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fx. ,gm -:ww . ,,,4 , Mm 1 W ,qu Q f , ,,',,:',,I.1,7V'k '11 N, " 1 X ,4 1 1 1 . '1 1,'-' ' n 1 - - -Nm - J-A N , A ,z,- ,Y.,,1,.N :.w1!..g--5 f L in M 'Q , s f W ww-1,,.v1:W ww' 'way ' A 4 M 4 J 3, 1 W W W T NOROSCOPE ANNUAL PUBLICATION NORTHERN HIGH S C HOQL FLINTHICHIGAN QW? I S vnuv V :aaa v lr . b .E rg' L , ' I ' L . Y yu ' - l Q V . ' J., J f A I N ' , , I .. ' A. Ps 'x f x ., ,,, ' W 1 f 1 f 1 I Y I 1 f' fl' 1 X . 1, ,- I. X I V I if DEDICATION NOROSCOPE is dedicated o LOUIS SCHULZ 1 if if ffl! f jf 1 Al' 1 1,1 fy! 2' X ff a iser, journalist, and friend ff JW e f fy W5 I ,ff f 'ff j 2 VC Qi 3' f f iq ' :. L-1""'f ,, fa:.,.,. . S S LOUIS SCI-IULZ 1 I J f ff' 1 rx 1 rf! 1-rub- ,,....,,. Y 1 1 I, I f, I v. f 6' ,f I 1 I faq' ,..i"'-11 X1 -- ...,.-- 'vii """'w...... , -ir., if 1 FOREWO RD In this fourth edition of the Noroscope, the story of the achievements and fun at Northern High School during the past year is told. May it bring many happy memories when read in future years. I 1 f 1 ' Y p-A., ,mm --s I ,.. I 'Qi .--1"f 'H V! I CONTENTS Administration Classes Clubs Athletics Features H'- 1 .Q -1 , X 'W N W 1 THEME Mammoth presses grinding out the news of the day, books, magazines . . . giants of Wood and steel rotating endlessly to give humanity amusement and instruction . . . What has more influence on life than the press? Through it kingdoms rise and fall, reputations are made and broken. wars are instigated and concluded, millions are made to laugh and cry. Publications are the mirror of life: an annual reflects the accomplishments and activities of a school. Realizing this. the staff has selected Publications for the theme of the IQ32 Noroscope. We have endeavored to carry it out in the illus- trations through the medium of linoleum blocks. These were made solely by members of the art staff. Y, P High school publications especially have made much pro- gress during the last decade. They have increased both in quality and in the amount of useful information and experience offered to would-be journalists. One of the purposes of our Publications theme is to command and encourage this. In this school activity more than any other, every student participates as does everyone connected with the press, from salesman to executive. So We, the staff, hoping that you will understand our aim in comparing the romance, humor, and hard work of the publications industry to Northern life, offer our pub- lication, in the preparation of which all these emotions have been experienced, the IQ32 Noroscope. p 1 5 3 . 4 1 w MAIN ENTRANCE It throws a shadowy greeting To thousands who come and go: Inviting them all to enter- This symbol-The Lantern of Learning Q 1 I 1 4 1 I LIBRARY Projecting like a chiseled profile' Which houses the gems of life, Gathered by dreamers and thinkers For those who care to share. Q ENTRANCE---east front Shadows reflect from the doorway And like shadows they steal away: Leaving only a memory- Veiled, for the after years. W Z 3 5 OUR FLAG Tall and statuesque splendor, Looking toward the rising sun Bearing an emblem of glory: Majestic in the wind. uni IN MEMORIAM Doris Taylor, a member of the graduating class of I Q3 2, died on April 27, after an illness of three months. Doris was taking a commercial curriculum and was an active member of the El Nadi Tigari. She was to have taken the leading part in the club play which was postponed because of her illness. Doris also was active in the productions sponsored by the dramatics classes. Vernon Jackson, prominent senior of Northern High School, succumbed to carbon monoxide early in the school year. Vernon Was known about school for his dramatic ability, having participated in the play contests as well as having the lead in the senior play, "Old Lady 3 I He Was also out- standing in his ability in debate and speech activities. Vernon was chosen mayor of Flint, during Boys' Week in April, 1 Q3 I. 1 PX UNDER his guiding hand, Northern has grown into an in- stitution of the highest repute. Through his sound ideas and helpful aduice the Vikings have grown strong athletically and intellectually. By his undimin- ished efforts, Northern has won national recognition for itself. All those under the banner of the scarlet and gray salute you with respect and admiration, PRINCIPAL O. F. NORWALK. .v.Qy, W. ..lI7I.. 'YH'-vz , Y, ., T. ,.,i.i..., ,. A 18 Miss Wealthy Hillier, assistant principal, acts as a director of the personnel of counselors, directs the attendance. and also takes charge of program arrangements for all students at Northern. Miss Frances Lyon, who is dean of girls, also has charge of all social activities. Taking care of the girls' attendance is another phase of her work, as Well as acting as a counselor for the girl graduates. Harold Westcott, known especially for his counseling and boys' attendance work, is also the dean of boys. He is director of activities and plans for speakers and other forms of enter- tainment for school assemblies. 1.. PX CATHERINE APPLECRIST JAMES BARCLAY HELEN BEAL MILDRED BEAMER EULA BENOIT GLADYS BILOW AUDREY BOWNS FRANCES CAMERON HELEN CAMPBELL MARIAN CAREY JOHN COOPER FREDA CORRIE NORMA COWAN LEROY DANIELS CLARE DEAN LYNN DEPREE LUCY DILLON HAROLD DODDS MARGUERITE FARMER RUHAMAH FRANCIS GLADYS GOEPFERT . FREDERIC HARRINOTON CLAUDE HAYNES HAROLD HOBART - I C -QL. .V- K IQ1.. , ,...,.,.,-.,-. Ie ,gt - A LQ, .W- I .fzol GUY HOUSTON JACK HUBBARD ROY KNIGHT STANLEY KUICK DOROTHY LEE EDWIN MERRILL HELEN MURRAY JAMES MCMONAOLE LOUIS NICKELS DOROTHY NOYLE HILMER OLSON RUTH PARMALEE JOSEPHINE PATERSON LAWRENCE PECK MARY PERKINS MABEL ROOME NATHAN ROSENBLUTH EDWIN ROWLEY LOUIS SCHULZ GRACE SHERMAN GRACE SMITH HERMAN STEELE MARCELLA SULLIVAN PX BLANCHE TERRY HARRY THOMS ETHEL TIFFANY MARJORY TODD MARJORIE TURK FRANK VAN SINGEL FLORENCE VAN VOLKENBERG MARY WALL ' GRETCHEN WALZ KATHERINE WASSENAAR LOIs WEBB HAROLD WESTCOTT JOHN WHITE MYRTLE WILCOX CHARLES WRIGHT CLAUDE ROOME GEORGE GUILEY MARGARET FOSTER MARIE HANSON MIRIAM HERRON HELEN MCINTYRE HELEN SIMPSON ZELLA TREMBERT L QL. ...V- lzrj.. . .Ha L.,...,m. FACULTY ROSTER CATHERINE APPLECRIST, Assistant Librarian. JAMES BARCLAY, Physical Education. HELEN BEAL, Shorthand. MILDRED BEAMER, Spanish. EULA BENOIT, Latin. GLADYS BILOW, Bookkeeping, Typing. AUDREY BowNs. English. HELEN CAMPBELL, English. FRANCES CAMERON, French. MARION CAREY, Speech, English, Dramatics. JOHN COOPER, Typing, Bookkeeping, Commercial Law. FREDA CORRIE, Biology. NORMA COWAN, Shorthand, Bookkeeping. LEROY DANIELS, Voice, E. E. History. CLARE DEAN, Geometry, Commercial Geography, E. E. History. LYNN DEPREE, Physiography, Geology. LUCY DILLON, Latin. HAROLD DODDS, Commercial Arithmetic, Book- keeping. CATHERINE EAGAN, English . MARGUERVBE FARMER, Geometry, Algebra, Shop Math. MARGARET FOSTER, Record Clerk. RUHAMAH FRANCIS, English. VAN GARRETT, Bible Literature. GLADYS GOEPFERT, Clothing. GEORGE GUILEY, Physics. MERLINE HAMILTON, Shop Math, Modern Science. MARIE HANSEN, Text Book Clerk. FREDERIC HARRINGTON, English. CLAUDE HAYNES, Mech. Drawing, Architectural Drawing. MIRIAM HERRON, Librarian. HAROLD HOBART, Chemistry. GUY HOUSTON, Physiology, Sportsmanship. JACK HUBBARD, German. ROY KNIGHT, Bookkeeping. STANLEY KUICK, Modern Science. DOROTHY LEE, Latin. FRANCES LYON, Guidance. HELEN MCINTYRE, Financial Secretary. JAMES MCMONAGLE, Oratory, Public Speaking English. EDWIN MERRILL, Instrumental Music, Geometry HELEN MURRAY, French. LOUIS NICKELS, Chemistry, Modern Science. DOROTHY NOYLE, Typing, Shorthand. HILMER OLSON, Machine Shop. RUTH PARMALEE, Biology, Modern Science. JOSEPHINE PATERSON, U. S. History. LAWRENCE PECK, Shorthand, Typing, Calculat- ing. MARY PERKINS, English. CLAUDE ROOME, Guidance. MABEL ROOME, Clothing, Costuming 'Ed Serving NATHAN ROSENBLUTH, Inst. Music, German. EDWIN ROWLEY, Mech. Drawing, Woodwork. LOUIS SCHULZ, English, Publications. GRACE SHERMAN, U. S. History, E. E. History GRACE SMITH, Economics, Civics. HERMAN STEELE, Modern History. HELEN SIMPSON, Cafeteria Manager. MARCELLA SULLIVAN, Physical Education. BLANCHE TERRY, Geometry. HARRY THOMS, Modern Science. ETHEL TIFFANY, English. MARJORY TODD, E. E. History, Civics. ZELLA TREMBERT, Secretary. MARJORIE TURK, Guidance. FRANK VAN SINGEL, Woodshop. FLORENCE VAN VOLKENBERG, Geomtry, Algebra MARY WALL, Art. GRETCHEN WALZ, Algebra, Geometry, Trigo- nometry. KATHERINE WASSENAAR, English. Lois WEBB, English. HAROLD WEsTc:o'r'r, Shop Math, Guidance. JOHN WHITE, Chemistry. GRACE WICKMAN, Spanish. MYRTLE WILCOX, Biology, Physiology. ..l221.. Li - x 5 STUDENT COUNCIL Desire for an active student government by the members of Northern has expressed itself in the founding of the Student Council. This group has advanced projects for the betterment of the school and has successfully handled problems that have presented themselves to the student body. Through its representatives it has been the voice and the medium for the expression of Viking initiative. ' Officers: President, David Jamieson: Vice-Presi- dent, Joe Grady: Treasurer, Van Burd: Corres- ponding Secretary, Frances Morrow: Recording Secretary, Ruth Barrong Chairman of Athletic Committee, Joe O'Lear: Chairman of Social Committee, Geraldine Gogarn. Nl 23 --f3..i QV' - uw " Ha '- " 7 uid--I' " r--f was STUDENT COUNCIL Top Row: Bowren, Smith, Hood, Myslicki, Strong, Heginbottom, Moore, Barnett, Park. White. Second Row: Chazick, Dedischew, Fraser, Vaillancourt, Hartwell, Togart, Uricek, Hurand, Kelly, Bigelow, Dickenson, Rebarchek. Third Row: Yuill, Miller, Gaines, Ford, Murphy, McDowell, Voss, Duell, Marzonie, Sartor, Burns, Eddy, Hedge. Bottom Row: McCombs, Kruger, M. Smith, Danforth, Tippett, Jamieson, Grady, Barron, Morrow, Burd, Gogarn, Flickinger. STUDENT Acting as a medium between the members of the faculty and the entire student body, the Student Council, the official regulating body, has done commendable work this year. With David Jamieson as president, the council was organized a short time after the fall semester began. Its first major task in the second semester was the sponsoring of the semi-annual sale of Student First Semester Michael Chazick Marjorie Danforth Wendell Roush Lucille Kruger Oren Pacher Roderick Bigelow Wayne Smith Earl White Bill Laing Marvin Barnett Prientus Moore Florence Murphy Helen Eddy Helen Ford Neal Park Noreen Tipoett William Good Thomas Vaillancourt Frances McDowell Leo Myslickif Julia Vossy, A Evelyn Yuilll Virginia Duell Tom Darnton Herbert DeWitt Arthur Hurand Jean Sartor Wayne Hartwell Anna Burns Martha Marzonie Edmund Jennings Frances McGunn Carroll Fogarty Edward Strong Joe O'Lear Robert Fraser COUNCIL Union membership cards. Members worked indi- vidually by giving sales talks in the Home Rooms. The drive was boosted energetically until, at the close, the sales had reached a high mark. Problems which arise, whether large or small, are given due notice and consideration. All of them pertain to the general welfare, the student Phyllis Gaines Walter I-Ieginbottom Van Burd Geraldine Gogarn Dorothy Flickinger Charles Kelly Robert Moore Don McCombs Florence Miller Larry Rebarchek Steve Uricek Robert Endress Edith Heder Elanore LaRose Charles Dickerson Merton Bowren Marie Sweet Second Semester Mary Chea Wilbur Boone Amy Raymond Janice Taylor Steve Bednarski Stella Matalakoska Nate Goldberg Frank Coyne Alice Haig Prientus Moore George Lincoln Malcolm McClure Jack Chapelle Helen Ford Sim Poppoff James Wilson Joe Borges .l241.. body standards, and mutual problems of the fac- ulty and student divisions. Vera Huneke Thomas Vaillancourt Frances McDowell Leo Myslicki Julia Voss Evelyn Yuill Virginia Duell Tom Darnton Helen Hogue Arthur Hurand Olive Raymond Leah French Anna Burns Martha Marzonie Alvin Crozat Frances McGunn Carroll Fogarty Ed. Strong Marguerite Grennon John Zillich Phyllis Gaines Charles Foreman Billie Kelley Geraldine Gogarn Harriet Morgan John Love Helen Patrick George Marzonie Florence Miller Larry Rebarchek Corwin Troxel Robert Endress Dorothy June Harry M. Purdy Eunice Niemeyer Merton J. Bowren Stella Stadnik PX Q 1 CLASS OFFICERS Class Officers: In order to guide their classes through three years in high school, these officers have been elected. To them has fallen the task of raising funds, planning parties and other important class activities. Through their work, they have proven themselves the true Viking rep- resentatives. Seniors: President. Richard Darnton: Vice-Presi- dent, Margaret Galloway: Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Mary Nyland. Juniors: President, William Middleton: Vice- President, Esther Yuill: Secretary-Treasurer. Margreta Reid. Sophomores: President, George Buterakos: Vice- President, Harold Schaefer: Secretary-Treasurer, Ruth Addison. n if"- , V - Al Jw? 1. rzfflil-4t,'1' .y : 5 F in .- ' 2 3 ,fx ..l25 X Y- PX Q l26l SENIOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS Top Row: O'Lear, Hegin bottom, Parks, Darnton Fraser. Second Row: Nyland, Gal- loway, Gogarn, Flickin- ger, Burd. Bottom Row: Moore Gaines, Ford, Miller, Strong. JUNIOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS Top Row: Myslicki, Mid- dleton. Second Row: Mr. White, Grady, Hood, Jennings, Fogarty. Third Ro w: McDowell, Voss, Sartor, Miss Mur- ray, Hartwell. Fourth Row: Eddy, Burns, Esther Yuill, McGunn, Evelyn Yuill. Bottom Row: Marzonie, Tippett, Reid, Duell, Murphy. SOPHOMORE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Top Row: Barnett, Buter- akos, Darnton, White, Uricek, Hurand. Second Row: Bigelow. Heder, Kruger, Danforth, Sweet, Kelly. Bottom Row: McCombs, Rebarchek, Dickenson, Endress, Vaillancourt, Smith. A 0 L My 1. f fx ' .- v. ,wg , ,wwf L, 1,1 hiv, . Mira ."-if , 151 K-qivlgw fi Q - , f Q 5Jxn'133vQi'5 19164 W - -. A" " "ZW ' . ff 'QI m?15r,fY5,a1,y' F -' ' ' 14g,:'W? v -ff' ',,: xg ,- 5395, N W., My ' ,,1pk,,,,, ,NJJE U aa.-if lfvy, fe" QQ 4739951 53 1' IW ' : .4 -lr 1 '-f'.-W, M 4.,, R. 1 xx 1, - , Nga 3 hafxw gg VL - ., Raw 1 W -if""W-' Wi' -141-ff' ! 4 U " " A ' ' . . - JL: ' ff UT' g mv 'fqw 'r ffm ' - A waf,LS"'f . . :N saw 'fifwmi' 5135 - - , ' 5515253 'ff lv .fr ,Y 5511 ,af -an .f 2-1. ' ef, M191 ffm-" q i,1Ts,ga. 'S Q, . , , nz fl- tr:--,g gi'-1 -A113 V , . sf., 5, "AM -53. -fikfangv-My M.. A H - H A-1' M3311 . ,,4,. A-. bg ,,.- ' A -f 1 19 , 1 p 1521325 , sw .1 iii , , - 2 2 :25, X 1 Lil? ' '3' fhvpb.-'I' W Q' W - " 4, ag U, ,L ja .x Q v, ,,j', j A -'A 1 , 1'-W ,. Q 2 f"':E'QP. 'K 'f f ,fs N 23:1 W ,. 56323 fl '1 '1 ' - - 2 5 X512 A fl 2 1 . - :nf : 5535531 1 J 'Magi f i. g ig. jgyry, , my-f.gJ, ,V fk,.,i 51, .fy gm ,-.sf , ,,.,,-.Um lf, fl Q1 :L 4 ffui! Jinfw A H+' .Q W +',eQ'-'igw Viv -W -' .-.ff I. 11',2'3'f' E? .max ., ig ,ygfwzzw 4, 2? M 1 gxff' 31,547-5,"3Q Kg. . 'h'V..Q' R3 ,- 1 11. 'VI Q' 55 if 'F 'W Ev' . ' W 57 , , .- M f fx fm 'iff' -LJ ' 'lf' .. If- 5 . . FEE L53 1, .3 g,yf-,,fx--- 'E , Ka, f -I Q.,-Q5 -'wif-1' .. .,-4-,1 -,.f:,7' "w.fWm' ff-s'1-': .s in fivwjff 'Wv' ff-g5e'fgg3yimggf 1 31 I ia w,fPS,5A1v5?'1. ,ff:Wae!,.' 'Q jp 11 , ,-, . X . -me f . , 5 .wyml ., A, --,iam . we, .. .. A -, s . 'j?j3.'fKi5.g:.. ' 1, V 1- Q- ffll 'K I' ki Q V 'T gxJ,e3,j1fiff!??3?' f 'ffi..r'1.v,1L g,1f.mffgMQMf-'. 1, W.-W1 2 uw ' -3 Vx 'BV V, M , ,,,, y:. l-I. MEN 4437, ,- jf Ak. Q .fm g:V'-55,gL,if,g5', , A jg gr " W gig:-Mxgl, ,Y itiisb ' ' 51312- 'Rug , 'wF,5,L,7 . ,F - ', ' JW? ..2'i:-.3'f1'1? ,ng If ffff- ',, -WQQQLA ,.,m 5 if, 1,3 x FV. W , 12 ,Lf ,vi fi if jig' V . -4, .- . . .J 1 F Q , W' .:5'fjT"g5Ef ' - .,r' pf -3 'L".',Z5g7gT?i.71' 'hi f ,if -A . ' , - - , 'QQ 4,-'1'W'f1f'WfQ'f? .iw'Jz'5fiX7'f0g rw 7, , , - i f , ' 112' af' Q-'L'-:G fed ' ' Q V f- x -3 ,' -y?'f"'f'1s,?fft+2 yr - J. , 4: W-:ig Q2 , ' F1 3-,5 11 X Q. 311.2-,fr-A--V -5'.-fQ.:ff52w-ffkx - - w fw-'iw 1' Ai -A ,X . . v....'P-1y4.- . 5-fp., ,J mf , .. Y vip w Q 1 JS?- , K ...MS --,t-ixfifa '1?f:??S:ifJ751 "1?rA-Q,-frfgfrl 1 25 MQ ? N35 1 'Q'-"7:'lv g.",31',4f1' mf: In TH- ' 'nw t 'f,1.'LN , 2v".--,3if-1531 35. WEP? , ' ' -'Y' K' Y 5 ,5 K ufyzqgwg: ziffiiga 7' 5 ' ,93'f'fL,1-g,1,q5, Qff'ggg,,,: , Y : A, ,iq Q- y , ? x Q. f 'Q7t3:fgrf':ff.1Q' - ' ' S TQL V ..I27I.. MAGNA CUM LAUDE Top Row: Dafoe, Reemtsen, Graves, Gaines, Beldin, Halleck, Kelly, Vaillancourt, Kitchen, Barron, Gogarn. Bottom Row: Finowski, Buck, Stolpin, Westcott, Knutson, Maeder, Aslin, Brand. SENIOR HONORS Nina Jean Knutson was named valedictorian, and Dorothy Westcott salutatorian of the class of IQ32 at a senior honor assembly April 19. Fifty-nine others were also recognized for their high scholastic record. In his introductory speech, Mr. Norwalk point- ed out the marked increase in the number of honor students this year. He stated that in the Magna Cum Laude in 1929, the first graduating class of Northern, there were ive students: in 1930, four- Nina Jean Knutson teen: 1931, fourteen: while in 1932 there were seventeen students given this honor. The Cum Laude roll consisted of eighteen seniors in 1929, twenty-eight during the year of 1930, thirty-one in 1931, while this year the rostrum consisted of forty-two. These various honors were accorded the seniors at an impressive ceremony in which flowers signi- fying their rank were presented to the students. The basis for these awards was scholarship alone. Dorothy Westcott I281.. CUM LAUDE Top Row: Poppoff, Schultz, Cady, Morrison, Erickson, Pratt, Stevens, Slakta, Treat, Taylor. Second Row: Harris, Spilsbury, G. Barron, Worth, Barnum, Rebarchek, Leavitt, Griswold, Dunning, Lapo, Miller, Sexsmith, Hall, Hatfield. ' Third Row: Morgan, Sadlow, Hillis, Burlingame, Healy, LaBoskey, Charney, Niedzwiedz, Marks, Galloway. Bottom Row: Laing, Johnson, Burd, Norton. HIGH HONORS VALEDICTORIAN . ........ . . Nina Jean Knutson SALUTATORIAN . ........ . Dorothy Westcott HONOR ROLL Magna Cum Laude fRanked in order of meritl Nancy Reemtsen Jean Maeder William J. Kelly Mildred Alyce Vaillancourt Wadja Finowski Mildred Aslin Ruth Barron Mildred Buck Geraldine Gogarn Norman Halleck Phyllis Elaine Gaines Florence Stolpin Lavina Kitchen Frances Brand Marion A. Beldin Lillie Mae Dafoe Vera Bernice Graves Cum Laude 1Listed alphabeticallyl Mildred Baker Margaret Barnum Grace Barron Van Burd Mable L. Burlingame Loren Cady Margaret Katherine Charney Helen Dunning George Erickson Margaret Galloway Esther Griswold Frances Haley Dorothy Hall Florence Hanna Berenice Harris Isabel Hatfield Margaret Hillis Clifford Johnson Cecilia Ann LaBOskey Jack Laing Myra Lapo 29 'li Y :LL , Sally Leavitt Elizabeth Marks Elaine Miller Harriett Morgan Bolton Morrison Wanda Niedzwiedz James Allen Norton Irene Panas Sim P. Poppoff Elmer Pratt Adeline Rebarchek Evelyn Sadlow Melvin Schultz Madlyn Marie Sexsmith Marjorie Spilsbury Michaelson M. Slakta Bernice Deone Stalker George Stevens Carl Taylor Lisle G. Treat Jean Eloise Worth PX .IOSEPHINE ADAMS C. C. I "Sweet Disposition." El Nadi Tigari '3 1. HELEN AIVITHOR C. C. II "She's nicest as her own sweet self." El Nadi Tigari '3 1. - ORMAL ANNABLE' C. P. II "It's a plague to be too hand- some a man." Orchestra '29, 30, 31, 32, Band '29,'3o.'3 1. '32: Ten- nis '31, '32g Intra -Mural Football '29, '3o. 1 I 1 D GORDON ARNOLD C. P, II "I never let my studies inter- fere with my education." Hi-Y '30, '31: Choir '30, 3 1. IVIILDRED ASLIN C. P. I "Small parcel of goodness." Inter Nos '29: Girl Scouts '30, '31, '321 Poetry Club '31, '32: Short Story Club '3 1: Sigma Chi Lambda '32. HELEN AXTON C. C. I When duty and pleasure clash, I'll take my Mood Indigo." fr 30 REX ALEXANDER GENERAL "It's not so bad-now that I'm through." Basketball '32. NOLA MAY ANDERSON C. C. I "Good nature is but one of her virtues." Social Science Club '31: El Nadi Tigari '31, '32, DOROTHY ARMS A GENERAL "In but one short year with us, your charms have won you many friends." DENNIS ASH C. P. III "He has fleetness of foot." Cross Country '30, '31: Track '31, '32: Swimming '29: Philosophy Club '313 Amateur Research '3 1. WAYNE ATWELL I. A. "I'm left with the blues in my heart." Intra-Mural Boxing '29, THELMA BABCOCK C. C. I "Take life too seriously- and what is it worth?" Modern Science Club '3 1: El Nadi Tigari '31, '32: Social Science Club '3I. CHARLOTTE BAECHLER GENERAL "-and she grew up the way any young thing grows." MILDRED BAKER C. P. I 'I have lived." Inter Nos '31: Sphinx Club '30, '31: Extempore Speak- ing '29: Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1 3 Chemistry Club '3 1. HAROLD BALLER C. P. I "By his knowledge of 'radio' you shall know him." Amateur Research Club '29, '3o,'31: Airplane Club '29: Student Council '29,'2o,'31. MARGARET BARNUIVI C. C. I "It's the girl." El Nadi Tigari '29: Sigma Chi Lambda, '3 2. GRACE BARRON C. P. I "Always a smile to greet you." Poetry Club '30, '31: Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1: Opera '3 1, '32: A Cappella Choir '31, '32, KATHRYN BARROW C. P. I "Lived well, laughed often and loved much." El Nadi Tigari '3 1. CLARE BAIRD C. P. II "Young fellows will be young fellows." Student Council '29, '30, '3 1: Sigma Chi Lambda '30, '31: Board of Directors '29, '3o: Intra-Mural Boxing'3 1. WILLIAM BALL GENERAL "You gotta keep cool to command the situation." Basketball '29, '3o: Baseball '28, '29, '3o: Hi-Y '3o,'31, '32: Board of Directors '29, FRANK BARDWELL GENERAL "Slow but sure." Track '30, RUTH BARRETT C. C. I "Wrap your troubles in dreams." Inter Nos '29, '3o: El Nadi Tigari '3 1, '3 2: Social Science Club '31, '32: Play Contest '32. RUTH BARRON C.P.I - "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at tt." Poetry Club '30, '31, '32: Student Council '31, '32: Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32, DORIS BARTI-I C. P. I "No harsh thought was ever hers." Biology Club '31, '32: Play Contest '32, BERNICE BARTOSIK C. C. I "She's so nice." PERCY BATES C. P. III "To be agreeable is to have friends." Basketball '29, '30, '31g Baseball '30, '31: Hi-Y '29, '30, '31. ELEANOR BAYLEY GENERAL "An earnest maiden and clever, too." Orchestra '30, '31, '32, MARY BEACH GENERAL "Firm as Gibraltar in her ideas." Amicae Ludorum '29, '30, '31, '32: Leaders' Club '30. 31 '31: Opera '29, '30, ' , Biology Club '31,,'32: Bas- ketball '30, '31, '32: Base- ball '31, '32: Hockey '3I. ANTOINETTE BEDNARSKI C. C. I "If innocence were gold how rich she would be." ARTHUR' BEMIS C. P. II "The greatest men, are the simplest." - Cross Country '3 1 . I 32 HAROLD BATES GENERAL "He never does a foolish thing nor ever does a wise one." Student Council '29: Board of Directors '29, '30, BONNIE JEAN BAYLEY C. P. I "What is this strange power I have over men?" Sphinx Club '30, '31, WINIFRED BAYLEY C. P. I "She is the same sweet girl every day." JOHN BEDE I. A. "You can't kid meg I've been kidded by experts." MARION BELDIN C. P. I "Just at that age 'twixt boy and youth." Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32: Social Science Club '29: Board of Directors '29, '30: Choir '31, '32: Boys' Glee Club '31,'32: Inter Nos '30, EDWIN BENNETT GENERAL "Full of serious thought is he." Band '30, '31, '32: Brass Ensemble '3 I. ,.,,H.,..,,, W. ,,.., A C Qu .,. .. EDITH BERGMAN GENERAL "Beauty is an all peruading presence." Sphinx '30, '31: Noroscope 31. IRVING BERSTEIN GENERAL "He is an athlete strong." Football '29, '30, '31: Or- chestra '29, '30, '31, '32: Little Theatre Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32: Intra-Mural Boxing '3o: Chemistry Club '30, '3 IQ Inter Nos '3o,'3 IQ Research Club '3o. MARGARET BLAKELY GENERAL "A most true friend." A Cappella Choir. MICHAEL BOBAY GENERAL "He is a friend worth hau- ing." Baseball '3 1 . VIOLA BOISMIER C. C.I "Let us know when she grows up." Choir '29, '30, '31, '32g E1 Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '31, '32: Social Science Club '31, 32. JOE BONVENTRE I. A. , "It's better to be happy than wise." Cross Country '29, '3o. l33l.- ELGIS BERKMAN C. P. II "There is a man." Orchestra '29, '30, '3I. '32: String Ensemble '31, '3 2. CLARENCE BETZ GENERAL "I'm a jolly senior, folks. Who-da thunk it?" Cross Country '30, '3 1: Air- plane Club'3o: Camera Club '3 1: Indoor Track '30, ALIVIEDA BLAKEMORE C. C. I "A sweeter maiden ne'er drew breath." Band '29,'3og Orchestra '29, '3o: Choir '31: El Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '3 1: Girls' Octet '3 1 . JACOB BOHL GENERAL "He whistled as he ran for want of thought." Cross Country '30, '313 Track '31: I-Ii-Y '30, '31g Philosophy Club '31, Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1. BEATRICE BOLTON GENERAL "In the good old summer time." Choir '30, '31, '32: Girls' Sextet '30, '31, '32s North Wind '30, '3 1 : Biology Club 31, 32. HILDA BORNKIND C. P. I "Dark eyed princess from a foreign land." Amicae Ludorum '31, '32: Baseball '30, '32: Basketball '30, '32: Leaders' Club '30, '31,'32: Girl Scouts '3o,'31, '32: Hockey '31. "" """ A " PX LAURA BoRsT C. P. I "Star-dust." Inter Nos '28', '29, '30, '31: Social Science Club '30, '31: Orchestra '28, '29, '30, '31g Band '29, '30, '31p El Nadi Tigari '29. LAURENCE BOURCIER GENERAL "He ain't no saint, but he sure was a guy a fellow could trust." LUCILLE BOWYER C. C. II "Seb-sister." Choir '30, '3 1. VIOLA BRASIE C. P.I "Don't be foolish-I'm right." Leaders' Club '30, '313 Amicae Ludorum '30, '3I: Noroscope '3 2. ALMON BROOKS I. A. "There are my credentials. then." Play Contest '29, '30, '32. EDWARD BROWN GENERAL "You first, sir." Concert Band '29, '30: Marching Band '31: Wood- wind Ensemble '3o. 34 LILY MAY BORTON C. C. I "Ho-Hum." TOM BOWLES ' GENERAL The great have no soul." Orchestra '29,'30,'31: Band '29, '30, '31: Opera Chorus '30: Student Council '3o. 11 ELAINE BOYSEN C. P. I "Calm and unruffledf' Basketball '29, '30, Tennis '3o. PAUL BREED UNCLASSIFIED "Necessity can sharpen the wits even of children." Play Contest '3 0. DORIS BROWN C. C. I "I haue a heart with room for every boy." Social Science '31, '3 2. VIOLA BRYAN C. P. I "Beautiful-but not dumb." Noroscope '30, '31, '32: El Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '31, '32: Board of Directors '29, '3o: Student Council 'ZQQ Quill and Scroll '31, '32. PX MILDRED BUCK C. P. I "Sir! How dare you!" Inter Nos '3 1. KATHRYN BUNCIC C. P. I "I'm keeping company." KENNETH BURCH I. A. "I'm a thoughtful fellow." Play Contest '29, '3o. MABLE BURLINGAME C. P. I "She has common sense in a way that is uncommon." Girl Reserves'29: Girl Scouts '31, '32: Poetry Club '31, '32: Basketball '32: Hockey '3 1: Sigma Chi Lambda '32. LOREN CADY C. P. I "Be careful! Many have I fooled with my serious look." Choir '3 1: Orchestra'29,'3o, '31: String Ensemble '30, '31g Philosophy Club '29, '3o: Opera '3I: Sigma Chi Lambda '32. EVELYN CAMPBELL C. C. I "A beauty and also a mys- tery." El Nadi Tigari '29, '31: Student Council '29. - ..f 35 JOHN BULLARD C. P. II "1-Iin't he elegant?" Bank '30, '31, '32. EILEEN BURBANK C. C. I "True blue." VAN BURD C. P. I "Fling me a handfulofstarsf' Olla Podrida '29: Inter Nos '29: Play Contest '30, '31, '32:Student Council '30,,3I. EROLD BUTTERFIELD GENERAL "There is a' time and place for everything." Airplane Club '3 o. DONNA CAMPBELL C. P. I "Delicacy." Chorus '3o: Opera Chorus 3 1 . EVELYN CAPELLO C. P. I "Virtue lies' in the struggle, not the pr1ze." ALDO CARE I. A. "Silence speaks volumes." Track '30, '31, '32: Cross Country '3 1. LEONA CASTLE C. P. I "How many loued your mo- ments of glad grace." Opera Chorus '30,'3 1 : Opera '31: Choir '31, '32, MARGARET CHARNEY C. P. I "Serene, I fold my hands and wait." Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32. MYRNA, CHILDS GENERAL "No words to tell her worth." Noroscope '3 1 . KATHERINE CI-IRONIS C. C. I "Trusty - dusky - vivid - true." El Nadi Tigari '29. FERRIS CLARK C. C. II "He doesn't like to study- zt weakens his eyes." 6 MARGARET CARSON GENERAL "A little jewel." CLARE CHAPIN GENERAL "Judging by his height, he'Il be a huge success." Student Council '3 1. RAYMOND CI-IARTIER I. A. "Are there any mechanics here?" Band '28, '29, '3og Orches- tra, '29, '3og Opera Orches- tra' Brass Ensemble '29, '3o. ELORABELLE CI-IISI-IOLM GENERAL "I don't know why-" A Cappella Choir '31, '32g Social Science Club '31, '32. RICHARD CHURCH C, P. 1 "And the ages sen! me forth." Football '3o. WILMA CLIMIE C. C. I "Beauty conquers all." El Nadi Tigari '30, '3l: Student Council '3o. Q, LEONARD COTTON I. A. "Worry and I have never met." JOSEPH COOK C. P. II "And strange to the world- he wore a bashful look." Band '30, '31, '32: Baseball '30, '31: Orchestra '30. ERWIN COOPER I. A. "I'm a man of constant sor- row." LOUISE CRANSTON C. C. I "Radiant with life." El Nadi Tigari '31, '32, SARA CUNNINGHAM C. P. I "Thy soul was like a star and dwelt apart." LEONA CUSENZA GENERAL "Making new friends and keeping the old." Inter Nos '3 1,'32: Play Con- test '31, '32: Chorus '31. 37 MARY CONNOR GENERAL "If speech were gold,I would be a millionaire." Leaders' Club '3o: Amicae Ludorum '3o: North Wind '29, '3o. BEATRICE COOPER C. P. I "Would I were steadfast as thou art." Basketball '30, '31: Hockey ' : Leaders' Club '30, '31, 3 : Amicae Ludorum '30, '31, '32: Girl Scouts '30, '31, '32: Olla Podrida '30, 31. 131 32 EVELYN COPENHAVER GENERAL "lf one likes her not, let him blame himself." Girl Reserves '3o,'3 1: Opera '30, '3 1. JEAN CROMAR GENERAL "Blessed are they who haue the gift of making friends." North Wind '30, '311 Student Council '29: Board of Directors '29: Vice-Presi- dent of Junior Class '30,'3 1: School Directory Staff '31 1 Art Club '31, '32. HOWARD CURTIS C. C. II "Never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles you." El Nadi Tigari '31, '32: Social Science Club '31, '32. VIRGINIA CZERWINSKI C. P. I "A maiden demure but wise was she." Orchestra '30, '31: String Ensemble '31p Poetry Club 31. ' tx . LILLIE DAFOE C. P. I "Gentle as the East wind at dawn." Inter Nos '31: Sigma Chi Lambda '32. IVIILDRED DANIELSON C. C. II "Be good, and you will be lonesome." El Nadi Tigari '32: Play Contest'32. WALTER DAVIS C. P. I "The one that's different." Social Science Club '29, '30, '31: Hi-Y '29. MARTIN DAY C. C. II "Never swat a fly." JOHN DEDISCI-IEW C. C. II "As I was saying-I" El Nadi Tigari '31: North Wind '30, '3 1: Olla Podrida '3 1 . CAROLYN DELP C. P. I "Gentlemen prefer a little blonde like her." Inter Nos '29, '3o. 38 EVERT DAHLSTROM C. C. II "The band wagon." Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32: Band '29,'3o,'31,'32:Wood- wind Ensemble '29, '30, '32, RICHARD DARNTON C. P. I "Such a handsome man doth accomplish much." Hi-Y '30, '31, '32: Noro- scope '32: Student Council '29: Cross Country '29,'3o: Board of Directors '29, '313 Senior President. GRACE DAUP C. C. II "Every minute counts." Band '29, '30, '31: El Nadi Tigari '3 1. PAULINE DEARY C. C. II "Someone worth cheering about." Olla Podrida '32: Opera Chorus '29s Choir '29, '3o. '31, '32: Social Science Club 132. STAHRL DEETS GENERAL "Napoleon was a smart man, too." North Wind '29, '3o: Noro- scope '29. GEORGE DICKER GENERAL "I never dare try to be as funny 'as I can." Golf '29, '3o: Tennis '3o: Track '29. IVIARJORIE DOBBS C. P. I "ls not music the food of love?" Inter Nos '29, '31: Leaders' Club '29, '3o: Amicae Lud- orum'30: Instrumental Trio '3o. INEZ DOE C. C. I "She's learned the secret of making friends." FLORENCE DOYLE C. P. I "Her silver voice- is the music of a summer bird." Inter Nos '31, '32: Opera '31, '32: Chou '3o,'31,'32. HELEN DUNNING C. C. I "Mighty like a rose," Inter Nos '29, '3o: El Nadi Tigari '31: Social Science Club '31, '32. WALTER DZIWURA I. A. "A wise man reflects before he speaks." PHILIP ELFSTROM I. A. "It's the boy in him." Track '3 I . OWEN DOBBS GENERAL "Hamlet, the melancholy Dane." GLENN DOLOFF GENERAL ff I keep ya guessing." Basketball '29, '30, '31: Football '29, '3o: Baseball 29. EMILY DRAP . C. C. I "Be careful with those eyes." OLIVE DUQUETTE C. P. I 'As slim and elusive as Peter Pan." Inter Nos '29, '30, '31, '32: Olla Podrida '31, '32. 1 CLARENCE EATON I. A. "That's what the bachelor is made of." Football Manager '31: Base- ball '3 I . V JOE ELLIOT C. C. II ' "As proper a man as ever shot a basket." Basketball '2Q,'30.'3 1: Base- ball '3o. HOWARD ELLIS C. P. II "A gay cabellerof' GEORGE ERICKSON C. C. II "Wisdom is the principle thing, therefore get wis- dom." I-Ii-Y '3o, '31: El Nadi Tigari '3 I. ISABELLE A. FALKOWSKI C. C. I "You don't have to be born with ir." El Nadi Tigari '29, '31. GEORGE FERENZ GENERAL "Hand me down my walking stick." BEULAH FETTES C. C. I "The boy's faithful friend." El Nadi Tigari '30, '31. PEARL FINKLESTEIN C. P. I "Dark eyes." GERALDINE ELLISON C. P. I "A beguiling siren." Pen Pushers '31, '32: Board of Directors '29, '3o: El Nadi Tigari '29, '3og Social Science Club '31, '32: Dec- lamation, Oratory '29, '3o, '31, FRANK EVANOFF C. P. I "And into the basket it shall ever go." North Wind '30, '31, '32Z Football '30, '3 1: Basketball '3o, '31, '32: Baseball '30, '31, '32: Hi-Y '3o,'31,'32: Quill and Scroll '31, '32: Board of Directors '3 1. LOIS FARNSWORTH C. C. I "She shines like a good deed in a naughty world." El Nadi Tigari '3 1. HARRY FERENZ C. P. I "Great souls suffer in silence." Orchestra '3o,'31,'32: String Ensemble '30: Philosophy Club '3o: Opera Orchestra '3o. '3 1. FRANK FIALKA GENERAL "Yodeling them blues away." WADJA FINOWSKI C. P. I What is good is never too abundant." Student Council '30, '31: Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32: Vice-President of Student Union '3 1: North Wind '30, '31: Editor '32: Quill and Scroll '31, '32: Olla Podrida '3o, '31: Leaders' Club '3o. ff RUTH FISCHMAN C. C. I "The sunshine of your smile." El Nadi Tigari '31, '32: Orchestra '29, '30, Girl Scouts '29, RUSSELL E. FLETCHER GENERAL "Never venture, neuer win- I'll bet six." TENNIE FOOSHEE GENERAL "So young, so sweet, so pretty." Olla Podrida '3I. CHARLES R. FOREMAN C. P. I "I must be nonchalantf' Inter Nos '29, '3o: Olla Podrida '29, '30, '31, ALFRED FOX GENERAL "I was a scholar." DUANE FOXWORTHY C. P. III "Must be twins: one couIdn't be such a gentleman." Student Council '29: El Nadi Tigari '3 1. L I LORNA FLEISCHMAN C. C. I "The Fleischman's are com- ing." El Nadi Tigari '31, DOROTHY PLICKINGER C. C. I "If you can't come, buy u ticket anyway." Board of Directors, '30, '31, '32: Student Council '31, '32: El Nadi Tigari '31,'322 Social Science Club '3 1. '32, HELEN FORD C. C. I "Sweet and lovely." El Nadi Tigari '30, '31, '32, Amicae Ludorum '31, '32: Baseball '30, '31: Hockey '3og Tennis '31, '32: Choir '32: Opera '31: Board of Directors '31: Soccer '3o: Basketball '32, ERNEST FORRO C. C. II "What's the use?" Hi-Y '30, '31, '32: El Nadi Tigari '32, CLAYTON Fox C. P. Il "B-arnacle Bill, the sailor." North Wind '30, '3I: Hi-Y '3 1, '3 2. ROBERT FRASER C. C. Il "Work never hurts any man." Hi-Y '31, '32: El Nadi Tigari '31, '32: Student Council '31, '32: Board of Directors '30, '32, :J-r jgq-lg, ,, 1- J-Q1 ' ' hu' ' -- ' 1-v - A ALMA FRYE C. C. II "I zlon't mind walking in the ram." Chorus '30, '31: Choir '29. HELEN GALARNO C. P. I "Throw out the Life Line." CLARENCE GARRISON GENERAL "I'm euer there with a song." ELINOR GAWTHROP GENERAL "Paint me as I am." Poetry Club '30, '31. ALLEN GINGER C. P. I "I don't work for a living, do you?" Inter Nos '31, '32. ORPHA GLOVER C. P. I "A little shy, but mighty sweet." Sphinx Club '31: Amicae Ludorum '3 1 ,'3 2 9 Girl Scouts '3o: Secretary of Junior Class '31 : Basketball '3o: Soccer '3 1 . 421 PHYLLIS GAINES C. P. I "And on the piano doth she tickle the iuories vigorous- ly... Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32g Student Council '3og Noro- scope '31, '32: Sphinx Club '3o,'31: El Nadi Tigari '3o. MARGARET GALLOWAY C. P. I "And like another Helen she fired another Troy." Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32g Vice-President of Senior Class '31, '32: Board of Directors '31, '32g Play Contest '3o: ClassSongLeader '3o.'31,'32. BERNICE GASS C. C. I "Just one girl like her." El Nadi Tigari '30, ,3I. ELNORA GILLIVIORE C. C. I "Oh-Gracious." Girls Hockey '32: Baseball '30, '31, '32: Basketball '30, '31, ,'32:' Amicae Ludorum 30, 3 1, 32. FRANK GLOVER GENERAL "Save my face-Aim at my heart." Airplane Club '29: Football '29, '30: Golf '3o. GERALDINE GOGARN C. P. I "I'll not retreat a single inch and I will be heard." Poetry Club '29, '30, '31p Inter Nos ,29,,30, '31: Student Council '3O,,3 I,'32: Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32: Board of Directors '30, '31, ip, EDWARD GOLDBERG C. P. III "Business comes natural." North Wind '3 1. GEORGE GOOD GENERAL "I can't leave those pretty girls alone." Orchestra '29, '30, '31, '32. WILLIS E. GOODWIN GENERAL "Oh, yeah?" Boxing '3o: Wrestling '30, '31, JAMES R. GRAHAM GENERAL "Let the rest of the world go rye," BERNICE GRAVES C. P. I "She will out-shine the sun." Poetry Club '30, '31, '-523 Inter Nos '29, '30, '31, '32g Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1, '32, LOUISE GREEN MUSIC "A quiet but practical maid,' Orchestra '29, '3o, '3 1: Band '30, '31g Woodwind En- semble '3 1: Trio '3 1. 1 ANN GOLDMAN C. C. II "She didn't say yes and she didn't say no." E1 Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '3 1: Student Council '28. RUSSELL GOODENOUGI-I I. A. "N0,I don't want to be rich." Wrestling '3 1: Boxing '3 1. VIRGINIA GORDON GENERAL "Painting the clouds with sunshine." RODERICK GRANT GENERAL "Methought I heard a voice cry, sleep no more." Band '30, '31, '32: Social Science Club '31, '32: Base- ball '31, '32, FLORENCE GREEN C. C. I "So little done-so much to do." El Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '31, '32: Social Science Club '31, 32, MARGUERITE GRENON C. C. II "My lady smiles, the world is gay-" Olla Podrida '31: Board of Directors '3o. PX ROBERT GREENWAY GENERAL "In his uery quietness there is a charm." Cross Country '30, '3 I. GUSTAVE GRIMES GENERAL "Quietly she comes into our midst." DOROTI-IA C. GROEB HOME ECONOMICS "No, never alone." BEATRICE HABER C. C. I 'I fashion scarfs of gossamer from rain." El Nadi Tigari '31,'32: Girl Reserves '3o. 1 VIRGINIA L. HADAWAY GENERAL "Many loves have I." Opera '29, '30, '3I: Choir '32: Basketball '31: Baseball '3o: Girl Reserves '31. FRANCES HALEY C. P. I "Who said I was bashfulf' Olla Podrida'3 I 3 Girl Scouts '3 1: El Nadi Tigari '3 1, 44 ELLA MAY GRIFFITI-IS C. C. II "I hope to grow older," ESTI-IER GRISWOLD C. P. I "Your greatest contribution to the sum of things is your- self." Inter Nos '29, '3o: Student Council '29, '30: Board of Directors '30, '31: Social Science Club '31, '32. REBECCA GRUDINSKY C. P. I "I could have used days twice their original length." Social Science Club '31, '32. VIRGINIA HADAWAY C. P. 1 "Earth has not anything to show more fair." Poetry Club '30, '3I: Olla Podrida '30, '3I: Student Council '29, '30: Leaders' Club '29, '30, '31: Amicae Ludorum '29, '30,'3I: Biol- ogy Club '3 I. DORIS HADDIX C. C. I "Betty Co-Ed." Chorus '29, '30, "3I: El Nadi Tigari '3 1. DOROTHY HALL C. P. 1 g "A little laughing merry gypsy queen." Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1, '32: Noroscope '3 I: Inter Nos '29, '31: Chemistry Club '31 : Student Council '29, ELVA HALL C. C. II "There's more pretty girls than one." El Nadi Tigari '31, '32. MARIA HAMADA GENERAL "Stone walls do not a prison make." Stamp Club '29. MARY ALICE HAMANN C. C. Il "Red-headed woman." El Nadi Tigari '30, HUGH HANCHETT GENERAL "They say, human nature craves novelty." FLORENCE HANNA C. C. I ' " 'Taint no sin." El Nadi Tigari '3 1. GENEVIEVE HARBIN C. C. 1 3 "Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice." V El Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '31, 32. NORMAN HALLECK C. P. I "I have vanquished the world OI Solomon." Sigma Chi Lambda '31 President '32. EARL HAMANN GENERAL "1 had but fifty cents." WENDELL HAMILTON C. P. II "No time to flirt." Round Robin Football '3o: Noroscope '30, '31, '32. WILMA HANEY C. C. I "My little powder puff and me." GAIL HANNAN C. C. II "Strike up the band." CHARLES HARDING C. P. III "Make much of me: good men are scarce." Hi-Y '29, '30, '31: Stamp Club '3o: Amateur Research Club '3 1 . ' I' 'laid' ' " VIH!" ' """ """" Mn" 1 1 3 PX BERENICE HARRIS C. P. I "She acts like a tonic in any crowd." North Wind '31, '32: Opera '3 1: Sigma Chi Lambda '3 2. VIRGINIA HART C. C. I "She loves-I know." EVELYN HAVILAND GENERAL "Her big moment - gradu- ation." Noroscope '30, '31: Basket- ball '2o. KENNETH HELBER GENERAL "Men, like bullets,go farthest when they are smooth." LYNN HIER C. P. III "I'know my business." Football '29, '3o: Inter Nos '2Q. THELMA HILL HOME ECONOMICS "A quiet, unassuming lass." ..l 46 CHARLES HARRIS GENERAL "Laugh, clown, laugh." ISABEL HATFIELD C. P. I Some of these days." Chemistry Club '3o: Inter Nos '29, '30, '31: Noroscope '30, '3 I . H HAROLD HAYWARD GENERAL "All mankind loves a lover." Orchestra '30, '31, '32: String Ensemble '31, '32: Stamp Club '3o. JAMES HENRY C. P. II "Dam those flies." Cross Country '3 1 . WALTER HEGINBOTTOM GENERAL "A knight there was." Board of Directors '31, '3 2. WILLY MAE HILL C. C. II ' "I've got those happy feet." Chorus '3I: Girl Reserves '29, '3o. Q MARGARET HILLIS C. P. I "And made sunshine in a shady place." Inter Nos '29,'3o,'3 1 : Chem- istry Club '3o, '31: Student Council '29: Sigma Chi Lambda '32. ANDREW HLAVACS I. A. "Make your wish on a load of hay." Orchestra '30, '31. RUTH HOLLMAN C. P. I "And like a queen's, her golden head." Opera '31, '32: Choir '30, '3I,'32: Girls' Octet '31,'32: Inter Nos '30, '31, '32: Sphinx Club '30, '31, EMMA JEAN HOLTSLANDER GENERAL "Red hair,blue eyes and shy." Inter Nos '3 1, '32. MILDRED G. HUDSON GENERAL "I can study, recite and bluff." El Nadi Tigari '29, '3o. CLIFFORD JOHNSON C. P. II "Well, that's what the book said." Student Council '29, '3o. - Q, VIOLET HING C. P. III , "A pretty oriental." DOROTHY HODSON GENERAL "May she never change except in name." Play Contest '31: Girl Re- serves '3o, '31, '32: Olla Podrida '31, '32, ERNEST HOLMAN UNCLASSIFIED "If you only knew him, you'd be surprised." Band '29, '30, '31: Brass Sextet '3 1. MILDRED E. HUDSON GENERAL 1 'You see me JUST as I am!" DAVID JAMIESON C. P. I the whole, we're well pleased with you." Tennis '30, '31: Basketball, '29, '3o: Student Council '31, '32: Board of Directors '29, '3o: Student Union President '3 1. "On HAROLD JOHNSON C. C. II "I really can't laugh that off." 47 l . . .IEANETTE JOHNSON GENERAL "Kind to everything she touches." Noroscope '31. CHARLES JONES I, A. "You can't quit--I didn't, did I?" MARY JOSEPH C. C. I "Never a dull day." RUTH KAPLAN C. C. I "What care I for two hun- dred thousand men." El Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '31, KENNETH KEITH I. A. "A bachelor at heart." Inter Nos '29, '30. KATHRYN KELLY GENERAL "God loves the Irish-and so do the boys." Olla Podrida '30, '3 1: El Nadi Tigari '3 1 . LEE JOHNSON GENERAL "On the grid a regular slicker." Track '31, '32: Baseball '30, '31,'32: Basketball '30, '31, '32: Football '29, '30, '31g Sophomore Vice - President: Board of Directors '29, '30: Hi-Y '30, '31. TOM JORDAN GENERAL "Smiling millions told their friends about him." Hi-Y '30, '31, '32: Cross Country '30, '31: North Wind '30, '31, '32: Track '3 1, '32. JAMES KALEMIS C. P.I "Wits and wisdom his spe- cialty." Football '29, '30: Wrestling '29: Student Council '29, '30, '31: Pen Pushers '30, '31, '32: Noroscope '31g North Wind '31: I-Ii-Y '29, '31, '32, ARLENE KEHL C. C. I "No guess work here." ROBERT KELLEY GENERAL "At home I am great." W11.1.1A1v1 KELLY C. P. II "He never flunhed, he never lied, I reckon he never knowed how." PX WANDA KEMPISTY C. C. I "Valley of doubt I tread." E UGENE K IKTA GENERAL "My kingdom for a horse." Cross Country '31, '32: Swimming '3o: Opera '31, '32. EDDIE KIRKLAND C. C. II "Be gone, girls-I have no time for ficklenessf' Pen Pushers '31, '32: Box- ing '30, '31, '32: Wrestling 31. ROBERT KNAPP GENERAL "What the well-dressed man will wear." Play Contest '3o: Choir '29, 30. NINA JEAN KNUTSON C. P. I "Excels in every branch of learning." Chemistry Club '31: Basket- ball '3o, '31: Sigma Chi Lambda '30, '31s ,322 Inter Nos '29, '3o: Board of Di- rectors '3o: Valedictorian. ESTHER KROELL C. C. I "I only need such fewthingsf' 491 CHESTER KIKTA C. P. III "It must 'ue been a couple of other fellows." Cross Country '29, '3o. MARIE KING C. C. I "Those warm and languid eyes. Play Contest '3o. LAVINA KITCHEN C. P. I "Her ability is unlimited." Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32: Play Contest '31: Olla Pod- rida '31, '32: Inter Nos '31, ,321 Poetry Club '31, '32, EARL KNUTI-I GENERAL "P1'errot-show off to the stars." Cross Country '3o: Track '31, '32: Hi-Y '3o,'31,'32g Stamp Club '30, '31, '32: North Wind '3o: Biology C1ub'32. AGNES KOLLHOFF C. C. I "Leave your musty books and come aduenturing with me." Play Contest '3 1. ' JOHN KROSKA I.A.. "Man and his image." .PX ELSIE KRUGER C. C. I "You can rely upon her." KATIE KUKIN C. C. I "Her ways are pleasanrf Amicae Ludorum '31, '32. .v WALTER KUTA C. P. I "I work ar the Drug Store when the boss is around." JACK LAING C. P. II " 'Tis feared he'Il die of over- work." Board of Directors '30, '31: Student Council '31: Hi -Y '3o, '31, '32: Sigma Chi Lambda '32. DANIEL LAMBERT I. A. "The first and best victory is to conquer self." Airplane Club '3 1. GERALDINE LANDIS C. P. I "What a glorious comfort she rs." Choir '3o, '31, '32g Sigma Chi Lambda '32, 50 JOSEPH KUCHRAWY I. A. "He still has hopes." .IENNIE KURAS C. C. II "Modesty becomes a young woman." Orchestra '29, '3o: El Nadi Tigari '3 I . CECELIA LABOSKEY C. C. I "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." El Nadi Tigari '3o,'31,'32: Social Science Club '30, '31, JACK LAMB 3 c. P. II "He's a lady's man." Student Council '29, '3o. WILLIAM LANDER GENERAL "As true a lover as ever sighed." Swimming '29, AUGUST LAPENES C. C. II " 'Tis God that gives, 'tis I who receives." 3 1 x 5 MYRA LAPO C. C. I "My Soul is an enchanted boat." ALMA LARSON GENERAL "Good friends are thought- ful." SALLY LEAVITT C. P. I "You should count time by heart-throbs." Student Council '3o: Play Contest '30, '32: Olla Pod- rida '31, '32: Noroscope '31, '32. JOHN LETTS I C. C. II "Greater men than myself have lived." EVELYN LIFSEY C. P. III "But thy eternal summer shall not fade." Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1, '32: Amicae Ludorum '30, 'up North Wind '30, '31: Play Contest '3o: Leaders' Club '29, '3o. MABEL MACDONALD GENERAL "What is this, a game?" Chorus '30, I GERALDINE LAROS C. P. I "ln her mild modest way she has made many friends." Orchestra '29, '3o. ELMER LEACI-I GENERAL "I have not yet begun to ight." Noroscope '31: North Wind 31. . DOROTHY LEFFLER C. P. I "A baby stare-all male creatures please beware." Choir '31, '32: Opera '3o. .IOSEPHINE LECHOTA C. C. I "Pardon me-I " MILTON LINK C. P. I He doesn't need a crank,he's a self-starter." North Wind '30, '31, '32: Student Council '3o,'3 1.'3 2: Quill and Scroll '3 1, '32: Philosophy Club '31: Board of Directors '3o. u HELEN MACLENNAN HOME ECONOMICS "Modern girl with big blue eyes. Girl Scouts '28, '29: Play Contest'29. 1 5 V.- l FORREST MADISON GENERAL 'With loads of learned lum- ber in his head." GENEVIEVE IVIANIAK C. P. I "Smile, it hasn't hurt any- body yet." LOUISE MARTENS C. P. I "Can the chatter." Girl Reserves '29, '30, '31g Inter Nos '3 1. WALLACE MATHESON I. A. "It isn't work that worries me-it's women." Opera '3 1 . BURTON MAWHINNEY C. P. I "Come, dear children, let us away." Cross Country '30, '31. HUGH MCCOMBS GENERAL "Some men were born for great things." Football Manager '30, '31g Swimming '29. JEAN IVIAEDER C. P. I "The most efifective coquetry is innocence." Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32: Inter Nos '30, '31, '32: Poetry Club '30, '31, '32: Student Council '3o: Scho- lastic Contest '3 0. ELIZABETH MARKS C. P. I "The education shall thrive. which this, my school has given me." El Nadi Tigari '31, '32: Poetry Club '3 1,'32g Library '31, '32. MARGUERITE MARTIN C. C. I "She taught us how to live." Leaders' Club '29, '3o: El Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '31. GERALD IVIATTENSON C. C. II "No man ever reaches the top by coasting." Wrestling '3 1. FRANCES MAXWELL C. C. I "Thou hast made her little lower than the angels." E1 Nadi Tigari '2Q. i DOROTHY MCDONNELL C. C. I "All people speak of her." Sphinx Club '30, '31: A Cappella Choir '30, '32. l l l l l I 1 I I I J l l 1 l l I I 4 A l l 1 . 1 5 l 4 l l l l l l 1 l l I 5 l e K 1 i l l I A 1i i '1 A JOY MCINALLY GENERAL "A picture is a poem without words." Orchestra '30, '31, '32, THELMA MCLEOD HOME ECONOMICS "She StO0ps to conquer." El Nadi Tigari '3 2. MARTHA MICHAEL C. C. I "Clubs, not spades, are trump." Amicae Ludorum '3 1 : Choir '30, '31, '32: Soccer '31. LAWRENCE MIKOLAIZIK GENERAL Sell your wits. You don't need them when I'm around." u FLORENCE MILLER C, P. I 'fGood evening, gentlemen." Board of Directors '31: Pen Pushers '30, FRANK MITORAJ GENERAL "None but the brave deserves the fair." Football '28,'29,'3o: Track '28, '29: Baseball '29, '3og Basketball '29,'3o: Assistant Coach '3 1 . 53 SHIRLEY MCKINLEY C. P. I "Dancing on the ceiling." Olla Podrida '29p Student Council '29, '3o: Board of Directors '3o: Modern Science Club '29. LESTER MCMILLEN I. A. "Oh! Those girls." MELVIN MICHAUD C. P, II "He talks his way into your heart." Bank '30, '31, '32: Cheer Leader '3 1. ELAINE MILLER C. P. I "You love her for her smile, her look, her way." Student Council '3o: Olla Podrida '31, '32: Play Con- test '3 1 . MARIAN MILLER C. P. I "Her flocks are thoughts: she keeps them white." Olla Podrida '3 2. STANLEY MITORAJ I. A. "Bashful, but a good sport for all that." MARVIN MOESCH C. P. II "And who is this guy Caesar?" Scholastic Contest ,29, '30, LAURA MONTGOMERY C. C. II "By zooksl and 1.uho's to blame?" El Nadi Tigari '3 1. IVIILDRED IVIAE MOORED C. C. I "It's technicality that countsf Social Science Club '3 1. , , THERESA MORGAN C. C. I "Why take life seriously, you never get out of it alive." FRANCES MORROW C. P. I "The good are noble." Declamation '30: Student Council '31, '32: Olla Pod- rida '30, '31, '32: Short Story Club '31, '32: Social Science Club '3 1,'32: Poetry Club '32, RUTH MORSE C. P. III "Those eyes -- so dark, so so deeo." Olla P0drida'29 3 North Wind '30, '31, '32: Debate '29. LOUISE MOLT GENERAL "He came, he saw, I con- ,, quered. Chemistry Club '3 1 . ROBERT MOORE GENERAL "He makes it hot on the grid- iron." Football '29, '3o,'3 1: Track '29, '30, '31 : Basketball '29, '3og Indoor Track '29, '30, '3 1 . HARRIET MORGAN GENERAL "Sweet and refreshing as lau- ender and rare old lace." Choir ' 3 1 . BOLTON MORRISON C.P.I ' "A prince of a fellow." North Wind '30: Hi-Y '31, '32: Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1, '32: Basketball Manager '3 1 1 Track Manager'3o5 Board of Directors '30, ANNABELLE MORSE C. C. I "Love conquers all." DOROTHY IVIOSIER C. C. II "Life is just a bowl of cherries." Opera Chorus '31: A Cap- pella Choir '31, '32. CHARLES MOSKOVITZ C. P. I "Study is his middle name, but play his first one." Football Manager '31. MARIE MRASEK C. C. I "I'loue the name of Marie." JOSEPH NAGY, JR. GENERAL "Well-here I am." Hi-Y '30, '31, '32: Baseball '3o,'31, '32g Basketball '30, '3 1: Football '3o,'3 IQ North Wind '30, '31. ROBERT NEWMAN GENERAL "I'm a ding-dong-daddy from Dumas." Baseball '29, '30, '31: Foot- ball '3o,'31: Basketball '3o: Social Science '30: Board of Directors '2Q. WANDA NIEDZWIEDZ C. P. I "Perfect. " Amicae Ludorum '30, '3 1: Leaders' Club '30, '3 1. MERLE NIEMAN C. C. I "l'Ue had my play." P3 Q , 55 I IRENE IVIOTT C. C. II "Happy-go-lucky." MARGARET NADEAU C. P. I "I satisfy." Opera '3o,'3 1: Leaders' Club 'zgg Baseball '29: Soccer '3o: Basketball '3o. LOIS NAUGLE C. C. I "I love a parade." Band '30, '31. '32: El Nadi Tigari'31. CHARLES NIEC GENERAL "There's a man of pluck." Football '30, '31. JUNE NIELSEN C. C. I "Like a clear-eyed young diana." Leaders' Club '29, '30: El Nadi Tigari '29, '30, '31, Social Science Club '31, '32. ARVELLA NIERGARTH C. C.I "Men passed the good news along when I came to town." Opera Chorus '31, ,322 Chorus '30, '31. RAYMOND NOLD MUSIC "The good and great are sel- dom the same." Band '3o,'31,'32: Orchestra '30, '31, '32: Brass Sextet '3o: Woodwind Quintet '3 1. '32g Horn Quartet '3o. HELEN MARY NYLAND C. P. I "And on she went,and sweet- er grew." Choir '29, '30, '3I: Opera '29, '30, '31, '32g Senior Secretary and Treasurer. JOSEPI-I O'LEAR C. P. I "The best tackle in the state." Football '29,'3o,'3 IQ Wrest- ling '301Hl-Y '29, '3o,'3 1: Play Contest '30, '31, '32: Student Council '30, '31: Board of Directors '30, '31. HAROLD OSTROM I. A. "Jack o' Diamonds." Baseball '29, '3o. NEIL PARK GENERAL "Gallant always." Basketball '29, '3o: Football '29, '30g Tennis '31: Board of Directors '30,'3 1 1 Student Council '3 1 . ALICE PATERSON C. C. II "Save the pieces." JAMES NORTON C. P. II "Life isfa warfare." Inter Nos '29.'30: Chemistry Club '31, '32. DELILAH OFFENBORN C. C. II "She looked all things straight in the face." El Nadi Tigari '31, '32. IVIARIAN O'ROURKE C. C. II "Who is it can read a woman?" Noroscope '3o. IRENE PANAS C. P. I "There's music in her laugh- ter." HOWARD PARSELL C. P. I "Look out ladies, here comes Red." P Basketball '28,'29: Golf '29, '30, '31: Noroscope '3o. HELEN PATRICK C. C. I "Her air, her manner,all who saw admired." El Nadi Tigari '31: Play Contest '3 1 3 Social Science Club ' 3 1 . l56l I VANE PATTERSON GENERAL "-Hold the fort, for I am coming." Baseball '31: Track '31: Basketball '31: Hi-Y '31, '32: Tennis'32 Amateur Re- search Club '32, DOROTHY PEMBERTON C. C. II "Modest asashrinking violet." Basketball '3 I. JOHN PERKINS GENERAL "The man who knows but won't tell." A Cappella Choir '30, '11, '32: Chorus '30, '31, '32: Play Contest '32, ARTHUR PERRY I I. A. "Look up,my boy,loolz up." CHARLES PETERS GENERAL , 'IIa'leluiah! He's a bum-fu'l cf burrs n' chewin' gum." Stamp Club '30, '31: Air- plane Club '29, '30, "rx: Basketball '29: Camera C nb 29. GLADYS PHILLIPS I C.P.I "If I had my way school would be closed all day." Baseball '3 1 3 Basketball '31 : Soccer'30: Leazlers' Club '3og Amicae Ludorum '30, '3 1. VIRGINIA PEAKE C. C.I "An ounce of curiosity." Choir '30, '31, '32: Girl Scouts '30, '31, '32: Lead- ers' Club '3o,'3 1,'32: Amicae Ludorum '30,'31,'32: Story Telling '3 1: Soccer '30, '3 1: Basketball '30,'31,'32: Base- ball '31, '32: Chorus '30, '31, '32: Hockey '31, JAMES PEMBERTON GENERAL "Just another big he-man." Band '29, '3o: Football '30, '3 1: Orchestra '29, BEATRICE PERKINS C. C. I "She was made for happy thoughts." Ch0ir'3 1: Chorus'3 1: Girls' Octet '3 1. LUCILLE PERRY C. C. II "Oh Sleep! It is a gentle thing."- EARL PETERSON GENERAL "Sleep will banish sorrow." MARY PICKUP C. C. I "l'd fall in love with me." Chorus '30, '31: Choir '32: El Nadi Tigari '30, FRANK PIOTROWSKI GENERAL "We all admire a real man." Hi-Y '29, '30, '31g Football '29, '30, '3 IQ Basketball '29, '30, '31g B3SQb3ll4'3O, '31. KENNETH PLACE GENERAL "What, no, girls in heaven? I'll stay here!" Hi-Y '30,'3 1: Student Coun- cil '3 1 . ' DELORIS POOR ' GENERAL "My thoughts are my com- panionsf' MARJORIE POUND C. P.I "Ain't she nice?" Poetry Club '29, '30, '31, '32: Board of Directors '29: Play Contest '3o: Social Science Club '31, '32: Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32. THORWALD POWRIE C. P. I "'Silent and studious-but otherwise all right." Hi-Y '31, '32. VIRGINIA PRATT C. C. II "Girl of a million dreams." Girl Reserves '29, '3o: El Nadi Tigari '3 I. TED PITTS I. A. "My speed isn't slow." Noroscope '31, '32g Play Contest '32. KATHERINE POCONTEK C. C. II "True to her mind, her work and her friends." SIM POPPOFF C. P. I "Talk to him of Jacob's lad- der and he would ask the number of the steps." Debate '28, '29,'3o,'31,'32: North Wind '29,'3o,'3 1,'323 Pen Pushers '30, '31, '32. Declamation '29g Quill and Scroll '31,'32: Oratory '31: Extempore Speaking '3o,'3 1 2 Sigma Chi Lambda '30, '31, '32: Philosophy Club '29, '30, '31, '32: National For- ensic League '29,'3V0,'3 1,'32: Orchestra '29: Inter Nos '29, '3o: Play Contest '31, '322 Board of Directors '2Q. VIOLET POWELL C. P. I "The flower of meeknessf' ELMER PRATT I. A. "He doeth all things well." SYLVIA PRESS C. C. I "She would sing the savage- ness out of a bear." Opera Chorus '30, '31: A Cappella Choir '32. PX MELVIN RACINE C. P. I "In one soft look, what language his." ADELINE REBARCHEK C. C. I "She hath a studious look and yet . . . " Student Council '3o: Soccer '3 1 3 Baseball '3o,'3 1 3 Amicae Ludorum '3 1 . FRANCIS REAHMUS I. A. "Whom not even critics criti- cizef' CALLA RICHARDS C. C. I "All the world's astage -I do my part of acting up." Declamation '3o: Student Council '3o: Olla Podrida '3o,'31: El Nadi Tigari '1o: Play Contest '31, '32. SIDNEY RISKIN GENERAL "In close competition with the other sheiksf' Opera '30, '3 1. MARJORIE ROGERS C. C. II "Excitement! I crave excite- ment!" I ..f 59 LARRY RATHBUN C. P. II "Not to know him is to argue yourself unknown." Sophomore President: Hi-Y '29, '30, '31: Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32: Play Con- test '3 1: Football '29, '3o. NANCY REEMTSEN C. P. I "Sir, you will be well up in front if you keep up with me. Sigma Chi Lambda '31: El Nadi Tigari '3 1. VERA REMENDER C. C. II "She is not pensive, not at all." ARLENE RICHMOND GENERAL "The proper study of man- kind is man." DONALD ROBINSON I. A. 'Great men are little known." FLORENCE ROLL C. C. I "She has a smile that would knock the blues out of any day." n " YOLANDA RONCAGLIA C. C. I "Out of an old Italian love- tale." Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1, '32: Inter Nos '30, '31: El Nadi Tigari '31, '32: Extempore Speaking '31: Social Science Club '31, '32. DOROTHY MAE ROSSELLE HOME ECONOMICS "She doeth well who doeth her best." Opera '32g Chorus '30, '31. GUSTAV RUPPEL C. C. II "Hark! I hear the tardy bell!" ' Band '3 1. ELSIE RUTHARDT C. P. I "Art for art's sake." Noroscope '3o,'3 1,'32g Olla Podrida'3o,'31. GORDON SAGE C. P. Il "It pays to advertise." Baseball '29, '30, '31g Box- ing '3 I. CASSIUS SARGENT C. P. II "And so curses he all EUe's daughters." SYLVIA ROSENBAUM C. P. I "Tells the big shots where to get 017 and makes them like xt." , Girl Scouts '30, '31, '32: Olla Podrida '30, '31, '32: Social Science Club '30, '3 1: Play Contest '30, '31: Dec- lamation '3o. JANET ROWLEY C. P. I "A friendly grace of manner 'and behavior." North Wind '30, '31: Olla Podrida '31, '32. JOHN RUSSELL GENERAL "O, this learning! What a thing it is." HELEN SADOWSKI ' C. C. I "On with the dance." ESTHER SANDERS C. P. I "A sensible and well bred woman." Girl Reserves '29, '3o. FLORENCE SAVAGE C. C. II "Friendship, honor, both are thine." 1 2 I i 1 l n I l l s I l I 1 l l l l Band '29, '3o. W i PX JULIA SCI-IAEFFER C. P. I "Nature I loved-and next to nature-art." Noroscope '30, '31, '32. MAX SCHOEPI-'ACH C. P. II "Upon a great adventure he was bound." I-Ii-Y '29, '30, '31: Choir '29, '30, '31g Chorus '29, '30, '31, MELVIN SCI-IULTZ C. P. I "Blessings on thee, little man." Airplane Club '29, '3o. ' HAROLD SCOTT C. C. II "Thou art a fellow of good respect." HELENA SEPESI C. C. II 'ln her very quietness, there ts a charm." Chorus '3o. 1 FRED SHAI-IEEN GENERAL "Zounds! I have been five minutes late all my life." Football '28, '29, '3o. 1 t 6 MOLLY SCI-IAFER C. C. I "Aye, aye, I will teach you to laugh." El Nadi Tigari '32: Modern Science Club 'zgg Social Science Club '30, '31. ALTA SCI-IOPF C. C. I "Nothing but the best is good enough." ESTHER SCOTT C. C. I Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" u JANET SCOTT C. P. I 'Her voice was ever soft and melodzous, an excellent thing in woman." Noroscope '31, '32: Student Council '3o: Quill and Scroll I32: Sigma Chi Lambda '31, 32. 1 MARIE SEXSMITH C. P. I "Trust not too much to her enchanting face." Poetry Club '31, '32: Inter Nos '30, '31, '32: Student Council '31: Sigma Chi Lambda '3 2. PHYLLIS SHAYMAN C. C. I "Old playmate." Leaders' Club '3o: A Cap- pella Choir '30, '31, '32: Girls' Octet '30, '31: Opera '30, '3 1. l I I LAURA SHEGOS C. C. I "Will and determination over- come all obstacles." El Nadi Tigari '29, '3o,'3 1: Baseball '29. MYRTLE SHIELDS C. C. I "All things are in common among friends." El Nadi Tigari '3o. ANNA SMITH C. C. I "As fond of snorts as any boy." Basketball '30, '3I: Baseball '29, '30, '31: Soccer '31g Hockey '3 2 1 Amicae Ludorum '32: Leaders' Club '29, '3o. 31. GRACE SMITH C. C. I "The proud is tamed." El Nadi Tigari '28: Noto- scope '31: Olla Podrida '3I. '32: North Wind '31, '32: Play Contest '3 I, '3 2. LYNFORD SMITH I. A. "A King of Hearts-but a Queen will-take him." Football '29, '30, '31, PAULINE SOPKO C. P. I "By diligence she wins her way." LUCILLE SHELDON C. P. I "Bright, Ioue'y, and attrac- tive." Orchestra '29,'3o,'3 1 1 Chem- istry Club'3 I 1 Library Board '3 1 . MICHAELSON SLACKTA C. P. I "Author of 'How to Work'." Sigma Chi Lambda '30, '31. '32: Hi-Y '29, '30, '31: Philosophy Club '29,'3o,'31: Indoor Track '29: Cross Country '28, 29. DON SMITH GENERAL "The smith, a mighty man is he." Football '29 1 Basketball Man- ager '29.'3o: Noroscope '3o. HELEN SMITH MUSIC "Earnestness is the soul of work." Opera '3 1. VERNON SMITH I. A. "Whose 'ittle boy is 'oo?" Track '31, '32, JOHN SOUTHARD , C. P. II "I'll try anything, once." Stamp Club '29, '3o: Chem- istry Club '3 1. A LILIAN SPAULDING C. P. I "Love the sea? I dote upon it -from the beach." Student Council 30. ORVAL SPECK GENERAL "A subtle. slippery knavef' IVIARJORIE SPILSBURY C. P. I "Work is my recreation." North Wind '31, '32g Pen Pushers '30, '3 1, '32: Poetry Club '31, '32: Sigma Chi Lambda '32. CHRISTINE STALEY C. C. II "Our flipperest Happier." El Nadi Tigari '30, '31: Leaders' Club '29: Amicae Ludorum '3o,'31,'32: Base- ball '3o, '31, '32: Basketball '30,'31,'32: Soccer '31,'32: Hockey '31, I32. GERALDINE STARK C. C. I "She seeks the cheerful sight of things." EILEEN STEWART C. C. I "Oceans of pep with a laugh on every wave." Pen Pushers '30, '3 1: North Wind '30, '3 1. 63 OLIVER SPECK GENERAL "Al great man! He admits it himself." Band '29, '30, '3r: Orchis- tra '29. ELISABETI-I SPENCER C. C. I "After you're gone, we'll miss the greatest pal we've ever had." Olla Podrida '30, '31: Stu- dent Council '3o. MARVEL SPRINGGAY I. A. "Doubt whom you will, but never yourself." ' DEONE STALKER C. P. I "A friend of athletics." AmicaeLudorum'30.'31,'32: Leaders' Club '29, '30, '31. '32: Inter Nos '30, '31, '32: Chorus '30, '31. GEORGE STEVENS C. P. I "Then he will talk--ye gods! how he will talk." Student Council '29: Stamp Club'3o : Round Robin Foot- ball '3o, '3 1. ROBERT STEWART C. P. II "A man of mark." Philosophy Club '3 1: Stamp Club '3 1: Hi-Y '3 1. GLADYS STICKNEY C. P. III "When y0u're smiling." Inter Nos '29, '3o. ROBERT STIRLING GENERAL "A cheerful man is a king." Cross Country '31: Track '32. , FLORENCE STOLPIN C. P. II "Nothing is too high to be reached or too good to be true." Inter Nos '20, '30: Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32, GERALDINE ST. PIERRE C. C. I "Cleopatra, here I come." El Nadi Tigari '31: Amicae Ludorum '29, '3o, '31. VINA STRINGER GENERAL "A maiden good without pre- tense." Choir '30, '31. LYDIA SUCHANEK Cf C. II "Learned, and fair, and good is she." El Nadi Tigari '31, '32, THELMA STIEVE C. C. I "Blue eyes." El Nadi Tigari '3 1. LOREN STITES I. A. "I dream not of castles, I I build them." DON STOWELL GENERAL "Our flaming youth." VIRGINIA ST. PIERRE c. 0. 1 I "Wh0's your little whoozzs?" EDWARD STRONG C. P. I "I always get the better when I argue aIone." Basketball '30, '31, '32: De- bate '3o. '31, '32: Student Council '29, '31: Board of Directors '29, '30, '31, '32: Philosophy Club'3o,'3 1,'32g National Forensic League'3 1, 32. THORA SVANG C. P. I "A little nonsense now and then." Student Council '30, '31g Amicae Ludorum 30, 31, Leaders' Club '3o,'3 1 5 Social Science Club '30, '31: Play Contest '3 1 . 1 1 . 'i VIOLET SWANSON C. P. I "All the sweetest kids have to go and graduate." DORIS TAYLOR C. C. I "She is gentle, who does gentle deeds." WILLIAM TI-IATCHER C. P. II "An honest man's the noblest work of God." Band '3o,'31: Research Club '3 1. 2.4" fl' I 'if FRANCIS THOMAS GENERAL Men are but children of a larger growth." u LEONA THOMAS C. C. I While we live, let us live." Orchestra '29, '3o. ff LOUIS TRAYCIK C. P. I "I like the man who faces what he must." Cross Country '29, '30, '31g Track '3o, '31, '32: Play Contest '30, '31, '32: Hi-Y '30, '31, '32: Football '3o: Student Council '31: Board of Directors '29, '30: Opera '31: North Wind '31, '323 Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1, '32g Oratory '3 1 3 Dec1amation'3o: Extempore Speaking '31' Philosophy Club '31, '3 2. , 65 CARL TAYLOR C. P. I "And lo his name Ied all the rest." Hi-Y '3O,'3 1: Cross Country '29, '30, '3 1: Track '3o,'31g Student Council '30, '31. EARL TAYLOR GENERAL "I Ioue to be alone." Hi-Y '30, '31, '32: Track '30, '31, '32: Cross Country '29, '30, '3I. ALVIRA THOMAS C. C. II "Now upwards will she soar." Chorus '30, '31. LEONORA THOMAS C. C. I "I find earth not gray, but rosy." Leaders' Club '3og Amicac Ludorum'3o: E1 Nadi Tigari '3 1, '3 2. ROY TOZER GENERAL He's quite a raclzeteer at ten- ms. 14 LISLE G. TREAT C. P. II 1'll hold the eel of know- ledge by the tail." Airplane Club '29: Research Club '31, '32, n ,, ,,,,, , J-M-, W, ' PX ETHEL TREVILLIAN C. C. I "The star that never fails." Noroscope '3 1, '32: El Nadi Tigari '3o. ROBERT TUCKER 1. A. "Hard work never did agree with me." MILDRED VA11,1.ANcoLiRT C. P. III "This girl will cause us all to be forgotten." Noroscope '31, '32s Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32: Pen Pushers '30, '31: Quill and Scroll '31, '32. ARTHUR VIVIAN I. A. "He likes to build and not to boast." Track'3 1 3 Cross Country '3 1 . EDITH WOLLPERT C. C. I "We meet thee like a pleas- ant thought." RHEA WARREN C. C. I "If love is madness, I must be insane." .l661.. EUGENE TUCKER GENERAL "Successful in more ways than one is he." Hi-Y '29,'3o: Cross Country '3o. OWEN VADEN GENERAL "I don't know where I'm go- ing, but I'm on my way." Opera '30, '3 1: Board of Di- rectors '3 1 . RALPH VAN SAW I. A. "The age of chiselrgf' EVELYN VROMAN GENERAL "She has a quiet nature but mischief lurks beneath." Chorus '29, '3o. HAROLD WAMBOLD GENERAL "Let the rest of the girls go by." Indoor Track '3 1: Hi-Y '28. GEORGE WASENKO I. A. "A quiet tongue shows a wise head." S-' PX AL WASHINGTON GENERAL "You rascal, you." Football '28, '29, '3o: Bas- ketball '28, '3o: Track '28, '3o: Baseball '28: Wrestling '29, '3o: Boxing, '29' 305 Football Trainer '31. BERYL WEINGART C. P. III "Speak hind words and you will hear kind echoes." FRANCIS WHALEN C. P. I "Now take the unemploy- ment situation." RAYMOND WHITING C. P. III "Why so pale and wan, fond lover?" FRANCIS WIGGINS C. c. II "The high pressure salesman." VERA WILDFONG HOME ECONOMICS "To be womanly is the greatest charm of women." 67 BERTI-IA WEBER C. C. II "Success comes in cans-fail- ure in can'rs." DOROTHY WESTCOTT C. P. III "Bring on your problems.' Sigma Chi Lambda '31, '32: Salutatorian. DEAN WHITE C. P. I "I'm a dreamer, aren't we all?" JEAN WHYTE C. P. I "Admired for beauty, wor- shipped for worth." THERON WILBER C. P. I "The hidden soul of har- mony." Band '30, '31, '32: Orches- tra '30, '31, '32: Woodwind Quintet '30, '31, '32: Opera '30, '31, '32, THELMA WILLETTS HOME ECONOMICS "The girl we loue for what she is." 1 A FLORENCE WILLIAMSON C. C. I "An open-hearted maiden. pure and true." GRACE WILSON C. C. I "Soft eyes -- sweet spoken little girl." Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1, '32: Senior Play '31: Play Con- test '3 1. BLANCI-IE WISELEY C. C. I "l'll do big things when I grow up." FRANCIS WRIGHT GENERAL "Why aren't they all con- tented, like me?" Band '29, '30, '31. MAXINE WRIGHT C. C. II ' She ,was airy, young, and guy. ' El Nadi Tigari '30, '32. GENE YOUNG I. A. "Don't worry me with women." 681 MAE WILLIAMSON C. C.I A smile for all, a welcome glad." if DEAN WINTER C. P. I "He is the fountain of honor." Band '30, '31, '32: Orches- tra '3o, 131, '32: Play Con- test '31g Little Theatre Or- chestra '3o,'31,'32. JEAN WORTH C. P. I "One of these people you're naturally drawn to." Sigma Chi Lambda '3 1, '32: Quill and Scroll '32: Inter Nos '31,'32g Noroscope '3 1, '32. MAX WRIGHT I. A. "Life's a jest, I thought so once and now I know it." JOHN YORKO GENERAL IJHO-df-hO.,, OAKE ZEIBE C. P. II All the great men are dying, and I don't feel very well myself." Football '3 1 . If : L A WILLIAM ZICK C. P. I He looked all things straight in the face." ANNA HEMPTON C. C. II 'A clever brunette with a lively disposition." LEON ROBINSON I. A. Another reason why the February class was so fine." MAURICE SNYDER GENERAL I'll be there with bells on." Hi-Y '30, '31, '32. MATHELEANE TIFT GENERAL Oh, for that sweet, mag- netic personality." 69 JOHN ZILLICH GENERAL "lHe's the hind of a man that makes women dislike each other." North Wind '3 1 . THOMAS MCKENNA I. A. "Another man with an edu- cated toe." Football '30,'3 1: Track '30, '31, '32: I-Ii-Y '32: Wrest- ling '3 2. GERALD ST. JOHNS GENERAL "A man who never made a mistake was never a suc- cess." Band '30, '31, '32: Brass Ensemble '31, '32, WESLEY STENDER I. A. "Another friendly stranger who needs no introduction." iQQ "' IPX O-Q, . ..v... GRADUATES WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR IN BOOK 1 PHILIP BELL' Q . . JESSICA BERRYMAN A . FRANCES BRAND . NELSON COLWELL . . JAMES HOLLINGSHEAD STEPHEN KAZA . h . BERTHA PEKAREK . . CAROL PIERCE . . THOMAS POLLACK . EUGENE RICHARD.. EVELYN SADLOW . EMILY SEKULA . . ELMER SNYDER . JOHN TRUCHAN . CLAUDE TYLER . Q . . . ..ll7o C. P. III General C. P. I General General C. C. II C. P. I General Ind. -Arts General C. C. I C. C. II General C. P. I General I.- February February June February June H June August June June I June June August February February February A April-19 May I2 May 18 May 24 June I2 June I3 June I5 June 16 COMMENCEMENT Elect Senior Oflicers. Farewell breakfast for Sigma Chi February graduates. Norman Hal- leck, toastmaster. ' Senior honors announced. Senior Play. Margaret Galloway, Vane Paterson, and Dorothy Hod- son. John Perkins, leads. ' Senior Girls' Mother and Daughter Tea. Hostess-Phyllis Gaines: Hostess Committee-Geraldine Gogarn,Marjorie Dobbs,Jean Maeder, Evelyn Lifsey, Grace Wilson. G Business Manager-Margaret Galloway: Committee-Mildred Vail- lancourt, Ruth Barron, Jean Worth, Janet Scott. Senior Father and Son Banquet. Committee--Richard Darnton, Larry Rathbun, Norman Halleck, Russell Fletcher. L Baccalaureate Sermon. Church Committee-Richard Darnton, Margaret Galloway. Speaker-Dr. R. D. Kearns, First Presbyterian Church. Senior Dinner Dance. Chairman of Arrangements-Larry Rathbun, assisted by Helen Mary Nyland and Janet Scott. Class Night. Farewell, Richard Darnton: Class Poet, Sim Poppolfz Class Prophet, Janet Scott: Class Will, Van Burd: Class Historian, George Stevens. Commencement. -. . ..f,Ij.. H PX POST GRADUATES Top Row: Walker, Gekeler, Martin, Storrs, Skidmore, Bates, Morse, Wesnick. Bottom Row: Winter, Chazick, Sullivan, Peterson, Garvin, Jenkins, Heinricks, Lamos,Emerick,Plaisance POST GRADUATES: A post -graduate is a student who has received his high school diploma and who wants extra credit. The 1932 post- graduate class shows a considerable increase in membership over that of last year. No special course is followed, although most students take 136 East First Semester Victor Bates Michael Chazick Lola Drake Arlien Garvin Gerald Gekeler Doris Jenkins Myrtle Lamos Ivan Peterson Frank Morse Ethel Plaisance Carlton Skidmore Earl Storrs Roy Sullivan Edward Walker Lionel Wesenick Russel Winter Margaret Emerick Lena Macey Ruth Heinricks 2 o 2B Second Semester Forrest Annable Victor Bates Ruth Barrett Jacob Bohl Donald Bowden Edward Brown Wilma Climie Lola Drake Helen Dunning Duane Foxworthy Arlien Garvin Gerald Gekeler Doris Jenkins Myrtle Lamos llah Madison .l721.. college preparatory subjects. Some of the Febru ary graduates take post-graduate courses in order to keep in contact with the school until June and so that they may start college in the even term in September. David Martin Frank Morse Sim Poppoff Mary Raper Lucille Reed Laura Shegos Carleton Skidmore Earl Storrs Roy Sullivan John Truchan Mae Williamson Russell Winter Ivan Peterson Marcella LaRochelle Clarence Eaton Margaret Bidwell Lena Macey Elizabeth McLean ..f73I.. A ., .-fy, .V- ..f74.1. A Q- HOME Room 203 Top Row: Schlosser, Morrison, Blair, Stratton, Cobbs, Beach. Second Row: Augsbury, Green, Stokes, Weckler,Weid- ner. Dustman, Blagg. Bottom Row: Duke, Tippett, Cook, Mills, Towns. Not in Picture: Canada, Christianson, Davison, Depau. Greer, Heavner, Hillock, Lyness, Murphy, Smith. HOME Room 209 Top Row: Stelmach, Thompson, Clark, Treat. Bur- den, Freiheit, Bragman. Sellers. Second Row: Beckwith, Carpenter, Hess, Thomas. Wienburg, Bryan, Black, Bichersteath. Third Row: Ikens, Morgan, Root, Shack, Vassow. Laro, Burd, Waltrip, Clarkson. Bottom Row: Guerin, Eorrey, Joplin, Orsick, Esther Yuill, Evelyn Yuill, Pierce, Mott. Not in Picture: Berkman. Bukwaz, Burke, Christian- son, Hobart, Smith. HOME ROOM 208 Top Row: Hughes, E. Williams, Nicolaides, Schaeffer, Springer, Halsey, Smith, Carpenter. Second Row: Whaley, Trbovich, Moore, Knowles, Jurk, Desson, Witak, Wissen. Third Row: T.Williams, Kennedy, Cameron,DeGroot, Evans, Dunlap, Older, Gustavson. Bottom Row: Bornkind, Fournier,Tait,Cocking,Law- rence, Stodler, Gerry, Voss, Miss Egan. Not in Picture: Baier, Banks, Bouracca, Campbell, Carol. Hanson, Hurst, Montney,Nicolaides,Stone. Vuchavich, Wood, Wissen, NVilson. HOME Room 207 Top Row: Wooten, Baird, Irving, White, Mead, My- slicki, Peelman, Moore. Second Row: O'Hara, Moore, Smith, Thomas, Grieves, Joseph, Stolpin, Powell, Bateman. Third Row: Rowe, Miller, Pope, Bidwell. Knapman, Klee, Olson, Temple, Foote. Bottom Row: Burton, Stephenson, Goosen, Gillett, Oppenborn, Battey, Orr, Parker. Not in Picture: Eindley, Peel, Thomas. .1751 t. A 1 . , . ,, 3. . 1. iii!-w ' H' yi" Qfffw ' -4- l ' .4 ' l' in "SAR M Ei, Q 'fr' if .. ,N 4 F KORN J '1- lfvllfly I 'M , N ! 259 a t 1 'r - f 'iL,ll?,"5 i -w 1 dlilfr- Y - ikrll fha 1 1 -W ,fffimyvl ,tv . 1, 0126? V4.5 ' r- Ir l f, W VW ,- 1 Magi, , iglalayf 2 lf"il'l7' ' A A 5 M1451 1 j X12 v W 1 X .- ft pi? 0 .4 1 1'-Q J 'I Jbcmons r-me s-rnamc. Surronfqasb. Q55 fri: .ET s ' --' ,X m l ,J Q -' K ,. J! ' X it X ., O N y,,iV,4!M,,f. 1 in , ' 7 :E-.,',',:,'E'f2,,-'Wi 3 wk I L Qi F . ' -. ,. - ,- - ..- fl 1 b fi? Q ya r ' 'T' .,Q..:"L As? I I .DQ I y 1 J - . ' Q 'liasg In Sl? I I cf T-T"--.. . Y I I O- w 'X ga 4 W -'fS"lv-vs ll . 6 A "lumens wow cross SING "' B Y M wasmm,-rm 1--H - - PX , -6, if- ..l76j, PX Q HOME RooM 20 6 Top Row: Adair, Kihlstrand, Robinson, Smith, Fox, Couch. Second Row: Middleton, McDowell, White, Wolfe, Scott, Foster, Dobis. Bottom Row: Werle, Snook, Romanowski, Wheelock, Pepper, Forbis, Fleming, Adler. Not in Picture: Bednarski, Bryant, Donigan, Dupraw Ellis, Frownfelter, Heavner, Maylield, Nicc O'Grady, Piper, Rhyndress, Todd, Trouten Vaughn, Walton, West, Young. HOME Room 201 Top Row: J. Sanford, Stevenson, Groover, Pratt, Hor- ton, Pintacura, Inch, Perry. Second Row: Tobey, Van Dyke, Craft, Cox, Melton S. Sanford, Day, J. Forro. Bottom Row: Nieman, Hetzel, Hall, Ford, Monroe, H. Forro. Not in Picture: Eddy, Holtman, Hopkins, Lincoln, Offenborn, Reynolds, Schultz, Seider, Stevenson. HOME Room 204 Top Row: Crumrine, Phillips, McClure, Filer, Fay, Hood, May. Second Row: Roberts, Chopp, Howe, Ragsdale,Brabbs, Ingalls, Hurst. Coon. Bottom Row: Parris, Brewer, Allen, Foster, Varney, Verberg, Gage, Comer. Not in Picture: Carpenter, Jewel, Lanning, Major, Nehls, Penny, Robinson, Sawyer, R. Snyder, M. Snyder, Wilson. HOME RooM 229 Top Row: Meyers, Baughan, Fogarthy, Bower, Smith. Second Row: Glowski, Bedenlield, Brammer, Fettes, LaRocque, Szwed, Rowbottom. Bottom Row: Joseph, Lofman, DesJa'rdins, Cobb, Montpas, Belanger, Graydon. Not in Picture: Base, Bondler, Bzdusch, Clark, Delisle. Degon, Duffy, Lee, Makranyi, Pierson, Thomp- son, Wise. ..l77 an .-' 7 . ind! iflrlf. Jw " ? . f lla! f - 4,' y I 1 M . ifpl . Mgt X flier f 4 I LAlO3f'D DV0'5E.C.Tlo1Nl IN Qlovouxr ' .,....- ,'0l5rvox1ou5 00005 PHOM nie Cl-JEtVJf-gf 'W Hoom tv N F-5 P s , : YM' 'aufvuoas ' ' 23,7 Len o -N Q 1-Jomof? Rol..,t.' . , l f , 2 f 'X ll av, fil ,gf 2 s. , ,E , i3,rf35JiQ3 ,gi :qs . E399 19 . jlifit' - P' -. 1: qlf ww 11 ll . - 2 A X W , AN . gil- Qc.-.g.+x I . 'Juniors aunts near cuvflwl- Jvmons ll GJ 1. was-..-t. I 51 X B nfl Z P 2 1 1 X 4 2 PX , iii, if.. .f781.. - PX -Qt HOME Room 212 Top Row: Shay, Atwell, Crosley, Golding, O'Lcar. Atwood, Benedict, Guerin, Buck. Second Row: DeWitt, Giles, Barclay, Bodner, Cooper, Hyde, Houston, Jones, Aris. Bottom Row: Syze, Wascher, Yiesley, Duff, Smith, Johnson, Upper, Hogue, Calkins, Young, Steel, Besselo. Not in Picture: Boismer, Hynds, Jnillet, Lunkass, Menardo, St. John, Stehle, Weston, Wong. HOME ROOM 2ooA - Top Row: Crozat, Richards, Simpson, Hempstead, R. Carter, Jones, Stender, Robinson, Mr. Peck, Miller, Beamer. Second Row: Tenore, Johns, Berger, McCobb, Fair- weather, Murphy, Zelangy, Shargo,Philtips,Kraft, S. Carter. Bottom Row: Hobart, Florence, Spolarich. Not in Picture: Lott, McC0ol, Parzick, Tate. HOME Room 227 Top Row: Hilgendorf, Pillen, Tyler, Hackett, Putt, Hamilton, Grady, Hendrick. ' Second Row: Marzonie, Havrilla, Carter,Hadley,Ward, Fay, Marino, Campbell, Fish. Bottom Row: Fleischer, Leif, VJhite, Schidler, Jones, Lepczyk, Koonce, McGunn, Marsa, Cusenza. HOME RooM 210 Top Row: Coyne, Larmie, Son, Masters,Pursall,Ward, Graves, Solden. Second Row: Nicholson, Lipka, Keefer, Kalanquin, V. Johnson, Watt, Duell, Mr. Merrill. Bottom Row: Bachman, Pleiskatt, Underwood, Mike- sall, Schaeffer, Sewicki, LaFayette. Nor in Picture: Brennan, Bruette, Berleson, Cousineau, Holtslander, Jewell, Johnson, Lipe, Verrette. 0-l79 so ta l KK E aj 15 5?f,g-y, Toolf Q:-1 -9 Cvlffl. 5,-,nt www l S' - V crass-P1 , -t, i- ' -9 w L- " ll 3 ' I ' V H f 6' V! : - , " u '- ' ,- , ' . f ' ,-, is T fff 4 I7 M. .,,.,.W " ' ' ll ' Wi,-i l. ww wi, - ' If slittki , E1 Frome F ANRQS 6 xgfq' . q . f A A f, . - 4 ff HJ QU x Y 1 - 0 l f j Qfil f ' sm! X e be ff -f I 'fyufuoa c,ucu.'s I nee mn' flfnnlb of fn ME" 0 I -9 , . V Nor A SOPH' Awyrnoee-icunsawnawu PX A- gi: -V., Hfgol. PX - 9- 'EILL HOME ROOM 221 Top Row: Markland, Goodall, Middleton, Piotrowski, Woodrich, Sweet, Chazick, Cook, Gerszewski, K. Smith. Second Row: Thomas, Forystek, Przywara, H. Smith, Holmes, Dupee, Mahl, Torrey, Butts. Third Row: Prehoda, Hetzel, Woughter, Whitney, Williams, Johnson, Whalen, Stark. Tattersall, Pineau. Ll Bottom Row: Mr. Guiley, Sheems, Waltrip, Sathmary, Poole, Hutchinson, Stickney, Imlay, Reid, Burns, Pilon. HOME ROOM 223 Top Row: Romanowski, Sepesi, Taft,Woolgar, Chris- tianson, Hill, Prieur, Harrod, Makranyi. Second Row: Mr. Wright, Rolf, Wharran, D. Healy, Gibbs, Heidtman, Laesch, McDonald, Peru,Hogan. Bottom Row: Bailey, Burr, Lucas, Snitz, Seltzer, Marzonie, Neale, Mills, Falkowski, Drobnicki, Wirsing. - Not in Picture: Burns, Havilcheck, C. Healy, Kozal, Myers, Novar, Smith, Williams. HOME ROOM 2ooB 4 Top Row: Lawrence, Weckler, Short, Grady, Moore, Davis, Cooper, Drake. Second Row: Dressinger, Linabury,'Martin, Hamilton, Wendt, Mobias, Torfer, Moak. Bottom Row: Dwyer, Fish, Heidke, Gilbert, Lutz, Burns, Blackburn, Dutil. ' Not in Picture: Adair, Bence, Edmonson, Gregon, Hudthe, Moebuis, McCombs, Pillan, St. John, Trobes, Wiggins, Wyzina. HOME ROOM 225 Top Row: Hosler, Harris, Foxworthy, Johnson, Mitchell, Kostyla, Bela. Second Row: Albro, Elder, Coxsworth, Kalosky, Lewicki, Nicholson, Chappell. Third Row: Dedischew, Cady, Goodwin, Nollette, Dingman, Asher, Baier, Jarvis. Fourth Row: Laing, Howell, Washburn, Woolsten, McFer, Morgan, Wallace, Martin. " Not in Picture: Hamelle, Robinson, Wagner. ..l8I mf' ,.. . 0' X , . . f l' Q ' J R11 I 1 il f" .- .i "" W ,I T -i' A Y , . ' . ,, it le. ' V .gl my v ll WJUNQ S GGVG Tl-moms GJUINC1 Po 'Ulf " KJ " ff R ,JL 5 1' 1 'J HH HL. ,LVN h- 5 ' s' ' -11' - '.4 A .7 ff it ,-.145 ' .-3 fa-+R -:Ja I ' 62 ' F Q fig? N- - ' .fill """ 4' ' mu, mmmtrow X 'su-msec' W-mg . Iunugg PRES. I QW,-!'L O. , " 4 1 Z 2 -X . 2 44 I .W 390 . 7.0 1 l"' LII! 6 .... , .... ig? X K SHI' L 1 , if "3,,mQqf, ww ccnss Prnt, conrrcsf 1 MQ :Gt-noon 5" ew li- -V: Ls nu, , 5 1.23 - .. 7 "-.. , 5, l y 5 Qi, ' 9 K1 - - f . 1141- -..- i lx "l 'll 4 lk, sl ,.- lu, , rrJ.uN,o,,' 2, 1399 Seaur wgfokq-,, , W 61161.-: 1406035 ly 0t'Uqnt:-:vu 4. JD: Ln., I' Y ini-W if , 'im' ' A Q HOME ROOM 219 Top Row: Allen, Montney, Barcome, Be1l,Bisbee Nelson, Morrow, Terry, Gorton. Second Row: Bennetts, Harwood, Johnson, Hart- well, Lago. Bernstein, Hutchinson, Smith Morrisette, Maguire. Bottom Row: French, Mrs. Smith. Koonce, Ros- tetek, Moody, Moored, Brown, Freese, Slagle, Fraynick, Rowbottom, Nelson. Not in Picture: Abbott, Davey, Freeman, Lebret Railer, Schlee, Watkins. 82 HOME ROOM 21 7 Top Row: Rowe, Barrett, Press, Scheer, Pattin- son, McCormick, O'Nore, Barrett. Second Row: Newton, Nester, Myers, Delaney Carter, Hresko, Mucha, Sartor, Miss Paterson Bottom Row: Raymond, Hyslop, Rogers. Smith Halleck, Laidlaux, Smith, Langdon, Rose. Not in Picture: Farmer, Jordan, Murphy. Pillen Ressigue, Rusaw. I.. ..l83j.. PX , Q, .W- --I841 a PX -ii HOME ROOM IOQ Top Row: Van Dyke, Sherman, Labosky, Tokish, Zakrecki, Weckler. Second Row: l. Hogan, Green, Jones, Huff, T. Hogan, Kubik, DeWitt, Harris. Bottom Row: Inch. Kincaid, Kemp, Harwood, Clark, Joseph, Husak, Stracly. Not in Picture: Badour, Bohl, Brewer, Briggs, Burton, Hoff, Kear, Kellar, Ur, Vandenberg, Wasenko, NVilliams. HOME ROOM 102A Top Row: Page, Molkentine, Truss, Ruff, Needham, Trosko. Second Row: Sullivan, Willet, Roush, Redman,Whyte, Sklarow. Third Row: Miss Sullivan, Bassett, Chandler, Bogart, Chea, Bremner, Carpenter, Ackerman. Bottom Row: Castle, Brown, Antill, Brudnak, Berta- tanick, Chilick, Bloss, Buifa, Bolzman. Not in Picture: Bacone, Burneo, Metcalf, Roberts, Rettenmund, Sekula, Smith, Terry, Tibbits, Vaugh, Zyber. HOME ROOM 303 Top Row: Parsell, Buterakos, Parker, Mungall, Miller, Wright, Pardell. Second Row: Packard, Mitchell, Phelon, McCombs, Russell, Vass. Bottom Row: Root, Rose. Stead, Stillwagon, Rose, Schippers, Saine, Not in Picture: Bosh, Ferrara, McDonald, MacFarland, Maniak, Marzonie, Metrich, Mears. Moore, Mon- toney, Peelman, Pendell. Phelps, Reidsma, Saun- ders, Schoonover, Smith, Snyder. Sutton. HOME ROOM 311 Top Row: Mr. Thoms, Lefler, Loramie, DeMock, Landis, Lynch, Elton. Second Row: Freeman, Reynolds, Sharron, Repinski, Puro, Seltzer, Mercy, Little. Bottom Row: Saxon, Ruppel, Russell, Saine, Rostecka, Reish, Rykulsy. Not in Picture: Bowren, Bunker, Krupa, Linton, Lovell, Ludorl, J.Maziaiz, S.Maziaiz, Metor, Rowe, Rutt, Schneider, Smith, Tolbert, Upper. ..l85 A I' if ' -fra V K 4 , Oo 7 . .- :: ' L , , ' 51' O99 VF 5""'3.-filfi-N' 'gem-em om CWOCKCQV , T XX if -T - 2 FF ' 5 ..-- 4 , f 7' 1 l -' if QS. MW algal ...M ."v-W-2 Wilt we, lj . .. .. "Ur-nu-a wftl. ff ee sopw? , . 217 312 . 5 ' f 5 ,150 ' l1',, 1, 09 4. ,A r ,f g ao-0 Soft-rs. one naoefer 014110 FRN? U: 75" ' 'TC ., ,J 0 O I -r-1 74368 C6055 dmc- " folousinufn .....,.....,...4. 1 , -,-......,.., . , .... M M--h---H--',, ..,...-M wo-..,... r r PX L Q- , W- '-I861 - x 5 HOME Room 305 Top Row: Purdy, Quincey, Williams, Rolloff, Read, Schaefer, K, Smith, Schultz, Pray. Second Row: Bojko, Brunsten, Mildred Anderson Schoflield, Roth, Roush, Shepard, Ryckman Rebarchek, Wagoner. Bottom Row: Baxter, Archamboult, Boudler,Bradf1eld Bickersteth, Bernard, Bower, Mary Anderson Boom, Berkett. Not 1'n'P1'cture: Adolf, Allen, Babcock, Balsley, Bell Piotrowski, Pietroczuk, Rackerurtz, Rivers, Schmitzer, Vroman. HOME RooM 112 Top Row: Wilkins, West, Goldberg,White,Mr.Schulz, Ramlow, Gibson, Barker, Woodby,Woods,Weitz Second Row: Brooks, Zajak, Wright, Williams, Blue Black, Call, Van De Walker, Marshall. Bo!tomlRow: Mikalaizck, Bartosik, Kiszka, Heidman Wise, Zelno, Simons, Bergeron, Stafford, Burlin- game. Not in Picture: Burbank, Wiggins. HOME RooM 2 1 3 Top Row: Husband, Keeler, Schowaler, Joseph. D. Jenkins, Gay, Mr. Harrington, Hartson, Holi- day, Jackson, Howell. Second Row: Healy, Hurand, Holloway, Hegle,Herzog Martin, Buncic, C. Jenkins, Huber, Roth, Harris. Third Row: Braden, Johnson, McRay, Laesch, Har- wood, Lifsey, Hurst, Klein, Derela, Hogan. Bottom Row: Kitchen, Johnston, Louis, Homola Hien, Hibbert, Jones, Jennings, Lande, Lee. Not in Picture: Hodges. 1 1 HOME RooM 121 Top Row: McDonald, Carson, Barnett,Haber,McLeod, Dubin, Elick, Boone, Mr. Nickels. Second Row: Ernest, Andrews, Carlton, E. Smith, Wall, Towner, Straley, Taylor. Sujak. Bottom Row: J. Smith, Conway, Lola Staehle, Lois Staehle, Zimonya, Varro, Zuback, Tillman. Not in Picture: Barrows, Brackins, Budinski, Carlson Conleff, Cooper, Falkowski, Ganscos, Hamada: Stalu. -. l87l W ,.,...c,...,,,,.,. A--,.,......... ,, in Llflc f4,.Z4l6fjQif"' ' O. lg f .' ff: 452 R s - f f - Uni ' 5 P 1' tw, J A 2 ' fm' -'x Ml M -MW 'QQ 5? ggi' ,et 1 ,3y U.v' ya! ,v 1, I alt "Ta-ve oqr-mn-cf QF 'T ni. SQPHQPW QGEB' K 1 I YQ Q. I Cfb fl ' s ern- s, i I Ill , , , . will' "-uf'-JM Aglflllll 'Vlf ll" 1- l My Afxugx, v QNMH Move Sopt-J'S rampant. gt 'Mft some QT!-H'LC-'TG 0, 1 Olga. ' FEM, 57+ 1 L lf'lf'i' ' 7' PM 12,11 545,n xx 51 aus L-Ng: X ,f N hge mst ly X ,'-' Q uw- gfwglew lwllxxi ljwf " Lunar Q " sopwk mvoarte srvoye Z ',g?:- .ST 4 Q ---we-e ,fff J X - f 1, lx ' ., i 4'-' J C 1 .Sapa ll! zoomwe CLASS " ........,,.. --H ........ - ....--..,,1.... ..-... 4, .1.-......,.. M... ........,...... .. PX - Q- , -W- Hlggl PX -Qs HOME ROOM 3 1 2 Top Row: Nazarychuk, Swart, McClure, Pope, Miller, Morse, Nagle, Wilson, Pocontek. Second Row: Mick, Middleditch, Page, Richards, Waters, Harvilla, Spaleny, Stasiak, Sweet, Randolph. Bottom Row: Tarrant, Wajtyma, Stadnik, Urevin, Walker, Springgay, Smith, Soltis, Spurrier, Strat- ton. Not in Picture: Davey, DeElmo, Hall, Milne, Plunkie. Stone, Subay, Thomas, Tigner, Schask. A HOME ROOM 103 Top Row: Turbin, Zaetsch, Minea, Stern, Schaffer, Trarop, Ross, Nystrom, Everhart, Wasurzok. Second Row: Swinko, Smades, Schreiber, Romanoski, Vassey, Spencer, Smith, Bernam, Wahl, Mr. Cun- ningham. Bottom Row: Wilson, Wirsing, Weston, Warren, Waltrip, l.Wil1iams, L.Williams,Winters. Kruger. Grahamn, Herrick, Torrey. Not in Picture: Knickerbocker, Weaver, Wills, Wood, Zink. HOME ROOM 1 I I Top Row: Rhode, Robinson, Rodsadecki, W. Smith, Ringler, Shemes, Stokes, Simpson. Second Row: Mason, Riddlemoser, Szacki, Powrie, R. Smith, Seymour, Schoeppach, Tomkin. Third Row: Miss Corrie, Matlakoska, Larson, D. Mar- tin, Moros, McKinley, Morrison, I. Martin. Bottom Row: Lombardi, J. McJesky, McCreary, McMurphy, W. McJesky, Morrow, Mucha. Not in Picture: Laundry, Mathews, Mason, O'Lear, Seeley, Shysherd. HOME ROOM 102B Top Row: Guith, Dorsey, Finch, Jakubczyk, Lang- don, Gilmore, Fulkerson, Second Row: Martin, Hyland, Elstron, Fuzi, Gadbury, Finout, Fromholz, Danforth, Mrs. Turk. Bottom Row: Dosh, Gaines, Grant, Dunn, Schank, Goldberg, Cox, Cuson, Davis, Douglas. Not in Picture: Climie, Crawford, Deary, Dover, Dunson, Hamann, Hark, Jackson, Ketchum. ..f89 x -x . , K ur, P fn , 'J1 K B4 -, W rv X V r' 'f s.,.s V t hi' , 4 50PH,cmL3 nm- mom: fm-ruffle" rf 1 - .,.. ,I , Q. ,.. N . M . In , ,ttf x ee ., Q I 1 1.1 sim! 4'-Eff, :YG lg' kg, lf lj, el, if "' sr 9 l-tow Sept-1,6-wits oo 606011-ETF-5 T th , ., if .N "' '7'i"f'6- 3 'LOLLCG bl FA I 1 4 V 'Swag 0:2-U1 most' lr ' ,Q .11 U as C, ,Q ", M 52Yffx Xl -4'i' 5-.,.-4 All : 1 Q 6 0 ,ji ft. y f . K fQ"4 I, X ' i 50" X n , 'Q algo. S- ... If , +4111 .jx A . ma , -Sf V iv 4 - A i LQ lr seem-1. uv secorv D Boca 0 " 4 ...:: .ww :,,.,,- .,-...,,se, - f... f 5..,-- , FM A , .'6'. , ..V... .-IQOI K PX Q HOME RooM 310 PWM Top Row: Bagbee, Howard, Grifliths, DeWyse, Dun- bex fl jf 7 ston, Geiger, Day, Popadich. O X Second Row: Dobbs, Horton Fullilove, Holman, Dick- " erson, Gibert, Judd, Mahoney. A -tx Q K Third Row: Soos, Oldfield, Newton, Miller, Plieskatt, Pastiva, Nieman, Craig, Mills. ' V Bottom Row: Porter, Neimeyer, Moored, O'Rourke, 'li Nelson, Orendorf, Hansen, Dumler, Barton. 2.-aw, 5 2 1 - 77 CJGNT or cows aww" KJ X. HOME RooM 301 ,G I Top Row: Kolby, Legan, Mulvane, Keethly, Hinman ' f A555 Catlin, Kranz, Love, Kolwalcyk, Kelly, J.Kil- -V Q bourne. i , Second Row: McBride, E.Kilbourne,Larzelere,Koontz Lyons, Harris, McAra, McKinon, Monette, Mans- , ,,,,, - laeid, Nidy, Mmm. L " , Q ZA! Bottom Row: Moore, Mills, Reams, Perkins, Luther, Ni' Miller, Parciarelli, Mosier, Ormiston, Mara, John- .5 ' K son, Perry. - Not in Picture: Aris, Kildon, Laughlin, Mullvain. ' HOME ROOM 306 Top Row: Stewart, Lamon, Troxel, Springstein Shepner, Uricek, Trebnik, Loomey, Thompsoni Second Row: Urbanik, Thompson, Smock, H. Snyder Sutherland, C. Snyder, Crouch, Czerwinski, Clement. Bottom Row: Dulrick, DeMock, Coolich, Copper- smith, Connolly, Cosi, Charney, Charos. Chronis. Not in Picture: Deitering, Drew, Gatzemeyer, Smith, Sotos, Swirtz, Timoch. Trebnick, Woods. HOME ROOM 211 Top Row: Pittinger, Hadaway, Coolich, Fox, Ford, ? Grenon, Gutscher, Cook, Haley, Gardiner. Second Row: Forrester, Harrington, Freer, Gekeler, Frazier, French, Haney, Futics,Gaines,Podsodecki. Bottom Row: Gregory, Francisco, Groomes, Glossip, Goldman, L. Gregory, Wirt, Stanton, Genereus, Deuthring. No! in Picture: Darnton, Edwards, Frazier, Frye, French, Futus, Grezney, Haines, Halaley, Haney, Harris, Holt, Larson, Mining, Murdry. ..lQI "stevens w01'cm1m:o UNA? N-we NED stme 51-an B0ouc.r-n" B f l - A H- - fl I 1 1 i . I X tins cmsr cam," fx ,HT ff? 1 ,glklgwsit Wi tg el m' 1 , A 3 61 vu .. 5, . W -. Q "Sago, Gepoa-rs Goa 'NK Foorenu " PX .Y .Qi .V- ..lQ21 S A -6- HOME RooM 307 Top Row: Ackett, Heidel, Haviland, Endress, Colman. Chema, Smeg, Smith, Drap, Knopick, Second Row: Marzik, Huot, Ford, Hempsall, Magin- tey, Miller, Ames, Farrar, Ebaugh, Erickson Draper, Fortune. Bottom Row: Forrester, Fox, Dustan, Gardener I... Goralczyk, Haddix, Stetcher, M. Goralczyk Finkelstein, Farnsworth. Not in Picture: Buytas, Coan,Dreylx,Gannon,Gognen McMonagle. HOME RooM I I 7 Top Row: Moore, Jordan, Molnar, McGee, Mergu- son, C. Harris, McConnell, Leitson. Second Row: Laing, Mamrot,Maguire,Manville,Loder, W. Harris, Niemi, Emma Schultz, Parris. Bottom Row: Skipper, Pavlich, Elsie Schultz, Sager, Ross, Pillen, Perry, Rogers, Ruhala, Sherman. Riley. Not in Picture: Hoover, Hailley, Kucers, Medick, Mill- ington,Marks, Pemberton, Potter, Pratt, Schmalier, Turnball, Tafaya. HOME Room 205 Top Row: Dakin, Chapen, Carpenter, Irving, Vaillan- court, Collins, Cleveland, Connolly. Second Row: Briggs, Church, Bynum, Cary, Grover, Buckler, Craig, Pierce. Third Row: Deszoz, Crawford, Deitrich, Capella, Fisher, Ettinger, Fiske, Farrar. Bottom Row: Forester, Everett, Dobbs, Cole, Farber, Fischmann, Evers, Clark. Not in Picture: E. Brown, B. Brown, Bush, Richwal- sky, Scully, Chiochon, Cox. HOME RooM 110 Top Row: Bois, Bednarski, Bradley, Lawrence, Blass- ingame, Behn, Nizol, Ambrose, Brewer, Blackney, Bigelow. Second Row: Judd, Bailey, Bluhm, Alexander, Berry, Burke, Buckley, Beane, Brown, Mrs. Van Volk- enburg. Bottom Row: Besson, Brady, Beaton, Canada, Bare, Hennan, Hughes, Adams, Albrant, Briggs, Allo- way. Not in Picture: Addison, Auclair, Odette, Bare, Belcher, Bodek, Scott, Brady, Brown, Mchols, Krutka. -'l93l -.......- - , , ... -- f , .Q-N 0. i-.-as - ........-... KJ ,, Q R is if 1? 'V 1 l ' '- . 5,2 X f ,L X . B V ' . 'er it t' f V" fl l A Y I 1' X V v Q, X X 14" ,Sapa-,.S. momma I-UNN-gi-yetn am-ses l N -rt-ne PPOGTWW' Q - F , f' I fy. . W ,. ' ' - ,V tel 4 We - - X ,, ' . ' 4 , -is, Q A A J- 8 t ' Q 1 -' ' fit 1 6'vr.x. .N l y wifi' .ti ft . ' .i ' E l A ,I 'R' 4 ' MSL, 111 A ' '-27, we Mui' i M5 pggfii " wt .,, nr . . f gifff' -Sig . Q5 0Pew's GT tm-it Poe-tu-I BOW'-U ff tfff'!f"H ta JK E' ---f-f"" -W fx, an Hi' K" K fl V X X: v ' 'i7Ii"s' t ' e 1 X ,'- V - I bp-553 11-ye CLASS SING" ,, ' lil . L if 3 e Q I 1 ---- - M , - , t g 1 I I in e- , . 'Solen GIRLS Fm.L,uvq1 HARD P01-4 f5lCr F1'mL.e.1-E' PX -6- 4 HOME ROOM 308 Top Row: Clopp, Sweet, Romanoski, Sage, Cor- rington, Major, Nizol, Penegar, Sundeck. Second Row: Miller, McMi11en, Sitko, Kalemis Anderson, Hansen, Richards, Brackins, June Rushton, Smith. Bottom Row: Lane, Jaworska, James, Hayes, K Hritz, Harrington, Hedge, H. Hritz, Ha11.' Not in Picture: Berry, Jones, Lewicki. McLees, Richards, Scott, Stringer. 94 HOME ROOM 309 , Top Row: Crothers, A.Buffa, Carpenter, J. Buffa, Ciothon, Chalifaux. Burek, Peak. Second Row: Crowe, Purdy, Dedrick, Care, An- sello, Chamled, McKay, Quillmack, Mahnke, McIntyre, Menosky. Bottom Row: Lary, Marks, Dennis, LeSage, Grimm, McCombs, Marusak. McDiarmid, Mark- strom, March. Not in Picture: Bourcier, Britten, Carson, Dobran- sky, Lidas, Madaros. Metrick, Ostrander, Rudd. 1.. 51 ' .14- K . -pw Vw: ,.1':, -'-' V .- 1 HV 1 , 1 4:- fnsfff V133 :iv :,Vif1--- :g,:f 'A ' . I Vq.f.u.3?f - 7 M-I V- . -. .L:V.V., .f V m,fVQ4,V .L -24 -V,.J VM- gVL4Vi5,,.f,3,gf.,,f,e V V .-KJ,-V' V. : J V.,' 5 V .-. . . M- 'Vrzl' Q " V, 'fe 1- VW '- gf, T- 1 .,f-315,219 ffl. , Q yr' ' ,.,- -.?q-HJGQ. 3' Vtfjg W 125-K fJi?Egf51iTr-.'P,,.f, - FS-QM f-- . - fl - .V-i,:fVA.V.if?'1-V VV 24:11 .- 'v ...rv 2'--,' - hw L,?.g'g1fy,.- , it, 53.531 r44V..,,4:,,a, 121511,-V5Efz,qsg,Vye P V " M ,. V. . - 31. 5vs,V,.,, 'Vw 2 V ' 1 ' mf-V1i,. .ya V+ Q- -- ...,V -.yi 4- Vw 4xVV,.-,gf V VV. .1,. .. 3-:Aly VV. ff' , ' M ' V Vi. .-ywf:-VW. 2 ,-1 ,Mg 5 ,1pVV.VV ' ,F,:i.4Vfy, A, fn H2 -V V' V ' ,,:f1?jV4Wf'V'Vsx-1 -. gp: 9:53.-gg.--K: 5- NVQ. - V 1, ' ,Ah 1 .V fs . V, 1 hV"V"VV V V .-F F .f:.f1.-.V - ig "1 - 345.1351 . V A - 1 V . V : p -'-' f . I j ' 'I V-V-1 ',,'. -V-...Vw-' V5 VV. ggfV',f5,Qmv A. .. 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AV VV g,.f .15 54vf:gf.Vif'if',el.,z-HGV 'f-"7 V ' fx .v V fwffzr ,V Lf -V V 1 V-21.3 2 " VLH. F, V ' :QQ 2611? V. V, iff, --151. 1. nf uV1q.f7'VV , V 1,1-2 1.5 V . QV ' eq, ,V , ,... 11, . - yr-Vg 44 V. NQVVV.: ,. - i,,e,gg:,5sf3,3,V ,ig .g,g.,. .-V. , V ,. A ..,..-Milf, V. O VQ ' , x s SIGMA CHI Top Row: Morrison, Strong, Bohl, Beldin, Truchan, Sanford. Second Row: Baker, Pound, Gaines, Vaillancourt, Rebarchek, Lifsey, Kitchen, Reemtsen. Bottom Row: Westcott, Maeder, Galloway, Rathbun, Finowski, Stolpin. SIGMA CHI LAMBDA: The Sigma ChiLambda, local chapter of the National Honorary Societv, has completed a very successful and active year. Through the efforts of Mrs. Ethel Tiffany and the committee heads, speakers, familiar to most of the members, were secured. Among these were Mrs. Suzanne Pfaendler, Miss Winnifred Dodds, and Bertha Dae Mathews, a former Northern student. LAMBDA Traycik, Halleck, Norton, Burd, Slakta, Johnson, Stalker, Buck, Jenkins, Graves, Hall, Nyland, Knutson, Poppoff, Scott, Gogarn, Worth, Roncaglia, The traditional farewell' breakfasnhonoring .the graduating members, terminated the social activi- ties for the year. Officers: President, Norman Halleck: Vice-Presi- dent, Larry Rathbun: Secretary-Treasurer, Wadja Finowski: Sponsor, Mrs. Ethel Tiffany. October, 1 930 Sim Poppoff Nina Jean Knutson Larry Rathbun N Grace Wilson Margaret Charney May, 1 9 3 1 Grace Barron Ruth Barron Wadja Finowski Phyllis Gaines Geraldine Gogarn Margaret Galloway Jean Maeder Bolton Morrison Nancy Reemtsen Mildred Vaillancou Jean Worth Dorothy Westcott October, 1 9 3 1 Jacob Bohl Mildred Buck It .....,,..,, fa ,....... ,,... ...W ..,....-.................-...,. Van Burd Bernice Graves Dorothy Hall Norman Halleck Florence Stolpin Clilford Johnson Lavina Kitchen Evelyn Lifsey Burton MaWhinney James Norton Helen Mary Nyland Joe O'Lear Marjorie Pound Adeline Rebarchek Yolanda Roncaglia Shirley Sanford Janet Scott Deone Stalker Edward Strong Noreen Tippett Louis Traycik John Truchan Elizabeth Weckler -1951- ........,... . f, .. ,.---Sa.. Llc... . Marion Weidner February, I Q3 2 Rex Beach Lillian Gregory Mondest Richards Andrew Bela Dorothy Calkins Wayne Hartwell Margreta Reid Esther Schaeffer Ross Trouten Margaret Woolston Mildred Aslin Berenice Harris Loren Cady Margaret Barnum Margaret Hillis Marjorie Spilsbury Mabel Burlingame Geraldine Landis Marie Sexsmith Lillie Dafoe Jack Laing A h SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB Top Row: Whalen, Hally, Curtis, Stevens, Goodwin, Grover, Strong, Nielson, Pound, Labosky. Hanna, Dunning, Evans. Second Row: Grudinski, Griswold, Patrick, Schaeffer, Barrett, Anders'un,"Green, Des Jardin, Rebarchek, Deary, Brown, Nieman, Moored. Third Row: Morrow, Roncpglia, Flickinger, Babcock, Michael, Haddix, Warren, Chisholm, Ellison, Burst, Hally, Stolpin, Boismer. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB: The work for this year has consisted mainly of the study of econom- ics and of topics of special social interest to the members. Among the highly interesting lectures was the talk by Miss Wilnnifred Dodds of J. C., exchange teacher from England, and that of Rabbi Zieger, who spoke about Mexico. Officers: President, George Stevens: Vice-Presif dent, Marie Nieman: Secretary, Dorothy Flick- inger. Sponsor, Mrs. Grace Smith. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE: The League has supported declamation, oratory, debate and extempore speaking. Honorary recognition is bestowed upon those students who have shown themselves outstanding in public speaking. The Northern chapter is only a part of this nation-wide body. . ' Oliiicers: President, Edward Strong: Secretary, James McMonagle: Treasurer, George Lincoln: Sponsor, James A. MclVlonagle. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Top Row: Williams, Strong, Middleton, Lincoln, Hood, Moore. Second Row: Smith, Mr. Harrington, Mr. McMonagle, Poppoff, Mayfield, Vaillancourt. Third Row: Miss Webb, Lifsey, Klein, Morse, Miss Carey, Hogan, Lande. , . l96l.- I PX HI -Y Top Row: Erickson, Morrison, Nagy, Smith, Ball, Mr. Dean, Harding. Schoeppaeh, Fox, Truchan, Bohl. Second Row: Grady, W.Ciochon, Love, T. Darnton, Middleton, Jordan, B.Ciochon, Forro, Laing, Groover. Thircllvffow: Powrie, Patterson, Fraser, Arnold, C.Taylor, Slakta, Kalemis, Schaefer, Parker,Wasurczak, arzome. Foutrth, Row: Dupee, Sotos, Urich, Knuth, T. Powrie, R. Darnton, E. Taylor, Traycik, McKenna, Kowalcyk, Connelly. HI-Y: A "Come Clean" campaign, the distribu- GIRL SCOUTS: Relief work for destitute fami- tion of Christmas cheer to needy children, the lies was the leading outside activity of Troop 9 sponsoring of assemblies with Attorney W. W. for the year. Toys made by the Girl Scouts were Blackney, C. S. Chen and Lewis Durham as the sent to children confined to the University Hos- speakers, are a few of the projects which have pital at Ann Arbor, during the Christmas holi- been undertaken and well carried out. This association is a distinct beneit not only to its members, but also to the entire student body. Officers: President, Richard Darnton: Vice-Presi- days, and at Thanksgiving a family was fully provided for with a generous basket. Besides this, additional work, merit badges and badges of rank- ing were earned by the girls. dem' Thorwald powriec Secretary, Louis Tray, Officer: Scribe, Mildred Aslin: Patrol Leaders- cik: Corresponding Secretary, Earl Knuthg Margaret I-inout, Ruby Smith, Lena Foote: Spon- Treasurer, Earl Taylor: Sponsor, Clare Dean. S012 Miss Mary Perkins. GIRL SCOUTS Tap Roir: Morgan, Dobis, Foster, Finout, Dosh. Srvonzl Row: Smith, Martin, Reemtsen, Worth, Werle. Thirrl Roux' Foote, Adler, Burlingame, Miss Perkins, Stafford, Aslin. -l97l-- . ,lf - ......i ......e, A .T,,-.,,,,.,,.A H . , g ' x at PX LATIN CLUB Top Row: Piotrowski, Burden, Piper, Thomas, Ginger, Colwell, LaBoskey, Dubin, Zakrecke, Burd, Hartwell, Tafoya, Weckler. Second Row: Matlakoska, Buckley, Finout, Chandler, Bogart, Tattersall, Graves, Kitchen, Stalker, Doyle, Older, Reid, Rose, Gekler. Third Row: Stillwagon, Inch, Grant, Gaines, Gerry, Canada, Niemi, Taylor, Sexsmith, Gogarn, Free- man, Varney, Tippett, Hillis. Fourth Row: C. Cusenza, Martins, Haney, Addison, 'Forrester, Graham, Burd, Beaton, Borst, Groome, Evers Morrow L Cusenza, Gregory, Mrs. Benoit. Bottom Roiif: Buck,, Davis, Hall, Duquette, Worth, Maeder, Holtslander. LATIN CLUB: To increase the students' interest in Latin and to add to their understanding of things in modern life was the end toward which the club Worked this year. The programs have fun and humor mixed in with the serious and bring about a better spirit between students and teachers. Latin plays and skits were presented, some of which were representative of the home life of the ancients and others were pertinent to the lives of famous Romans. Officers: President, Jean Worth: Vice-President, Jean Maeder: Secretary, Dorothy Hall: Treas- urer, Olive Duquette: Sponsor, Mrs. Eula Benoit. POETRY CLUB: Several unusual contributions were made to the meetings, the most interesting of which was the original poetry read by the author, Mr. Frederic Harrington. The poetry furnished a very interesting topic for discussion at the fol- lowing meeting. The members were also given the opportunity to hear the play, "Addison House." Q Compositions, written by the members, were added to the collection of student journalistic work, "Literary Leaves." OHicers: President, Grace Barron: Vice-President, Jean, Maeder: Secretary-Treasurer. Marjorie Pound: Sponsor, Mrs. Audrey Bowns. POETRY CLUB Top Row: Stephenson, Rose, Older, Graves, Mrs. Bowns, Pound, Hadaway, Marks, Reid, Sexsmith. G th R.Barron, Westcott, Morrow, Czerwinski, Burlingame. Bottom Row: Gogarn, Maeder, G. Barron, aw' rop, ..l98 I.. OLLA PODRIDA Top Row: Foreman, Adair, Bell, Middleton, Burden, Burd, Baird, Buck, Dedischew, Thomas, Joseph, Sotos, Houston, Bernstein. Second Row: Mary Margaret Miller, Marian Miller, Leavitt, Laro, Grenon, E. Miller, Harlaway, Spencer, Duell, Newton, Kitchen, Older, Reid, Tattersall. Third Row: Dingman, G. Smith, Gustavson, Castle, Deary, Richards, Lifsey, Canada, Duquette, B. Rose, Farnsworth, Finkelstein, I. Smith. Fourth Row: Sn der, Neal H t h' y e, u c lnson, McGunn, Morrow, Beaton, Goldman, Kelly, Rosenbaum, Haley, Finowski, Carter. Bottom Row: Pineau, Hartwell, Craft, Eddy, D. Rose, Gerry, Ruthardt. OLLA PODRIDA: With a membership exceeding sixty, the largest it has ever had, the club has passed a most satisfactory year. The club has sponsored only one public play, "Crino1ine and Candle-Light," although many of its members were participants in other programs, the play con- test and the senior play. Officers: President, Helen Eddy: Treasurer and Vice-President, Wayne Hartwell: Secretary, Vir- ginia Craft: Sponsor, Miss Marion Cary. LA SOCIETE DES ARTS: An art society has been organized as a medium for the stimulation of interest in art work among amateur artists. Some of the most common phases of the subjects which were treated were: oil painting, sketching, cartoon- ing, and pastels. In addition to visiting the Flint Institute of Arts. there have been several addresses given by prominent Art students. Officers: Director, Wenonah Rowe: Assistant Di- rector, Edwin Moore: Sponsor, Miss Mary Wall. LA SOCIETE DES ARTS Top Row: Moore, Brown, Williams, Hamilton, O'Lear, Witak. Bottom Row: Joseph, Husak, Cromar, Rowe, Chillik, Williams. .-i991 ,, ' ',:f,i:Y-.'- ' 'ju' 't . ,--e 3 -re-, W PX - -.Ii .,,.fi.fl EL NADI TIGARI h S Mikalaizick, P. Haddix, Top Row: Fournier, Guerin, Sweet, Martin, Morse, Gage, Mars , ager, D. Haddix, Lutz. Sm-and Row: Luther, Stieve, Anderson, Adams, Phillips, Kelly, Hall, Seltzer, Johnson, Kuras, Gilbert. S ' H rn ton, Suchanek, N. Koonce, Third Row: Melton, Pepper, McPhee, Babcock, Zimonja, Pillon, aine, e p Kaplan. liuttom Row: Flickinger, M. Koonce, Kursnink, Munroe, Fischman. EL NADI TIGARI: The annual banquet in May marked the end of one of the most successful years in the history of the club. Each of the meet- ings was made interesting as well as educational by some special feature. One of the highest points of interest of the meetings for the entire year was the address delivered by the first president of the El Nadi Tigari, Lorna Gail Harrow. Adolf, Montpass, Davis, Goldberg, Ruhela, Zuback, Through the courtesy of local firms and dealers in office equipment and appliances, demonstrations of a stenotype machine, mimeograph, and Sun- strand were given. Ofiicers: President, George Erickson: Vice-Presi- dent, John Dedischew: Secretary, Frances McGunn: Treasurer, Howard Curtisg Sponsor, Lawrence. Peck. EL NADI TIGARI Top Row: Blagg, Marks, Pratt, R ichards, Danielson, Deary, Ford, Vassau, Green, Dunlap, Glowski, Brudnak, Amthor, Gognen, Foster. Second Row: Dunning, Hanna, Bartosik, LaBoskey, Taylor, McLeod. Peru, Cranston, Harbin, Foster, Plaiska, Reemtsen, Schafer, Wright. N l Dau , Cox, Falkowski, Dustman, Barrett, Climie, Third Row: Burbank, St. Pierre, Haber, aug e, p Shegos, Barrow, Campbell, O'Rourke. Fourth Row: L. Baier, Hall, LaRocque, Wall, Nallette, M. Baier, Fraser, Forro, Golding, Wiggins. ' lt M Gunn, Mr. Peck, Curtis. Bottom Row: Dedischew, Eric'son, c ..lIOO1.. PX PHILOSOPHY CLUB Top Row: Strong, Bohl, Mr. Dean, Hood, Ash. Second Row: Traycik, Blair, Williams, Link. Third Row: Taylor, Holiday, Poppoff, Slakta, Vaillancourt. PHILOSOPHY CLUB: The meetings of the Philosophical Society have been entirely devoted to the discussion of various subjects relating to the field of philosophy, reality, the transcendentalism of Emerson and Thoreau and the difference be- tween philosophy and religion. Each member is given an opportunity to express his views freely and offer his opinions. Officers: President, Sim Poppolf: Vice-President, Edward Strong: Secretary-Treasurer, Michaelson Slakta: Sponsor, Clare Dean. STAMP AND COIN CLUB: The meetings of the Stamp and Coin Club have been given to the study of the United States Commemoration stamps. The group specially interested have made a specific study of English and French coins from an approved selection, in which some of the coins are dated as early as 1699. Displays in the trophy case were shown during the year. Officers: President, Harold Inch: Vice-President, Charles Peters: Secretary. Betty Burd: Treasurer, Jarvis Albro: Sponsor, Clare Dean. STAMP AND COIN CLUB Top Row: Betz, Rowe, Mr. Dean, Crumrine, Ford, Snyder. Second Row: Purdy, Montney, Miller, Linabury, Edwards, Barrett, Sutherland. Thirrl Row: Buncic, Inch, Peters, Burd, Albro, McCombs. ..f -W-.. .,. , -e-1, .inf .W - IOI 1.. , 4 4... , ,........,,--.,....,...4..,, .,.....,,,,,,,, PX CHEMISTRY CLUB Top Row: White, Shay, Sargent, Cady, Southard, Stirling, Mr. Hobart. Second Row: Perry, Norton, Trouten, Sheldon, Howe, Richards, Wise. Third Row: Horton, Inch, Zick, Baker, MaWhinney, Hamilton, Ragsdale. CHEMISTRY CLUB: "An energetic scfentifi: group." That is the reputation which the Chem- istry Club has earned for itself through its studies of the mysteries of Chemistry. Besides their ex- periments in the laboratories, the members have taken a trip to the Dow Chemical Plant at Mid- land, one of the largest in the world. Officers: President, Albert Hamilton: Vice-Presi- dent, Thora Svangg Secretary, June Cook: Acting Secretary,Robert Howe: Treasurer, Ross Trouten: Sponsor, Harold Hobart. BIOLOGY CLUB: Although a new organization this year, the Biolovv Club has gained a reouta- tion as one of the school's most popular clubs. Through the co-operation of the ofhcers and members, a nucleus was established, by means of which 'the club hopes to remain a strong and worth-while body. Offcers: President, John Sherman: Vice-President, Gladys Woughter: Secretary-Treasurer, Anna Burns: Sponsor, Miss Freda Corrie. BIOLOGY CLUB Top Row: Ramlow, Betz, Annable, Rowe, Smith, Burden, Jenkins, Joseph, White, W Shepner, Winter, Sherman Second Row: Pierce, Rebarc e , ac ar , ' 'll ambold, Hackett, h k P k d Trebnik, Collins, Powrie, Thompson, Hegle, Hadley, Miss Corrie, Hadaway, Boysen, Woughter, Stn wagon. f Third Row: Ward, Beach, Haney, Warren, Graham, Cole, Berryman, Burns, Miller, Niemeyer, Borst, Grooms, Carter, Barth. ..Ixo2l. QUILL AND, SCROLL Top Razr: Poppoflf, Brabbs, Evanoff Mr Scbulv Darnton Stevenson Hart ll , . ,, , , we . llattom Row: Finowski, Craft, Worth, Gustavsonl, Jenkins,4Trevillian, Vaillancourt, Scott. QUILL AND SCROLL: In order to raise funds to send Northern journalists to the Cleveland con- vention, the Quill and Scroll planned ways and means for getting the necessary money. This was their biggest project of the year. Creative writing was done by the members of the club in their respe:tive classes. Each year the Quill and Scroll sponsors a con- test in all phases of newspaper writing for its members. Jim Kalemis of the Northern chapter won first place in the state for his column writing. Officers: President. Milton Link: Vice-President, Wadja Finowski: Secretary-Treasurer, Janet Scott. AMATEUR RESEARCH CLUB: The establish- ment of a licensed broadcasting station. WSFVQ. has been the only project this year. However, it has been one of the greatest accomplishments of any school club and has received a great deal of 'attention from non-members. The radio station was set up in the physics room, which is also the oflicial club room. g Y The members of the organization are Northern students in mechanical and scientific work, especial- ly in the line of radio. Officers: President, Harold Ballerg Vice-President, 1Dennis Ash: Secretary-Treasurer, Wendell Hamil- ton: Sponsor, George Guiley. RESEARCH 'CLUB Top Row: Lawrence, Treat, Skidmore, Fletcher, Betz,-Stirling, Lamson, Chazick, Peters. Second Row: Horton, Church, Peterson, Howe, Dobbs Blair Kikta, Przywara Hamilton Bottom Row: Forrester, Havrilla, Woods, Pardell, Podsadeclii, Rebarchek, Mitbhell, Baller, Mr. Guile Y. ..f1o3I W ,Jw t ee- 1'-4. -1 ""'r' "" T """ "-'- ---finesse' --1 L- -1 1- pw f A A LIBRARY BOARD Top Row: Schmitzer, Second Row: Berger, Roncaglia, Miss Herron, Zimonja. Bottom, Row: Castle, Dennis, Westcott, Adler, Moody. LIBRARY BOARD: The first Library Board has made a very deiinite contribution to the school by helping to create a favorable student opinion in regard to library citizenship. It is formed by students selected from each home room, who carefully check up on the circu- lation of books in their respective home rooms. Officers: Chairman, George Stevens: Secretary, Dorothy Westcott: Sponsor, Miss Miriam Herron. Faw, Stevens, Pitts, Burden, Rhodes, Wiggins, Hamilton, Beach, Day, Meyers. Sheldon, Tobey, Dunlap, Jennings, Brown, Patrick, Pocontek, Baier, Sexsmith, Stephenson. Schaeffer, Hall, Climie, Francisco, Mott, Morrison, Stadnik, Cosi, LIBRARY SERVICE: The extra assistance offered by the library service students is an invalu- able aid to the school and also to the school librarians inasmuch as by this service, the time given by the librarians to the smaller duties, such as the circulation of books, is cut down and the librarians are freed for the educational programs. Through this organized service, the student may gain an appreciable knowledge of the contents of the library: Sponsor: Miss Catheryn Applecrist. LIBRARY SERVICE Top Row: Gerszewski, Sellers, Bailey, Laesch, Kempisty, Johnson, Klee, Marks, Leif, Morgan. Bottom Row: Sewicki, Miss Herron, Tattersall, Gillett, Joseph, Burd, Miss Applecrist, Mott, Westcott, Stolpin. I 1 w .lIO4l. AMICAE LUDORUM Top Row: Bedenfield, Syze, J. Smith, Towner, Braden, Dobis, R. Foster, A. Smith, Johnson, Cooper, St. Pierre, Ford, Deary, Chea, Voss. Van Dyke. Second Row: Dustman, Beach, Stalker, Dietrich, Peake, Forro, Staley, Rebarchek, Kukin, B. Foster, Lifsey, Blackburn, Gaines. Third Row: Seltzer, Saxon, Werle, Williams, Waltrip, Stillwagon, Rose, Marzonie, Upper, Calkins, Schaeffer, Mott, Brackins, Grant, Chronis. Fourth. Row: Fettes, Fisch, Tattersall, Saine, Zinc, Goldman, Harwood, Graham, Ormiston, Hague, Watt, Lois Staehli, Lola Staehli, Loofman, Evert. Fifth Row: Miss Marcella Sullivan, Fay, DesJardins, J. Smith, Plieskatt, Joles, Ross, Whyte, N. Koonce, M. Koonce, Tait, Myers, Adler. Whalen, Burlingame I3 tt ' ' o om Row. Shemes, June, Russel, Glllmore, Bloss, Potter, McCreery, Farr, Fortune, Statton, Bremer, Young, Russel, Dobronsky, Dumler. AMICAE LUDORUM: "Be a participator and not a spectator," has been the motto of the Amicae Ludorum for this year and the basis on which the members have carried on their Work. This has been a success, as evidenced by the in- creased membership and their active work. Officers: President, Grace Blackburn: Vice-Presi- dent, Julia Voss: Secretary, Jean Smith: Recorder of Points. Dorothy Mott: Sponsor, Miss Marcella Sullivan. LEADERS' CLUB: The Leaders' Club activities this year were strictly confined to instructing class leaders. Their instruction enabled them to teach their squads gymnastic exercises, marching tactics and stunts. Girls who are chosen leaders of class squads compose the Leaders' Club. They are taught exer- cises for the improvement of posture defects. Officers: President, Shirley Clark: Vice-President. Beula Listeman: Sponsor, Miss Marcella Sullivan. LEADERS' CLUB Top Row: Bedenfield, J. Smith, McAra, Towner, Deary, Miss Marcella Sullivan, Graydon, Graves, Green, Gaines, June, March. Second Row: Fay, DesJardin, H W t L ogue, a t, ois Staehli, Lola Staehli, Jean Smith, Plieskatt, Bernard, Soltis, Dobronsky. Tl '-1 1- ' ' im Rau.. Marzonie, Tarrant, Farr, Fortune, Goldman, Brackms, Charos, Werle, Ross, Everett, Adler. .lio5l --'f'ih--u- ' 3 .J Yi ia--111. ,, 3 - F, s Pl VOCAL ENSEMBLE Tap Row: Duke, Bolton, Van de Walker, Shidler, Typer, Perkins. Second Row: Sartor, Haney, Warren, Smith, Cole, Orsick. Third Row: Mungall, Adair, Gibson, Crosley, Miller, Wood. Bottom Row: Kikta, Filer, Carpenter, Sotos, White, McCombs. WOODWIND ENSEMBLE: Since many of the musicians in the ensemble are veterans of last year, their reputation for a line grade of perform- ance has been improved and they have attained a grade A level. One of the most important appearances was that made at the Parent-Teachers' meeting, in commemoration of Music Week, the first week in May. A school program, broadcast from WFDFL afforded the ensemble an opportunity fordemon- strating to the public what can be accomplished by a school musical group. I Director: Edwin Merrill. VOCAL ENSEMBLE: By a union of the Girls' Sextette and the Boys' Octette, a very new and effective organization has been formed, Through their many appearancesfa greater interest in vocal work of all types has been stimulated. Many requests have been received for perform- ances at teas and luncheons given by local clubs. The ensemble was chosen to represent the school at the dedication of the two trees to the memory of George Washington. Director: LeRoy Daniels. WOODWIND ENSEMBLE Top Row: Woolston, Sutton, Laros, Greene. Ilottom Row: Walton, W.Rowe, Soos, M. Rowe, Hess, Wilbur. l1o61.. A ,.... ,. - ' STRING ENSEMBLE Top Row: Ferenz, Hamada, Dickerson, I-Ilavaks, May, Hayward. Second Row: Williams, Gardiner, Calkins, Czerwinski, Reid, Matlakoska, Gutscher. Third Row: E. Berkman, Martin, Moore, Hedge, Hayes, Urwin, Montnej. Bottom Row: A. Berkman, Cady, Schzxeifer, Coon, Greene, Laros. STRING ENSEMBLE: Although the String Ensemble was not organized until the second semester of this year, rapid progress has been made in a short time. Asevidence of this, the American Legion requestedthat the ensemble play on the Legion program which was broadcast from the local station, WFDF. on April 4. Director: Nathan Rosenbluth. BRASS ENSEMBLE: In conjunction with the third concert presented by the band on April I, the Brass Ensemble made its first appearance this year. The initial performance was featured by selections from "Fan Pair," and other selections from arrangements by the director, Edwin Mer- rill, renderezl in true concert style. Director: Edwin Merrill. BRASS ENSEMBLE Top Row: Thompson, Holman, Bateman, Nold, Jackson. Bottom Row: Mead, Bisbee, Ward, Moebius, St. John. ..l1o7I F , F-,, 7 J J PX Top Row: Thompson, H. Holman, Bate MARCHING BAND Speck, Bennett. Second Row: Bullard, Ruppel, Kennedy, Halsey, Brewer, R. Winter, Purdy. Jurk, Gaefke, Nold Orval man, Mead, Roberts, Bisbee, Giles, Nicolaides, E. Holman Oliver Speck. Third Row: Ward, Hyland, Bailey, Gilmore, Smith, Allen, MacDonald, Moebius, D. Winters, St John Annable. Fourth Row: Jackson, Elick, Hess, Hempstead, Blackney, Groover, Bush, Brown, Roberts, Johns Jennings. Bottom Row: Stratton, Stokes, Weckler, Filer, Smith, Schlosser, Bigelow. MARCHING BAND: ln order to fulfill the re- quests made by a number of students to have a permanent band for regular appearances at foot- ball and basketball games, the concert band mem- bers volunteered their services. The entire group was subdivided into two parts 4the Eskimos with John Jurk, Lyle Mead, Ger- ald St. John and Harold Bateman as corporals, Oboe Dale Hess Bassoon Russell Winter Clarinets James Blackney Orville Bush Booker Jackson Bob Hempstead Ed Brown Charles Groover Edmund Jennings Saxophones Harold Kennedy Moreland Brewer Gustav Ruppel Clinton Halsey and the Vikings with Ed Brown, Hoyt Smith Robert Purdy and Max Schlosser as corporals A special monogram has been designed as an award for the band members who take this as an extra-curricular activity. Through the courtesy of Mr. George Boysen PERSONNEL Comets Bernard Allen J. B. Hyland Gerald St. John Bram Ward Lawrence Gilmore Raymond McDonald Ormal Annable James Bailey Lloyd Moebius Hoyt Smith Dean Winter Clifford Harrod Horns John Jurk Raymond Nold Oliver Speck Baritones Harold Bateman Robert Nicolaides Ernest Holman Orville Speck ..l1o81.. the band was able to attend all outside games Director: Edwin Merrill. Trombones Fred Bisbee Lyle Meade Herbert Holman Ned Roberts Basses Ed Bennett Alonzo Giles Don Thompson Dale Thompson Percussion Rod Bigelow Lloyd Stokes Leonard Filer Max Schlosser Herbert Smith Harold Weckler Piccolo Robert Purdy X - 6 BAND ' Top. Row: Dale Thompson, H. Holman, Mead, N. Roberts, Bisbee, Giles, E. Holman, Bateman, Don Thompson. Second Row: Bullard, Third Row: Groo ver, Annable. Fourth Row: Stratton, Johns, Jennings. Bottom Row: Hetzel, Moak, Cook, Ruppel, Michaud, Halsey, R. Winter. Jurk, Gaefke, Nold. Walton, Hess, Ward, Hyland, Allen, McDonald, Moebius, D. Winter, St. John, Jackson, Gerry, Soos, Naugle, Hempstead, Blackney, Dobbs, Woolston, J. Roberts Farber, Borst, Filer, Smith, Schlosser, Bigelow, Purdy, Elick. CONCERT BAND: This year the concert band able to demonstrate their ability and display has inaugurated a series of programs to further achievements. Regular rehearsals have been the interest of parents and friends in band music. to assure good performances. Through these concerts the members have been Director: Edwin Merrill. ' PERSONNEL Flutes Alto Clarinet Horns Laura Borst Wenonah Rowe Clilford Harrod Frances Farber John Jurk Louise Green Phyllis Hetzel Robert Purdy CPiccoloJ Margaret Rowe Oboes Dale Hess Theron Wilbur E -flat Clarinets Joseph Johns Jack Roberts Solo B-fiat Clarinets Tom Bowles Evert Dahlstrom Roderick Grant Margaret Woolston First B-Hat Clarinets James Blackney Robert Hempstead Edmund Jennings Lois Naugle Second B-flat Clarinets Muriel Dobbs Booker Jackson Helen Soos Francis Wright Third B-flat Clarinets Phyllis Gerry Bernard Landis Bass Clarinets Ruth Walton Charles Groover Saxophones Joseph Cook Harold Kennedy Carlton Moak Gustave Ruppel Librarians Robert Elick Russell Winter Solo B-flat Comets Bernard Allen Lawrence Gilmore Dean Winter First B-Hat Corners Ormal Annable Lloyd Moebius Gerald St. John Second B-flat Corners Raymond McDonald Hoyt Smith Third B-Hat Comets J . B. Hyland Dodson Truss ..lIOQ1.. First Trombones Fred Bisbee Earl Peters Second Trombones Herbert Holman Lyle Mead Third Trombone James Aspin Baritones Harold Bateman Ernest Holman Basses Edwin Bennett Alonzo Giles Marjorie Madison Dale Thompson Don Thompson Percussion Roderick Bigelow Max Schlosser Roy Stratton Harold Weckler Drum Major Roy Stratton their held A CONCERT ORCHESTRA Top Row: Coon, Niec, Zyber, Martin, E. Berkman, Cady, Ferenz, Hayward, Myslicki, Annable, Winter Second Row: Roberts, Williams, Bernstein, Calkins, Winter, Hlavacs, Hamada, Gutscher, Gardiner Third Row: Nold, Moebius, Ward, Fisk, Sutton, Powell, Woolston, Rowe, Schaeffer, Matlakoska Reid Fourth gow: Hess, Borst, Green, Lebret, Turnbull, Moore, Bayley, Urwin, Czerwinski, M. Gregory L regory Fifth Row: A. Berkman, Packard, Rachwitz, Mercy, Rolloi, Hosler, Clark, Quinsey, May, Dickerson Day, Montney. Bottom Row: Barton, Buffa, Jones, Hogan, Schlosser, Weckler, Hedge, Hayes, Plieskatt, Jennings CONCERT ORCHESTRA: Due to loss of per- sonnel through graduation and unavoidable pro- gram arrangements, the orchestra has been unable to follow a strict routine. Consequently, the com- First Violins Virginia Czerwinski Harry Ferenz Harold Hayward Andrew Hlavacs Stella Matlakoska Margreta Reid Esther Schaeffer Everett Williams Margaret Woolston Irving Bernstein Second Violins Eleanore Bayley William Gardiner LaVerne Gutscher John Hamada Nerine Moore Arthur Turnbull Christine Urwin George Good Violas Loren Cady Elmer Coon Dorothy - Calkins PERSONNEL Cellos Ardis Berkman Jean Martin Charles Niec Anthony Zyber Percussion Max Schlosser Harold Weckler Leonard Filer Basses Elgis Berkman Louis Montney Flutes Laura Borst Lucille Lebret Louise Green Oboe Dale Hess ..lllOI positions of eminent composers were studied with the idea of improving technique an an appreciation of their masterpieces. Director: Nathan Rosenbluth. Clarinet Marjorie Sutton Bassoon Russell Winter Trumpets Lloyd Moebius Bram Ward Dean Winter Horns Clinton Powell Raymond Nold Trombone Ned Roberts Tuba ' Edward Bennett Piano Lucille Gregory Mary Katherine Gregory d developing CHOIR Top Row: Johnson, Vuckovitch, Arnold, Kikta, Filer Gibson Cady Adair Trouten Morse B k f , , i 1 i UC - Second Row: Brooks, Kennedy, Kowalcyk, Perkins, Carpenter, Sotos, Baugha.m,Uricek,White,Buterakos, Morrison, Crossley, Guerin. Third Row: Wood, Mungall, Terry, Crawford, Bowyer, Gekeler, Ford, Shideler, Blakemore, Bennett, Edmonson, D. Boismer. Fourth Row: Leffler, Hein, Gilmore, Chisholm, Perkins, Stringer, Shayman, Holman, Duke, Sieder, Warren, Landis, Pickup. Fifth Row: Smith, McDonnell, Upper, Morgan, Nyland, Doyle, Deary, Hadaway, Copenhaver, Van de Walker, Bolton, Bachman. Bottom Row: V. Boismier, Michael, Orsick, Peake, Sartor, Mosier, Blakely, Haney, Cole, Castle, Barron, Press. A CAPPELLA CHOIR: The culmination of the most successful year of the A Cappella Choir was reached during Music Week, in the combined chorus of the Central-Northern choirs. Several appearances were made before public audiences which included the Washington Bi-Centennial Pageant, and the annual concert given by the choir. Special appearances were: Elks' Annual Memorial Service, Industrial Arts Convention, and the State Kiwanis Convention. In addition, a half- hour broadcast, and four church programs were presented. Director: LeRoy Daniels. PERSONNEL First Sopranos Harriett Morgan Helen Mary Nyland Florence Doyle Pauline Deary Virginia Hadaway Evelyn Copenhaver Margaret Van de Walker Viola Boismier Martha Michael Irene Orsick Mary Pickup Dorothy McDonnell Eleanor Upper First Altos F 1' Beatrice Bolton Maxine Bachman Jean Sartor Ruth Hollman Dorothy Mosier Margaret Blakely Vera Haney Leona Castle Harriett Cole Grace Barron Sylvia Press rst Tenors John Adair Edward Crossley Owen Vaden James Mungall Arthur Nyland Marvis Tate James Edmonson Don Barron Barito nes Se John Perkins Alex Kowalcyk George Sotos Robert Carpenter Steve Urick Woodrow Baugham Earl Wh'te Jarvis Albro Loren Cady cond Sopranos Dorothv Lefller Helen Hein Elnora Gilmore Florabelle Chisholm Beatrice Perkins Vina Stringer Phyllis Shavman Evangeline Duke Dorothy Sieder Helen Shideler ..fI1I1., Elaine Cady Second Altos Lucille Bowyer Marie Warren Geraldine Landis Helen Smith Grace Neale Virginia Peake Helen Ford Winifred Gekefer Second Tenors Ross Trouten Evert Kihlstrand George Buterakos Ed Buck William Crawfor Lawrence Guerin Stanley Civialaka Jack Cousineau Basses Byron Brooks Gordon Arnold Eugene Kikta George Babieracki Leonard Filer Roger Carter Paul Gibson :l A 'pug-at ' -:M PX -6- . .., ,,,. ...,......u l OPERA CHORUS Top Row: Robinson, McDonald, Quith, Carter, T. Phillips, Vaden, Earle Van Dyke, Morse, McGee, Simpson, Roscoe. Second Row: Buck, Beach, Guerin, Terry, Smith, Lainey, Powrie, Ernest, Boone, Maguire. Third Row: Castle, Niergarth, Allen, Evelyn Van Dyke, D. Campbell, Wascher, Ke-llar. Russell, Car- penter Moored. Bottom Row: Forrester, M. Campbell, Poole, Brennon, Battey, M. Clark, D. Phillips, DeLisle, S. Clark, Bruette. OPERA CHORUS: ln the 1 Q32 opera, the chorus of beautiful maidens and dashing Dragoon Guards was chosen from the opera chorus class. The suc- cess of the production was in a large measure due to the atmosphere contributed by the chorus with its maidens clad in pastel garments and the officers and guards uniformed in military clothing of briliant scarlet and gold. Director: LeRoy Daniels. CAST OF PRINCIPALS Ross Trouten . Lawrence Guerin Marvis Tate . . George Sotos Eugene Kikta Leonard Filer Ruth Hollman Evangeline Duke . . Colonel Coverly . . . Major Murgatroyd . . Lt. Duke of Dunstable . . . Reginald Bunthorne . . . Archibald Grosvenor . . Mr. Bunthorne's ,Solicitor . . . . Lady Angela . . . . Lady Saphir . . . Loren Cady Edward Crossley . Frank Morse George Sotos . Paul Gibson Leonard Filer Geraldine Landis Grace Barron Harriet Morgan . . Jean Sartor Florence Doyle Mary Pickup . Lady Ella . Grace Neale . Lady Jane Helen Mary Nyland . . Patience . MAIDENS' CHORUS Virginia Battey Donna Campbell Margaret Nadeau Mary Beach Hazel Carpenter Arvella Niergarth June Forrester Rosella Brennon Marie Moored Dorothy Bruette Winzola Poole .lean Potter DRAGOON GUARDS CHORUS Clyde Ernest Lawrence Guerin Thomas Guith Oren Badour. Woodrow Baugham Vvlilbur Boone Edward Buck Roger Carter Evert Kihlstrand Bill Laing I Marsden Maguire Rosmund McGee Tom Phillips Fred Powrie Willard Robinson I21.. Dorothy Russell Evelyn Van Dyke Marlieta Wascher Robert Simpson Marvis Tate Owen Vaden Earle Van Dyke A ,1 ht 'OPERA CAST Outside -Row: Trouten, Robinson, Carter, Phillips, Simpson, Baugham, Neale, Laing, Boone, Powrie, Moore, Vaden, Filer. Second Row: Tate, Guerin, Kikta., Nyland, Moored, McDonnell, Nadeau, Phillips, Evans, Niergarth, Wascher, Campbell, Van Dyke, Battey. Inside Row: Carpenter, Bruette, Brennon, Delaney, Russell. Group: Hollman, Sotos, Duke, Pickup. OPERA: The fourth annual operetta, "Patience," was presented in March by an excellent cast under the direction of LeRoy Daniels, Nathan Rosen- bluth, and Edwin Merrill. It was the story of the love affairs of two romantic, young poets who are adored and snubbed in turn by a group of tickle maidens. Reginald Bunthorne, a pretentious poet, after causing a great deal of rivalry among a group of twenty love-sick maidens, extends an offer- of marriage to Patience, the village dairy maid. After Patience had refused him, he, martyr-like, offered marriage to the maiden who would draw the lucky chance in a ralile. However, there was .an obstacle to that also. In the meantime, Archibald Grosvenor, Patience's childhood lover, returned and declared his love for her. When Patience realized that Archibald was a source of ecstasy to all who knew him and also became aware of the fact that the same twenty maidens, who had be- come enraptured by Bunthorne, were also in love with Archibald, she broke up the rafiie and an- nounced that she intended marrying Bunthorne, since he was no longer perfect. The rapturous maidens returned to their former lovers, the Dragoon Guards, and stood firmly by them until it became generally known that Archi- bald was also an aesthetic poet and then, the ladies turned their adoring eyes toward Archibald, once more deserting their Dragoon Guard lovers. At last, Bunthorne's love for Patience was overwhelmed by his insufferable conceit and he persuaded Archibald to become an ordinary young man. Archibald did, to Patience's secret delight. for she had always loved Grosvenor. She promised to marry him since he was no longer perfect. Much to Bunthorne's chagrin, Patience mar- ried Archibald and so Reginald was forced to tum to the exceedingly plain, but durable and ador- ing, Lady Jane, who had always remained faith- ful, although he had treated her indifferently. Then to add to Bunthorne's troubles the Duke of the Dragoon Guards announced that he would marry the plainest of all the maidens, Lady Jane. The twenty love-sick maidens return once again to their dashing lovers and Bunthorne is left deso- late with no bride. OPERA LEADS Q Paul Gibson Helen Mary Nyland George Sotos Florence Doyle Eugene Kikta ..I II3 1.. PX -6- -v DEBATE Top Row: Coach James McMonagle, Middleton, Nelson, Strong, Hood, Lincoln, Moore, Poppoff. Second Row: Williams, Bela, Vaillancourt, Mayfield, Smith, Turnbull, Date. Bottom Row: Lifsey, Assistant Coach Lois Webb, Klein, Hogan, Moros, Lande, Mera, Mucha. DEBATE: Six debates won and four lost were recorded on the list of decision debates for the Northern Forensic squad during the school year of 1931-1932. Eight of these were decided in the Southeastern League tourney when the Vikings balanced four loses with four wins. One contest was won from Big Rapids with an audience de- cision of eighty-two to eleven. The climax of the season was reached when the Centralites were defeated for the city title February 2. Those who took part in the league debates were Sim Poppoff, Edward Strong,William Hood, Don Mayfield, Virginia Moros, Rano Smith, and George Lincoln. Only Strong and Poppoff graduate this year so a good squad with a nucleus of William Hood, Don Mayfield, Tim Williams, Virginia Moros, will be back out of which a new team can be moulded. However, large holes are left by the two gradu- ates whose superiors in debate circles are few in the state of Michigan. Poppoff has been compli- mented many times on his forensic ability. and Strong was, in the estimate of a judge of the Northern-Central debate, the best speaker on the Ed Strong also tied with David Stewart of Saginaw Arthur Hill, for the title of "All Valley Debater" at the Saginaw Valley League Debate. An All-Valley Team was selected which was com- posed of: Afiirmative-First speaker, Howard Capeling, Centralg second speaker, lda Hamamn, Bay City: third speaker,'Ed Strong, Northern. Negative-Jack Shaler, Saginaw Eastern: Irwin Lovner and David Stewart, Saginaw Arthur Hill. The forensic schedule was well dotted by non- decision debates. Other members of the squad took part in these debates, among these being Tom Vaillancourt, Sara Lande, Prentius Moore, Anna Mucha, and Irene Klein. Non-decision debates took place with Saginaw Arthur Hill, Saginaw Eastern, Bay City, Flush- ing, Oxford, Pontiac, Millington, Detroit, Red- ford, Durand, and Ann Arbor. ln addition to these inter-scholastic contests, the arguers presented inter-squad debates before many clubs and organizations. The Central Chris- tian Church, the Lions' Club, the Grotto Club and twice at the Central Methodist Church, were platform, among the places visited by the squad members. THE LEAGUE SCHEDULE Opponents Squad Viking Side Decision Big Rapids . . . Moros, Smith, Poppoff . . Negative Negative Birmingham . . Moros, Smith, Poppoff . . Negative Negative Royal Oak . . . Hood, Strong, Poppoff . . . Negative Negative Pontiac . . . Strong, Mayfield, Poppoff . . Aliirmative Negative Mt. Clemens . . Hood, Smith, Strong . . Negative Aflirmative River Rouge . . Mayfield, Smith, Hood . . Negative Afnrmative Wyfandotte . . . Mayfield, Moros, Hood . . . Affirmative Affirmative Ferndale ' ' . . . Strong, Smith, Poppoff . . . Affirmative Affirmative Flint Central . . . Strong, Hood, Poppoff ....... Negative Negative ,All the debates with the exception of the Big Rapids and Central contests were in the Eastern League tourney. . . I 1 I4 1 . . v W ORATORY, DECLAMATION Williams Traycik Holliday Lande Nagy Besson The sub-district Declamation and Oratorical Contest, to which Northern was host, marked one more successful year in forensic work for Northern. The Vikings were well represented in declama- tion by Theresa Nagy, who spoke on 'King Phillip to the White Settlers," by Everett. The honor of first place went to Charles Sparks of Flint Central, whose selection was 'iThe Valley of Bones," by Cretchur. In the Oratorical division, Timothy Williams of Northern, was awarded lirst honors. His oration dealt with "The Negro, An American Citizen." Williams' style of oratory held his audi- ence suspended for the length of his oration. A special edition of Webster's dictionary was presented to the winners and losers alike for both oratory and declamation, Each person received one with his name engraved on the cover and a special page commemorating the occasion. In the preliminaries staged at Northern, Sara Lande, speaking on "A Vision of War," and Theresa Nagy, "King Phillip to the White Settlers," took high honors in declamation, while Timothy Williams with "The Negro, An Amer- ican Cit1zen" as his choice. captured lirst place in oratory with Louis Traycik, second. ' In declamation, Northern was represented by Theresa Nagy for the sub-district contest, which is preliminary to the state contest, and by Sara Lande in the recently organized Saginaw Valley Debate League, while in oratory, Timothy XVil- liams was the only entrant for all three. The preliminaries were judged by James Mc- Monagle, Mrs. Grace Smith, and Frederic Har- rington in declamation, and oratory was judged by Louis Schulz, James McMonagle and Frederic Harrington. First place in the District Oratory Contest was won by Charles Marantette from Armada with the subject, "Abreast of Truth." Timothy Williams, lacking one point to tie with first place winner. was awarded second honors. His topic was "The Negro, An American Citizen." Coach: Frederic Harrington. ON THE PLATFORM Mayfield, Smith, Moore, Coach McMonagle, Strong, Hood, Poppoff. 1 ! i . ..f1151.. 4, 1: A -G- Top Row: Nagy, Perry, Jordan, Evanoff, Traycik, Jones, Link, Day. Second Row: Kalemis, Dedischew, Poppoi, Brabbs, Hartwell, Pineau, Harris, Chea, Mr. Schulz. Bottom Row: Jenkins, Craft, Lifsey, Gustavson, Smith, Eddy, Spilsbury, Myers, Plaisance, Finowski. THE NORTH WIND EDITORIAL STAFF Editor ....... Wadja Finowski Associate Editors . Jim Kalemis, Doris Jenkins Page Editors . Virginia Craft, Eleanore Gustavson, Helen Patrick, Marjorie Spilsbuiy Sports Editor ...... Frank Evanoff Music . . . Eleanore Gustavson, Doris Rose Literary . . . Sim Poppolf, Shirley Sanford . Virginia Pratt. Wright Perry Exchange ....... Dorothy Saine . Virginia Craft, Janet Scott Sim Poppoif Organizations . Columnist . Editor, Finowski REPORTERS Earl Brown, Roy Buckler, Edwin Carton, Mary Chea,Virginia Craft.John Dedischew,Helen Grant Eddy, Clayton Fox, Charles Gatzemeyer, Phillis Gerry, Mary Greer, Lillian Gregory, Eleanore Gus- tavson, Eva Hall, Wayne Hartwell, Tom Jordan, Mary Kalemis, Sarah Lande, Evelyn Lifsey, Milton Link, Hilda Myers, Ruth Morse, Theresa Nagy, Prentius Moore, Delilah Offenborn, Wright Perry, Sim Poppoff, Virginia Pratt, Mondest Richards, Doris Rose, Dorothy Saine, Shirley Sanford, Marjorie Spillsbury,Eileen Stewart,Louis Traycik, Thelma Underwood. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager, ISI Semester . Milton Link Business Manager, 2nd Semester . Berenice Harris Assistant Manager . . . . Berenice Harris Advertising Manager . . Don Brabbs Exchange, 1st Semester . . Horace Day Exchange, 2nd Semester . . Dorothy Saine Circulation Manager . . . Evelyn Lifsey Bookkeeper . . . . Grace Smith Faculty Adviser . . ,Louis Schulz ..l1i61.. , Ewx .Y LGE, S Top gow: Coyne, Washington, Pitts, Winter, Darnton, Stevenson, Perry, Press, Holtslander, Brabbs, alemis. Second Row: Johnson, Leavitt, Gaines, Weckler, Weidner, Trevillian, Vaillancourt, Schaeffer, MacDonald. Bottom Row: Dobbs, Pratt, Ressigue, Hall, Stevenson, Saniord, Scott, Worth, Ruthardt. NoRoscoPE BOARD Editor . . . ..... Janet Scott Art Editor ...... Wendell Stevenson Business Manager .... Richard Darnton Advertising Manager . . . Norman Halleck Faculty Sponsors . . . Miss Mary Wall. Louis Schulz CLASSES ART STAFF BUSINESS STAFF SENIORS Wendell Stevenson, Editor Larry Rathbun Richard Darnton, Editor Carlton Holtslander Prentius Moore JUNIORS ' Ted Pitts Alvin Crozat Shirley Sanford, Editor Ethel Trevillian Sim Poppoff SOPHOMORES Julia Schaeffer Muriel Dobbs, Editor CLUBS Mildred Vaillancourt, Editor Lenore Stephenson Sarah Leavitt Isabel Hatfield FEATURE Jean Worth, Editor Elizabeth Weckler Marion Weidner Alfred Washington Martin Murphy Viola Brasie Harry Press ATHLETICS Frank Coyne, Editor Frank Evanoff Tom Jordan Jean Worth Elsie Ruthardt Phyllis Gaines Lois Ressigue Dorothy Hall PHOTOGRAPHY Russell Winter William Lott Wright Perry ..ylr171.. Arthur Nyland Francis Wiggins Laurence Bourcier TYPISTS Helen Dunning Ruth Barrett Editor, Scott .. .. . 1,-...M PX I CLASS SING: To the tunes of "Sailing on the Robert E. Lee" and "Go, Northwestern," and with a peppy, unusual yell, the junior class set a record by winning iirst place in both song and yell events. Clad in silver and blue to represent wooden soldiers and china dolls, these determined juniors, under the able leadership of Wilda Hutch- inson, choragus, and Stuart Dupee, cheer-leader, sang and shouted their way to glory. The contest was a close one, with the senior class, sing victors for the last two years, winning second place in both events. The graduating class in cardinal and gold devil helmets created a novel appearance during their songs by rythmic motions with red and gold gauntleted hands. Margaret Galloway led the songs, which were to the tunes of "Notre Dame Hike Song" and "Business in F." Eugene Richards led the train yell. 181.. The sophomore class wore black and white artist tams and responded lustily to the leadership of George Sotos, choragus. and Robert Herzog, cheerleader. Sophomore songs were "My Baby Said Yes, Yes" and "The River St. Marie." The a:- companists for the three classes were Maxine Bach- man, Phyllis Gaines and Margaret Van de Walker. The May Queen, Viola Bryan, presided over the Sing and presented the prizes after the decision of the judgesg Charles-French, Frank Rodolf and Willard' Schindler. The queen ,was attended by Virginia Hadawayr Helen Mary Nyland, Larry Rathbun, ,NormangHallec,k,.Mary Chea, Julia Voss. Keith Burden, Bob .Page,.Ruth Parciarelli, Gayle Schoonover, Steve Uricek and John Love. Jane Mayfield. Dorothy -King,Alvin Harrisand Howard Kanous of Garfield Kindergarten acted as pages. Iiigl.. -. 1 ii ,, w "WHAT MEN LIVE BY" Top Row: Rosenbaum, Leavitt, Grenon, Spencer, Danielson, Pitts, Crozat, O'L-ear, Traycik, Taylor, Perkins Bottom Row.: Barth, Barrett, Brooks, Hodson, Richards, Burd, Miller, Cusenza. SENIOR PLAY CONTEST The eternal conflict between God and the devil over the soul of man is revealed in this play, "What Men Live By." The keynote of the entire play is obedience to God and the refusal of temp- tation, regardless of the cost. Simon, a cobbler, sorely tempted by the devil to spend what little extra money he had for a wordly possession, decided instead to befriend a young man whom 'he had found exhausted by the wayside. Good luck was brought to the cobbler by his obedience to the first law of God, when Michael, the poor apprentice, was revealed as an angel. Simon and Matrena, his wife, prosper and live happily ever after, in true fairy tale style. THE PLAYERS Play Night Characters Players' Night Almon Brooks . . . Simon, the Cobbler . . . . Van Burd John Perkins . . Trotinof, a debtor . . . . Carl Taylor Calla Richards . . . Matrena, Simon's wife . . Dorothy Hodson Sim Poppoflf . . . . Michael, Simon's apprentice . Gordon Arnold Sylvia Rosenbaum . . . . . Anna, a widow . . . . Grace Smith Joe O'Lear . . . , Baron, a wealthy land owner , . . Louis Traycik Ted Pitts . . . . . Thedlza, his footman . . Charles Foreman Leona Cusenza . . . . A little Devil . . . Doris Barth Ruth Barrett . . . . The Guardian Angel . . . Marian Miller Marguerite Grenon , . Sonia, a lady of means . . Elisabeth Spencer Jacqueline Grenon ........ Nikita Brenza . . . Doris Fleischman STUDENT ASSlS'l'AN'l'S Prompters: Kathryn Buncic, Lavina Kitchen. Stage: Nola Mae Anderson, Virginia Czerwinski, Alvin Crozat, Director: Miss Marian Carey. ..ll201.. x is "NEIGHBORS" Top Row: Burd, Older, Whitney, Shay, Duell, Whalen, Tattersall, Masters. linttam Row: Moll, Rose, Middleton, Upper, Stephenson, Burden, Gustavson, Dupee. JUNIOR PLAY CONTEST The amusing combination of small town people and life, and the anticipation in connection with the arrival of a little boy, was the axis about which the plot of the junior play revolved. Although at the last minute it is discovered that the boy cannot come, the excitement caused by the preparations unites two happy young people. A bashful Peter and an impatient Inez fur- nished the love interest, while the comedy reached its peak in the person of Ezra. The character portrayals were exceptionally well done. The best acting was judged to have been done by Marianne Whitney, while the love-making was ably handled by Keith Burden and Eleanor Upper. The others in the inal cast: Virginia Duell, James Shay, Marjory Older, Elaine Whalen, and Doris Rose. gave an extremely good account of themselves and formed a perfect background for the main story. THE PLAYERS Play Night Characters Players' Night Marianne Whitney . . . Grandma . . . . Doris Bramner Virginia Duell . . . Miss Diantha Abel . , Stella Nestor James Shay . . . . Ezra Williams . , , James Masters Keith Burden . . . Peter . . . . Bill Middleton Eleanor Upper . . . . Inez . . . . Lenore Stephenson Marjory Older . . Mis' Elmira Moran . . . Bethan Tattersall Elaine Whalen . . . . Mis' Trot . . . .... Betty Burd Doris Rose . . . Mis' Carry Ellsworth . . E'eanore Gustavson STUDENT ASSISTANTS Stage: Stuart Dupee, Carl Moll. Scenery: Walter Berger, David Boismier. Costumes: Elizabeth Byzdusek, Betty Burd, - Director: Miss Marian Carey. ..f I 2Il.. c t W H -.i ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,a, V - W I .Y .Q "SWITCH ON THE MOONLIGHTU Top Row: Snyder, Ames, Rose, Ambrose, Guith, Newton, Purdy, Endres, Haney, Finklestein, McCombs. Bottom Row: Matlakoska, Chandler, Bailey, Canada, Lifsey, McDonald, Farnsworth, Freer. SOPHOMORE PLAY CONTEST The unusual circumstance of a play within a play featured one of the most unique melodramas ever presented in the play contests. In the play proper, Annabelle, the romantic heroine, as portrayed by Joie Canada, was ardently followed by her lover Donald, played by Ray- mond McDonald, Who was considered the best actor in the play. Annabelle was the leading lady of a play in which, as is customary, the hero rescued the fair damsel from the villain. Donald. noting the hero's antics, decided to mimic him. In the midst of the rehearsal, a thief appeared who threatened the whole group of actors. Donald played the hero and rescued the fair Annabelle. The hold-up was revealed as a hoax, and Donald, taking advantage of the situation, proposed under the light of the "prop" moon. Character parts well done were those of Law- rence Springsteen, who enacted the role of a typical Irish janitor, and Thomas Guith, who played the villain. A character who brought many laughs was Madame. the temperamental directress, which was interpreted by Stella Matlakoska. THE PLAYERS Play Night Characters Players' Night Lawrence Springsteen . . . McGuire . . Frank Ambrose Joie Canada . . . . Annabelle . Amanda Lifsey Raymond McDonald . . Donald . . James Bailey Stella Matlakoska . . . Madame . . . Reba Freer Robert Purdy . . . Putnam . . . Wayne Smith Betty Chandler . . Hortense . . Ruth Farnsworth Thomas Cwuith . .,........ Oscar . . . Donald McCombs STUDENT ASSISTANTS Prompters: Maxine Fortune, Evelyn Gognen. Makeup: Virginia Snyder. Scenery: Vera Haney, Charlotte Newton. Stage: John Ames, Robert Endress. Director: Miss Marian Carey. l ..l122l.. Y "FANNY AND THE SERVANT PROBLEM" Top Row: O'Lear, I-Iillis, Delp, Richards, Cooper, Dobbs, Vaillancourt, Adams, King, Burd. Bottom Row: Traycik, Danielson, Galloway, Patterson, Gaines, Grenon, Good. SENIOR PLAY "Fanny and The Servant Problem" The diliicult role of Lady Bantock, who was put in the peculiar position of being mistress of a house, run by 23 servants, all of whom were her close relatives, was skillfully handled by both Margaret Galloway and Dorothy Hodson. Inde- pendence, the keynote of Lady Bantock's person- ality. was exceptionally well portrayed by Margaret Galloway. Lord Bantock, played by John Perkins and Vane Patterson, was a typical English lord who aristocratic aunts, were well characterized by all four players, leaving nochoice as to the best acting. The family of haughty aristocrats was very well handled, especially the part of the butler, Martin Bennett, played by Tom Jordan and Joe O'Lear. . The play was a comedy, the interest of which resulted from the mistress being a niece of the butler, and the butler missing no opportunity to remind her of it. The affair was satisfactorily wasAin ignorance of his wife's problem. The two charming old ladies, Lord Bantock's arranged and peace once more reigned in Rutland- shire Hall. PLAY LEADS Vane Patterson Margaret Galloway Dorothy Hodson John Perkins ..l1231.. 1 " 1 1- PX -Q- HFANNY AND THE SERVANT PROBLEM" Top Row: Moskovitz, Rosenbaum, Dutil, Sadlow, Lifsey, Craft, Duquette, E. Miller, Maeder, Jordan. Bottom Row: Taylor, Leavitt, Hodson, Perkins, M. Miller, Pound, Stevens. X CAST Margaret Galloway Vane Patterson . Tom Jordan . Mildred Danielson Shirley McKinley Van Burd . . Josephine Adams Marguerite Grenon Phyllis Gaines , George Good . Louis Traycik . Beatrice Cooper . Evelyn Lifsey . Virginia Craft . Grace Smith . . Marjorie Dobbs . Caroline Delp . Margaret Hillis . Olive Duquette . Kathryn Kelly . Evelyn Sadlow . Agatha Dutil . Marie King . Elaine Miller . Calla Richards . Janet Scott . . Doris Barth l Ruth Barrett I FANNY AND THE SERVANT PROBLEM or THE FIRST LADY BANTOCK JEROME K. JEROME ....Fanny.... Vernon Wetherell, Lord Bantock lHer Husbandj . . . Martin Bennett . . . flier Butler? . Susannah Bennett 1Her Housekeeperl . Jane Bennett . fHer Maidl . . Ernest Bennett . . iHer Second Footmanl . . Honoria Bennett . . flier Still-room Maidl . . The Misses Wetherell . . fHer Aunts by Marriage? . . Dr. Freemantle . . .George P.Newte. . . OUR EMPIRE TROUPE Y CAST Dorothy Hodson . John Perkins . Joe O'Lear . Sally Leavitt Sylvia Rosenbaum Charles Moskovitz . . Jean Maeder . Marjorie Pound . Marian Miller . George Stevens . Carl Taylor . England . Scotland . Ireland . . Wales . . Canada . . Australia . . New Zealand . . . Africa , . . , India . Newfoundland Straits Settlements DIRECTORS . Act I Edith Wollpert . . .... Act III . Act II Mildred Vaillancourt . .... Act IV .,f1241.. Our Empire Troupe Costume Designer . . . . Makeup 1 , , ,TL 4 lk.:-5" :fp 'f ' ,a. ff. ' f ,,,.. , ,. ,, , , v -Ag., nf '-.y,Q. 1: ,. ' ,,,5'4. ., ., Wi 'Sz ?41?"5i2f Z-ii 2515 ig if 5 - SEN:-Zfw.-:'l"f-1 Q.,-V ji- nafp, 4,g2',!.gf1,-1.vffk" fvf '.. 'f 6 ,. ,,,, ,. ,.. ,, Q '1:'4..',,f61f:f'v'Hf.'71., - , .'r.grw,,Q M. Sif f if - 2 .'39-Ff'T'l9"?'4Z ffm V1 .,5'.2 L-,nf',1f' v --Fiiiw-w1jQ,., ,xv , ff "?1'9' vx-'f.j1. Q--515 53311, fi, 1,f'x'f5j'H?.'v1Eg2 .Q -:1 . f '5 i.'f,cQ',lP" 32.1 ' v fm- -,S 4, , f. z , 1913- i '-13.1,-1,, 3 - .sf-in mfr! ,. 'fiffff 35.3135 -if-A1 'TH -?7iI4f'f1"'l:-',"Q1 , 2 :T Q5 gf 4 i:151EQ'?vQf3gT'Ig 5,-ffl 15 . as gQ.U,1-y 4 .- ' P'1f'2fW3: :env-"4 K, :mmf . -M .7 J ,,... ., F 3 ,, - 25,5419 aw' ff?:+i.i1,3'f,T-12. 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Bottom Row: Coach Houston, West, Wooten, Niec, Ur, Newman, Sanford, A. Major. 1931 FOOTBALL: For three years-'28, '29, and '30-NOffh9fH football teams crushed every band of Indians sent against them to capture the city title, but last fall, although boasting a fast, aggressive outfit. and a' record of five wins and two defeats, Coach Guy Houston saw his hopefuls fall before their city rivals 6 to o for the first time in grid history, giving them a seasonal record of 5 victories and three setbacks, including the loss of three headpieces. V f - - -, ' His 1930 state championship line-up riddled by the absence of six regulars, including two All-State stars, Coach Houston and his "right hand," Coach Jimmy Barclay, gOt together what promised to be another titleholder. Two "warmup" foes faced the defending champs in their first tests. St. Mathews was easily disposed of, 29-O, while Ferndale offered unex- pected opposition which held the locals to a single touchdown for a victory. A following week, pretty confident of a Win, the Northern machine failed tofunction' properly and went down to a distasteful defeat, 7-6, at the hands of Ann Arbor. Realizing that a drastic change of attitude was necessary, Coach Houston spent an entire week of shifting around and of "skull" drills, only to re- ceive a 7-o licking at Saginaw Eastern. Thanksgiving Day found the Vikings on prac- tically equal terms with Central. The game failed to display any scoring threats and the best result of the fray should have been a o-o deadlock, but a careless Viking pass in the final period, was in- tercepted by "Braz" Moore, who raced 60 yards for the only marker and the first Indian title in four years. Ten players played their last game for North- ern: Piotrowski, O'Lear, A. Major, Newman, Moore, Bernstein, Heavner, Johnson, McKenna, and Neic. This loss is keenly felt but Coach Houston is confident of moulding another "title crazy" outfit out of the following returning ex- perienced stalwarts: Delmar Healy, Steve Uricek, .,.f 125 Bob Metcalf, Pete Major, Bill Molkentine, Leo Myslicki, "Bud" Barcombe, "Woody" West, Max Wooten, Louis Ur, and Captain-elect "Jay" San- ford. "If we get by the first two games without serious injuries, the boys will be in the same posi- tion as our I930 state team and should go places. We have plenty of reliable material and I have every right to believe the fellows will pull through in great shape," was the encouraging opinion of Coach Houston concerning the 1932 team. NEW TRO PHY -':.,- V- ' ll hd- Winn-iq Jiuhnarf-' D--tr' if Harry Heavner, William Molkentine, Max Wooten, Joe O'Lear, Lynn Smith. FOOTBALL '3 1 Coach . . . Assistant Coaches Captain . . . Captain-elect . Manager . . LETTERMEN Charles Niec Joseph O'Lear Frank Piotrowski Robert Moore Andy Major Irving Bernstein Thomas McKenna . . . . Guy Houston James Barclay, Harold Hobart Stanley Kuick, Jack Hubbard . . . . Frank Piotrowski . Gerold Sanford . Hugh McCombs Varsity Gerold Sanford Woodrow West William Molkentine Max Wooten Lee Johnson Lynn Smith Robert Newman Reserve Devere Barcombe Don Thompson Delmar Healy Leo Myslicki Robert Metcalf Louis Ur Tom Darnton Pete Major Steve Uricek Ray Smitzer Wallace Ciochon INDIVIDUAL: Although O'Lear was the only Viking to be placed on the Lawton All-State team, Piotrowski, Moore, and O'I..ear were placed on the All-Valley team. Jay Sanford was put back in the line on the second Valley team, and Johnson, Wooten, Bernstein, Smith and. Major were given honorable mention. O'Lear is con- sidered the best guard Houston has ever put into a game, being of the rip, raring type who was in every play and nipping in the bud plays which might have developed into scoring runs. Piotrow- Harry Heavner Sept. 2 6-Northern 1 9 '7 Oct. 3-Northern Oct. 10-Northern Oct. 17-Northern St. Mathews Ferndale . Bay City . Ann Arbor ski made "doors in the enemy lines" through which he gained considerable yardage. 19 3 l SCHEDULE Here Oct. 24-Northern 12 Pontiac . . . Here Here Nov. 7-Northern 0 Saginaw Eastern There There Nov. 14-Northern 32 Arthur Hill . . . Here There Nov. 26-Northern 0 Central . . . Atwood Northern us. Ann Arbo F' ..f1261.. - PX -6. Bob Moore, Charles Niec, Irving Bernstein, Andy Major, Lee Johnson. ST. MATHEWS 0, NORTHERN 19: St. Mathews opened Northern's 1931 schedule on Saturday, September 26, which gave Northern its twelfth straight game, winning IQ-0 from the parochial school. The end positions which had been causing Houston a great deal of trouble, through lack of material, seemed to be satisfac- torily filled by Molkentine and Newman. Captain Frank Piotrowski turned in some excellent line plunging. Although the game was played in the rain, the line proved its worth by holding well defensively and on the offense opening the opposing line to allow the ball carriers through. FERNDALE 0, NORTHERN 7: Hopes for a good aerial attack were diminished in the Ferndale game when only two completed passes out of ten for a total gain of fifteen yards was the discouraging result. The second quarter started out similar to the listless Iirst, but was enlivened by the Eskimos who seemed to gain new life. lt resulted in the only marker of the game when Piotrowski carried the ball across and Andy Major place-kicked the extra point. Sanford's stellar work in the line helped hold the maize and blue to two first downs. BAY CITY 6, NORTHERN 7: Showing an improvement over the last game with Ferndale, the Vikings won an exciting game by one point. Johnson and Major united their efforts to produce the lone Viking marker in the third quarter. Three passes, Major to Johnson, were good for a gain of 50 yards and a touch- down. Intercepting a pass from Heavner, Bay City scored, but their try was blocked by Major. Coach Houston's strategy,that of shifting John- son to end from quarterback and Sanford from guard to halfback, proved of substantial value. ANN ARBOR 7, NORTHERN 6: Losing the game which would have meant a list of I5 consecutive victories, Northern was put out of State running 7-6 by the Arborites. Out of four Ann Arbor passes one was completed, which was all that was needed to win. In the last minutes of the third quarter, West and Piotrowski succeeded in making five first downs with Piotrowski finally going over the line. Moore failed in the attempt to tie the score. ln- juries were responsible for Molkentine, Smith and XVest's departure from the game. Sanford's and O'Lear's work stood out in the line and Johnson handled the ball nicely in the backfleld. Northern vs. Arthur Hill ..l1271.. PX -6- Frank Piotrowski, Gerald Sanford, Max Wooten, Bob Newman, Tom McKenna. PONTIAC 0, NORTHERN IZ: In a battle against a reorganized and unbeatable eleven, the Chiefs were forced out of the State running with a I2-O score rung up by the Scarlet and Gray. Early in the first quarter West and Piotrowski, alternating, brought the ball down the f1eld and across the line for the first counter. Heavner's try was low. On a ten yard pass in the second quar- ter, Tom McKenna, speedy substitute, received a pass from Harry Heavner to bring the count to 12. The team piled up 1 1 first downs to Pontiac's ive. Piotrowski and O'Lear starred the whole game. SAGINAW EASTERN 7, NORTHERN 0: Fail- ing to show the fighting spirit which characterized the Pontiac game, the' Viking eleven was stopped in a march for Valley title by a score 'of 7-o. O'Lear's fine work was counter-balanced by Elmer Potts, Saginaw end, who proved a hard man to get around. As the result of a fumble and a blocked pass the Trojans scored on a pass from Speer to Potts, who was behind the goal. Northern's only threat, in the hotly contested last half, came in the last quartet when they were stopped and forced to punt. CENTRAL 6, NORTHERN 0: On an intercepted pass Moore of Central ran 6o yards to score the Northern vs. first touchdown by Central against a Northern team. Each team hung up four first downs. Cen- tral followed Northern in yards gained from lines of scrimmage: The Indians chalked a total of QQ to the Vikings IO3. In the air, however, the Indians held the edge, completing 4 passes for 45 yards, while one pass for II was all Northern executed. Piotrowski made 44 yards in 16 attempts. West plunged 1 1 times ,for 40 yards gain. Sanford carried the ball 8 yards in 4 tries. ARTHUR HILL 0, NORTHERN 32: The game was played in a steady downpour of rain but it did not deter Captain Piotrowski and his team- mates from establishing the highest score of the season. Fifteen flrst downs were made by the Norsemen while the Hillites were checked through- out the game. In the first quarter Bob Moore's blockade of two punts paved the way for the first marker made by Frank Piotrowski who crashed through behind Heavner's interference. The Hillites sent in an entire new outfit the next quarter. Piotrowski hung up two more touchdowns in the third and fourth on straight line plunges. Metcalf scored the other after running 30 yards. Central ..1r2s1., I . PX 1 VVOLVES Tap Row: Washington, Love, Ciochon, Gilmore, Havelchek. lloffom lforv: Lefler, Zerbe, Leitson, Burk, Sweet, Behn. ROUND ROBIN FOOTBALL: Football for as many students as possible has always been the policy of Northern High School. In accordance with this policy, Coach Houston instituted an annual intramural football tournament in his third year as coach. The second annual tourney attracted a large number of eager Vikings who were unable to make the grade with the varsity. These aspirants were skillfully handled by four high class men- tors, i'Jimmy" Barclay, Jack Hubbard, Harold Hobart and Stanley Kuickq all of the faculty. Frank Mitoraj, 1930 football captain, took Bar- clay's squad the latter part of the season. This year's race included four teams-Panthers, Wolverines, Bears, and Tigers-and Hnished with Hubbard's Panthers on top of the heap after a well-played game with the Wolverines. Hubbard won four, lost one: Wolverines broke even with BEARS Top Row: Uricek, Carpenter, Grenon, Coach Kuick, Ciochon, Wilson. Bottom How: Woodrick, Blackburn, Pillen, Roush, Goldberg, Ludorf. A ah-, - l 129 1.. , ..L... ,, , +.t. PANTHERS . Top Row: McClure, Lipka, Schmitzer, D. Weinberg. Second Row: Augsbury, Coach Hubbard, Ganscos, Pemberton. Bottom, Row: Hamann, Acket, Harris, Kolbe, Christianson. two wins, two defeatsg Bears beat the Tigers for their only victory against two defeats and the same number of "deadlocks," while the Tigers, although putting up splendid battles, won one, lost three and tied one. The climax of the Round Robin, was the play- off for the title between the Panthers and Wolver- ines. James Pemberton and Ray Smitzer combined their efforts in a pass combination that sent Smitzer scoring from the 40-yard line a fine catch and a brilliant run. This marker downed the powerful Wolverines, 6-o. Bill Barclay, Joe Grady and George Marzonie were the big "guns" for the Wolverines the entire season. Quarterback Steve Uricek, and Brady Carpen- ter performed neatly for the Bears, while Edward Havelcheck, George Loeffler and Dan Zerbe lugged the ball for yards for the Tigers. WOLVERINES Top Row: Husband, Parsell, Barnett, Pendell, Rhodes. Second Row: Coach Mitoraj, Legan, Stevens, Ketchum. Bottom Row: Corrington, Barclay, Marzonie, Darnton. i E ..lI301.. uw-. -5.2, -- -f ly VARSITY BASKETBALL Top Row: Coach James Barclay. Johnson, Alexander, Morrison, Holt, Barcombe, Major. Bottom Row: Newman lMgr.J, Bates, Evanoff, Heavner, Barclay, Piotrowski, Grady, Ragsdale 1Mgr.b BASKETBALL '32 Coach ........... James Barclay Captain fllonoraryj ....... Lee Johnson Co-Cuptairis-elect . Devere Barcombe, William Barclay Managers . . . Robert Newman, Charles Ragsdale VARSITY LETTERMEN Devere Barcombe William Barclay Joseph Grady Steve Uricek Harry Heavner Frank Piotrowski Dick Holt Dodson Truss Lee Johnson Frank Evanoff Rex Alexander RESERVE LETTERMEN Coach: Stan Kuick Chester Lipka Wayne Thomas Tom Darnton Marvin Barnett Clarence Connelly David Wienberg Luther Williams George Loeffler Theodore Burek BASKETBALL 1932: With a record of nine games won and seven games lost, Northern's 1931-32 cage team ended its season with a per- centage of .560 and the second city crown. Winning two out of three games from Central, the Viking's snatched the Wildanger trophy just when Central was set to take permanent possession of it. By showing the "Best attitude and organiza- tion ever had," as Coach Jimmie Barclay said, this year's team raised the standard set by that of last year when they lost ten out of fifteen games. "Flu" is probably one good reason why the Vik- ings did not show a better averaffe during the recent campaign. This year's ball club had the toughest schedule ever played by a Northern cage team. It was the first of its kind. Two games in two successive evenings were played every week. Besides this the opposition were far from "set ups." Bay City and Central had the best teams they ever had, Responsibility for leading the 1932-33 North- ern basketball team will be shouldered by Bar- combe and Barclay. The two were honored by team-mates who selected co-captains as Bud Bar- combe is the only two-year letterman, and gradu- ates in February. Both captains turned in excellent work this season and their constant effort. attitude and co-operation won the reward for them. WILDANGER BASKETBALL TRO PHY TROPHY: Dr. Wildanger, donor of the Football Trophy, has also donated a Basketball Trophy. The school which wins three consecutive games, will take permanent possession of the trophy. Northern, due to the victory this year, has tem- porary hold of the trophy. Central was all set to gather it into her folds when she lost two of the three games at the I. M. A. ..-lI3I1. -"-- :.--f - I -L 5..+ 1 PX -QM Reserve Tip-05 Barclay Tries One The Game Starts FIRST ALL-VALLEY TEAM First Team Northern failed in placing a player on the Evans G F' U Central first team. However, Robertson of Bay City suc- Claza t I: . . 1 Bay City ceeded in getting three more votes than Johnson. Spence . C . . Eastern Johnson and Protrowski were chosen for second Maturen . . G . Arthur Hill team berths' Robertson . . G . . Bay City VALLEY STANDINGS Second Team Won Lost Pct. Speer . . . F . Eastern Central . . 6 2 .875 338831 - ' - F - Bal' Cltl' Bay City . . . 6 2 .875 Wiedman .... C . Bay City Northern g . . h 3 5 .375 Johnson .... G . Northern , TieiPiotrowski . . G . Northern Sagmaw Eastern ' f 3 5 -375 lDavis . . . G Central Arthur Hill . . . 2 6 .125 SEASON SCHEDULE Emerson . . . December 23 ...... Northern 21 Alumni . . I5 Bay City . . . January 8 . . Northern 8 Bay City . . IQ I. M. A. Auditorium Januaw IQ . . Northern 18 Central . . . I7 Emerson . . . January 22 . . Northern 27 Saginaw Eastern 22 Arthur Hill . . January 29 . . Northern 28 Arthur Hill . X7 Emerson . January 30 . . . Northern 33 Owosso . . . 9 Emerson . February 5 . Northern 25 Bay City . . I4 Port Huron . February 6 . . Northern I7 Port Huron . 23 Owosso . . . February I2 . Northern I2 Owosso . . . 4 Mt. Clemens . February I3 . . Northern 16 Mt. Clemens . I2 Emerson . February IQ . Northern 20 Arthur Hill . I4 Pontiac . . February 20 . . Northern I5 Pontiac . . . 20 I. M. A. . February 26 . . Northern IQ Central . . . 20 Saginaw . March 4 . . . Northern 18 Saginaw Eastern 24 Central . March 8 . . . Northern 28 Central . . . 23 . . I 132 1 . . A , BASKETBALL RESERVES Top Row: Williams, Dorsay, Truss, Laramie, Falkowski, Darnton, Lipka. Bottom Row: Uricek, Thomas, Connolly, Burek. RESERVE BASKETBALL: Northern, under the skillful hands of Coach Stan Kuick, has always moulded strong reserve basketball teams in the past three years and this year was no exception until the latter part of the schedule when three regulars were lost to the squad, leaving inexperienced play- ers to fill in, which resulted in the loss of four games against seven victories. Although not boasting a very favorable record for the year, the seconds can well be proud of their five victories considering that the majority of the other schools pitted their second string men from the varsity against them. The Northern reserve squad is distinct from the varsity. It only acts as a "farm" for Head Coach Barclay. After suffering a 20-15 defeat in their first encounter against Pontiac, the boys got down to heavy work and perfected a fast breaking offense and an air-tight defense that "clicked" success- fully until their main offensive punch, Steve Uricek, who was good for at least IO points a game, was transferred to the Varsity. A few weeks later marked another shipment, in which Dodson Truss, lanky sophomore, was also sent to Coach Barclay's first team. These two performers were the "spark plugs" of the reserves and consequently with their de- parture Kuick's boys began to lose games. Two synthetic titles, Saginaw Valley and City, were relinquished. Bay City was the Vikings' first victim: the Wolves fell back with a 23-I5 count against them. Steve Uricek led his mates in the first Central game to win, 21-22. and continued the next ..f 133 week, scoring I7 points himself, to submerge Saginaw Eastern with a 38-16 walloping. Arthur.Hill held Kuick's men to a 21-21 tie in one of the best battles of the season. Dodson Truss and Connolly led the Vikings in the scor- ing column. The tie was not played off. Teddy Burek, Chet Lipka, and Steve Uricek went on a scoring spree against Court St. M. E., a church league entry, and the result was 34-1 1. Bay City, using the second team of the varsity, avenged itself by crushing the Northern hopefuls 35-23 for their second reversal. This was paid for somewhat when the Vikings took Arthur Hill down the line 17'-15. In the last two Central games, the team was up against the odds. Uricek, Truss, and Lipka. three mainstays, were out of the lineup. The boys put up a real battle, but were set back by a one point margin each time. 1932 RESERVE BASKETBALL M. S. D. . Northern Pontiac . Northern Bay City . Northern Central . Northern Saginaw . . Northern Arthur Hill . Northern Court St. M. E. Northern Bay City . Northern Arthur Hill . Northern Central . . Northern Saginaw Eastern Northern Central .... Northern 1 . . 4 . l 1 i .8 -. l NATIONAL LEAGUE VIKINGS Annable, St. John, Winter, Gilmore, Jennings, Orvil Speck,.01iver Speck. 1932 INTRA-CLUB BASKETBALL: Replacing the Annual Home Room Tournament. .the Intra- Club Basketball League finished its first year of organization with the Hi-Club of the American League on top. The League was organized by Coach Barclay to satisfy the demand for more extensive inter-school basketball. The fifteen clubs were then divided into two leagues, the American and National. Early in the tournament the Vikings stood at the top of the National League. In winning their first two games the Vikings displayed a strong zone defense. The American League showed the Eskimos and Hi-Club running a close race,- the Hi-Club climb- ing to the top by winning seven games and losing none. - . In the tourney play-oifs featured by the fine shooting of Bill Ball and Thorwald,Powrie, the first of the two-out-of-three games'was taken by the Hi-Club of the American League from' the Vikings of the National. The first quarter. of the game was closely contested with the ,Hi-Club ahead. Ball garnered twelve points while Powrie obtained ten. Although he failed -to -crash' the scoring column, Erickson' played. a steady game. St. Johns and Gilmore were the best the Vik- ings could offer. By winning the second game of the Series, the Hi-Club took the championship. .Handicapped by the absence of Ball, the Hi-lads kept a two or three point' lead for the first three quarters when Knuth ran wild and brought the final score to nineteen against the Vikings' ten.. . . SEASON RESULTS National League Vikings . . Press Club . Comets . Cardinals . Y Club . Giants . . . Gray Dawns . Concert Band . Chasers . . American League Hi-Club . . Blue Jackets . Eskimos . Flashes . . Comm. Cubs . Badgers . . Wolverines . Wolves . . . L.F. . ' R.F. . C. . R.G. . E' F3 cucmgmrnjn I-1 v-4 DJ -P- i-4 X - ALL-STAR TEAMS Q First Team Second . l W L . . . . 3 1 . 4 I . 2 I . 2 3 . 2 2 . I 2 A . 1 2 . 1 3 . 2 4 W L . 7 o . 5 o . 3 2 . 2 3 . 2 3 . 1 2 . . . . 1 5 . . . . . o 5 . . Place CPress Clubj . . . Ball CHi-Clubj . Crozat CPress Clubj . . Powrie Cl-Ii-Clubj . Morrison CHi-Clubj Team . . Gilmore CVikingsj Orvil Speck CVikingsi St. Johns CVikingsj . Jennings fVikingsD Oliver Speck CVikingsj . . Dorsay fCometsj . McMillen fCardinalsD , i 'LA PX -Q I CROSS-COUNTRY Top Row: Middleton, Bohl, Traycik. Second Row: Buck, Taylor, W. Barrett, Coach McMonagle. Bottom Row: S. Barrett, Holliday, DeWitt, Ash, Jordan. CROSS-COUNTRY '31 Coach ..... . . James McMonagle Captain . . . . '. Jacob Bohl Captain-elect . . Herbert DeWitt Manager . . , Louis , Traycik Assistant Manager .... Bill Middleton VARSITY LETTERMEN , Jacob Bohl Stanley Barrett- Herb DeWitt Dennis, Ash' 3 I ' Tom Jordan 'Willie Holliday Junior Buck Carl Taylor V ,RESERVE LETTERMEN ' Walt Barrett ' '. l I 1. Morris Berman ' ' Stan Marzic , B,urPrM2Whifmie Bob Sterling -Ja-mes Henry. Chet Kitka Bob Greenway 'THE 1,931 ,SCHEDULE . -Northern ' .' '. '24 Alumni . . 30 Northern , '. . ' ,29 ' Fordson . . . . 26 .Northern ., . , 24, Lansing Eastern . . 3 1 Northern . . I5 Dearborn . . . 5o A W Ann Arbor. . . , 55 Northern . . Q4 Kalamazoo,Central .' 36 Grand Rapids South 45 Davis Tech. . . . 128 Northern . . 27 Flint Central . . 28 ..f 135 -of the coin-decided the' winner late in April. -1931 CROSS-COUNTRY: With a season record showing wins in two out of three dual meets, a 'first inthe triangle meet, a second in the state meet, and tie for first in the Regional, the Viking tharriers closed thetmost successful season in history against Flint Central in a struggle for the city title. ln' this' set-to the Scarlet and Gray were nosed out, 27-28. After an inauspicious start following illnesses and-injuries suffered by-the squadQ thevteam led by Captain Jacob lBo'hl'showed the- way-to the tape first,.consis-tentlyaf 1' 1 . , , .' . - .1 ' In the'Regional meet because of a mix-up in checking runners, in the order of their finishing, the title, andltrophy were in question until a flip Coach McMonagle proved lucky and the title and trophy-,came to Northern. Captaini Bohl wasqthe 'only harrier in the city's history to ,win the -Regional meet two years in succession. Captain-elect Herb DeWitt took a seventh in the state meet. REGIONAL 1 ' Because of official mix-up the winner of the Regional meet .was to be decided by the place- ment of Northern and Central, disputing con- testants for first place,' in the State meet. This later resulted in Northern's winning the regional meet. STATE MEET - Northern . . Q4 Monroe . . . 97 Kalamazoo' .' . 70 Flint Central . . I04 Grand Rapids South IO6 1.. I 1 i 1 1 A TRACK 1931 Top Row: W. Barnett, Hedgecock, Wambold, E. Knuth, Groover, Bonventre. Second Row: Coach Houston, Traycik, R. Knuth, Washington, Tyler, Boomhower, Care. Bottom Row: McKenna, Jenkins, Sanford, Jordan, Taylor, Collick. TRACK 1931: Northern's running off with the Saginaw Valley meet was the significant accom- plishment of the 1931 track team, Bob Moore, Lee Johnson and A1 Washington starring. The season was started by trimming the strong Lansing Eastern aggregation by ten points. This was followed by a close meet with Central in which the Viking squad was victorious by a small margin. In the Regional meet the team was not as successful, but managed to take third place. Tyler and Jordan gained a place in the state meet. Tyler placed third in the pole vault and Jordan fourth in the quarter mile. REGIONAL MEET RESULTS 1931 POLE VAULT-Tyler . . . . Tie for 1st 880 RUN-Hedgecock . .... .... 3 rd 100 YARD DASH-Roush . ..... 3rd MILE RUN-Bohl .......... 4th 220 YARD DASH-McKenna ...... 3rd SHOT PUT-Johnson, Moore . lst and tie for 4th 440 YARD DASH-Jordan ....... 2nd HIGH JUMP-Washington ....... 2nd RELAY-Northern . . ....... 2nd CITY MEET RESULTS 1931 120 YARD HIGH HURDLES-Washington . lst DISCUS-Johnson, Major ..... lst Sz 3rd 100 YARD DASH-Major, McKenna . 2nd 8 3rd 440 YARD DASH-Hedgecock, Knuth . lst 8: 3rd SHOT PUT-Moore, Johnson .... lst 8: 3rd 220 YARD DASH-McKenna ...... lst POLE VAULT-Tyler, Morse ' . 1st 8: Tie for 3rd HIGH JUMP-Washington, Tyler . lst, Tie for 2nd 220 LOW HURDLES-V. Smith ..... 2nd HALF MILE--Jordan ......... lst MILE RUN-Bohl . . . . .... . . 2nd JAVELIN-Washington . . . . . . . 2nd 880 YARD RELAY-Northern . ..... lst VALLEY MEET 1931 HALF MILE-Jordan, Hedgecock . . 2nd, 3rd JAVELIN-Washington . . . 3rd 880 YARD RELAY-Northern . . . . . 1st 100 YARD DASH-Roush . . . 4th POLE VAULT-Tyler .... .... 1 st 120 YARD HIGH HURDLE- HIGH JUMP-Washington. . . Tie for 3rd Washington, R. Smith ...... lst, 2nd SHOT PUT-Johnson, Moore . . lst 52nd MILE RUN-Bohl ........ . . 3rd BROAD JUMP-Washington . . . . lst 220 YARD LOW HURDLES-V. Smith . . 4th DISCUS-Moore, Johnson . . . 1st8z 3rd 220 YARD DASH-McKenna . . . . . 2nd THE 1931 SEASON DUAL CFirst Placej REGIONAL IThird Placel Northern . . . 66 Lansing Central . 56 Northern .... 25 Lansing Eastern . 42.8 glint Cezxsrall li 42.5 . aginaw rt ur i 19 CITY 4F1fSt Place, Saginaw Eastern . 16.8 Northern . . . 63 Central . . 58 Owosso I . Q l 4 Port Huron . . . 3 VALLEY fFirst Place! STATE fTie for Fourth Place? Northern .... 54 Flint Central . . 43.5 Northern ..... 4 Monroe .... 28 Saginaw Eastern . 24.5 Grand Rapids Central 26 Saginaw Arthur Hill 23.5 Muskegon . . . 24 Owosso .... .8 Flint Central . . 4 . I 136 I.. PX .Y QV, .V. City Track Meet 1932 TRACK '31 Coach . . ..... Guy Houston Captain . . . Emmett Sanford Clneligiblej Captain-elect ..... Thomas McKenna Manager . . Alex Houston, Roger Pineau VARSITY LETTERMEN Thomas McKenna A Andy Major Wendell Roush Carl Taylor Tom Jordan Anson Hedgecock Al Washington RESERVE LETTERMEN Ralph Knuth Wilfred Collick Bill Laing Ralph Smith LaVerne Smith Claude Tyler Lee Johnson Bob Moore Jacob Bohl Frank Morse Joe Jankowski Jay Sanford CENTRAL-NORTHERN-PONTIAC 19 3 2 120 HI-HURDLES-Smith, Knuth . 3rd, 4th 100 YARD DASH--Roush, McKenna . 2nd, 4th SHOT PUT-Johnson, Moore . . . 2nd, 4th POLE VAULT-McMullen ..... 4th 220 Low HURDLES-Smith, Laing . 2nd, 4th . . I T37 440 YARD DASH-Jordan . . . 880 YARD RUN-Brown, Burek . BROAD JUMP-Jordan . . . CITY MEET 1932 120 HI-HURDLES-Smith, Knuth l0O YARD DASH-Major, McKenna SHOT PUT-Johnson, Moore . . POLE VAULT-Tyler. Metcalf . 220 Low HURDLES--Smith, Laing 440 YARD DASH-Jordan . . . 880 YARD-RUN-Burek . . . 3rd ISIC ISU, ISL 2nd 2nd and 4th 2nd 3rd znd 2nd 3rd 3rd 3rd znd 880 RELAY-Williams, McKenna, Major, Roush. Time, I :34.4. New record disqualified. OXVOSSO MEET 1932 120 HI-HURDLES--Smith, Knuth . . Ist, 2nd 100 YARD DASH-Roush, Major . Ist, 3rd MILE RUN-Greenway ...... 3rd SHOT PUT-Moore, Johnson . . . Ist, 3rd POLE VAULT-Metcalf, McMullen . Tied for ist 220 YARD DASH-Roush. Major . . ISI, 3rd 220 Low HURDLES-Smith, Laing . 2nd, 3rd HI-JUMP-Knuth ..... Tie for 2nd 440 YARD DASH-Jordan, Smitzer . Ist, 3rd 880 YARD RUN-Burek, Brown . . . ISI, 2nd BROAD JUMP-Jordan. Smith . . 2nd, 3rd 880 RELAY-Williams, McKenna, Major, Roush. Time, I:35.3. 1 .. i 1 i l 'PX ' -Q BASEBALL 1931 Top Row: Lipka, Coach Barclay, Sage, Laramie, Stewart, Marzonie, Evanoff. Second Row: Molkentine, Piotrowski, Heavner, Tenore, Eaton, Grady, Marzonie. Bottom Row: Urbanic, Johnson, Bobay, Commins, Erickson, Newman. BASEBALL '31 Coach . 1 . . -James Barclay Captain ........ Bill Marzonie . Lee Johnson . Frank Marzonie, Roland Stewart Captain-elect ...... Manager . 193 1 BASEBALL LETTERMEN Varsity! Leonard Urbanic Joe Grady Lee Johnson ' Don Comins Mike Bobay 1 Bill Marzonie Robert Newman William Molkentine Frank Piotrowski Gordon Sage Harry Heavner George'Erickson George V Marzonie, Manager 1 RESERVE LETTERMEN Chester Lipka Harvey Laramie Frank Evanoff ' BASEBALL- 1931: The 1931 Viking baseball team annexed to Northernfs list of victories the Saginaw Valley Baseball Championship. This title marked the first time Northern has ever attained the valley honor. V The city baseball crown was another feather in Northern's bonnet when they beat Central two out 'of three games. The first game ended 5-3 in Northernfs favor, but the second time the tables were turned and Central took it by a close 1 I-I0 score. However, ..l 138 the third game gave us the city crown with a 9-5 win. Nine games were on the Norsemen's schedule for the past seasong of these, seven were victories and two defeats. Northern . . . Detroit St.,Anthony 4 Northern . . Pontiac .F . . . 6 Northern . . Ann Arbor . ' . . 4 ,Northern . . Bay City , . . . 1 Northern . . Saginaw Arthur Hill 4 Northern, . .' Flint Central . . 3 Northern .V . I0 Flint Central . . 1 1 Northern . . . 9 Flint Central . . 5 BASEBALL 1932: Opening the new season with a brilliant 9-6 victory, Northern's baseball nine showed a lack of championship punch, but with regular practice, Coach Barclay hopes to organize another laurel-winning team. Promising material was seen in Steve Uricek, who brought in five out of seven runs made in the Pontiac game. April 23'N0fIhCIH . . . Pontiac C61 May 7-Northern . . . Arthur Hill II May 14--Northern . . . Owosso IO May 18-Northern . Flint Central May 21-Northern . Saginaw Eastern May 28-Northern . . Arthur Hill June 1--Northern . Saginaw Eastern June 4-Northern . . . Owosso June 7-Northern Flint Central 1.. l r TENNIS 1931 Top Row: Comer, Tate, Stevenson, Park, Coach Louis Nickels. Bottom Row: Crozat, Jamieson. Adamson, Annable. TENNIS '31 llgay is-II:IIor3liern . . 3 igignahv Eastern . 2 - ' ' ay 1 or ern . . 1 an . . . . gggzgfn ' ' ' . ' l Dg1g3lsJaI3?elZ?3 May 20-Northern . . 1 Central .... 8 Captain-elect , . . Alvin Crozat May 24"N0rthern - ' 5 OWOSSO ' ' ' ' ' 4 LETTERMEN I A . . TENNIS, 1931: Losing every meet except one, David Jamieson C1YdeAdamS0H the tennis team ended a disastrous season last year. Alvin Crozat ' ' Ormalmmable The only team that the squad beat was Owosso, TENNIS SCHEDULE 1932 the count being 5-4. April30-Northern 2g Lansing 6 ...- There The inexperienced squad was composed of Cap- M2351lzjgjgffjanggsgffsfonlj ' ' ' 1 Tlggfg tain David Jamieson, Tate, Stevenson, Comer, May 21-Saginaw Eastern . . . There Park, Crozat, Adamson and Orm Annable, all of yay 22-gentral ---- - Tgefe whom with the exception of Jamieson, Adamson JESS iiiclfiiii 1 V: 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 H252 anfiriafk fffufned fhgsseason- E A 5 , t 1S season s squa is compose A o six ve erans. , TENNIS SCHEDULE 1931 Ca tain Crozat has la ed stead , heads-u tennis Apr1l26-Northern 0 Pontiac 9 p P Y Y P May 3-Northern . . 1 Saginaw Eastern ' 8 so far and has been ably helped by Vane Patterson. May 8-Northern . . 1 Central .... 8 Orm Annable, Marvy Tate, Comer, Myslicki, Paw. ' TENNIS 1932 Top Row: Crozat, Stevenson, Faw, Conner, Myslicki, Dubin, Annable, Foxworthy. Bottom How: Tate, Comer, Patterson, Coach Nickels. at E 1 ..l ,-, 1 . J-f-A' -' -'uri r mum WRESTLING Featherweight . Bantamweight . Lightweight . Welterweight . Middleweight . Light Herwyweight Featherweight . Bantamweight . Lightweight . . Welterweight . Middleweight . Light Heavyweight YVRESTLING Top Row: Wasenko, Sklarow, Hamann, Pintacura, Wooten. Bottom Row: Drapp, Healy, McKenna, Thompson, Roth. Semi-Finals . No semi-finals. . McKenna beat Schofield: Drapp beat Herzog. . Thompson beat Roush: Towner forfeited to Sklarow. . Wasenko beat Legan: Pillen beat Healy. . Pintacura beat Pendell: Hamann beat Roloff. . . Wooten beat Ur: Healy beat Leitson. Finals . Roth beat Goodenough. . McKenna beat Drapp. . Sklarow beat Thompson. . Wasenko beat Pillen. Hamann beat Pintacura. Q Draw between Wooten and Healy. BOXING Featherweight . Bantamweight . Lightweight . Welterweight . Middleweight . Light Heavyweight Featherweight . liantamweight . Lightweight . . Welterweight . Middleweight . Light Heavyweight Semi-Finals Prehoda beat Scott' ' ' Kalakay beat wilsiir.. . Herzog beat Van Dyke. . Borges beat Jackson: Gilmour beat Gauthier. . Pillen beat Guith: Kirkland beat Javor. . No semi-finals. . Hamann beat Traycik: Blassingame beat Sherman. Finals . Prehoda beat Kalakay. . Novar beat Herzog. . Not fought. . Pillen forfeited to Kirkland . Grant beat Dorsey. . Hamann beat Blassingame Q BOXING Top Row: Gilmour. Blassingame, Hamann, Borges, Dorsay. Bottom Row: Kirkland, Herzog, Kalakay, Novar. uf 1 . A -Q 2 GOLF 1931 Top Rott: Deets, G. Cook, R. Cook. llottom How: Parsell, Coach Dodds, Gueder. GOLF '31 Coach . , . .... Harold Dodds Captain' . . . . Larry Gueder Captain-elect . . Ray Cook Manager ........ Stahrl Deets GOLF 1931: The golf team enjoyed a fruitful season, being bested only by Central and Saginaw Arthur Hill. Coach Dodds was able to select Varsity material in the school tournament held in the fall. Promising material is watched for in these tournaments and developed for the team. Three of the letter men were lost to the 1932 team by graduation. Ray Cook is the only letter- man returning and is captain of the squad. April 25-Pontiac May 5-Central May I51OWOSSO LETTERMEN Varsity Howard Parsell George Cook Ray Cook Lawrence Gueder May 19-Central .... 8 Northern May 12-Saginaw A. H. 6M Northern District: Central .... 357 Northern GOLF SCHEDULE 1932: April29-Central . . . . 569 Northern May 71AffhUf Hill 581: Northern 532 May Io-Central 569: Northern 532 . May l41OWOSS0 428: Northern 360 . May 24--Central 577: Northern 537 . 8h Northern 3M May 28-Arthur Hill .......... 8 Northern 4 June 4-Owosso . . . . . . . 2 Northern IO June 7-Central . . . . GOLF 1932 Top Row: Grady, Cook, Johnson, Glover, Schaeffer. Bottom Row: Jarrard, Barclay, Sotherlland, Connolly. 4 5M 388 5 3 2 Here There Here Here There There There at I.. . , K... .-- ... ,.......'v-,L.............,,.-.. ,. .r . , M t . -..--.... ....,.,......,. . . L CHEER LEADERS Michaud, Captain Dupee, Herzog, Elder. CHEER LEADERS: Urged on by the I932 cheering squad, the Viking rooters added a great deal to the morale of their teams by enthusiastic and orderly cheering. Always ,alert to "strut their stuff" they donated to what might other- wise be dull and unexciting moments of play, the usual Northern spirit. Always on hand when the brilliant grid playing of O'Lear or Piotrowski showed up or when Evanoff's or Johnson's stellar work on the court showed scoring results, the leaders organized the spontaneous cheering into regular voluminous roars of approval. Captain Stuart Dupee's return to duty was welcomed after a quarter of absence due to ineligi- bility. The backbone of the squad was its peppy youngsters, Melvin Michaud and Gordon Elder. Michaud will be lost to Northern through gradu- ation, although Elder will be back. A new member was added in time for the Cen- tral basketball games and proved popular. He was Robert Herzog, formerly a tumbler. His cartwheels and leading inaugurated something new in the annual court games. In Gym Class ..IlI421.. A Q I n i 1 I I l E I I SENIORS Top Row: Sawyer, Kukin, Cooper, Peake. Bottom Row: Ford, Staley, Dustman. 1932 SENIOR BASKETBALL: After winning the Inter-Class basketball title the Northern senior girls lost the chances for City Title when they lost to the powerful Central feminines. Starting out the season by winning with a large margin from the juniors, the seniors received a start for class honors. At the end of the Hrst quarter the count stood eight to two in favor of the seniors, because of Ford's and Staley's fine shooting in the second quarter. They made it an eleven point lead at the half. The last half gave the seniors a chance to add regularly to their score. Staley, Ford, and Peake did stellar work in the second game on the senior schedule. Winning from the Sophs by an I8-16 count they bagged the school title. Led by Joles the Sophs staged a comeback which nearly won the game for them in the last quarter. The Central squad gave the seniors their only defeat. Wendardt, Indian center, proved too much for the Vikings and made baskets at will until Helen Forro was substituted to stop her in the last quarter. Staley, Ford, and Forro were the outstanding Northern players. 1932 JUNIOR BASKETBALL: The girls of the junior class basketball squad suffered only one defeat at the hands of the senior girls. They were however, the only team which came out on top in the Central-Northern frays. They avenged somewhat the defeats handed to the other class teams by the Indians. JUNIORS Top Row: Calkins, Jacquiline Smith, Syze, Fay, Voss. Bottom Row: Schaeffer, Mott, Bedenfield, Myers, Jean Smith. V l ..f1431.. PD 9- . SOPHOMORES Top Raw: Burleson, Pleiscott, Chillick, King, Plew. Bottom Row: Brackins, Dobransky, Nagy, Joles. They won their first inter-class game from the Soph team by a one point margin, 9-10. Ger- trude Bedenlield carried honors on the junior team, sinking seven points to win the game. Maxine Joles followed second for the Sophs with 4 points. At the first half the game was still undecided and by the end of the third quarter the juniors had rallied to get a nine point lead. At the end of the third' quarter the score stood 9-8. Losing their only game of the season the junior girls were stopped on" their way to inter-class championship by the senior femmes, IQ-5. Fay played the best for the losers, while Ford and Staley starred for the seniors. Led by Lola and Lois Staehle the Viking sextet took the Indian girls for a 23-15 victory. The game was clinched in the first half when the score stood eleven and live in the Vikings favor. Lola 1932 SOPIHOMORE BASKETBALL: The Sophomore sextet lost all the games in which they played. However, all of these games were close and packed with thrills. They lost to the juniors by one point, to the seniors by three points, who had given the juniors a 19-15 defeat, and finally to the Flint Central girls by live points. Starting out the junior game with a bang the sophomores led the game at the end of the first quarter. Due to a rally on the part of the juniors, they were set back at the end of the third quarter by the count 9-8 against them. The final score being 9-10. Theresa Nagy was star of the Central-Northern sophomore game. Seven of the nine points were due to her effective shooting. As in the junior piled up 12, her sister six points, and Gertnlde Bedenfield slipped in live points. game, the Sophs led at the half, but were forced out by a rally of the Central lassies. GIRLS' BASKETBALL 19 3 2 Sophomore Junior Senior Katherine King . . . J. F. Gertrude Bedenlield . . J. F Helen Ford .... J. F. Alice Braden . . . F. Lois Staehle . . . . F Virginia Peake . . F. Theresa Nagy . . F. Lola Staehle . . . ' F Christine Staley . . . F. Helen Chillick . . G. Esther Fay . . . F. Geraldine St. Pierre . . F. Gladys Brackins . . . G. Esther Schaeffer . . . G Bessie Foster . . . . 'G. Gertrude Pleiskatt . . G. Doris Syze . . . G. Katie Kukin . . . G. Margaret Dobransky . . G. Dorothy Mott . . . . G. Beatrice Cooper . . G. Jacquiline Smith . . . G. Doris Dustman . . G. Dorothy Calkins: Hilda Myers Helen Forro . . . G. March 1 . . Juniors . . .... I0 Sophomores . . 9 March 9 . . Seniors ...... IQ Juniors .... 5 March 16 . . Seniors . .... . 18 Sophomores .... . I5 March 29 . . Northern Seniors . . . I4 Flint Central Seniors . . . 21 March 30 . . Northern Sophomores . . 9 Flint Central Sophomores . I4 April 4 . . . Northern Juniors . . . 23 Flint Central Juniors . . . I5 GIRLS' ALL-CITY BASKETBALL TEAM C. Staley CND B. Foster CND A. Wendardt CCD V. Peake CND E. Schroeder CCD D. Wheeler CCD --F1441 . . I l 1 1 i , I I J I 1 I I 4 F i 1 J 1 l l J I l ll 1. 1 V 1 n l l l l 1 IN 9- GIRLS' HOCKEY TEAM Top Row: .Che-a, Ford, Cooper, Robinson, Bedenfield, Braden, Dobis. Bottom Row: Schaeffer, Mott, Brackins, Joles. -1 1932 HOCKEY: When eighty-seven girls reported for hockey practice, Coach Sullivan organized them into seven teams, the sophomores having four, juniors two, and seniors one. ' Preliminary practice was held following which the teams played each other to determine both the best team and the best players. Out of the original eighty-seven, three teams were selected, composed of the most skillful play- ers who represented Northern in the Northern- Central play-offs. In the games which followed the Indian lassies stroked their way to victory in each of the three games. The sophomores were trimmed 2-o, the juniors 2-o, and the seniors 4-o. At the conclusion of the inter-school series, Coach Sullivan selected an all-school team made up of the best players as shown in the games played. These players werefannounced at the hockey ban- quet held at Central December 3, which ninety players of both schools attended. NORTHERN JUNIORS 0 --CENTRAL Z: A fighting junior girls' team made a desperate de- fensive attempt to stop the Indians from scoring, but the Redskins slipped through for two markers. The Centralites, a much more experienced team, played brilliant hockey. The game was full of action. fast and clean to the very end. Bedenfield, Smith, and Bethan Tattersall were outstanding for Northern. V NORTHERN SOPHOMORES 0-CENTRALZ: With only a few weeks practice the sophomore hockey team opened the inter-school play and in a defensive lapse allowed the Indian maidens to chalk up two goals. - ' This game forecast the season's results for the two senior teams in that although full of iight the Vikings would give way to the experience of the more seasoned Centralites. NORTHERN SENIORS 0 -CENTRAL 4: By sweeping through the Northern senior team, the Central lassies made a clean sweep of the city series, 4-o. Seniors Juniors Position Sophomores All-School Peake . Smith . . R. F. . . Brackins . . Cooper Bornkind Tattersall R. F. . . . . Towner . . Schaeffer Nadeau . Robinson R. W. . . . Burlingame . . . Mott Ford . Bedenfield C. F. . . . Browder . . Bedenlield Staley . Dobis . . . . L. F. . . . Chea . . . Ford Beach . Szwed . . . L. F. . . Hamla . . Dobis Rebarchek Mott . L. W. . . Dumler . . Brackins Kukin . Adler . C. B. . . Prescott . . Potter Cooper . Foster . . . H. B . . Smith . . Staley Stalker . Schaeffer . . . . H. B ' . . Witt . . Szwed St. Pierre Burns . . . G. . . Joles . . Joles . . I 145 1 . . I l P I l PX -6- ATHLETIC AWARDS WON REX ALEXANDER Basketball? ORMAL ANNABEL Tennis?? DENNIS ASH Cross-Country? ? PERCY BATES Basketball Reserve?? IRVING BERNSTEIN Football? MICHAEL BOBAY Baseball? ? JACOB? BOHL ' f Cross1Country?? Captain '31 RICHARD DARNTON Cross-Country? STAHRL DEETS Golf Manager? JOE ELLIOT Basketball? Basketball Reserve? ? FRANK EVANOFF Basketball? Baseball Reserve? FRANK GLOVER Golf? ROBERT GREENWAY Track? DAVID JAMIESON Tennis?? Captain '3 I LEE JOHNSON Football?? Basketball?? Honorary Cap- tain '3 I Baseball?? Captain '32 Track?? GRACE BLACKBURN H BEss1E FOSTER 'Ht EVELYN LIFSEY "S BEATRICE COOPER 'lf ELNORA GILMORE 'F HELEN FORD 'F NINA JEAN KNUTSON 'K DORIS DUSTMAN 'K CHRISTINE STALEY H TOM .IORDAN Cross-Country?? Outdoor Track?? Indoor Track? EARL KNUTH Track? HUGH IVICCOMBS Football Manager? THOMAS MCKENNA Football? Indoor Track?? Outdoor Track?? Captain '3 2 FRANK IVIITORAJ Football? ? ? Captain ' 3 o Baseball Reserve? ? MELVIN IVIICHAUD Cheer Leader? ROBERT MOORE FoOtball?? Track? ? BOLTEN MORRISON Basketball Reserve? Track? Basketball Manager?? JOSEPH NAGY Basketball Reserve? ? Baseball? ROBERT NEWMAN Football? Baseball?? ? CHARLES NIEC Football? Football Reserve? JOSEPH O'LEAR Football? ? ? NEIL PARKS Tennis? BY CL ASS OF 1932 VANE PATTERSON Tennis? ? FRANK PIOTROWSKI ' Football?? Captain '3 I Baseball?? Basketball? ? EUGENE RICHARDS Cheer Leader? GORDON SAGE Baseball? LYNN SMITH Football? Football Reserve?? Baseball? V VERNON .SMITH Track? ? ROBERT STERLING Cross-Country Reserve? EDWARD STRONG Basketball Reserve?? ' CARL TAYLOR Cross-Country?? Indoor Track? LOUIS TRAYCIK Cross-Country Manager? Track Reserve? HAROLD WAMBOLD Indoor Track? ALFRED WASHINGTON Football? ? Track?? Basketball? ? FRANCIS WIGGINS Baseball Manager? JOHN YORKO Baseball? GIRL LETTER WEARERS HELEN FORRO ?? LUCILLE SAWYER 'l' MARY BEACH ?? GERALDINE ST. PIERRE ? ANNA SMITH ?? VIRGINIA PEAKE ?? HILDA BORNKIND ? DOROTHY MOTT ? ESTHER FAY 'I ..l146j.. DORIS SYZE 4' .IACQUELINE SMITH ? GERTRUDE BEDENFIELD ? RACHAEL CARPENTER 'I' HILDA MYERS ? BETHAN TATTERSALL ? ESTHER SCI-IAEFFER ? ALBINA DESJARDIN ? DEONE STALKER ? r F N i 4 PX AML!-lucky f5eAUT,Es V1 TIME L A R K 5 T E R S INITIAYIDN NOON Hoon GANG- MAX AND ROD DN Acxrvon -Q. O WOT AN TAN - PAN N u fI471 wp. ,V .W , PX , -Q, 57... SHOTS Y -4r6!3r0ocn p LI481.. Lv OK' RT U5 -icoxnof 34 F O Fl r--Q +n-2-Q03 PX -QD PANs1e5 F R A N K E N 5 T 6 D U P px E :wa Q Ri. f' ART RAY H ERE we cone' 2- 7U'M1"7 UZ? ..IVI4Q1.. 3 --+-2 E I PX , Q., if. Bueus Bm 'PASSQON THREE GOLD DU5T TWINS THINK So' rqgg? N BEE' ..lI501.. um-me mehr come! N A Vi 1 'PX DAN' BY DAY A D D L. E -. if. FUDJII EOVTOR G O O D W A Nr N E ? AVIATRDC ' LINK .lI5I1. Pontiac 12-05 bid for elected ian- lifzlm Mwdld junmr elnsi Bukenkos ctars pre:-L Helen I-lhlliif' e-presk ftively. mania. Q jun-A , fp-eu , was PX lI53 w 1 -H 5 , If up Fr! l Danceg The faculty of Nnrmhern high sc-hnol icfu with Mr. Nor- mlk md me in wishing you 8 MERRY, MERRY CHRIST- MAS. Santa wan in town early r tn study ehimneyn. fu-'I vermin will and he!Y1's in your nlockilyg, your books in thlx house. Have u real vn- of :endian and ml. all mug in'-A Editor Jean Maeder msg book. will PX 11 each Thu hues wi H QRS CEOIIXXETEYSAXW' Xdxhm- ,5igxk'XXX Disc S199 f M X scrivW":F11rx:,nhersh1VS Univ . ,.'f' -Q sm--:mm M M M, mu . ,qw 'xi X". mv wah aww., 4, ,x,ux,Nfnr-V ' ,X Wh W2 um mmmmlw ,ug g,w.m-2 , war year muck wand -gx.ufW'W -nmmw wwf we Lu Amer H 4 .wer umuem. N ngamn , A . A, . 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Joe John's gift of gab certainly slays the women. Dave Jamieson and Gracie at the DeMolay Bowery Ball- Rowdydowl 'vii "X . l .U Q ?f ': N j A . " , r H -f tlljx-Q 2 mi 1 44 ,VX -. I ' dl -Q lf. ,IU nm .r Q1 I M 'gg' 'r - 'J , NN -I U, 7 1 I, K 'N t 3 I' 1 'M' mg. Y X - '--.ff kg? pl, X I 1 l . L Hxshlngm , - X i ..l1561.. PX QQ! , 1 . K- f ' ' in S? I X . ,V f as 1 K ' ' l f.. 'gn Lim . e ' JN ! ls X Qi Ax I X Q if 'r'fi?15iS. t I ' 1 , X X lf' u X-aw Y: ,Aa we f Y V' -- 11-4 . I - Chuck Irving even gets the girls to walk home from the school parties with him. Elaine Boyscn's red hair proved Ormal Annables Waterloo. ..It. s great to be a drum major," says Roy Stratton. EPITAPH Here lies Bob Moore, Got stuck in a revolving door. EPITAPH Here lies the body of Gracie Neale. She got here on a banana peel. Frequent absences from class lead us to believe Eldon Ingersoll is a chronic invalid. Mr. Peck reading the Bible in 200. He missed his calling: he should have been a minister. Vwfe nominate for the Hall of Flames. Gladys Brackins and Al Washington. Betty Jane Goldman-personality plus. Mr. Dodds polished nails. - ' 69 23' as ' E? A ,"W" zz I it M" - - L'-4 - - .,, , 2 i 'f ' Jsgw, bf! L .-.T i , h Li ' -ff i fa' V " 6 ,7 fp 1 f 5 - 1 .f N . 4 p jw,--f.,.!l..,., ..LI571.. PX, ..Wf.. 2755 9 C 'ICD WVR -4 VPHE' zomnzo CONES rqew- cvommv-Gems ' THE NITIATMN 3 ..l1581.. i PX -Q. F' I R. e- D R POSIN .A ws-mv cw. EATIN 7 Poop, KID A5 QLIVE Ango BREAPIHEK H591 O -can rw .REID 0 O S T' PX gr! L Mm Af! M! 5-,serum fwmvf fr SINGIN IH 7502 fill!! ,ll 10 00" ? c- r-19' ge RAND f LU' 'O C-my 'nr 71.5 .- QEF' PX ,Qs SRG Y R140 Co Mfkuvuev nf' SWG' -I YOU Sumnhns Q- 'P '-,.,,.f ' Q x SwEEr 'roo1H5- B A, V3 U15 1- mx-1 0001 JUS LRVINA X ..l16o1.. L - K...-.11,,.:Y. 6- ..1. M... -- 11 E' if" A .Y Q, .M .. : -1 --pm: " '- Lf ' FORCE. OF HABIT SPRING Severe iL'2Zm"' K t I If Cwwerzow ffw' 1 1 ! 1 ANOTHER m-wuo1.e 'Voorf Toqr! 1 i E 1 1 H ALL OF 1 N , Me 1 I 1 L D0R!5 ON DISPLAY 1 1 1 S , 1 A "Af, t 1 STUDINT If Y Ml' sf 1? 1 , 1 Eff ' R -Q-.-...MWA .N 15 Q ..II6I1.. oe-1 wa U- 1 ,..N, ,A ' j ,,,,,,-,qv "W" '1 W,--.-4-1--- A 1, L... PX , U if .I:I621. A ' '-Q, 3 I Qi 5 L i S w 'Y l 1 S 4 X D Q? wi 3 u Y ,I Y. fs 5 X , ..lI631 35 x FACULTY TESTIMONIALS: Harold Hobart says: "I am a celebrated chemist and in that capacity I was always spilling acids on my teeth. This made my food taste funny and also spoiled my Gable-like looks. I was on the brink of suicide because of my inelegant teeth, but just at the fatal moment when I was about to swallow the cue ball at the Capitol Recreation Parlors, I heard the melodious tones of Amos 'n' Andy and Bill Haye recommending the use of Pepsodent for delinquent teeth. ,From then until now I have fairly lived in Pepsodent and my mother is always showing off my teeth to company." Sk Pk 41 Missus Audrey Wille Bowns says: "Before I was married my hands were beautiful, white and soft. A short while after I was wed, my husband started letting his beard grow for-one, two and yes-I hate to say it, but sometimes three days without shaving. I wondered-good heavens! Has he ceased to care? I used to ponder over this as I nibbled bits of cheese from the mouse-trap. Finally, I hit upon the solution. My hands had become rough and reddened from dish washing. Then I found Chipso-happy, hapnv dav. Now hubby shaves every day and he does the dishes too. I have beautiful hands." FK PF Pk 'Miss Mildred Beamer says: "For five years I had eye strain, backaches, indigestion, fallen arches. charley-horses, colds, rashes and nose-bleeds. One day, one of my friends said, 'Say, Millie, old gal, old gal, why don't you try Sloan's Liniment com- pound? Boy, oh boy, oh boy, it's swell stufff So I broke my dime bank open and went down to buy a bottle of Sloan's. Myl' My! You don't know how much better I am. I now wear a size three and one-half shoe and have a date every night in the week." wk Pk if Miss Helen Murray of Gallipolis,Ohio, writes in to say this: "I always have had queer dreams and nightmares. I used to think that it was something I had et, but I"quit eating so it can't be that. Every nf night I dreamed about wedding bells. I couldn't seem to interpret my dreams until I got that won- derful book of Dr. Snoresnoots. Dr. Snoresnoots' book interpreted my dream about wedding bells as meaning I would be a success on the New York stage. Well, modestly speaking, I was a wow'on the stage and thanks to Dr. Snoresnoots dream book I've had insomnia ever since." an ar lil OLLA PODRIDA CA typical meeting! : The Bell was rung and the meeting began. "Foreman" "Eddy," who "Hadaway" about her, "Rose" and "Baird" the awful truth,without "Beaton"around the bush. "There is no 'Moore' money in the treasury," she announced dispiritedly into the "Mike," placed there that her voice might not "Miss Carey." "I'll give you a 'Buck' " cried one loyal mem- ber, crossing his Iingers and knocking on "Wood." "We'll need more 'Jack' than that," cried "Ann"other. "Order! The secretary will 'Reid' the minutes of the last meeting!" During the reading, the secretary grew nervous, and crumpled the paper. "Don't 'Wadja' paper like that," yelled a soph "Craft"-ily, on "Adair." "Oh, that's all right," replied a senior, "Phyllis"-ophically, "there's more where that came from 'Nerts'." "The interest of the group is 'Wayn'ing," sighed the president to herself. "Marshalling" her wits, she mumbled, "Must we stage a 'Duell' to catch their attention? It would be a 'Burd' of an idea and a 'Burden' off my mind if I should bring 'Joie' to their lives and announce refreshments." To the audience: "We are serving 'Olives' and drinks imported from 'Canada'." There was a general rush for the food. "Oh," she exclaimed, "Neale"ing "Grace"fully, "I feel years 'Older' after that trying experience!" With cries of "Goodnight, 'Deary', I'll see you on the 'Morrow'," the meeting broke down and everyone had to be "Carey"d home. ..lI641.. CONTEST WINNERS Sim Poppoff, Margaret Galloway, Richard Darnton, Wadja Finowski. POPULARITY CONTEST: A popularity con- test was staged this year, for the first time in Northern High Schoo1's history, by the North Wind. Ballots were cast for the most popular boy and girl, most friendly, best student, and most athletic. Students were nominated by a ballot handed to every person in school in addition to an extra one in the North Wind. At this time, Margaret Galloway, Mary Chea, Helen Mary Ny- land, Joie Canada, and Janet Scott were nominat- ed for the most popular girl: Dick Darnton, Lee Johnson, Larry Rathbun, Dave Jamieson, and Bill Middleton, most popular boy: Phyllis Gaines, Julia Voss, Jean Sartor, Dorothy Leiler, and Grace Wilson. most friendly girl: Frank Evanoff. Earl Knuth, Bob Moore, Frank Piotrowski, and Al Washington,most friendly boy: Wadja Finow- ski, Nancy Reemtsen, Dorothy Calkins, Dorothy Westcott, and Mildred Vaillancourt, best girl student: Sim Poppoif, James Norton, Norman Halleck, William Reed, and George Stevens. best boy student: Helen Ford, Esther Fay, Maxine Joles, Virginia Peake, Christine Staley, most ath- letic girl: Lee Johnson, Bill Barclay, Joe O'Lear, Andy Major, and Frank Piotrowski, most athletic boy. In the following week ballots were cast again and students selected were: Margaret Galloway and Dick Darnton, most popular: Phyllis Gaines and Frank Evanoff, most friendly: Wadja Finow- ski and Sim Poppoff, best students: Helen Ford and Lee Johnson, most athletic. Whether or not this contest is to be repeated in the following years is as yet undecided. CONTEST WINNERS Lee Johnson, Phyllis Gaines, Frank Evanolf, Helen Ford. .. I 165 1.. PX , AQ, if-. TH E DUT Q LVN SOCK Em fo ON PM'-'xo 5 F 1 N D I T' P .l166j.. STEADIES PX mv Pm. Rosie .'!.' colvcerafnce "C . V DFMNCNVP' 5 I G- N A L 3 'I ..f1671 WEN DY JERRY Smuu' 'runouo-H J - A .Y .6. - Y. Comii CLEAN GUYS Doww AN'ouT .f ,v A m r 5 V . 3 J 3 1 f V . wzNDY A i , ..l1681.. CAff"1IPLD UZ? -CXOCG PX , Avg, .V- NORUSCOJPE ADVERTJISERS Q ..lI691.. WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT, BUICK WILL BUILD THEM HATS 150,000 MILESTO BUICK. Ask almost any motorist why I Buick outsells any other eight " in its field by more than four to one, and he will answer much like this: "It's because Buick builds cars that serve better, keep on serving better, stand up under hard usage, and stay young a long, long time." This verdict is strikingly confirmed by Buick's twenty-eight year record of extra performance and extra reliability. More than three-quarters of a million of the Buicks in use today have been serving their owners fve years or longer. 68,081 Buicks have been serving ten years or longer. More than 5,000 have served for fifteen years-54 for twenty years-and at least 3 Buicks are still reeling off the miles after 25 to 28 years of hard, active service. Is it any wonder that people say, "What's 150,000 miles to a Buick?" And can there recommendation today, be any stronger when people are seeking strength and re- liability in all investments? Apparently there ca1z't be, for America is buying more than four times as many Buicks as any other eight of its price. And more than eighty-nine out of every hundred Buick owners buy Buicks again and again. Statistics used in this advertisement compiled by R. L. Polk 6' Co. from IL S. afcial registration figures. STRAIGHT EIGHTS PRODUCT OF GENERAL MoToRs WITH BoDY BY F151-IER ..lI7Oj.. er 'S hc193Z NURQSCQPE zk a gooa' 77266212.2072 zn which to prove that wc can thoroughly scrwcc to- a'ay'5 Hzlgh School Annual. QIWE ARE PRINTERS ana' we have all thc ncccsyary tech- nical rcquzrcfncnts to interpret your ulca into its ultunatc conclusion . . . thc finzlvhca' product. FLINT PRINTING COMPANY 109-111 West Third Avenue X Flint, Michigan PHONE : 2-3IQI -93" f th made in ..II7II.. - ..... .. Best Wishes to . . N0fthCfh,S Graduating Class of 1932 BEECHER, PECK 8a LEWIS C. E. Brandt 86 Co., Division WHOLESALE PAPER AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 301-07 West Water St., Flint, Mich. Best wishes Class '32 MILK, CREAM, BUTTER COTTAGE CHEESE,BUT- TERMI LK and ICE CREAM ARCTIC DAIRY PRODUCTS Co. 1364 Burton Street P H O N E 2 - 8 1 4 4 Maybe guests will clfrop in. bevemges. O M. 8g S. BEVERAGE CO. 2307 South Saginaw St., Flint, Mich P H O N E 2 - 41 3 7 ..fI721.. Have plenty of bottled M. 59' S. All success to ss ss NortI1ern Graduates A VIKING BACKER The FLAVOR that cannot be copied O IGO K VIKING GRADUATES ARMELKORN of 1932 Alwaysatthe - C A N D Y S T A N D Best Wishes For a F 0 R H ' W Successful Future R O T E C T E D URITYDWD 'ft' 7 Freeman Dairy Co' NortI1ern Student Union 116 West First Ave. Phone 2-2101 7 3I.. ...-,., . .. ...., ..-....e-. .,.. Complzmmfs vf FLINT SAUSAGE WORKS INC PX -91 if. f 'WE vk-""' e 1 GP TWA vc' 54:1- ra. sz' V db ey 44 'P Qr Ee wav P' 549, gf avr Q. 3- nuron um-Q Q ee-1 095 ms 96" 7? we .JF- 66 N 'V ds 1- 4 wks Q .- A 1 ' 4- 41,?P 554. fy 7 2.1 i 6 0 'fe '9 " 46 so 6 I 0 Q08 BH-L Mmm Levqm w Q, ies Nw 4 Q he ..lI751.- S Z qqgg.-nav-"' E 1 , R x ,--fx 1 4 i I r

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