Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA)

 - Class of 1960

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Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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any .79m4,44ff 4' 19- ,. - -'-:gg-if ' , D A, 1-,Q gf - f ' ,fi ': . ' 1, " " r - I ' .X ' ' Q 1:1 'E23 ., ,N . 5 , ' , iv .- i 2 L41 ,. 5 dl 2 v I 5 3 3a I-.. J f 1 ,K v , . 4 ! by if 44: An F. Y -sa. K, 1 .- Qi! . 11 W We 5 N v is: my 5 , ' V ' 1' Q 'U 1 Hu QQ. ,Ft bv W? Q -i W: .5 I , V .,3 ,, , v in 4 ap -f f , f V - , v , , A ., . - - - ,, V.,-Q -, ..-11 ' qQ'-.1.4,:.Q-'- ,F , f .H -5-.5.x,.5--,,r-,. Q Q . L -1 a A --5, v . Northern Bedford County High School TRI - HI - LIFE 'WITH THE ROPES OF THE PAST WE RING THE BELLS OF THE FUTURE Someone has said that the past is only the present become invisible and mute, and because it is invisible and mute, its memoried glances and its murmurs should be infinitely precious to us. We, the Senior Class of 1960--tomorrow's past, in order that the past year not be invisible, hive to you these precious memories, which have helped carve our past on the Tree of Life. And so that the past is not mute, let these pictures recall the echoes of the happy and hectic life that flows through the halls of N.B.C. T ABLE O F CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION and FACULTY . . . . 5 CLUBS and ORGANIZATIONS , , 17 ATHLETICS . , 35 PARTIES and DANCES . . Q9 CLASS of '62 and UNDERCLASSM N . . . S3 CLASS of '61 . . . . 63 SENIOR SECTION . . 69 ADS . .86 DINING HALL PERSONNEL . . 9h CUSTODIANS . . IOO A TRIBUTE , , 109 GRADUATION : CLASS of 1960 . . 6 110 DR. SAMUEL STEINBERGER, JR SUPERINTENDENT OF BEDFORD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 'Among others, two main purposes stand out in edu- cation. The first is to give the student the opportunity to acquire a basic preparation for life. The second is tapre- serve and improve our American way of life. Both are neces- sary for happiness and usefulness." Dr. Steinberger lIA1!UlllIl SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL We take this opportunity to commend the Class of' 1960 for its enviable record of service and achievement as a part of the student body of Northern Bedford County High School. While this Yearbook may call to mind many pleasant memories as you turn back to it in the years ahead, we would challenge you to look forward--always, to the un- written pages of life with anticipation and a determi- nation to fill each with a story increasingly exciting and creditable. A great painter was once asked what he considered his best painting. His answer: "The next one." As you lead into the new decade may this spirit be your theme and inspiration. Dr. VanH0rn at work V nur Pltllung- P""'lr" F lily: ' tl ' . i S 2 or .-.. The VanHorn family Mr. Quint at work fi, 'K' The Quint family im fisuashau Q ylt, KURT! BROS. . 1M,1.1k 5559 MAICM 1960 ww 1111. 111 .10 1-1, 1.1 111 1 f 1 2 a 4 5 o 7 8 9l0lll2 I3 I4 I5 I6 17 I8 I9 202l2223242526 212a293o31 ' . 1 E ck, , , 1 11111. 11 1111111111111111-1:1-0 1411 111111111 x1 1a 11 11111111111 111:11 11 usnanuun gn nnszvlall HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL The curtain is closing on your High School career, remember always, as the cur- tain closes on one phase of your life, the lights of op- portunity are shining bright- ly on your next step in growth Use your minds and your tal- ents to serve your God, your Country and Yourselves. To the Class of 1960, my most sincere wishes for a happy and prosperous future. You have been an interesting group and a very teachahle group. Mr. Snavely at work ff X7 , - lx' I To students finishing high school this year of 1960 is a memorable and important one. It is also memorable because it celebrates the l5lth birthday of a great American, Abraham Lincoln. May young folks think of him as having been a man who never did anything wrong nor made a wrong decision. He was known for making quick decisions and taking sudden seem- ingly queer actions, but sometimes even he hesitated. These things were often done because he had a very strong faith in what he thought was right and in spite of opposition he kept that faith. In this atomic age where the world is our neighborhood, we need strong faith in individuals, we need educated minds that can think clearly, we need citizens who can help keep our freedom. As you go on in life, keep a strong faith in America and our way of lifeg think clearly and your public school education will have paid for itself many times over. ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATOR ECRETARIE Miss Sylvia Davis Secretary to Mr. Quint CSnith Buildingj Miss Linda Kichman Secretary to Dr. VanHorn CSmith Buildingl Mrs. Donna Mountain Secretary to Mr. Snavely CRen1og1e Building! ,Z YW if M3QjQU!6 L Mr. A, Ray Anderson B.S,-Penn State University Practical Arts Replogle Center , .f N Mr. Gayle Baker B.S.-Penn State University Biology, Applied Science Smith Center JI ,fre .Mr. Donald R, Dombart B.S,-Clarion State College History, Civics Mr. Alan R, Brace B.S.-Millersville State Teachers College Industrial Arts- Smith Center Mrs. Ruth R. Brumbaugh B.S.-Manchester College Health, Physical Education World History Smith Center Replogle Center ,Mr, Earl F. Echard B.S.-Juniata College M.S.- University of Chicago Science, Arithmetic Replogle Center QNX L! ,A ,JY f I, I f x 1 ff! ,iff Q r X if X d I tw ,K - X, 09 f 1 , 1 1 'X fl 1 I .ff t' ff' fe! X" I Miss Judith F. Fletcher B.S., Indiana State College Art - Area Mr. Daul E. Forsht B.A., Juniata College English, Reading Renlogle Center Mr. Robert L. Gauntner B.S., Indiana State College Geogranhv, History, Shoo Mrs. MaryJane Helsel English, Reading . rf' fx " X B Renloggle Centex 2' I Mr. williard F. Gates .S., Shippensburg College P.O.D., American History Smith Center 3 Mr. Austin Ray Helsel B.S., Indiana College Music, Band Area X B.S., Luk H8VH1StBtS College Mr. Eddie H. King B.S., Shippensburg College Commercial Smith Center Mrs. Carroll Kreamer Mrs. Adele Logue B.S., Albright College Home Economics Replogle Center Nr. Dean McGee B.S.,Lock Haven College Health, Physical Education Drivers Education Smith Center A B.S., Penn State University Home Economics Replogle Center Mrs. Helen Metzler B.S.,Junlata College Elem. Music, Choruses Area !Tz!,0f V1 ' v ' Mb. Ross D. Miller B.S., West Chester College M.Ed.,Penn3tate University Guidance, Arithmetic, Algebra Replogle Center Dulce I. Moore B.S.-Shippensburg College World History, English Economic Geography Smith Center Mrs. Lyon Porter B.S.-Indiana S.T.C. Home Economics Replogle Center tial I 4'1-.55 Richard A. Neubauer Mott Sherwood B,S.-Clarion State College B.A.-Western Michigan U. Social Studies, Math Woodbury Center ' B.s French, English Smith Center Mrs. Janice Neubauer .-Clarion State College Librarian Area John Sharpe B.S.-Juniata College M.S.-University of Michigan Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Math Review Smith Center Luther Rahauser B.S.-M.S.-Penn State U. Vocational Agriculture Smith Center lr ' J nd KY- X.. QE J M Q ex., M . V . ,J M .x -s 5 , Mr. Gerald Showalter B.S.,Shiooensburg College Q1 gk igg? History, Geograohy -gjga Reolorle Center Mrs. Paullne Snoeberger A.B., Juniata College Lathy English, Wmid History Smith Center B.S., Juniata College A.B., Juniata College B,S,, Indiana Stafgyzoglege MPS- Ruth SOeiCh6P Mrs. Viola Stonerook Mrs. Peggy A. Str Home '3C0I10miCS English, Reading History, Geogranhy Smith Center Woodbury Center Reologle Center Mrs. Myra K. Suter A.B., Juniata College English, Latin Miss Betty Lou Whitsel B.S, Shiooensburg College Commercial Subjects Smith Center '4 'W 48 HISTORY or N. B. c. The Northern Bedford County School system agreement of five school districts of the area initial organization included the districts of South Woodbury Township, Woodbury Borough, and In October of 1959 Bloomfield Township became ture. was formed by joint in June, 1957. This Hopewell Township, Woodbury Township. a member of the join- Three small high schools were integrated into one secondary school program, and the students reassigned to the existing buildings by grade groups. Thus, as the waters of the mountain springs merge into larger and stronger streams, the high schools of Woodbury, J. Leonard Replogle, and R. P. Smith were the Uwell-springsp for the new Northern Bedford County High School. Five elementary school centers are contained in the jointure area--Bloomfield, Woodbury, Replogle, Smith, and Hopewell. The latter ouilding was closed temporarily in September, 1959. Several items of Hancientu history are interesting to note. In the course of the consolidation movement of the twenties and schools were closed in six districts. in the area is the present Replogle used frequently as a summer normal our grandfathers were teenagers. thirties, a total of M2 one-room The oldest building still in use Shop which was built in 1381 and school for teacher training when Thus, we inherit the proud history and traditions of our parent schools we are h ll f , c a enged to extend this heritage as we look to the future in 1960. BOARD OF DIRECTORS -- Front How--left to right: Harold Dr. R. H. Bulger, President, Glen Ralph Horton. Second Row: Jesse Hershherger, John Ritchey, Willis Joseph Claoper, Jr., Arlen Berkman NORTHFRN BEDFORD COUNTY JOINT SCHOOLS Over, Robert Little, Sr., Harry Forshey, Treasurer, Clouse, Vice-President, Roger Hall, Secretary, Replogle, Evelyn Spargo, William Helsel, Charles Long. Row Three: Chester Erb, Clifford Zimmerman, , Glenn Hollinger, Robert Heplogleg Les Detwiler, Lloyd Mcllnayp Row Four: James Davis, Clarence Kline, Benjamin Slick, Kenneth Mowry, Richard Ferry, Elwood Smith. These men are working constantly to improve the standards of the educational institutions in our district. ,villbnil ' ,M ,.., ... A 1 ' X ., nr' ,. - ,,,,, O :i..v,k" ' M-..'f. -. 'V :gy 0- i:3ggg'3j ,,.,1 , M.. 1g,.,... - ,gall ,M ...www- Dr. Richard Eulger SCHOOL NURSE Mrs. Benner is a Graduate of Martinsburg high school, Wercy Wosoital School of Nur- sing, and at present is en- rolled as an undergraduate student at Penn State Uni- versity. Prior to coming to N.B.C. Mrs. Benner was school nurse at Central Cove School, in Nartinshurg for nine years. SCHOOL DOCTOR As President of our Board of Education, Dr. Bulger has encouraged parents, teachers and students to work for mutual gains. As a physician, he has devoted his time and pro- fessional service without pay for our athletes. Doc's influence will live in our hearts, as we join the endless throng of N. B. C. Alumni. W umm Our School Nurse, Mrs. Viola C. Benner Home x 0, A,,,,, WX. , s U 5 nosnu 5, lruolo nu A 1 B 2 Y S . 'lu N . M ml Nu N39 ,z 1, nm-M 'mu fun., X -1 ,,..,, I Fo . r Melo ch. x THA7 BfH0u1 700 , 'r' .', . -"' V53 ' ' . 1. Q " ,Q- , Q . 'I .. Z ' K: xv' L .lxl v. 5 1 ' -- k.,,. ,H . , is X: XV, X.. X 5: .- f . it X7 W - r ', an V, 'Vg-., .1 '1 -NGN, 5 t It l W, A ft, 1 5, :S ,E .aww 2 4 mf .. H- ,114 V ,. ff.. .7 f. ' S f :- 'PQ vom: X Sv J - Xf 1 2- .. - Q M ,. 3 - M9 5b " iz. rf"-Aff 'f ,,. Q Us w. 'SX ' .wr A 0 A n .- ' .1- ' P I' ". A -xxx .W 51,1 Mg ' nz Q6 , Q, if 'ir Mfwxslf. V Z, 4' iv I - ,. "'-Wm 'Ja .Q f 'e N ,J yx- 1- M, Q umm- -lr 'A' X M 'Q47 -:X wa.. Nl 2j1Q'.'-An, ff' nf? .awp -. az .. 2 . 1.-V ff- ,xv ' Nu., ff- A' X, -N: 'Vw Up. "i'ifo' fs- FEM., 79 - '-, -' wp -.vw U. 1 , 'til ' 2 'lk it A., 435' ' 'Mn' -Hui! ' 'v .. ,. - .Af ' . - A -- , 2 , 1.1 My-'K Ki: is .Km ,.ftq.-12 5: ...Suv KF, 1 ,Wx - 1-sv L ,. V- ,X V' uh -4' X2 V". .745 -:NN "W 53' LL" 1 , - V' v- -. fs 2 r " U' , ' ,.-f- '. ,L -'fs ,J is 4 ,f 7 ,,:'t7f' X53 'W if '.- yfv-va 4, . fn, ,f - R First row l. to r.: Mr. Quint, advisor, J. O'Neal, E. Little pres. V. Morten, J. Hall, M. Little, M. Musselman, Mr.Sharpe advisor, Second row: K. Leber,vice pres. E. Hall corr. sec., L. Ritchey, R. Helsel, J. Baker sec. tres., Third row: N. Barton, I. Shank, J. Lifrxxruui, Ag Hollinger Sgt. of Arms, E. Detwiler, R. Baker STUDENT The Student Council of your school is the governing body whose main purpose is school service. The Council strives for a more demo- cratic fcrm of school government, more student spon- sored activities, and better relation- ships between our faculty and students. First row 1. to r.: J. Clark, M. Over, D. Miller, J. Pelter, C. Pepple, L. Guyer Second row: S. Ebersole, G. Welsh, R. Sell, J. Grubb, G. Steele, J. States, S. Steele Third row: T. Miller, R. Steele, K. Corle, A. Spargo, A. Smith, D. Baker JUUI CQ -1 S First row: B. Snowberger, G. Koontz, P, Guyer, J. Hall, W. Detwiler, J. Replogle, N. Abbott. Second row: R. Helsel, K. Leber, R, Baker, P. Beach, J. Lippincott, L. Ritchey, D, Clapper, R. Myles, Third row: D, Weaver, D. Martin, L, Imler, R, Bechtel, F. Eller, W, Baker, G. Slagenweit. CLASS CONGRESSEQ FHITQ RTE? First row: B. Elelsh, J, Fetter, R. Bayer, B. Replogle, C. Beach, P. Helsel, M. Musselman. Second row: M. Avey, N, Clapper, J, Baker, D. Replogle, D. Ott, G, Logue, Third row: S. Baker, J. Eshelman, R. Baker, J. Zimmerman, R. Bowser, P. Mountain, D. Bowers. dd d d YEARBOOK STAFF - 1960 First row: J. Teeterg J. O'Nea13 F. Brumbaughg E. Littleg M. Snyderg Second row L. Eshelmang E. Hallg R. Bakery G. Holtg J. Bakerg J. Heltzelg Third row: R. Harclerodeg I. Shankg W. Corleg R. Hollingerg M. Mountain LIBRARY CLUB First row: J. Stonerookg M. Clevangerg B. Wylesg F. Crawfordg D. Imlerg Second row: J. Heltzelg L. Imlerg J. Snyderg K. Stonerookg Third row: C. Guytong K. Presselg J. Ebersole Q PRESS cLuB " Hallg P. Beachg L. Eshelmang R. Bakery F. Brumbaughg J. Clouseg W. Detwilerg J. Walterg M. Littleg G. Welsh Musselmang Mr. Kingg Third row: J. Hallg M. Shankg Logueg E. Littleg M. Snyderg R. Bayerg Fourth row: M. Barnesg J. Bakery D. Bowersg D. Morrisong J. Bakery K. Leberg R. Hallg Fifth row: J. Kichemang Kegariseg B. Spargog K. Bushg G. Holt First row: M. Clapperg E. L. Ritcheyg Second row: B. Lowe, P. Zimmermang M. S. Gonsmang N. Clapperg G. Clevengerg D. Clapperg N. S. Bakerg D. Snyderg B. Bakery H. .. Q 'nv 5 F. H. A. First row: M. Keifmang E. Donaldsong D. Browng D. Imlerg B. Klotzg Second row: B. Snowbergerg G. Wylesg J. Guyerg J. Stonebookg J. Fetterg C. Hallg J. Oakesg D. Imlerg Mrs. Speicherg Third row: A. Snowbergerg K. Helselg J. Carperg G. Logueg S. Guyerg M. Divelyg J. Deithg J. Clouseg A. Imlerg Fourth row: E. Hallg K. Steeleg M. Claycombg L. Fosterg F. Crawfordg L. Dibertg T. Glasgowg M. Clevengerg Fifth row: S. Amickg C. Speicherg S. Reedg B. Ulandg B. Hallg M. Parthemarg F. Rightenour 0 ! F. F. A. First row: L. Imlerg B. Harclerodeg B. Hollingerg W. Corleg D. Helselg D. Snyderg J. Clouseg Mr. Rauhauserg Second row: P. Helselg R. Wylesg S. Frederickg E. Slickg R. Sniderg K. Stonerookg J. Heltzelg G. Hallg Third row B. O'Nealg D. Weaverg W. Bakerg G. Troutmang D. Pennelg M. Bakery P. Mellott Fourth row: J. Ebersoleg C. Hallg B. Beohtelg B. Cottleg J. Snyderg J. Ebersole VARSI I Y CLUB J First row: M. Mountaing F. Wachterg W. Bakerg Second row: K. Stonerookg J. Marling J. Teeterg McGeeg Third row: B. D. Beachg S. Bakery J B. Bechtelg G. Corleg K. Bushg G. Slagenweitg B. Harclerodeg J. Clouseg Mr. Ruppg G. Bakerg R. Bowserg H. Kegariseg J. Ebersoleg Bowserg Fourth row: J. Dawsong B. Graceg A. Millerg J. Zimmermang B. Baker as I F -ff W .af First row: L. Reffnerg E. Littleg E. Hallg K. Leberg J. Ebersoleg Second row: B..Welshg J. Hortong J. Millerg J. Detwilerg J. Tetterg J. Replogleg M. Longeneckerg C. McElweeg Mrs. Snoebergerg Third row: B. Loweg R. Bayerg B. Imlerg A. Shrinerg S. Gonsmang J. Hallg M. Littleg J. O'Nealg Fourth row: M. Aveyg D. Ottg D. Climenhagag N. Clapperg D. Morrisong V. Mortong J. Hallg B. Hortong M. Hallg Fifth row: J. Guyerg J. Klingg W. Lippencottg J. Fosterg C. Shimerg C. Spiecherg D. Clapper FFL F. T. A. First row: K. Bushg G. Holtg B. Spargog Second row: P. Zimmermang J. Millerg C. McElwee5 C. Mcllnayg J. Ebersoleg E. Haleg Miss Whitselg Third row: J. Hallg J. Walterg L. Eshelmang R. Hallg D. Helselg F. Brumbaughg M. Shankg J. Hallg Eouith row: E. Hallg J. Guyerg M. Clapperg I. Shankg J. Fosterg L. Ritcheyg . y es VWRCITY Guyer Guyer Hell O'Nea1 Morrison Steele x Mbna Jeen 0'Nea1 Dolores Morrison .sw ., .,k,k he M""r GQX Q9 glewnor Hole Mlennor Hall xi , Q , 5 Q., S 'S 1 F2235 N, , JUNIOR VARSITY R. Hall J. Keith E. Hall C. Beach E. Hale CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR HIGH J. Hall C. Heltzel K. Fetter C. Klotz D. Baker S. Ickes A N T H E R ..- ,., . 3 D Nlon HIGH MusIcMAKE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND DISTRICT BAND MEMBERS R. M. Baker, Eleanor Hall, F. Brumbaugh, L. Eshelman 1 .QQQEQQQEEQQ Music ALONE SHALL uve" 1 . sg ygffafyfp In in 59,9 Q wvwfw fi Q 6 Q SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS MRS. M ETZLER 3 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS DIS T R I O T CHORUS MEMBERS R. Baker, L. Eshelman, F. Brumbaugh, C Reffner was not present when taken. BOY'9 OCTET L Eshelman, R. Hollinger, R. Baker, A. Miller, J. Zimmerman, G. Slagenweit, S. Baker, D. Replogle GIRLS' TRIO M. A. Little, R. M. Baker, P. Beach NBc"sTARousTERs AGONY SISTERS P I srs v52'ZL enzouvs S A N5 vow . 3 w Rss ,h V h 'I , b Ima, nf . - ,W -b ' fix?-4' - '... -, .ea-ex' ffl., , 1 , o , ,ij .45 , -"-2: 1 Q".-, 4' ' Y, ' . . '- ' 1 '-..:a.:Sf'.'og- .. do - on , U- L . ' 'J 5 4 , .V 1 as-1, - ,,-y,,, . A o a . ' 'M -1-:ii -1'--Q.-ll J 4 f"'- ' , . -jg-fu .a,,-U... . W , wig. -1... . I 'L' I Q 5,1 ui,-f'f,f - A' gsm, I N . x X -rn-.. fa '4 'r .J ,fl 1' f ,--'44 f"J , x fam- -'jr vga all ' V .f'ff'e. " , ' .. ,ral , ' 1: I-5 , :j 4-4'V ,W 1- R.. If.-,, h - N .wa N Q , . . Q X: , J ,J-L , 4 W M .W wh.. . i X .V i D 3 If we werer1't afraid, we'd get closer. Me and my shadow F. F. A. Develops and Who says we're not ambitious? Builds Farm Programs I see a whale! Barnyard Capers fr ffeafkg wk .-fic. . - - Y as ' f"" .tx-.'k-10 FUTURE This makes it go OF AMERICA SCI E NTIQTS Like Cape Canaveral: If at first you don't succeed Raise the taxes and try again' "5 I X- Wx k .L fl 3 ii-. A 5-'a 3 .,. f -: -1 tx - 'H , is '-1, 111 I 7: i A ' 1 ffgy I ,,TJ, ..- f-X, 1 ,"E"'M df, - ,R 1, 1, 'ft I.. , '73, , W ' f W I s fu... fly.. 4, X .MJ , Pix .4 - - ye , . .1-I !,, N64 ' ' 'X ggvgfkx 4' ' . N 'W ' '-ew- .5L 1 -.2 , if" 655 . , . is . ,Ir -M "0 .3 l A A .y M A . W, - ,-,-.h,-V,-.4,, Q' .- , ' ...J- A4. -, f , 'Rf 'fr f , ' N f . ,w X 4 YR f-Q fff . -s 4 A J' '-"':: ----f' . A fasw. I hw A fav M , f Y ,, 21, f. E If 3, A Qgwya -- .1. , ff. .fu , M., m . qs xx M, 1 .tj it ww 1-Y M173 . fp f g ' f Xivx' I . V, . . ., 58 is F , x ' 'V 1 . - ' W "XS ' x .7 . x I . w M A , 4 Y A L' N1 1, , , 1 .X 3J.55. - . W- , I 'fl-'Q' "fx 1- ,itmluiirl-' I' . , Ag L ,AY A, f,,s mm' 'qflxffgi f . gf-f x W . -2, .X 4 ,Li I 7 V W V T it K :tx K... -4 Iv ,M , ws ff f fx-F -V -A 6342.1-' ,rwlkjfh 'Ll 3- X ,Ry I, mi N N .:, ,N ,nfiig sa I 216 tg,-g,, ' .7 ., .fl Q . ww QQ , ,L .5 :K -0 COACHES: CHESTER DILLON, DEAN MCGILE, ALAN BRACI "T'm going to take my ball and go home" "Wasn't my fault" G Corleg D. Overg K. Pressel J Daw son, R. Bechtelg J. Teeter, G Slagenweitg J. Mockg W. Baker, J. Marting R Wvles. How should I know why we have two extra men on the field at a time like this?????? R. Baker, S. Baker, Clapper, Zimmerman Bowser, Frederick, Ebersole Detwiler, Kegarise ,W D. Beach, R. Baker, J. Dawson, J. Teeter, M. Mountain, M. Hall G. Corle, J. Martin R. Harclerode, J. Bowser, F. Wachter, J. Ebersole, W. Baker Boyd Rupp M2--R.E. 5'lOu--150 lbs. 1 varsity letter Melvin Ruby 560--Guard 5'8U--15O1bs. l varsity letter Come to papaln nDo you smell it too9M Merle Mountain WSE Quarterback 5'lOn--lh5 lbs. 'Ready, Aim .. .Hhere'd he go?n Varsity Letters years all county year all district honorable mention 'The Thinkern 'And then ...l' Kenneth Stoneroo k 568--Tackle 5'6n lh5 lbs l varsity letter Bob Harclerode 569 Guard 2 5'8n 163 lbs varsity letters All district honorable mention Joe Bowser 568--Center 5'9'--1551b- A Varsity Letters 1 All County Honorable Mention Jon Clouse 981--Back 5'8'--1u51b. 1 Varsity Letter 4' . .f H 11 nBa1d Alreadvln TLHHY Ache? Joe Marlin Ferd Wachter 572--Guard 661--Guard 5'9"--160119. 5'5""1551b' 2 Varsity M virsity Letters etters 1 All county Honorable Mention WGo Get'emlN nJust try itln nl--2--Cha! Cha! Cha! nShou1d I--or shou1dn't 9' Dwayne Beach 567--Halfback S'1ON--16S1b. 2 Varsity Letters Jake Ebersole 580--Tackle 5'11'--2251b. M Varsity Letters A11 County First Team 2 All District Honorable Mentions ll You'll never get it off the grou.nc3!" "Down, boy!" Maynard Hall H Harry Kagarise 'Moll --- End 1331 ---' End 6'3n 150 lbs, N,-Q 6'oW 170 lbs. 2 varsity letters a: .N,,. fn Q .1 2 varsity letters 1 county honor' -,- JR. HIGH FOOTBALL First Row: J. Ebersole, J. Leber, T. Imler, D. Tester, E. Van Horn, J. Martin, D. Replogle, J. Kiohman, T. Miller, J. T.'fI'ightj Coach Miller Cat leftlg Front Row: D. Kagarise, S. Izlbersole, D. Miller, R, Sell, A, Baker, R. Este p, R. Wright, R. Bollman, D. Miller, F. Imler. JUNIOR VAR SITY BASKETBALL '42 '10 First row: R.House1, J.Mock, E.Slick, J.Wy1es, B.Shauf, B.Bowers Second row: Coach Dillon, F.E11er, R.Bu1ger, J.Dmwson, G.Batze1 B.Kagerise, P.Mounta1n, J.Ha11. JUNIDR HIGH E L First row: R.Guyer, J.States, G.Rhodes, R.Bol1man, D.Browe11 D.Mi11er, w.Ha11, L.Guyer, J.C1ark. Second row: Coach Miller, B.Van Horn, V.Boor, D.Teeter, D.Rep- logle, T.Im1er, R.Decker, J.Eberso1e, E.Mo11ett, P.Eichelberger, T.G1osgow. V First Row: M. Mountain, B. Raker, K. Bush, G. Slagenweit, D. Beach Second Row: B. Bechtel, A. Miller, J. Ebersole, Coach McGee, B. Baker, J. Zimmerman M. Hall MM Heighth 6'2n Position--Center 3 Varsity Letters VARSITY SQUAD a'o' . s. 0 . ,- ug . . . va, 1,7 3 -- K' 1 - W ' X Q19 :F 5' 25 Q A M. Mountain ?22 Heighth S'1O' Position--Guard 3 Varsity Letters V. Bush :UM Heimhth f'8n Position--Forward 2 Varsity Letters J. Whersole Huh Heighth 5'11H Position--Forward 2 Varsity Lettens D. Reach F20 Heighth 5'1ON Position--Forward 2 Varsity Letters A. Miller 030 Heighth 6'1n Position--Center 2 Varsity Letters K. Stonerook iflo Heighth S'6n Dosition--Guard 1 Varsity Letter First Row: I. Shank, D. Beach, L. Grace, J. Ehersole, M. Mountain, F. Wacther, J. Bowser, Second Row: Coach King, Coach Dombart, J. Mock, G. Baker, G. Corle, C. Brown, K. Pressel, Third Row: J. Zim erman, J. Wyles, D. Foor, R. Bowser, B. Shauf, R. Baker, Fourth Row: D. Ebersole, C. Gyton, R. Wyles, J. Wright, M. Mountain F 30 Position: Pitcher F Varsity Letters 3 5 Years Played 3 L. Grace 5 28 Positlon: Right Field 5 Varsity Letters l 5 Years Played 3 F. Wacther A 23 Position: Left Field 5 Varsity Letters 3 4 Years Played 3 D. Beach J. Bowser W 25 W 22 Position: Third Base Position: Second Base 5 Varsity Letters 2 W Varsity Letters 3 5 Years Played 2' 5 Years Played 3 I. Shank J. Ebersole 5 33 W 3M my XY Mix Position: Right Field Position: First Base f Varsity Letters W Varsity Letters 3 9 Years Played 2 5 Years Played 3 X xi R2 ,JQ I I . l' lp RL 'Q I 960 QUAD h C. Beach, First Row: G. Wels , J. A. Hall, J. E. Hall, K. Leber, A. Shriner, J. O'Neal, M. A. Little J. Teeter, Second Row: Coach Brumbaugh B. Klotz, E. Donaldson, L. Ritchey, P. Beach, J. Foster, M. Parthemer, J. Kichman, J. A. Guyer, D. Clapper 2 16, 59 P- is 1992? GOXS9 P S PU Xxes PV. Tripping the Light Fantastic with Mr. Quintl? Junior Class Officers Monopolize Flower Cart Dreamy Music and Divine Dancing.... Long Live the Queen! uGoodnight... H Down, Rover! MM The King and Queen Merle Mountain HO P and Eleanor Little THE COURT Juniors: Kathlene Leber, William Bakerg Seniors: Francena Brumbaugh, Joe Bowser, Eleanor Hall, Dwayne Beach, King Merle, Queen Eleanorg Sophomores: Robert Baker, Brenda Horton r i mmgqQ1' an n cl UNDERCLASSMEN SEVENTH IN The sections of Seventh Grade are divid ed between the Joodbury and Replogle buildings. The sections pictured are shown in Mrs. Porter's, Mr. Neubauer's, Miss 3trayer's, Mrs. Stonerook's, and Hr. Gauntner's classes respectively. r E GRADE CLASS CLASS OF I 964 f Y5Siilfgum.r,.t1 Front Row: Left to Right: J. Connely, D. Cane, K. Lippincott, 5. Ebersole, R. Clouse, G. Steele, S. Russel, J. Claycomb Second Row: C. Baker, L. Keith, N, Hale, S. Croft, L. Ruby, L. Douglas, D. Hess, B. Heltzel, D. Miller Third Row: C. Imler, M, Imler, K. Hall, L, Keith, J. Hall, M. Over, J. Mdmonson, I.Jarrett 1. Bollman, J. Baker Fourth How: E. Replogle, N. Croyle, P. Crawford, J. Snoe- berfer, S. Steele, A. Ritchey, B. Fisher Fifth Row: J. Kichman, D. Snyder, N. Fisher, C. Corle, C. Schmerback, 3. Clapper, G. Pepple, D. Amick Sixth Row: J. Aberscle, T. Miller, R. Wright, T. Glasgow, H. Estep, L. Ritchey, V. Boor, D. Teeter Front Row: Left to Right: L. Zimmerman, M. Fink, D. Replogle, W. Hall, G, Sherry, D. Miller, J. Rice, H. Musselman Second Row: R. Bollman, N. Corle, N. Ritchey, B. O'Neal, S. Smyers, N. Parthemer, A. Smith, J. Eberscle, A. Spargo, Third Row J. Klotz, E. Ross, D. Claycomb, J. Penrod, W. Brallier, B. Uottle, N. Wigfield, P. Steele, E. Crawford, Fourth Row: G. Welsh, W. Morris, C. Reynolds, M. Koontz J. Koontz, W. Kichman, R. Bush, Fifth Row: R. Reasy, P. Christopher, G. Cottle C. Reynolds, J. Scritchfield, CLASS OF I 963 Front How: Left to Right: E Bishop, J Hoover, D Baker, E Sishop, U Clark, B Fletcher, U Klotz, K Himes, F Reed, M Ross Second Bow: B Frederick, S Imler, C Pepple, L Lowe, B Srumbaugh, C Hart, G Detwiler, N Fisher, S Steele, D Gaff, R Meister Third Row: J Grace, P Snyder, J States, J Stonerook, C Pepple, G Rhodes, R Replogle, A Baker Fourth Row: R Guyer, D Replogle, T Imler, K Corle, D Norris, J Cottle, J Fluke Fifth Row: P Eichelberger, W Koontz Front How: Left tg Might! R Sell, S Hoover, L Clopper, J Hall, J King, J Whitfield, J Over, V Smith, D Boor, D Stacy, J Grubb, B Imler Second Row: B Van Horn, J Helter, K Fetter, C Harclerode, E Craig, L Steele, N Foor, C Spade, J Splelman, S Ickes, K Holsinger Third Row: S Hussleman, F Jarrett, C Helsel, M Baker, N Hockenberry, G Scutchall, J Ebersole, N Clark Fourth Row: G Stauffe, R Steele, S Hollawell, D Replogle, C Holt, R Kagarise, J Rupp Fifth Row: R Ebersole, J Leber, C Dodson, J Martin, J Nellott, J Wright Allen nmick Marie Avey Janet Waker Marvin Baker Robert iaker Samuel Baker Ronald Eurten Ruta Bayer Connie Beacn Aloert Eollman Mary Bcllman Dennis Bowers Donald Bowser Roger Eowser Daniel Qrewell Joyce Cerper Jay Clapper w .A K -qw-all i I X .Q .ix ,'WVxlf Ji 5 "" I Q f 'ow I Tiff? f Swv X M Xtdv 5- po" gr 5 ,gs IJ! F X ge f 6 "- 4 A K .f 7' I X QF 5 ma 'X Ill ll 1 -rf fl 9 1 1 vffal ' 1. v '- X fir' Snirley Cnristopner Xl' Norma Llaooer ff? Move Llevenger 'JM av'-'79 in 'PTE' ,Lf uu"" i 'S -P! ' : Q n l 5 'V ' . X P- wg! -Q ' r ' f s if 1 My 1' ...sP'. X 1 x - V . x . ,, , 'L x ,f x X Q . . -. . x ' - 5 Q .sc , ! Mrni qw: . 'ogg I K 4 ,Q ,, ,,., V fffif' fi' ' L - 'Q rf 3, K, 'x fx H air .aiko olo, o J, A I4 , 9, I K ',', ' mx gk IV lb r I' S 1' 'S 1 nf -'lg -vw au- El? qu? A V 1 ik X ':.f ,-.. -' fi k I X XX N If-wmv Donna Climennaga Janet Clouse Herman Clouse James Connelly Shirley Cottle Frances Crawforo Earl Deshong Elliott Detwiler Charles Donaldson James Ebersole John Ebersole Joyce Fetter James Eshelman Daryl Foor Ronald Foor Mary Ford Linda Foster Samuel Freuerick Sunora Guyer Ronald Guyton 1,.,.,., Hz, K 7k-7 Q :fefbi 13, 'Q ii all y K 2 Q lj 1 X Y s 5 , . 4 V Q 4 Y' ,, gf e 1l " .f-N .HQ . , ,.-Wwe. - M' w x ix 4 0 YQEEQQQW , 1- 3 S X 'LXR ki' i s, ' y JQQ. wr X-,,,,-.aff . i K . y . ' ' ' 'EMM my xx fn J fs Q 35132 Q J 'Q mwfiffx QTg13f,w ?T!fsef Lo,f Www my Q leyy I . ,. -M, er' Connie Hale Charlotte Hall Gary Hall James Hall Rosalie Hall Katnleen Helsel Laul Helsel Brenda Horton JoAnn Horton Hicnaru iousel Donna Imler raul Jonnson william Kabaris Joyce Keith Jean Kline Phyllis Koontz Wayne Koontz Gail Logue Virginia Horton Carol Miller 1,, Wnqxf . g ' ff 8 Q K W Ng 0 X Y-4-Q, i r S' x 4 I '71 , .1 6 i ,D ,IS Y ,. ' ,J ' ,,"..., v' if A 'nag' 45 V, Q. W w Xe 4 , Xiu 4, -ff' ig: Tia l:,5 A f ffl . P' Carol McElwee Carol Hcllnay Darrell Magruder Mary Ann Ausselman Paul Mountain Joan Oakes Bruce O'Neal Delores Ott Mary Purtnamer an-anew Www' 'QM' JF Tm' ,rsieif 1 f K lilly lr ww g Num' Betty Replogle ie: Dwight Heploble gsmqa Ruth Replogle Darlene Reynolds Billy Reasy Robert Riley Richard Sell Mary Shank William Shauf Earl Slick Carole Shimer X! .Q 1 g 4 nw X , Q' M e4lxx IES Jw s me f'V ,,:, 2 iz: Iggy g:' - -i by 5 f Q Eff ' If as W ' Y ss -Q rii f i ,X -vs 44' gswfsvss Q 'wfl W ll-" ,yr' 5 'si g seg? . Y W Sk waive e Pfseq. ee f M y rwyt ww i e,L, DL gag y yn W i .., y W L ',. 5 A 2- mf 35 fl W w5ggi D Dt D55 VK WMHQV Q L A WH tees SQ DwwVlfihl:e. 'AW swf pts e" TW 3+fa EQFHWW' ,fi':5?" ,.. 3 "Q-wry 43 :uh 'hefwn 1 AKD . r M W -X f'NW xy Elf Ronald Sniuer Q" 3 Alma Snowaerger James Snoeberber 'Q Joyce Ltoneruok ww s .1213 . f , if ' 2,5305 X wr 11, - 511 a.. ,,g'fN ? Q I 1 Jerry veech f ,. W Fetty Mae welsh Jay Myles F1315 X Phillip Zimmerman Joseph Zimnennan Dennis Foor mm 91 'X , ,, 1 . v ho fi I K phi 3 A if gl ,N .RN , - XX ,. ,hav Sf XY ffm si , I x 1 fff iff? 'W 5 ' .3 NEW. E" 'X'-N?X3f 3 X .-, We ,K F. .is-K? K' A ny J 2 5 Q MNH? AN v .W eww K 1 ' , I .g. - if ' '97 , .ee f X 4- sf- , " 2 A 5 f SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: President, Sam Bakerg Vice President, Ruth Bayerg Treasurer, Marie Aveyg Secretary, Mary Ann Musselman. THE SADIE HAWKINS DANCE Daisy Mais chase Lil' Abners for a night of rollicking fun. . Viva.. SL..-14.fll.L4-f 122 ' Nancy Abbott Ronald Amick william Baker Gerald Baker Rose Marie Baker Nell Barnes Galen Batzel Patricia Beach warren Bechtel Robert Beeler Robert Bowers Clair Brown Richard Bulger Bonnie Smith Doreen Clapper Marie Claycomb David Cogan Gary Corle Mack Craig Jay Dawson OMC? W. it - 4 , . . x ffl Q -s. .-'1 f "W, , ef .5 , X xfidibiiwe gi "i X A 'N XJ I I l I- 5' ,QQ ,, MJ' I , 'N lips , , ' as A R an get "4-Q.. Q' 4 M V X X ,t.h 'Sw kfk- I Ai ofiii wi M,,sf'u?w L r o,h, -Ag : H ,.. wal' QQ, WSQFYW Ifw if .., ,, . 1,5 .EJ:?Q2Eff3fiL' E I E f ,, N N, U,.L . ..., iis5f??53 J ity -fhewemf -:-Q ' . mQl 4 M K A if Y' 3 gi e Q S We X Q Q w mwnwmwc, i3uii ymi tif dw Eef j ,W, 3 f fe a, pk :".v2-'ffl 3 X 1 x ww K 'Yf""'ff ,W S vi 2 I 5 X K o' 2 1' ' w MVK! X is Q ' K 'is EM X3 x JC QE? x z fir , , . ,Z .,,.' Pm, , ,.h. A :QI .- We .., : A Q W. Agp? , " Manda Detwiler Robert Dodson William Donaldson Joy Ebersole Fred dller Janette Foster Nancy Gable Betty Lou Gates Thelma Glasgow Archie Goff Carol Ann Grace Joan Guyer Joe Guyer Judith Guyer Peggy Guyer Jean Hall Ernest Hall Judith Ann Hall Judy Ellen Hall Meriam Hall Richard Helsel Thomas Hummel Ann Martha Imler Doris Imler Larry Imler Ronald Imler Ted Kagarise Mary Keifman Gloria Koontz Kathleen Leber Junita Lippincott Mary Alice Little Mary Longenecker Norman Lynn Joe Marlin Dean Martin John Mauk Richard Mellott Charles Miller Joan Miller Carl Ott Derry Over Kenneth Pressel Barbara Reed Shelby Reed Linda Reffner Joan Replcgle Fern Rightenour Rollin Riley James Ritchey Linda Ritchey Ruth Robinette Peggy Rupp Gerald Slagenweit Patricia Smyers Barbara Snowberger John Snyder Clyde Spade Rebecca Spargo James Sparks Alllllh-. ' Q Sk Q A Q' ss 1 ef-I NW' Hai .a A J Kathryn Steel Joe Teeter George Troutman Barbara Uhland Dale Weaver Bonita Myles Russell Myles 6 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Treasurer, Judy Ellen Hallg Secretary, Gloria Koontz, Vice President, Pat Beach, President, Doreen Clapper. 'WE Www Wffnff' fllwfn Wah ifhwl THE CLASS OF '60 PRESENTS Don Fetter Leslie Eshelman Mary Snyder Dale Steele Bob Harclerode Joyce Baker Wayne Corle Joe Bowser "Have Arsenic NARSENIC AND Gt ITS JUNIOR PLAY CAST: Joe Heltzel Jake Ebersole Isaac Shank Dwagne Beach Ferd wachter Mott Sherwood Gerry Welsh Au ray Shriver CDirectorJ OLD LACEU mga lfi 34.51 ,L 5. fiiv -1 mi iff 2915! Ii .Q iff ,, Lace Will Travelln Hiays Nho?H CFrancie and Dale-that's who! nHow can you resist me?n Joe and Audrey nThe passing of time . . .H Isaac Shank and Mrs. Snoeberger J g Nag Nag O "Wow1" lgj MQ QX CDU' cg, And you think Louie Armstrong is goodl E T H E L HAROLD JACKSON BARTON HJaCkn General: Visual Aids l,23 Band 13 Hi-Y 1,23 Yearbook 33 Expression: nYa wanta bet?H Future: Carpentry WILLIAM P. BARTON nBillN Generalg Visual Aids 1,23 Band 13 Student Council 33 Prize Possessions: Susie and my Ford: Expression: HGee zooeylng Future: Owner of a body shop I . Q SYLVIA ILLEN BOLLNAN NEen1eH Vocational Home Ee: F.H.A. 1,23 Usher Club 23 Prize Possession: Billg Ex- Pression: UAW, you don't sayug Future Narriage JOSEPH ALLEN BOWSER uJoeN Academicg Football l,2,33 Baseball l, 2,33 Varsity Club l,2,3g F.T.A, 13 Class President lg Flay Cast 2,33 Expression: HVous,vous to youlu Future: Mechanics SHIRLEY MAE ANICK nShirleyu Vocational Home Ecg F.H.A. l,2,33 Ushers Club lg Tri-Hi-V l,2. Future: Employmentg Prize Possession: Diary Expression: NGO jump in the riveru JOYCE ANN BAKER HLeftyn Academic: Press Club 1,2,3Q Band l,2, 33 Chorus l,2,33 F.T.A. 1,23 Student Council 2,33 Tri-H1-Y 13 F.H.A. 13 County Band 23 Play Cast 23 Yearbook Staff 33 Class Congress 33 Prize Tossession: Blond, curly hair: nx- pression: HSounds kinda fishyug Future: Nursing tif, DWAYNE ALLEN BEACH nfee Ween Academic: Football l,2,3Q Basketball l,2,23 F.T.A. 1,22 Baseball 2,33 Varsity Club 2,33 Class Congress 33 Yearbook 33 Prize Possession: Life3 Expression: nHeyn3 Future: College PHILIP BRUCE BOLLMAN nfhlln General: Price Possession: My hair: Expression: HYa don't saying Future:Marines X 'Nuns KENNETH HARTLE BUSH JR. Course: Academic, Clubs: Basketball 123, Hi-Y 1, Band 123, Press Club 123, Visual Aids 1, Class Play 2, Varsity Club 23, F.T.A. 23, Vice President 3, Class Congress 3, Class Vice President 3, Yearbook Committee 3, Future: Service, Possession: My Knowledge, Expression: UHey Theren IIKENII MONA LEE CLAPPER HREDU Course: Academic' Clubs: Lana 123, Chorus 123, Tri-Hi-Y 123 Press Club 123, F.T.A. 123, Class Secretary 1, County Band 2, Class Congress 3, Future: College, Expression: Uneavensu Possession: My old blue jeans 1 Q I WILLIAM RICHARD COTTLE UBILLH Course: Vocational Agr., Clubs: F.F.A. l2Q Future: Marines, Possession: 195s Ford Expression: HWhat's the matter, you crazy or something?U LOREEN JANELL DIBERT HREENH Course: Commercial, Clubs: F.H.A. 123, Chorus 123, Cheerleader l, Secretary to Mr. Rahauser 3, Future: Housewife, Possession: Gene, Expression: UHoly Georgeu uOHlS ANN BROWN HBROWNIEH Course: Vocational Home Ec., Future: Nurses Aid, Possession: Ronnie Expression: HHeavens to Betsylu, F.H.A. 123 President 3, FRANCENA SUE BRUMBAUGH HFRANCIEH Course: Academic, Future: Juniata College, Expression: UFor cats sakeln, Possession: Friends, Tri-Hi-Y 1, F.T.A. 123 F.H.A. 1, Press Club 123, Band 123 Pep Band 12, Chorus 123, Girls' Trio 1, Girls' Sextette 1, Mixed Ensembel 1 County Chorus 13, County Band 2, District Chorus 3, District Band 3, Class Congress 3, Yearbook Staff 3, Senior Play 3. M5Hf?Q,.- JON WILLIAM CLOUSE HJONH Course: Vocational Agr., Clubs: F.F.A. 123, Chorus 23, Hi-Y 1, Football 3 Yearbook 3, Varsity Club 3, Class Congress 3. Future: Air Force, Possession: My car, Expression: HHeyH KENNETH WAYNE CORLE Course: Vocational, Clubs: F.F.A. 123, Library Club 3, Yearbook 3, Future: Undecid ed, Possession: Dodge, Expression: HKeep your eyes on the road.H drill X f EVA MAY DONALDSON HEVQH Vocational Home Economic: Expression: NI don't know.u: Possession: Driver's License: F.H.A. 2,3. JACOB FRANCIS EBERSOLE N Jakeu Academic: Future: Go to college: Expression: nHoly Mackerel.n: Possess- ion: Weight-lifting set: Varsity Club l,2,3: Football l,2,3: Basketball l,2,3: Baseball l,2,3: Chorus 2: Visual Aids 2: Press Club 3. uiiQ' ROBERT CHESTER FOOR nBobN Vocational Agriculture: Future: Army: Expression: Nlmagine thatln: Possess- ion: 51 Ford: F.F.A. l,2,3. ROGER SHERMAN FOOR NGustieN General: Future: Work for Game Commis- sion: Expression: HI'll be darnln: Possession: Chevy: Basketball l,2. MARJORIE DIVELY nMarjn Vocational Home Economic: Future: Air- line School: Expression: NDO telln: Posession: Class Ring: F.H.A. 5 HARRY PAUL DODSON, JR. nJunioru General: Future: Armed Services: Express- ion: UNOLH Posession: Girls: Baseball l LESLIE DUANE ESHELMAN HLesH Academic: Future: College: Expression: nNo kidding.n: Possession: My Hi-fi: Press Club l:2,3: Visual Aids l: County Chorus l,3: Band l,2,3: Chorus l,2,3: Boy's Quartet l,2: Boys Octet 5: Class Play 2: District Band 2,3g District Chorus 2,3: State Chorus 2,3: Class President 2: F.T.A. 2,3: Editor--Press Ulub 3. DONALD WILLIAM FETTER NDonn General: Future: Business Adminis- tration: Expression: uShut Uplug Posses- sion: Home Shop. SARA ANNE GONSMAN uSadien Commercial: Future: Secretary: Expres- sion: uOh, you lop-eared knuckleheadlu Possession: Clothes: Press Club l,2,3: Ushers Club 1: Yearbook Staff: Secre- tary to Mr. King. RICHARD LANNY GRACE HLannyH General: Future: Army: Expression: H50 whatu: Possession: 1946 Buick. BONNIE RUTH HALL nCrashn Commercial: Future: Business school: Expression: UKiss my footln: Posses- ion: Jim: Chorus l: F.H.A. 1,2,3: Tri- Hi-Y 1,2: Secretary to Mrs. Greer. CHESTER LEE HALL nChetn Vocational Agriculture: Future: farmer: Expression: HTa1ley ho the foxn? Possession: Shot gun: F.F.A. l,2,5. X . FREDDIE L. FOSTER nFred General: Future: Electrician: Express ion: HYou betn: Possession: Portable Transistor radio: Visual Aids 1,2. GLENN ELVIN FREDERICK HHarry general: Future: Army: Expression: Without a doubtn: Possession: Money X CHESTER LAWRENCE GUYTON uChop-Chopsu Academic: Future: Penn State: Express- ion: HTake a busH,: Possession: Class ring: Football mgr. l,2,5g Basketball mgr. 1: Visual Aids 2: Senior play: Yearbook: Library club 3. ELEANOR ANN HALE uChookN Academic: Future: Phys. Ed. Teacher: Expression: nOh, shut upln: Posession: Ice Skates: Tri-Hi-Y 1: F.H.A. 1: F.T.A. 2,5: Band: l,2,3: Cheerleader l,2,3: Senior Play CStudent Directorl' Yearbook. 1 s BENSON FRANKLIN HANKS nBenn General: Future: Business Accountant: Expression: uYou Holy Deviln: Possession: A Slightly Mutilated M8 Chevrolet: Visual Aids 2. H. ROBERT HARCLEHODE JR. HHarkyn Agriculture: Future: Expression: nOh Nou: Math Class: F.F.A Vocational Undecided: Possession: l,2,3: F.F.A. Treasure 3: Class Play 2: Hi-Y lt Varsity Club 2,3: Football l,2,3: DAVID ROBERT HOLLINGER nHollingern Vocational Agriculture: Future: Farmer: Expression: HAh, Hecku: Possession: My Ford and guns: F.F.A. l,2,3: Band l,2,3: Chorus 2,3: Boy's Octet 3: County Chorus 3: Hi-Y l,2: Student Council l,2,3: Class Congress 3: Yearbook Staff 3. GAIL LARUE HOLT HGai1n Academic: Future: College: Expression: HF1ddlesticksN Possession: Chemistry Book: Band l,2,3: Chorus l,2,3: County Chorus 3: Press Club l,2,3: F.T.A. 1,2 Yearbook Staff 3: Class Congress 3: Student Council 2: Tri-Hi-Y l: F.H.A. 1. ELEANOR LOIS HALL NGizN Commercial: Future: Elizabethtown College: Expression: nOh Catsn: Press Club l,2,3: Student Council l,2,3: F.H.A. l,2,3: Cheerleader l,2,3: Basket- ball 2,3: Chorus l,2,3: Band l,2,3: Dance Band l,2,3: Pep Band l: County Band 2: District Band 2,3: County Chorus 3: Yearbook Staff 3: Secretary to Mrs. Brumbaugh and Mr. Moore. MAYNARD ALLEN HALL nHallH Vocational Agriculture: Future: Undecided: Expression: 'SoH: F.F.A. l,2,3: Chorus l,2,3: County Chorus l: Band l,2,3: Hi-Y l,2: Student Council 3: Class Congress 3: Yearbook Staff 3: Varsity Club l,2,3: Basketball l,2,3: Football 2,3. NANCY ANN HARTMAN nSugarn Vocational Home Economic: Future: Work at Sylvania in Altoona: Expression: nBoo Boon: Possession: Skates: F.H.A. l,2,3 JOSEPH CHARLES HELTZEL HRev.n Vocational Agriculture: Future: Farming: Expression: 'Say friend, your about to become my enemy': Possession: Car: Class Play 2,3: F.F.A. 2,3: Library Club 2,3: Library Club President 3: Alvin of the Chipmonks: Chorus 2,3: Yearbook Staff 3. qgii' DONNA DODSON HORTON HD.B.H Commercial: Future: Going to France: Expression: uOh for Bud's Saken: Possession: Bud: Ushers Club l: Chorus l,2,3: Yearbook 3: Secretary to Mrs. Gates BEVERLY OPHIE IMLER HBevH Commercial: Future: Marriage: Expression: nOh Shucksu: Possession: Jayne: F.H.Av 1, 2,3: F.H.A. Chaplain l: Tri-Hi-Y 2: Ushers Club 1: Chorus l,2,3: Band 1: secretary to Mr. Dillon. HARRY E. KAGARISE n3ebelH Academic: Future: Air Force' Ex ression P nOh Bulln: Possession: Good,Looks: Football l,2,3: Varsity Club 2,3: Chorus 2,3: County Chorus 3: Press Club 3. JUDITH NACHI KISHHAN nJudyn Commercial: Future: Secretary: Expression: HFor Pete's Sakelwg Possession: Natural curly hair: Band l,2,3: Chorus 1, F.H.A. l,2: Pres Class Congress S: BETTY LOUISE LONE n5hOrtyH Commercial: Future: Elementary Teaching' Expression: HHoly Gown: Possession: White Zippered Bible: F.H.A. 1,2: Chorus l,2,3: Press Club l,2,3: F.T.A. 2: Cheerleader l: Tri-Hi-Y l,2: G1rl's Ensemble 3: Yearbook 3: Secretary to Mr Sharpe and Mr. Gates. PAUL WILLIAM MELLOTT HAbnerH Vocational Agriculture: Expression: nwelln: F.F.A. l,2,3. I 2,33 Tri-Hi-Y l,2: C Club 3: Basketball 3: Secretary to Hrs. Oake 3 Is? I BETTY LOUISE KLOTL 'sam Vocational Home Economic: Future: Go to Florida: Expression: HYou Cotton Picker youu: Possession: Roller Skates: F.H.A. l,3: Ushers Club l: Class Play 3. ELEANOR LOUISE LITTLE nEllieu Academic: Future Lycoming College: Possession: Football Crown: Expression: HNew Subjectng Student Council l,2,3: Band l,2,3: Pep Band l,2: County Band 2: Chorus 2,3: County Chorus 3: Cheerleader 1,2: Press Club l,2,3: Trl-H1-Y l,2,3: F.H.A. 1: Yearbook Staff 3. J X KENNETH ALLEN MILLER 'wllenn Academic: Future: Elementary teaching: Expression: nDid 'ja get any on ya?n: Possession: Betty Lowe: Junior Varsity Basketball l: Varsity Basketball 2,33 Varsity Club 3: Year- book 3: Chorus 3: County Chorus 3. DOLORES JEAN MORRISON WMiken Commercial: Future: Secretary: Expression: nOh for the love of Peteu: Press Club 1,2,3Q Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3: Chorus l,2,3: Cheerleader l,2,3: Year- book 3: Secretary to Mrs. Furry. MERLE HOMER MOUNTAIN nRobin Hoodu General: Future: Air Force: Expression: WJest Joshin'H: Possession: Mr. Sherwood's Tie Clasp: Student Council l: Varsity Club l,2,3: Foot- ball l,2,3: Basketball 1,2,3: Baseball l,2,3: Yearbook Staff 3. JEAN O'NEAL WJeann1en Commercial: Future: Secretary or Clerk: Possession: Dirty gym suit: Expression: UAW Manln: Cheerleader l,2,3: Band 1, 2,3: F.H.A. 1: Tri-H1-Y l,2,3: Pep Band l: Student Council 2,3: Class Secretary 2,3: Class Congress 3: Yearbook Staff 3: Basketball 2,33 County Band 2: Dance Band 3: Secretary to Mrs. Hale. DONALD KAUFFMAN PENNEL HSheepW Vocational Agriculture: Future: Farmer: Expression: 'WhatH: Possession: Two Ayshire heifers: F.F.A. 3. CONNIE LOUISE REFFNER nMooseW Commercial: Future: Typist: Expression: 'You Known: Possession: Dick: Chorus l,2,3: F.H.A. l,2,3: State Chorus 3: District Chorus 3: County Chorus 3: Dance Band Quartet 3: Yearbook 3: Sec- retary to Mr. Sherwood and Mrs. Speicher MELVTN LEO RUBY nRubyu General: Future: Air Force: Expression: UWhat's that? Something you eat?n: Possession: My Mayflower Ccarl: Vice President l: Football 2,35 Class Congress 3: Varsity Club 3: Press Club 3: Chorus 3, JOHN BOYD HUPP nBoydS1eN General: Future: U.S. Army: Possession: My antique l9hl Oldsmobile: Expression HAw Nutsln: Football l,2,3: Basketball l,2: Varsity Club 3, .V 3: aegis, 4, 'bfi-1'5?5f:f 'Lb f:n,np:.,,.,:.. .rf " .4 I It 'cs' DALE EMMERT SNYDER nDumplingn Vocational Agriculture: Future: Penn State: Expression: Huhlg Possession Sandy: F.F.A. l,2,3: Press Club 2,3: Senior Play 3: Senior Congress 3: Yearbook 3: MARY KATHRYN SNYDER HMaryH Academic: Future: Teaching: Expression: Hzseeshln Possession My glasses: F.d.A. l,2: Chorus l,2,3: Press Club 2,3: Class Play 2,3: Class Congress 3: Yearbook Staff 3. GARY DOUGLAS STEELE uHookeru Academic: Future: Accountant: Expression: nHey!n Possession: Trig Book: Student Council 1: Band l,2,3: Visual Aid l,2: Pep Band l: Dance Band 2,3: Yearbook 3. KENNETH ALBERT STONEROOK NUherry Pien Vocational Agriculture: Future: TV and Radio Electronics: Expression HYou don't sayn Possession: Drivers License: F:F.A. l,2,3 Basketball l,2,3 Projection Club l: Varsity Club 3: Library Club 3. AUDREY L. SHRINER UAudien Commercial Future: UAF Expression NNot to be nasty and all like that, butu Possession: My toy poodle: Try-Hi-Y l,2,3: Uhorus l,2, F.H.A. l: Sr. Play 3: Sec. to Mrs. Snoeberger, SUSAN BLANCHE SMYERS WSusiebe Commercial: Future: WAF Expression: nOh, you clownn Possession: Myself: Student Council Ushers Club l: Yearbook 3: Sec. to Mr. McGee and Mr. Helsel. 55 lle l CYNTHIA ELAINE SPIECHER nCindyH Academic: Home Ec. Expression: nYou nincompoopn Possession: My red Corvair: Chorus l,2,3: F.H.A. l,2,3 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3. DALE STEELE NButchH General: Future: Lumberman Expression: nMan, like you know itu Possession: My chevy: Yearbook 3. Jr. Play 2: u 7 X Z1 fweff 59' ? gi .-:Q Pilkfs .?s, ., ,vm-Q, f 1 Q , lv SN? .a 53.5. ,- ,I ,. . WZ., '- ic. ..:' , ,, FEYDINAND AMBROSE WACHTER nFerdW Generalg Future: Plasterer3 Expression: nThat's about the size of itu3 Possession: My Plymouth3 Varsity Club l,2,33 Foo+ball 1,2,33 Basketball 1,23 Baseball l,2,33 Junior Play 2g Yearbook 33 JUDITH LEE WALTER WJudy' Academicg Future: Secretaryg Expres- ion NHol Bucketsu' Possession' S S 1 . y , .J . Drum Majorette's Whistle3 F.H.A. 13 F.T.A. l,2,33 Concert Band 1,2,33 Majorette l3 Head Mojorette 2,32 Senior Play, GAIL WYLMS Wwylzee' Vocational Home ECOUOmiCj Future: Feauticiang Expression: 'You're tellin' mein Possession: EPH19Q F.H.A. 1,33 Yearbook 3. X ISAAC CASSELTON SHANK nlken Academic: Future: Teaching3 Expression: WYou don't say?n3 Possession: Sweaters Hi-Y 23 Class Play 2,33 Baseball 2,33 Student Council 33 Yearbook Staff 33 F.T.A. 33 Class President 3. JANET ELAINE TEETER nJanW Commercial3 Future: Secretary3 Expres- sion: UAW, be quietny Possession: Ice Sk8t6Sj Tri-Hi-Y l,2,33 Chorus l,2,3Q Band l,2,33 Class Treasurer 1,2,3Q Prom Committee 13 F.H.A. 23 Pep Band 2 Band Librarian 23 Yearbook Staff 33 County Chorus 33 Dance Band 33 Secretary to Mrs. Metzler LSH "Read" ure: Marriage3 Expres- Pete's SSKSNQ Posses- sion: Billg Eand Tri-Hi-Y 13 Pep Chorus 2,3j Pres Secretary to Mr, Brace. GERRY ARLENE WE Commercial3 Fut sion: WOh, for l,2,3: F.H.A. 13 Band 13 Junior Playg s Club 13 Basketball 3 JAMES KENNETH WRIGHT uJimW Generelg Future: Business Mani Expression: 'Ah boyng Possession: Typewriterj Hi-Y 1. X . V ., . is fl -f 9 CLASS CONGRESS First Row: J. Teeter, J. O'Neal, J. Clouse, J. Baker, F. Brun- baugh, J. Heltzel, N. Snyderg Second Row: D. Morrison, H. Clapper, K. Yushg M. Ruby, G. Holt, E. Hall, Third Row: J. Kieh men, D. Beach, D, Snyder, M. Fall, B. Hollinger, I. Shank, J. Bowser. CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Janet Teeter, Treasurerg Jean O'Nea1, Secretary, Isaac Shank, Presidentg and Ken Bush, Vice-President. OUR LEGACIESI Robert Foor--my hair to Mr. Gates Cynthia Speicher--my tallness to Joan Oakes Susan Smyers--my ability to get into trouble to Brenda Horton Gail Wyles--my temper to Kathy Steele Ken Stonerook--my basketball uniform to Richard Sell Paul Dodson Jr.--my bent fenders to the body shop Dale Snyder--my dirty coveralls to Larry Imler Mary Snyder--my sense of humor to Mary Alice Little Francena Brumbaugh--the ability to speak for my beliefs to Rosemarie Baker Janet Teeter--my dearly beloved cow bell to Marie Avey Leslie Eshelman--my trumpet to Joe Zimmerman Gary Steele--my dirty gym clothes to Ronald Amick Eleanor Hale--my admittance to Lock Haven to Linda Ritchey Jack Barton--my flat tires to Fred Eller Philip Bollman--my place in the senior class to anyone who will have it Boyd Rupp--my football uniform to somebody else for next year Maynard Hall--my undeveloped basketball ability to Joe Zimmerman Jake Ebersole--some of my weight to Derry Over Roger Foor--my tinker-toys to Mr. Brace Audrey Shriner--my old worn pencil to any junior who needs it Bill Grace--my grades to Bill Donaldson Jim Wright--my sports skill to Sam Frederick Gerry Welsh--my driving ability to anyone who likes to get stuck Ferdinand Wachter--my hair to Mr. Quint Dale Steele--my brown notebook to two junior girls Benson Hanks--my burned valves to Don Bowser for his Ford Bob Harclerode--my ability to play guard to Sam Baker Nancy Hartman--my romance for boys to Anna Imler Donna Horton--my ability to be the last one to class to Jo Ann Horton Fred Foster--my electrical knowledge to Ronnie Foor Glenn Frederick--my six guardposts to Ken Pressel Sara Gonsman--the Bedford boys to anyone who wants them Lanny Grace--my dancing ability to Paul E. Marjorie Dively--my long hair to Pat Beach Eleanor Little--my LITTLE sister to anyone who can stand her Joe Heltzel--my great acting ability to Joe Marlin Chester Hall--my dead cats to anyone who is starting out Bob Hollinger--my trumpet to Jim Hall Eleanor Hall--my cheerleading ability to the J.V. Cheerleaders of 1959-1960 Gail Holt--my ability to be on time to Joy Ebersole Bill Cottle--my bald tires to George Troutman Joyce Baker--my left hand to any future senior needing it to keep up with his homework Doris Brown--my long hair to Jean Hall Ken Bush--my ability to study to Rosalie Hall Judy Walter--my ability to stay in step to Gloria Koontz Mona Clapper--the heavy cymbals to some lucky band member Chester Guyton--my job of collecting lunch tickets to anyone who wants to sit with the first graders Jon Clouse--my front seat in P.O.D. to any unlucky senior of 1961 Eva Donaldson--my bashfulness to Barbara Reed Ileen Bollman--my ability to flirt with the boys to Ruth Replogle Bill Barton--my ability to do geometry to Mary Alice Little Bonnie Hall--my ability to be a waitress to Barbara Uhland Joe Bowser--my left over energy to Jay Dawson Dolores Morrison--my cheerleading uniform to Peggy Guyer Connie Reffner--my shorthand book to Linda Reffner Jean O'Neal--my love for certain cheers to the oncoming cheerleaders Allen Miller--my bass voice to Mrs. Snoeberger Loreen Deibert--my old tubes of lipstick to Betty Gates Dwayne Beach--my ability to warm the basketball bench to Robert Bechtel Melvin Ruby--my bent fenders to Bill Kagarise Merle Mountain--my dirty football clothes to Joe Zimmerman Isaac Shank--my driving ability to Robert Bowers Shirley Amiok--my ability to talk in P.O.D. class to Peggy Rupp Don Fennel--my dead dogs to Mr. Rahauser Betty Klotz--my tight skirts to Joyce Stonerook R Darlene Reynolds Don Petter--my bicycle to Russel Wyles Harry Kagarise--my safe driving ability to Joe Teeter Judith Kichman--a certain boy to Betty Mae Welsh Paul Mellctt--my prize possession, my English book, to Joe Teeter Beverly Imler--my pony tail to Judy Ellen Hall wayne Corle--my deposit to Claycomb's Junkyard to Mr. Rahauser Betty Lowe--all boys except Allen to my sister, Eleanor Witnesses: Llowww Cover Photography MEMBER 106 5' 'W F E -5- 5 2 3 5 'fiom of 504 MAIN STREET IOHNSTOWN , PENNSYLVANIA 5,4 Coznpllments of Q49 O RONNIE'S GULF SERVICE Qty qw 1062. XP O 65 exp Qr af . eb bg QAM QQ 5' '52 ov oe- Q' G Gas Oil Lubrication Phone 9659 Was1:1ing,,Polishing, Waxing HERSHBERGER and MYERS, INC. 124 E. Allegheny Street - Phone 62 Martinsburg, Pennsylvania All Forms of Insurance Kathryn M. Stonerook Jean L, Barley Miriam S. Rogers BEDFORD VALLEY PETROLEUM CORPORATION 4 Rf f X - AINDCCI Xu 91' DISTRIBUTORS GOLDEN RULE DETWILER'S DAIRY PHONE: LOY SBURG 190 PASTEURIZED GUERNSEY MILK E MILK PRODUCTS NEW ENTER PRISE, PA. THE EVE RETT BANK SERVING THE COMM UNITY SINCE 1885 MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT ALL DEPOSITS INSURED INSURANCE CORPORATION UP T0 310,000.00 ROARING SPRING DEPARTMENT STORE nMorr1sons Cove's Greatest Storen 224-256 Main Street Phones 62 and 74 Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania EARLSTON LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber and M111 Work Constractors Builders Everett, Pennsylvania Everett 166 Cdaytlmel Loysburg 36-J-1 Cnlghtl Phone: Compli ments of LIJK RUN COAL COMPANY and PINE LAWN CANDLE HOUSE Lloydell, Pennsylvania Phone Beaverdale 7-7137 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF EV E RETT with Branches at Breezewood and WOODBURY, PENNSYLVANIA Member of' Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation XY, . HERSHBER GER GARAGE 114 W. Penn Street Phone 98 covE's AUTO MOBILE CENTER Chevrolet, Olds, Sales and Service MARTINSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 5760 Qyfi, ,lv BOULEVARD ESSO SERVICE CENTER - 5315 Pleasant Valley Blvd. . Altoona, Pennsylvania Phone - Eflndsor 39102 Kenneth Hershber ge r, Proprietor Compliments of THE NEW ENTERPRISE BANK New Enterprise PennsY1VaY11a PENSYL'S TEX AGO STATION d m Y I ' Route 220 North ,,,u,,, Phone 9820 .ug Bedford, Pennsylvania ROARING SPRING BRANCH ART'S GROCERY of Hopewell The First National Bank of Altoona Roaring spring Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Compliments of THE ROYAL, TRANSPO RTATION COMPANY Post Office Box No. 162 Bedford, Pennsylvania For Food or For Rest FORT BEDFORD INN Bedford, Pennsylvania ARNOLD'S AUTO SEiVICE Used Cars and Trucks Auto Repairs and Service Amoco Products New Enterprise, Pa. Phone Loysburg 9506 BOB'S MOBIL SERVICE CENTER Woodbury, Pennsylvania H. Robert Harclerode Compliments To The Class Of 1960 TH FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF EVERETT with Branches at Breezewood and Woodbury, Pennsylvania Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation REED'S RESTAURANT Compliments of a The Home of Good Food Everett R. D. FRIEND CYPHER BEACH ROLLER RINK Hopewell R.D. 2-B102 Pa. Phone Everett 41ORl3 For Health's Sake Roller Skate DALE'S BODY SHOP Box 533 Hopewell, Pennsylvania fl Mile Southwest on Rt. 261 Phone: 3-5504 - 8-2712 Dale C. Dilling, Prop. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Saxton, Pennsylvania Complete Bank ing Services Try The Sax ton Bank FIRST Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FIVE GABLES At Junction of COFFEE SHOP Routes 220 and 56 Bedford, Pennsylvania Phone Bed ford 9382 Bill and Betty Fix L y.L ,,M Al C Replogle Center nr ww -my f - , ' Qwoodbury Center L ' Q ,,'2 ,,' ' f3XiQm3 ' 10.4 eeee Ln unit' km r"x .og' t, 3'w fig t eeee 5 0 if ig 1, ,, h,mJVlA L as U' .' ' Smith Center ,MX V , ,ff 5, A ff-'T CTT' ' A . :' N 3- Q AE ' fi N 3 is , X gi X Qu . X s 'Ef f - , h Q 231335 A ' !i , . f N I Q its 1 4 ,G J4 7 , 5?' ft I Q ' X , n. i i-1' I Q f2f ' ,t 5 t 1'?x mg' Effa et 54 ' -. R f l A ,m , V 1 x X , fi as ji-it' . , ...A 1 , . r ' Q n K. 4... 1 r Compliments of A FRIEND Everett Pennsylvania ALTOONA CEN TRAL BANK and Trust Co. Roaring Spring Office Morrison's Cove Office Roaring Spring, Pa. Martinsburg, Pa. HORTON'S SUNOCO Breezewood Everett RE 54987 99 76 211 World's Largest Sunoco Dealer Matcnless Economy Compli ments of BLACKBURN - RUSSELL COMPANY Bedford Pennsylvania MCFLEER BROTHERS lOO8 Chestnut Avenue Altoona, Pennsylvania Phone WI-27155 Rent a water softener at low rates Contract us for information PERCY G. FOOR, R Buying Trading Everett, Pa. Phone 550 EAL ESTATE Selling Financing Bedford, Pa. Phone 564 SWARTZ PIANO COMPANY, INC. Altoona Johnstown Piano and Hammond Organs EVERETT MOTOR COMPANY Phone Everett 55 Studebaker Cars and Trucks Body and Fender Repairing 259 East Main Street Everett, Pennsylvania BEDFORD MOTOR SALES Sales and Service , ,-arm '-1 i? Phone 286 Bedford, Pen 118. CARL T. WHETSTONE 8 DONN WHETSTONE INSURANCE 55 Years Service 215 East Main Street Everett, Pennsylvania Compliments of JESSE MELLOTT'S GARAGE Phone 8-2541 UNITED SERVICE MOTORS Hopewell, Pennsylvania ALTOONA LEATHER STORE, INC. Sporting Goods - Bowling Supplies Phone WI 4-8458 1509 Eleventh Avenue Altoona, Pennsylvania R. W. CARBA UGH and SONS Atlantic Pet roleum Products Phone 82211 Fire stone Tires Hopewell, Pennsylvania Compli ments of BEDFORD SPR INGS HOTEL Bedford Pennsylvania KILCOIN SUP PLY COMPANY Building Supplies- Excavating - Grading 2 Miles East of Bedford on Route 30 Bedford, Pennsylvania James E. Kilcoin, Jr. Phone 400 ROARING SPRING Compliments of BLANK BOOK COMPANY NEW ENTERPRISE . . . RURAL ELECTRIC CO-OPERATION INC Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania New Enterprise, Pennsylvania NEW ENTERPRISE STONE AND LIME COM ANY, INC. Home Office ---------- New Enterprise, Pa. Fort Bedford Lime Products Blacktop Paving Crushed Limestone Road and Street Construction Ready Mixed Concrete Prestressed Concrete Beams Nine Plants Serving Nine Counties WINELAND'S I.G.A., INC. FOODLINER Home Dressed Meats Low Prices Everday We want you to visit the new MORRISONS COVE OFFICE of The Altoona Trust Company In Martinsburg, Pennsylvania Get Acquainted with Our Services Checking and Saving Certificates 211- Z on Saving Certificates Night Depository 8 Safe Deposit Boxes Mortgage, Automobile, Equipment and Other Type Loans Open Friday Evenings 6:30 - 8:30 Compliments of ELWOOD METZLER Wholesale and Retail Meats Curryville, Pennsylvania Phone Martinsburg 45-J-1 Compliments of Dr. H. A. SUTER New Enterprise, Pennsylvania EASTERN STATES FARM RS EXCHANGE Curryville, Pennsylvania FLUKE'S GARAGE Diamond T. Trucks Sales and Service Phone Loysburg lO4-J-2 ELECTRIC SALES AND SERVICE Kelvinator Appliances R.C.A. Radios, Televisions Steel and Wooden Kitchens 14 Water Street Wiring Supplies Bottled Gas Service Everett, Pennsylvania FULTON RADIO SALES, INC. BOTTLED GAS APPLIANCES PAINT Branch Everett, Pennsylvania Phone 562 Branch Main Office Hancock, Maryland Orchard 8-6127 Greencastle, Pennsylvania Phone 19 RITCHEY'S DAIRY McCormick Farm Equipment Store nFor the Best in Healthu Use Ritchey's Milk Ice Cream and Fine Milk Products Phone 334 Martinsburg, Penna HFrom Farm to Youn Farmall Tractors International Trucks Phone 1501 Bedford, Pa. COMMERCIAL INSULATION comm L -- 1209 Board Poland Road Youngstown 14, Ohio Rep. Fred O'Neal Phone 4391 Cochranton, Pa. Mr. Heister Mr. Lamborn Compliments Of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Batzel Compliments of MASOOD FUNERAL CHAPEL BARTONS' FASHION SHOPPE Women and Misses' wear Bedford, Pennsylvania Compliments of A R P TEA COMPANY Saxton, Pennsylvania PENN WOOD GUEST HOME A refined home for the aged and convalescent Everett, Pennsylvania Compliments of ELIZA'S CLOTHING STORE New Enterprise, Pennsylvania Phone lO5-R4 Men's Women R Children's Wear BURKE'S TEXACO AND GROCERY Martinsburg, Pennsylvania KAGARISE'S GARAGE New Enterprise, Pennsylvania Compliments of G. C. MURPHY CO. Bedford, Pennsylvania TEETER'S GARAGE nYour Friendly Atlantic Dealern New Enterprise, Pennsylvania Loysburg 252R33 Compliments of FOUSE'S DAIRY Marklesburg, Pennsylvania MARK H. BULGER, JR. JEWELER Artcarved and Keepsake Diamonds Hamilton Watches Saxton Martinsburg Compliments of MILLER FORD SALES Authorized ford Dealer Phone Melrose 52947 SHEEDER'S TEXACO SERVICE Defiance, Pa. Gas, Oil, ect. Compliments of ARNOLD KEIM General Merchandise R.D. 92 Hopewell, Pennsylvania Compliments of TEETER'S CLOVER FARM STORE Phone Hopewell 83421 EBERSOLE AND HAMMAN Electrical Contractors Electrical Supplies and Apgliances Saxton Pennsylvania , Saxton ME-5-2922 Phone' orbisonia HILL-7-2711 Compliment uf R. T. Hall BLUE SUNOCO GAS FORD FARM MACHIWERY MGINTYRE'S JEWELRY STORE 400 East Main Street Roaring Spring, Pa. Watch, Clock, E Jewelry Repairing Compliments of SPONSLERS GROCERY 802 N. Spring Street Phone 225 Everett, Pa. LESTER E. STEELE General Merchandise Loysburg, Pennsylvania BOORS MOBIL SALES and SERVICE New and Used Homes Bottled Gas Everett R.D.i2 Route 26 Phone 452 2 STATES AUTO SALES E SERVICE General Repairs S A H Green Stamps Woodbury, Pennsylvania Phone Loysburg 9l-JO4 Compliments of BEDFORD FARM BUREAR Co-operative Association Bedford Everett HESS GARAGE Quick Repairs Good Service Hopewell, R.D.51, Pa. BON-ETTE RESTAURANT Good Food Quick Service Carl and Mary Everett R.D.?2 Phone 55lM GUYER'S A.G. MARKET General Merchandise Woodbury, Penna. MAURICE'S DEPT. STORE Bedford and Everett Frostburg, Maryland and Phone Loysburg 103-J-3 Keyser, West Virginia Compliments of H. C. SLEIGHTER and SONS Furniture Floor Covering WESTERN AUTO STORE Electrical Appliances Everett, Pennsylvania Phone 506 Everett, Pa. A G P SUPER MARKET AGNEW DRUG Groceries for Everybody At a Great Saving 16-20 Main Street Everett, Pennsylvania The Rexall Store Prescriptions-Drugs-Cosmetics Phone lll Everett, Penna. Compliments of CHERRI-O-RESTAURANT Mr. and Mrs. Henry Turgeon l. East Main, Everett, Pa Compliments of C. L. ISENBERB M.D. Saxton, Pennsylvania BEDFORD OIL COMPANY North Spring Street, Everett, Pa J. Thomas Simmons, Owner Phone 91 EVERETT SUPPLY CO. General Merchandise Phone 65J Everett, Pennsylvania DARLING SHOP 1404 ll Avenue Altoona, Pennsylvania Compliments to Class of l96O DISHONG CYCLE SHOP Harley Davidson Motorcycle Schwynn Bicycle, Topper Motor Scooter Phone 237J Everett, Penna LITTLE JACKS CORNER Restaurant Joseph W. Imler, Jr. Manager Compliments of WALTER A. MORRIS 3 SON Farm Equipment Refrigerator Phone 87-7 Everett, Penna. MANGES GROCERIES Meats Groceries Phone 276-Jl2 Everett Everett, Pennsylvania Compliments of BOWSER'S HEXALL DRUG STORE Saxton, Pennsylvania GRUBB'S BODY SHOP Contract Auto Body 8 Painting Waterside, Pennsylvania Fertilizers-Insecticides-Feeds Lime-Tobacco Dust CENTRAL CHEMICAL CORP. Everett, Pennsylvania Compliments of WATERSIDE WOOLEN MILL AND LOCKERS Waterside, Pennsylvania MILLER'S SERVICE STATION Gas, Oil 8 Accessories Paint k Hardware Saxton, Penna. Phone ME 5-2288 Compliments SATTERPIELD INSURANCE Hopewell, Pennsylvania COVE DEHYDRATING PAINT Phone 245-J Res. 245-M R. D. fl-Martinsburg, Pa. Grower 8 Processor of Alfalfa Meal Greenhouse Mulch E Poultry Litter Best Wishes to The Graduating Class REPLOGLE'S ALANPIC QERJICE Roaring Spring, Penna. DIEHL'S AMOCO SERVICE Phone 9655 R.D.i2, Turnpike Interchange Bedford, Pennsylvania BOYD'3 GROCERY Garden Fresh Produce WERPZ AUPO PARTS Fancy Fresh safety glass-new and used Foods 560 Cherry Street Meats late model parts Roaring 5PPiUE, Penna. On the Mile Level Bedford, Penna. 3TEELE'S GARAGE Compliments General Auto Repair Wheel Alignment Nheel Balancing of B Martinsburg, R.D.f2, Penna. phone 25h Friend AHNOLD'5 FLOOi COVERING Carpets-Linoleum 711 S. Richard St. Phone 337 Bedford, Penne. Compliments of WILLIAMS' DAIRY- Saxton and EVERETT MILK and ICE CREAM CO. Everett, Penna. HINI5H FEED MILLS North Spring Street HIWI5H FEED and FARM JUPPLY State Street Everett, Penna. EVEMETF HARDJARE LUMBER CUMPAWY Builder Supplies and Hardware Phone 205-209 Everett, Pennsylvania 1. UDNICK FURN I? U RE Furniture, refinishing, 8 upholstfring S31 East Pitt Street Bedford, Penna. Phone 1063 MQQE Peonle are Reading the BEDFORD COUNTY PREJS Published at Everett, Penne. MARTINSBURG AUPO SALE5 S12 South Market St. Martinsburg, Penne. Phone 239 BREEZEWOOD MOBILE SERVICE Phone Rep. 5u368 2h hr. service Complete generator and tuneup service Int'r Routes 30 R 126 at Pa. turnpike ELLIOTP'5 APPLIANCE CRANFORD'3 HARDWARE Sales and Service and 301 E. Main Street Telephone 175 FURNITURE Roaring springs, Pa. Phone 10 Everett, Penne. DILLING'S STORE J. E. Dilling Jr. Compliments of Groceries Meets Novelties ZUBROD'S SERVICE STATION General Merchandise-Armstrong Linoleum Phone 101 Martinsburg, Pa. Rgute 550 Bedfgpd, pa, WOODEURY MILL E. VINCENT MOUNTAIN Red Rose Feeds Good Luck Flour Watch and Clock Repairing Seed Grain Fertilizer Phone LOYSUUPS 211 Loysburg, Pennsylvania McCONAHY'S GENERAL STORE Fredricksburg Groceries, dry goods, Sas A oil, Rubber, footwear Martinsburg, Pa. W. FLOYD BUSH Electrical Contracter General Contracter Phone 165 Martinsburg, Pennsylvania NELDA'S BEAUTH SALON Martinsburg, Pennsylvania Phone Martinsburg 59J BOYD'S GROCERY Orlo W. Boyd Phone Loysburg 254-J-2 New Enterprise, Pennsylvania Furnished with Material POTE'S GARAGE General Repairs - Gas 6 O11 Tires-Accessories-Batteries Phone 220 Roaring Spr1ng,Pa. KILCOIN CONCRETE PRODUCTS COHCFSLG Blocks Concrete Floor Slabs CExcavat1ng with Shovels, Bulldozer 6 Power GraderJ Bedford, Pennsylvania Joist Compliments of MAHONEY'S SHOPPING CENTER Woodbury, Pennsylvania Loysburg 165-J-4 Compliments of SAXTON BOTTLING CO., INC. Manufacturer 7-up - Pepsi - Cola - Dad's TRE2SE'S MUSIC STORE 416 Allegheny Street Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Phone OW52635 COmpl1menLS of SAXTON MANUFACTURING CORP. Saxton, Pennsylvania GEORGE E. JONES JONES RESTAURANT nCater1nS Servicen Uwe Go Anywhereu HARCLERODE'S 5 6 10 Weddings Banquets Picnics Saxton, Penngylvanla Fish Fries, Etc. Since 1911 Hollidaysburg, Pa. Phone 5-9917 A Ben Franklin Store HCM CRAFT SHOP Gilbert A. Smith, Prop. Furniture Repairs, Upholstering Fabrics Foam Rubber, Truck, Tractor, and Auto Seat Repairs Curryville, Pa.,Ph.Martinsburg 226-J-2 BARKMAN GAS and OIL CO. Distributor of ,K Mobil Products M0bIl0ll M0b'l9iS - Woodbury, Pennsylvania Compliments of ORE HILL ORCHARDS Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania Telephone 21 Compliments of 'BEDFORD FARM BUREAU Co-operative Association Bedford Everett MURDOCK'S JEWELRY and GIFT SHOP Reba B. Little Prop. Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Bedford, Pennsylvania FORSHEY'S FEED and IMPLEM NTS Allis Chalmers New Holland New Idea Equipment Martinsburg, Pennsylvania Compliments of K E M VILLAGE DAIRY Lunches Homemade Candy across from Maurice's Dept. Store Bedford, Pennsylvania Compliments of CORNER RESTAURANT Home Cooked Meals Managers Ada B. Pepple R Adaline Smith Everett, Pennsylvania BURGET'S GARAGE, HARDWARE and SPORTING GOODS Curryville, Pennsylvania Phone 28J3 SOLLENBERGER FARM EQUIPMENT The Trademark of Quality John Deere Made Famous By Good Implements Everett, Pa. Phone 320 BROWN MOTOR SUPPLY CO. A Bedford County Business Serving Bedford County People Bedford, Pa. Everett, Pa. LOwRY'S I.G.A. SUPER MARKET Everett and Bedford Low Prices Every Day FLUKE'S ORCHARDS Curryville, Pennsylvania Phone Martinsburg 22Rl BILL STEWARD and SONS COAL Roaring Spring 200 GUYER'S AUTO SERVICE General Repairs, Auto-Trucks Phone Loysburg 212 Compliments of ELMER NMIKEW MORRISON Your Local Merchant Yellow Creek, Pennsylvania Carl Modern Interior Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania William H. Richey Everett, Pennsylvania Ralph Cottle Hopewell, Pennsylvania Cogans Diner Hopewell, Pennsylvania BOOSTERS Clara's Flower Shop Saxton, Pennsylvania Zeller Chiropractic Office Bedford, Pennsylvania Tom Schnably Bedford, Pennsylvania Valley View Motel Bedford, Pennsylvania Breezewood Garage Breezewood, Pennsylvania Dicken Grocery Everett, Pennsylvania Lester's Grocery Everett, Pennsylvania Everett Flower Shop Everett, Pennsylvania Dr. Harold N. Slutzker Everett, Pennsylvania Farmer's Hardware Bedford, Pennsylvania Koontz Music House Bedford, Pennsylvania Willow's Snack Bar Bedford, Pennsylvania Roy Greene Woodbury, Pennsylvania Shirley's Shoe Shoppe Altoona, Pennsylvania McFarland Furniture Company Everett, Pennsylvania Everett Hardware Company Everett, Pennsylvania Swindell's Hardware E Sporting Everett, Pennsylvania Drive In Barber Shop Everett, Pennsylvania G. C. Murphy Company Everett, Pennsylvania Rhodes' Meat Market Martinsburg, Pennsylvania Young's Restaurant Hopewell, Pennsylvania Furry's Orchard New Enterprise, Pennsylvania Weaver Electric Saxton, Pennsylvania Dr. Barton Saxton, Pennsylvania Dick's Barber Shop Everett, Pennsylvania Pearl's Restaurant Saxton, Pennsylvania E. B. Coffee Shop Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania Long's Home Furnishings Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania S. K. Long General Merchandise Bakers Summit, Pennsylvania Honsaker's A.G. Food Market Saxton, Pennsylvania Settimia Bartola Six Mile Run, Pennsylvania Straub Brothers Bedford, Pennsylvania La Rue's Beauty Shoppe Martinsburg, Pennsylvania M R M Restaurant Woodbury, Pennsylvania BOOSTERS Wachter's Store, Salemville, Pennsylvania W. O. Weber 8 Sons Martinsburg, Pennsylvania Hite's Value Drug Store Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania Reese Drug Store Martinsburg, Pennsylvania Hartman's Service Station Martinsburg, Pennsylvania Mick's Shoe Shop Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania Baker and Donelson Saxton, Pennsylvania Beany's Diner East Saxton, Pennsylvania Dr. Eugene W. Shuke Saxton, Pennsylvania Zimmerman's Electronics Company Six Mile Run, Pennsylvania K. R. Miller Parofax Gas Martinsburg, Pennsylvania Better Tire Service Bedford, Pennsylvania Bowsers Restaurant Q Service St Duncansville R. D. ff2, Penna. Hasting's Service Station Six Mile Run, Pennsylvania McMillins I.G.A. Super Market Six Mile Run, Pennsylvania Waynes Department Store Saxton, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Spade RIBUTE As a final partlng thought, the Yearbook Staff and Committees find it an appropriate and pleasant act to pay homage to the teachers who have led us through our years of schooling. From the patient, firm, and kind elementary teachers to the junior and senior high school instructors, whom we learned to know well, these men and women have given of themselves unselfishly and un- ceasinglyg to them we give the best we have: our highest respect and honor. You are the most influential people some students will ever meet, years from now when many big events will have been long forgotten, our teachers will be recalled again and again when we remember a lesson well learned or a much- needed hand in friendship or sympathy. "The Lord bless you and keep you . . ." as you continue to guide students toward higher learning. Francena Brumbaughegkwuvnagjggdvf ' Editor-in-Chief Janet Teeter Business Manager Leslie Eshelman Assistant B. Manager Joyce Baker Senior Editor Eleanor Little Senior Editor Bob Hollinger Senior Editor Rosemarie Baker Junior Editor Joe Heltzel x Connie Reffner 8141444 Art Department Sara Gonsman f44i44Lf Slime! eilazaf Art Department G 11 H lt A 0 aMusig Department -M M GL E1 a Hall p Lf! , .77 U Ielulsulg Department 4-Z4-4""'0"j M 1 M t 1 'A X fiQanav'ZCaUQ egpgrtgugegagtmen 1415 Au4ZZ:ES fa! Maynard Hall Sports Departm W Wayne Corle Farm Activities Bob Harcle rode fy! gi f..7,f,ZZ Photography f2Le', jaidekgrfq Farm Activities Jean O'Neal V ff' K ,ZZ Isaac Shank ,' Photography . Editor Ex-officio Eslsuue QJCLWJ5 Mary Snyder Photography -Q n A,-., w E ' ' t v s. A,4. FN ' Mona Clapper Betty Lowe Audrey Shriner Harry Kagarise Ken Bush Dale Steele Gary Steele Eleanor Hale Dolores Morrison Donna D. Horton Allen Miller Susan Smyers Joe Bowser Ferdinand Wachter Judy Kichman Gail Wyles Bill Barton Jon Clouse Dwayne Beach Dale Snyder Gerry Welsh Chester Guyton Judy Walter Melvin Ruby my mum Q IQA Baa, ,. A 55,4 jfs-,ut , Gcafzfwo dw., wwf M '7 Uvwhw W' Jgal GNA4-41C ,fig I arm! .diego 906141, QENIORS I 960 SAAC C. SHATTK Citizenship :':iANCh.NA S. BREW-1F3Al"5H English HONORS -IAMY ix. Jil L -um - Citivcnuhip LLSLIE D. ESWELTMN Science and Nathernatlcs HONORS 5. ILLAN BCLLVAN Vocational Home Bc. LLEANCR L. HAL' Commercial SARA A. GCNSMAN Commercial D.HCBEHT HOLLINSLR Vocational Agriculture G. DALE STLALE Social Studies no picture H OF NIGHT COMMENCEMENT f fx 1 1 ,"X v fxffb C4 , .A V J Qyf , flffw' FAIL! In Q,2,as,-vfu-Ajf.fv..1L 7731. 71' 'S v' f is, .QL- - Ja -I-.. .',.,1,fa' , f- - 1 . , -,. f . - , .1 5. 1 V- A -r 4 H,.-- , - ,, ., V gy., - uf V, .V Qilwgh., 'wI.- Y, -.-V. .11,l.,V,1,g-. .. -.,:,,l-,.,-Ml,1Iw, ,., I 4 ,w 4 .. , - 4. .f , ,- , -,w:,,3-A.: 25 ,K- W, , .!'- . va, J,',,,., ,,,,. J ,-'L' . , ,. ,J-'Q 'L v 1 ,f. 1 Q I .fi 1 1. N J" 5: 'bi - I fbi' 1343 QE 4 .QVVN .,,.,. .M 1' 1 ..-,':.f1,..-W.,-,: 2 1: 5iJ'?i2'1 .':+.E-- . , ka, , , ,jc w j,-s 5 Iggy 1 ,"'f -,'.25,,1 .. I y . gs 5: li 4 1? IN if N? il ' W M M V: X ,,,1., :A-,..., LJ, .-I x , E .U 1-AFC iff? af -B -uf-f -A -':'g,,wf,,:f ,- . 'gfiw vx Y., - , .,,,vL N ,ui ,, , I., 9. f' LM ' v".,, . K E ' f n'i - kin' ,Ia .xl . li d -M, 5' E-'fffmw A ' J'-w - ..,.--Ass' f3'3:v7. Y-1"vl5."i?""" ' V , . . - 0.4. .-N--0 - - T. .fu ,,.4..,.wQ -e 1 n fir ' A I Yin -.4 rs 6 ,fs w '1 -5 ki. 4 .1 wi i Y I 1 E L F I L I If 1. I J -4 I i PQ,- Q ., - K 5 - rv in V . - " if 1 3-in 3 - . i'f52"' f x- ' ff - - "W-11' N-'i'?"4 - TWT- 25' - 1. W .. .- - .- 5 . -, f , , - v- - - ,H - -yah-, -'V' TK: 'WJ

Suggestions in the Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA) collection:

Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 87

1960, pg 87

Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 14

1960, pg 14

Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 68

1960, pg 68

Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 107

1960, pg 107

Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 94

1960, pg 94

Northern Bedford County High School - Tri Hi Life Yearbook (Loysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 124

1960, pg 124

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