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3 0385 OOio j . m ; Is : is r ' 4 What Js Northern Essex Community Colleg e? Jt is a lounge 2 familiar faces k. 4 V a little spare time ‘i Sjw 9 but most of all, it is students . . . 12 13 PRESIDENT HAROLD BENTLEY 16 PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Whenever I am asked to write a message for a yearbook, I am influenced by the thought that one more year has passed in the organic life of a college. For the students it has usually been a year made up of a series of fast moving events that have been experienced in bright or dark colors against the larger background of development and growth into maturity. There were undoubtedly high spots where fun and gaiety made the student experience a sense of eu- phoria as he enjoyed these precious moments that good health, friendly com- panionship, and the fresh outlook of the young in heart combined to give a zest to life. There were also times when mind and motivation grappled with the stern re- quirements that are an inescapable factor of intellectual achievement. Some- times the student faced the problem of inadequacy and even failure. All of these have become an integral part of the person who soon will be graduated, and whose name will be recorded in the yearbook along with his or her companions who will be the Northern Essex Community College Class of 1967 . . . Best wishes! We hope you do well in the future, recalling us with some plea- sure and always representing us with pride and honor. Meanwhile the yearbook records other years in other lives. Your teachers who have tried to give you direction and purpose in your studies are also mentioned. They too have had a pathway of development, naturally in a more restrained fashion. They join with me in wishing you well. They are glad to have known you. They have taught you, but they have also learned from you. Life and learning are two-way propositions. Along with them is the eternal “other”, the administration. They have tried to keep the balance between your needs and hopes, and the needs and hopes of all who preceded you or will follow. The “administration” is a strange abstrac- tion, a group serving you in making decisions and applying firm policies in sim- pler areas of routine work by the help of hard-working clerks and secretaries. Some people select and order your library books: others label and dust them. Some decide on schedules and classroom arrangements: others arrange the chairs and keep the floors and walls clean for you. All are a part of the year that has gone by. All are part of the story because of you. All are proud of you, and are glad to have known you. Take your yearbook with you! May it enrich your memories and keep you to- gether in spirit when the years and distance have separated you! Sincerely, 18 Milo M. Williams Dean of Administration 20 Edward J. Owen Dean of Faculty 21 Donald L. Ruhl Dean of Students 22 23 24 Vera C. Allen B.S., Simmons College Chemistry Dean D. Bouzianis B.M., M.A., M.M., Boston University National Conservatory of Greece Music Appreication, Fine Arts Vincent L. Alfeld A.B. Brown, University, M.B.A. University of Rhode Island Business Administration Gabriel N. Brahm B.A., MA., Columbia University University of Minn. English Ernest W. Arnold, Jr. B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., Worcester Polytechnic Institute Electronics Albert Brenner B.A., M.F.A., Merrimack College Yale University Speech, Drama, English Jack L. Aronson A.B., A.M.. A.M.T., B.J.Ed., Boston University Harvard University Hebrew Teachers College Spanish EDWARD P. CHAMPY, Jr. B.S., Lowell Technological Institute Electronics 26 Donald W. Charlesworth B.B.A., M.Ed., Clark University Worcester State College Business Herbert C. Crook A.B., A.M.. Harvard University French Eugene F. Connolly B.A., M.A., Marist College St. John’s University English Howard W. Crowell A.B., M.A., Boston University French Donald R. Conway B.A., University of California Spanish English J. Alphee Desjardins B.A., M.Ed., MS., University of Colorado Boston University Worcester Polytechnic Institute Physics Grace A. Costanzo B.S., American International College Business Richard B. Ellis B.S., M.A., Boston University Wayne University Mathematics, English 27 Alfred C. Emerson, Jr. B.S.. M.B.A., Northeastern University Business John B. Guarino B.A., M.A.. Brandeis University University of Michigan History Sandra D. Fotinos A.B.. M.A.T.. Wellesley College Johns Hopkins University English H. Kenrick Holden, Jr. B.S., M.S., Bates College University of Maine Biology Corinne D. Grise A.B., M.S.T.. Brandeis University University of Michigan Mathematics Donald G. Horgan B.S., M.Ed., Milligan College State College at Salem Data Processing 28 Roland C. Kimball A.B., M.A., Gordon College University of New Hampshire English A. Gibbs Mitchell, Jr. B. S.. M.A., Central Connecticut State College Boston University History Norman J. Landry B.S., Ed.M.. M.A., State College at Bridgewater State College at Salem Rutgers University Mathematics Marlene S. Molinoff B.A., M.A., Barnard College Tufts University English John C. Mainer B.A., M.A., Furman University Emerson College Speech Frank V. Padellaro B.S., M.B.A., Northeastern University Business Richard L. Mesle A. A., B.A., M.A., Graceland Junior College University of California Fletcher School, Tufts University Government Donald W. Pailes B.S.Ed., M.T.S., State College at Bridgewater University of N. H. Mathematics 1 29 Robert A. Paul B.S., Bus. Adm., B.S., Bus. Ed., M.A. Bryant College Clark University Geography, Economics Donald A. Rosenberger B.A., M.A., American University Speech, Philosophy Robert R. Rantz B.S.E.E.. Tufts University Engineering Science, Electronics Nicholas Sarris B.S., M.A., University of New Hampshire Fairfield University Business I: man Charles W. Reilly B.S.Ed., M.A., Northeastern University English Peter Simoglou A.B., M.S., Harvard University Simmons College Library Science Katherine H. Richards B.S., State College at Salem Business Harold J. Sipples Ed.B., M.A. Rhode Island College University of Rhode Island English 30 James F. Sullivan B.S.E.E., Catholic University of America Electronics Duane A. Windemiller A.B.. S.T.B., PH.D., Anderson College Boston University Psychology John L. Sullivan B.S., M.S., Lowell Technological Institute University of Oklahoma Computer Programming Clarence A. Wood A.B., B.D., PH.D. University of Rochester Andover-Newton College Boston University F. Olga Williams B.S., M.C.S., C.A.G.S., State College at Salem Boston University University of Bridgeport Business 31 32 FRANCES AIELLO General Liberal Arts 37A Salem Street Lawrence, Mass. DORIS AIRHART Liberal Arts 70 Elm Street Wakefield, Mass. BARBARA JEAN AKSTIN Liberal Arts 9 Highland Street Bradford, Mass. LILA ANDERSON Secretarial Science 125 Dale Street No. Andover, Mass. Secretarial Club ROBERT ARCHAMBAULT Computer Technology 95 Midland Street Lowell, Mass. Ski Club, American Accounting Association 34 ANN M. AUGERI Liberal Arts 83 Osgood Street Lawrence, Mass. BERNARD JOSEPH AUGOT, JR. Liberal Arts 111 Shawsheen Road, Lawrence, Mass. Spanish Club, Chess Club CAROL BAKEMAN KENNETH BARNEY PAULA BARRY Liberal Arts 539 Chelmsford Street Lowell, Mass. Secretary of Tennis Club 35 THOMAS J. BASSO Liberal Arts 27 Lexington Avenue Bradford, Mass. Intramural Basketball VIRGINIA BELL Secretarial Science 55 Varnum Terrace Lowell, Mass. Secretarial Club, Ski Club RONALD P. BERGERON Business Management 225 Hilldale Avenue Haverhill, Mass. DONALD BISTANY Electronic Technology 24 Golf Avenue Methuen, Mass. Electrons Club MARY L. BLAIR Liberal Arts 16 Harwood Street Beverly, Mass. Student Council, Ski Club 36 DALE BLANEY General Liberal Arts 759 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. Literary Society, Yearbook Staff EDWARD BLECZINSKI ARTHUR ROBERT BONIN General Liberal Arts 143 Broadway Haverhill. Mass. Ski Club, American Accounting Association, Delegate for Babson Symposium JOHN JOSEPH G. BORSETTI Business Management 50 James Street Beverly, Mass. Assistant Editor Editor-In-Chief of Observer, Social Committee, Senior Executive Committee ROBERT BROWN Business Administration Haverhill, Mass. Treasurer of Ski Club, Intramural Basketball 37 PATRICIA M. BURKE Liberal Arts 37C Knox Street Lawrence. Mass. Contemporary Affairs Society, Tennis Club KENNETH B. CAMPANELLA Liberal Arts 135 Mill Road Chelmsford, Mass. SALVADOR CARBALLO Accounting 11 Archer Street Lawrence, Mass. American Accounting Association JOYCE CARON Secretarial Science 32 New Hampshire Avenue Bradford, Mass. Ski Club Ski Club Secretary, Student Council, Orientation Committee, Secretarial Club JOHN P. CARROLL Liberal Arts Lowell, Mass. Intramural Basketball, Ski Club 38 JAMES CARSON CHRIS CHRISTOPHER Liberal Arts 14 Cedar Street Haverhill, Mass. Observer Staff, Yearbook Staff, Tennis Club, Intramural Basket- ball, Chess Club President of Chess Club, Photography Club, Public Relations Board, Spanish Club JOHN CIESLIK LAURA CIOVACCO Secretarial Science 65 Renwick Road Wakefield, Mass. TADEUSZ R. CISOWSKI Electronic Technology 10 Hall Street Lawrence, Mass. Electrons Club. 39 ANN MARIE CLARK Liberal Arts 21 Beaconsfieid Street Lawrence, Mass. DENNIS P. COFFEY General Liberal Arts 493 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. THOMAS A. CONDON Liberal Arts 44 Treble Cove Road No. Billerica, Mass. JAMES H. COSMAN General Liberal Arts 294 Salem Street Wilmington, Mass. Student Council, Social Commit- tee Chairman, American Account- ing Association, Ski Club, Intra- mural Basketball BRUCE FRANCIS COTTA Liberal Arts 94 Seneca Street Lowell, Mass. Treasurer of Drama Club 40 WILLIAM P CRONIN Liberal Arts 17 Westwood Terrace Lawrence. Mass. LINDA CUMMINGS Liberal Arts 30 Aborn Avenue Wakefield, Mass. ANNE MARIE DASTOUS Secretarial Science 48 Fox Street Dracut, Mass. Secretarial Club. Ski Club JACQUELINE DAVIS Secretarial Science 121 So. Main Street Bradford, Mass. Secretarial Club JEAN Dl MAGGIO Secretarial Science 35 Farnham Street Lawrence, Mass. Secretarial Club 41 JOHN ANTHONY DOHERTY Liberal Arts 350 Main Street Haverhill, Mass. Student Teacher ' s Club BRADFORD WAYNE DU GRENIER Liberal Arts North Conway, New Hampshire Intra-mural Basketball THOMAS J. DUNLAVEY Business Management 530 Rogers Street Lowell, Mass. Senior Class President, American Accounting Association. Intra- mural Basketball DENNIS DUNNING 53 Montview Avenue Lowell, Mass. 42 STEPHEN ELLIS Electronic Technology 20 Bilodeau Drive Haverhill, Mass. Electrons Club, Ski Club JOHN J. ESILE, JR. Liberal Arts 109 Haverhill Street Lawrence, Mass. Intramural Basketball, American Accounting Association ARTHUR F. FALCON Liberal Arts 38 Tyler Street Lawrence, Mass. Tennis Club RALPH FILLIPON Computer Technology 7 Erving Avenue Lawrence, Mass. Ski Club LINDA FILOMENO Secretarial Science 39 Jackson Street Haverhill, Mass. Secretarial Club 43 LOUIS J. FINELLI Electronics Technology 106 Bunkerhill Street Lawrence, Mass. President of Electrons Club ROBERTA L. FOX Liberal Arts 1 Sheridan Street Haverhill, Mass. PAUL FRANK Business Management 28 Bedford Street, Haverhill, Mass. American Accounting Association PAUL F. FULLER Computer Technology 1 Greenleaf Place Merrimac, Mass. Freshman Class President NANCY FURNESS Liberal Arts 36 Milton Street No. Andover, Mass. Tennis Club 44 LINDA GARLAND NANCY GENDRON Liberal Arts 16 Lund berg Street Lowell, Mass. Ski Club, Presidents Advisory Council CYNTHIA GEORGE Secretarial Science 44 Colby Street Bradford, Mass. Secretarial Club. Ski Club WILLIAM L. GIFFORD Business Management 29 Sachem Street Pinehurst, Mass. Tennis Club 45 GEORGE J. GLISPIN, JR. General Liberal Arts 199 Berkeley Avenue Lowell, Mass. PATRICIA GRANFIELD General Liberal Arts 22 Oakwood Avenue Billerica, Mass. Freshman Advisory Committee CONSTANCE GREEN RICHARD A GRITZ 38 Salem Street Lawrence, Mass. Secretarial Club 46 PAUL GUERETTE Liberal Arts 88 Lewis Street Lowell, Mass. Business Manager— Yearbook Staff, Treasurer of Spanish Club, Treasurer of Student Teachers Club, Public Relations Board RICHARD HELLMUTH Liberal Arts 10 Angel Road No. Reading, Mass. KATHLEEN H. HORGAN Secretarial Science 452 Washington Street Haverhill, Mass. Freshman-Student Council, Ski Club, Senior Class Secretary, Sec- retarial Club, Freshman Orienta- tion Committee JAMES HOW Liberal Arts 33 Race Street Haverhill, Mass. E. MARK HUSSEY Liberal Arts 11 Stewart Road ext. No. Reading, Mass. Editor-in-Chief -Yearbook, Editor- in-Chief-Parnassus, Treasurer, Student Council 47 DENISE JACKMAN Secretarial Science Newburyport, Mass. Secretarial Club SHARYN JENNINGS Secretarial Science 61 Sullivan Avenue Lawrence, Mass. Secretarial Club WILLIAM A. JOHNSON. JR. Business Administration 43 Eneberry Hill Groveland, Mass. Ski Club. American Accounting Association PETER KAMBERELIS Liberal Arts 143 Freeman Street Ext. Haverhill. Mass. Intramural Basketball, Student Teachers Club, Lumen Commit- tee, Drama Club MARYANN KASLOW Accounting 40 Gorham Street Lawrence, Mass. American Accounting Associa- tion. Secretarial Club 48 CHARLOTTE C. KATEN Liberal Arts 88 Birchwood Road Methuen, Mass. EDWARD KAWCZYNSKI General Liberal Arts 39 Boardman Street Salem, Mass. Contemporary Affairs Society L. KIGGINS JEFFREY L. KINGSTON Liberal Arts 125 Kingsbury Avenue Haverhill, Mass. Contemporary Affairs Society, In- tramural Basketball 49 MAUREEN KLEPONIS Liberal Arts 60 Kendall Street Lawrence, Mass. Literary Society NELDA I, KRUKONIS Liberal Arts 31 Ashland Avenue Methuen, Mass. RICHARD KUNZLER Liberal Arts 5 Dundee Street Lowell, Mass. P. KRIKORIAN PAUL LA CHAPELLE Electronic Technology 320 Highland Avenue Salem, Mass. Electrons Club 50 BARBARA LAMBERT Secretarial Science 709 Salem Street Groveland, Mass. Secretarial Club. Ski Club EDWARD LEDUC HUBERT J. LETENDRE Liberal Arts 82 Belrose Avenue Lowell, Mass. Ski Club, Chorale, Tennis Club DONNA LEVER Liberal Arts 7 Wilfred Street Methuen, Mass. Student Council, Drama Club FRED A. LUCIANO Liberal Arts 9 Spring Street Billerica, Mass. Tennis Club 51 GEORGE LYNCH Electronic Technology 9 “E " Street Reading, Mass. Electronics Club KAREN B. MACKIE Liberal Arts 24 Erie Avenue Newburyport, Mass. Student Teachers Club, Chorale KATHLEEN MACKLIN Liberal Arts 487 So. Mam Street Andover Mass. Student Teachers Club, Yearbook Staff LAWRENCE R. MARTELL Liberal Arts 5 Pillsbury Avenue Tewksbury, Mass. President of Tennis Club THERESA JEAN MARTIN Liberal Arts 223 Lowell Street Methuen, Mass. Spanish Club, Student Teachers Club 52 SONJA MARTINSON Secretarial Science 1044 Andover Street Tewksbury, Mass. Secretarial Club, Drama Club THOMAS C. MAY Business Administration 1 Kensington Street Andover, Mass. Ski Club. American Accounting Association— Treasurer BEVERLY MAZZA Secretarial Science 104 Franklin Street Stoneham, Mass. Secretarial Club morra McCarthy Secretarial Science Lowell, Mass. Ski Club, Newspaper, Tennis Club, Secretarial Club RONALD A. McCRACKEN Electronic Technology 73 Lowell Street Methuen, Mass. Electrons Club 53 Patricia e. McLaughlin Liberal Arts 28 Fairfax Street Lowell, Mass. Drama Club MARGARET MERANIAN Secretarial Science 155 Center Street Methuen, Mass. Secretarial Club RICHARD A. MICHEL Business Management 17 Endicott Street Lowell, Mass. American Accounting Association JO-ELLEN ANNE MILINAZZO Secretarial Science 58 French Street Methuen, Mass. Secretarial Club, Ski Club JUDITH A, MLECHKO Accounting 14 Ashland Avenue Methuen, Mass. American Accounting Association 54 p. McGrath ALAN M. MOORADIAN Electronic Technology 26 Leyland Avenue Haverhill, Mass. Electrons Club ARMAND 0. MORIN Computer Technology 9 Rhoda Street Tewksbury, Mass. ELAINE B. MURPHY Secretarial Science 116 Chapman Street Dracut, Mass. Secretarial Club 55 JANICE MURPHY KAREN L. O ' MALLEY Computer Technology 34 Highland Avenue Salem, New Hampshire Corale ROGER PAYETTE Liberal Arts 1132 Methuen Street Dracut, Mass. Drama Club, Ski Club, Intramural Basketball 56 CHARLENE PELOSI Secretarial Science 26 Niagara Street Haverhill. Mass. Secretarial Club ALFRED PETERSON Liberal Arts 4 Riverview PI. Lawrence, Mass. Chess Club— Vice President JEFFREY JOSEPH POLLITT General Liberal Arts 15 Lexington Avenue Bradford. Mass. Chairman Public Relations Board, Business Manager of Ob- server, American Accounting As- sociation, Presidents Advisory Council, Orientation Committee, Registration Committee, Photog- raphy Club DIANE MARIE POULOS Secretarial Science 423 South Broadway Lawrence, Mass. Ski Club. Secretarial Club GERALD R. QUATRALE Liberal Arts 45 Freeman Street Haverhill, Mass Student Teachers Club— Vice President, Photography Editor- Yearbook, Drama Club— Vice President, Contemporary Affairs, Treasurer, Spanish Club, Dele- gate to Intercollegiate Con- ference at Fairleigh Dickinson 57 JEAN ANN RAMEY Secretarial Science 66 Brightwood Avenue No. Andover, Mass. Secretary of Secretarial Club THOMAS RASKOW Electronic Technology 20 Monmouth Street Lawrence, Mass. Secretary of Electronics Club RONALD RAYMOND Accounting 6 15th Avenue Haverhill, Mass. Ski Club. American Accounting Association, Yearbook KENNETH R. READER Business Management 31 Woodbridge Road No. Andover, Mass. Ski Club, Contemporary Affairs Society MILDRED M. RILEY Liberal Arts 13 Bailey Avenue Beverly, Mass. Tennis Club. Ski Club. Observer 58 PAUL RIVERS Computer Technology 11 Woodland Street Reading, Mass. Treasurer of Senior Class, Social Committee, Election Committee, American Accounting Associa- tion, Intramural Basketball STELLA ROGELIS Secretarial Science 14 Cross Avenue Methuen, Mass. Ski Club. Secretarial Club JOHN ROGON Liberal Arts 320 Water Street Haverhill. Mass. THOMAS F. ROLLINS Business Management 309 Boylston Street Lowell, Mass. American Accounting Associa- tion, Public Relations Board. DAVID ROSE Liberal Arts 5 Cleveland Street Amesbury, Mass. 59 JOHN ROWELL Accounting 57 Russell Street Haverhill. Mass. American Accounting Association BRIAN RUTH Liberal Arts 92 Ninth Avenue Haverhill, Mass. Ski Club JEANETTE L RYAN Liberal Arts 17 Rollins Street Groveland, Mass. Tennis Club. BJC Exchange, Con- temporary Affairs, Student Coun- cil-Secretary. NECCO Delegate to Intercollegiate Conference at Fairleigh Dickenson, Freshman Orientation Committee ROBERT RYAN Business Management 583 Stevens Street Lowell, Mass. The Observer, Tennis Club SHIRLEY SACCHETTI Liberal Arts 3 2 Jackson Terrace Lawrence, Mass. Tennis Club 60 PAUL SALAFIA Liberal Arts 5 Ridgewood Lane Lawrence, Mass. Yearbook staff ROSE SALVETTI Secretarial Science 4 Saxonia Avenue Lawrence, Mass. Student Council, Orientation Committee, Ski Club, Typing Edi- tor-Yearbook Observer staff, Secretarial club, Public Relations Board NICHOLAS SARBANIS Liberal Arts 86 Webster Street Haverhill, Mass. Ski Club, Intramural Basketball JOHN J. SAVINELLI General Liberal Arts 224 Park Street Lawrence, Mass. FRANK J. SCALA Liberal Arts 76 Abbott Street Lawrence, Mass. Students Teachers Club, Con- temporary Affairs Society, Span- ish Club, Yearbook Staff, Public Relations Board 61 KATHLEEN SCIACCA Liberal Arts 2 Bungalow Avenue Methuen, Mass. Student Teachers Club, Spanish Club THOMAS SHEEHY Business Management 70 Arlington Street Methuen, Mass. CLIFFORD SMITH Liberal Arts 63 Vine Street Winchester, Mass. Contemporary Atfairs Society PAUL STANTON Business Management 44 Burton Street Lowell, Mass. Ski Club, American Accounting Association NANCY T. SOUZA Liberal Arts 10 Powder House Circle Wilmington, Mass. 62 ANA SZEWINSKI Secretarial Science 582 Haverhill Street Lawrence, Mass. Ski Club. Newspaper Staff. Secre- tarial Club, Drama Club, Tennis Club JOHN A. TEELING, JR Computer Technology 8 Juniper Lane Georgetown, Mass. Chess Club SHARON TESTA Secretarial Science Summit Avenue Lawrence, Mass. Secretarial Club, Ski Club, Ob- server RONALD P. THIMOT Electronic Technology 1 1 Whitcomb Street Haverhill, Mass. Electron Club GARY TILDEN Liberal Arts 45 Savage Street Haverhill, Mass. Contemporary Affairs 63 SALVATORE TORNAME Liberal Arts 132 Woodland Street Lawrence. Mass. Student Teachers Association M ICHAEL J. TROVATO Liberal Arts 16 Milk Street Methuen, Mass. Intramural Basketball, American Accounting Association STEPHEN TURCHAN Business Management 332 Pelham Street Methuen, Mass. Vice-President of Spanish Club WILLIAM F. WALL Liberal Arts 168 North Street Georgetown, Mass. President of Student Council. President of Ski Club, Contem- porary Affairs Society, Orienta- tion Committee 64 DORIS BILODEAU 12 Pleasant Street Groveland, Mass. ROBERT CRAWFORD 117 Washington Street Groveland, Mass DONNA DE CUNTO 72 Belmont Street Lawrence, Mass. 65 MARY ANN GROSSER 24 Bick Avenue Methuen, Mass. RAYMOND JONES 43 14th Avenue Haverhill, Mass. JO ELLEN KELLEHER 11 Otis Place Newbury, Mass. LINDA MclNERNY Sherbrook Street Tyngsborough, Mass. DANIEL REGAN 11 Garfield Street Methuen, Mass. 66 PATRICIA REILLY 3 Dalton Street Lowell, Mass. SANDRA VANTEEMERCHE 6 Hamblet Street Lowell, Mass. CAROL ANN VERNILE 19 Young Road No. Andover, Mass. KAREN WARD 26 Sparhave Road Amesbury, Mass. 67 PAUL WESYLAK 3 Daire Ave. Dracut. Mass. 68 DONALD WILLIAMS Lexington Street No. Andover, Mass. SUSAN YORK 75 High Street Newbury, Mass. MARSHA YOUNG 27 Main Street Byfield, Mass. FRANCIS ZIEFA 17 Beverly Street No. Andover, Mass. 69 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Paul Rivers, Treasurer; Tom Dunlavy, President; Kathy Horgan, Secretary; Bob Murphy, President, Second Semester. 70 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS John Santos, President; Wendy Canada, Secretary; Bob Carignan, Assistant to the President. 71 STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council forms the core of the North- ern Essex Community College Government Associa- tion. Its members consist of seven seniors elected by the senior class and five freshmen elected by the freshmen class. The main purpose of this organiza- tion is to provide a medium for understanding and cooperation among students, faculty, and the admin- istration of the College. Among its duties the Student Council has the pow er to: 1. Legislate and enforce regulations concerning student life on the campus. 2. Approve, reject or suspend a student organiza- tion. 3. Regulate all expenditures by student activity groups. The main goal of the members of the Student Council is to assist each and every student of the Col- lege by offering him opportunities to engage his in- terests so that he will become very much a part of our community college as it strives to fulfill the needs of this area. 73 TENNIS CLUB TENNIS CLUB The Tennis Club was approved by the Student Council in February of 1966 after being proposed by Larry Martell. Mr. Gabriel Brahm was chosen as the advisor to the Club due to his experience in the sport while in the army. Mr. Brahm has played an important role in the functioning of the Club ever since its inception. The present officers are: President: Larry Martell Vice-President: George Glispin Treasurer: Mildred Riley Secretary: Paula Barry During the off season, the Tennis Club is not idle. Along with teaching novice players more about the game, running dances for Club funds, and numerous other activities, they planned a field-trip to New York. Since this past February, the Club has gone to the Winchester Indoor Lawn Tennis Center, site of this year’s National Women’s Championships, on every possible Saturday for practice and Intra-club competi- tion. The main purposes of the Club are to inspire an in- terest in this sport, to teach those who may have the ability and would like to test their potential, and to provide an opportunity for those who wish to learn for the fun of playing. It also provides more experi- enced players a chance to enhance their already ac- quired skills. 74 PUBLIC RELATIONS BOARD PUBLIC RELATIONS BOARD The Northern Essex Community College Student Public Relations Board was founded in 1964 in order to establish better public relations with the communi- ties which contribute to our school. The Board is open to all members of the Student Government As- sociation. The Board has worked with as many as twenty-two newspapers and eight radio stations. Announce- ments of dances and other activities, election results, Dean ' s List students, and many other newsworthy events are handled by the Board ' s members. The Board is the only organization of its type on campus. Its primary goals are to help and assist the school, promote better relations among members of the student body, the administration, faculty, and the community, and also to render assistance to all the other clubs and organizations in the school. 75 CAMERA CLUB CAMERA CLUB The Northern Essex Community College Camera Club was established to promote an interest in photog- raphy within the student body. Although this was the first year of its existence, much progress was made; the organization achieved success in whatever it set out to do. A photography contest which fea- tured a display of photographs from the top photog- raphers in the area was held in the library. The Camera Club is looking forward to continuing success in the coming years. 76 SKI CLUB SKI CLUB Due to the intense and enthusiastic feelings of the students of Northern Essex Community College, a Ski Club was formed to improve social activities within the school. As we ski, we achieve a feeling of freedom and independence from our daily routine. This year the Ski Club has enlarged due to the in- terest and cooperation of the students and the school administration. The ski trips were well organized and successful due to the time spent by the students and the faculty advisor of the Club. As a result, each member en- joyed an excellent skiing season. 77 CHESS CLUB CHESS CLUB The Northern Essex Community College Chess Club was founded to promote increased interest in both intercollegiate and intracollegiate competition. It offers helpful instructions in the fine art of outma- neuvering and checkmating the opponent and offers them to the beginner and the “old pro’’ alike. The chess club team, the Northern Essex Knights, played tournaments with Lowell Technological Insti- tute, Merrimack College, North Shore Community Col- lege, and Salem State College. This year the team met with great success, and it hopes to be even more prosperous in the future. 78 STUDENT TEACHERS’ CLUB THE STUDENT TEACHERS ' CLUB The Student Teachers’ Club was organized during the fall of 1965 and has grown enormously since then. It was formed to promote interest in the teach- ing field and to give its members an understanding of what teaching should mean to them. The Club heard speakers on such fields as elemen- tary education, secondary education, psychology, biol- ogy, and math; it also heard speakers on teaching the mentally retarded and careers in the Peace Corps. Additionally, the Club sponsored trips to the state colleges at Salem and Lowell. The advisor of the Club is Mr. Richard B. Ellis who devoted his time to making the Club a better orga- nization. The Club officers are: President: Frank Scala Vice-President: Gerry Quatrale Treasurer: Paul Guerrette Secretary: Betty Broaca 79 FUTURE SECRETARIES’ CLUB FUTURE SECRETARIES’ CLUB The Future Secretaries ' Club, organized in Novem- ber, 1965, is one of the newest clubs at Northern Es- sex Community College. The Club was founded on the principle of devel- oping interest in the secretarial field and aiding in the civic betterment of the college. This is accom- plished by trips arranged to give the students a deep- er understanding of the many employment and en- richment possibilities in the secretarial area. The last week of April, which is National Secre- taries’ Week, was observed by all members of the Club. The officers of the Future Secretaries’ Club are as follows: President: Janice Murphy Vice-President: Sonja Martinson Secretary: Jean Ramey Treasurer: Frankie Davis 80 CONTEMPORARY AFFAIRS SOCIETY THE CONTEMPORARY AFFAIRS SOCIETY The Society was established with the purposes of both furthering the students’ understanding and knowledge of history and contemporary problems, and serving as a medium for the exchange of views on contemporary problems and history. Under the guidance of our faculty advisor, John Guarino, this purpose was fulfilled. The students who participated in the Club have a better understanding of history and the problems that confront our government to- day. The officers are as follows: President: William Stanhope Vice-President: Frank Scala Treasurer: Gerry Quatrale Secretary: Donna DeCunto 81 LUMEN” STAFF " LUMEN " STAFF Beginning this year with a new staff, new advisors, and a new publisher ■•Lumen’s " creators have striven hard to publish a mature, polished, and original year- book which can serve as a lasting momento of he time spent here at Northern Essex Community Col- lege by our graduating class. The staff members hope that you will enjoy browsing through your copy and that in the many years to come it may serve as a fitting and pleasant reminder of two well and rewardingly spent years. Editor: Lay Out Editor: Photography Editor: Typing Editor: Business Manager: Advisors: E. Mark Hussey Sheila Flagler Gerry Quatrale Rose Salvetti Paul Guerette Mr. Jack Aronson Mr. Charles Reilly Mr. Donald Conway Mr. Ernest Arnold 82 ACCOUNTING CLUB THE ACCOUNTING CLUB The Accounting Club is a branch of the American Accounting Association and gives students in the ac- counting program firsthand knowledge of their field. This year an Informal Tax Seminar was held with the students taking part in the discussions. Field trips to business establishments in the vicinity have greatly benefited many of our members. The members also receive copies of “The Account- ing Review " , a periodical which deals with the latest developments in the field of accounting. 83 LITERARY SOCIETY THE LITERARY SOCIETY The Literary Society of Northern Essex Community College is in its seccond successful year of publica- tion of " Parnassus”. The Society has endeavored to procure from the students, a high calibre of literary wor k. This standard of quality is reflected in last year ' s " Parnassus”, which was widely acclaimed by the students, administration, and faculty. Hopefully, this year ' s publication will be as notable, and we trust that with a new addition, specifically the inception of a representative portfolio of art, done by a Society member, it will be even more interesting and have more depth and variety. Probably the most significant factor in our success has been the cooperation and help of our faculty ad- visor, Mrs. Marlene Molinoff. This gracious and arti- culate woman has worked very hard with us throughout the school year, and it is due to her un- yielding energy, that we have accomplished what we have. Society Officers: Editor: E. Mark Hussey Asst’nt Editor: Ronald A. Brothers Secretary: Elaine M. Benson Treasurer: Al Marcus Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Marlene Molinoff 84 ELECTRONS CLUB ELECTRONS CLUB The Electrons Club, which was the first organized, school sanctioned, extracurricular activity at N.E.C.C. was organized in 1963. The purpose of the Club is “to preserve and foster interest in the different branches of electronics, to secure continued recogni- tion of this organization in the electrical industry and to further the education of potential engineers”. This purpose is fulfilled by demonstrations, educational movies, and field trips to industries involved in elec- tronics. The radio station, which was built and is being maintained solely by the Electrons Club, provides en- tertainment and information for the student body. During the past year this station has been renovated to increase its efficiency, capabilities, and appear ance. In the future, when the school moves to its new facility, the radio station will expand in scope and stature to satisfy the needs of the school and its obli- gations to the student body. The Officers are as follows: President: Louis Finelli Vice President: Paul Murray Secretary: Thomas Raskow Treasurer: Joseph Pappalardo Sergeant of Arms: Alan Serfass 85 OBSERVER “NECCO” STAFF The Northern Essex Community College Observer, " NECCO " , is the oldest organization in the school. This school newspaper is run by the students. It pro- vides the students with experience in working journal- ism, an outlet for creative talent information, enjoy- ment, and a means of communication. The adviser is Mr. Peter Simoglow. Editor-in-chief is John Borsetti and assistant Editor in-chief is John Thomson. 86 WINTER WEEK-END This year Northern Essex was successful in sponsoring the biggest event in its short history of existence. Along with Mt. Wachusett, Northern Essex featured a Winter Week-End from February 17 through February 19. Much work went into planning of the affair; the student response to the activities was encouraging, and all the events were quite successful. 87 N.E.C.C.— M.W.C.C. WINTER WEEKEND FRIDAY NIGHT: 88 89 90 91 SEMI-FORMAL, SATURDAY NIGHT The Speare House in Lowell, Massachusetts, was the site of the third event. Here a semi-formal was held. After a school wide election, Gayle Sears was elect- ed Queen of the Winter Weekend and was crowned at the dance by Bill Wall. 92 93 JUDY COLLINS CONCERT-SUNDAY NIGHT To conclude the Winter Week-End a concert was held at the Commodore Ball- room in Lowell, Massachusetts, featuring Judy Collins. Those who went wit- nessed a marvelous and exciting show by one of America’s most popular folk singers. 94 SOME OLD Robert Paul 95 96 97 98 99 Kendrick Holden ino 101 102 Donald Conway 104 105 107 108 4 1 i i 109 FROM RICHES TO RAGS no 181 111 112 113 114 115 1 16 117 118 119 120 Vatess. 121 122 123 TEAM ROSTERS TEAM CAPTAINS BOUNCING STONES: C. CHRISTOPHER CONRAD BLAHA DUGRENISE MARTELL KINGSTON CAROL HOUSWORTH SIMARD HORGAN BOLD NEW BREED: HEDLAND ARSENAULT ARNOLD SOLEOTIS HARRINGTON HURLEY McCULLEN NEILD MASSE MONALTAN BASKETBALL FIVE FIFTHS REIN WAITHE CAREY TROVATO CRAWFORD YARECKAS QUINLAN CAPVANO CONLON SITZMARKS B. BROWN MASEGA A. BROWN MASYS DANIELANS M. RUBINO BASSO ZOTTOS P. COURSEY LACOX MOONLIGHTERS SKRYNESS D DASTOLI SMITH RUTH SHAHEEN TETLE TURGEON BELAND ELLIS LUCCI PENDULEMS D BENARD T DUNLAVEY LATHAM CANOVITCH S BIRD DEMIRDJI AS A BRADLEY MONETTE B KITTREDGE WEAVERS GIANUSSO MORRISON COCOZA JANCO GORSKI LEREY OZIADOIZ LODY TKB’S WILLIAMS MARCINICK KELLY J COSMAN P RIVERS WITHAM DAILSANES WASYLAK MURPHY ALL-STAR BASKETBALL TEAM ALL-STAR STANDINGS: MWCC PLAYED AT NECC 81 LEOMINSTER 74 80 HAVERHILL 85 DAVE DENARD AND ED MORRISON- 1966-67 ALL-STAR CO-CAPTAINS. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL STANDINGS: POSITIONS 1. FIVE FIFTHS 2. WEAVERS 3. SWINGING PENDULUMS 4. BOLD NEW BREED 5. MOONLIGHTERS 6. TKB’s 7. SITZMARKS 8. BOUNCING STONES WON-LOST 8 8 7 5 4 3 1 0 0 1 2 4 6 (. 8 9 125 HAVERHILL NATIONAL BANK 214 MERRIMACK STREET HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS GERRO’S MEN’S SHOP 5 WASHINGTON SQUARE HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENT ' S OF KELLY’S RESTAURANT 75 SO. MAIN ST. BRADFORD. MASSACHUSETTS MERIT SHOE CO. INC. SHAWSHEEN PLAZA 210 NO. MAIN ST. ANDOVER. MASSACHUSETTS COMPLIMENTS OF THE HAVERHILL GAZETTE HAVERHILL ' MASSACHUSETTS 126 ROGER’S STUDIO 197 Washington Street Haverhill, Mass. PATRONS Professor Mrs. Ernest W. Arnold Jr. Professor Mrs. Jack L. Aronson President Mrs. Harold Bentley Professor Albert Brenner Mr. Mrs. John Capo Professor Mrs. Edward P. Champy Miss Phyllis Comeau Professor H. C. Crook Mr. Mrs. Thomas A. Condon Mr. Mrs. J. Oliver Ellis Mr. Mrs. Arthur S. Falcon Mr. Mrs. Herman Fox Mr. Mrs. Sam E. Furness Mr. Mrs. Gerald Grise Mrs. Amelia Guerette Mr. Mrs. Ernest G. Hussey 127 PATRONS Mr. Mrs. Frederick Johansen Mr. Mrs. William J. Klueber Mr. Mrs. George A. Mackie Mr. Mrs. Francis G. Macklin Mr. Mrs. James Mamones Mr. Mrs. William J. McDonald Dr. Mrs. Joseph T. McNally Mr. Mrs. Perry Molinoff Misses Ann Catherine Monahan Mr. Mrs. Frank J. Paris Prof. Mrs. Robert A. Paul Mr. Mrs. Geno Pelosi Mr. Mrs. Leo J. Perrault, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Dean L. Quarrell Mr. Mrs. Arthur Quatrale Prof. Mrs. Robert R. Rantz Mr. James T. Reid Prof. Charles W. Reilly Dean Mrs. Donald L. Ruhl Mr. Mrs. Kenneth T. Riley Mrs. Mary Rogelis Mr. Mrs. Roy Mr. Mrs. Julius Salvetti Mr. Mrs. Joseph A. Sciacca Mr. Mrs. Caesar R. Simoes Prof. Harold T. Sipples Mr. Mrs. Church Stafford Prof. John L. Sullivan Mr. Mrs. Roland Trignani COMPLIMENTS OF ANGELO’S RESTAURANT 107 SO. MAIN STREET BRADFORD. MASSACHUSETTS MERRIMACK VALLEY NATIONAL BANK 163 MERRIMACK STREET HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS LAWRENCE EAGLE TRIBUNE 285 ESSEX STREET LAWRENCE. MASSACHUSETTS BASSETT’S TRAVEL BUREAU HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS 128 BRADFORD PHARMACY 113 So. Main St. Bradford. Mass. ANDOVER BOOK STORE Andover Massachusetts “GOOD LUCK, GRADUATES FINNERAN’S DRUG STORE No. Andover, Mass. Compliments of PENTUCKET SHOE STORE Haverhill, Mass. DONAHUE BROTHERS 92 So. Main St., Bradford FRED’S I.G.A. MARKET INC. MAGUIRES-BRADFORD FASHIONS GIFTS BRADFORD, MASS. SUTHERLAND’S MERRIMACK VALLEY’S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Lawrence— Andover 129 ' - -

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