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pupU P PP— ffilarf 3(8 Northeastern pmforatig Ctbrarg W„o, the Cauldron Board have endeavored to make this yearbook a suitable companion for our classmates through all the years to come. It is our hope that twenty years from now, the 1942 Cauldron will do a masterful job in summoning up new thoughts of old friends. Our best efforts are in this book. May it bring as much pleasure to our class- mates as it did to us. George B. Crowdis . . . Editor-in-Chief William W. Robinson . . . Business Manager Richard H. Leland . . . Managing Editor Andrew W. Whites . . . Managing Editor Alfred G. Irish . . . Photographic Editor Henry Peterson . . . Photographic Editor Arthur E. Church, Jr. . . . Informal Picture Editor n UHUJj Nineteen Forty-Two V a 1 u m e xxi NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BDSTDN MASS T imiiiinjii mii«nwiii»«nw ii w. e, the Class of 1942, dedicate our yearbook to the men who would have graduated with us had not they joined the armed forces of the United States. To them, the vanguard of our Class, we ask that the blessings of God be with them as they strive to perform to the best of their abilities, the assignment asked of them. eatcauon tu rmnjMj i wuun JOHN R. BARTELSON KENNETH BRIERLEY RALPH W. BURNS LEONARD A. CALDWELL FRANCIS W. CUMM1NGS EUGENE H. GARLICK EDMUND C. MONTI v. mi ' : ' } z.: :.:::: : ' . E %K ADMINISTRATION Pages 9 to 28 SENIORS Pages 29 to 118 ACTIVITIES Pages 119 to 152 ATOLETIES Pages 153 to 167 DIRECTORY Pages 1 72 to 192 tent crnieniL ttutii miVUbVt UO ' Vl ROBERT GRAY DODGE Chairman FRANK LINCOLN RICHARDSON V ice-Cliairman CARL STEPHENS ELL President of the University GALEN DAVID LIGHT Secretary and Treasurer Joseph Florence Abbott Charles Francis Adams Wilman Edward Adams Roger Amory Henry Nathaniel Andrews Robert Baldwin Arthur Atwood Ballantine George Louis Barnes Thomas Prince Beal Farwell Gregg Bemis Henry Goddard Bradlee George Arthur Burnham Godfrey Lowell Cabot Paul Codman Cabot Winlhrop L. Carter Walter Channing William Converse Chick Everett Avery Churchill Paul Foster Clark Sears B. Condit Albert Morton Creighton Ernest Blaney Dane William James Davidson James Dean Paul Augustus Draper Charles Francis Eaton William Partridge Ellison Joseph Buell Ely John Welles Farley Frederic Harold Fay Allan Forbes Edward J. Frost Franklin Wile Ganse Harvey Dow Gibson Merrill Griswold Henry Ingraham Harriman Chandler Hovey Weston Howland Howard Munson Hubbard Maynard Hutchinson Arthur Stoddard Johnson Frank Howard Lahey Halfdan Lee Edward Abbott MacMaster John Russell Maeomber George Arthur Mallion Joseph Patrick Manning Albert Edward Marshall Harold Francis Mason James Franklin McElwain Hugh Dean McLellan Fred Lester Morgan Irving Edwin Moultrop Clarence Lucian Newton Olaf Olsen Augustin Hamilton Parker, Jr. George Edwin Pierce Roger Pierce Matthew Porosky Frederick Sanford Pratt Roger Preston Harry Wendell Prout Sidney Rabinovitz Stuart Craig Rand James Lorin Richards Charles Milton Rogerson Robert Billings Rugg Leverett Saltonstall Russell Maryland Sanders Frank Palmer Speare Russell Henry Stafford Francis Robert Carnegie Steele Charles Stetson Earl Place Stevenson Robert Treat Paine Storer Frank Horace Stuart Edward Watson Supple Mahlon Edward Traylor Eliot Wadsworth Eustis Walcott Edwin Sibley Webster Sinclair Weeks NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY CORPORATION CARL STEPHENS ELL A.B., M.S., ED.M., SC.D. THE PRESIDENT EVERETT AVERY CHURCHILL A.B., ED.D. Vice-President of the University GALEN DAVID LIGHT A.B. Secretar y- Treasurer of the University WILLIAM CROMBIE WHITE S.B., ED.M. Director of Day Colleges and Dean of the College of Engineering ASA SMALLIDGE KNOWLES A.B., M.A. Dean of the College of Business Administration CHARLES W. HA VICE A.B., M.A., S.T.B., PH.D. Dean of Chapel MILTON J. J. KENNETH JOHN B. PUGSLEY FRANK G. AVERILL SCHLAGENHAUF STEVENSON A.B. A.B. A.B., B.D., M.A. B.C.S. University Registrar and Assistant Secretary Director of Admissions Assistant to the Vice-President Professor of Geology of the University 15 HAROLD WESLEY MELVIN A.B., M.A. Dean of Students WILFRED STANLEY LAKE A.B., M.A., PH.D. Dean of the College of Liberal Arts D ALESSANDRO UNDERHILL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ASA S. KNOWLES, A.B., MA. Dean of the College of Business Administration and Professor of Industrial Administration ALFRED D ' ALESSANDRO, B.C S., LL.B. C.P.A., M.BA. Professor of Accounting JULIAN E. JACKSON, A.B., LL.B., M.B.A. Professor of Business Law and Management GEORGE R. FENNELL. S.B., M B.A. Assistant Professor of Marketing and Assistant Director of Admissions HURSHEL E. UNDERHILL, S.B., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance ROBERT A. JOHNSTON, A.B., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Retail Merchandising JOSEPH M. GOLEMME, SB., M.A. Instructor in Accounting L YMAN A. KEITH, S.B., M.A. Instructor in Industrial Administration LORING M. THOMPSON, S.B. Instructor in Industrial Administration JOHNSTON GOLEMME THOMPSON 16 ENGLISH HAROLD W. MELVIN, A.B., M.A. Dean of Students; Professor of English and Chairman of the Department FREDERICK W. HOLMES, A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English EVERETT C. MARSTON, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English WILLIAM T. CLONEY, JR., A.B. Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Publicity Bureau PAUL E. REYNOLDS, A.B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English FRANKLIN NORVISH, S..B, M.A. Instructor in English RANDALL W. HOFFMANN, S.B., M.A. Instructor in English STUART EDGERLY, A.B., M.A. Instructor in English R. LAWRENCE CAPON, S.B., M.A. Instructor in English HOFFMANN 17 SOCIAL SCIENCES CHARLES W. HA VICE, A.B., MA., S.T.B. Ph.D. Dean of Chapel; Professor of Sociology and Chairman of the Department; Faculty Adviser of the Northeastern Student Union STANLEY G. ESTES, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Psychology and Chairman of the Department RUDOLPH M. MORRIS. S.B., Ed.M. Assistant Professor of Education and Secretary of the Faculty WILLIAM J PINARD, A.B., M.A., Ed.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Sociology ELMER H. CUTTS. A.B., M.A., Ph. D. Assistant Professor of History and Government ALBERT J. LYND, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History and Government MODERN LANGUAGES CHARLES F. BARNASON, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages and Chairman of the Department ANTONIO L. MEZZACAPPA, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Modern Languages LOUIS COOPERSTEIN, A.B., M.A. Instructor in Modern Languages BARNASON MEZZACAPPA COOPERSTEIN 18 ZUFFANT1 CHEMISTRY ARTHUR A. VERNON, S.B., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry and Chairman oj the Department; Director of Graduate Study SAMUEL A. S. STRAHAN, S.B. Professor of Chemistry WALDEMAR S. McGUIRE, S.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry SAVERIO ZUFFANTI, S.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry WILLIAM F. LUDER, A.B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry NORMAN A. DUBOIS, SB., M.A., Ph.D. Instructor in Chemistry LAURENT O. DUBOIS, S.B., M.S. Instructor in Chemistry ■1 flh BIOLOGY STANLEY D. MIROYIANNIS, S.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Department ALFRED J. THOMSON, S.B, M.A. Instructor in Biology MIROYIANNIS THOMPSON 19 CLEVELAND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ROLAND G. PORTER, B.E.E., M.S. Professor of Electrical E ngineering and Chairman of the Department WILLIAM L. SMITH, S.B., Eng.D. Professor of Electrical Engineering HENRY E. RICHARDS, S.B., M.S. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering LAURENCE F. CLEVELAND, SB., M.S. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering GEORGE E. PHIL, S.B., M.S. Instructor in Electrical Engineering MARTIN W. ESSIGMANN, S.B. Instructor in Electrical Engineering CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CHESTER P. BAKER, S.B., M.A. Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chairman of the Department FREDERICK S. BACON, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering RALPH A. TROUPE, S.B., M.S. Instructor in Chemical Engineering ESSIGMANN 20 DRAWING ELIOT F. TOZER, S.B. Professor of Drawing and Chairman ot fhe Department GEORGE H. MESERVE, Jr., S.B., Ed.M. Associate Professor of Drawing JOHN J. DEVINE, S.B., Sc.M. Assistant Professor of Drawing GUSTAV ROOK, S.B. Instructor in Drawing MERTON F. BANKS, S.B. Instructor in Drawing EUGENE G. PARE, S.B., Ed.M. Instructor in Draiving CHARLES P. ENGELHARDT, S.B., M.Arch. Instructor in Drawing INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ROBERT BRUCE, B.C.S., M.C.S. Professor of Accounting and Acting Chairman of the Department of Industrial Engineering FREDERICK R. HENDERSON, S.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, Assistant to the Dean of Engineering, and Director of the Engineering, Science, and Management Defense Training ENGELHARDT HENDERSON 21 J WHITTAKER MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JOSEPH W. ZELLER, S.B., M.E. Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Chairman of the Department ALFRED J. FERRETTI, S.B., M.S. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering FREDERICK A. STEARNS, S.B., M.S. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering ALBERT E. WHITTAKER, S.B., Ed.M. Assistant Professor of Mechani cal Engineering WAYLAND S. BAILEY, S.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering CHESTER H. WOLOWICZ, SB., M.S. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering DUNCAN W. SEAVEY, S.B., M.S. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering ALBERT K. SCHMIEDER, S.B. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering WOLOWICZ SCHMIEDER 22 CRAMSTORFF SANDERSON CIVIL ENGINEERING EMIL A. GRAMSTORFF, S.B., M.S. Professor of Civil Engineering and Chairman of the Department CHARLES O. BAIRD, Jr., S.B. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering ALBERT E. SANDERSON, Jr., S.B. Instructor in Civil Engineering ERNEST L. SPENCER, S.B. Instructor in Civil Engineering ECONOMICS WILFRED S. LAKE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of the College of Liberal Arts; Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department ROGER S. HAMILTON, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Economics CHARLES M. RAMSEY, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Economics HAMILTON 23 COMBELLACK MATHEMATICS JOSEPH SPEAR, A.B.. M.A. Professor oj Mathematics and Chairman oj the Department ELMER E. HASKINS, S.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics WILFRED J. COMBELLACK, A.B., M.A. Instructor in Mathematics EDWARD M. COOK, A.B. Instructor in Mathematics WARREN C. DEAN, A.B., M.A. Instructor in Mathematics THOMAS H. WALLACE, S.B., M.A., Ph.D. Instructor in Mathematics EAUL K. BOWEN, S.B. Instructor in Mathematics HARRY FERGUSON, S.B. Instructor in Mathematics SAMUEL A. STONE, S.B., M.S. Instructor in Mathematics 24 NIGHTINGALE CO-OPERATIVE WORK WINTHROP E. NIGHTINGALE, A.B., S.B., Ed.M. Director of Co-operative Work and Professor of Co-ordination GEORGE W. TOWLE, SB. Associate Profes sor of Co-ordination ALBERT E. EVERETT, S.B., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Co-ordination JOHN C. MORGAN, S.B. Assistant Professor of Co-ordination RUDOLF O. OBERG, S.B., Ed.M. Assistant Professor of Co-ordination VERNER O. NELSON Instructor in Co-ordination ELLIS M. PURINTON, B.B.A. Instructor in Co-ordination WARREN L. GANONG, SB. Instructor in Co-ordination MaCKENZIE STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION EDWARD S. PARSONS, S.B., Ed.M. Director of Student Activities and Professor of Physical Education GERALD R. TATTON, S.B., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Head Coach of Track HENRY A. KONTOFF, M.D. College Physician DONALD H. MacKENZIE, S.B., Ed.M. Assistant to the Director of Student Activities and Instructor in Chemistry JAMES W. DUNN, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education and Head Coach of Football and Basketball HERBERT W. GALLAG HER, S.B. Head Coach of Hockey and Baseball EMMANUEL FLUMERE, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education ROBERT E. LAVEAGA, B.P.Ed., Ed.M. Instructor in Physical Education WILLIAM C. HULTGREN Instructor in Physical Education jWf ' ifito Wmm mwL JKi m Jv JM GALLAGHER HULTCREN 26 MUCKENHOUPT COOLIDCE PHYSICS CARL F. MUCKENHOUPT, A.B., S.B., Ph.D. Professor of Physics and Chairman of the Department JOSEPH, A. COOLIDGE, S.B., M.A. Professor of Physics C. DAVID JOHNSON, A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physics GEORGE B. WELCH, S.B., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics REGINALD G. LACOUNT, S.B., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics GRADUATE ASSISTANTS ROBERT HARRINGTON, S.B. Graduate Assistant in Biology RUSSELL T. KENNEFICK, A.B. Graduate Assistant in Economics REGINALD C. THOMAS, S.B. Graduate Assistant in Biology LACOUNT HARRINGTON KENNEFICK TEACHING FELLOWS ROBERT H. AVERY, A.B. Teaching Fellow in Chemistry JOHN H. BOYAJIAN, S.B. Teaching Fellow in Physics WILLIAM H. BROMLEY, Jr., S.B. Teaching Fellow in Chemistry NOEL CONRADE, S.B. Teaching Fellow in Chemistry ALVIN R. INGRAM, S.B. Teaching Fellow in Chemistry WARREN E. LUX, A.B. Teaching Fellow in Chemistry JOHN P. MASTERSON, S.B. Teaching Fellow in Chemistry FRANCIS R. NITCHIE, Jr., A.B. Teaching Fellow in Physics WILLIAM WALLACE, S.B. Teaching Fellow in Physics MASTERSON 28 euLOz GERALD R. TATTON Born August 26, 1906 in Winchester, Gerald Russell Tatton moved to Medford early in his childhood and was edu- cated in the Medford Public, Schools Graduating from Med- ford High School with the Class of 1924, he entered Northeastern University the fol- lowing September and was graduated with honors with a B.A. degree in 1928. He was the nineteenth person to be inducted into the Sigma So- ciety. Appointed to the faculty staff during the following summer, Mr. Tatton assumed the duties of instructor of advertising and assistant Track Coach. He brought his first two freshman track teams through their sea- sons undefeated. When the class of 1942 en- tered Northeastern Professor Tatton was appointed Head Track Coach. Last year, the first team which he had men- tored for four years, went through the season undefeated in dual meets. A similar un- defeated record is held this year. Professor Tatton received his B.S. at Northeastern and his M.B.A. at Boston University. He married Thelma Henderson and is father of a boy aged nine and a girl aged five. As bewildered Freshmen not fully oriented to the University, we admired Gerry Tatton. In his first chat in Bates Hall he talked straight — told us briefly what he had to say, and sat down. Through a myriad of class meetings his guiding voice brought conflicting forces together into a permanent unity. He never forbade anything — he just advised. His unobtrusive interjection into the discussion — " Look, fellows, here ' s what I suggest. " — was always appreciated and usually carried out. As Seniors, scholastically and socially more mature, we salute the man who contributed immeasurably toward that development — Professor Gerald Tatton. ADVISOR TD THE CLASS OF 1942 30 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Row. leit In right: Robinson. Laakso. Sanford. Second Row, left to right: Hill, Crowdis, Smith, Prol. Tatton, Willian DIVISION A James F. Sanford William J. Cobb George B. Crowdis Dean Williams Presidents ] ice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers DIVISION B Rudolph A. Laakso William W. Robinson Dana L. Hill Duane G. Smith JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE First Row: William Robinson, Gordon Brown. J-hn Chipman. Prof Tatton. Walter Hays Second Row, left to right: Dean Williams. Richard Wadleigh, Thomas Likos. Ray Juusola, Wil Sanborn, Philip Bailey. SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE First Row: Rov Jim Second Row, left to right: Warren Be William Robin on. Francis Greenleaf. Carl Hoffman. James Sanf rd. Prof. Tatton. Gordo . Dean Williams. 31 CHARLES F. ABEND Mechanical Engineering 305 Parrish Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. AK2 Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice Grand Councillor 5; Interfra- ternity Council President 5 ; U. S. Naval Reserve ; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Northeastern University, Boston Laboratory Assistant WILLIAM D. A BE RLE Industrial Engineering 85 Newtonville Avenue, Newton Activities: Track 1, 2; S.A.M. Vice-President 5. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Boston Planning Dept. 0Z£L°» 9 A 1, NATHAN D. ABRAMS Sales Management and Advertising 193 Campbell Avenue, Revere Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Orchestra 1. Cooperative Work: Ford Theatrical Agency, Boston Entertainer Tic-Toe Theatre Restaurant, Boston Headwaiter, Cashier J Slotnik and Co., Boston; Inspector and Kittery, Me.; Baltimore, Md. Engineer ' s Assistant BERNARD ADLER Electrical Engineering 28 Lancaster Street, Quincy Activities: Dean ' s List 3, 4; Camera Club 1; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Cooperative Work: Bethlehem Steel Corp., Quincy Electrical Installation and Layout, Drafting 32 HENRY W. AINSLIE Jr Mechanical Engineering Beechwood Street, Cohasset Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative W ork: B. F. Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park Drafts ROBERT B. AKELL Chemical Engineering 23 Intervale Street, Boston KZ Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Fraternity Scribe 4; Vice-Chancellor 5. Cooperative Jfork: Walter Channing, Inc., Boston Cartographer Polaroid Corp., Cambridge Research Technician 9 4-T- LYMAN S. ALLEN Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 877 Washington Street, Gloucester Activities : N.V.C.S.; A.C.S. DOMINIC AMARA Electrical Engineering 18 Chambers Street, Boston Activities : Dean ' s List 3, 4, 5; Radio Club 3; C.P.T.P., 4; A.I.E.E.; I.R.E. Cooperative Work: Northeastern University, Boston Laboratory Assistant 33 CHARLES 0. ANDERSON Industrial Administration 360 Arlington Street, Watertown $BA Activities: Fraternity Vice-President 4; Hus-Skiers Treasurer 5. Cooperative Work: H. P. Hood and Son, Charlestown Messenger Hygrade Sylvania Corp., Salem Cost Clerk EARL N. ANDERSON Chemical Engineering 8 Brown Place, Woburn Activities: Freshman Honor List; Yacht Club 3, 4, 5; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Repairman Rand Avery Co., Boston Printer ' s Helper 9 4-T- CARLTON R. ANDREWS Industrial Engineering 28 Burnham Street, Belmont Activities: Track 1; Camera Club 3; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Rudolph Beaver, Inc., Belmont Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist Repair Man JOSEPH P. ANDREWS Accounting Edgartown Road. Vinyard Haven Activities: Sigma Society, President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Sears B. Condit Award 5 ; Refugee Committee 2; Law and Accounting Club 3, 4, 5; Dean ' s Cabinet 3, 4 ; Junior Cauldron Staff 4 ; Glee Club 1, 2 ; " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " 4, 5; S.A.M. Vice-President 3; Public Speaking Contest, Second Prize 5 ; Delegate to Pan-American Convention 5. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Lynn Cost Analyst Blacksmith Shop Restaurant, Wellesley Auditor 34 CLEMENT R. AUDET Mechanical Engineering 51 Salem Street, Salem Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge General Electric Co., Lynn Apprentice Machinist and Chief Repair Parts Maker Forge Shop Planning Dept. and Planning Assistant STANLEY E. BABCOCK Industrial Engineering R.F.D. No. 1, Binghamton, N. Y. BrE Activities: Empire State Club 1; Soaring Society 4; Dramatic Socie- ty 5; Track 1; Cheerleader 3; Interfraternity Basketball 3, 4; S.A.M.; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: New York State Electric and Surveying and Gas Co., Binghamton, N. Y. Designing Standard Oil Co. of New York, Night Plant Binghamton, N. Y. Superintendent OZZLz 9 Al VINCENT BADALA Mechanical Engineering 14 Chambers Street, Arlington Activities: Freshman Honor List, Banjo Club 1, 2, Leader 3; A.S.M.E. Treasurer 4, President 5. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist Sturtevant, Hyde Park Draftsman PHILIP H. BAILEY Chemical Engineering Cole 1 Terrace, Randolph Activities: Class Secretary 1 ; Executive Council 1 ; Junior Prom Committee; Student Council 5; A.I.Ch.E. Treasurer 4. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Cooperative Work: Atlantic Research Associates, Inc., Research and Newtonville Development Laboratory 35 DOMINIC O. BARBIERO Accounting 181 High Street, Naugatuck, Conn. r$K Activities: Law and Accounting Club 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary and Treasurer 1 ; Interfraternity Basketball 4 ; Fraternity Treasurer 4, 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Naugatuck Dairy Ice Cream Co., Salesman Naugatuck, Conn. JOHN E. BARCLAY Jr. Mechanical Engineering 24 Lexington Street, Brockton Activities: Freshman Honor List; Camera Club 1; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve. Cooperative Work: B. F. Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park J. W. Greer Co., Cambridge 0Z£L° Draftsman Draftsman 9 4-T- EDWARD C. BARMAKIAN Electrical Engineering 52 Salisbury Road, Watertown Activities : Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; A.I.E.E. Executive Committee 3 Cooperative Work: Northeastern University, Boston Laboratory Assistant LEONARD B. BARNES Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 17 Brookfield Road, Waltham Activities: Dean ' s List 4; Hockey 1; Glee Club 3; International Relations Club 5. Cooperative Work: Globe Newspaper Co., Boston Messenger, Office Boy 36 JOSEPH J. BARONE Mechanical Engineering 322 Willow Street, Waterbury, Conn. rn Activities: Dean ' s List 3 ; Basketball 1 ; Baseball 1 ; Fraternity Secretary 3, House Manager 4, Treasurer 5; Interfra- temity Vice-President 4; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Waterbury Tool Co., Waterbury, Conn. Tracer Eagle Lock Co., Terryville, Conn. Draftsman OTTO G. BARTELS Chemical Engineering 376 Amostown Road, West Springfield AK2 Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 5; Fraternity Acting Scribe 4, 5; Astronomy Club 1, 2; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Stanley Home Products, Inc., Laboratory Westfield Technician tfZLfr 9 4 RAY H. BARTLETT Jr. Mechanical Engineering 31 Mountford Road, Newton Highlands Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 4; Class Executive Council 5; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve; Rifle Club 5; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: B. F. Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park Sanborn Co., Cambridge Sherman Paper Products, Newton MacDonald Bros., Inc., Boston U. S. Naval Reserve Air Base, Squantum Draftsman Sheet Metal Worker Emergency Repair Man Draftsman Ensign, Aviation Engineering ARTHUR R. BARZELAY Mechanical Engineering 58 Porter Street, Maiden Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Class Executive Council 3, 4; Basketball 1; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Instrument Repair War Department, Boston Engineering Aide 37 ARTHUR J. BATEY Industrial Engineering 83 High Street, Newton Upper Falls Activities: Camera Club 1, 2, 3; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Metabulist DOUGLAS F. BAXTER Mechanical Engineering 53 Chaske Avenue, Auburndale Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Mac! 9 4 JOHN J. BEGLEY Mechanical Engineering 17 Cufflin Street, Brighton Activities: Hockey 1; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: B. F. Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park Draftsman WILBUR C. BELL Mechanical Engineering 324 Main Street, South Portland, Me. Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Governors 38 ANTHONY R. BENEDETTO Civil Engineering 9 Brook Avenue, Wakefield Activities: N.U.S.C.E.; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: John Rand, Civil Engineer, Melrose W. S. Crocker, Civil Engineer. Boston J. Selwyn, Civil Engineer, Belmont Whitman and Howard, Consulting Engineer, Boston Instrument Man, Drafting Drafting Computor, Rodman Transitman, Chief of Party Instrumant Man, Computor, Draftsman JOHN M. BENTLEY Industrial Engineering 4 Bradford Road, Newton Highlands Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 4, 5; Class Executive Council 1, 4, 5; Glee Club 1; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: B. F. Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park Draftsman Warren Steam Pump Co., Inc., Warren Draftsman and Stores Control o L 9 A CARL H. BERGSTROM Mechanical Engineering 19 Summit Street, Hyde Park Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: B. F. Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park Draft EARLE P. BLANCHARD Electrical Engineering 51 South Washington Street, Whitman Activities: Dean ' s List 3; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co., Hyde Park Soles Clerk 39 LAWRENCE S. BLOOM Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 46 Brookledge Street, Roxbury Activities: Astronomy Club 1; Sociology Club 5; Band 1. Cooperative Work: J. Bloom and Co., Boston Salesman WILLIAM W. BOULDRY Marketing and Advertising 39 Bradwood Street, Roslindale Activities: Football 1, 2; Basketball Manager 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3 ; SA.M. Cooperative Work: Thompson ' s Spa, Boston Salesman 022L° 9 A?- WARREN T. BOUTELLE Civil Engineering 130 Court Road, Winthrop Activities: Senior Week Committee; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Executive Committee 3, 4, 5; N.U.C.E.S.; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: Hayden, Harding Buchanan, Boston Rodman John F. Rand, Melrose Transitman Samuel M. Ellsworth, Boston Draftsman CHARLES A. BOYD Mechanical Engineering 10 Kenrick Street, Brighton Activities: Hockey 1. Cooperative Work: Arute Bros., Inc., Construction New Britain, Conn. Engineer Sanborn Co., Cambridge Bench and Shop Work Barnes Jones, Inc., Jamaica Plain, Assembly Boston Navy Yard, Charlestown Inspector 40 CHESTER W. BRAY Electrical Engineering 388 Essex Avenue, Gloucester Activities: Dean ' s List 5. Cooperative Work: Vulcan Electric Co., Danvers Tester, Inspector JAMES C. BRENNAN Liberal Arts (English) 27 Grant Street, Cambridge Activities : Hockey 1, 2, 3; Football 2. 9 4- - EMERY E. BROWN Accounting 20 Chester Road, Belmont Activities: Dean ' s List 4; Law and Accounting Club 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Thompson ' s Spa, Boston, Section Man Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Boston Rater Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist FRED H. BROWN Mechanical Engineering 8 Elm Street, Marblehead Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Lynn Gear Hobber 41 GORDON H. BROWN Banking Finance 38 Bowdoin Street, Newton Highlands Activities: Dance Committee 2; Dance Chairman 3; Junior Prom Committee 4; Senior Week Committee 5; Banking and Finance 5, President 4; C.P.T.P. 4, 5; Hus-Skiers President 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Webster Atlas National Bank, Boston Check Teller HERBERT N. BROWN Electrical Engineering 7 Clay Street, Taunton Activities: Radio Club 4, 5; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., West Lynn Student Engineer 9 4 JAMES D. T. BROWN Mechanical Engineering 201 St. Botolph Street, Boston Activities: Dean ' s List 2; Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Program Adviser 4; Astronomy Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Fencing Team 1; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Bureau for Industrial Research, Draftsman and Boston Designer Firestone Tire Rubber Co., Boston Mold Operator General Ship Engineering Marine Draftsman Works, Boston and Designer RICHARD E. BROWN Sales Management 19 Glenwood Circle, Lynn Activities : North Shore Club 2, 3; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: The Eastern Steamship Co., Boston Baggage Master 42 ROBERT I. BROWN Chemical Engineering 15 Church Street, Manchester, Conn. Activities: Dean ' s List 4; Football 1; A.I.Ch.E ., Nominating Com- mittee 2, Secretary 3, First Vice-President 4, 5; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve Cooperative ft ork: E. L. Patch Co., Inc., Stonehani Laboratory Assistant Arthur D. Little, Inc., Research and Cambridge Development ROGER A. BROWN Civil Engineering 71 Ocean Street, Dorchester Activities: N.U.C.E.S. Cooperative Work: Henry F. Bryant and Sons, Brookline Boston Consolidated Gas Co., Boston U. S. Army Engineers, Boston Rodman Transit Man Inspector oOLz 9 A 1 - DANIEL J. BUCKLEY, Jr. Mechanical Engineering 15 Linden Avenue, Maiden Activities: Dean ' s List 4; Band, Drum Major 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Assembly Work Wilkins Machine Shop, Everett, Machinist General Electric Co., Lynn Tool Planning ALDEN M. BURGHARDT Chemical Engineering 25 Middle Street, South Dartmouth BrE Activities: Fraternity Secretary 4; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work : Revere Copper Brass, Inc., Assistant New Bedford Chemist 43 FORREST V. BUTTERFIELD Mechanical Engineering R.F.D. No. 1, Box 72, Springfield, Vt. Cooperative Work : Hotel Beaconsfield, Boston Jones and Lamson Machine Co., Springfield, Vt. Assemblyman HAROLD A. BUXTON Industrial Engineering Great Road, North Acton Activities: S.A.M.; C.P.T.C. 4. Cooperative Work : Sanborn Co., Cambridge Service Star Brass Mfg., Co., Boston Prod. Control 9 4-T- JOSEPH J. CAPUTI Civil Engineering 1123 North Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. Activities : Dance Committee 3; Cauldron Junior Staff; Glee Club 1; N.U.C.E.S. Treasurer 4, Secretary 5; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E.; N.U.C.E.S. Cooperative W ork : Bein Construction Co., Assistant Bridgeport, Conn. Engineer GEORGE T. CARLETON Sales Management 134 Kenoza Avenue, Haverhill Cooperative Work: C. F. Hovey Co., Boston Checker 44 IRVING D. CARTER Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 83 Parsons Street, Boston Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; German Language Club, 2, 3, 5; Chess Club 1; A.I.Ch.E.; A.C.S. Cooperative Work: Atlantic Research Associates, Inc., Student Chemist Newtonville Skinner Sherman, Inc., Boston Student Chemist A. D. Little, Inc., Cambridge Student Chemist Boston Consolidated Gas Co , Everett Student Chemist WILLIAM N. CARTER Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 75 Holworthy Street, Roxbury Activities : Track 1 ; Cross Country 2. Cooperative Work : Northeastern University, Boston Janitor Check Room Monitor o L 9 4- 1 - MITCHELL H. CHALEK Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 26 Beacon Hill Avenue, Lynn Activities: Band 1, 2; A.C.S. Cooperative Work : Garco Shoe Products, Lynn Production JOSEPH A. CHARLES Management Ferry Road, Salisbury Cooperative Work : Headquarters General Store, Proprietor Salisbury Beach Weil, Pearson Co., Boston Messenger Warren Brothers Roads Co., Cambridge Timekeeper 45 HOMER E. CHILSON Industrial Engineering 185 South Street, Northampton BrE Activities: Freshman Honor List; Fraternity Treasurer 4, 5; Assist- ant Pledge Chairman 4; Rifle Club 1; S.A.M. Cooperative Work : Worthington Pump Machinery Corp., Draftsman Holyoke HENRY J. CHIN Mechanical Engineering 475 Broadway, Chelsea Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Reece Button Hole Machine Co., Boston Inspector 9 4-T- JOHN C. CHIPMAN Chemical Engineering 99 Waverly Street, Arlington Activities: Freshman Honor List; Hockey 2, 3, Captain 1, 4; Recipient of Kontoff Trophy 5 ; Student Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 5; Class Treasurer 1, Vice-President 3, President 2; Junior Prom Chairman; Who ' s Who In American Colleges and Universities 4, 5; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Northeastern University, Boston Laboratory Assistant ARTHUR E. CHURCH Jr. Chemical Engineering 1 Arlington Street, Leominster Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Cauldron Junior Staff, Informal Pictures Editor 5; U. S. Naval Reserve; A.I.Ch.E. Secretary 5. Cooperative Work: Foster Grant Co., Inc., Leominster Plastic Production Fallulah Paper Co., Fitchburg Assistant Chemist Iver Johnson Arms, Fitchburg Machinist N. U. Chemical Engineering Laboratory Laboratory, Boston Assistant 46 LAWRENCE C. CLARK Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 35 Ellis Street, Brockton Activities: Track 2; Band 2, 3, Section Leader i; Glee Club 3, Hus-Skiers 5; N.U.Ch.E.; A.C.S. ARTHUR H. CLAYPOLE Industrial Administration 227 Bobbins Street, Waltham 2 A Cooperative Work : Edmand ' s Drug Store, Newtonville Drug Clerk oaLs 9 4-T- ERIC G. CLEVELAND Mechanical Engineering Calvin Coolidge Hgwy., West Woodstock, Vt. Activities: Baseball 1; Vermont Club; C.P.T.P. 4; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist E. W. Wiggins Airways, Line and East Boston Maintenance Jones Lamson Mach. Co., Vermont Assembler LEON M. CLEVELAND Mechanical Engineering Reading, Vt. Activities : A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Cone Automatic Machine Co., Windsor, Vt. Machinist 47 WILLIAM J. COBB Accounting 142 Vernon Street, Norwood Activities : Law and Accounting Club 4, 5, Secretary 3 ; Swimming Team 1; Track Team 2; Glee Club 1; Class Vice- President 5; Class Executive Council 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work : Wrn. Filene ' s Sons, Boston Stock Clerk JOHN M. CONNOR Electrical Engineering 11 Curtin Street, Mansfield Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 4; Class President 1; A.I.E.E. Executive Committee 2. Cooperative Work : Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co., Hyde Park 0%L° 9 4 JOSEPH F. COUGHLIN Chemical Engineering 52 Saunders Road. Norwood Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4. Cooperative Work: Bird and Sons, Inc., E. Walpole A. D. Little Co., Cambridge General Electric Co., W. Lynn Helper on Machine Assistant Chemist Electroplater DENTON W. CROCKER Liberal Arts (Biology) 44 Bellevue Road, Beach Bluff Cooperative Work: C. W. Whittier and Bros., Boston Elevator Operator Northeastern University, Boston Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Assistant 48 NORMAN S. CROSSLEY Civil Engineering 13 Lyman Street, Laconia, N. H. Activities, Rifle Tea 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Cooperative Work: N.Y., N.H. H. R.R., Boston Chainman GEORGE B. CROWDIS Marketing and Advertising 16 Randlett Street, Wollaston Activities: Deans List 4; Class Secretary 5; Class Executive Council 5; Class Historian 5; Student LInion 4, Publicity Director 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; Cauldron Editor 5; News 3, News Editor 4, 5 ; Glee Club 2 ; Dance Committee 3 ; Dean ' s Cabinet 4; Class Day Committee 4; N.E.I. N.A. Convention Committee 4; " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges " 5; S.A.M. Publicity Manager 3; Committee for the Induction of King Husky II, 5. Cooperative Work: Globe Publishing Co., Boston Editorial Assistant J. S. Packard Dredging Co., Assistant Quincy Purchasing Agent New London, Conn. Shore Captain New York, N. Y. 9 4 ROBERT A. CROZIER Electrical Engineering 11 Courtland Street, Middleboro Cooperative Work : Boston Edison Co., Boston Transmission and Distribution Dept. J. LEWIS CUNNINGHAM Marketing and Advertising Tower Road, Lincoln Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 4. 49 FREDERICK M. CUSICK Marketing and Advertising 43 Falkland St., Brighton Activities : Freshman Honor List; Baseball 1; Football 1, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3. 4, Manager 5; Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 5 ; Dean ' s Cabinet 3 ; News 1, 2 ; Debating Club 1 ; Public Speaking Contest, Second Prize 1, 3, First Prize 4, 5; " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " 5. Cooperative Work: Boston Globe, Boston Lever Bros., Cambridge Advertising Clerk Clerk ROBERT W. DALEY Mechanical Engineering 68 Hancock Road, Maiden Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Banjo Club 1, 2; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Buckley Iron Works, Roxbury M. D. C. Power Station, Revere A. F. Curtin Valve Co., Medford C. B. Cottrell Sons Co., Westerly, R. I. Iron Worker Maintenance Lathe Hand Tool Room, Detail Drafting, Jig Tool Design o£L 9 4-T- L. BURNHAM DAVIS Accounting 14 Sherman Road, Greenwood Activities: Law and Accounting Club 3, 5; Dance Committee 2, 3. Cooperative Work: L. A. Eslrach Co., Boston Junior Accountant Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Clerk JOHN H. DeLUCA Marketing and Advertising 76 Scofield Avenue, Stamford, Conn. Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Law and Accounting Club 1, 2; International Relations Club 5 ; Football Rally Com- mittee 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work : Wee Burn Country Club, Noroton, Conn. Accountant Grand Union Tea Co., Stamford, Conn. Delivery Man Phil lips Chemical Co., Shipping Glenbrook, Conn. Clerk 50 JOHN dePICCOLELLIS Chemical Engineering 1600 Huntington Avenue, Boston Activities: Freshman Honor List; Rifle Club 1; N.U.Ch.E.S. Cooperative Work: Enterprise Engineering Co., Draftsman First National Stores, Inc., Control Somerville Chemist JOSEPH DIAS Liberal Arts I Chemistry) 368 County Street, New Bedford Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1. Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 5. Cooperative Work: Acushnet Process Co., Testing, Research New Bedford and Production o£L° 9 4- 1 - WILLIAM 0. DiPIETRO Chemical Engineering 34 Hillcrest Circle, Watertown Activities : A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work : Spaulding-Moss Co., Boston Chemist ' s Assistant STEPHEN J. DONLON, Jr. Accounting 37 Salem Street, Swampscott Activities: Dean ' s List 3; News 4, 5; Law and Accounting Club 2, 3, 4, President 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Boston Globe, Boston Editorial Assistant General Electric Co., Lynn Cost Accountant 51 ADOLPH S. DOROSZ Mechanical Engineering 353 South Street, Bridgewater Activities: Radio Club 2; A.S.M.E.; C.P.T.P. 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Electro Products Co., Waltham Tool Maker Vought Sikorsky Aircraft Co., Tool Design Stratford, Conn. and Maker Boston Navy Yard, Boston Tool Maker SAMUEL DREVITCH Chemical Engineering 36 Wilder Street, Boston KZ$ Activities: Freshman Honor List; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. Treasurer 3, 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Wm. Filene ' s Sons, Boston General Trading Co., Boston Sanborn Co., Cambridge oOLs 9 4. 1 DAVID B. DRUMMOND Marketing and Advertising 14 Georganna Street, South Braintree 2$A Activities: Fraternity Vice-President 5. Cooperative Work: Boston Globe, Boston Messenger Dept. N.Y., N.H. H. R.R. Co., Boston Clerk BENJAMIN A. DUDLEY Mechanical Engineering Farm Road, Marlboro Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; C.P.T.P. 4, 5; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Lapointe Machine Tool Co., Hudson Draftsman Collector Parking Lot Attendant Sheet Metal Worker 52 ALBERT D. DUNN Marketing and Advertising 44 North Wellington Street, New Britain, Conn. Cooperative Work: G. Fox Co., Hartford, Conn. Sales; FRED T. DWYER Liberal Arts (English-Journalism) 314 Main Street, Melrose Activities: Dean ' s List 4, 5; News 1, 2, 3, Sports Editor 4, 5; Chairman of Sophomore Dance Committee; Hus-Skiers 5. Cooperative Work: Falk Studio, Boston, Salesman Boston Maine R.R., Boston Sheet Metal Worker 0OL 9 a?- IRWIN ELKINS Mechanical Engineering 11 Vinal Street, Allston 21W Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Royal Crown Bottling Co., S. Boston Sales Service Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy Outside Machinist EDGAR H. ELLIOTT Mechanical Engineering Thompson, Conn. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge American Optical Co., Southbridge Bench and Shop Work Bench and Shop Work 53 DONALD L. ELLISON Liberal Arts (English) 7 Craft Street, Waltham Activities : Dean ' s Cabinet 4 ; Track 1 ; Concert Orchestra 1, 2. Cooperative Work: Belmont Hill Gas Station, Belmont, Salesman S. W. Ferguson, Inc., Boston Messenger Pepperell Mfg. Co., Boston Shipper and Receiver HENRY ELKSNIN Mechanical Engineering 159 South Leyden Street, Brockton 2$A Activities: Camera Club 1; C.P.T P. 4, 5; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Lapointe Machine Tool Co., Hudson Draftsman 9 4 WILLIAM C. EVERETT Mechanical Engineering 73 South Street, Raynham Activities: Dean ' s List 2, 4; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Swansea Print Works, Inc. Textile Machinery Operator East Swansea HARLAND S. FISHER Mechanical Engineering 149 Conway Street, Greenfield Activities: Senate — Tau Beta Pi Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Member of Program Committee for New Eng- land Convention of A.S.M..E 4; Chairman Program Com- mittee A.S.M.E. 5; Member Program Committee Tau Beta Pi 5. Cooperative Work : B. A. Fisher Garage, Greenfield Mechanic Greenfield Tap Die Corp , Greenfield Engineering Draftsman 54 MALCOLM E. FISHER Chemical Engineering 145 Conway Street, Greenfield Activities: Rifle Club 1, 5; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Greenfield Tap Die Corp., Greenfield Machinist JEROME C. FLATO Chemical Engineering 65 Rogers Park Avenue, Boston Activities: Glee Club 1, 2; C.P.T.P. 3; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work : Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist Greenfield Tap Die Corp., Greenfield otZLz ' 9 A 7 " PAUL R. FORANT Industrial Engineering 200 Minot Street, Dorchester Activities : Football 1; S.A.M. Cooperative W ork : Northeastern University, Boston Maintenance Dept. Barnes and Jones Co., Jamaica Plain Assembly CHARLES F. FOSTER Chemical Engineering 15 Lookout Terrace, Lynn Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E.; U.S.N.R. Cooperative Work : General Electric Co., Lynn Student Chemist 55 MYER FOX Electrical Engineering 89 Maiden Street, Everett Activities: Freshman Honor List; Freshman Tie Ceremony Com- mittee; Freshman Camp Counselor 4; Fraternity Poten- tate 5; A.I.E.E., Executive Committee 3. Cooperative Work: Eastern Steamship Co., Boston Ship ' s Electrician Hixon Electric Co., So. Boston Electrical Draftsman La Pointe Machine Tool Co., Hudson Electrical Designer DEAN FREEMAN Civil Engineering 98 Porter Street, Somerville Activities: Executive Committee 4; N.L1.C.E.S. Cooperative Work : Barnes and Beal, Rodman, Waltham Drafting, Computing City of Newton, Newton Rodman, Transitman, Tracing Wigton-Abbott, Plainfield, N. J. Transitman 0Z2L 9 A JOHN C. GALLAGHER Business Administration (Accounting I 28 Maple Street, White River Junction, Vt. AK2 Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3; News 1; Law and Accounting Club 2, 3, 4, 5; International Relations Club 3, 4; Banking and Finance Society 2; Fraternity, Chairman of Pledge Committee 5. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Lynn Cost Clerk Boston Globe, Boston Editorial Assistant W. CURTIS GARDNER Electrical Engineering 56 Hartsuff Street, Rockland NEZ Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 3; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work : Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co., Hyde Park Sales Engineer 56 IRVING GELLER Liberal Arts (English) 31 Howland Street, Boston Activities: Dean ' s List 5 ; Student Union 2 ; Dramatic Club 5 ; Cam- era Club 2, 3; German Club 2, 3; Sociology Cliib 5; Rifle Club 1. DAVID W. GIBBS Mechanical Engineering 49 Burdett Avenue, Framingham Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Sears B. Condit Honor Award 5; Student Union 2; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work : Dennison Mfg. Co., Framingham Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Corp., East Hartford, Conn. Machine Assembly Production Engineering Clerk 9 A-l ARTHUR B. GLINES Electrical Engineering 63 Bartlet Street, Andover Activities : C.P.T.P. 4. Cooperative Work : Roland B. Glines Co., Lawrence Repairman Heinze Electric Co., Lowell Stock Supply M. T. Stevens Co., Andover Electrician ' s Helper Boston Edison Co., Roxbury Technical Office Worker MAURICE I. GOLDEN Chemical Engineering 15 Lome Street, Dorchester Activities: Chess Club 2, 3, 4, 5; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work : Boston Insulated Wire and Cable Co., Boston Testing Manchester Dyeing and Finishing Co., Analysis Manchester and Synthesis 57 ANTHOY A. GOMES Mechanical Engineering 42 Lowland Avenue, Cambridge Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work : Sanborn Co., Cambridge Production Curtin Valve Co., Medford Machinist RALPH H. GOfEN Chemical Engineering 17 Tower Avenue, Lynn Activities: C.P.T.P. 3; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work : A. D. Little, Cambridge Research Lab. Assistant General Electric Co., Everett Sand Tester oiZLz 9 AT FRANCIS D. GREENLEAF Electrical Engineering South Street, Foxboro Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Swimming Team 1, 2; Student Union; Banjo Club 3; Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Chess Club 2; Senior Week Committee; Hus-Skiers 5; Sears B. Condit Honor Award 5; A.I.E.E. Executive Committee 2, 3, 4, 5; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve. Cooperative Work: Boston Edison Co., Boston Illuminating Engineer SAUL GROSSBARD Banking and Finance 23 Claflin Street, Brookline Activities: Law and Accounting Club 1, 2; Banking and Finance Society 3, Vice-President 4, 5; Class Dance Committee 1, 2, 3; Hus-Skiers 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Boston Sales Promotion 58 JOHN T. GROVER Civil Engineering Monponsett Street, Halifax Activities: N.U.S.C.E.; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E.; E.S.N.E. Cooperative Work: E. Laurence Grover, Contractor, Foreman Stratford, Conn. Town of Stratford Assistant Engineer SAMUEL GUASTELLA Chemical Engineering 225 Canton Street, Fitchburg Activities: Track 1; Rifle Club 1; N.U.Ch.S.; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Falulah Paper Co., Fitchburg Chemist Foster Grant Co., Leominster Polisher Independent Lock Co., Fitchburg Plater and Polisher oHL « 9 A RUSSELL S. HALLETT Chemical Engineering 15 Neponset Avenue., Walpole BA Activities: Freshman Honor List; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Lewis Mfg. Co., East Walpole Mechanical Dept. Helper Dispersion Products, Inc., Needham Heights Testing Bird Son, Inc., East Walpole Chemist ROBERT A. HAMILTON Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 91 Weston Avenue, Braintree Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 5; Baseball 3; Basketball 1. 59 GEORGE D. HANCHETT, Jr. Electrical Engineering Glen Street, Natick Activities: Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Howard H. Amidon, Worcester Radio Technician Northeastern University, Boston Physics Dept. Assistant JAMES A. HARGREAVES Mechanical Engineering 362 Osgood Street, North Andover Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Davis Furber Machine Co., No. Andover Machinist General Electric Co., Lynn Student Engineer 94 DAVID W. HARTWELL Electrical Engineering 38 Charlemont Street, Newton Highlands Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co., Roxbury Draftsman Submarine Signal Co., Boston Draftsman A. CUSHMAN HASKELL, Jr. Chemical Engineering 21 Cedar Street, Marblehead Activities : Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Glee Club Librarian 1; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Naumkeag Trust Co., Salem Check Teller Arthur D. Little ' s, Cambridge Lab. Technician Rust Proofing Metal Finishing Co., Electroplater Cambridge Metal Hydrides, Beverly Assistant in Production 60 HARRY B. HATCH Accounting 39 Grandview Avenue, Wolluston A ctivities : Sigma Society; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Sears B. Condit Award 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 3, 4, 5; Class Treasurer 4; I. B.C. 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Prom Treasurer. Cooperative Work: Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Inventory Control NATHANIEL F. HAWTHORNE Mechanical Engineering 4 Carver Boad, Waltham Activities: Dean ' s List 2; A.S.M.E.; U. S. Naval Beserve. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Lynn Planning Dept. Aircraft Accessories Corp., Turret Burbank, Cal. Lathe Operator Sanborn Co., Cambridge Turret Lathe Operator 9 aT- ALFRED B. HAYES Banking and Finance 127 Arlington Street Hyde Park r$K Activities: Dean ' s List 4; Track Manager 1; Banking and Finance Club 4, 5; International Belations Club 5; Dane? Com- mittee 3; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston Guard WALTER I. HAYS Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 115 Ellison Park, Waltham Activities : Dean ' s List 3; Cauldron Junior Staff; Glee Club 1, 2; Class Executive Committee 1, 2; Junior Prom Commit- tee; German Language Club 2, 3; A.C.S. Cooperative Work: Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates, Everett Student Chemist 61 GARDNER L. HAYWARD Chemical Engineering 25 Payson Road, Belmont HTN Activities: Freshman Honor List; Debating Society 1, 2, 3; Frater- nity President 5 ; Concert Orchestra Librarian 1 ; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Atlantic Research Associates, Inc., Laboratory Newtonville Technician ROBERT D. HENDERSON Civil Engineering Main Street, Sherborn Activities : News 1, 2, 3; N.U.C.E.S.; A.S.C.E.; B.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: W. S. Crocker, Boston Calculator City Engineering Dept., Newton Rodman Boston Consolidated Gas Co., Boston Assistant Engineer 9 A?- ARTHUR R. HEDLUND Industrial Administration 78 Greenwood Street, Worcester Activities: Freshman Honor List. GEORGE E. HERBERT, Jr. Chemical Engineering 47 Baltimore Street, Haverhill Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 4; A I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Tyler Rubber Co., Andover Control Laboratory 62 JOHN E. HERLIHY Chemical Engineering 73 Houghton Street, Dorchester Activities: A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Barnes and Jones, Jamaica Plain Laboratory Assistant Mass. Dept. of Public Works, Boston Laboratory Assistant JOHN A. HIGGINS Electrical Engineering 184 North Main Street, Andover A ctivities : A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: E. I. duPont de Nemours, Leominster Maintenance Pacific Mills, Lawrence Winding Room Boston Edison Co., Distribution Boston Technical Dept. Office o£L° 9 4.2- DANA L. HILL Industrial Engineering 21 Cheriton Road, Wollaston BrE Activities: Freshman Honor List; Class Secretary 3, 4, 5; S.A.M. Secretary 4, President 5. Cooperative Work: Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy Machine Shop RICHARD B. HINCKLEY Chemical Engineering 21 Bodwell Street, Dorchester HTN Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Fraternity Vice-President 5; A.I.C.hE. Cooperative Work: Atlantic Research Associates, Laboratory Newtonville Technician Allen Engineering Co., Roxbury Laboratory Technician Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge Research Assistant 63 CARL HOFFMAN Mechanical Engineering 40 Cabot Street, Hartford, Conn. Activities : Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Class Treas- urer 2, Class Smoker Committee Chairman 2, Program Committee 5; Senior Week Committee; Track 1; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Niles, Bement Pond Co., Machinist Hartford, Conn. Apprentice ROBERT S. HO JEM Industrial Engineering 5 Grove Street, West Concord Activities: U. S. Naval Reserve; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Martin Hojem, Builder, West Concord Carpenter c 9 A ROBERT C. HOLMAN Mechanical Engineering 8 Belmont Street, Norwood Activities: Freshman Honor List; Baseball 1: Ensign U. S Naval Reserve; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Lynn Turbine Test Engineer VICTOR L. HOPKINSON Mechanical Engineering 3 Franklin Street, Lynn Activities : A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Simonds Saw Steel Co., Fitchburg Draftsman General Electric Co., Lynn Draftsman 61 FRED R. HORGAN Mechanical Engineering 874 Chestnut Street, Waban Activities: C.P.T.P. 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Star Brass Mfg. Co., Boston Bench and Shop Work Bench and Shop Work THOMAS E. HOWARD Marketing and Advertising 14 Park Avenue, Derry, N. H. r K Activities: Dean ' s List 3; Cross Country 1; Inter-Fraternity Basket- ball 4; Fraternity Vice-President 4, 5; International Re- lations Club 3, 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Wm. Filene ' s Co., Boston Personal Service Dept. Boston Globe. Boston Night City Clerk General Electric Co., Lynn Production Dept. 0 9 4.3- MALCOLM P. HOWIE Chemical Engineering 68 Standish Road, Watertown Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 4; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Lynn Student Chemist ALFRED F. HUGHES Electrical Engineering 200 Lewis Street, Lynn Activities: Bacchanalians 1; Radio Club 4, 5; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Cooperative W ork : Vulcan Electric Co., Lynn Testing and Inspecting 65 ELMER R. HUNTING, Jr. Chemical Engineering 148 Park Street, Springfield, Vt. BrE Activities: Dean ' s List 2; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: J. P. Coats, Inc., Pawtucket, R. I. Dyer ELMER E. HUSSEY Electrical Engineering 10 Dartmouth Street, Everett Cooperative Work: National Mfg. Co., Maiden Donnelly Electric and Neon Co., Boston Boston Edison Co., Boston Radio Assembly Neon Sign Inspector Light Inspector and Meter Technician 9 A - ALFRED G. IRISH Marketing and Advertising 142 King Street, Falmouth 2$A Activities: Dean ' s List 3; Baseball, Assistant Manager 2, 3, Manager 4; Interfraternity Council 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Cauldron Junior Staff; Cauldron Photographic Editor; Student Union, Chairman Service Committee 4; Frater- nity Secretary 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Interfraternity Bas- ketball 4; S.A.M. Vice-President 5. Cooperative Work: Rowe ' s Pharmacy, Falmouth Clerk GEORGE W. JEWETT Electrical Engineering 77 Atkinson Street, Bellows Falls, Vt. Activities : Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 3; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work : Allis Chalmers Mfg. Co., Hyde Park Laboratory Assistant New England Power Asso., Governor Bellows Falls Attendant 66 ROY A. JUUSOLA Industrial Engineering Main Street, West Townsend NEZ Activities: Basketball 1; Student Council 5; Student Union 2, 3, Chairman of Freshman Relations 4, Chairman of Fresh- man Camp 5; Class Executive Council 3; Dance Com- mittee 3; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Week Com- mittee, Chairman; Fraternity President 5; S.A.M. Presi- dent 5; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities Cooperative Work; Simonds Saw Steel Co., Fitchburg Tester Hygrade Sylvania Corp., Ipswich Cost Dept. CHARLES H. KALAYJIAN Electrical Engineering 123 Marine Road, South Boston Activities: Radio Club 3, 4, 5; I.R.E. 5; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Company, Cambridge Tester c 9 AT- COLBY E. KELLEY Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 33 Clark Street, Lawrence Activities: Cross Country 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4. Cooperative Work: General Radio Co, Cambridge Draftsman CHARLES P. KENNEY Industrial Administration 101 Conwell Avenue, Somerville Activities : Executive Council 4; Junior Prom Committee 4; Class Secretary 4; I.R.C. 3, 4. Cooperative Work: Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Brighton Salesman Firestone Tire Rubber Co., Brookline Tire Retreader John P. Squire Co., Cambridge Office Work Tarlby Nason Pharmacetical Co., Cambridge Salesman United Farmers Cooperative, Somerville Salesman 67 ERNEST B. KETCHEN Civil Engineering 43 Pinkham Road, Medford Activities: A.S.C.E.; N.U.C.E.S.; B.S.C.E.; E.S.N .E. Cooperative Work: Realty Inc., Boston Maintenance Operator Fireman Town of Stoneham Assistant Engineer Draftsman NORMAN A. KEYES Marketing and Advertising 1168 Boylston Street, Brookline Activities: Baseball 1. Cooperative Work: Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Inventory Controller c 9 A - JAMES J. KILROY Electrical Engineering 7 Christopher Street, Dorchester AK2 Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi, Treasurer 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Dance Committee Co-Chairman 2; Band 2; A.I.E.E. Executive Council 4, Secretary 5. Cooperative Work: Boston Edison Co , Boston Engineering Assistant GEORGE H. KLEMM Electrical Engineering 189 Belleville Road, New Bedford Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Yacht Club 3, 4, 5 ; A.I.E.E., Treasurer 3. Cooperative Work: General Radio Co., Inspector, Cambridge Assistant Calibrator 68 MARSHALL E. KULBERG Electrical Engineering 8 Northern Avenue, Beverly Activities: Freshman Honor List; Astronomy Club 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Concert Orchestra 1; Glee Club Orchestra 2; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Hygrade Sylvania Corp., Salem Incandescent Tester RUDOLPH A. LAAKSO Mechanical Engineering 241 Marshal Street, Fitchburg Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi, President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 1, 2; Class Dance Commit- tee 2; Class Executive Committee 2; Class President 3, 4, 5; Sears B. Condit Award 5; Delegate to National Convention of Tau Beta Pi in Philadelphia 5; Commit- tee for Induction of Husky II 4; Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities 4, 5 ; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve; Program Committee of N. E. Convention of A.S.M.E.; Chairman of Committee for Installation of Epsilon Chapter of Tau Beta Pi; A.S.M.E. Vice-Chair- man 4, Treasurer 5. Cooperative Work: Northeastern University, Boston Greenfield Tap and Die, Greenfield Boston Edison Co., Boston Assistant in Drawing Dept. Gauge Designer Test Engineer OZZLs 9 A WILLIAM X. LAMB, Jr. Electrical Engineering 149 Norton Avenue, Taunton Activities: Freshman Honor List; Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Firestone Tire Rubber Co., Boston Retread Dept. Amoskeag Mills, Manchester, N. H. Electrician Westinghouse Mfg. Co., Boston Switchboard Technician Stone Webster Corp., Boston Designer HAIMO R. LAMMI Mechanical Engineering 9 Elks Parkway, Norwood Activities: Dean ' s List 3; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work : Boston Edison Co., Boston Junior Engineer 09 SAUL LANDMAN Civil Engineering 68 Fayston Street, Boston Activities : Band 1; Executive Council 5; N.U.C.E.S. Cooperative Work: Federal Building and Wrecking Co., Timekeeper Charlestown Ernest W. Branch, Inc., Draftsman, Computer, Quincy Checker, Rodman, Instrumentman EDMUND F. LAPHAM, Jk Electrical Engineering Central Street, Norwell Activities : Senate-Tau Beta Pi, Secretary 5; Dean ' s List 3, 4, 5; A.I.E.E. Executive Council 2, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Chairman 5. Cooperative Work: Boston Edison Co., Boston 9 4-?- FRANK J. LARIVIERE Civil Engineering 268 Cartier Street, Manchester, N. H. Activities: Dean ' s List 3, 4; Rifle Club 1; Glee Club 1; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: City of Newton Rodman Wilcox Construction Co., Brideport, Conn. Transitman L. G. Brackett Co. Draftsman and Engineer CARL LARSON Liberal Arts (Economics) 186 Linwood Street, Lynn Activities: Glee Club 1 ; German Club 3. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Production Scheduling West Lynn and Dispatching HAROLD H. LAVERTY Mechanical Engineering Brownville Junction, Maine Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Colt Patented Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Toolm Hartford, Conn. MAX M. LECHTER Industrial Engineering 32 Press Avenue, Norwood KZ$ Activities: Fraternity Corresponding Scribe 4; Fraternity Treasurer 5; Dramatic Club 3; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Painter ' s Assistant, Cambridge Solderman, Machinist 94 1 " RICHARD H. LELAND Liberal Arts (English) 17 Cutter Street, Belmont Activities: Academy 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Dean ' s Cabinet 5 ; Cross Country 1 ; News 3 ; Cauldron Junior Staff 4; Cauldron Managing Editor 5. Cooperative Work: Boston Globe, Boston Editorial Assistant FREDERIC H. W. LEONG Chemical Engineering 69 Holland Street, West Somerville Activities: A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Boston Insulated Wire and Cable Co., Boston Inspector and Tester 71 JOHN B. LEWIS Liberal Arts (English) 6 Buswell Street, Boston $rn Activities: Dean ' s List 2; Sociological Society 4, 5; Fraternity Social Chairman 3, 4. JOSEPH E. LEWIS Accounting 198 Warren Avenue, Whitman Activities: Law and Accounting Club 3, 4, 5; SA.M. Cooperative Work: Plymouth Rubber Co., Plymouth Stock Dept. 9 A?- BERNARD L. LIBON Marketing and Advertising 9 Intervale Street, Roxbury KZ Cooperative Work: Wm. Filene ' s Sons Co., Cambridge E. Van Noorden Co., Roxbury Clerk Clerk THOMAS A. LIKOS Electrical Engineering 456 Broadway Street, South Boston Activities : Swimming Team 1, 2, 3; Track 1; Dance Committee 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Edward A. Ellis, Boston Electrician Westinghouse Electric Co., Boston Draftsman 72 ARNE F. LOFGREN Accounting 28 Webster Street, Hyde Park Activities : Sigma Society; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 5; Law and Accounting Club 3, 5; International Rela- tions Club 5; Glee Club 1; SA.M., President 5. Cooperative Work: Dennison ' s Retail Store, Boston Clerk Boston Gear Works, Quincy Clerk CARL A. LOVGREN Chemical Engineering 16 Railroad Avenue, Rockport BrE Activities: Yacht Club 4, 5. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., West Lynn Electroplater 9 aT FAIRFIELD F. LYNDE Industrial Engineering 47 Orchard Street, Walden, N. Y. Activities: C.P.T.P. 4; Empire State Club; SA.M. Cooperative Work: Shreve Crump Low Co., Boston Messenger Sanborn Company, Cambridge Receiver HARRY A. MacQUARRIE Accounting Brownville Junction, Maine Activities : Sigma Society, Secretary 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Student Council 5; Dean ' s Cabinet 3, 4; Law and Accounting Club 3, 4; Football Dance Com- mittee 5; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Boston Y. M. C. A., Boston Clerk Boston Gear Woiks, Quincy Clerk 73 A. THOMAS MADDOCK Chemical Engineering 257 Walnut Street, Brookline Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Atlantic Research Associates Boston Laboratory Assistant Polaroid Corporation, Boston Research Assistant JOHN H. MAGUIRE Mechanical Engineering 135 Lasell Street, West Roxbury Activities: Class Vice-President 4; Cauldron Junior Staff; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Boston Gears Works, Norfolk Downs Production Dept. Sanborn Company, Cambridge Machine Shop 9 4 5 ' JAMES A. MANEATIS Chemical Engineering 56 Jennings Street, Lawrence Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 3; Track 1; Student Union 2; Orchestra 1; A.S.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Tyer Rubber Co., Andover Laboratory Assistant MURRAY MARKS Civil Engineering 55 Grove Street, Chelsea Activities: Fraternity Scribe 4. Cooperative Work: Wilcox Construction Co., Field Long Island City, N. Y. Engineer Whitman Howard, Engineers, Boston Transitman 74 JOHN E. MARSHALL Industrial Engineering 216 Charles Street, Fall River Activities: Dean ' s List 5; Band 1. Cooperative Work: Firestone Rubber Co., Fall River Shop Work M. Spinelli Sons Co., Boston Rodman, Timekeeper Atlas Tack Corp., Fairhaven Engineering Drafting Hygrade Sylvania Corp., Ipswich Methods Work HARRY W. MARTIN Banking and Finance 217 Spring Street, Brockton 4 BA Activities: Dean ' s List 3; Fraternity Publicity Committee 3; Bank- and Finance Society 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 5. Cooperative Work: Jordan Marsh Co, Assistant to Head Bosto " of Stock Department OHLfr 9 Al- THOMAS R. McCONE Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 6 Wyvern Street, Roslindale Activities: German Club 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; A.C.S. Cooperative Work: First National Stores, Laboratory Somerville Assistant james m. Mccracken, Jr. Banking and Finance 220 Nehoiden Street, Needham Activities: Sigma Society, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Vice-President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Dean ' s Cabinet 4; Banking and Finance Society 4, 5; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Pepperell Mfg. Co., Boston Inventory Department 75 john l. Mcdonald, j r . Mechanical Engineering 600 Huron Avenue, Cambridge Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Curtin Valve Co., Medford Machinist Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist WILLIAM M. McGOOHAN Industrial Engineering 38 Marginal Street, Lowell Activities: S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Jones Lamson Machine Co., Routing Dept., Turrot Springfield, Vt. Lathe Assembly, Drill Operator 022L 9 A ROBERT G. McKEEN Chemical Engineering 40 Dee Road, Quincy Activities: Cross Country 1; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Arthur D. Little, Inc., Cambridge Laboratory Assistant Howe French, East Weymouth Laboratory Assistant WILLIAM McNEIL Mechanical Engineering 172 Beacon Street, Boston Activities: Freshman Honor List; Track 1; Student Union 5; Class Executive Council 4; Dance Committee 3; Dramatic Club 3; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Boston Gear Works, Inc., Quincy 76 WILLIAM A. MERDINYAN Mechanical Engineering 143 Cottage Street, Pawtucket, R. I. Activities: Hockey Manager 1; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: G. M. Najarian Sons, Pawtucket, R. I. Maintenance Frank H. Black. Pawtucket, R. I. Surveyor Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Co., Aircraft Pawtucket, R. I. Mechanic THEODORE B. M E R I A M Marketing and Advertising 54 Beech Street, Rutherford, N. J. Activities: Band 3, 4. Cooperative Work: American Tel. Tel. Co., Messenger, Mail Clerk, New York Photostat Machine Operator 9 a RICHARD C. MILLER Mechanical Engineering 317A Eastern Avenue, Lynn Activities: North Shore Club; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Barnes Jones, Inc., Lynn Assembly Testing Research General Electric Co., Lynn Planning Man OSCAR R. MILLMAN Mechanical Engineering 8 Ashton St , Dorchester KZ Activities: Fraternity Social Committee Chairman 3, Chancellor 4, Newspaper 2, 3, 4, 5 ; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Cluett Aircraft Co., Falmouth Airplane Designer 77 EDWARD A. MORASKI Mechanical Engineering 1525 Centre Street, Roslindale Activities : Freshman Honor List. Cooperative Work: United Fruit Co., Boston Laborer Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist Automatic Box Mfg. Co., Boston Design-Machinist JAMES A. MORRIS Liberal Arts (Economics) 17 Whitman Road, Lawrence Academy; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Student Council 2, 5, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Dean ' s Cabinet 4; Class Vice-President 1; Sears B. Con- dit Award 5; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4; International Relations Club 2, 3, Chairman 4, 5; Economics Club Chairman 4; Statistics Club Director 4. Cooperative Work: Pepperell Mfg. Co., Boston Inventory Clerk 0%L° 9 4.2- CLYDE W. MORRISON Mechanical Engineering 555 Liberty Street, South Braintree Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Westinghouse Electric Mfg. Co., Sheetmetal South Boston Work DAVID J. MORRISSEY Electrical Engineering Highland Street, West Medway AK2 Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 5; Track 1, 2; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Boston Edison Co., Boston Laboratory Assistant 78 HAROLD F. MORROW Mechanical Engineering 23 Perry Street, Somerville Activities: Senate-Tail Beta Phi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Class Representative 1; A.S.M.E. ; Secretary 5. Cooperative Work: Sanborn and Co., Machine Shop Assistant Cambridge Precision Lathe Operator Service Caster and Truck Co. Machinist ' s Helper of New England, Somerville Assembling Work CHARLES P. MORSE Mechanical Engineering 243 Weld Street, Roslindale Activities: Dean ' s List 3 ; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: E. W. Wiggens Airways, Boston Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, Conn. Fieldman and Mechanic Sheetmetal Mechanic Leadman oOLz 9 4-2- JOHN J. MORTON, II Industrial Engineering 32 Colonial Avenue, Lowell BrE Activities : Football 1; Cross Country 2; S.A.M. Cooperative W r ork: Newmarket Mfg Co., Quiller, Lowell Battery Hand Weaver Colonial Beacon Oil Co., Process Control Everett Clerk Greenfield Tap and Die Corp., Layout- Greenfield Rate Setter CLINTON P. MOTT Industrial Engineering 94-60 224th Street, Queens Village, N. Y. NEZ Activities: New York State Club 1, 2; Radio Club 4; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, President 5; Bacchanalians 1; Freshman Camp Leader 4; S.A.M. Vice-President 4, 5; A.S.M.E.; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Cooperative Work: A. Schrader ' s Son, Draftsman, Brooklyn, N. Y. Production Chaser 79 FRANK N. W. MOY Mechanical Engineering 56 Tyler Street, Boston Activities: Dean ' s List 4; Rifle Club 3; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Testing Birdseye Frosted Foods, Inc., Engineering Boston Assistant J. W. Greer Co., Cambridge Draftsman JOSEPH A. MOZZICATO Chemical Engineering 49 Hancock Avenue, Medford Activities : Baseball 1; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Wesco Waterpaints, Inc., Laboratory East Boston Assistant ) 4I EDMUND A. J. MROZ Chemical Engineering 149 Derby Street, Salem Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3. 4, 5; Senate Scholarship Award 1; Dean ' s List Scholarship 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. Scholarship Award 3; CP.T.P. 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Stud-nts in American Univer- sities and Colleges 4, 5; News 3, 4, 5; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Eastern Gas and Fuel Associales, Chemist Everett Works Chemical Engineer ROBERT G. MUDGE Electrical Engineering 28 Rockaway Street, Lynn Activities : Banjo Club 2, 3, 4; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Vulcan Electric, Lynn Test and Engineering Dept. 80 ARTHUR H. MUDGETT Electrical Engineering 438 Hollis Street, Framingham Activities: Band 1, 2, 4; I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Dennison Mfg. Co., Framingham JOHN F. MULOCK Mechanical Engineering 293 Beacon Street, Boston BrE Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: E. F. Mahady Co., Boston Maintenance Installer, Painter o L 9 4-2- ROBERT H. MURRAY Mechanical Engineering 1125 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston Activities: A.S.M.E. Vice-Chairman 4, Chairman 5. Cooperative Work: B. F. Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park Draftsman Fore River Ship Yard, Sheetmetal Worker, Quincy Spotwelder, Outside Machinist ELWOOD R. MYERS Mechanical Engineering 100 West Thames Street, Norwich, Conn. BrE Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 4; Rifle Club 1; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, Captain 5; Glee Club 1, 2; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Pratt Whitney Aircraft, East Hartford. Conn. Sloate Chevrolet Co , Hartford, Conn. Aetna Motor Sales, East Hartford, Conn. Lincoln Institute, Boston Engine Assembler Used Car Appraiser Automobile Mechanic Laboratory Instructor 81 ROBERT NAIMAN Mechanical Engineering 8 Haley Street, Roxbury Activities: Dean ' s List 4; Track 1; Baseball 1; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Cluett Aircraft, Falmouth Designer SIMON NATHENSON Liberal Arts (English) 105 Waumbeck Street, Roxbury KZ$ Activities: Academy Secretary-Treasurer 5 ; Freshman Honor List ; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; News 1, Feature Editor 2, Make-up Editor 3, Managing Editor 4, Editor-in-Chief 5; N.E.I.NA. President 4, Chairman of Awards Committee 5 ; Cauldron Junior Staff 4; Dean ' s Cabinet Vice-Chairman 4, 5; N. U. Contributing Editor to Campus on the Air 3; Student Council 5 ; Glee Club 2, Director of Publicity 3 ; Stu- dent Union 3, Chairman of Publicity Committee 4, Secretary 5 ; University Wits 3 ; Fraternity Basketball Manager 2; Newspaper Editor 3, 4, 5; Interfraternity Council 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 5. Cooperative Work: Gilchrist Co., Boston Salesman, Stock Clerk OZZLs 9 A " 1 - JAMES H. NELSON Accounting 9 Harrison Avenue, Gloucester Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Law and Accounting Club 4, 5. C. RICHARD NOBLE Chemical Engineering South Longyard Street, Southwick Activities : Student Union 5, Religious Committee 3, 4, 5; A.I.Ch.E.; Ensign U S. Naval Reserve Cooperative Work: Stanley Home Products, Inc., Mixing Chemist Westfield Laboratory Assistant 82 HUGH J. NOONAN Civil Engineering 10 Ayer Srteet, Peabody Activities: Glee Club 1; N.U.C.E.S.; A.S.C.E.; B.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: Joseph Selwyn Co., Belmont Hingham Homes Corp., Hingham U. S. Army Engineers, Manchester Sub-office Instrument Man Chief of Party Computer WILLIAM C. NUTTING Accounting 33 Glen Road, Wellesley Hills Activities : Sigma Society 5 ; Freshman Honor List ; Dean ' s List 3, 5; Glee Club 1. Cooperative Work: Edmunds Drug Store, Newtonville Clerk Webster and Atlas National Bank, Messenger Boston and Clerk 02ZL° 9 A 7 - JOHN R. OGONIK Accounting 33 Worcester Street, Boston Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; Baseball 1; News 4, 5; Law and Accounting Club 3, 4, 5; Banking and Finance Club 3, 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Clerk J. F. Hammetr Co. Boston Clerk OWNEY D. OKSANEN Industrial Engineering 233 Main Street, Danielson, Conn. BrE Activities : Dean ' s List 5; Student Union I, 2, 3; Astronomy Club 1; Dance Committee 2; Class Secretary 2; Class Executive Committee 2; S.A.M. Vice-President 5. Cooperative Work: General Electric Co., Lynn Planning Office Foxboro Co., Foxboro Meter Calibration Laboratory 83 DAVID W. ORDf AY Industrial Engineering 21 Fern Street, Auburndale Activities: S.A.M. 4, 5; U.S. Naval Reserve. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Industrial Engineer EDWARD J. PARSSINEN Electrical Engineering Sandwich Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 3, 4, 5; Basketball 1; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: General Radio Co., Cambridge Laboratory Assistant U. S. Engineering Dept., Boston Rodman oOLs 9 A ALFRED J. PATTERSON Civil Engineering 132 Day Street, Jamaica Plain Activities: Track 1; Basketball 1; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: L. G. Bracket! Eng. Co., Draftsman, Cambridge Calculator Brae Burn Nursery, Salesman, Watertown Landscape Gardener CHARLES R. PATTERSON Accounting 154 Keeler Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn. AK2 Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Student Council 5; Class Secretary 4; Senior Week Committee; Football Dance Chairman 5, Football Rally Co-Chairman 5; Fraternity Grand-Questor 2, 3, 4, Grand Councillor 5; Interfraternity Council 3; Banking and Finance Society Vice-President 3. Cooperative Work: Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Production Clerk Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co., Trust Boston Dept- Northeastern University, Boston Assistant Cashier ALPHONSE PAJONAS Public Administration 68 Morris Street, Hartford, Conn. Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Captain 1 ; Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 1 ; Student Council 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Northeastern University, Boston Student Assistant WILLIAM W. PERKINS Industrial Engineering 32 Lafayette Avenue, Hingham Activities: Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4; U. S. Naval Reserve. Cooperative Work: U. S. Coast Geodetic Survey, Boston Cadet Office Warren Telechron Co., Ashland Methods Man 022L 9 4 HENRY PETERSON Chemical Engineering 17 Lincoln Road, East Natick Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 1, 2, 3; Student Council 5; Cauldron Junior Staff, Photo- graphic Editor 5 ; A.I.Ch.E. President 5, Chairman of Program Committee of National Student Chapter Con- vention, Boston, 1942; Senior Week Committee; A.C.S. Cooperative Work: Atlantic Research Associates, Inc., Newtonville STANLEY R. PETERSON Industrial Engineering 12 Springhill Road, Hyde Park Activities: Class Executive Committee 4; Camera Club 1, 2; A.S.M.E.; S.A.M.; U. S. Naval Reserve. Cooperative Work: B. F. Sturtevant, Co. Hyde Park Sheetmetal Work U. S. Navy, Boston Ordnance Officer 85 WILLIAM A. PICHE Accounting Lancaster, N. H. Cooperative Work: Boston Globe Newspaper Co., Boston Copy Boy Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Salesman JOHN A. PIERCE Liberal Arts (English) 24 Alpine Street, Maiden Activities: German Club 2, 3; Yacht Club 3 Cooperative Work: The Boston Globe, Boston o£L 9 A ' 2 - WALTER E. POLLEY, Jr. Advertising and Merchandising Highland Avenue, No. Chelmsford $BA Activities: News 2, 3, Advertising Manager 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Pepperell Mfg. Co., Boston Clerk ABRAHAM POLONSKY Mechanical Engineering 232 Myrtle Street, New Bedford Activities: Band 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2; A.S.M.E. Messenger 86 STANLEY J. POSLUSHNY Liberal Arts (Mathematics-Physics) 617-18th Street, Newark, N. J. Activities: Football 4, 5; Basketball 1, 4; Baseball 1. Cooperative Work: Sun Oil Co., Newark, N. J. Laborer LESLIE E. PRIESTMAN Mechanical Engineering 92 Main Street, Ashland Activities: Class Executive Council 2; Cauldron Junior Staff; Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Conductor 4; Glee Club 4. Cooperative Work: Towle Mfg. Co., Newburyport Trainee Lapointe Machine Tool Co., Hudson Draftsman oOLs 9 4-?- F. WESTON PRIOR Industrial Administration 354 Wolcott Street, Auburndale BA Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Band 4; Fraternity Sergeant at Arms 4, Secretary 5; Dean ' s Cabinet 4; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Crittenden Mfg. Co., Boston Machinist THOMAS A. PRIZIO Civil Engineering 3 Floyd Street, Revere Activities : Baseball 1, 2; Glee Club 1; A.S.C.E.; B.S.C.E.; N.U.C.E.S. Cooperative Work: John Rand, Melrose Transitman U. S. Army Engineers, Boston Chief of Party 87 MICHAEL PROHODSKY Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) Schoo l Street, Mansfield Activities: Track 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, IC4A Two-mile Indoor Crown 3, Cross Country 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Class Executive Council 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 4, 5. Cooperative Work: S. W. Card Mfg. Co., Mansfield Machinist H. CARLTON RACE Electrical Engineering 54 Bond Street, Norwood Activities: Student Union 5; Yacht Club 4; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: B. F. Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park Electrical Testing The Foxboro Co., Foxboro Engineering Dept. 022L 9 4-2- LEON E. RASANEN Civil Engineering 132 Roosevelt Avenue, Norwood BrE Football 1; Track 1, 3; Glee Club 1; N.U.C.E.S.; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: Willcox Construction Co. Inc., Long Island City Instrument Man HOWARD I. RAVVEN Liberal Arts. (Economics-Sociology) 47 Pasadena Road, Roxbury Activities: Acadejny; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Society 3, 4. 88 RICHARD F. RAYMOND Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 517 Essex Street, Lynn A ctivities : Academy, Secretary-Treasurer 4, President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Dean ' s Cabinet 4, 5, Vice-Chairman 4; Class Executive Council 5; Football Dance Committee 5; N.U.C.S. Secretary 3, President 4. Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges 5. Cooperative Work: Porter Chemical Co., Boston Salesman Sears, Roebuck and Co., Boston Stock Clerk Northeastern University, Boston Chemistry Dept. KENNETH W. RICHARDSON, Jr. Chemical Engineering 824 Concord Street, Framingham 2 A Activities: Cross Country 1; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Springfield Gas Co., Springfield Bay State Abrasives Products Co., Westboro Shell Oil Co., New York, N. Y. Heating Engineer Grain Tester Assistant Corrosion Engineer o£L 9 4- FRANK A. RING Retail Merchandising 278 Grove Street, Waltham Activities: Hus-Skiers 5; Banking and Finance Club 2; Dance Committee 3 ; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Grover Cronin, Inc., Waltham Salesman J. S. Packard Dredging Co., Assistant Quincy Purchasing Agent MICHAEL M. RIOLA Mechanical Engineering 3035 Main Street, Bridgeport, Conn. Activities : A.S.M.E. Executive Committee 4. Cooperative Work: Manning Maxwell and Moore, Inc. Machinist Bridgeport, Conn. Producto Machine Co., Machinist Bridgeport, Conn. 89 VICTOR I. ROBINSON Electrical Engineering 233 Lafayette Street, Salem Activities: Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ; A.I.E.E. Executive Council 2, 3. Cooperative Work: Silver ' s Supply Co., Salem Clerk Silvertile Fixture Co., Lynn Shop Manager WILLIAM W. ROBINSON Banking and Finance 17 Beach Road, Lynn Activities: Sigma Society ; Freshman Honor List ; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; News 1; Cauldron Junior Staff; Cauldron Business Manager; Student Council 3, 4, President 5; Class Vice- President 1, 2, 3, 5; Treasurer 4; Dance Committee Chairman 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee 4; Senior Week Committee Chairman 5 ; Committee for Induction of Queen Husky ; Swimming 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Ski Club President 5; S.A.M.; U. S. Naval Reserve; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities 5. Cooperative Work: The American News Co., Boston Sales Promotion The Carter ' s Ink Co., Boston Salesman 9 4 GEORGE A. ROSS Retail Management 18 Dustin Street, Brighton 2$A Activities: Football 1; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4. Cooperative Work: U. S. Post Office, Boston Clerk Boston Globe, Boston Office Work GEORGE G. ROSS Electrical Engineering 338 Trapelo Road, Waltham Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Cooperative Work: General Radio Co., Cambridge Draftsman 90 ALVAN D. RUBIN Liberal Arts (English) 28 Babcock Street, Brookline 2K Activities: Student Union 3; News 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sociology Club 4; Inter- fraternity Council 4. Cooperative Work: Boston Globe, Boston Editorial Assistant ANTHONY C. ROSSELLI Management and Advertising 28 Heath Street, Somerville Activities: Accounting and Law Club 1, 2, 3 ; Banking and Finance Society 1, 2; Radio Club 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1. Cooperative Work: Sawyer Construction Co., Boston Office Worker Rosselli Construction, Foreman and Somerville Timekeeper William ' s Radio, Somerville Copy Writer U. S. Post Office, Boston Clerk 9 A SEYMOUR RUTBERG Liberal Arts, (Economics-Sociology) 28 York Street, Dorchester 2K$ Activities: Dean ' s List 4; Executive Council 5; Dramatic Club 5; Sociology 5. NORMAN A. SACKNOFF Accounting 61 Pleasant Street, Brookline Activities: Baseball 1, 2; Track 1; Law and Accounting Club 2, 3, 4, 5; Banking and Finance Club 1, 2; I.R.C. 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2. 91 ROBERT I. SAMMONDS Mechanical Engineering 431 Cabot Street, Beverly Activities: Dean ' s List 3, 4, 5; Basketball 1; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work : Sanborn Co , Cambridge Assistant Shipping Clerk New England Power Service Co., Draftsman Boston Invoice Checker General Electric Co., Lynn Designer, Draftsman WILLIAM E. SANBORN Chemical Engineering 32 Vinal Avenue, Somerville BrE Activities : Freshman Honor List ; Student Council 4, President 5 ; Student Union, Intercollegiate Chairman 3, Secretary 4, Vice-President 5; Class Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3; Junior Prom Committee 4; Fraternity Social Chairman 4, Membership Chairman 5; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates, Everett Chemist o£L 9 A JAMES F. SANFORD Electrical Engineering Water Mill, N. Y. NEZ Activities: Freshman Honor List; Class President 4, 5; Class Treas- urer 3; Class Executive Council 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Football 1, 2, 3; Student Council 5; Interfraternity Council 5; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities 4, 5; A.I.E.E. President 5. Cooperative Work : Western Union Telegraph Co., Laboratory Water Mill, N. Y. Assistant ARNOLD E. SAUNDERS Chemical Engineering 53 Gorham Street, Chelmsford Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Northeastern University, Boston Chemical Assistant 92 LOUIS H. SCHALL Electrical Engineering 64 Fairfield Street, Dedham AK2 Activities: Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; I R.E. 3, 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Submarine Signal Co., Boston Draftsman THOMAS F. SCULLY Mechanical Engineering 185 North Main Street, Ansonia, Conn. Activities: Nutmeg Club 2; A.S.M.E. Cooperative fFork: M. H. Scully Co., Ansonia, Conn. Meullers Service Station, Ansonia, Conn. De Luxe Ams Co., Ansonia, Conn. Helper and Estimator Bench Lathe Operator Automobile Mechanic Head Checker on Condenser Settings o£L° i 9 A % RALPH G. SEMONIAN Marketing and Advertising 67 Foster Street, Brighton Activities: Sigma Society; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Boston Globe Co., Boston Editorial Dept. LELIO SERAFINI Civil Engineering 112 Lancaster Street, Quincy Activities: Freshman Honor List; Glee Club 1; A.S.C.E.; B.S.C.E.; N.U.CE. S. Cooperative Work: Whitman Howard, Boston Rodman E. W. Branch, Inc., Quincy Instrument Man Hingham Homes Corp., Hingham Chief of Party 93 ROBERT W. SHACKFORD Mechanical Engineering 217 Boston Avenue, Medford Activities : Dance Committee 3; C.P.T.P. 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist Socony Vacuum Oil Co., Boston Salesman DEAN F. SHORT Accounting 44 East Britannia Street, Taunton BA Activities: C.P.T.P. 4; Football 1, 2, 3 ; Interfraternity Basketball 4; Orchestra 1 ; Band 3 ; Accounting Club 3, 4, 5 ; Senior Week Committee 5. Cooperative Work: Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Tea Room Swansea Print Works, Swansea Frame Tender oHLs 9 A?- SIDNEY J. SIEGEL Industrial Engineering 90 Ames Street, Lawrence KZ Activities: Dean ' s List 5; Hockey Manager 1. 3, 4; Math Club 2; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Final Checker and Packer Ashton Valve Co., Cambridge Production Control NORMAN S. SILSBY Mechanical Engineering 455 High Rock Street, Needham Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; C.P.T.P. 4 5; Student Instructor 5; Chess Club 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Northeastern Physics Laboratory Laboratory Assistant Manager of C.P.T. P. 94 SYLVAN S. SIMON Chemical Engineering 17 East Boulevard Road, Newton Activities: Chess Club 1, 2; Mathematics Club 2; Student Athletic Committee 4; Baseball 2 3, Captain 1, 4, All New England 3, 4, Honorable Mention 2; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: City of Newton Engineering Dept., Rodman and Newton Transitman American Oil Products Co., Assistant Cambridge Chemist WALTER SKOGLUND Mechanical Engineering 290 Whitwell Street, Quincy BrE Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Class Repre- sentative 1; Dance Committee 1; Interfraternity Basket- ball 4; A.S.M.E. Treasurer 5; Ensign U. S. Naval Reserve Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist Bethlehem Steel Corp., Radiographer Quincy Pipe Fitter oHL 9 A-l ERNEST FRANCIS SLAVIN Mechanical Engineering 140 Cliff Avenue, Winthrop KZ$ Activities : News 4; Band 1, 2, 3 ; Fraternity Corresponding Scribe 4, 5; Chairman Social Committee 4; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Co., Draftsman Boston Hesse Machine and Mfg. Co., Machinist Boston Engineering Assistant Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist BILL K. SMITH Mechanical Engineering 10 Orlando Avenue, Winthrop Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Boston Maine R.R., Billerica Student Apprentice General Electric Co., W. Lynn Student Engineer 95 DUANE S. SMITH Liberal Arts (Economies) 5 Plymuoth Road, Lexington Activities : Dean ' s List 2, 3; Track 1; Dean ' s Cabinet Secretary 5; Student Union 5; Class Treasurer 5; Debating Club 1; Tennis Club 1, 2, 3; Hus-Skiers 5; International Rela- tions Club 3, 4, 5; S.A.M.; U. S. Naval Reserve. Cooperative Work: Falk Photo Studio, Boston Salesman Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Salesman Northeastern University, Boston Office Boy Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Boston Clerk ELMER E. SMITH Civil Engineering Sabael, N. Y. Activities : Basketball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1; N.U.C.E.S.; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E. Cooperative JFork: Lally Column Co., Cambridge Draftsman Wigtom-Abbott Corp , Transitman and Tahawus, N. Y. Chief of Party 9 A JACK SMOOKLER Advertising and Management 8 Montana Street, Roxbury Activities: Dramatic Club 3, 4, 5; S.A.M. BERTRAM SPILLER Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 116 Lewis Street, Lynn Activities: Dean ' s List 3, 4; Band 1; Orchestra 1; German Club 2. 96 JAMES ROGER SPRIGGS Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 19 Jackson Street, Attleboro EDWARD M. SPROWL Banking and Finance 10 Phillips Street, Natiek BA Activities: Dean ' s List 3, 4; Banking and Finance Society 3, 4, President 5 ; Law and Accounting Club 3 ; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Dennison Mfg., Co., Boston Sales Clerk Atlas Tack Corp., Fairhaven Cost Accountant OZZLs 9 A-l JACK J. STALLER Mechanical Engineering 83 Shore Drive, Winthrop Dean ' s List 4; Camera Club 1, 2; Fraternity Newspaper 5; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist NORMAN A. STEAD Mechanical Engineering 79 Pleasant Street, No. Andover Activities: Cauldron Junior Staff; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Davis Furber Machine Co., Andover Machinist General Electric Co., Lynn Student Engineer 97 CHARLES E. STEELE Mechanical Engineering 162 Harvard Street, Quincy Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: New Haven R.R., Boston Steam Heat Man Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Pipers Helper Quincy X-ray Man, Outside Machinist JAMES F. STOLBERG Liberal Arts (Economics-Sociology) 72 Mill Street, Worcester Cooperative Work: First National Stores, Sales Clerk Worcester and Manager 9 4 1 ABRAHAM A. STONE Accounting 12 Franklin Avenue, Chelsea Activities: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Law and Accounting Club 4, 5; S.A.M. 4, 5. MERRILL M. STONE Electrical Engineering 84 Harvard Avenue, Allston KZ$ Activities : Band 1, 2, 3; Class Dance Committee 1, 2, 3; Class Representative 1 ; Radio Club 3, 4, President 5 ; Astronomy Club 1 ; Dramatic Club 4 ; Fraternity Scribe 5; AI.E.E.; I.R.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Inspector, Testor Westinghouse Electric Co., So. Boston Draftsman 98 RALPH W. STONE, Jr. Mechanical Engineering 402 Wilbraham Road, Springfield Activities: Senate-Tau Beta Pi; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Sears B. Condit Award;. A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Repair Man, Inspector Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., Stress Analyst Indian Orchard Checker HOWARD S. STYRON Industrial Engineering 127 Broad Street, New Bern, N. C. BrE Activities : Fraternity Bugle; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Assemblyman Warren Telechron Co., Ashland Trainee OtZLfr 9 1 WALLACE F. SULLIVAN Accounting 23 Villa Avenue, Cranston, R. I. Activities : Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- sities 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Northeastern University, Boston Clerk RICHARD D. SUTLIFF Civil Engineering 69 East State Street, Gloversville, N. Y. NEZ Activities : Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Class Executive Council 3, 4, 5; N.U.C.E.S. President 5; Cross Country Manager 1; Fraternity Secretary 5; Student Union 2, 3, 4, 5. Cooperative Work: Public Works Dept., Assistant Town Stoneham Engineer 99 FRANK S. SVELNIS Electrical Engineering 163 I Street, So. Boston Activities : Freshman Honor List; Baseball 2; Radio Club; I.R.E. ; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: P. S. Thorsen Co., Construction So. Boston Worker Fore River Shipyard, Quincy Electric Draftsman CHARLES B. SWIFT, Jr. Civil Engineering 6 Belvoir Avenue, Taunton Activities: Dean ' s List 4; N.U.C.E.S. Vice-President 5; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1; A.S.C.E.; B.S.C.E.; E.S.N.E. Cooperative Work: N.Y.. N.H. H. R.R. Co., Civil Hartford, Conn. Engineer National Fireworks, Inc., Civil W. Hanover Engineer 1 9 A EDWARD S. TAYLOR Industrial Administration 7 Linwood Street, Saugus $BA Activities: Freshman Honor List; Glee Club 1, 4; Fraternity Treas- urer 4, President 5. Cooperative Work: Poor ' s Publishing Co., Clerical, Wellesley Proof Reading Leonard W. Cronkhite, Inc., Shipping, Receiving, So. Boston Bookkeeping, Inventory WILLIAM I. TAYLOR Industrial Administration 532 Fairmount Street, Fitchburg 2$A Activities: Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Law and Accounting Club 2, 3; Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3, 4, Head 5; S.A.M. Junior Prom Committee, Student Activities 5. Cooperative Work: C. H. Merrill Co., Fitchburg Steel Driller Iver Johnson ' s Arms Cycle Co., Fitchburg Inspector Clark-Wilcox Co., Allston Accountant Colt ' s Patent Firearms Co., Clerk Hartford, Conn. 100 THOMAS J. TEVLIN Civil Engineering 26 Burlington Avenue, Lowell Activities: Glee Club 1; N.U.C.ES.; B.S.C.E.; A.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: F. W. Stowers, Methuen Survey Chief John A. Stevens, Inc., Lowell Student Engineer ELLSWORTH H. TIDD Civil Engineering 85 Central Street, Georgetown Activities: Astronomy Club 1; N.U.C.E.S. Cooperative Work: Alfred E. Tidd, Contractor, Georgetown Carpenter Richard Howe, Contractor, Danvers Carpenter oiZLfr 9 A ERNEST W. TITUS Mechanical Engineering 34 Randolph Street, Canton Activities : Cross Country Squad 1; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: A, C. Lawrence Co., Peabody Draftsman Commercial Filter Corp., Boston Oil Laboratory Technician CHARLES H. TONGUE Industrial Administration Potter Boulevard, Bridgewaters, N. Y. AK2 Activities: Class Executive Council 2 ; Banking and Finance Society 2, 3 ; Dance Committee 1, 2, 3 ; Fraternity Social Chair- man 2, 3, Secretary 5; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: American Telephone and Telegraph Co., New York Photostat Assistant, Mail Clerk Morley Manufacturing Co. Methods Engineering 101 GEORGE E. TUFFIN Mechanical Engineering North Granby Road, Granby, Connecticut $rn Activities: Class Treasurer 3 ; Executive Council 3 ; Assistant Sec- tion Treasurer 4; Fraternity Social Chairman 4; Frater- nity President 5; Hus-Skiers 5; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Veeder Root, Inc., Hartford, Conn. Inspector and Assembly Underwood E. F. Co., Hartford, Conn. Apprentice Toolmaker Pratt and Whitney Co., E. Hartford Conn., Apprentice Toolmaker WALTER C. URBANIK Marketing and Advertising 10 Becket Street, Dorchester 2$A Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Hockey 1, 2, 3. Cooperative Work: Realty, Inc., Boston Janitor oOL 9 +1 FENTON W. VARNEY Mechanical Engineering 382 First Parish Road, Scituate Activities: A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Boston Gear Works, Inc., North Quincy Mac ALBERT VESPAZIANI Mechanical Engineering 20 Eaton Street, East Milton Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Boston Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine Sturtevant Co., Hyde Park George Lawley Corp., Neponset Machinist Outside Machinist Draftsman Engineer 102 RICHARD F. WADLEIGH Banking and Finance Treble Cove Road, North Billerica Activities: News 1, Advertising Manager 2, Assistant Business Man- ager 3, Business Manager 4, 5 ; Business Consultant 5 ; Dean ' s Cabinet 3 ; Class Dance Committee 2, 3 ; Junior Prom Committee; Cauldron Junior Staff; N.E.I.N.A. Or- ganization Committee 3, Convention Committee Chair- man 4; International Relations Club 4, 5; Track 1; Hus- Skiers 5; Banking and Finance Society 2, 3, 4. Cooperative Work: Sears Roebuck and Co., Boston Sporting Goods Salesman Mail Order Merchandise Adjuster LOUIS GERARD WAHL Civil Engineering 328 Lynn Street, Maiden Activities : Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; N.U.C.E.S. Cooperative Work: John F. Rand, Civil Engineer, Melrose Rodman Instrument man Chief of Party Designer rtSitAo 9 A GEORGE E. WALL Electrical Engineering 36 Tudor Street, Lynn Activities: C.P.T.P. 4; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Vulcan Electric Co., Lynn Tester Laboratory Assistant WILLIAM O. WALLACE Mechanical Engineering 5 Nonantum Street, Newton Activities : Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; Hockey 1; Tennis 1; Rifle Team 3; Math Club 2, 3; Ensign— U. S. Naval Reserve; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: J. W. Greer, Cambridge B. F. Sturtevant, Hyde Park Miller Oil Co., Waltham Newton Free Library, Newton Designer Drafting Attendant Assistant 103 CHARLES H. WATERMAN Electrical Engineering 152 Kesley Street, South Portland, Maine Activities: Radio Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 5. Cooperative Work: Submarine Signal Company, Boston Laboratory Assistant T. RAY WEAVER Chemical Engineering 106 Skiff Avenue, Frankfort, N. Y. BrE Activities: Senate — Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; Band 1, 2; Orchestra 1; Fraternity Vice-Presdient 5; Senior Week Committee; Who ' s Who Among Students in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities 5; Sears B. Condit Honor Award 5; A.I.Ch.E., Treasurer 5. Cooperative Work: Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Boston Inspection Department United States Rubber Co., Naugatuck, Conn. Laboratory Technician o£L 9 A ROLAND A. WEBBER Chemical Engineering 760 Tremont Street, Boston Activities: Freshman Honor List; Cross Country 3; Track 2, 3, 4. EDWARD L. WELLS Mechanical Engineering 15 Union Street, Randolph Activities : Freshman Honor List; Swimming Team 1; Band 1, 2; C.P.T.P. 4; A.S.M.E. Cooperative Work: Boston Gear Works, Inc., North Quincy Burring Drilling Internal Grinding Inspection Blue Printing 104 SAUL S. WERSTED Liberal Arts (Sociology-Economics) 10 Nahant Avenue, Revere Activities: Academy, Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Sears B. Condit Award 4. ANDREW W. WHITES Industrial Engineering 182 Greenwood Street, Marlboro 2$A Activities: Dean ' s List 5 ; Track 1 ; Dance Committee 1 ; Cauldron Junior Staff; Cauldron Managing Editor 5; Chess Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Astronomy Club 2; S.A.M. Cooperative Work : Lapointe Machine and Tool Co., Marlboro Industrial Engineer 9 A GORDON B. WHITNEY Chemical Engineering Worcester Road, Westminster BrE Activities : Dean ' s List 4; Fraternity Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, President 5; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work : Falulah Paper Co., Fitchburg Laboratory Assistant Fall River Gas Works Co., Fall River Laboratory Assistant LAWRENCE E. WHITNEY Electrical Engineering R. F. D. 1 Box 64 Union, Maine Activities: Freshman Honor List; Baseball Manager 1, 2, 3; Radio Club 2, 3, 4, 5; Rifle Club 3; Maine Club Secretary. Treasurer 1; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work : Boston Edison Co., Boston 105 ROGER C. WILDER Marketing and Advertising 17 Oakland Street, Melrose Activities : Dance Committee 2, 3 ; Law and Accounting Club 5 ; SA.M. Cooperative Work : L. D. Paine, Boston Jordan Marsh Company, Boston R. W. Linscott Company, Boston Draftsman Superintendent Salesman Parts Department Stockboy Northeastern University, Boston Night Watchman J. S. Packard Dredging Co., New London, Conn. Shore Captain DEAN E. WILLIAMS Chemical Engineering 39A Walnut Street, Somerville BrE Activities : Football 1, 2 3, Captain 4; Hockey 1; Baseball 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Student Council 5; Interfraternity Council, Sec- retary-Treasurer 5; Social Committee 3; Junior Prom Committee; Class Vice-President 4, Treasurer 5; Senior Week Committee Treasurer 5; A.I.Ch.E., Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Cooperative Work: John P. Squire Co., East Cambridge Shipping Clerk Boston Consolidated Gas Co., Everett Control Chemist 9 A % EUGENE R. WILLIAMS Chemical Engineering 42 Harbor View Avenue, Winthrop Activities: Camera Club 1, 2; German Club 2, 3; A.I.Ch.E. Cooperative Work: Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates, Everett Special Analyst SAUL WOLF Chemical Engineering 60 Wales Street, Dorchester Activities : Freshman Honor List; Scholarship Awards 1, 2; Frater- nity High Potentate 5; Interfraternity Council 4; Cam- era Club 5 ; A.I.Ch.E. 106 ARTHUR G. WOLFF Accounting 32 Long Avenue, Allston Activities: Sigma Society; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Football 1; Student Union 1; Law and Account- ing Club 4, 5; International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, 5; Banking and Finance Club 2, 3. Cooperative Work: Jordan Marsh Co., Boston Salesman William Filene and Co., Boston Shipper J. LEONARD WOLFSON Merchandising 70 Abbottsford Road, Brookline Activities: Dean ' s Cabinet 4; Tennis 1; Orchestra 1; C.P.T.P. 4, 5; Camera Club 1 ; Hus-Skiers 5. Cooperative Work: Wofson Furriers, Inc., Boston Senior Accountant OZZLz 9 4-?- JOHN D. WOODWORTH Electrical Engineering Edmands Road, Framingham Activities : I.R.E.; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work : Raytheon Tube Corp., Newton Engineer ' s Helper Lapointe Machine Tool Co., Hudson Circuit Controller RUSSELL C. WRIGHT Marketing and Advertising 716 Franklin Street, Melrose Activities : Bacchanalians 1 ; S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Jordan Marsh Company, Boston Sales Clerk Spaulding Moss Company, Boston Receiver 107 PHILIP YAFFEE Electrical Engineering 62 Fayston Street, Roxbury Activities: Class Executive Council 2; Radio Club 1, 3, Secretary 2, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Yacht Club 4; A.I.E.E. Cooperative Work: Harvey Radio Laboratories, North Cambridge Drafting Testing Repairing DONALD J. YOUNG Industrial Engineering 3rd Avenue, West Hyannisport Activities : S.A.M. Cooperative Work: Sanborn Co., Cambridge Machinist G and N Engineering Co., Boston Design Draftsman oOLs 9 A JOHN S. YOUNG Industrial Engineering 2 Selwyn Road, Belmont Activities: S.A.M. Cooperative Work : Sanborn Company, Cambridge Machinist Star Brass Manufacturing Co., Boston Draftsman MANOOG S. YOUNG Liberal Arts (Mathematics-Physics) 3A Columbus Square, Boston Activities : Dean ' s List 4; Student Union Chairman, Intercollegiate and Civic Affairs Committee 5; Delegate of National Assembly of Student Christian Association, Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ohio 5. 108 JOSEPH B. YURYAN Mechanical Engineering 9 Marjorie Street, Hudson Activities : Soaring Society, President 4, 5; A.S.M.E. 2, 3, 4, 5. Cooperative Work: The Lapointe Machine Tool Co., Hudson Draftsman MINOT A. BRIDGHAM, Jr. Civil Engineering 179 Davis Avenue, Brookline Cooperative Work: Associated Factory Mutual Fire Insurance Co., Boston, Draftsman, Surveyor. RALPH D. JOHNSON Mechanical Engineering 45 Second Street, North Grafton Cooperative Work: Dennison Manufacturing Co., Boston. A. JOY CORNWELL Civil Engineering 26 Orchard Avenue, Blasdell, N. Y. Activities: B.S.C.E. Cooperative Work: Boston Y.M.C.A., Boston, Maintenance ; NY., N.H. Hartford R.R., Hartford, Conn , Railroad Construction. FRED C. GROSS Liberal Arts (English) 980 Memorial Drive. Cambridge MORRIS HOCHMAN Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 67 Branscomb Street, New Bedford Activities : Freshman Honor List; Football 1; N.U.Ch.S. A.Ch.S. CLARENCE E. SAWYER, Jr. Liberal Arts (Biology) 51 Everett Avenue, South Portland, Maine JAMES J. WALSH Liberal Arts (English) Blossom Road, North Westport ALBERT T. WILSON Liberal Arts (English) 187 Village Street, Medway Activities : Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List Glee Club 1, 2. Cooperative Work: Y.M.C.A., Boston, Clerk. 109 WILLIAM DAVID BELL 1919-1938 GEORGE WILLIAM DONLEY 1918-1939 IN MEMDRIAM Robert B. Akell Dominic Amara Joseph P. Andrews Edward C. Barmakian Otto G. Bartels John M. Bentley Chester W. Bray Henry J. Chin Fred T. Dwyer Irving Geller David W. Gibbs Francis D. Greenleaf Robert A. Hamilton James J. Kilroy George H. Klemm Rudolph A. Laakso Edmund F. Lapham, Jr. Richard H. Leland Arnc F. Lofgren John E. Marshall James M. McCracken, Jr. James A. Morris David J. Morrissey Harold F. Morrow Edmund A. J. Mroz Simon Nathenson William C. Nutting Owney D. Oksanen Edward J. Parssinen Richard F. Raymond William W. Robinson Robert I. Sammonds Arnold E. Saunders Ralph G. Semonian Sidney J. Siegel Norman S. Silsby Ralph W. Stone, Jr. T. Ray Weaver Andrew W. Whites SENIOR DEANS LIST in Schedules are remarkable devices, for, if they are maintained, objectives are accomplished, almost imperceptibly, while workers are more concerned with the more immediate problems. Absorbed with the intent of gaining a college education, 958 men embarked on a five-year schedule at Northeastern Uni- versity in the Fall of 1937. Raw materials for a ship, which would be launched as the " 1942, " entered the gates as a diffused but solid shipyard located in the Back Bay section of Boston. OJofol CZyresn re slam an Inspection of the major part of the raw material was held in the Huntington Building while some of the specialized sections were being observed in the Main and Laboratory Buildings. Construction was practically dormant during the first year while the inspectors were testing the material, looking forward to the day when they would use the best of the raw product for the keel. During the inspection period, a huge and modern new way was being con- structed, to help form a more compact shipyard. This was the first of several ways in the proposed building plan of the corporation. As Freshmen, members of the Class spent the year adjusting themselves to their new adventure and they were not overanxious about joining activities. Red and black ties could be seen flying into waiting trolleys immediately after the last class of the day was over. " Whisker Frisker, " the social precedent of the Class, attracted 250 couples at the Hotel Kenmore. The catchy title has been appropriated by the four subsequent Freshman classes. Fred Cusick and Charley Gates, representing the Class, won second and third places respectively in the Public Speaking Contest during their Freshman year. opnonaore Work on the keel of the " 1942 " was started in the Sophomore year. Raw ma- terial, approved by the inspectors, was moved to the new ways, and amid the conveniences of a modern workshop, a firm, well-balanced foundation was built during the year. Inconveniences of cross- ing a busy thoroughfare to get from one shop to another were memories which would never be experienced again. A campus colored with chlorophyl had re- placed one covered by macadam and parallel steel tracks. No longer would preceptors have to contend with dance orchestras practicing beneath them. A more compact and a more efficient ship- yard was the resultant of the change of location. Two smokers were held during the Sophomore year. Division A used a vaude- ville show to supplement the evening. Louis Michaelson walked away with first prize by giving imitations of F. D. R. giving a fire-side chat, Fred Allen, and other prominent persons. Dave Drum- inond and Bill Taylor took second prize with an exhibition of a couple jitterbug- ging. Gene Garlick, with his tap dancing, won third prize. Division B had a quiz program to augment its smoker. Harold Drury, Bob McNally, and Harry Mac- Quarrie were winners in that order. " The ' 42 Tangle " was held at the Copley Plaza during the Sophomore year with Ed Dacy, as M. C, conducting a musical quiz styled after Kay Kyser ' s Colleg of Musical Knowledge. Sam Zax, who later took second place on one of Kyser ' s nationwide broadcasts, won first honors. Outstanding social success of the Sopho- more year was " The Northeastern Moon- light Sail, " first affair in the history of the University for which a steamship had been chartered for the exclusive use of the student body and guests. The S.S. Steel Pier was hired and 300 classmates, faculty CLASS HISTORY 112 guests, and other students sailed a tri- angular course outside of Boston Harbor on a smooth, clear, moonlight June even- ing. Nate Abrams added to the evening with several tap renditions in the cabin. It was during the Sophomore year that students throughout the country decided that their fish diet needed a touch of color- ing. It started with a Harvard under- graduate who paid off a debt by devouring a live goldfish. Students in other schools, not to be outdone by Harvard, took up the challenge and the " world record " in- creased day by day. Northeastern ' s un- official representative, Jack Smookler, re- ceived notoriety when he consumed 36 wiggling specimens in front of the Opera House while a cheering crowd held up traffic on the Avenue. Smookler ' s world record was broken nine hours later when an M.I.T. gourmand was credited with forty fish. Several members of the Class of ' 42, who were destined to maintain their positions during the next two years, made first string on the varsity teams during the Sophomore year. Lou Cunningham and Johnny Chip- man were outstanding on the hockey team, while Jack Wiren and Sam Drevitch were key men on the track and cross country teams. Dean Williams, Ronnie Tubbs and Charley Abend were regulars on the foot- ball team and Syl Simon and Charley Foster were big stickers on the baseball team. (Mm er Work on the hull of the " 1942 " occupied the schedule for the Middler year. During this formulative year, progress became very evident to the yard officials. The " 1942 " assumed the smooth lines which had been drawn out for her. The two years previously given over to assure the ship of a firm foundation were being used as basis for the specialized work to follow. The unique dances of the Class came during the Middler year, which is also unique at Northeastern. The same year which brings the first grey hairs to the heads of many Northeastern men who spend many hours relating the why ' s and wherefor ' s of a Middler year, saw over 200 unsuperstitious couples attending the " Hi-jinx " dance. Friday the 13th was the date of the affair at which classmates waved a flouting hand at dame misfortune. Two black cats roamed the floor, crossing couples ' paths, while carefree students were breaking mirrors and walking under a specially erected ladder. Students did not report any serious consequences, but the Class Treasurer, Jimmy Sanford, woe- fully claimed that dame misfortune had wreaked her misfortune on him. The bookkeeping entry for the dance was also unique in that it was the only one in the history of the Class which was inserted in red ink. Division B came along with the equally unusual " Double Decker " dance held at Longwood Towers. Two bands were featured at this affair: Harry Daw supplied the regular dance music, while Ed Parsley and his " Saddle Pals " offered entertainment at the intermission with cowboy songs, rope tricks, and poor jokes. Most of the out of state and many local members of the Class had become mem- bers of fraternities by the Middler Year. These men found in their fraternities a substitute for their homes which was better than they had expected to find. The housemother furnished the home cooked food and just enough parental supervision to keep them from going too far astray. Members made strong friend- ships and " brothers " were surprised to find the extent to which fellow members would go to help them out of any difficulty. Fraternity members were exposed, more so than non-fraternity members, to an im- portant course which they did not sign up for, i.e., human nature. Al Pajonas and Wally Sullivan, two of the outstanding men who accelerated their CLASS HISTORY 113 programs to be graduated with the Class of ' 42, were both first stringers on the baseball and basketball teams during the 1939-40 college year. amor Specialization was necessary during the Junior year if the boat was to attain per- fection by June 1942. Each member con- centrated on his major and the hull of the " 1942 " was outfitted with the special parts. At the end of the year the ship appeared nearly ready for launching, as all the elements called for in the blue- prints had been placed. True, all the specifications had been met but there was still a short period, called for in the sche- dule, necessary to polish up the various parts before launching could be held. Social activity was dormant during the early part of the Junior year, for class- mates were looking forward to the cli- mactic social event of their lives — the Junior Promenade — and anything else would have been out of place. Committeemen worked hard and silently. They met at least once a week to spend an evening preparing for the night which would be termed perfect by their class- mates. The committee pledged their word to keep the plans secret until notification came through the proper channel. Every committeeman kept his pledge and through the medium of the NEWS, mem- bers of the Class learned that the Imperial Ballroom of the Hotel Statler had been selected as the site of the Prom. Other announcements came through periodically and prosaically to the mem- bers of the Class who were interested primarily in one thing: " Whose band will be selected to afford the music for the big affair? " Then the announcement was made: Harry James, the World ' s No. 1 Trum- peter, and his nineteen-piece orchestra had been signed to play for the most elaborate social event of the Class. Students were unanimous in their acclaim, and not one ticket was returned as a registration of disapproval of the selection. Students were going to great extremes to make sure that the evening would be a social success. Emily Post ' s " Blue Book " had a long reserved list at the public libraries in Greater Boston. Some students were taking dancing lessons so that they would be right up to form when the evening came. Everyone reserved the evening of April 4 with his best girl, and then became absorbed with making sure that every detail for the evening had been taken care of. Then the evening came. Baggy sport clothes were doffed for the vesture re- quired by the affair. Tails were donned for the first time by the majority of Class members and each one called for his own " Miss Northeastern. " Couples entered the Imperial Ballroom and began an evening which was later termed " a social and financial, if not an epicurean success. " James proved he had a just claim to his " World ' s No. 1 Trum- peter " title. The music was smooth, the vocalist, Dick Haines, was very good, and the air of sophistication made the evening particularly pleasant. But the Class re- ceived a minor set-back when the an- nouncement was made that the guest of a prominent Class of 1941 student, Gerald DeNapoli, had been selected as " Miss Northeastern. " Following the grand march the attendees received their only major disappointment when they returned to their tables for the scheduled chicken dinners, which turned out to be a poor facsimile of a midnight snack. Despite these " set-backs, " the Class was grateful to Johnny Chipman, Chairman, and the rest of the committee for arrang- ing an evening which will be cherished forever. Music officially ended at 3 A.M., but few students danced until the end. By that time students were engaged in carry- CLASS HISTORY 114 ing out their schedules which had been arranged beforehand. Names of members of the Class could be found in important offices and positions in every activity and sport during the Junior year. Si Nathenson and Dick Wad- leigh held the top positions on the NEWS, leading the staff toward the third straight " All-American " rating. They were also responsible for the success of the New England Inter-Collegiate Newspaper Asso- ciation convention held at Northeastern. Mike Prohodsky won national recognition when he captured the I.C. 4A. two-mile championship at Madison Square Garden in New York while Fred Cusick was gain- ing fame throughout New England with his daily sports review over Station WCOP in Boston. enior Activity during the Senior year was pointed toward the last social event of the Class — Senior Week. But the festivities scheduled for June would have been poorly attended by many B.A. ' s, L.A. ' s, and some of the engineers who would, by that time, be working for Uncle Sam. Draft boards which had been lenient toward college students before December 7, 1941, became very strict about their deferments after the attack on Pearl Har- bor. So it was decided to have two sepa- rate Senior Weeks — one for each division. Division A has had its affairs — a stag banquet at the Hotel Gardner and a formal dinner-dance in the Statler Terrace Room — and Division B is expected to have similar affairs. Thus, the Class is deprived of the opportunity of terminating its studies with the fanfare of previous Classes. But the situation could not be helped and the members have one con- solation; i.e., the Junior Promenade will be all the more vivid because it is the brightest spot in social history — the one point where both divisions united for the Class formal. Seniors played prominent roles during their final year at Northeastern. To men- tion a few, Rudy Laskso was instrumental in having the College of Engineering ac- cepted by Tau Beta Pi, national honor society for Engineering Colleges; Bill Robinson and Gordon Brown played im- portant parts in organizing the Hus-skiers; and Alpha Kappa Sigma, under Charley Patterson, purchased $1200 worth of de- fense bonds. The ship is nearly complete and ready for launching according to the schedule which was set five years ago. As the Ad- ministration prepares for the commence- ment exercises, it finds that while it was building one large ship, there are over 300 smaller boats which make the larger ship complete. These boats have completed their formulative period on the ways and must be launched to make way for a new ship. But they are not complete. As with every ship, there is much work to be done after the launching — their careers are just beginning. These boats have been moulded according to a pattern of the world which looks to them for leadership. To date these boats have had a similar background but with the launching this similarity ceases. Different experiences and environments will make them more individualistic as the years pass. Someone once aptly said: " It is the set of the Sails And not the gales Which determine the course you go. " It is impossible to predict at this time where these ships will sail and to what extent their careers will be successful. Their first objectives are Tokyo, Berlin, and Rome. When these goals have been attained, then they may embark on the courses which they themselves choose. A far better author than the present one will record that history for the twenty-fifth reunion in 1967. G. B. C. CLASS HISTORY 115 JOHN C. CHIPMAN Captain of the Hockey Team JOSEPH DIAS Captain of the 1941 Football Team SAMUEL DREVITCH Captain of the Cross Country Team RUDOLPH A. LAAKSO Senior Class President JAMES M. McCRACKEN, JR. Highest Ranking Business Ad- ministration Senior (Cumulative Grade for Four and One-Half Years) JAMES A. MORRIS Highest Ranking Liberal Arts Senior (Cumulative Grades for Four and One-Half Years) Men of Energy 116 CLINTON P. MOTT President of the Student Union EDMUND A. J. MROZ Highest Ranking Engineering Senior (Cumulative Grades for Four and One-Half Years) SIMON NATHENSON Editor-in-Chief of the Northeastern News MICHAEL PROHODSKY Captain of the 1942 Track Team WILLIAM W. ROBINSON President of the Student Council WILLIAM E. SANBORN President of the Student Council ■ Men of Energy 117 JAMES F. SANFORD Senior Class President SYLVAN S. SIMON Captain of the 1941 Baseball Team WALLACE F. SULLIVAN Captain of the 1942 Baseball Team DEAN WILLIAMS Captain of the 1940 Football Team JACOB WIREN Captain of the 1941 Track Team Men of Energy 118 UVitiC m tsj " n$ t?t t t " ! ' First Row. left to right: Lapham. Fisher, Weaver. Laakso. Kilroy. Saundl sinen. Second Row. left to right: Silsby, Barzelay, Church. Berkland, Skwar Greenleaf. Third Row, lift to right: Mroz, Gibbs, Morrissey, Coughlii n, Stone, Chin. RUDOLPH A. LAAKSO, ' 42 President T. RAY WEAVER. ' 42 Vice-President ARNOLD E. SAUNDERS, ' 42 Recording Secretary EDMUND F. LAPHAM, Jr., ' 42 Corresponding Secretary JAMES J. KILROY, ' 42 Treasurer HARLAND S. FISHER, ' 42 Cataloguer ADVISORY BOARD Prof. Frederick R. Henderson, Massachusetts Beta, ' 32 Mr. Martin W. Essigmann, Massachusetts Beta, ' 38 Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr., Massachusetts Epsilon, ' 25 Dean William C. White. Massachusetts Epsilon, ' 25 FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Martin W. Essigmann, ' 38 Prof. Albert E. Everett, ' 23 Mr. Warren L. Ganong, ' 37 Dr. Elmer E. Haskins, ' 25 Prof. Frederick R. Henderson, ' 32 Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. Prof. Edward S. Parsons, ' 22 Mr. George E. Pihl, ' 37 Mr. Albert K. Schmieder, ' 41 Mr. Loring M. Thompson, ' 40 Dean William C. White, ' 25 Prof. Albert E. Whittaker, ' 24 Edward C. Barmakian Arthur R. Barzelay Henry Chin Arthur E. Church, Jr. Joseph F. Coughlin Harland S. Fisher David W. Gibbs MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Francis D. Greenleaf Richard B. Hinckley James J. Kilroy Rudolph A. Laakso Edmund F. Lapham, Jr. David J. Morrissey Harold F. Morrow MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Irving T. Berkland Walter W. Schuster Edmund A. Mroz Edwin J. Parssinen Arnold E. Saunders Norman S. Silsby Ralph W. Stone, Jr. T. Ray Weaver Philip Yaffee Frank J. Skwarek TAU BETA PI 120 nsr -r V rr 4 I t -l ' V ' " f . t .? f ' fi ' wt £ok , left to right: Lofgren, Dean, Know! Robinson Moody. Second Row. left to right: I McKay, Datz, Bolz. Third Row, left to ri Hampton. , ' IacQu.urie, Andrews, McCracken, r, Bucci, Shaw, O ' Neill, Nutting, Sorgi, Hogan, Varner, Litvack, JOSEPH ANDREWS, ' 42 President HARRY A. MacQUARRIE, ' 42 Secretary JAMES McCRACKEN, ' 42 Vice-President GEORGE W. DEWEY, ' 43 Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DEAN ASA S. KNOWLES PROF. RUDOLPH M. MORRIS PROF. G. RAYMOND FENNELL PROF. GERALD R. TATTON DEAN ASA S. KNOWLES Faculty Adviser Joseph Andrews Kenneth Brierly Harry B. Hatch William R. Bolz Maxwell W. Datz Bernard L. Durgin Richard P. Bucci Carl R. Dillon Albert Frager MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Arne F. Lofgren Harry A. MacQuarrie James M. McCracken, Jr. Arthur G. Wolff MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE William R. Hampton Robert E Hogan Leonard Litvack MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Phillip E. Johnson Arthur R. McKay Frederick D. O ' Neill Albert F. Varner, Jr. William C. Nutting William W. Robinson Ralph G. Semonian Sumner D. Miller Richard E. Moody George W. Dewey Graham T. Riggs Donald J. Shaw Pasquale V. Sorgi SIGMA SOCIETY 121 RICHARD F. RAYMOND, ' 42 President SIMON NATHENSON, ' 42 Secretary-Treasurer RICHARD H. LELAND, ' 42 Vice-President DEAN WILFRED S. LAKE Faculty Adviser MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Richard H. Leland Simon Nathenson Richard F. Raymond Howard I. Ravven MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Ruben D. Rachmilovitz Robert H. Willis Saul S. Wersted THE ACADEMY 122 First Row. lejt to right: Nathenson, Berkland. Willis. Robinson Baile Williams. Second Row. left to right: Ashline. Sanford. O ' Brien. Juusola Doyle. Richardson Stretton, Cameron, McQuarrie. Third Row. left t Chesley, Scott. Shanahan. Imber. Mustard. Grant. WILLIAM E. SANBORN, ' 42 ROBERT H. WILLIS, ' 43 PHILIP H. BAILEY, ' 42 IRVING T. BERKLAND, ' 43 Presidents Vice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers DEAN HAROLD W. MELVIN Faculty Adviser WILLIAM W. ROBINSON, ' 42 JOHN C. CHIPMAN, ' 42 FREDERICK M. CUSICK, ' 42 RICHARD A. MORSE, ' 43 Philip H. Bailey John C. Chipman Frederick M. Cusick Roy A. Juusola MEMBERS PROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Harry A. MacQuarrie Simon Nathenson Charles R. Patterson Henry Peterson Dean E. Williams William W. Robinson Richard F. Raymond William E. Sanborn James F. Sanford Robert D. Ashline Irving T. Berkland Richard A. Morse MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Thomas F. O ' Brien George L. Richardson Lewis K. Scott Thomas E. Stretton Robert H. Willis Paul W. Cameron Earle M. Chesley MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Robert S. Doyle Edward F. Parker William J. White Chatson Wong J. Alden Cheever MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Charles R. Grant James L. Shanahan Robert M. Mustard STUDENT COUNCIL 123 First Row. left to right: Juusola, Willis, Oxton. Mott. Nathenson. McKenzie, Morse. Second Row. left to) right: Weinrebe, Robinson, A. Borofsky, S. Borofsky, Smith, Rubin, Stretton, Wilson. Third Row. left to right: Worrey, Kennedy, Musiker, Crowdis, Adams. Dalgleish. CLINTON P. MOTT, ' 42 Presidents WILLIAM E. SANBORN, ' 42 Vice-President FRANCIS W. McKENZIE, ' 43 Secretaries WALTER A. BONG, ' 43 Treasurers ERNEST G. OXTON, ' 43 SIMON NATHENSON, ' 42 WILFRED RUNK. ' 43 DR. CHARLES W. HAVICE, Faculty Adviser ADVISORY BOARD PRESIDENT CARL S. ELL DR. NEWTON C. FETTER DR. CHARLES W. HAVICE PROF. EDWARD S. PARSONS DEAN HAROLD W. MELVIN DEAN WILLIAM C. WHITE RICHARD H. KENNEDY, ' 43 ROBERT H. WILLIS, ' 43 GEORGE D. CAMERON, ' 44 STANLEY H. WORREY, ' 44 GEORGE KOSTAS, ' 43 ROY A. JUUSOLA, ' 42 GEORGE B. CROWDIS, ' 42 WILLIAM E. SANBORN, ' 42 COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Intercollegiate Religious Social Welfare Service Freshman Relations Publicity- Membership Interfaith MANOOG YOUNG, ' 42 DAVID L. THOMPSON, ' 44 JOSEPH WEINREBE, ' 44 D. HUBBARD FREEMAN, ' 44 THOMAS E. STRETTON, ' 43 KAY S. BLACKMAN, ' 43 DONALD SCHEIN, ' 43 ARNOLD J. BOROFSKY, ' 43 STUDENT UNID1V 124 First Row, left to right: Nathenson, Smith. Raymond Dean Lake Ellison. McKenzie. Leland. Second Row. left to right: Preston, Pruter. Willis. Lovering, Rose. Gogan, Imber. Curuby, Scheue DEAN WILFRED S. LAKE, Faculty Adviser Joseph Dias Richard H. Leland MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Simon Nathenson Duane S. Smith Richard F. Raymond Donald L. Ellison Thomas F. Gogan MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Francis W. McKenzie Henry O. Rose Robert H. Willis Michael J. Azzone Nicholas G. Curuby MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR David W. Lovering Ronald F. McKinnon Edward F. Preston Hugo R. Pruter William A. Foster Arthur L. Freundlich MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Francis R. Hankard Peter J. Manos Stanley D. Imber Paul J. Scheuer College of Liberal Arts DEAN ' S CABINET 125 CHEERLEADERS Two new cheers were introduced this year — " The Husky Wail, " and " Fight, Northeastern. " Both of them have been very successful. The cheerleaders have led Northeastern followers at all the football and basketball games. They have also assisted at rallies, parades, and various school programs, such as the Coronation of King Husky II. The squad consists of Stanley M. Buchanan, ' 44, head cheerleader; Robert E. Clayton, Jr., ' 46; Robert A. Gross, ' 44; Peter J. Manos, ' 45; Harold R. Musiker, ' 43; and George P. Petitin, Jr., ' 46. CAMERA CLUB In both divisions weekly lectures and darkroom demonstrations were conducted. Lectures and demon- strations were concerned mainly with all phases of developing, printing, and enlarging. Two shows were conducted, one in each division, which were open to the entire student body. These included pictures taken on the campus. A colored, still-picture show was presented by Paul Knaut. Officers for division A are, Robert G. Porter, ' 45, Chairman; David R. Wood, ' 45, Treasurer; for Divi- sion B, Sherman M. Kramer, ' 44, Chairman; Paul A. Knaut, Treasure. Professor George H. Meserve, Jr., acted as faculty adviser. CHESS CLUB The Tuesday and Thursday meetings of the North- eastern Chess Club were very well attended this year. Several new chess sets were purchased. Professor Joseph A. Coolidge, the faculty adviser to the club, instructed the beginners, and willingly played the old timers to a standstill. The President of the club was John H. Kerr, Jr., ' 44, and the Secretary-Treasurer, John H. Taylor. Jr., ' 46. ASTRONOMY CLUB The Astronomy Club has extended its interests to include a study of the sky for stars and clouds, and the earth for rocks, minerals, and geological features. The club members are also interested in the use of the principles of physics and chemistry. Visits to museums, ast ronomical observatories, and quarries are made in small groups. This year ' s officers are: President, James E. Cor- nish, ' 46; Vice-President, James I. Connelly, ' 46; Faculty Adviser to the club is Prof. C. David Johnson. CLUBS 127 INTERNATIONAL CLUB RELATIONS Tht The I. R. C. sponsored a Pan-American conference in conjunction with a nation-wide series of confer- ences of similar nature in other universities. The International Relations Clubs of the East met at a conference at Smith College, sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, to i -f discuss foreign relations. N. U. was represented by ' SS eight club members at five round table discussions. The club was represented at the Foreign Policy Associations meetings throughout the year, and re- ports of the meetings were given at the club meetings, club has no official officers. Professor Hamilton is faculty adviser. LAW AND ACCOUNTING CLUB Activities in the Law and Accounting Club centered around reports given by individual members. Joseph P. Andrews, ' 42, drew upon his personal experience in the development and analysis of " Ap- paratus Cost Accounting. " Dominic 0. Barbiero, ' 42, delivered a report based on research into current law and accounting problems. An analysis of ac- counting procedure in banks was made by Robert C. Campbell, ' 44. Group discussions, participated in by members of the club, featured other meetings. Officers of the club are: Presidents, Stephen J. Donlon, Jr., ' 42, and Arthur G. Wolff, ' 43; Vice-Presidents, Robert C. Campbell, ' 44, and George W. Dewey, ' 43; Secretaries, James L. Pappas, ' 43, and Albert Laughey, ' 44. Prof. Alfred DAlessandro is the faculty adviser. BANKING AND FINANCE SOCIETY During the first semester, the club discussed the security of national business. From an imaginary fund of $100,000 invested, members made profits amounting to nearly $10,000. Evening meetings were taken up largely by discussions of the fascinat- ing " Odd-Lot Index. " Declaration of war plunged the club into the subject of withholding taxes, and its effects. Evening meetings in the second semester featured an analysis by Mr. Guild, of the Boston Stock Exchange. Division A officers of the club are Edward M. Sprowl, ' 42, President; Harry W. Martin, ' 42, Vice-President; John Lally, ' 44, Secretary; and Albert Varner, ' 44, Treasurer. Division B officers are William W. Robinson, ' 42, President; Philip MacBarron, ' 43, Vice-President; William Shannon, ' 44, Secretary-Treasurer. Professor Hurshel E. Underhill acted as faculty adviser. CLUBS 128 DEBATING CLUB Business meetings and practice sessions of the Debating Society have been held regularly on Tues- days throughout the year. The upperclass, freshman, and evening division teams have debated with M. I. T. on the national intercollegiate proposition, Resolved: " That the Fed- eral Government should regulate by law all labor unions in the United States. " Officers of the club are, Edward F. Preston, ' 44, acting president; Hugo P. Pruter, ' 44, vice-president; and Robert E. Miller, ' 45, secretary. Mr. Norvish was the faculty adviser. H US-SKIERS The Hus-Skiers were organized in December, 1941, with a membership of 110. The club has enjoyed a very successful first year, culminating in a ski carnival on March 7 and 8, at Cranmore Mountain, North Conway, New Hampshire. The competitive material within the club is such that there are plans for inter- collegiate competition in 1943. Officers are: Presidents, Gordon H. Brown, ' 42, and William W. Robinson, ' 42; Vice-Presidents, Robert E. McKee, ' 45, and Gordon H. Brown, ' 42; Secre- taries, Bradford Holt, ' 46, and Carl E. Gubellini, ' 44; Treasurers, Kenneth Burr, ' 46, and Charles 0. Anderson, ' 42. Mr. Alvin R. Ingraham is the faculty adviser to the club. RIFLE CLUB National defense has greatly increased interest and participation in the Rifle Club. More than 150 students came to the first club meeting, and later tried out on the rifle range. The high point of the year ' s activity was the New England College Rifle League Tournament in March. N. U. scored fifth, preceded by Yale, Coast Guard, M. I. T., and Harvard, in that order. Elwood Myers rated third in individual shooting. In addition, Prof. J. James Devine, adviser to the club, was made director of the League for next year. Minor letters for riflery have been awarded to Ray H. Bartlett, Jr., ' 42; Vernon F. Carpenter, ' 43; Frederick A. Moore, Jr., ' 43; Elwood R. Myers, ' 42; Carl W. Pinkham, ' 44; Robert B. Richmond, ' 45; Hugh P. Simms, ' 44; Everett E. Stone, ' 43 ; David M. Straight, ' 43. Officers of the Club are: Elwood R. Myers, ' 42, President; Norman S. Crossley, ' 42, and Eugene F. Tangherlini, 43, Vice-Presidents; Arthur J. Davis, ' 45, and Frederick A. Moore, Jr., ' 43, Secretaries; Everett E. Stone, ' 43, and David M. Straight, ' 43, Treasurers; David R. Wood, ' 45, and Hugh P. Simms, ' 43, Ordnance Officers. CLUBS 129 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JOHN F. CAMPBELL JAMES JEFFERSON CHARLES P. KENNEY HARRY B. HATCH kjl to right: Campbell, Morse, Jefferson. Hil Presidents Vice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers PROF. ALBERT E. WHITTAKER Faculty Adviser RICHARD A. MORSE R. SCOTT SMITH ROWLAND HILL EDWARD J. SHAY LEROY C. BOWER GUNNAR MYRBECK ROBERT W. WATTS HARRY M. HILTON right: Home. Dr. Ha skins. Bowe t: Won K . Watts, Hilto n O ' Neill. My rbeck. Presidents ROBERT D. HORNE Vice-Presidents PAUL G. CLEARY Secretaries FRED D. O ' NEILL Treasurers CHATSON WONG DR. ELMER E. HASKINS Faculty Adviser MIDDLE CLASS OFFICERS 130 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First Row. left to right: Leach, Shanakia Second Row. left to right: Maker, Lon K , Prof. Meserve, Cheever, Phil THOMAS G. WHITE PHILIP S. SLOAN JAMES A. PHILLIPS RICHARD H. DOUGLAS Presidents Vice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers PROF. GEORGE H. MESERVE, Jr. Faculty Adviser JAMES L. SHANAHAN GEORGE A. LEACH, Jr. ROBERT W. MAKER J. ALDEN CHEEVER EDWARD J. LONG, Jr. First Row. left to right: Scott, Carleton. Kemp, Gardine EDWARD SCOTT President HUGH CARLETON Secretary MR. ERNEST L. SPENCER Adviser A. HARVEY GARDNER Vice-President C. ARTHUR KEMP Treasurer BRADFORD R. ADAMS Student Council Representative FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 131 GEORGE B. CROWDIS, Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM W. ROBINSON, Business RICHARD H. LELAND, Managing Editor ANDREW W. WHITES, Managing Editor The five years of the immediate past which we have spent together are undoubtedly the most formulative years of our lives. During that period something new has been added to each person listed in this book. It is the purpose of the Cauldron Board to record the results of these important years and to make them available to each member — to furnish each with a lifetime of memories. In editing Volume Twenty-one, we have made fundamental changes, designed to interest and please all seniors. We hope that these changes will accomplish their purpose. Our duties are finished except for one: that of selecting seven men, from the list on the opposite page, who will be responsible for producing the 1943 Cauldron. To them we offer our best wishes, and trust that their task will be as pleasant as ours has been. THE CAULDRON BOARD 132 HENRY PETERSON, Photographic Editor ALFRED G. IRISH, Photographic Editor ARTHUR E. CHURCH, Jr., Informal Pictures Editor PROF. EVERETT C. MARSTON, Faculty Adviser Arthur T. Annis Kay S. Blackman Bernard L. Durgin Richard M. Hatch, Jr. Rowland B. Hill Robert E. Hogan Richard H. Kennedy G. Walter May Francis W. McKenzie J. Burton Meisner Henry J. Milo, Jr. Richard E. Moody Richard A. Morse William H. Rathgeber George L. Richardson Thomas E. Stretton Chester E. Willette Robert H. Willis First Rom. left Second Row, left to right: H Third Row o right: Willis. McKenzie. Morse. tch, Hogan. Meisner, Moidy, Richa left to right: Milo, Willette. CAULDRON JUNIOR STAFF 133 First Row, lilt to right: Geffen, Shnaper, Campbell. Muskier, Nowlin, Lerner, Goldman. cond Row, lift to right: Dobish, Pomeroy. Markham, A. Borofsky, S. Borofsky, McDowell, Pruter. McKenzie. Third Row, left to right: Baxter, Kaufman. Imber, Worrey. Reporting Staff: Alec P. Dobish, ' 46; George M. Libin, ' 46; William G. Manning, ' 46; Cecil R. E. Baxter, ' 46; Tzolag A. Aaronian, ' 43; Arnold J. Borofsky, ' 43; Paul K. Plakias, ' 44; Edward Mroz, ' 42; Leonard I. Lerner, ' 45; Aaron L. Smith, ' 45; Ralph E. Worthington, ' 46; Donald E. Greene, ' 46; Sol Burstein, ' 45. Feature Staff: Ronald Douglas, ' 45; Robert Doyle, ' 44; Martin M. Goldman, ' 45; William G. Nowlin, ' 45; Norman B. Richard, ' 43; Franklin Feinstein, ' 45; Stanley D. Imber, ' 45; Hugo R. Pruter, ' 44; Milton K. Adams ' 45; Robert G. Drew, ' 44; Morris B. Finklestein, ' 46; Ernest J. Zitke, ' 46. Sports Staff: Robert Shnaper, ' 44; Simon Cohen, ' 45; Robert E. Tully, ' 46; Robert Kalin, ' 45; John Stewart, ' 43; John F. Campbell, ' 43; Stephen J. Donlon, ' 42; Wilfred C. Rodgers, ' 43. Advertising Staff: Samuel Ash, ' 45; John Ogonik, ' 42; Stanley Worrey, ' 44; John Dalgleish, ' 46; Maxwell Breslau, ' 46; Irwin Benjamin, ' 46; Horace Seldon, ' 46; Albert E. Varner, ' 44; J. Alden Cheever, ' 45 ; Samuel Tassel, ' 45. Photographic Staff: John Chapman, ' 46; Sumner S. Fanger, ' 45; J. Richard Akeroyd, ' 44; Milton Geffen, ' 44. Circulation Staff: Stanley Shuman, ' 46; Richard W. Pomeroy, ' 46; Joseph P. Ricci, ' 46; Charles H. Greenwood, Jr., ' 46; Harvey H. Kaufman, ' 44; Sumner L. Borofsky, ' 44; Irving T. McDowell. ' 44; Thomas L. Gieschi, ' 44; Harold R. Musiker, ' 44; Robert A. Torrey, ' 45; Herbert J. Hershman, ' 44; Robert B. Milgroom, ' 45. THE NEWS STAFF 134 First Rom, left to right: Stretton, Wadleigh, Nathenson, Oxton. Second Row. left to right: Carleton. Durgin, Gubellini, Rose, Dwyer, Polley, Crowdis, Feinburg. SIMON NATHENSON, ' 42 Editor-in-Chief MR. RANDALL W. HOFFMANN Faculty Adviser ERNEST G. OX TON, ' 43 Managing Editor PROF. WILLIAM T. CLONEY Technical Consultant RICHARD F. WADLEIGH, ' 42 Business Manager THOMAS E. STRETTON, ' 43 Associate Managing Editor A. JOSEPH FEINBERG, ' 44 Acting Managing Editor DONALD H. FREEMAN, ' 44 Make-up Editor NEWS EDITORS GEORGE B. CROWDIS, ' 42 BERNARD L. DURGIN, Jr., ' 43 HENRY O. ROSE, ' 43 EDWARD STEACIE, ' 42 FEATURE EDITORS SPORTS EDITORS CARL E. GUBELLINI, ' 44 FRED DWYER, ' 42 CIRCULATION MANAGERS RUSSELL CARLETON, ' 44 JOHN H. RUSSELL, ' 43 ADVERTISING MANAGERS CLARENCE D. WAINWRIGHT, ' 44 WALTER E. POLLEY, ' 42 PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITOR DONALD E. SCHEIN, ' 43 THE NEWS BOARD 135 American Society of MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sect First mil Row Row. lell . lell to lo right: Hardy,; right: Scott, SkogUmd, i, Laaksc Fisher. IV Division A ROBERT H. MURRAY, ' 42 Chairmen DOUGLAS C. HANDY, ' 43 Vice-Chairmen I HAROLD F. MORROW, ' 42 Secretaries WALTER SKOGLUND, ' 42 Treasurers Division B VINCENT BADALA, ' 42 PHILLIP E. SHERIDAN, ' 43 LEWIS K. SCOTT, Jr., ' 43 RUDOLPH A. LAAKSO, ' 42 PROF. ALBERT E. WH1TTAKER Faculty Adviser First Row. left to right: Swift, Sutliff, Burke. RICHARD D. SUTLIFF, ' 42 CHARLES B. SWIFT, Jr., ' 42 IRVING T. BERKLAND, ' 43 President Vice-President Secretary EDWARD L. BURKE, ' 43 JOSEPH J. CAPUTI, ' 42 GEORGE W. HANKINSON. ' 43 Treasurer Assistant Secretary Assistant Treasurer Executive Committee: Saul Landsman, ' 42; George W. Hankinson, ' 43; John W. Wiita, ' 44; Richard W. Newcomb, ' 45; Joseph J. Caputi, ' 42; Robert H. Brown, ' 43; Chatson Wong, ' 44. PROF. CHARLES O. BAIRD Faculty Adviser Northeastern University CIVIL ENGINEERING SDEIETY 136 American Institute of ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS First Rom. Icjt to right: Ashton. Whilford. Sanford, Lapham, Kilroy. Macaulay, Grecnleaf. Second Row, left to right: Morrissey, Mahc Ha I Iu Grant, Bur JAMES F. SANFORD, ' 42 JOHN R. WHITFORD, ' 43 DONALD ASHTON, ' 44 Chairmen Secretaries Treasurers PROF. ROLAND G. PORTER Faculty Adviser EDMUND F. LAPHAM, ' 42 JAMES J. KILROY, ' 42 CHESTER L. MACAULEY, ' 43 I ' d First Row. lilt to right: Church, Brown. Prof. Bake Second Row. lilt to right: Parker, Plato, Schuster, Ashline, Z HENRY PETERSON, ' 42 ROBERT D. ASHLINE, ' 43 ARTHUR E. CHURCH, Jr., ' 42 President Vice-President Secretary T. RAY WEAVER, ' 42 Treasurer ROBERT I. BROWN, ' 42 PROF. CHESTER P. BAKER Vice-President Facility Adviser American Institute of CHEMICAL ENGINEERS 137 Society for the ADVANCEMENT DF MANAGEMENT College of Business Administration it: Lofgren. McArdle. Jennings. Wagner, Irish. ARNE LOFGREN, ' 42 Presidents HENRY J. McARDLE, ' 43 RICHARD SUTTON, ' 43 Vice-Presidents ALFRED G. IRISH, ' 42 PAUL M. WAGNER, Jr., ' 44 Secretary-Treasurers EDWARD W. JENNINGS, ' 43 DEAN ASA S. KNOWLES MR. LORING M. THOMPSON Faculty Adviser Assistant Adviser First Row. left to right: Runk. Hill, Juusola, Oksanen. ROY A. JUUSOLA, ' 42 Presidents DANA L. HILL, ' 42 OWNEY D. OKSANEN, ' 42 Vice-Presidents WILLIAM D. ABERLE, ' 42 ROBERT SCHREIBER, ' 43 Secretary-Treasurers WILLIAM H. RUNK, ' 43 DEAN ASA S. KNOWLES MR. LORING M. THOMPSON Faculty Adviser Assistant Adviser Society for the ADVANCEMENT DF MANAGEMENT College of Engineering 138 Northeastern University Student Affiliate Chapter of AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ROBERT H. WILLIS, ' 43 President JAMES P. ZISSON, ' 43 Treasurer DAVID W. LOVERING, ' 44 Vice-President MACEY P. MARKS, ' 43 Secretary PROF. ARTHUR A. VERNON Faculty Adviser IRVING N. ELBING, ' 43 Vice-President RICHARD F. RAYMOND, ' 42 Student Adviser s. A £ ■a-T 1 . _H_.0 llB. nHpB ■ ' VJr ' : J§ . ' n uii |JC C C H m s I . . B HU - ' A i ' ' • ; c t C I Si Sa.topfeones Gerald Brown, ' 46 Eugene C. Hubbard, ' 45 Archer Cummings, ' 44 Stanley Sproule, ' 43 Piano Alex Haner, ' 44 right: Tuomi, lejt to right Har Komander, Brown. Sproule , Chagnot. Shepherd, Purir, Trombones Henry F. Chagnot, ' 45 Elwood Merchant, Jr., ' 46 Vocalist Joyce Holmes Bass Eino J. Tuomi, ' 46 MR. REGINALD C. THOMAS Faculty Adviser Trumpets Ridgley Shepard, Jr., ' 43 Robert Kalin, ' 45 Arthur E. Purinton, Jr., ' 46 Guitar Roger W. Harris, ' 44 Drums Robert R. Stinson, ' 45 B A C C H A Hf A L I A IV S 139 ft. f : V t- i " ■ S I First Row. hit to Second Row. left to ri chsted, Appleton, DeS A McKay. Cooper. G hit to rinhf. Diana RcaJini:. SteadiT Division A DONALD B. EMERSON, ' 44 JOHN W. JERMYN, ' 46 Presidents Secretaries Division B RODNEY D. BURGESS, ' 46 RICHARD F. SCHOBER, ' 46 WARREN B. APPLETON, ' 46 Librarian MR. EDWARD M. COOK Faculty Adviser 1st Tenors Robert D. Barr, ' 44 Arthur F. Davis, Jr., ' 46 Vincent F. Diana, ' 45 John W. Jermyn, ' 46 Peter Styles, ' 46 2nd Tenors ' 46 Herbert W. Anston, Herbert Sacks, ' 46 Warren H. Stedman, ' 46 William D. Williams, ' 4i Baritones Robert O. Anderson, ' 46 Wesley S. Burt, ' 46 Joseph DeSantis, ' 43 Donald B. Emerson, ' 44 Faliero A. Fabio, ' 45 William H. Green, ' 46 W. Leland Lawrence, ' 46 Arthur R. McKay, ' 44 Malcolm N. Pattangall, ' 46 Joseph I. Quinn, ' 46 John W. Reading, ' 46 Richard F. Schober, ' 46 Roderic W. Sommers, ' 46 Paul T. Woodberry, ' 45 Stuart E. Allen, ' 46 Warren B. Appleton, ' 46 Foster K. Bolton, ' 43 Rodney D. Burgess, ' 46 Russell Carleton, ' 45 Donald W. Richmond, ' 46 Mason L. Groves, ' 46 Earle C. Hazelwood, ' 45 Arthur R. Kinder, Jr., ' 45 Robert J. Knowlton, ' 45 Melvin F. Levine, ' 46 Accompanists Stewart McKay, ' 46 Oscar L. Latkowitch, ' 43 GLEE ELUB 140 First Row. left to right: Heald, Wahl. Buckley. Gould. Center. Fairbanks Mars Buck. Austin, Varney Ochlis. Jones. Wallace Paradis. Second Row. left to right: Mr. Nelson. Agnello. Brigham Smith. Lovering. Dai Wilson. Cook. Robbins Barbad.lro. Friedman. Mr. Dean Third Row. hit to right: Oxman. Valle. Wayne. Spear. Nelson. Fieman, MacDo Gilman. Gager, Pool. Troyato. Fourth Row. hit to right: Cohen. Wellington. Rubin, Clark. R binson. Harrii Wroebel. Savage. Costello Kisner, Rich. JAMES DICKLOW, ' 43 Conductor MARTIN OXMAN, ' 43 Librarian WILLIAM COHEN, ' 45 Assistant Librarian MR. VERNER O. NELSON Faculty Adviser ' 43 Trumpets James Brigham, ' 44 Richard Clayton, ' 45 Homer Gager, ' 46 Richard Gilman, ' 45 Donald Greene, ' 46 Edward Harrington, ' 46 Marshal Kulberg, ' 42 Ralph Pool, ' 45 Donald Rugen, ' 46 Edward Savage, ' 45 Charles Sp ear, ' 46 Henry Wayne, ' 46 Trombones ,1 ohn Austin, ' 44 Frederick Bauman, ' Ralph Buck, ' 44 James Douville, ' 45 Leon Fairbanks, ' 46 Harland Gould, ' 45 Arthur Senter, ' 46 Harold Varney, ' 46 Charles Wallis, ' 44 Horns Alfred Antul (baritone), ' 46 Earl A. Damon (Eb.), ' 45 John Dizer (french), ' 44 George Fortnam (french), ' 46 Charles Gifford (french), ' 46 David Lovering (euphonium), ' 44 Anthony W. Malta (Eb.), ' 46 Harold Wilson (baritone) , ' 46 Clarinets Charles Anderson, ' 46 M. Edmund Ellion (piccolo), ' 45 David Hartwell, ' 42 Nathan Hentoff, ' 46 Eugene Hubbard, ' 45 Lester Keating, ' 45 Bruce MacDougall, ' 46 Robert Miller, ' 45 Bernard Nelson (Eb.) , ' 44 David Odabashian, ' 46 John Paradis, ' 44 John Schur, ' 45 Albert Sohreiar, ' 46 Robert Tieman (Eb.), ' 45 Raymond Valle, ' 46 Joseph Wrobel, ' 46 ABRAHAM RICH, Manager WILBUR HOGAN, ' 43 JAMES AGNELLO, ' 46 Asssitant Managers Saxophones Leroy Burwen, ' 46 Lawrence Clark, ' 42 Henry Cook, ' 46 Alexander Friedman, ' 46 Walter Kisner, ' 46 Samuel Ochlis, ' 46 Richard Robbins, ' 46 George Robinson, ' 46 Percussion Nelson Barbadaro (cymbal), ' 43 Daniel Buckley (twirler), ' 42 Robert Costellow (base), ' 46 Robert Daley, ' 42 Walter Heald, ' 46 Carl Jones, ' 46 John Marsh (bells), ' 45 Frederick Smith, ' 45 George Trovato, ' 45 L. Gerald Wahl, ' 42 Richard Wellington (base), ' 46 THE B AIVD 141 First Row. hit (o right: Rubin. Williams. Abend. Mott. Sanford. Second Row. left to right: Varner. O ' Neill, Tavlor. Schmidt. Handy, Smith, Banks. Third Row. left to right: Weinrebe, Barth, Burger. CHARLES F. ABEND, ' 42 President CLINTON P. MOTT, ' 42 Vice-President DEAN E. WILLIAMS, ' 42 Secretary-Treasurer PROF. EDWARD S. PARSONS Faculty Adviser Alpha Kappa Sigma Charles F. Abend, ' 42 Ray C. Banks, Jr " 45 Phi Gamma Pi Francis W. Gardiner, ' 43 Ambrose B. Nangeroni, ' 43 Beta Gamma Epsilon Dean E. Williams, ' 42 Albert F. Varner, ' 44 Nu Epsilon Zeta Clinton P. Mott, ' 42 James F. Sanford, ' 42 Sigma Kappa Psi Alvan D. Rubin, ' 42 Sigma Phi Alpha Edwin M. Burger, ' 44 Carlton C. Schmidt, ' 44 Phi Beta Alpha Edward E. Taylor, ' 42 Frederic D. O ' Neill, ' 44 Gamma Phi Kappa Douglas C. Handy, ' 43 Francis F. Ward, ' 44 Kappa Zeta Phi Joseph I. Weinrebe, ' 44 Milton S. Barth, ' 43 INTER-FRATERNITY EOUNCIL 142 First Row. lilt to right: Lapham. Abend, Ton B ue, Prof Zuffanuti. Patterson. Nilson. Rilcv. Second Row, lejt to right: Jerauld, McArdle. Malcolm. Bartels, Dahlstrom, Ferye, Faber, Ban Third Row, left to right: Young, Igidbashian, Bolton, Center. CHARLES R. PATTERSON, ' 42 Grand Councillor HOWARD P. BARNES, ' 44 Grand Marshal LAWRENCE T. WILSON, ' 43 Grand Questor CHARLES F. ABEND, ' 42 Vice-Grand Councillor CHARLES H. TONGUE, ' 42 Grand Scribe PROF. SAVERIO ZUFFANTI Faculty Adviser Charles F. Abend James J. Kilroy Charles F. Tongue MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Otto G. Bartels Edward F. Lapham John C. Gallagher Louis H. Schall Charles R. Patterson David J. Morrissey MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Foster K. Bolton Ignace J. Daborowski Lawrence T. Wilson Henry J. McArdle Howard P. Barnes Robert G. Young MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR William H. Center Viljo W. Rekola Astor P. Igidbashian Gordon O. Jerauld Ray C. Banks, Jr. Robert L. Taber MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Harry W. Dahlstrom Albert Freije Edward R. Lamb Prof. Chester P. Baker BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY ' Prof. Samuel Strahan Dr. W. Lincoln Smith Prof. Joseph W. Zeller Prof. Saverio Zuffanti ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA 143 First Row. left to right: Babcock. Myers, Huntinc. Chilsi Oksanen Sftond Row. lilt to right: Mine Third Row. left to right: Smith, ver. D. Hil Kenny. Mi GORDON B. WHITNEY, ' 42 President DANA L. HILL, ' 42 Secretory THURLOW R. WEAVER, ' 42 Vice-President HOMER E. CHILSON, ' 42 Treasurer DR. WILLIAM F. LUDER Faculty Adviser Stanley E. Babcock Alden M. Burghardt Homer E. Chilson Paul D. Haynes Dana L. Hill MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Elmer R. Hunting John J. Morton John F. Murlock Elwood R. Myers Owney D. Oksanen Leon E. Rasanen William E. Sanborn Walter Skoglund Howard S. Styron Thurlow R. Weaver Gordon B. Whitney Dean E. Williams Robert D. Ashline Robert H. Brown Paul W. Cameron Albert E. Cookson Albert W. Abbott Ralph E. Kaye MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Rowland B. Hill James F. Jefferson Richard F. Robie MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Russell C. Hirtle Elmer F. Smith Raymond D. Smith MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Sumner G. Kenny Edward C. Matson Philip A. Nims BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Arthur D. Turner Albert F. Varner Newton L. Miner Sven G. Myrbeck Leon W. Rank Leon W. Rank Prof. Emil A. Gramstorff Dr. William F. Luder BETA GAMMA EPSILOIV 144 First Row. left to rizht: Dr. Haskins, PaRC, Buchanan. Hcyward. GARDNER L. HAYWARD, ' 42 Grand Tau RICHARD B. HINCKLEY, ' 42 Vice-Grand Tau JOHN F. PAGE, ' 42 Scribe Tau Deputy DR. ELMER E. HASKINS Faculty Adviser Gardner L. Hayward MEMBERS FKOM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Richard B. Hinckley John F. Page MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Stanley M. Buchanan Bernard L. Hamilton ETA TAU RfU 145 Fint Rom. left to right: Sai ond Row. left to right: Mors! Third Roto, iejt to right: itord. Sutliff. Gardner, Juuso la, Bong, Mott, Mr. Combelack. . Hastings, Cameron, Willi i. Shute, Burbank, Austin, McKc Siblev, Pettingell, Gadsby, Macomber, Tinsler, Kennedy. ROY A. JUUSOLA, ' 42 President RICHARD D. SUTLIFF, ' 42 Secretary W. CURTIS GARDNER, ' 42 Vice-President WALTER A. RONG, ' 43 Treasurer MR. WILFRED J. COMBELLACK Faculty Adviser W. Curtis Gardner Roy A. Juusola Kay S. Blackman Walter A. Rong Richard H. Kennedy MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Clinton P. Mott James F. Sanford Richard D. Sutliff MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Francis W. McKenzie Richard A. Morse H. Proctor Ogden Wilfred H. Runk Ridgley Shepard, Jr. Robert H. Willis MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Richard M. Burbank Calvin A. King Roger F. Macomber Edward A. L. Burgamaster, Jr. Richard H. Greenwood Eugene A. Shute George D. Cameron Francis R. Tinsler Milton K. Adams Sidney F. Austin Herbert A. Autio M. Richard Biggs, Jr. Mr. J. James Devine Mr. Albert E. Sanderson MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Frederick B. Eastman, Jr. George A. Edwards Frederick H. Friswell BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY - Dean Harold W. Melvin Prof. George W. Towle Paul Gadsby John W. Hastings Theodore T. Pettingell, Jr. Leland R. Sibley Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. Dean William C. White JVU EPSILDIV ZETA 146 First Row. hit to right: Rutbcrc. Glasker. Mr. Cooperstein, Rosenberg. A Borofskj ' . Second Rom. left torirfl; Kaurman, Locke. Rubin. S. Borofsky. Musiker. Kalman, Steinberg. Le Third Rmv. left lo right: Gushene, Horwitz, GcITcn. Dreifuss SAUL WOLF, ' 43 High Potentate MYER FOX, ' 42 Potentate UDEL K. ROSENBERG, ' 44 Comptroller LOUIS GLASKER Scribe MR. LOUIS COOPERSTEIN Faculty Adviser Irwin Elkins MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Myer Fox Murray Marks Arnold J. Borofsky Louis Glasker Leon R. Horenstein MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Daniel Lasovick Sumner D. Miller Harold R. Musiker Albert Rubin Seymour Rutberg Abraham A. Stone Saul Wolf Sumner Borofsky Milton J. Geffen MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Harvey H. Kaufman Burton S. Parker David B. Perlis Udel K. Rosenberg Melvyn A. Steinberg SIGMA KAPPA PSI 147 First Row. left to right : Drevitch, Nathenson Stnne. Sinofsky, Akell. Slavin. Libon. Second Row, left to right: Miller. Shnaper, Tassel, Millman. Gidez. Frmkoff, Third Row, left to right: Staller, Steinberp. Weinrebe, Barth, Goldman. LOUIS SINOFSKY, ' 42 Chancellor ROBERT B. AKELL, ' 42 Vice-Chancellor MAX M. LECHTER, ' 42 Bursar ERNEST F. SLAVIN, ' 42 Corresponding Scribe MERRILL M. STONE, ' 42 Secretary PROF. ANTONIO L. MEZZACAPPA Faculay Adviser Robert B. Akell Samuel Drevitch Max M. Lechter Bernard L. Libon MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO O. Robert Millman Simon Nathenson Sidney J. Siegel Louis Sinofsky Ernest F. Slavin Jack J. Staller Merrill M. Stone Milton S. Barth MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Alan Levy Melvin H. Pedell Alvin A. Steinberg Carl M. Frutkoff Melvin D. Gidez MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR " William B. Miller Rubin Shnaper Joseph I. Weinrebe Martin Finklestein MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Martin M. Goldman David Jacobs Samuel Tassel KAPPA ZETA PHI 148 First Row. left to right: Sprowl, O ' Neill. Taylor, Prior, Reynolds. and Row. left to right: Jaycock, Robinson, Polley, Henn, Manning, Home, Gavin EDWARD S. TAYLOR, ' 42 President FREDERIC D. O ' NEILL, ' 44 V ice-President WESTON F. PRIOR, ' 42 Secretary DR. PAUL E. REYNOLDS Faculty Adviser RUSSELL S. HALLETT, Treasurer Charles 0. Anderson Wilber C. Bell Russel S. Hallett MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Harry W. Martin Walter E. Polley, Jr. Weston F. Prior MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Glen C. Jaycock, Jr. Robert D. Home Frederic D. O ' Neill Herbert C. Arico MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FOSTY-FOUR Donald W. Robinson, Jr. Raymond D. Blethen, Jr. MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Walter A. Coyle, Jr. Francis J. Cristofore MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-SIX William F. Davis Edward M. Sprowl Dean F. Short Edward S. Taylor Ralph W. Manning Robert A. Sands Robert W. Saumsiegle Malcolm R. Gavin Albert W. Henn Prof. George R. Fennell BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Mr. Herbert W. Gallagher Prof. Everett C. Marston Dr. Charles W. Havice PHI BETA ALPHA 149 First Row. lilt to right: Przybyla, Barone. Tuffin. Haggis, Gardner. Second Row, lelt to right: Carangelo, Polleys, Lewis. May, Filkins, Piatelli Theroux GEORGE E. TUFFIN, ' 42 President WALTER J. SITARZ, ' 43 Vice-President FRANCIS W. GARDNER, JR., ' 43 ADOLF S. PRZYBYLA, ' 44 JOSEPH J. BARONE, ' 42 Treasurer JOHN E. MAHER, ' 43 Associate Treasurer DR. ELMER H. CUTTS Faculay Adviser MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Joseph J. Barone George E. Tuffin MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Francis W. Gardner Jr. John E. Maher Walter G. May Leon P. Piatelli Ambrose B. Nangeroni Walter J. Sitarz Mario L. Carangelo Elmer S. Filkins MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Theophilos Haggis John B. Lewis Owen F. Polleys Adolf S. Pryzbyla Gerard Theroux BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Henry E. Richards Prof. Milton J. Schlagenhaup Prof. Albert E. Whittaker PHI GAMMA PI 150 First Rom. left to right: Richardson. Urbanik, Irish. White, Drummond. Willette, Taylor. Second Rom, left to right: Roberts, Peck, Stankiewicz. Schmidt, Dormandy, Rondeau. Whites. Owen Third Rom, left to right: Jones, Burger, Francis, Hogan, Rydzel, Salerno. ANTHONY J. WHITE, ' 43 President DAVID B. DRUMMOND, ' 42 ALFRED G. IRISH, ' 42 Vice-Presidents ROBERT W. PHILLIPS, ' 45 Secretary PROF. REGINALD G. LACOUNT Faculty Adviser WALTER C. URBANIK, ' 42 Treasurer MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO Arthur J. Claypole, Jr. Henry Elksnin Kenneth W. Richardson Paul E. Dinsmore Victor Hopkinson George A. Ross David B. Drummond Alfred G. Irish William I. Taylor Walter C. Urbanik Andrew W. Whites MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Thomas E. Francis Wilbur J. Hogan Alfred R. Salerno Anthony J. White Chester E. Willette Edwin M. Burger Stanley E. Jones Daniel M. Daley MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Russell S. Nyman Henry T Rondeau Irving S. Richards Carlton C. Schmidt MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Roger B. Dormandy Joseph Stankiewicz BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Laurence F. Cleveland Mr. Franklin Norvish Robert W. Phillips Prof. Gerald R. Tatton SIGMA PHI ALPHA 151 First Rom. Ujt to right: Smith. Mr. Golcmme. Barbiero. Starck. Howard, Cheslev, Handy. Second Rom. left to right: Richardson, Law, Dicklow, Trail , Rowley. Molyn. Watts, O ' Brien, Eisenh Third Row. Ujt to right: DeLu Campbell, Wright, Carpenter, Leto, Akeroyd, RUSSELL E. STARCK, ' 43 President THOMAS E. HOWARD, ' 42 V ice-President EARLE M. CHESLEY, JR., ' 44 Secretary MR. JOSEPH GOLEMME Faculty Adviser DOMINIC 0. BARBIERO, ' 42 Treasurer Dominic O. Barbiero Nelson Barbadoro James A. Dicklow Douglas C. Handy MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-TWO John H. DeLuca Thomas E. Howard MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-THREE Michael Molyn Thomas F. O ' Brien, Jr. Edward J. Shay, Jr. MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FOUR Robert C. Campbell Leonard Leto Edward Carpenter Donald E. McClaren Earle M. Chesley, Jr. Randall H. Richardson MEMBERS FROM NINETEEN FORTY-FIVE Oliver T. Eisenhart Edward W. Law Werner H. Beutel John A. Burton Prof. Stanley G. Estes BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Mr. Donald H. MacKenzie Prof. Rudolph M. Morris Russell C. Wright Robert S. Smith Russell E. Starck Henry S. Trail Francis F. Ward Robert W. Watts, Jr. Creighton B. Wright Irving R. Hopkins Charles A. Rowley Prof. Rudolf O. Oberg GAMMA PHI KAPPA 152 Senior Lettermen Charles F. Abend, Jr. Warren T. Boutelle William N. Carter John C. Chipman James L. Cunningham Frederick M. Cusick John H. DeLuca Joseph Dias Samuel Drevitch Charles P. Foster Harry B. Hatch Alfred G. Irish Colby Kelly Alphonse Pajonas Stanley J. Poshlushny Michael Prohodsky George A. Ross James F. Sanford Arnold E. Saunders Sidney J. Siegel Sylvan S. Simon Elmer E. Smith Wallace F. Sullivan William I. Taylor Walter C. F. Urbanik Laurence E. Whitney Dean E. Williams Undergraduate Lettermen Donald Alston, ' 43 Francis J. Alward, ' 45 Fred P. Antinarelli, ' 44 Michael J. Azzone, ' 44 Milton S. Barth, ' 43 Robert Bartlett, ' 45 Kenneth F. Bell, ' 44 Parker N. Blanchard, ' 44 Chester W. Bush, ' 43 John F. Campbell, ' 43 John S Carder, ' 44 Richard H. Carpenter, ' 43 Robert M. Carroll, ' 44 Ernest J. Colantonio, ' 43 William F. Carroll, ' 44 Richard S. Conner, ' 45 Franklin S. Coole, ' 44 Francis A. Corcoran, Jr., ' 43 Chauncey DelGrosso, ' 43 Warren A. Doe, ' 44 Paul C. Durup, ' 43 Robert B. Fernberg, ' 43 John F. Fitzpatrick, ' 43 Gale Foster, ' 43 Richard A. Hakanson, ' 44 Donald R. Hansis, ' 43 John P. Heanue, ' 44 Hannibal R. Hunter, ' 44 ' Walter E. Hurley, ' 45 William T. Hutchinson, ' 44 James F. Jefferson, 43 James H. Jenkins, Jr., ' 45 Edward 0. Jensen, Jr., ' 44 Oscar Khederian, ' 44 John Zachirchuk Thaddeus J. Krajewski, ' 45 John C. Lally, ' 45 Joseph W. Lavin, ' 44 Joseph C. Lawler, ' 44 James R. Maguire, Jr., ' 43 Robert W. Maker, ' 45 Harold Maron, ' 43 Ronald F. McKinnon, ' 44 Donald H. Moore, ' 44 Dean P. Morrison, ' 43 David J. Murphy, ' 44 Sven G. Myrbeck, ' 44 Philip W. Newman, ' 43 Albert D. Olsen, ' 43 Robert B. Otenti, ' 45 Edward F. Parker, ' 44 Melvin H. Pedell, ' 43 James A. Philips. Jr., ' 45 Richard R. Powers, ' 44 Ralph A. Rawley, ' 43 Frederick M. Rice, ' 44 Edward J. Sakovitz, ' 44 Robert M. Saumsiegle, ' 44 William L. Shannon, ' 45 Robert Sharpe, ' 45 Philip F. Sheridan, ' 43 Edward F. Sitarz, 45 Russell E. Starck, ' 43 Robert S. Tarbell, ' 43 Clarence N. Trullson, ' 44 Onni W. Waltonen. ' 44 Carl E. Westlund, ' 44 Thomas G. White, ' 45 Dwight C. Woodruff, ' 43 , ' 45 154 TRACK The Season By Jack Campbell Northeastern ' s varsity track team, captained by two-miler Mike Prohodsky, has rolled up its second successive undefeated indoor season. capped the unofficial team honors in the annual N.E.A.A.A U. track and field championships, and produced an individual New England titlist in three months of winter competition on the boards and indoor dirt tracks. Although this team cannot match the color of last year ' s record-slashing, title-grabbing ag- gregation, it is an indefinitely more powerful and better balanced squad. The strength of such a team is borne out in dual meets rather than in open intercollegiate competition. The Tatton tracksters took the toll of four N.E. teams in the course of the season, downing Bates and Bowdoin with one sweep in a triangular meet at Lewiston, Maine ; Brown University at Providence, R. I.; and the Uni- verstiy of Maine at Orono, Maine. The N.E.A.A.A.U. track and field champion- ships in the Tufts Cage at Medford and the grand finale with the University of Maine Bears were the season ' s most memorable meets. In the Medford meet the hot-foot Huskies copped one first place, five seconds, and two fourths to walk away with the mythical N.E. Team title with 22 points as against 20 for U.N.H. and 17 for Dartmouth. Billy Friary ' s wiffled head was adorned with the N.E. dash champion ' s crown after he had peeled off the 50-yard dash in 5.5s with teammate Reggie Cooke right behind. Captain Mike Prohodsky finished second in the mile run, Ed Parker in the three mile, defending champion Bill Carroll in the 1000, and Charlie Knowles in the Shot. John Fitzpatrick in the 600 and Paul Hodge and Joe Lavin in the High Jump accounted for the fourth places and the two points that meant victory. The Maine meet provided the thrill of the year as Northeastern ' s Husky track team eked out a V z point victory over the Bears in the huge Orono cage. The Huskies spotted their opponents sixteen points in the first two events and trailed right down to the last event, finally cashing in on the broad jumping efforts of Paul Hodge and Joe Lavin. With Maine lead- ing 56t3 to 51 ' }, Hodge holding first place in th ' 3 broad jump and Lavin second by %ths of an inch, and Northeastern needing first and second places to win and complete their season undefeated, Hadlock of Manie prepared for his final leap. The outcome of the meet rested on his shoulders, but his effort was far short of Lavin ' s 20 ' 10 " mark, so Northeastern took the event, and the meet 59J ; to 57 j. Out of the eight events in the annual Y.M.C.A. track meet, Northeastern won five — two clean-sweep victories included — to pile up 39 points as against 14 for Tufts College, 7 for Harvard, 6 for Concord High School, and 3 for the B A.A. The outstanding performer in this meat was Middler Eddie Parker who, with a 20 yard handicap he didn ' t need, defeated Tuftsonian Roy Phillips (75 yards) and team- mate Mike Prodhodsky (scratch) in the two mile handicap event. Bob Carroll won the handicap 1000 off the scratch mark in 2m 23s, defeating Gil Dodds of the B.A.A. who later became the Greg Rice nemesis number one. Frank Corcoran led teammates Bill Friary and Reggie Cooke to a clean sweep in dash, while freshman Frank McCann led a sweep in the 300 with Cooke and Harry Bennett finishing second and third. George Leach took first place in the high jump. The Tattonmen opened their season with a double win over Bowdoin and Bates in a tri- angular meet at Lewiston, Maine, 57 to 31 to 20. The well-balanced Husky outfit, packing a scoring punch in every event, took the lead early in the meet and were never headed, piling up a score which exceeded by 6 points the combined totals of the two Pine Tree State colleges. Northeastern ' s sophomore star, Reggie Cooke, scored a double in the dash and 300, while Bowdoin ' s Alan Hillman downed the highly touted Northeastern Carroll twins, first Bill in the mile, then Bob in the 1000. Mike Pro- hodsky and Ed Parker finished hand in hand for a first place tie in the two-mile, while Joe Lavin in the broad pump, Paul Hodge in the 155 The Season high jump, and Bob Tarbell in the pole vault took the other first places for the Red-and- Black. Captain Mike Prohodsky, with a victory in the 1000 and a meet record-shattering per- formance in the mile, led his varsity tracksters to a 47 to 25 victory over Brown University at Providence, R. I. The Huskies finished 1, 2, in four of eight events, Prohodsky and Parker in the 1000, Alberghini and Welch in the hurdles, Corcoran and Friary in the dash, and Hodge and Lavin in the high jump. In a season that started off with a rush, but in maturing, failed to realize expectations, Northeastern ' s Varsity Cross Country Team rolled up three dual meet victories as against one defeat, and finished third in the New Eng- land Inlercollegiates at Franklin Park and eleventh in the National Intercollegiates at Van Cortland Park, New York City. The dual meet record is the best ever com- piled by a Jerry Tatton coach harrier aggrega- tion. The disappointment came in the per- formance of the team in the I.C.4-A meet in New York at the end of the season in which the Huskies placed eleventh, far below their surprise fourth place of the previous year. The Husky Harriers knocked off the University of Connecticut and Bates College foes in rapid succession before bowing before the poweful Blue Harrier aggregation of Rhode Island State College, the team that eventually won the New England and I.C 4-A titles and then went on to cop the National Collegiate title at East Lansing, Michigan. The following week, the Tatton trotters turned in their best performance of the year to climb aboard the win wagon again at the ex- pense of the Tufts College hill-and-dalers. For three straight years the Nutmegger harriers from Storrs, Connecticut had dumped the Red-and-Black runners in the opening meet of the season, so this year Tatton and his well- conditioned men were gunning for the Nut- meggers and blasted them with a 22 to 33 victory. The Huskies caught the men of Con- necticut flatfooted and over a mile had passed before Charlie Robbins, Nutmegger star, and his teammate Hal Tribou ventured among the seven Northeastern leaders. Northeastern ' s Ed Parker held them off, however, and won the race in time identical to the figures in the score, 22m 33s, with teammate Mike Prohodsky close behind. Robbins and Tribou of Con- necticut were next, followed by a trio of Huskies — Captain Dick Carpenter, Warren Doe, and Bob Carroll. Ed Parker, Mike Prohodsky, and Bob Carroll finished in a three-way tie for first place in 22m 19s to lead a seven-man Northeastern escort for the Bates College harriers at Franklin Park. Captain Dick Carpenter, War- ren Doe Bob Kodis, and Jack Campbell all crossed the line ahead of Smith of Bates to hang up a 15 to 47 perfect score victory. The Northeasterners then ran up against their first defeat — 17 to 43, bowing to the blue-clad harriers of R hode Island State College on the rocky Rhody course at Kingston, R. I. How- ever, with Ed Parker finishing fourth behind Rhody ' s Taylor and Barrett and ahead of Rhody ' s Tingley and L. Nickols, Northeastern became the first team even to score upon big " little Rhody. " Prohodsky, R. Carroll, Car- penter, and Doe completed the scoring for N.U. The Husky harriers then returned to their own Franklin Park course and also to the win column, defeating the Tufts College runners 18 to 44. Ed Parker led his teammates to a third place in the New England Intercollegiate, behind Rhode Island State and Connecticut. In win- ning this meet, Rhode Island compiled the lowest score ever recorded for a winner in this annual event. Parker finished seventh, Prohodsky twelfth, Bob Carroll fifteenth, Cap- tain Carpenter twenty-second, and Warren Doe thirty-second. In the I.C.4-A meet at Van Cortland Park, Northeastern ' s seven-man team finished eleventh as Ed Parker in nineteenth place was again the number one N.U. man. Mike Prohodsky was next in fortieth place, Dick Carpenter in fifty-second, Jack Campbell in eighty-first, and warren Doe in 100th position, completed the Husky scoring. At the team banquet in the Hotel Lenox at the close of the season, the lettermen elected Ed Parker, actual leader in every race for two years, to captain the Husky harrier horde in the fall of ' 42. Five men were awarded letters: Captain Dick Carpenter, Captain-elect Ed Parker, Mike Prohodsky, Bob Carroll, and Warren Doe. 156 TRACK 3 r ft ft ft p P .fP p fjfflftJft l i fl p I WMMj Br - ■ ' ■% i bQlfiil lQti Fi ' rjf Row. left to right: Davis, Waltonen, Masci; Coach Tatton, •in. Carroll. Parker. Prohodsky, Cooke, Corcoran. Tarbell. Srconcl Row. .hit to right: . Shanahan. Welch, Lone, Alberghini, Leach, Pistorino. Third Row. lilt to right: nquist, Sieklucki. Campbell, Boudreau. Gustafson, Kodis, Gunderson, Frager. Michael Prohodsky, ' 43 " N " , Captain; Albert Frager, ' 44 " N " ; Melvin H. Tatel, ' 45, Managers; Professor Gerald R. Tatton, Coach; Mr. Earl K. Bowen, Assistant Coach. Delmo F. Alberghini, ' 45; Harrison L. Bennett, ' 43; Leonard J. Bolonsky, ' 44; Edward G. Boudreau, ' 45; Chester Bush, ' 43 " N " ; John F. Campbell, ' 43; Richard H. Carpenter, ' 43; Robert M. CarroU, ' 44 " N " ; William F. Carroll, ' 44 " N " ; Joseph F. Connolly, ' 45; Reginald W. Cooke, ' 45; Francis A. Corcoran, ' 43 " N " ; Erwin W. Davis, ' 45; Warren A. Doe, ' 44; John F. Fitzpatrick, ' 43; Gale Foster, ' 43 " N " ; William F . Friary, ' 45; Robert E. Greenquist, ' 45; Charles R. Gunderson, ' 45; William N. Gustafson, ' 45; T. Paul Hodge, ' 45; Charles E. Knowles, ' 44; Joseph W. Lavin, ' 44 " N " ; George A. Leach, ' 45; Edward J. Long, Jr., ' 45; Joseph F. Mascianiea, ' 44; Edward F. Parker, ' 44 " N " ; Charles L. Pistorino, ' 45; Richard R. Powers, ' 44; James L. Shanahan, ' 45; Alfred P. Sieklucki, ' 45; Eugene F. Tangherlini, ' 43; Robert S. Tarbell, ' 43 " N " ; Onni W. Waltonen, ' 44; George B. Welch, Jr., ' 45. First Row. left to right: Parker. Carpenter. Prohodsky, Doe Second Row. lejt to right: Coach Tatton. W. Carroll, R. Ca Campbell. Richard H. Carpenter, ' 43 " N " , Captain Professor Gerald R. Tatton, Coach Albert Frager, ' 44, Manager Arthur F. Annis, ' 43; John F. Campbell, ' 43; Richard H. Carpenter, ' 43 " N " ; Robert M. Carroll, ' 44 " N " ; William F. Carroll, ' 44; Joseph F. Connolly, ' 45; Warren A. Doe, ' 44 " N " ; Robert E. Greenquist, ' 45; Robert D. Kodis, ' 44; Edward F. Parker, ' 44 " N " ; Michael Prohodsky, ' 42 " N " ; James M. Rosa, ' 45. CROSS COUNTRY 157 FOOTBALL The Team MR. JAMES W. DUNN Coach MR. EMMANUEL A. FLUMERE MR. HERBERT W. GALLAGHER Assistant Coaches JOSEPH DIAS, ' 42 (N) Captain D WIGHT C. WOODRUFF, ' 43 (N) Manager Milton S. Barth, ' 43 (N) Robert H. Bartlett, ' 45 (N) Werner J. Beutel, ' 45 Leonard J. Bolonsky, ' 44 Earle M. Chesley Jr., ' 44 Paul P. Cleary, ' 44 Ernest J. Colantonio, ' 43 (N) Thomas F. Conway, ' 45 Michael B. DeMeo. ' 45 Joseph Dias, ' 42 (N) John J. Dillon, ' 45 (N) Leonard Erickson, ' 44 (N) George B. Fay, ' 44 Elmer S. Filkins, ' 44 Gale Foster, ' 43 (N) Peter L. Galuffo, ' 45 (N) John J. Ghenes, ' 45 Frank P. Golas, ' 45 Richard A. Gray, ' 44 (N) Harry M. Hilton, ' 44 Morris Hochman, ' 42 John J. Hogarty, ' 45 Hannibal R. Hunter, ' 45 (N) James H. Jenkins, ' 45 Edward 0. Jensen, Jr , ' 44 (N) Thaddeus J. Krajewski, ' 45 (N) Robert W. Maker, ' 45 George P. Makris, ' 45 Ronald F. McKinnon, ' 44 Donald H. Moore, ' 44 (N) David J. Murphy, Jr., ' 44 (N) Sven C. Myrbeck, ' 44 Robert B. Otenti, ' 45 (N) James A. Philips, ' 45 (N) Stanley J. Poslushny, ' 42 (N) Ralph A. Rawley, ' 43 Henry 0. Rose, ' 43 Edward J. Sakovitz, ' 44 (N) William L. Shannon, ' 45 Russell E. Starck, ' 43 (N) Robert W. Watts, Jr., ' 44 Anthony J. White, ' 44 Thomas G. White, ' 45 (N ) John J. Zachirchuk, ' 45 (N) The Season By STEVE DONLON " The best team Fve had to work with in my five years at Northeastern. " With these words optimistically aired after a September practice session Coach Jiminie Dunn set the keynote for our most successful football season in the past half-decade. Two months later his roseate preview of the 1941 gridiron prospects was sustained as the Huskies came to the end of the trail with a four won and three lost record. Although at first glance the won and lost totals seem rather ordinary, a further analysis of the seven games reveals that it might well have been six won and one lost providing Lady Luck had seen fit to cast even a pleasant smirk our way. Our old acquaintance, Mr. Jinx, after hover- ing in the wings for a single glorious week slipped back to the front of the stage and took command for the steenth consecutive time. Injury after injury and tough break after break were gleefully monkey-wrenched into the Husky machinery. Only a truly great team could have absorbed the early year reverses in fortune suffered by the Huskies and yet have had enough courage to lift itself to a winning year. The opening link in the four-game chain of victories was forged against a stubbornly re- sisting but outclassed University of Vermont eleven by a history-making 20 to 6 score. Not only was this the largest margin of victory accumulated by a Northeastern team in three years but further, the twenty points represented an offensive high for a similar span of time. In that game the Dunn disciples showed a precision and confidence which trumpeted a warning to future Husky opponents that North- eastern was not just a minor bump on the schedule but a hurdle of major proportions. Offensively sparked by Captain Joe Dias, Ed Sakovitz and sophomore Bob Otenti, plus a top-flight collegiate punting ace named Gale Foster the Huskies ground out a highly suc- cessful display of football pyrotechnics. N ' less prominent were the keepers of the gate led by the Middler inseparables Len Erickson, and Dick Grey. Otenti, Dias and Grey did the scoring, the last-named on a 62-yard run after a pass interception. From this early season high spot the success curve of Husky pigskinnery dropped to a dismal low in the next pair of games as Mr. Jinx stepped into the picture. In the second game of the season, played at Maine, a long line of injured warriors filed to the sidelines until only a remnant of the starting eleven was available for the last part of the game. The Black Bears took full advantage of the situation and wiped out an early Northeastern lead of 12 points to sweep over 14 last half counters on the wings of a baffling aerial attack. Touch- downs by Dias and Foster in the first half ac- counted for the loser ' s total. Unfortunately for the injury-shattered Hus- kies, the third game of the year came against what was undoubtedly their toughest opponent, the Eastern small-college champion, Williams. Suffice to say here that after the dust cleared 158 First Row. left to right: Gobs. Poslushny. Woodruff. Murphv. Maker. Second Row. left to right: Otenti, Foster, Shannon. Kraiewski. Erickson, Dias. Grev. White. Jensen Philips, Galuffo. Sakovitz. Third Row. left to right: Coach Dunn, Coach Flumere, Barth DeMeo. Fay. Rose. Bartlett, Starck, Jenkins, Dillon. Hunter, Zachirchuk, Coach Gallagher, Coach Staruski Fourth Row. left to right: Conway, Schmidt, Dormandy. White, Hilton, Bolonsky, Pytka, Watts. Cleary. Moore, Makris, Hogarty, the weary and out-manned Red and Black had succumbed, 38 to 0. On the following weekend the revitalized and revamped Huskies contributed one of New England ' s major upsets by running over a fine Bates team at Bates by a 13 to score. Cap- tain Joe Dias, on one of his best days, ac- counted for the dozen and one points. Included in the Dias repetoire was an 81-yard streak through the entire Bobcat team. The glory was not all to Dias, however, as the entire team surged back from the depths reached the week previous. One of the most satisfying Northeastern vic- tories in a long time was rung up in the next game as the Huskies hammered out a 14 to 7 vistory over Upsala. In a game played to a fierce tempo, the Red and Black evened up a series of old counts against the Vikings. Gale Foster 1 and Joe Dias did the scoring with the play of Ed Sakovitz, Len Erickson and Dick Grey also drawing headlines. The most disheartening loss of the year came on the following weekend when the Tufts Jumbos eked out a 7 to 6 win in a game played on a sea of mud at Tufts Oval. After holding a six-point lead early in the second half through Bob Otenti ' s 75-yard run the Huskies gave up seven late game points to lose. Tufts, materially aided by a Northeastern pen- alty, tied the game with only three minutes left to play and then booted the extra point. Victory in the valedictorian effort of the 1941 team was attained over Springfield by 12 to 6. Captain Joe Dias and Ernie Colantonio, both playing in Red and Black uniforms for the last time, tallied for the Dunnmen. For Dias it represented his sixth score of the year, placing him high on the list of Northeastern offensive aces. Of this 1941 squad but two members of the first eleven, Dias and Colantonio, and four subs from a total squad of forty would nor- mally be m issing when the next call to the gridiron is made. In the normal course of events we could look forward to one of the greatest years in Husky history next fall. Cer- tainly for Coach Jimmie Dunn, 1942 once loomed as the year when his patient efforts were to be at least rewarded with the ultimate in Husky football elevens. Instead, next fall will find but a scattering of players left and Jimmie Dunn carrying on in a far more im- portant post in the uniform of any Army officer. Coach Dunn ' s last team, for the duration at least, was one which leaves not only a winning record but further and more important and imperishable lesson in the difficult art of rising from the abyss of despair to the pinnacle of victory. SCORES N.U. OPP. Vermont 20 6 Maine 12 14 Williams 38 Bates 13 Upsala 14 7 N.U. OPP Tufts 6 7 Springfield 12 6 THE RECORD Won 4 Lost 3 159 BASEBALL The Team Fred Antinarelli. ' 44 (N) Warren T. Boutelle, ' 42 (N) Edward Colt, ' 41 (N) J. Louis Cunningham, ' 42 (N) Charles F. Foster, ' 42 (N) Vincent P. Labowicz, ' 42 (N) SYLVAN S. SIMON, ' 42 (N) Captain ALFRED G. IRISH, ' 42 (N) Manager MR. HERBERT W. GALLAGHER, Coach MR. JOSEPH McDONOUGH Assistant Coach GEORGE A. SAVAGE, ' 43 Assistant Manager Lee Manning, ' 44 Frederick M. Rice, ' 44 (N) Wallace F. Sullivan, ' 42 (N) Michael J. Azzone, ' 44 (N) Ernest J. Colantonio, ' 43 (N) Franklin S. Coole, ' 44 (N) Chauncey Del Grosso, ' 43 Oscar Khederian, ' 44 (N) James R. Maguire, Jr., ' 43 (N) Alphonse Pajonas, ' 42 (N) Sylvan S. Simon, ' 42 (N) Clarence N. Trullson, ' 44 (N) The Season By AL IRISH Northeastern ' s 1941 varsity baseball team established the enviable record of 12 wins and 4 defeats. Coach Herb Gallagher ' s team was considered to be one of the best in New England college circles. The Huskies could easily lay claim to the championship of local colleges in winning four out of five contests. Northeastern tied with New Hampshire for second place in the New England Conference. They had the satisfaction of placing the greatest number of players on the " AH " team. Oscar Khederian, Al Pajonas, Capt. Sylvan Simon, and Wally Sullivan all received this honor. Fred Rice was chosen on the second team, while Mike Azzone, Ed Colt, Lou Cunningham and Mickey Maguire were given honorable mention. Captain Sylvan Simon ' s leadership was a contributing factor to the season ' s success. His errorless fielding was a highlight of the season. Syl played in his regular centerfield position for the third straight year. Wally Sullivan, the 1942 captain-elect, had the honor of being the leading hitter. Batting in the cleanup position, the rightfielder ob- tained the average of .371. Ed Colt, veteran leftfielder, had the distinc- tion of leading in stolen bases. This also marked Ed ' s third year of varsity competition. Two Sophomores, Frank Coole and Fred Rice, were the mainstays of the pitching staff, each winning four games. Ernie Colantonio, converted from the outfield, obtained three victories. Veteran Charlie Foster rounded out the regular staff. The combination of Khederian at third and Pajonas at shortstop opened the eyes of many Major League scouts. Their outstanding de- fensive and offensive work turned many games into victories. Oscar batted in 15 runs during the season. Al ran a close second, batting in 14 and his average was .317. Sophomores Mike Azzone at second, and Fred Antinarelli at first, played consistent ball all season. Mike hit for an even .300. " Yorker " Trullson substituted at second. Mickey Maguire played his second straight year behind the plate, and ended the season with a .321 batting average. Retiring players include Warren Boutelle, Lou Cunningham, and Vin Labowicz. Lou made ten consecutive hits and averaged .333. Chauncey Del Grosso and Lee Manning com- plete the members of the 1941 squad. Northeastern opened the season convincingly behind Fred Rice by shutting out Boston College 9-0. Rice held the Eagles to 3 hits while his mates pounded out 13. Only one Eagle reached second so tight was the Husky defense. Hopes were momentarily dimmed when the Red and Black lost its first Conference game at Rhode Island 7-1. Daring base running and brilliant defensive work at tight moments held the Huskies in check. A bid for the Conference title was initiated by defeating Maine 8-7. Frank Coole person- ally accounted for the victory by taming the Bears with his arm and bat. Colby won over the Huskies 4-1 as the re- sult of one big inning. Charlie Foster allowed one hit until the sixth, but then the Mules found his speedball to their liking. Bates Bobcats were defeated 7-3 behind Er- nie Colantonio ' s effective pitching. Pajonas ' two triples and three opportune double plays were contributing factors. Avenging its earlier setback the Huskies edged Rhode Island 1-0 in the tightest defens- ive game of the year. Coole held the Rams to four hits. Sullivan doubled scoring Pajonas for the lone run. The team journeyed to Waterville and loosed their batting barrage for a 13-2 parade over Colby. Foster won his first game. Khederian, 160 First Roio left to right: Colt, Cunningham, Antinarelli. Kl Maguire. Second Row. left to right: Coach Gallagher, Savage, DelGr. Rice, Labowicz, Coole, Manning, : Foster, Colantonio, Boutellc ugh. Pajonas, and Sullivan accounted for six of thirteen hits, one being a home run by Wally. Northeastern lost its second Conference game at New Hampshire. Irving Karelis, the leading Conference hurler, led the Wildcats to the 2-0 victory. Ernie Colantonio allowed six scattered hits as Northeastern romped over Clark 9-0. An- tinarelli, Colt, and Sullivan all collected triples. The latter also stole home. The team continued its winning ways de- feating Worcester Tech 12-6. Home runs count- ed heavily as Khedsrian hit the circuit for two, and Pajonas one. Sullivan added a triple to the cause. The Huskies blasted out a 16-11 Conference victory over Connecticut at Storrs. The game was a hitting slugfest, both teams collecting a total of 36. Cunningham had a perfect day hitting four for four. The undefeated record of New Hampshire ' s Karelis was broken by a 7-6 Husky victory at Huntington Field. It took ten innings to do the trick, but it tied up the Conference lead. The Gallaghers kept the base paths dusty with seven stolen bases. Colt starred with two runs, three stolen bases, and three hits. Northeastern overcame the Soldier Field jinx by scoring three big runs in the ninth to edge Harvard 4-3. Azzone knocked in the tying runs, and then Rice won his own game by singling in Mike. This was one of the best games of the season. Coach Gallagher continued his string of vic- tories over Tufts as the Red and Black took both ends of a doubleheader at the Oval. The scores were 5-1 and 7-6. Frank Coole and Ernie Colantonio held the Jumbos in check by only allowing four hits. Boston College brought the season to a close by banging out a 9-2 victory. Fred Antinarelli ' s homer was the only solid Husky hit. Captain Syl Simon and Khederian sparkled defensive- ly. The record of the 1941 team marks the end of another outstanding baseball season. THE SCORES Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Boston College Rhode Island Maine Colby 7 7 4 Bates 3 Rhode Island .... Colby 2 New Hampshire . . 2 Tufts 1 Clark Worcester Tech . . 6 Connecticut 11 New Hampshire . . 6 Harvard 3 Tufts 6 Boston College ... 9 THE RECORD Won 12 Lost 4 161 HOCKEY The Tea m RONALD F. McKINNON, ' 44 (N) Captain FRED M. CUSICK, ' 42 (N) Manager MR. HERBERT W. GALLAGHER Coach GEORGE P. MAKRIS, ' 45 JOHN H. HENSHAW, ' 45 Assistant Managers Joseph F. Ahearn, ' 45 Francis J. Alward, ' 45 (N) George A. Beckett, Jr., ' 45 Parker N. Blanchard, ' 44 (N) John S. Carder, ' 44 (N) Richard S. Conner, ' 45 (N) Chauncey DelGrosso, ' 43 Leland Dumas, ' 43 Ronald F. McKinnon, ' 44 (N) Robert B. Fernberg, ' 44 (N) Dean P. Morrison, ' 44 Walter E. Hurley, ' 45 (N) Robert B. Otenti, ' 45 (N) John P. Heanue, ' 44 (N) Robert W. Saumsiegle, ' 44 (N) William T. Hutchinson, ' 44 (N) William L. Shannon, ' 45 (N) John F. Kelley, ' 45 Robert Sharpe, ' 45 (N) John C. Lally, ' 45 (N) Carl E. Westlund, ' 44 (N) Robert W. Maker, ' 45 (N) The Season By Fred Cusick " Best balanced team in the league " was the unanimous judgment of hockey fans and critics concerning Northeastern University ' s 1941-42 New England College Conference sex- tet. Leonard M. Fowle, college hockey editor of the Boston Globe, stated that if the Huskies possessed one outstanding forward they would have copped the title. As it was Coach Herb Gallagher ' s team finished third in the league with 7 wins and 4 defeats. By an " outstanding " forward Mr. Fowle meant one of the calibre of John Byrne, John Bialeck, John Chipman, Ed Barry, and the present mentor, all of whom represented former Husky teams. That one was lacking from this year ' s club might well be accounted for by the fact that no fourth year man was on the squad. In other words, draft plans per- mitting, Northeastern ' s entire squad will be back next year and not one, but several " out- standing " forwards will represent the Red and Black. If the Huskies lacked a great forward, then they wer e well compensated for the fact, by a brilliant defenseman in the person of Captain Ronnie McKinnon. For the second succes- sive year Captain McKinnon was chosen on the New England College Conference all-star team which certainly is an indication of his hockey ability. Off the ice Ronnie is one of the most personable members of the squad and an indication of his popularity was his elec- tion to th ' ? captaincy after his sophomore year — the first in the school ' s hockey history. He had an inimitable style of defense play — he was essentially a poke checker rather than a body checker — and it aided the team no end as he broke ur countless attacks before they could get under full swing. This year McKin- non played almost 60 minutes of every game since he was the only experienced defenseman on the team. His partner at the points was Sophomore Bob Otenti who improved so much during the season that he drew an honorable mention award on the League " All " team. Otenti was a star blocking back on the foot- ball team so his rugged body checks on the ice were but a continuation of his gridiron maneuvers- With two more years of com- petition ahead Bob should develop into one of the league ' s best defensemen. Another Sophomore, Bob Sharpe, who never played hockey before entering Northeastern, showed considerable promise as a defenseman, and proved to be a capable relief man. Big John Heanue was a letterman also, despite the fact that he was hampered by injuries most of the year. In the goal Northeastern had Will Shannon, a colorful net-minder, who turned in several brilliant performances throughout the season. Shannon was an outstanding high school star, and playing his first year of varsity com- petition he displayed considerable abil ity. Along with Ed Loring of Colby, he was the only goalie to turn in a shutout in the League. Shannon turned the trick twice (against Mid- dlebury and Bowdoin). John Kelly, another second year man, was his substitute. Up front the Huskies had two lines of equal ability, too, with each one excelling in some particular quality. The first line was an " all middler " wave made up of Jack Carder, Bob Fernberg and Bill Hutchinson, while the sec- ond trio was an " all sophomore " line, consist- ing of Bob Maker, Dick Conners and Walter Hurley. Here ' s a brief sketch on each of them: Jack Carder — an engineering student, prob- ably one of the most aggressive players on the team. He had considerable high school ex- perience and was captain of the Newton High team in his senior year. He possesses one of the hardest shots on the team and if he was 162 9 if f ; ; t ' 4 ' f ' N 1 FiWr Row, left to right: Hurley, Saumsieglc to right: Coach Gallagher, Alward, Sharpe, Fernberg, McKinnon, Hu iVestlund, Kelley, Heanue Makris. chinson, Carder, C Blanchard, Lally, sure of its direction he would be one of the leading scorers in the league. Bob Fernberg — a Business Administration student from Dorchester. Modest and unassum- ing off the ice. A brilliant student and con- sistent Dean ' s List man. He captained Dor- chester ' s team in the Boston High School Hoc- key league. Received honorable mention on the New England League " all " team. He rates as most improved player of the club. Bill Hutchinson — a Business Administration student and a good one. He and Fernberg are life-long pals. Bill rates as one of the two comedians on the club. He never played high school hockey but has shown considerable ability in his three years of play at North- eastern. He is one of the smartest forwards in college hockey and his proficiency in " fak- ing " goal tenders was uncanny. Bob Maker — a Business Administration stu- dent. Leading scorer on the team. He had the most accurate shot on the club. A product of Framingham High. In addition to College hockey he plays on outside rinks at every pos- sible opportunity. Never plays without a spe- cial stick graded to his own specifications. Richard Conners — a Business Administration student. A hustler from the drop of the puck. His aggressiveness made him outstanding. His nickname is " Gabe. " Another Framingham High product. He and Maker are inseparables off the ice which accounts for their fine team play. He usually sets up plays but he scored several goals in vital games this year. Walter Hurley — another Business Adminis- tration student. With " Hutch " he rates as a top-flight comedian. Played at Newton High School where he was outstanding. Chosen on the all-scholastic team. Probably the fastest skater in the club and he also possesses a good shot. He finished second to Maker in scoring. Coach Gallagher had five other forwards who saw considerable service. Parker Blanch- ard, who was playing his first full year on the varsity, Bob Saumsiegle, who was hampered considerably by a knee injury and Carl West- lund, an experienced right winger. Sophomores John Lally and Frank Alward were also rated high, with Lally displaying possibilities as either a forward or a defenseman. The same trio sparked the club to a 4 to 3 win over Bowdoin at Brunswick, Maine after they had succumbed to Colby 9 to 5 the day before at Waterville. In the other games played, Tech was defeated twice 6 to 3, and 9 to 4, Boston College won another close one 5 to 3, and New Hampshire was vanquished 9 to 4. With all three lines joining in the scoring, an impres- sive win was hung up over Bowdoin in the season ' s finale 8 to 0. THE SCORES Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . Northeastern . . M. I. T 3 Boston College . . 5 Harvard 5 M. I. T 4 New Hampshire . . 1 Boston College . . 9 Middlebury Colby 9 Bowdoin 3 New Hampshire . . 4 Colby 5 Bowdoin THE RECORD Won 7 Lost 5 163 BASKETBALL HAROLD MARON, ' 43 (N) Captain MR. JAMES W. DUNN Coach The Team Donald Alston, ' 43 (N) Michael J. Azzone, ' 44 (N) George Brumis, ' 45 Ernest J. Colantonio, ' 43 (N) Leonard Erickson, ' 44 Harold W. Gates, ' 44 Richard A. Hakanson, ' 44 WILLIAM I. TAYLOR, ' 42 (N) Manager Harry B. Hatch, ' 42 (N) John F. Holt, ' 45 Theodore Hultgren, ' 45 Joseph C. Lawler, ' 44 (N) Harold Maron, ' 43 (N) Donald H. Moore, ' 44 Victor W. Murphy, ' 45 Arthur M. Oppenheim, ' 45 Alphonse Pajonas, ' 42 (N) James A. Philips, ' 45 (N) Ralph A. Rawley, ' 43 (N) Nicholas Scurto, ' 44 Edward F. Sitarz, ' 45 (N) Wallace F. Sullivan, ' 42 (N) Robert T. Thorpe, ' 44 The Season By S. Nathenson Before Uncle Sam tapped him gently on the shoulder and jerked a suggestive thumb at the Army, Coach Jimmy Dunn had time to pre- sent Northeastern a farewell gift. It was the most gratifying basketball season in years. The Huskies won six games and lost nine for an average of .400, a feat which inspired the Boston Globe to name N. U. the 24th strong- est team in New England, ranking directly be- hind Norwich, which the Dunnmen conquered, 37-31, and Maine, which they walloped twice, 51-35 and 4240. For a while, the boys looked like the pro- verbial lead-pipe cinch to wind up the season with more wins than losses. When Division A returned from the industrial wars to the busi- ness of wading through the second semester, it rubbed its eyes to gaze upon a hoop squad that with considerable eclat had annexed five victories in its first seven games. It saw Cap- tain Hal Maron give numerous exhibitions on how to disappear in the middle of a court and reappear again with startling suddenness be- neath the enemy basket with the ball in his possession. It saw Al Pajonas, small and lithe and rhythmic, unleashing with either arm and from all angles his peculiar soft shots that floated leisurely up to the basket one inch above rim level and dived through without touching the rim. It saw sophomore Ed Sitarz at center, tall and cool, demonstrating how a man can pass often and flawlessly to set up his teammates and still be a high scorer himself. It saw a flashing blur on the court, and whenever the blur stopped it could be identi- fied as diminutive Mike Azzone, who com- bined with Pajonas and Sitarz, to form one of the fastest and smartest sets of forwards in New England. It saw him uncork a court game often bordering on the uncanny, a game which featured miraculous appearances in front of enemy passes, clever ball-handling, and lightning-like sorties deep into alien ter- ritory. It saw — and in case you ' ve dropped off somewhere along the line, " it " refers to Div- ision A — it saw Wally Sullivan, swarthy and impassive, give lessons in the proper way to get balls off the back boards and so turn dan- gerous enemy forays into Husky scoring oppor- tunities. And whenever it clapped its hands and stamp- ed its feet hard enough, it saw an erratic al- beit colorful athlete named Jim Philips, who raced down the court inspired apparently by the same set of instincts as a woman driver, glancing brightly at Maron on his left and pass- ing to an unsuspecting Pajonas on the right sideline, getting a return pass, faking brilliant- ly toward Mike Azzone but instead passing smoothly behind him to Professor Pugsley in the stands. It saw the record to date : decisive victories over Bates, Norwich, Maine, and New Hamp- shire twice, and forgivable losses to Harvard, where the court was unfamiliar, the crowd par- tisan, and the officiating malodorous, and to Rhode Island, where the Huskies ran up their highest total of the year. 60 points, only to discover that Coach Keaney ' s basket-crazy Rams had manufactured 98 somewhere along the way. All this Division A saw, and it offered up devout thanks to whatever gods it knew of, felt its blood tingle with the school spirit which a winning team engenders, and reached into its wallets to make sure that the all-important AA book was still there. Then the team which had just won five of seven games proceeded to win exactly one of the next eight. The reasons are several. For one thing, Sitarz ' draft board thought he would 164 First Rom. left to right: Philips, Paionas, Sullh Second Row, It It to right: Taylor, Rawley, Scurto, Haka Coach Dunn. .awler, Azzone. Hulteren. Hatch. look nice in a soldier ' s uniform and transferr- ed him from the sportive realm of basketball tactics to the grim realm of military tactics. Then again, the second half of the schedule was as tough as a bride ' s biscuits, much tough- er than the first half. Then again — oh, well . . . post mortems are never pleasant. The losses we might point out for the mor- b idly minded, were to Springfield, Tufts, Clark, Connecticut twice, Rhode Island, for the sec- ond time, and Colby. The lonesome victory was over Maine, and the fact that it was a victory can be traced to Al Pajonas, who float- ed one of his patented balloons through the hoop in the final seconds of the game, to make the score read 42-40 for the Red and Black. The points were Al ' s 18th and 19th of the contest. Speaking of Pajonas, it might be added that for the third straight year he was the supreme threat and scoring star of the team. Despite the fact that every opposing coach directed his defense to keep Al covered like a sucker ' s bet, he ran up 253 points in 14 games for an av- erage of 18.07 points per game. This left him the third ranking scorer in New England bas- ketball in point of averages. In front of him were Stutz Modzelewski of Rhody, with 454 points in 21 games, for 21.61, and Ziggy Strz- lecki of Clark, with 297 in 14, for 21.21. Both Modzelewski and Strzlecki played on teams which, unlike the Huskies, were out to score and score and score. , In actual scoring, Al ' s 109 field goals and 35 fouls landed him in ninth place among all New England scorers, but since he played in from three to seven games fewer than all the others except Strzlecki he turned in an out- standing job along with his suit. SCORES Northeastern . . 52 Northeastern . . 33 Northeastern . . 37 Northeastern . . 54 Northeastern . . 51 Northeastern . . 60 Northeastern . . 50 Northeastern . . 36 Northeastern . . 35 Northeastern . . 37 Bates 34 Harvard 54 Norwich 31 New Hampshire . . 47 Maine 35 Rhode Island 98 New Hampshire . . 29 Springfield 49 Tufts 53 Clark 65 Northeastern . . 34 ...66 Northeastern . . 37 ,..71 Northeastern . . 17 Colby ...40 Northeastern . . 42 ...40 Northeastern . . 29 Connecticut . . . ...58 THE RECORD Won 6 Lost 9 165 RIFLE TEAM First Row. left to right: Straight. Cr ossley, Myers, Simms, Hills. Second Row, left to right: Devine Richmond, Krinoples, Knowlton, Briggs, Bartlett. Elvvood R. Myers, ' 42, President; Norman S. Crossley, 42, Eugene F. Tangherline, ' 43, Vice-Presidents; Everett E. Stone, ' 43 David M. Straight, ' 43, Treasurers; Mr. J. James Devine, Coach; Arthur J. Davis, ' 45, Frederick A. Moore, Jr., ' 43, Secretaries; David R. Wood, ' 45, Hugh P. Simms, ' 44, Ordnance Officers; Ray H. Bartlett, Jr., ' 42; Vernon F. Carpenter, ' 43; John T. Hills, ' 45; Carl W. Pinkham, ' 44; Robert B. Richmond, ' 45. First Row. Irlt to right: O ' Too ' e. Richardson. Engle Bacon. Second Row, left to right: Kenney, Deyo. Jr , R. Richardson, Hefflon. F. Thayer Richardson, Commodore; John F. O ' Toole, Vice-Commodore; Lewis H. Bacon, Secretary-Treasurer; John H. Henshaw, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer ; Professor Rudolph O. Oberg, Faculty Adviser. YACHT CLUB 166 KING HUSKY I 1926—1941 167 FACULTY DIRECTORY Averill, Frank G. 90 Fairbanks Avenue, Wellesley! Hills A.B., Bowdoin College Avery, Robert H. 100 Gainsboro Street, Boston A.B., Holy Cross College Bacon, Frederick S. 42 Hyde Avenue, Newton A.B., and M.A., Harvard University Bailey, Wayland S. River Street, Norwell S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MS., Lehigh University Baird, Charles O., Jr. 17 Manning Road, East Lynn S.B., Northeastern University Baker, Chester P. 31 Bow Road, Newton Centre S.B., Northeastern University; M.A., Boston University Banks, Merlon F. 218 Newbury Street, Boston S.B., University of Maine Barnason, Charles F. 122 Downer Avenue, Hingham A.B., College City of New York; M.A., Cornell University; Ph.D., Harvard University Bowen, Earl K. 41 St. Stephen Street , Boston S.B., Massachusetts State College Boyajian, John H. 9 Powder House Terrace, W. Somerville S.B., Northeastern University Bromley, William H., Jr. 1100 Mammoth Road, Dracut S.B., Holy Cross College Bruce, Robert 12 Elliott Street, Winthrop B.C.S. and M.C.S., Northeastern University Capon, R. Lawrence 58 Channing Road, Newton Centre S.B. and M.A., Boston University Churchill, Everett A. 48 Long Avenue, Belmont A.B., Wesleyan College; Ed.D., Harvard University Cleveland, Lawrence F. 220 Jackson Street, Newton Centre S.B., Worcester Polytechnic Institute; M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cloney, William T., Jr. 30 Lantern Lane, Milton A.B., Harvard University Combellack, Wilfred J. 108 Jersey Street, Boston A.B. and M.A., Colby College Conrade, Noel L. 9 Buswell Street, Boston S.B., Long Island University Cook, Edward M. 66 Highland Avenue, Arlington A.B., Harvard University Coolidge, Joseph A. 20 Martin Street, Cambridge S.B. and M.A., Harvard University Cooperstein, Louis 31 Howland Street, Roxbury A.B. and M.A., Harvard University Cutts, Elmer H. 387 Harvard Street, Cambridge A.B. and M.A., University of Washington; Ph.D., Harvard University D ' Alessandro, Alfred 46 Radcliffe Road, Belmont B.C.S. and LL.B., Northeastern University; M.B.A., Boston University; C.P.A. Dean, Warren C. 105 Peterborough Street, Boston A.B. and M.A., Boston University Devine, J. James 5 Mendum Street, Roslindale S.B. and M.S., Rhode Island State College Dubois, Laurent 0. 9 Sewall Avenue, Brookline S.B., University of New Hampshire ; M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology 172 Dubois, Norman A. 1200 Great Plain Avenue, Needham S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.A. and Ph.D., Brown University Dunn, James W. 12 Mason Road, Watertown A.B., Western Maryland College Edgerly, Stuart Maynard Road, Sudbury A.B., Dartmouth College; M.A., Harvard University Ell, Carl S. 21 Beaumont Avenue, Newtonville A.B., DePauw University; S.B. and M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ed.M., Harvard University; Sc.D., DePauw University Engelhardt, Charles P., Jr. Otis Street, Bedford S.B. and M. Arch., Harvard University Essigmann, Martin W. 27 Rock Street, Woburn S.B., Tufts CoUege Estes, Stanley G. 60 Pinckney Street, Boston A.B., Colby College; M.A., Columbia University; M.A. and Ph.D., Harvard University Everett, Albert E. 4 Crown Street, Auburndale S.B. and M.B.A., Northeastern University FenneU, G. Raymond 42 Fremont Avenue, Everett S.B., Northeastern University; M.B.A., Boston University Ferguson, Harry 105 Peterborough Street, Boston S.B., Boston University Ferretti, Alfred J. 29 Coolidge Road, Lynn S.B. and M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Flumere, Emanuel A. 147 Worthington Street, Boston A.B., Northeastern University Gallagher, Herbert W. 164 Cabot Street, Newton S.B., Northeastern University Ganong, Warren L. 24 Lexington Avenue, Needham Heights S.B., Northeastern University Golemme, Joseph M. 22 Whiting Street, Hanover S.B., Northeastern University; M.A., Boston University Gramstorff, Emil A. 19 Hilltop Avenue, Lexington S.B. and M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hamilton, Roger S. 1367 Walnut Street, Newton Highlands A.B., University of Pittsburgh; M.A., Tufts College; Ph.D., Harvard University Harrington, Robert F. 120 Essex Street, Beverly S.B., Northeastern University Haskins, Elmer E. 213 Jackson Street Newton Centre S.B., Northeastern University; M.A., University of Pittsburgh; Ph.D., Boston University Havice, Charles W. 83 Franklin Street, South Brain tree A.B., Alleghany College; M.A., S.T.B., and Ph.D., Boston University Henderson, Frederick R. 223 Park Drive, Boston S.B. and M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hoffman, Randall W. 347 Lowell Avenue, Newtonville S.B., Middlebury College; M.A., Boston University Holmes, Frederick W. 32 Lincoln Street, Dedham A.B., Harvard University; M.A., Boston University Hultgren, William C. 80 Woodside Road, Winchester Ingram, Alvin R. 9 Buswell Street, Boston S.B., University of New Hampshire Jackson, Julian E. 187 Woodcliff Road, Newton Highlands A.B., Coe College; M.B.A., Harvard University; LL.B. Johnson, C. David 24 Lunt Street, Norfolk Downs A.B., Clark University; M.A., Boston University 173 Johnston, Robert A. 457 High Street, South Hanson A.B., University of Kansas; M.B.A., Harvard University Keith, Lyman A. 104 School Street, Jamaica Plain S.B., Northeastern University Kennefick, Russell T. 13B Short Street, Gloucester A.B., Northeastern University Knowles, Asa S. 41 Louise Road, Belmont A.B., Bowdoin College; MA., Boston University Kontoff, Henry A. Overlook Park, Newton Centre M.D., Tufts College Lacount, Reginald G. 11 Cleveland Road, Wellesley S.B., MA., and Ph.D., Boston University Lake, Wilfred S. 59 Hinckley Road, Waban A.B., Hiram College ; M.A. and Ph.D., Harvard University Laveaga, Robert E. 91 Cross Street, Belmont B.P.Ed., George Williams College; Ed.M., Boston University Light, Galen D. 3 Preble Gardens Road, Belmont A.B., Yale University Luder, W. Fay 51 Symmes Street, Roslindale A.B., Kalamazoo College; Ph.D., Brown University Lux, Warren E. 9 Buswell Street, Boston A.B., Amherst College Lynd, Albert J. 71 Gainsborough Street, Boston A.B. and MA., Harvard University MacKenzie, Donald H. 34 Exeter Street, Wollaston S.B., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Boston University Marston, Everett C. 40 Hereward Road, Newton Centre A.B., Colby College; M.A., Harvard University Masterson, John P. 64 Eliot Street, Milton S.B., Boston College McGuire, Waldemar S. 33 Samoset Avenue, Quincy S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.A., Boston University Melvin, Harold W. 44 Houston Avenue, Milton A.B. and M.A., Boston University Meserve, George Harris, Jr. 64 Magoun Avenue, Medford S.B., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Boston University Mezzacappa, Antonio L. 121 Mt. Vernon Street, Arlington A.B., MA. Ph.D., Harvard University Miroyiannis, Stanley D. 8 Cumberland Street, Boston S.B., Northwest College; M.A. and Ph.D., Boston University Morgan, John C. 24 Walker Street, Newtonville S.B., University of New Hampshire Morris, Rudolph M. 99 Knollwood Road, Squantum S.B., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Boston University Muckenhoupt, Carl F. 332 Winchester Street, Newton Highlands A.B., Williams College; S.B. and Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Nelson, Verner O. Y.M.C.A., 316 Huntington Avenue, Boston Nightingale, Winthrop E. 136 Dickerman Road, Newton Highlands A.B., Harvard University; S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University; Ed.M., Boston University Nitchie, Francis R„ Jr. 70 St. Stephen Street, Boston A.B., Middlebury College Norvish, Franklin 73 Upland Road, Brockton S.B., Colby College; M.A., Yale University 174 37 Walker Street, Atlantic Post Road, Wayland 19 Hardy Avenue, Watertown 609 South Street, Roslindale 71 Stearns Road, Brookline Oberg, Rudolf O. S.B., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Boston University Pare, Eugene G. S.B. and Ed.M., Tufts College Parsons, Edward S. S.B., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Harvard University Pihl, George E. S.B., Northeastern University; M.S., Harvard University Pinard, William J. A.B., Gray CoUege; M.A., Transvaal University; Ed.M., South African University; Ph.D., London University Porter, Roland G. 19 Woodbury Street, Beverly B.E.E., Northeastern University; M.S., Harvard University Pugsley, John B. 23 Hardy Avenue, Watertown A.B., Colby College Purinton, Ellis M. 7 Clark Avenue, Beverly B.B.A., Northeastern University Ramsey, Charles M. 458 Huntington Avenue, Boston A.B., Trinity College; M.A., Cornell University and Harvard University Reynolds, Paul E. A.B., Clark University; Ph.D., Harvard University Richards, Henry E. S.B. and M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Rook, Gustav S.B., Northeastern University Sanderson, Albert E. S.B., Northeastern University Schlagenhauf, Milton J. A.B., Washington University; M.A.. Northwestern University; B.D., Garrett Bible School Schmieder, Albert K. Randolph Street, Canton S.B., Northeastern University Seavey, Duncan W. 19 Orlando Avenue, Arlington S.B., Tufts College; M.S., Ohio State University Smith, W. Lincoln 4 Academy Lane, Concord S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Eng.D., Northeastern University Spear, Joseph A.B., Harvard University; M.A.. Boston University Spencer, Ernest L. S.B., Northeastern University Stearns, Frederick A. S.B. and M. S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Stevenson, J. Kenneth B.C.S., Northeastern University Stone, Samuel A. S.B. and M.S., University of New Hampshire Strahan, Samuel A. S. 210 South Huntington Avenue, Jamaica Plain S.B., Northeastern University Tatton, Gerald R. 52 Oakland Street, Medford S.B., Northeastern University; M.B.A., Boston University Thomas, Reginald C. 72 Madison Avenue, Newtonville S.B., Northeastern University Thompson, Loring M. 62 Parsons Street, West Newton S.B., Northeastern University Thomson, Alfred J. 20 Pierce Place, Canton S.B. and M.A., Boston University 17 Forest Street, Cambridge 171 First Street, Melrose 24 Pleasant Street, Dorchester Cochituate Road, Wayland 96 Blakely Road, Medford 31 Matchett Street, Brighton 58 South Street, Medfield 66 Florence Avenue, Melrose 101 Goden Street, Belmont 56 Symphony Road, Boston 175 23 Hilltop Avenue, Lexington 22 Devon Avenue, Beverly Towle, George W. S.B., University of New Hampshire Tozer, Eliot F. S.B., Massachusetts Art School Troupe, Ralph A. 329 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston S.B., Drexel Institute; M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute Underbill, Hurshel E. 76 Elgin Street, Newton Centre S.B., University of Oklahoma; M.B.A., University of Kansas Vernon, Arthur A. 14 Standish Street, Newton Highlands S.B. and M.S., Union College; Ph.D., Princeton University Wallace, Thomas H. 43 Brooksdale Road, Brighton S.B., Boston University; M.A., Harvard University; Ph.D., Boston University Wallace, William 90 Winslow Street, Everett S.B., Northeastern University Welch, George B. 876 Watertown Street, West Newton S.B.. Bowdoin College; Ph.D. Cornell University White, William C. 30 Summit Road, Wellesley S.B., Northeastern University ; Ed.M., Boston University Whittaker, Albert E. 77 Greenwood Street, Greenwood S.B., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Harvard University Wolowicz, Chester H. 81 Tremont Street, Salem S.B., Northeastern University; M.S., Harvard University Zeller, Joseph W. 282 Concord Street, Framingham S.B. and M.E., Tufts College Zuffanti, Saverio 128 Atlantic Street, Quincy S.B., Northeastern University; M.A., Boston University UPPERCLASS DIRECTORY Aaronian, Tzolag A., ' 43 L.A.. 218 Broadway,Cambridge Abbott, Allen W., ' 45 Eng., 27 Lloyd St., Winchester Abbott, David, ' 46 L.A., 21 Everell Rd., Winchester Abdella, Joseph, Jr., ' 45 L.A , 748 Grafton St., Worcester Abrams, Bertram T., ' 43 L.A., 197 Columbia Rd., Boston Abrams, Charles S., ' 44 L.A., 19 North Anderson St., Boston Adams, Frank P., ' 43 L.A., 14 Wilbur St., Dorchester Adams, Milton K., ' 45 L.A., 1912 Eight St., Rensselaer, N. Y. Agliata, Thomas P., ' 44 B.A., 252 Chambers, Boston Ahearn, Joseph F., ' 45 Eng., 194 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Ahearn, Maurice J., ' 45 B.A., 665 Common St., Walpole Ahem, John E., ' 44 Eng., 140 Sherman St., Portland, Me. Aikens, Alexander E., ' 45 Eng., 844 Beacon St., Boston Akeroyd, Richard, ' 44 B.A., 26 Evans Way, Boston Alberghini, Delmo F., ' 45 B.A., 7 Lowell Cricle, Somerville Alden, Merton S., ' 44 B.A., 51 Beacon St., Hyde Park Aldrich, George W., ' 44 L.A., 72 Menotomy Rd., Arlington Alexander, Arthur T., ' 44 Eng., 29 Carleton St., Revere Alhemovich, John S., ' 45 L.A., 89 Houghton St., Worcester Aliberte, Fernando, ' 43 Eng., 53 Forest Ave., Everett Allen, Benjamin F., ' 44 Eng., School St., Vergennes, Vt. Allen, John R., ' 44 B.A., Main St., Cambridge Alpert, Sumner, ' 45 Eng., 147 Talbot Ave., Dorchester Alston, Donald, ' 43 B.A., 124 Trenton, Lawrence Altman, Irving L., ' 45 B.A., 21 Green St., Brookline Alward, Francis J., ' 45 B.A., 14 Burgess Ave., Westwood Amon, William F., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 5 Tolman Place, Roxbury Anderson, Clifford F., ' 44 Eng., 6 Congress St., Worcester Anderson, John M., ' 45 B.A., 58 Alexander Rd., Newton Highlands Andrews, Harlow P., ' 43 B. A., 4 Andrews, Framingham Andrews, Lyman L , ' 43 Eng., 20 Ellis, Brockton Andrews, Peter, ' 45 Eng., 105 Johnson St., Springfield Annis, Arthur F., ' 43 B.A., 111 Norway St., Boston Annunziatta, Joseph V., ' 44 B.A., 235 Wooster St., New Haven, Conn. Antinarelli, Fred, ' 44 B.A., 26 Howard St., Watertown Antongnoni, Joseph, ' 44 Eng., 12 Elsmore St., Concord Arico, Herbert C, ' 45 B.A., 105 Maple St., Belmont Ariewitz, Daniel, ' 45 Eng., R. D. 7, Norwich, Conn. Artick, Edward F., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 26 Tremont St., Chelsea 176 Asci, Edmund A., ' 45 B.A., 110 Princeton St., E. Boston Ash, Samuel, ' 45 B.A., 152 Blue Hill Ave , Boston Ashcroft, Clarence W., ' 43 Eng., 20 Manton RcL, S wampscott Ashley, Robert D., ' 45 B.A., 51 Felton St., Hudson Ashline, Robert D., ' 43 Eng., 5 Weymouth St., Fitchburg Ashton, Donald, ' 44 Eng., 29 William St., West Newton Augis, John M.. ' 44 Eng., 453 Main St., Clinton Austin, John H., ' 44 Eng., 3 Remington St., Dorchester Austin, Sidney F., ' 45 Eng., 6 High St., Orleans, Vt. Autio, Herbert A., ' 45 Eng., 4 Northmen Pass, Fitchburg Azzone, Michael, ' 44 L A., 27 Goden, Belmont Bach, Hans V., ' 45 Eng., 1,740 Holland Ave., New York City Backer, Abbott, ' 45 B.A., 27 Lowell St., Lynn Bacon, Conrad G., ' 44 Eng., 569 Main St., Middletown, Conn. Bacon, Lewis H., ' 44 Eng., 1,478 Main St., S. Weymouth Bacon, Stuart W., ' 45 Eng., 76 Dover St., Worcester Bailey, Edward T., Jr., ' 45 Eng., Main St., Wells River, Vt. Bailey, Wilbert G., ' 45 Eng., 55 North St., Randolph Bajoras, George V., ' 43 Eng., 204 South Leonard St., Waterbury, Conn. Bakanauskas, Sam. ' 44 L.A., 166 Wilson St.. Haverhill Baker, Bradford M., ' 43 B.A., 22 Stedman, Wakefield Ball, Russell E., ' 45 Eng., 61 Pilgrim Rd., Marblehead Ballota, Joseph S., ' 45 L.A., 41 Sumner St., Dorchester Balzer, George C, ' 44 L.A., 9 Windemere Park, Arlington Banaag, Victorino V., ' 44 Eng., 2,621 Herran St., Manila, Philippines Band, Maurice, ' 45 B.A., 57 Almoin St., Maiden Banks, Ray C, Jr., ' 45 B.A., 40 Holbrook Place, Ansonia, Conn. Barbadoro, Nelson, ' 43 Eng., 51 Russell St., New Haven, Conn. Barbar, Thomas, ' 45 L.A., 135 Hudson, Boston Barnes, Donald G., ' 45 L.A., 13 Church, Tarrytown, N. Y. Barnes, Howard P., ' 44 Eng., 20 Birchwood Ave., Rutland, Vt. Baron, Burnett, ' 45 Eng., 21 Nazing, Roxbury Barr, Robert Douglas, ' 44 L.A., 6 Parkway Rd., Brookline Barron, Selwyn Z., ' 44 B.A., 160 University Rd., Brookline Barth, Milton S, ' 43 Eng., 35 ' Glenhill Rd., Boston Bartlett, Robert H., ' 45 B.A , 64 Thomas, New Bedford Bassett, Ormon E., ' 45 Eng., 247 Evans. Weymouth Batastini, Eugene Ottie, Jr., ' 44 L.A.. 16 Cherry St., Danvers Bates, Byron D„ ' 43 Eng., 38 Pearl, New Bedford Bates, Stanley Wellington, ' 45 L.A., 3 Argyle Rd., Arlington Heights Bayley, Edwin R., ' 45 Eng., 27 Alden St., Whitman Beal, Edward, ' 44 Eng , 16 Batavia PL, Harrison, N. Y. Beane, Robert H„ ' 45 Eng., 271 North St., N. Weymouth Beard, Richard B., ' 45 Eng., 42 Sydney St., Medford Bearse, Chester A., ' 44 B.A., 7 Britton St., Raynham Bechtel, Jack H., ' 44 Eng,. 35 Bradford Rd., Newton Highlands Beckett, George A., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 11 Woodland Ave., Medford Bedell, Albion R., ' 44 Eng., 42 Chase St., Danvers Bell, Kenneth F., ' 44 B.A., 20 Fitchburg St., Watertown Bellamacina, Angelo A., ' 43 B.A., 8 Pinckney St., Somerville Bengis, Milton M., ' 45 B.A., 50 Allen St., Boston Bennett, Harrison, ' 43 B.A., Post Rd., South Sudbury Berggren, John L., ' 44 Eng., 1,353 Main St., Waltham Berkland, Irving T., ' 43 Eng., 44 Cedar St., Norwood Berman, Merril, ' 44 Eng., 4,403 14th Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Berman, Theodore, ' 45 Eng., 114 Bellingham St., Chelsea Besse, Neil K., ' 43 Eng., 36 Washington St., Fairhaven Better, Paul, ' 44 Eng , 24 Evans Rd., Peabody Beutel, Werner H., ' 45 Eng., 165 Jewett Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Bevis, Edgar A., ' 43 Eng., 43 Harrison St., Newton Highlands Bickelman, Alfred, ' 45 B.A., 52 Supple Rd., Roxbury Biederman, Robert, ' 44 L.A., 957 Morton St., Mattapan Biggs, Matthew R., ' 45 Eng., 18 Temple Ave.. Winthrop Bililies, Charles A., ' 45 B.A., 422 Tremont St., Boston Birnbaum, Herbert, ' 43 L.A., 306 Hyde Park Ave., Jamaica Plain Bishop, Gardner M., ' 45 Eng., 110 St. Stephens St., Boston Bishop, Henry J., ' 45 Eng., 606 County St., New Bedford Bishop, Robert C, ' 45 B.A., 98 Harvard St., No. Quincy Bitsikas, John, ' 44 B.A., 18 Whitney Park, Mattapan Blackman, Kay S., ' 43 Eng., Findley Lake, N. Y. Blair, Ernest R., ' 45 Eng., 108 Willow Ave., Wollaston Blake, Martin, ' 43 Eng., 60 Westville St., Dorchester Blake, Robert W., ' 44 B.A., 259 Center St., Bangor, Me. Blakely, John R., ' 44 Eng., 67 Ashland St., Medford Blanchard, Charles W., ' 45 Eng., 5 Ravenscroft Rd., Winchester Blanchard, Glenn E., ' 44 Eng., 10 Moody St., Amesbury Blanchard, Parker N., ' 44 Eng., 5 Ravenscroft Rd., Winchester Blethen, Raymond D., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 46 Frances St., Haverhill Bodnar, Walter, ' 43 Eng., 16 Highland Park Ave., Roxbury Bolivar, Carleton, ' 43 Eng., 11 Upland Rd., Winchester Bolonsky, Leonard H., ' 44 L.A., 80 Wellington Hill, Mattapan Bolton, Foster K., ' 43 Eng., Cabot, Vt. Bolz, William R., ' 43 B.A., Box 183, Uncasville, Conn. Bong, Walter A., ' 43 Eng., 2,295 Main St., Springfield Bonia, Walter J., ' 43 Eng., Ill Salem St., North Revere Bordewieck, Robert W., ' 45 Eng., 274 Weston Rd., Wellesley Bornstein, Daniel, ' 45 Eng., 21 Donald Rd., Dorchester Bornstein, David, ' 44 Eng., 24 Audubon Rd., Milton Borofsky, Arnold J., ' 43 L.A., 10 Wilcock St., Dorchester Borofsky, Sumner L , ' 44 Eng., 10 Wilcock St., Dorchester Bottiggi, Theodore A., ' 44 Eng., 73 Madison Ave., Quincy Boudreau, Edward G., ' 45 B.A., 33 Ellis Rd., Swampscott Bourke, James D., ' 45 B.A., 59 Aldrich St., Roslindale Bower, Leroy C, ' 44 Eng., 60 Allison St., Newton Bowmar, William D., ' 45 L.A.. Main St., Groton Bowry, Donald W., ' 43 Eng., King Philip Rd., South Sudbury Boyce, Warren T.. ' 45 Eng., 658 So. Main St., Sharon Boyko, Solly, ' 45 Eng., 56 Kelly St., Bristol, Conn. Boyle, Herbert P., ' 43 B.A., 41 Collins Rd., Waban Boynton, Bennett W., ' 45 B.A., Summer St., Rowley 177 Brastow, Edgar R., ' 45 Eng., 50 Maple St., Attleboro Falls Brazaitis, Zigmund, ' 45 Eng., 35 Kenberma Rd., Dorchester Brewster, David T., ' 44 L.A., 98 Preston St., Hathorne Brigham, James H., ' 44 Eng., 54 Whitney St., Northboro Broderick, Robert J., ' 44 L.A., 42 Summer St., Milford Brooks, Joseph W., ' 45 L.A., 48 Huron Ave., Cambridge Brown, Allan R., ' 43 Eng., 36 Ellsworth Ave , Beverly Brown, Richard J., ' 45 Eng., 41 St. Gregory St., Dorchester Brown, Robert A., ' 45 Eng., 40 Linwood St., North Uxbridge Brown, Robert H., ' 43 Eng., East Main St., Chatham Brown, Robert K., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 46 Westmoreland Ave., Arlington Heights Brumis, George, ' 45 B.A., 65 Lexington Ave , Somerville Bucci, Richard P., ' 44 B.A., 64 Wareham St., Medford Buchanan, Stanley M., ' 44 Eng., 5 Arion St., Dorchester Buck, Ralph E„ ' 44 Eng., 161 Savin Hill Ave., Dorchester Bunich, Jack J., ' 44 B.A., 35 Theodome St., Dorchester Bunker, Arthur G., ' 45 Eng., 86 Thornton St., Roxbury Burbank, Richard M , ' 44 Eng., 25 Hartsuff St., Rockland Burdett, John D., ' 44 Eng., 56 Emwood St., Swampscott Burgamaster, E. Arnold, ' 44 Eng., 22 Waverly St., Stoneham Burger, Edwin M., ' 44 Eng., 49 Cortland St., Springfield Burgess, Howard C , ' 44 Eng., 47 Carleton St., Newton Burke, Edward L., ' 43 Eng., 137 Wildwood Ave., Arlington Burkitt, Norman A., ' 44 B.A., 297 Western Prom., Portland, Me. Burnham, Francis U., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 6 Ave. B, Turners Falls Burnham, John F., ' 44 L.A., 11 Perry St., Stoughton Burns, William J., ' 45 B.A., Post Q. M. C. Office, Fort Devens Burstein, Sol, ' 45 Eng., 198 Chester Ave., Chelsea Burt, Alan C, ' 45 Eng., 175 South Ave., Attleboro Burton, John A., ' 45 Eng., 50 Olean St., Worcester Bush, Chester, ' 43 Eng., 139 Beaver St., Hyde Park Buskey, Felix A., ' 44 Eng., 51A Tremont St., Claremont, N. H. Butcher, Stanley E., ' 43 L.A., 8 Chadwick St., North Bellerica Butler, Arthur M., ' 43 B.A., 526 Water St., Framingham Butters. Raymond J., ' 45 L.A., 23 Packard Ave., Dorchester Buxton, Robert W., ' 44 Eng., 10 Freeman St., Arlington Calish, Sumner J., ' 45 Eng., 25 South St., Brighton Callahan, Duane, ' 44 B.A., 59A Strathmore Rd., Brighton Cameron, Duncan H., ' 43 Eng., 306 Dudley St., Roxbury Cameron, Francis X., ' 44 L.A., 25 Hamelton St., Dorchester Cameron, George D., ' 44 Eng., 273 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, R. I. Cameron, Paul, ' 44 Eng., 59 Tamworth Hill Ave., Greenwood Cammarata, Joseph G., ' 43 B.A., 42 Fairmont St., Arlington Campbell, John D., ' 44 B.A., 70 Pleasant St., North Andover Campbell, John F., ' 43 L.A., 44 Ocean St., Atlantic Campbell, Robert C, ' 44 B.A., 41 Marine Rd. South Boston Cane, Claude M., ' 45 B.A., Pine Hill Circle, Waltham Cangiano, Albert E., ' 45 L.A., 17 Fifth St., Medford Cann, Francis A., ' 43 B.A., 83 Winnepurkit Ave., Lynn Capone, Joseph, Jr., ' 43 Eng.. 380 Beech St., Roslindale Caputo, Paul A., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 62 Arborway, Jamaica Plain Caputo, Ralph A., ' 45 Eng., 21 Gladstone St., E. Boston Carangelo, John J., ' 44 Eng., 621 Quinipiac Ave., New Haven, Conn. Carangelo, Mario, ' 43 Eng., 2,104 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn. Carder, Jack S., ' 44 Eng., 64 Eliot Ave., West Newton Carito, William A., ' 43 Eng., 10 Harris St., Boston Carleton, Russell, ' 45 L.A., 3 West St., Stoneham Carlson, Alden B., ' 45 Eng., 126 Sherman St., Quincy Carlsen, Mervin L., ' 45 L.A., 5 Tucker St., Milton Carlson, Quinton, ' 43 Eng., 48 Seaver St., North Eastern Carmean, Rolfe L., ' 44 Eng., Mount Hermon, Mass. Caro, Joseph H., ' 43 L.A., 94 Nightingale St., Dorchester Carpenter, Edward P., ' 44 Eng., 23 Browning St., Weymouth Carpenter, Lawrence H., ' 43 B.A., 20 Hope St., Attleboro Carpenter, Richard H., ' 43 B.A., 44 Huttleston Ave., Fairhaven Carpenter, Vernon F., ' 43 Eng , Sandy Creek, N. Y. Carroll, Robert M., ' 44 B.A., 16 Park Rd., Belmont Carroll, William F., ' 44 B.A., 16 Park Rd., Belmont Carter, Carl R., ' 45 Eng., 43 Farnsworth St., Waltham Carvalho, Joseph, ' 45 Eng., 72 Oak St., Lexington Carvill, Richard E., ' 43 Eng., 15 Alaric St., W. Roxbury Cass, Walter J., ' 45 LA., 12i 2 Fowler St., Salem Cassarino, Sebastian J., ' 43 Eng., 84 Endicott St., Boston Center, William H., ' 44 Eng., Box 118, Ravena, N. Y. Chagnot. Henry F., ' 45 Eng., 6 Rockwell PI., Milton Chamberlain, Richard I., ' 43 Eng., 44 Field St., Boston Chapman, Donald A., ' 44 Eng., 24 Hazel St., Lowell Cheever, John A., ' 45 Eng., 464 Beacon St., Boston Chesley, Earle, Jr., ' 44 B.A., 108 Summer St., Auburn, Me. Chisholm, Alfred J., ' 44 L.A., 57 Garland St., Everett Chisholm, John, ' 44 Eng., 3 Bowden St., Marblehead Christie, George F., ' 45 B.A., 117 Greenacres Ave., White Plains, N .Y. Christopher, Clifford Z , ' 45 Eng., 49 Elizabeth Rd., Belmont Church, Herbert S., ' 43 Eng., 7 Nelson St., Natick Ciarcia, Joseph J., ' 45 Eng., 49 Harvard, Winchester Ciesielski, Leo F., ' 45 Eng., 355 High St., New Britain, Conn. Clancey, Colman D., ' 43 Eng., 94 Neal St., Portland, Me. Clark, Lawrence C, ' 43 L.A., 35 Ellis St., Brockton Clark, Robert W., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 202 Merrymount Rd.. Quincy Clarke, Cortlandt, ' 44 L.A., 12 Birch Hill Ave., Wakefield Clayton Richard G., ' 45 L.A., 2 Schuyler St., Roxbury Cleak, Woodworth, ' 45 Eng., 204 Pearl St., Cambridge Cleary, Paul G., ' 44 Eng., 59 Goodnough Rd.. Brookline Cleveland, John F., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 9 Ray St.. Beverly Clougherty, Charles T., ' 45 B.A., 15 Fermald Ter., Boston 178 Cluff, Roy, ' 45 B.A., 197 Perkins St., Melrose Cobean, John F., 45 Popham Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Cochran, John, ' 45 Eng., 598 Adams St., Quincy Corkinos, Constantine G., 46 Homes Ave., Dorchester Cody, Thornton S., ' 45 B.A., 1,469 Beacon St., Brookline Cohen, Alvin, ' 45 L.A., 32 Charles St., Winthrop Cohen, Leon, ' 44 B.A., 46 Astoria St., Mattapan Cohen, Milton L., ' 45 Eng., Ill Atlantic Ave., Revere Cohen, Robert, ' 43 Eng., 112 Talbot Ave., Dorchester Cohen, Samuel H., ' 45 Eng., 100 Atlantic Ave., Revere Cohen, Sidney, ' 43 Eng., 112 Talbot Ave., Dorchester Cohen, Simon, ' 45 L.A., 23 Aborn PL, Lynn Cohen, William G., ' 45 L.A., 179 Walnut St., Chelsea Cohen, William J., ' 45 L.A., 42 Lancaster St., Quincy Colan, George H., ' 44 L.A., 397 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Colaneri, John D., ' 45 L.A., 34 Brook Rd., Sharon Colantonio, Ernest J., ' 43 L.A., 215 Adams St., Newton Cole, Harvey, ' 43 Eng., 37 Standish St., No. Weymouth Cole, R. Craig, ' 45 Eng., 32 Clark St., Worcester Collins, Charles J., ' 45 Eng., 460 Huron Ave., Cambridge Condon, John III, ' 44 L.A., Great Rd., Bedford Conlon, William M., ' 45 Eng., 18 Temple St., Whitman Conner, Richard S , ' 45 B.A., Hastings St., Framingham Connolly, Daniel J., ' 45 Eng., 100 Salem St., Lawrence Connolly, Joseph Francis, ' 45 L.A., 13 Arthur St., Winchester Connors, James F.. ' 45 Eng., 11 Berry St., Maiden Connors, Robert A., ' 45 LA., 618 Robeson St., Fall River Consolazio, George A., ' 43 L.A., 94 Berkshire St., Cambridge Conviser, Sanford R., ' 43 Eng., 447 Norfolk, Mattapan Conway, Thomas E., ' 45 Eng., 39 Woodbine Rd., Medford Conway, Thomas F., Jr., ' 45 L.A., 510 Hillside Ave., Hartford, Conn. Cook Charles H., Jr., ' 45 L.A., 37 Denver St., Saugus Cook, Ernest M., ' 44 Eng., 15 Albermarle Rd., Waltham Cooke, Reginald W., ' 45 L.A., 105 Jerome St., Medford Cookson, Albert E., ' 44 Eng., 20 Norfolk St., Needham Coole, Franklin S., ' 44 B.A., 8 Dalton Rd., Belmont Copithorne, Alton R., ' 44 Eng., 54 Garfield Ave., Chelsea Corcoran, Francis A., ' 43 B.A., 22 Greenough Ave., Jamaica Plain Coscia, Anthony. ' 44 B.A., 47 Cleveland St., Arlington Cosgrove, Patrick J., ' 45 Eng., 22 Courth St., Dedham Costa, George, ' 44 L.A., 20 Berkeley Rd., Nantasket Beach Costa, John J., ' 44 Eng.. 657 East 220 St., New York City Coughlan, James S., ' 45 Eng., 36 Amherst Rd., Wellesley Coughlan, Robert J., ' 45 Eng., 11 Upland Rd., Medford Cox, George H., ' 44 B.A., 2 Brook St., East Jaffrey, N. H. Cox, John W., ' 43 Eng., 105 Blossom St., Fitchburg Coyle, Walter A., ' 45 B A., 5 Lovell Rd.. Watertown Cristofori. Francis J., ' 45 B.A., Oakland St., Wellesley Hills Cristiano, Michael W., ' 45 B.A., 287 Blatchley Ave., New Haven, Conn. Cromwell, Edward K., ' 45 B.A., 106 South Main St., Middleboro Cummings, Edward M., ' 45 Eng., 624 East St., Ludlow Curley, Walter W., ' 45 B.A., 72 Hiawathia Rd., Boston Currier, Donald R., ' 45 Eng., 83 Hillcrest Ave., Brockton Curuby, Nicholas G., ' 44 L.A., 35 Blossom St., Lynn Cusack, John J., ' 44 Eng., 26 Corona St., Dorchester Cushman, Richard W., ' 43 L.A., 11 Chase Ave., Lexington Daborowski, Ignace J., ' 43 Eng., 49 Denton Cir., Springfield Dahlstrom, Harry W., ' 45 Eng., 18 Burgoyne St., Elmwood, Conn. Daley, Daniel M., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 229 Lawrence Rd., Medford Damon, Earl A., ' 45 B.A., 12l 2 Auburn St., Nashua. N. H. Damplo, Anthony J., ' 44 L.A., 33 Pine St., Medway Dane, Norman B., ' 43 B.A., 84 Londonderry Rd., Marblehead Daniels, Alexander B„ ' 45 B.A., 290 Harris Ave. Needham Dantowitz, Philip, ' 45 Eng., 1111 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester Daston, Paul G., ' 45 L.A., 31 Chisholm Rd., Roslindale Datz, Maxwell W, ' 43 B.A., 955 Morton St., Mattapan Davenport, Edward B., ' 45 B.A., 69 Bowen St., Newton Centre Davidzick, Walter, ' 43 Eng., 126 Congress Ave., Chelsea Davies, Charles S., ' 44 L.A., 62 Main St., Stoneham Davin, Thomas E., ' 45 Eng., 91 St. Paul St., Brookline Davis, Arthur J., ' 45 Eng., 1119 Main St., Melrose Davis, Erwin W., ' 45 B.A., Bridgewater, Vt. Davis, William M., ' 43 B.A., 40 Federal St., Reading Dawley, J. Frank., ' 45 B.A., 365 Lebanon St , Melrose Dean, Walter C, ' 45 L.A., 115 Granite St., Rockport DeBery, Edward, ' 45 Eng., 173 Babcock St., Brookline DeChristopher, Frederic, ' 45 Eng., 695 Eastern Ave., Maiden Delano, Robert B., ' 45 L.A., 596 Gallivan Blvd., Dorchester DelGrosso, Chauncey, ' 43 B.A., 31 Elm St., Cohasset DeMeo, Michael B„ ' 45 B.A., 675 Saratoga St., East Boston Dench, Maurice T., ' 45 Eng., 49 Mt. Vernon St., Gloucester Dennis, Richard, ' 43 Eng., 58 Hillside Ave., Revere DePiano, A. William, ' 45 Eng., 38 Bennett St., Everett dePiccolellis, John P., 1600 Huntington Ave., Worcester DeSantis, Joseph, ' 43 Eng., 4 Bickford Rd., Maiden Desmond, Frederick J., ' 45 Eng., 27 Woodbury St., Beverly D ' Eugenio, Tersino M., ' 44 Eng., 304 Langley Rd., Newton Centre DeVeuve, Ernest Arthur, ' 44 Eng., 77 Augustus Ave., Roslindale Dewey, George W., ' 43 B. A., R.F.D. No. 3, Winsted, Conn. Dewire, Francis M., ' 44 B.A., 10 Chenery Tr., Belmont Deyo, Fred, Jr., ' 45 Eng , 723 East Elizabeth St., Brownsville Diana, Vincent F., ' 45 Eng., 54 Chestnut St., Manchester, Conn. DiCicco, Valentino, ' 43 Eng., 93 Winthrop, Brockton Dicklow, James A., ' 43 Eng., 67 Lower Blvd., New London, Conn. diGiorgio, John A., Jr., ' 44 L.A., 116 Everett St., East Boston 179 Dignan, Joseph J., ' 45 L.A., 274 Fellsway West, Medford Dillon, Carl R., ' 44 B.A., 198 Hamilton St., Hartford Dillon, James H., ' 45 Eng., 10 Clark St., North Quincy Dillon, John J., ' 45 B.A., 139 Fremont Ave., Everett DiMaggio, Anthony J., ' 43 Eng., 8 Milton St., Arlington DiNardo, Albert, ' 45 Eng., 262 Maverick St., E. Boston Dinsmore, Paul E., ' 43 B.A., 78 Ash St., Waltham Diodati, John F., ' 45 Eng., 34 Bellevue Ave., Haverhill DiPietro, Paul A., ' 43 Eng., 59 Broadway, Somerville Disciullo, Eugene, ' 45 Eng., 17 Middlesex St., Boston Divoll, Richard L., ' 43 Eng., Darton St., Concord Dizer, John T., ' 44 Eng., 24 School St., Bellows Falls, Vt. Doe, Warren A., ' 44 B.A., 398 High St., Dedham Doherty, Francis C, ' 44 Eng., 31 Weld Hill, Forest Hills Doherty, William J., ' 45 Eng., 81 Pinkert St., Medford Donaldson, Russell E., ' 44 Eng., 47 Crescent St., Cambridge Donohue, Thomas J., ' 44 B. A., 13 Pearl St., Manchester, Conn. Donovan, James R., ' 44 L. A., 33 Day St., Norwood Dooley, Richard A., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 36 Worcester St., Grafton Doonan, Robert A., ' 45 Eng., 777 Boylston St., Brookline Dormandy, Roger B., ' 45 Eng., 867 Third Ave., Troy, N. Y. Douglas, Richard H, ' 45 B.A., 7 Lamartine PL, Jamaica Plain Douglas, Ronald, ' 45 Eng., 9 Grove St., Maiden DouviRe, James J., ' 45 Eng., 800 Worcester St., Wellesley Dow, Ralph R., ' 44 B.A., 574 Lexington St., Waltham Dowcett, Frank E., ' 44 L.A., 1015 Washington St., Newtonville Dowd, James W., ' 43 Eng., 97 School St.. Taunton Doyle, Robert, ' 44 Eng., 745 E. Parkway South, Memphis, Tenn. Draper, George W., ' 45 L.A., 69 Rindge Ave., Cambridge Dreifuss, Walter, ' 45 L.A., 470 Warren St., Roxbury Drenker, John W., ' 45 Eng., Highland Rd., Thornwood, N. Y. Drew, Robert G„ ' 44 L.A., 41 Bromfield St., Newburyport Duffy, Thomas H., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 123 Lindsey St., Fall River Duke, Lewis H, ' 45 B.A., 15 Forest Ave., Salem Duling, Arthur F ., ' 44 Eng., 106 Phillips St., Fitchburg Dumanian, John, ' 45 Eng., 86 Sagamore, Lynn Dumas, Leland, ' 43 B.A., 127 Playstead Rd., Medford Dunphy, John V., ' 44 Eng., 51 Maxfield St., W. Roxbury Durakis, Manuel A., ' 45 Eng., 27 Pearl Tr., Cambridge Durgin, Bernard L., ' 43 B.A., 813 Main St., Haverhill Durham, Russell P., ' 45 Eng., 40 Flint St., Somerville Durup, Paul C, ' 43 Eng., 11 Newfield St., Wollaston Dutting, John B., ' 44 Eng., 402 Main St., Portland, Conn. Eames, William G., ' 44 Eng., 27 Belmont, Somerville Earle, Ernest L., Jr., 99 Hillside Rd., Watertown Eastman, Frederic B., ' 45 Eng., 73 Madison Ave., Newtonville Eaton, Carleton G., ' 45 Eng., 23 Chesterbrook Rd., Waltham Eaton, Edward R., ' 44 Eng., 34 Orange St., Springfield Eberhardt, George W., 237 Cottage St., Pawtucket, R. I. Edlund, Leonard A., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 50 North Leyden St., Brockton Edwards, George A., ' 45 B.A., 119 Grove St., Briston, Conn. Edwards, Stanley A., ' 44 Eng., 32 Manchester Tr., Springfield Egles, Douglas R., ' 44 Eng., Plymouth St., Holbrook Eisenhart, Oliver T, ' 45 B.A., 402 Westlake St., Horseheads, N. Y. Elbling, Irving Nelson, ' 44 L.A., 107 Palm St., Nashua, N. H. Ellion, M. Edmund, ' 45 Eng., 50 Sea Foam Ave., Winthrop Ellison, Donald L., ' 43 L.A., 7 Crafts St., Waltham Elliott, Robert H., ' 44 Eng., 34 Foster St., Arlington Emerson, Donald B., ' 44 B.A., 94 Beacon St., Hyde Park Engle, George I., ' 44 Eng., 133 Arnold Rd., Newton Centre Erickson, Leonard, ' 44 B.A., 2 Bellevue Ave., Waltham Ericson, Harry L., ' 43 Eng., " Eaglehead, " Manchester Erwin, Donald W., ' 45 Eng., 711 East St., Dedham Esterman, Benjamin, ' 45 Eng., 12 Kerwin St., Dorchester Evans, Franklin, ' 45 B.A., 10 Woodside Rd., Winchester Fabio, Faliero A., ' 45 Eng., 4 Oakview Ave., Roxbury Falcao, Jose M., ' 45 Eng., 386 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Fanger. Sumner S., ' 45 L.A., 43 Claymoss Rd., Boston Farmer, Earle C, ' 45 L.A., 431 West Fourth St., South Boston Farnan, James T, ' 44 B.A., 19 Elm St., Lynn Farrar, Welton G., ' 45 L.A., 92 Gardner St., Groveland Farrell, J. Henry, ' 44 B. A., 37 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Farrell, Vincent B., ' 44 Eng., 268 Gallivan Blvd., Dorchester Fay, Donald H., ' 45 B.A., 6 Pinewood Rd., Needham Fay, George B., ' 44 Eng., 14-A Whittier St., Dover, N. H. Fay, John J., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 56 College Ave., Medford Feener, Donald, ' 44 Eng., 330 Ocean St., Beverly Feeney, Thomas J., ' 44 B.A., 15 North St., Newton Centre Feinberg, Albert J., ' 44 L.A., 145 Babcock St., Brookline Feinberg, Julius, ' 44 Eng., Kerhonkson, N. Y. Feinstein, Franklin, ' 45 L.A., 35 Tudor St., Lynn Ferguson, John W., ' 43 Eng., 20 Harriet Ave., Belmont Fernberg, Robert B., ' 44 B.A , 40 Wentworth St., Boston Ferraro, Joseph L., ' 44 Eng., 71 Elmwood St., Revere Fiantaca, Joseph S., ' 44 Eng., 186 Cottage St., E. Boston Ficiechy, Joseph, ' 45 Eng., 70 Arlington St., Hyde Park Field, Edgar R., ' 45 L.A., 25 Main St., Boston Filkins, Elmer S., ' 44 B.A., 141 Hartford Tr., Springfield Fine, Saul A., ' 45 Eng., 20 Chatham Rd., Everett Finkelstein, Martin B., ' 45 L.A., 61 Walnut Pk., Boston Fiore, Anthony, ' 43 B.A., 51 Cherry St., Somerville Fiore, Dominic, ' 45 Eng., 147 Dana Ave., Hyde Park Fischer, Robert B., Lowell St., West Peabody Fisher, A. Orman, ' 45 Eng., 34 Oakview Tr., Jamaica Plain Fisher, Benjamin, ' 45 Eng., 27 Garland St., Chelsea 180 Fisher, Bernard, ' 45 B.A., 79 Woodchester Dr., Newton Fitzpatrick, John F., ' 43 Eng., 39 Mechanic St., Foxboro Flaherty, John B., ' 45 Eng., 47 Fulton St., Medford Flamand, Joseph J. C, ' 45 B.A., 173 Davis Ave., Brookline Fletcher, Stanley, ' 44 Eng., 256 Kenduskeag Ave., Bangor, Me. Flitner, Francis P., ' 45 Eng., Greenville, N. H. Flynn, Daniel J., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 22 Elm Sq., Wakefield Flynn, Robert H., ' 45 B.A., 21 Clayton St., Maiden Forcellati, Guy J., ' 44 B.A., 81 N. Margin St., Boston Ford, Richard J., ' 43 Eng., 63 Washington Ave., Waltham Forzley, Mitchell B., ' 45 B. A., 88 Locust Ave., Foss, Donald G., ' 44 B.A., 19 Fowell Ave., Nashua, N. H. Foster, C. Gale, ' 43 B.A., 497 Huntington Ave., Boston Foster, William A., ' 45 L.A., Old Connecticut Path, Framingham Foulkes, Donald K., ' 45 Eng., 3 Evans Rd., Peabody Frager, Albert, ' 44 B.A., 35 Washington St., Dorchester Francis, Thomas E., ' 43 Eng., 400 West Main St., North Adams Frangiamone, Gioacchino, ' 45 Eng., 15 Charter St., Boston Freeman, Donald H., ' 44 L.A., 19 Harding Ave., Belmont Freeman, Melvin I., ' 45 L.A., 88 Waumbeck St., Roxbury Freije, Albert, ' 45 B.A., 110 Community Rd., Bay Shore, N. Y. Freundlich, Arthur L., ' 45 L.A., 12 Prospect Ave., Winthrop Friary, William F., ' 45 L.A., 1 Dunn Ct., Boston Friedman, Bernard L., ' 45 Eng., 70 Nottinghill Rd., Brighton Friedman, Stanley, ' 44 L.A., 24 Wellington Ave., Haverhill Friswell, Frederick H., ' 45 Eng., 18 Willow St., Mystic, Conn. Frutkoff. Carl M., ' 44 Eng., 162 Glenway St., Dorchester Furbush, Wesley J., ' 45 B.A., 77 Davis Ave. W. Newton Furrer, Jack F., ' 44 Eng., 55 East Hudson St., Long Beach, N. Y. Gadsby, Paul, ' 45 B.A., 161 Woodlawn St., Fall River Gallagher, James G., ' 45 Eng., 33 Connell St., Quincy Gallo, Patrick, ' 43 Eng., 226 Sea St., Quincy Galuffo, Peter, ' 45 B.A., 43 Harvard St., Winchester Gantman, Sidney D., ' 43 Eng., 117 Howland St., Roxbury Gardner, David W., ' 45 B.A., 391 School St., Belmont Gardner, Francis W., ' 43 B.A., 44 Harrison St., Brookline Gardner, Robert E., ' 43 B.A., 49 Myrtle Tr., Winchester Gates, Charles E., ' 43 L.A., 12 Alma Ave., Belmont Gates, Harold W., ' 44 Eng., 14 Esty St., Ashland Gates, James A., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 30 Braman St., Danvers Gatto, Nicholas F., ' 45 L.A., 31 Firth Rd., Roslindale Gavin, Malcolm R., ' 45 Eng., 5 Paul Revere Rd., Arlington Gavitt, Harold I., ' 44 Eng., 47 Hatfield St., Pawtucket Geffen, Milton J., ' 44 Eng., 94 Hutchings St., Roxbury Geiger, Wallace A., ' 45 Eng., Tarbell St., Pepperell George, Michael F., ' 45 Eng., 31 Wall St., Worcester George, Ralph E., ' 43 Eng., 231 Park St., Medford Gerade, Robert G., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 6 Pitman Ave., Greenwood Gerden, Carl A., ' 45 Eng., 6 Whitney St., Westboro Gerni, Carlton W., ' 45 B.A., 1420 Albany St., Schenectady, N. Y. Gerry, Joseph H, ' 44 B.A., 22 French St., S. Braintree Gershengon, Irving H, ' 45 B.A., 90 Rosseter St., Dorchester Gertel, Maurice G., ' 45 Eng., 46 Favre St., Mattapan Getchell, Robert E., ' 43 Eng., 270 Lafayette St., Randolph Getchell, Walter A., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 270 Lafayette St., Randolph Ghenes, John, ' 45 L. A., Ashburnham Hill Rd., Fitchburg Gibbons, Edward C, ' 44 B.A., 16 Hall Ave., Watertown Gibson, Donald M. ' 45 B.A., 331 Main St., Wareham Gidez, Melvin D., ' 44 Eng., 138 Federal St., Greenfield Gieschi, Thomas, ' 44 Eng., 29 Spring St., Springfield Gilbert, George B., ' 45 B.A., Martin St., South Acton Gilberti, Michael J., ' 45 B.A., 534 Washington St., Winchester Gillette, Edward S., ' 44 Eng., R.F.D. No. 1, North Park Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Gillis, Alfred J., ' 45 Eng., 14 Pleasant St., Ipswich Gilman, Richard A., ' 45 Eng., 59 Congreve St., Roslindale Gingras, Vernon E., ' 44 B.A., 645 Canton Ave., Milton Giroux, Paul A., ' 45 L.A., 78 Melville, Fall River Glasker, Louis, ' 43 B.A., 22 James St., Bro okline Gleason, Walter P., ' 43 B.A., 26 Lawson Rd., Winchester Glueck, Albert G., ' 44 Eng., 75 Day St., Jamaica Plain Goettman, Andrew T., ' 45 Eng., Box 61, Bloomingburg, N. Y. Gogan, Thomas F., ' 43 L.A., 4 Regent Pc, Lynn Golas, Frank P., ' 45 B.A., 1 Belchertown Rd., Boston Goldberg, Leon, ' 45 L.A., 85 Floyd St., Dorchester Goldman, Martin M., ' 45 L.A., 81 Irving St., Framingham Goode, John J., ' 45 Eng., 5 Arborway Ct., Boston Goodman, Philip D., ' 43 Eng., 4 Howland St., Roxbury Goodwin, Richard S., ' 45 L.A., 27 Hawthorne Ave., Arlington Gordon, Martin H., ' 44 L. A., 571 Norfolk St., Mattapan Gorrill, William R., 44 Eng., State St., South Hanover Gould, Gordon M., ' 45 Eng., 89 High St., Farmington, Me. Gould, Harland Sturgis, ' 45 Eng., 30 Park St., Wakefield Graham, J. Stewart, ' 44 Eng., 16 Auburn St., Woburn Grant, Charles R., ' 45 Eng., 1654 Massac husetts Ave., Cambridge Grant, John J., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 29 Willard St., Maiden Graves, Bradford, ' 44 Eng., R.F.D., East Pepperell Graves, Lawrence P., ' 44 Eng., 52 Circuit Pk., Melrose Gray, Ralph Mahlon, ' 45 Eng., 1 South St., Farmington Green, Leonard, ' 45 Eng., 1352 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Green, Milton, ' 43 Eng., 1352 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Greene, Herbert L., ' 43 Eng., 24 Crescent Ave., Bedford Greene, Merrill H, ' 44 B.A., 54 Olney St., Boston Greenleaf, Kenneth R., ' 45, South St., Foxboro Greenquist, Robert E., ' 45 Eng., 97 Vernal St., Everett Greenwood, Richard W., ' 44 Eng., 9 Vogel St., West Roxbury 181 Grella, John W., ' 44 B.A., 206 Magnolia St., Hartford, Conn. Grey, Richard A., ' 44 B.A., 31 Upland Rd., Quincy Griffin, Charles J., ' 45 Eng., Boston Rd., Pinehurst Gross, Robert, ' 44 Eng., 19 Townsend St., Roxbury Grosser, Daniel L., ' 45 Eng., 27 Phillips St., Boston Grossman, Morton B., ' 45 Eng., 14 Hildreth St., Dorchester Grover, Frederick R., ' 43 Eng., 1 Broadway Ave., Rockport Gubellini, Carl E., ' 44 B.A., 373 Boston Ave., Medford Guertler, John M., ' 44 Eng., 60 Moseley St., Dorchester Guilford, Irving M., ' 45 B.A., West Main St., West Cheshire, Conn. Gunderson, Charles R., ' 45 Eng., 36 Marshall St., Winthrop Gustafson, Philip E., ' 45 L.A., 774 Belmont St., Watertown Gustafson, William N., ' 45 Eng., 14 Grampian Way, Boston Guttel, Herbert, ' 45 Eng., 141 Chelsea St., E. Boston Guy, Robert D., ' 45 B.A., 240 Parkway, Chelsea Hackett, Warren H., ' 44 Eng., 5 Kilmer Ave., Taunton Gaddad, Sheffield G., ' 45 Eng., 14 Bobalink St., West Roxbury Haefele, Carl W., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 20 East High St., Avon Haggis, Theophilos G., ' 44 Eng., 34 Junior St., New Bedford Haire, Emory T., ' 44 Eng., Rush, Penn. Hakanson, Richard A., ' 44 B.A., 44 Lincoln St., Winchester Hale, Robert F., ' 45 Eng., 9 Kidder Ave., West Somerville Haley, Edgar W., ' 45 Eng., Montserrat Rd , Beverly Hall, Albert B., ' 43 Eng., 45 Oat Grove Ave., Brattleboro, Vt. Hall, Henry S., ' 45 Eng., 94 Harvard Ave., Brookline Hall, Robert T., ' 45 Eng., Pleasant St., Freeport, Me. Hall, Wellington J., ' 44 B.A., 750-A Huntington Ave., Boston Hallett, Allan H., ' 43 Eng., 281 Glen Rd., Wellesley Farms Hamilton, Bernard L., ' 44 Eng., Main St., E. Pepperell Hamilton, Charles B., ' 43 Eng., 45 Harding Ave., Belmont Hampton, William R., ' 43 B.A., 7 Sapphire Rd., Saugus Handy, Douglas C, ' 43 Eng., Box 54, North Springfield, Vt. Hankard, Francis R., ' 45 L.A., 11 Sunset St., Roxbury Hankinson, George William, ' 43 Eng., 148 Hemenway St., Boston Hannula, Fred W., ' 45 Eng., 310 Main St., Walpole Hansis, Donald R., ' 43 B.A., 10 Lehigh St., Arlington Harlow, Theodore F., ' 44 Eng., 140 Beltran St., Maiden Haron, Carl I., ' 43 Eng., 51 Florence Rd., Waltham Harrington, Francis E., ' 44 Eng., 47 Emeline St., Randolph Harris, Frank J., ' 44 B.A., 9 Anoka Pc, Lynn Harris, Maceo, ' 45 Eng., 71 Windsor St., Boston Harris, Roger W., ' 44 B.A., 185 Highland Ave., Newtonville Hart, John E., ' 43 L.A., 31 Allen St., Bradford Hartford, Walter W., ' 44 Eng., 40 Clarendon St., Newtonville Harwood, Alan, ' 44 Eng , 104 Overlook Rd., Arlington Harvie, Ernest A., ' 43 B.A., 9 Leland St., Grafton Haskell, Richard F., ' 44 Eng., 39 Pearson Rd., Somerville Hastings, John W., ' 45 Eng., Bradford, Vt. Hatch, Richard M., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 40 Carver Rd., East Watertown Hawes, George H., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 15 Fells Ave. Tr., Medford Hawkes, Horace P., ' 45 Eng., 16 Church St., Wakefield Hayes, Arnold T., ' 45 L.A., 19 Regina Rd., Dorchester Hayes, Bernard, ' 45 Eng., 205 Sycamore St., New Bedford Hayes, John J., ' 45 Eng., 14 Crowley Ave., Dedham Haynes, Paul D., ' 43 Eng., 33 Delano Ave., Quincy Hazelwood, Earle C, ' 45 Eng., 100 Windsor Rd., Medford Heaney, John F., ' 43 Eng., 31 Chase Ave., Lexington Heanue, John P., ' 44 B. A., 177 Belmont, Belmont Heaps, John F., ' 44 L. A., 221 Lexington Ave., Everett Hearsey, Walter, ' 44 Eng., 226 Cornell St., Roslindale Hebard, James C, ' 43 Eng., 54 Woodrow Ave., Medford Heeder, Calvin O., ' 45 B.A., 72 Scott Ave., Castleton, N. Y. Heffernan, Philip T., ' 45 B.A., 60 Fairbanks St., Brighton Heffernan, Richard P., ' 44 Eng., 36 Arbella St., Salem Heggie, Herbert C, ' 45 B.A., 104 Stetson Ave., Swampscott Hendricks, John G., ' 43 Eng., 151 East High St., Avon Henn, Albert William, ' 45 Eng., 164 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Hennessey, Charles, ' 43 Eng., 13 Winnipesaukee, Franklin, N. H. Henry, Thomas, Jr., ' 45 B.A., 84 Eleanor St., Chelsea Henshaw, John A. H., ' 45 Eng., 113 Trefton Dr., East Braintree Herbert, James S., ' 44 Eng., 311 North Main St., Milltown, N. J. Hergstrom, Robert P., ' 43 B.A., 1073 Corbin Ave., New Britain, Conn. Hershman, Herbert J., ' 44 Eng., 6 Vesta Rd., Dorchester Heywood, Hervey W., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 72 Waltham St., Lexington Higgs, Lawrence L., ' 43 Eng., 25 Quincy Ave., Quincy Hill, Howard T., ' 43 B.A., 22 Fairfield St., Brockton Hill, Howland B., ' 43 Eng., 1269 Main St., Leominster Hills, John T., ' 45 Eng., Middleton Rd., Boxford Hilton, Harry M., ' 44 L.A., 30 Canterbury Rd., Newton Highlands Hirtle, Russell C, ' 44 Eng , 130 Granger St., Wollaston Hiza, John M., ' 45 Eng., 44 Sherman St., Fairfield, Conn. Hodge, Burton A., ' 44 B.A., 1025 Castleton Ave., Staten Island, N. Y. Hodge, Thomas P., ' 45 B.A., 115 Monroe St., Dedham Hodgkins, George L., ' 43 B.A., 187 Lowell St., Reading Hodgson, George T., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 52 Harris St., Revere Hoffman, Michael J., ' 43 Eng., 1427 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Hogan, Robert E., ' 43 B.A., 27 Elmwood Ave., Haverhill Hogan, Wilbur J., ' 43 Eng., 1173 Liberty St., Springfield Hogarty, John J., ' 45 L.A., 15 Orchard St., Boston Holden, Bruce, ' 44 Eng., 60 Trapelo Rd., Belmont Holder, Gordon P., ' 44 L.A., 123 Front St., Weymouth Holdstock, Norman G., ' 45 L.A., 55 Westglow, Dorchester 182 Holland, Robert, ' 44 B.A., 118 Newton St., Meriden, Conn. Holm, John W., ' 43 Eng., 76 Everdean St., Dorchester Holt, John F., ' 45 Eng., 80 Hillside Ave., Berlin, N. H. Hopkins, Irving R., ' 45 B.A., 197 Lincoln Ave., New London, Conn. Hopkins, Paul M., ' 43 Eng., 18 First St., Melrose Horenstein, Leon R., ' 43 L.A., 566 Beach St., Revere Home, Robert D., ' 44 Eng., 68 Hillsdale Rd., Arlington Horwitz, Richard M., ' 45 Eng., 21 Strathmore Rd., Brookline Hough, Howard 0., Jr., ' 45 Eng., R.F.D. No. 5, Portland, Me. Houston, Edwin E., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 25 Hilldale Rd., South Weymouth Howard, Norman F., ' 45 Eng., 16 Iona Tr., Lynn Howard, William M., ' 43 Eng., Clinton St., Clark Mills, N. Y. Howland, Louis, ' 44 L.A., 10 Central St., S. Braintree Hubbard, Eugene C, ' 45 Eng., Jones Hill Rd., West Haven, Conn. Huckins, Robert N., ' 45 L.A., 139 Trapelo Rd., Belmont Hudson, Charles H., ' 44 B.A., 176 Waltham St., West Newton Hudson, Donald W., ' 44 Eng., 9 School St., Quincy Huey, Ralph A., ' 44 Eng., 220 Holden St., Worcester Hughes, Stuart, ' 44 L.A., 21 Kemper St., Wollaston Hultgren, Theodore, ' 45 B.A., 80 Woodside Rd., Winchester Hultgren, William C, ' 43 L.A., 80 Woodside Rd., Winchester Hunt, Harry C, ' 44 Eng., 28 Hale St., Leominster Hunt, Wilson L., ' 44 L.A., 3 Harold Pk., Boston Hunter, Hannibal R., ' 44 B.A., 18 Linnet St., West Roxbury Hurley, John E„ ' 44 Eng., 7 Madison Ave., Wakefield Hurley, Walter E., ' 45 B.A., 1120 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Hurley, Warren A., ' 43 Eng., 78 Knoll St., Roslindale Huse, George O., ' 44 Eng., 131 Vernon St., Newton Hutehins, Lyman M., ' 43 B.A., 14 Angin Cir., Auburn dale Hutchinson, William T., ' 44 B.A., 6 Hutchinson St., Boston Igidbashian, Astor P., ' 44 Eng., 211 Elm St., Cambridge Imber, Stanley D., ' 45 L.A., 11 Herbert St., Lynn Imrie, Walter C, ' 45 B.A., 314 Otis St., West Newton Ippoliti, Renzo A., ' 45 Eng., 139 Monroe St., Norwood Ireland, John W., ' 44 Eng., 36 Newhall St., Lynn Irgon, Joseph, ' 43 Eng., 65 Phillips, Boston Irving, William M., ' 44 Eng., 1 Greenwood Ave., Needham Iwanowicz, Henry J., ' 45 B.A., 113 Lincoln Ave., Saugus Jackson, Frederick B., ' 44 Eng., 129 Rome St., Auburndale Jacobs, David, ' 45 Eng., 110 Rosseter St., Dorchester Jacob son, Alden H., ' 45 Eng., 283 Beverly Rd., Worcester Jacobson, Alvan B., ' 45 B.A., 131 Mason Tr., Brookline James, John A., ' 43 B.A., 10 Garden St., N. Anderson Jameson, Richard S., ' 44 Eng., 1112 Broadway, Somerville Jansonis, Bronis J., ' 44 Eng., 1836 Columbia Rd., South Boston Jarnis, John G., ' 43 Eng., 29 Warren Ave.. Waltham Jarzylo, Alphonse V., ' 44 Eng., 36 Cottage St., Lynn Jaycock, C. Glen Jr., ' 43 Eng., 569 Franklin St., Melrose Highlands Jefferson, James F, ' 43 Eng., 47 Bay State Rd., Belmont Jenkins, Carl F., ' 44 Eng., 74 Beal Rd., Waltham Jenkins, James H., ' 45 Eng., 136 Hawthorn Rd., Braintree Jenks, Peter E., ' 43 Eng., 66 Channing St., Wollaston Jennings, Edward W., ' 43 B.A., 15 Azel Rd., Woburn Jensen, Edward O., Jr., ' 44 B.A., 377 Talbot Ave., Dorchester Jensen, Harold C, ' 45 Eng., 179 Hammond St., Waltham Jerauld, Gordon, ' 44 Eng., Hyannis Rd., Barnstable Jerzyk, Julian M., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 135 Derby St., Salem Jewell, Ralph Leigh, Jr., ' 45 Eng., 380 Newbury St., Boston Jodrey, H. Lawrence, Jr., ' 45 L.A., 7 Granite St., Rockport Johnson, Carl G., ' 43 Eng., 152 Mary St., Arlington Johnson, C. Edwin, ' 45 Eng., 1 Arbutus Rd., Swampscott Johnson, Herbert M., ' 45 Eng., 13 Dwight St., Ansonia, Conn. Johnson, Howard F., ' 43 Eng., Second Street, North Grafton Jones, Stanley E., ' 44 B.A., 92 Grove St., Ilian, N. Y. Jordan, Merrill E., ' 45 L.A., 9 Colonial Rd., North Weymouth Jordan, Thomas J., ' 45 L.A., 54 Armandene St., Dorchester Joslin, Robert P., ' 44 Eng., 33 Westminster Ave., Arlington Joyce, Richard S., ' 44 B.A., 3 Chase Rd., Stoneham Kahn, Ralph D., ' 45 L.A., 39 Brookview St., Dorchester Kalin, Robert, ' 45 L.A., 209 Belmont St., Everett Kalman, Albert L., 73 Crawford St., Roxbury Kanter, Manuel A., ' 45 Eng , 24 Marlborough St., Chelsea Kariotis, George S., ' 45 Eng., 10 Parker Hill Ave , Roxbury Karolkewicz, Henry V., ' 45 B.A., 7 Richland St., Worcester Kasambalis, William, ' 44 Eng., 285 Dudley St., Boston Kasparian, Harry, ' 45 Eng., 135 Broadway, Haverhill Katz, George, ' 45 Eng., 29 Bloomingdale St., Chelsea Kaufman, Harvey H., ' 44 Eng., 121 Hutchings St., Boston Kaye, Ralph E., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 67 Lincoln Ave., Wollaston Kearney, Gerald B., ' 45 B.A., 19 Aldrich St., Roslindale Keating, Lester W., ' 45 Eng., 35 Warwick Rd., West Newton Keck, William J., ' 45 Eng., 9 Lexington Ave., Hyde Park Kee, George, ' 45 Eng., 56 Tyler St.. Boston Kelle, Wilder E., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 133 Rockland St., Canton Kelley, John J., ' 45 Eng., 240 Jamaicaway, Boston Kelley, John T., ' 45 L.A., 16 Wheeler Ave., Medford Kelso, James, Jr., ' 45 Eng., 84 Cleveland St., Arlington Kelvin, William, ' 45 Eng., 81 Trapelo Rd., Belmont Kennedy, Edmond I., ' 43 Eng., 9 Locust Ave., Lexington Kennedy, Richard H., ' 43 L.A., 28 River Rd., Weston Kenny, Sumner G., ' 45 Eng., 99 Frederick Ave., Medford Kerr, John H., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 69 Howard St., Brockton 183 Kerr, John J., ' 43 Eng., 1624 Tremont St., Roxbury Kezer, Charles F., ' 45 B.A., 12 Ingleside Ave., Maiden Khederian, Oscar, ' 44 B.A., 121 Nichols Ave., Watertown Khoury, Esa M., ' 43 Eng., 135 Hudson St., Boston KiUam, Paul D., ' 43 Eng., 19 West Ave., Salem Kinder, Arthur R., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 26 Josephine Ave., Somerville King, Calvin A., ' 44 Eng., 25 Winthrop St., W. Medway King, David R., ' 45 Eng., 15 Frederick Ave., Methuen King, Norman B., ' 45 Eng., 33 Bromfield St., Wollaston Kingsbury, Henry A., ' 44 Eng., 1 Curve St., Medfield Kinsler, Frederick C, ' 44 L.A., Massachusetts Ave., Lincoln Kirby, Donald B., ' 44 Eng., Highland Ave., Dedliam Kleczek, Walter S., ' 44 Eng., 16 Althea St., Boston Klickstein, Herbert S., ' 43 Eng., 651 Morton, Dorchester Knaut, Paul A., Jr., ' 45 L.A., 188 Whitwell St., Quincy Knopp, Arthur M., ' 45 Eng., 128 Elm St., N. Cambridge Knowles, Charles A., ' 44 L.A., 19 Munroe St., Roxbury Knowles, William J., ' 44 Eng., 32 Allison St., Concord, N. H. Knowlton, Moses, Jr., ' 44 Eng., 17 Whitney Ave., Beverly Knowlton, Robert J., ' 45 Eng., 11 Roxbury Ave., Natick Kodis, Robert D., ' 44 L.A., 96 Lawrence Ave., Roxbury Kopsioftis, Nicholas, ' 45 Eng., 3 West St., Fitchburg Kordalski, John, ' 43 Eng., 8 Beacon St., Salem Kostas, George, ' 43 Eng., 183 Primrose, Haverhill Kostick, Edward A., ' 45 B.A., 37 Supple Rd., Dorchester Kovar, Edward H., ' 45 Eng., 8 Waconah Rd., Worcester Kozacka, Frederick J., ' 44 Eng., 81 Cedar St., Amesbury Krajewski, Thaddeus J., ' 45 Eng., 32 Bullard St., Boston Kramer, Sherman M., ' 45 Eng., 11 Memorial Park Ave., Lynn Krasnor, Leo, ' 44 Eng., 81 Walnut Pk., Roxbury Kress, Harold W., ' 43 Eng., 139 Tyler St., Methuen Krinoples, George T„ ' 45 Eng., 22 Taylor St., Waltham Kronfelt, Walter J., ' 44 B.A., 215 Mountain Ave., Arlington Kuehn, Bobert N., ' 45 Eng., 436 Mammoth Rd., Manchester Kurlan, Harold Z., ' 45 B.A., 47 Chavenson St., Fall River Kusavicius, Algerd P., ' 44 Eng., 6 Brewster St., South Boston Labes, Irving J., ' 45 B.A., 195 Woburn St., Lexington Lacerda, Donald J., ' 43 Eng., 165 East Cottage St., Dorchester Lafond, Gerard L., ' 45 Eng., 83 Brightoman St., Fall River Lally, John C, ' 45 B.A., 26 Worthington St., Dedham Lamb, Edward R., ' 45 Eng., Hartford, Vt. Landy, Morris, ' 44 L.A., 5 Frederick Tr., Roxbury Lane, Arthur B., ' 45 Eng., 46 Lincoln St., Hingham Lane, John D., ' 43 Eng., 176 Chiswick Rd., Brighton Lane, Norman R., ' 43 Eng., 83 Halsey St., Southampton, N. Y. Lang, Robert E. , ' 45 B.A., 8 Oakland St., Natick Lannary, Jack, ' 43 Eng., 22 Stoneleigh Cir., Watertown LaScala, Frank A., ' 45 Eng., 1305 Leeds St., Utica, N. Y. Lasker, Yale, ' 45 B.A., 323 Tappan St., Brookline Lasovick, Daniel, ' 43 Eng., 41 Stanwood St., Roxbury Larkin, Oscar L., ' 43 Eng., 75 Aldie St., Allston Laughey, Albert, ' 44 B.A., 4 Union St., Methuen Lavender, John R., ' 43 Eng., 45 East Foster St., Melrose Lavin, Joseph W., ' 44 Eng., 21 Dunlap St., Dorchester Law, Edmund, ' 45 Eng., 425 Dodge Ave., New Haven, Conn. Lawler, Joseph C, ' 44 Eng., 89 Empire St., Lynn Lazarus, Murray, ' 45 Eng., 315 Rice Ave., Revere Leach, George A., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 9 Grafton St., Wakefield Leaf, J. Walter, ' 45 Eng., 866 Gay St., Westwood Leahy, Joseph, ' 44 Eng., 27 Bradford, Quincy Leary, Paul A., ' 44 Eng., 374 School St., Belmont Lee, Kenneth W., ' 45 B.A., 186 Woodward St., Newton Highlands LeGrand, Vernon R., ' 43 Eng., 361 Alewife Bk., Pky., West Somerville Lentell, William P., ' 45 Eng., 18 Bamum St., Taunton Leonard, Robert E., ' 44 Eng., Church St., Raynham Lepore, Ralph, Jr., ' 44 Eng., 19 Randolph St., North Abington Lerner, Leonard I., ' 45 L.A., 113 Crawford St., Roxbury Leto, Leonard, ' 44 Eng., 371 Lexington Ave,, Bridgeport, Conn. Levine, Joseph, ' 44 L.A., 9 Park Vale Ave., Allston Levine, Sumner Milton, ' 44 L.A., 7 Schuyler St., Roxbury Levinson, Melvin A., ' 43 Eng., 77 Westminster Ave., Roxbury Levy, Alan, 43 Eng., 120 Shore Dr., Winthrop Levy, Milton, ' 43 Eng., 92 Mercer St., Jersey City, N. J. Lewis, Herbert J., ' 45 Eng., 803 Watertown St., Newton Lickteig, John H, ' 43 Eng., 8 Colonial PL, West Hartford, Conn. Lindgren, Corey G., ' 44 Eng., 6 Baker St., Saugus Linnane, Joseph F., ' 45 L.A., 7 Everett, Taunton Linteris, Lino L , ' 45 Eng., 46 Bowdoin St., Dorchester Lippa, Leo M., ' 45 Eng., 644 Harvard St., Mattapan Litvack, Leonard F., ' 43 B.A., 14 Nichols Ave., Lynn Litvin, Melvin L., B.A., 139 Columbia, Brookline Livingston, George F., ' 45 Eng., G.A.R. Highway, Orleans Lobacz, Edward F., ' 44 Eng., 161 Salem St., Wakefield Locke, Merle I., ' 45 Eng., 38 Theodore St., Dorchester Long, Edward J., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 73 Grove St., Belmont Lopez, Albert F., ' 44 Eng., 29 Maverick Sq., E. Boston Lotz, John. Ill, ' 45 B.A., 58 Auburn Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Lovering, David, ' 44 L.A., 20 Marked Tree Rd., Needham Lowell, James R., ' 45 Eng., 160 Pearl St., Newton Lude, Carl R., ' 45 L.A., 13 Harding Tr., East Dedham Lukaszek, Stanley S., ' 44 Eng., 253 Market St., New Britain, Conn. Lum, Warren S., ' 45 Eng., Cincinnatus, N. Y. Lund, George R., ' 45 Eng., 76 California St., Watertown MacBarron, Philip C, ' 44 B.A., 2 Blossom Ct., Boston MacCallum, James M., ' 44 B.A., 9 Durham St., Boston MacDonald, Fred R., ' 45 Eng., 2 Kilby St., Worcester Macaulay, Chester L , ' 43 Eng., 30 Bisson St., Beverly MacDowell, Kenneth M., ' 44 L.A., 278 Waltham St., West Newton Macfarlane, George M., ' 44 Eng., 12 Wedgemere Rd., Medford MacGowan, James G., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 12 Midland St., Lowell MacGregor, Robert, ' 45 Eng., 30 Redlands Rd., West Roxbury 184 Mackay, Kenneth G., ' 44 B.A., 23 Myrtle St., Jamaica Plain MacKenna, Neil S., ' 45 B.A., Concord Rd., Wayland MacLean, Arnold A., ' 43 B.A., 2 Lynn St., Woburn Macomber, Roger F., ' 44 B.A., 2009 Robeson St., Fall River Magnuson, Joseph E., ' 45 Eng., 128 Willis Ave., Medford Maguire, Joseph, ' 45 Eng., Ill Howland St., Roxbury Maguire, J. R., ' 43 B.A., 26 McKinley Ave., Beverely Maher, John E., ' 43 Eng., 43 Ludlow Rd., Windsor, Conn. Mahler, Lloyd P., ' 44 B.A., 153 Theodore Parker Rd., West Roxbury Mahoney, John J., ' 44 Eng., 38 Glide St., Boston Mahoney, Thomas F., ' 44 Eng., 251 East St., E. Walpole Maida, William A., ' 45 Eng., 62 Orient Ave., E. Boston Maker, Robert W., ' 45 B.A., 181 Concord St., Framingham Makris, George P., ' 45 B.A., 9 Donnell St., Cambridge Makrys, James G., ' 45 Eng., 14 Waban PL, Onset Malaney, John M., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 141 Theodore Parker Rd., West Roxbury Malchman, Nelson M., ' 45 B.A., 21 Cross St., Hyannis Malcolm, William W., ' 45 B.A., West St., Middlefield, Conn. Maloney, Thomas J., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 1,289 Great Plain Ave., Needham Maneatis, John A., ' 43 Eng., 56 Jennings St., Lawrence Manganelli, Francis, ' 43 B.A., 105 Gore St., Cambridge Manning, Lee, ' 45 L.A., 1307 Commonwealth Ave., Allston Manning, Ralph K., Jr.. ' 45 B.A., 104 Perkins St., Melrose Manning, Ralph W., ' 43 Eng., 42 Aldrich St., Somerville Manos, Peter J., ' 45 L.A., 68 Baker St., Lynn Marden, Harry W., ' 44 B.A., 11 Wyman St., Arlington Maree, Edward John, ' 43 Eng., 82 Pleasant St., Cohasset Mariolis, Michael, ' 43 Eng., 40 Sunnyside Ave., Methuen Markham, Clifford E., Jr., ' 45 L.A., 144 Walnut St., Everett Markhard, Gerald, ' 45 Eng., 35 Elmdale St., Dorchester Marks, Macey P., ' 43 L.A., 55 Rock Ave., Lynn Maron, Harold, ' 43 Eng., 11 Glenwood Rd., Peabody Marsh, John B., ' 45 Eng., 35% Day St., Somerville Marshall, Gilbert A., ' 43 Eng., R. F. D. 1, Lancaster, N. H. Martensen, Carl E , ' 44 L.A., 135 Glendale St., Everett Martineau, Roland W., ' 45 Eng., 15 Cleveland Rd., Salem Martino, Joseph H., ' 44 Eng., 87 Standard St., Mattapan Mascianica, Joseph F., ' 44 B.A., 53 Pearl St., Everett Matheson, Harold R., ' 45 B.A., 483 Beacon St., Boston Matorin, Baurice J., ' 44 Eng., 353 Seaver St., Roxbury Matson, Edward C, ' 45 Eng., 142 Kenoza St., Haverhill Matthewman, Roger B., ' 43 Eng., 4 Brooks St., Maynard Maxwell, William B., ' 44 Eng., 18 Averton St., Roslindale May, G. Waller, ' 43 B.A., 21 Miller Ave., Tarrytown, N. Y. Mayo. Paul H., ' 44 Eng., 55 Fairmount Ave , West Somerville Mazzotta, Edward B., ' 44 Eng., 30 Hemenway St., Boston McArdle, Henry J., ' 43 B.A., 79 Oakland St., Brighton McBride, John E., ' 43 L.A., 11 Clyde St., Chelsea McCarthy, Edmund L., ' 45 B.A., 17 Jefferson St., Taunton McCarthy, John E., ' 45 B.A., 131 Magazine St., Cambridge McClaren, Donald E., ' 44 L.A., 103 Longwood Ave., Brookline McConnell James W., ' 44 L.A., 2 Chestnut St., Boston McCourt, Robert E., ' 44 B.A., 120 Quinobeguin Rd., Newton McCoy, Francis J., ' 45 Eng., 110 Lexington St., East Boston McCoy, Robert R., ' 45 B.A , 348 Village St., Medway McCracken, Alex, ' 45 B.A., 120 Third Ave., Auburn, Me. McCusker, Joseph H., ' 45 Eng., 21 Millville Pond, Salem, N. H. McDonald, Daniel B., ' 45 B.A., 3 Woodstock Ave., Brighton McDonald, John, ' 45 L.A., 16 Johnson Ave., Winthrop McDonald, Richard F., ' 45 Eng , Elm St., Scituate McDowell, Irving T., ' 44 L.A., 19 Cottage St., West Medford McEvoy, William P., ' 45 Eng., 418 Bonad Rd., Brookline McGehan, Robert M., ' 45 Eng., 367 Main St., East Hartford, Conn. McGeoch, Harold R., ' 44 Eng., 77 Thaxter Ave., Abington McGinn, Francis J., ' 43 B.A., 76 Robinson St., Lynn McGrath, James F., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 322 Walnut St., Brookline McGurk, Donald F., ' 45 B.A., 60 Wilder Ter., West Springfield Mcintosh, Ray W., ' 45 Eng., 8 Summer St., Melrose McKay, Arthur R., ' 44 B.A., 147 Walnut St., Dedham McKay, Ralph C, ' 45 B.A., Route 4, Concord, N. H. McKee, Robert E., ' 45 Eng. 89 Washington St., East Walpole McKenzie, Francis W , ' 43 L.A., 23 Garrison Ave., West Somerville McKinlay, Charles M., ' 45 Eng., Main St., North Haverhill, N. H. McKinnon, Ronald F., ' 44 L.A., 4 Peabody Rd., Stoneham McKinnon, Roy A., ' 43 B.A., 60 Waverly St., Brookline McQueen, William A., ' 43 Eng., 733 Parker St., Boston McRobert, Perry P., ' 45 Eng., 9 Parkman St., Natick McVann, Hugh F, ' 45 B.A., 3 Parsons St., Peabody Meimaris, George D., ' 43 L.A., 48 Capen St., Dorchester Meisner, John B., ' 43 B.A., Dover-Foxcroft, Me. Mellor, John E., ' 45 Eng., 16 Grant St., Somerville Merola, George V., ' 45 L.A., Pearl St., Everett Merrill, Richard E. ' 45 L.A., 42 Salem St., Woburn Merrill, Robert A., ' 45 Eng., 364 Varnum Ave., Lowell Metcalf, Ralph L., ' 44 Eng., 450 Plymouth St., Bridgewater Metcalfe, Irwin J., ' 43 Eng., 62. Oldefield Rd., Newton Centre Mezoff, Maurice W., ' 45 L.A., 495 Blue Hill Ave., Roxbury Meloon, Willis G., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 372 Wibird St., Portsmouth, N. H. Merriman, Maximillian, ' 44 Eng., 6 Wabon St., Roxbury Miaskiewicz, Richard, ' 45 Eng., 18 Arbella St , Roxbury Michaelson, Louis J., ' 43 L.A., 1,242 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester Midgley, Robert H., ' 44 L.A., 78 West Main St., Westboro Migliaccio, Albert, ' 44 Eng., 4 Royal St., Winchester Milgroom, Robert B., ' 45 B.A., 25 Alton PL, Brookline 185 Milk. Robert L., ' 45 Eng., 99 Norway St., Boston Miller, John P., ' 45 Eng., 150 Mystic St., West Medford Miller, Kenneth B., ' 44 B.A., 769 Edgewood Ave., New Haven, Conn. Miller, Robert E., ' 45 L.A., 9 Bruce St., North Andover Miller, Sumner D., ' 43 B.A., 14 Montrose St., Maiden Miller, William B., ' 44 Eng., 1,137 Commonwealth Ave., Allston Milo, Henry L., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 31 Whittier Rd., Medford Minalga, George P., ' 45 Eng., 79 Pleasant St., Cambridge Miner, Newton L., ' 44 Eng., 11 Washington St., Mexico, N. Y. Minkin, Herbert L., ' 45 Eng., 127 Intervale St., Boston Minkwitz, Russell E., ' 44 Eng., 169 Murray St., Meriden Mitchell, Charles T., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 7 Hanson St., Wakefield Mitchell, William H., ' 44 Eng., 114 Edgehill Rd., Braintree Moessner, Herbert, ' 43 Eng, 511 Central Ave., New Haven, Conn. Moldauer, Peter A., ' 45 Eng., 76 Quint Ave., Allston Molica, Anthony J., ' 43 Eng., 7 Emmet St., So. Boston Molino, Nino S., ' 44 Eng., 641 Bennington St , E. Boston Molyn, Michael, ' 43 Eng., 36 Whiton St., Windsor Locks, Conn. Monaco, Robert, ' 45 Eng., 937 Main St., Waltham Montgomery, William A., ' 43 Eng., 222 Houghton St., North Adams Moody, Richard E., ' 43 B.A., Parish Hill Rd., Granby Moore, Donald H., ' 44 Eng., 365 Newport Ave., Quincy Moore, Frederick A., ' 43 Eng., 118 Elm St., Amesbury Morfitt, John W., ' 43 Eng., 70 Bell Rock St., Maiden Morgan, Wayne T., ' 44 B.A., 20 Bobbins Rd., Lexington Moriaty, Albert J., ' 44 Eng., 911 Shirley St., Winthrop Morin, Roland A., ' 45 Eng., 16 Lafayette Rd., Ipswich Morrill, F. Lester, ' 45 B.A., 80 Tyler St., Quincy Morris, John I., ' 44 B.A., 97 Bromfield Rd., Somerville Morrison, Dean P., ' 44 B.A., 26 Sunset Rd., Stoneham Morrissey, Richard J., ' 45 L.A., 4 Remick Ter., Newton Morse, Donald M., ' 43 B.A., Wells, Me. Morse, Earl P., ' 45 Eng., 90 Sherman St., Wollaston Morse, Howard W., ' 45 Eng., 479 Walnut St., Saugus Morse, Richard A., ' 43 Eng., 602 June St., Fall River Mosher. Everett L., ' 45 Eng., Worcester St., Sterling Mosler, Daniel B., ' 44 B.A., 52 Benton St., Manchester, Conn. Moss, Robert W., ' 43 Eng., 438 Summer St., Bridgewater Moulton, Lewis B., ' 45 Eng , 5 Greenwood St., Waterville, Me. Moulton, Richard G., ' 43 Eng., 30 Reynolds St., South Portland, Me. Mroz, Edward J., ' 43 Eng., 59 Fulton St., Lowell Mueller, Joseph A., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 28 Downer Ave., Dorchester Muldoon, Frederic J., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 190 Pleasant St., Winthrop Muise, Gordon, ' 45 Eng., 17 Dorr St., Boston Murphy, David J., ' 44 B.A., 43 Gardens St., Boston Murphy, Edward W., ' 45 Eng., 647 East Third St., South Boston Murphy, James D., ' 43 Eng., 56 Bristol Rd., Medford Murphy, John H., ' 45 L.A., 25 Presley St., Maiden Murphy, Victor W., ' 45 Eng., 18 Highland Ave., Lynn Murray, Albert E., Jr., ' 45 L.A., 69 Wollaston Ave., Arlington Murray, Cornelius J., ' 44 Eng,, 2 Haskell St., Beverly Farms Musiker, Harold R., ' 43 L.A., 16 Roxton St., Dorchester Mustard, Robert M., ' 45 Eng., 1 Inverness Rd., Wellesley Hills Myrbeck, Sven G., ' 44 Eng., 8 Rockview Rd., Quincy Nalbandian, Haig S., ' 44 Eng., 36 South Crescent Circuit, Brighton Nangeroni, Ambrose B., ' 43 Eng., 17 Eastman St., Dorchester Nash, George H., ' 45 B.A., 12 Theresa Ave., Lexington Naugler, Winsor, ' 45 Eng., 27 Gooch St., Melrose Navin, Philip, ' 43 Eng., 124 East Elm Ave., Wollaston Neckyfarow, William, ' 45 Eng., 40 Winnisimmet St., Chelsea Negrini, Vincent A., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 27 Beloit Rd., Dedham Nelson, Bernard, ' 44 Eng., Norfolk Rd., Millis Nelson, Lewis F., ' 44 L.A., 142 Holland St., SomerviUe Nelson, Richard C, ' 45 L.A., 12 Howland Ct., N. Easton Nerneberg, Martin L., ' 44 Eng., 1,042 Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Nesto, Bruno, ' 44 Eng., 13 Brook Ave., Boston Newcomb, Mark R., ' 44 B.A., 86 Gainsborough St., Boston Newcomb, Richard W., ' 45 Eng., 1 Dexter Ave., Waltham Newton, Richard F., ' 44 Eng., 45 Kenwood St., Dorchester Nicholas, Edward, ' 45 Eng., 145 Tyler St., Boston Nichols, George E„ Jr., ' 43 Eng., 35 Dutcher St., Hopedale Nimmo, James C, ' 43 B.A., 26 Almont St., Methuem Nims, Philip A., ' 45 Eng., 59 Riddell St., Greenfield Nish, Harry T., ' 43 B.A., 36 Myrtle St., Saugus Noble, George Corbin, ' 45 B.A., 49 Lexington St., New Britain, Conn. Nowlin, William G., ' 45 L.A., 15 Bradfield Ave., Roslindale Nurmi, Leo O., ' 45 Eng , 30 McKinley St., Maynard Nyman, Russell S., ' 44 B.A., 47 Russell St., Manchester O ' Brien, Henry L„ ' 45 B.A., 35 Gilmore St., Wollaston O ' Brien, James P., ' 44 B.A., 92 Chatham St., Worcester O ' Brien, Jeremiah F., ' 45 B.A., 12 South Crescent Circle, Brighton O ' Brien, Leon V., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 147 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington O ' Brien, Thomas F., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 19 Paisley Park, Dorchester O ' Connell, Arthur J., ' 45 Eng., 54 Norcross St., Arlington O ' Connell, James S., ' 45 L.A., 53 Bayswater St., East Boston O ' Connell, William J., ' 43 Eng., 421 Elm St., Braintree Ogden, H. Proctor, ' 43 B.A., 20 Edmund St., Springvale, Me. Oliva, Allie D., ' 45 Eng., 72 Forbes St., E. Hartf ord, Conn. Olivito, John S., ' 45 Eng., 12 Hull St., Boston Olney, Richard H., ' 45 Eng., R. F. D. 2, Woonsocket, R. I. O ' Neil, Frederic D., ' 44 B.A., 49 White St., Taunton Onichuk, Julius L., ' 44 B.A., 13 Hartford St., Norwood Oppenheim, Arthur M., ' 45 L.A., 388 Spring St., Brockton Orenbuch, Louis L., ' 45 Eng., 67 Goodale Rd., Boston Osberg, Norman L., ' 44 Eng., 17 Hilda St., Quincy Otenti, Robert B., ' 45 Eng., 48 Willis Ave., Framingham Otis, James, ' 45 L.A., 28 Lenox St., Fitchburg 186 O ' Toole, John F., ' 44 Eng., 29 Banks St., Somerville Owen, Robert R., ' 44 L.A., 8 Woodland St., Claremont, N. H. Owens, Glenn E., ' 45 Eng., 8 Mott St., Arlington Oxman, Martin H., ' 43 Eng., 55 Warren Ave., Maiden Oxton, Ernest G., ' 43 Eng., 1,302 Commonwealth Ave., Allston Page, John F., ' 43 Eng., 106 Narragansett St., Quincy Paige, Robert W., ' 44 L.A., 162 Lowell Ave., Newtonville , Pailler, Kenneth C, ' 45 L.A , 267 Melrose St., Auburndale Paine, Joseph L., ' 43 Eng., 26 Summer St., Tilton, N. H. Paladino, Carl R., ' 45 Eng., 8 Martyn St., Waltham Palm, Nels A., ' 45 B.A., 21 Victoria St., Lowell Palmer, Donald K., ' 44 Eng., 14 Harrington St., Newtonville Pano, Gury, ' 45 Eng., 120 Conant St., Roxbury Panowich, Edward T., ' 43 Eng., 134 East Sixth St., Plainfield, N. J. Pape, Frederick B., ' 44 B.A., 1,560 Kemble St., Utica, N. Y. Pappas, James, ' 43 B.A., 90 Marathon St., Arlington Paradis John B., ' 44 Eng., 36 High St., Rockport Paraskevas, Anastasias J., ' 43 Eng., 726 Parker St., Roxbury Parish, Robert L.. ' 44 B.A , 15 Winthrop St., Winchester Park, Charles B., ' 45 Eng., 77 Orchard St., Cambridge Parks Wilder, ' 44 Eng., Old Bedford Rd., Concord Parker, Burton S., ' 44 Eng., 154 Shawmut St., Chelsea Parker, Edward Freeman, ' 44 Eng., 9 Revere St., Arlington Parrotta, Ralph Pasquale, ' 43 Eng., 5 Glen Rd., Jamaica Plain Parsons, William, ' 43 Eng., 101 Elmwood Ave., Dedham Partridge, William T., ' 44 B.A., 10 Orient St., Winchester Paskal, Joseph, ' 44 B.A., 265 E St., South Boston Pasquali, Frank G., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 262 Lamartine St., Jamaica Plain Patenaude, George M„ ' 45 Eng., 286 Spruce St., North Abington Pattison, Samuel J., ' 45 Eng., 122 East Side Parkway, Newton Pearce, Frederick S., ' 45 B.A., 36 Spafford Rd., Milton Pearl, Norman, ' 45 Eng., 79 Glenville Ave., Allston Pearlman, Ernest, ' 44 B.A., 14 Wiltshire Rd., Brighton Pearson, Arnold R., ' 44 Eng., 41 Perthshire Rd., Brighton Peck, Marshall, ' 45 L.A., 12 University PL, New Haven, Conn. Pedell, Melvin H., ' 43 L.A., 14 Lorraine Ter., Allston Pelagatti, Manrico, ' 45 B.A., 17 Estes St., Lynn Pelosi, Agostino A., ' 45 Eng., 81 Lubec St., E. Boston Pennell, Walter F., ' 44 B.A., 18 Channing Rd., Belmont Perakis, Peter M., ' 44 L.A., 58 Main St., Hull Peretti, Robert A., ' 44 B.A., 15 Jackson Rd., Belmont Perkins, James A., ' 44 Eng., 124 Pine St., Danvers Perkins, Porter J. ' 45 Eng., 126 Burley St., Wenham Perles, Benjamin M., ' 44 B.A., 36 Mountain Ave., Dorchester Perlis, David B.. ' 44 Eng., 522 Blue Hill Ave., Roxbury Perry, Kenneth E., ' 43 Eng., 109 Thornton Rd., Waltham Perry, Stanley E. ' 44 Eng., 503 Main St., Stoneham Petersen, Ralph R., ' 45 L.A., 59 Sohier St., Cohasset Peterson, Eugene F., ' 43 Eng., 71 Bartlett Ave., Arlington Peterson, Frank R., ' 45 L.A., 26 Ellsworth St., Jamaica Plain Peterson, William C. ' 43 Eng., 140 North St., Medford Petrocelli, Walter A., ' 45 Eng., 138 Hutchinson St., Pettingell, Theodore T„ Jr., ' 45 Eng., 87 Border St., Dedham Peverly, Arthur W., ' 43 Eng., 145 Rowe St., Melrose Philips, James A., ' 45 B.A., 1601 Tremont St., Roxbury Phillips, Robert W., ' 45 Eng., 396 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, R. I. Piatelli, Leon P., ' 43 Eng., 56 Rockdale St., Mattapan Pierotti, Arthur C, ' 45 B.A., 17 Aberdeen Rd., Wellesley Pillsbury, Charles B. ' 43 Eng., 54 Quint Ave., Allston Pinkham, Carl W., ' 44 Eng., 128 Pleasant St., Reading Pinkham, Lawrence P., ' 45 B.A., 18 Prospect St., Winchester Pinkham, Newell W., ' 44 Eng., Cordaville Rd., Southboro Piper, Lawrence I., ' 45 Eng., 2 Greenough Ave., Jamaica Plain Piselli, Joseph R., ' 45 Eng., 26 Lenglen Rd., Newton Pistorino, Charles L., ' 45 Eng., 88 Auckland St., Dorchester Plaisted, Richard B., ' 43 Eng., 35 Barnard Rd., Belmont Plakias, Paul K., ' 44 B.A.. 26 Searle Ave., Brookline Piatt, Alanson E., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 19 Parker St., Watertown Plumb, Frank, ' 44 Eng., R.F.D. No. 2, Waterbury, Conn. Polansky, Alfred, ' 43 B.A., 92 Loring Ave.. Salem Pollard, Stanley I., ' 45 B.A., 50 Rand St., Lynn Polleys, Owen F., ' 44 Eng., 579 New Britain Ave., Hartford, Conn. Pool, Ralph M., ' 45 Eng. 49 High St., Rockport Poole, Bradford C, ' 45 Eng., 44 Grant St., Taunton Poore, Richard C, ' 45 Eng., 148 Dexter St., Maiden Pope, Joseph I., ' 45 Eng., 8 Bennett PI., Medford Porter, Robert G., ' 45 Eng., 19 Woodbury, Beverly Posey, Philip E., ' 45 B.A , 72 Newbury Ave., N. Quincy Powell, Joseph R., ' 45 Eng., 62 Burrill Ave., Lynn Powers, John J., ' 45 B.A., 245 Bruce St., Lawrence Powers, Paul P., ' 45. L.A., 80 Appleton St., Manchester Powers, Richard R., ' 44 L.A., 697 Bennington St., East Boston Pratt, Newton K., ' 45 L A., 78 Lincoln St., Framingham Pray, Lee E., ' 45 Eng., Salisbury Cove, Me. Prescott, Sherman C, ' 45 Eng., 371 Winthrop St., Winthrop Preston, Edward F., ' 44 L.A., 9 Blackwood St., Boston Preti, Leo L., ' 43 Eng., 24 West Grove St., Middleboro Price, William K., ' 43 L.A., 619 East St., Walpole Priest, Irving A., ' 43 B.A., Landham Rd., Sudbury Priestly, David W., ' 44 Eng., 57 Hewlett St., Roslindale Pritchard, Herbert Clark, ' 44 Eng., 158 Beach St., Wollaston Profita, Joseph C, ' 45 Eng., 20 Malvern Ave., Somerville Prohodsky, Michael, ' 43 L.A., School St., Mansfield Prue, Frank J., ' 43 Eng., 48 Mendon St., Hopedale Pruter, Hugo R., ' 44 L.A., 210 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Pucci, Joseph E., ' 45 Eng., 25 Elm St., Westerly, R. I. Pulcini, Albert J., ' 45 B.A., Town Line Rd., Palmyra, N. Y. Pullen, O. Varney, ' 43 Eng., North Amity, Me. 187 Przybyla, Adolf, ' 44 Eng., 136 Norman St., New Bedford Pytka, Edward F., ' 45 B.A., 82 North St., Three Rivers Queeney, Paul G., ' 44 Eng., 15 Dyer Ave., Milton Rachmilovitz, Ruben D., ' 43 L.A., 80 Devon St., Roxbury Raiklen, Matthew, ' 44 Eng., 65 Weston St., Boston Rand, Alonzo C, ' 45 Eng., 41 High St., Ipswich Rand, James O., ' 45 B.A., 32 Riverside St., Danvers Randall, Paul D , ' 45 Eng., 10 Myrtle Ave., Newburyport Rank, Leon W., ' 45 Eng., 411 West Main St., Little Falls Rathgeber, William H., ' 43 Eng., 69 Woleott Rd., Chestnut Hill Rawley, Ralph A., ' 43 Eng., General Delivery, Rockland, Me. Rawnsley, James A., ' 45 Eng., 22 Leland St., Maiden Ravich, Leonard E., ' 44 L.A., 208 Cornwall St., Hartford, Conn. Raymond, Bernard, ' 45 B.A., 63 Lawton St., Brookline Reagan, Joseph F., ' 45 B.A., 1 Roosevelt Ave., Nantasket Beach Reardon, John H., Jr., ' 45 Eng., Village St., Medway Reardon, John M., ' 45 Eng., 217 Sargeant St., Hartford, Conn. Recktenwald, William R., ' 45 Eng., Floyd St., East Hampton, N. Y. Reed, Theodore W„ ' 43 Eng., 94 Madison Ave., Newtonville Reid, Robert L., ' 44 Eng., 163 Oakley Rd., Belmont Reinhart, Albert J., ' 44 Eng., Prospect Hill Rd., Harvard Reiter, David D., ' 45 Eng., 171 Talbot Ave., Boston Rekola, Viljo W., ' 44 Eng., Box 130, Brooklyn, Conn. Remis, Paul F., ' 45 Eng., 11 Seventh St., E. Cambridge Resnick, Bernard T., ' 44 Eng., 56 Westmore Rd., Mattapan Reynolds, Edward D., ' 44 B.A., 14 Plymouth Ave., Milton Reynolds, William F., ' 44 B.A., 229 Bradstreet Ave., Revere Rhodes, John E., ' 44 Eng., Thompson, Conn. Rice, Frederick M., ' 44 B.A., 84 Highland St., Bangor, Me. Rice, W. Arthur, ' 43 L.A., 28 Mather St., Dorchester Rich, Abraham M., ' 43 Eng., 37 Central Ave., Chelsea Richard, Norman B., ' 43 L.A., 19 Titcomb St., Newburyport Richards, Irving S., ' 44 B.A., 38 Belkingham Rd., Worcester Richardson, George L., ' 43 Eng., 824 Concord St., Framingham Richardson, Franklin T., ' 44 Eng., 15 Pleasant St., Winchester Richardson, Randall H., ' 44 B.A., Northwood, N. H. Richmond, Robert B., ' 45 Eng. , 30 Swan Rd., Winchester Richmond, William J., ' 43 Eng., 1019 Main St., Reading Ridgely, Holland F., ' 45 Eng., 6 Crawford St., Roxbury Ridgeley, Aldas S., Jr., ' 45 L.A., 71 Highland St., Roxbury Riggs, Graham T., ' 44 B.A., 9 Gayland St., Boston Riley, John J. Jr., ' 45 Eng., 270 Parker Hill Ave., Boston Ringer, Gordon J., ' 45 Eng., 28 Long Ave., Allston Roach, Richard J., Jr., ' 45 L.A., 9 Melrose St., Arlington Roberts, Alan T., ' 45 Eng., 15 King Ave., Medford Roberts, Alfred O., ' 44 Eng., 3 Allen Ave., Fair Haven Roberts, Daniel J., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 63 Boynton St., Waltham Roberts, Ernest A., ' 44 L.A., 19 Poplar St., Danvers Roberts, Oliver A., ' 45 Eng., 7 Fairmount Ave., Wakefield Robertson, John T., ' 43 Eng., 48 Alexander St., Boston Robie, Richard F., ' 43 Eng., 249 Grove St., Wollaston Robinson, Donald W., Jr., ' 44 Eng., 3 Wesley Pk., Somerville Robinson, Norman D., ' 45 B.A., 118 Virginia Rd., Waltham Robinson, Saul, ' 44 Eng., 97 Hazelton St., Mattapan Robinson, Theodore B., ' 43 Eng., 29 Highland Ave., Winchester Rodgers, Wilfred C, ' 43 B.A., 132 Commonwealth Ave., West Concord Roger, Robert M., ' 44 L.A., 34 Purchase St., Newburyport Romano, Mario H., ' 44 Eng., 22 Ambrose St., Revere Rondeau, Henry T., ' 44 L A., 78 Grove St., North Brookfield Root, Clarence F., ' 45 Eng., Morris-Bantam Lake Rd., Lakeside, Conn. Rosa, James M., ' 45 Eng., 101 Pearl St., Cambridge Rose, Henry O., ' 43 L.A., 32 Robinson St., Dorchester Rosen, Albert J., ' 45 B.A., 215 St. Paul St., Brookline Rosenberg, Udel K., ' 44 B.A., 71 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Rosenfield, Myer J., ' 44 Eng., 18 Perrin St., Roxbury Rosenthal, Sidney, ' 45 L.A., 50 Willowood St., Dorchester Rosequist, John V., ' 44 L.A., West Main St., Avon Ross, Grant D., ' 44 L.A., 15 Myrtle St., Everett Rossler, Earl C, ' 45 B.A., 267 Hillcrest Ave., Wood-Ridge, N. J. Rotman, Walter, ' 44 Eng., 39 Wave Ave., Revere Roukes, Warren H., ' 44 B.A., 55 Damon Ave., Melrose Rowell, Howard P., ' 43 Eng., William St., Holden Rowley, Charles A., ' 45 Eng., Judds Bridge, New Milford, Conn. Rubin, Leonard S., ' 44 Eng., 145 Babcock St., Brookline Ruby, Abbott Martin, ' 45 L.A., 39 Boulevard Tr Allston Rumery, Richard G., ' 45 L.A., 21 Bosworth St., Beverly Rumrill, Edward I., ' 43 Eng., 75 Orchard St., Maiden Runk, Wilfred H., ' 43 Eng., 118 Bassett St., New Haven, Conn. Russell, George E., ' 43 Eng., 71 Prospect St , Peabody Russell, John H., ' 43 Eng., 23 Gibson St., Needham Russo, James N., ' 45 Eng., 829 Beacon St., Boston Rutecki, John E., ' 45 Eng., 84 Sassamon Ave., Milton Ruzicka, Richard R., ' 45 Eng., 1500 Beacon St., Brookline Ryan, Edward F., ' 43 B.A., 42 Union St., Woburn Ryan, Herbert G., ' 45 Eng., 159 Hollis Ave., Braintree Ryan, John P., ' 45 B.A., 158 Circuit Rd., Winthrop Rydzel, Joseph S., ' 44 L.A., 8 Alpine St., Worcester Rymut, Benjamin J., ' 45 Eng , Furnace St., Halifax Sabotnak, George D., ' 44 B.A., 87 St. Botolph St., Boston Sack, Albert, ' 44 Eng., 5 Quincy Tr., Boston Sadoski, Theodore, ' 45 Eng., 113 Derby St., Salem Sakovitz, Edward J., ' 44 B.A., 110 Waverly St., Framingham 188 Salerno, Alfred R., ' 43 L.A., 144 Pleasant St., N. Adams Salvi, Albert M., ' 45 Eng., 157 Cottage St., E. Boston Samuelson, Howard A., ' 44 Eng., 99 Beach Ave., Nantasket Sandler, Joseph, ' 45 B.A., 258 Princeton Blvd., Lowell Sands, Robert A., ' 44 L.A., Old Billerica Rd., Bedford Sanni, D. Anthony, ' 45 Eng., 28 McClure St , Revere Saumsiegle. Robert W., ' 44 Eng., 99 Riverview Ave., Waltham Saunders, Raymond A., ' 44 L.A., 23 Wachusett St., Mattapan Savage, Edward G., ' 45 Eng., 75 Hillside Ave., South Portland, Me. Savage, George A., ' 43 B.A., 64 Ridgewood St., Dorchester Savage, William E., Jr., ' 43 Eng , 27 Washington Ave., Thompsonville, Conn. Savitz, Bradford, ' 45 Eng., 21 Stearns, Maiden Scaglione, Anthony L., ' 44 B.A., 18 Sewall St., Somerville Scanlon, Walter E., Jr., ' 44 B.A., 90 Wales Ave., Randolph Schein, Donald E., ' 44 LA., 172 Harvard St., Brookline Scheuer, Paul J., ' 45 L.A., 48 St. Stephen St., Boston Schlesinger, Gilbert J., ' 45 Eng., 16 Wellington Hill St., Mattapan Schmidt, Carlton C, ' 44 B.A., 101 East Main St., Corfu, N. Y. Schreiber, Robert, ' 43 Eng., 57 Winn St., Belmont Schur, John A., ' 45 Eng., 124 Beaver St., Franklin Schuster, Walter W., ' 43 Eng., 110 Derby Ave., Seymour. Conn. Schwartz, Martin, ' 44 L.A., 724 Morton St., Dorchester Schwing, John J., ' 45 Eng., 115 Moody Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Scigliano, Edward A., ' 43 L.A., 58 Austin St., Hyde Park Sciore, Edward T., ' 45 Eng., 24 Newton St , Brockton Scott, Ernest H., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 7 Charlotte Rd., Marblehead Scott, Lewis K., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 260 Tremont St., Melrose Scurto. Nicholas, ' 44 Eng.. 57 Salem St., Boston Sears, Paul W., ' 43 L.A., 9 Bay View Ave , Plymouth Seaverns, Charles F., ' 44 L.A., 14 Goodway Rd., Jamaica Plain Sebring, Frederick A., ' 45 Eng., 51 Lorraine St., Roslindale Sebring, Robert E., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 15 Lorraine St., Roslindale Semenza, Frank A., ' 45 Eng.. 99 Hudson St., Som?rville Sereda, John, ' 45 B.A.., 108 Orange St., Chelsea Serotta, Norman, ' 43 Eng., 63-A Washington St., Dorchester Sessler, Norman A., ' 45 Eng., 43 Cliff Ave., Winthrop Settle, Carl O., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 1020 State St., Schenectady, N. Y. Seymour, Herbert K., ' 44 L.A., 10 Depot St., Buckland, Conn. Shaheen, Mitchell E., ' 45 Eng., 301 Harrison Ave., Boston Shannon, William L., ' 45 B.A., 162 Hillside Rd., Watertown Sharp, Warren A., ' 43 Eng., 140 East Elm Ave., Quincy Shanahan, James L., ' 45 B.A., 1471 Beacon St., Brookline Sharkey, John A., ' 45 B.A., 68 Winter St., Lexington Sharpe, Robert, ' 45 L.A., 469 Conant Rd., Weston Shatzman, Bernard S., ' 45 Eng., 48 Blossom St., Chelsea Shaw, Donald J., ' 44 B.A., 11 Hamblen St., Lexington Shay, Edward J., Jr., ' 43 Eng., 53 Maple St., Framingham Shechtel, Herman J„ ' 45 Eng., 21 Westmore Rd., Mattapan Shephard, Frank L., ' 44 Eng., 1221 Worcester Rd., Framingham Shepherd, Ridgeley, Jr., ' 43 Eng., 1069 Highland Ave., Needham Sherburne, Richard F., ' 45 Eng., 16 Edison St., Quincy Sheridan, Philip F., ' 43 Eng., 12 Wyoming PI., Maiden Shiers, Richard G., ' 44 B.A., 7 View South Ave., Boston Shnaper, Rubin, ' 44 Eng., 5 Cedar St., Charlestown Showstack, Max, ' 43 Eng., 94 Normandy St., Roxbury Shrago, Louis I., ' 43 Eng., 51 McLillon St.. Dorchester Shute, Eugene A., ' 44 Eng., 62 Maywood St., Roxbury Shreve, Philip, ' 45 L.A., 7 Mill St., Dedhani Sibley, Leland R.. ' 45 Eng., 112 Walton St.. Fitchburg Siegel, Harold, ' 43 Eng., 21 Outlook Rd., Mattapan Signore, Frank A., ' 45 Eng., 364 Boylston St., Newton Centre Sieklucki, Alfred P., ' 45 Eng., 29 Whitmore St., Hartford, Conn. Silsby, Arnold W., ' 45 Eng., 455 High Rock St., Needham Silva, Joseph A., ' 43 Eng., 59 Reed St., Lexington Silver Martin, ' 45 B.A., 199 Brunswick St., Boston Simon, Herman C, ' 45 Eng., Page St., Lunenburg Simmons, Gorham G., ' 44 Eng , 894 Huntington Ave., Boston __ _ _ Simms, Hugh P., ' 44 Eng., 177 Webster St., E Boston Simon, Melvin, ' 44 Eng., 17 East Blvd. Rd., Newton Simpson, William L., ' 44 Eng., 70 Parker Hill Ave., Roxbury Singer, Leonard H., ' 44 B.A., 36 Richfield St., Ilion, N. Y. „ „ , Sitarz, Walter J.. ' 43 Eng.. 75 Kenyon St., New Bedford Sitarz, Edward F., ' 45 B.A., 20 S. Governor St., Hartford, Conn. Sitek, Alexander S., ' 43 Eng., 21 Hardy St., Salem Skers. Walter A., ' 45 Eng., 1003 Grafton St., Worcester Skwarek, Frank J.. ' 43 Eng., 69 School St.. Roxbury Slack, Donald A., ' 45 Eng., 670 Bedford St, Whitman Sleeper, Neal M., ' 45 Eng., Danville, Vt. Sloan, Philip, ' 45 B.A., 47 Unity Ave., Belmont Smart, John R., ' 45 Eng., 51 Beach St., Revere Smith, Aaron L.. ' 45 B.A., 65 Woolson St., Mattapan Smith, Charles W., ' 45 Eng., 11 Alban St , Dorchester Smith, Eugene F., ' 44 L.A., 229 Easter St., Palmyra, N. Y. Smith, Everett C, ' 44 B.A.- 14 Pratt St.. Melrose Smith. Frederick A., Jr., ' 45 B.A., 21 Beltran Tr.. Maiden Smith, James L , Jr., ' 45 B.A., 30 Townsend St.. Roxbury Smith, Jospeh A., ' 44 Eng., 27-A Dickens St., Dorchester Smith, Leonard W., ' 43 Eng., 25 Train St., Dorchester Smith, Melborn H., ' 45 B.A., R.D. 1, Dover-Foxcroft, Me. Smith, Minard N., ' 44 Eng., 40 Royal St. Wollaston Smith, Raymond D., ' 44 Eng., 562 Main St , Saco, Me. Smith, Richard J., ' 45 Eng., 23 Ashmont St , Dorchester Smith, Robert S., ' 43 Eng., 253 Willetts Ave., New London, Conn. Snook, Joseph T., ' 45 Eng., 110 Cottage Park Rd., Winthrop Snow, H. Leland, ' 43 L.A., 47 Claflin St., Milford 189 Snyder, Bernhart R., ' 45 Eng., 94 Hillcrest Pkwy., Winchester Snyder, Ralph H., ' 44 B.A., 24 Summit Ave., Brookline Soloman, Max, ' 44 Eng., 7 Davis St., Turners Falls Sonia, Joseph A., ' 43 Eng., Still River Rd., Lancaster Sorgi, Pasquale V., ' 44 B.A., 59 Dover St., Boston Sotir, Socrates Peter, ' 44 Eng., 16 Enfield St., Jamaica Plain Southwick, Richard W., ' 45 BA., 165 Summer St.. Waltham Souza, Joseph P., ' 45 B.A., 11 Meredith Cir., Milton Spadaro, John R„ ' 45 B.A., 104 Main St., Ellenville, N. Y. Spaulding, Nathaniel R., ' 45 Eng., 31 Nichols St., Ansonia, Conn. Spector, Eugene P., ' 45 B.A., 7 Brewster Tr., Brookline Speers, George A., ' 44 L.A., 90 Whitcoinb Ave., Jamaica Plain Spencer, Richard J., ' 44 Eng., 492 Central St., Saugus Spooner, Leonard G., Jr., ' 45 Eng., 384 Quincy St., Brockton Sprague, Charles E., ' 44 B.A., 248 Shute St., Everett Sprague, Richard E , ' 45 Eng., 24 Neponset Rd., Quincy Sprague Richard L., ' 44 Eng., 219 Mendon St., Uxbridge Stahl, Karl L., ' 44 B.A., 168 Emerson St., S. Boston Stahl, Walter F., ' 43 B.A., 168 Emerson St., So. Boston Standke, Herbert W., ' 44 Eng., 9 Granite St., Cambridge Standley, Archibald D., ' 45 Eng., 20 Charles St., Beverly Stankiewicz, Joseph, ' 45 B.A., 105 Pike St., Port Jervis, N. Y. Stanney, William J., ' 45 Eng., 448 Park Dr., Boston Stansfield, Frank H., ' 45 Eng., 149 Main St., Emmaus, Penn. Stanton, Frank G., ' 43 Eng., 1346 South St., Charles River Stanton, Myron H., ' 44 B.A., 3 Greenway Ct., Brookline Starck, Russell E., ' 43 Eng., Centerville Steacie, Edward, ' 43 B.A., 47 Central e., Newtonville Steinberg, Alvin M., ' 43 Eng., 36 Whitman St., Dorchester Steinberg, Melvin A., ' 44 B.A., 121 Glenville Ave., Brighton Sten, Kenneth 0., ' 44 Eng., Pleasant St., Conway, N. H. Stenberg, Eric R.- ' 44 Eng., 50 Gordon St., Allston Steuberg, Nyyrikki, ' 43 Eng., High St , Gloucester Stepanishen, Nicholas, ' 45 B.A., 86 Glenwood Rd., Somerville Stern, Chester M., ' 45 Eng.. 15 Oakland Rd., Sharon Stewart, John P., ' 43 B.A., 30 Hamilton St., Medford Stewart, William R., ' 44 Eng., 5 Willow St., Belmont Stiles, Russell A., ' 45 B.A., 34 Curtis St., N. Weymouth Stinson, Robert R., ' 45 B.A., 28 Davis Ave., W. Newton Stone, Everett E., ' 43 Eng., 9 Ruggles St., Westborough Stone, Leon, ' 44 L.A., 31 McClellan St., Dorchester Straight, David M., ' 43 Eng., Marble Dale, Conn. Strauch, Lawrence Elmer, ' 45 Eng., Underclyffe Rd , St. Johnsbury, Vt. Streechon George, ' 44 Eng., 1 Valley St., Norfolk Streeter, Milton H., ' 43 Eng., Church St., Bernardston Stretton. Thomas E., ' 43 Eng., 30 Fifield St., Dorchester Strum, Howard P.. ' 44 Eng., 69 Grove St., Waltham Suback. Anthony, Jr., ' 44 Eng., 22 Willow St., Methuen Sullivan, Charles F., ' 45 L.A., Sherman Rd., N. Reading Sullivan, John R., ' 44 Eng., 342 East Main St., Three Rivers Sullivan, Ralph W., ' 44 L.A., 60 RockweU St., Dorchester Sundstrom, Franklin V., ' 43 Eng., Elm St., North Berwick, Me. Sutherland, Murton V., ' 45 B.A., R.F.D. No. 1, Stepney, Conn. Sutton, Richard, ' 43 B.A., 119 Chestnut St., Andover Swartz, Benjamin, ' 43 Eng., 19 Cross St., Winthrop Swartz, Stanley R., ' 45 B.A., 146 Lakeview Ave., Haverhill Swenson, Albert G., ' 44 B. 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F., ' 45 Eng., 153 Newbury Ave., N. Quincy Terzian, John, ' 45 Eng., 12 Nichols St., Salem Teschner, Eric P., ' 45 Eng., 68 Olive St., Methuen Theroux, Gerard, ' 44 Eng.. 70 Oakhill Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Thomas, Harold C, ' 43 Eng., 30 Spooner, N. Easton Thomas, Stephen A., ' 45 L.A., 52 Houston Ave., Milton Thompson, David L., ' 44 B.A., 20 Thurston St., Wrentham Thompson, John H., ' 44 Eng., 84 Faxon Rd., N. Quincy Thornberg, Joseph, ' 44 Eng., 183 Spark St., Brockton Thorpe, Robert T., ' 44 Eng., 136 Vianl St., Revere Throntlsen, Everett O., ' 44 Eng., 40 Sagamore Ave., Quincy Thurston, Herman I., ' 45 Eng., Munnsville, N. Y. Tiemann, Robert S., ' 45 Eng., 35 Coral Ave ., Winthrop Tierney, John J., ' 45 Eng., 107 Temple St., Somerville Tilton, Richard D.. ' 45 B.A., 12 Newbury St., Woburn Tinkham, Malcoln L., ' 43 Eng., 24 Frost Ave., Brockton Tinsler, Francis R., ' 44 Eng., R. 2, Lubec, Me. 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Williams, Lynde G., ' 45 Eng., Ward Rd., Southboro Willis, Robert H., ' 43 L.A., 34 Buffington St., Fall River Wilson, Albert T., ' 43 L.A., 187 Village St., Medway Wilson, Lawrence T., ' 43 Eng., Ill Province St., Richford, Vt. Winslow, John E., ' 43 B.A., 9 Squanto Rd., Quincy Winters, Robert L., ' 45 B.A., 228 Washington St., Islington 191 Winton, Matthew B., ' 44 Eng., 15 John St., Chelsea Witis, Edward A., ' 44 Eng., 46 Waldo St., Brockton Woewicki, Anthony, ' 43 Eng., 5 Dinsmore PI., Natick Wolf, John M., ' 43 B.A., 149 Lake Ave., Greenwich, Conn. Wolf, Joseph, ' 44 L.A., 71 Ellington St., Dorchester Wong, Chatson, ' 44 Eng., 65-A Beach St ., Boston Wong, Edward S. F., ' 45 Eng., 36 2 Harrison Ave., Boston Wood, David B., ' 45 Eng., 10 Clark Ave., Beverly Wood, Robert D., ' 45 Eng., 8 Blossom St., Worcester Wood, Robert S., ' 44 Eng., 37 Faywood Ave., E. 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Young, Bobert G., ' 44 Eng., 36 Dalton Rd., Belmont Zachirchuk, John, ' 45 Eng., 50 Copeland St., Boston Zimmerman, Edward L., ' 44 B.A., 15 Vernon St., Brookline Ziner, Irwin N., ' 45 Eng., 269 Bainbridge St., Maiden Zisson, James P., ' 43 L.A., 105 Lafayette St., Salem Zmijewski, Walter J., ' 44 Eng., 23 Boardman St., Salem Zonn, Lincoln M., ' 43 L.A., 78 Metropolitan Ave., Roslindale Zwicker, Leon P., ' 44 Eng., 10 Dell Ave., Hyde Park 192 " S. BLOOMFIELD SON Diamonds and Jewelry 373 Washington Street Boston Sid Bloomfield, ' 37 . . . Lib. 5841 . . . t PHYSICAL FITNESS COUNTS ON THE JOB IN SCHOOL IN THE ARMED FORCES The pioneers in physical education offer you a modern recreation and health program planned by young men for young men. Y. M. C. A. 316 HUNTINGTON AVENUE BOSTON LEO HIRSH, INC. ■ Clothiers to University Men 250 HUNTINGTON AVE. BOSTON, MASS. i 193 r HAVING A PARTY! LET US HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR ICE CREAM PROBLEM ICE CREAM FOR ALL OCCASIONS Call Prospect 2600 Hostess Department HOOD ' S ICE CREAM j Specializing in Flower arrangements for the undergraduate Symphony FLOWER SHOP 240 Huntington Ave. Boston, Mass. Telephones Kenmore 2076, 2077 Deluxe Cruise - Motor Coach Service For All Occasions At Reasonable Rates ... 21 to 41 Passengers GRAY and RAWDING LINES, INC. Hotel Bradford Boston, Mass. Tel. Han. 1530 Compliments of Gainsboro Restaurant and Delicatessen " Famous for Homecooking " 52-A GAINSBORO STREET Boston, Mass. LUTHER WITHAM INC. Caterers 441-447 CHATHAM STREET EAST LYNN, MASS. Dial: LY 2-5581 WE CARRY NEWS OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES Uflje Northeastern Neuia SUBSCRIPTIONS $2.00 A YEAR 194 WILBURS COLONIAL CATERERS 290 Portland Street Cambridge, Mass. A Catering Service for All Occasions PHONE KIR 5900 UNIVERSITY BARBER SHOP Directly Opposite the " Y " Serving students for 10 years 309B Huntington Ave. Compliments of DONOVAN DRUG COMPANY 289 Huntington Avenue Boston f Gainsboro Pharmacy THE MODERN DRUG STORE Corne r Gainsboro Huntington Ave. Nearest Northeastern t A Qrand Place for a BANQUET or DANCE HOTEL LENOX Monaco Room Dome Room Pine Room Come and see these charm- ingly modern function rooms. Ideal for Dances, Reunions, Receptions, and other functions. Other smaller rooms for limited numbers. Walter E. Seaver Managing Director • VISIT THE • " V ... — Room " • The Mexican Patio Coffee Shop Featuring Mexican Dishes • The Washington Grill A Dining Room of Distinction 195 V. J. KENNEALLY CO. 104 HANOVER ST., BOSTON Heating Ventilating Contractors for New Laboratory Bldg. Also Engineering Bldg. ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Exclusive Manufacturers of The Senior ' Ring of Northeastern University COLLEGE JEWELRY, FAVORS, MEDALS TROPHIES, ETC. Obtainable Only at NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE THE CAPE COD STEAMSHIP COMPANY 131 STATE STREET— BOSTON S. S. STEEL PIER " THE PROVINCETOWN BOAT " Daily Sailings During Summer Season from Foster ' s Wharf HUBBARD 2650 196 r BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1942 FROM THE BOSTON ARENA PAUL V. BROWN, Manager . Lunch 40fS up Dinner 55 up Good Food and Good Service 297 Huntington Ave. Opposite the Conservatory CHANG ' S RESTAURANT GENERAL CONTRACTOR - - - Richard ' s Hall Northeastern University SAWYER CONSTRUCTION CO. PARK SQUARE BUILDING BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS ' : The Hotel Statler .... Boston Appreciates the continued patronage of Northeastern University Students and Alumni. D. B. STANBRO, Mgr. 197 " A name in printing for over sixty years " f tell. This volume of the 1942 Cauldron was designed, engraved and printed by the Stobbs Press of Worcester Massachusetts. New England Conservatory of Music AUDITORIUMS and HALLS for Concerts, Lectures, Moving Pictures, Dramatics, Dance Recitals, Banquets, Dances JORDAN HALL GEORGE W. BROWN HALL BANQUET HALL RECITAL HALL Compliments of HEMENWAY DRUG COMPANY 90 Westland Avenue Boston ' " THE ALLEN SHADE HOLDER CO. Established 1897 John L. Montgomery, Prop. 25 Broadway, Park Square Tel. Han 6291 Motor Mart BIdg , Boston Sto. 0208-J i r - Compliments of THE LOBSTER CLAW, 280 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts INC. j ' i HOWARD TOHNSON ' g HUNTINGTON Good Food at Reasonable Prices 620 Huntington Ave. Tel. HIGHlands 0915 . . _. 198 Compliments of ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA BETA GAMMA EPSILON ETA TAU NU GAMMA PHI KAPPA KAPPA ZETA PHI NU EPSILON ZETA PHI BETA ALPHA PHI GAMMA PI SIGMA KAPPA PSI SIGMA PHI ALPHA 199 Compliments of CLASS OF 1943 CLASS OF 1944 CLASS OF 1945 CLASS OF 1946 200 atb S tubio 18 NEWBURY STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS School and College Photographers Completely equipped to render the highest quality craftsmanship and an expedited service on both personal portraiture and photography for college annuals. Photographers to the Class of 1942 PATRONS MAY OBTAIN DUPLICATES AT ANY TIME 201 The Officers and Faculty of North- eastern University wish to express to the members of the Class of 1942 their very best wishes for success in everything which they may under- take or be called upon to perform. 202 NEW LABORATORY BUILDING Coolidge Shepley Bulfinch Abbott Architects THE McCUTCHEON COMPANY BUILDERS 203 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS n E, the Cauldron Board, are indebted to several persons who have made our work easier in the compilation of Volume XXI. Professor Everett C. Marston, acting Faculty Adviser to the Cauldon for the ninth consecutive year, has cheerfuly devoted countless hours in the interest of this book. His wholehearted co-operation has light- ened our load tremendously. To him and the 1943 Cauldron Staff, we offer best wishes for the book which they have already started on. Russell C. Knight, of the Stobbs Press, receives our thanks for his wealth of experience which he has made available for the layout and design of this book. Messrs. Waid and Miss Dempsey, of the Waid Studios, receive our sincere thanks and best wishes. We also express our appreciation to Ernest Zitke, ' 46E, who has added greatly to this Volume with his pertinent cartoons. We are indebted to many of the secretaries of the University, particu- larly Miss Dorothy Peppard of the Student Activities Department, who has given us cheerful and very helpful co-operation throughout the year. We are also grateful to the Administration which has financed this book and made it available to every senior. 204

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