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A 4 1 Q , 4 . .- 9 Q gp 1' ' Yi' K ,.- THE ORTH STAR - 19 Published by The Journalism Class Northern High School Accident, Maryland Editor-in-Chief .... .... S hirley Ream Assistant Editor. . . ..... Rose Lee Chaney Adviser ......... ...... M r. Russell Davis Business Adviser .... . . .Mrs. Elaine Falkenstine fl +V F x X X f x X ADMINISTRATIQN AND FACULTY 1 5 Front Row W- Left to Right - Mr. W. W. Dawson, President of Board of Educationg Mr. Ross Speicher, Vice- Presi- df-ntg Mr. Willard Hawkins, Superintendent of Garrett County Schoolsg Back Row - Mr. 0. T. Craser, Supervisor of Nlainlenancz-g Mr. John I.. Fitzwater, Supervisor of Pupil Personnelg Mr. Foster ll. Bittle, Supervisor of High Schools. County Administration Mr. Edwin W. Elias Supervisor of Elementary Schools 4 Mr. William Fleming Principal A.B., M.A. Mr. Paul Muha Mr. Ralph Beachley Administrative Assistant V ice-Principal B.S. B.SI, M.A. 5 ""'2:3. Q--Q John M. Cobun Cuidanre' Counselor Carol Daulphin Srhool Sl'l'l'PlllllY I I ' 5? gi: 6 RONDAL KINCAID B.S. Phys. Ed. 8,9,10-12 Core 9 OLGA ROWAN B.S., M. Ed. Core 7 'M 2 MERLE GARLETTS CHARLES GILLIS Ind. Arts Ind. Arts 7-8 Math 7-8 JO ANN ROBINSON B.S. Math 7-8 Core 7 MELVIN SCHWING B.M. Inst. Music CHARLES STRAUSS JUSTIN RIGGS Biology Administration Science 9 Core 7 7 'ii KATH RYN SPEICHER A.B.. M. Ed. ' ' French Core 12 FLORENCE H. WILKENSON A.B. Vocal Music 94 VERNON ROBESON CHAUNCEY FRIEND B.S. B.S. Dr. Ed. Ind. Arts 8-9 Shorthand I Core 9 ri- ..- 'Qin' X, A 125 'L N72 .fr -5 f 9' J ' Q 'V Q' V kfvxfv ix . N . le- N V A ' 5' Q " Li N.. ILE. N K f E8 Qy ,Q I ,Q LAWRENCE MYERS LILBURN BROWN B.S. B.S. Core 8 Phys. Ed. 7,8-10-12 8 N. ff: wil -ein' ,' .wi 'Q S R? 91 NES E JOANNE TOBIN A.B. Home Ec. 7-9 Speech Drama GERALD MCGEACHIE B.S.. M.A. Core 8 Q1 ev- ?X9 kj ,. Q i H X- 'V Rw-E.afg H..-'fpii Y .-- f,'.+?2-Lara' f fwla ,, ff 5. -3. lar f, I . Q . f -fan 1 'ffwffve-Vai? adanv.w:Qz ELAINE FALKENSTINE B.S. Typing I 81 II Shorthand II Gen. Bus. Bus. Law MARGARET FLEMING A.B., M. Ed. Review Math Gen. Math 8 Alg. 1 Core 11 JAMES BLAKE MARVIN CALLIS Sc1.9 Voc. Ag. 9,10 12 Ag. 10-I2 MARTHA LAWTON B.S. Home Ec. 9-12 CLYDE KYLE B.S. Q M , Core 10-11 , Math 7 1 A li is ' "fjf5 Q ' ' A . :. h THOMAS FURLOW PHILIPJOHNSON B-5- AB- ii,'iI,f I, - A AA 'ffif-f 'fi Core 8-9 Latin -'i' ' core 10-12 . A A i I if 5 ..A I . . I 'i I iii. A ' 9 MARY LIPSCOMB B.S. Home Ev. 7-8-9 ROSAMOND PAVONE A.B., M.S. Phys. Ed. 7.8 Plane Gcom. Alg. ll Math 9 -sg.-P If Q" Ns -tr . 5, 19" ALBERT RINGER A.B.. B.S. Core 7 fm vcr- WAYNE RINEHART B.S.. M.A. Consumer Sci. Physics Chem. Math 8 10 RUSSELL DAVIS B.S. Journalism I 81 Il Core 9-10 'W ia.-5 'K ,: K ii, - ,14 5 gi- ' ' ' MARY SCHURMAN personal Typing Bookkeeping Bus. Arith. Cen. Bus. Math 7 ,gglfgggssq 1 E' . JEAN TIANO A.B. Phys. Ed. 7- l2 Health 7-12 MELVIN KESNER B.S.. B.S. lI'l L. Librarian SENIGRS ADRIAN DeWI'I'I' Birthday- -March 9, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -General Nuisance Song- -"Varsity Drag" Activities- -Sr. Class President, Sr. Chorus. EDGAR HARMAN Birthday- -.luly 26, 1937 Curriculum- -Vocational Ambition- -Fly an Airplane Song- -"The Hot Canary" Activities- -Treasurer of Sr. Clan. F.F.A. HARRY ALLEN YOUNKIN Birthday- -F ebmary 8, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Mechanical Engi- neer Song- -"This Old House" Activities- -President of Nat. Honor Society, Sr. Chor- -us, Baseball, Basketball. Projectionist RUBY FRAZEE Birthday- -June 17, 1937 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -Undecided Song- -"Teach Me Tonight" Activities- -Vice-President of Sr. Class, Nat. Honor So- ciety, Cheerleader. WILLIAM C. SPEICHER Birthday- -April 1, 1937 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -To be State Senator in 1976 Song- -"Let Me Go, Lover" Activities- -Secretary of Sr. Class, Sr. Chorus, Trea- surer of Nat. Honor So- ciety, Library Assistant. GLORIA MAE YOMMER Birthday- -September 10, 1937 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -To be a Secretary Song- -"You, You, You" Activities- -Student Council President, FBLA, Sr. Chorus. .IANE KINSINGER Birthday- -April 22, 1937 Curriculum- -Stenographie Ambition- -To be a Secretary Song- -"Hold My Hand" Activities- -Nat. Honor Society Vice-President, Sr. Chor- us, Health Club, Student Council Representative, Vice-President of Band. FBLA. EILEEN CAMP Birthday- -August 7, 1936 Curriculum- -General Business Ambition- -To Travel Song- -"LoveIiest Night Of The Year" Activities- -FBLA. SHIRLEY ANNE DURST Birthday- -October 18, 1937 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -To be a typist and to travel to all parts ofthe world. Song- -"Hot Toddyw Activities- -Nat. Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, Year- book Staff, Health Room Assistant, FBLA. SHELBY JEAN SAVAGE Birthday- -January 8, 1938 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -To be private sec- retary to the U. S. Presi- dent Song- -"Somebody Bigger Than You and I" Activities- -FBLA, Yearbook Stalf. Circulation Man- ager for Newspaper. I ,,u ww' , my alla. r1""" wt BEVERLY ANN BEACHY Birthday- -April 22, 1937 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -To be a Secretary Song- -"Little Things Mean A Lot" Activities- -Student Council Vice-President, Nat. Hon- or Society, Sr. Chorus FBLA. DOROTHY PAULINE GLOT- FELTY Birthday- -April 17, 1937 Curriculum- -General Business Ambition- -To be a Telephone Operator Song- -"I Need You Now" Activities- -FBLA. J UN E GREEN Birthday- -.lune 15, 1936 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -Typist Song- -"Trees" Activities- -Student Council Secretary, Business Man- ager "North Hi News" and Yearbook, Glee Club Secretary. Ticket Man- agerforBasketbalI Games. FBLA. SHIRLEY HARLENE REAM Birthday- -October 16, 1936 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -To write a hook, "How To Make Money In Ten Easy Lessons" Song- -"Sincerely" Activities- -Nat. Honor Society Secretary, FBLA, "North Hi News" Editor, Year- book Editor, Bus Patrol. GLENNA BUROW Birthday- -July 24-, 1937 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -Typist Song- -"l Need You Now" Activities- -FBLA. MARGARET BROADWATER Birthday- -April 21. 1938 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -Become private sec- retary to the President of the U. S. Song- -"Ifl Give My Heart To You" Activities- -FBLA. KAY YVONNE HARIC Birthday- -September 20, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Teacher Song- -"Make Yoursell'Comf"- table" Activities- -Nat. Honor Society, Sr. Chorus. PATRICIA ANN MILLER Birthday- -September 22, 1937 Curriculum- -Vocational Home Economics Ambition- -Become a Beauti- cian or a Waitress Song- -"This Old House" Activities- -Nat. Honor Society, Choral Club. F.H.A. Sec- retary. 'N , ... -Q- .,, .. . 'aw , :F-gk, . Y, ia I-LNB" Q 5 Q0 ik-5 my 'F' Y f if I Q if ll ll i , WY th 1 'I lzial if Il g n ,IQ .G- Wi' f Ms. YN-.t.,, 'v 1 1. M ii .,- EEQ: . '-:1- A Hs - - is-ufk 14 45' 1 vs H' 1 it .IOANNE YOUNKIN Birthday- -December 26, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Go to College Song- -"Little Things Mean A Lot" Activities- -President of F. H. A., Health Club. JUPY IRENE UMBEL Birthday- -September 13. 1937 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -To be a Secretary or Housewife Song- -"Loose Talk" Activities- -Sr. Chori Health Club, FBLA. NANCY MUMMERT Birthday- -November 5. 1937 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -To be a Nurse and to go to California in Au- gust. Song- -"IfI Give My Heart To You" Activities- -Sr. Chorus, Health Club, Pep Club. RITA RUTH BUCKEL Birthday- -May 13, 1938 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -Be a Nurse Song- -"Count Your Blessings" Activities- -Library Assistant, Yearbook Staff, Newspa- per Staff. Nat. Honor So- ciety, School Photog- rapher. KENNETH A. FRAZEE Birthday- -September 1, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -To be a Machine Operator Song- -"l Need You Nowi' Activities--Yearbook Stain Newspaper Stattq. EMIL BRUNER Birthday- -February 16, 1937 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -To Wear Wings Song- -"Ol-3 Man River" Activities- -Photography Club, Nat. Honor Society, Sr. Chorus, Yearbook Staff Newspaper Stalf, Projec- tionist. DEANE SAVAGE Birthday- -August 3, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -To become head Coach at N.H.S. Song- -"Almost', Activities- -Soccer Ball. Year- book Statf. Newspaper Staff, Photography Club, Bus Patrol. ROBERT BAKER Birthday- -February 9. 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Carpenter Song- -"Teach Me Tonight" Activities- -Basketball, Base- ball, Cafeteria Worker. ,gd-f-S 51 Q z ii't Xp, ' A Sgr., I fwwi 7 1 ,- rf vf' A . gg, Wi? 9 , - Q ir-4-was-H " i W: Mi if 'rn 2 t ,- 15 A.. 'Gu ' c - if ,-gurtaw-wiki' 3, , CECIL EUGENE FRIEND Birthday- -March 17, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -To be a Factory Worker Song- -"Teach Me Tonight" Activities--Yearbook Staff Newspaper Statf, Library Assistant. CLYDE FIKE Birthday- -April 15, 1937 Curriculum- -Vocational Agri- culture Ambition- -Work in the Forest Service Song- -"Count Your Blessings" Activities- -I".F.A. DONALD WAGNER Birthday- -December 10, 1936 Curriculum- -Vocational Agri- culture Ambition- -Live a happy mar- ried life . Song- -"I'll Be There" Activities- -F.F.A., Soccer Ball. CECIL WAYNE EDGAR Birthday- -October 26, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Air Force Cadet Song- -"Shake, Rattle, and Roll" Activities- -Library Assistant, Soccer Ball. ROBl'1R'l'Mi-KENZIE Birthday- -April 13. 1934 -1 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -limli-vided Song- -"ln The Mood" Activities- -Band, Sr. Chorus JUN EDWARD ROSENBER- GER Birthday- -March 12, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -'Io fly a kite, Song- -"Hey, Good Looking" CLAIR EUGENE FOLK Birthday- -March 4, 1936 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Work in a garage Song- -"Hold My Hand" BARBARA ELLEN RUSH Birthday- -November 21, 1936 Curriculum- -General Business Ambition- -Telephone Operator Song- -"Let Me Go, Lover" Activities- -FBLA W-if gl r ivi K! P? -.1-. V ig , s 'W- y L L G G f -v'-' I A .1 -iir 4 .g -'ga , , 'fii gl '---- - ' r f f f ---- A -Q. '- v , h BN 3 L N R v, , fl ' It K ri' A -I ' 3 ' 'F ,:.,t ea 16 CHARLES SPEICHER Birthday- -August 17. 1936 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Sleep Song- -"In The Mood" Activities- -Basketball. Sr Chorus. GEORGE SAVAGE Birthday- -June 15, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Be a Major in the Marines. Song- -"Papa Loves Mambo" JOSEPH BUCKEL Birthday- -December 12, 1937 Curriculum- -Vocational Agri- culture Ambition- -Undecided Song- -"Chapel In The Moon light" Activities- -F.F.A. JAMES WILLIAM 'FIKE Birthday- -February 3, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Be a Carpenter Song- -"Courtin' In The Rain" Activities- -Yearbook Staff MARY ANN KNOX Birthday- -June 21.1937 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -To be a secretary and someday make a cer- tain someone a good wife. Song- -"III Give My Heart To Youll Activities- -Student Council representative. FBLA President. SHIRLEY ANN MICKEY Birthday- -December 25. 1936 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -To get married Song- -"Mr. Sandman" Activities- -Cheerleader. Senior Chorus. Library Worker. Camera Club President, Health Club, RUTH ANN WAHL Birthday- -August 17. 1937 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -To be a nurse and to take a trip to California Song- -"Cinnamon Sinner" Activities--Sr. Chorus, Pep Club, F.I'I.A., Health Club. ELEANOR ETHEL PRESTON Birthday- -May 28,1937 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -To marry Joey Song - -"I Need You Now" Activities--Library Worker. Cafeteria Worker, Sr. Chorus. 7? its , i7 1, .,,,... f ' Q 4 if at 'var' in six I . 17 DORIS ELLEN OHLER Birthday- -August 30. 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Elementary School Teacher Song- -"Cara Miamineu Activities--Choral Club, F.II.A VIDA JEAN YOMMER Birthday- -August 23, 1937 Curriculum- -Vocational Ambition- -Musician Song- -"Let The Rest ot' the World Co By" Activities- -F.H.A., Sr. Chorus, Band. AQUILLA MAE RICHTER Birthday- -March 3. 1937 Curriculum- -Stenographic Ambition- -Secretary for a good looking boss. Song- -"Little Things Mean A Lot" Activities--Health Club, FBLA SHIRLEY CECILIA CLARK Birthday- -September 2. 1936 Curriculum- -Academic Ambition- -To marry an Italian Song- -"Let Me Go. Lover" Activities--Library Worker, Cafeteria Worker, Sr. Chorus. EARL FRIEND Milft'Il 5, 1936 Curriculum Vocational Agriculture Ambition -Railroad Engineer SongA"I Like Thr-m All" Activitie'sfF.F.A. MARVIN THOMAS April 27, 1937 Curriculum--C4-ncral Ambition -Factory Worker Song- "'I':-avh Me Tonight" Activities f- Ye-arbook and newspaper stall ROBERT VERNON SMITH October 2, 1937 Curriculum- Ge-neral Song-"This Old House" WILLIAM JACKSON FRANTZ October 17, 1936 Curriculum'--Ge-m-ral Ambition' Army officer Song'-f"Shakc, Rattle-, and Roll" Activities 7-fllast-ball t A 'avi 513 "m,,,,c W' iz . L65 35? .. Y 1.,' f. ,K ,,, ""...,."'4+ ,N .. ef 4, ,XC 14, , tt-. I N I I - ' Ml, Ap X 1 'ffl is sir 12 i M I fad? -wi? I wwf L A 18 EUGENE SAVAGE May 2. 1936 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-Get Ahead Song-"Mr. Sandman" Activities-Basketball, soccer, F.F.A., yearbook and newspaper staff, projec- tionest WADE HUMBERSON March 4, 1937 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-Engineer Song-"Looking Back to See" Activities-F.F.A., yearbook and newspaper staff ROBERT LOWDERMILK March 15, 1937 CurriculumfVocational Agriculture Ambition-Farmer Song-"This Old House" Activities-F.F.A. KENNETH WAYNE METHENY August 15, 1937 Curricu1umYGenera1 Ambition-Army Officer SongA"Rose Marie" Activities-Baseball RONALD GEORG February 21, 1937 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-Stay single Song-"You Better Not Do That" Activities-F.F.A., Baseball JOHN SISLER December 16, 1936 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-Public Enemy Song-"Papa Loves Mambo" Activities-F.F.A. HARRY MILLER May 1, 1937 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-Officer of the Law Song-"I Love You Best of All" Activities-Soccer ball, F.F.A. RANDALL FIKE August 27. 1933 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture AmbitionAFarmer Song-"Hold My Hand" DONALD EARL CODDINGTON April 28, 1937 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-General Nuisance Song-"This Old House" Activities-F.F.A. GEORGE JEFFERSON DEAL December 8, 1937 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-Farmer Song-"Courtin' in the Rain" Activities-Soccer ball, F.F.A. WAYNE EUGENE COLLIER September 29, 1937 Curriculum-Vocational Agriculture Ambition-To be U.S. Presi- dent in 1999 Song-"I don't Hurt Any More" DONALD ROY MICKEY March 3, 1935 Curriculum-General Song-"This Old House" MARY l"IiAlNCKS FRIICNIJ Illflllflilt- Mtn 22. 1937 1.urrn'ulurn- -N or-utionul Ambition- -Cowgirl Song--"Sparkling Brown Eyes Arlixitivn- -I",ll.A.. Sr. Chorus NANCY CARHULI, LAYMAN Ilirthtlay- -April 2. 1937 Curri4'ulum- -Avurlvrliim' Ambition- -Nursi- Song- -'uI14'ilt'Il Ml'rI1llllIgIlI.- Activities--Choral Club, l-'.H.A Club. Library Worker. Ilvziltli Club. ANNA IIINICIIAUCII Iiirthtluy- -April 22. 1937 IIlIH'I4'UIUIIl- -Ste-nogruphii' Ambition- -Se-4'r:'tz1ry Song--"Let Mc' Co Lover Activities- -IVIILA. DORIS ARLICNIC CRICICN Birtlicluy- -Sc-pti'lnIn'r 14. 1936 Cu rrivulum- -Cunt-ral Ambition- -Waitress Song- -"You're Not Mine' Ally More", Activities- -I".II.A. L,-a ww 'iQ 'V' tw mm CLUHIA JEAN IIETRICIX Birthmlay- -July 16. 1937 Currivulum- -General Ambition- -Telephom' Opera- tor Song- -'II Nw-d You Nowi' Activities--Sr. Chorus, Camera JUNE ARLIQNIC RIQSII Birthday- -June 16. 1937 Curriculum- -Araulemiv Ambition- -Nurse Song- -"Take live-rything But You" Activities- -Camera Club. Sr. Chorus. Library Worker. Health Club. PATRICIA GAIL SAVAGE Birthday- -November 8, 1937 Currivulum- -General Ambition- -To marry lid Song- -"I Need You Now" Activities- -Band. F.H.A.. Sr. Chorus. Cafeteria Worker. Library Worker. PEARL EDITH WILT Birthday- -April 19. 1936 Curriculum- -Vocational Ambition- -Housewife Song- -"Let Me Be The One" DOROTHY DETRICK Birthday- -july 19. 1937 Curriculum- -Stcnographic Ambition- -Secretary Song- -"Little Things Mean a Lot" Activitics--Student Council Representatixe. FBLA Secretary. BETTY WATTS Birthday- -May 11.1937 Curriculum- -Vocational Ambition- -Author and Illus- trator Song- -"just Call On Me" Activities- -Sr. Chorus AUDREY LUCILLE AULT Birthday- -June 14. 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Nurse Song- -"Its You" Activities- -Sr. Chorus. Health Club, F.H.A.. Yearbook Staff. Newspaper Stalin. JANET BEACHY Birthday- -September 27,1937 Curriculum- -General Business Ambition- -Undecided Song--"Count Your Blessings" Activities- -Health Club, Li- brary Worker, FBLA. fin -, fix BARBARA WATTS Birthday- -May 11. 1937 Curriculum- -Vocational Ambition- -Hill Billy Singer Song- -"Let Me Go Lover" Activities- -Sr. Chorus. SONYA PATTON Birthday- -January 2-1-. 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Nurse Song- -"III Give My Heart To YUU.. Activities--F.H.A.. Choral Club. DOROTHY FRIEND Birthday- -February 5, 1937 Curriculum- -General Business Ambition- -Bookkeeper Song- -"Three Coins In A Fountain" Activities- -Sr. Chorus, FBLA. SHIRLEY YODEIR Birthday- -.Iune 5, 1937 Curriculum- -General Ambition- -Make Money Song- -"You. You. You" Activities- -Band, Health Club, Camera Club. Class Will As we, the class of "SS" feel that we are about to depart from NHS, we do solemnly and truly bequeath the following things to the following people whose names are present. VIDA JEAN YOMMER to Shirley Spiker, her ability to dance. GEORGE DEAL to Marlene Spiker, his ability to save the backseat of the school bus. JANET BEACHY to Ronald Miller, her ability to play "hooky" and then say she went to the dentist. GAIL SAVAGE to Thelma Savage, her ability to get diamond rings. KAY HARE to Ruth Hare, her ability of substituting for teachers. DORIS OHLER to Ruth Hockman, her ability to prompt dramatic students. RITA BUCKEL to Dorothy Glotfelty, her little blue book of telephone numbers. ELEANOR PRESTON to Juanita Meese, her ability to write love letters. JANE KINSINGER to Charles Murray, her place in the band. BILL SPEICHER to Bill Goehringer, his ability to whistle. KENNETH FRAZEE to "Freddie" Frazee, his ability to drive the old man's truck. EUGENE FRIEND to Dale Frantz, his ability to tell jokes in school. CLAIR FOLK to Donald Folk, his ability to skip school and not get caught. KENNETH METHENY to his brother, his ability to shoot pool. MARVIN THOMAS to Claude Humberson, his ability to hot rod. JOE BUCKEL to Dick Stanton, his ability to pass on "D's". WAYNE COLLIER to Reed Richter, his ability to sleep in core class. ADRIAN DEWITT to all future students of Mrs. Fleming's class, his mathematics and "manuverability". CHARLES C. SPEICHER to Joe Bender, his ability to sleep in class and get away with it. DEAN SAVAGE to Carl Mazer, his night life. BEVERLY BEACHY, her hair to someone who can handle it. DONALD WAGNER to Jack Caruthers, his height. AQUILLA RICHTER to everyone, her ability to get along with teach- ers. SHIRLEY YODER to Delores Wright, her ability to go in the washroom without getting into any fights. JOANNE YOUNKIN to anyone who needs it, her ability to enjoy school. DORIS GREEN to Helen Hetrick, her ability to cook. JUNE RESH to anyone who desires to play "hooky", her ability to write legal excuses. SHIRLEY MICKEY to Edgar Mickey, her ability to stay out of mischief at all times. SONYA PATTON to all future home economics girls, her ability to eat cake icing. GLORIA HETRICK to Shirley Resh, her ability to lose her temper. NANCY MUMMERT to Judy Kreimes, her ambition to be a nurse. NANCY LAYMAN to Joe Bender, her "good" behavior and innocent personality. AUDREY AULT to Shirley Schlossnagel, her ability to get out of class for no reason at all. RUTH ANN WAHL to Iva K. Speicher, her pierced ears. RUBY F RAZEE to anybody who needs it, her ability to be one of the best behaved girls in school. SHIRLEY CLARK, to Pat Minnick, her love for guys nam- ed Jim. JAMES FIKE to Myron Levingood, his ability to hot rod around. CLYDE F IKE to Hugh Friend, his ability to kill squirrels. DONALD CODDINGTON to Elmer Lee, his ability to get along with preacher's daughters. JACK F RANTZ to Jack Caruthers, his ability to look alive. EILEEN CAMP to Jack Caruthers, her short fat feet. BARBARA RUSH to Thelma Hanlin, her mirror in the washroom. MARY ANN KNOX to everyone, her ability to enjoy life. JUDY IRENE UMBEL to Luanna Mae Fike, her ability to remember all the good times the night of March 27, 1953. HARRY MILLER to "Windy" Miller, his temper. EMIL BRUNER to Ward Umbel, a road map so that he will be able to always find his way back from Grantsville. FRANCES FRIEND to Martha Friend, her ability to skip class without getting caught. ROBERT BAKER to Mr. Brown, his glasses so he can see to referee a ballgame. ANNA HINEBAUGH to Ruth Hinebaugh, her ability to go with boys in. West Virginia. PEAL WILT to Elmeda Wilt, her ability to finish school. BARBARA WATTS to Hazel Knox, her red hair. DOROTHY DE- TRICK to Jean Fike, her ability to go through school without getting interested in boys. DOROTHY FRIEND to "Patty" Friend, her ability to get acquainted with nice young men in Johnstown, Pa. DOROTHY GLOTFELTY to Vida Schroyer, her ability to make "D's" in math class. GLORIA YOMMER io Shirley Friend her ability to meet her boyfriend between classes. JON ROSENBERGER to Jim Short, his ability to smoke cigars and not get sick. 22' ROBERT LOWDERMILK to a certain girl in the sophomore class, his beautiful blonde hair. JOHN SISLER to Mr. Callis, his hot rod driving. RONALD GEORG to Forrest Jacobs, his love to tease girls, EUGENE SAV AGE to Dale Frantz, his wavy hair. WADE HUMBERSON to Dale Frantz, his math ability. GLENNA BURROW to everyone who needs it, her curly hair. MARGARET BROADWATER to Gail Kesner,, her ability to sit beside her boyfriend in core class. BETTY WATTS to Patty Lou McKenzie, her freckles. PATRICIA MILLER to Joanne Wagner, her height and long nails. ROBERT MCKENZIE to Edwin Dean, his shirts. SHIRLEY DURST to Nellie Hetz, her position as hostess at Rustic Inn. EDGAR HARMAN to "Windy" Miller, his ability to tangle with skunks and not get sprayed. JUNE GREEN to Louise Green, her position on Student Council. ALLEN YOUNKIN to Richard Durst, his shop ability. GEORGE SAVAGE to Alex Close, his two front teeth. RANDALL F IKE to Murrell Savage, his 3,200 ounces. WAYNE EDGAR to Sammy Bowman, his art ability, ROBERT SMITH to Gloria McCullough, his red hair. SHELBY JEAN SAVAGE to Mr. Davis, her equanimity and ability for his future journalism classes. SHIRLEY REAM to Mr. Johnson, 500 hours of her life ftwo hours a dayj in hopes it will compensate for the core classes from which he excused her. EARL FRIEND to Dale Frantz, his ability to get black eyes. To the administration and faculty we will a summer of rest before next year's seniors again break the serene atmosphere at Northern High School. To Miss Speicher and Mr. Johnson we will the honor of claiming us as past students when they read our successes in nation-wide headlines. To Miss Dauphin, we leave our "pep', pills so she will never run out of pep. To the cafeteria, we will a truck load of bread to make up for the extra slices the boys smuggled out during lunch hour. To the Janitors, we leave the memories of the black scuff marks we put on their newly waxed halls. To the Juniors, we will our test papers, so they can graduate too. To the Sophomores, we leave our ability to get along with teachers. To the Freshmen, we will our speed in getting to the cafeteria first. To the Eighth grade, we leave our eminent ability in classes. To the Seventh grade we leave the North side of the building in hopes they will work themselves up to be a senior someday. Class Motto The Higher you climb, the better the View , 1955 Class Song WRITTEN TO THE TUNE OF: "For Ever and Ever" For ever and ever, our hearts will be true, to Northern High School, as we leave you. Our school days are ended, and life beckons on, we'll never forget you our classmates so dear. Chorus Let memories still linger of Northerng Sealed by our friendships tie. And now we extend to you our parting good byes, and bid thee adieu Northern High. Class Flower Class Colors Red Rose Blue and White 23 Class History The class of "55" entered Northern High for the first time as Sophornores on Sep- tember 4, 1952. I Class ofiicers were elected during the month of September. They were President, Ed- gar Harman, Vice-President, Vida Jean Yommerg Secretary. June Green, Treasurer, Kenneth Frazee. Beverly Beachy and Sarah Jones participated as attendants from the Sophomore class at the crowning of the F.F.A. Sweetheart on January 21, 1953. Much excitement was aroused over the class dance of the year, "Spring Time Jubilee," which was held April 21, 1953. The May Queen and King were crowned at an outdoor assembly on May 21, 1953. Shirley Mickey and Deane Savage served as attendants. September 9, 1953 marked the beginning of our Junior year at Northern High School. We were measured for our school rings on September 24, 1953. Student Council officers were elected on October 20, 1953. The Junior member to hold office was June Green, who served as secretary. In November, the school elected its cheerleaders. Two of them came from the Junior class. Ruby Frazee became a new member of the squad, Shirley Mickey remained on the squad, having been elected during her Sophomore year. Junior class ofiicers were elected on November 19, 1953. They were President, Adrian DeWitt, Vice-President. Shirley Mickeyg Secretary, Ruby Frazeeg Assistant Secretary, Kay Hareg Treasurer, Jane Kinsinger, Historian, Beverly Beachy. Our class sponsored the Junior dance on February 19, 1954. It was called "Cupid's Caper." The National Honor Society Induction was held on February 25, 1954. New members from the Junior class were Allen Younkin, Shirley Ream, Beverly Beachy, Jane Kinsinger, and Rita Buckel. Beverly Beachy was crowned F.F.A. Sweetheart at the Sweetheart Dance on March 12, 1954. The annual May Day program was held on May 12, 1954. Ruby Frazee and Deane Savage were the attendants for the Queen. On May 21, 1954. our class sponsored the Junior-Senior Prom. On June 2, 1954, we elected Senior class officers. They were President, Adrian De- Wittg Vice-President, Ruby Frazee, Secretary, William Speicher, Treasurer, Edgar Harman. Student Council officers were elected for the school year 54-55 on June 4, 1954. Of- ficers from our class were President, Gloria Yommerg Vice-President, Beverly Beachyg and Secretary, June Green. We entered Northern High School for our last,year of high school, September 8, 1954. Our sponsors were Miss Kathryn Speicher, Mr. Philip Johnson. and Mr. Ralph Beachley. Seven new members were inducted into the National Honor Society from the Senior class, October 28, 1954. The new members were Patricia Miller, William Speicher, Ruby Frazee, Kay Hare, Emil Bruner, Edgar Harman, and Shirley Durst. Name cards were ordered on December 17, 1954. Senior pictures were received on December 21, 1954. Measurements were taken for caps and gowns on February 14. 1955. The Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 20, 1955. June 5, 1955. was Sermon night and on June 6, we received our diplomas. ,24 JUNIGRS ww? 1 E hi, Hg! M V M , 1 in Q52 X Allen Bowser Cary Fratz Eleanora Younkin X ' President Secretary-Treasurer . ji' Dorothy Frazee Janet Coddington I A fill Vice President Historian ' Juanita Meese Gail Kesner Forrest Jacobs 1 S . lil' find ' iw "W if Q E LL - " Ward Frazee Dennis Edgar fl N f l J une Lee Corle Lola Devine f ' ml: 3 viii p Rose Lee Chaney Shirley Friend in WFP in '. ..fQQ Joe Bender Dick Glover Flin f 7221 Rodney McKenzie Paul Baier Hazel Knox CU01 Fike lll' E E f 1,3 Kk.. ld! AI., k' 'Na-Q Eloise DeWitt Evelyn Brown MH . gm.: If J gm! Aqv, X Blaine Green Bernard McKenzie G, ,- Z QI, !-Y'A 26 iwfi ii' . . - 'st l. , ,. , . 23. nv' 'U 5' 1', ' , , , ..,,. , .. Q... ,,. , X f ' :K ..f'-wil? K gli! is ,MMA ' Y is w 1 - t -, g-. . X Q, ,. va 3.1 , 15" A ' a gt S .5 iw Q Q'-1 e W ,S we 1' 4 'mlm .aff 3 . .s M ,..-M ,xi A ,A X W of W S I . A fx Y Q' 4' E 1 Q e ii' 3' 4 Q? 3' on XM .R , ,W ,S B i. e l B B 'TQ i mmi. Delores Frazee Hligh Friend Myron Livengood Dorothy Durst Shirley Hauser Carl Mazer Bill Brant Audrey Schaefer Vida Schroyer Paul Miller Ronald Fike Ruth Fike Eleanor George Richard Lohr Ross Selby Delores Wright Betty Friend Bob Shives John McKenzie Karolyn Rush Dorothy Glotfelty Andrew DeWitt John Halsey Shelby Sisler Carleen Rush Herbert McKrobie Kenny Clotfelty Donna DeWitt Janet Uphold Jim Wilburn Leon Rush Norma Thomas AY' i 'W if 4 K 'Syl K tx W m Nm , ., , lu Jfh . 1 K A-E elllsg Q .L ff , it-, OPP. 'Eff 'ff ,- P 'le A ' 'S ' ' I 5 1 r gr f air' - -- - g g-M? A .V V I' X . :V V' 7...,.w"x " iz '-I ,-N so J 7 D 5 '75"iff " K -Ai ww , , Q., '3 "' .. 4. 5 Th 3 4 t mv 1 31 '35 . S. '. ,',, neg mg. . 5 A fin: si' I Q BL ,M .it ..5: Th. 2 . W 5 in 4, ,NN Kg -I , I, ' tv iv 4 rf 4 , .1 ,r sf V in f " iw "' Q 1'5" L , IV V Qi .,. ty, ,y M g I7 r ' 1 5 ' l L Q .LJ 53' 4. f, isa flllllfa .7 .frfflm JG- i in in 3 ,..i A f Af" ' . ,1 .4 'U 12' , cali 'Qz5? y ,,., 'R ,iff L "N, A CQ' J fe ve- , ,, f L Shelhy Beal Reed Richter Edwin Dean Marlene Folk Martha Friend Robert Livengood Ronald Miller Tressia Wilburn Shirley Resh Billy Shoemaker Gerald Friend Genevieve Lowery Joyce McKenzie Ward Umbel Robert Meyers Patricia Minnick Marie Platter Cecil Bowser John Hamilton Marie Bowman Marlene Patton Jim Bowman Charles Sehroyer Leone Lytle Don Glover Randall Glass Vernon Georg Hazel Mosser Glenda Love Alva Rexrode ,M- it 56? ,i 'K Fa' -'va Mx, R, Q ,- , 4 . UA., a. F5 0- , 'Q Q , 'H H re ieih' QQ, .A X - W , rw? ,... if fff - , are f :'f we Q. 4-S. ws fa f 'eieeei , a .. .. -'ii Q KJ? r- 7 SOPHQMORES I Fl' H ,. 'Y -, 'F' Visa Unhold 0 el, 1 J? -H, Thelma Savage J Maxine McKenzie it 9 4'-.rx Nancy Franke 7 1- C - ' ,V J lln , IJAX June Leydig f n A K 4-Aa , fn-P l Max Bowser 4,11 tl eli f. James Short .1 ff' x 1-L, - 3 refs John Kolb William Spear 4 3 F, .ii Murrel Savage as sql Tef- Joseph Minnick Z - sf- . We ,. 5 x-. la , 1 Charlie Murray 'N fi m'xf i ' Janice Schroyer X 9 ar 'W' 5 JR Ruth Savage 'V if x n-f. sb, Shirley Rodeheaver r L, ilu 5 ,Q VT? Carolyn Savage Joanne Wagner KN , fa M , 1 M My 1- ,ri Doris Hummel Y .N 4 'G+' . Junior Kahl K. I af! Freddie Frazee was cf W, Warren Miller U he if J r Jnase 3, 4 Jesse Eash . 1 Jyr ,am P i as -- FNFY7 v. 4, 5 ik- ,1 I 'wks 5 William Goehringer A AQJFH K 351' Y 9' 3 J!! Dorothy Edgar . 4-fm iii Us far, Merle Garlitz me ww, lx Carolyn Baker Patricia McKenzie il ' f ff. , wi! .M IK, . Edward Rush Yvonne Richter J c we af-ag? H FP ' 33: e .655 Eugene Brenneman ii M' af Paul Reitzel Kenneth Grove a ,-' .if .f N' 1 f' 1 Harold Friend vi, Lj i' - if i ig, ,115 , Byron Fike f. ,SE M N. , . W 5- 1. H., if Cloria McCullough vt .M A v ore. :- I f aaa? Beverly Speicher ,- Q... K .. b X. 'Si 4 ff L 1: if: X. I . Sylvia Halsey .- 4 -v 5 XP' Q' 1 'K Pearl Paul 1 'Z' Le A .Q I Juanita McKenzie " m 1 y ' Leona Frazee V it f. t i,W..e gf Kenny Snelson 23" -. 3 x Z, Claude. Humberson 'W fi' haf! Ronald Rodeheaver WY my .M 25 fha Y Samuel Hare y ,K 51, 5. A . . , IL 'K . ' Wesly Klotz E if 1 -. A f 3? i Ronald blass . e . I gr i if A 2 Rosa Lee Sisler . ' W 'V' 34, L' Louise Coddington at ima' WL. - we E r Q Marlene Spiker wr v. .. A an-mf J anet 1' riend Q. 'K 31 Q 1 ' - Y Marie Friend W. , Janet Sisler 31 L Larry McCurdy 'Q' A Wayne Wilburn Lx ,,lea L f Glenn Bowser :QI15 S Ronald Beachy l ni J Ward Humherson sf , " 'U Q Fw mi 2 Herbert Butler Q, ' ,.,i Marjorie Friend L. wa, . 'QP-1' 141 Lorna Ault 'Avi I .lanice Sisler 4. -' 'oo 'W M wg 1 3, Juanita Bleichner , l,,y 3 Martha Bieler e. me L av, QW- H1 Delores Thomas A 'll new -L . A52 5- , yr, ,, L 3 ,ei George Bishoff alms 1 P O, Jack. Caruthers l be if K , Donald Hodeheaver U , rg - fi eff-g.. 4 J i Roy Stanton G3 A, j f l s'ug',? 'Q 2 Kenny Sayage x 1, I, '12 u 5 4: "ffv'Ff D A Y Donald O'Brien CD F Kathryn Detrick wa. im ri' i Helen Haenftling ., Q' ea.. F' llelen Brenneman 4 ,f A .. , Elaine Nicklow '41 .ire f '1 Zane Beachy 'i v' ,Qt tl s is Hazel Fazenbaker is ,L 5 Blaine Resh hw, :I 'EQ' fi 1 2 Donald Folk .M :Qg Delbert Gutherie Q F .,1 3' Q' ' 4 ix, Richard Stanton Deane Durst NWFP l aw, , I , P " 'fa I R Thelma Hanlin Jean Zimmerman Carole Durst 5:5 :.t Q 'y .5396 Kathleen Emory y ,,.,,ct . 6' 1 E. , t ff' 4 I t Angela Layman ,,,, .,V. f i i y A 515 Robert Barthlomew Donna Folk ... ,A , it ii iii 0 Allan Edgar .ni WX 6 - Z .x x 'N'ei1,!fgiX.t 'gy 1 .. '- : il Keith Jacobs iv S 'JG an Francis Merbaugh y Roger Resh lx rl , : fi' i William Haines , 3 - A .eff . J e t,,, ,af M Eugene Lowdermilk Patty Kelly N li fffj t at gp. Donna Watts Esther Friend ,T ,, VX .W - K rw, V is . .. I ,t l TQ .' - N ' tx' 'Q , , , Eva Schroyer I 1 ,I NO- 1' 'lf 'I ., ge, ezlgffzlln Shirley Spiker Nt JYF' I 1 3 44135 , 3 W 5 ' g i., fy if t 42 2 my t ,555 , Viola Opel s w , 74.-1 1 i' 1 if V X E f ,ig X :il 5 l ia is r Robert Wiemer i 5 if , A t f Robert Hetrick it 'lib Marvin Beachy Q Q I, Q ,E 4 ' Q t ' aff - 1 i T-. S5 h Melvin Beachy Robert Thomas S. ,, ss S Q X F it 5 sq Q , we '111 K 75 :5 I rggpzyi : I z 5 . , f i 3' . r' gm, Avon Yoder Atlee Snyder D ,,k, V :,, i,,. I Q M . D l 1 ziv lifixf - 1 . if Q,:-,NJ g ff , l Leona McKenzie "--' 1 12, oi' I ' --,': Q f F W '12 1, M , 2, ,. lf ,, " .MW 5 ' Melvin Fike Delbert Nugent Carl Paul Ruth Hockman Maxine Broadwater aw ww - -bf 35-11: fam G 1 fi s 1 W X an ' .J : L iff fir, , 1 er Ji' Dorothy Lee Mx., . ' ,I ra 'Y-1 'LJ rw s 3 an P ,jf 5 M i sq, ' nf Q fi lag' E W EJ ' tr, X s 4 ,S , x 1 M5 f 7' A Carl Durst Q wg, :ii F D' ,Q 'L S31 'Ia F3 . ' " Y 'SK 1. f Roy Rexrode Walter Bowser 3' ' 'I F x ,n ' A A I h ' ' X ' 1 MH X ' ' ' ' X ? , ' 1. """'i , ! ' ml 53 1 av- Q Lqsgf' , ' Y 1 gp gQ9' - f, if ,, 5?Wfr f fi M iq535 ' if rw' . " Mk 2 A ' , 1: ' vl' :j1fg1A.l1:'-, K 3:1 if Ilfb gzli " , 1 .QQ LQ , N - f. 'kit-V, wk ,T , g, 1 .J . - , K. gf 1 Q 'P LQ. 'Q A gQ5:dii,i, 4 if Aww W I L.:,Y:?AH, H p 8 5 Q -f 5,9 Y Z -1 ' , 'Q Lzzlib-. k ' ' 5-?fsf. . . ., A N - 'frymific ff!! flfff 5, sv 'Q Q 2 f ff, 0 1 is ,Qj?ywf,3wwq A fgjggxgsggwqf kt 4. 27' Kai H X .5 55 In U3, igmiZf' L' V- - 'Q Kivw4'..1fl :'wffwMSSSNf: fn, tif 1' ggi:-, ,w,,.gs5. f 1Jfw?vyw?f:e-safffe A Mywzqw, Lww:1wg9'iwu m awH"H V 7 M-,v-, ' ,.w,wmxwaw:-fL24 f.g ,M ,:ffw-:- 1 qs: mf- ,, f , f, fYrfQ:?'q4w ' -Lf, ' Wifi S PW ff' in S '23 . ,,L, I 5 14 1 ' I f Q A gf , wi .Wann ',.: wQ59MwHwTmnWhx FRESI-IME , Fi? gall i I pf x if 'fs 'K' , .L 'ak W x "5+., F 2? ,, Q 1? 1 ' F' . 'i 'ilfigx Jost h DeWitt Dorothy Ringer 'p V Q . if t fit' 5 Edward Metheny i jj l - .lv-:Gi Edgar Mivkey Anna Miller X 3 41 5 .Q , H X johnny Carr Hn-len Smearman Tommy Carr Shirley Thomas 1' lr 3' D D i - '::- tl I Digi h i Qi i 4. f -Q D C r fm , e . .".1 T' - '. Y ..-:urs a Es? - Ulu-y l"ri4-nd Ruth llphold Rivhard Artiee Ethel Sines 'N ' :ZX L Q 9 is ,vs 5 4 'ii liri in llc-al Alice- DvVault Karol Sines Darlene Schlossnagle ,. at - i if ,Q K- 3 M cb W, L K I 4 . y , A2 I Danny liphold Laura Zimmerman Robert Coehringer Joanne Collier - -at - my i fr. i llarland H1-urn Carrie Ash Cary Frantz Iva Kathryn Speivher 36 ,fr . ,N N, W' 'ff H " xx , 4 Wayne McKenzie swf A ' if' sgfigitf ,F Richard Sisler J W., .. uh ff David Beachy l M wi K Wayne Mosse-r ge 5 K 4:1 , ng:- E if: :: , M I' Dorothy Schroyer a- QC -1 - E Yrs' V Eileen Resh ,.., .G ,.. 'X ,NN ye ,fx Marlene Sines ' lu K, ' X ,J Gloria Miller Eva Lou Holiday ,ki I , rites Q. awk' James Smith 1 , PW. Q" U 1 , , Ns' ,, 5 - i rf 'tr ' X7 Louise Green ., K S 'v ly 1 ,, J, J Samuel Bowman AGM 5 iw' ' M Doris Biddington get ss. S wi fb' J' 3 ., . Elmer Lee , wi Patsy Bittinger ,. ' L " ' A "W" . , -fi i SX? F ,Was x L .QR -is fat ' 2 maa F 3 so-we L. X ga ne- Vit-Z 9' 1 A Ai 3' f , 5 I X . Carol Kinsinger Morris Resh Judy Buckel a M we '45 . lb B. . ' . we ?" " ' fi? t 1 ,am " X , J , h.,. ,mf 5352? r E X W Randall Harmon Helen Loechel Gary Deniker i NW 1 Z -:le ..,:, , 1 we '- 1 ,,.,,. ' ,iq V K 'ra i-iL Sv -Z? if f t L 1 ii. Mary Ellen Speicher I , if -'- Q Q QW - 5 k l iw 'S Q X 6 -we f M. x 'L R feQ"' :fz I malta " Larry Bowser i,.. iiik af W9 1 1 .fs ENV -a 'SE' Vg, if S K 5 -ily a in E Gertrude Robertson xx X Q 1 ft- -l 3 :4 wa 3 his X 4 , 25.41 tm ' ' 'zx S'6Tf if Susie Sines Fred VanSickle a ""t K , Q 1, , V fi 'ww -ls H ' "' jar ,Z J ' fi f Darwin Robeson Elsie Wright Donald Friend Barbara DeWitt 1 2 we X wi sl : ' i .- Qfllfi, WV' , 21921 f .eg Howard Brown Y Judy Kreimes nr N' 1 .ll 2 J F L Q5 Reed Layman 37 xl' nn: xii-ws. Wg i Kenneth Lotz we M ,M "' vi M , .4 Frances Lowery Ronald Smith 'B isa . V ,Wg - Monte Horchler li ' 5, J '!"'1.e M95 i f y, ' lla J f tssaa John Hummel if Q, 9 we KN s Q, H rms S 5 Sandra Savage w ,Ve I fight E, Clara Jane Callis Q Kane Balcom "Ms .M sb Q- F Ms , ri avg-3, mx 5 an 1 Iva Jean Camp R U ww X Harold Knox ,. .4 9"-123s gf"'0'f, ,VL xg Carl Doerr .F si I 'sl' Xfire Kathryn Broadwater 5 gs., f V351 V: , Troy Wilburn i ,I 4 . 'EL' gh. 5 .v Judy Hone fr .. -if 'Q' 'W I: f 'K' l ":' A A , , J if it :K 1, ,.i. . J -r I : Eff LTI? I ,, V I 1 Judy Friend Lawrence McKenzie ,QYCM Q or '74 i f 5 ,NW . Charles Nedrow Carol Lowary ogy, X x ff Q , f -Q o , 3- 'X as ,4 a Q . . - X- ' V 'H 'IF V 'lly L fi ' JA'-' ':'J.':f."?Q 1.-la' -. ' Arnold Miller Norma Bowser Rivhard Durst Shirley llulzel Billy Miller Shirley Fuzz-nhaker Fralleis RQ-sh W' ,,,L, V, it if E YI ,, Q . 5 r 4 , N K ll , 'Q K , .H . t A , 5 i A i v. K ,ff Q f ' ue, - l A of or-W , V ll f l Sxg N, X ,f , , A . , I , X A V A X Q ., ,,. f s avr , R Ex . J llonnu lie-avlxy Dennis Margroll' Arlene Bitlinger Roger Lohr Ellen DQ-Win Stewart Broadwater Tllt'lIIlll Frazee ' " J 3' I ,ix . i ks I, Wi, K 4' V rf' V'l' 4 .49 r 1" .f of I- nn ' ff llolnarl Sislvr Nam-y Rush kenneth Durst Martha lloekman Thomas Sehroyer Rosalie Miller Ward llumberson 4 , .Na I , 6, ,E W m i i .,, Q, . Edgy. K la! - Q, , ' J ' Q lx V W Q -X Judy llpllold Marlin lfrieml. Darlene llure Ray Beitzel Eileen Kelso Glenn Billinger Palsy Buclu-l V 1 5 ' 1 ,gg 5, - .Q NJ .3 1 K ' f NJ A .5 ' I 1 ' MQ , "" " ,,, ' TTI' ?'::- ,jxx Wilmer Hounds l'lleam'rr lm- Gary Lawson llelen Selby Yvonne Schroyer Floyd Georg Elsie Speivher . , l- 133 P X f I A l , X. vv Uv 4, - 'i r Y ,ff 'sf X Q' Q Q it ,', t hx r, V: , v- - , 2 s A ' I 'f ... vb " wl d' lv' n 1 AW Y L l ag v NF ,V lqgzaffki ,Q V KAV. l ,L l . - lf A ,: ' 57 rg K . fbo X, Ing A a - K 4: ' ' I llarry llandwork Ronald Helz Marlin llphold Bernard Dickson Frank Klotz Robert Uetriek Ronald Warne 38 JUNIOR HIGH I 8-1 Fran! lx'nw lmfl In Right Nolwrt H1-trivk. Flurviivc- I31-itzvl, Hrznilvy Ymlvr, Virginia Snyqlvr, Julius Hroaxiwalvr Mary llrivh. Urxzil Ile-Witt. ,lf-un ifikv. Nlurvin Thmnas, Marlvm' Huff. Eluinv Sillwr. S1-rurifl Rau' Lvl! tn Right - iuklfllld Hurst, l'i1i,22lT NHK4-nzin-, Nlury llc-lrivl-1, Wayne Fikv. Naomi K4llilfK'iNl'll, Howard iil'1't'll, I,orn-tlgl Eflggar. Nlm-lvin Suvugv. Iva Collie-r. Hivhzirnl iiI'4'4'll. 'IU-u1'l1I'l' Mrs. Lawton. Tllinl Rau' Left I0 Rigl1rfl'mQy Ih-Will. Rely llnlhrim' Kulh Flunlun, Knhvrl Ilvlz. 'IH-rr:-su I.L1yn1un, Sum Frivnil. Patty liitlnvr. liuln-rt Huy:-. Wilinzi llnnlin. 411-nv lla-lrivlx Nzlm-y 'l'urnvy, Cure-y lie-xh, Ilvlvn Spikwr. H-2 l"l'0lll Nun' lmfl In Riglzl Susan iiUWIllilll. Kivke-y Frimiml. Alive' I,yIln'. llunulll N14-lx. llvlly liillhwurlli. Guy Rm-hh llnrix IillVYNl'l'. .lvrry Spikvr. l"l'1iil1'4-Q Lyllv. liit'llill'4i Stanton. Zvlmiu liitlingivr, l'm'ggy I'lLiltn'r. Wilma Hutnl. Svrnrn Now lmll In Right xILll'Qllll'I'ill' llilleworlh. Curtix Hush. Juanita Brant. Hurry Wylanil, Mary Kun .XlK'Xillllii'I'. l7ur'i'1'l H4-itzvl, Patty Cuppvtl. lsraink SI:-in. :Klivv llittiiigxvr, Dlbllllili ,le-nkins. Carol Plultvr. Nlr. 'Nlye-rs. Tlzirzl Run' fwfr In High! 'l'il4'iIIlil iillilll'i1'. Kairvn Iluiwl, Nlaiyunl Hl1lle'r.liury Frivnmi. Ri4'l1m'4l Spf-air. IIVIPII Wzirnirk. Rolwrl Knox N.-lliv Hillingn-r. I'1'l!y Sisla-r,ARmIm'y H1-ye-rs. mn 40 8-3 Frou! Row 7 Left to Right-john Mt'Kenzie-, Nanry Durst, Dale Garlitz, Elaine Thomas, Adrian Spikvr, Lydia Bowman. liolwrt Wagm-r, Virginia Bruner. Donald Caruth:-rs, ,Iaunita Kahl, Donald liatholomtrw, .lavk Savage-. 'I'vavlwr: Miss Tobin. SKTOIIKI Row---Paul Savage, Phyllis Coddington, Eugvnv Horvhler, Bonnie Spikn-r, Rivhard Millvr, Dorothy Savage: Grady Gilpin. John gavage, Roy Schlossnagle. Carolyn Clos:-, Thomas Kirhy. lfrziiivvs l'lumhz-rson. llarold St'l1midt,Shirle'y Lowde-rmilk. ThirdRow-DalvHvtrick,Nanc'y Friend. Gordon Carlitz, Mary Aliw Durst, Marvin Sisler. Shirlvy Svhlossnagle, Charles Strauss Jr.. Joyce Clotff-lty, Dvlmos Wright, Patty Fri:-nd. F1-nton Lowa-ry. 8-4 FfUl1fIfUll77LPfI I0 Right--Shirlvy MQ-yi-rs. Clifford St'l1royvr, Judy Edwards, Dale' Schroyvr. lilthe-l Si-ilwrt. liill jonvs. Cay llmlwl, Patty Hinehaugh, Teaclivr: Nlr. Gillis. Serond Row-Cary Hr-trirk. KHllllt'Q'Il St-hold. llolilmy liittingu-r. Sara Layman. Gilhcrt Savage. Beverly llucke-l. Eugr-no Georg, Nancy Doe-rr, Billy Ne-drow. Patty 'Nlm-K1-nziz-. Thirtl Roma' ,l21t'l1llllllt' 'llllI'21Slll'I', Ronald Umlwl. Nlargarvt Hvtz. Donald lfriclnd. Shirley Fiko. Divk Millvr. Janvt Van Sit-kli-. tlvorffv Thomas, Karon Kinsingvr, Marvin Hx-avliy. Patty Frazer: v 41 8.17 A - 8-5 l'runt Huw Imfl to Righ! 'llurgurm-t Nlillvr. Karol liilvy, ,lanivv He-sh. Gm-nn Royve- llursl. lie-tax llllSll. llunulml llittingvr. Nunvy Swangr-r, Max llowse-r, Rf-ilu Rush. l.ynn Mitclla-ll llursl. Fllvila Warnivli. ill1'Hl'll1'I' Nlr. 'llcllx-ucl1ie'. Svrond rw Left In Right - llaviwl lfuiillvy, 'llargzarvl Eflgar. Franvis Nlvlirolmiv. llalrivia lxll'Kl'llZll'. Ri:-liurml King. Sandra Nur- lll'l'Slllll'I'14'f. llluinc- 'llc-yvr-. liivllurml lfrivnil. Ruin-rl l.y'1ln'. file-nna l"i'azm'e'. llf-le-n Warnivls. Third Run' Lf'-H to Right lflinu lfmlrlinglon. ll:-rr l'inus. lflilaln-Ili Svlilossnagll-. Ruin-rt lmwiw. .lose-pil liorlm-1 Will-y. Curl Sf-ur. Wilimu I rv-1-n, .li-rry Uurlitz, William Kisne-r, Ilulf- Fran-4-, Robert lfraxm-. 7-1 iron! Raw lmft to lfiglil V1-rilu llrmulwalu-r. Larry Stark. Sanilra llittinge-r. ,lllllll lloslille-r. l,in1la Stanton. Usvar Nl4't'FlHll'll, lime' llollisluy. l'unl flllllll'll'. Nlarlr-nv llvzll. llonalll Opal. Nluxinn- llursl, 'l'vas'l1vr Nlrx. Rowan. Sefrorid Row lm-fl In Riglzl IM-wiv llillingm-r. llulpll lluvkvl. Nlararet l.z1y1nun. Ernvst ll1'1-i1ne'l11an. lfilm-:wir IM-al. Willrur llowsz-r. Man' llrwlunun. ,lllIIl1'i Sivvx. llzitly ll:-v. llali- Sislvr. Thirzl Rnww lie!! to Right Ruth Kisnvr, Nlarvin Will-y. l'ilinn'cla Wilt, Ellis lllullr-r, Anne' l"riv-n1l..l0l1n5ux'age',llorotl1y Frazvv, Home-r Ash, Elaine- Edgar. Rogvr l'lu!I4-r. Lasamla Sligvr. '42 .4-adv N. A 1 . , 1 7-2 Front Row-Left to Right-Richard McCullough, Phoebe Fadeley, George Broadwater, Deloris Butler. Melvin Durst. Kathryn Yaste, Leon Faidley, Janet Younkin, Nicholas Friend, Shirley Fike. Second Row- Left Io Righl-Joyce Swauger, Virgil Ravenscroft, Eleanor O'Reilly, George Hare. Marilyn Brenneman. Linda Filke. Betty Van5iekle. Carolyn Savage, Wlillard liittinger, Ronald Carr. Judy Miniek, Third Row-Left to Riglitflllaine Bowser. Kay Silber. Harold Paul, Betty Savage, Glenn Hay, Judy Resh, Jimmie Friend. Donna Urich. Dale Kelso. Mary Fazenlnaker, Melvin Fazenbaker. Roy Ravenseroft. 7-3 Front Row-Left to Right-David Truly. Carolyn Long. Raymond Garner. Lois Laneaster, Harvey Bowser. Sue Saltzer, Leroy Fazenhaker. Janice Metz, Eugene Mason, Donna Spear. YllK'iiL'llt'I""'NlTS. Robinson. Serond Row-Left lu Right!- Joseph Friend, Carole Rush. Paul Yommer. Dorothy Glover, Allan Rush, Charlotte Thomas, Earnest Fearer, Charlotte NIeCurdy, Carroll Long, Jean Short. John Capel, Janice Hileman. Third Row-,Left to Riglw- James Paul. Jean Thomas. James McKenzie, Dorothy Filce, Hugh Unibel, Dot Crove, Kenneth Thomas, Joan Thomas, Charles Edmiston, Patty Vansiekle, Eddie Wilburn, Orville Michaels. 43 li! 7-4 l"rnnI Rau' l,f'fI to Righ! ,lov llurst. William llittingtfr, Carry llroarlwalcr. l'ivvrm'Il Hare-, llarry lmwis. Ffllllli llulzcl, lluvinl lmm- Stanton, liaynioml IJ'-Xvitl. Roy llilfwurtli. Serullrl Row --Muxinv Smith. William lllotfvlly. Winifrvil lit'Hk'llY. Willard Wilt. Mary lle-lvman. Jain:-s Low:-ry. llvlm-n Arlive-, William Us-org, filary Hvxrmlv. Eva-lyn llurft, 'l'm'um'l1mir lilifs l,ips4-mulr. Third Raw I llnnalrl Failingze-r, Bcity Rale-y. Holwrl Crm-n, Shirloy llphnlll, Engl-IW Kjnqng,-r Maxvi-n Nl:-Kr-nzic-, Larry l"um-nlmakvr. Hvta Frim-nil. Evvrvtt liittingvr. Lois Gilpin. Susan filirluivla. 7-5 Frou! Row I.:-jf to Right Patsy Rile-y. Nlurglurr-I Fratz, Elsiv June'-S, ,lvssiv Sonvs, Luvillv Sinvs. Mary Thomas, Ruth llim-luiugh, livlir-4-ca Rvnwivk. llunna Klum-r. Nlary Frim-ml, Alivv Vansivklv. Serond Row--Tony Rush, Nlvlvin Svllroyvr, llvurgi- limlrlinglun, Charlvs lfram-e-, Ve-rnon Sin:-s. William Thomas, Low:-ll Hoff, Ernm-st Fuvugiv. W:-nfl:-ll llvitz:-l. Ilmmlfl llllseu-y,,l21i'li 'l'li0mas, VllQ'ZH'llt'I' - Mrs. Higgs, Tlzirrl Row-Tvrry lim-itzvl. Ronald VY:-inwr. 'l'm'rry Frazvv. linvirl Mmm. Paul Willuurn, Raymond Yommc-r. Allvn Grove-, Harold llumln-rson, Kvunm-th Sin:-S. Ervin l,KTWlll'I'IIlllli. Cary l"ikv. Jr. ACH il 1 4 44 ORGANIZATIGNS J ational Honor Sooiot M 59.i'QgLJ'r V? Fran! Rau' 1,011 to Riglll' -S. Rrfam. Svvrvtaryg A. Younkin, Prvsiuvnt: J. Kinsingvr. Vi4'c'-l'rc-si- dvnlg ll. Spe-in-ln-r, Tre-asurm-rg H. Buckvl. Seroncl Row' V. Schroyvr. K. Hare-, H. lim-achy. E. Har- mon, E. Younkin, Mro. Firming, Sponsorg Third Row- R. Frau-f-, A. Scllaa-fc-r. ll. Wright. E. Hrnnn-r, P. Millvr, G. Kvsnvr. Student Council W mug ' kv , . .vl f V M. - K I Q- 0 ' V o U if X' api! A. Q Q V QQ gg. f i I V 'J . - A , . .. .. ' "Wx . f . V Y qw 5 I H ' ui, ' 1 J J A I V I ' J X' X - Front Row - Lvfl tn Right- H. Svlby. D. Mawr, C. Yommer. Pre-sirlvntg B. Bvachy, V. Prcsidvntg J. Crrvn. gc-crvtaryg H Moswr, Trm-asurn-rg R. Rus1l,J. flolxin, Sponsor: Sffronrl Row V-M. Knox. A. Schaefer, N. Prank:-. J. Klnsmgr-r, J lim-kv-l, C. II4-trick, E. D1-an, E. lJI't'IlIlt'lIliiIl, H. Umbel, Third Row- K. Emo y Umbm-I, S. Uphold, J. Minivk, J. Hs-ah, H. Warnick, L. Devinc. 4-6 r . J. Friend. J. Sislvr, P. Friend, G Newspaper Staff avi l Front Row-Left to Righte- C. Fikeg J. Green. Bus. Man.g A. Schaefer, Chaney. S. Savage, J. Bleichner. Seronrl Row-E. Frivndg L. Lytieg R. M1'Cull0ughg V. Uphoidg Mr. Davis. Sponsor. Third Row- A. Aultg D. 'vsvqlrm ,Nl 'txnaxt of 1' 5.4 C.. 1 Asst. Editorg S. Ream. Editor-in-Chiefg R. Fikvg K. Frazeeg D. Savage: E. Friendg C. Frazeeg Advertisingg E. Savage, J. Fikeg E. Brunnerg W. Humhersong R. Buckel, M. Thomas: Absent-Shirley Durst. Yearbook 0 Q' ' g5.l"O..g af6's'.s :.:4,g'.,0'.t el't.l'. Staff 111 Front Row-Left to Right-J. Bleichnerg S. Savageg R. Chaney, Asst. Editorg S. Ream, Editor-in-Chief: A. Schaefer: J. Greeng C. Fike. Second Row-Mr. Davis. Sponsorg V. Uphoidg G. McCulloughg E. Friend. Third Row-M. Thomas: R. Buckelg W. Humhersong E. Brunnerg J. Fikeg E. Savageg D. Frazeeg A. Aultg Absent-Shirley Durst, Advertising. 4-7 F. F. A. ,wig 52, Frnnl Raw H Left to Righl- R. Durst, ll. Frix-nd, K. Durst, C. Durr, R. Herz. L. Bowsvr, J. Humm:-I, J. Smith. ll. Rolwson, ll. Umbr-l ll. Rvuni, K. Crow, lf. Milli-r, W. llumlwrson. H. Handwvrk. SCCUIIIZ Row-C. Frantz. U. llt'2:ll'lly. R. Lowtle-rniilk. W. Klutz. W' Siu-ar, K. Javolis, ll. Rmlu-In-avi-r, W. Wilhnrn. R. Thomas. J. Short, W. Covhringvr, E. Rf-sh. M. llowsm-r. A. Close: F. Rush. ll Ilursl. R. Rvxromlv, C. llifhoff. J. Sifle-r, A. De-Witt. Third Row-R. Lowdvrmilk, ll. Frantz. R. Fikv, R. Lohr. E. Frivnrl. E. Savage A. Rvxrorlv, ll. Frutz, J. liowrnun. li. Harmon. J. liuckcl. W. Collier, R. Georg. H. Mille-r, ll. Coddington. J. Kolh. E. llr:-nnvman U. llval. l"nurfh Row--ll. llvavlly. ll. liutlvr. ll. Cuthriv. ll. Folk, F. Frazer-, R. Glass, R. Barlholoinvw. J. hlvvse. ll. Clovvr, ll Tlnunas, ll. Sislm-r, ll. llixon. M. Upholcl, F. Cm-org, T. Wilhurn, F. Vansicklv. S. Bowman, K. Balvom. R. Lohr, C. llvnikvr. Xl. Rash K. l.oll. lf. IA-f-, F. Klutz, Fifth Row -- ll. lit-im-1. D. O'Bri:fn, C. He-trivk. C. Durst. J. Kahl. W. I'lllIlllJt'I'SOIl. J. NIVKQ-riziv. F. Jacobs W. llHllH'l, W. llrunt. R. Clow-r. C. llowsvr, li. N1c'Kr-nziv. C. Fiku, H. Friend, W. Frazve, R. Stanton. R. Class, V. llvorg, H. MCROdit' J. Willmrn, I.. Ure-1-n, R. llvtrivk. ll. Margroff. Senior F. H. A. 2' Front Row--R. Harm Vim' l'rr-simlentg D. Ohler, Tre-asurvrg J. Younkin, Prvsidcnt: P. Mill:-r. Swre-tary: C. HL-trivk. Sfrunal Row li. Nivklow, l'. Kvlly, X. Rim-hte-r, V. Yomrnr-r. 5. Patton. A. Ault. ll. Crm-n. Mrs. Layton. Sponsor. Third Row-S. Warnvr, K. Emory, E. Frirnfl, D. Folk, V. Uphold, J. Blf-irhnvr, M. Spike-r. H. Hantfling. S. Rorlc- hcavcr, J. Wagnvr. 48 A Future Business Leaders Of America .g-fi' ix .1 Q ' ' ' -ut. i Front Row, Left to Right: J. Green, E. Camp, B. Resh, D. Glotfelty. Second Row: J. Umhel, M. Knox, President: C. Yommer, S. Ream, D. Dc-trick. Secretary: A. Richter, Mrs. Falkinsline, Sponsor. Third Row: B. Bc-acliy, A. Hinebaugh, J. Kinsinger, Treasurer: J. Ur-avhy, M. Broadwater, D. Friend, C. Burrow, S. Savage, Reporter. Absent: S. Durst, Vice-President. Library Workers -.g..X'.. E Front Row, Left to Right: H. Smearman, D. Mickey, E. Friend, L. McKenzie, A. Devault, E. Schroyer, P. Hine baugh. Second Row: C. Fike, G. Ke-sner, S. Mickey, J. Resh, B. Friend, J. Collier, M. Folk, K. Sebold. V. Schroyer Mr. Kcsner. Third Row: E. Savage, D. Frazee, E. Bruner, A. DeWitt, N. Layman, B. Speichcr, R. Bucks-l, W Humbcrson. 4-9 Glee Club U' v V ,V Una A 1 l'rnnl Row, Imff In Righl: M. l"rie'n1l. F. Frif-nd. ll. Vllatts, H. Mosse-r, ASQI. Lilvrarizmg ll. Spvivhe-r. Vim--l'rm-sill:-nt: A. Yuunkin, l.lllI'LlI-lillll J. llamilton. li. Svllmy, J. livndvr, E. Dean, E. lirunnc-r. U. Km-sm-r, Pianistg K. Hare. l'rvsi1le'nt: R. lllllllvy, .M-'L S1-zz Sfwuml linux 'l'. Willmurn. F. lgf'5ll. Nl. MVKQ-nzic, J. Lyclig. li. Wahl, N. lxIllIIllllQ'I'l. J. Kinsillgr-r. G. NRIVLIQLV, lf. l"ri4-ml, lf. Niw-kluw. Nlrf. Wilkirl-nn. Sponsor. Third Row: l'. Nll'KQ'IlZl4'. J. l"rim'n4l, ll. Wlatts. :L .-Kult, E. Frivnd, 11. llulu-r. 'l'. Hamlin. fl. Nll'llllllUllg1ll, S. Hulsvy, Nl. llarlitz, E. Hummvl, R. llarv, ll. Folk. ll. NlcKvnzie'. Fourlh Row: ll. Knox. lf. llvorg, ll. lflkr-, ll. Durst. C. l'lllit'. ll. l"ralve'. M. Folk. N. lle'iL, S. l.0m-4'ln'l. E. Brown. P. KL-lly. K. Emory. T iffll Row: I.. Lyllv. J". l"ri1-ml. ll. Wallf, J. florlv. S. Clark. M. llatlvr, N. TJIUIIIZIS. lf. Yourkin. 5. Hausvr. D. Fralvv, Il. Ile-Witt, IJ. Wright, lf. Svllruya-r. Sirllz Huw: ll. SIN'llZlll'I', ll. NlcKcnziv, S. lllivke-y. V. Yonnne-r. J. Hvsll, N. Layman, NI. Fpvivln-r, A. IlvWiIl, li. flI't'l'll. N. lfrarmkv, J. S1-hroyvr, B. Spikvr, J. Wagnvr. Dramatics Club Front Row: R. llockman. S. Mike-y. N. Layman, E. Frantz, J. Re-sh, J. Younkin, D. Glotfvlty. Second Row: K. Ilan-, S. llalsvy, J. Zimme-rman, L. De-vine, D. Ohler, C. Kcsner, 'l'ffaclu-r-J Miss Tobin. 50 Senior Band .X 7-L-k .. :L '-L Kneeling: G. Roberton, J. Uphold. Front Row, Left to Right: S. Sisler, D. Biddington, J. Edwards, J. Bucket Nl. E. Speicher, ll. Edwards, E. L. Holiday, l. K. Speieher. J. Kinsinger, P. Frazee, C. Murray, J. Hone. Seroml Row: J. Friend, C. Unibel, V. J. Yomnivr, S. Hersehberger. E. Dean, A. Younkin, T. Schroyer, G. Love, E. Seibert, J. Uphold, H. Selby. Third Row: M. Patton, 5. Yoder, li. Layman, ll. Fike, C. liishoff. R. Selby, G. Frantz, W. Umhle, R. Warne, J. Wilbur. E. Wright. Fourth Row: R. Savage. J. Sehroyer, C. Savage, E. DeWitt, D. McKenzie, T. Savage, C. Savage, D. Wright. Fifth Row: D. Edgar, J. Kolb. E. Br:-nm-man. L. Mm'Curdy. C. Schroyer. Sixth- Row: R. Schlossnagle, A. Edgar, J. Bender, M. Sisler. Of- fivvrs-'President-Edwin Dean, Vice President-J. Kinsinger, Secretaryf-S. Sisler, Treasurer-M. Patton, Librarians--D. Edgar, T. Savage. Junior Band wi Nl Front Row, Left to Right: D. Edwards. J. Buckel, G. Robinson, M. E. Speicher, J. Uphold, E. Seibert, P. Codding- ton. Serond How: C. Umbel. J. Edwards. E. LA. Holliday, F. Lowery, D. Hare, D. Biddington, P. Friend, S. Sehlossnagle, F. Humberson, S. Hershberger, K. Kinsinger, J. Savage, M. A. Durst. Third Row: C. Denniker, R. Miller, H. Schmidt, T. Kirby, R. Warne, P. Savage, R. Layman, E. Wright, I. K. Speicher. P. Frazee, D. Savage, N. Durst, B. Spiker, S. Lowdermilk, T. Svhroyer. Fourth Row: M. Sisler, W. Mosser. A. Spike-r, M. Stuart, J. Glolfelty, V. Bruner, D. Strauss, G. Frantz, D. Hetrick, R. Schlossnagle, R. Wagner, G. Lawson. D. Wright, W. Humberson. 51 ,, - V 1. Junior FH. MWNQW' Fran! Row, LP!! to Right: M. Him-haugxh, D. Schlnssnaglv, M. Mille-r, S. Bowman, J. Collier, P. Fri:-nfl, D. Savage, J. Savage-. Tvavlli-r Miss Lipsc-onih. Serond Row: N. Bowser, R. Mille-r. F. Thrasher, P. Hinebaugh, C. J. Callis, 5. Fazi-nhaki-r, B. Spike-r, 5. Sclilossnagllv, P. Vvilhurn. Third Row: D. Bvavhy. J. Camp, H. Di-trick, P. Bitlingrr, M. Ilovkman, il. Frazve-. Uffivvrs: Pr:-sident-J. Collier, Vice Prvsident--P. Fri:-nd, Se-c'r0!aryAS. Bowman, Trvasurvr- ll. Svhlussnaglv, Parlianwnlarian-M. Miller, Historianij. Savage, Reportf-rAD. Savage, Song Leader- Health Club .A W Ai e iw. gf fp. .. . 'Dfw' .QF Q +,Z,W V 271,16 " ff' - phi , an , jf 4. x A I 1 uri Am.. ui, v Front Row: J. Umlwl, N. Mummerl, R. Wahl, J. Younkin, A. Ault, R. Fike, D. Frazee, Teacher-Mr. Beachly. Ser.-onrl Row: V. Schroyi-r, S. Mickey, E. Ce-org, A. Schaefer, P. Minnick, S. Resh, T. Wilhurn, M. Folk, M. Friend, S. Yodvr. Third Raw: J. Bvachy, J. Rush, N. Layman, J. Mevse, C. Hetrick, J. Kinsinger, E. Preston, H. Knox. 52 B. Hanft A. Butler Cafeteria Workers bs-A A Seated: Mrs. Mcllwee, D. Edgar. Standing: M. Chaney, J. Clotfelty, G. Ringer, R. Robinson. Custodians 53 Mrs. A. Butler L. Harmon Bus Drivers -mi 0 O - .x x .r 5 Ziufiz, ii X, Q PKI F---N , C. Cochringer, B. Closv, C. McCullough. Sewmzrl Row: E. Clotfelty, E. Savage, Il. lation, E. Friend, A. Rc-ichcnbakcr, L. Savage. Third Row: C. Sislm-r, E. liiltnvr. l'. Durst, H. Savage, B. Turnvr, Bilrnvyvr. R. Bond. Front Row, Left to Right: IJ. Hr:-nnm-man I Bus Patrol :K 'X Am S -i Front Row, Left to Righl: K. Grove, S. Ream, N. Mummert, S. Rhodvheavvr, Y. Richter. M. Bowman, M. Car- litz, H. Wilanal, A. Groves. Seronrl Row: Mr. Roberson, Te- 'h ' D. S '-r' L. Rusl af 4-r, ava,n, 1, J. Frantz. H. Bak:-r. J. Min- nick, C. Carlilz, R. Schlossnaglv. Third Row: F. Frazee, B. McKe-nzie, B. Speichc-r, J. Bowman. C. Mazer, R. Lowdm-rmilk, D. Garlilz, E. Friend. 54 gr S 5 l I ..,, Mew P. T. A. Officers Front Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Jennie Miller, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Leslie Savage, Presi- dentg Mrs. June Wilt, Secretaryg Mrs. Louella Franke. Second Row: Mr. Ralph Beachley, Vice-Presidentg Mr. William Fleming, Principalg Mr. Paul Muha, Administrative Assistant. 55 I , ,A Ln iiuye- COOIK liar riivsls .J in X Nnrliif-rn High Svlmol Girl s liuilil L0t's Eat Core Class Hurvvst Fvstivul Swi, , .. 5 1 i Q ii.- ii ,mjgv Q E i 1,1 N-xr. il Cafeteria Staff . - L.. 2 ACTIVITIES .LEM il ! C'. af L, V x f--s X xii' - L. F. FA. Officers State Winners Max Bowser, on the left, won the first prize of S100 in the Md. F.F.A. public speaking contest held at College Park, Md. in June 1954. James Meese, on the right. won the State Soil and Water Con- servation award, at College Park. The award was 8100. James was also chosen as the regional state farmer. For this, he was awarded 3525. james is a 1954 graduate of Northern. 58 F. Jacobs, E. Lowdermilk, E. Savage. Forrest Jacobs placed second in the State poultry judging contest held at College Park, Md. in June 1954. At the state contest, Eugene Lowdermilk was awarded the State Farmer Degree and Eugene Savage was second in the farm mechanics contest. G. Fratz, G. Bishoff, H. Friend. Hugh Friend, as second place winner in the State livestock judging contest, and Gary Fratz as a dele- gate from Northern attended the National F.F.A. Convention held in Kansas City, Missouri, in Oct., 1954. George Bishoff attended the National F.F.A. dairy judging contest in Waterloo, lowa in Oct., 1954. George, who placed in the upper two-fifths of all the boys participating in the national con- test won a silver emblem. The Rythmettes I , ..., ,, All Y k Adrian DeWitt. Unphotogr phed, Donald i All-State Chorus Gloria Yommer, Ross Sei-by, Sponsor, Mrs. Wilk Citizens Of Tomorrow Driver Education Class First Semester 60 All- tate Band Left to Right: Sponsor, Mr. Schwing, Elsie Wright, Tom Schroyer, Ethel Seibert, John Kolb Judy Friend. Fire Marshals 61 'Mi n I 94 . X 9 7 Y Q - 2 F' .. b gf XD, i ' im f X W' , . A- A . .. A 1 fn, ,ff W, X . 'Q xx x 1,35 FAR N.. L 5. Q Sang 4 .ww KN.. ED l im IIN Ill !! J Q. an ff Yi- TS kj Soccer Team Front Row, Left to Right: Harry Miller, George Deal, Edgar Harman, Carl Maze-r, Reed Richter, Edward Rush lion Wagm-r, D1-an Savage, John Hamilton, Ronald Glass, Wayne Edgar. Second Row: Coach-Mr. Strauss ,loc Bn-mlm-r, Roy Rexrode, Max Bowser, Warren Miller, Clyde Savage, Dean Durst, Paul Baier, Randall Har man, Coach-Mr. Brown, Manager, Butch Strauss. 64 Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Northern Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs Basketball Team Front Row, Left to Right: Coach, Lilburn Brown, Eugene Savage, Ross Selby, John Hamilton, Robert Baker, Joe Bender, Ass,t. Coach, Rondal Kincaid. Second Row: Byron Fike, Wayne McKenzie, Ronald Glass, Blaine Green, Allen Younkin, Edgar Mickey, Bernard McKenzie. Valley Beall Meyersdale Rockwood Meyersdale Salisbury Valley Berlin Rockwood Bayard Schedule 17-61-They Northern 4-5-67-They N orthern 46-74--They Northern 36-37-They Northern 53-95-They Northern 4-5-43-We Northern 44-7 1-They Northern 48-59-They Northern 4-4--51-They Northern 46-43-We Northern V V V V V V V V V s. Vs. S. S. S. S. S. S. S. Beall Bayard Berlin Salisbury LaSalle Southern Hyndman LaSalle Southern Hyndman I 71-82-They 4-6-80-They 30-63--They 64-35--We 4-0-57-They 48-71-They 51 -66-They 4-8-63-They 37-57-They 33-47-They Compliments of OAKLAND ELECTRIC Compliments To The Class of "55" AND FRIEND STOCK YARD Accident, Maryland-Phone 721-Residence 731 Oakland, Maryland PRESIDENT-BLAINE H. FRIEND DICK REICH Furniture and Floor Covering 233 Center Street PHONE 1835 Meyersdale, Pennsylvania Com liments of SOMERSETPFARM BUREAU Compliments of H. G. BEN DER YOUR INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DEALER Meyersdale, Pennsylvania SHIPLEY HARDWARE CO. Meyersdale, Pennsylvania THE SH0E SHOP MEYERSDALE Music 217 Center Street AND Meyersdale, Pennsylvania THE LARGEST QUALITY SHOE STOCK Grace Weise, Manager PHONE 265 E?m5EgtEC?E.Ii.,ING 239 Main Street Meyersdale, Pennsylvania THOMAS DRUG STORE LEADING DRUOGISTS Meyersdale, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OI' MONN PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO Meyersdale, Pennsylvania Phone 76 G Compliments of COLLINS ATLANTIC SERVICE HARDWARE COMPANY STA I QUALITY HARDWARE AND FURNITURE T 131.133 Center Street Firestone Tubes and Accessories Meyersdale, Pennsylvania Market Squa-re Meyersdale, Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF I DI Compliments of Florists J. c. LICHLITER 8. co. Phone 272 Salisbury, Pennsylvania Meyersdale, Pennsylvania Compliments of OTTO SERVICE CENTER Springs, Pennsylvania F. W. BENDER CO. YOUR WAYNE FEED DEALER General Merchandise Phone 21A4- Springs, Pennsylvania Congratulations Class of '55' TREACYS 52 Second Street Oakland, Maryland 50 YEARS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE Eats Drinks CABIN LODGE Deep Creek Lake, Maryland Where Good Friends Meet For Your Boats And Boating Needs STOP AT BOWMAN'S MOTORBOAT SALES AND SERVICE Deep Creek Lake McHenry, Maryland Phone 3-63 COOPERATIVE SERVICE W. Harold Miller, Prop. SOUTHERN STATES Feed and Farm Supplies Gas-Groceries Dry Goods-Notions Grantsville, Maryland Compliments of SPOERLEIN'S GARAGE PHONE 271 Accident, Maryland Chrysler - Plymouth WALTER H. FRATZ TV Sales Sz Service Home Appliances-Hardware Building-Plumbing Supplies Coal Hauling-Machinery Financing Groceries Accident, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF WILL'O-THE WISP MOTEL Mr. and Mrs. Helmeth Heise Deep Creek Lake, Maryland Phone Oakland 2-2870 Compliments of JOHN J. BRASKEY For the Best of Food Eat At HILL TOP INN Grantsville, Md. PHONE 7163 l X Yr. lligh Clll'Q'l'lt'21ll4'I'4 I hit I4 m cr. Audrvy Svllam-fm-r, Ruby Fran-my Sllirlvy X111 my jr. High Clll'l'I'lt'C1lll'I'S Wilma Nalin, Rvdu Hugh. llII1l11UfU!LII'IIl11Il'lI ,fsfgff 'fax 'af J ' fb Q s V' 2 'W .I 68 Keep Abreast of Garrett County N CWS TO YOU THE REPUBLICAN Publishi Every Thursday Your Local ari?dvsCouriJtLyt Government Your Friends and Nei hbors WE Your Organizations and Ghurches Business and Farm Events Oakland, Md. THE H-P STORES SCHLOSNAGLE'S "Famous For Savings" Meat Market and styme shop Phone 2461 Friendsville, Md MEATS I GROCERIES OAKLAND, MD. PRODUCE CLOTHING SHOES NOTIONS Your Business Appreciaterl Banking Service for Your Needs CECIL W, SCHROYER Dealer in I Friendsviue, M d. General Merchziiliiieviriroceries-Meats Member of the Federal Reserve System Friendsvillea Md. Compliments of C ompllments of FRIENDS CLOVER FARM STORE DR. H. R. GIBSON Friendsville, Md. Oakland, Md. D. W. HELBIG OAKLAND' MD' E Keepsake Diamonds Oakland, Md. Compliments of BEST WISHES ACE RADIO 81 ELECTRIC SERVICE T0 THE CLASS 0F '55 14 Alder street SMOUSES SUPER MARKET 1g2ifjn'3l2SI? Oakland, Md. Grade "An Milk and Dairy Products TURNER'S DAIRY F ostburg, Maryland PHONE 84-1-J-3 Delivery in Allegany and Garrett Counties Compliments to Class of 1955 Ford-Mercury Sales and Service THE MOTOR SERVICE CO. Compliments of WEBERS "Say lt With Flowers" Oakland, Maryland LAYMAN'S HARDWARE PLUMBING and HEATING SUPPLIES F rostburg, Maryland YODERS LOCKER PLANT Complete locker and Freezer service Foods worth freezing are worth freezing well. AMANA FOOD FREEZERS PHONE as Grantsville, Maryland Visit Spears For Your Graduation Gifts COMPLIMENTS OF Diamonds-Watches-Jewelry AGENTS FOR 8, Stieff--Sterling Silver Oakland, Maryland SPEARS JEWELRY STORE PHONE 2,3923 62 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland YIIZIIE S enbaum's EAST END TAXI 81 RESTAURANT 24 Hr. Service 93 East Main St. Frostburg, Maryland A Tri-State Institution THOMAS ELIAS SINCE 1848 TAILOR-CLEANER Cumberland, Maryland Phone 76 10 West Main St. Frostburg, Maryland u 5 p A Q - 3 vi cy all Y Pe-p Club l"rnnf Row, Left In Righl: H. Mosse-r. A. Schacfcr, R. Frazcc. L. Fraze-P, 5. House-r, D. DeWitt. Second Row: K Emory. ll. Thomas. li. Sislvr. J. Sisle-r. S. Mickey, Y. Richter. N. Muznmcrt. R. Wahl. Third Row: J. Frie-ml, D Walls, NI. l"ri4-ml. li. l"rim-ml, L. lfrivncl, ll. Hacnftling, S. Hodchvavcr, J. Wagne-r, D. Frazrc. 'Q' Jean Tiano Physical Education Teacher ll ,' ' Lillmurn Brown Charles Strauss Basketball Coach Soccer Coach f' ,335 7-5SS3'gfLE,' f 72 ASH BY'S PLACE Frostburg, Md. Amoco Gas and Oil FORD'S DRUG STORE INC. CABINS AND LUNCHES P . Q U. S. Route 40-Phone 33611 "fSC"P"0'lS 1 2 mi. west of Grantsville, Md. Russell Stover Candles C. L. LONG DEALER IN MILLINERY NOTIONS 125 E. Main Street Frostburg, Md. COMPLIMENTS or KLOTZ REXALL STORE Grantsville, Md. Compliments of MARY CAROL SHOP 45 East Main St. Frostburg, Md. GRANTSVILLE GARAGE Geo. D. Edwards and Sons PHONE 15-G-2 Grantsville, Md. BOB HOHING TURNER'S RESTAURANT Mens wear-Boys wear Qu, Speciality 11 East Main Sf- HOME COOKED M1-:ALS Fmstbufgv Md- Grantsville, Md. Frostburg, Md. Compliments of SKY VIEW J. F. WHITEHILL lunches-candy-soft drinks Salisbury, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF SPEED QUEEN AND MAYTAG BETTY Jo's BEAUTY LOUNGE 2931 PHONE Phone 98 S. C. SHOWALTER Grantsburg, Md. Salisbury, Pa, Compliments of KEYSER'S RIDGE GARAGE Accident, Md. PHONE-74-4 COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY'S FOOD MARKET Meyersdale, Pa. JO-LE-KAY-MARKET Frostburg, Md. FRESH MEATS-PRODUCE FROZEN FOODS Phone 121 or 212W CLAPPER'S Building Materials We specialize in Maryland State approved Septic Tanks Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF BROADWATER'S STORE LAKE VI EW MOTEL Accident, Maryland Deep Creek Lake on 219 C lc t f COMPLIMENTS OF gipgmsri? DAI RY LAN D 130 Third Street Oakland, Maryland Oakland, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF RI DDER'S ESSO STATION SD one f.3d7derA?f:srvwe Oakland, Maryland McHenry, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF GRAND THEATRE THE MUSIC SHOP Movies Every Saturday Night Friendsville, Maryland Oakland, Maryland Compliments of HALSEY'S SNACK BAR Deep Creek Lake Compliments of SHARP'S MOTOR CO. Oakland, Maryland Compliments of LEIGHTON BROTH ERS Oakland, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF HAWKINS TREAD SERVICE U. S. ROYAL TIRE DISTRIBUTORS Oakland, Maryland Compliments of BROWNINGS, INC. Oakland, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF BlLL'S BARN Oakland, Maryland Compliments of MILLER'S SANITARY MARKET Oakland, Maryland COMPLIMENTS OF RU DYS Oakland, Maryland Aut aphs MV, 4 P L Norma L. Gilmore Williams Motor Service Edna Wright Doyle Mcouiiough FILL UP AT PHILLIPS C0mPlimenfS Of WITH I Esso EXTRA SHCRTY 5 Oakland, Maryland Gortner, Maryland RAY TEETS GARAGE COMPLIMENTS OF GMC TRUCKS D. R. ASHBY Chrysler-Plymouth Oakland, Maryland Oakland, Maryland Compliments of Little Crossing Service Station STATIONERY AND BOOK STORE Sunoco Gas and Oil Oakland, Maryland Grantsville, Maryland COMPLIMENTS or STANTON'S MILL Grantsville, Maryland PHONE-17G2 Congratulations to Class of '55 DIXION'S SUNOCO STATION Oakland, Maryland COMPLIMENTS or QUALITY RESTAURANT 20 South Liberty Street Cumberland, Maryland ALL FOOD COOKED DAILY Compliments of RUHL STUDIOS FINE CAMERA PORTRAITS 60 North Center Street Cumberland, Maryland 1 f COMPLIMENTS OF Compiments 0 BEAL INSURANCE 81 .IEFFERIES BROS. REALTY COMPANY JEWELERS Frostburg, Maryland Frostburgv Maryland Phone 345 MAC Kfs fE",Q'lfTE"E OQTATLON oAK GROVE ssnvlcs sTATloN Phone 840-W-4 Grantsville, Maryland Sm Route RAYMOND RASENBERGER, MGR. F rostburg, Maryland Route 40 COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of HERSHBERGER'S INSURANCE DR. JOHN J. p0RMl0 AG E N Chiropractor Grantsville, Maryland Grantsville, Maryland Big Car Quality At Lowest Cost Compliments of CASSELMAN MGTOR CO. Telephone l2G12 Grantsville, Maryland F. C. Diehl C. 0. Bender MORTON5 GARAGE McCLURE'S sekvlce STATION CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH , , Phone 360 Salisbury, Pennsylvanla Frostburg, Maryland PHONE 2402 Congratulations To The Class of '55 COMPLIMENTS OF OAKLAND PHARMACY LAZARUS HARNED AND PROUDFUOT Oakland, Maryland Cumberland, Maryland D. .l. Knight Earl Haenftling Mrs. Spencer Graham Matt Storey Helen G. Wilson ,Iohn H. Mosner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bender George Diefenbach James A. Lemmert Mr. and Mrs. Neil Yommer H. F. Broadwater Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Durst James C. Frantz Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cupp Mary Ann Knox W. R. Price Mrs. Nelle Hartley Mandy Fike Bill Aronhalt Mrs. Kenneth Stalter Mrs. Pearl Dohl Dairy W. Diehl Mr. Paul Dohl William Winterherg -v L11 1-L 1m x C 'fBtnmM . me l R A,...,.,.. , ,.,..A. M, , . 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Suggestions in the Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) collection:

Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 57

1955, pg 57

Northern Garrett High School - North Star Yearbook (Accident, MD) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 9

1955, pg 9

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