phyllis Tu k A 1 JoAnn Troski Q 4 I af- A . 'W l L J i w as X? A E c ey 5 Margaret Turner K Virginia Turner Frances Urban Monique Urbanilc Arthur Vanadia an ormer P in atsy VanWormer , ,1 u Sharon Van Y 5 IJ my F, it . W h ZIV J K Marietta V W .0 v '-,l " H' -is fs sf fe- xp' A Ai K A 191 JI 10 8 Edward Verdun I Gary Vieu Richard Volrath Coby Vondeling A A Gary Wagner 'Q A 1 ' Sandra Wagner .ls ' . . X 5' Martha Watkins I T., 3 Vf James Weatherwax Q ' T 'f X A fl 'y I BeTI'1iCe ! 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F They are fstandingl: Penny Franks, Mervin Goldstein, Tom Hale, Bob Jones ia senior who recently visited Hawaii Gnd is helping theml and Miss Margaret Eggers, counselor. Those seated are: Alice Lattie, Judy Krason, Diane Shaw, Eileen Parnes, Willie Lee Moody, Mickey Schulmei- ster, Judy Leiter, and Connie Moll. R 109 .4 l x X was - -as-f ,, is wrfq Mike Hansen President A 0 fi 9 1 fs . A. ,M , , fix t W.. I M' rf' ' ll 4 ix Q K M ' ug 8.- 2 . E . ET' v , , ik .5 nf f" - "7 X-rw 11 r . , Sophomores Md' J Tk Tom Chirgwin Vice President i n P V - K , - X I in 4, zh -A f ' nfl 1 M I v ,gy xx 5 M33 I :', A as K fri .4 N edgy ' 1,25 ' "' E1 ' r " 25 f " err J gk,-qj x 'I ,. f A ll ,X . lr - - av ' f r .. -- . ik "' A .V -1 y """'. ' ,A 'N an if : f N.. X 2 1. z . A9 K rw Q? M - f amine 5 Lama? .' 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I s, A i Befw Bodis ,E Pat Bohl A T D Chester Booth David Borg Q3 Rosemary Boros 5 r 'W David Bower it Patrick Brewer . f,f Mary Jo Bridgman 110 Marianne Brohn Charles Broussard Camille Brown Cheryl Brown Larry Brug Garry Bundy Carol Burgess James Burgess Bob Burrus Ron Calhoun Pamela Campbell Susan Campbell Karen Care Elden Carlson Dorothy Carr Linda Carter Susan Cartwright Bob Casciano Ernest Case Jerry Cassels y-6 on i Q-is ,W if is Q f at ,. RN, it N A5 li 8 , -wb S if 1 'ls t Nancy Champagne fl Kathy Chandler Noreen Channels Sue Chema Shirley Childs Tom Chirgwin Charles Clapp Huetta Clark Claudette Cleoves Jim Clementz Richard Clodfelter Phyllis Cloud Doris Cobbins Carol Cochran Raymond Cochran Sherylanne Colborne Robert Coleman Berdan Conner Bill Conway Carole Cooper Annette Cornish Dan Cousineau Sylvia Cox William Crafton Brenda Crawford Jim Crawford Vida Cream David Crist LuAnna Cross Pat Cross Corinna Crump Lucille Cummings Jim Curtis Ann Cutler Georgia Daniel s Belinda Darby Antianette Davis Charles Davis Henrietta Davis Betty Dawkins Sandra Deepe Earnestine Delaney Frances Delaney Willie Dent Gregory Dettman Mike Devantier Betty Dew Ruth Dockham Ola Dodds Dawn Dom iny Q s X vw . Y nf mi R 4? , .. N -3 5 wg fi" fl' na- 41 eff J f A I f ,Z 5 . ta Q' V Mg ,,, . ...a U. f g,. . TSR 5 4 WY Til? Jlfzff, . , i . V A 'aff is fx D . 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Carolyn Duke Q -A A lu V ' Claudia Eastman L 1 1 iy' I Rodney Eaton Rosie Echols V VV V William Eddinger J V M ' F V . s V ' Glenda Edington gg -of S K 'VL S L V 'F Rosalind Elbert VV fell J J l f' S Ken Elder 1 F Li . N 1 Robert Elder 4 A J V 'V Carol Elliott James Elston V V - V Tim Engstrom Q Ci Q A Woody Etherly .fig ,Q V Tom Evans . gn, I N, ' 22 V , ,. J -'V ,- Mary Falrley I izi S Roseanne Filpansick if l ffl D 'ijfsg' ,,.L Earl Fisher F VV V VV Joyce Fittante .45 -"ii, ,.. S V Thelma Flynn V S. VV ,EY VV: V V Joyce VForbes ig VA V 1, VV .H fe, ' ' V, VV V V , Ruthie Ford Aii" L7 ei? ' ixli WV VVV.L'v VL ' V Sherry Ford A ' izyi ziii, W I G , I Q V Anita Foster 1 tx , Sharron Fralick Mary Fras M " - ' Ronald French l V"' V Glenda Frye ,. ' 3 'ng tVT' y Pam Galbraith J -me ' -- 'f ' Ruth Gam ble ' S wr V 1 ' V Carol Gan ske Ns . 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H, as Barbara Morrrs is "qt Rita Moss 1, Tecl Mott I Dianne Muir V Sue Murray it 1 7 y Debera Mu se y,,, , rr V i 2 ' QL A A 75 Albert Mye,S ,L 4-I yuh ,- I ' .ag f .L W 'I aw. - , H-.i Karen Nagel 9' "1-- KAXZ df i -H V .Av ff Q ' ai . - . 5' A Li PC'5qU0ll'10 Ndso fl . A ga . en M- ' J'mmY Nelson 114 Larry Nelson Lynette Nelson Rodger Newbold April Newby Richard Newton Susan Nielson Paul Niziol Joann Norton McArthur Nuness Kendell Oaks Richard Oaks Judy Ogden Michelle Ondocsin Bill Orosz Judy Overholt I Jim Paavola Carolyn Park McArthur Parks Gary Parr Steve Pastiva Magdalene Pattersor Marcia Peck John Pele Karen Perdue Diana Peters Marion Peters Dave Pfeifer Michael Phelps Kathryn Pickett Gregory Pierce Gary Pipock ' Sally Plamondon Betty Powell Joann Powell Lynn Powell Linda Prause Robert Pribble Mary Price Kathleen Pritchard Gerald Provost Jane Purcell Michelle Ragland Rosalie Ramm Sharon Randolph James Ratliff Robert Rayburn Wayne Raymond Barry Reade Willie Reed James Reid Jules Reynert Herbert Reynolds Sharon Reynolds Edna Rhone Judy Rhyndress Deborah Richardson June Richardson Phyllis Riskin Phoebe Robbs Russell Roberson Geraldine Roberts Yvonne Roberts Jerry Robinson Clint Rogers Judy Rogers Dennis Root Myrtle Rorie Vickie Roush Mary Routhier Maxine Rowland - , L Y H no ,,. i Qi fn L y Q M, ,A 0 a K fx " ' " : .-f .. 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C S 'Q . , I ml, is "V- 55'- A 'PTY l S , fn. f 1- nv v fl ' ,fm N Q 5 J, Q R fa Q f " , ' Q in 'A mg '13 xi Q qi su, Al. ,fi m, .. S C ,Q ,K C my Q ,,A, T y J s vu 4 --4 7 ,, 76 ,LW . 2 Ja -A ,A ' , wi- s Wm swam l v "' X-. I 'X .M Q .s flffujkfl- , KA, Q ' K E 1, K ,.., ' T 1 , v J f ' ' ,,.. ,-9 , . - S3 , V ,. jf . , KLAL 6 V , My , t , Spd' Ye f X, F N5 y A ,wr M ,, J ,, A l 1 'fn Q3 ' C gg.. C tr 4 K ff .., ,- b R M 1 7 C if E ,ks ' -. fx ea 550.7 1 f"fhf-My as X Ein ,f I 1 r" f . 1 S 1 in Q 35 'SW . if . ' .K 'Ci' T 2 J W J tx " i f ' l 4 Q H 'A - - Q , sf . A M - A 1 . ,.,. -9 V . Jn ,. .i eg- Ns .J i N K -5" , - - A n vw 'k .fav .3 , wg V b I we I S l 1 ' ' Jim Ruppel William Salerno Sylvia Samson Carole Sawyer Jan Schreiber Steven Schultz Mary Jo Schwartz David Scott Beverly Scribner John Secco Jerry Seniura Sharon Sepsie Janice Severin Rachel le Shank Albert Sharp Larry Sharsten Jim Shedd Charles Shemes Dave Sheofsky Marsha Shieck Janis Shipyor Roberta Silver Bobby Simbler Bob Sinkler Tom Sizemore Madelyn Skalicka Katheryn Skym Levi Slavik Cheryl Smirnoff Cynthia Smith Dorothy Smith Franchon Smith Helen Smith Helen Smith John Smith 45? x nn- 5 If: 2 NUTS' , W5 fitj .21 . fi?" 1 r iw y S fm -.. S X N 3 ' K . f 1, A .1 J QL Ab ji lrle is 'L .,., ' , ki K " Y ',., ,R -fl " ami. rv my -J 1 ' --..4, 1 16 La Merle Smith Herbert Sobey Jim Sommers Richard Spach Burlin Speaks Tom Spencer Patricia Spidie Linda Stacey Sue Stauffacher Frances Stearns Frances Stefaniak Mariory Steinbauer Hugh Stelter Cheryl Stephens Sandra Lee Stevens Troy Stewart Jo Anne Stinson Denver Stocker Judie Stovall James Straka Mary Stubbs Carol Swanson Ron Swartz Donald Sweet A Jacqueline Tate Thomas Tate Linda Tatum ,ff i as . W if Jean Taylor Janice Terrell Alan Thiese Lou Ann Thomason Alvenia Thompson Sherron Thorne Jack Thorpe Sharon Todd A fx Jack To sto Nilu Tosto Carol Townsend ' A V to " Annie Tramrriel A ,X 0, kg ,L Q' 'nf .4 f- 1 1 Martin Trulillo - 1 1 -is a , , ' ,1- U 1 ' ' 1' A .M . . Carol VanAlstme E' x G? H H, f 51, ' Lionel Verdun W Q N lyfa fb 1 A , 4' -- -vii-' Eva Villarreal Wiley Viverette Judy Voakes . Charles VonLandeghem " V 'A A R if Linda Warner i ' ,, 'rf S --X th i il ' Mary Warner Q 9 ' 'kj' r -6 if ' , V - Loretta Washington X 'A lik ' sr. 7 Q4 Spence Watson - Carole Webb K Katie Webb ' 1. , I , J Carol Weisberger fi, J Sinai" V ,gs E' A ,M 'gs :R- Wanda Wesenick ' A, .Qi . M , V V, Gretchen Westervelt is ' M N , ' qw J d W . Q W i A U Y esmvel' In 1. Ili . 1 Phil Weston Larry Wiebeck A " W Dennis Wilcox L ,Q ' K ' 11711 Ann Williams W r V f N gifs Ai 'QQ i'v?'f 1 ,gh "' . ': ,Y .6 , . l r ci I fd 1 Fleming Williams -+-- , sc, Q A I Y' L- xx Gary Williams l ' I Emmett Willingham i J ..,. af, -A :vu A Zh K 'J Kennett Wilson Judy Wirsing 5 K W X V A Charles Wiseman Q . ' D K, - L , 5 S ,. Q, Gloria Wolfe El "" ' 1 4921 1 IQ' 'au K ., Patricia Woodard fl Roxanne Worges Ta .k A Joseph Wright I' ,g,....' EK 1 A if l John Yakin I ,jx g Sheryl Yonan ' Q il l 2 i.,: ' 'rg -1 Dan York v N ' fu, "" ,N ti Donald Young , N Ni , ' ' W ae, , . . Ellen Young at ' f G' " Evelyn Young . ' ' Y "N Suzanne Zedo 1 Julie Ziaya Carol Zimmer ' I ' 15" . 3 f .- Busy making decorations for the annual, spring, sopho- more donce are the class officers and Student Council Representatives. They are: Carol Weisberger, Janice Severin, Tom Chirgwin, Peggy McMurray, Michele Goldstein, JoAnne Stinson, Mike Hansen, Linda Warner, and Mary Stubbs. 117 If fi - V MJ' ,J L of , r 4 if fffycq 6'7'bL' fQf"fMQ,ff"'Lr 0' A 4 0 f 1' V,-P i v 1 Q Enfl L4 7 , f , V47 ' , My Qlvwf V7, I fu, I7 I tiff, JVLX fl MQ! 1 7 LJ! if of Q i H ' J , , ' J of LW 'cvs ff , f 1, N - f -X Q!! , , ,I f ,I ly C fy LW in it ' "' It .x IIA o , l ,. Lf !! ' V s 5 ., RF, 1 Q l fi Us QM , K !V Cl , - 'D 4, L ,,AA ,A .V 6, fx ll L L " .71 5 il A . if ' 'Q EV J l. r XDXI J HJ' c ff f l5,,7L', Athletics Good sportsmanship along with fine ideals is the banner of the good Viking Ship. Throughout the years Northern's have been high ranking and honored teams in the Saginaw Valley. The purpose of sports at Northern is to build physical fitness and character in her athletes. Successful in many contests, Northern has upheld its rich tradition of sportsmanship and clean play, and has improved its sports program in variety and caliber. .X ,oe Q1 If The co-captains of this year's Cross Country Varsity Team are Levi March and Larry Ervin. lag. Cross Countr Head Coach Norbert Badar Northern's 1959 Varsity Cross-Country Squad finished the season with an excellent record of five wins and one loss. The Vikings were also City Champions and Valley Runners-up, narrow- ly missing the crown by one point. Coach Badar feels that the '59 squad is among Northern's all time best. "lt was without question the hardest working team, with the fewest complaints of any squad that I have ever coached," commented Coach Badar. The Cross Country Reserve Team also had a very good season. Having lost two out of their first three meets, the reserve team went on to take the Valley Championship, with a record of six wins and two losses. Bob Chunn and Don Keely were elected Co-Captains for the 1960 squad. Excellent condition, a pair of strong legs, and the "Nth" degree of endurance are only a few of the nec essary requirements for a top performing cross country team. Listening to coach Badar are the members ofthe Varsity Cross Country Team: Larry Ervin, Chuck Swartz, Fred Grass, Donald Keely, Benny Cooper, Jerome Moore and Levi March. 120 Varsity Schedule Northern 30 Arthur Hill 37 Saginaw 65 Noffhefn 20 BOY City Central 42 Northern 21 Arthur Hill 39 Northern 22 Midland 37 Northern 35 Southwestern 36 Central 51 Northern 31 Pontiac 24 Valley-Northern second with 63 points. Pontiac - 'winner with 62 paints. Regional fourth place for Northern out of 15 schools with 125 points. .I V The l959 Cross'Country City Meet is about to begin as Bruce Jacobs is ready to fire the starting gun. Inset: Northern s im Cooper races across the finish line as Bruce Jacobs points him out to the officials. U ,L len. A Members ofthe J. V. Cross Country Team are: fstandingi Bob Chunn, Dave Mungall, Dennis Wilcox, Jim Nichols, Charles Moore, and Coach Bentley, fkneelingl Bob Coleman, Bruce Gonyea, Steve Adolf, Larry Williams, Don Young. 121 Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Valley C 5 wins 1 ' N fir 'vs :V ,,,,,ry' bg if" 'I ' .5 5' ' if A .ay ,ij f 1' ff Y v Junior Varsity Schedule 37 I5 29 17 49 21 24 Arthur Hill Bay City Central Arthur Hill Midland Central Southwestern Pontiac New Lothrop hampions first place with 28 points 2 losses I PENN gi 2 e .41 A The T959 co-captains are: fkneelingi Vic Urick, quarterback, fstanclingi Jim Hodo, halfback. Football at Northern O O 9 Under the direction of Head Coach Andy McDonald, the 1959 Varsity Football Squad led Northern High to many of its fine and surprising victories of the season. The Vik- ings opened the football season with a stun- ning victory of 55-0 over Chicago Farragut. Northern then dropped its two following games to out-of-state Toledo Devilbiss 26-7 and Flint Southwestern 6-O. The Vikings then went on to capture many outstanding victor- HU' S ies by beating Saginaw 34-7, Muskegon 28- 18, Pontiac Central 19-O, Arthur Hill 26-6, and tough Bay City Central team T9-7. Northern then dropped its T959 Annual Thanksgiving Day Game to Flint Central 28- 7. At the end of the season Northern High Andt' MacDonald placed third in the state and earned a share H d C h in the Saginaw Valley Title. .. Qsfgkw A ' eo occ f Pi Iv, 7! V' , L, all f' ,lf ' f' X f i y ,. N ,f Q f fi j f , V. y, . 6 l ff' y 4056- 7 A fjfbfldv gf! AWS' slimy' Vyg a ny my 1 ' Y fed t 5 , 57 ,30 mt ,s 34 l lli JN V Iggy 'ggi if ,Q 31 43 93 '75--'1' Q "Ml-Xi 2' The members of Northern's T959 Football Varsity Team are: ltop rowi Bernard Paul, Vernon Walls, Dick Shedd, Jim Reid, Carl Harris, Jerry Horcha, Tom Pintacura, Maurice Pea, Ray Brown, Gus Talbert, W.C. Washington, Marvin Rettenmund, ir0w tw0l Craig Nourse, Jim Mawdsley, Alfred Owens, Warren Copeland, Chuck Nagy, Jim Livingston, Bob Pate, J.B. El zy, Willie Gates, Arnold Smiley, Jim Riuttug lbottom rowl Hue Edwards, Pat Ogden, .Harvey Sanders, Jerry Wright, Jim Hodo, ViC Urick, Roger Dunn, Don Anderson, Frank Glover, Leroy McFadden. 123 ftopl N0rthern's Jim Hodo pushes a Southwestern player out of his way to enable him to gain extra yard- age. fmiddle leftl N0rthern's Hue Edwards C225 goes into the end zone for a touchdown in the Toledo Devilbiss game. lmiddle rightlN0rtl'1ern's Jim Hodo 1291 stiff arms one of Chicago Farragut's players which enables him to make one ofthe many touchdowns ofthe game. fbottaml Northern's Jim Mawdsley f56l throws a block against a Chicago Farragut player to enable Arnold Smiley Mol to breolc into the end zone for a touchdown. fcenterl Jim Hodo moves a Central player out of Arnold Smiley's MOD way which enables him to gain valuable yardage in the Turkey Day Game. f., X 1: - 'SX' , Y M s J sc 9 5. 2578: ,.,4ne,,pai"'g-ms4l:" TK 0' J fm 'W ZEN, 'ii' wg .fin-.W 5 fir "4 I L, 8.4 . " .."- 11" K' . ' V4 f - -V 1 r .. . . .. 6 . . e. Q D! K Q , J Ir- 'Cf' , . U A A , rl A -L .s,., N, mgqtamg. 8 M 3' ,sg I. xx 'I kj, .Q,-1uq?v"""' Q. ay Cwzk ,:,.. N l , ..lf'7., "rf" ..w.:w'- - 1 1- 'g WE, H5 is ., L Q, ,I ., h . - 'eel-,,' ,, , - . ' .. iilww?-:kiwi Mya A .. aa' . - "':, A H rw uh, ,S w. lu-3" 3' in . M JI F- 'f if wiv" . -ii-F147 '5w,-e , , 9 E XI 'fi fbelowl After receiving a pass, Harvey Sanders 16:0 begins run- 'ff' lm- . wg, ning towards Central's end zone M as Central's Dennis Lang H10 af"".,,, attempts to tackle him. 5 R 4 fi 5? Wm . Av 3 f -rr+0"i" A . .X,1 f...r awk ff lmfelllb . V P wyn- ..,'x I v"'4 Central's Nate Henderson M01 fries fo slap Arnold Smiley from going into the end zone for a Northern touchdown. The referee is shown giving the sign that means Arnold Smiley has gone into the end zone for o Viking touchdown. gloves. gre-fwgvg 'W' ,,r,,. .,iM" -i-. 1-, 'N 'ii 'Y . .. . v'sM ppl' 'SLFW w0"'rf ,,,p-K K' ' Q V -.Q .. .,-. 1 . ,zu 'hf' f ' 15 r ': . .4 4 4 in ug. L 6 e A -na ef W S". Q Wg ,Q O Y' ' ' wr F' W Y , nrt' ' , W , , . .4 J iwiisl - 5 fi' 'W , ,. A. ' - -- wt - H at V -- , X A tw f ll 3 Q f ii? i ' 1' x, A nf' Q p 'i" " A ""f- f Q: S 'zz 2 if .0 we ' A zfi .. . 1 ,, -, My 'ny b a k? - ',.-. i LA M vfr H , , L ' if S 'ii iflgliwi' , 6 WW' + , Dj?" ".: ' ' f., ., 23" r S 72 i f S1 7 it i l' L " ' rl"M- 'iimf A 4' if' 'K W m.:,. ,- it yt.. Ls. ,,d,g,g'H ff , Q ' I Q 'kh 1L ' i WSW- lat it . 'sf X L' iiao is V , A , w W 4 W or . v - H, Q.. it Northern Quarterback Vic Urick C391 Arnold Smiley throws a tremendous block for Northern's Jim Hodo 129, attempts a pass to end, Harvey Sanders, which enables him to gain valuable yardage. 9 . an sk K wks gr 'Q F' tv an :,l 3? I . A 1 , e i irxw ,fp H ..!'?"'Zy- S it -ft V' v 3 1,-L L51 f r Q fu" G , iw. "W e 1 his ite z ' wana N xy ' fi " ' or ul - . I I N ' ' N3 V u X .K is .s 'li ' . V b E L A 1, . V' W S . 1fx' Quarterback Vic Urick f39l hands off the ball to Arnold Smiley as he finds ' , x . ,. a hole in Centrol's line with the help of o block from Horcha ' . WF X f -Y ' ld""- -Q ' X T Z.. 5 V " wi a a.a'-'- 'W -9' ' ,, in , ,, f, 4,..-P xs r ireo r , , , . . lb- -fm,-.yin-4' Sf 5 It X ,. as ' 44 --'A W -. A 'Wi lf' .. X . L , , S ' L1 an , R' K -, Li ,, - -va' , . 'Wife- N "1 ff' , " ' -f an ' K is ' 'A ,, 5 A -- M i , gf' WWA". ' Q, f ' ' .ap- wi' 0. '-I I he ,, -' Iv . ff -rf fa lee V S in X V he i'i.J'.4i5Qq ' A rw - . :,,.',, , End, Harvey Sanders C641 grabs the pass from Quarterback, Vic Urick, to set up a Viking touchdown, as Tom Dancy C215 comes in to corner him for Flint Central. ef M Jim Hodo 1291 begins his run toward X 1 fy Q- Central's end zone as Flint Central's H41 ' ' Dennis Lang prepares to tackle him. 126 Q Our Coaches T .X E fi, ' iff if M X F Coach Bill Adams Coach Jim Creamer Coach Burt JOCkSOr1 C0GCl1 Ed KYUPU Varsity Schedule Northern 55 Chicago Farragut O Northern 7 Toledo DeVilbliss 26 Northern O Flint Southwestern 6 Northern 34 Northern 28 Northern 19 Northern 26 Northern 19 Northern 7 Saginaw 7 Muskegon 18 Pontiac Central 0 Arthur Hill 6 Bay City Central 7 Flint Central 28 JUNIOR VARSITY The J.V.'s started off well by winning their first three games. They ran into some trouble and lost their next two games but overcame these errors and won their last three games. They have done very well under their excellent Junior Varsity Schedule Bay City Handy 12 Flint Southwestern 0 Flint Central 20 Saginaw I4 Pontiac 7 Arthur Hill I2 Flint Southwestern 0 Bay City Central 31 Northern 13 Northern 35 Northern 12 Northern 'I9 Northern 6 Northern 20 N orthern 28 N orthern 32 coaching staff and head coach, Mr. Jackson. Many of the J.V. players will advance to the Varsity team next year after having shown ability this season. The spirit of good sports- manship is displayed in all their games carrying on the Viking tradition. Northern is very proud of their 6-2 record. +51 The members of Northern's 1959 Junior Varsity Team are: itop rowi Mike Hansen, Steve Schaeffer, Mike Phelps, Jerry Seniura, Lucien Scott, John Adams, Clint Rogers, Walt Monroe, Tom Forgie, Jerry Spagnolly, Wayne Raymond, Robert Simblar, Tom Montgomery, lrow three, Phil Weston, Earl Fisher, Spencer Watson, Glen Hicks, Charles Broussard, Ted Crager, Woody Etherly, Tom Ponder, Ed Johnson, Bob Draheim, Rod Holbrook, frow twoi Wiley Viverette, Jim Hodge, Joe Wright, Don Holenbough, Jules Rainer, Chester Booth, Jim Straka, Al Shephard, Emmett Willingham, Ron Miller, Kbottom rowi William Collins, George Jones, Bill Sage, Jim Paavalo, Willie Dent, John Pelc, Elzin Henry, James Cowson. 127 Northern's l959 football squad attend the Thirty'Second Annual Football Banquet with their fathers. Coach Andy MacDonald hands quarterback, Jerry Wright, his se P .l At Northern's Thirty-Second Football Banquet fullback J.B. cond varsity football letter at the Football Bflnquef' Northern's halfback, Jim Hodo receives his third varsity Elzy receives his varsity letter from Coach Andy MacDonald. f00flJGll letter from Coach Andy MacDOf1Gld- 128 QD' we N Shown here is the captain of the April baseball team of 1960, Harvey Sanders, at home plate waiting for the pitch. Last year's 1959 baseball team had a very prosper- ous season, finishing City Champions and placing second Baseball wr, ' C M H ..,.. Gig' 2 it ,,-is 'ff' 'X Coach Jim Creamer Coach Bill Adams Baseball Schedule Kearsley May 2 Arthur Hill Kearsley 5 Arthur Hill Cranbrook 9 Pontiac Central Saginaw 12 Pontiac Central Lansing Sexton 16 Southwestern Saginaw 19 Southwestern Port Huron lD.H,i 23 Central Bay City Central 26 Central Bay City Central June 2 Cranbrook in the Valley. Coach Bill Adams is hoping to move up in the 1960 SGUSOI1. The 1960 Varsity Baseball Team members are: ltop rowl Don Niziol, Bob Jones, Ray Moore, Gary Locke, Garry Veenhuis and Jerry Spagnollyg lmiddle rowl Bruce Hewitt, Jim Straka, Roscoe Mitchell, Charles Harris, Jerry Horcha, Frank Bobo, and Nick Weyckerg lbottom rowl Stu Washburn, Craig Nourse, Harvey Sanders, Coach Adams, Bob Piotraczk, Marv Rettenmund, and Ron Jackson. 129 1 i t ,,- 17 55 5 1 S4'y1',, rt 152 wicks. A3 :wx . up MAG, 3. li7m2'35"'zff5w:4:2,, A P .,'frm.- my ,,g5.m-3 1, - 3 f. vw?" 1, talk' jgsgw Q Six members of Northern's 1960 Varsity baseball infield are: Nick Weycker, Bruce Hewitt, Harvey , Sanders, Stewart Washburn, Marv Rettenmund and Ron Jackson. The 1960 Varsity Baseball team's starting line-up is: Craig Norse, CF: ROD Jackson, SSI HUYVGY Sanders, 1B1 Bob Piotraczk, RF, Gary Locke, LF: Frank Bobo, C: Marv Rettenmund, QB: Gary Veenhuis, Pg Stewart Wasburn, 3B. Four members of Northern's 1960 Varsity Baseball The members of Northern's pitching staff for this year are: Don team spell out the year 1960. Niziol, Ray Moore, Gary Locke, Gary Veenhuis and Jerry Spagnolly 130 Three catching candidates forthe 1960 season are, Frank Bobo, Bob Jones and James Straka. Safe! Hqrvey Sanders HU crosses first base as one Of Flint Central's players is lying on the ground wondering what happened. Coach Adams looks over the new batting helmet with the four returning letterman who are, Captain Harvey Sanders, Ron Jackson, Bob Piotraczk and Marv Rettenmund. , 34" f.xl.ff. R K sgllfyl V Q' Mfg' RIA 9 el if fl ' 1 li f N Ylllf S Af, 5 9 A nhl' x J 'Tr The members of the 1960 Junior Varsity Baseball Team are: ftop rowJ Thomas Hale, Thomas Forgie, John Jantzen, John Pelc, Tom Evans, Clint Rogers, James Livingston, Jerry Seniura, Gary Sellers, Keith McKnight and Michael Phelps: fmiddle rowl Bill Canway, Mike Deyanter, Willie Colabin, George Koufasimis, William Edinger, Roy Prescott, Bill Chileuth and Gary View, ffront rowj Tom Sartor, Larry Brownell, David Lonsbury, Julian Castleberry, Dick Mitchell, Don Hollenbaugh, Gary Brady, Ron Miller and Coach Jim Creamer. 131 Varsity Basketball Schedule Northern .... 52 Port Huron ------ 35 Northern .... 48 Lansing Sexton . . . 53 Northern .... 53 Saginaw -------- 54 Northern .... 42 Flint Southwestern . 39 B a S k b a I I Northern .... 55 Arthur Hill ...... 46 Northern .... 61 Flint Central .-.- 51 Northern .... 44 Pontiac .... .... 5 6 Northern .... 65 Bay City Central . - 39 Northern .... 47 Flint Southwestern . 30 Northern .... 65 Saginaw -------- 52 Northern .... 54 Flint Cenfrdl ----- 52 Northern .... 58 Arthur Hill ...... 42 Northern .... 60 Pontiac -------- 72 Northern .... 51 Bay City Central . . 36 District Northern .... 53 Owasso - - ' ' 68 Chosen the most valuable player The T959-60 Basketball Team chose was Gene Summers. Gary Locke as their honorary captain. Coach Jack Marlette The 1959-60 Varsity Basketball Team completed the season with o good record, winning nine and losing six. They won the City Championship by beating South- western and Central twice each. The Viking Cagers took second place in the Saginaw Valley Con- ference. ,M if - isa? The Varsity Basketball members for the 1959-60 season are, fback row1 Gary Locke,Ernie Carr, Charles Haynes, Gene Summers, Ken Lotz and Harvey Sanders, ffront rowi Coach Marlette, Vic Urick, Stan Brunske, Jerry Wright and Ron Jackson. 132 Couch Jack Marlette explains a few practice drills to his four returning lettermen, Vic Uriclc, Gary Locke, Gene Summers ond Harvey Sanders. Here Jerry Wright is shown dribbling HI, looks good fo mo," says Ken Lofz down 'he Co'-'rl' os he goes up for c hook shot. 133 Gary Locke l32l tries desperately for the rebound as Saginaw's Jerry Tillman f32l grabs it from the backboard. Northern went on to win the game 65 to 52. Viking Cager Vic Urick U21 has Pontiac's Jacobson ISD and Broughton faked out as he goes for two points. Central's Cloyce Dickerson Q05 and Northern's Ernie Carr f34l fight to gain possession ofthe ball as Central's Bob Hudson ll5l stands by to aid Dickerson in the second clash between the Vikings and Indians. Viking Cager Vic Urick H21 goes in for two points as Saginaw's Jacobson 1155 goes along, while Thompson 1231 and Broughton close in for the rebound. There it goesl As the wild scramble for the ball begins, Pontiac's Bill Hayward HU and Bill Pritchard 1251 and Northern's Ernie Carr C340 and Sfurl Brunske C301 watch the ball sail fhrough the air. Viking Cager Vic Urick grabs the re- bound and is ready to pass fo teammaie Sfdn Brunske l3U as Flint Central's Jim Copeland C141 fries to cover him. Ron Jackson appears fo move foward his goal. Saginaw's Jerry Tillman C321 grabs the rebound off the backboard as Nor'fhern's Gene Summers M01 and Ernie Carr i310 come in to cover. Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern N orth ern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern . . Basketball N Schedule Port Huron 37 Lansing Sexton 32 Saginaw 60 Southwestern 54 Arthur Hill 58 Central 52 Pontiac 38 Bay City Central 36 Southwestern 47 Saginaw 49 Central 54 Arthur Hill 40 Pontiac 57 Bay City Central 39 Coach Ed Krupa The J.V. Basketball Team finished their season as Saginaw Valley Champions with eleven wins and three losses. The J. V.'s lost their first two games but returned with great spirit to come up with two five-game winning streaks interrupted by only one other loss. 1 The members the J. V. team are: lstandingl manager Wayne Raymond, Warren Buchanan, Merv Goldstein, Freddy Bridges, Bill Sage, Terry Rose, manager Jim Livingston, and Coach Ed Krupa: ikfleelingi Steve 5Cl'10effer.Ed Johnson, L'arry Collins, Ron Calhoun, Ray Brown, and John KirkP0ffiCk' 137' Receiving the John Barrett Trophy is Northern's CGPf0il'h Warren Copeland. The trophy is given to the team who wins the city championship by Mr- Barrett. This is the fifth season Northern has received the trophy. ln addition to winning the city championship with 58 of 60 possible points, the Varsity Wrestling Team completed a fine season with seven wins, two losses, and one tie. The members of the 1959-60 Varsity Wrestling team are: lstandingl Tom Jenkins, Emmett Willingham, Leroy Pratt, Bobbie Pate, Willie Dent, Warren Copeland, and Willie Cox, fkneelingl Jerry Littell, Lloyd Jones, Nick Weycker, Bill Lurvey, Wiley Viverette, Thomas Craig. 138 Wrestling Coach Ron Hauglie Coach Francis Bentley Wrestling Schedule Valley Position-- Third City Champions C5th consecutive yearl Northern 58-- Central 32 Southwestern 6 Dual Meet Record Ann Arbor 36 Northern 40 Bay City Handy31 Northern 47 Northern 30 Northern 28 Northern 40 Northern 31 Northern 30 Northern 24 Northern i6 Southwestern 6 Northem 13 Central 3 Davison 14 Port Huron 13 Central 8 Southwestern 'I2 Pontiac Central 13 Bay City Central 24 Viking matman, Tom Jenkins ftopj, has a Flint Nick Weycker, Viking matman, ltop has a Flint Central man Central opponent in a crosslocke iust a few seconds downed Northern s Varsity Wrestling squad went on to win by a large before he pinned him. Warren Copeland, Viking wrestler, ltopl has Flint Leroy Pratt, Viking wrestler, has a Flint Central man bridging from Central's man near a pin . a r The Reserve Wrestling Team members far the 'I959-60 season are: lback rowl Jim wilson, Charles Broussard, Ed Coleman, Rodney Brown, Willis Henry, Dave Williams, Lester Thomas, lmiddle rowl Philip Kimble Bob Myers, James Partlow, Ron Criner, Thomas Montgomery, Ray Cochran, lfront YOWJ Woody Etlnerly, Leroy C0llil'IS, Joe Morgan, Terry Cassels, Paul Henderson, Tom McCroy, George Kirby. Shown here receiving the Hilmer Olson Trophy are the co-captains of the l959-60 varsity swimming team, Bill Shultis and They received the trophy from Mr. Hilmer Olson who pr new trophy for the first time. Coach Fred Crawford's 1959-60 varsity swimming team had one of its best seasons. Under the drilling and hard practice of an excellent coaching staff, the Viking Tankers were able to score many surprising upsets of the season. Northern High placed first in the city meet by defeating Flint Southwestern 56-34. This is the first year that theiViking Tankers have ever received the Hilmer Olson Trophy. The Viking J.V. swimming team won 'I'l straight games without one loss. Gary Robinson. esented this Swimming Coach Crawford Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Varsity Swimming Schedule .71 Fourth Place . 60 . 76 . 28 . 56 . 44 ...58 . 56 . 68 . 56 First . 55 . 56 . 37 Fifth First Place Place Place Pontiac Northern . Arthur Hill Relays Saginaw Eastern . Flint Soutwestern Arthur Hill . . . Flint Central . . Pontiac Central . . Bay City Central . Saginaw Eastern . . Arthur Hill . . . Flint Southwestern - City Meet Pontiac Central . . Flint Central . . . Bay City Central . . Saginaw Valley Meet Non-grad City Meet The members of the l959-60 varsity swimming team are: ftop rowl Carl Raymond, Forrest Baldwin, Ron Grunier, John Carter, John Green, Gary Parr, Dick Mitchell and Jock Matsko, frow twol Jack Crawford, Tom Macksood, Darrell Prath, Paul Chirguin, Bill Carah, Carl Burke, Mike Whalen, Charles Koch, Tim Shedd and Bill Alguire, lrow onel Tim Weatherwax, Gary Lightfoot, Ed Ambrose, Terry Richards, Terry Hatl, Dick Shedd, Gary Gallroith, Terry Figley and Bob Pribble. The co-captains are Bill Shultis and Gary Robinson. Mike Allan, Dan Macko, James Stevaus, 140 T Jack Crawford one of Northern's varsity Butterfly Carl Burke who broke many records with swimmers is shown here demonstrating the stroke that l'YlS much perfected baclvstroke is shown here won him a spot on the 1959-60 varsity swimming team. waiting for the starting gun. "Come on in Coach, the water's fine." This is what the boys on the 1959-60 Varsity Swimming Team said to Coach Crawford at the end of the City Swim Meet, as they threw him in the pool. Northern took first place in the meet be Sl"0Wf1 is the start of one ofthe events in the i959-60 city swim meet in which Northern won the Hilmer Olsen Trophy- 141 g5X,TlT'I' 1 rrunnn ll 19 r rbnmn Coach Fred Crawford T Track Track Schedule Norm Badar Jan. 30 Michigan AAU Ann Arbor March 27 Huron Relays Ypgilqnfi April 5 Arthur Hers Shown here are 'he Co-Captains of the IZ srthufr l'mllRlnIvitationals M: Pleasant T960 Track Team. They are J.B. Elzy and fms le ,e nys, T ere James Hodo. I9 Clty Championship There 22 Pontiac There 26 Saginaw Here The 1959 Track Team finished second in the state and 30 Arthur Hill Relays There third in the Valley. Northern lost only one dual meet and won M07 6 Vf'll.eY 509if1GW four. They were the only team in the state to defeat our cross 14 Regmnal Ann Arbo' . , 21 SNJYS Ann Arbor town rival, Central. This happened when Northern placed first in the Arthur Hill Relays. We J Q T ' .,. 'Q V V Hai 9 . I at -1 ,, or Q J . . fx.1N:f un' HER! N ' 'wg r QANY' ' ty' WIN? ,. V W mf WT WN? rmrrrarex , mr, , H0 ' X 1 unmnun Q . V- N? we -uc I ,ss zz is . l r in ,ar C mm gag B ' ' ' 1 ,,., ffl ' ft' If ? 3 X K sn ' 'ff T 5 Q ,, , ra ' L ' esrti ' M . : K f YLIVN . YBRTQTERI NUHTHZHH ifgpff-i1',f' gggzyh ta HW 57fi"i'?ii . YUNY' Q W lil . "j',L'tf EURTHZRN f' ' ll l The members ofthe Varsity Track Team are: ftop YOWJ Pat Ogden, Joe Carter, Warren Buchanan, Rodney Brown, Terry Rose, Carl Rushing, Vernon Walls: lmiddle rowl Jerome Moore, LeRoy Pratt, Ed Johnson, Leon Flanigan, James Cooper, Fred Gross, Jerry Wright, Hue Edwards, Levi March, fbottom rowl Dave Grant lmanagerl, Larry Ervin, Maurice Pea, J.B. Elzy, James Hodo, Dennis McGee, Wilbert Martin, Chuck Moore and Jim Dawkins imanagerl. 142 ' 1 Coach Ron Hauglie Pat Ogden demonstrates a shot-put procedure as Alfred Shepard, Woody Etherly, Reginald Sawfelle, Charles Broussard, "wwf Mark Barnhart and Emmett Willingham look on. The half milers for the 1960 track team are: Bennie May, Halbert Kellum, Bruce Gonyea, Larry Ervin, Levi March, Terry Rose and Chuck Moore. Co-Captain J.B. Elzy demonstrates the hurdle split exercise while Hue Edwards, Dennis McGee, Carl Rushing, Leon Flanigan and Warren Buchanon look on. 144 The milers for fhe 1960 Varsity Team are, Bob Sinkler, Clarence Edwards, Charles Leverette, Dennis W Icox, Jim Cooper, Fred Gross, Jerome Moore, Jim Gliniecke and Robert Coleman, W 5 A 1 ' J K YE, ar- -A-.-1 The members ofthe Junior Varsity Track Team are: ftop rowl Larry Williams imanagerl, Willey Viverette, Robert Coleman Mark Barnhart, Dennis Wilcox, Alfred Shephard, Reginald Sawtelle, Jim Gliniecki, fmiddle YOWJ Earl Anderson fmanagerl, Robert Sinkler, Bob Meyer, Terry Richards, Charles Davis, Bruce Gonyea, Bob Pribble, Emmett Willingham, Chuck Broussard fbottom rowl Clarence Williams, Ed Coleman, Charles Leverette, Halbert Kellum, Woody Etherl y, Jim Reid, Dick Shedd and Benny May. 145 Q Golf Schedule April ll Grand Blanc l9 Bay City Central and Saginaw 25 Midland- Arthur Hill 28 Central- Southwestern May 2 Bay City Handy-Pontiac 9 Southwestern- Central l3 Regionals 20 State 24 Central- Southwestern Here Coach Jack Marlette gives Ron Savor some helPfUl pointers on his game. Here Bay City Here Kearsley Lake There Southwestern Last year's golf team had a fairly good season, fin- ishing second in the city and fifth in the Saginaw Valley. This year's team has five returning lettermen which should enable them to have a successful season. 'Sv The members of the 1960 Varsity Golf Team are: itop f0Wl Charles Schwartz, Carl Harris, Joe Lockard, Ken Lotz, Larry Sarver, Stan Brunske and Denny Gore: imiddle YOW, Ken Elder, Bob Jancius, Bill Orosz, Richard Vollrath, Jerry Hayes, Henry Hanflick, Jim Kelly and Roy Palmer, ibottam rowl Dan Liversedge, Clifford Lutz, Vic Urick, Bob Duvall, Denny Zemore and Jim Clarkson. 146 Captain ofthe1960 Varsity, Tom Pyper, fi . 3 , ,. 5 - -Qs! Z .rss , M K tt S .12 fx ', ' - ' . ,. 4 :,g--A "1?',f .ZE','13- , '- ..: . . . G fc ..s-' -:fm 5 s s -N - . , ,. - .,-. i. , --fs . - . . ., A.,, J V- H , ,.., YK' f . T is ill li QI K W we 3 r ' A N. W ,R HK Q .5 R Y K ,. 4 f ' f if ft 'f wif J ., . Tennis Tennis Schedule 'R -. gr, Q April 5 Lapeer Here 7 Pontiac There 12 Bay City Here 14 Arthur Hill There 19 Saginaw Here 21 Central Here 22 Lapeer There 26 Bay City Central There 28 Arthur Hill Here May 3 Southwestern Here 5 Pontiac Here Couch Ed Krupu 10 Saginaw There 12 Central There T2 Southwestern There 20-21 Regionals June 4 State Coach Ed Krupa's T960 Viking Tennis Team is sparked with five returning lettermen. However, there are many iuniors and seniors on the team who show determination in their practice. This year the team hopes at least to accomplish what they did in 1959. They won the city championship and placed third in the Saginaw Valley matches. X5 ...I I -VM.: Y' 'L :W U 5 -,,- I is y r r , gs , t :ic my .V ,av K K. , . . ,.5.i W k'H:i,,L1Q7 K I K, ,sr a h, I ,, , Q X.:-A.: I . . 1 V 3 E ibrr, ' 1 I A Members ofthe 1960 Tennis Team are: ltop rowi Darold Keely, Mike McDougall, Doug Hoffman, Paul Body, Mervin Goldstein, Bruce Vick, Chuck Koch and Coach Ed Krupa, fmiddle rowl Earl Fisher, Jim Paavola, Charles Wiseman, Dick Perry, Keith Scheer, Jerry Figleyi fkneelingl Tom Hilgendorf, Vaughn Koester, Tom Pyper, Don Aldrich, Ted Crager. 148 QEQJ figs 2 .K r is .X ,sm s A I NYYL' A- X., ,VQ1 X-,N ,n X A ,W-. .X-Ju :yn ,1 -Ati ' 4- 'WU ' 6' my .fi V xg X X XJJ x X , K R A 'U , i wmv' i N 41 v X t K I V ur 54 d 3 4 'fig "-'- - Ted Crager demonstrates cm backhand shot. Bruce Vick demonstrates a forehand shot. - . I ii . " ' 55 V gli. I 5 K mx, V x 1 levi f X J , idere Keith Scheer follows up o backhond shot. Tom PYPe" demonstrates Q Serve. Chuck Koch follows through with the serve 149 J 7 4, , Q , J fl " ' fl H4 ' ' ,J fiflc ' ,J 0 A .ww PM f VL' V f 1. -f ' ' J , " V0 V .. J .' .mic l K iff 'I W J A5 W lt ' -. '14 'fx P ,xl -'-'fu ff i5.3f"lf'!'.g ' " - J... H" . ,r J pf "J '., 1' J A ,W XUJZ If 7 jf W X KXVMN-cg L , ,efk ,L 1 J4, L K ,cf E 1 F . C. ,I ll.- iff JWJ' f J riff My WJ! J "ii "'4fQw . IA , f an f IM kt . -I Ffghkin-C--,M ,2i.7':f,vj-fy MUS.-F 4 1 lAZ..6L J G 1 1 L CWM, ppl V f flag ,, . ,J 'img TX yi, ',Q',L,74Y4,. 3:3 shi f A ,rr , f ff s f J J J - ,.Q,.m 775,77 0 ,177 kb QV: .Zim 10- AER K .Ck ,cg T5 U V 'K X7 1 , I , 'V . J 4"" 'U jf L 4 K f oxx- B L JU Aj 0 tj M yn, n ,H W 1 Q K X Y L 1 ,J,g,, ,1z.c4..f - ' ff yr ff ,J f ft ,JW f f f J IA VH!! , , , jf Mfr!!! 1 Lfjw fl ja N520 A Q 1 f f Any,- J1 I! I, ' J ,j-' , ' Vs , I L' il - ' ' A- ',:,,!Ci I IM ' f ,r H,,s"yl- - "",f"" A ,,'7l' " ack over our past voyage of the year 1959- ' ,'f"3 v f lf U X V l , wehr all not only the home work and worrisome tests, 5 4 ' Y' I l' U lN t e special events which happened to each one of us gaining new friends and participating in school activities and sports. Through many gales, our Viking ship has sailed, but has returned each June more successful than before. Although this memorable voyage is ended, our ship like the ship of old, is now being prepared to set sail again for the thirty- third time in the fall of 1960. g . r X X , lk- il 1 - 1 I .fl i. 2 X I ls N Y." '- ' X Q N... i' X! ll V Aflmrflfyf' ,UM Editor: Colleen Lindsey. ff' ,Vw my :fl If, ,l yfv ,X ' A , I,-' -J if w , ' V' I '- A K, Assistant Editors: Della Hansel, Nancy Liee. A AL 3,5 l .V ' 2 A 3 , Copy Editors: Luan Channels, Linda SmiNs..,f7 X ,pl ya My Q - y . . . W , U VL V I . . U . . V V Q irmvities. Linda Hull, Marsha Laing, ffuyvi, jj? lvfv fy etlcs: Ben Andrus, Larry Baldwin, Ron Mi a. , il' 2 1 N 1 Faculty: Mary Ann McGaffigan, Beverly Morey, JoAnn Ries, Lorna Smyh J 'l lsman. - , Organizations: Linda Marshall, Carolyn Robbins, Donna Stikeleat e . 'ij yll Seniors: Pat Cherveny, Karen Ketchum, Judy Niec, Barbara Po ll ivy. Wy 1 ! , Undergraduates: Joann Kiszka, Doris Monroe, Diane! aw. rl, Ny, Typists: Sandy Cranston, Judy Pancheck. ' K X ', Yearbook Advisor: Miss Lucy Dillon , f"f' f A. lyk x Photographer: Mr. Harold Cochran y' Q ll l jjj Business Manager- Mr Ted Fisher X yf Y gfg l -I J , ' f f I The Staff ofthe Noroscope wishes to thank the Flint Journal for many of the pictures igidllahf g:!on. xi All identification reads from left to right. X y Ixfy I, l-: tax U M T WI you who come again should happy be.' ---- 'rib . ,iiixgl FLEX? .. X, rp X if-,R-M rx ggi.--,F Q-ft'-I i bk gxjlecahxgg-iw. 'RFJSQ Xx1f4i.-k9, C4...-,, Vg A47 N "' X . A --, K Xgaxjwgg x,.x-2Y-30-fllpk-XSLf5X97fsA-fiffjygilgetygir-CAT LQ' or-gg, NF I A-he H -Q e gf+f--'f--mr-'- , X 3 W 2? ff aff- K.. Q fx -we ,BAA ll ! fl 5, Q ' qgifgcgi-3: Ci -J l 'IV .Q-H' 5-'C-' -2. C . H . I W r ,lf 7, ei i fsevseswyn 3 l f l x L , r ,. K' L XX 4 x -2: L 'J XC' Uwvl K- . 1 if "T ' rl? ' ,TTCN 3':HqT'1- L :ffl U f ' 1-3' F' lrser' as sa: li' ff A X l l l 3 ff 'XJ cr Xe 'SJ kfila ,A ,'j'KJ ig, 1, V? SX it-v' ' y U A 5 g gtg Qjk-FQ. i hm Ck AA: .5 C:-E:-N l QC , , w X ia X -' ' I l Ry "sg Swv- , K , ""'f X' - 4506- txfzkd A 'efrqv I QA! y tg-:efgfgc HUM' .Lum Q ""-ij l X , ,W ' -1 - iwdvw Q,-41,3 Kjaecg , " f' XC'gTX'X 1- A-miix 'Qld ' cr H EF tower, , If . N J I , jf will lx: e t " wi .Ck Wish ff ' UN e NC f C26 ' fn t Q5 Fel r 4, l' YXNAJX-Qllik Ep - lf ff x 7.1L-67 b X ,l bmi Ulf, flux 7 A song we'll sing to Northern igh, Our Alma Mater dear. For thy fair name and glorious fame, We'll praise thee far and near. Oh, may thy sons and daughters all, Ne'er let the scarlet-gray to fall. But as it floats o'er storied hall, Beam brighter year by year. If ..,, f .f if D IJ y I, f ff ' J- 77 fl V WY E, ,zvgyf AMY! Oh, Alma Mater, true to you, l, V1 1 ' ' ' t' 1' :lil U . f ' .., , 7 If , . l, 1 jx: nfl., iv,-wif, . Q JV my 7,1-gigs, P I We swear that we shall always be. N X, 2 J J ff 1 2' 1155" M - X 7,2 , r Y t , X L, -. fe, ' j' " ' " "" .' ' 7 7, ,A 3. V I M YV, , We've loved thee well, we'll love thee long. ' I I1 I 1 7 " .f '1"'W' 'IW J- - f ff , , 11 1 'J ,ff fe f . N 4 7, Y '7- , V, y L, - '1' -f A XC, Ot theefrwe ll guard the memory. ,1 , I ,. -X .P . g Q 4 W. 7 r If - gf, up W F, K 7 X! , ,YJ VV Lrflrrne! Ty xl X A x W, bl Q? 15. V L, , f ffvz--fr ,Qu V,-Z 4,3 2' , ,f . rl I tv If? , X , "w '12 2 .' MZ ,,, 76" 455275 .60.j?ej-fafaffdpfj ee ,f WM N395 wwiiffwgy '?fff"WP i 0 W?j2Wk.u3x M1 Sw1'ikJ'1cq,ef'V W ' Kzifyjww-W , Wfff'f WWWWW f gW X P 57035 iwf- QMQJJWMM J a . ,litgmfmwwlubffifflmw FM? Q dtqt4'fi W Hiiwamigwj Jfwu ' W iw MM amz M 0 W0 IEA, ffmmwy cG"':1 Rfqffff ff ZJEZQQQQKJWA ,X W B ,i W W W Q iii ? -at fa, 2, h ieigsixi W wiv ww, ' 'fwtf ' WWE' W,f"5'Qf. Wi' ffciuhskmg' W1 ,, 5 Z, Ei Www WL? v , " fic-4.4,f,c ,dia 'ff' W 46 M Zffwvf ffxlfw W' s11ffL ' V 4 f 72 f t 7g MMLI' 'M"7'i'la E M ...jk Jw Q .J .Wm I f '2.i ,. jagfmf 'gg pmiwff JMJ, A yjl 4,12- '6'-jMf,,,,. 'Q-edyg? , Lv-an gum I-9411-4 .Wg-:X I T15 Qual, 0, f gf-L-as iii , X ' uxgixxglf ZQIRY2 K 771 72 74:1 I 29W Q 4. MMR W 'fiLf1f1z if fw 'N'Qf'T.ff?ff,LT iii. V Vmlifllfffa ia7mIF'e61' LMYO 6,51 F096 Qui-yn f-Mn 4, 07 LBMJC5 xl 0.00, POF' umxrix- lfiop' fn' 0 0 ff!! sq J if-f 'LV' N WW sd- vfgwp F L L21 gW?f,Q,,W 7 A90 Q - YN 4 up 603 6ff""6 11,0 uvwivfwf' fffff V!! '96 0 fdwsfihiiroiw l 0004657 2, . i X0 QQ? ycpwdw A4 JQkL1y'!,c!f fig! Z ,J " Q WU! 1 ' 222' wwf M tkqk ksgfpl-MJVQJ' IQ-Mfv A 9 . vnu A ' Z' Q f C l zbf 4'vvL M fl MK awk! ' 'ci J QM, vw ' w ff M ' iffy K X ff' W ffm? 1 OL M My ' 1 M MW W ff Mwfffw M N9 IQ 0,4 jg MJ aw, Www VJ bo 1, 71-W JMMWQ V0

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