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' 'v w f is 'S N .-.B :Qa- .535 -9-1. 43, 5555: ii? ii: : ' ,1 ...Q L-:Lv ,XL , .S-' ?Sfi 1 'QTL 5. g ,Az :s:,,. f . 'iz sg, .3 qs., WMWM 244,14 WWW I WAI? Jfww, ,LA JMMUQ, Q -1. ,fee . Zwd a Z,Qi.av.Qf7,59g LM..,t7L '- W M225 22 . 2 .5 HMM Bmw 5-W MMA mb Ma Ziff' D' Z mm Zwlfu 6250432 CMV, Jwfffwf gun Q10 . w 05 yffgli 1 if ,nf ff "' Q . TA -. Sufi-I-or' - 27 5 J,1i11!'. slifglvfj' M2111 1 J isor 7x AJ. 41,4 2655, I We would like to say ---- 'Twas the day before deadline, and all through the school The Whole staff was dashing, and running like fools: We all have been working from the first of the year, And now' here at last that day was so near. The captions were written and typed With much care, In hopes that no errors would be found there: The pictures were cropped and pasted in place As we desperately tried to fill up each space. We've tried to ,cover each activiiy and class In hopes to preserve good times of the past. We've had moments of joy and days of grief But now that we're through, Whew'--what a relief! Away to the printers it flew like a flash In hopes that our yearbook would be a big smash. The Staff r M " '-, n jg .Q Our Board of Education, which is directly responsible for the schools in our county, are as follows: Left to Right: Mr. George Edwards, Associate Member: Mr. Maurice Brookhart, Vice-President: Dr. Ralph Calandrella, President: and Mr. Willard W. Hawkins, Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Foster D. Bittle is the Supervisor of Iunior-Senior High Schools. You can see Mr. Bittle periodically around our school area. . D '. 4 'a . 'br ' ,alll ' V - a, 'U f 451,425 72 f JL, Hynq' ' Q... mg! ,f at 0. Y 1 7 125 ' Q., Y . . , , ' .Nw , X.--as..-Q mwa- U . Q .A 3 ' n A , , . Q I , X 4 4 0 p+Q Q X x+f 14 7' J' 'fb N-1-'ii 0 N' 1 ,Q 'Q ,Q X .J 4'-, ff ff " I , if ,w.f,-,,5M, W I , ,. ,M Sri? A ll stor I Each year can be likened to Your lives, from birth to death, is like a book, it te s a y. a chapter in a book. Iunei 13 , 1959, marks the end of another chapter in your books. In order to help you preserve the memories of this chapter entitled, School Year 1958-1959 , your Yearbook staff has assembled many pictures, names and popular sayings into the NORTH STAR, your official school yearbook. Much time, effort, and money has gone into the preparation of this book of memories for you. , A May Iltake this opportunity to CONGRATULATE Shirley Meyas, Editor in Chief: all members of the NORTH STAR Staff: Miss,Chrisman, Advisor: and Mr. Englar, Photographer, for the excellent job in compiling these memories into such a splendid yearbook. In closing I would like to extend, to all of you on behalf of your Faculty and the other adults , our BEST WISHES for continued success and- happiness as you 'write your books. p May Godbless you. . 9 ' Ah ' Sincerely, P. I. Muha - Principal . ,Nga Each day as you walk into the office, you hear the busy sound of the typewriter, and see someone busily writing passes. The Public Address System in our school is a new addition and comes in very handy when making announcements. Mr. Malone is kept busy giving tests and helping students with their problems. The library is full of a rich supply of in- formation for everyone . As the yearbook went to press, we learned that Miss Dauphin was leaving for greener pastures and Mrs. Frazee is filling her position. 5 Q. "'---...qi MRS . ELHANORA FRAZEE Catherman's Business College Secretary 1 Ji i r ' ii f' w use ADMINISTRATION M' . ,w,r.f,i.,.i -arms. I --Gi- MR. RALPH BEACHLEY B. S. - M. A. University of Maryland Columbia University Vice Principal MISS CAROL DAUPHIN Catherman's Business College Secretary MR. DARRELL MALONE A. B. - M. A. West Virginia University MR. IMELVIN KESNER B . S . University of Maryland Librarian VIR. LAWRENCE FAITH B . S . University of Maryland Conservation is only a small part of the Agricultural training. VIR. IOHN RECKNER B. S. University of Maryland Q.. . ..... - i , Rl ' ll... f ' -i . iz These boys are shovsm working in the Vo-Ag Farm Shop. In this case, they are renovating an old grain reaper which will be used in future Garrett County fair parades. Agriculture TODAY , TOMORROW AND ALWAYS . . . Agriculture is big. Agriculture is a science, a business, a profession, an industry! Agriculture provides more jobs and careers in the city than on the farm. Agriculture is comprehensive, broad and vital! It's the basic industry - the BIG IOB! About 40 percent of all jobs are somewhere in agriculture - jobs im- portant to everyone, jobs with futures , jobs with financial and personal rewards! , ,..., . ,ru W 9 we 155 iid? niaauhai' it M WIS YRU ga fiafemfiifl' Dnmxhn H51 41 MR. CHARLES STRAUSS West Virginia University ln chemistry, these students prove that students learn by doing by preparing oxygen. lm " "v1r'4 Science Science education has had a dual achievement in assisting all youth to grow toward maturity and transmitting and adding to the racial heritage of scientific skill and understanding. Students making observations of the queen honey-bee in the new three-frame glass observation here in the biology classroom. MR. KENNETH KEPLINGER A. B. - M. A. West Virginia University MR. IUSTIN RIGGS A. B. Fairmont State College MR. tHILIP JOHNSON A. B . West Virginia University MR. 'LOYD H. CARSON B. A. - M. A. Geneva College University of Pittsburgh MRS. LUCILE CARSON B. A. Monmouth College 'lunar 3 i .- .,. - n - ,J In ' s Two students in World History get the facts on record for all to see. Stociittll Studies Is knowledge of the past important in understanding the Present? Is an understanding of the present an essential element of good citizenship in a democracy? The Social Studies Department of Northem High School agrees with the Maryland Department of Education in answering both of these questions with a firm "yes Consequently, the job of this department is to help students a greater knowledge and understanding of the past and of the present, in order that they may in turn do the best possible job as citizens in a complicated world World History students examine ancient war machines used when Ro mistress of the world. me WGS its A The llth grade pxctured here studies Case in detail. llzrrglislh The proper use of pronouns helps to improve both oral and wrrtten speech. ,O "Between you and me and the gatepostn is no 'S lengera secret if we havea knowledge of Case. MRS. RUTH MATTHEWS B. S. Frostburg State Teachers College 5 MRS. KATHRYN SMITH A. B. - M. A. A variety of resources, good organization, outstanding method and content make the study of University of English Literature wholesome and effective. Maryland 2,33 "f P . 1' ,Y 'S K , r 1 get M Q.. if Y can xrwft fail: fi-. , 4' ll Sv. tr ef 'mal-A .fl Z' S MRS. DOROTHY ANDERSON A. B. - M.R.E. University of Rlchmond Carver School of Social Work X we i A MRS. IRAN GROSE A. B. Pennsylvania State University MRS. ROSAMOND PAVONE A. B. - M. S. West Virginia University University of Southern California MR. WILLIAM UNBEL A. B. West Virginia University O i Students in math work on problems concerning business practices. The courses offered in math help to prepare our students for life work--homemaking , construction work , farming and other vocational fields . Any student may take several of the follow- ing courses: general math for 7, 8, and 9th grade, 2 courses of algebra , plain and solid geometry. . Q M li " Alf 6ll'1UlHllfliCa Geometry class finds students discovering relationships of line segments and circles. Sql HHH! XXII The 9-3 class studying Maryla I1 fore The Core Iiroqrarn consists of broad problems , units of work , or unifying themes which are chosen because they can be used effectively to teach the basic content of certain subjects of fields of knowledge. These subjects retain their identity, but the content is selected and tiuqht with special reference to the selected unit.. Students in this class are studying the Northwest Ordinance w nd hich has served as a guide for governing all the lands that were later won by the United States. MISS ARLINE THACKER A. B. West Virginia Wesleyan Collge MRS. MARY FORSYTH A. B. Fairmont State Teachers College is X f t A N Q .xx :Q ...js- MR. HOYE SMITH B. S. Davis and Elkins College MRS. ANNA BEACHY B. S. Iunlata College IM MRS. VIRGINIA MCKENZIE B . S . Frostburg State Teachers College Section 7-3 participating in the classroom activities which are offered in the instrumental music department. Vocal And Instrumental Music Music is at once the most personal and the most soclal of the flne artsy it searches down the heart of the indlvldual belng and calls out emotions far too deep for words to embody Students in an eighth grade music clas llavr- fu heart--ami learn to prepare and eat it too. These girls are preparing organ meats in Senior llomc- Economics--heart , brains , tongue, kidneys. H mm Q Etc on oimiircs Home Economics covers a Wide SCOD9 of personality development and family life-- both in the girls' present and hor future home. Fundamentals are taught and skills developed in foods, clothing , management, and many other areas. Noi all the fun is in the wearing for those junior mgn girls because they are enjoying each new learn- mnq that comes with making their skirts and blouses. YIIFLL scan: um MRS . POLLY HANST s B . S . West Virginia University i Ln ,Q -,V 19065 I 911 'lf an W' 5 . l EJ! MRS . MARTHA LAWTON B. S. West Virginia University MISS ELAINE CHRISMAN B. S. West Virginia University MRS. MARY SCHURMAN B. S. Davis and Elkins College Learning to use office machines is an important part of business training. One obj ective of the Business Education Depart- ment is to prepare students for profitable em- IBUSLHQSS ployment in the business world so that they may become economically independent. The stu- ., . , C2l'fllOTl dents develop marketable skills and techniques through--typewriting, shorthand, bookkeeping, and operating office machines U Typing is a skill that can be used by everyone--in a career, in college or in the home qw:-mae Q g E: 1 ll R.."'Ef ' ' ' ' "S ' 4 v-an ,,,.,.-'- ' iw ll ff vw ' fghvy , f W! e Y . ,, ywwaws Q, 1Jwl5Q iiti V game WQvwwmmk l 4- 12th grade boys in the woodworking shop. A ir t rl 1I'l tgl 'LllSIK1FliQl l A it its Industrial Arts is planned with many obj ectives, mainly to teach skills in the use of hand and power tools while forming wood and metal, It is also planned to teach attitudes and habits of doing work neatly and accurately, also to develop the fundamentals of safe work habits and feeling of self-confidence in the student's ability to make a worth-while and serviceable project. Members ofthe B-l Arts and Crafts class, at work on copper enameling. Q MR. MERLE GARLETTS B. S. University of Maryland MR, CHAUNCEY FRIEND B. S. University of Maryland MR. ROBERT WILSON B . S . Teachers College ' CX Aim, X AK Qm9Fa lr, 1 Q Frostburg State MISS BERNICE KOLB B . S . Goshen College ilk' fiR. LILBURN BROWN B. S. orriss Harvey College MR. TR. DENVER MITCHELL B . S . Salem College MRS . FANNABEL WTLLIAMS Wells College MRS. IO ANN ROBINSON B. S. Frostburg State Teachers College ,rf This daily exercise is a must in the boys' Physical Education classes. C.-, Physin .il I N fl u Cari efri X Physical Education provides for the health, physical, and recreational needs of all people regardless oi age or physical and mental abilities. 4 An integral part of the Girls' Physical Education program. m 111g1 Catfeterizn Staff BACK ROW: Left to Rlghtz Mrs. Georgia Hardesty, Mrs. Garnet Ringer, Mrs. Charlotte Wilburn. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Dora Edgar, Mrs. lrva Mickey, Mrs. Helen Harmon, Manager. 1 3 The ualeterla staff works had to prepare tasty and nourish- ing meals throughout the school year. Students enjoy ice cream after eatinq their lunch is www Students enjoy a hot lunch along with a pretty hot "gala" session each day at lunch. ly, .Muna ft ,ruin - .1, 1.1-.1-1.-.ry-.711lss The custodians are always ready to per- form any task to keep the school in order. LEFT TO RIGHT: Evelyn Smith, Donald Ringer, Lewis Harmon. NGT SHOWNg Harold Georg. V vm Lage LEFT TO RIGHT Roger Bond Francis Miller Dale Brenneman Emmett Friend Henry Patton Ray VanSickle, Robert Enlow, Harry Durst, Harry Bilmeyer Harry Savage George McCullough and Lorraine Wiley NOT SHOWN Harold Wiley Ernie Savage, Hobart Bowser, Dale Rush, Harry ENIOQQ M X- X ARY ANN ALEXANDER "Mary Iane" SE: 1B JRRICULUM: Stenographic IIBITION: Secretary ZTIVITIES: Pen Pal Club, President: Jmemaking Club: Library As sistantp B.L.A.: Yearbook Staff: Student Council ARVIN PAY BEACHY "Marv" EE: 17 URRICULUM: General VIBITION: To make money ITIVITIES: Basketball: Letterman's ,ubp Industrial Arts Club RONALD ROGER BAKER "Ugly" AGE: I8 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: To be assistant manager to Butch's chorus line. ACTIVITIES: Football 37 Basketball Z7 Letterman's Club 2: F. F. A. 3, Reporter: Glee Club: President of Ir. Class: Pro- ISCIOT Operator? SIJOITS Club RONALD MELVIN BEILER AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: To be a Draftsman ACTIVITIES: Bible Study Club, V1Ce- Presiclent: Sr. Quartet Club lAI'Imnn ni-I-war mir-fl'1+c and n1'l'112T PIRVR DONALD RAY BARTI-IOLOMEW "Bar" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: To own a car ACTIVITIES: Senior Science Club 2: In- dustrial Arts Club 27 Lettermar1's Club lf Football 27 Basketball Manager lg Astronomy Club fVice-Presidentj DARREL CALVIN BEITZEL Wake' AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: TO Sing ACTIVITIES: Industrial Arts Club, Dance Club ft a 2 . I ROBERT EARL BITTINGER "BOb" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Engineering Draftsman ACTIVITIES: Dance Club 2: Basketball IUANITA MARIE KAHL "Nita" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Nurse ACTIVITIES:: P. N. A. 3, Corresponding Secretary: Home Ec. Club 2, :Vice- Presldentl Yearbook Staff PATRICIA ANN BITTNER "Pat" AGE: I8 CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: Private Secretary ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 2: Homemakers Club, Treasurer: Student Council: Pen Pal Club, Treasurer: P.B.L.A. 2, Treas- urer: Yearbook Staff BEVERLEE JEAN BU CKEL AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: College ACTIVITIES: F. T. A. 3, President: Year- book Staff, Literary Editor: Band: Art Club: Office Assistant: Football Attend- ant: U. N. Delegate Have found us gone our separate ways MARGARET SUSAN BOWMAN AGE: I8 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Modeling, Merchandising AC'I'IV1TIES: Glee Club: Office Assistant, F. H. A. , Secretary, Regional Secretary: Student Council: Projector Operator 3, Treasurer: P. T. A. , Treasurer DONALD PAUL CAUYTHERS "Honest Abe" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: College or Drafting ACTIVITIES: Industr1alArts Club 3: Sec- retary: Senior Science Club: Astronomy Club HYLLIS RAYE CODDINGTON "Stub" SE: 18 URRICULUM: General Business VIBITION: Cosmetlclan ITIVITIES: Sr. Dance Club 2: Chorus l1'lS 1: Sr. ArtClub 2: F. I-I. A. l, Pres- ent: Yearbook Staff 2 XTTY LOU CUPPETT "Pat" SE: I8 URRICULUM: Stenographic MBITION: Secretary CTIVITIES: Quill and Scroll, News- aper 3, Advertising Manager: Office sslstant: Pen Pal Club I IVA MAE COLLIER "Pete" AGE: I7 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Cosmetlcian ACTIVITIES: F. N. A. 2, Treasurer: Year- book Staif: Home Ec. Club 2: Bible Study Club, Vice-President MARTIN LUTHER CONN "Tiger" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: To grow up ACTIVITIES: Sr. Science Club 2 Nice- Presidentl Industrial Arts Club 2: Letter- man's Club: Football 2, Football Ivhnager Class Treasurer Ir. and Sr. year NANCY IEAN DOERR AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General Business AMBITION: Airline Hostess ACTIVITIES: F.B.L.A. , Senior Chorus PATSY SUSAN DEWITT " Pat AGE. I7 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Quill and Scroll: Pen Pal Club: Newspaper Staff 2 112, Editor in C hief We wlll have these moments to remember 1 CAREN LOUISE DURST "Lapey" LGE: 18 IURRICULUM: General IMBITION: Plano Playing ICTIVITIES: Dance Club: Bible Study Zlub: Glee Club NANCY LOUISE DURST "Grace" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: Prlvate Secretary ACTIVITIES: Band 47 F.B.L.A.: Dance Club: Sr. Homemakers ofAmer1ca: U. N. Deleqate. LYNN MITCHELL DURST AGE 18 CURRICULUM. Vocational AMBITION: To fly the first rocket to the moon GLEN ROYCE DURST "Buz" AGE: l7 CURRICULUM: Vocational Agriculture AMBITION: To be Vice-President of the U. S. , 1996-2001 ACTIVITIES: Secretary of the F. F. A. The cares we lost, the Joys we found MARY ALICE DURST AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: Medical Secretary ACTIVITIES: Bard 3: F.B.L.A. 3, Reporter i571 , President 15817 Board of Directors Senicx Homemaking Club, Reporter 1571 LOREITA FRANCES EDGAR "Tuffy" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Quill and Scroll: Newspaper 27 Historian of Sr. Class: Pen Pal Club 1: Sr. Dance Club 1: Student Council 2 'IARGARET LOUISE EDGAR GE: 18 URRICULUM: Vocational Home EC. MBITION: Marriage CTIVITIES: P. H. A. Club, Chaplain: ance Club: Science Club: Art Club: Bible tudy Club DALE EUGENE FRAZEE "Herman" AGE: I9 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: Carpenter ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. DAVID WAYNE FAIDLEY "Pib" AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: Truck Driver ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. 4: Sr. Chorus 3 GLENNA MARIE FRAZEE "Pray" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Vocational AMBITION: Beautician ACTIVITIES: F. H. A. 3: Photo Club: Dance Club: Astronomy Club When class reunion rolls around 13 RHUIE IEAN PIKE AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: F.B.L.A. 37 Yearbook Staff 2 , Advertising Manager: Sr. Chorus 1: Sr. Sewing Club 1: Sr. Dance Club 1 ROBERT EUGENE FRAZEE AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Vo.-Ag. AMBITION: Own a Garage DONALD WALTERS FRIEND "Don" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Farmer FANCY RAE FRIEND "Nan" GE: 17 IURRICULUM: General Business MBITION: To be a happy successful 'ife CTIVITIES: F. H. A. 2, Song Leader GARRY RICHARD FRIEND AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Factory Worker ACTIVITIES: Factory Worker PATRICIA ANN FRIEND "Pai" AGE: I7 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Nurse ACTIVITIES: Sr. Band: F. H. A. , Pres- ident 2: Sr. Dance: F. N. A. , State Treas- urer I: Student Council 27 F.B,L.A, 1 We w1l1 have these moments to remember 5 IAMES RICKEY FRIEND AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Join the Army SAMUEL MCCLELLAND FRIEND "S AGE: I9 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: Engineer ACTIVITIES: F. P. A. 3 if am IIARGARET FAITH FROST "Maggie" .GE: 18 JURRICULUM: Academic IMBITION: Housewife: .CTIVITII-IS: F. H. A. 2: Sr. Chorus 2: r. Dance Club 2: Sr. Science Club OYCE ELAINE GLOTFELTY "Smokey" XGE: 17 JURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Secretary XCITVITIPB: Art Club 3: Bible Study Club Z: Band: Dance Club: Newspaper Staff LAWRENCE EUGENE GEORG AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: Farmer ACTIVITIES: F. F. A.1 Industrial A115 Club HOWARD EMERSON GREEN AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: English Teacher ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. 3 The past is gone forever GRADY IUNIOR GILPIN AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: To be Resident of the U. S. , 1996-2001 ACTIVITIES: Letterman's Club 2: Pro- jectors Operator 27 Football 2: Baseball 2 THELMA IEAN GUTHRIE AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Vocational Home Ec. AMBITION: Marriage or Seamstress ACTIVITIES: Sr. Dance Club: A11 Club: Bible Study Club: F. H. A. 1 , Historian: Science Club WILMA FRANCES HANLIN "Willie" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: To be a successful secretary ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader 5: Dance Club Office Assistant 2 DALE EUGENE HETRICK AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Vocational Agriculture AMBITION: Going to the service ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 2: F. P. A. 3 ADAM WILLARD HARE AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Psychiatrist ACTIVITIES: Newspaper Staff, Sports Editor: Industrial Arts Club: Library As- sistant, 2: Projector Operator7P. F. A. 2 GARY ALLEN HETRICK AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: To graduate ACTIVITIES: Band 3: Football 3: Basket- ball 3: Baseball I: Letterman's Club 3: Sr. Letterman's Club l, President: Stu- dent Council 2 The present is so clear SANDRA SUE HERSHBERGER AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Nurse ACTIVITIES: Sr. Class Secretary: F. N. A. 3, State Historian: Yearbook Staff 2: Dance Club 2: Office Assistant: U. N. Delegate: State Farm Queen, 1958: Band PATRICIA ANN HINEBAUGH "Pat" AGE: l7 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: To get married ACTIVITIES: F. H. A.: Dance Club: Sr. Glee Club: Sr. Science Club ROBERT HOYE "Bob" AGE: I9 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Interior Decorator ACTIVITIES: Industrial Arts Club ly Pro- jector Operator l: Electronics Club 1 IUANITA FRANCES BRANT "HuCkey" AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: Airline Hostess ACTIVITIES: Dance Club: F. H. A. F.B.L.A.: Senior Chorus FRANCES LEE HUMBERSON "Fran" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Private Secretary ACTIVITIES: Band 3: Dance Club: Pen Pal Club: F.B.L.A. 2 ROSETTA MAE KEPLINGER "Rose" AGE: I9 CURRICULUM: General Business AMBITION: Typist, Marriage ACTIVITIES: Dance Club 27 Sr. Chorus 3: Quartet Club The future s so uncertaln I DONALD RAY JENKINS "Don" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Air Force Pilot ACTIVITIES: Projector Operator 27 Base- ball Zy Football 4, Captain: Letterman's Club 31 Student Council I KAREN KAY KINSINGER AGE: I7 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: College, Nurse ACTIVITIES: Band, Sr. Science Club: Projectors Club Z, Secretary, President: F. N. A. 3, Secretary, State President his Fl-IOMAS KIRBY "Speedy" XGE: 18 SURRICULUM: Academic XMBITION: Draftsman XCTIVITIES: Projector Operator 3: Band 3: Baseball 17 Industrial Arts Club 3: 'resident of I. A. A. 1: President of Astronomy Club 1: U. N. Delegate NAOMI CAROLL KOLBFLEISCH AGB: 17 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Teacher AC'l'lVI'I'IES: Dance Club: Art Club: Glee Club: Bible Study Club WILLIAM JAMES KISNER "Mule" AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: Carpenter ACTIVITIES: F. F. A.: U. N. Delegate -R if b .... . . .+., '.2f f gg ROBERT LEROY KNOX "Bob" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Vocational Agriculture AMBITION: Truck Driver ACTIVITIES: Sr. Electronics Club But we'll face it without fear LORETTA MAE KISNER "Ret AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: General Business AMBITION: To be Mrs. I. D. ACTIVITIES: Art Club 3: Newspaper Staffg, Art Editor, Assistant Photographer: lst and 2nd place in Art at County Pair, l958 TERESA ANN LAYMAN AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Sophomore Secretary: F. H. A. , Treasurer: Art Club, Treasurer Outing Club: Quill and Scroll 27 News- paper Staff, Assistant Advertising Manager SHIRLEY ANN LOWDERMILK AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Commercial AMBITION: To be a secretary to a millionaire ACTIVITIES: Band 3: F.B.L.A. 2: Photo Club 1: Astronomy Club 1: Dance Club 1: Office Assistant l MARTHA ALMA MAUST AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Elementary Teacher ACl'IV1'I'IES: Glee Club: Bible Study Club 2: Secretary, Treasurer: Newspaper Staff FENTON VERGIL LOWERY AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. 3, Tr FRANCIS PAUL MCCROBIE AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Truck Driver ACTIVITIES: Senior Chorus: Sci F. T. A.: Library Assistant ..Bud.. SBSUTSI' ence Club: ALICE DEAN LYTLE AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: Artist ACTIVITIES: Art Club 3, Presldent,.'V1ce President: F.B.L.A. 2: Basketball Tea 3: U. N. Delegate EDGAR CLINTON MCKENZIE "EggheaQ AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Mechanic ACTIVITIES: Glee Club: F.F.A lmzfnnfry--wr--fw-W N,-r.,..,f:v.: -H-.,fr:Ms.. I .,,.W:-tgwwfmw:-, IOHN THOMAS MCKENZIE AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General ACTIVITIES: Industrial Arts Club PATRICIA ANN MERRILL "Pat AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General Business AMBITION: Policewoman PATRICIA ANN MCKENZIE "Patty" AGE: I8 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Teacher ACTIVITIES: Sr. Band 3: Sr. Majorettes 2: Drum Major l: F. T. A. 2, Secretary: Student Council 3, Treasurer, Secretary, President: Football Queen 1 RODNEY LEO MEYERS AGE: l7 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: Barber ACTIVITIES: P. F. A. 3, Reporter PATRICIA ILENE MCKENZIE "Pat" "Irish" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Sr. Band 37 F. N. A. 2, President 17 Art Club 1, President I: May Day Attendant, 11th: Tri-State Band I: Honor Roll SHIRLEY ANN MEYERS "Shirt" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Secretarial Teacher, House- wne ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff, Advertising Manager, Editor: F.B.L.A. 2: Dx. Dance 2: Second In State F.B.r..A. Spelling Bee 'HN RICHARD MILLER "Dick" EE: 18 JRRICULUM: General IIBITION: To marry a millionaire ITIVITIES: Band 3: Football 3: Student zuncll: Letterman's Club 3 'LLIAM CLAYTON NEDROW "Billy" E: 17 IRRICULUM: Academic IBITION: Draftsman TIVITIES: Industrial Arts Club 3: :ronomy Club RICHARD WILLIAM MILLER AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Artist ACTIVITIES: Band, 4: Industrial Arts Club: Sr. Science Club if PEGGY IOYCE PLATTER "Frenchie" AGE' 18 CURRICULUM. General EDITH MURDOCK AGE: 20 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Practical Nurse and Marriage ACFIVITIB: F. N. A. Club Z: Sr. Dance Club 1: Newspaper Staff 1 GUY ODELL RESI-I AGE: l7 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: To be in the Navy ACTIVITIES: Dance Club 2: Industrial Arts Club l AMBITION: Office Work ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 21 Bible Study Club IANICE MARIE RESH AGE: I7 CURRICULUM: Commercial AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Band 3: Dance Club 1: Pres- ident of Projectors Club 1: F.B.L.A. 2: Secretary of I'.B.L.A. I RETA EILEEN RUSH AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General Business AMBITION: Secretary, Modeling School ACTIVITIES: Sr. Dance Club 3, Vice- Presldent I: F.B.L.A.: Sr. Chorus 3 m1,,,,..w KAROL DOUGLAS RILEY "Doug" AGE: I7 CURRICULUM: Academic AM BITION: Doctor ACTIVITIES: Sr. Science Club, Secretary, Taxidermy Club, President: Astronomy Club: Yearbook Staff: F. T. A. 2 , uv. ROBERT EUGENE SANDERS AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: Construction Work ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. REDA ARLENE RUSH "DO1ly" AGE: 18 . CURRICULUM: General Business AMBITION: To be a success as a sec- retary ACIIVITIES: Dance Club: F.B.L.A. Senior Chorus 3 DOROTHY ELSIE SAVAGE "Doodle" AGE: I7 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Medical Secretary ACTIVITIES: Sr. Band 4, President 1: F.B.L.A. 3,Vice-President1:Sr. F. H. A. President 1 ILBERT ALLEN SAVAGE "Bud" SE: 17 ZIRRICULUM: Vocational ABITION: Work with Father ITIVITIES: Dance Club 3: F. F. A. 2 HIRLEY GRACE SCHLOSNAGLE GE: 17 IURRICULUM: Academic MBITION: To get ahead in life CTIVITIES: Band: Senior F. H. A. 2 IOAN FRANCES SAVAGE AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Beautician ACTIVITIES: Band: Senior F. H. A. , Parllamentarian: U. N. Delegate ROY CLARK SCHLOSSNAGLE AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Vocational Agriculture AMBITION: Agriculture Work ACTIVITIES: Sophomore Class President: Sr. Class Vice-President: Student Council 2, Vice-President, Regional Vice-Pres- ident: F. F. A. 3, Reporter, Vice-Pres- ident, President MELVIN WAYNE SAVAGE "VVhltey" "Chub" AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: Agriculture AMBITION: Electrician ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. HAROLD RUSSELL SCHMIDT AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Vo.-Ag. AMBITION: Truck Driver ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. , Vice-President DALE WADE SCHROYER AGE: l7 CURRICULUM: Vocational AMBITION: Undecided ACTIVITIES: Dance Club: F. F. A. ELAINE IIELEN SILBER "Mlncy" AGE: I8 CURRICULUM: Commercial AMBITION: Stenographer ACTIVITIES: AFL Club 2: Bible Study Club 2, Secretary 1, President I: Glee Club 3 KATHLEEN ANN SEBOLD "Kate" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General Business AMBITION: Medical Secretary ACTIVITIES: Band 3: Dance Club 27 F. H. A. 2: Pen Pal Club MARVIN SISLER AGE: I8 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: To get out of Garrett County ACIIVITIES: Football 3:Letterman's Club: Vice-President ETHEL LOHR SEIBERT "Nikki" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Nurse ACTIVITIES: Sr. Class President: Sr. Band lp Majorette I: Vice-President of Sophomore Class: F. N. A. 3, Secretary 1: Sr. Dance Club 2: U. N. Delegate PEGGY ANNE SISLER "Peg" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General Business AMBITION: Go to Business College or Nurses Training ACTIVITIES: Dance Club 2: Senior Science Club ly P.B.L.A. 2 ?IEL RAE SNYDER "Mousey" E: 18 RRICULUM: Stenographic ZBITION: Secretary TIVITIES: F.B.L.A.: Pen Pal Club: Jhomore Class Secretary PNNIE MAE SPIKER "Eloise" JE: 17 JRRICULUM: Vocational Home EC. flBITION: Hair Stylist TIVITIES: F. H. A. 3, Treasurer: ub 2: Danoe Club: Quartet Club Glee RICHARD EDWARD SPEAR "Dick" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Drink ACTIVITIES: Basketball 3: Football 3 Letterman's Club 2 1. HELEN LOUISE SPIKER AGE: 19 CURRICULUM: General I Z' I . A K L. si A ADRIAN ALLEN SPIKER "Spike" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General ACFIVTTIES: Band 3: Industrial Arts Club 2: Projectors Club 2: Astronomy Club: Quartet Club RICHARD FRANKLIN STANTON "Dick" AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Air Force let Pilot ACTIVITIES: Sr. Industrial Arts Club 3: Sr. Science Club 2: Newspaper Staff 1 '11 Q I I CHARLES FELDC STAUSS, Ir. "Charlie Strabalsk1" AGE: l7 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Manager of a Chcrus Llne ACTIVITIES: Basketball 4: Football 4: Soccer Manager l: Band 5: Sr. Letter- man's Club, Treasurer: All State Chorus NANCY JO TURNEY AGE: I8 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Airline Hostess ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader 5, Captain l: Dance Club: Sr. Chorus 2 NANCY ANNE SWAUGER AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: Nurse AC1'IV'lTIES: F. N. A. 3, Vice-President, Secreta-W7 Ir. Class Secretary: May Day Attendant, 10th: Student Council 2: Glee Club LOIS ELAINE THOMAS AGE: lB CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: Telephone Operator ACTIVITIES: Pen Pal Club: F.B.L.A. DORIS GAY UMBHL "Smiley" AGE: I8 CURRICULUM: Stenographlc AMBITION: Secretary ACI'IV'l'I'1'ES: Sr. Band 4 , Secretary: Quartet Club 2: F. H. A. , Vice-President RONALD G. UMBEL "Ron" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Vocational Agriculture AMBITION: English teacher, bus driver ACTIVITIES: Sr. Glee Club 2: F. F. A. 3, Secretary IANET LAURETTA VANSICKLE "Ian" AGE: I8 SURRICULUM: Vocational Home EC. AMBITION: To get ahead in life XCTIVITIES: Senior Chorus 3: F. H. A.: KIT Club: Bible Study Club: Dance Club HELEN LUCILLE WAKEFIELD "Willie" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: To work in Washington ACTIVITIES: F. H. A.: Band 3: Dance Club: Science Club ,UTH ESTA WESTERFIELD "Ruthie" GE: I8 ZURRICULUM: General Business MBITION: To be an excellent wife for er sailor husband CTIVITIES: Dance Club 2: Quill and rcroll 2: F.B.L.A.: Astronomy Club, resident: Office Assistant: Newspaper taff, Business Editor, Assistant Editor, flanaging Editor PEGGY ANN WILBURN "Peg" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 3: Quartet Club F. H. A.: Pen Pal Club: Bible Study Club 2: Art Club 2 SHEILA RAE WARNICK "Gooie' AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Beautician ACTIVITIES: P. H. A.: Dance Club: F.B.L.A.: Senior Chorus: U. N. Delegate CAROLYN LEE VVINEBRENNER "Carrie" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Stenographic AMBITION: Secretary ACTIVITIES: Pen Pal Club, Secretary: Senior Chorus Z: F.B.L.A. 2: Sr. Home- makers Club, Secretary: Yearbook Staff RICHARD SISLER AGE: 18 POST GRADUATE BRADLEY LYLE YODBR "Brad" AGE: 17 CURRICULUM: Academic AMBITION: College ACTIVITIES: Industrial Arts Club: Electronics Club 5: S, "Dick " ELLA MAE THOMPSON AGE: 18 CURRICULUM: General AMBITION: Artist : F. H. A.: Glrls' Basketball Team CLASS MOTTO: Look For The Future, The Past Will Not Come Again CLASS COLORS: Lilac and Vtfhite CLASS FLOWER: Lilacs DEDICATION SONG By Iean Fike Tune to CIT'S ALMOST TOMORROW! We're going to leave you, But this we must say-- We hope you will miss us, Cause we just can't stay. But this we are saying , Our hearts will but shine: For we know that true success We all shall find. Our friends will be greater, For this we can say. Our thoughts of our yester years , We'll treasure al-ways. But as we are striving To make for the best, We think that our future Will be the great test. CLASS SONG By Wilma Hanlin Tune to KMY HAPPINESS! Now the time to say good-bye For we must part, dear Northern High, But our mem'ries will not die Dear Northern High. In our hearts our love remains, Through the halls our echo reigns: Fun and laughter it all brings , Dear Northern High. Chorus: Our classmates and our friends-- We must say farewell to them. The hours that we've spent here We will treasure all through the years. Now the future we shall face: In your hands our trust we'll place Loyal ties will not erase, Dear Northern High. AI LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Keplinger, Mrs. Matthews, Mr. Iohnson, Advisors: Loretta Edgar, Historian: Roy Schlossnagle, Vice-President: Ethel Seibert President: Sue Hershberger, Secretary: Martin Conn, Treasurer. Class Prayer By Ronald Beiler Almighty God , As we come to the close of our years at Northern High School, we would come before thee to thank thee for the blessings of the past years 0 For the opportunities which we have had we are truly grateful: for the mistakes we have made we would humbly implore thy forgiveness . We thank thee for the teachers whom we have learned to appreciate , for our parents who have done so much for us , and for our friends whom we have come to love: We would humbly thank thee for thy guidance in the past. Whatever the iuture may hold for us , may we always depend on thee for our strength and guidance. In our Savior's name we pray. Amen Many important decisions are made by the Senior Class---announcements , speakers for graduation, wills, prayer, songs , caps and gowns . ll- n --as ff - 1 M--:1fMmMm.1,.s,.,,: f-L --f.- if J.,f:m.mmwmmamwwr.,'.vf.:fffl..,i- if-mmwww .5 , swam. The Class Prophecy Listen, my children and you shall hear About the graduates of that school year. It was the second of june in '59 W'hen we were together for the very last time. , Our future then was not very clear. It's a beautiful spring day on Mars in 1975. Alice was sketching an outline of "Martian Sun Rise." I was trying my hardest to set her hair but she wouldn't sit still. We started talking about the graduating class of '59 , and were wondering just what each and every member of our class was doing ..... WHEN ..... up stepped "a little blue man" and just about scared us out of our wits. But because we didn't run away, he told us that together he would grant us one wish. Any wish at all. So we wished we might go around the world and see for ourselves what our classmates are all doing. We first sprinkled some of the "little blue man's" magic sand over our shoulders and became the same size as he. Next, we jumped on his invisible flying saucer, and AWAY WE WENT ........ We had only been in the air a few minutes when we discovered we needed fuel, so we stopped at the first Satellite Fueling Station where "Bobbie" Frazee was running a very pros- perous business. Lynn Durst and his three Airline Hostesses , Nancy Doerr, Nancy Turney and Iuanita Brant had stopped to refuel on their way to the moon. We left unnoticed to con- tinue our journey to the earth. Our first stop was at Alaska. We landed in Donald Bartholomew's Used Rocket Ship Lot. We saw David Faidley, "Bob" Knox, Harold Schmidt, and Francis McCrobie trading in their various makes of trucks for gold and blue rockets. On our way to the Northern Prefab Rocket Ship Corporation owned by Martin Conn , Marvin Beachy, Gary Hetrick, john Miller, "Buddy" Savage, and Dale Schroyer, we saw a sputnik pass over with a sign reading "Don't miss "Butch" Strauss and his chorus line consisting of Susan Bowman, Helen Spiker, Iean Fike, Ioyce Glotfelty, Mary Ann Alexander, Sue Hershberger, Ianice Resh, and Peggy Wilbum at "Dick" Spear's Starlight Ballroom." As we entered the building we saw Frances Humberson conducting a group of sailors on a guided tour. In the group were james Friend and Dale Hetrick. We also saw "Ruthie" with her ten little Westerfields and her sailor husband. Making our way through the huge building we found "Patty" Bittner, Reta and Reda Rush, and Gay Umbel working as secretaries in the different departments. What really took our eye was the Emergency Medical Center at the end of the hall, run by Ethel Seibert, Karol Riley, and "Patty" I. McKenzie, along with their Secretaries , Mary Alice Durst, "Dot" Savage and "Cathy" Sebold. About two blocks away from the building we saw Darrel Beitzel, Iohn McKenzie, Elaine Thomas , and Bradley Yoder selling "Do It Yourself Kits , " for making real stars. We couldn't leave earth without visiting our old school. We jumped into our invisible saucer and with our "little blue man" we flew right to Northem. The joint was really jumping! Shirley Lowermilk and her assistant Naomi Kolbfleisch were very busy in the office counting the school's millions. The whole place seemed haunted. . . . .and no wonder. Glenn Frazee, Howard Green, "Ronnie" Unbel, Martha Maust, "Patty" A. McKenzie, Lawrence Georg, and Donald Friend were teaching classes throughout the building. Head of the cafeteria were Thelma Guthrie and Bonnie Spiker. The janitors were Dale Frazee and "Jimmy" Kisner. And what really swept us off our feet was when we found out the principal was Adam Hare. After this shock , we took off and headed for the moon. On our way we passed "Cloud Seven," where we saw' "Ron" Baker and Karen lKinsingerl Baker, Teresa CLaymanJ Winner, Loretta CEdgarJ Mosser, Ioan CSavageJ Dixon, Sheila CWarnickJ Keefer, Nancy lFriendl Gribble, Helen fWakefie1dD Benson, Margaret CHinebaughl Frost, "Patty lFriendJ Fratz, Ianet fVanSicklel Fike, Shirley CSchlossnagle7 Metheny, "Patty" CHinebaughJ Friend, and Shirley CMeyersl Friend, also Loretta fliisnerl DeWitt with their HUSBANDS. As soon as we landed on the moon we were surprised to find "Patty" Cuppett, "Patsy" DeWitt, Wilma Hanlin, Elaine Siber, and Carolyn Winebrenner, who wanted so badly to be secretaries , vigorously mixing GREEN CHEESE for Adrian Spiker's , Marvin Sisler's and Fenton Low'ery's Super Market. Working in their market as sales girls were Ethel Snyder, Nancy Durst, and Ella Mae Thompson. Located not far from the Super Market was the Earth Glow' Motel owned by "Dick" Stanton, Roy Schlossnagle, and Melvin Savage. Swimming in the Crator Pool in the back yard were: Sam Friend, "Bob" Sanders, Peggy Platter, Rodney Meyers , Gary Friend, Rosetta Keplinger, Edith Murdock, and Peggy Sisler. We didn't have time to stop at Glen Durst's , Grady Gilpin's , "Billy" Nedrow's , Edgar McKenzie's, and Robert Hoye's theater, where "Ron" Beiler was the main attraction. Short of time and being tired we flew to Mars . Here, quite unexpectedly we saw a huge "Sputacular" Fair. Karen Durst was playing the piano for Richard Miller and Iva Mae Collier who were "EARTH BOPPING. " On the flying trapeze were "Bobby" Bittinger and Beverlee Buckel. Equestrian Acts were Margaret Edgar, Donald Caruthers , and Nancy Swauger. "Pat" Merrill, Iuanita Kale, and "Don" jenkins were lion trainers. Thinking we had seen all our friends, we decided to become better acquainted with the "little blue man, " Since he couldn't understand much of our language we just said "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER." We almost fell off our saucer when we saw who the leaders were .... "Guy" Resh and "Tommy" Kirby. Because we went to school with these boys we thought we knew them well enough. Relieved to see all our classmates healthy and happy, we went back to our own jobs , making wigs and illustrating space era fairy tale books . x ..,.- li -pq 6 Q yay - 0 E'f:,:iw y W 'lf f W 559 5 Cl ' -L XS 'K Q f V F! f pf , rg ,as 5 ,, 1 5 M X . fu ff Aa' P Q M '51 Q4 Oofffaizel U X K, fd LQ X.. fp fl Y 1 'iq AE MARY ANN ALEXANDER--to--her sister Shirley, her ability to lose hub-caps while learning to drive. RON BAKER--to--the boys from Grantsville who are out for basketball, his Ford so they have a way home. MARVIN BEACHY--to--Donnie Failinger, his ability to dance with girls without getting into trouble. DONALD BARTHOLOMEVV -:to--anyone that needs it, his 'slightly used Latin book. DARREL BEITZEL--to--Jake Snyder, his position as carpenter for Mr. Muha. BOB BITTINGER--to--Beverlee Buckel, his size 38 red sweater. PATTY BITTNER--to--her sister Janice, her ability to have Mr. Carson for two years. SUSAN BOWMAN--to--Mr. Carson's next year 5th period P.O.D. class, her ability to get some delayed shut eye without Ron Baker to annoy her. JUANITA BRANT--to--anyone , her ability to do her Shorthand in P.O.D. class and get away with it. BEVERLEE BUCKEL--to--Pat Robeson, her contact lenses to get rid of that cat look. PHYLLIS CODDINGTON--to--Ralph Buckel, her wonderful imagination. IVA MAE COLLIER--to--Joe Friend, her ability to chew gum everyday in Mrs. Matthews class. MARTIN CONN--to--Charles Frye, his strips and tail. PATTY CUPPETT--to--Reta Glover, her ability to get along with her brother. PATSY DeWITT--to--anyone who can read them , her Shorthand notes . NANCY DOERR--to--her sisters Linda and Jane, her ability to date guys from Meyersdale and not go steady with them. KARIN DURST--to--Linda Stanton, her height and ability to play the Piano. MARY ALICE DURST--to--a deserving Junior, her position as F. B. L. A. President. NANCY DURST--to--her brother Joe , her ability to drive without her license and not get caught. ROYCE DURST--to--Gary Broadwater, his ability to get good grades in Agriculture. LORETTA EDGAR--to--Pauline DeWitt, her position on the North "Hi" newspaper. MARGARET EDGAR--to--Mary Rexrode, her ability to go skating with the boys from Meyersdale. DAVID FAIDLEY--to--Mrs. Matthew, his quick temper. JEAN FIKE--to--her sister Helen , her ability to go through school without getting interested in boys. DALE FRAZEE--to--Robert Schroyer, his ability to drive a car. GLENNA FRAZEE--to--the Cafeteria staff, her ability to cook. ROBERT FRAZEE--to--anyone who needs a car, his little Gray Ford. DONALD FRIEND--to--Ronald Friend, his ability to stay out of trouble. GARRY FRIEND--to--Dorothy Glover, his ability to study hard and stay out. RICKY FRIEND--to--Roger Friend, his ability to avoid being sent to the office. NANCY FRIEND--to--a certain West Virginia guy, her hand in marriage. PATTY FRIEND--to--Mrs. Hanst's next Senior Home Ec. class , her kidneys for them to cook. MARGARET FROST--to--Dot Grove, her ability to get Mrs. Smith for an English teacher. LAWRENCE GEORG--to--Frank Wiley, his thoughtfulness. GRADY GILPIN--to--anyone who needs it, his English ability which isn't very good. JOYCE GLOTFELTY--to--her brother Butch, her ability to daydream in class and still get all the answers. HOWARD GREEN--to--Davie Beachy, his ability to be so carefree. THELMA GUTHRIE--to--Gladys McKenzie and Dorothy Lancaster, her ability to get out on the first bell and get the back seat on Popie's bus. ADAM HARE--to--Mrs. Matthews , his quietness. SUE HERSHBERGER--to--Mrs. Sin es , her Heart Throb comic books and to some Junior, her ability to be the class flirt. DALE HETRICK--to--anyone , his ability to get along in Mrs. Anderson's class. GARY HETRICK--to--Patty Selby, a pair of bobby socks so she will have something to wear besides leotards. PATTY HINEBAUGH--to--Judy Friend, her ability to get engaged during her Senior year. FRANCES HUMBERSON--to--"Cook" Thomas , her ability to get along with Sailors from Norfolk. DON JENKINS--to--his brother Richard, his ability to get along with girls , "all girls." JUANITA KAHL--to--her brother George, her ambition to be a nurse, he may need it with a big family. ROSETTA KEPLINGER--to--Sue Ellen Friend , her ability to read books and go with a certain boy from Kentucky. KAREN KINSINGER--to--Mae Hockman, a ride in Ron Baker's Ford as soon as he gets it back together again. TOMMY KIRBY--to--Mr. Keplinger, his "long" hair. IIMMIE KISNER--to--his brother, his ability to make good grades in shop. LORETTA KISNER--to--Southem High School, Northern's cafeteria manners . NAOMI KOLBFLEISH--to--Phyllis Glass , her natural curly hair so she won't have to set it every night. ROBERT KNOX--to--his brother Kenneth, his ability to work. TERESA LAYMAN--to--the Finzel girls , her ability to go with the same guy for five years and finally catch him. SHIRLEY LOWDERMILK--to--anyone who dislikes school, her ability to daydream six days a week. GUY RESH--to--Mrs. Matthews , a jar of Elmer's Glue to hold her false teeth in. RODNEY MEYERS--to--Lee Stanton, his ability to get through High School. SAM FRIEND--to--his brother, Nick, the keys to his little black Studebaker so that he can get to school on time. ROBERT HOYE--to--anyone that needs them, his glasses. FENTON LOWRY--to--Leon Faidley, his ability to get good grades in agriculture. JOYCE LYTLE --to--Bonnie Vitez, all her romantic poetry so that she can write music to it. MARTHA MAUST--to--Joanna Miller, her place on the newspaper staff. EDGAR MCKENZIE--to--anyone, his ability to get along with Mr. Carson in P.O.D. class. JOHN McKENZIE--to-- George Walker, his ability to run a power mower. PATTY A. MCKENZIE--to--Janice Hileman, her ambition to become an English teacher. PATTY I, MCKENZIE--to--Sharon, her ability to stay away from boys. PATTY MERRILL--to--Margaret Shaffer, her ability to go to Valley every Monday. SHIRLEY MEYERS--to--her brother Larry, and to anyone who can use lt, her ability to win Spelling bees , and position of "North Star." IOHN RICHARD MILLER--to--Coon Humbexson, his height Knot wldthl so he can play center for the Huskies. EDITH MURDOCK--to--anyone who can live up to it , her big mouth. PEGGY PLATTER--to--Kathryn Beltzel, her red hot temper. IANICE RESH--to--the next Cymbal player in the Senior Band, her ability to play the Cymbals without breaking them. REDA RUSH--to--Margie Keller, her ambition to work in Ohio during summer vacation. RETA RUSH--to--Phylls Friend, my ability to go steady for two years. DOUG RILEY--to--a certain girl in the eleventh who doesn't thlnk she will make lt, his diploma. DOROTHY SAVAGE--to--Bonnie Vltez, her position as first Alto Sax player in the Senior Band. GILBERT SAVAGE--to--Jack Thomas my license so he doesn't have to wait so long. MELVIN SAVAGE--to--Carolyn Riley, his head. SHIRLEY SCHLOSNAGLE--to--Patty Metheny, her ablllty to go with a certain boy with black wavy hair. HAROLD SCHMIDT--to--anyone who wants lt, his ability to wln prizes. DALE SCHROYER--to--Ron Doerr a watering trough to go fishing ln. ETHEL SEIBERT--to--Karen Margroff, her ability to flnd a ride to Grantsville on Friday nights. KATHLEEN SEBOLD--to--Betty Lou Savage, her ability to get her license when she is sixteen. DICK SPEAR--to--s sleep. ADRIAN SPIKER--to--Kenny Sisler, his ability to go through school without getting married. BONNIE SPIKER--to--her slster, Rosetta , her ability to go steady with one of the Doerr boys. ETHEL SNYDER--to--all her teachers she wills her thanks and gratitude for all they have done for her. MARVIN SISLER--to--anyone, his ability to get married during their Senior year, if so foolish. PEGGY SISLER--to--Kasandrea Falkner, her ability to slt with all the boys on her bus whose names are Dale. RICHARD STANTON--to--Mrs. Hanst, his ability to take pictures for the school paper. "BUTCH" STRAUSS--to--Ilm Lowery, a bucket of whitewash to use to get along with the whlte folks. NANCY SWAUGER--to--Gary I-'lnzel some of her quietness. ELAINE THOMAS--to--her sister, Barbara, her ability to control her temper. ELLA MAE THOMPSON--to--Edna Mae Crowe, her crazy laugh in hopes that she can keep it under better control. NANCY TURNEY--to--Iean Short, her cheerleading star and her ability to miss the bus to away games. RON UMBEL--to--Mrs. Matthews , his patience so she can put up with Leon Evans next year. JANET VAN SICKLE--to--her sister Alice, her ability to go steady with a wonderful guy. HELEN WAKEFIELD--to--anyone who desires a free period each day, her ability to sell lunch tickets. SHEILA WARNICK--to--Janice Hlleman, her love for sharp looking Fords , especially convertibles. RUTHIE WESTERFIELD--to--Jean Short, her ability of writing a letter every night of the week to one special sailor. PEGGY WILBURN--to--her brother, Randall, her ability to get the car whenever he wants lt. CAROLYN WINEBRENNER--to--Iudy Minick, a pair of knee-socks so that her knees won't get cold while riding the school bus next year. BRADLEY YODER--to--his brother, Keith his ability to get along with Mrs. Pavone two periods everyday. the eleventh grade--we will our ability to eat between classes to build up enough energy to get to the cafeteria for lunch. as Editor on his omeone who needs it , his abllity to convince someone else to do his English while he catches up To To the tenth grade--we will our ability to have two tenth grade dances. To the ninth grade--we will our ability to have clean l?l and neat l?l lockers. To To the eighth grade--we will our ability to get tardy slips from the office by means of our innocent and honest faces. the seventh grade--we will our ability to have loquacious and boisterous traits and a dictionary to find out what these words mean. To the Facultyf-we will a smoke filter for the teachers lounge. To the Janitors--we will a mechanical robot to do the work while they relax ln an easy chair. To the cafeteria--we will unbreakable milk bottles. To Mr. Muha and Mr. Beachley--we will a bottle of aspirin to ease the Headaches they will get from next year's class of seniors. To Miss Dauphin and Mrs. Frazee--we will a greyhound to go after people who are wanted on the telephone. A1 FRIENDLIEST TEAcH1aR's PETS WITTIEST Whwys BEST DRESSED BIGGEST FLIRTS DAYDREAMERS MOST POLITE CLASS BLUFFERS MOST TALENTED MQST POPULAR QUIETEST BEST AT HLETES MOST THOUGHTFUL WMU Mosw CAREPREE PEPPIEST CLASS cLowNs X 45 l-bww-4l1ff -. Q w .1 .........1 v -:QV an SQQ The staff was in a huddle. The show must go on M---Y--Q We weren't working all the time! How times have changed! my O. K. Girls---1et's hop to NBER GQAQ hi I' 'H-L Q - i Ll' If I Y 1-su., z ' K If I Hp ' 1 fKQon,:' E! Q lf,','f I I qu H n.",,1 - 0 X 4 .' tv 11+ l.'l"1l4 4 Ill ' I 'IZQ xl x N' . limit., I 'nf lx 'Iliff lf::' 1 Isl lg.. 14" If "e M50 Ki 'tbl lf I' 'lg I IGI: it mlm, l ,1 x 11 - 1 N X rivsgi l s, W EX ts f Blaine Bowser Preddle Brant Marilyn Brenneman t .QW BBN m y B Y, Gary Broadwater Iulius Broadwater Verda Broadwater Ralph Buckel z fir fT3?tt7Mw , sr BI In o H Qzjkygizly s, 5? i 7' 2 'lr x :+4' ,ll Y ' . 1 Q A wit-EGP-yi - -"- iw B B' B! vg6gy"'t , f S " F Z Ianlce Hileman IHIYIGS MCKeH2i9 Lucy Beiler H In if f r Secretary Treasurer "" Historian ' 5' ' If is WWMB P Q W. Prandel McGraw H, ' 1 -V , Hugh Umbel Pfesidenf I Y V L:-a - y P " h? lx 1' ' me Vice-President B Q an Bigw to Y B 'I it B af? t k'k.,, - le - 5 B 1 M ' ' A E' P' 49 fs .-:: Q 1 . B A y : B B. 3B B Br B - X B arad BB ' f ared B aaa Q f Be Be 1 ' f D - .J . Q Bfwafvf' Q at f f f,l'rew'Bfg a afi?yggf,yif1B 2 -f f 2 it Winifred Beachy Kathryn Beitzel Wendell Beltzel Ierry Bennett Roy Blttinger Willard Bittlnger William Blttlnger I 5 U .- ,d f i B y A g . P' :Ea do 'Sv ' W 4 , , '- ' Pr r A . 5. , J' rx 5' - B.: I sl" ,ga g r. Donald Bus sey Marlene Deal , - ' ft ,Q M Delores Butler Ronald Doerr Qfif 55 , Johnnie Capel I x 4 J , gg 1 4 F 5 are 5' Joseph Durst ht' ex 5 , 25 B fag B 1 uf' Ronald Carr Maxine Durst QQ l.., fn K' l' 3 -9 I I I i . ,L ,W n ,I , 2 rf. gf ,..,, 'w a ras f Bs Q or we P B to B 8 Bltgr Bg P, B ff Arthur Coddington Edna Crowe Margaret Deal 4 my I s - ill' ki Z B -fn' My ,Y- ifyw 'fi' f3ee,5 4235 Bs gg f, WCW. - L "ai - sa'!H5i f? , , 'If I of - I ' , ,. tg r 1 5 P I ,'-'43y,!i1s'4 ff Melvin Durst Audrey Edgar Charles Edmlston ,. ' C lll 1: B-r 5 BBB BB 1 to SF M wt gmwwk' r Florence Emory Phoebe Padley Donald Pailinger Dorothy Pike Gary Flke Linda Pike Shirley Pike rn-I, , ,,,,., --,J -LL -Q 4.1,-r:..,.n w , 1 E X if 6 A iv f -?"S - Q R J- Margaret Fratz Charles Frazee Dorothy Frazee vu- . W P, , ' ' I if' " ,. ' X, . . ? o o S .4 Z! in -' Mary Friend Nlcholas Friend Raymond Garner L . V W, 'e 4, I n. I' I Av, E ,P ' Floyd Grove 1 a 45" M I1 A 'V Eugene Klnsinger Ruth Hlnebaugh A 'tl Ruth Klsner :I F' sf Rose Holliday Margaret Layman Terrell Frazee 1 m L L A H Wllllam Georg fig A ' xi ml 5 ,f I 1 Iohn Hostetler ' "" sr.. - H 23, ,X 5 , K L Y, if K Charlene Lee it ' M ' ki L' :,. . Carolyn Long Ervin Lowdermilk Iames Lowery Donna Mazer .gy ' W .-.153 ,.-. L ' L 'f J . ' m ,, A ..- . 7 L f " , ll I - Ierome McKenzie Lowell Merrill Ioanna Miller Iudlth Minnlck , " ll . - ' N. ii-'?'A ' ' T .T - X ' ' ' V K A '14, , NY H I I , ,. . K Zip L Ellis Platter Roger Platter Betty Raley Anne Friend MQ- ' IB J. Sag. Lois Gilpin 1 4 3 , fr Q -' is Fra nk Hut zel ,, Patsy Lee L- 3 G 'V 4 , w Richard McCullough MA 'N Donald Opel 1 i f Rebecca Renwick I'-ldY Resh The day that we received our rings. Blaine Friend Q N Q 1, X A . N Dorothy Glover "' 5 A it D Elsie Iones Q, . me 'Qt x Harry Lewis N as ii A CharloLte McCurdy x ., N Harold Paul Q Q Mary Rexrode X Ilmmie Friend XX Dorothy Grove Dale Kelso Q - . X Carroll Long N... it Q' ' X X Helen McKenzie ,,.. ix Q X -S as S ax Iames Paul Patsy Riley r ' . v ex' --' L N -W ,": Z ' L Patricia Robeson g . ..N S S il' R r an Q: Ernest Savage fr 4 S ., .tyr- Dale Sisler Leanna Teats wr,-1-,f:e's:ff. QQ f QQMQTE . t ' af: Us x R Ss 3 ws 5 rg E, S W vy.. E Allan Rush Carole Rush .. 3 A E 'Q ,:,- A v i HH! I Iames Savage Iohn Savage S .Qf:-- 'Ar m J . , .. I' E 1' S Kenneth Sisler Lavada Sliger Iean Thomas Ioan Thomas Tony Rush Margaret Shaffer argl!! . ra ai, xi. 5 Q Wilma Smith -Q . . lf -'lk S Mary Thomas .Il , -nil' Q: . ', W 2 .5 Eleanor Saltzer K? Jean Short K . 5 ,fy Q Donna Spear Betty Savage -, .V ,. Zag? 1 K ff 7 1 at K1 .3 will if ln Alta Silber , .n . aiyiff A w'r - f -1 A liz! Lee Stanton K: i- 5. S ' Y :R Carolyn Savage .,, -K .. il in 5 A 'Q F 2 .7 ' ax Q. 'I Al l . ' ' a M., 5 4. It . Vernon Sines Linda Stanton H .dd , Z " " 52 V2 "-1.1-ls 3 , Q' Robert Thomas Hugh Umbel Shirley Uphold Alice VanSick1e Patricia VanSick1e Ronald Weimer Edward Wilburn Elmeda Wilt Kathryn Yaste Cleamon Yommer - .1-. ni Paul Yommer Ianet Younkin We will have these moments to remember. lVV:ish . ., Lois Gilpin-that Donald Sweitzer would come in from Ohio. Edna Mae Crow -for a good job when I get out of high school. Margaret Layman-that my dream man has sideburns and carries a guitar. Pat Robeson-that I could spend another week in New York City like I did the last year. Iudy Resh-that Herb Wolf would come home from the Air Force real soon. Phoebe Fadeley-that we would have 9 months of vacation and 3 months of school. "Doc" McGraw-that Hawaii wasn't so far away. Mary Friend-that a certain guy from Harman , West Virginia would come down more often. Leanna Teets -that a certain guy from Parsons , West Virginia would come down more often. Betty Raley-that Northern would beat Beall High next year in football. lean Thomas -I had a certain boy's ring. fB.S.D Florence Emory-I had a little car so I could zoom down to Grantsville every Friday night. Ruth Kisner-that I would make straight A's in all of my classes all through school. Charlie Frazee-just because I'm little that the girls in Plane Geometry would quit "Flirtin" with me. Janice Hi leman-it is still hot in Florida when I get there to go to college. Edward Yommer-that our country would always have religious liberty. Donna Mazer-for Becky that a certain senior would come back to school next year. Wendell Beitzel-I would grow a little bit. Lowell Merrill-I lived closer to a certain person. Maxine Smith-for two good school years until June, 1960 approaches. Charlotte McCurdy-the black-haired kid from Ohio would come more often. Linda Pike-to make good grades next year. Delores E. Butler-our History class would be as enjoyable as our Shorthand class. Harry Lewis-to Prandel "Doc" McGraw my crew cut. Ruth Hinebaugh-that our class will work together to make it the best class to graduate from Northern High School. Maxine Durst-for a diamond from a certain brown-haired boy. Linda Stanton-that a certain boy would make up his mind. Gary Fike-Jackie Hostler had my long hair. Iames Savage-Michael Anthony would give me a check for a million dollars. Patty Van Sickle-I knew the name of that black-headed boy from Southern. Elsie Iones -that I could get my license. Carol Ann Rush-that everyone could have a kind and understanding mother like I have. Audrey Edgar-I had fifty cents worth of five dollar bills . Cookie Thomas-I could get a vacation from a horrible class that spoils my whole day. Verda Broadwater-that I had nice curly hair. Marlene Deal-when I work in the library, Mr. Kesner would laugh more often. Dotty Fike-I had something to wish for. Ronnie Carr-that someone has my luck in getting Mrs. Matthews for two years straight. Becky Renwick-for Donna, a certain boy would do what he's supposed to when he says peditle. A. G. Coddington-someday to be a draftsman. Ervin Lowdermilk-that 12 o'clock wouldn't come so quick on Saturday night. Margaret Deal-that a certain '53 gray Ford could trim a certain '49 green Plymouth. Ierry Bennett-that Kay would learn how to make Fudge. Charlene Lee-a certain boy would get with it and not be such a square! Shirley Uphold-that next year I will get on the honor roll every semester. Kathryn Beitzel-I could get Mrs. Smith again next year. Betty Savage-that mine and a certain someone's dreams come true. Dorothy Glover-now that I have my license, that I will be able to get the car. Patsy Lee-that a certain boy wouldn't live so far away. Dorothy Carolyn Carolyn Marilyn Elemeda Charles Edminston-I had a million. Grove-when double dating with Bob and Margaret that Erv wouldn t have to drive Savage-Mrs. Matthews would quit making me blush Long -that I may live in Charlotte Hall, Maryland Breneman-there was only one day set aside for school a memorial day Wilt-for a job a thousand miles from home. Patsy Riley-that there would be a shorter way to learn Shorthand Dorothy Frazee-for a shorthand brain. Hugh Umbel-that we can have an undefeated football team next year Iim Lowry-I could get along with my English teacher. Ronald Weimer-to get better grades in history class. Nick Friend-it would snow on the fourth of july. Jerry McKenzie - louder firecrackers on the fourth of Iuly. Bud Long -I was handsome instead of rich. Ioan Thomas-my little sta-11 would shin-e. Margaret Fratz-Carole and Myron may have more happy vacations together KS1gned Larry and Margaret! Winifred Beachy-I could ride home in a "58" Ford every night instead of a school bus Rosie Holliday-that certain girl would quit flirting with our bus driver Margaret Shaffer-all classes could be as interesting as Shorthand class Shirley Pike-for better grades in English. Tony Rush-for a girl ----- a couple of them. Ioanna Miller-that my Senior year in high school could be one of emoyable learning experiences Roy Bittinger-to be a turkey farmer. Lavada Sliger-I had my long curly hair back. Melvin Durst-they'd put private heaters in each bus . Kay Silber-that some people wouldn't take me and the things I say the Wrong way Iudy Minnick-all the handsome guys around would stgp letting me alone Ronald Doerr-some people wouldn't think I'm so wild. Ralph Buckel-that I understood Latin. Sue Saltzer-I could pass Mrs. Matthews horrible English tests Allen Grove-Dottie Hetrick would stop wearing that tight skirt Anne Friend-my mother would crack some nuts so I could make some candy Kathy Yasteel could go to U. S. History without coming out a nervous wreck Ruth Kisner-that I would make straight A's in all of my classes all through school Frank I-Iutzel-my mustache to any boy that can handle it. L I A' MV M. JJ Wmf qui' E Q 3 if A Wh!! A T.. Y K Y 1 I . E l' 1 ., Gleen Artlce Mary Baluch Dave Beachy '- ': , 6 fr- ,F at L H w. MY" . Wllllam Beltzel Roger Beltzel Helen Blttlnger Levona Blttlnaer " i 5 ",,- A 1 53- , I F , W " ' A Lk Chester Brant Alonzo Broadwater Paul Broadwater Rella Broadwater "'... F " is ,, gg , F gf, Donald Coddlngton Ellen Coddlngton Mary lane Fazenbaker Audrey Frantz 1' v" 5 Charles Garlltz Karol George , 4 vi v 'E' 4 'I Clarence Hare Delta Hare Robert Holliday z. : . ,l' 1 Glenn Kolbflelsch Beatrice Hoover Edward Kellison rt xx Janice Deal Paullne DeWitt '11 6 A , M if..- wf 4 A ' I Thelma Frantz james Frantz r S. sv nu' 'ff FF A , 14 .F Ruth George Wllllam Glotfelty :ae M Y' C' I, I' - 1 , Everett Hare Marcella Hare L G L- F f v.-... . at Richard Humberson Carol Hummel M, ., if , , O . I T Mary Knox Dorothy Lancaster Xe ' I 3 S . iff -v- 'L gn 5 M .SL,1A.,m.,m Harold Beachy Margaret Beachy Wilbur Beltzel A ,, ' F ,,, F K, Ft ' F I N F. F F .ax , , 'rl R . Patrick Blttinger Paul Blttlnger Denver Bittner Allen Bowser Iames Bowser- ! 1. A zz: F A F '- - F .1 e . F, x Y -f fx R L N F ' V s F' .W igw, K X Ronald Broadwater Paul Brode james Buckel Carol Burkhard Davld Caruthers .FW-gl A ' A 'R-, A , . , I N 5 mx F A sl ' ' H N W F A ' .. LW V -. F "" X . E K . I ' .A Ni F Iohn Doerr David Durst Leon Faidley Andrew Faith IoAnn Fazenbaker S 25" "" I as F QC Q 3 X F' G Q . " i 1' 5 ' F Q "1 f i F J 1 1 -R F . ' ,Q :fer ,..- .V - ' A A Bonnie Friend Gary Friend Goldie Friend Ioy Friend Iudlth Friend W ' ew- i N' tg , 5 .Pa RY A KF ' A I .X XF is Rita Glove Frances Green Robert Green Hazel Haenftllng Joyce Haenftllng F ,, w Y- Q f S F Ralph Hare Sherman Hetz Mae Hockman Lowel Hoff Fred Holliday .sp - ...Q X 'Q t Q t Q " H f S q Donald Hutzel Dorothy Hutzel lame: Jewell Davld Iones William Kahlbaugh -- T 'Wi A 9 "' 3 te' W jx. 4 ' F' Q Burton Lytle Karen Margroft yames Margroii Richard Mccu,-dy Gladys McKenzie Q7 The bioloqv triD , the dance we had 1 aw, , like f ' ' gr , N - -I. Z .. Q .a E 1 llurrell McKenzie Dorothy Ours Sharon McKenzie Slmon Opel N 1 - Vonda McKenzie Carol Oester Donna Meyers Mary O'Brien wrence Micheals Marlon O'Brlen S .4 lrar 5 Karen Miller Robert Nlner i lhhg X F -Q as Nancy Miller Esther Nedrow Ruby Miller William Miller ' fs.. . Dale Meyers X NM :at Karl Mlnnlck George Patton -- IoAnn Resh MM tw Carolyn Riley David Riley Betty Lou Sava ge at , Diane Savage VLAV' 5' Elizabeth Savage 6 Delmar Savage 'I M -'fa-A Cecil Savage M . Barbara Savage x X K Q, 2 K X NOT SHOWN: Leo Beachy, Ralph Lopp, Iack Thomas, Ernest Savage, Charles Colller, Ioseph Paugh, 58 A 4.1, ,ht- Ruth Schmidt Patty Selby Dennis Slsler l s Darrel Wlnebrenner Wendell Wllburn -5 V .. ,K ' 1 . .I 3 Dixie Wiley Iames Wiley Phyllis Snyder ,A M -T, Q or .. Q X Q B Ellsworth Yoder Maragret Um bel 4 .H Q ,Sf 'I wi' 4.8 , r Kermit Yoder Anna Thomas . V, I Mary Umbel Wayne Yoder . gl, S , Mildred Upole if ,W K ,V .wk RQ Nancy Yommer ig, i2.: ,r,. Z fm, ,kg K A A 'f' :E " . -42 Bonnie Vltez Daniel Stanton , John N Kathleen Younkin Swauger When rock and roll was a fad We will have these moments to remember. Q - Q xx . X me N -S R X i- R .. D qs Q , K rv 5 ' -. NXT . F 'fu t .. A , My fy . 1 Ls-. A X' ' s . I 3 f ygf ' V M . we , I A ., Q Af rv- , - . , . X Shlrley Alexander Dorothy Beltzel Robert Beltzel Gorden Bender Bonnie Blttlnger Larry Blttlnger W sw 'wb 5 , , , 2. B - D , Q 4- A I d.. , S -or ,1 . e ,B B , 1 A ,, Ak A 1 is eannla Blttlnqer Robert Blttlnqer Delbert Broadwater Thomas Broadwater Leona Brode William Buckel Betty Cosner Bobbi jane Davis Bonnie Dewitt 0 ,X 1,f 4? :Q Q' vb 'Q 'os 1 , ,, W 5 B . B 1' X Q9 lr' W Af fy! lr K . 2 1, x n S , aratta Dewltt Robert DeWitt Sally Duckworth Blaine Durst Donna Durst Joanne Durst Wanda Durst Robert Edwards Betty Fazenbakm' if ep., ,A . , I 'te L- f R s e x t Q ve - 5 2 so X Q V - J-H Q A 'S ' v L, 3 .5 , 5? , X 4 r Jw K n rf ., ,nr " t::- . A Istherlne Flke Helen Flke Larry Flke Linda Flke Sammy Pike Gary Flnzel Allen Folk Elalne Frantz Carl Frazee , e-my V r - ' Q is ' - az. r v uh ' Q . cr 4 'R D v Q S va K . 3 . ' - , i g , - . r 5 it "1 , ' .' N P . . " , - Y A 1 f .XJ h . fi N K X B gs f- 5, +1 AW11 ' nl " ' A1 ' ' F -'X 'fi Donald Friend Norma Prlend Phyllis Friend Roger Friend Ronald Friend Sue Friend Phyllls Glass Marlene Glotfelty BSUY Guthrie p A " K 1 ,. X, r ir- ' or 'et' .8 .. A V s ,K as - ,- . -. y , Y x A -1 .V ps .f . - B D 8 e y y X4 fa . D Q F F 3 is 2 ,Q sh to Y Q' grol Haenfiling Mary Hare Ruth Harvey Maretta l-lershberger Reed Hetrlck Mabel Holliday Janet Huff Glenn Hutzel Melvin I-Iumberson , ,X Q 'ia L 6 , 2- 1 N D if 3 , -' Q ' X K X .. 5 X A . K Q L.. 1 " M. ' '- ' f ' r ' eanna Jones Donald Ionea George Kahl Iudlth King Edward Klsner Eloise Lee Davla lnverri,-ici Lama Lowdermuk Gerald Maze, R B at is X F 5 : - 3 Q 5 :ty 3, x z h Q ,, an R if X 54+ D E' E' , V Kg s QD D ef! A A 1' . ' A K I rbara McCrob1e Willard McGraw Davld McIntyre Ronnie Mckenzie Carolyn Mlhelclc Dlxle Merrill Nancy Miller Trudy Mosser George Nedrow , " 9 - -' ' so . i Q 'N Y I - s z 1 elen O'shea lane! pamm Audrey Resh Robln Rush Roselle Resh LaDonna Richter Ruth Richter Wllllam Ripple Robert Rounds We could hardly wait for the 3:10 hell -A fly- ff My zl EN - Ai Elinor Swartzwelder ., , 1 M 'zlz , 1., Q ,. S 5 r: - ,il Q3 :Z Sandra Swauger - . L V ,,.. , ' if fkiv - - aw .gg K, 5 a Stewart stanton M X- Kenneth Smith -A-- Richard Umble Donald Stanton Q .Qi-my I 1 iQ T H ,Q N , 'sg Darlene Sllger y Arthur Uphold S Ronald Stanton A ' f .fig fr W f 1 .wr , K H Ronald Splker Leon Sisler 1 Joyce Uphold L M I. , , -f V lean Spiker P' Diane Smeg V yy Carole Vanslckle Robert schroyer Cheryl Vitez muy snemon j Q "':-- . . elf' , :., f F hr Larry Wamlck Linda Sc oyer Carolyn Thomas , I Q ' , 1 311? T Owen Snyder ' Charles Scmvef Tommy Wm' S a Nor SHOWN: S S gil fiigl. S , 1 . 27 fl Betty Schroyer 'l:-: . ' ::,. Eloise Savage Q David Axton '.:- , -'-. Lilly Bittinger 3 ,K::, I Iohn Bowser Ioan Emerllng V I ' gjlgig Charles Frye me Tm' A r.A Eiihilfsliikins S Pamela Wiley John Laton f V V Randall Miller if -.b A A , Ronald Sisler Darlene Thomas ' it Sammy Thomas - :,. t"' - S "" Dorothy Wakefield I Y2'. LQ , V'wlA, Qi V ' - -E:, J Calvin Wilt Garey Thomas ""-Y , '::2:Q:l r-' - , 1 L it Kenneth Wilt A A , V Qg, i Cecil Umble Garland Wilt -.. fr-rm m+.-...+G we heard if wma nm Hke mad We will have these moments to remember. 1 'vs I - :B B ,N A 'Baz S i u 'U' A Q gb R f K , BL vw- E B 'rr' - X .T B Q B. 3 A it I B Enghlth A 2 4 E A '- B A A X 1 ye Alexander' Kathy Beachy Delores Beitzel Ann Bender Carol Blttinqer Iuanita Blttinger L ' 1 lt' I K ' 5' 3 it i r ' ' 9 . ,Q ff' B B B B MB Ei S B . L ' kj B fi- Q ifif'-.X , N5 Q ' JE A E Q' k B ' i F 'VY " H Q ' nrna Blttinger Donna Bowser Pat Bowser Richard Bowser Ervin Brant Iames Brant Delmos Broadwater Inez Broadwater Leon Brode , Q I9 B' w ' " , f L I' B.-,. K r . . B BB Q we B B r B B . F Q f r f , at - X 3 B wr? B ,tis r fff rf .Br B B- 4 Q ,vid Buckel Eddie Carr David Coddlngton Ianet DeWitt Larry Dlllsworth Owen Dolan Florence Doerr Allen Durst B1'Bd1eY DUFSY nw y.. Q., E K T- , C B 2 ,Q . JY' , B I K, Mg. 'ENB 4 ,. B g 35 E ixxx 3 E: N . 'ka t LL-L A . BQ B 5 X K x B-1 . Ji. f' 2' B '- X -"' A ' N Q . 'sew Q G i A gal-in ' ' r t hel Durst Lillian Durst Tom Durst Bobby Eckenrode Arthur Eichorn Kasandrea Faehner Darell Frantz Linda Frazee Mike Ffazee GP t Be 'ra r f f 'Q to ' f . . 'V ' B 3' -' B3 " N 'Rf B f . I - ya : K ' + K BBKK 5 R . .s R N XB B L K w B, ix BBBB 5 B 15 X 1 A W 5 B - A - K B ll I W S e . andra Frazee Shirley Frazee 'v- B 2, Ilinton Gilpin Larry Glass Q B W fm xr' UC, 1- , 1 lohn Hetrick Gerald Hetz 'D J 4 Faul Kolb Eddie Mar9f0 Harry Merrb Carolyn Ffiend Io Ann Friend B .. fr S, y B.. jg ie l ' X B Gary Glotfelty Larry Grove fy LB 44 3 Eileen Kelllson Barbara Hileman Paul Garletts Carol Garlltz IOe Gatterman Gary Gensen Marlin George jiggii 'B B 4 B 1.. WY Bk VY lte S B BB l Kathleen Haentfllng Alta Hare Dotty Hetrlck Martin Guard Carl Guthrie It 'I R t ' F B so 3 B Sharon Kesner Patty Klsner Carolyn Hook Iohn Kahl Margorie Keller OU C .B..B 1: :.' ' 'N 3 B B ,B B 5 , f B BB B B B B vw' ' ' B' B R ... - -X iv' X ff Retha Mason Klellen McGraw Delbert McKenzie Donald McKenzie Ellen McKenzie Edward McKenzie Ora McKenzie N W B ,B ' B WB B E Q to S B B B t B B B B Z B -Q at .B Q i BBB. Q Z ' 2. B J A f X . .5 .1 V: 'L ' AI 'B ach Larry Meyers Patty Meyers Linda Miller Rose Minnlck Kay Murphy Bob Opel Ruby Orendori Louella Patton V .1-25,1 e. waz- -:ar Qi , as .Q 2 an 3' 5 QE M 3 . 55-gf 'K if ' ' QM! ..,gnI2 ,W . b:,, Q ,L . . . . . gs, . - ,.- 'f: . it 2513-gm -5:52:52 : fa 'li S .Jig e 54 X 45 EE X EL .ff by an fp 1 - M335 .. 1. sv- 95 Genie Sines Tommy Sines Terry Sisler '55 , 1 :Sf '.:': i 'H.g:,.-.av 1,-:Qe wt-A ' " Ms Shirley Van Sickle Robert Yommer My . N .. si EEL F: 3 : " ' :s: if -1' gi' vt X . gg if .rs wi .S K K WT! an , t , fiwvg - Lx Edgar Resh Roger Sines Betty Rounds Mack Rush w Paul Rosenberger Dorothy Sanders Tom Riley Bill Saltzer Paul Ricnter Freda Savage Blaine Resh Linda Savage ly Reichenbeckner Walter Schmidt N Iudlth Paul Patty Shawley Joyce Snyder F 1 'V -, K Wahl- 'ja w , '- giirfff w 5 -W:- 5 H '- xxx! Roger Smith if gfj- , .g.:,f.5 my 2 -2 .-Efsmwfw ws. -' -2 1 , 5 S fi' .Q W W ,E - seg. Mark Umbel Larry Yommer Nancy Umbel Kenny Younkln 42' af: Donna Umbel janet Wlnebrenner r Tom Speicher NOT SHOWN Iris Durst Dale Evans Harold Paldley Wilma Friend Betty Hare Iohn Harman Gary Iensen Joseph Lavin James McKenzie Floyd Merrbach Elizabeth Messenger Harold Overby Emest Patton Lowell Thomas George Walker Eddie Welmer -- FFL- ...-..-..1-- N- I 1 ,,w,g,r , ,855-W. ..:. - -- S . s. Qi? " 1 x 1 K Y 3 wr? F sang: ' Kenneth Tumey Dorothy Wiley u Ronnie Tressler Gary Wlland Naomi Spiker rf 1' Maxine Thomas Clairetta Wykoff K Rosetta Spiker Bertha Thomas Victor Wamick it s g:9.,":+ M, HI'-Q '::e:5:'+f.2 jf 5254 ffmr ,.-, 9, www Safari: 1-iz-sfie' Wai ,L Kgilflg . 1 Tommy Stanton Barbara Thomas Iohn Thomas a , t ,Q K Q .t X 4 sv ' X765 ' up , 'F' g is M , H ' ' ' Q . , 2 . 'f s X' ,W 1 'M ., - flaw -X. . to at Gladys Ault Henry Beachley Robert Beltzel ' Ruth Ann Beltzel Sharon Beltzel Marlene Bender ' 3 B W R - we fh ' 2351 -,Q .5 . 5 , all ' X" " -, Q ' ii Vlervln Bernard Dorothy Blttlnger Gary Bittlnqer lanet Blttinger Mary Blttlnger Sandra Blttinger Sylvia Blttlnger Wanda Bittlnger Alice Bowman fl, Q K ,v 4, V Q S f an if -. Q Q N .t Q di! ' -4 'I' , e - 7 'F it . Q .3 Ri' 5 - . . j If. . , 4 ' , 1 B f-1 lt -.. .. if-fi .. a 4 A ' , o I X , y o G . G. lk K as , .Q f: 1 't iv If Y f W 1' l A -me it, w. is P Nt. 2 '7 - Susanne Bowser Vernon Bowser james Broskoy Bonnie Broadwater Carolyn Brenneman Iacquellne Brenneman Hubert Broadwater Willard Broadwater Robert Burrow , r .1 .- v 1 .. X " - it N . -5 gy Q V it - , S 3 . I B 3 Q .1 f X' - W f , G Eu A 2 J A r f B A 2 B .ad Sharon Caruthers ROUGH Coddlngwn Iames Cosner Catherine Caruthers Charles Coddlngton Iuamta Crowe Betty Kyle Edward Deal Karen Deal I U S, was . , Q s E' W ' WMM., , 3 - , K - - ' 5 x, .-k 5 L Q S X' ,F go. 1 . I .I , ' I 'ws ' W f r A as Q Iddle Glttere Lynette Dixon Linda Doerr Alice Durst Rhea Durst Roger Durst Shirley Edgar Arthur Elchurn Helen Emory ' . 1 D L v 'H QX .- . X. K q vt - R Q 4+ t at . ,A W ...H . may - f Q 'P .B of - H 4- ff G yummy Epstein can Pozenbaker Guy Fazenbaker Leo Fazenbaker Herbert Fazenbaker Margaret Fazenbaker David Flke Ellen Loulse Fisher Donald Frantz I 1 - P , 1 t , ,Q . Q i N at ,, 4 t i S' K X N- 2 ., ,, A ,. ., S V 3 X wt in Q ' , - 5 --r t.. , ., 5, 5 - ' I . - 3' if - Q B -fm Lea Frantz Willard Frazee Ierry Friend Leroy Friend Sue Friend Margaret Friend Vera Friend Ralph Garllck Beverly Ann Georg ff' . L Q " - 1 LP' A 9 9, fa no kg S -A V., to B - -ff N , - , 'S V ' 5 f . G '5 t a 4 7 -- A ti M N Nancy Guard Richard Gllpln Barbara Glotfelty Larry Glotfelty Robert Glover Carolyn Goff Freda Haenftling Larry Hetrlck Ianlce Hetz 4 . 1- ' i ' f t Q S B hi I ' - 3 f an K. ma' Q 5 f X. lliam Holliday Wanda Holudgy Barbara Hook Wayne Hook Larry Humberson Thomas Humberson Nevin Hutzel Wllllam Iones 5519? Kahl f'N....- 'L-J... !:..,.4. ..--.. -L xv-..L1. ,W v-rv 1 Dwain Rodeheaver Huey Rodeheaver Raymond Umbel Car'-VIYU Uphold x L 1 xg . .. ar 1 1 .. .. ,4. :fu Q Q Patty Metheny Loretta Rounds Robert TUFDGY e yi .E S 5 5 kit A A U' s X f QM I Emerson McClintock as at Nancy Matthews gg N K X ei -'SIE' L, 55" ll S56 sf 5 Q X 4 Q X Lois Riley Ronnie Ricther S en n J K E ' L R Bobby Lowry Richard Platter .. QV 'll f il' j1Zz1 wiohn Le ee shmey ours ,Z . . William 1.635111 U E . K., agp X' Q is NEIICY Nllllfay W ' L K E i1 . ,gs , 1 I .. - L A iv A' K' i:":' Judy Layman Odell Miller A J Hazel Sllger ,YY i -:: af. r 1 4 Q W 5 K 2? rg vigil? , ,. .: . Zz, . iii . 3:3551 Mary Iane Swauger Betty Sisler Wayne Tabor .- Linda Sisler af Liv -V t Charles Thomas Douglas Sisler 9 " W V ? Lowell Slnes Virginia Swaxtzwelder f Frances Silber NOT SHOWN Donna Atkinson Iudy Evans Betty Kahl Mansell Mason Gary McClintock ' 4 ,, H Iudy Metheny ' ' I Robert Minnick Q uuu Cecil Rounds Thomas Savage if 1 sue slnes V u . A , y Donald Stanton A gli, Shirley Warnick Kenneth Knox Betty Miller E+ .AIV b 3 , ,V .af L 7 V K kb Linda Keller Judy Meyers Margie Miller Barry Rush Ronald Schroyer -' rw .V I 1 X gp .fy A K Larry Suter " ' Edward Stanton Iam es Shoemaker James Spiker Q , if X ' 1 -- - f 1 -x -x .Z , 3553? 5 ',I.5, !i':::af'faz . 1 1 5 L s as 8? 1 ' u ,N4 vp! Q U ., 3 7 Ki . . ,I 1 vx 3 f Q. ll t ,Q 5 to C Carroll Uphold l , ,yr, il fiiw if K wx KI r . it ,K Gail Upole WWE: W Mary Vanslckle . .F Carl Younkin , A 1+ ,. , Harrison Yommer X Q , Q r -' I nz? sf' J 'B ,A K5 . Gary Yommer Keith Yoder -will 49' V K , K Q Carroll Vltez Gary Wunelm "-::I h Connie Vltez Russell Wilt - . '.ei. 5-+L f' Tommy Warne Bertha Wilt 1: ig . . . A 'F' - ' A 1 " w ik- ,V w wf? 9 S -- t L K -:Ein-Q, I W 1 . :3f,.,.-- I ,ky if at it . tw we Iudy Wlland DannY Wiley' K Z- YZ c. :ig 5 .ttr .R ,,,,,.. . f Fr . A V K Galen Resh Ellen Saltzer Connie Savage Randall Wilburn UM U55 X-. , To the students at Northerng As president of the Student Council, I would like to thank you for your sincere co-operation and for the support you have given your Council. In Future years , I hope you will remember what the Student Council has done to help make your school life profitable and prosperous. 62ra.g,p0fMvr.72 .J '-xwmflg RIGHT: STUDENT COUNCIL ' Vice-President, Iames McKenzie: Sec- , retary, Iudy Minickp Treasurer, Carole Hummel, Parliamentarian, Gary I-Ietrickg Advisor, Mrs. Beachy. BEDOVW STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES The Student Council has established many good precedents which will be helpful to the student body for the coming years. The Council is serving as a chartering agency for all clubs for the first time this year. The Council sets up the school calendar for assemblies and dances. EW? Editor, Shirley Meyers, Assistant Editor, Carolyn Savage: Business Manager, jean Pike: Advisor, Miss Chrisman. 117 N Layout, Iuanita Kahl, Nancy Friend, Iva Mae Collier, Carolyn Winebrenner , Mary Ann Alexander. These are the people without titles who contributed qreatlv to this yearbook. NEW .YEARS RESOLUTIONS meSl. a x K 1 'S fi nt! to nghtr mg on p Y 11 FARM 1x1onf' ew. Number 4 Accident. Maryland, January. 1,959 President Hardesty Talks To Students Ur R iimwn llzsrciwtx, pre-sn H a! nr 4-I Ihr Fmx!!sz!m5 Mlm' 'IR-anhv ut tml--eg!-, tpukf- m the gummx .mfr wrmwrv. m mv xgxrxrmmxzxu .fn .7!mu.-rx XJ Hr vrxmvarnxumwi 'AUM dam. up t-nlvr ru!!m-QQ' Fm' thc' wlw ut' thnw uhm hm! nu! :flu-mijs :tum-ax .Q xx-minnrz. ho rm-nnmu-Q! Hn' npp-n'mn!n-x U! Nw lcnuhxnu iw!!! !h'.n1supuxma'f!uu1 lhv pnwlf em? hmm .fx nm-minus jumnr rullvgr- .at Huf MMV Ivgrrilm'-t x'n!!c'x1v. imc! uhmx lmsuivrrlllu In Lx UQINIT?-!!j ,Xu npymrtummy xx!!! lu- mu-n umiwrsu zum! pzm,-nu to vxsn the' ,, wlinwy- ,nl f"l'lIS!!Hll'i.f mlm' Sun' 3 e!'r1'x inn- lirvrr Lxaiclxw-tu-s In Ml' S X Ihvm uhm! lu unm- d.ap m I-'vtsruscry ilrtmwwtrci stu' llnzaiwix' xxhu xxx!! him Hu' :nu-lang nun in Uh Tx!! S!.!!um' lnduitrlal Arts "--'! n n lhx moe! lik"-I!'t'i! xxlirjxrrh anhnlmzx :md s at Nnrtlwvrn 1-. pmlmlwiy Art. Xixuimzn . ru. ,Xt Nurllu-rn, Mkt- xx mzulum' fill nr lush all-mlx. lmiuewm! Hxvrv :N uhm N .I nquirm! emu'-w for z!!! xlx,n'!1!ll1w mln an zumh urcuh- hnxs :mal um-rznnrx Bu u of ax!! Imyx Ill :r:x1!4w 'wh nn' mm ur t xx plzmnm! with umm ' rmmvlrmsl Nh!! r- m:un!5, tu ta-gn-Il ekxllw Klvrhzxrmecal N of !14uu! ,md pmwr mule timmy: rx mx mm: nom! nm! l!IK'!J!!. It lh-rviu lm xl mm-li nu n-:nh zmmulvs M-rnula-frm! !-H -. uf dmu: muk ru-'ally uhm nmkv ll' ur an lx gnlxu In nh-xi'!up tho thnx: fmm nh MIX ui' wiv vmrit hnhiis Xhxpx hwm ts! w!!!nm!!lr!vm'v in Iimuirmix rv ante .Anim ru umiw gn ht' mguiv IH ll nm nu! wrxumrivlm- png- nz' fhnsr mania an mn Xtmpt gn :hw !u4 4,..:n:m-rw km :ft lh'xmr11nmn, Hu- smlze. funzwl- 1 mn! nm-L!! mm, rum, nm! .srl mfs! N!1Ulr!l.w!!!1 fnnhllre S"'f"'! "1 H' un! haue un erm-m! mv!.:! """'i!""!k"mut- lx lllmmwx !"rn-uf! In I!!!- ff-ff--ff Takes Honors tml!! i 1-k wg! !14vrn" H In H.m,'m. lvl, .HU lqnhfry lqunpw rivwkk. !ll1!N!!SN'U'4i X , X , , --MV-M , n v . ,V I , ,fx , Y 1 X A , 9 lm ng. 4 m snvuvll ""' "'m'l'!'H'L in!!! hunk Huw H hw I 1 W' . . . . ,411 ,y, vu K X' I'-'B' ' " 1"!""' ""'x"' NN ,Hr 1,,'-..gmf.,-.r'n . H .KV 1 5 q 4 vf :mn mm urn!! W 'TUV M" :fr x 'Vmu.,. In-.V ibn: 2 " Hi f A Q fn u 4 Lucy Be-ter receiving S!5. from Mr. Cecil Schroyer. W. O. W. yu Lggkyng on, left tu right. are Kathy Yaste. Mrs. Bc-achv. Stu Cgungcl Adviser: Ronafd Beiler. Judy Minick and Manlyn Bre man. Talent Show Commffffv C0fCh2Wm2"'. i53ev-eret'een 'Participate In Student Talent Sh! Lump H!-mlm' mm Um! mm' an Xxwz "!!!uv Ximm' Ha L " .unutny up-xu.n1xs!.un .u.aH1nu UH!!!- urmzm, i'0'l'!!ii!2'!3!ii!!, Frm! Holi- l'!'m"' "UWT NNW' gm dzxyg Hugh Ymiwlg .Iuzmmx QVIWIYKU. W5 me ami mnnmi' um! Tir H-'g!c'!U ut!x'!wr. xx!-1'vWm"3"N5' M11-'W" rQ11'w!1s1'1!. fm' the planmuz nt Mm !""'k!'h"""Vand Nw '!'gf!f-rw! Slum !,t!v!rh xxzv. pw. ffm: tnpppq! xxx!!! !m1'f! ' x-wwe! uiih wiki humw ml. NWN flgnxurinu Thx' huns-x was MM and Hum an lwv tru' H H1111 Ie Thu xvnrkmx xm- fum Mm' "Vine Mr Ylumlni !!.u'm4m. of tht lrk lint- Vuxnlxxswxmx uhm fruit '! J Luz . l!Ix.s!'h'V ui "x!!1':.!K" alwcr, dr.: Nm- dvixxvrm! it In fhu' sdunml KX'.mr!.4 uw!! gn- az fimmummiimn rl ' Qfgglply Un zmoihm' urx-:uinn gm! Yum' vu-wmh slradv uiris had mum: mild ganu' .lugncd A Szwauix amd rahhit frim-:meer fc :I Ronnie gravy! was the specially! 5 - mf-we Q s U71 ohne ' , 1753 Patty A. McKenzie was selected as queen and Beverlee Buckel as her attendant. Their escoxts were Captain Richard Spear, and Co-captain Donald Jenkins. They were selected by the football squad. as 71? ss ss' ss za " sa is ' se we sr as .gg :sz as Q W f A Yw.1?'?5?E A .QL . ffftgft s i President, Roy Schlosnaglep Vice-President, Eddie Wilbum: Secretary, Ronald Umbel: Treasurer, Carol Burkhard: Reporters, Burton Lytle, Iames Savage: Sentinel, Samuel Friend: Advisor, Mr. Reckner. The Future Farmers of American President, Royce Durst: Vice-President, Harold Schmidt: Secretary, Rodney Meyers: Treasurer, Fenton Lowery: Reporter, Wayne Yoder: Sentinels, Gary Broadwater, David Faidley: Advisor, Mr. Faith. 1. ' 1 . - ' ' , , u A Wm! HAPYLiQ?f EQPUIIQ mnvsaaszfr mists iiilwihlififh 'sms ff: 'fif"m' gr:aiE?f5?iEi5fHi!u ' W RTQQQQ LWFFA' Qmiisgifsgjggl wm QPUSMGSPEAKM? uwmlruqzgiawinxaia s1ufeLscf,-frffstnstxra zmitwzffgfw -' -P , ' ' ' . .. if gg 55 sa Q as ' as Q, sa ss E sa as av me as ss Q sa Aon Ecidir: Wilburn - pictured with both his Ilereford Steer and Hereford Ilelfer, is one of fifteen Cove F. I'. A. members who are feeding a total of 20 animals for the Baby Beef Show and Sale. Iames Savage - shown here with his Hereford Steer, antici- pates finishing the animal in time for the Baby Beef Show and Sale early in August. 'QQ :tix th Q ,SHO - ox Q 'jagfi I ' 'X Ann ,lx J I N s.s3EiF'fAf 9 N5 'D 'riff I law L' , L v' X-'L EJ J 5 4' f c-V b Q1 1 L U 1 These three sheep pictured with prrrojetts lhr-ir owner, Dale Kelso, will serve as the basis of what Dale hopes will someday be a fine herd of sheep. Dale also has hives of bees as a part of his VOCAUOHGI Agriculture Project Program. We will have these moments to remember Allan Rush, owner of a dairy cow for sometime, is shown here with his Angus and Hereford Steers. Allan plans to show one in each of their respective classes at the county fair this summer. This activity continues in addition to his normal dairy project operation. A "3 mg " Both the pony in the picture above and the Hereford Steer below are shown with their ovsmer, Iohn Savage. The pony has been a pan of Iohn's pro- ject program for sometime but he, like several other boys in the F. F. A. , decided he would like to produce a Baby Beef. The project program of several F. F. A. boys has increased in size for the same reason. 7 2 ar. Hr. 84 Sr. Photography President, Winifred Beachy: Vice-President, Maxine Smith, Secretary, Edward Yommerg Treasurer, Sherman Hetzy Advisor, Mr. Riggs. Industrial Arts President, Tom Kirby: Vice-President, Charles Frazeey Secretary, Donald Caruthersp Treasurer, Allen Grove: Advisor, Mr. Garletts. Outing Club President, Ronald Carr: Vice-President, James Lowry, Secretary, Betty Raleyg Treasurer, Carroll Long: Advisor, Mrs . Schurman. Future Business Leaders of America President, Mary Alice Durst: Vice-President, Dorothy Savage: Secretary, Ianice Resh: Treasurer, Pat Bittner: Reporter, Anne Friend: Advisor, Miss Chrisman. Future Teachers of Maryland President, Beverlee Buckel: Vice-President, Patty Van Sickle: Secretary, Becky Renwick: Tri-aqnrer Ruth Hinebauoh: Historian, Bonnie Friend: Advisor, Mrs. Carson. Library Assistants FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Harold Schmidt, Adam Hare, Fenton Lowery, Carol Rush, Mr. Kesner, Advisor, Marlene Deal, Winifred Beachy, Lavona Bittlnger, Robert Frazee, Ron Carr, Blaine Bowser, Francis McCrobie, Raymond Gamer, Richard Stanton, Richard Miller. ,ff ling W M Near the end of September and the first of October each year there is a certain sense of excitement in the air around Northern, The reason--the "Schoo1arama" is approaching. Everyone hurries and scurries about attempting to fulfill the carefully laid plans for this occasion. Department and Community exhibits are given the last minute touches. Comfortable temporary housing is provided for the livestock that is brought in for exhibit. Everyone can get into the act at the "Schoolarama. " Mothers show canned fruits- ------------ ----- - --- fathers bring their prize pumpkins or some other handy work- students provide ga rres and entertainment for young and old alike Prizes are awarded to unique exhibits , livestock, etc Those teenage crushes we did have I ,. f qw r fu r wp ii' an-. lllurure Nurses of Wilmrylaudl President, Patricia I. McKenzie, Vice- President, Dorothy Glovery Secretary, Ethel Seiberty Treasurer, Iva Mae Collier Historian, Mary O'Brien, Mr. Future ll-ilomeiuakers Ulf Arueiricai President, Cheryl Vitez: Vice-President, Nancy Miller: Treasurer, Elaine Frantz: Historian, Barbara Thomas, Song Leaders, Deanna jones: Lola Rrzxrodop jufly Reichenliachery Parliamentarian, Freda Savage, Reporter, Diana Sinesg Advisor, Mrs. Lawton. l"""! Sr. Future lHloui.emakers Off Aiuericai President, Phyllis Codclinqtong Vice-President, Helen Wakefield, Secretary, Judy Minicky Treasurer, Bonnie Spikerg Parliamentarian, Ioan Savage, Historian, Thelma Guthrie: Chaplain, Margaret Edgar, Reporter, Ella Mae Thompson: Song Leader, Nancy Friend, Advisor, Mrs. l-lanst. D, WW,,,,,,, ,,.. a.W....,,..,..oi..t -A 5 ' T , is-NRE H MAKEHS AME"r'i:cA f , 3 ' W-iff? jwf' C, , ' 'IA , rf 'rfzglla , - A. V fx, , 'la-,Ja,, gf, X'-!qi'J'X6'f X eff T Jizz ' Rosary Making President, Paul Garlitzg Vice-President, Eddie Weimer: Secretary, Iudy Wilandy Treasurer, Juanita Crowe: Advisor, Miss Thacker. The purpose of this club, is to provide Rosaries for poor missions throughout the world. The Northem High School Club has chosen Taipei, Taiwan as the recipient of our Rosaries . Bible Study President, Elaine Silber: Vice-President, Shirley Pike: Secretary and Treasurer, Martha Maust: Parliamentarian, Ioyce Glotfeltyp Reporter, Lucy Beilerg Advisor, Mr. Umbel. The Bible Study Club is very active around school: it provides our mornirg devotions throughout the school year. THQ nlulrxc nun -ifxinfufl +1-A 4-V4-in ...A 4-A,-1. The Iunlor Chorus participated in many activities through- out the school year. They presented an operetta entitled, "Howdy Cowboy," to the student body. The Iunlor Chorus also took part ln the All-County Concert. The Quartet Club perfcrms for many functions during school and out of school. 1 The Senior Chorus also participated ln various activities. A They presented a musical variety show, "Off the Records , " in Aprl1L They also participated in the All-County Concert. The Quartet Club perfcrms for many functions during school and out of school. umuior Science President, Huey Rodeheaver: Vice-President , David McIntyre: Secretary, Carroll Vitez: Treasurer, Charles Thomas: Lilxarian, Donald Iones:, Repcrter, Carol Haenftllngp Advisor, Mr. Keplinger . -sis 13? lg! Sri, Electronics President, Bradley Yoder: Vice-President, David Iones: Secretary, David Caruthers: Treasurer, Lowell Merrill: Advisor, Mr. Johnson Taxidermy President, Karol Riley: Vice-President, Wendell Beitzel Secretary, Delmar Savage: Treasurer, Kermit Yoder: Advisor Mr. Strauss. 2 , I Sfenliorr' Band Majorettes Senior Baumdl LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Thomas, Ellen Coddlngton, Phyllis Frlend, Charlotte McCurdy, Thelma Frantz, Patty A. McKenzie. President, Dorothy Savage, Vice-Presldent, Dorothy Glover, Secretary, Gay Umbel, Treasurer, Charles Strauss Ir. , Librarians , Janice Resh, Patty Friend, Representatives , Patty Friend, l2, Mary Thomas, ll , Sharon McKenzie, 10, Phyllis Friend, 9. 5..- 79 uimiior Band President, Phyllis Friend: Vice-President, Cheryl Vitez: Secretary, Diana Sinesg Treasurer, Gary Finzelg Librarians, Nancy Miller, Elaine Frantz. uiriiioi' Band Nlaljoremtes KNEELING: Left to Right: Lois Riley, Barbara Hook, Kathleen Haenftllng, Darlene Thomas, Nancy Guard, Marion Thomas. STANDING: Left to Right: Cheryl Vitez, Ellen McKenzie, Sue Friend, Alice Bowman, Ann Bender, Kathleen Beachy. u A 1 br. Dance President, Pat Robeson: Vice-President, Ianice Hileman: Secretary, Iohn Hostet lerg Treasurer, Fred Holiday, Advisor, Mr. Malone. Hoys' lrlevrcuirioim President, Willard McGraw: Vice-President, Carole Van Sickle: Secretary, Bob Edwards: Treasurer, Cecil Umbel: Advisor, Mrs. McKenzie fccn Age Daumfs . President, Kenneth Smith, Vice-President, Melvin llumbersony Secretary, Gary Finzely Treasurer, Gary Thomas: Advisor, Mr. Brown. Sr., Projector Operators President, Blaine Bowser: Vice-President, Terry Sisler: Secretary, Richard Ienkinsg Treasurer, Darrell Frantz: Advisor, Mr. Kesner. Lerrermaiifs President, Gary Hetrick: Vice-President, Marvin Sisler: Secretary, Ronald Bakery Treasurer, Charles Strauss, Ir.: Advisor, Mr. Mitchell. ro Pro 'rector ll Operators President , Tommy Humber- son: Vice-Presi dent, James Bowser: Secretary, Donna Bowser, Treasurer, Donald Frantz, Advisor, Mr. Grose. N orthern I-I on ors These people have brought recognition to Northem on many occasions. They have been selected as state officers, traveled to various vicinities, and served on several committees. Karen Kinsinger and Sue Hershburger, two of the Future Nurses of America Club have been chosen as state officers. Karen is state president, and Sue is state historian. LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Collier received a bronze Farm Bureau award in beef, Ron Weimer received a bronze Farm Bureau award in dairy, Harold Schmidt received a gold Farm Bureau award in turkey raising, Mr. Faith, Advisor, Roy Schlossnagle received second place in Public Speaking , Ellsworth Yoder and Burton Lytle received second place in Maryland F. F. A. , poultry and egg judging, Royce Durst and Ioe Friend represented Cove Chapter at the National Convention held in Kansas City, Missouri. Kathy Yaste, one of the senior chorus manbafs, was selected to represent Northern High at the All-State Chorus Iudy Minick was chosen to serve as the State F. H. A. vice-president. 'liss Ethel Seibert has been named Iorthern's 1959 Betty Crocker Iomema ker of Tomorrow. She re- eived a pin, with the words Home Is Where The Heart Is" in- cribed on it. Ethel competed Nancy A. Swauger was selected as the 1959 D. A. R. Good Citizen of Northern. Nancy scored highest in our school. She was among three other students who took the test. The contestant chosen for the state will be presented with a S100 United States E Series Savings Bond. Mary Alice Durst was chosen to serve on the State Board of Directors for the F. B. L. A. Shirley Uphold and Ethel Snyder represented Northern at a state meeting. The United Nations was established through the hopes, wants , dreams , ideals , schemes , and plans of those people who thought we could all live together in a world of peace. The building, which was created through ideas of all member nations , is a masterpiece of architectural accomplishment. This group had the privilege of representing Northern on a trip to the U. N. long with approximately 50 senior 'irls in a multiple choice and written examination. Q S 5 1 , i"""""' lm ,gil I "' 11 I1 T? ll? , ,f" Homecoming. Sue Hershberger Crowned Maryland State Farm Queen She hails from Grantsville, Maryland and lives with her parents on a farm of approximately ZOO acres. She grows flowers as a hobby., She entered a contest and competed against several others , and won the honor of Garrett County Farm Queen. The winner then traveled to Timonium , Maryland to compete for Maryland State Farm Queen. Sue was elected queen and crowned at 2 P.M. Saturday, September 6, 1958 She plans to be a physician. Her plans for the future will be completed by using the queen's prize, a four-year scholarship to the University of Maryland. Sue has been a very active student, both in and out of school. Pictured is Sue with Mr. Muha, Principal of Northem, at the Grantsville Community ll E l, I. R 5' xg ' ,fl- 'pf-' Wg LXQA , . W X :bg sf- we M- f W Lf M m. E 5 Q , Q 3' A Q ' q ,Q QQ, Q, W' 11 55 51 CSE? yr SE 'VF Q S , M , 3. . v mg me J ii? V' 1 EA , 'E fi f 1 4 f--' :fi 1 M y W? V21 5 6 fix if Q. Y 1 . A 5 , A3-5' ' V qi i K lv, l . ' w.,.. ' M, Qf, Qxy3"' "iff?Z5Nf' , :C+ ' A , i..,.f' W i. J x ,x K....J M A -fi 4 Keep the mitts off the jersey. Please boys , mud packs are for girls! Hurry up legs! Get me out of here before I fall all over youl We will have these moments to remember The in+mm..m1e we mf: Mm, The members of our Varsity basketball team are as follows: FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Carol Long, Dick McCurdy, B111 George, Gary Thomas, Marvin Beachy, Iim McKenzie, Frandel McGraw, Jim Lowery, Coach Brown, "Butch" Strauss, George Patton, Dick Spear, Gary Hetrick , Don Bartholomew. The members of the Junior Varsity team are as follows: FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Gary Finzel, Larry Yommer, Terry Sisler, "Pete" Yommer, Kenny Smith, Gary Friend, Tony Rush, Melvin Humberson, Eddy Margoff, Coach Mitchell, Carl Frazee. if 1 u ...ur K, rm-V, Q. ,.--gvrv---11.11-gun-' 'r-'11--.11uv-v.-1-'uv'-.vgnav1.-A .H :Lu-uugggg-g Babies will play and fools will watch. " I only have eyes for you. 1 The members of our Girls' basketball team are as follows: FIRST ROW: Left to Right: Lois Gilpin, Alice Lyt.e, Coach Williams, Thelma Guthrie, JoAnn Fazenbaker, Phillis Snyder, Ella Mae Thompson, Shirley Uphold, Maxine Smith, Elaine Thomas, Hazel Haenftling, Barbara Savage, Ethel Snyder. Though summer turns to winter And the present disappears E. ' if .1 ?a. , K, Q. , X fffff SENIOR CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right: N ancy Turney, Iudy Friend, Carolyn Long, lean Shcrt, Wilma Hanlin, Ioyce Haenftling. '-.ii Q! - ,Q S ' X I 704 5, 3, JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right: Barbaxa Glotfelty, Sandra Prazee, Shirley Alexander, Linda Miller, Karen Deal, Sandra Swauger. Q-, 'Wm nh.-mm +h:.+ mf-. ,lm HLM11, A. + vvill nr-hm fhrmmh the vears- A SCT' OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE NORTH STAR FOR DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH SEE DAN 81 DICK ENGLAR STUDIOS 143 East Main Street WESTMINSTER MARYLAND Phone Tilden 8-6530 Our gratitude to those our friends ' T T 1 1 Acorn Associates Feed Farm and Building ' Supplies Francis A. McKenzie Mack's Texaco Service Phone DE 12681 Phone OV 9-9140 ' 5 1X2 Miles West of Frostburg Maryland Oakland Maryland Compliments Of 46 Compliments Of Grantsville livestock Auction V Your Consignments Appreciated Webers Clark Yoder, Auctioneer Andy Hess , Manager "Say It With Flowers" 9 Tr, Phone sooz Grantsville Maryland Oakland Maryland , F. X K :r Q X 'I X In May we support them Ito their end ,Z Free Estimates J' . . Qggfigglr David M. Wiley NA Electrical Contractor Motor Repair and Rewinding Phone Grantsville 4-3614 Springs , Pennsylvania Compliments Of lhayeris Barber Shop Third At Alder Street Oakland, Maryland Phone Day DE 4-3401 15 Alder Street Oakland Electric 81 Radio Martin lressler RCA VICTOR ZENITI-I Well Drilling Radio Television phone 1523 Norge Appliances X ie ITH Grantsville Maryland IlASlER'S VOICE" I O DAVIS HARDWARE Plumbing Electrical Paints and Industrial Supplies Grantsville Phone 108 Maryla Building or Remodeling Your Kitchen? Ideas--Not Dollars Make the Difference in New Modern Kitchens . More Important Than I-low Much nd You Spend is I-Iow Well You Spend. PLATTER'S BAKERY :Sf COFFEE SHOP Carry Out Food 24 East Main Street Frostburg Maryla ENGLE BROTHER'S MEATS Prostburg, Maryland QV 0-6550 Markleysburg, Pa. Davis 9-5624 .l. CECIL W. SCI-IROYER Dealer In General Merchandise-I-Iardwiare Groceries - Meat Friendsville Maryla nd Alexander's Better Kitchens Route 40 West of Cumberland In La Vale , I nd Then they'll have th ese moments to remember. Casselman Motor Co. C. O. BENDER GRANTSVILLE Telephone 1212 or 155 MARYLAND t 1 Mt. Top Restaurant and Esso Service Station Compliments Of . L- Davies Servicenter GRANT SVILLE MARYLAND GRANT SVI LLB MARYLAND I-lOHING'S Men's Wear - Boys' Wear Frostburg Prostburg Maryland ll East Main Street B. S. Degree in Teachers Training IOHNSON MEMORIAL GO. Junior College Division 20 Salisbury Street Phone 233 M. Ed. Degree Meyersdale, Pennsylvania Summer School - A CO1'UlDlimt9HTS Of I l-l. G. BENDER . International Harvester R. C. A. Whirlpool Meyersdale Pennsylvania f42 Students From Garrett g .,iu,,-a,,,,, T It County 1958-59, Compliments Of AL'S RESTAURANT Prostburg Maryland Frostburg Maryland Ret M' Hershberger l R0bis0n's Restaurant and Dealer In . . Service Station PURINA CHOWS Baby Chicks--Eggs Home Cooked Foods Check-R-Board Service E iii' 16 Hour Service Phone 12 0 Daily Grantsville Maryland r Frostburg Maryland Heart Homes , , P. O. Box 641 First National Bank T. V. Pier of Friendsville C . E . Burgesses "A Good Place To Bank" Member of Federal Reserve Representatives Bank System Phone PA 4-6428 , Day or Night Cumberland M51'Ylaf1d n Friendsville Maryland Phone Farmington Davis 9-5523 MetzIer's lone Star Restaurant 0 I U ll I 0 N I o va la d D ' an any Bar Owned and Operated by: Depaftment StOTe Mr. and Mrs. Esper Hanna EGSt Main Street 17 Miles East of Uniontown, Pa. Route 40 ' -X Home Furnishing's Store 4' X Shipley Hardware Company Compliments Of Established in 1872 KeYSt0He lime C0. Wholesale and Retail Phone 4-3703 Phone ME 4-4111 Meyersdale Pennsylvania Springs Pennsylvania Luna H M Yoder A C 5 h k dg General Insurance 1' " ig Stickell's Feeds Auto-Fire-Casualityrg 3 5 Phone 4-2404 Phone 4-1 303 N Springs Pennsylvania Springs PGFIHSYIVBHIG 100 Compliments Of GRANT SVILLE MARYLAND Little Meadows Motel sink Com plim ents Of IEFFERIES BROS . IEWELERS ,L--H' Frostburg Maryland Com plim ents Of D. St S. CLEANERS 51 East Main Street Prostburg Phone 303 Maryland G t 'II G C. L. LONG e Ladies' Clothier George D, Edwards and Sons Ladies' , Misses' and Chi1dren's Coats Fine Millinery and Notions Phone 1562 or 1762 1 Fmstburg Maryland DEAN'S JEWELRY "Keepsake" Diamonds ll W. Main Street Grantsville Maryland Frostburg Maryland 'I l l Compliments Of Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. New Savage Works "WGRLD'S LARGEST PRGDUCER OF REFRACTORIESH GRANTSVILLE MARYLAND FOUNTAIN SERVICE I ,T T GIFTS 1 if - A Xie T- HOME REMEDIES Q if E , : FRIENDSVILLE CUT -RATE Yu! fif! I9 , f Q42 IO 102 Com plim ents Of 0 0 . , Muller Machine Works Spoerlem S Garage Phone VA 6-8171 Mine, Mill Chrysler-Plymouth ,Q and fgff Springs Farm Supplies Pa. Accident ,NX7 Maryland Feed n ,.,.,m Compare COI'0P1imGI'1tS Of Purina Results Rosenbaums ' ' ' Harland Bowman The Shopping Center Star Route Oakland, Md. Cumberland Maryland Phone DE 4-2943 00k Grove Dillf Y Garrett Truck and In Competition with the best Volume of Sales tells the rest Co' Retail and VV'1'101eS'31e International Trucks Milk Cream Tractors-Farm Equipment Chocolate Milk Reddi VVhip Butter Cottage Cheese Phone DE 4-3225 Ice Cream Mix For Free Delivery Call Qakland Maryland McHenry DE 4-4242 Maryland 0 7 lerghton Bros. Shannon s Buick Sales and Service Oldest Shoe Store Phone In Allegany DEerfield 4-3982 County Phone OV 9-8885 Oak land Maryland Fr ostburg Maryland Oy S Third and Green Streets Oakland Hardware and Phone: DEerfield 4-4123 Furmture CO' Q Oakland Maryland Dial DE 44150 A BRowN1Ncs, INC. f Groceries-Hardware-Sporting ! Goods Open Day and Night l d Oakland Mary an Oakland Maryland Compliments Of h OAKLAND PHARMACY I-larned and Proudfoot HAMILIJS BOOKSTORE Serving Doctor and Patient In Garrett County Since 1893 Oakland Maryland Oakland Maryland CARROLL'S YOUTHLAND SPORT T-been SHOP 9 Q I Oakland Maryland Oakland P Maryland The Best Place To Shop , 1 For The Things You Need Por Yourself, Your Family and Home ' ' ' Restaurant F5 In Oakland Since 1893 'STURES A. D. Naylor and Company ' fir gavingsh Hardware Oakland , Maryland Plumbing Heating "Newest .Styles "Wider, . .Varieties Over 75 Years of Service "Lowest. . . Prices ""H"'f 2 Oakland Maryland COOK Sf LINTZ Memorials Marble S: Granite Meyersdale Pennsylvania SECOND NATIONAL BANK ,..1VEf.i1Ed?l,?l,,-i i,139,1:1ns.v2xs2s.. ROAD SI D E MARKET AND SERVICE STATION Phone SHadyside 6-2694 Friendsville Maryland THE GIFT SHOP Gifts -Wedding Stationery-Knitting Greeting Cards 20 Broadway Frostburg Maryland D. A. Sunoco Candies Groceries - Gas - Oil 7 Miles North of Oakland On Route 219 Near Deep Creek Lake Well Driller Phone DE 4-3022 Otto Brick and Iile Works Manufacturers Of Brick -Building Tile-Drain Tile Phone 4-3111 Springs Pennsylvania Compliments Of Friondsville Milling Company Phone SI-I 6-2 39 1 Friendsville Maryland BEST WISHES TO THE FUTURE LEADERS OF OUR COMMUNITY THE GARRETT NATIONAL BANK In Oakland MEMBER OF AI D I L l C O AND MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM OAKLAND MARYLAND kk'k'k 1 3.57 'Q M., vi'- .9. '14 gif? Q Wie! QF RRR, jg, :QTY .Q egifx 4 5 fs Ki' f 'iilf 'S -:mu-...mud Compliments Of Robert Diehl GRANTSVILLE MARYLAND SMITHS TENDER FEET SHOE STORE De 137 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland A. :Sf P. FOOD STORES Meyersdale Pennsylvania ri HARRTS GARAGE F. W. Bender Co. Electric and Acetylene Welding Auto Repairs Your Wayne Feed Dealer Farm Machinery Repairs Telephone VA-68116 General Merchandise CITIZENS NATIONAL Phone ZIA4 BANK Meyersdale Pennsylvania Springs Pennsylvania I i The First National Bank of Oakland OAKLAND , MARYLAND We Invite Your Account "First National Has Served Safely For Over Fifty-seven Years." CLEANER Ringer Independent Gil Co. all COOLER Q f C".-D FASTER Distributor For v Electric Cooking Is GAS FUEL OIL All Of These And More It's Your Best Bet Phone 4741 For Better, Easier Cooking Confluence Pennsylvania The Potomac Edison Company I layman's Hardware D. W. Hershherger Agency Bonding Plumbing Licensed Insurance Broker and and Real Estate Heating Supplies Phone 3811 Prostburg Maryland Grantsville Maryland Compliments Of Yodefs locker Plant Wholesale and Retail Meats Slaughtering - Freezing Curing - Canning Compliments Of Hill Top lnn For the Best of Food Phone 7163 -Q Phone 88 Grantsville 5 i' Maryland Grantsville Maryland .Z,,s2i2'm'7L2 :nf W. H. Fralz, Inc. 1 I I ll Petroleum Products ACCIDENT MARYLAND 109 X PIZZA PIE l X Z , t Meadow Mt. Inn Specializes In Italian Food I trend Stofkyardf 'nc' Mountarn Chevrolet Co. Livestock Auction Sale Sales and Service Phone 4423 Every Monday 446 Latrobe Avenue Confluence Pennsylvania Phone VA 6-8141 Pe y Accident Maryland ' 7 Garrett County Kelm S Market Turkey Growers 1. E. Kem, Owner Garland Flavored Turkeys Fine Meats , Iia-I3 Salad, Our Specialty Dressed - Live - Smoked Small - Medium - Large Your Favorite Butcher Or I Food Store Can Secure Them Oakland Maryland Phone 109 Grantsville Maryland 110 YI I For New Sales Top Quality and Low Prices I. C. LICHLITER AND CO. Salisbury Pennsylvania Compliments Of THE HASELBARTH STORE Phone MoHawk 2-4613 Salisbury Pennsylvania Try 'w YOUGH MOTOR CO. Front angnlglignmentg Wheel Balancing Cumberland or LaVale Friendsville, Md. Phone SH 6-2051 DICK REICH FU RNITU RE AND FLOOR COVERING 233 Center St. Meyersdale, Pa. Phone ME 4-4543 Compliments Of WELPLEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE Salisbury Pennsylvania Y T ,ri SALISBURY SERVICE CENTER Robert C. Lorenzen Phone 9481 Salisbury Pennsylvania Compliments Of Muller Brothers "Ralph" and "Alton" Allis -Chalmers and New Idea Power Farm Equipment Balens Garden Tractors and Outdoor Power Equipment Springs Pennsylvania .-1... ,, ,H ,,...,. 1 FORD'S DRUG STORE, INC. y A, C, SAVAGE Prescriptions Rexall Products Russell Stover Candies Frostburg Maryland Com plim ents Of HOYE'S COMMUNITY STORE Star Route, Friendsville, Md. Phone SH 6-2006 Builder and Contractor Phone DE 4-2092 McHenry Maryland OTTO'S SERVICE STATION Tires , Batteries and Accessories Phone Springs 4-1502 Springs Pennsylvania Compliments Of PAT ' S BEAUTY SALON Pho ne I4 7 Frostburg Maryland Compliments Of KEYSER RIDGE GARAGE A. G. Reichenbacher Compliments Of SEARS Sc HELBIG JEWELRY Oakland Maryland BETTY IO'S BEAUTY LOUNGE RODAMER CONCRETE PRODUCTS Concrete Blocks, Sand, Stones, Cement Phone 4-0027 Springs , Pa. SWAUGERS BARBER SHOP Compliments Of RAINBOW MOTEL Phone 98 Star Route Phone DE 4-3625 Grantsville Maryland Oakland Maryland R. I. KOLB Richards Feeds Meat, Eggs Produce Paints , Groceries and Hardware Accident Ph. VA6-8124 Maryland WILMER MARGROFF Trucking and Timber Products VA 6-8352 Accident, Md. E. H. AULT Armors and Agrico Fertilizers Tuxedo Feeds Phone VA 6-8222 Accident Maryland SHERMAN AND BERT FRAZEE Accident, Md. VA 6-8106 Confluence, Pa. 4633 Dealing In All Kinds Of Lumber and Mine Materials and Dozing Compliments Of Compliments Of IOSEPH S. KARP :Sf BROS. INC. Food Service Equipment and Supplies cm: DEE 125 S. Mechanic Street Oakland Maryland Cumberland Maryland sHowALTER APPLIANCE THE MOTEL OAIC-LAND Maytag - Frigidaire - Speed Queen Phone MO 22931 Modern Motel - Phone 42602 Third Street on U. S. 219 Mrs. Spencer Graham, Owner Salisbury Pennsylvania Oakland Maryland THOMAS ELIAS NORPJSSES. Pfriffy Tailor-Cleaner Counselor For Phone 76 KNAPP AERATRED CUSHIONED SHOES 10 W. Main Street Frostburg Maryland Friendsville Maryland COmPliments Of SCHLOSNAGLE'S STORE W. HAROLD MILLER Meats - Groceries - Produce CO-OPERATIVE SERVICE Shoes and Clothing Grantsville Mf3fYlaHd Friendsville Maryland Diamonds F- Watches - Iewielry VANDERGRH,-T.S RAY'S IEWELERS M , Sh 103 Baltimore Street uslc Op 35 Baltimore Street Cumberland Maryland Cumberland Maryland McCLURE'S SERVICE STATION D E H Ib. I Esso Gasoline and Fuel Oil ' ' e Phone 2402 Jewelers I Salisbury Pennsylvania Oakland Maryland I Compliments Of ROBESON FARM SERVICE Dealer in Wirthmore Feeds Hay and Straw, Etc. Frostburg Maryland Compliments Of W'ILEY'S STORE HELEN AND HAROLD Phone 2422 Jennings Maryland 113 114 1 l 7 1 I - f THE CORNER DRUG STORE R Comphmems O The Rexall Drug Store DR. H. R. GIBSON Ios. N. Thomas, Prop. Meyersdale Pennsylvania DI PASQUALE BROTHERS Compliments Of Florist B. S: G. SALES COMPANY Phone ME 4-6251 DE 4-2075 Meyersdale Pennsylvania Oakland MarY1aT1d RALPH PRITTS AND SONS Pritts Motor and Equipment Co. Authorized Dodge-Plymouth 1 Phone 4201 Oakland Maryland GORTNER'S STORE Establish 189 0 , Oakland Maryland Compliments Of Compliments Of ACE RADIO AND ELECTRIC SERVICE GONDER'S INSURANCE 14 Alder Street Oakland Maryland Oakland Maryland A Compliments Of RUDY'S SHAFFER FORD SALES INC. Oakland Maryland Oakland Maryland Compliments Of O Compliments Of THE FAIR MARY CAROL SHOP Oakland Maryland Prostburg Maryland Compliments ROfR Compliments Of THE MUSIC SHOP BIG SAVAGE SERVICE STATION X Phone OV 9-9003 Oakland Maryland ' Prostburg Maryland MORTON CHEVROLET Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Frostburg Maryland Compliments Of GRIFFITH' S STORE and SERVICE STATION Mill Run Maryland Compliments Of Bowman's Motor Boat Sales 81 Service Phone DE 4 -4 666 McHenry Maryland Compliments Of MONN STUDIO Meyersdale Pennsylvania Compliments Of FRIENDS CLOVER FARM STORE Friends ville Maryland SAM BEACI-IY Sf SONS Gardening Equipment Jacobsen Line of Lawn Mowers Phone: Grantsville, MD. 3221 Salisbury Pennsylvania Compliments Of FOOTER' S CLEANERS Frostburg Maryland SWANKS Ii I THE FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY 131 '133 Center Street In Garrett County Maryland MeYersda1e Pennswvania R. C. Turney - Secretary-Treasurer Compliments Of MATTHEVVS' FOOD STORE Phone VA 6-8120 Accident Maryland OLD TRAILS OFFICE The First National Bank of Confluence Markleysburg Pa . Member of F. D. I. C. THOMAS DRUG STORE F. B. Thomas, Ir. , R. P. Your Prescription Store ME 4-6141 Meyersdale, Pa. 1 I 1 I L Compliments Of HAWKINSON TREAD SERVICE U. S. Royal Tire Distributors Oakland Maryland TURNER'S DAIRY Grade "A" Milk and Dairy Products DELIVERY IN ALLEGANY AND GARRETT COUNTIES Phone 841-I-3 Frostburg Maryland i Flushing Shirt Mfg. Co. GRANTSVILLE MARYLAND V" l.. ' ' 'Fd RIVERSIDE ILL MOTOR SALES Phone 3303 Compliments Of Confluence Pennsylvania Reliable Prescriptions Oakland Maryland Compliments Of Mr. Sc Mrs . Gilbert Smith Barber's Market Condon's Shoe Store IVIiller's Department Store Charles N. Hill Teen Sf Tot Shop Burner's Service Center L 5, S Cut-Rate Leo's Tire Service Kroll's Confectionery Thomas D. Wright Dr. Ashby H. A. Finegan Bostonian Shoes Gallatin National Bank - f ' f - F T 'I ww .Q if-JM mm., -w...i- l: W 1, Y i Oh, say can you see, Study? Who's studying ? ' 'Q fe. Qqqgftr How many books did you read in 12 years of school? Some folks are lucky. as I goofed pm-rs. hatchet- -oops . O, K, c0unC11, Always room for one more. We could hardly wait for the 3:08 be1l--- 7? 9Q,,.7,f,.4,..J Q-M1 .DM-JZ-I MMJ nwlf W 33l2fMm,,..O,.ramf cfofclfff 9' R' ,,,L,.:7 797 7? ,yi,.,?5W 91-Mjfffffg, 'f?"'32f'i'QfQM U fl ,F f A !.,.. Q 1, A , , ,, K , . if 1 4 1 3 ' , , , M. -4 1' 'z-:F 4-A-., .4?2' Q---1 ,r 1- f "frm ' . wg ,fp . . W - ' sw' 41, . 'mn fi'-"uLI,?'F"' 4- ' A 1 - 14 if , Q . Q. - 1, ew' V ' I ' ' L N "WY " fx -' 1 1 -4 J lu,-. .- -1-1' nmwbf y A-LW.,,x, : .iw - X wav at 4 . 1 X. , . 1 , M4 5, g . , , .5 ' V , .1 - Flu? "L . , -K .Qu . ki. . Y I -. ' .. , 1 . , 343.72 ir " ' , QM. , ,, 'w,,, ' W-,rf Q - v .t ,Q wa - :Y 'LY -. Q s ' y . 4' "'P'z,:'.. Ax , K L - a 7 4. 'K 0 1 4: , 5 fp 1 .. , , x -L' , -, .J . , , , . 1.51 I Y I an V ..,, .-MQ hifi? , 4 .f-- , ,Q Q ' - 1,4 4 w-,',. ,:..f.':1 -- f "W 'tb' . "1 ' Y, . KA., 7 ,. W V ft., wa" , , ,? 4 ' Phu A w r a , ,K .,,. ,.. ,, w- . , 551 if -1 M--k 4 I in .I 1 f . 1 1 H it W il x G. 5i2gf5igf fwf WMM-W GTI!!-vw' ' ' TlZiiW?WJ,,,,M Wiiiidfm mibgffbddwflpoiug., H wywiu xg, ZZ' - Dm 10 'ww ww wif Q6 6lf,l,,1JaM4,,L0O.-LZ,'C4lfA Q9 WCWQWL WJ.43w3f11f'7L MM M M ww 2 gif-'AL 779 7f,,,g7 Qiodfv WM aww F Qyliww M3 "'7'2'2L'CjD'e'6aa' 7faxJ-1-.MU Mxkfl, ,JJ-M?,i2f1f 64? Www .WW ,ZfA,.ifA,,.A., "'m'2HCR': 9 H I A We mln-rrbxhlnlA..!.. mfg? ! fzldidwt Kgmgguuw A1 f-A-fa...1.2.71f rZ47ffff""" 7f1,.,.,,.,,.4,0,5,L.,,.3e,f0vc.zvM.1.qL iM,4wc,J2:z:zZm Q,17,Qw.1f- 4,1 2.44.5 .gh f - J K www ' ff f - . , D - 1, ? f f 74414 ' ' P' ,f ' Q 'fglfy 'K' ,'mM1 ' ,, ' ww iffy f.,f..,.4'xL J? ar 1 S Y? ' JUNE " Q' . O

Suggestions in the Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) collection:

Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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1959, pg 119

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1959, pg 75

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