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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1969 volume:

Northern Essex COMMUNITY J COLLEGE J -v . ■ aicDE-P. 1969 PRESIDENT HAROLD BENTLEY 2 During November of this year an event took place which was unique in the short history of Northern Essex Community College. The first graduating class of the college had its fifth reunion. It seemed a long time since 1963 when this fine group of people left the college with the first degrees ever given to our students. This group included those who produced the first year book, the first newspaper, and the first traditions of the college. Many could not be with us. They are scattered across the entire world. A large number are in the armed forces, others are in key positions in industry and business. Many have gone on through graduate school. A considerable number are high school and grammar school teachers. Some now teach in colleges. Two of them are members of our faculty. These two helped organize the fifth reunion. The really impressive thing about the whole affair was the discovery of what a great difference five years can make. Many of our first student generation are now parents and have families that are a tine resource in the communities where they live. They have proved that Northern Essex Community College really does the job of educating its students. We who remain in the college have a great sense of satisfaction in knowing so many young men and women who come to us with much to offer, and who leave us with even more to give to their world. Each year there are more students, more graduates, and more wonderful people to remember. When this class leaves our college they will do well and will belong to our ever-increasing list of new friends of the college who fill our minds with splendid memories and intriguing new hope for the days ahead. We wish you all that life should give you and that you should give to living. 3 C0TO3ET!C$ ADMINISTRATION Page 6 FACULTY Page 8 SENIORS Page 19 SCHOOL LIFE Page 67 CLUBS Page 104 SPORTS Page 124 4 3 o - c a co A © CD I i A c u c z y Churchill Stafford — Dean of Students Donald Charlesworth — Registrar Cecilia Furlotte — Director of Admissions Milo Galbraith — Dean of Administration c L E R I C A L S T A F F Back: Virginia Wessling, Margaret DeGrave, Bessie McDonnell, Margaret Papia. Front Sandra St Onge, Donna Paolucci, Phyllis Comeau, Cheryl Stemp. L v v 4 s E C R E T A R I E S T O A D M I N I S T R A T I O N Terry Brooks, Bum Adams, Dottie Bly, Sheila Tracy, Cindy Hideriotis, Debhy Anderson. 7 Charles L. Adle, B.S . M.A., University of Notre Dame, Boston College Barbara Amelotte, B.S MS., Clark University, Boston University Wynne Bascom, M BA, Babson Institute Vera Currier Allen, B.S , Simmons, University of Chicago Ernest W. Arnold |r,, B S E E , M.S E.E., Worchester Polytechnic Institute Paula Boxer, A.B., AM, jackson College of tufts Umv Boston University University, University of Rhode Island, Boston Umv. lack Aronson, A B B.J.eD , A M., A.M.T., Boston University Harvard University, Gabriel N. Brahm, BA, M.A., Columbia University, University of Minn 8 Albert Brenner. B.A., M.F.A., Merrimack College Yale University Francis L. Champoux, B.S.Ed M.Ed. Salem State College University of Florida Donald R Conway B.A., M.A., Univ. of California, Berkley, Middlebury College, Univ. of Wisconsin. Edward Champy |r B.S., Lowell Technology Institute Grace Costanzo B.S.. B A American International College, Burdett )r Col Suffolk Univ. Eugene F. Connolly B.A., M.A., Marist College St lohn ' s Univ. Elizabeth Coyne B S , M A , C.A.G S. Duquesne University, Boston University 9 Herbert C. Crook, A.B . A.M., Harvard University Howard W. Crowell, A.B , M.A., Boston University George DeHullu. A. A., B.A., M.S., Northern Essex Community College, Bradley University, U.N. H I Alphee Desiardins, B A MED., M.S., Univ. of Colorado, Boston University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Richard B Ellis, B.S., M.A.. Boston University, Wayne University Alfred C. Emerson )r., B.S., M B. A., Northeastern University |ohn Finneran, A.B , ED.M., Harvard University, Boston University, Boston College lames Fisk, B.S.E.E , M E D., University of Illinois, Northeastern University, Salem State College Sandra Fotinos, A B , M A T., Wellesley College, ]ohn Hopkins University 10 Roberta D Froome, M.A., University of Wyoming Corrine Grise, A B., M.S.T., Brandeis University Umv of New Hamp. lohn Guarino, BA, M.A., Brandeis University Umv, of Michigan lames Gustafson, A.B., B.D., PhD., Wheaton College, Fuller Theological Seminary, Boston U. Delores Hermandez, B.S., M.S., Ed.M , Boston University, School of Nursing, George Hickey, M B. A., Northeastern, Merrimack Col 11 Donald Horgan, B.S., MED., Milligan College, State College at Salem Roland C Kimball, A.B., M.A., Gordon College, University of New Hampshire, Boston University Francis | Leary, B.S., B.A., M.S., University of Illinois, University of Notre Dame, Boston College Anne S. Laszlo M.A., Colby College, University of Chit ago Norman Landry, B S EDM, M A , State College at Bridgewater, State College at Salem, Rutgers University Harry K Holden |r , B S. M S Bates College, University of Maine Constance Hoyt, B S M S.. Fitchburg State College, University of California Eleanor S. Hope, A B . A M , University of Michigan Edna Kimball, B.A M.A., Columbia University, University of New Hampshire 12 William ). Marble, B.A , Haverford College, Harvard Univ., Boston Univ. Judith Moran, M.S., University of New Hampshire Robert E. McDonald, M.A., University of Massachusetts Gerald R Morin, B A., M.A., Merrimack College, Univ. of New Hamp., Univ. of Iowa Richard Mesle, A. A., BA, M.A., Graceland lunior College, Univ of California William F Muggleston, M.A., University of Virginia 13 Roc helle I Newman, M.F.A, Cranbrook Academy, B A Hunter College Francis I Osborne, Ph D., Cambridge University Frank ). Pedallaro, B.S., MBA., Northeastern University Peter G Padney, B A , M.A . Horstra University, University of Texas Donald Pailes, B.S., Ed., M.T.S., State College at Bridgewater, University ot New Hampshire Robert A. Paul B.S., M.A., Bryant College University of Western Ontario, Clark University Mic hael E Pelletier, BEE , A B Villariova University, St lohn ' s College, Northeastern University Robert R Rantz, B.S.E.E., Tufts University, Salem State College Charles W. Reilly, B.S.ED., M.A., Northeastern University 14 Katherine H Richards, B.S. Salem State Col. V " I Rebecca Sakakeeny, B.S., M.Ed., Boston University Matthew L Rogall, M.A., B.S., Trinity College, Umv. of Buffalo, Univ. of Conn New Hamp, Fairfield U Barbara P Roth, M S., Boston University Peter Sirnoglou, A B , M S., Harvard University, Simmons College 15 Kenneth Smith. •VB , Ed.M , Harvard University, Boston University ]ohn S. Spurk, B S. , Ph D , Boston College, Univ. of Strasbourg lames Sullivan, B.S.E.E. Catholic Univ. of America Patience! 16 Mary L. Whittle, B.A., M.A., Utica College of Syracuse University, Boston College Milo M. Williams B A , University of Connecticut, Mitchell College Olga Williams, B.S., M.C.S., C.A.G.S., College at Salem, University, University Bridgeport State Boston of Duane Windemiller A B , S.T.B., Ph D., Anderson College, Boston University, American University Clarence Wood, A B , B.D., Ph D , University of Rochester, Andover-Newton College, Boston University lack P Wysong, A.B., M.Ed ., Northern Essex, University of Massachusetts 17 SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Peter McQuillan, President; Carol Hayton, Secretary; Mary Bishop, Treasurer; Pierre Descoteaux, Vice-President 20 STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Back row James Carr, John Collins, James Cronin, John Frangipane, Robert Luca 1 ' , Thomas Collins, Front Andrew Reusch, Timothy Scanlon, Regina Lavallee, Andrew Zazopoulos, David Cunningham, Michael Vallante. 21 Richard Amidio Lawrence Accounting 22 Emmanuel Baghdayan Lawrence Liberal Arts )ohn Bailey Reading Liberal Arts 23 Arthur Barry Rita Batchelder Stephen Beshara Methuen Accounting 24 Carol Borrelli Andover Secretarial loan Bowring Tewksbury Secretarial George Bozek Lowell Accounting George Bradley Woburn Accounting 25 lames Carr Lowell General Liberal Arts William Casey Lawrence Management 26 lames Cassidy Haverhill Liberal Arts Everett Chesley Stoneham Engineering Science 27 Stephen Chi rigot is Lowell Liberal Arts Tom Collins Newburyport General Liberal Arts Sharon Conroy Lawrence Sec ret a ria I 28 Wayne Cote Lawrence Computer Technology Theresa Crawford Georgetown Liberal Arts 29 Cynthia Denoncourt Newbury port General Liberal Arts Daniel Desantis Lawrence General Liberal Arts lamce Desantis Newburyport Liberal Arts Andre Descoteaux Lowell General Liberal Arts 30 David Diette Lowell Accounl ing Paul Dinoto Methuen Engineering Science 31 » Pamela Donahue Methuen Secretarial Philip Donovan Stoneham General Liberal Arts Richard Drohen Haverhill Liberal Arts lames Drumm Lowell General Liberal Arts 32 V?v Cormne Dunn Lowell Secretarial Richard Eberhardt Dracut Accounting Peter Edwards Chelmsford Electronic Technology Stella Eliopulos Bradford Secretarial 33 Donna Fichera Methuen Secretarial David Faxon Kingston Electronic Technology Mary Flanagan Lawrence General Liberal Arts Joyce Flanders Methuen General Liberal Arts Robert Flores Wilmington Electronic Technology 34 Linda Floyd tT-l Anthony Frascarelli Dracut Management Richard Freeman Wilmington Management William Galarneau Methuen General Liberal Arts 35 Thaddey Caudette Tynsbouro General Liberal Arts Patricia Garupy Merrimac Liberal Arts Katherm Georgian Haverhill Liberal Arts Olivia Georgopoulos Dracut Secretarial 36 Thomas Cordon Wilmington Electronic Technology Gregory Costanian Haverhill Engineering Science Gary Gracie North Reading General Liberal Arts )ohn Grondalski Lowell General Liberal Arts Robert Guertm Haverhill General Liberal Arts Betty Gurciullo Salem Computer Technology 37 Martha Harris North Andover General Liberal Arts 38 Irene Hodge Lowell General Liberal Arts James Hoegen Methuen General Liberal Arts 39 Kenneth Hornsey Methuen Management Robert Hovey Lowell General Liberal Arts Nancy Hurld West Newburyport General Liberal Arts lames John Lawrence Accounting 40 Mary Kelley Newbury port General Liberal Arts Thomas Kiley Lawrence Management 41 Martha Lane’ Wilmington Secretarial leffrey Lane New bury port General Liberal Arts 42 D i due Lariviere Amesbury Computer Technology Robert Larose Dracut Electronic Technology Frederick Latham Billerica General Liberal Arts Warren Layne Tewksbury Management Raymond Leavitt Lowell Management Ronald Lepine Tewksbury Electronic Technology 43 Harry ' landmark Winchester Management Diana Lindorfer Littleton Management Anthony Longo North Andover Management Lorraine Lopiano Lawrence Secretarial 44 Thomas Lynch Lowell Liberal Arts Karol Lyons Newbury port Liberal Arts Claire Macoul Methuen Liberal Arts Raymond Magliozzl Lawrence Liberal Arts 45 Gary Marcoux Lawrence General Liberal Arts Linda Marsha Lawrence General Liberal Arts Donald Martin Danvers Liberal Arts Humphrey Moynihan Lowell Liberal Arts 46 Patricia McLaughlin Haverhill Liberal Arts Rosemarie McLaughlin Dracut Secretarial 47 Leo Mezzapelle Lawrence General Liberal Arts Cheryl Montana North Andover General Liberal Arts 48 Norman Michaud Lowell General Liberal Arts David Nicholian Lowell Management Leon Ober Haverhill Engineering Science Charles Noyes Haverhill Liberal Arts 49 Camille Pappalardo Methuen General Liberal Arts Edward Paquette Accounting Haverhill Robert Paquette Lawrence Management David Paradis Lowell Electronic Technology lams Pare Lawrence General Liberal Arts 50 Michael Peters Billerica General Liberal Arts Ronald Pica Lawrence Engineering Science 51 Paul Prudihomme Lowell General Liberal Arts Stephen Pufhal Woburn Computer Technology 52 Sharon Rafferty Haverhill Liberal Arts joseph Rearson Georgetown General Liberal Arts John Regan Lawrence Management Maureen Reardon Tewksbury General Liberal Arts 53 Ray Reynolds Lowell Accounting Michael Rivet Lawrence Liberal Arts Mary Roberts Georgetown Secretarial Gayle Ross Methuen Accounting Angela Rizzo Lawrence Secretarial Linda Rollins Lowell Liberal Arts 54 john Sarro Lowell Management 55 |ohn Sheehy Lawrence General Liberal Arts Paul Slipp No. Andover Management 56 Susan Spaulding Georgetown Liberal Arts Charlotte Spinello Methuen Secretarial Kathie Spires Andover General Liberal Arts Barbara Steele North Andover General Liberal Arts 57 58 Edward Thurston Haverhill General liberal Arts Mark Thucaky Haverhill General Liberal Arts Michael Tlnney Lawrence Management Bruce Tishler Lawrence Liberal Arts William Tracy Stoneham Computer Technology Barbara Traill Wilmington Liberal Arts 59 Laura Valliere Lowell Secretarial Peter Vail is Beverly General Liberal Arts 60 Mark Willwerth Amesbury Management Peter Wojcik Lowell Computer Technology Warren Winsper Methuen Management lames Yentile Wilmington Engineering Science 61 62 Randolph Zioto Lowell Electronic Engine ,1 - T Jeffrey Zoukis Lowell Liberal Arts 63 Donna Aboduly General Liberal Arts Harry Abraham General Liberal Arts Judith Abraham General Liberal Arts Allan Adams Liberal Arts Francis Ahern General Liberal Arts Richard Alakel General Liberal Arts Robert Alger Management William Alger General Liberal Arts Glenn Andrus General Liberal Arts Walter Andrizijevvski Liberal Arts Alan Anselmi General Liberal Arts Paul Armstrong Liberal Arts Donald Bedard General Liberal Arts Gary Belanger Liberal Arts Kathleen Bernhard Secretarial Leon Borowski Electrical Science Joan Bowring Secretarial Alfred Bracy Liberal Arts Richard Brain General Liberal Arts Russell Bramhall Liberal Arts Walter Brooks Management Eileen Buckley General Liberal Arts John Cain General Liberal Arts |ohn Callan General Liberal Arts Rose Calobrisi General Liberal Arts Lawrence Carant ' a General Liberal Arts Judith Carignan Liberal Arts Erank Carroll Management Robert Carter Management Walter Casper Management Robert Charron General Liberal Arts John Chiugnos Liberal Arts Andrew Clark General Liberal Arts John Clement Liberal Arts Mary Collins Liberal Arts David Comeau Management Kathy Contos Liberal Arts John Caraccio General Liberal Arts Daniel Couturi Liberal Arts Robert Dalton General Liberal Arts Roger Dean Computer Tech Richard Dery Management Christopher Devaney General Liberal Arts Dana Difiore Accounting David Dimario Electronical Science Elaine Dimauro Accounting Michael Diodati Liberal Arts Edward Doherty General Liberal Arts Jeffrey Dolan General Liberal Arts Charles Donovan Management Howard Dorr General Liberal Arts Jacques Doyle General Liberal Arts Michael Doyle Management Robert Draine General Liberal Arts Victor Duphiey General Liberal Arts Robert Eddy General Liberal Arts Dennis Edmondson Management Kevin English General Liberal Arts Stephen Emos General Liberal Arts Paula Essiambre General Liberal Arts Richard Fassio General Liberal Arts Francis Faticante Electronic Technology Robert Feroce Electronic Technology Michael Finn General Liberal Arts Thomas Fletcher Computer Technology Howard Flett General Liberal Arts Robert Fogarty Accounting Stephen Fram General Liberal Arts joseph Gagnon Accounting Eduard Gallagher Electronic Technology Janice Giampa General Liberal Arts Howard Gordon General Liberal Arts Robert Gouldthorpe General Liberal Arts Thomas Graham Liberal Arts Rosario Grasso Management John Green General Liberal Arts Peter Groves General Liberal Arts Michael Gurowitz Management James Guthdauro General Liberal Arts Gary Hamilton General Liberal Arts James Hannon General Liberal Arts John Henry General Liberal Arts Michael Hideriotis General Liberal Arts John Holm Management Robert Hucksam Management Harvey Hudson Liberal Arts Joseph lannazzo General Liberal Arts Allan Ingrham General Liberal Arts Joseph Janco Accounting Tadeusz Jasiak General Liberal Arts Clayton Jenkins Management John Johnson Liberal Arts Steven Jones Electronic Engineering Brian Karolow General Liberal Arts William Keegan General Liberal Arts Richard Kennedy Management Ronald Kolek General Liberal Arts Karney Krikorian Liberal Arts Stavros Kritikos Liberal Arts Donald LeBlanc Computer Technology Joann LeBlanc General Liberal Arts Dudley Lindberg General Liberal Arts John Looney Management Philip Lynch Management Nicholas Maloff General Liberal Arts Ronald Masse General Liberal Arts Robert Mcardle General Liberal Arts Paul McCarthy General Liberal Arts Arthur McEleney General Liberal Arts William McGrath General Liberal Arts John McGuire General Liberal Arts David McKinley General Liberal Arts Paul Metcalf Liberal Arts Robert Mordack Management Nancy Mulcahy Special Student Thomas Murphy General Liberal Arts Diane Nadreau Secretarial Stephen Naffah Accounting |ohn Najarian Management Roger Neild Management Daniel O ' Brien General Liberal Arts Thomas O ' Donohue General Liberal Arts )ohn Packard General Liberal Arts Paul Patrie General Liberal Arts Richard Patti General Liberal Arts Clinton Perry Engineering Science Thomas Perry Liberal Arts Wayne Peterson Management Donna Pettoruto General Liberal Arts David Picanso Liberal Arts Rex Pickel Management Richard Piercy Management William Pike General Liberal Arts Martin Provost Management joann Rayno Secretarial David Riccio Accounting Suzanne Richard Liberal Arts William Rogers Liberal Arts Kenneth Rohr General Liberal Arts John Rose Liberal Arts Georbe Rouses Engineering Science Charles Sarnia Management Thomas Sarbanis Management Brian Savage Computer Technology Richard Schofield Special Student Richard Schultz Management Gaetano Severo General Liberal Arts Patricia Shanley Secretarial Kenneth Shaw Management lames Sheehan General Liberal Arts Richard Sheehan Management Paula Shugrue Secretarial ludy-Marie Simone Liberal Arts |ohn Smith General Liberal Arts William Sousa Liberal Arts Roger Stemp General Liberal Arts Fred Stewart Liberal Arts Victoria Tammik Liberal Arts Carl Taylor Management Ioann Thibault General Liberal Arts Robert Tomaselli General Liberal Arts Carol Ann Vernile General Liberal Arts William Wilkinson Management Stephen Woodbury General Liberal Arts Charles Woundy Accounting Joan Wrigley Liberal Arts Randolph Zioto Engineering Science THE NEW SITE FIELD DAY ELECTIONS CLASSES REGISTRATION LOUNGE SCHCXX CITE Beginning of a long year FIELD DAY I! I were only 5 ' 5‘ What are they protesting now ' 68 Who wants a ride? 69 Will the real Mr. Clean please stand out! 1 1 -2-3 strikes you ' re ' ' They don ' t make hamburgs like they used to back in??? 36-24-36 Hike 1 70 REGISTRATION DAY How did we get this |ob Get in there and feed the cows ' " 71 Happiness is — The first day of school Do that again and I ' ll wack you V-A-Z what? The beginning of the end Isn ' t that section closed? 72 Ha! Ha! You ' re in my class The two Mr W ' s of Northern Essex — together? I wish they ' d let me do something 73 Class Officers What do you mean you ' re going to sprinkle my sweet bibi with flowers 74 Let ' s see now . Looks Good’ I think lust sat on my lunch I wish this was in French. 75 Hello! Is that you Sure is hot out 1 Don ' t look at me like that 1 I ' m a girl watcher 76 What ' s he talking about now” I hope she doesn ' t see me eating! Are you sure the X goes here? ONE and ONE are TWO 77 THE LOUNGE 78 " Once upon a time 79 80 I like teaching the nurses. 81 Where Did I put it? Coming in loud and clear. 82 83 Santa ' s here ' Will y a cut it out ? I ' m busy! 84 Ding Dong Ho! Ho ' 85 86 They had the same tree last year. Getting in the " spirit " 87 88 Faking it Either this is broken — or you ' re dead 89 90 He gave this question and this question . Now, let ' s see, what should I do THIS weekend And they say this is a co-ed college? 91 VVhats new pussy cat ? My car was what " See what Metrecal did ' ! Oh, ya. She ' ll do ' 92 93 And number five is . Love those mini-skirts. You rang? t It ' s here in black and white. 94 95 96 You can ' t move there! 97 Gerber STftAiNCP fOODS Good morning ' lust 10 more minutes. V ' •I %J A- Grazing in the grass. 98 99 I can see better without them ' Thik you ' re smart ha This light is killing me! 100 lust in case . . . La MAFIA 101 The Passing Of A School Year 102 So It Is, And So Be It. s Cheerleaders Club Bci( k row Miss Betty Coyne — Advisor, Cindy Goudreau, Priscilla Lanni, Carol Dennis, Dianne Leverone, lean Sullivan, Naomi Thomaides Front row Kathie Spires, lackie Kopacz, Mary Bishop, loan Bowring 106 Outing Club Back row Ed Krysiak, Paul Borowski, |ohn Larny, lames Cassidy, Second row Samual Hagopian, Jerome Eendrou, Front: Robert Regan, (ohn Silvers. The Outing Club promotes safety and sportsmanship in fishing and hunt- ing; encourages the conservation of wildlife in the Northeast; promotes an appreciation of the benefits of the outdoor life; sponsors demonstrations, field trips, and programs relevant to these objectives. 107 Ski Club Back loan Apostolos, |ohn Babson, Geri Bresnahan, Dana DiFiore Second row Carol Hayton, Kalhie Spires, Charlotte Spanello, Front Michael Rivet, Leslie Sullivan, Angela Rizzo Bark row lames Carr, Mary Ahern, )ohn Sarro, Second row. Mary Bishop, Cindy Goudreau. Susan Blake Front Michael Rivet, Leslie Sullivan, Angela Rizzo 108 Ski Club Officers PRESIDENT: Angela Rizzo, right VICE-PRESIDENT: Leslie Sullivan, left. TREASURER: Michael Rivet, center The Ski Club emphasises skiing as a participant sport, with some emphasis on the development of the novice; undertakes projects beneficial to the de- velopment of the college; plans and conducts ski trips; spaghetti suppers and other social events. 109 Co-Editors of the Public Relations Bulletin are Carol McMillan and Robert Kasabian The Public Relations Bulletin (The Happening) is written by the student public relations board. It is a publication which includes a digest of the w-eek in preview; timely news concerning up-coming events, organization sponsored activities, and academic information. no oO ' N Back row |ohn D ' Archangelo, Robert Kasabian, Joseph Tropiano. Gary Keating, Charles Nois Front Geri Bresnahan, Carol McMillan N E C. C O. (Northern Essex Community College Observer), the student news- paper, provides the student body with information, enjoyment, and a means ot communication. All students are incouraged to submit articles, news re- leases, and opinions for publication. ill French Club Bark row Michael Rivet, |ohn Babson. Timothy Drake, lack Fowler, Second row Leslie Sullivan, Charlotte Spinello, |ohn Naffa, Kathie Spires, Front: Pierre Descoteauz 112 Chess Club THE NORTHERN ESSEX KNIGHTS Recognized by the United States Chess Federation, the Northern Essex Chess Club sponsors an annual college chess tournament, simultaneous chess demonstrations, and tournaments with interested groups. 113 The Drama Club The Northern Essex Drama Club advocates an Interest and deeper knowledge in the dramatic arts for members of the club, the college and the public; sponsors talent show ' s, plays, and scenarios of social comment with club and faculty participation. 114 The Student Teachers Club The Northern Essex Student Teacher ' s Club promotes the social, educational, and professional interest of the students and the college; enables members to become better acquainted with the various aspects of teaching; sponsors a student teacher-aide program; plans to relevant fielcJ t ri ps to educational institutions, and invites guest speakers. 115 Contemporary Affairs Society The Northern Essex Contemporary Affairs Society furthers the understanding and knowledge of history and contemporary problems; serves as a medium tor the exchange of views; sponsors public forums, guest speakers and a Model United Nations delegation. 116 Chorale The Northern Essex Chorale is organized to provide performing experiences for those men and women interested in both classical and popular song; sponsors concerts for the college and interested groups. 117 Accounting Club The Northern Essex Accounting Club affiliated with the American Accounting Association, from which members receive “The Accounting Preview " ; fosters increased interest in the accounting (unction as related to the overall business enterprise; sponsors a Tax Forum. 118 Electronics Club The Electronics Club of Northern Essex encourages student to focus their interest in electronics by gaining a broader knowledge of the state of the art; sponsors demonstrations, field trips to relevant industry, and club projects; operates " radio station, " providing music to the student lounge area. 119 The Lumen Staff BACK ROW Al Arcidiacono, Mike Vallante — Editor, Greg Gostaman, |im Carr, FRONT Kathy Reusch Lorraine Lopiano, Carol Avidisian, Mr Ernest Arnold — Advisor, Paula Adie, Rita Batchelder, Claire Macoul 120 Lumen Staff Advisor Editor In Chief Assistant Editors Managing Editor Layout Typing Editor Sports Editor Editor Of Photography Staff Mr. Ernest Arnold Michael Vallante Claire Macoul Rita Batchelder Kathy Reusch Paula Aide Carol Avidisian lames Carr Al Arcidiacono Celine King Joyce Desrocher Lorraine Lopiano Greg Gostanian 121 i IE! I I I I I I 1 I E s s I I 1 i I i S LUMEN MESSAGE During the production of the Lumen, we, the members of the Lumen staff, kept one thing predominant in our minds — the student body. Through remembrance of teachers, clubs, social activities, and students, we painted a picture of Northern Essex Community College as we felt life has been here during the last two years. There were instances when the production of the yearbook was hectic. We wrote, selected pictures, drew and re-drew, and often worked late hours in order to meet deadlines. We are now leaving Northern Essex Community College with hope that you will look back at your yearbook and recapitulate the many cherished moments of your education. Bearing in mind the theme of the Lumen that " Light dispels darkness”, we can enter the world with hope that this light will be seen in our every moments of despair. We do not feel that your yearbook can be dedicated to any one person in particular, A dedication of this sort would be an injustice to the entire student body. Ihus, we, the Lumen staff of 1969, dedicate this yearbook to you — the students. With pride and appreciation, the Lumen staff presents to the class of 1969 your yearbook. t 122 Appreciations Thanks first and foremost to Kathy Reusch, Rita Batcholder, Claire Macoul, Carol Avidisian, and the entire Luman staff. To Al Arcidiacono for the many excellent photographs used. To Mr. Rogers of Roger ' s Studio for his time and photographs. To Mr. Dick Weir, the American Yearbook Company representative, for his assistance and candids. To Mr. Ernest Arnold, our Advisor, for his great help and encouragement. And finally to Mr. Charles Schultz for his permission to use Peanuts character for reproduction. Michael A. Vallante, Editor-in-Chief 123 NECC Basketball Team BACK ROW Coach — jack Wysong, |im Cronin, Frank DiTori, Ron Nicholson, Art Giles, Peter Saulis, Charlie Bastian, Crash Corrigan, Larry Snow, Coach — Al Bradley. FRONT ROW Marty Welsh, Dave Cunningham, Rick Lathem. 126 Cheerleaders Back: Diane Leverone, Priscilla Lanni, Carol Dennis, Naomi Thomaides, Cynthia Goudreau, Middle loan Bowring, Kathie Spires, leanne Sullivan, Front: Captain — Mary Bishop, Co-captain - lacqueline Kopacz. Advisor: Elizabeth Coyne 127 128 130 Intramurals 131 Girls Basketball 132 Chess Match 133 Fishing Party Rifle Team 134 Tennis Team The Northern Essex Tennis Team promotes opportunities for novices to learn the game; provides competition for experienced players; sponsors intramural tennis tournaments, as well as tournaments with interested groups. 135 136 . t

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