Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD)

 - Class of 1960

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Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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THE NORTH STAR X l 1 Published by The Yewrboox arf of Northern Hugh School Accident Maryland fll fl fl ff X X 3 T xi Foreword For the past stx years the North Star has been publrshed by a staff of students wrth a teacher v1sor They have trted to preserve the joyous mom ents ofthe past years through ptctutes and wrtte ups Thts vear s staff stncerelw hopes that tts North Star wrll brlng back happy memortes of 1959 and 1960 to the students and faculty of Northern Htgh Clock of Llfe The Clock of Ltfe 19 wound but once And no man has the pov. er To tell just when the hands wtll stop At late or early hour ose one s wealth lS sad rndeed ose one s soul 1s such a lo s no man can re tore The present only LQ our own Ltve love torl wrth a wtll Place no farth tn tomorrow o The clock may then be sttll This message 1S tnscrlbed tn a pocket watch that was presented as a gtft to the famous vrolrnrsr Davtd Rubmoff by the great Wrll Roger 9 . Y H . -ad- 1 1, " I H V To l ' ' ' g To lose one's health is moreg To l ' . 1 . s As s . . Y ' . . . U . 1 ,. ..--f I s. What am I goxng to do? Thrs problem has been solved many trmes through the guldance and frrendly advrce of Darrell Malone our gurdance counselor He rs certamly an Lnspuauon to our llfe at Northern We the 1960 Yearbook Staff proudly dedrcate thrs yearbook to Darrell Vlalone a small trrbute to hrm for hrs krndness understand mg and wonderful sense of humor 3 U . -v ' , n 1 A n 1 ' 0 Our Board of Educauon 1S as follows George Edwards Assocrate Member Maurrce Brookhart VICE presrdent Dr Ralph Calandrella Pres1dent and Wrllard L l-lawkms County Supermtendent of Schools These men are responsrble for the schools rn our county Not Prctured John Fnzwater Supervrsor of Puprl Personnel or XJ LX O. T. Graser, Supervisor of Maintenance Foster D. Bittle, Supervisor of Junior- Senior High School 4 FAC U LTY QW' I NS Qiikn . EI! Ill kv! Shri ' l Ib Q I . . -l3-1- ,ni-lm II Iqilgll v K A' Q' L l 1 SAA v Miss WLlCik- - ' 41' PAUL I MUHA V1rgm1a Umversrty Prmcrpal MELVIN E KESNER B S Unrversrty of Maryland Umversrty of North Carolma Lrbrarran RALPH H BLACHLEY B S Economrcs Umversrty of Maryland M A Columbra Unrversrty U S I-hstory ELEANORA FRAZEE Catherman s Busrness DARRELL A MALONE Colle e A B Alderson g Broaddus Secretary M A West Vugmxa Unrversrty Gurdance Counselor 6 .1 L A rg ,h fq 2 ws ,fri f , xg, V 1 B.S., M.A. West Vice principal B.S., L.S., , DOROTHY ANDERSON B A Unrversrry of Rrchmond XA R E Carver School of Socral Work Engllsh ANNA KING BEACHY B S Junrata College Core LILBURN L BROWN B S Morrrs Harvey M S West Vrrgmra Umversrty Physrcal Educatlon A B Mammounh College Larm World I-lrstory FLOYD H CARSON A B Geneva College Vl A Uruversrty of Plttsburgh P O D Englrsh Amerlcan Hrstory LAWRENCE FAITH B S Lmversrty of 'vlaryland Vocatlonal Agrr culture 7 LUCILE D. CARSON My .gif f-fi, MARY LOUISE FORSYTH A B Farrmont State College U S Htstory Engltsh LIICIZIUIC CHAUNCEY M FRIEND B S Umversrty of Maryland lndustrlal Arts MERLE A GARLETTS B S Umversrty o Maryland lndustrral Arts Adv Drawmg JEAN GROSE A B Perma State Umversrty General Math POLLY JOHNSON HANST B S West Vugrma Umversrty Home Economrcs ALVIN D JONES JR B S Farrmont State College Socral Studres U S H1story World Hrstory Basketball Coach 8 ri I YI' TWT A . . '. ' f BOMA C L ' A 1 , lm ' A N Q FE Vie- 'Fu b - ' I 1 g a l 1 . . A 59 1 ' . . ' , ' S 1 - , , F il-ss Q' KENNETH B. KEPLINGER A.B. Shepherd College M.A. University of W. Va. Chemistry, Physics, Science MARTHA LAWTON B S University of W Va Home Economics RUTH PATTERSON B S Frostburg State Teacher s College English Journalism VIRGINIA MCKENZIE B S Frostburg State Teacher s College Core English DENVE2 L MITCHELL B S Salem College General Science Driver Education Football Coach LAWRENCE K MYERS B S Findlay College Core Social Studies 9 ROSAMOND A PAVONE A B West Vlrglnla Unrversrty VI S Un1vers1ty o Southern Cahfornra Alg Plane Geom Sol1d Geom Tug RCV1CW Math JOHN T RECKNER IR Maryland oc Agrtculture JUSTIN A RIGGS B S Farrmont State College Scrence MARY C SCI-IURMAN B S Davls 8a Elkrns College Typewrrtmg General Busmess MELVIN R SCHWING B M West Vugrnra Umverslty Instrumental Musrc LUC ILE SINES B S Brrdgewater College General Musrc Chorus 10 . . . ' ' f B.S. University of V . ' HOYE B SMITH A B Davis and 1 EIRUIS Q 'viath English KATHRYIN A SMITH A B Western lviaryland College 'vi A University of Maryland English S --qv CHARLES F STRAUSS B S West Virginia Unrversrty Brology Adv Biology WILLIAM K UMBEL IR A B West Virgmra University Algebra Vlath Review Math MILDRED V. WUCIK B.S. West Virginia University Yearbook Shorthand Office Practice Bookkeeping PATRICIA A. 'vicKENZIE Student Assistant Physical Education Il ROBERT E WILSON B S Frostburg State Teachers General Science Agrlculture xi' H 1' Busmess Educ auon Core Home Economlcs Englxsh Industnal Arts Mathematlcs Physlcal Educauon Soc 1a1 Stud1es 12 Mus1c Sc1ence Band ,,,-3 'H NYZAVD 94, t 'N - P if 1 . ji A f N ' " NN . 'N L ,QA Q . . Q-1 F' 5 f is To our custodtans Louts Har mon Homer Dentnger Evelyn Smrth Donald Rmger we say thanks for makmg thrs year a clean and healthy one Our cafeterra staff lrva Mrckey Stella Edwards Helen Harmon Charlotte Wrlburn Leah DeW1tt Georgra Hardesty under the supervrsron of Mrs Harmon has worked hard to feed us every day Our hearts and stomachs are very apprecra trve Our bus drrvers Emmett Frtend George McCullough Harry Savage Ray VanS1ckle Ronald Georg Francts Mrller Henry Patton Harry Durst Harry Robeson Jonas Beachy Roger Bond Leslre Savage Harold Wrley Lorrame Wtley Harry Brlmeyer Not Prctured Robert Enlow Dale Brenneman Ray Grlptn we thank for de lrvertng us safely each day to Northern High School, -..,4 'VN June 1960 Stnce September 1959 we have had a group of students and a teacher who have been workrng very hard to collect and preserve for you your 1959 1960 school memorres I would lrke to take thrs opportunlty to extend my personal con gratulatrons to Mlss Wucrk Yearbook Advrser Mrss Carolyn Savage Yearbook Edrtor and all members of the Yearbook Staff for thrs yearbook We are grateful to Mr Robert Davrs Yearbook Photographer for hrs excellent ptctures and to Mr Mlke Posey Yearbook Company Representatrve for hrs advrce on how to publrsh a yearbook To our 1960 Graduates we extend our smcere best wrshes for suc cess and happmess m the future To our undergrads we extend our srncere best wrshes for an en Joyable summer vacatron We ll be lookmg forward to seerng you rn September God bless all of you Srncerely P J Muha Prmcrpal 14 X Y 1 very fine 1960 NORTH STAR. It is indeed a most excellent school SENIQRS f I v HB' ,ff f f. , A f . f f"'.... 3' gljlrg .K 3 'ic W f"'x ir KATHRYN BEITZEL Sr Chorus Library Assistant TERRY BEITZEL mx l M' WIN IFRED BEACHY Sr, Chorus, Dance Club, Photography Club, President, Honor Roll. LUCY BEILER Sr. Chorus, American Legion Essay Contest--lst place, Honor Roll, Bible Study Club Treasurer, Reporter and Presi dent. 5 16 WENDELL BEITZEL JERRY BENINETT F BL A Sr Chorus Jr Cho rus Office Assistant WILLIAM BITTINGER Sr Chorus Sr Dance Club Boys Recreatlon F FA BLAINE BOWSER Sr Prolector Operator F F A ROY BITTINGER F F A ouung Club WILLARD BITTINGE2 4 17 FREDDIE BRANT F F A MARILYN BREINBFMAIX. FHA FBLA br Chous VB!- CZ RALPH BUCKEL Football Sr Letterman s Club Secretary Sophomore Class Presrdent Student Councrl DELORES BUTLER F T A Sr Quartet Club Sr Chorus lull' GARY BROADWATER F F A Yearbook VERDA MAE BROADWATE2 Brble Study Club fd ilu-ga Idsf 4, if JOHNNIE CAPEL RONALD CARR Senior Class Treasurer Out- ing Club Pres. May Day At- tendant May King--1960. 18 5 off MARGARET DEAL Sr Chorus Sr Dance Club MARLENE DEAL 1111- Sr Dance Club Sr Chorus F H A Lrbrary Assrstant ,191 'XJ Y-vi' 19 ARTHUR CODDING TON Industrial Arts. EDINA VIAE CROWE F T A F H A Yearbook ui 3 ll WILLIAM DIXON Sr Industrtal Arts Assrstant Secretary Sr Chorus Sr Projector Operator JOE DURST Football Sr Letterman s Club Vrce Presrdent .,,Qhorus F F A V A . , . . t S Y. .ig Qi . , . , I . . .. . V xx I fs: 11 ' ' 0 - 4 . . Q? .f Wh-. x 'H'-I '4...--.- CHARLES EDMISTON F F A FLORENCE EMORY F B L A Sr Chorus Student Councu Football Attendant 1 Sr' , .f'f!" , del? if Q it ,R F -Qt' 2, MELVIN DURST Sr. Lndustrial Arts. AUDREY EDGAR Huskiettes, Sr. Dance Club. awk f.J ' D 'Ga 20 1 LEON EVANS Sr Industrral Arts Sr Chorus F F A PHOEBE FADLEY Sr Dance Club 'Fr GARY FIKE SHIRLEY FIKE Btble Study Club V1ce Presl dent Pen Pal Club Sr Sc1 ence Club lf' bv A an .., .Nor Xm- US, 21 DOIxALD FAILINGER Sr Dance Club Sr Chorus DOROTHY FIKE Bible Study Club MARGARET FRATZ. F.H A. Sr Dance Club Band CHARLES FRA ZEE Sr. Lndustrial Arts. ANNE FRIEND F B L A Sr Dance Club Yearbook Newspaper IIMMIE FRIEND F F A 1 'rn' 29' 'xi -149' and DOROTHY FRAZEE Student Council, F.B.L.A., National Honor Society, Newspaper. THQRELL FRA ZEE ,fi K f--ww 22 JOE FRIEND F F A Football Band Sr Letterman s Club MARY FRIEND F H A Sr Dance Club Year book RAYMOND GARNER Sr Lndustrral Arts Lrbrary Assrstant -I WILLIAM GEORG Football Basketball Student Councrl Sr LettermansC1ub uh f' ALLEN GROVE Sr Chorus Sr Industrral Arts Secretary Treasurer Student Councrl Honorable 'vlentton DOROTHY GROVE Sr Chorus F B L A ' I I I ' 1 .. aa.: a I ' , , I' A I Q ik RUTH HINEBAUGH Sr Dance Club Band Trl State Band FTA Hts torran Treasurer Presrdent ROSIE HOLLIDAY FHA FBLA Outmg Club Sr Chorus MARGARET HETZ Band F B L A Wrrtes Northern Lrghts column JANICE HILEMAN Sr Dance Club Yearbook Staff Student Councrl Junror Class Sec ff' S,-fn ',.-r 'iw-v7 ng 'sd' 4-3 24 JOHN HOSTETLER FRANK HUTZEL Football Sr Letterman s Club Jr Sr Chorus FFA EUGENE KINSINGER RUTH KISNER F B L A Outmg Club Dance Club Jr F H A If ISDN hui' 'P tvlfv 'mf 1- .fi t""9' 23 ELSIE LOUISE JONES F B L A Intramurals Year book DALE KELSO MARGARET LAYNAAN Ouung Club Sr Dance Club CHARLENE LEE F B L A Outmg Club Jr Sr Chorus ? bfi" Qin CAROLYN LONG Student Councrl Jr Dance Club Cheerleader Intra murals CARROLL LONG Sr Letterman s Basketball co captam Football Band 'C PATSY LEE HARRY LEWIS Sr Industrlal Arts Treasurer 'MTM if 26 A ERVIN LOWDERMILK F F A JAMES LOWERY Basketball Outmg Club Sr Letterman s Club Jr Chorus K -K. at 9. I5 'W' 5 if .1 CHARLOTTE VICCURDY FTA Treasurer Band Sr Majorette Student Councrl FRANDEL MCGRAW Student Councrl Presrdent ,Tumor Class Presrdent Sr Letterman s DONNA MAZER Photography Club, F.B.L.A., Yearbook, Bus. Manager, Newspaper Staff. RIC HARD MCC ULLOUGH 45 Q,--v Has. 4, Y jab 27 JAMES MCKENZIL Football Basketball Sr Letter man sClub Presrdent Student Council Vrce Prebrdent JEROME MCKENIZE Sr ProJector Operator Intra murals Champs 'Roux 07' Y- 'Wx JUDITH MINICK FHA Sec Pres State F H A Pres Student Councrl Sr Chorus WAYNE MULLIGAN LOWELL MERRILL Jr Chorus Student Councrl Alternate Jr Projector Operator Sr Electronrcs Club Treasurer IOANNA MILLER Brble Study Club Reporter l 28 'Hn 15" DONALD OPEL E.F.A. HAROLD PAUL Shop Superintendent, Year - book. "w. .K . I' is -' No 5h..... ROGER PLATTER BETTY RALEY Photography Club Secretary Outrng Club Pres May Day Attendant Honor Roll Q TTT Wh! A,-ff YF JAMES PAUL Sr. Projector Operator, Sr. Dance Club. ELLIS PLATTER F.F.A., Intramurals. 'Qi 29 XJ REBECCA RENWICK F T A Photography Club Treasurer Student Councrl Alternate Yearbook MARY REXRODE Sr Quartet Club Sr Chorus A11 State Chorus F IN A fl 1? f as W ALLEN RUSH F F A Basketball CAROLE RUSH Jr Sr Chorus Sr FHA Dance Club Yearbook PATSY RILEY LA Jr Sr Band J F H A PATRICIA ROBESON Sr Dance Club Pres Year book Homecommg Queen Student Councrl ,-v+""9 -Fw ...wa-uv' gn be 30 TONY RUSH Sr LettermansC1ub Basket ball Football Manager Stu dentCounc1l ELEAINOR SUZANNE SALTZER Band F T A Trr State Band Honor Roll if N ERNEST SAVAGE F F A JAMES SAVAGE F F A Yearbook pf! 1"f BETTY SAVAGE Jr Sr Chorus Accompamst F T A Sr Quartet Club May Day Program CAROLYIN SAVAGE Sr Dance Club F B L A Yearbook AssrstantEd1tor Edrtor 35'-.N 31 'R JEAN SHORT Cheerleaders Captarn Sr Chorus KAY SILBER Sophomore Class Secretary FHA FBLA Sr Chorus Q0 -f-J f ,.,-yep uni' KENNETH SISLER Band Sr Lettermans Foot ball F F A MAXIN E SMITH Huskrettes Sr Dance Club Photography Club Vrce Presxdent Student Councll 171' Q 32 VERNON SINES F F A DALE SISLER Football Sr Letterman s Club 4 f"X -b.v-' DONNA SPEAR Sr Chorus Sr Dance Club Secretary F B L A LINDA STANTON Sr Chorus Sr Dance Club Outmg Club ., 'P W? 'K....'5' MARY THOMAS Sr Majorette, Tw1rlette Club, Presldent, Band Sr Dance Club, May Queen 1960 ROBERT THOMAS JEAN THOMAS F.N.A., Bible Study Club, Newspaper, Yearbook. JOAN THOMAS F N A Photography Club 'Q fi' fw , HUGH UNLBEL Football Basketball, Sr Letterman s Club Jr Class V Pres , Sr Class, Pres SHIRLEY UPHOLD F B L A Presldent, Huskr ettes, Captaln, Student Councrl nv" ,f-.-1' lk PATRICIA VanSICKLE F T A V Pres RONALD WEIMER F F A , V Pres , Yearbook Sr Projector Operator ALICE VanSICKLE F H A , Sr Chorus GERALDINE VanSICKLE F T A. ,,-fr '25 'dui' EDWARD WILBURN F F A., Presrdent, Sr Indus trxal Arts KATHY YASTE F T A Sr Chorus, Student Councxl Sr Quartet Club Presldent +I JANET YOUNKIN F T A Sr Dance Club, Joumahsm, Sr Chorus LAWRENCE GEO RG Post Graduate EDWARD YOMMER Sr Industrial Arts, F F A Yearbook, Photography PAUL YOMMER Football, Basketball Band Sr Letterman's Club W-mf 35 Semor Class Off1cers FIRST ROW Lucy Bexler, Hxstorxan, Dorothy Glover Secretary, B111 Georg V1ce Pres1dent, Hugh Umbel, Presldentg SECOND ROW: Ron Carr, Treasurer' . Carson and Mr. Keplinger Advisers. Class Prayer Our Heavenly Father As we take rhrs step out tnto lrfe we stop to grve thanks to you Who hast blessed us so abundantly through these years Thank You for all the blessrngs You have bestowed on each of us and help us to keep on the rrght path now that we are our own gurdes Help us to set an example for our underclassmen that they may be worthy of thy pratse Bless our teachers frrends and relatrves and brmg them closer to thy fold Bless us the graduatmg class of 1960 we pray rn Jesus name Amen Ruth Htnebaugh MOTTO Conduct and Courage Lead to Honor COLORS Baby Blue and Whlte CLASS FLOWER Whtte Rose Dedication Song By Peggy Fratz Dear Northern Hrgh Always I ll see her Doors Swung wrde Beckonrng us tn our thoughts to abtde Close to her heart to the thmgs she s taught These treasures cannot be bought Chorus You ll always frnd us true Gold and Blue to you We ll strrve to brtng prarse these happy days At dear old Northem Hrgh Many the lrves you fashloned here Many the Joys you helped us share Many the thanks we offer now As we srng thrs humble vow Chorus Now rs the ttme to say good bye But we won t forget you Dear Northem Hrgh As we travel lrfe s hrghway you ll be a part of every day Chorus Class Song By Betty Savage Tune Let the Rest of the World Go By As classmates and frrends through the years at Northem Hrgh We must say farewell to you and frnd success ahead And we 11 always lrve ltfe through wrth a song tn our hearts for you Dear Northern Htgh Every tear wrll be a memory as we behold our adorable thoughts of you So as we part fro n our good old School days we say farewell dear old Northern Hrgh 36 ' I l I I 0 , . . , In memories, too, we'1l dream of youg I I D A . L , Seniors Wills Wrnifred Beachy my chorus robe to anyone who wants it Lucy Beiler to Margaret Beachy my one useful possession my ability to irritate Mrs Patterson Kathryn Bettzel to Wanda Durst my ability to get Mrs Smith two years for English Terry Beitzel to anyone my ability to get along tn Mrs Anderson s class Wendell Bettzel to Paul Bittinger my inability to get along with Mr Beachley Jerry Bennett to my sister Mary Pat all my 31 20 English workbooks so she doesn t have to buy any when she gets in Mrs Patterson s English class Roy Bittinger to David G Durst my desire to have a farm some day Willard Bittinger to LaDonna Richter my ability to drtnk cider on Friday nights William Bittrnger to Sandy Swauger my ability to do things out of line at Meyersdale and never get caught Freddie Brant to any football player my football shoes Marilyn Brenneman the fur on my pocketbook back to the poodle I shaved Gary Broadwater to Dotty Hetrick my ability to go steady Verda Broadwater to Delta Hare my seat in Mr Carson s P O D class trouble Ralph Buckel to Mr Malone my flat top Delores Butler to Alice Bowman my luck to go with a Pa guy for two years Ronald Carr to Skip Bemard my ability to get along with a certatn phys ed teacher George Coddington to Ralph Buckel a new Joke book Edna Mae Crowe to my sister Juanita my long hair and my temper Margaret Deal to Betty Lou Savage my ability to grow up before getting out of school Marlene Deal to my two sisters my ability to be engaged during my senior ear Bill Dixon to Mr Carson my ability to have a different girl every perrod Joseph Durst to my brother Tom my ability to stay out of trouble in my senior year Melvin Durst to George Patton my ability to rebound Elaine Edgar to Mr Carson my ability to draw Charles Edmiston to anyone my ability to get along with Mr Keplinger Florence Emory to Jim Buckel mv ability to keep quiet and not talk so much Leon Evans to Mark Umbel my ability to stay out of classes Phoebe Fadley to Little Beverly in Frostburg my false teeth Donald Farlinger to Gail my two beautiful dimples Dorothy Pike to Carolyn Hook my math book 37 Blaine Bowser to Robert Glover and Kenny Wiley, my ability to stay out of y . Senior Wills icon t l Gary Ftke to Ellen Coddtngton the abrltty to park the fmt mme so she won have to go to Oakland too many trmes to get her lrcense Shtrley Ftke to anyone who needs them my A s rn U S Hrstory Pe y Eratz to my brother Jtm the abrltty to recetve a complrment from Mr Patterson Charles Frazec to Danny Nrcklow my abtltty to stay out of the offrce Dorothy Frazee to my srster Shrrley my shortand book rn hopes that two years from now she wrll be able to use rt Terry Frazee to Sammy Thomas my abtlrty to walk a certatn dark halred gtrl from lunch ex ery day Anne Frtcnd to my satlor my love for vegetable soup and btg whtte cats Jtmmre Frtend to Wrllard Frazee my abtltty to get good grades tn math Joe Frrend to Cheryl Vttez my abtltty as aucttoneer Mary Frtend to my brother Jerry my abtltty to drtve Corvets Raymond Garner to Sue Saltzer my abrlrty to eat on three dtfferent lunch shrfts B111 Georg to anyone wearrng glasses and who plans to go out for sports a patr of unbreakable glasses Lots Grlpm to my brother my abtltty to go through school Dorothy Glover to Rrta a cup of coffee each mght to keep her awake tn hopes that she mrght have better luck tn fmrshtng her homework Dorothy Grove to my brother Larry my lrcense so he won t get caught whtle drtvtng before he becomes srxteen years of age Margaret Herz to my brother Sherman my abtlrty to chew gum rn Mrs Patterson s Engllsh class and get away wrth rt Jantce Hrleman to anyone who has busrness arrthmetrc my abrltty to get along wtth Mr Umbel Ruth Htnebaugh to Ann Bender my posrtton as Mrs l-lanst s offrctal food taster Rose Holltday to Ltnda Stanton my qurck temper and my qurck comeback from temper tantrums Jack Hostetler to Mr Beachley my contact lenses so he won t be bothered wrth hrs glasses falltng down on hrs nose Frank Hutzel to Danny Wrley my abrltty to be on the honor roll rn the Jr and Sr years E1,s1e Jones to Donna Umbel my pony tall Dale Kelso to Mr Garletts my shop pattems Eugene Krnstnger to Everett Hare one good new and used badly damaged Mayflower fPlx mouthl Ruth Krsner to any fool who wants ll my work over at Roadstde Market Margaret Layman to anyone the wonderful luck of havlng Mrs Patterson o three years of Engltsh 38 0 0 , O as V ' ' S- , -. V Y , . , , . , , , , . , . I . ' . ' . fr Senior Wills lcon t J Charlene Lee to any one who needs rt my herght so they can look from one end of the hall to the other wrthout stretchrng thetr neck Patsy Lee to my SISICI Elorse my abrlrty to go steady wrth a Pa boy for t years Harry Lewrs to anyone who wants rt my unlucky luck of havrng Mrs Patterson for Englrsh three years rn successron Carolyn Long to Bobbr Jane Day ts my cheerleader s unrform Carroll Long to Melvrn fConnJ Humberson my posttron as benchwarmer the basketball team Ervrn Lowdermrlk to Dorothy Grove my abrlrty not to run rnto buses James Lowry to my brother enough luck to get Mrs Patterson three years rn a row Donna Mazer to Mr Beachley s next U S Hrstory class my system for gettrng the correct answers Drck McCullough to Don my fury aO he can go to Confluence and feel safe Charlotte McCurdy to George Patton my srze 6 lf? tennrs shoes Frandel McGraw my class rrng to a certarn grrl rn the Jumor class who ltves at Paul Yommer s QSI J James McKenz1e to Mrs Patterson two toothptcks so she can prop her eyes open rn the mornrng and tell the drfferenee between mouth wash and Lux Ltqurd Jerry MCKCUZIC to Leona Brode my abrlrty to be able to srng as well as I can Lowell Merrrll to Ellrs Schlossnagle all my fun rn school Joanna Mtller to Mr Carson 100 U S l-lrstory outllnes Judy Mrmck to my srster Rose Marte rf you get Mr Beachley for U S l-ltstory my A on my hrstory notebook Donald Opel to Davrd Rrley the method for workrng out board feet Roger Platter to Allen Folk my abrlrty of gettrng rnto trouble James Paul to Ron Broadwater my bent up 49 Chrysler Harold Paul to Carolyn Hull my 49 Chevrolet bumpers and all Ellrs Platter to anyone who wants them my nrcknames Betty Raley to Margaret Lay man the abrlrty to get her lrcense as easlly as I drd wrth only three trres Rebecca Renwrck to my srster Chrrstrne my abrlrty to start house keepmg wrth a set ofSter11ng itlver lrfted from Harmon s Haven Marv Rexrode to my srster Lola a lrttle red wagon so she wrll get her books home o k Patsy Rrley to my srster Lots the abrlrty to get Mrs Patterson for three years of Englrsh Pat Robeson to the scrence department my left over food from the caf terra so they can analyze rt and frnd the cause of my mrsery Tony Rush to Melvrn Durst my black curly harr 39 I g , 0 Y . . 1 1 , , WO 1 1 . y . V . , . 1 . , Ol'1 , . , . , . . . . . , 1 I 1 . , . 1 - 1 , . , . - 1 1 . 1 , . . . , V . , . , . 1 , . , 1 , . , . V . . . . 1 1 1 . . . . , s . 1 1 1 V 1 Y . . , . , 1 . I . - D . c A , .1 , . . Y , . Y . 1 1 . Senior Walls lcon t J Allan Dale Rush to my youngest coustn my abrhty to fry goldftsh on a grtddle Sue Saltzer to Tommy Spercher peanut butter sandwrches wrthout oleo and the krnd of cookres he lrkes so that tn the future when he swaps lunches he ll get what he lrkes Betty Savage to anyone who destres rt and lS capabl my abrlrty and place at the prano Carolyn Savage to Mr Kepltnger a roll of totlet trssue so that next Halloween he can decorate hrs own yard Ernest Savage to Betty Srsler the abrlrty to play cards wrth Freda Savage on the bus Jtm Savage to Dot Grove my abrlrty to get along wrth Ervrn Lowdermrlk Jean Short to Joyce Haenftlrng my abrlrty to get out of the srxth pertod study ha Kay Srlber to James Bowser and all future presrdents my temper and my Luther League Prestdent s Book Vemon Stnes to Lowell Hoff my abrlrty to krll deer Dale Srsler to Freda Savage the abrlrty to play cards wtthout cheatrng Kenny Srsler to Doug Srsler my abtltty not to go steady durlng my semor year Maxrne Smtth to Judy Rerchenbecker my abrlrty to get my drrver s lrcense Donna Spear to Florence Doerr my naturally curly harr and to Helen O Shea my abtlrty to go steady for two years ed so they won t have to stretch Jean Thomas to Mr Kepltnger my car fDodgeJ o next year he wtll make home tn tlme for Halloween Joan Thomas to Mr Beachley my RED hatr rnstead of hrs gray harr to go wrth hrs EASY GOING TEMPER Mary Thomas to my srster Maxrne my shorthand pen and my mtld temper Kenny Thomas to Cecrl Umbel my ablltty to be teased about Joyce Frsher Hugh Umbel to Bud Long my old tennts shoes so he can sneak down to see Marrlyn Brenneman wrthout anyone fmdtng rt out Shrrley Uphold to Patsy my srster my ablltty to go steady wlth two boys at the same trme 1n my sophomore year wxthout erther frndrng out Altce VanS1ckle to my sxster Mary Jane the ablllty to go wrth boys from West Vrrgrnra Geraldtne VanS1ckle to my stster Brenda the abtltty to make a soggy Spantsh Omelet Pat VanS1ckle to Mr Beachley s next U S Hrstory Class my abxltty to get along wtth Mr Beachley Ron Wermer to Mr Beachley my easy gorng drsposrtron Edward Wrlbum to John Doerr my abrltty to get along wrth Mrs Patterson Kathy Yaste to all those teachers from squaresvrlle a copy of my slang drc 40 4 , , O Y D I 7 , . i ' ' ll. I I I ' I Linda Stanton to any short girl who needs them, my two pillows for driver I . ' , s ' it Senior Walls Ccon t D ttonary so they can make the scene w1th thls kookle generatlon of gone beatnlks from nervesvtlle Ed Yommer to Andrew Falth my frrendly ways Paul Yommer to Dtck McCurdy my Thunderbtrd so he won t have to use hrs dad s car to go see Joyce Janet Younktn to Janet Huff the abrltty to steal grapes and not get caught To the eleventh grade we w1l1 an automattc test taker so that they won t have to xnjure thetr bralns tenth grade we wrll our abtllty to play hooky and be able to convmce teachers we were s1ck nrnth grade we wrll our ab1l1ty to get lost when there lS work to be done e erghth grade we wtll our grown up actions seventh grade we w1ll a can of pest control to ellmrnate the termttes from the gym floor so they can have a place to graduate the Faculty we wtll a plpe ltne from the coffee pot to the table so they won t have towalk so far Mrs Frazee we wrll a mathemattcal genlus to help her count the school s money the Custodrans we w11l a walkte talkte so that they can be found when they are wanted the Cafetena we wtll 800 cooks so that everyone can be pleased at lunch mme 41 Most Popular Most Carefree Ralph Buckel Dorothy Glover Don Fa1l1nger Mary Thomas Teachers Pet C1355 Tease .hm McKenz1e Shrrly Flke Class Brains Harry Lewms, Joan Thomas B111 Georg, Lucy Beller 42 7 . . D . . 7 . . . I r, f !.a.,, ' v 5, ,a f' ll A'-.I gwrp F Frlendlxest Class F11I'tS Frandel McGraw Betty Savage B111 D1xon Pat Robeson Most Wmy pepplest J1m Lowry, Carolyn Savage Quletest Joe Durst, Jean Short J1m Frlend, Dot Frazee I 43 ,l ,. ' 1 1 . 'args V x 'rff . . .1 I Huh ' ,WV Y 1' L' . 'B 1 S flnvdk . -F , 41 at V' li' L "7-S V"M Q3 ' A I 1 Q . '. X - ai , K M 9 X .uf l K. 9" ,- 1 Class Clown Day Dreamers Joe Fnend, Elame Edgar D1C.k McCollough Anne Fuend Class Bluffers Jack I-Iostetler, Charlotte McCurdy aff Best Dressed Ron Carr Betty Ral ey Best Athletes Bud Long Lo1s Gllpln 44 Most Pohte Edward Yommer Mamlyn Brenneman . . . y , , . '57 1 am W f W ' A ,,. Q, X 7. M 5 .0-JWVYW NQSJSJD J A E EJZ 50 Sid? H H O SEE OJ bcuz 5233! ami? U 5 H 2 MN A Vi 2 io? 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Q F W A H E F M' N M um K n Mm , I ' M I - W A A 5 M A n n y M 3 'H I I M D M I W I n M U A K, L 'ISI 3 PFLSS I IRQ AI ,-4 ,- ,... ..- rv --1 ,-4 dll' id rtd I3 lex iexrodt I' Steret I ,-4 ,... ,.. .-. elotits NICL I 1 SS glflb Io Pat I bust tl Patr L tht OFLL A11 Jastb 111 vies a 1d I J 1 Alle 11 A f-A .... ,-. ,- .4 ,.. ,-4 ,- 1 Aw hee N Joris 7 --4 fs f- ,.. ,-1 ,-4 ,- ,-1 ,-1 M ..... 1 P1 11 VC I -1 .,-. ws 1... .-4 ,. -s -4 o11a I va. -. ,-1 ,- ,-4 .-1 , ,-4 .... OIQL A11 I HIFI ow would I kiow 1r1s J L -1 49 Motltl D 1e11 ,.. 1-1 grap ur I sit 1 L ttmfy OI' aid Ili 31 PI1y11g not iballs Mcreiful ,-4 ,-4 .-4 U O1 ..- ,.. X It W mr deal S tsl S 111. D Dan 1 Isle t11yS Is 1... 's.-4 -4 fs 1.4, -4 ,-. v .,.. ,.. ,-4 , ily It llvt st e XLR 5 .-4 ,-4 ,-4 ,-1 s., .-4 .- 1--4 ,-4 .-4 .-. ... V I I J 1 7 UL It E11 W1 O Ht ISS H15 K II' IL 111 1 tl J., ,A --s Name Ni1'k11a111e 1 '11o1 Ex - it 11 IH 5 1111 ' A111h111ou udy Iesh Spitfre A Joy witI1 brigl t IJ ue eyes Good Iieavens Listening to records Nurses' Aid Mary I - : I - ' row11 eyes :11 2 h' A Mercy 131111611125 and si1 1.111111 Nurse Patsy Ri ey Pat ' 1 ' I 1 jke 1e p 7ia11o -'11 y i 'I' Itl "11 ' I ys Ri l 1 ' Da1Ci11g Private Secretary eu Rush '11 My b ond hair Jig that Mc ' -' 1 I "1 1 ' If -1 I" 1 Caro e A111 Rush C111 -io A certain white Dodge Kiss 111y nose Seen witI1 Ietty Seeretary 'I'o1 1 Rush ' 'ou 1 51 - 'sk Go'1g to stzhoo 'I'o se i11sura11ee Suzanne Sa tzer Sur- I,i1t e green and white ears I' bust your 111o11tI1 A 'Joy from Ivorgautowu Phys. lid. 1ea11I1er Ietty Sava ge 151-ts Peop e's I1air anyway 11yi1 g 'iauo I ea11ti1:1a1 Caro y1 Savage Ilarris Wuter Mong " By I arry Motoring 111y puddle ' imper Go to Ca i or11ia with A1111e Iirnest Savage 'I'ator Money Ilot C a Cha Vort and s eep CIo11stru1:t1o1 work a111es Szivage im 9' II 1 II11 ' g A If 'r ea1 Short Shortit' Iiood Gee 111 "1 g z A ta Si her Kay LI othes and a niee boy 1' 1 I ' 1 '1 1 '11 1 1 gan 8:1 : o ' f11o A I z Ver1o11 Shes Vt-r11o11 Cars I 1 y Readi11g Ifarmer I 1 ' .".' er Super Sports Big 1 ' Vorh ' 211 " 'r Ke1 lfords I Qing Vi tn: Smith Iv ax D1 e speeia gu ' Rea cute Having u11 Ilousewi e IJo1111a Spear St11ir11,1y , E957 two tone lhevro et Go y A certain b ack ha1retl ho ' IL' 1:11 A - ' 1' ' a ' I.i11da S 411 to11 ,tutly Short red I1air and h ue eyes t's a scream Ileatli111g ISea11t11'ia11 ea11'I'ho111as !1.11I11s Iii 11 IJ 11: eyes au I 11 ihai ' 1 I' 1 '1 '1 tg 11 '1 1' s Nurse 111 the w'.A. l,'s ,- ,- s.. I VSCI I A I,i11co111 Hack 5 ul I II! xl llg OI' II Cl I ind -4 '-1 .., IZII' IL bu, Janci 1 S1 Co GOOCI 71' sailt IIILL I tin Ia C, oo sit JS I 1 workc r ,A .- -4 -4 v-1 r-4 ...4 ..- .-4 LII' IL Soc I I 21 FE G ords 1d aio 1d hair a Wil S s In S old I 11r1 ICZISC .1 cad in lifc I I .-4 ,- .-4 Hlbf I 5 rd ig to popi lar rcco ll Listc O 1-4 .-4 SLI fksltll' ll Da 1c J 1-4 .-4 ua 'La .-4 f-A ... ,.. 1-4 1-4 .-4 ,-4 .-4 ..- rv IH IUC! I I ,H .-A ,.... Protty Itg Ltld c II dw.1rtI Wilb LI' Art te at SIC dn O I 4 dr1v11 Truc I ,- -4 C,o11 Dat11 ad D 001 1 C .--4 -. 'Icac1 it cords a 1d Liste 11 lg to Il Gee whiz Mr vortiblo I O I C, -1 ,- ,., danc11 L 55OI' 1 N:1111c NicI411a111c It ioi Exprcssion Pas imc Amh' oan 'I'I1o111z1s oanic C othcs Wow :A '1 1 I"1 fui 'ccrctary 511 I Mary"hn111 ' I": " I lx I'I11' fl " ' 1 I I "ig ':': y Kc111 cth Thomas Shifty Gir s Gcc Lakc Factory ' : Hugh Umbc ughic A ccrtain senior gir don't know Going to a certain house Co ego SI ' cy Iph .'I1i1' ry Ioy' ' I1 I 1 ' 1 If ' : gobs of Gooso Reading and scwil g S -1 z ' y G A icc Va11SicIiIc KatI1y Guy in uniforn My oI1 my ,istcning to tl c radio To gc 'I1 " ' Gcra dinc Va11Sick c Gcrry Rcd swcatcrs h skip it ' -1 '1 1 - ' ' "yr " Patricia VanSick c Pat Dances, toachcrs crk 1 '1 g S :: - ' y Ronaitl Wcimcr Ion Lil co 11 cars Ilcl o, fc ows Boot crggil g II 111t up I uc cy I5 ' A 11 1 I 1 - 1 : s C 1ar ic Brown Iunting and bow ing I 3 Kathryn Yastc Kathy Monoy Crud ,istoning to g o 1 11" : 1. fI1 1 C ca111o1 Yommcr lid Cars and truc is Guess so Reading 'I ' '1 g Pai Yommcr Pctc A certain gir '1 g ' cgc ant-t Yo1111ki1 an SI i11y ' 1 ' ' ' ' " . y I ' 1 '1 2 1 'I ur .1 g . '1 1 1' ig Larry ' ' 1 'ii g Prof :-' Voodwork I ntk1ow do I iris G wrc icc Ccor L1 LINDERCLASSMEN ,Z ng' 0 V L r' QF. l Junror Officers Margaret Beachy Hrs torran Sandra Hone Treasurer Carol Hummel Secretary Joyce Haenfthng Vrce Presrdent Vonda MCKCHZ18 Presr dent Advrsers Mrs Anderson Mr Jones Mrs Schurman Mr Umbel QW? retarv Sandra Swauger Vrce Presrdent Janet Huff Presrdent Shrrley Alexander Treasurer Sue Frrend Hrstorran Advrsers 'vir Strauss Mrs Carson Mrs Smlth Not Shown .aaa-4 ad Wig Each day students enjoy conversatron wrth a good meal I-hgh Magazrne Campargn Salesman Preparatron for Scrence Assembly as M so ss.,s y , .r rf if 1 H I :,,.. I 9 ik . I ' 3 -4, , r A , E ' fs . ' V s I as s, H V s,'QQ ' ' 1 , ' - Sophomore Officers: Deanna Jones, Sec- y I 11 Q fy 5 W 77' X 5 X I r f' 59 4-r 'N is Juniors Glenn Artrce Mary Jane Baluch Dave Beachy Harold Beachy 'viargaret Beachy Roger Berrzel Wrllram Bertzel Helen Brtrrnger Patrrck Brtrrnger Paul Brttrnger Lovona Brrrrnger Denver Bruner Allen Bowser James Bowser Dewayne Broadwater Rella Broadwater Ronald Broadwater Paul Brode James Buckel Carol Burkhard Davrd Caruthers Donald Coddrngron Ellen Coddrngton Charles Collrer Janrce Deal Paulrne Dewrtt John Doerr Davrd Durst Andy Farrh Audrey Frantz James Frarz Bonnre Frrend Ethelene Frrend Gary Frrend Joy Frrend lwrckolas Frrend ,-N 'Wi 'Qi' gg 'Z L 91' 'J' Blake Garlrtz Ruth Georg Wllllam Glotfelty Rrta Glover Robert Green Frances Green Hazel Haenftlrng Joyce Haenftlrng Delta Hare Everett Hare Sherman Herz Fred Hollrday Robert Hollrday Sandra Hone Rrchard Humberson Farol Hummel Dorothy Hutzel James Jewell Davld Jones Mary Knox Glenn Kolbflersch Dorothy Lancaster Burton Lytle Ralph Lapp James Margroff Karen Margraff Rrchard McCurdy Gladys McKenz1e Murrell McKenz1e Sharon McKenz1e Vonda McKenz1e Dale Meyers Donna Meyers Lawrence Mrchael Karen Mrller V I f f' .uh .7 E. I V I . ' ir x ',r ,,f2L Q HA V , ' 'V X A 9 r b ,Q ' 4, ' ' " I., V ,A Ev : A A ' fm s . J 9 'J 1 v V. wr ., r A . A , 5 .a F wx y A K ' 1-. ., K -V 951121, W 3 Edward Kellison M r fy K. Q I ili I . EE 1 G rv . A N Y . fy is Q, , ,, Q ' 3 4 35" Af. F , ii 14" f I' J if y , R 7 7? -his F K, , 4 y in 9 I 3 Y 'Y U 54 'ke 'Q :ws 72' ...s fx Q Nancy 'virller Rubv Nirller Esther lwedrow Robert Ixrner 'viarion O Brien 'vlary O Brien Carol Oester Simon Opel Frank Paugh George Patton Raymond Raley JoAnn Resh Carolvn Riley David Riley Barbara Savage Betty Lou Savage Delmar Savage Elizabeth Savage Ruth Schmidt Patty Selby Dennis Sisler Phyllis Snyder Daniel Stanton Jack Thomas Maragret Umbel Mary Umbel Mildred Upole Bonnie Vitez Wendell Wilburn Dixie Wiley lame: Wiley Darrel W inebrenner Kermit Yoder Wavne Yoder lxancv Yomrner Kathy Younkin 1 4'-v bi' 3 Hb Sophomores Shrrley Alexander Dorothy Bertzel Robert Be1tzel Gordon Bender Bonnre Brttrnger Jeannre Brttrnger John Bowser Delbert Broadwater Tommy Broadwater Leona Brode W11l1am Buckel Bobbr Jane Davrs Faye DeW1tt Carol Drxon Sally Duckworth Blame Durst Joanne Durst Wanda Durst Robert Edwards Joan Emerlmg Betty Fazenbaker Joann Fazenbaker Catherrne Frke J1m Frke Larry Flke Gary Frnzel Allen Folk Elarne Frantz Carl Frazee Don Frrend Iworma Frrend Phyllrs Frrend Ronald Frrend Sue Frrend Charles Frye Phyllrs Glass A -ur 4-5 1 45+ 1' TV' Marlene Glotfelty Carol Haenftllng Ruth Ann Harvey Vlaretta Hershberger Reed Hetrrck Mable I-lollrday Janet Huff 'vlelvrn Humberson Donald Hutzel Glenn Hutzel Rrchard Jenkrns Deanna Jones Donald Jones George Kahl Roy Kerster Edward Krsner Elorse Lee Davrd Llvengood Leota Lowdermrlk Gerald lvlazer Barbara McCrob1e Wrllard McGraw Ronald McKenz1e Drxte Merrrll Carolyn Mrhelclc Kenneth Wrlt Nancy Mlller Randall Mlller Ruth Miller Trudy Mosser George Nedrow Marie Opel Helen O Shea Janet Patton Audrey Resh Lauonna Richter 9 42 'Yi ,Qs Ol AY 7 5 . 11, 5 h , t I X V ' .3 ' ' sk! , - 1 , , , , Y . , W N vb . A I AKLA , L . ..... g .. A x . N ., gm- ,, . ' ' ' -. r , . X il f A x h , ' ', 'xl 5, h .. , . V r ' V I QR Y ,X ,K ' , Q 1 1 C T E Q" 4' I , - - . ,ss at Srl.-K 44-44 4.:4 4ii"':i t ,wi 'M V 5 'wfflguwr N 1, , 4 f, J ,,, - , ' A K -. X t 1 'dl xx' Q, if-YM . I 1' M 4 im E .E at 9 na ' A . ', is I K' 7' ,af '- ' ' S on , lx - . I ,sc 4' . .4 4- iywy f'4'.!,. 1. X. 1 G 45 ty . . i Q' X - ., it 3 .X.5, .. 4"w:x 5 , :,' .MJ '?FM.n.,,.g,f bl E ,3 We ' i , I ' , ' ' N I rs . u S - :x 8 . U7 ' . , "3 , D3 , ' . gi ' E' Ruth Rrchter Rohm Rush Elorse Savage Betty Schroyer Charles Schroyer Dale Schroyer Lrnda Schroyer Robert Schroyer Drana Srnes Leon Srsler Darlene Slrger Kenneth Smrth B111 Snelson Owen Snyder Jean Sprker Donald Stanton Ronald Stanton Stewart Stanton Sandra Swauger Carolyn Thomas Darlene Thomas Gary Thomas Sammy Thomas Cec11 Umble Drck Umble Arthur Uphold Joyce Uphold Carol VanS1ckle Cheryl Vrtez Dorothy Wakefteld Loretta Yoder Patrrcra W11ey Tommy Wermer Larry Warnrck 'T 'Uh J 1 ,x QW-x 'Vu ,Q 'T' if film., " L 59 'Q Freshmen Fav Alexander kathy Beaclry Delore Bertzel Judrth Bender B111 Brddrngton Carol Brttrnger Juanrta Brttrnger Larna Brttrnger Donna Bowser Pat Bowser Rrchard Bowser Delmas Broadwater Inez Broadwater Leon Brode Davrd Buckel Edward Carr Davld Coddrngton Ronald Coddrngton Janet Dew rtt Larry Drllsworth Florence Doerr Owen Dolan Bradley Durst lrrs Durst Lrllran Durst Tom Durst Dale Evans Harold Fardley lxasandrea Faulmner Darrell Frantz Lrnda Frazee Sandra Frazee Shrrlev Frazee Carolyn Frrend l0ann Frrend Paul Garletts J 'H Q' 4 ,Qt 1 tv' 1., , I in Joe Gatterman Marlrn Georg Clrnton Grlprn Larry Glass Gary Glorfelty Larry Grove Martrn Guard Carl Guthrre Alta Hare Betty Hare Kathy Haenftllng John Harman Dotty Herrrck John Hetrrck Gerald Herz Barbara I-Irleman Carolyn Hook Beverly Hone Gary Jensen John Kahl Margorre Keller Erleen Kellrson Sharon Kesner Patty Krsner Paul Kolb John Lerghton Lee Anna Lorz Eddre Margraff Klellen McGraw Carol McKenzre Delbert McKenzie Ellen McKenzie Edward McKenzie Ora McKenzie Richard McKenzie Harry Merrbach 493' E' X 'T K' IL Larry Meyers Patty Meyers Lrnda Mrller Rose Mrnrck Kay Murphy Bob Opel Ruby Orendorf Louella Patton Judy Paul Judy Rerchenbeckher Edgar Resh Paul Rrchter Tom Rtley Betty Rounds Paul Rosenberger Mark Resh B111 Saltzer Dorothy Sanders Freda Savage Walter Schmrdt Patty Shawley Roger Smes Tommy Srnes Terry S1s1er Roger Smrth Joyce Snyder Naomr Sprker Rosetta Sprker Tom Stanton John Thomas Barbara Thomas Maxlne Thomas Ronn1e Tressler Kenneth Turney Donna Umbel S ' I as S. xx ' 16- , V ' x - 1 j, .1 V , I : r f S Ji 6 fi .L . Eg B .V ' A QQ ,A ,-'ry - ' - 54 , , B . asf Q- gf ,B fa , , lr ' 3525 3 I - wr- - 3 J J ' , J :Q JL if U U S L T , . 1 N- - A W b I. 7,5 ' J 1 " A 5, r. IM I.. 61 'Q F' Wei Scrence Assembly L Mark Umbel Nancy Umbel Shrrley VanSrckle George Walker Edward Wermer Gary Wrland Dorothy Wrley Calvrn Wrlt Russell Wllt Jody Wrllrams Janet Wrnebrenner Larry Yommer Kenny Younkln Mr Rrggs 9 B scrence class at tempts to convey some uses of atomrc energy to the student body The assembly was very rnformrng as well as entertarnmg 62 N Y 12h Eighth Grade Gladys Ault Henry Beachley Ruth Ann Beltzel Sharon Beltzel Marlene Bender Mervm Bernard Dorothy Blttrnger Gary Brttmger Janet Brttmger Mary Brttrnger Sandra Brttrnger Sylvla Brttmger Wanda Brttmger Allce Bowma Susanne Bowser Vernon Bowser James Braskey Carolyn Brenne man Jackle Brenneman Lee Brenneman Lors Brenneman Bonme Broadwater Hubert Broadwater Wrllard Broadwater Robert Burrow Kathem Caruthers Sharon Caruthers Charles Coddmgton James Cosner Juanlta Crowe Karen Deal Lynette Dlxon Lrnda Doerr JoAnn Durst Ethel Durst Rhea Durst Shrrley Edgar Helen Emory Judy Evans Guy Fazenbaker Leo Fazenbaker Margaret Eazenbaker Davld Frke Ellen Fisher Donald Frantz Lee Frantz Mxke Frazee Wrllard Frazee Lee Roy Frlend Margaret Frlend Sue Ellen Friend Wrlma Frrend Ralph Garlrck Beverly Ann Georg Barbara Glotfelty Larry Glotfelty Robert Glover chard Grlpr 1 5 .I ar . it I .I fl! iii-V , L . V ' 1 ., . v gg, . .' .' y M A , r,r' 5. H n 3 D F F 'AA l ' I - e ,N I F - F V F 'X FQ .7 L 97' ? - X K L ff J Ronald Coddington I ,lfffl f ' ' ,f V B . -3- Avi? ml' J . 'y s + f ' 1 I t A 5 if ' A - fl X . l 4 .. " L B . ,L yar , if Ay J ll ' ' X ' , YL- Q 4 1 5 . f K' A .- 531 l. v X ' x' tt l S ' '- A A 7 4 . A . 63 x -uf A R 'Z' AWB. ,W ,- VQQQ x 5 Q--9 v- 1 4 g.. Q 4. L 1 X IIA L Y M pl' A Igffqn 64 Nancy Guard Freda Haenftlmg Larry Hetrrck Janxce Hetz Wanda Holllday Wllllam Hollrday Barbara Hook Wayne Hook Larry Humberson Thomas Humberson B111 Jones Ester Kahl Lmda Keller Kenny Knox Wllllam Leasure Jon Levec Robert Lowery Nancy Matthews Emerson McCl1ntock Gary McClmtock Judy Meyers Betty Mrller Margle Mlller Odell Mrller Robert Mrmck Nancy Murra Shrrley Ours Rrchard Platter Galen Resh Lola Rexrode Ronme Rlchter Loxs Rrley Dwam Rodeheaver Huey Rodeheaver Cecrl Rounds Loretta Rounds Barry Rush Ellen Saltzer Connre Savage Tom Savage Duane Schroyer Ronme Schroyer James Shoemaker Frances Sllber Gene Smes Lowell Smes Sue Smes Betty Srsler Douglas Srsler Lmda Sxsler James Splker Hazel Slrger Donald Stanton Edward Stanton Larry Suter Mary Swauger Wayne Tabor Charles Thomas Bobby Turney 'i QW F' 'K 'H . U I y .' A S7743 A V, I D g N Q, lkjff 4 A ft l J A L, if Q., V '1 X L 'xl ,.,. , In A Q tu L dd- A . N Patty Metheny 6 ' .li I V, 1? , T l Y Y 'x r t . Af. " - ' ' sz' . ' VQ ' K' gf - r X ff 'A, :flu Ag In L K, Q - v vp. U, pkg 5, ' A A- lll, A Cf' I '1 ' y E, X mfg, 5, ,y L ,,, 1 rl all 1 p at - A ' 1 I I 2 s 1 .2 mf ' me 44 f ' F 4 L 'LA-y: a g .' 1 ' I 5MA 4 h., ff L S L -e Q L MW! 'QQ Wf The Schoolarama Raymond Umbel Carroll Uphold Gall Upole Brenda VanS1ckle Mary Vansxckle Carroll Vrtez Connle Vltez Thomas Wame Shrrley Wamrck Judy Wlland Randall Wllburn Danny Wlley Peter Wrllxams Bertha W1lt Kelth Yoder Gary Yommer Harrxson Yommer Robert Yommer Carl Younkm D1d your CXh1b1I w1n a PIIZC9 65 KU Q as., my 'E x- 4'Vh1 A 4 JL Q5 I 'A 4-'I r x I 'V 'Ki . QVGA: -. , " -A b f ,Q .. 41 A . 66 Kay Beachy Mary Beachy Gerald Beachy David Bentz Robert Beitzel Ronnie Beitzel Homer Bittmger Gloria Bittmger Kenny Bittinger Marsha Bittinger Regas Bittinger Janice Bittner Anita Bishoff Fred Bowser Gilroy Bowser Linda Bowser Margaret Bowser Nancy Bowser Robby Brant Lana Brenneman Richard Broadwater Roger Broadwater Kenny Brown Gary Buckel Ruth Butler Billy Burgess Christine Carson Goldie Coddmgton Helen Coddmgton Ralph Coddmgton Mary Coddmgton Robert Detrick Allen DeWitt Chester DeWitt Jack Dixon Arlene Duckworth Sandra Duda Carolyn Durst David Durst Debra Durst Elaine Durst Linda Durst Marvin Durst Ronnie Durst Ronnie Durst Wilmer Durst Carol EdwardS Billy Edwards Herbert Fazenbaker Mary Fazenbaker Ralph Fazenbaker Peggy Featherman Jerry Fike Linda Fisher Harry Fitzpatrick Blaine Folk Mary Frazee Butch Friend Seventh Grade yylt F B Q' Y fl C if . 1 1, f c 'AM B V' I F . - lf nf ,r , M F lear B " ii'-5' Q l. ll. . ' .' Q " an Car Broadwater ,L 4' L- 4, , Y a K Q , V L. x if W 4 ff - ,Vflf VJ f y Y f ' Z!" A ,H rf .ns ,ik l11, x ' X Y 9 'rj 1 m L X12 9232- 4 I X if , s l E : s...! sr'- Conme Frlend Gary Frlend Jerry Fnend Sadle Frxend Roger Garllck Roger Gatterman Denms Georg Gall Georg Larry Glotfelty Bobby Garletts Terry Grove Mary Guthrle Roger Guthrne Paul Harman Erma Hare Nancy Hare Nancy l-lershberger James Hetrlck Olrn Hetrlck Ronme Hetz Barbara Hmebaugh Phyllxs Hrnebaugh Robert House Sandy Humberson Retha I-Iumberson L1nda Hummel Nevm Hutzel Leonard Exchom Nancy Jenkms Patty Jones AHA 2 Y, IQ- A' an wg P tp 'KW tl? "I I Larry Krsner Verna Kolbflersch George Lapp Dorothy Maley L1nda Margroff Bonme Mosser Charles McCrob1e Colm McGraw Conme McKenz1e Joey McKenz1e Larry McKenz1e Carlton Merrrll Betty Metheny Sandra Metheny Carol Mrller Ralph Mlller Barry Mrtchell Russell Mummert Danny Nlcklow Henry Oester Tom Patterson Ray Ross Chnstme Renwlck Gerald Rhodeheaver Reed Rhodeheaver Wllllam Rrchter Jrmmy R1 l'ter Rxchard Rounds Crarg Rush 5. f ' . 5' 'h O' I ' " . . T, g Ny ' ff, . ' ,.-4 .L :-Ly, A-N I Q ' fa' '18 ,J I f K 4 A Ll , ,j 5 J yy 1 lg if on V 4 .K X R 1 'Ac 1 04 F ' 6 ., ' r 4 . N R? X A LAN - ' - ,- N h Qt A A , K Y -. 'v . 1' . 5, as I I 1 J . K ' N' if K L . 4 - - fd Patty Keller XE! f g e 5' 'A .E f. A -K 5' R 'sk Q ,,,' k' sh A , I ' " K 'R 11 9 A .I : ' h F V 1 sl , 1 -51.4 ' , 5 'tk I A, ' ff, fi M ff oily R - R . -J. - V - ,aj :fl ' 4 in 1 ' L ' 1251. A of -, - ' ef- - , I jg . Q V A Y ,- ' RL ' ' 4? ,5 4 ' . . . . 7, f 4 1- 4 A ' :L R 4, Q s I jg Q g I. . wx .V I . fix Q .' ' ' - A f ' 1 .. l ' ' 1' I . cf 'n 1 67 saga SQA 1'4- 6 'WU y R904 All? ,WWW B at as fa W CAMERA SHY JUINIORS Leon Fardley Lrnda Frke Clarence Hare Ralph Hare Lowell Hoff Raymond Savage Ellsworth Yoder SOPHOMORES Wrlbur Bertzel Larry Brttrnger George Fxke Davrd 'Vlclntyre Rosella Resh Ronald Srsler Garland Wrlt FRESI-lMEIx James Resh Thomas Spercher 68 ftp A R1 9 Lrnda Savage Patty Savage Ellrs Schlossnagle 9-andra Schlossnagle Donald Sebolt Karen Shawley Roger Srnes Ronme Smes Rrta Slrger John Srmth Wrlma Snyder Glenn Stanton Carol SuKow James Teets Brlly Thomas Dottre Thomas Rodney Thomas Cheryl Tressler Darrel Trout Carol Umbel Ohlen Umble Patsy Wakefreld Lmda Werrner Kenny Wrley Shrrley Wrley Gary Wllhelm Delmos Wrlr Wrllard Wllt Peggy Yommer Rosanna Yoder EIGHTH Norma Callahan Eddre Deal Roger Durst Sammy Epstern Harvey Frrend Vera Frrend Eddre Grtthere Betty Kyle Judy Layman Bertha Thomas Carolyn Uphold SEVENTH Lloyd Artrce Sandra Goehrrnger Randolph Lrnkous Elmer Resh Reed Rush Dranna Umbel - 1' Q-x s iff, gg, yy I y' gg? ,sl . ' lv v is ,ff. L' B 'ure .nag W I K llrsss g I T l -5 y R, K 7, K . . My 4 1 r f- S EM I sl' lx ' , ' ' i yr H 'Lx T Y AQ yy rf ,,.- , ui T ' - 1 's ' T' z'- ' 6-'Y' n - ' W fl ' y 4.4 5- - N , fy' al A ,. , . ' 4,1 - . ' r 'i 1 ' K' W L , f SPO RTS Saw J,-If I 55 so 5 50 70 45 40 20 3: 25' 30 Vx I 'Y X115 i.'.QI',l"' .f'4 'Z ' f Roifg " w --:,, "3 Fd' or J 1 i 'B' D Football Team FIRST ROW F McGraw R Buckel D McCurdy G Patton I McKenzre B Georg Coach Vlrtchell SECOND ROW P Brttrnger B Saltzer L Yommer D Sxsler L Grove G Walker G Fmzel THIRD ROW C Umbel R Jenkrns E Margroff L Brode A Farth T Srsler D Caruth ers FOURTH ROW P Yommer D Buckel F Hutzel J Durst J Frrend H Umbel B Garhtz Where drd the ball go? Come back here please boys Manager McGraw Captam Patton Coach Mrtchell, Co Captam Mc Curdy Manager Hollrday 70 " " 1 1 1 , . , 1 , 1 , . , A . "' . , - 1 - , . , . , . - I -- - I - I - 1 - 1 - 1 1 , . ' - " 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 . A.. -. . A 11 - Iv 11 11 , 1 -- , -- , ,, , ...- ' Basketball T Sprker K Smrth B Georg T Rush C Umbel C Long Coach Jones J Lowery G Patton H Umbel G Thomas Manager McGraw Co Caprarn Long Coach Jones Captarn Lowery Vlanager Hostetlor 71 Rockwood Salrsburv Salrsburx Bruce Vlt Savage Bayard Southern LaSalle Turkeyfoot Valley Bayard Rockwood LaSalle Valley Turkeyfoot Mxddletown Hancock Surrattsvrlle , Northern Vrsrtors r U ' ' U ' U ' 48... .. . " " " ' 69 ..... ' 4 ., 45 ..... ' 41 ..... . . . . 61 ..... l . ' 44 ..... Alumni.. , 39 ..... ... 51 ..... .. 47 ..... . .. 40 ..... . 54 ..... .,. 51 .,... .. . 54. .. ,, . 55 ..... . .. 57 ..... .. . 38... .. . 48 ..... ' 68 ...., 40 ...., A Basketball Slxm hm Lowery D1amond D1ck McCurdy District Gne Champs G eneral George Patton Crazylegs McKenz1e Huskxe Bud Long S..- 72 Come on team, "Let's go" ls it basketball or football? Jr Basketball Team FIRST ROW Manager J Hostetler D Coddrngton G Frrend T Alexander C Frazee L Glass M Glotfelty L Yomme: T Srsler B Saltzer E 'vlargroff M Humberaon I I-letrrck Manager K McGraw SECOND ROW T Spelcher G Thomas C Umbel K Smrtlt '71 73 Sr Cheerleaders Carolyn Long Jean Short Joyce Haenftlrng Rose Mmnrck Florence Doerr Sandra Frazee 74- Jr. Cheerleaders--Linda Doerr, Jody Williams, Barbara Glotfely. SECOND ROW Sr 1-hgh Grrls Basketball Champs Secuon ll 4 Sr Hrgh Boys Basketball Champs Sectron 12 3 Advrser Xflrs Anderson Capt Hazel Haenftlrng Advlser Mrs Hanst Capt Hugh Umbel Rlta Schoenadel B S Frostburg State Teachers College Physrcal Educatlon Vlrs Schoenadel jO1llCd our Phys Ed department rn February Jr Hrgh Guls Basketball Champs Section 9 5 Jr Hlgh Boys Ba ketball Champs Sectlon 9 5 Advrser Mrs Smes Capt Barbara Thomas Adwrser 'vlrs Srnes Capt Eddre 'vlargraff 75 --. A i .-- I --A ' ' '-- I I . -- - . '-- s ' - -- ' 1 -" . ' "1 . , ." A . The three pumshments The unusual creatures Mr Posey mstructmg Learbook students Deparung for the b1g game Is every one ready9 Let s go A4341 K Q . 76 ACTIVITIES 13 B s nes Manager C ly R1 y L1.tera.ryEd1to 10 2 g 3 7 5' 5 'Q' E 1-. I 4.-I .,2s.,.'-Q ,V XXX A.. F" H- W- ,J D N1azer-- ui s Q Student Council FIRST ROW D CIover,C Long D McCurdyV1ce Pres F Mc Graw Pres , B Friend, Sec , S Frlend Treas K Yaste Parha mentarran, SECOND ROW S Hone R Glover R M1IIer,G Patton C Frazee, S Swauger A Resh THIRD ROW B Georg K Haenftlmg A Bender,J Wxllrams F Sllber, A Bowman R H1ck1e,FOURTI-I ROW M VanS1ckle D Nrcklow B Mltchel, S S mes W Snyder We wi? fm' we Yi' As presrdent of the Stu dent Councrl, I would hke to say that lt has been a pleasure workmg wlth the Student Councll and stu dents of Northern co operatxon Student Council Alternates FIRST ROW P Frlend E Coddmgton L Beller, D Frazee, SECOND ROW J Mrmck F Emory,L Yommer, H Haenftlmg K Younkm N Mrller, THIRD ROW S Frazee L Mrller C V1tez,F Haenftlmg C Tressler,C Edwards, FOURTH ROW N I-Iutzel B Be1tzeI,J Shoemaker, W Wrlbum un:- 78 O -- . . , . ., . - . . . . . , . - -- . , . , . . . 9 - - 1 - 1 " ' r . , . . , . . , . -- . , . , . . , . . li-1f9if4'i'k.L,..t - I A H- K J . ' I . Q , I - Tffuif ,y,ue1,,'7vS,:Sf "" A f ' 'L J , - 5 '.'14,,Z'f - I R -, ' 'f!Lf'7'f' Thank ou for our 11ne S e 2:g.W.U,,, , ,Q .q, , ' , ' ' - i - - ,, ' ' O -- 1 , . , . . -- . , . . . , - , - -- . , . , . . , . . -- . , . . . . ,, . V, I. f f. ' J , , , 5 Q I I, 7 , ' Q. , - 5 1' !! V- , Yearbook The yearbook wouldn t be complete wxthout due respect to the members of the class who do not have tltles They labored under trymg condrtrons m order to make thus North Star a lastmg momento for every student and faculty member Journalism FIRST ROW P Robeson J I-hleman, Mrs Patterson J Younkm R Holllday L Stan ton SECOND ROW M I-letz, B Schroyer B McCrob1e R Mrller L Be1ler,J Mrller, THIRD ROW D Savage, R Beltzel J McKenz1e Office Asslsta nts FIRST ROW K Younkm R Mrller Mrs Frazee Secretary A Frantz P Lee SECOND ROW C Oester, R Hme baugh D Glover, E Saltzer, D Coddmgton C McCurdy THIRD ROW R McCul lough J Short,J Bennett, Srlber I O -- . , . . , . , . , . - , -- . . , . , . , . . Hare, S. Opel, D. Frazee, D. , . . O O -- . . , . 7 ' ! . , . , , . . . , . , h , . . A. B FIRST ROW M1ss Wuclk adv1ser,F Emory Sec D Mazer Treas S Uphold Pres G McKenz1e Vlce Pres D Lancaster Reporter SECOND ROW C Savage D Grove M I-Ietz,P Rxley D Frazee K Margraff,J Frlend THIRD ROW C Hummel J Bennett K Srlber A Frlend M Brenneman, C Rlley B Savage A Frantz FIRST ROW Mrs Carson S Saltzer H1stor1an,R Hm baugh, Pres P VanS1ck1e Vrce Pres B Frrend Sec SECOND ROW S Hone B Savage, N Mrller, J Huff D Smes G VanS1ck1e R Renwlck FIRST ROW M O'Br1en, I-Irstonan M. Baluch, Sec D Glover, Pres , I. Grlpm Vlce Pres M O'Br1en Treas , SECOND ROW M Holllday P Glass, J Thomas, M Knox, Correspondmg Secre tary ! F9 4 Lo H AQ U . . y . ', ., . 7 ', ' ! ., . , ' 'I ' ! I -- . , . , . . , . , . . -- . , . D ' 3 ' Y . . , . , . . Fo I O H Ao -- , , Advlser, C. McCurdy, Treas., . , . e- ., . , - ., . , ., -- . , . I . . , . , . , . O 9 O ' n y l ., . . . . , - ., . , . -- , , Photograph FIRST ROW--G. Friend, P. Shawley, Pres., Mr. Riggs, Adviser, SECOND ROW--PM Thomas, J. Teets, D. Jones, Treas. , P. Rosenberger. Propector Operators FIRST ROW Mr Kesner Advrser, D Bowser, Sec , B Bowser, Pres , D Frantz, Treas , SECOND ROW L Drllsworth, D Srsler, P Rrchter, T S1s1er,V Pres R Savage, O Hetnck. Industrial Arts FIRST ROW A Grove, Sec B Drxon, Sec H. Lewrs, Treas , R Thomas, V Pres Advlser, SECOND ROW F Wxley E Yommer,L Geor L Evans,D B1ttner,D Cod drngtrn, R Kldd, THIRD ROW J Cape1,W Wrlburn, G Coddmgton, R Garner, D Durst, D Rrley, P Brode, E Kms1nger,J Thomas R Nc Cullough O -- , , I . ' . 1, O Q -- . ., . ., . . . ., C. Frazee, Pres., Mr. Garletts, . x 3 . - gr 0 , 0 4 - Quartet C ub FIRST ROW D Butler, B Vrtez Mrs Smes Adv1ser Yaste M Rexrode SECOND ROW P Blttmger, G Hutzel, W Wllburn, W Mc Graw Sr Dance FIRST ROW P Robeson Pres , J Hlleman, V Pres , D Spear, Sec , J Hostetler, Treas , Mr Malone, Adv1ser SECOND ROW M Umbel, H Haenfthng, P Snyder, W Beachy, M Deal, M Deal, J Paul, W Brttmger THIRD ROW C Thomas, D Thomas, D Hutzel, M Smlth S Swauger, E Lee, D Falhnger, G Thomas, G Davrs, H O'Shea, K M111er H Blttmger, A Edgar, J Deal, R Kxsner, P DeW1tt, P B1tt1nger,L Mernll Jr Dance FIRST ROW N Murray, B Bxttlnger, V Pres , M Glot felty, T Mosser, Pres , R Bertzel, Treas , Mrs McKen zre, Adv1ser SECOND ROW C VanS1ck1e,B I-hleman B Thomas, L Rxchter, J Umbel, J Fnend C Lapp D Schroyer THIRD ROW G Beachy T Grove Glotfelty G G1otfe1ty,N Hutzel, R Be1t2e1,L Savage I n ' I 1 U v K' Q -- , , Fi'nze1. FOURTH Row--B.' Q -- . U . . 5 ' - l J - 1 I , ' . , L. Outing C ub FIRST ROW Mrs Schurman, Advlser, L Brode A Resh S AIexander,D Jones B Raley, Pres , R M111er, Sec , M Layman, Treas , R Georg D Merrrll G Frke B Saltzer SECOND ROW R Fnend R Kelster, G Kahl K Smrth J Frke N Yommer, R Carr C VIIEZ, S Duckworth C I-Iaen ftlrng Taxlderm FIRST ROW T Rrley V Pres , W Bextzel Pres T Sec Mr Su'auss,Adv1ser SECOND ROW E Carr R Humberson, B Jones, D Stanton, L Mrcheals, R Bowser Jr Science FIRST ROW R Lowery, Sec S Epsteln V Pres , K Yoder Pres J Levrc Lxbrarran E Deal Mr Kephnger Advrser SECOND ROW C Thomas, T Patterson,B Mltchel P Harmon, H Rodeheaver, J McKcnzre THIRD ROW E MCC11ntock, C Vrtez R Glover, R Llnkous, I-I Oester, J Schmrdt, Bowser O A I . , . , . . , . . . . , . , . , . . " . , . . , . , . , . . , . . , . ' O " . ' , . . . , ., . Srnes, Treas., R. Tressler, ., . l . -' n , n O 9 . . , . . . , ., . , , . I ' Y . . - , - . , . J FHA FIRST ROW S Frazee,F Savage, J Rerchenbecher Treas , D Hetrlck, Sec , L Rexrode V Pres , S Kesner, Pres , Mrs Lawton, Advrser, SECOND ROW J Dew1tt,N Splker, L Brttmger, D Sanders, E Kahl, L Dlxon Georg, L Brenneman Evans,B Vansxckle L Srsler, A Duckworth THIRD ROW D Umbel, P Meyers, O McKenzxe, L Rlley, B Srsler, N Guard L Margroff Emory, C Carlson, L Brenne man, N Jenkms, B Mosser, N Matthews FOURTH ROW J Brenneman,G Georg K Shawley, F Srlber, C Edwards C McKenz1e, E Durst, P Wakefreld B M1ller,G Ault, Buble Study Club FIRST ROW J Mrller, Keller, Sec Treas , L Beller, Pres , S Fxke, V Pres , M M1ller,Mr Umbel Adv SECOND ROW J Durst, Bender, R M11ler,L Yoder L Frke, D Frke, R Schmrdt Broadwater, THIRD ROW F Haenftlmg C V1tez,M Hershberger, R Harvey, S Smes, P Metheny, E Kelll son K Murphy Cafeteria Asslsta nts FIRST ROW B Savage, D Butler, B Vltez, B Fnend Mrs Harman Advrser, M Beachy, M Deal, M. Deal SECOND ROW L Blttlnger, C Edmmston,D Kelso, McKenz1e,T Uphold K Bertzel, J Deal rf O O 0 , . . . . . ' , B. . 1 , J. h . , . . , . , H. . . , . . . , I , . ' . N. Calahan, C. Savage. : . ' M. . : .-- . M. . 0. . I ' , a . . , V. . , - ' . , . . 4 A 1 I , . ' ' . ' J. I . f , . We 85 Jr. Chorus FIRST ROW: B. Sa1tzer,T. Spiker, L. Grove, W. Bidding- ton, R. Minnick, L..MilIer, K Murphy,B Hileman S Frazee, SECOND ROW C Guthrme M Georg J Kahl Rlchter, D Bowser, K Fau1kner,N Umbel L Frazee, J Frlend, M Thomas, THIRD ROW B Durst, K McGraw, L Meyers, G Jen sen, D Buckel, D Broadwater, T Stanton, K Thomas, S Vansxckle J Snyder K Kelh son FOURTH ROW L Brt tmger S Kesner,J Dewrtt F Savage,J Rezchenbecher C I-Iook,O McKenz1e D Durst S Frazee,P K1sner,L Savage FIFTH ROW P Meyers, D Umbel, L Durst, P Shawley, D Hetrlck, M Keller J B1ttmger,L Durst, F Doerr, C Bxttmger, R Splker, SIXTH ROW R Orendorf, R Rounds, L Lotz, C McKenz1e Library Asslsta nts FIRST ROW Advlser M Kesner, J Wlllxams, P Van s1ckle,F Hutzel SECOND ROW C Codd1ngton,F HoII1day, E SaItzer,L Mer rrll THIRD ROW J H1Ie man, B Bowser, R Platter Letterman s Club FIRST ROW B Frrend Treas , J Durst V Pres , J McKenz1e Pres R Buckel, Sec , Aduser Mr Mxtchell SECOND ROW C GarI1tz,F Hutzel, P Yommer G Patton W Georg,R Jenkms THIRD ROW H. Umbel D Slsler, K Slsler, C Long, R McCurd3 J Lowery,F Mc Graw F Holllday G Walker T Rush R Raley Sr Chorus FIRST ROW F Hutzel, J Durst, R McCurdy R Buckel, L Merr111,R Jenluns, L Fzke P Brttrnger W Wrlburn SECOND ROW L Evans C Hutze1,G Kahl A Grove, J Jewell D Wrnebrenner Brttrnger, W Brttlnger, W Brttrnger, D Beachy THIRD ROW M Deal, J Tabor Margraff, K Yaste, F Emory M Deal, C Lee,M Rexrode D Spear, FOURTH ROW R Rush, P Class, S Hone, A Vans1ck1e,C Hummel, W Beachy FIFTHROW B Davrs, K Younkrn, D Grove, J Short, H O'Shay, B Sa vage D Lancaster SIXTH ROW D Butler, V MCK zre, J Haenftlrng, M O'Br1en D Merr111,N Mrller M O Brren, C Oester, T Mos ser S FHA FIRST ROW C McKenz1e Sec , R Glover Treas , A nrck Pres , Mrs Hanst SECOND ROW A Hare, L Durst E Savage, R Resh Lotz THIRD ROW B Rounds R Orendorf,D Wakefxeld L Lowdermrlk D M1I1er Recreation FIRST ROW Mr Brown Sp1ker Sec , L Yommer Pres , L Grove Treas , F Alexander V Pres SEC OND ROW H Beachley L Class, J Hetnck J Rlchter R Bertzel C Resh R Umbel THIRD ROW J Harman McCrobre, E Schlossnagel R Broadwater, D Bentz, J Braskey, L Hetr1ck,D Georg R Durst FOURTH ROW D Codd1ngton,R Smrth E Margraff K McGraw,M Umbel, L Meyers, C GUth1'19, J Kah1,D Buckel B Rush J Shoemaker, G McCl1ntock L G1otfe1ty,R Rrchtex O . Q - . . . . , . h , . . . . , ' . . , P' : . . , K. . . . , , . . : . . en- : . o l , u - r6 O 0 9 Vanlsickle--V. Pres., J..Min- , . . , L. . : .. , . . , . , . . J r. . : . , T. Q : . , C, Q I n l ,. 1 I ' I ' ' J - 1 Senior Band FIRST ROW B Frrend P Rrley N Mrller S Duckworth J Huff D Glover Pres J Patton E Frantz G McKenz1e D Thomas C Vansrckle SECOND ROW M Schwmg Drrector P Fratz Coddrngton S Frrend P Frrend E McKenz1e M Thomas P Selby THIRD ROW D Srnes B ROW B Lowery R Srsler G Fmzel R Kerster P Yommer Treas S Frke D Lrvrngood R Edwards M Humberson FIFTH ROW S Saltzer L Yommer J Frrend T Frazee D Stanton T Srsler E Carr J Frke R Mrller S Epstem Ma lorettes Majorettes P Fratz E Coddmgton E McKenz1e P Frrend S Fnend M Thomas P Selby 87 , . ' , . , . ' . -- . ' , ' , . , E Vitez, R. Miller, C. Vitez, G. Fike, V-Pres., N. Yommer, Sec., S. McKenzie, D. Wiley. FOURTH J - Y JUHIOI' Band FIRST ROW M Schwrng, N Hersburger,L Frsher, N Murray, N Calahan, E McKenz1e, N Mat thews, S Srnes, D Durst SECOND ROW C Fr1end,A Duckworth,N Guard L R1ley,P Kolb N Sprker, J McKenz1e,G Broadwater, E Saltzer,C Renwrck THIRD ROW C Tress1er,D Sobold T S1nes,M Bernard J Hetrlck, F Alexander, D Frantz, B Lowery, H BeachleyfL Margroff K Haenfthng FOURTH ROW J Hetz,J Harmon M Rush,J Shoemaker,K Beachy,A Bowman FIFTH ROW B Hone, D Georg B Edwards R Mummert, R M111er,L Yommer,T Srsler, E Carr, J Flke S Epstem,A Bender Ma porettes Hone, K Beachy,C Frrend, C Tressler, K Haenftlmg N Hershburger D Durst J Hetz, C Renwlck B Hook,A Bowman,A Bender 5' e 88 FIRST ROW Mr Falth, R We1mer,V1ce Pres ,S Stanton, Sentmel R Stanton, Reporter, D Stan ton, Treas , G Broadwater, Sentmel, SECOND ROW L Brttmger, T Wexmer, B Buckel, B Durst, J Nerbach THIRD ROW L Fad1ey,E Hare,A Broadwater,G Hetz, C C1lp1n,E We1mer,R Green M George FIRST ROW Mr Reckner, E Yoder, Sentmel, C Burkhard Sec B Lytle N Fnend,V1ce Pres , E Wxlbum, Pres , J Savage, Parhamentarran, SECOND ROW T Frazee, A Rush, S Thomas, A Up hole,L S1s1er,D Kelso, J Fratz,D Evans,TI-IIRD ROW E K1sner,J Doer, J Buckel E Kelleson, S Opel,T Beltzel A Bowser, R Opel, R UmbeI,V S1nes,FOURTH ROW J Frlend, R Schroyer, D Fr1end,M Rush,P Kolb, R Beltzel, R S1nes,F Brant, D Opel E Lowdermrlk 89 -,aka 1 f'1..' ' aa A " n I I 'I - o I I I . , I . 1 ' Gatterman, T.. Stanton, D. Broadwater, A. Folk, D. Mclntyre, C. Edm.iston, E. Platter, W. Sclhmidt, H: A , -' 1 . . . Q I 1 , F. F. A. " u o l 1 , 1 7 1 , o I ' " c I c I I , asao ' " a ' , I. F F A Project vs. Mack Rush shown here wrth hrs Angus Steer, Dale Kelso shown here wrth hrs sheep that are antrcrpates frnrshrng hrs steer rn trme for the hrs F F A project thrs year Baby Beef Show and Sale early rn August Eddre Wrlbum shown here wrth hrs two Hereford Kermrt Yoder shown here wrth hrs Holstern Steers wrll partrcrpate rn the Baby Beef Show and herfer that he hopes wrll serve as a basrs for a Sale rn August herd of hrs own Bob Opel prctured here wrth hrs Angus Steer has hopes that hrs steer wrll wrn at the Farr thrs fall. 90 Ellsworth Yoder prctured above wrth hrs Angus Steer Ellsworth partrcrpated rn the Baby Beef Show and Sale last August A A N' l Ax . NX txt F F A Sweetheart 13' -I' Mxss Margaret Fratz was elected F F A Sweetheart by the F F A boys Her escort was Eddle Wxlburn Margaret and one of her attendants, Kay Sllber, Mlss Fratz bemg crowned by the F F.A. presldent, dancmg w1th then escorts. who was also her escort. 91 o o Q , A' 'sr-V ' f Nga 1' rf... ,. , I ,F .W wuz' I,"'.:ff ,. ,, ., -, W . - t . f Jr 1 L Q- ' " ' ' 'Y-ff v m h witty- W ,.r, , U , link r , v 741 "BA 'x A , 'L 4 iw ' 'f'i'.f't 5 xg 11: I' ' 'glfijz A .L,y'S.,', 4 'Luxe V ,, pam in . , In ,L .,f ,t,,,.-r ,awfqz 1 F x If-.,f X , kwiivfyzhjfi F - V 5 A, r I Miss Football Mnss Pat Robeson was chosen Mrss Football of 1959 by the football squad Her escort was Joe Fnend Pat was crowned by Patty McKenz1e a former Nnss Mrss Football and her escort enjoys a festlve Football Pat's attendant was Florence Emory evenmg rn therr honor ll' kilix 92 CF' A A xx Q: 5 , Q, sw nt .4 ,E WP? KJV -x 'vim ' Xnm ' Q All R ' I L 'LIU' HX ll Q , "1 - 1 q ' g I 2,4111 Miss Northern High Mrss Dorothy Glover and escort Ralph tron ceremonles at the Maple Festlval rn Meyersdale Pennsylvanra Among the many actrvrtres they attended were the Queens Ball rr banquet record hop square dance and a talent show They also rode rn the parade 1 i X 4 i t I Buckel, represented Northern in the corona- l ' JI Princess Pat Mrss Pat Robeson and escort Iam M es CKCHZIC were chosen from th e sen1or class to represent Northern at Potoma S c tate They at tended the May Day Pageant durlng the day and the Queen s Ball held that evenrng Pat rs 18 years ofa e and 15 g a Stenographrc student takrng En 8 11sh Shorthand Bookkeeprng Offrce Practrce and Iournallsm She 1 p ans to attend Potomac State College rn the fall 94 O l ' 1 v d f r Q lv 554 W , E2 f-1? ,S 1 lfffxi , xii 5 r ti 'Qji ,K I , 1 ' g n , 1 I I , ' . Princess Charlotte n v LA Miss Charlotte McCurdy was elected princess by members of the senior class to represent Northern at the Sports Carnival in Cumber tending the Cornatron Ball a dinner at the Country Club and a Queen s Ball which was held at the Clary Club Charlotte rode on a float with other princesses in the parade 93 xr 4 K land. The carnival lasted one week, Her activities includedg at- ' 1 May Da AQ 1' Mary Thomas and Ronald Carr were the May Queen and Klng at our annual May Day Program They were attended by students from grades seven through twelve 96 ff 5 , f , ff, .Q w ,far W ' r U Q, no .. ,E X A Lk K A 1 hymn! , , f 1 lush Colleens dorng a ng Gersha Grrls all rn a whxrl Ready to ascend to therr throne The Court enjoyrng the Program Hula dancers from romantrc Hawau 97 Prom Mrss Bettv Savage was crowned Prom Queen for 1959 60 Whrle the DeV1ncents provrde musrc Betty dances wrth her escort Andrew De Wrtt The theme for the Prom was Blue Hawau Soft rnusrc drm lrghts and a Hawarran atmosphere We Just arrrved rn Honolulu thrs afternoon 98 ' - s N r r t u , 1-r .R xx ' 'A ' i 4 . Fleld Day X" llll 4 rm' Hazel Haenfthng and George Patton were Up and over Brg Daddy the two top scorrng students on freld day wmv V E1 Xf:449f .-f"'f I'm determmed to krll that ant Grve xt that ole one two 99 fav 1, ul: , r ' ef lf 'LZTXE W 3 iffrf . V lg J5'J 1xt e ll!!! L -xt ' edging? 'us , f t 1' 7 I orthern Honors 100 l Dare You Award Ralph Buckel Florence Emory College Scholarshlps Joanna Mrller B111 Georg St Olaf s College Summer Scholarshrp Crtxzenshrp Award Eugene Savage Award Jxm MCKSHZIC lete presented by the Jr Recreatlon Club Lucy Berler H1ghest scholastrc Award all A average through hrgh school Donna Mazer Outstandrng Busxness Educ atxon student Dorothy Frazee Underwood Best Typrst Award Jrm Lowery Reboundlng Award .W 1' Athletic Trophy for Best Ath- Commencement Commencement was held on Wednesday June 1 1960 Senrors marched rn to a processronal that was played by the Senror Band The Dedrca tion Song and Class Song was sung by the Sen ior Class. Diplomas were awarded by Dr. Ralph Calandrella Many parents frrends and relatrves of the graduates were present The best of luck to you Class of 1960 rn your new endeavor 507' IO" Dr. Geneva Ely Flickinger whoholds the of- fice ofState Supervisor ofSpecial Education was the speaker for Commencement Exercises. In a delightful address to the graduating class Dr, Flinkinger pointed out the import- ance of individual thinking, planning and working The message was illustrated by in- teresting references to historical characters This year Northern High School recognized and acknowledged citizens of our communities who have made outstanding contributions to our school Pictured from left to right are Charles Strauss Chairman of Key Commlttee Leslie Savage Mrs Kemit Glotfelty C O Bender recipients of the key plaques to Northern High School and Paul Muha Prin clpal Bo .G C If I X .. g '- I ' l . . Z FT' - Xs thrs yo zrbook goes to press an em closos for Northam Hrgh Suhool Mr Pau1Mul1a our prmcrpal for thv. past four years brds rm school fwrrwoll wrrh hrs usual kmd words of xpprrcrmon to the facultx staff md studonts especrallx 1'LCOgIl171I1LQIl1L, truthful work ofN1rs I-sathgrrm, xprpcuer brruth wrro rs rsurru srftsr U rrtx Xears of duotpd srrxrm The. lugs of mam wrll be. urrrchod becaus. of Ure Larmst gfforts of Mr M111 Z1 and mo far rltx 103 . V x 3 , . I 'wr L . A' s ' ' x r' ' . . , E L 3 . . , l . . r , 1 , 1 . v 4 s . ' V , ' ' s Ak' 1' ' 4 ' r ' ,' s ' 's ' N ' 1 ' . ' ' fy ' r 'X' V v A ' A ' F1 1 1 sv -. . 1' . 1 ' -1 ' ' . r ' s fs ' r 5 5 ' , rr ' ,L . 1 Miss Mary Friend was named Miss Frigidaire at the Fashion Show given by the Home Economics Department. The girls modeled clothing that they had made. Miss Nancy Matthews was selected as FHA Queen The FHA girls held a ban quet for their mothers 4 ,ll ng D Y. 1.1 f' 1, S R F5 in n' ,LU 1 O Q 0 o 1- A 8 I N v 1 - ll E E :-'1'-""-. 1 1 M 9 1 f Q O Edward Yomrner--sales Manager I l Anne Friend--Adverti w Vlizl , ii a f , Q Q cA5geuvxAN Moron co. C. O. BENDER Grantsville Maryland Telephone 1212 or 155 Compllm ents of Compllm ents of TOT AND TEEN SHOP PRINCESS RESTAURANT 12 West Ma1n Street Meyersdale Penn sylva.n1a Frostburg Maryland DEAN'S JEWELRY SWANK'S 'Keepsake ' Dlarnon s Quallty Hardware 8: Furmture ll W Ma1n Street 131 133 Center Street Fro stburg Maryland Meyersdale Pennsylvama T AND S CUT RATE HOHING'S Polarold Bell ll East Ma1n Street Howell Eastman Phone OV 9 6400 Fro stburg Maryland Fro stburg Maryland PAT 'S BEAUTY SALON Compl1m ents of Halr Styllng Wlth You In M1nd 13 Broadway Street MONN STUDIO OV 9 6390 Fro stburg Maryland Meyer sdale Pennsylvama , , . d . . "Your Kodak Store" Men's Wear--Boys' Wear Z MTM ICWUPZ X, - ' como- Z, zum-i IQ Do You Remember Thus? SHIPLEY HARDWARE CO Compliments of Estabhshed 1D 1872 Wholesale and Retall Phone ME 4 4111 Meyersdale Pennsylvanla GPJFFlTH'S STORE M111 Run Marylan d PAU GH 'S ESSO SERVIC E BennettM Paugh Owner Gas O11 Grocer1es DE 4 2025 McHenry Maryland Compllm ents of HILL TOP INN For the Best of Food Phone 7163 Grantsvllle Maryland NAmogA VILLAGE Fme Foods U S. 40 DA 9 5551 Markleysburg Pennsylvama Feogreuke gmc rmuaeng commas B S Degree Teacher Educatlon A A Degree ln .Tumor College M Ed Degree 1n Summer School Q44 Students from Garrett County 1959 605 Frostburg Maryland . - a I 0 - - n . . 1----..i. . . Sr Chorus Variety Show The Varlety Show was pre sented by the Sr Chorus John and Betty were cele braung t.he1r weddlng anruver sary They v1s1ted Japanese and Itahan Restaurants and an American mghtclub 1-D- X1 'o L12 -X! I i' 1-4- F B L Work Week X' 109 O , f 1' Y , . , .. t Y' ' ,ir . 'V . "Y ,r Q Ji, 'G .4 I , swf , y A ff A me JM: - I ' . QW ' X , - fx' ,. . i ' ' ii h S . , ' 15 .' ' I , qv Us 2 7 5' P , I I ' 0, nf H N sq ' .. 'J f' x j S, J., v, lb - rife.: - ,I . 6 or A 0 o o A X ,J , X f r , -J . ,, S .A D NAYLOR AND COMPANY Hardware Plumblng Heatlng 75 Years of Servlce Oakland Maryland Phone Farrnlngton Davls 9 5523 LONE STAR RESTAURANT AND DAIRY BAR Owned and Operated by Mr and Mrs Rlchard G Brown East of Umontown Pa Route 40 Markleysburg Pennsylvanla "ROY LANS Oakland Hardware and Furnlture Co D1al DE 4 2150 MILLER MACHINE WORKS Mme M111 and Farrn SUPPIICS Acorzm Aggocnmag Feed Farm and Bulldmg Supplles Phone DE 4 2681 Oakland Maryland A F NEIL Watch Repalrlng Photo F1n1 shlng Fr1endsv1Ile Maryland CECIL W SCHROYER Dealer In General Merchandlse Hardware GIOCSTICS Meat Fr1endsv1lle Maryland Compllrnents of FRIENDS CLOVER FARM STORE Fr1endsv1lle Maryland Compllrnents of HOYE'S COMMUNITY STORE Star Route Fr1endsv1lle Md Phone SI-I 6 2006 A. . ll Oakland Maryland Springs Pennsylvania OTTO BRKK4. TILE WORKS A S GLI S N BffiiiiidaiilfrfliiniilcilliiS and Textures Structural T1le Dram T11e Sportmg Goods Hardware and Pamts Flue Llfllflg Sewer P1pe Be'1Jam1n Moore Palnts SCHLOSNAGLES STORE METZLERS Meats Grocer1es Produce Shoes and Clothmg Department Store Ea st Maln Street SH 6 2461 H F h S Fr1endsv1lle Maryland Ome urms mg S tore Ma1n and Gallatln GARRETT COUNTY YOUGH MOTOR CO TURKEY GROWERS Front End Ahgnment and Garland Flavored Turkeys Wheel Balancmg Phone SH 6 2051 Oakland Maryland Fr1endsv111e Mazvland . Q . I rr U . Markleysburg Pennsylvania Springs, Pa. MOhawk 2-6461 - . . , BEST 'WISHES TO THE FUTURE LEADERS OF OUR COMMUNITY Tl-ue GARRETT NATIONAL BANK In Oakland Member of and MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Oakland Maryland F.D.I.C. MOTOR SERVICE COMPANY Grantsv1lle Maryland DAVIS HARDWARE Plum blng Elect r1cal Phone 108 Grantsv1lle Maryland SWAUGERS BARBER SHOP Phone TW 5 5282 Grantsvllle Maryland OAK LANES RECREATION Oakland Maryland Modern Brunsw1ck Bowllng Lanes Spotomatm P1nsetters Reservauons Phone DE 4 3355 Amer1ca's Favor1te Farruly Game OAKLAND PHARMACY Harned and Proudfoot Servmg Doctor and Patlent In Garrett County SINCE 1893 Oakland Maryland LUMBER CO Lumber and Bu1lders Supphes CONCRETE AND CINDER BLOCKS MILLWORK Phone DE 4 3258 Oakland Maryland I I I I H Paints and Industrial .Supplies I I . , . A. 8: P. FOOD STORES Feed Compare Purina Results HA RLAND BO WMAN Meyersdale Pennsylvama Star Route Oakland Phone DE 4 2943 Compllrn ents LEIGHTON BROTHERS Brlck and Opel Sales and MINNICH FUNERAL HOME Serwlce Oakland Maryland Oakland Maryland RALPH PRITTS AND SONS Comphmems PRITTS MOTOR AND EQUIPMENT CO Authonzed Dodge Plymouth Phone DE 4 4201 Oakland Maryland W EB ER' S Cornpllrnents of H G BENDER lnternatlonal Harvester Meyersdale Pennsylvama Say It Wlth Flowers SECOND NATIONAL BANK Sallsbury Off1ce Sahsbury Pennsylvama Oakland Maryland D E HELBIG JEWELERS Neal Sears Don Helblg Dlarnonds Repa1r1ng Engravmg DE 4 2610 Oakland Maryland J ' , Md. of of I ' R.C.A. Whirlpool ll ' II '. ,hw ' Q' S -4 r 3 x if f' I 115 111 YOUTHLAND Tl-I E' Oakland Maryland B Rlnlocisqslsiisziafc OF Oakland 14 Alder Street Maryland Cornpllments of We Belleve You W11l EnJoy SHIREPUS TIN SHOP Bankrng Wlth Us Oakland Maryland BROWNINGS INC GTOCCTIGS Hardware Sportlng Goods Open Day and N1ght Grantsv1lle Maryland Oakland Maryland cuPP'g mauve- an Frozen Custard Van11la and Chocolate Var1et1es of Sandwrches 1l2 Ch1cken 1n Basket Fr1endsv1lle Route 42 Maryland Comphments of Complmments of THE MUSIC SHOP MARY CAROL SHOP Oakland Maryland Frostburg Maryland C L LONG Lad1es Clothes Lad1es M1sses and Ch1ldren s Coats Flne Mllllnery and Notlons Fro stbur RODAMER CONCRETE PRODUCTS Concrete Blocks Sand Stones Cement Redlmlted Cement Phone 4 0027 g Maryland Sprlngs Pennsylx anla YODER'S DAIRY BAR D6l1C1OUS Soft Ice Cream Snacks and Soft Drlnks ' e Taste Wlll Tell' Meyersdale Pennsylx an1a Markleysburg Pennsylwanla MARTIN'S CLOVER FARM Phone DAx1s 9 8184 GEORGI-:'s MARKET WAKEFIELD 'S G W Dlefenbach Sew1ngMach1ne Exchange The Best ln Food Sales and Servlce Grantsvllle Maryland Nat1OHal Lavale PA Z 8430 or PA 2 4794 OAK GROVE DAIRY Free Estlmates In Competltlon W1th the Best DAVID M WILEY Volume of Sales Tells the Rest Retall and Wholesale Electrlcal Contractor M1lk Cream Motor Repalr and Rewmdlng Chocolate M1lk Reddl Whlp Butter Cottage Cheese Ice Cream M1x For Free Deln ery Call DE 4 4242 Sorlngs P y Maryland Phone MO 2 6117 enn sylx anla Mcl-Ienr Compllments of SINGER SEWING MACHINE DEALERS YODER'S LOCKER PLANT Alder St Oakland Md Wholesale and Retall Meats Slaughterlng Freez1ng Phone DE 4 2560 Curmg Cannlng All Types Sewmg Supphes Phone 58 and Cvrantsx1lle Maryland Sewmg Machlnes it .1 , I . , . , . , . . ' I , .- "Where Prices are Born,Not Raised" 'E1eCt1'ifY Machines Md C omphm ents of CUMBERLAND CLOAK AND SUIT STORE Compllments of HAWKINSON TREAD SERVICE U S Royal T1re Dlstrlbutors Oakland Maryland On Both Sldes of Baltlrnore Street Cumberland Maryland CITIZ ENS NATIONAL BANK Meyersdale Penn sylvan1a Compllments of MATTHEWS' FOOD STORE Phone VA 6 8120 Acc1dent Maryland THOMAS DRUG STORE F B Thomas Jr RP Your Prescrlptlon Store ME 4 6141 Meyersdale Pa A C SCHROCK AND SON St1ckell's Feeds Phon e 4 2404 Sp rlngs Penn sylvan1a Cornplun ent s of FmEuogvlLLE MILLING CGMPANY Phone SH 6 2391 Fr1endsv11le Maryland N-vw-n-gg-wap, MAcK'g TEXACO gznvlce Phone OV 9 9140 51f2. M11es West of Frostburg Maryland . . , . . . .. , A -V . Cornphrnents of Comphrn ents of CEE DEE DR H R GIBSON Oakland Maryland JOHNSON MEMORIAL CO J C LICHLITER AND CO 20 Sahsbury Street Phone 233 Grocer1es and Meats Maple Products Meyersdale Pennsylw an1a Sallsbury Pennsylx an1a R AND P STORE Cornphrnents of BIG SAVAGE SERVICE STATION Thlrd and Green Streets Oakland Maryland Fro stburg Maryland COOK 8: LINZ ARTHUR C SAVAGE Memorlals Buulder and Contractor Marble8: Granlte Phone DE 4 2029 Meyersdale Pennsylvanla McHenry Maryland MT. TOP RE TAURANT Ano HINEBAUGH'S E550 ga vac: grmon RESTAURANT In Oakland Slnce 1893 Drlnk Coca Cola In Bottles S1gn oi Good Taste OAKLAND COCA COLA Grantsv1lle Maryland BOTTLING WORKS, INC Oakland Maryland Phone: DEerfield 4-4123 Phone OV 9-9003 u NU WAY LAUNDRY 1 Hour Cleanlng BROADWATERS STORE Proprletor Cec1l LaRue Grocenes Meats Accldent Maryland Cornpllments of W HAROLD MILLER Co operat1ve Servlce ll Grantsvl e Maryland George D Edwards and Sons Compllrn ents of THAYER'S BARBER SHOP Phone 1562 or 1762 3rd Alder Street Grantsv1lle Maryland Oakland Maryland DOTTY'S BEAUTY SHOP Compllrnents of TW 5 5191 RUDY'S Grantsvllle Maryland Oakland Maryland Compllments of BETTY .TO'S BEAUTY LOUNGE ROBESON FARM SERVICE Dealer 1n Wlthmore phone TW 5 5220 Feeds, Hay and Straw, Etc FTC Stburg M3-1'Y1a1'1d Grantsv1lle Maryland THE SHOE SHOP GLENN HAVEN MOTEL AND Men's Women's at Ch11d1'6I1'S RESTAURANT Shoes Star Route Box 81 Phone ME 4 9585 Deep Creek Lake Meyersdale Penn Sylvama Phone DE 4 4733 Oakland Maryland Compllments of DI PASQUALE BROTHERS Flor1st DR. ALVIN P FRIEND, D.D.S. Phone ME 4 6251 Oakland Maryland Meyersdale Pennsylvama . Q, ,.,, 1 S y B oakland Mar land 31 Y . . . , Compliments of MOTEL OAK LAND Oakland Maryland McCLURE'S SERVICE STATION Esso Gasoline and Fuel O11 Phone 2402 Sallsbury Penn sylvama THE CORNER DRUG STORE The Rexall Drug Store Jos N Thomas Prop Meyersdale Pennsylvama SAM BEACHY AND SONS Gardemng Equrpment Jacobsen Llne of Lawn Mowers Phone Grantsvllle 322.1 Sallsbury Penn sylvanla GEORGE W BROWN INSURANCE Mrs Ellzabeth Brown Shank Owner Manager Phone PA 2 4747 6 Market Street Cumberland Maryland SERVICE CENTER Robert C Lorzenen Phone 9481 Sa11 sbu ry Penn sylvanla Compllments of B AND G SALES COMPANY DE 4 2076 Oakland Maryland BURTONS 'MR'-Hirff mm u Comphm ent s of I gvoatemg GARAGE 129 Baltlmore Street Chrysler plymouth Cumberland Maryland Accldent Maryland I Y' ,eg o o E INC RP RAT D . greg? CLAPPER'S SHANNON'S Building Materials, Inc. Oldest Shoe Store Main Office Phone ME 4 3211 ln Allegany County Meyersdale a Branch Office Phone OV 9 8885 Phone 3825 Rockwood Pennsylvania Fro stburg Maryland D W HERSHBERGER AGENCY HOSKEN JEWELRY STORE R J Kenney Proprietor Bonding Licensed Insurance Broker Diamonds Watches Jewelry and Real Estate Of 9 6473 Phone TW 5 5161 22 West Main Street Grantsville Maryland Frostburg Maryland W H FRATZ INC 11141. 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Suggestions in the Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) collection:

Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 136

1960, pg 136

Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 44

1960, pg 44

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