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and yet more light PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE At the beginning of the 1%0 ' s your president was appointed to his position and charged with the responsibility of " building a new college” in the Merrimac Valley. He came to Haverhill under lowering skies and at a time when the earth was cov ered with deep snow. He occupied a bleak and abandoned old building which not only chilled the body, but also seemed determined to freeze the spirit. The 1%0’s did not begin auspiciously. No trumpets sounded, no heavenly bodies altered their courses to favor the event. There was little promise of the warm satisfaction that comes from significant achievement. That was the beginning of the 60 ' s for this college. Now we are at the beginning of the 1970’s having come through a decade that is considered to be one of the most crucial in our nations history. Yet. somehow, we have not been frustrated in our steady growth and in the attainment of many of our important objectives. We have seen our student enroll- ment increase to a point where we now really meet many needs of the area. We have an excellent faculty who are demonstrating creative leadership in the classroom and in the world of higher education. Our administrative staff are mostly young, capable professionals who make an organization really work. Our office and maintenance staff are of very high quality who do the basic jobs upon which all other college endeavors must be solidly built. All this, along with an increasing student participa- tion at all leadership levels, leads us to believe that we have come through the 60 ' s with a strong new college which can face the next decade with confidence. Besides all this, we have so much that is more than j ust potential. Our building program is fully on its way with a specific time set for occupying. Many of you who are now in the college can conceivably complete your studies on our magnificent new campus. We now are fully accredited and free to devote our attention to your needs based on valid assumptions rather than frantic efforts to prove our adequacy. Our Division of Continuing Education is good, but it is just at the beginning of its impact in this wide area. Several new career programs are being added in both day and evening divisions so that increasingly we will meet area needs for occupational education for which this valley is ready and eager. The entire prospect looks good. But we must guard against presumption and self- satisfaction. The achievement of the past and the hopes for the future are not just based on our own adequacies. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has brought us into existance. We are not j ust ourselves. Our legislators have given a great deal of their time and a lot of their energy just to make sure that the state’s commitment is honored. Our Governing Board and the Board of Higher Education, along with our local Advisory Board, have done so much for us that is never seen and too often is not recognized. We owe these people our deepest thanks. The city of Haverhill has shown unusual tolerance and understanding of our college community. Never for- get, that to many people, our whole group, come under the idea of invaders. This we are not, unless we are foolhardy enough to act as though we are. My whole point to you is that we have done well, but only because so many did so well for us. We have an obligation that can best be repaid by the achievement of good citizenship and by our support to those who in the level education that this marvelous country still offers us. We greet the 70’s and we say thanks to the 60 ' s. The rewards and satisfactions are worth all the efforts that were made. ? In December of 1969, Northern Essex Community College became a fully accred- ited school. This event is not the result of an apathetic ruling body. No, Accreditation was the result of a group of enthusiastic and energetic men and women. Of people with an eye towards the future, envisioning many young people looking for a beginning to the future. A future perhaps temporarily stunted if Northern Essex did not exist. So with this in mind we tacitly say “Thank You”. Thank you to those people who had faith and foresight in a new idea. Administrators and faculty alike. There is another element to be dealt with, and it is the thousands of students who have passed through these doors, and who have yet to pass. For without them the dreams of many people would never have become a reality. . . . And yet more Light. 3 AND YET MORE LIGHT The administration head the staff: They run the school both fore and aft. But yet more light should be shed their way for the vital assistance given day by day. The guidance department is involved with youth. They receive little gratitude for help they give And yet more light should be shown towards them For showing the way to future life. The faculty come in with coat and tie; for our education they really try, that is, they care not just for books but try to show life to us and we will look, for yet more light. The moratorium was a great success, it’s constructiveness proved we care. Now yet more light must be shed to face. The problems exposed to the human race. The school activities are far from few Their varied aspects show many views, And yet more light must be shown on these for freedom evolves from nonconformity. Apathy results from confusion its symptons can lead to complete seclusion. But yet more light should be shown this way because the problems we face must be solved today. JOHN KITTERIDGE THOMAS MAZUR MICHELLE LAMARCHE 6 ADMINISTRATION President Harold Bentley Dean of Administration Phil Galbraith r c- jfl J 1 Norman Landry Assistant to the President Director of Continuing Education Administration Oscar Witten 8 Dean of Admissions Cecilia Furlotte Dean of College Donald Ruhl Dean of Students Churchill Stafford 9 t John Peroni Registrar Public Relations Director Eugene Connolly 10 1 1 Michael Kaplon Guidance Richard Ellis Math Corrine Grise Charles Adie Robert McDonald Judith Moran Donald Pailes Roland Kimball Brent Bonah Gabriel Brahm ; f ifflfffVI V -- - J ' ■» ' r !?? 5- r r I » 1 1 1 1 r lififii i » ii ••••■Hill If ? . Iks. ' f£ A££«ss»sa5pSSfSr;8s:;»;»»;j 1 n 3 t ■ a ■; li ,f V 4 M I rr 1 It Paula Boxer Communications William Marble Linda Kraus Eleanor Hope Elaine Mawhinney Peter Padney Charles Reilly Harold Sipples Andre Turcotte Sheila Shively Mary Whittle Jack Wysong History Dr. John Spurk Edna Kimball Valdemir Paradise Social Science Clarence Wood M. Jayne Geneva Duane Windemiller James Gustafson Herbert Crook Donald Conway Languages Worward Crowell Jack Aronson 19 Dr. John Osborne Vera Allen Frank Champoux 20 Ken Holden Robert Paul Thomas White Eugene Boles Theatre John Mainer Music Rochelle Newman Business Management Milo Williams Computer Tech Don H organ Engineering Robert Rantz James Sullivan 27 Nursing 28 Asadorian. Ann Ashe, George ! I Asselin, Jacqueline Barbagallo, Anita Barr) ' , Arthur L Beaudoin, Joanne 30 Beaulieu. Paul Bernard, Barbara Blake, Gayle Bertelli, Paul Blinn, Joanne Begg, Heather Berube, Sandra 31 32 Bonaceto, Arthur Boudreau, David Bouvier, Robert Boutin, Kathryn Brassard, Marcella Brain, Richard 33 Branco. Beverly Brown, Ann Louise Brown. Susan Budruck. Robert Burke, Anne f I Cadorette, Joyce Burke, Louise Callahan, James 34 35 Carroll. James Celeste. Jean Chicovich, Sandra Chetson. George Collins. John Collins, Priscilla 36 Copaldo, Bruce CorrelJe, Sandra Copeland, James Costello, Lynn Cote, Norman 37 Dardas, Anastasia l De Benedetto, Linda r Dee Schuber, Sherrie Dennis, Carol Deorochi. Michael 39 Disrosiers, Kathleen Donahue, Kathleen Donahue, Susan Dow, Dennis Downs, Ricky Donovan, Louris Paul Duff, Marie 40 Enos, Cvnthia Fams, Ruth Emilio, Ann Ferriera, Jacqueline Feather. Elizabeth Fichera. Mane Fiddler, Allan Fitzgerald. Dennis 42 Fhetcher, Thomas Foley, Timothy Fiona, Joseph Foley, Thomas Fontaine, Donna 43 44 French, Carlene Frowe, Roberta Gailro, Michael Gallant, Craig Gaiero, Richard Garwich, Pat 45 Goudreau. Cindv Gelarderis, Deborah Gendron. Carol George, Linda Giarusso. Shirley ; v Gon. Elizabeth W « ■ Gorman, Thomas Greeley, William 46 47 Green, Philip Gwinn, Janet Gagliardi, Rose Hillery, Myrtle Hersey, Harry Hird, Don 48 Hogan, Robert Hollins, Linda Keating, Gary Kennedy, Martha Kerr, Susan 49 50 I ICittredge, John Kopacz, Jacqueline Kotarba, Patricia Kozalski, Joseph Kritikos, Starvos Krysiak, Edward Kubit, Cynthia LaBella, Louis 51 LaChance. Susan LaMattina. Joseph LaMarche, Michelle Lane, Daniel Lannie, Priscilla Lanviere, Cindy 52 Levine, David L ' ltalian. Janet Lucey, Kathy Lupi. Mary Maalynn, Susan Madigan, David 54 Main, Marilyn Marchand, Brian Marshall, John Martel, Rita Martineau, Susan Martyn, Taeomi Matt, Pamela McCartny, Philip McCullough, Susan 55 56 McDonough, Ann McElwaine, Deborah McGavern, Jane McLaughlin, Richard McNally, Virginia Mclntire, Paul Miller, Glen Mills, Christopher 57 I Nlillone. Sharon Moran, Mary Ellen Moran. Patricia Naudzen, Alexandrea Nelson. Robert Nichols, Janet Nicholson, David Nicolosi, Adeline 58 Nolarsiacomo. Richard Nauedian, Coretta Olivenra. Leslie Ouellette. Ravmond Page, John Pappalardo, Arthur Pare, Anne Parker, Sue Perkins. Melvin 60 Pierce, Joanne Pitochelli, Paula Press, Jeannine Penisi, Anthony Poole, Cheryl Pitman, Jane 61 Quill, Susan Ray, Ronald Reynolds, Ted Richard, Henry Rieu, Dennis Riley, John Ritchie, Paul Ringland, Peggy 63 Rudd. Helena Rogoz. Renee Ruggiero. Michael Roy, Patricia Runp. Grace Russell. Joanne Samet, Greg 1 Saunders, Claudia 64 Seferlis. Nicholos Seville, Robert Sergeant. Priscilla Shaw. Deborah Shea, Joanne Smeltzer, Glen Smart, Dale 66 Smith, Patricia Smith, Rodney Snow, Jane Sousa, Linda Stryka, David Sweetser, Sandra Sweeney, Richard 67 68 Taylor. Franklin Taylor, Stephen Teixeira, Betty Tellier, Carol Thompson, Carol Thompson, Patricia Thoys, Thomas Trainor, Arthur Trickett, David 69 Turcotte, Gloria Turner, Bill Turner, Richard Vedrarn, Michael Vega, Oscar 70 li Waiceshook. Anna Vossberg. Gail Waiksnoris, Ronald Waitkewich, Susan Warchut, Jane Watson, Mary Weir, Kathy Westfall, Larry 72 Wills, Sharon Zazopoulos, Andy Willett, Bob Zapert, Robert Snoop v u v c- S HER£ Vet More Light How many doors Open to light. And how many doors Yet unseen. An experience An enlightening experience has shown us ever new things to know ' . And yet more light for all. Our silent creaking floors worn smooth from dainty light and concrete feet. Large and empty Lifeless hum and drum hum drum gone; but for the moment. Look around, look ahead and look into the lives that we’ve led. Lolk around look back and look into the lives that we lead. Look around look ahead look into the lives we have yet to lead. 75 78 ■ i 82 f Ms uai SJk r . ' IBB 83 84 85 86 87 V 89 90 92 93 94 95 96 ' 4 MORATORIUM 9H Registration 99 100 101 102 ' ■ r « i - • • Social Committee Chairman — Kathy Boutin Arthur Bonaceto Jean Celeste Sharon Catalano Pat Thompson President — Andrew Zazaopoulos Secretary — Jane Pitman Vice-President — George Whitten Under-Secretary — Gail Bogannam Treasurer Student Council - Pa ' " John Kittridge Steven Taylor Kathy Boutin Faith Bloom John Benjamin James Swisher Sharon Catalano 104 Freshmen Class Officers President — Philip Strykowski Vice-President — Dennis Lemire Secretary — Jill Wagner Senior Class Officers President — Richard McLaughlin Vice-President —Diane Leverone Secretary — Jacqueline Kopacz Treasurer — Nick Seferlis i X J v 4 1 f »• III U I i t President — Frank Taylor Vice-President — Dick Lima Secretary —Joan McClusky Treasurer —Art Trainor Advisor — Pat O ' Brien Advisor — Tom White Advisor — Alphee Desjardins Ski Club Sue LaChance Richard Rushton Bill Augusta Frank Healey Janet Ouellet Joan Cherbinis April Dow Roland Viens Richard Mackay James Collins Phil Green Rodney Smith Harry Dumont Lynda Simeone Kenneth Loucy Roger Nadeau Ralph Broscoe Linda Sousa Nancy Hurld Maria Giuffrida Kenneth Klagman Jack Hassett Jim Hannafin Karen Newton David Tombarell Nancy Carey Andy Zazopoulos Bill Hegarty Ron Sansen Michael Cardarelli Wendy Mehl Dave Hubley Dennis Villaire Maureen O ' Keefe Judith Sullivan Daniel Goulet Joe Gurcuillo Susan Walsh Lynda Gerley Barbara Stanley Elaine Grahm William Mathesan Jill Wagner Karen Drevenak Richard Gaiero Marv Watson Susan Cronia Frank Heidennck Kenny LeClair Dale Smart Mary Ann Segnim David Pierce William Ring Tim Powers Brian Lent James White Brian Gendron David Fawcett Gail Ann Brodeur Beverly Branco Frank Killerby Joanne Webb Barbara Ryan James Gulla Jolenn Russell Sharon Cruickshank George Beaumont Gail Gilman John Volo Gail Sabayino Linda Chaekins Kathleen Desrosirs Marianne Nyhan Mary Ahern Stanley Frankie Ross Stevens David Tnckett Cindy Gaudreay Paul Theriault Jimmy Yentile Lenny Gustus Audrey Boulanger David Lundgren Thomas Towler Ray Donovan J. Doucette Kathy Feeley Cynithia Noonan Gary Irwin Paul Bertelli Paul Pnvitera Russ Taylor 106 Outing Club Advisor — Donald Pailes President — Glenn Miller Vice-President — Mike Ouellet Secretary-T reasurer — Karen Rose Niki Phaneuf Jill Wagner Gregg Calari Dave Edmonds Joe Goldsmith Roger Sellers Ed Krysiak Phil Stryrowski George Whitten Eric Powell 107 President —Gary Keating Vice-President — Sue LaChance Secretary — Michelle Lamarche T reasurer — Dick Pinkham Advisor — Gene Boles Drama Club Cindy Green Connie Grasso Lynda Perley Bob Meehan Buddy Gorman Robin Colter Cynthia Enos Jeanne Galuzzi Taeomi Martyn Timothy Comeau Gail Gilman Roy Armano Lucy Coco Dede Leverone Paul Powers Andy Zazaopoulos Anne Brown Phil Smart Kim Gage Peggy Macquire Jill Wagner Belinda Martineau Steven Taylor Carl Holmes 108 109 President -Jane Pitman Vice-President —Glenn Allison Secretary — Dorothy Bajoras Treasurer — Sandra Berube Publications Chairman — Susan Waitkewich Advisors — Frank Champoux -Dick Ellis —Paul Bevilacqua Melinda Fallisi Carmen Capriole Janet Autien Renee Royoz Maria Guiffnda Kathy Pappalardo John Benjamin James Linehan Philip Smart Nancy Weems Joyce Kessaris Minnie Collins Carol Amabello Michael DeLong Janet Boudreau Anita Barbazallo Future Teachers Club 1 10 Jacqueline Asselin Janet Beauregard Barbara Benard Nancy Brock Louise Birkle Patricia Cleary Priscilla Collins Mary Connors Sharon Cyr Anastasia Dardas Kathleen Desrosiers Cynthia Enos Maria Fichera Barbara Foley Donna Fontaine Rosellie Gagliardi Kathleen Hannagan Cynthia Gaudreau Joann Johnson Jane Klotzle Janet L’ltalien Coretta Maradian Jane McGovern Virginia McNally Adeline Nicolosi Martha Perry Joann Russell Claudia Saunders Carrie Souliotis Elizabeth Teixiera Gloria Turcotte Jeanne Sellers Sharon Wills Ana Woiceshook Linda Lee President —Carol Tellicr Vice-President Beverly Branco Secretary — Lauris Donovan Representative — Lynn Costello Advisor —Olga Williams Future Secretaries Club Advisory Commissioner Andy Zazopoulos Contemporary Affairs Society President —Stephen Barbett Vice-President — Leo Sirois Secretary — Cheryl Zakia Treasurer — Peter Wojtaszek Advisor — John Guarino Advisor —Gerry Morin Wayne Gaudreau Mark Goldman Myrtle Hillery Robert Glackin Wayne Wilson Robert Beaudoin Pat Garwich President Philip McCarthy Vice-President —John Sakelarius Secretary —Geraldine Raciti Treasurer — Joseph Kazalski Advisor — Frank Paddelaro Advisor — Val Paradise Social Action Edward French Dick McLaughlin Elbe Hope Dennis Fogarty President — John Grenan Jr. Steve Sussman Patty Thompson Ted Hapshe Shelly Wolff Danny Wood Arthur Bonaceto Edward Langone Jimmy Codbun 1 13 Barry Blufer Wally Ulhiem George Whitten Pat O ' Brien Chess Club Surf Club President — Glenn Miller Vice-President —Gregg Calari Secretary-T reasurer —Audrey Boulanger Advisor —Charles Adie Arthur Tuttle Donald McAllister William Hickey Niki Phaneuf Jo-Anne Kasheta Jimmy Gulla Dave MacFarl ane Steven Gelmeau Phil Strykowski Barbara McNaughton 1 14 President — Steven Taylor Vice-President —Greg Sarret Secretary-T reasurer — Kathy Boutin Advisor — Robert Paul Joe Wesolowski Paul Fitzmyer Jill Wagner Susan LaChance Robert Foss Michelle Lamarche Dede Leverone Kevin English Karen Rosenberger Daniel Fieldhouse Sharon Catalano Photography Club 115 Editor — Barry Blufer Co-Editor — Priscilla Collins I Adviser — Gene Connolly PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY THE STUDENT PUBLIC RELATIONS BOARD I 16 VOL. V No. 1 Editor-in-Chief — Patricia Burne Associate Editor —Anne Robertie Lay-Out Editor — Linda Gross Art Editor — David Meehan Advisor —Gabriel Brahm Staff — Edward Pari in —Mary Murphy 117 Editor-in-Chief —Gary T. Keating Assistants to the Editor — Dede Leverone — Ray Burleigh — Steve Young — Donna Langlois — Ed Krusiak — Bob Meehan — Rick Coates — Gerry Raciti Advisory ' Board Chairman —Francis J. Leary, Jr. — Paul M. Bevilacqua —Gerry Morin Sports Editor — Jim Liadis Photography Editor —Paul Fitzmeyer Art Editors — Michael Ruggiero — Joe Wesolowski Entertainment Editor — Paul Powers Circulation-Business Manager — Van Sullivan Business Staff — Don Anderson — Janet Nichols — Brian Marchand —Jack Hassett — Paul Armstrong —John Looney Reporters —George Beaumont — Bob Zapert - Paul Bertellie -George Mileon Phil McCarthy Editor-in-Chief — Michelle Lamarche Assistant Editor —Susan LaChance Associate Editor —Anne Brown Photography Editor —Steven Taylor Special Photography — Roger Boisvert Special Photography — Joseph Crilly Promotion and Sales —James Connors Art Editor — Donna Degregirio Poetry Editor — John Kittirdge Assistants — David George — Gail Bogannam — Phil Strykowski —George Whitten — Ted Hapshe Advisor — Frank Champoux Advisor — Ann Laszlo Theme Poem — Tom Mazur LUMEN m !■ ■ ». v 1 MV j i President —Keith Macintosh Vice-Presidetn —Thomas Sierak Secretary-T reasurer — Kev in Nelson Bob Hogan Jim Crozier Bill Lasonde A1 Nicgorsk Jim Lyons George Whitten David Tnckett Paul Thenaut Gary Irwin Frank Heinrich Danny Harkins James Henry Tom Marley Gary Tarbell Jack Collms Brian Lent Thomas Archambault Peter Aspesi Bill Giams Roger Nadeau John ' White Hockey I l c JNfl 4 | f m. i V w oik 1 LiPPfeP l ’ i§ i SmB LT ■ - L V y ' » jr , 1 aIj i ,W 1 J 1 1 h Captain —Jackie Kopacz Diane Leverone Carol Dennis Priscilla Lanni Cindy Gaudreau Diane Foley Niki PhanifT Gail Gilman Joan Cherbinis Advisor — Betty Coyne Cheerleaders 121 Basketball Stevens Emerson North Shore Cape Cod Bristol Mass Bay Belknap Mass a soitt Quincx J.C. Quinsigamond Gordon Ml. Wach asset Mass. Art Record 69 ' 70 ' Win 1 7 Loss 5 56 76 72 80 79 55 75 109 82 77 69 80 95 90 0 Forfeit 62 86 94 64 69 75 87 N.E.C.C. 108 111 128 97 108 100 91 116 106 79 59 74 82 88 (O. T. ) 105 115 89 124 97 112 92 Coach Jack Wysong Assistant Coach A1 Bradley Athletic Director Ken Holden Peter Saulis Richard Corrigan Joe Goldsmith David Levine Larry Snow Jim Curry Neil Reardon Dan Habib Jim Locklaire 122 125 26 127 CHILDHOOD REVISITED roda I returned to the fields and woods of my childhood. Back again to those wonderful few acres that were once my entire world. It was late afternoon, but the un was bright and the air warm. How deeply I am saddened, by my many dis- coveries. The paths I used to walk, each with its own special meaning and its own particular destination, most of them are gone now. Reclaimed by nature through years of undisturbed existence. Having long not felt the tread of a child ' s sneakered foot. Yes. most are gone and I mourn their passing. But yet a few remain. The open field and the sheltered wood are also gone. The old baseball field is now a card- board factory. The shaded wood, where we built a tree house one Saturday morn- ing. is now a bottled gas plant. Civilization moves on and what a terrible price we all must pa . And w hat little remains of my childhood playground is now stained with emptv beer cans and heaps of garbage. But the railroad bridge is still there and has remained unchanged. This is the bridge I used to fish from as a child. I stand now ' in the crushed stone of the rail bed. And I wonder how many thousands of these stones I must have thrown into the river. Yet their number has yet not diminished. The river is still the same. Flowing endlessh on its wa . Always silent, accepting each stone that I throw, and creating only a moment’s ripple on its surface. Memor is one of the best human qualities. Without it w r e would all lose so much. As 1 w ander about in this changed world of my childhood. I ask many questions of myself. Where has the apple tree gone? Where are the blueberry bushes? What has become of the secret hideouts of the many cowboy and indian games we used to pla ? Are they scattered to the far corners of the earth as are my childhood chums? But I did find that certain rock with my name carved into it . . . But this and what little remains shall vanish in time. Even the path home is changed now. The sun has set. And I am getting cold . . . john roger buchanan This book printed by VF.LV ATONE, a special process of lithographic priming. Sole producers: Wm J Keller Inc., Box 1052, Buffalo, N.Y. No oilier printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method. 128

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