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■ HPPK VV % t For Reference Not to be taken from this room 4? % A qfayfy % presents : ' % m srjieasierisr University SSO Bptington Aveutue Boston 1S» Mass. 1 } ■TiTH i ' " ' ' ;; On The Threshold " Poetry, " he once told us, " is trying to say the impossible, " and it is impossible to put into puny words the love we have for this man. He led us for awhile, then we took wing on our own, and this was good. He taught us and we learned much about life, and love, and all about those other things that are truly important to us. But more than that, he plumbed our souls, making us aware of ourselves and of our own beings, and of our own reality. There were times, at the end of a class, when you wanted to walk up to him and say ' thank you, ' but you didn ' t because that would have been superfluous. He was the greatest teach- er we have ever been associated with; the greatest human being we have known. And this is our way of say- ing " thank you. ' " ' To Harold W. Melvin, we dedicate this issue of the CAUL- DRON. Then said a teacher, Speak to us of Teaching. And he said: No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge. The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather of his faith and his loving- ness. If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. . . . For the vision of one man lends not its wings to another man. And even as each one of you stands alone in God ' s knowledge, so must each one of you be alone in his knowledge of God and in his understanding of the earth. THE PROPHET, by Kahlil Gibran 1 962 CAULDRON Norbert F. Nunes editor-in-chief Harold W. Rines Jr. associate editor-in-chief Peter Dwyer managing editor steve bowers joe Scarpa to joe codispoti dutch leonard John harris larry curran carl deeb harry bond ed beardsworth brenda franklyn jim collins ronnie jenks bill mctaggart don lipsitz art jones don netto nick shestople howie israel earl bergmann harvey chafitz phil benson stan jassem leonore jassem ed paderson rick demmler Charles Dapsauski photo editor John A. Palmucci Jr. business manager 59 135 169 181 ROTC Graduates 283 Faculty 303 Sports PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE One of the most satisfying events for a college president is partici- pation in graduation ceremonies at his own institution. It is easy to focus one ' -s attention on the colorful spectacle and sense of rejoicing that is common to commencement exercises, but it should be remembered that each diploma has its own story of dedication, sacrifice, struggle, and perseverance. This I know is especially true here at Northeastern where I have been fortunate in being able to associate with so many students. I am proud of your accomplishments over these past five years, particularly in view of the uncertainty and chaos throughout the world. Threats of nuclear war, economic disorder, and social upheaval are reported in the headlines daily. Despite this disturbing tide of events, you, the members of the class of 1962, have demonstrated your desire to develop your capacities to the fullest extent through the process we call a college education. The educational process at Northeastern, as you well know, is unique in many ways and you should be quite satisfied in the realization you have been able to meet the University ' s high standards and challenges. Your successful responses to these challenges have placed an in- delible stamp on your character, preparing you for still more difficult decisions in the years ahead. These qualities of intellectual and moral leadership are sorely needed, not only in our own immediate community, but throughout the world. As you prepare to leave the Northeastern campus, I extend my warmest congratulations and best wishes for a successful future. JLa 4 [G-a tlJ-tul- NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY I J THE FACE OF NORTHEAStlir x»K 10 She is our alma mater. And she consists of stone and steel, of glass, marble and wood, of all those things which are necessary to house us in our days of learning. She is the cauldron of our youth. Young and untried we poured ourselves into her, the raw material of the future. Too soon, too quickly we are transformed, and the future is here and now. We have cursed her, loved her, reviled her, defended her, and like a mother she has understood us, and taught us. From out of her womb we have emerged, like the phoenix, a new life out of the old. Others will come after us, and we shall smile when we think of these happy days, of the days in the springtime of our lives when we were young and eager and thirsting for knowledge. We shall smile in the wisdom of our age, and then we shall realize what she has done. For ahoays, her mem- ory luill be xuith us. GODFREY LOWELL CABOT PHYSICAL EDUCATION CENTER You see the buildings first, and they take a lot of room, and at first you ' re a little lost. But Northeastern is more than buildings, and labs, and classrooms: Northeastern is people, she is a real, living thing, with all the hopes, the joys, the frustrations of people. For most she is a fulfilled dream, the promise of the future. She is a place of many people and therefore she is a place of many faces. Northeastern is the cheerleaders at the basketball game. Our alma mater is two students looking across the Quadrangle; she is a little sub- marine shop across the street; the Student Union running a fair for the United Fund; a teacher at the blackboard preparing his students for a new world. She is a graduate school, and yes, she is even funny sometimes; the ROTC posters on a little plaid building can testify to that. 14 In the fall, she reflects herself in the crowded stands at a home game, in the cheering of the stands, in the original cheers of the fraternity men (sometimes bringing down on them the justi- fiable wrath of the administration). In the Quad- rangle, you see her in the faces of the students looking out the windows of the Ell Center during a Mayor contest. Northeastern is also the pride of Hank Datelle of NEZ, as he welcomes his father to Home- coming activities at the fraternity ' s Brookline home. The University is mirrored in the faces of Northeastern ' s Homecoming Queen and a mem- ber of her court. We see her image in the crowds in the Quad, as a girl raises herself above the sea of heads to get a better view of the candidates performing on the steps of Ell. 15 16 % o ' TwT L J nn f ftfWl 1 { i «L_ i $HI H B 1 8 IBigp The professors always liad time for you, all you had to do was ask them. This was the contact, the intimacy between faculty and students that made the difference, that made you realize you were somebody. You began to realize you were learning. Some stayed late, their paths criss-cross- ing with those of the night students. The lighted classrooms shining like beacons in the night. Other lights went up on the Masque stage to prepare for a new show, and two coeds could sit on the edge of the lawn talking. This was Northeastern too, this was what she looked like as you walked by. 17 -Mm Sometimes you could look out your window and the sky was in- credibly clear, the clouds pausing sometimes above the buildings. And then there were al- ways convocations, and the rush to get back to the campus afterwards. Once in a while you had to admit, " the speakers weren ' t that bad. " You got something out of it, anyway. And ROTC was there too, and those Mi ' s, and you had to ke ep them clean because of your CO. Then, quite suddenly, you were up in front of the men, leading them, and, yes, telling them to get their rifles cleaned. Quite a turnabout. You were learning. And there was Boston too, and this was part of Northeastern, for we were part of the Hub. " Meet me beside the clock at Filene ' s, " became a common expression. And you walked around and discovered a city around you. There was the Copley library, the " BPL " right down the street, and the waiting for the books to come back: they were always " Not on the shelf. " The Museum of Fine Arts was next door and you went in. And you went back again and again. On the Charles there was the Esplanade, the lawns, the cool river. There were the summer concerts in the Hatch Shell. Closer to home, you ' d stop off at the drugstore and Connie would wait on you. She was always friendly, a smile for everybody. You ' d thank her, then walk back to school, back to homework, and homework, and more homework. si Wiiili- STfS] Walking through the Fen- way you came upon the Gardner Mu- seum, the palace home that repre- sented Boston at its height, and you wondered what you would have done back in those days. f vm»3flfl. ' »rv Down the street was Sym- phony Hall, and for 60 cents you could see the Boston Symphony on Friday afternoons. You cut class, but it was worth it. You were developing, learn- ing. Downtown, the gold- domed Statehouse. After awhile you ' d walk right by it, an experienced ur- banite, but Bullfinch had done a pret- ty good job. The poli-sci majors knew everything that went on beneath the dome and they talked long and loud in the Commons. You just listened, and you learned. Mass meetings were held by every class and they were poorly at- tended by every class, but the oppor- tunity was there, you were free to go or not to go. They let you decide. And, thank God for the Greenleaf Building: our one blessing of ivy was abundant there. " Coke " cans replaced the smuggled-in beer cans at the games. They were everywhere. Everywhere too were the wrecking cranes, destroy- ing the old to make way for the new. And everywhere too were those " Got- cha NU " signs. and this is Northeastern, this is a little b it of what she is, what she was. she was many things to many people and we all saw her from our particu- lar view, she was friends, and teachers, and buildings, and commuting, and living in, and libraries, and exams, and Com- mons coffee, and bad food in the grad center, and the nu news on friday and people, and most of all, she was a part of us. she always will be. she is our alma mater. i , mhi i r. m M wdttsf ri 1 WFOMMMV SI |M IMI ' .l i; t li Velcomes 1 455 Freshmen Today You, Too ? Record Number oi Co-eds Entered in Class of 19b2 Hi i osii:k (ihmh K« I i.i. !. ' ilM..-(l Ui:: : live [H ' W , " i .1 Untvt ' l 111 i will brighter) Uji Die campus u hc-tl tilt ' Class 1902 invades tin ctHwoums Monday Tr largos! ■!■- In iH ' i rntei Nnrl hiviNt ' -i n Will MljOJ a 1 1 - • ,«. ;■•,!•(, government scholarship program and itw m.n dormttorj Tin ; ih m: i ew Professor Pitkin Named Adviser To New Freshmen tVmald B tics h. ih- ( ' , Final Orientation Meeting, " www JJJJJf ;:, D by Set for Friday Night K HSH S - r ' O kf . () lt( ;i((( . ii() the |resh boro.Si Women student •»! Xrtne 7m. ' ■ .« i-tine. U ' rilnroiliv. n Uumn Sr| " " ' li ' " • i " ' ' " Sl Sl, ' - ' ' " 8 ' S.h.l:..M,|„ :i ; Utettrffttf Hi, mrriine will put yi.ii miller no ..l1l15alH.11 Titer will l.r opportunities la talk with editor personalty Activities Seen as Kev 7 To Hell -Rounded Students : n inn.- high Ope hundred and rietd a iii ' v-iivr student bave receu awW ed ; mm; (.1 SSO.000 in Rciiol profess ut -.liip.-. from j variety ni done i source according !.. in,- ,: - rrsita i mualorw Office ,.„,,, 1 U II ■: I ' M t Kit II IM the United 81 The sludents ■ivji iihii University Plans To Greet Co-eds With Reception «IO t !• M Dl ' WW. H U 1 « ! m ... n Yih m FRESHMEN By HAROLD BOND For some it will seem like a decade ago, a memory that is less real than fact, that registra- tion day in September of 1957. For some it will be something that never quite existed, a day made plausible only by the bridge that has been crossed since then. But for others it will be only yesterday, something more than fact, a reality that can be revivified to its minutest detail with a snap of the fingers. And they told us, they told us to look to our left and to look to our right and know that by next year one of us would be gone. Somehow it was too much to grasp. There were 1800 of us then, bright, eager and enthusiastic, fresh out of the high school classrooms of every corner of this world. Now as we leave, we are half our original force. Despite the seemingly endless red tape of registration day, it didn ' t take us long to get in- We read our information pamphlets in the Quad . . . . . . and got directions at the Student Union booth. Schedules had to be checked And right away we learned about our " non-profit " bookstore. corporated into the collegiate swing of things. Our warmed-over high school enthusiasm was damp- ened a bit as the Huskies were turned back, 12-7, in traditional fashion at the hands of the Rhody Rams. Football seemed to be in the spotlight more than usual that year. The UMass game was cancelled because of Asiatic flu, not long before Northeastern and Brandeis severed sports relations as a result of an injury inflicted upon a Brandeis player by NU captain " Bo " Lyons. Connie Pappas, under the guise of Emperor Constantine, triumphed in the Mayor of Huntington Ave. Contest after his followers voted him into office under promises of girls, orgies, girls, liquor and more girls. Northeastern ' s first Homecoming queen, pert and pretty Marsha Gatonska, reigned. The Silver Masque productions of the year were " The Man Who Came to Dinner, " " Dark of the Moon, " " Oklahoma " and " The Caine Mutiny Court Martial. " And a talented young freshman by the name of Tom McKee established for himself a name that was to be seen and heard for the next four years. Continuing in its expansion program, Northeastern purchased the Boston Opera House. Plans for a graduate center were subsequently re- vealed, and Dr. Arthur A. Vernon was appointed head of the Graduate School. The coeds discovered they were outnumbered 11 to 1. The administration, previously en- grossed in the task of orienting a record-breaking 135 coeds in the freshman class, turned the tables and announced the University ' s first male dormi- tory. Heading all the educational activities of the University, Dr. William C. White was named provost of Northeastern. The late Dr. Elmer Cutts, then of the History Department, was granted a one year Fulbright Scholarship to teach in India. Don Johanson was named the first brigadier general of the University ' s ROTC con- tingent. The Class of ' 61 was placed under the jurisdiction of the Student Council as sophomore apathy and a sparsity of class candidates necessitated the cancellation of board and council elections by the Executive Committee of the Student Council. King Husky IV, the last Northeastern mascot in a long line of regal canine heritage, ar- rived in Boston and appeared on the " Big Brother " television show. " Bo " Lyons was named All-New Eng- land Center by the Boston Globe, sports writers for the second consecutive year, and Joe Zabilski was succeeded by Dick Dukeshire as basketball coach. The big news of the year, however, was the announcement by Dr. Carl S. Ell, following his 70th birthday, of his retirement as president of the University after 18 years in that capacity and 48 years at Northeastern.. Our first year and the Opera House provided a backdrop for the campus. sophomore year After a summer on co-op we came back to Northeastern grumbling and talking to ourselves about our lousy co-op jobs, unaware that we would be grumbling and talking to ourselves about our lousy co-op jobs for the next four years. We soon forgot our grumbling when the first issue of the Neius came out with the banner headline, " Mystery Shrouds Husky Death. " Whether the King had been put away or sent on an expedition to Alaska, nobody quite knew. The issue rose to a head with a News edi- torial proposing a simian King Chump as our next mascot, and ended with the time-nurtured idea to erect a Husky Statue on the Quadrangle. The University took up its reins from the previous year and razed the Boston Opera House, began construction on the Graduate Center and purchased the Conservatory of Music dormi- tories on Hemenway St. Byron K. Elliot replaced Robert Dodge as head of the Northeastern Corporation, after the latter had served for 23 years in that capacity. The Library Building was renamed the Dodge Library Building, and the Student Center Building was renamed the Carl S. Ell Student Center Building. The football and basketball teams en- joyed their first winning seasons in as long as any- one and his Husky can remember, while the rifle team ranked among the top squads in the nation. After six years at Northeastern, Col. Murray D. Harris retired from the service; he was replaced by Col. Sidney S. Davis. At the same time the University was presented with a Certificate of Merit b y Wilbur S. Bruckner, secretary of the Army, in recognition of the tremendous strides ROTC has made at the school. The Silver Masque presented " Pyg- malion, " " The Great Sebastians, " " Carousel " and " View from the Bridge. " Rosemarie Dovidio and Joyce Denault were chosen Homecoming and Win- ter Carnival queens, respectively. Al " Fido " Poole became the first Mr. Husky, and Jack " The Spirit " Killam was the new Mayor of Huntington Ave. Dean William T. Alexander gave Northeastern students something to think about when, upon returning from a trip to the Soviet Union, he made the observation that " Russian en- gineers are exempt from the draft — they are con- sidered the nation ' s aristocracy. " The final furore of the school year was created by another News editorial which dealt with cheating at the University, naming the College of Business Administration as the major source of this type of activity. Reprisals and counter-reprisals followed each other in rapid succession. . and the last show was played to an empty hall. But things were changing, a new president, new ideas . . . The Warehouse was next, and that too disappeared into the sands of time. The Commons was, always crowded, and there were the championship basketball games. We attended con- vocations, voted in class elections, and fitted ourselves into the life at Northeastern. Rhody ' s Rustled Ram became a symbol of school spirit, and Mr. Husky, like all good Huskies everywhere, returned the animal to URI. Rhody denied it was their " real " mascot (a canard) but took back their wooly friend when Husky fans threatened to hang it from the goalposts. middler year Academic news topped die 1959-60 school calendar as the Day and Evening Colleges, once separate entities, combined into singular units, allowing students to spread their courses into the day and evening. Named assistant deans of the new colleges were Prof. William Wallace, College of Engineering; Prof. Carlo Gubellini, College of Business Administration; Prof. Clarence Thomp- son, College of Liberal Arts, and Prof. Thomas Cavanaugh, College of Education. The University felt a deep loss in the deaths of Prof. Lawrence Capon, Prof. Eliot Tozer and Dr. Elmer Cutts, who had just previously re- turned from his year ' s study in India. All had dis- tinguished themselves while at Northeastern, and were widely known among the student body. Dr. Asa S. Knowles was inaugurated as Northeastern ' s new president, and the Graduate Center was dedicated as Northeastern ' s newest building. The fiftieth anniversary of the Co- operative System of Education at the University was celebrated. John L. Burns, president of the Radio Corporation of America and a former co-op student himself, gave the formal address at a commence- ment celebrating the anniversary. The Co-op De- partment also set a precedent in naming Miss Nancy Caruso the first woman coordinator. A Northeastern coed, Judith Anderson, was selected as queen of the Military Ball in the wake of a rapidly increasing number of the female set on campus — 227 in the freshman class. Elizabeth Anderson and Carolyn Williams were chosen Homecoming and Winter Carnival queens, re- spectively. World affairs and politics received much attention during the year. A peace and dis- armament group was formed, and a Model United Nations was held in the Alumni Auditorium wijh numerous New England colleges attending. Mayor- alty and gubernatorial candidates spoke at the Uni- versity before large groups. Silver Masque productions were " Tea- house of the August Moon, " " Tea and Sympathy, " " Fanny " and " The Mousetrap. " Joe " Fargo " Wells was elected Mayor of Huntington Avenue, and Bob " Huckleberry Husky " Dering was elected Mr. Husky. Biggest sports event of the year was the selection of the hockey team ' s Art Chisolm as " All- America, " bringing a glow of pride to the hearts of many a Northeastern sports fan. For the first time in 35 years North- eastern gained a new fraternity. Backed mainly by members of the Class of ' 61, Phi Alpha Rho was granted a charter. And Prof. Everett C. Marston, who had guided the fortunes and misfortunes of the News and Cauldron for a combined total of 48 years, retired as adviser in June to devote his time to teaching. Friend, buddy, adviser, understanding consoler; what would we have done without Judy? What would Prof. Kitchin have done without her? Three coeds went to see the Esplanade Concerts come rain or no. They were there, the musicians weren ' t. The ubiquitous " GO HUSKY " sign. The " first " table. junior year Newest sport on campus — or off campus — in the fall of ' 60 was, you guessed it, ram-nap- ping. Backed by PBA and the Neius, a squadron of stealthy ram-nappers invaded the University of Rhode Island and made off with its prized mascot. The theft had a less perturbing effect on the Rhody campus than one would imagine, for as the stolen ram was paraded into the NU-URI game, the enemy quarters undauntedly appeared with a substitute mascot, at which time some quipster an- nounced, " Will the real Rhody ram please step forth. " Maintaining its usual habits of just plain making trouble, the Neius came out the next week with another of its front-page editorials, trumpeting this time, " Must A Tradition Die? " The resultant furore lasted the whole term as at- tempts to reestablish the 30-year tradition of a University-owned live Husky mascot were thrown around between the Student Council, the Neius, the student body and the Faculty Committee on Student Activities. The movement was finally squashed when the Faculty Committee rejected the Council ' s proposals for purchasing and maintaining a Husky. The University saw one of its most ex- travagant mayoralty campaigns as hula girls, 1 Roman legions, TV gangsters, roving Russians and, literally, elephants thundered across the Quad- rangle. Brian Smith as " Jack Nixovitch, " however, cowered the student body into submission with his talk about some guys named Marx and Lenin, and emerged victorious. John Ciccarelli as the " Chick- enman " took the Mr. Husky honors. The campus political limelight focused on U. S. Senator Saltonstall, Governor Hatfield of Oregon and Massachusetts Senator Ward as each visited the campus and voiced opinions on their respective campaigns. The director assembles his cast. senior ye r Our senior year was marked by just about everything from a first freshman enrollment of over 2,000 to a first Northeastern athletic team invited to a national tournament. The news that rocked the campus, however, was the announce- ment of a spectacular 10-year, $40 million expan- sion program which left us wondering whether or not we were graduating too soon. With the undergraduate enrollment ex- pected to reach 9,000 within this period, plans were revealed which included renovation of existing structures, a chemistry building, extension of the stack areas in the Dodge Library, a fine arts center, chapel, ice rink, swimming pool and outdoor ath- letic facilities. As the school year progressed, a $2 million addition to Science Hall was announced, and a drive was started to place the new student center in the priority list of the expansion plan. Other related announcements were the purchase of 35 room mansion near the Western- Wellesley line for adult study programs, and the rather perturbing disclosure was made that the University is sinking and has, in fact, already sunk I14 " , mostly in the past 10 years. Art Chisholm, " All American " for 1960, carried his honors well, but lightly. Petite Nancy MacLean was voted in as Homecoming queen, and statuesque Mari Papa- christon was chosen Winter Carnival queen. In the sporting world, the indoor track team won the Greater Boston Indoor Track Meet, while the rifle and ski teams came through with the best records of any athletic team at North- eastern. Noted rocket and space expert Dr. Werner Von Braun spoke in the Alumni Audi- torium and predicted, almost prophesied, that the United States would put a man into space by the spring of 1961. The quadrangle was beautified some- what by the presence of Yogi Bear, Humpty Dump- and King Neptune, among others — but strictly a snow job, if you ' ll remember the Winter Carnival of that year. " South Pacific " was performed by the Silver Masque for the second time in a half a dozen years. Other Masque productions were " Life With Father, " " Anastasia " and " Good News. " And, on a more raucous note, the walls of the Boston Storage Warehouse Building began to come tumbling down. In our last year the freshmen ig- nore us and showed us how to do the " Twist " . More tickets were sold in the Commons Concourse booth than anywhere else. Freddy was a welcome sight almost any day or evening. Once in a while there was time to peer into the future, to take a close look at ourselves. The faculty was increased by 10 per cent. New dean of the College of Engineering was Dr. Ronald A. Scott, formerly a professor of elec- trical engineering. Prof. Frederick A. Stearns, fac- ulty member of the Mechanical Engineering De- partment for more than forty years, passed away, and Col. John D. Evans, Jr. was succeeded by Col. Arthur E. Cotter as PMS. The New England College of Pharmacy chose a rather inauspicious time to merge with the University as a $100 tuition increase beginning with the 1962-63 school year was announced. A proposal was made to the Faculty Senate to change the present term schedule to four nine-week terms and two six-week terms, allowing more vacation time. Silver Masque productions were " The Diary of Anne Frank, " " George Washington Slept Here, " " Once Upon A Mattress " and " Night Must Fall. " Alan " Ali Kaholic " Caplan won the may- oralty contest, Arlene Wissenbach was Homecom- ing queen and Jeanne Lombard the Winter Carni- val queen. The Young Republicans wired Presi- dent Kennedy requesting the resignation of Adlai Stevenson, ambassador to the U.N., and the Young Democrats retaliated with another telegram to the President upholding Stevenson ' s political integrity. Phil Johnston initiated a fund for the tiny Korean Island of Cheju-Do. The goal was topped with $1051, and the Northeastern flag was sent to fly over the island as a token of apprecia- tion by the island ' s people for the work done by Northeastern students in their behalf. Henderson house began our off-campus housing, but the old campus was still crowded with buildings. We were leaving, but those behind us were planning for the future . . . A 26-13 football romp over URI and an extended streak of 14 wins by the pups were overshadowed by basketball victories over St. An- selm ' s and Fairfield, giving the team the regional championship and sending it into the quarter-final round of the NCAA College Division Basketball Tournament. Frederick H. Boland, former U.N. Gen- eral Assembly president, told a student audience of 700 that " freedom will always constitute a great- er danger to communism than communism will to freedom. " The first sororities granted University recognition were Chi Pi Epsilon and Delta Pi Alpha. Zeta Gamma Tau was accepted as North- eastern ' s 1 1 th fraternity, and Kappa Zeta Phi be- came the school ' s only national fraternity when it was accepted as a chapter member of Tau Epsilon Phi. Miscellaneously, a drama workshop was formed, the " Twist " hit the Commons and The Origins and Development of Northeastern Univer- sity, 1898-1960 by Prof. Everett C. Marston was published. And, not so miscellaneously, the senior Class of 1962 disbanded, squared its shoulders and began the long march to its destiny. so was Northeastern. Professor Alan A. Mackey Faculty Advisor 1959-1962 Professor Alan A. Mackey, or as they called him behind his back, " Macky, " is a fairly reasonable person, except when it comes to the Class of 1962. Whenever the class is mentioned he shudders a little, pops two aspirins into his mouth, swallows them down, then makes some comment on the rice famine in Indo-China. Actually his outstanding trait was the way he could say " NO, NO, NO, " so pleasantly, and still maintain his composure. Prof. Mackey took over as class advisor when Prof. Pitkin fled to Europe, mumbling some- thing about a research paper on spaghetti farms in southern Italy. Between the two of them they somehow managed to get the class into, through, and out of the University. Professor Donald S. Pitkin Faculty Advisor 1957-1959 SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE, DIV. B: Sitting: D. Lynch, Carol Williams. STAND- ING: Prof. Mackey, J. McElholm, W. Anderson. SENIOR CLASS BOARD, DIV. B: Sitting: J, McElholm (vice pres.), D. Lynch (pres.). STANDING: Prof. A. Mackey (advisor), W. Anderson (treas.). NOT SHOWN: W. Vierstra (sec), A. Brishka (ex-officio). DIV. A, SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE AND CLASS BOARD: Sitting: M. Faherty, J. Palmucci (pres.), B. Smith (ex-officio), J. Weyand (vice pres.), C. Yean nakou polos, L. Franzoni (sec). STANDING: J. Williams, J. Piantidosi, H. Mulhern, Prof. Mackey, P. Benson, G. Kent (treas.), T. Nelson, N. Nunes. 41 SITTING ON THE FLOOR: Chops, Mr. Clean, Phantom, Smith II, Smith I, Harvey. SITTING AND OR KNEELING IN THE SECOND ROW: Mr. Peepers, The Gunge, Skippy (Sandy ' s friend) , John (Betsy ' s friend) , Mr. President, Grand Marshal, etc. (Everybody ' s Friend) ; Warren, The Crown Prince of Armenia, Mother Johnson ' s son, RK, The Shylock of Madison Avenue, and Green and or Steverino. LAST ROW AND OTHERS: Mitch (1963 CAULDRON, INC.) , Paul, Gallagher ' s friend, MAT, Hendrik, faculty advisor, somebody from (a pox on the inefficient NEWS) SPA, a friend of AKS, and CRUDE. TGIF After checking your ID ' s at the door, looking at your credit cards, and determining your character, Nick would let you into the back room every Friday afternoon, and another meeting of the TGIF club was under way. Campus " wheels " would check their office at the Claw ' s door, for this was a democratic group, with no written constitution, no by-laws, and a choice slate of officers who were too busy en- joying the fruit of the vines to officiate. Discussions ranged from " Burn the NEWS, " to " Hang the profs, " or " Bah, a pox on all of them. " As the afternoon ' s shadows lengthened the attitude of members mellowed, and there was, " an attempt to understand your fellow man, scoun- drel though he may be. " It was a recharging of rundown bat- teries, a welcome relief at the end of a long week, a pausing with good friends and stout hearts. It was, then, a time to say " Thank God it ' s Friday. " HUSKY KEY WINTER CARNIVAL Lookout below 44 The Twist Lookout above The Limbo The split Winter Carnival of 1961-1962 was highlighted by a winter weekend at the Gro- ton Country Club. Planned by Div. B, executed by Div. A, the weekend was successful beyond belief. Every- body and his friend showed up, taxing the won- derful hospitality of our hosts, but Yankee ingenu- ity won out and everyone was fed, went skiing, ice- skating, or, for the most part, tobogganing on the white slopes. Some of us went on " those funny lit- tle round things, " swooshing down the hills, mostly backwards. After a day of hard exercise the food was wonderful. A delicious meal was followed by a sock hop, the snowbunnies chiding their weaker classmates who hugged the fireplace all day. A roaring fire, a few old songs, and good cheer cli- maxed a memorable weekend. AYORALTY 46 The Kingston Trio, a plaid outhouse, a fairy godmother, and a red corpuscle: all held an im- portant part in this year ' s Mayoralty Campaign. The Mayor ' s high-hat went to Al Caplan, alias " Ali-Kaho- lic, " sponsored by Sigma Kappa Psi with the help of Nu Epsilon Zeta. " Ali " spiced his campaign with the famous singing group and a unique dancing combo. Belford Cross, sponsored by Beta Gamma Epsilon with a healthy assist from the Pershing Rifles, ran as " Redd Cross, " and offered 90- proof plasma to all if he was elected. Nelly Belly, the neurotic nurse, and a pale red-corpuscle completed Bel- ford ' s entourage. Phi Alpha Rho, aided by Tau Epsilon Phi, ran David Smith as " Scotty MacBiber. " An outhouse was installed in the Quadrangle, but no-one got caught with their kilts down. Bagpipes, kilts, and a Peace Corps campaign completed the plaid picture. " Vinnochio, " alias Vin- cent Cortina, was put up as a candi- date by Sigma Phi Alpha. " Vinno- chio " arrived on campus seated upon a raft, followed by a fish-type whale, a fairy godmother, Hairy Mary, and Charlie Weaver. Kilts swirled, bagpipes played, elves sang, white-helmeted sol- diers cheered, Arabs roamed the halls, a trio sang, and another Mayoralty Campaign passed into the halls of history. " Ali " and the Kingston Trio. Redd gets a 90 proof transfusion. " Vinocchio ' s " fairy godmother and fish-type whale. r J O I N v3 L. J I O » " " Ali " in a new kind of twist. Mr. Husky Contest Spring came early in 1961, and along with the April rains came the annual Mr. Husky contest. The " Chicken Man, " John Ciccarelli, a candidate sponsored by Sigma Phi Alpha fraternity, clucked his way into the dog costume. Left behind in his hen- tracks were " Fido Flintstone, " alias Warren Peluso, Phi Alpha Rho ' s can- didate; " The Mad Poet, " an iamb in the disguise of Gordon MacWil- liams; and Robert DiCenso, Pershing Rifles ' candidate who ran as " Playboy Pistol Pete. " And after weeks of plan- ning and hoping, it was SPA ' s house which became the official dog house for the year. 50 Why am I unloved? You say you majored in anthropology? Wait, wait, there is more. Sorry old boy, but it ' s empty. I see my time is up. mmmmm 1961 Homecoming Queen Miss Arlene Wissenbach tts¥ Sigma Phi Alpha ' s float, " Peter Pan Homecoming float parade. took top prize in the All queens are pretty, and all Homecomings are spectacular, but this year ' s queen was prettier than ever, and the Homecoming was stu- pendous. We lost the game, alas, but half-time ceremonies poured balm over troubled souls. A galaxy of special awards went to the winning floats. Nu Epsi- lon Zeta ' s fire-breathing dragon and castle motif, alias " Camelot, " picked up a grand prize, and Sigma Phi Al- pha ' s " Peter Pan " earned the frater- nity awards. Phi Beta Alpha ' s " Flower Drum Song " got special honors, and Phi Alpha Rho ' s " Damn Yankees, " copped a prize. The band marched, floats floated, football was played, alumni watched, and the afternoon was over. The Masque put on " Di- ary of Anne Frank, " and fraternities hel d open house. NEZ took their folks to see " West Side Story, " GPK un- loaded Annie ' s gun, and, like TEP ' s " Carousel, " another Homecoming whirled away into history. Above Right: Sigma Kappa Psi ' s " Unsinkable Molly Brown " takes a dip for the President ' s party. Right: Gamma Phi Kappa presented a touring Wild West show. The bright red float was the biggest in the parade. % A smile from the Wizard of Oz. Above left: PAR ' s " Damn Yankees. " At left: PGP ' s " Smash the Car, " in which people were allowed to take a sledge hammer to a car for ten cents a swing. 1 Chi Pi Epsilon ' s creation of " The Sound of Music " sound of nusic ABOVE LEFT: A pretty Miss ignores the paper dragon of Nu Epsilon Zeta. RIGHT: Final preparations are made on Phi Beta Alpha ' s " Flower Drum Song. " " Carousel, " Tau Epsilon Phi ' s entry, winds through Boston ' s streets the night before the parade. The Kent Street yard of Phi Gamma Pi was filled by Cin- derella ' s " dainty " slipper, but Prince Charming was no- where to be found. Friday night of the Hus- skiers annual winter weekend was spent in getting acquainted and pre- paring gear for the next day which dawned clear and cold, a typical New England winter morning. After a hearty breakfast, Northeastern ' s snow bunnies found themselves on the slopes at Intervale. Informal skiing lessons for novices hghlighted the morning. Lunch and a KEG party began Saturday afternoon. More skiing followed, the novices branching off on their own for short trips down the slopes. The skies darkened and the evening beg an. Din- ner, a delicious meal, was the first of the evening ' s many activities. Then the fun: a friendly party began the so- cial activities. Then came the dance and the crowning of the Snow Queen. The night ended and Sun- day morning after a hearty breakfast there was skiing on Intervale ' s slopes once again. Then lunch, then home, and the weekend was committed to memory. 58 59 62 CAULDRON 60 The 1962 CAULDRON is the largest yearbook ever printed by and for Northeastern University. The book was entirely designed, made- up and published by an undergraduate staff. The editors chose the pictures for the book from more than 3,000 photographs. We have presented the University as she appears to an undergraduate. The 1962 CAULDRON is as honest a book as we could make it under existing circumstances of a very small staff and a limited budget. A Senior Week supplement, the first in the history of Northeastern, will be mailed to members of the Class of 1962 in August. Ever try to write a story about a club you know nothing about? SITTING: B. Shane, H. Rines (associate editor-in-chief) , N. Nunes (editor-in-chief) , H. Bond, C. Dapsauski (photo editor) . STANDING: E. Beardsworth, W. McTaggart, J. Scarpato (co-ordinating editor) , R. Jenks. mmmmm It took us 45 minutes to take this picture. See pages 166-167 for results. John writes down some last-minute advertising copy. Prince Hal watches. The editor-in-chief gets some facts from the president of NEZ All told, there were more than 3,000 pictures to pick from. Writing copy was a necessary evil, and two heads were always better than one for such a task. Sleeping or awake, those abominable signs were everywhere. First Row: S. Bowers (sports editor) , Prof Roberts (advisor) , P. Dwyer (editor-in-chief) , N. Nunes (managing editor) , S. Green (news editor) , E. Bergmann (feature editor) . Second Row: J. Codispoti (advertising manager) , N. Malmquist, C. Mahoney, R. Cera- suolo, D. Jennings, J. Connolly, V. Boulay, D. Pothier. Third Row: A. Hatton, P. Rob- bins, M. Lynch, S. Rich, L. Manisoff, K. Boyce, J. Fischer, B. Goldstein, M. MacDonald, J. Cotte. Steve Green and Bob Nunes called for an ambulance after the last issue of the term was put to bed. The Northeastern As usual, none liked the NEWS, and everyone knew how it should be run, except, of course, the editors. But despite the grumbling, despite (once again) being burned in the Quadrangle by a group of outraged students, despite the best ef- forts of the editorial staff, the Northeastern NEWS was printed on schedule every week. Parties helped ease the wounds of edi- torial warfare: the Tarbi ' s pizza and lasagna parties became legion, and Prof. Roberts hosted the edi- tors at a special " blast " at his summer home (and Div. B never did get their air-brush) . In the fall the NEWS supported a suc- cessful drive, spearheaded by hockey captain Phil Johnston, to help support the Korean island of Cheju Do. During Div. A ' s exam week of the fall term managing editor Bob Nunes spent three days gathering information for and printing a special NEWS on the $40 million, 10-year development program, flunking two courses in the process. There was spirited rivalry between the two divisions, Div. B operating as Northeastern ' s own version of the NEW YORK TIMES while Div. A ran a combined effort of the Boston GLOBE and the RECORD-AMERICAN. Earl Bergmann (left) and friend appear ready to be rolled away at the end of a long day. X ' S NEWS I, I ' ' (;■ ] First Roiv: R. Cutting, J. Medailleu (circulation manager) , E. Downes, N. Hoekstra (business manager) . Second Row: A. Jones (sports editor) , J! Scarpato (feature editor) , P. Toomey (news editor) , B. Harting (managing editor) , Mr. Roberts (advisor) . Third Row: M. Brass, R. Hanney, M. Cook, P. Curran, E. Frost, J. Anderson, J. Lukasziewicz (advertising manager) , A. Azer, G. MacWilliams, C. Noonan, W. Feuerstein. No matter the division, both editorial boards became well acquainted with Northeastern ' s maintenance crews which came on to the job at midnight and left at dawn. " Pat, " the night watch- man, always had a friendly word and once again desks did double-duty as beds. In the middle of the winter a new board took over, and true to their predecessors, began blasting away at everything in sight. The Div. A NEWS suggested the aboli- tion of the IFC, a task which the representatives of the University ' s eleven fraternities thought a little bit unfair, while the Div. B NEWS took issue with the University ' s retirement policies. As usual other newspapers appears on campus: THE AGITATOR, true to its annual goals, blasted the NEWS; the NORTHEASTERN NOOSE cast a pox on the " inefficient NEWS, " and PROMETHUS, true to its highbutton shoes and celluloid collar, saw a suspicious tinge of red on the face of the editor-in-chief. Retiring editors could relax now: things were going to be just as they always were. A torrent of news copy arrived every Thursday morning at the Tarbi ' s, followed later in the day by an assortment of tired, overworked, and sleepy NEWS editors. ML • 8L 1 fefl i w tk Tjr ' Vj I V u § • JB I JMST ti L i wflmh wm a -1 M i. - - M Connie Noonan and Bill Harting look on as Paul Toomey types up last- minute copy — only three hours after " final " deadline. Smiling Pat Curran, a NEWS (di: keep morale high. staffer, helped 65 Teamwork at the Press. Bob Nunes and Earl Bergmann scan first copy hot off the presses. " Alas, poor Yorick " ' Looks a:ood to me, " was Mike ' s favorite answer. Putting out a weekly paper is a King Size job. Circulation Staff (Div. B) are (left to right) : G. Singer, A. Carnevale, H. Rines, J. Medailleu (circulation manager) ' P. McCree, W. Vietze, R. Menges. Don Lipsitz (sports re-write editor) strains to find the right cliche. Somehow Chief never did get away with his headlines, Louis always went home to his wife just when you needed him, and Frank scared you with his " just let me insert this correction here. " The mats were rolled, and Mike at National would shrug his head and try once more. After supper it was back to the National to be greeted by the ringing of the bells as the mammoth press groaned the plates into adjustment. Then, an ever increasing crescendo of sound, the roaring of the presses, and one more issue of the NEWS was in print. Inspiration + Perspiration + Desperation = weekly column. " Don ' t look now, Dave, but I think we ' re being watched! ' " For the twentieth time, stop calling me Mac! The name ' s Ralph! " Pegasus LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Vrubliauskas, Prof. L. Roberts, R. Minichiello, J. Steede (pres.) , C. Gourley, Dr. Howes, C. Giambusso. Pegasus, the Northeastern Poetry So- ciety, marked its second year of activity in 1962 as the organization was granted official recognition by the University. Each week the beats and bards would emerge from every corner of the campus and gather in 304E, prepared to exchange views on the muse for an hour and a half. Pegasus combined a two-fold basis of operation. It acted as a workshop for student poetry and as a channel of discussion for contemporary poetry, the latter concentrating on American and British work. Professional poetry read and discussed ran the gamut from Walt Whitman to William Carlos Williams. The society endeavored to ac- quaint its members with lesser-known and emerg- ing poets, including a number from the Boston area, besides the more familiar twentieth century poets. Pegasus was pleased to see three of her members get into print. Harold Bond, president; Jon Anderson and Dr. Victor E. Howes, co-adviser, have all been published nationally. Invoking the muse. SITTING: J. Anderson, H. Bond (pres.) . STANDING: Dr. V. Howes (co-adviser) , C. Gosselin, C. Wilfong, L. Starr, D. Bates, Prof. L. Roberts (co-adviser) . 68 FIRST ROW: J. Anderson (assoc. editor), H. Bond (editor-in-chief), J. Steede (assoc. editor). SECOND ROW: C. Wilfong, J. Wishnow, D. Bates, Prof. L. Roberts (adviser) . Editors Anderson, Bond and Steede working on manuscripts LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Feuerstein, Jr., L. Reublinger, W. Perry, J. Lukaszewicz (managing editor) , N. Hoekstra, Jr. (business manager) . The NU Writer Despite the cynics and skeptics, The NU Writer marked a turning point this year as it came out with its fifth anniversary issue, spanning the history of the Class of ' 62. Featured among the magazine ' s con- tents was an editorial on Tropic of Cancer, the con- troversial novel by Henry Miller that was banned in this country for close to 30 years and is still banned in Massachusetts. The 15 pieces in the magazine were se- lected from nearly 100 manuscripts submitted for the issue from students in every class and college. Recipients of this year ' s NU Writer literary awards were Lilija Vrubliauskas for her story " My Hair Is Grey " and Camille Giambusso for her poem " Exile. " Each received $5. Awarded first class honor rating from the Associated Collegiate Press last year, the Uni- versity ' s literary magazine has developed from an unstable, experimental project in 1958 to a con- tinuous, recognized publication in 1962. Harold Bond, who contributed more than 2,000 hours of work to The NU Writer, heaved a heavy sigh upon retiring from his three- year editorship. The editors asked the Cauldron to re- mind members of the graduating class that they are eligible to subscribe to the magazine by mailing one dollar bill for three issues to The NU Writer, c o Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. FIRST ROW: Linda Evans, Claire Baker, Kathy Radcliffe. SECOND ROW: Tony Tieulli, Dick Saiccola, Jim Boynton. THIRD ROW: Jeff Goldberg, Bob Hassinger, Ilmar Berzins. FIRST ROW: Lacey, Prof. E. Blackman (advisor), L. Evans, C. Bailer, K. Radcliffe, Mr. Devlin, D. Wentworth, B. Murdoch, J. Boynton. SECOND ROW: H. Feldstein, E. Archambault, B. Slaughter, E. Burns, E. Sanderson, J. Dinucci, E. Walsh, J. Brogna, A. Bloom, C. Kus, D. Jervah, A. Burnett, G. Desro- siers, J. Robillard. THIRD ROW: S. Sherman, P. Campbell, H. Simpson, F. Terry, G. Ryan, P. Kotzfas, F. Brodsky, A. Joly, P. Mantos, R. Hassinger, R. Rizzo. FOURTH ROW: T. Blum- sack, D. Drucas, M. Bousquet, M. Camelio, N. Gay, G. Burns, A. Gilmartin, S. De Vellis, M. Swartz, B. Silverstein, M. Camp- bell, E. Sapochetti. THE SILVER MASQUE FIRST ROW: Mr. Devlin (technical director), R. Saiocolo Blumsack, J. Coen. THIRD ROW: B. Cotton, S. Stetson, D. (pres.) , L. Evans (sec.) , Prof. Blackman, H. Kimball (produc- Rizzo, E. Dalton, J. Robillard, J. Farrell, C. Williams, tion manager) , J. McDonnell (production manager) . SECOND FOURTH ROW: J. Sheehan, P. Selkowe, C. Svendsen, S. ROW: M. Camelio, H. Klemmer, L. Genaitis, D. Lewis, T. De Vellis, G. Ryan, R. Livingston, S. Stein, K. Manos. " The Diary Of Anne There once was a little girl who wrote a diary, and Ann Frank came to life again in the Silver Masque production of her story. But she had never really died, and when you left the darkness of Alumni Auditorium you felt ashamed of yourself, ashamed that people could do this to people and you could continue in your own life. Top acting honors went to the fresh- man cast members, but John Brogna, stepping out of his usual comic roles, won accolades in his straight dramatic portrayal. It was a ni°ht worth remembering. a m " George Washington Slept Here " is a dated piece, but the warm humour, the insight into people, and the comfortable ease which North- eastern ' s thespians had with this play made it a happy memory. John Coen, a freshman from the hills of New Hampshire, ran away with the acting honors, but a good supporting cast kept close behind him. " George Washington Slept Here " " Once Upon A Mattress " " Once Upon A Mattress " turned out to be a sprightly theatrical experience. A happy cast, led by Judy Barrett as Winifred (Fred to her friends) and Jim (The Prince) Boynton romped their way through this joyful musical. It was a night of delightful surprises: a freshman coed shone as the Queen, the Twist was integrated into a dance number, and Ronnie Gaudet, red beard and all, proudly proclaimed that he was, " The Greatest! " Colorful sets and effective lighting highlighted a splendid performance. A supporting cast, led by Linda Evans and Dave Jervah, effec- tively tied the production up into a neat little package. ,W ! m8 SEATED: G. Burns, C. Starkowski, A. Murphy, A. Krueger (pres.) , E. Crepeau (vice pres.) , B. Smith, Dean MacDonald (advisor), A. Butler. SECOND ROW: G. Vengrow, R. Orenstein, P. Cowan, R. Rhodes, W. Nelson, C. Crockett, S. Ross, P. Bemis, V. Cortina, R. Pothier, K. Boyce, M. Henry, S. Epple. Student Council FIRST ROW: Dean MacDonald (advisor), G. Orloff (pres.), G. DeVaux (vice pres.) , D. Osborn (sec.-treas.) . Second Row: K. Knieser, C. Grant, M. Bush, J. Coes, R. Washburn. Third Row: D. Sawyer, C. Stone, S. Lederman, R. West. Dean MacDonald and retiring sen- iors prepare to leave the affairs of the Student Council to younger hands. The seniors are, left-to-right: Eugene Crepeau, Albert Krueger, Charles Starkowski, Brian Smith, and Albert Murphy. The Student Council, undergraduate link between the students and the administration, took on a new series of problems this year. There was, of course, the freshman class constitution: a remarkable document which the Council frowned upon. As we go to press the class of ' 66 is tacitly ignoring the Council while the Council reiterates with, " They ' ll learn, they ' ll learn. " On upperclass matters, the Council discussed and passed measures on fund-raising at Northeastern, planned to redecorate the Commons (a noble task) , and began to move Northeastern ' s NSA representation into a " separate-but-equal " Student Council function. The University played host to dele- gates from several East Coast colleges at a National Student Association conference held at North- eastern. The Council, joining with the Com- mittee of 100, also actively supported the building of a new Student Center in 1964. . ■.fi ' ' ' ' 1 ' 8»K , ji ll ' !ilI r y«rr ?m First Row: J. Lombarn, K. Morey, S. Moss (act. sec.) , R. Washburn (chmn.) , L. Woron- off (act. vice pres.) , L. O ' Connor (act. sec.) , M. Murphy, M. Sexton. Second Row: R. Marcucci, M. Webb, W. Tinkham, D. Rines, R. Smith, R. Morrison, D. Sawyer, G. MacCallum, R. Taylor, L. Saslow, G. Woodall. Third Row: R. Tassinari, R. Sarkisian, D. Grady, D. Kneeland, H. Titus, M. Kallas, N. Sandeks, A. Stacey, J. Goranson, P. Solano. Husky Key THE SENIORS OF THE HUSKY KEY INCLUDED: The Ladies: Mary Faherty, Brenda McGowan, June Miles, Connie Yeannakopoulos, and ' Grace Osterhout. The Gentlemen: Dutch Leonard, Ken Saccocia, John Harpell, Brian Smith, Larry Cohen, and Paul Gallagher. First Rozu: G. Crepeau (vice pres.) , G. Osterhout (rec. sec.) , P. Gallagher (pres.) , M. Faherty (cor. sec.) , Prof. S. Herman (advisor). Second Roxu: L. Maloof, G. Burns, G. Starr, E. Russell, A. Wissenbach, S. Nenart, M. McNulty, B. McGowan. Third Row: M. Rosenburg, C. Polizzotti, T. Gerety, A. Seluta, E. Whitehurst, M. Udoff, K. Saccocio. Fourth Roxu: L. Cohen, L. McDonough, R. Blaha, M. Swartz, G. Silverstein, C. Yeanna- kopoulos, J. Miles, R. Leonard (treas.) , B. Smith, C. Nahabedian. The united spirit of Northeastern is represented in the Husky Key Society. The Key ties the bond between the students and the uni- versity through extra-curricular activities. Each year the Freshmen are welcomed and encouraged to become a part of this spirit by the Key ' s production of The Freshman Night Show. Rallies and dances were held before the football games, with participation by the dorms and various school organizations. The Greek Sing held again this fall, was well received by the sororities, fraternities, and the student body. Any stranger coming to NU would probably wonder just what kind of an institution of higher learning this was, when he saw the cos- tumes and antics going on during the campaign for the Mayor of Huntington Avenue. There were students of every size and description walking around the campus dressed in Scotch plaid kilts, fairy tale and Arabian costumes and Red Cross uniforms. The winner was announced at the Mayoralty Ball. The enthusiasm of the fall season is carried through the rallies and dances, and con- tinues in a whirlwind of Homecoming activities. The week preceeding the Homecoming game is filled with anticipation awaiting the selection of the Homecoming Queen and the frantic building of floats. To conclude the fall term activities, the Key sponsored the Fall Sports Dance, held this year at the Hotel Continental. During Division B, the committee sponsored a dance, and held half of the Winter Carnival, consisting of a basketball date night, and a dance, honoring the Carnival Queen and her court. Upon returning, Division A finished out the Winter Carnival activities with a successful ski trip to Groton and an unsuccessful Snow Sculpture Contest, due to the lack of snow. Division A also returned to a success- ful year in basketball, and devoted much of its time holding rallies at school and motorcades to Logan Airport, to meet the team and see them off as they entered the NCAA tournament. Mr. Husky Contest Homecoming Mayoralty Contest Front: G. Burns, W. Gallagher. Back: M. Webb, P. Diment, M. Johnson, K. Meye D. Breen, A. Alexander, B. Wyman, N. Gavin. Cheerleaders A more independent-minded group never existed anywhere. Despite the frenzied calls for " Cartwheels, Cartwheels, we want cartwheels, " our cheerleaders smiled, curtsied, and went into a " Husky Locomotive, " which at least quieted the fans. But, they were a faithful crew, these hard-working girls (and two guys). Ever try to cheer as the rain comes down in buckets, or stand up in front of a bunch of rowdy fraternity men and lead them in a clean cheer, or travel all the way to Rochester and forget books and classes so the team would know you were with them, or cry and laugh at the same time when they won? These were our cheerleaders and we razzed them, and taunted them with " Cartwheels, cartwheels, " but when the chips were down, and that cute little redhead cheered on and on, even with a tear in her eye, then we realized that they were pretty great kids. HUSKIE 79 FIRST ROW: Prof. G. Fennell (Advisor) , E. Stahle (sec.) , D. Woolf (pres.) , J. McQuaid (vice pres.), Mrs. Peppard (sec). SECOND ROW: C. Heap, J. Morin, Z. Wallace, S. Pickett, E. Voegthin, L. Batchelder, E. Locke, A. Berman, P. Cook, C. Longiaru, A. Hav- ice, C. Bakirakis. THIRD ROW: J. Philcox, S. Gordon, P. Collins, J. Boudreau, P. Fowler, O. Ulman, B. Pratt, J. Hirsch, R. Wright, R. Schmitt, C. Meserve, P. Previte. FOURTH ROW: G. Curran, V. Marchese, A. Lapierre, L. McCanon, P. Sanders, M. Lahey, J. Ryan, N. McGrath, B. Goldstein, R. Gay, P. Harrop. Ingredients for a happy group — hard work, good friends, help- ing others: and that describes North- eastern ' s ubiquitous Student Union. Those kids were every- where. They sponsored a United Fund Fair for the UF program, raised the money for a little Korean island called Cheju Do, worked long hours at the Braille Press, and visited patients at several Boston hospitals. On campus, the Student Union lounge proved a popular meet- ing place for the University ' s under- graduates. Lunches were held for Northeastern ' s students who came from other lands, and after Wednes- day morning chapel a warm atmos- phere and hot coffee and delicious pastry help start the day off right. The Union was Northeast- ern ' s best representative of good will, and they met the task confidently. 80 Student Union FIRST ROW: Z. Wallace, G. Boyer, Mrs. Peppard (sec), Prof. Fennell (advisor), N. Whitney (vice pres.) , G. Blaisdell (pres.) , N. Glidden (Sec.) , N. Alpert, R. Gibert, F. Cohen. SECOND ROW: N. Hoekstra, J. Michel, N. Grolnic, E. Cahill, C. Garniewicz, F. Abrams, L. Feigen, D. Laster, L. Batchelder, M. O ' Donnell, A. Zauls, B. Gardiner, L. McCarron. THIRD ROW: H. Weinberg, D. Cobb, S. Glickman, D. Pierce, R. Segel, P. Hollett, D. Weed, F. Patz, S. Ryan, L. Liss, C. Longiaru, P. Zazulak, G. Winlock. 81 ii Left to Right: D. Ahlgrer, M. Szekula, Mr. (sec.-treas-) , J. Lee (commodore) , E. Burke, R. Burger, R. Gile. YACHT CLUB Kates (advisor) , S. DeNyse, D. Thompson, P. Lowden (racing team capt.), B. Cameron, The Northeastern University Yacht Club has been an activity and minor sport of Northeastern for over thirty years and in recent years a member of the New England Intercollegiate Sailing Association. In the fall and spring the club races and sails at the M.I.T. sailing pavilion on the Charles River. An average of forty members actively take part in NEISA racing in the fall and spring, and in frostbiting in the winter. This spring the sched- ule was started with meets at the Coast Guard Academy. A fall banquet and a spring outing were held to present racing awards to outstanding members. First Row: R. Kates (advisor) , D. Thompson (sec.-treas.) , J. Hedge (commodore) , F. Kennedy (team capt.). Second Row: W. Martin, P. Loring, B. Cameron, R. W. Twigg, M. La Versa, J. Frisch. UNDERWATER SOCIETY During the past year, the Underwater Society was organized as a combined-division activ- ity. During the year, members took part in searching for survivors of two plane crashes at Lo- gan Airport and in other underwater searches around the Boston area. Lectures on commerci al diving, search and rescue operations, marine biology and geology, etc. were presented during the year by experts in each field. HUS-SKIERS AND OUTING CLUB First Row: F. Sawin (capt.) , J. Perkins (vice pres.) , K. McCarthy (pres.), J. Sweet (sec.) , S. Sayward (treas.) . Second Roiu: D. Young, M. Powers, B. Blomgien, M. Paisner, R. Wilder, J. Maressa. Every Friday afternoon the members of the H us-Skiers gathered together at school after classes, forming a car pool, and taking off to New Hampshire to enjoy a weekend of skiing and climb- ing. To build up enthusiasm for the forth- coming weekend, weekly movies were held to in- form and entertain the members. This year the members compared very favorably with the other schools in the area in the New England Intercollegiate Ski Conference races. First Row: W. Simoneau (treas.) , R. McLaughlin (pres.), T. Pittendreigh (vice pres.) , R. Walker (sec.) , R. Morey, J. Hodgdon, K. Morey. Second Row: A. Martin, G. Nye, R. Abbott, B. Gorton, S. Thurston, G. Morrison, G. Bettencourt, W. Tatro. Third Row: R. Ham, L. Wilson, H. Wayson, P. Jenney, D. Marden, R. Arnold, D. MacDonald, A. Ball. Fourth Row: K. Sumner, J. Barnicle, D. Anderson, J. Morey, P. Pratt, W. Smith, R. Edry, J. Eacobacci. Fifth Row: N. Grolnic, W. Maiston, A. Baptiste, A. Swift, B. Webb, A. Zelbow, S. Walker. Gamma Delta began the year with an open-house for freshmen, to introduce them to the people and the activities of the society. During the first term, Gamma Delta members were busy making their Wizard of Oz float for the Homecoming game. The float did not win a trophy, but it provided an opportunity for many girls to show their creativity and to have fun at the work-parties. Coke-tail parties for the football and basketball teams were held to show Gamma Delta ' s support. In January, Gamma Delta and Omega Sigma joined forces in planning the annual Mid-Winter Ball, held at the Mid-Town Motor Inn. The Ball was a success both financially and socially. After initiation of new members in March, elections for next year were held. At the Gamma Delta Banquet, Dean Dissell presented the woman of the year award to June Miles, and the junior key award to Mimi Reardon. The mother-daughter tea in the spring term climaxed the social events of the year for Gamma Delta. ■ki ■1 J§ 1 BOto J m ' -- m l ml ji, v 3K3s ' • affi iv — MF ' ' GAMMA DELTA EXECUTIVE BOARD First Row. Mimi Reardon (treas.) , Judy Wax (pres.) , Myrna Serfilippi (vice pres.) . Second Row. Connie Capano (senior rep.) , Roberta DiSalvo (cor. sec.) , Kay Belcher (hist.) Marilyn Swartz (soph, rep.) . GAMMA DELTA First Row. J. Young, B. Scicilone, G. Griswold, J. Chase, M. O ' Connell. Second Roxv: T. Blumsack, E. Brecher, G. Berry, S. Stein, E. White, L. White, L. Kogan, M. Anderson, J. DeBoise, E. Peters. Third Row: E. Totoro, D. Griffin, J. Hodgedon, A. Tucker. OMEGA SIGMA An island of calm in the great tumultuous sea of Northeastern University, Omega Sigma affords our coeds a place to relax, to gab — to dis- cuss the problems of females in a uni- versity of males, to form friendships. In the fall, there is a ban- quet to install new officers and fresh- man members. Participation in the float contest at Homecoming provides an opportunity to work together in- formally. This year ' s " The King and I " produced a golden pagoda we ' ll never forget. A Midwinter Ball present- ed in conjunction with Gamma Delta overcomes all inter-society competi- tion to yield a " look-forward- to " event. The end of the winter is our time to honor the seniors at an informal banquet with jingles and crazy gifts. In a tribute to our mothers, we end our year with the Mother- Daughter Tea. First Row: S. Spear, A. Lombara, J. Murrin, C. Fichera, P. Mahoney (sec.) , M. Gorski (pres.) , E. Ryan (vice pres.), C. Koretsky, G. MacDonald, M. Kadehjian. Second Row: E. Sapochetti, L. Leonard, L. Beatty, M. Buckley, J. Leacroft, M. Cahill, N. Sarnow, L. Thompson, C. Masiello, A. Horwitz, K. Kimball, B. Culp, D. McCormack, Z. Bilansky, Y. Wornum, J. McDonald, B. Horan, P. Borison. GIRLS SPORTS ASSOCIATION This club, better known as the G. S. A., awards bracelets, charms, and even jackets to those girls, who by participating actively in women ' s sports, have shown their sporting abil- ity. Among the sports offered are ten- nis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, fistball, and table tennis. One of the big attractions is coed volleyball, a brand new area of enjoyment within G. S. A. These coed teams compete against other coed teams from local colleges. First Row: M. Thurber (sec.-treas.) , G. Mendes (vice pres.) , J. Denner (pres.) , M. Reardon (rep.). Second Row: N. Clark, A. Remeck, D. Drucas (rep.), L. Barron, B. Reardon, L. Darcy. Left to Right: Prof. Meserve, J. Curran, A. Peterson, D. Coish, L. Brenner, R. Cuzner, J. Malloy. ART CLUB The Art Club held weekly meetings in Room 418H on Tuesday afternoons during the past year. Open to all students interested in sketching or painting, the club allowed its mem- bers to choose any art media they wished in which to display their tal- ent. This year various members worked with pencil, charcoals and wa- ter-color freehand sketching, as well as oil painting. Other projects such as block printing and stenciling were left to the discretion of the individual, Professor Meserve, faculty advisor, was more than willing to pro- vide instruction and guidance when a member needed help. The Auto Club is for buffs interested in participating in club sponsored gymkhanas, time, rallies, hill climbs, and shows. Antique car fanciers are also invited to join. Occasionally movies are shown of famous auto races. First Row: C. Doble, G. Driscoll, Prof. Skeffington (advisor) , T. Neri. Second Roiu: P. Lauziere, W. Whenman, A. Holton, R. Logan, K. Zimpel, R. Carlson. Third Row. E. McGrory, D. Marcellus, R. Carter, W. York, R. Hawkins Jr., R. Zwilling. AUTO CLUB First Row: B. Davidson, J. Miles, A. Wissenbach, G. Crepeau (pres.) , L. Franzoni, R. Blaha. Second Roiv: J. Palmucci, E. Whithurst, Dutch, D. Johnston, S. Green. The Husky Hi-Liters, more affection- ately referred to as " that noise in the Commons, " this year came into its own. In order to improve broadcasting production, the student-members themselves completely revamped the studio facili- ties. New equipment, including a new console and a record library were installed after school hours and during weekends to accomplish this end. To stock the newly-built record library, the Hi-Liters contacted record distributors throughout the Bos- ton area to supply the group with a variety of mu- sic. Programming also was completely mod- ernized. The " impromptu Twist Party " initiated by the Division B Hi-Liters literally had the Uni- versity dancing in the Commons, much to the chagrin of the startled proctors who found them- selves playing second fiddle to Chubby Checker. Panel discussions, interviews, and ad-lib humor were regular features of the shows. Morning broad- casts were also initiated this year. First Row: M. Cooke, J. Scarpato (pres.) , Dean Kennedy (advisor) , J. Farrell. Second Row: P. Toomey, D. Haskell, W. Harting, J. Anderson, D. Horgan, A. Jones, T. Petto, R. Washburn. HUSKY HI- LITERS 89 CLARINETS Aaronson, Lois Bailey, Linda Burke, Ed. Jakub, Dave Kalapinski, Robert Kaplan, Barry Manning, Bob Mayo, Dick Macgiwray, Peg Mohnkern, Ruel Pouliot, Dick Pummell, Marilyn Shaw, Bob Thompson, Thea Traiger, Jay Genaitis, Dick Falkowski, John Walper, Ed FLUTES Baker, Claire Hall, Adele McGlaughlin, Aggie Regan, Dave Thurber, Marie SAXOPHONES Debennedictis, Ken Fine, Sheldon " Fisher, Brad Kimball, Kaye Kizik, Greg Nasinnyk, George TRUMPETS Ciarmiello, Ralph Cross, John Dubchansky, Judy Holland, Clint Mallipn, Dick Malone, Jon Moynihan, Bob Mullen, Jim Satkevich, Paul Stoddard, Frank Storat, Robert HORNS Carroll, Mary Lu Kullas, Gail Manson, Peter TROMBONES Atwood, Al Boynton, Jim Edmunds, Warren Eriksson, Don Huff, Brad Kaskus, Joe Mallion, Bob Mariner, Marty Putnam, Dan Stickles, Pete BARITONES Koch, Peter Dunham, Allen Tucker, Ann PERCUSSION Blomgren, Barbara Burnett, Anne Dygert, Mike Heffernan, Pat Martin, Jack Meyers, Dick Shea, Don Shestople, Nick BASSES Steward, Charles Walker, Steve Wheeler, Dick 90 BAND One of the University ' s most active groups, the band is open to any qualified student. The red- blazered group plays at all home foot- ball games, providing the necessary musical accompaniments for the many Northeastern cheers. At half-time the band presents an outstanding display of close-order drill. Basketball games, hockey games, what-have-you, the band mus- ters up its members on a voluntary basis and Husky fans can always count on their musical fellows to make a brave showing at all the games. Off campus the band played at the Boston Patriots games and also appeared on TV. Tours with the athletic teams, a special weekend tour with the hockey team to West Point and RPI, and a band concert in the Quadrangle to raise money for the Korean island of Cheju Do completed an active year for an active group. J. Miles, M. Swartz, G. Burns, D. Drucus, G. Desrosiers, E. Burns, D. Breen, D. Titus, E. Anderson. MODERN DANCE GROUP Setting: a tiny room with mirrored walls. Many moods pervade the atmosphere — the tension of jazz, the gaiety of a horn pipe, the serenity of a hymn, the sultriness of an orient- al dance. Time passes — The dancers labor long. From the confusion of the room, they move to the dressing room backstage. A buzz of nervous chatter fills the air: " Zip me up! " " Aren ' t you through hemming that cosutme yet? " " Oh, this is your first show? Don ' t be nervous. You ' ll get used to the catcalls. " " We ' re on now! " " Break a leg, everybody. " The curtain rises . . . 92 The sound of " big band " music floated over the Quadrangle every week and students scurrying to appointments would pause, listen, then go on their way. The melodic pause was the result of a hard-working group of un- dergraduates who played in the upper floors of the Ell Center every oppor- tunity they had. The old favorites, the flow- ing new songs, those reminiscent of days gone by were standard repertoire for the Dance Band. Sometime during the term the band would be sure to set up its bandstand in the Commons and an afternoon concert was provided with- out charge, about the only thing in the Commons that was free. Among the bad coffee, dry sandwiches, and warm milk students would lean back and think of happier occasions. The band was a welcome re- lief from the busy world of Hunting- ton Avenue. DANCE BAND FIRST ROW: R. Meyers (baritone sax) , R. Pouliot (tenor sax) , M. Kenyon (alto sax) , G. Kigik (alto sax) , J. Osborne (tenor sax). SECOND ROW: W. Murphy (trombone), D. Putnam (trombone), J. Bennet (drums), E. Verde (piano). THIRD ROW: D. Pratt (trumpet), H. Boyhaian (trumpet). 93 First Row: M. Levine, J. Brogna, C. Wilfong, S. Polit, W. Heffernan (executive board) . Second Roiv: D. Bates (executive board) , Prof. Wells (advisor) , J. Anderson (executive board) , E. Kelly, E. Sadowski (executive board) . JAZZ SOCIETY Continuing as the only regularly func- tioning jazz society in the Boston area, the North- eastern Jazz Society concentrated this year on pre- senting more live jazz than ever before in its his- tory. Groups from the New England Conservatory and Berklee made appearances at least once every term, as well as other local professional groups such as the Dick Wright Band and combos led by Jackie Stevens and Garry Burton. In the context of the society ' s goal of linking jazz with the other arts, the annual Art and Jazz Show was presented in the autumn and the society ' s magazine, Jazz-Northeastern, made its appearance featuring fiction, poetry, essays and critical reviews written, edited and published by members. Jazz-Northeastern ranks as one of the two literary magazines currently published by the student body at Northeastern. 94 First Row: J. Morin (vice pres.) , C. Valatka (pres.) , E. Sawyer (sec.) . Second Row: D. Wentworth, P. Heffernan, K. Kimball, M. Thurber, C. Kus, M. Reed. In the fall The Choral Society per- formed at the President ' s Convocation in Sym- phony Hall and at an informal concert at Alumni Auditorium. Christmas offered the group an op- portunity to participate in a joint concert with Lesley College and Worcester Tech. Carols were sung at the Rogerson House and at the State Men- tal Hospital in Mattapan. The Choral Society also provided the main chorus for " Once Upon A Mattress, " this years musical production of the Silver Masque. The Folk Music Society provides interest for not only the King- ston Trio type of folk music but also for the Joan Baez type of music. This was demonstrated in the variety of this year ' s activities. The Folk Music Society sponsored a Hootenanny which was an enjoyable success when Rambling Jack Elliot, a protege of Woody Guth- rie, swung the audience into group participation. FOLK MUSIC SOCIETY A. Caplan, G. Shaw, D. Ericksson, L. Manisoff (pres.) , R. Wheeler, R. Titbebaum, J. Maressa. Front Row: Prof. Cleveland (choir director) , J. Morin (sec.) , D. Jervah (pres.) . Second Row: E. Voegtlin, P. Cook, D. Wentworth, E. Sawyar, G. Cerreta, E. Sahle, A. Havice. The Chapel Choir sings at the weekly Chapel Services under the direction of the choir organist and director, Professor Clevland. The Choir ' s participation was always welcome to the spiritual atmosphere during the services. The year was climaxed with the an- nual banquet. CHAPEL CHOIR 96 First Row: P. Cook, P. Hollett, B. Berg (sec.) , S. Glickman, G. Ceretta. Second Row: J. Tripp, E. Cahill, L. Feigen, N. Grolnic, N. Glidden. Third Row: L. Liss, D. Weed, D. Cobb. January, 1962 marked the first year of the existence of the Can- terbury Club, under the auspices of Professor David Wilmarth. The club is designed to help college students bet- ter understand their role in the Epis- copal Church. The interest in the club indicated a good future. The programs consists of lectures, debates, and in- formal chats on all phases of Christian life. Next year, the club will function in both terms, with added emphasis on social and community affairs, as well as religious goals. CANTERBURY CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Waddicor, M. Tyler, B. Pratt. SECOND ROW: R. Collins, L. McCarron, H. Wollard. 97 Sitting: B. Gobell, B. Carlson. Standing: B. Youngman, K. Stumpf (advisor) . Jh fksJ B .a hMfl As part of the University ' s growing awareness of the on-campus religious needs of undergraduate stu- dents, the Lutheran Club was formed this year by a group of Northeastern men and women students who were members of the Lutheran Church. As the CAULDRON goes to press the club in planning an active round of social and religious affairs which will enable students of similar religious beliefs to live every day the teachings, of their church. The main purpose of the club is to bring religious teachings into the every day life of Northeast- ern ' s Lutheran students. Lutheran Club 98 First Row (left to right) : Richard Roberts (Vice President) , Janice Tripp (Secretary) , Valerie Van Ham (Treas- urer) , Dorothy Clark, Miss Joy Winkie (Advisor) . Back Roiv: Robert Shaul, Kenneth Sumner, Peter Young, Peter Manson. Christian Science Organization In September, the Christian Science Organization sponsored a Freshman Reception to welcome incoming freshmen and to renew friend- ships with our members in Divisions A and B. In November we sponsored a lecture entitled, " The Healing Power of Christian Science, " given by Miss Lela May Aultman, C.S.B. of Denver, Colorado, a member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. In February, we heard Mr. Arthur P. Wuth, First Reader of the Mother Church, speak on the subject of preparing readings. Two films were shown in March entitled, " How Christian Science Heals. " CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION Miss Lela May Aultman, C.S.B. of Denver, Colorado Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Mass. Peter Manson, Reader 99 The purpose of the Newman Club is to offer Roman Catholic students attending North- eastern University the opportunity to learn more about their faith in all aspects, and to see that in the Catholic student ' s pursuit of knowledge he is equipped spiritually and intellectually to take his place in society. Its regularly scheduled lectures offer an opportunity for students of all faiths to learn about Catholicism, and actively participate in open discussions. Throughout the first term a series of lectures on Catholicism by Fr. Jude Mead was held at meetings. During Division B Fr. Hofler held a discussion series. This continued into the next term. In addition to this, the Newman Club sponsored lectures by Fr. Robert Baer, Fr. J. Ed- ward Nugent, and Fr. Thomas Finn. The social activities for all students in- cluded many dances. Dances at the Newman Cen- ter were held on Friday evenings. There was a Christmas party and dance in the Commons, and in February a ski weekend was held in Laconia, New Hampshire. NEWMAN CLUB 100 First Row: Dean Cavanagh (advisor) , R. Redente (treas.) , A. MacDonald (vice pres.) , D. O ' Donnell (pres.) , A. Calabresi (sec.) . Second Row: M. Bousquet, J. Dinucci, F. Gifun, S. Ryan, B. Gostautas, G. DiPeri. Third Row: T. Petto, H. Rines, H. Datelle, A. Lewandowski, N. McGrath, A. Mondello. First Row: R. Redente (treas.) , Fr. E. A. Hofler C.S.P. (chaplain) , D. P. Shea Jr. (pres.) , Dean Cavanagh (advisor) . Second Row: G. DiPeri (program chairman), J. Nolan (religious chairman), J. McShane (membership chairman), M. Thornton (publicity chairman) , M. Teti (corr. sec.) . 101 FIRST ROW: R. B. Knight (adviser), G. Shields, P. Doane, J. Goetcheus. SECOND ROW: P. Kelly, T. MacLeod, J. Marsden, R. Weatherbee, W. Barnes. During the past year, the Northeastern University Young Re- publicans Club has successfully at- tained its primary objectives: increased membership, presentation of contro- versial speakers and topics, club activ- ity within intercollegiate Republican Clubs, firm club declarations on con- temporary problems, and volunteer aid to Republican candidates for pub- lic office. Young Republicans FIRST ROW: R. B. Knight (advisor), G. Shields (sec.-treas.) , D. Harmon (pres.) , H. Woolard III (vice-pres.) . SECOND ROW: R. Weatherbee, W. Cheney, R. Shaul, Walter Cheney, R. Bales, P. Downe. THIRD ROW: D. Wilson, W. Barnes, R. McAdam, G. Curran. 102 First Roiu: F. Fillmore, D. Shanahan, H. Palmer, N. Wickstrom. Second Row: P. Tenney, R. Dancy, P. Selkowe, M. Fottler. The Young Democrats Club is the official club of the Demo- cratic party on the Northeastern cam- pus. Its main purpose is to sponsor in- terest in politics, especially on the state level. Also, it is dedicated to bringing political issues onto the cam- pus where they can be viewed at close hand by the undergraduates. The club also interested in COD (The Commonwealth Organiza- tion of Democrats) , a reform group within the state ' s Democratic party. International Relations Club The purpose of the Inter- national Relations Club is to stimu- late interest and knowledge in the field of international relations. Speak- ers addressed the club on Cuba, right wing organizations, the UN, and the influence of Communism on Turkey. The IRC participated in the annual Model UN at Montreal, Canada and a collegiate council on international re- lations held at Amherst. FIRST ROW: W. Cown (vice-pres.) , D. Souza (pres.) , P. Volpe (pres.) , E. Peters (vice-pres.) . SECOND ROW: R. Robbins, C. Demakes (sec), B. Pratt (sec), M. Line- ham, C. de Rivera, R. Trachtenberg. FIRST ROW: W. Ohrenberger (K1IIE), P. Adams (Pres. K1NCS), Prof. H. Baird (advisor) , R. Rudman (W1LFA) . SECOND ROW: D. Potter (K1MBO) , P. Harris (Vice Pres. W1HIV), P. Olendzendski (Sec.-Treas. K1LKK), M. Kullen (K1GRB), C. Pitasi (K1SWL) . RADIO CLUB WIKBN The Radio Club of Northeastern Uni- versity maintains its own amateur radio station, WIKBN, in the penthouse of Hayden Hall. Through WIKBN, the voice of Northeastern is heard throughout Europe, Central America, and South America every day. As a service to the stu- dents, the Radio Club broadcasted the scores of the Husky game in the ICAA National Tournament in Evansville, Indiana, as soon as they were available. CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club held regular Tues- day meeti ngs this year at which members were instructed on modern photographic techniques. Guest speakers lectured on such facts of photo- graphs as lighting, composition, and the develop- ing and printing process. The Camera Club has use of the darkroom in the Ell Building so that the members can practice what they have learned at the meetings. 104 R. Main, R. Hubbard, W. Nixon (Vice Pres.) , W. Maguire (Pres.) , I. Skeleton, Dr. Goolsby (advisor) , J. Gentile. Nu Beta, the Biology Club of North- eastern, meets weekly for the purpose of hearing- speakers from outside the University community discuss topics which are of interest in the biological world of today. Included in the programs are topics which are of special interest to people who are majoring in particular fields of biology such as medicine or some branch of it, dentistry, or micro- biology. These topics are presented with the aid of slides and movies and after the presentation the meeting is opened for an informal questioning period. During each term two night meetings are sponsored, at which a well-known biologist is invited to speak on his specialty. Annual events of the Biology Club include a fall field trip and picnic, Halloween party, spring banquet, and participa- tion in New England biological conferences. FIRST ROW: K. Grew (Pres.) , E. Champagne (Treas.), R. Fox (Vice Pres.) . SECOND ROW: M. Cheney, Dr. Goolsby (advisor), K. Connors. BIOLOGY CLUB 105 FIRST ROW: G. Starr (Treas.) , D. Poole (Pres Prof. Rubin (advisor) . SECOND ROW: T. Huff, A. Poole, SOCIOLOGY SOCIETY The Sociology Society is a professional organization which aims to encourage students to learn about professional developments in sociology, anthropology, social work, and related fields. To these ends weekly meetings invite practitioners to speak to the group, to lead discussions to show films, relate cooperative education to liberal arts education and promote field trips to appropriate neighborhood settings, houses and professional of- fices. The Sociology Society promotes fellow- ship between faculty and students through coffee hours and hospitality at faculty members ' homes. FIRST ROW: K. Pacheco (Vice Pres.) , S. Rollins (Sec), B. Bastenbeck. SECOND ROW: M. Fouler, H. Datelle, D. Melaika, J. Frisch, N. Wirstrom. 106 FIRST ROW: R. Madden (Pres.) , W. d ' Andrade (Vice Pres.) , E. Peters (Sec), Dr. W. Bishop (advisor), P. Downey (Treas) . SECOND ROW: A. Whitaker, S. Fried, D. Butera, P. Woodland, R. Bloom, E. Howell. HISTORY CLUB The History Club is open to students who are interested in going beyond the scope of the classroom. This year, their activities included a trip to Old Sturbridge Village, a banquet so that the two divisions could get together for a social occasion, another trip to the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, and various meetings, with discus- sion, movies, speakers, and a coffee hour. A special advantage afforded by the History Club is the fact that members have the opportunity to participate in social gatherings with members of the History Department. This gives them a chance to discuss history with their teachers, outside the formality of the classroom. FIRST ROW: Dr. W. Bishop (advisor), P. Downey, P. Woodland, C. Williams. SEC- OND ROW: A Peters, S. Stein, A. Whitaker, R. Pappalardo, T. Schor. THIRD ROW: V. Puleo, D. Fenner, S. Fried. 107 MATHEMATICS CLUB FIRST ROW: D. Hunter, R. Klein (adviser) , B. Klem (past pres.) , D. Edmonston (pres.), P. Barbell (vice-pres.) , C. Mooney (sec.-treas.) , S. Sorila. SECOND ROW: R. Muise, P. O ' Connor, H. Nelson, M. Bernsten, N. Trudeau, F. Murphy, F. Mackenzie. THIRD ROW: J. Schlickman, S. Burzynski, B. Kaplan, H. Cohen, J. Dignam, R. Kup- ferman, R. Delorey. The Mathematics Club is open to any- one desiring more knowledge of various areas of higher mathematics. During the year there are lec- tures and films as well as the presentations of papers on topics of particular interest. The club offers an opportunity for one to go outside those aspects of mathematics covered in the classroom. 108 ■M ■ ' |.Jl ' 25 ' SB ' L ' ' v ' ' ' ' V ' V; ' ' - : ' ; ' . ' ' i iA ' . ' ' ' : B SHu ® i j3 [ 1 1 1 SB- ' Aft 1 " m m ' % ilpr " -.- iij- jfci ' . " - ' FIRST ROW: Dr. Hauser (advisor), F. Ingham (treas.), T. Spada (pres.) , R. Maria (vice pres.) , R. Hobbs. SECOND ROW: P. Aalto, C. Chicklis, J. Holmes, R. Hennebury, D. Furman. Like all of the other sciences, physics can be placed in a laboratory, dissected and stud- ied, and conclusions can be reached. And it is important that the student be aware of all the areas that physics enters into, of all the laboratory cases, of all the experiments. But physics today plays an increasingly active role in the affairs of the world, and the pur- pose of the A.I. P. is to focus the eyes of the stu- dents on the various uses of his field in the every day world. Through a series of seminars, speakers and tours, the A. I. P. attempts to accomplish its goal of integration of classwork and practical ap- plication. FIRST ROW: F. Parsons, H. Nelson, G. Silverman, (vice pres.), N. Trudeau (pres.), P. Mahoney (sec.) , B. Klem (treas.) . SECOND ROW: N. Alpert, D. Furman, P. O ' Connor, P. Barbell, P. Murphy, F. MacKenzie, L. Feigen. THIRD ROW: D. Edmon- ston, J. Smith, J. Schlickman, J. Dignam, R. Kupferman, W. Mayhew, E. Siborg, Jr. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS 109 f% Hrei i?oiy: P. Shaeffer (treas.) , H. J. Orael (vice pres.) , R.Piantedosi (pres.) , Dr. Kibarian (advisor) , J. Hogan, (junior vice pres.) , E. atterson (sec.) , R. Port. Second Row: R. Hurley, B. Pease, R. Rochford, L. Hutzler, P. Peter- son, N. Moses, W. Cheney, R. Trehub, R. Collesian, J. Martin, J. D ' Amico, C. Moores, R. Moynihan, C. Hiltunen, T. Gorman, R. Gurry. Third Row: D. Payton, M. Braves, P. Haley, M. Greenburg, G. Kaplan, J. Pictkoff, D. Johnston, B. Skinner, J. Emanuel, D. King, J. Cadematori, P. Jodice, S. Lisser, Prof. Coons (fac. adv.) , P. Griffith, Prof. Dufton. The academic year 1961-1962 ushered in a new and dynamic American Marketing Asso- ciation chapter. Under the capable leadership of Pres. Piantidose and his cabinet, the chapter opened the doors to the marketing world for its many interested members. Many prominent busi- nessmen spoke at the bi-weekly meetings in order to inform the members of some realistic market- ing aspects of their respective businesses. Industrial sales, sales promotion, re- tailing and the marketing world of today were dis- cussed by the speakers. The Association also visited many business firms throughout the New England area. The annual Marketing and Advertis- ing banquet was held in April. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION 110 FIRST ROW: I. Clark, J. Walgreen, E. Murphy, A. Coyte, E. Kelley, P. Ryan. SECOND ROW: H. Rines, D. Steede, J. Kneeland, L. Ricciuti, D. Polvere, R. Delong, G. Singer. THIRD ROW: A. Gauthier, D. Hoyt, D. Lynch, C. Grant, D. Shapiro, H. Powell, J. McClusky, R. Feldman, J. Medalleu. Seated At Table: C. A. Deeb (treas.) , J. Harris (sec.) , R. Lewis (pres.) , I. Katz (vice pres.) , Second Row: P. Marcin, D. Plourde, J. Hand, F. Sheeran, B. Freeman, R. Jenkins, J. O ' Brien, E. Orentas, R. Maglieri, Dr. E. Willett, (fac. adv.) . AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION The American Finance Association is organized to provide Finance and Insurance majors the opportunity to meet men and women in the field. During the year, this professional society pre- sents speakers and features informal discussions of financial topics. Some of the speakers to visit the club this year were: Mrs. Vera Commings, Reynolds and Co.; Paul Newburgh, Backe and Co.; C. Parker Simpson, Security Planning Agency; and Frank J. Jackson, Union Market National Bank. An opportunity for each member to use his education was provided in the analysis, sale, and purchase of securities that make up the club ' s portfolio. Main feature of the year was a trip to Wall Street for discussions with financial leaders of the New York stock exchanges. First Row: P. Duffy, C. Torrey (treas.) , E. Takach (sec.) , W. Schmink. Second Row: C. Ticehurst, J. Jackson. Ill First Row: R. Gurry, L. Hutzler, R. Trehut, Prof. Coons (advisor) , J. Martin, C. Hiltuner, R. Moynihan. Second Row: R. Hurley, P. Shaeffer, M. Pease, Rockford, T. Gorman, P. Peterson, N. Moses, W. Cheney, R. Collesian, A. D ' Amico, Moores, R. Port, R. Piantidosi, H. Israel, E. Paderson. Third Row: D. Payton, Bravos, Greenberg, G. Kaplan, J. Pitcoeff, Johnston, Skinner, Emmanuel, King, Cadematore, Hogan, Jodice, Lesser, Prof. Kibarian, Prof. Dufton. The Northeastern University Advertis- ing Society is a professional student organization whose membership is open to any undergraduate in the school of Business Administration, under the guidance of Professor Quentin L. Coons, As- sociate Professor of Advertising. It strives to broad- en the education of students interested in market- ing, sales and advertising by presenting to them programs in various phases of advertising and the related fields. The Society has presented outs tanding speakers prominent in advertising. These men have demonstrated to the members of the Society, through informal talks, exhibits, films, and ques- tion and answer periods, the many phases and func- tions of advertising and promotion in the modern world. ADVERTISING SOCIETY 112 First Row: Prof. Coons (advisor) , P. Ryan, R. Feldman, J. McCIusky, H. Powell, J. Walgreen. Second Row: D. Steede, J. Kneeland, A. Coyte, A. Gauthier, L. Ricciuti, D. Polvere, R. Delong, G. Singer. Third Row: C. Grant, J. Medalleu, E. Murphy, H. Rines, I. Clark, D. Shapiro.D. Lynch, E. Kelley, D. Hoyt. m First Row: R. Twombly (treas.), R. Ulrich (vice pres.) , F. O ' Connell (pres.) , S. Armen (advisor) , A. Marion (sec.) , V. Van Hom. Second Row: S. Jassem, R. Carriere, B. Flax, G. Tormey, J. Zeserson, H. Sarajian, M. Siegel, E. Kenny, K. Chute, J. Delano, K. Nathan, H. Chafitz, D. Samson, M. Samuel. The Accounting Society of Northeast- ern University celebrating its fourteenth year, has experienced rapid growth in membership, activi- ties, and financial strength. The primary aims of the Society are to bring its members in direct contact with leaders in the fields of business and government and to aid them in selecting the fields best suited to their aptitudes and abilities. The aims of the Society are met through frequent guest speakers at meet- ings, conferences, and field trips to local business concerns. Also as a part of the societies ' activities is the annual dinner and dance held at the end of each school year. ACCOUNTING SOCIETY First Row: Prof. S. Armen (advisor) , T. Anderson, H. Smith (pres.) , R. Oddy (vice pres.) , F. Saba (treas.) , E. Levitt. Second Row: F. Saba, M. Miller, R. Osborn, R. Dankes, L. Sugarman, J. Doe. Third Row: R. Botte, S. Swartz, R. Jones, J. Indoarato, A. Sheer. 113 J. Holbrook, C. Goodall, C. Capano, L. Jassem, H. Danielson. NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Developing a professional attitude about the teaching profession, learning about the future of education while still in college, these were the goals of Northeastern ' s student chapter of the National Education Association. Looking to the future, the Association played host to several hundred high school students at an educational conference held on the North- eastern campus. A busy social and academic schedule was carried on throughout the year. Special problems in the field of education were also brought to the attention of the undergraduates, and seminar courses were held on teaching the blind. FIRST ROW: Prof. Danielson (advisor) , G. Griswold (vice pres.) , N. Sugarman (treas.) , W. Pagnano (pres.), M. O ' Connell (rec. sec), J. Hodgdon (cor. sec), SECOND ROW: D. Thompson, A. Bonnassaro, J. Tether, J. Steeves, L. Fulwider, B. Scichilone, M. Rabino- witz, Mrs. Lynes. 114 FIRST ROW: Dr. Howell (advisor), J. Wolski (vice pres.) , R. Bouchard (pres.) , J. Dubchansky (sec), R. Baker (treas.) . SECOND ROW: J. Hooper, R. Mallion, F. Kast, D. O ' Neil, A. Green. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Throughout the year, American Chem- ical Society members have enjoyed many and va- ried activities such as field trips, bowling parties, lectures, seminars, and movies. The year began with an exhibit for the Freshman Night show on " The Acidity of C0 2 . " Included in this year ' s field trips were excursions to Carling ' s Brewery in Natick and to the Esso refinery in Everett. American Chemical members also had the opportunity to hear lectures by several experts in various fields of endeavor. Speakers were drawn from such places as MIT, the Godfrey L. Cabot Corp., Huntington Laboratories, the Cancer Re- search Institute, and members of our own faculty and research staff. First Row: Prof. D. Howell (advisor) , E. Hayward (treas.) , P. Gianoukos (vice pres.) , A. Mahoney (pres.), C. Whitney (sec.) , J. Ryan. Second Roxu: R. Granitos, J. Goras, R. Carter, W. Billings, L. Johnson. FIRST ROW: L. Nardone (advisor), G. Silverman (vice pres.) , J. Staal (pres.) , P. Mahoney (corr. sec). SECOND ROW: G. Dryden, F. Mackenzie, D. Edmonston, N. Trudeau, P. O ' Connor, B. Klem. THIRD ROW: J. Schlickman, J. Dignam, R. Delorey. American Rocket Society The new frontier of space was the main concern of the American Rocket Society. Problems in rocketry, the science of propulsion, the future of the space age, the respon- sibilities of the engineer in the world of the future: all these were topics discussed by the society at its special meetings. A planned series of lectures, films, and seminars highlighted the programs sponsored by this new undergraduate, scientific organization. Of special interest to the group was the successful American launching of its first manned satellite. The club ' s main purpose is to prepare today ' s student for America ' s future in space. 116 FIRST ROW: Prof. C. Nouri (advisor) , B. Colyer (vice-pres., special events) , D. Shea (vice-pres., publicity) , D. Warwick (sec.) , J. Mallar (pres.) , N. Brown (treas.) . SEC- OND ROW: R. Callihan, D. Wilson, D. Anderson, F. Peters, M. O ' Connor. THIRD ROW: M. Thornton, C. Mitchell, P. Ruddick, M. Mamos, B. Walsh. Society for the Advancement of Management S. A. M. has become one of the leading chapters throughout the nation. Over the past year, members have par- ticipated in seminars, meetings with the Boston Senior Chapter field trips, guest speakers, and va- ried social events such as dances and banquets. S. A. M. is succeeding in its goal to de- velop its members into better potential managers and executives by bringing the student and execu- tive together and by providing members with an opportunity to participate in the running of a so- ciety. 11 FIRST ROW: M. Mariner (IE), D. Coffey (AIEE-IRE) , J. McDonough (ASCE-BSCE, chairman) , E. Wenners (SAME, sec.-treas.) , N. Shestople (ex officio) , L. Cohen (SAME) . SECOND ROW: J. Weyland (ASME) , P. Sa tkevich (SAME), P. Sonier (IE), D. Stowe- field (ASCE-BSCE) , R. Dolan (ASCE-BSCE) . COUNCIL OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS The Council is a voluntary association of the Engineering Professional Societies, organized for the exchange of ideas and experiences and for the coordination of events planned jointly by the Societies. Working together with the Dean of Freshmen, the Council last year organized and presented an " Engineering Information Forum " for the new students; this was followed by Council organized — Society run tours through each of the engineering departments. These will become an- nual events. FIRST ROW: J. Ciccarelli (AlChe) , C. Fichera (SWE) , C. Karimbakas (AIIE, vice- chairman) , Prof. J. Zotos (advisor) , E. Troup (SAME) , B. Jackson (AlChe) . SECOND ROW: A. Eonas (AIIE), J. Roberts (ASME), D. Leary (ASCE-BSCE), W. McTomney (ASCE-BSCE) , H. Bondar (IRE-AIEE) . 118 FIRST ROW: M. Milgroom (sec), G. Faunce (vice pres.) , D. Freeman (advisor), B. Richards (pres.) , G. Cellis (treas.) . SECOND ROW: D. Nathanson, J. Fitzhenry, M. Mariner, F. Zelinka, M. Kates, L. Anderson, J. Abelon, R. Clark. THIRD ROW: J. Harpell, R. Bellenzi, W. Sautter, R. Tofferi, R. Trachtenberg, P. Senier. During the past year, the Northeastern University Student Chapter of AIIE instituted a number of new ideas in addition to its regular pro- gram. A sophomore orientation program and a permanent display for industrial engineering ex- hibits were added to the regular program of speak- ers in fields of general industrial engineering, man- agement consulting, and engineering consulting. Tours were made to four large manufacturing con- cerns. Other activities included the publish- ing of a newsletter, participation in Boston Senior Chapter AIIE functions, and expansion of public- ity- As a result of these activities, the Chap- ter was honored as the Outstanding Student Chapter of AIIE for the past year. AIIE FIRST ROW: J. Kane (treas.), E. Woo (vice-pres.) , R. Freeman (adviser), J. Collins (pres.), L. Smith (sec). SECOND ROW: R. Perry, A. Roundi, R. Forrest, C. Karamba- kas, P. Levine, A. Fitzpatrick, G. McKenna, G. Carras, W. Couty, G. Pangalos. 119 First Row: E. Campbell (sec.) , R. Flynn (vice pres.) , J. Ballas (chairman) , Prof. M. Carrabes (fac. adv.) , G. Leary (sec. A1EE) , M. Giammusso (treas.) , L. Panico. Second Row: F. Stearns, A. Kowalski, R. Sicotte, D. McMullon, P. Xiarhos, T. Glynn, D. Coffey, R. Ahlstrom, K. Laidlaw, J. Dunn, H. Gill, J. Morley, A. Ostroff, R. Tremblay, K. Gordon. During the year the joint student branch of the American Institute of Electrical En- gineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers made great strides towards its objective of instilling the professional spirit in electrical engineering stu- dents. These advances were attained through activ- ities paralleling those of previous years. However, the emphasis was on improving the quality of these activities, to stimulate more interest among the students and to increase their morale. The year ' s activities began with a suc- cessful Freshman Night display. A speaker program was initiated including such notables as Dr. Edger- ton and Dean Scott. Continuing services through- out the year included the printing of senior ' s resu- mes, dissemination of information and various publications from the parent organizations and the sale of book covers. The year was bade farewell with the annual dance " Sparks in the Night. " AIEE-IRE First Row: P. Noel (IRE sec.) , H. Ellis (treas.) , G. Orloff (chairman) , B. Shanler (vice chairman) , H. DeKlerk (sec.) . Second Row: F. Giordano, C. Fichera, W. Mikolajewski, A. Ristino, W. Vient, B. Glass, H. Koretsky, R. Graham. Third Row: J. Freedman, R. Pucko, J. McLaughlin, J. Kelly, J. Hallisey, J. Santacroce, J. Modestino, R. Haney. .120 First Roiu: Prof. B. M. Goodwin, Prof. J. C. Morgan, Prof. C. P. Baker (chairman) , G. M. Yeghyazarian, Prof. C. S. Keevil, Prof. J. G. Miserlis (advisor) , Mr. R. R. Stewart. Second Row: F. Poretsky, A. Blocker, R. Master, C. Speight (treasurer) , H. Hunter (chairman) , J. Stonefield, P. Bishop, R. Tracy, E. Samuelson, W. Dillon (senior rep.) . Third Row: S. Poretsky, R. Guimond, E. Marteka, D. Cooper, W. Durkee, R. Feinburg, F. Brown, J. Fisher, A. Hodson, P. Littlefield, T. Callahan, D. Stinson. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS The American Institute of Chemical Engineers was exposed to several new innovations to its schedule of affairs. Most notable of these was the showing of weekly technical films produced by firms in the chemical process industries. The films gave each member a fuller appreciation of a broad spectrum of important topics relating to chemical engineering. The evening meeting schedule includ- ed technical discussions and presentations by ex- perienced chemical engineers from industry. At the spring banquet, there existed a spirit of amusement and sobriety. The amusement was supplied by the seniors and a magician who pulled baby chicks out of thin air. The more seri- ous portion of the program consisted of a salute to the retirement of our beloved Professor John Mor- gan. First Row: J. Ciccarelli (vice pres.) , R. Bertram (senior rep.) , Prof. J. G. Miserlis (advisor) , N. Loffler, B. Jackson (chairman) , D. Larlee. Second Row: R. Weiss, P. Tick, D. Smith, R. James, L. Forti, R. Tremblay, N. Dworken. Third Row: R. Garvin, S. Seminatore, B. Barman, P. Dobson, P. Herman, G. Grant, M. Feerich, E. Hamwey, R. Fanjoy. 121 First Row: R. Hauptmann, R. Martin, L. Hannauer, R. Pettit, D. Pizzuti. Second Row: M. Charney, B. Tirrell, G. Kent, K. Domey, J. Weyand, W. Sirois. Third Row: L. Hubley, W. Dewar, J. Pepi, A. Winroth, R. Gilfoy, B. Hanna, J. McNamee, D. Dufresne, D. Montgomery, E. Burns, J. Arangio. Fourth Row: T. Dormer, F. Parker, J. Denk, S. Lip- sky, C. Kowal, F. McLaughlin, E. Varcoe, L. Cohen, A. Murphy, J. Murray, G. Moy. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, one of the largest engineering societies at Northeastern, has as its purpose the advancement of the profession of mechanical engineering. Membership in the society is repre- sented by every aspect of industry, government, and education. The society holds its meetings every other week. Programs presented at these meetings cover all fields of interest from insurance to guided missiles. Other activities sponsored by ASME in- clude student papers, field trips, the annual student chapter banquet, and once a year the " Flywheel Frolics " a dance attended by both the faculty and students. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Sitting: R. Whelan (treas.) , S. Kaplan (editor) , A. Forster (chairman) , R. Walters (sec.) , J. Roberts (rep.) , G. Rush- ton (sec.) . Second Row: M. Noussias, U. Bassiuk, F. Tempesta, P. Cooper, K. Hannon, G. McDavitt, E. Thomas, D. Randall, R. Venckus, C. Salemme. Third Row: R. Dean, D. Peck, A. Katz, D. Meizys, T. Parker, I. Morrow, T. Ward, R. French, A. Kruschwitz, A. Fernandes, V. Celino. 122 Left to right: Maj. R. Seelye, Lt. Col. J. Brand, G. McGinnis, J. Pepi, C. Kowal, H. Davidson, J. Sullivan (treas.) , J. McNamee, F. McLaughlin (pres.) , G. Desrochers, L. Cohen (vice pres.) , B. Richards, N. Shestople (sec.) , D. Du- fresne, E. Wenners, J. Lipsky, Maj. P. Barron, Sgt. T. Russell. SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS The motto of SAME is " Dedicated to the National Defense. " Towards this goal, bi- weekly meetings held, at which members learn the latest developments in fields related to defense and military engineering. In March, the Society presented " Space Forum: A Survey of Astronautics " which was at- tended by 700 people. The Society of Women Engineers is an organization open to women in the field of science and engineering. The activities this year included a Pre-Freshman Tea, which high school girls inter- ested in a career in science or engineering attended. Speakers at meetings have included Dean Scott, Professor Ladd of MIT, and Dr. Myra Herrick of Radcliffe. Field trips and tours completed the ac- tivities during the school year. SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS First Row: C. Fichera (vice pres. Div. B) , F. Leone (vice pres. Div. A) , M. Bush (pres.) , L. Levy (sec.-treas.) , Dean Dissell (advisor) . Second Row: S. Egli, F. Patz, E. Ryan, F. Driscoll, C. Topliffe, C. Krajeska, G. Shields, B. Smith. 123 M First Roiu: H. Melkonian, A. D ' Alelio (sec.) , E. Tucker (treas.) , M. Bush (sec.) , D. Leary (pres.) , K. Spear (vice pres.) , J. Perry (pres.), A. Pincince (program chairman). Second Row: A. Goulart, W. Drummey, F. Lynch, E. Troup, E. Hamilton, R. Wharton, C. Greene. Third Row: R. Reardon, R. Shreenan, G. Burgess, W. Vierstra, P. Calloe, D. Hayes, J. Toppi, F. Johnson, W. McTomney. ASCE BSCE The Northeastern University Civil Engineering- Society, the student branch of the asce-bsce, provides an interchange of information on technical subjects and new developments in the professional field. A lecture series and symposium on the use of IBM computers supplemented by guest speakers contributed greatly to the weekly meet- ings of asce-bsce. There were also field trips to the engineering firms in the area. Four editions of the Bulldozer were successfully printed. A beach party, the annual fall dance, the asce-bsce annual joint dinner meeting, and a family dinner were also enjoyed by all. FIRST ROW: J. Lenny (advisor), A. Boudreau, C. DiPietro, G. Desrocher, J. Lom- bardo, D. Eaton, G. McGinnis. SECOND ROW: J .Craig, J. McCarthy, W. McCabe, J. Marzonne, E. Nazaratian, R. Lee, J. Toomay, F. Morris, N. Shestople. THIRD ROW: D. Murphy, R. Gill, P. Ducey, J. Caftray, F. Follis, W. Hanson, L. Gonnella, W. Fishar, H. Mulkern, A. Morrison, B. Saalmar, W. Welsh, A. Gay, J. McCarthy, W. Saworski, R. Parker, H. Langstroth, J. Veracha, D. Kinsalla. Q ' : ' ■■. ' ■ " . ■:.■ " ■? . ,. ' .■ in ' . S N.U. CIVIL ENGINEERING HONOR SOCIETY Last September, through the efforts of students representing the top ten per cent of the juniors and seniors, a Civil Engineering Honor Society was formed at Northeastern University. The purpose of this Society is to rec- ognize those students who have attained a high academic standing, as well as to encourage and help others to achieve such a standing. While the activities of the group this year were centered on becoming organized, time was still left to run several coffee hours following meetings of the ASCE-BSCE Student Chapter, and to assist the Professional Society in other ways. Currently the Society is planning for next year, when it is hoped that several programs beneficial to the Civil Engineering Department will be instituted. f i f i C FIRST ROW: S. Namyet (advisor), R. Ladd (pres.) , C. Riordan (vice pres.) , N. Shestople (sec), W. Glover (treas.) . SECOND ROW: E. Troup, G. Gove, W. Butler, M. Melnick, B. Davis, J. Rattray. THIRD ROW: A. Goulart, E. Tucker, D. Leary, W. Casper, W. Fisher, A. Pincince. 125 Massachusetts Epsilon Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor society, has aged another year. Recognition to outstanding stu- dents and service to Northeastern ' s community comprised the major activities of Tau Beta Pi. Members of TBP visited high schools to give informational talks to students interested in engineering. Slide rule classes were conducted for freshmen. Throughout the year social activities were also promoted. The summer outing can best be remembered by the picnic at Bear Brook State Park in New Hampshire. Fellowship was further strengthened when members and dates attended the school play, " Once Upon a Mattress. " 126 First Row: J. Rogers, F. Garabedian (rec. sec.) , T. Dormer (corresponding sec.) , R. Tarbox (cataloguer) , R. Maurer (pres.) , Y. Patt (vice pres.) , J. Ballas (treas.) , Dean Essigmann (advisor) , T. Nelson. Second Row: R. Perry, Mika- lojewski, J. Modestino, J. Collins, E. Johnson, N. Sa, D. Cooper, H. Johnson, J. Lynch, H. Broughton, T. Hayden. Third Row: P. Vancura, J. Pepi, W. Anderson, D. Osborn, D. Coffey. First Row: J. Donoghue, R. Cantwell, W. Norton, R. Blanchard, L. Weed, Prof. Cleveland (advisor) , Y. Patt (bridge correspondent) , E. Johnson (treas.) , J. Modestino (pres.) , P. Vancura (vice pres.) , D. Coffey (corresponding sec.) , R. Mauer (recording sec.) , Prof. Stuart, C. Hollins, R. Bednarz, J. Anderson, C. Walsh, T. Sullivan. Second Row: H. Schlegel, P. Penney, M. Giammusso, P. Xiarhos, R. Bayman, N. Deegan, H. Kroitzsh, P. Gill, J. O ' Halloran, P. Hershkind, W. Allen, J. Ballas, A. Ostroff, E. Rosen, A. Nichols. Third Row: A. Troy, J. Freedman, E. Walsh, L. Epstein, H. Lynde, D. Coon, G. Adams, R. Iwanowicz, J. Gallant, R. Crawford, R. Sicotte, M. Patt, L. DiBiase, K.. Miller, H. Koretsky. Eta Kappa Nu, the honor society of electrical engineers in Northeastern ' s College of Engineering, has as its objective " the bringing into closer union the outstanding electrical engineering students so as to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the Engineering College. " Admission into the society is based on high academic qualities, good moral character, and outstanding personal characteristics. The Formal Initiation Banquet for new members was held in December. The society, in co-operation with the AIEE-IRE, sponsored a display at Freshman Night. ETA KAPPA NU 127 Pi Sigma Alpha is the na- tional Political Science honor society. The Delta Gamma chapter is located at Northeastern University. Any student who has maintained a " B " average or better in the field of Political Science and who is in the upper 15% of his class is eligible for consideration. Hon- orary membership is extended to out- standing members of the faculty and prominent members of the commu- nity. There are at present 25 active members in the society. Endicott Peabody and Ker- mit Morrissey were the principal speakers at the initiation banquets. The Society also sponsored informal teas for Political Science majors and held regular meetings throughout the year. PI SIGMA ALPHA j B o ' tSH H ' i J i fr T Hl w ■«HB ' " -;JH Ww " " " t • Kr.- ' - tH 9 ' HL. -- - p W if! K - m 7 vjfli jLdBts. ■ jfe Ji Bc m : ■ jjfflSwi i «l wk (ra w ■■» H First Row: P. Gallagher (vice pres.) , E. Jackamonis (pres.) , J. Miles. Second Row: N. Wikstrom, N. Romans, E. Gifun, E. Peters, K. Placek, C. Burke, B. Sargent. Third Row: S. Sherter, S. Sarkisian, F. McGaffey, R. McClellan. 128 First Row: T. Taglieri, M. Reardon, L. Bodin (vice pres.) , R. Kowalski (pres.) , K. Mclntyre (sec.-treas.) , J. Miles, K Desens. Second Row: D. Drucas, B. Mclntyne, M. Dunn, C. Gifford, R. Bouchard, P. Wolff, J. Gentile, F. Ingham. ACADEMY The school year 1961-1962 has been filled with activity for the members of The Academy. As 1962 marked the 25th anniversary of The Academy, a great deal of time and ef- fort was spent in planning the com- memoration of this event. We held a banquet in the Spring at which our alumni were invited. At this banquet, several of the most prominent mem- bers spoke. In addition, this year ' s members wished to have some perma- nent record of the occasion. We pub- lished an alumni directory which in- cluded not only the addresses but per- tinent information concerning each alumnus. First Row: E. Jackamonis (pres.) , D. Drucas (sec.-treas.) , R. Kupferman (vice pres.) . Second Row: A. Mailhiot, N. Trudeau, J. Schlickman, B. Covitz, L. O ' Connor. First Roro: M. Dvorchak (sec.) , Prof. Rosenblatt (advisor), R. McLellan (vice pres.) . Second Row: J. Miles, Prof. Full- ington, Prof. Bishop, S. Sherter, E. Peters. Third Row: E. Jackamonis, F. McGaffey, S. Sarkisian. Phi Alpha Theta is the na- tional honor society in history, dedi- cated to the study of history through an understanding of the causes of his- torical action. The society uses an intel- lectual approach in its efforts to com- prehend the various factors that go into the decisions which shaped the world into its present mold. In addition to stressing academic accomplishment, the honor society also maintains a full social schedule with a special feature being the close contact its members have with the faculty of the history depart- ment. Each year the society spon- sors several films of interest to the University student body. This year ' s selection of films was topped by the prize-winning production, " All The King ' s Men. " PHI ALPHA THETA First Row: C. Capano, C. Williams, M. Dvorchak, R. McCl ellan, Prof. Rosenblatt (advisor) , J. Miles, K. Desens. Sec- ond Row: A. Whitaker, Prof. Fullington, Prof. Robinson, S. Sarkisian, Prof. Bishop, S. Sherter, A. Bajdek, R. Bloom. 130 First Row: D. Burchstead (sec), J. Lesserson (pres.) , V. Vanham (vice pres.-treas.) . Second Row: R. Fenton, J. Noonan, E. Kenney, R. Carrier, D. Sarrfson. SIGMA SOCIETY Division A Sigma Society held weekly meetings at which the Fall Initiation and Banquet was planned and executed. The ceremonies started in the Chapel where nine new members were ini- tiated. A banquet followed for the initiates and about sixty guests. At the banquet two $100 scholarships to the Most Outstanding Freshmen in the class of 1965 and one Honorable Mention Award were given. Division B Sigma Society held meetings in December and January in which officers for Divi - sion B were elected and plans for the May Initiation and Banquet were discussed. First Roiv: H. Smith, E. Levitt, H. Babson. Second Row: C. Woodman, J. Landry, Dean Gubellini. 131 KAPPA IOTA EPSILON Kappa Iota Epsilon is the education honor society of Northeast- ern University. The purpose of the society is to promote good fellowship among those students who have dis- played a high scholastic aptitude along with an interest in the welfare of the University and to instill in the under- graduate a code of professional ethics. The annual Kappa Iota Epsilon banquet was held on March 27, 1962. Four new members were wel- comed into the society at that time. FIRST ROW: J. DeCoste, L. Franzoni, Dr. Fredericks (advisor). SECOND ROW: C. Capano, S. Lopilato, C. Backman, L. Jassem. ALPHA PIMU First Row: R. Bibaud (vice pres. and corresponding sec.) , T. Nelson (recording sec. and treas.) Second Row: R. Bellonzi, B. Richards, R. Trachtenberg, S. Kay. Alpha Pi Mu, the Indus- trial Engineering Honor Society, was organized to confer recognition upon the student of industrial engineering who has shown exceptional academic abilities and interests in his field and to encourage wherever possible any movement which will advance the best interest of industrial engineering edu- cation. During the year, seven stu- dents were initiated into the society. Dr. Asa S. Knowles and Prof. James M. Moore were elected to honorary membership. 132 PI TAU SIGMA Pi Tau Sigma, the mechanical engi- neering honor society, is open in membership to men and women who have distinguished them- selves in Scholarship, character, and extracurricu- lar life at Northeastern. The Society held an annual initiation banquet at which time qualified undergraduates were admitted to membership. Election to such an honorary society is the highest honor that may be conferred upon an undergraduate. First Row: H. Hohnson (pres.) , Prof. Foster (advisor), A. Brown (treas.) . Second Row: P. Cooper, W. Anderson, E. Steeves. Third Roiu: R. Broughton, G. Suokko. First Row: T. Darmer (recording sec.) , J. Pepi (vice pres.) , P. Capone (asst. treas.), G. Moy (corr. sec), Second Row: K. Domey, J. Weyand, G. Kent, P. Hanley, B. Hanna, D. King, A. Winroth. Third Row: B. Smith, F. Madio, J. Lynch. 133 134 THE GREEK WO 135 Of course, t here had to be business meetings, but all work and no play, etc. etc. . . . No, no, it ' s a B.Y.O. type party . . . the well-round- ed man . . . the gentleman ' s " C " . . . the time you pledged and the formal initiation . . . the pledges calling you sir . . . the long lazy Saturdays and Sundays when you should have been doing homework . . . the weekend par- ties . . . Alouette . . . On the Steps of Richards . . . Homecoming . . . sing- ing songs at a party . . . helping a younger brother with his homework . . . the open smokers . . . the beer kegs . . . alumni stopping by . . . the Greek Sing . . . softball, and basketball, and touch football . . . the Hell Weeks . . . time to think about yourself, and about your brothers . . . studying, a necessary evil . . . talking with the new brothers . . . hoping they understand . . . and farewell to a happy life. AKZ BTE TOK NEZ $AP TE I FIRST ROW: H. Miller NEZ, R. Stewart AKS Treas., R. DeLong SPA Sec, W. Cole NE V.P., W. Peluso PAR. SECOND ROW: S. Leber SKP, A. Swenson AKS, D. Rines PAR, L. Stowe PBA, H. Connors SPA. THIRD ROW: M. Miller TEP, J. Whyte SPA, N. Dube PGP, C. Tosh PG, W. Guard BGE, V. De Cario GPK. 4 BA $m ZK¥ 2$A Interfraternity Council Northeastern ' s Interfraternity Council is the official governing body of the University ' s eleven Greek-letter fraternities. Using its allotted powers the IFC this year accepted Zeta Gamma Tau as the University ' s eleventh fraternity. The IFC also voted to Kappa Zata Phi to affiliate with a national fraternity, Tau Epsilon Phi. It is pres- ently considering Sigma Kappa Psi ' s petition to affiliate with Alpha Epsilon Pi. Socially the IFC ran the Beta Ball, second annual all-Greek dance at NU, and supervised a full year of sports activities among its mem- bers. zrT 139 Sitting: D. Dufresne, J. Denholm, R. Shreders, R. Kauffunger (president), E. Sundquist, J. DePaul, S. Andolina. Standing: T. Connolly, O. Gibson, R. Weston, R. Douglas, B. Hamill, I. Emanuel, C. Fryberg. Upon returning to the rigors of learning in September, the brothers of Alpha Kappa Sigma began another eventful year of fraternal, social and sports activities. The first important social event of the sea- son was Homecoming Weekend, enhanced by a very enjoyable party at the house. A delicious buffet dinner for the occasion was prepared by houesmother Mrs. Burris. The annual Christmas party delighted the children of the neighborhood. The house received from its neighbors an open-letter commendation in the local newspaper for this event. A gala New Year ' s Eve party ushered in the new year, and the annual Quint Frat formal brought to an end the major social events of the season. The fraternity was well represented in the IFC sports program of bowling, football and bas- ketball. On the fraternal side, 16 new brothers were initiated into the fraternity, and a substantial num- ber of pledges were secured through the new rushing system. AKZ ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA 140 ■■ " •■•■■ ■ ■■i : ' - ' - ' :--- A Pf;i- W $ . ' Hi. ' Next year we ' ll buy some chairs First Roiv: R. Clark, R. Washburn, M. Cunningham, A. Swenson, M. VanNaerssen. Back Row: G. Makosiej, J. Sullivan, D. Johnson, R. Stewart, J. Denholm, J. Osborn. 141 BGE, the oldest fraternity on campus, not only maintains a high scholastic record, but prides itself in the number of campus and IFC activities it participates in. These activities include basketball, base- ball, bowling, supporting a candidate for the Mayor of Huntington Avenue contest, sponsoring a guest speaker for Bacon Memorial Chapel, and partici- pation in the Winter Carnival. The social events — anywhere and every- where — include house parties, beach parties, a night at the Boston Pops, the Quint Frat formal and winter outings on the ski slopes. The Alumni Weekend, considered by the brothers as the most outstanding weekend of the year, is held between the Divisions A and B winter terms. This opened with a dinner dance on Satur- day night. On Sunday, Ronald E. Scott, dean of the College of Engineering, was sworn in as an honorary brother of the fraternity. Ready — Aim — Fire Front Row: W. Parker (guard) , B. Kosa (secretary) , H. Ellis (vice president) , R. Forrest (div. B. president) , E. Gammon (div. A. president), B. Hanna (secretary) , B. Davidson (treasurer) , J. Harpell (guard) . Second Row: C. Pearson, D. Brown, L. Linder, J. Henrickson, L. Howard, N. Yeo, R. Wallace, A. Housman, D. Nevela, D. Hatch, W. Taylor, W. Gerety, W. Guard, J. Wells, A. Lockwood. Third Row: R. Crawford, K. Wuttke, K. Spencer, R. Blaha, R. Stickles, J. Townsend, J. Birenbaum, C. Cassidy, L. Patnaud. « © beta mmm efsiloi " Who put that tack there? " Sitting: R. Harrington, B. Kosa, H. Ellis, R. Forrest, W Parker, W. Gerard, R. Crawford. Standing: C. Pearson, D. Hatch, D. Brown, D. Nevala, A. Housman, J. Henriksen, B. Howard, L. Patnaudi, R. Wallace, T. Fogler, C. Cassidy. GAMMA PHI KAPPA In November of last year the brothers of Gamma Phi Kappa, as part of a good neighbor drive, volunteered its aid to the local United Fund Drive. For two weeks, the brothers and the pledges canvassed the neighborhood and were rewarded by over six hundred dollars in contributions. November wasn ' t all work however. For the first time in many years, GPK entered a float in the Homecoming parade. It didn ' t win first prize, but if size was of any importance, it may have won in national competit ion. In typical GPK fashion, it was so large that in order to transport it to the field many trees along the way had to be pruned of their lower branches. 144 First Row: J. Austad (pies.) , D. Brown (sec.) , N. Maurice, B. Pettit, B. Kalodziey, T. Emery (treas.) , B. Rioux, D. Dickinson. Second Roiu: D. Searr, Prof. A. Borman (advisor) , D. Chickering, J. Schofield, E. Luft, A. Duerwald, R. Crane, J. Leone. -1 K I First Row: B. Hall, S. Nagel, J. Power (pres.) , Prof. A. Borman, J. Nicholas (treas.) , B. Kalodziey (sec.) , L. Eigenbrod. Second Roiu: C. Gustavson, V. De Cario, J. Norris, R. Manning, D. Milewski, D. Searr, D. Chickering, S. Hamilton III, D. Sweeny, D. Yennaco, K. Shea, L. Barrett. In sports, the brothers won the IFC basket- ball trophy, and finished second in the football league. For a week our pledges added some color to the campus scene by parading about in the quad- rangle wearing pajamas and army helmets. The pledges also won a wheelbarrow race against the pledges of PGP in the quadrangle. GPK, in planning for the future, has already formed an Alumni Association and both the brothers and alumni are working toward the reali- zation of the fraternity ' s long range goals, a new house and a scholarship fund. " What do you mean smile? That hurts! The boys: " A short one and twenty straws! ' Front Row: J. McCluskey, W. Vierstra, C. Whitney, R. Granito. Second Row: R. Cun- ningham, S. Austin, A. Alderman, R. Willis, D. Lynch, W. Maxwell, W. Cole. Third Row: R. Thompson, A. Henry, H. Miller, H. Dattele, E. Milbury, A. Hodson, H. Whitney. NEZ M EPSILON ZETA I don ' t care how good looking she is, she still can ' t pledge! The Brothers of Nu Epsilon Zeta Frater- nity look back over the year with pride and mem- ories of some of the events we have participated in. With a rendition of our Fraternity song in 4 part harmony, arranged for us by the original composer, Robert B. Thomson, ' 50, we won the Annual Greek Sing, and started the year off. In the midst of the busy homecoming week- end, we managed to have our annual Parent ' s Weekend. During the annual float parade, NEZ did it again by walking away with the first prize in the fraternal division with the float " Camelot, " which featured fair maidens, a white castle, and a green dragon which exhaled smoke and moved its tail. With our parents as our guests, we enjoyed a buffet supper, followed by attending the movie " West Side Story. " On Sunday, after a roast beef dinner, our parents returned home and we re- turned to the hard chore of studying. In the early winter, we sponsored a Chapel service which was fairly well attended, and took home from the BETA Ball the trophies for both divisions for the 1960-61 Softball season. During the year, the 500th member was initiated into NEZ and several of our members held offices in various school activities. Daniel Lynch and William Vierstra, served as President and Vice-President respectively of the class of 1962. We were also honored to have the Vice Presidents of the IFC from NEZ, Gordon McGin- nis in Division A and Wayne E. Cole in Division B. Our interest and participation in school and IFC activities, along with our own active social program have made the past year an exciting year. The brothers of NEZ have an enjoyable year to look back upon and look forward to another enjoyable year next year. homework time First Row: G. Birdsall, B. Berman, J. Perkins (pledgemaster) , P. Krauss (grand master) , R. Hauptman, R. Glorioso (grand scribe) , T. Cummings, A. Davey. Second Row: T., Buoniconti, A. Whitney, E. Wenners, G. McGinnis (grand chancellor) , R. Casey, S. Lunn (exchequer) , R. West, G. Adams, R. Wilder, H. Hunter, J. Drury. ■ ...- v ■ : . ' k ' --.Jk ' : ' .v M. Jik ' mi tk: 4 ' AP SITTING (ON RUG) , D. O ' Donnell, M. Kanayan, N. Goldstein, G. Mason, R. Wash- burn (pledgemaster) , R. Rhodes, G. Celcis, W. Peluso. SITTING (ON COUCH) : R. Drapeau, K. Wiedman (rec. sec.) , D. Cotte (president) , B. Smith (vice pres.) , N. Nunes (cor. sec. ' ) . STANDING: W. LaPointe, T. Hayden, J. Caruso, H. Schlegel, H. Titus, A. Seluta, R. Johnson, J. Jarmulowicz, W. Hatch, A. Krueger, D. Sands, D. Rines, K. Campbell, A. Poole, B. Shane. Memories of an active year: Fido Flint- sone almost made it . . . the seniors became alumni . . . Falmouth and Rodriques . . . I ' m not drunk, officer, I always talk this way ... 40 brothers in a three-room cabin . . . the Fall season and Alumni Homecoming ... a new pledge class . . . Scotty McBiber and the plaid campus . . . kilts at the game, and " cokes " too ... a traffic jam in Sumner tunnel . . . Hell weekend ... a new year and the new brothers . . . midwinter and the new pledges . . . freshmen were loyal but a bother . . . ten brothers were elected presidents of other organizations . . , the U. Mass weekends . . . " Got any boots? " . . . serenading Chi Pi . . . the Club 143 .. . Celcis in the lake ... " A Weidmann eye " . . . Nunes got paddled 17 times . . . Washburn held the top three offices on campi . . . the new brothers . . . Jenks had a headache . . . tears in McTaggart ' s eyes (and a lot of other eyes too) . . . the interlocking circle of brotherhood . . . " We pledge our loyalty . . . " £ ' « satiny ' " - ■ " ?Xt ' • ' d j¥tiM ' Y m fni s ijiHi The " Mr. Husky " campaign — Fido Flintstone and Friend. At the airport, after the successful reception organized by PAR ' s pledge class for the basketball team. Pretty girls were standard equipment at parties. Barry proves he too can be smooth. Phi Beta Alpha Phi Beta Alpha ' s social calendar began i early this year with the annual clambake in August. The fall social season saw a round of pre-game and post-game parties at the " Club 72. " Brother Weyand received the alumni ' s annual scholarship for his adherence to PBA ' s goals and ideals, and twelve brothers earned mem- bership in the President ' s Circle. Victory maintained its acquaintance with Phi Beta Alpha as we won a special prize, once again, for " Flower Drum Song, " our entry in the Homecoming float contest. Brother Dugan played Santa Claus for the children at the annual Christmas party in the Robert Gouldshaw Settlement House and New Year ' s eve found the blazered brotherhood amidst the blue and gold decorations at Brother Leder- man ' s home. The morning after, the night ' s " good cheer " and the morning ' s weak officiating held us to a 13-7 loss in the annual Hangover Bowl with Sigma Phi Alpha. Highlights of the year were the bi- weekly parties at the Carpenter and Baltimore posts, an undefeated hockey season, and the final farewells of the seventeen seniors who left the fraternity at the Senior Banquet in the Province- town Inn in June. 150 SEATED: W. Paul, J. Hayice, E. Crepeau, K. Chute (treas.) , P. Gallagher (pres.) , J. Palmucci (vice pres.) , R. Leonard (sec.) , Prof. Fullington (advisor) , W. Surette, J. Howard. SECOND ROW: P. Jodice, N. Brown, W. Pagnano, J. Weyand, D. McLaugh- lin, R. Bentley, J. Denk, J. Mallar, T. Callahan, A. Murphy, S. Roberts, T. Nelson, C. Babb. THIRD ROW: S. Green, J. Ring, C. Mitchell, D. Jervah, R. Smith, B. Gerson, J. O ' Connell, W. Nelson, R. Saicola. FOURTH ROW: E. Whithurst, P. Reddy, D. Dug- gan, S. Fertel, W. Collyer, A. Hall, D. Johnson, D. Hall, C. Polizzoti. PBA, in the person of football captain Dennis Dugan, plays Santa Claus at a children ' s Christmas party. The " Flower Drum " blossoms and reveals a pretty flower during the Homecoming Parade. Miss Arlene Wissenbach, Homecoming Queen, escorted by PBA president Paul Gallagher at the Fall Sports Dance. Sitting: R. Menghi (secretary) , P. Corbett (president), M. Whinsper (vice president) , R. Moye (treasurer) . Standing: D. Wolfe, R. Canada, D. Leblanc, J. Harrington, R. Leblond, B. Potter, R. Gordon, J. Moran. Who ' s singing soprano? The year was one of study, prosperity and fraternal responsibility for brothers of PGP. A raucous car smash was performed and a dazzling " Cinderella " float was displayed at the Homecoming game to buoy the spirits of disap- pointed sports fans. House improvement was stressed through- out the year as the entire first floor was repainted. The IFC Greek Alpha Ball, beginning its first year as an inter-fraternity function, was at- tended by almost all the brothers and was found to be a good time for all. PGP was proud to have the date of one of her brothers selected queen of the annual Greek Letter Ball. The fraternity was host to many dances throughout the year, and once again the Quint Fraternity Formal was a hugse success. Though edged out in Softball, PGP held its own in other sports events. Nine new pledges were initiated into the brotherhood, and the new year w as a successful one all around. A backhand serve is the hardest shot to master. PHI GAMMA PI Sitting: C. Tosh, T . Larlee, B. Chesk, N. Dube. Standing: R. Cady, S. Dickson, D. Erickson, B. Hession, J. Kelly. Roll me over in the ■ Iff) w %J. mmm : First Row: G. Feldman, A. Marion (exec, board) , S. Goren (corresponding scribe) , S. Ross (comptroller), J. Lipsky (vice president) , Y. Patt (president) , Prof. Cooperstein (advisor) , A. Parvew (recording scribe) , G. Koss (exec, board) , S. Tocman. Second Roiu: D. Lipsitz, H. Leafe, M. Citrin, S. Forman, H. Minsky, R. Berman, R. Nataupsky, L. Adelson, A. Berger, D. Fischbach, R. Titlebaum, R. Steiman, S. Leber, L. Goldberg. Third Row: D. Menaker, S. Rubin, S. Butkovitz, S. Rubin, A. Caplan, M. Rosenbloom, S. Stieglitz, C. Wellhoff, M. Shulman, R. Cohen, L. Bodin, E. Tenofsky, G. Gerson, A. Blocker, P. Rutten, R. Thomashow. ZK¥ Growing pains were experienced by SKP in 1962 as its petition to affiliate with Alpha Epsilon Pi, a national fraternity, caused considerable com- motion within the IFC. The winning of the Mayoralty Contest by Al " Ali Kaholic " Caplan — an affair that saw Ali bring the Kingston Trio to campus and Ronald Titlebaum break his " G " string in joining them — brought much exultation to the fraternity. Other events included a Brothers and Par- ents Dinner at Chickland, a Freshman Twist Party at the Copley Square Hotel and an active partici- pation in inter-fraternity sports, in which SKP was highly successful in tennis and basketball. The highlight of the year came in April when the brothers held their annual Richard M. Horwitz Dance in remembrance of his death in World War II. Ali Kaholic and the Kingston Trio I just love goldfish. The Clan gathering 2 1 A SIGMA PHI ALPHA During the past year, Sigma Phi Alpha has been extremely active both in school and in com- munity activities. The brothers captured the first place trophy in the new touch-football league and the second place trophy in the Softball league. Other sports in which the brotherhood partook were bowling, tennis, and basketball. Other school activities in which SPA was represented were the Mayor of Huntington Ave- nue and the Mr. Husky contests. Due to the en- thusiasm of the brotherhoods the Mr. Husky con- test was won by SPA. On the Homecoming scene, our float pres- entation, " Peter Pan, " was the first overall prize. Every brother made our float what it was: a winner. During the Christmas season, the brothers visited the Home for Little Wanderers and held games and activities for these needy little people. This year has been one of cooperation, ef- fort and enthusiasm so as to instill spirit within the brotherhood itself and in the school. Now, guys, listen to the piano player and try to sing the same song. Mr. and Mrs. Husky -and I promise you If I should win - First Row: J. Shannahan, R. Guarino, J. Whyte, E. Siborg, W. Manning. Second Row: P. Tick, V. Cortina (recording secretary) , J. Travers (vice president) , H. Benson (presi- dent), L. Kanowitz (treasurer) , I. Swartz. Third Row: M. Cohn, T. Baxter, R. Roberts, D. Sebald, J. Morin, P. Benson, R. Beaumont, G. Thornell, C. Stone, J. McDonagh, V. Barletta, S. Straube, P. Maclntyre. The past year saw the fulfill- ment of a dream for Kappa Zeta Phi. In 1924 our charter members, when forming, expressed a profound desire to become affiliated with Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity. On October 29, 1961, 38 years later, this dream became re- ality. The brothers and alumni of Kappa Zeta Phi were initiated into the fold of Tau Epsilon Phi. The added responsibility of representing Northeastern University at fifty-five colleges and Universities throughout the country has drawn the fraternal bonds that tie us together stronger, both within the brotherhood and to the University. Socially, the past year has been a resounding success. Outstanding events of the year were the annual Marvin Gutten Scholarship Dance, and the Merril Lovinger Dinner Dance. In addition to these the Kappa Zeta Phi Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi, in conjunction with brothers at B.U., M.I.T., and Tufts, were hosts to broth- ers from campuses throughout New England at a weekend conclave held in Boston. Also prominent during the year was the presentation of a Ful- bright Scholarship to one of our alum- ni, in recognition of his work in the field of History. The future looks bright in- deed. A new pledge class, the purchase of a fraternity house, continued social and athletic achievements will con- tribute to the growth and stature of Tau Epsilon Phi. And mommy said that next year I can wear long pants, just like the rest o£ you guys. Actually, my name is Allan Funt, and there ' s the Candid Camera. 158 «. " " .. ' i ommi immmm ' i i«.«««mjiiw WmWTW] , P . TW) .,. E n o« d i V.UV: A First Row: D. Woolf (warden) , M. Miller (bursar) , H. Berson (historian) , N. Rosen- blatt (adviser) , D. Shapiro (chancellor), P. Soltz (vice-chancellor) , P. Cove (scribe) , M. Samuel (chaplain) , L. Epstein. Second Row: G. Namenson, P. Cowan, M. Bearon, F. Roisen, P. Hoffstein, D. Aizely, L. Gopen, T. Hyman, S. Corr, E. Cohen, D. Phares, A. Sapoznick, H. Paul. Third Row: D. Headd, T. Godart, N. Weinstein, A. Cohen, S. Bloom, S. Davis, S. Asnes. Fourth Row: A. Shuman, E. Gam, L. Albert, H. Blank, R. Plovnick, W. Rosenthal. TE4 TAU EPS1L0H PH! zft ZETA GAMMA TAU I could have danced all night Seated L. to R. — First Row: Al Mangone, Dave Sawyer (vice pres.) , George Lynch (pres.) , John Madden (treas.), Lee Hathaway. Second Row: Denny Geaney, Marc Lipetz, Steve Kane, Dick Donahue, Jack Stratton, Bill Lewis, Al Elliot, Bob Botte. Third Row: Arnie Rosenstein, Bernie McTernan, Jack Lynch, Paul Chandler, Chris Christos, Dave McDonald, Jim Devine. fin f f Sfti fl: ; ' ; ' ■■£ ■ ' ' ' .3; (w- ' ■■ ' . fw .... Wk. No comment Zeta Gamma Tau became Northeastern ' s eleventh fraternity when it received recognition from the IFC last year, climaxing a two-year strug- gle to reach this goal. In the short time since its acceptance in September, ZGT has made its presence felt in all phases of University life. The basketball team led by Steve Kane and Denny Geaney artd coached by Steve " Red " Bow- ers provided strong competition in the IFC league. The hockey team, too, spent many wee hours of the morning in competition at some local rink. Outside of sports ZGT was active on the " party line. " Led by the twist kings Mike Pocaro, Paul Laughlin and Al Mangone the fraternity held many " spirited " affairs with other groups in the school. The first pledge class and hell weekend showed that the boys could take as much as Pledge- master Steve Kane and the group could hand out. As ZGT ends its first full year as a recog- nized fraternity, it is building toward the future. Mr. Robert Caswell of the Admissions Office be- came the first adviser, and latest word was that the second pledge class was nearing its wrap-up stage. With the future as its promise, ZGT is con- fident that it will take its place as one of the great fraternities at Northeastern. Who moved the bar? All right, fall in, you guys! 161 First Row: C. Capano (rec. sec), D. Griffin (cor. sec.) , L. Jassem (sgt.-at-arms) , M. Serfilippi (pres.) , M. Rabinowitz (vice-pres.) , J. Wax (pledgemother) , M. Talbot. Second Row: E. Sacks, P. Bogle, P. Trundy, C. Cianci, J. Holbrook, K. Belcher, R. Green, A. Robillard, M. Muscara, E. Peters, M. O ' Keeffe. Third Roto: P. McCoy, G. Mallard, L. Johnson, M. Dobeck, C. Larson, P. Gannon. AnA ALPHA On June 1, 1961, Delta Pi Alpha became Northeastern ' s second sorority. With our brand new copies of Roberts ' Rules of Orders the sisters of DPA began an active round of meetings and social gatherings. School spirit was sparked by our vivacious group of young coeds, and we added our help to the Homecoming float parade. DPA took the cake and the candle too! What a " Bundle of Joy! " Our first pledge group will always remem- ber the " Ella Fitzgerald " posters, and what about those Tee-Shirts. Twisting with the " Dekes " across the river, the Saint Patrick ' s Day sorority party, and who could ever forget Nancy, the spaghetti dinner, the tables basking in candlelight: all these added up to a wonderful start for our new friends and the beginnings of Delta Pi Alpha. 162 Blindwomen ' s bluff At the game Ho humm 163 a Tau First Row: V. Wilkinson (cor. sec.) , L. Levy (vice pres.) , J. Price (pres.), J. Ala (rec. sec.) , Mrs. Rosenberg (advisor) , P. Danis (treas.) , P_ Glazer (hist.) . Second Row: M. Martin, M. Amirian, S. Stein, B. Wolfe, S. Epple, D. Abrahamson, S. Polit, H. Canter, G. Kullas. eu 164 On February 1, 1962 Northeastern Uni- versity recognized Theta Sigma Tau as the third sorority on campus. To celebrate their acceptance the sorority held a party in the Commons. A chapel service marked the first formal activity sponsored by the sorority. Parents and faculty were invited to at- tend a candlelight ceremony for the installation of officers and members. An informal reception fol- lowed. Prior to the establishment of an Intersoror- ity Council, an intersorority tea was held by the Dean of Women to acquaint the sorority sisters from the individual sororities. Services to the University included voluntary work at the library and ushering at the Silver Masque production. A dinner was given by the sorority sis- ters in honor of the first alumnus member. By following in the footsteps of our sis- ter sororities, Theta Sigma Tau will continue to encourage the spirit of sisterhood at Northeastern University. Jf - JF Nineteen sixty-one heralded the birth of Chi Pi Epsilon Sorority at Northeastern Univer- sity. With Mrs. Eleanor Lambert as adviser, we had an eventful year. We will long remember — our first Rush Tea (which proved successful despite delays from hurricane) . . . eight pounds of spaghetti for our spaghetti supper . . . the acceptance party in Oc- tober at the University Club . . . the rehearsals for the Greek Sing for which we were rewarded by the second prized trophy presented at the Fall Sports Dance . . . " twisting " crepe paper for our Homecomnig Float, " Sound of Music " ... So- rority Weekend . . . the initiation of six sisters in the Chapel . . . Christmas Party with Santa Faherty . . . various international foods at our Mother- Daughter Tea in February . . . and other social functions ending with our Installation Banquet. Nor shall we forget — " our guiding, " " oh my nerves, " " just one more thing, " and of course our " Queen. " We have many things to remember — es- pecially the eleven graduating sisters who have contributed so much to the establishment of Chi Pi Epsilon at Northeastern University. xnE CHI PI EPSILON 166 The Dean pays a call ' Doe, a deer, a female deer, ray First Row: B. Franklin, J. Miles, A. Wissenbach (cor. sec.) , B. McGowan (vice pres.) , M. Faherty (pres.) , E. Lambert (advsior) , N. McNulty (rec. sec), C. Yeannakopoulos (treas.) , F. Speyer, (historian) . Second Row: G. Burns, G. Silverstein, E. McGrath, M. Pierce, J. St. Martin, S. Nenart, H. Goldberg, M. Webb, G. Starr, G. Osterhout, R. Saccardo, A. Holmes. Third Row: L. Saslow, N. Gavin, M. Maltz, A. Evans, P. Monsein, L. O ' Connor, B. Wyman. 167 168 ■..,.;.■ 169 170 Division A Biggs, H Wood,C. Drapeau, R. Bartlett, D. Brown, F. Pepi.J. Tragakis, C. Short, A. Applebaum,.L. Port, R. Desrochers, G, Patt, Y. Dewar, W. Dufresne, D. Cu ' rtha, H. CADET OFFICERS Rank Brig. Gen. Brig. Exec. SI Adj. S3 S4 1st BG Co. 2nd BG Co. 3rd BG Co. 4th BG Co. 5 th BG Co. 1st BG Exec. 2nd BG Exec. 3rd BG Exec. 4th BG Exec. 5th BG Exec. Division B Garvin, R. Troup, E. Walker, H. Guard, W. Bressi, J. Tragakis, C. DiCenso, R. Fitzgerald, J. Trainor, F. Weiss, R. Brown, A. McDavitt, G. Wharton, R. Ferrick, M. DeLong, R. Colonel Arthur E. Cotter Drilling in the Dust Bowl PERSHING RIFLES Company A, 12th Regiment, Pershing Rifles 172 P.R. having a ball " Give me more plasma. " Company A-12 Pershing Rifles, the Uni- versity ' s honorary military society tor Basic Course ROTC cadets, made its tenth anniversary year the biggest yet. When the 200 pledges turned out for Brigade drill in Division A, they found Pershing Riflemen in five of the top six command positions, including both Cadet Brigadier Generals. Division B P Rs nearly duplicated the feat. A rugged Fall of training was topped off with a bivouac at Ft. Devens, the Veterans ' Day Parade in Boston, first place in the Homecoming Float Contest, and the appearance of the drill team at the annual New England Governor ' s Ball. In a typical example of school spirit, the Company sent an honor guard to welcome the basketball team home from the NCAA Champion- ships in Evansville, Indiana. Parade appearances were made in Lex- ington on Patriots Day and Dorchester on Memo- rial Day with top showings made at the Coast Guard Academy. Twelfth Regiment and Massachusetts Military drill meets ended the military activities of Company A12. 173 km BLADE First Row: W. Allan, R. Drapeau, H. Biggs, G. Celcis, J. Fitzgerald II, D. Lynes. N. Goldstein, A. Short,. R. Di- Censo, C. Grant Jr., M. Kanayan, J. Bressi, P. Franson, C. Tragakis. Second Row: C. Wood, R. Wharton, J. McGiv- ney, M. Citrin, P. Sielinski, E. Cambell, W. Heffernan, R. Mallion, C. Wall, J. Power, H. Davidson, L. DiBiasco, W. Dewar, J. Indorato, R. Fritchie, E. Lantery, F. Parillo. Third Row: F .O.Connell, M. Zerofsky, K. Deasy, C. Fanuele, M. Giammusso, S. Collins, E. Troup, R. Pettit, L. Hannaver, F. Follis, J. Haley, J. Cademartori, R. Twombly, P. Harding, R. Gates, R. Campbell. Fourth Row: R. Wong, J. Hand, T. O Dea, G. Mason, H. Cunha, J. Lipsky, L. Cohen, C. Nahabedian, G. Desrochers, J. Martin, E. Wenners, G. McDavitt, J. Zrebic, G. Cahill, W. Karavates, R. Gallagher. 174 But, sir, I thought your name WAS " Four-eyes! Scabbard and Blade is the ROTC Cadet Officers ' Honorary Society for Advanced Corps students, with membership open only by invita- tion. Company H, the Northeastern chapter of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade, was guided through an eventful year under the leadership of Cadet Captain Norman Goldstein. Captain Goldstein ' s four man staff consisted of First Lieutenant Albert Short, Second Lieutenant Robert D. Dicenso, Second Lieutenant (Opera- tions) John Fitzgerald and First Sergeant Charles Grant. Highlighting the year ' s activities was a leadership address given by former president of the General Assembly, the Honorable Frederick H. Boland. Other activities included a pledge bivouac in the fall, a pledge banquet, a Queen ' s Pageant, and an annual Military Ball. Four worthy cadets were also given scholarship awards. Another feature of the year was the Bi- annual National Convention of the Society held during November 1961 at Cincinnati, Ohio. Com- pany H was represented at the Convention by Captain Goldstein and First Sergeant Grant. Presi- dent Knowles accompanied by Colonel Arthur E. Cotter also attended the convention. Captain Goldstein crowns the Queen of the Military Ball. 175 MARS Presentation of new MARS Club ribbon by Lt. Colonel Larkin D. Martin. Left to Right: P. La Tour (sec.) , J. Richmond (pres.) , D. Sanderson (vice pres.) , Lt. Col. Martin, J. DiFranza Jr. and J. Townsend (treas.) . 176 The purpose of MARS is to assist its members in getting their Ham licenses, to operate Ham Radio Station K1WAS on a daily basis, and to operate Radio Station AA1WAS, First Army Area, also on a daily basis. For the benefit of entering Freshmen, MARS maintained a display in the Commons dur- ing Freshman Night, demonstrating military com- munications and amateur electronics. MARS sponsored the second annual University Radio Day during the fall term. Through the facilities of MARS, students were given the opportunity to send a message to any- body in the United States. The first official MARS membership ribbons and fourragers were presented to the MARS club by ROTC Executive Officer Lt. Col. Larkin D. Martin. A two-meter communications net was established on 145.44 mc. on Thursday nights. This net serves to strengthen the relations between MARS members of both Divisions by the ex- change of ideas and information concerning club activities. ROTO BAND 177 The Queen and her Court MILITARY BALL At least there was a reason for dancing close ' I dub thee , We practiced marching We learned how to march again GRAI 181 Dr. Roger S. Hamilton Dean of the College of Business Administration 182 lege of Business A HOWARD L. ABBOTT, JR. 63 Rindone Street, Holbrook Finance and Insurance " Howie " — Co-op Work Record: Brockton Savings Bank. STEPHEN Z. AJEMIAN, JR. 14 Montview Avenue, Waltham Industrial Relations " Steve " — Freshman Baseball 1 — Varsity Baseball 2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Weil Pearson Co., John Hancock Life Insurance Company. GEORGE L. ALCOCK JR. 20 Cutter St. Belmont Business Management Hockey 1,2,3— Northeastern Univer- sity Underwater Society (sec.-treas.) 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Five Cents Savings Bank. 10—7320 Northeastern 8x9 bask 2 4 3 2 1 AA-2 8 on 9 Baskerville w. Italic — 11 Picas Copies 188-9 to 195-10 THOMAS H. ANDERSON 76 High Haith Road, Arlington Accounting " Andy " — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Intramural Softball 4,5 — Intramural Basketball 4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Cambridge Gas Company. RICHARD H. ANTONIOTTI 2$A 57 Main Street, Kingston Business Management " Rich " — Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4,5— Chapel Choir 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Puritan Clothing Co., Te- deschi ' s Super Market, E. B. Hayes Co. RONALD A. APREA 50 Warner Street, Medford Accounting " Sonny " — Accounting Society— Co- op Work Record: Cabot Corp. College of WILLIAM D. ALLAN 51 Faxton Road, No. Quincy Business Management " Bill " — Leadership Award 1,2 (R.O.T.C.) — Academic Achieve- ment Award 1 (R.O.T.C.) —Rifle Club 1 A.F.C.E.A. 2,3,4,5 -S.A.M. 3,4,5— Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Richmond Hardware and Plumbing Supply Inc., American Biltrite Rubber Company Inc. LAWRENCE J. ALVES 14 Castle Rock St., Dorchester Accounting " Larry " — Dean ' s List 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electric Company, Ucinite Company. RUSSELL V. ATWOOD, JR. Winter, Duxbury Marketing and Advertising " Russ " — American Marketing As- sociation 4,5 — Advertising Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Brockton Taunton Gas Company. DAVID E. BABSON 14 Hawthorne St., Brunswick Industrial Relations " Bab-o " — Married — Society for Ad- vancement of Management — Co-op Work Record: Sanborn Co., Brad- ley Sales Associates. HAROLD C. BABSON, JR. 1749 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Business Management " Hal " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3.4,5— Travelli Scholar- ship 2,3,4,5 — Sigma Society 5 — Sil- ver Masque 1,3, 4,5 — University Chorus 1,2,3,4,5— Student Union, Cabinet Member 4,5 — SAM 4,5, Editorial Staff, Manager 4 — Senior Reception Committee 3,4,5 — NU Writer 5 — Co-op Work Record: Microwave Associates. COLIN F. BACKER 1248 Great Plain Ave., Needham Industrial Relations Co-op Work Record: Gilman Broth- ers, Inc., Dedham Institution for Savings. GERALD J. BANAITIS 31 Newport, Dorchester Business Management " Jerry " — Dean ' s List Student 2 — Newman Club — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Dorchester Savings Bank, Bos- ton GLOBE. PHILIP E. BENSON 24 A 1135 Washington, Hoiliston Marketing and Advertising " Phil " — Freshman Rifle Team — American Marketing Association 5— Advertising Club 5 — Class Cabinet 4,5— Rifle Club 1— Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., J. Wal- ter Thompson Co., Gillette Co. RICHARD C. BENTLEY $BA 34 Cliff Street, Quincy Business Management " Dick " — Most Improved Player Award— Cross Country 1958 — Phi Beta Alpha 3,4,5— News 2— Cross Country 1,2,3— Track 2,3— SAM 5— Co-op Work Record: Northeastern University, Boston Cutting Die Co. WILLIAM A. BERGAN, JR. 31 Locust Road, Methuen Finance and Insurance " Bill " — Co-op Work Record: Co- lonial Management and Association Inc., New England Mutual Life In- surance Company. Business Administratio CLEMENT T. BAXTER, JR. S A 123 Essex Street,. Beverly Accounting " Tom " — Sigma Phi Alpha 4,5 — Ac- counting Society 2,3,4,5 — Newman Club 1,2,3— Co-op Work Record: A. C. Lawrence Leather Co., Ly- brand, Ross Bros. Montgomery. HOSEA J. BENSON S A Mattakeesett, Pembroke Industrial Relations Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3 (House Mgr.) , 4 (Vice-Pres. House Mgr.) , 5 (Pres.) — Rifle Club 1 — Co-op Work Record: National Bank of Plymouth County, Wolf Research anl Development Corp. HENRY D. BIGGS zrT 8 Florence Ave., Arlington Marketing and Advertising " Hank " — $300 Scholarship i — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3 (2nd Lt.) , 4 (Capt.-Commanding Officer) , 5 (Capt.-Reg. Expansion Officer) — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 (Military Liaison Officer) — Zeta Gamma Tau 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Macal- aster-Bicknell Co., Jordan Marsh Co., The Boston Globe Newspaper, Northeastern University. CHARLES A. BONO 243 North Street, Boston Accounting Accounting Society — Co-op Work Record: Cambridge Gas Co. robert r. botte zft 166 Perkins Street, Melrose Accounting " Bob " — Zeta Gamma Tan — Silver Masque 3,4,5— Young Democrat ' s Club 4,5 — Section Rep. 4,5 — Ac- counting Society 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Frank G. Shattuck Co., Kennedy ' s Clothing Inc. Boston University. WILLIAM F. BOWLER 79 Walnut Avenue, Norwood Business Management " Bill " — Married— Co-op Work Rec ord: Plimpton Press, R. H. Stearns JAMES A. BRESSI 44 Bradshaw Street, Watertown Industrial Relations " Jim " — Dean ' s List Student 3,4 — Freshman Baseball — Scabbard and Blade— Co-op Work Record: James O. Welch Company. DANIEL J. BURCHSTEAD, JR. 12 Dearborn Avenue, Beverly Accounting " Dan " — Freshman Honor List 1— Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Distinguished Military Student — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — (Saber Team) —Sigma Society 4,5 (Sec.) — Intramural Bas- ketball 1,4 — Accounting Society 3,43 — Intramural Softball 4 — Co-op Work Record: United Shoe Machin- ery Corporation. EDMOND J. CAIN 202 Highland Avenue, Arlington Business Management " Ed " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Dorchester Savings Bank. RAYMOND L. CAMPBELL 79 Edgewater Drive, Waltham Business Management " Ray " — Dean ' s List Student 4, — ROTC Leadership Award for Sophomore year — Scabbard and Blade 4,5— AFCEA 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Dun and Bradstreet, Beacon Plastics Corp., Raytheon Company. College of NORMAN E. BROWN | BA 29 Shattuck Street, Lawrence Business Management Baseball 1— Husky Key 2,3— Rhi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Arlington Trust Co., MKM Knitting Mills. JOHN M. BUCKLEY 520 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset Marketing and Advertising " Buck " — American Marketing As- sociation 3,4,5 — Advertising Club 3,4,5, Rifle Club 4 — Co-op Work Record: Sears Roebuck Inc., First Investors Corp., Bresnick Co. Ad- vertising Agency. ROBERT A. CARRIERE 140 Washington Street, Medford Accounting " Bob " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Freshman Honor List — Sigma Society — Accounting Society 1,2,3, 4,5— Dance Band 1— Rifle Club 3,4,5— Chess Club 5— Chapel Com- mittee 5 — Senior Week Committee — Jazz Society 2 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Associated Parts ' Corp., Arthur Andersen fe Co. HARVEY I. CHAFITZ 758 Weetamoe Street, Fall River AccomUing Married— Freshman Honor List — Accounting Society 1,2,3,4,5 — CAULDRON 5, (assistant business mgr.) Class Representative 4,5 — Senior Week Committee 5 — Jazz Society 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Kennedy ' s Inc. Ann Dale Products Inc. WALTER G. CHENEY 414 Central Street, Holliston Marketing and Advertising " Walf ' -Rifle Club 1— Ad Club 2,3,4,5 — American Marketing As- sociation 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work. Rec- ord: Jordan March Co., William Filene ' s Sons Co., Inc. ARTHUR J. CHISHOLM 32 Magnolia Street, Arlington Business Management " Art " — Married — Ice Hockey 1,2,3,4 (capt.) 3,4— Co-op Work Record: Royal McBee Typewriter Co., Itek Corp. KENNETH F. CHUTE $BA 459 Pearl Street, Stoughton Accounting " Ken " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 3— Phi Beta Alpha 3,4 (hist.) —Football 1,2,3 (mgr.) — Basketball 1,2,4 (mgr.) — Silver Masque 1,4 (stage mgr.) — Bowling Club 1 — American Institute of Ac- counts 5 — Baseball 1 (mgr.) — Co-op Work Record: Northeastern Uni- versity — Northrop Corporation. JON B COLE 19 Newcomb Terrace, Weymouth Accounting Accounting Society 2,3,4.-3 — SAM 4,5— Co-op Work Record: J. O. Welch Co., Service Warehouse Co. RALPH A. COLLESIAN 18 Otsego Road, Pleasantville, N.Y. Marketing and Advertising AFCEA 1,2,3— Pershing Rifles 2,3— Marketing Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Sears Roebuck and Co., Alfred Politz Research Inc. STEWART A. COLLINS 90 Beacon Street, Hyde Park Finance " Stew " — Rifle Club 1— NU Band 1,2,3-NU ROTC Band 1,2,3,4 — National ROTC Band Assoc. 4,5— Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5— NU Chapter American Finance Assoc. 45 — Co-op Work Record: Colonial Distributors, Weston W. Adams Co., Filenes, U.S. Mercantile Sys- tems, Inc. Business Administration IRWIN CLARK 1 Wilmington Avenue, Dorchester Marketing and Advertising " Ernie " — American Marketing As- sociation 3,4,5 — Advertising Club 3,4,5— Rifle Club 1— Co-op Work Record: The Boston Globe. ARTHUR R. COHEN 159 Nichols Street, Everett Marketing and Advertising Co-op Work Record: Belle-Mode Footwear, Jordan Marsh Co., Wm. Filene ' s Sons. JOHN F. CONNORS 1 19 Pine Street, Waltham Industrial Relations " Jack " — Basketball 1 — Co-op Work Record: Union Market National Bank. JOHN F. CONSIDINE 17 Century Street, West Medford Accounting Newman Club 3,4,5 — Intramural Basketball 1,3,4,5-Rifie Club 3— Accounting Society 5 — Co-op Work R.ecord: First National Stores, Negea Service Corp., Brockton Taunton Gas Co. FREDERIC D. COOPER 6 Netherton Avenue, Beverly Business Management " Fred " — Society for the Advance- ment of Management (vice-pres. pub.) — Co-op Work Record: Hoa- gue-Sprague Corp. PHILIP A. CORBETT rn Linden Avenue, Newport, N. H. Business Management " Phil " — Phi Gamma Pi 1,2,3 (sgtr at-Arms) , 4 (vice-pres.) , 5 (pres.) — Society for the Advancement of Management 3,4,5 — Rifle Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Corbett Oil Co., M.K.M. Knitting Mills, Inc. ALBERT S. COYTE, JR. 15 Fern Street, Lexington Marketing and Advertising " Albie " — Class Representative 2,3— Jazz Society 2,3— Advertising So- ciety 2,3,4,5 — American Marketing Association 2,3 (jr. vice-pres.) , 4,5 (pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Frank D ' orlando Co., Cabot Corp. ROBERT M. DANKESE 17 Arcadia Street, Dorchester Accounting " Bob " — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Brockton Taunton Gas Co. CARL A. DEEB 55 Kellogg Street, Fall River Finance and Insurance Dean ' s List 3 — American Finance Association 3,4,5 (treas.) — Newman Club 5— CAULDRON 5— Section Representative 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Union Market National Bank. JOHN W. DeLANO R.F.D. 2, Hopewell Junction, N. Y. Accounting " Johnny " — Married — Elected as Sec- tion Representative 1,2,3 — Treasurer of Middler (3) year, class of 1962 — Track 1 — Accounting Society 5 — Co- op Work Record: Charles F. Ritten- house, Arthur D. Little. College of EUGENE A. CREPEAU BA 366 Hilldale Avenue, Haverhill Business Management " Gene " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 3 — Clare Luella Hunkins Schol- arship 2— Husky Key 1,2,3,4 (vice pres.) 5 — Student Council 2,3,4,5 (vice pres.) — Phi Beta Alpha 3,4,5 — ■ Husky Hilighters 3,4,5 — Silver Mas- que 1,2,3,4 — Northeastern NEWS 3 — N.S.A. (chairman) 5 — Slipstick Six 1,2,3 — Co-op Work Record: General Radio Co., North American Packing Co. DAVID J. DeLARIA 591 Main Street, Medford Business Management " David " — Society for the Advance- ment of Management — Co-op Work Record: Resisto Pipe Valve Co., East Cambridge Savings Bank. RICHARD V. DeLONG 2 A 134 County Road, Reading Marketing and Advertising " Dick " — Distinguished Military Stu- dent 4,5 — Leadership Award ROTC 3— Sigma Phi Alpha 3,4,5— IFC Representative 3,4 — IFC Secretary 5 — Marketing Club 4,5 — Pershing Rifles, Major, Battalion Staff 3,4— Co-op Work Record: Dean C. Wolf, Inc., Advertising Agency, Boston, J. ' Walter Thompson Co., Advertising Agency, New York. RICHARD G. DEMMLER 361 Bay View Avenue, Cranston, R. I. Business Management " Rick " — Freshman Honor List 1 — Dean ' s List 2— NEWS 1,2,3,4,5— SAM 1,2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 4,5— Stu- dent Union 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Carl-Art, Inc., C. I. Hayes, Inc., Itek, Inc. PAUL A. DeVICO 228 Broadway, Somerville Accounting Married — Dean ' s List 4 — Auto Club 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: The Great Atlantic Pacific Tea Co., First Na- tional Stores, Inc. ROBERT L. DRAPEAU $AP 124 Bennett Street, Woonsocket, R. I. Business Management " Bob " — Distinguished Military Stu- dent 4,5— ROTC Scholastic Award 2,3,4— Phi Alpha Rho 4,5— Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — Pershing Rifles 1,2 — Society for the Advancement of Management 4,5— CAULDRON 5— TGIF 1,2,3,4,5— N.U. Agitator 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Foxboro Co., Northeastern University, Jordan Marsh Co. DAVID C. DWYER 29 Ticknor Place, Scituate Business Management " Dave " — Dean ' s List 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Northeastern Univer- sity Maintenance Dept.. B. F. Good- rich Rubber Co. STUART ECKMAN 68 Essex, Chelsea Marketing and Advertising " Senor or Butchie " — Member of Marketing Society 4,5 — Jazz Society 2,3 — Member of Advertising Club 4,5 — Intramural Basketball 4— Intra- mural Basketball 3,4,5 — Member of Rifle Club 4— Co-op Work Record: Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., Dean C. Wolf Associates, Inc., Super Mar- ket Distributors, Inc. usiness Administration ROBERT E. DiCENSO 38 Whitford Street, Roslindale Accounting " Bob " — Distinguished Military Stu- dent — Silver Achievement Award — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4 (operations officer) , 5 (capt.) — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 (2nd Lt. finance officer) —Intramural Softball 3,4,5— Rifle Club 1 — Freshman Prom Committee — Co-op Work Record: New Eng- land Life Ins. Co. JAMES F. DONNELLY 525 Nahatan Street, Norwood Finance and Insurance " Jim " — Pershing Rifles 1 — Co-op Work Record: Weston W. Adams Co. GERALD D. FAHEY 157A Fayette Street, Watertown Marketing and Advertising " Jerry " — Freshman Honors — Dean ' s List 4 — N.U. Advertising Society 4,5 — American Marketing Association 3,4,5— Rifle Club 1,2— Co-op Work Record: McAllister-Bicknell Co., Star Market. RALPH E. FARNSWORTH 144 Riverside Avenue, Medford Business Management Married — Jazz Society 3 — Society for Advancement of Management 3,4,5 — (exec, vice pres. 4,5) — Co-op Work Record: Maiden Knitting Mills, Inc., North American Packing Co. CARL S. FEEN 60 Truman Street, New Haven, Conn. Marketing and Advertising Married — Student Union 1,2 — His- tory Club 1,2,3— Politics Club 1,2,3 — Northeastern NEWS 1 — Student Zionist Organization 1,2,3 — Ameri- can Marketing Association 3,4,5 — Advertising Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Periodical Publishers ' Service Bureau. ROBERT F. FELDMAN 95 Stoughton, Randolph Marketing " Bob " — Dean ' s List 3,5 — American Marketing Association 3,4,5 — Sec. of American Marketing Association 5 — Advertising Club 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Service Warehouse Co., W. F. Filene ' s Sons — Radio Shack Corp. ROGER A. FENTON 134 St. Botolph Street, Boston Accounting " Roge " — Married — Dean ' s List 2,3,4, 5 — Freshman Honor List — Account- ing Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Cambridge Gas Co., Earl R. Holden, C.P.A. DAVID F. FLAVIN 169 Hobart Street, E. Braintree Marketing and Advertising Newman Club 1 — Jazz Society 2,3 — N.U. Advertising Society 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Tandy Leather Co., Boston Office. BARRY M. FLAX 10 Caryll Street, Mattapan Accounting Accounting Society 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: R. H. Stearns Co., Pepperell Mfg. Co., Checker Taxi Co., Northeastern University. MYRON D. FOTTLER 87 Thornton Street, Quincy Industrial Relations Dean ' s List Student 3,4 — Section Representative 4 — SAM 3,4 — Sociol- ogy Club 4 — Newman Club 4 — Politics Club 3 (vice pres.) — Intra- mural Basketball 1,2,3 — Young Democrats 4 — Tennis Tournament 3 — Folk Music Society 4 — Go-op Work Record: Dorchester Savings Bank, Mass. Motor Vehicle Assigned Risk Plan — Bemis Bros. Bag Co. College of ROBERT E. FINE 144 Sutherland Road, Brighton Industrial Relations " Bob " — Married— SAM 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Keylite Manufactur- ing, Jordan Marsh, Sanborn Co., Lumberman ' s Mutual Insurance Co. FRANCIS X. FITZGERALD 180 Old Conn. Path, Framingham Accounting " Fitz " — Co-op Work Record: Fen- . wall Ink, Ernst and Ernst. JOHN R. FRANCIS 600 Slocum Road, N. Dartmouth Accounting " Jack " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student — Young Demo- crats Club 4,5 — Accounting Society 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Sco- vell, Wellington and Co. BURTON H. FREEMAN 92 Marion Street, Brookline Finance and Insurance " Burt " — Investment Society 4,5— Co-op Work Record: The Boston Globe, New England Mutual Life Insurance Co., Kelher Bros. Securi- ties Co., Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner Smith, Inc. CHESTER R. FROST 30 Pond Street, Beverly Accounting " Chet " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Section Repre- sentative 1,2,3,4 — Accounting Society — Co-op Work Record: A. C. Law- rence Co., Scovell Wellington Co. JAMES P. FURLONG 30 Manning Street, Medford Accounting " Jim " — Track 1 — Cross Country 1 — Accounting Society 5 — Rifle Club 2,3 — Newman Club 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Greene, Rubin Engleman Accounting Firm, Ad- vance Industries, M.K.M. Knitting Mill. JOSEPH L. GARRITY 40 Belvoir Road, Milton Business Management " Sonny " — Rifle Club 1,2— Co-op Work Record: Plimpton Press, Sears, Roebuck Co. JOSEPH A. GLAVICKAS .87 Fairfax Road, Worcester Business Management " Joe " — Rifle Club 2,3— Go-op Work Record: Foster Grant Co., Inc. GEOFFREY P. GOLDBERG 33 Mason Road, Newton Centre Marketing and Advertising " Geoff " — Married — Silver Masque (ticket chairman) 3,4,5 — Silver Mas- que (business manager) 5 — SZO 3 — Hillel 3 — American Marketing Asso- ciation 4,5 — Advertising Society 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., Fuller Brush Co., Venus Pen Pencil Corp. SAMUEL H. GOLDBERG 41 Almont Street, Mattapan Industrial Relations " Sam " — Student Union 1,2,3,4,5 — —Track 2— Rifle Club 1— Co-op Work Record: Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner Smith, Inc. Business Administration ALAN R. GAUTHIER 10 Middlesex Street, Bradford Marketing and Advertising " Al " — Rifle Club 1— Marketing Club 4,5 — Advertising Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Arlans ' Department Store, Jordan Marsh Co. ERNEST J. GLASS, JR. 23 Highland Terrace, Marblehead Finance and Insurance Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Salem Savings Bank. THOMAS P. GORMAN 66 Sylvia Street, Arlington Marketing and Advertising Married — American Marketing Asso- ciation 3,4,5 — Advertising Society 3,4,5 — Coop Work Record: Arthur D. Little, Inc. EDWARD P. GRIFFEY 5 Summer Street, W. Roxbury Business Management " Griff " — Dean ' s List Student 3,5 — Jazz Society 3 — SAM -4,5 — Co-op Work Record: B. B. Chemical Co., Itek Laboratories. ROBERT S. GRIFFITH 1213 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester Industrial Relations " Griff " — Jazz Society 2 — Co-op Work Record: Carl Koch Associ- ates, Dorchester Savings Bank. RICHARD B. GURRY 220 Oregon Trail, Holden Marketing and Advertising " Dick " — Marketing Society 3,4,5, (treas.) 5 — Advertising Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Filenes. JOHN E. HAND 22 Warren Avenue, Randolph Finance and Insurance Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,5— Rifle Club 1— Husky Key So- ciety 2,3,4 — American Finance So- ciety 5 — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — - Co-op Work Record: Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., Brockton Savings Bank. College JOHN G. HARRIS 34 Dyer Avenue, Milton Finance and Insurance " Smiley " — American Finance Asso- ciation 2,3,4,5 (sec.) — Huskey Key 1,2,3— Rifle Club 1,2— Section Rep- resentative (alt.) 1,2,3,4 — CAUL- DRON 5— Co-op Work Record: Wellesley Trust Co., Weil Pearson Co., Mass. Rating Bureau. ROBERT J. HICKEY 66 Pine Street, Milford Marketing and Advertising American Marketing Association 4,5 — Silver Masque 3 — Jazz Society 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Mason-Nei- lan, Wellesley Planning Board. GEORGE W. HOCKADAY 4 Miller Avenue, Milton Industrial Relations Rifle Club 2— Co-op Work Record: Pistorino Co., Inc., Albert J. M. Anderson Co., Inc. WILLIAM J. HOPKINSON 97 St. Gregory Street, Dorchester Marketing and Advertising " Bill, Hoppy " — Newman Club 1,2— American Marketing Association 3,4,5 — Advertising Society 3,4 (vice pres.) 5 — Senior Week Committee — Co-op Work Record: Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., Lincoln Stores, Inc., Masury-Young Co. I. JAMES HOWARD BA 12 Cutler Farm Road, Lexington Business Management " Jim " — Class Representative 1,2 — Silver Masque 1,2 — Huskey Key 1,4,5— Phi Beta Alpha 3,4,5— (1FC Representative) Cheerleading 4,5 — Ski Club 1— Co-op Work Record: Sanborn Co., Wolf Research and Development, Cambosco Scientific Co., Northeastern University. DAVID B. HOYT 58 Oxford Avenue, Belmont Marketing and Advertising " Hoyty " — Married — Hockey 1,2 — Jazz Society 2,3— AMA 2,3,4,5— SAM 3,4,5 — Advertising Society 3,4,5 — Co- op Work Record: Cabot Corp., Syl- vania Electric Products, Inc. MARVIN F. HUBAN, JR. 30 Huntington Road, Milton Accounting " Marv " — Dean ' s List 4 — Silver Mas- que 2,4 — Accounting Society 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Howard Johnson ' s. ROBERT P. HURLEY 73 Pond Street, Marblehead Marketing and Advertising " Bob " — Married — Most Valuable Player Award, Football 4 — Section Representative 1,2 — Football 1,2,3,4 MVP Award 4— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Boston Globe, Jordan Marsh Co. LVDIA T. HUTZLER 324 E. Chester Street, Long Beach, N. Y. Marketing and Advertising " Tammy " — Dean ' s List Student 1 ,2,3,4— Advertising Club 2,3,4,5 (junior vice pres. and senior vice pres) — American Marketing Asso- ciation 2,3,4,5 — Student Union 1 — Huskey Key 1; Standards Commit- tee at Dormitory 1 — Co-op Work Record: The Marine Midland Trust Co. of New York, Daal Corp., Hutz- ler Manufacturing Co. JAMES INDORATO 17 Curtis Road, Canton Accounting " Jim " — Leadership Achievement Award 2 — Rifle Club 2 — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Scabbard and Blade 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Eastern Bakers Supply Co., Wm. Filene ' s Sons, Federal Milk Market Admin- istrator ' s Office. ROBERT E. JENKINS 18 Tremlett Street, Dorchester Finance and Insurance " Bob " — N.U. NEWS 1,3 (photo edi- tor) — Rifle Club 1 — Northeastern University Underwater Society (pres.) 4,5 — American Finance As- sociation 5 — Co-op Work Record: John Hancock Mutual Life Insur- ance Co., Kemper Insurance Co., Northeastern University, Suffolk Franklin Savings Bank. BRUCE P. JOHNSON 160 Scituate Street, Arlington Industrial Relations Society for the Advancement of Management 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Polaroid Corp. ROGER P. JONES 11 Hilcroft Avenue, Worcester Accounting Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Protec- tive Association, Mechanics National Bank. Business Administration HOWARD ISRAEL 35 Plymouth Street, New Bedford Marketing and Advertising " Howie " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2 — American Marketing Association 2,3,4,5 (senior vice pres.) — N.U. Advertising Society 2,3,4,5 — CAULDRON — Co-op Work Record: New Bedford Stand- ard-Times, Acushnet Process Corp., Star Markets. STANLEY M. JASSEM 58 Glenville Avenue, Boston Accounting Married — Dean ' s List 4,5 — Fresh- man Hockey Team — Pershing Rifles 1 — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Rifle Club 5 — CAULDRON — Co-op Work Record: Schweickart Co., Federal Milk Market Administrator. DONALD E. KALE Whites Road, Lansdale, Penn. Industrial Relations " Don " — Society for the Advance- ment of Management — Co-op Work Record: Boston Globe, United Fund, Beacon Paint Works, A. C. Law- rence Leather Co. GERALD W. KAPLAN 105 Shurtleff Street, Chelsea Marketing and Advertising " Kap " — American Marketing Asso- ciation 43 — Advertising Society 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Globe, Filene ' s, Joseph Mandell Co. IRWIN KATZ Main Street, Mountaindale, N. Y. Finance and Insurance " Ketzel " — Freshman Honor List — Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4,5— Inter- fraternity Softball 4 — American Finance Association 3,4,5 (vice pres.) — Contestant Mr. Husky 4 — Folk Music Society 4 — Co-op Work Record: Merrill, Lynch, Fenner Smith, Keller Bros. Securities Co., Inc., Marine Midland Trust Co., Schweickart Co. ERSKINE H. KELLEY, III 191 Forest Street, Winchester Marketing and Advertising " Bud " — Husky Key 2 — Advertising Club 3,4,5— Marketing Club 3,4 (treas.) — Section Representative 2 — Co-op Work Record: Gilchrist Co. EARL M. KENNEY 15 Perkins Manor, Jamaica Plain Accounting " Pete " — Married — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Accounting Society 2,3,4,5 — Intra- mural Basketball Softball 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Minneapolis Honeywell, Brown Instrument Div., Haskins Sells, Public Accounting Firm. College of JOHN A. KIERNAN 47 Columbia Road, Dorchester Business Management " Jack " — Dean ' s List 1 — Rifle Club 1 — N.U. Parachute Club (sec.) 5— Co-op Work Record: Weston W. Adams Co. JAMES M. KILLEEN 18 Maxwell Street, Dorchester Marketing and Advertising " Jim " — Marketing Club 2,3,4,5— Ad- vertising Club 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: New England Telephone Telegraph Co. JOHN H. KILLIAM S A R.F.D. 1, Hampton, Conn. Business Management " Jack " — Sigma Phi Alpha 1,2,3,4,5— SAM 4,5 — Mayor of Huntington Avenue 3 — Co-op Work Record: Travelers Insurance, Itek Corp. JOSEPH R. KNEELAND 100 Decatur, Arlington Marketing and Advertising " Joe " — Track Team 1 — Advertising Club 3 — Marketing and Advertising Society 4,5— N.U. NEWS Circulation Staff 4,5— Rifle Club 4 — Intramural Softball — Co-op Work Record: Har- vard Cooperative Society, Moore Business Forms, Inc. ROBERT J. KOCKLER 208 N. Fourteenth Street, Olean, N. Y. Accounting " Bob " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 1,2,5 — Clark Bros. Co. Business Scholarship — Co-op Work Record: Clark Bros. Co. JOHN W. KOLSTAD 60 Sassamon Avenue, Milton Business Management Society for the Advancement of Management 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Albert J. M. Anderson Mfg. Co. GLENN J. F. KOORS 288 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. Business Management Society for the Advancement of Management 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Sears, Roebuck Co. PAUL N. KRAUSS NEZ Wheeler Road, Bolton Industrial Relations " Red " — Nu Epsilon Zeta Fraternity 2,3,4,5 — Grand Chancellor 4 (pres.) 5 — Society for the Advancement of Management 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Jordan Marsh Co., Wellesley Engineers, Waltham, Dennison Mfg. Co. ANTANAS D. KRISCIUKAITIS 421 Quincy Street, Boston Finance and Insurance " Tony " — Co-op Work Record: The Provident Institution for Savings in the Town of Boston. ROBERT J. KWESELL 79 Douglass Street, Manchester, N. H. Industrial Relations " Bob " — Married — Silver Masque 2,3,4— Chorus 2,3,4— Co-op Work Record: Fraser Paper Co., M.K.M. Knitting Mills. EDWARD G. LEVITT 144 Audubon Road, Milton Accou?iting " Ed " — Dean ' s List Student. 2.3,4,5 — Freshman Honor List. 1 — ROTC Academic Achievement Award 2 — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — AFCEA 4,5 —Rifle Club 1,2— Intramural Soft- ball 4 leapt.) 5 — Sigma Society 5 — Co-op Work Record: Worcester Gas Light Co., Artisan Metal Products. RAYMOND E. LEWIS 54 Malcolm Road, Jamaica Plain Finance and Insurance " Ray " — Married — Investment Club 2,3,4 (sec.) 5, (pres.) —Co-op Work Record: Eaton Howard, Inc. ROBERT F. LILLEY 2 Felspa Road, Stoneham Business Management " Bob " — Dean ' s List 4,5 — Society for the Advancement of Management 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Transi- tron Electronics Corp., Sanborn Co. Business Administration GEORGE J. LaCOMBE 104 Centre Avenue, Rockland Marketing and Advertising " Buddy " — Freshman Honors — Dean ' s List 2 — N.U. Advertising Club 4,5 — American Marketing As- sociation 5 — U.S. Navy ' 55- ' 57 — Co- op Work Record: Sears Roebuck Co. PETER J. LEONE 14 Carolina Street, Medford Accounting Student Union 2,3 (vice pres.) 4,5 — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Warren Bros. Co., Filene ' s Department Store, American Red Cross. JAMES A. LOMBARDO 218 North Street, Boston Accounting Dean ' s List 2,4 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Donneily Electric Mfg. Co., Cannon Electric. DANIEL F. LYNCH NEZ 765 Potter p„oad, Framingham Marketing and Advertising " Dan " — President Senior Class — Class Board Officer 1,2,3.4,5— Tra- vel!) ' Scholar 2,3,4,5 — President Mid- dler Class — Varsity Basketball 2,3,4 — American Marketing Association 3,4,5 — Varsity Basebali 2,3,4 — Adver- tising Society 3,4,5 — Nu Epsilon Zeta Fraternity (vice grand master) — Senior Week Committee — Veteran (U.S. Navy 1955-1857) — Co-op Work Record: Royal McBee Corp., Stanley Works. RICHARD M. LYONS 59 Lithgow Street, Dorchester Industrial Relations " Dick, " also " J.J. " — Society for Ad- vancement of Management 3,4,5 — Rifle Club 2— Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Rating Bureau, Hoods Milk Co., Dwan Construction Co. GEORGE C. MacDONALD, JR. 45 Fogg Road, South Weymouth Accounting " Mac " — Co-op Work Record: H. C. Wainwright Co., Bethlehem Steel Co. RONALD L. MAGLIERI 82 Standish Road, Lynn Finance and Insurance " Ron " — Dean ' s List Student 4,5 — ■ American Finance Association 5 — Co-op Work Record: A. C. Lawrence Leather Co., New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. College of ALLAN F. MARBLE Leicester Street, North Oxford Industrial Relations " Al " — NEWS Staff 3,4— Co-op Work Record: Worcester Five Cents Sav- ings Bank, Harrington Richardson Arms Co. PAUL MARCIN 3 Emmons Place, Cambridge Finance " Rudy " — Football 1,2 — American Finance Association 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Union Market Na- tional Bank, County Bank Trust Co. ARTHUR J. MARION 2K 674 Moody Street, Waltham Accounting " An " — NEWS 1— Accounting So- ciety 2,3,4,5 (corresponding sec) 4,5 — Sigma Kappa Psi Fraternity 1,2,3,4 (executive board) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Newton-Waltham Bank Trust Co., Peat, Marwick, Mitchell Co., Louis J. Rosenthal Co. BURTON M. MAHONEY 822 East Squantum Street, Squantum, North Quincy Business Management " Burt " — Co-op Work Record: C. H. Goldthwaite Co., Northeastern Uni- versity. JOHN L. MALLAR BA 808 Main Street, Maiden Business Management " Big John " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Phi Beta Alpha 4,5 — Society for the Advancement of Management 3,4,5 (vice pres.) 3, (pres.) 4,5 — Husky Key 3,4,5 — Ac- counting Society 1,2,3,4,5 — Rifle Club 1,2 — American Finance Asso- ciation 2— Co-op Work Record: Na- tional Pneumatic Co., Sanborn Co., Atwood Morrill Co., Lumber Mu- tual Fire Insurance Co. JOHN E. MARTIN 33 School Street, Danvers Marketing and Advertising " Jack " — Northeastern University Band 1,2,3,4,5— ROTC Band 1,2,3,4,5 — American Marketing Association 3,4,5 — Advertising Society 3,4,5 (sec.) — Scabbard and Blade 4,5 — National ROTC Band Association 5 (executive officer) — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co. JOHN J. McCLUSKEY NEZ 1 Brook Street, Brookline Marketing and Advertising " J.J. " — U.S. Marines ' 53- ' 56— Adver- tising Society 3,4 (pres.) 5 — Ameri- can Marketing Association 2,3,4,5 — Society for the Advancement of Management 3,4,5 — Junior Prom Committee, Senior Week Publicity Director — Co-op Work Record: Shea and Manton Co., J. Walter Thomp- son Co. Advertising, NYC. PETER R. McCREE 93 Prospect Street, Cambridge Industrial Relations " Pete " — Society tor Advancement of Management 3,4,5 — Northeastern NEWS Staff 3,4,5— Rifle Club 1,2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Lumberman ' s Mutual Insurance Co., Maiden Knit- ting Mills. JAMES R. McELHOLM 22 Nathaniel Road, Winchester Business Management Senior Class (vice pres.) — Junior Class (treas.) — Section Representa- tive, Class Cabinet 1,2,3 — Dean ' s List 1 — Society for the Advancement of Management 1,2,3,4,5 — Husky Key Organization 3,4,5 — Varsity Hockey 2,3,4 — Varsity Baseball 2 — Co-op Work Record: Wilson Co., Inc. KEVIN R. McGRATH 36 Lakeview Street, Whitman Accounting " Kev " — Dean ' s List Student 3 — Ac- counting Society 5 — Co-op Work Record: Ellwyn A. Mitchell Co. L J donald w. Mclaughlin ba 152 Ward Street, Boston Industrial Relations Married — Football 1,2,3,4 — SAM 1,2,3,4,5— Phi Beta Alpha 3,43— Co- op Work Record: Provident Institu- tion for Savings in Boston. JOHN E. McNICHOLS 22 Beechland Street, Roslindale Business Management " Mac " — Married — Society for Ad- vancement of Management 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Plimpton Press, Lee Higginson Corp. JOHN A. MEDAILLEU 21 Oak Hill Drive, Walpole Marketing and Advertising " Jack " — N.U. NEWS 1,2,3,4,5 (cir- culation manager) 3,4,5 — Rifle Club 1,2— Husky Key 2— MARS Club 1,2 — N.U. Advertising Club 4,5 — N.U. Chapter American Marketing Asso- ciation 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Pickard Burns, Inc. Business Administration FRANCIS W. McGURK 369 Prospect Street, Cambridge Industrial Relations " Wayne " — Married — Student Union 1,2— Football 1— Husky Key 1,2— SAM 3,4,5— CAULDRON 5— Co-op Work Record: Travelers Insurance Co., East Cambridge Savings Bank, Fuller Brush Co. EDWARD D. McKENZIE 80 Weston Street, Brockton Marketing and Advertising " Ed. Mack " — N.U. Chorus 1,2— N.U. NEWS 1 — American Marketing So- ciety 3,4,5 — Advertising Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Draper Bros. Manufacturing Co., Sears, Roebuck Co. HAROLD W. MELANDER 54 Dellwood Circle, Bronxville, N. Y. Business Management " Harry " — Distinguisned Military Student 4 — Society for the Advance- ment of Management 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Allied Stores Corp. PvOGER G. MENGES 10 Walter Avenue, Wakefield Marketing Northeastern NEWS (Circulation Staff) 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co. CARL J. MERRITT BA 17 Baker Street, Saugus Business Management " Hoss " — Frosh Track — Varsity Track 2 — Student Council 2 — Sophomore Class Board — SAM Silver Masque — Phi Beta Alpha Inter-Fraternity Council Representa- tive — Fraternity Historian — Co-op Work Record: U.S. Steel Co., Inc., Sylvania Electronics, Inc., North- eastern University. JANE ANN MILLER 145 Laurel Drive, Needham Marketing and Advertising " Janie " — Silver Masque 1 — Choral Society 1 — Gamma Delta, (recording sec.) 2, (corresponding sec.) 3 — AMA 5— Student Union 1,2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: William Fil- ene ' s Sons. MARTIN E. MILLER TE 419 Court Street, New Bedford Accounting " Marty " — Tau Epsilon Phi 2,3,4,5 (bursar) — Interfraternity Council (treas.) 2,3,4 — Accounting Society 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: New Bedford Standard-Times, Ann Dale Products, Inc. WILLIAM A. MORRISON 43 Weston Road, Reading Marketing and Advertising " Bill " — Freshman Honor List — American Marketing Association 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: American Locker Co., Masury-Young Co., DeMore Office Furniture Co. RONALD E. MORRISSETTE 25 Gough Avenue, West Warwick, R. I. Business Ma?iagement " Ronnie " — SAM 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. ROBERT E. MOYNIHAN 109 Elbrook Drive, Allendale, N. J. Marketing and Advertising " Bob " — Band 1,2,3,4,5 — Hockey Manager 1,2,3,4,5 — ROTC Band 1,2,3,4,5 — American Marketing As- sociation 4,5 — Advertising Club 4,5 — National ROTC Band Association (finance officer) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Sears, Roebuck 8c Co. College of ROSARIO F. MILONE 35 Summer Street, Gloucester Business Management " Roy " — SAM 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Jewish Vocational Service, Hoague Sprague Cooperation, Glou- cester House Restaurant. BENNETT R. MOLINARI 119 Richmond Street, Boston Marketing and Advertising " Ben " — Freshman Honor List — American Marketing Association 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., Dean C. Wolf Asso- EDWARD F. MURPHY 138 Newbury Street, Brockton Marketing and Advertising " Murf " — Married — American Mar- keting Association 2,3 (vice pres.) 4,5 — Advertising Society 2,3,4,5 — SAM 3,4 — U.S. Army (Army Securi- ty) 1955-1957— Co-op Work Record: Wm. Filenes Sons, Co. GERALD M. MURPHY 10 Fendale Avenue, Boston Industrial Relations " Gerry " — Pershing Rifles 2,3,4 — AFCEA 2,3— SAM 5— Co-op Work Record: John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., Bemis Bros. Bag Co. LAWRENCE D. MURPHY . r . r ) Lyman Street, Brockton Business Management DMS 4 — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4 (supply officer, Co. A, S-4 2nd Bn.) — Co-op Work Record: Draper Bros. Co., Bemis Bros. Bag Co. JOHN J. MURRAY 43 Hillside Road, Watertown Business Management " Jack " — SAM 4,5— Rifle Club 1— Co-op Work Record: Star Market Co., Sanborn Co., Cambosco Co. WALTER R. NAHABEDIAN 129 Common Street, Watertown Marketing " Walt " — Marketing Society 3,4,5 — Advertising Society 3,4,5 ■ — Co-op Work Record: Boston Globe, God- frey L. Cabot. EVELYN E. NICKER SON G.A.R. Highway, Orleans B usiness Ma n age merit " Evie " — President of Girls Dormi- tory, Sophomore, Middle, Years — Omega Sigma 1,2,3,4,5— Chorus 2,3 — Silver Masque 2,3,5 — Cheerleader 3,4— Basketball Team 1 (co-capt. 2, capi. %, rapt. 4, co-capt. 5) — Rifle Team 1,2 (capt. 3)— Rifle Club 1,2,3 (vice pres., Ireas) — SAM 5 — Univer- sity Band 2 — Section Representative, Intramural Football and Volleyball Teams 1,2 (capt. 3, capt. 4,5) —Co- op Work Record: Cape Vineyard Electric Co. JONATHAN A. NOONAN 77 West Milton Street, Readville Business Management " Jon " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,-1 — Sigma Society — Bowling League 1 — SAM 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Lee Higginson Corp. GEORGE W. NORRIS 21 Charlemont Street, Dorchester Accounting " Georgie " — Co-op Work Record: James J. Fox Co., CPA. Business Administration KAJ C. NATHAN 2K 109 County Park Drive, Cranford, N. J. Accounting Dean ' s List 3 — Sigma Kappa Psi 2,3,4,5 — Accounting Society 2,3,4,5 — Rifle Club 2,3— Yacht Club 4,5— Inter-Fraternity Council 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: J. I. Kislak Real Estate Mortgage Corp., Haskins Sells, CPA. RICHARD C. NEZUH 17 George Street, Dudley Accounting " Dick " — Freshman Honor List — Accounting Society — Rifle Club — Co-op Work Record: Artisan Indus- tries, Inc. JOHN M. NORRIS T$K 17 Kenneson Road, Somerville Accounting " Jack " — Gamma Phi Kappa 3,4,5 — Accounting Society 1,2,3,4.5 — Co-op Work Record: First National Stores, Scully Signal Co., Federal Milk Mar- ket Association. JOHN R. O ' BRIEN 16 Bexley Road, Roslindale Finance and Insurance " O ' Bie " — Northeastern Investment Society — Co-op Work Record: Mer- rill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner Smith, Inc., Roxbury Institution for Sav- ings, New England Mutual Life In- surance Co. FREDERICK T. O ' CONNELL, JR. 43 Vincent Avenue, Belmont Accounting " Ted " — AFCEA 3,4— Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — Accounting Society 3,5 {vice pres.) , 4 (pres.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Cabot Corp. WILLIAM B. O ' CONNELL 214 Main Street, Maynard Finance and Insurance Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: J. H. Goddard Co., Inc. ROBERT L. ODDY 36 Lake Street, Hudson Accounting " Bob " — Freshman Honor List 1 — Dean ' s List Student 3 — Freshman Section Representative — Accounting Society 2,3,4 (corresponding sec.) 5, (vice pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Middlesex County National Bank. College of EDMUND F. ORENTAS 38 Sawtell Avenue, Brockton Finance and Insurance " Eddie " — Investment Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: R. H. Stearns, Hayward, Hayward Boynton, Dra- per Bros. Co. RICHARD E. OSBORN 76 ' Sewall Street, Boylston Accounting " Dick " — Dean ' s List 3 — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., Chu Associates. EDWARD L. PADERSON 70 Esmond Street, Boston Marketing and Advertising " Pat " — Freshman Honor List — Jazz Society 2 — Advertising Club 3,4,5 —CAULDRON 5— American Mar- keting Association 3,4,5 (sec.) 5 — Northeastern NEWS (assistant ad- vertising manager) — Co-op Work Record: Thomson Thomson Re- search Co., J. Walter Thompson Co., Alfred Politz Research, Inc. JOHN H. PALMER 180 Lexington Street, Waltham Industrial Relations Married — U.S. Navy, 4 Years — Hockey 1 ,2,3,4— Baseball 1,2— Class Representative 1 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Raytheon Co. JOHN A. PALMUCCI, JR. BA 324 Olivia Street, Derby, Conn. Business Management Married — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — President of Freshman, Sopho- more, Junior, Senior Class — Vice President of Middler Class — North- eastern University Scholarship 4,5 — Phi Beta Alpha 2, 3,4,5 (vice pres.) —Football 1— NEWS 1,2— Jazz So- ciety 2,3 (editor of Jazz Society magazine 3) — Husky Key 2,3,4 — SAM 2,3,4 (vice pres., Public Rela- tions) 5 — CAULDRON 4,5 (busi- ness manager) — Husky Hi-Liters 3,4,5 — Chairman of Sophomore- Middler Prom 3 — Chairman Mr. Husky Contest 3 RONALD I. PARKER 2 A 31 Peterborough Street, Boston Business Management " Ron " — Married — Sigma Phi Alpha 3,4,5 (alumni representative) 5 — SAM 4,5— Co-op Work Record: B. B. Chemical Co., John E. Johnson, Jr., Mason Contractor, All-Stainless, Inc. ROBERT J. PASCHAL 51 Linden Street, Allston Accounting " Bob " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Medical Serv- WILFRED S. PAUL BA 535 45th Street, Brooklyn Business Management " Will " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Student Council " President of the Week " — Auto Club 1,2— Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5— Husky Highlighters 4,5— Rifle Club 1— Yacht Club 2— Husky Statue Committee 4,5 — Jazz Society 2,3 — SAM 3,4,5 — Student Council 2,3,4,5— Committee of 100 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Stern Department Store, Itek. DONALD C. PAYTON 40 Greenfield Street, Pawtucket, R. I. Marketing and Advertising " Don " — Football 2,3,4 — Silver Mas- que 4,5 — Marketing and Advertising Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Texas Instruments, Inc. DONALD W. PERRY Quinapoxet Street, Holden Industrial Relations " Don " — Married — Scholarship 1 — Intramural Basketball 1 — SAM 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: The Wright Line Co., Worcester County Na- tional Bank. ROBERT J. PIANT1DOSI 251 Prospect Street, Lawrence Marketing and Advertising " Bob " — Class Representative, 1 Y ' ear — Advertising Society 3,4,5 — Ameri- can Marketing Society 3 (jr. vice pres. 4, pres. 5) — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Daggett Chocolate Co-. Dun Bradstreet, Royal McBee Corp., R. T. Queenan Sales. JAMES N. PICONE 139 Bradford Street, Everett Business Management " Jim " — SAM 3,4,5— ROTC— Rifle Club I — Co-op Work Record: Bay State Bindery, Warren Bros. Co., Chilton Greetings Co. JOSEPH D. PLOURDE rn Donworth Road, Stockholm, Maine Finance and Insurance " Don " — Married — Freshman Schol- arship Award — Cross-Country 1 — Phi Gamma Pi Fraternity (treas. 2, vice pres. 2, pres. 3) — American Finance Association 1,2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: United Business Serv- ice Co., Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fen- ner Smith, Inc., John Hancock Life Insurance Co., Raytheon Manu- facturing Co. Business Administrati A PHILIP H. PETERSON 24 Westland Avenue, Boston Marketing and Advertising " Phil " — Married — Advertising Club 2,3,4,5— Marketing Club 2,3,4,5— Co- op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co. ANTHONY C. PETTO 9 Estey Street, Maiden Marketing and Advertising " Scoop " — Freshman Honor List, Dean ' s List 3 — Northeastern NEWS, Sports Editor 3,4 — Husky Highlight- ers 3,4,5— N.U. NEWS Staff 1,2,5— Newman Club 1,2,3,4,5 — American Marketing Association 5 — Camera Club 1, (acting pres.)— CAULD- RON Staff 5— Co-op Work Record: Loomis Sayles, Inc., Jordan Marsh, Harold Cabot Advertising Agency. DONALD N. POLVERE 38 Hunt Street, North Quincy Marketing and Advertising " Don " — Married — American Mar- keting Association — Advertising So- ciety — Co-op Work Record: B. B. Chemical Co. ROY G. PORT 54 Hemingway Street, Winchester Marketing and Advertising Married — Freshman Honor List — Distinguished Military Student 4 — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4,5 — American Marketing Association 3,4,5 — Bat- talion Commander 4 (Pershing Rifles) — Advertising Societv 3,4,5 — Regimental Executive Officer 5 (Pershing Rifles) —Co-op Work Record: Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., Tri- mounl Clothing, Inc. HUGH V. POWELL 167 Gerry Road, Brookline Marketing and Advertising " Verne " — Dean ' s List 2 — Freshman Honor List — American Marketing Association 3,4,5 — Northeastern Ad- vertising Society 3,4,5 (sec.) 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Star Market Co. JOHN A. POWER 145 Barnard Road, Worcester Accounting " Pres. " — Gamma Phi Kappa 2,3,4,5 (treas.) 2,3, (pres.) 4,5 — Intramural Basketball 2,3,4— Softball 2,3,4— Co- op Work Record: Worcester County National Bank, Cambridge Gas Light Co. JOHN A. RAFFA, JR. 346 Highland Avenue, Quincy Business Management SAM 3,4,5 — Class Representative 2,4 — Co-op Work Record: Itek Corp. JAMES C. ROONEY 14 Vallaro Road, Readville Business Management " Jim " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 4 — Section Representative 1 — SAM 3,4,5— U.S. Navy, 1957-1959 — Co-op Work Record: Parke Snow, Inc., Sanborn Co., Inc., Fasteners, Inc., Computer Control Co., Inc. LOUIS ROUMELIOTIS 8 Winthrop Street, Peabody Industrial Relations " Louie " — SAM — Class Representa- tive 1,2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., Massachusetts Assigned Risk Bureau, Winthrop Leather. PHILIP E. RYAN 22 Hagen Road, Newton Center Marketing and Advertising Rifle Club 1 — Northeastern Chapter of the American Marketing Associa- tion 3,4,5 — N.U. Advertising Society 3 (treas.) 4, (treas.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: William Filene ' s Sons Co. College of ROBERT P. RILEY 12 Watson Street, Somerville Business Management " Bob " — Pershing Rifles 1,2— Drill Team 1,2— Huskiers 3— N.U. Under- water Society 4,5 — Intramural Bas- ketball 4,5— SAM 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Dewey Almy Chemical Co., Union Savings Bank. HAROLD W. RINES, JR. 30 Clifford, Melrose Marketing and Advertising " Hal " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,4,5— N.U. Scholarship 5 — TGIF 3,4,5 — American Market- ing Association 3,4,5 — SAM 3,4 — NEWS 3,4,5— CAULDRON (Asso- ciate editor-in-chief) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Sanborn Co., Wirth- more Feeds, Inc., Thomson Thomson. FARIS I. SABA 675 Tremont Street, Boston Accounting Student Union 1,2 — Accounting So- ciety 3,4,5 (treas.) — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., Daggett Chocolate Co., Cambridge Gas Light Co. FUAD I. SABA 675 Tremont Street, Boston Accounting " Al " — Student Union 1,2— AFCEA 2,3 — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Co- op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., New England Mutual Life Insur- ance Co. KENNETH A. SACCOCIA 82 School Street, Middleboro Industrial Relations " Ken " — Jazz Society 1,2 — Husky Key 3,4 — Publicity Chairman 5 — SAM 5 — RiHe Club 1— Co-op Work Rec- ord: National Shamut Bank, Bemis Bros. Bag Co., Colonial Brass Co. DAVID D. SAMSON Franklin, Vermont Accounting " Dave " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Sigma Society — Silver Masque 1 — Student Union 1,2,3,4,5 — Accounting Society 1,2,3,4, 5 — U.S. Air Force — Co-op Work Record: The Marine Midland Trust Co. of New York, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell Co., Accountants and Auditors. MYRON S. SAMUEL TE 17 Portland Street, Lynn Accounting Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity 1,2,3,4,5 (corresponding scribe 3) , (burser 4) , (chaplain 5) — Accounting So- ciety 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Reuben Samuel Co., Wethern ' s, Inc. ROBERT J. SARTORA 101 Pilling, Haverhill Marketing and Advertising " Serry " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 —Rifle Club 1— Advertising Club 3 — Co-op Work Record: Lawrence Gas Co., Arlington Trust Co. FREDERICK G. SAWIN 152 Collincote Street, Stoneham Business Management " Fred " — Track 2 — Pershing Rifles 1,2— Ski Team 3,4,5— Ski Club 3,4,5 —Ski Team (capt.) 5— SAM 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Western Auto, Avco Corp. JOSEPH SCACCHI, JR. 631 Western Avenue, Maiden Industrial Relations " Joe " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: City Hall (Assessing Dept.) , Avco Research 8c Advanced Development Center. Business Administration WILLIAM J. SANTRY 1 1 Monument Square, Charlestown Marketing and Advertising " Bill " — American Marketing Asso- ciation — Advertising Society — U.S. Air Force (4 years, 1953-57) — Co-op Work Record: First National Stores, Inc. HARRY SARAJIAN 53 Carver Road, Watertown Accounting N.U. Chapter Accounting Society 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Star Market Co., Raytheon Co. PAUL M. SCHAEFER 25 Ash Avenue, Somerville Marketing and Advertising American Marketing Association 3,4,5 (treas.) — Advertising. Society 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Cabot Corp. JAMES A. SCHOFIELD r$K 1473 Naugatuck Avenue, Milford, Conn. Accounting " Jim " — Gamma Phi Kappa 2,3 (treas.) 4, (pres.) 5 — Northeastern University Band 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: People ' s Savings Bank. KENNETH A. SCIACCA 483 Washington Stieet, Haverhill Business Management " Ken " — Freshman Honor List, Dean ' s List Student 3,4,5 — Football 1,2,3,4 (capt.) —Co-op Work Record: Daggett Chocolate Co., Lowell In- stitution for Savings, AVCO Corp. KENNETH E. SHEA T$K 22 Lochness Road, Rumford, Maine Business Management " Senator " — Gamma Phi Kappa 1,2,3,4,5 (sec.) 3, (treas.) 2— Basket- ball T— SAM 5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., Sanborn Co., Massachusetts Auto Rating Bu- reau. ALAN N. SHEER 8 Bradford, Natick Accounting " Al " — Accounting Society 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., Peerless Pressed Metals, Inc., M.K.M. Knitting Mills, Inc. College of FRANCIS J. SHEERAN 22 Clinton Street, Woburn Finance and Insurance " Frank " — Pershing Rifles 1,2 — In- vestment Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Thomas E. Sears, Inc., In- surance, American Policyholder ' s In- surance Co. ALBERT V. SHORT Hillside Avenue, Graniteville Accounting " Al " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2 — Rifle Club and Team 1,2,3,4,5— Scabbard and Blade 3 (2nd Lt.) 4, 1st Lt. 5— AFCEA 1,2 (treas.) 3, (pres.) 4,5 — Sport Para- chute Club (pres.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Minneapolis Honeywell, Electronic Data Processing Division. MARK H. SIEGEL 18 Hatherly Road, Brighton Accounting " Mark " — Accounting Society 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: William Filenes Sons, Co. GARY A. SINGER 63 Bristow Street, Saugus Marketing and Advertising American Marketing Association 4,5 — Advertising Club 4,5 — Northeast- ern NEWS Circulation Staff 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., J. Walter Thompson Co. HAROLD SMITH 1 1 Stevens Street, Peabody Accounting " Hal " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Freshman Honor List — Sigma 5 — Student Council 2 — Section Representative 1 — Accounting Society (vice pres.) 4 — Accounting Society 1,2,3,4,5 — Accounting Society (pres.) 5 — U.S. Navy 1955-1957— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Cannon Electric Co., Goodman Goodman. RONALD J. SMITH 2 Lothian Road, Brighton Finance and Insurance " Smitty " — Accounting Society 1 — Finance Club 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Cypress Hardware Co. BRADFORD C. SNOW 68 Fletcher Street, Winchester Finance and Insurance " Brad " — Finance Club 5 — Student Union 2,3,5— Rifle Club 2— Co-op Work Record: North Avenue Sav- ings Bank, Putnam Fund Distribu- tors, Inc. JOSEPH P. SOLTYS rn 8 Oak Place, Blackstone Industrial Relations " Joe " — Married — Phi Gamma Pi (treas.) 3— SAM 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Tracerlab, Inc. DONALD T. STEEDE 4 Cambridge Terrace, Allston Marketing and Advertising Married — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Class Representative 2 — American Marketing Association 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Cabot Corp., Crow- ley ' s Office Supplies. RICHARD STEIMAN 2K 5 Claridge Drive, Worcester Accounting Freshman Honor List 1 — Sigma Kappa Psi Fraternity 2,3,4,5 — Ac- counting Society 3,4,5 — Indoor Track 2 — Co-op Work Record: Hammond Plastics, Chu Associates The Worcester Gas Light Co. LESTER SUGARMAN 26 Rowena P.oad, Newton Accounting " Sugar " — Intramural Sports — Ac- counting Society — Banquet Commit- tee — Publicity Committee — Co-op Work Record: City Bank and Trust, Julius Kaplan, C.P.A. NEIL J. SULLIVAN BA 112 Jersey Street, Boston Finance and Insurance Married — Freshman Honor List — ROTC Leadership Award 1 — Invest- ment Club (sec. 2) , 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: E. F. Hutton Co. WARREN J. SURETTE $BA 20 Vista Avenue. Reading Marketing and Advertising Married— Football 1,2,3,4— Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5 (assistant sec.) — Co- op Work Record: Lindenmeyr Paper Co., Royal McBee Corp., Jordan Marsh Co. Business Administration ROBERT E. STEVENS 842 Crescent, Brockton Business Management Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,5 — Section Representative 2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: LeBaron Foundry, Foxboro Co. LEWIS E. STOWE BA 101 Wildwood Street, Winchester Business Management " Terry " — Phi Beta Alpha 3,4,5 — SAM — Student Council 3,4,5 — Finance Club 3,4,5 — Freshman Base- ball — Co-op Work Record: Associ- ated Industries of Massachusetts, Ford Motor Co. STEPHEN W. SWARTZ 624 Nantasket Avenue, Hull Accounting " Blackie " — Accounting Society 2,3,4,5 — Banquet Committee 4,5 — Membership Committee (chairman) 5 — Intramural Basketball and Base- ball 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Brockton Taunton Gas Co., New England Survey Service, Inc., Blue Cross, Blue Shield. PAUL F. SWEENEY r$K 92 Salem Street, Woburn Accounting " Doc " — Accounting Society — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. ANDREW J. SYNNOTT 105 Lexington Avenue, Cambridge Accounting " Andy " — Dean ' s List Student 1,2,5 — Accounting Society 1,2,3,4,5 — Rifle Club 1,2,5 — Co-op Work Record: Loomis Sayles Co.. Inc. CHARLES A. TICEHURST, JR. 233 Arlington Street, Watertown Finance and Insurance " Chuck " — Married — American Finance Association 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Merrill, Lynch. Pierce, Fenner Smith, Inc., Water- town Savings Bank. RUDOLPH J. TONETTI 135 Williams Avenue, Hyde Park Industrial Relations " Rudy " — Silver Masque 1,2 — Rifle Club 2,3— Finance Club 2,3— Auto Club 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Travelers Insurance, Keller Bros. Securities, Institution for Savings. College of RICHARD H. TREHUB 23 Blue Hill Terrace Street, Milton Marketing and Advertising " Dick " — American Marketing So- ciety 4,5 — Advertising Society 4,5 (pres.) 5 — Section Alternate 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: E. B. Hayes Co., Boston GLOBE, Alfred Politz Research, Inc. RICHARD F. TWOMBLY 21 Hillsdale Road, Medford Accounting " Dick " — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — Accounting Society 3,4,5 (treas.) — Rifle Club 1,2,3,4,5— Parachuting Club 5 — Co-op Work Record: Cam- bridge Gas Co. ROBERT W. TWOMEY 198 Market Street, Brockton Marketing and Advertising " Bob " — Married — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Steadfast Rubber Co., The Robbins Co. GEORGE L. TORMEY 163 Washington Street, Taunton Accounting Dean ' s List 2,4 — Accounting Society 2,3,4,5 — Camera Club 1 — Co-op Work Record: Dickie-Raymond, American National Red Cross. HARVEY TRACHTENBERG 18 Cannon Street, Newton industrial Relations " T " — SAM 4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: The Fuller Brush Co., Travel- ers Insurance Co., Blue Cross-Blue Shield. RICHARD T. ULRICH 19 Johnswood Road, Roslindale Accounting Accounting Society 2,3,4,5 (treas.) , 4, (vice pres.) 5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Cabot Corp. VALERIE J. VAN HAM 89 Farm Lane, Westwood Accounting " Val " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5— Freshman Honor List — N.U. March- ing Band 1,2 — Omega Sigma 1 — Gamma Delta 2,3,4,5— N.U. Dance Band 1,2,3— Hus-Skiers 5— Account- ing Society 3,4,5 (sec. 4) — Sigma So- ciety 3,4,5 (vice pres. and treas. 5) — Class Representative 4 — Co-op Work Record: Choate, Hall Stewart. DAVID E. WARWICK 171 Salem Street, Lawrence Business Management " Dave " — Married — SAM 4,5 (fire pres. and sec, executive board) — Co-op Work Record: Arlington Trust Co. DONALD R. WEST 35 Benton Road, Belmont Business Managetnetit " Don " — Ski and Outing Club 2,3,4,5 —Rifle Club 2— Cross Country 2,3— SAM 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: New England Council, Mitre Corp. RICHARD G. WEST NEZ 919 Reed Road, No. Dartmouth Business Management " Dick " — Nu Epsilon Zeta 2,3,4,5— SAM 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Scars Roebuck Co. JAMES T. WIXTEAD 93 Cross Street, Maiden Accounting " Jim " — Married — Intramural Bas ketball 2,4 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Metal Door, Mass. Institute of Technology, Lincoln Laboratory. CALVIN STEARNS WOOD, JR. 9 Chilcott Place, Jamaica Plain Business Management " Cal " — Freshman Honor List 1 — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Outstanding Sophomore Signal Cadet 3 — Scab- bard and Blade 3,4,5 (supply offi- cer) — Scabbard and Blade Rifle Club 4,5 — Sabre Team 4 — Parachute Club 5 — SAM 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Chilton Greetings Co. DOUGLAS A. YENNACO T K R.F.D. 1, Windham, N. H. Business Management " Doug " — Intramural Basketball 1,2 — SAM — Co-op Work Record: M.K.M. Knitting Mills, Inc., Arling- ton Trust Co. Business Administration JANET L. WILDMAN 94 Hillside Road, Dedham Industrial Relations " Jan " — Omega Sigma 1,2 — Rifle Club 1— Silver Masque 2,3— Husky Key 2,3,4,5— Gamma Delta 3,4 (vice pres.) 5 — Co-Editor Middler Maga- zine — Co-op Work Record: John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., A. C. H. Fiber Service. JOHN A. WILSON 60 Dearborn Avenue, Lynn Industrial Relations " Willie " — Married— SAM 2,3,4,5— Hockey 2,3,4 — Golf 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: American Policyhold- ers Insurance Co., American Biltrite Rubber Co. r JOEL P. ZESERSON 1 Franklin Gardens, Roxbury Accounting " Joe " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Accounting Society 3,4,5 — Sigma So- ciety 3,4,5 — Sigma Society 5 (pres.) —Co-op Work Record: Hurwitz Mil- linery Co., Sylvania Electric Co., Northeastern University, Samuel M. Sax, C.P.A. OSCAR DININO 30 Wyllis Ave., Everett Accounting JASON GILMAN 17 Noble St., Revere Business Management THOMAS M. HUGHES 44 Oakridge St., Dorchester Industrial Relations RAIMAN K. JOHNSON 15 Main St., South Acton Business Management MICHAEL R. KIELY 17 Hillside Ave., Dedham Business Management JOSEPH E. LAMPERT River Road, Hanover Business Management PETER M. LANE 19A Dudley St., Arlington Industrial Relations LOUIS F. RICCINTI 230 Lincoln Ave., Marlboro Marketing and Advertising WILLIAN SCHMINK 221 Mystic Valley Pky., Winchester Finance and Insurance JOHN J. SULLIVAN 14 Wildwood Rd., Andover Accounting r»1» l mj — pim Dr. Lester S. Vander Werf Dean of the College of Education 210 lege of Education 211 LAWRENCE C. BARRETT r K Temple Road, Wilton, Maine S cial Sciences " Larry " — Gamma Phi Kappa 2,3,4,5 —Co-op Work Record: Tucker An thony R, L. Day. EARLE H. BERGMANN 249 Beech Avenue, Melrose English " Earle " = Dean ' s List 4 = NEWS 1,2,3,4 (feature rewrite editor), 5 (feature editor) —CAULDRON 5— Chapel Choir 4 — Dateline Boston — Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Wakefield High School. ALBERT A. BONASORO 34 Baker Road, Everett Social Studies " Ar=Dean ' s List 3— SNEA 3,5— Co-op Work Record: HERALD- I TRAVELER Corp. CORINNE M. CAPANO AIIA 4 Janvrin Avenue, Revere Elementary Education Freshman Honor List 1— Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — President ' s Award 4 — Omega Sigma 1 — Gamma Delta 2 (sophomore representative) , 3 (publicity chairman) , 4,5 (senior representative) — SNEA 1,2 (sopho- more representative) , 3 (vice pres.) 4,5 (pres.)— Phi Alpha Theta 3,4 (vice pres.) , 5 (historian) — Kappa Iota Epsilon 4,5 — Delta Pi Alpha 5 (recording sec.) — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Braintree School System, High- lands Elementary School. JOHN C. DeCOSTE T$K 56 Wachusett Road, N. Weymouth Social Studies " Jack " — Freshman Honor List Stu- dent — Dean ' s List Student 2,3 — Col- lege of Education Award 1958 — Zeta Tau, Phi Alpha Theta 3,4 (sec- treas.) , 5 (pres.) — Kappa Iota Epsilon 4,5 (vice pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Braintree School De- partment, Lincoln School, Braintree High School. EDWARD R. DUTCZAK 1106 Main Street, Walpole Elementary Education " Rook " — Representative to Board 2,3— Football 2,3— Hockey 2,3,4— NEA— MARS— Rifle Club 1,2— Co- op Work Record: Fessenden School. College of LAWRENCE BRENNER 388 Garfield Avenue, Lynn Social Studies " Yul " -Dean ' s List 3— NEWS Art Staff— 1,2— Art Club 2,3,4,5— IRC 1— SNEA 1,2,3,4 (publicity chair- man 2) —Co-op Work Record: Boston HERALD TRAVELER, The Boston Medical Library. ALFRED P. BINNS 7 Ardenne Road, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. Industrial Arts Teaching Married— Dean ' s List 2— S.N.E.A. — Table Tennis 2 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Harvard University School of Public Health. PETER DWYER 85 Bartlett Street, Charlestown English " Pete " — Married — Northeastern NEWS Achievement Award 5 — Northeastern NEWS 1,2,3 (sports re-write editor) , 4 (sports editor) , 5 (editor-in-chief) —CAULDRON 2,3 (executive board) , 4 (sports edi- tor) , 5 (managing editor) — Track 3,4 — Northeastern Hus-Skiers 2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Boston HER- ALD TRAVELER, Massachusetts Mental Health Center. CHARLES EMMA 158 Circuit Road, Winthrop Industrial Arts " Chuck " — Married — Co-op Work Record: Harvard University, School of Public Health. ALAN S. EVANS 39 Brook Street, Medfield Business Education " Al " — Coop Work Record: Way- land Elementary School, Wayland High School. LEONARD T. FINN 29 Mechanics Street, Foxboro Education " Lenny " — Co-op Work Record: Underdid Hospital. RAUL E. FRANSON 77 Brington Road, Brookline Elementary and Social Studies Married — Dean ' s List 2 — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — Track Indoor and Outdoor 2 — Co-op Work Record: Intern: Town of Wayland. GEORGINA L. GRISWOLD 473 Kelley Blvd., North Attleboro Elementary Education " Georgie " — Chorus 1 — Extramural Basketball 1,5 — Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4,5 — Gamma Delta (social chairman) 2,3, (pres.) 4,5— SNEA 2, (sec.) 3,4 (vice pres.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Wrentham State School, New England Home for Little Wanderers. JOHN C. HAVICE $BA 58 Marlboro Street, Belmont Social Studies " John " — Married — Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5— Silver Masque 1,2,3— Varsity Rifle Team 3— ROTC Rifle Team 1,2,3— Rifle Club 1,2,3— SNEA 4,5— History Club 5 — SAM 3 — Student Union 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Wm. Filene ' s Sons Co., Thomas E. Sears, Inc., Lexington Street Junior High School. CARL L. HAYTER 66 Crooken Place, Hanson Social Studies " Rudolf " — Co-op Work Record: Boston State Hospital, Silver Lake Regional High School. Education LYNNE R. FRANZONI xnE 285 Holbrook Road, North Quincy Elementary Education — English Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 3,4 — Treasurer of Freshman and Sophomore Class — Secretary of Mid- dler, Junior and Senior Class — Chi Pi Epsilon 5 (Pledge Mother 5) — Husky Highliters 4,5 — Kappa Iota Epsilon 4,5 (pres. 5) — Husky Key 2,3,43 (sec. 4)— Gamma Delta 2— NEA 5 — Silver Masque 2 — Co-op Work Record: Braintree School System. SUMNER GORDON 9 Stow Road, Mattapan Education " Sonny " — Student Union 1,2,3,4,5 — Social Service Committee 3 (chair- man) , (pres.) 4 — NEA 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston HERALD TRAVELERS, Department of Men- tal Health (Boston State Hospital) . JEAN M. HODGDON 29 Westwood Terrace, Westwood Elementary Education Northeastern Hus-Skiers and Outing Club 1,2,3,4, (sec.) 2,3 — Gamma Delta 1,2,3,4 — Senior Representative 4 — SNEA 2,3,4, (corresponding sec.) 4 — Student Union 1,2 — Girls Ski Team 3,4. FRANK H. INZIRILLO 96 Everett Street, East Boston Social Studies " Inzi " — Married — Co-op Work Rec- ord: East Boston Social Centers. LENORE M. JASSEM AHA Kew Gardens Hills, Long Island, N. Y. Elementary Education Married — Freshman Honor List 1 — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Kappa Iota Ep- silon 4,5 — Delta Pi Alpha Sorority 4,5 {executive board, sergeant-at- arms) — Gamma Delta 3,4,5 — Na- tional Education Association 3,45 (sec.) CAULDRON-Rifle Club 4,5 — Sociology Club 3,4,5 — Silver Masque Workshop 4,5. PAUL J. JENNY 47 Massachusetts Avenue, Medford English Track 1,2,3,4,5— Cross Country 3,4. RICHARD T. MACKEY, JR. 288 Union Avenue, Framingham Dean ' s List 3,4,5— Rifle Club 2,4— SNEA 5 — Co-op Work Record: Mass. Mental Health Center. THOMAS P. MELLETT 23 Woodman Street, Boston Elementary Education Married — Co-op Work Record: Town of Braintree School Depart- ment. RUEL R. MOHNKERN 125 School Street, Braintree Elementary Education Band 1,2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Boston State Hospital, Metropolitan State Hospital. WILLIAM F. PAGNANO BA 221 Front St., Weymouth Social Studies " Pag " — Football 2,3,4 — Freshman Baseball. Baseball 4 — Silver Masque 2,3— Phi Beta Alpha (IFC Rep. 3)— Student National Education Associ- ation (pres.) 4. College of JOHN R. MARSHALL 6 Windom Street, Allston Social Studies " Bob, Marsh " — Dean ' s List 3. MARTHA J. McNULTY XHE 174 Mystic Valley Parkway, Winchester Elementary Education Chi Pi Epsilon Sorority 1,2,3,4 (re- cording sec.) 5 — Husky Key 2,3,45 — NEA 5— Gamma Delta 3,4. SALVATORE J. PAPPALARDO 107 High Street, Lawrence Social Studies " Sal " — Dean ' s List Student 3,4,5 — DMS — Co-op Work Record: Godfrey Cabot, Inc., Sears Roebuck Co. AMATO A. PICARDI 350 Sumner Street, East Boston English " Sonny, Tony " — Section Representa- tive I — Dean ' s List 3,4,5 — Jazz So- ciety 1 2,3 (vice pres.) , 4 (board of directors) — Dance Band 1 — Pegasus 4,5— SNEA 3,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Teaching Intern at Wayland High School. JAMES A. RYAN 41 West Street, Maiden Chemistry " Jim " — Dean ' s List 3— Rifle Club 1 — NEWS 1,2,3 (photo editor) — Camera Club 1,2 (sec-lreas.) — American Chemical Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Wirthmore Feeds, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. BARBARA A. SCICHILONE 55 Dexter Street, Waltham Social Studies Married — Dean ' s List 4 — Rifle Club 1 — Huskey Key 1,2 — NEA 4,5 — Omega Sigma 1 — Gamma Delta 2 (treas.) , 3 (pres.) , 4 (director) , 5 (recording sec.) — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Boston GLOBE, Southern Junior High School, Student Teacher. MYRNA SERFILIPPI AIIA 20 Bowdoin Street, Arlington English NEA 1,2,3,4— Gamma Delta 1,2,3,4 (vice pres.) — Delta Pi Alpha 4 (pres.) . DAVID M. SUMNER 24 Freeman Street, Attleboro Falls Industrial Arts " Dave " — Co-op Work Record: Fair- Held State Hospital. DAVID S. WALSH 21 Church Street, Hopkinton Industrial Arts " Dave " — Co-op Work Record: Dra- per Corp. JOSEPH A. WILSON 8 Maple Lane, Framingham Elementary Education " Joe " — Class Cabinet 3 — NEA — Sociology Club— Co-op Work Rec- ord: New England Home for Little Wanderers, Cushing Hospital for the Aged. Education JOHN G. STEEVES 16 West Weir Street, Taunton Industrial Arts " Jack " — Dean ' s List 4,5 Peace Fo- rum 3— Politics Club 3-Table Ten- nis Club 3,4,5 (pres.) 5— SNEA 5— Intramural Basketball 5 — Co-op Work Record: Fairfield State Hos- pital. NEIL SUGARMAN 25 Arbutus Street, Dorchester Social Studies " Sugie " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — History Club 2,3,4 — Sociology Club 2— Jazz Club 2 — Silver Masque 3 (treas.) — NEA 4. GERARD M. CRONIN 15 Village Lane, Arlington General Business Hockey 1,2,3,4— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Distorino Co., Inc., North- eastern University Library. WILLIAM C. HALL T K 666 Woburn Street, Wilmington English " Bill " — Dean ' s List Student 3,4,5 — SNEA (treas.) 3— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Claypit Hill Elementary School. Wayland Junior High School, Way- land Senior High School. STEPHEN W. LOPILATO 173 Centre Street, Roxbury Modern Languages " Bebe ' — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Kappa Iota Epsilon — Co-op Work Record: Boston GLOBE. MAUREEN K. CAMPBELL 54 Allen St., Falmouth Elementary Education ARLO E. COLLINS 218 Parker Hill Ave., Roxbury Industrial Arts THOMAS J. CONWAY 66 Clark St., Medford Social Studies WINTHROP C. FULLFORD 103 State St., Newburyport Education CARL J. GUSTAFSON 16 Boylston St., Jamaica Plain Education HUGH A. JOHNSON 38 Salem St., Bradford Social Studies LOUISE A. MASKELL 214 Mason Terrace, Brookline Elementary Education MANFORD J. PORTER 109 Humphrey St., Marblehead Education 217 Dr. Ronald E. Scott Dean of the College of Engineering 218 ollege of Engineer! 219 JOSEPH S. ABELON 2 Brimblecom, Lynn Industrial Engineering " Abby " — American Institute of In- dustrial Engineering 2,3,4,5 — Cross Country 1,2,3,4 (capt., 4th year) — Indoor and Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4 (capt., 4th year) — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Gregstrom Plastics, Bomal Laboratories, Transitron Electronics. GARY W. ADAMS 1108 Boston Road, Haverhill Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List 1,2,4 — Richard H. Luf- kin Scholarship 4 — Eta Kappa Nu Association, Electrical Engineering Honor Society — Track 1 ,2,4 — Insti- tute of Radio Engineers 4,5 — MARS Radio Club — Co-op Work Record: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. ROBERT R. AHLSTROM 57 Aster Circle, Weymouth Electrical Engineering " Os " -AIEE 2,3,4,5— IRE 2,3,4,5— Intramural Basketball 1,3,4,5 — Co op Work Record: Sanborn Co. Laboratory for Electronics, Ferrotec Inc. CHRISTOPHER S. ANDERSON 433 Pond Street, South Weymouth Electrical Engineering " Chris " — Married— Rifle Club 1,2— IRE and AIEE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Bethlehem Steel Co., Wheeler Reflector Co., Instrument Development Laboratories, Inc. JUDITH M. ANDERSON 86 Bower Street, Maiden Electrical Engineering " Judy " — Woman ' s Badge of Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society 5 — Lillian Moller pa Nu, Electrical Engineering Honor Society 5 — Lillian Moller Gilbraith Scholarship Award for 1960 4— Sears B. Condit Award 5— Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Class Representa- tive 2 — AIEE Representative 4,5 — Society of Women Engineers 2 (sec- treas.) 3,4, (chairman of pre-fresh- man tea) 5 — Omega Sigma 1,2,3 (vice pres.) 4 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Missile and Space Division. LAWRENCE G. ANDERSON 52 Webster Street, Rockland Industrial Engineering " Larry " — Married — Dean ' s List AIEE 2,3,4,5 (sec.) 2,3— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. ARNOLD N. ALDERMAN NEZ Hancock Road, Hancock Electrical Engineering " Hank " — Nu Epsilon Zeta (pledge- master) 2, (sec.) 3,4,5— MARS 3,4,5 — ROTC Band 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Sprague Electric Co. WILLARD W. ANDERSON 6 Perkins Square, Jamaica Plain Mechanical Engineering " Will " — Married — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Senior Class (treas.) — Track Team 1,2,3,4— Phi Tau Sigma (cor- responding sec.) — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Boston Naval Shipyard, Dyna- tech Corp. WILLIAM D. ALLEN 504 Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester Electrical Engineering " Bill " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 2— Rifle Club 3— IRE Member 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Ray- theon Co. HAROLD G. ANDREWS 31 Hopkins Road, Arlington Electrical Engineering " Greg " — Co-op Work Record: Gra- son Stadler Co., Inc. LAWRENCE APPLEBAUM 15 Egremont Road, Brighton Electrical Engineering " Larry " — Distinguished Military Student 4 — Professor of Military Sci- ence Merit Medal 4 — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3 (asst. pledge officer) —IRE 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. JOHN S. BALLAS, JR. Ash Street, Hopkinton Electrical Engineering " Jack " — Freshman Honor Roll — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Tau Beta Pi 4,5 (treas.) — Scabbard and Blade 4— IRE 3,4,5— Eta Kappa Nu 4,5— AIEE 5— AIEE-IRE Joint Stu- dent Branch 3,4 (treas.) , 5 (chair- man) — Co-op Work Record: Min- neapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co., Datamatic Division. barry barman teii 19 Harwood Street, Dorchester Chemical Engineering Married — Freshman Basketball 1 — American Institute of Chemical Engineering 2,3,4,5 — Northeastern Rifle Club 1,2,3 — Student Union 1,2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Water- town Arsenal, New Notions, Inc., Research Calculations, Inc. RALPH E. BAUMAN 24 Eastern Avenue, Gloucester Electrical Engineering " Pudgy " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 1,2— AIEE 2,3 (treas.) , 4 (vice chairman) — Co-op Work Record: Bomac Laboratories, Inc., Micro- wave Associates, Inc. ROBERT J. BELLONZI 17 Clarence Street. Attleboro Industrial Engineering " Bob " — Dean ' s List Student 3,4 — Section Representative 2,3 — AIIE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Ray- theon Co., Metals and Controls. JAMES R. BERTELLI 136 Rindge Avenue, Cambridge Electrical Engineering " Jay " — IRE— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Manufacturing Co. URY BASSIUK 401 Cabot Street, Beverly Mechanical Engineering Married — ASME — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Gregstrom Plastic Co., Hayes Pump and Machinery Corp. RICHARD E. BIBAUD 18 Huntington Avenue, Amesbury Industrial Engineering " Dick " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 2,3.4,5 — Department of the Navy Engineering Scholarship 1,2,3, 4,5 — Alpha Pi Mu 4 (vice pres. and corresponding sec.) 5 — AIIE 2,3,4,5 —SAM 5— Co-op Work Record: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. PETER J. BISHOP 21 Wainwright Street, Dorchester Chemical Engineering " Pete " — Dean ' s List 4 — AIChE 2,3,4,5 — Underwater Society 3,4,5 (vice pres.) —Dean ' s List 5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Ship- yard. ROBERT C. BLANCHARD 12 Falmouth Street, N. Attleboro Electrical Engineering " Bob " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 2,3— Eta Kappa Nu 4,5— IRE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Syl- vania Electric Products, Data Sys- tems Operations. ARNOLD R. BLOCKER TEn 299 Bowdoin Street, Winthrop Chemical Engineering " Amy " — Freshman Honor List. 3 — Sigma Kappa Psi 1,2,3.4 — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 1— Co-op Work Record: Briggs Maroney, Sumner Williams. FRANCIS T. BRENNAN JR. 72 Wheatland Avenue, Dorchester Electrical Engineering Married— AIEE 4,5— IRE 4,5— Co- op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Newton Engineering. ALEXANDER R. BRISHKA 33 Kimball Road, Lakewood, N.J. Electrical Engineering " Al " — Class Board 5— N.U. Band 1,2 — IRE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: USASRDL, U. S. Steel Corp., West- ern Electric Co. ROBERT F. BROUGHTON 6 Gage Street, Beverly Mechanical Engineering " Bob " — Freshmen Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Alfred J. Ferretd Award 2 — ASME 3,4,5 — Pi Tail Sigma 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: United Shoe Machinery Corp. BRUCE C. BONACETO 76 Hemmen Street, Roslindale Mechanical Engineering ASME 5— Co-op Work Record: In- frared Industries, Barry-Wright Corp. ALLAN M. BROWN 2 Stearns Drive, Randolph Mechanical Engineering " Al " — Married — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Outstanding Sophomore En- gineering Cadet 2 — Lovinger Schol- arship 3 — Freshman Honor List 1 — Pi Tau Sigma 4,5— Tau Beta Pi 3,4 — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — Track Team 3,4 — Rifle Club 2,3,4,5 — ROTC Band 2,3,4— ASME 4,5— Co- op Work Record: Bethlehem Steel Co. ALBERT T. BOUDREAU, JR. 153 Hancock Street, Auburndale Civil Engineering " Al " — NUCES (member) 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Barnes Engi- neering Co., Inc. FRANCIS C. BROWN 7 Spring Street, Westboro Chemical Engineering " Fran " — Dean ' s List Student 1,2,3,4,5 —Tau Beta Pi 4,5— AIChE 2,3,4,5— Pershing Rifles 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Artisan Industries, Inc. GEORGE H. BURGESS 69 Turner Street, Quincy Civil Engineering " Geo " — Married— Football 1 ,2— Stu- dent Representative 1,2 — Memb er, ASCE-BSCE 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Alltown Realty, Reekie Surveyor, Perkins Engineering. EDWARD F. BURNS 18 Hunnewell Avenue, Brighton Mechanical Engineering Dean ' s List Student 3,4 — ASME 5 — Co-op Work Record: Artisan Indus- tries. MARCIA A. BUSH 164 North Avenue, Abington Civil Engineering NUCES 2,3,4, (sec.) 5— Society of Women Engineers 2,3,4,5 (pres.) — Student Council 2,3,4,5 — Modern Dance 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Clarkeson Engineering Co., Hay- ward-Hayward Boynton, Inc. PAUL R. CALLOE 61 Day Street, Jamaica Plain Civil Engineering N.U. Civil Engineering Society 2,3,4, 5— Basketball 2,3,4 (capt) 4 — Co- op Work Record: Norwood Engi- neering Co., Turner Construction Co., Poley-Abrams Construction Co. RICHARD P. CAMPBELL 17 Greenwood Street, Medford Industrial Engineering " Dick " — Rifle Club 1,2,3,4,5— Fresh- man Rifle Team — Varsity Rifle Team 2 (capt.) , 3 (capt) , 4 (pres. 3, vice pres. 5) — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Sylvania Electric. PAT A. CAPONE 81 Lubec Street, East Boston Mechanical Engineering Married — Dean ' s List Student 1,2,3 — Pi Tau Sigma 4,5 (assistant treas.) —ASME— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Bethlehem Steel Co., Boston Gas Co. JOHN J. CAFFREY 85 Warren Street, Newton Center Civil Engineering " Caff " — American Society of Civil Engineers 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Barnes Engineering Co., Inc. THOMAS J. CALLAHAN $BA 26 Locust Street, Lynn Chemical Engineering " T.C. " — Phi Beta Alpha 4,5— As- sistant Pledgemaster 5 — AIChE 2,3,4,5 — Class Board 4,5 — Interfra- ternity Council 5 — Ski Club 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. RICHARD E. CARPENTER BrE 298 Elm Street, Holyoke Mechanical Engineering " Dick " — Married — Beta Gamma Epsilon 2,3, (house chairman) 4,5 — Interfraternity Council 3,4 (sec.) — Co-op Wor k Record: Worthington Corp. EARL J. CARROLL, JR. 96 MacArthur Lane, Tarrytown, N.Y. Electrical Engineering " Skip " — Co-op Work Record: Nor- den Laboratories, Norden Division of United Aircraft Corp. ANTHONY C. CECERE 35 St. Edward Road, East Boston Civil Engineering " Tony " — NUCES 2.3,4,5— Rifie Club — Intramural Softball 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Jackson Moreland, Consulting Engineers. Cabot, Cabot Forbes, Site Developers, Edward Kelcey, Highway Engineers. VINCENT A. CELINO 711 Washington Street, Abington Mechanical Engineering " Vin " — Married — Husky Key 2,3 — ASME 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Handy Hannah Products Corp., Fenwal, Inc. LOUIS S. CERULLO 851 Saratoga Street, East Boston Civil Engineering " Lou " — NUCES 2,3,4,5— Bulldozer — Co-op Work Record: Congdon, Gurney Towle, Inc., Wolf Re- search Development Corp. LAWRENCE N. CHETTI 15 Valley View Rd., Roc kaway, N.J. Civil Engineering " Larry " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 1,2 — N.U. Civil Engineering Society 3,4,5— Track 1,2,3,4— Co-op Work Record: Picatinny Arsenal, Barnes Engineering Co. CHRIS E. CHRISTO zn 8 Union, Everett Electrical Engineering Co-op Work Record: Naval Air Test Center, Titan Transformer, Auto- matic Radio Mfg. Co. ROBERT J. CLARK 5 First Street, Adams Industrial Engineering " Bob " — Married— Basketball 1,3,4— AIIE 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Sprague Electric Co., Rust Craft Publishers. ©liege NEIL R. CHAMBERS 100 Dartmouth Street, Everett Electrical Engineering IRE — Co-op Work Record: Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology In- strumentation Laboratory. MARVIN CHARNEY 688 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan Mechanical Engineering ASME 5 — Co-op Work Record: In- frared Industries, Inc., MacNiel En- neering, Inc., Clevite Transistor. DENIS M. COFFEY 31 Royal Street, Wollaston Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi 4,5 — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5 (corresponding sec.) — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Freshman Honor List — Newman Club 3,4, (treas.) 5— AIEE 3,4,5 — IRE 3,4,5 (liaison chairman) — Engineering Council 5 — Student Union 3 — Rifle Club 3— Intramural Basketball 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard. LAWRENCE S. COHEN 17 Gerald Avenue, Randolph Mechanical Engineering " Larry " — Married— ASME 1,2,3,4,5 — Society of American Military Engi- neers 1,2,3, (treas.) 4, (vice pres.) 5 — Society of Scabbard and Blade 3 (military ball program chairman) 4,5 — Engineers Joint Council 4,5 — Husky Key 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Pneumatic Scale Corp., Ltd. JAMES F. COLLINS, JR. 23 Gordon Terrace, Belmont Industrial Engineering " Jim " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 1,2,3,4,5 — Section Representa- tive 1,2,4,5 — Council of Professional Engineering Societies 4,5 — AIIE 3,4 pres.) , 5 (pres.) — AIEE 2— Flying Club 1,2— Alpha Pi Mu 4 (pres.), 5 (pres.) —Sports Car Club 1,2— SAM 4,5 — Northeast Region AIIE Conference 5 (chairman) — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Power Tube Division, Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., Lighting Division, Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., Semiconductor Division. RICHARD J. COMEAU 32 Maplewood Street, Watertown Mechanical Engineering " Dick " — Co-op Work Record: Fred S. Dubin Associates, Metcalf Eddy. BRIAN C. CONSIDINE 14 Fairfield Street, Lowell Electrical Engineering Section Representative 4 — IRE 2,3,4, 5— Newman Club 2,3,4,5— Student Union 3,4— Rifle Club 3,4,5— AIEE 43 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Design and Development Lab. DENNIS J. COOPER 974 Saratoga Street, East Boston Chemical Engineering " Den " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Chemi- cal Club of New England Scholar- ship 4— AIChE 2,3,4,5— Class Cabi- net 3 — Co-op Work Record: Nopco Chemical Co., National Science Foundation Grant for Research at Northeastern University. PAUL A. COOPER TEII 11 Suncrest Road, Hyde Park Mechanical Engineering " Co-op " — Pi Tau Sigma— ASME— Co-op Work Record: Amory Foun- dry, Artisan Metal Products, Inc. WILLIAM J. COOPER 76 Gainsborough Street, Boston Electrical Engineering " Bill " , " Coop " — Married — Ford Award 3 — Student Union 1 (pub- licity chairman) 2, (social service chairman) 3, (vice pres.) 4,5 — AIEE-IRE 4 (Random Noise staff) 5, (membership chairman) — North- eastern NEWS 1— Chapel Choir 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Fraser Pa- per, Ltd., Transitron Electronic Corp. DAVID S. COON 11 Yurick Road, Needham Electrical Engineering " Dave " — Married — Dean ' s List 2 — AIEE 4,5— IRE 5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Detroit Controls Corp., Nor- tronics, American Standard. RAYMOND C. COSTIGAN 974 Saratoga Street, East Boston Electrical Engineering " Ray " — Married — IRE — AIEE — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. DANIEL R. COTTE AP 3 Johnson Road, Saugus Mechanical Engineering " Mother " — Freshman Honor List — Navy Program Scholarship — Hockey 1— Student Union 2— Rifle Club 3— Phi Alpha Rho 3,4 (pledge master) 5, (pres.) — Class Representative 45 —ASME 5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard. WILLIAM F. COUTU 1641 2 Conway Street, Greenfield Industrial Engineering " Bill " — Dean ' s List Student 4 — Co- op Work Record: Threadwell Tap Die Co. JOHN C. CRAIG 84 Day Street, Jamaica Plain Civil Engineering NUCES 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Fay, Spofford Thorndike, Inc., Mclntyre Johnson, Inc. RICHARD A. CRAWFORD BrE 56 French Street, N. Quincy Electrical Engineering " Dick " — Sophomore Class (vice pres.) — Beta Gamma Epsilon 2,3 (vice pres.) 4,5— Husky Key 1,2,3, (chairman, Div. B) — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5— IRE 4,5— Rifle Club 1,2— Sport Parachute Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Bethlehem Steel Co., Ship- building Division, The MITRE Corp. HERBERT J. CUNHA 254A Somerville Avenue, Somerville Electrical Engineering " Herb " — Pershing Rifles, 1,2,3 — Scabbard and Blade 4,5— IRE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Minneapolis- Honeywell Regulator Co., Inc. HAROLD L. CUNNINGHAM 26 Wheatland Street, Burlington Electrical Engineering " Harry " — Married — Section Repre- sentative 3,4,5 — Intramural Basket- ball 1,2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Electronics Research Project, North- eastern University. RONALD K. DEAN 213 Jackson Street, Newton Center Mechanical Engineering " Ron, Ronnie " — Cross Country Team 2,3,4— Track Team 1,2,3,4— Rifle Club 5— ASME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Precision Chemical Pump Corp. College PAUL G. CRETE 625 Dix Street, Manchester, N.H. Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List Student 1,4 — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5— IRE 4,5— AIEE 5— Co-op Work Record: Sanders Associates, ROBERT J. CUCE 42 Colby Road, North Quincy Electrical Engineering AIEE 5— Newman Club 3— IRE 3,4, 5 — Rifle Club 1,3 — Section Repre- sentative for IRE 5 — Co-op Work Record: General Electric. RENALDO A. DELUZIO 65 East Street, Milford Electrical Engineering " Reno " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 4— IRE 2,3,4,5— AIEE 3,4 (sec- tion representative) , 5 (AIEE stu- dent branch sec.) — Rifle Club 1,2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. JOSEPH DENK BA 72 Westland Avenue, Boston Mechanical Engineering " Joe " — Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5, (ser- geant at arms) 4,5 — ASME 5 — Co op Work Record: Merriman Bros. Inc. RICHARD B. DESMOND 42 Richdale Avenue, Somerville Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List Student 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Hermes Electronics Co., Sylvania Electronics. GEORGE A. DESROCHERS 405 Oak Grove Avenue, Fall River Civil Engineering " Andy " — ROTC Leadership Achievement Award 2 — American Society of Civil Engineers 2,3,4,5 — SAME 3,4,5— Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Corse and Tibbetts, Consulting Engineers. WALTER L. DEWAR 192 Powder House Boulevard, West Somerville Mechanical Engineering " Walt " — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4,5— Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — ASME 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Simplex Wire Cable Co. CARMELO J DiFlETRO 42 WoodclifE Street, Boston Civil Engineering " Dino " — ASCE 2.3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Everett M. Brooks Co. PAUL H. DOBSON 22 Magee Street, Hyde Park Chemical Engineering AIChE 2,4,5— Rifle Club 4,5— Sport. Parachuting Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: New Notions, Inc., Nor- wood Engineering Co., E. F. King. KENNETH E. DOMEY 22 Autumn Street, Lynn Mechanical Engineering " Ken " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3— Pi Tau Sigma 4,5 — Section Representa- tive to Class Board 1— ASME 3,4,5 (chairman) 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., Semiconductor Plant. RICHARD H. DICKINSON T$K 324 Marguerite St., New Milford, N.J. Chemical Engineering " Dick " — Gamma Phi Kappa 2,3 (social chairman) 4, (sec.) 5 — AIChE 2,3,4— Co-op Work Record: Picatinny Arsenal. WILLIAM H. DILLON 121 Spring Street, Watertown Chemical Engineering " Dil " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student ' 2,4,5 — N.U. Scholarship 1,2 — Freshman Football— AIChE 2,3,4,5— Intramu- ral Basketball 2,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Mobil Oil Co., Barnstead Still Sterilizer Co., General Elec- tric Co. DANIEL J. DONNELLAN, JR. 62 Rbseen Avenue, Weymouth Industrial Engineering " Dan " — AIIE 4,5 — Table Tennis Club 3,4,5 (treas.) —Co-op Work Record: Infrared Industries, Charles T. Main, Me ' tcalf Eddy. THOMAS DORMER, JR. 101 Elwell Street, Maiden Mechanical Engineering " Tom " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5— Presi- dent ' s Award 2,3,4— ASME 3,4,5 — Tau Beta Pi 4,5 (corresponding sec.) 5 — Pi Tau Sigma 4,5 (record- ing sec.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Watertown Arsenal — Dynatech Corp. RICHARD L, DOUCETTE 18 LTpham Street, Salem Chemical Engineering " Dick " — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Radio Club 1 — Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. WILLIAM J. DRUMMEY 25 Olive Avenue, Maiden Civil Engineering " Bill " — N.U. Civil Engineering So- ciety 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard, Design Divi- sion. WILLIAM W. DURKEE, JR. 109 Myrtle Street, Waltham Chemical Engineering AIChE 2,3,4,5 — Underwater So- ciety 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: F. S. Bacon Laboratories, Myerson Tooth Corp. PETER J. DUCEY Waterston Avenue, Quincy Civil Engineering " Pete " — American Society of Civil Engineers 2,3.4,5 — Varsity Basket- ball 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard. NORMAN W. DWORKEN 139 Selden Street, Dorchester Chemical Engineering " Norm, Dworkie " — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Metallurgy, Cabot Corp., Carbon Black Analytical Research and Serv- ice Section. DAVID L. EATON $AP 2 Maple St., Sanford, Maine Civil Engineering " Dave " — Married — Phi Alpha Rho 3,4,5 — American Society of Civil En- gineers (Student Chapter) — Co-op Work Record: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. DANIEL G. DUFRESNE AKS 67 Princeton Street, New Bedford Mechanical Engineering Alpha Kappa Sigma 2,3,4,5 (sec.) — Interfraternity Council 2,3,4 (vice pres.) 5, (pres.) — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3 (assistant adjutant) — ASME 4,5 — SAME 4,5 — Rifle Club 1 — Freshman Rifle Team — Co-op Work Record: Acushnet Process Co., Metals Controls, Div. of Texas Instruments, Inc. ALAN R. EBSTEIN 17 Koclas Drive, Netcong, N. J. Mechanical Engineering " Happy Eppy " — Married — Gamma Phi Kappa 2,3,4,5 (treas) 3— Co-op Work Record: Picatinny Arsenal. JAMES A. DUNN 125 Lebanon Street, Melrose Electrical Engineering " Jim " — Rifle Club 1,2 — AIEE — IRE 2,3,5 (publicity chairman) — Co-op Work Record: Design Divi- sion, Boston Naval Shipyard. LAWRENCE E. EGAN 38 Wheelock Avenue, Norwood Civil Engineering " Larry " — Married— NUCES 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: John A. Volpe Construction Co. HENRY I. ELLIS, JR. BrE 31 Mills Terrace, Nahant Electrical Engineering Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,5 — Beta Gamma Epsilon Fraternity 3,4,5 (vice pres.) — AIEE 2,3 (repre- sentative) 4, (sec.) 5, (treas.) — Class of 1962 Cabinet 1,2 — N.U. Underwater Society 4,5 — IRE 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: AVCO Crosley Electronics Laboratory, Mass. Insti- tute of Technology, Instrumentation Laboratory. RONALD F. ELLSWORTH 30 Newcastle Road, Brighton Electrical Engineering " Ron " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 4 — ROTC Academic Achieve- ment Award 2,3,4— AIEE 3,4,5— IRE 3,4,5— MARS 3,4,5— Rifle Club 1,2— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Semiconductor Division, Avco Corp., Research and Advanced Develop- ment Division. LEONARD J. EPSTEIN TE 64 Undine Road, Boston Electrical Engineering " Killer " — Tau Epsilon Phi — IRE 2.3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Ray- theon Co., Northeastern University Electronics Research Project. MARTIN S. FEERICK, JR. 96 Library Street, Revere Chemical Engineering " Marty " — DMS— AIChE 2,3,4,5 - Parachute Club 5 — AFCEA 2,3,4 (sec.) 5, (pres.) —Rifle Club 2,3,4— Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: American Biltrite Rubber Co. RICHARD S. FEINBERG 42 Marcy Street, Worcester Chemical Engineering " Dick " — Sigma Kappa Psi 2,3,4,5 — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Walter Baker Chocolate Co. ALFREDO J. FERN ANDES 78 Fair Street, New Bedford Mechanical Engineering " Al " — DMS 4,5 — SAME 3,4,5 — ASME 5 — Co-op Work Record: Acushnet Process Co. ROBERT J. -FANJOY 164 Church Street, Watertown Chemical Engineering " Bob " — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 1 — Co-op Wprk Record: Bri-Mar Paint Co., Farrington-Textol Corp., Raytheon Mfg. Co., Ludlow Corp. GERALD R. FAUNCE 1264 Brook Road, Milton Industrial Engineering " Jerry " — AIIE 2,3,4 (vice pres.) 5, (vice pres.) — Professional Engineer- ing Societies Council 4,5 — SAM 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Warren M. Pike Associates . OCTAVIO C. G. FILIPE 10 Hamlin Street, Cambrr Electrical Engineering " Fie " — Married — IRE Representa- tive 2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Industrial Tube Divi- sion, Semiconductor Division. JOHN J. FISHER 72 Peterboro Street, Boston Chemical Engineering Married— AIChE 23.4,5— Rifle Club 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Miller Nylander, Raytheon, Pyrotex. WAYNE T. FISHER 75 George Street, Whitman Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5— N.U. Civil Engineering So- ciety 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record; Camp Dresser fc, Consulting Engineers. JOHN W. FITZGERALD, II 48 North Border Road, Winchester Chemical Engineering " Fitzy " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — DMS— Scabbard and Blade 3,4 (Saber Team Captain) , 5 (2nd Lieutenant) — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 1,2 — Sport Parachute Club 5 — Co-op Work Record: Arthur D. Little, Inc. JOHN J. FITZHENRY 19 Mudge Street, Lynn Industrial Engineering " Fitz " — AIIE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work " Record: C.B.S. Electrics, Inc., Gre- mar Manufacturing Co., Inc. ollege PETER J. FOLEY 12 Cypress Street, Norwood Chemical Engineering Dean ' s List Student 4 — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Bird Son, Inc., Northeastern Univer- sity. FREDERICK L. FOLLIS, JR. 51 Warren Street, West Medford Civil Engineering " Fred " — Pershing Rifles 1,2 — NUCES 3,4,5— Student Cabinet 3— Scabbard and Blade 4,5 — Scholar- ship Committee Senior Y ' ear — Co- op Work Record: City of Medford Department of Civil Engineering. RONALD G. FORREST BrE Harrison, Maine Industrial Engineering " Pete " — AIIE 3,4,5— SAME 3,4,5— Beta Gamma Epsilon 2,3,4 (treas.) 5, (pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Wigglesworth Machinery Co., Syl- vania Electric Co. ., ' MARTIN J. FLANSBURY 465 Nahatan Street, Norwood Electrical Engineering " Marty " — Co-op Work Record: Dunleavey Electronics, Topic Elec- tronics. ROBERT A. FLYNN 42 Chesbrough Road, W. Roxbury Electrical Engineering " Bob " — Freshman Honor Roll 1— Dean ' s List 2,3,5 — J. R. Rosen Award 4 — Eta Kappa Nu — IRE 2,3,4 (committee chairman) 5, (vice chairman) — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Contronics, Inc. ALBERT R. FORSTER 16 Middle Avenue, Summit, N. J. Mechanical Engineering " Al " — Freshman Class Representa- tive — Academic Achievement Award 2,3 — ROTC — Leadership Achieve- ment Award 2,3 — ASME 2,3,4 (vice pres.) 5, (pres.) — SAME 2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 2,3— Co-op Work Record: U.S. Army Picatinny Ar- senal, Worthington Pump Corp. LAWRENCE J. FORTI 80 Martin Road, Milton Chemical Engineering " Laurie " — Co-op Work Record: Stedfast Rubber Co. ROBERT D. FRENCH 164 Union Street, South Weymouth Mechanical Engineering " Bob " — Dean ' s List 4 — SAME 4,5 — ASME 5— Co-op Work Record: Eu- gene Engineering Co., Inc. LESTER A. GARNI ER 117 Everett Street, Middleboro Mechanical Engineering ASME 3,4,5— -Co-op Work. Pvccord: Henry Perkins Co. ROBERT J. GALLAGHER 583 Beach Street, Revere Electrical Engineering " Bob " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4— Freshman Honor List — Tau Beta Pi 4,5— Eta Kappa Nu 4,5— Rifle Club 2— AIEE 2,3— IRE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Ship- yard. ZARAN GARABEDIAN 17 Trowbridge Street, Arlington Electrical Engineering " Gary, Zav " — Tau Beta Pi (record- ing sec.) 4,5 — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5 — ■ Freshman Honor Roll — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Sears B. Condit Award 5— AIEE-IRE 2,3,4,5— RAN- DOM NOISE (feature editor) 4,5 —Northeastern NEWS 4 — CAUL- DRON 4 — Co-op Work Record: Northeastern University, Electrical Engineering Lab., Waltham Preci- sion Instrument Co, RICHARD F. GARVIN 37 Winthrop, Charlestown Chemical Engineering " Dick " — Freshman Honor List, — Dean ' s List 3 — DA-Superior-Cadet Ribbon for Outstanding Frosh and Sophomore — AFCEA Silver Medal (Junior Year) — DMS — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4,5 (colonel: regimental commander) — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5— AFCEA 1,2,3,4 (vice pres.) 5 — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 1,2,3— Newman Club 1,2,3— Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. ALLEN B. GAY 115 W. Main Street, Unadilla, N. Y. Civil Engineering " Brad " — Silver Masque 1,2 — Choral Society 1,2 (vice pres.) 3— N.U. Civil Engineering Society 2,3,4 (co-chair- man) 5 — N.U. Underwater Society 5— Safety Officer 4— SAME 4,5— Co-op Work Record: New York State Highway Dept. PHILIP F. GARBER 20 Martindale Road, Randolph Electrical Engineering " Fred " — Freshman Honor List Intramural Basketball 1,2,3— IRE- Co-op Work Record: Automatic Ra dio Co., Raytheon Co. ROGER N. GARCEAU 6 Morin Heights, Woonsocket, R Electrical Engineering Married— Rifle Club 2— Radio Club 2— AIEE 5— IRE 5— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Nortronics. RICHARD S. GILFOY, JR. 60 Perham Street, West Roxbury Mechanical Engineering " Dick " — Married — Freshman Honor List— Dean ' s List 4— ASME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Records: Barry Con- trols. HARRY A. GILL r j K 45 Ashford Street, Boston Electrical Engineering " Hap " — Married — Gamma Fhi Kappa— IRE 4,5— Radio Club 2— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Epsco Inc., Nortronics. PAUL B. GILL 15 Pershing Road, Jamaica Plain Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List Student 1,4 — AIEE 2,3,4, 5 — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5 — Tau Beta Pi 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Bos- ton Edison Co., The Mitre Corp. ROBERT M. GILL 128 High Street, North Billerica Civil Engineering " Smiley " — Married — N.U. Civil En- gineering Society— Freshman Basket- ball—Co-op Work Record: Dana F. Perkins Sons, Chief of Surveying Party. BARRY N. GLASS 53 Fottler Road, Mattapan Electrical Engineering AIEE 2,3,4,5— IRE 2,3,4,5 (sec.) 4— Engineers Joint Council 4,5 — Radio Club 2— Rifle Club 2,3— AFCEA 2— Student Union 2,3,4 — Class Repre- sentative 3 — RANDOM NOISE Publication 3,4 (managing editor) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Industrial Components Div., Sanders Associates, Inc. ROBERT M. GLORIOSO NEZ 63 North Street, Danbury, Conn. Electrical Engineering " Bob " — Dean ' s List 2,4 — Second Prize: American Institute of Radio Engineers ' Student Paper Contest 4 — Nu Epsilon Zeta (grand scribe) 2,3,4,5— MARS Radio Club (treas.) 3,4,5 — IRE 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Doman Helicopters, Inc., Avitronics, Inc., CBS Laboratories. THOMAS J. GLYNN 118 Westminster Avenue, Watertown Electrical Engineering " T.J. " — Married — Dean ' s List 5 — AIEE — IRE 4,5 (section representa- tive) 1— Intramural Basketball 1,2 —Rifle Club 2,3— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Harvard Medical School, Champion Lamp Co., Inc., Barnes Engineering Co., New England In- strument Co. ROBERT F. GIORDANO 79 Governor Winthrop Road, Somerville Electrical Engineering " Bob " — Basketball 3,4— AIEE 2,3,4,5 —IRE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record-: General Radio Co. RAYMOND J. GIRARD 1163 Summer Street, Bridgewater Civil Engineering " Ray " — Married — N.U. Civil Engi- neers Society — Co-op Work Record: Plymouth County Electric Light Co., City of Taunton, Engineering De- partment, Mclntyre Johnson, En- gineers. WARNER B. GOFF Berkley Street, Berkley Civil Engineering NUCES 2,3,4,5— Northeastern Sport Parachute Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: New England Power Service Co. NORMAN A. GOLDSTEIN AP 230 Freeman Street, Brookline Mechanical Engineering " Norm " — Dean ' s List 2 — IFC Repre- sentative 4 — Class Cabinet 4 — Phi Alpha Rho 4,5 — Scabbard and Blade 4,5 (capt.) 5— SAME 3,4,5— ASME 5 — Pi Tau Sigma 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Harvard University Air Cleaning Laboratory. JOAQUIM J. GOMES 278 Central Street, So. Weymouth Electrical Engineering " Jack " — Co-op Work Record: Min neapolis-Honeywell, Datamatic Div. Foxboro Co. KENNETH C. GORDON 11 Walnut Street, Marshfield Electrical Engineering " Ken " — Co-op Work Record: Syl vania Electric Products, Inc. BERNARD R. GOUDREAU 558 Willow Street, Woonsocket, R. I. Electrical Engineering Co-op Work Record: Republic A via tion Corp. CHARLES F. GREENE R.F.D. 2, Littleton Civil Engineering " Charlie " — Married— NUCES 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Fay, Spoflord Thomdike, Inc., N.D.C. ' Construc- tion Co., Everett. M. Brooks Co. ROBERT W. GRUNER 210 Hillside Avenue, Arlington Electrical Etigineering " Bob " — Tau Beta Pi — Eta Kappa Nu — IRE — Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electronic Products. WAYNE R. GUARD BrE R.F.D. 1, Schuylerville, N. Y. Electrical Engineering Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — President ' s Award 3,4,5 — Sears B. Condit Honor Award -DMS— ROTC Outstanding Elec- trical Engineering Cadet 3.4 — In- terfraternity Council 3,4,5 — IRE, Beta Gamma Epsilon 2,3,4 (pres.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: General Electric Co., Inc. ALLEN F. GOULART 17 Highland Street, Taunton Civil Engineering " Al " — Sport Parachute Club 4,5 — NUCES 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Metcalf Eddy, Engineers. RICHARD H. GUIMOND 290 Elm Street, North Attleboro Chemical Engineering " Dick " — Married — Dean ' s List 1,2 — AIChE 2,3,4— Intramural Basket- ball 1,2,4— Physics Club 1— Co-op Work Record: Fraser Paper, Ltd. GORDON W. GRANT 230 White Street, Belmont Chemical Engineering " G.G. (Gee Gee) " — AICE 2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 1,2— Co-op Work Record: Cabot Corp., B. B. Chemical Co. PETER W. GUSTAVSEN 116 Franklin Street, Arlington Industrial Engineering " Pete " — Married — AIIE 2,3,4,5 — Rifle Club 2,3,4,5— Football 2— Bas- ketball 2 — Co-op Work Record: Wm. Underwood Co. EUGENE W. HAMILTON 15 Adams Place, Weymouth Civil Engineering ' Gene " — Married — N.U. Civil Engi- neering Soceity 2,3,4,5 — BULL- DOZER 3,4 (editor) 5— Co-op Work Record: New England Survey Co., Yunits Engineering Co. EDWARD J. HAMWEY 126 South Main Street, Natick Chemical Engineering " Ed " — Rifle Club 2— AIChE 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Natick Quartermaster Research and Engi- neering Center. BRUCE E. HANNA BrE 141 Central Street, Foxboro Mechanical Engineering Dean ' s List 3 — Pi Tau Sigma Beta Gamma Epsilon 3,4 (sec.) 5— ASME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record The Foxboro Co. JOHN L. HARPELL BrE 68 Carpenter Street, Foxboro Industrial Engineering Dean ' s List Student 3 — Beta Gamma Epsilon 5 (guard) — AIIE 3,4,5 — Husky Key 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Foxboro Co., Raytheon Mfg. Co., Texas Instruments, Inc. RICHARD C. HARRINGTON BrE 1307 Second Ave., Schnectady, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering ASME (vice pres.) — N.U. Under- water Society 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Ford Motor Co. THOMAS L. HAYDEN t AP 109 Glendower Road, Roslindale Electrical Engineering " Tom " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — DMS 4— Phi Alpha Rho (charter brother) 3,4,5— Tau Beta Pi 4,5— Eta Kappa Nu 4,5— IRE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Ship- yard, The Mitre Corp. KEVIN M. HANNON 22 Prospect Terrace, Maiden Mechanical Engineering " Red " — Co-op Work Record: James Millen Manufacturing Co. WILLIAM E. HANSEN, JR. 37 Damon Avenue, Holbrook Civil Engineering " Bill " — NUCES 2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Haywood, Haywood Boynton, Town of Wey- mouth. DONALD T. HAYES BrE 23 Parker Street, Manchester, Conn. Civil Engineering " Don " — Dean ' s List Student 3 — Beta Gamma Epsilon (treas.) 2,3,4,5 — American Society of Civil Engineers 4,5 — N.U. Parachute Club (treas.) 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: State of Connecticut Highway Dept., Arri- goni Construction Co., City of White Plains, New York. JAMES B. HEDGE 14 Utica Drive, Worcester Electrical Engineering " Jay " — Dean ' s List 3— Rifle Olub 1 — I RE 4,5 — Radio Club 1 (sec- treas.) 2, 3 (pres.) — Yacln Club 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Wor- cester County Electric Co., Fenwal, Inc., Materials Technology. JAMES J. HENRY 11 Groom Street, Dorchester Electrical Engineering Pershing Rifles 1,2,3— IRE 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Insu- lated Wire Cable Co. EDWARD R. HERLING 16 Columbia Street, North Chelmsford Mechanical Engineering " Ed " — ASME 2,3,4,5— SAME 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Nashua Corp. PAUL A. HERMAN 32 Vesta Road, Boston Chemical Engineering " Paul — AIChE 2,3,4,5 - Co-op Work Record: Walter Baker Choco- late Co. ALFRED H. HODSON .17 Neponset Stteet, Canton Chemical Engineering " Al " — Married — AIChE 2,3,4,5 — American Chemical Society 5 — Co- op Work Record: M. C. Nuclear. FREDERICK W. HOEV 18 St. Rose Street, Boston Electrical Engineering " Fred " — AIEE 5 — IRE 5 — Co-op Work Record: Holtzer Cabot Co. ROBERT C. HOFFMAN 236 Kelton Street, Allston Electrical Engineering " Bob " — Married — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Sylvania Data Systems Opera- tions. ineerin RICHARD E. HERSKIND 16 Lindale Avenue, Dedham Electrical Engineering " Dick " — Dean ' s List 1,4 — Eta Kappa Nu 5— Football 1,2,3,4— IRE 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. WILLIAM J. HESSION rn 189 Ivy Street, New Haven, Conn. Chemical Engineering " Bill " — Dean ' s List 1,4 — Bauer Fund Scholarship 4 — Phi Gamma Pi 1, (IFC representative) 2, (social chairman) 3,4,5— AIChE 2,3— Co- op Work Record: Armstrong Rub- ber Co. ARTHUR F. HOUSMAN 84 Pleasant Street, Winthrop Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List 2— Rifle Club 1,2— IRE 5 — Co-op Work Record: Automatic Radio Mfg Co., Inc. LAURENCE E. HUBLEY 536 Main Stret, West Concord Mechanical Engineering " Larry " — ASME 3,5— Co-op Work Record: General Radio Co., United States Testing Co., The Reece Corp. WARREN E. HUDSON $AP 51 Hosmer Street, Everett Mechanical Engineering " Rock " — Phi Alpha Rho 3,4,5 — SAME 3,4,5— Student Union 2,3— ASME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Lawson Machine Tool Co., Com- mercial Filters Corp. GEORGE A. HUMPHREYS 24 Atlantic Avenue, Cohasset Electrical Engineering " Humph " — AIEE 2,3,4,5— IRE 2,3,4, 5 — ROTC Band — Section Represen- tative — Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Minneapolis Honeywell, Kel Corp. RICHARD A. IWANOWICZ 27 Daniels Street, Salem Electrical Engineering " Dick " — IRE— Co-op Work Record: Bomac Laboratories, Inc., Avco Manufacturing Corp. BRUCE W. JACKSON 142 Davis Street, Quincy Chemical Engineering Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Tau Beta Pi 5— AIChE (pres.) 2,3,4,5— AFCEA 2,3,4,5— Rifle Club 2,3— Co-op Work Record: Bryant Chem- ical Corp. RICHARD J. JAMES 50 Temple Street, Boston Chemical Engineering " Dick " — Married— AIChE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Cabot Corp. HARRY L. HUNTER, JR. NEZ 8 Lotus Path, North Natick Chemical Engineering " Bud " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Hayden Memorial Scholarship 1 — ROTC Leadership Award 2 — ROTC Achievement Award 2,3 — Nu Epsi- lon Zeta 3,4,5 — Freshman Cabinet — AIChE (class representative) 2, (sec.-treas.) 3, (vice pres.) 4, (pres.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: E. I. du Pont De Nemours Co., Inc. CHARLES J. R. INGOLD 147 Haverhill Street, Lawrence Civil Engineering " Charlie " — Barrows Scholarship 4,5 — Yacht Club 3,4,5 — Hus-Skiers and Outing Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Dana F. Perkins, Inc., Harry Feldman, Inc. WALTER E. JAWORSKI, JR. 45 Church Street, Hopkinton Civil Engineering " Wally " — Married — ASCE-BSCE Student Chapter — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Schofield Bros. DAVID G. JOHNSON AKS 135 Tremont Street, Rehoboth Electrical Engineering " The Hornet " — Alpha Kappa Sigma 2,3,4,5 (grand marshal) 3 — Radio Club 2,3,4,5— MARS 3,4,5— AIEE- IRE 2,3,4,5 — AFCEA 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: The Foxboro Co. EDWARD C. JOHNSON, JR. 66 Dyer Avenue, Milton Electrical Engineering " Ned " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 4 — Elected to Eta Kappa Nu 4 (treas.) 5 — Elected to Tau Beta Pi 4— IRE 2,3,4,5— RAN- DOM NOISE 4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Sylvania Electronic Systems. FRANK D. JOHNSON, JR. 41 Roberts Street, Quincy Civil Engineering Married — Student Me mber ASCE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: New York, New Haven Hartford Rail- road Co., Lewis W. Perkins Sons, C. J. Maney Construction Co. HAROLD JOHNSON 109 Baxter Avenue, Quincy Mechanical Engineering Married — Dean ' s List 2,3 — Pi Tau Sigma 4 (pres.) 5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Bethlehem Steel Co. JOHN E. JOYCE 36 Bromfield Street, Quincy Mechanical Engineering " Jack " — Co-op Work Record: Sted- fast Rubber Co., Internationa! Equipment Co. ROBERT K. KALKERT 102 Spruce Road, Norwood Electrical Engineering " Bob " — N.U. MARS Club 4,5— Co- op Work Record: Topic, Inc., The Foxboro Co., Norwood Municipal Light Dept. Engine ROBERT H. JOHNSON $AP 138 Keystone Street, West Roxbury Mechanical Engineering " Bob " — Dean ' s List 1,4 — Phi Alpha Rho 3,4,5 (charter brother) — SAME 3,4,5-Co-op Work Record: Minneapolis Honeywell, Nortronics. CHRISTOS KARIMBAKAS 8 Walnut Park, Roxbury Industrial Engineering " Chris " — Council of Professional En gineering Societies (vice chairman) 4— AIIE 2,3,4— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Gregstrom Plastics. GEORGE N. JORDAN County Street, Lakeville Mechanical Engineering ASME 2,3,4,5 — Class Representative 3 — Co-op Work Record: Navy Super- visor of Shipbuilding. MARSHALL N. KATES 37 Maiden Street, Everett Industrial Engineering Married— AIIE 2.3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Garland Enterprises, Inc. ALAN H. KATZ 25 Arlington Avenue, Revere Mechanical Engineering ASME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Randall Faichney Corp., Scully Sig- nal Co., Bellamy Robie, Inc. ROBERT L. KAUFFUNGER AK2 16 Babylon Road, Merrick, N. Y. Civil Engineering " Kauf " — Freshman Honor List — Alpha Kappa Sigma 1,2,3,4 {pledge- master) , 5 (pres.) — N.U. Civil Engi- neering Society 3,4,5 — Interfrater- nity Council 4 — Interfraternity Sports 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record : New York State Dept. of Public Works, E. B. Brooks Co. STEPHEN B. KAY ZK 5 Willow Street, Wellesley Hills Industrial Engineering " Steve " — Dean ' s List 4,5 — Sigma Kappa Psi Fraternity 2,3,4,5 — Radio Club 1,2,3— MARS 3,4,5— AIIE 4,5— Alpha Pi Mu — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. GEORGE F. KENT AP 12 Weld Hill Street, Jamaica Plain Mechanical Engineering Married — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Pi Tau Sigma Honor Fraternity 4,5 — Phi Alpha Rho 3,4,5 (charter brother) — Student Council 2 — Class Board 2,3,4,5 (treas.) 3,4,5— ASME 3,4,5 (publicity chairman) 4,5 — Student Union 2 — Co-op Work Record: In- ternational Equipment Co. DONALD A. KINSELLA 16 New Terrace Road, Brookline Civil Engineering " Don " — Football 2,3,4— Co-op Work Record: Barnes Engineering Co., Inc., Arctic Institute of North America. .JURII KLONIZCHII 161 Beacon Street, Somerville Electrical Engineering Married— IRE 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. GERALD R. KELLER $rn Franklin Street, Belchertown Industrial Engineering " Jerry " — Married — Phi Gamma PL 1,2,3,4,5— AIIE 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Springfield Gas Light Co. JAMES P. KELLY 22 Auckland Street, Dorchester Electrical Engineering AIEE 3,4,5 — Committee Member, AIEE and IRE Chapter 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Boston Insulated Wire Cable Co., Boston Edison Co. BRUCE G. KOSA BrE Box 22, Eastford, Conn. Chemical Engineering Beta Gamma Epsilon Fraternity (sec.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Fafnir Bearing Co. CHESTER J. KOWAL 56 Markham Road, East Longmeadow Mechanical Engineering Northeastern NEWS 1,2,3,4 (art edi- tor) 5— N.U. WRITER 1,2,3— Stu- dent Union 1,2— SAME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Engineering Design Co., Springfield Gas Light Co. ARTHUR S. KOWALSKI 81 Sumner Road, Salem Electrical Engineering " Art " — Section Representative 3,4 — IRE 2,3 (Section Representative) 4,5— AIEE 4— Rifle Club 1— Co-op Work Record: Bomac Laboratories, Inc., AVCO Research Develop- ment Co. RUSSELL C. KOZA 39 Prospect Avenue, Lynnfield Centre Electrical Engineering " Russ " — N.U. Trustee Scholarship 1 —AIEE 5— IRE 5— MARS 2— N.U. Underwater Society 3,4,5 — Student Union 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Trans-Sonics, Inc., General Electric Co., Instrument Dept. H. DONALD KROITZSH 12 Palmer Avenue, Saugus Electrical Engineering " Don " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Presi- dent ' s Award 1 — Sears B. Condit Award 5 — Eta Kappa Nu 5 — Radio Club 1,2— MARS 2,3— IRE 4,5— N.U. Underwater Society 4,5 — New- man Club 5 — Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electronic Systems, Wal- tham and Needham locations. ALBERT K. KRUSCHWITZ 1 108 Boston Road, Ward Hill Mechanical Engineering " Al " — Intramural Basketball 1 — Rifle Club 3,4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Hotwatt, Inc. WALTER F. KWASNIAK Ware Road, West Warren Electrical Engineering " Walt " — IRE-AIEE 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. JOHN C. LAGADINOS 67 Boylston Street, Jamaica Plain Electrical Engineering Married — Co-op Work Record: Min- neapolis-Honeywell, Datamatic Divi- sion. Engineerin ALBERT A. KRUEGER $AP 304 Metropolitan Avenue, Roslindale Mechanical Engineering " Skip " — Student Council 3,4 (pres.) 5 — Phi Alpha Rho 3,4 (vice pres.) 5, charter brother— SAME 2,3,4— ASME 5 — Co-op Work Record: Bos- ton Naval Shipyard. MALCOLM D. KRUGER 140 Thorndike Street, Brookline Electrical Engineering " Mai " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Freshman Honor List — IRE 3,4,5 —AIEE 3,4,5— Skin Diving Club 5— Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Elec- tric Data Processing Laboratory, Sylvania Electric Data Systems Op- eration. KENNETH H. LAIDLAW 508A Beechwood, Cohasset Electrical Engineering " Ken " — Dean ' s List Student 4 — N.U. AIEE Student Paper Contest, 2nd Place Winner 4— AIEE 5— IRE 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Bethlehem Steel Co., Central Technical Divi- sion, Quincy Yard. ROGER M. LaMOTHE 269 Nevada Street, Newton Mechanical Engineering HANFORD G. LANGSTROTH 170 Beaufort Avenue, Needham Civil Engineering " Boo " — Co-op Work Record: Che- ney Engineering Co., Munroe-Lang- stroth, Inc. SALVI J. LAQUIDARA 3A Pusan Road, Framingham Electrical Engineering " Buzz " — Married — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Fenwal, Inc., M.I.T. Instru- mentation Lab. DONALD A. LARLEE, JR. Kennett, Conway, N. H. Chemical Engineering Phi Gamma Pi 1,2,3,4,5 (sergeant at arms) 3, (sec.) 4, (vice pres., house manager) 4,5 — Interfraternity Soft- ball, Basketball, Bowling 1,2,3,4,5— AIChE 2,3,5— Rifle Club 1,2,3— Co- op Work Record: Armstrong Rub- ber Co. ROGER E. LAWSON 9 Wilkins Place, Brockton Electrical Engineering Married — Co-op Work Record: Brockton Edison Co. DENNIS J. LEARY 97 Millet Street, Dorchester Civil Engineering Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Joint Engineer- ing Council — ASCF. 3,4,5 (pres.) — N.U. Civil Engineering Honor So- ciety — Co-op Work Record: Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology. PHILIP H. LEVINE 57 Pontiac Road, Quincy Industrial Engineering " Phil " — Rifle Club 3,4,5— SAM 4 ; — AIIE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Rec ord: Artisan Industries, Inc. JOSEPH LIPSKY 2E I ' 8 Herkimer Street, Hewlett, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering " Joe " — SAME 2,3,4,5— ASME 3,4,5— Skin Divers 3 (pres.) 4,5 — Freshman Rifle Team — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5— Sigma Kappa Psi 2,3,4 (ex- ecutive board) , 5 (vice pres) — Co- op Work Record: Bradley-Sun Div. of American Co., Laboratory for Electronics, J. E. Schecter Corp., Sorenson. ROBERT LEE 17 Upland Road, Cambridge Civil Engineering " Bob " — N.U. Civil Engineering So- ciety — Co-op Work Record: General Radio, City of Waltham. JOSEPH deLELLIS, JR. 27 Harding Street, W. Newton Electrical Engineering " Joe " — Dean ' s List 1 —Co-op Work Record: Ace Electronics Associates, Inc., General Radio Co. FRANCES LEONE 54 Winthrop Road, Chelsea Electrical Engineering " Fran " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — President ' s Letter and Award 3,4 ■ — Eta Kappa Nu Award to Highest Ranking Sophomore 2 — Tau Beta Pi Woman ' s Badge of Honor 4 — Junior Ring Award 4 — Society of Women Engineers ' National Scholarship Award 4 — Sears B. Condit Award 5 — Student Union 1,2,3 — Section Representative to Class Cabinet 2,3 — AIEE 4,5 — Society of Women En- gineers 2,3,4 (correspondence sec.) PETER S. LITTLEFIELD 525 Winter Street, Holliston Chemical Engineering " Pete " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 2,3,4— DMS 4— Tau Beta Pi 4,5 — AIChE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Dennison Manufacturing Co. NANCY A. LOFFLER 20 Anthony Street, Adams Chemical Engineering " Nan " — AIChE Scholarship Award 3 — Woman ' s Badge of Tau Beta Pi 4 — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Rep- resentative to Class Board 2 — AIChE 2 (Class Representative) 3,4,5— So- ciety of Women Engineers 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: General Elec- tric Co. JAMES J. LOMBARDO 108 Kilby Street, Hingham Civil Engineering " Jim " or " Guy " — Class Representa- tive 4,5 — Cross Country 1 — Indoor Track 1 — ASCE and Boston Society of Civil Engineers. 2,3,4 (trea s.) , 5 (co-program chairman) — Co-op Work Record: Perkins Engineering Associates. JOHN N. LYNCH 141 Longwood Avenue, Brookiine Mechanical Engineering " Nick " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,4 — Pi Tau Sigma, Pledge Paper Award 4 — Yacht Club 1, (capt.) 2,3,4,5 — ASME — Co-op Work Record: General Electric Co. HAROLD V. I.YNDE, JR. 82i 4 Heath Street, Somerville Electrical Engineering Track 1— Crocs Country 1— RAN- DOM NOISE 4,5— HKN 5. WILLIAM J. MacAULAY 49A Chester Street, Maiden Electrical Engineering ngineer JAMES D. LONG 22 Lander Street, Saugus Electrical Engineering Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. FRANCIS D. LYNCH Oak and Franklin Streets East Bridgewater Civil Engineering " Frank " — U.S. Navy Scholarship 1,5 — Freshman Honor List — ASCE 3,4,5 —Track 1,2,3,4,5— N.U. Track Club 5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard. RUSSELL W. MACCABE, JR. 21 Orris Street, Melrose Civil Engineering " Winn " — NUCES 1,2,3,4,5 (sec.) — Dean ' s List 4 — Co-op Work Record: New York Central Railroad, Town of Burlington. WILLIAM F. MAGNER 121 Pearson Road, Somerville Industrial Engineering " Bill " — Married— AIIE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Manufac- turing Co., Sylvania Electric, Inc. RICHARD B. MALLIO 12 Alfreton Road, Needham Heights Electrical Engineering " Rico " — Married— MARS Club 3, (pres.) 4,5— AFCEA 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: The Mitre Corp. MARTIN R. MARINER 199 Park Avenue, Arlington Industrial Engineering " Marty " — Concert and Marching Band 1,2,3 (sec.-treas.) , 4 (pres.) 5 — AIIE 3,4 (sec.) 5— Class Cabinet 2 — Engineering Council 4,5 — Coop Work Record: New England Fire Ins. Rating Co., National Co., Ray- theon Co. EDWARD J. MARTEKA 9 North Main Street, Whitinsville Chemical Engineering " Eddie " — Student Union 2,3 — AFCEA 3— Northeastern NEWS 2,3 (office manager) — Class Board and Cabinet 2,3— Rifle Club 2— Co-op Work Record: Natick Quartermaster Research and Engineering Com- mand, Industrial Coaters of Amer- ica, Samuel Cabot ' s, Inc. " " W ,- ROBERT L. MASTER 449 Pleasant Street, Belmont Chemical Engineering " Bob " — Dean ' s List Student 3 AIChE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record Cabot Corp. - RICHARD N.M.I. MASTERS 60 Emerald Street, Keene, N. H. Mechanical Engineering " Dick " — Married— ASME 3,4— Co- op Work Record: Miniature Preci- sion Bearings, Inc., Sylvania Electric Products, Inc., Allcraft Mfg. Co., Inc. JOHN S. MATTIVELLO 132 Chelsea Street, East Boston Mechanical Engineering Co op Work Record: Boston Woven Hose k Rubber Co., Amory Foundry, James Millen Mfg. Co., Mystic Val- ley Gas Co. College of WILLIAM E. MARTIN, JR. Gay Hill, Montville, Conn. Electrical Engineering " Bill " — Rifle Club 1,2,3,4,5— Man- ager Rifle Teams 2,3,4— IRE 3,4,5— Yacht Club 4,5— Newman 2,3,4— Co- op Work Record: U.S. Navy Under- water Sound Laboratory. ROBERT E. MAURER 50 Oak Avenue, Belmont Electrical Engineering " Bob " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Presi- dent ' s Letter 2,3,4,5 — President ' s Award 2 — IRE Student Award 5 — Sears B. Condit Honor Award 5 — Hodgkinson Scholar 5 — Tau Beta Pi 4,5 (pres.) — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5 (re- cording sec.) — Student Council 3,4,5 (chairman, committee on freshman affairs) — IRE 2,3,4,5 (publicity committee) — Class Cabinet 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Elec- tric Products, Data Processing Lab. HENRY C. MARTINELLI, JR. Perkins Street, Springfield Mechanical Engineering " Bud " — Pi Tau Sigma 4 — Co-op Work Record: U.S. Navy Unde r- water Sound Laboratory. RONALD T. MAXON 40 North, Lexington Electrical Engineering Rifle Club 1,2,3— MARS Club 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. WILLIAM E. MAXWELL NEZ Chase Road, Townsend Mechanical Engineering Nu Epsilon Zeta 3,4,5 (house man- ager) 3, (treas.) 4,5. ROBERT E. MAY, JR. 2 Palfrey Place, Providence, R. I. Electrical Engineering " Bob " — Married— Yacht Club 1— Radio Club 1,2,5— IRE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Radio Corporation o£ America. JOHN F. MAZZARELLA 219 Highland Street, Roxbury Electrical Engineering Married — Co-op Work Record: B.M Harrison Electrosonics, Inc. GERALD J. McDAVITT 206 Prospect Street, Norwood Mechanical Engineering " Gerry " — Section Representative 1 — DMS — Society of Mechanical En- gineers 4,5 — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3 (operations officer) 3 — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 (military ball com- mittee) — Society of Mechanical En- gineers 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Walter Baker Chocolate, Jell-o Divi- sion, General Foods Corp., Junior Process Engineer. JOHN M. McDONAGH S A 81 Lincoln Street, Norwood Chemical Engineering " Jack " — Dean ' s List 3,4,5 — Sigma Phi Alpha 4,5— AIChE 1960-61 (vice nes.) — AIChE 1959-80 (class repre- sentative) — Co-op Work Record: Bird Son, Inc., General Foods Re- search Center, Gillette Safety Razor Co. JAMES F. McDONOUGH 1450 Centre Street, Boston Civil Engineering " Jim " — Dean ' s List 3— ASCE— Bos- ton Society of Civil Engineers 2,3,4,5 (pres.) — Joint Council of Engineers Society 4 (pres.) , 5 (pres.) — Huskey Divers 5 — Bowling Team 3,4,5.— Stu- dent Council (rte representative) 2,3,4— Co-op Work Record: Walsh Bros. Construction Co., Poley Abrams Corp., Department of Pub- lic Works. JOHN A. MAZZONE 139 Cottage Street, East Boston Civil Engineering " John " — NUCES 4— Bulldozer Class Editor 5 — Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Land Court, William S. Crocker, Surveyors. GORDON S. McGINNIS NEZ Hilltop Farm, Suffield, Conn. Civil Engineering " Gordie " — Henry B. Alvord Memo- rial Scholarship 1 — Dean ' s List 4,5 — ROTC Academic Achievement Award— ASCE-BSCE Student Chap- ter 2,3,4,5— Scabbard and Blade 5— Nu Epsilon Zeta 3,4 (Pledgemaster) , 5 (Grand Chancellor) —SAME 3,4,5 — Interfraternity Council 3,4,5 (vice pres) — Co-op Work Record: Con- necticut Highway Dept. james M. McCarthy 7 Emery Street, Peabody Civil Engineering " Jim " — Dean ' s list 2,3,4— N.U. So- ciety of Civil Engineers 2,3,4,5 — Co- op Work Record: Town of Swamp- scott. GERALD V. McKENNA 43 Nelson Street, West Quincy Industrial Engineering " Gerry " — Married — AIEE 4,5 — CAULDRON Staff 5— Co-op Work Record: Carpenter Paterson, Rust Craft. FREDERICK A. McLAUGHLIN 3 Clinton Street, Morristown, N. J. Mechanical Engineering Pershing Rifles 2 — SAME 2,3,4,5 (pres) — Co-op Work R.ecord: U.S. Army Ordnance Corps, Picatinny Arsenal. john k. Mclaughlin 19 Haskell Street, Beverly Farms Electrical Engineering " Jack or Mack " — IRE 3,4,5— Pro- gram Committee 5 — Co-op Work Record: Sanders Associates, Inc. DENNIS A. MEIZYS 16 Holbrook Avenue, Brockton Mechanical Engineering " Al " — ASME— SAME— Go-op Work Record: Instrument Development Labs. HAROLD MELKONIAN 873 E. Fourth Street, South Boston Civil Engineering " Harry " — NUCES 2,3,4,5 — Rifle Club 2— Co-op Work Record: H. F. Bryant Sons, Waltham Public Works Dept. WALTER M. MISTERKA 2 A 20 Burke Street, Indian Orchard Electrical Engineering " Walt " — Outstanding Brother Award 4— Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4,5 ' (recording sec.) 4, (house man- ager) 5 — IFC (Representative) 3, (treas.) 4 — AIEE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: R. E. Phelon Co., Inc. JAMES A. McNAMEE 184 Cornell Street, Roslindale Mechanical Engineering " Mac " — ROTC Academic Achieve- ment Award 2 — Section Representa- tive 2— Pershing Rifles 1,2— Rifle Club 1— SAME 3,4,5— ASME 4,5— ROTC Flight Training 5 — Co-op Work Record: Carbert Mfg. Co., M.I.T. Instrumentation Laboratory. WILLIAM P. McTOMNEY 46 Tower Street, Boston Civil Engineering " Mac " — NUCES 2,3,4,5 — Profes- sional Engineering Council 4,5 — Co- op Work Record: Harry R. Feld- raan, Inc., Engineers. WALTER A. MIKOLAJEWSKI 109 Beacon, Chelsea Electrical Engineering " Wally " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 —Eta Kappa Nu— IRE 2,3,4,5— Chairman of Publicity Committee 5 —News Editor of RANDOM NOISE 5 — Co-op Work Record: Adams- Russell Co., Inc., Bomac Labora- tories, Inc. MICHAEL A. MILGROOM 1211 Blue Hill Avenue, Mattapan Industrial Engineering " Milo " — AIIE 2,3,4,5 (sec.) 4,5- Rifle Club 1— Student Union 2,3- Co-op Work Record: Eugene Engi neering Co., Cole-Hersee Co., Ray theon Co. ROY W. MILLER 51 Garnet Road, West Roxbury Mechanical Engineering U.S. Navy Scholarship Program — Dance Band 1— Track 1— ASME 5— Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard. JAMES W. MODESTINO 6 Hillcrest Road, Braintree Electrical Engineering " Jim " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Freshman Honor List — Richard H. Lufkin Scholarship 5 — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5 (pres.) —IRE 2,3,4,5— Ran- dom NOISE 3,4,5 (executive editor) — Tau Beta Pi 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: General Electronic Labora- tories. PETER MONSEN 67 Ingrid Road, Weymouth Electrical Engineering " Pete " — Hayden Memorial Award 1 — Barrows Scholarship 4 — Frank B. Sanborn Scholarship 5 — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5— Eta Kappa Nu 4,5 — Tau Beta Pi 4,5 — IRE 3,4,5 — RANDOM NOISE 3,4,5 — MARS Club 3,4,5— Jazz Society 2— Rifle Club 2— Co-op Work Record: Gen- eral Electric Co. JOHN MORLEY, JR. 35 Park Avenue, Wakefield Electrical Engineering AIEE 2,3,4,5— IRE 2,3,4,5— Interna- tional Relations Club 2,3,4,5 — Politics Club 4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Radio Corporation of America, Boston Edison Co. FRANCIS A. MORRIS 1184 Broadway, Raynham Civil Engineering " Frank " — NUCES 2,3,4,5 — N.U. Rifle Club 2,3,4— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Corse Tibbetts Engineering, LoRanger Sons Construction Co., Franchi Construction Co., Inc. ALLAN D. MORRISON 44 Alpha Road, Dorchester Civil Engineering " Al " — Married— NUCES 2,3,4,5 — Section Representative 1,2 — Intra- mural Basketball 2 — Freshman Honor List 1 — Co-op Work Record: Mass. DPW, NDC Construction, Turner Construction Co., Physical Plant, MIT. Enginee EDWARD M. MONTEMAGNO 70 Highland Avenue, Somerville Electrical Engineering " Monty " — Married— AIEE 2,3,4 — Northeastern NEWS Circulation 2,3 — Northeastern NEWS Circulation Manager 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: New England Transformer Co., Inc. ROBERT J. MORRISSEY 1072 Washington Street, Gloucester Mechanical Engineering " Bob " — Co-op Work Record: Syl- vania Electric Products, Bolton Emerson, Inc., Pulp Paper Re- search Div. DAVID A. MONTGOMERY 761 Main Street, South Portland, Maine Mechanical Engineering " Dave " — ASME— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Precision Chemical Pump Corp. IRVING B. MORROW, JR. 23 Chester Road, Belmont Mechanical Engineering Dean ' s List 2— ASME— MARS 2,3,4 — Ski Club 3,4,5 — Parachute Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Barry Controls, Inc., Raytheon Mfg. Co., Arthur D. Little, Inc. GEORGE MOY 401 Norfolk Street, Dorchester Mechanical Engineering Dean ' s List 3,4 — Pi Tan Sigma 4,5 (corresponding sec.) — ASME 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Clarkeson En- gineering Co., Harding Buchanan, Inc., Buerkel Co., Inc. HENRY J. MULHERN, JR. 41 Woodglen Road, Hyde Park Civil Engineering " Hank " — Married — Class Represen- tative 1,3,4,5 — N.U. Society of Civil Engineering — Co-op Work Record: Turner Construction Co., A. C. Peters Engineering, Dept. of Public Works. PETER P. MULLALY Thornton Street Ext., Portsmouth, N. H. Industrial Engineering " Pete " — AIIE 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Portsmouth Naval Ship- yard. JOSEPH P. MURRAY 92 Nonantum Street, Brighton Mechanical Engineering " Joe " — Dean ' s List 3 — Newman Club 1,2 (membership chairman) 3,4, (publicity chairman) 5 — ASME 5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard. DAVID B. NATHANSON 43 Deering Road, Mattapan Industrial Engineering " Dave " — Student Union 3,4— AIIE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Eu- gene Engineering Co., Keystone Camera Co. EDWARD N. NAZARETIAN 31 Hosmer Street, Watertown Civil Engineering " Naz " — NUCES 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: City of Waltham, Engineer- ing Division. ALBERT G. MURPHY $BA 138 Allen Street, East Braintree Mechanical Engineering Married — Student Council 3,4,5 — Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5— Class Cabi- net 2— ASME 4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Walter Baker Chocolate Co. DONALD F. MURPHY 80-1 Park Street, Stoughton Civil Engineering " Murph " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3 — Football 1 — Intramural Basketball 1 — N.U. Student Chapter of Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Pilling Engi- neering Co., Inc., Edwards Kelcey. THOMAS F. NELSON $BA 69 Lawton Avenue, Lynn ' Industrial Engineering " Tom " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Freshman Honor List — Tau Beta Pi 4,5 — Alpha Pi Mu 4,5 — Section Rep- resentative 4 — Phi Beta Alpha Fra- ternity 4,5 — Social Chairman of PBA 5— AIIE 2,3,4,5— Hus-Skiers 3— Co- op Work Record: Sylvania Lighting Products, Transitron Electronic Corp. GERALD NICHOLAS T K 255-15 58th Avenue, Little Neck, N. Y. Electrical Engineering " Jerry " — Gamma Phi Kappa 2,3,4,5 (treas.) — Class Board (ex-officio) 3,4— MARS 3,4,5 (sec.) —RANDOM NOISE 4,5 (puzzle editor) —Band 1 — Co-op Work Record: R.C.A., Minneapolis-Honeywell, Sander ' s Associates. PHILIP L. NOEL 44 Harnden Avenue, Watertown Electrical Engineering " Phil " — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5— IRE (sec.) 5, (member) 3,4 — AIEE (member) 3,4,5 — RANDOM NOISE Staff 4, (sub-feature editor) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Westing- house Electric Corp., Air-Arm Divi- sion. WILLIAM A. NORTON 1072 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington Electrical Engineering " Bill " — Freshman Honor Roll 1 — Co-op Work Record: Hycon Eastern, Inc., Hermes Electronics, Co., It ek Laboratories. ROBERT E. O ' NEILL, JR. 24 Vineyard Street, Danvers Electrical Engineering " Red " — Married — Co-op Work Rec- ord: CBS. Electronics, Sylvania. MARKOS A. NOUSSIAS 8 Cobb Street, Boston Mechanical Engineering Co-op Work Record: Merriman Bros., Inc., Northeastern University, M.E. Laboratories. GARY ORLOFF 37 Wellington Hill Street, Mattapan Electrical Engineering AIEE 2,3 (branch sec.) , 4 (AIEE sec.) , 5 (chairman) — Student Coun- cil 2,3,4,5 (vice pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Power Tube Division, Industrial Components Div., Cathode Ray Tubes. DANIEL C. OSBORN, III AKS 115 Roger Williams Avenue, Rumford, R. I. Electrical Engineering " Ozzie " — Student Council 3,4,5 (sec.-treas.) 5 — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5— Tau Beta Pi 4,5— Alpha Kappa Sigma 2,3,4,5 (sec.) 4,5 — Dance Band 1,2,3— AIEE-IRE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: General Elec- tric Co. JOHN T. OHALLORAN 72 Sumner Street, Dorchester Electrical Engineering " Johnny " — Dean ' s List Student 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Minneapolis- Honeywell Regulator Co., Datamatic Div. THOMAS O TOOLE, JR. 239 Winter Street, Weston Mechanical Engineering ASME 3,4 — Co-op Work P„ecord: Westinghouse Electric Corp., Syl- vania Electronic Products, Inc., Cle- vire Transistor Products. GEORGE J. PANGALOS 13 Highland Avenue, Arlington Industrial Engineering Married — AIIE 5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Thermo Electron Engineering Corp. FREDERIC W. PARKER 10 Lantern Lane, Lexington Mechanical Engineering 1959: First Senior National Award of a $5,000 University Scholarship in the Annual Fisher Body Crafts- man ' s Guild Model Car Competi- tion — ASME — Co-op Work Record: Lewis-Shepard Co., Fisher Body Division of General Motors Corp. RODERICK R. PARKER 57 Broad Street, Salem Civil Engineering " Rod " — Class Editor of BULL- DOZER 3,4,5— ASCE— Co-op Work Record: City of Beverly, Mass., New York, New Haven Hartford Rail- road Co. VALE N. PATT 2K 330 Medford Street, Maiden Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Award — Highest Rank- ing Freshman Engineer 1 — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Outstanding Junior ROTC Cadet in Leadership 4— DMS 4— Election to Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu — Sons of the American Revolution ROTC Award 4 — Second Prize, National Tau Beta Pi Essay Contest — Sigma Kappa Psi Fraternity 1,2,3 (treas.) 4, (pres.) 5 — Tau Beta Pi 4 (vice pres.) 5 ARTHUR L. PEARCE BrE 32 Commonwealth Road, Watertown Electrical Engineering " Art " — Beta Gamma Epsilon 2,3 (house chairman) , 4 (sec.) , 5 (vice pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Ray- theon Co. EARL C. PEARSON, JR. 100 Summer Street, Wate rtown Electrical Engineering Married— IRE— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Raytheon. THOMAS F. PARKER 27 Walnut Street, Maynard Mechanical Engineering ASME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: General Radio Co., Northeastern University. HOWARD F. PEASE Quaker Road, West Falmouth Mechanical Engineering " How " — Newman Club 1— ASME 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. WILLIAM C. PASSARO 4 Belcher Street, Winthrop Electrical Engineering " Bill " — Married -— IRE (student representative) 2,3 — AIEE — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Fer- rotec, Inc. DOUGLAS J. PECK 80 Vernon Street, Abington Mechanical Engineering Dean ' s List Student 3,4 — Section Representative 2— Rifle Club 1,2— ASME 3,4,5— SAME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Mathewson Machine Works, Inc. DANIEL V. PELLEGRINI 274 Adams Street, Newton Electrical Engineering " Sonny " — AIEE-IRE— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Lab. JEROME S. PEPI 66 Trafford Street, Quincy Mechanical Engineering " Jerry " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Outstanding Sophomore ROTC Engineering Cadet — Outstanding Middler ROTC Cadet— Outstanding Junior ROTC Cadet — Rifle Club 1,2,3— Pershing Rifles 2,3 4, (execu- tive officer)— SAME 3,4,5— ASME 4,5 — Pi Tau Sigma 4,5 (vice pres.) —Tau Beta Pi 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Westinghouse, Foxboro Co. STANLEY E. PERLIS 19 Shore Drive, Winthrop Electrical Engineering Freshman Honor List — IRE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co WILLIAM PILGRIM 15 Ebbett Avenue, Wollaston Mechanical Engineering Married— ASME— Co-op Work Rec- ord: General Latex Chemical Corp. SIDNEY PORETSKY 2K 29 Hamilton Street, Everett Chemical Engineering Camera Club 3,4— AIChE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Solvent Chem- ical Co., M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory, Dewey Almy Chemical Co., Mass. Institute of Technology. DONALD M. POWELL 154 Homestead A venue, Weymouth Electrical Engineering " Don " — IRE — Co-op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard. RONALD F. PERRY 15 Mercer Street, Mattapan Industrial Engineering " Ron " — Dean ' s List Student 3,4 — Charles Hayden Memorial Scholar- ship 1 — Tau Beta Pi — Alpha Pi Mu (National Industrial Engineering Honor Society) — Student Union 2 — AIIE 3,4,5— SAME 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Bethlehem Steel Co., Ship- building Div., Quincy Yard. PETER D. PRYHARSKI 107 First Avenue, Woonsocket, R. I. Electrical Engineering " Pete " — Married — Eta Kappa Nu —Dean ' s List Student 2,3— IRE Stu- dent Representative 2,3 — AIEE — Co-op Work Record: United States Naval Underwater Sound Lab., Ray- theon Co., Wayland Lab., Sylvania Electronic Products. HAROLD E. PETERS 9 Sewall Avenue, Brookline Electrical Engineering " Pete " — Married — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Instrumentation Labo- ratory. ROMAN A. PUCKO 155 Chestnut Street, Chelsea Electrical Engineering " Roy " — MARS Club 4,5— IRE 3,4,5 —AIEE 3,4,5— Random NOISE Staff 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Jackson Moreland, Inc., Norfolk Electric Co. PETER J. RAKAUSKAS, JR. 4 St. George Avenue, Norwood Electrical Engineering Pershing Rifles 1,2,3.4 (operations officers) — Co-op Work Record: Ga- briel Electronic Div., Raytheon Co. DAVID R. RANDALL 46 Federal Street, Weymouth Mechanical Engineering " Dave " — ASME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: New England Fire Insur- ance Rating Association, Kinney Vacuum, Henry Perkins Co. ROBERT F. REARDON 63 Hilda Street, Quincy Civil Engineering " Bob " ■ — Freshman Football 1 — Freshman Baseball 1 — Varsity Base- ball 2,3,4 (capt.) 4-NUSCE 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Cheney En- gineering Co. DAVID A. RILEY 11 Bancroft Avenue, Reading Mechanical Engineering " Dave " — Co-op Work Record: Syl- vania Electric Products, New Eng- land Power Co. ARTHUR J. RISTINO 214 Bremen Street, East Boston Electrical Engineering IRE Membership and Publicity Committees 4,5 — Art Director on the Random NOISE Staff 5— Co-op Work Record: Automatic Radio Mfg. Co., Northeastern University Electrical Engineering Dept. ANTHONY J. RIZZACASA 4271 Washington Street, Rosindale Electrical Engineering " Tony " — AIEE— Newman Club — Co-op Work Record: Automatic Ra- dio Mfg. Co., Microwave Associates. BURTON T. RICHARDS 321 River Street, North Adams Industrial Engineering " Burt " — Dean ' s List 3,4,5 — Alpha Pi Mu 5 — Trustee Scholarship 1 — AIIE 2,3,4,5 (pres.) —SAME 2,3,4,5— SAM 4,5 — Council of Professional Engi- neering Societies 3,4 — Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,5 (capt.) — Rifle Club 2,5 — Freshman Dormitory (executive council) — Co-op Work Record: Sprague Electric Co. RALPH H. RIDGEWAY, JR. 7 Silver Street, Springfield Mechanical Engineering ASME 3,4,5 — Freshman and Varsity Rifle Teams 1,2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Whitney Chain Co., Hamp- den Brass S: Aluminum, H. B. Smith Co. JON W. ROBERTS 635 Pine Street, Bristol, Conn. Mechanical Engineering Married — ASME 4,5 (Representative of Joint Engineering Council) — Co- op Work Record: Whitney Chain, Kinney Vacuum Div., N.Y. Air Brake Co., Raytheon. JAMES ROGERS 6 Auzman Street, Amesbury Electrical Engineering " Jim " — Married — Freshman Honor List— Dean ' s List 2,3,4— Tau Beta Pi Beta Kappa Nu 4,5— IRE 3,4,5— Rifle Club 1,2,3,4— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Andrew Alford Consulting En- gineers. PETER ROGGEVEEN 78 Cumberland Road, West Newton Industrial Engineering " Pete " — AHE 2,3,4,5— SAME 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon, En- gineering Sales Corp. ANTHONY R. ROTONDI 33 Clarendon Street, Quincy Indu strial Engineering " Tony " — Dean ' s List Student 3 — AIIE— Co-op Work Record: Ray- theon Co. GEORGE H. RUSHTON 59 Conwell Avenue, Somerville Mechanical Engineering Vice President of the Middler Class — Section Representative 2 — Flying Club 1 — Intramural Basketball 2 — Section Representative 2 — North- eastern Underwater Society 4,5 — ASME (recording sec.) 5 — Track Team 3— Co-op Work Record: Re- public Aviation Corp., Avco Ad- vanced Research and Development Division. CARL E. SAMUELSON 137 Pleasant Street, Woburn Chemical Engineering " Sam " — AIChE 2,3,4,5— N.TX Under- water Society 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Schroeder Industries, Inc., Syl- vania Electric Products, Inc. JOSEPH F. SANTACROCE 1261 Commercial Street, East Weymouth Electrical Engineering " Joe " — IRE 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: General Radio Co. BERNARD D. SAULNIER 46 Prospect Street, Watertown Civil Engineering " Bernie " — NUCES 2,3,43 — Co-op Work Record: Town of Belmont Engineering Dept., Northeastern Construction Co., Inc., Whitman Howard, Engineers. NORBERT SA 25 Joseph Street, Somerville Electrical Engineering " Nobby " — Married — Freshman Honor List 1 — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — ■ Tau Beta Pi 4 — Eta Kappa Nu 4 — IRE 2,3,4,5— N.U. Dance Band, 1st Trumpet 1,2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: General Electronic Labora- tories, Inc. WILLIAM B. SAUTTER 32 Abbott Street, Greenfield Industrial Engineering AIIE 2,3,4,5— SAM 4— Co-op Work Record: Threadwell Tap Die Co, CHARLES T. SALEMME 8 Clyde Street, Somerville Mechanical Engineering " Charlie " — ASME 3,4,5 — Sailing Club 5 — Rifle Club 1,5 — Co-op Work Record: American Biltrite Rubber Co., Lockwood Greene Ensi- RONALD E. SCHILLE 67 Greenwood Avenue, Wakefield Electrical Engineering " Ron " — IRE 4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Naval Air Test Center. SALVATORE J. SEMINATORE 43 Neptune Street, Lynn Chemical Engineering " Salvy " HARRY L. SHAFFER 209 Revere Street, Revere Electrical Engineering Married — Freshman Honor List 1 — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Member of Tau Beta Pi — National Engineering Honor Society — Member of Eta Kappa Nu — National Electrical En- gineering Honor Society — Section Representative to Student Council 2,3— Rifle Club 1,2,3— Co-op Work Record: Andrew Alford Consulting Engineers. BARRY H. SHANLER 11 Baird Street, Boston Electrical Engineering " G-2 " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — AIEE 2,3,4 (treas.) , 5 (vice chairman) — IRE 2,3 (sec.) , 4 (treas.) , 5 (vice chairman) —Yacht Club 2,3,4— Rifle Club 2,3,4— MARS Club 3,4,5— Ran- dom NOISE 4,5, News Editor— Co- op Work Record: Sanders Associates, Inc., Westinghouse Electric Corp. RAYMOND L. SICOTTE 12 Cedar Street, Walth am Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List 4 — Rifle Club 1— IRE 5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. PAUL B. SILLARS 38 Washington Street, Marblehead Electrical Engineering " Paul " — Married— AIEE 4,5— IRE 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Peabody Municipal Electric Co., Cannon Electric Co. WILFRED J. SIROIS, JR. 17 Church Street, Lynn Mechanical Engineering " Will " — Rifle Club 1 — Student Union 2,3— ASME 3,4,5 (sec.) —Co- op Work Record: United Shoe Ma- chinery Corp. «cr " . ' lege o NICHOLAS SHESTOPLE 315 Huntington Avenue, Boston Civil Engineering " Nick " — Dean ' s List 2 — Student Union (2 year pin) — Northeastern NEWS— Key 4— Band 3— Civil En- gineering Honor Society 5 (charter member) — ASCE 3,4,5— SAME 2,3,4 (publicity committee chairman) , 5 (sec.) — Band 1,2,3,4,5 — Student Union 1,2,3,4 (publicity committee chairman) 5 — NEWS 1,2,3,4,5 — CAULDRON 5— Council of Engi- neering Professional Societies 4,5 RAYMOND J. SHREENAN 37 Adams Street, Maiden Civil Engineering " Stretch " — NUCES 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Stoneham Public Works Dept. JOHN C. SLUPSKI, JR. 4 Washington Park Drive, Norwell Electrical Engineering Dean ' s List 3 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Brockton Edison Co. BRIAN ROGER SMITH j.AP 133 Peterborough Street, Boston Mechanical Engineering " Doctor " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Scabbard and Blade Outstanding Engineering Cadet Scholarship — Lt. Stafford Leighton Brown Engineer- ing Scholarship — Mayor of Hunt- ington Avenue 4 — Class Board (vice pres.) 4, (ex-officio) 5 — Phi Alpha Rho Fraternity 3,4 (sec.) , 5 (vice pres.) — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — ASME 3,4,5— SAME 3,4,5 (publicity officer) — Pi Tau Sigma 4,5 — Husky Key 3,4,5 — Silver Masque 4,5 DONALD A. SMITH 202 Highland Avenue, Somerville Chemical Engineering " Smitty " — Married — Dean ' s List 4— AIChE 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record Lahey Clinic, Artisan Metal Prod nets, Inc., General Electric Co. FRED P. STEARNS 193 Maplewood Street, Watertown Electrical Engineering IRE 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. MERLE A. SMITH 157 Jerome Street, Berkley Electrical Engineering " Smitty " — Co-op Work Record Montaup Electric Co. CHARLES L. STEBBINS 137 Temple, Whitman Electrical Engineering IRE — Co-op Work Record: Ray- theon Co. VERNON C. SMITH 54 Liberty Street, Braintree Chemical Engineering Freshman Honor List, term 2 — Dean ' s List, term 9,10,11,12— AIChE 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Bryant Chemical Corp. PAUL H. TALANIAN 135 Elliot Avenue, North Quincy Electrical Engineering " Paul " — Random NOISE Staff 5— Section Representative 2 — N.U. Band 1 — Co-op Work Record: Beth- lehem Steel Co., Couch Ordnance Co. FRANCIS L. TEMPESTA 14 Upland Park, Somerville Mechanical Engineering " Frank " — Dean ' s list Student 2,3,4 — ASME 2,3,4,5— Pi Tau Sigma 3,4— Rifle Club 1,2,3— Sailing Club 4— Co-op Work Record: Scully Signal Co. RICHARD A. TARBOX 20 Kemper Street, Wollaston Electrical Engineering " Dick " — Married — Dean ' s List 2,3,4, 5— Tau Beta Pi 3,4,5 (Catoger 5) — Eta Kappa Nu 4,5 — Class Cabinet 3 —IRE 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Andrew Alford Consulting Engi- neers. JAMES E. THOMAS 144 West Street, Stoughton Mechanical Engineering " Eddie " — ASME 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Tobe Deutschmann Corp., Henry Perkins Co., Nortronics Divi- sion of Northrop Corp. TITUS A. TATARCUK 41 Peterborough Street, Boston Electrical Engineering " Whitey " — Married— IRE 4,5— Co- op Work Record: Metcalf Eddy, Engineers, New England Tel. fe Tel. Co. PAUL A. TICK S A Highmount, N. Y. Chemical Engineering " Pat " — Married — Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4,5— AIChE 2,3,4,5— IFC Basket- ball 2,3,4,5— IFC Softball 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: General Foods, Raytheon. MERLE A. TAYLOR $AP Main Street, South Waterboro, Maine Mechanical Engineering Phi Alpha Rho 3,4,5 (Charter Brother) —Football 2— ASME 3,4,5 —SAME 2,3— Co-op Work Record: Saco-Lowell Shops, Fraser Paper, Ltd., Wasco Chemical Co. CALVIN B. TIRRELL 17 Forbush Avenue, Quincy Mechanical Engineering " Barry " — Married — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 3,4 — ASME 3,4,5 (vice treas.) 4, (treas.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Mathewson Machine Works, Inc. ■y- »•■ ■ ' WILLIAM H. TAYLOR S A 206 Summer Street, Haverhill Mechanical Engineering " Bill " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3 — Sigma Phi Alpha 3,4,5 — SAME 2 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Waltham, Power Tube Divi- sion, Andover, Missile Systems Divi- sion, Missile Space Division. ROBERT E. TOFFERI 570 Milk Street, Fitchburg Industrial Engineering " Toff " — Married— AIIE 4,5— Silver Masque 2 — Co-op Work Record: Simonds Saw Steel Co. JOHN F. TOOMEY 8 Kenwood Drive, Norwood Civil Engineering " Johnny " — NUCES 2,3,4,5— NUCES Bowling Team 2 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Norwood Engineering Co., Inc. JOSEPH R. TOPPI 31 North Gateway, Winchester Ciijil Engineering " Joe " — NUSCE 2,3,4,5— SAME 3,4,5 — Track 1 — Co-op Work Record: Town of Belmont, Rowland H. Barnes Co. ROBERT TRACHTENBERG 2313 Avenue Y, Brooklyn, N.Y. Industrial Engineering " Bob " — J.B.G. Full Tuition Scholar- ship 1,2,3,4 — ROTC Academic Achievement Award 2 — Dean ' s List 4 — Freshman Rifle Team 1 — Varsity Rifle Team 2,3,4 — ROTC Rifle Team 1,2,3,4,5— Nat. Soc. of Scab- bard and Blade 3,4,5 (membership committee) 4,5 — AIIE 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: H. P. Hood Sons Dairy Corp., Epsco Electronics, Inc., Rust Craft Greeting Cards. Engineerin ROBERT E. TREMBLAY 6 Taft Road, Salem Electrical Engineering " Bob " — The Institute of Radio En- gineers 1,2,5— The N.U. Rifle Club 1— The Newman Club 5 — Co-op Work Record: Cannon Electric Co., Salem, Mass. ROBERT G. TREMBLAY 168 Princeton Street, New Bedford Chemical Engineering " Bob " — American Institute of Chemical Engineering 2,3,4,5 — Bask- etball 1 — Freshman Dormitory Ex- ecutive Committee — Co-op Work Record: Fall River Gas Company, Fall River, Mass. ROBERT A. TROIANO 11 Bradeen Street, Boston Electrical Engineering " Bob " " Trigger " — IRE 2,3,4 — IRE (representative) 2,3— AIIE 4,5 AIEE (representative) 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Dept. of the Navy, Indu strial Manager ' s Office. RICHARD A. TRACY 29 N. Bassett Road, Brockton Electrical Engineering " Dick " — Co-op Work Record: West- inghouse Electric Co. (Air Arm Division) . FRANCIS E. TRAINOR ZrT 454 Huntington Avenue, Boston Civil Engineering " Ted " — Married — Freshman Honor List — SAME Gold Medal — Out- standing Junior Engineering Cadet — ROTC Academic Leadership Award 2,3,4,5 — Zeta Gamma Tau (vice pres.) 4 — Class Cabinet 2,3,4,5 —Student Council 2,3,4,5 (pres.) 4 — Pershing Rifles 1,2 — Husky Hi- liters 4,5 — NUCES 2,3,4,5 — Ticket Committee Chairman of the Sopho- more Middler Prom — Junior Dinner Dance Committee EMILE W. J. TROUP 12 Hallron Road, Newton Lower Falls Civil Engineering " Dan " — Dean ' s List Student 3 — Scabbard and Blade Scholarship 3 — Rifle Club 2,3,4 — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — NUCES 2,3,4,5 — Tau Beta Pi 4,5 — SAME 2,3,4 (vice pres.) — Council of Professional En- gineering Societies 4,5 — Civil Engi- neering Honor Society 5 — Co-op Work Record: Anderson-Nicholas : Co., Jackson 8: Moreland Co., C. J. Kray, Consulting Engineering and Architect. ELIOT F. TUCKER 37 Pelham Street, Newton Centre Civil Engineering " Tuck " — Married — Dean ' s List 7,8, 9,10,11— Tau Beta Pi 12,13,14,15— NUCES 5-15 (treas.) 12,13,14, SAME 8-15 (treas.) 9,10,11— Co-op Work Record: Camp, Dresser McKee. GUILLERMO S. VALDERRAMA San Antonio, Edo. Tachira, Venezuela Electrical Engineering Married — Co-op Work Record: Minneapolis- Honey well Regulator Co. PAUL D. VANCURA 58 Worthington Circle, Braintree Electrical Engineering Married — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Tau Beta Pi 4,5— Eta Kappa Nu 4, (vice pres.) 5— AIEE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Bethlehem Steel Co. ELLIS VARCOE 117 Blue Hills Avenue, Hartford, Conn. Mechanical Engineering Married— ASCE 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Hartford Machine Screw Co. WALTER G. VIENT 55 Willard Street, Quincy Electrical Engineering " Wally " — Most Improved Player, Hockey 4 — Hockey 1,2,3,4 — Random NOISE Staff 4— Jazz Society 3— Co- op Work Record: Sylvania Electron- ics, Inc. WILLIAM D. VIERSTRA NEZ 390 Church Street, Whitinsville Civil Engineering " Bill " — Charles Irwin Travelli Scholarship Award 3,4,5 — President of Junior Class — Class Board 4,5 — Varsity Basketball 2,3,4 (capt.) Freshman Basketball 1 — Senior Week Committee 5 — Junior Dinner Dance Committee 4 (chairman) — NUCES 2,3,4,5— Nu Epsilon Zeta 2,3,4,5 — Nu Epsilon Zeta 3,45 — Pledgemaster 3 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Miller Nylander, Engineers and Surveyors, Northeastern Con- struction Co., Inc., Whitman Howard, Engineers. HARVEY C. WALKER, JR. 3 Newbury Street, Norton Electrical Engineering Pershing Rifles 1,2 — AIEE 4,5 — MARS Club 4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant. ROMAS R. VENCKUS 5 Thomas Park, South Boston Mechanical Engineering Rifle Club 2,3— AIME 5— Co-op Work Record: Amory Foundry, Har- vard University. JOHN C. VERACKA, JR. 7 Dawes Street, Dorchester Civil Engineering Member, Northeastern University Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Boston Society of Civil Engineers 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Loring H. Jacobs, Harry R. Feldman, Inc. ROBERT A. WALTERS 1567 Broadway, Raynham Mechanical Engineering " Bob " — ASME 3,4,5 (junior corre- sponding sec.) 4, (corresponding sec.) 5— ROTC 1,2— ROTC Band 2 — Rifle Club 2,3— Co-op Work Rec- ord: U.S. Naval Construction Bat- talion Center, Woods Hole Ocean- ographic Institute. THOMAS V. WARD 167 Valley Road, Needham Mechanical Engineering " Benny " — Rifle Club 1— ASME 3— Co-op Work Record: Godfrey L. Cabot, Inc., Computer Control Co., Inc., St. Regis Paper Co. ROBERT M. WEISS 2 Anthony Road, Bedford Chemical Engineering " Bob " — ROTC Academic Achieve- ment Award — DMS Award — Persh- ing Rifles 1,2,3,4,5 (capt., company commander) — Scabbard and Blade 4,5— AFCEA 2,3,4,5— AIChE 2,3,4,5 —Co-op Work Record: M.I.T. Lin- coln Laboratory, Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. WALTER D. WELSH 8 Westville Terrace, Dorchester Civil Engineering " Walt " — Married — N.U. Student Chapter, Boston Society of Civil Engineers 2,3,4,5— ASME 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Common- wealth of Mass., New York, New Haven Hartford Railroad. PETER L. WERNER 2 Howard Street, E. Milton Electrical Engineering " Pete " — N.U. Skin Divers 4,5— Co op Work Record: Toby Deutch mann, Foxboro Co. ROBERT D. WHELAN 362 Massachusetts Avenu e, West Springfield Mechanical Engineering " Bob " — ASME 2,3,4,5 (vice treas.) 4, (treas.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Hartford Machine Screw Co., Engi- neering Design Co., Texon, Inc. ARTHUR R. WHITTY NEZ 64 Madeline Drive, East Providence, R. I. Electrical Engineering " Art " — Freshman Honor Roll — Var- sity Rifle Team 1,2,3— Nu Epsilon Zeta (pledgemaster) 3, (treas.) 4— MARS Radio Club (sec.) 4 — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 — Captain of Scabbard and Blade Rifle Team 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: General Electronic Laboratories, Inc. DONALD F. WILDE 429 Palmer Avenue, Falmouth Electrical Engineering " Wilde Don, Don " — Co-op Work Record: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Engineer!!! JOHN E. WEYAND BA 471 Grove Street, Needham Mechanical Engineering Married — Vice President of Sopho- more Class — President of Middler Class — Ex-Officio to Student Council 4 — Vice President of Senior Class — Pi Tau Sigma Honor Society — Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5 — ASME 3,4,5 (program chairman) — Sailing Club 1,2,3— Skiing Club 2.3— Senior Week (co-chairman) —1962 CAULDRON — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon, Wayland Laboratory, Heald Ma- chinery Co. JAMES O. WILSON 79 Howard Street, Saugus Electrical Engineering im " — Married — Co-op Work Rec- d: General Radio Co. RICHARD R. WHARTON, JR. 415 Greendale Avenue, Needham Civil Engineering " Dick " — Bronze Star Award (SAME) 4— NUCES 3,4,5— Pershing Rifles 2— SAME 3,4 (social chair- man) , 5 (vice pres.) — Scabbard and Blade 4,5 (Military Ball Queens Committee Chairman) — Co-op Work Record: MacCarthy Engineer- ing Service Co., Town of Needham Engineering Dept. WINTHROr A. WINCH 21 Mackworth Street, Portland, Maine Electrical Engineering " Win, Winnie " — Section Represen- tative 2, AIEE 2,3,4,5— IRE 2,3,4,5— Random NOISE Staff 5 — Co-op Work Record: Radio Corporation of America: Missile and Surface Radar Division, Missile Electronics and Controls Division. ALBERT R. L. WINROTH BrE 378 Washington Street, Stoughton Mechanical Engineering " Al " — Pi Tau Sigma 5 — Dean ' s List 5— N.U. Band 1,2,3— Beta Gamma Epsilon — Silver Masque Orchestra 2,3— N.U. Dance Band 1 ,2 (director) 3,4,5 — IFC Representative 5 — ASME 5 — Co-op Work Record: Bethlehem Steel Co. EDWARD N. WOO 97 Hudson Street, Boston Industrial Engineering " Eddie " — AIIE 2,3,4,5 (vice pres.) — SAM 4,5 — Rifle Club 2 — Co-op Work Record: Columbia Packing Co. WILLIAM W. WYMAN 3 Chauncy Street, Cambridge Mechanical Engineering " Bill " — N.U. Rifle Club 1,2,3 (range officer) 2, (pres.) 3— ASME 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Minneapolis- Honeywell Regulator Co., Buerkel Co., Inc. GAYANEH YEGHYAZARIAN Khayam Avenue, 24 Rasekh Street, Teheran, Iran Chemical Engineering " Gay, Gayoush " — Dean ' s List Stu- dent 3,4,5 — Tau Beta Pi Women ' s Badge Award 4— AIChE 2,3,4,5— American Rocket .Society 4 — Co-op Work Record: Stickney Poor Spice Co., Cabot Corp. DONALD A. YOUNG 23 Blake Street, Westboro Electrical Engineering " Don " — Radio Club 1,2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Insulated Wire Cable Co. DONALD C. YOUNG 471 Flagg Street, Bridgewater Electrical Engineering " Don " — AIEE 4,5— IRE 5— Intra- murals 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Avco Mfg. Co., Inc., Sylvania Electric Products. ngineering PETER XIARHOS 53 Charter Street, Salem Electrical Engineering " Pete " — Freshman Honor Roll Dean ' s List 3— IRE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. FRANK E. ZELINKA 38 Lexington Street, Belmont Industrial Engineering Married— AIIE 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Bethlehem Stee l Co., Ray- theon Co. GENE N. M. N. YAFFE 166 Washington Avenue, Chelsea Electrical Engineering IRE 3,4,5— AIEE 5— MARS Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Epsco, Inc., General Electronics Laboratory. JOSEPH G. ZUKAS 63 Bristol Street, Cambridge Electrical Engineering " Joe " — AIEE 4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Avco Corp., Hyperion, Inc., M.I.T. Instrumentation Laboratory. JOSEPH P. ANASTAS 70 Jaques St., Somerville Industrial Engineering JAMES D. ARANGIO 220 Orient Ave., East Boston Mechanical Engineering NORALIE C. BARNETT 2054 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Chemical Engineering GEORGE P. BAXTER 23 Poplar St., Maiden Electrical Engineering HARVEY W. BECKER 67 Pond St., Natick Electrical Engineering ROBERT W. BEDNARZ 435 England St., Cumberland, R. I. Electrical Engineering ROBERT F. CARISTI 305 K St., South Boston Electrical Engineering GEORGE W. CARRAS 26 Annunciation Rd., Boston Industrial Engineering PHILIP B. CRONIN 831 Fellsway West, Medford Electrical Engineering STANLEY I. DANER 1705 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Electrical Engineering NORMAN F. DEEGAN 45 Ashford St., Allston Electrical Engineering ROGER DEUTSCH 98 Willowwood St., Dorchester Electrical Engineering FRANCIS W. DORION JR. 888 Adams St., Dorchester Mechanical Engineering GERALD M. ELFBAUM 16 Don St., Dorchester Electrical Engineering ALAN J. FITZPATRICK 67 Washington Ave., Needham Industrial Engineering ALLAN L. FLANAGAN 195 South Main St.. Attleboro Electrical Engineering. EDWARD FRENCH 78 Pearl St., Charlestown Electrical Engineering WILLIAM D. FRENCH 132 Priscilla Ave., Norfolk Chemical Engineering DANIEL G. FRIGULIETTI 634 South St., Roslindale Mechanical Engineering ROBERT G. FRITCHIE 170 Rose Hill Way, Waltham. Chemical Engineering JOHN A. GALLANT 296 Middlesex St., North Andover Electrical Engineering JOSEPH A. GELSOMINI 73 Union St., Quincy Electrical Engineering LEROY P. GONNELLA 147 Plainfield Ave., Maiden Civil Engineering RICHARD WILLIAM GRANT 120 Pleasant St., East Walpole Electrical Ennineerin " DERER F. GRIFFIN 73 Marlbourough St., Boston Electrical Engineering JEROMER GROPPER 13 Savin St., Boston Electrical Engineering FRANK A. HEBERT, JR. 52 Dascomb Rd., Andover Civil Engineering HARVEY L. KORETSKY 135 Lucerne St., Dorchester Electrical Engineering RICHARD S. LADD 130 Adams Point Rd. Barrington, R.I. Civil Engineering WILLIAM H. MACDONALD 99 Cushing Ave., Dorchester Electrical Engineering BERNHARD F. MANKO 16 Shandon Rd., Dorchester Mechanical Engineering JOSEPH C. MOLONEY 42 Draper St., Dorchester GEORGE PETER MURRAY North St., Norfolk Electrical Engineering MICHAEL P. OMALLEY 44 Glendale St., Dorchester Electrcial Engineering JOHN A. ORPHANOS 8 Prospect Park, Andover Civil Engineering DAVID C. PEREZ 1515 V. En. Parkway, West Roxbury Mechanical Engineering FRANK J. PETKUNAS 34 St. Stephens St., Boston Chemical Engineering FRANK RUDOLF PROSL 106 Bracewood Rd., Waterbury, Conn. Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM JAMES RICHMOND 83 South St., Braintree Civil Engineering ROBERT E. ROSENBERG 90 Columbia Rd., Boston Chemical Engineering GERALD J. RUSSO 180 Westminster Ave., Watertown Industrial Engineering JOHN CHARLES SAKAKINI 74 Walnut St., Somerville Mechanical Engineering GUILLERMO SANCHEZ 109 Westwalnut Parkway, Roxbury Electrical Engineering JOSEPH S. SHEA 61 Adams St., Somerville Mechanical Engineering LAWRENCE J. SMITH 52 Orchard Street, Lynn Industrial Engineering ROBERT L. TRACY 29 Basset Rd., Brockton Chemical Engineering ROBERT I. TREEN 66 Torrey St., South Weymouth Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM W. YANOFSKY 123 Nahant St., Lynn Mechanical Engineering , • " , • .; " . ' ■ ' . . - ' . ■■ , l -v ' ; ■■ , ' . ' .■■■ ' ■ ' ., ' ■• ' ■■ ' ■.. , - !-■■, ... : ;;: ill K? m H i (P. s » A ill HIv ■ ' m wU M n IB v 9 SB Dr. Wilfred S. Lake Dean of the College of Liberal Arts 262 ollege of Liber 263 ROBERT J. ANGLIN 14 Lyndhurst Street, Boston English — Journalism " Bob " — Married — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Travelli Scholar 3,4,5— Academy 5— NEWS 2 (news editor) , 3 (managing editor) , 4 (editor-in-chief) — Husky Hi-liters 2,3— CAULDRON 2,3— U.S. Army ' 55- ' 57 — Co-op Work Record: Bos- ton GLOBE. GEORGE M. ARNOLD 7 Birch Avenue, Plymouth Physics Dean ' s List 3,4 — American Institute of Physics 1,2,3,4 (treas.) 5 — Ameri- can Rocket Society 3,4,5 — Math Club 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Ray- theon Co. RICHARD P. BAKS 38 Light Street, West Lynn Chemistry " Dick " — Dean ' s List Student 4 — American Chemical Society 2,3,4,5 (treas.) — International Relations Club 4,5 — N.U. Young Republican Club 4,5 — National Education Asso- ciation 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Lahey Clinic, Cabot Corp. GEORGE L. BEDIRIAN 22 Franklin Street, Watertown English " George " — Dean ' s List 2,4 — Pegasus 4 — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., Powers, Hall, Mont- gomery Weston, Daggett Choco- late Co., Northeastern University. JAMES W. BLASE S A 16 Alvarado Avenue, Hyde Park Biology " Jim " — DMS 4,5 — Leadership Award (ROTC) 3 — Sigma Phi Alpha Fraternity 4,5 — Biology Club 3,4,5— IFC Sports 4,5— Rifle Club 2 — Football 1 — Co-op Work Record: Tufts Dental Medical School, Westwood Research Laboratories. GERALD A. BLONDER 58 Myrtle Street, Boston Sociology " Jerry " — Silver Masque 4,5 — Sociol- ogy Club 3,4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Boston HERALD-TRAVELER, Inc., Boston State Hospital, Boston Public Library. College of BARBARA A. BASTENBECK Old Sherman Hill Rd., Woodbury, Conn. Psychology Dean ' s List 2,4 — Gamma Delta (cor- responding sec.) 2 — Psychology Club 2,5— Sociology Club 5— Co-op Work Record: Marine Midland Trust Co., Fairfield State Hospital. CHRISTOS BAZAKAS 11 Hancock Street, Boston Physics Freshman Honor List term 1,2 — Husky Ski Club 1— N.U. Yacht Club 2,3 — American Institute of Physics 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Corp., Air Force Cambridge Re- search Center, Geophysics Corp. of America. ALAN I. BLOOM S A 46 Althea Road, Randolph Sociology " Al " — Dean ' s List 2 — Sociology Club (vice pres.) — Folk Music Society (vice pres.) — Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4 — Silver Masque 2,3,4 — Sociology Club 3,4— Cheerleader 2,3,4— Husky Key 2,3,4— Co-op Work Record: Full Time Student. LAWRENCE D. BODIN ZK 595 Northfield Ave., West Orange, N.J. Mathematics " Larry " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Academy 3,4,5 (vice pres.) — Mathematics Honor Program 4,5 — J. R. Rosen Scholar- ship 5; Alumni Professional Promise Award 5 — Sigma Kappa Psi 1,2,3,4,5 — NEWS 1,2 (rewrite edtior) 3,4— CAULDRON 5— Chairman, Boston " Pops " Night, Senior Week, 1962 — Co-op Work Record: Lincoln Labor- atory, Mitre Corp. HAROLD H. BOND 362 Longwood Avenue, Boston English — Journalism Dean ' s List 2,3,5— NEWS 1,2 (copy editor) 3 4 (feature editor) , 5— CAULDRON 3,4,5— N.U. Writer 2,3 (co-editor) , 4 5 (editor-in-chief) — Pegasus 4 5 (pres.) — Sociology So- ciety 3 — Jazz Society 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Boston GLOBE. KARL R. BOSSI 121 East Cottage Street, Dorchester Mathematics Northeastern Civil Engineering So- ciety 2.3— Rifle Club 4— Co-op Work Record: H. F. Bryant Son, Inc. ROBERT J. BOUCHARD 12 Heather Street, North Attleboro Chemistry " Bob " — Dean ' s List Student 1,2,3,4 — Academy Membership 4 — Physics Society 2,3 — American Chemical So- ciety 2,3,4,5 (pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Radio Corp. of America. RICHARD J. CALANDRELLA 86 Quincy Street, Medford English — Journalism " Dick " — Married — Baseball 2,3 — NEWS 2,3 (rewrite editor) 4,5 — Husky Hiliters 2,3— CAULDRON 3 — Sports Editor of Alumnus Maga- zine 3,4 — N.U. Writer 4 — U.S. Army (Infantry) 1954-1956 — Co-op Work Record: Boston GLOBE. DAVID B. CALHOUN 37 Columbia Street, Wilmington Psychology " Dave " — Psychology Club — Co-op Work Record: Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Psychopathic Hospital, Nick- erson Home of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. CHARLES A. CAREY 21 Flint Road, Watertown Physics Chess Club 1,2,3— AIP 2,3— Co-op Work Record: Northeastern Physics Dept., Avco Rad. Liberal Arts DOMINIC F. BUTERA 41 Boston Avenue, Somerville History " Dora " - History Club 1,2,3,4— New- man Club 1,2,3,4. ARTHUR L. CADY 266 Green Street, Brockton Pre-Legal Co-op Work Record: Badger, Par- rish, Sullivan Frederick. PAUL J. CARUSO 59 Stratford Road, West Newton Physics AIP 4,5 — Golf 4 — ARS 3 — Co-op Work Record: Bemis Bros. Bag Co., Itek Corp. CHARLES P. CHICKL1S 19 Oliver Street, Lowell Physics " Chick " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5— Jazz Society 1,2,3,4— AIP 1,2,3,4,5— ARS 4— AIChE 2— Co-op Work Record: Tyer Rubber Co., Avco Research Laboratory. JEFFREY N. COLCORD 28 Bogle St., Weston Sociology " Jerry " or " Jeff " — Sociology Society 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Star Mar- ket Co. CAROL A. COLUCCI 437 Ferry Street, Everett Modern Languages Married — Husky Key 1,2 — Rifle Club 1 — Gamma Delta 2,3,4 (re- cording sec.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. THOMAS J. CONWAY 66 Clark Street, Medford Social Studies " Connie " — Married — Freshman Baseball 1 — Varsity Baseball 2,3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Mental Health Center. RAYMOND L. DAVIS, JR. 45 French Street, Westwood Biology " Roy " — Biology Club 3,4,5 — Rifle Club 2 — Intramural Basketball 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Wirthmore Feeds, Inc., New England Deaconess Hospital (Cancer Research) . JOYCE A. DENEAULT 257 Hudson Road, Sudbury English Silver Masque 1,2,3,4— Gamma Delta 1 ,2 — Cheerleader 2 — Cheerleading Rules Committee 4 — Queen of Win- ter Carnival 1 — Homecoming Court 4 — Hockey Queen 4 — Winter Festi- val Court 1,3— Co-op Work Record: Harvard Medical School, North- eastern University Physical Educa- tion Center. JOAN A. DENNER 121 Hewlett Street, Roslindale Mathematics " Joanie " — Omega Sigma 4 (vice pres.) — Girls ' Sports Association 4 (pres.) — Omega Sigma 2,3 (sports representative) — Yacht Club — Soci- ety of Women Engineers. College of WILLIAM J. COWAN 30 Cooper Street, West Lynn Economics " Bill " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5— Pi Sig- ma Alpha 4,5 — International Rela- tions Club 2,3,4,5 (vice pres.)— Pi Sigma Alpha 4,5 (sec-treas.) —Poli- tics Club 3 — Young Democrats Club 4,5 (vice pres.)— Co-op Work Rec- ord: National Shawmut Bank, Fed- eral Power Commission. WALTER C. D ' ANDRADE 121 Tinkham Street, New Bedford Modern Languages " Walt " — Dean ' s List 2,3— Outstand- ing Freshman Cadet — DMS — Persh- ing Rifles 1,2 (first sergeant) — NEWS 1,2— International Relations Club 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Listas Brasileiras, Sao Paulo, Brazil. KATHRYN E. DESENS 76 Gordon Street, Brighton History " Kathy " — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Sears B. Condit Award 5 — Acad- emy Member 4,5 — Phi Alpha Theta 4,5 — Pi Sigma Alpha 4,5 — History Club 1,2 — International Relations Club 1,2 (sec.) , 3 (vice pres) — Co- op Work Record: Metropolitan State Hospital Children ' s Unit, United Community Services School Bureau, Library of Congress, Abbott ' s Em- ployment Agency. GERALDINE A. DESROSIERS 737 West Street, Walpole Mathematics " Geri " — Modern Dance Award — ■ Silver Masque Medalion — Choral So- ciety 1 — Extramural and Intramural Basketball 1 — Modern Dance Group 1,2,3,4,5 (co-chairman) — Society of Women Engineers 1,2,3,4,5 — Omega Sigma 1,2,3,4 (Junior representa- tive) , 5 (senior representative) — Co-op Work Record; Sylvania, Al- lied Research Associates, Inc. JOHN F. DIGNAM 19 Birch Street, Lawrence Physics " John " — AIP 2,3,4,5— ARS 3,4,5— Math Club 3,4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Avco Corp., Rad. WALTER P. DOWLING 68 Hastings Street, Portland, Me. Sociology " Walt " — Sociology Club 3,4,5— Co- op Work Record: Porteous, Mitchell Braun Co., Maine Canned Foods Co. PAUL G. DOWNEY 810 Great Plain, Needham History History Club (sec. 2, pres. 3,4) — International Relations Club 3,4 — MARS 3. GORDON L. DRYDEN 8 McDonald P,oad, Medford Physics " Happy " — Married — Dean ' s List Student 3,4— Physics Society 1— ARS 5 — Co-op Work Record: AVCO Everett Research Lab. MARY T. DUNN 74 Bolton Street, Cambridge Mathematics Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4 — Freshman Chemistry Award — Academy 4,5 — Omega Sigma 1,2,3 (class representa- tive) , 4 {publicity chairman) , 5 (treas.) — Newman Club 1,2,3 (treas.) 4,5— Rifle Team 1— Girl ' s Basketball Team 1,2,3— Co-op Work Record: Mallory Institute of Path- ology, Littauer Statistical Labora- tory, Harvard University, Pickard Burns, Inc., New England Tele- phone Telegraph Co. MICHAEL H. DYGERT 27 Aberdeen Street, Boston History " Mike " — Married — Band 3,4 (equip- ment manager) , 5 (liaison officer) — Section Representative 4,5 -Co-op Work Record: Boston Five Cents Savings Bank, Boston Public Li- brary, Northeastern University Li- brary. Liberal Arts HARVEY J. DREYFUS 86 Floyd Street, Dorchester Mathematics " Harv " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3 — Rifle Club 1 — NEWS 1,2,3,4,5— Mathematics Club 3 — ARS 4 — Co-op Work Record: Sylvania Electronic Systems, Data Systems Operations. DIANA DRUCAS 64 Walnut Road, Swampscott Mathematics " Di " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Omega Sigma So- ciety 1,2 (social chairman) 3 (pres.) 4- -Modern Dance Club 1,2 (chair- man) 3,4— Sailing Club 1,2,3,4— So- ciety of Women Engineers 3,4. CARL G. ERICKSON 46 Glendale Street, Everett Mathematics Co-op Work Record: James Milieu Mfg. Co., Inc. JOSEPH S. FAGONE 63 Princeton Street, ?vledford Psychology " Joe " — Section Representative 3 — Physics Society ] — Psychology Soci- ety 3— AFCEA 3,4,5— ROTC Flight Training Program 5 — Co-op Work Record: Acme, Northeast: MARY E. FAHERTY xnE 39 Williams Avenue, Dedham Sociology Freshman Dean ' s List — Charter Member Chi Pi Epsilon 4,5 (pres.) — Gamma Delta 2,3 (Middler Rep- resentative) — Husky Key 1,2,3,4,5 (corresponding sec.) — Class Cabinet 3,4,5 — Sociology Club 5 — Co-op Work Record: Rustcraft Publishers, Inc., John Hancock Insurance Co. LOIS A. FITZSIMONS 55 Baker ' s Hill Road, Weston History BRENDA S. FRANKLIN 541 Kimball St., Manchester, N.H. Modem Languages Married — Trustee Scholarship 1 — Dean ' s List 3 — Modern Dance Soci- ety 1,2 — Jazz Society 2,3 (pres.) — French Club 3 — Summer Silhouettes Fashion Show 4 — Hostess, Com- mencement Open House 4, CAUL- DRON 5-Co-op Work Record: Gil- christ Co., Campbell Hall, Inc., Boston Public Library. JACK A. FRISCH 2818 Avenue Y, Brooklyn, N.Y. Sociology — Anthropology " Jackie " — Track Team 1,2,3,4 — Cross Country Team 1,2,3,4 — Sociol- ogy Club 1,2,3,4— Yacht Club 4— Sailing Team 4 — Freshman Hockey. EDWIN V. GADECKI 32 Belcher Circle, E. Milton Mathematics Dean ' s List Student 1,2.3 — Newman Club 1,2,3,4 (pres.) —Chess Club 1. PAUL E. GALLAGHER BA 302 Center Street, Randolph Political Science Dean ' s List Student 1,2,3 — Charles Hayden Memorial Scholarship 1 — DMS 4 — Travelli Scholar 3,4,5 — Husky Key 1,2,3 (vice pres.) , 4,5 (pres) — Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5 (pres.) — Pi Sigma Alpha 4,5 (vice pres.) —Class Cabinet 1,2,3 — Tau Gamma Iota Fuch, Grand Marshall 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Five Cents Savings Bank, Governor ' s Office-Commonwealth of Mass. College of STEVEN M. FRIED 371 North Main Street, Sharon History " Chuck " — History Club 3,4 — New Conservatives 4 — Intramural Basket- ball 1,2,3,4. JACOB P. FRIEDMAN 805 Pleasant Street, Worcester Psychology " Jake " — Dean ' s List 4 — Psychology Society 3,4 — Young Democrats Club 4 — Intramural Basketball 1,2 — Sociology Society 3 — Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Mental Health Reserach Corp. NANCY P. GAVIN xnE 3 Nelson Street, Natick Biology Freshman Honor List — Chi Pi Ep- silon 5 — Student Union 1,2 3 (sec.) , 5 — Cheerleader 2,3,5 — Chapel Choir 1,2 (sec.) — Chorus 2,3,5 — Silver Masque 3,5 — Co-op Work Record: Lahey Clinic. JOHN H. GENTILE 1295 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston Biology " Jack " — Married — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Participant in the Departmental Honors Study Program — Academy — Biology Club 2,3,4,5— Sociology Club 3,4 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Medical Laboratory. MARIANNE GLYNN 8 Merrill Rd., So. Natick Biochemistry Dean ' s List 3 — Student Union 1,2,3,4 (sec.) 5— Co-op Work Record: Im- une-Hematology Laboratory, Boston City Hospital. ARTHUR K. GOLDMAN 90 Capen Street, Dorchester Sociology " Art " - — Dean ' s List 2 — Sociology So- ciety (treas.) 2, (pres.) 3, 5— Hillel 5 — Co-op Work Record: Massachu- setts Mental Health Center, Jewish Family Children ' s Service. JOHN T. GORAS 5 Belvoir Road, Dorchester Chemistry American Chemical Society 4,5 — Co- op Work Record: American Oil Products Co., A.C.H. Fiber Service, Inc., Lahey Clinic, Quartermaster Research Engineering Command. SUSAN V. GREGORY 98 Wheeler Street, Gloucester English " Sue " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Omega Sigma 1,2,3,4,5— Yacht Club 1— Stu- dent Union 1,2— NEWS 2,3— Acad- emy 5 — Pegasus 4,5 — Hus-Skiers 5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston GLOBE, Stoneham Public Library. GEORGE A. HASHIM Damour, Lebanon Biology Section Representative — Biology Club 1,2,3 (pres.), 4,5 — Student Union 1,2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Massachusetts General Hospi- tal. EDWARD C. HAYWARD 107 Division Street, Brockton Chemistry " Ed " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3— Track 1,2,3, 4 — Sports Car Club 4,5 — American Chemical Society 5 (treas.) — Intra- mural Softball 4,5— Rifle Club 1,2— Co-op Work Record: E. I. du Pont de Nemours Co., Bird Son, Inc., Quartermaster Research and Engi- neering Command Headquarters. Liberal Arts RICHARD P. GRANITO NEZ 360 E. 34th St., Paterson, N.J. Chemistry " Rick " — Nu Epsilon Zeta 3,4,5 — American Chemical Society 2,3,4,5 — Folk Music Club 4,5— Auto Club 4,5 — Intramural Basketball 1,2,3 — Interfraternity Basketball 3,4,5 — Bowling 4— Football 5— Softball 3,4, 5 — Co-op Work Record: Godfrey L. Cabot Research Development Laboratories, Nopco Chemical Co., Information Technology Laborato- ries, Inc. CONSTANTINE J. GREGORY 2 Glendon Street, Avon Biology " Connie " — Dean ' s List 3,4 — Rifle Club 1 — Biology Club 1,2,3,4 (treas.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Medical Laboratory, Brock- ton Hospital. JAMES P. HOLMES 7 Squam Road, Rockport Physics " Jim " — Dean ' s List Student 4 — AIP 4— Co-op Work Record: Avco Re- search Laboratory. WILLIAM M. HORTE 27 Perry Road, Braintree Sociology " Bill " — Rifle Club— Sociology Club — Psychology Club — Co-op Work Record: Wilbur Williams Co., Dorchester Savings Bank. ROGER W. HUBBARD King Street, Middleton Biology " Rog " — Dean ' s List 3— AFCEA 4,5— Rifle Club 3,4,5— Biology Club 1,2,3, 4,5 — Student Union 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Bio-Research Insti- tute. DAVID J. JENNINGS 12 Merlin Street, Dorchester English — Journalism Co-op Work Record: Boston GLOBE. ELEANOR M. HUGHES 84 Carruth Street, Dorchester English " Ellie " — Dean ' s List 3 — Student Union 1,2 — Silver Masque 1,2 — So- ciology Club 3 — Nu Writer 2 — Pegasus 3,4 — Omega Sigma 1,2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston GLOBE, Library of Congress, United Fund. PETER L. HUSTON 58 Queensberry Street, Boston Sociology — Anthropology Married — Co-op Work Record: Bailey Co., Inc., Rogers Sands Em- ployment Service, C. B. S. Hytron. AUDREY L. JUCKNAVORIAN 157 Dexter Avenue, Watertown History Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — History Honor Society — Phi Alpha Theta 4,5 — Academy 4,5 — Recipient of Sears B. Condit Award 5 — History Club 3 (sec. 4) , 5 — Pegasus 4 — Co-op Work Record: Sealy Mattress Co., Library of Congress, Laboratory for Elec- tronics. MARTIN M. KANAYAN AP 46 Concord Road, Watertown Economics " Marty " " Crown Prince of Armenia " — Phi Alpha Rho 3,4,5 (purchas- ing agent) — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 (Pledgemaster) — Pershing Ri- fles 1,2,3 (fiinance supply) 4, (ex- ecutive) — Young Republicans 4,5 (executive comm.) — Committee of " 100 " — Tau Gamma Iota Fuchs — Co-op Work Record: Tucker An- thony R. L. Day, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Boston Mutual Life EDWARD G. JACKAMONIS 174 Grove Street, New Britain, Ct. Political Science Phi Alpha Theta — National History Honor Society 4,5 — Pi Sigma Alpha — National Political Science Honor Society 3 4 (sec. treas.) , 5 (pres.) — Delegate to National Convention in New York, Sept. 1960 — Honors Program in Political Science, 4 — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Academy 4,5 — Division B (pres.) 5— Public Affairs Forum 5 — Sears B. Condit Award — Co-op Work Record: Fafnir Bearing Co., Hartford Public Library PETER T. JARMULOWICZ AP 28 High Street, Chelsea Biology Phi Alpha Rho 4,5— Newman Club 2,3 4 (vice-pres.) , 5 — Biology Club 2— Rifle Club 4,5— AFCEA 4— Co-op Work Record: John E. Cain Co. College of LYNN D. KANOWITH 2 A 37 Rockland Street, Springfield Biology " Cuppy " — Brother of the Year 5 (from Sigma Phi Alpha Fraternity) —Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4,5 (treas.) — IFC Sports 3,4— Biology Club 3,4,5— IFC Representative 3— Rifle Club 1 — Co-op Work Record: Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, New England Deaconess Hospital (Cancer Re- search) . FREDERICK C. KAST, JR. 145 Hemenway Street, Boston Chemistry " Fred " — Married — American Chem- ical Society 2,3,4,5 — International Relations Club 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Frederick S. Bacon Labo- ratories, Skinner Sherman Co., Inc. KATHERINE F. KIMBALL 120 Lexington Street, Lawrence Mathematics " Kaye " — Band Council (member) 2,3 — Women ' s Residence (dormitory assistant) 3,4 — Women ' s Residence (social chairman) 3 — Band 1,2,3,4,5 — Silver Masque 4,5 — Rifle Club 1,2 — -Jazz Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Research Calculations, New England Telephone Telegraph Co., N.U. Bureau of Business Eco- nomic Research. EDWARD A. KING 84 St. Paul Street, Brookline Mathematics Math Club 3 (vice pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Avco Research and Development, Massachusetts Insti- tute of Technology. RUSSELL L. KING 13 Hornbeam Road, Scituate English " Russ " — Co-op Work Record: Bos- ton HERALD-TRAVELER. RICHARD A. KOWALSKI 22 Deer Street, Dorchester Mathematics " Dick " , " Killer " — Academy Scholar- ship 2 — Sears B. Condit Honor Award 5 — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Academy 4,5 (pres.) — ARS 3,4 — Sailing Club 1— Freshman Rifle Team — Varsity Rifle Team 2,3,4 — Rifle Club 1,2,3,4 5 (pres.) — Senior Week Commit- tee (second day) 5 — Co-op Work Record: The MITRE Corp., Lincoln Laboratory. ROBERT A. KUPFERMAN 18 Irwin Street, Winthrop Physics Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4— Academy 4,5— AIP 2,3,4,5— Math Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Raytheon Co. FRANCIS J. LAFFEY, JR. 45 Colgate Road, Newton Economics " Frank " — Dean ' s List Student 4 — Newman Club 1,2,3,4,5— AFCEA 4,5 — International Relations Club 1,2,3 — New Conservatives 5. ■av , Liberal Arts BERNARD F. KLEM 36 Vesta Road, Dorchester Mathematics " Klemzy " or " Bernie " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 3 — ARS 3,4,5 (vice pres.) — AIP 4,5 (treas.) — Mathematics Club 3,4,5 (pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Bemis Bros. Bag Co., Avco Everett Research Lab. CLARA KORETSKY 135 Lucerne Street, Dorchester Mathematics Omega Sigma Society 1,2,3,4,5 (jun- ior and senior representative) — In- tramural Basketball 1,2— Rifle 1,2— ARS 3,4— Co-op Work Record: Pratt Whitney Research, Allied Re- search Associates. RICHARD M. LEONARD BA 103 Hemenway Street, Boston English — Journalism Class Board 1 (treas.) , Class Cabi- net 2 — Husky Key 4,5 (treas.) — Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4,5 (sec.) — NU Write 3 (Business Manager) — Husky Hi-Liters, 4,5 — Northeastern NEWS 2. GERALD R. LEVINE 497 Blue Hill Avenue, Dorchester Economics " Gerry " — Co-cp Work Record: Simon Sons, Inc. MARGARET A. LINEHAN 303 Pleasant Street, Melrose Political Science Dean ' s List Student 2,3 — Gamma Delta 2,3,4— History Club 2,3,4— International Relations Club 3,4. FRANKLIN D. MACKENZIE 1615 Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton Physics " Frank " — Married — AIP 2,3,4,5 — ARS 2, (treas.) 3,4,5— Math. Club 2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: God- frey L. Cabot, Inc., AVCO Everett Research Lab. ANGELA M. LOFGREN XIIE 70 Brook Road, Quincy English " Angie " — Married — Education So- ciety 1,2,3 — Chi Pi Epsilon (charter member) 4,5 — International Rela- tions Club 2,3— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Medford Library, Northeast- ern University Library, Braintree Library. daniel c. Mackenzie 5 Longview Way, Peabody Economics " Mac " — Dean ' s List Student 4 — Co- op Work Record: E. F. P. Burns Co., National Shawmut Bank. ANDREW J. MAHONEY, JR. 20 Wilkins Road, East Braintree Chemistry " Andy " — American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Chapter 3,4,5 (pres.) —Rifle Club 1,2,4 — Co-op Work Record: Howe French, Inc Huntington Laboratories at Mass. General Hospital. AUDREY E. MAILHIOT 154 Mill Street, Natick Biology Dean ' s List 3,4,5— Glee Club 1,2- Biology Club 1,2,3,4,5— Co-op Work! Record: New England Medical 1 Center. RICHARD J. MALLION 132 Brooks Street, West Medford Chemistry " Dick " — Dean ' s List Student — DMS —Band 1,2,3,4 (sec), 5 (pres.) — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5— American Chemical Society 2,3,4,5 — ROTC Band 1,2,3,4,5 (commanding officer) — Yachting Club 1,2,3 — Silver Masque Orchestra 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co., Tyco Semiconductor Corp. College of WILLIAM E. MAGUIRE 35 MacArthur Circle, Peabody Biology Biology Club 2,3,4 (treas.) 5 (pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Lahey Clinic, Cancer Research Institute, New England Deaconess Hospital. ROBERT G. MARIA 319 Wilder Street, Lowell Physics " Frank " — Freshman Honor List — Jazz Club 2,3— AIP 1,2,3— Treasurer of AIP 4 (member) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Co. ANTHONY J. MAROLDA 32 Highland Street, Walpole Physics " Tony " — Hayden Memorial Scholar- ship — Dean ' s List Student 3,4,5 — Football 1,2— Huskiers 2,3,4,5— AIP 1,2,3,4,5 — Rifle Club 1,2,5 — Skin Diving Club 4,5 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: American Biltrite Rubber Co., Raytheon Co. CHARLOTTE A. MASELLO 56 Wilber St., Maiden Mathematics Huskey Key 1,2— Rifle Club 1,2. ROBERT E. MATZ -10 Atlantic Street, Gloucester Biology " Bob " — Nu Beta 1,2,3,4,5 — N.U. Underwater Society 4,5 — Sociology Club 4,5. WARREN F. MAYHEW 79 Fairview Street, Westwood Physics " Woody " — Baseball 2,3,4 — Greater Boston Collegiate All-Star 2,3— Co- op Work Record: Boston Naval Shipyard, Sylvania Electric. KATHERINE S. McINTYRE 28 Seaver Street, Dorchester Mathematics " Winky " — Married — Dean ' s List 2,3 — Sailing Club 2,3 — Academy 4,5 (sec.) — Co-op Work Record: United Aircraft Research Labo., Avco- Everett. PAUL J. McNAMEE 85 Porter Street, Somerville English " Mac " — Psychology Club 2,3 — AFCEA 4 (sec.) 5— Rifle Club 1— Camera Club 4 (vice pres.) 5 — Co- op Work Record: Boston GLOBE. BERNARD J. McTERNAN zrT 4 Theriault Court, Cambridge Political Science Zeta Gamma Tau 4,5 (sec.) 5 — Newman Club 1,2 (publicity com- mittee) — Pershing Rifles 4,5 (sec.) . BRENDA K. McGOWAN XnE 49 Canal Street, Winchester Psychology " Bren, Brenda K. Star " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Chi Pi Epsilon (vice pres.) — Class Cabinet 2,3 — Senior Week Committee — Modern Dance 1,3,4,5 — Husky Key 1,2,3,4,5 (social chair- man) — Silver Masque 2,3,4,5 — Gamma Delta 3 (all-univ. chair- man) 4 — Psychology Society 4,5 — Model U.N. BERNARD J. McINTYRE 28 Seaver Street, Dorchester Physics Married— Dean ' s List 2,3— AIP 2— Liberal Arts Academy 5 — Rifle Club 2,3— Football 3— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Avco-Everett, Lincoln Labs., Mitre Corp. Liberal Arts JAMES P. MELONE 171 Carlton Street, Cranston, R.I. Economics " Jim " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 3 — Academic Achieve- ment Award (ROTC) 1 — Camera Club 1,2,3,4 (sec.-treas.) —AFCEA 1,2,3,4. NORMAN H. MICHAUD 5 Murphy Avenue, Lynn Mathematics " Norm " — Northeastern Chapter ARS 4,5— Math Club 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Pickard Burns, Inc., Avco R.A.D. JUNE C. MILES xnE 10 Ditmus Court, Boston Political Science Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Trustee Scholarship 1 — Ford Scholarship 4 — Academy 4,5 — Phi Alpha Theta 3,4,5 — Pi Sigma Alpha 4,5— Husky Key 1,2,3 (corresponding sec.) 4,5 — Modern Dance 1,2,3,4,5— Gamma Delta 2 (social chairman) , 3 (recording sec.) , 4 (pres.) , 5 — Cheerleading 2,3 (capt.) , 4 (capt.) — Class Represen- tative 3 — Husky Hiliters 5 — Student Union 1,2,3,4,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Boston State Hospital, Boston Public Library, Library of Congress. WILLIAM M. MODESTINO 77 High Street, Quincy Economics •Bill " — Married— NEWS 3. BASIL STRATIS MOSKOS 546 Newton Street, Brookline Economics " Bill " — Dean ' s List Student 2,4 — AFCEA 3,4 (Electronics committee chairman) , 5 (pres.) . HJALMAR N. NELSON, JR. 122 Front Street, Weymouth Physics " Al " — Married — Student Union 1,2 — AIP 2,3,4 (librarian) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Woods Hole Ocean- ographic Institution, Raytheon Aero Weapons Division. FRANCIS B. NEVILLE, JR. 18 Garland Street, Melrose Economics " Frank " — Co-op Work Record: Bos ton Five Cents Savings Bank. WILLIAM H. NIXON 198 Kendall Street, Walpole Biology " Bill " — Dean ' s List 2,4 — Biology Club 1,2,4,3 5 (vice-pres.) —Co- op Work Record: Massachusetts General Hospital. WILLIAM J. MULLEN, JR. 23 Neponset Avnue, Hyde Park Biology " Bill " — Nu Beta Biology Club 1,2,3, 4— Folk Music Society 4. JANET MURRIN 62 Granite Avenue, Dorchester Mathematics Omega Sigma 1,2,3,4,5 — Cabinet 5 — Ski Club 2,3,4,5— Sailing Club 3,4.5 — Society of Women Engineers 3,4,5 (corresponding sec.) — Girl ' s Bas- ketball Team 1,5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Allied Research Assoc, Inc. College of NORBERT J. F. NUNES AP 5 Middle Road, Acushnet, Mass. English — Journalism " Phantom, " " Farnsworth, " " N ' N ' - Newsie " — Northeastern NEWS Achievement Award 5 — CAUL- DRON Achievement Award 5 ■ — CAULDRON 3,4,5 (editor-in-chief) — Northeastern NEWS 1,2,3,4,5 (managing editor) — Phi Alpha Rho 3 (charter brother) , 4,5 (cor. sec.) — Newman Club 4, 5 (vice pres.) — Committee of 100, 4 (charter mem- ber ) , 5 — Tau Gamma Iota Fuchs 1,2,3,4,5 — International Relations Club 1,2-RiBe Club 1,2— Student Union 1,2,3 — Interfraternity Coun- cil 4 — Class Cabinet 4,5 — Senior Week Committee 5, — Silver Masque 2,3 — Agitator 4 (managing editor) 5 (editor) — Editor, Senior Week Supplement 5 PAUL W. O ' CONNOR 41 Ferncroft Road, Milton Physics " Okie " — AIP 1,2,3,4,5— ARS 5— Co- op Work Record: Research Calcula- tions, Cancer Research Institute. JOHN R. PALMIERI 48 Rosemont Street, Dorchester History " Johnnie " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Intra- mural Softball 2,3 — Intramural Bas- ketball 2,3— Gamma Phi Kappa 2,3, 4,5 [honorary member) — Co-op Work Record: Controller Service Sales, E, F. P. Burns, Inc. FREDERICK G. PARSONS 28 Harbell Street, Lexington Physics Co-op Work Record: Avco Corp., Research and Advanced Develop- ment Division. ROBERT F. REDF.NTE 59 Hawthorne Street, New Britain, Conn. Mathematics Newman Club 4,5 (vice pies.) , ASPASIA E. PETERS AIIA 94 Robinson Street, Lynn Political Science " Esther " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Fresh- man Honor List — Pi Sigma Alpha — National Delta Gamma Chapter of Political Science Honor Society — Zeta Tau Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta — National Honor Society for History Students — Bemis Scholar- ship 1 — Silver Masque 1,2,3,4 (vice pres.-sec.) — History Club — N.U. NEWS— Gamma Delta 1,2,3,4 (vice pres.) — International Relations . Club 3,4— Husky Key 1,2,3. DORA REJMAN 80 Deborah Road, Newton Mod-em Languages " Dorita " — Dean ' s List Student 3,4 — Amelia Greenbaum Award 1,4 — Stu- dent Council 2,3 — Gamma Delta 1,2,3,4 — Silver Mas que 1,2,3,4 — Huskey Key 1,2,3 Student Union 2,3 — Co-op Work Record: Lumber- man Insurance Co., John C. Paige Co. ELWOOD S. ROBERTS BA Central Street, Middleton Economics " Scotty " — Married — Phi Beta Alpha 3,4,5 — Student Union 1,2 — Class Cabinet 1,2 — Co-op Work Record: Charlestown Savings Bank. Liberal Arts JEFFREY H. PETERSON Plain Road, Nabnassett Economics " Jeff " — Co-op Work Record: Boston Five Cents Savings Bank, Pistorino Co., Inc. ROBERT E. PETERSON 23 Lazel, Whitman Political Science " Bob " — Rifle Club 1— Biology Club 2— Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4,5 — Varsity Basketball 3,4 — Newman Club 5 — Politics Club 5 — Co-op Work Record: Cancer Research In- stitute, New England Deaconess Hos- pital. SANDRA G. ROLLINS 179 Elm Street, Braintree Psychology " Sandi " — Husky Key 4 — Senior Week Committee. NEIL T. ROMANS 11 Mudge Street, Swampscoit Political Science Dean ' s List Student 2,3,4,5 — Pi Sigma Alpha 4,5 — Politics Club 3 — Young Republicans Club 4,5 — Acad- emy 5 — Public Affairs Forum 5 — Co- op Work Record: Boston GLOBE. JAY J. SCHLICKMAN 121 Irving Street, Everett Physics Married — Freshman Honor 1 — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Academy 5 — AIP 3 (sec.) — ARS 4 (pres.) —AIP 2,3,4, 5— ARS 3,4,5— Math Club 3,4,5— Co-op Work Record: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Miniature Components Group, Instrumenta- tion Laboratory, M.I.T., Group 26, Lincoln Laboratory. SHELDON RUBIN 18 Carroll Street, West Roxbury Physics " Shelly " — Sigma Kappa Psi 1,2,3,4,5 —AIP 3,4,5— ARS 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Pickard Burns, Inc., Itek Laboratories. ERIK B. SIBORG, JR. 2 t A 394 Main Street, Niantic, Ct. Physics Sigma Phi Alpha 2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: U. S. N. Underwater Sound Laboratory. JAMES A. RYAN 41 West Street, Maiden Chemistry " Jim " — Dean ' s List 3— Rifle Club 1 — NEWS 1,2,3 (photo editor) — Camera Club 1,2 (sec-treas.) — American Chemical Society 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Wirthmore Feeds, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. JOSEPH SCARPATO 12 Woodleigh Road, Watertown English — Journalism " Joe " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — William V. Wallburg Scholarship 1,2,3,4 — DMS 4— Newman Club 1,2,3,4,5— NEWS 2,3,4 5 (feature editor) — Husky Hi-Liters 4,5 (pres.)— 1962 CAULDRON 5 (Div. B coordinat- ing editor) Co-op Work Record: Boston GLOBE, Horizon House, Inc. NANCY J. SMITH 258 Parkway, Chelsea Mathematics Dean ' s List 3,5 — Rifle Club 1 — Husky Key 1,2— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Jordan Marsh Co., American Mutual Liability Insurance Co. INDULIS A. SMITS 2 Putnam Place, Boston Economics " Andy " — Married — Dean ' s List 2 — Co-op Work Record: United Fund of Greater Boston, National Shaw- mut Bank of Boston. College of MAP.GARET M. SHEA 23 Pitman Avenue, Wakefield Modern La)iguages " Peggy " — Biology Club 1 — Newman Club 1— Omega Sigma 1,2,3,4— Co- op Work Record: Lahey Clinic. THOMAS F. SPADA 63 Hawthorne St., East Weymouth Physics " Tommy " — AIP 2 (sec.) , 3 (vice pres.) , 4,5 (pres.) — Co-op Work Record: Raytheon Mfg. Co., Aero- Weapons Division. FRANCES L. SPEYER XHE 92 Lancaster Terrace, Brookline Sociology " Fran " — Chi Pi Epsilon 3,4 (histo- rian) — Sociology Club 3 (sec.) 4 — Folk Music Society 3 (sec.) 4 — Hus- ky Key 4,5. ' JOHN V. STAAL 40 Cleveland Street, Medford Physics " Jack " — AIP, N.U. Student Chapter 2,3,4,5— ARS 3 (sec.) , 4 (sec.) , 5 (pres.) — Co-op Work Record: AVCO Everett Research Laboratory, Physics Dept., New England Center Hospital. LITA M. STABERS 19 Clifford Street, Readville Biology " Lita " — Dean ' s List 3,4 — Section Representative 1 — Student Union 1,2— Biology Club 4,5— Co-op Work Record: Lahey Clinic. JOHN STEEDE 93 Hardy Pond Road, Waltham English Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — Poetry Award 3— Pegasus 3,4— N.U. Writer 4 (asso- ciate editor) . LEO D. TOPJIAN 202 Hyde Park Avenue, Jamaica Plain Physics " Toppey " — Married — Dean ' s List 1— Class Representative 1 — AIP 4,5 —Jazz Society 4 — Co-op Work Rec- ord: Raytheon Co. JOHN F. TOSI $BA 57 Mt. Vernon Street, Boston Economics Phi Beta Alpha 2,3,4 (prcsj) , 5 Interfraternity Council 3. CHRISTOPHER J. TRAGAKIS 153 Russell Avenue, Watertown Economics " Chris " — Scabbard and Blade — Out- standing Signal Corps Middler — Scholarship 1960 — Pershing Rifles — Outstanding Basic Corps Cadet 1959 — Pershing Rifles 1,2,3,4,5 (com- manding officer) — Scabbard and Blade 3,4,5 (membership committee chairman) . Liberal Arts ELEANOR C. TAGLIERI 32 Gould Street, West Roxbury Modern Languages " Ellie " — Freshman Honor List — Dean ' s List 2,3,4,5 — Academy 4 — Student Union 1,2,3,5 — Omega Sigma 1 ,2 — Pegasus 4,5 — Jazz Society 4, (sec.) 5 — Co-op Work Record: Boston Five Cents Savings Bank, Library of Congress. PAUL V. TOOMEY 3 Kenwood Drive, Norwood English — Journalism NEWS 3,4 (rewrite editor) , 5 (news editor) — Husky Hiliters 4,5 — CAULDRON 5— Co-op Work Rec- ord: Boston GLOBE, Northeastern Press Bureau. NORMAN R. TRUDEAU 418 Parkway, Revere Physics AIP 2,3,4 (treas.), 5 (pres)— ARS 3,4,5 (sec.) 5. RICHARD D. TRUESDELL 27 Cushing Street, Cambridge Mathematics Married — Dean ' s List 4 — Rifle Club 1,2,3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Mas- sachusetts Institute of Technology, Mitre Corp. MARGARET A. TUCKER Hospital Road, Medfield Sociology " Peggy " — Trustee Scholarship 1 — Basketball 1 (capt.) — Modern Dance 1,2 — Omega Sigma 1,2 — Sociology Club 2 — Section Repre- sentative 2 — Summer Silhouettes 4 — Co-op Work Record: Massachu- setts Correctional Institution. HOPE A. TURNER Fletcher Road, Auburn Biology Biology Club 1,2 — Modern Dance 1 — Husky Key 1 ,2 — Silver Masque 4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Med. Tech. Training, Central Maine General Hospital. ROBERT J. UNDERWOOD 16 Gannett Street, Dorchester Psychology " Bob " — Rifle Club 2,4,5— AIChE 2 — Co-op Work Record: Mass. Soci- ety for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Commonwealth of Mass. Dept. of Mental Health. CHARLES C. WHITNEY, JR NEZ 27 Earle Street, Springfield, Vt. Chemistry " Charlie " — Freshman Honor Roll — Dean ' s List 2,3 — Chemical Club of New England Award 5 — Nu Epsilon Zeta 3,4,5 (Grand Chancellor) — American Chemical Society 3,4,5 (sec.) — Freshman Baseball — Folk Music Club 4 — Intramural Basket- ball 1 — Interfraternity Basketball, Softball, Bowling, Football 3,4,5 — Co-op Work Record: Nopco Chemi- cal Co., Arthur D. Little, Inc. CAROLYN E. WILLIAMS Bishop Avenue, Middleboro History " Carol " — Dean ' s List 4,5 — Silver Masque 3 — Chairman Make-Up Committee 4,5 — Husky Key 1,2,3,4,5 —Band 1,2,3 — History Club (sec.) 5 —Phi Alpha Theta 5 — Co-op Work Record: Full Time. PAUL F. WOODLAND 20 Theurer Park, Watertown History " Woody " — Most Improved Player Award for Cross Country 1960 — Cross Country 1,2.3,4 — Indoor Track 1,2,3,4 — Outdoor Track 1,2,3,4 — International Politics Club 4,5 — History Club 4,5. Liberal Arts ERIK A. WALTER 453 Smith Neck Road, Dartmouth Economics Section Representative 1. ALBERT H. WH1TAKER, JR. R.D. 2, Valencia, Pa. History " Al " — Dean ' s List 2,3,4 — History Club 2,3 (vice pres) 4. CONSTANCE YEANNAKOPOULOS 21 Larchmont Road, Salem Economics " Connie " — Chi Pi Epsilon (charter member) , (treas.) 5 — Class Cabinet -Husky Key 2,3,4,5— Gamma Delta 2,3— Omega Sigma 1— NEWS 1 — Sociology Club 3 — Psychology Club — Co-op Work Record: Lumber- man ' s Insurance Co., Boston Five Cents Savings Bank. CHARLES W. BRUNI, Jr. 17 Reservoir Rd., Lynn Sociology ALBERT B. COOK 49 Burrill Ave., Lynn History JANICE L. ELLIOTT 110 East Greenlee St., dishing, Oklahoma English- Journalism ROBERT A. FITZPATRICK 811 Oakland St., Boston Political Science DANA GEDMINTAS 15 Mt. Ida Road, Dorchester Biology Dean ' s List Student 1,3. CAMILLE M. GIAMBUSSO 129 Hemenway St., Boston English ALBERT A. GREEN, JR. 34 Sherwood St., Roslindale Chemistry ANN HARRINGTON 7 Ash St., Danvers Psychology KENNETH J. HUTTON 69 Purdon Ave., Lynn Mathematics DONALD W. KEMP 28 William St., Walpole Chemistry JOANNE T. KILEY 2 Magoun Ave., Medford English ROBERT LYNCH, Jr. 91 Colberg Ave., Boston History FREDERICK CHARLES McGAFFEY 21 Beach Rd., Lynn Political Science MAURICE E. MESSIER 90 Le Franeur Blvd., Woonsocket, Rhode Island Economics PAUL F. NEE 5 Stockton St., Dorchester Mathematics HAROLD C. NELSON 191 Ryan St., New Bedford Physics LINDA NORMA DICKENSON 3 Fayette St., Cambridge English JOHN J. RICCA 266 Granite St., Quincy Physics ALLEN J. SHAPIRO 39 Magnolia St., Maiden Political Science JOYCE C. SWEET 26 Marlboro St., Dedham Biology IRVING M. WINITZER 903 Morton St., Mattapan Mathematics 279 280 281 Jim I) - m en, ■ ' a: c% - J " nr r m 282 283 Dr. William C. White Vice-President and Provost Professor Kenneth G. Ryder Dean of Administration Dr. Carl S. Ell Chancellor Gilbert G. MacDonald Dean of Students Dr. Dorothy G. Dissell Dean of Women 285 Christopher F. Kennedy Dean of Freshmen Professor Charles E. Kitchin Director of Student Activities Dr. Gilbert C. Garland Dean and Director of Admissions Rudolph M. Morris Registrar Herbert W. Gallagher Director of Department of Health, Physical Education and Athletics Professor Alan A. Mackey Assistant Registrar Roland H. Moody Director of the University Library Daniel J. Roberts, Jr. Bursar Edward W. Robinson Director of Financial Aid for Students Dr. Charles W. Havice Dean of Chapel 287 Rudolph O. Oberg Director of Alumni Relations Eugene M. Reppucci Director of the Alumni Fund F. Weston Prior Director of Development Loring M. Thompson Director of University Planning FIRST ROW: Prof. F. Norvish, Mrs. L. Steinburg, Prof. W. Reynolds, Mr. E. Quar- rington, Prof. V. Howes, Prof. L. Roberts, Dean H. Melvin, Prof. F. Holmes, Mrs. H. Richardson (sec). SECOND ROW: Miss M. Dawson, Mr. S. Bernstein, Dr. R. Blois, Dr. J. Barrs, Prof. L. Skiffington, Prof. E. Marston, Mr. J. Kazantz, Prof. G. Khiralla, Mr. R. Chartier. English Department The four senior faculty members of the English Department discuss old times. 289 ■ 1 II Left to Right: Prof. C. Goolsby, Prof. F. Rosenberg, Dr. N. Riser (chair- man), Miss B. Karlsson, Prof. N. Preble, Prof. H. Werntz. DRAMA, SPEECH, and MUSIC Left to Right: Dr. R. Ferullo, Mr. W. Brohn, Prof. E. Blackman, Mr. W. Lacey. ECONOMICS Left to Right: Mr. A. Simone, Prof. G. Shelby, Mr. I. Lyons, Prof. T. Leary, Prof. S. Herman, Prof. H. Killough, Dr. W. Mernyk, Mr. I. Hermstadt. Left to Right: Prof. W. Holden, Prof. G. Meserve, Prof. R. Davis, Prof. R. Wells. Left to Right: Dr. P. Backstrojn, Prof. N. Fullington, Prof. R. Robinson (chairman) , Prof. W. Bishop, Mr. S. Sherter, Dr. N. Rosenblatt. FINE ARTS HISTORY MATHEMATICS First Row: Prof. S. Blackett, Prof. J. Spear, Prof. H. Dunlap, Dr. H. Stubbs (chairman) , Prof. J. Leary, Prof. B. Rudman, Prof. R. Klein. Second Row: Prof. H. Filgo Jr., Prof. F. Reis, Dr. V. Stakins, Prof. E. Cook, Prof. E. Booth, Prof. F. Shepardson, Mr. A. Wallace. Third Row: Prof. R. Antoine, Prof. W. Dean, Prof. N. McCallister, Prof. S. Giveen, Prof. H. deRivera, Prof. R. Armknecht, Prof. M. Hamer, Prof. B. Clafiin. ■MMMM MMMMMB |C L 5 !SM ■ -0IL- ' : First Row: Mrs. M. DePagter, Prof. L. Cooperstein, Prof. A. Mezzacappa, Prof. C. Kitchen, Miss A. Charra. Second Row: Mr. J. Spiegel, Prof. I. Aluf. Front Row: Prof. J. R. Overcash (chairman) , Mr. W. Newman. Second Row: Prof. D. Wilmarth, Prof. R. Ruggles, Mr. B. Gordon. NATURAL SCIENCE PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION Dean C. Havice, Prof. W. Fogg. POLITICAL SCIENCE First Row: Mr. D. Grimes, Dr. D. Barkley, Prof. G. Wilfong, Prof. L. Bursey. Second Row: Mr. K. Placek, Mr. B. Sargent, Mr. C. Burke. PSYCHOLOGY First Row: Dr. H. Zamansky, Dr. B. Warren. Second Row: Prof. R. Brightbill, Mr. D. Randolph, Dr. C. Karis. CHEMISTRY First Row: Dr. W. Luder, Dr. R. Shepard (chairman) , Dr. K. Weiss, Dr. C. Jankowski. Second Row: Dr. R. Wiener, Dr. L. Dempsey, Dr. A. Viola, Dr. D. Howell, Mr. B. Flynn, Mr. S. Mulawka. Third Row: Mr. C. Watson, Mr. D. Lambert, Mr. E. Goller, Mr. L. Levasseur, Mr. E. Whitty, Mr. J. Walker, Mr. R. Learson. PHYSICS First Row: Dr. W. Howser, Dr. M. Friedman, Dr. G. Welch, Dr. R. Lacount, Dr. T. Wallace. Second Row: Dr. M. Glaubman, Prof. R. Grojean, Dr. R. Weinstein, Dr. E. Salatan, Dr. A. Cromer, Dr. B. Malenka. SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY Left to Right: Dr. D. Pitkin (chairman), Dr. M. Rubin, Dr. T. Ferdinand. " , -;■ First Row: Prof. B. Goodwin, Prof. C. Keevil, Prof. C. Baker, Prof. J. Morgan, Prof. C. Field. Second Row: Prof. J. Miserlis, Prof. F. Heron, Mr. R. Stewart, Mr. R. Buonopane. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING First Rozu: Prof. R. Kleinschmidt, Prof. S. Namyet, Prof. E. Spencer, Prof. A. Sander- son, Prof. T. Coleman. Second Row: Prof. R. Armknecht, Prof. J. Lenney, Prof). L. Cahoon. CIVIL ENGINEERING m m ' First Row: Prof. Cleveland, Dean Essigmann, Dr. Muchenhaupt, Dr. Chang. Second Row: Prof. King, Prof. Lob, Prof. Rachefort, Dr. Brambilla, Mr. Wallace. Third Roio: Prof. Baird, Prof. Cochrun, Mr. Yi, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Erdman, Mr. Holland. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GRAPHIC SCIENCE First Roiv: Prof. V. Devine, Prof. R. Kreimer, Prof. G. Rook, Prof. O. Cushman. Second Row: Prof. F. Truesdale, Prof. V. Howes, Prof. H. Graves, Mr. R. Kates, Prof. F. Brown, Prof. K. Woodard, Prof. R. Lang. ' } ! ' t ' ! First Row: Prof. W. Bruhl, Prof. E. Mills, Prof. C. H. Berry, Prof. R. Blanchard, Prof. T. Phalen. Second Row: Mr. P. Marino, Mr. R. Brown, Prof. R. Wright, Prof. J. Zotos. ACCOUNTING Left to Right: Prof. C. Kwang, Prof. R. Knight, Prof. L. Malchman, Prof. J. Golemme, Prof. A. Slavin, Prof. A. Andersen, Mr. R. Burnham. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Left to Right: Prof. R. Hehre, Prof. S.. Cerullo, Dr. E. Willett, Dr. A. Rugina. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT LEFT TO RIGHT: Prof. A. Meyers, Prof. J. Jackson, Prof. C. Nouri, Prof. L. Keith, Prof. D. Scioletti, Prof. P. Leano. MARKETING and ADVERTISING LEFT TO RIGHT: Prof. C. Collazzo, Prof. Q. Coons, Prof. C. Dufton, Dr. B. Kibarian, Prof. G. Sternlieb. PHYSICAL EDUCATION FIRST ROW: Prof. J. Fox, Prof. F. Frades, Prof. R. Dukeshire, Prof. J. Zabilski. SEC- OND ROW: Prof. K. Kassabian, Dr. G. Lane, Prof. H. Walker, Prof. J. Connelly, Prof. G. Tatton. FROM LEFT: Prof. D. Tucker, Prof. L. Janke, Prof. S. Rogolsky. PSYCHOLOGY and GUIDANCE FIRST ROW: Dean T. Cavanagh, Prof. M. Lee, Dean L. Vander Werf. SECOND ROW: Prof. C. Haley, Mr. A. Studer. INSTRUCTION FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION FROM LEFT: Prof. W. Brown, Prof. E. Durham, Prof. F. Marsh, Jr. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sitting: Chairman j. Moore. Standing: Prof. D. Freeman. Left to Right: Miss M. White, Sgt. Major C. McCormick, SFC ]. Bourgeois. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ROTC Left to Right: Capt. J. Lucido, Major O. Giordano, Lt. Col. C. Sovern, Capt. G. Nigro, SFC J. Robichaud. 300 ROTC STUDENT COUNSELLING SERVICE FACULTY Sitting: Mrs. C. Bagley, M SgtC. Stabb. Standing: SFC W. Tripp, Miss S. Hunt, M Sgt. D. Lane. ENGINEERING CORPS BRANCH Left to Right: Sgt. T. Russell, Lt. Col. J. Brand and Major P. Brown. 301 302 303 FOOTBALL First Row (left to right): P. Johnston, P. McCabe, Second Roiv: W. Sheldon D. Riodan, P. Malkowski, R. Canada, M. Dodge, D. G. Hall, R. McPherson, Kennedy. Fourth Row: S S. Powers. R. Gaudet, L. Carmisdano, W. Pagano, J. Eastman, D. Campbell, J. Pignato, E. Brady, W. Sears, J. Payton, L. Sorressi, C. Babb. J. Baker, P. Furia, D. Dugan, M. Winsper, F. Schettino, C. Perry, j. Moran, G. Varnum, E. Mullins, J. Kelly, T. Kelly. Third Row: Darracq, F. Tripp, W. Gillespie, J. Bruno, J. Petrone, D. Barton, J. Davis, R. Campbell, D. Grader, J. Golec, W. McKeown, J. . Flynn, J. Heuston, J. Pitcoff, E. Smith, P. Fantasia, P. Luciano, 304 Six points coming up Head Coach Joe Zabilski set the stage for Northeastern ' s football season when he optimis- tically stated, " I am very enthusiastic about this year ' s football squad and the coming season. " The Huskies unveiled a stingy defense and a potent offense to shear the University of Rhode Island Rams 26 to 13 at Kent Field in the season ' s opener on September 23. Quarterback Jerry Varnum had a hand in three of the scores, passing for two and running for another. The line, anchored by Captain Phil Mc- Cabe at one tackle and John Pignato at the other, came up with some brilliant defensive play. Norwich was the Huskies ' next victim, falling prey to the gauging offensive attack that Varnum directed at them, 24 to 2. The team had quite a time getting to Norwich. On the night before the game, their bus broke down outside of Laconia, N.H., and the team had to push it up a hill and later into a gas station for repairs. While waiting for another bus, the players held an impromptu practice in an open field. Sophomore quarterback Jack Kennedy, who replaced the injured Varnum in this contest, had a good day. He passed 21 yards to end Frank Schettino for one score and ran 21 yards for an- other. Win streaks, even of only two games, must come to an end and Northeastern ' s fell by the wayside, 12 to at the University of Bridgeport, where the club played its only night game of the season. The Bridgeport squad was a veteran 11, the same one that belted the Huskies 19 to 9 last season. Our dog sled got back on the right trail the following week with an impressive 33 to 15 vic- tory over American International College. Chalk one up for " Bad Man " Johnston 305 Why ' d You Throw It To Me? Look Out Below I ' m In The Wrong Backfield Where Shall We Put Him? 306 £ I Wish My Father Wuz Here AIC took a quick 13 to lead but the Huskies exploded for 19 points in less than five minutes of play to lead 19 to 13 at halftime. Northeastern added two more touch- downs in the second half to put the game out of the Aces ' reach. On October 21, the Huskies met their jinx team, Springfield, handing them a 27 to 21 setback. It was only the second victory over Springfield since 1946 and the first since the 7 to win in 1955. This win made the season a memo- rable one for the Huskies. Sporting an impressive 3 and 1 record, the Huskies played host to the Redmen from the University of Massachusetts on October 28. Seeking revenge for the tainted 7 to loss last season at Amherst, the Huskies could man- age only seven points while the Redmen rolled up 26 for a 26 to 7 decision. It was brute force and raw speed that spelled the difference. UMass rolled up 448 yards rushing to Northeastern ' s 99 and made 21 first downs to Northeastern ' s 5. The Huskies ' lone ray of sunshine was sophomore Paul Luciano who trampled over from three yards out for the only Husky tally. The burly fullback set up the score with a 40 yard scamper. This was the last chance the Huskies had to get back at the Redmen since they have elected to go big time and will no longer play us. The season took a turn for the worse the following week when the Huskies played the University of Vermont in the annual homecoming game, losing 6 to 0. As far as Northeastern fans were con- cerned this turned out to be the upset of the season. When the Catamounts lost their ace passer, they switched from a T formation into the single wing and the surprise switch was good enough to stop the Huskies. 307 Pete Furia— Man Of The Moment 308 No Gain Northeastern ' s stellar defensive play kept them in the game all the way. Twice they stopped the Catamounts on the goal line. In the season ' s finale, at Southern Con- necticut State, the Huskies played a fine defensive game but couldn ' t cope with the Owls who handed them a 23 to loss. This was the team ' s second game with the Owls, and the last. Northeastern lost both. All in all, the squad had a fair season. They batted .500 for the season, winning 4 and losing 4. With so many young ball players on the Northeastern football team there is a bright out- look for the future. Let ' s Twist Again Ha! Ha! I Don ' t Have The Ball 4? •£..■ BASKETBALL First Row (left to right) : T. Ford (Manager) , R. Dukeshire (Head Coach) , K. Nolet (Assistant Coach) , K. Chute (Manager) . Second Row (left to right) : P. Solberg, R. Murphy, H. Kerzner, T. Martin, J. Bowman, W. Tully, J. Sluskonis, W. Sears (Captain) , Fran Ryan, Fred Ryan, J. Jasper, J. Malvey, H. Dugan, W. Barry. (J. Russo is missing) 310 An abundance of youth guided by experience led Northeast- ern ' s varsity basketball team to its greatest season and to the University ' s first invitation to a national tourna- ment. John Malvey, Fran and Fred Ryan and Tom Martin were only a few of the ten sophomores who sparked the varsity to a Northeastern record of 15 wins and 7 losses and a 1 3 and 2 slate against small-colleges. Coach Dick Dukeshire em- phasized that the experience and leadership of veterans Paul Solberg, Ward Sears and Bill Tully were im- portant factors in supplementing the Husky attack and producing their win- ning record against strong competi- tion. The Dukemen started the season on the right track by winning their first three games. They defeated a talented MIT team 61 to 41 in their opener paced by John Malvey ' s 19 points and a strong defense. The Engineers posted a 16 to 4 record despite their 20-point loss to the Huskies. A 54-point second half sparked the varsity to a 94 to 64 vic- tory over Middlebury College in Ver- mont. Fighting for the rebound 311 Tully from the outside Thanks for the boost 312 The tip in The following day the hoopsters traveled to Burlington and topped St. Michaels ' 63 to 52, clinch- ing the game in the second half when they held the Vermonters scoreless from the floor for 12 minutes. The Rhode Island Rams snapped the Huskies ' winning streak defeating the varsity 82 to 62 at Kings- ton, R.I. and Harvard handed the Huskies their second loss by a 65 to 60 score. V. - One, two, three, cha cha cha 313 34 » J Malvey drives through for two Tie my shoelace will ya? Ryan over the top The Redmen from Massa- chusetts University set a school record, scoring on 61 per cent of their field goals to defeat Northeastern 72 to 61. Massachusetts went on to win their first Yankee Conference title and an invitation to the NCAA major-college tournament. The Huskies regained their winning ways in a thrilling 79 to 76 overtime victory against the Uni- versity of Bridgeport followed by a 62 to 56 triumph over C.C.N .Y. John Malvey was selected on the E.C.A.C. All-East team and voted New England ' s Player of the Week for scoring 76 points that week (23 against Massachusetts, 32 against Bridgeport and 21 against C.C.N.Y.) . The varsity ' s emphasis on defense led it to a 56 to 44 victory over Tufts. Bill Tully was their high- scorer with 1 1 points while Malvey was held to 9 , marking the only time dur- ing the season that John failed to reach double figures. Howdy clears the boards 315 W WSi ■Ml 5 THE rally BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT ! Pershing Rifles honor guard. A long way home. 5- The Huskies were under- dogs turned top dogs in the northeast- ern regional NCCA playoffs. When they stepped on to the court at the University of Rochester to play top- seeded St. Anselm they carried a dark horse label and by the half time the Dukemen were down by nine points with the odds stretched against them. But this was a second half ball club and after tying it up in the third quar- ter they broke loose on a 14-point spree to make a 63 point half and win the game 88 to 78. The next night against Fairfield Coach Dukeshire saw his strategy turn out like a- Betty Crocker apple pie. The Huskies set a fast pace for the first half while resting star cen- ter Ward Sears. They trailed by two at the half but Sears, constantly crashing the boards, boosted Northeastern to an 80 to 69 victory with 25 points. Sears and Solberg were named to the first tourney team and Fran Ryan made the second. Solberg was aI?o giv- en the MVP trophy for his work. The now regional cham- pions traveled to Evansville, Indiana for the nationals. There the odds caught up with the Cinderellas on the first night. Despite Fran Ryan ' s 25- point effort they lost to Southern Il- linois University 73 to 57. Although they didn ' t win at Evansville they went further than any other athletic team in the history of Northeastern. 318 Front Row: G. Bowdon, E. Dutczack, R. Fletcher, T. Bran- nelley, P. Johnson (Capt) ., D. Tierney, D. Frier, B. Mac- Donald, G. Rossi. Back Row: J. Bell (Coach) , R. Gaudet, W. Delany, B. McLean, S. Powers, D. Webb, E. Fitzgerald, F. Waterman, D. Pigeon (Manager) . A skate save on Rossi Dutczack winds up. The varsity hockey team started the 1961-62 season with a tough assignment. Experience was lacking. Of the 22-man squad, 14 were sophomores, with only five letter- men from the 1960-61 team returning. Coach Jim Bell, in his seventh year as head coach, was pre- sented the problem of putting together a respect- able squad against strong opponents. The Bellmen opened the season by edg- ing Brown 4-3. It was the fourth straight year that Northeastern had won its opening game by a 4-3 score. Defenseman Dean Webb tallied the winning goal with 35 seconds remaining. Glen Boden with two, and Dick Fletcher scored the other Northeastern goals. The next two games were heartbreakers for Northeastern. The Wildcats of New Hampshire blanked the Huskies 1-0 even though we had 41 shots on their net. At Princeton, the Huskies lost the game in the final minute. Dean Webb paced the North- eastern attack with two goals while Tom Brannelly was a standout in the net. Northeastern invaded Boston College ' s McHugh Forum only to be trounced by the Eagles 10-2. With Northeastern in its Christmas holidays, the Huskies were playing in the Christmas Tourney at the Arena. Seen my contact lens? ■■(WW Your knees are shaking 319 r .JRWtt It ' s here someplace The Bellmen took on the Spartans of Michigan State and were dealt a crushing 13-4 de- feat to mark their fourth loss in a row. Ed Dutczak, Steve Powers, Dick Fletcher and Leo Dupere had the Husky goals. Coach Bell also came up with a new starting goalie in Dave Tierney. In the final night of the tourney, North- eastern scored four unassisted goals in the second period and went on to defeat Boston University 9-6. Bill Delaney, Steve Powers and Glenn Boden notched two goals each while Ed Dutczak, George Rossi and Dean Webb tallied one each. Michigan State downed Queen ' s Uni- versity of Ontario 6-1 to take the tourney title. After losing to Harvard 6-1 the Huskies won three straight, 6-3 over Brown, 11-5 over A.I.C. and 5-2 over Col gate. Goalie Dave Tierney sparkled in the Husky nets making over 75 saves in the three victories. The Huskies then started off a 12 game losing streak by getting swamped by Bowdoin 10-2. Ed Dutczak and Glenn Boden tallied for North- eastern. s» Can I score from here? The White Mules of Colby, the top team in the East, next shut out the Bellmen 7-0 and Yale defeated the Huskies 4-2. Middlebury then dropped the Huskies 7-5 for the fourth loss in a row and Boston College defeated us for the second time 4-1. Dave Frier had the Huskies ' lone score and Dave Tierney had 23 saves. Northeastern ' s record at this point stood at 5-10. The Huskies next met Boston Univer- sity in the first game of the annual Beanpot Tour- ney at the Boston Garden and lost in the final minute to the Terriers 5-4. In that game the Bellmen led 4-2 going into the final period but two costly penalties en- abled B.U. to go ahead. During the mid-tourney break, Colby battered Northeastern 11-0 with Elwyn Duchrow scoring six goals and the nation ' s leading scorer Ron Ryan had two goals and seven assists. It was the Huskies ' seventh straight loss and their fourth game in five nights. Tierney guards the corner So near yet so far On the return home, the Bellmen lost their 12th straight game to Providence College 6-4. Northeastern finally snapped their los- ing streak with a 5-3 victory over Boston University. Leo Dupere paced the Husky attack with two goals and Frank Waterman, Ed Dutczak and Dick Fletcher tallied one apiece. Tierney had 35 saves for Northeastern. The Bellmen made it two straight by winning their final game of the season 12-3 over Norwich. After trailing 3-1 in the first period, the Bellmen notched 1 1 straight goals for the win. Leo Dupere had four goals and Dean Webb had two to lead the attack. Senior Ron Gaudet scored his first goal of the season and only the second of his career. Next year will tell Putting his best foot forward With the start of the second round of Beanpot action, the Bellmen met Boston College in the consolation game and were blanked 4-0. Dave Tierney ' s 25 saves increased his total for the year to well over 400. Harvard shut out B. U. 5-0 to take the championship. Back in regular play, the Huskies were handed their ninth loss in a row by Dartmouth with a lopsided score of 11-3. Dean Webb, Bill Delaney and Brian McLean scored for Northeastern. Tier- ney and Brannelly split the goal tending chores and had 1 2 and 1 7 stops respectively. On Northeastern ' s big away trip of the season, the Huskies were dumped by West Point 7-2 and on the following day bowed to R. P. I., one of the East ' s powerhouses, 1 1 -0. Resting on his laurels 323 Front Row: J. Burke, C. Ianniccilli, F. Parillo, P. Tupper, E. Flowers, B. Lytle. Second Row: J. Killian, R. Miller, J. Donahue, A. Moody, P. Senney, S. Petterson, P. Furia. Third Row: G. Tatton (Coach) , D. Driscoll (Mgr.) , N. Scally, J. Frisch, G. Etta, K. Uniacke, J. Bolton, E. Brady, I. Cohen (Asst. Coach) . TRACK The outstanding performances of sen- iors Frank Chico Parillo, Billy Lytle and Joe Donahue, plus a strong supporting cast of sopho- mores, led the varsity track team to a record of seven wins and one loss during the 1961-62 season. The lone blemish on the record was a one point (57-56) loss to the University of Massa- chusetts. Parillo extended his streak of winning at least one dual meet race to two years and with a full outdoor season remaining Lytle closed on the all-time Husky scoring record of 502 points set by Sal Mazzocca in 1952. At the end of the indoor sea- son Lytle had 430i points. Coach Jerry Tatton ' s charges opened the season with a win over Tufts, 64-49, at Medford. 324 Imagine if it was fiberglass Lytle in a photo finish Lytle emerged as the high scorer with firsts in the high and low hurdles and a second in the broad jump. Joe Donahue and " Buzz " Krastin had things their own way in the weight department by copping first and second in the 35-pound weight throw. In the home opener against M. I. T., Northeastern took first place in 10 out of 13 events to crush the Engineers 75-38. Buzz Krastin established a school record with a toss of 54 ' 9i 2 " in the 35-pound weight throw. Parillo took the mile in 4:30.5 seconds and sophomore Randy Miller captured his second straight shot put win. Another pair of sophomores ran one- two in the 600 yard run. They were Ed Flowers and Look out below • ■ ■■ - r I Don ' t aim it this way Carmen Ianniccilli. Two more sophomores, Allen Sullivan and Russ Burke, captured first in the 1000 yard run and the high jump. A sweep of both weight events, the shot put and the 35-pound weight throw, enabled North- eastern to down powerful Bates 62-46. Krastin upped his school record in the weight throw with a toss of 55 ' 4i £ " and Randy Miller led the shot put field with a toss of 47 ' i 2 " . Parillo wins again At the annual Knights of Columbus track meet in Boston Garden, the Huskies ' all sophomore mile relay team of Ed Flowers, Carmen Ianniccilli, Allen Sullivan and Phil Tupper fan off with a victory over Boston College, Harvard and Bates in a fast 3:26. The University of New Hampshire was the next Husky victim as we rolled to an easy 89-24 win. What time have you got? I hope it ' s soft The Tracksters won 12 out of 13 events highlighted by Joe Donahue ' s win over Buzz Krastin in the weight throw. Chico Parillo, Joe Bolton and Kevin Uniacke swept the mile and Ed Brady, Ed Flowers and Steve Petterson did likewise in the dash. The two mile run produced a win for Norm Scalley with Jack Frisch placing third. In the Third Annual Greater Boston Championships held at M. I. T. ' s Rockwell Cage, the defending champion Huskies were dethroned by Harvard and finished fourth. The Huskies ' chances for second place were jolted when Allen Sullivan was forced to miss the meet due to illness, an illness which kept him out of action for the remainder of the season. Billy Lytle emerged as the top individual scorer of the meet with 14 points, one more than Boston Univer- sity ' s John Thomas. Coming off the Greater Boston loss the Huskies downed the University of Connecticut 67-48 at Storrs. Phil Tupper provided the biggest sur- prise of the meet by winning the high jump at 5 ' 10 " . It was his first attempt at high jumping in college. A heart-breaking 57-56 loss to the Uni- versity of Massachusetts saw the Huskies just miss a valiant come from behind effort. After the relay team had pulled within one point of UMass, the Redmen iced the meet with a win in the high jump. Chico Parillo ran the second fastest cage mile with a time of 4:24.8 seconds. In the final meet of the season, with Parillo winning the one and two mile run and Billy Lytle copping the high and low hurdles, the Huskies beat Maine 69-44. Krastin twirls the hammer St " Running the slalom SKI TEAM Making up time 328 Heading up the finish line The maze of flags that make up the slalom course As the 1962 Cauldron went to press, the Northeastern Ski Team was entrenched in first place in the New England Intercollegiate Confer- ence with one race remaining. Last year ' s team finished second in the conference behind M. I. T., the perennial cham- pion which was dropped from the conference this season. In the first race of the season, a giant slalom at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine, we finished second behind M. I. T. Rex Morey finished first for Northeastern and seventh over all in the race. The second race of the season was an- other slalom at Sugarloaf. The snow runners again finished second behind M. I. T., missing the first place position by the narrow margin of 40 points. On Sunday, February 1 1 , the team took on some of the top teams in New England at Pleas- ant Mountain in Bridgeton, Maine. In this race, Northeastern finished third behind Boston University and Tufts. Rex Morey again finished first for Northeastern and because of a mix-up in the times recorded for Bill Simoneau and Wayne Smith, a total of 12 seconds was erroneously added to their scores. The final race of the season before the Cauldron deadline, found the skiers winning two firsts on Saturday, February 17, in the AIC spon- sored slalom race at Suicide Six in Woodstock, Vt. and Sunday, February 18, in the Brown sponsored slalom race at Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vt. Again it was Rex Morey, the outstand- ing individual performer for the Huskies, who brought home the two first place finishes. Four other Northeastern skiiers finished in the top eleven in Saturday ' s race. They were: Wayne Smith (4th) ; Bill Simeneau (7th) ; Art Smith (8th) and Captain Fred Sawin (1 1th) . The last race of the season for the championship will be sponsored by Northeastern and will be held at Suicide Six. Members of the team are: Rex Morey, Fred Sawin, Bill Simeneau, Tom Pittendreigh, Wayne Smith, Art Swift, Dave Driscoll, John Per- kins and Dave Mardon. 329 Front Row: M. Johnson, R. . Campbell (Capt.) , M Sgt. Jordan (Coach) , J. Corbett. Second Row: T. Gallerarani, S. Buckman, N. Brameh, G. Condon. RIFLE TEAM Coach M Sgt. Jordan shows the correct form. We lose more cameramen this way Activity at the range shows Coach Jordan looking for bulls-eyes, while a co-ed looks on. Ml AS HlASTfr «N£A$ HE 45 « j « " " rfS« " r , Fz ' rat Row, B. Willey, J. Pierce, W. Doane, E. Brady, J. Bunk, T. Conway. Second Row, S. Nathanson, W. Sheldon, B. Blank, F. Schettino, G. Varnum, T. LaRosa, Coach Con- nelly. Third Row, J. Woodlock, S. Ajemian, W. Mayhew, B. Reardon, D. Deuguardio, J. Defelice. BASEBALL Come to papa flftfc ' Ite .1 ■ ■ ' .«» ' ,♦ ' ' t : . % Aopt «( ■ ) ' ! ' ., - Scoring the first run of the 1961 season Because of the early press deadline, the 1962 baseball season had to be omitted from the yearbook. Last year ' s team, which finished the sea- son with a record of 5 wins and 12 losses, came on strong at the finish to defeat a strong Holy Cross team 4-2 and Harvard 5-4. With six of last year ' s team lost through graduation, the Huskies will have to place this sea- son ' s hopes on last year ' s strong freshman nine headed by John Kennedy, Dick McPherson and the Ryan twins. Along with this fine crop of freshmen talent Northeastern will have the services of return- ing men such as Captain Bob Mullin, Gerry Var- num, Sid Nathanson and John Pierce. With this fine crop of candidates, the Huskies could be in for a fine season. Calling the shot I » TH E time! 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A Friend New Bedford Institution For Savings New England Survey Service Inc., 255 Atlantic Ave., Boston 10, Mass. Pickard Burns Inc., Subsidiary of Gorham Corporation Republic Pipe Supply Corp., 1341 Columbus Ave., Roxbury 20, Mass. Sylvania Electric Products Inc., Lighting Products Division Symphony Flower Shop Inc., Boston, Mass. United Shoe Machinery Corporation, Elliott Street, Beverly, Mass. Uptown News Co., Boston, Mass. John A. Volpe Construction Co., Inc. Warren Electric Hardware Supply Co. Inc., Boston, Mass. Whitman Howard Inc., Engineers 337 NON-SCALD s, SRFETVmiK SHOWER VALVE This new Symmons Super Model Safety- mix keeps the whole family happy — prevents scalds and chills. Fingertip dials control both shower temperature and water volume. High-style golden dial escutcheon. Self-cleaning action. Easy-to-fix-as-a-faucet maintenance. Safe, simple, accurate. Crystal lucite han- dle optional. Symmons quality through- out. Specify Symmons for your school or home. 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MEN ' S CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES for FORMAL and CASUAL OCCASIONS A group of Northeastern University students enter WALTONS CAFETERIA for coffee ' and ' ' be- tween classes, located at the corner of Huntington Avenue and Gainsboro Street. FOR ALL DRUG STORE NEEDS goto THE GAINSBORO PHARMACY, INC. S. J. SIGEL, Reg. Pharmacist Half a Century of Drug Store Service 291 HUNTINGTON AVENUE Cor. Gainsboro Street Boston, Mass. KEnmore 6-1525 Our Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1962 SHERATON-PLAZA HOTEL BOSTON H. de F. NYBOE General Manager 339 x COMPLIMENTS - of - y sS THE CLASS OF 1964 Jinajtaty, in youth ii W ' udmfaGf. X ♦ COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS - o - - of - THE CLASS OF 1965 THE CLASS OF 1966 3 ♦ 340 HERBERT CUNHA (upper left) examines equip- ment at Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. Boston Division. HERBERT and JOHN MASONE (lower left) test one of the company ' s many types of regulators. BEN ELLIS assists the two Co-ops in carrying out an experiment (above). OFFERS YOU VARIED OPPORTUNITIES IN Engineering Chemistry Mathematics Physics Sales Business Administration Compliments of United States Rubber Company Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck, Conn. AN INVITATION to Scientists and Engineers possess- ing high professional standards and a serious interest in Research, Engineering and Product Development. Dis- cuss the areas of possible mutual interest that are being explored at Pickard Burns, Inc. Our accelerated growth program, which included the completion in fall ' 61 of a new building in the Waltham R D Park on Route 128, has created exceptional oppor- tunities for growth and responsibility, particularly for qualified men interested in: Long Distance Communication and Navigation Systems, VLF Timing and Frequency Control Systems, Complete Antenna Systems, Antenna Research, Propagation Studies, Cosmic Radiation Instruments, System Evaluation Studies, Physical Parameter Monitoring Systems, and Space Research Programs. For further information, you are invited to express your interest to MR. JOHN CLARKE PICKARD BURNS, INC. 103 FOURTH AVENUE Waltham, Massachusetts TW 4-8100 Subsidiary of Gorham Corp. 341 The more than thirty-five Northeastern University Alumni shaping their careers with the American Mutual Organization join in extending to you congratulations and good wishes. ilmc merican utual INSURANCE COMPANIES WAKEFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Our 75th Year Ronald Schille Engineering Laboratory James McElholm Engineering Cost Administration We are proud to have been associated with members of the Class of 1962 SANBORN COMPANY WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Medical and Industrial Electronic Measuring Instruments A " Co-op " Company for Forty-two Years 342 I £ ' " ! ■mi,,,,,, eMi efm Congratulations and the best of luck! 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Shown, left to right, Fred Ravens, Chief, Electrical Section; Mr. Leslie; Roger Cooper and Ward Taylor, Northeastern University Co-operative students. individual service Perhaps tender, loving care would be a better way to put it. For forty years now, Comet Press representatives have been mopping brows, calking seams, holding forts, balancing budgets, keeping noses to grind- stones, putting shoulders to the wheel so that hundreds of colleges and high schools throughout the East might have superb yearbooks. We are particularly proud to have helped with THE 1962 CAULDRON THE COMET PRESS, IN 200 Varick Street New York 14, N.Y. WAtkins 4-6700 349 ,BW(rP«««l3HaBSR! k. " : - si . J £ 350 351 T0-HH . I : ■ 1!I1III S 1! I! ! | ' f b - ;; i2 3 •«HHW. ■ i % r .. 4 m : s Phoenix-like, we created a new world for ourselves out of the old. Around us we watched the old world being torn down, being replaced by a world of the future. And we built our own future. The professors led us for a while, showed us the way, and then we began to think, to reason, to learn. And this is how we spent our days . . . and at the end of our days, we went home. m The gift of the Class of 1962 to Northeastern. The class gave the larg- est single contribution to the Husky Statue fund, meeting one-fourth of the student-cost of the University ' s mascot. 1962 CAULDRON senior week supplement We registered at first then went on to more important things. MONDAY. . . resort day Mackie was everywhere so was Dean Mac. jtf. ' - ' one more drink and you ' ll be seeing pink elephants . . ' I tell you, I distinctly saw a green frog! " It was foggy in Boston, but we basked under blue Cape Cod skies the first day of the long- awaited (five-years) week. Outdoor activities at the Mayflower centered around the salt-water pool down by the oceanside. A few hardier souls dipped into the cold Atlantic. Sunbathing by the pool, cold brews and warm sun made for a perfect afternoon. Dean MacDonald proved to be a witty speaker and a good defense man. P.A.L. degrees were granted following the dinner and dancing and table- hopping ended the first day of Senior Week, 1962. the dance floor was crowded . only five more days to go. " " Yes, but Elliott Ness doesn ' t have a contract with Mack Sennett. TUESDAY. . . roaring twenties The King Phillip in Wren- tham was the site of the senior class ' " Roaring Twenties " party. The Charleston, Black Bottom, and other appropriate dances highlighted the spectacular evening along with concealed guns, Keystone Cops, striped blazers, white ducks, strings and strings of beads, boaters, and the Shimmy. It was a speakeasy night, a night of fun and laughter, and a quick look backwards in time. It was, all in all, a never-to-be-forgotten night, a night to remember. " By gar, it ' s the Feds! " Back in Boston, and the night at Symphony Hall. The tinkling of the wine glasses mingled with the sub- dued murmur of the audience as Arthur Fiedler raised his baton. The orchestra began with the soaring " Pomp and Circumstance, " and North east- ern ' s own " Alma Mater " con- cluded a perfect night at the " Pops. " WEDNESDAY. . . at the " pops ff ■MHMM H| ' " f vm i Iff ' ■pit i THURSDAY . . . outing day lT? " _ i ' -.- Back to the outdoors again, this time to Bear Brook state park in New Hampshire. Foggy again in Boston but blue skies shone for the 62 ' ers. While the ladies unpacked their baskets, the men began the fires. Smoke poured from the nu- merous campsites as city-boys fought the mechanics of country-life. Somehow flames started so no one really had to eat raw hamburgers. Fried chicken, corn, cold beer, cakes, pies, etc., blossomed forth in the country air. Then came softball, touch football, swim- ming, boating (or attempts at it) , and back for a chicken supper. Dancing under the pines, square-dancing New Hampshire style, and in the hush of the evening, group singing. And commencement was only two days away now. SENIOR PROM FRIDAY... June 15, 1962 The biggest dance in the history of the class: the Senior Prom, though officially it was called the Commencement Ball. It was hard to believe it was al- most all over. Five years were drawing to a close. White tuxedo jackets dominated, though here and there a flashing scarlet or a powder blue indicated a fashion rebel. Ralph Flanagan provided music for the dancing and many waterholes were available nearby for cooling-off sessions. The Somerset ' s outdoor pool at- tracted many of the Seniors and two civil en- gineering students (Frank Lynch and Ray Shreenan) took a quick swim, still clothed in their tuxedoes. " Anything to keep up with the Kennedys " remarked a poolside wit. Back inside a Queen was crowned and we passed on the colors to the Class of ' 66. And graduation was only one day away. SATURDAY . . . parents ' day " So this is where you ' ve spent the last five years, " was the most frequent comment heard around the campus as almost-graduates showed their parents around Northeastern on this warm Saturday. President Knowles welcomed the folks at a meeting in Alumni Auditorium and a reception was held in the Mitton Lounge. Teachers met parents, labs were inspected, and the parents saw what had been home for us for the last five years, and graduation was tomorrow. Five years were almost at an end. k iis COMMENCEMENT, June 17, 1962 And finally, the day had arrived. It was a hot, muggy Sunday. In the early afternoon we met near North Station, first visiting the local refreshment stands before as- sembling in the cavernous meeting areas. The black robes and the mortar boards gave a sameness to us all, the colors of the tassels of the various colleges separating us into our fields of learning. The master ' s degree candidates stood apart, their brilliant hoods contrast- ing against the somber black of academic dress. Then we marched into the Garden. There were speeches, of course, and the honorary degrees were given out, and Mr. Webb, the administrator of the NASA, delivered the main address, though Governor Volpe won our hearts with a brief greeting. Then we marched up, a brief " Congratulations, " and then we switched our tassels to the left side, and were graduates. But, before all this we stood, each of us alone . . . r£RN and we prayed for guidance. 4 5V o 6) : $ % « » m ■ ■ H ■HP

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