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aafflsffiHMKisiSfiffliiiK QtoUrgr of " i ' ii ' r-u cafte 1 ■••■■■ " ■ ' • ' ,,; ■ ' ■■ ' • -•.■ ' ■ ' ■■•■• I ' ■ $?■ ' ■ ' ■■ ' ■ ' ' . ;; tf ' irk- m Caulbron 1977 J ottJjeagtern SHnfotrsiitp Ponton, jHas aclmtfetta Boston: The Hub of the Universe iB JFwiHW " " " A City of Tales . . . and and Sails . . . Hail I of Beauty . . . T.%ki ? . " Sfrv f ! f ' - ' . € . . . and Buildings . . . of Sculpture . . . and Culture . . . A City of Reeds and Seeds ■E BmSB I ( I ' ■ : v,? ; ' ' ■ " " 1 v ajf 1 m 4 v x ■, wo MB of Flowers and Hours Spent Walking, Talking, Gawking, Boston, All This ?tir r Home of . . . NORTHEASTERN: Largest Private llllU tt » NORTHEASTER University in the World . . . Q G m.w In a World of Its Own . . . A World of Studies and Buddies, Breakers and Heart Takers, Lines and " V r. Fears, Tears, and Beers, Heart Fines, Classes and Masses ... a m .v W aw. • ■ • Here Was Our Second Home for the Last Five Years . . . NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY. T 3c- « « « »•« V «£ ». _ _ «2jL —• fi jrife ._■ «• »■«-.- - . jil Miite " ' " " — " ' • ' ■ i i flP S». ••». s l " " " " " ' ' ' fc aBfit -jar " -- . " T " « M . Table of Contents Boston and Campus . . . Northeastern Campus . Staff 1 .sideni ' s iV ■ass Advisoi ■ . Sports . . tlm.+HHlH Frdfexufties Seriioj£z.._ .. g£. iifr QHJR K Rtop rmer £ • » " " £ , " % rra - Mary Ann E. Bell Editor-in-Chief Lucia Warner John Jermain Melanie White Associate Editor Photography Editor Managing Editor Dennis Naughton Sandy Maney Chuck O ' Neil Sports Editor Asst. Photo Editor Asst. Photo Editor STAFF — Mark Crowley, Sharon Watson, Roni Kern, Renee Rappaport, Martin Bernstein, Thomas Diam- antini, Gladys Kitchell, Jeffrey Blumsach, Jill Koses CONTRIBUTING WRITERS — Mary Concannon, Richard Handler, Jay Collins, Mary Beth Lane, Theresa Strahan, Larry Joseph, Kevin Hagen CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS — Paul Lee, B. J. Teshko, Scott Haigh, Ken London, Roz Drawas, Gregory Cottman, Melanie White, Manny Duck, Barry Ross, Steve Henschel, Ken Glidden, Thomas Hor- gan, Barbara Tanski, Rich Schnoor, Dick Boyle, Jim Quaderer, Ron Spohn, Tom Voss, Marty Rothstein and JET. ADVISOR — Dean Harvey Vetstein The Cauldron wishes to thank Taylor Publishing Company, Stevens Studios, JET, the Press Bureau and everyone in the university who made this book possible. The 1977 CAULDRON riflHH Roz Drawas The 1977 Cauldron is dedicated to two very special people, very special to me, anyways, Rosalyn Drawas, otherwise known as Roz, and Mary Beth Haughn, oth- erwise known as Beth. Roz is the Program Director in Student Activities. She came in July, 1973, after graduating from Elmira College in New York. She is the advisor of Social Council and is responsible for both their success and the success of their programs. Roz is one of the kindest people around campus who really cares about students and always t ries to help them. For those who don ' t know her, you may have seen her trucking around the back quad with her dog " Elsie, " pictured below, or over the Cask. DEDICATION Mary Beth Haughn Mary Beth Haughn can most fre- quently be seen in 255EC, the Stu- dent Activities Oftice, passing out keys to study rooms, scheduling meetings, or supervising ID cards. Beth first came to the university in the Fall of 1 972, to work for Dean Vetstein. She has stayed with us for five years and many people hope she will stay for many, many more. It has been said that a dedication is a very personal thing, and these two people have helped both me personally and the Cauldron this year and so, it is only fitting that we pay tribute to two of the nicest unselfish people in the university and say thank you, Roz and Beth. — Mary Ann Office of the President Northeastern University 360 HUNTINCTON AVENUE BOSTON. MASSACHUSETTS 02115 Message to the Class of 1977 I extend my sincerest congratulations to each member of the Northeastern Class of 1977. As you reach this important milestone in your life, I am sure you are filled with mixed emotions. Very deservedly you should feel a keen sense of pride in your academic accomplishment which has brought you to the point of graduation. At the same time, I am sure, you sense how much more there is to learn. I am sure that you now feel some of the frustration which faculty members continually face and recognize that only the beginnings of education can be crammed into an undergraduate curriculum. Whether you go on to further graduate study, professional training or simply commit yourself to a program of reading and self -improvement, I hope that education has become a part of your life and the learning experience at Northeastern will serve you well as a foundation for a lifetime of continued learning. I would hope that you approach graduation with an enhanced appreciation of your own compentency and the nature of the world in which we live. Through its courses of instruction and the experience of cooperative work assignments, Northeastern continually strives to provide students with the opportunity for self-appraisal and a chance to understand in realistic terms the nature of the professional fields and the reality of the adult working world. Contact with reality is an essential part of the educational process. The real world may on occasion seem harsh, unfair or may not measure up to the idealistic dreams and aspirations of young people. But all of us must learn to cope with the realities of our time and only by fully understanding the existing world can we hope to effect signifi- cant change and improvement. As you graduate from the University, I hope you will carry with you many fond memories of friendships and enriching experiences which have been a part of your university life. I strongly believe that as the years pass, you will have an enhanced appreciation of your University and the value of the education which you have received here. You can be sure that, as you proceed to further education or to careers in business, industry, public service or other professions, your friends on the University faculty and administration will follow your careers with great interest. We are all proud of your past accomplishments and sincerely hope that the future years bring you personal happiness and great success in whatever career you undertake. 0 6 Kenneth G. Ryder President Professor Robert Vozzella of the Co-op Department, advi- sor to the Class of 1977, has devoted long hours to helping us coordinate the Senior Activities. He has been very instru- mental in helping us accomplish what at first seemed the impossible. For this, we say thank you. David Cogan Edward Dana William Driver Carl S. Ell Byron K. Elliott William Ellison Frank Farwell James V. Fetchero Donald B. Guy Ernest Henderson Harold Hodgkinson Eli Jacobson Robert L. Johnson Henry Jones i - V TRUSTEES Frances Ketterson Asa S. Knowles Lawrence H. Edwin Matz Harold A. Mock Stephen P. Mugar Augustin Parker Amelia Peabody Thomas Phillips Martin Francis Quirico Joseph Riesman Dwight Robinson James Shanahan Donald W. Smith Farnham Smith Jftbl Russell Stearns Earl Stevenson Robert Stone D.Thomas Trigg Chaplin Tyler Robert Willis Alvin C. Zises 27 " " W |p m h w i c aa Northeastern: Its Origins and Development 1898-1977 The History section of the Cauldron is concentrated on the dedicated men of Northeastern ' s past. We have selected men whose services were seen to be outstanding by the Corporation at one time or another. They have been remembered by having a building named in their honor at one time or another. Although the following pages are not of all the buildings, we have reviewed the history of some of the university ' s fin- est men. Besides a pictorial collection of some of the men and the happenings in the particular buildings, we have included a brief summary of the distinguished careers of each man. Included in the following section are the three Presi- dents of Northeastern ' s past, Franklin Palmer Speare, Carl Stephens Ell, and Asa Smallidge Knowles, the first dean of students and the university ' s first athletic director. The idea of this special section is to briefly acquaint you with some of Northeastern ' s founding fathers and inspira- tional men. The services these men put in was instrumen- tal in making Northeastern a major university. — M.C. Speare Hall Frank Palmer Speare Speare Hall is named in honor of Northeastern ' s first president. Speare served as president for 23 years after being the director of the Evening Institute and Boston YMCA ' s School of Law since its estab- lishment in 1898. Speare also served as the Supervisor of Polytech- nic School. During this time he also conducted the Evening Preparatory School courses. Both of the pre- vious schools were part of The Lincoln Institute. Subsequent serving director, he was Dean of the School of Law for 11 years. While president, he became a member of the Cor- poration and Board of Trustees, for 16 and 14 years respectively. During this time, he served on various committees, including Funds and Investments, Facil- ities and Development. Speare instituted new programs, classes, and schools. He often took the task of following up on his ideas personally. For his outstanding achievements, Speare received an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Northeast- ern, Harvard and the University of New Hampshire. The building named after Speare, Speare Hall, was primarily an exclusively female dorm, but in the Fall, 1976, went co-educational. Speare Hall is located on a street also named after him, Speare Place. Carl Stephens Ell The second university president started in the university administration ranks as the Dean of the Lincoln Institute. His other contributions to the Institute included being named Dean of the Evening Polytechnic School and Direc- tor of the Engineering and Tech schools. These positions overlapped with his duties in the Col- lege of Engineering where he was dean for 29 years. He was also Dean of the day division of students for four years. Ell was also dean of the College of Business Admin- istration for many years. A graduate of MIT, Ell was often referred to as " Mr. Northeastern. " During his 19 year span in office, he helped widen the university ' s friends and financial contributors. He also helped the University Co-op Dept. establish a per- manent faculty. Often looked upon as the reason for Northeastern ' s being a major university, Ell has received six honorary degrees in Education from various universities including Northeastern, Tufts, and Boston University. At an anniversary dinner, Ell ' s successor, Asa S. Knowles, praised him for his efforts, " whose leadership throughout half of a century inspired courage and fidelity in his colleagues and helped them build on ever finer insti- tutions of learning. In the last year of his presidency, the Student Center was dedicated in his honor. The building has many vary- ing uses and serves as a vital structure for the many stu- dent activities. Knowles Center for Law and Criminal Justice Asa Smallidge Knowles The third president of Northeastern started his career as an Industrial Management teacher. He later became a professor and then head of the Industrial Engineering Department. Knowles was also the Director of the Bureau of Business Research while serving as the Dean of the College of Business Administration. He later became a member of both the Corporation and the Board of Trustees. Before becoming president of Northeastern, he was president of the University of Toledo where he received a citation for his distinguished service. While at Northeastern, Knowles undertook what has been called the " miracle of Huntington Avenue. " During his period as president, 12 new buildings were erected, showing an increase in the academic programs at North- eastern. He also created many new administrative posi- tions for greater efficiency. He was also responsible for the institution of University College, and the merger of the Evening School of Business with the College of Business Administration. For his distinguished service to higher education, he received citations from Berger Jr. College and Thayer Academy. He was also admitted into the fellowship in the Institute of Industrial Administration in London. The building named after Knowles is now the Center for Law and Criminal Justice. — M.C. Dodge Library Robert Gray Dodge A former attorney at law, Robert Gray Dodge became a member of the Corporation and the Board of Trustees in 1936. He served as Chairman of both upon his arrival. After his thirteen years of service, he became honorary Chairman of the Corporation and Board of Trustees, and joined the Executive Committee. Dodge was honored by Northeastern with an hon- orary Doctorate of Law in 1948. The building named after him is the main library on campus. — M. C. White Hall William Crombie White White ' s career at Northeastern began as a teacher in the College of Engineering. He later progressed to Acting Dean and Director of the Day Colleges in Engineering. He finally served as the Executive Vice President and Provost of Northeastern. Both a member and alumni term member of the Corpo- ration, White received an honorary Doctorate in Engineer- ing from the University. The building named in his honor is presently a co-edu- cational residence hall on Forsyth Street, formerly known as the West Dormitory for Men, now known as White Hall. — M. C. Melvin Hall M| BBW % . %M ' 3C 4 ;l ■ f Harold W. Melvin Melvin joined the Northeastern faculty as a member of the English Department. The very next year he became the Chairman of that department and stayed in that position for eight years. During his latter years, he also served as Northeastern ' s second Director of Student Activities. What Melvin is noted for however, is th e role he played as Northeastern ' s first Dean of Students. The building commemorating his service to Northeast- ern is a dormitory located at 90 The Fenway. Parson ' s Field Edward Snow Parsons Edward Parsons succeeded Harold Melvin as Director of Student Activities, and also served as Director of Health and Physical Training. He also served as the Business Manager for Northeastern and later became the Vice-Pres- ident of Business. Parsons, who was a member of the Corporation, is best remembered for his post as Director of Athletics where he served for 28 years. While Athletic Director, he gained national recognition from his position as a district vice- president of the NCAA and his service on the U.S. Olym- pic Association. The Kent St. athletic field was named Parsons Field in recognition for all he has done for Northeastern and the Huskies. — M. C. Mugar Life Sciences Building! Stephen P. Mugar The president of the Star Market Company, Stephen Mugar, served as an invaluable member of the Corpora- tion from 1960. Additions to the building were completed in 1975, con- firming the increasing need of life sciences, which Mugar was aware of. The life sciences building named after him was dedi- cated to him and his parents, Sarkis and Vosgitel, in 1963. Mugar Building is located in the Robinson Parking Lot and is the center for biology and various Engineering departments. — M. C. Hurtig Hall Edward L. Hurtig The Hurtig Building was named in the memory of Sdward L. Hurtig, an alumni of Northeastern, who died in World War II. The Chemistry Building was dedicated in 1969 by Hur- ig ' s brother, Carl, who was a member of the Corporation and the National Council. The building is located in the Robinson Lot and houses graduate and undergraduate laboratories, offices, the Chemistry Library, and a meeting room for the American Society of Chemistry. — M.C. Stetson East and West Charles Stetson An attorney-at-law, Charles Stetson joined the Corpora- tion and the Board of Trustees in 1936, and remained there for 17 years. While a member of the corporation, he served on various committees, among them, the Committee on Development, Committee on Funds and Investment and the Executive Committee. When the need for co-ed housing was increasing, the formerly all female dorm on Speare Place was added and appropriately named after him. — M. C. Northeastern was the first greater Boston uni- versity to establish a suburban campus, that cam- pus, located in Burlington. Unlike the other cam- pus which deals specifically with one of the col- leges, Burlington offers a much wider choice of schools, on both the graduate and undergraduate levels. On the graduate levels, courses leading to a Master of Science in Engineering or Science, Busi- ness or Education are offered. Courses are also available for engineers and scientists who want to keep up with advances in their fields. On the undergraduate level, programs are avail- able leading to a Bachelor of Science in Business with a management concentration. Bachelor pro- grams are available in Engineering with an Asso- ciate degree in Engineering Technology also avail- able. For Freshmen, full-time courses are available in Business, Education and Liberal Arts. Special programs for women are held in the morning hours for housewives which lead to the Bachelor of Science degree. The campus also accommodates rooms for forums, symposiums and lectures conducted by specialists and reputable authorities. Rooms are also available for professional groups and socie- ties. — M.C, Located on a small peninsula jutting into the Atlantic, the Edwards Marine Science Laboratory is the center of Northeastern ' s Nahant campus. The laboratory is named in honor of David and Edna Edwards. This couple devoted many hours to the promotion and advancement of the ideals of Northeastern. The director of the Marine Science Institute is Dr. Nathan W. Riser. He has been there since the institute ' s inception and is the motivational force of the international reputation the center has acquired. Its research in Marine biology brings summer visits from representatives of other uni- versities and the Smithsonian Institution. The research at the institute is done mainly by NU ' s grad students who work there full-time three days a week. A number of research papers and reports have been published on the institute in various scien- tific journals, on the aspects of marine biology. This is the primary concern of the institute: research and reporting on new findings. The only one of its kind in New England, the institute and Northeastern are very proud of the reputation it is making and has made for itself in the field of marine biology research. — M.C. I ' ' ' ysU miniums . -•- ' ! — ■. " -• , _ ' •_, - Often referred to as " an outdoor lab for the Bos- ton Bouve College, " the Warren Center in Ashland is used by the students majoring in physical edu- cation and recreation education. At various times in their five-year program, Bouve students can live at the Warren Center to gain practical experience and outdoor education. The Departments of Physical and Recreation Education conduct six week camps during the summer for the severely handicapped. This pro- gram is run in conjunction with the Easter Seal Society ' s program. The facilities available at the Center have been specially prepared for the hand- icap children. The Center provides the necessary education to prepare students to be directors of camps, play- grounds, park and industrial recreation and health programs. It also prepares students to teach in ele- mentary and secondary schools, colleges and uni- versities. The Center can also include preparation to coach or direct sports and athletics programs. The Hayden Lodge, also located at Ashland, has dining facilities for 200 people, offices for the director and his secretaries, a faculty conference room, a library, and accommodations for over- night guests. — M. C. A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO HERBERT WENDELL GALLAGHER No other man is more revered and synonymous with Northeastern athletics than Herbert Wendell Gallagher. For 45 years he participated in our athletic program as a player, coach and finally Athletic Director, a truly remarkable contribution. As a baseball, hockey and soccer player at North- eastern for five years, he accumulated 9 varsity let- ters and, in addition, was named to both baseball and hockey All New England. teams. As the coach of freshman and varsity baseball and varsity hockey teams, athletics at N.U. prospered. In 1948, his fellow coaches voted him New England Hockey Coach of the Year. As Athletic Director f or 21 years, Northeastern attained prominence and dis- tinction with championship teams in hockey, cross country, indoor and outdoor track, baseball, basket- ball and an undefeated bowl-bound football team. He introduced rowing at Northeastern and under his guidance, the crew team won the Dad Vail Champi- onship, two Eastern Springs and three visits to the Henley-on-the-Thames Regatta. Outside of Northeastern, he has served as presi- dent of the New England Athletic Conference, the Greater Boston Athletic Conference, the Eastern Association of Rowing Colleges, the Intercollegiate Ice Hockey Association and the American Hockey Coaches Association. He also served as the Chair- man of the NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee and the U.S. Olympic Hockey Committee. He has been the recipient of the Sheaffer Pen Award for Out- standing Contribution to Hockey and has been inducted to the Collegiate Hockey Hall of Fame as well as the Northeastern Athletic Hall of Fame. Northeastern University is proud of Herb Gal- lagher. We are proud of his unselfishness in giving his time and effort to make Northeastern ' s athletic program formidable and respectable. We are proud of the many contributions that he made in athletics, and more importantly, the effect that he has had on so many young lives. To Northeastern ' s Number One Sportsman and Sports Fan . . . THANK YOU The Hockey Player 1933-34 The Athletic Director Jack Grinold presents Herb with the Sheaffer Pen Award Inducted into the Northeastern Hall of Fame by for- mer President Asa Knowles In Memoriam Ernest L. Spencer 1913-1975 The presence of Ernest L. Spencer, Professor of Civil Engineering and Chairman of the Department at Northeastern, will be sorely missed and long remembered by his friends and associates. The former president of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers died in October 1975. He was friend to literally hundreds of students, faculty, alumni and staff, and although he gave civil engineering matters top priority, he was a kind of good will emissary to all parts of the university. A graduate of Norwood High School, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Northeastern in 1 936, and spent the next three years working for various engineering firms. He joined the Northeastern faculty in 1 939, and received an MSCE from Harvard in 1943, and assumed the position of department chairman at Northeastern in 1961. He oversaw the growth of the Civil Engineering Department from six full-time faculty members to 22, and was instrumental in developing and strengthening programs at associ- ate, baccalaureate and graduate degree levels. His own expertise was in concrete technol- ogy in which he was a consultant throughout his career. He was Chairman of the American Society for Testing and Materials, New England Dis- trict, for four years, and was also a member of the Prestressed Concrete Institute. He was a member of the American Society for Engineering Education, Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Xi. Spencer was a member of the Medfield Planning Board for 12 years, and chaired the Northeastern Diamond Anniversary Celebration Committee. From 1961 to 1974, he was a member of the University Cabinet. Students and faculty could depend on his office door being open at all times; his valued counsel was always available. His warmth, good humor, and dedication markedly influ- enced those who came within his large sphere of activity. He brought various civil engineer- ing oriented clubs on campus including Chi Epsilon, the national civil engineering honor society, and helped the student chapter of the ASCE. Lighthearted in his approach to academic matters, he seldom underestimated the impor- tance of problems to students and staff, and was always ready to lend a hand. He took great pride in his mechanical ability, and was not above plunging into laboratory and main- tenance problems to keep things in working order in the Botolph Building. In 1975, he helped initiate formation of a Visiting Committee of professional engineers to review programs and facilities in his department, in the Interest of continuing improvement and upgrading of the learning experience made available to civil engineering students. He did not live to see the final report of that committee; it was dedicated in his memory. In recognition of what he has done for Northeastern and in his memory, the 1977 Caul- dron would like to pay tribute to Professor Ernest L. Spencer. Criminal Justice Professional Police Yes, cops are getting an education. " Until ten years ago, no one thought seriously of educating police or correction people, " says Norman Rosenblatt, dean of the College of Criminal Justice. Things are changing. Undergraduate enrollment in the college now numbers about 1800 students, with some 200 in the graduate program. Female enrollment is climbing also. " Now the whole thing with the women ' s movement is bringing more women into it (the college), " says Robert Croatti, assistant to the dean of criminal justice. " Yes, women can do it! " The college was established in 1966 under a grant from the Ford Foundation. " It ' s constantly growing and expanding, " says Rosenblatt. " I thought it would level off, but . . . " Areas of specialization for criminal justice majors include corrections, rehabilitation, law enforcement and court work. And criminal justice co-op students can land jobs as police dispatchers, law firm messengers and investigative trainees in federal agencies, according to Kathi Kalloel, assistant co-op coordinator. Some students were reportedly unhappy with co-op jobs as department store security guards. " With CJ being a relatively new degree, employers aren ' t sure where to put a CJ major, " Kalliel concedes, " (And) the job market is tight, no question. We ' re having problems getting tremendously satisfying jobs for all students. " Rosenblatt lauds co-op as a healthy does of realism for the student attracted to the " glamour " of police work. Merely the stench of a dank prison cell is often enough to dissuade a student from the field, he says. A " best in the country " tag for the college of criminal justice has often been bandied about. Rosenblatt demurs gently, but stresses the college ' s well-known faculty and international reputation. — Mary Beth Lane Engineering Engineers Broadening Their Horizons " Contrary to a general public conception, a serious shortage of engineers is developing in this country. " The New York Times March 11, 1973 The picture hasn ' t changed. The engineering graduate can look forward to a fairly open job market — a market that has been increasing by approximately 40,000 openings every year, according to a U.S. Labor department study. Because of this growing trend and the move toward a more technological society, this year ' s engineering major has had more freedom in choosing courses and degrees than did their predecessors five years before. This is especially true for the Northeastern student. The introduction of an unspecified degree, an environmental engineering option in civil engineering, the reduction of the number of quarter hours and changes in co-op policy occurred during the last five years. Di Melvin Mark, dean of the College of Engineering, said the introduction of the unspecified degree allows a student to earn a degree without stating a specific branch of engineering. This gives the student more flexibility in choosing his or her course of study. The unspecified BS program allows a student to design his own program with the aid of an advisor, with about 50 per- cent elective, including courses outside of the College of Engineering. Due to today ' s stress on conserving our country ' s natural resources, the civil engineering department added an environ- mental engineering option which places a strong environmental component in the curriculum. Courses included in the new major were water supply treatment, waste water disposal, and air pollution. These courses were added to supplement the department ' s other concentrations in transportation, structural engineering, solid mechanics and foundation engineer- ing. The number of quarter hours needed to be spent in class to obtain a degree was reduced 10 percent so that today ' s grad- uate needed only 180 quarter hours. At the same time, the quality point average (QPA) needed for graduation was r aised from a 1.8 in 1970 to a 2.0 with required courses in 1975. Lincoln College, strictly an evening college in the past, was placed under the Dean of Engineering and day classes insti- tuted recently. Two new programs were offered in engineering technology. These programs involve more laboratory work and application techniques involving practical work rather than the theoretical, arithmetical and scientific background. Co-op has also given students a look at the more practical, everyday use of engineering. Many practices within the struc- ture of the engineering co-op have changed recently to allow more freedom of choice in the selection of assignments. In the early 1970 ' s, the co-op department would send one candidate to interview for one job. Now if there are three jobs and three candidates, all of the candidates interview for each of the positions, thereby giving both companies and students more of a choice. The co-op department also offered a career development course which prepared students for graduation, while the sen- ior placement service has expanded their offerings to include a series of seminars on graduate schools, interviews, resume writing, and job search techniques. Northeastern is also encouraging engineering students to take the sequence of steps needed to become a registered pro- fessional engineer. Mark believes that Northeastern provides an excellent foundation for entering the engineering profession or for using technical knowledge in other careers. " In a complex society, your engineering education may well become the true liberal education of the future. " — Jay Collins Pharmacy and Allied Health Primary Health Care Training The mid-seventies were a period of growth and expan- sion in public health care as medicare and medicaid extended services to a greater segment of society. Northeastern ' s College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions helped fill the need for qualified professional help. Between 1972 and 1975 enrollments increased 47 per- cent. Women comprised more than half of the college, 749 of the 1373 enrolled. Pharmacy had been an almost totally male-oriented field. However, women became a steadily increasing per- centage in the profession. Albert Soloway, dean of the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions, said, " We find that the increas- ing number of women in our classes adds a healthy new perspective to student outlook; in profile, they are a bright group with a high performance record. " As a result of the increased demand for health profes- sionals, students in this field had generally excellent co-op job opportunities. Co-operative education was ideally suited to the health- related professions. The application of classroom theory to reality through on-the-job training was part of the requirements for a degree of certification. Pharmacists received one of the highest starting salaries of all college graduates. Salaries ranged from $12,000 to $20,000. The college was adopting new programs and modifying existing ones as the need arose. Usually pleased by the changes and developments in the health professions, students sometimes expressed dismay at the frequent changes in the degree requirements. The College of Pharmacy was expanding to meet the broader responsibilities of a pharmacist which went beyond the traditional role of merely distributing drugs. " Pharmacy is undergoing major changes to meet demands in the future, " said Soloway. " Pharmacy in the future will be drastically changed. Pharmacists will really be primary health care units. " The merging in 1971 of the two formerly separate col- leges, pharmacy and allied health helped bridge the com- munications gap between the professions. Allied health offered programs in medical laboratory science, respiratory therapy, medical records administra- tion, dental hygiene, physical assistance, radiologic tech- nology management, nursing home administration and hematology. — Theresa Strahan Liberal Arts Credit for Co-op What do you do with a Liberal Arts degree? With today ' s tight job market, that query has become almost a cliche. Recent liberal arts graduates report employers are looking for people with special skills. Former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Robert Shepard, said that this is true, but says that a liberal arts degree is still valid. " The problem is, " he says, " that students are conditioned by the notion that you major in something for career preparation. But, that ' s never been the central concept (in lib- eral arts). " " You major in something because you ' re in love with it. It may or may not coincide with career aspirations. " Shepard admits employers are asking more and more ' what skills do you have? ' but decries this as a ' ' weakness. ' ' " Intellectual development is needed more than specific skills, " he maintains. " A broad liberal arts background gives that kind of intellectual development. " And co-op is there as a skill-builder for lib- eral arts students. The College of Liberal Arts in 1975 began an experimental credit for co-op program with eligible biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, earth science and psychology stu- dents. The pilot program, approved in 1974 by a liberal arts faculty committee, will be expanded to include other majors if this ven- ture proves successful. Credit for Co-op is not free. Students pay the same rates for one co-op term as they pay for one four-credit course. And, students aren ' t rushing to participate in the program. In other recent developments, liberal arts has started a human services major. A com- bination of social science courses, it also fea- tures field experience in welfare, rehabilita- tion and corrections. And a music education major may be com- ing soon. Many new courses have been added to the liberal arts menu. Along with the traditional staples, students can now enjoy Insanity and Literature, Black Nutritional Habits, and the Meaning of Death. — Mary Beth Lane 1 - ;•;:-: «H _ H Boston Bouve Health, Recreation and Kinesiology? In liberal arts, they concentrate on the mind — the meaning of life, the social sciences. In business they deal with the numbers, the costs, the profits. But in Boston Bouve, they work for the body. Physical Education, recreation education, physical therapy and health education are all a part of Boston Bouve College. The Boston School of Physical Education was founded in 1913 to train women in physical education. Those women, unlike today ' s student, paid $100 year tuition and a percentage of their first year ' s salary after graduation. In 1964, the school became a part of Northeastern and was rechristened Boston Bouve. From there it was golden. The only majors available when the school merged with Northeastern were physical educa- tion and physical therapy. In 1965, they added recreation education and the final major, health education, came along in 1972. Perhaps one of the most demanding majors in the entire university is physical therapy. Students are prepared, through classwork and hospital experience, to work with the physically disabled of all ages in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. It ' s tough, demanding and — if you make it — rewarding. Students concentrate on the more liberal arts as well as sciences during the first two years, and then move on to the more professional courses — anatomy, kinesiology, neurology, physiology and clinical medicine. Field experience comes in the form of cooperative placement in various hospitals, clinics and other health institutions. Working with the disabled, young and old, can be a frustrating, depressing, and, fortunately, often happy experience. The job and classwork demand intense concentration, perseverance and drive. Health education majors are concerned with teaching at all levels — with emphasis on drug abuse and use, mental health, aging and health problems. Students in this five-year program work in hospitals and community centers, learning about family and community health problems. Recreation education majors specialize in community recreation, therapeutic recreation or outdoor education and con- servation. The program is wide-ranging and includes study in arts and crafts, music, therapeutic recreation sports, outdoor educa- tion, school camping and park programming. Students work indoors and out with children and adults in youth agencies, recreation departments, hospitals and other institutions. In addition, students spend time at the university ' s Warren Center in Ashland, " an outdoor lab for Boston Bouve Col- lege. " The department conducts during the summer a six-week camp for the severely handicapped, in conjunction with the Easter Seals program. The physical education majors are trained to teach at elementary and secondary levels, may minor in athletic training, coaching, dancing or the sciences. They also spend time at Ashland, and in their senior year are assigned to various student teaching positions in the Bos- ton area. Boston Bouve has changed with the times. An associate degree was established in therapeutic recreation for nursing home directors, and was run out of University and Lincoln Colleges. A part-time master ' s program in physical eduation and recreation education was established in 1970. The growth has been tremendous — 10 graduates in 1915, and 1500 last year. Health and recreation education have become increasingly attractive to incoming freshmen, and physical therapy and physical education continue to grow. — Mary Concannon Education Push Over Piaget Northeastern ' s education program attempted to prepare future teachers to adjust to the changing roles in the classroom. Frank E. Marsh Jr., dean of the College of Education, said that one way his goal was accomplished was through co-op. He said that various types of work the students managed to get helped them prepare for their futures in the field of education. " Teaching is both an art and a science, " said Dean Marsh, " and we have long had too narrow a concept of education. " " We must now think of education as a lifetime adventure not limited to the school, " he said. The College of Education was established in 1953 to prepare high quality professionals for the service of education. The college offers students a variety of majors. Elementary education students are able to concentrate on humanities; social sciences; math-sciences; reading-language, or special education. A minimum of 16 quarter hours in two other subject areas is also required. Secondary education majors are offered social studies, English, foreign languages; earth science; biology; chemistry; physics or math programs. One quarter of supervised student teaching was also required during each student ' s sen- ior year. The college also offered a pre-professional program in speech and hearing therapy. There was also a pre-professional program in human services offered in conjunction with the colleges of Criminal Justice and Liberal Arts. The program was designed to give students a comprehensive view of the needs of soci- ety and the many ways an individual may meet these needs. It prepared the student for work in halfway houses, mental hospitals, penal institutions and rehabilitation centers. The college began an experimental four year co-op program with about 30 volunteers from the class of 1 978. While on co-op, the students took a course in human development that met several times a week. The emphasis of the program, according to Dean Marsh, was to " tie together the- ory and practice at the same time. " There were also changes at the reading clinic. The clinic became more of a real reading clinic and referral center, making its services available on Saturdays and evenings. Dean Marsh said he would like to see the concept expanded into other fields such as math. Meanwhile, enrollment was on the decline. Dean Marsh said it was more difficult to obtain jobs in the field of education and colleges were more selective of the students they accepted into programs, just as superintendents and principals became more demanding in the quality of the teachers they hired. More men entered the field of education as the opportunities, especially in the field of elementary education, are on the rise. Dean Marsh added that the programs turned out more well-rounded teachers prepared to work in a variety of fields. — Mary Concannon lr | ■ li i ' ' ■ ' i Business Administration $$$ Grads See Cents of Business Degree Two hundred years ago, Abe Swartz was opening up his delicatessen in downtown Boston. Such-a-business you have never seen. It was the very first fast food enterprise in the colonies. You could have ridden up on horseback, jumped off your mount, eaten a corned beef on rye and been back on your way, before you can buy books at the bookstore the first week of classes. Unfortunately, his two daughters ate up all the inventory and the delicatessen went bankrupt within the week. Perhaps if Abe had studied at the Northeastern College of Business Administration he would have been more success- ful. The school created an environment for an individual to learn to think critically. The educational process stressed theo- retical and functional backgrounds, and placed a strong emphasis on the professional areas. Students were given exposure to the practical experiences in business through co-op assignments. In a final effort to round out a student ' s background, there was a strong infusion of the humanities and social studies. The business program ' s aim was to allow students to pursue professional graduate study, or to be viable well-trained individuals in high demand in the market place. Many students chose Northeastern because it appeared to be the most logical way to approach education. " Instead of hitting the books for nine months and pumping gas over the summer, " said one accounting major, " I received an education that combined classroom knowledge and the practical, that enabled me to better understand the profession I was enter- ing. " Professor Mike Fetters of the accounting department said the environment was a critical aspect in the school ' s educa- tional system. " At Northeastern the business student has a unique opportunity to blend practical and academic ekperience while working toward his undergraduate degree, " he said. The student learned from his and other students ' experiences on co-op said Fetters. The combination contributed to the total " educational package that is a tremendous aid in a student ' s endeavors to achieve personal goals, " he added. Looking back at the five year investment of time, and the enormous amount of money spent, did the education received meet your expectations? Before answering, re-evaluate the alternatives. — Richard Handler Nursing New Angels of Mercy The days of Florence Nightengale are long gone. Today ' s nurses need more than a strong stomach and a good dose of mercy. Training and experience — especially the latter — are prerequisites in a field that demands much from the nurse. " At other schools, the students might work for years and never work on a real person, " said Mary Flynn, the college ' s co- op coordinator. " Here they get experience. " The College of Nursing was established in 1964, with a three-year associate degree program designed to prepare the beginning nurse to provide the care in a variety of patient situations, said Dean Juanita Long. Two years later, in 1966, a five-year baccalaureate program, complete with co-op was begun. This program was founded to provide nurses with basic training plus the tools for future advancement through experience and graduate study for such things as clinical nursing, administration, research or teaching. Baccalaureate candidates begin receiving clinical experience in their second year, while associates begin immediately. In 1970, the college opened a limited license practical nurse program in the associate term, for nurses whose previous training and experience enable them to complete the program in two years. The first class of qualified registered nurses was admitted in 1974, and these students, said Long, complete their degree requirements in one year. The nurse practitioner program — nurses presently employed in ambulatory pediatric health care centers — was also begun. This course, lasting 16 weeks, accommodated a limited number of students. An open curriculum program was begun this year, where students in both degree majors follow the same course of stud- ies for the freshman year and then opt for either program. All programs have shown increasing enrollments, said Long, and some students must be turned away from the various programs. Nursing has changed in another way besides the increasing demand for training and experience. The nurse at your hospital bedside may not look like the Clara Barton ' s of yesterday — as few of those women wore pants and a full-length beard. Men have entered the profession in increasing numbers, and last year, the baccalaureate program boasted 33 male nurses. " I think the men like nursing partly because the field is so wide open, " said Barbara Madden, R.N., M.S., an instructor in the department. " You sometimes find a kind of reverse prejudice. Since they (the men) are in such demand, they can often rise quickly to the top, especially in administration. " Dave Wilson, 80N a former sociology major, left Colby College and . . . " I worked in a nursing home for three months and I got along well with the old folks, " he said. " Then I was an orderly at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford. I really liked it, so I decided to become a nurse. " In 1975, the baccalaureate program was accepted by Sigma Theta Tau, Inc., the national honor society of nursing. Nurses are expanding their roles, according to Prof. Barbara Goodfellow. " We are now able to provide better nursing service by meeting the needs of those who have not been reached before. The nurse clinician and nurse practitioner provide entrance into the health care system for people in areas such as the inner city and rural America with an adequate number of physicians, " she explained. — Kevin Hagen SPECIAL EVENTS . . . . . . by the Silver Masque Tin Ynn Remember? STREAKING It was a cold night in March, 1974, when a few brave NU men and woman, bared them- selves to a new college fad, streaking. It was a very short lived fad. Besides, it was cold and the dorms couldn ' t afford too much more toilet paper being wasted. The Marvelous Arborway nl IMP 1 b Tgars-. jnp " . . m 4 THIS » MEQBt • t- ««___ | • M ' you wait, and wait, and wait . . . Martin Bernstein, Chairperson of Social Council, is responsible for programming all of the social events on campus. The leader of one of the largest budgeted student organizations, Martin is responsible for bringing such flicks as ' Deep Throat ' and ' The Devil in Miss Jones ' on campus. From Yonkers, N.Y., this 21-year-old joined Social Council as film chairman in the winter of 1975 and has made Social Council what it is today. Since Martin has taken over as Chairman in 1975, he has brought on campus an annual Springfest, alcohol, burlesque, concerts, etc. He has also programmed entertainment in the Rathskellar three to four times a week. A management major, Martin enjoys what he does and apparently does it well. So, when you attend the next big social event on campus, you can thank Martin and all the time and effort he has put into making sure you have a good time. In addition to being a Dean ' s List student, he is a Travelli Scholar and was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges this past year. Who ' s Who? Do you know who is who or what on campus? Well, before you leave here is who is who and who was who. Everyone has talked about him, many want to talk to him, others get angry with him, why? Because, he is the " bursar. " Yes, he is that man who sends you the bills in the mail and says who pays what and how much. Bob Najjar is his name. A very proficient businessman, Najjar is said to have helped set up the accounting system at Northeastern. He has also become very good at having people get angry with him without having to say a word or even meet him. But, such is the life of a popular man. Have you ever been to a Silver Masque production and wonder where the set came from? Or, have you ever been to a movie or class in the Auditorium and wonder how the screen got down? Well, Peter Glynn is the man responsible for all of this. He is the backstage manager in the auditorium and spends his day building " dollhouses. " Sound like fun? Well it is to Peter who just came from New Hampshire to join the staff in August, 1976, but ask him after he has been here for 16 hours and listen to the reply. Peter, besides being back- stage manager, is also the proud owner of " Marta " a Siberian Husky you may have noticed trucking across campus. A true politician, Glenn Trindade, 21, a political science major, has been the Executive Chairperson of the Student Federation for two years. Glenn has been responsible for many good programs on campus. He has run the student teacher evaluations, has had many committees look into some hair-raising problems at the university, set up open meetings with Pres. Ryder and much more. This New Bed- ford native has not been solely Federation property though, besides working two part-time jobs, he is a justice on the Stu- dent Court, has been a member of Social Council, and will be Chairman of NUFOS (NU Freshman Orientation Staff) this year. A Dean ' s List student and Travelli Scholar, Glenn was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges. So, what does he want to do with a track record like his? Go to Law School. Where? Harvard, of course. Good Luck Glenn! Lucia Warner, 22, of West Hartford, Conn., came to Northeastern in the Fall of 1973, as any other young coed. But little did she know that she would spend 18 hours of her day at Northeastern helping with Student Activi- ties. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority and President of the Panhellenic Council. She was responsible for making stu- dents more aware of Greeks on campus. Lucia has also helped a great deal with the yearbook, and many long hours have been spent here working at other events. After graduation, she intends to rest. Jeffrey Cooper, a junior accounting major, is one of the most active students on campus. Jeff became a brother of the Gamma Phi Kappa Fraternity, and has risen to its presidency. He has also been a Treasurer for the Interfraternity Council, and a Vice-President for the IFC. In addition to his social activities, he takes life on campus more seriously than others. He was chief justice of the Student Court, and has donated much of his time helping raise money from alumni. A Travelli Scholar, Jeff is a Dean ' s List student and was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges this past year. ipiua Running a radio station sounds like a fun job, but to Richard Morin, manager of WRBB, it has been a very serious job. Rick, a manage- ment major has been able to put much of his classroom knowledge to practical use. Rick manages approximately 50 people. He is responsible for making sure everything is done: schedules, news, pay- ing bills, fixing equipment, etc. WRBB keeps Rick busy for the better and sometimes worse part of the day. They will miss him when he leaves. Rick is a Dean ' s List student and was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges this past year. Your editor-in-chief, Mary Ann Bell, has been a very busy little girl this past year. In addition to putting together this masterpiece, she headed up Social Council for one year opposite Martin Bernstein, chaired the Fresh- man Orientation Committee and is President of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority. A 22-year-old accounting major from Waltham, she is really into student activities. What will she do after graduation? Who knows, rest, work and then maybe go to law school, but definitely not spend 20 hours a day, seven days a week at Northeastern. A Travelli Scholar, she was named to Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities this past year. Renee Rappaport from Freeport, N.Y., is probably the only Northeastern graduate who can boast about having stood next to President Jimmy Carter on his Inauguration Day. Renee, a political science major, took a co-op quarter off and ran for a seat as state delegate. Sorry to say that she lost, but she got an invitation to the inauguration anyways, and got to meet President Carter. Renee is 22, and an active member of the Student Federation. She co-chaired the Freshman Orien- tation Staff in 1975, and has worked hard for student activi- ties. Renee is a Dean ' s List student and was named to Who ' s Who in American Colleges. D. Joseph Griffin, a 1969 graduate of NU, decided to come back and reform the place. Mr. Griffin, 34, is the Director of Public Safety at Northeastern. When he came to NU, he made very notable changes. There are now two types of officers, University Police (blue uniforms) and Institutional Police (brown uni- forms). All of the University police now attend a training session at the state police acad- emy thanks to Mr. Griffin. He has stepped up the security on campus, installed more alarm switches and hired the first female police. Mr. Griffin has done a remarkable job and has made Northeastern a safer place to go to school. : - lv ' " V trills?. !!s mv 1976 Student Union Speakeasy: Fun for Now, lei ' s get that kick right. One and All C ' mon let ' s get some spirit here. Mike and Ike clowning around. Boy, the help you get these days. Oh. no! Not another Social Council concert. Three blind mice. Who, me? I never cheat, I ' m a Dean ' s List stu- dent. The meeting wasn ' t that funny. ■ ; ■ ■■■■■• ; ♦■A in. € Members of the Class of 1977 who have been captains of a var- sity sport are: Above: Paul Walsh. Captain of 1975-76 basketball team; To the left. Kevin Foley, Co-Captain of the 1976-77 football team. On the opposite page. Top left is Jim Walker, Captain of the 1975-76 baseball team. Bottom left is Gerry Shea. Captain of 1975-76 football team and Bottom right is Richard Morrill, Co-Captain of 1976-77 football team. 1 ._ .y?ry- j ?; t atd G. ERNEST ARLETT: The Regal Father of Husky Crew Retires. From Henley, England to Huntington Ave., His Name Is Synonymous With the Sport Itself. When the university commu- nity first heard of Coach Ernie Arlett ' s retirement as crew coach after the 1977 spring season it was unofficial. Although Arlett him- self knew that the 1977 season, his 13th, would be his last he hadn ' t confirmed it totally. G. Ernest Arlett, known as a tra- dition in rowing circles, first came to Northeastern in 1964 with a tough assignment he knew would take a few years to complete. However, he also knew that he could do it. The mission: start a crew program at Northeastern University, make it competitive, and make it last. The man ' s suc- cess speaks for itself. In the summer of 1976, while Ernie was preparing the United States scullers for Olympic com- petition in Montreal he took sick, so his hope that 1977 would be his final season of coaching was in jeopardy. But true to his rugged English upbringing he was ready for his final season with bells on. Born at Henley-on-the-Thames, England, Arlett was bred on row- ing as his father, lack Arlett, was second in the World ' s Profes- sional Single Sculls Champion- ship from 1912 to 1920. Harry Arlett, his brother, was also a pro- fessional sculler. So, little Ernie had crew ingrained in his charac- ter from day one. In the mid-1920 ' s, after graduat- ing from Henley-British-School and Henley Technical Institute, Arlett competed professionally in English regattas as a member of eights, fours, pairs and as a single scull, his specialty. He began coaching as a free- lancer in 1930 until the war inter- rupted. After the war he secured a coaching job at the National Pro- vincial Bank and Rowing Club from 1948-57. His two early coach- ing successes came in 1948 when he served as the Finland Olympic Regatta coach and at the 1949 Henley Regatta, when he guided John B. Kelly to the Diamond Sculls title. Oriel and Queens Colleges in Oxford, England, were the next stops in Arlett ' s now well-known and respected coaching career. In 1959 he made the move across the Atlantic Ocean where his career blossomed. Rutgers University was the first institution to reap the fruits of Arlett ' s service when he became freshman coach in 1960. Two years later Harvard University acquired his talents as supervisor of its sculling and intramural crew programs. How lucky Northeastern Uni- versity was to get this man. He needed a challenge in 1964 and what bigger one could he get than to be the father of a major univer- sity ' s initial venture in the reward- ing sport of crew. Arlett ' s monumental presence was felt immediately, as he royal techniques helped the initial var- sity crew score a 3-1 regular sea- son record and a Dad Vail Cham- pionship. The Northeastern " Cin- derella " crew was the undisputed Small College Champion of the nation. On the Charles with assistant Frank Barrett. Celebrating with crew at 1972 Eastern Sprints. Instantly the country ' s peren- nial powers took notice of Arlett and his athletes ' accomplishments after they took a trip to Henley Royal Regatta at Henley-on-the- Thames. England. Arlett ' s return to his birthplace was quite auspi- cious. Eastern Sprint Champion- ships in 1972 and ' 73 again sent the Husky elite eight shell to Henley and showdowns with the Russians in the World Challenge Cup. NU finished second both times. Arlett, along with other crew enthusiasts and coaches from the New England and East Coast area, is one of the founders of the Head of the Charles Regatta, run each fall on the Charles River. It is fash- ioned after the Henley races in England and it began in 1965. This annual affair, which is attended by thousands of racers and spec- tators each year is an accomplish- ment much to the credit of Ernie Arlett. However, the championships, his career regular season regatta record of 36 wins and 20 losses, including a 5-0 slate in 1973, all the recognition is immeasureable. The spring of 1977 would be frosting on the cake. Ernie Arlett has many memories to relish. Most of the crewmen who rowed for him were unaware of the sport when, as freshmen meandering around campus, a " regal sort of chap " and his assist- ant Frank Barrett approached them with a thing called crew. Like sculptures, they were molded by Arlett ' s massive hands into oarsmen. From the tank under the Barletta Natatorium, to the River- side Boathouse across from Rob- ert Halls, to the historic Charles, to Henley-on-the-Thames . . . The story of Arlett ' s being accepted as head crew coach in 1964 by former Athletic Director Herb Gallagher is one of note. When Gallagher called then Har- vard Athletic Director Tom Bolles, a former crew coach, to inquire about Arlett. Bolles exclaimed. " No, Herb, you ' re not taking Ernie from us, are you? " Prof. Gallagher politely said thank you for the response and the rest is history. )mecomin J Day of Votes and. . . Queen Susan Oliver Cross Country Another Fall, Another Winner DENTON, Texas — It was here, on the 13th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy ' s assassination, that two runners made track history at Northeastern by becoming the school ' s first Ail-American runners. The events on November 22, 1976 at the National Collegiate Association of Athletic Cross Country Champi- onships (NCAA ' s) capped a season which saw an 8-2 dual record, a first in the Greater Boston Champion- ships, a third in the New England Championships and a sixth in the Eastern Championships (IC4A ' s). A season before the Huskies had surprisingly won the IC4A ' s after placing second in the NE ' s. It was going to be a chore to defend the title and, as the season progressed, it became more of an impossibility since no runners prevailed capable enough to run fourth and fifth. Capt. John Flora. 21st at the NCAA ' s, and sophomore Bruce Bick- Bf? j- qt CROSS COUNTRY TEAM 1st row: Tom Mortimer, Bob Flora, Greg Senick, Kurt Stolle, John Flora, Kevin Prest. Kevin Maguire, Jim Doane. 2nd row: Coach Everett Baker, Bruce Bickford, Ken Graham, Rich Fazio, Wayne Spinney, Jim Gallagher, Mark Lech, Walt Nev- ohs and Head Coach Irwin Cohen. ford, 14th at the NCAA ' s, achieve- ments that earned them the All- America tabs, paced the Harriers throughout the season. Bob Flora, John ' s twin brother, was the third consistent placer over the fall season and his 123rd NCAA finish was cred- ible. However, graduation of Ken Flan- ders and Mike Buckley posed prob- lems. Inexperienced depth and the lack of proven fourth and fifth fin- ishers resulted in a team that was young and incomplete. Still, the sea- son was successful, as they always are. It began with a lopsided win over a weak New Hampshire squad in late September. John Flora won the race covering the Huskies ' five-mile home course at Franklin Park in 24:52. Only two Wildcat runners upset the NU dominance of the first 10 places. Essentially, it was no contest, but the next race was. It appeared after the UNH meet that John Flora and Bruce Bickford would continue their fine running, but against such a weak opponent NU didn ' t know which runners would round out the top five. Fresh- man Jim Doane and sophomore Greg Senick, another product of the Flo- ras ' hometown, Ledyard, Conn., might be the answer, but their inex- perience was too much to compen- sate for. Massachusetts, always a power in New England along with Northeast- ern and Providence, brought the Huskies back to earth with a win in meet number two. J. Flora — Bickford — B. Flora, the Huskies big trio, finished the Van Cortland Park course second, third and fifth, respectively. UMass junior Mike Quinn from Dedham won the race with teammate John McGrail fourth. The Minutemen also had sixth, seventh and eighth. Scheduling two powers such as UMass and Providence back-to-back produced the team ' s two losses of the season. John Flora resumed his sea- sonal battle with the Friar ' s John Treacy taking second in 23:27 time. Bickford, the 1977 NU captain, was third (23:58), while the other half of the Irish-import duo, Mick O ' Shea, took fourth (24:15). Bob Flora was sixth on the Franklin Park trail in 24:22, while Senick took tenth and Gerry Whittaker, 13th. The Huskies breezed into the GBC ' s with a white-washing of the Holy Cross Crusaders minus the Flo- ras. Bickford grabbed the number one spot pacing the 15-49 win as the visiting Huskies bolted to the first six spots in the race at Worcester. Wal- ter Nevolis, Doane, Senick, freshman Kevin Prest and ex-manager Jim Gal- lagher were the top six. Next stop — THE GREATER BOSTON CHAMPI- ONSHIPS. At Franklin Park on Oct. 19, Northeastern turned the event into a showcase with its top five runners coming up with personal best times. John Flora ' s 23:28 was one of the fastest times ever and it headed a one-two-three NU first-place finish. Bickford was second in 23:41 while Bob Flora was third in 23:49. The team compiled a low 26 points. Harvard (54), Brandeis (65), MIT (102) and Tufts (132) were the next four placers. Freshman Walt Nevolis was the Huskies fourth man with a ninth-place 24:31 time, while Doane completed the scoring in 11 place, 24:37. Now the team had three races left before the NE ' s — Harvard, Boston College and Dartmouth, which was trying for its first undefeated season in many-a-year. With- Harvard, the first three places went to Bob-Bruce-John of Flora-Bickford-Flora fame. Two days later against Boston College on Oct. 25, the second half of the team was led by Doane, Senick, Prest, Gal- lagher and old-timer Ken Graham, who would turn in a fine indoor sea- son. Dartmouth proved to be a warm- up for the New England ' s run a week later. A slim 27-28 win over a tough and hilly Hanover, New Hampshire course showed the Huskies as beata- ble in the championship races that were coming. The experience lost in the 1976 graduation just couldn ' t be countered with youth. As a result, the NE ' s had North- eastern third behind Providence and UMass after an all out effort to win rather than take second. Lowell ' s Bob Hodge burned out after setting a torrid first-mile pace (4:21) and PC ' s John Treacy won it with a record- setting 23:06 time. John Flora in an NU record 23:15 was third, Bickford was sixth (23:43) and Bob Flora was 10th (23:48). Other finishers for the team were: Doane (28th), Senick (42nd), Kevin Maguire (69th) and Nevolis (96th). The team scoring went Providence (44 points), UMass (88) and Northeastern (89). John Flori continued to run fantas- tic for the Huskies at the IC4A ' s, although he finished second to Army ' s Curt Alitz; Bickford finished fourth; and Bob Flora eighth Har- vard took the championship. It was a surprise when Northeastern won the race in 1975, this time it was the Crimson ' s show. Jim Doane com- pleted the Van Cortland Park course number 68, while Greg Senick was 89th, Kevin Prest 136th and Jim Gal- lagher 142 nd. 1976 RESULTS Won 8 Lost 2 NU OPP 20 New Hampshire 41 30 Massachusetts, 26 St. John ' s and 76 Rhode Island 105 33 Providence and 25 Boston University 85 15 at Holy Cross Greater Boston 49 Championships 1st 25 Harvard 30 18 Boston College 38 27 Dartmouth New England 28 Championships 3rd IC4As 6th at Franklin Park at Van Cortland Park, NY Thu pcrunnial pack picture. John, Bruce and, of course. Bob. Football Frustration Equals 2-7 Season ORONO, Maine — Head Coach Robert " Bo " Lyons said it best when he uttered, " I hope never to live through another season like this. " Obviously he wasn ' t alone with his sentiments of abolishing all memo- ries, of the 1976 football season from his mind. Joining Lyons were all the faithful Husky gridiron watchers that witnessed the 2-7 campaign. It was a cold and blustery day at Orono when the Huskies ended the season with a 21-20 loss at the hands of the Black Bears on Saturday, Nov. 6. The season was destined to end " frustratingly " for the Husky and a football stadium more than 275 miles from Boston was as good a place as any to receive the final nail for the coffin. However, the season had a few bright moments. Even the ominous shadows that prevailed over the UMaine campus as the sun disap- The first of seven to " get away. " peared in the bitter cold western sky couldn ' t dim the hope of the 1977 season. The 1976 season had four top sen- iors paving the preseason optimism. Co-Captains Kevin Foley, who ended up as the team ' s leading scorer, Rich Morrill, Mike Budrow, an end who would have a stellar season and Stan Hillier, a premier defensive tackle, all were ready for one more go. Their " last hurrah. " It just wasn ' t to be. The Huskies learned from the first three games that their season was " marked. " By the time the Oct. 23 meeting with the New Hampshire Wildcats was com- pleted, the team was 1-6. Two weeks later the agony was over. Three months before the one-point loss on the frigid turf in Maine the team was beginning preseason prac- tice at its home field in Brookline, Parsons Field. The home opener was against C. W. Post. What happened Saturday after- noon, Sept. 11 disrupted a pattern begun in 1964, when the series between the schools was initiated. Every previous year the home team won the game, Post ' s 18-14 win changed all that. The Division III powerhouse named after the cereal family had milked the Huskies of a sure win with a pair of safeties and the same number of TD tosses in the final stanza. Northeastern gained the lead in the contest on a first-quarter scoot by halfback Mark Nemes and a fourth-quarter plunge by fullback Russ McDonald. Placekicker Barry Hutch hit both point-afters. The game brought to light an able leader in junior quarterback Clark Crowley. He ended the season with the record for most attempts (226) and completions (101) in one fall. He led Division II New England quarter- backs in yards (1526) as he threw 17 interceptions and 10 touchdown pas- ses. He will go down as one of North- eastern ' s best. Two more of Northeastern ' s best football players, offensively that is, halfback Kevin Foley and end Mike Budrow, also gave the dismal season something to remember. The two combined for 65 receptions and 992 yards. Foley tied Jim Fennessey ' s career TD reception mark of 12 with four during the season, while Budrow, with 39 grabs broke Art Bent ' s 1973 mark of 35 for a season. These records, however, became evident only after the season. Budrow could have done more dam- age to the pass receiving records but he got going late in the season when it was essentially over. Against the host Rhode Island Rams a week later, the Huskies took a 14-0 lead on a second-quarter Chris Bradley one-yard dive and a Crow- ley to freshman Cooper Jordan 11- yard aerial in the third period. URI quarterback Kirk Lamboy directed his team to the win with a pair of fourth-quarter scores, a two-point pass and a calm point-after by Pat Reillv. The annual Bcanpot game with Boston University is always a must take-in and 1976 ' s version was no different. It went BU 23, NU 20. Crowley had a good day in the air (16 of 37 for 211 yards) but it was a com- edy of errors. Mostly NU ' s. A first-quarter safety and two missed point-after attempts accounted for this loss. FRUSTRA- TION was firmly established in every teammate ' s heart. The American International Col- lege rout, 53-31, on Oct. 2 was a show of strength that lasted two hours. At halftime it was 41-0. The 12 points in the second half resulted in the high- est scoring output in the school ' s his- tory. Crowley (9 of 17, 262) passed for Clark threw. . . two TDs, scored twice and ended a six-game losing streak that went back to the final three games of 1975. Foley had a pair of TDs, also. At the time it appeared the dol- drums of the 1976 season were about to end. But losses to Southern Con- necticut in a rain storm, Springfield under clouds and New Hampshire in the sun intervened. Budrow was the only note of inter- est for the Huskies in New Haven for the meeting with the Owls of South- ern Connecticut. He had eight recep- tions for 73 yards. What was most important for Budrow was that he . . and Mike caught 39 of them. finally began to gell as a receiver. Of course, Mr. Crowley was instrumen- tal in Mike ' s success. The senior end finished his career with five recep- tions and 101 yards in the gala Homecoming Game win over Cen- tral Connecticut and six catches for 97 yards in the finale in Maine. What went wrong with the 1976 Huskies probably never will be known. They bettered their oppo- nents in first downs, passes attempted and completed, passing yardage, total offense, plays and points (206-204). One big hint to the problem could be the difference in rushing yards (NU 1208, opponents 1892) and interceptions (NU 17, opponents 9). The Huskies were weak on the rush and they played a lot of catch- up football in the fall of 1976. The active seniors were: Stan Hil- lier, who gained AP. UPI and ECAC first-team recognition; Mike Budrow (ECAC Honorable Mention); Kevin Foley, team scoring leader; Mark McHugh; Rich Morrill; Paul Harring- ton; Bruce Hathaway; Jim Scanlon; and Tim O ' Leary. NU 14 14 20 53 15 21 35 20 1976 RESULTS Won 2 Lost 7 OPP C.W. Post College 18 Rhode Island 15 Boston University 23 American International College 31 Southern Connecticut 20 Springfield 21 New Hampshire 35 Central Connecticut 20 Maine 21 Beanpot Game t ife LLJi 5W 3 !Pt2%3H 1st row: James Scanlon. Russell Jenness, Tim O ' Leary, Stan Hillier, Russ McDonald, Kevin Foley (co-captain), Richard Morrill (co-captain), Michael Budrow, Bruce Hathaway. Ernie Glynn, Paul Harrington, John Sweeney. 2nd row: Marvin Cohen (manager). Edward Kasabian, Wayne Bougeois, Willie Amendola, John Donahue, John Kennedy, Mark Hannigan, Joseph Ullman, Robert Caloggerro, Louis Macholl, Christopher Bradley, Clark Crowley, Gary Marsella (manager). 3rd row: Francis Ruane. James French, John Antonelli. Stephen Menaid, Robert Boucher, Michael Harris, Michael Reardon, Terry Moore, Timothy Mroz, Joseph Macaluso, Stephen Langton, Michael Santorian. 4th row: Mark Burns, Randall Jacobs, Robert Murphy. Paul Norton. Jeffrey Cantara. David Fortin, Roland Bois- vert, Kevin McGee, Ed Giunta, Michael Hagen. 5th row: John Stanasek, Michael Bruno, Douglas Briggs, Kip Sternberg, William Elwell, Frank Mackie, Ray Hicks, John Mistowski. Stephen Chandler. John Quill. Dennis Cameran, Paul Tormey. Manuel Bougoulas. 6th row: Thomas Gabriel, Barry Hutch, Ken Evans, Fred Baldino, Alan Small, Mark Nemes, William Tulloch, Edward Larkin, Paul Kelleher, Cooper Jordan, Donald Morrell. 7th row: Kevin McDermott. Adoni Olenja, Michael Phillips, James Walsh, Mark Kelly, Gary Spence, Kevin Allen, Matthew Isrealson, Robert Corsetti, Mark Rioux. 8th row: Patrick Quin, Greg Lavoie, Keith Welch, Charles Goodwin, Frank Nuzzo, Matthew Constantino, Greg Madden, Charles Holleran, Edward Marquis. Basketball Huskies Taste Division I Challenge BOSTON — The first-half decade of Jim Calhoun ' s coaching career ended quite fittingly and also with a more than positive outlook for the years ahead in the ever-challenging world of Division [basketball. The young Huskies outmanned neighboring Boston University in its season finale, 84-77, a game which culminated a down year in terms of the won-loss record. The aggregate will read 12-14 for the year 1976-77, but it could have been much worse, even terrible. Following the season opening win over Rider College, 62-59, a rash of losses struck Northeastern, as Merri- mack, Maine, Stonehill, Army and New Hampshire picked on this con- fused bunch. Calhoun, unable to find the right five, grasped for straws and tried almost every combination plau- sible. The Huskies always seemed to be one-step behind their opponents while on defense, accounting for the staggering statistic of being outshot from the foul line by 1 41 freebies. A freshman from Dorchester, Bill Loughnane, was placed in the demanding position of running the show from the backcourt. Last year ' s second leading scorer, Dave Cali- garis, was shifted from forward to guard, while Steve Ramos (also moved to the backcourt) and Dave Sheehan had problems starting their engines. But following those troublesome first-half dozen games, Northeastern was able to place a few pieces of the puzzle into the right grooves and came away victorious in 11 of their final 20 games. Quite a feat consider- ing the start. " We tightened our belt a little bit trying to find the right combination, " Calhoun would say after the season. " It was a trying year, but very fruit- 7976-77 RESULTS Won 12 Lost 14 NU OPP 62 Rider College 59 85 a I Merrimack 88 67 a 1 Maine 89 64 a t Stonehill 80 66 at Army 69 67 New Hampshire 79 78 a t Siena 76 56 Oklahoma Cily 72 59 Fairleigh Dickinson 58 66 a 1 Boston College 68 76 Vermont 77 (20TI 89 a I Bent ley 85 81 a t Colgate 83 (OTI 72 Assumption 70 79 St.Anselm ' s 83 70 a 1 Syracuse 110 79 Maine 71 69 Springfield 63 78 a t Bridgeport 92 71 a t New Hampshire 81 75 a t Boston University 76 71 a American International College 70 80 a Brandeis University 75 (OT) 60 Drexel University 52 76 Massachusetts 82 84 Boston University Siena Tournament 77 fui. The biggest thing we did was build for the future. " The Huskies won four of their next six contests and in the process fin- ished second in the Siena Tourna- ment (defeating Siena and losing to Oklahoma City). Their other loss, to Boston College, came at the buzzer. But an overtime loss to Colgate hurt the team ' s chances for a crack at .500. " We controlled the game and led by 10 points with nine minutes to go, " said Calhoun. " We were just picking up momentum at that point in the season. It slowed our progress for a while. " A two-point win over Assumption returned some lost optimism, but two days later in early February, lit- tle St. Anselm ' s stung the unsuspect- ing Huskies at home, 83 — 79. In contrast, just 48 hours later, Northeastern tackled one of the major powers in the NCAA, Syra- cuse, before a crazed, packed house in the Manley Gym where the Orangemen have made it a habit of coming away winners the majority of the time over the past decade. The score: 110-70. " A disaster, " said Cal- houn. Returning to friendlier surround- ings, the team avenged an earlier sea- son loss to the University of Maine. Dave Caligaris tied a 21-year old record, scoring 38 points against the Black Bears. He would go on to bust 1st row: (Kneeling) Head Coach Jim Calhoun, Captain Keith Motley. Assistant Coach Nels Nelson. 2nd row: Trainer Russ Fiore, Managers Howie Turoff and Mike Collins, Bill Loughnane, Jim Mercer, Dave Caligaris, Herb Caesar, John Hennessy, Howard Tompkins, Charlie Hughes, Doug Clary, Bob Schoening, Tim Collins, Dave Sheehan assistant, Steve Ramos, Jeff Dillon, Paul Porter, Bob Iverson, Paul Dooley, Manager Ray Fitzgerald, Coach Joe Delgardo. A short jumper from Doug Clary. Dave Sheehan for two. Mr. Cool. Dave Caligaris, sinks free throw. two significant records set less than one-year hence. Most Field Goals Season — 205 old record, John Clark — 201 Most Points Season — 544 old record, John Clark — 511 Most Free Throws Season — 134 old record, Leo Osgood — 129 Said Calhoun of his star per- former, " He had just a tremendous year. Dave is a great athlete. He was able to adjust to a new position. I Charlie Hughes MA % gave him ' carte blanche ' and he went and did it all. " The junior from Holliston, whose dad teaches Economics at Northeast- ern, was the team leader in almost every respect. In addition to his 20.9 average he was the team ' s fourth leading rebounder and was second in assists. His dead-eye accuracy from the 20-foot range and his tre- mendous driving ability made him virtually unstoppable. His 28 points led Northeastern over Springfield but he was held to a rare nine points against Bridgeport, as the Division 2 Purple Knights dropped the Huskies, 92-78. Losses to New Hampshire and Boston Univer- sity almost KO ' d the club for good, Bill Loughnane but they shook off the blows to win four of their last five rounds. None were easy. First came a one- point win over the American Inter- national College. Next, a double- overtime thriller over spunky Bran- deis and then a 60-52 victory against fellow co-op school, Drexel of Phila- delphia. NIT-bound UMass stopped the win skein, but the Huskies showed what they were capable of doing, losing in the final three min- utes, 82-76. Caligaris put on a dazz- ling performance with 28 points before the largest home crowd of the season. The finale against BU ended the playing careers of team captain Keith Motley ( " The best captain I ' ve ever been associated with " — Calhoun), Steve Ramos (940 career points, good for ninth on the all-time list) and Charlie Hughes, whose mere pres- ence on the bench accounted for many morale-lifting points. What came out of the final five games was maturity, which should make the 1977-78 unit a much stronger one. With Dave Caligaris (20.9), Dave Sheehan (8.7 avg. and second leading rebounder), sopho- more Doug Clary (8.0) and play- maker Bill Loughnane all returning, a winning record should be in store. " It was a trying year, " said the coach ' I can ' t wait until next year. " Amen. Coach Him Calhoun Hockey 1976-77 RESULTS Overall: Won 11 Lost 16 7 » EC lCH ' on9 Losl 13 T pdO Harvard 4 Union 3(C a l floslon College 4 New Hampshire Princeton 6 Providence 3 (C Yale 2 Colgate 2 Pennsylvania 5 at Clarkson 8 at St. Lawrence 2 at Colgate 4 R.P.I. 5 Dartmouth ' 6 at Colby 4 Bowdoin 3 at Cornell 9 Boston University 10 Massachusetts 1 at New Hampshire 6 Boston College 6 Brown 4 at Vermont 5 (C at Merrimack 5 Boston University 7 Providence 1 1 ' at Boston College ' s McHugh Forun v Beanpot Tournament 1st row: Jim McElroy, Paul Wilkins, Mark Simmons, Mark Coates, Jim Bowman, Chuck Barbarisi, Mark Derby, Mike McMillen, Jim Metz. 2nd row: Head Coach Fern Flaman, Trainer; Denis McManus, Manager Paul Newman, Pat Summers, Jim Walsh, Dale Ferdinandi, John Gulon, Mike Devlin, Mike Sandford, Captain Mike Holmes, Darrell Deck, Daryl Dodman, Mike Ledoux, Bob France, Wayne Turner, Manager Fern Flaman, Jr., Asst. Coach Don McKenney. A Change in 1976-77- Hope for the Future PPOVIDENCE, Rhode Island — The difference of the two games and the teams was reflective in the scores. On Dec. 30 the Huskies had pulled a 4-3 overtime upset win over Providence. This night the 11-2 score, with the Friars on top, ended a dish- eartening but learning season for the Northeastern University hockey team — a very youthful one indeed in the season of 1976-77. It ended, the season that is, with much hope, realistically, for the upcoming season. Eleven freshmen dotted Coach Fern Flaman ' s list and they managed a 9-13-0 Eastern Colle- giate Athletic Conference record. The overall mark was 11-16-0, the 10th losing season in 11 years. Only the 17-12-0 slate in 1972-73 marred the " growth " of the hockey program. Freshman defensemcn John Gulon was the hero of the initial Provi- dence-NU meeting in 1976-77 season at the fastly aging, and very contro- versial Boston Arena. The win was in the middle of a three-game win- ning streak. A devastating three-game losing streak that was instrumental in keep- ing NU from its first EC AC Division 1 playoff picture in a dozen years fol- lowed. Losses to Colgate and Penn- sylvania at the Arena concluded a homestand and, essentially, a chance at post-season thrills. Eight of the Huskies first 10 games were at home and one of the two away games was at Boston College. That Boston College game not only gave real rise to hope for the existing season, but future seasons. For the first time in 10 seasons an NU team had won a hockey game at The Heights. A freshman forward, Mike McMillen from Green Bay, Wiscon- sin, scored the winner, while junior netminder Jim Bowman turned in one of his finest games with 38 saves. The final: Northeastern 5, Boston College 4. Capt. Mike Holmes, who finished as the team ' s leading scorer while breaking his own scoring records for a defenseman, two goals from junior Mark Coates and one by Dale Ferdi- nandi helped make the dream upset reality. That win came after an opening- season victory at Yale (6-3) and defeats from Harvard and the Ned Harkness-coached, Division 3-power Union College (3-2) in overtime. Clarkson, which was defeated by New Hampshire in the quarterfinals of the playoffs was the third team to beat the Huskies during the crucial three-game losing streak, was expected to do so, but the losses to Colgate and Penn can be pointed to as " must games " to win. However, the playoff picture con- tinued to fade in and out even though NU lost eight of 10 games from R.P.I, on fan. 24 to Brown on Feb. 16, both at the Arena. And then there was the Beanpot Tournament, number 25, mixed into the ECAC hockey scene of 1976-77. For 24 years the Huskies were always in the " dog house " when Beanpot time arrived. This season was no exception. A 10-5 loss in the first round to the eventual ECAC champion, Boston University, put to bed that the 25th Beanpot, the Silver Anniversary, might go to the annual sentimental Capt. Mike Holmes favorite Husky. No Way. Boston College ' s revenge 6-4 win in the consolation put Northcastern ' s tournament record at eight wins and 42 losses. Harvard, which was vastly improving as the season progressed won its seventh title. A shocker at Vermont on Feb. 19, when the Huskies recorded a 6-5 overtime win on freshman forward Dale Ferdinandi ' s goal, sent a small uproar through the late stages of the ECAC playoff outlook. But nothing materialized and the Huskies came back to earth with season-ending losses to BU (7-3) and Providence after a 10-5 win at Division 2-power Merrimack College. The season had hints of the posi- tive. Action on whether NU would continue as the only ECAC Division 1 member without its own home ice became important when the Arena facilities failed at ice making and the 7-6 win over Dartmouth occurred at BC ' s friendly McHugh Forum on Jan. 26. Five goals in the third stanza, two from Scott Gruhl in the game, made it possible. It was a proven fact that the Huskies, at least this young lot, enjoyed playing hockey on nice ice, especially Boston College ' s. In the recap of the season, Mike Holmes improved on four of his own records and captured another. With his 10 goals and 33 assists, the junior readjusted Jack Crinold ' s 1977-78 winter press guide to read Holmes with: most assists season (33); most assists career (92); most points sea- son (43); most points career (1 12); and most goals career (20). With one sea- son remaining. Holmes had one more scoring record for a defenseman left to top — Dean Webb ' s 14 goals in the 1961-62 season. Also, freshman center Wayne Turner, who led the team in goals with 17 and was its second leading scorer with 37 points, set a new record for most assists in a game with six against Massachusetts. The old record was held by Holmes with five versus Clarkson in 1974-75. Turner also registered seven power play goals and a hat trick against Merrimack. Although the 1976-77 season wasn ' t a success record-wise, the prospectus for the seasons to follow was on the positive move. What was really needed, and it became quite apparent over this winter, was an actual commitment by the adminis- tration on whether to build an arena or buy the ageless Boston Arena. The manner in which the team played under the horrid conditions supplied by the Boston Arena and the Northeastern University admin- istration, made one wonder how a Husky hockey team would play a home game on REAL ice. Boh France A freshman forward. Skiing MT. CRANMORE, New Hampshire — Since turning varsity in the winter of 1970-71 ski coach Ed Elliott had been grooming his teams for the day when one of them would win anything. On March 4, 1977, after fin- ishing third in the Orsborn Division of the New England Intercollegiate Skiing Confer- ence (NEISC) behind Plymouth State and Massachusetts, the Huskies put together a team effort to win the National local chapter of Invitation Alpine Tournament (MAT). It was the first-ever champi- onship for the Huskies, who finished fifth in their division in 1974, and fourth in 1975 and 1976. Freshman Steve Mitchell, the first Husky to ski at the NCAA Championships held a few days before the NIATs, dominated the two giant slaloms and sla- lom races with first-place fin- ishes. Sophomore Jeff Lyon, who was the 1976 NEISC Indi- vidual champ, was second to his teammate in all three races. Mitchell, Lyon and Dean May- nard, another freshman were all Class A skiers when they arrived from high school to Northeastern. The Huskies went into the final day of competition trailing defending champion Plymouth State, 14-12. A seven-point per- formance in the second giant slalom (there was no downhill for lack of snow) gave the Huskies the event and their first title. Mitchell, a 19-year-old from West Simsbury, Conn., was the NEISC ' s individual champ for 1977. Dave Smith, the 1977 team ' s only senior from Waltham, Mass., headed a Husky trio that joined Mitchell and Lyon among that pivotal giant slalom Top 20 finishers. They were sophomore Steve Nickerson and freshman Dave Lineham. " We ' re becoming a skiing power, " said Coach Ed Elliott before the 1977 season started. It was starting to come true in 1977. Indoor Track Huskies OwnNE Tra ck — AGAIN PRINCETON, New Jersey — The first Intercollegiate Amateur Athletic Association of America Champion- ship that came the way of the North- eastern University track program was in the 1975 cross country season. The second, many felt, would come in the winter of 1977. It didn ' t. Although it didn ' t, the seeds for the spring season had been sown with the highly successful 1977 indoor campaign. The Huskies domi- nated the New England track talk by racking up a 6-0 regular season record, and run-away titles at the Greater Boston and New England Championships. Two runners went on from here to compete in Detroit at the NCAA Championship — Capt. Mark Lech in the 880 and miler Bruce Bickford. Both were the champions of New England in their events (Lech 600), as the Huskies racked up a record 70 points by also crowning three other NE champs on the University of Connecticut track. Awesome was the word. But without the strength of 1977 outdoor captain Bill Johnston, the All-America hammer thrower who didn ' t toss the 35-pound weight indoors because of ineligibility, and without the total depth commanded by Maryland, Villanova, Army and Rutgers, NU could manage only a fourth-place, 16-point finish. However, the talk at the end of the season as the Huskies prepared for the 1977 outdoor season, was all IC4A. Spring 1977 was the time for another IC4A championship. The indoor season climaxed at UConn in Storrs. It was the fourth straight NE title that went to the Husky and the third straight 600 that went to Captain Lech, aka " Captain Clean. " Five second-place finishes came with the five championship performances, most notably from Wayne Spinney, a " group B " runner who scored second spot to Kurt Stolle in the 1000. Following the GBCs in which the team amassed 117 points and actu- ally made a joke of the affair with more depth than any school in the area had seen since man discovered the Atlantic ocean floor, the Huskies had two warm-ups for the New Eng- lands. Hosting University of Rhode Island at the Cabot Cage, Head Coach Irwin Cohen ran his second team and won 6914-4814. At Boston College for the final dual meet of the Mark Lech is congratulated. indoor season on Feb. 12, the mighty eagle was swallowed by the Husky, 72-45. In this meet freshmen Tom Mortimer in the 1000 and Mike Hay- nie in the high jump turned in excel- lent performances. But the New Englands, like the dual meets and the GBCs used to be, was the challenge of the season. Sophomore Ron Chambers, a prod- uct of Kingston, Jamaica, rewrote some more record-books by jumping a 24-3Vi long and 49-10Vi triple. Lech in the 600 (1:10.2), Tom Mortimer in the 800 (1:54.2), Stolle in the 1000 (2:12.5) and Bickford in the mile (4:04.2), a meet record, were all champs. Roger Dupont, a junior shotputter, took a second to defending cham- pion John Dupuis of Worcester State, who threw a record 58-9 ' A on the final toss of the event. Dupont ' s heave was his best ever (56-6) while teammate Bob Otrando, a sopho- more transfer from Southeastern Mass., had a third-place 54-7H. The pair grabbed one-two at the GBCs and three-four at the IC4As with Otrando on top for the first time in the season. Junior pole vaulter Pa ul Grant proved his recovery from a car acci- dent the previous summer was com- plete when he jumped to a second- place height of 15-4. John Flora lost again to Providence ' s John Treacy in the two-mile, but improved his school record to 8:43.8. Frank Mor- timer, Tom ' s older brother copped the second spot in the 440. Spinney ' s claim in the 1000 epi- tomized the power of the 1976-77 indoor team, because he was a run- ner who wasn ' t good enough to get a uniform before the season. Remem- ber that was BEFORE the season. As for the dual season, there was, basically, only one meet to be con- sidered in a wrap-up on the indoor season: Harvard. Pre-season prognosis explained for one, the Huskies were going to be good and two, this was the last time the two teams would meet in Briggs Cage. The former prediction was true, but the latter proved false, since Harvard wouldn ' t be able to com- plete their new athletic complex before the beginning of the 1977-78. 1976-77 RESULTS WonS Lost NU 65 Bl Harvard B7M Massachusetts with Boston University 99 Brantleis University Greater Boston Championships B9K Rhode Island 72 at Boston Collcse New England Championships ( IC-IAs Weight events at Cabot Cage. running events at Tufts. (3 At University of Connecticut. St At Princeton University. Nf. %■ V il v v 7? ' ; i r , • T„ % " -■. i . _ h VII A ' ira oihto A 4B _ t Ht. «0 hh. n . jfl b. - Top: Richard Fazio. 2nd, L-R: Kevin Maguire, Greg Senick, Kevin Prest. 3rd: Bob Flora, Ken Graham, Jim Doane, Tom Mortimer, Bruce Bickford, Scott Silverman. 4th: Wayne Spinney, John Flora, Paul Grant, Ted Quigley, Howard Scribner, David MacLean, Mark Putnam, Bob Otrando. 5th: Chris McCarthy, Mike Stanton, Tony Bellomo, Bill Andrews, Carl Brown, Paul Pettegrove, Tony Pascetta, Steve Schultz, Leo Topjian. 6th: Coach Everett Baker, Jim Hoyt, Clarence Hatcher, Tim Morse, Dan Bent, Ron Chambers, Jeff Petrillo, Paul Lacasse, Bill Kovach, Ernie Hackett, Bill Johnston, Coach Joe Donahue. Bottom: Coach Irwin Cohen, Bill Chatham, Bill Howard, Darnley Philipps, Walter Nevolis, Mark Lech, Frank Mortimer, Joe Francis, Kurt Stolle, Dave Fraizer, Mike Haynie, Steve Chandler, Roger Dupont, Keith Johnston, Chris McConnell. A Couple of " Trackies " Ernie gets set. The 65-53 win improved Nil ' s series standing with the Crimson to 4-8. Chambers began his second indoor season with a bang by estab- lishing new Briggs Cage record in the triple with a 48-9 leap. He also erased Sal Mazzocca ' s 1947 long jump total (23-7) from the record books with a 23-9 jump. Mazzacca ' s mark was the oldest existing NU track record. Lech started the season well also when he overtook Harvard ' s Gary Schmidt in the 600 to register a 1:12.8 time. A sweep of the 1000 led by the come-back kid himself, Ken Graham, proved pivotal in the meet. Graham ' s time was 2:14.8, as he pulled in ahead of teammates Kurt Stolle and fresh- man Kevin Prest. It was, fully, another successful indoor season. Oh-hum. $ ' WAV CW © I § § f a rfMfe First row: Coach John " Tinker " Connelly, Joe Glynn. Jim Powers. Rich DeCristoforo, Capt. Tom Burke. Mark Krenztman. Jim Walker. Charlie Wright. Ralph Noblin. Second row: Jack Baines. trainer. Bob Bird. Joe Annese. Bob Caloggero. Jack Trabucco. Chuck Mountain. Bob Williamson. Nick Kokinidis. Third row: Jack Ferrari. Marty Raffol. Steve McKinnon. Mike Cawley. Ken Carpenzano. Tom Janedy, Rom Wilson and Tom Whitehouse. 1976 Spring Sports Wrap -Up Since the yearly ritual of a yearbook is com- pleted in early to mid-March, it is socially impossible as well as physically impossible to include the spring sports for the current year. So, in keeping with the tradition of incomplete Northeastern University Cauldrons, we will commence with a rundown of the 1976 edi- tions of the Husky baseball and outdoor track teams, and crew. Without an outdoor track, and we mean an outdoor track that runners use to compete, it would seem improbable that Northeastern could field a successful outdoor team. In 1976. the Huskies posted a 5-1 regular season mark, while capturing the Greater Bos- tun and New England Championships. The team scored 43 points for a fifth place in the IC4As and at the NCAAs. 1977 outdoor cap- tain. Bill Johnston, took a sixth in the hammer. Harvard was the only team to victimize the Huskies in the regular season, but revenge was sweet when NU totaled 94 points to the Crim- son ' s 81 at the GBCs. Ron Chambers was a double-winner in the triple and long jump in his first varsity season, while Capt. Fred Fre- low (220), Mark Lech (440- with meet and school records). Bill Johnston (hammer), and Mike Buckley in the six-mile garnered first places. It was the third NE championship for the Huskies since the affair was started in 1964. Chambers was again a double-winner, while Johnston. Buckley. Bruce Bickford (steeple- chase) and Lech became NE champions. Lech ' s 1:48.4 time at the NEs. John Flora ' s 13:33.2 time in the three-mile at the Penn Relays. Bickford ' s 8:38.8 in the steeplechase at the NCAAs, as well as Chambers totals in the triple (52-Vt) and long (24-4) created new Husky records. The baseball team, for the second consecu- tive season, leveled with a .500 record. A 13-13 slate in 1976 followed a 12-12 total in ' 75. A win over Harvard by 1976 ' s best hurler. Mark Krentzman saved the season on the final game. Veteran pitching from starters Krentzman, Charlie Wright, Jim Walker, the 1975 captain, and relievers Jim Powers and Ken Carpenzano were not to be seen in 1977 as all finished up their eligibility in ' 76. Krentzman was the team ' s best pitcher over the spring with a 4-4 mark overall and 3-1 in the Greater Boston League, which was won by Brandeis. Faculty fielding hurt Krenztman. Walker, a lefty, man- aged a 1-5 record with the team ' s lowest ERA. 3.87. NUhad 5-4 GBL mark. Tom Burke, the captain in 1976. repeated as an All-New England outfielder. The speedy centerfielder batted .344. drove in 20 runs, slugged five homers and six doubles. In 25 games he hade just one error. Another 1976 All-New England choice, third baseman Joe Annese, carried a big stick with a .337 average, 26 RBIs and four homers. Rich DeCristoforo, a senior who lost his starting first base job to freshman Joe Glynn (.293). proved that he was a total team player «, ? Mark McHugh by filling in for Coach John " Tinker " Connelly at shortstop and designated hitter. He batted .327 in 18 games. Four times the team failed to record the 13th win as the season quickly neared its end. Walker was a victim twice, and it took a fine effort from four-year letterman Krentzman with a 4-2 win over Harvard at Parsons Field to do it. An 0-5 start aided in the Huskies ina- bility to get on track. It finally came by mid- season when they won nine of 13 games. Jun- ior righty Bob Williamson, who finished 4-1 on the season, was 3-0 over that stretch. As for the Husky on water, he sank in 1976. Coach Ernie Arlett ' s boys managed a 1-4 slate, only the third losing season in the program ' s 12-year history, however. Arlett was troubled with finding the right combination in his eight boat, but a flu epi- demic which plagued the team didn ' t help. A shift that brought Paul Martindale to the var- sity remedied the problem in time for the IRAs. NU finished seventh in the IRAs run on Lake Onondaga in Syracuse, New York. Northeastern finally got it together in its third triangular meet of the season when it topped Brown and Columbia on the Charles River. Capt. Tom Lowe (6-5, 195) in the five seal, George Dougan. in number three, John Sladek (6-6, 200), in number six, and Nick Ber- tozzi, at stroke, all rowed for their final season as did Martindale. The crew ' s time of 5:57.5 in the May 1 meet with Brown and Columbia was one of the fast- est on the Charles in 1976. Again, when they just lost to Pennsylvania in the final regular- season race by a deck-length, the Huskies recorded a fine time of 6:00.6. At the Eastern Springs in Princeton. NU took a ninth, not bad for an ailing crew. From left to right: Paul Martindale. Murray " Beau " Halton, lob Haffeman, Capt. Tom Lowe, John Sladek, George Dougan. Mark Kaltenback, BUI Fritz and (kneeling) Dave Brownlie. Seniors From Spring Sports Ken Carpenzano George Dougan Paul Martindale Charlie Wright Mark Krentzman Rich DeChristoforo Jim Powers Glenn S. Feldman Women ' s Sports Keeps Growing Over the fall of 1976 and the win- ter of 1977 Northeastern ' s women ' s sports continued to grow and aspire. With limited facilities at the Warren Center and more money from the Athletic Policies Committee by law (Title IX) the women s teams looked good with new uniforms for compe- tition on the lumpy Ashland turf. Prof. Jeanne Rowlands, fresh from her summer at the Montreal Olym- pics as manager of the US Olympic women ' s basketball team, resumed her duties as director of women ' s athletics. She even got a new office in the Cabot Building out of the deal. In the fall field hockey, volleyball and tennis were the offerings. Led by Ellen Beauchamp, Sue Paylor, Brigid McNiff, Lesley Benson and goalie Janet Cope, the stickwomen posted a 4-3-2 record. It was the final season for Coach Marilyn Cairns, a well- respected and much admired coach and professor for eight years. She was leaving NU to pursue a doctor- ate after the spring women ' s lacrosse season. Second-year volleyball coach, Diane Willcox, had the help of two of the Huskies finest athletes on her way to a 7-10 campaign. Basketball captain, Joanne Fitts and ex-basket- ball player Lynn Arturi aided the team with some fine play. Some excellent schools dotted the sched- ule, as two other seniors concluded their careers — Sue Huntley and Janet Gill is. As for tennis, it wasn ' t a bad show- ing for a team whose school starts late and ends late. With a 5-3 record, Coach Dorett Hope was proud of her racqueteers. Capt. Patti Goulding was the only senior on the team. Underclassmen, Helene Magier (sin- gles), Carol McKenna (doubles) Kathy Burke (singles) and Karen Dunn (singles). The highlight of the season was the day Boston Univer- sity cancelled the final match because it was " too cold. " Coached by one of the country ' s well-known experts on collegiate athletics for women in Prof. Row- lands, the basketball team prog- ressed to two post-season tourna- ments in 1977. Its success, however, was not as good as in the regular sea- son which the Huskies finished 8-7. The first post-season encounter was at the Mass. Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (MAIAW) playoffs. At Bentley Col- lege ' s Dana Athletic Center in Subur- ban Waltham, Mass., the team lost an overtime " classic " to Springfield College, 59-57. A week later, at the University of Connecticut for the Eastern Regional playoffs the season concluded at 8-10 with defeats from St. John ' s and UConn. Capt. Joanne Fitts, with her 12.1 scoring average and strong board work had a senior year many ath- letes dream of. Beth Peterson, a freshman with a 10.7 average, seniors Sue Paylor, Nancy Dizio and Chris Brown, and junior guard Kathie Kearney were instrumental in the team ' s success. Climaxing its best season with a 100-plus point effort, the Dorett Hope-coached gymnastics team recorded an impressive 12-7 slate. The winter of competition was sprin- kled with an opening seat-squirmer with Hofstra University; a sweep of three tri-matches; and the peak win over Central Connecticut and Keene State at the Small Gym to end the season. Benefitting from the superb coach- ing and leadership of Hope for the previous three campaigns, the 1977 edition of a Husky women ' s gymnas- tics team marked the arrival of another true varsity competitor for Northeastern. All-around Capt. Sally Beebe and Barbara Wilk, the only seniors on the squad, couldn ' t have gone out in a better manner. All in all, the women ' s scene dur- ing the athletic seasons of 1976-77 was looking up: the direction it was headed ever since it took shape. The institution of Title IX provisions by the university administration was belated in arriving, but the Athletic Policies Committee made sure the law was abided by. It definitely was a good year for women ' s athletics at Northeastern. k « 1976-77 RESULTS Won 8 Lost 10 Nil OPP 67 a Boston Stale ' 39 97 Plymouth State 41 40 a Providence 59 57 a Boston College 28 50 Springfield College 59 76 a Tufts 33 33 a Connecticut 36 47 Massachusetts 68 88 Worcester Slate 71 33 a Rhode Island 47 54 .1 Southern Connecticut 77 67 Brldgeivater State 56 53 a Centra] Connecticut 70 62 a Keene Stale 36 66 Neiv Hampshire 63 57 Springfield College 59 (OT) 36 St. John ' s® 60 39 UConn (S 43 Not included in final record. M issachusells Association of Intercollegiate Alhiel cs for Women at Benlley College. Wallham. Mass. § .-lf £ astern Regionals. University of Connecticut. 1976 RESULTS Won 5 Lost 3 NU OPP 2 Salem State 5 3 at Regis College 2 5 Boston State 2 3 at Lowell University 2 1 Bridgewater State 4 4 Lowell University 3 Wellesley College 7 4 Keene State 3 Home contests at Warren Center Ashland. 1976-77 RESULTS Won 12 Lost 7 NU OPP 88.30 1 lofstra University 88.05 85.55 nt West field State 81.50 83.65 Rhode Island with 84.75 Rhode Island College 49.75 97.60 Bridgewatei State 94.50 91.70 at Boston State with 105.25 Salem State 100.95 94.35 at MIT with 90.90 Holyoke College 85.30 92.50 at SUNY Albany with 107.75 Cortland State 123.95 93.55 nt Brown with 75.65 Central Connecticut 69.45 95.80 at Norwich University 69.20 with Vermont and 104.45 Colby College 56.25 95.60 New Hampshire 112.90 702.65 Central Connecticut 82.35 and Keene State 102.45 Home rr atches at Gymnastics Cabot Building. Room, III ..iiM.fc. [21 , hHs Beth Peterson for two points. 1976 RESULTS Won 7 Lost 10 fjm nu OPP M 1 at Barrington College 2 1 1 ° Boston University 2 P H ° Bridgewater State 2 1] Massachusetts 2 MIT 2 11 2 Fitchburg State with Rgy 2 Regis College 1 Hk 2 Boston State with y 2 Wellesley 1 A 3 at Wheaton College 1 " i b ' at Keene State with 2 i Vermont 2 1 i at Connecticut 3 i 1 at New Hampshire with 3 [ J 2 Boston College m ! o Rhode Island 2 P 2 Eastern Nazarene 1 Home contests at Dockser Gym w ' A 1976 RESULTS Won 4 Lost 3 Tied 2 NU OPP 3 at Wellesley College 1 2 at New Hampshire 2 Springfield 1 4 Rhode Island 2 1 atRadcliffe 2 Bridgewater 1 at Southern Connecticut 1 5 at Plymouth State 2 at Massachusetts 2 Bates College Springfield 4 1 Colgate 2 Penalty time gave NU a loss at Massachusetts Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women Home contests played at Warren Center, Ashland SSSiSS BtJH i STUDENT ACTIVITIES . . . FUN FOR ONE AND ALL SOCIAL COUNCIL ABC PICTURES CORP Dresents DUSTI HOFFft R - :-r ,- ri . m . J " ' ± ' ' Jac diofeon lDiaia x£te PdU» iMicoLor (wuvisotr ifTv : l- l A PARAMOUNT PRESENTATION I •■-—--. " A BRILLIANT FEAT OF MOVIE- MAKING! " -TIME MAGAZINE DUSTIN HOFFMAN ' S FINEST PERFORMANCE SINCE ' MIDNIGHT COWBOYT -THE NATIONAL OBSERVER n SAM PECKINPAH ' S COLOR PRESENTS. . . k The iery best Porn Film ever made Al Goldstein IF YOU LIKE HMD, YOU1 LOME THRQ4T DEEP THRCAT ADULTS ONLY I1IIIIITTT A NIGHT with CUCLESCUE IIII HOMECOMING QUEENS Valerie Brown 1975-1976 Robin Claybourne 1974-1975 Susan Oliver 1976-1977 Mayor of Huntington Avenue WINTER CARNIVAL 1 3a . Wi 1! v " IFT Miiy| ££N?s w " S ■ ; t$ " it I f W 1 i-. i; §G rr.- --. " --... - ; - " -■-- ' " " Elizabeth Rhodes 1974-1975 Winter Carnival Queens Sharon Watson 1976-1977 Spring Festival 1976 MR. HUSKY Mr. Husky Contestants H L N MY RESENTS I CONCERT AFRICAN AMERICAN INSTITUTE Black Students Award Banquet ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA ALPHA SIGMA TAU DELTA PHIEPSILON Greek Variety Night 1976 Omega Sigma Greek Variety Night 1976 ALPHA EPSILON PI ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA 29 Greenough Avenue Jamaica Plain " |W|I 1W1 H|pH BETA GAMMA EPSILON 234 Commonwealth Avenue Boston Commonwealth Avenue A Winter Wonderland B.G.E. — Brothers and Pled ges Division A DELTA CHI 12 Wadsworth Street, Allston IOTA PHI THETA u s MI ! " :- " i:... . [if ■ mm fa «Hi — I J jjpilB Hi m ■■ ■■ hb ■■ JHt J« HP % » fcj L hI U 5 JfBfci f » 1 jLjp a Iv hM ■ 1 y ■ m V ESAv l V » -• I Uwl H r «_- y 5 Mf ' J2 1 H ' " imfi H " PHI GAMMA PI 241 Kent Street Brookline TA U KAPPA EPSILON 15 Wadsworth Street, Allston Greek Variety Night — 1976 ZETABETA TAU 42 Chestnut Square Jamaica Plain SPRING CAR SMASH of 1977 Presenting in alphabetical order those seniors who had their pictures taken and submitted a statement to accompany their portrait, followed by those who submitted pictures only, and the words of wisdom of those few who chose to speak but not to be seen. Ultimately, all are to be found listed entirely in alphabetical order in the index which proceeds the senior section. 16 Donald Ahem — Biology My years at Northeastern have been memorable to me. My friends, my profs, my dreams of what is to be. Will life be fair, be kind, be just? Is some failing a necessity, or success a must? Kokayi Alimayu — African-American Studies " Education and work are the levers to uplift a people . . . education must not simply teach work — it must teach life . . . the Negro race, like all other races, is going to be saved by its exceptional men. " — W. E.B.Dubois, 1903 Donald Ahern Robert Anastasio — Psychology What we remember lacks the hard edge of fact. To help us along we create little fictions, highly subtle and individual scenarios which clarify and shape our experience. J. Kosinski Peter Anton — Management " To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends. To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. " — Emerson Robert Anastasio Peter Anton Licette Arango — Pharmacy " It has always seemed to me that the most difficult part of building a bridge would be the start. " R. Benchley Joseph Araujo — Civil Engineering " Aim for a star! Never be satisfied With a life that is less than best, Failure lies only in not having tried — In keeping the soul suppressed. " H. L. Marshall Licette Arango Joseph Araujo Iris H. Arbeiter — Education Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, Than a stalled ox and hatred therewith. Proverbs Steven A. Aronson — Education: Mathematics " I am at a dinner party with some friends when suddenly a man walks in with a bowl of soup on a leash. He accuses my underwear of treason, and when a lady defends me, her forehead falls off . . . soon everyone is laughing but my laundryman, who seems stern and sits there putting porridge in his ears. " Woody Allen Activities: Hillel Executive Board 1, 2. 3, 4; Dean ' s List; Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society 3, 4, 5. Iris H. Arbeiter Steven A. Aronson Michael S. Arpino — Civil Engineering Learning has made up most of my life and I don ' t intend to end learning now. Northeastern University is my stepping stone toward the future. Thanks to my wife for the coax- ing and taking my neglect. Mark Thomas Bain — Political Science We are as gods and might as well get good at it. Activities: The Academy; Pi Sigma Alpha. Michael S. Arpino Mark Bain Lawrence Balick Lawrence Balick — Education: Mathematics All around, sad faces to the ground, why can ' t they see time as a lie. Oh, I wish that I could get them to imagine they can fly on high, fly so high, spread their wings and fly. — N.Potter Activities: Student Federation 2, 3, 4; Exasperated 2, 3, 4; Mellow 5; Exuberant 6: Hillel 3, 4, 5; NUFOS 3, 4. Lynne Marie Barry — History The wonderful thing about today is that it ' s brand new; no one has ever used it. " Today is the first day of the rest of your life. " Life is for the present but memories are beauti- ful. Activities: Omega Sigma; Photography Club, Secretary. Carol A. Bartlett — B.S. Nursing MGH, Modern Dance; Jazz; Ballet; ' 68 SAAB — 70 SAAB; Wheelie; " The end of the world is next week, Don ' t worry until then. " Lynne Marie Barry Carol A. Bartlett Alan S. Bass Alan S. Bass — Pharmacy " There is a book and in this book it ' s written of life, of experiences, of what has happened in the last five years to a life time. And at times we ' ll sit and we ' ll think and we ' ll remember the many chapters of this book. For it ' s from this book that we learn and it ' s from this book that we grow and it ' s from this book that we move on. " Charles Baynes — BET Electrical Activities: WRBB; Black Engineering Student Society; Senior Communication Officer. Charles Baynes Frederick C. Beal — Pharmacy A rational man acting in the real world may be defined as one who decides where he will strike a balance between what he desires, and what can be done. It is only in imagi- nary worlds that we can do whatever we wish. Thomas J. Beale — Elementary Education " I ' ve been thinking now for a Long Time. How to go my own Separate Way. It ' s a shame to think about Yesterday, a shame. We ' ve been running ' round in our present state, hop- ing help would come from above, but even angels there made the same mistakes in love, in love. Frederick C. Beal Thomas J. Beale Dennis R. Beaudoin — Pharmacy (Generalamine) — Action: increases gastric juices; Indication, effective in cookie overdose; Contraindications: none; Warn- ings: take with milk; Precautions: must be given by mouth; Adverse reactions: drowsiness; Ft. Bragg disease; Dose and Administration: 5mg. olive drab tablets. Joyce E. Bedi — History BSO(MTTI); MFA(RJD); MITHC(BL, WAS, JL, MC, CAB, JSF, DRK, VP, WCT [OR CWT], SF, EIN); NUCS(KRPG, JJ, RS, GMcD, SB); NU(TCECB, JMG, JI, BLA); BB (IJR); MWY:B B ON THE ROCKS. Dennis R. Beaudoin Joyce E. Bedi Irving D. Bell — Civil Engineering " You have to have suffered to be happy. " Mary Ann E. Bell — Accounting " Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. " Irving D.Bell Mary Ann E. Bell Henry W. Beltram, Jr. Henry J. Beltram, Jr. — Industrial Engineering Investing five years of my life in a Northeastern education has been the most worthwhile decision of my life. I can never repay my parents for their help when I ' ve needed it most. Lisa, Phi Gamma Pi, and all my anxieties and depressions have made these five years unforgettable. I ' m glad it ' s finally over. Christopher J. Bernard — International Business Try to put well in practice what you already know; and in so doing, you will, in good time, discover the hidden things which you inquire about. Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear now what you do not know. Rembrandt Christopher J. Bernard Ronald S. Bessette — Civil Engineering Gymnastics Club 2; American Society of Civil Engineers, Student Chapter 3, 4, 5. Vice Program Chairman 4, 5; Huskiers and Outing Club 3, 4, 5; Chi Epsilon Civil Engi- neering National Honor Society; Tan Beta Pi. Richard P. Biagiotti — Education: Mathematics It seems like it takes forever to get out of here. But now that I ' m leaving, I ask myself. " Do I really want to? " Ronald S. Bessette Richard P. Biagiotti George J. Blake — Pharmacy Ratalin — Action: increases acetylcholine release in the brain: Indications: rodenticide, studenticide; Contraindi- cations: interacts with Weckerlynn; Warning: do not take seriously, only in small doses; Precautions: may induce hysteria; Adverse reactions: CNS neuropathy; Dose and Administration: as tolerated. Christine M. Bracci — Journalism " A BA after one ' s name isn ' t as meaningful as a BY befce it. " George J. Blake Christine M. Bracci Gary R. Buckman — Pharmacy New life awaits, time it has no day. New life awaits, here is your dream. And now how does it feel? No words will go with you, and now what is real? Joan A. Budzinski — Modern Languages " Do more than exist — live. Do more than touch — feel. Do more than look — observe. Do more than hear — lis- ten. Do more than listen — understand. Do more than talk — say something. " J. H. Rhodes Gary R. Buckman Joan Budzinski Daniel J. Cahill — Pharmacy When I look back on all of those days, when all I expected was a tuition raise. I remember the time when I first entered that gate, never expecting such a horrible fate. But five years have passed and I must confess, I ' ll miss NU and its bureaucratic mess. Leo W. Campbell — Criminal Justice I hope I live long enough to pay back the loans I ' ve taken to attend Northeastern. SAC 4: Rifle Club 3, 4. Daniel J. Cahill Leo W. Campbell Kevin M. Carroll — Political Science B.S. Political Science; Cathedral High; Townie; 8:00 class; ' 67 VW Squareback; Marm in Fame; Under the clock in the lounge; National Park Ranger Boston — Grand Can- yon? I leave thy greatness unexpressed, I leave thy fame to be guessed. Deborah A. Karon Carter — Medical Technology After five years of commuting, I still don ' t know which is worse: 1.) waiting at Park Street for an Arborway; 2.) get- ting stuck on the Southeast distressway; 3.) waiting in line for a parking space. At least Ken, we ' re a carpool. ' u Kevin M. Carroll Deborah A. K. Carter Sharon I. Celentano — Biology I leave with fond memories of those people whom I have been fortunate to have met. Chorus 2, 3, 4, VP 3; Student Union 3, 4, 5; Phi Sigma 4, 5; Student Center Committee 3, 4, 5, Vice-Chrmn. 4, Chrmn. 5; Social Council 5, Film Comm. 3; Husky Key 5. Peter J. Censullo — Management Northeastern is an institution that embodies students from different backgrounds. The most rewarding experience that I have gained here is my relationship with people who shared different norms, customs and beliefs. Sharon I. Celentano Peter J. Censullo Stanley Chamallas — Pharmacy Dimethyltryptostan: Action: dopeamine agonist, halluci- nogenic; Indication: effective in combatting mental stag- nation; Contraindication: Smith Bros.; Mellethil; Warning: Nitrites lead to gas emission; Precaution: rapid intoler- ance; Adverse reaction: bilateral dislocation of patellas; Dosage and Administration: 50 and 100 mg. tablets. Lisa M. Ciaschini — Physical Therapy Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend, before we too into the Dust descend; dust unto dust, and under dust to lie, sans wine, sans song, sans singer and sans End. O. Kahayyam Stanley Chamallas A. Paul Cioto — Journalism All hail aereopagitica, John Peter Zenga and the real world. In five years I ' ve seen copy and pencils, typefaces, big cities and barnyards; famous pols and confidential sources. I ' ve mastered my News and Enterprise. Now I ' m ready to conquer the globe. Amy L. Cohen — Biology " All I kin say is when you finds yo ' self in a peach orchard, ya don ' t go around lookin ' for rutabagas. " Kingfish from Amos Andy A. Paul Cioto Amy L. Cohen Andrew T. Colamaria — Criminal Justice " My four years at Northeastern will long be remembered as a developmental period for myself as well as for those around me. I would like to wish each member of the ' Class of 1977 ' a prosperous and beneficial future. " Susan J. Connolly — Secondary Education Mirar el rio hecho de tiempo y agua y recordar que el tiempo es otro rio saber que nos perdemos como el rio y que los rostros pasan como el agua. J. L. Borges Andrew T. Colamaria Susan J. Connolly MrM Gregory J. Cottman Gregory J. Cottman — Criminal Justice Five years at Northeastern have been long, but I have met interesting people and had experiences I will never forget. To those who remain, remember that, " Life is what you make it. " Marilyn Cowan — Nursing (A.S.) Once you are real, you can ' t be ugly, except to people who don ' t understand. M. Williams Marilyn Cowan Barbara A. Cox — Criminal Justice " I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now . . . for I shall not pass this way again. " Kent C. Crago — Finance and Insurance So much for study, So much for school, So much for dorm life and duck-hunting too. Thanx PTL. Barbara A. Cox Kent C. Crago Maureen Cunniffe — Nursing B.S. Nursing; Sigma Theta Tau; wife and mother; I leave behind the trials of college and aspire to meet the trials of my profession. Helen A. Cunningham — Pharmacy All men are alike — true in that the difference between those who received many talents and those who received few is presently erased without mercy. But untrue when it is a question of how they employed them: then, there still stands the frontier between life and death, as it has been drawn for all eternity . . . D. Hammarskjold. Maureen F. B. Cunniffe Helen Cunningham Paul J. Curran Paul J. Curran — Electrical Engineering " Isn ' t life strange, a turn of the page, can read like before, can we ask for more? Each day passes by, how hard will man try, the sea will not wait you know it makes me want to cry . . . " J. Lodge Member: Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE Karen Dantone — Physical Education Happiness is where you are and what you want to be. If you look you ' re sure to find the rainbow of your dreams. Tomorrow ' s fuller than a thousand yesterdays with the vision of a new day in your heart. Karen Dantone James Clifton Dates, Jr. — Medical Records Freshman Football ' 71; Judo Club ' 71; Resident Assistant ' 73- ' 77; Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. ' 73; IFC ' 73. " Without struggle, there ' s no progress. " Ian Caperton — Political Science You sow an act and you reap a habit . . . You sow a habit and you reap a character . . . You sow a character and you reap a destiny. C. F. Stanwood James C. Dates, Jr. Ian Caperton Joyce Ann Dabies — Speech and Hearing Northeastern University Speech and Hearing Association (NUSHA); Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary to Zeta Chapter. John T. Dawley — Criminal Justice Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Criminal Justice Advisory Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Criminal Justice Honor Society 5; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. John T. Dawley Pamela Stephanie Dembski — Medical Technology " I ' ve been going a longtime now, along the way I ' ve learned something — you have to make the good times yourself, take the little times and make them into big times and save the times that are all right for the ones that aren ' t so good. " Michael Derby — Political Science I cannot find correct words to describe the past five years, but if I ever write a book concerning them, it will be enti- tled — Fear and Loathing on the College Campus. Pamela S. Dembski Michael Derby Wayne Desberg — BET Electrical Engineering Charter member of the advanced demolition lab team; Co- Author of the How To Do It Electronic Lab Manual; Hey, Lloyd, don ' t forget the plug. Yeah, right, right . . . Remem- ber the big rigs . . . and Murph, see you at the Caribe. David C. Dibsick — Management Romanticism, my mirror, reflect a future more clear than the past. Image be strong, healthy and rich. But most show love, scathing spiritual fire, to guide me along. Highlights, making spectrum, something, creating Beau T ' s out of nothing . . . Wayne Desberg David C. Dibsick Frederick R. DiGregorio — Management Since, no person is born with knowledge, just the ability to learn, the individual must be provided with an environ- ment to facilitate learning. For many of us, Northeastern was a vital part of this environment. Upon graduation, we will always remember and feel the influence of Northeast- ern. However, we must remember to keep open minds, for we never cease to learn. Richard A. DiLando — Finance and Insurance " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, per- haps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. " i Frederick DiGregorio Richard DiLando Steven L. Ditman — Accounting " Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. " Denise J. Dudley — Health Education Activities: NUHOC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; NU Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Librarian for Chorus 3, 4. " As I look to the past, and I look to the present; may I have meaning for the future. " Steven L. Ditman Denise J. Dudley John Ebbets — Journalism I leave this " unique " institution with many good friends and fond memories. About these I cannot say enough. To express my feelings about the school however presents a problem. As a little kid I learned " if you can ' t say anything good about something, don ' t. " So I won ' t. Richard E. Eckenroth, Jr. — Recreation Education " No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. " Aesop I Richard E. Eckenroth Mary Ellen Elias — Respiratory Therapy " All things must pass. Where are the clowns? None of life ' s dreams will last. Send in the clowns. So I must be on my way, and face another day. Well maybe next year . . . " George Harrison, Steven Sondheim Cynthia Kurtz Ernest — Sociology Anthropology . . . Our lives shall not be sweared from birth until life closes; Hearts starve as well as bodies. Bread and roses! Bread and roses! Cynthia K. Ernest Virginia Ewart — Physical Therapy If you try to keep faith in your hopes and your dreams In facing whatever life brings, And you ' re grateful for life ' s little things It won ' t matter much, you will see. If things aren ' t all you would like them to be. Nancy Fales — Criminal Justice Memories: Orientation — Welcome to N.U.! Long lines — at registration, at the bookstore, at the parking lots; Co-op — " Have I got a terrific job for you. " ; Good courses, good professors, good friends. Memories I ' ll always cherish. Virginia Ewart Nancy Fales Michael K. Frisby — Journalism Five years at Northeastern University has been both a pleasure because of educational and technological experi- ence I have received, and a struggle because of the many battles fought against Northeastern ' s bureaucracy. In the end, with all the battles past, diplomas given out, and administrators still administrating, it just goes to show that Northeastern University was no big thing. Mildred M. Gabriel — Pharmacy (Our . . .) Painstaking, Harrowing, And, Relentless, Men- tal Abstraction, Contributes Years of Health and Happi- ness. Activities: A Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4; Rho Chi Scholastic Award 3; Student American Pharmaceutical Assoc. 3, 4, 5; Rho Chi Honor Society 5. Michael K. Frisby Mildred M. Gabriel Joseph F. Geary — Industrial Engineering " Intellectual constructions that are not used until they are as comfortable as an old sweater are at best, temporarily ornamental. " R. E. Coffey Joseph F. Geary M sr 111 Donald S. Gleason fr, Donald S. Gleason |r. — Marketing " FINALLY. " Patricia A. Goulding — Physical Education Far away there in the sunshine Are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where thev lead. L. M. Alcott Patricia A. Goulding Ronald C. Graham — Economics Believe it or not. it took me four years to learn how to be curious. What a satisfaction! Milton L. Greenberg Jr. — Journalism You ' ll hear from me in 1990. I ' m going to hijack a starship. sending seven thousand people past the sun. Our babes will wander naked through the cities of the universe . . . Ronald C. Graham Milton L. Greenberg Jr. John Gregory — Economics Mother Nature made it green, prettiest place you ' ve ever seen. Given a voice, can you make a choice? Is it black, is it grey, is it yellow? All of this crying while the earth is dying. It ' s a shock they won ' t stop because of money. America is lost, figurin ' the cost; you can hang your head in shame, it ' s disgusting. S. Stills Lee A. Griffiths — Accounting Being is a state of mind; Transmitted through our moods And transformed into reality. John Gregory Lee A. Griffiths Anne R. Guarnotta — Psychology Activities: Spectrum Staff 3; Co-Editor Spectrum 4, 5. My five years at Northeastern have been a maturing expe- rience. I have learned from my professors, fellow students and other acquaintances here to know myself and my capabilities. As graduation approaches, I feel a sense of anticipation and a greater confidence to face the world. William T. Halstead — Pharmacy (Tetraethylhead) Action: non-specific, long acting; Indica- tion: Misconceptions ' Contra-Indications: Vectrin; Deluca- lax: Warning: may cause plumpism; Precaution: do not take rectally; Adverse Reactions: color, rubor, tumor and dolor; Dose and Administration: 100 mg. Vaginal inserts. William T. Halstead Mark Hamel — Mechanical Engineering Activities: Chess Team 1, 2, Captain 5; Northeastern Chess Champion 1; Pi Tau Sigma 3, 4, President 5; Tau Beta Pi 4, 5; ASME5. Carol Ona Hamilton — Respiratory Therapy Though I know I ' ll never lose affection, For people and things that went before. I know I ' ll often stop and think about them, In my life, I ' ve loved them all. Lennon-McCartney Mark Hame Carol O. Hamilton Dianne Hannah Dianne Hannah — Elementary Education Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 Irving C. Hawkins — Health Education " For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. " Aristotle Irving C. Hawkins Heidi A. Hill Terri Hinkson Heidi A. Hill — Drama Communicatons I am, where I am. I know where I could have been, had I done what I did not do. Tell me, friend, what I can do today, to be, where I want to be, tomorrow. Terri Hinkson — Psychology Activities: The Academy: Phi Kappa Phi. Harriet Hirsch Karin E. Holthaus Harriet Hirsch — Elementary Education There was once a time when " 77 " looked as distant as " 82. " A time when I looked ahead to finishing, not knowing until now that it ' s only the first rung on the ladder named " Begin- ning. " Karin E. Holthaus — Pharmacy (Faceace) — Action: increases mobilization of sex hormone; Indication: used for chronic laughter; Contraindications: high altitudes; Warnings: always take at bedtime; Precau- tions: definitely habit forming; Adverse Reactions: disuse atrophy of the brain; Dose and Administration: As often as possible. Jacqueline Horton — Nursing (B.S.) I will serve Thee because I love Thee, you have given life to me; I was nothing before You found me. You have given life to me. Heartaches, broken pieces, ruined lives are why you died on Calv ' ry, Your touch is what I longed for You have given life to me. W. Gaither Cliff M. Jennings — Transportation After 6(!) years at NU I found co-op disappointing, the education usually good and my student activities very rewarding. But was it all really worth it? Hmmm . . . Thanks to Sammy, NUB, Stetson cafe, Stuart Soroka and Boston. " Just because a path is well-beaten is no proof it ' s the right one. " John Jermain — Civil Engineering The best move with time, and the rest become fixed in time, stagnating, in a world without change. Lawrence Joseph — Elementary Education " Education, to justify itself, should enable a man (individ- ual) to use the full potential of his body, mind and spirit. It should also develop in him the ability to make the best use of his personality, surroundings and circumstances so that he may accomplish the maximum in life for himself and for others. " M. M. Yogi Jacqueline Horton Cliff M. Jennings John Jermain Lawrence A. Joseph Jeff A. Jurik — Recreation Education Activities: Stucent Advisory Board 1, 2, 4, Secretary 5; Recreation Club, 1, 2, Treasurer 3; Intramural Basketball 4; Volleyball 4; Fenway Project; plus other activities which I won ' t put into writing. I came to Boston to attend NU, I wasn ' t sure why, it seemed like the thing to do. The years drifted by and at the end of five, they kicked my ass out and said " Go out and survive. " Larry C. Kaufman — Management Nameless Coffeehouse 1, 2, 3, 4; Harvard Square 1, 2, 3, 4 Concerts 1, 2, 3, 4; Nightclubs 1; Haymarket 2, 3, 4; Fens MIT Basketball Courts 2, 3, 4; Copley Square 1, 2, 3, 4 Northeastern Related Activities xxx 0 ' . Commons 2, 3 Sporting Events 1, 2, 3, 4; Reason for going to Northeast- ern: it ' s in Boston, it has co-op. Jeff A. Jurik Larry C. Kaufman Mary E. Kelly — Accounting Times are different. A steady supply of money is needed for tuition, books and bare essentials. But when gradua- tion comes, it all seems worthwhile. The door is opened for you to the real world. It can be frightening but chal- lenging. Thomas F. Kelly — Mechanical Engineering " Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a choice; It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. " W. J. Bryant Mary E. Kelly Leonard Kessler — Accounting How promising are the future years, filled with hopes and dreams — devoid of fears, for life is a challenge which we accept; with all of life ' s cruel and merciless tests. And in the end I know that we will be, like Moses, who on the mountain did see, the Promised Land, stretching far and wide, all our thoughts of failure pushed aside. Kevin C. King — Geology Activities: Yacht Club Racing Team 1-5; Student Federa- tion 4, 5; Geology Club 1 - 5; Student Center Committee 4, 5. A person leaving NU aware of his or her sights on the hori- zon can go anywhere. Fly high! Leonard Kessler Kevin C. King Jeffrey S. Krah — Criminal Justice " God and the soldier we adore in time of danger, not before the danger passed and all things righted. God is for- gotten and the soldier slighted. " Anonymous Geri Lambert — Sociology Anthropology I am being driven into an unknown land. The past grows steeper, the air, colder and sharper. The wind from mye unknown goal stirs the strings of expectation. Still the question: Shall I ever get there? There, where life resounds, a clear pure note in the silence. " D. Hammarskjold Jeffrey S. Krah Geri Lambert Richard C. Lambert — BET Mechanical All started in " 72. " White Hall, the Cask, NU Underwater Society, Cape Cod Weekends, St. Stephens St., Punter ' s, PGP, Friday Night Parties, Nova Scotia, Florida, Volvo, Fairfield, New London, Bird, White Mts., Grades improved after married. Anyone for a shipwreck? Mark S. Landman — Mechanical Engineering " Procrastination is the one thing we don ' t put off until tomorrow. " Richard C. Lambert 3 £ Mark S. Landman Edd LaRossa — BET Electrical The Scripture says: " But these are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing, you might have life through His Name. " John 20:31 Mary M. Leahy — Physical Education Without Friends No one would choose to live, Even if he had all other goods. Edd LaRossf Mary M. Leahy Wai Yiu Lee 4 Bruce Levick Wai Y. Lee — Pharmacy Five years of college education, may be vocational skills for many and knowledge of life for others, but it was the Art of Bureaucracy I learned most of all. Bruce Levick — Accounting Activities: Beta Gamma Sigma 4, 5; Beta Alpha Psi, Presi- dent 4, 5. Success is not a destination , but a journey. Larry Liberfarb Kenneth Lidman Larry Liberfarb — Accounting " There are many people, who are far more gifted than I am in looks, intelligence, charm and a lot of other quali- ties. But, I tell you this, I try hard, I fight hard, I work hard and I remain an incurable optimist. L. Weicker Kenneth Lidman — Mathematics " Oh, the night is passing slow, and of tomorrow I don ' t know. " Seatrain I leave to NU 5 years and 41 books, and will always remember the summer of ' 75 with JT, frat parties and ' 76 with Ede. NEURY 1, 2; Bridge Club 5. Robert B. Link — Finance and Insurance Veni, Vidi, Vici! The affluent NUB and the Co-op system worked for me. Alagaroo Nubbies. Joseph G. Lodie — Health Education Activities: Moderator, Dean ' s Student Advisory Board 3, 4; Student Federation 3, 4; Alumni Council 3, 4; Swimming Club 3; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Executive Health Service Com- mittee 4; Co-op Dean ' s Advisory Council 3. " You can ' t always get what you want but if you try some times you ' ll get what you need. " Stones Robert B. Link Joseph G. Lodie Kevin P. Loflin Christopher V. LoPilato Kevin P. Loflin — Accounting We stumble into college, all alone to confront the prob- lems of our new environment. We fight to get involved try- ing to show concern. Then, there are the survivors, the ones who pull away from their stagnant being, assuming their stance as individuals. Christopher V. LoPilato — Accounting Activities: Burlington Campus 1, 2, 3; Student Advisory Committee 4, 5, 6; Beta Alpha Psi 7, 8, 9, 10, 11; Dean ' s List Student Recognition Every Quarter. My relevant co-op experience provided me with the sta- mina to complete an academically successful college career. Judith T. MacLeod km Joseph Magliozzi Judith Tasha MacLeod — Respiratory Therapy " Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the wrong, Sometimes in life you will have been all of these. " W. Scott Joseph Magliozzi — Biology Summary of 5 years at Northeastern: those dynamite 4-6 p.m. Biology Labs; Organic Chemistry — just brutal! Doc Ellis and the fruit flies. Professor Mesoley is number one. Supersets at the Mystic Health Club. Equal development of mind and body, Frank Zane. Gerard F. Malone — Criminal Justice Activities: NU Criminal Justice Advisory Council: NU Honor Society; NU Varsity Baseball; NU Freshman Football; Teach- ing Assistant, Psychology Dept. Michael G. Mangalo — Marketing To reach my goals I must risk as much as it takes. My coming to the U.S. meant risking a totally alien culture, and that could have been very hazardous for me. I am glad that my first goal, graduation, has been accomplished. Gerard F. Malone Michael G. Mangalo Bevan O. Manhertz — Accounting Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 Michael Maranian Jr. — Medical Technology . . . Like Columbus in the olden days, we must gather all our courage. Sail our ships out on the open seas, cast away our fears and all the years will come and go, and take us up — always up. Bevan O. Manhertz Michael Mara nian Jr. James Marchione — Accounting Activities: Beta Gamma Sigma. Catherine Marcella — Physical Therapy " To believe is to cling to impossible dreams then strive till you make them come true . . . " K. N. Davis James Marchione Catherine Marcella Kit Martindale — Physical Education Solitude is a silent storm that breaks down all our dead branches. Yet it sends our living roots deeper into the liv- ing heart of the living earth. Man struggles to find life out- side himself, unaware that the life he is seeking is within him. Nature reaches out to us with welcome arms, and bids us enjoy her beauty; but we dread her silence and rush into the crowded cities, there to huddle like sheep fleeing from a ferocious wolf. K. Gibran John A. Marzinzik — Accounting " If a man does not keep pace with his companions, per- haps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away. " Kit Martindale John A. Marzinzik William D. Masselli — History Thoughts of Life and thoughts of Death Leave us all so very blind; Can there be ways to look ahead Without us looking behind? Mark P. Mason I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I feel my fate in what I cannot fear I learn by going where I have to go. William D. Masselli Mark P. Mason Thomas E. Masse — Accounting This NU composition is completed ... in spite of certain faults ... a form of expression, ideas . . . cumulation of labors, instructions . . . acquiring knowledge, techniques and an awareness of personal style . . . now equipped with tools to begin a new challenge ... a different paint- ing. Laura Matt — Physical Therapy Self-respect cannot be hinted, it cannot be purchased nor a is for sale, nor fabricated out of public relations. It comes to us when we are alone, in quiet moments, in quiet places when we suddenly realize that, knowing the good, we have done it, knowing the beautiful we have served it, knowing the truth, we have spoken it . . . A. W. Griswold Thomas E. Masse Laura Matt Christian McCarthy — History My experiences at Northeastern are good ones as well as not so good ones. The not so good ones were the traffic and crowds, but the good ones were many, such as the fac- ulty, the life in general there and most of all, a lot of great kids. Richard L. McCarthy — Criminal Justice " She and I have clinched and clawed with the naked sea. She and I have learned to defy and defend; Shoulder to Shoulder we have fought it out — Yet the sea must win in the end. " KC I — Christian McCarthy Richard L. McCarthy Kim L. McCummings — Special Education There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, there are thousands to prophesy failure; There are thousands to point out to you, one by one, the dangers that wait to assail you. But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, just take off your coat and go to it; just start to sing as you tackle the thing that " cannot be done, " and you ' ll do it. E. A. Guest Gregory S. McCrone — Pharmacy ' Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the borogroves, and the mome raths outgrabe Hobbits, Trees, Rocks, A Mountain Stream, Camios Cakes, Cheese, Christmas Skiing, Sunsets, Stars, Swimmings, Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, Ballet, Wolf, Friends, Birds. What is a bird but an unlimited idea of freedom? Kim L. McCummings Gregory S. McCrone Robert McDevitt — Criminal Justice Activities: Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; Coach of Women ' s Crew 5. Never; never; never; never; Give up. W. Churchill Michael W. McDonough — Criminal Justice Activities: Scabbard and Blade 1, 2, 3, 4; Cadet Rangers 2, 3, 4; Ranger School — Summer of ' 76; Criminal Justice; Military Police. Rangers Lead The Way. Robert McDevitt Michael W. McDonough Martin F. McGann — History " What is past is prologue. " W. Shakespeare " The Tempest " James A. McLaughlin — Medical Technology Miles from nowhere, guess I ' ll take my time, Oh yeah, to reach there. Look up at the mountain I have to climb. Oh yeah, to reach there. Lord, my body has been a good friend, But I won ' t need it when I reach the end. C. Stevens Martin F. McGann James A. McLaughlin Maureen J. Meehan — Nursing (B.S.) " Let today be the remembering of the past, and the longing for the future. " Larry C. Mehegan — Criminal Justice The road of life is long and is filled with many hardships and pleasures. Therefore, I ask that God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the differ- ence. Maureen J. Meehan Larry C. Mehegan Diane Melanson — Nursing (B.S.) " I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. " Anonymous Daniel R. Miller — Sociology Anthropology Activities: The Academy. " Dead Heads. " Diane Melanson Daniel R. Miller Rita A. Miller — Organizational Communications Activities: Fencing Club 1; The Academy; Honor Thesis: Workshop for Women in Management. I have learned that there is so much more to know. I have grown to the point where I want to grow more. The expe- riences of NU have been painful and profitable at the same time. I am now ready to move on. Carlton Mills — Pharmacy " Things do not change; we change. " H. D. Thoreau Rita A. Miller L Carlton Mills Gregory D. Mollomo — Electrical Engineering I wasn ' t in the rifle club, or the student union, These were not the things I loved, nor goals I was pursuing. Sat down with a book, the calculus I took began to read my bible. I took one look, and really got shook, hope was my only sur- vival. Gweneth Moorhouse — Marketing " You receive the most when you give the best. " At Northeastern, I have rediscovered myself, my true potential. I have reasoned and gave charity and goodwill to others. Gregory D. Mollomo Gweneth Moorhouse John C. Morris — Pharmacy Activities: SAPHA 2, 3, 4, 5. Laurie Morrison — Physical Therapy Activities: Chorus 1; Water Polo 2; Bouve Honor Society. " Seek ye the way though the distance be great, though the way be long, keep thy course, o son. Across the waters is thy path. " Old Polynesian Chant John C. Morris Laurie Morrison Marie Mosca — Physical Therapy Activities: Kappa Delta Pi; Physical Education Majors Club, Secretary. To smile in the face of tragedy yet act appropriately is a major component of life. You are what your experiences make you; may you always hear and heed those messages! John M. Mosey — English Activities: Editorial Board of What ' s N.U.?, Burlington Campus Newspaper 1; Spectrum 3, Spectrum Editor 4, 5. If nothing else, I have learned during my time at the world ' s largest private university how to stand in line and almost like it. Marie Mosca John M. Mosey fo " 1 i i John Murphy — BET — Electrical Hello Bruce! Co-author of How to do it electronic lab man- ual. Hey Lloyd it ' s on fire! I think we need three boxes of shells for loungeball . Australia, Australia, beergardens and the skellar; Kiplin ' Road; Bingo, Bingo. Kristine Keehner Nasinnyk — Pharmacy " Clouds come floating into my life from other days no longer to shed rain or usher storm but to give colour to my sunset sky. " R. Tagore Activities: SAPHA 3, 4, 5; Chorus. John Murphy Kristine Nasinny Bruce E. Newbrough — Chemistry The five years I have spent at Northeastern were not always easy, but no one said they would be. But for knowledge I have gained, the experiences that have helped me to grow, and, above all, the people I have met, I wouldn ' t have had it any other way. Richard O ' Brien — Biology Inventor of the lounger one; Think we can get this elevator to go sideways? Last time we saw our heroes Rocky and Bullwinkle; How long is it? Pieces of eight; T with a hum- per; Goodnight overture; common spleenwarts. Bruce Newbrough Richard O ' Brien Paul O ' Connell — Criminal Justice Too easily we forget that life is the pain-filled cry of every human being to be heard; to be loved. Joy is the moment when that cry breaks through and someone hears it. My HOPE is to be HEARD. My GOAL is to HEAR the cries of others. Jonathan Peace — Criminal Justice Paul O ' Connell Jonathan Peace Armand J. Paradis Joel A. Perlmutter Armand J. Paradis — Biology I may be able to speak the languages of men and even of angels, but if I have not love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell. I may have the gift of inspired preaching. I may have all knowledge and understanding all secrets; . . . but if I have not love, it does me no good. Corinthians 1:13 Joel A. Perlmutter — Journalism Activities: Freshman Government 1, Chairman of Grievance Committee; Delta Chi 2, 3, 4, 5; Sigma Delta Chi 3, 4, 5, Vice- President; Dean ' s List; Varsity Hockey Statistician 2, 3, 4, 5. Helen Perrier — Accounting " Like Columbus in the olden days, we must gather all our courage. Sail our ships out on the open sea, cast away our fears and all the years will come and go and take us up — always up. " Seals and Croft Livio D. Poles — Electrical Engineering Mermaids allure me away from fields of vectors, But inher- ently I adhere to the flame that holds me near. Speculative ideas and abnormal sheers of all those dears, and their power although perplexing is enough to hold the rest of me. Helen Perrier Livio D. Poles Richard S. Priesing — Criminal Justice Activities: ROTC 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Scabbard and Blade 2, 3, 4, 5, Clerk 4, Commander 5; NUFOS 3; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5. These college years have been ones of great personal growth and change. I have learned and matured much because of and, at times in spite of Northeastern, and am thankful for it. Paul T. Proly — Criminal Justice Activities: Dorm Council 2, 3; Intramural Football 1; Intramu- ral Volleyball 1; Dormitory Softball 1, 2, 3; Dean ' s List 4, 5; Punter ' s Pub 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Cask and Flagon 2, 3, 4, 5; " No Hands " 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Richard Priesing Paul T. Proly Cheryl Proto — Medical Technology Activities: Modern Dance Club 2; Jazz Dance Club 2, 3, 4; Sil- ver Masque 2, 3, 4, 5. Nancy C. Rawson — Biology In youth, it was a way I had to do my best to please, and change, with every passing day to suit other ' s theories. But now I know the things I know, and do the things I do; and if by chance I don ' t succeed, my tuition please! I ' ll ask of you. Nancy C. Rawson Edward Rhoads — Criminal Justice Activities: Rifle Team 1, 2, 3; Karate Club 2, 3, 4. " The louder he proclaimed his honesty, the faster we counted our spoons. " Theodore Ricketts, Jr. — Mathematics " I am an individual. I form my physical environment. I change and make my world. I am free of space and time. I am a part of all that is. There is no place within me that creativity does not exist. " ' - r 4;.fe Edward Rhoads Theodore Ricketts Carol Rico — Accounting " I hardly suppose I know anybody who wouldn ' t rather be a success than a failure, Just as I suppose every piece of crabgrass in the garden would much rather be an azalea! O. Nash Richard L. Rogato — Criminal Justice I ' d like to thank God, my family, Beverly, and my friends for helping me be what I am today. Carol Rico Richard L. Rogato Jeffrey H. Rosen — Management " And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars; For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against king- dom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places: all this is but the beginning of the birthpangs. " Matthew 24 Frederick L. Rowe — Pharmacy (Rowe Wolfia Serpentina) Action: Consult Hoyle; Indica- tion: whatever; Contraindication: Alcohol; Warning: may increase hydrocephalus or pokerinania; Adverse reaction: depletion of copper; Dose and Administration: thin waf- ers, 52 per carton, take 5 prn. Jeffrey Rosen Joel S. Rublin — Accounting Humanity ' s Final Exam — " Do we really understand that each of us is here only for all the others? " " So selfishness is no longer valid, no longer rational. The chicken is now out of the egg, humanity out of the womb. The umbilical cord has been cut. It is everybody now or nobody. ' ' R. B. Fuller Richard Rudolf Jr. — Power Systems " If you have a goal in life that takes energy, is interesting and challenging, you will always look forward to see what the new day brings . . . " Activities: NU Band; IEEE; Chorus; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. Joel S. Rublin Richard Rudolf Stephen St. Cyr — Accounting My career at Northeastern has been hectic. I realize my education is only beginning. I ' ve learned how to think and how to adapt in order to achieve the most of my opportu- nities. I ' m in a constant struggle to improve myself and looking forward to the rewarding years ahead. Anita M. Santoro — Physical Education Activities: Bouve Dean ' s Student Advisory Board 4; Physi- cal Education Majors Club 3, 4, 5; Director, Intramural Volleyball 4. Stephen St. Cyr Anita M. Santoro Karen Lee Schindehette — Pharmacy; " No one can build his security upon the nobleness of another person. " W. Cather Valerie A. Sauer — Physical Education " If anyone tells you I achieved something without strug- gling at it do not believe him. But if he tells you I struggled hard and achieved something, then you may believe him. " T. Megillah Karen L. Schindehette Valerie Sauer Hilda L. Shand — Elementary Education Activities: Iota Phi Theta Sweetheart; Black Caucus; Food Service Committee. " Life ain ' t been no crystal stair, it ' s had tacks, splinters, and boards all torn up . . . " L. Hughes Elissa P. Shuman — Education: Mathematics Activities: Dean ' s List 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Hillel Executive Board 1, 2, 3, 4; NUFOS 3; Kappa Delta Pi. " Experience all you can in life — for experience is the number one educator. " Hilda Shand Elissa Shuman Valerie Simms — Education: Human Services . . . Five years have come and gone, however, the memo- ries of my years at Northeastern will long remain a part of me. Michael J. Smith — Political Science Swim Club 2; Soundings: Nixon ' s the One . . . Vietnam . . . McGovern . . . Navy Yard closes . . . Watergate . . . Energy Crisis . . . Stagflation . . . Liberalism . . . Resigna- tion . . . Peace at Last . . . Apathy . . . Jerry Who? . . . Fred Harris for President . . . Pollution ... Is democracy dead? . . . Mao, rest in peace. Politics is an art. However, Government is the Science. Valerie Simms Michael J. Smith Thomas H. Smith — International Business " I do not have everything I want, but what I don ' t have I can do without, which makes me rich . . . " Jacquie Specland — Physical Therapy " A pretty good firm is ' Watch Waite, ' and another ' Attit, Early Layte ' ; and still another is ' Doo Dairet ' ; but the best is probably ' Grinn Barrett ' . " W. Dotty Thomas Smith Jacquie Specland Neil Stacey tma S John Stark Neil H. Stacey — Pharmacy Activities: Phi Gamma Pi Fraternity, President, Vice-Presi- dent, IFC Representative. Education: " That which discloses to the wise and dis- guises from the foolish their lack of understanding. " A. Bresce John T. Stark — Electrical Engineering " You have to live free or die. " Major J. Stark Lee Stepner Lee Stepner — Marketing Pondering over my formative years at college, one begins to wonder, was the correct institution chosen? Northeast- ern has proven to me beyond all expectations that a qual- ity education can still be obtained at such a large cosmo- politan institution. Dennis L. Story — Electrical Engineering (BS MS) Activities: IEEE 6-9; Treasurer 8, 9; Eta Kappa Nu 7-11; Tau Beta Pi 7-11, Treasurer 10, 11; Engineering Joint Coun- cil 8; RCA Scholar in Engineering; President ' s Award for outstanding scholastic achievement. Dennis L. Story Diane Stowe Marcel Strain Diane Stowe — Nursing (B.S.) Whose woods these are I think I know, his house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here to watch his woods fill up with snow. The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. R. Frost Marcel S. Strain Jr. Where did non-violence get Martin Luther King? In the end . . . The youth of a nation are the trustees of Posterity. Martha Sturgill — Nursing (B.S.) Activities: NU Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3; Sigma Theta Tau 3, 4, 5; Phi Kappa Phi achievement awards 2, 3; Pinning Com- mittee. Upon graduation, having survived five years of the uncaring, factory-like atmosphere of Northeastern, I can only say, " Praise the Lord it is over. " Eileen Surette — Elementary Education " Don ' t walk in front of me — I may not follow. Don ' t walk behind me — I may not lead. Walk beside me — and just be my friend. " A. Camus Eileen Surette Barbara Sutherland Jeffrey Thewlis Philip Thomas Barbara Sutherland — Biology Do not go gentle into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Grave men, near death, who see with hinding sight, Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. D. Thomas Jeffrey Thewlis — Pharmacy (1-H, 5 -H, Lunazide; Wolfbane) Actions: causes rerouting of neuroelectric impulses in the areas of the brain concerned with thought processes. Uses: used to provide patient with a general state of apathy and severe sedation; Indications: a.) use indicated effective in avoiding the Dean ' s List and removal from academic probation, b.) possibly effective for avoiding graduation; Contraindications: not to be used when patient is suffering from Dementia Paralytica; Warnings: patient must not be allowed to drive, must not be used in mixed company; Precautions: may lead to necrospermia; Dosage and Administration: 10% ointment for application to erogenous zones; 1500 mg tablets to be taken with 100 ml. of Ethanol. Philip Thomas — Pharmacy (Furfural) Action: direct follicular stimulation; Indications: Locontel Alopecia Furfurus Capitus; Contraindications: Fur- gone, Drug Store ' s 41 + $; Warning: may cause excessive hor- monal secretion; Precautions: protect from light, may induce Hirsutism; Adverse reaction: Tinea Barbi; Dose and Admin- istration — Apply locally PRN. Maureen E. Tracey — Elementary Education " You have touched me and I have grown. " Mark Travis Ellen Tsapatsaris Mark A. Travis — Journalism Activities: Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. The Onyx; North- eastern News. Ellen Tsapatsaris — Criminal Justice " I am older than I was, but younger than I will be. " Robert S. Underhill — Criminal Justice Activities: CJ Student Advisory Council; CJ Academic Standing Committee; Started and organized College of CJ Honor Society, President. " Goober Lives! " Anthony J. Vaudo — Electrical Engineering " The time is gone The song is over, Thought I ' d something more to say. " R. Waters Robert Underhill Anthony J. Vaudo Philip Vecchione Jr. — Electrical Engineering Homeless; Pru; Beantown; Kenmore; Friends; Crowds; Packies; Parties; Clubs; Streets; Guns; Knives; Police; Physics; Coffee; Allnighters; Co-op; Corporations; Cock- roaches; Commuting; Concerts; Chemistry; Friends; Cards; Penthouse; Libraries; Galleries; Smiles; Common; Hill; Charles; Biking; Tennis; Fenway; B-Ball; Sox; Pizza; Music; Motorcycle; Maturity. Sharon A. Vogelaar — Nursing (B.S.) " Something ' s lost, but something ' s gained in living every day. I ' ve looked at life from both sides now . . . " J. Mitchell 4 M Philip Vecchione Sharon Vogelaar Marty Waldman — Electrical Engineering " Mahts " Activities: Rifle Club 1; Photography Club 1; Flying Clubs 1,2,3,4,5. " What, me worry? " Dana Walters — Power Systems Activities: Hus-Skiers 1; IEEE 2, 3, 4, 5; Eta Kappa Nu, President 5. Marty Waldman Dana Walters Sabrina Ware — Spanish El major profesor es uno que es un profesor y un studente al mismo tiempo. Conosco solamente uno, y el se llama Senor Jaramillo! Que buena persona! Lucia Warner — Medical Technology " I want to learn what life is for, I don ' t want much I just want more ... I ' d cure the cold and the traffic jam, if there were floods I ' d give a dam ... I ' d like to plan a city, play the cello, play at monte carlo, play Othello, Move into the White House, paint it yellow . . . I ' m like a child who ' s set free at the fun fair, every ride invites me and it ' s unfair . . . saying that I only get my one share . . . Give me the time to turn the tide, Give me the truth if once I lied, I ' ll have everything. " Sabrina Ware Lucia Warner Daisy Watson — Elementary Education Sharon Watson — Education: Mathematics Activities: Intramural Basketball, 2 years; Winter Carnival Queen ' 76- ' 77; Ebonette Girls ' Basketball Team, 2 years; Queen of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity ' 75- ' 76; African-Ameri- can Institute Freshman Orientation Staff, 2 years; NUFOS 5: Huskey Key Society, Social Council, Skip Wright Mem- orial Fund Staff, Senior Week Committee, Yearbook Staff, Mass. Representative of the Advisory Council for the Right to Read Program. Dean ' s List. " I ' ve Only Just Begun to Live. " Daisy Watson Sharon Watson Richard A. Weisberg — Management " They said Northeastern was a factory. They said North- eastern was a large impersonal mass of white buildings. They said the students were apathetic. Northeastern is what you, as an individual put into it, and I received much from Northeastern. " Clifford White — BET — Electrical Activities: Vice president Black Engineering Society 1974- 1976. v Richard Weisberg Clifford White Melanie White — Special Education " Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. " Proverbs 3:5, 6 Joanne Wido — Physical Education Speak gently to yourself. Speak freely in praise of all you are. Speak clearly with pride in all you ' ve been. Speak bravely with hope for all you may become. Melanie White oanne Wido Robert L. Wile — Economics It ' s been a long and hard five years, but, I ' ve acquired knowledge, a tremendous amount of personal growth and still made a point to enjoy myself in the process. I suc- ceeded. suuggieu 10 master masses oi lniormanon in nopes oi passing tests. The disguised, real objectives, have not slip- ped by — constructive thought patterns, and self-aware- ness. Robert Wile it Curtis Williams Lorraine C. Wilson — Medical Record Adminis- tration Living in the city how would it be to wake with the city in my windows and not a stretch of travel between us. Lorraine C. Wilson Robin Zeitz — Physical Therapy " Don ' t work for my happi- ness my brothers — show me yours — show me that it is possible — show me your achievement and that knowl- edge will give me courage for mine. " Ayn Rand Alvse Winston Alyse Winston — Psychology " God, grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. " — unknown Jasper Childs — Administrative Education In retrospect; The Northeastern experience revealed the obvi- ous conclusion: The cycle of life is a tough grueling, exasperat- ing challenge. A challenge attacked by the strong; ignored by the weak. I thank Northeastern for instilling in me the strength needed to combat anything and everything in the giant puzzle of life. Adena Wirkerman — Physical Education " Just want to thank all the great friends, fellow-students and professors alike, I got to know, and how each guided me through; to see the light, to help me bend, grow, and per- severe, and to mold myself into what I am. " Stephen F. Crimmin — Journalism Betraying rustic origin, I packed my vague intentions of becom- ing a journalist and left Vermont. Four years of cigarettes, self- doubts and study later, I found myself a Boston Globe Corre- spondent. What happened in between, while it may interest you, astonishes me. Adena Wirkerman Ronald Zaycer Ronald Zaycer — Pharmacy Well, it ' s almost time — To the professors who gave me the knowledge; To the counsellors who gave me the guidance; To the Bursar who gave me the bills; To my parents who gave me the money; Most of all to Boston and friends, and the women who made it worth staying ct N.U. Mary Lou Hagerty — Nursing B.S. I have put my trust in Yahweh our God and Creator . . . " There will be universal peace, and all military academies and training camps will be closed down. Everyone will live quietly in his own home in peace and prosperity, for there will be nothing to fear. The Lord himself has promised this. " MICH 4:3,4 The Living Bible Gail Kaminskas — Criminal Justice If education is well sought, Despite the school one will be taught. and if one ' s smart it may be found: any monkey can wear a cap and gown, but none can claim he is a fool. for now knowing less of life ' s rules than the graduates of the past. And he who thinks where sits the scroll, There he sits as the higher class — Does but sit with a monkey ' s ass. Arunas Jonas Kuncaitis — Psychology " If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the founda- tions under them. " Henry David Thoreau William H. Newman — Mechanical Engineering PiTau Sigma 3, 4, 5 Tau Beta Pi 3, 4, 5 Phi Kappa Phi 4, 5 ASME4. 5 Engineering Joint Council Richard Oliveri — Criminal Justice " Graduation Or Bust! " Karate Club 1, 2, 3 Photography Club 5 Edward P. Otto — Mechanical Engineering It took a long time to arrive for it kept just out of reach but now it ' s here. For this is the First Day of the rest of my life. And my life and future are finally mine. Kehinde Olawande — Nothing can take the place of persistence. Catherine St. Pierre — Nursing ' A saint is a sinner revised and edited. Christine Sullivan — Nursing LPN If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours. — Thoreau Ambrose C. Uzoma — " The N.U. co-op system is a whole army of knowledge which has greatly rewarded me. I shall urge every student to make maximum use of this unique and rare opportu- nity. " Lee Walsh — Recreation Education Chronically five years older but many additional years more mature in education and experience through friend- ships created that has made me a better person due to a learner awareness of my concern for others. It is hoped that this loss will contribute to a more peaceful civiliza- tion as an example to those that follow. Carol Webster — Nursing B.S. " One could do worse than be a Swinger of Birches. " Robert Frost Gratis to the dramatis personae of " The making of a Nurse 1977. " Room, my family, Shaz, Chery M., Baby Pratt, Froggy, Edna, Marilyn, CCGH, NEBH, and the ducks at the pond. Harris Yoffa — Communications Silver Masque 4, 5 WRBB1.2, 3, 4, 5. I leave 156 mailbox combinations for Melvin Hall My thanks to V.A. Some thoughts for the Bursar ' s Office A brand new phone for the Cauldron A key for Dean Sochacki My co-op job for Professor Miller A lasting impact in someone ' s mind without very much A sound cue for the curtain call. I i Kathleen C. Aberizk Criminal Justice Stephen J. Adamczyk Pharmacy Elaine R. Adams Susan Adams Elementary Education w A Keith Adamson Electrical Engineering Leonard Adelman Criminal Justice Brian Ago Management Francis Ahern Political Science Azar Ahmadian Syed Ahmed Electrical Engineering , ' ' Janet Ahonen Accounting Babatone Ajayi Electrical Engineering Eddy Alcindor Mechanical Engineering Gerard Alexander Electrical Engineering Lesley Allan Medical Technology Ralph Allard Journalism Rodney Alleyne Industrial Relations James Alloway Industrial Engineering Richard Ancti l Modern Languages Barbara Anderson History Joseph Angileri Pharmacy Carol Ansaldi Physical Therapy Wanda Anthony Criminal Justice Denise Antoine Psychology Michele Antoine Psychology .■ ; ;■•: illii Apostolos Antonopoulos Civil Engineering David Archibald Chemical Engineering 3eth Aronowitz Nursing Eleanor Arpino Speech and Hearing Lynn Arturi Physical Education Gary Asack English Zigmas Astravas Electrical Engineering Donald Bachelder Biology Susan Bachelder Heatlh Education Richard Bagley Civil Engineering .-;. mtiYai m Barry Bailin General Engineering Walter Baker Accounting William Baker Jr. Criminal Justice Ara Balian Chemical Engineering Joseph Bane Accounting Arlene Barden Physical Th erapy Linda Barker Biology Robert Barker Electrical Engineering Tech. John F. Barrett History Lawrence Bartlett Accounting Kevin Battista Physical Education Joel M. Bearak Industrial Relations Marcus Bearse Biology Susan Becker Speech and Hearing Eric Beeders Pharmacy Daniel Begin Accounting Richard A. Beittel Jr. Accounting Robert A. Belanger BET — Electrical Kenneth H. Belcher Management Lynn Beland Criminal Justice Michael F. Belmont Criminal Justice J William Bender Electrical Engineering Alirila Benitez Industrial Engineering Alice Bennett Accounting Raymond Bennetts Mechanical Engineering Leslie Benson Physical Education Don Benvie Civil Engineering Antonio Berardi BET — Electrical Susan M. Berescik Elissa Berg Speech and Hearing Elaine D. Berger English Richard Bergeron Pharmacy Joanalys T. Berkeley Drama Communications Brenda Bernard Journalism Marjorie A. Bernbaum Biology Susan Bertarelli Nursing (B.S.) James C. Bertolami Respiratory Therapy Robert Bertrand Accounting Rita Betts Psycholgy Robert J. Bienkowski Sociology Anthropology Cynthia Bignell Criminal Justice Catherine Bilello Respiratory Therapy Daniel R. Bircha Criminal Justice Ann Bishoff Pharmacy Thomas Bisson Chemical Engineering Lauren Black Small Business Mgmt. Harold M. Blake Jr. Russell Blanton Mechanical Engineering William H. Blanton Electrical Engineering Allen Bluestein History Jeffrey Blumsach Political Science Richard Bock Criminal Justice Jose R. Bocock Chemical Engineering Sandra Bogosian Medical Technology Signa S. Bohn Criminal Justice Steven T. Bogusz Political Science Debra A. Boiko Criminal Justice Charles Bohara Mechanical Engineering Jeffrey Bolger Mechanical Engineering John F. Bohn Political Science Richard Bolotsky Political Science Lynn S. Bolster Journalism Thomas Bonacci Physical Education Ann Bonner Nursing (B.S.) Edward C. Boratko Mechanical Engineering Phillip M. Boshar Pharmacy Josephine Bottari Elementary Education Robert J. Bottino Nursing (B.S.) Paulette Boudreaux Journalism Joseph A. Bourgeois Electrical Engineering Teressa C. Bowles Mathematics Russell Bowden Mechanical Engineering Jeffrey M. Boyle Management Jonathan Bowen Criminal Justice John Braden Warren P. Bowes BET — Electrical Robert B. Bramhall Jr. Mechanical Engineering Frank Brandauer Civil Engineering Ilene Brecher Human Services Guillermo Breda BET — Electrical Kathleen A. Brennan Elementary Education James R. B. Brereton Management Anne Bresnahan R ' Constantine Brizicky Biology Jane A. Broadhurst Nursing Dennis Broderick Electrical Engineering Thomas Broderick Sociology Anthropology Debra L. Brooks Elementary Education Geneva H. Brooks Special Education Illona Brossman Physical Therapy Jean Brotherston Psychology Barbara A. Brown Biology Janean T. Brown Recreation Education Michael Brown Pharmacy Susan E. Brown Biology Valerie H. Brown Mathematics Michael Bucaria Accounting Rose- Ann Buchman Physical Education Joan M. Buckley Elementary Education t Robert B. Buckley Criminal Justice Al Buczynski Criminal Justice Faye M. Bullock Political Science J f Steven J. Burack BET — Electrical Kathy Burbine Nursing (B.S.) Joe L. Burch Sociology Anthropology Michael D. Burgis Criminal Justice f Jon J. Burke Jr. Accounting Thomas G. Burns Sociology Anthropology Jeffrey A. Burrell Criminal Justice Gary C. Burt Biology Rodney K. Burton Economics Robert F. Busby Respiratory Therapy Dennis M. Butler Journalism Kathleen E. Butler Recreation Education Robert W. Butler Electrical Engineering Clarence E. Byers III Industrial Relations Noel J. Bylina Richard K. Byrne Kenneth A. Cadman Kathleen Cadose Mechanical Mechanical Civil Engineering Speech and Hearin Engineering Engineering Jeremiah J. Cahill Industrial Relations Frank Calabrese Marketing Michele A. Cal Janet Calabro Accounting Christopher Callahan Marketing Anthony F. Camerota Accounting Judith Campagna Elementary Education Cynthia Campbell Recreation Education Scott E. Campbell Electrical Engineering Theresa A. Campers Nursing (B.S.) Antone Campinha Sociology Anthropology Lisa B. Canner Speech and Hearing Hugh J. Caperton Political Science William Carakatsane BET — Electrical Nancy Cardarelli Education: Social Studies Dana Carmichael Finance and Insurance Thelma A. Carle Sociology Anthropology ! Ken Carpenzano Management W«- | James Carlson Accounting Renato Carpinito Biology Jose D. Carmen Anna Carter Nursing (B.S.) Gary R. Carter Biology Janice Carter Biology Donald M. Cartwright Biology Donna Caruso Physical Education 1 r r " " " " r J v Mark A. Caruso Political Science Peter Caruso Physical Education Marie Carver Recreation Education Joseph Cascio Medical Technology Fred C. Casey Physical Education Dianne C. Cataldi English Shek T.Chan Mechanical Engineering David A. Chase Electrical Engineering Guy E. Caso Physics Martha M. Cavanaugh Nursing (B.S.) Steven A. Chandler Criminal Justice Baldwin K. W. Cheung Mechanical Engineering Mary A. Cassesso Psychology ! David Cerrato Management Maria Chapman Nursing (B.S.) Michael Childs Management Mildred P. Caston Physical Therapy May S. Chan Manag ement Lee Charles Physical Therapy David Chin Jeff W. Chin Psychology Teresa Chiulli Respiratory Therapy Joseph B. Chodor Jr. BET — Electrical Peggy Chopp Speech and Hearing Muhammad H. Choudhary Chemical Engineering Oscar Chow Chemical Engineering Yat S. Chow Accounting Lily S. L. Chuang Accounting Paul Ciarciello Accounting Margaret M. Ciocca History Vincent Cirigliano BET — Mechanical Lawrence J. Cisco Chemical Engineering Ann Clark Medical Technology John J. Clark Accounting Thomas R. Clark III Finance and Insurance Robert J. Clodi Criminal Justice Marvin C. Coble Management Bruce A. Cochran Electrical Engineering Jacqueline Cocks Criminal Justice Marcia D. Codling Pharmacy Lynne Cognata Nursing (B.S.) Martin L. Cohan Criminal Justice Ellen T. Cohen Education: Human Services Fran P. Cohen Elementary Education George Cohen Accounting Marvin D. Cohen Education: Earth Sciences Eric Colasanto BET — Electrical Phyllis Cole Speech and Hearing Mulbah D. Coleman Elementary Education Marsha Colier Elementary Education Melody Colin Criminal Justice William L. Collibee Pharmacy Paul M. Colliton Marketing Dawn B. Colsia Criminal Justice Frank C. Condella Jr. Pharmacy Avis J. Conley Physical Therapy Marguerite Conlon Elementary Education Richard W. Conlon Accounting Edward F. Connelly Accounting Robert J. Connelly Management Stephen Cordeiro Journalism Barry Cote James A. Crawford Electrical Engineering W. Howe Constable English Steve Cormier Criminal Justice Thomas J. Cote Pharmacy Susan M. Criss Physical Therapy Monica E. Cooper Accounting Gary Costa BET — Electrical Cherylee Cotter Criminal Justice Margaret Corbett Nursing (B.S.) Kathryn Costa Pharmacy Ann Covaleski Geology Paul M. Cronin Mechanical Engineering Mr. ' tm. • , ■ ; ■swh- v ft fM 4% £ Peter T. Crothers Finance and Insurance Christopher Cuetara Modern Languages Mary Cunningham Physical Therapy Virginia Curtin Nursing (B.S.) Jane A. Cuthbertson Physical Therapy Susan Cutler Recreation Education David Dakin Biology Joan D ' Alessandro Pharmacy Margaret D ' Amato Physical Therapy David A. DAniello Education: Social Studies Paul DaRoza Criminal Justice Immacula David Nursing (B.S.) Scott Davies Gary I. Davis Electrical Engineering Judith Dawe Nursing (B.S.) Paul G. Dawson Management Ricardo F. De Aguiar Accounting Michelle DeBose Nursing (B.S.) Peter Decaneas Management Richard DeCristoforo Management Alan M. Delaney Civil Engineering Peter Dellapenna Pharmacy Cynthia Dellicolli Medical Technology m mm Benjamin F. DeLuca Electrical Engineering John DeLuca Pharmacy Michael DeMartino Marketing Stephen R. Demba Jr. BET — Electrical Philip S. Deming Criminal Justice Scott Denham Criminal Justice Carol A. DeSantis Nursing (B.S.) Gary Desgroseilliers Mechanical Engineering Dennis Desmond Pharmacy Paultre P. Desrosiers Faye F. Detsky Psychology Bob DeBella Accounting Gerald F. DiBello BET — Electrical Rosemarie DiCesare Elementary Education Joseph DiChiancchio Accounting f m Joseph S. DiGeorge Management Jennifer DiMola Sociology AnthroDology Henry DiGiancomo James DiRubbo Accounting Richard D. Digiandomenico Political Science Robert M. DiTrafano Accounting Susan Dillow Physical Therapy Mary DiTullio Physical Therapy Maria Dixon Recreation Education Lenore DiZio Mary J. Doanne Recreation Education Harvey Dobbs David Dolitka Recreation Education Laura Dolphin Physical Therapy Elizabeth Donaghey Elementary Education Nancy Donovan Nursing (B.S.) Brian B. Donegan Accounting George Donovan Recreation Education Sheila Doonan Medical Technology Kenneth C. Dorch Criminal Justice Robert H. Dorion Jr. Management George Dougan Accounting Frederick C. Douglas Jr. Finance and Insurance Richard Doyle Management David W. Doyon Physical Education Anthony P. Dragonetti Criminal Justice Barry Drucker Marketing Gregory P. Dube Biology Mary Ducey Nursing (B.S.) Linda L. Duffy Ronald J. Dugas Management Joseph A. Duncan Electrical Engineering Manton A. Duncan Psychology Timothy L. Dunlap Accounting Douglas Dunn BET — Electrical Gail Dunn Physical Therapy Nancy Dunner Economics Brian Dwyer Marketing Neil Dyment Accounting Linda Easterday Health Education John E. Ebbetts Journalism John M. Egan Criminal Justice Daryl Ehrentreu Pharmacy Jeff P. Eisenberg Transportation James Ellinger Jr. Criminal Justice Wendy Elliott Chemical Engineering Nathan M. Ellis Finance and Insurance William Ellis Physical Education Eric Enemark Industrial Relations Abrahan Enfiyeioglu Pharmacy James Eng Civil Engineering Roberto Eng Electrical Engineering Mary English Medical Records Peter C. Erich Drama Communications Susan Erickson Medical Technology Susan Ericson Physical Therapy John Eschle Electrical Engineering X Catherine Estabrook Physical Therapy David Estes Recreation Education Cynthia Evans Elementary Education Karen R. Evans Elementary Education Jonathan Ezrin Accounting Martins A. Fadeyi Political Science Robert C. Falk Pharmacy Marie Falvey Nursing (B.S.) Joanne M. Falzone Biology Neal R. Farber Pharmacy Joseph Faris Accounting Wendy Faucher Nursing (B.S.) Steven Faulkner Marketing Cynthia Federico Nursing Gail I. Feinstein Speech and Hearing Glenn Feldman Journalism Robert Fennessy Jr. Psychology Frederick H. Fern Pharmacy - 1 i Elizabeth R. Fernandez Elementary Education Jocelyn Feuerstein Health Education Marygrace Fiantaca Physical Therapy Michael W. Fine Marketing Carol S. Fineman Health Education Allen Fisher Marketing Joanne Fitts Physical Education Lynne Fitzgerald Nursing (B.S.) Judith Fitzpatrick Nursing (B.S.) Thomas M. Fitzpatrick Management William M. Fitzpatrick Management Anne Fladger Elementary Education Patricia Flaherty Education: English Robert S. Flannery Small Business Mgmt. Leonard Flynn Accounting Elizabeth M. Fogarty Physical Therapy fa m II A, Paul M. Foley Finance and Insurance Diane M. Fontana Nursing (B.S.) Margaret Y. Folabit Iffift David A. Fonda Accounting Richard C. Fopiano Accounting Kenneth W. Foley Criminal Justice George Fondulis Jr. Accounting Linda M. Forbes Nursing (B.S.) Kevin Foley Elementary Education Peter C. Fong BET — Mechanical Janis H. Forman Physical Education Edward Forster Criminal Justice Nancy E. Fortier Physical Education David Fox English Kathleen Fox Physical Therapy Linda Franchi Respiratory Therapy Luc I. Francois Mechanical Engineering Virginia Freeman Nursing (B.S.) Jacqueline Frink Nursing (B.S.) Kathy Franklin Elementary Education Mark Freeman Industrial Engineering Dom Friscino Journalism Alfred Fryer Management Susan A. Fuller Accounting Melvin Fulton BET — Electrical Dianne C. Furlong Criminal Justice Luis N. Gabriel Industrial Engineering Beth Gallagher Recreation Education James L. Gallagher II Physics Janet Gallant Speech and Hearing Kenneth G. Galli Geology Robert Gallo Criminal Justice Stephen J. Gangi Chemistry John J. Gannon Accounting Carla L. Gans Nursing Jonathan Gantman Small Business Mgmt. Stephen B. Garcelon Criminal Justice Suzanne B. Garden Physical Therapy Jane Gardner Physical Therapy John M. Garrigan Criminal Justice Deborah Garry Marketing Elaine M. Gaudet Biology Michael G. Gaudiano Physical Education Evert L. Gawendo Civil Engineering Edward Gawlinski Physics Joseph F. Geary Industrial Engineering Marilyn Geddry Bonnie Gelback Education: Social Studies Daniel Giacomozzi Accounting Alfred C. Getz Accounting David Gibbs Accounting Ernrest Gibosse Electrical Engineering Susan Gibson Nursing (A.S.) fudith M.Giles Mathematics Janet M.Gillis Physical Education Brian Gingras Political Science Thomas B. Giovannini Accounting R. Thomas Girard Power Systems Edgar R. Glass Geology Kathleen Glennon Physical Education Marilyn Glissen Speech and Hearing Ernest D. Glynn Jr. Physical Education Robert Goldman Marketing Ted Godett Mechanical Education Rhonda Goldshmidt Nursing (B.S.) ■■ Barry M. Goldberg Medical Records Marc Goldenberg Sociology Anthropology Judith Goldsmith Biology Eric D. Goldstein Management Shelley L. Goldstein Psychology Edward L. Gooch Marketing Janice Goodhue Elementary Education Lisa Goodowsky Marketing Dickson B. Goon Electrical Engineering Vern Graff Criminal Justice Bradford E. Graham Criminal Justice Leslie Grama Psychology Jay Grammer Management Joanne Grande Medical Technology Patrice Grande Elementary Education Joseph F. Graziano Criminal Justice Marc Greenberg Criminal Justice James Greene Management ft Paul E. Greenland Management Michael Gregoire Management Knut Greulich Biology Allan B. Greybill Finance and Insurance Michael Gridley Electrical Engineering Michael F. Gries Accounting William T. Griffiths Jr. Civil Engineering David Griggs Speech and Hearing Lora Gross Nursing (B.S.) Jay Grossman Accounting Rick Grossman Marketing Steven Grossman Journalism John Grotton Pharmacy Elizabeth Gruenwald Deno Gualtieri Paula P. Gunn Robert H. Gustavsen Nursing (B.S.) Chemical Engineering Recreation Education Mechanical Engineering m Paula M. Haight Physical Education Michael Haiminis Constance Haith Journalism Donna L. Hale Pharmacy Peter Halkett Management Lynn M. Hall Richard W. Ham Jr. Criminal Justice Joyce Hamberg Respiratory Therapy Michael J. Hamblin Mechanical Engineering Carol Hamilton Respiratory Therapy George F. Hample Jr. Pharmacy Paul F. Hamwey Physical Education Michael Hanlon Journalism Francelia Hanna Modern Languages Kim R. Hapeman Medical Records Charles Hardin Electrical Engineering Joanne Harper Nursing (B.S.) 4x Linda Harrington Elementary Education Richard C. Harrington Jr. Criminal Justice Michael Harrison Management Richard K. Hart Electrical Engineering Richard F. Hartnett Jr. Civil Engineering Suzanne Hartunian Elementary Education Belle J. Hartwell Physical Therapy Eugene Haselton Pharmacy Alice Hatch Political Science Thomas D. Hatem Pharmacy Nickolas P. Hatzopoulos Chemical Engineering Janet Hayes Nursing (A.S., ' William M. Heimberg Joseph T. Hennessey BET— Mechanical _ x Joseph R. Herr Electrical Engineering Kathryn A. Higgins Physical Therapy Patricia Hickey Speech and Hearing Kathy Higgins Biology Daren Hill Nursing (B.S.) Jonathan F. Hill Kathryn Hill Physical Therapy Nelson R. Hill Jr. Biology Robin Hinton Business Administration Jill Hochberg Physical Therapy Howard Hochman Finance and Insurance Roy G. Hodgman Management Edward Hoffman Physical Education Frederic E. Hoffman Respiratory Therapy Harry K.Hollis Jr. Marketing Douglas Holmes Mathematics Deborah Holt Nursing (A.S.) Lillian Horn Physical Therapy ttfc David House Economics Paul F. Hughes Accounting Israel Homovitz William Hover Civil Engineering Mark Hugunin History Agnes Y. Hong Henry Howard Kevin M. Hutchinson Finance and Insurance William J. Hotz Civil Engineering Michele Hrul Nursing (B.S.) Douglas B. Hyde Criminal Justice Bariyu Ibraham Electrical Engineering Mark S. Innocenti Psychology Teresa Iovanella Political Science Stephen G. Isaacs Biology Anthony K. hvhivvhu Marcia Izzi Biology Rhonda Jacobson Elementary Education Anthony Jakes Management Roseann Jasper Nursing (B.S.) Bijan Javidzad Civil Engineering li in Sally A. Jeffery Elementary Education Ann M. Jepsen Speech and Hearing Beth Jessing James Jingozian Small Business Mgmt. Beverly A. Johnson Physical Therapy Glenn Johnson Management Gordon Johnson Jr. Accounting Joana Johnson Nursing (B.S.) Rachel Johnson Physical Therapy David R. Jones Civil Engineering Deborah Jones Political Science Larena Jones Elementary Education Robin Jones History Wallinda Jones Drama Communications Richard C. Joseph Elementary Education John Joyce Political Science Peter Joyce Chemical Engineering Sophia Kaberides Management Mary E. Kaiser P litical Science Richard Kalapos Pharmacy Vasilos Kalogeridis Civil Engineering Scia Kandakai Elementary Education Shelley Kandel Criminal Justice Shabbir Kanpurwalla Accounting Louise Kanter Drama Communications Marilyn Kapetanakis Biology Bernard Kaplan Accounting Peter Karg Political Science William F. Kearney Jr. Civil Engineering Marie Keefe Nursing (A.S.) John A. Keeney Political Science John R. Kelley Criminal Justice Kathleen A. Kelley Physical Therapy Andrew F. Kelliher Jr. Pharmacy John J. Kelly Criminal Justice Judith Kennedy Elementary Education John W. Kenney Jr. Criminal Justice Philip J. Kerry Mathematics Paul Kerstein Nursing (A.S.) Stephen Kerwin Accounting Faris Khudairi Marketing Daryoush Kianfar Industrial Engineering Kathy Kiely Nursing (B.S.) Lisa Kievman Speech and Hearing Kevin C. King Geology Joseph N. Kialo Maria Kleamenakis Physical Education Constantine Kortesis Business Administration Robert E. Klipfel Jr. Civil Engineering Nickolas Kortesis Civil Engineering Susan E. Knepler Criminal Justice Susan D. Koski Physical Therapy Anton Kompare Mechanical Engineering Ellen Koutsis English Alice I. Kowilcik Physical Education Karen L. Krasker Speech and Hearing Kenneth J. Krasko Civil Engineering .: ■ !:-•- .-■ Charles Kraus BET — Electrical Robyn Kravitz Accounting Richard Kruczek Civil Engineering Carl G. Kuczun Mathematics mmmk Peter Labby Mechanical Engineering Timothy Lagerstedt Electrical Engineering Benjamin K. C. Lai Chemical Engineering Sherry W. Lamade Medical Records Rebecca Lanciano Elementary Education Scott Lander John Langstaff Mathematics Kevin C. Lanigan Finance and Insurance fsOm William Lappin Pharmacy Peggy Larder Health Education Marc Larouche Management i M A ± David Larsen Civil Engineering Arthur H. Lathrop Accounting August Latz Electrical Engineering Ray Lavallee BET — Electrical M. Gilbert Lawrence Allyn Lawson Physical Education Judith E. Leary Speech and Hearing Kin Lee Civil Engineering Mary-Carol Lenihan Criminal Justice William Leonard Psychology Louise Leopold Elementary Education Marjorie C. Lerner Criminal Justice Louise A. Lessard-Hale Medical Technology Patricia Leufrano Lily Leung Accounting David M. Levine Marketing Mark B. Levine Industrial Engineering Mark J. Levine Marketing Morris J. Levine Economics Lori Lewis Elementary Education Fonda Listwa Physical Therapy Douglas Little Civil Engineering 6 J Robert Lloyd BET — Electrical Robert P. Lobban Civil Engineering Anne Logan Nursing (B.S.) Kathleen Logan Nursing (B.S.) Allen Lomax Political Science Nicholas V. Lombardo Criminal Justice Ester Lorenz Speech and Hearing Felix A. Loreto Civil Engineering Thomas Lowe Criminal Justice Debra S. Luff Elementary Education Inza V. Lundy Speech and Hearing Victor S. Lung Civil Engineering Mark Luppi Economics David Lyons Accounting fames Lyons Pharmacy Robert F. Lysakowski Management Catherine MacDonald Medical Technology Bonnie MacGregor Nursing (B.S.) Stephen T. Maclntyre Biology Gordon MacKenzie Chemical Engineering Laurel MacKinnon Criminal Justice Marie Macone Journalism John Madden Criminal Justice Scott E. Madison Civil Engineering Stephen Magid Accounting Joseph D. Magni Jr. Civil Engineering Alexander G. Maines Management Warren Malatesta Accounting Steven Malchman Journalism Gilbert F. Malnat Transportation Judith Malone Mathematics John H. Maloney III Dominic A. Mancini Electrical Engineering Peter J. Mancusi Political Science James G. Mandonas Management Michael G. Mangalo Marketing Marie Manhard Chemistry Michael Manhard Biology Deborah Manners Nursing (B.S.) Marianne Manzi Respiratory Therapy Bonnie Manzoli Accounting James Marciano Elementary Education Arlene Marcus Speech and Hearing Frances I. Marcus Physical Therapy Gayle Morrow Elementary Education PaulT. Martindale Biology EH Yaghoob Massaband Mechanical Engineering Lesley A. Marcus Physical Therapy Katherine Marshall Elementary Education Alfred Martino Jr. Accounting Robert J. Matis Pharmacy Daniel Mariani Chemical Engineering Nancy Marshall Recreation Education Cynthis A. Marvel Criminal Justice Linda Mauro Journalism John Marks Management Roger Martin Pharmacy Regina Marzouk Elementary Education Barbara A. May Physical Education Douglas E. May Speech and Hearing Wendy S. Mayer Accounting Dorothy McArdle Speech an d Hearing Helen T. McCann Jeff P. McCarthy Management Beverly McCracken Elementary Education Beverly McCarty Physical Education John W. McCready Electrical Engineering Robert W. McDonald Jr. Accounting Michael F. McGowan Geology Charlotte McGrath Elementary Education Arthur R. McGreevy Criminal Justice Michael McKay Pharmacy William McKnight Civil Engineering Regina McLean Political Science Kevin McMahon Criminal Justice fa Robert W. McMahon Small Business Mgmt. Scott M. McNally Accounting Carol M. McNamara Nursing (A.S.) Walter J. McNamara Finance and Insurance Susan E. McNamee Nursing (A.S.) Michael McNeice Paul McTigue Civil Engineering Robert E. Meaney Jr. Criminal Justice David D. Meixell Electrical Engineering Mary Ann C. Mello English Joyce Mellon Biology Andrew B. Melnyk General Engineering William S. Meltzer Electrical Engineering Gary Merchant Pharmacy Leonard Mercier Recreation Education Thomas F. Merlino Management Ann Marie Merz Speech and Hearing James Meserve Accounting Beverly Metro Elementary Education Alan P. Meyer Pharmacy Willis Michaelson Jr. Criminal Justice Estelle Michaelson Accounting Cheryl Mikolinski Pharmacy Walter Mikolinski Pharmacy Daniel R. Miller Sociology Anthropology Jayne Miller Speech and Hearing Maureen Miller Nursing (B.S.) Rita A. Miller Robert Miller English Robyn Miller Physical Therapy Katherine A. Millis Physics Mary Lisa Mills Physical Therapy Saturnino Miranda BET — Mechanical Robert Miselis Finance and Insurance Michael J. Mitchell Mechanical Engineering Joan Monahan Nursing (B.S.) Darius Monkus Criminal Justice Jean Monroe Mathematics Peter Montermurro Transportation it 1 Barbara Moore Psychology Charles J. Morash Respiratory Therapy Richard Morin Management fi Edmond L. Monn Richard Morrill Criminal Justice Marcia Morris Nursing (B.S.) Joyce Morrow Physical Therapy Brenda Morton Biology Nancy E. Mosher Elementary Education Donald W. Moss Physical Education Nicholas J. Mozzicato Finance and Insurance Mohammed Mu ' Azu BET — Electrical k Karen Mulkerin Nursing (B.S.) John J. Mulveyhill Civil Engineering Eileen Murphy Nursing (B.S.) Joseph Murphy John E. Murphy Civil Engineering Joseph T. Murphy Jr. Michael E. Murphy M A Michaela A. Murphy Physical Therapy Robert F. Murphy Jr. Criminal Justice Marilyn Murray Physical Therapy Lynn Nadeau Recreation Education Diane Nanan Physical Education Cynthia Nardone Nursing (B.S.) Anthony S. Nargi Criminal Justice Marco Nargi Marketing Dennis Naughton Journalism A. Martha Newell Elementary Education Brailey E. Newton Claudia Newton Criminal Justice Vi T. Nguyen Accounting Edward Nicholas Mechanical Engineering William H.Nichols Criminal J ustice Barbara M. Nicholson Physical Therapy Michael A. Nicoloro Civil Engineering Rosemary A. Niemic Physical Therapy Paul E. Nolan Jr. Pharmacy Roger Nolan Finance and Insurance Marijane Norris Psychology Peter North Transportation William Norton Recreation Education Robert A. Nyland Criminal Justice Ann E. O ' Brien Physical Therapy William O ' Brien Timothy R. O ' Connor Criminal Justice Karen J. O ' Donnel Biology Boniface A. Okorie Daniel C. O ' Leary Criminal Justice Francis H. Oleskiewicz Finance and Insurance Maria Olivieri Elementary Education Spencer J. O ' Loughlin Marketing Johnson R. Olowoycye Marketing John J. Olsavsky Power Systems George R. Olson Mechanical Engineering Mark M. Olthoff Marketing George D. O ' Neil Nursing (B.S.) David O ' Neill Recreation Education Leo F. O ' Neill Medical Technology Robert J. O ' Neill Jr. Criminal Justice William O ' Neill Criminal Justice 1-. --;: Timothy O. O ' Shea Criminal Justice John F. Osmond III BET — Electrical John Otieku Industrial Engineering Donna Ouellette Speech and Hearing Gerald D. Ouellette Accounting Gilbert A. Ouellette Physical Education Joseph D. Ouellette Management Vipapan Owtrakul Marketing Gary J. Pabis Criminal Justice Lorraine H. Pacek Elementary Education Douglas E. Paddock Marketing m 1 Agnes A. Pagliarulo Medical Technology Lynda A. Pagliarulo Sociology Anthropology Renna Lee L. Paiva Physical Education Karen Palladino Psychology ll ' -■ w m Patricia L. Palmer Recreation Education Edward R. Panasci Civil Engineering Anthony P. Paolillo Small Business Mgmt. Susan B. Paradise Elementary Education Claire M. Paras Nursing (B.S.) Frederic F. Parker Elementary Education Steven E. Parker Finance and Insurance Eloy E. Parraga Finance and Insurance Jim Parsons Mehrdad Parzivand Electrical Engineering Leonore A. Passavanti Nursing (B.S.) Daniel M. Paul Frances K. Payton Elementary Education Jonathan G. Peace Criminal Justice Susan B. Perlstein Elementary Education Lucille M. Pernell Biology Douglas F. Perrigo Yves F. Perrin Thomas A. Perrotta George S. Perry Jr. Criminal Justice BET — Mechanical Business Education: Social Administration Studies Sharon M. Perry Nursing (A.S.) Patricia Persico Susan K. Peters Industrial Relations Diane D. Petit Medical Technology Salvatore H. Petralia Modern Languages Mark J. Petrucelli Journalism Kathleen M. Pfeifer Nursing (B.S.) Richard B. Phillips Pharmacy Jeffrey R. Picard Civil Engineering Jacqueline M. Pilote Nursing (B.S.) Mary F. Plantamura Speech and Hearing v3 I Chaiyos Pichetshore Industrial Engineering Brian D. Pitt Civil Engineering Steven G. Piatt Accounting Peter A. Picillo III Medical Technology Nancy E. Platten Journalism Gary C. Pilla Physical Education mm i Thomas A. Placzek Biology Mark E. Pleasant Business Administration Regina A. Podolskis Accounting Jeffrey M. Polep Management James E. Pollard Criminal Justice Nancy Pomarole James A. Powers Marketing John H. Pozzi Recreation Education Patricia A. Prasnall Elementary Education f Elizabeth A. Pratt Nursing (B.S.) Lynda J. Price Speech and Hearing Robert Proctor Criminal Justice Russell T. Protentis Criminal Justice Richard A. Proule Pharmacy Joseph A. Proulx Criminal Justice Philip L. Prugnarola Civil Engineering Richard T. Prunier Marketing Richard T. Prybyl Marketing Carlos A. Pullin Robert S. Quealy Political Science Kathryn A. Quinn Nursing (B.S.) Gary J. Quintal Electrical Engineering Andrea B. Rabinovitz Physical Therapy Patti-Jo Rainha Physical Therapy Deborah M. Ralston Journalism Barry J. Randall Industrial Relations ■II m - w U » • • wOt Jeanette Rapaport Elementary Education Renee L. Rappaport Political Science Helen E. Rawling Pharmacy Frank W. Ray Finance and Insurance Kathy A. Reagan English Dana J. Reed Physical Therapy Helen M. Reed Nursing (B.S.) Robert A. Reich Janet A. Reichard Mathematics Cheryl A. Reid Recreation Education Anne P. Reilly Physical Therapy Wayne Remillard Pharmacy John A. Renzella Political Science Dianne M. Restivo Accounting Evrage F. Reynolds Jr. BET — Mechanical Marilyn L. Reynolds Finance and Insurance Julia C. Rhinehart Geology Donna L. Ribeiro Nursing (B.S.) Laurence R. Ricardo Marketing Thomas M. Ricci Journalism Gary M. Rice Political Science Lawrence Rice Transportation Melanie S. Rice Medical Records MichaelS. Rich Pharmacy John M. Richardson Physical Education Martin R. Richardson BET — Mechanical Adele D. Richmond Medical Technology Jeffrey M. Riggs Electrical Engineering ' ft Ronald D. Rigopoulos Marketing George A. Rio Accounting Michael A. Roache Civil Engineering James D. Roberts Journalism Jean E. Robillard Elementary Education Richard Roda Accounting Charles F. Romoff Management William J. Rosary Jr. Criminal Justice Paul A. Rose Transportation Warren f. Rosenberg Business Administration Simon Rosenthal Accounting Joan E. Ross Physical Therapy Robert Rosetti Biology Maria Rossi Elementary Education Richard J. Rougier Accounting Robert A. Rougier Political Science Karen M. Rousseau Pharmacy Renee E. Rowson Bradley P. Ruel Criminal Justice Gina Rugani Elementary Education Beth M. Rushworth Nursing (B.S.) Joseph S. Russo Elementary Education Daniel K. Ryan Electrical Engineering Edward J. Ryan Electrical Engineering Thomas C. Ryan Small Business Mgmt. I 1 ' $ I _T " ' ' H ' Elizabeth R. Ryder Nursing (A.S.) Raymond B. Rynkowski BET — Engineering Wayne L. Sacchetti Biology Mary A. Sacco Speech and Hearing Linda M. Sacino Education: Biology Linda H. Sadowski Chemistry r. m Laura L. Sadowsky Elementary Education John Salecker Barbara A. Sanford Human Services Bruce Sarnowitz BET — Electrical 1 Corinne L. Salfeety Marketing Lawrence E. Sandberg Business Administration Robert J. Sangermano Pharmacy Barbara A. Saraceno Biology Leslie J. Satter Education: English Eric W. Sandler Psychology Stephanie R. Sargent Medical Technology Lori B. Sasson Sociology Anthropology Valerie A. Sauer Physical Education John Savi Mechanical Engineering Lee H. Schaffer Accounting William N. Schlifke Criminal Justice Madelyn R. Schmidt Biology Marjorie I. Schneider Sociology Anthropology Kevin W. Sawyer Pharmacy Janet L. Schiff Medical Technology Elliot L. Schwartz Accounting v 7 y Jory A. Schwartz Recreation Education Phyllis J. Schwartz Nursing (A.S.) Donald E. Schwartz Management Roy Scipione Stephen C. Scoppettuolo Electrical Engineering Susan P. Sealy Nursing (B.S.) Mildred L. Scott Physical Therapy Howard W. Scribner Recreation Education Steven K. Scribner Marketing Margaret J. Seaver Nursing (B.S.) Carol A. Seelbach Nursing (B.S.) George P. Semienko Mechanical Engineering Joseph P. Serio Pharmacy Christine D. Seuffert Accounting Eileen J. Sheehan Pharmacy Norman F. Servis Criminal Justice ■I ■, — Thomas A. Shannon Criminal Justice Christine G. Shepard Physical Therapy Dianne M. Sestito Physical Therapy Gerard D. Shea Criminal Justice Janet M. Sherba Medical Technology Isaac Setton Civil Engineering Beverly A. Sheehan Human Services Godfrey E. Sherman Civil Engineering Lynn A. Sherrer Elementary Education Susan M. Shogren Physical Therapy Steven H. Shultz BET — Electrical Eleanor G. Shwartz Marketing r Richard C. Sicard Political Science Robert C. Simmons Criminal Justice Anthony D. Silvestri Mechanical Engineering Michelle W. Simon Drama Communications Joseph L. Simonelli Civil Engineering Vicki Sims Richard J. Sirkin Management Janene M. Skehan Nursing (B.S.) Jane E. Slattery Elementary Education Richard J. Slavick Physical Therapy Graham Slieker Electrical Engineering Richard N. Small Accounting Andrew G. Smith Psychology Holly A. Smith Nursing (B.S.) Stephen Smith Brett A. Smith Electrical Engineering Icilda B. Smith Pharmacy David A. Smith Jr. Management Jessica D. Smith Elementary Education Deborah A. Smith Elementary Education Lori T. Smith Elementary Education Paula G. Smokier Physical Education Howard D. Snyder Management Steven Hon-Keung So Pharmacy Dawn Solomon Elementary Education Michael A. Sorrentino Civil Engineering Michael Splyne Gretchen Spooner Nursing (B.S.) William D. Sprague Biology .1 1 fc. Diane L. Stallions Human Services o Enid J. Sport Finance and Insurance Carol A. Sorenti Sociology Anthropology Michael Spadinger Pharmacy Deborah A. Sprague Recreation Education Stephen M. Stark Transportation Heather S. Steckel Human Services Donald E. Steere Pharmacy Richard A. Stefanik Pharmacy Lawrence G. Steinberg Marketing WalterS. Steitz Criminal Justice Timothy M. Stephens Civil Engineering Susan Y. Stern Medical Technology Deborah H. Stevenson Nursing (A.S.) Richard L. Stewart Civil Engineering i ' V Karen I. Stierli Elementary Education Susan J. Stierli Elementary Education David S. Stokhamer Accounting Barbara M. Stone Nursing (B.S.) Diane L. Stowe Nursing (B.S.) Aw M. Theresa Strahan History - ' Jeffrey Stransnick Pharmacy Mary M. Stuart Criminal Justice Elizabeth N. Brock Sullivan Accounting John Sullivan Accounting Mary Lou Sullivan Physical Therapy Kathryn F. Svelnis Nursing (B.S.) ii Neil H. Swanson Marketing Robert G. Sweeney Management June E. Svverdlin Nursing (B.S.) Edward J. Sylvia Accounting James C. Sylvia Marketing Peter A. Szekely Journalism Archie K. F. Szeto Finance and Insurance Paula M. Szuflad Medical Technology Richard Takvorian Mathematics Paul H. Tambakis Management Joan Tanton Accounting Robin E. Tanz Physical Therapy Samir Tarabelsi Medical Technology Paul J. Tarallo Education: Social Studies Glenn H. Tarpinian Biology Barbara J. Taub Psychology A- Louis M. Taverna Civil Engineering Sandra J. Teall Ranier B. Tebbetts Speech and Hearing Steven A. Tedesco Geology Barbara E. Tepper Drama Communications Mary Ann Terenzoni Sociology Anthropology Mary C. Terziani Human Services Barbara-Jean Teshko Mathematics Noel J. Tessier Civil Engineering Joseph R. Testa Accounting Chauncey O. Thacker Political Science Diane M. Thayer Health Education DeGeta A. Thompson r I wShL Denise M. Thompson Biology Jacqueline V. Thompson Deborah Thornley Nursing (B.S.) Dorene L. Tibbetts Recreation Education Slade A. Thyng Criminal Justice David H.Tilden Criminal Justice James M. Tilley Accounting d. Richard P. Timmons Accounting Michael B. Tobin Accounting Rochelle Timmons Criminal lustice Karen L. Tolbert Arnold T. C. Tinch Management Lawrence Tompkins Criminal Justice Margaret A. Tisdale Sociology Anthropology Timothy A. Toomey Geology Theodore S. Toppen Pharmacy Fred J. Towler Electrical Engineering Tuyet T. Tran Civil Engineering Brian L. Tremblay Civil Engineering Linnell E. Trimbel Criminal Justice Barry D. Trotsky Biology Barbara J. Troupe Chemical Engineering Anthony Tsai Civil Engineering Andrew W. Tsapatsaris Pharmacy Judith B. Tubiash Elementary Education Robert Tuzzalino Electrical Engineering Matthew T. Twomey Medical Technology John C. Tyler Management Paul D. Vaitkus Power Systems t: Lansana Vandi Donna J. Veader Physical Therapy Paul R. Veneziano Physical Education Kenneth R. Venti Accounting John P. Verdini Biology Gary G. Veronneau General Roslyn A. Vexler Education: English mm. Leslie A. Vien Criminal Justice Jose L. Villefrade f w Patricia A. Vitale Speech and Hearing Charles B. Vogus Chemical Engineering ft EH! m - Stephen C. Vozzella Criminal Justice Phillip M. Wacks Marketing Sandra L. Wahlstrom Physical Therapy ' —It - ' i Mary R. Walker Thomas M. Wall Criminal Justice Richard B. Wallace Sociology Anthropology Ca Mark H. Walode Pharmacy Michael J. Walsh Electrical Engineering James P. Walton Jr. Chemical Engineering Kwo Ying Wang Biology Thomas P. Ward Chemical Engineering Paul R. Wasserboehr Journalism Daisy D. Watson Elementary Education Rodney D. Watson Finance and Insurance Walter J. Wattaul BET — Electrical Laurie A. vvayman Nursing (B.S.) David L. Webb Physical Education Greg Webb Geology Martin H. Weber Physical Education Cynthia J. Weigel Physical Therapy Michael Weinberg Psychology Phillip L. Weiner Political Science Gary D. Weitzman Electrical Engineering Jenny W. Weng Industrial Relations Steven P. Werblin Finance and Insurance Mark R. Wesley Criminal Justice John M. Wesolowski Accounting Judith A. Whapham Respiratory Therapy Susan I. Wheeler Nursing (B.S.) Pamrla J. Whelan Elementary Education Bruce P. Whipple Mechanical Engineering Diane C.White Medical Technology James R. White Physical Education Janis D. White Industrial Relations James W. Whitney Industrial Engineering m Albert Willey Finance and Insurance Dianne L. Williams Health Education - ' 0 r 1 wT si i g; . — y fit J Francis M. Williams Jr. Criminal Justice Kathy Williams Stephen Williams Criminal Justice Bruce G. Williamson Chemical Engineering Robert R. Williamson Chemical Engineering Donna T. Wilson Nursing (B.S.) Greta M. Wilson Physical Education William T. Windsor Physics Gary M. Winer Journalism Paul M. Winer BET — Electrical Ronalee L. Winn Nursing (B.S.) Arthur Wong Civil Engineering Michael P. Wluka Marketing Ricky Ky Wong Electrical Engineering Steven G. Wohlman Marketing Warren W. L. Wong Industrial Engineering Joanne M. Wojciechowicz Medical Technology Christine E. Wood Criminal Justice Robert C. Woods Electrical Engineering Sharon E. Woodton Drama Communication Ann E. Woolridge Recreation Education Charles V. Wright Physical Education Deborah D. Wright Medical Records Renee Wulf Sociology Anthropology Eileen T. Wusteney Physical Therapy Mark R. Yankson Industrial Engineering GuatH. Yap Marketing Michael W. Yeates History Alice Y. Yee Business Administration Win-Kit Yiu Pharmacy Susan E. Yoffe Accounting Maureen D. Yost Physical Therapy James R. Young Finance and Insurance Doris W. Yuen Recreation Education Stephen J. Zaino Accounting Guy Zamor Power Systems Jay S. Zandman Marketing Eileen L. Zefting Pharmacy A. Jerald Ziffer Physical Education John C. Zimmerman Mechanical Engineering Carol Zubatkin Nursing RR3H m nccn Ol ?4?0I51 ACCOUNT NUMBER 3 10 - DOLLARS ELEMENTARY m m YING $:£ • DUE o e To£ ;ftionto of solids Syed Parvez Farrvkh Ahmed Electrical Engineering Alfred B. Aimola Physical Education Pamela Burke Speech and Hearing George Conduragis Accounting Carol DeSantis Nursing (B.S.) Achilles Gerakas Mechanical Engineering JohnW. Glenn, Jr. Criminal Justice Edward P. Otto Mechanical Engineering Robert B. Buckley — Criminal Justice With Gratitude: to the people who had faith in me. to the person who was patient and waited for me. to the person who wasn ' t able to see this day. Cathy M. Davenport — Political Science Youthfulness is not to be taken for granted. Expand and broaden your directions and the fruits of your efforts will bear wisdom at a time when youth is no more. Enjoy life. Gerald C. Harrington The greatest essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love and something to hope for. Those who have fewest regrets are those who take each moment, for all that it is worth. It will never come again, for worse, or better. It is ours alone, we can make it what we will. Mark Van Doren Barbara-Jean Teshko — Mathematics . " Increasing knowledge leads not to conquest only but to utter defeat as well, for one learns not only of new potentiali- ties, but also of new limitations. " . . Isaac Asimov Kim D. Allyn " Life ' s battles don ' t always go to the stronger or faster man but soon or late the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. — Anonymous — Kim D. Allyn David Dwight Dakin — Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Sigma — National Biological Honor Society; The Academy; Inter Fraternity Council David D. Dakin Eric VanEversley — Criminal Justice When I came here in 1972 the man sentenced me to do 1-5; I ' ve done all five. Thank God for freedom and friends. Peace. Eric Van Eversley Charles V. Wright — Physical Education Varsity Baseball 1975, 1976 Physical Education Major Club Charles V. Wright In Memoriam Brutus Wright III Been a long time, brother Since we all gathered in Philadelphia to say our good-byes, and see you off. Mama and Dad cried the hardest they knew you were going home to stay. Don ' t put a lamp in the window, mother. I shan ' t be home tonight. But she lit the lamp anyway, believing that someday you ' d return. We all did. And we ' re waiting Skip In patient expectation, to embrace you with open arms and glad hearts. And we ' ll continue to wait, for time has no meaning. God called you home, brother because he loved you more than we did. We can ' t fault him for that. And Every time the sun shines, I know you ' re touching his heart We miss you, Skip. — M.Walker Harry T. Allan. Provost Philip R. McCabe, Dean of Admissions Royal K. Toebes, Vice-President, Alumni Affairs AJan A. Mackey, Dean of Administrative Services Paul M. Pratt, Dean of Co-operative Education Dr. Arthur Davis, Jr., Director of the African-American Institute Joseph P. Zabilski, Director of Athletics Richard E. Sochacki, Associate Dean of Students Albert Solovvay. Dean of Pharmacy and Allied Health Walter Jones, Acting Dean of Liberal Arts Kenneth M. Edison, Assistant Dean of Students John C. O ' Byrne, Dean of Law School Senior Directory — A — Abascal, Mario C, Boston, MA, Human Services Abasciano, Paul M.. Brighton, MA, Electrical Engineering Abeles, Randy, Livingston, NJ, Forsyth Dental Aberizk, Kathleen C, Lawrence, MA, Criminal Justice Ackerman, Pamela L., Dorchester. MA. Physician Assistant Adamczyk, Stephen J., Pittsfield, MA, Pharmacy Adams, Arthur W., Dorchester, MA, Biology Adams, Elaine R., Cape Elizabeth, ME, Ind.E Adams, Susan, Lindenwold, NJ, Elementary Education Adamson, Keith A., Needham, MA, Electrical Engineering Adelman, Leonard S., Newton, MA, Criminal Justice Ago, Brian E., Lynn, MA, Management Ahem, Donald M., Somerville, MA, Biology Ahern. Francis D., Brockton, MA, Political Science Ahmed, Noor M., Salem, MA, Electrical Engineering Ahmed, Syed, P. F„ Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Ahonen, Janet C, E. Sandwich, MA, Accounting Ahsan, Muhammad R., Dorchester. MA, Chemical Engineering Aichele, Robert E., Middlesex, NJ, Criminal Justice Aimola, Alfred E., Quincy, MA, Physical Education Ajayi, Babatunde. O., Rosltndale. MA, Electrical Engineering Akin, Lee S., Boston, MA, Accounting Alcindor, Eddy R., Boston. MA, Mechanical Engineering Alexander, Frederick D., Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Alexander, Gerard S., Dorchester, MA, Electrical Engineering Allan, David W., Saugus. MA Accounting Allan, Lesley exington, MA, Medical Technolog Allard, Ralph W., Braintree, MA, Journalism Allen, Alice B„ Cambridge, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Allen, Shirley, Boston, MA. Forsyth Dental Alleyne, Rodney, Dorchester, MA, Industrial Relations Alloway, James A., Boston, MA, Industrial Engineering Allyn, Kim D., Lynnfield. MA, Management Altman, Abraham H., Boston, MA, Psychology Altman, Paul L., Brookline. MA, Psychology Ambrosino, John J., East Boston, MA, Civil Enginee; ng Ames, Elaine M., Dedham, MA, Respiratory Therapy Amicangelo. Richard A., Boston, MA, Psychology Amirriahei, Hossein, Newton Hglds, MA, Electrical Engineering Anastasio, Robert M., Hamden, CT, Psychology Anctil, Richard P., Fitchburg, MA, Modern Languages Anderson, Arthur C, Orange, CT. Political Science Anderson, Barbara L., Burlington. MA, History Anderson, Robert F., Medway, MA, Respiratory Therapy Anderson, Susan, Scituate, MA, Forsyth Dental Angileri, Joseph, Somerville, MA, Pharmacy Anglin, Gerald T„ Milton, Political Science Ansaldi, Carol L., Quincy, MA, Physical Therapy Anthony, Wanda Lee, Squantum, MA, Criminal Justice Antoine, Michele F., Marshfield, MA, Psychology Anton, Peter C, Weston, MA, Management Antonellis, Wayne R., Braintree. MA, Small Business Management Antonopoulos, Apostolos M., Cambridge. MA, Civil Engineering Appel, Neal B., Allston. MA. Mathematics Arango, Lizette C, Stamford, CT, Pharmacy Araujo, Joseph R., Somerville, MA. Civil Engineering Arbeiter. Iris H., Newton Ctr, MA, Elementary Education Archibald, David E.. Weymouth, MA, Chemical Engineering Armington, Richard M., Dedham, MA, Civil Engineering Armstrong, Jane C, Clinton, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Armstrong, Pauline T.. Roxbury. MA, Nursing (LPN) Aronowitz, Beth P., Clifton, NJ, Nursing (B.S.) Aronson, Steven A., Winthrop, MA, Education: Mathematics Arpino, Eleanor E., Brookline, MA, Speech and Hearing Arpino, Michael S., Revere, MA, Civil Engineering Artatis, Cathy B., Boston, MA, Speech and Hearing Arturi, Lynn F., Stamford, CT, Physical Education Arzu, Rufino, Westbury, NY, Criminal Justice Asack, Gary P., Brockton, MA, English Astone, Francis J.. West Newton. MA, Civil Engineering Astravas, Zigmas J., Melrose, MA, Electrical Engineering Athanasatos, George C, Brighton, MA, Electrical Engineering Audette, Donna P., Fall River, MA, Modern Languages Audette, Joseph W., Maiden, MA. Respiratory Therapy Auerbach. Robert 1., Deer Park. NY, Psychology Aunio, Kauko H., Brookline, MA, Chemical Engineering Azubuike, Edna I., Cambridge, MA. Biology — B — Bachelder, Donald J.. Belmont. MA, Biology Bachelder, Susan, Athol, MA. Health Education Bacon, Kenneth G., Melrose, MA, English Bagley, Richard K., Brockton, MA, Civil Engineering Bailey, Robert G., Delmar, NY, Biology Bailin, Barry, Englewood Clf, NY. General Engineering Bain, Mark T., Trumbull. CT. Political Science Bakalis, Steven G., Medford, MA, Electrical Engineering Baker, Deborah. Beverly, MA, Forsyth Dental Baker, Judith A., Braintree, MA, Nursing (LPN) Baker, Walter G., Worcester, MA, Accounting Baker Jr., William J., Braintree, MA, Criminal Justice Baldwin, Kelvin J., Philadelphia. PA, Biology Balia lians, Armen, Boston, MA Balian, Ara. Watertown, MA, Chemical Engineering Balick, Lawrence, Wilmington, DE, Education: Mathematics Ballerini, Theresa E., Lynn, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Balsavich, Lynne K., Brockton, MA, Respiratory Therapy Bane, Joseph H., Allston, MA. Accounting Banks, Michael J.. Watertown. MA, Psychology Banner. Laurin L., New York, NY, Political Science Bandian, Bergrouhi A., Watertown, MA, Pharmacy Barber, Jr., Edward F., Lynn, MA, Respiratory Therapy Barbour. Paul J.. Laguna Niguel, CA. Biology Barden, Arlene M., Framingham, MA, Physical Therapy Barker, Linda J., Bedford, MA. Biology Barker, Robert F.. Waltham, MA, BET: Electrical Barnard, Paul L., Bedford, MA, Accounting Barnard, Richard J., Scituate, MA, Physical Education Barnes, Michael Engineering Barra, Michael F Technology Barrett, John F., Milton. MA, History Barrett, John J., Cambridge, MA, Marketing Barrett, Martin A., Maiden, MA, Accounting Barrett, Michael A.. Franklin, MA. Journalism Barry, John M., Arlington. MA, Accounting Barry, Kevin, Amesbury, MA, Mechanical Engineering Barry, Lynne M., Woburn. MA, History Barter, Stephen R.. East Boothbay, ME, Biology Bartlett. Carol A., Marshfield, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Bartlett. Lawrence S.. Somerville, MA, Accounting Basler, James J.. Hingham. MA. Criminal Justice Bass. Alan S.. Westfield. NJ. Pharmacy Batal, Sharon A.. Framingham. MA, Elementary Education Batchelder, Stephan D.. Canton, MA, Mechanical Engineering Battista. Kevin E., Hingham. MA, Physical Education Baumann, Douglas J., Staten Island, NY, Sociology Anthropology Baynes, Charles C, Newburgh. NY, BET: Electrical Beagan, Alan M., Brighton, MA. Political Science Beal. Frederick C. Salem, NH, Pharmacy Paramus, NJ, Civil Jamaica Plain, MA, Medical Beal, lane A., Wethersfield, CT. Recreation Education Beale, Thomas |.. Westfield, NY, Elementary Education Bearak. Joel A.. Peabody. MA. Industrial Relations Bearse, Marcus A., Fall River. MA, Biology Beaudoin, Dennis R., Lowell, MA, Pharmacy Becker, Debra A., Glastonbury, CT, Biology Becker. Susan L„ Kinnelon, NJ, Speech and Hearing Bedi. (oyce E„ S Bound Brook. NJ. History Beeders. Eric H., Peabody. MA, Pharmacy Begin, Daniel G.. Dedham. MA. Accounting Behrens. Andres E„ Cambridge, MA. Mathematics Behrens, Robert P., Brighton. MA, Marketing Beittel, Jr.. Richard A., Lancaster, PA, Accounting Beland, Lynn M., Lawrence. MA, Criminal Justice Belanger, Kenneth F.. Fall River, MA. Civil Engineering Belanger. Robert A., Arlington, MA, BET: Electrical Belcher. Kenneth H„ Braintree, MA. Management Belezos. Elaine N., Brighton, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Belezos, Marcene M., Canton, MA, Physical Therapy Beliveau. Lawrence E„ Lynn. MA. Civil Engineering Bell. Irving D.. Bloomfield. CT. Civil Engineering Bell, Maryann E„ Waltham, MA. Accounting Bell. Stephen M.. Needham, MA, Marketing Belmont. Michael F., Squantum, MA. Criminal Justice Beltram, Jr., Henry W., Chepachet, RI, Industrial Engineering Bender. William C. Butler. PA, BET: Electrical Benecchi. Carl M.. E Bridgewater, MA, Management Benitez, Alirio. A.. Cambridge, MA, Industrial Engineering Benker, Joyce I., Norwood, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Bennett, Alice M., Dorchester. MA, Accounting Bennett, Kim I., Belmont, MA, Accounting Bennetts, Raymond D., Brookline, MA, Mechanical Engineering Benson. Leslie G., Braintree, MA, Physical Education Benvie, Donald A.. W. Bridgewater, MA. Civil Engineering Berardi, Antonio, Roslindale, MA, BET: Electrical Berg, Elissa, Westboro, MA, Speech and Hearing Berg, Richard, Boston, MA. BET: Electrical Berger, Elaine D., Braintree, MA. English Berish, Ronald, Revere, MA. Criminal Justice Berkeley. Joanalys T., Boston. MA, Drama Communications Berkowitz, David J.. Brighton. MA. Education: Social Studies Berkowitz, James S., Paterson. NJ. Political Science Berman. Lloyd M„ Brookline. MA, Transportation Bernard, Brenda E„ Woburn, MA, Journalism Bernard, Christopher, Boston. MA, International Business Bernbaum, Marjorie A . W. Newton, MA, Biology Bernstein, Joseph S.. Peabody, MA, Criminal Justice Bertarelli, Susan D„ Brockton. MA. Nursing (A.S.) Bertolami, lames C, Burlington, MA, Respiratory Therapy Bertone. Michele M.. Reading. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Bertozzi, Nicholas. Pawtucket. RI. Mechanical Engineering Bertrand, Robert N„ Marlboro, MA, Accounting Berube, Henry W., Weymouth. MA, Respiratory Therapy Berzins, Adonis, Hyde Park, MA. Mechanical Engineering Bessette, Ronald S.. Randolph, MA, Civil Engineering Betts, Rita E.. So. Weymouth. MA. Psychology Beyer, Peter R., Ipswich, MA, Management Biagiotti, Richard P., W. Lynn, MA, Education: Mathematics Bienkowski, Robert J.. Shelton, CT, Sociology Anthropology Biggs, Patricia L., Reading, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Bignell. Cynthia. Franklin. PA. Criminal Justice Bilello, Catherine A., Hanover. NH. Respiratory Therapy Billington, Albert W„ Seekonk. MA. Criminal Justice Bilson, David B., Boston, MA, Mechanical Engineering Bingham. Michael P.. S. Glastonbury. CT, Geology Birchall. Daniel R.. Dedham. MA, Criminal Justice Bird, Karen L., Worcester, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Bird, Robert L.. Needham, MA, Biology Bishoff, Ann L.. Brookline. MA, Pharmacy Bishop, Susan, Gardner, MA, Forsyth Dental Bisson, Thomas K., Beverly, MA, Chemical Engineering Bitan, Nachum. Newton, MA. Finance and Insurance Bite, G. Jason, Cambridge, MA, Physician Assistant Black, Lauren J., Swampscott. MA, Small Business Management Blair, Pauline J.. Mattapan, MA. English Blake, George J.. Brighton, MA, Pharmacy Blanchet, Paul, Burlington, MA, BET: Mechanical Blanchfield, Raymond P., Newtonville, MA, Criminal Justice Blanton, Russell W„ Topsfield, MA, Mechanical Engineering Blanton, William H.. Newtonville, MA, Electrical Engineering Blauner, Paul A„ Arlington. MA, Physician Assistant Bliss, Cynthia J„ West Wareham, MA, Sociology Anthropology Blue, William R.. Lynn, MA. Civil Engineering Bluestein, Allen N.. Brockton. MA. History Blumsack. Jeffrey J,. Medford. MA, Political Science Bock. Richard P., Farmington. CT, Criminal Justice Bocock, Jose R., E. Walpole. MA. Chemical Engineering Bogart, Leslie, Winchester, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Bogart, Ruthann, E. Boston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Bogosian. Sandra V.. Lexington. MA, Medical Technology Bogusz, Steven T.. Scituate, MA, Political Science Bohara. Jr., Charles W.. Westbrook, CT. Mechanical Engineering Bohm, John F., Oyster Bay. NY. Political Science Bohn. Signa S„ Bellport, NY. Criminal Justice Boiko, Debra A.. Garfield, NJ. Criminal Justice Bolger, Jeffrey W„ Fall River. MA, Mechanii ..I Engineering Bolotsky. Richard C, Lakewood, NJ, Politii al Science Bolster. Lynn S., Belhesda. DC. Journalism Bolton. James M., Methuen, MA. Political Science Bombaci, Peter J., Medford. MA, Sociology Anthropology Bonacci. Thomas G.. Cambridge. MA. Physical Education Bonner, Ann M., Hudson, MA. Nursing (B.S.) Bonsignore. Robert V.. Watertown. MA, Physician Education Boratko, Edward C. New Hartford. CT. Mechanical Engineering Borkowski, Susan J., Boston, MA. Nursing (A.S.) Bortey, Benjamin B., Boston, MA, Chemical Engineering Boschetto. Linda, Roslindale, MA, Forsyth Dental Boshar. Philip M.. Lawrence. MA, Pharmacy Bossis, Maria, Brighton, MA. Political Science Bottari, Josephine M., Everett, MA, Elementary Education Bottino, Robert J., Maynard, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Bottomly. Susan M., Groton, CT. Nursing (A.S.) Boudreaux, Paulette, San Francisco. CA. Journalism Boudrot, Thomas E.. Waltham, MA, Elementary Education Bourgeois, Joseph A.. Franklin Sq.. NY, Electrical Engineering Bourmaian, Vartkes, Watertown, MA, Civil Engineering Bowden, Russell W., Middletown, NJ. Mechanical Engineering Bowen, Jonathan W., Brighton. MA. Criminal Justice Bowes, Douglas K.. Valhalla, NY. Criminal Justice Bowes. Warren P.. Canton. MA. BET: Electrical Bowles. Teresa C. No. Chatham, MA. Mathematics Boyce, Mary J., Cambridge, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Boyle, Jeffrey M., Southbridge, MA, Management Bracci, Christine M., Franklin, MA, Journalism Brady, Carol, Hamden, CT. Forsyth Dental Bragner, Robert C. Natick. MA, Criminal Justice Braley, Joan E., Haverhill, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Braman, Donna M., Allston, MA. Biology Bramhall, Jr., Robert B., Gloucester, MA, Mechanical Engineering Brandauer, Frank J., Somerville, MA, Civil Engineering Brecher, Ilene E.. Charlestown, MA. Human Services Breda, Guillermo. E. Boston. MA. BET: Electrical Brennan, John G., Mattapan, MA, Transportation Brennan. Kathleen A.. Billerica, MA, Elementary Education Brereton, James R., Newington, CT, Management Breslin, Rose E., Brighton, MA, Recreation Education Bridge. Jonathan, Wakefield, MA, Geology Brightman. lona L., Burnt Hills. NY, Biology Brissette. Susan M., Allston. MA, Biology Brito. Yvonne M., New Bedford, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Brizicky, Constantine, Watertown, MA, Biology Broadhurst, fane A., Raynham, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Brocksullivan, Elizabeth, Byfield, MA, Accounting Broderick, Dennis P., Fort Edward. NY. Electrical Engineering Broderick, John R., Bristol, CT, Journalism Broderick, Thomas F., Gardner. 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Dedham, MA, Recreation Education Buckley, Patricia S., Quincy, MA, Recreation Education Buckley, Robert E„ Avon, MA, Criminal Justice Buckman, Gary R., Westminster, MA, Pharmacy Buczynski, Alfred G., Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Budzinski, Joan A., Dorchester, MA, Modern Languages Buell, Gail T., Concord, MA, Physical Therapy Bullock, Faye M., East Orange, NJ, Political Science Bunton, Richard E„ Bedford. MA, BET: Electrical Buonopane, Gerald J., Livingston, NJ, Biology Buote, Robert J., Framingham, MA, Criminal Justice Burack. Steven J„ Marblehead, MA, BET: Electrical Burbine, Kathleen A., Reading, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Burch, Joe L., Boston, MA, Sociology Anthropology Burckardt, John F„ Vly Cottage, NY, Civil Engineering Burda, Catherine M., N. Attleboro, MA, Physical Therapy Burgis. Michael D., Philadelphia, PA, Criminal Justice Burke, Gregory L., Milton. MA, Recreation Education Burke, Pamela A.. Swampscott, MA, Speech and Hearing Burke, William J., Riverside, CT, Sociology Anthropology Burke, Jr., James L., Elmira, NY, Political Science Burke. Jr.. John J.. E. Walpole, MA, Accounting Burnett, Charles E„ Norfolk, MA. Management Burns, Thomas G., Somerville, MA, Sociology Anthropology Burrell, Jeffrey A., Quincy, MA, Criminal Justice Burt, Gary C, Wilmington, MA, Biology Busby, Robert F., Maiden, MA, Respiratory Therapy Butler, Dennis M., Wallingford, CT, Journalism Butler, Kathleen E.. Quincy, MA. Recreation Education Butler, Mary E., Braintree, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Butler, Robert W., Rockland, MA, Electrical Engineering Butrimowicz, Olga, Boston, MA, Pharmacy Buttomer, Jr., James F., Quincy, MA. Electrical Engineering Byers. 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Medfield, MA, Journalism Cirigliano, Vincent, Brighton, MA, BET: Mechanical Cisco, Lawrence J., Brookline, MA, Chemical Engineering Citti, Steven M., Massapequa, NY, Criminal Justice Clair, Cynthia, Wellesley, MA, Forsyth Dental Clark, Ann E., Maiden, MA, Medical Technology Clark, John J., Pittsburgh, PA, Accounting Clark, Margaret E„ Lk Havasu Cty, AZ, Nursing (A.S.) Clark, Michael W., Nahant, MA, Biology Clark, Steven F„ Wakefield, MA, Electrical Engineering Clark 3rd, Thomas R., Framingham, MA. Finance Cleary, John J.. Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Clegg, William F., Harrisville, RI, Business Administration Clement, Brian A.. Braintree, MA, Finance Clinton, Diane F„ Dedham, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Clodi, Robert J., Quincy. MA, Criminal Justice Clokey. Susan E., Boston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Coburn, Claudia J„ Woburn, MA, Political Science Cochran, Bruce A., Charlestown, MA, Electrical Engineering Cochrane Jr., John W., Walpole. MA. Biology Cocks. 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Criminal Justice Collibee, William 1... Medford. MA. Pharmacy Collier, Marsha E., Ml. Vernon. NY, Elementary Education Collin, Judy B., Roslindale. MA. Physical Therapy Collin, Marvin A., Roslindale, MA, Biology Collins, John L., Lewiston. ME. History Collins. Mary M.. Lexington, MA, Medical Technology Collins. Theresa, Stoneham, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Colliton. Paul M., Bedford, MA, Marketing Colsia, Dawn B., Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Cominos, Elaine, Brookline, MA Como, David J.. Cambridge, MA, Mechanical Engineering Condella, Jr.. Frank C. Brookline. MA. Pharmacy Condon. IV, William F„ Hudson, MA, Mechanical Engineering Conduragis, George, Jamaica Plain. MA, Accounting Conena, Theresa. Medway. MA. Forsyth Dental Conley, Avis J., Stratford, CT, Physical Therapy Conley, Samuel, Boston, MA, Business Administration Conlon, Marguerite, Quincy, MA. Elementary Education Conlon, Richard W., Arlington. MA. Accounting Connell, Frederick C, Roslindale. MA. Criminal Justice Connell. 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MA, Geology Cormier, Stephen M., Brockton, MA, Criminal Justice Cornelius, Clark E., Mattapan, MA, Accounting Corso, Barbara A., Watertown, MA, Mathematics Costa, Gary R.. Peabody, MA, BET: Electrical Costa, Kathryn A., Old Saybrook, CT, Pharmacy Costello. Alan T., N. Weymouth, MA, Management Costello, Paul A.. Roslindale. MA. Accounting Cote, Susan. Needham, MA, Forsyth Dental Cote. Thomas J., Maiden, MA, Pharmacy Cotter, Cherylee A., Marshfield, MA, Criminal Justice Cottman, Gregory J., Boston, MA. Criminal Justice Cotugno, Matthew J., West Roxbury, MA, Criminal Justice Courtney, Kenneth H., Middlebush. NJ, Finance Courtney, Patrice A., Boston, MA, Human Services Courtney. Rodney. Boston, MA, Psychology Covaleski, Ann M., Brookline, MA, Geology Covington Jr., Calvin L., Boston, MA. Economics Cowan. Marilyn J., Southold. NY, Nursing (AS.) Cox, Barbara A., Dorchester. MA. Criminal Justice Crago, Kent C, Shawnee Msn, KS, Finance Crawford. James A., Charlestown, MA. Electrical Engineering Crawford, Maurice A., Lynn, MA, Criminal Justice Creedon, Patricia M.. Winthrop. MA. Physical Therapy Crimmin. Stephen F., Windsor. VT, Journalism Criss, Susan M.. Westwood, MA, Physical Therapy Critchlow, Ann, Washington, DC. Elementary Education Cronin, Neil J.. Saugus, MA. Mechanical Engineering Crosby. Gerald J.. Stoneham, MA, Recreation Education Crothers, Peter T.. Franklin. MA, Finance Crowley, Elaine, Weston, CT, Forsyth Dental Crowley, Kevin B., Randolph. MA, Criminal Justice Crowley, Paul F., Norwood, MA, Physics Cruz, Carlos A., Lowell. MA, Electrical Engineering Cucciara, Maureen, Chelsea, MA, Forsyth Dental Cuetara, Christopher, Wellesley, MA, Modern Languages Cummings, Anne Marie, Boston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Cummings. Gail F.. Arlington, MA, Physical Therapy Cummings, L. Mark, Bellport, NY. Marketing Cunis, Joseph J., Marlboro. MA. Finance Cunniffe. Maureen F., Jamaica Plain, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Cunningham, Helen A., Boston. MA. Pharmacy Cunningham. Mary T., Gt. Barrington, MA, Physical Therapy Cunningham, Sharon A., Stamford, CT, Psychology Curran, Joseph F., Dorchester, MA, Pharmacy Curran, Judith A., Dorchester. MA, Criminal Justice Curran, Paula F., West Quincy, MA, Elementary Education Curran. Jr., Paul J., Stoughton, MA, Electrical Engineering Curry, John J., Braintree, MA. Political Science Curtin. Virginia A., Readville, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Curtis, James C, Manchester, CT, Civil Engineering Cusack, William F., Cambridge, MA. Medical Technology Cuthbertson, Jane A.. Kokomo, IN. Physical Therapy Cutler, Susan J., Newton Hilnds, MA. Recreation Education Cyr, Joan M., Boston. MA, Recreation Education — D — Dagresta, Paul G., Somerville, MA, Criminal Justice Danlstrom, Gerald A., Dedham, MA. Biology Dakin, David D.. Schenectady. NY, Biology Dalessandro, Joan L., Peabody. MA. Pharmacy Daley, Robert C. Chelsea, MA, Civil Engineering Dalicandro, Lynne M., Newton, MA. Speech and Hearing Daly, Adellano U.. Dorchester. MA. BET: Mechanical Damato, Margaret M.. Cherry Hill, NJ, Physical Therapy Dambreville. Guy. Mattapan. MA, International Business Dame, Robert F., Revere. MA, Political Science Danforth 3rd. Warner C. Boston, MA. Political Science Daniel, Eric, Boston, MA, Political Science Daniell, Stephen, Wilmington, MA, Criminal Justice Danielle David A.. New Haven, CT, Education: Social Studies Daniels, Alan M.. Chelsea, MA. Marketing Daniels, Robert J., Stoneham, MA, Management Dantone. Karen. Reading. MA, Physical Education Daroza, Paul D., New Bedford. MA, Criminal Justice Darrell, Cherrielynn. Franklyn, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Dasilva. Raul A., Norton, MA, Marketing Davenport, Cathy M.. Brooklyn, NY, Political Science Davenport, Jr., William S., Belmont, MA, Physical Education David, Immacula, Dorchester, MA. Nursing (B.S.) Davies, John J., Holliston, MA, Political Science Davies, Joyce A., Milltown, NJ. Speech and Hearing Davis. Edward J., Wethersfield, CT. Accounting Davis, Etta R., Mattapan, MA, Nursing (LPN) Davis, Gail J., Wellesley, His. MA, Medical Records Davis, Gary I.. Hingham. MA, Electrical Engineering Dawe, Judith E., Middletown, CT, Nursing (B.S.) Dawley, John T., Revere, MA, Criminal Justice Dawson. Paul G., W. Roxbury, MA. Management Day, Deborah D.. Arlington, MA, Medical Records Day, Kathleen A., So. Hamilton, MA, Recreation Education Days, Sylvia H., Boston. MA, Criminal Justice Deaguiar. Ricardo F., Marshfield. MA. Accounting Dearness. Vickie. Medfield. MA, Forsyth Dental Debose, Myra M., Waco, TX, Nursing (B.S.) Decaneas, Peter R.. Weston. MA, Management Deck. Darrel B.. Brighton, MA. Mathematics Deckelbaum, Marcy, Bethesda, DC, Forsyth Dental Decristoforo. Richard J.. Revere, MA. Management Deibel. Barbara, Weymouth, MA. Forsyth Dental Delaney, Alan M., Needham, MA, Civil Engineering Dellapenna, Peter, Batavia, NY. Pharmacy Dellicolli, Cynthia M., Medford, MA, Medical Technology Deluca. Ann, Dorchester, MA, Forsyth Dental Deluca, Benjamin F.. Methuen, MA. Electrical Engineering Deluca, John R.. Pt. Pleasant, NJ, Pharmacy Demarco, Susan, Wappingrs, Fls. NY, Forsyth Dental Demartino, Michael A., Rolindale. MA, Marketing Demba, Jr., Stephen R„ Waltham, MA, BET: Electrical Dembski, Pamela S.. Chicopee. MA, Medical Technology Deming, Philip S.. Philadelphia, PA, Criminal Justice Dempkowski. Robert J.. Cambridge, MA, Physician Assistant Denham, Scott M., Framingham, MA, Criminal Justice Dennen, Mark E.. Wellesley His. MA, English Depalma, Denise R., N. Dorchester, MA, Biology Depaul, Nancy, Cambridge, NY. Elementary Education Deprez, Lynda M., Boston, MA. Nursing (LPN) Derby. Michael D., Jamaica Plain. MA, Political Science Desantis, Carol A., Lawrence, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Desberg, Wayne H„ Bronx, NY, BET: Electrical Desgroseillie, Gary J., Fitchburg, MA, Mechanical Engineering Desilva, Don Pedro, Providence, RI, Accounting Desmond, Dennis J., Holbrook, MA. Pharmacy Desrosiers, Joseph D.. Cambridge, MA, Physical Education Detsky-Weil, Faye F„ Chestnut Hill. MA. Psychology Devereux, Marianne P.. Winthrop. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Dewing, Linda R.. Cambridge. MA, Physician Assistant Dhirasasna, Poonthavi, Brookline, MA, Economics Dibella, Robert J.. Needham, MA, Accounting Dibello, Gerald, Brookline, MA, BET: Electrical Dibsick, David C, Ringwood, NJ, Management Dicenso, Domenic, W. Roxbury. MA, Civil Engineering Dicesare. Rosemarie A., Quincy, MA. Elementary Education Dichiacchio, Joseph L., Boston. MA, Accounting Didham, Faith E., Reading, MA, English Diettrich, Robert J., Roslindale, MA, English Difrancesco, Paul, South Boston, MA, Pharmacy Digeorge, Joseph S., Everett, MA, Management Digiandomenic, Richard D., Wellesley, MA. Political Science Digiusto, Mark J.. Quincy, MA, Accounting Digregorio, Frederick R.. Maiden, MA, Management Digregorio, Ronald C. Everett, MA, Economics Dilando, Richard A., Revere, MA, Finance Dillow, Susan J., Kensington, MD, Physical Therapy Dilsizian. Bedros H.. Watertown, MA. Civil Engineering Dimariano, David, Methuen, MA, Management Dimauro, Jr., Andrew J.. Woburn, MA, Economics Dinan, William S,. Chelsea, MA, Finance Dipaolo, Paul L.. Matlapan, MA, Criminal Justice Dirubbo, James F., Lowell, MA, Accounting Disciullo. Paul J., Newton Hglds, MA. Criminal Justice Ditman, Steven L.. Allston. MA, Accounting Dilrapano, Robert M., Medford, MA, Accounting Ditullio. Mary J., N. Attleboro, MA, Physical Therapy Divito, Jr., James A., Wareham, MA, Sociology Anthropology Diwik, John W., Cheshire, CT. Criminal Justice Dixon. Leslie H., Holliston, MA, Journalism Dixon. Maria L., West Chester, PA, Recreation Education Dizio, Nancy E„ Winchester, MA, Physical Education Dobson, James D„ Lebanon, NH, Criminal Justice Doherty, Robert F., Woburn, MA, Marketing Dole. Dennis C. Norwood, MA, History Dolphin, Laura A., Hingham. MA, Physical Therapy Dombrowski, Cheryle J.. Shrewsbury, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Donaghey, Elizabeth B., Quincy, MA, Elementary Education Donaghue, Larry D., Cheverly, MD, Philosophy Dondley, Irene M., Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Donegan, Brian B., Newton, MA, Accounting Donnell. Jane, Brighton, MA, Criminal Justice Donnelly, Michael T., Framingham, MA, Criminal Justice Donnelly, Robert C, Norwood, MA, Criminal Justice Donovan, Francis W., Dedham, MA, Marketing Donovan. George F.. Medford. MA, Recreation Education Donovan. Lynne M., Quincy, MA, Psychology Donovan, Martin S., Boston, MA, Pharmacy Donovan. Nancy M., Canton, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Doolin. James F., Maiden, MA, Finance Doonan, Sheila A., Lagrange, IL, Medical Technology Dorch. Kenneth C, Dorchester, MA, Criminal Justice Dorion, Jr., Robert H., Swampscott, MA, Management Dorman, Raymond J., Wakefield, MA, Business Administration Doucette, Marc F., Braintree, MA, Criminal Justice Dougan, George W., Ithaca, NY, Accounting Douglas, Frederick C, Hartford, CT, Finance Dowd, Brian B.. Brockton, MA, Management Dowling II, Richard P.. Brunswick, ME, Chemical Engineering Downey, Neil E.. Cambridge, MA, Nursing (LPN) Downs, Robert K„ Boston, MA, Physician Assistant Doyle, Richard C„ Burlington, MA, Management Doyon, David W„ Sanford, ME, Physical Education Dragonetti, Anthony P., Lynn, MA, Criminal Justice Dreisbach, Linda A., Allentown, PA, Recreation Education Drost, Roger J.. Salem, MA, Journalism Drucker, Barry S., Brighton, MA. Marketing Dube, Gregory P.. Reading, MA. Biology Ducey, Mary L., Charlestown, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Dudley, Denise J., Mont Vernon, NH, Health Education Dugas, Ronald J., Attleboro Fls, MA, Management Duncan, Joseph A., Brighton, MA. Electrical Engineering Duncan, Manton A.. Dorchester, MA, Psychology Dundes, Liza, New York, NY, Elementary Education Dunlap, Timothy L., S. Weymouth, MA, Accounting Dunn, Douglas W„ Sharon, MA, BET: Mechanical Dunn, Gail I.. Lincoln. RI. Physical Therapy Dunner, Nancy A., S. Boston, MA, Human Services Dupont, Lynn E.. Medford. MA, Journalism Dussault, Richard A., Attleboro, MA, BET: Electrical Duvall, Corey A., Boston, MA, Economics Duxbury, Wendy J., Lawrence, MA, Recreation Education Dwyer, Brian F., Braintree, MA, Marketing Dwyer, Donald J., Hingham, MA, Management Dyment, Neil P., Lowell, MA, Accounting Dzewaltowski, Margaret, Springfield, VT, Forsyth Dental — E — Easterday, Linda J., Jamaica PL, MA. Health Education Ebbets, John E., Brookline. MA, Journalism Eckenroth Jr., Swarthmore, PA, Recreation Education Ecker, Vivian L., Brookline, MA, Biology Egan, John M., Beverly, MA, Criminal Justice Eisenberg, Jeff P., Mineola, NY, Transportation Elfman, Lisa B.. Brookline, MA, Physical Therapy Elias, Mary Ellen, Stratford, CT, Respiratory Therapy Elias, Sandra, Worcester, MA, Forsyth Dental Ellinger, Jr., James M., W. Roxbury, MA, Criminal Justice Elliott, Wendy M., Boston, MA, Chemical Engineering Ellis, Nathan M., Falmouth, MA, Finance Ellis, Pamela L., Boston, MA, Political Science Ellis, William E., Sharon, MA, Physical Education Emma. Paul P.. Boston, MA, Transportation Emmett, Robert W., Providence, RI, Mechanical Engineering Enfiyecioglu, Abraham. Richmond Hill, NY, Pharmacy Eng. Roberto, Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Engel, Diane E.. Cambridge, MA, Accounting English, Mary E., Armonk, NY. Medical Records Eppich, Henry M.. Meredith, NH, Mechanical Engineering Erich, Peter C, Newton. MA, Drama Communications Erickson, Susan, Weymouth, MA, Medical Technology Ericson, Susan, Quincy, MA, Physical Therapy Ericsson, Donald E., Dedham, MA, BET: Electrical Erlandson, Mark R., Roslindale. MA, Finance Ernest, Cynthia K.. Allston, MA, Sociology Anthropology Eschle, John F., Brighton, MA, Electrical Engineering Estabrook, Catherine M., Marlboro, MA, Physical Therapy Estes. David T., Natick, MA, Recreation Education Evans, Craig E., Philadelphia. PA, Psychology Evans, Cynthia E„ White Plains, NY, Elementary Education Evans, Karen R., Boston. MA, Elementary Education Eversley, Eric V.. Bklyn, NY. Criminal Justice Ewart, Virginia, Schenectady. NY, Physical Therapy Ezrin. Jonathan C, Longmeadow, MA, Accounting — F — Fabas, Karen L., Waterbury, CT, Physical Therapy Fadeyi, Martins A., Cambridge, MA, Political Science Fafel, Bradley N., Brockton, MA, Education: Human Services Fales, Nancy E., Quincy, MA, Criminal Justice Falk, Robert C, Hamilton, DH, Pharmacy Falkowski, Debra, Norwell, MA, Forsyth Dental Falvey, Marie C, Milton, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Falzone, Joanne M., Quincy, MA, Biology Falzone, Sharon J., Framingham, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Fanjoy, Edward F., Newtonville, MA, Management Farahani, Akbar, Boston, MA, Civil Engineering Farber, Neal R., Boston, MA, Pharmacy Farina, Paul J., Quincy, MA, Criminal Justice Farinick, Charles J.. Oakland, NJ, Accounting Faris, Joseph F.. Lawrence. MA. Accounting Farrell, James M., Somerville, MA, Business Adminstration Faucher, Wendy J.. Bedford, NH, Nursing (B.S.) Faulkner. Steven D., W. Medford. MA, Marketing Faust, Vicki E., Hillside, NJ, Accounting Fay, James M., Newton, MA, Physical Education Fedele, Denise. Lynn, MA, Forsyth Dental Federico, Cynthia A., Somerville. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Feinstein. Gail I.. Brookline. MA, Speech and Hearing Feirman, Frank, Salisbury, MA, History Feldman, Glenn S., Allston, MA, Journalism Feldman, Michael S., Hyde Park, MA. Mechanical Engineering Feldman, Steven R., Westwood, NJ, Journalism Feldt, James E., Cheshire, CT, Marketing Feliz Viloria, Jose D.. Dorchester, MA, Accounting Fennessy Jr., Robert H., Cambridge, MA, Psychology Ferguson, Ellen J., Watertown, MA, Modern Languages Ferland. Linda, Somersworth, NH, Forsyth Dental Fern, Frederick H., Cambridge, MA. Pharmacy Fernandez, Elizabeth R., W. Newton, MA, Elementary Education Ferris. Timothy A.. Dover, MA, Electrical Engineering Feuerstein, Jocelyn, Wakefield, MA, Health Education Fiantaca, Marygrace, Medford, MA, Physical Therapy Finch. Duncan S., Boston. MA, Recreation Education Fine. Michael W., Milton, MA. Marketing Fineman, Carol S„ Mattapan, MA, Health Education Finerty, Joyce M., Milton, MA, Physician Assistant Finnegan, Daniel J.. Holbrook, MA, Physical Education Finnegan, John T., Dedham, MA, Pharmacy Finney, Carol. Jamaica Plain, MA, Sociology Anthropology Fisher, Allen E„ Newton Ctr, MA, Marketing Fishman, Beverly S., Brookline, MA, Health Education Fitts, Joanne L., Schenectady, NY, Physical Education Fitzgerald, Kevin T., Swampscott. MA, Criminal Justice Fitzgerald, Lynne M„ Roslindale, MA. Nursing (A.S.) Fitzgerald. Robert M., Scituate, MA. Civil Engineering Fitzpatrick, James C, Somerville, MA, Civil Engineering Fitzpatrick, Judith A., Watertown. MA. Nursing (B.S.) Fitzpatrick, Thomas M., Scituate, MA, Management Fitzpatrick, William M., Everett, MA, Management Fladger, Anne, Cambridge, MA, Elementary Education Flaherty. Patricia A., Medford, MA, Education: English Flannery, Robert S., Brulington, MA, Small Business Management Fleming, Beth, Pepperell, MA, Forsyth Dental Fleming. Carolyn R.. Lawrence, MA, Recreation Education Flynn, Leonard P., Beverly. MA, Accounting Flynn, Paul T.. Lexington, MA, Management Flynn. Paulette M„ Brockton, MA, Political Science Fogarty, Elizabeth M„ Beverly, MA, Physical Therapy Foley, Kenneth W., Charlestown, MA, Criminal Justice Foley, Kevin, Charlestown, MA, Elementary Education Foley, Paul M., No. Franklin, CT, Finance Foley, Shelley A., Brockton, MA, Criminal Justice Fon. Judy Olds. Jamaica Plain. MA, English Fonda, David A., North Haven, CT, Accounting Fondulis. Jr., George T., Brighton, MA, Accounting Fong, Peter C. Brookline, MA, BET: Mechanical Fontaine. Michele M., Auburn, ME. English Fontana, Diane M., Dedham, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Fopiano. Richard C Medford, MA. Accounting Forbes, Linda M., Holbrook, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Ford, Allison P., Philadelphia, PA, Elementary Education Ford, Katherine M., Billerica, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Ford, Kathryn P., No Scituate, MA, Nursing (AS.) Forman, Janis H., Randolph. MA. Physical Education Forman, Robin A.. Baldwin, NY, Speech and Hearing Forrer, David R.. Franklin, VA, Geology Forster, Edward L., East Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Fortier, Alfred G.. Fitchburg, MA, Marketing Fortier, Nancy E., Marlboro, MA, Physical Education Foster. Ricardo A.. Jamaica Plain. MA. Management Fountain, Vernessa Y., Mt. Vernon. NY. Respiratory Therapy Fox, David M., Hudson, MA, English Fox, Kathleen M., E. Weymouth. MA. Physical Therapy Fox, Richard F., Dracut, MA, Management Franchi. Linda J., Framingham, MA, Respiratory Therapy Francis, Maryellen, Burlington, MA, Forsyth Dental Francois, Luci, Dorchester, MA, Mechanical Engineering Franklin, Kathleen P.. Wareham, MA, Elementary Education Frazier, Lori, Hull, MA, Forsyth Dental Freedman, Mark D., Newton Centre, MA. English Freeman, Charles M., Hyannis, MA, Economics Freeman, James J., Peabody. MA. Criminal Justice Freeman. Mark D., Hingham, MA, Industrial Engineering Freeman, Virginia I.. Brookline, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Frelow, Frederick J., White Plains, NY, Education: Social Studies Fried, Peter C, Boston, MA, Accounting Frink, Jacqueline, Norfolk, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Frisby, Michael K., Springfield, MA, Journalism Friscino, Deborah J„ Chatham, NY, Pharmacy Friscino, Dominic, Brighton, MA, Journalism Fryer. Alfred. Dorchester, MA, Management Fuller, Susan A.. Hingham, MA, Accounting Fulton, Jr., Melvin. Wyncote. PA, BET: Electrical Furey, Karen J.. Allston, MA, Drama Communications Furlong, Dianne C, Boston, MA, Criminal Justice — G — Gabriel, Barbara J., Brattleboro, VT, Pharmacy Gabriel, Luis N, Allston, MA, Industrial Engineering Gabriel, Mildred M„ Boston, MA, Pharmacy Gallagher, James L.. Osterville. MA, Physics Gallagher. M. Beth. Natick. MA. Recreation Education Gallagher, Patrice A.. Scituate, MA. Marketing Gallant. Janet A., Bradford. MA. Speech and Hearing Galli, Kenneth G., Maiden, MA, Geology Gallo, Robert C. Westwood, MA, Criminal Justice Gait, Richard W., Dedham, MA, Marketing Gangi. Stephen J., North Haven. CT. Chemistry Gannon. George J.. Brighton, MA, English Gannon, John J., Saugus, MA, Accounting Gans, Carla L., Newton, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Gantman. Jonathan N„ Winthrop. MA, Small Business Management Garcelon, Stephen B.. Winchester. MA. Criminal Justice Garden, Suzanne B„ Melrose, MA, Physical Therapy Gardner, Jane. Dover. NH, Physical Therapy Garofalo, Russell S., Providence. RI, Mechanical Engineering Garrigan, John M.. Brighton, MA, Criminal Justice Garrity, Shirley J.. Franklin. MA, Criminal Justice Garry, Deborah L., Harrison, NJ, Marketing Garvilla Jr., Edmund J., Boston, MA, Industrial Relations Garvin, Edward P., Dorchester. MA. Criminal Justice Gaski, Mark E., Brookline, MA, Biology Gatti, Peter A., Lexington, MA, Accounting Gaudet. Elaine M.. Waltham, MA, Biology Gaudet, Jean M., Cambridge. MA, Pharmacy Gaudiano, Michael G.. Quincy, MA, Physical Education Gawlinski. Edward T., East Boston, MA, Physics Geary, Francis P.. South Boston. MA, Civil Engineering Geary, John, W. Newton, MA, Criminal Justice Geary, Joseph F.. Winchester, MA, Industrial Engineering Geer, Norman L., Brookline, MA. Finance Gelback. Bonnie A., Greenlawn, NY, Education: Social Studies Gellis. William S.. Levittown. NY. Criminal Justice Gemski. Stephen R.. Elmwood Park, NY, Management Gengler, Michael H., Cromwell, CT, Accounting George. Robert A.. W. R oxbury, MA, Criminal Justice George, Vicki G., Concord, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Georges, Michael J., Marblehead, MA, Biology Gerlek, Andrea L.. Bedford, MA. Criminal Justice Gershater, Leonard M., Oceanside. NY, Marketing Getz, Alfred C, Boston. MA. Accounting Ghen Jr.. William R.. Beverly, MA, Management Giacomozzi. Daniel, Braintree, MA, Accounting Giannasca, John F., Far Rockaway, NY, Management Gibbs, David A., Attleboro, MA, Accounting Gibosse, Ernst, Mattapan, MA, Electrical Engineering Gibson, Michele C. Springfld Gons. NY, Elementary Education Gibson, Susan A., Somerville, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Giles, Judith M., Randolph Ctr. VT, Mathematics Giliberto, Anthony M„ Somerville, MA. Sociology Anthropology Gillespie, Mary, Hingham, MA, Forsyth Dental Gillis, Janet M., Haverhill, MA, Physical Education Gingras, Brian R., Weymouth, MA, Political Science Gioia, Deborah I.. Boston, MA. Human Services Giovannini, Thomas V., Newton. MA. Accounting Giragosian. John. Watertown, MA, Criminal Justice Girard, Paul, Dedham. MA, Accounting Girard, R. Thomas, Scotia, NY, Power Systems Glaser, Robert F. , Centerville, MA. Psychology Glass, Edgar R., Farmington, CT, Geology Gleason, John T., Trumbull, CT, Finance Gleason, Jr.. Donald S., Hingham, MA, Marketing Gleek, Andrea L.. Quincy, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Glennon. Kathleen M.. Quincy. MA. Physical Education Click, James W., Peabody. MA, Criminal justice Glissen, Marilyn, Cherry Hill, NJ. Speech and Hearing Glynn. Kevin M.. N. Quincy, MA, Pharmacy Glynn, Jr., Ernest D.. Waltham, MA. Physical Education Codett, Ted M„ Allentovvn, PA. Mechanical Engineering Godfrey, Valerie, Mattapan, MA, Forsyth Dental Goldberg, Barry M.. Springfield, MA, Medical Records Golden. Linda D., Somerville. MA. Industrial Relations Goldenberg. Marc K., Marblehead, MA. Sociology Anthropology Goldie. Debra L.. Roselle Park, NJ, English Goldman, Robert I., Everett. MA, Marketing Goldschmidt, Rhonda S.. Oceanside, NY. Nursing (B.S.) Goldsmith, Judith A.. Worcester. MA. Biology Goldstein, Eric D., Oradell. NJ, Management Golemme, Joseph M.. Allston, MA, Biology Golino, John F„ E. Hartford, CT, Finance Gonyea, Gail. Manchester. CT. Forsyth Dental Gooch, Edward L., Framingham, MA, Marketing Goodhue, Janice M.. Worcester, MA, Elementary Education Goodkowsky, Lisa G., Holyoke, MA, Marketing Goodliss. William A., N. Reading. MA. Accounting Goody, Michele M., Somerville, MA. Biology Goold. Stephen P., Norton, MA, Management Goon, Dickson B.. Cambridge, MA. Electrical Engineering Gordon. Bruce R.. Milton. MA. Mechanical Engineering Gordon. Sally A.. Burlington. MA, Sociology Anthropology Gorman, Elizabeth A., Melrose. MA, Speech and Hearing Gottlieb, Andrea. Ardsley, NY. Recreation Education Goulart, Stephen A., Buzzards Bay, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Gould. Cathy C. Lynn, MA, Physical Therapy Gould. Richard W., Lynn, MA, Criminal Justice Goulding, Patricia A., Centerport, NY, Physical Education Graff, Vern D.. Melrose, MA, Criminal Justice Graham. Bradford E., Marshfield, MA, Criminal Justice Graham. Cynthia. Palo Alto, CA, Forsyth Dental Graham, Delores S., Buffalo, NY, Biology Graham. Kenneth W., Melrose. MA. Physical Education Graham, Ronald C, Boston. MA. Economics Grama. Leslie S., Lawrence, NY, Psychology Crammer, Jay A., Reading, MA, Management Grande, Joanne E., Arlington. MA, Medical Technology Grande, Patrice A., Medford, MA. Elementary Education Graziano, Joseph F., Braintree, MA. Criminal Justice Green, Marcus A., Roslindale, MA, Recreation Education Greenberg, Lynn H., Hamden, CT, Health Education Greenberg, Marc:, Brookline, MA. Criminal Justice Greenberg. Jr., Milton L., Rochester, NY, Journalism Greene. Eric W.. E. Bridgewater. MA, Criminal Justice Greene, Jr., James R.. Stoughton, MA, Management Greenland, Paul E., Everett, MA. Management Greer, Lawrence W.. Cpe Elizabeth, ME, Physical Education Gregoire, Michael J., Cheshire, CT, Management Gregory, John H., Mystic, CT, Economics Greulich, Knut M., Peabody, MA, Biology Grey, David L., Brookline. MA, Economics Greybill, Allan B., Pittsburgh. PA, Finance Gridley. Michael C, Arlington, MA, Electrical Engineering Cries, Michael F., Garwood. NJ, Accounting Griffin. Kathleen M.. Brookline, MA. Nursing (LPN) Griffin, Timothy A.. Middletown, NJ, Psychology Griffiths. Lee A., Somerville. MA, Accounting Griffiths, Jr.. William T., Wintrop, MA, Civil Engineering Griggs, David J., W. Springfield, MA, Speech and Hearing Gross, Lora, Allston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Grossman, Jay L., Brookline, MA, Accounting Grossman, Rhonda S., Lynn, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Grossman, Ricky J., Quincy, MA, Marketing Grossman, Steven F., Chelsea, MA, Journalism Grotton. John H.. Boston, MA, Pharmacy Groves, Susan, Roslindale, MA, Forsyth Dental Grow. Catharine F., Boston. MA, Political Science Gruenwald, Elizabeth A.. Martinsburg, WV, Nursing (B.S.) Gualtieri, Deno S., Norwich. CT, Chemical Engineering Guardiani, Larry J., Framingham, MA, Physical Education Guarnotta, Anne R., Dorchester, MA, Psychology Guillermo, Brandon A., New York, NY, Criminal Justice Gunn. Paula P., E. Boston, Recreation Education Gunnoud, Robert D., Southbury, CT, Respiratory Therapy Gustavson, Robert H., Medfield, MA, Mechanical Engineering Guthrie, Theresa F.. Brightwaters, NY, Nursing (LPN) — H — Hachey, David M., W. Bridgewater, MA, Biology Haddad, Maryann, Worcester, MA. Forsyth Dental Hagerty, Mary Lou, Marlboro, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Haight, Paula M.. Canton, MA. Physical Education Haines 3rd, Dallas W.. Ridley Park, PA, Criminal Justice Hale, Donna L., W. Roxbury, MA. Pharmacy Halkett, Peter G., Westwood. MA, Management Hall, Richard W„ Allston, MA, Electrical Engineering Halstead. William T.. Highland, NY, Pharmacy Ham, Richard W., Lexington, MA, Criminal Justice Hamberg, Joyce L., Southwick. MA, Respiratory Therapy Hamel, Mark, Hull, MA, Mechanical Engineering Hamilton, Carol O., West Dennis, MA, Respiratory Therapy Hamm, Victor C, Stoughton, MA, Political Science Hammett, Carole A., Springfield. MA. Elementary Education Hample, George F., Danbury, CT, Pharmacy Hamwey, Paul F.. Belmont, MA. Physical Education Hanlon, Michael C, Andover. MA. Journalism Hanna. Francelia C, Bahamas. Modern Languages Hannabury. Stephen P.. Maiden. MA, Civil Engineering Hannah, Dianne L., Boston, MA, Elementary Education Hannes. Paul H., Dedham. MA, BET: Mechanical Hannock, Sharon M., Stratford, CT, Psychology Hanson. Stephen. Sommerville, MA. Psychology Hapeman, Kim R., Tivoli. NY. Medical Records Hara, Cheryl K.. Allston, MA, Physician Assistant Hardin. Charles A., Schenectady. NY, Electrical Engineering Harel. Rena, Brighton, MA, Psychology Harkless 111. John E., Burlington, MA, Mathematics Harlow, Stephen A., Arlington. MA, Economics Harper, Joanne, Uniondale, NY, Nursing (B.S.) Harrington, Gerald C, Arlington. MA. Finance Harrington, Linda J.. Hyde Park, MA. Elementary Education Harrington, Jr., Richard C. Cranford, NJ, Criminal Justice Harrison, Michael J., Danvers, MA, Management Hart, Richard K.. Somerset, MA, Electrical Engineering Hart, Jr., William S., Farmington, CT, BET: Electrical Hartnett, Richard F., Peabody. MA. Civil Engineering Hartshorne, Marian P.. Wakefield. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Hartunian, Suzanne, Manhasset, NY, Elementary Education Hartwell, Belle J., N. Pembroke, MA, Physical Therapy Haselton, Eugene L.. Manchester, NH. Pharmacy Hast, Karen M., Worcester, MA, Psychology Hatch, Alice V., Roxbury, MA. Political Science Hatem, Thomas D., Lawrence. MA, Pharmacy Hatfield, Robert W., Burlington, MA, Criminal Justice Hatzopoulos, Nickolas. Jamaica Plain, MA. Chemical Engineering Hawkins, Irving C Everett, MA, Health Education Hayes, Janet E., Burlington, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Hazelwood, E. Annette, Dorchester, MA, Speech and Hearing Head, Brian J., Dedham, MA, Electrical Engineering Healey Jr., Robert, Melrose, MA, Criminal Justice Healy. Donald J., Boston, MA. Criminal Justice Heaney, Joseph P., South Boston. MA, Accounting Hebert, William, Quincy, MA, Criminal Justice Heffernan, Paula J., W. Roxbury, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Hemenway. Catherine M., Arlington, MA, Elementary Education Hench. Penelope B., Somerville, MA, Education: Social Studies Hennessey, James F., Dorchester, MA, Mechanical Engineering Hennessey. Joseph T., Milton, MA, BET: Mechanical Engineering Henrich, Noreen A., Brookline, MA, Civil Engineering Hepburn. Gordon M., Beverly, MA, Management Herbert, Mark T.. Westboro, MA, Criminal Justice Herlily, Thomas R„ Portsmouth, NH, Accounting Heroux, Janice. Brighton, MA, Forsyth Dental Herr, Joseph R., Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Herrera, Cesar A., Boston, MA. Mechanical Engineering Herrera Moran, Victor R., Boston, MA, Industrial Engineering Herweg, John W.. Dedham, MA, Management Hetherington, Barbara J., Waltham. MA, Physical Therapy Hickey, Patricia M„ Framingham, MA, Speech and Hearing Hickey, Robert A., Waltham, MA. Criminal Justice Higgins, Kathleen F„ Roslindale, MA. Biology Higgins, Kathryn A.. East Holden, ME, Physical Therapy Hill, Daren, Framingham, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Hill, Heidi A., New London, NH, Drama Communications Hill, Kathryn E., Boston, MA, Physical Therapy Hill, Jr., Nelson R., Brookline. MA. Biology Hinchey, Terrance B., Glastonbury, CT, Geology Hines, Bernadine L., Princeton, NJ, English Hines, Karen, Saugus, MA, Forsyth Dental Hinkson, Terri, Mattapan, MA. Psychology Hirsch, Charity B., Brookline, MA. Physician Assistant Hirsch, Harriet J.. Framingham. MA, Elementary Education Hite, Denise J., Newton Center, MA, Recreation Education Ho, Joyce C. H., Oston, MA, Pharmacy Hobbs, Stephen, Boston, MA, Accounting Hochberg, Jill R., Brighton, MA, Physical Therapy Hochman, Howard L.. Cranston. RI, Finance Hodgman, Roy G., Concord. MA, Management Hodkin, Bruce E., Boston, MA, Elementary Education Hoffman, Allen R.. Narberth, PA. Biology Hoffman. Edward, S. Hampstead, NY, Physical Education Hoffman, Frederic E„ Syracuse, NY, Respiratory Therapy Hoffstein. Joanna M., Framingham, MA, Health Education Holden, Anne E.. Mt. Joy, PA, Sociology Anthropology Hollingshead, Robert A., Hull, MA, Physical Education Hollis, Cynthia, So. Weymouth, MA, Forsyth Dental Hollis, Harry K.. Westwood, MA, Marketing Holmes, Betsy. North Andover. MA, Recreation Education Holmes. Douglas T., Hyannis, MA, Mathematics Holt, Deborah F., Boston, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Holthaus, Karin E., Southampton, NY, Pharmacy Horn, Lillian. Allston, MA, Physical Therapy Hooper, Arthur D., Quincy, MA. Speech and Hearing Horn, Lilo, Long Beach, NY, History Horowitz, Warren L., Leominster, MA, Geology Horsman, Susan E.. Everett, MA, Recreation Education Horton. Charles E., Hardeeville, SC, Management Horton, Charles L., Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Horton, Jacqueline. Middleboro. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Hotz, William J., Needham, MA, Civil Engineering Houle, Roland C, South Windsor, CT, Biology House, David W., Schenectady, NY. Economics House, Judith, Boston, MA, Physics House, Pamela L., Cambridge, MA, Accounting Houston, Karen L., Lowell, MA, Journalism Hover. William H., Whitman. MA, Civil Engineering Howard, Billie J., Lexington. MA, Forsyth Dental Howard, William R., Brockton, MA, Respiratory Therapy Hronopoulos, Konstantino, Roslindale, MA, Economics Hrul. Michele E., Arlington. MA. Nursing (A.S.) Huck. Charles J.. Brighton. MA. Physical Education Hughes. Kevin B., Portsmouth. NH, History Hughes, Paul F.. Morristown. NJ, Accounting Hugunin, Mark R., Syracuse, NY, History Hull. Camilla M.. Cambridge. MA, Elementary Education Hunt, Wendy, Brighton, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Hunter, Deborah. Stoneham, MA, Forsyth Dental Hunter, Robert W., Natick, MA, Finance Hurst, Janet, Boston, MA. Nursing (LPN) Hutchinson, Kevin M., Jamaica Plain, MA, Finance Hyde, Douglas B.. Bolton, MA, Criminal Justice — J — — I — Iannantuoni, Lenard J., Brockton. MA, Economics Ibrahim, Bariyu A.. Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Innocenti, Mark S., Beverly. MA. Psychology Iovanella. Teresa. Topsfield, MA, Political Science Ip, Gina S. C, Roxbury, MA, Pharmacy Ip, Shui C, Boston, MA. Pharmacy Ip, Wing Chi, Boston, MA, Medical Technology Ippolito, James C, Chelsea, MA, Management Isenstein. Robert. Belmont. MA. Civil Engineering Izzi, Marcia S.. Lincoln, RI, Biology Jackson, Michael A., Natick, MA, Respiratory Therapy Jacobson, Rhonda F., Marblehead, MA, Elementary Education Jakes, Anthony 1.. Boston, MA. Management Jameson, Charles B.. Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Jannicelli. Alexander J., Florham Pk, NJ, Management Jarek, Cecelia A., Newtonville, MA, Physician Assistant Jarnot, Lee A., Acushnet, MA. Recreation Education Jasper, Roseann, Rockland. MA. Nursing (B.S.) Jeffery, Sally A., Winchester, MA, Elementary Education Jennings, Clifford M., Greenlawn. NY, Transportation Jepsen, Annmarie K., Dorchester. MA. Speech and Hearing Jermain, John. Manchester, MA. Civil Engineering Jesse. Jan, Medfield, MA, Forsyth Dental Jim, Parsons, Cambridge. MA. Chemical Engineering Jingozian, James, Watertown, MA, Small Business Management Johansen. Cynthia G., Waltham. MA, Physical Therapy Johnson, Beverly A., North Quincy, MA, Physical Therapy Johnson, Glenn A., West Haven. CT, Management Johnson, Jeffery, West Roxbury. MA, Respiratory Therapy Johnson, Joana M.. Boston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Johnson, Mark, Everett, MA, Psychology Johnson. Rachel E.. Mountainside. NJ, Physical Therapy Johnson, William F.. Needham. MA, English Johnson, Jr., Gordon W., Needham. MA. Accounting Johnston. Jr.. William M., Warwick. RI. Physical Therapy Jones, Bruce A., Pepperell. MA, Pharmacy Jones, Curtis M.. Brookline, MA, Criminal Justice Jones, David R., Boston, Civil Engineering Jones, Henry P., Roxbury, Psychology Jones, Larena H, Mount Vernon, Elementary Education Jones, Marian E.. Cambridge, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Jones, Paul R.. Lexington, MA, Accounting Jones. Robin M.. Mattapan. MA, History Jones, Wallinca, Boston, MA, Drama Communications Jordan, Diana, Westbrook. ME. Soci ology Anthropology Joseph, Andrew E.. Boston, MA, Accounting Joseph, Lawrence A., Boston, MA, Elementary Education Joseph, Richard C. Swanton. VT, Management Joyce, John H., Peabody. MA, Political Science Joyce. Peter J.. Quincy. MA, Chemical Engineering Jurik, Jeffrey A., Binghamton. NY, Recreation Education — K Kaberides, Sophia, Roslindale, MA. Management Kaileigh, Edna M., Boston, MA, Biology Kiiisar, Abu A., Boston, MA, Economics Kaiser, Mary Elizab, Cambridge, MA. Political Science Kalapos, Richard )., Trumbull, CT. Pharmacy Kaleshian. lohn S., Cambridge, MA, Electrical Engineering Kallas, Stephanie, Salem. MA. Forsyth Dental Kalogeridis. Vasilios M., Roslindale. MA. Civil Engineering Kaminskas, Gail, Stoughton. MA. Criminal Justice Kandakai, Scia D.. Boston, MA. Elementary Education Kandel, Shelley, Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Kanpurwalla, Shabbir S.. Burlington, MA. Accounting Kanter. Louise A., Roslyn. NY, Drama Communications Kapetanakis. Marilyn M., Medford, MA. Biology Kaplan. Bernard E.. Needham. MA. Accounting Karas. Jo-Ann, Fort Lee, NJ, Forsyth Dental Karg, Peter D„ Newton Ctr, MA, Political Science Karidoyanes. Elias P., Brookline. MA. Civil Engineering Karon. Deborah A., Randolph. MA. Medical Technology Karzenski, Wayne E., Bridgeport, CT, Power Systems Kashani, Jack E., Brookline, MA, Management Kastner, Barbara, Boston, MA, Human Services Katzenbach, Herbert H., Bethesda, DC, Business Administration Kaufman, Larry C, Somerville, NJ, Management Kay, William F., Norwood, MA, Civil Engineering Kearney, Hope M.. Winthrop, MA, Speech and Hearing Kearney, Jr., William F., Cranston, RI, Civil Engineering Keefe. Marie E., Newton Ctr, MA. Nursing (A.S.) Keeler. John M., Needham. MA, Finance Keeney, John A., Brighton. MA. Political Keimig, Victoria L., Boston. MA, Industrial Relations Kelley, John R„ W. Peabody. MA. Criminal Justice Kelley, Kathleen M., Tevvksbury. MA, Physical Therapy Kelliher, Andrew F., Norwood, MA, Pharmacy Kelly, Dorothy A., Belmont, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Kelly, John J.. Randolph, MA, Criminal Justice Kelly, Mary E., Readville, MA. Accounting Kelly, Thomas F., Dedham. MA, Mechanical Engineering Kelsey, Stephen F.. Brighton, MA, History Kennard. Cynthia C. Milford. CT, Drama Communications Kennedy. Harriet A., Medford. MA. Art History Kennedy. Judith A.. North Quincy. MA. Elementary Education Kennerly, William B.. Framingham, MA, English Kenney, John W., Milton, MA, Criminal Justice Kenney, Lynne E., Canton, MA, English Kenney, Steven P., Walpole, MA, Criminal Justice Kensley, Richard S., Cambridge, MA, Mechanical Engineering Kent. Kathleen M„ Concord, MA, Geology Kerkmann, Michael A.. Groton, MA, BET: Mechanical Kerry, Philip J.. Lynn, MA, Mathematics Kerstien, Paul S., Arlington. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Kerwin, Stephen A., Arlington, MA, Accounting Kessler, Leonard, Winthrop, MA, Accounting Khouri, Elian E., Boston, MA, Finance Khudairi, Faris, Boston. MA, Marketing Kianfar, Darycush, Chestnut Hill, MA, Industrial Engineering Kieffer, Thomas M„ Allston. MA, Physician Assistant Kiely, Kathleen A.. Hanover, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Kievman, Lisa M., Worcester. MA, Speech and Hearing Kilgore, Richard W., Jackson Hghts, NY, Civil Engineering Kim, Elizabeth J., Boston, MA, Pharmacy King, Donna M., Tisbury, MA. Nursing (A.S.) King, Jerome N„ Cambridge. MA. Psychology King, John B., Framingham. MA, Criminal Justice King, John S.. Marblehead, MA, Criminal Justice King, Kevin C. New Hartford, NY, Geology Kirdulis, Stanley R., Worcester, MA, Mechanical Engineering Klalo, Joseph N., Union, NJ, Pharmacy Kleamenakis, Maria, Cambridge, MA, Physical Education Klinoff, Andrew A.. Jamaica Plain, MA. Electrical Education Klipfel Jr., Robert E„ Winthrop, MA, Civil Engineering Knepler, Susan E., Trumbull, CT, Criminal Justice Knower, Thomas M., Lynnfield. MA, Civil Engineering Kollar, Colleen J., Belmont, MA, Electrical Engineering Kominsky, Michael J., Brockton, MA. Management Kompare, Anton J., Handen, CT, Mechanical Engineering Kongruengkit, Sunvich, Roxbury, MA. Civil Engineering Koon, Steven G., Bedford. MA, Accounting Kortesis, Constantine, New London. CT. Business Administration Kortesis. Nickolas E., New London, CT, Electrical Engineering Koski, Susan D., Northport, NY, Physical Therapy Koutsis, Ellen, Lynn, MA, English Kowalsky, James R., Everett, MA, Chemistry Kowilcik, Alice I., Quincy. MA, Physical Education Kozak, Catherine A., Boston, MA. Nursing (LPN) Krah, Jeffrey S., Belmont, MA. Criminal Justice Krajeski, Lawrence J., Groveland, MA. Criminal Justice Krarup. Priscilla B., Boston, MA, Health Education Krasker, Karen L.. Medford. MA, Speech and Hearing Krasko, Kenneth [., Bridgeport, CT, Civil Engineering Kraus, Charles F., Waltham, MA. BET: Electrical Kravitz, Robin L., Great Neck, NY, Accounting Kreilzman, Howard S., Brookline. MA, Electrical Engineering Krentzman, Mark A., Newton. MA. Finance Krickl Jr., Anson W.. Acton, MA, Management Krohn, Sharon. Onconta. NY. Forsyth Denial Kruczek, Richard, New Britain, CT. Civil Engineering Krumm, Cynthia A., Bethesda. DC, Electrical Engineering Krupa, Paul E„ Fall River. MA. Biology Kuczun, Carl G., Jamaica Plain. MA, Mathematics Kuncaitis, Arunas J.. Dorchester, MA. Psychology Kuprych, Gary G., Walden, NY, Finance Kurlansky, Stephen J., Stoughton, MA, Pharmacy Kuxhause. Syd, Boston, MA Kwiatkowski, Susan, Everett, MA. Respiratory Therapy Kwong. Eleanor, Cambridge, MA, Chemistry — L — Labby, Peter T., Dudley, MA, Mechanical Engineering Laferriere, Michelle, Attleboro, MA, Forsyth Dental Laflamme, Mary C. Springfield. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Lagerstedt, Timothy C, Brockton, MA. Electrical Engineering Lai, Benjamin K.. Newton. MA, Chemical Engineering Lailer Jr.. Robert, Maiden, MA. Mechanical Engineering Lajeunesse, Susan L., Biddeford, ME. Respiratory Therapy Lally, Francis W., Dorchester, MA, Civil Engineering Lally, Kevin J.. Brookline, MA, Political Science Lam, Hong, Cambridge, MA, Mechanical Engineering Lamade, Sherry W., Marshfield. MA. Medical Records Lambert, Geri M.. Hartsdale, NY, Sociology Anthropology Lambert, Richard C. W. Hartford, CT, BET: Mechanical Lampner, Bryan E., Newtonville. MA, Pharmacy Lanciano, Rebecca L., Auburndale. MA. Elementary Education Landers. Susan M., Dedham. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Landman, Mark S.. Brookline. MA, Mechanical Engineering Lane, Mary Beth, Roslindale, MA, Journalism Langstaff. John E., Lexington. MA. Mathematics Lanigan, Kevin C, Duluth. MN. Finance Lappin, William M., Taberg. NY, Pharmacy Larder, Peggy M., Boston, MA, Health Education Larossa. Edward J., Everett, MA, BET: Electrical Larouche, Marc M.. Nashua, NH, Management Lasalle, Regina M.. Boston. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Lasister, Coy M.. Boston, MA, Political Science Lassiter, Robert, Framingham. MA, Criminal Justice Lathrop, Arthur H., Westerly, RI, Accounting Lathrop, Charles C, Cambridge, MA. Marketing Latz. August J., Cambridge. MA. Electrical Engineering Lavallee, Raymond A.. Haverhill. MA. BET: Mechanical Lavery, Christine A., Scituate. MA, Industrial Relations Law, Chi Keung. Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Lawrence, Dale A., Groton. MA, History Lawson, Allyn R.. Providence, RI, Physical Education Lazaris, Gerald C, Lynn, MA, Criminal Justice Lazarus, David J.. Saugus, MA, Criminal Justice Leader, Noelette C, Dorchester, MA, Psychology Leahy, Joseph P., Quincy, MA, Criminal Justice Leahy. Mary M., So. Weymouth, MA, Physical Education Leary, Judith E., Waterford. CT, Speech and Hearing Leavitt, Daniel L., So. Royalton, VT, Electrical Engineering Leblanc, David A., Beverly. MA, Criminal Justice Leblanc, Leonard R., Lynn, MA, Respiratory Therapy Leccese, John J.. Woburn, MA. Criminal Justice Lee, Kin Hung, Dorchester, MA, Civil Engineering Lee, Marshall Y.. Boston. MA, Civil Engineering Lee, Michael, Chelsea, MA, Accounting Lee, Robert B.. Washington. DC, Recreation Education Lee, Wai Y., Waban, MA, Pharmacy Lees, Beverly, Ashland, MA. Geology Lemon, Charles W., Cold Spring, NY, Pharmacy Lenihan, Mari-Carol, Manchester, CT, Criminal Justice Lennon, Mark H., Waltham, MA, Recreation Education Leoff, Richard D., Andover, MA, History Leon, Esther, Boston, MA, Biology Leon, Stephen J., W. Roxbury, MA, Finance Leonard Jr., William F., Framingham, MA, Psychology Leopold, Louise C, Manhasset, NY, Elementary Education Lerner, Marjorie C, Weston, MA, Criminal Justice Lessard-Hale, Louise A., Allston, MA, Medical Technology Leung, Lily C. Boston, MA, Accounting Leung, Stephen M., Boston, MA, Transportation Levick, Bruce W.. Northboro, MA, Accounting Levine, David M., Leominster, MA, Business Administration Levine, Mark B„ Brighton, MA. Industrial Engineering Levine, Mark J., Colchester. CT, Marketing Levine, Morris J„ Cambridge. MA, Economics Levy, Sherilyn, Jamaica Plain, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Lewis, Janis E., Brighton, MA, Human Services Lewis. Linda S., Mattapan, MA, Elementary Education Leydon, Daniel T., Lynn, MA, Criminal Justice Libby, Samuel V„ Jamaica Plain, MA, Journalism Liberfarb, Larry D., Newton, MA, Accounting Lidman, Kenneth L., Waban, MA, Mathematics Lima, Bonita M., Cambridge, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Link, Robert B., Terryville, CT, Finance . Linse, Hirlanda, Medfirdl, MA, Nursing (LPN) Lipnick, Sharon L., Brookline, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Lipper, Kathleen M.. Brockton, MA, Health Education Lippert, Linda H.. Rosedale, NY. Recreation Education Listwa, Fonda, Dumont, NJ, Physical Therapy Little, Colin W., Nutley. NJ. Civil Engineering Little. Douglas A.. N. Quincy, MA, Civil Engineering Lizotte, Thomas P., Marlboro, MA, Journalism Lloyd, Jeanne, Boston. MA. Nursing (A.S.) Lloyd, Robert, Milton, MA, BET: Electrical Lobban, Robert P., Milton, MA, Industrial Engineering Lodie, Joseph G.. Melrose, MA, Health Education Loflin, Kevin P., Roslindale, MA, Accounting Loftin, Bryant E.. Boston. MA, Sociology Anthropology Logan, Anne M., Waltham, MA. Nursing (B.S.) Logan, Kathleen, Waltham, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Lomax, Allen C, Jamaica Plain, MA, Political Science Lombardo, Nicholas V., South River, NJ, Criminal Justice London. Kenneth A., Milton, MA, Criminal Justice Lopilato, Christopher, Danvers, MA, Accounting Lord, Cynthia F.. Bedford, MA, Physical Therapy Lorenz, Esther, Pascoag, RI, Speech and Hearing Loreto, Felix A., Jamaica Plain, MA, Civil Engineering Lovejoy, Robert J., Worcester, MA, English Lowe, Thomas J., Brookline, MA, Criminal Justice Luff. Debra S.. Brookline, MA, Elementary Education Lufrano, Patricia A., Glen Head, NY, Elementary Education Lundy, Inza V., Somerville, MA, Speech and Hearing Lunetta, Paula M.. Medford, MA, Nursing (LPN) Lung. Barbara. Brookline, MA. Recreation Education Lung, Victor S., Brookline, MA, Civil Engineering Luppi, Mark J., Dedham, MA, Economics Luu, Chan D., Cambridge. MA. Biology Lyons, David, Lynn, MA, Accounting Lyons, James J., Linden, NJ, Pharmacy Lyons, Stephen J., Brockton, MA, Political Science Lysakowski, Robert F., Braintree, MA, Management — M — Macdonald, Catherine F.. Quincy, MA, Medical Technology Macdonald, Robert C, Quincy, MA, Marketing Macelhaney, Thomas J., Wollaston, MA, Civil Engineering Macgregor, Bonnie H.. Brighton. MA. Nursing (B.S.) Macintyre, Stephen T., Henrietta, NY, Biology Mackay, Jr., Ronald, Weston, MA, Political Science Mackenzie, Gordon I., Boston, MA, Civil Engineering Mackey, Christopher, Norfolk. MA, History Mackey, Maryellen, Boston, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Mackiewicz, Thomas G., Quincy, MA, Accounting Mackill, Patricia. No. Attleboro, MA. Forsyth Dental Mackinnon, Laurel L., Needham, MA, Criminal Justice Maclean, Cheryl. Belmont, MA, Forsyth Dental Macleod, Judith T., Merrimac, MA, Respiratory Therapy Macleod. Mary M., Yorktown Hgts, NY, Elementary Education Macone, Marie C, Nahant, MA, Journalism Madden, John V., Mattapan, MA, Criminal Justice Madden, Stephen R., E. Weymouth, MA, Criminal Justice Madison, Scott E., Winthrop. MA, Civil Engineering Magee, Anne M., Winthrop, MA, Elementary Education Magid, Stephen M., New Haven, CT, Accounting Magliozzi, Joseph O.. Arlington. MA, Biology Magni. Jr., Joseph D., Newton, MA, Civil Engineering Magrath. Karen, Winthrop, MA, Forsyth Dental Magro, Susan L., Roslindale, MA, Political Science Maguire, Marilyn, Roslindale, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Mahoney. Colleen, Boston, MA, Forsyth Dental Maines, Alexander G., Ithaca, NY. Management Mainones, Steven R., Norwood, MA, Civil Engineering Malatesta. Warren D., Medford, MA, Accounting Malboeuf. Stephen D., Plymouth, MI, Management Malchman, Steven C, Newton Ctre, MA, Journalism Malerba, Loreen M., Worcester, MA, Criminal Justice Malgeri, John R.. Brooklyn, NY, Power Systems Malnati, Gilbert F„ Ashley Falls. MA. Transportation Malone, Gerard F., Somerville, MA, Criminal Justice Malone, John P., Somerville, MA, Elementary Education Malone, Judith D., Quincy, MA, Mathematics Maloy, Donald J., Brookline, MA, Pharmacy Mancini, Dominic A.. Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Mancusi. Peter J., Boston, MA. Political Science Mandonas, James G., Medford, MA, Management Mangalo. Michel G., Bristol, RI, Marketing Manhard, Maria, Revere, MA, Chemistry Manhard, Michael F., Revere, MA, Biology Manhertz, Bevan O., Dorchester, MA, Accounting Manners, Deborah J.. Williamstown. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Manning, Daniel R., Norwell, MA, Medical Technology Manzi, Marianne E., Cranston, RI, Respiratory Therapy Manzoli, Bonnie E., Brookline, MA, Accounting Maranian Jr., Michael, Arlington, MA, Medical Technology Maranto Jr., Samuel A.. Revere. MA, Political Science Marcella, Catherine M., Charlestown, MA, Physical Therapy Marchione, James G.. Brighton, MA, Accounting Marciano, lames A., Medford, MA, Elementary Education Marcus, Arlene L„ Milton, MA. Speech and Hearing Marcus. Frances I., Barringlon. N|, Physical Therapy Marcus, Lesley A., Allston, MA. Physical Therapy Mariani. Daniel [., Arlington, MA, Chemical Engineering Marinelli. Anthony, Walpole, MA, Marketing Marks, ]ohn R.. Gloucester, MA. Management Maroun. Tony Y„ Hyde Park, MA. Power Systems Marquez. Patricia L... Wilmington, MA, Health Education Marrow. Gayle, Roxbury, MA. Elementary Education Marshall, Katherine D., Roxbury, MA, Elementary Education Marshall, Nancy L., N. Andover, MA, Recreation Education Martin, A. Robert, W. Simsbury, CT, Pharmacy Martin, Francis X.. Hyde Park. MA, Criminal Justice Martin, Guilford )., Westwood, MA, Recreation Education Martin, Roger W., Wakefield, MA, Pharmacy Martindale, Kit E., Boston, MA. Physical Education Martindale, Paul T., Framingham. MA, Biology Martino Jr.. Alfred. Hamden. CT, Accounting Marvell, Cynthia A.. Hudson, MA, Criminal Justice Marzinzik, John A., Randolph, MA, Accounting Marzouk. Regina, Maiden, MA, Elementary Education Maschi, Stephen V., New York City, NY, Marketing Mascoll, Carol L., Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Maselli, William D.. Chelmsford, MA, History Massaband, Yaghoob. Boston. MA, Mechanical Engineering Masse, Thomas E., Madison, CT, Accounting Massey, Alan B.. Needham, MA. Physical Education Maswoswe, Jonathan G., Boston, MA. Marketing Matijaczyk, Linda L., Brighton, MA, Nursing (LPN) Matis, Robert J., Fairfield, CT, Pharmacy Matsumoto, Yoshiko, Newton, MA, Biology Matt. Laura L., Yalesville, CT, Physical Therapy Matta, Alfred M., Brockton, MA, Accounting Mattchen, Patricia D., W. Roxbury, MA. Accounting Matthes, Stephen R.. Quincy, MA. Criminal Justice Mauro, Linda A., Revere, MA. Journalism May. Barbara A., Lexington, MA. Physical Education May, Stephanie A., Annapolis. MD, Nursing (B.S.) Mayer. Wendy S„ Morristown, NJ, Accounting McArdle, Dorothy L„ E. Boston, MA, Speech and Hearing McAuliffe, Stephen B., Morristown, NJ. Marketing McCabe. Deborah M., Westboro, MA, Physical Education McCall, Diane, Danvers, MA, Forsyth Dental McCallister, Donald J., Hopkinton, MA, Education: General Science McCarron, Joseph C. Scituate, MA, Accounting McCarthy. Charles J., Quincy. MA, Management McCarthy , Christian M.. Winchester, MA, I listory McCarthy, Elaine, Braintree, MA, Forsyth Dental McCarthy. Jeff P., Concord, MA, Management McCarthy, Kevin J., Everett, MA, Biology McCarthy, Richard L.. Stoneham, MA, Criminal Justice McCarty, Beverly J., No. Andover. MA, Physical Education McCaul. Donna M., Framingham, MA, Elementary Education McCloud, John M., Hyde Park, MA, Criminal Justice McCooey, Francis W„ N. Smithfield, RI. Mechanical Engineering McCracken, Beverly A., Brookline, MA, Elementary Education McCready, John W., Dorchester, MA, Electrical Engineering McCrone, Gregory S., Boston, MA, Pharmacy McCue, John, Brookline, MA, Criminal Justice McCummings, Kim L., Springfield, MA, Elementary Education McDade, Paul B., Braintree, MA, Physical Education McDevitt, Robert F.. Danbury. CT, Criminal Justice McDonald, Paul P., Boston, MA, Political Science McDonald Jr., W. Robert, Springfield, MA, Accounting McDonough, Eugene O., Massapequa, NY, Criminal Justice McDonough, Michael W., N. Pembroke. MA, Criminal Justice McDonough, Patricia E., Weymouth, MA McDonough, Stephen F.. So. Boston, MA, Criminal Justice McDonough, William T., Watertown, MA, Civil Engineering McEnaney, Christine M., Holbrook. MA, Physical Education McGann, Martin F., Newtonville, MA, History McGillicuddy, James K., Wollaston, MA, Mechanical Engineering McGilvray, John G., Quincy, MA, Pharmacy McGinnity, Robert P., Boxford, MA, Criminal Justice McGonagle, Nina B.. Walpole, MA, Respiratory Therapy McGourty, Robert J., Brookline. MA. Criminal Justice McGowan, Michael F., Boston, MA, Geology McGrath, Charlotte M., Winthrop, MA, Elementary Education McGrath, Timothy P., Springfield, MA, Mathematics McGreevy, Arthur R., Methuen, MA, Criminal Justice McGregor, Francis G., Quincy, MA, Criminal Justice Mclntyre, Kathryn. Hyde Park. MA. Forsyth Dental McKay, Michael J., Ipswich, MA, Pharmacy McKenna, William P., New York, NY, Physical Education McKeon, John A.. Squanlum, MA. Physical Education McKniff, Michael J., Brighton, MA. Physical Education McKnight, William G.. Medfield, MA, Chemical Engineering McLaughlin, James A., Acton, MA, Medical Technology McLean, Deborah T., E. Boston, MA, Speech and Hearing McLean, Regina S., Boston, MA, Political Science McMahon. Kevin P., |amaica Plain. MA. Criminal lustice McMahon. Robert W.. Wallham. MA, Small Business Management McManus. Pamela A.. Salem, MA. Respiratory Therapy McManus. Peter J., Florham Park, NJ. Marketing McNair, Agatha L„ Dorchester, MA, Criminal Justice McNally, Scott M.. Newton, MA, Accounting McNamara, Carol M.. Brighton, MA. Nursing (A.S.) McNamara, Kevin F., Roslindale, MA, Business Administration McNamara, Walter J.. Jamaica Plain, MA, Finance McNamee, Susan E., E. Weymouth, MA. Nursing (A.S.) McTigue, Paul A., East Weymouth, MA. Civil Engineering Meaney Jr.. Robert E.. Medfield. MA. Criminal Justice Meehan, Maureen J., Auburn, NY, Nursing (B.S.) Mehegan, Larry C. Boston, MA. Criminal Justice Mehta, Supriya, Cambridge, MA, Mathematics Meiklejohn, Lynn C. Williamstown, MA, Physical Therapy Meixell, David D., Norwood, MA, Electrical Engineering Melanson, Diane. Burlington. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Mello, Mary Ann C„ Lynnfield, MA, Mathematics Mello, Philip J., Peabody. MA, Biology Mellon, Joyce L., Lynn, MA, Biology Mellon, Susan E.. Canton, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Mellor, Paul L.. Somerville. MA. Criminal Justice Melnyk, Andrew B.. Roslindale, MA, General Engineering Meltzer. William S.. Westport, CT, Electrical Engineering Merchant. Gary J., Claremont, NH. Pharmacy Mercier, Leonard J., Danvers, MA, Recreation Education Merlino, Thomas F., Wellesley His, MA, Management Merz, Annemarie E., Jamaica Plain, MA, Speech and Hearing Meserve, James J.. Abinglon, MA, Accounting Messina, Paula E., Allston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Metro. Beverly. Maplewood, NJ, Elementary Education Meunier, Gail, Shrewsbury, MA, Forsyth Dental Meyer, Alan P., Natick. MA. Pharmacy Michelman, Thomas L., Longmeadow, MA, Human Services Michelson, Estelle J.. Framingham, MA. Accounting Michelson, Solomon, N., Brookline, MA. Biology Mietkiewicz, Andrea J., Cambridge, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Mikolinski. Cheryl G., Boston, MA, Pharmacy Mikolinski, Walter J., Boston. MA, Pharmacy Miller, Daniel R., Carteret, NJ, Sociology Anthropology Miller. James W., Marshfield, MA, Accounting Miller, Jayne, Short Hills, NJ, Speech and Hearing Miller, Lindsay A.. Worcester. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Miller, Maureen P., W. Springfield. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Miller, Rita A.. Canton, MA, Independent Miller. Robert P., Boston, MA. English Millis, Kathryn A., Lynn. MA, Physics Mills. Carlton L.. Boston. MA. Pharmacy Mills, Debra A., Cambridge, MA, Nursing (LPN) Mills, Mary L.. Winthrop. MA, Physical Therapy Mills, Roger P.. South Berlin. MA, Accounting Miniter. Joseph B., Belmont, MA. Health Education Minion, Paul, Roslindale, MA, Business Administration Miselis, Robert J.. W. Hartford, CT, Finance and Insurance Mitchell, Dana C, Brockton, MA, Criminal Justice Mitchell Jr.. Michael J., Allison Park, PA. Mechanical Engineering Moan. Richard H., Waltham, MA, Criminal Justice Mobley. Daphne A.. Bloomfield, NJ, Psychology Moh, Pel-li L., Brookline, MA, Medical Records Mollomo, Gregory D., Newtonville. MA, Electrical Engineering Molloy, Katherine T„ W. Roxbury, MA, Physical Education Monahan, Joan. Reading. MA. Nursing (B.S.) Monge, Jose F.. Brighton, MA, Criminal Justice Monkus, Darius J., Brockton, MA, Criminal Justice Monopoli, Michael P., Shrewsbury, MA, Biology Monroe, Jean M., Quincy, MA. Mathematics Montague, Kevin M.. Framingham, MA. Criminal Justice Montemurro, Peter J., Meriden, CT. Transportation Monterisi. Robert P., Arlington, MA, Criminal Justice Moore, Barbara A., Philadelphia, PA, Psychology Moore. Francis B.. Brighton, MA, Physician Assistant Moorhouse, Gvveneth E., Norton, MA, Marketing Moran, John W., Dorchester, MA. Recreation Education Morash, Charles J.. Medford. MA. Respiratory Therapy Morello, James, Medford, MA, Psychology Morin, Ashley, Madison CT, Forsyth Dental Morin, Edmond L.. Augusta, ME. Political Science Morin. Richard E.. Chestnut Hill, MA, Management Morra, Joseph P., Brighton, MA, Management Morrill, Richard A., Watertown. MA, Criminal Justice Morris, Elizabeth E., Woburn, MA, Psychology Morris, John C, Framingham. MA, Pharmacy Morris, Marcia C, Brookline. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Morrison, George J., Brookline, MA. Criminal Justice Morrison, Kathleen M.. Watertown, MA, Respiratory Therapy Morrison, Laurie J.. Hicksville, NY, Physical Therapy Morrison. Reva. Brookline. MA. Forsyth Dental Morrow. Joyce L., Swansea, MA, Physical Therapy Morrow, Robert J.. Rutland. MA. Management Morton. Brenda A.. Newton. MA, Biology Morton, Christopher, Brookline, MA, Journalism Mosca, Henry W.. Watertown. MA. Civil Engineering Mosca, Marie, Watertown, MA, Physical Education Mosey, John M., Burlington. MA, English Mosher, Nancy E., Melrose, MA. Elementary Education Mospan, Philip D., Framingham. MA. Criminal Justice Moss, Donald W.. Boston, MA, Physical Education Motlin. Howard M.. Allston, MA. Pharmacy Motwane, Ramesh K., Needham Hts. MA. Civil Engineering Moubayed, Varoujan Y., Watertown, MA, Civil Engineering Moynihan, Patrick, Natick. MA, Criminal Justice Mozzicato, Nicholas J., Meriden, CT, Finance Muazu, Mohammed. Boston, MA, BET: Electrical Mulkerin. Karen J., Lexington, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Muller, James A., No. Andover, MA, Accounting Mulveyhill. John J.. Weymouth. MA. Civil Engineering Mulvihill, Mary S., Cambridge, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Murphy, Eileen, New Fairfield, CT, Industrial Engineering Murphy, Eileen. Charlestown, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Murphy, Eileen E., Quincy, MA, Nursing (LPN) Murphy, Joanne, Falmouth, MA. Forsyth Dental Murphy, John E.. Belmont. MA. Civil Engineering Murphy, John L„ Dedham, MA, BET: Electrical Murphy, Joseph T., Leonia, NJ. Political Science Murphy. Joseph T., Boston, MA, Pharmacy Murphy, Michael E.. Boston. MA, Pharmacy Murphy. Michaela A.. Middletown. RI, Physical Therapy Murphy Jr., Robert F„ Brighton. MA, Criminal Justice Murray. Marilyn, Setauket, NY, Physical Therapy Murray. Michael P., Boston, MA. Accounting Murray, Thomas E., Bayport, NY. Civil Engineering Murry, Sherill R., Charleston, SC, Accounting Mustone, Mary E., Meriden, CT, Nursing (A.S.) Mutascio, Steven N., West Roxbury, MA. Criminal Justice — N Nachowitz, Roy B.. Brooklyn. NY. Mechanical Engineering Nadeau, Lynn D.. Bristol. CT, Recreation Education Nader. Assad M., Hyde Park, MA, Civil Engineering Naman, Diane M.. Brooklyn NY, NY, Physical Education Nardone. Cynthia C, Waltham, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Nargi, Anthony S., Somerville, MA, Criminal Justice Nargi, Marco A., Somerville. MA. Marketing Nary, Michael W., Dalton, MA, Criminal Justice Nasinnyk, Kristine E., Belmont. MA, Pharmacy Naughton, Dennis J.. Waltham, MA. Journalism Neitz, Evelyn C. Braintree. MA, Nursing (A.S.) Nelson, William A.. Tilton, NH, Industrial Engineering Newbrough, Bruce E.. W. Springfield. MA. Chemistry Newell, Martha E.. Brighton, MA, Elementary Education Newman, 3rd, William H.. Dedham. MA. Mechanical Engineering Newton, Claudia L., Boston, MA. Criminal Justice Newton, Gordon I., Cambridge, MA, BET: Electrical Nguyen, Vi T., Needham, MA, Accounting Nicholas, Edward G., Peabody, MA, Mechanical Engineering Nicholas. Michael P., New Bedford, MA, Criminal Justice Nicholson, Barbara M.. Lynn, MA, Physical Therapy Nicoloro. Michael A.. Cambridge. MA, Civil Engineering Niemic, Rosemary A.. Acushnet. MA, Physical Therapy Nikiforov, Victor, Framingham, MA, Chemistry Nill. Richard J.. Trumbull, CT, Biology Nisbet, Julie A., Dresher. PA. Physical Therapy Nolan. Paul E.. Norwood, MA, Pharmacy Nolan, Roger B.. Ashtabula. OH, Finance Norato, Stefanie A., N. Providence. RI, Respiratory Therapy Nordley. Laura, Bedford. MA, Forsyth Dental Norris. Marijane, Brookline, MA. Psychology North. Peter A., Westwood, MA. Transportation Norton, William F., Caribou, ME, Recreation Education Nosek, Holly, S. Lancaster, MA, Forsyth Dental Nowak, Mary R., Florida, NY. Marketing Nyland. Robert A., Beverly, MA, Criminal Justice — o — O ' Brien, Anne E., Wayne, NJ, Physical Therapy O ' Brien, Joanne, Andover, MA, Forsyth Dental O ' Brien, Mark J., Randolph. MA, Criminal Justice O ' Brien. Richard J.. Lexington. MA, Biology O ' Brien, William M., Bayport, NY. Chemical Engineering O ' Brien, Jr., William H., Taunton, MA, Criminal Justice O ' Brien III, Ernest E., Milford, MA, Civil Engineering O ' Brien Jr.. Edward J.. Somerville. MA, History O ' Connell, Paul D., Homer, NY, Criminal Justice O ' Connor, Donna M., Wellesley, MA, Criminal Justice O ' Connor, Mary T., Belmont, MA, Education: Modern Languages O ' Connor. Timothy R.. Weymouth. MA. Criminal Justice O ' Dell, Lori A., Framingham, MA, Nursing (LPN) O ' Donnell. Karen J., Washington. DC. Biology Oguntuyo. Olufemi B., Boston, MA, Accounting Ojarovsky, John O. New Rochelle, NY, Criminal Justice Oknayan, Arto, Boston. MA. Electrical Engineering Oleary. Daniel C, Brookline, MA, Criminal Justice Oleary, Robert T., Cambridge, MA. Criminal Justice Oler. Bonnie. Boston, MA, Forsyth Dental Oleskiewicz. Francis H„ Framingham, MA, Finance Oliveira, Mario S„ Attleboro, MA. Electrical Engineering Oliveri, Annemarie T„ Cliffside Pk, NJ, Marketing Oliveri, Richard F„ South Boston, MA, Criminal Justice Olivier, Marie J.. Acushnet, MA, Recreation Education Olivieri, Maria E„ Ashland, MA, Elementary Education Oloughlin. Spencer J., Belmont, MA, Marketing Olsavsky, John J.. Fairfield, CT, Power Systems Engineering Olsen, Elizabeth L., Allston, MA, Physician Assistant Olson, George R., Lynn. MA, Mechanical Engineering Olson, Robert B., Arlington, MA, Biology Olterzewski, Lorraine, Boston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Olthoff, Mark W„ Acton, MA, Marketing Omeara, John J., Cambridge, MA, Management Omeara, Michael J., Cambridge, MA. Management O ' Neil, George D„ Allston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) O ' Neill. David, Burlington, MA, Recreation Education O ' Neill, Leo F., Braintree, MA, Medical Technology O ' Neill, Robert J., Melrose, MA, Criminal Justice O ' Neill, William, Arlington, MA, Criminal Justice Oregan, Gerard P., Dorchester, MA, Electrical Engineering Orenstein, Edwina B., Quincy, MA, Speech and Hearing Orihuela, Edith. Boston, MA Orlando, Angela R„ Staten Island, NY, Elementary Education Osborne, Mary E., Arlington, MA, Physician Assistant Oshaughnessy. Richard A., Lexington, MA, Recreation Education Oshea. Timothy O, Chicopee. MA, Criminal Justice Osmond III, John F„ Braintree, MA, BET: Electrical Ostroff, Mark, Winchester, MA, Marketing Otieku, John K., Boston, MA, Industrial Engineering Otto, Edward P., Pelham, NH, Mechanical Engineering Ouellette, Donna I.. Laconia, NH, Speech and Hearing Ouellette. Gerald D., Arlington, MA, Accounting Ouellette, Gilbert A., Lexington, MA, Physical Education Ouellette. Joseph D.. Quincy, MA, Management Owen, Deirdre, Needham, MA, Forsyth Dental Owtrakul, Vipapan, Boston, MA, Marketing P — Pabis, Gary J., Wilbraham, MA, Criminal Justice Pace, Ronila L„ East Boston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Pacek, Lorraine H., Worcester, MA. Elementary Education Paddock, Douglas E., Stamford, CT, Marketing Page, Anne F., Milton. MA Pagliarulo, Agnas A.. Revere. MA, Medical Technology Pagliarulo, Lynda A., Saugus, MA, Political Science Paglierani, Alan F.. Arlington. MA, Civil Engineering Pagliuca, Francis, Braintree, MA, Health Education Paiva, Rennalee L.. Lexington, MA, Physical Education Palladino, Karen, Woodbury, NY, Psychology Palmer, James F.. Chelmsford, MA, Criminal Justice Palmer, James G„ Katonah. NY, Criminal Justice Palmer, Patricia L., Swampscott, MA, Recreation Education Palo, Cheryl L., Chelmsford, MA, Medical Records Pamp, David R„ Wakefield, MA, Marketing Panasci, Edward R., Quincy, MA, Civil Engineering Pandolfo, Paul R„ Arlington, MA, Biology Paolillo, Anthony P.. Belmont, MA, Small Business Management Papadopoulos, Timothy, Roslindale, MA, Economics Paradis, Armand J., Wellesley, MA, Biology Paradise, Susan B.. Marshfld His, MA, Elementary Education ' Paras, Claire M., Norwood, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Pare, Michael F., Andover, MA, Respiratory Therapy Parker, Frederic F., Scituate, MA, Elementary Education Parker. Nicholas J.. W. Roxbury, MA, Psychology Parker, Peter J., Greenfield, MA, Accounting Parker, Steven E.. Burlington, MA, Finance Parnell, Jeanne E., Somerville, MA. Physician Assistant Parraga, Eloy E., Boston, MA, International Business Parsons, Geoffrey, Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Partlow. Cynthia F., Lexington, MA, Physical Education Parzivano, Mehrdad, Boston, MA, Electrical Engineering Pasanen, Pauline M., Acton, MA, Criminal Justice Pashelinsky, Martin A., Maplewood, NJ, Transportation Pasko, Paul, Weymouth, MA, Social Studies Passavanti, Lenore A.. Oakland, NJ, Nursing (B.S.) Patel, Dipak, Brookline, MA, Mechanical Engineering Patel, Hasmukh T., North Quincy, MA, Civil Engineering Patick, Nancy M., Brighton. MA, Criminal Justice Pavlos, Kostas D„ Boston, MA, Mechanical Engineering Payton, Frances K., Cranston, RI, Elementary Education Peace, Jonathan G., Wappingers Fl, NY, Criminal Justice Pennell, Walter H., Lexington, MA. Criminal Justice Pepin, David A., Dorchester, MA, Criminal Justice Pepper, John W.. Winthrop, MA, Physical Education Perkins, Russell B., So. Newbury, NH, Mechanical Engineering Perkins, William E., E. Bridgewater, MA. Pharmacy Perley, William J„ Waltham. MA, Civil Engineering Perlman, Rachel E., Boston. MA. Speech and Hearing Perlmutter, Joel A.. Allston. MA, Journalism Perlstein, Susan B., Roslyn. NY, Elementary Education Pernell, Lucille M.. Elizabeth, NJ. Biology Perrier, Helen M., Randolph, MA, Accounting Perrigo, Douglas F., Maiden, MA. Criminal Justice Perrin, Yves F.. 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MA, Medical Technology Pierce, Mary, Harrisburg, PA, Forsyth Dental Pilla, Gary C, Milford, MA, Physical Education Pilon-Tucker, Marie-Clair. Jamaica Plain, MA, Biology Pilote, Jacqueline, Brighton, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Piper, Joanne, Belmont, MA, Human Services Piscatelli, Laura L., Quincy, MA, Accounting Pitt, Brian D.. Norfolk, MA, Civil Engineering Pitts, Jr., Lorenzo, Brockton, MA. Electrical Engineering Pizzotti, Mark J., Saugus, MA, Small Business Management Placzek, Thomas A., Rochdale, MA, Biclogy Plantamura, Mary F., Lawrence. MA, Speech and Hearing Piatt, Steven G„ Saugus, MA, Accounting Platten, Nancy E., Seneca Falls, NY, Journalism Pleasant, Mark E., Brooklyn, NY. Business Administration Podolski, Janet, Dedham. MA, Forsyth Dental Podolskis, Regina A.. Worcester, MA, Accounting Pogorzelski, Robert A.. Watertown, MA, Management Poisson, Alan M., Cumberland, RI, Pharmacy Polep, Jeffrey M., Longmeadow, MA, Management Poles, Livio D.. Dorchester, MA, Electrical Engineering Poley, Alice, Wellesley, MA, Biology Polistock, Dexter S., Braintree, MA, Criminal Justice Pollard. James E., Brighton. MA, Criminal Justice Polli, Anita M., Burlington, MA , Respiratory Therapy Portman. David A., Maiden, MA, Management Post, Stephen R., Brockton. MA, Accounting Potter, Janna L., Cambridge, MA, Nursing (LPN) Pourbaix, Michele, Norwood, MA, Forsyth Dental Powers, James A.. Allston, MA, Marketing Pozzi, John H., West Newton, MA, Recreation Education Prasnal, Patricia A., Parlin, NJ, Elementary Education Pratt, Elizabeth A.. Quincy, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Prendergast. Kevin R., Cohasset. MA. Civil Engineering Prescott, Douglas M., Rockland. ME, Electrical Engineering Price, John M., So. Weymouth, MA, Chemical Engineering Price, Lynda J.. Chestnut Hill, MA, Speech and Hearing Price, Patsy S., Dorchester. MA. Criminal Justice Price. Philemon, Aberdeen, MD, Speech and Hearing Priesing, Richard S., Franklin, MA, Criminal Justice Prince, Timothy J.. Reading, MA. Mathematics Pritchard. John E., Quincy, MA, Criminal Justice Proctor, Robert, Arlington, MA, Criminal Justice Proly. Paul T., Belleair Bch. FL, Criminal Justice Protentis, Russell T.. Brockton, MA. Criminal Justice Proto, Cheryl E.. Revere, MA, Medical Technology Proule, Richard A., Bridgewater, MA. Medical Technology Proulx. Arthur E., Charlton. MA. Management Proulx. Joseph A., Watertown. MA. Criminal Justice Prout. Barbara, Succasunna, NJ, Forsyth Dental Prugnarcla, Philip L.. Windham, NH, Civil Engineering Prunier, Richard T., Worcester, MA, Marketing Prybyl, Richard T., Framingham, MA, Marketing Pucciarelli, Donna J., Auburndale, MA. Criminal Justice Pullin, Antonio, Boston, MA, Industrial Engineering Puzzanghero. Peter J., Newtonville. MA. Journalism -Q- Quartarone. Ronald F.. Everett, MA. 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MA, Electrical Engineering Robinson, Alicia D., Boston, MA, Psychology Robinson, Paul J., Bellingham, MA, Management Robinson, Vallerie C, Boston, MA, Elementary Education Roda, Richard, Everett, MA. Accounting Rodd, Curtis C. Brookline. MA. History Roderiques Jr.. Albert. Fairhaven, MA. Biology Rodick. Thomas W., Weymouth, MA. Political Science Rogato. Richard L.. Lynn. MA. Criminal Justice Rogers, Raymund S., W. Bridgewater. MA, Criminal Justice Roland. William F.. Brockton. MA, Management Roman, Michael ]., Claremont, NH, Mathematics Romano. Robin A.. Marblehead, MA, Journalism Romanoff, Brad S., Freeport, NY, Criminal Justice Romoff, Charles F„ Woodmere LI, NY. Management Running, Peggy L., Somerville, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Rosary, William J.. Hyannis, MA, Criminal Justice Rose, Paul A., Hartford, CT, Transportation Rosen, Jeffrey H., Roseland, NJ, Management Rosenberg, Warren J., Danielson, CT, Business Administration Rosenburg, Geraldine T„ Orange, MA Rosenthal, Simon. Randolph, MA, Accounting Roslin, Cindy E.. Springfield, NJ, Physical Therapy Rosmarin, Michael S., Watertown, MA, Political Science Ross, Joan E., Norton. MA, Physical Therapy Rossetti, Robert, Brighton, MA, Biology Rossi, Maria, Boston, MA, Elementary Education Post. Abby J.. Brookline. MA, Marketing Roudenko, Andrew, Natick, MA, Mechanical Engineering Rougier, Richard J., Peabody, MA, Accounting Rougier, Robert A., Peabody, MA. Political Science Rouillard, Bernard M.. Boston. MA, Civil Engineering Rousseau, Karen M., Branford, CT, Pharmacy Rovinelli, Peter J.. Framingham, MA, Criminal Justice Rowe. Cynthia S., Jamaica Plain. MA, Physical Therapy Rowe Jr.. Frederick L.. Maiden. MA, Pharmacy Rowland, Elizabeth M., Winchester, MA Rowson. Edith R.. Mount Vernon. NY. Sociology Anthropology Rubin, Paula A., Medford. MA, Marketing Rublin, Joel S„ Huntingdon VY, PA, Accounting Rudd, Michael, Brookline, MA, Physician Assistant Rudes, Jonathan C, Great Neck. NY, Management Rudokas. John J., Brockton, MA, Accounting Rudolf Jr.. Richard E., Keene. NH. Power Systems Engineering Ruel, Bradley P., Danvers, MA, Criminal Justice Rugani. Gina M., Marshfield, MA, Elementary Education Ruggiero, Stephen S., W. Roxbury, MA, Civil Engineering Rushworth, Beth M., Boston. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Russell, Susan M., Waterford, CT, Accounting Russo, Joseph S.. Fairfield, CT, Elementary Education Ryan, Daniel K.. Hyde Park, MA, Electrical Engineering Ryan, Edward J.. Milton. MA. Electrical Engineering Ryan, Janice E., Quincy, MA. Nursing (A.S.) Ryan, Marcia E.. Woburn, MA, Respiratory Therapy Ryan, Tho mas C„ Milton, MA, Small Business Management Ryder, Elizabeth R.. Baldwin, NY, Nursing (A.S.) Ryfa. Patricia A.. Somerville, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Rykken. Edward W., Brookline, MA, Physician Assistant Rynkowski, Raymond B., Beverly, MA, BET: Electrical — s — Sabanis, Anastasios, Boston, MA. Mechanical Engineering Sacchetti, Wayne L., Milton, MA, Education: Biology Sacco. Mary Ann, Saugus, MA. Speech and Hearing Sacino, Linda M., Fitchburg, MA, Pharmacy Sada. Barbara, W. Roxbury, MA. Forsyth Dental Sadowski, Linda H.. Brighton. MA, Chemistry Sadowsky, Laura L., Bayside, NY, Elementary Education Said, Bilal. Framingham, MA. Mechanical Engineering Saint, Jr., Thomas A., E. Dennis, MA, Physician Assistant Sairafi, Majid. Jamaica Plain, MA. Electrical Engineering Sakayan, Ara K.. Lynnfield. MA, Physical Therapy Sakhaee, Mahmoud K., Jamaica Plain, MA, Management Sakolsky, Harvey L., Pompton Lakes, NJ, Finance Salfeety, Corinne L., Jamaica Plain, MA, Marketing Salsiccia, Pierre, Claremont, NH, Mechanical Engineering Sambol, Victor G., Brookline, MA, Accounting Sandberg, Lawrence E., Waban, MA. Business Administration Sandler, Eric W., Brookline, MA, Psychology Sanford, Barbara A., Attleboro, MA, Human Services Sangermano, Robert J., Methuen, MA, Pharmacy Santamarina, Shelagh M., Brookline, MA, Modern Languages Santangelo, Joseph R., Waltham, MA, BET: Mechanical Santiago, Diana L., Bronx, NY, Political Science Santoro, Anita M., W. Medford, MA, Physical Education Santos, Joan F., Everett, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Saraceno, Barbara A.. Lawrence, MA, Biology Sarafoglou, Pantelis, Watertown, MA, International Business Saraiva, Anne J.. Peabody, MA, Physical Education Sarasethsiri, Nittaya, Boston, MA, Mechanical Engineering Sargent, Stephanie R., Lynn, MA, Medical Technology Sarnowitz, Bruce, West Roxbury. MA, BET: Electrical Sasson, Lori B., New Haven, CT, Sociology Anthropology Satter, Leslie J., Hamden, CT, Education: English Sauer, Valerie A., Framingham, MA. Physical Education Saulny, Yvonne M.. Billerica, MA, English Savage. Steven T., Pittsford, NY, BET: Electrical Savi, John, Dedham. MA, Mechanical Engineering Savoy, Steven C„ Holbrook, MA, Criminal Justice Savy, Benjamin, Peabody, MA, Accounting Sawyer, Kevin W.. Winchendon. MA. Pharmacy Scab, Rosemarie, East Boston, MA. Modern Languages Scanlan, Margaret M.. Newton. MA, Recreation Education Scanlon, Barbara A., Boston, MA. Criminal Justice Scarver, Franchct M.. Boston. MA, BET: Electrical Schaffer. Lee H.. Brighton, MA, Accounting Schaller. Robert M., Wellesley, MA, Small Business Management Schiff, Janet L.. Waltham, MA, Medical Technology Schindehette, Karen L., Pittsburgh, PA, Pharmacy Schlifke, William N.. Kenmore, NY. Criminal Justice Schmidt, Madelyn R., Holyoke, MA, Biology Schmilt, Gerard L.. Baltimore, MD, Power Systems Engineering Schneider, Marjorie I., Belmont, MA, Sociology Anthropology Schonfeld, David J„ Great Neck. NY, Journalism Schreiber, Deborah, Bethesda, DC, Forsyth Dental Schultz, Gerard E.. Cambridge, MA, Biology Schwartz, Elliot L., Milton, MA, Accounting Schwartz, Jory A.. Fall River, MA, Recreation Education Schwartz, Phyllis J.. Sharon, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Schwarz, Donald E., Greenwich, CT, Management Scoppettuolo, Stephen C. Revere, MA, Electrical Engineering Scott, Mildred L„ Lincoln, ME, Physical Therapy Scott, Tina M., Philadelphia, PA, Criminal Justice Scribner, Howard W.. Acton, MA. Recreation Education Scribner, Steven K., Medfield, MA, Marketing Scully, Madeline E., Delmar, NY, Nursing (A.S.) Seager, Robert B., Weymouth, MA, Recreation Education Seales, Deborah, Roxbury. MA, History Sealy, Susan P., Allston, MA. Nursing (B.S.) Seaver. Margaret J.. Springfield, MA, Nursing (B.S.) See, Caroline, Brighton, MA, Nursing (LPN) Seelbach, Carol A., Lakewood, OH, Nursing (B.S.) Segel, Alan, W. Roxbury, MA, Journalism Seid, Mary Y.. Boston, MA. Forsyth Dental Seiler, Charles E.. Nashua, NH, Pharmacy Semienko, George P., Roslindale, MA, Mechanical Engineering Serio, Joseph P., Easthampton. MA, Pharmacy Servis, Norman F., Princeton. NJ, Criminal Justice Sestito, Dianne M., Stoughton. MA, Physical Therapy Setton, Isaac, Lynn, MA, Chemical Engineering Seuffert, Christine D., N. Olmstead. OH, Accounting Shaked, Shaul, Newton. MA, Power Systems Engineering Shanahan, Catherine A., Lowell, MA, Criminal Justice Shand, Hilda L.. Springfield, MA, Elementary Education Shannon. Thomas A.. Levittown, NY, Criminal Justice Shapalis, Robert P., Natick. MA, Criminal Justice Shapiro, Bruce M., Brighton, MA, Management Shapiro. Jean E., Concord, MA, Criminal Justice Sharkovitz, Daniel E„ Medway, MA, Education: English Shaw, Norma D., Webster, MA, Journalism Shea, Gerard D., Somerville, MA, Criminal Justice Shea, Mary E., Springfield, MA, Physical Therapy Shea, Mary E., Jamaica Plain, MA, Political Science Shedd, Alison P., Framingham, MA, Criminal Justice Sheehan, Beverly A., Framington, MA, Human Services Sheehan, Eileen J., Fitchburg, MA, Pharmacy Sheehan, Nancy E., Weymouth, MA, Journalism Sheehan, Timothy M., Belmont. MA, Criminal Justice Shelley. Richard W„ Somerville, MA, BET: Electrical Shepard, Christine G„ Topsfield, MA, Physical Therapy Sherba, Janet M., Dedham, MA, Medical Technology Sherlock, David J., Oakvl Ontario, Physical Education Sherman. Godfrey E., Boston, MA, Civil Engineering Sherrer, Lynn A., Wellesley His, MA. Elementary Education Shirley, Carolyn L., Millersville, PA, Human Services Shogren, Susan M., Pittsford, NY, Physical Therapy Shomberg, Deborah, Duxbury, MA. Forsyth Dental Shulman, Mark, Watertown, MA, Sociology Anthropology Shultz, Steven H., Newton, MA, BET: Electrical Shum, Frederick Y., Allston, MA. Respiratory Therapy Shuman, Elissa P., Randolph MA, Education: Mathematics Shure. Kathleen F., Arlington, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Shwartz, Eleanor G., Milton. MA, Marketing Sibilia, Mary, Mansfield, MA, Forsyth Dental Sibulkin, Jay R.. Boston, MA, Pharmacy Sicard, Richard C„ Dorchester, MA, Political Science Silberman, Bill S., Allston. MA. Management Silva, Thomas F., Brookline, MA, Small Business Management Silverman, Jonathan S., Jamaica Plain, MA, Political Science Silvestri, Anthony J., Dedham, MA, Mechanical Engineering Simmons, Florence, Dorchester, MA. Nursing (B.S.) Simmons. Jean E., New Milford. NJ, Physical Therapy Simmons. Robert G.. Brookline. MA. Criminal Justice Simms, Valarie L., Boston, MA, Education: Human Services Simon. Lynne M., Braintree, MA. Nursing (A.S.) Simon, Michelle W., Monsey. NY, Drama Communications Simon, Steven H., Allston, MA, Physician Assistant Simone. Donald A., Providence, RI, Psychology Simonelli. Joseph L., West Newton, MA, Civil Engineering Siravo, Arthur H., E. Boston, MA. History Sirkin, Richard J., Clark, NJ, Management Skehan, Janene M., West Roxbury, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Skinner, James P.. Centerville, MA. Marketing Sladek, John R.. La Grange, IL, Civil Engineering Slason. Donna, Bellingham, MA, Forsyth Dental Slattery, Jane E., Mattapan, MA, Elementary Education Slavick, Richard J., Taunton, MA, Physical Therapy Slieker, Graham P.. Williamsville, NY, Electrical Engineering Slowe, Frances M., Somerville, MA, Accounting Small, Richard N., Framingham, MA, Accounting Smart, Jerome D., Dorchester. MA. Economics Smith, Andrew G., Brockton, MA, Psychology Smith, Brett A., Plympton, MA, Electrical Engineering Smith, Carla J., East Boston. MA. Criminal Justice Smith, Deborah A., Braintree. MA, Elementary Education Smith, Gary W., Boston, MA. Psychology Smith, Holly A., Fall River, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Smith, Icilda B., Brighton, MA, Pharmacy Smith, Jessica D.. Boston, MA, Elementary Education Smith. Lori T., Swampscott, MA. Elementary Education Smith, Mark W., Colts Neck. NJ, Criminal Justice Smith, Michael J., Danvers. MA, Political Science Smith. Paul T., Saugus, MA, Education: General Science Smith, Rebecca J., Boston, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Smith, Scott R„ West Bath, ME, Biology Smith, Stephen E., Brockton, MA, Marketing Smith, Stephen T., Weymouth, MA, Criminal Justice Smith. Steven A., Lynnfield, MA, Criminal Justice Smith, Thomas H., Demarest, NJ, International Business Smith Jr., David A., Lincoln, RI, Management Smokier, Paula G., Chelsea, MA, Physical Education Snively. Jr., James O.. Maiden, MA, International Business Snow, Michael A.. Marblehead, MA, Political Science Snyder, Howard D., Watertown, MA, Management So, Hon Keung. Boston, MA, Pharmacy Solomon, Steven G., Norwood, MA. Political Science Soohoo, Mark, Allston, MA. Electrical Engineering Socklal, Andre D„ Boston, MA, BET: Electrical Socklal, Jerome M., Norwood, MA, Chemical Engineering Sorenti, Carol A.. Somerville. MA. Sociology Anthropology Sorrentino, Michael A.. Everett, MA. Civil Engineering Souls, Thomas E., E. Greenwich. RI, Civil Engineering Southgate, Jr., Richard W., Ashland. MA, History Spaderna. Walter, Allston, MA, Forsyth Dental Spadinger, Michael, Revere, MA. Pharmacy Spear, Kurt. Southboro, MA, Internati onal Business Specland, Jacqueline, Bridgeport, CT. Physical Therapy Speziale, John F.. Woburn, MA, Management Spooner, Gretchen L., Melrose, MA. Nursing (B.S.) Sport, Enid J.. Dorchester. MA, Finance Sprague, Deborah A.. Wollaston, MA, Recreation Education Sprague. Edward T., Quincy, MA, Electrical Engineering Sprague, Michael J., Norwood, NJ, Political Science Sprague, William D., S. Weymouth, MA, Biology St. Charles, Robert G.. Beverly, MA, Management St. Cyr. Stephen P., Jamaica Plain. MA, Accounting St. John, William V., Harvard, MA. Civil Engineering St. Pierre, Cathy M., Boston, MA. Nursing (B.S.) Stacey, Neil H., Brookline, MA, Pharmacy Stallions, Diane L., Milton. MA, Human Services Stamas, Nicholas P.. Lexington, MA, Journalism Stark, John T., Brookline, MA, Electrical Engineering Stark, Stephen M., Brentwood, NY. Transportation Starr, Linda H., Quincy, MA, Physical Therapy Steckel, Heather S.. Yonkers, NY. Human Services Steere, Donald E., Chepachet, RI, Pharmacy Stefani, Lisa, Scituate, MA, Forsyth Dental Stefanik, Richard A., Webster, MA, Pharmacy Steinberg, Lawrence G.. GR Barrington, MA, Marketing Steitz, Walter S.. Bricktown. NJ. Criminal Justice Stephens. Cathleen A., Cambridge. MA, Medical Records Stephens. Timothy M.. Medford. MA, Civil Engineering Stepner, Lee, West Roxbury, MA, Marketing Sterling. Linda G., Brookline, MA, Medical Technology Stern, Dennis J., Natick, MA, Finance Stern. Susan Y., Jamaica Plain, MA, Medical Technology Stetson, Patricia E.. Whitman, MA, Sociology Anthropology Stevens, Beth H. Lynn, MA, Physical Therapy Stevens, James R., Berwick, ME, Physical Therapy Stevens, Richard W., New Bedford, MA, Biology Stevenson. Deborah H., Attleboro, MA. Nursing (A.S.) Stewart, Richard L.. Melrose, MA, Civil Engineering Stewart. Terrence N., Cambridge, MA, Education: Human Services Stien, Coleen A.. Boston, MA. Nursing (LPN) Stierli, Karen I., Lexington. MA. Elementary Education Stierli. Susan J.. Lexington, MA, Elementary Education Stockman. Alan R., Spring Valley, NY, Economics Stokhamer, David S., Deal Park. N|. Accounting Stone, Barbara L., Dorchester, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Stone, Paul C, Stoughton, MA. Psychology Stoner, Charlton. Hartford, CT, Criminal Justice Story, Dennis L., Lynn, MA. Electrical Engineering Stover. Stewart P., North Haven, CT. Civil Engineering Stowe, Diane L.. Springfield. MA. Nursing (B.S.) Strahan, Mary T„ Boston, MA. History Slrasnick. Jeffrey S„ Salem, MA, Pharmacy Strickland, Ellen M., Jamaica Plain. MA. Physical Therapy Stuart, Mary M., Randolph. MA. Criminal Justice Stump. Paul D„ Topsfield, MA, Mechanical Engineering Sturgill, Martha M.. Stoneham, MA. Nursing (B.S.) Sullivan, Christine M.. Holvoke. MA, Nursing (LPN) Sullivan, Daniel J., Milton. MA, History Sullivan, David M.. Arlington, MA. Accounting Sullivan, Ellen L., W. Roxburv, MA. Nursing (LPN) Sullivan, John J., Somerville, MA. Accounting Sullivan. Kathleen M„ Milton, MA. Forsyth Dental Sullivan. Kathleen T., Milford, MA, Forsyth Dental Sullivan, Mary Lou. Emerson. NJ, Physical Therapy Sullivan. Robert S.. Natick, MA. Philosophy Summers, Thomas W.. Needham, MA, Criminal Justice Suneson, Diane M.. Taunton, MA, Physical Therapy Susco, Michael C. Boston, MA, Psychology Sutherland, Barbara J., Maiden, MA, Biology Suziedelis, RemigijusZ., Brockton, MA, English Svelnis, Kathryn F.. Needham, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Swadley, John W„ Boston, MA, Political Science Swanson, Neal H., Attleboro, MA. Marketing Sweeney, Maura K., Winthrop. MA. Criminal Justice Sweeney, Robert G., Dedham, MA, Management Swerdlin, June E„ W. Hempstead, NY, Criminal Justice Swindlehurst, Paul G„ Wakefield, MA. Physical Education Sylvia, Edward J., New Bedford. MA, Accounting Sylvia, James C, Great Neck, NY, Marketing Szekely, Peter A., West Roxbury, MA, Journalism Szeto, Archie K. F„ Chestnut Hill. MA, Finance Szuflad. Paula M., Dorchester, MA. Medical Technology — T — Taffer, Annalynn, Long Beach, NY, Elementary Education Tagliaferro. Alfred J., Holbrook, MA, Criminal Justice Tai, Shui-Cheng, Boston, MA, Accounting Tait, Cindy, Miami Springs, FL, Forsyth Dental Takach, David T.. Reading, MA, Accounting Takourian, Harry R., Haworth, NJ. Criminal Justice Takvorian, Richard, Watertown, MA, Mathematics Tamasi. Debra A.. Saugus, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Tambakis, Paul H., West Roxbury, MA, Management Tamsin, Mark S„ Branford, CT. Civil Engineering Tanton, Joan R.. Oceanside. NY. Accounting Tanz, Robin E.. So. Orange, NJ, Physical Therapy Tarabelsi, Samir, Boston. MA. Medical Technology Tarallo. Paul J.. Waltham, MA. Education Tarino, Randall J., Brighton. MA. Accounting Tarpinian, Glenn H.. Lynn. MA, Biology Taub, Barbara J., Brighton, MA, Psychology Tavares, John S., Pawtucket. Rl. Mechanical Engineering Taverna, Louis M.. Watertown. MA. Civil Engineering Taylor. Barry J.. Revere, MA, Accounting Taylor. Cathy, Belmont. MA. Forsyth Dental Tebbetts. Ranier B., Manchester, NH. Speech and Hearing Techapaibul, Adisorn. Brookline, MA, Chemistry Tedeschi. Raymond L.. Rockland, MA, Criminal Justice Tedesco, Marcello. M.. Brighton. MA, Mechanical Engineering Tedesco, Steven A., Allston, MA. Geology Tekippe, Denis J., Boston, MA, Physician Assistant Tepper. Barbara E., Far Rockaway. NY, Drama Communications Terenzoni, Mary A., Burlington, MA, Sociology Anthropology Terino, Edward A., Everett. MA. Management Termini. Ida D.. Framingham, MA, Speech and Hearing Terranova, Gasper M., Medford, MA, Electrical Engineering Terziani, Mary C. Rochester. NY. Human Services Teshko, Barbara J.. Salem, MA, Mathematics Tessier, Marilyn J., Boston, MA, Biology Tessier, Noel J., N. Attleboro, MA. Chemical Engineering Testa, Joseph R., Winthrop, MA, Accounting Thacker, Chauncey O., Boston, MA, Political Science Thayer. Diane M.. Brockton. MA, Health Education Thelen, Erik. W., Marblehead, MA, Management Thewlis, Jeffrey F., Wallingford, CT, Pharmacy Thistle, Robert B„ Wakefield. MA. Cri minal Justice Thomas, Donna M.. Cleveland, OH. Drama Communications Thomas, Gail I., Lynn. MA, Physical Therapy Thomas, Philip A., Marlborough. CT, Pharmacy Thompson, Denise B., Jamaica Plain, MA, Biology Thompson. Denise M.. Boston, MA, Biology Thompson, John C, Hingham, MA, Journalism Thompson, Michael A., Woburn, MA, Criminal Justice Thornley. Deborah L., Quincv. MA. Nursing (B.S.) Thyne, Charles J., Roslindale. MA, Transportation Thyng, Slade A., Lexington, MA, Criminal Justice Tibbetts, Dorene L., Bethel, ME. Recreation Education Tien. Anh H., Boston, MA, Business Administration Tierney Jr., Albert G., Belmont, MA. Criminal Justice Tilden, David H., Marshfield. MA, Criminal Justice Tilley, James M., Needham, MA, Accounting Timmons. Richard P., West Roxbury. MA. Accounting Timmons, Rochelle, Brooklyn. NY. Criminal Justice Tinati, Mohammad A., Medford. MA. Electrical Engineering Tinch, Arnold T.. Boston. MA. Management Tisdale, Margaret A., Jamaica Plain. MA, Sociology Anthropology Tobin, Gail, E. Hartford, CT, Forsyth Dental Tobin, Michael B.. Marblehead. MA. Accounting Todino. Esther C. Watertown. MA. Elementary Education Todisco Jr.. John J., Maiden, MA, Political Science Tompkins, Lawrence, White Plains. NY. Criminal Justice Toomey, Timothy A., Salem, MA, Geology Toppen, Theodore S., Baltimore, MD, Pharmacy Tow, May Y.. Saugus, MA. Pharmacy Towler. Fred J.. Fairfield. CT, Electrical Engineering Tracey, Janet M.. Medford. MA. Physical Therapy Tracey, Maureen E., Dorchester. MA, Elementary Education Tran, Tuyet T., Needham. MA. Civil Engineering Travis. Mark A., Washington, DC. Journalism Tremblay, Brian L., Haverhill. MA. Civil Engineering Trimbell. Linnell E.. Bovina Ctr. NY, Criminal Justice Trotsky, Barry D., Ctr Barnstead, NH, Biology Troupe, Barbara J., Wakefield. MA, Chemical Engineering Trunfio. Edward J., Roslindale, MA, Education: Mathematics Trunfio, Michael J.. Lexington, MA. Marketing Trusiewicz. Jolanta M., Framingham, MA, Electrical Engineering Tsai, Anthony, Boston, MA, Civil Engineering Tsapatsaris, Andrew W., Peabody. MA, Pharmacy Tse, Wai K.. Jamaica Plain, MA, Electrical Engineering Tubiash, Judith B., W. Hyattsville. MD, Elementary Education Tullgren, David B., Lynnfield. MA, Criminal Justice Turnblom. Joan E., Brookline, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Turner, Joe, Boston, MA, Accounting Turosz. Robert M., Somerville, MA, Journalism Tuttle. 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Newton, MA, Human Services Vozzella, Stephen C, Boston, MA, Criminal Justice — w — Wacks, Phillip M., Hyde Park, MA, Marketing Wahlberg, Paul J., Quincy, M ., Criminal Justice Wahlstrom, Sandra L., Holden, MA, Physical Therapy Waite, Karen A., Boston, MA, Sociology Anthropology Waithe, Jr., Philip E., Framingham, MA. Nursing (LPN) Waldman, Martin S., West Hartford, CT, Electrical Engineering Waldron. Louise K., Acton, MA, Sociology Anthropology Walker, Dorothy A., Quincy. MA, Criminal Justice Walker, George T., E. Boston, MA, Management Walker. James M., Quincy, MA, Physical Education Walker. Marvin W., South Orange, NJ, Criminal Justice Wall, Laurel K., Washington. DC. Nursing (B.S.) Wall, Thomas M., Randolph, MA, Criminal Justice Wallace, Richard B.. Brockton. MA, Sociology Anthropology Wallace, Thomas J., Braintree. MA. Criminal Justice Walode. Mark H„ Willow Grove. PA. Pharmacy Walsh, Charles D., Hyde Park. MA, Criminal Justice Walsh, Gerald S., Boston, MA, Power Systems Engineering Walsh. Lee M., S. Boston. MA, Recreation Education Walsh, Mark F., Needham, MA, Recreation Education Walsh, Michael J., Peabody, MA, Electrical Engineering Walsh. Paul G.. Everett, MA. Physical Education Walsh, Thomas W., Providence, RI, Biology Walters, Dana, Walerford, CT, Power Systems Engineering Walters, David E., Winchester, MA, Pharmacy Walton, Jr., James P., Middletown, NJ, Chemical Engineering Wang, Kwo Ying. Boston, MA, Biology Wang, May, N. Andover, MA, Accounting Ward, Thomas P.. Everett. MA, Civil Engineering Ware, Sabrina. Springfield, MA, Modern Languages Ware, Sharon A., Newtonville, MA, Respiratory Therapy Warner, Susan. Melrose, MA, Forsyth Dental Warner, Lucia, West Hartford, CT, Medical Technology Warren, Billie J., Somerville, MA, Sociology Anthropology Warren III, John. Yorktown Hts, NY, Power Systems Engineering Wasserboehr, Paul R., Reading, MA, Journalism Watson, Daisy D.. Norristown, PA, Elementary Education Watson. Richard A., Dedham, MA, Transportation Watson, Rodney D., Glenoaks, NY. Finance Watson, Sharon M., Dorchester. MA, Elementary Education Watson, Jr., David E., Hyde Park, MA. English Wattaul, Walter J., W. Hempstead, NY, BET: Electrical Wayman, Laurie A., Fort Lee, NJ, Nursing (B.S.) Webb. David L., Sherborn, MA. Physical Education Webb. Gregory K., Lynn. MA, Geology Weber, Martin H., Brooklyn, NY, Physical Education Weigel, Cynthia J.. Milford, MA, Physical Therapy Weinberg, Michael. Randolph, MA, Psychology Weiner, Alan, Worcester. MA. Respiratory Therapy Weiner, Phillip L., Maiden. M 1 ' olitical Science Weinheimer. Kenneth R., Pr ,cannock, NJ, Recreation Education Weisberg, Richard A., Prov.dence, RI, Management Weitzman, Gary D., Calabasas, CA, Electrical Engineering Wells, Craig L.. Arlington, PA, Biology Weng, Jenny W., Cambridge, MA. Industrial Relations Wentz, Jamie S.. Broadalbin. NY, Sociology Anthropology Werblin. Steven P., Waltham, MA, Finance Wesley, Mark R., Acton, MA, Criminal Justice Wesolowski, John M., Ware, MA, Accounting West, Edward J.. Manomet, MA. Criminal Justice Wester, Carol M., Taunton, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Wetherbee, Alison, Melrose, MA, Forsyth Dental Wezowicz. Kathy A., No. Haven, CT, Power Systems Engineering Whapham. Judith A., Marlboron MA, Respiratory Therapy Wheeler, Susan I.. Beverly. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Whelan. Michael A., Newton. MA, Economics Whelan, Pamela J., Haworth, NJ, Elementary Education Whipple, Bruce P., Wappingers FL, NY, Mechanical Engineering White. Clifford L., New York, NY, BET: Electrical White, Diane C. Portsmouth. NH. Medical Technology White, James R., Wakefield, MA, Physical Education White, Janis D., Winchester, MA, Industrial Relations White, Melanie L., Philadelphia, PA, Elementary Education White, Walter C, Quincy, MA. Criminal Justice Whiting, Kenneth A., Longmeadow, MA, Criminal Justice Whitman, Jr.. Frederick T., E. Brunswick. NJ, Biology Whitney, Carol A., Arlington. MA, Elementary Education Whitney, James W., Lynnfield, MA, Industrial Engineering Whittemore, Mark B., Winchester, MA, Accounting Wido. Joanne, New Milford, NJ, Physical Education Wilbar, Stephen R., Newton, MA, Marketing Wilbur, Cheryl A.. Charlton, MA, Physical Therapy Wilburn, Jean I. G.. Cambridge. MA. Nursing (B.S.) Wile, Robert L.. Lynn. MA, Economics Will III, Albert S.. Bethesda, DC, Mechanical Engineering Willey. Albert, Melrose, MA, Finance Williams, Curtis R., Allentown, PA, Criminal Justice Williams, David A., Brockton, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Williams, Deborah K., Arlington, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Williams. Dianne L., Boston, MA, Health Education Williams, Stephen T., Swampscott. MA. Criminal Justice Williams, Jr., Francis M., Dorchester, MA, Criminal Justice Williamson, Bruce G.. Ashland, OH, Chemical Engineering Williamson, Robert R., Brighton, MA. Chemical Engineering Willner, Jeri Ellen, Highland Pk, NJ, Nursing (B.S.) Wilmot, Lenord A., Brooklyn, NY, Accounting Wilson, Barbara C. Cambridge. MA. Modern Languages Wilson, Donna T., Alston, MA, Nursing (B.S.) Wilson, Greta M., Asbury Park, NJ. Physical Education Wilson, Lorraine C. Boston. MA. Medical Records Wilson, Michael A., E. Braintree, MA, Criminal Justice Wilson, Richard J.. Swampscott, MA, Criminal Justice Wilson, William, Winchester, MA, Management Winbourne, Michael G„ Dedham, MA. Criminal Justice Windsor 3rd, William T., Media, PA, Physics Winer, Gary M.. Randolph, MA. Journalism Winer, Paul M„ Boston, MA, BET: Electrical Winn, Ronalee 1... Lowell. MA, Nursing (B.S.) Winston, Alyse A., Boston, MA, Psychology Wirkerman, Adena, Stoughlon, MA. Physical Education Wluka. Michael P., Milton. MA, Marketing Wohlman, Steven G., Quincy, MA, Marketing Wojciechowicz, Joanne M., Hyde Park. MA, Medical Technology Wolfe, Bonnie, Seekonk. MA, Forsyth Dental Woltshock. Eric J„ Rivervale, NJ, Criminal Justice Wong, Arthur, Boston, MA, Civil Engineering Wong, Hilda, Boston. MA, Forsyth Dental Wong, Rickey Ky. Chelsea, MA, Electrical Engineering Wong, Tom W.. Brookline, MA, Management Wong, Warren W. L., Brookline, MA, Industrial Engineering Wood, Christine F„ Melrose. MA, Criminal Justice Wood, Nelson, Brookline, MA, Biology Woods. Robert C, Brighton. MA, Electrical Engineering Woodton, Sharon E.. W. Medford. MA, Drama Communications Wooldridge, Ann E., Wallaston, MA, Recreation Education Woronicz, Stephen J.. Quincy. MA. Criminal Justice Wright, Charles V., Somerset. MA, Physical Education Wright, Deborah D., Brockton. MA. Medical Records Wulf, Renee, Boston, MA, Sociology Anthropology Wusteney, Eileen T., Dorchester, MA, Physical Therapy Wynter, Arlington D., Mattapan. MA, General Engineering — Y — — Z Yablonski, Ronald C, Saxonville, MA. Mechanical Engineering Yankson, Mark R., Boston, MA, Industrial Engineering Yap. Guat Hong. Boston, MA, Marketing Yeates, Michael W., Andover. MA. History Yee, Alice, Allston. MA. Business Administration Yee, James, Allston, MA, BET: Electrical Yee, Rita, Everett, MA, Biology Yen, Ruth Y,, Brookline, MA, Biology Yiu, Dennis C. Boston, MA, Medical Technology Yiu, Wing Kit, Boston, MA, Pharmacy Yoder, Dolores K., Danversport, MA, Forsyth Dental Yoffa, Harris L., Boston, MA, Drama Communications Yoffe, Susan E., Boston, MA, Accounting Yoshida, Yumiko, Boston, MA, Forsyth Dental Yost, Maureen D., Danvers, MA, Physical Therapy Young, James R.. Merrick, NY, Finance Young, John M.. Holland, PA, Management Young, Kathleen M.. Watertovvn, MA, Recreation Education Young, Kevin J., Cambridge, MA, Criminal Justice Young Hong, Agnes S., Boston. MA, Pharmacy- Yuen, Doris W., Boston, MA, Recreation Education Yule, Frederick J.. Sharon, MA, Transportation Yusuf, Hawo A., Dorchester, MA, Sociology Anthropology Zaidwerger, Howard A., Jamaica Plain, MA. Finance Zaino, Stephen J., Hyde Park, MA, Accounting Zaloga, Anthony J., Boston, MA, Physical Education Zamojski, Edward, New Britain, CT, Civil Engineering Zamor, Gary, Dorchester, MA, Management Zamor, Guy, Hyde Park, MA, Power Systems Engineering Zandman, Jay S.. W. Orange, NJ, Marketing Zavattero, Paul F., Somerville, MA, Mathematics Zawacki, Deborah, Three Rivers, MA, Forsyth Dental Zaycer. Ronald J., Dover, NJ, Pharmacy Zefting, Eileen L., Rochester, NY, Pharmacy Zeitz, Robin M., Melrose, MA, Physical Therapy Ziegra, Jr., Albert W., Brighton, MA. Physician Assistant Ziffer, A. Jerald, Schenectady, NY, Physical Education Zile, Robyn M., Quincy, MA. Physical Therapy Zimmerman. John C. Leroy. NY, Mechanical Engineering Zobel, Karen A., Needham, MA, Nursing (A.S.) Zornik, Susan W., Framingham, MA. Nursing (A.S.) Zubatkin, Carol M.. Boston. MA. Nursing (B.S.) Zukauskas, Liudas R.. Holbrook. MA, Civil Engineering Zussman, Henry R., Andover, MA, Recreation Education Zwahlen, D enise, Brookline, MA, Physician Assistant Pictured here you will find some of the cul- prits who were responsible for these 320 pages. Some of the staff were so busy (such as your editor) that they weren ' t able to be photo- graphed. But, for those lucky few whom we caught off-guard . . . Lucia Warner, Associate Editor Dennis Naughton, Sports Editor Chuck O ' Neil, Asst. Photo Editor Sharon Watson Gladys Kitchell ■.h ' V -. 5? r -$L S ft tA ' C - ..» A- This yearbook has been the culmination of five years at Northeastern. Much time and effort has gone into this book. At this point I would like to thank: — Everyone who helped me even in the smallest way — Roz, Beth and Gladys who had the patience to put up with me for the year even when the yearbook took me away from my responsibilities — To Dean Vetstein for being so understanding — To everyone in Student Affairs and the university who had to put up with my demands — To my staff for their patience and perseverance — To Martin Bernstein who picked up all my pieces in the Fall so I wouldn ' t go crazy — And finally to everyone I haven ' t mentioned specifically, but thank you anyways. I hope that 20 years from now you will be able to look back and say that that was the way it was. — Mary Ann E.Bell, Editor, 1977 Cauldron Taylor Publishing Company |lns4co ' flrA4W r W m

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