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CAULDRON ' 88 ; ' mm-x sail » i ■ ■ h ' ■Hi X - !. « ' ■ , ■ ■ - . f THE YEARBOOK w ' mm History Page 16 Glossary Page 26 Senior Index Page 274 S.VOSMVtl iv.imo.Lv VJJ J IHVtl HJIAHHS (KKX4 N V N HV3A HOINflf I ftl_Y P oure ' tie SENIORS Page 170 NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BOSTON. MASSACHUSETTS People watching. That ' s what we did on the sunny afternoons. We sat and scoped out the opposite sex or read or tossed around footballs and shot the breeze. Quad days were like that, prob- lem was there weren ' t enough of them. But we sure enjoyed the ones we had. GETTING TAN GETTING NOWHERE Third time this week Columbus lot was full before nine. By the time I got to Hayden, I was purged again and now I ' m waitlisted. I don ' t need this, I really don ' t. The bookstore was out of Lit books and Professor Staff just smiled. Sure, count me in. I ' m here. I ' m here. ak ' s or ,ru- m t WiGrlrAu; s Flu i Jext get- ter will be ter I ' ll do ' t believe trier, next GETTI TIRED GETTING THERE This is the last time I schedule back to back classes in the afternoon! I should be getting an activity credit for running from Ruggles to Cahners in 10 minutes. I should be hanging out in the quad, enjoying the afternoon, I should be sleeping in the sun. I should be eating. I should be ... I should be in class now, I ' m three minutes late. GETTING INVOLVED My friend John wanted to join the club and he bugged me logo with him. Really I ' m too busy, I didn ' t come here Tor the activities. That was three years ago, John ' s off at UMASS. but I stayed in the club because I liked the people. If we hang together Northeastern can ' t spit us out piece by piece. GETTING CRUSHED No argument. Team sucks the big one. ya a little spark of hope, then, bang, el foldo mucho grosso. Still you don ' t hate them. Can ' t hate them. Gotta hang in there, like they do ' cause they ' re still our team. Maybe next year. -j - MAXWEL i Li JUMP ' Si I left m shoes somewhere last night. I must have. I don ' t have them now. A hangover ' s fine, but it won ' t keep frost - bite off rm toes I he probli m was so bering up, I was fine until I sobered up. Ilou come this seemed more fun when I was ing in the dorm ( ieeze I wish I where rm shoes were. GETTING TRASHED HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY All photos courtesy of the Northeastern News 16 History HISTORY HISTORY HISTORY Husky artwork by Christine Giliet Co-opoly board by Marianne Weisbender and Michael Turner History 17 A SIDEHILL GOUGER? By 1927, it was getting darned em- barrassing. Northeastern had grown to more than 5,000 students and was pre- paring to field sports teams, yet there was no mascot. The administration wanted a dog — no irony there — and the students were partial toward the bee, the pig or the sidehill gouger. Since there were few gougers to be had, a champion Alaskan sled dog was procured. King Husky I was a spirited sort, com- ing to NU with a rap sheet that included the untimely demise of nine turkeys, 3 1 chickens, a sheep, and several rabbits. But he showed his fortitude by weath- ering a wet welcoming parade and a tomato pelting by some friendly Terriers from B.U. He was given two honorary degrees to mark the day. Since then there have been seven successors to the noble first King Husky. One of the most memorable was King Husky V, who showed his displeasure with a negative Beanpot outcome by wandering onto the ice and leaving a little something for the opposing team to consider. Long live the King! NU ' s edifice complex It is not true that Northeastern was designed by a blind engineer with a T-Square. It is also not true that the reason the campus looks so uniform is that the builders of the university simply left the buildings in the boxes they came in. It may surprise a lot of North- eastern students but there is a rea- son most of the buildings look the way they do. It all started with the fact that there was a university before there was a campus. Northeastern was formed as an evening education program at the main Boston location for the YM- CA on Boylston Street. In 1896, there were part-time courses in law, electricity, architecture and something entirely new for the time, automobile mechanics. The practicality of the program, as op- posed to the liberal arts education of nearby Harvard and Boston University, eventually led to the development of the vaunted co-op system in 1909. Classes continued to be conduct- ed at the YMCA until a fire de- stroyed the building in 1910. Classes continued at other loca- tions until the mammoth YMCA building on Huntington Avenue was built in 1912. In 1916, the evening program became Northeastern College and started offering daytime courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, economics and manage- ment. In 1917, the college was giv- en permission to grant bachelor ' s degrees. By 1922, the college had become a university and had Continued on Page 21 Not the Land of Oz, but a 1960s plan for Northeastern. A football stadium that was never built. Richardson Plaza sort 20 History Only an artist would imagine hallways this clean. H ' f looks like this today. A recreation center that may be built, don ' t hold your breath. Continued from Page 20 outgrown the YMCA building and some rented space across Hunting- ton Avenue. Campus officials be- gan eyeing some vacant property next door on Huntington Avenue. The property had been vacant since a railway stockyard had closed, in 1 903 it had served as the site of the first World Series game, between Boston and Pittsburgh. The university held a design competition and the prominent lo- cal firm of Coolidge, Shepley, Bull- finch and Abbott was given the contract. The company attempted to meld two distinct styles in its campus designs. The first was the Beaux Arts school which inspired such buildings as the main hall at MIT and the Museum of Fine Arts. The other school of archi- tectural thought involved was the Bauhaus European school of util- itarian, interconnected design. The resulting conglomeration was the unique white brick, four story vo- cabulary that has followed North- eastern to the present day. The first building put was Rich- ards Hall in 1938. A short time later, Science Hall, now part of Mugar, was built. The Botolph Building, now Cullinane, was pur- chased shortly before the outbreak of World War II, as was Parsons Field in Brookline. Northeastern experienced a boom after the war and the Ell Building (in 1947) and Dodge Li- brary (in 1952) were built to meet it. Several more acres of land were purchased for parking and the Greenleaf and Forsythe Buildings were also purchased. In 1954, Cabot Gym was built, followed by Hayden Hall in 1956. The White Brick architectural Continued on Page 22 History 2 1 Continued from Page 21 beat continued on. In 1963, the Mugar Building was built followed quickly by Speare Hall in 1964. In 1965, there was the first break in the white brick facade when the Ell Student Cent- er addition to the Ell Building was built. But in 1966, the white brick was reinforced when Robinson Hall, Churchill Hall and Stetson Hall were built. White Hall, Light Hall, Smith Hall and Melvin Hall were all added to the campus that year. The next year Dana Hall was completed and in 1968 Docksor Hall was built. The decade where Northeastern built to a climax was completed with Barletta Natatorium (1969), Knowles Center (1969), and Hur- tig Hall (1969). But the 1970s were also a tribute to Northeastern ' s edifice complex. Gryzmish Hall went up in 1970. Volpe Hall was built in 1972, Cahners in 1974, Kerr Hall in 1975 and Stearns in 1977. But the white brick vocabulary had begun to wear thin and Northeastern knew it. When the United Realty prop- erty (now Lake, Nightingale, Holmes and Merserve) was pur- chased in the 1950s it had been scheduled for destruction and re- placement by new white brick buildings and a football stadium, but the new buildings had been delayed. By the late 1970s it was apparent that the design of the property should be saved for ar- chitectural history reasons and the so-called Red Brick campus was born. With the construction of West Apartments, architects learned that they had to give Continued on Page 23 Snell Building breaks the white brick tradition Building to a Climax Editor ' s Note: The following was written by a Northeastern student in 1971. It was called " Building to a Climax " and, we still feel, says a lot about Northeastern and its edifice complex. " That will be all, Richards, " said the Lady Botolph. The butler bade them good evening and closed the door as he left. The Lady Botolph lipped a sip of chocolate from her cup and smiled with interest. Leon Dana Churchill stood and walked towards her, staring down. She looked up into his dark, emotionless features, betrayed only by a slight flaring of nostrils. " You know what I want, " he said flatly. A shadow, part of fear and part joy, clouded her pale, thin and hungry features. She said nothing. " Does the Lady know the gentleman wishes to Parker? " The Lady Botolph placed her cup of chocolate on the end table and leaned forward in her seat. Her agile fingers parted easily the folds of woolen cloth which stood between her and her goal, but fumbled on the silk within. His hands flashed down to aid her release of the engorged captive. Her eyes widened in incredulous disbelief. There it stood. His Cabot. A truejitetson, nearly an Ell long. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined such a Speare. Suddenly, he pic ked her up in his strong arms and threw her upon the couch. In an instant his hands were within her Greenleaf sheath, upon her Forsythe, probing the soft liquid pool of her Barletta Natatorium. He lowered his face, began to Mugar, and she writhed under the Forsythe Dental and lingual attentions. Quickly he stopped. " Turn over, " he said. " I want it the Hemenway. " She tried to Dodge, but was powerless. Placing a Cushing under her, he lifted her Forsythe Annex. Keeping his hands firmly upon her, he thrust his Hayden deep into her Knowles. She screamed and cried out, " You ' re Hurtig me, you ' re Hurtig me! " But after a few minutes she lost her will in the Gryzmish of their United Realty. Suddenly, from the doorway, a watching Richards shouted, " That ' s the way to Docksor, Mr. Churchill. Ha, ha, Leon, acDuff and damned be he that first shall cry, hold enough. " — Don Leamy. 22 History Kariotis Hall, a strange combination of the Red and White brick styles. continued from page 22 more thought to the aesthetics of the campus and not just mix and match. The first building to reflect the new sensibility wasjCargill Hall and the law school. It was built around an underground mall and used little of the white brick — quarried specifically for NU in Vermont — that had dominated the other buildings. The next ma- jor project was Kariotis Hall which split the border between the Red Brick and White Brick campuses and was built as a strange com- bination of the two in 1981. In 1984, the Snell Engineering Building was built as a departure from the other White Brick build- ings around it. With the construction of a new library scheduled to start in the next year (how many times have we heard that before), Northeast- ern campus design will take an- other step away from the tradi- tional white brick style. The new library will probably be five stories high and will contain some design elements from both the Ell Center and Snell, neither of which are di- rect copies of the White Brick, Bauhaus-Beaux Arts style. Still, Northeastern ' s design scheme is a unique one that is easily recogniz- able, even if most students con- sider it too utilitarian. In the next several years, most of the concrete quads are slated to be replaced with green space and some bricks as Northeastern attempts to soften its appearance. It ' s enough to make one wonder if a future stu- dent looking back through old yearbooks will smile at the quaint old four-story, white brick vocab- ulary as a relic of the past, rather than the dominating feature of Northeastern as we knew it. — David S. Kiffer History 23 GLOSSARY GLOSSARY GLOSSARY HOME OF THE BURSAR Husky by Christine Gillet Co-opoly board by Mike Turner and Marianne Weisbender 24 Glossary GLOSSARY GLOSSARY GLOSSARY Photos Courtesy of the Northeastern News Glossary 25 NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY ABSOLUTE ZERO The monetary value of an " Education That Works. " ADVISER An administrator or teach- er whom you only saw once in your college ca- reer, if you were fortunate. ALL HAIL Words and Music by C. A. Pethybridge, ' 32 All Hail, Northeastern, We sing in jubilee, All Hail, Northeastern, March proudly, ever free, All Hail Northeastern, We give salute to thee, Through the years, We will ever acclaim, Thy glorious destiny. ALL HELL Author: Unknown NU Student All Hell, Motheaten, We sing in agony, All Hell, Motheaten, We ' re and 23, All Hell, Motheaten, We need a victory, Through the years, We will never acclaim, Our glorious destiny. 26 A APATHY Who cares? | MfiTHEASTEAN UNIVERSITY | ALUMNI ASSOCIATION I WElCOMES I FRESHMAN CLASS ARENA Where balls are dunked, pucks are netted and stu- dents get blocked (to) dur- ing registration. It ' s also where you end up gradu- ating — in the fall — if the God of Senior Clearance says " Thou shalt not " in the spring. ASA ' S KNOLL See Mount Ryder ALUMNI What you have become by the time you read this. Soon you will be getting pleasant, little notes in the mail, asking you to con- tribute money to the uni- versity so that those less fortunate may have the same experiences you did. Get even with future gen- erations, do it. ' ' jr ' J » (TAB -C -. : ' 4mr)V»i 27 B BARLETTA NATATORIUM The pool in Cabot, not to be confused with a campus gathering place for all stu- dents named Nat. That place would be called a poolatorium. BOOK 1. A word that has little meaning to most NU stu- dents. 2. Something rarely cracked prior to finals week. 3. Something that the bookstore way overvalues at the begin- ning of the quarter and way undervalues at the end of it. BEANPOT A pot of beans that takes on near mythical status each February. Remember when you got heaved from the Garden for tossing a seat cushion at the B.U. goalie? B.K. LOUNGE Have it your way, in the Ell Center and just down the street. BOOT Not what is worn on the foot unless you ' re a car. Park too long on Hunting- ton and you will get one of these stockings, even if it isn ' t Christmas. BURSAR 1. $$ t%$ @! 2. $@ @!! 3. $$$$$$$!!! BPL The place down the street where Northeastern stu- dents have to go when they really need information. BURSAR ' S BLOCK What happens when you ' re 15 minutes late paying your quarterly blood money? The nice lady in the iron cage puts a Denver Boot on your wal- let. BUSES Guaranteed same day ser- vice throughout metro Huntington Avenue. BOOZE CRUISE See Hung Over, Way Over. 29 CAMP KERR Exclusive housing establish- ment for women only. Over- looks the lush, tropical, crime-ridden, Fenway Gar- dens. Not for the faint of credit limit. C CAULDRON What the hell kind of a name for the Northeastern yearbook is that anyway? CAPE QUAD See Quad. CASK ' N ' FLAGON The old drinking place of so many good nights. A place where you could drink and yak in the dark corners and drink and yak in the dark corners. Now known as the " fern bar across the street. " CHECKPOINT CHARLEY 1. The bridge that crosses the Orange Line tracks to the new parking garage. 2. Prior to the construction of the parking garage, it was the end of the civilized world as far as Northeast- ern was concerned. CLUB FEN (AKA Fenway Beach) Place of sun worship, tan- ning and other activities. The daughters of North- eastern also consider it a place of " son " worship, even though most of the male users of the beach are not in the market for fe- male companionship. CLUB ELL See Rathskellar COHABITATION 1 . The reason your mother was concerned when someone of the opposite sex answered the phone whenever she called. 2. Illegal in this state. 3. More fun than Lama rides. COMMUNITY 1. The urban squallor near Northeastern. 2. The yuppies who have moved into the neighborhood in the past five years and now want North- eastern to move out. 3. The long time residents near cam- pus who are fed up with loud music, wild parties, and stu- dents blowing chips in their lawns. CO-OP 1. A system designed to deny you any financial aid. 2. No-op for most arts and sciences stu- dents. 3. Northeastern ' s sole reason for existence. 4. A sys- tem that is supposed to allow students enough money for col- lege, but usually offers just enough to pay the food bill. 5. Mana from Heaven for engi- neering and business students. COOKING Not before marriage, sweetie! CONSTRUCTION Something that puts NU in a constant architectural flux. It keeps house and grounds busy and serves as a co-op for ath- letes. i n t) 4 L COUNT ME IN Your introduction to Hap- py Hunting (ton) High. CURRYING FAVOR 1. Sucking up to the NU executive vice president. 2. Status quo for the lead- ers of the major student groups. D DAKA The folks responsible for making Northeastern meals an adventure. DODGE LIBRARY A nice place to sleep, but you wouldn ' t want to re- search there. DORMS 1. Where Northeastern turns boys into men and girls into men too. 2. A sociological experiment in which the university at- tempts to determine how many students it can fit on the head of a pin (or in a room of approximately the same size). DINING SERVICE OFFICtf DEAN DICK Let me tell you a little sto- ry about a Dean named Dick. A tough administra- tor, disorder made him sick. He tore down every poster, put up without a stamp, and slapped the SGA with a parliamentary clamp. DRUGS Can be found CEN- SORED very easily. They cost between CENSORED and CENSORED. The most drug ridden dorm is CENSORED and the R.A. who always allows stu- dents to CENSORED is CENSORED. Some of the most popular teachers, in- cluding CENSORED and CENSORED, condone and encourage drug use in their classrooms. So go ahead. Light up a CEN- SORED and get CEN- SORED. DRUG TESTING Just say no! 33 ESCAPE We aren ' t talking nuclear holocaust here, we are talking serious, blues bust- ing road trips. ELL BUILDING The building in which stu- dents got lost looking for 446 EC. ELL CENTER The building in which stu- dents got lost looking for 406 EL. ELL, CARL S. Second Northeastern pres- ident. He wouldn ' t have approved of this glossary. EAT Let ' s! E E.Z. RYDER 1. Legend has it he was an NU leader who haunted the halls muttering " look to your left, look to your right, one of you will not be here in five years. " 2. Remembered by the Class of ' 88 as a man who once stood on the podium in Alumni Auditorium and said " look to your left, look to your right. " When we looked back, he was gone. 34 FEEDING FRENZY 1 . Happens the minute the football team arrives in the cafeteria. 2. Also occurs in limited form each fall when 10,000 students gather in the quad for the university ' s annual dis- bursement of the $10.98 available in financial aid for the year. FADS When you get to college, these are called trends. FINANCIAL AID What? At Northeastern. Surely, you jest! FINALS 1 . Under NU ' s quarter sys- tem, these seem to come every other week. 2. A time for developing grey hair, wrinkles, caffeine ad- dictions, mind seizures and writer ' s cramp. 3. The time of the year when busi- ness majors read their textbooks and arts and sci- ences majors buy theirs. 35 FRAPPE 1 . A Bostonian milk shake. 2. The noise your chin makes when you hit the pavement after imbibing too many fraternity " frappes. " FRIDAY CLASSES See Monday Schedule. FREEDOM TRAIL The path through the Bos- ton Garden on June 19, 1988. FIRE ALARMS 1. A never ending R.A. plot to determine who is sleeping with whom. 2. Guaranteed to occur a) at 1 a.m., b) during finals we ek, or c) at White Hall. The answer is all of the above. 36 e GIVE A YELL Give a yell, Give a yell, Give a good substantial yell And when we yell, We yell like hell, And this is what we yell: Alaman, Alaman Alaman diego, San Diego, Baby in a high chair, Who put him there? Ma, Pa, sis boom bah, Ishka, pishka, Hit him in the kishka, Stand on your head Stand on your feet, Huskies, Huskies, Can ' t be beat. Go Huskies, Rah! GPA Not in our neighbor- hood, See QPA. GREEN LINE 1 . Definitely an E ticket ride. 2. A trolley car that, after leaving NU, dives deep into the bow- els of Boston only to sur- face somewhere in Italy. 3. Not for the squeam- ish. GRYZMISH A building of unpro- nounceable proportions. 37 POLICE. NORTH EASTERN UNI VERSITY HOLOGRAM See President Ryder, we dare you. HUSKIES A nearby sports bar that has nothing to do with NU but does a brisk business trading on the apparent as- sociation. HUSKY 5-0 1. The protectors of the campus, guaranteed to walk softly and carry a big ego, even if they only seem to carry it as far as Her- rell ' s Ice Cream or the Bos- ton House of Pizza. 3. A group that spends an in- ordinate amount of time in Huntington Liquors. 3. Whom not to call if you are in an emergency sit- uation. HUNTINGTON VICE 1. Husky 5-0 types who disguise themselves as lampposts in order to catch students in the act of doing anything illegal. The aviator shades around the lights are a dead giveway. H I ICE CREAM The neatest thing to get in a care package from home. IMPERMANENCE The only known quantity in a dorm romance. ID 1. They give proctors a rea- son to live. 2. There is a prominent collection at Hun- tington Liquors. 3. Comes in many forms — drivers, school, liquor — but the one most students seem to have is " fake. " 4. Often used after a late party to inform the bearer of his or her name, age and address. J JUMPING JACK FLASH 1 . Currently a parking lot, it was once a well-known den of iniquity frequented by NUers willing to brave the Fens at night. JANITORS The extremely well- mannered types who have replaced Mom as the one to clean up the messes you left behind. 3S K KRYPTONITE DUFFLEBAG We have no idea, the hockey man. Ask KARIOTIS An alumnus and a build- ing. The alumnus ran for governor and the build- ing ran architecturally amok. KING HUSKY It could have been worse, some people thought the mascot should be a chimp. KNOWLES, ASAS. Northeastern ' s third president. He wouldn ' t have liked this glossary either. L LAME HEALTH CENTER 1 . A great place to visit but we wouldn ' t want to be sick there. 2. A place where probing, poking, poisoning and prying is re- quired even for taping an ankle. LOGO-NOGO See Nogo. Where ' s the U? LINES If you don ' t run into one of these when you go somewhere on campus, you ' re obviously in the wrong place. MAXWELL JUMP ' S p ance fc p eli { At MAXWELL ' S A cleaned up Cask, but not bad after a year down the tube. MONDAY SCHEDULE See Friday classes. MONEY You can spend what you don ' t have. MARRIAGE Come on, be serious. Let ' s just live together for a few decades. MIDDLER 1. The academic black hole of Northeastern. 2. The third year in a five year system. 3. The anti- year. 4. The year academia forgot. 5. What freshman males always claim to be. 6. Something David Let- terman doesn ' t under- stand. 7. No relation to Bette. MIDTERMS Arrrggghhh! MOVING An act in which you spend $2,000 (first, last, security, fee) to go from one rat hole to another. MONO With AIDS and Herpes around, it kind of makes this old campus favorite seem a little impotent, doesn ' t it? MOTTO Lux, Veritas, Virtus. Lib- erally translated to mean: I have money therefore Northeastern will accept me. Or in the case of new campus buildings: You pay for it, you can name it. MOUNT RYDER The grass hill in the mid- dle of the quad from which much quadulating takes place. 2. A hill of spirited cohabitation. 3. Famed pitching mound for snow- ball wars. 4. A noun, not a command. 43 ■ ? ' ■;, .., ■ Jx I .: NORTHEASTERN ' UNIVERSITY! Ill ' MARINE SCIENCE ! ©IS; ISlRlfli NAHANT Northeastern ' s private beach club on the North Shore. NO-OP 1 . What faces Arts and Sci- ences students when they visit their co-op advisers. 2. Getting a job at North- eastern because no real employer would have you. N NOGO Northeastern decided to spend thousands of dollars to give itself a new logo, but they forgot the U and now no-one wants to be seen sporting the famous " broken " N design. NORTHEASTERN BRICK What you throw through Northeastern windows. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY A large factory that is mas- querading as an institution of higher education. NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY The place that all of our friends back home think we went to. € OOPS Nickname of chief surgeon at the Lame Health Cent- er. OXYMORONS 1 . Campus public safety. 2. Academic advising. 3. Fi- nancial aid. 4. Work study. 5. Student government. 6. The Northeastern News. 7. A Northeastern Degree. 8. Dodge Library. 9. Jumbo shrimp. ORANGE LINE 1 . A brand new way to get to Northeastern from ei- ther the north or south. 2. Definitely, an E Ticket, E for earplugs. 3. A real " muggy " sort of place. 45 p PARKING Not on this campus, you don ' t. PERSONALS A neat way to meet the AFSWF of your dreams. PLA 1 . Parking lot attendant. 2. The keeper of the cars. 3. Always dressed in flourescent orange garb and holding a little red " lot is full " sign. POLICY The answer given by any administrator who is asked " why? " 46 PROCTOR English proficiency not re- quired. Sleeping optional, hassling a must. PROCTOR PANIC Occurs when student speaks to proctor in Eng- lish. A humorous dance in- volving many proctors and Husky 5-0. PROVOST Chief academic officer at Northeastern (see oxymo- ron). Opposite of Anti- vost. PUB RATS A small group of hops swilling vermin who live and breathe Punter ' s Pub. PUNTER ' S PUB 1. Jock heaven. 2. Home of Pub Rats and dead- heads of the toasted kind. QPA You didn ' t really expect Northeastern to have a nor- mal system of measuring ac- ademic achievement, did you? QUADULATING The act of sitting around the quad, wasting time and rat- ing all the members of the opposite sex with your friends. QUARTER SYSTEM 1. A schedule designed to fill up all the wasted time between co-op assign- ments. 2. An educational oxymoron. QUAD We first knew it as cement. Then it became asphalt and then brick and then grass. Soon it will be tef- lon, no doubt. Northeast- ern continues to try to " soften " it by dumping thousands of dollars onto it. CIS ll i ' 5 ' " 48 R ROACH COACH 1. Breeds rapidly, can be found in dark corners of campus, selling left over food. 2. Commuter caf- feine Connection. 3. Al- ways a nickel ahead of the indoor soda machines. Sadly enough, it only seems prominent on campus around the time of senior clearance. RATHSKELLAR Once the campus pub, now just a memory of well- tempered alcoholic haze. Run into the ground and then given to the students after the school canned the liquor license. Now, it ' s just a swell club to be in. 1. Resident Asshole. 2. The second set of parents you acquire at Northeast- ern. 3. A job safety net for those young adults unable to function in the real world because they spent four years in a college dorm and liked it. 49 ROOMMATES 1. Someone who always knocks on the door just prior to penetration. 2. Someone who you either love or hate, but never for- get. 3. Someone who al- ways seems to catch viral meningitis or measles just before finals week. 4. Someone who can guaran- tee you straight A ' s if they would just agree to a swan dive off West Apartments. RYDER, KENNETH G. Northeastern ' s Fourth president. Reputed to be a computer generated holo- gram. Probably hasn ' t been programmed to know about this glossary. ROACH MOTEL 1 . Not to be confused with the place the school boards the football team prior to each home game. 2. A small rectangular box full of stickum and vermin, not at all unlike an average dorm room. 50 SPEARE, FRANK PALMER First Northeastern presi- dent. Probably would have approved this glossary be- cause he must have had a sense of humor, he helped found this university. STEVE ' S You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. SOUTHEAST DISTRESSWAY 1. Place to park your car when trying to reach NU in the a.m. 2. Best reason to use the T. STAFF Most famous and ubiqui- tous professor on campus. 2. Teaches at least 50 classes each quarter. 3. Able to leap tall TCEs in a single bound. $ STUDENT COURT Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha! STUDENT GOVERNMENT Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha! STUDENT MEDIA Hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha! T TheT The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Made famous by the Kingston Trio with " Charlie on the MTA. " Since then the Bay has been added to the title but Charlie ' s fate remains " unlearned. " T.A. A position of absolutely no academic value. TROUBLE What happens when you have to call Husky 5-0 for help. 52 u UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Is that mondo redundant, or what? UNIVERSITY See B.U. V VACATION Something you only hear rumors about while on the co-op system. VENDORS You can buy anything you want, at the Huntington Sidewalk Restaurant. VIRGINITY Is it not better to have loved and lost (it) than to have never loved at all? 53 WE WANT PUPPIES Just a suggestion, Ms. Husky, just a suggestion. K WESTERN CIV A class taught by videotapes, proctored by TAs, and that meets in colloquiums. NU ' s big attempt to process as many stu- dents as possible through a basic class with no risk that any of them will ever learn anything. y g - gg WHITE HALL 1. Freshman animal house. 2. Domicile of most upperclass freshmen too. 54 z ZOO CREW Fallen on hard times as of late, but still guaranteed to sponsor a good " crimes against nature " booze cruise now and again. X X-RATED 1. The only fundraisers at Northeastern that seem to make very much money. 2. The only event in the ball- room that draws much of a crowd. y Y.M.C.A. As in " Northeastern At The " last chance housing. 55 ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Husky Artwork by Christine Gillet Co-opoly Board by Marianne Weisbender and Michael Turner Activities 57 SAILING CLUB The Sailing Club provides instruc- tion and participation in recreational sailing and intercollegiate racing. The Sailing Club is affiliated with Bos- ton ' s Community Boating program and offers discount membership to students. (left to right: Marcia Goldfinger, Rhonda Burns, Dave Bryan, Dennis Kloc, Kristen Boyce, Don Peloquin, Prof. Samuel Fine, fac- ulty advisor, Mary Igielski, Suzanne DeVegh, Dan McCutcheon, Jack Kubiak, Paul Lynch, Regina Wang, Melita King, Dan Collins, Yara Ghossein, John Pecharich) DELTA PHI EPSILON Delta Phi Epsilon is an interna- tional sorority of the Phi Eta chapter. They are committed to community service, fund raising for charities such as Cystic Fibrosis, and social activities. (front row, left to right: Ann Ray, Dianne Daproza, Tracy Curtiss; back row, left to right: Maureen Kehoe, Bernadette Ricciardelli, Lisa Matulka, Audrey Moritz) J-IA PHI rJSEU» SOBOKITY THE NORTHEASTERN NEWS The News is the student-run week- ly paper with a circulation of 10,000. The News is put together entirely by students from its offices in 446 Ell Center. (front row, left to right: Owen Murphy, Jim Mosher, editor-in-chief, John Bisognano; mid- dle row, left to right: Justine Schiavo, John Krol, Steve Turgeon, Joe Lenge, Alex Rothenberg; back row, left to right: Dave Kif- fer, Andre w Mensch, Joe Ferson, Dana Olita, Kim Girard, Beth Daley) 58 Activities Students celebrate after a rare NU win in the Beanpot (Below Right). ROTC students learn the ropes (Below Left) on weekend excursion. Tubing was a great way to view " Jaws " in the Barletta pool (Bottom). All photos courtesy of the Northeastern News All photos courtesy of the Northeastern News Activities 59 The sailing club has been known to " head up the Chuck " (below left) now and again. The SGA has always been known for its diversity of viewpoints (below right). The Islamic Student Association sponsors daily prayer meetings (bottom). 60 Activities CHESS CLUB The Chess Club promotes the play- ing of chess, holds regular meetings, and organizes three tournaments a year. (left to right: Edward Livshin, Poompat Sivara, Robb Stewart, Aaron Freeman, Rob Martin, Tim Sage) WRBB WRBB is the student-run radio sta- tion at NU. They refer to it as a communiversity radio serving both the university and surrounding com- munity with music, news, and sports broadcasting, and public affairs talk shows. (front row, left to right: Wendell Reams, Janine Alpizar, Alice Cintron, Rich Claudel, Ronny " Nice " Paula; second row, left to right: Annette Michelle, Dino DiBiasio, Greg Pe- tronzo, Terri Kelly, Chris Cowles, Wallace Ter- ry, Walter Bristol, Warren Brathwaite, Yit Arefe Aine; third row, left to right: Paul Jeter, John Genost, Stan Leroy, Rob Gates, Michelle Kaplan, Wendell Richardson; fourth row, left to right: Patrick Carpenter, Robin Saunders, Frank Holder, Frantz Constant) INTERSORORITY COUNCIL The Intersorority Council serves as the governing body for all NU so- rorities. (front row, left to right: Debbie Pina, secretary, Ann Ray, president, Holly Lopes; back row, left to right: Gail Carr, treasurer, Tracy Cur- tiss, Amy Noskin, Carol Nebe, Dean Robin- son, faculty advisor) Activities 61 HOMECOMING 1987 • Ui, W %t ' " ►•- r w h " All Homecoming photos by JefTO ' Heir 62 Activities Activities 63 CHINESE STUDENT CLUB The Chinese Student Club serves to encourage the develop- ment of a sense of responsibility and pride of the Chine se tradition. (left to right: Bridget Chen, Susan Ng, Ye Gu, Andy Wong, Luk Ho, Faye Chin) INTERNATIONAL STUDENT FORUM The International Student Fo- rum is a cultural and ethnic or- ganization that promotes unity be- tween students of varied backgrounds and strives to attain a homogenous and peaceful Univer- sity community by generating so- cial, cultural and academic activ- ities. SPECTRUM The Spectrum is the university ' s literary magazine, which is pub- lished once a quarter. The mag- azine contains short stories and poems by members of the North- eastern community. (left to right: Valerie Berger, Tim Van Met- ter, Elizabeth Swanson, Paul Honens, Mark Tardif, missing from photo: Jay Poison) David S. Kiffer 64 Activities Activities 65 Tien Nguyen 66 Activities CHORAL SOCIETY The Choral Society creates an aesthetic and educational experi- ence through the rehearsal and per- formance of choral music. (front row, left to right: Alexandra Mend- rinos, Caroline Kim, Anna-Pia Niedzielski, Sandra Plant, Jim Walsh, Paul Cohn, Gina Fatutta, Faith Sandahl, Margery Rossi, Em- ily Tafe, middle row, left to right: Cheryl Davis, Maureen Donovan, Claire Fisa, Sonja Gurian, Dorothea Demitre, David Matthews, Chip Claflin, Prateeti Punja, Sheila Brooks, Donia Walker, back row, left to right: Jeanne Segal, Emily Smith, Michelle Sweet, Lisa Norcia, Chris Jones, Daniel Furlong, unknown, Joe Bashom, Debbie Coutu, Lauren Hooper, Debbie Henri ksen) IOTA PHI THETA Iota Phi Theta is a recognized national fraternity at Northeast- ern. Membership in the fraternity is through invitation. (left to right: Wayne Bryant, Roy Singleton, Garfield Wellington) THE ONYX INFORMER The Onyx Informer is the Blac k student newspaper at Northeast- ern. The paper is published monthly. (left to right: Valencia Hughes, Garfield Wellington, Wayne Bryant, Melanie Lip- trot, Felicia Smith) David S. Kifler Activities 67 ACTIVITIES FAIR Activities 69 ARABIAN GULF STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Arabian Gulf Cooperative Council Student Association en- courages the development of re- sponsibility and pride in Arabian Gulf tradition, producing cultural and social activities for its mem- bers and the University commu- nity. Council for University Programs CUP has four student committees which work cooperatively with the Student Activities staff to plan so- cial, cultural and recreational ac- tivities for the entire University community. CUP Editorial Board The CUP Editorial Board coor- dinates the various activities of the council and handles the allocation of resources between the various facets of the organization. 70 Activities 71 Aclivilics BLtiBgm I I Hwfl ii 72 Activities THE CONCERT BAND The Northeastern University Concert Band is dedicated to per- forming the best in traditional and contemporary wind literature. They perform works by such com- posers as Wagner, Schuman and Brahms in addition to commis- sioning a new work each year. THE PERCUSSION SECTION (left to right: Allen Sawyer and Larry Zollo, missing from photos: Anne Cote, Brenda Rogalsky, Douglas Parker, Clint Keith, Al Creto, Teresa Nowicki, Kent L. McNeillie, Robert Vavrik, Richard Tyson, and Mari- anne Weisbender) THE BRASS SECTION (front row, left to right: Jeff Gosciminsky, Noah Bodt, Gary Cunha, Pamela Milman, middle row, left to right: Tim Douchebag, Less Than Zollo, Andrea Guarini, Bruce Cinchy, Dan Civiello, Cecile Dennehy, Craig Allard, Mike Klain, Corey Stockburger, back row, left to right: Arnold Cohen, Rick Greenfield, James Bushway, Jr., David Hall) THE WOODWIND SECTION (front row, left to right: Johnathen Fallon, John Marino, Enrico DiCenso, Michael Moretti, Michael DiVito, Scott Katzer, Francis Russo, middle row, left to right: Jennifer Scott, Ellen Miller, Sarah Mac- calous, Elaine McCabe, Pamela Lindhe, Mary Jane Cote, Susan Singer, Kelly Durkee, Barbara Upham, back row, left to right: Cathy Hall, Bonnie Bently, Andrea Doherty, Janet Sorrentino, Jim Craddock, Tim Doucette, David Blake, Eric Metzler, Mike Yanowitz) All photos by David S. Kiffer Activities 73 FOUNDER ' S DAY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The SGA is the official voice of the student body, makes recom- mendations as to how the Student Center is run, how the Student Ac- tivities fee is spent, and imple- ments recommendations of indi- vidual students. ARMENIAN CLUB The Armenian Club brings to- gether the Armenian population and introduces the history, culture and heritage of the University community. ACCOUNTING CLUB The Accounting Club fosters an increased interest in the Account- ing field as well as promotes fra- ternal activities. 1 76 Activities Activities 77 78 Aclivilies Im ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Kappa Alpha is a sorority at Northeastern which provides an opportunity for students to unite and pursue common social and community interests. CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders support the in- tercollegiate football, basketball and ice hockey teams. NATIONAL BLACK STUDENTS ASSOCIATIONS NBSA is a direct advocate for Black students of the University and the community, and informs and educates people about the or- igins, values and contributions of the African. Activities 74 INTERNATIONAL FOOD FAIR Activities 8 1 Future Hackers of America 82 Other Activities Northeastern Spinsters Club Other Activities 83 National Yawner Society 84 Other Activities Self Help Testing Club Other Activities 85 Proctology Cadets 8( Ollu-r Ailivilic Peeps-r-Us Other Activities 87 NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS All pholos courtesy of API 88 News NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS Orange- Husky artwork by Christine Giilet Co-opoly board artwork by Michael Turner and Marianne Weisbender News 89 Local 1983-84 CLASS OF 1988 The office of the Dean of Admin- istration reported on September 9, 1983 that the Class of 1988 had two men for every one woman. Why did the 1983 entering class have less women than in years past? The reason for the sudden decline in female enrollment occurred due to a rapid decline in the enrollment in the College of Education. Histori- cally, women had dominated the field of education, but because of the rapid de- cline in the job market in 1983, fewer people majored in education and fewer females enrolled at Northeastern. Of the 3800 freshmen enrolled at Northeastern, the largest percentage of them were engineering and business stu- dents. Out of the approximately 1 , 1 40 registered freshman engineering stu- dents, 9 1 of them were women. About 560 freshmen would major in Arts and Sciences, 1 30 in Physical Therapy, 440 in the Freshman Alternative Program, 1,300 in the Business Administration Program and the remaining balance in Criminal Justice and Computer Science. In all, Northeastern received 13,371 ap- plipations for the fall quarter of 1983. 90 OVERBOOKED (No Room At The Inn) Two hundred students found them- selves living in everything from alcoves in the Y.M.C.A. to cots set up for them in West Apartments when the housing office overbooked the dorms for the fall quarter of 1983. The problem of overbooking began when the university found as many as 300 unoccupied dorm rooms in the fall of 1982. In projecting the number of deposits to accept for the fall of 1983, administrators tried to compensate for the previous year ' s underestimation, but made a gross misjudgment. The University administration decid- ed to give a credit of $ 1 5 per week to " hosts " who had to have temps living in their quarters. One way the university was able to find permanent housing for students living on cots was to convert floor lounges, staff offices and pool rooms into permanent spaces. 1983-84 Local BURGER KING COMMETH A final agreement was worked out be- tween Northeastern and the Burger King Corporation for the July 1, 1983 construction of the fast food outlet in the Ell Center cafeteria. The $500,000 Burger King had to pass the approval of the Student Government Association ' s Student Center Committee before it could open for business. In 1980, the University began looking for alternatives to the D.A.K.A. food service deli in the student cafe. Burger King won the final approval of students and provided commuters with a " fast food " solution. The fast food restaurant opened in the fall quarter of 1983. Be- sides being a source of fast food, Burger King also provides a part-time employ- ment resource to the university com- munity: they employ appr oximately 60 to 80 part-time students each quarter. n r«i I vappi SNELL COMPLETION Northeastern opened it ' s new Engi- neering Center on August 15, 1983. The new five story complex connects to the Charles A. Dana Research Center, hous- ing all five departments of the College of Engineering together under one roof for the first time in N.U. history. The 1983 Engineering Center accom- modates the college ' s 10,000 engineer- ing and engineering technology students enrolled in day and evening classes. The new Engineering Center has 81,000 gross square feet, with 30 lab- oratories, five classrooms, two lecture halls, computer facilities, and 107 ad- j ministrative offices for the College of Engineering and Lincoln College. Fi- nancing for the 8.5 million dollar proj- ect was raised by Northeastern ' s Cen- tury Fund. National 1983-84 GRENADA INVASION On the morning of October 25, 1983, American troops and armed forces from several Caribbean na- tions invaded the small island of Gre- nada. Most of the world was in awe as the U.S. Marines stormed the island ' s small Pearls Airport at dawn. The combined nations successfully gained control of the facilities with the help of Army Air Rangers. They parachuted onto the main runway of the new international airport which was being constructed at Point Sa- lines. Under heavy fire, the Rangers were able to gain control of the small airport and secure it two hours after landing on the runway. President Reagan announced that the invasion was necessary to deter the growing chaos on the island as a direct result of communist activities. The majority of citizens of Grenada welcomed the U.S. armed forces who came to restore order to their home- land. •I f ' I J ftyi. MARINE MASSACRE On an early mid-October morning, U.S. Marines and other members of the peace-keeping force were asleep in their barracks. A lone suicidal truck driver who belonged to a fanatical Islamic group crashed through concrete barriers surrounding the complex. Unhindered by guards firing at the truck, the Islamic driver crashed his truck filled with ex- plosives into the barracks, leaving some 240 Americans dead and countless oth- ers buried. Many of the dead were not found until the rubble and debris could be cleared hours later. News of the terrorist attack reached the United States on the following Sun- day morning. President Reagan went on national television to take full respon- sibility for the death of the Marines, as people wondered how our " boys " could have been caught by surprise. 92 National 1983-84 RUSSIANS DOWN CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT On Wednesday, September 7, 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by Soviet aircraft near Sakhalin Island off the coast of the U.S.S.R. The jet crashed into the Sea of Japan with 269 passengers and crew aboard; 61 of them were Americans. Initial reports from the Soviet Union stated that the aircraft entered their airspace. They stated that they had given multiple warnings for trie jet to leave their airspace and even attempted to lead it back into open territory. An investigation following the crash led to the conclusion that the KAL007 flight was about 230 miles off its appropriate course. The KAL007 pilot had reported a position of 1 1 5 miles south of the island of Hokkaido when they were actually 1 1 5 miles north of the site. Soviet officials logged claims of covert espionage action against the flight, insinuating that there was photographing of Soviet military installations from the civilian aircraft. The U.S.S.R. made claims that it was merely defending itself from a plot by the United States Government to use civilian aircraft for spying missions, and that they were to blame for the incident. These charges were never substantiated. The aircraft approached the sea and broke upon contact with the rough, cold waters. During the next two days, Russian ships and planes combed the surrounding area, wreckage, and bodies, but little was found. Gradually, bits and pieces of the airplane washed up on Japanese shores. Passengers ' belongings, a wing section, and other pieces of the airplane were found there. No flight recorder was ever recovered from the wreckage, preventing any conclusive investigation of the tragic accident. One American killed in the accident was Georgia Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald, a strong anti-communist advocate and national chairman of the Birch Society. After the crash his wife Kathy claimed that it was a deliberate attempt to assassinate her husband. She believed that the plane had been forced into Russian airspace. She later ran for her husband ' s seat to continue his work, but failed to win enough support. At the time, the U.S.S.R. was publicly chastised for the apparently unprovoked aggressions against the civilian aircraft by world leaders, but this was a cold comfort to the passengers ' families and loved ones. Local 1984-85 Curry Appointed Vice President On March 23, 1984 the Northeastern Board of Trustees appointed John A. Curry as executive vice president. Curry received three of his four degrees at Northeastern: an M.Ed, in counseling, M.Ed in higher education, B.A. in his- tory and political science, and a doc- torate in higher education and admin- istration from Boston University. He was a " co-op kid " in the office of the Vice President for Administration in 1954. Curry served as a Saugus elementary teacher, secondary school teacher and director of pupil personnel services for the Swampscott Public Schools between 1970 and 1972. He returned to North- eastern and has held such positions as: dean of administration, dean of admis- sions, director of admissions, director of educational placement, and most cur- rently (since 1 979) senior vice president for administration. He has been responsible for overall management of the internal adminis- tration and strategically planning for the University ' s future. Some of his long term focuses of the past and future in- clude enrollment planning and manage- ment, resource allocation computers, and telecommunications network plan- ning. Curry has overseen efforts to improve the University ' s ability to retain stu- dents. According to a study conducted on the class of 1 982, only 40% of those students that had enrolled in 1977 grad- uated. Today drop out rates have been reduced. He has promoted forums be- tween the administration and groups like the SGA to identify problems that arise with students. He has equally sup- ported Network Northeastern, a local alumni group which helps the university to recruit new students. He is most proud of his accomplish- ments in admissions, computer services, athletics, and student affairs and will continue to be a great contributor of the University for many years to come. 94 1984-85 Local M S ■ r — — « v 1 ■£— : = ■ ' r iB i - i " m ■r - Vl A A 1 nil 1 HI M ' u ilii in Mi till jr4fck LulUil ■■l-U-IJ.UJ JjJJJHJ IjjjjiJ i i . i Wk-A M f- ; - J - ' - , i i ' jl-ljl! i ! . | Ulisff:. I iTTTnT lilLi] .— » ■:_ i COPLEY PLACE OPENING On February 13, 1984 Coplay Place swung open its doors to the public. Nearing completion, Copley Place is one of Boston ' s largest private devel- opments with a price tag of $500 Mil- lion dollars. In its day, it compared with today ' s private real estate projects like One Executive Place and One Memorial Drive. It covers 9.5 acres of Back Bay land, and harbors some 70 high fashion retailers. The complex originally began con- struction in November of 1980 by a Chicago-based firm and subsidiary of Aetna Life and Casualty. Copley Place spawns out over 3.7 million square feet. Popular hotels such as the Westin and Mariott occupy the end of the plaza making it easily accessible. Popular re- tailers such as Neiman-Marcus, Gucci ' s, Godiva Chocolate and Mrs. Field ' s Cookies offer a shopper ' s paradise. The plaza also houses many fine eating es- tablishments such as Durgin Park and offers entertainment ranging from a nine screen cinema to meeting places like the Commons. CO-OP ' S 75th BIRTHDAY October 3, 1984 marked the 75th an- niversary of Northeastern ' s cooperative education program since 1909. The idea of co-op was first developed at the Uni- versity of Cincinnati in 1906, and Northeastern followed suit. Over the past 75 years, the University has made a strong commitment to pro- mote co-op both nationally and inter- nationally. Co-operative Education is based on a principle that what students learn on the job is just as important as what students learn in the classroom. The university attempts to use work ex- perience and academic courses to in- crease a student ' s motivation and self- confidence. Co-op gives students a chance to evaluate careers early in their college years, gain meaningful work ex- perience before graduation, establish professional contacts or references and earn salaries toward living and tuition expenses. To mark the 75th anniversary, Boston Mayor Raymond L. Flynn declared Oc- tober third as Northeastern Co- operative Education Day through a written proclamation. Mayor Flynn was unable to attend the festivities and was represented by his special assistant, Robert Gonslave, who read the proc- lamation to students, faculty, and mem- bers of the Administration in the over- crowded Quad. President Ryder served as the master of ceremonies and cut the anniversary cake in the quad to begin the festivities. There were clowns, magic acts, a barber shop quartet, and free refreshments. Participation in the Co-op Plan is re- quired of all students in the basic col- leges except those in the College of Arts and Sciences and is considered a degree requirement for most programs. North- eastern provides students with the op- portunity to get an " Education That Works. " National 1984-85 REAGAN ' S LANDSLIDE VICTORY President Reagan returned for a sec- ond term in the White House with one of the great electoral and popular vote counts in American history. He carried every state except for Washington, D.C. and Walter Mondale ' s home state of Minnesota. Although the presidency was a victory for the Republicans, the Democrats managed to hold the ma- jority in the House and gained more seats in the Senate, leaving the Repub- licans with only a slight majority. Reagan renewed American patriotism and stressed that citizens should be " PROUD To Be An American. " He downplayed his age, taxes, defense spending, and the federal deficit during his campaign. Mondale came across as weak and indecisive to the American public, and his campaign did little to change that image. If rWI Mm m mLjKKkJ!i SASSINATED she was walking through her n October 31, 1984. As the ■ath spread through the lousands of people were s in the week being overthrown, she declared a state of national emergency. To ensure her own political power, she often resorted to desperate measures: putting opposition leaders in jail: limiting civil rights: and imposing censorship on the media. In 1980 she was re-elected as Prime Minister after being ousted in 1977. Indira Gandhi was thought to be the most dominant figure in Indian politics since the 60 ' s, and was the successor to her father Jawaharial Nehru. He equally dominated Indian politics twenty years before her. She was a political figure of great controversy within her own country and throughout the world. She pushed for her nation to have clo ser ties with the Soviet Union. Gandhi was reportedly assassinated by a large group of militant Sikhs who opposed her. The militant group of Sikhs were demanding a separate state, and were upset with Gandhi sending Indian troops into their most holy shrine in Amritsar during the summer months. According to Indian reports she also sent the troops to prevent the spreading of Sikh violence there. National 1984-85 WINTER AND SUMMER GOLD As presidential elections and leap year come every four years, so did the Olympic Games in 1984. The XIV Winter Olympics held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, and the Summer Games held in Los Angeles gave many unknown U.S. Amateur athletes the opportunity to walk away with gold medals and become overnight American Heroes. Scott Hamilton stunned spectators with an outstanding gold medal ice skating performance, and also gained the admiration of people around the world. Bill Johnson surprised everyone by winning the first gold medal ever by a U.S. citizen in an Olympic downhill skiing event. Two brothers, Phil and Steve Mahre, took the gold and silver medals respectively in the men ' s slalom. Rosalyn Sumners took a silver medal as she dazzled the hearts of millions with her ice skating performances. Even though the men ' s ice hockey team failed to win the gold as their 1980 predecessors did, the team proved that the United States can play competitive ice hockey on an international level. As the cold winter months of 1 984 passed, America made its final preparations to host the Summer Games in Los Angeles. A highlight was the final marathoner carrying a torch lit in Greece up the stairway to ignite the main torch. President Reagan officially declared the opening of the Summer Games in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. A spectacular " Hollywood Type " show with hundreds of white baby grand pianos, a grand chorus of thousands, and laser lights followed the opening ceremony. The Soviet Union withdrew from the Summer Games, as did other countries, claiming that the U.S. could not provide adequate security for their people, however, the games still had a record number of countries participating. Tiny Mary Lou Retton tumbled her way into the spotlight as she earned a perfect score of ten and established an excellent reputation for U.S. women ' s gymnastics. Men ' s gymnastics, led by gymnast Bart Conner, won the team title. Carl Lewis, Joan Benoit, Evelyn Ashford, and Edwin Moses all captured gold medals in men ' s and women ' s track events. Diving, swimming, basketball, boxing, and other sports held similar results for the U.S. Although the Soviets claimed that the results were taint ed due to their absence, the results of the Summer Games and the athlete ' s performances could not be disputed. These athletes still remain in the hearts of millions as we support returning athletes in the 1988 Winter and Summer Games. FLYNNIN: 1984 was also an important year for politics locally. Boston ' s Mayoral race included a black candidate, Mel King and Raymond L. Flynn. King wanted to help create a Bos- ton that was caring and uplifting. For some people he represented a social change in government. He is known for his sensitivity to city problems such as housing, civil rights, and ed- ucation. He also formed a group called the Rainbow Coalition made up of previously alienated and under- represented voters striving for better the city of Boston. ' women, blacks. res. and manv he didn t e popular Local 1985-86 PARK RETIRES: PENNA IS NEW PROVOST In 1984 we gained a new executive vice president, but Northeastern went through another administrative change in 1 985. After serving five years as Prov- ost and Senior Vice President for Ac- ademic Affairs, Melvin Park announced in May that he would seek early re- tirement from the university. He joined the University in 1962 as a professor of thermodynamics and was Dean of the College of Engineering from 1 968-1 979. In 1979 he became provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs. When he was the Dean of the College of Engineering, he reorganized Lincoln College to introduce new full-time co- operative programs leading to the Bach- elor ' s Degree in Engineering Technol- ogy. The college also achieved accreditation for day and evening pro- grams during his tenure. During his tenure as provost, the Col- lege of Education and Boston-Bouve were merged into a single college. He supported new efforts in cooperation with industry in the high technology area, and was dedicated to ongoing re- search projects in the university. His office was instrumental in the expansion of the Office of Sponsored Programs and also helped to improve faculty teaching credentials. Although North- eastern lost him to early retirement, the university community gained from his contributions made to academics. In May of 1985, Dr. Anthony Penna accepted the university ' s offer to be the next provost. Impressed with his past achievements at Carnegie-Mellon Uni- versity, he was the Perfect choice of the search committee, the Council of Ddans, and the University ' s Vice Pres- ident. Today, Dr. Penna faces challenging ways to improve the University and the issues most important to Northeastern ' s future. Like his Predecessor, the uni- versity will improve by his contribu- tions as we move through the 80 ' s. NUIN MANDELA? The Greater Roxbury Incorporation Project (GRIP) presented a petition ear- ly in the fall of 1986 to the Boston City Council to place a non-binding refer- endum question on the November bal- lot. The question was: Should a 12.5 square mile portion of the city including Northeastern be allowed to secede and become Mandela, Massachusetts? GRIP organizers claimed that tax monies from the towns inside the 12.5 mile area were not being used to support their com- munity, and that the city hall in Boston was taking the funds never to be seen again. The area involved in the GRIP proposal included lower income sec- tions of the city like Dorchester and Roxbury. The assessed value of the area in- volved was more than $ 1 billion dollars and in addition to Northeastern it in- cluded Roxbury Community College, U-Mass Boston, Mass College of Art, Harvard Medical School, and Boston City Hospital. Organizers of the project estimated that the area would generate $129 million in revenues with $122 mil- lion in expenditures leaving $7 million for its first year of operation. If they had seceded, Mandela would have had to combat the high crime rate, provide schools, fire departments and many oth- er services that the city had provided. GRIP ' S proposal for Mandela failed and Northeastern still remains in Roxbury. 1985-86 Local v £ 5 THE NEW CLUB ELL Just as the Cask reopened as Max- well ' s, the Rathskellar reopened as Club Ell in October of 1985. Along with the name, the new Club Ell took on a whole new image: one without alcohol. Northeastern joined the list of universities that banned al- cohol from campus pubs like the old Rathskellar. You didn ' t go there to get " faced " since there was no alcohol served. Doing away with alcohol paved the way for the university to provide students with other sponsored pro- grams. Club Ell was the place for people who wanted to meet other people while hav- ing a good time doing it. Along with the popcorn, the activities were free. Monday nights were football nights and music videos played on scheduled dates. Tuesday nights featured Club Ell coffee house shows, Wednesday night Trivial Pursuit games gave students a chance to show off their knowledge. Thursday nights were movie nights and Fridays Club Ell presented different bands. All this beat cramming your friends into your small dorm room to watch your dinky black and white T.V. Numerous attempts were made by student organizations to bring alcohol back on campus to the new Club Ell, but all failed. The numerous circulated pe- titions did not convince the University ' s administration to change their minds. APARTHEID NU DIVEST! In 1985 over 700 people, mostly black, died as a result of South African violence as their perpetual feud with white ruling minority, violently explod- ed against their nation ' s apartheid sys- tem of racial segregation. Under apartheid, all South African ' s are classified by race when they are born determining where they will work, live and attend school. They are given a passbook with this information and must carry it with them at all times in case they have to present it to law of- ficials. Blacks, asians and persons of mixed races were denied voting rights. In response to the violence, the U.S. Senate made economic sanctions against South Africa that called for a ban on gold coins or other minor re- straints. The Reagan administration ' s stance toward the government of South Africa was to seek a peaceful solution to the problems through negotiations and economic investments. The Northeastern Board of Trustees decided to keep its investments in South Africa in place and to do business with only those who abide by fair employ- .ment practices by U.S. companies op- erating in South Africa. The university would not do business with banks that made loans to the South African gov- ernment. Later in October of 1985, students from N.U. and other nearby colleges stormed the downtown offices of I.B.M. Corporation to protest the company ' s businesses in South Africa. They marched from Copley Square, down Huntington Avenue, through Northeast- ern to the I.B.M. offices on Columbus Avenue chanting " I.B.M. you don ' t know what freedom means. " Several mounted and unmounted Boston police officers watched the dem- onstrators who charged the police force with racism. Organized by the Boston Area Student Coalition, the protest had about 100 demonstrators and attracted many more along its route. National 85-86 RUSSIAN TURNOVER Leonid Llyich Brezhnev, the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Par- ty Central Committee and President of the Presidium of the U.S.S.R. Supreme Soviet died at the age of 75 on No- vember 10, 1982. He had been a leader of the U.S.S.R. for 18 years. He led his country ' s policies off on a radical course change with the invasion of Afghani- stan, martial law in Poland, and the SALT 2 treaty. Brezhnev ' s successor, Yuri Andro- pov, came into power with the expe- rience of running the KGB secret police for fifteen years. Little was known about him when he came into power, and An- dropov kept his life private from the Soviet public. Born in southern Russia, he started his political career in a Com- munist youth party, which later paved the way for chairman ' s seat of the KGB. After Brezhnev ' s death, he was elected unanimously as the Soviet party leader. As Andropov ' s health began to fail, he required daily dialysis treatments which kept him out of public sight for weeks. Only fifteen months after his election, Andropov died at the age of 7 1 due to kidney failure. Andropov ' s death paved the way for his successor, Konstantin Chernenko, who was a close ally of Leonid Brezh- nev. Soon after his election, Chernenko died and was succeeded by Mikhail Gorbachev. Today Gorbachev is building a " new " Russia. In 1985 he met with President Reagan in Geneva and described his trip as " a mission of peace, " discussing the Star Wars plan, nuclear issues, and Afghanistan. He has plans for improv- ing his nation ' s economic and foreign policies. In 1987 he invited western journalists to come into the Soviet Un- ion, and allowed them to show the rest of the world his nation ' s cities and their peoples. LIVE AID CONCERT Millions of people around the world watched a BBC-TV documentary tell the story: approximately 1 1 million peo- ple from Ethiopia suffered as the result of a war, drought, and government cor- ruption. The leader of the rock group Boom- town Rats, Bob Geldof, decided to do something for the Ethiopian victims. He gathered other rock stars such as Sting, Wham!, U2, Phil Collins, and Culture Club (known as Band-Aid) to record the song " Do They Know It ' s Christmas. " It raised $10 million. The band ' s success with the record led to a worldwide telethon to raise more money for the victims. JFK Stadium in Philadelphia and Wembly Stadium in London were picked as concert sites, and the concert was broadcast live on July 13, 1985. Approximately 1.5 mil- lion people worldwide saw the concert. It grossed more than $40 million for the helpless victims. Concert highlights included a reunion for the surviving members of Led Zep- pelin and Black Sabbath. The Who, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, and over 60 other pop rock stars also performed. National 1985-86 MARCOS OVERTHROWN In February 1986, Corazon Aquino and her followers brought 20 years of chaotic and despotic rule under Ferdi- nand Marcos in the Philippines to an end. The Marcos ' fortune was estimated to be in the vicinity of 3 billions dollars; however, Ferdinand Marcos ' annual in- come was only $5700. The Malacanz Palace was turned into a pseudo mu- seum as thousands of Philippinos viewed the wealth and treasures of the Ferdinand Marcos family. Marcos re- portedly spent a small fortune on his wife ' s shoes, totaling 3000 pairs. " People Power " was the chant of Philippinos, and yellow flowers were the symbol of a new government. Earlier, the euphoric sense of democracy under Marcos had given way to many internal problems, such as high unemployment of the Philippine people and a huge def- icit. These problems fueled the fire of pro-Aquino supporters in their demon- strations. Even the army turned against Marcos. . ' V v r Local 1986-87 CHALLENGER TRAGEDY CLAIMS N.U. GRAD On January 28, 1986, the space shut- tle Challenger exploded with a crew of seven aboard shortly after lift-off from the Kennedy Space Center. The shuttle burst into flames approximately two minutes after a cold early morning take- off at 100,000 feet above ground as it neared 2000 m.p.h. Among the crew were: Francis R. Scobee, Pilot, Michael Smith, Judith Resnick, Ronald E. McNair, Lt. Col. Ellison Onizuka, New Hampshire school teacher Christa McAuliffe, and Northeastern alumnus Gregory Bruce Jarvis. A Detroit native, Jarvis received a master ' s degree in Electrical Engineer- ing while attending the evening program at Lincoln College, and working days at Raytheon in Bedford. After graduating from Northeastern, he entered the Air Force and specialized in communica- tions satellite design. He left the Air Force in 1973 with the rank of Captain and went to work for Hughes Aircraft. In 1984 he was selected from 600 ap- plicants to be the payload specialist for Hughes, launching their satellites into space from the Challenger. He was also on board to conduct space experiments involving fluids in a weightless envi- ronment. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Jarvis also carried with him a small Northeastern University flag that he had planned to present to President Ry- der and the University Community in a special February ceremony. Debris from the explosion landed as far as 18 miles from Cape Canaveral. Portions of the large solid rocket boost- ers were found floating in the ocean nearby. Apparently faulty " O " rings caused leaking rocket fuel to explode and vaporize the main body of the Chal- lenger. Jarvis is survived by his wife Marcia who witnessed the launch. He will be remembered and cherished at North- eastern not only as a talented alumnus, but as a powerful symbol of that special strength and dedication that is a hall- mark of all America ' s great heroes. FALSE LIQUOR I.D. SCAM In April of 1986, NU police in con- junction with the state Registry of Mo- tor Vehicles, made a random compar- ison of people who obtained liquor licenses over a six month period and all of the students in Northeastern housing. The cross check revealed that approx- imately 1 50 students under the age of 2 1 obtained false I.D. ' s. N.U. Police com- 102 menced the investigation after numer- ous students were apprehended with li- quor licenses bearing different birth dates than other documents such as their driver ' s license. Students involved said that they ob- tained the I.D. ' s by bringing falsified N.U. meal cards and cancelled checks to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles in downtown Boston. Students that turned themselves and their false I.D. ' s in weren ' t brought up on criminal charges. Others who decid- ed not to turn them in faced misde- meanor charges of up to three months in jail and up to a $ 100 fine. 1986-87 Local CASK BECOMES MAXWELL ' S Remember those Thursday party nights that you used to spend standing in the long line down Huntington Ave. with your friends just waiting to get in, or how about those rough tests and hor- rible final exams! Everyone would meet at one of Northeastern ' s favorite his- torical landmarks; the " CASK. " You didn ' t know what was crawling around in the corners because it was really too dark to tell, but that didn ' t matter. It was a place to get together with some friends, meet some new ones, and to relieve the stress and tension of classes. As businesses come and go, so did the CASK. The owners decided to put the bar up for sale in August of 1 986. It was purchased by two new owners: Dave Elkins and Paul Hartwell. For three weeks in September the doors to the old CASK remained closed. Everyone won- dered what was going on inside. On September 28, 1986, people fi- nally got to see what was going on. The two new owners reopened the bar on this day as " Maxwell Jumps Dance Deli. " New features were: a bar with comfortable seating, numerous color T.V. ' s and a deli. WALA! The decor of the formally dank and dreary cask be- came casual and cosy; a sports bar and dance club all in one. The dance floor opened on October 9, 1986 and people were " Jumping. " Well, businesses may come and go, but Northeastern traditions live on. The name and decor may have changed, but the atmosphere and address haven ' t. FRATS OUSTED? In January of 1986, the town of Brookline attempted to throw out two Northeastern fraternities by not renew- ing their boarding house licenses. The selectman ' s meeting decided that Nu Epsilon Zeta and Phi Gamma Pi, the two fraternities in question, would have to move out of their houses at the end of the school year. The two fraternities hired lawyers to appeal the town ' s de- cision. The decision not to renew the fra- ternities ' license came at the December 17, 1985 meeting. However, the board did renew the boarding permits of two MIT fraternity houses. While individual fraternities own their own houses, they must renew their boarding permits each year. They are needed whenever large groups of unrelated people live in a common house rather than in apart- ments. At the town meetings, nearby resi- dents complained of loud noises, music and rowdy parties. One town resident told the Brookline Tab that " they have parties 365 days a year, are out of con- trol and aren ' t supervised. " Another res- ident stated, " How many times do we have to call police and how many times do we have to find beer cans before we do something about this fraternity? " Presidents of the fraternities said that their sides were not represented fairly and that many of the neighbors had written letters in favor of the organ- izations. Even people that they had problems with wanted them to stay. Many residents at the meeting were anti-Boston and were prejudice against Boston schools and fraternities. The at- titude was " We don ' t want frats. " Phi Gamma Pi resided in Brookline since the early 1950 ' s and Nu Epsilon Zeta has been there for the past 63 years. 103 National 1986-87 A North Star Some people thought Oliver North was a real American hero, but others considered him a rogue warrior gone amok. At any rate, his appearance be- fore the Iran-Contra Committee was the hit of the summer and a paperback ver- sion of his testimony was a runaway bestseller. Despite North ' s personal charm, the jury of public opinion was generally thumbs down on his role in trading weapons to Iran to release hostages held in Lebanon and then diverting profits from the arms sales to the Contras in Nicaragua. Bakker, Bakker Scandlemaker The meek may inherit the earth after all. Televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker allowed their religious empire to get out of hand and allegations of sexual impropriety and financial irregularities brought the PTL Network crashing down around them. What hath God wrought? Ask Jessica Hahn, she went from church secretary to Bakker sexual partner to the Playboy bunny, all in one year. 104 1986-87 National A Gulf Widens " Two, Four, Six, Eight, we don ' t want to mediate! " The American gov- ernment eschewed the middle ground in the Middle East, choosing to send the navy in an escort oil tankers through the Persian Gulf. By the end of the year, the policy remained a political hot potato and Iranian and Iraqui forces continued to prey on shipping with mines and mis- sile attacks. Hart skips beat, Rice burns He ' s out, he ' s in. She ' s in, she ' s out. Presidential politics turned purient, when Democratic front-runner Gary Hart dropped out of the 1988 race after media reports that he had spent a night in his apartment with a pretty Miami model who was not his wife. The model. Donna Rice, then became a pitchwoman for " No Excuses " jeans. But at year ' s end, Hart had re-entered the race and Rice had been sacked as spokeswoman. The whole situation was really Hart to follow. mJ% Local 1987-88 LIBRARY?!? Stop us if you ' ve heard this one be- |H w fore: NU is going to have a new library. »lflfci lBi P 1 In 1987, they actually had a ground _JB B ' K ' wr ' vIk breaking ceremony involving President flj ■ jj|fc, . • ,- F f Kenneth Ryder and U.S. Senator Ed- fl H vr ward Kennedy, so it would be likely that K || h there will be a new $35 million library k D |k 4 rising from the Hayden Parking lot in | VI " II the next couple of years. On the other m K BL. i " Mk ' hand, the 1972 yearbook also an- Mlflr W ' W B r nounced the imminent construction of a r S T fe. new library and that never came to be. m Km fl ' W So, remember that this year, they an- B A ii«; ■ nounced a new library would be built in r ™ the next two years. Only time will tell. _ |% 4 We ' re not holding our breath. ■« f »4J • ! ' .... -C ' l ' f.-i DRUG TESTING It was certainly a case of David vs. Goliath. Northeastern, like most major col- leges, decided to start testing athletes for drug use, but an NU track and field runner told them to " piss off. " And Da- vid Bally won his case, at least on the Suffolk Superior Court level, when a judge told Northeastern to bottle up its testing program because it violated stu- dent right to privacy. The Bally case was far from resolved at mid-year but it was being watched by many schools and by civil libertarians alike as the decision was appealed up the judicial ladder. Would the highest courts put the kibosh on drug testing of students? Only time would tell. 106 1987-88 REGGIE For four years Northeastern students had known how good an athlete Reggie Lewis was, but no one here really knew if anyone else had noticed. After all, Northeastern ' s basketball team was a very big fish in a very small pond and usually lost when it confronted more famous foe. When t he National Basketball Asso- ciation draft rolled around in June, a lot of people wondered just which team would pick up Reggie and whether he would be a high draft choice. Some peo- ple said he was too small to be a good professional forward and didn ' t possess enough ball handling skill to be a good professional guard. The Boston Celtics picked 23rd in the first round and they didn ' t let the local boy slip past them. Now Lewis is good enough to be a top substitute on one of the two best teams in pro basketball. Of course, we knew it all along. RYDER RETIRES? In 1987, NU President Kenneth Ry- der hinted that retirement might be just around the corner. But the wiley veteran of 38 years at NU stopped short of say- ing when he would retire. Ryder has been president since 1976 and has presided over the second largest period of growth in the university, sec- ond only to the rapid expansion at the beginning of Asa S. Knowles ' tenure in the early 1960s. For many years, his goal was the con- struction of a new library and that fi- nally seems to be reaching fruition. But Ryder, at 63, said he plans to stick around Northeastern for at least a cou- ple more years to see the library con- struction through and to ensure that the university ' s $125 million fundraising drive is successfully completed. National 1987-88 Reagan takes the Supremes a ' courting Judicially, it wasn ' t a supreme year for Ronald Reagan. With the Supreme Court equally divided into conservative and liberal camps, Reagan was presented with an opportunity to appoint the crucial swing judge to the court. But with the Senate under Democratic control after the 1 986 elections, he was unable to present just any candidate for consideration. First, he chose Robert Bork, an appeals court judge, who had written a wide body of legal position papers over the years, most decrying the activism of the Supreme Court in the last 20 years. He was the perfect person to forward the Reagan social agenda which included reversal of previous court positions on abortion, school prayer and criminals rights. But when Bork went before the Senate he admitted that he had changed his mind on many of his earlier statements and his nomination was easily defeated. Reagan then decided to nominate someone who had been less judicially prominent and would, ostensibly, be carrying less political baggage. He picked appeals court judge Douglas Ginsburg, a former Harvard professor. But even Ginsburg proved to have a volatile past. He admitted smoking marijuana while a professor at Harvard and he has also operated a dating service that had been investigated by Boston officials for possible fraud. On top of that his wife, a doctor, had performed abortions in the past. In the face of those revelations, Ginsburg withdrew his name from consideration and Reagan breathed a sigh of relief. At year ' s end, he nominated a moderate judge, Anthony Kennedy, from California and the arch conservatives groaned but many in the Senate nodded their heads in concurrence. NFL takes a hike Strike two and they were out again. The National Football League players ran pass-patterns on the picket lines for nearly a month as owners hired dozens of also rans for replacement " scab " ball that only alienated the fans. Even after the strike ended, more than a few fans felt betrayed, by players who made walked rather than talked and by owners who felt the fans could stomach a less than professional brand of foot- ball. 1987-88 National Wall Street hit bottom of (bear)el Ouch. On Oct. 18, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Average took its worst nose dive in history, losing more than 500 points in a single day. The drop sent shock waves through the American and world economies but by year ' s end had not had as great an impact as a similar drop in 1929. Still, the meteoric rise of the stock market in the last two years had come screeching to a halt and the economic future of the country was uncertain at best. On campus, many students began to wonder whether or not they would be graduating into an recessed econ- omy that would have no place for them. Engineering majors were con- cerned that high tech firms were re- trenching. Business majors were con- cerned because economic uncertainty was taking the enthusiasm out of the recruiters. Arts and Sciences majors weren ' t that concerned. No one really wanted to hire them during the boom and now that the boom appeared over nothing much had changed. At least there was that stability in the world. Entertainment Oscars 1983 Best Picture: " Gandhi " Best Actor: Ben Kingsley, " Gandhi " Best Actress: Meryl Streep, " Sophie ' s Choice " Best Supporting Actor: Lou Gossett, " An Officer and a Gentleman " Best Supporting Actress: Jessica Lange, " Tootsie " 1984 Best Picture: " Terms of Endearment " Best Actor: Robert Duvall, " Tender Mercies " Best Supporting Actor: Jack Nicholson, " Terms of Endearment " Best Supporting Actress: Linda Hunt, " The Year of Living Dangerously " 1985 Best Picture: " Amadeus " Best Actor: F. Murray Abraham, " Amadeus " Best Actress: Sally Field, " Places In The Heart " Best Supporting Actor: Haing S. Ngor, " The Kill- ing Fields " Best Supporting Actress: Peggy Ashcroft, " A Pas- sage To India " 1986 Best Picture: " Out of Africa " Best Actor: William Hurt, " The Kiss Of The Spi- der Woman " Best Actress: Geraldine Page, " A Trip To Boun- tiful " Best Supporting Actor: Don Ameche, " Cocoon " Best Supporting Actress: Anjelica Huston, " Prizzi ' s Honor " 1987 Best Picture: " Platoon " Best Actor: Paul Newman, " The Color Of Money " Best Actress: Marlee Matlin, " Children of a Lesser God " Best Supporting Actor: Michael Caine, " Hannah and Her Sisters " Best Supporting Actress: Dianne Wiest, " Hannah and Her Sisters " Grammies 1983 Best Record: Toto " Rosanna " Best Album: Toto " Toto IV " Male Pop Vocalist: Lionel Richie, " Truly " Female Pop Vocalist: Melissa Manchester, " You Should See How She Talks About You " 1984 Best Record: The Police, " Every Breath You Take " Best Album: Michael Jackson, " Thriller " Male Pop Vocalist: David Bowie, " Let ' s Dance " Female Pop Vocalist: Stevie Nicks, " Bella Donna " Jack Nicholson and Shirley McLaine both copped Oscars in 1984. 1985 Best Record: Tina Turner, " What ' s Love Got To Do With It? " Best Album: Lionel Richie, " Can ' t Slow Down " Male Pop Vocalist: Phil Collins, " Against All Odds " Female Pop Vocalist: Tina Turner, " What ' s Love Got To Do With It? " 1986 Best Record: USA For Africa, " We Are The World " Best Album: Phil Collins, " No Jacket Required " Male Pop Vocalist: Phil Collins, " No Jacket Re- quired " Female Pop Vocalist: Whitney Houston, " Saving All My Love For You " 1987 Best Record: Steve Winwood, " Higher Love " Best Album: Paul Simon, " Graceland " Male Pop Vocal: Steve Winwood, " Higher Love " Female Pop Vocal: Barbra Streisand, " The Broad- way Album " 1985 and 1986 were very good years for Phil Collins. 110 News Obituaries Gregory Jarvis (top) and the other members ot the Challenger ' s crew board the shuttle for the last time. 1983 Benigno Aquino, Philippine political leader. Paul " Bear " Bryant, 69, college football coach with 323 wins. Karen Carpenter, 32, female half of pop group " Carpenters. " David Niven, 73, suave British actor. Frank Reynolds, 59, ABC-TV anchorman. Jessica Savitch, 35, NBC-TV reporter. Gloria Swanson, 84, legendary actress of the 1920s. Tennessee Williams, 71, one of the greatest American playwrights. Dennis Wilson, 39, Beach Boys drummer. 1984 Yuri Andropov, 65, leader of Soviet Union. Count Basie, 79, jazz pianist and big band leader. Richard Burton, 58, Welsh actor and former hubby of Liz Taylor. Truman Capote, 59, prominent southern writer and social critic. Johnny Weismuller, 79, Olympic swim champ and silver screen Tarzan. 1985 Yul Brynner, 65, Oscar-winning actor. Ruth Gordon, 88, Oscar-winning actress. Rock Hudson, 59, movie and television actor. Rick Nelson, 45, 1950s TV star and rock musician. Orson Welles, 70, radio and movie actor, director and producer. E. B. White, 86, Children ' s author and literary stylist. 1986 Ted Knight, 62, silver haired television actor. Hank Greenberg, 75, Hall of Fame baseball slugger. Kate Smith, 79, American patriotic singer. Marlin Perkins, 8 1 , zoologist and television wildlife guru. Perry Ellis, 46, fashion designer extraordinaire. Gregory Jarvis, 4 1 , NU grad and space shuttle Challenger crew member. 1987 Phil McDonald ' s sudden death shocked the university in 1987. Liberace, flamboyant pianist and entertainer. Woody Herman, 74, jazz clarinetist and big band leader. Bob Fosse, Emmy, Oscar and Tony winning choreographer. Philip McDonald, NU business college dean. Ernie Hall, 20, NU basketball player. Twenty things you had never heard of before you came to Northeastern 1. Safe Sex 2. Laser Tag 3. Grenada 4. Reeboks 5. Insider trading 6. Classic Coke 7. Low impact aerobics 8. Max Headroom 15. Subway vigilantes 9. Chernobyl 16. Ollie North 10. Vanna White 17. Cajun cuisine ll.PTL 18. Wine coolers 12. Microwave Popcorn 19. O-Rings 13. Glasnost 20. Just Say No! 14. Crack News 1 1 1 SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS s s KAK FOOD ATHBW5 SERVICtS b rletta WrsoNS Husky Artwork by Christine Gillet Co-opoly Board by Marianne Weisbender and Michaek Turner 1 1 2 Sports SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS Joseph Torpy i i -5 1983-1984 Two Beans In One Pot 114 Sports Irwin Cohen becomes Athletic Di- rector. Men ' s Crew wins Club 8 ' s at the Head of the Charles Regatta. Men ' s Cross Country takes 2nd place in the New England Championships Seven New England teams from Hockey East. Men ' s track team wins GBC ' s and NE ' s. Men ' s and Women ' s Hockey teams win The Beanpot. Basketball star Mark Halsel becomes the NU all-time leading rebounder. Women ' s Gymnastics team goes 1 1- 6. NU Defensive End Sean Jones draft- ed by the Los Angeles Raiders. Men ' s hoop team wins ECAC-NAC and a trip the NCAA ' s. Football team denied entry into the Yankee Conference for the 5th time. Men ' s basketball coach Jim Calhoun named both Kodak and UPI Div. 1 Coach of the Year. Women ' s basketball coach Joy Malchodi named Converse Div. 1 Coach of the Year. Former NU football star Dan Ross signs with the USFL ' s Chicago Blitz. 1984-1985 New Faces in the Crowd y 9 ! y — Soccer gains varsity status. — Geoff Hart breaks NU career field goals record with 2 1 . — Former Boston Celtic Tom " Satch " Sanders named Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society. — Women ' s Basketball team enters new league — The Seaboard Conference. — Men ' s track team wins the Greater Boston Collegiate track Champion- ships. — Women ' s Track team places third in GBC ' s. — Women ' s Crew team gains new coach Beth Emery. — Women ' s Basketball team wins Sea- board Conference Championship. — Men ' s Basketball team wins ECAC- NAC championship and another trip to the NCAA ' s. — Women ' s Crew team takes the Smith Cup. — Kristin L. Burns named Assistant Di- rector of Women ' s Athletics. — Former NU shortstop and 2nd base- man, Neil McPhee named new base- ball coach. All photos courtesy Northeastern News Sports 1 1 5 1985-1986 A Year of Champions — Women ' s tennis team wins the sportsmanship Award at the New England Women ' s Intercollegiate Tennis Championships. — Women ' s Field Hockey t eam wins ECAC Championship. — Women ' s Volleyball moves up to Div. 1. — David Bally, member of track and field team sues the university to overturn its proposed drug testing procedure. — Women ' s Hockey team reaches 1 in the country. — Men ' s track team captured its third straight Greater Boston Indoor and Outdoor track championship. — Women ' s Hockey team wins the Beanpot for the third consecutive year. — Women ' s swim team finishes second in New Englands. — Women ' s swim coach Janet Swanson garners Div. 1 coaching honors. — Men ' s and women ' s basketball coaches Jim Calhoun and Joy Malchodi named Coach of the Year in their respective conferences. — Women ' s Basketball team wins Sea- board crown. — Men ' s basketball team wins ECAC Championship and trip to NCAA ' s vs. Oklahoma. — Men ' s basketball coach Jim Calhoun accepts head coaching job at UCONN. — Karl Fogel named new basketball coach. All photos courtesy Northeastern News 116 Sports 1986-1987 Record-Breaking Season — Women ' s athletic director, Jeanne Rowlands receives Katherine Ley Award. — Field Hockey ' s Karen Davidson breaks all-time scoring record. — Men ' s Basketball team defeats de- fending National champions — Lou- isville Cardinals — NU quarterback Jim O ' Leary breaks single season rushing record. — Women ' s tennis team and lacrosse team dropped. — Men ' s track team wins 4th consec- utive GBC Indoor track champion- ship. — Reggie Lewis becomes the all-time leading scorer in New England Div. 1 history (2546). — Women ' s Hockey team captures 4th straight Beanpot. — Point guard Andre LaFleur becomes NCAA all-time assist leader. — Men ' s basketball team gains 4th straight trip to the NCAA ' s. — Women ' s basketball team wins Sea- board crown. — Women ' s crew team claims 3rd con- secutive Orange Cup. — Goalie Bruce Racine named to The University Division Ail-American first team. — Baseball ' s Chuck Allard sets career homerun record. — Former football and track star Lon- nie Hooker signs as free agent with the Patriots. — Three basketball players drafted by the NBA: Reggie Lewis, Andre LaFleur and Gerry Corcoran. — Baseball pitcher Brian Baldwin draft- ed by Seattle Mariners. Sports 1 1 7 Two late season losses prevented the Northeastern football team from going to the postseason NCAA Division 1-AA play-offs, but the Huntington Hounds did post their first winning season in four years. NU opened the season with two con- vincing wins, 39-22 over Towson State and 20-12 over Connecticut, and things were looking up, but then they lost their next two games and seemed destined to go to 2-3 when they faced the University of Maine without star wishbone quar- terback Jim O ' Leary. But backup QB Rich Rodriguez stepped in to lead the FOOTBALL Hounds to a 21-1 7 upset. The next week, NU dropped a close 24-16 tussle to New Hampshire to even its record at 3-3. But in the next three weeks, NU ' s defense, led by pro- prospect defensive lineman Darin Jones, led the Huskies to three convinc- ing wins, 41-28 over Villanova, 51-10 over Southern Connecticut, and 21-3 over traditional power Rhode Island. At this stage, Northeastern was 6-3 and heading for the play-offs. The cru- cial game was against nationally-ranked James Madison. Unfortunately, the NU juggernaut ran out of steam and lost to JM 13-3. NU ' s disappointment was ob- vious and it was upset by weak-sister UMASS, 27-7, in the season finale. 118 Football Football 1 1 9 MEN ' S HOCKEY With a Beanpot triumph and a solid second place finish in Hockey East, the Northeastern Men ' s hockey team ' s 1987-88 season was one of its most suc- cessful. Led by Ail-American, and Beanpot MVP goalie, Bruce Racine, the Hounds finally combined offense and defensive play into a package that allowed them to dominate most of the teams they faced this season. Granted Hockey East rivals Boston University and Boston College lost sev- eral of their best players to the United States and Canadian Olympic teams, but the strong play of Racine and the swarming offensive talents of forwards David O ' Brien, Kevin Heffernan, Rico Rossi, Joe Maclnnis and Dave Buda which resulted in NU scoring nearly five goals a game, was a sign that this would have been Northeastern ' s year with or without the Olympic defections. North- eastern itself could have been hurt just as badly, with Racine considering and then turning down a spot on the Ca- nadian squad. Graduation will hurt the team next season with Racine, Heffernan, O ' Brien, Maclnnis, Mike McDougall, John Ridpath and Claude Lodin leav- ing the team but several younger play- ers such as Harry Mews, Will Averill, Tom Bivona and Rob Cowie showed signs this season that they will fill the shoes of the departing starters. 120 Men ' s Hockey TG Men ' s Hockey 121 N.U. STEALS THE BEANS! Prior to 1980, Northeastern had never won a championship in the Beanpot, but as the decade of the 1980s winds down, NU has become in the dominant team in the yearly classic that determines the city brag- ging rights for NU, Boston Univer- sity, Boston College and Harvard. Alhtough NU entered this year ' s Beanpot as the most powerful offen- sive team in the city, it was the de- fense of Husky netminder Bruce Ra- cine that led the way to the title. Racine, who was the Beanpot MVP in NU ' s last successful quest as a freshman in 1985, picked a perfect time to record his first collegiate shut- out by whitewashing Boston College 4-0 in the opening round. It was the first time BC had ever been shutout in Beanpot competition. In the championship game, Racine turned back nearly 40 BU shots in leading Northeastern to a 6-3 victory. • It was NU ' s fourth Beanpot title in • the last eight years. J 122 Beanpot Beanpot 1 23 Things looked grim for the Husky Hoopsters at the start of the season. The heart and soul of the team, forward Reg- gie Lewis (the ninth-leading scorer in NCAA history) and Guard Andre Lafleur (the all-time NCAA assistant champ) had graduated. But there was a solid core of returning players including pivotman Kevin McDuffie and guard John Williams, as well as super soph Derrick Lewis. But the optimism was short lived when the opening games of season, in the Fleet Classic in Rhode Island, Men ' s Basketball showed NU just how tough it would be to live up to the legacy (three NCAA tourney trips in four years) during the Lewis years. NU lost to a reasonably good team (Louisiana Tech) and to an incredibly weak one (Fordham). At one point, during January, the Huskies were an abismal 2-6, but things had turned around a little bit by Feb- ruary when a three-game winning streak brought the team to a 7-7 record. Still they were well behind conference lead- ers BU and Siena and the Huskies ' four year dominance of the ECAC-North ap- peared at an end. One bright spot was the play of freshmen Barry Abercrombie and Steve Carney who set team records for rebounding early in the season. The key to the rest of the Husky season seemed to rest with the veterans, like Lewis and McDuffie who were finally starting to assert themselves as winter deepened, and tournament time drew closer. 124 Men ' s Basketball Men ' s Basketball 125 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Northeastern ' s women ' s basketball coach Joy Malchodi expected 1 988 to be a rebuilding year for the defending Sea- board Conference champions, but even she was shocked by the trouble that left Northeastern barely able to field a team of five healthy players early in the sea- son. First the team was hurt by an NCAA ruling that knocked two scholarships from each team in the country. Some teams were able to delay any effect be- cause they had seniors on their roster but Northeastern didn ' t have that op- tion. Eventually, the NCAA rescinded its decision but the recruiting season was past and Northeastern was left with only four new players and a total of 12 people suited up for the season. Then one player decided not to return and starters Leslie Willis and Shayna Ster- rett were felled with injuries. Two of the incoming freshmen were also injured and a third was ruled ineligible for other reasons. The team was left with seven players able to play and three of those were nursing minor injuries. So the team started out 0-7, but re- bounded slightly to have a 4- 1 3 record near the halfway point and a league re- cord of only 2-3, leading some to believe that they would be a factor in the con- ference play-offs later in the year and had high hopes for the next two seasons when players recovered from surgery and the younger players — thrown into the heat of the fray by the numbers game ■ — matured with their experience. 126 Women ' s Basketball . J ?SITY Women ' s Basketball 127 WOMEN ' S HOCKEY PERFECT. There ' s no other way to describe the Northeastern Women ' s Hockey Team ' s best season ever. For the past few seasons, Northeast- ern and the University of New Hamp- shire have duked it for national suprem- acy in women ' s hockey and UNH has always seemed to come out on top. In several of the years, UNH ' s dominance has been established by narrow 2- 1 mar- gins in the team ' s three game series each year. But this year, NU won the cli- mactic season ending battle 7-5 to finish 24-0-1. And led by Donna Lynn Rosa and Tina Cardinale, it prepared for the NCAA play-offs and its first outright national title in several seasons. 128 Women ' s Hockey Women ' s Hockey 129 MEN ' S CREW The high point for the men ' s crew team this year was the Cincinnati Re- gatta in which Northeastern stroked down the Ohio River well ahead of teams from Harvard, Brown, Wisconsin and UCLA. At the Foot of the Charles race in the fall, Nil ' s four-man with cox team of Jeff McLauglin, Ron Korb, Ed Novicel- li, Pat Manning and Tim Lenhard fin- ished second to Harvard, with another team of Steve Potter, Mike Porterfield, Chris Fibbe, Brian Catough and Glen Quizon in third. The men ' s heavy eight team came in 6th place overall at the Head of the Charles, but it was only in second among college entries. NU oarsman Jeff McLaughlin rowed in the sixth-seat on a heavy eight team that won the national championship and then went on to Copenhagen where it won the world ' s championship for the first time since 1974. McLaughlin ex- pects to compete in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. 130 Men ' s Crew Men ' s Crew 131 BASEBALL The Husky Nine fought their way to a 20-13 record in 1987 but lost the con- ference title to the University of New Hampshire on the second to the last weekend of the season. Junior Chuck Allard had the best year of his three-year Husky career setting single season and career marks for home runs (1 1 and 25) and RBI ' s (37). He also maintained his career batting average at .322 and closed to within 17 RBI ' s of the Northeastern career mark. 132 Baseball Baseball 133 Women ' s Crew The women ' s varsity four crew team, consisting of Bonnie Korb, Shoshannai Abeles, Kerstin Templeton and Kristem Prendiville, finished second in the Footi of the Charles, 10 seconds behind Rad- cliffe. The second NU team of Liz Cantwell, Aimee Lyons, Laura Miller, Jen Narcisi i and Deb Ryan finished 1 2th. The Novice women ' s team — Mary Ann Mullen, Kara Welch, Kimi Hohenedal, Sonya Bogaars, Molly O ' Connor, Eileen Cattie, Andreai McPherson and Devry Garrity, wass fourth out of 51 teams in the eights ' competition. 134 Women ' s Crew Women ' s Crew 1 35 SOCCER The Northeastern soccer team set a season record for wins despite finishing with an overall record of 5-12. Andrew Dias, Kevin Flanagan, Tony Dias and Joe Belanardo were the of- fensive stars for the team, which suf- fered five losses by a single goal, a great improvement over previous years when the team was blown out in many con- tests. Freshman Doug Coutts was also bright spot who stabilized the midfield for the team and assisted on many goals. 136 Men ' s Soccer Men ' s Soccer 137 VOLLEYBALL The Northeastern Invitation Volley- ball Tourney was a microcosm of a very successful season for the NU volleyball team. The Huskies were down 3-1 in a best of five match against defending cham- pion UMASS, when they rallied to win the next two games and defeat the cham- pion to win the championship. Along the way, NU also blew out teams from Rutgers and Brown to establish itself as one of the dominant Division 1 teams in New England. For the second straight year, the de- fensive net play of Marcia Armelino led the Huskies, while Co-Captain Becky Orsi ' s power slams broke the backs of numerous opponents. Co-Captain Karin Mackinaw was also strong at the net. 138 Women ' s Volleyball Women ' s Volleyball 1 39 Indoor Track 140 Indoor Track Indoor Track 141 PJj 1 I ♦!• «- 15 II m sis S 1 i §5 ' kM »• TfT 5 JttU «2 WHW™ Kevin McDuffie Michelle Millane 1 42 Top Dogs Jeff Goodman Top Dogs 143 1 44 Top Dogs Olympian Scott Pladel Top Dogs 145 WOMEN ' S SWIMMING AND DIVING l i When the Northeastern women ' s swimming team faced off against the competition in the New England Cham- pionships in February, it expected to finish third. But the Huskies surprised even themselves by setting 16 school records and narrowly losing out to de- fending champion Boston College. Senior captain Linda Porter swam the race of her career in winning the 200- meter breaststroke in a region-record time of 2:28:21. Porter also scored points for the Huskies by finishing fifth in the 400 individual medley, fifth in the 100-backstroke and ninth in the 200-backstroke. Junior Kathy Deignan set a meet re- cord in the 500-freestyle and set a school record in winning the 200-freestyle. Se- nior Denise Neibel, Donna Jungbluth and Sandra Peco also set personal bests in several events. Junior Michele White and freshman Dana Kozimor dominated both diving events at the championship. White, Kozimor and Sue Fegeley went on to the NCAA regional championships in March. Prior to the New England ' s NU was 9- 1 in dual meets and leading the ECAC. MMMi - W ' SNfiilL«j , ifftBl frih " -Wp3R3|TSj| : m s » ,n ■ «M 146 Women ' s Swimming Women ' s Swimming 147 FIELD HOCKEY In an exlremcly successful season, in which the Women ' s Field Hockey learn, raced oul lo an I 1-5-1 early season re- cord, no Husky player was more suc- cessful than Ann Mucera. The sophomore star was named an honorable mention All-America. The Lynnfield High graduate wasn ' t the only Husky to be noticed by competitors. Se- nior captain Sharonb George and junior Jenine Fisher, were named lo the All- Regional New England team, along with Mucera. 148 Women ' s Field Hockey W- . Women ' s Field Hockey 149 Athletic Supporters 152 Athletic Supporters Athletic Supporters 153 ING 1 54 Athletic Supporters Athletic Supporters 1 55 Window Caulking A member of Nil ' s intercollegiate caulking squad practices up for a major competition. 1 56 Other Spoils President Ryder and Senator Kennedy lay hands on an ill computer. Computer Faith Healing Other Sports 157 Underwater Mugging The key to a successful performance is to remove the air tank at the deepest point in the pool. Coed Rolling 158 Other Sports Wishful Thinking Northeastern seniors use their combined brain power to levitate a helium balloon. that needs no explaining. Other Sports 159 NU students And a use for a useless object. Logo Tossing 1 60 Other Sports Quadding Two students discover that viewing is easier than doing. Other Sports 161 Bursar Bashing Certainly one of the most popular sports on campus. 162 Other Sports Trenching Students are always encouraged to look beneath the surface veneer. Other Sports 163 These experts have learned that the degree of difficulty increases with the length of time the gaze is held. Gazing incredulously 164 Other Sports nd you will learn this much at Northeastern. Tall Tale Teaching Other Sports 165 Cha-Cha-Cha-ing Snow Sweeping Fox trot lever flashes past. The only known sport more difficult than Frog thumb wrestling. 1 66 Other Sports = =HSfi= Mudwrestling Grrr! Other Sports 167 Linestanding I Although this sport is more often a doubles competition, triples is occasionally played where local statutes allow. 168 Other Sports It ' s not a sport at Northeastern, it ' s a way of life. Mattress Racing Other Sports 169 SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Husky artwork by Christine Gillel Co-opoly Board by Marianne Weisbender and Michael Turner 170 Seniors SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Seniors 171 COLLEGE CF ARTS AND SCIENCES I 72 Arts and Sciences The very first day, the top tulips in the College of Arts and Flowers de- cided we needed to take a math test. It was all downhill from there. The orientation form said to reg- ister at 8 a.m. in Matthews Arena. Silly us, when we lined up we as- sumed it would take a while, but same day service was expected. Wrong! Still most of us survived. One stu- dent even graduated a year early be- cause he remained in line rather than go on co-op. Then there were the classes . . . Western Civ was presented as a fait acompli. We had to sit in front of a video tape and take notes so some grad student could test us late some afternoon. Then a real teacher would magically materialize in a special col- loquium and ask us what we thought about it all. We thought it stunk and were kind of bitter when that form of Civ was gradually replaced during our tenure. On the other hand, we managed to sneak by in the last full year of distribution rather than core- curriculum, so it could have been much worse. Freshman English was fun. When all the students brought in their first assignments they were read out in class and we all sat smugly thinking what cretins everyone else was. Then we realized everyone else was think- ing the same thing about us and that made us angry. Then we imagined one of the cretins getting a co-op in- terview before we did and thoroughly exposing the educational fraud of NU to the potential employer. We briefly considered transferring to the Biz College and decided against it. You should always dance with the girl guy that brought you. It seemed like the whole freshman year was spent in interviewing, re- sume writing and cover letter work- shops. The head carpenters in the College of Arts and Crafts were con- cerned that we present ourselves well, even if there were no jobs to be pre- sentable for. And then there were the jobs. Some A and S students were fortunate, they got to go to Disney World. Some, particularly journalists, were fortu- nate to have a semi-marketable skill and got paper routes. The rest proved their mettle in Store 24 or Filene ' s Basement. The absolute lower crust were hired by Northeastern. No-op Co-op became a permanent part of the vocabulary. When we got back it was time run the financial aid obstacle course and leap over tall bursar ' s blocks in a sin- gle bound. We laughed when they told us the average NU student earned $300 a week on co-op and saved 80 percent of that for school. Then we realized they were serious and, as our faces sunk, they began smiling. They reached into their bags of burden and pulled out loan forms and we signed our lives away. Since A and S majors make so little on graduation, we can spread the repayments out over time. My payments are slated to cover the Pleistocene Era. So we muddled through the middle years, the forgotten years, the years of linestanding dangerously. We ma- tured. We got older. Our student loans mounted and we learned to schedule classes between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. We memorized the names of pres- idents and we absorbed old English verse. The scientists among us took English As A Second Language and the non-scientific swam through Fun With Fishes. Some folks mispronounced for- eign languages and others suffered ex- tra sciences. There was the BA and the BS, but it was really all the latter. Then we concentrated. Oh, did we concentrate. In fact, we concentrated on getting through our majors with as little contact with our advisors and de- partment teachers. We learned that the grass not only always looked greener outside our majors but that electives sometimes offered live grass. Near the end, we came face to face with the real world. The Office of Ca- reer Placement announced job inter- views and we felt the sting of second class citizenship. Arts and Science ma- jors need not apply, except of course at Sears and K-Mart. But at a certain point, it didn ' t matter anymore. We decided to go to grad school. We had not learned a skill so we figured that more education couldn ' t hurt. If we were lucky, we could go on and on in higher education and someday return to Northeastern as administrators. The head postmasters in the College of Arts and Letters just smiled and told us we were a higher calling, an ed- ucated few, ready to brave the world and save the technocrats from their own lack of morality when society once again decided to honor the right- eousness of a liberal arts education. In the meantime, we could all go to Europe for months after graduation. We didn ' t have jobs to worry about anyway. — David S. Kiffer Arts and Sciences 173 Zeiad Alsufiani Economics Boston, MA Sandra Alvarez History Fall River, MA Nancy Amigo Speech Communication Tewksbury, MA Jimmy E. Anderson Biology Foxboro, MA Harold G. Andrews Math CS Reading, MA Karen E. Arnold Journalism Clearwater, FL Paul T. Arnold English Plymplon, MA Leslie Jo Athanasiou English Cambridge, MA Eric W. Barnes Philosophy Chestnut Hill, MA Debora Barry Political Science Plymouth, MA Stephanie Behrakis Economics North Tewksbury, MA Richard Belanger CJ. Marlboro, MA Lysah Bell Speech Communication Boston, MA Myles Beltram Economics Chepachel, Rl Alvin Bess Economics Roslindale, MA Leon Bethune Biology Deerpark, NY Sharon Bing Political Science Dorchester, MA Amy Bishop Biology Braintree, MA Sharon Bittner Political Science WyckofT, NJ Phillip Blood English Groton, MA Susan Bonica Biology Boston, MA Gary Brown Economics Quincy, MA Jeffrey Bruk Economics Andover, MA Deborah Butler English West Suffield, CT 1 74 Arts and Sciences David Camiel Journalism Med ford, MA Steven Capobianco Math Norwood, MA Paul Carolan Economics Boston, MA Gregory E. Carpenter Political Science Lyon, MA Patrick Carpenter Speech Communication Stamford, CT Stephen Carr Physics Jamaica Plain, MA Paul Caruso Political Science Boston, MA Chris Catapane Speech Communication Stratford, CT Jessica Cavic Biology History Concord, MA Annemarie Cerullo Speech Communication Medford, MA Scot Chin Sociology Newton, MA Lisa Clark Journalism Jamaica, MA Marc Clarke Speech Communication Boston, MA Carolyn Conaghan Journalism Marshfield, MA Jennifer Connelly Psychology Milton, MA Linda M. Connors Speech Communication Needham, MA Patrick Conroy Speech Communication Branford, CT John Conway Journalism Lowell, MA Karen Cooper Speech Communication Newton, MA Stephen Cosenke Political Science Albany, NY John Costello Biology Concord, MA Peter Cousins Political Science Boston, MA De Anne Cousland Modern Languages Alston, MA Nina Curreri Speech Communication Dedham, MA Arts and Sciences 175 Thea Curtin Speech Communication Medford, MA Tiffany Curtis Speech Communication Hampton, NH Jeffrey Cutler Public Relations Hingham, MA Paula Cutrone Journalism Advertising Garden City, NY Federico Damore Psychology Revere, MA Karin Darrell English Hamilton 5, Bermuda Matthew Datri EE Esmond, RI Karen Davidson Speech Communicationn Georgetown, MA Warwick Davies Economics Lexington, MA Rochelle L. Davis Speech Communication Jamaica Plain, MA Thomas Delillo Political Science Waterford, CT Christopher Demaula Biology Mattituck, NY Maria Deoliveira Journalism Arlington, MA Robyn Dibeneditto Speech Communication Prospect, CT Michelle Dicecca Biology Medford, MA Debra Dichiara Special Education Sauguss, MA Bessie Donald English Dorchester, MA Kathleen Donovan Geology Andover, MA Maureen Donovan Music Ashland, MA Heidi Douglas His mam Services Sudbury, MA Francis Doyle History West Roxbury, MA Sallyann Dufault Psychology Springfield, MA Christopher Duffy Economics Braintree, MA Eric Eaton Economics Bedford, MA 1 76 Arts and Sciences Delores Edwards Speech Communication Bronx, NY Gregory Eltringham Art Manchester, CT Stephanie Ernst Biology Boston, MA Edmund Eusebio Political Science Groton, CT Jeana Farese English Lynnfield, MA Carolyn Fitzgerald Speech Communication Tuckahoe, NY Debra Fitzgerald Political Science Hanson, MA Michael Flanagan Journalism Meoway, MA William Folan Economics Stoneham, MA Urceline Forrester Economics Boston, MA Sherri Lynn Frager Journalism Chestnut Hill, MA Kira Francisco Biology Boston, MA Lynn Frazer Journalism New Bedford, MA Rebecca Gallagher Sociolgy Morristown, NJ Carlene Galvin Speech Communication Boston, MA Christine Gandolfo Psychology Brookline, MA Lynn Geisselbrecht Speech Communication Brighton, MA Kathleen Gemmell Speech Communication Andover, MA Maria Genca Journalism Hartford, CT Julia Gessula Speech Communication New York, NY Kevin Gettings Political Science Braintree, MA Lisa Giberti Speech Communication Westwood, MA Jennifer Glick Political Science Onancock, VA Jeffrey Goldenberg Economics Needham, MA Arts and Sciences 1 77 Mary Goodwin Political Science Millis, MA Richard Greenfield Economics Natick, MA Benjamin Gresser Geology Brookline, MA Robert J. Haggerty Speech Communication Andover, MA Karl Haglund Speech Communication Boston, MA Anistasia Hammerlind Psychology Boston, MA Stacey Hammerlind Psychology Boston, MA Kristin Harris Biology Boston, MA Kathleen Hart History Tenafly, NJ Brenda Haynes Speech Communication Cambridge, MA Joanne Healy Speech Communication Warrington, PA Betsy A. Hill Speech Communication Cedarhurst, NY Christine Hoffmeister Deborah Hogan Biology Lowell, MA Kevin Hogan English Quincy, MA Yuan Hsu Geology Boston, MA Kimberly Huber Journalism Sandwich, MA Susan Hulbert Economics Hingham, MA Ernst Hyacinthe Journalism Math Quincy, MA James Ingram Economics Brookline, MA Carlos Jayes Luque Economics Brighton, MA Marie Jean Political Science Brighton, MA Chad Jeffries Economics Yarzlen, PA Michael Jim Economics Boston, MA 178 Arts and Sciences Eric Johansmeyer Economics New City, NY Deborah A. Johnson Economics Charlesiown, MA Scott Johnson Political Science Cumberland, ME Brad Jones Psychology Charlestown, MA Lori Jordan Political Science Winchester, MA Richard Jordan Math Walpole, MA Catalina Juhasz Speech Communication Lynn, MA Thomas Keefe Geology Sandwich, MA Lisa Kennedy Journalism Foxboro, MA David Kiffer Journalism Ketchikan, AK Michael Kilduff Journalism Reading, MA Julie Kingston Economics Newton, MA Stephen Koenigsberg Speech Communication Boston, MA Edward Koval Journalism Barnesville, PA James Kraekel Economics Bos ton, MA Mark Kreitz Psychology Allston, MA John Krol Journalism Brookline, MA Nat F. Ladd Journalism Belmont, MA Karen Leary Economics Needham, MA Alice Lee English Newton Center, MA Veronica Leonard Speech Communication Dorchester, MA Jeffrey Lerner Journalism Morganville, NJ Michael Levine Economics Wellesley Hills, MA Eddie Li Architecture Boston, MA Arts and Sciences 179 Thomas Lienhard Sociology Winthrop, MA Jonathan Lipson Speech Communication Tappa, NY Kathleen Louischarles Architecture Hyde Park, MA Christopher Lynch Political Science Hackensack, NJ Michael Lynch Speech Communication Boston, MA Paula Lynne Political Science Poughkeepsie, NY Scot B. MacMannis Speech Communication Boston, MA Joanne MacPhail Economics East Walpole, MA Carol MacPherson Paul Mahon Political Science Sandwich, MA Valerie Marable Speech Communication Montclair, NJ Thomas Markarian Economics South Boston, MA John F. Martin Speech Communication Greenfield, MA Rose Martin Economics Waltham, MA John P. Maye Chemstry Cheshire, CT Salvator Mazzeo Speech Communication Hyde Park, MA Mark McCauley Journalism Cheshire, CT Julie McFadyen Psychology Zephyr Hills, FL Deanna McGovern Journalism Medford, MA Michael McGreal Economics Medford, MA Brian M. McKee History Hingham, MA Robert McLaughlin English Portsmouth, RI Andrew Mensch Speech Communication Jericho, NY Oleg Michalowskij Philo EE Jamaica Plain, MA Arts and Sciences Jeffrey Miller Architecture Warwick, RI Annette Mitchell Speech Communication Boston, MA Marjorie Monroe Speech Communication Westwood, MA Cynthia Morin Psychology Hartford, CT Meagan Murphy Speech Communication Franklin Lakes, NJ Lisa M. Murray Geology Hanson, MA Stefan Nathanson Political Science Framingham, MA Daniel Newton Psychology Clinton, MA Joseph Ng Biology Brighton, MA Michael Norton Journalism Weymouth, MA Jeffrey O ' Heir Journalism Lowell, MA Arthur Padama Political Science Ft. Washington, MA Camille Padula Political Science South Boston, MA Joy Panagrossi English Branford, CT Malinda Parris Political Science West Barnstable, MA Steven Parti English Burlington, MA Erik Pearson Art Lexington, MA Bruno Pelletier Chemistry Natick, MA David Pezzini Architecture Manchester, NH James Pimentel Political Science Raynham, MA Audra Pinto Den Hyg Southington, CT Lesley Pitter Speech Communication Brookline, MA Martin Polera Political Science Utica, NY Frederick Prip Pertusn Concord, MA Arts and Sciences 1 8 1 Bruce Racine Speech Communication Boston, MA Nalinie Rankin English Morris Plains, NJ James Rataj Political Science Revere, MA Mark Ratner Speech Communication Fairfield, CT Suzanne Reid Journalism Uniondale, NY Stephanie Reifer Journalism Melville, NY Sharon Reynolds Journalism Steep Falls, ME Joel Richards Art Sharon, MA Stephen Richter Economics Fairfield, CT Shelley Ridley Journalism Wallingford, CT James Riordan History Worchesler, MA Brian Roach Math West Roxbury, MA Jennifer Roach Psychology Watertown, MA Christopher Roberts History Barre, VT Alvin N. Robertson Economics Mamaroneck, NY Karen Rochford Psychology Jamaica Plain, MA Michael Rossi, Jr. Psci Eng West Hartford, CT Alexander Rothenberg Journalism Burlington, VT Karina Rozentals Speech Communication Jamaica Plain, MA Wendy Ruggiero Economics Westchester, PA Barry Sanborn Economics Walpole, MA Iuo Santarossa Math Brookline, MA Amy Sarofian Architecture Haverhill, MA Barry Scanlon Journalism Lowell, MA 1 82 Arts and Sciences Jonathan Scher Political Science Old Bridge, NJ Maria Schulz M LabSC Boston, MA Lynn Scullen Math Brighton, MA Susan Semedo Speech Communications West Warcham, MA Jennifer Shelton English West Hartford, CT Crystal Shiell Math Boston, MA Kulraj Sidhu Psychology Bethesda, MA Jill Siegler Speech Communication Glenrock, NJ Leah Siggins Psychology Boston, MA Jeff Silverman Political Science Newton Centre, MA Joseph Simonetti Journalism Tiverton, RI Debra Singer Speech Communication Spring Valley, NY Pamela Small Journalism S. Harwich, MA Elizabeth Soeldner Natascha Sohni Speech Communication Boston, MA Tracey Spiegel Speech Communication Bal Harbor, FL Arjen Steegstra Speech Communication Harwich, MA James Stevens, II Economics East Templeton, MA Elizabeth Stingel Human Services Fairport, NY Sangeui Suh Math Cambridge, MA Kendra Sullivan Political Science Watertown, MA Helene Svirsky Biology Marlboro, MA Elizabeth Swanson English Boston, MA Shanta Swezy Journalism Boston, MA Arts and Sciences 1 83 Tammy Szelest Math Arlington, MA Mark Tardif English Lewiston, ME Robert Tenaglia History Hanover, MA Jeanette Thomas Political Science Lakehurst, NJ Joyce Thompson Journalism Haverhill, MA Marian Thurnher Biology Boston, MA Joe Tivade Biology Boston, MA Diane Tousignant Economics Boston, MA Scott Tucci C rim Jus Salisbury, MA Talin Ucuzian Economics Belmont, MA Edward Urquiola Speech Communication Brookline, MA Timothy Vacha Math Scituate, MA Paul Valante Psychology Quincy, MA Tim Vanmetter English Jamaica Plain, MA Sonya Vartabedian Journalism Haverhill, MA Rafael Villard Economics Waltham, MA Annette Wallace Speech Communication Hurst, TX Peter Weitzman Political Science Brookline, MA hrth Arls and Sciences Rovina Westbrook Economics Morristown, NJ Holly Wickstrom Speech Communications Harwichporl, MA Marcia Wiegand Math Rochester, NY Paula Wilensky Speech Communications Marblehead, MA Stewart A. Williams Architecture Brighton, MA Kathleen A. Wilson Journalism North Weymouth, MA Patricia J. Wilson Journalism Whitesboro, NY Marc Winer Speech Communications Chestnut Hill, MA Karen A. Winter Journalism Woburn, MA Terrence Wolfe English Boston, MA Carolyn Woyasz Speech Communication Norwich, CT John Yee Speech Communication Boston, MA Journalism Lowell, MA Ellen Zaremba Economics Deep Rh Jeff Zonderman Biology So. Weymouth, MA Debra Zwerin Den Hyg Brentwood, NY Arts and Sciences 1 85 BOSTON BOUVE COLLEGE €r HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONS 186 Boston Bouvc Boston Bouve 187 Deborah Abbey Elementary Education Windsor, LT John B. Allen Physical Education Horwood, MA Jamie L. Anderson Physical Therapy Weymouth, MA Cheryl A. Andrews Physical Therapy Rutland, MA Karen E. Andrews Physical Therapy Belfast, ME Susan Aylaian Physical Education Watertown, MA Christina Babcock Elementary Education Wakefield, MA Alison Banks Physical Education Lexington, MA Cheryl Bearce Early Childhood Education East Falmouth, MA Joseph Bergin Physical Therapy Drexel Hill, PA Nancy Bonomi Physical Therapy Brighton, MA Bridget Boylan Physical Therapy Sandy Springs, GA Janice Bracone Physical Therapy Oak Ridge, NJ Stephanie Broosky Human Services Swarthmore, PA Jennifer G. Brown Physical Therapy Peace Dale, Rl Sue Ann Brown Physical Therapy Holden, MA Judy Calish Elementary Special Education Columbia, MD Carole Cancelliere Physical Therapy Smithtown, NY Marybeth Canney Speech and Hearing Charlestown, MA Victor N. Carbone Physical Therapy Wakefield, MA Susan Catalano Physical Therapy Watertown, MA Denise Chalifoux Speech and Hearing West Roxbury, MA Annbeth Chinchillo Physical Therapy Saugus, MA Francine Clark Elementary Education Braintree, MA Boston Bouve Jeni Cohan Education Rockaway, NJ Valerie Cohen Physical Therapy Ridgewood, NJ Patricia Collins Physical Therapy Allslon, MA Julia Coulon Elementary Education Hingham, MA Andrea Cranson Physical Therapy Ashfield, MA Marie Devine Physical Therapy Quincy, MA Kathryn Devino Physical Therapy Waterbury, CT Kathleen Doherty Physical Therapy Quincy, MA Diane Donaghy Nursing Cambridge, MA Susan Doody Speech Language Pathology Marshfield Hills, MA Janet Dorion Physical Therapy Foxboro, MA Timothy Dreher Physical Therapy Kensington, CT Kathleen Drury Physical Therapy Canton, MA Karen Dustin Physical Therapy Franklin, NH Lisa Evans Physical Therapy Winthrop, MA Sandra Forgione Speech Hearing New Britain, CT James Francis Physical Therapy Roslindale, MA Robert Francis Physical Therapy Roslindale, MA Diane Fraser Physical Therapy Lee, MA Elizabeth Gaudet Physical Therapy Boston, MA Lisa Giangregorio Physical Therapy Maiden, MA Maria Giarrusso Speech Pathology Brookline, MA Laura Glufling Speech and Hearing East Boston, MA Susan Goldstein Theraputic Recreation Brighton, MA Boston Bouve 11 Kimberly Grady Education Natick, MA Cynthia Guloyan Health Education Hampton, NH Laurie Hallemeyer Theraputic Recreation Boston, MA Cheryl Haskard Speech and Hearing Wodburn, MA Lucy Haskell Physical Therapy Greensburg, PA Felicia Heitin Early Childhood Education Maiden, MA Lorraine Hickey Physical Therapy Ringwood, NJ Marylou Hoffman Physical Therapy Somerville, MA Caroline Horgan Physical Therapy Lynn, MA Donna Huber Physical Therapy Weymouth, MA Robert Iannaco Physical Therapy Woburn, MA Kerri Jones Anatomy Cardiovascular Health Boston, MA Sandra Jordan Physical Therapy Winchester, MA Christine Kelley Health Brighton, MA Tarajean Ken- Recreation and Leisure Jamestown, RI Kellyann Killay Physical Therapy Orange, MA Roman Kinal Physical Therapy Boston, MA John Kingsbury Physical Therapy Taunton, MA Laurie-Ann Kiszka Physical Therapy Newburyport, MA Jacqueline Lahore Physical Therapy East Freetown, MA Keith Laskey Physical Therapy Tewksbury, MA Kelly Leblanc Physical Therapy Fairhaven, MA Michael J. Linkovich Physical Therapy Brunswick, ME Melanie Lolos Physical Education Chelmsford, MA 1 90 Boston Bouve Margaret Lubert Cardiovascular Health Vestal, NY Richard Mackie Physical Education Marlboro, MA Karen Malloy Physical Therapy Newton, MA Susan Mandolini Physical Therapy Hampdew, MA David Marcham Physical Therapy Quincy, MA Marybeth Marshall Physical Therapy Boston, MA Amy Mazzola Physical Therapy Dedham, MA Sharon McBride Physical Therapy Fitchburg, MA Maureen McCurdy Physical Therapy Lynn, MA Florence McDonald Physical Therapy Bridgeton, ME Joan McEvoy Physical Therapy Needham, MA Todd McGraw Physical Therapy Farmington, ME Kathleen McKenna Physical Therapy Lexington, MA Anne McKeown Cardiovascular Health Scituate, MA Nairi Melkonian Cardiovascular Health Glens Falls, NY Daniele Mercier Physical Therapy Auburn, MA Boston Bouve 191 Daleann M. Miller Physical Therapy Abinglon, MA Marie F. 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Well, up to this point I had thought was a person in the Army and concentration was a type of camp in Hogan ' s Heroes. We went through tests to sec what level math and English classes we could take. Yes, this was a joke. All the stu- dents who had older siblings knew they should score low on these tests. This was so the first couple of quarters at NU would be easy. The half who didn ' t know this took Stats 2 their first quarter and almost decided to transfer to UMASS Boston. As the first quarter came to an end we began to think " this isn ' t so hard. " Problem was we couldn ' t say that to anyone else. Every other student at NU felt that business was the easiest major, tailor-made for students who couldn ' t make it in any " real " major. We were laughed at by everyone. The engineers, dweebs that they are, felt that we should take 5-6 classes a quarter and have no social life, like them. The com- puter scientists to be felt that business classes were volleyball and tanning, along with a healthy diet of Budweiser and Nachos. Other majors also felt strongly about our curriculum and de- graded us at every turn. Our last laugh, or so we thought, came when it was announced that only busi- ness majors could register for business classes. This would eliminate lines, full classes and many other hassles we might run into. No so. Every time registration came around the classes were full, the lines monstrous and the hassles, infi- nite. So we trudged on . . . Freshman year passed and many of the b.s. got anxious about co-op. This was the program that Dad said would save your inh eritance money by taking care of college expenses. He was sadly mistaken. Co-op didn ' t materialize as a cure-all for the poverty we had after a nine-month period of drinking and so- cializing. It was more like something to help finance a Thursday night at the Cask and Flagon. The middle years, Sophomore, Mid- dler and Junior, were the most impor- tant of our lives. We learned that the working world is different than a part time job at a gas station or restaurant. It is made up of real people in dull jobs making a buck to support themselves and their families. This was a part of the " Education that Works " that was really a learning experience. Jobs at IBM, Citibank, GE and AT T were the cream of the crop. Places like White Plains, N.Y. were as magical and wonderful as OZ. You only got placed there when you had made it big. Your QPA was higher than 3.0 and someone in Co-op liked you. Most of us were not so lucky and received a job at a bank or an invest- ment firm in Boston. This meant living here during co-op and putting up with the NU bureaucracy for another three months of the year. It wasn ' t too bad though, at least we had spending money and we didn ' t miss out on campus events. After the first co-op, the journey be- gan in earnest. It was now a quest to get the best grades as well as the best co-op job evaluation. People started looking for the job they wanted to do instead of going with a big name. Experience was building and it seemed to be getting easier when Junior year hit. What a fiasco. All our friends from high school were graduating from col- lege and we started to get nervous along with them. They entered the " real world " when we were having spring midterms. They said there were no jobs for any- one. Mom wasn ' t so worried, but Dad couldn ' t help himself. They loved me, but not enough to support a 23-year-old dependent. Dad started around August with his questions. " Any offers yet? " " Isn ' t someone coming to the campus soon to give out jobs? " " You can make a bundle if you work in the Midwest, how about it? " Well, I heard the speech every time I brought laundry home. A few of my friends had offers from their co-op com- panies so I decided to look around. The Career Placement office wasn ' t a wealth of knowledge. The classified always wanted someone with five years expe- rience and a Master ' s degree. The fall rolled by and I generally for- got about getting a job and concentrated on getting out of NU. It wasn ' t easy but I managed Policy, the hardest business course except Finance, and actually cel- ebrated a quarter with an elective. I also worried my way through class wonder- ing if I would screw up and have to wait until June of ' 89 to graduate. No big deal. But soon it was Spring and we were almost out. Senior week and commence- ment were approaching. Oh, no! No job. B.S. ' s were running to resume writing lessons, interviews and career place- ment looking for jobs. Finals were al- most forgotten in the crush. We dodged the bullet and most found jobs, at least for the summer. After that, who knows? — Jeff Cutler Business 201 Lisa Allison Marketing East Weymouth, MA Elsy ASvarado Management Allston, MA Gerardo Alvarez Finance Boston, MA Kenneth Anderson Management Fi nance Miller Place, NY Anthony Andreano Transportation Management Hannonton, NJ Caroline Arbes Marketing Boston, MA Ralph Armenti Finance Worcester, MA Ana Z. Asvaje Marketing Jamaica Plain, MA Gary Aswad Accounting and Management Winchester, MA Demetrius Atsalis Management Hyannis, MA France Aublet Finance Boston, MA Gregg Aylaian Business Watertown. 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Washeba Acctg Peabody, MA James Weiner Finance Caldwell, NY Debby E. Weinsteia Mktg Sharon, MA Richard E. Wenning Mktg Newton, MA Martha J. Weyand Mkt Mgt Needham, MA Jeffrey P. White Finance Rockland, MA Timothy Whitney Acctg Boston, MA Michael C. Wilson Fin Actg Lincoln, MA Marc A. Witte Mktg Plainview, NY Adam J. Wolensky Finance West Andover, MA Julie Wolfset HUM Framingham, MA Man Hung Wong Finance Quincy, MA John Worth Mgt Lynn, MA Alison Y. Wu Acctg Boston, MA Marijean Yee Mkt Brighton, MA William Yee Finance Boston, MA Christian H. Yochum Acctg St. Clairsville, OH Sofei Yu Acct Boston, MA Jeffery Zarse Mkt Fin Amherst, NH Andrea E. Zimmer Acctg Haydenville, MA Harry A. Zucker Mgmt Boston, MA Phil Zwick Finance Southington, CT Senior Week Committee Members Kevin Brown, Bob Amidon, adn Joe Scola discuss the search for disc jockeys. Business 223 SENIOR WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Janet E. Albert Maria K. Bartley Tanya M. Bradley Patrick Bratton Stephen M. Crowford Mark A. Dumas Elizabeth K. Fox Richard L. Goldenberg Alicia L. Harper Christopher E. Hopey Theresa M. Jasset Paul E. Jetter Calvin A. Jones Darren B. Jones David S. Kiffer Leslie J. King Helena M. Madden Anna Marie Magliocco John E. McFadden III Jacqueline McLaughlin Brad E. Moreschi Daniel S. Newton Peter J. Park James W. Pimentel Thomas A. Pinkham, IV Christopher P. Roberts William P. Saffian Michael S. Silver Scott W. Silver Michael D. Spath Mary M. Tarpinian Jin Xia Martha L. Zambuto Fred J. Zwick Lisa M. Giangregorio Catherine M. Zimmer SEARS B. CONDIT AWARDS These awards were established in 1940 through the generosity of Sears B. Condit. The income from the Sears B. Condit Fund is distributed annually to the top-ranking Northeastern seniors. In addition to an engrossed citation, Condit scholars receive a check for $300. Name Georges V. Abou-Chedid James W. Bucking Terrell F. Poeton Calvin A. Jones Kenneth L. Tabor Helena M. Madden Anna Marie Magliocco Karen A. Bentley Dawn M. Retzel John H. O ' Brien John H. Ewing Ralph J. Marshall Stephen A. Rotondi Robert O. Peruzzi Karina V. Rozentals Christopher Mikulis Donald S. Reich Lori A. Jordan David B. Galante John C. Wikman Elizabeth K. Fox Valerie A. Ryder Maria K. Blaha Todd G. Burgess Marijo Barry Kathleen A. White Kerry J. Bellerose Janet R. Adams Keith L. Beasley Anne T. Gedaminski Jacqueline Pulido Cynthia S. Ennis Maria K. Bartley Daniele Mercier -,- ,, c • Melanie A. Lolos 224 Senior Awards SEARS B. CONDIT AWARDS 1987-1988 College Cum Q.P.A Engineering 4.000 Criminal Justice 3.990 Pharmacy and Allied Health 3.979 Business Administration 3.977 Engineering 3.961 Pharmacy and Allied Health 3.950 Criminal Justice 3.948 Boston Bouve Human Dev Prof 3.947 Engineering 3.945 Engineering 3.943 Engineering 3.934 Computer Science 3.932 Engineering 3.928 Engineering 3.927 Arts and Sciences 3.922 Engineering 3.920 Engineering 3.919 Arts and Sciences 3.908 Business Administration 3.906 Engineering 3.906 Pharmacy and Allied Health 3.901 business Administration 3.895 Business Administratin 3.892 Engineering 3.888 Pharmacy and Allied Health 3.884 Boston Bouve Human Dev Prof 3.880 Computer Science 3.877 Business Administration 3.875 Engineering 3.870 Business Administration 3.867 Arts and Sciences 3.861 Engineering 3.850 Engineering 3.847 Boston Bouve Human Dev Prof 3.845 Boston Bouve Human Dev Prof 3.844 AWARDS COOPERATIVE EDUCATION AWARDS Jane Bush Mary Beth Canney Douglas Clark Ronald DoCanto Tim Doucette Denise Edwards Elizabeth Fox H. Alan Freeman, Jr. Lisa Giberti Humberto Goldoni John Harding Paul Jeter Anthony Kalaijakis Michael Legg John Little Richard Mackle John McFadden III Karen McGinn Clare Morrison Kenneth Parsons III Richard Riccitelli Karen Rochford Shanta Swezy Bonnie Tolman Jeffrey Wdow PRESIDENT ' S AWARDS These special awards were established in 1956. PRESIDENTS A WARDS Georges V. Abou-Chedid James W. Bucking Terrell F. Poeton Calvin A. Jones Kenneth L. Tabor Helena M. Madden Anna Marie Magliocco Karen A. Bentley Dawn M. Retzel John H. O ' Brien Dana L. Macaulay Stephen P. DiFazio Roger B. Williams Kathleen M. Vergo Joanne M. Connolly Douglas P. Broughton William H. Weedon Catherine M. Ciolion Sherrill A. Wyman Diane L. Taylor Lynette S. Leka Roupen N. Karakachian Tammy E. Perry Daniel P. Hayes Elise M. Papetti Ka Leung Wong Charles S. Hocking David F. Hoag Gon Niv-Ron Stephen F. Corsaro Certificates are presented to the top ten students in the Class of 1 ' CLASS OF 1988, 1989, 1990 Class of 1988 Engineering Criminal Justice Pharmacy and Allied Health Business Administration Engineering Pharmacy and Allied Health Criminal Justice Boston Bouve Health Dev. P. Engineering Engineering Class of 1989 Business Administration Arts and Sciences Computer Science Pharmacy and Allied Health Pharmacy and Allied Health Engineering Engineering Business Administration Boston Bouve Health Dev. P. Criminal Justice Class of 1990 Pharmacy and Allied Health Arts and Sciences Criminal Justice Business Administration Business Administration Engineering Engineering Engineering Computer Science Arts and Sciences Senior Awards 225 COLLEGE CF CRIMINAL JUSTICE LU M ■ , .,-. - » ■ U 4jm ..-.►,»_ M yfe ASA CENT Sfc tB ' ii il n ■ n n I ff I KNOWIES R FOR LAW CRIM I NA N L° JUSTICE 226 Criminal Justice I CRiMINv 2 I Life after Criminal Justice? Remember when you first came to Northeastern and told your friends you were a " criminal justice " major and they all laughed. Well it ' s over and now you have the pleasure of telling the world you ' re a criminal justice major. Five years as a criminal justice major hasn ' t been all that bad, has it? As freshmen, we were told by upper- classmen that criminal justice was easy. And we believed them . . . until we met Schubie. Schubie introduced us to law and the unique art of writing briefs. He taught us that no matter how much we wrote, it was never enough. We sweated through exam grades of 30 and 40 and thought of transferring to Arts and Sci- ences. Yet in the end, somehow it all worked out and we thanked God for allowing us to pass this one little course. Some of us vowed never to walk a tight- rope again and signed up for Criminal Law with Wally. As sophomores, we thought we had it made. We looked forward to class with Wally and wondered what to expect. Multiple-choice exams were now the norm, but, the exams weren ' t any easier. We could no longer complain of writer ' s cramp and we became experts at filling in little holes. We wrote brief after brief after brief . . . and the one we skipped would always be the one Wally would collect. Our only hope was taking easy electives such as " Basket Weaving 1 101 " and " Quad Sitting 2101 " in our middler year. In the third year, God created mid- dlers. Although all of us were listed as middlers by the registrar, many of us called ourselves juniors to save embar- rassment. We tried desperately to forget the third year ever existed by taking loads of electives. Freedom at last! " Spanish for Law Enforcement majors " was offered to those wishing to learn the Spanish words for gun, ammunition, death, murder, knife and witness. The only problem came when we transferred into Spanish 2 and found out that all the " other " majors had studied the words for food, love, and marriage instead. For those not interested in Spanish, " Forensic Lab " was offered. All of us had longed to play Quincy, M.E. and we finally got our chance. On the first day of class we had hopes of living on a boat in California, but, reality soon set in ... we were shown an autopsy on tape. Those who remained after the shock, learned some very helpful tips on criminal investigation. Blood drip- ping, semen testing, and glass breaking were among the favorites. Junior year brought the same choice of electives and the realization that five years may not be worth it. Co-op was getting to be boring and school work became unbearable. All of our friends were seniors and we waited for the year we would be too. Finally, we are seniors. Senioritis came early for us this year and we longed to pop champagne bottles at the Boston Garden. Although we will miss the college, we probably won ' t miss the university. Looking back it wasn ' t all that bad, was it? — Anna Magliocco Criminal Justice 227 Paul Ahearn Criminal Justice Milton, MA James Almeida Criminal Justice Danbury, CT David Andrews Criminal Justice Oakdale, CT Leo Avakian, Jr. Criminal Justice Arlington, MA Janine Bandino Criminal Justice ■ Wakefield, MA Robert Barber Criminal Justice Horseheads, NY Kenneth Bates Criminal Justice Scituate, MA Laurie Bender Criminal Justice Weston, MA James A. Bordonaro Criminal Justice Burlington, MA James Bucking Criminal Justice Sag Harbor, NY Julianne Budrewicz Criminal Justice Shelbume Falls, MA Kristin Canham Criminal Justice Boston, MA Peter Carpenter Criminal Justice Winsted, CT Gail Carr Criminal Justice Wapp Falls, NY Peter Charles Criminal Justice Staten Island, NY Jocelyn Christopher Criminal Justice Jersey, NJ Karen M. Civetti Criminal Justice Johnson, RI Sally Clayton Criminal Justice Windsor, CT Kenneth Cogan Criminal Justice Melrose, MA Joseph Collins, Jr Criminal Justice Green Harbor, MA Anna Conetta Criminal Justice Brighton, MA Robert Connelly Criminal Justice Waltham, MA John Cooper Criminal Justice Lincoln, MA Stephen Copp Criminal Justice Quincy, MA 228 Criminal Justice Michelle Cormier Criminal Justice Newbury, MA Stephen Crawford Criminal Justice So. Meriden, CT Cathleen Crisafulli Criminal Justice Dedham, MA David Cullen Criminal Justice Newton, MA Daniel Cunningham Criminal Justice Woodside, NY Wayne Currie Criminal Justice Boston, MA Tracy A. Curtiss Criminal Justice Middletown, NJ Karen L. Davidson Georgetown, MA Curtis Davis, III Criminal Justice Salem, NH Scott Defoe Criminal Justice Bedford, MA Clair Delrisco Criminal Justice Windsor, CT Joseph Desmond Criminal Justice Wilmington, MA Timothy Driscoll Criminal Justice Shelton, CT Pamela Freeman Criminal Justice Northeaston, MA Robert A. Gagin Criminal Justice Winthxop, MA Diane Gauvin Criminal Justice Essex, MA Kim Gregory Criminal Justice Winthrop, MA Laurie A. Grenier Criminal Justice Spencer, MA Pia Guarnaccia Criminal Justice East Boston, MA Lisa Hanson Criminal Justice Shrewsbury, MA James C. Harford Criminal Justice Port Washington, NY Brian Hayes Criminal Justice Dartmouth, MA Lisa Johnson Criminal Justice Boston, MA Carl Kapp Criminal Justice Hudson, MA Criminal Justice 229 Robert Kerr Criminal Justice Beverly, MA Kim Kevorkian Criminal Justice Wcllcslcy. MA Heidi Kozikis Criminal Justice Norwood, MA Anita Laico Criminal Justice Dead men always smile in Forensic lab Joseph Larosa Criminal Justice Southington, CT Dale Lavelle, Jr. Criminal Justice Brockton. MA Ann Leach Criminal Justice Dorchester, MA Kevin Lee Criminal Justice Fori Washington, MD 230 Criminal Justice Shirley Lee Criminal Justice Boston, MA Stephanie Linton Criminal Justice Hartford, CT Amy Lotuff Criminal Justice Shrcwbury, MA Rubert Lucas Criminal Justice Framingham, MA Anna Magliocco Criminal Justice Law E Rochester, NY George Marotta, Jr. Criminal Justice Natick, MA David Marwell Criminal Justice No. Province, RI John E. McFadden, HI Criminal Justice Westminster, MA Criminal Justice 231 Lisa Melchionda Criminal Justice Winlhrop, MA Daniel K. Mulkern Criminal Justice Bridgewalei, MA Kevin Mullen Criminal Justice Medfurd, MA Valerie Nickerson Criminal Justice Cambridge, MA Joan O ' Brien Criminal Justice Marlboro, MA Patrick O ' Brien Criminal Justice Latham, NY i,awrence O ' Connor Criminal Justice Wuburn, MA Sheryl Pofcher Criininul Justice Randolph. MA 232 Criminal Justice Seniors Anna Magliocco, George Marotta and Calvin Jones lobby for fin Lisa I ' ontri ' inoli C riminal Justice Millord. MA Greg Pratt Criminal Justice Convcnlry, Kl Steven Prout Criminal Justice Schcneclady. NY Carolyn Re endes Criminal Justice Kimberly Richard Scot Rittenberg Criminal Justice Burlington, MA Cheryl Rivera Criminal Justice Springfield, MA Michelle Rogers Criminal Justice Woburn, MA Stewert Savage Criminal Justice Welleslcy, MA Andrew Sbrogna Criminal Justice Worcester, MA Peter Schiff Criminal Justice Boston, MA Edward Sennott, Jr Criminal Justice Weston, MA Guy Sevingny Criminal Justice Cape Neddick, ME Peter Somerville Criminal Justice Cheshire, CT Joseph Sommer Criminal Justice New Caanan, CT Christine Spencer Daniel Stokes Criminal Justice Ansonia, CT Joseph Villanucci Criminal Justice Medford, MA Michael YVardrop Criminal Justice Vernon, CT Adam Weinberg Criminal Justice North Adams, MA Marianne Weisbender Criminal Justice Rochester, NY Denzieh Westby Criminal Justice Brockton, MA Deborah Willed Criminal Justice W. Medford, MA Lynn Wright Criminal Justice Plymouth, MA Criminal Justice 233 COLLEGE CE COMPUTER SCIENCE ■■ ■IH BH 1 11 mm " - »wr K I IHM pi — 234 Computer Science PROGRAM life (INPUT,OUTPUT); TYPE person : set of (male.femalc); PROCEDURE Northeastern (student:pcrson); var i : integer; Begin For i := 1 to 1 1 Begin Register (student); Pay Bursar (student); (externally defined procedures) Classes (student); End; Graduate := True; End; (Northeastern) End. (Life) Looks kinda easy, doesn ' t it? That procedure only takes five years to run and ends up storing a lot of memories. Random Access of Memory: The Herd Computer Science Majors at NU are herd animals. Five years ago we dropped in, thrust into a big city, and a big university. The first class was Pascal 1 with about twenty-five new freshmen; the second class Freshman Composition, the same twenty-five new freshmen. The third class, the same twenty-five new freshmen . . . the twenty-first class, the same The classes would end and the herd would form. Groups of five or ten and a few stragglers would migrate to the next class. It might have been easier to just change professors every now and then. The first programming assignments . . . The Corvus AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (1 think that about covers everything.) The Fish Bowl Soon the simple assignments turned into projects. They grew slowly, imperceptibly, from a few hours a week, to a few days, then to the whole week, and finally to the monstrous size of several weeks. The fish bowl became our second home. The glass enclosed room, where you could spend long sleepless nights working on projects that you put off too long or you could watch hundreds of people walk by while you programmed, or look up from your terminal and find yourself the subject of attention from a crowd of high school seniors with a tour guide, " This is our computer room . . . " God Then there was that special day. The day we had our first audience with God. We should count ourselves among the lucky; because we chose NU as our place for higher education, we actually got to meet God, although in his present incarnation he goes by the name of Melvin Simms. And he is a jealous God. Woe be it to the one who committed one sin, one transgression against him and incurred his wrath. The wrath we heard so much about at EVERY SINGLE COOP MEETING: fire, brimstone, locusts, floods, a little bit of foam from the side of his mouth, and of course . . . you ' d probably be banished to hell, where there are not coop assignments!!! Even though we are loaded with memories of Good friends and good times, Great Professors and ones that didn ' t quite speak English, All nighlers with break for pizza and beer, Long lines and many forms. Coop checks and Tuition bills I think there is room for two more memories in our NU data base . . . Champagne on the Quad and Graduation. Have Great Lives, Dan Sullivan 235 Normah Ahmad Computer Science Boston, MA Timothy Almeida Computer Science Cumberland, RI Robert Amidon Computer Science Dorchester, MA Archit Amin Computer Science Bloomfield, NJ Azizul Amir-Hashim Computer Science Quincy, MA Dwayne Bailey Computer Science Bangor, ME Dennis Baker Computer Science South Weymouth, MA Gregory Bedigian Computer Science Watertown, CT Kerry Bellerose Computer Science East Hampslead, NH Paula Bowen Computer Science Seekonk, MA Piers Bowness Computer Science Weston, MA Edward Bresnahan Computer Science Stafford Springs, CT Kevin Brown Computer Science Pawtucket, RI Ben Chin Computer Science Boston, MA Doris Chin Computer Science Boston, MA Paul Cortese Computer Science Melrose, MA Michael Courtemanche Computer Science Boxboro, MA Lisa Crose Computer Science Stoughton, MA Kevin Curley Computer Science Salem, MA Jon Dinnocenzo Computer Science Woburn, MA Wendy Elia Computer Science South Nalick, MA Anthony Espy Computer Science Northboro, MO John Faig Computer Science Maplewood, NJ Denise Flammia Computer Science Saugus, MA 236 Computer Science John Flanagan Computer Science Sterling, MA Vadin Fridman Computer Science Swambcott, MA Marc Friedman Computer Science Bronx, NY John Furrier Computer Science Northvale, NJ Keith Gary Computer Science Easton, PA Mehdi Ghaemi Computer Science Brookline, MA Joseph Goyette Computer Science Quincy, MA Kevin Greaney Computer Science Kingston, NH John Hall Computer Science Brighton, MA Christopher Hawkesworth Computer Science Dorchester, MA LukHo Computer Science Boston, MA Mark Kent Computer Science Cumberland, RI Matthew Kingman Computer Science Northboro, MA Jeffrey Kraemer Computer Science Rockland, MA Anette Larsson Computer Science Waterford, CT Elizabeth Lavoie Computer Science Worcester, MA David J. Lee Computer Science Brighton, MA David M. Lee Computer Science Auburn, MA Luiz D. Leitao Computer Science Roslindale, MA Barth Lentini Computer Science Chesire, CT William Lindley Computer Science Bedford, MA Dana Long Computer Science Watertown, MA Joseph Magno Computer Science Waltham, MA Karen Marchocki Computer Science Hyde Park, MA Computer Science 237 Ralph Marshall Computer Science n, MA Daniel McCarthy Computer Sci Waltham, MA James McManus Computer Science Westford. MA Douglas Morrison Computer Science Boston, MA David Pruyn Computer Science Boston, MA Teresa Rasa Computer Science Everett, MA David Remick Computer Science Scituate, MA Thomas Roberts Computer Science Boston, MA Margo Roy Computer Science N. Andover, MA Eric Scharf Computer Science Fair Lawn, NJ Joseph Scola Computer Science Medford, MA David Sinicrope Computer Science Meriden, CT 238 Computer Science Patricia A. Smith Computer Science North Bridgewater, MA Fotis Spiliopoulos Computer Science Charlestown, MA Kirk Stephanian Computer Science Lowell, MA Florine Tang Computer Science Boston, MA Regina Targhetta Computer Science Turner Falls, MA Valerie Thorn Computer Science Braintree, MA Lawrence Trainer Joseph Urick Computer Science Milford, NH Susan Wansing Computer Science Rochester, Ml Computer Science Manchester, NH James Whyte Computer Science Medfield, MA Joseph Williams Computer Science Roslindale, MA David Wong Computer Science Boston, MA Kenneth Woodland Computer Science Sudbury, MA Lawrence Zuch Computer Science Computer Science 239 COLLEGE ENGINEERING luiimiuiiuiiuiiuiiuiuiimiiiun luiiuiiuiiuiiuiiuiiuiuiiiuiMun LLUJLUiJ Of OWOt » • lOKMAMi C MIU ENOMECNNO CfNTCM jiJ 2k 240 Engineering Engineering 241 Saliza Abidin Civil Engineering Boston, MA Georges Abou-Chedid Mechanical Engineering Arlington, MA Mohamad Abu Sada Computer Engineering Maiden, MA Michael Adams Electrical Engineering Ahmad Al Baghli Industrial Engineering Brighton, MA Khalid Alansari Civil Engineering Boston, MA Glenn Alexander Aerospace Engineering Danvers, MA Margarette Alexandre Computer Technology Boston, MA Joseph Alies Electrical Engineering Dorchester, MA Timothy Allen Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Mohamed Alsakkar Computer Engineering Boston, MA Martin A. Alvarez Electrical Engineering Cartagena, Colombia Scott Andrews Electrical Engineering Arlington, MA Shari Andrews Computer Technology Beverly, MA Stephen Andrews Mechanical Engineering West Hartford, CT Yitbarek Arefeaine Electrical Engineering Falls Church, VA Nicholas Arraje Electrical Engineering Worcester, MA David Audet Mechanical Engineering Technology Cambridge, MA James Aylward Industrial Engineering Barrington, RI Fadi Azzi Electrical and Computer Engineering Boston, MA Eric Bachtell Electrical Engineering Wetherfield, CT John Bailey Chemical Engineering Fairfield, CT Michael Baratta Mechanical Engineering Simsbury, CT Steven Barbell Industrial Engineering Stoughton, MA 242 Engineering Richard Barbour Electrical Engineering Milton, MA Alan Barile Mechanical Engineering Lynn, MA John Barrett Mechanical Engineering Weymouth, MA Michael Barry Electrical Engineering Forestville, CT Abraham Benacerraf Industrial Engineering Brighton, MA Don Benjamin Mechanical Engineering Putney, VT Paul Benson Electrial Engineering Technology Weymouth, MA Stephen Berestecky Electrical Engineering Needham, MA John Bernardo Electrical Engineering Technology Somerville, MA Sally Bernstein Industrial Engineering Brookline, MA Lauretta Bert hoid Computer Engineering Roselindale, MA Suze Berthold Computer Engineering Roslindale, MA Lynda Bialko Mechanical Engineering Monroe, CT Raed Billeh Computer Engineering Boston, MA James Bischoff Mechanical Engineering Huntington, NY John Blaum Civil Engineering Forty Fort, PA Gerald Bodmer Electrical Engineering Wiscasset, Mechanical Engineering Engineering 243 Scott Bradley Electrical Engineering Ashland, MA Paul Brancaleone Electrical Engineering Gloucester, MA Edna Braun Electrical Engineering East Hanover, NJ Ronald Briere, II Mechanical Engineering Castleton, VT Christopher Bunszel Electrical Engineering Jamaica Plain, MA Todd Burgess Electrical Engineering Norwich, CT James Bush way Electrical Engineering Charlestown, NH Harold Cadman, Jr. Electrical Engineering Quincy, MA Jonathan Camp Electrical Engineering Hanover, NH Warren Campbell Mechanical Engineering Northboro, MA Daniel Careb Mechanical Engineering Stonington, CT Michael Cascio Mechanical Engineering Schenectady, NY Louis J. Casey Electrical Engineering South Boston, MA Rafael Castro Civil Engineering Winchester, MA Michael Chagnon Electrical Engineering Technology Millis, MA Carman Chan Mechanical Engineering Technology West Newton, MA David Chapman Electrical Engineering Burlington, VT Denis Chaves Electrical Engineering Hudson, MA Walid Cheikh Mechanical Engineering Allston, MA Garlum Chen Mechanical Engineering Allston, MA Jacob Chen Electrical Engineering Allston, MA Chong Cho Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Mimi Cho Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Glenn Choquette Electrical Engineering Middletown, RI 244 Engineering Anthony Christakis Civil Engineering Newton, MA Glenn Chmmka Electrical Engineering Technology Med ford, MA Joseph Ciampa Electrical Engineering Arlington, MA Chris Cianciolo Electrical Engineering Arlington, MA Thomas Ciolino Electrical Engineering Technology Gloucester, MA Douglas Clark Electrical Engineering Northford, CT Ronald Clark Electrical Engineering Wakefield David Clements Mechanical Engineering Saratoga Springs, NY James Cloutier Electrical Engineering Technology Manchester, NH Greggrey Cohen Civil Engineering Winthrop, MA Stephen Cohen Electrical Engineering Dorchester, MA Daniel Cole Mechanical Engineering Technology Danvers, MA Timothy Collins Electrical Engineering Harwich, MA Walter Conlin Civil Engineering Framingham, MA Denyse Consaga Mechanical Engineering Katonah, NY David Constantino Mechanical Engineering Melrose, MA Lars Cooley Civil Engineering Yorktown Hts., NY Jeffrey Correia Electrical Engineering Technology Rehoboth, MA Paul Cote Electrical Engineering Technology Mattapoisette, MA Howard Cottin Electrical Engineering West Roxbury, MA Joseph Coviello Mechanical Engineering Wakefield, MA Scott Cowan Electrical Engineering Acton, MA David Croitoru Industrial Engineering Waltham, MA Chris Crowley Electrical Engineering Weymouth, MA Engineering 245 Thomas Crowley Electrical Engineering Edison, NJ Paul M. Cucinotta Electrical Engineering Technology Watertown, MA Patrick Cunningham Mechanical Engineering Pleasant Valley, CT Natalie Dacosta Civil Engineering Boston, MA Rami Dajani Electrical Engineering Maiden, MA Stephen Daly Electrical Engineering Sudbury, MA Bibiane Darbouze Electrical Engineering Dorchester, MA George Davis Electrical Engineering Arlington, MA John Day Electrical Engineering Stoughton, MA Rinaldo Delgallo Electrical Engineering Pittsfield, MA Nicholas Demarco Electrical Engineering Massapequa, NY James Demaria Electrical Engineering Chelmsford, MA Jeffrey Dennis Electrica and Civil Engineering E. Bridgewater, MA David Dentremont Electrical Engineering Stoneham, MA Anthony Dibello Mechanical Engineering Revere, MA Peter Dibetta Electrical Engineering Danbury, CT David Dibona Electrical Engineering Wayland, MA Catherine Difonzo Electrical Engineering Somerville, MA John Digate Engineering East Hampton, NY Kevin Dillard Mechanical Engineering Technology Roslindale, MA Steven Dimino Electrical Engineering Technology Winthrop, MA Daniel Dirgins Mechanical Engineering Meriden, CT Peter Dirksen Mechanical Engineering Westboro, MA Jonathan Divincenzo Mechanical Engineering Woodstock, CT 246 Engineering Kathleen Doherty Civil Engineering Lynn, MA Matthew Doherty Electrical Engineering Quincy, MA Patrick Donegan Mechanical Engineering Stratford, CT Colleen Dooley Electrical Engineering Weymouth, MA John Doran Electrical Engineering Technology Quincy, MA Heiman Douglas Electrical Engineering Technology Dorchester, MA Darrell Draughn Engineering Handen, CT Gilbert Duhaime Mechanical Engineering N. Scitvate, RI Brian Dundon Civil Engineering Dedham, MA Mike Dunne Mechanical Engineering Acton, MA David Dunnell Electrical Engineering Technology Mariboro, MA John Durniak Electrical Engineering Hopewell St., NY Gregory Eldridge Mechanical Engineering South Windsor, CT James Ellis Electrical Engineering Bedford, MA Robert Emberley Electrical Engineering Holliston, MA Russell Eng Mechanical Engineering Dedham, MA Cynthia Ennis Electrical Engineering Brooklyn, CT Michael Epstein Electrical Engineering Peabody, MA Todd Estabrook Electrical Engineering Stow, MA Michael Evers Mechanical Engineering West Roxbury, MA Ruben D. Fagundo Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Louis Fantasia Mechanical Engineering Technology Cambridge, MA Daniel Fay Electrical Engineering Providence, RI Valrie Ferguson Electrical Engineering Chelmsford, MA Engineering 247 Marta Figol Mechanical Engineering Boston, MA Paul Fine Electrical Engineering Brighton, MA James Fiorellini Electrical Engineering Haverhill, MA Tracy Fisher Industrial Engineering Hauppauge, NY David Flanders Industrial Engineering Collinsville, CT Stephanie Floras Chemical Engineering Boston, MA James Fly nn Electrical Engineering Medford, MA Robert Fogarty Electrical Engineering Pembroke, MA David Foote Electrical Engineering Medford, MA Simon Forber Mechanical Engineering Trumbull, CT Paul Ford Electrical Engineering Technology Revere, MA Kenneth Fortier Mechanical Engineering Technology Worchester, MA Sharon Foster Computer Technology Framingham, MA Christopher Fote Electrical Engineering West Seneca, NY Aaron Freeman Chemical Engineering New Haven, CT Mark Furia Electrical Engineering Revere, MA Gerald S. Furrier Civil Engineering Northvale, NJ Robert Galehouse Electrical Engineering Lexington, MA Robert Gallant Mechanical Engineering Wakefield, MA William Gallucio Electrical Engineering Medford, MA Scott Geary Electrical Engineering Rochester, NY Kevin Gee Industrial Engineering Sandwich, MA Douglas Geist Mechanical Engineering New Canaan, CT Antoine Gharios Electrical Engineering New London, CT 248 Engineering Temesghen Ghebretinsae Electrical Engineering Cambridge, MA Thomas Gilarde Civil Engineering Brighton, MA Ross Gilleland Civil Engineering Scitauel, MA Laura Gloshinski Industrial Engineering Northboro, MA Larry Glynn Mechanical Engineering Peabody, MA Paul Godfrey Civil Engineering Boston, MA Humberto Goldoni Chemical Engineering W. Newton, MA Juan Gomez Electrical Engineering Medellin, Colombia, SA Lourdes Gonzalez Electrical Engineering Brighton, MA Kimberly Gould Industrial Engineering Boston, MA William Gow Electrical Engineering Brighton, MA Robert Greene Civil Engineering Wareham, MA John Grega Electrical Engineering Hyde Park, MA John Grenier Mechanical Engineering Technology Quincy, MA Michael Grimaldi Mechanical Engineering Wlms., NY Alvin Grusby Electrical Engineering Chestnuthill, MA Michael Guidice, Jr. Civil Engineering Quincy, MA Renan Guity Computer Technology Dorchester, MA Asbjorn Gustafson Civil Engineering Wellesley, MA Michael Halloran Electrical Engineering Quincy, MA Steve Ham Electrical Engineering Dorchester, MA Amer Hamade Mechanical Engineering Technology Allston, MA William F. Hanlon, Jr. Electrical Engineering Brockton, MA George Hanna Civil Engineering Boston, MA Engineering 249 John Harding Civil Engineering Boston, MA Alicia Harper Electrical Engineering Elkins Park, PA Robert Harris Electrical Engineering Somerville, MA James Harstad Electrical Engineering Dover, MA Wiwi Hartuno Computer Engineering Boston, MA Todd Hayward Civil Engineering E. Barre, VT Kaynam Hedayat Electrical Engineering Roslindale, MA Abdullatif Hefni Electrical Engineering Technology Brookline, MA Christopher R. Herman Chemical Engineering North Stonington, CT J.S. Heslink Engineering Pittsford, NY Donald Higgins Civil Engineering Wareham, MA Jim Higgins Computer Engineering Winchester, NH Jonathan Hill Electrical Engineering Bloomfield, CT Te Hoang Electrical Engineering Dorcheser, MA Fadi Homsy Electrical Engineering Chestnuthill, MA Edward Howard Mechanical Engineering Bronx, NY Paul Hubbard Mechanical Engineering Framingham, MA Aaron Huynh Electrical Engineering Dorchester, MA Thieuvinh Huynh Mechanical Engineering Quincy, MA Nizar Ibrahim Industrial Engineering Boston, MA Steven Imperiali Electrical Engineering Melrose, MA Nkingeambuli Ingoli Electrical Engineering Maiden, MA Mohammed Ismail Civil Engineering Boston, MA James Jack Computer Engineering Langhorne, PA 250 Engineering Alan Jackson Electrical Engineering Technology Canton, MA Edgar Jacobsen Electrical Engineering Wayland, MA Stephen Janshego, II Electrical Engineering Technology N. Abington, MA Graeme Jarvis Mechanical Engineering Marble head, MA Alan Jelalian Electrical Engineering Bedford, MA Willis Jenkin, Jr. Electrical Engineering Glenarden, MD Renee Jobe Electrical Engineering Gloucester, MA Linda Johnson Mechanical Engineering Holliston, MA Alan S. Jones Electrical Engineering Orange, CT Tina Jones Industrial Engineering Philadelphia, PA Robert Jurgilewicz Electrical Engineering Stoughton, MA Louis Juris Electrical Engineering Technology Nashua, NH Anthony Kalaijakis Mechanical Engineering Wethersfield, CT Christos Kalaras Electrical Engineering Roslindale, MA Georgia Kalliavas Mechanical Engineering Revere, MA Cheung Kam Electrical Engineering Technology Somerville, MA Carole Kaslick Electrical Engineering Maiden, MA Wilson Keithlike Industrial Engineering West Hartford, CT James Kelland Mechanical Engineering Technology Braintree, MA Kevin Kelleher Electrical Engineering Braintreee, MA Michael Kelley Electrical Engineering Technology Westwood, MA Sean Kelly Mechanical Engineering Bangor, ME Jeremy Kezer Electrical Engineering Stonington, CT Imran Khairi Electrical Engineering Westwood, MA Engineering 251 Jamal Khalifa Computer Engineering Cambridge, MA Imad Khalife Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Bruce Kilborn Mechanical Engineering Technology Waterbury, CT Philip King Electrical Engineering New Hartford, CT Steven Kinz Mechanical Engineering Hudson, MA Anna Kjos Industrial Engineering Brighton, MA Martin Klein Mechanical Engineering Cambridge, MA Helmut Klohn Civil Engineering Sharon, MA Thora Knakkergaard Civil Engineering Gloucester, MA Daniel Korot Electrical Engineering Glensfalls, NY Stephen Kosciuk Electrical Engineering Technology Meriden, CT Anthony Kourepenis Electrical Engineering Watertown, MA Mark Krajewski Chemical Engineering Ashland, MA Robert Kroll Mechanical Engineering Berlin, CT Jack Kubiak Electrical Engineering Technology Revere, MA Patty Lamarche Electrical Engineering Windham, NH Sarah Lamott Mechanical Engineering Milton, MA Dana Lane Electrical Engineering Westford, MA Michael H. Lane Electrical Computer Engineering Port Ewen, NY Kenneth Latona Electrical Engineering Ellicott City, MD Pamela Latulippe Mechanical Engineering Ridgefield, CT Robert Lauro Mechanical Engineering Ossining, NY Christopher Lawson Civil Engineering Dedham, MA Aristotle Lee Civil Engineering Philadelphia, PA 252 Engineering Chris Lee Mechanical Engineering Burlington, MA David Lee Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Michael Leonard Mechanical Engineering Technology Hingham, MA Michael Leonardi Electrical Engineering Foxboro, MA David Leskow Mechanical Engineering Endwell, NY John Leskow Mechanical Engineering Ridgefield, CT Albert Lew Aero Space Engineering Brighton, MA Jerry Licht Mechanical Engineering Massapequa, NY Jeffrey Limbert Mechanical Engineering Belmont, MA Stephen Lisi Electrical Engineering Montuale, NJ Lisa Livorsi Mechanical Engineering Holden, MA Wilson Lo Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Martin Lopez Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Kevin Lord Mechanical Engineering Natick, MA Mark Lucibello Industrial Engineering Meriden, CT Choi Sun Lui Electrical Engineering Quincy, MA Stephen Lung Mechanical Engineering Ridgewood, NJ Steven Lutz Electrical Engineering Technology Holden, MA Christine Lynch Mechanical Engineering Technology Hudson, MA Daniel MacDonald Electrical Engineering Gloucester, MA Rudolph Machacek Mechanical Engineering Yorktown, NY Christopher Maclnnis Industrial Engineering Framingham, MA Robert MacKenzie Mechanical Engineering Pocasset, MA Michelle MacKinnon Industrial Engineering Medford, MA Engineering 253 Jean Magloire Electrical Engineering Mattapan, MA Holly Mahedy Electrical Engineering Brooklyn, NY Kristina M alberg Computer Engineering Boston, MA Matthew Manes Engineering Boston, MA Robert Marini Computer Engineering Trumbull, CT Yolla Maroun Electrical Engineering Roslindale, MA John Marroni Industrial Engineering Reading, MA Julio Martinez Civil Engineering Waltham, MA Stephen Masison Electrical Engineering Weymouth, MA Matthew Masterson Civil Engineering Boston, MA Joanna Mazeiko Electrical Engineering Westport Point, MA Peter McCabe Mechanical Engineering Riverton, NJ Joseph McCarthy Electrical Engineering Technology Medford, MA Maria McCarthy Industrial Engineering Maiden, MA Marianne McCarthy Industrial Engineering Hudson Falls, NY Jeffrey McCormick Computer Engineering Harrisville, RI Steve McCullough Electrical Engineering Jamaica Plain, MA Richard P. McDermott Electrical Engineering Technology Braintree, MA William McGovern Mechanical Engineering Wallingford, CT Edward McNaught Civil Engineering Cumberland, RI Fabio Medeiros Electrical Engineering Technology Brighton, MA Jonathan Meier Civil Engineering Southboro, MA Craig Menaker Chemical Engineering Enfield, CT Susan Menzie Industrial Engineering Boston, MA 254 Engineering Abdallah Metri Computer Engineering Dedham, MA Paul Metzger Electrical Engineering McHenry, IL Christopher Mikulis Electrical Computer Engineering Plainville, MA May Mok Industrial Engineering Allston, MA Michael Molica Electrical Engineering Woburn, MA Patrick Montjoie Electrical Engineering Waltham, MA Michael Monyak Mechanical Engineering New Hartford, CT Adam Moollan Electrical Engineering Woburn, MA Jane Mosher Industrial Engineering Delmar, NY Ronaldo Mouchawar Electrical Engineering Arlington, MA Nguyen Nam Electrical Engineering Brockton, MA Taidong Ngo Electrical Engineering Boston, MA An Nguyen Electrical Engineering Worcester, MA Huy Nguyen Electrical Engineering Worcester, MA Phjong Nguyen Electrical Engineering Brighton, MA Tien Nguyen Electrical Engineering Maiden, MA Kent Nichols, Jr. Civil Engineering Saugus, MA Robert Nicholson Electrical Engineering Technology Milford, MA Karen Nitchman Mechanical Engineering Cambridge, MA Mark Nogueira Civil Engineering Canton, MA Joseph Noujaim Electrical Engineering Technology Roslindale, MA John H. Obrien Electrical Engineering Somerville, MA Paul O ' Connor Mechanical Engineering Quincy, MA Scott O ' Donnell Electrical Engineering Technology Foxboro, MA Engineering 255 Gregory Oguchi Mechanical !■ nyinetriii Boston, MA Adekola Oke Mechanical Engineering Quincy, MA Sal Onovato Electrical Engineering Somerville, MA Brendan O ' Regan Civil Engineering Hingham, MA Joshua Orodenker Computer Technology CT Charles Orphanos Electrical Engineering Lynn, MA Tresa C. Owens Mechanical Engineering Dorchester, MA Joann Pabst Industrial Engineering Roselle, NJ Lou Palmieri Mechancal Engineering Framingham, MA Steven Paluzzi Electrical Engineering Beverly, MA Sotirios Panageas Electrical Engineering Stanford, CT John Pantaleo Electrical Engineering Milford, MA Paul Papajiannis Electrical Engineering Milton, MA Lisa Papetti Mechanical Engineering Roslindale, MA Alex Pappas Electrical Engineering Winchester, MA Peter Park Electrical Engineering Watertown, MA Timothy Parker Electrical Engineering Marblehead, MA Charles Partridge Mechanical Engineering Framingham, MA Harish Patel Civil Engineering Woburn, MA Michael Patneaude Mechanical Engineering Taunton, MA Joseph M. Paul, Sr. Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Carol Ann Paulino Mechanical Engineering Technology New Bedford, MA John Payne Electrical Engineering Concord, MA Robert Peet Electrical Engineering Technology Melrose, MA 256 Engineering Gary Pelletier Mechanical Engineering 1 echnology Weslpon, MA Joseph Pelletti Mechanical Engineering E. Hampton, CT Michelle Peluso Electrical Engineering Westboro, MA Teodoro Perez Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Steven J. Pericola Electrical Power Engineering Saugus, MA Gregg Perry Mechanical Engineering Bedford, NY John Perry Electrical Computer Engineering Revere, MA Joseph Perry Electrical Engineering Technology Gales Ferry, CT Robert Peruzzi Electrical Engineering Quincy, MA Ha Pham Electrical Engineering Dedham, MA Melissa Phelan Chemical Engineering Canton, MA Yinnaing Phung Electrical Engineering East Boston, MA Thomas A. Pinkham Electrical Engineering Leroy, NY Maria Pinsky Electrical Engineering Technology Brighton, MA Brian Portanora Electrical Engineering Technology Needham, MA Joel Porten Industrial Engineering New York, NY Charles Pothier Electrical Engineering Biddeford, Mechanical Engineering Everett Pratt Electrical Engineering Dover, NH Thomas Pratt Mechanical Engineering Technology Wareham, MA Lawrence Prestia Electrical Engineering Technology Melrose, MA David Procter Electrical Engineering Technology Burlington, MA Scott Quiana Chemical Engineering Cold Spring, NY Steven B. Quinn Mechanical Engineering Deln , NY Paul Quitzau Mechanical Engineering Budd Lake, NJ Engineering 257 Guy Racino Chemical Engineering PlainHeld, CT Kamel Rahmoun Civil Engineering Boston, MA Craig F. Razza Mechanical Engineering Oakville, CT Frank Reali Electrical Computer En gineering New Britain, CT John Reeves Electrical Engineering Attleboro, MA Donald Reich Aero Engineering Maiden, MA John Reilly Electrical Engineering North Quincy, MA Bob Reissfelder Electrical Engineering Westwood, MA Dawn Retzel Electrical Engineering Lee, MA John Ricgi Civil Engineering Portsmouth, NH Richard Riccitelli Electrical Engineering Technology Hamden, CT Jeffrey Richland Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Paul Roach Mechanical Engineering Boston, MA William Roark Mechanical Engineering Woodbridge, CT Carlene Roberts Industrial Engineering Hyde Park, MA Paul Robinson Chemical Engineering Dedham, MA Lawrence A. Rogers Electrical Engineering Technology Boston, MA Stephen Rotondi Chemical Engineering Norwood, MA Babak Roushanaef Electrical Engineering Wellesley, MA Mark Roy Computer Technology E. Lune, CT Ernest Sachs Mechanical Engineering Technology Needham, MA Thaddeus Sadowski Mechanical Engineering Scituate, MA William Saffian Civil Engineering Twin Mountain, NH Erick Salmu Electrical Engineering Technology Fitchburn, MA 258 Engineering Stuart Sardinskas Mechanical Engineering Technology Bethany, CT Richard Savoia Electrical Engineering Technology Medway, MA Frederick Scearbo Electrical Engineering Wobum, MA Jeffrey Schein Mechanical Engineering Somerville, MA Jeffrey Schneider Industrial Engineering Boston, MA David Scholefield Civil Engineering Boston, MA Mark Scully Industrial Engineering W. Milford, NJ Albert Serpa Electrical Engineering Somerville, MA Eric Seto Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Farshad Shahrooz Electrical Engineering Brookline, MA Rizwan Shoukat Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Sharon Siudut Chemical Engineering Andover, MA Kevin Skeels Civil Engineering Boston, MA Robert Smit Electrical Engineering Trumbull, CT Andrea E. Smith Electrical Engineering Hampden, MA Kim Smith Electrical Engineering Natick, MA Steven R. Smith Electrical Engineering Brockton, MA James Smyth Mechanical Engineering Enfield, CT William Soundis Electrical Engineering Beverly, MA Dean Souza Mechanical Engineering Technology New Bedford, MA Michael Spath Electrical Engineering Technology Rochester, NY Jeffrey Spencer Electrical Engineering Kingston, NY Robert Steele Mechanical Engineering Technology South Weymouth, MA Peter Stefanou Electrical Engineering Technology Somerville, MA Engineering 259 Andrew Stephens Industrial Engineering Rochester, NY Tina Stevens Electrical Engineering Ocean, NJ 260 Engineering Robert Sund Mechanical Engineering Technology Holden, MA Ara Surenian Mechanical Engineering Belmont, MA Indrawati Sutijono Mechanical Engineering Newton, MA David Swedin Mechanical Engineering Norwich, CT Leslie Tan Electrical Engineering Technology Wakefield, MA Timothy Tanigawa Electrical Engineering Pittsfield, MA Toan Tat Electrical Engineering Boston, MA John Taylor Electrical Engineering Watertown, MA Fu Tham Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Robert Thibault Electrical Engineering Halifax, MA Judith Thomas Chemical Engineering Stoughton, MA Paul Thornton Electrical Engineering Harwinton, CT Paul Tibbetts Mechanical Engineering Technology Westwood, MA Lisa Tibert Electrical Engineering Technology Medford, MA Rosemary Tibari Electrical Engineering Technology Quincy, MA John Tivnan Electrical Engineering Worchester, MA Bonnie Tolman Electrical Engineering Reading, MA Bobby Tong Civil Engineering Watertown, MA Electrical Engineering Foxboro, MA Mark Tracy Civil Engineering Waterville, MA Daniel Trant Electrical Engineering Technology Stoneham, MA Judwin Traub BElectrical Engineering Technology Framingham, MA James Trischitta Electrical Engineering Allston, MA Joseph Truong Electrical Engineering Technology Charlestown, MA Sein Tseng Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Athanasios Tsetsas Electrical Engineering Technology Boston, MA Michael Turner Electrical Engineering Norwood, MA Chris Tziranis Mechanical Engineering Revere, MA Engineering 261 Peter Usalis Electrical Engineering Technology Hanover, MA Chris Vagnini Civil Engineering Pittsfield, MA Gregg Vallan Electrical Engineering Sharon, MA Walter H. Vaughn, III Computer Technology Cranston, RI Douglas Velie Electrical Engineering Orleans, MA Patrice Vital Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Hung Vo Electrical Engineering Brockton, MA John Wadman Electrical Engineering Technology Southington, CT Daniel Walker Electrical Engineering Randolph, MA Ian Walker Electrical Engineering Stone Ridge, NY Robert Wallace Electrical Engineering Merrimack, NH Brian Walsh Mechanical Engineering Technology Quincy, MA Michelle Washington Industrial Engineering South Bronx, NY Douglas Waters Computer and Electrical Engineering Gardner, MA Elizabeth Weaver Mechanical Engineering York, ME Robert J. Weber Mechanical Engineering Weles, MA Albert Weggeman Electrical Engineering Lexington, MA William J. Weidner Mechanical Engineering Rindge, NH Ellen Westland Electrical Engineering Hamilton, MA Darrin H. White Electrical Engineering Amherst, NH John C. Wiknan Electrical Engineering Woburn, MA Timothy Wile Electrical Engineering Rockport, MA Deitra M. Wilson Computer Technology Cambridge, MA Karen E. Wong Electrical Engineering Technology Randolph, MA 262 Engineering Engineering student Michael Richard Cox was born in 1965 and died in an automobile accident in August of 1987. He entered Northeastern in September of 1983 and was active in numerous community organizations in his home- town of Madison, Connecticut. Kevin Wong Civil Engineering Brighton. MA Mark Wonson Electrical Engineering Gloucester. MA Mieu Wu Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Wen-Ching Wu Mechanical Engineering Dorchester, MA David Wyatt Electrical Engineering Somervi ' . ' e, MA Jin Xia Electrical Engineering Danvers, MA Vicken Yacoubian Civil Engineering Belmont, MA Edward Yabor Electrical Engineering Technology Kenneth Yee Electrical Engineering Boston, MA Joseph A. Ziehler Electrical Engineering Technology Carlisle, MA Anthony Ziotas Electrical Engineering Forestville, CT Frederic Zotos Mechanical Engineering Cohasset, MA Walter Zuschlang Electrical Engineering Technology Worcester, MA Fred Zwick Electrical Engineering Technology Southington, CT Engineering 263 COLLEGE CE NURSING 264 Nursing Thru the years, we have survived such things as micro-biology and med surg. We have endured psych classes and green uni- forms. We managed to tolerate anatomy with Meszoely and physiology with Marsh. We even learned how to please our in- structors with simple phrases: Williamson — jello, dark green leafy vegetables Chickie — back support Waldon — I read the paper Wilcox — electrolyte imbalance Dearing — How do you feel about that? Gilbert — relaxation techniques Lynch — Did you ever . . . Medici-scientific rationale Marchessault — hutt, hutt, hoo — breathing patterns We found ourselves standing at the T stop in the cold at 6:00 a.m., wondering if this clinical day would ever end. We had group projects and group presentations. We wrote scholastic papers and don ' t for- get those delightful careplans! We heard hand washing techniques and " no question is a dumb question " — sure. We ' ve stud- ied, researched, monitored and even con- templated. We ' ve calculated doses and administered concoctions. Now that we have mastered a new lan- guage: vs, cp, na, sq, IV and IM — We are BSN-RNs. Nursing 265 John D. Abbatematteo Nursing Cynthia Andrews Nursing Rutland, MA Maureen Berry Nursing Wollaslon, MA Mireille Bonte Nursing Cambridge, MA Kimberly L. Borgonzi Nursing Everelt, MA 266 Nursing Jane Bush Nursing Russell, MA Pauline Cameron Nursing Dorchester, MA Ellen Canty Nursing Somerville, MA Janet Carey Nursing Brookline, MA Sandra Cavallo Nursing Wobum, MA Kathleen Cody Nursing Hyde Park, MA Carol Cole Nursing Medford, MA Mary Collins Nursing Brighton, MA Christine Comeau Nursing N. Quincy, MA Sandra Cooper Nursing Boston, MA Kathleen Coughlin Nursing Quincy, MA Brenda Craig Nursing Boston, MA Paulette Gagnen, Kevin McWhaand Sandy Cavallo wash hands. Nursing 267 William Cyr Nursing Danielson, (I Mary Davis Nursing Wakefield, MA Sheila Davis Nursing Brewer, MM Christina Deltued Nursing Dedhani, MA Linda Demarco Nursing Worcester, MA Lisa Ditulliu Nursing Hrainlrec, MA Gwendolyn Flis Nursing Amilyville, NV Karen A. Flynn Nursing Chester, NH Mary Foley Nursing Paxton, MA Carolyn Ford Nursing Newton, MA Claire Foster Nursing Dorchester, MA Jessica Fox Nursing Elkins Park, PA Daniel Furlong Nursing Poughkeepsie, NY Mary Gaffey Nursing Dorchester, MA Paulette Gagnon Nursing Norton, CT Ilene Galinsky Nursing West Hartford, CT Nina Gardner Nursing Philadelphia, PA Cynthia Greely Nursing Glouchester, MA Karen Gronberg Nursing Chelmsford, MA Marina Haley Nursing Newton Center, MA 268 Nursing Margaret Harney Nursing Walpole, MA Beverly Hayes Nursing Billerica, Andrea Heck Nursing South Yarmouth, MA Zohreh Hedayati Nursing Natick, MA Nursing 269 Liz Markon Nursing Hanson, MA Sandra Matthews Nursing Newton, MA Kathleen McCarthy Nursing Mcdford, MA Lauren McGowan Jamaica Plain, MA Jane McGrath Nursing Somervillc, MA Maureen McGuire Nursing Weymouth, MA Jacqueline McLaughlin Nursing Quincy, MA Laura McLean Nursing Weymouth. MA Kevin McWha Nursing South Peabody, MA Diane Meinholz Nursing Kingston, MA Patricia Mullen Nursing Milton, MA Annette Odle Nursing Cambridge. MA Barbara Okeefe Nursing Dorchester, MA Kristine Owens Nursing Prospect. CT Karen Pedersen Nursing Canton, MA Anne Pietrantoni Nursing Med ford, MA Deborah Pina Nursing Jamaica Plain, MA Meredith Power Nursing Norwood, MA Frank Prosl Nursing Duxbury, MA Katherine Quinn Nursing Maltapan, MA 270 Nursing Regina Simione Nursing Norwood, MA Meg Steffens Nursing West Roxbury, MA Carole Sullivan Nursing Westwood, MA Yves Syverain Nursing Hyde Park, MA Mary I arpinian Nursing Filchburg, MA Annemarie Teahan Nursing Norwood, MA Deborah Tedeschi Nursing Melrose, MA Lorna Tomasetti Nursing Ashland, MA Perry Wein Nursing Wobum, MA Charlene Whealan Nursing Randolph, MA Martha Zambuto Nursing Norwell, MA Pamela Zaremba Nursing South Bosto Nursing 271 GOODBYE N.U. On June 19, 1988, over 4,000 seniors wi graduate in the Boston Garden. We wi drink, celebrate, drink, celebrate, and drin some more. We will receive our diploma (hopefully) and throw our caps in the ai (along with our beach balls) and we wi remember all the good times: parties, partie and more parties. But, we will also remem ber the bad: lines, registration, lines, fine exam, lines, hangovers, and still more lines Goodbye Northeastern! We are glad it ' over! . » j ' 272 Seniors Seniors 273 SENIOR INDEX Abang-Mon, Abang Saffa Boslon, MA Mechanical Engineering Abdul-Malak, Mohamad J. Somerville, MA Compuler Engineering Abdulghani, Omar Boston, MA Civil Engineering Abdullah, Roslan B. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Abidin, Saliza B. Boston, MA Civil Engineering Abou-Chedid, Georges V. Arlington, MA Mechanical Engineering Abu-Sada, Mohamad A. Maiden, MA Electrical Engineering Arosta, Felix Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Adams, Jonathan E. Hanover, MA Mechanical Engineering Adams, Joseph M. Watervliel, NY Electrical Engineering Adams, Michael A. Beaver, PA Compuler Engineering Adar, Marco A. Brighton, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Ailinger, Robert E. Norwood, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Al Sadi, Mahmoud Revere, MA Civil Engineering Al-Ansari, Khalid A. Boston, MA Civil Engineering AI-Baghli, Ahmad A. Brighton, MA Industrial Engineering Al-Sakkar, Mohamed J. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Alexander, Glenn R. Danvers, MA Aerospace Maintenance Engineering Technology Alexandre, Margarette Boston, MA Compuler Technology Alexandridis, Dimitrios Boston, MA Computer Engineering Alies, Joseph Y. Dorchester, MA Electrical Engineering Allen, Timothy R. Boslon, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Alvarez, Martin A. Boston. MA Compuler Engineering Amadon, Karen L. Brookline, MA Industrial Engineering Amico, Wayne P. Arlington, MA Civil Engineering Anaitullah, Hanizah Allston. MA Electrical Engineering Andrews, Scott A. Arlington, MA Computer Engineering Andrews, Shari A. Beverly. MA Computer Technology Andrews, Stephen K. West Hartford, CT Mechanical Engineering Andrus, David C. Shelburne, VT Electrical Engineering Applegate, Gerald F. East Dedham, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Arefe-Aine, Yitbarek Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Arruje, Nicholas E. Worcester, MA Electrical Engineering Arvanitellis, Miltiadis Lowell, MA Electrical Engineering Ashburn Jr., John H. Hyde Park, MA Computer Engineering Askitis, Lazaros K. Roslindale, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Audet, David J. Cambridge, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Austin, Ronald C. Dorchester, MA Mechanical Engineering Aylward, James P. Barringlon, Rl Industrial Engineering Azzi, Fadi N. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Bacco, Robert D. New Canaan, CT Engineering Bachtell, Eric K. Welhersfield, CT Mechanical Engineering Technology Bailey, John M. Fairfield, CT Chemical Engineering Bakour, Luai T. Revere, MA Electrical Engineering Ballard, Cynthia Brooklyn, NY Electrical Engineering Technology Baratta, Michael A. Simsbury, CT Mechanical Engineering Barba, Paul S. Dedham, MA Industrial Engineering Barbell, Steven J. Stoughion, MA Industrial Engineering Barbour, John E. Rockland, ME Civil Engineering Barbour, Richard H. Milton, MA Electrical Engineering Barile, Alan S. Lynn, MA Mechanical Engineering Barjawi, Ihab M. Boston, MA Compuler Engineering Barlas, James M. Wellesley, MA Mechanical Engineering Barrett, John F. Weymouth, MA Mechanical Engineering Barros, Apolinario Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Barros Jr., Charles Wareham, MA Industrial Engineering Barry, Michael T. Forestville, CT Electrical Engineering Barry, Raymond M. Winchester, MA Civil Engineering Bartlett, Stephen J. Arlington, MA Electrical Engineering Bartley, Maria K. Norlhford, CT Chemical Engineering Basson, David J. Hull, MA Electrical Engineering Batal, John D. Boston, MA Chemical Engineering Beasley, Keith L. Jamaica Plain, MA Civil Engineering Bechan, Martha E. Oakham, MA Chemical Engineering Bedard, Thomas E. Fitchburg, MA Civil Engineering Beers, Michael T. Boston. MA Mechanical Engineering Bellia, Beth D. Andover, MA Electrical Engineering Benoit, Richard P. Woburn, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Benson, Paul W. Weymouth, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Benton, Peter S. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Benvie, Glenn G. Randolph, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Berestecky, Stephen P. Needham, MA Mechanical Engineering Bernardo, John L. Somerville, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Bernstein, Sail vann Brookline, MA Industrial Engineering Berthold, Suze Hyde Park. MA Compuler Technology Bhunbhu, Sipira Boston, MA Civil Engineering Bialko, Lynda S. Monroe, CT Mechanical Engineering Bilieh, Raed G. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Billings, Elizabeth Arlington, MA Industrial Engineering BischofT, James R. Huntington, NY Mechanical Engineering Bjelf, Daniel J. Marshfield, MA Electrical Engineering Blais, Paul B. Boston, MA Civil Engineering Blaum, John P. Forty Fort, PA Civil Engineering Bodraer, Gerald A. Wiscasset, ME Electrical Engineering Boehlke, Daniel F. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Bouzada, K ha led Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Bradley, Scott A. Ashland, MA Electrical Engineering Brancaleone, Paul J. Gloucester, MA Compuler Engineering Brass, Robert I. Newton, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Braun, Edna H. East Hanover, NJ Electrical Engineering Brazell, Keith E. Lynn, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Briere, Ronald G. Casllelon, VT Mechanical Engineering Brinton, Derrick A. Boston, MA Computer Technology Brown, Bruce D. Randolph, MA Electrical Engineering Buckley, John G. ley , CT Electrical Engineering Bunszel, Christopher Marshfield, MA Electrical Engineering Burbank, Brian K. Dalton, MA Mechanical Engineering Burgess, Todd G. Norwich, CT Electrical Engineering Burns, Theodore E. Melrt , MA Electrical Engineering Bushway Jr., James W. Charleslown, NH Compuler Engineering Butler, Scott J. Newton, MA Civil Engineering Cabral, Virginia M. Cambridge, MA Electrical Engineering Cadman, Harold Quincy, MA Electrical Engineering Calkins, Thomas R. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Calvin, Keith C. Lexington, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Camp, Jonathan C. Hanover, NH Electrical Engineering Campbell, Warren L. Northboro, MA Mechanical Engineering Caponigro, Paul M. Ardsley, NY Civil Engineering Careb, Daniel J. Stonington, CT Mechanical Engineering Carlson, James A. Saugos, MA Mechanical Engineering Carson Jr., Eric C. Norwalk, CT Electrical Engineering Cascio, Michael C Schenectady, NY Mechanical Engineering Casey, Louis S. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Castro, Rafael C. Winchester, MA Civil Engineering Castro, Rodolfo E. Boston, MA Chemical Engineering Celia, Joseph P. Hanover, MA Computer Technology Chagnon, Michael P. Millis, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Chahwan, Toni E. Roslindale, MA Electrical Engineering Chan, Carman K. West Newion, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Chan, Wen Po New York, NY Computer Engineering Chapman, Alice C. Cambridge, MA Mechanical Engineering Chapman, David E. Boston, MA Compuler Engineering Chau, Nhut Minh Natick, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Chau, Tronghang Roxbury, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Chaves, Denis A. Hudson, MA Electrical Engineering Chen, Garlum Allston, MA Mechanical Engineering Chen, Jacob S. Allston, MA Electrical Engineering Chen, Ken Quincy, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Cherico, Lisa A. Litchfield, NH Mechanical Engineering Chin, Ming Yu Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Cho, Chong Sin Boston, MA Compuler Engineering Cho, Mi Mi L. Boslon, MA Electrical Engineering Choi, Ka-Shing Maiden, MA Electrical Engineering Choquette, Glenn D. Middlelown, RI Electrical Engineering Christ a kis, Anthony Chestnut Hill, MA Civil Engineering Chrumka, Glenn J. Medfbrd, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Chu, Ling-Yu Brookline, MA Civil Engineering Ciampa, Joseph K. Jamaica Plain, MA Electrical Engineering Cianciolo, Christopher Arlington, MA Compuler Engineering Civita III, Carlo P. Dedham, MA Electrical Engineering Clark, Douglas A. Norlhford, CT Computer Engineering Clark, Ronald P. Wakefield, MA Electrical Engineering Clarke, Maryellen West Yarmouth, MA Chemical Engineering Clarke, Robert W. Allston, MA Engineering Clements, David A. Brighton, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Cloutier, James R. Manchester, NH Electrical Engineering Technology Cohen, Greggrey G. Winthrop, MA Civil Engineering 274 Cohen, Stephen E. Dorchesler, MA Eleclrical Engineering Colbert, Adrienne D. Cambria Hghls Compuler Technology Cole, Daniel C. Dan vers, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Collins, Timothy J. Harwich, MA Eleclrical Engineering Coltin, Howard I. West Roxbury, MA Compuler Engineering Conlin, Walter T. Framingham, MA Civil Engineering Connors, Mary C. Danvers, MA MecDhanical Engineering Conradi, Christopher Mystic, CT Industrial Engineering Consaga, Denyse M. Yorktown His., NY Mechanical Engineering Constantino, David M. Melrose. MA Mechanical Engineering Cooley, Lars J. Yorklown His., NY Civil Engineering Cormack, Michael L. Lynn, MA Electrical Engineering Correia, Jeffrey T. Rehobolh, MA Computer Engineering Cote, Paul R. Maltapoiselte, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Coviello, Joseph A. Wakefield, MA Mechanical Engineering Cowan, Scott T. Aclon, MA Electrical Engineering Croitoru, David A. Waltham, hanical Engineering Conradi, Christopher Mystic, CT Industrial Engineering Consaga, Denyse M. Yorktown Hts., NY Mechanical Engineering Constantino, David M. Melrose, MA Mechanical Engineering Cooley, Lars J. Yorktown Hts., NY Civil Engineering Cormack, Michael L. Lynn. MA Eleclrical Engineering Correia, Jeffrey T. Rehobolh. MA Computer Engineering Cote, Paul R. Maltapoiselte, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Coviello, Joseph A. Wakefield. MA Mechanical Engineering Cowan, Scott T. Acton, MA Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering Crowley, Christopher Weymouth. MA Electrical Engineering Crowley, Thomas M. Edison, NJ Computer Engineering Cucinotta, Paul M. Walertown, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Cunningham, Patrick M. Pleasanl Valley, CT Mechanical Engineering Dacosta, Natalie J. Boston. MA Civil Engineering Dagostino, Carmine Newton, MA Aerospace Maintenance Engineering Technology Dajani, Rami Y. Maiden, MA Compuler Engineering Daly, Stephen G. Sudbury, MA Eleclrical Engineering Damiecki, Joseph E. Pawcaluck, CT Eleclrical Engineering Dangelo, David A. Everelt, MA Civil Engineering Darbouze, Marie B. Dorchesler, MA Compuler Engineering Dalri, Matthew J. Esmond, RI Electrical Engineering Davis, George G. Arlington. MA Computer Engineering Decas, Dean J. Wareham, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Dedonato, David A. Salem. MA Electrical Engineering Defabio Jr., Arthur J. Melrose, MA Electrical Engineering Delgallo III, Rinaldo Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Dell, Warren L. Boston. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Delsignore, Robert J. Walertown, MA Compuler Technology Demarco, Nicholas Massapequa, NY Computer Engineering Demaria, James E. Chelmsford, MA Electrical Engineering Dennis, Jeffrey T. E. Bridgewater. MA Compuler Engineering Dentremont, David J. Sloneham, MA Eleclrical Engineering Devincentis, Mario Medford, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Diaz-Colocho, Juan Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Dibello, Anthony D. Revere, MA Mechanical Engineering Dibetta, Peter D. Danbury. CT Computer Engineering Dibona, David R. Wayland, MA Electrical Engineering Di ' Fonzo, Catherine Somerville, MA Eleclrical Engineering Dileo, Stephen A. Reading, MA Mechanical Engineering Dillard, Kevin W. Kansas City, MO Mechanical Engineering Technology Dimino, Steven P. Winthrop, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Dimitriou, Marcelo E. Framingham, MA Civil Engineering Dirgins, Daniel T. Meriden, CT Mechanical Engineering Dirksen III, Peter C. Weslborough, MA Mechanical Engineering Divincenzo, Jonathan P. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Dixon, Judith G. Bethel, CT Computer Engineering Doherty, Kathleen A. Lynn, MA Civil Engineering Doherty, Matthew E. Quincy, MA Compuler Engineering Donegan, Patrick J. Stratford, CT Mechanical Engineering Dong, Lily Cambridge, MA Industrial Engineering Donovan, Sean N. Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Dooley, Colleen Weymouth, MA Eleclrical Engineering Dooley, Robert B. Norwood, MA Mechanical Engineering Doran, John F. Quincy, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Doucot IV, Charles M. Stoneham, MA Eleclrical Engineering Douglas, Heiman G. Roxbury, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Dow, Benjamin L. Putney, VT Mechanical Engineering Draughn, Darrell Hamden, CT Computer Technology Duhaime Jr., Gilbert E. N. Scituate, RI Mechanical Engineering Dundon, Brian P. Dedham, MA Civil Engineering Dunn, Janet E. Middlelown, RI Electrical Engineering Dunne, Michael L. Acton, MA Mechanical Engineering Dunnell, David H. Marlboro, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Durniak, John R. Hopewell Junction, NY Eleclrical Engineering Eastman, Scott J. Stoughton, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Eastwood, Matthew J. Warwick, RI Civil Engineering Eldridge, Gregory J. S. Windsor, CT Mechanical Engineering Elhajj-Diab, Hussein M. Roslaindale, MA Electrical Engineering Ellis, James P. Bedford, MA Compuler Engineering Elwell, Kirk Dorchester, MA Mechanical Engineering Emberley Jr., Robert H. Holliston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Ennis, Cynthia S. Brooklyn, CT Computer Engineering Epstein, Kenneth Worcester, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Epstein, Michael H. Peabody, MA Eleclrical Engineering Estabrook, Todd A. Stow, MA Eleclrical Engineering Evers, Michael D. West Roxbury, MA Mechanical Engineering Fagundo, Ruben Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Fantasia, Louie Cambridge, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Farca, Abraham Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Farmer, Donald S. Somerville, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Farr, Richard L. Brighton, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Fay, Daniel D. Boston, MA Compuler Engineering Fellini, Paul A. Humarock, MA Civil Engineering Ferdman, Vladimir Allston, MAA Computer Engineering Ferguson, Valrie A. Chelmsford, MA Eleclrical Engineering Figol, Marta I. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Fine, Paul B. Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Finkelstein, Andrew H. Wellesley, MA Industrial Engineering Finn, Daniel J. Loudonville, NY Mechanical Engineering Technology Fiorellini, James V. Haverhill, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Fiorino, Joseph A. East Boston, MA Firisin, Wesley D. Chatham, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Floras, Stephanie H. Lunenburg, MA Chemical Engineering Floyd III, Frank E. Boston, MA Industrial Engineering Flynn, James W. Medford, MA Electrical Engineering Eleclrical Engineering Foley, Thomas J. Maiden, MA Mechanical Engineering Foote, David W. Medford, MA Electrical Engineering Forber, Simon J. Trumbull, CT Mechanical Engineering Ford, John F. Bran ford, CT Civil Engineering Ford, Paul 1H. Revere, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Fortier, Kenneth P. Worcester, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Foster, Robert H. Lynn, MA Electrical Engineering Te chnology Foster, Sharon G. Framingham, MA Compuler Technology Fote, Christopher Wesi Seneca, NY Electrical Engineering Fougere, James S. Cohasset, MA Mechanical Engineering Fraser, Mary I. Thomlon, NH Chemical Engineering Freeman Jr., Harvey A. Sparta, NJ Industrial Engineering Fuller, James W. Boston, MA Computer Technology Furia, Mark J. Revere, MA Electrical Engineering Furrier, Gerald S. Northvale, NJ Civil Engineering Gatehouse, Robert J. Lexington, MA Electrical Engineering Gallant, Robert J. Wakefield, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Galluccio, William R. Medford, MA Electrical Engineering Gan genii, John West Roxbury, MA Electrical Engineering Geary, Scott C. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Gedaminski, David R. West Roxbury, MA Mechanical Engineering Gee, Kevin K. Sandwich, MA Industrial Engineering Geist, Douglas R. New Canaan, CT Mechanical Engineering Gershinsky, Robert Stoneham, MA Electrical Engineering Gharios, Antione E. New London, CT Electrical Engineering Chebretinsae, Temesghen Cambridge, MA Eleclrical Engineering Gilarde, Thomas A. Brighton, MA Civil Engineering Gilleland, Ross L. Scituate. MA Civil Engineering Gloshinski, Laura A. Northboro, MA Industrial Engineering Godfrey, Paul T. Oakland, ME Civil Engineering Goldoni, Humberto L. West Newton, MA Chemical Engineering Gomes, Agostinho B. Dorchester, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Gomez, Juan C. Brighton, MA Compuler Engineering Gonzalez, Lourdes D. Brighton, MA Computer Engineering Gould, Kimberly M. Boston, MA Industrial Engineering 275 Gouveia, Max Med ford. MA Civil Engineering Gow, William Brighton. MA Electrical Engineering Grace, Todd S. S. Clens Falls. NY Chemical Engineering Grady, Richard J. Kingston, MA Cuil Engineering Greene, Robert W. Wareham. MA Civil Engineering Grega, John M. Hyde Park, MA Electrical Engineering Gregg, Michael T. Roxbury, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Grenier, John J. No. Quincy, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Grundy, John E. Wiscasscl, ME Computer Engineering Guidice Jr., Michael P. Quincy, MA Civil Engineering Guinan, Kieran J. Brighton. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Guity, Renan O. Dorchester, MA Computer Technology Gustafson, Asbjorn J. Wellesley. MA Civil Engineering Gutierrez, Jorge L. West Roxbury, MA Industrial Engineering Hacikoglu, Agop Walerlown, MA Electrical Engineering Hall, David P. Dover, MA Civil Engineering Halloran, Michael P. North Quincy, MA Electrical Engineering Halwani, Issam A. Everett. MA Computer Technology Ham, Steve Dorchester, MA Electrical Engineering Hamade, Amer A. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Hanlon Jr., William F. Brockton, MA Electrical Engineering Hanson, Christina L. Woburn, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Hardiman, James Falmouth, MA Electrical Engineering Harding, John G. Boston. MA Civil Engineering Harper, Alicia L. Elkins Park. PA Electrical Engineering Harris, Robert W. Somerville, MA Electrical Engineering Harstad, James A. Dover, MA Computer Engineering Hartono, Wimi Boston, MA Computer Engineering Hayward, Todd D. East Barre, VT Civil Engineering Hedayat, Kaynam Roslindale, MA Computer Engineering Hefni, Abdullatif Brookline, MA Engineering Technology Herman, Christopher N. Stonington. CT Chemical Engineering Heslink, John S. Pillsford, NY Industrial Engineering Higgins Jr., Donald P. Wareham. MA ( " nil Engineering Hill, Jonathan M. Bloomneld. CT Eleclrieal Engineering Hj-Osman, Mohd Solleh Boston. MA .Industrial Engineering Hoang, Te H. Dorchesler, MA Compuler Engineering Homsv, Fadi N. Chestnut Hill, MA Electrical Engineering Horen, Jon P. Somen ille. MA Electrical Engineering Houle, Richard N. Coventry. Rl Electrical Engineering Technology Howard, Christopher Newton. MA Electrical Engineering Howard, Edward J. New York. NY Mechanical Engineering Technology Hubbard, Paul A. Framingham. MA Mechanical Engineering Huq, Nazmul Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Huynh, Aaron P. Dorchester, MA Power Engineering Huynh, Thieu-Vinh Quincy, MA Mechanical Engineering Ignazio, John M. Cambridge. MA Compuler Engineering Imperial., Steven R. Melrose. MA Electrical Engineering Ingoli, Nkingeambul Maiden. MA Power Engineering Ismail, Mohd Norizm Boston, MA Civil Engineering Jack, James C. Langhorne, PA Compuler Engineering Jackson, Alan W. Canton, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Jacobsen, Edgar K. Wayland, MA Compuler Engineering James, William A. Newton, MA Electrical Engineering Jamil, Mohd Rashid Boston, MA Civil Engineering Janshego II, Stephen W. N. Abington, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Jarvis, Graeme L. Marblehead. MA Mechanical Engineering Jean, Jacques A. Everett, MA Mechanical Engineering Jelalian, Alan H. Bedford, MA Electrical Engineering Jobe, Renee L. Gloucesler, MA Electrical Engineering Johns, David T. Bristol. CT Chemical Engineering Johnson, Arthur W. Cohasset, MA Mechanical Engineering Johnson, Linda B. Holliston, MA Mechanical Engineering Johnson, Ruth A. Queens, NY Compuler Engineering Jones, Alan S. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Jones, Darren B. Medford, MA Electrical Engineering Jones, Tina S. Philadelphia, PA Industrial Engineering Jorschick Jr., John P. Fairfax, VT Mechanical Engineering Jurgilewicz, Robert P. Sloughton. MA Compuler Engineering Juris, Louie C. Nashua, NH Eleclrieal Engineering Jussaume, Raymond G. Somerville, MA Electrical Engineering Kalaijakis, Anthony Wethersfield. CT Mechanical Engineering Kalaras, Christos Roslindale, MA Compuler Engineering Kalliavas, Georgia Revere. MA Eleclrieal Engineering Technology Ram. Cheung C. Allston, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Kamsari, Fazidah Boslon, MA Civil Engineering Karampour, Saeed Natick, MA Mechanical Engineering Karkos, Michael E. N. Kingstown, RI Mechanical Engineering Raslick, Carole A. Maiden, MA Chemical Engineering Katis, Nicholas H. Cambridge, MA Mechanical Engineering Keithline, Wilson W. W. Hartford, CT Industrial Engineering Kelland, James W. Brainlree. MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Kelleher, John F. Amesbury, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Kelley, Michael J. Westwood, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Kelly III, Robert M. Pembroke, MA Civil Engineering Kenney, Tina D. Norfolk, MA Electrical Engineering Kezer, Jeremy B. Stonington, CT Compuler Engineering Khairi, Imran S. Westwood, MA Electrical Engineering Khalifa, Jamal S. Cambridge, MA Compuler Engineering Khalife, Imad H. Boston. MA Electrical Engineering Kilborn, Bruce A. Waterbury. CT Mechanical Engineering Technology Kim, Sung H. Lexington. MA Mechanical Engineering King, James F. Andover, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology King, Matthew L. Winsled. CT Power Engineering King, Philip M. New Hartford. CT Electrical Engineering Kinz, Steven P. Southboro, MA Mechanical Engineering Klein, Martin P. Cambridge, MA Mechanical Engineering Klint, Peter L. Westwood, MA Mechanical Engineering Klohn, H. Helmut Sharon, MA (ml 1- iipineering Knakkergaard, Thora Danvers, MA Civil Engineering Knezevich, Joyce A. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Kohan, Andrew S. Monroe. CT Electrical Engineering Technology Kolodziejczak, Gregory Dorchester, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Korot, Daniel P. Glens Falls, NY Electrical Engineering Kosciuk, Stephen E. Meriden, CT Electrical Engineering Technology Kotsianis, Panteleimon Brookline, MA Computer Technology Kouhavelis, Peter Stamford, CT Electrical Engineering Kourepenis, Anthony S. Waterlown, MA Eleclrieal Engineering Kozel, Peter D. Framingham, MA Electrical Engineering Koziol, John Z. Dorchester, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Krajewski, Mark T. Ashland, MA Chemical Engineering Kreitzberg, Mike S. Sloughton, MA Power Engineering Rroll, Robert J. Berlin, CT Mechanical Engineering Kubiak, Jack S. Revere, MA Eleclrieal Engineering Technology Kudsi, Charl Pelham, NH Electrical Engineering Lama, Ngotup Jamaica Plain, MA Computer Engineering Lamarche, Patricia A. Windham, NH Electrical Engineering Lamott, Sarah F. Milton, MA Mechanical Engineering Lane, Dana A. Westford, MA Computer Engineering Lane, Michael H. Port Ewen. NY Compuler Engineering Laplanle, James A. Allleboro. MA Eleclrieal Engineering Latona, Kenneth S. Boston. MA Eleclrieal Engineering Latulippe, Pamela J. Boslon, MA Mechanical Engineering Lauro, Robert A. Jamaica Plain, MA Mechanical Engineering Lawson, Christopher Dedham, MA Civil Engineering Ledbetter, John Medfield, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Lee, Aristotle J. Philadelphia, PA Chemical Engineering Lee, Christopher Burlington. MA Mechanical Engineering Lee, David Chi Boslon, MA Electrical Engineering Lee, Karen Y. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Lee, Kin Yee Boston, MA Compuler Engineering Lee, Kock Wah Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Lee, Martin R. Norwood, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Lemnios, Lucian IN. Lexington, MA Mechanical Engineering Lent, Scott D. Roslindale, MA Electrical Engineering Leonard, E. Michael Hingham, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Leonardi Jr., Michael P. Fox borough, MA Electrical Engineering Leskow, David J. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Leskow, John M. Ridgefield, CT Mechanical Engineering Levine, Marc L. Sloughton, MA Mechanical Engineering Lew, Albert Brighton, MA Aerospace Maintenance Engineering Technology Lezberg, Robert A. Randolph, MA Mechanical Engineering Li, Ren Roxbury Cross, MA Electrical Engineering Licht, Jerry Massadequa, IN Mechanical Engineering Limbert, Jeffrey D. Belmont, MA Mechanical Engineering Lipsett, Robert W. Hingham, MA Electrical Engineering Lisi, Stephen T. Monlvale. NJ Computer Engineering Liu, Paul Medford, MA Electrical Engineering Livieratos, John H. Arlington, MA Mechanical Engineering 276 Livorsi, Lisa M. Holbrook. MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Electrical Engineering Looney, William F. Hamden. CT Electrical Engineering Lopez, Martin P. Boston. MA Computer Engineering Lord, Kevin J. Natick, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Loukos, Spiridon Roslindale. MA Eleclrical Engineering Lucci, Richard Everell, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Lucibello, Mark A. Meriden, CT Industrial Engineering L.iii, Choi Sun Boston, MA Computer Engineering Lung, Stephen J. Ridgewood, NJ Mechanical Engineering Lulz, Steven R. Holden. MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Lynch, Christine E. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Lynch, Nora Acton, MA Industrial Engineering Lyons, Thomas A. Norwood. MA Civil Engineering MacDonald, Daniel T. Gloucester. MA Eleclrical Engineering MacHacek, Rudolph J. Yorklown. NY Mechanical Engineering Technology Maclnnis, Christopher Framingham. MA Industrial Engineering Maclntyre, Alan R. Setaukel. NY Mechanical Engineering Mackenzie, Robert W. Allslon. MA Mechanical Engineering MacKinnon, Michele A. Boston. MA Industrial Engineering Macuch, Paul E. South Easton, MA Chemical Engineering Mahedy, Holly M. Brooklyn. NY Eleclrical Engineering Mahfood, William J. MarshReld. MA Industrial Engineering Major, Brian P. Plaistow, NH Industrial Engineering Mak, Roger P. Everett, MA Mechanical Engineering Malatak, William A. Boston. MA Chemical Engineering Malberg, Kristina M. Boston, MA Civil Engineering Maldonado, Alonso S. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Manes, Matthew K. Boston. MA Mechanical Engineering Manning, Edward F. Canton, MA Eleclrical Engineering Manning, Philip J. Syracuse. NY Mechanical Engineering Marcotle, Tony A. Boston. MA Civil Engineering Marini, Robert A. Trumbull. CT Civil Engineering Markopoulos, Michael Maroun, Yolla Roslindale, MA Eleclrical Engineering Marroni, John J. Reading, MA Industrial Engineering Martenson, Kenneth R. E. Hampton, CT Eleclrical Engineering Technology Martin, Robert B. Framingham, MA Electrical Engineering Martinez, Julio C. Brighton. MA ( ' .ml Engineering Masison, Stephen J. Weymoulh. MA Electrical Engineering Masterson, Matthew J. Boston. MA Civil Engineering Maung, Hla Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Mazeiko, Joanna T. Weslporl Pi., MA Comput er Engineering McCabe, Peter E. Rivenon, NJ Mechanical Engineering McCarthy, Joseph P. Medford, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology McCarthy, Marianne E. Hudson Falls. NY Industrial Engineering McCarthy, Marie K. Maiden. MA Industrial Engineering McCarthy, Michael A. Maiden, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology McColl Jr., Kenneth A. Millis. MA Eleclrical Engineering McCormick, Jeffrey M. Harrisville. Rl Civil Engineering McCreath, Mark S. Dorchester, MA Computer Technology McCullough, Steve A. Jamaica Plain, MA Eleclrical Engineering McGillis Jr., Wade R. Brighton. MA Mechanical Engineering McGovern, William T. Wallingford, CT Mechanical Engineering McCrath, Sean J. Dorchester, MA Electrical Engineering McKee, Joseph D. Providence, Rl Computer Technology McKee, Katherine L. S. Nalick, MA Electrical Engineering McKinnon, Kevin Weymouth, MA Computer Technology McLeod, Sean F. S. Windsor, CT Mechanical Engineering McManus, John D. Brookline, MA Civil Engineering McNaughl, Edward T. Cumberland. Rl ( " nil Engineering McNeil, Michael S. Waterford. CT Civil Engineering Medeiros, Fabio P. Brighton. MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Medeiros Jr., Louis F. Arlington. MA Mechanical Engineering Meier, Jonathan W. Smilllhnrougll, MA Civil Engineering Melaragni, William Winchester. MA Electrical Engineering Menaker, Craig S. Enfield. CT Chemical Engineering Menzie, Susan J. Boston. MA Industrial Engineering Messier, Mark J. Norwood. MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Metri, Abdullah R. Weymouth. MA Computer Technology Metzger, Paul J. McHenry. IL Computer Technology Meyer, Cary J. Boston. MA Civil Engineering Mikulis, Christopher Plainville. MA Computer Technology Milhurn, Mark R. Lynnfield. MA Mechanical Engineering Mines, Christina Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Minish, Shaun G. Wallham, MA Engineering Non-Concentralion Modig, Scott G. Millbury. MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Mok, May Ling Allston, MA Industrial Engineering Molica, Michael F. Woburn, MA Eleclrical Engineering Monahan, John J. Hanover, MA Civil Engineering Mongiardo, Salvatore Wallham, MA Eleclrical Engineering Monteiro, Martin Sharon, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Monljoie, Patrick J. Wallham. MA Computer Technology Mon yak. Michael J. New Hartford, CT Mechanical Engineering Moollan, Adam I. Woburn. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Mooney, Michael L. Lowell. MA Mechanical Engineering Morrill, Melissa A. Newburyport, MA Chemical Engineering Morris, David G. Mallapan, MA Eleclrical Engineering Morrison, Raymond H. Jamaica Plain, MA Civil Engineering Mosher, Jane E. Delmar, NY Industrial Engineering Mouchawar, Ronaldo Mui, Tat K. ( ' .iiinltridge, MA Electrical Engineering Murphy, William J. Newlon, MA Mechanical Engineering Nelh Jr., William F. Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Ngo, Tai Dong Boston. MA Electrical Engineering Nguyen, An Hoang Worcester. MA Electrical Engineering Penta, Antonio Medford. MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Penta, Elaine M. Boston. MA Mechanical Engineering Pereira, Jorge G. Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Pericola, Steven J. Saugus, MA Power Engineering Perry, John J. Revere, MA Computer Engineering Perry, Joseph M. Gales Ferry, CT Eleclrical Engineering Technology Peruzzi, Robert O. Quincy, MA Eleclrical Engineering Pettini, Brian J. Stonington, CT Compuler Engineering Petty, Jonathan S. Hanover, MA Computer Engineering Pham, Ha Thanh Dedham. MA Compuler Engineering Phelan, Melissa A. Canton, MA Chemical Engineering Phillips, Christopher Boston, MA Engineering Phung, Yinnaing E. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Pinkham, Thomas A. Leroy, NY Electrical Engineering Pinsky, Marina Brighton, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Poillucci, Dean A. Watertown, MA Chemical Engineering Poirier, Charles E. Raynham, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Polonia, Jose R. Lynn, MA Electrical Engineering Popa, Radii E. South Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Portanova, Brian E. Needham, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Porten, Joel S. Chappaqua, NY Industrial Engineering Pothier, Charles P. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Pratt, Everett S. Dover. NH Eleclrical Engineering Pratt, Thomas D. Wareham, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Prestia, Lawrence M. Melrose. MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Procter, David A. Burlington. MA Eleclrical Engineering Tecliriulngy Purohit, Badri P. Boslon. MA Eleclrical Engineering Quiana, Scott M. Cold Spring. NY Chemical Engineering Quinn, Steven B. Delmar, NY Mechanical Engineering Quitzau, Paul M. Boslon, MA Mechanical Engineering Racino, Guy J. Plainfield. CT Chemical Engineering Razza, Craig F. Oakville. CT Mechanical Engineering Reali, Frank J. Pillsfield, MA Computer Engineering Reeves, John M. Altleboro, MA Compuler Engineering Reich, Donald S. Maiden, MA Aerospace Maintenance Engineering Technology Reilly, John F. No. Quincy, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Reilly, Kevin J. Mahopac, NY Computer Engineering Reissfelder, Robert E. Westwood. MA Compuler Engineering Retzel, Dawn M. Lee. MA Electrical Engineering Ricci, John E. Portsmouth, NH Civil Engineering Riccitelli, Richard J. Hamden. CT Eleclrical Engineering Technology Richland, Jeffrey Boston. MA Eleclrical Engineering Ristaino, John F. Mendon, MA Electrical Engineering Rizk, Rene E. Worcester. MA Civil Engineering Nguyen, Huy-K Worcester, MA Eleclrical Engineering Nguyen, Nam S. Brockton, MA Eleclrical Engineering Nguyen, Phuong T. Brighton, MA Eleclrical Engineering Nguyen, Tien Due Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Nichols Jr., Kent M. Saugus, MA Civil Engineering Nicholson, Robert R. Milford, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Nitchman, Karen A. Cambridge, MA Mechanical Engineering Nogueira, Mark T. Canlon, MA Civil Engineering Nordin, Nor Hamzah Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Norton, Nathaniel C. Brookhaven, NY Civil Engineering 277 Norton, Paul M. Roslindalc. MA Power Engineering Noujaim, Joseph K. Roslindale, MA Eleclrical Engineering Nta, Patrick Boslon, MA Civil Engineering O ' Brien, John H. Somerville, MA Eleclrical Engineering O ' Connor, Paul D. Quincy, MA Mechanical Engineering O ' Donnell, Scott K. Foxboro, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Oguchi, Chigozie C. Boslon, MA Mechanical Engineering Technolgy O ' Keefe, Thomas D. Millon, MA Electrical Engineering Oldfield Jr., David N. Lisbon, CT Computer Engineering Olney, David L. Salem, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Onorato, Salvatore Somerville, MA Electrical Engineering Opachinski, Michael N. Boston, MA Civil Engineering O ' Regan, Brendan B. Hingham. MA Civil Engineering Orlowski, Paul J. Chelsea, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Orodenker, Joshua E. Cranston, HI Computer Technology Orphanos, Charles J. Lynn, MA Electrical Engineering Osborne Jr., Charles E. Foxboro, MA Power Engineering Owens, Tresa C. Dorchester, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Pabst, Joann A. Roselle, NJ Industrial Engineering Pacheco, Eduardo R. Brookline, MA Eleclrical Engineering Palaski, Lawrence J. Plainview, NY Civil Engineering Palmer, David J. Waliham, MA Mechanical Engineering Palmier. Jr., Louis Framingham, MA Mechanical Engineering Paluzzi, Steven D. Beverly, MA Eleclrical Engineering Panaceas, Sotirios Stamford, CT Computer Engineering Pantaleo, John M. MMford. MA Computer Engineering Papajiannis, Paul M. Milton, MA Computer Engineering Papetli, Lisa Roslindale, MA Mechanical Engineering Pappas, Alexander N. Winchester, MA Eleclrical Engineering Park, Peter J. Walerlown, MA Electrical Engineering Parker, Timothy Marblehead, MA Compuler Engineering Partridge, Charles A. Framingham, MA Mechanical Engineering Patel, Harish Woburn, MA Civil Engineering Patneaude, Michael P. Taunlon, MA Mechanical Engineering Paul Jr., Joseph M. Boslon. MA Power Engineering Paulino, Carolann P. New Bedford, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Payne, John H. Concord. MA Eleclrical Engineering Peet, Robert D. Melrose. MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Pelletier, Gary P. Weslport, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Pellelti, Joseph M. E. Hampton. CT Mechanical Engineering Peluso, Michele V. Weslborough, MA Electrical Engineering Roach, Celeste C. Boslon, MA Electrical Engineering Roach, Paul J. Boslon. MA Mechanical Engineering Roark, William IH. Woodbridge. CT Mechanical Engineering Roberts, Carlene D. Hyde Park. MA Industrial Engineering Robinson, David W. Warwick. RI Eleclrical Engineering Robinson, Paul W. Dedham. MA Chemical Engineering Rom, David Worcesler. MA Eleclrical Engineering Romagnoli, Arthur J. Newlon. MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Rossi, Emidio N. Quincy. MA Eleclrical Engineering Rotondi, Stephen A. Norwood. MA Chemical Engineering Rotondi, William C. Melrose. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Rouhana, Omar I. West Roxbury. MA Mechanical Engineering Roushanaee, Babak Wellesley His.. MA Computer Engineering Roy, Mark R. East Lyme, CT Electrical Engineering Technology Rulevich, John A. Glastonbury, CT Mechanical Engineering Sachs, Ernest J. Needham, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Sadiq, Adnan Winchester, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Sadowski, Thaddeus J. Sciluale. MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Saffian, William P. Twin Mountain, NH Civil Engineering Saleh, Youssef A. Winlhrop. MA Computer Engineering Salmu, Erick A. Filchburg, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Sandock, Paul J. Wayland, MA Mechanical Engineering Sandonato, Michael Quincy, MA Eleclrical Engineering Santosuosso, Mark A. Revere, MA Eleclrical Engineering Sardinskas, Stuart A. Bethany, CT Mechanical Engineering Technology Savoia, Richard E. Medway, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Scearbo, Frederick F. Woburn, MA Electrical Engineering Schilling, Mark J. Marstons Mill. MA Civil Engineering Schneider, Jeffrey A. Boston, MA Industrial Engineering Schoennagel, Mark E. Belmont, MA Eleclrical Engineering Scholefield, Dave A. Boston, MA Civil Engineering Scully, Mark P. West Milford. NJ Industrial Engineering Serpa, Albert J. Somerville, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Seto, Eric Boston, MA Eleclrical Engineering Shahrooz, Farshad Brookline. MA Mechanical Engineering Shoukat, Rizwan Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Shubat, Steve Newington, CT Eleclrical Engineering Simpson, Steven J. Brainlree, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Singer, Mitchell S. Branford, CT Chemical Engineering Siudut, Sharon L. Andover, MA Chemical Engineering Skeels, Kevin M. Boslon, MA Civil Engineering Smit, Robert J. Trumbull, CT Eleclrical Engineering Smith, Andrea E. Hampden. MA Eleclrical Engineering Smith, James P. Clifton Park, NY Industrial Engineering Smith, Kim R. Natick, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Smith, Steven R. Brockton, MA Computer Engineering Smith, William P. N. Hamillon, MA Eleclrical Engineering Smyth, James J. Enfield. CT Mechanical Engineering Socha, Paul M. Adams, MA Compuler Technology Soetjahja, Hendra Boston, MA Computer Engineering Soewandi, Dodi Y. Brighton. MA Electrical Engineering Songsaengterm, Porames Sougarides, Peter Wesl Roxbury, MA C. i Kngincering Soundis, William Beverly, MA Eleclrical Engineering Souza, Dean J. New Bedford, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Spath, Michael D. Rochester, NY Electrical Engineering Technology Spence, Monique D. Boslon, MA Industrial Engineering Spencer, Jeffrey S. Lake Kalrine. NY Eleclrical Engineering St. John, Kenneth M. Pitisfield. MA Computer Engineering St. Surin, Gene E. Roxbury Cross. MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Stavropoulos, Georgia Walerlown, MA Electrical Engineering Steele, Robert J. S. Weymouth, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Stefanou, Peter Somerville, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Stephens, Andrew P. Rochester, NY Industrial Engineering Stevens, Tina M. Ocean, NJ Computer Engineering Stimac, Deanna Newton Falls, OH Chemical Engineering Stone, Ronald A. Abinglon, MA Civil Engineering Suatengco, Roland C. Brookline, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Suliaman, Waleed S. Somerville, MA Industrial Engineering Sullivan, Christopher Fall River, MA Chemical Engineering Sullivan, Christopher X. Caslleton, VT Mechanical Engineering Sullivan, Elizabeth A. Clinlon, MA Mechanical Engineering Sund, Robert M. Holden, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Surenian, Ara Belmonl, MA Mechanical Engineering Swedin, David H. Norwich, CT Mechanical Engineering Tabor, Kenneth L. Brainlree. MA Eleclrical Engineering Talukder, Mashiur R. West Medford, MA Eleclrical Engineering Tamthai, Nakorn Boston, MA Mechanical Engineering Tan, Leslie I. Wakefield, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Elc. .,..11-,, Taskovics, Steven M. Boslon, MA Mechanical Engineering Tat, Toan Chi Boslon. MA Eleclrical Engineering Taylor, John E. Walerlown. MA Eleclrical Engineering Tejeira, Marcela Boslon, MA Mechanical Engineering Telford, Timothy A. Allston. MA Electrical Engineering Tessier, Michael A. Chicopee, MA Eleclrical Engineering Tham, Fu Sang Boslon, MA Eleclrical Engineering Thibault, Robert A. Halifa . MA Eleclrical Engineering Thomas, Judith R. Sloughlon, MA Chemical Engineering Thompson, Richard S. A. Boslon, MA Eleclrical Engineering Thornton, Paul E. Harwinton, CT Eleclrical Engineering Tibbetts Jr., Paul F. Wesl wood, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Tiberi, Lisa M. Medford. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Tiberi, Rosemary Quincy, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Tierney, Martin F. Stoneham, MA Eleclrical Engineering Tivnan, John L. Worcester, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Tobin, Sean P. Brainlree, MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Tolman, Bonnie E. Reading, MA Eleclrical Engineering Tong, Bobby T. Walerlown, MA Civil Engineering Torchia, Andrew G. Boslon. MA Eleclrical Engineering Toutounjian, Sona P. Allston, MA Computer Engineering Tovar, Fernando Brighton, MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Tracy, Mark A. Waterville, ME Civil Engineering Tran, Thang Van Dorchester, MA Eleclrical Engineering Trant, Daniel J. Sloneham. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Traub, Judwin H. Framingham. MA Eleclrical Engineering Technology Trischitta, James R. Allston, MA Computer Engineering Truong, Due T. Randolph, MA Computer Engineering Tseng, Sein Than Boslon. MA Eleclrical Engineering 278 Tsikrikonis, Evagelos A. Camlniilgc, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Tucker, Lawrence A. Hollision. MA Mechanical Engineering Turner, Michael S. Norwood, MA Computer Engineering Tziranis, Chris Revere. MA Computer Engineering Usalis, Peter Z. Hanover, MA Kleelrien! Engineering Technology Vaccaro, David Medford, MA Eleetrieal Engineering Vagnini, Christopher Jamaiea Plain. MA Computer Engineering Vallan, Gregg B. Sharon, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Vansant, Charles F. Wntcrlowii. MA Power Engineering Vaughn III, Walter H. Cranston. Rl Computer Technology Velie, Douglas S. Orleans. MA Computer Engineering Vetrano, Paul M. Franklin. MA Electrical Engineering Vital, Patrice C. Brighton. MA Computer Engineering Vo, Hung D. Brockton. MA Electrical Engineering Vonbenken, Christopher Sudbury. MA Electrical Engineering Wadman, John P. Southinglon. CT Electrical Engineering Technology Walker, Daniel C. Randolph. MA Computer Engineering Walker, Ian R. Stone Ridge. NY Electrical Engineering Walker, Steven K. Quhicy, MA Electrical Engineering Wallace, Robert J. Merrimack. NH Electrical Engineering Walsh, Brian P. Quincy. MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Waltman, Sharon A. Belmont. MA Electrical Engineering Wang, Jason W. P. East Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Washington, Michele B. Bronx, NY Industrial Engineering Waskiw, Myron J. Allslon, MA Industrial Engineering Watanabe, Yasuhiko Boston, MA Civil Engineering Way, David C. Westerly. RI Mechanical Engineering Technology Weber Jr., Robert J. Wales, MA Mechanical Engineering Weggeman, Albert W. Lexington. MA Computer Engineering Weidner, William J. Welsh, Jeffrey W. Roxbury. MA Civil Engineering Werner, Mark A. N. Alllohoro. MA Electrical Engineering Westland, Ellen H. Hamilton. MA Electrical Engineering Eh-, I- 11 Whitfield, William A. Nalick, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Wiederhold, Michael A. Roslindale. MA Mechanical Engineering Wikman, John C Woburn. MA Electrical Engineering Wile, Timothy J. Rockporl. MA Computer Engineering Wilk, Justin S. Winchester, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Wilson, Deitra M. Cambridge. MA Computer Technology Wong, Karen E. Cambridge. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Wong, Ying T. Boston. MA Mechanical Engineering Wong, Yiu Wa Brighton. MA Computer, Engineering Wonson, Mark P. Gloucester. MA Electrical Engineering Woods, Ann M. Danvers. MA Civil Engineering Wu, Mieu Boston. MA Electrical Engineering Wu, Wen-Ching Dorchester, MA Mechanical Engineering Wyatt, David C. Boston, MA Electrical Engineering ia, Jin Danvers, MA Electrical Engineering Yapor, Edward Boston, MA Electrical Engineering Technology Yee, Kenneth K. Boston. MA Electrical Engineering (BSIMS) Yee, Robert S. Boston. MA Mechanical Engineering Technology Younes, Rachid I. No. Quincy, MA Mechanical Engineering Zang, Henri Somerville, MA Electrical Engineering Zelazny, Adrian G. Brookline, MA Electrical Engineering Ziehler Jr., Joseph A. Carlisle. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Ziotas, Anthony A. Forestville, CT Computer Engineering Zotos, Frederic P. Cohassel, MA Mechanical Engineering Zuschlag, Walter J. Worcester. MA Electrical Engineering Technology Zwick, Fred J. Boston. MA Electrical Engineering Technology College of Computer Science Ahmad, Normah K. Boston. MA Almeida, Timothy Cumberland. RI Amidon, Robert P. Auburn. NH Computer Science Amin, Archil A. Bloomfield. NJ Amir-Hashim, Azizul Arif North Quincy, MA Computer Science Andrews II, Harold G. Reading, MA Computer Science Apostolopoulo, Errol N. West Peabody, MA Computer Science Arnold, Danny J. Wahha.n, MA Bailey, Dwayne E. Bangor, ME Computer Science Baker, Dennis M. S. Weymouth, MA Barber, Teresa M. Boston, MA Computer Science Bedigian, Gregory C. Walerlown, MA Computer Science Bellerose, Kerry J. Boston, MA Bowen, Paula E. Seekonk, MA Computer Srience Bowness, Piers Weston, MA Computer Science Bresnahan, Edward W. Stafford Spg„ CT Computer Science Bristow, John O. Baltimore. MD Computer Science Brown, Kevin J. Boston, MA Computer Science Burke, Kenneth A. Quincy, MA Computer Science Carrier! Jr., Ralph A. Winlhrop, MA Computer Science Cevoli, Paul J. Hyde Park, MA Computer Science Chang, Sehan Cambridge. MA Computer Science Chin, Benjamin B. Boston. MA Computer Science Chin, Doris G. Boston. MA Compoler Science Collin, Jeffrey J. Blackstone. MA Computer Science Cortese, Paul A. Melrose, MA Computer Science Courtemanche, Michael J. Boxborough, MA Crose, Lisa A. Stoughlon. MA Computer Science Curley, Kevin J. Salem, MA Degrace, Derik J. Marion. MA Destefano, Joseph J. Revere, MA Computer Science Dezan, David B. Pun.. •n, NJ Computer Science Dinnocenzo, Jon J. Woburn, MA Computer Science Domenikos, George Millis, MA Dresselhaus, Carl E. Arlington, MA Computer Science Elia, Wendy A. South Nalick. MA Computer Science Espy, Anthony W. Norlhborough. MA Fa ig, John D. Allslon. MA Fakira, Amin A. Maiden. MA Computer Science Farren, Sean W. Nalick. MA Compuler Science Flammia, Denise Saugus. MA Compuler Science Flanagan, John M. Sterling, MA Compuler Science Fridman, Vadim Swampscolt, MA Compuler Science Friedman, Marc Bronx, NY Compuler Science Furrier, John A. Northvale, NJ Computer Science Garrigus, Roy D. So. Altleboro, MA Compuler Science Gearin, David W. Stoughlon, MA Compuler Science Geschelin, Mark Y. Weymouth. MA Ghaemi, Mehdi Brookline, MA Compuler Science Goyette, Joseph N. Quincy, MA Computer Science Greaney, Kevin S. Kingston, NH Computer Science Guardabascio, Michele L. Dedham. MA Compuler Science Hafer, Robert R. Somerville. MA Compuler Science Hall, John S. Brighton. MA Compuler Science Hawkesworlh, Christopher We- ulh, MA Henstock, Mark T. Chelmsford. MA Compuler Science Ho, Luk S. Boston. MA C pult-r Science Karpeichik, Thomas A. New Hartford, CT Computer Science Kassabgi, Giorgio Needham, MA Kent, Mark J. Cumberland. RI King, David S. Sudbury. MA Kingman, Matthew R. Norlhboro. MA Computer Science Kraemer, Jeffrey A. Rockland, MA Computer Science Lamourine, Mark A. Boston, MA Computer Science Larsson, Anelle K. Walerford, CT Computer Science Lavoie, Elizabeth F. Worcester, MA Compuler Science Lee, David J. Brighlon. MA Computer Science Lee, David M. Auburn. MA Computer Science Leitao, Luiz Eduard Roslindale, MA Compuler Science Lentini, Barth J. Cheshire, CT Computer Science Levin, Eric J. Hamden, CT Computer Science Libkind, Inna Brookline, MA Computer Science Lindley, William J. Bedford. MA Computer Science Long, Dana R. Walerlown. MA Compuler Science Luma, James F. Allston. MA Computer Science Luna, Joanne S. Brockton. MA Computer Science Magno, Joseph L. Wallham. MA Compuler Science Mahmud, Russitah Boston, MA Compuler Science Marchocki, Karen A. Hyde Park, MA Compuler Science Marshall, Ralph J. Jamaica Plain, MA Computer Science Mather, David M. Brockton. MA Compuler Science Mayo, William T. Quincy. MA Computer Science McBreen, Brendan B. Brighton. MA Compuler Science McCarthy, Daniel J. Wallham. MA Computer Science 279 McGinn, Karen L. Wallham, MA McManus, James J. Weslford. MA Compuler Science McNelis, Darren A. Mil ford. CT Compuler Science Meisler, Ilaina D. Bosion. MA Compuler Science Mershon, Eric Haverhill, MA Compuler Science Mitchell, Robert J. Brighton. MA Compuler Science Morrison, Douglas J. Bosion. MA Compuler Science Murray, Geoffrey E. Walerlown, MA Computer Science Ng, Susan S. Boston. MA Compuler Science Nguyen, Trung H. Maiden. MA Computer Science Oleynick, John U. Yardley. PA Compuler Science Page, Richard S. Danvers. MA Compuler Science Palasek, Paul J. Dorchesler, MA Compuler Science Patel, Kirit H. Bosion. MA Compuler Science Pena, David G. Brainlree, MA Compuler Science Plecinoga, Mark E. Salem. MA Computer Science Poirier, Renee S. Granileville, VT Compuler Science Porter, Edward H. Ellicoll Ciiy. MD Compuler Science Pruyn, David Bosion. MA Compuler Science Rajeh, Nidal F. Boston, MA Compuler Science Rasmussen, Erik P. Bosion. MA Computer Science Raso, Teresa A. Everett, MA Compuler Science Remick, David M. N. Sciluate. MA Computer Science Resnick, Todd D. Randolph, MA Compuler Scienc e Roberts Jr., Thomas J. Boston, MA Compuler Science Roy, Margo P. N. Andover, MA Compuler Science Sassier, Edward Z. Wayne, NJ Compuler Science Schuster, Robert S. Cranford. NJ Compuler Science Scola, Joseph R. Medford. MA Sinicrope, David A. Meriden, CT Compuler Science Smith, Patricia A. W. Bridgewaler, MA Compuler Science Spiliopoulos, Fotis Arlington, MA Compuler Science Stepanian, Kirk C. Lowell. MA Computer Science Stewart, Robert E. Lynnfield, MA Compuler Science Sullivan, Robert K. Roslindale, MA Compuler Science Tang, Florine C. Boston. MA Compuler Science Targhetta, Regina M. Turners Falls, MA Compuler Science Taylor, David C. Claslonbury, CT Compuler Science Thorn, Valerie C. Brainlree, MA Compuler Science Trainer, Lawrence M. Medford, MA Computer Science Urick, Joseph E. Milford, NH Compuler Science Wansing, Susan E. Rochester, MI Computer Science Welch, Albra M. Manchester, NH Whyte, James L. MeaTield. MA Compuler Science Williams Jr., Joseph L. Roslindale. MA Compuler Science Wiryo, Surya Brookline. MA Computer Science Wong, David W. Boston, MA Compuler Science Woodland, Kenneth R. Sudbury, MA Compuler Science Wright, Clark M. Framingham, MA Computer Science Yao, David A. Weston, MA Compuler Science Zuch, Lawrence M. N. Bellmore, NY Computer Science College of Arts and Sciences Adamson, David M. Franklin. MA Alami, Ala F. Wakefield. MA Economics Alessi, Michael P. Needham, MA Economics Alessio, Ernesto Brookline. MA Economics Allen, James D. Newtown, CT Political Science Allsop, Jan M. Dunbury, MA Speech Communication Alpizar, Janine V. Jamaica Plain. MA Speech Communication Alvarez, Sandra O. Boston. MA History Amico, Nancy M. Tewksbury, MA Speech Communication Anderson Jr., Jimmy E. Foxborough, MA Biology Andrews, Jane P. Boston. MA Journalism Arevalo, Marilou L. Quincy. MA Mathematics Argyres, Peter N. Newton. MA Mathematics Arnold, Karen E. Arnold Jr., Paul T. South Boston. MA English Asavisanu, Nuchanat Aslanoglou, Alexis G. Cambridge, MA Economics Athanasiou, Leslie J. Cambridge, MA English Barnes, Eric W. Chestnut Hill. MA Philosophy Barry, Debora A. Plymouth, MA Political Science Bartholdi, Theodore G. Boston, MA Speech Communication Batherson, Timi A. Brockton, MA Sociology Behrakis, Stephanie M. No. Tewksbury, MA Economics Belanger, Norman A. Cambridge, MA Psychology Bell, James A. Needham, MA Economics Bell, Judy Boston, MA Speech Communication Bell, Lysah D. Boston, MA Speech Communication Beltram, Myles C. Chc pachel, Rl Economics Bess, Alvin L. Roslindale. MA Economics Bethune, Leon A. Boston, MA Biology Bielicki Jr., Ronald M. Brighton. MA Speech Communication Bilancione, Leonard E. Brookline. MA Economics Bing, Sharon R. Dorchester. MA Economics Bishop, Amy Bittner, Sharon J. Wyckoft. NJ Political Science Blood, Phillip T. Groton. MA English Blugerman, David L. Kansas City. MO Bohjalian, Leona L. Brookline. MA Economics Bonavita, Julia R. Soinerville. MA Economics Bonica, Susan V. Lyndhurst. OH Biology Bonifacio, Maryann A. Boston. MA English Borde, Christopher Boston. MA Journalism Bosland, Kenneth D. Boston. MA Mathematics Brothers, Andrew J. Clifton Park, NY Brown, Alison M. Mallapan, MA Economics Brown, Gary E. Quincy. MA Brown, Melissa F. Pac Palisades. CA Speech Communication Bruk, Jeffrey E. Andover, MA Economics Brutsaert, Tom D. Orono, ME Biology Burke Jr., William E. Holyoke. MA Englis» Burns, Beatrice A. Chelsea, MA Butler, Deborah S. Boston. MA English Byrne, Christopher Boston. MA Speech Communication Camillo, Paul J. Marblehead. MA English Capobianco, Steven J. Norwood, MA Mathematics Caravelis, John P. Lynn, MA Economics Carl III, George H. Boston, MA Economics Carlson, Peter G. Cohassel, MA Sociology Carolan, Paul M. Boston, MA Carpenter, Gregory E. Carpenter, Patrick L. Stamford. CT Speech Coi Carr, Stephen A. Jamaica Plain. MA Physics Carr, Thomas C. Boston. MA Journalism Caruso, Paul J. Boston. MA Political Science Catapane, Christopher Stratford. CT Speech Communication Cavallaro, Denise M. Canton. MA Biology Cerullo, Annemarie Medford, MA Speech Communication Chafkin, Michael A. Boston, MA History Chapman, Bailey K. Weston, MA Speech Communication Chase Jr., Donald F. South Boston, MA Chilian, William J. Boston. MA Economics Chin, Scot D. Newton, MA Sociology Chiu, Carrie C. Boston. MA Biology Christakis, Chris Newton. MA Economics Clark, Lisa C. Norwell. MA Journalism Cohen, Arnold J. Framingham, MA Cohen, James I. New . MA Psychology Conaghan, Carolyn Marshfield. MA Journalism Connelly, Jennifer A. Milton. MA Psychology Connolly, Sarah J. Allslon, MA Mathematics Connors, Linda M. Needham. MA Speech Communication Connors, Robert H. Beverly, MA Political Science Conroy, Patrick D. Branford, CT Speech Communication Conway, John A. Lowell, MA Journalism Cooper, Karen B. Newton, MA Speech Communi cation Copelas, Heather Salem, MA Cordaro, Catherine A. Boston, MA Economics 280 Correa Jr., Victor M. Cosenke, Stephen H. Albany. NY Polilical Science Coslello, Anne E. Millon. MA Biology Cousins, Peter W. Don hesler. MA Political Science Cousland, De Anne R. Allslon. MA Modern Languages Cue III, Harold J. W. Yarmouth. MA Speech Communication dimming . Kathleen A. Ridgewood, NJ Curreri, Nina A. Dedham. MA Speech Communication Curtin, Thea E. Medford. MA Speech Communication Curtis, Tiffany L. Hampton. NH Speech Communicalion Cusack, Kimberly A. Lynn, MA Biology Cutler Jr., R. Jeffrey Hingham. MA Journalism Cutrone, Paula M. Garden Cily. NY Journalism Daly, Stephen P. Lowell. MA Journalism Damore, Federico Revere. MA Psychology Darrell, Karin A. Boston. MA Davan Jr., Richard A. Weslford. MA Davidson, John R. Yarmouth. MA Davidson, Karen L. Georgetown. MA Speech Communicalion Davidson, Philip M. Canton, MA Economics Davidson, Ross W. Ashland. MA Psychology Davies, Warwick H. Lexington, MA Economics Davis, Cheryl R. Holliston. MA Journalism Davis, Rochelle Jamaica Plain. MA Speech Communication Delillo, Thomas M. Walerford. CT Political Science Delyani, Ann Chelsea, MA IVIuk.iI Science Demeo, Paul J. Wallham. MA English Deoliveira, Maria T. Arlington. MA Journalism Deyo, Matthew M. N. Audover, MA Philosophy Dicecca, Michelle M. Medford, MA Biology Distefano, Joan M. E. Arlington. MA Human Services in Arts and Dockstader, Kelly A. Cambridge. MA Economics Donald, Bessie M. Dorchester. MA English Donovan, Doreen C. Jamaica Plain. MA Speech Communicalion Donovan, Kathleen Andover, MA Geology Donovan, Maureen T. Ashland. MA Music Dorcinvil, Darlene M. Boston. MA Modern Languages Douglas, Heidi Sudbury. MA Human Services in Arts and Doyle Jr., Francis A. W. Roxbury. MA Dufault, Sally A. Springfield, MA Psychology Duffy, Christopher Braintree, MA Economics Dugan, Shannon H. E. Swanzey, NH English Duncan Jr., Thomas M. Andover, MA Economics Eaton, Eric J. Belmont, MA Economics Edwards, Delores A. Bronx, NY Speech Communication Ellis, Pamela L. Lowell. MA Political Science Eltringham, Gregory Manchester. CT English, Peter A. Brighton. MA Political Science Estabrooks, Scott W. Weymouth, MA Economics Eusebio, Edmund L. Political Science Farese, Jeana A. Lynnfield. MA Undecided Faria, Stephen J. Dorchester, MA Economics Farren, Sheila J. Medford, MA Field, Edward J. Manchester. MA Speech Communication Fischler, Jay C. Tenafly. NJ Fisher, Lynn E. Dedham. MA Psychology Fitzgerald, Carolyn T. Tuckahoe. NY Fitzgerald, Debra A. Hanson, MA IVIilual Science Flaherty, Paul A. Yardley, PA Undecided Flanagan, Michael K. Medway. MA Journalism Floudaras, Louis A. Boston, MA Independent Studies Flvnn. Richard D. Medfield. MA Biology Folan, William J. Sloneham, MA Economics Foley Jr., William M. Woburn. MA Biology Forde, Patricia D. Windham, NH Frager, Sherri L. Chestnut Hill, MA Journalism Francisco, Kira M. Boston. MA Biology Fraylick, Stuart K. Needham, MA Speech Communication Frazer, Lynn C. New Bedford, MA Journalism Freeman, Aaron J. Darien. CT Chemistry Freytsis, Yulia Lynn, MA Journalism Galvin, Carlene R. Hyannis, MA Speech Communicalion Candolfo, Christine E. New York, NY Psychology Gannon, Timothy P. Beverly. MA Garson, Stacey H. Bangor. ME Speech Communication Gee, Barry S. Boslon. MA Speech Communicalion Geisselbrecht, Lynn A. Brighton. MA Speech Communication Gemmell, Kathleen A. Gendron Jr., Joseph D. Brighton. MA Philosophy Gessula, Julia F. New York. NY Gettings, Kevin P. Giberti, Lisa M. Weslwood. MA Speech Communicalion Gilbert, Thomas P. Ipswich. MA Psychology Glick, Jennifer L. Brooklinc. MA Polilical Science Godfrey, Adrian T. Newlonville. MA Undecided Goodwin, Mary A. Millis. MA I ' uliiii ' .il Science Gotch, Mitchell T. While Plains. NY Journalism Gracey, Virginia Brooklinc. MA Philosophy Greenfield, Richard C. Nalick. MA Greitzer, Andrea S. Tarrylown. NY Art Gresser, Benjamin Brooklinc. MA Geology Guidetti, William J. Long Branch, NJ Speech Communication Haggerty II, Robert J. Andover, MA Speech Communication Haglund, Karl O. Boston, MA Undecided Hall, John L. Hall, Thomas F. N. Andover, MA Economics Hammerlind, Stacey Boston. MA Psychology Hammond, Donald R. Plainville. MA Chemislry Harcourt, William R. Weslfield. NJ Speech Communicalion Harris, Kristin W. Boston, MA Biology Hart, Kathleen A. Tenafly. NJ History Hatton, Maggie Allslon. MA Havanidis, John G. Somerville, MA Economics Havlicek, William J. Guilford. CT Speech Communication Hawes, Gary W. Madison. CT English Hayneg, Brenda J. Cuiilirnjge. MA Speech Communication Healy, Joanne M. Boston. MA Heese, James M. Heliotis, Joanna Lynn, MA Henderson, Andrea F. Hendrickson, Allan R. Somerville. MA Economics Herzog, Thaddeus A. Belmont. MA Psychology Hill, Betsy A. Cedarhursl. NY Speech Communication Hirschfield, David B. Maplewood, NJ Polilical Science Hoffmeisler, Christine L. Hogan, Kevin F. Quincy. MA English Holtzclaw, Hubert D. Jamaica. NY Speech Communication Hopey, Christopher Amherst. NH Polilical Science Howitt, Elizabeth A. Jamaica Plain. MA Hsu, Hsien-Lan Hsu, Yuan-Ming Boston, MA Geology Hulbert, Susan M. Hingham, MA Economics Hurley, Edward J. Maynard. MA Speech Communication Hyacinthe, Ernst Quincy. MA Ingram, James P. Brooklinc. MA » Jackson, Carltaro C. East Boston. MA Mathematics Jayne, Matthew W. Boston. MA Economics Jean, Marie I. Hyde Park. MA Polilical Science Jim, Michael H. Boston. MA Johansmeyer, Eric A. New Cily. NY Economics Johnson, Cynthia N. Boston, MA Speech Communicalion Johnson, Deborah A. Charleslown, MA 281 Johnson, Richard R. Lawrence, MA Speech Communication Johnson, Scott T. Cumberland, ME I ' Science Johnston, Lisa A. Newport, Rl Jones, Brad M. Charleslown. MA Psychology Jones, Elizabeth C. Richmond, VA Psychology Jones, Laura A. Jordan, Darin C. Stoughlon. MA Speech Communication Jordan, Lori A. Winchester, MA Political Science Jordan, Richard K. Walpole, MA Mathematics Jordan, Stephanie Dorchester. MA Speech Communication Josey, Nicholas T. Boston. MA Economics Judd, Kathleen A. Greettvale. NY I ' ulitu ,il Science Juhasz, Catalina Lynn. MA Kaczenski, Kenneth C. Greenfield. MA Economics Kalnin, Laura A. Rusliudnle. MA Speech Communication Kay, Nancy T. Shrewsbury, MA Art Keefe, Thomas F. Sandwich, MA Ceo logy Kiddie, Tracy Sciluale. MA Speech Coin mimical ion Kiffer, David S. Kelchikon. AK Kilbridge, Christopher Kilduff, Michael P. Reading. MA Journalism Koenigsberg, Stephen E. Boston. MA Speech Communication Kouropoulas, Christy J. Chelmsford, MA Kovecses, Gregory T. Doylcslown, PA Psychology Kraekel, James E. Boston. MA Economics Krause, Caroline S. Beierly. MA Sociology Kreitz, Mark R. Allslon. MA Psychology Krol, Johny K. Brookline. MA Journalism Krue IV, Louis W. Fairfield, CT I iwlri uled Major Kusminsky, Maurice P. Rochester, NY Political Science Ladd Jr., Nathaniel F. Belmont. MA Journalism Lanciault, Robert T. Auburn. MA Speech Communication Landesmann, Marcel D. Brookline, MA Largay III, John E. Layne, Seth R. Roxbury. MA Economics Leary, Karen M. Needham, MA Lee, Alice Newton Center, MA Leighton, Ralph M. Boxford. MA Economics Leili, Kenneth E. Boston, MA Leonard, Veronica Dun hi ' sier, MA Speech Communication Leonardo, Doris M. Levine, Michael J. Wellesley His, MA Lienhard, Thomas C. Winlhrop, MA Sociology Lincoln, Christopher Hingham. MA Economics Lind, Piper K. Boston, MA Lipson, Jonathan N. Tappan, NY Speech Cot Lomba Jr., Daniel M. Marion, MA Economics Lombardi, Wendy M. Boston, MA Psychology Lord, David N. Shrewsbury, MA Undecided Major Loughran, Matthew T. Boston, MA Psychology Louis-Charles, Kathleen Hyde Park. MA Art Lourie, David S. Wellesley, MA Mathematics Luczynski, Kenneth M. Jamaica Plain, MA Economics Lustbader, Scott H. Bosler, MA Journalism Luzzo, Lisa A. Paxlon. MA Speech Communication Lynch, Christopher Ha krnsack, NJ Journalism Lynne, Paula S. Poughkeepsie, NY Political Science Mack, Pamela A. Orange. NJ Human Services in Arts and Sciences MacMannis, Scot B. Bangor, ME Speech Communication MacPhail, Joanne B. E. Walpole, MA Economics MacPherson, Carol MacPherson, Glenn G. Weslwood, MA Undecided Major Magarolas, Maria M. Boston, MA Psychology Maizner, Kim A. Boston, MA Journalism Manning, Kevin W. Rockland, MA Mathematics Marable, Valerie L. Monlclair. NJ Speech Communication Marangi, Jodi A. Somi ' mlle. MA ' Economics Marshall, Timothy P. Hull. MA Economics Martin, John F. Greenfield. MA Speech Communication Martin, Rose A. Wahham, MA Economics Masterson, Frank C. Boston. MA Economics Maugiron, Philippe Boston, MA Economics Maye, John P. Cheshire, CT Chemistry Mazzella, Louis V. Boston, MA i ' olilii ,il Science Mazzeo, Salvatore D. Hyde Park, MA Speech Communication McCarthy, Kevin H. Quincy, MA History McCarthy, Mary E. Reading, MA McCarthy, Robert E. E. Bridgewater, MA Speech Communication McCauley, Mark B. Cheshire. CT Journalism McCloy, Andrew P. Rockporl, MA McConathy, Jonathan O. McFadyen, Julie T. Boston. MA Psychology McGreal, Michael P. Medford. MA Economics McKee, Brian M. Hingham. MA History McLaughlin, Robert Portsmouth, RI English McManus III, James H. Weston. MA Speech Communication Melix, Nancy J. Marslons Mils, MA English Mendes, Jon G. Cambridge, MA Psychology Mensch, Andrew J. Jericho, NY Speech Communication Meyer, Carolee Boston, MA Modern Languages Michalowskij, Oleg Jamaica Plain, MA Philosophy Miller, Jeffrey T. Warwick, Rl Speech Communication Minos, Zografia A. Maiden, MA Mitchell, Annette Weslbury, NY Speech Communication Mohnen, Jorg U. Scotia, NY Geology Morgan, Catherine L. Boston, MA Economics Morin, Cynthia M. Hartford, CT Psychology Morley, Christine M. Mashpee, MA Journalism Mov, Jean S. Brighton, MA Speech Communication Muccino, Caryn A. Hyde Park, MA Biology Mulhern, Catherine M. Norwood, MA Economics Mundy, Christopher Munroe, Marjorie L. Weslwood, MA Speech Communication Murphy, Edward T. Tallman, NY Undecided Major Murphy, Meagan C. Boston, MA Speech Communication Murray, Celia A. Chestnut Hill, MA Murray, Gloria Roxbury, MA Journalism Murray, Lisa M. Hanson. MA Geology Muscolino, Joseph A. Nathanson, Stefan M. Framingham, MA Political Science Nawn, Robert M. Weslwood, MA Psychology Neland, Marie Middleiown, NY Political Science Newton, Daniel S. Clinlon, MA Psychology Ng, Joseph Y. S. Brighton, MA Biology Nguyen, Nytrinh T. Brighton. MA Physics Nichols, Helene F. Boston, MA Art Nicolas, Stephanie A. Ashland. MA Biology Norton, Michael P. N. Weymouth, MA Journalism Obrien. Kristin L. Keene, NH Economics Odoardo, Bethanne Woodbury, CT Speech Communication O ' Donnell, David J. E. Walpole, MA History O ' Heir, David J. Lowell, MA alism J O ' Herron III, Frederick E. Winchester. MA Onwuamaegbu, Benson E. Matlapan, MA Economics Orlandi, Carl J. Brockton, MA Economics Padama, Arthur D. Ft. Washington, MD Political Science Palumbo HI, Victor A. Fall River. MA Psychology Panagrossi, Joyanne Branford, CT Panaro, Michael D. Brighton. MA Political Science Pannier, Jack R. Weston, MA Economics Papanastasiou, Claire M. Lynn. MA Journalism Paris, Lyn D. Creve Coeur. MO Economics Parris, Malinda K. W. Barnstable, M A Political Science Patti, Steven R. Burlington, MA English Payne, Rodney F. Newport News, VA Economics Pearson, Erik J. Boston. MA Speech Communication Pelletier, Bruno Lewistoti. ME Perkins, Tod S. Picariello, Michelle Woltham. MA Sociology Pimentel, James W. Raynham. MA Political Science Pitter, Lesley A. Dorchester, MA Speech Communication Pizzano, Marlene A. Reading, MA Journalism Polera, Martin C. Ulica, NY Political Science Power, John J. Walpole. MA Undecided Major Preston, Paul A. Boston, MA Economics Pulido, Jacqueline Needham Hghls. MA Biology Punyahotra, Thira Boston, MA Economics Rankin, Nalinie E. Morris Plains, NJ Speech Communication Ratner, Marit S. Fairfield. CT Speech Communication Rawlings, Bryan P. Narragansetl. RI Reagan, Sara L. Framingham, MA Political Science Reid, Suzanne P. Uniondale, NY Journalism Reifer, Stephanie B. Melville, NY Reynolds, Sharon L. Sleep Falls, ME Richardson, Christopher Cambridge, MA Speech Communication Rigopoulos, Peter G. Boston, MA Economics Riordan, James M. Worcester, MA History Ritchie, Jamilla E. Boston, MA Undecided Major Rittenburg, Claire S. Reading, MA Psychology Roach, Jennifer L. Walerlown, MA Psychology Roberts, Christopher Barre, VT Roberts, Gregory L. Duxbury, MA Speech Communication Robertson, Alvin N. Mamaromeck, NY Economics An Rochford, Karen A. Rehobolh, MA Psychology Rosenberg, Rodger D. Newton, MA Human Services in Arts and Rosenblatt, Andrew N. Wayland. MA Speech Communication Rosenthal, Yana Brookline. MA Psychology Rossi Jr., Michael A. West Hartford, CT Political Science Rothenberg, Alexander T. Rouselle, Maurice Boston, MA Political Science Roy, Michael A. Boston, MA Speech Communication Rozentals, Karina V. Jamaica Plain, MA Ruggiero, Wendy R. Boston, MA Economics Sadberry, Rodney D. Boston, MA Economics Samuels, Elston Milton, MA Economics Sanborn, Barry P. Walpole MA Economics Sarofian, Amy E. Haverhill, MA Drama Scanlon, Barry J. Lowell, MA Journalism Scher, Jonathan B. Old Bridge, NJ Political Science Scheri, Maria T. Peabody, MA Schmidt, Stephen Burlington, MA Journalism Schwartz, Randi S. Brighton, MA Sociology Scullen, Lynn M. Brighton, MA Mathematics Scully, Monica San Jose, CA Psychology Scully Jr., Timothy J. Boston, MA Economics Sell, John E. Nokesville, VA Geology Semedo, Susan L. West Wareham, MA Speech Communication Shannon, Kimberley J. Loudonville, NY Speech Communication Sharian, Julie A. Boston. MA Speech Communication Shea, Margaret M. Sheehan, Stephanie E. Weymouth, MA Mathematics Sheinbaum, Jill A. Teaneck, NJ Sociology Shelton, Jennifer B. Boston. MA Shiell, Crystal E. Boston. MA Mathematics Siddron, Jeffrey A. Mountain Lake. NJ Sidhu, Kulraj S. Belhesda, MD Psychology Silverman, Jeff P. Newton. MA I ' Science Simonetti, Joseph J. Sines, Wayne R. Hingham. MA Undecided Major Singer, Debra N. Spring Valley, NY Speech Communication Siracusa, Robert M. Ml. Kisco. NY Sociology Sivara, Poompat Allston, MA Political Science Sivisoglu, Ferda No. Dartmouth, MA Economics Small, Pamela M. South Harwich, MA Smith, Larry E. Stoughton. MA Economics Solon, Joel A. Jamaica Plain, MA Mathematics Sommer, Marion Boston. MA Modem Languages Sperling, Antje Boston, MA Political Science Spiegel, Tracey E. New York, NY Speech Communication Steegstra, Arjen R. Harwichport, MA Stevens II, James C. Boston, MA Economics Stingel, Elizabeth C. Fairporl, NY Human Services in Arts and Stone, Beth E. Boston. MA Arts and Sciences — Linguis Stuke, William T. , Pla . MA Speech Communication Stymiest, Mary Louise Brookline, MA Modem Languages Suh, Sangeui Cambridge, MA Sullivan, Kendra E. Waterlown, MA Political Science Sutherland, Grace J. Boston. MA Psychology Sutton, Thomas J. Princeton. NJ Chemistry Svirsky, Helene F. Marlborough, MA Biology Swanson, Elizabeth Ridgelield, CT English Swezy, Shanta Boston, MA Journalism Szelest, Tammy J. Arlington, MA Mathematics Tardif, Mark G. Westport, MA English Tarlin, Matthew D. Needham, MA Tenaglia Jr., Robert J. MA History Thames, Erika W. Mallapan, MA Biology Thomas, Jeanette S. Boston, MA I ' Science Tofias, Brad N. Wellesley, MA Journalism Toto, John C. East Boston. MA Tousignant, Diane M. Mallapan, MA Economics Trippi Jr., Anthony M. Jamaica Plain. MA Speech Communication Ucuzian, Talin Belmont. MA Urbina, Marialina Brighton. MA Economics Urquiola, Edward V. Brookline. MA Speech Coi Vacha, Timothy J. Sciluale. MA Mathematics Valante, Paul J. Quincy. MA Psychology Vanmetter, Timothy P. S. Salem. NY English Vanrees, Claire K. Boston. MA Economics Villard, Rafael Wallham, MA Economics Walker, Kenneth Duxbury. MA Wallace, Annette D. Hurst, TX Walsh, John P. Boston, MA Biology Way, Sharon E. Rochester, NY Speech Communication Wells, Lori L. Chelsea, MA Psychology Westbrook, Rovina O. Morris Twp., NJ Whitaker, Christopher Newark, NJ Physics White, Jane B. Mcdfor d, MA Journalism White, John S. Milton, MA White, Juliana L. Boston. MA Speech Communication Wickstrom, Holly J. So. Harwich. MA Speech Communication Wiegand, Marcia A. Rochester. NY Mathematics Willette, Gwen Monroe, CT Modern Languages Williams, Deborah A. Irvington, NJ Political Science Williams, Stewart A. Brighton. MA Art Wilson, Gerard T. Brainlree. MA Chemistry Wilson, Kathleen A. N. Weymouth. MA Journalism Wilson, Patricia J. Whitesboro, NY Wilton, Deana A. No. Cambridge. MA Economics Wimberly, Jacqueline Milton. MA Economics Winer, Marc E. Chestnut Hill. MA Speech Communication Winter, Karen A. Woburn. MA Journalism Wlodarski, David R. Leisure City. FL Drama Wolfe, Terence K. Jamaica Plain. MA Wolff, Anna R. Melrose, MA English Wong, Benny Boston, MA Economics Woyasz, Carolyn A. Norwich. CT Speech Communication Yanofsky, Ellen J. Norwood, MA Speech Communication Yatsuhashi, Keith M. Aswad, Gary M. Block, Deborah L. Budrewicz Jr., Thomas Chan, Lisa Norfolk, MA Winchester, MA Glen Mills, PA p. Allslon, MA Polilical Science Management Human Resources Management BoKford. MA Finance Yee, John Atsalis, Demetrius J. Block, Gary A. Finance Chan, Raymond Boston, MA Hyannis, MA Framingham. MA Buret, Geraldine T. Boston, MA Speech Communicalion Management Enlrepreneurship Boston, MA Finance Yee, Marilyn Atwood, Vincent P. Boennec, Marie-Cecil Marketing Chan, Sel Ying Brighton, MA An Lawrence, MA Boston. MA Finance Burns, Stephen G. Hingham. MA Quincy, MA Accounting A. Aubriet, France Boettle, Gregg J. Management Chase, John E. Lowell, MA Boston, MA Finance No. Caldwell, NJ Butler, C. Michele Matlapoisetl, MA Finance Brighton. MA Finance Yorra, Lisa F. Sharon, MA Aylaian, Gregg P. Watertown, MA Bohjalian, Thomas N. Boston, MA Marketing Chase, Pamela J. Newton, MA Human Services in Arts and Sciences Marketing Finance Caggiano, Barbara Finance Young, Lena Badger, Greg Ballston Lake, NY Bolan, John F. Nashua, NH Brainlree. MA Marketing Chin, Faye Y. Boston, MA Melrose, MA Economics Finance Finance Caggiano, Charles P. Finance Yulsman, Debby G. Banks, Robert B. Baldwin, NY Bolton, Thomas A. Franklin, MA Roslindale. MA Finance Chin, Kevin L. Boston, MA Philadelphia. PA Speech Communicalion Marketing Barnes, Jay B. Accounting Borak, Ross D. Cahalane, William J. Woburn, MA Accounting Chusid, Todd S. Zanghi, Jeffrey T. Burlington, MA New City, NY Accounting New York, NY Boston, MA Chemistry Human Resources Management Barreira, Karen J. Marketing Boucher, Alfred M. Cahill, Michael S. Holbrook. MA Marketing Ciancaglini, Lisa S. Zapata, Joseph H. Arlington, MA Charleslown, MA Accounting New York, NY Watertown. MA History Accounting Finance Cain, Gregory P. Finance Zaremba, Ellen M. Bascomb, Juliette C. Cambridge, MA ; Boucher, Joseph R. Haverhill, MA j. Boston, MA B.A. — Non Concentration Clancy, Louise Medfield. MA Boston, MA Economics Marketing ! Marketing Cain, Matthew P. Human Resource Management Zawasky, Susan L. Bove, Steven Reading, MA Clark, Craig L. Bauer, Nancy E. Wallham, MA Finance Portsmouth, RI Brookline, MA Speech Communication Portsmouth, NH Accounting Beauchemin, Julie A. Finance Callahan, Michael C. Enlrepreneurship Zickler, Holly Boyd, Laurie R. Dennis, MA Stamford, CT Finance Cocoa. Christopher Cedar Grove, NJ Brighton, MA An Shrewsbury, MA Finance Accounting Calle, Neill L. R. Greenwich, CT Finance Colburn, John H. Zonderman, Jeffrey A. S. Weymouth, MA Biology Beineke, Cheri L. Squantum, MA Marketing Belanger, Michael E. Bradley III, John R. Milford. MA Finance Brady, Brian P. Finance Calnan, David P. Duxbury, MA Marketing Wareham, MA Accounting Colcombet, Henri Boston, MA College of Albany, NY Roslindale. MA Camella, Stephen Management Business Marketing Belcher, Jonathan E. Management Braga, James O. Maiden. MA Marketing Cole, Donald S. Framingham, MA Administration East Boston, MA Middleboro. MA Campana, Michael V. Danvers, MA Accounting Transportation Management Collins, Janet S. Bell, Andrew Bratsis, Cresido A. Management Bedford, MA Adams, Janet R. Cambridge, MA , W. Roxbury. MA Candon, Ludovic Finance Boston, MA Finance and Insurance International Business Belleville, Sean P. Finance Bratton, Patrick Boston, MA Finance Collins, John F. E. Walpole, MA Aglow, Robert J. Jamaica Plain, MA Boston, MA Finance : S. Weymouth, MA Accounting Cappucci, Linda A. Medford, MA International Business Collins, Stephen J. Beninati, Robert D. Brener, Mark S. Accounting Sandy Hook, CT Aguilar, Richard J. Boston, MA Finance and Insurance Wakefield, MA Marketing Newton, MA I Accounting I Capuzzo Jr., John F. Dorchester, MA Finance Collins, Timothy J. Benjamin, Maria M. Brilliante, Amanda D. Accounting Roslindale, MA Allen, Kelley A. Allston, MA Colls Neck, NJ Caracciolo, Thomas J. Marketin g Hamilton, MA Accounting Benjelloun, Karim Marketing Brodeur, Christopher Tenafly, NJ Connelly Jr., David E. Boston, MA Allison, Lisa C E. Weymouth, MA Boston, MA Marketing Waterbury, CT International Business Carey, Judith Brookline, MA Enlrepreneurship Marketing Berg, Michael A. Brolin, Kevin E. Marketing Cook, Patricia E. Alvarado, Elsy C. Boston, MA Watertown, MA Carlson, Jonathan R. Revere, MA Brighton, MA International Business Marketing Foxborough, MA Finance Management Berger, Dennis G. Brooks, Kevin Accounting Cook Jr., Walter J. Alvarez, Cerardo M. Fayetteville, NY Ashland, MA Caron, Caroline P. East Marion, NY Boston, MA Management Marketing Pawtuckel, RI Marketing Finance and Insurance Bergmiller, Christine Brown, Graham B. Marketing Cooper, Keri E. Ambrovich, Mary Jo D. Skaneateles, NY Carrara, Lee M. Boston, MA Atlleboro, MA Soulhbury, CT Finance Canton, MA Accounting Accounting Marketing Brown, Katherine A. Marketing Corcoran, Eugene R. Amin, Kaiser T. Berkowitz, Robin H. Somerville, MA Cassani, Janice L. Boston, MA Boston, MA Boston, MA Finance Rockland, MA Marketing Finance Accounting Browne, Stephanie A. Human Resource Management Corrou, Stephen J. Anderson, Kenneth J. Berndt, Jeffery A. Medford, MA Cavanagh, Kevin P. Ulioa, NY Miller Place, NY Indn Hrbr Bch, FL Marketing E. Northporl, NY Marketing Finance Transportation Brudev, Elsa Management Costigan, James A. Andreano, Anthony T. Beucler, Mark G. Boston, MA Cavanaugh, Kevin P. East Boston, MA Hammonion, NJ Medford, MA Boston, MA Accounting Management Accounting Bryan, David G. Management Cotter, Leigh E. Arbes, Caroline Billere, Sylvain j Hewitt, NJ Cecchin, Cesare Acton, MA Boston, MA Boston, MA 1 Marketing Wellesley, MA Human Resource Management Marketing Marketing Bucchianeri, Barbara j International Business Cotter, Patrick J. Arlos, Maurice B. Blaha, Maria K. H. Chafetz, Gwyn A. Boston, MA Cambridge, MA Boston, MA Chelmsford, MA Ml. Freedom, NJ Management Finance Marketing Marketing Marketing Coulibaly, Armenti, Ralph P. Blaney, Jeffrey B. Buckley, Edward D. Marlboro, MA Chan, Elizabeth M. Ramatoulaye Boston, MA Sherborn, MA Saugus, MA Boston, MA Finance Marketing Management Accounting Finance Asuaje, Ana Z. Blank, Leslie S. Buckner III, Ossie K. Chan, Johnny Courtney, Donna L. Jamaica Plain, MA Boston. MA N. Myrtle Bch., SC Boston, MA Wobum, MA Marketing Management Finance Accounting Marketing Coventry, Brian K. Depaolo, Stephen P. Ehrreich, Sandra A. Fowler HI, Richard C. Goldstein, Denise H. Boston. MA Cheshire, CT Maynard. MA Morristown, NJ Pembroke Pine. FL Finance Marketing Marketing Management Finance Crane, Tim J. Deruvo, Nancy A. El-Waw, Juan Frank, Leslie M. Golini, Ronald J. Boonsboro, MD Mill. .i.l. MA Allslon. MA Boston. MA Medford. MA Finance Finance Desnain, Olivier Finance Erickson, Daniel W. Human Resource Management Franklin, James E. Accounting Gomez- Young, Kay M. Croleau, David P. Boston. MA Rockporl, MA Winchester, MA Boston. MA Crolon, MA Finance International Business Marketing Human Resource Management Enlrepreneurship Devine, William J. Essegian, Joseph C. French, Jeffrey K. Goode, Paul J. Crowley, Daniel W. Boston, MA Walenown, MA Boston, MA West Roxbury. MA Leominster. MA Finance Marketing Marketing Accounting Transporlalion Diamond, Terence J. Essonghe, Marie- Friedman, Steven A. Goodreau, Christine A. Cruz, Helen Y. Ocean City. NJ Carme Boston. MA Boston, MA Medford, MA Glens Falls, NY Accounting Marketing Management Marketing Dias, Andrew G. H. Finance Furia, Daniel W. Gosselin, Brenda Cummins, Maureen Boston. MA Estevez, Felipe A. Boston. MA Revere, MA Fall River, MA ! Yardley, PA Marketing Management Accounting Accounting Di ' Cecca, Lisa A. Finance Gaffney, Richard S. Graham, Christopher Cuprvnski, Kenneth L. Fairfield, CT Finance Woburn. MA Westbrook. CT Roxbury, MA Marketing Fages, Annie Accounting Finance Di ' Corleto, Kimberlee Melrose. MA Gagne, Todd M. Gravitz, Karen D. Currier, Jonathan O. F. Finance Brighton, MA Trumbull, CT Wayland, MA Brookline, MA Fallon, Paul R. Finance Accounting ar e ing Marketing Milton. MA Galante, David B. Green, Marion E. Curtin, Stephen J. Diezemann, James G. Finance Boston, MA Georgetown, MA Braintree, MA Marketing Hingham, MA Enlrepreneurship Dimichino, Antonio L. Fantasia, James V. South Boston, MA Finance Human Resource Management Gallagher, Michael T. New Fairfield. CT Human Resource Management Green, Matthew H. Shrewsbury, MA Dababneh, Issa Y. Morristown, NJ Faria, Gail C. 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Murphy, Kennelh J. Pitlsford, NY Finance Risser Jr., Walter H. Boston, MA Marketing Brockton, MA International Business Pizenberg, Stephane Palmyra, PA inance Oryell, Robert T. Boston, MA ' Miano, John O. Murphy, Margaret A. Melrose, MA Finance Ritacco, Gary A. Needham, MA Management Pleasantville, NY Marketing Management Osterhout, Peter H. Podolsky, Victoria Brookline, MA Worcester, MA Micali, Vincent A. Murphy, Peter J. Allslon, MA Accounting Rizzo, Susan M. Rocky Hill, CT Lexington, MA Marketing Pollet, Guillaume Sandwich, MA Marketing Marketing Finance Pageard, Cecile Boston, MA Michaels, Georgette Murray, Sean F. Boston, MA Finance Roberts, Eric J. , Fairfield, CT Marketing Needham, MA Marketing Marketing Palkoski, John A. Poons, Deborah M. Creal Neck, NY Framingham, MA Marketing Middendorf, Robert C. Nadd, Frederick F. Chester, NY Management Syossel, NY Boston, MA Marketing Management Porcaro, Donna L. Rohidoux, Mark E. Management Panneton, Michael R. Quincy. 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MA Finance Harrisburg, PA Management Marketing Prata, Paul J. Roemlein, Christopher Parsons III, Kenneth Dedham, MA Wayne, NJ Moncayo, Livia A. Nedeau Jr., John G. P. Accounting Accounting Roslindale. MA Meredith, NH Mansfield, MA Prendiville, Kristen E. Romano, Dean G. Accounting Accounting Marketing Boston. MA Boston, MA Moneyron, Jean- Nelson, Gary F. Paterson, Susan A. Marketing Accounting Franco Framingham, MA Walpole. MA Pritchard, Thomas E. Rosati, Peter V. Boston, MA Management Finance Stamford, CT Miltis, MA Marketing Nelson, Karen S. Patrick, Dawn M. Accounting Marketing Moon III, Thomas H. Topsfield. MA Marketing Somerville, NJ Pumphrey, Richard C. Rose, Maureen A. Lowell, MA Finance N. Weymouth, MA Worcester, MA International Business Neshe, Robert Paul, James F. Finance Accounting Moore, Justina H. Framingham, MA Sudbury. MA Rabinovich, Svetlana Rosen, Lisa H. Stratford, CT Marketing Management Brighton. MA Bangor. ME International Business Niedzielski, Anna-Pia Finance Marketing Moore, Robbin E. I. Payr, Wolfgang Rabjohns, Tracey E. Rosen, Lori J. Owing Mills. MD Walerbury. CT Boston. MA Boston, MA E. Meadow, NY Finance Finance Marketing Management Accounting Moran, Timothy J. Nisenbaum, Marina Pearlman, Andrea S. Raccuia, Mark T. Rosenberg, Gary M. Cranston, R] Brookline, MA Framingham, MA Orange, CT Marlboro, NJ Accounting Marketing Accounting Marketing Rosie. Neil J. Medford. MA Management Rowland, Susan E. Worcester, MA Marketing Rubacka, Paul J. Brookline. MA Accounting Ruben, Harry N. Brighton. MA Management Rudloff, David Nalick, MA Marketing Rufo, Patricia M. Albertson, NY Accounting Rushton, Jeffrey E. Lynn, MA Finance Rusinak, Stephen Centerport, NY Accounting Russell, Helen M. Maiden, MA Marketing Russo, Toni M. Westwood, MA Management Ryan, Denise M. Quincy, MA Accounting Ryan, Tracey A. Boston, MA Marketing Ryder, Valerie A. Saugus, MA Finance Ryf, Timothy E. Lake Katrine, NY Accounting Sabatino, Scott M. Canton, MA Finance Sablich, Catherine M. Ossining, NY Finance Said, Loay Z. Boston, MA Management Sakr, Carol S. North Quincy, MA Human Resources Management Salamy, Joe R. Silver Spring, MD Accounting Salvatore, Karen £. Westford, MA Marketing San tor a, Martin P. Littleton, MA Enlrepreneurship Sarnie, Peter J. West Roxbury, MA Marketing Sarret, Cedric Boston, MA Accounting Saunders, Robin A. Roxbury Xing, MA Enlrepreneurship Saurman, George W. Billerica, MA Marketing Savage, Marc L. Minis, MA International Business Sawyer, Thomas M. Brighton, MA Marketing Schachte, Melinda M. Boston, MA Finance Scharf, Holli I. Boston, MA Marketing Schiff, Debra Boston, MA Marketing Schwarz, Stephen J. N. Merrick, NY Marketing Seaman, Rena L. Allston, MA Marketing Seariac, Peter Framingham, MA Accounting Seeley, Andree L. Ft. Lauderdale, FL Management Segal, Elizabeth F. Somerville, MA Management Seid, Joshua Boston, MA Finance Shafto, Michael D. Westwood, MA Marketing Shamsi, Zulekha Winchester, MA International Business Sharpell, David P. Pequannock, NJ Finance Sheehan, Robert G. Medway, MA Marketing Sheingold, Joan G. Boston, MA Shifrin, Jeffrey L. Rockville, MD Marketing Shulman, Steven E. Stoughton, MA Enlrepreneurship Shum. Tisha Y. Boston, MA Accounting Siebenberg, Kenneth A. Hotmdel, NJ Finance Siegel, Jeffrey S. Brockton, MA Accounting Sifford, Marie I. Arlington, MA Finance Siggia, Jeffrey D. Schenectady, NY Marketing Silbermann Jr., John G. Brookline, MA International Business Silver, Michael S. Boston, MA Management Simon, Cynthia L. Cheshire, MA Marketing Simon, Diane K. Dorchester, MA Finance Simone, Monica Jamaica Plain, MA International Business Singer, Susan M. Cherry Hill, NJ Management Singleton, Carla C. New York, NY Accounting Sinkus, John G. Dorchester, MA Accounting Slattery, Kevin M. Lowell, MA Marketing Sloan, Ruby L. Monsey, NY Marketing Smith, Mark A. Smith, Roger J. Boston, MA Marketing Smith, Susan H. Braintree, MA Management Solomon, Edward J. Worcester, MA Marketing Solomon, Heidi A. Oreland, PA Finance Sorensen, Deborah B. Roslindale, MA Marketing Spedden, Matthew W. Brighton, MA Marketing Spencer, Philip S. Newton, MA Marketing Spohn, Diana M. Salem, NH Marketing Springer, Marc S. Randolph. MA Finance Spychalski, Louis J. Lynnfield, MA Finance St. John, Charlene S. Millis, MA Accounting St. Louis, Michael R. Georgetown, MA Marketing Stad, Christopher Rum ford. RI Finance Stansfield, Douglas A. Pompton Pins, NJ Finance Starkey, Karen L. S. Weymouth, MA Accounting Stebner, Danna E. Vemon, CT Marketing Stedman, Erik G. S. Easton, MA International Business Steede, Erin P. Yarmouth Port, MA Finance Steeves, Scott M. Dedham, MA Management Steinmann, Mauricio North Quincy, MA Management Stephan, Eric G. Bedford, MA Marketing Stephens, George A. Boston, MA Marketing Stevenish, Kristine M. Boston, MA Marketing Stone, Caroline L. Boston, MA International Business Suber, Maria V. Washington, DC Accounting Sukovich, David A. Brookline, MA Management Sullivan, John A. Waltham, MA Finance Sullivan, Kevin Boston, MA Accounting Surette, Marion B. Wilmington, MA Finance Surprenant, Christine M. Mattapoisett, MA Marketing Sutton, Paul D. White Plains, NY Finance Sutula III, Stanley J. Vemon, CT Finance Swan, Margo A. Boston, MA Accounting Swensen, Jeffrey S. Boston, MA Enlrepreneurship Swift, John D. Halifax, MA Marketing Swimm, Daniel J. Saugus, MA Marketing Talib, Rozita Boston, MA Finance Taracido, Andrew J. R. New Rochelle, NY Finance Tashjian, Nancy R. Boston, MA Human Resources Management Tastevin, Nathalie M. Boston, MA Finance Tavares, Maria F. Somerset, MA Finance Tchakirides, Martin J. Shelton, CT Marketing Tea, Peter C. Boston, MA Marketing Teaman, Holly A. Boston, MA Marketing Teillard-D-Ey, Marie- Laure South Boston, MA Marketing Tercanli, Tanju East Walpole, MA International Business Thomas, Susan M. Woodbury, CT Marketing Thompson, A. Alison Chelmsford, MA Marketing Thomson, Leigh B. Fair Lawn, NJ Management Thurnher, Irene K. Boston, MA Marketing Tracy, Patricia A. Lynn, MA Accounting Travers, Joseph W. Lindenhursl. NY Accounting Trepaud, Jeannette M. Boston, MA Accounting Trionfi, Maria Somerville, MA Marketing Tromelin, Gabrielle C. Boston, MA Finance Try, Andrew A. Boston, MA Enlrepreneurship Tse, Mandy Y. C. Quincy, MA Accounting Tucker, Daniel C. Brighton, MA Finance Tufts, Jean D. Milton, MA Marketing Turner, Christopher Wilmington, MA Marketing Tzitzouris, Maria A. N. Providence, RI Vanalstyne, Peter C. Boston, MA Marketing Vanzanten, Eric D. Rye, NH Marketing Varley, Brian S. NonveU, MA Marketing Venter, Todd A. Mattapan, MA Marketing Verdini, Stefanie M. Lynn, MA Finance Vespa, Nicholas P. Newton, MA Transportation Villani, Steven Revere, MA Human Resources Management Vinci, John M. Boston, MA Finance Viney, Pascal Boston, MA Marketing Vioules, Valerie M. Boston, MA Finance Vitale, William M. Dedham. MA Marketing Vogel, Neil S. Englishlown, NJ Accounting Volpe, Steven A. Boston, MA Marketing Voultos, John D. Wilmington, DE Accounting Walker, Dean E. Kezar Falls, ME Management Wallace Jr., Robert E. Yarmoulhport, MA Marketing Walsh, John P. Foreslville, CT Accounting Walsh, Michael A. Ipswich, MA Accounting Ward, Andrea L. Glastonbury, CT Marketing Washeba, Nancy A. Peabody, MA Accounting Webster, Andrew J. Boston, MA Accounting Weiner, James B. Boston. MA Finance Weinstein, Debby E. Sharon, MA Marketing Weisslinger, Francis J. Richfield, CT Accounting Welch, Gordon E. Brookline, MA Marketing Wenning, Richard E. Newton, MA Marketing 288 West, Thomas E. No. Euston. MA Marketing Weyand, Martha J. Cenler Harbor. NH Markeling Whitney, Timothy C. So. Portland. ME Accounting Williams, George Penn Norwell, MA Enlreprcncurship Witte, Marc A. Plainview Dr.. NY Markeling Witty, Robert E. Framingham, MA Management Wolfset, Julie L. Framingham, MA Human Resource Management Wong, Man-Hung D. Quincy, MA Finance Wood, Robert O Boston, MA Marketing Woolhouse, Brett C. Framingham, MA Marketing Worth, John E. Lynn, MA Management Wu, Yee Man Boston, MA Accounting Yee, Marijean Brighton. MA Marketing Yochum, Christian H. St. Clairsvill, OH Accounting Yu, Sofei Boston, MA Accounting Zarse, Jeffrey R. Amherst, NH Marketing Zimmer, Andrea E. Haydenville, MA Accounting Zucker, Harry A. Woodcliff Lk., NJ Management Zwick, Philip R. South ington, CT Special Majors Abou Matar, Youssef Brighton. MA Special Engineering Abrams, Michael Baltimore, MD Special Arts and Sciences Ahlfeld, Peter Califon. NJ Special Arts and Sciences Anouty, Jinan Said Mission Viejo, CA Special Engineering Anouty, Said A. R. Mission Viejo, CA Special Engineering Arost, Cindi Cheheham. PA Special Arts and Sciences Ascher, Brian Bellmore, NY Special Arts and Sciences Atoui, Nagib Allslon. MA Special Engineering Avery, Gary Kirkland, WA Special Arts and Sciences Baensch, Frank Nassau, BA Special Arts and Sciences Bandakji, Talal Moham Brighton. MA Special Engineering Barss, Stephanie Marysville, Ml Special Arts and Sciences Barton, L. Michelle Winchester. MA Special Arts and Sciences Beale, Stuart R. Maiden. MA Special Arts and Sciences Beck, Laurie Albion, NY Special Arts and Sciences Benton, Stacey Loveland. OH Special Arts and Sciences Bernhardt, Lillian Lenoir, NC Special Arts and Sciences Berry, Julianne Easton. CT Special Arts and Sciences Bode, Christian Metairie, LA Special Arts and Sciences Bolton, Susan Schuylkill Hn., PA Special Arts and Sciences Bond, Steve Alexandria, VA Special Arts and Sciences Bracklev, Ryan Belle Harbor, NY Special Arts and Sciences Brandstadter, Rebecca Tierra Verde, FL Special Arts and Sciences Brannon, Elizabeth Brooklyn, NY Special Arts and Sciences Bryant, H. Gardner Cohasset, MA Special Arts and Sciences Buch, Susan Rilzville, WA Special Arts and Sciences Busse, Ann Shaker Hts., OH Special Arts and Sciences Butz, Nicole Winnetka, IL Special Arts and Sciences Caldarone, Mark Ramsey, NJ Special Arts and Sciences Calhoun, Julia Haverford, PA Special Arts and Sciences Calvo, Beatriz Boston, MA Special Arts and Sciences Caracuel, Martin Riverhead, NY Special Arts and Sciences Chehab, Yehia Ahmad Cambridge, MA Special Engineering Chertavian, Gerald Seabrook, NH Special Arts and Sciences Chiou, Pauline Middletown, NY Special Arts and Sciences Cohen, Seth New York, NY Special Arts and Sciences Cole, Wendy Evanslon, IL Special Arts and Sciences Coon, Catherine Tucson, AZ Special Arts and Sciences Cornet, David Olmsted Falls, OH Special Arts and Sciences Corrigan, Thomas C. Boston, MA Special Pharmacy and Allied Health Gotten, Amanda Metairie. LA Special Arts and Sciences Craver, Amy Hudson, OH Special Arts and Sciences Cullis, Jennifer Darien, CT Special Arts and Sciences Curran, Keith G. Medford. MA Special Arts and Sciences Curtin, Molly Wellesley, MA Special Arts and Sciences Davie, Amy Columbus, OH Special Arts and Sciences De Araujo, Ivanildo Roxbury, MA Special Arts and Sciences Delano, Elizabeth Virginia Beach, VA Special Arts and Sciences Dennaoui, Helmi Roxbury, MA Special Pharmacy and Allied Health Dietrich, Gretchen Acton, MA Special Arts and Sciences Doctoroff, Lauren West Hartford, CT Special Arts and Sciences Donovick, Roger inghamton, NY Special Arts and Sciences Douglas, Mindy Pickens, SC Special Arts and Sciences Eilertson, Torrey Salem, MA Special Arts and Sciences Elliott, Jennifer Columbia, SC Special Arts and Sciences Flagg, Alex New York, NY Special Arts and Sciences Foderaro, Tom Pueblo, CO Special Arts and Sciences Foderaro, Tom Pueblo. CO Special Arts and Sciences Foster, Laing New York, NY Special Arts and Sciences Freesemann, Jeffrey Santa Maria, CA Special Arts and Sciences Friedman, Eric New York, NY Special Arts and Sciences Gamier, Marjorie Boston, MA Special Pharmacy and Allied Health Gelfond, Holly Boston, MA Special Arts and Sciences Gilbert, Ian Brookline, MA Special Arts and Sciences Gilbert, Michele No. Andover, MA Special Arts and Sciences Ginsberg, Alison New York, NY Special Arts and Sciences Glaubman, Hilda D. Jamaica Plain. MA Special Arts and Sciences Goodwin, Jennifer New York. NY Special Arts and Sciences Gordon, Susan E. Marblehead. MA Special Arts and Sciences Gottlob, Stephanie Beachwood. OH Special Arts and Sciences Gravel, Kristine E. No. Grafton. MA Special Arts and Sciences Grutter, Pia Sitka. AK Special Arts and Sciences Gulian, George Walertown. MA Special Arts and Sciences Guthrie, Heather Medford. NJ Special Arts and Sciences Haines, Todd Phoenix. AZ Special Arts and Sciences Hanna Jr., William H. Lincoln. RI Special Engineering Haq, Mohammed Quincy Cenler. MA Special Pharmacy and Allied Health Harris, Stacy Hackensack, NJ Special Arts and Sciences Head, Hillery Birmingham, AL Special Arts and Sciences Head, Maye Birmingham, AL Special Arts and Sciences Heatzig, Marina Chestnut Hill. MA Special Arts and Sciences Herbert-Burns, Rupert New York. NY Special Arts and Sciences Hertrich, Sylvia A. Sandy. OR Special Arts and Sciences Hess, Pamela While Plains, NY Special Arts and Sciences Ho, Clifton Boston, MA Special Arts and Sciences Hockenberry, Tish Palisades PL, NJ Special Arts and Sciences Hopfl, Karen New York. NY Special Arts and Sciences Hosier, Nicole Chagrin Falls, OH Special Arts and Sciences Ho vis, David Knoxville, TN Special Arts and Sciences Huber, Michelle Fostoria, OH Special Arts and Sciences Hulupa, Paula J. Dumont, NJ Special Arts and Sciences Hunter, Joel Richland, WA Special Arts and Sciences Ide, Jennifer Atlanta, CA Special Arts and Sciences Inouye, Nancy Long Beach, CA Special Arts and Sciences Jabak, AH Allslon, MA Special Business Administration Jahnell, Glenn Cumberland, RI Special Arts and Sciences Jaiman, Sonia Dracut, MA Special Engineering Jay, Jessica Williamslown, MA Special Arts and Sciences Jewell, Lindsay New York, NY Special Arts and Sciences Kamborian, Kimberly Nashua, NH Special Arts and Sciences Katz, Jolie Kelchum. ID Special Arts and Sciences Keating, Anne Brookline, MA Special Arts and Sciences Kelly, Kiera Evanslon, IL Special Arts and Sciences Kennedy, Meghan Monsey, NY Special Arts and Sciences Kent, Anne Cheshire, CT Special Arts and Sciences Lafave, Evelyn Shaker Hgls, OH Special Arts and Sciences Laflarame, Donna C. Cumberland, RI Special Pharmacy and Allied Health Lambert, Dayton Cincinnati. OH Special Arts and Sciences Lambert, Jeanne Cincinnati. OH Special Arts and Sciences Lee, Susan Bronx. NY Special Arts and Sciences Lincoln, Elizabeth Evergreen, CO Special Arts and Sciences Litt, Elaine Southfield. MI Special Arts and Sciences Lockwood, Brian Mt. Clemens, MI Special Arts and Sciences Loukanaris, Stefanos Lynn, MA Special Engineering Lury, Rebecca F. Sharon, MA Special Arts and Sciences Maiwald, Craig Wilmington. VT Special Arts and Sciences Marks, Paul Chicago. IL Special Arts and Sciences Matheson, Thomas Salt Lake City, UT Special Arts and Sciences McCabe, Maria Morrestown, NJ Special Arts and Sciences McDonald, Devin Brooklyn, NY Special Arts and Sciences McKay, Carl Ft. Worth, TX Special Arts and Sciences Meadow, Suzanne LarchmonL, NY Special Arts and Sciences Mick, Lori Fallbrook. CA Special Arts and Sciences Minifie, Christine Seattle, WA Special Arts and Sciences Montilla, Eddie Miami, FL Special Arts and Sciences 289 Najarian, Keith A. Worceslor, MA Special Pharmacy and Allied Health Neale, Jennifer Cincinnati. OH Special Arts and Sciences Paler, Michael New York. NY Special Arls and Sciences Parker, Polly Mendham, NJ Special Arls and Sciences Peloquin, Robert Bluffton, SC Special Arls and Sciences Pera, Anthony Prescoll, AZ Special Arts and Sciences Perazzi, Antonio Milano, IT Special Arts and Sciences Perazzi, Edoardo Milano, IT Special Arts and Sciences Perez, Deborah Sunderland, MA Special Arts and Sciences Peterson, Jeffrey Farminglon, NM Special Arls and Sciences Phillip, JafTray Weslon, MA Special Arts and Sciences Pulsifer, Alicia Ipswich, MA Special Arts and Sciences Rauch, Evan Los Altos, CA Special Arts and Sciences Roy, Joff Wayland, MA Special Arls and Sciences Ryder, C. Teresa Hingham. MA Special Arls and Sciences Sabatino, Michele A. Methuen. MA Special Arts and Sciences Safril, Ellen Henderson, NC Sawastuk, Vicki L. Bedford, OH Special Arts and Sciences Sawyer, Edward New Haven, CT Special Arts and Sciences Scher, Gregory K. Boston, MA Special Arts and Sciences Schiff, Leora Somerville, MA Special Arts and Sciences Seabury, Heather Grass Lake, MI Special Arts and Sciences Selengut, Jeffrey Landing, NJ Special Arts and Sciences Servaes, Minnas A. Burlington, MA Special Arts and Sciences Shin, David Honolulu, HI Special Arls and Sciences Shurman, Nicole Miami, FL Special Arts and Sciences Sick, Jeffrey R. Special Engineering Slingerland, Edward Toms River, NJ Special Arts and Sciences Small, Chanley Atlanta, CA Special Arts and Sciences Smith, Amy Baldwin, NY Special Arts and Sciences Smith, Deborah Marblehead, MA Special Arls and Sciences Smyth, Anne Pittsburgh, PA Special Arts and Sciences Souki, Khaled S. Spe Spataro, Theresa New Brunswick, NJ Special Arts and Sciences St. Omer, Andre Boston, MA Special Arts and Sciences Stark, Caren Flushing, NY Special Arts and Sciences Statfeld, Adrienne N. Massapequa, NY Special Arts and Sciences Stauffer, William Edina, MN Special Arts and Sciences Stevenson, Craig S. Wakefield, MA Special Arts and Sciences Stewart, Kimberly Camp Hill. PA Special Arts and Sciences Stolfa, Alice Ardmore. OK Special Arts and Sciences Stroebel, Charles Edina. MN Special Arts and Sciences Sykes, Ann Elkorn City. KY Szvetecz, Annie Boulder, CO Special Arls and Sciences Tarabulsi, Adnan Cambridge, MA Special Engineering Thompson, Barbara Dover, MA Special Arts and Sciences Tierney, Ceraldine Norwalk, CT Special Arls and Sciences To, Fiona Ridgewood. NJ Special Arls and Sciences Trumpey, Joseph Indianapolis, IN Special Arts and Sciences Uerling, Jayne Ilhaca, NY Special Arls and Sciences Urban, Danielle Carlisle. MA Special Arls and Sciences Vieira, Timothy M. Fairhaven, MA Special Pharmacy and Allied Heallh Viko, Carrie Westport, CT Special Arts and Sciences Vohman, Erika Atlanta, CA Special Arls and Sciences Walker, Chris Jamaica Plain, MA Special Arls and Sciences Waterman, Donna Sabatius, ME Special Arts and Sciences Weinstock, Stephanie Key West, FL Special Arts and Sciences Williams, Charles Warren, NJ Special Arts and Sciences Woodfin, Janet New York, NY Special Arls and Sciences Boston Bouve College of Human Development Professions Abbey, Deborah A. Windsor, CT Elementary Education Agosto, Olga G. Boston, MA Elementary Education Anderson, Jamie L. East Weymoulh, MA Physical Therapy Andrews, Cheryl A. Rutland, MA Physical Therapy Andrews, Karen E Belfast, ME Physical Therapy Austin, Joseph P. S. Portland, ME Physical Education Aylaian, Susan H. Physical Education Babcock, Christina M. Boston, MA Elemenlary Education Bahrenburg, Kerry A. Brookline. MA Physical Therapy Banks, Alison J. Lexington, MA Physical Education Barry, Susan E. Boston. MA Physical Therapy Bearce, Cheryl A. Falmouth, MA Elementary Education Bell, Elizabeth T. Bentley, Karen A. Sudbury. MA Physical Educalion Bergin, Joseph E. Drexel Hill, PA Physical Therapy Bergman, Jennifer L. Easl Boston, MA Educalion — Speech and Hearing Biasin, Anne Marie Cl. Barringlon, MA Physical Education Biondi, Mary Alice Berlin, CT Physical Therapy Bonomi, Nancy E. Boslon, MA Physical Therapy Boylan, Bridget M. Allanla, GA Physical Therapy Bracone, Janice A. Boston, MA Physical Therapy Brodsky, Stephanie M. Jamaica Plain, MA Human Services Brown, Jennifer G. Peace Dale, Rl Physical Therapy Brown, Sue Ann Holden, MA Physical Therapy Burnell, Alyce C. Wellesley, MA Education — Mathematics Calish, Judith L. Columbia. MD Elementary Educalion Cancelliere, Carole L. Smilhlown, NY Physical Therapy Canney, Mary Beth Charleslown, MA Educalion — Speech and Hearing Carbone Jr., Victor N. Wakefield. MA Physical Therapy Catalano, Susan P. Walcrlown. MA Physical Therapy Chalifoux, Denise M. Wcsl Roxbury, MA Educalion — Speech and Hearing Chinchillo, Ann Beth Saugus. MA Physical Therapy Clark, Francine P. Brainlree. MA Elementary Education Cohan, Jeni S. Rockaway. NJ Elementary Educalion Cohen, Valerie M. Ridgewood, NJ Physical Therapy Collins, Patricia M. Allslon. MA Physical Therapy Cosimini, David P. Boslon. MA Physical Education Coulon, Julia S. Boston. MA Elemenlary Educalion Cranson, Andrea D. Boslon. MA Physical Therapy Curran, Lisa A. Needham. MA Physical Therapy Davis, Bonnie L. Cheshire. CT Physical Education Denicola, Lisa M. Hamden, CT I ' lnsn al Therapy Devine, Marie P. W. Barnstable, MA I ' liysical Therapy Devino, Kathryn A. Walerbury, CT Plnsual Therapy Dichiara, Debra A. Saugus. MA Elemenlary Educalion Doherty, Kathleen M. Quincy. MA Physical Therapy Doody, Susan A. Marshfld His.. MA Education — Speech and Hearing Dorion, Janet M. Foxboro. MA Physical Therapy Dreher, Timothy W. Kensington, CT Physical Therapy Drury, Kathleen A. Canton, MA Physical Therapy Dustin, Karen M. Boston, MA Physical Therapy Evans, Lisa M . Winlhrop, MA Physical Therapy Filippini, Amy E. Roslindale, MA Physical Educalion Flowers, Sherayne L. Lowell, MA Early Childhood Educalion Forgione, Sandra Boston, MA Educalion — Speech and Hearing Francis, James L. Roslandale, MA Physical Therapy Francis, Robert J. Roslindale, MA Physical Therapy Eraser, Diane Lee, MA Physical Therapy Gaudet, Elizabeth Lexington. MA Physical Therapy Giangregorio, Lisa M. Maiden. MA Physical Therapy Giarrusso, Maria B. Brookline, MA Education — Speech ami Hearing Giraud. Richard P. Waldwick. NJ Physical Therapy Giurleo, Nicholas R. Smnemlle, MA Physical Therapy Glufling, Laura J. Easl Boston, MA Educalion — Speech and Hearing Goldstein, Susan J. Grady, Kimberly A. Natick, MA Elemenlary Education Guloyan, Cynthia A. Boston, MA Heallh Education Haldas, Anastacia Boston, MA Recreational Education Hallemeyer, Laurie E. Somerville, MA ial Educalion Haskard, Cheryl A. Woburn, MA Education — Speech and Hearing Haskell, Lucy T. Creenburg, PA Physical Therapy Heinbuck, Robert J. Boston. MA Physical Educalion Heitin, Felicia J. Maiden, MA Elemenlary Education Hickey, Lorraine M. Ringwood, NJ Physical Therapy Hoffman Mary Lou Somerville, MA Physical Therapy Holmes, Leah G. Soulh Easton, MA Elementary Educalion Horgan, Caroline A. Lynn, MA Physical Therapy Huber, Donna J. Weymouth, MA Physical Therapy Iannaco, Robert V. Woburn. MA Physical Therapy Jones, Kerri Anne N. Kingslown, RI Physical Educalion Jordan, Sandra M. Winchester, MA Physical Therapy Kapamagian, Gregory J. Revere, MA Recreational Education Kelley, Christine Brighton, MA Physical Educalion Kerr, Tara Jean Jameslown, RI Recrealional Education Kertzer, Joel D. Durham, NH Physical Therapy Khoury, Cynthia J. W. Yarmouth, MA Physical Educalion Killay, Kelly-Ann Alhol. MA Physical Therapy Kinal, Roman A. Boslon. MA Physical Therapy 290 Kingsbury, John Melkonian, Nairi Sakhtah, Vincenza Walsh, Susan M. Bryan, Kristin Taunton. MA Clens Falls. NY Maiden. MA Milton. MA Boston. MA Physical Therapy Physical Educalion Elemenlary Educalion Health Educalion Dental Hygiene Kiszka, Laurie Ann Mercier, Daniele Salerno, Jennifer Ward, Bernadette Buckley, Regina Newburyporl. MA Auburn. MA Norwood, NJ Sciluale. MA Brighton. MA Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Physical Educalion Physical Therapy Denial Hygiene Klumpp, Christina M. Mikos, Carin S amourian, Lynda Warhurst, Juliet M. Burns, Alison Hyde Park, MA Boslon. MA Brighton. MA Melrose. MA Gloucester. MA Elementary Educalion Elemenlary Educalion Educalion — Speech and Hearing Physical Therapy Dental Hygiene Kostka, Joyce A. Miller, Dale Ann M. Sarlanowicz, Lynn K. Webster, Mary C. Calabrese, David C. Walorlown. MA Abinglon. MA Mcdford. MA Spuria. NJ Walerbury. CT Recreational Educalion Physical Therapy Elementary Education Physical Therapy Pharmacy Kraft, Joseph H. Miller, Marie F. Sawai, Elaine S. White, Kathleen A. Capano, Anthony M. Rooky Hill, CT Dedham. MA Baltimore. MD Lowell. MA Andover. MA Physical Educalion Educalion — Speech and Hearing Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Pharmacy Kuhn, Allison Peabody, MA Misuta, Mary Alice Boslon. MA Schmidt, Heddy Selaukel. NY Winer, William B. Brookline. MA Carino, Tracy A. Cranford. NJ Physical Educalion Elemenlary Educalion Human Services Physical Educalion Pharmacy Labonte, Jacqueline Monterio, Martin G. Schneiders, Mary E. Woodman, Lisa Ann Catalano, Barbara E. Freetown, MA ' Roxbury. MA Physical Educalion Canton. MA Saco, ME Raynham, MA Physical Therapy Physical Educalion Physical Therapy Denial Hygiene Laskey, Keith J. Morrison, Clare M. Schoonmaker, Patricia Zimmer, Catherine M. Chatwin, Kristen Tewksbury, MA M. Framingham. MA Narragansell. RI Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Portsmouth, NH Physical Therapy Dental Hygiene Leblanc, Kelly A. Fairhaven, MA Physical Therapy Moxley, Donna S. Boslon. MA Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Scouler, Robert W. Lexington, MA College of Chessler, Jacqueline Hingham. MA Denial Hygiene Levine, Jayne S. Brainlree, MA Human Services Moynihan, Elizabeth A. Worcester, MA Physical Therapy Human Services Sebastian, Carol J. Framingham. MA Pharmacy and Allied Health Chief, Alan B. Jamaica Plain. MA j Pharmacy ! Linkovich, Michael J. Brunswick. ME Physical Therapy Naughton, Marie E. Quincy, MA Early Childhood Educalion Health Education Shepard, Lorraine M. West Roxbury. MA Abichandani, Alka Maiden. MA Chin, Nelson Allslon, MA Pharmacy Loewy, Talya S. Ng, Claudia Ch. Peabody, MA Physical Therapy Pharmacy Ciano, Christopher Cheslnul Hill. MA Shields, Elizabeth E. Aguiar, Eleanor Revere, MA Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Boston. MA Jamaica Plain. MA Pharmacy Lolos, Melanie A. Chelmsford, MA Nickerson, Nancy S. West Newbury. MA Physical Education Simonson, Janet M. Pharmacy Albaugh, Susan Clymer, Carla Ann Phillipsburg, NJ Physical Educalion Physical Therapy Nashua. NH S. Weymouth. MA Pharmacy Lopiano, Lauren J. Nimmo, Jeanine M. Brockton. MA Early Childhood Educalion Educalion — Speech and Hearing Medical Technology Collazo, Mayra Salem. NH Educalion — Speech and Hearing Skomsky, Ruth A. Massena, NY Amiji, Mansoor M. Boston, MA Boslon, MA Medical Technology Lubert, Margaret A. Norwood. MA Norman, Cynthia A. Jamaica Plain. MA Physical Therapy Smith, Emily W. Melrose. MA Physical Therapy Speroni, Lisa M. Grafton, MA Physical Therapy St. Amour, Marie B. Norwood, MA Physical Education Pharmacy Amirault, Catherine Coluntino, Dena M. Physical Educalion Luongo, Kimberly M. Brighton, MA Elementary Education Macintosh, Scott P. Enfield, CT Physical Educalion Educalion — Speech and Hearing Ohannessian, Khatchik J. Stoneham, MA Physical Therapy, Kathleen A. Randolph. MA Recreational Education Holbrook. MA Dental Hygiene Amora, Patricia A. Boston, MA Health Record Administration Antonnucci, Michelle Everett. MA Denial Hygiene Pharmacy Connelly, Janice M. Dorchester, MA Pharmacy Coughlin, Dianne Lexington, MA Pharmacy | Mackie, Richard W. Marlboro, MA Osterman, Margaret " " Stewart, Alison E. Anzalone, Carol Brighton. MA Health Record Administration Baldasaro, Tia Syosset. NY Dental Hygiene Barry, Marijo Camillus. NY Courtney, Roberta Quincy, MA Physical Educalion Malloy, Karen Wesl Newlon, MA Physical Therapy Mandolini, Susan L. Hampden, MA Physical Therapy So. Weymouth. MA Physical Therapy Petersen, Kelly J. Lynnfield. MA Education — Speech and Hearing Purington, Theresa K. Gardiner. ME Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Sullivan, Susan B. Arlington, MA Physical Therapy Swinburne, Jennifer L. Florham Park. NJ Physical Therapy Dental Hygiene Coulu, Deborah K. Wilmington, DE Toxicology Czibik, Sandra J. Derry. NH ' Pharmacy Marcham, David S. Tack, Susan D. Pharmacy Quincy, MA Ramras, Dawn W. Lexington. MA Bartsch, Thomas E. Dagostino, Felicia J. Physical Therapy Brookline. MA Physical Therapy Jamaica Plain. MA Boston. MA Marshall, Marybeth J. Human Services Tarbassian, Lisa Z. Pharmacy Pharmacy Boston, MA Physical Therapy Rappaport, Ellen Framingham. MA Bell, Boni-Sue Daley, Roy G. Brookline. MA Educalion — Speech and Hearing Lynn. MA Maltapan, MA Mazzola, Amy Health Educalion Thompson, Shannon L. Pharmacy Pharmacy Dedham, MA Physical Therapy Rayner, Darlene Reading. MA Bell, Janice Dangelo, Annette M. So. Craflon, MA Physical Educalion Roxbury. MA Revere, MA McBride, Sharon K. Physical Therapy Toxicology Dental Hygiene Fitchburg, MA Regan Jr., Francis A. Tovin, Todd S. Blake, Lyla J. Dechiara, Marie A. Physical Therapy Springfield, MA Boston. MA Boston. MA Dorchester, MA McCurdy, Maureen D. Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Toxicology Pharmacy Lynn, MA Physical Therapy Rheault, Suzan F. Tewksbury, MA Tropeano, Diann M. Maiden. MA Boeh, Kimberly Boslon. MA Dennis, Brian C. Ludlow. MA McDonald, Florence A. Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Denial Hygiene Medical Technology Bridglon, ME Physical Therapy Rorie, Linda S. Boston, MA Urben, Lisa J. Arlington. MA Boyd, Cheryl Ipswich, MA Dennis, Dyan Aurora. ME McEvoy, Joan P. Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Denial Hygiene Denial Hygiene Needham, MA Rossi, Susan Venezia, Ann L. Brigham, Gerard J. Desmet, Robin J. Physical Therapy Norwood, MA West Simsbury, CT South Dennis. MA Boslon. MA McKenna, Kathleen M. Physical Therapy Physical Educalion Pharmacy Pharmacy Lexington, MA Physical Therapy Russo, Pamela J. Roslindale. MA Vernon, Terri L. Dedham. MA Brown, Mark T. Melrose. MA DPFazio, Ernest Cranston. RI McNamara, Stephanie Early Childhood Educalion Physical Therapy Respiratory Therapy Pharmacy A. Ryan, Marialice Verville, Michael N. Brun, Greta P. Dilalla, Michael Brookline, MA Peekskill, NY Boston. MA Wayland. MA Boslon. MA Human Services Human Services Physical Educalion Pharmacy Pharmacy Medeiros, Kevin F. Ryan, Patricia A. Walsh, Michaela A. Brunette, Rosemary Dimond, Stephen S. Fall River, MA Woburn, MA Smilhfield. Rl Dover. NH Coffslown. NH Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Dental Hygiene Toxicology Dion, James C. Hirsch, Christopher McDermolt, Patricia Saunders II, James T. Wilson, Eric N. Lawrence. MA Mihon. MA Cumberland. RI Boslon, MA Maliapan. MA Pharmacy Respiratory Therapy Denial Hygiene Pharmacy Respiratory Therapy Dodge, Ronda L. Hodge, Candace S. McGee, Susan M. Schulz, Maria C. Woodford, Sara Freeporl. ME Monroe, ME Boslon, MA Boston, MA Newton, MA Medical Technology Respiratory Therapy Pharmacy Medical Technology Denial Hygiene Drees, Sheryl L. Hostetler, Danny J. McKinlay, Robert B. Shea, Eileen M. Yao, Soot Har Simsbury. CT Rochester, MN Rutland, MA Quincy, MA Allslon, MA Medical Technology Perfusion Tech Perfusion Technology Medical Technology Pharmacy Duffy, Lisa A. Melrose. MA Illingworth, Judith Holbrook, MA Messina, Nancy A. Hammonlon. NJ Shia, Alan Brighton, MA Young-Hong, Joanne Lexinglon, MA Medical Technology Dental Hygiene Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Edelstein, Steven A. Miller, Carl M. Shore, Wendy L. Yurasevecz, Susan L. Quincy. MA Jones, Joanne E. New Milford. CT Brocklon, MA Brookline, MA Pharmacy Quincy, MA Pharmacy Pharmacy Pharmacy Toxicology Enciso, Julie D. Miller, Toni Silver, Scott W. Zwerin, Debra Boslon, MA Katz, Randi S. Berwick. ME Orange, CT Brenlwood, NY Heallh Record Adminislralion Manchester. NH Dental Hygiene Pharmacy Denial Hygiene Evans, Norman Dental Hygiene Miskis, James E. Sinapi, Jerilyn A. Cranston, R] Pharmacy Boslon. MA Denial Hygiene Kendrick, Linda E. Hartford, CT Lynn, MA Pharmacy College of Nursing Eversley , Jacqueline Jamaica Plain. MA Dental Hygiene Keyworth, Jodi Moes, Erica Worcester, MA Slattery, Kristine Allleboro. MA Abbatematteo, John D. Medlbrd, MA Nursing Aizenberg, Maria Medical Technology Finnerty, Mary R. Walerlown. NY Mansfield. MA Dental Hygiene King, Leslie J. Denial Hygiene Morales Nunez, Alina Cambridge. MA Denial Hygiene Smith, Leonard E. Boston. MA Heallh Record Adminislralion Rochesler, NH Toxicology King, Michelle R. Brooklyn, NY Pharmacy Medical Technology Cambridge, MA Nursing Flanagan, Margaret Melrose. MA Dental Hygiene Morelli, Michael Boston, MA Pharmacy Spracklin, William J. Everell. MA Medical Technology Allen, Maria L. N. Brookield, MA Florentine, Rosemarie E. Respiratory Therapy Kinney, Maura E. Moshinsky, Steven S. Roxbury Crs.. MA Stavropoulos, James Wakefield. MA Andrews, Cynthia F. Rutland, MA Nursing Averill, Lynn A. Mihon, MA Aclon, MA Coluii, MA Pharmacy Pharmacy Denial Hygiene Fox, Eileen M. Pharmacy Lafemina, Patricia Nichols, Martha Foxborough. MA Struthers, Debra Manchester. CT Winlhrop, MA Cheshire, CT Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Nursing Backus, Carolyn A. Rockland, MA Nursing Medical Technology Fox, Elizabeth K. Belhlehem ' . PA Denial Hygiene Latterly, Mary F. Arlington, MA Pharmacy Obrien, Diane C. Maiden. MA Pharmacy Sullivan, Mary E. Canton. MA Pharmacy Medical Technology Oconnor, Deidre Syverain Jr., Miliardair Bellino, Christine Fresa, Carmine G. Laibinis, Lisa M. Walerbury. CT Boston, MA E. Greenwich, RI Branford, CT Brighton, MA Denial Hygiene Pharmacy Nursing Medical Technology Pharmacy Friedline, Deborah T. Centerville, MA Toxicology Lang, Brian E. New Bedford, MA Pharmacy Patel, Virbala G. Boston. MA i Pharmacy Tabouchirani, Charles Lawrence. MA Pharmacy Berg, Brenda L. Watertown, MA Nursing Garcia, Minerva Palm Beach, FL Lee, Richard D. Lynn, MA Pharmacy Pecjo, Maria Riza E. Boston. MA Taccini, Amy Weymoulh. MA Berry, Maureen J. Pharmacy Dental Hygiene Denial Hygiene Quincy, MA Nursing Garry, Eileen M. Framingham, MA Medical Technology Levin, Lori Brighton. MA Dental Hygiene Pelletier, Laurie Cumberland. RI Dental Hygiene Tassinari Jr., Richard V. Plymouth, MA Bolduc, Wilma A. Cambridge, MA Nursing Gatautis, Jean V. Alhol, MA Lillis, Geraldine Hamden, CT Pilot, Kathleen Claremonl. NH Pharmacy Tenaglia, Lisa M. Quincy. MA Borgonzi, Kimberly A. Medical Technology Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene Everett, MA Gionas, Steven Bellingham. MA Pharmacy Goodrich, Korey Allleboro. MA Lillis, Maureen Hamden, CT Denial Hygiene Lindsey, Cheryl A. Natick, MA Pinto, Audra Soulhinglon, CT Denial Hygiene Poeton, Terrell F. Framingham, MA Pharmacy Thompson, Barbara Andover, MA Denial Hygiene Tissnes, Martha S. Bradley, Tanya M. Berkeley, CA Breslin, Barbara A. Denial Hygiene Graham, David A. Quincy. MA Toxicology Lutz, Peter A. Pawtucket, RI Heallh Record Adminislralion Presto, Linda Revere, MA Brookline. MA Respiratory Therapy Tobin, David D. Cambridge, MA Nursing Breuer, Beth A. Heallh Record Adminislralion Pharmacy Dental Hygiene Chelmsford. MA Springfield, MA Nursing Grilli, Nancy A. Walpole. MA Lynch, Shawn G. Hacketlslown, NJ Prip, Frederick M. Allslon, MA Tobin, Julie A. Brill, Margaret A. Wilton, CT Nursing Medical Technology Pharmacy Respiratory Therapy Media. PA Health Record Administration Gvili, Judith M. Wayland, MA Mackey, Kevin R. Bronx, NY Razzaghi, Azita Winlhrop, MA Pharmacy Tocci, Lynel J. Leominster, MA Brosnahan, Rita Ann Canton, MA Nursing Heallh Record Administralion Respiratory Therapy Medical Technology Hanstein, Lori MacKinnon, Michelle Riley, Ann Marie Tocman, Debra Bruns, Vineta D. Rockland, MA Nursing Everelt. MA S. Hamilton, MA Dorchester, MA Warwick, RI Pharmacy Dental Hygiene Medical Technology Denial Hygiene Hatfield, Susan E. Sandwich. MA Madden, Helena M. Weymouth, MA Rindge, David W. Rochester, MN Tojo, Mayumi Brookline, MA Bunuei, Eva I. Brighton, MA Denial Hygiene Medical Technology Perfusion Techology Denial Hygiene ursmg Hawko, Dale V. Boslon. MA Pharmacy Manoney, Kathleen A. Brainlree, MA Pharmacy Rueda, Esneda Brookline, MA Health Record Administration Triano, Mary G. Walerbury, CT Heallh Record Adminislralion Bush, Jane F. Russell, MA Nursing Heinen, Gretchen Malek, Allan H. Ryan, Gena Valenza, Anthony O. Cameron, Pauline E. Irving, TX Brighton, MA Palm Coaal. FL Somerville, MA Dorchester, MA Denial Hygiene Pharmacy Denial Hygiene Pharmacy Nursing Helen, Jacqueline Brighlon. MA Heallh Record Adminislralion Maningas, Joseph L. Sailer, Richard E. Vincelette, Michael C. Cann, Sheila J. Honolulu, HI Health Record Administralion Jamaica Plain, MA Pharmacy Westport, MA Pharmacy S. Boston, MA Herman, Robin A. R oslindaie. MA Mattioni, Gabriel J. Avondale, PA Santoro, Peter J. Ashland, MA Warren, Kristen Canty, Ellen M. Medical Technology Respiratory Therapy Pharmacy Dental Hygiene Nursing Hernandez, Mario M. Jamaica Plain, MA Pharmacy Mazaika, Theresa J. Hamburg, PA Toxicology Saturne, Marie D. Dorchester, MA Denial Hygiene Wiley, Brian D. Tewksbury, MA Toxicology Carey, Janet Brookline, MA Nursing 292 Cavallo, Sandra J. Wcsl Newlon, MA Galinsky, Ilene A. W. Hartford, CT Lombardi, Loretta M. W. Newton. MA Quinn, Katherine D. Matlapan, MA Zaremba, Pamela M. Soulh Boslon, MA Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Cody, Kathleen A. Hyde Park, MA Nursing Gardner, Nina M. Boston. MA Nursing Lyons, Aimee C. Fairporl, NY Nursing Ralph, Deborah J. Dedham. MA Nursing College of Cole, Carol A. Greely, Cynthia L. MacFadden, Carmen Robertson, Jill M. Criminal Justice Medlbrd, MA Gloucester, MA Dorchester, MA Newburyporl. MA Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Adams, Craig R. Collins, Mary A. Gronberg, Karen A. MacClean, Laura A. Rubel, Noelle Cumberland, RI Brighton. MA Chelmsford, MA Weymouth, MA Boston, MA Criminal Justice Nursing Nursing Nursing Nursing Ahearn, Paul J. Comeau, Christine K. Quincy. MA Nursing Haley, Marina A. Newton Centre, MA Nursing Manning, Karen J. Lexington. MA Nursing Sances, Kelly J. Billerica, MA Nursing Milton. MA Criminal Justice Albert, Janet E. Cooper, Sandra D. Boslon. MA Nursing Harney, Margaret M. Walpole. MA Nursing Markon, Liz D. Hanson. MA Nursing Santos, Ana P. Somerville. MA Nursing Jamaica Plain. MA Criminal Justice Almeida, James B. Coughlin, Kathleen A. Quincy, MA Harton, Sherilee M. Dorchester, MA McCarthy, Kathleen E. Medford, MA Nursing Schuster, Lynn A. Brighton, MA Danbury, CT Criminal Juslice ursmg Nursing Nursing Amamchukwu, Coughlin, Nancy M. N. Sciluale. MA Nursing Hayes, Beverly J. Billerica, MA Nursing McCarthy, Sheila A. Quincy. MA Nursing Senier, Judith M. Dorchester, MA Nursing Alexander C. Boston. MA Criminal Juslice Cox, Florence K. Brighton. MA Nursing Heck, Andrea R. S. Yarmouth, MA Nursing McCrosky, Stephen Boston, MA Nursing Sheehan, Claire L. Somerville, MA Nursing Andrews, David M. Oakdale. CT Criminal Juslice Craig, Brenda M. Boston, MA Nursing Hedayati, Zohreh Natick, MA Nursing McGowan, Lauren J. Jamaica Plain. MA Nursing Sherwood, Lisa M. Norfolk, MA Nursing Appelbaum, David M. Middlelown. NY Craig, Lisa A. Roxbury, MA Nursing Herzfeld, Nada Boston, MA Nursing McGrath, Jane E. Somerville, MA Nursing Shippee, Linda J. Arlington, MA Nursing Asoian, Jeanne M. Andover. MA Criminal Juslice Cyr, William J. Danielson, CT Higgins, Dinah A. Wareham. MA Nursing McGuire, Maureen A. Weymouth, MA Simione, Regina Norwood, MA Avakian, Alex L. Arlington. MA Nursing Nursing Nursing Criminal Juslice Davie, Mary E. Wakefield. MA Hill, Nancy E. Lakeville, MA McLaughlin, Jacqueline Smith, Suzanne Clr. Ossipee, NH Bandino, Janine T. Wakefield. MA Criminal Juslice Nursing Nursing Quincy, MA Nursing Davis, Sheila M. Brewer, ME Jasset, Theresa M. Waterlown, MA Nursing McWha, Kevin C. Spencer, Lisa A. Maltapan, MA Barber, Robert J. Horseheads, NY Criminal Justice Nursing South Peabody, MA Nursing Dean, Brian M. Johnson, Ann Beth Nursing Steffens, Margaret M. Bates, Kenneth H. Sciluale, MA Criminal Juslice Weymouth, MA Nursing Walpole MA Meinholz, Diane L. Kingston, MA Miller, Sharon A. Gloucester, MA W. Roxbury. MA Nursing Deforge, Laurie E. Arlington, MA Joseph, Gerda M. Matlapan, MA Nursing Sullivan, Carole M. Weslwood, MA Nursing Belanger Jr., Richard E. Marlboro, MA Deltufo, Christina R. Kaplan, Ingrid E. Cambridge. MA Nursing Sullivan, Denise M. Dedham, MA Nursing Modestow, Shelley A. Worthington. MA Reading, MA Criminal Juslice Nursing Nursing Bender, Laurie A. Demarco, Linda M. Worcester, MA Keaveney, Patricia A. Moore, Janice E. Tarpinian, Mary K. Filchburg, MA Weslon, MA Criminal Juslice Nursing Brookline. MA Lynn. MA Nursing Ditullio, Lisa M. Brainlree, MA Keenan, Peter M. Nursing Mullen, Patricia M. Taylor, Mark A. Milton. MA Bordonaro, James A. Burlington. MA Criminal Juslice Nursing Abington, MA Milton, MA Nursing Doherty, Lisa A. Dorchester, MA Nursing Kelley, Maureen L. Ngo, Van T. Teahan, Annemarie Norwood, MA Brackett, Stephen E. Waterlown, MA Rockland, MA West Newlon, MA Donaghy, Diane M. Cambridge, MA Nursing Nursing Kennedy, Erin B. Ashaway, RI Nursing O ' Brien, Stephanie B. Jamaica Plain, MA Tedeschi, Deborah A. Boston, MA Nursing Breuche, Kevin M. Jackson, NJ Criminal Juslice Donohue, Gael A. Sciluale, MA Nursing Kiley, Kathleen A. Nursing Odle, Annette Y. Tiberi, Antonio A. Boston, MA Bucking, James W. Sag Harbor, NY Criminal Juslice Brighton, MA Cambridge. MA Nursing Ellis, Gwendolyn M. Amilyville, NY Nursing Kret, Vichiravuth Allston. MA Nursing Nursing O ' Keefe, Barbara C. Dorchester, MA Nursing O ' Malley, Norine C. Milton. MA Tomasetti, Lorna R. Ashland. MA Nursing Budrewicz, Julianne Boston, MA Nursing Flynn, Karen A. Kyne, Brenda A. Dorchester, MA Venuto, Valerie L. Ashland. MA Carpenter, Peter S. Boston, MA Criminal Justice Chester, NH Nursing Nursing Foley, Mary M. Paxton. MA Lamkin, Lynne A. Randolph, MA Nursing Lanza, Angela M. Stoughlon, MA Larkin. Lynett L. Owens, Kristine A. Prospect. CT Von Stamwitz, Amy C. Cambridge. MA Nursing Carr, Gail P. Wappingrs FIs., NY Criminal Juslice Ford, Carolyn A. Newton, MA Nursing Pedersen, Karen J. Canlon, MA Wein, Perry J. Woburn, MA Nursing Chaput, Susan M. Wellfleel, MA Criminal Juslice Nursing Fox, Jessica R. Nursing Pietrantoni, Anne L. Whealan, Charlene M. Randolph, MA Nursing Charles Jr., Peter F. Slalen Island, NY Criminal Juslice Elkins Park, PA Stoneham, MA Medford, MA Nursing Nursing Wilkins, Bonnie Christopher, Joycelyn Furlong, Daniel C. Laskey, Kathleen F. Pina, Deborah M. Dorchester, MA V. Boston. MA Burlington. MA Providence, RI Nursing Roxbury Cross, MA Nursing Nursing Nursing Criminal Juslice Gaffey, Mary M. Dorchester. MA Nursing Libenson, Laurie D. Boston, MA Nursing Power, Meredith A. Norwood, MA Woodard, Laura K. 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Rockaway Beach, NY Criminal Justice Curtin, Mark W. Brainlree. MA Criminal Justice Dalbec, Katherine W. Great Falls, VA Criminal Justice David, Carl M. Maltapan, MA Criminal Justice Davis III, Curtis I. Salem, NH Delrisco, Clair B. Boston, MA Desmond, Joseph A. Wilmington, MA Criminal Justice Devonish, Je ' Nise J. Lawrence, MA Criminal Justice Donovan, Brian P. Middletown, RI Criminal Justice Doukas, Karla J. Walerford, CT Criminal Justice Driscoll, Timothy J. Shellon, CT Duffy, Donald M. Wallham, MA Criminal Justice Dumas, Mark A. Worcester. MA Criminal Justice Eagar, William J. Easlham. MA Criminal Justice Felz, Shari D. Wayland, MA Criminal Justice Finneran, John F. Milton. MA Criminal Justice Finch. Lawrence H. Upr. Sdle. Rvr.. NJ Criminal Justice Forbes Jr., John C. Gloucester, MA Criminal Justice Fulginiti, Wendy A. Leicester, MA Criminal Justice Gagin, Robert A. Winlhrop. MA Criminal Justice Gaudiano, John P Quincy, MA Gauvin, Diane L. Essex, MA Criminal Justice George, David C. Salem, NH Criminal Justice Goldberg, Joseph D. Boston, MA Gregory, Kim Winlhrop, MA Criminal Justice Grenier, Laurie A. Spencer, MA Griffin, Joseph P. Maiden. MA Criminal Justice Groussman, Jon D. Englewood, CO Guarnaccia, Pia M. Reading. MA Criminal Justice Gulley, James E. Brookline. MA Criminal Justice Hanson, Lisa M. Shrewsbury, MA Criminal Justice Harford, James C. Pt. Washington, NY Criminal Justice Harmon, Karl R. Needham, MA Criminal Justice Hatfield, Robert H. Dorchester, MA Criminal Justice Hayes, Brian M. S. Dartmouth. MA Criminal Justice Heidel, Eric N. Chelmsford, MA Criminal Justice Hennessey, James A. Brookline. MA Criminal Justice Hogan, John P. Shrewsbury, MA Criminal Justice Home, Adam A. Gloucester, MA Criminal Justice Johnson, Lisa J. Boston. MA Criminal Justice Kapp Jr., Carl R. Hudson. MA Criminal Justice Kebalka, Ronald C. Arlington, MA Criminal Justice Kerr, Robert R. Beverly, MA Criminal Justice Kevorkian, Kim M. Wellesley, MA Koumanelis, Alexander W. Pawcatuck, CT Criminal Justice Kozikis, Heidi P. Norwood. MA Criminal Justice Lacreta, John M. Andover. MA Laico, Anita K. Wanamassa, NJ Criminal Justice Larosa, Joseph M. Southington, CT Criminal Justice Leach, Ann M. Dorchester, MA Criminal Justice Lee, Kevin S. Chevy Chase, MD Criminal Justice Lee, Shirley Boston, MA Leroy, Myrlene E. Somerville, MA Criminal Justice Lewis, Reginald Baltimore. MD Criminal Justice Linton, Stephanie M. Hartford. CT Criminal Justice Lotuff, Amy J. N. Brookfield. MA Criminal Justice Lucas, Robert S. Framingham. MA Marotta Jr., George E. Nalick. MA Criminal Justice McCarthy, Michael F. W. Newton, MA Criminal Justice McCoy, William P. Providence, RI Criminal Justice Mealey, Carol A. Norwood, MA Criminal Justice Melchionda, Lisa A. Winlhrop. MA Criminal Justice Mensinger, Robert J. W. Caldwell, NJ Criminal Justice Mullen, Kevin J. Medford. MA Criminal Justice Nickerson, Valerie A. ( ' ..inibnrlge. MA Criminal Justice Nordengren, Scott F. Haverhill. MA Criminal Justice O ' Brien, Joan E. Marlboro. MA Criminal Justice O ' Brien, Patrick L. Cohoes, NY Criminal Justice O ' Connell, Robert J. Haverhill, MA Criminal Justice O ' Connor, Gregory P. Charlestown. MA Criminal Justice O ' Connor Jr., Lawrence J. Wobuni. MA Ouligian, Charles J. Roxbury, MA Criminal Justice Owens, Kelly A. Brockton, MA Criminal Justice Paglia, Daniel J. Reading, MA Papallo, George N. Meriden, CT Parker, Edward C. Revere, MA Criminal Justice Pofcher, Sheryl E. Randolph, MA Criminal Justice Poirier, Thomas J. Cherry Valley, MA Criminal Justice Pontremoli, Lisa A. Milford, MA Criminal Justice Pratt, Gregory P. Boston. MA Criminal Justice Prout, Steven Schenectady, NY Criminal Justice Rezendes, Carolyn M. Taunton, MA Criminal Justice Riccobene, Lisa Winlhrop, MA Criminal Justice Richard, Kymberly S. Milford. NH Criminal Justice Rittenberg, Scot R. Burlington, MA Rivera, Cheryl A. Springfield. MA Criminal Justice Rogers, Michelle M. Woburn, MA Criminal Justice Ryan Jr., John R. Millis, MA Criminal Justice Savage, Stewart E. Wellesley. MA Criminal Justice Scharf, Eric S. Fairlawn. NJ Criminal Justice Schiff, Peter E. Boston, MA Criminal Justice Sennott Jr., Edward J. Weston, MA Criminal Justice Shook, Norris W. Milford, MA Criminal Justice Sicard, Paul R. Weslwood, MA Criminal Justice Smith, Diannajean Maiden. MA Criminal Justice Smith, Jeffrey P. Falmouth, MA Criminal Justice Somerville, Peter J. Cheshire. CT Criminal Justice Soukas, Anastasia N. Providence. RI Criminal Justice Spencer, Christine L. Middletown. CT Criminal Justice Stangeby, John E. Pawling. NY Criminal Justice Stokes, Daniel F. Ansonia, CT Criminal Justice Surette, Kevin P. Wilmington, MA Criminal Justice Theodore, Dino N. Boston. MA Criminal Justice Toland, Paul B. Weslwood, MA Criminal Justice Trepicchio, Robert F. Brighton. MA Criminal Justice Tucci, Scott C. Salisbury, MA Criminal Justice Villanucci, Joseph A. Medford, MA Criminal Justice Wardrop, Michael W. Vernon, CT Criminal Justice Weinberg, Adam J. North Adams, MA Criminal Justice Weisbender, Marianne M. Boston, MA Criminal Justice White, Donna M. Boston, MA Criminal Justice Willett, Deborah T. New York, NY Criminal Justice Woodlock, James P. Boston, MA Criminal Justice Wright, Lynn M. Plymouth, MA Criminal Justice 294 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Vallan Sharon, Massachusetts Joey, You made believers of us all! Congratulations and God Bless You. Nancy and Lew Marino Wilton, Connecticut " Bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh . . . " Genesis 2:23 " Behold, this dreamer cometh . . . " Genesis 37:19 Kenneth and Henrietta Semedo W. Wareham, Massachusetts Querida hija eres nuestro orgullo quedios te vendiga. Papi y Mami Mr. and Mrs. Oscar del Risco Windsor, Connecticut Dear Skip, We are so very proud of you. Congratulations on all you have achieved. Good Luck in Law School. Love Your Family Swampscott, Massachusetts To Hank, We are very proud of you and we wish you the best always and our love. Henry and Patricia Gailigan East Weymouth, Massachusetts Cornhgairdeas Christina. We are proud of you and your accomplish- ments! May the best of everything life has to offer be yours. Good luck in nursing. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Deltufo Dedham, Massachusetts Congratulations Christine. We knew you could do it and we are proud of you. Good luck in Law school and all future endeavors. Allan and Frances Spencer Middletown, Connecticut Congratulations Jane, from the gang — we are proud of you. Good luck in the future. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bush Russell, Massachusetts Congratulations Sandy Jo. Your hard work and determination has made us proud. We love you and look forward to your future success. The Algeri ' s, Schwartz ' s and Mom Newton, Massachusetts Graduation Day is finally here. Rest assumed, it ' s very real. A special time and Deservedly so — Carla Melillo we love you so. Mr. and Mrs. Gennaro Melillo Maiden, Massachusetts " Miss Personality " We just want to say how proud we are of you and your determination but most of all to say we love you! Mr. and Mrs. George Davis Cambridge, Massachusetts Congratulations to our daughter, Kristine Stevenish. This is just the beginning, success, love, and happi- ness. We are so proud of you. Love Mom, Dad and Bobby Chatham, New Jersey Dear Chris We are so proud of you. God Bless. The Demarest family Keyport, New Jersey Amazing! You made it! Congratula- tions Peter! We are proud of you. Mom, Dad and Bill Mr. and Mrs. W. Somerville, Jr. Chesire, Connecticut Congratulations Maria! We always knew that your determination would pay off. We are very proud of you. We love you very much chatter box! Mr. and Mrs. Peluso Plymouth, Massachusetts Congratulations Chrissy! We are ex- tremely proud of you! God ' s Bless- ings be with you always. Love, Dad and Adele Southport, Connecticut Adele and Peter Gandolfo New York, New York Congratulations Lynn. We are all so proud of your success. Good luck in Public Relations! Mr. and Mrs. George Frazer New Bedford, Massachusetts Congratulations Lisa. As the baby of the clan, you followed through and made us so proud. God Bless and keep you " shining " always Mrs. Mario Livorsi Holbrook, Massachusetts You made it son, hard work, ded- ication have made you reach your goal. Congratulations and Good Luck Mr. and Mrs. Max Gouveia Jr. Medford, Massachusetts Congratulations Steve. I am so proud of you! The Army is getting the best engineer ever! Love, Mom. Mrs. Andrews West Hartford, Connecticut Kenneth Siebenberg — Congratula- tions! A life filled with happiness and more success is on the way. Love Mom and Dad. Sharon and Stanley Siebenberg Holmdel, New Jersey Joseph — May we share with con- gratulations and pride your achieve- ment. But — only you — through your sacrifice and determination can enjoy the victory! Mr. and Mrs. Alex Coviello Wakefield, Massachusetts Congratulations Piers. We are de- lighted and wish you all the best for the future. Mr. and Mrs. Bowness Weston, Massachusetts Congratulations Kim! We are very proud of you and all your hard work and determination. Our love and Best wishes for continued success and Messages 295 happiness. Mr, and Mrs. Francis DiCorleto South Windsor, Connecticut Congratulations Tracy. We hope that all your dreams and wish come true. We are proud of yc Mr. and Mrs. Carino Crawford, New Jersey Congratulations fed. We v you would make it. May you and your co- graduates find success — happiness — peace of mind in all of your en- deavors. Ann and Ed Murphy Tallman, New York Roses are red Violets are blue Congratulations, Scot You made it through! I With pride and love iMom, Dad, Rhonda, Sheri Bndi and Leo Mr. and Mrs. Rittenberg Burlington, Massachusetts Congratulations Patrick. The entire family is very proud of you. The me- chanical engineering profession may never be the same. The bes if eve- rything to you. I Love Mom and Dad Stratford, Connecticut Congratulations Paul, 01 done! We are very proud Good luck in your career. Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Tibbetts Westwood, Massachusetts CongratulationsHH proud of you. Love you! Dad, Mom, Georgie, Billy, Chris, Nona and Shar- on Mr. and Mrs. George Costigan East Boston, Massachusetts Congratulations Jim. We knew you could do it! Mom, Dad, Pam, Dave, and Jeff 296 Messages Mrs. JAnlonjb Almeida Jr. bury, Connecticut Congratulations Elizabeth. We ' re proud of you! Mom and Dad I Mr. and Mrs. John Fielding East Haddam, Connecticut Congratulations Jeff. We wish you lots of good luck in all your future lendeavBrs.jYcL fflbtM made%s |_4fl proud. Keep up the good work. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lerner Morganville, N.J. I I Congratulations Tim. We are all proud of your outstanding accom- plishments! God Bless! Mom, Dad, Jim, Maureen, Jim, Bob, Pat, Bet- yann, Walter, Mary, Bob, Kat an JWes alt So. Sale i pfcbably leerls llcel big weight off oui shjoulBerl bit we hope that someday you viill reclgnize the im- portance and significance of your ac- l orrl lisimelit. fcodd A Arthur and Sandra Morley Mashpee, Massachusetts Congratulations Jos You have made us pro ank youl Gaod Lufc fid|much happi- ness always. s. Joseph urst, New Yor egg, We love Ir. and Mrs. Joseph Travers Lindenhurst, New York )ear Gregg, We love you and we are very proud of you. Congratulations. Our love and support is with you. Mom and family, Waltham, Massachus Congratulations Theresa. We wish you the best in your P.T. career. We are proud to have you for our daugh- ter, tm mm Mom and Dad Gardiner, Maine Congratulations Caro is very proud of you. We wish you the best of everything that life has to of- fer. Mr. and Mrs. David Kaslick Maiden, Massachusetts Congratulations Tina. Good luck in your future. §||r. and Mrs. Nell Stevens and family Ocean, New Jersey Congratulations Karen. We are if you! We wish you a long and ilthy and successful life. Best of luck in your engineering career. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Wong Randolph, Massachusetts Congratulations, Jo Ann. We are so proud of you. Good luck and best wishes to the Class of ' 88. Law, lymraiy and Daddy, Roselle, New Jersey You provec tj Rafael. Always keep the same spirit — with our congrat- ulations and best wishe| wd are all proud of you. mi, Papi, Alain and Junior Villard Pettonville, Haiti Congratulations Perry! You have made us very proud of you. We wish you good luck, good health, and hap- {B ' s. r ; throughout your life. , vv Abbeland Susan Hacker Morganville, New Jfrsey Congratulations, Joe, h your oi standing achievement! Thank you all your hard work! We greatly aj preciate all you have done. iture family etts Love, Katy and your Haverhill, Massach Congratulations earned it and we ' re Mr. and Mrs. R. Ireda: Hingham, Massachuse Jim! Congratulations. We ' re very proud of you. Good luck in the real world! Mr. and Mrs. Elias Stavropolouos Wakefield, Massachusetts Congratulations Caroline. We are so proud of you. Best of luck in the Physical Therapy field. Mom, Dad, Mary and John Horgan Lynn, Massachusetts Great job Jen. You have made your Dad very proud and you would have made your mother even prouder. Go for the top. I Love, Dad f Florham Park, New Jersey Congratulations to you, Karen! We are most proud of you all your hard work and accomplishments. We wish you all the best in the future! Dad and Joan Searsport, Maine Congratulations Kelly, We knew you could do it. The whole family wishes you much success and a happy future. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Petersen Jr. Lynnfield, Massachusetts Congratulations, John. I ' m so proud of you! Your mom would have been very proud too! Bob Rulevich M ps Glastonbury, Connecticut Congratulations Mike. We know you will make a good engineer. Much happiness for the future. Mr. and Mrs. Ken Chagnon Millis, Massachusetts Congratulations Philip. Endless op- lit you! We love you lade us very proud. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Picott III Harvard, Mass Congratulations Philip. It was well worth the struggle. We are very proud of you. We wish you the best for the future. Love Mom and Dad. Mr. and Mrs. Willard King New Hartford, Connecticut Congratulations Carolini! We know you would do it . . . and we are velw proud and very pleased. With love from Mom and Dad. Lynda, Congratulations on a job well done. I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. Marie says ditto. You have worked hard. Much love. Kathleen Samourian Brighton, Massachusetts Congratulations Anna-Pia. You are wonderful daughter. I ' m so proud of you! Good luck in whatever you do. Doris Niedzelski Waterbury, Connecticut Congratulations Walt. We are proud of you. Wishing you the best of luck in your future career. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Risser, Palmyra, Pa. Congratulations Jodie. We are proud of you! Good luck in your physical therapy career. Mom and Dad John P. McEvoy Needham, Massachusetts and Dad | Mr. and Mrs. Tokarz Cheshire, Connecticut Congratulations Annemarie. We ai = proud and happy for you. Good luck in whatever career you choose. Love Always. tt r Mr. and Mrs. A. Ceriello Medford, Massachusetts Congratulations Debbie. We are proud of you! You ' ve worked hard to achieve your goals. Good luck in your teaching career. Love You! EL Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DiChiara Saugus, Massachusetts Tongratulations Mark! GREAT JOB! Cherish the memories you ' ve made. You can do anything you want. Set your goals anjH Son, we know how hard it has been for you for the past five years. We horHyou know how proud we are of you. " " - Arthur and Anne Ford — Ma and Dad RevBe, Massachusetts Congratulations Bob. We ' re proud of you. Keep up the good woi xi ' s been good to us. ving wife Esther and Children and Bobby , Massachusetts ' tulations Tricia! I ' m so proi Look out world! Lots of lo Marolyn Wilson Whitesboro, New York Congratulations Paul. We are proi of you! Good Luck in Law School Love Mom and Dad. Mr. and Mrs. D ' Amore Medford, Massachusetts For all your long hours, the effort, the honor roll — you made u proud. The future is yours! Peg and Kim Pontremohi Milford, Massachusetts The four doctors Barry: Mom, Dad, $ve and Brenda are proud to welcome |rou into the exciting field of med- icine. All our love to you. firs. Joseph A., Marie, Joseph T., Brenda Barry Camillus, New York Wow! Andrew Dias you really are a winner! Congratulations to the most important person in our lives. Neville and Harriet Bermuda Congratulations and best wishes. And for a happy and successful career in Messages 297 ove you family. Than, Gan and Han Worcester, Massachusetts Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sebastran Framingham, Massachusetts Congratulations Karen. I always knew you would be a winner! Love Karen Cote Chester, New Hampshir Congratulations Kathy D. Five long years are over. We ' re proud of you and what you ' ve accomplts Mom, Dad and Franny Quincy, Massachusetts Congratulations Audra. Our best wishes for your future in dentistry. We love you and are very proud of :ou n Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Pinto, Jr. Southington, Connecticut To-the last of our Moheegan ' s!! Con- gratulations: Jan and Judi Good luck you both. We love you and are very proud. Mom and Dad Brookline, Massachusetts Congratulations Bill. This is marve l- ous, and the best is yet to come. Mom and Dad r Concord, Massachusetts Congratulations Joana. You have made us all proud. Good Luck in whatever you go on to do. Mr. and Mrs. Al Farese .... Lynnfield, Massachusetts I Congratulations and thank you, Rick. We couldn ' t be prouder of you and your hard work. Love and luck — Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Robert Savoia Medway, Massachusetts ' Congratulations Carol on your hard work and determination to complete ur education. We are very proud of 298 Messages Congratulations Jonathan. We think you ' re the greatest. You ' ve done a fabulous job. Good luck in everything you do. Love ya! Ruth and Paul Lipson Tappan, New York Super effort Jeff — like eve you do. We are very proud of Love Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dennis East Bridgewater, Massachusetts Congratulations Margie. Mom and Dad are proud of you. fr. and Mrs. Herb Munroe Westwood, Massachusetts Congratulations, Michael You ' re the best there is! H Love, Mom | and 9ad, Mar} Chris, A.J. and Peter West Hartford, Connecticut Gary, we are all very prJJuHS in the future. Mr. and Mrs. Ormy Holden, Massachusetts For Joseph R. Scola. We ' re so proud of you, Joe! If hard work is a criteria for success you ' re already our CEO. -ove, Mom and Dad. and Mrs. J. Scola Medford, Massachusetts ngratulations Dear Son. we are very proud of you! Best wishes in your professional career. Alvarez gena, Colombia Congratulations Lori Rosen. Best of luck and good wishes, with all our love. Dad, Dina and Alison East Meadow, New York 54y-l han Tor rrra i o much happiness a your future endeavo you ccess in all i Mom, Dad, Michael and Andrea Rosenberg ____ __ Marlboro, New Jerse V-- Yeah Scot! You made it. Wow! Mom, Dad, Jeff, Nana, Zaide and Bu ffy r tT MPF " {_ Cranston, Rhode Island Kathleen Cody — Science and Art warm by love, nurse those who heal and those who die OqjD Sflfci a gift of God. Your Sister, three brothers and their spouses, two nieces, six nephews, Tuck and Rita. Bangor, Maine ' , ..- h Congratulations Nancy. Another proud moment for us as well as for you. Our best wishes in all your en- deavors. Wishing you much happi- ness. With love, Mr. and Mrs. Hirsh Old Bethpage, New York Congratulations Bob, We are very proud of you! The best of everything athy ' s Fami; Hyde Park, Dear Marit, Your achievgnents are impressive and your future unlimit- ed. Lovg iau very much your very • P£0 iid4JaCe Dr. and Mrs. ' Michael Ratner Fairfield, Connecticut To Bobby, Aim high, follow your dream, May you always be happy. M Dear Todd, Wc would like to congratulate you and the class of 88 for all your hard work and accomplishments. We wish you all the rewards and success that you all deserve. Ian and Stefanie Tovin Chestnut Ridge, New York Words cannot express what a joy you are. We are so proud of you and all that you have done. Happiness to you always. Mr. and Mrs. Rene A. Heck South Yarmouth, Massachusetts Congratulations, Aaron, on your achievement. Your family and especially myself, are very proud of you. Mrs. Mark P. Freeman Darien, Connecticut Congratulations Frank! May the almighty God guide you on your future in engineering. Good luck. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reali New Britain, Connecticut Beckah, the best in yourself for the world and the best in the world for yourself. Nana, Uncle Hill, Mah, Remus, Penelope and Nathaniel Brookline, Massachusetts " Be what you arc and become what you are capable of becoming " — Stevenson. Remember always how much of us is within you. Love, Mom and Dad. John and Joanne Judd Hamden, Connecticut Anthony, Our dream is fulfilled! Wc are so happy and proud to see you graduate. Congratulations Anthony and good luck in engineering. Love, your parents. Mr. and Mrs. Kalaijakis Welhersfield, C Connecticut Congratulations Chris. Wc arc proud of you. Good luck. Mr. and Mrs. Fdward Hopey Amherst, New Hampshire God bless you, Laurie Pelletier today and every day of your life, you are a great joy to us always. The Pelletier Family Cumberland, Rhode Island Congratulations Crissie. We love you and are proud of you. Words can never express how much you mean to us and all the reasons why. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Bellino Fast Greenwich, Rhode Island Messages 299 Life After Northeastern? ERNEST P. ANASTOS Reporter and Anchorman University College — 1978 " Eyewitness News " WABC-TV New York A very respected member of the broad- cast community. In 1977 he was awarded with the Alumni Association ' s Professional Promise award. After a tour of duty with the U.S. Army Reserve and Armed Forces ra- dio network, he worked as a free-lance journalist with WCBS-TV, New York, RKO Radio and RKO-TV, Boston, and RKO radio in Chicago. He has been recognized as an outstanding re- porter and cited for his innovative and insightful on-the-spot reporting. He received an Emmy Award in 1985, and was named Anchorman-of- the-Year by the New York Institute of Technology. He has co-authored a book TWIXT: Teens Yesterday and Today with NU sociologist Jack Lev- in. Mr. Anastos is a member of the National Council, the Husky Asso- ciates and Sigma Epsilon Rho Honor Society at NU among other profes- sional organizations. He received an honorary Doctorate of Humane Let- ters from Curry College in 1985. JEANNE E. CRAIGIE Certified Athletic Trainer Boston Bouve — 1974 First Athletic Training Student to go through the BB program. First Woman Athletic Trainer to be hired at Lane Health Center where she worked for seven years. President of the Boston Bouve Alum- ni Association June 81-June 83. 1969 Outstanding Team Sport Ath- lete Site Trainer in the 1973 World Games Women ' s Basketball Tourna- ment 1974 Woman of the Year at North- eastern 1974 Boston Bouve Service Award Winner Team Trainer for the 1976 New Eng- land Lacrosse Team 1983 Boston Bouve Alumni Associ- ation Citation Recipient Head Athletic Trainer for Stoneham High School for several years. Mrs. Craigie has been very active in Alumni and Volunteer activities at NU. She and her husband Paul have two children, Adam and Benjamin. She is currently working as a Pre- School Educator so that she can spend time with her family and con- tinue her volunteer services to NU. 300 Alumni WILLIAM GEARY Commissioner, Metropolitan District MA 1972 He has been commissioner since 1983. As commissioner he is respon- sible for one of the largest govern- ment agencies in the United States. He has served as a Senior Advisor to Governor Dukakis, and also as a Consultant to the White House dur- ing the Carter Administration. Since 1976 he has been teaching at the Suf- folk University Graduate School of Administration, and has been a vis- iting lecturer at many Universities in- cluding Northeastern, Harvard ' s Kennedy School of Government, and Boston State College. Geary and his wife, Mary Ellen, have four children — Sean, Robert, Thomas, and James. GREGORY B. JARVIS Payload Specialist Hughes Aircraft Company ME 1969 While at NU Jarvis worked at Raytheon Company in Bedford. After graduating he entered active duty in the Air Force, assigned to the Space Division. As a communications payload Engineer in the Satellite Communications program office he worked on advanced tactical communication satellites. He was hon- orable discharged from the Air Force in 1973 with the rank of Captain. He later joined Hughes Aircraft Co. ' s Space and Communication Groups. He was select- ed as a Payload Specialist Candidate for the Shuttle program by Hughes Communications in July 1984. His mission was to conduct an experiment to help understand how fluids move in an orbiting spacecraft. Greg Jarvis was one of the seven Americans who died in the Space Shut- tle Challenger Explosion. The gradu- ating class of 1986 established a schol- arship fund in Jarvis ' memory. The award will be given to that Senior who has made an outstanding contribution to Student Life through participation in extracurricular activities. NANCY RIDLEY Director, Division of Food Drugs Massachusetts Department of Public Health LA 1967, MP 1974 Ms. Ridley has been the Director of the Division of Food Drug since 1981. She is a m ember of the Association of Food Drug Officials, New England Food Drug Officials Association, American Association for Clinical Chemistry, Massachusetts Health Offi- cers Association, among many others. She has also written many publications and abstracts. DID YOU KNOW THESE PEOPLE GRADUATED FROM NORTHEASTERN? JOSEPH F. GALLISON — LA 1958 Actor — Days of Our Lives since 1974; 1978 Emmy nomination for Outstand- ing Supporting Actor ELLEN ROSENBERG — BB 1965 Director, Growing Up Feeling Good Programs L PETER LANCE — LA 1971 Winner three Emmy Awards Corre- spondent 20 20; ABC News Nightline; ABC World News Tonight Writer Story Editor " Crime Story " JOHN LORING — LI 1952; B 1954 State Representative for Massachusetts CHERYL DOLBY — LA 1967 Vice-President Fine Art Design man- aged careers for Jennifer O ' Neill, Way- land Flowers Madame, Jay Leno, Eva Marie S aint, and others. She was the General Press Representative for Lily Tomlin in " The Search for Signs Of Intelligent Life in the Universe " which appeared in Boston and on Broadway. 301 1988 Senior Committee SENIOR CLASS ( ' OMMin ' KKt {OFFICERS I IJAnna Magliocco — President jf; MAnne Drexelius — Vice President ] £?l)iane Meinholz — Secretary » ' • Paula Bowen — Treasurer ig IJRuth Bork — Advisor Events: Senior formal Beach Parties Harbor Cruise Red Sox vs Yankees Boston Pops Concert Amusement Park Aloha Party Fundraising Parties at Who ' s On First Champagne reception Anna Magliocco and Diane Meinholz discuss plans. Robert Amidon Kevin Brown Gwyn Chafetz Jill Denstman John Donnelly Andrew Droutman Ilene Galinsky Michele Larkin Anne Logue Kym Richard Linda Rorie Joseph Scola Debi Singer Heidi Soloman Marianne Weisbender Lynn Wright Lawrence Zuch Committee Meeting 302 Senior Committee THE ULTIMATE SENIOR SURVEY Naturally, the survey ' s methodology was suspect, but the yearbook staff fell it should be representative of a senior class where everything is a little off cent- er. We asked all the seniors getting their photos taken (about half of the total) to fill out the forms and only about 50 did, so you ' re looking at a response of 50 out of 4,100. But who ' s to say Gallup would have got a belter sampling, anyway. The following is a highlight of the best answers to the questions. 1) What is the one thing you would leave lo Northeastern? " A false forward- ing address. " 2) What has been your worst expe- rience at Northeastern? " All of them. " 3) Are you a virgin? 80 percent said no. 4) Where did you lose it? " 110 St. Stephens. " " Stetson West. " " Spring Break, Fort Lauderdale. " " Speare Hall, Rm. 248. " " 17 Symphony Rd. " " The floor of Punters Pub. " " Roof of White Hall. " " In an ' 83 Plymouth Turismo. " " 201 Botolph " " In the Freshman Reg- istration Line. " 5) Who is Ken Ryder? " Some guy who told us we ' d be gone in three years. Then he disappeared. " 6) How many times have you been to the Dodge Library? The answers ranged from " none " to " 1,345. " 7) How many times have you found what you were looking for at Dodge Library? The answers ranged from " none " to " zero. " One student said " every time, I only go there to sleep. " 8) How many fake IDs have you used while at NU? The answers ranged from " none " to " seven. " The average was three. 9) What was the first bar you went to when you came to NU? The most pop- ular answer was " The Cask. " 10) What bar h ave you gone to the most? " The Cask " and " Who ' s On First " were the most named. 1 1) How many times a month do you go out drinking? The answers ranged from " none " to " 31. " The average an- swer was 3.5 12) How many years have you been at NU? Sure, it was a trick question. Most students said " five, " but some caught the meaning and gave the correct answer " too many. " Thirty percent of the Class of 1988 think Ken Ryder is the president of Ryder Rent A Truck, according to the Ultimate Survey of the Class of 1 988. RENT ONE .WAY 13) How many times have you changed your major? The average was twice. 14) How many times have you changed your division? The average was three times. 1 5) How many teachers have you had that did not speak English? The average was four. 16) How many hours have you spent waiting in lines at Northeastern? " I ' m still waiting. " 1 7) What was the first drink you got sick on at Northeastern? " The White Hall water. " 18) How many times have you visited the Lane Health Center? The average was five. 19) How many times have you been told to come back the next day? Gee, the average was also five. 20) How many months have you lived in University Housing? The average was nine, but the most common answer was " too many. " 21) How many roommates have you had? The average answer was three, but the best response was " exactly what do you mean by the word ' had ' ? " 22) How many different co-op jobs have you had. The average was three. 23) What was the worst co-op job you have had? " Children ' s Hospital in Boston, the administrators believed in mandatory birth control. " 24) How many times have you moved since coming to NU? The average was 3.5. One student claimed to have moved 15 times. 25) How many times have you been billed wrongly? The average was six, but the norm was " all of them. " 26) What was your least favorite place at NU? " The quad. " " Cafeteria. " " Dodge Library. " " The Ell Center Men ' s rooms. " " The bursar ' s and the registrar ' s because they always blame each other and make you climb all those stairs. " " Financial Aid. " " I can ' t pick, it ' s all so horrible. " " 135 Mugar. " " The co-op department. " " 150 Forsyth. " " Punters. " " Club Swill. " " The Bursar ' s, need you ask? " R. RYDER Senior Survey 303 The Cauldron Staff Editors in Chief Anna Magliocco David Kiffer Layout Editor Diane Meinholz Activities Editor Kim Huber Layout Staff Kim Richard Michael Turner Marcia Wiegand Kim Di Corleto Photo Staff JeffO ' Heir Tien Nugyen Suzanne Rajabiun Ana Santos Colophon Volume 68 of Northeastern University ' s CAULDRON was printed by Taylor Publish- ing Company in Dallas, Texas. All printing was done using the offset lithography process from layouts prepared by the Cauldron staff. Paper stock for the first 1 6 pages is 80 pound Mead enamel with the remainder of the pages printed on 80 pound Mead matte. Endsheet stock is 10 point coated Frankcote cover. The cover is black Lexotone 075 turned over 1 50 point Davey binders board. The design is embossed with a caracul grain and a face grain. Two silkscreen inks, red 804 and white 911 have been applied to the cover. Senior photographers were processed by Varden Studios of Rochester, New York. Although a variety of typefaces were used in the book, the basic body face is Times Roman. Headline type is 30 36 Times Roman Bold with body type 10 12 Times Roman and cut- lines 8 10 Times Roman. The 1988 CAULDRON had a press run of 2,500 copies which were distributed to the graduating seniors. 304 The End!

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