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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1946 volume:

,ff Agfa" Xgx 1 ,n N bl, 1 ,. fl, ,J bv- . ...E . . ,9 ' f '41'.i.5!, 7.2, yi.. .fav A wi'- K. ,Tk . v ,J ' e J, W. gli. - ml. 1. L' -2 at , ' , Q.. .1 , N f,, 1: .. s F .4 1.5.1, ' , ', + M ,,v -' 4. A Q! P , 'Y ' V ,315 f , ,. IA, -"' .af li Q, -. , . 1 1.1 V f .Hur I . H -g a 1 X 4 ,P , 5' v rl If 155325 V '7 :co , N- f wx Cv' Ky -VRF X. 955 X0 xi' f CRS' ' 3? xx K PY Q , X A ,,, my kbp vs X My ' 'wx Nl W V3,""'irNx"fff1"7.EQ- ek afiwi ' xf' -K flex. s . Q . K A R s ,NN x , s wgA A E. xi' ,X L 1 I N , 5 X X- .. 4-. V.- 5 'ffgff ffffw - ff, 1. , , ff Y ' -'ff'-1' 1 ww I , ,' ' W ' I ., f .si f f 1 I 'K ff xif Q J ff 24 Wa Ji R si N9ff,f f?M'i A, Zig Q ,jf ,fC,,,bij Tiff- VW I M T 35,4 5 I , q 64yxjfjx ' .M s Mfg? SX 'XX-if fy' N 0 R T H E R N ,f't'f,ff1Y , X 4,19 X Noleosco PEMSJ' M Qywfs'y'X6f'i'O1c 2 u 1 ' t ' .. . . 1 k V , T-12 my 10 1 we M n A ' x 174 ', ,xii ' -' W MQ N ' ' 5fi4ji"2QQQffjjwjW A Q fojzvjgxgdky 3 -V X ffyitor ' , ' ?f'fl1J572!,Jm4,1 L +?WLfM fM D f 22,1 XEZJUJWXQKQJAUK on fiwf WDW' 2 K - -f 'rfw1fgw::1ff ifww t ' . .1 X Q Q QQ Q Q FQ JM Q. Qi a, it fx- Q Q QQ Q Q Q Qu., , . QQ Q Q NNW? Q Q Q fx, f Q IV, I, ,1 1QjQfQFQQQQLfvQW 1 .fy J xg i e . xt , ,M iffy, A-ea M, f'faf:q,g' -- , - :fl .I HT '11-N ' -F' .5 , 1 . . - W' . 1 - V f ki.. N' 'l . f nf 1 ,- I' xx 13 1' in , Q N 1- Q - H I - xx 'SF fi' HN M' V t t I f " ' 'f,if'1",,dJ ,Yee M we Qi , W e-,cf in 1. t U fX , . .A Ik . .- , 1 ,H . , ,, K - , ,- , X Q x - ,. , ' , " X A KE. MQ: flj! , QQ 'A Ill Qjf VM ,' 1-fl ' N if . 1' - " Lf' nv - x ' , -' -. Q ' - ' Q Q 'H-izfl. : J QQ I A -Q ,f Q ' -,- 54 5 21. A ry 1 , jffl , --fy ' I OJ 1 Y . - I - ff ' 1' K l K A QUT' Q1 ' . ,' Q Q Q, -- , 'K 1 L HS 1.1, 1 ,, " ' 'V . ' A , V N ' 'W 1 ,,fQ D yy,-,. F: I Q r Q K "Q is . 1 Qr , . 1 Q ' QQ ,MQ ,A ,QQ I. , Q QQ-1' eoltcafgo N' t - .Q if t. "'fifL 4 Q !f, X - X - ' Q Q, , 441, V ,UT . -g",..'Q Q" X pf i t , , ,Ast "Q1!af,94m,?T' fave Q -'QQ Q Q Q- -,,-. p " " This first post-war. Noroscopenwe f 1 is-.jf it c liunfiijlyltletiicate to FTi9liClSlLib,Q witfif QL . outU3hfcb,u1enw0fldQQaftA0f existt : , . , QQ . QAQQ 4 , ,-x , ,,.,w- , -' Www"-N ' 1.-,. ,I Q , , ' X' ' ' 'H 1,- , ,. , 5. 4.,..-- A , .W mfjqeflihan eried we need to! maintain Q in "- Q, , N ' QQQ' ci spirit rienciliness ftoiail peopfe- A ' it We i t n Q - .Q t 'U ' fl ith -this, characteristic tf1e'wo.niglP " Q' in I -' - " 'V . Q Q 1. .- - ,Q QQ --w J .Q 1 ,A will live in peace, with lives Brigiitenecl ti' mfrft r QQ Ulf fill, 'TQ' A by the warm smile 0,139 friend. ' 1 GV, ' Q Q QQ QJQQ' I ' , e2 V2 J 5 we r Q Q Q 'eQiQ lm 'QSM bf! t' 04, 'Q K i Q,fL,' ' pf' f' Qijft f - r QwQ4Q. A QQQQQ 1 F, QQ' Q- Q Q f..fxf4'i ' ' " , gil' t ' 2 1, 1 iz 1 I A 1 i 5-tuvfilj' J, ' 7 ' er 3 U X' M . L- X " .' fit' -' 1 4 .CJZN-wan! Laughter, tears, joys, sorrow . . . may this book re-kindle the flame that will bring memories of the Class of 1946 at Northern from the shadows, and place them in the glow of pleasant recollections. by SQ? Q? Lffmlz S ' L. S Q92 , 'Q - SY!2f7,i?Kf62LC' ' A ! D fax J S V,,. .LA M' 70 J ic' V +w Qf'fvK pq ,fftyf 1'! N M,-,L,Y" I ! .V ' ,041 . x Z ffvpgg Cofzfenfa 5,6 A -4 W ' " NZ tial jf SENUJRS UNDERCLASSMEN FACULTY SPORTS n' S ,, . .CLUBS . GRGANIZATIONS F E A T U R E S Y if. Is' Q V .gil Wemoriam In tllOI,LQll,tfUl reverence for those who have been stricken from the Northern Roster. as-ig?--p--N " . -' -..zzz -"'f!2....:,g.w,x. , -1 ,rl X fff , , Z: .ff I !'fffy,!g ',fff ffff, J! ,ff if Ky! 7fy? f If ' f 5j7ffC: X, f , g4 1,ff'21'fTk",! .' , 2 iii 1 f Z A ,4 f ,W riff- - ,f N I iff, G X x G I ,VCX X s ' Y I --'Xxx YN, ,K at YL xx 'S ' XX xx 1 - Q7-' 5 t ' ,E K - 4 .f' --, - - 0' li - - Ti - Y ' si "' A -1- ,L 4- v- . - 1' W-it f ff , . I I . K , , ' V af!! ,I X If Z JZQZZM A, stanton LEADERS Canchcla fe5 for Qgracluafion The senior class this year has been very fortu- nate in being represented by such capable lead- ers. As headman of the senior class Bud Haas has led his class successfully through the school year. Besides he is active in the Student Council, and the school band. His plans after graduation are indefinite, although he would like to be a Com- mercial teacher. But for a few years he will be in the a.rmed forces. Sally Scofield, the active vice-president, has par- ticipated in many school activities. She was vice- president of the Student Council in l944 and l945. Her main ambition is to be a Commercial teacher. Being editor of the North Wind is but one of the accomplishments of l-lelen Frey, class secretary. She is interested in Working on the editorial staff of a newspaper. After graduation she is on her Way to Iunior College and hopes to further her Work in Iournalisrn. The chosen career of the class treasurer, Flor- ence Moore, is to be a secretary. She loves to sing and enjoys playing the piano. The graduating class of l946 was well repre- dent, l-lelen Frey, secretary, and Florence Moore, sented by able leaders. These directors are: treasurer. Bud Haas, president, Sally Scofield, vice-presi- ' .LJ ow 7 I f Row Three: Adams' uh an - P- I Anderton. Irene Margaret North ' Stall '45, '46, '46 Service r ateurs , ' , '45, Latin Club '43, '44, Quill and Scroll '45, '46, Y Girls '45, '46, Senior Play '46 Allen. lean Mabel C. C. I Choir '44, '45, '46, Girl He-- serves '44, '45, '46. Allen. Maxine Beverly C. C. III Amen. Emil Phillip I. A. Row Two: Amen. Louis Andrew I. A. Anderson. Carol Elaine C. P. I Latin '44, '45, Y Girls '45, '46, Senior Play '46, Anderson. Molly C. C. III Anderson. Shirley Marie C. C. III 10 C. P.I Latin Club '43, '44, Y Girls '45, '46. Andrus. Elaine Anna C. P. I N Award '44, '45, N Club '44, '45, '46, Ames. Margaret lean C. C. III Ashley. Loree lean C. C. I Service '44, '45, '46, Row Four: Atwell. Carolyn Ann C. C. I Avery. Imogene Lenore Home Ec. Babitch. Daniel loseph C. P. II North Wind Staff '45, Siq- ma Chi '44, '45, '46. 1 Baier. Gordon I. General , Choir '45, '46, The Northern Noroscope Row One: Bailey. Dorothy Iean C. P. ll Bainbridge. Virginia Ann General Baker. Ianet Elaine C. C. III Banks. Beverly lean C. P. I N Award '45, N Club '45, '46. Row Two : Bannick. Robert Edward C. P. Il Barnes. William Adolph General Baur. Imogene Alice C. C. III Baxter. I. D. Laray I. A. Row Three: Beck. Hazel Patricia C. P. I N Award '45, Siqma Chi '45, '46, Y Girls '45, '46, N Club '45, '46, Beebe. William I. A. Beehler. Gail Cloyce. Ir. General Red Cross Council '45, '46, Behil. Mary C. P. I Service '44, '45, '46, Siqma Chi '45, '46. Row Four: Behrends. Louis William General Beito. Rodney I. A. Bernard. Allen S. General Bernstein. Lawrence General Noroscope Stall '46. une Nineteen Forty-Six Row Five: Bessolo. Dante Hector I. A. Beyer. Albert Eugene I. A. Beyerle. Mary Lou General Choir '45, '46, Bills. Robert Fred General Row Six: Bishop. Evelyn Ruth C. C. III Black. George Archie I. A. Blassingame. Dorothy Mae C. C. III Blundell. Patricia Ann C. C. III Row Seven: Bobalik. Helen General Bogart. Gloria lean C. C. .Il Bohl. Ioyce Kay C. P. I North Wind Staff '45, '46, Noroscope '46, Service '44, '45, '46, Bolden. Barbara Mae C. C. Il Row Eight: Bonneau. Mary Louise General Booher. LeVerne C. C. III Boyer. Ralph Austin General Band Award '46, Bradley. Olga C. P. I N Award '45, North Wind Staff '44, '45, Quill and Scroll, Sigma Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, "N" Club '45, '46, G, R. Girls '45, '46, ll Row One: Brandt. William Iohn C. C. III Brewer. William Iohn. Ir. I. A. North Wind Staff '46, Noro- scope '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Camera Club '46, Bridges. Ioy Aniece General Brocker. Corrine Helen C. C. I N Award '45,'46, "N" Club '45, '46. Row Two: Brockriede. Elmer Allred C. P. II Viking I-li-Y '44, '45, '46, Brokaw. I. Douglas General Choir '44, '45, '46, Broom. Velma Ann General Brown. Arlene Elizabeth General Girl Reserves '44, Latin Club '44, "N" Club '46. Row Three: Brown. Luzetta Mae General Brushaber. William F. I. A. Sophomore Football. Builey. Donna lean C. P. I N Award '45,'46: "N" Club '45, '46, North Wind Staff '46, Noroscope Stall '46, Red Cross Council '45, '46, Quill and Scroll '46. Bully. Marion Ioyce C. C. III First Choir '45, '46, Home Economics Club '45, Row Four: Burgess. Carolyn Ruth C. C. III Burgess. Donald Otto General Band Award '43, '44, '45, '46, First Orchestra '45,'46, Butcher. Beverley lane C. P. I Butorac. Mary Ann General The North Row Five: Bultler. Mary Ruth C. C. III Cakl. Helen Elaine C. C. III N Award '45, Service '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, "N" Club '45, Cameron. Kay Ioan General Dramateurs '45, '46. Campbell. Barbara Anne C. P. I Row Six: Capella. Marie Antoinette Home Ec. Carlisle. Charles Layton General Carlson. Marion Edna C. P. III N Award '46, Business Staff '44, '45, North Wind Stall '45, Quill and Scroll '45, Student Council '44, '45, "N" Club '46, G. R. Girls '45, '46. Carlson. Richard Allen I. A. Row Seven: Carmody. Donna lean C. C. ll! N Award '46, "N" Club '46, Carpenter. Nellie Home Ec. Carr. Catherine Ann C. C. Ill Catanzaro. Jacqueline Marie C. C. III Row Eight: Catrell. Lelioy Neal I. A. Chalmers. Iohn General Chema. George I. A. Chema. Paul - General Football '44, '45, Track '44, '45, '46. GTTI. Noroscope Row One: Cherveny, Annie Marie C. C. III Coftron, Barbara lane C. P. III Latin Club '43, Y Girls '46. Coggins. Donna Mae C. P. I Colbert. Barbara Annie C. P. I Service '43, '44, '45, '46, North Wind Staff '45, '46, Noroscope Statt '46, Row Two: Colby, Gerald Wood General Cole, Ernest Clitiord C. P. I North Wind Stall '44, '45, Service '43, '44, '45, Drama- teurs '44, '45, '46, Radio Club l45, '46, Quill 6, Scroll '46. Collins, Dorothy Anne General Latin Club '43, '44, Student Council '43, '44. Cook, Iohn Lee C. P. Ill Student Council '44, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46. Row Three: Cottrill, Georgia Maxine General Coulter, Ioe, Ir. I. A. Norsemen Hi-Y. Cowden. Betty lo C. P. I Y Girls '44, '45, '46. Cox, Samuel General Row Four: Crabtree. Shirley Elizabeth General Crabtree, Stella V. C. C. Ill Craig, Robert Noble, Ir. C. C. Il Band Award '44, '45, '46, First Orchestra '44, '45. Crites. Ruth Diane General Girl Reserves '44, '45. une Nineteen Forty-Six Row Five: Crovella. Michael L. General Crow, Shirley Ann C. C. Ill Csvercsko, Paul P. C. C. Ill Culhane, Beverly Ioan General Row Six: Culver, Marilyn Maxine C. C. III Curnow, Shirley Marion C. C. III Curtis, Edward George. lr. C. P. III Senior President '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, War Council '45. Czachorski, Donald William C. P. II Football '45, Northern Liights H1-Y '45, '46, Row Seven: Dack, lean Marie C. C. lll Darling, Mae Lilly C. C. III Davidek, Hebert Carl General Davidson, Delores Mae C. P. I A Capella Choir '45, '46, Orchestra '45, '46, Row Eight: Davis, Francie E. General Football Mgr. '43, A Cap- pella Choir '44, '45, '46. Davis. Ieanette loyce C. P. I Davis, Katherine Louise General Dawes, William Lyle General Baseball '45, Tennis '45. P7 lo Row One: Day. Marceline Alice C. C. I N Award '45, '46, "N" Club '45, '46, G. R, Girls '45, '46. DeLong. Clarence General Dennis, Elmer, Ir. C. P. II Deslardin, Wilired West, Ir. General Baseball '45, Row Two: Dickason, Elizabeth Iune C. P. I Didier, Ralph Henry, Ir. C. P. I Debate '44, '45, '46, Drum Maior '43, '44, '45, '46, Band Award, Orchestra '44, Choir '43, '44, '45, '46, Dodge, Doreen Ann General Dohrman, Louis Clarence I. A. Row Thrce: Dclsen, Ramona Ioyce choir '45, '45, C' C' " Durham, Iames I. A. Dzide, Leona C. C. I Ellis, Eunice C. P. III North Wind Stall '45, '46, Noroscope '46, Y Girls '45, '46, N Award '46, N Club '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Dramateurs, '46, Row Four: Ernst. Mary lane C. C. III Ex, Lucille Ethel C. C. III Failing. Betty leunne C. P. III North Wind Stall '44, '45, Noroscope Stati '44, '45, Latm Club '43, '44, Quill and Scroll '45, Y Girls '45, G. R. Girls '44, Faris. George I. A. 14 Row Five: Farrand, Muriel Evonne C. C. II Feldman, Ethel C. P. I North Wind Editor '45, Noroscope Editor '46, Serv- ice '43, '44, '45, '46, Quill and Scroll '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46. Felske, Kenneth Lawrence General Ferchak, Iulia General Raw Six: Ferguson, Mildred Irene C. P. I Fischer, Alma Mary C. C. III Service '43, '44, '45, '46, Y Girls '45, '46, Stepping Stones '45, '46. Fisher, Shirley C. P. I Drama Club '45, '46. Flanders, Dorothy Helen C. P. III Iiicgtin Club '44, Y Girls '45, Row Seven: Ford. Doretha C. C. III Choir '44, '45, '46 Fowls, Walter Arthur General Frey, Helen Elizabeth C. P. I North Wind Editor '45, '46, Iumor Secretary, '44, '45, Senior Secretary '45, '46, Service '44, '45, '46, Quill and Scroll '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, Y Grls '44, '45, '46. Funch, Shirley Mae General Row Eight: Gamache, Richard Lawrence I. A. Garfield. Elenora Elizabeth C. C. I Garland. Marie Ioan C. P. I Student Council '44, Home Economics '44, '45, Gorman. Betty Lane C. C. I The Northern Noroscope Row One: Gillespie, Richard Iames General Manager '45. Gillespie, Vivian Eugenia General North Wind '45, '46, Norc- scope '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Gockel, William Richmond C. P. I Viking Hi-Y '45, '46, Goldstein. Phillip Sheldon C. P. ll Viking Hi-Y '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Stu- dent Council '45, '46, Row Two: Goodwin, Lawrence Icrmes I. A. Gordon, Mariorie Ann C. C. Ill Grab, Katherine Mary C. C. l Grab, Mike I. A. Baseball '46. Row Three: Green, Carolyn O. C. P. Ill N Award '46, Sigma Chi '45, '46, Grillin, Marjorie Florence C. P. I Art Staff '45, '46, Girl Re- serves '44, '45, '46, North Wind Stall '45, '46, Grimm, Margaret Mae C. C. III Secretary '44, '45, Service, Groshek, Norman Michael C. P. ll Viking H1-Y '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46 Row Four: Groves, Donna Louise General Gustalson, Betty lean General North Wind Staff '45, '46, Haas, Nelson Arthur General Haber, Clarence Iunior I. A. Manager '4S. unc Nineteen Forty-Six Row Five: Hall, Doris Irene General Hamilton, Charles I. A. Football '44,'45, Basketball '43, '44, Track '45, '46, Norsemen HifY '44, '45, '46, Hamilton, William Eugene General Handlin, William I. A. Baseball '45, '46, Row Six: Hansen, Barbara Ann C. P. I Latin Club '44, '45, Hansen. Raymond Arthur C. P. II Band Award '44, '45. Harper, Ioan C. P. l North Wind S'alf '45, '4'3: Student Council Treasurnr '45, '46, Latin Club '43 '44, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Student Council '44,'45,'4G Y Girls '45, '46, Quill arrl Scroll '46, Harris, Doris Marie C. P. I Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '4'f, Row Seven: Harrison, Helen Dorothy C. C. III Hart, Richard Lowell C. P. III Band Award '44, '45, '46, Viking Hi-Y '45, '46, Harvey, Grace Violet C. C. III Haskell, Audrey Isabel Home llc. Row Eight: Hatch, Margaret Rose General Havrilla, Lloyd Robert General Heikkinen, Donald Thomas C. P. ll Track '45, Vikinq Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambzla '45, '46. Heimlorth. Edward Philip General Northern Liahts Hi-Y '45, '46, 15 Row One: Hempton, Betty Ioan General Henry, Samuel Patrick, Ir. C. P. II Student Council '43, '44, Herman, Donald Icrome C. P. II Viking Hi-Y '45, '46, Hesse, Bernard Allred I. A. Row Two: I'I'ckey, Lois Marie General First Choir '44, '45, '46, Hicks, Della Louise C. C. III North Wind Staff '45, '46, Noroscope Staff '46, Y Girls '45, '46, Quill 6. Scroll '46, Hicks, Donna Marie C. P. I North Wind Staff '45, '46, Noroscope Stall '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Y Girls '45, '46, Dramateurs '44, '45, '46, Senior Play '46, Quill and Scroll '46, Hicks, Lawrence Iames, Ir. C. P. II Football '45, Siama Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, North- ern Lights Hi-Y '44, '45, '45, Row Three: Hill, Gloria Ruth C. P. I Y Girls '45, '46, G, R, Girls '44, '45, Hilliard, Berdette Henry I. A. Hilvers, Barbara lean C. C. III Hlrnclhoch, Betty Lucille C. P.I Diamateurs '46, Row Four: Ilimelhoch, Gertrude lane C. P. I First Choir '43, '45, '46, Girl Reserves '43, Drama Club '46, Hirnelhoch, Robert Lloyd C. P. I IIinman, Oma Marie C. C. III Holstine, Shirley Ioanne C. C. II 16 Row Five: Hon, Donald Glenn C. P. I Baseball Mar. '44, Band Award '46, Iunior Vice- President '45, Viking Hi-Y '45, Horton, Iames Herman I. A. Howard. Betty Iane General North Wind Stall '46, Norc- scope Staff '46, Quill and Scroll'46, Girl Reserves'44, '45,'46, Dramatcurs '44,'45, '46, Howard, Ierry Burch C. P. I Cross Country, Band. Row Six: Howard, Rosetta Thelma General Howell, Mary Louise C. P. I Hoyt, Max Alan I. A. Hresko, Helen Leona C. C. III Service '44, '45, '46, Row Seven: Hrinevich, Mary C. C. III Hubbs, Donald L. I. A. Cross Country '45, '46, Hull, Mary lean C. P. I Hull, Patricia Cornella General Row Eight: Hultquist, Helen Lucile C. C. II Home Economics Club '45, Hutson. Russell LeRoy C. C. III First Choir '44, '45, '46, Irwin, Glenora Myrtle C. P. I First Orchestra '43, '44, '45, '46, First Choir '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Stu- dent Council '44, '45, '46, Isaacson, Norma C. P. I The Northern Noroscope Row One: lvee. Delores Anne General Iackson. Burton R. C. P. II Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46. lacob. Helen Iean C. C. I N Award '46, First Choir '44, '45, '46, Senior Secre- tary '45, '46, Student Coun- cil '43, '44, G. R. Girls '43, '44, '45, '46. Iacobs. Lydia Almas C. C. Ill Row Two: Iarrett, Vera C. C. lll Y Girls '43, '44, '45, '46, Jarvis. Margaret Minnie C. P. I N Award '45, '46, North Wind Staff '44, '45, Ca- Editor Noroscope '45, Noro- scope Staff '44, '45, Quill 6. Scroll '45, "N" Club '45,'46, G, R. Girls '45, '46, Red Cross Council '45. ledlowski. Eugene Ioseph I. A. Iohnson. Cathrine C. C. III Row Three: Iohnson. Clarence Charles C. P. II Iohnson. Ioan Caroline C. C. III Johnson. Leo Myron l. A. lolmston. Dorothy Elaine C. C. I Row Four: lanes. Charles Edward General Iones. Clara Marie C. P. l Sigma Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, Ioseph. Nancy C. C. lll North Wind Stall '44, '45. Iudd, Vaughan Morrish General une Nineteen Forty-Six Row Five: Kadey. Ioan Beverly C. P. l First Choir '45, '46, Latin Club '44, Student Council '45, '45, Opera '45, Kalbileisch. Earl Iay General Service '44, '45. Kamerschen. Sylvia Mary General First Choir '43, '44, '45, '46. Kaza. Eleanor Frances C. C. III Row Six: Kelly, Donna lean C. C. III Kennedy. Neville George I. A. Kibash. Margaret Anne C. C. I Kilianski. Frank Stanley General Row Seven: Killian. Eugene General Kimmery, Evelyn Corrinne ' C. C. II Kirkey. Ianice Lorraine C. C. ll Business Staff '44, '45, '46, Noroscope Art Stal! '46, Girl Reserves '46, Drama- teurs, '45, '46, Kish. Elizabeth C. C. Il Row Eight: Kiszka, Frank l. A. Kitchen, Dora Dean Home Ec. Klett, Shirley Ann C. C. III Klier. Gordon Charles C. P. Ill 17 Row One: Kolder. loan Agnes C. P. 1 N Award '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, "N" Club '46, Konowich, Irene Dolores C. P. I Service '43,'44,'45,'46, Stu- dent Council '44, '45, '46, Koryciak, Patricia Audrey C. C. l Service '43, '44, '45, '46, Koscak, Margaret General Row Two: Kowalczyk. Stella C. C. I Kyle, Barbara lean C. C. III l.aBosl:ey, Betty C. C. I Lafebre, Phyllis Anna C. C. I N Award '45,'46: "N" Club '45, Row Three: LaI.iberte, Shirley Ann C. C. I Iumor Vice - President '44, '45, Lambert, Margaret Mae C. P. I Landis, Virginia Mae General Laracey, Elaine Elizabeth C. P. I Red Cross Council '46, S '7- ma Chi Lambda '45, '43, Service '43, '44, '45, '46, Row Four: Lalloche, Robert Fredrick I. A. Football '43, '44, '45, Latesky, lack Melvin General Law, Ronald Conrad General Lazar, Nelly C. P. I North Wind Stait '44, First Choir '44, '45, '46, Girl Re- serves '45, '46, 18 The North Row Five: Lewis, Donald Snover C. P. II Student Director '45, Band Award '44, First Orchestra '43, '44, '45, '46, First Choir '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, Lewis, Shirley Alice C. C. I G. R. Girls '45, '46, Lind, Patricia Mae C. P. I North Wind Stall '45, '46, Noroscope Stall '46, First Orchestra '44, '45, '46, Dramateurs '45,'46, Y Girls '45, '46, Lockwood, Mildred Leona C. C. III Service '44, '45, '46, Row Six: Luten, Ioseph Reid I. A. Lutz, Maxine Winilred C. C. Ill N Award '45, '46, "N" Club '45, '46, Y Girls '45, '46, North Wind Stott '45, '46, Noroscopo Staff '46, MacDonald, Kenneth General MacKinnon, Robert Sturt I. A. Row Seven: MacMillian, Iames I. ll. Student Council '44, Macliae, Betty-Ann First Choir '43, '44, '45, '46, Manges. Stewart I. A. Mangiaracina. Doveca Mary C. C. Ill Row Eight: Markstrom, Doris Winilred C. P. I Marsh, Garold Earl General Martin, Harold Frederick I. A. Martinus. Iohn Eugene I. A. ern Noroscope Row One: Martuch. Sally Lee C. C. III Senior Drama '46, Y Girls '45, '46, Martyn. Charles Ray I. A. Mason. Eugene L. I. A. Football '44, Mattice, Eldora Marie C. C. II First Choir '46. Row Two: Mattison. Laurel Ioyce C. C. III Maule. Florence Irene General McCarroll. Eva Iewel C. C. III McClain, Ralph Edward C. P. III Debate '43, Extempore Speaking '43, '44, '45, '46, Iunior Class President '44, '45, lunior Rotarian '46, War Council '44, '45, Red Cross Council '44, '45, '46, Viking l'lifY '43, '44, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Stu- dent Council '45, '46. Row Three: McCracken. Dorothy Gean C. P. I Extempore Speaking '45, '46, Oratory '45, '46: Home Economics Club '44, '45, Sigma Chi Lambda '45,'46, Student Council '43,'44,'45, G. R. Girls '45, '46, McCurdy, Betty Mae C. P. I McDowell. Barbara C. C. III Mclllmurray, Dorothy Lou C. C. III Row Four: Mclieage, Amy Marie C. C. Ill McLaren. Irene C. C. I McMillan. Barbara lean C. P. II N Award '46. North Wind Stall '44, '45, Noroscope Staff '44,'45f Quill 61 Scroll '45, Sigma Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, "N" Club '46, GR, Girls '45, '46. McMullen. Iohn Basil, Ir. I. A. func Nineteen Forty-Six Row Five: McQuigg. Gladyce Marilyn General McGuire. Eugene Edward I. A. McMahon. Carl Claude. lr. C. C. III Metzger. Delores May C. C. II Service Row Six: Metzger. Kathleen Mae C. P. I Latin Club '45, Mead. Lawrence Hayes I. A. Miller. Edward C. C. I Band Award '43, '44, '45 Miller, Eugene Earl C. P. I Track '44, '45, Extempore Speaking '45, '46, Student Council President '45, '46, Norsemen Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, Red Cross Council '45, '46, Student Council '45, '46. Row Seven: Miller. lla Marie C. P. I North Wind Stall '45, '46. Miller, Mary Delphine . C. C. III Miloy. Iohn C. P. I Football '44, '45. Minore. Iean Elizabeth General Row Eight: Mitchell, Beverly Virginia C. C. Il Mitchell, Iohn Lester General Montney. Leona Grace C. C. II Montpas. Earl Willard General 19 Row One: Moore. Florence Hannah C. C. I Choir '44, '45, Secretary '44, Treasurer '45, '46, Ser- vice '44, '45, '46, Red Cross Council '45, '46, Y Girls '44, '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46. Moss. Dolores C. C. lIl Moyer. Shirley Ruth General Mrasek. Iohn Lee C. C. lll Service '44, '45, '46 Row Two: Muntian. Eleanor Teresa C. C. III Murphy, Maxine Louise C. C. I uf' Murray, Dolores Mary C. C. I G. R. Girls '45, '46, Murray. Mary Lou C. C. I Row Three: Myers. Carl Abraham C. P. II Extempore Speaking '44, '45, '46. Nault. Patricia Marie C. C. l Newman. Donna lean General Nieman. Carol Ann C. C. III Row Four: Noflsinger. Earl I. Il. Obloi. Vincent. Ir. l. IK. O'Brien. Patrick Eugene I. A. Oleiar. Helen C. P. I Row Five: Olson. Robert Harris Orling. Phyllis Mae Pabish. Mary Kaiie estra '45, '46. Row Six: Pagels. Iames Russell Cheer Leader '45. Palmer. Audrey Fay Service '44, '45, '46, Chi Lambda '45, '46. Patterson. Iean Ann N Award '45, '46, Wind Editor '44, Wind Staff '44, '45, more Vice-Preside '46, "N" Club '45, War Council '45, D. Representative '46. Row Eight: '45, '46, Peterson. Marilyn May '44, '45, G. R. Girls ' Pacanowski. Elizabeth Student Manager '45. General C. P. I C. C. I C. P.l Service '44, '45, '46, Orch- C. P. ll C.C.l Parker. Druscilla . Vaughan C. C. Ill Parkhurst. Patricia Ann C. C. Ill Row Seven: Pascoe. Sheila Iune C. P. I N Award '46, Pascuzzo. Marcella C. C. I Pastor. Helen Rose C. C. I Sigma C.P.l North North Noro- scope Staff '44, '45, Sopho- nt '43, '44, Senior Vice-President '45, '46, Quill 6. Scroll '45, Sigma Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, G, R. Girls '43, '44, '45, '46, AR. Paul. Peter Raymond C. P. II Peake. lean Sarah C. C. III N Award '45, '46, "N" Club Perez. Helen C. C. Ill C. C. III N Award '44, '45, "N" Club 44. The Northern Noroscope Row One: Peterson. Shirley Maxine General Latin Club '46 Petrick. Dolores C. C. ll Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '45. Petrick. Doris C. C. III Pleiier. Charles Raymond l. A. Coll '43, '44, Row Two: Phaneuf. Rena Ann C. C. Ill Phillips. Marvin E. General Extempore Speaking '45, '46, North Wind '44, '45, Noroscope '45, Band Award '44, '45, Band Manager '44, '45, Dramateurs '46, Senior Play '45, Pierce. Winniired Maxine General Pike. Mary Lynn C. P. III Student Council '43, '44, G. R. Girls '43, '44 Row Three: Pillen. Maynard Dean C. C. III Pingle. Raymond Gene C. P. I Potoczny. Iohn Michael C. P. III Orchestra '43, '44, '45, Pratt. Nadeen Viola C. C. III N Award '45, '46, UN" Club '45, '4B. Row Four: Price. Robert William C. P. II Prudence. Etta Mae C. P. I Rafuse. Norma Louise General Red Cross Council '46, Rohn. Marjorie Helen C. P. I Y Girls. une Nineteen Row Five: Heed. Evelyn Louise C. P. I Y Girls '45, '45, G. R, Girls '44. Reeves. Lois Ann C. P. I N Award, North Wind Staii '44,'45, Noroscope Staff '45, '46, Quill :Sf Scroll '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, "N" Club. Relerlord. Mable C. C. Il Reniro. Sarah Glen C. C. Ill Row Six: Ribarchik. Frances Gloria C. C. Ill Richmond. Bethany lean C. P. I North Wind Business Staff '45: Home Economics '45. Rogers. Mary Nettie General Romley. Iosephine Qt. III Glee Club '45, Choir '45 Row Seven: Hood. P. Lyle I. A. Root. Clarence Elmer General Root. Ioyce Iune C. C. Il N Award '44, '45, "N" Club '44, '45, '45, Girl Reserves '45. '46. Ross. Ernest Truman General Row Eight: Roudebush. Dorothy Iean C. P. I First Choir '45, '46, Latin Club '44, '45, G. R. Girls '45, '46. Rourke. William Henry. Ir. I. A. Rudland. lean Marcia C. P. II Latin Club '43, '44, '45, '46, Dramateurs '45, '46, Senior Play '46. Rudolph. Dorethea Minnie C. C. I First Choir '44, '45, '46, G. R. Girls '44, '45, 21 Row One: Ruhala, Martha C. C. II Rumbold. Gerald Paul C. P. II Ruppel. Clarence I. A. Rushing, Rachel C. C. III Alpha omega '42, '43, '44, '45, '46, Row Two: Sackrider. Ioan Irene C. C. III Saidoo, Batishwa C. C. III Sanders. Iack N. I. A. Sargis. Iulia C. C. I Service '44, '45, '46. Row Three: Sargis. Khana C. C. I Sasseen. Bonita C. C. II First Choir '45, '46, Schaard, Dorothy Sophia C. C. I Schafer. Elaine Mildred Home Ec. Row Four: Schlothauer. Dolores Ioan C. C. ll Service '44, '45, '46. Scofield. Sally Lue C. P. I Senior Vice-President '45, Latin Club '43, '44, Student Council Vice-President '44, Service '44, '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Stu- dent Council '43, '44. Scott. Marilyn lean C. C. II First Orchestra '43, '44, 45, '46, G. R. Girls '43, '44, '45, '46, Selzer. Gwendolyn Elaine C. C. III 22 Row Five: Sendler. Simson C. P. III Exiempore Speaking '43, '44, '45, '46, Severson. Harold Edward I. A. Cross Country '45. Shaker, Doloris Alice Home Ec. Sharp. Iacqueline Marie General Row Six: Shawl. lane Evelyn C. P. I Shawl, Richard Iohn I. A. Sherman. Mary lane C. C. III Shoop, Betty Iean C. C. III Row Seven: Shore. Lawrence Arthur General Short, Ronald Lewis C. P. III Tennis '45, '46, Debate '43, Viking Hi-Y '44, '45, '46 Shulman, Rebecca C. C. I Shustoclr, Dolores C. C. III Row Eight: Sires. Vivian Rosalie C. P. I Skoda. Adam Iames General Skowerski. Lydia Stella C. C. III Skunda. Dorothy C. C. I ern NOr0SCOp9 Row One: Smalley. Phillip E. C. C. lll Smith. Betty Io C. C. Ill Service '43, '44, '45, '46, Smith. Douglas Glen I. A. Cross Country '44, '45, Smith. lessie Elizabeth General Row Two: Smith. Lois Louise C. C. Ill Snyder. Bernadine General Sopp. Georgia Ann C. C. I Sorensen. Shirley Anne C. C. I Row Three: Sprygada, Bernice C. C. I Service '45, '46, Stark. Iohn Herbert C. P. I Starkel. Paul Robert C. P. I Steiner. Cliiiord l.aMar I. R. Row Four: Stewart. Virginia Garden Anne C. C. Il Stiitler. Helen Pauline C. C. l N Award '45, '46, "N" Club '45, '46, Sukany. Milana Iosephine C. C.I G R, Girls '45, '46, Sukany. Miranda Francis C. C. I G R, Girls '45, '46, une Nineteen Forty-Six Row Five: Summerfield. Robert Martin l. A. Sutherland. Dorothy Louise C. C. l G. R. Girls '45, '46. Sutphen. Harry Elvin. III General Taclrebury. Dorothy lean General Row Six: Talionich. Shirley Louise C. C. l First Choir '44, '45, '46, Tarver. Martha Fern C. C. lll First Choir '45, '46, Taylor. Betty Ann C. C. I First Choir '44, '45, '46, Taylor. Roosevelt C. P. Ill Band '45, '46, Norsemen Hi- Y '45, Row Seven: Thayer. Madelon Alice C. C. lll Theodoroii. Edward L. I. R. Thomas. Dorothy Deloris C. P. I Thomas. Carl Ivan l. A. Row Eight: Thomas, Frank Russell I. A. Football '44, '45, Thomas. Iona Rachel C. P. l North Wind '43, '44, '45, Noroscope '44, '45, '46, Ser- vice '43, '44, '45, Quill and Scroll '44, '45, '45, Siqmcz Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, Thomas. Raplhene Grace C. C. ll Thomas. Edwin Iohn General Band, First Orchestra. Row One: Timmons. Lorraine Dolores C. C. III Tintle. Art Franklyn General Todd. Walter Raymond I. A. Tomczyk. Thaddeus I. A. Row Two: 1 Travinski. Louise Maroin C. C. III First Choir '43, '44, '45, '46. Truran. Carol Mae C. C. I Service '44, '45, '46. Urquhart. Matt Tolbert General Van Buskirk. Myrtle Patricia C- P- I N Award '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, '45: "N" Club '44, '45, '46, G, R. Girls '45, '46. Row Three: Vance. Barbara lean C. C. III Van Holder. Merilyn Iosephirxe C. C. III Van Tassel. Ronald Edward. Ir. General Debate '45, Dramateurs '46, Vial. Donna Marie C. C. III First Choir '45, '46. Row Four: Vincent. Florence Zoe C. C. III Walker. Harrestine C. C. III Ward. Rita Iune C. C. I Service '44, '45, '46, Y Girls '46. Warren. Ileine Violet C. C. III 24 The North Row Five: Watkins. Mary Lou C. C. III Watson. Patricia Lou General Weddinqton. Blonde Mae C. P. I Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Student Council '45, '45, Y Girls '45, '46. Wehrle. Selma Hedy C. C. III Row Six: Weisqerber. Martha Home Ec. Weller. Patricia Ioan C. P. I Girl Reserves '43, '44, '45, Student Council '43, '44, N Award '45, '46, "N" Club '45, '46. Werden. Dorothy lean C. P. I Service '43, '44, '45, '46, Latin Club '43, '44, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46. Whatlinq. Evelyn Laura General Row Seven: White. Frances May C. C. I White. Helen Elaine C. P. I White. Robert Charles C. P. I Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46. Wilczynski. Eugene I. A. Row Eight: Williams. Bennie I. A. Track '44, Norsemen Hi-Y '44, '45, '46. Williams. Donald Roy I. A. Williamson. Thomas Max General First Choir '43, '44, '45, '46, Wiltz. Ellen Ioanne C. C. III Art Service, Y Girls '44, '45, '46. ern Noroscope Row One: Wise, Donna lane General Wisniewski, Harry C. P. ll Baseball '46. Wisniewski, Ioseph C. P. II Basketball '46, Baseball '45, '46, Witibrodt, Margaret Lorraine C- C- I First Orchestra '43, '44, '45, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Y Girls '44, '45, '46. Row Two: Wolfe, Edna Elenor C. C. III Wolle, Helen Louise General Wood, Howard B., lr. C. P. I Wood. Ioanne Louise General Row Three: Wood. Maxwell C- P- I Band Student Director '45, '46, Band Award '44, '45, '46, Band Manager '44, '45. Woodrich, Herber! Howard C. P. II Sigma Chi Lambda '44, '45, '46, Northern Lights Hi-Y '45, '46, Wright, Roberi Henry C. P. II Cross Country '45, Viking Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Wrighl, Vercie C. C. III GRADUATES Anderson, Robert Kaye General Bedell, Iean Louise C. C. III Brannon, Norma lean C. P, II Dickason, Phyllis Marie C. C. III Dziwura, Raymond I. A. une Nineteen NOT PICTURED Elzy, Willie Kelly, Donald E. General General Graves, lack Gene Kovacs, Bill General I. R. Hubbmd, William C. McQueen' Iumes A C. P. ii I- - Iacobs' Eugene Edwin Mifchell, Robert Lavern I. A, I. A. Iohnstome, Kenneth Rowe, Virginia Maxine General General Forty-Six Row Four: Wrobel, Robert P. I. A. Wylie, Dwafn Dexier General Band Award Wyman, Ann Lallene C. P. I Quill 6. Scroll, North Wind '45, '46, Noroscope '46, Siu- dent Council '43, '44, Serv- ice, Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, War Council '43, '44, '45. Yassick, Marshall C. P. II Row Five: Yoemans, William Leland General Young, Marion Marie C. C. III Yurk. Harold I. A. Zalizny. Helen Dolores C. C. III Row Six: Zannsiorf. Mildred Ruth C. P. III Sigma Chi Lambda '45, '46, Y Girls '46, Zembo, Dorothy Iean C. C. II N Award '45, N Club '45, Home Economics Club '44, '45, G. R. Girls '45, '46. Zimmerman, Gloria Bnn C. P. I Zyber, Donald Louis General pic o o n It A' S ' k ,I h Tresko, Paul C. P. I Tucker, Iohn General Hichiger, William David General 25 FINAL CREDITS EARNED IN SERVICE Because of the draft, and for various reasons, many of our graduates found it necessary to complete their high'school studies while in service. Here are the names of those who have found it necessary todo so: Robert Barrett, LaVerne Blackmire, Betty I. Bongas, Bobby Buck, Thomas D. Calvin, Roy Iames Charvat, Martin Cohen, Iohn Eitel, Iohn M. Erhardt, Charles R. Falkenstine, Elmer I. Freestone, Robert Gonsler, Devere Edwin Hall, Robert Nelson Harris, Harry Hartwick, Gordon L. Huber, Leon F. Huston, Iohn A. Iyde, William Kallis, Daniel Kosik, William G. Lilly, Carl Little, Alexander Maul, Raymond E. McCool, Theodore Millick, Iohn M. Moore, Albert Olah, Edward Romanowski, Steve I. Smith, Russell E. Sobey, LeRoy Taylor, George I. Thodoroff, Bruce H. Welch. COIVIIVIENCEIVIENT ACTIVITIES CLASS PLAY, "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" ................ May 3 and 4 DINNER DANCE ..... ...... M ay 24 Presidents Message .... .... N elson Haas Toastmaster .................. Helen Frey Invitations ..,. Elaine Laracey, Helen Pastor Program Chairman ............ Helen Frey Program Printing .......... Florence Moore Marion Bully Menu ....... Sally Scofield, Dolores Murray Decorations .......... Delores Schlothauer Ioanne Wiltz, Iohn Mrasek Will .......................... Ioyce Bohl Della Hicks, Barbara McMillan Prophecy .... Betty Howard, Ralph McClain Principals Address ......... O. F. Norwalk SENIOR AWARD NIGHT ..,. .... I une 6 BACCALAUREATE . . . .... Iune 9 COMMENCEMENT . . .... Iune I2 Three happy, fun-packed years ended with the traditional events known only to seniors. Although we missed some of our members who were in the service, we enjoyed everything a great deal. The dinner dance received a fine turn- out, and everyone looked swell in his new suit 26 or new formal. The music, furnished by Ralph Bowen, was wonderful. So wonderful that we hated to leave at 12:30 when the dance was over. Colored lights playing on the pretty deco- rations had added to the atmosphere of the evening. The dinner was delicious, but perhaps a little tastier than usual because of the occasion. Everyone especially enjoyed the reading of the will by Barbara McMillan and of the prophecy by Betty Howard and Ralph McClain. That night will be carried in our memories for many years because it was our last time together. Rewards for their hard and continuous efforts were received by the deserving graduates at Senior Award Night. Although it seemed at times a long drive we found that it was worth the effort when we received recognition for it. The flowers were worn the next day with a great deal of pride. Those activities were concluded in part by a solemn and fitting church service, Baccalaureate service was held at the Court Street Methodist Church and were conducted by Dr. W. E. Harri- son. The curtain fell on our high school days Iune 12 in Atwood Stadium when we received our diplomas. We felt that night that upon looking back we would never be able to forget the memorable events which led to our graduation and Northern would always hold a warm spot in our hearts. The Northern Noroscope HO OR TUDENTS Top Scholars-Holding top position in her class was Elaine Elizabeth Laracey, who was named Valedictorian. Next highest scholastically was Daniel loseph Babitch, named Salutatorian. Pictured . above left to right are Elaine Elizabeth Laracey and Daniel Ioseph Bahitch. Athletics Seniors active in athletics while at Northern were: Elaine Andrus, Dorothy Bailey, Beverly Banks, Hazel Beck, Olga Bradley, Corrine Brock- er, Elmer Brockriede, Donna Bufley, Mary Butt- ler, Helen Cakl, Marion Carlson, Donna Car- mody, Paul Chema, Ruth Crites, Sam Cox, Ed Curtis, Don Czachorski, Marceline Day, Wilfred Deslardin, Ray Dziwura, Carolyn Green, Charles Hamilton, Bill Handlin, Don Heikensen, lames Hicks, William Eugene lacobs, Margaret Iarvis, Don Kelly, loan Kolder, Phyllis LaEebre, Robert LaRoche, Maxine Lutz, Kenneth McDonald, Bar- bara McMillan, lames McQueen, lohn Miloy, Eugene Miller, lean Patterson, Peter Paul, Sarah lean Peake, Marilyn Peterson, Nadane Pratt, loyce Root, William Richiger, Douglas Smith, Helen Stiffler, Ron Short, Frank Thomas, Pat Weller, Bennie Williams, Mary Watkins, Evelyn Whatling, Robert Wright, Ioseph Wisniewski, Herbert Woodrick, Marion Young, and Dorothy Zembo. Athletics managers were Gerald Colby, Fran- cis Davis, Richard Gillespie, Don Hon, Robert Olsen, and Carl Thomas. Attendance Perfect attendance awards were presented to Donald Burgess, Helen Cakl, Kenneth Felske, Raymond Hansen, Elaine Laracey, Nellie Lazar, loan Kolder, Edward Miller, Helen Pastor, Do- lune Nineteen Forty-Six lores Schlothaver, Matt Urquhart, loan Wiltz, and Herbert Woodrich. D. A. R. Girl The D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award was pre- sented to lean Patterson. Junior Rotarian Outstanding for his work as lunior Rotarian was Ralph McClain. Musical Awards Participants in the band, orchestra, and choir were as follows: Mary Lou Beyerle, George Black, Douglas Brokaw, Marion Bully, Donald Burgess, Georgia Cottrill, Paul Csversko, Delores Davidson, Francis Davis, Ralph Didier, Ramona Dolson, Dorthea Ford, lack Graves, Nelson Haas, Richard Hart, Arthur Hansen, Gertrude Himel- hoch, Oma Hinman, Donald Hon, lerry Howard, Patricia Hull, Glenora lrwin, Helen lacob, Sylvia Kamershen, Nellie Lazar, Patricia Lind, Dewey Lorrick, Betty Ann MacRa.e, Garold Marsh, De- lores Metzger, Edward Miller, Elizabeth Paca- novsky, Mary Lynn Pike, Dorothy Roudebush, Virginia Rowe, Bonita Sasseen, Marilyn Scott, Harry Sutphen, Shirley Taljonick, Martha Tar- ver, Betty Ta.ylor, Roosevelt Taylor, lack Thomas, Louise Traviski, Donna Viall, Maxell Wood, and Dwain Wylie. 27 High Honors-Ranking next to the Salutatorian scholastically were thirteen seniors. Top row, left to right: Iohn Lee Cook, Helen Elizabeth Frey, Donna Marie Hicks, Lawrence Iames Hicks, Ir., Barbara lean McMillan, Gerald Paul Rumbold, Milana Iosephine Sukany, Second row: Miranda Francis Sukany, lona Rachel Thomas, Dorothy lean Werden, Robert Charles White, Herbert Howard Woodrich and Ann LaRene Wyman. HONOR AWARD S fcontinuerll Publications Outstanding for their Work on the editorial and business staffs of the Noroscope and North Wind were: Marian Adams, Dan Babitch, Larry Bernstein, Olga Bradley, Ioyce Bohl, William Brewer, Donna Buffey, Beverly Butcher, Marion Carlson, Barbara Colbert, Ernest Cole, Eunice Ellis, Betty Failing, Ethel Feldman, Helen Frey, Vivian Gillespie, Marjorie Griffin, Betty Gustaf- son, loan Harper, Della Hicks, Donna Hicks, Betty Howard, Margaret larvis, Nancy Ioseph, Ianice Kirkey, Nelly Lazar, Patricia Lind, Maxine Lutz, Barbara McMillan, lla Marie Miller, lean Patterson, Marvin Philips, Bethany Richmond, Lois Reeves, lona Thomas, and Ann Wyman. Sigma Chi Lambdn Outstanding scholastically and with good per- sonality marks are the members of the National Honor Society: Carolyn Atwell, Dan Babitch, Olga Bradly, Mary Behil, Hazel Beck, Norma Brannon, Helen Cakl, Ethel Feldman, Helen Frey, Sheldon Goldstein, Carolyn Green, Norman Gro- shek, Ioan Harper, Doris Harris, Donna Hicks, Iames Hicks, Gertrude Himelhoch, Glenora lrwin, Burton lackson, Ioan Kolder, Elaine Laracey, Ralph McClain, Dorothy McCracken, Barbara McMillan, Robert Mitchell, Florence Moore, Helen Olejar, lean Paterson, Helen Pastor, Dolores Pet- rick, Lois Reeves, Gerald Rumbold, Sally Sco- 28 field, Dolores Schlothauer, lona Thomas, Rebec- ca Shulman, Milana Sukany, Robert White, Herbert Woodrich, Blonda Weddington, Dorothy Werden, Lorraine Wittbrodt, Ann Wyman, and Mildred Zarmstorf. Service Honors for Service were presented to Marion Adams, Carolyn Atwell, Loree Ashley, Mary Behil, Ioyce Bohl, Corrine Brooker, Helen Cakl, Barbara Colbert, Shirley Crow, Ethel Feldman, Alma Fischer, Helen Frey, Katherine Grab, Mar- jorie Griffin, Doris Harris, Mary Hrinivich, Do- lores Konovich, Patricia Korzciak, Betty La- Boskey, Elaine Laracey, Shirley Lewis, Barbara McDowell, Mary Miller, Florence Moore, Iohn Mrasik, Mary Lou Murray, Elizabeth Pacanovsky, Helen Pastor, Iulia Sargis, Khana Sargis, Betty Shoop, Rebecca Shutman, Sally Scofield, Ber- nice Sprygada, Milana Sukany, Miranda Su- kany, Dorothy Sutherland, lona Thomas, Carol Truean, Dorothy Werden, Margaret Wittbrodt, Ellen Ioan Wiltz, and Ann Wyman. Speech Debaters awarded were: Barbara Coffron, Dorothy McCracken, Ralph McClain, Eugene Miller, Carl Myers, Marvin Phillips, Simson Send- ler, Ron Short, and Ronald Van Tassel. The Northern Noroscope With Honors-Over a "B" average, but less than 2,5 are the following: Top row, left to right: Carolynn Ann Atwell, Mary Behil, Helen Elaine Cakl, Edward George Curtis, lr., Ethel Feldman, Phillip Sheldon Goldstein, Carolyn O. Green. Second row: Ioan Harper, Doris Marie Harris, Donald Heikkinen, Gertrude lane I-Iimelhoch, Glenora Myrtle Irwin, and Clara Marie lones. HONOR AWARDS fcontinuedl Student Council Leading their classes during the past year were: Dorothy Collins, Helen Frey, loan Gar- land, Sheldon Goldstein, Margaret Grimm, loan Harper, Samuel Henry, Don Hon, Glenora Irwin, Ioan Kadey, Dolores Konowich, Shirley LaLi- berte, Sadie MacGregor, Iames MacMillan, Ralph McClain, Eugene Miller, Florence Moore, Sally Scofield, Simson Sendler, Blonda Weddington, Patricia Weller, Ann Wyman, and Nelson Haas. Inter Nos Service Award The Latin Club presented the Inter Nos Service award to Helen Frey a.nd Ralph McClain for outstanding service to the school. A committee composed of students and members of the fac- ulty considered several candidates and finally chose Helen and Ralph for dependability, indus- try, and cooperation. EUGENE MILLER Eugene was the popular Student Council President for l945-46. He was also active in track, being on the team in '45 and '46, As a member of the Hi-Y, Gene was the Clubs delegate to the Y State Legislature. Hs also played on the Y basketball team that went to the state tournament. On the debate squad, he won three out of four valley debates and entered the extempore speaking contest. He made speaking appearances for the Community Chest and for the better- ment of school conditions. Gene went to the Rotary Club twice and attended the Citizens Curriculum Conference. Eugene has liked Northern mostly because of the pleasant teachers and friendly students. He would like to travel in the future throughout the United States and South America. He will become a psychologist or business executive after his gradua.tion from college. Here's to cr swell friend and true Viking, who has helped make the l945 Senior Class a most successful one. func Nineteen Forty-Six With Honors-Top row, left to right: Ioan Agnes Kolder, Betty LaBoslcey, Donald Snover Lewis, Ralph Edward McClain, Dorothy Gean McCracken, Florence Hannah Moore, Helen Oleiar Second row: Helen Rose Pastor, lean Ann Patterson, Dolores Petrick, Dolores loan Schlothauer, Rebecca Shulman, and Mildred Ruth Zarmstorl. Robert Lavern Mitchell does not appear in the picture. JEAN PATTERSON lean Patterson, a graduate of the February Class, was chosen by the Senior girls as their D. A. R. representative. While at Northern, lean was an active member of Sigma Chi Lambda, Girl Reserves, "N" Club, and she was past Co-Editor of the North Wind in '44. She has held two class offices, one being vice-president in her sophomore year, and the other, vice-president of the February graduating class. lean plans to attend Western Michigan College of Edu- cation in Kalamazoo. She will take up Occupational Thera- py. With her pleasing personality and sparkling smile, she is sure to become a huge success in future years. Red headed Ralph McClain represented the Senior boys as lunior Rotarian. Ralph Was popular and active through- out his entire high school career. As a. sophomore, he was on the debate team, and also belonged to the Latin Club. In his junior year, he was class president, a member of the Hi-Y, on the Red Cross and War Councils, and he was accepted into Sigma Chi Lambda. He was a member of the Red Cross Council, Sigma Chi, and Iunior Rotarian in the senior year. ln the future, Ralph hopes to attend Michigan State Col- lege and study poultry, economy, and animal husbandry. He has been a loyal Viking and a good friend to other Northern students. He is a typical student of this year's senior class. 50 The Northern Noroscopc 12B CLASS UFFICERS The officers ol the 23B Class are: President, Harry Allis, Vice-President, Mar1or1c Mattarolla, Secretary, Rath Frostg and Treasurer, Mary Ondocsin, They arc doing a line lolo with the help ol their counselors, Mrs. Harriet Latimer and Mr. Les Ehrbrlght. 12B STUDENTS Row 1-George Ananich, Mary Andocsin, ll. Wayne Bloss, Mazine Row 3--Rodney Clining, Oral Carrotliers, Ioan Cormwcll, ROl'Df'lil Boyer, Betty Brehaut, David Benford, Loc Bullard, Naomi Ben- Dawson, Rickard DeKalb, Marguerite Dreuth, Phyllis Eaton, jcmin, Martha Bennett. Rosemary Eby, lack Fdick. Row 2-Bill Bennett, Alfonso Brady, lloward Blackmer, Katherine Row 4-David Elder, Margaret Edwards, Mary Ann Eacrer, Kathie Boll, Dalin Casellas, Mary Lou Carlson, Peggy Chittenden, Ellis, Patricia England, lane Farmer, Howard Finger, Ruth Hope Cobb, Lois Caister, Frost, Kenneth Fonger. 52 The Northern Noroscope 12B STUDENTS Row l-Fritz Froehlich, Betty Ford, Addison Gay, Ir., Leo Gazall, Don Gibson, Doris Godmg, Phyllis Gore, Russell Goslou, Frances Gugala, Row 2-Viola Hanson, Donna Hooper, Francis Hehn, Rosie Hen- derson, Dale Houglie, Beverly Hunt, Iimmy loseph, Evclyn lacks son, Alma Iones. Row 3-Dorothy Iacob, Iohn lohnson, Kenneth Iohnson, Hewitt Iudd, Edward Kalakay, Esther Kasper, Howard Kateman, Lila Keely, Darrell Keene. Row 4-Bill Kenney, Don Kochelski, Robert Kraemer, Velma La- Fave, Dorothy Lee, Londo Lengenielter, Mary Iean Lalrebvre, Martha Lockard, Maxine Lincoln, une Nineteen Forty-Six Raw 5-Imogene Liley, Ioan Luxon, Agnes Mather, Marjorie Mat- tarella, Martha McMechan, Pearl McMechan, William Micholas, Ioan Miller, Iuonita Miller. Row 6 - Allen Moorhead, Betty Morey, Howard McCulley, Iohn Morley, Clarence Moss, Florence Mueller, lean Norland, Ede ward Norka, Bob Peterson. How 7 - Donald Pound, Randall Peacock, Harold Pintar, Inez Prince, Iacqueline Porter, Nancy Pettinger, Marjorie Perk, Annia Panchula, Pauline Rushing. Row 8-Mary Roche, Grace Robinson, lean Raha, Harold Reis- bich, Bob Richard, Allred Reeves, Melvin Reed, Luke Snitko, Iosephine Swantner. 35 12B STUDENTS Row l-Elaine Safer, Fred Salem, Barbara Sarrvie, lim Schlieger, Row 2 - Ruth Tallman, Don Taylor, Ieonnine Thompson, Fern Dorothy Sl-ieolsky, Robert Stieb, Jeanette Sweder, Betty Sum- Tonkin, Virginia Treslca, Alta Valley, Bertha Vincent, Ioe Vuko- mitt, Elaine Sweet. vich, Iune Walcling. How 3-Frank Walker, Phyllis Wright, Donald Zucker. 12B Students Not Pictured Harry' Allis, Naomi Benjamin, Robert Bowles Iaclc Chambers, Susie Mae Duckett, Ed Eagan Io Annie Edmunds, Lois Evert, lane Fischer, Rob- ert Fornotf, Christopher Fowler, Vlfayne Gay Mary Io Gregg, Gerald Grotton, Don Haugh Delores Hudock, Iames lennings, William Iohn- son, Eleanor Kalacy, Neil Krantz, Martha Major, Charles McGee, Walter Messinger, lim Morrow IIA CLASS GFFICERS Eloise Nelson, Richard Nickolas, Mary Ondo, Ruth Patterson, Dolores Pintacura, loyce Rans- burgh, Russell Rose, Barbara Sauvie, Mary Schkilevich, Barbara Smith, Edna Smith, Bar- bara Stengel, Leopolda Suchanek, Iosephine Swantner, Ann Vida, Dallas Watkins, loyce Wit- ter, Sonny Witter, Eugene Zuwala. The officers of the 11A Class are: President, Jim Pittsleyg Secretary, Anita limos, ancl Treasurer, Beatrice Burnham. These officers are old-timers now, but they can look back at the time when they were running tor help from their counselors, Miss Blanche Terry and Mr. Roy Knight. 54 The Northern Noroscope 11A STUDENTS Row 1-Robert Adams, Wanda Adams, Wesley Aho, Alvin Albro, Don Alexander, Frank Allen, Ray Allen, Alice Anderson, Carl Andresen. Row 2 - Bernadine Arnes, Norma Arnold, Dave Ausbury, loan Bahr, Wilbert Bailey, Walter Barbee, Harry Barker, Lillian Barnes, Charles Barringer. Row 3 - Emma Beach, Bob Beaudry, Coy Beck, Phyllis Beecher, Gladys Bellinger, Ioyce Benedict, Fred Bennett, Richard Ben- zing, Carl Berqkvist. Row 4 - Julius Berta, Gloria Bickford, Ioyce Biddis, Marjorie Bills, David Black, Bill Black, Virginia Bles, Duane Blount, Edward Bobolik. une Nineteen Forty-Six Row 5-Stanley Boczai, Bob Boone, lim Boles, Clark Bowman, Mary Brackney, Grace Bradish, Iames Brown, Arlene Browne, Nellie Bruner. Row 6-Francis Bubin, Beatrice Burnham, Edward Burns, Nancy Butcher, Dora Carb, Ellen Carb, Freda Carlson, Gerald Carl- son, Leota Carpenter. Row 7 - Iack Carlson, Eugene Cartwright, Amando Casellas, Ioyce Charton, Nancy Church, Chris Common, Delphine Con- don, Frank Cook, Patricia Cozad. Row 8-Bill Craglow, Iack Crane, lim Creamer, Bob Davis, Rich- ard Day, Harriet Davis, Shirley Dean, Thomas De Maria, Bar- bara Denton. 55 l IIA STUDENTS Row l - Doris Dial, Mike Derscha, Leone Didier, Bill Drewry, Betty Ducharme, Betty Eby, Bill Eckland, Harlon Eckstrom, Fred Eggli. Row 2 - Anna Egresica, Robert Eickholl, Merlin Eine-der, Dick Ekleberry, Margaret Elias, Burton Firestine, Robert Finglancl, Bill Fischer, Delores Fisher. Row 3-lanice Fowler, Arlene Fredericks, Rose French, Dorothy Freis, Darlene Frost, Garth Frost, Ruth Gause, lim Ge-bhardt, Derry Gibson. Row 4-Bruce Gilbert, Wayne Glasco, Elaine Goodman, Florence Goodrich, Iohn Graham, Nick Gresock, Ieanne Griggs, Alice Grinell, Tommy Groves. 56 Row 5-Tom Gronemeyer, Eunice Guthrie, Esther Harris, Gerald Harvey, Pat Halverson, Martha Hawes, Corinne Hall, Harvey Hall, Neal Hall. Row B-lane Haskell, Iohn Harms, Gloria Heidenreich, Vernon Heidenreich, lucid Heinemann, Bob Henderson, luanita Hender- son, Margaret Hemingway, Marjorie Hemingway. Row 7-Charles Hemingway, Mary Hess, Frank Henny, Ted Hiller, Norma Hill, Clayton Hobson, Arlene Hoeksema, Ferris Holmes, Freda Holt. How 8-Norm Horowitz, Dick Holzwarth, Irene Hresko, Bob Huddy, Bernard Irving, Carolyn Ivey, Maggie lames, lim lennmgs, Georga Iewett. The Northern Noroscope 1 1 IA STUDENTS Bow 1-Anita limos, loe lohnston, Rheba Iohnson, Shirley lohn- son, Rudolph lones, Alvina lurk, Fred Kalakay, Mary Kanera, Max Kapture, Row 2-Bob Katz, Bernice Kaza, Robert Kerr, Don Keyworth, Don Killian, Sue Kirlcey, Harold Klee, Kenneth Klier, Delores Kreutz- leldt. How 3 - Marian Kruger, Io Kuzawa, Mable Latting, Dane Law- rence, Keith Lawrence, Tom Lee, Lois Lee, Henry Lesniak, Vir- ginia Liley. Row 4 - Patricia Lindner, Bonnie Link, Alice Lockman, Ronald Louch, Mary Ann Luczek, Fred Luckado, Ieanne Lyons, Billi Macgregor, Pat Magelssen. une Nineteen Forty-Six Row 5-Beverly Main, Marion Manning, Dominic Marceszewski, Dick Marquis, Ed Mather, Mary Matthews, Alex Matus, Sumner Maule, Bob McCullough. Row S-Harold Mclntyre, Louisine McKee, Darwin McKinsey, Pat McMullen, Harold McMakau, Virginia Merocis, Charles Meyers, Faye Middleton, Doris Miles. Row 7-Robert Mills, Marion Miller, Sandy Miller, Dorothy Miloy, Iames Mischler, Lillian Misekow, Frank Molina, Ann Molla, lack Moore. How 8-Richard Morgan, Don Morris, Maxine Morse, Wayne Mor- timer, Margaret Mouser, Robert Mowe, Fred Mueller, Ioan Myers, Iulius Nagy. 37 1 IA STUDENTS Row 1-Mary Nesser, Betty Neiderhouse, Dale Ockernian, Esther Olsen, Roger Openo, Ray Orr, Frank Ososki, Duane Otto, Jack Palmer, Row 2- Claire Peasley, Edward Penabaker, Iohn Puiknik, Betty Pierce, Sue Pierce, Fred Pike, Iim Pittsley, Ioyce Pratt, Ileen Raby. Row 3-Mary Racket, Lois Randall, Dallas Raymond, Helen Red- lick, Eleanor Reinhardt, Iessie Reynolds, Cliliord Reynolds, Bob Rhyne, Iohn Ringler. Row 4 - Reuben Roberts, Arthur Robinson, Keith Robinson, Ida Mae Roper, Gloria Safer, Earl Sanders, Wayne Sanders, Mary lane Sargent, Frank Sarginson 58 Row 5 - Donald Schofield, Virginia Scharrer, Lois Scotton, Vir- ginia Sitka, Maynard Skidmore, Verna Skukalch, Stephen Sle- zak, Enid Slosburg, Bill Smith. Row 6-Geraldine Smith, Luke Snitko, Verna Snowder, Bill Sny- der, Leona Sordyl, Harold Soiile, liidson Stenens, Lois Stewart, Shirley Stewart. Row 7-Hugh Stoppert, Otis Strozier, Pat Strew, Neal Sullel, Pat Sullivan, Betty Sventko, Martha Swart, Don Tacklebury, Beverly Taljonick. Row 8--Bob Tate, Harold Taylor, Iva Tomlinson, Lee Berta Town- send, Helen Turovich, Agatha Turbeville, Arlene Twininq, Tynes, Iohn Tytar. The Northern Noroscopo 11A STUDENTS Haw l - Ronald Van Hoider, Bob Van Sickle, loe Reatha Van Zandt, Delores Violett, Bernice Vojdiek, David Volg, lack Wag- ner, lone Wahlfors, Richard Walk. Row 2-Evelyn Wambold, loe Wargo, Mar Lee Warren, Eugene Watts, Cheanne Weiss, Doris Whipple, Shirley White, Warren Wiles, Rex Williamson. 11A Students Not Pictured lim Abbey, Angeline Asaro, Bill Ashly, And- rew Babalik, Mary lane Birch, Doug Bowyer, Shakeeb Brackett, Ronald Burns, Duane Camp- bell, Ronald Carlson, Philip Casciono, Clarence Castle, Daniel Denman, Phillip DeVito, Ardis Dewey, lames Felisky, Margaret Garant, Charles Gossel, Herbert Hilliker, Donald l-little, Lewis Hoffman, Evert Holt, Mike Hoydie, Patricia Hutchison, William Huyck, Elvin Iarett, Iohnnie limos, Wanda Kendricks, Ken Kennedy, Arthur Klein, lack Labadie, Doris Lambert, lrene Lasky, Cyrus Lazar, Donald Lefanowicz, Donna Line- 11B CLASS OFFICERS How 3-Gordon Willoughby, Cleon Wills, Chuck Wilson, Muriel Wineman, lim Wittbrodt, Duane Witter, lames Wylie, Michael Yachanin, Walter York, M Row 4-lack Young, Robert Zarnick, Elsie lane Zeil, Paul Zofchak, Eugene Zwevalo, it ' I L-t., - v berry, Tom MacMillan, lack Marks, Edward McCaslin, Bernard McCfatfigan, Bill Moore, Bob Morey, Iacqueline Norton, Donna Paulsen, Russ Peavey, Betty Pleu, Don Plumb, Gene Provost, Alex Schaffer, loe Schmieder, Guy Schank, lean Sessions, Robert Shaw, Barbara Shields, Doris Spencer, lames Simmons, Donald Smith, Rem Stewart, Bob Swanson, Grace Taylor, lane Thomas, Boyd Toman, Shirley Valley, Theresa Vermette, Baldwin Walder, lrene Wamsley, Rob- ert Whitlatch, Dick Woodward, Virginia Wood- ward. The officers ot the 11B Class are: President, Benjamin Gillegg Vice-President, Bob Racz, Secre- tary, Howard Kuner, and Treasurer, lrene Brache. The counselors of this hall grade are Miss Margaret Powell and Mr, Bernard Smith. fune Nineteen Forty-Six 39 IIB STUDENTS Row l-Delmer Abernethy, Iames Addison, Mary Lou Allen, lim Alexander, William Alley, Dan Anas, Emma lean Anders, Polly Anderson, Virginia Baker. How 2-Barbara Ballard, Tom Ballard, Margaret Bartman, Ruth Bauer, Richard Bean, Bobert Benjamin, Marilyn Benoit, loan Berg, loan Bilober. How 3-Betty lean Bird, Robert Blanckaert, lim Bowles, Robert Burgess, Bill Burgett, Bill Burns, Irene Biahce, Bill Brandt, Virgie Bright. Row 4-Peter Buterokos, Mary lo Cameron, Lorraine Carpenter, Helen Casselman, Eloise Christensen, Sally Churchill, Grace Clemons, Shirley Coffron, Wanda Cole. 40 How 5 - Wanda Coleman, Bruce Compton, Evelyn Convis, Bob Cooke, Don Coulter, Arthur Crompton, Elizabeth Crook, James Csiki, Elizabeth Csvercsko. Row 6-Collene Culhane, Geraldine Culver, Eugene Cummings, Betty Curnow, George Dady, Marion Danekind, Iohn Allan Daniels, Doris Davis, Helen Davis. Row 7-Lloyd Davis, Tony Delgado, Bill Deneen, Dorothy Denton Elaine Donahue, Betty Douglass, Carolyn Douglas, Ruby Dud- ley, Gerald Durham Row 8-Leah Dyer, Nargis Eashoo, Duane Evans, Helen Erickson, Lois Tolax, lack Farber, William Fe-chik, Irene Feiedelem, Vir- ginia Ferguson. The Northern Noroscope t t 1 IB STUDENTS Row I-Iesse Fielder, Shirley Fiiield, Alice Fleming, Ianis Forker, Margaret Fraser, lack Galarno, Stella Gan, Margaret Geda, Don Gebhardt. Row 2 - Kenneth Gideon, Roosevelt Duckett, Ben Gillig, Bill Ginger, Iarold Goodman, Shirley Grant, Marian Grimske, Shir- ley Gustin, George Gyorkos. Row 3-Robert Hall, Harold Harris, Betty Hartman, Ianet Hassett, Charles Hayes, Gerald Herholz, La Marr Higgins, Tommy Hip- kins, Louise Hnilica. Row 4-William Hager, Betty Hultquist, Geraldine Hunn, Florence Henderson, Frank Husak, Bill Husted, Celia Huston, Ioanne Hutchison, Elsie Ice. une Nineteen Forty-Six i Row 5-Ronald lves, Julius Iacob, Harry Iacobs, Dorothy Iohn- son, Betty Iones, Mildred Iones, Ianet Iones, Mary Lou Kach- mer, lack Ketner. Row 6--Betty Kitchen, Don Knopf, Dale Koons, Ann Kowalczyk, Marie La Boskey, Stanley Langdon, Arlene Le Blanc, Agnes Filpansick, Marcella Logan, Row 7--Harry Longhouse, Marion Longmore, Eddie Lorenz, Mari- lyn Mackey, Frank Manzardo, Iohnny Markland, Frances Massi- mino, Helen Marzonie, Bill Maynard. Row 8 - Bob McBride, Lorrayne McDonald, Fred McGee, Iackie McGinnis, Betty Meissinger, Ramona Meggison, Lloyd Don Me- tiva, David Middleton, George Milne. 41 1 IB STUDENTS How 1-Mildred Moore, Sylvester Moore, Gwendolyn Mott, Minnie Motton, Anne Murray, Gay Myers, Iohn Myers, Anne Naqayda, Marion Navarre. Row 2-Lorraine Nelson, Walter Nelson, Ann Nemitz, lean New- bert, Mary Lou Oates, Dale Olds, Mary Ondo, Doris Paqe, Bill Petrides. Row 3-Nathon Prime, Chole Proper, Ierry Psi nski, Arlene Pyterot, Lillian Rawls, Bob Racz, Ken Raymond, Elizabeth Reeves, Ro- mayne Rtvard. Row 4-Ioe Roberts, Don Roda, Delores Rolandson, William Ross, Marvin Rossi, Pat Roush, Sally Huddell, Barhara Rudland, Henry Ruehle. 42 How 5-Rienhold Ruppel, Ioyce Ryqher, Pat Sabourin, Douglas Sass, Castella Sasseen, Lou Schaefer, Adam Schmider, Delores Schreder, Marylin Schreiner, Row 6 - Thelma Scheihel, Audrey Scriven, Shaheen Shaheen, lim Sherwood, Margaret Shields, Dorothy Slusser, Albert Smith, Bernard Smith, Norman Spagnolly. Row 7 - Russell Spencer, C, G. Standish, Gayle Steward, Ina Mae St. Pierre, Leo Sugar, Maxine Tackabury, lames Taliler, lim Terhune, Ray Thomas. Row 8-Doris Toles, Richard Toohey, Virginia Torrey, lack Trogrop, Dorothy Trigger, Pauline Trovillion, Beverly Tucker, Edmund Tucker, Billy Tweppy. The Nortltern Noroscope 1 IB STUDENTS Row l-Ioyce Valley, Radvy Vuckovich, Robert Walther, Al Ward, Rufus Washington, Patricia Wasieleski, Pat White, Grace Wil- son, Pat Willett. 11B Students Not Pictured Dale Amy, Oliver Arther, Donna Mae Baldwin, William Benjamin, Barbara Ballardt, Iohn Big- gart, David Campbell, Charles Carr, Leo Carro- thers, Richard Day, William Drewary, Verne Eneix, Fred Ethier, Alan Eagan, Lois Eelax, Olga Ferchak, Agnes Filpansick, Marian Fornoff, Dorothy Fores, Donald Foster, Iohn Galerno, Edward Galonsko, Ray Gillard, Iohn Goodwin, Row 2-Clara Williams, Clyde Williams, Dolores Whitman, Betty Williamson, Charles Young, Marjory Young. Charles McKenzie, Billie Io McNelly, Annie Lou Morgan, Margaret Morrisette, Robert Mowl, Dwayne Newman, Marjory Pattord, Robert Riley, Arthur Robinson, Oliver Robinson, Dorwin Schmitzer, Eugene Scott, Christine Sherwood, Helen Shorts, Maynard Skidmore, Robert Stokes, Hugh Stoppert, liyden Stornello, Patricia Strauel, Iean Griggs, William Haddad, Reid Hampton, Kenneth Heasley, Ken Howley, Barbara Hunter, Rudolph lones, Robert Derr, Edward Kincaid, Harold Klee, Keith Klinert, Carl Kullberg, Doris Lake, Richard Lampson, lda Mae Luckado, Komi- nic Marcrszewski, Harry Maxon, Earl McCormick, 10A CLASS OFFICERS The ofticers ot the IUA Class are doing a fine job lor their first year at Northern. is Betty Bernard, Vice-President, Don Popilek, Secretary, Rose Frey, and Treasurer, Helping them do this job are Miss Donna McCaughna and Mr. Herman Steele. Iune Nineteen Forty-Six Richard Taylor, Neil Thompson, Donald Laura Trego, Mamie Trego, Shirley David Volz, Stanley Vlfalton, Iennie Webb, Allen Weston, Charles Wilson, lames Ioan Woodard, Donna Wo 45 IOA STUDENTS Row I-Richard Aho, Albert Albert, Don Aldridge, Aileen Allen. luanita Allen, Wmilred Allen, Edwin Alshoier, Iohn Anderson, and Ramona Anderson. Row 2-Margaret Anthony, Ioyce Arnold, Duane Barber, Duane Barbier, Barbara Barker, Loren Barkley, Betty Barron, Nelson Basner, and Ieanette Baxter. Row 3-Dorothy Beam, Bose Behil, Mary lane Beltie, Madeline Bellinger, Betty Bernard, Mimi Bernstein, Bill Berry, lim Bingel, and Ioanne Bitzinger, Row 4 - Nellie Black, Iames Black, Audrey Blassinqame, Bob Blundell, Iohn Borzar, Bernard Bolonowski, Gerald Bowers, Keith Boyer, and Wallace Boyer. 44 Row 5 - Lois Brewer, Betty Brunette, Eleanor Bultmyer, Sally Burk, Aleen Burr, Hazel Busch, Victoria Busch, Aanes Butter- worth, and Bill Cameron. Row 6-Luther Campbell, Floyd. Carb, Carl Bill, Thelma Carter, Thelma Carter, Icy Chesley, Elmer Chema, Ruby lewel Clark, and Billy Cohen. Row 7-Carol Collister, Bruce Compton, Betty Cooper, Beverly Couls, Iohn Cox, Bill Creamer, Russell Crissman, Eleanor Cronkhite, and Marilyn Crook. Row 8-Iacqueline Croteau, William Cruthers, Charles Cuson, Margaret Doutre, Arlene Davis, Barbara Davis, Euqene Davis, and Pat Davis. The Northern Noroscope , . 10A STUDENTS Row I-Robert Dear, Alice Dicker, Iean DeCoarval, Sally Dol- gado, Edith Deslardin, Clark Dick, Emily Dickerson, Richard Dickerson, Elenor Dunan, Row 2-Shirley Dobbs, Leo Dohrman, Pat Dreyer, Lelia Duckett, Clarence Earley, Ancil Edwards, Lila Ellis, Mary Ethier, Lucille Evans. How 3-Iunice Evert, Eugene Ewald, Mary Lou Farrand, Richard Ferguson, Nancy Fetzer, Robert Fisher, Wayne Fisher, Lloyd Flewellmg, Carl Forbes Row 4-Margaret Foreman, Patsy Foz, Carlotta Francisco, Bar- bara French, Rose Frey, David Friesoger, Lydia Fusorger, Shirley Froats, Betty Fullwood. une Nineteen Forty-Six Row 5 -- Rosalee Gates, Relda Gay, Meyer Garfield, Dorothy Garty, Martha Gasper, Sally Gealer, Donna Gibson, Margaret Geier, Cecile Gibbs, Row 6 - Douglas Gibson, Iohn Glagar, lack Gockel, Bernard Goddard, Rena Goldstein, Leonald Geolzke, Ioyce Golobe, Dwight Gore, Betty Gotwalt. Row 7-Mike Grab, Lola May Grace, Bob Graham, Ioe Gram- mat'co, Cecil Granberry, Laura Gray, Dick Grieve, Harvey Grolzien, Steve Gubansick, Row 8-Barbara Guza, Lillian Haber, Charlene Haines, Barbara Hallock, Orill Halleck, lack Hamilton, Clara Hanel, Gerald Hanners, Helen Hardenbrook. 45 10A STUDENTS Row l-lane Harris, Rodney Hartwig, loan Harwood, Elizabeth Hasacki, Bob Hatherill, Robert Heeman, Robert Heidel, Sue Heinemann, Nellie lo Henderson. How 2-Shirley Ann Hertz, Ioyce Hester, Marvin Hilgendorl, Atl- leen Hillman, Maxine Hilvers, Evelyn Himelhoch, Bose Himel- hoch, Eldridge Hinman, Lawnie Hltt. Row 3 - Don Hobson, lack Hocut, Evelyn Hodge, Don Holmes, Norma lean Hon, Don Hoover, Fannie Hopkins, Bob Hosler, Molly Houston. Row 4-- Norman Hutt, Lois Hull, Barbara Hunter, Frank Hunter, Bill Hunter, Eloise Hutchinson, Shirley Hutchinson, Grace Huyck, Martha lsaquier, 46 How5 -- Richard lves, Agnes lakowczyk, Edward lennings, Eugene Iennings, Ernestine Johnson, Ioan Iohnson, Leo Iohn- son, Shirley lohnson, Ella jones. Row S -- Helen Iordan, Delores Kekel, Ruth Kleckley, Verdella Kendrick, Barbara Kerr, Don Keyorznski, Bob Kibash, Edwin Klee, Henry Klocko. Row 7-Dorothy Knerr, Bob Korcsmoros, Ioe Kovacs, Erma Krue- ger, Andy Krutka, Steve Kudla, Arlene Kula, Sam Kvasica, Roderick LaEave. How B-Connie LaMay, Geraldine Landskroever, Donna LaRose, Ruth Lash, Vlrgima La Vasseur, Rosemary Liddell, Mary Lim- ban, Connie Limoseth. The Northern Noroscope 10A STUDENTS Row 1 - Beatrice Long, Eleanor Lorence, Kenny Lorenz, Henry Lubiato, Andy MacDonald, Myron Mackey, Beverly MacLean, Mildred Lou MacMillan, Bob Madison. How 2-Delores Mandijak, Mildred Mathar, Pat Mather, Iuliana Matska, Ruth Maul, Orist Mayda, Bob McBride, lack McCarthy, Bill McCormick. Row 3-Carol McCoy, Claudine McKee, Edward Mekaula, Dana McLe1sh, Margaret McMahon, Robert McManaman, Mary Lou McMullan, George McQuigg, Carson Merritt, Row 4-Shirley Meyer, Agnes Mearka, Alvin Miller, Iim Miller, Elmer Mitchell, Delores Metoraj, Edward Mitoraj, Nelson Mittoxi, Bud Morris. une Nineteen Forty-Six Row 5-Charles Morris, Dilbert Moss, Harold Mott, lack Murray, Robert Myers, Iinnie Noriec, Bob Nimmi, Iames Newman, Violet Nieman. Row 6-Carlton Norris, Richard Novak, Genevieve Nowak, Paul Nowlin, Harold Odem, Milla Oisten, lean Olson, Charles Ort- lieb, Beverly Owrey. Row 7-Ioseph Paccriovsky, Maxine loyce Park1nson,Steve Pastor, Margaret Patterson, Pat Patterson, Vernon Patterson, Donald Peche, Iim Peters, Miclcie Phaneut. Row 8-Elizabeth Phielter, Don Pierce, Geraldine Pillsbury, Doro- thy Pinkston, Margaret Pintar, Bill Ponder, Don Popilek, Iohn Popovick, Ann Powell, 47 10A STUDENTS Row I-Frances Price, Max Proctor, loyce Pruchett, Ioan Quigley, Dorothy Randall, Iune Ratoczak, Morris Richmond, Mary Helen Riggs, Ralph Rizzardi. Row 2-Allene Roberts, Robert Robinson, Allene Rodgers, Milton Rosenbaum, Catherine Ruggirello, Eleanor Ruhala, Kathlcin Ryther, Eddie Salem, Eugene Sams. How 3-Elizabeth Santee, Richard Sargent, Ann Sarber, Narlyn Savage, Olga Sawchin, Alan Schaefer, Fmine Schaeler, Margie Schroeder, Richard Simpson. Row 4 - Howard Severance, Charles Shelly, Patricia Simmons, Bessie Smith, Geraldine Smith, LeRoy Smith, Martin Smith, Nancy Smith, Norma lean Smith 48 z l Row 5-Raymond Smith, Wanda Smith, Duane Sapp, Lois Sparks, Iackie Stewart, Betty Stilley, Pat Steel, Betty Stieb, Dolores Stratton. Row B - Charles Stokes, David Strond, Marion Swayze, Helen Szegedylc, Katherine Taister, Billie Taylor, Dean Taylor, Ernest Taylor, Leonard Taylor, Row 7-Queen Taylor, Helen Thomas, Melba Thomason, Robert Tugley, Delores Tutsworth, Alex Toth, Obedia Tucker, Gerta Turner, Norma Turner. Row 8-Willard Turnpaugh, Geraldine Urban, Betty Van Arsdale, Marguerite Van Holder, Cecilia Vermette, Ann Veselinak, Her- bert Vick, Darla Vincent. The Northern Noroscope IOA STUDENTS Row I-Irene Vukovich, Louise Vulcovicfi, Richard Waffle, Blaine Ward, Ioyce Walker, Iarries Wardell, Kenneth Watson, Iohn Wagner, lim Walker. Row 2-lean Watchorn, Marian Watson, Arlene Weaver, Dorothy Weber, Harold Weber, Kelth Weddington, Robert Wehrlie, Ruth Weisgerber, Mary Louise Wilson. How 3- Richard Weller, Beverly Weston, Doris Whatting, Carol White, Elizabeth Weinbrauck, Beverly Wilcox, Malcolm Wil- lette, Grady Williams, Eloise Williams. Row 4-Beverly Willsey, Betty Wilson, Everett Wilson, Iacqueline Wilson, Robert Wilson, Benjamin Wingfield, Vivian Winters Robert Wittbrodt, Betty Wolfe. Row 5-loan Woodbury, Philip Woods, Marian Woodruff, Velta Woodward, Clay Worrell, Sam Yonan, George Zarichny, Eliza- beth Ziontek, Virginia Zyber. 10A Students Not Pictured Dora Acheff, Sylvia Alexander, Iuanita, Allen, Iuanita Austin, Ralph Banks, Sally Beemon, Ger- ald Belchek, Earl Bill, Ward Blaine, Max Borris, Carl Boyer, Lois Brewer, Barbara Brooks, Harold Byrnes, Floyd Carr, Thomas Cavric, Sally Churchill, Eleanor Cronkhite, Russell Doniaan, Charlotte Dyer, Fred Eggli, Robert Figley, Arlene Flesher, Marian Ford, Sven Forsmark, Rose Fris- bie, Donna Fuller, Ioseph Grarnmatico, Audrey Harris, Gerald Hcrholz, Raymond Hobson, Mel- vin Howell, William Huntley, Patricia Iakowczyk, Erma Iohnson, Helen Iohnson, Maxine Lowry, Lowis Lawton, Henry Lubiato, Rosalie Mandreky, Patricia Mather, Richard Maul, Edward McKel- lunc Nirlctccn Forty-Six voy, Garfield Meyer, Iames Minzey, Georgia Miller, lack Murray, Nardi Nance, Milton Nelson, Webster Nettles, Mary Newton, Dolores Opila, Donald Pecke, Iames Peters, Maxine Phaneuf Nancy Phinney, Evelyn Porter, Ruehen Rohert Donna Rodgers, Evelyn Rogers, Barbara Smith Catherine Smith, Maude Smith, Pauline Smith, Verna Sprague, Patricia Steel, Iacqueline Stew- art, Ervin Stitts, Katherine Sweppy, Donald Tac- lclobury, Wiley Thomas, Mary Thomas, Anna- belle Tales, lack Trarop, Ward Twining, Tack Up- ton, Ardis Vater, Louis Walker, Alice Wertman, Elizabeth Wienbrauck, Paul Wolter, Clay Wor- rell, Doris Wright. 1 r r 49 'l OB STUDENTS Ll- BOYS Ioseph 'Adit Glen Bagnell Raymond Baker Robert Ballard Rex Barnes Iohn Benjamin , Steve Benjamin William -Bennett I W,ilfQrdeBjshob, . - -Edwgrd ,Bjorlinlg , Ef1rlgBlack .T .,. ' f Charles 'Bleicher' 1,19vd'B1iSS. William Boyd Roosevelt Branch Robert'Brannon ' Frankl,Bunker V Y Richard Burdgick Ierity' Butler -- Robert gCaldwell Invari Carfnenter ' William Carpenter David Carr' 1 Richard Dell ' Iames DeWitt Charles Didier Iames Dubey William Dunsire Albert Eckerdt Iohri Egresecs foe .Elsinger LL M. Elzy William Endman William Evertt lames Farmer ,Iohn Fartin Robert Featherstone Donald Felisky Seaborn Franklin Raymond Frazier Ray Garman - Eugene Grappin l-Ioward'Hall David Harrod Max Haslem Mike Hatala -RaberttCi'1rver Darwin Hanglie Di.clcfChapple Wayne Haughlie Daniel Clrerna Robert Haick Rely Cblrlihs - 5 Wayne Hope W'HliaIihiCOmber lQl'ln Hultquist lRdfzli'1Deering r.yD.anny ljames . , .. F i 2 . - . - , I L .:t. , '. P + MJBQQSTUDENTS GIRLS - J .. Dorothy Albra Flora Zlllen. I - LQretta'Af11er1 I Winifred Anderman Ianide"Arfnitage' I Marilyn Aurey Barbara Bailey Beverly Barnes Bernadinei Benedict lacquelyn,Benoit D'5ipthy Bodek 'y Bagsara Ann Boiiey Pqgieiursowdefif Betty Brooks I Molly Burdine A Catherine Campbell Helen Canterbury Lois Carlson V. Joan' Carlson . Dorothy Carpenter Ruth Carr ' A Kathleen- Coate Louise Chase Bonnie Cobb y Edith Coleman Nora Criag Barbara Czachorski Barbara Dyer Regina Dach Ioyce Dale Lorena Dangler Carol Davies Ioyce Day Melba DeVito Barbara Donley Delores Edwards Dolores Emerick Theresa Fejedelem Delores Finger Iosephine Garvin Irene Gondol Hazel Griffith Bernice Hall Lorna Hall Ioyce Hamilton Dorothy Hdnel Helen Hanson ' Helena Hark Mary Hatton Norma Hayes Edith Hayward Sally Hebner Norma Hendershot Wilma Henderson Donna Herrick Samantha Ijames Bruce Iacobs- Steve Ienca Steve Iohnson Iohn Iohnson Ray Iones Davolas Kagey Robert Karvy Charles Knicshaw Gottlick Kraus Merton Krause Richard Krueger Frank Kruzava Michael Lasky Iames Launius Cecil Liley Iack Little Robert Layette George Main Ronald MacLaren Robert MacLaren Iames Maples Ioseph Mattorella Guile Maxon Wilber McDonald Bruce McLeck Donald Messinger Iohn Mikoveto Donald Miller Ray Money Iennie Israel Barbara Iarvis Anganelba Ienkins Delores Iohnson Rosemary Iones Angeline Karkvski Shirley Keffer Delores Ketterer Lois Kimmery Vivian Kleckley Katie Koscak Marianne Kovalcik Sally Krupa Ardis Lambert Enid Lambert Barbara Laubheimer Dorothy LeBlanc Emma Lehr Madeline Lewis Leona Lembert Velma Luckado Lottie Marciszewski Beverly Markey Louise Martorelli Betty Ann Meyers Clara Miller Delores Monreal Refugio Monreal Hiram Moore Charles Mott Donald Munra George Murray Kbaled Nessar Thomas Newman Stanley Parish Iohn Parr Tirso Perez Charles Porter Richard Pry Edwin Rabin Anthony Rasch Michael Rebarchek Iohn ReVair Richard Rice Neil Rich Robert Riley Iames Russell Gilio Sabuco Iames Salem Ray Sanaggins Fred Schutz Bernard Schofield Charles Smith Paul Smith Peter Snyder Ralph Sordyle Herbert Straley Shirley Myers Phyllis MacMillan Irene McLaurin Arlene McMullen Charlene Nielson Elaine Nourse Barbara Parsons Mary Peters Irene Petro Betty Plamondon Shirley Porter Nancy Pound Lubertha Prince Luella Reinhardt Iennie Rendleman Alberta Rickard Betty Rodabaugh Nancy Rollier Mary Alice Ross Erma Sanford Irene Schroeder Helen Seide Maryanne Sharp Elaine Siegel Amelia Smith Ellen Smith Georgia Smith Dolly Sobey Dennis Sumonton Iames Swanson Robert Tate Norman Taylor Donald Thiel Hugh Toland Albert Torok Steven Torolc Torn Vallaire Robert Varro Leonard Vaughn Ioe Vito Bob Wade Richard Wallace Iames Watkins Iames Webb Donald Weldon Donald Werden Lawrence Westin William White Carl Whitehead Charles Whitman Iames Williams Iack Wilson Arthur Windsor Delbert Youmans Vernon Young Harvey Ziel A Mildred Stafford Georgenia Stewart Delores Swanson luanita Timmons Lorraine Touma Edna Townsend Leona Urquhart Nessabe Urquhart Agnes VanBesler Annie Vukelich Maxine Walton Vivian Walz Geraldine Washington Myrtlee Watkins Beverly Way Vivian Weston lean Whitton Iune Wilson May Winberg Betty Witt Wonda Wood Thelma Woodhull Margaret Woodward Dorothy Wright Gloria Wright Nancy Wyman Patsy Wyman Dorothy Young Marlene Montgomery 50 The Northern Noroscope THE ADMINISTRATION AND COUNSELORS Mr. Otto Norwalk, principal at Northern, is the one to Whom everyone looks to see that every- thing goes Well. His position is one of great re- sponsibility and he does a painstaking job of it. He is in constant touch with the teachers, coun- selors, the deans, the assistant principal, and the outside so that he knows the school's business. As the head of the school, he serves as a symbol of our school spirit, past and present. Miss Wealthy Hillier, assistant principal, has the difficult task of Working with everyone in the school, both students and faculty, to keep every- thing running smoothly. She is the public relations chairman for the school and must be able to judge outside re- action of what goes on at Northern. A hard job well done is a good Wa.y to express Miss Hillier's work here. Mr. Guy Houston, and Miss Frances Lyons. dean of boys and girls, respectively, at Northern, are faculty members who will always remain in the minds and hearts of Northern students. They have spent many hours of their time freely in leading and supporting the student body and all its activities. Such duties as attendance, and special guid- ance are handled by them. Students look to Mr. Houston and Miss Lyons as their athletic and social leaders. The Counselors are the persons to Whom stu- dents may turn for help Whenever they need special guidance or information concerning their classes, marks, or curriculum. lt is upon the shoulders of these few people that the happiness of the general student body rests, and they have done a fine job of council- ing students during their high school career. Counselors are responsible for absence ex- cuses, mark records, aptitude tests and the gen- eral conduct of their group. 12A 12B llh llB 10A 10B Miss Luc Dillon Mrs. Harriet Latimer Miss Blanche Terry Miss Margaret Powell Miss Donna McCaughna Mrs. Lura Brewer Merle genry Lester Ehrbright Rey Knight Herman Steele Bernard Smith Gene Riccelli I 52 rrhl-3 Northern Noroscope FACULTY Row One: Mrs. Genevieve Abbott. B.S. Commercial Mrs. Hula Benoit. LB.: M.A. Language Crandall Bisbee. ILM.: MA. Science Mrs. Ida Bradford. B.S. Social Studies Row Two: Mrs. Lura Brewer. B.S. Home Economics Clyde Brock. B.S. Science and Mathematics Borden Buchanan. B.A.: M.S. Science Miss Dorothy Carver. B.S. Home Economics Row Three: Ralph Cates. B.S. Science Miss Ima Chambers. BA.: M.S. Commercial Willired Crissman. B.S. lndustrial Arts Clare Dean. BA.: M.A.: B.D. History Row Four: Miss Elizabeth Didier. LB. English Miss Lucy Dillon. B.R. Language Miss Margaret Eggers. B.S. Commercial Lester Ehrbright. LB. Mathematics FACULTY Row Five: ' Miss Marguerite Farmer A.B. Mathematics Mrs. Ruhamah Francis. B.S English Miss Elaine Franken, B.Ed. Commercial Mrs. Francis Haynes 'B.S.: M.S. Science Row Six: Merle Henry. B.S.: ILM. Industrial Arts Mrs. Elizabeth Hurst B.A.: M.A. English Miss Vivien Ieand'heur B.S.: MJL Physical Education Douglas Ienkins. B.S. English Row Seven: Mrs. Ioyce Iohnson. ILA. Language Roy Knight. B.S.: MA. Commercial Miss Iacqueline Kramer. B.A English and Drama Miss Ellen Lardner LB.: BJ. English and Iournalism Row Eight: Mrs. Harriet Latimer. A.B. English Mrs. Louise LeRoy B.S.: B.C.S. Commercial Reverend Ralph Lindsay Bible Literature Miss Veva Lowes. B.A.: M.A. Social Studies une Nineteen Forty-Six 55 FACULTY Row One: WillQamiMackin. B.S. Social Studies .' Miss Phyliss Macklem. 13.5. 4 Language Miss Donna McCaughna, A.B English Vincent McPharlin, B.S. Art Row Two: Mrs. Mary Miller, B.S. Home Economics. waiisqm-Mimrdo, B.s. Physical Education Iohn Muhvic, B.S. 1 Industrial Arts 'L Raymond Nashf ,, ,English Raw Three: Clarence Newcombe, B.S. I Industrial Arts Iames Palmer. LB.-, Vocal Music Groups Miss Margaret Powell, A.B. ' Erlgiish Mrs. Magdalene Rhodes ' AJR.: A.B.: MJ-K. English I 'Row Four: . Gene Riccelli, B.S. V rlndustrial Arts l Miss Mary lane Schreur ' A.B.: M.A. ' Mathematics ' Eyart Scott LB.: MJ-X. h Social Studies Public Speaking Debate Grace Sherman A.B.: M.A. Social Studies 54 71 FACULTY Row Five: Basil Sims, AB.: MJ-L Industrial Arts Burt Smith, B.Ed. - Mathematics and Physical Education Bernard Smith. Pl1.B. Instrumental Music Mrs. Grace Smith, AB.: M.A Social Studies Row Six: Herman Steele, A.B.: M.A. Social Studies Carl Stelter. LB.: MJL Science Miss Blanche Terry. A.B. Mathematics Archie Tisdale. B.S. Commercial Row Seven: Thomas Tippett. B.S. Mathematics Merton Vincent. A.B.: M.A. Science Miss Gretchen Walz. B.A. Mathematics Mrs. Gladys Westcott. B.A. Social Studies Row Eight: Herbert Woolweaver B.S.: M.A. Science and Physical Education Charles Zeilinger. B.S. Industrial Arts Mrs. Beth Dowding Textbook Clerk Miss Lee Hamady House Row Nine: Miss Phyliss Long Financial Secretary Miss Donna Perrine Librarian Homer Randall Miss Isobel Riggs Secretary Mrs. Fannie Van Guilder Fee Secretary Trade School B Ihe Northern Noroscope GUY V. HOUSTON LES EI-IRBRIGHT HERBERT WOOLWEAVER BURT SMITH Alhletic Director 6 Fooiball Coach Basketball Coach Track Coach Baseball Coach I STARTING LINE-UP OHHRLE S IIBUILTDN 'ROBERT Lanocue Iemrrn rnosv LH NN ' ROBERT HENDERSON 63 N - FRHHK,TNOHH5 78515 HCQUEEN GEORGE FINRNICH TURN MILOY URMES HICKS HHRRY PLUS LEO SUGIIR GENE RICCELLI WILLIAM MACKIN WILLIAM MINAHDO CARL STELTER Faculiy Manager Assistcmi Truck Coach Intramural Coach Reserve Basketball 56 The Northern Noroscope RRY DZINURFI FB N DONRLD UWM HEINEMRNN NFILKER -IE EN e C N CORD! GHBY LHR RH N NERD CHEHH CFISTLE R R une Nineteen Forty-Six Northern 41: Saginaw Eastem 0 1 :Top Row: Howard Kateman, Alfonso Brady, Sam Cox, Don Taylor, Don Czachorski, Larry Mead, Paul Zofchak, Ed Eagan, ' Gordon Willoughby, lettie Terrill, Eigzene Mason, Paul Chema, Donald Pound, Ray Dziwura, Amando Carsellas. Second . Row: lim McQueen, Harr Allis, Don ell , Ii Creamer, F ed Pike, Ken Ma D ld, 1. S ar, B ldw' W lke, I dd y y m r c ona eo ug a in a r u Heineman, Andy MacDonald, Gene lacobs, Garth Frost. Third Row: Bob LaRoche, Ray Orr, Ned Newman, Frank Thomas, Bob Henderson, George Ananich, Iohn Milo , Iim Hicks, Charles Hamilton, Frank Sarginson, Clarence Castle, Bob Boone Fran! Row: Ed Kalakay, Bill Fisher, Willard lfrllontpas. VARSITY FOOTBALL Officers Coach ........,............, Guy V. Houston Assistant Coaches ,,..,. Bill Minardo, Burt Smith Faculty Manager .....,.,...,.,. Gene Riccelli Honorary Co-Captains ,,.,... Robert LaRoche Iames McQueen Managers .......,. Frank Henney, Carl Thomas Leland Bullard, Bob Benjamin, Marvin Rossi Schedule Sept. 214-Grand Ra.pids . . . ..., There Sept. 29-Lansing Eastern . . . ,... Here Oct. l2AArthur Hill ..... .... H ere Oct. 19-Bay City . . . ,... There Oct. 25-Saginaw . . ..,. Here Nov. 24-Owosso ...... ..,. T here Nov. 9-Pontiac ...................... Here Nov. 17-Benton Harbor ............... There Nov. 22-Central ........... Atwood Stadium Northern prepared for a heavy schedule by training early and looked forward hopefully to their opening game with Grand Ra.pids South. Northem 2: Grand Rapids South 7 Grand Rapids scored on one long drive to defeat Northern in their first game. Northem 33: Lansing Eastem 7 After a slow start the Vikings went ahead to score five touchdowns. Charley Hamilton made three successful conversions. lt Northern 19: Arthur Hill 21 was Northern versus Gene Glick at Atwood Stadium as the swift Hillite scored all 21 points against the Vikings. 58 Northern 14: Bay City 0 Backed by a traveling crowd the Vikings shut out Bay City on their home field. The touch- downs being made by Leo Sugar in the first period and Ray Dziwura in the last. The fighting Vikings amassed 41 points for a lop-sided victory over Saginaw Eastern. Charley Hamilton Went five for six in the conversion column. Northern 33: Owosso 6 Five hundred Flintites were momentarily stunned by an opening minute touchdown by Owosso. However, the Vikings came back to score five touchdowns to extend their winning streak to three games. Northern 19: Pontiac 12 The Northern defense prevailed against a hard-hitting backfield of Pontiac which scored two touchdowns in the last quarter. Northern 7: Benton Harbor 0 Northern prepared for the Turkey Day contest with a non-conference victory over Benton Har- bor on a touchdown by Garth Frost and a con- version by Charley Hamilton. Northem 0: Central 19 Thanksgiving 1945 proved a cold and tearful da.y for many loyal Vikings as a powerful Cen- tral team won its first Wildanger Trophy by crushing Northern 19 to U. lt was a case of a good team against a better one. Van Williams took scoring honors with two touchdowns. Northern looks forward to revenge in 1946. The Northern Noroscope Top row, left to right: lack Farber, Richard Hoover, Morris Richmond, lack Galorno, Dale Olds, Hay Thomas, lames Addi- son, Max Borris Third row: Charles Young, Dick Weller, Melvin Howell, Ken Lorenz, Leo lohnson, George Milne, Gale Stewart, Eugene Cummings, Douglas Gibson Second row: Robert Wittbrodt, limmy Peters, Harry Longhouse, B111 McCor- mick, Russel Spencer, Tom Ballard, Frank Hunter, A1 Wood. Bottom row: Basil Arno, Don Roda, Benjamin Wingfield, Ed- ward Metorai, Dick Aho, lim Terhune, Don Hobson, Wayne Barber I SOPHUMORE FUQTBALL Officers 14 to O with the Saginaw team leading. ln the Cogch .,'.. BUSH Arnold 1ifQ1sCtd1Eglf7 the little Vikings scored to make the Manager . , .. Dwight Gore ' ' The Owosso game provided many thrills for the chilled fans. Both teams played good de- Squad A , , V I V fensively, but the wind stopped them in the de- lcfmes Addlgon Egllxlilflccofmlck tense. The game ended in a scoreless tie. ,lqlck 3111? d G 91012211 The Sophomores battled MSD. for three guar- BSTHBISQSE Bjsggiieri me ters without either team crossing the goal line. . . V . Wayne Barber Dcde Olds Finally in the last .ive minutes MSD. scored the Max Borris Eugene Cummings lack Farber Doug Gibson lack Galarno Don Hobson Melvin Howell Frand Hunter Leo lohnson limmy Peters Morris Richmond Don Roda Russ Spencer Gayle Stewart lim Terhune Ray Thomas Al Ward Dick Weller Robert Wittbrodt Charles Young Harry Longhouse Kenny Lorenz Summary ln the first game of the season, Saginaw came here with a squad composed mostly of upper classmen. Our Sophomores fought them on even terms for most of the first quarter, but then Sagi- naw began to click. At the half, the score was Iune Nineteen Forty-Six only touchdown of the game. Knute Lorenz starred on defense, stopping M.S.D,'s star, Arlon Dennison, time after time. Northern journeyed to Pontiac to take a sound beating, 28 to 7. George Milne scored the Soph- omores only touchdown on a sixty yard jaunt around end. Knute Lorenz converted. ln the next fray, on a flooded field, Corunna kept up Northern's streak by handing them their fifth straight defeat. Knute Lorenz scored from the ten yard line and converted himself to ac- count for all of Northern's points. ln the last game, the Northern Sophomores made it a perfect season of no wins in six games. Lapeer scored their first touchdown on Leo lohnson's punt return. All in all the season was not too good but it uncovered good Varsity prospects for the future, as we will see next year and the year after. 59 x Top row. lelt to right: Fred Bennett, Manager, Ioe Wisniewski, Paul Zofchak, Leo Sugar, Neil Krantz, Andy MacDonald, Garth , Frost, George Ananich, Eugene Watts, Manager Front row: Bob Henderson, Leo Iohnson, Gusty Orr, Ioe Wargo, Iohnny Marklcxnd, Burton Iackson, Harry Allis, Bob Richard. VARSITY BASKETBALL OFHCCFS Coach ..,..,.......... . . , Les Ehrbright Honorary Co-Captains ..,..,....,.. Don Kelly Bill Hubbard Managers . , . . . Eugene Watts, Fred Bennett Harold Mott, Don Hobson Slllll Illdry During the regular season Coach Les Ehr- bright's Cagers won l2 of l5 games. Besides winning the City Championship and retiring an- other Wildanger trophy, Northern also finished second in the Saginaw Valley Conference. The team started out slowly but improved as the season wore on. This was the first complete year that Northern used the race horse style of playing. During the first semester we were fortunate in having the services of a great center and tor- ward, namely, Don Kelly and Bill Hubbard. Kelly, an all-state and all-valley center last year, proved himself valuable under the basket and in the pivot position, While Hubbard, although not gaining State and Valley laurels, was valuable for setting up plays. But as the old saying goes "All good things must come to an end," so did the first semester and the careers of Kelly and Hubbard. As the second semester started, crippled, but far from licked, Coach Ehrbright dug down into the reserve squad for help. He got three out- standing players lohnny Markland, Andy Mc- 60 Donald and Leo Iohnson. lt was lohnnys bucket that beat Bay City, and Leo who put Northern ahead to stay in the second game against Cen- tral. Andy was doing the one thing that ba.sket- ball requires, pitching points. While on the sub- ject of players, don't forget Orr, Wargo, Hender- son, Rickard, Ananich, Wisniewski, Frost, and the other fellows who made this Northern team possible. Don Kelly and Bill Hubbard closing the book ol their eligibility to Basketball. The Northern Norosvopv Front row, lett to right: Wayne Hauglie, Don Weldon, Pete Buterokos, Wayne Hope, Gerald Hanners, Gilio Sabuco, Millard Ma r ac row lit to right' lack Mott Ken Lorenz Tom Vallaire lim Creamer Sylvester Moore Rex Barnes Fred tta. B k , e Scheetz, Don Hobson. RESERVE BASKETBALL Varsity Lettermen George Ananich Garth Frost William Hubbard Burton Iackson Leo Iohnson Don Kelly Neil Krantz Ray Orr Robert Rickard Leo Sugar loe Wargo Ioe Wisniewski Paul Zolchak Reserve Lcttermcn Harry Allis Peter Buterokos Iames Creamer Gerald Hanners Wayne Hope Ken Lorenz Andy MacDonald Iohn Markland func Nincteeli Millard Mattar Sylvester Moore Milton Rosenbaum Gilio Sabucco Shaheen Shaheen Fred Sheetz Tom Vallaire Don Weldon Forty-Six Summary Northern's "Little Vikings" ended the season under the leadership of Carl Stelter with a rec- ord of l3 wins and 2 losses. They took the "Little Valley Championship" and City Cham- pionship. The high scorer of the season was lim Cream- er with 59 points. The runners-up were Ken Lo- renz with 48 points, Gilio Sabuco with 45, Sha- heen Shaheen 4l, Pete Buterokos 35, Sylvester Moore 26, and Wayne Hope with 19. Four boys were promoted to the varsity in February. They were Iohn Markland, Leo Iohn- son, Andy McDonald, and Ken Lorenz. Ken stay- ed with the varsity for a. few games and then came back and played three games with the reserves. While the other three were with the reserves they scored as follows: Leo Iohnson, 82 points, Iohn Markland, 79, and Andy McDon- ald, 77. 61 'L Top Picture: Don Kelly going in for a side shot. Trying to stop h m is Arthur Hill's Eugene Mason. Middle Picture: Bill Hubbard gives cl pass to another team- mate. Guarding him is Dean Ousterhout. Lower Picture: Bob Rickard tries a shot from the circle. Attempting to stop him is Iesse Thomas. Ioe Wargo 1211 is waiting for rebound. 62 COHCl'lCS The keynote to the Viking successes has been the excellent coaching the players have re- ceived, Only after a great deal of time has been spent in training players can a team hope to achieve victory. Knowing this, a group of men took up the task of helping Northern reach this goal. The job of coaching football was headed by Guy Houston. With him were two assistants, Burt Smith and Bill Minardo. These men com- bined their skills and helped Northern to a suc- cessful season. At the head of the basketball team is Lester Ehrbright. Through his efforts he has kept that sport at its traditional Northern peak. Carl Stelter coached the reserve team to a successful season. The baseball coach is a new- comer by the name of Burt Smith. l-le is varsity baseball coach. He has fine material to work with, and we are sure he'll come up with a good team. l-lerbert Woolweaver is coach of the track team and is assisted by William Mackin, Last year's tennis team was coached by George Beuben. This year the linksmen will be in action under the assistance of lohn Muhvic, lTlOI1Ol'S All-Valley ..,. ......., D on Kelly, Gusty Orr All-State Second Team ..,.,....... Don Kelly Don Kelly and Gusty Orr were placed on the All-Valley first team. These two boys proved themselves worthy of the honor by exhibiting their A-l caliber of competition throughout their playing season. Kelly, a February graduate, proved to himself and to his many followers that a half year player is capable of attaining honors. Throughout the eight games Don played he was constantly the leading point maker, and achiev- ed an average of 17.5 points per game for a total of l39. l-le was the leading scorer of the valley until the last game when Gene Glick of Arthur l-fill edged him by four points, On Febru- ary l Don Kelly closed his eligibility against Saginaw Eastern in which he scorched the hoops for 23 points. Ray "Gusty" Orr, the brilliant forward, was promoted to the varsity squad last season and became a regular this season. Gus, a first half senior, will be around till next February. The climax of the basketball season was the two successive victories over Central. The first game was sort of a walk-away in which we won by the score of 38-17. lt was in this game that Don Kelly tied the all-time city mark of tossing in l8 points, in a Northern-Central game. The second game, however, was a different story, it was Central all the way until the last 45 seconds, There the tables turned, Orr knotted the count at 27-27, then Leo lohnson dumped in a bucket to make the score 29-27. After that it was all over. Once again the Vikings had come out on top. The Northern Noroscope Robert Beniamin Carl Thomas Leland Bullard Marvin Ross Frank Henny C E J lwflanagers Some glory should be given to the managers. These fellows are always with the team helping with the equipment and giving other aids that the coaches have no time to do. After practice sessions are over they do not leave until every' thing is in order. Good Work, fellows! Cheer Leaders Under the direction of Bernard Smith and their captain, Cyrus Lazar, the cheer leaders proved themselves to be a spark in the reviving of school spirit at Northern. They spend long hours thinking up cheers. They deserve a word of thanks from the entire student body. Sports Staff We should all be grateful to the sports staff for the fine times we had at the many athletic events, which they so successfully planned. This staff is headed by Guy V. Houston, the athletic director and football coach. Checking the eligibility of players of all our teams is a great task, but is very necessary in order that our representatives through athletics are of the highest caliber. This task is handled by Charles Zeilinger, The ticket sales, both in and out of school, are supervised by Gene Ricel- li, business manager. Although tennis is not one of the major sports of Northern it has attracted many boys who are fond of the sport. These boys are coached by George Beuben, who is very experienced in ten- nis. Sponsoring the tennis team is Thomas Tip- pett, faculty member. The golf team is looking toward a successful season under the tutorship of Iohn Muhvic. Cyrus Lazar Harold Pintar lim Pagel Carson Merril Tom Groves Frank Cook Iune Nineteen Forty-Six 65 Bob Henderson Bill Handlin VARSITY BASEBALL Under Coach Carl Stelter, the Viking Nine downed the Central High team two out ot three games to clinch the city championship lor the first time in two years. ln the first contest the Indians triumphed when they barely squeezed a victory, 9 to 8. ln the following two games the Vikings presided by a landslide of 4 to U and ll tol. ln the Saginaw Valley circuit the 1945 team started out right by walloping the Saginaw Arthur Hill team 3 to l. They won the three suc- ceeding games, but then dropped two in a row, SOPHCMORE BASEBALL The "Little Viking" nine ended the scason under the line leadership of Coach Bobby Lawrence with a record ot tive wins and one loss. Games with Central Reserves and St, Michaels were rained out, thus limiting the schedule to only six games. Ice Wisniewski Bob Rickard one to Central, the other to Pontiac. They wound up the season by winning four straight, one ot which was the third and deciding Central game. The last two games were rained out, leaving a Valley standing ol six won and two lost which put Northern in second place. ., The PlayerseChester Bednarski, Wilfred Des- Iardins tCapt.J, William Handlin, Robert Hender- son, Don Kuick, Tom Lajewski, Herman Langer, Ken MacDonald, Robert Rickard, Ioe Wisniewski, Ray Zbiciak. The team hitting was led by Bill Sny- " l T , l ll to ight: B 'on I ck on, P ul Zoich k, B'll S ycle , def Und the runner-up WGS Iohn Mark' L38 Elgar? Harry Allislulim Creixmer,GBob Laxrence, ACloacli. Front row: Bob Benjamin, manager, Bob Boone, Rex Williamson, lclfld. Iohnny Markland, Ioe Wargo, Ron Burns, George Milne. 64 The Northern Noroscopc TRACK 11944-451 Last season the Norsos were sparked by such Well-known trackmen as Doug Smith who ran the dash, and by Bill Hubbard who ran the mile, Other valuable members who are lettermcn and who composed the Viking squad Were: Dash-Paul Chema, Doug Smith, Alfred Mc- Combs, Garth Frost, 114 Mile-Bob Henderson: Vg Mile-Alfonso Bradyg Mile-Bill Hubbard, William Fechik, Iames Millerg Shot-Put--eFrancis Proctor, Stan Kuick, lr.g High lump -fe Charles Hamilton, Bob Wolfe, lay Walkins, and last, but not least, Pole Vault, which was composed of Frank Price. Managers for the team were Shakeeb Bracker, and lack Harms, who also did a marvelous job in keeping the team fit. Coaches-Stan Kuick H944-455, Herb Wool- weaver Cl946l. ' l i Left to right: Iohn Miloy. Marshall Yassick. Paul Lazar, Harlan Dextrum. Cooper Mathews. Ronald Short. TENNIS Faculty Sponsor ..,....... Clarence Newcomb Championships - Valley Champions, Meets Coach .,......,............. George Beuben Won, 3g lost, 2. Managers: l. Iack Harms. 2. Sha- 1945 schedule V V . l keeb Bracket. l Date Opponent Opp. Northern Varsity Lettermen C1944-451 -Alfonso Brady, A ,I 20 P t, 5 2 Paul Chema, William Pechik, Garth Frost, Chas. pr? C OH mc ' ' ' ' ' Hamilton, Vov Henderson, Bill Hubbard, Stan April 24-OWOSSO 1 6 Kuick, Ir., Alfred McCombs, lames Miller, Frank ADU1 25mCe1'1tTC11 - - - - - 6 ' 1? Price, Francis Proctor, Douglas Smith, lay Wat- May 3-Owosso ...... . 6 l ki1'1S, B013 Wolfe- May 8--Bay City ....... . . 7 U Reserve C1944-453 - Eimef Brockreide, Bill MGY Uapomiuc fmml i'--' 2 W 3 Churchill, Ed. Curtis, Don Heikinen, Clarance MGY lghcentml ----'-'- ' ' 5 2 Iohnson, Eugene Miller, Sylvester Moore, Melvin MCIY 22--BUY CITY ------- - 5 2 Reed, Bob Rock, Bob Wright. ggommued on page 55, Front row. left to right: Mike Fechik, Bill Hubbard, Alfonso Brady, lim Miller, Coach Kuick, Francis Procter, Doug Smith, Paul Chema. Second row: Melvin Reed, Charlie Hamilton, Elmer Brockreide, Eugene Miller, Al McCombs, Don Heikkinen, Gorth Frost, Clarence Iohnson. Third row: Chester Simmons, Marvin Rossi, Keith Robinson, Ierry Longhouse, Sammy Terryl, Cay Beck, Derry Gibson, Stan Kui-ck, Ir., Iohn Harms. Fourth row: Clark Bowman, Bob Wolfe, Iack Crain, Bill Gockel, Norm Groshek, Tony Cecellas, Frank Price. lune Nineteen Forty-Six 65 'lll1'lNNlS fCCJfltiHUQCl, Although its record was not exceptionally out' standing the tennis team under Coach George Beuben made very favorable progress and un- covered talented players for '46. The greatest loss of the season was the loss of the city championship to Central in two straight meets. Those who received letters for '45 are Ron Short, lohn Miloy, Cooper Mathews and Paul B AN Q U ETS After every sports season a banquet is given to honor the coaches and the fellows who par- ticipated in the various sports. Only men and boys are allowed to attend. There are three tra- ditional banquets held at Northern each year. They are: Football, Basketball, and the only one the girls are allowed to attend, the "N" Club. A dinner is served and is followed by a program consisting of movies, group singing, musical specialties, and speeches by some outstanding personalities. Awards are presented to the let- termen, both varsity and reserve, and to cheer- leaders and managers. Special tributes are paid to the coaches and to the team for their fine play and excellent sportsmanship shown during the season. Exclusively for the girls is the UN" Club. The highlight of the evening at this gathering is the presentation of letters to the girls who have been active in different sports. These letters are based on the point system and are won only through consistent effort. This banquet also has a pro- gram following the dinner. A special note of thanks should be given to Miss Frances Lyon, dean of girls. lt is through her untiring efforts that these banquets are made possible. She makes arrangements for the food, sees that the program is planned, and last, but not least, sees that the decorations are made. Another note of thanks should be given to the art classes. They plan, paint, and put up the decorations. lt is fitting at this time that we thank those who so willingly volunteered to serve at these banquets. The Sophomore football players served at the football banquet and strictly vol- unteers served at the basketball banquet. Thanks, fellows, you did a fine job. 66 Lazar. The only letterman remaining for the '46 season was Ron Short. 1946 Schedule Date Opponent Date Opponent April l9f' Pontiac May 7A eBay City April 23--fOwosso May lU-eePontiac April 25f Central May l6efCentral May 3 -A-Owosso May 21,7 A-Bay City The Northern Noroscopc Top left-OWLS. Standing: Edward Kincaid, Walter Barbey, William lllza, Charlie Hamilton. Kneeling: Iohn lohnson, Coy Bech, Chester Simmons, Captain. Lower left-LITTLE DEVILS. Standing: Max Haslen, Neil Rich, Donald Verden. Kneeling: Stan Parish, Captain, Bob Kerry. Top right-TOMCATS. Standing: Doug Gibson, Robert I-leidel, Morris Richmond, Ed Mitoraj, Kneeling: Robert Wehrle, Dick Abi, Captain. Lower right-BUCKETEEHS. Standing: Ioe Luten, Iames Hor- ton, Ted Tomcezk, Don Williams, Captain. Kneeling: Rod- ney Beito, Bill Handlin, Harry Wisniewski. BOYS INTRANIURAL BASKETBALL The lntramural League completed their sched- ule for l945-46 on Friday, March 8, l946, with 30 teams participating, a total of 275 boys. The league began to play under Mr. William Minar- do and Mr. Bert Smith December 3, l945, and func Nineteen Forty-Six have played four nights a week from 6:30 to lU:OU. The league champs are: lOB league, Little Devilsg lUA league, Tom Cats, Lightweight league, Owls, Tankbuster league, Buckeyes. 67

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