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3 9358 01423823 9 1 ' 70( ' 0(]i Il0 ae Q,y V M ' : X; ., 1 up: 1989 Catldrox Board presents this volume of the college annual of Northeastern University to Seniors and Freshmen, to Fac- ulty and friends of the University. With informality as the keynote of its theme, this book is an attempt to i erpetuate in the hearts of men who are soon to leave, memories of the Northeastern we now know. As a log of contemjwrary activ- ities and scenes for the undergrad- uate, it serves as a pictorial story- l)ook for the friends and parents of the I ' niversity ' s student body. It is the fond hope of the Board that the new style of presentation will serve to increase the value of the material contained therein . . justification enough in itself for the care and thought devoted to its planning and assembh ' . ane u o d 4] Q(U4Jxllnj04n. Bacund Roy H. Beaton Editor-iii-Chicf Robert H. Brown Bus-ines.i Manager Ralph C. McDonald Managing Editor Linwood W. Tracy, Jr Managing Editor Nando A. Ardiiini Photograph ic Editor Frank R. Damassa Photographic Editor Joseph B. Piokarski Snapshot Editor 1 Damassa Piekarski Prof. Everett C. Marston Faculty Adviser SAMUEL ABBOT SMITH STRAHAN 2 edlcatl04€ 1 o Samuel Abbot Smith Strahan, in recognition of his out- standing record as both teacher and friend to Northeastern men for twenty-two years Born May 11, 1881 .... Attended the Evening Polytechnic Institute, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology .... Granted the degree of Bachelor of Science by Northeastern University .... Instructor in Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1912- 1914 .... Professional experience with the Metz Automobile Company until 1914 .... Professor of Chemistry at Northeastern University since 1917 .... Chairman of the De- partment of Chemistry from 1921 to 1938 .... Member of American Chemical Society, Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education . . . . Contributor to chemical literature in the field of organic chemistry .... Possessed of a keen mind that is a veritable storehouse of organic lore .... A patient teacher and an always-willing counsellor .... Affectionately known as " Pop " , even to non-chemical students .... The Class of 1939 lends its voice in paying tribute to this scholarly friend of a generation of Northeastern students HcJzHXUuJjeaxi4ne4tti Ix presenting this edition of the Cauldrox. the Board wishes to call to the attention of the reader its grateful acknowledgment of the many serA-ices that have been rendered by various individuals in the preparation of Northeastern University ' s yearl)ook. First of all, the members of the Board are sincerely ajjpreciative of the tridy commendable support so untiring- ly offered by Professor Everett C. Marston, faculty adviser to the Cauldron. His long association with the Cauldron has given him a wealth of experience in every ])hase of yearbook construction, an cxi)erience that he is fore ' er willing to place behind the efforts of those less well-versed in the ])roblems and technicalities invol- ved in the cf)inpilation of a college annual. A thousand bouciuets of thanks, also, for the professional services so unselfishly offered by Mr. Rus- sell C. Knight of the Bickford Engraving and Electrotype Com- pany, and ]Mr. Dino (J. Valz of the Andover Press, and the Messrs. Waid, Senior and Junior, of the Waid Studio, without whose generous contributions of time, advice, and thought this book would not have been possible. The Board is extremely grateful to the members of the Cauldron Junior Staff and to various mem- bers of the Secretarial Staff of Northeastern University, whose willing assistance has made many of the thousand and one details of drudgery connected with the prep- aration of a compendium of this sort seem but slight obstacles in the path of eventual publication. TRUSTEES PRESIDENT A M cM DEANS FACULTY R()l)ert Gray Dodge Chairtncni Frank Lincoln Ricliardson V ice-Chairman Galen David Light Secretary and Treasurer Charles Francis Adams Wilman Fdward Adnins Arthur Atwood Hallantine George Louis Barnes Walter Channing William Converse Chick Paul Foster Clark William James Davidson Frederic Harold Fay Edward J. Frost Franklin Wile (lanse Harvey Dow (lihson Henry Ingraham Harriman Chandler Hovey Arthur Stoddard Johnson John Russell Macomber Joseph Patrick Manning Irving Edwin loultroj) James Lorin Richards Charles Milton Rogerson Leverett Saltonstall Frank Palmer Speare Francis Robert Carnegie Steele Charles Stetson Robert Treat Paine Storer Frank Horace Stuart Edward Watson Supple Baa id o n444Jeed r rr [10] FRANK PALMER SPEARE, MR. President of the University LL.D. Member: Harvard Teachers ' Association, Massachusetts Schoohiiasters ' Club, National Education Association, New England Association of Colleges and Seondary Schools, University Club. [ii; CARL STEPHENS ELL, A.B., S.B., M.S., Ed.M., Sc.D. Vkr-Vnsiil,i,t of I he VniirrxH, iniil Dean of the Day Dh ' ismii Chairman flOy,-5-l!);J7), New l-;ni;hni(l Swiion, The Society tor the Pm- motioii of Enf;iiieeiint! ' Kdiical ion: l-Vllow, American Association for tlie Atlvanceineiil oF Science; Mcinlicr, Anieri ' an Society of Civil KnHinecrv: Anicric-ni S(,cicl, ,.l ',inic-.,l I ' .nKineers, IJoston SocicU- ..r (nil I ' liminccr-, I ' aminccniiv Sr..L-lir. ..l ' ,-n Kn land, Har- vard tc:,clicr ' AsM,,i:ilion, Massacliii.c! N .,,l„ia-.| crs ' Clul , Massa- chusetts Civic Leayue, New Enj Iand Association of Colleges and Sec- ondary Schools, Phi Delta Kappa, Delta Upsilon, Society for the Pro- motion of Engineering Education; Licensed Professional Engineer in Connecticut, Maine, and New York Slate; ' ice-Presidenl, Trustee, an l Member of Executive Committee of New I ' aigland Deaconess Hospital; Permanent President of the New England DePauu Alumni Association. 12 HAROLD WESLEY MELVIN, A.B., M.A. Dean of Students Member of Governing Board, New England Poetry Club; Member: National Association of Deans and Advisers of Men, National Council of Teachers of English, Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education, Modern Language Association, Phi Beta Kappa. [13] WILFRED STANLEY LAKE, A.I?.. M.A., I ' h.l). Dnni of r nicl ion iu III,- Cnllnjvs of Art.-, ami Hii.siiic.s.H Admiiiislrution jMemlier: . mericaii Ecoiioiiiio A.s.wpintion, .VnnTicMii Sl:ilislii ' :il A.ssiicia tioii, I{(, ;il EcoiKiinio Sciciely, I ' i Kapp:i DoUii. Galen D. Light A.B. Secrelary -Treasurer of the nivcrsil.v J. Kenneth Stevenson B.C.S. Purchasing Agent John B. Pugsley AB. Director of vSchool Administration Professor of Geology William C. White S.B., Ed.M. Execntive Secretary of the l)a. ' Division Associate Professor of Education Id nlddlaH d. Milton J. Schlagenhauf A.B.. B.D., MA. Director of Admissions George R. Fennell S.B., M.B.A. Assistant Director of Admissions Instructor in Business Management 15 Qa-Oftje udlue Wo Winthrop E. Nightingale A.B., S.B.. Kd.M. Direoloi " of Co-operative A ' ork George W. Towle SB. Associate Professor of (o-orilination Albert E. Everett SB., MBA. Assislaiil rrofossor of ( ' o-onliiiatiou John C. Morgan S.B. Assi.staiit Professor of Co-ordination Rudolf O. Oberg SB., Kd.M. .Vssishinl l ' orc sor ..f Co-oidin.itioji Verner O. Nelson Inslruclor in Co-ordinal ion 16 £t44de4ii AdUiMile4. OHxi PUifUc d CdUuxdixun. Edward S. Parsons SB., Eo.M. Director of Student Activities Gerald R. Tatton S.B., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Head Coach of Track Henry A. Kontoff M.D. College Physician Donald H. MacKenzie SB., Ed.M. Assistant to the Director of Student Activities Instructor in Chemistrv James W. Dunn A.B. Instructor in Physical Education Head Coach of Football and Basketball Herbert W. Gallagher S.B. Head Coach of Hockey and Baseball Robert E. Laveaga B.P.Ed,, Ed.M. Instructor in Physical Education William C. Hultgren Instructor in Physical Education (rf ' lf ■yW [17] Civil S nCflnee iu Henry B. Alvord S.B. rrofcssur (if Civil EngineerinK imd Cliiiiniiau of the Deparlment MecJiXAynical CfUXfineeAyU Emil A. Gramstor££ S.B., : i.s. Associate Protessor of Civil KngiiioeriiiK Charles O. Ba ird, Jr. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Leslie W. Lenfest S.B. Inslruotor in Civil Engineering Joseph W. Zeller S.B., M.K. Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Chairman of the Department Alfred J. Ferretti S.l!., .M.S. Associate rnifessor of Mechanical Engineering Frederick A. Stearns S.I!., M.S. , vM,cialc Professor of Mechanical Engineering Albert E. Whittaker S.H., Eo.M. AssislanI Professor of Mechanical Engineering Wayland S. Bailey S.l!., M.S. Inslrnclor in Mechanical Engineering 18 Roland G. Porter S.B., M.S. Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chairman of the Department CUct Ucal Zncj lnee u W. Lincoln Smith S.I!., Knc.D. I ' nift ' .sscir (if Elect rical Engineering Henry E. Richards S.I3., M.S. As.sociate Professor of Electrical Engineering Laurence F. Cleveland S.I!., M.S. A.ssistant Professor of El ectrical Engineering Martin W. Essigmann S.B. Instrnctor in Electrical Engineeri Chester P. Baker S.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Chemical En- gineering and Acting Chairman of the Department Peer J. Cody SB. In.stnictor in Chemical Engineering Qlie fuoal ottaineeAiiiXf, r 19 QUe nu in i Arthur A. Vernon SB.. M.S.. I ' m. I). IVot ' es.siir III ' (lii ' iiii lry anil ( ' liairinan of I lie neparlTiienl Samuel A. S. Strahan S H. I ' iDlVsMir nl ' Chciiii.-.lry Waldemar S. McGuire S.H.. M.. . . .- ,si.staiil l ' roFes.sor of Chemislry Saverio Zuffanti S.R., M.A. .V.s.-iislaiil I ' rcil ' ossor (if ( ' lieinislry William F. Luder . .H.. rii.l). Inslnicliir in ( lioiiii.slry Bertram M. Brown S.I!., M.S. Iii.slniotiir in (liemislry 20 Asa S. Knovrles A.B., M.A. Professor of Industrial Engineering and Chairman of the Department William T. Alexander SB., M.A. Assi.stant Professor of Industrial Engineering Robert D. Thomson S.B. Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering Henry M. Cruickshank S.B., M.B.A. Instructor in Industrial Engineering Oi joUuiAdxU ZHXflKeeA44nxj, Ac€J0444M4iJCj, Alfred D ' Alessandro li.C.S., LL.B., C.P.A., M.B.A. Profes.sor of Accounting and Chairman of the Department Robert Bruce B.C.S., M.C.S. Professor of Accounting James A. Patterson S.B. Instructor in . ccounting 21 O0 ' 4 x 4filoi and fii4A4 e4A Aaliitl4 6i uiti04€ Wilfred S. Lake A.B., M.A., Pu.U. Professor of Economics and t ' liairnian of the Department Julian E. Jackson A.H., I,1..B., M.B.A. Professor of Business Management and Chairman of the Department Roger S. Hamilton A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of Eco nomics John W. Tuthill S.B., M.B.A. Instrnotor in Banking and Finance Charles F. Barnason A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages and Chairman of the Department Calvin W. Tenney A.B. Instrnclor in Modern Languages Louis Cooperstein AM., .NLA. In lriiclor in Modern Languages HXfiiAyU Harold W. Melvin A.B., MA. Professor of English and (. ' liairtnan of the Department Frederick W. Holmes A.B., MA. Associate Professor of English Everett C. Marston A B.. MA. Assistant Professor of Kii-lish William T. Cloney, Jr. A.B. Director of the Publicity Bureau Instructor in English Franklin Norvish S.B., M.A. Instructor in English Randall W. Hoffmann S.B. Inslnu-lnr in Eiiglisli William A. Chapman SB. Instructor in Englisli Paul E. Reynolds A.B., Pii.U. Instructor in English 23 MaiUe ftxiiloi Joseph Spear A.I!., M.. . Professor of Mathematics and Chairman of the Department Elmer E. Haskins S.Ii., M.. ., I ' li.l). . ssistaiil I ' rofes.-ior of Matliematics Charles A. Sewell S.B., M.S. Instructor in Mathematics Laurence B. Heilprin S.B., M.. . Instructor in Mathematics Reginald G. Lacount .S.H., M.. ., Ph.D. Instructor in Mathematics Wilfred J. Combellack . .H., M..V. Inslnictor in .Mathernal ics Edward M. Cook , .B. luslruclor in Mathenuitics Warren C. Dean . .H. Inslrucliir in Mallicmalics Frank T. Wingate . .l!. luslruclor in Malhcuialics Walter R. Minzner S.H., M.S. Instructor in .Matliematics ' ■n flGAApUtCf, Eliot F. Tozer SB. Professor of Drawiiiy- and Cliairnian of the Department George H. Meserve, Jr. SB. Assistant Profe-s.- or of Drawing Otis F. Cushman S.B., M.S. Instructor in Drawing John J. Devine S.B., Sc.M. In.structor in Drawing ' i.: Albert E. Sanderson, Jr. B.C.E. Instrnctor in Drawing Robert G. McPhee SB, In.structor in Drawing 25 Plu A Loi Carl F. Muckenhoupt A.B., SB., I ' h.D. I ' rolessnr iif I ' liysics and Cluiiniiiiii of I lie Depart inenl Joseph A. Coolidge S.B., M.A. I ' riifessor of Physics C. David Johnson A.l!., MA. . ssislaiil rrofes. iiir of I ' liysics George B. Welch S.B., Ph.D. .Vssislant Profe.isor of Physios Paul A. Hilli iTislniclor in I ' liysics Byard C. Belyea SB. Inslniclor in I ' liysics 3(i So Ual SoLevuceA. Stanley G. Estes A.B., -M.A., Pii.I). Professor of Psy chology and Chairnuin of the Department Charles W. Havice A.B., M.A., S.T.B., Ph.D. Professor of Sociology and ( ' hairnian of the Department Executive Secretary, Northeastern Student Union Norris W. Potter, Jr. A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of History Rudolph M. Morris S.B., Ed.M. Instructor in Education Frank E. Duddy A.B., S.T.B., Ed.M., Ph.D. Lecturer in Sociology George Demeter A.B., LL.B. Lecturer in Government Blalck Stanley D. Miroyiannis S.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Department [27] Q icuLuite A yUitcuktti Sidney R. Bloomfield S.U. Gradiiiite Assistant in Business Administration Robert H. Hansen S.M. Gradnate Assistant in Clieniislr Adam M. Cook S.B. Graduate Assistant in Phvsics Lynnan A. Keith S.H. Graduate Assistant in Business Aclniinislraliun Laurent O. Dubois S.H. Graduate - ssistant in Clienii.stry George E. Pihl SB. (iradnate . ssislanl in Kleelrieal Kni ineerinf» Mario Giella S.B. Gradnate .-V.ssistant in Chemistry Harold T. Regan S.B. Graduate . ssi.stant in Economics Joseph Golemme S.B. (iradnate . ssistant in . econnting Chester H. Wolowicz SB. Gradnate A.ssistant in Meclianical KngineerinH qw SENIORS JUNIORS MIDDLERS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN 9n Me nuoA4 i4n ALFRED NOWOSIELSKI 1917-1939 Chemical Emjin cering 45 Milton St., East Boston SENATE; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Hockey, Assistant Manager 3, 4; Cauldron Junior Statt ' ; Mathematics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4;A.LCh.E. 5. An able scholar and a true friend of all who knew him as their classmate .... Called away before he could receive the laurels of an honor gradua- tion, which was his cherished right .... His memory will remain with those who knew him best from five years of intimate comradeship both in class and in active society. FRED V. BURKE 1915-1935 31 IJdkn Jamiaiy l.j, litll!). in Xoi11io;l,sI llarlior, Maiiio . Uacliolor ul ' Arts, ( " oUefje; Harvard (iradnate Scliool of Business Adniinislralinn; Master of Arts, Boston I ' lii- versity; Candidate for Doctor of Philosophy, at Boston I ' niversity .... Profes.sional experi- ence with The Knowles Company (1929), The Cabot Manufacturing Company (1930), Con- sulting work in industrial management (1934-present) .... Northeastern University, since 1931 .... Professor of Industrial Engineering, and Chairman of the Department .... Professional affiliations: Member of the Secretariat and Social and Tours Director of the Seventh International Management Congress (May to October, 1938): Vice-President, Eastern United States Region of the Society for the Advancement of Management: Editor of S.A.M. AV» v Bidleliii, and Member of the Editorial Committee for S.A.M. Journal; Secretary-Direc- tor, Boston Chapter of S.A.M. (1935-1938), President (1938-present), Chairman, Spring Regional Conference, S.A.M. (1938); Taylor Keys Committee; Associate Director of Boston Chapter, National Association of Cost Accountants: Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education . Awarded one of two Taylor Keys, by the Society for the Advancement of Management . , .V tireless worker and an able teacher, his sagacity and sound business sense bring grateful acknowledgment from committee members and members-at -large of the Class of 1!)3 ) ASA SMALLIDGE KNOWLES 32 Be44 LoA. O ice U. Forte, Wilson, Schwelm, Kicker, Polle.v, Baker Feidt, Prof. Kiiowles, Beaton William E. Feidt Millard O. Ricker John W. Wilson Arthur G. Baker Preside ntfi Vice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers Prof. Asa S. Knowles Faculty Adviser Roy H. Beaton Frederick C. Schwelin Jack A. Forte Robert W. Polley 33 Set io WeeJz Co iuiiMee Woroliel, Ciaiicy, Wilsmi, I ' rot ' . Knowles. Feiilt, I.iimbert, Iligfiins, Beaton, McDonald Forte, Pollev, Fielding, JMcGrath, Conlan, Lavache, Sclnvelni Emmett P. Conlan V ice-Chairman Roy H. Beaton Richard C. Beyer Joseph F. Clancy WiUiam E. Feidt AVilliam A. : lc(;ralh Chairman Jack A. Forte Joseph r. Iliggins Alfred E. Lambert Francis W. Lavache Ralph C. McDonald Hohcrt J. Fielding Secretary Koherl W. Policy Frederick C. Schwclin John W. AVilson John Worobel 34 OunloA. P o-m QainmiMee Plioloiiraph by Viuiline Ross, Bliss, Lanilierl, Burt, Cleveland, Rosnov, Hart, Joslyn ' ilson. Prof. Knowles, Brown, Barzelay, Martensen, Forte, Beaton Maxwell Rosnov Treasurer INIartin P], Barzelay Roy H. Beaton Zenas W. Bliss Gardner L. Bnrt Robert H. Brown Chairman Norman B. Cleveland Arthur L. Dionne Jack A. Forte Arthur E. Oilman Clyde F. Joslyn Merrill D. Hart Secretary Alfred P]. Lambert Arthur (). Martensen Morwick Ross John W. Wilson 3.5 Me4i. al iA ilnctl it Fielding riiiniphreys McGrath ]5cat(in Fcii-te McDdiiald ] Ieehan X OR the third successive year, the Cauld- ron Board takes great pleasure in present- ing to the University at large a body of men from the Senior Class whose contributions to the life of Northeastern during the past five years have been deserving of recognition. These men have been chosen by a committee consisting of Dean Melvin, Dean Lake, Professor Parsons, Professor Spear, and Professor Knowles, the five members of the Faculty best qualified to act as observers. This year, at the request of the Board, they have designated the Seniors pictured here as having played an outstandingly active part in the various fields of endeavor at North- eastern, whether academic or athletic, lit- erary or professional. Leadership has been the most prominent characteristic, although high scholastic attainment has also been almost universally evident. To the men grouped here we offer our most hearty congratulations for the honors they have won, and our sincere gratitude for all that they have added to the Class of 1939 and to the University. CLASS OF 1939 Roy H. Beaton Robert J. Fielding, Jr. Jack A. Forte Frederick C. Humphreys Ralph C. McDonald William A. McGrath Frank IT. Meehan Rol)ert W. PoUey Millard (). Richer Gustav Rook Morwick Ross Sidney Trachtenberg Edward P. Williams John W. Wilson Policy Rook Trachtenberg Wilson Ricker Ross Williams Men ay nUnctloft Merrill S. Allen A. Leonard Anderson Robert O. Austin ] Iartin E. Barzelay Roy H. Beaton Richard C. Beyer Larimer P. Brooks James Colligen Robert H. Dickinson George F. Forbes Jack A. Forte R. Winston Gardner James F. Haley Richard C. Harrington Joseph M. Higgins Stanley C. Hills Frederick C. Humphreys Leon Jacolev Philip R. Keep Fenton G. Keyes Karol J. Ivrystyan Francis W. Lavache Paul AV. Lundwall Henry F. Maling. Jr. Se M ecuki ' l Jiui Alvin H. Mann John H. ] Ianning Ral])h ( ' . McDonald William A. McGrath Bertram E. McXenzie Carlton E. Molineux James F. Muri)hv Harry T. O ' Neill, Jr. Elmer J. Perry William ( ' . Petraskc Rol)ert W. Pollev Millard O. Ricker Gustav Rook, Jr. Maxwell Rosnov Francis W. Ryan Herbert S. Sackett Frederick L. Sherman Leslie Swansoii ] ouis R. Tagliat ' erro Walter M. Thomas Sidney Traclitenberg Dwiuiit E. Wheeler ' Harol.l 1. Wiiev Joiin Y. Wilson Justin P. Wright Se4i.loA. GlaAA. MlUjo A sea of dark red caps eddying back and forth across Huntington Avenue — under them, an equal number of bright-eyed high schooUsh faces, their bewildered expressions belying the forced nonchalance of their owners — arms laden with books and bulky drawing kits — puzzled shufflings through the fistfuls of official forms to be filled out — hesitant advances through the winding maze of corridors in the Huntington Building — thus came to Northeastern the raw man- power that was soon to be whipped into shape as the Class of 1939, a numeral that seemed far, far away at the time of its birtli in September, 1934. A week ' s practice put the country boys in the class on an even footing with the trolley cars to be dodged in commuting from class to class across the Avenue and gave the urban- ites enough self-confidence to begin bluffing the endless stream of traffic by means of fly- ing wedge tactics. Class schedules assumed more intelligible aspects, and it began to ap- pear that most of the classrooms listed there- on could be found without the aid of a com- pass, if one had the instincts of a cross-bred homing pigeon and a maze-rimning white rat. A swiftly-moving year rushed through quiz after quiz, until life began to function in a more normal manner. Social activities were kindled by the election of class officers and were fanned by the making of plans for a Freshman Class Dance. The fates were op- posed, however, as a sweeping epidemic of German measles sprang up and ran through all of the various sections, dipping heavily here and still more heavily there. The dance was called off, books reopened, and lost time fought against. The coming of spring brought Field Day, where the Class of 1939 officially received its colors from the graduating class and learned, as an attendant side-note, how pleasant it is for one male and company to leave the hoi- polloi behind via the combination of a canoe and a winding river. An all-too-.short vacation closed, to bring about an introduction to the co-operative work system of Northeastern. The split divi- sion system broke up many friendships and sectional groups, while the reorganization of " : . till ' class according ' to elected curricula brought about a still more extensive split- ting. Activities began to add Thirty-Niners to its membership rolls. Major sports attracted many, musical organizations and publica- tions gathered others into their folds, while fraternities dusted off their " Welcome " mats and began to initiate brother after brother. Class elections again boomed social activi- ties and a pleasingly successful Sophomore Hop was held at Longwood Towers, measles and studies failing to bring about any can- cellation of the class shindig this year. Class dues began to become a point of heckling on the part of the officers, followed by an in- explicable siege of deafness visited upon the heckled. Vacation again hove into sight as final exam week ended, was upon the scene sud- denly, and as suddenly burned itself out in a flash of welcome respite from academic pur- suits. The coming of the third school year brought many Thirty-Niners into the lime- light, footbal l, hockey, ba.seball, basketball, and track each accepting its share of ath- letes. Other activities began to tear some of the better .students away from their books to join others of their less academically-in- clined classmates in discovering that parti- cipation in extra-curricular activities can often add more to one ' s education than the strict pursuit of a formal course of .studies. Class elections saw the installation of .sev- eral " repeaters, " while the annual " Middler Shuffle " was danced into the successful side of the book of social affairs even though it was written in faintly red ink. The birth and formation of a new Student Council resulted in legally-elected represen- tatives being seated for the class, the new system of election assuring a more careful choice of members. Class dues were men- tioned much more often than during the previous year, but the siege of deafness set in with the first class meeting again and could not be shaken. The whirlwind vacation between the Middler and Junior years passed with its familiar rapidity, easing all out of the posi- tion of having to explain just what a Middler was but causing just as much awkwardness in describing how come it took three full years of .school to become a full-fiedged Junior. The Junior year was a banner year for more " becauses " than one. First of all, the .strong rumors of a new building that had been floating around school for the past several years suddenly crystallized and came down out of solution with a bang. The return to school in the fall uncovered a .scene of frenzied activity taking place in the previ- ously vacant lot next to the " Y " building. Steel network soon towered up into custom- arily blank space, to be followed by a cloth- ing blanket of concrete and smooth brick- work. The lifetime dream of the Administra- tion and the fond hope of the undergraduate grew and grew each day, its progress as eagerly folhtwed as the favorite child of a doting mother. 40 One of the other " becauses " for this being called a banner year was the Junior Prom. Smooth-riding music — soft lights — glamour girls — white tie and tails — formality plus — all helped to make this first Emily Post aflfair of the Class of 1939 one to be long remembered. The lure of the land of make- believe brought nearly the whole class to- gether for this one evening, leaving many serious thoughts in its wake in regard to wonderment over the fact that so few occasions of this sort were available. A taste was enough to start the yearning. But social activities did not hold the spot- light, by any means. The Junior year saw the first real specialization in the various chosen fields of study. Many were the suspicions that the wrong course had been chosen, after some of the professional courses had begun to take fall after fall at every encounter. The Army Alpha Test returned to prove to each individual that four years of higher mathe- matics still had not taught him to do simple arithmetic problems any faster than he could or could not do them previously. The now veteran athletes regretfully wound up some very successful careers in the various sports and turned their attentions to extra- curricula activities other than sports. The final vacation period saw the comple- tion of the new home of Northeastern. Gleaming corridors, spacious laboratories, roomy classrooms, light and air by the room- ful — all these were to be found in abundance. The four years spent in cramped quarters made the s udden change seem almost un- believable but none the less delightful. The Last Mile has brought much to be considered with it, at the present moment. Tough courses and thesis trouble have been prominent since the opening of the year, but other things are beginning to creep into the picture. Thoughts of getting " the " job, of doing graduate work, of marriage plans, or of the mere consideration of leaving old comrades, have already begun to loosen the ties that bind the class together. The un- timely death of one of the members as the end of the struggle draws near makes bis classmates more keenly conscious of these ties, but dissolved they must eventually be. The close of the five years is to be felt even now, in the middle of the last year. Strong activities men are beginning to edge out of their positions, making way for the new- comers. Senior Week plans are being polished up, with provisions being made for one last real get-together in the form of a trip to the New York World ' s Fair. Commencement seems just around the corner, with all not knowing whether to be glad that the drudg- ery is all over or sorry that the thousand and one things that college has meant are soon to be a thing of the past. But now the die is cast. Although the birth of a class was recorded five years ago, this does not mean that its death is to be announced. The years to come hold much in store, for a certainty, but only the passage of time will reveal whether we ' re as good as we think we are. May we never be disillusioned! R. H. B. NORTHEASTERN GUY L. AKERS ( ' hem inil En( iii(rrinii A.C.S. ' 2, X 4: A.I.CIi.K (laiiiina Pi W l.c.vo l.ane, Wesloii FRANCIS V. ALLA Electrical Engiiiccrinr; .53 Second Street, Meflford Hockey 1: A.I.E.E. ' 2, ;i, 4, 5; Ua,li., Cluh :i. 4. .5; Enjilish High Club 1, 2, 3 MERRILL S. ALLEN Elcclrii-ul Eiigiiiccriiig 1 1 Cliarles Si reel, Walpole Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 5; Track 1; Radio Chili ;!, .5, ' ice- I ' resident 5; A.I.E.E., Secretary .5; Class Treasurer 2 A. LEONARD ANDERSON Electrical Engineering 1.5A Mechanic Street, Xortli Easlon Dean ' s List 5; Band 1, 2, 3: A.I.E.E. 4, o JOHN W. ANDERSON Business ManagenienI 10 .Vhna Avenue, Belmont Basketliall 1; Student Union 4, .5; Law and Accounting Club 2, 3 PASOUALE ANTONELLI Accounting 7!) Joy Street , Boston SiGM.A. Society; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2. 3, 4; Internalional Relations Club 4, 5; Law and . ccountingClub4, 5 NANDO A. ARDUINI Cieil Engineering 121. Soulli M.iin Street. White River .lunction, ' t. Dean ' s List 4; Cauldron Junior Staff. l ' hotonraphic Editor .5; Twin State Club I, 2, 3, Treasurer .5 FRANK W. AT WOOD Imlu.ilriiil Engineering (i On hard Street, Terryvillc. Conn. Track 1; Inter-I ' ratcrnit v Council 4, .J; Sluilcnl I ' nion 2, 3, 4, . ' " ; A ' lwr.v 1; Nutmeg State Chili 1,2, 3, 4, .5; Camera Chili 4, :5; S.A.M. 4, i) Nn Epsilon Zrlii ROBERT O. AUSTIN Indnslriul Engi nirring i; lliuli SI reel. Orleans, l. Si.N TF,; Freshman Honor last; Dean ' s l.isi 3, 4, . " .; Basket li.all I; liilcr- Iralcriiil V Ba.sketball Team 2, 3, 4, .5; Student I ' liion ;), t. .k Band 1. 2, 3. 4; S.A.M. 4, Vice-President .5; Twin Stale Club 1,2, 3, 4 « A ' , • o , .el„ PAUL AVANZINO, Jr. Chrmienl Engineering :((l(l Charles River Road, Water!. nvii Camera Club ,5; A.C.S, 3, 4; . .I.CIi.F. . ' J UNIVERSITY PAUL F. BAILEY Bvsiness Management 22 Uickfcrd Riiad. East Braintree Football, Manager 1; Rifle Chil) 1; Camera Clul) i, .3 ARTHUR G. BAKER Chemical Engitieering 2U Harrison Street, Brookline Freshman Honor List; Football, Manager -i; Student Council 5; Fraternity President 5; A.C.S. 2, ' i, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 Beta Gamma Epsiloii MARTIN E. BARZELAY Mechanical Engineering 58 Porter Street, Maiden Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 3; Basketball 1; Junior Prom Committee; A.S.M.E., Vice-President 4 ROY H. BEATON Chem icul Engineering Senate, President 5; Freshman H- Mi Broadway, Stoughton s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Co-winner ; President 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; List; I)e Senate Scholarship 2; Dean ' s List Scholarship ' 2 Class Dance Committee 2, 3; Junior Prom Conunittee; Senior Week Com- mittee; Student Coimcil 3, Vice-President 4, President 5; Cauldron Junior Staff, Editor-in-Chief 5; Chairman, Student Open-House Committee 3; Field Day Committee 3; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E, 5 HAROLD BERZOF Intervale Street, Roxburv ( ' (( ' ( iral Engineering Freshman Honor List; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 RICHARD C. BEYER Liberal Arts (Chemistry) 716 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Center Dean ' s List 5; Hockey, Assistant Manager 4; Senior Week Committee; Neies 4; Glee Club 4; International Relations Club 4: Mathematics Club 2, 3; Student Union Cabinet 5; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4 BURNETT W. BISHOP Mechanical Engineering 4 Staniford Place, Boston Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Cross Countrv 1; Inter-fraternity ( ' ouncil; Chess Club; English High Club I ' hi Gumma Pi ZENAS W. BLISS Chemical Engineering 31 Park Avenue, Wakefield Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 1; Basketball 1; Class Vice-President 3; Junior Prom Committee; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 I ' hi Gamma Pi BELDEN G. BLY, Jr. Liberal Arts (Economics and Sociology) 250 Salem Street, Franklin Park Track and Cross Country, Manager 5; Debating Society, Vice-President 5 Mechanical Engine A.S.M.E. 5 HARRISON E. BOWIE 110 Cellar Street, Roxbury NORTHEASTERN JAMES W. BREBNER ;«() Ilycle I ' ark Avemie, Jamaica Tlain Atroiitttiiig Sigma Society; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s l.isi J, ;i, 4; Class Dar Committee 1, 2; Law and Accountinj; Cluli 4, . " WILLIAM A. BRESNAHAN Liberal Arts {Socioliiyi ) .), " ) Hale Street, Heverlv Swimminf; Team 1, i LORIMER P. BROOKS Electrical Engineering iSi Main Street, Afjawan Senate; Freshman Honor List: Dean ' s List ' •2, 3, 4, . ' 5; Baseball 1: Kailii Clul, 3, 4, 5; A.I.E.E, 4, Chairman 5 ELLIOT M. BROWN Powlet, Vt. Intln.slrial Engineering Xeies 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4; Twin State Cliih 1, 2, 3; Mathe- matics Chib 1, 2, 3, 4: S.A.M. 4, .5 ROBERT H. BROWN ( ' lieniieal Engineering 73 Park Drive, Boston Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; F ootball, Assistant Manager I, 4, Manager 5: Inter-fraternity Basketball 2, 3, 4, 5; CArLDROX Junior Staff, Business Manager 5; Class Dance Committee 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee, Chairman; International Relations Club 3, 4, 5; North Shore Club 1, 2; Inter-club Council 2; Inter-fralernitv Cciimcil 3, 4; Mathematics Club 3, 4; A.C.S. 2, 3, Secretary 4; A.I.Ch.K. . ' , ' Kappa .eta Phi CARLETON H. BURT Engineering Administration 1392 Boulevard, West llarlford. Conn. Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1; Connecticut State Club 1; Radio Club 1, 2; S.A.M. 5 Beta Gamma Ep.silon GARDNER L. BURT Hnsines.i Management 31 HowanI Sirecl, Waltham Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 3; Cauldron Junior Staff; Xew.s- 4; Junior Prom Committee; Tennis Cluli 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, .5 CHARLES D. CAHOON Mechanical Engineering 12H XahanI SIrccI, Lynn Hockey 1; Rifle Club 1 Cliemicil En, JOHN L. CAMARA t7 l ' c(niul Avcunc. Oak liliills PHILIP A. G. CARBONARO Cheniinit Engineering 12t KlliTlKloli Si ri ' el , Dcrchcslr A.C.S. 2, 3. 4; A.I.Ch.K. r, UNIVERSITY MARCEL E. CHASE Accounting ' 201 Harvard Avenue, AUston News 1, 2, 3; Law and Accounting Clul) i JOSEPH F. CLANCEY Elcclrical Enijinccriiuj VM licllcvuc Si reel. West Hiixliury EnL ' lish High Clul) 1, 2; A.I.E.E. 4, 5 PHILIP H. CLEMENT MiThiiiiictil Emjiiu ' criiKj Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Freshman Honor List; Maine Cluli 1, i Phi Gamma Pi NORMAN B. CLEVELAND Vieil Eiijiiiurriuji It Hay Street, Beverly Inter-fraternity Basketball 5; Class Dance Committee 2, 3: Junior Prom ( omniittee; B.S C.E. i. Chairman 5 Alpha Kiippa SiV nin JAMES COLLIGEN Lihcrul Art.-.- (Enc li. h) Ui Highland Street, Xewtonville Dean ' s List 5; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3; Caiildron Junior Staff EMMETT P. CONLAN Chemical Engiiiecrimj 37 Solomon Street, Attlelioro Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; Senior Week Committee, Vice-Chair- man; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 JAMES A. COOK Mcchaiilcdl Eiiginn-riiiy 12 Pomeroy Street, Allston RICHARD F. CORNELISSEN Chemical Engineering 41-A Parknian Street, Dorchester Senate; Freshman Honor List ; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 GARDNER CROSBY Accounting ,51 Hamilton Street, W ' olhiston Baseball 1; Law and Accounting Chili 3, 4, 5 ROBERT J. CURRAN Accounting Waterford, Vt. Freshman Honor I ist; Dean ' s List 2; Law and Accounting Club 2, 3, 4 NORTHEASTERN FRANK C. CUZNER EIrrlrictil Eiigiiiccrinij 1 ' 2 Day Street, Xortli Eastou A.I.E.E. i. 3, 4, Execiilive (Vimmittee o ARTHUR F. DAGLE Bh.v hc.v.v Mumiijciiiciit M liarry Slreel, Dorclieslc DeaIl■ s List ' 2 FRANK R. DAMASSA ( ' ( Eiujuiecriiuj -2(11 ' I ' liinl Avenue. Ali(| iippa, I ' a. Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List ' 2, 3, 4; Cailuiuin Junior Stall ' , I ' lioto- graphic Editor 5; B.S.C.E. i, a ARNOLD B. DAVIS Ciril Emiiiu ' criuij ;). ' ) I ' uslifer Street, Xewtonyillc I ' oiitljall 1 ; Fralernily Secretary 3. 1, ' icc-Presi(lent 5; B.S.C.E. 3, 4, Chair- I ' hi (1(1111111,1 Pi A. SHERMAN DAVIS, JR. Mrrliaiiir:il EiKjiiiirriiH .5(i() Chestnut Slreel, Waban Track 1, ;i, 4; Rifle Team 1, ,3, 5; Camera Club 4; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 CLARENCE R. DEILBERT h ' JtTtrii-itl KiHjinrrrinii X ' alley ' iew. Fa. l ' ' reshman Honor List ; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Cross Country I ; Band 2, 3; A.I.E.E. 3,4,5 FRANK R. DeROECK Chcmicul Emjiiiccrimj IS Howe Street, Dorchester Freshman Honor Fist; Dean ' s List -i. 3; A.C.S. i. 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. .3 ROBERT H. DICKINSON Eh ' clrical Engineering Bridgewaler, Conn. Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List i, 3, .5; Cross Country 1; . .I.E.E. 5 CARMEN DiLORENZO Miuiatirmriil f) Moanlriian Shed, EasI Boslun ■j ' rack I, i ARTHUR L. DIONNE Chrniiral Eni inirrini ' .i Clapp Slreel, Walpole Malhenialics Club 3, 4; .Iiini..r I ' (urrirnillee; . slnpnnmv Club i A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. .5 UNIVERSITY ELDON H. FAY Enijiiurriiig Administration 1-t IjUild Street, Watertown Orchestra 1; Band 1, 2, 3, -t, 5, Leader i ( ' liciii icdl Kntiiiu ' criny WILLIAM E. FEIDT 31li IIiiiitiiiHloii Avenue, Boston t .5; A.C ' .S. 2, 3, i: Freshman Honor List; Chiss Treasurer 2, 3, i, Presic: Class Dance Committee 2; Senior Week Committee ROBERT J. FIELDING, Jr. Accounting 444 Washington Street, Brighton Sigma Society; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4, Treasurer 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; Class Vice-President 4; Senior Week Committee, Secretary; Law and Accounting Club, Vice-Presi- dent 4 IRVING FISHER Liberal Arts (English) 50 Chester Street, AUston Dean ' s List 4; Track 1, 2; A.C.S. 1, 2; English High Club 1, 2 Sigma Kappa Psi EMANUEL A. FLUMERE Liberal Arts (English) 29 Loker Street, Framingham Dean ' s List 2; Football 2, 3, 4, Captain 1: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Captain 1; Basket- ball 1 Liberal Arts {English) JOHN A. FLUMERE 29 Loker Street, Framinohara GEORGE F. FORBES Liberal Arts {Mathematics) 159 George Street, Arlington Freshman Honor List ; Dean ' s List 3, 4, 5; Rifle Club I, 2, 3, 4, 5; Rifle Team 2, 3, 4, 5; Mathematics Club 2, 3, Secretary 4, 5 Accoirnting JACK A. FORTE Hecker Avenue, Norton Heights, Conn. Sigma Society, Secretary 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Student Council 4, 5; News 1, 2, Sports Editor 3, 4; Class President 4, Secre- tary 5; .Junior Prom Committee; Senior Week Committee: Law and Account- ing Club 1, 2, President 3, 4 Civil Engineering B.S.C.E. 4, 5 HARRY L. FREEMAN 64 Lawrence Avenue, Roxbur HARLAND O. FULLAM Mechanical Engineering Twin State Club, Vice-President 3; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 Sigma Phi Alpha Westminster, Vt. NORTHEASTERN RENATO J. FULVI luduslrial Knijiiifcrin; ' H t ' liiiton Street, Mansfield S.A.M. 4, 5 WILLIAM P. GALANOPOULOS In.hislrial Enijiincrbiij Hi C;lciulale SlrceU Dordioslcr ' ( (aimma I ' i R. WINSTON GARDNER Mechanical Eiigiiiecriny 5 Wilbur Street, South We.vuioulli Dean ' s List 5: Rifle ( " lul 1; Hockev 1 I ' hl Gamma Pi WILLIAM L. GIBSON Iialnxlrial EnjiiaccriiHj 4,51 I ' ark Drive, IJoston Football, Assistant Manager 1, ' 2; Baslvelball, Assistant Manager 1, -i. 3, Manager 4: Inter-fraternity Council 3, President 4; S.A.M. 5; Field Day Committee 3 Phi licta Alpha ARTHUR E. OILMAN Electrical Eaiiinecrinij 1 ' 21 lligli Uoad, Newburyport Fraternity Treasurer 4, ,5; .V.I.E.K. 3, 4, 5 Beta Gamma Epsilon FRANCIS H. GLOVER Chemical Enyiiueriay SO JolmsHdod Road, Roslindale Dance Orchestra 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Concert Orchestra 3: Rifle Team 1; English High Club 1, 2: A.C.S. 2, 3, 4 FRANK R. GURKOWSKI Industrial Engineeriny 12.5 Water Street, Worcester Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: S.A.M. 4, 5 IRA J. HABESHIAN Lilieral Artu {Economics) (i(i2 (ireen Street, Cambridge Dean ' s J,ist 4; Hockey 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 JAMES F. HALEY Ciril Eniiiiiirrin, I ' lcasanl Si reel , (Jrolon Dean ' s List 2, 4, .5; SwinMuin;; 1: li.S.C.K. 4, .5 ARTHUR E. HANSEN Acniunlinii Crcsccril . venue, licdl ' ord Dean ' s l,isl 4; Football 1; IJas ' ball 2; l,.iu and . ccounling Club 2, 3, 4, .5 UNIVERSITY RICHARD C. HARRINGTON Ciril liiii iiifi-riiKj Main Slreet, Groton Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 5; B.S.C.E. 5 MERRILL D. HART Mnhanical EiiyiiULiiiuj llj West Slreet, Maiden Freshman Honor List; Junior Prom Committee, Secretary; Student Union ' S, 4, 5; Glee Chib 5; Camera Ckib 3, 5, President 4; Model Engineering Club 2; A.S.M.E. 4, Secretary 5 WILLIAM J. HARTWELL Jhi. ' iiiic.s.s Maiiaifcincnl 111 Hrogan Roud, Medford Dean ' s List 2; Football 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Class President 2; Student Council 2; Law and Accounting Club 3 PAUL F. HAYNER Mechanical Engineennff 5B AVymaii Slreet, Jamaica Plain Football 1, 2; Student Union 4, 5; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 JOSEPH M. HIGGINS Ciril EiKjiiinrinii (i Miirsliall Street, Revere Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 4, 5; B.S.C.E. 5 STANLEY C. HILLS Lihenil Arl.s (Economics) Bo Hillside .Vvenue, Wollaslon Dean ' s List 5; C.mildron Junior Staff; International Relations Clul) 4, 5; Banking and Finance Club, Vice-President 5; Dramatic Club 2. OIVA E. HINTSA Civil Enyiiicerinq 8 Riverliaidc Road, Maynari Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 FREDERICK C. HUMPHREYS Mechanical Engineerim 35 Riverside Drive, Boston Senate, Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Student Council 4, Vice-President 5; Tennis Club 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2; Chess Club 2; A.S.M.E. 4, Chairman 5 lietii Gumma Epsilon CHARLES G. HUNT, Jr. Civil Engineering 25 Manor House Road, Newton Center Freshman Honor List; Fraternity Grand Scribe 3, 4, Vice-Grand Councillors; Inler-fraternity Council 3; Class Dance Committee 2, 3. Chairman 2; Class Secretary 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 3; B.S.C.E. 4, 5 Alpha Kappa Sigma Chemiciil Engineering ARTHUR D. HUNTER 21!) Iligldand Avenue, Arlington Track, Assistant Manager 2; Rifle Club 1; Mathematics Club 1; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 NORTHEASTERN DONALD B. IRISH Vbcmicul Eiiyim-crimj MH KoiesI Avcniu-, I ' orlhnid, Maine Cross Countrv 1; Maine Club, Treasurer 1: Fielil l)av Cdnnnillee ;i; Mallie- matics Club l " : A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.K. 5 Eta Tun Xii RICHARD J. IRWIN Chrniiral Enyinrrrimj Tovvnal, l. Kraternitv Basketball ' 2, ' J, .3; Fralernit ' Secretary 3, Dcpntv +, ice-l ' resi- (lent 5: A.C.S. 3, 4; A.I.Cli.E. 5 " ' Ela Tun Nil HENRY N. ISAACSEN Chemical Eiiijiiucriiiy W ' osI Kbn Street, North Uayuham Student Union 2; A.C.S. 2, 3, i LEON JACOLEV Chemical Engiuceriiuj 7.) Wentwiirtli .Street, Maiden Sen. te, Treasurer 5; Freshman Honor List ; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Cailduon Junior Staff; Camera Club 4; Mathematics Club 2, 3, 4; Club 1, 2, Vice-President 3, 4; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 ARNOLD B. JAMES f ' (V(7 Eni iiieeriii; B.S.C.K. 4, 5 223 Beacon Street, Boston BENJAMIN K. JOHNSTON Chemical Eiiyiiieeritig 311 Essex Street, L.vnn Student Union 3; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4 GRANT W. JOSLIN Civil Eiiyinccriny 33 Westminister Avenue, .VrlinKton Freshman Honor List; B.S.C.E. 4, 5 C. FREDERIC JOSLYN, Jr. Accoiintiny 23 .Vsli Street, Valtham SiGM. Society, Vice-President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3: Fraternity Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, President o: eirs 1, 2, 3, Feature Editor 4; ' 0rclie.stra ' l; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; International lielal ions Club 2, 3, 4, .); Catildron Junior Slat! ' ; Junior Prom Committee Phi Beta Alpha WILLIAM H. KEATING, Jr. Liberal Arts {Chemislri } t Kllicl Slr, ' , ' l, liuslin.hilo Xew.s ' J, 4, 5; Concert Orchestra 1, 2. :i; Hand. Assisl.jril Mana-.-i- I-, Manaf;cr 5; Camera Club 3, 4; Open House ( nm I ' arlicipanl 3 PHILIP R. KEEP liaMKcley. Maim Mechanical Eiiyineerlay Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, i. . ' ,: Irilcr-Club Council licprcsenhi tive !: Maine Club, PresidenI 2, 3, 4; A ' r r.v 4, .5; A.S..M.E., Chairuuin r UNIVERSITY FENTON G. KEYES Cii ' il EmjinecriiKj li Asli Street, WaUhaiii Dean ' s List 5; Baseball 1, 2, 3, -t; Basketball 1, 2, 3; B.S.C.E. 4, 5 HAROLD C. KLEEMANN Sales Maiiagemeiif 92 Quincy Avenue, Winflirop Student Council 2; Concert Orchestra; Cauldron Junior Start ' KAROL J. KRYSTYAN Mechanical Engineering 35 Somerset Street, East Boston Senate; Freshman Honor Lits; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Hockey 2, 3, Captain 4; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5 MICHAEL K. KUDRAVETZ Electrical Engineering 83 Spriiif; Sheet, Xorwich, Conn. Football, Manager 1, Assistant Manager 2, 3; Cauldron Junior Staff; Banjo Club 1, 2, 5; A.LE.E. 3, 4, 5, Executive Committee 4 ALFRED E. LAMBERT Electrical Engineering 26 Larkhill Road, West Roxbury Inter-Club Basketball 1, 2, 3: Inter-Club Bowling Team 1, 2, 3; Mechanic Arts High School Club, President 2: Junior Prom Committee; Senior Week Committee; A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4, Executive Committee 5 CHARLES E. LAMBERT Meclianical Engineering 12 Newport Avenue, West Hartforil, Conn. Freshman Honor List; Fraternity Secretary 2, 3, Vice-President 4, 5; Chess Club 1, 2, 3; Nutmeg State Club 1, 2, 3; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 Phi (Samma PI ALDEN P. LANDALL Chcnilcal Engineering 11 Spruce Street, Lynn Cross Country 1; A.C.S. 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 EDWARD E. LANDWEHR Electrical Engineering 196 Reservoir Road, NeM ' Britain, Conn. Fraternity Associate Treasurer 3, 4; Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3; A.I.E.E. 5 Pkl Gamma Pi FRANCIS W. LAVACHE Chemlml Enijinernng 74 Oak Street, Plymouth Dean ' s List 2, 5; Football 1, 2; Student Council 3; Senior Week Committee; A.C.S. 2,3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 WALTER A. LEDWITH Mechanical Engineeruig 232 iew Street, - e v Haven, Conn. Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 3, 4; Glee Chili 4; Camera Club 2, 3, 4, 5; Astronomy Club 1; A.S.M.E. 4, .5 NORTHEASTERN BURRITT F. LEIGHTON Ciril Eiitiim-criiKj .3(Ki Asli Slrot-I, Bnickloii Dean ' s List i: B.S.C.E. ;i, -I., 5 ALLEN R. LENTE Muntujimiiil H ruwnvillo .liMiclioii. Maine Law and AcconnliML ' Chili .5: Class Dance ( ' (ininiillee ;( JOHN G. LEONARD Mvchunical EiHiiiiccrimj l(l(i Eastern Avenue, Lynn LEONARD M. LINCHITZ Liberal Arts {Kiiylisin H Hrciokledge -Street, Dorchester Baseball 1 ; Xcir.i 1 PAUL W. LUNDWALL Industrial EngiiurriiKj (Hi) Stevens Street, Lowell Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 5: Mathematics Chili 4, .3; S.A.M., Treasurer 4, Secretary .5 ALFRED K. MacKENZIE Chemical Eiiyiinrriiui ' i. " ) Joy Street, Boston Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; Astronomy CInli 5; Mathematics Club 4, 5 AUSTIN D. MacRAE, Jr. Industrial Enginceriiu Hi Mmuiinent Street, Concord Track 1; S.A.M. 4, 5 Alpha Kappa Sigiiin HORACE F. MALFA Liberal Arts (Chemi.tlri ) .37 BiKelow Street, BriKhlc Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; Ccmcert Orchestra 1, ' 2. ;i HENRY F. MALING Electrical Eiii iiicerinij 12. ' i Westminster Avenue. Arliufjlon Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, U, 4, .3; Mathciiialics Cluli 2, ;j, 4, 5; A.LE.F. ;i, 4, Secretary :3 ALVIN H. MANN Sleehnninil Emjiiieerl nij 1112:! Blue llill Avi ' iiuc. Dorclicstc Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, . ' i, .3 UNIVERSITY JOHN H. MANNING Ciml Engineering 9 Rockland Street, Newton Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Newx 1, 2; B.S.C.E. 5 E. GEORGE MANUEL Meehunical Engineering 34 North Broadway, Long Branch, N.J. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; News 1, 2, 3, Advertising Manager 4, 5: Glee Club 2, 3: Cheerleader , 2, 3, 4, Captain 5; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; . .S.M,E. 4, 5 JOHN C. MARIN, Jr. Liberal Arts (Economies and Hocinlogy) 243 Clark Terrace, Cliffside, N. J. Sigma Phi Alpha ALFRED L. MARSHALL Chemical Engineering 27 Vine Street, Melrose Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4, 5; .V.C.S. 4; A.I.Ch.E. ALFRED J. MARSHALL Liberal Arts {Chemistry) Cross Country 4; Track 4; Glee Club 3, 4, 5 49 Mora Street, Dorchester ARTHUR O. MARTENSEN Accounting 135 Glendale Street, Everett Hockey 1; .Junior I ' roni Committee; Law and Accounting Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 FREDERICK MATHESON Accomiting 45 Porter Street, Somerville Football 1; Law and Accounting Club 1, 2, 3, 4 RICHARD D. MAYBURY Mechanical Engineering 23 Scammon Street, Saco, Maine Fraternity Scribe 2; Maine Club 1, 4, Vice-President 2, 3; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 Beta Gamma Epsilan RALPH c. McDonald Chemical Engineering 52. West Eagle Street, East Boston Senate, Vice-President 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s 2, 3, 4, 5; Baseball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4; Class Vice-President 1; Senior Week Committee; Student Council 4, Vice-President 5; Cauldron Junior Staff, Managing Editor 5; Mathematics Club 3; General Athletic Committee 4; A.C.S. 2, 3, Vice-President 4; A.I.Ch.E., President 5 WILLIAM A. McGRATH Chemical Engineering 74 North Summer Street, Adams Senate, Secretary 5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Football 1, 2, 4; Senior Week Committee,; Shideut Council 5; Freshman Handbook, Athletic Editor 4, Editor-iTi- hirl ' . " ; I ' ootball Dance Committee 5; A.C.S. 2, Secretary 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E., i c-Pn-si,lpnt 5 NORTHEASTERN BERTRAM E. McKENZIE I iidvstrial Engineering 17 I ' ukiiiari Street. Dorcliestei ' Dean ' s List 3, 4, 5; S.A.M. +, .5 FRANK H. MEEHAN LIhrral .Ir .v (Ennlisli) -2 l?:,rllell Aveiuie, Helmont H:iselia!l 1, 2, 4, Co-Captain 3; Haskelliull 1, -2. :i, Capliiin 4; Kootl.all 1, ' 2, :), Captain 4; Cauldron Junior Stati ' EDWARD G. MEISSNER Bnsiness Management 7!l.) Cliestniit Street, Wnlian Student Union 5; Xew.s 2, 3; International Kehiliims Club 4, 5 WILLIAM T. MELLO I ' lisinexx Maniujcmnil i ' .i l.eniianl Avenue, Cainliriilge RitieCluh 1, a, ;i, 4; Law ami AccmMitinf. ' CUili 2, 3, 4,.); Camera Chil 3, 4, . JACK MELTZER Chemical Engineering 89 Congress Street, Portland, Maine Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; Basketball, Assistant Manager 1,2,3,4; Inter-fraternitv Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4; Concert Orchestra 1; Maine Club 1,2; A.C.S. 2,3,4;A.I.Ch.E.5 Kappa Zcta I ' lli JOHN F. METHERALL, JR. Ciril Engineering (14 llobarl Street, Wollastcin Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 4; Ilockev 1, 2, 3. 4; M.S.C.K. 4, . ' HARRY MILLER M echanicul Engineering 17.) Callender Street, Dorchester Track 1; Student Union 4, 5; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 CARLTON E. MOLINEUX Liberal Arl.t (Mathcmaiie.s) 23 Rockinfjham Street, Lynn Freshman Honor Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, .5; Caildhon Junior Slatt ' ; Neu ' s 4, .5; Banjo Club 1, 2, 3, Manager 4; Mathennilics Clnb 4, Vice-President . " GEORGE F. MOODY, Jr. Eteelriral Engineering 3 Sheridan Koad. S«ani|)s cll Orchestra 1, 2; A.I.F.K. 3, 4, ,5 STEVEN J. MULAK Meehanieal Engineering llazardvillc. Conn. Preshman Honor List; Dean ' s l,ist 2; Pootball I, 2; Xnlrneg Slate Clnb; A.S.. LK. 4, , ) UNIVERSITY JAMES F. MURPHY Meclinnica! Engineering 24 Auckliind Street, Dorchester Demi ' s List 5; A.S.M.E. i, 5 MUHAMMED MUSTOFA Liberal Artx (Economics) Xaraincherra. P.O. Sythef, Assam, India HARRY T. O ' NEILL Electrical Engineering H Barmim Street, Taunton Freshman Honor List: Dean ' s List 2, 8, 4, 5; Track 1; A.I.E.E. 5 MARCOS J. PAPPAS Indnstrial Engineering (i7 Milton Street, Dedham S.A.M. 4, 5 ROBERT L. PARK Industrial Engineering 3U5 Pond Street, South ' eymouth Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 4; Band 1, 3; S.A.M., Vice-President 4, President 5 Electrical Engineering A.I.E.E. 4, ,5 ERNEST C. PEEKE 28 Spofford Street, Newljuryport ROBERT R. PEOPLES Chctn ical Engineering Fraternity Vice-President 4 A ?; Epsilon Zeta Hillside Road, Xatick ELMER J. PERRY Electrical Engineering 024 Main Street, Melrose Sen.vte; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, ;J, 4, 5; Cross Country 1; Radio Clul) 2, 3; A.I.E.E. 3 PHILIP M. PERSIA Electrical Engineering 1 Xelson Street, Holley, X ' . Y. Rifle Club 5; A.I.E.E. 4, 5 WILLIAM C. PETRASKE Chemical Engineering 1{.1). 1, John.stown, N. Y. .Sen. te; Freshman Honor; Dean ' s 2, 3, 4, .5; Xeirs 1, 2, 3, 4; Empire State Club 1; A.C.S. 2, 3, Treasurer 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 NORTHEASTERN GEORGE D. PICKERING II Mcchuniral luiyiiinriii, +7 Huckiu ' Avciun-, Dorcliesler ( " anieni ( ' 1111)5; A.S.M.K. . JOSEPH B. PIEKARSKI Ma-lmniiiil Enijiiuiriiiii 9 Xepimsel Slreel. Uoslindale Freshman Honor List; Koolliall 1; Scirs 1, Photograpliic Editor , 3, -t, 5; Cm LDRON Jnnior Statt ' , Photof, ' raphic Editor 5; Glee Clnl 1, 4, 5, Leader ■2, S; Mnsical (hihs Coniicil i, ' i; Pnbiic Speaking Contest, First Prize 4; A.S.M.E. % ■A. 4, .3 W. WALLACE PITTENDREIGH Mechanical EmjiiHcriiu -i ' .i Pinelte Street, e v IJedford Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Cross Country 1, ' 2; Track 1, ' 2, 3; Ski Club Organization Committee 5; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 LEWIS S. POLLARD Engineering Ailminislmiion lit St. NLirk ' s Road, Dorcliesler B.S.C.E. 3, 4, ,5 ROBERT W. POLLEY Mechanical Engineering HH Beacon Street, Natick Senate; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Class Treasurer 4, 5; Student Council 5; Student LTnion 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; News 3, 4, 5; Class Dance Committee 2; Senior Week Committee; . .S.M.E. 4, Treasurer 5 THADDEUS T. POREMBEKI Chemical Engineering Park Slreel, City Mills JAMES T. POWELL Liberal Arts (English) .33 Pinkham Road, Medford Hillside Dean ' s List 3; C. uldhon .Junior Stall ' ; Rand 2, 3, 4; Concert Orchestra 1, 2; Rifle Club 1; Camera Clul. 3 ROBERT D. PROVENCHER Engineering Adminislralian 3!)1 lircjadway, Somcrvi ISaskclball I, . ssislaiil ALinaKcr 2, 3, 4, ManuKor . ; S.A. L 4, .- ABDUL-JABBAR S. RAMMO Liberal Arts I Mathematics ami I ' hiisies. 2(;s t Clnil.ick Sheet, .Mcsul, Irac, MILLARD O. RICKER Chemical Engineering HD- No. L H.-irrisliurg, Pa. Senate; Freshman Ibiii.T LIsI ; Dean ' s l.isl 2,3, t, .-,; Class icc-Prcsidcul . ; Cacli.uon .Junior SlalV; Conrcrl Orrhcslr.-i I; Rand 2, 3, 4, Dircrlor .T; A.C.S.2,3,4;A.L( ' h.E..-. UNIVERSITY CHARLES P. RIFORD Mechanical Engineering Twin State Club: A.S.M.E. 5 Washington, Vt. Electrical Engineering GUSTAV ROOK i -i Pleasant Street, Dorchester Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, -t, 5; Baseball 1, 2, 4, Co-Captain 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 1 Student Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary 5; Mechanic Arts High School Club 1, 2; A.I.E.E. 4, Chairman 5 MAXWELL ROSNOV Indiixlriul Engineering (i Evelyn Street, Mattapan Dean ' s List 3, 4, 5; Fraternity Basketball 4, 5, Manager 3; Junior Prom Committee, Treasurer; Fraternity Secretary 3, Vice-Chancellor 5; Rifle Team 5, Manager 1, 2, 4, Captain 3; Mechanic Arts High School Club; S.A.M.4,5 Kappa Zela Phi MORWICK ROSS .lohTi Street, Jai Pla Mechanical Engineering Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2; Junior Prom Committee; Student Council 5; Netes 1, 2, Feature Editor 3, News Editor 4, Editor-in-Chief 5; Concert Orchestra 1; A.S.M.E. 3, 4, 5 Nv Eprilon Zcta FREDERICK D. ROWE Mechanical Engineering 35 East Main Street, Orange Freshman Honor List; Basketball 1; Class Treasurer 3; Fraternity Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. .5; Fraternity Vice-Scribe 4, Vice-President 5; Inter-fraternity Council 5; Camera C uh 3, 4; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 Nil Epsilon Zela FRANCIS W. RYAN Acconniing 146 Scott St., Bennington, Vt. Sigma Society; Freshman Honor; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 5; Student Union 4; C.vuLDRON Junior Staff; Orchestra 2; International Relations Club 3, 4; Law and Accounting Club 2, 3; Twin State Club 1, Vice-President 2, Secre- tary 3 K. STANLEY SACKETT Mechanical Engineering 40 West Alvord Street, Springfield Dean ' s List 4, 5; Glee Club 5; Radio Club 5; Astronomy Club 2; A.S.M.E. 4,5 FRANK J. SANSEVERINO Chemical Engineering A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 14 Gloucester Place, Boston FRANK W. SARNOV Civil Engineering 27 Cumner . venue, Melrose Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; B.S.C.E. 3, 4, 5 MARTIN J. SCHUELER Mechanical Engineering 1(1(1 Ciilloden Road, Stamford, Conn. Footl)all 1 NORTHEASTERN FREDERICK C. SCHWELM Enghiccriiig Admiiiintrutioii UH Glenwood Road, Somerville Freshman Honor List: Dean ' s List 4; Class Vice-President -t, o; ( " lass Danee Conimittee ' J: Senior Week Comiiiittee; S.A.M. I-. . " ) GEORGE C. SCOTT dii ' mirdl Emjiiiceriiuj Aniliersl SIreel. (iranliy Freshman Honor List; Band, Assistant Manam-r ,5; A.C.S. S. 4; A.LCh.K. T) DOUGLAS A. SEED Bn.Kimss Ma,i(i(]cmci,l Hampshire Roads, Salem, N. H. MORRIS N. SHAMAN V he mi nil Knyiinrriiiji l(i .Julien Si reel, Koxlinr Freshman Honor List; A.C.S. i. a, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 DANIEL D. SHARP Electrical Etujinccriiiij L55 Marble Street, Stoneham Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 5; Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 5; Astron- omy Club 2; A.I.K.E. ,S, 4, 5 STANLEY C. SHAW BiLsiiuss Minuu cnunt ;i4(i Belgrade Avenue. West Uoxl ury Student Union 4, 5; International Relations Chib 2, :!. 4; Banking ,ind Finance Club 4; Dramatic Club 2 EUGENE W. SHEEHAN Chemical EnijiiieeriiKi Carey Courl, lioekland Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 4; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.LCh.K. . FREDERICK L. SHERMAN Mechanical Eaijiaeennn M ( Sirecl, Marlbon Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, . ' i, 4, . ; Hille Club I, 2, ;f, t; .X.S.M.K 4, .5 HAROLD M. SMALL Chemical Eiajineeria,) KHI Olmsled Drive, Sprlnnlield Bacchanalians 2; A.C.S. 2, :), 4; .V.LCh.K. .■ CLIFFORD A. SMITH, Jr. Ha.iiir.. Mamajemcl H -;,„ Itnml Avcnnc. )cMv. Ilockev I, 2, ;i UNIVERSITY PHILIP G. SMITH Ciril Engineering 11 Picket Street, Beverly Football 1, 2, 3, i Inter-fniternity Haskethall; B.S.C.E. +, o Alpha Kappa Sii nia JULIUS STEIN Chemieut Engineering A.C.S. 2, 3, 4 34 Fremont St reet, Chelsea WILLIAM R. STERR Chemical Engineering 122 Essex Street, Swampscott Glee Club; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4: A.I.Ch.E. ,5 CLARENCE W. STEVENS Chemical Engineering 214 Newbury Street, North Quincy Freshman Honor List; Band 1, 2, 3; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 WALTER W. STICKLAND Chemical Engineering 149 Van Norden Road, Reading Freshman Honor List; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Ch.E. 5 WILLIS C. STOCKBRIDGE Iiidiislrial Engineering 104 Simiiner Street, Maynard Band 1, 2; Orchestra 1; S.A.M. 4, 5 Alpha Kappa Sigma PAUL F. STURTEVANT Mechanical Engineering Plymouth Street, Halifax Hfc 9 ' - LESLIE SWANSON Mechanical Engineering 80 Oakland Avenue, Quincy Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 4, 5; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 LOUIS R. TAGLIAFERRO Chemical Engineering 1012 Street, Pittsfield JFr.eshman Honor; Dean ' s List 2, 5; A.I.Ch.E. 5 JOSEPH T. TARTARI Mechanical Engineering 13 Donizetti Street, Wellesley J ' ' ootball 1; News 1; Astronomy Club 2, 3, 4 NORTHEASTERN FLOYD L. THAYER Iiidiislrlul Engiiiceriiiij HHt Whit iiifr Street. llinfjlKiiii Hockey 1:S.A.M. 5 WALTER M. THOMAS ( ' lii ' iiiiciil luiijincciiiKi lllli (T ' esceiil Avenue, Melmse Senate; Fiesliman Iloiior List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Student Union 1, 2, 3, Secretary i. Treasurer 5; .Wirx 2, 3, i; Fraternity Secretary i, Treasurer 5; ACS. 2. 3, 4; A.LCh.E.S ' ((■ llrla Aliiha GORDON A. THOMSON ( ' ( ( ' Eiij iiieeriiiy Kast (iay Street, Dedham Glee Club .5: B.S.C.E. 4, 5 ROGER W. THWING Industriu] KiKjiiifrriiiti 41 LKiyd Street, Wiuche.ster Student Inimi , 2, 3. SecrelarN- 4. ice-I ' resideul . " ; Fraternitv I ' resident 3, 4;S.A.M.4, ,5 Eta Tan A ' h FORREST R. TODD Clifinical EiujiiieeriiKj 14 Purchase Street, Newhuryixirt Hockey 1; Fraternity Scribe 3, 4, Nice-President 5; North Shore Club; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4 Belu Gamma Epsilaii KENNETH R. TORRANCE Meehaniriil E,i,,i„nri„y Lake Phicid, N. . Empire State Club 1, 2. 3; A.S.ALE. 4, 5 GEORGE J. TOSCANO Aceoitnfiiuj 1 t. Howard Street, Lawrence SiGM. Society; Fre.shnian Honor List; Dean ' s List 2. 3. 4. .5; Internalioual Relations Club 4, 5; Law aiid Account iuj; Chib 4. .5 SIDNEY TRACHTENBERG Liberal Arts (Mathematics) 4,52 Thompson .Avenue, East Haven, Conn. . cADEMY, Secretary 4, President .5; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s I ist 2, 3, 4, .5; Senate . ward 2; Dean ' s F ist Award 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, Secre- tary 4, President .5; Student Cnion 3, 4, Secretary 5; Neii s 2, 3, Circulation Manager 4; Fraternity ' icc-Chancellor 4, Chancellor 5; Mathematics Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4, President .5; International Relations Club 3, Executive Committee 4, 5, New England Model League of Nations 4, Treasurer . ' 5; Debating Society 3, Secretary 4; Field Day Committee 3; A.C.S. 2, 3 KapiHl rta I ' li ' LINWOOD W. TRACY. Jr. Iliixiiirxx Muiiiiiiiiiniit 23H Hemenway Street, Boston Hcickcv 1; l!,-iscball 1; Cm i.iiiiox .lunior SlalV, Managing Editor . ' 3: English Higli Club 1, 2, icc-Prcsidci.l :t RICHARD W. TROUP Mrrhninnll I ' .iiijiun-ni,,! S I ' lynioulll Si reel, ( liucy F jolljall 1 UNIVERSITY GEORGE A. VOVOS IJbinil Art.s (Chcmlslry) 57 Middle Street, Newburyport Dean ' s ].ist 2, 3, i: Banjo Club 1 JOSEPH W. WEBBER Liberal Arts {Engli.s n 15 Allen Street, Boston Cross Country 2, 3; Track 1, i, 3 A,TO„„li,„J RICHARD E. WESTDAHL 188 Old Mamaroneck Road, While Plains, . Y. Basketball 1; Law and Accounting Club; Inter-fraternity Basketball; Empire State Club DWIGHT E. WHEELER Indiixlriiil Enijinecring Hill Street, Bristol, Conn. Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 4, 5; Fraternity Secretary 4, President 5; Student Union 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 5; Ncirs 1, 2, Photographic Editor 3; Camera Club 3; Nutmeg State Club 1; S.A.M. 3, 4, Treasurer 5 .Yh Epxiloii Zctn ALLEN WILBUR Indiislriul Eiiyiiin ' riiig East Street, Hingliani Senate; FVeshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; A.I.E.E. 3, 4 HAROLD I. WILEY Elcclricnl Eiigiiicrriiifi 17 Sonoma Street, J!oxbury Senate; Freslinian Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; A.I.E.E. 3, 4, 5 EDWARD P. WILLIAMS Accoiinliny 17 Spauliling Street, Dorchester Sigma Society, President; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3; Track 1; Student Council 5; Student Union 4, President 5; Cauldron Junior Staff; International Relations Club 3, 4, 5 Libvrul Arl.i (EnijUsh) JOHN G. WILLIAMS Veok ■ Irccl, licnninnlon, Vt. ALLAN C. WILSON Accounting 3.) ShelHcId Koad, l{(jsliii(lale Sigma Society; Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, 5; Law and Accounting Cluli 3 JOHN W. WILSON liiiliixirial Engineering 22 Creenview .Street, (juincy Dean ' s List 5; Class Vice-President 2, Secretary 5; Class Dance Committee 2; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Week Committee; Bacchanalians 1, 2, 3; Concert Orchestra 2, 3; Band 1, Assistant Leader 2; Chess Club 2; Mathe- matics Club 1, 2, 3; S.A.M. Secretary 4, President 5 Nil Epsilon Zeta NORTHEASTERN FRANK A. WITKUS Uivhuinral EiujiinrriiKj IS .Molleii Slioet, Dorclieslcr A.S.M.E. HERBERT K. WOLFF Business Maiiayi ' iiinil -J-i J oiiy Aveiuie, Allslon Track, Assistant Manager 1, ■i, 3. i: Kraternity High Potentate 5; Student Union 4, 5; Xcirs 3; Inter-fraternity Council, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Inter- national Relations Club 4, 5 Signui Kappa I ' si JOSEPH A. WOLLOW Mccliamca! Eiiniiurriiiy Il.F.D. Box 98, Danielson, Conn. A.S.M.E. 4, 5 ARNE J. WOLTI Mechanical Enijinccrinij li Child Street, I-ebanon, . H. Twin State Club EDWIN R. WOODING Mechanical Engineering State Street, North Haven, Conn. Sen. te; Freshman Honor l ist; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 1; . .S. M.E. 4, 5 £ « Tan Nn JOHN WOROBEL Mechanical Engiiiccrinij 33.5 Linnnioore Street, Hartford, Cotni, Basketball 1, i: Senior Week Committee; Fraternity ' ice-I ' rosidcnt 3, Treasurer 4, President .5; Xulmen Stale Club 1 ' ((■ Gamma Pi JUSTIN P. WRIGHT Mechanical Enijincering . ' i. ' i Dewey Street, SpringHeld, Vt. Senate: Freshman Honor List; Dean ' s List 2, 3, 4, .5; Band 1, i. 3, 4, .5; Concert Orchestra 1, 3; A.S.M.E. 4, 5 Eta Tan Nu HENRY C. YOUNG linsiness Managcmenl (il)3 WashiuKlori Sircol, Whilnuin Fre.shman Honor LisI ; Sliidcnl ruiiin i. 3, 4 JOHN R. YOUNG Chemical Enginccrimj 1.57 Slaiidisli Itoiiil, (jniiicy Freshman Honor LisI ; Track I ; Tennis 2, 3; A.C.S. 2, 3, 4; A.I.Cli.E. .5 4 s% f ' • SIDNEY TRACHTENBERG, ' 39 Dean ' s Li-it Srlinlarshiji Iliiiiic ' st ranking student in the .Junior Class, 1937-38 RALPH D. KODIS, ' 40 J)ain ' s Lisi Scliolarship Highest ranking stufk ' nt in the Mi(l(ik r (lass, 1937-38 LAURENCE S. UHLAND, ' 41 Dciui ' .s- Lisi Schiilurnhip Highest ranking student in the Sophomore Class, 1937-38 r J EDMUND A. MROZ, ' 42 Scmiic A ward Highest ranking student in the Engineering Freshman Class, 1937-38 GEORGE TALOUMIS, ' 42 Acudcini J iranl Highest ranking student in the lyiberal Arts Freshman Class, 19.37-38 SAUL HAHN, ' 42 Sif iiKi Sorirli . I iriiril Highest ranking student in tlic B.A. Freshman Class, 1!);!7-;5S CHESLEY F. GARLAND, ' 38 Desmond Fiizgerald Award Outstanding ability in Civil Engineering JOSEPH B. PIEKARSKI, ' 39 Prize Winner Public S])eaking Contest DANIEL HORN, ' 38 Alcott Memorial Aioard Unusual achievement in Mathematics S ' 0 r J n GEORGE C. LECK, ' 38 Ahuiini Track Tropin Excellence in Track GUSTAV ROOK, ' 39 Kontoff Cup Good sportsmanship GO 67 Nathan Aroii J. Richard Bukala James G. Cassanos Calvin S. Cronan Arnold E. Daum Sevo J. Dimitri Bernard X. Falkoff B. George Frizzell Robert J. Ginther Elias B. Hiltunen Hartley F. Hutchins Paul W. Jack Raymond V. Johnson Joseph I. Keesan Ralph D. Kodis Wesley A. Kohl Julius J. Maccini Oui a ecun ' 6. JllU Albert S. Makas Reubin J. largolin Thomas ( McDonougii Alexander McEvvan, Jr. Joseph R. McGonigle Ernest W. McKenzie, Jr. Harold B. Morris Philip O ' Gonnell Donald B. Pearson Louis G. Reiniger Manuel Rimer Edward Segal Stephen Sevougian Loring M. Thompson John H. Weatherby Morris Weiderhorn William Wcinlronb 08 UM WA. Q loRn . Thompson, Davis, Cronan, Silsby, Kaufman MacQuarrie, Johnson, Prof. Meserve. Anderson Wallace E. iNIacQuarrie Arnold Kaufman Loring M. Thompson Ronald ( ' . Davis Presidents Vice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers Piof. G. Harris Meserve Facultji Adviser James E. Johnson Calvin S. Cronan Robert J. Anderson Henrv F. Silsbv Charles W. Barbour, Warren M. Benson Walter J. Bonanno John H. Boyajian Earl L. Chatterton Ralph A. Coleman Robert J. Curran David C. Gerry Albert E. Goochvin John D. Henderson Raymond B. Hurley Robert W. Ireland Calvin E. Josselyn Israel Katz Walter B. Kelley Russell T. Kennefick Arthur W. Ketcham Robert H. Lafferty Lloyd S. Lawrence MiMU;i. %ea ' i. lid Robert N. Lipman ( harles F. Marsh Thomas M. McAuley Allan M. McKenzie Richard 0. McManus Edward W. Morgan James A. Morris Richard A. Newton Stephen J. O ' Neil Warren L. Reed William N. Rich, Jr. llusscll J. Rogers Wayne A. Roundy Stanley Sandaru; George A. Shanker Albert K. Schmieder George A. Snell John J. Stei)asiuk Ilallam W. Turton, Jr. Laurence S. Uhland 70 MidMe i O loe Kelley, Ireland, McCarty Anderson, Gerry, DeNapoli, Hefron, Sliorlell Arthur S. Anderson Gerald R. DeNapoli Charles D. McCarty Ro])ert W. Ireland Presidents V ice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers David C. Gerry Paul E. Hefron Walter B. Kelley Edward Shortell Mr. Rudolph M. Morris Facidty Adviser [71] Alexander P. Adams Robert B. Akell Joscpli p. Andrews Mitcliell Aron Elwvn E. Avers Otto G. Bartels Ray H. Bartlett. Jr. Minot A. Bridslianu Jr. Kenneth Brierlev Harold :M. lirowii Irving D. Carter Henry Chin Benjamin A. Dudley 15ernard L. Durgin, Jr. Harlaad S. Fi. ' iher John C. Gallagher David W. Gibbs Francis D. Greenleaf Saul Halin Robert A. Hamilton Nathaniel Hawthorne Carl Hofiman Raljih D. Johnson SofiUa HO e 2 eaH d J!.i6i James J. Kihoy (ieorge H. Klemm Rudolph A. Laakso Arne F. Lol ' gren Harry A. MacQuarrie James M. McCraoken. Jr. Robert D. McNally Edmund C Monti Edmund A. Mroz Simon Nathenson James H. Xelson Richard F. Havniond Robert F. Reid William W. Robinson Arnold E. Saunders Ral])h G. Semoniau Norman S. Silsby Ralph W. Stone, ' Jr. Kichard J). Sulliir (ieorge P. Taloumis T. Ray Weaver Philip ' Yaftec 72] SofJtOffto e O pce Stirling Hoffman, Uacey, Stone, Sanborn, Robinson Edward F. Dacey Walter E. Stone William Sanborn William H. Stirlins ' Presidents Vice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers Prof. Gerald R. Tatton FdCHlty Adviser John C Chipman William W. Robinson Paul E. Dinsmore Carl ITott ' innn 73 le iuncuH. Oyf ice U. nioeker. Prof. Whittaker, roKenzie Smith, Rutleclfie Alexander H. Rutledge Presideni Francis W. McKenzie Secretary Eugene O. Smilli Vice-President Roger T. Rroeker Treasurer Prof. Albert F. Whittaker Faculty Adviser ilcii OFFICERS Sidney Trach tenberg, " 39 President James G. Ca.ssanos, " 40 The Academy is the honor societ y of Vice-President the College of Liberal Arts. As in its brother organizations in the Colleges of Engineering and Business Admin- Albert S. Makas. " -tO istration, election to this society is o j t , ] 1- 1 t J J 1 1 l eeretary-l reasurer based upon high standards ot scnol- ■ ' arship and character. Election to this lionorary body is a sign of dis- Dean Harold AV. Melvin tinctive achievement. ,, jj,-, The Academy, the youngest of the V honor societies, was founded in 1937. Its membership is as yet small, but is increasing with the growth of the College of Liberal Arts. Its constitu- tional standards are to be kept intact, however, even though the member- ship remain small. The purpose of the Academy is to promote scholarly activities among the students of liberal arts and sci- ences. Part of this objective is stim- ulated by the offering of an annual scholarship to the highest ranking Freshman in the College of Liberal x rts. 7 4e lccu6e M4f CLASS OF 1939 Carlton E. Molineux Sidney Trachtenlierg Cleoi ' se A. Vovos CLASS OF 1940 James G. Cassanos Albert S. Makas Reubin J. Margolin Ernest W. McKenzie CLASS OF 1941 lUissell T. Kennefick Yo " fST Margc.liii, Kciinofick, ov()s, McKeiizie, Molineux Cassanos, Dean Melvin, Trachtenlierg, Makas The Senate is the honor society of the College of Engineerina; of North- eastern University. Election to this society is based primarily upon scho- lastic achievement and character, with personality and participation in extra-curricular activities having a supporting but secondary part in the consideration for candidacy. Conse- cjuently. its members regard their election to the society as the highest honor that could be bestowed upon them. The Senate is tlie oldest of the honorary societies at Northeastern, having been established in ]9 ' ' 21 under the leadership of the late Pro- fessor (leorge E. Ashley. Since that time, it has been self-perpetuating, honoring ai)proximately fifteen stu- dents in each graduating class with membership. Its outstanding objective is to foster and promote high scholarship and to further intellectual interests among the engineering students at Northeastern. This ()bjecti ' e is car- ried out by means of periodic meet- ings of a professional and social na- ture during the year, and the award- ing of an annual scholarshiji to the highest ranking student of each Freshman Class. OFFICERS Roy H. Beaton. " ;}J) President Rali)h C. McDonahl. •;}!) ' ice-President William A. : rcC.rath, ' 39 Seeretari Leon Jacolev, " . ' 5!) Treasurer Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. Faculty Adviser FACULTy MEMBERS Prof. Albert E. Everett Mr. Mario (iiclla Dr. Elmer E. Ilaskins Prof. George II. Meserve, Jr, Prof. Edward S. Parsons Prof. Albert E. Whit taker Prof. William C. White Ae Se taie 78 CLASS OF 1939 Robert O. Austin lartin E. Barzelay Roy H. Beaton Lorimer P. Brooks Richard F. Cornelissen Frederick C. Humphreys Leon Jaeolev Karol J. Krystyan Waher A. Ledwith Heiu ' v F. Nlalina; CLASS OF 1940 Nathan Aron Sevo J. Dimitri Alfred Keck Ralpli D. Kodis Phihp OTonnell Rali)li C. McDonald Villialn A. McGrath 1 1 mer J. Perry William C. Petraske Robert W. Policy Millard O. Ricker Walter M. Thomas Harold I. W iley Edwin R. Wooding Justin P. Wri " ht Nickos V. Petrou Louis G. Reiniger wSteplien G. Sevougian Loring INL Thompson Donald W. ■anTuvl CLASS OF 1941 Walter li. Kelley Robert IL Lafferty Stephen J. OWeil f«rt ' f fjt f t f f f f f f 9 f - ■ V Sevougian, O ' Xeil, Krystyan, Keck, Brooks, Lafferty, Thomas, Humphreys, Petrou, Kodis, Austin Wright, Petraske, Wooding, Cornelissen, Wiley, MaHng, Kelley, Ledwith, O ' Connell, Reiniger, Ricker, Dimitri Thompson, Barzelay, Polley, Nowosielski, McGrath, Beaton, McDonald, Jaeolev, Prof. Meserve, ' anTuyl, Aron [79 1 The Sigma Society is the honor so- ciety of the College of Business Ad- ministration. Candidates who have met the high scholastic recjuirements laid down by the constitution of the society are accepted into meml)ership by vote of the current undergraduate members. Highest honors in the Col- lege of Business Administration are conferred l)y election to this society. The Sigma Society was founded in 1925 by bean Turner F. Garner, the Dean of the College of Business Ad- ministration. Originally known as Sigma Delta Epsilon, the society has adopted the more common name. Each yeai- about ten students in each graduating class are honored with membershi]). Its function is to encourage and reward scholastic attainment among the students of business administra- tion at the University. A feature of this objective is the granting of a .scholarship each year to the highest ranking business administration stu- dent of the Freshman Class. OFFICERS Edward P. Williams. " .Si) Prcsidciif CWde F. Joslyn, " . ' }!) Vice-Presidoii Jack A. Forte. " 39 Secret a ri - Treasurer Prof. Charles Y. Ha vice Faeiilty Adriser FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Sidney R. Bloomfield aIv. C.. Raymond Fennell Mr. Rudol|)li M. Morris I Ir. James A. Patterson Prof. Cerald R. I itton Slam ioociei 80 CLASS OF 1939 Pasquale Antonelli James W. Biebner Robert J. Fielding, Jr. Jack A. Forte Clyde F. Joslyn Francis W. Ryan George J. Toscano Edward P. Williams CLASS OF 1940 Jacob R. Bukala B. George Frizzell Allan C. Wilson CLASS OF 1941 Thomas L. Gleason Thomas M. McAuley Calvin E. Josselyn James A. Morris Laurence S. Uhland Miikala, Ryan, (ileasciii, Wilson, Josselyn, McAuley, Toscano Brebner, Morris, .Joslyn, Williams, Forte, Fieldin;, ' , I ' liland [81] CLASS OF 1939 Arthur G. Baker Roy H. Beaton Robert J. Fielding. Jr. Jack A. Forte Frederick C. Humphreys Ralph C. :McDonald William C. : rcGrath Robert Y. FoUey Gnstav Rook [orwick Ross Sidney Trachtenberg Edward v. ■illinms CLASS OF 1940 Robert J. Anderson, Jr. Calvin S. Gronan Arnold E. Damn Curtis R. Ganona ' James E. Johnson Ralph I). Kodis Albert S. Makas Daniel . Miles Arthm- S. Anderson Gerard R. DeNapoli Denlev W. Emerson CLASS OF 1941 Thomas L. (ileason Paul E. Ilefron James A. Morris John C. Clii])nian Frederick ]M. Cusick CLASS OF 1942 Edward F. Dacey Francis L. Dwver Bti4jJtent Q0444UUl .4 a. DeXapoli, Hefron, Dacey, McGrath, R. Anderson, A. Anderson, f ' ronan, Gleason Forte, Johnson, Polley, Ross, Miles, Kodis, Williams. Daiim, Baker Dwver, Rook. Humphreys, Trachtenberg, Beaton, McDonald. Fielding, Morris Sidney Trachtenberg. ' 39 Pn ' x dcnis Frederick C Humphreys, ' 39 l ice-Presideuffi Gustav Rook, ' 39 Secretaries Denlev W. Emerson, ' 41 Treasurers Roy H. Beaton. ' 39 Ralph C. McDonald, ' 39 Albert S. Makas, " 40 Robert J. Fielding, Jr., ' 39 Dean Harold W. Melvin Faculty Adviser COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Robert J. Wagner, ' 41 George W. Beale, ' 40 William T. McCarthy, Leo Cidulka, ' 41 George E. Deneke, ' 42 Arnold E. Daiim, ' 40 Ronald C. Davis, ' 40 AValter E. Waide, ' 41 ' 40 IntcrcoRcgiatc Rcluiious Social Welfare Service Finance Puhliciii Frexhman Relatiun. ' Roger AV. Tliwing, ' JJ!) Arthur E. Cole, ' 40 Robert Policy, ' 3!) Frederick D. Rowe, ' . ' 59 Frank Atwood, ' 39 ( liftord H. Coffin, ' 40 Harold B. Morris, ' 40 Charles W. Jackson, ' 41 COMMITTEE MEMBERS John W. Anderson, " 39 Mitchell Aron, ' 42 Nathan Aron, ' 40 Robert O. Austin, ' 39 Edward Begley, ' 43 Richard C. Beyer, ' 39 Roy K. Bjorkman, ' 41 Kav A. Blackman, ' 43 William R. Bolz, ' 43 Roger J. Broeker, " 43 Harold F. Brown, ' 40 Richard M. Carpenter, ' 43 Walter M. Chase, ' 43 John J. Cogan, ' 41 Constantine N. Collatos, ' 41 Howard R. Cushman, ' 40 Eugene J. DeLoria, ' 40 Arthur E. Forbes, ' 43 David W. Gibbs, ' 42 Philip D. Goodman, ' 43 Albert E. Goodwin, ' 41 Laurence H. Green, ' 42 Lennard C. Hall, ' 41 Merrill D. Hart, " 39 Robert R. Hastings, " 41 Paul F. Ilayner, ' 39 Frank H. Hazelwood, ' 40 Walter I. Kennedy, ' 42 Russell Kennefick, ' 41 David Kushner, ' 40 John R. Lavender, ' 43 Albert J. Leslie, " 42 Nathan Lepinsky, ' 40 Leonard Linsky, " 43 Heywood B. Macomber, ' 42 Wallace E. MacQuarrie, ' 40 Richard M. Madden, ' 41 Charles F. Marsh, ' 41 Thomas M. McAuley, ' 41 Francis W. McKenzie, ' 43 Edward G. Meissner, " 39 Russell Milham, ' 40 Harry Miller, ' 39 Douglas W. Morey, Jr., ' 43 Clinton P. Mott, ' 42 Simon Xalhcnson, " 42 Ownev D. Oksanen, " 42 Melvi ' n H. Pedell, ' 43 William W, Pittendreigh, ' Lerov F. Robl)ins, " 43 Maxwell Rosnov, ' 39 Francis Ryan, " 39 William E. Sanliorn, " 42 Charles Sawabiiii, ' 43 Stanley C. Shaw, ' 39 C. Lorin Skitf, " 40 Richard D. Sutcliff, ' 42 Stanley R. Tebbetts, ' 40 Arthur D. Turner, ' 43 Henry Tweddle, Jr., ' 42 Robert A. VanHorne, ' 43 Robert L. Wadland, ' 43 Richard F. Wadleigh, ' 43 Ernest E, Whitnev, ' 43 Roger F. Wilkins, ' " 41 Robert H. Willis, " 43 Arthur G. WoW, " 43 Herbert K. Wolff, ' 39 [84] Btd jole ni ii4X 4i. -tai W ' % r , ipt ■ " ■; ! ' ■■|i - , H. Wolff, Skiff ' , Davis, Nathansen, Atwood, Hastings, Sanborn, Twiddle, Blackman, Shaw, Madden, Cogan, Deneke, Daum, Ryan N. Aron, Morris, M. Aron, Cidulka, Gibbs, Van Home, A. Wolff, Rosnov, Rol)bins, Jackson, Motte, Wadleigh, Broeker, Biglev, Austin, McAulev Lepinsky, Rowe, Thwing, Thomas, PoUey, Dearstyne, Wheeler.Tiachtenberg, McCarthy, Beale Frederick J. Dearstyne, ' 40 Presidents Edward P. Williams, ' 39 Dwight E. Wheeler, ' 39 Vice-Presidents Roger W. Thwing, ' 39 Sidney Trachtenberg, ' 39 Secretaries Walter M. Thomas, ' 39 Dr. Charles W. Havice Facidty Adviser ADVISORY BOARD Dean Carl S. Ell Dean Harold W. Melvin Dr. Newton C. Fetter Prof. Edward S. Parsons Dr. Charles W. Havice Prof. William C. White [85] J euM. BoGAd Morwick Ross, " 39 Editor-in-Chief Arnold E. Dauiii, ' 40 E. George Manuel, ' , ' 5!) Adrertisiny Manager ManiK inii Ediior.s- W. IJrailley, ( ' orson. ' 40 Business Manaf cr Thomas E. McMahon, ' 40 Prof. Norris W. Potter Facidi Adriser James G. Cassanos, " 40 Charles A. Tracy, ' 40 Ernest W. McKenzie, " 40 Nathan Lepinsky, " 40 Robert H. Marshall, ' 41 Harold L. Applebanni, " 40 Xeivs Editors MaJx-e-up Editors Featnre Editors Sports Editors ( ' ircnlation Managers Phototjrapli ic Editors Hartley F. Hutchins, ' 40 Baron H. ( " rowell, Jr., " 41 Simon Nathenson, " 4!2 Raymond V. Johnson, " 40 Albert F. Goodwin, ' 41 Joseph B. Piekarski, ' 39 Reporting Staff: Louis J. Bravacos, ' 42, William T. McCarthy, ' 40, Thomas H. McDonald, ' 42, Ronald C. Davis, ' 40, Albert S. Makas, ' 40, H. Rus.sell Austin, Jr., ' 43, Neil K. Besse, ' 43, Bernard Durgin, ' 42, Robert D. Henderson, ' 42, Joseph A. Goldberg, ' 42, Constantine C. N. CoUatos, ' 41, Saul Hahn, ' 42. Feature Staff ' : Sherwin P. Helm, ' 40, Carlton E. Molineux, ' 39, William R. eigler, Jr., ' 42, Charles Sawabini, ' 43, Charles V. Haas, ' 41, Francis W. McKenzie, " 43. Sports Staff: George W. MacFarlane, " 40, Fred T. Dwyer, " 42, Edward Steacie, " 43, Harold B. Morris, ' 40, John J. Fitzgerald, ' 40, John H. Dowling, ' 41, Frederick M. C " usick, " 42, Edward Colt, " 42. Cirrnlation and Desk Staffs: Nathan Aron, ' 40, Mitchell Aron, ' 42, Melvin H. Pedell, ' 43, Angelo L. Fabrizio, ' 41, Paul E. McDuffee, ' 42, Roy K. A. Bjorkman, ' 41, Roger Broeker, " 43, John C. Gallagher, " 42, Harry Rubin, " 41, John J. Stepasiuk, ' 41. Ailrertising .SVh ' ; Stanley Sandarg, " 41, Pliili]) R. Keep, " 39, Hicliard F. Wadleigh, ' 43. I ' hntnijrapliir Staff: William H. Keating, Jr.. " 39, l{ol)ert W. Policy, " 39, Milton 1. Feinberg, " 41. Martin B. Hussell, " 43. J le4APi Staj NEWS HOARD Cassaiios, llutchins, Johnson, Anderson, Nathenson, Lepinsky, Marshal Manuel, McMahon, Ross, Corson, Daum, McKenzie " e yi ea 4 NEWS STAKE Oxton, Davis, Ziegler, MacFarlane, McDonald McKenzie, Sandarg, Molineux, Wadleigh, Johnson, Steacie [87] CLARINETS TRUMPETS Lester M. Davidson, ' 4 ' -2 Weems E. Estelle, ' 43 Bertram Spiller, ' 43 jNlerrill Stone, ' VI Harold L. Waterman, ' 43 Justin r. Wright, ' 39 PICCOLOS Richard : I. Hatch. ' 43 Carl L. Finnegan, ' 43 Charles J. Gordon, ' 41 INIarshal E. Kulherg, ' 4 ' -2 Alfred W. ISIann, ' 43 Robert PI Moseley, ' 4-2 George Ross, " 42 Ernest F. Slavin, ' 4-2 Robert T. Thorpe, ' 43 T. Ray Weaver, ' 4-2 SAXOPHONES Harry J. Aitken, ' 43 AValter I. Kennedy, ' 4-2 Arthur H. Mudgett. ' 4-2 TROMBONES Ralph S. Carr, ' 41 Milton H. Leonard, ' 41 Herbert A. Wilson, ' 42 Leonard F. Wood, ' 41 DRUM MAJORS Daniel J. Huckley, ' 4-2 Phillip Navin, ' 43 BELLS Arthur E. Davis, ' 41 DRUMS Robert W. Daley, ' 4-2 James A. Dicklow, ' 43 Francis H. Glover, ' 39 John B. Rogers, ' 40 Louis (i. Wald, " 4-2 Richard L. Wells, ' 43 FRENCH HORNS James P. (Hidden, ' 41 James J. Kilroy, ' 4-2 Gregorv Nazarian, ' 43 BASSES Dean Williams, ' 4-2 Eldon T. Fay, ' 39 Edward L. Wells, ' 4-2 W instead H. Johnson, " 4-2 CYMBALS Norman R. Lane, " 43 lUe licuHxi MUSICAL Fay, Lane, Wells, Dicklow, Nazarian, Johnson Stone, Waterman, Wahl, Moselej ' , Spiller, Daley, Glover, Ricker, Kilroy, Wells, Glidden, Estelle, Xavin, Wright, Thorpe Aitken, Ward, Kulberg, Weaver, Hirsch, Rich, Keating, Hogan, Scott, Gordon, P innegan, Leonard, Kennedy Millard O. Ricker. ' 39 Director Eldon T. Fay, ' 39 Assistant Director George C. Scott, ' 39 William H. Keating, " 39 Manager AVilbur J.Hogan, ' 43 Assistant Managers Frank D. Hirsch, ' 4-3 Prof. Albert T. Whittaker Advisers Mr. Sidney R. Bloomfield Xatlian Abranis, ' -i ' i Alfrtd J. Chalow, ' 43 Carl ].. Frutkoff. " 4;? HerluTt S. Cliurfli, Jr., ' 43 Leslie Priestnian, " 42 Richard P. Buckley, " 43 VIOLINS Robert Wasseriiiaii, ' 43 TRUMPETS FLUTES PERCUSSION Harvey S. INIiller, ' 41 Daniel D. Sharp, ' 3!) Robert S. Sniilli, ' 43 Donald L. Kllisoii, " 43 Richard M. Hatch, ' 43 PhilioN. Savane, ' 40 CLARINET Bertram Si)iller, ' 43 PIANO Paul A. DiPietni, ' 43 FRENCH HORN (leoro ' e II. Nazarian, ' 43 TROMBONE Earl ChaUerton, ' 41 OncJnMt ui Leslie Priestnian, ' 4 ' -2 Conductdr Sydney Green, ' 40 Manager Prof. Frederick W. Holm Fanilli . id riser Qlee QUuL Myers, Kaprieliaii, Miiitz, Saiiiiielsun, Plaisted, Benson, biddings, Leciiiaril, Wils.m, B..ll..ri, Mi ill Carpenter, Bonlilry, Dacey, Xathenson, A. J. Marshall, Mr. Sewell, Anstin, Card, A. L. Marshall Elias B. Hiltunen, ' 40 Vice-President Simon Nathenson, ' 42 Direcior of PulilirUij Alfred J. Marshall, " . ' JO President Mr. Charles A. Sewel Faculty Adviser H. Russell Austin, Jr., ' 43 Seeretari Walter A. Ledwith, ' 39 AccDinpnnist Bertram T. Abrams, ' 43 Frank P. Adam.s, ' 43 George Allen, ' 43 Joseph P. Andrews, ' 42 H. Russell Austin, ' 43 Vincent F. Benson, ' 40 Foster K. Bolten, ' 43 Walter Bong, ' 43 William W. Bouldry, ' 42 Kenneth Brierley, ' 42 Fred S. Card, ' 43 Vincent Carpano, ' 40 Lawrence H. Carpenter, ' 43 Alfred Chalow, ' 43 Emmett G. Cleveland, ' 40 Norman S. Crossley, ' 42 Edward F. Dacey, ' 42 Samuel .J. D ' Agata, ' 41 Gerard B. Dethier, ' 42 Ned A. Erne, ' 42 .Jerome C. Flato, ' 42 Charles E. Ford, ' 42 Arthur L. Giddings, ' 43 Roger D. Goodwin, ' 43 Herbert A. Hamilton, ' 43 A. Cushman Haskell, ' 42 Howard T. Hill, ' 43 Elias B. Hiltunen, ' 40 Daniel A. Joy, ' 43 . rmen J. Kaprielian, ' 42 Walter A. Ledwith, ' 39 Milton Leonard, ' 41 Alfred J. Marshall, ' 39 Alfred L. Marshall, ' 39 Gilbert A. Marshall, ' 43 Robert D. McNally, ' 42 George R. Merdinger, ' 43 Myron H. Mintz, ' 43 Frederick A. Moore, ' 43 (Oil Elwood R. Myers, ' 42 Richard Peale, ' 40 David A. Pearson, ' 41 Julius H. Petach, ' 43 Walter H, Phoenix, ' 42 Joseph B. Piekarski, ' 39 Richard B. Plaisted, ' 43 George A. Powers, " 42 William H. Rathgeber, ' 43 Alvan D. Rubin, ' 43 Howard Samuelson, ' 43 Eugene F. Smith, ' 43 Everett K. Stone, ' 43 Willi:, n. Wallace, ' 41 (ieorgo W. Walsh, ' 43 William Weintraub, ' 40 Roller! 11. Willis, ' 43 Albert T. L. Wil.son, ' 42 Lawrence T. Wilson, ' 43 Carlton E. ]Molineux, ' 39 Manager Prof. Albert E. Wliittaker Faculfi Adri.scr Salvatore J. Allegra, " 43 Vincent Badala. " 4 ' -2 Arnold Borofsky, ' 43 Alexander Chiuiiack. ' 43 Rol)ert W. Dalev. ' 4 ' -2 Weldon W. Drake, ' 43 Michael Kudravetz, ' 39 Robert G. Mudge, ' 42 : Iartin H. Oxman. " 43 ¥.. Stuart Humerv. Jr., " 41 f oKJa QUu)- Badahi, Allegra, Daley, Mudfje, Huiiierv Drake, liiircil ' sky, Ilofjan, Kiidravelz, Oxman, Mnliiieiix H licUuUuiykuUiCuHA. Combellack, DeRoche, Card, Sibley, Shephercl Paraskevas, Hyman, Maynard, Sproul Mr. Otis F. Cusliman Faculty Adviser SAXOPHONES Robert A. Hyman, ' 43 Arthur F. Maynard, ' 40 Stanley E. Sproul, ' 43 VIOLIN Anastasios Paraskevas, ' 4 ' 2 PIANO Ridgiey G. Shepherd, ' 43 TRUMPETS Fred Card, ' 43 William H. Thomas. ' 41 DRUMS Richard A. Sihley. " 41 TROMBONE Earle Combellack, ' 40 BASS VIOL Francis R. DeRoche, ' 42 [93 1 Qauldhv04n. ufuo 3 . ' 15 ■© Miles, Pritchard, Hardv, Gill, Gibson, ( " rnnan iiiTuvl, Cassanos, Tavilla, Slakas, Sinofskv. Falkoff. Aroii McKenzie, Hutchins, Upinsky, Davis, I)c,l)l)in, Koilis, McCarthy, A.i lui- ,,n EDITORIAL STAFF Robert J. Anderson Nathan Aron James G. Cassanos Calvin S. Cronan Howard R. Cushnian Ernest J. Diette Garnet L. Gibson Hartley F. Hutchins Arthur E. Cole J.ilin J. Gill Harold L. Applebaum Itonald C. Davis Rollins Dobbin Bernard N. Falk.jff Sherwin P. Helms BUSINESS STAFF Paul Tavilla. PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Donald W. NauTuyl [04 1 Nathan Lepinsky Albert S. Makas Ernest W. McKenzie Thomas E. McMahon Daniel W. Miles Louis H. Sinofsky John H. Weatherby Bruce W. Young I)a i(l Kusluicr Wallace K. NFcguarrie Rali)li D. Kodis William T. McCarthy James H. Nye Bol)ert T. I ' ritehard William 1,. [lardy Mr. Tutliill Beiile liai Lnlnxi ai Inainjce 000- Robert C. Slade, ' 40 President Stanley C. Hills. ' M) Vice-Preside nf in charge of Invesimcni Fund Ernest . Barrasso, ' 40 Vice-President in charge of Bonds W . I5i-adley Corson, ' 40 1 ice-President in charge of Stocks Stanley C. Shaw, ' 40 Secretary Mr. John W. Tnthill Faculty Adviser William A. McGrath, ' 39 Editor Robert J. Anderson. ' 40 Associate Editor Leslie ] farkhani. ' 41 Associate Editor Prof. Waldeniar S. McGnire Faculty Adviser McGralh Prof. McGiiire Pcule Wagner Mr. N ' orvi euaiUu Sooietif. Robert J. Wagner, ' 41 President Charles E. Gates, ' 42 Secretary- Treasurer Frederick M. Cusick, " 4-2 ] ' ice-President Mr. Franklin Norvish Faculttj Adviser COUNCIL Sidney Trachtenberg, ' 39 Chairman William ]}. Corson, ' 40 James A. Morris, ' 41 Edward G. Meissner, ' 39 Stanley ( ' . Shaw, ' .39 Edward V. Williams, ' ,39 Trol ' . Roger S. Hamilton Par nit ji . Idriser Joslyn Corson „, . E ° ii fcfC f : •I ili Shirley Prof. D ' Alessandro Dacev Kugle Hefroii JUgAAJL 04 AcJC044 Hiln(j, Qll4 G. George Frizzell, ' 40 Fresideni V[cc-Frc! denix Richard A. Sibley, ' 41 Frank S. Kugle, ' 43 Secretary- Treasurers Laurence S. Uhland, ' 41 George C. Shirley, ' 43 Prof. Alfred D ' Alessandro Faculty Adviser Frcsidods Joseph I. Keesan, ' 40 Mark Sigismund, ' 41 Secret a ry- Treas n rers Gerard R. DeNapoli, ' 41 Norman S. Silsby, ' 42 Prof. Joseph A. ( oolidge Faculty Adviser CUeM GUuL DeXapoli Sigismiind Keesan Prof. Coolidge -£r ■a»c " _2ii Cassanos TracliloMbcru MoliiiL ' ii l i ' S v:yai Ma te fUi icd CUu)- Sidney Trachtc ' nl)ci-g, ' 39 Carlton E. Molineux, ' 40 V ' lce-F resident James G. Cassanos, ' 40 Secrclari - Treasurer Dr. Elmer E. Haskins Faculty Adinser James H. Nye, ' 40 Merrill S. Allen, ' 39 WIEZV WIKCV President Vice-President Philip Yaffee, ' 42 Secretaries George D. Hanchett. ' 42 WIJIQ WIAK William F. Richardson, ' 40 Treasurers George D. Hanchett, ■42 WIJIT WIAK Dr. Carl J. Muekenlioupt WIHUG Faciilti .Id riser Radia eUU W1KBN Yaffee Uiclianlsiin Isaacseii Jennings Prof. Meservu Filleljrown Qamenxi QluL Harold L. Applebaum, ' 41 Presidents Ronald C. Davis, ' 40 Secreiaries Merrill D. Hart, ' 39 Treasurers Merrill D. Hart, ' 39 Carter Fillebrown, ' 41 Walter Ledwith, ' 39 Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. Faculty Adviser Raymond B. Hurley, ' 41 President Robert P. Pierson, ' 41 Secretary Lloyd S. Lawrence, ' 41 Custodian Joseph A. Nordstrom, ' 41 Vice-President Hurire Melkonian, ' 41 Treasurer Prof. Carl D. Johnson Faculty Adviser ld aH(un4f GUlL Melkonian Prof. Johnson Nordstrom Pierson Hurley Shjinker I ' rcf. Marsic William T. McCarthy, ' 40 I ' rc.vdcnia George A. Shaiiker, ' 41 H. Russell Austin, Jr., ' 43 Secretaries Wilson Hunt, ' 40 Prof. Everett C. Marston Far lilt! . [d riser Maxwell Rosnov, ' 39 President Vernon F. Carpenter, ' 41 Vtce-Presidcnt Hugh P. Sininis, ' 43 Secretary Carl L. Finnegan, ' 43 Treasurer Prof. William T. Alexander Ad riser (llyU QImM- Mr. Belyea Simms I rf)t " . .Mexander Kosnov Carpenter Kinne{, ' ari The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is affiUated with the parent society. Membership is open to ah upiserclassmen in the Chemical Engineer- ing Course. The group has several meetings entertaining guest lecturers, and sponsors social as well as technical meetings. Members of the chapter are eligible to compete in the problem contest conducted by the parent society, which offers prizes of $100, $50, and -$ ' 25 for the three best solutions. To encourage high scholastic achievement in the first year of University work in Chemical Engineering, the parent Institute offers annually a Sopho- more award bearing the institute seal and a certificate of merit. A student representative is sent annually to the conference of Student Chapters in Philadelphia. OFFICERS Ralph C. McDonald, ' 39 President William A. McGrath, " 39 Vice-President Bernard J. Gaffney, ' 40 Secretary Robert J. Ginther, ' 40 Vice-President Lewis B. Smith, ' 41 Treasurer Prof. Chester P. Baker Faculty Adviser McGrath, Ginther, Smith McDonald, Gaffney, Prof. Baker The electrical engineering students are affiliated with llie American Institute of Electrical Engineers, by whom they have l)een granted a student charter. The engineering school chapter enjoys all the ])rivileges of student member- shij) of the otHcial organization; its university activities undertaking to familiarize the undergraduate electrical engineer with the trends of his chosen profession. Gustav Rook. " 39 Henry F. Maling. ' 39 Alexander IcEwan. " 40 OFFICERS Chairmen Secretaries Treasurers Lorimer 1 ' . IJrooks. " 39 Merrill S. Allen. " 39 Nickos V. IVtrou, " 40 Prof. Roland (i. Porter Faeiilfij Adviser McEwiin, Allen. IVlnm Milling, l!.)c.k, linmks The mechanical engineering students have a student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers with its charter granting all the student chapter privileges. This includes eligibilitj to attend meetings of the parent society and to compete for a prize of one hundred dollars awarded annually for the best paper on a specified subject submitted l)y a student of the Ameri- can Society of Mechanical Engineers. A student of the Northeastern University chapter is selected each year to present a paper in competition with students of other colleges at a joint conference of student chapters of the Society, at which time awards are made for the three best papers. OFFICERS Frederick C. Humphreys, ' 39 Thomas C. McDonough, " -10 Irving H. Atwood, Jr., ' 40 Vincent F. Benson, ' 40 Chairmen V ice-Chairmen Secretaries Treasurers Philip R. Keep, ' 39 Robert B. Drinkwater, ' 40 Merrill D. Hart, ' 39 Robert W. Pollev, ' 39 Prof. Alfred J. Ferretti Faculty Adviser Benson, Drinkwater, Harl, Pollev, Keep The civil eiiiiineering students have a student chapter of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers, with which organization they are associated as student members with all privileges of the Society except that of voting. These privileges include the use of the official rooms and library at Tremont Temple and also attendance at all regular monthly meetings of the Society and of its subsidiary sections devoted to Sanitary and Highway Engineering and Structural Design. Student members also receive the join-nal of the Society, which is published quarterly. The students in this chapter have for the past few years been eligible to receive the Desmond Eitzgerald Scholarship, as awarded by the l)oard of government in memory of a past president of the Society. OFFICERS Norman Cleveland. ' 89 Chairman Joseph I. Higgins, ' 39 Secretary Arnold B. Davis, ' 39 ] " ice-Chairman John H. Manning, ' 39 Treasurer Prof. Henry B. Alvord Faculty Adri.s-er ol CiiUl CnaUiee Smith, Cleveland, Higj ins Membership in this Society comprises both students of Industrial Engineer- ing and Engineering Administration whose prime interest is the managerial aspects of business. The student branch conducts its own regular meetings, and has as speak- ers leading men in the field of Management. In addition, members are priv- ileged to attend the regular meetings and round-table discussions of the Bos- ton Society of Industrial Engineers, and the Boston Chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Management, during each school year. John W. Wilson, ' 39 Robert O. Austin, ' 39 Loring M. Thompson, " 40 Dwight E. Wheeler, ' 39 Ernest F. Diette, ' 40 OFFICERS Presidents Vice-Presidents Secretaries Treasurers Robert L. Park, ' 39 Emery E. Freeman, ' 40 Paul W. Lundwall, ' 40 John L. Smith, Jr., ' 40 Publicity Directors Thomas E. McMahon, ' 40 Prof. Asa S. Knowles Faculty Adviser Prof. Knowles, l{osnov, Lundwall, McMahon Wil. ' on, Park, Thompson ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA BETA GAMMA EPSILON ETA TAU NU NU EPSILON ZETA SIGMA KAPPA PSI 4n iJUi KAPPA ZETA PHI PHI BETA ALPHA PHI GAMMA PI SIGMA PHI ALPHA GAMMA PHI KAPPA Alpha Kappa Sigma Clifford H. Coffin. ' 40 Roy E. ] Ionson, " 41 Beta Gamma Epsiloti Forrest R. Todd, ' 39 Arthur G. Baker. ' 39 Eta Tail Xa Richard J. Irwin. " 39 Russell A. Haskell. ' 40 Nil Epsilon Zcta Fred D. Rowe. ' 39 Lorin C. Skiff. " 40 Sigma Kappa Psi Charles J. Gordon. " 41 Phi Beta Alpha Richard A. Lund(iuisl. ' 41 Phi Gamma Pi Robert B. Woodward. ' 41 Robert W. :McAllister. ' 41 Sigma Phi Alpha Robert L. Briand. " 41 Joseph J. Cegelski, " 41 Kappa y,cta Phi Harold B. : Iorris, " 40 Ralph D. Kodis, " 40 Gamma Phi Kappa Altamont J. Cornwell, " 4 ' -2 Simon F. Etzel. " 41 Lorin C. Skiff. " 40 Vice-Presidod OFFICERS Roy E. Monson. ' 41 President Prof. Edward S. Parsons Faculty Adviser Simon F. Etzel. " 41 Secretary-Treasurer OMie - iateA miif. Ga4 ukuUl Bilker, (iordon, Kendall, Loiselle, Bishop, Barl i)iir, Morris Irwin, Todd, Monson, Kodis, DeXapoli , . Ti AlnUa Kap pxi Slc nui Clifford H. Coffin, " 40 Grand Councillor Thomas Hollis, Jr., ' 41 Gnmd Scribe Joseph A. Nordstrom, ' 41 Grand Mamhal Charles G. Hmit, ' 39 Vice-Grand Councillor Roy E. Monson, ' 41 Grand Queator Prof. Saverio Zuffanti Faculty Adviser Norman B. Cleveland CLASS OF 1939 Charles G. Hunt Willis C. Stockbridee Philip G. Smith Clifford H. Coffin CLASS OF 1940 Earle M. Combellack Russell L. Williams Thomas Sundberg, Jr. Herbert C. Alexander Arnold F. Hillier Joseph A. Nordstrom William L. Smith Otto G. Bartels CLASS OF 1941 William S. Reedier, Jr. Thomas Hollis, Jr. Jack R. Sharpe CLASS OF 1942 James J. Kilroy William B. Raybuck Gerard R. DeNapoli Roy E. Monson Edward Shortell Charles H. Tongue Charles R. Patterson Prof. Chester P. Baker BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Samuel A. S. Strahan Hillier, Nordstrom, W. Smith, Hewson, Williams, Gullen Pierson, Tongue, Bartels, P. Smith, Monson, Cleveland, Alexander, Beecher, Kilroy Ford, Ravbuck. Hunt, I itlpr«oii. ( omhellack, Hollis, Prof. Zuffanti. OpX ipiiIi fe " lieta Qanufia Zixiuo-M. Arthur G. Baker, ' ;5!) President Malcolm H. Sliailcr. ' 40 Secretarij Forrest R. Todd. ' ;J!) Vice-President Arthur E. Gilman, ' 39 Trcusnrer Dr. Wilhani F. Ludcr Fdcnitji Adnser Arthur (;. Jiaker Frederick C Huni{)lirey. ' CLASS OF 1939 Carleton H. Burt Richard D. Mayhury Arthur K. (iihiiau Forrest R. Todd Gerald F. Cunningliam Frederic A. Little CLASS OF 1940 Howard R. Cushiuau Herbert W. Pottle Elmer AV. Waltou, Jr Wilmot H. Decker William M. Shaw Rol)ert O. Ellis Russell J. Rogers Harvey F. Ladd Henry Tweddle, Jr. CLASS OF 1941 Robert W. Ireland CLASS OF 194 ' ' 2 John F. Mulock 15R0THERS IN THE FACTT.TY Prot. William T. Alexander Ral|)li F. Joiinsou Orren A. Tibbetts William E. Sanborn Gordon B. Whitney Prof. Eniil A. (ii-amslorll ' Maybury, Mulak, Tiljbetls, Bui-t, Cimningliain, Walton Whitney, Shaw, Ladd, Tweddle, Little, Rogers, Sanborn Shailer, Cushman, Todd, Baker, Dr. Luder, Gilman WsMx;:; : " Ju ,,k . 1 1 M,tlTJ S ta " cut A u Roger W. Tlnving, ' 39 Grand Tan Justin P. Wright. " 39 Tail Secretari - Trcatoircr Kic ' liard J. Irwiii; ' 3!) ] ' ice-Tan Kussc-ll A. Haskell, ' W Tun Deputy Prof. Eliuei ' E. Haskiiis Facnltn Idri.ser Donald B. Irish Roger W. Thwing CLASS OF 1939 Richard J. Irwin Edwin R. Wooding Walter A. Ledwith Justin P. Wright CLASS OF 1940 Russell A. Haskell Nonnan H. Eckler CLASS OF 1941 Richard M. Madden RROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Proi ' . Albert E. Everett Prof. Alfred J. Ferretti Prof. Edward S. Parsons Dr. Ilaskins, Rymslia, Madden, Hall, Snell, Ledwilh, Wooding, Haskell Dowlin-, Krklrr, Thwing, Wright, Irish J lu CpAydo n. 2 D wight E. Wheeler, " SO Grand Master Lorin C. Skiff, ' 40 Grand Chancellor Frederick W. Roseherry, ' 41 Grand Scribe Frederick D. Howe, ' 39 ] ' ice-Grand Master Frederick D. Rowe, ' 39 I ice-Grand Chancellor Waiter E. Waide. Jr., ' 41 Vice-Grand Scribe Mr. John J. Devine Faculty Adviser Frank AV. Atwood Morwick Ross CLASS OF 1939 Robert O. Austin Frederick D. Rowe John W. Wilson Robert R. Peoples Dwight E. Wheeler George W. Reale Robert T. Pritcliard CLASS OF 1940 Ralph G. Benson Lorin C. Skiff Frederick J . Dearstync John L. Smith, Jr. Leonard K. Adams Thomas M. McAuley Richard A. Sibley Knowlton Brown Heyward B. Maconil)er, Jr. CLASS OF 1941 ( harles W. Jackson, Jr. Clifford O. Mason Walter E. Waide, Jr. CLASS OF 194 2 George E. Deneke Clinton P. Mott Richard D. Sutliff David A. ] ockerby Frederick W. Roseberry Alfred R. Wilcox Roy A. Juusola Wiiliani IL Stirling, Jr BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Mr. Joim J. Devine Mr. Albert E. Sanderson Dean Harold W. Melvin Prof. George W. Towle Prof. George H. Meservc, Jr I ' rof. Willia m C. White I ' rik ' liard, Juusola, Stirling, R()sel)eiTy, Heale, Deneke vM, McAuley, Wilson, Ross, .Austin, .Jackson, Mott, Macomher, Waiik ' Siblev, . t vood, Skitf. Wlieeler, Howe. Mr. Devine. Dearstync ■ . 9 rs r x . ■© 1 •p. It V 1- ! J f V ■ -J t f • ' , f I L 1 f f T T } f 5 1 J ■ 1 M- - . m I ft It. — , 7. m Siximxi fCapfia Pdl Herbert K. AVoltf, ' 39 High Potentate Maurice A. Pass, ' 40 Potentate Morris Weiderliorn, ' 40 Comptroller Mr. Venier 0. Nelson Fucidtji Advincr Irwin Elkins, ' 41 Scribe Irvine Fislier CLASS OF 1939 Herbert K. WolfP Maurice A. Pass CLASS OF 1940 Irving S. Rosenberg Morris AVeiderliorn Leo Cidulka Charles J. Gordon Julius Kendall Bernai ' d Pomerantz Irving Shulman CLASS OF 1941 Leonard B. Cohen Emanuel Gordon Abraham E. Landsman Mark Sigismund Irwin Elkins Sidney Green Harvey S. Miller George A. Shanker George J. Snyder BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Mr. Sidney R. Bloomfield Prol ' . Charles O. Baird Gantman, Ken(l:ill, Ciilien. Miller. Sioisnmrid. W ' dlf, SImlman, Green, Marks Landsman, Pdineraiitz. Sliaiiker, Drevitcli. Safi ' cr, (iiirdon, Snyder, Geller Rosenlierfi, Klkins, I ' ass, Mr. Nelson, WdlH ' , Weiderhorn, Fisher fCo lifia e PUl Sidney Trachtenl)er f, ' 8!) Chancellor Jack Meltzer, ' 39 Bursar Harold B. Morris, ' 40 ( ' orrespondiug Scnhe Maxwell Rosnov, ' 39 Vicc-Chancellor David Kushner, ' 40 Recording Scribe Mr. Laurence B. Heilprin Facul ty Adviser Kohert 11. Brown CLASS OF 1939 Jack Meltzei ' Sidney Traclitenherj Maxwell Ko.snov Xatluin Aron Balpli D. Kodi.s Louis H. Sinol ' sky CLASS OF 1940 Matthew Goddess David Kushner Allan C. Wilson Joseph I. Keesan Harold B. Morris Josejih Zininiernian Harold Dianioii CLASS OF 1941 Milton I. Feinheru ' Maurice Katz Robert B. Akell Simon Nathenson CLASS OF 194 2 Lester M. Davidson Charles Shain Samuel Zax Oscar R. : lilhnan Merrill M. Stone Koclis, Goddess, .■Vkell, David.son, Nathenson, Katz, Zax, Bruwii Shain, Diamond, Ku.shner, Trachtenlierg, Mr. Heilprin, Rosnov, Morris, nm O tt o - c ff . i PUl lieta AlfUta C. J ' rederic Joslyn, Jr., ' 39 President James E. Giles, Jr., ' 40 Vice-President Donald R. Sellers, ' 41 Walter M. Thomas, ' 39 Secretary Treasurer Mr. Otis F. Cushman Faculhj Ad riser William L. Gibson CLASS OF 1939 C. Frederick Joslyn, Jr. Walter M. Thomas CLASS OF 1940 James E. Giles, Jr. Willard D. Clark Stanley Sandarg CLASS OF 1941 Itichard A. Lundquist Lyle G. Seaver Nelson E. Parkhurst Donald R. Sellers Charles O. Anderson CLASS OF 1942 Russell S. Hallett Robert H. Wills, Jr. Allan M. Rowel Mr. Georse R. Fennell BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Mr. Herbert W. Gallagher Prof. Everett C. Marston Dr. Charles W. Havlce Parkhurst. . iidersoii, Dolihiii, Wills, Sandarg, Sellers, Peale Gibson, M] ' . Ciishnian. -JosKn. Thomas, Giles ,0 ft ' ff pUiQ. omMO, Pi John Worohel, ' 39 President Arnold B. Davis. " 39 Charles E. Lambert, ' 39 ] ' ice-President.s riiilip II. Cleinenl. ' 39 Treasurer Charles D. McCarty. ' 41 John Solovey, Jr., ' 40 Secretaries Mr. George E. Pihl Faciilti Adriser Guy L. Akers Phi ' lip H. Clement Ralph W. Gardner Robert G. Newton Roger E. Jeanfavre CLASS OF 1939 Zenas W. Bliss Arnold B. Davis Charles E. Lambert CLASS OF 1940 Wilfred N. Gagne C. Harold Schroder Burnett W. Bishop William P. (ialanopoulos Edward C. Landwehr John Worobel John Solovey Bernard J. Coughlin Charles D. MeCarty Robert W. McAllister Robert B. Win)dward CLASS OF 1941 Leonard C. Farney CLASS OF Vdn Robert J. Coyle BROTHERS IN THE FA( ULTV Pn.r. Henrv E. Richards Prof. Milton J. Schlagenhauf Prof. Albert E. Whittaker Farney, Jeanfavre, Woodwaril, Gorman, Gagne, Bishop, McC ' arlv, Coylo Lanriwehr, Clement, Lamliert, Worohel, Mr. Pihl, Srhrofler, Solovey e o. p f - Blc 4iija Plu AlpJixi Cliarles W. Barliour, Jr., ' 41 Paul E. Hefron, ' 41 President ' ke-President Maxwell D. Stone, ' 40 Laurence S. riiland, ' 41 Secretarij Treasurer Prof. Laurence F. Cleveland Faculty Adviser John C. Marin William L. Hardy CLASS OF 1939 CLASS OF 1940 Philip N. Savage Harland O. Fullani Maxwell D. Stone Charles W. Barbour Frank B. Cook Edward J . Kingsley William S. Peppard John J. Stepasiuk Kenneth G. Vreeland Robert E. Barba Edward F. Dacey Victor L. Hopkinson Kenneth W. Richardson, Jr. CLASS OF 1941 Robert L. Briand George R. Donelson Charles H. Loiselle E. Stuart Rumery, Jr. John Telowetski Herbert G. Weightman CLASS OF 1942 Arthur E. Church, Jr. David B. Drumniond Alfred G. L-ish Walter E. Stone BROTHER IN THE FACULTY Prof. Gerald R. Tatton Joseph J. Cegelski Paul E. Hefron Harold D. Morgan Lewis B. Smith Laurence S. Uhland Andrew W. Whites Robert G. Cochrane Henry H. Elksnin Delbert W. MacFaden William I. Taylor Dacey, Drummninl. Harlm. Ilarrly, Wennlipr ; ' , MiicFaden, Elksnin Irish, Gallant, WeiKlilTiKin, Hriaml, M( rf;.iii, Taylor, Rumery, Peppard Savage, Uhland, Hefrun, liarl)ii ir, Mr. Cleveland, M. Stone, Loiselle, W. Stone fS Q t) © n- mk f gl P k ■-■-K P ' : 9 K ' ;1| i t f 1 El iJ ..., Im i r ; .: ' f 1 1 m ' ipA ' , 1 Rmi .. . m M " S. " ». " mii f Qa4ii Hui PUi Ko p pLd Dona ld O. Ferguson. ' 40 Allivd . Conistock, " Mt Pre.s-ideiit I ' icc-l ' rr.sidcut Cardner H. Lewis, ' 41 Donald H. Lord. " H Secret (I ri Treasurer Mr. Kudolpli M. .Morris Facultij Adri.ver Alfred X. Conistock CLASS OF lOU) Donald O. Ferguson Lloyd P. Crumb Donald H. Lord CLASS OF 1941 Simon F. Etzel Gardner IL Lewis AdelhertR. Reynolds, Jr. . ltainont J. ( ' urnw; CLASS OF 194 2 Merritt D. Furnian. Jr. Douglas C. Handy Eugene IL Garliek BROTHERS I THE FACl LTV Prof. Stanley G. Estes Mr. Donald H. MacKenzie Prof. Rudolph O. Oberg Mr. Rudolph M. Morris Garlick, Cornwall, Crumb, Wriglil, Handy Mr. Morris, Ferfju.son, Lord, Lewis FOOTBALL BASKETBALL HOCKEY Aihi TR A C K CROSS COUNTRY BASEBALL R I F L E RY Arthur S. Anderson, " -11 Arthur G. Baker, ' . ' 59 Malcolm E. Barney, " -I ' 2 Joseph P. Beaton, ' 41 Andrew A. Bierenhroodspot, ' 40 Zenas W. Bliss, ' 39 Robert H. Brown, ' 39 Gerald F. Bracken, ' 41 John R. Byrne, ' 40 Santo J. Cannava, ' 40 Arthur H. Cliechanies, ' 41 John C. Chipman, ' 4 ' 2 James J. Colligen, ' 39 James J. Connolly, ' 40 William J. Corcoran, ' 40 William N. ( arter, ' 42 James L. Cunningham, ' 42 Fred M. Cusick, ' 42 Wilmot H. Decker, ' 40 Gerald R. DeNapoli, ' 41 Samuel Drevitch, ' 42 John O. Eckert, ' 41 Emanuel A. Flumere, ' 40 Curtis R. Ganong, ' 40 David C. Gerry, ' 41 William L. Gibson, ' 39 John J. Gill, ' 40 Thomas L. Glcason, ' 41 Gerald A. Griffin. ' 41 Frank R. Gurkowski, ' 39 Robert Gurney, ' 41 Ira J. Habesian, ' 39 Kenneth L. Harding, ' 41 Paul E. Hefron, ' 41 Oiva E. Hintsa, ' 39 Gardner W. Holmes, ' 41 Russell Kippen, ' 40 Carl B. Johnson, ' 41 Raymond V. Johnson, ' 40 Ralph F. Johnson, ' 40 Arnold Kaufman, ' 40 Chester M. Kendall, ' 40 Jdeite Me4 Karol J. Krystyan, ' 39 Frederick W. Lee, ' 40 Leo L. Lennon, ' 41 Paul M. Levenson, ' 40 William H. Little, ' 40 David A. Lockerby, ' 41 Charles H. Loiselle, ' 41 John D. Lund, ' 40 William E. MacDonough, ' 41 George MacFarlane, ' 40 George E. Manuel, ' 39 Roland J. Martin, ' 40 Alfred J. Marshall, ' 39 Frank S. Mascianica, ' 41 Alan 0. McCarthy, ' 41 Ralph C. McDonald, ' 39 William A. McGrath, ' 39 Frank H. Meehan, ' 39 John F. Metherall, ' 39 Daniel Miles, ' 40 Daniel W. Moody, ' 41 William S. Peppard, ' 41 Robert T. Pritchard, ' 40 Robert D. Provencher, ' 39 Stanley L. Rogers, ' 40 Gustav Rook, ' 39 George A. Ross, ' 42 George A. Shanker, ' 41 Lorin C. Skiff, ' 40 Clifford A. Smith, ' 39 Lewis B. Smith, ' 41 Philip G. Smith, ' 39 Emery P. Spidell, ' 39 Maxwell D. Stone, ' 40 Alexander J. Struzziero, ' 41 Cornelius M. Sullivan, ' 41 Samuel Swadluk, ' 41 Robert E. Toucey, ' 41 Roland D. Tubbs, ' 42 Walter C. F. Urbanik, ' 42 Richard S. Whipple, ' 40 Raymond S. Yetten, ' 41 j[!.eUe Me4t ooUaU James J. Connolly. ' W (N) Captain Mr. James W. Dinni Head ( ' imch Uoherl IT. Brown, •;{ ) (N) Manai cr Mr. Harold Ko])]) As. ' ii.slatit ( ' iHiclics Mr. Horhert W. (iailaKlier Mr. Tetc r Meruo CENTERS Arthur S. Anderson, ' U (N) John P. Ankstitus, ' -11 Frederick W. Lee, ' 40 (N) GUARDS Charles F. Abend, ' 4-2 Robert O. Hallen, ' 40 Malcolm E. Barney, ' 42 (N) Joseph F. Hewlett, ' 41 Gerard R. DeNapoli, ' 41 (N) Arnold Kaufman, ' 40 (N) William D. Pomeroy, " 41 (N) TACKLES Andrew Bierenbroodsi)ot, ' 40 (N) Stanley L. Rogers, ' 40 (N) James F. Sanford, Jr., ' 42 ENDS Gardner W. Holmes, ' 41 (N) Carl B. Johnson, ' 41 (N) George M. MacFarlane, ' 40 (N) ' incent J. Molnni.s, ' 41 Cornelius M. Sullivan, ' 41 (N) BACKS Joseph P. Beaton, ' 41 (N) Santo J. Cannava, ' 40 (N) Arthur H. Chechames, ' 41 James J. Connolly, ' 40 (N) Emanuel A. Flumere, ' 40 (N) Robert Gurney, ' 41 (N) Kenneth L. Harding, ' 41 (N) Samuel J. D ' Agota, ' 41 . [saistaiit .M(iii(i( rr Frank H. Hazelwood, ' 40 William H. Little, " 40 (N) Charles R. Patterson, ' 42 Dean F. Short, ' 42 Alexander J. Struzzerio, ' 41 (N) Ronald E. Tubbs, ' 42 (N) Raymond S. Yetten, ' 41 (N) (ius Fishbone, ' 42 122 I f f f 1 % f f 1= t • if f i-i I S i Hi S% Mr. Kopp ' (Assistant ( ' (lacli), Struzziero, Tiibl)s, Howlett, Checliames, Mclnnis, Aiikstitiis, Williams, Abenil. Short, Hazelwood, D ' Agata Brown, Yetten, Little, Flumere, Kaufman, MacFarlane, DeNapoli, Sanford, Beaton, Patterson, Gallagher (Assistant Coach) Gurney, Barney, Harding, Johnson, Connolly, Mr. Dunn (Coach), Bierenbroodspot, Rogers, Sullivan, Anderson The Season Northeasteni ' s football team, in his second year under the tutelage of Coach Jimmy Dunn and led by Captain Jimmy Connolly, split even in number of wins and losses for the season by defeating Bates, American International, and Upsala; tying Lowell Textile; and losing to Boston College, St. Anselm, and Springfield. The 1938 eleven finished its schedule by fulfilling most of its pre-season expectations, although it was constantly troubled by injuries and lack of replacements. Outstand- ing performance of the year was the team ' s remarkable showing of holding the strong Boston College eleven to only two touch- downs, a result which was contrary to all pre-game predictions. Victories were ex- pected from Bates, American International, and Upsala; but no high hopes were enter- tained as the team entered the game against an undefeated and unscored-upon St. Anselm eleven. Doubtful contests were the one against Springfield, which the Huskies lost by only one touchdown, and the one against Lowell Textile, which had its best team in years and which N. U. held to a 13 to 13 tie. Ten men, seven of whom were regulars. completed their college football careers last season. Captain Connolly, Foxy Flumere, Bill Little, Andy Bierenbroodspot, Arnold Kaufman, Stan Rogers, and Fred Lee will be missing from Coach Dunn ' s line-tip next year. Reserves who have played their last college game are Santo Cannava, George MacFarlane, and Frank Hazelwood. A number of post-season honors were won by Husky players. Kaufman and Bieren- broodspot were picked on the first team of the United Press " Little " All-New England Eleven and Connolly and Rogers were chosen on the second team. All four were also placed on the first or second teams of " all " .selections of individual Boston sports writ- ers. Captain Connolly was probably the out- standing player on the team. He was almost universally acclaimed as one of the best backs in New England. Both Dunn and ex-Coach Al McCoy described him as one of the most versatile players they had ever worked with. While passing was Jim ' s strong point, his running attack was one of the finest ever seen at Northeastern. Hard line plunging and good kicking ability rounded out Connolly ' s qualifications as an outstand- ing player. 123 At the receiving end of niDst of Connolly ' s passes was quarterback Foxy Flumere. Many of the passes that Flumere snatched resulted in setting the ball in a position for touchdowns. Foxy ' s fine signal calling and clever generalship were prominent factors in Northeastern victories. Little, the other retiring member of the backfield. ran up against hard luck when he twisted his ankle in the first game of the year against B.C. and was forced out of play for most of the season. Kaufman, varsity guard for three years, is one of the best linemen that the Huskies have ever had. His tackling was terrific and positions. Lee and Arthur Anderson ade- quately covered center; Gerry DeXa])oli and Howlett worked as guards; and Will Pomeroy helped out in one of the tackle spots. In the backfield. Bob Gurney and Ken Harding started in most of the games. Other non-retiring Ijackfield men that saw plenty of service were Ronnie Tubbs and Joe Beaton. Northeastern ' s best showing of the year was made in the opening game, played at night against Boston College on muddy, rain-swept Alumni Field under what were perhaps the worst possible football condi- Boston College Northeastern Northeastern St. Anselm Springfield Northeastern Northeastern Games won, 3- -Lost, S Tied, 1 13 Northeastern 6 Bates 13 Lowell Textile LS 40 Northeastern 6 14 Northeastern 7 28 American International 1 2 13 Upsala 7 caused his opponents many an anxious moment when they tried his side of the line. He was a big factor in Northeastern ' s fine showing against Boston College. Bierenbroodspot and Rogers at the tackle positions were mainstays of the line. Baron, with sixty minutes of service per game, played the part of an iron man during the early stages of the season until a knee injury put him on the side line for a while. Rogers on the other side of the line played a good consistent game throughout the year. Connie Sullivan, captain-elect for 19 ' 5f), won the right to lead the eleven for the coming year by his good defensive play at one of the end positions. Carl Johnson and Ducky Holmes alternated with Sully and with each other in covering the two end tions. Despite the weather, about 6.300 fans, a third of them from Northeastern, gathered to .see what most of them expected would be a repetition of the 63 to 12 trouncing tliat B.C. had given Canisius the week before. To their astonishment they saw a fighting Husky team battle the Eagles on more than even terms after the home outfit had man- aged to score two first-half touchdowns. After the early tallies Northeastern stopped every one of its opponent ' s advances and even threatened to score several times. In- ability of the field electricians to keep the bright lights going for more than a few minutes at a time during the game gave the players many rest periods and the spectators much cause for merriment. 124 STATISTICS iV. U. Opponents Yards gained by rushing 956 712 Yards gained by passing 542 483 Passes attempted 151 Percentage of passes completed 43% Yards gained by laterals Total Points Scored 73 110 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Connolly 30 Beaton 13 Flumere 12 Hazelwood 6 Holmes 6 Johnson 6 Struzziero 1 fiaAJzetlKuii James J. C ' oiuuilly, ' -10 (N) Captain Robert D. Provenchor. " 39 ( ) Manager Mr. .laiiRs W. Dunn ( ' i acli Stanley R. Tel)l etts, •40 ls. istanl MaiKKicr John H. Boyajian. ' 41 Ellsworth S. Cassidy, " 41 Arthur H. Chechames. ' 41 (N! John H. DeLuca, ' 42 Eugene H. Garlick, ' 42 Thomas Gleason, ' 41 (N) Robert Gurney, ' 41 (N) Milton Leonard, ' 41 E. George Manuel, ' 39 (N) Frank B. O ' Neil, ' 41 Stanley L. Rogers, ' 40 Edward Segal, " 40 Elmer E. Smith, ' 42 Lewis B. Smith, ' 41 (N) Robert E. Toucey, ' 41 (N) Provencher, Mr. Kopp (Assistant Coach), Mr. Dunn (Coach) Manuel, Chechames, E. Smith, Leonard, O ' Xeil, DeLuca (lurney. Toucey, Rogers. Connolly, L. Smith, Gleason The S eason A captainless Northeastern varsity Ijasket- ball five concluded their court season with a fair record of six victories against an even dozen reverses. Several of the games were nip and tuck affairs with the hapless Huskies getting the short end in most of these con- tests. Bob Gurney and Bob Toucey were the individual stars of the team, tallying 200 and 175 points respectively. In the standing of New England basketball .scorers, Gurney placed tenth and Toucey finished nineteenth. The other members of the first line quin- tet were Stan Rogers and Jim Connolly, holding down the guard positions for the third season, and Tom Gleason at center for most of the season. Capable replacements were hard to find because of a small squad, forcing Coach Jim Dunn to play his first team for the majority of the time during the season. Northeastern opened its eighteen-game schedule by meeting Harvard at Cambridge. A close battle was staged with the Crimson but the Huskies had to be content with the short end of a 31 to 26 score. Gleason, Gur- ney, and Connolly tallied a total of twenty- three points. Tom made three baskets, Bob looped nine markers through the meshes, and Jim connected for eight points. Tufts gave the Huskies their second re- verse, winning 30 to 21, with Gurney and Toucey scoring six points each and Gleason accounting for five. After two losses the Red and Black broke into the victory column at the expense of Clark, topping the Worcesterites 39 to 21. Toucey led the attack with ten points, pac- ing Gleason who chalked up nine, and Gur- ney and Lou Smith with .seven apiece. Connecticut State left the Johnson Me- morial Gym with a 32 to 26 victory in the opening game of the new year. Toucey shone for the Huskies by whipping in .seven baskets for a total of fourteen points. The basketballers then ran into a gruelling two-week strain during which they placed six games, three of which were undertaken while on the road and on consecutive niglits. The rampaging Rams from Rhode I.sland, paced by Jaworski, leading scorer in the country, slaughtered N. U. to the tune of 79-57. Gurney, Gleason, and Toucey led the bombardment for the home team with twenty-five, twelve, and ten points respec- tively, but their healthy scoring spree went for naught the score-crazy Rams. Coach Jim Dunn suffered a double defeat in this contest, as he lost the services of Lou Smith for the remainder of the season be- cause of a severe knee injury. Smith had been playing inspired basketball and was due for a great season. In a nip and tuck contest, with the Huskies finally forging ahead, Maine was .set back to the tune of 46-40, allowing the Huskies to enter the win colimin for the second time. Connolly, who occasionally mixed his sports, mistook the court for a gridiron and was the sharp-shooter of this game, annexing twelve points. Gurney, his versatile teammate, and Toucey followed closely with eleven and nine respectively. The Huskies took the first of their three consecutive games in Maine from Bates, 59-56, but dropped the second to Maine, 51-49, and the third to Colby, 51 to 31. Springfield greeted the Huskies on their return home with a volley of baskets from all sides of the court, pinning on them a 56 to 35 defeat. Gleason and Gurney continued to dominate the scoring activities and to boost their totals. Tom topped the team in this game, scoring twelve points, while Bob followed up with nine. The Springfield club showed a deceptive and unbeatable passing attack, while the Huskies displayed an in- accurate shooting and scoring attack. At Durham, the Huskies put a crimp in the festive carnival spirit prevalent at the time, by edging a fast New Hampshire quintet, 57 to 56. Packed with thrill shots from the opening whi.stle until the final shot, the game was one of the most exciting of the 127 season. The game hung in the hahuice For four periods. New Hampshire jumped to an early lead and was never headed until the middle of the second period, when the Huskies, with the phenomenal shooting of Gurney and Connolly, overcame a ten-point lead. With the score tied during the four minutes of play. Bob Gurney pulled a " Frank Merriwell " before a crowd of 3000, by sinking a shot to give the Huskies the one-point margin which spelled victory. and Gieason clialkt ' d up ten ])oints a))iecc. The Colliy Mules were snutfed out, ,j8 to 36, in a return game. This game brought a reappearance of a former coach, Al IMcCoy. Toucey .starred by .scoring sixteen points, ten more than Art Ghechames and Gieason. The game was nip and tuck and was not decided until the final gun. New Hampshire again was beaten by the Huskies, this time 42 to 34. The game was listless and slow, and not to be comimred Games won, 6- -Games lost, 12 Harvard 31 Northeastern Tufts 30 Northeastern Northeastern 39 Clark Connecticut State 32 Northeastern Rhode Island 79 Northeastern Northeastern 46 Maine Northeastern 59 Bates Maine 51 Northeastern Colby 51 Northeastern Springfield 56 Northeastern Northeastern 57 New Hampshire Harvard 49 Northeastern Northeastern 58 Colby Northeastern 42 New Hamjjshire Rhode Island 71 Northeastern Brown 80 Northea-stern Worcester Poly tech 72 Northea.stern Connecticut State 4S Northeastern 26 21 21 26 57 40 56 49 31 35 56 44 36 34 59 34 49 38 Gurney tallied twenty-five points for the second time during the year. Connolly, with thirteen points, and Toucey with nine, also figured jirominently in the scoring. This game brought Jimmy Hatch, former N. U. basketball star, in action against his former teammates. Jim was taken in tow by Bol) Gurney and was held to nine baskets. His departure in the last minutes of the game, on fouls, lieliK ' d to sik ' II victory For the Huskies. A return contest with Harvard again found the Huskies struggling on the losing end, this time 49 to 44. fiurney, Toucey, with the brand oF ball played at the first New Hampshire tilt. Gurney and Toucey po]jped thirty-two jjoints through the basket ten for Toucey, and twenty-two for Gurney. In their return game at home, the Huskies, before a capacity crowd, were again drubbed by the Rhody Rams by a score of 71 to 59. Jaworski was held to only three baskets in the first half by Tom Gieason, but in the second half the Worcester ace pushed u]) nine baskets and two foul shots for a leading total ])erFormancc oF 26 jioints. Jim Connolly starred For the Huskies in the first half, recovering most of the baekl)oard shots, an l dribbling many times through the opposition to set up scoring plays. Rogers and Connolly teamed together and were instrumental in setting up many plays for Toucey, who led the club with twenty-four points. Gleason followed Toucey, showing fourteen points. The Huskies played their poorest game of the season against Brown when they were drubbed by the top-heavy score of 80 to 34. Worcester Poly took the semi-final con- test by drubbing N. U. 72-49. Gurney ' s nineteen markers and Toucey ' s fourteen proved no avail against the eagle-eyed Worcester five. Connecticut State closed the Huskies ' sea- son by clubbing them with a 48 to 38 defeat. Toucey led the scoring with thirteen points, while Connolly made nine. A review of the season would find the Huskies tackling one of their stiffest sched- ules in years. A great deal of travelling, and a noticeable deficiency of dependable re- serves spelled defeat for the Huskies in most of their contests. Jim Connolly was voted captain for the past season because of his untiring efforts and ability. Bob Gurney was rewarded for his spectacular performances during the en- tire season, by election as captain for the season 1939-1940. Prospects for next year are bright, as Coach Dunn is losing only two of his regulars, Connolly and Rogers. Individual Scoring Gurney 200 points Toucey 175 Gleason 146 Connolly 88 Rogers 80 Chechames 23 Smith, L. 14 DeLuca 6 Manuel 7 Smith, E. 5 O ' Neil 3 Segal 3 Total Points Scored N. U. 7.50 Oppone •nts 873 ji i: t i . Levenson, Mclniiis. Henderson, Eckert, Cnsick, Bracken, Ur!)anik, Ross. Jolinson, Mr. (lallagher (Coach) Peppard, Cunningham, Ganong, Byrne, Chipman, McCarthy Hefron, Beaton cJiocJ2e4f. John R. Byrne, ' 40 (N) Captain Joseph P. Beaton, ' 41 (N) Gerald F. Bracken, ' 41 (N) John C. Chipman, ' 40 (N) James L. Cunningham, ' 42 (N) Mr. Ilerl crt W. (Jalhigher ( ' oarh Northeastern Bo.ston College Northeastern Colby Northeastern Bowdoin Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Boston College Bowdoin Brown Northeastern Northeastern Paul M. Levenson, ' 40 (N) Manager Fred M. ( isick, ' 42 (N) John O. Eckert, ' 41 (N) Curtis R. Ganong, ' 40 (N) Gerald A. Griffin, ' 41 (N) William C. Irhanik, ' 42 (N) Paul E. Hefron, ' 41 (N) Alan O. McCarthy, ' 41 (N) AVilliam S. Peppard, ' 41 (N) George A. Ross, ' 42 (N) SCORES Games won, 8 — Games lost, 6 M.I.T. Northeastern Massachusetts Sttitt Northeastern Middlebury Northeastern Colby New Ilaiii|)shirc ' Brown Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern M.I.T. New Hampshire l.SO TheS eason When Coach Herb Gallagher issued a call for candidates for the varsity hockey team, thirty-two candidates, including ten letter men, reported for action. Most of the aspir- ing ice artists had seen varsity service in Northeastern hockey togs. Ten of the hope- fuls, led by frosh Captain Johnny Chipman, came up from the freshman squad. With a stiff schedule facing them, the Huskies opened the season against M.I.T. minus the services of Captain Byrne, who suffered from a stomach hemorrhage. With- out his leadership and because of the un- certainty attending his return to action, the future of the sextet looked dismal. The boys came through, however, with the score of 5 to 4, and although the Tech team was far from strong, the game was enough to show that N.U. had a real forward in Johnny Chipman, who tallied four of the five goals. Boston College, an old rival, appeared on the horizon for the second game. The ab- sence of Byrne was sorely felt. Lacking the needed spark and driving power, the Galla- ghermen went down to defeat, 8 to 3, with Chipman scoring all three counters. Out of this game another sophomore bright spot appeared, one Lou Cunningham, in right defense. Going into the New Year, the Huskies met Mass. State and Colby. The boys from Amherst were turned back 5 to 1, without a great deal of difficulty. Apparently the game bolstered the confidence of the home team a bit too high, for a strong Colby group spanked them back to earth with a score of 8 to 5. Northeastern chalked up its third victory on the twelfth day of the New Year by nearly whitewashing Middlebury, 9 to 1, at the Arena. This game brought Northeastern ' s much-awaited first line together for the first time. Byrne, Chipman, and Ganong lived up to the eager expectations of the student body, as the score indicates. Ganong grabbed four of tlie goals for himself. Cap- tain Byrne scored twice and assisted in four other counts, and Chi])man turned in two more tallies. Coach Gallagher then took his charges to Maine, stopping first at Brunswick where they did battle with the ice-men from Bow- doin. After a stiffly contested game, the final bell found Coach Herb ' s boys on the short side of a 3 to 2 score. The next evening they avenged an early season defeat by smashing the Colby Mules, 4 to 1. Captain Byrne, eager to make up for the ground he lost by his absence from the season ' s first two games, paced the team throughout the game. He assisted Chapman in the first tally, and then went on to push in the last three himself. Back from the ice wars the boys struggled through exam week, caught their breaths, and then rushed up to Durham, N. H., to mar the Wildcats ' annual winter carnival by winning, 5 to 3. Byrne, Chipman, and Ganong continued to function in their usual smooth manner. Things were at their best, however, when the boys outplayed Brown at the Arena and turned in 9 to 4 score. The Huskies were really established on this occasion. Paul Hefron, who was " King " Krystyan ' s under- study last year, turned in a remarkable per- formance by stopping 32 out of 33 shots taken at him while in charge of the nets. Gallagher ' s goal-getters were hitting their stride and were favored to win their second encounter with Boston College. The lead shifted back and forth, however, in one of the fastest, toughest games of the season. Li what was truly a heartbreaker the Huskies went down under the Eagle ' s claws, scratched by one point, 7 to 6. At the hands of the Polar Bears from Bow- doin, the Huskies suffered a second heart- ache. The home team led going into the final period, but the Polar Bears tied it up and pushed in two more goals with but a minute and a half to play. The score : 5 to 3. Hoping to climb into the win column once more, the Huskies faced-oft against Brown. 131 Tlio Providence puck-piisliers were mit to lie lieaten a second time, but pulled out ol ' a close game on top with a 6 to 5 score. In the two post season games with JM.I.T. and New Hampshire, Northeastern proved it was not down for good. After setting the Engineers back, 9 to 3, the Huskies met the Wildcats in what proved to be the roughest, toughest, slam-bang game of the season. The game was still young when the penalty box started to fill uj). When the dust had settled and the teeth were raked into a neat pile, the Huskies had another win under their belts. Score: 5 to 4. W hen the boys had time to get their wind back, they discovered that the season had ended. And with the close of the season they trooped en masse to the Hotel Manger, Sunday, March 19, where ' midst banc(ueting and reminiscing, the team bid farewell to one of the finest and ablest captains that a Northeastern team ever enjoyed — Captain Johnny Byrne. Johnny ended his brilliant college hockey career by being chosen cap- tain, and, for the second successive year, left winger on the All-New England hockey team, as well as being the third highest scorer in intercollegiate circles. Hyrne left a position that any i)rospeetive ca])tain would find difficult to fill. But the boys agreed unanimously, and in writing, that the most aggressive, do-or-die team- man of the season, the one best fitted to lead the team during the 1939-40 season was Gerry Griffin. And so they named him cajjtain. STATISTICS Goals . 1 . ssisis Point: Myrne 22 13 3.5 ( -hipman 18 14 32 Ganong 14 15 29 Eckert 5 3 S Urbanik 4 4 Pepj ard 2 .5 7 ( ' usick 2 3 .5 ( ' nnningham 2 2 (Iriffin 1 10 11 Bracken 1 2 .3 McCarthy ,3 3 .loliusoii (1 2 i» " I XaxJi Prof. Gerald R. Tatton Head Coach Daniel W. Miles, " 40 (N) Captain Prof. Edward S. Parsons Mr. Chester H. Wolowicz Assistant Coaches Belden G. Ely, ' 39 Manacjer John H. Caswell, ' 42 Charles Chipkin " 42 Ralph A. Coleman, ' 41 Samuel Drevitch, ' 42 Arthur B. Field, Jr., ' 42 Joseph A. Gallant, ' 42 Gardiner W. Holmes, ' 41 (N) Colby E. Kelly ' 42 Russell F. Kippen, ' 40 David A. Lockerby, ' 41 (N) William A. MacDonough, ' 40 (N) Albert S. Makas, " 40 Francis S. Mascianica, ' 41 (N) David J. Morrissey, ' 42 Henry Peterson, ' 42 Arnold E. Saunders, ' 42 Philip N. Savage, ' 40 George A. Shanker, ' 41 (N) Maxwell D. Stone, ' 40 Cornelius M. Sullivan, ' 40 Stanley R. Tebbetts, ' 40 Herbert G. Weightman, ' 41 Richard S. Whipple, ' 40 (N) Jacob Wiren, ' 42 {Letters are for the 1937-38 season) BIj ' , Wiren, Stone, Coleman, Williams Holmes, Tebbetts, Weightman, Marshall, Savage, Drevitch, MacDonough, Kippen, Makas Field, Chipkin, Shanker, Miles, Mr. Wolowicz, Mascianica, Sullivan, Lockerby The Season Xorthoastern ' s Hying track team carried oft ' the mid-winter University sports laurels hy finishing its indoor dual meets undefeated. The mile relay team, and Captain Danny Miles, gained added prestige by capturing high honors at some of the leading track games. The inc(im])aral)le Miles distinguished himself in his last year of collegiate coni|)eti- tion. Danny retained his New England high jump title with a leap of 6 ft. 2 in. His best effort of the year was made against Bates when he crossed the bar at 6 ft. 5 in. This mark broke the University record of (i ft. 4J in., set by Jim Sandler. The three dual meets won bv the Huskies van, and Max Stone respeetix ' ely doiuinated tJie ()()(). Tufts was Northeastern ' s next victim in a record-breaking meet, losing 45 to 36 at Medford. Captain Miles smashed the Jumbo cage record by crossing the bar at 6 ft . ' ! ' ■, in. Three other marks were broken as Mas- cianica ran the . ' ?()() in ;5. ' 5.4, a new North- eastern record. Miles added sonie needed jxiints in the high hurdles with a second. Caswell and Mascianica finished ahead of Dugger, of Tufts, in the 50-yard dash. The 600 was an all-Northeastern event as Sullivan, Saunders and Stone breasted the ta|)e in that order. Joe Gallant and Tebbetts came in second and third in the mile. Miles collected eighteen poinls ;igainst Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern SCORES mVz Bates 45 Tufts 46 Brown 67 Maine 36 26 50 were the feature of the track season. A 69 3 to 383 victory over Bates at Lewiston, Maine, marked the 1939 debut of Coach Jerry Tatton ' s charges. The aforementioned record by Miles was the outstanding event of the day. Jake Wiren and George Shanker took the two top places in the running broad jump. The winner ' s jump was 20 ft. 11 in. Jack Caswell, Charley Chipkin, and Shanker finished a hair ' s distance apart, in the order named, in the 40-yd. dash. Gardner " Ducky " Holmes, Chipkin, and Arnold Saunders finished in one, two, and three positions in the 300-yard run. Sam Drevitch outran Rollins of Bates to chalk up another first for the Huskies in the thousand. Frank Mascianica, Connie SiiHi- Maine, at Orono, in what ])roved to be the approximate margin of victory, as the Huskies completed their indoor .season un- beaten, winning 67 to 50. Danny won the broad jump, placed second in the 70-yard low hurdles, captured the 45-yard high hurdles, and established a new Maine record in the high jump. Other firsts for Northeastern were Mas- cianica in the 300, Shanker in the 70-yard low hurdles. Caswell in the 70-yard dash, and Bill IMacDonough in the 600. Colby Kelley and Tebbetts added five more points in the two-mile run, as Dave ] ockerby and Drevitch in the 1000. A tie for third between Holmes and Saunders in I he . ' !00 nelled several more points. Siianker ' s third in the broad jump and second in liie V.VV RELAY TEAM Blv, Holmes, MacDonough, Mascianica, Sullivan 45-yard high hurdles hel] ed increase the total. Chipkin, Gallant, Drevitch, Field, Coleman, and Wiren completed the total by placing in the 70-yard dash, mile run, high jump, and shotput. The Varsity mile relay team first showed its wares at the Millrose Games at the Madi- son Square Garden, finishing third. George- town, and Pennsylvania preceded the Husky quartet, while Maryland came in fourth. The time was 3:24, the third best collegiate speed. Second places in the one and two-mile relay events were taken by Coach Tatton ' s charges at the B.A.A. Games at the Boston Garden. Gardner Holmes, Bill MacDon- ough, Connie Sullivan, and Frank Mas- cianica made up the one-mile foursome. Max Stone, Dave Lockerby, Sam Drevitch, and Joe Gallant split the two-mile distance among them. Northeastern ' s Red and Black colors showed up prominently at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Games at the East Newton Street Armory in Boston. Danny Miles won the high jump event with a 6 ft. 2 in. leap. Stan Tebbetts, an unheralded long-distance runner in the Huskies ' squad, finished second to Les Pawson, 1938 B.A.A. Marathon win- ner. Frank Mascianica, running in the invita- tion 600, came in fifth. Jack Caswell, bril- liant sophomore dashman, ran second to Boston College ' s Frank Zeimetz. The mile relay team completed the Northeastern " review " with a victory over Williams and New Hampshire. Three Husky stars competed in the I.C. 4-A. Games at New York ' s Madison Square Garden. Danny Miles tied for second place in the high jump, clearing the bar at 6 ft. 4 in. Sophomore Joe Gallant, after lead- ing the mile entrants for the first quarter, weakened near the finish, ending the grind in sixth place. After placing second in the 600 trial heat, Frank Mascianica failed to place in the final of the event. Led by Captain Bob Pritchard and sopho- more Sam Drevitch, the Northeastern var- sity cross-country team completed its season in satisfactory fashion with a record of two victories and as many losses in four dual meets, a second place in a triangular engage- ment, and an eleventh in the New England Intercollegiates. This season was Coach Jerry Tatton ' s first venture as cross-country mentor. Tatton replaced Herb Morang, who had directed the hill-and-dalers in 1938. The two outstanding performers on the team were lanky Captain Pritchard and the bespectacled Drevitch. Both finished within the first five places in every meet, with the exception of the Intercollegiates. Pritchard returned to the form he dis- played as a sophomore two years ago. His 135 consistent running was an eminent factor in guiding his team to its two victories. Drevitch, wiio ran on the frosh cross- country team last year, was Coach Tatton ' s prize package. Sam led the Husky runners in every meet, also gaining first place against Mass. State, a notable feat for a first-year varsity runner. The Huskies opened their season witli Connecticut State at Storrs, losing 29 to ' 28. Drevitch, Pritchard, Bill Carter, Kip- pen, and Loring Thompson finished second, fourth, sixth, eighth, and ninth, respectively. Back at Franklin Park on tlie following Saturday, the Red and Black outfit handily topped the forces from Mass. State by a score of 21 to 37. Drevitch and Pritchard finished one, two. Dave Lockerby took fifth place, Al Marshall, sixth. Carter, seventh, and Ebbie Landsman came in eighth. Bates was the next opponent on the Hus- kies ' schedule, and the Bobcats were tamed on their home grounds in Lewiston, Maine, by a 22 to 36 score. Drevitch came in second, with Pritchard, Carter, and Max Stone trailing in fourth, eighth, and tenth positions. The Rams from Rhode Island State, who had lost only one meet in twenty-five starts, continued their victory pace against the Huskies by scoring a decisive 21 to ,39 vic- tory. Drevitch in third place, Pritchard fourth, and Stone ninth, were the only three runners of Coach Tatton ' s contingent who finished in the first ten. A triangular meet with M.I.T. and Tufts netted the Huskies a second place. Pritchard and Drevitch finished in a neck and neck tliird-place tic. Lockerby tied for fifth place. The remaining N. U. positions were taken by Carter, eleventh, and Stone, thirteentli. The New England Intercollegiate cross- country meet was a distinct failure from the Huskies ' point of view as none of the Husky runners finished anywhere near the leader and the team ca|)tured eleventh ])lare. Qnjo Qo44 tii Robert Pritchard. ' 40 CN) Vaptam Belden BIy, ' 41 Manager Prof. Gerald R. Tatton Coach William N. Carter, ' 42 (N) Abraham E. Landsman, ' 41 Samuel Drevitcli, ' 42 (N) David Lockerby, ' 41 (N) Russell F. Kippen, ' 40 (N) Alfred J. Marshall, ' 40 (N) Maxwell D. Stone, ' 41 (N) Connecticut State 28 Northeastern Drevitch 2, Pritchard 4, Carter 6, Kippen 8, Thompson 9 Northeastern 21 Mass State Drevitch 1, Pritchard 2, Lockerby 5, Marshall 6, Carter 7, Landsman 8 Northeastern 22 Drevitch 2, Pritchard 4, Carter 8, Stone 10 Rhode Island 21 Northeastern Drevitcli 3, Pritchard 4, Stone 9 Northeastern vs. Tech vs. Tufts Pritchard and Drevitch (3rd ])lace tie), Lockerby (tie for 5th), Carter 11, Stone 13 New England I.C. — Northeastern, 11th place 29 37 Bates 36 39 Lockerby, Landsman, Marshall, Stone, Pritchard, Kippen, Carter, Drevitch, Bly Photograph by Vuiitiiie Mr. Gallagher (Coach), Corcoran, Svelnis, Rogers, Gerry, Bracken, Loiselle, Woodward, Levenson, Mr. Kiipp (Assistant Coach) Struzziero, Fluraere, Connolly, Meehan, McDonald, Rook, Lovequist, Swardlick, Johnson Ralph C. McDonald, ' , ' 59 (N) Ca plain William J. ( )ro()i-an, ' -10 (N) M(ui(i( ( ' r Mr. Herbert W. Gallagher Coach Jame.s J. Connolly, ' 40 (N) Emanviel A. Flumere, ' 40 (N) David C. Gerry, ' 41 (N) Raymond . Johnson, ' 40 William H. Little, ' 40 (N) Charles H. Loi.selle, ' 41 (N) Edwin H. Lovequist, ' 41 (N) Frank IL Meehan, ' ,39 (N) Stanley L. Rogers, ' 40 Gustav Rook, ' 39 (N) Alexander J. Struzziero, ' 41 (N) Frank S. Svelnis, ' 41 Samuel Swardlick, ' 41 (X) William H. Woodward, ' 40 Paul M. Levenson, ' 40 Managers Lornis H. Xilsen, ' 40 odeAcUi 1,38 SCORES Games won, 10 — Ganics lost. 7 Northeastern Rhode Island Northeastern Northeastern Connecticut State Maine Northeastern Connecticut State Northeastern Northeastern Rhode Island Northeastern Northeastern Boston College Northeastern Northeastern New Hampshire 8 American International 3 5 Northeastern 1 5 Tufts 1 5 Lowell Textile 1 9 Northeastern 6 6 Northeastern 3 9 New Hampshire 1 12 Northeastern 7 3 Boston College 5 Maine 2 5 Northeastern 3 13 Clark 5 11 Worcester Polytech 10 7 Northeastern 4 10 Tufts 3 10 Harvard 8 6 Northeastern 1 STATISTICS GP AB R BH RBI AVE PO A E AVE Ray Johnson 5 11 4 6 6 .545 2 1 1 000 Samuel Swardlick 17 57 16 22 5 .386 25 36 6 .910 Frank Meehan 17 67 11 25 15 .373 10 19 4 .878 Gus Rook 17 66 10 24 15 .364 31 20 1 .980 William Little 15 60 10 20 13 .333 32 5 4 .902 Ralph McDonald 17 66 10 21 9 .319 40 48 10 .897 Alex Struzziero 17 51 12 17 4 .298 14 10 7 .770 James Connolly 16 57 12 16 11 .281 55 9 2 .984 Edwin Lovequist 17 69 7 15 6 .218 194 6 3 .985 Emanuel Flumere 17 70 9 15 9 .214 28 36 8 .888 Charles Lowe 3 7 2 1 .143 11 1 1 ,923 Stanley Rogers 5 9 1 111 5 1.000 David Gerry 7 11 1 .090 1 6 1.000 139 The S eason ( )acli Ik ' i ' l) CiallagiicT, in his first season as Northeastern varsity baseball coach, di- rected the nine, under the captaincy of Ralph JNIcDonald, to a fairly successful sea- son of ten victories and seven defeats. To the Huskies, the season was more successful tiian it may seem on paper, because for the first time in years they defeated Boston Col- lege, and for the first time in history tiiey defeated Harvard. Faced with a serious lack of pitching ma- terial, during the early part of the season. Coach Gallagher converted Frank Meehan, former co-captain and for two years .star first baseman, into a pitcher to assist the veteran Gus Rook. Frank, a submarine artist, in his debut as pitcher held Tufts to four hits, to give tlie Huskies a 5 to 1 vic- tory. A few weeks later lie shut out B.C., holding them to six hits, while his mates collected eight, to win the game. In this game good fielding support was a big factor in en- abling the Huskies to get their first shutout of the .season — 3 to 0. Captain McDonald at second, and sophomore Sammy Swardlick, at short, and Ed Lovequist, at first, turned in excellent performances. In the Harvard game Meehan and Rook held the iiard-hitting Crimsons to nine .scat- tered hits. The Huskies, on the other hand, slugged three Harvard pitchers for 17 hits to win, 10 to 8. Jim Connolly, catcher, and left fielder Ray Johnson, who was replacing the ailing Bill little, each got four bingles in five times at bat. Alec Struzziero, Meehan, McDonald, and Lovequist all gathered two hits apiece. The Crimson game was novel in tliat the much-publicized yellow ball was used for the first time in New England. Despite the fact that the Huskies got more hits using the new ball than they had in previous games, the general opinion was against it. The umpires complained that the ball seemed dead, while the batters claimed that after a few innings tiie ball looked like just another dirty, white ball coming to them. The outstanding hurling performance of the year was the three-hit, 9 to 1 game that Gus Rook pitched against New Hampshire. Rook ' s deceiving curve ball had the Wildcat batters completely baffled. Besides giving Gus otherwise good support, the Huskies shelled three New Hampshire j)iteliers for 14 hits and 9 runs. Topping the batting list with .386 for the season was Sammy Swardlick, a sophomore comparatively unknown when the season .started. As lead-off man in the Husky bat- ting order, Sammy proved his worth by get- ting on base most consistently, and by scor- ing the most runs. Next in order were two former co-captains — Frank Meehan, with an average of .375; and Gus Rook, with .364. Although both men were pitchers, their hitting and general all- round ability kept them in every game that they did not pitch, Meehan in right field and Rook in centerfield. These two men tied for the lead in runs batted in, with 15 each. AVith the close of the baseball season Meehan and Rook completed outstanding athletic careers. They had served together as co-captains in their middler year. Frank covered the initial sack very efficiently for two years and last season built up a good record for himself on the mound. Gus bore most of the pitching burden on Al McCoy ' s nine during his sophomore year. Although the load was somewhat lighter during his last two years, he continued to be one of the team ' s most valuable players. Captain McDonald, with .319, was fifth in batting among the men who had played more than ten games. Although a second baseman until the middle of his last season, Mac finished his college career playing third base. Coach Gallagher had to shift his caji- taintothe " hot corner " in order to strength- en that side of the infield. Consi.stency and dependability, both al bat and on the field, have been McDonald ' s strong points during his three years on the varsitv leani. Aronnd the kcvsldue sack he proved to be the sparkplug of many a double play. Another asset in Ralph ' s play- ing has been his ability to deliver with hits when they were most needed. As a captain, McDonald was an aggressive and brainy leader. He excelled in team spirit and was always willing to help less experi- enced players. The new captain. Bill Little, took fourth batting honors with an average of .333. Bill started his varsity career as a shortstop, he had been a catcher during his high school days. In his 1937 season the keystone com- bination of McDonald and Little was pro- nounced by many as the best ever to take the field for the Huskies. During the 1938 season, however, because of an arm ailment. Coach Gallagher shifted Bill to the outfield. He continued his consis- tent hitting of the previous season, taking third place in number of runs batted in. His speed on the basepaths was one of his best assets and made him a dangerous player for opposing pitchers to handle. Other outstanding players were Ray Johnson, who, although he played in only five games, led his teammates in batting, with an average on .545, and had a perfect fielding record; catcher Jim Connolly, who drove in 11 runs and whose backstop play- ing was consistently good; lef tfielder Alex Struzziero, who missed a .300 average by just two points; and Ed Lovequist and Foxy Fluraere, who ably handled their infield posi- tions. Pitchers Dave Gerry and Charlie Loiselle showed promise in the few games they worked. (Iiatt ' ee, Jenson, Finnegan, Mr. Belyea, Prof. Alexander, Simnis, Kiishner, Carpenter Forl)es, Kodis, Rosnov, Rumery, Merchant Ma.wcll Rosnov, ' 39 (N) Captain Hi le Mr. Byanl C. Relvfii Axsixlant Coach Prol ' . William T. Alexander ( ' uuch Vernon F. Carpenter, ' 41 (N) Robert E. Chaffee, ' 41 Norman S. Crossley, ' 42 (N) Alfred S. Davis, Jr., ' 39 (N) George F. Forbes, ' 39 (N) Grant S. Jensen, ' 41 (N) Ralph D. Kodis, ' 40 (N) Leonard G. Merchant, ' 41 (N) Elwood R. Myers, ' 42 Stuart E. Rumerv, ' 41 M.I.T. 890 Northeastern 852 Ili lhcst scores: Forbes, N. U.— 176; Wliittaker, M.I.T.— 183 Northeastern 902 Wentworth 878 Hiyhest .scores: Chaffee, N. U.— 184; Wheeler, Wentworth— 179 Northeastern 875 Worcester Polytech 793 Ii; lhc. ' t scores: Davis, N.U.— 184; Hoyd, W.P.I. 181 Northea.stern 899 New Hampshire 872 Highest scores. Cro.ssley, N. H.— 182; (Joertz, N. H., and Thompson, N. H.— 183 New Hampshire 911 Northea.stern 8(51 Hif .scores: Chaffee, N. U.— 181 ; I5atehelder, N. H.— 185 Northeastern 882 Wcnlworth 8(il. Highest .scores: Myers, N. U.— 179; Wlieclcr. Wentworth 184 Northeastern 873 Worcester Polytech 857 .scores: Myers, N. U.— 185; Whitmore, W.P.I. 180 Northeastern 886 Rhode Island 870 Hif .score.s: Rosnov, N. U.— 181; Clark, H. I., and Possner, R. I.— 181 142 Porter, Zeigler, Smith, Thomas Stone, Manuel, Sullivan QUeeAi adle E. George Manuel, ' 30 Captain Mr. John W. Tuthill Facnhii Adviser Charles A. Hennessey, ' 43 Wilfred C. Rodgers, ' 43 Philip M. Smith, ' 43 Walter E. Stone, ' 41 Reginald C. Thomas, ' 41 William R. Zeigler, ' 42 . f 143 GCMUif i4ecian4f Alexander. William T. S.B., Northeastern I ' niversity ; M.A., Huston University Alvord, Henry B. S.B., Massaclnisetts Institute of Technolojiy Bailey, Way land S. S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S. Lehigh University Baird, Charles O., Jr. S.B., Northeastern University Baker, Chester P. S.B., Northeastern University; M.. ., Boston University Barnason, Charles F. A.B., College City of New York; M.A., Cornell University; Ph.D., Harvard University Belyea, Byard C. S.B., University of New Hampshire Benezet, Louis P. A.B. and M.. ., Dartmouth College; Ph.D., Evansville College Bloomfield, Sidney R. S.B., Northeastern University Brown, Bertram M. S.B. and M.S., Rhode Island State Bruce, Robert B.C.S. and M.C.S., Northeastern University Chapman, William K. S B., Harvard University Cleveland, Laurence F. S.B., Worcester Polytechnic Institute; M.S., Massachu.setts Institute of Technology Cloney, William T., .Jr. ' . .B., Harvard University Cody, Peer .1. S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Combellack, W ilfred J. A.B. and M.A., Colby College Cook, Adam M. S.B., Northeastern University Cook, Edward M. . .B., Harvard University Coolidge, Joseph K. S.B. and M.. ., Harvard University Cooperstein, Louis A.B. and M.. ., Harvard University Cruickshank, Henrv M. S.B., Rhode Island State College; M.B.A., Harvard University Cushman, Otis F. S.B. and M.S., University of New Hampshire D ' . lessandro, . lfred B.C.S. and LL.B., Northeastern University; M.B.. ., Boston University; C.P.. . Dean, Warren C. -1 Symphony Road, Boston A.B., Boston University Demeter, Ceorge ' 1- Huntington Avenue, Boston . .B., Harvard University; LL.B., Boston University , . . „ Devine, John J. ' 7 P rk Drive, Boston S.B., Rhode Island State College; Sc.M., Brown University Dubois, Laurent O. lii ' lC threat Plain Avenue, Needham S.B. , University of New Hampshire , ,, , ., Duddv, Frank E. " H-Z Upland Road, ambridge A.B., DePauw University: S.T.B., Boston University; Ed.M., Harvard University; I ' h.I)., Harltord Scmmary Dunn, James W. ' 1-2 Ma.son Road, Walertown . .B., Western Maryland College , ... Ell Carl S. ' 1 Bea nnont .Vvenue, Ncwiouville ' A.B., ' bePauw University; M.S., Massachusetts liislitule of Technology; Ed.M., Harvard University; Sc.D., DePauw llniversity , , ,,, , Essigmann, Martin W. 27 Ro. ' k SIrccl. Woburu S.B., Tufts College , , „ Estes, Stanley G. " " I ' mckncy Mrc.-I. Hosl„u A.B., Colby College; M.A., (■oluml)ia University; Ph.D., Harvard University Everett, .Albert E. S.B. and LB..V., .Northeastern University a West Highland . venue, Melrose 5 ' 2 Frost .Vvenue, Melrose River Street, Norwell 17 Manning Road, Lynn A Bow Road, Newton Centre ii Downer . venue, Hingham University 6 South Washington Street, Whitman Hanover, New Hampshire 19 Coral . veniic, Winthrop 30 Erie . venue, Newton Highlands 5:5 Harley . venue. Everett 81 Oxford Street, Cambridge 30 Churchill Street, Newtonville ology 25 Harley Street, Dorchester 36. Elm Street, Jamaica Plain 1185 Boylston Street, Boston •140 Summer Street, Lynn 04 Highland . venue, .Vrlington 20 Martin Street, Cambridge 109 Vernon Street, Roxbury 390 Marlborough Street, Boston 31(i Huntington Avenue, Boston 46 Radclitfe Road, Belmont 4 Crown Street, .Vuburndale U 1939 ADVERTISERS Alpha Kappa Sigma Andover Press Bates and Klinke Inc. Beta Gamma Epsilon Bickford ' s Boston Arena Class 1940 Class 1941 Class 1942 Class 1943 Dunn ' s Inc. 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Seaver Mdnaging Director VISIT THE • Blue Train, Boston ' s • Mexican Patio Most Unique Cock- (Coffee Shop) tail Lounse ,, Featuring Mexican Dishes 145 4 ' 2 Fremont Avenue, Everett ' 29 Coolidge Road, l.ynn 167 llunnewell Avenue, Xewton ,5 ' 2 Hull Street, Boston 22 Whiling Street, Hanover 19 Hilltop Avenue, I exinglon 50 Peterborough Street, Boston 17 Branian Street, Danvers 1669 Centre Street, Xewton Highlands Fennell, G. Raymond S.B., Xortheastern University: M.B.A., Boston University Ferretti, Alfred J. S.B. and M.S., Ma.ssachusetts Institute of Technology Gallagher, Herbert W. S.B., Xortheastern University Giella, Mario S.B., Xortheastern University Golemme, Joseph S.B., Xortheastern University Granistorff, Emil A. S.B. and M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Hamilton, Roger S. A.B., University of Pittsburgh; M.. ., Tufts College Hansen, Robert H. S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Haskins, Elmer E. 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S.B., M.A., and Ph.D., Boston University Lake, Wilfred S. A.B., Hiram College: M.A. and Ph.D., Harvard University Laveaga, Robert E. B.P.Ed., George Williams College; Ed.M., Boston I ' niversity Lenfest, Leslie W. S.B., Xortheastern University Light, Galen D. A.B., Yale University Luder, W. Fay A.B., Kalamazoo College; Ph.D., Brown University MacKenzie, Donald H. S.B., Xorthea.stern University; Ed.M., Boston University Marston, Everett C. , .B., Colby College; M.A., Harvard University McGuirc, Waldeiiiar S. S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.A., Boston University iVIcPhee, Robert (;. S.B., Tufts College Melvin, Harold W. A.B. and M.. ., Boston University Meserve, George H., Jr. S.B., Xortheastern University Minzner, Walter R. S.B., Xorthea.stern University; M.S., Texas A. and M. College Miroyiannis, Stanley D. S.B., Xorthwest College; M.A., Boston University Morgan, John C. S.B., University of Xew Hampshire Morris, Rudolph M. S.B.. Xiirthcaslern; Ed.M., Boston University ,,- , , , Muckenhoupt, Carl F. 32 Winchester Street, Newton IIiKhland A.B., Williams College; S.B. and Ph.D., Mas.sachusetts Institute of Technology 24 Lunt Street, Xorfolk Downs 327 Cabot Street, Xewtonville 99 Gilbert Road, Belmont Overlook Park, Xewton Centre 300 Waverley Avenue, Watertown 69 Columbus Street, Xewton Highlands 91 Cross Street, Belmont 128 Barnard .Vvemie, Watertown :i Preble Gardens Road, Belmont 51 Symmes Street, Roslindale 178 Harriet Avenue, Xorth Quincy 53 Ripley Street, Xewton Centre 33 Samoset Avenue, Quincy 11 Nonantum Street, Xewton 44 Houston Avenue. Milton 64 Llgoun Avenue, Medford 64 Hemenway Street, Boston ,S Cnnibcrland Si reel, Boston 24 Walker Street, Xewtonville 66 Myrtle Street, Boston 14() GAINSBORO PRESS Trinters • Publishers Creative and Effective Printing . . . Hotel Brochures Newspapers .... Bulletins .... 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Brockton 37 Walker Street, Atlantic 13 Hardy Avenvie, Waterlown (i Home Street, Lawrence KtO Carroll Avenue, Brockton 10 Woodliury Street, Beverly 34 Medfield Street, Boston 23 Hardy Avenue, Watertown 84 Pemberton Street, Cambridge 15 Linden Street, Framingham 171 First Street, Melrose State Road, Wayland 96 Blakelv Road. Medford iol ' 74 Fenway, Boston 4 Acadeniv Lane, Concord Nelson, A ' erner (). itl BirchcliH ' e Road. East AVeyniouth Nightingale. Vinthrop E. 136 Dickerman Road. Newton Highlanils A.B., Harvard University: S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard ITniversity; Ed.M. Boston University Norvish, Franklin S.B., Colbv College; M.A., Yale University Oberg, Rudolf 0. S.B., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Boston I ' niversity Parsons, Edward S. S.B., Northeastern L niversity; Ed.M., Harvard University Patterson, James A. S.B.. Northeastern University Pihl, George E. S.B., Northeastern L ' niversity Porter, Roland G. 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' 66 Florence Avenue, Melrose S.B. and M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Stevenson, J. Kenneth 101 Goden Street, Belmont B.C.S., Northeastern l ' niversity . Strahan, Samuel A. S. 242 South Huntington Avenue, Jamaica Plam S.B., Northeastern University Tatton, Gerald R. S.B., Northeastern University; M.B.A., Boston L ' niversity Tenney, Calvin W. . .B., Yale University Thomson, Robert D. S.B., Harvard Lniversity Towle, George W. S.B., University of New Hampshire Tozer, Ehot F. S.B.. Ma.s.sachusetts Art .School Tuthill, John W. S.B., William and Mary College; M.B.A.. New York University Vernon, Arthur A. S.B. and M.S., I ' nion College; Ph.D., Princeton University Welch, George B. S.B., Bondoin College; Ph.D.. Cornell University White, William C. S.B.. Northeastern L ' niversity; Ed.M., Boston L ' niversity Whittaker. Albert E. S.B., Northeastern University; Ed.M., Harvard L ' niversity Wingate, Frank T. A.B., Bates College Wolowicz, Chester H. S.B., Northeastern University Zeller, Joseph W. S.B. and M.E., Tufts College Zuffanti, Saverio .S.B., Northeastern l ' niversity; M.. ., Boston L ' niversity 61 Almont Street, Medford 7.5 Burbank Street, Boston 411 Broadway, Lynn 23 Hilltop Avenue. Lexington 22 Devon . venue, Beverly lA Gibson Terrace, Cambridge 30 Erie . venue, Newton Highlands 15 Taft Avenue, West Newton 30 Summit Road, Wellesley Highland Avenue. I.ynnlield ( ' enter i) Centre Street. Brookline 139 West 9lh Street. South Boston 282 Concord Street. Framingham 108 Quincy Shore Boulevard, (jniiicy 148 tJhd JVonmnS L afiipan Jf ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Exclusive Manufacturers of COLLEGE JEWELRY, FAVORS, MEDALS TROPHIES, ETC. Obtainable Only at NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Compliments of LEO HIRSH 250 HUNTINGTON A E. BOSTON, MASS. DKLIGHTFLIL DINING at -.5 HOUSE — Route 2— Le«iii 1812 HOUSK Inc. KouU- 9 Framinghani TEN (,KES H..11I.- 2(1 Wayland Daii.ini; April to JVvvember SEILEKS IINC. KESTAllRANT— Welle The New Norris Drug PRESCRIPTIONS Personal Supervision of one of Boston ' s Oldest Pharmacists. H. Cabitt, Proprietor 289 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. CAFETERIAS »» « « RESTAURANTS The GEORGIANS 252 Huntington Ave., Boston 142 Massachusetts Ave., Boston 140 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN A-B Aaronian. Tzoiag A.. ■43LA, 27S Broadway. Canihridge Abliotl C.tHirge C. •42LA. ITil Lowell St.. Pi iiliod,v Alilil. Krwleric-k W.. M. ' BA. Ci ' .l Woodside Rd.. Medford AlH-nd. Charlre F.. •42E. :«).■) Parnish St.. Wilkes Harrc, Pa. Alwrle, William U., SE. S. " ) Newtonville Ave. Newton Abranis. Bertram T., ' 43L. , 10 Fenelon St.. Boston Abrams, Nathan D., •42BA. 193 Campbell Ave.. Revere Adams. .Alexander P., •42LA. 3 Savin Hill Ave.. Boston Adams Frank P., Jr.. SLA, 14 Wilbur St.. Dorchester Adams, Leonard K., IBA, Highland St., West Concord . dler. Bernard, •42E, 29 Lowe St.. Quinc.v . gocs. Stephen, •41BA, 12 Morrill Pliice. East L.vnn . inslie, Henr.v W., Jr., ■42E. Beeohwood St . Cohassct . itken, Harr.v J., Jr.. ' 43E. .57 Squanto Rd., Quinc.v Akell, Robert B., ' 42E, 23 Intervale St.. Boston Alexander, Herbert C. •43E, 44 Hillsboro Rd.. Medford Aliberte, Fernando, •43E, .53 Forest Ave., Everett . lla. . dolph A., Jr.. •43LA, ,53 Second St., Medford AUegra, Salvatore J., ' 438.4, 4.51 Franklin Ave.. Hartford. Conn. . llen, George F., ' 43BA. 7S Ocean St., Providence. R. L Allen, George H., ■43E, 90 Washburn Ave.. Auburndale Alien, Lyman S., •42E, S77 Washington St., Gloucester . llen, Russell E., ' 4lE, 10 Baxter St., Westboro .Mlicon, Phillip A.. •41LA, 2S Clarendon St., Quincy Almgren, Carl F„ ■40E, 372 Harland St., Milton .Umstrom, Eric G., •40E, 4 Whiton St., Quincy Alston, Donald, ' 43BA, 124 Trenton St., Lawrence Amara, Dominic, ' 42E, IS Chambers St., Boston Ames, Richard P., ■41LA, 48 Buckingham Rd.. Milton Andem. Wadsworth, ' 42E, 23 Oak Rd., Milton Anderson, Arthur S., ' 41L. , Bedford St., Concord Anderson, Charles O., ■42BA, 3.5ti Arlington St., Watertown Anderson, Earl N., •42E, S Brown Place, Woburn Anderson, Richard D.. •43BA, 123 Morris Ave., New Haven, Cor Anderson, Richard E., •40E. Stockholm. Me. Anderson, Robert J., ' 40E, ()4 Becket Rd., Belmont . ndrews, Carl F., •41E, 1 Symphony Rd., Boston Andrews, Carlton R., •42E, 2,S Burnham St., Belmont Andrews, H.arlow P., •43BA, 4 Andrews St., Framingham Andrews, .lo.seph P., ' 42BA, Box 505, Vineyard Haven Andrews, Lyman L.. ' 43LA. 20 Ellis St., Brockton . nkstitus, John P., ' 4 , 19 Ward St., Worcester Annis, Arthur Frank, •43BA, 1 1 Cottage St., Marblehead Ansell, Norris, •42E, 322A Washington St., Brookline Apolis, John J.. ' 40E, 227 Bowen St., South Boston Applebaum, Harold L., •40LA, 175 Rawson Rd., Brookline Archibald, Francis R., ' 4 IE, 1 1 North Monroe Terr., Dorchester Ariewitz, Daniel, ' 43E. R.F.D. No. 7. Norwich, Conn. Aron, Mitchell, •42E. 2s Ix ' slon St.. Maltapan Aron, Nathan, ■40E. 2s U-stori St.. Mattapan Aronson, Howard, ' 43E, .SS3 Morton St.. Mattapan Ashline, Robert E., •43E, 5 Weymouth St„ Fitchburg A.skowith, Harold M., ' -i ' iE, 202 Columbia Rd.. Dorchester Aspden, Norman L., Jr., ' 43LA, Rydal, Pa. . spin. Frank, •43E, 2.54 Nash Rd.. New Bedford Attridge, Gerry T., ' 41E, Brookline St., Peppcrell Atwood, Irving H.. Jr., ■40E. 10 Liberty St., Haverhill Audet, Clement R., ' 42E, .51 Salem St., Salem Austin, Harry R., Jr., ■43LA, ,S2 Walnut St., Binghamton. N, Y. Awen, Edward P., •43E, 129 High St., Lowell A.vers. Elwyn. ■42E. 65 Essex St., Beverly Babcock, Stanley E.. ' 42E. 5 Riverside St.. Binghamton, N.V. Bacigalupo, Edward K., SLA, 132 Wellington Hill St.. BostoTi Badala, Vincent, •42E, 14 Chandler St., Arlington Baer, Albert G., •43E, 83 Farkside St.. Ixingmcadtnv Bahry, Frank. ■41E. 127 Derl)y St., Salem Bailey, Philip H.. •42E. (i7 Stanley St., Dorchester Baillie, George H., MOE. 7 Heath St., Somerville Bajoras, George V.. ' iSE. 204 So. Ix ' onaril St.. Walerbiny. Vm Bakanauskas. Sam. •43E, llili Wilson St.. Havcrliiil Baker, . llierl E., OE, 24 .No. Milton St.. Mal.hii Baker, Bradford, •43BA, 22 Stedman St., Wak cKcId Baker, Charles L.. •43LA. (i7 Prospect St.. West Roxbury Baker. Harold R., SLA, W. Elm St., South Anson Bidcer, Irving E„ ■43E, Sagadahock Ferry, Woolwich, Me. Baldassaro, John B., IBA, 21 Avon Place, Newton Bambcr, .John E., ' 41E, IS Gardner Rd., Norwood Banks, Frederick, ' 41LA, 11) Grove St., Belmont Barba, Robert E., ■42BA, 1 1 Willard St., Newton Barbadoro, Nelson, ' 43E, 51 Russell St., New Haven. ( onn. Barbiero, Doniinick O., ' 42BA, 181 High St., Naugatuck, Conn Barbour, Charles W.. Jr.. lE. 71 Carlton St., Portland, Me. Barclay, John E.. Jr., ■42E, 24 Lexington St., Brockton Bardwell, Charles L., •43BA. 1 1 Myrtle St.. Milford. N. H. Barmakian. Edward C, •42E, 52 Salisbury Rd., Watertown Barnes, Leonard B., ' 42BA, 17 Brookfield Rd., Waltham Barney, Malcolm E., •42BA, 1083 Bo.vlston St.. Boston Barnum, David L., Jr., SLA, Mill St., Burlington Barone, Joseph, ' 42E, 322 Willow St., Waterbury, Conn. Barrasso, Ernest V., ■40BA, 15 Everett St., East Boston Barrett, Frank . .. Jr., ' 43BA, 03 Dunboy St., Brighton Barry, Edward T., ■43BA, 33 Cedar St., Wcllesley Hills B.artels, Otto G., ■42E. 376 Amostown Rd., West Springfield B.irtelson, Roger J., ' 42E. 77 Squantum St., East Milton Barth, Milton S., •43E, 94S Morton St., Mattapan Bartlett, Arnold S., ' 41 BA, Depot Rd., Eliot, Me. Bartletl, Ray H., Jr.. ■42E. 9S Thornton Rd., Waltham Bartlett, Robert W., ' 41E, 756 Broadway, South Boston Barzelay, Arthur R.. ' 42E, 58 Porter St., Maiden Bassett, Nilsson S., ' 41E, 30 Jersey St., Marblehead Biissnett, Arthur J., Jr., •43E, 34 Clark St.. Saco, Me. Bastanza, Gino J., ■43LA 40 Windsor Rd.. Medford Bat.istini. Eugene O., Jr.. ' 43LA. 42 Summer St., Danvcrs Bates, Byron D., ' 43BA. 43 Norfolk Rd.. Arlington Batey. Arthur J.. ' 42E, S3 High St., Newton Upper Falls Baxter, Douglas F., •42E, 53 Chaskc Ave., Aidiurndale Baxter, John H., ' 43LA, 4S Columbia Ave., Kearny, N. J. Baxter, John T., •42BA, Alban Rd., Waban Beake, Laurence I., ' 41 E, 37 Bay State Ave.. Somerville Beale. George W., ' 40BA, 5S Greenwood St.. Needham Bean, ,Tohn L., ' 40E, 131 Washington St.. Ayer Bearcovitch. Aaron, •41E, 281 No. Main St., Mansfield Beaton, Jo.seph P., ' 41BA, 4 Hecla St., Doreliesler Becherer, Frederick R., ' 43LA. 35 Ruskindak- ltd.. Mattapan Beecher, William S., Jr., ' 41E, 14 Warwick St., Wc.llaslon Beer, Gerard R.. ' 41E. 1S3 Adams St., Maiden Begley Edward L., •43BA, 2 Belton St., Arlingl.m Begley, John J., ' 42E, 17 Cufflin St„ Boston Bell, Wilbur C. ' 42E, 324 Main St., So. Portland. Me. Bellamacina, Angelo, ' 43BA, S Pinckney St., Somerville Benedetto, Anthony R., ■42E, 9 Brook Ave., Wakefield Bennert, Malcolm O., •43E, 7 Kenilworth St., Shnwsheen Bennett, Harrison L., ' 43BA, Post Rd., South Sudbury Bennett, Harry W., ' 42E, 165 Hudson St.. Somerville Benson, Alfred N., ' 43BA. 14 2 Highland Ave.. Arlington Benson, Ridph G., ' 40E, 104 Bateman St., Roslindale Benson, Vincent ¥., ■40E. 5 Burgoyne St., Dorchester Ben.son. Warren M., ' 41 E, 9 .lenny Lind St.. North Easton Bcntley. Donald E., ' 43BA, .58 Harbor View Ave., VVinlhrop Bentley, .John M., ' 42E, S3 Plympton St., Waltham Berestka, Edward S., ' 41E, 67 Garfield Ave., Easthanii)ton Bergner, Arthur W.. ' 41E, 34 McKinley Ave.. Ix well Berg.son. Benjamin J.. ' 43E. 41 Orkeny IM.. Bright, n COMPLIMENTS OF THE Nnrtl|paBtprn N ms Boston Arena St. Botolph St. at Mass. Ave. May Be Rented for: REUNIONS, CONVENTIONS SPORTING EVENTS OF ALL KINDS WALTER A. BROWN Vice-President and General Manager vealth 2040 This book is bound in a . . . Kingskraft Qover Manufactured by The KINGSPORT PRESS, Inc. Kingsport, Tennessee Compliments of Gainsboro Pharmacy 291 HUNTINGTON AVE. BOSTON, MASS. UPTOWN GARAGE 10 GAINSBORO STREET - BOSTON IN REAR OF NORTHEASTERN 24-Hour Repair and Towing Service Gasoline — Complete Lubrication Service Tires — Batteries — Accessories THE BOSTON YMCA OFFERS ITS FACILITIES AND PROGRAM TO NORTHEASTERN STUDENTS AT SPECIAL RATES WHERE BUSY MEN KEEP FIT SWIMMIN G BASKETBALL GYM CLASSES FOR A QUICK WORK OUT PLAY SQUASH 5 Neil ' Courts Noiv Available 151 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN B-C lifrjislroni. Carl H., •42E, IS) Sunimil St., Hyde Park Hi-rkland, Irving T.. MSE. 44 Cellar St., Norwood Berlin. Morr.v S.. ■4:iB. , 1S70 Beacon St., Brighton Berlowe, Alvin M., ■40B. . m Greenridge Ave., While Plains, N. V. Bernstein, Irnin Jl„ ' 43E, 43 Norniand.v St., Roxbur.v Bertnsz, Michael E., IB.X, Main St., Hinsdale, N. H. Besse, Neil K.. •43E, 30 Washington St., Fairhaven Bevis, Edgar A.. ' 43E, 43 Harrison St., Newton Highlands Bierenbroodspot, Andrew, ' 40E, 2.54 Bedford St., Lexington Bikofsky, Allan M., •43BA, 43 Waumbeck St., Roxhury Billings, Santord M.. lE, Hazardrill, Conn. Binder, Martin S., •43LA, 92 Porter St., Maiden Birnbaum, Herbert, ■■iihK 30ti Hyde Park Ave., Jamaica Plain Bisbee, Roger A.. ' 43BA, 30. ' Middle St.. Braintrce BischoH, Lewis, •42E, 2.5 Mill River, New Haven, Conn. Bjorkman, Roy K., ' 41 E, 9,5 Jenness St., Lynn Blackman, Kay S., ■43E, Findley Lake, N. Y. Ulnke, Alartin, •43E, .57 SL-inwood St., Roxbury Ill ik. , William L., ' 43E, 125 Townsend Ave., Boothbay Harbor, Me. lll;,ii. h;inl, Earle P., ' 42E, ,51 So. Washington St., Whitman l!li,-,s, Herbert F., ' 41E, 2 Winthrop Ave., Taunton Bloch, Leslie, ' 43B. , 377 Prospect St., Cambridge Bloom, LawTence S., ' 43LA, 4ti Brookledge St., Boston Bloom, Melvin J., ' i3E, S3 Newhall St., Lynn Bodnar, Walter, •43E, 16 Highland Park Ave., Roxbury Boldizar, Robert J., ■43E, 159 East Ave, Norwalk, Conn. Bolivar, Carleton E., •43E, 11 Upland Rd., Winchester Bolivar, Harold R., ■43E, 179 Governors Ave., Medford Bolton, Foster K., •43E, Cabot, Vt. Bolz. William R., ■43BA, UncasviUc, Conn. Bonanno, Walter J., •43E, 4 Lyman Terr., Dorchester Bong, Walter A., ' 43E, 2293 Main St., Springfield Bonia, Walter J„ •43E, 111 Salem St., North Revere Booth, Edwin F., Jr., ' 42E, 14 Fiske Ave., Waltham Bordwell, Collier G„ ' 42E, Center St., Fonda, N. Y. Bornstein, David, ' 43LA, 24 Audubon Rd., Milton Borofsky, Arnold, ' 43E, 10 Wilcnck St„ Dorchester Boshar, John, ' 43E, 23 Poplar St., Lawrence Boston, John A., Jr., ' 43E, 55 Ocean St., Swampscott Bosworth, Gordon A., ' 43E, Bl Cohasset St., Foxboro Boudreau, John S., ' 40E, 2S Mt. Vernon St., Gloucester Bouldry, John M„ •41E, 39 Bradwood St., Boston Bouldry. William W., ■42BA. 39 Bradwood St., Roslindale Bourget, George V., ' 43E. 17 Hender.son St., Arlington Boutellc, Warren T., ' 42E, 130 Court Rd., Winthrop Bowen, Harry D., ' 41E, 51 Simpson Ave., Somerville Bowry, Donald W., ■43E, King Philip Rd., South Sudbury Boyajian, John H., ' 41LA, 471 Main St., Melrose Boyd, Charles A., ' 42E, 10 Kennick St., Brighton Boyle, Herbert P., ' 43BA, 49 Hillside Rd., Newton Highlands Boyle, Marcus ' 43BA, Chestnut St., Hatfield Bracken, Gerald F., Jr., ' 41E, 17 Pequossette St., Watertown Bradshaw, Douglas, •43LA, 232 Main St., Winthrop Brady, Francis L., Jr.. ' 43E, 147 Stetson Ave., Swampscott Brainerd, F. Blaine, ' 43LA, 5 Russ St., Lawrence Bravacos, Louis J., ' 42LA, 878 Main St.. Woburn Bray, Chester W., ■42E, 38.S Essex Ave., Gloucester Brennan. George J.. ' 43BA, 292 Belgrade Ave., Boston Brennan, Richard J., ' 40E, Minevillc, N. Y. Brennan, Jack R., •40E, Mineville. N, Y, Brennan, James C, ■43LA, 27 Grant St., Cambridge Briand, Robert L., ' 41E, 2S0 Pearl St., South Braintree Bridgham, Minot A., Jr., ' 42E, 179 Davis Ave., Brookline Brierly. Kenneth, ' 42BA, 45 Blodgett Ave., Pawtucket R. I. Briggs, .lames T., ' 43BA, 027 Pleasant St., Canton Brigham, Stanley F., •43LA, 1)3 Oriole SI ., West Roxbury Brintnall, Carl, •42E, 3 ArnuM Ave. I ' .-; ly Brocker, Roger J., SLA, 451 Foch Blvd,, Mineola, N. ■. Bromley, Vorman A„ IBA, 10 Elm St., Granville, N. V. Brookfield, Richard A., ' 41E, 235 Moosehill Pkwy., Sharon Brown, Allan R., ' -HiE, 30 Ellsworth Ave., Beverly Brown, Emery E., •42BA, 43 Shirley Rd., Waltham Brown, Fred H., ■42E, 30 High St., Marblehead Brown, Gordon H., ' 42BA, 32 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre Brown, Harold F., MOE, 94 Normandy St., Roxbury Brown, Harold M., ■42E, 27 Wellington Hill, Mattapan Brown, Herbert N., ' 42E, 7 Clay St., Taunton Brown, James D., ' 42E, 201 St. Botolph St., Boston Brown, Knowlton, •42BA, 94 Brook St., Wcllcsley Brown, Richard E., IBA, 19 Glenwood Circle. Lynn Brown, Robert H., •43E, Main St., Chatham Brown, Robert L, ' 42E, 14 Wellington St., Barre, Vt. Brown, Roger A., ' 42E, 71 Ocean St., Dorchester Brown, Warren J., •43E, Hampstcad Ave., North Billerica Browne, Frederick J., ■43E, 22 Warren St., Revere Brownville, Richard D., ' 436. , SO Browne St., Brookline Bruce, Lawrence H., MOE, 71 Pleasant St., Wakelield Buckley, Daniel J., Jr., ■42E, 15 Linden Ave., Maiden Buckley, Richard P., ■43LA, 21 Stow St., Waltham Bukala, Jacob R., •40BA., 104 Orleans St., Lowell Burgess, Phillip B., •43BA, North St., Grafton Burghardt, Alden M., •42E, 25 Middle St., South Dartmouth Burke, Edward L., •43E, 18 Winter St., Arlington Burnham, Robert C, •43LA, 5 Holten St., Danvers Burns, Ralph, ' 42E, 72 Grant St., Miirlboro Burrell, Willard A., lE, 340 Liberty St., Rockland Burrows, George R., ' 43E, 121 We st St., Braintrce Bush, Chester W., ' 43E, 139 Beaver St., Hyde Park Bushlolf. Frank, ' 43E, 20 Baird St., Dorchester Bustead, William J., ' 41E, Wilmington Rd., Burlington Butcher, Stanley, ' 43LA, 4 Washington Ave., Andover Butler, Arthur M., Jr., SBA, 526 Water St., Framingham Butterfield, Forrest V., •42E, 13 So, Ridge St., Springfield, Vt. Buxton, David, SLA, Goodman Hill Rd., Sudbury Buston, Harold, ■42E, Harwood Ave., Littleton Tiym: John R., MOLA, 81 Gloucester St., Arlington Calnll, Paul U., ■42LA, 12 Early Ave., Medford Cain, Harold A., Jr., SE, 43 Atherton St., Quincy Calarese, John B., SE, 52 Highland St., Boston Caldwell. Leonard A.. HI. ■42E, Church St.. Canaan. Conn. Callahan, Robert Jr., ' 43E, 2086 Nelson Ave., Memphis, Tenn Callahan, William F., •43LA, 25 Kingman Ave., Brockton Gallery, Edward C, •43BA, 81 High St., Canton Caloggero, Joseph A., ' 43LA, 247 Main St., Medford Cameron, Duncan H., Jr., ' 43E, 306 Dudley St„ Roxbury Cammarata, Joseph G., ' 43BA, 42 Fairmont St., Arlington Campbell, John F., ' 43LA. 44 Ocean St.. Atlantic Candis. Gregory G.. ' 43BA. 40 Isabella St.. Boston Cann, Francis ' 43BA. 83 Winnepurkit Ave., Lynn Cannava, Santo J., ' 40BA, 245 Fulton St., Medford Cantor, Milton L., SLA, 28 Whitman St.. Dorchester Capone, .Joseph, Jr., ' 43E, 380 Beech St„ Roslindale Caputi, Joseph J., ' 42E, 1 123 North Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. Caputoe, Americo . „ ' 41E, 25 Gladstone St., East Boston Card, Fred, ' 43BA, 85 Plummer Ave., Winthrop Carey, Francis W„ •43LA, 40 Longfellow St.. Boston Carine, Eugene J., ' 43E, 8 So, Hobart St., Brighton Caris, Robert B., •43E, 73 Ely Place, East Or.angc, N. J. Carito, William A„ •43E, 49 Charter St„ Boston Carleton, George T., ' 42BA, 134 Kenoza Ave., Haverliill Carl.son, Fridolf W., •43E, 59 Senver St„ North Easton C.irlson, Melvin E., ' 43LA, 3B IMansfield St., (;iou ieslcr CirNon. ( Million I,., ' MK, I.S Se.-iver St., North Eashni Compliments of The Oass of 1940 153 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN C-D Caro, Joseph H., MSLA, 94 Nightingale St., Boston Carosi. Alfred C, lE. 14 Grafton St.. Quincy Carpano. Pa.squale, M.ilA, .- 4 Chaverson St., Kail River Carpano, Vinrenl . .. MOE, 54 Chaverson St., Fall River Carpenter, Liiwrence H., ' 43BA, 20 Hope St., . ttleboro Carpenter, Richard H., MSBA, 44 Huttleston .Ave., Fairhaven Carpenter, Robert D., ■41E, 5S Prentice St., Waltham Carpenter, Vernon F.. •41E, Sandy Creek. N. Y. Carpenter, William H., ■42BA. 112 . rg -le Rd., Braintree Carr, Ralph S., ■41E, 12 Holt St., Concord, X. H. Carrigan. Marc E.. ' 43B. , 2.S Mechanic St., Quincy Carter, Irving D., ■42LA, ,S:i Parsons St., Brighton Carter William N., •42BA, 71 Clarendon Ave., West Somerville Carvill, Richard E., MSE, 1.5 Aleric St., West Roxbury Cashman, Albert C, USBA. 32 Belcher Circle, East Milton Ca.ssanos, James G., OLA, 7 Wade Ave., Woburn Ca.ssarino, Seb,lstian J., ' 43E, ,S4 Endicott St., Boston Cassidy, Ellsworth S., aBA, 71 Cedar St., Braintree Caswell, John H., ' 421 , 33 South Third Ave., Ilion, N. Y. Cegelski, Joseph J., ' 41E, 17 Daggett St., New Haven, Conn. Chaffee, Robert E., ' 41E, 6S Prospect St., Belmont Chaiek, Mitchell, •42LA, 572 Chestnut St., Lynn Chalow, Alfred J., ' 43LA, 426 North Ave., Dunellen, N. J. Chamberlin. Richard I., ' 43LA, 44 Field St., Boston Chandler, Philip C, •42E, 9 Winter St., Plymouth Charles, Jo.seph A„ ' 43BA, 4.52 Main St., Amesbury Charles, Willard C, MSBA, Salisbury Chase, Kenneth R.. •43BA, 201 Pratt Ave.. Somerset Chase, W. Raymond, MIBA. Monument Beach Chase, Walter M., Jr„ •43E, 28 Hillcrest Rd., Needham Chatterton, Earl L., ' 41E, ISO North St., Somerville Chechames, . rthur H., lE, 172 Auburn St„ Cambridge Chilson, Homer E., •42E, 1S5 South St., Northampton Chin, Henry, ' 42E, 477 Broadway, Chelsea Chipkin, Charles, ■42E, 79 Kensington St., New Haven, Conn. Chipman, John C, •42E, 99 Waverly St., .Arlington Chipman, Robert H., •42E, 93 Normandy Ave., Cambridge Chisholm, John, •43LA. 3 Bowden St., Marblehead Christopher, Anthony J., ' 42E, 432 Revere St., Revere Chumack, Alexander, ' 43E, 20 Dalton Court, Peabody Church, Arthur E., Jr., ■42E, 78 Nelson St., L.eominster Church, Herbert S., ' 43E, 7 Nelson St., Natick Cidulka, Leo, ILA, 17 Irving St., Boston Clancy, John J., lE, Lavender St., Millis Clark, Aubrey E., •42BA, Snell St., Holbrook Clark, Walter D., ■43E, S3 Riverview Rd., Brighton Clark, Willard D., ' 41E, 75 Horace St., East Boston Clarkson, Frank C, ' 43LA, 95 Wheeler Ave,, Brockton Claypole, Arthur H., Jr., ■42BA, 227 Bobbins St., Waltham Cleveland, Emmett G., OLA, 35 Park Drive, Boston Cleveland, Eric G., ■42E, W. Woodstock, Vt. Cleveland, Leon M., •42E, Reading, Vt. Cline, Erwin H., •43LA, 379 Walnut St., Stoughton Cline, Penneth M., ■40E, 37 Howland St., Ro. [bury Close, Richard R., •43BA, 10 Horton St., Rye, N. Y. Cobb, William J., ' 42 BA, 142 Vernon St., Norwood Cochrane, Robert G., ' 42LA, 7 Mountain . ve., Saugus Coffin, Clifford H., ■40E. 24S Edgell Rd., Framingham Ctr. Cogan, John J., ' 41LA, 20 Virginia St., Dorchester Cohan, George, ' 41 BA, .55 Hancock St., Maiden Cohen, John J„ ■43BA, 577 Norfolk St., Mattapan Cohen, Leonard B., ' 41E, 33 Winston Rd., Dorchester Cohen. Robert. •43E. 31 McLellan St., Dorchester Cohen, Sidney, •43E, 31 McLellan St., Dorchester Cokkinos, Andrew, ■43BA, 20 Wolcott St., Maiden Colantonio, Ernest J., ' 43LA, 215 Adams St„ Newton Cole, Albert John, ' 40LA, 23 W.vcliffe Ave., West Roxbury Cole, Arthur E., •40LA, IS School St., Lynn Cole, Carl E., ' 43IA, 112 Quin. bei|uin St., Newton U.wcr Falls Cole. Harvey M„ ■43E, 37 Standish St.. North We. iilli Coleman, Ralph A., ' 41E, 09 Huckins . ve.. Stiuanliun Collates, Constantine C, ILA, 03 Emerald St„ Boston Colt, Edward, •42LA, 7S Wellington Hill Rd.. Mattapan Combellack, Earle M., ' 40E, 10 S, Chestnut St., Augusta. Me. Comstock, Alfred N., ■40E, S Warren St., Norwalk, Conn Conant, John P., SLA, 30 Arlington Ave,, Beverly Conary, Doughis F„ ■43E, 119 Sherwood Rd„ Medford Conley, Stanley J., ' 43BA, 16S9 Cambridge St., Cambridge Conlin, Daniel J., OE, Wycliff Ave,, West Roxbury Connolly, George F., •40BA, 3907 Washington St„ Boston Connolly, James J., •40LA, ' 42 Bolton St„ Waltham Connor, John M., •42E, 11 Curtin St., Mansfield Consolazio, George A., ■43LA, 94 Berkshire St.. Cambridge Constantine, Biton P., ' 43LA, 123 Brooks St., Brighton Cook, Frank B., ■41E, 12 Pomeroy St., Allston Cook, John L., ' 41 BA, 290 Grove St., Wellesley Cooper, Leonard P., Jr., ' 43E, 75 Spring Hill . ve., Bridgewater Cooper. Samuel E.. •42LA. 116 Fourth St., Chelsea Copeland, Charles M.. ' 43BA. 30 Spring St., Lexington Copeland, Gordon E., ■41BA, 33-B Revere Rd.. Quin y Corcoran, Francis A., Jr., ■43BA, 22 Greenough Ave., Jamaica Plain Corcoran, William J., •40E, 17 Bentley St., Brighton Corey, Roger L., ■40E, Turnpike, Canton Cornwall. Leonard P., •40LA, 11 Fenwick Rd., Winchester Cornwell, Altamont J., ' 42E, Orchard Ave.. Blasdell. N. Y. Corson. W. Bradley. •40BA, 73 Wakefield St., Rochester, N. H. Cotton, Paul E„ ' 41E, 116 . lvarado Ave., Worcester Coughlin, Bernard J., ' 41E, 15 High St., Greenfield Coughlin, Kenneth J., •43E, 15 Middle St., Stoneham Cox, Everett F., Jr., •43BA. 30 Green St.. Hudson Cox, John W.. •43E. Blossom St.. Fitchburg Coyle. Robert J., ' 42E. 95 Lexington Ave.. Waterbury. Conn. Crispell. Herbert P.. ■41E. Al Broome St., Binghamton, N. Y. Crocker, Denton W., ■42LA, 44 Bellevue Rd., Beach lil.itr Croll, Irving, •41E, 83 Cottage St., Chelsea Crompton, Morris H., Jr., •43E, 148 Mt. Pleasant St., New Bedford Cronan, Calvin S., •40E, 43 Central Ave., Newtonville Cronin, John J., ' 41BA, IS Lexington Ave,, Hyde Park Crook, Sydney L., ■43E, 80 Claremont St., Newton Crossley, Norman S., •42E. 13 Lyman St.. Laconia. N. H. Crowdis. George B. ' 42BA, 10 Randlett St.. Wollaston Crowell, Baron H., Jr.. ' 41LA, Blake St.. Westboro Crowther. Ralph F.. ' 4lE. IS Webster St.. Framingham Crozier. Robert, ' 42E, 11 Courtland St., Middleboro Crumb, Lloyd P., lE, Leonardsville, N, Y. Cullen, James H., IBA, 25 Bridgemont St., Boston Cummings. Charles R.. Jr., ■43BA, 34 Lakeview Ave., Su. Hraiiilrcc Cummings, Francis W., ■42E, 57 Mt, Ida Rd„ Boston Cunnare, Francis H., lE, 10 Centre St., Waltham Cunningham. Gerald F.. lE. 9 Union St.. Haverhill Cunningham, James L., ' 42BA, Tower Rd., Lincoln Cunningham, John J., ' 40E, 17 Appleton St,. Saugus Curran, Robert. ' 4IL. , 28 Parrott St., Lynn Curtin, Francis D., ' 43E, .58 Emerald St.. Winchendon Cushman, George S.. ■41E. 51 Oliver St., Fall River Cushman, Howard R., ■40E. Mary St.. Adamsdalc Cushman, Richard, ■43LA, U Chase St.. Lexington Cusick. Fred M.. ■42BA, 23 Falkland Terr.. Brighton Daborowski. Ignace J.. ' 43LA, 49 Denton Circle. Springfield Dabkowski. .Joseph S.. •43BA. 14S Grove St.. New Britain, ( ' ..nn. Dace.v. Edward F.. •42BA, 11 Colbornc Rd., Boston D ' . gata, Samuel J.. ' 41 BA, 305 Prospect St.. Lawrence Daigle. Osc-ar 1... ■42E, 32(1 Main Si.. Van liurcn. Mc. Compliments of The Qass of 1941 155 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN D-E-F Daley, Robert W., ■42E. BS Hancock Rd.. Maiden Damascus. John G.. ■43E. 120 Dartmovith St.. Boston Damiono. Auguslino J. ' 42LA. 1.5 Cliarme . ve., Roslindale Dana, Elmer G.. ' 43E, 29 Walnut St., Canton Danah.v, James R.. ■43B. , Pleasant St.. Hopkinton Danburg, Abraham, ' 41E, 9 Duke St., Boston Dane, Norman B.. ' 43BA. Londonderry Rd.. Marblehead Darling, Frederick W.. ■43E, IS Wilcox Rd.. Dorchester Darling. Robert C. SE, 4ti4 Ash St.. Brockton Datz. Maxwell W., •43BA. 0.5.5 Morton St., Mattapan Daum. Arnold E.. •40BA, 258 Seaver St.. Roxbury Davenport, Ralph H., ' 41 B A, (59 Bowen St., Newton Centre Davidson. Lester ■42LA, 37 ClaBin Rd., Brookline Davidzick, W ' alter, BLA, 120 Congress Ave., Chelsea Davin, William N., ' 43E, S Appleton Terr.. Cambridge Davis, Arthur E., ' 41BA, 33 Wheelock Ave., Norwood Davis, Carl C, ' 41 E, 3.5 Pulsifcr St.. Newtonville Davis. Elbridge G.. •42LA, 2 Maple Rd., Winchester Davis, Frank J., •43BA, Codmiin Rd., South Lincoln Davis, L. Burnham, •42BA, 14 Sherman Rd., Greenwood Davis, Ronald C. •40LA. 99 Upland Rd.. Quincy Davis. William M., •43BA, 40 Federal St., Reading Dean, Harold L.. •43E, Farrar Rd.. South Lincoln Dearstyne. Frederick J.. ' 40BA, 69 So. Allen St.. Albany, N. V. DeAvellar. Joseph L, ILA, 220 Atlantic St., Quincy Decker, Wilmot H., ' 40E, 48 Harrison Ave., Greenwood Decotis, Michael C. ■42LA, 9 Bell St.. Danvers Delano, Clarence E., Jr.. •42LA, 30 Alden St.. Plymouth DelGrosso. Chauncy ' 43BA, Elm St., Cohasset DeLoria, Eugene J., ' 40LA, Canton St., Dedhani DeLouis, Pasquale J., •42E, 260 Charles St., Cambridge DeLuca. John H., ' 42BA, 76 Scofield Ave., Stamford, Conn. DeLue, WiUard F., Jr.. ■41LA. 28 Weyanoke St., Dorchester DeNapoli, Gerard R., ' 41E, 35 Bennington St., Newton Deneke, George E., •42LA, 48 Pearl St., Mystic, Conn. Dennis, Richard, ' 43E, 58 Hillside Ave.. Revere dcPiccolellis, John P., •42E. 38 Hemenway St., Boston DePina. Edward J., ' 41E, R.F.D. No. 0. Norwich, Conn. Dergay. Leonard J., ' 42E, 221 Franklin St., Cambridge DeRocco, Alfred D., ' 42E, 447 Western Ave., Brighton DeRoche, Francis R.. ■42LA, 58 Madison St., Madison DeRosa. Vincent, ' 42E, 48 Pearson Ave., Somerville DeS.Tntis, Joseph, ■43E, 4 Bickford Rd.. Maiden Dethier, Gerard B., ■42LA, 40 Pond St.. Jamaica Plain Dcvine. Joseph M.. ' 40E, 5 Walnut St.. Somerville Dewey, George W.. ' 43BA, R.F.D. No. 3, Winsted, Conn. Dewhurst. Herbert A.. ' 43E. 79 Aberdeen Rd., Squantum Dexter, Eugene F., ■43BA. 61 Winslow Rd.. Belmont Diamond, Harold S.. ' 41 LA, 35 Ormond St.. Mattapan DiCara, Salvatore V.. ' 41BA, 6 Greenmount St., Dorchester DiCicco, Valentino, ■43E, 93 Winthrop St.. Brockton Dickey, Gilmore C. Jr.. ' 42E, 28 Bay State Rd.. Belmont Dicklow, James Ashton. ' 43E. 67 Lower Blvd., New London, Con Diette. Ernest J., ■40E. 76 Winchester Ave., New Haven. Conn. DiFranco, George, ' 43BA, 22 Summer St., Somerville Dignes, William T.. ' 43E, 43 W. Canton St., Boston DiMaggio, Anthony J.. ' 43LA. 8 Milton St.. Arlington Dimitri, Sevo J., ' 40E, 13 Leonard Court, Taunton Dindio, Antonio, Jr., •43LA, 57 Cornell St., Roslindale DiNozzi, Guido, ' 43E, 252 Broadway, Boston Dinsmore, Paul E., •42BA, 78 Ash St., Waltham Dion, Raymond O.. ' 41E, 14 Glendalc St.. Salem DiPictro. Paul A.. ' 43E. .59 nr.ia.luiiy, S iTville DiPietro. William O.. ■42E. J 1 Mill. i. si ( ii. I . Walcrlowii Director, Philip R.. ' 42E. I Is li ,,u;. SI ., ( ■:unl)ri.lKe Divoll, Richard L., •43E, Dnrton SI.. l„,„-,.rd Dixon, Robert A., ' 41E, 20 Cliff St.. Mal.icii Dobbin, Rollins, ' 40LA, Jonesport, Me. Dodge, Malcolm F., •43LA, 16 Walnut St.. Beverly Doherty, John E., SE, 16 Bardwell St., Boston Dohert.v, Leo F., ' 4lE, 29 School St., Revere Dominie, David R., ' 42LA, 20 Whitney St., Saugus Donahue, Piitrick H., ' 41E, 100 Blue Hill Ave.. Milton Donahue, W. Kenneth. •43E. 19 Murray Hill Rd.. Maiden Donelson, George R.. ' 41 E, State Rd.. Boston Donlan, Raymond J., ' 43E, 63 Dale St., Waltham Donlon, Stephen J., ' 42BA, 37 Salem St.. Swanipscoll Donovan. Daniel A., Ill, •43LA, 182 Redington St.. Swauipsc Dorman. William E.. ' 42LA. 70 Fairview Ave., Belmont Dorosz, Adolph S., ' 42E, 353 South St., Bridgewatcr Dowd, James W.. ' 42E, 8 Bradford St., Taunton Dowling. John H.. ' 4 . 20 Whitten St., Dorchester Drake, Weldon W., ' 43E, 97 Charles St., Boston Drevitch, Samuel, •42E, 36 Wilder St„ Roxbury Drinkwater, Robert B., •40E, 14 Holland Terr.. Necdliani Drummond, David B., ' 42BA, 22 George Anna St.. S.nilli Iti Drury, Harold B.. •42E, R.F.D. No. 2, Athol Dudley, Benjamin A., ' 42E. Farm Rd., Marlboro Dumas. Lcland B.. ■43BA, 127 Playstead Rd., Medford Dunlavy, Frank J.. Jr.. ■41E. 190 Pine St., Wollaston Dunn. Albert D.. •42BA. 44 No. Wellington St.. New Brilai Durgin. Bernard L., ' 42BA. 813 Main St.. Haverhill Dump. Paul C, ■43E. U Newfield St.. Wollaston Dwyer. Francis L., ' 42E, 227 Faneuil St., Brighton Dw.ver. Fred T., ' 42LA, 110 W. Wyoming Ave.. Melrose Dwyer. William T., ■43BA, 22 Ripley Rd.. Belmont Eagan. Earle F.. ' 43E. 59 Safford St.. Quincy Eckert. John O., ' 41E, 29 Greenwood St.. Greenwood Eckler, Norman H.. .41E, Hegins, Pa. Eklund. Ernest A.. ' 43E, Myrtle St.. Ashlund Elbling. Irving N., ' 43LA, 107 Palm St.. Nashua Elkins, Irwin, ' 43E, 11 Vinal St., Allston Elksnin, Henry, ' 42E, 173 Winter St., Brockton Elliott, Edgar H., ' 42E, Thompson, Conn. Elliott, Robert E., •43E. 4 Lovell St., Laconia, N. H. Ellis, Calvin, ' 42E, Gorham Rd., Harwich Port Ellis, Charles G., ' 42E. Main St., Sagamore Ellis, Franklin F., ' 43E, I Hawthorne St., Norwood Ellis. Robert O.. ■41E, Main St.. Rangeley. Me. Ellison, Donald L., ■43LA, 7 Crafts St„ Waltham Ellsworth, William •41E, 2 Home Ave,, Binghamton, N. V. Else, James G.. Jr., ' 42BA, 28 Warwick Rd., Melrose Emerson, Denley W., ' 41LA, 247 Fisher Ave., Brookline Emerson, John E., ' 43E, Main St., Rawley Eng, Walter, ■43E, 34 Harrison Ave., Boston England, William H., ' 40E, 34 Hartford St.. Dorchester Ericson. Harry L., •43E, Old Neck Rd.. Manchester Erne. Ned A., ' 42LA, 22 Bellvista Rd., Brookline Estelle, Weems E.. •43E, R. R. No. 1. Rockville. Cimn. Etzel, Simon F., ' 41 LA. 107 Fairmont Ave.. New Haven. I ' .ui Evans. Thomas, ' 43LA, 208 Washington Ave., Chelsea Everett, William C, ' 42E, 25 Pine St., Taunton Fabrizio, Angelo L., •4lE, 168 School St.. Waltham Fairbanks, Eugene F.. ' 43LA, North Ave., Wakefield Falkoff, Bernard N.. ' 40LA, 370 Wilkins St.. Rochester, N. Y. Fallon, Thomas F., ' 42E, Doris Ave., North Billerica Fallows, Ernest M., ' 41E, 21 Robertson St., Quincy Faretra, Vincent J., ' 43LA, 182 Franklin St„ Allston Furney, Leonard C„ ■41E, R.F.D. No. 2, Lowvillc, N. V. Fnsoli. Paul A.. ' 42E, 222 S. Third St,. Mechanicville. N. Y. | ' ,.Ml„ ' rston. Charles M.. ■43BA, .58 Richard.siui SI.. Newlon Compliments of The Class of 1942 157] DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Feinberg, Milton I.. ' ■IILA, 32 Deckard St.. Boston Feinberg. Sidne.v L.. ' 418. . 239 Harvard St., Dorchester Feldman. Elihu L., ■43E. 12.i9 Blvd.. New Haven. Conn. Ferguson. Donald O.. OE. 371 Ocean Ave., New London. Conn. Ferguson, Harr.v J., ' 41E. S95 Canterbur.v St., Roslindalc Ferguson, John W.. •43E, 20 Harriet Ave., Belmont Ferrara, John C, SLA, 51) Farquhar St., Roslindalc Field, Arthur B., Jr., •42LA, 20 Chase Ave., U-xingtoTi Field. Robert A., •42E, 174 S.vca more St., Roslindale Figlioli. Aldo R., •41BA, ()7 Yale Pkwy., Meriden, Conn. Fillebrown, Carter, Jr., lE, 43 Elm St.. Wollaston Fine. Harold E., •43E. 36 Uphani Rd., Maiden Finkle, Earl, ■41 E, 11 Nahant Ave.. Revere Finnegan, Carl L„ ' 43E, SO Stoughton St.. Dorchester Fiore, . nthony, SBA, 30 Chetw.vnd Rd., Somervillc Fish, Joseph N.. Jr.. •43E, 2 Fairfax St., Boston Fishbone, Gus, •42BA, Main St.. Yantic, Conn. Fisher. Harland S.. •42E, 14.5 Conwa.v St., Greenfield Fisher, Malcolm E.. •42E. 14.5 Conway St.. Greenfield Fitzgerald. John J., ' 40L. . 34 Monument Sq., Charlestown FitzGibbons, John E., ' 40E, 91 School St., Taunton Fitzpatrick, John F., SE, 2 Maple Ave., Foxboro Flanagan, John J.. ■41LA, 55 Wiggleswortb St.. Maiden Flanigan. George W.. ' 43E. 33 Union St., Braintree Flato, Jerome C. ■42E. Bo Rogers Park Ave., Boston Fleischer, Richard H.. ■43E. 79 Fifth Ave.. Quincy Flowers, William R.. ' 41E, Riverside Drive. Augusta, Me. Flynn, Daniel J., ■42E. 22 Elm Sq., Wakefield Flynn, Thomas H,. •43E. 21 Emerson St., Peabody Flynn. William F.. SBA. 4 K St.. Concord, N. H. Forant, Paul R., ' 42E, 72 Tuttle St., Dorchester Forbes, . rthur E., ' 43E, 241 Washington St.. Holliston Ford, Charles E., ' 42E, 66 Arthur St., East Braintree Ford, Richard J., ' 43E, 63 Washington Ave., Waltham Forman. Alfred. •43BA., S3 Ruthven St., Roxbury Foss. Frederick A„ Jr., ■42E, 337 Central St.. Auburndale Foster, Charles F.. ■42E, 15 Lookout Terr,, Lynn Foster, Leo, MSLA, 10 Hildreth St., Dorchester Fox, M.vcr, 42E, 89 Maiden St„ Everett Fox, William, Jr„ ' 42E, 101 W. Ashland St., Brockton Fradshani, Edward J.. ■43LA, 2(i Wheeler St., B(i.ston Francis, Thomas E.. ' 43E, 400 West Main St., North Adams Franzosa, John C, •43E, 12 Lowden Ave., Somervillc Frazier, Andrew D., ' 4! LA, 1774 Columbia Rd.. South Boston Fredrickson, John H., ■43LA, 40 Chickatawbnl Rd.. Quincy , Albert A., •43BA, 141 Ormond St., MiillaiKin , Albert W., ,40E. Hollis, N. H. Freeman, Dean. ' 42E. 9S Porter St., Somervillc Freeman, Emery E.. Jr., MOE, Summer St.. Cohasset French. Hector E.. ■41E, River Rd.. Carlisle French. Milton R., ' 41 E, 1 Friend St., Beverly Freundlich, Richard, ' 43LA, 12 Prospect Ave., Winthrop Frizzell, B. George, •40BA, 23S Salem St., Wakefield Frongillo. George L., •43LA. 9S Perkins St.. Jamaica Plain Frutkoff, Carl M., •43E, 162 Glenway St., Boston Fuller. Everett H.. •40E. 2.59 Coney St., East Walpole Fuller, Frederick G., ■43BA, .58 Ro.val St.. Quincy Furman. Merritt D., Jr., ' 42E, Steep Falls, Me. C.aeUini, Robert A.. ■43E. 186 Pierce Rd., Wcyirionlh Galfney, Bernard J.. •40E. 54 Hemingway St.. Winchester Gagne, Wilfred N., ■40E, 173 James St., Fairfield. Conn. Galer, Arthur, ■42E, 18 Wabon St., Roxbury Gallagher, John C. •42BA. B-Barnes Ave.. White River Jcl .. VI. Gallagher, John J., Jr., ' 43BA, 19 Buttonwood Lane, Peabody Gallagher. Thomas L.. Il BA. I S|.)m St.. South . clon Gallant, JoM-ph A., ■421,A. 6S Warwick ltd.. West Newton Gallo, Patrick, ■43E, 226 Sea St„ Quincy Gamble, Reginald E.. ■41L. . St. Martin ' s St.. N. B.. Canada Ganong. Curtis R.. MCE, 70 Madison St., Arlington Gantman, Sidney D.. •42E, 15 Ruthven St,. Roxbury Gardner. Francis W., Jr,. •43BA, 1 Butternut St.. Middletown. Con Gardner. Robert E., MSBA, 49 M. Ttle Terr.. Winchester Gardner. Walter C, ■42E. No. Main St., Cohasset Garlick, Eugene H., •42BA. 906 Grand Central Ave.. Horsehca N. Y. Gately, James E.. Jr., ' 43E, 19 Hammond Rd., Belmont Gates, Charles E., ' 42E, 12 Mma Ave.. Belmont Gauld, Edward, OE, 22 Linden Place, Brookline Gebelein, George C, Jr., SLA, 4 Cliff Rd., Welleslcy Hills Gelewitz, Edmund W., •43E, 1216 Commonwealth Ave.. Boston Geller. Irving, •42LA, 31 Howland St.. Boston Geller. Sidney N.. •43E, 512 Harvard St., Dorchester Georgalos, James, ' 41 E, 33 New St., East Boston George, Ralph E., SE, 231 Park St.. Medford Gerry. David C. ■41E, High St.. Topsfield Getchell. Robert. ■43E, 270 Lafa.vettc St., Randolph Getchell, Walter A., Jr„ SE, 270 Lafa.vette St.. Riindolph Gibbs. David W., ' 42E. 49 Burdett Ave., Framingham Gibson, Garnet L,. ■40LA, 385 Lafayette St.. Salem Giddings, Arthur L., ■43E, 16 Rockview Rd., Milton Giles, James E.. Jr.. OE, 44 Olive St., Newburyport Gill, John J., MOE, 11 Mt. Vernon St., Brighton Gillen, Edward B., ■43LA. 27 Wcstwood Rd., Boston Oilman, Frank A., •43E, Sleeper St., North Chelmsford Ginsberg, Abraham S.. ' 42E, 93 Irving St.. Everett Ginsberg. Sumner N.. ILA, 36 Willowwood Rd., Dorchester Ginther, Robert J.. •40E, 138 Horton St., Lewiston, Me. Glasker. Louis. •43BA, 22 James St.. Brookline Glass, Hyman A.. •40E, 29 Geneva Ave., Roxbury Gleason, Thomas L.. ' 41BA, 44 Plymouth Ave., Stratford, Conn. Gleason, Walter P., ' 43BA, 26 Lawson Rd., Winchester Glidden, James P.. ' 4 , 90 Washington St., Belmont Glines, Arthur B., ■42E, 63 Bartlet St., Andover Goddess, Matthew, ' 40E, IS Duke St., Matlapan Gogan, Thomas F., •43LA, 4 Regent Place, Lynn Gogolin, Robert T., ' 41E, 95 Summer St., Maynaril Goldberg, Joseph A.. ' 42LA, 25 Angell St., Dorchester Goldbcck, Earle, ' 43E, New Hartford, Conn. Golden. Maurice I.. ' 42E, 15 Lome St.. Dorchester Goldfrank, Thomas, ■42E, 32 Queensberry St., Boston Goldsmith, Melvin A.. ■41BA, 23 Strathmore Rd.. Brookline Goldstein, Milton, ' 43E, 9 Gkadstone St.. East Boston Goldstein, Robert, ■43LA, 100 Columbia St., Brookline Gomes, Antonio, •42E, 42 Lowland Ave.. Cambridge Gomez. Paul C, MSE, 31 Orkney Rd., Brighlon Goodie, Clifford B„ •43E, 50 Buckingham R,l., Wcdhislon Goodman, Milton B.. ■42BA, 2 Kemp St.. Sonlli lioslon Goodman, Philip D.. •43E. 4 Howlan l St., R,.xbur. ' Goodot, William J.. ■43E, 14 Torrcy St., Dorcheslcr Goodwin, Albert E.. ' 41 E. 30 Blakely St.. Lynn Goodwin, Roger D., ' 43LA, 48 Mellcn St., Ncedliam Heights Gordon, Charles J., ' 41LA. 187 Cabot St.. Boston Gordon, Emanuel, ■41E, 16.S Mills St., Maiden Gordon, James D., •41E, .58 Prospect St.. VVcynionlh Gornuin. Frederick E.. ' 40E. 7,S9 Worcester Si .. Welleslcy Gove, Robert A.. ' 74 St.. Newburyporl Gowcn, lliilph H.. •42E, 17 Tower Ave. L. Tni Grace. Donald F., ' 421 . R.F.D. No. 1. Harringloii. Me. Grady. Walter T.. ' 40E. 4093 Washington St.. Graswicz. Eilwurd, ■41E. 58 Princeton SI.. Mc-.lfoni Green, Alan, ' 43E, 46 Hrighani SI., Walerlown (ircen. Harold. ' 42E. II Slarhird SI.. Maldc-n Green, Lann-nic 11.. rji:, 167 Wasliinglun St.. . Compliments of The Class of 1943 150 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Green, Milton. SE. 1352 Dorchester Ave.. Boston Green. S.vdne.v. ' 41L. ' . 29 Ridgewood St., Dorchester Greene, Herbert L., •42E. 131) Vinton St.. Melrose Greene. MerriU H.. MSBA. iA Olnc.v St.. Dorchester Greenleaf. Francis D.. ' 42E. South St.. Foxboro Greenough, Harold F.. Spec. IG Hill St., Somerville Greenside. M. Ton. ' 43LA. 431 Washington St.. Dorchester Griffin. Gerald A., ' 41BA, 10 Brogan Rd., Medford Griffith, Sherwood B.. ■43LA. 26 Pl.vmpton St.. Middleboro Grinkis. Joseph S., ' 43E, R.F.D.. Sterling Jot. Grodsk.v. Morris. •43BA. 76 Highland St.. Chelsea Grossbard. Saul, ■42BA, 112 Winthrop Rd., Brookline Grove, -Arthur H.. ' iSE. .51 Vcrndale St.. Brookline Grover, Frederick R.. ' 43E, 1 Broadwa.v Ave. Rockport Grover, John T., ' 41E, Palmer Rd., Halifax Guastella, Samuel, •42E, 225 Canton St.. Fitchburg Gurney, Robert. ILA. 106 Otis St.. Medford Gustafson, Edwin A.. •42E, 171 Main St., Ma.vnard Gustavson, Robert, " 42LA, Beacon St., Islington Haas, Charles V., •41LA, 47 Bellaire Rd.. Roslindale Hadle.v. Richard E.. •43LA. 17S Marlboro St., Boston Hagberg, Edward A.. SE, 22 Fenton Ave., L.vnn Hagopian, Noriar N.. OLA, 77 Templeton Pkwy., Wat.Tl.)V Hahn, Saul. •42BA. 4 Howland St.. Roxbury Ha ll. Albert B.. SE. 45 Oak Grove Ave.. Bratlleboro. Vt. Hall. Bicknell. Ill, •43BA, 143 Elmwood Ave., Wollaston Hall, Ian L.. lE. 42 Dakota St., Dorchester Hall. Leonard C. ■41BA, 14 Cedar Ave., . " Vrlington Hall. Leon E.. ' ilE, 141 L.ingdon St., Newton Hallberg, Carl L.. SLA, 12 Berkley St., Quincy Hallen. Robert O.. OE, 951 Broadway. Everett Hallet. Allen H.. •43E, 2S1 Glen Rd., Wellesley Farms Hallett, Russell S., •42E, 15 Neponset Ave., Walpole Halloran, John J., ' 41LA, 66 Norwood Ave.. Manchester Hamilton, Charles B., ' 43E, 45 Harding Ave., Belmont Hamilton, Earl R.. •42E, Main St., Norton Hamilton, Herbert A.. Jr., ■43E, 295 Wyoming Ave., Melrose Hamilton, Robert A., •42LA, 91 Weston Ave., Braintree Hammon, Herbert C. ' 40E, 24 Collins St.. Newbur.vport Hamparian. John J., SLA, 1.54 Norfolk St., Dorchester Hampton, William R.. ■43BA, 7 Sapphire Rd.. Saugus Hanchett. George D., Jr.. ' 42E. Glen St.. Natick Handler. Arthur. ' 42E, 173 Winchester St.. Brookline Handy, Douglas C, ■42E, Box 54, North Springfield, Vt. Hankinson. George W., ■43E, 163 Hemcnway St., Boston Hanks, Theodore S., •42LA, 16 Elmwood Rd., Wellesley Hannum, Arthur E.. •42BA, 13 Munroe St., Northampton Hansis, Donald R., ' 43BA, 10 Lehigh St., Arlington Hardie, Donald C. ' 40E, 922 S. Franklin St.. Brookline Harding, Kenneth, ' 41 BA, 60 Hamden Circle, Woll.aston Hardy. William L., ' 40E, 42 Main St.. Cochituate Hargraves. James A,. ■42E. 340 Osgood St.. North Andover Haron. Carl I.. ' 43E. 51 Florence Rd.. Waltham Harper, Arthur A.. •41BA. 44 Nahant St.. W.ikefield Harraghy. Edward J.. ' 40LA, 7 Cooper Sq.. Taunton Harrington. Robert F.. •41LA. 120 Essex St., Beverly HarrLson. Marvin A.. ' 43LA. 21 Verndale St.. Brookline Hart. Gordon M.. ■42E. 12 Columbus Ave.. Cambridge Hart. .lohn Evans, ' 43E, 70 Bradford Ave., Bradford Hartford, Arthur F.. Jr.. ' 41 E. 70 Marlboro St., Wollaston Hartle.v. James F., ' 40E. Snipatuit Rd.. Rochester Hartwcll, David W.. ■42E, 3S Charlemont St.. Newton Highla Harvie, Ernest A., SBA. George Hill St.. Grafton Haskell. Arthur C. Jr., •42E. 21 Cedar St.. Marblehead Haskell. Russell A., MOE. l.S Winchester St.. East Haven. Cor Hastingii, Robert R., ' 41 E. 26 Freeman St.. Arlington Hastings. Stanley R., ' 41E. 14 Linden St., Marblehead Hatch. Harry B.. ■43BA. 3S Grandview Ave.. Wollaston Hatch. Richard .M.. Jr., ■43E, 40 Carver Rd.. East W ' nlertown Haufler, Robert C. ' 41E, 65 Sedgwick St.. Boston Hawes. George H., Jr.. ' 41E. 15 Fells Ave., Medford Hawthorne, Nathaniel, ' 42E, 4 Carver Rd., Watertown Hayes. Alfred B.. •42BA, 127 . rlington St.. Hyde Park Hayes, Richard C. ' 40LA. Ashland St.. Arlington Haynes. Paul D.. ■42E, 33 Delano Ave.. Quincy Hays, Walter I.. ■42LA, 22 Grant Place, Waltham Hayward. Gardner L.. •42E. 25 Payson Rd.. Belmont Hayward. Herbert A.. Jr.. SLA. 200 Fairmount Ave.. Hyde Park Hazelwood. Frank H,. ' 40BA. 51 Osceola St.. Mattapan Hebard, James C. Jr.. •43E. .54 Woodrow Ave., Medford Heffernan, Richard P.. MSE. l.S Osgood St.. Salem Hetron. Paul E.. ■41BA, 260 Foster St., Brighton Heidel, Robert N., ■43BA, 53 Grove St., Winchendon Helbig. John W.. •42LA. IS Union St., Greenfield Heller, Leon, ■43BA, 104 Toxteth St.. Brookline Helms, Sherwin P., •40LA. 119 Palfrey St., Watertown Hempel. Carl H., ■43LA, Eastern Ave.. Essex Henderson. Austin B.. •42E. .S Lakeview St.. Beverly Henderson, Robert S.. ' 41 E. 344 Appleton St.. . rlington Hender.son. .lohn D.. ■41LA. 4 Windemere Ave.. Dorchester Hender.son. Robert D.. ■42E. Main St.. Sherborn Hendricks, John G., SE, 151 E. High St.. Avon Hendrickson. Rudolph. ' 42LA. 9 Rock View Rd.. Quincy Hennessey. Charles A.. ■43E. 121 Harvard St.. V..llnsl..ii Hennessey. Edward F., •41BA. 275 Tremont St.. ewl,.n Hennigar. Howard V., " 40 LA, 19 Wilmont St., Whitman Herbert, George E., Jr., ' 42E. 47 Baltimore St., Haverhill Hergstrom, Robert P., ' 43BA, 1073 Corbin Ave., New Britain Herlihy, John L , ' 42E, 73 Houghton St.. Dorchester Hcrndon. John L., ' 43E, 44 Crass St., Beverly Herring, John A.. ' 41LA, Broadway, North Attleboro Hewson, Charles R.. ' 41E, 23 Glen Rd.. Wellesley Hdls Hickey. Edward T.. ' 41BA, 39 Beecher Place, Newton Center Higgins, John A.. •42E. North Main St.. Andover Higgins. Robert R„ ■43BA. 124 Dickernuin Rd.. Newton Highlands Higgs, Lawrence L., ' 43LA. 25 Quincy Ave, Quincy Hill, Dana L., •42E, 247 Beale St., Wollaston Hill, Howard T., SBA, 22 Fairfield St.. Brockton Hill. John A.. •42E. 9 Westford St.. Lowell Hill, Robert Clifton, ' 43LA, 115 Walnut St.. Brookline Hill. Rowland B., ■43E 1269 Main St., Leominster Hillicr, Arnold, lE, Fort Montgomery. Fort Monlgonier.x-. N. V. Hiltunen. Elias B., •40LA. 145 Main St., Maynard Hint kley, Kenneth M., ■43E, Blue Hill, Me. lliiHkl.y. Richard B., •42E, 21 Bodwell St., Dorchester lliiirks Edward W., Jr., ■43BA, Kents Hill, Me. Hirsch. Frank David. ■43E, 5 Maverick St.. Chelsea Hirshberg, Sumner D., SLA. 11 Quincy St.. Medford Hisamoto. M.asayuki. •41E. 1 Arlington St., .Somerville Hochman, Morris, ' 43LA, 69 Brnnscomb St., . " " Jew Bedford Hodgkins, George L., •43BA, 187 Lowell St., Reading Hoell, George R., ■43BA, 64 Court St.. Medford Hoffman, Carl. ■42E. 40 Cabot St.. Hartford. Conn. Hoffnum. Michael J.. ■42E. 1427 Commonwcallh Ave.. Hrighlon Hogan. Robert E., ■43BA. 27 Elmwood Ave.. Haverhill Hogan, Wilbur J., •43LA, 1173 Liberty SI.. Springfield llojcni, Robert S., ' 42E, 5 Grove SI,. We l ( ■,,ii,-,,r.l Holcomb, Normand P., MOE, W;inli.,iEsc l ' ..iril. CuruL ll..lden, Bruce R., ' 43LA, 60 Tra|«l„ li.l,. l!,-iin Holland, Robert T., ■41E, II Arlinglon Si., Woburn Mollis. Thomas, Jr.. •41E. 12 Sudbury ltd.. C.ncird ll,,lrri. .loliM W.. •43E. 76 Everdean SI.. Ilosb.ii Ib.lnKHi. U,,l,,-rl C. ■V2K. S l!,-l„i Si.. N ' orw i Compliments op Ipha Kappo- SigmcL Heto- Qammo-i Spsilotis StcL-i Tan TS[ii l [ii SpsiloiL Zeto- Sigmo- KappcL Tsi Thi " BetcL Ipha Sigmo- Thi Ipho-: Qammo-i Thi Kappas 161 H-I-J DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN J-K Holmes, Gardner W., MILA, 36 Washington Sq., Gloucester Hopkins, Paul M., SE, IS First St., Melrose Hopkinson. Victor L., ■42E, 5S Oliver St., Fitchburg Horan, John F., ' 42BA, 9S Bennett St.. Brighton Horenstein. Leon R., ' 43LA, oUU Beach St.. Revere Horgan, Frederick R., ' 42E, li " Putnam St., West Newton Houghton, Charles C, •42LA, 222 W. Main St., Brockton Hourihan, John T., ' 40E, 12 Jacobs St., Peabody Howard, Thomas E., ■42BA, 14 Park Ave., Derr.v, N. H. Howard, William M ., •43E, Bo. 9li, Clark Mills, N. Y. Howe. George F., ■43BA, 21S Bolton St., Marlboro Howe, Richard P., ' 41E, Central St.. West Acton Howie, Malcolm P., ■42E, (K Standish Rd., Watertown Hewlett, Joseph F., ' 41E, .51 Melcalf St.. Medtord Hubbard, Harrison W., ' 43E, 27S Maine St., Brunswick. Me. Huddleston, Robert D., •43LA, IS Reed Place. Whitman Hughes, Alfred F., •42E, 200 Lewis St., L.vnn Hughes, Joseph S., SE, 390 Charles River Rd., Watertown Hulse. Miles L., ' 43BA, 13S Melrose Ave., Needham Hultgren, William C, ' 41LA. 80 Woodside Rd., Winchester Humphrey, John F., •42LA, 90 Melbourne Terr., Waterbury, Co Hunt, Wilson L., ' 43LA, 3 Harold Park, Boston Hunter, Cla.vton W., ' 40E, Mount Vernon St., Newport. Vt. Hunter, Donald, ' 43BA, 2K Parkman St., Dorchester Hunter, Howard G., SBA, 219 Highland Ave., Arlington Hunting, Elmer R., Jr., ■42E, Springfield, Vt. Huntington, Paul W., ■41LA, l(i Cleveland St., Pawtuckel, R. I. Huntsman, Nelson E., ' 43LA, York St., Canton Hurley, Raymond B., ' 41E, 93A Watertown St., West Newton Hurley, Warren A., ■43E, 7S Knoll St., Roslindale Hurley, William H., SBA, (i09 Blvd., Revere Huse, George, ' 43E, 133 Vernon St., Newton Hussey, Elmer E., ' 41E, 10 Dartmouth St., Everett Hutchins, Hartley F., OLA, 113 Highland St., Marlboro Hutchins, Lyman M., Jr., ■43BA, 14 Angler Circle, Auburniialc H.vde, Harold G., ' 43E, 50,5 Prospect St., Methuen Hyman, Robert A., •43E, 104 York Terr., Brookline Ikerman, Charles E., •43E, 38 Henry St., Cranston, R. I. Ireland, Robert W., ' 41E, S8 Grove St., Lynn Irgon, Joseph, ' 43E, Go Phillips St., Boston Irish, Alfred G., •42BA, 142 King St., Falmouth Jack, Paul W., ■40LA, 7 St. William St., Dorchester Jackson, Charles W., Jr., ' 41E, 82 Harold St., Hartford, Conn. Jackson, Philip M., ' 41LA, .56 Grove St., Peterboro, N. H. James, John A., •43BA, 10 Garden St., North Andover, Vincent S., ■43E, 141 Church St., New Bedford Jansonis, Ronald B., •43E, 1836 Columbia Rd., South Boston Jaycock, Charles G., Jr., ' 43E, .569 Franklin St . Melrose HIds. Jeanfavre, Robert E., ■40E, 17 Travis St., Torrington, Conn. Jefferson, James F., ' 43E, 47 Bay State Rd., Belmont Jenks, Peter E., ' 43E, 66 Channing St., Wollaston Jennings, Edward W., ' 43BA, 15 Azcl Rd., South Braintree Jennings, Paul, ' 41E, 15 Azel Rd., South Braintree Jensen, Grant S., ' 41E, 37 High St., Portland, Me. Jerzj-k, Leo C, ■42LA, 135 Derby St., Salem Jcwett, George W., •42E, 77 Atkinson St., Bellows Falls, Vt. .lones, Cl.vde E., ' 43BA, 450 Main St., South Weymouth Johnson, Albert D., ' 41 E, 24 Lunt St., Norfolk Downs Carl B., ' 41 BA, 35 Concord Ave., Belmont Carl G., Jr., ■43E, 152 Miiry St., Arlington C. Harold, ' 41BA, 45 Fountain Rd„ Arlington Carl H., ' 41 BA, 380 Benefit St., Pawtucket, R. I. Everett A., ' 41 LA, 69 Granite St., Worcester Howard E., ' 4nBA, 19 Concord St., Maynard Howard F., ' 43LA, Second St., North Grafton Johns. Johnso Josscly .Johnsi James E.. ' 40E, 45 Robillard St., Gardner Kimberle.v, •42E, R.F.D. No. 2, Peekskill. N. V. Philip E., •41E, 24 Laighlon Terr., Lynn Kjilph D., ' 42E, Second St.. North Grafton Ralph F., ' 41E, 4 Vernon Court, Newburyporl Riiymond V., ' 40LA, 00 Edge Hill Rd., Braintree Robert S., ■43LA, 4045-73 St., Jackson Heights Winston H., ' 42E, IS Howard St., Belmont Calvin E.. •41BA, 125 Granger St., Wollaston Joy, Daniel A., •43E. 606 Trapelo Rd., Belmont Joyce. Richard A., ■43E, 25 Pleasant Ave.. East Bridgewater Juusola, Roy A., ' 42E, 219 Water St., Fitchburg Kagan, David, ■43E, 15 Tremont St., Cambridge Kalafalas. Nichola.s J., ■42LA, 282 Columbia Ave., Boston Kalayjian, Charles H., •42E, 123 Marine Rd., South Boston Kaprielian, Armen J., ' 42E, 351 N. Main St., Nalick Karlsberg , Rubin, HIE, 82 Erie St., Dorchester Kalsogianis, John C;.. MUE, S5 Central St., Waltham Kalz, Israel. MIE, 7 Poplar St., Boston Katz, Maurice, •41E, 632 West Park St., Dorchester Kaufman. Abraham, ' 42LA, 23 Browning Ave., Dorchester Kaufman, Arnold. ' 40E, 32 Porter St.. Maiden Kavanagh. Walter E., ■43LA, 120 Brooks St., Brighton Kawagy. Richard F.. ' 43E, 59 E. Brookline St., Boston Kcady, John F.. •43BA, 33 Seymour St., Roslindale Keating, John P., •43E, 219 Forest St., Mcdford Keck, Alfred, MOE, 9 Lexington Ave., Hyde Park Kcefe, Eugene J., ' 4.3BA, 128 Mt. Vernon St., Arlingl.ui Keetfe, .lohn, ' 43BA, Box 195, Woodstock, N. B., Canada Keeaan, Joseph I., ' 40E, 59 Johnston Rd., Dorchester Kelle, Wilder, Jr., ' 43LA, 133 Rockland St., Canton Kelley, Walter B., •41E, 88 E. Cottage St., Dorchester Kelly, Colby, •42E, 33 Clarke St., Lawrence Kelly, William J., •40LA, 243 Belgrade Ave., Roslindale Kendall, Julius, ' 41E, 50 Harlem St., Dorchester Kennedy, Donald E., ' 43E, 29 Victory Ave., Haverhill Keimedy, Edmond I., ' 43E, 9 Locust Ave., Lexington Kennedy, Richard H., HSLA, 28 River Rd.. Weston Kennedy. Walter I., Jr., •42LA, 93 Glover Ave., North Qui; Kenncfiek, Russell T., HILA, 13 Short St., Gloucester Kenncy, Charles P., ' 43BA, 101 Conwell Ave., Somerville Kenney, Peter J., Jr., ' 43B. , 42 Highland St., West Jledwi Kerr, .lohn J., ' 43E, 4 Calumet St., Roxbury Ki ' teham, Arthur W., ' 41E, Salisbury, Vt Ketehcn, Charles W., MOE, 43 Pinkham Rd., Medford Ketchen, Ernest B., ' 41E, 43 Pinkham Rd., Medford Keyes, Norman A.. ' 43BA, 1168 Boylston St., Boston Khoury, Esa M., •43LA, 135 Hudson St., Boston Kiley, Robert J., ■41E. 90 Claybourne St.. Dorchester Killam. Edward R., •41BA, 4S Union St., Manchester Killam, Paul D., ■43E, 19 West Ave., Salem Kilroy, James J., ■42E, 7 Christopher St., Boston King, Earl W., HOLA, 4 Hudson St., Maiden King. Jo.seph V., ■43LA. 9 Viola St., Milton Kinley. Chester R., Jr., HSE, 420 Chestnut St., Clinton Kippen, Russell F., ' 40E, 12 Plum St., Gloucester Kirkaldy. Robert B.. HOE, 43 Westglow St., Dorchester Klein, Bernard L., ' 43E, 1901 Fifty-first St.. Brooklyn, N. V Klein, Herbert C. •43BA, S69 Washington St., Norwooil Klemm, George H„ ' 42E, 189 Belleville Rd., New l!,-,lf„r.l Kliekslein, Herbert S., ' 43E. 15 Maywood St., Roxbury Knii-lil, Edward G., ' 43E, 7 Longworth Ave.,, I Kiiiglil, Laurence, •43BA, 24 Central Rd., Somerville Kniglil, Winfield, ' 41E, Everett St., Taunton Kodis, Ralph D., ' 40E, 22 Howard St„ Portland, Me. Kohl, Wesley, A. ' 40LA, 73 Baker St., West Roxbury ait tubio 18 NEWBURY STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS § School and College Photographers Completely equipped to render the highest quality craftsmanship and an expedited service on both personal portraiture and photography for college annuals. § Photographers to the Class of 1939 1 L PATRONS MAY OBTAIN DUPLICATES at ANY TIMEJ 1(53 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN K-L L-M Komich, Stanley A., ■43E. 54S Fourth St., South Boston Komskis, Joseph F., ' ilE. Southold. N. Y. Kordalski, John. •43E, S Beacon St., Salem Korejwa, . lfrcd. ■40E, 74 Train St., Boston Kostas. George J., MaE, 1S3 Primrose St., Haverhill Kotowski, John P., SE, 1 1 1 Sixth St., Cambridge Krasnor. Leo, ' 43E, 139 Charles St.. Boston Kravitz, . bner, •43L. , 12 Glenwa.v St., Dorchester Kress, Harold W., •43E. 139 T.vier St.. Methuen Krikorian, Norman. ' 40 . 10 ' i Titcomb St., Newbur.vport Kronfelt. Walter J.. ' 43L. . 21. ' ) Mountain . ve., Arlington Kugle. Frank S., i3B , 700 East Ha.v St.. York, Pa, Kulberg, Marshall E., ■42E. S Northern Ave., Beverl.v Kushner, David, ' 40E, 73 Park Drive, Boston Laakso, Rudolph A.. ■42E, 241 Marshall St., Fitchburg Lacerda, Donald J.. ' 43E. 38 Northampton St.. Roxbur.v Ladd. Harve.v F.. ■42E, Melvin Village, N. H. Laffert.v, Robert H., MIE, .501 La Reine Ave., Bradle.v Beach, N. J. Lafin, William L.. MaE. Hillsdale, N. Y., R.F.D. No. 2 Lammi. Heimo R.. ' 42E, 9 Elks Parkwa.v. Norwood Lancaster. Carl R.. •42BA. .59 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Landers, Robert G., ■43BA, 164 Baker St., West Roxbur.v Landman, Saul, ' 42E, 98 Lawrence Ave,, Dorchester Landsman, Abraham E.. ' 41E, 25 Lero.v St., Boston Lane, John D., •43E, 2S Harrington St., Newtonville Lane, Norman R.. •43E, S3 Hals.v St.. Southampton, N, Y. Lannar.v, Jack. ' 43E 22 Stoneleigh Circle. Watertown Lanzilli, Carl, ■40E, 1205 Bennington St.. East Boston Lapham, Edmund, Jr.. •42E. Central St., Norwell Laram.v. George S., •43BA, 4 A.vr Rd., Brookline Lariviere, Frank J., •42E, 268 Cartier St., Manchester LaRose, Normand O., ' 43E, 79 Smith St., Putnam, Conn. Larsen, Fred R., ' 41E, 36 Fairmount Ave., Somerville Larson, Carl O., ' 43E. 186 Linwood St., Lynn Lasovick. Daniel, ' 43E, 93 Brunswick St., Roxbury Latkowitch, Oscar L., ' 43LA, 75 Aldie St., Allston Lavender, John R., ■43E, 45 E. Foster St., Melrose Laverty, Harold H., ' 42E, Brownville, Me. Lavine, Lewis, •43LA, 147 Rebekah St., Woonsocket, R. I. Lawless, Joseph F.. •43BA, 23 .Jcnness St., Lynn L;iwTence. Llo.vd S.. lE. LaFargeville, N. Y. Ix ' adbetter, Roger A., ' 42BA, 45 Lexington Ave., Somerville LeBeau, Sterling G., ' 43E, .59 Commercial St., Adams Lechter, Max M., ' 42E, 32 Press Ave., Norwood Lee, Frederick W., ' 40BA, Nottingham, N. H. Legal, Chapin, Jr., ' 4.3E, 97 Sylvan St., Danvers U-Grand. Vernon R., •43E, 361 Alewite Brook Pkwy., Somerville Leiand, George B., ' 43E, .TelFre.y House, Ipswich Ixiland, Richard H., ■43LA, 17 Cutter St., Belmont Lennon, Leo, ' 41LA, Lincoln Rd., Lincoln Leonard, Fred P., ' 41E, 23 Fruit St., Taunton Leonard, John H., ' 43LA, 73 Woodlawn Ave.. Wellcslcy Hills Leonard, Milton H., ' 41E, Barker, N. Y. Leonard, Roger J., •43BA, IS Fcrnald Terr., Boston l !ong, Fred, ' 42E, 69 Hollan St., Boston Ix; Nathan, •40LA, 21 Mutl in Ave. Dorchester Leslie, Albert J., ' 42E, 3 Mary SI.. Arlington I.«venson, Paul , OE. 10 Wardman Rd.. Roxbury Levcsque. George H.. ' 43BA. 1 26 Osborne Terr., Springfield Levin. Benjamin, ' 40LA, 122 Cot tage St., Chelsea I evine, David, •42E, 71 Addison St., Chelsea Lcvinson, Melvin A., •43E, 77 Westminster Ave., Roxbury Levis, William A., ' 43LA, Red Spring Rd., Andover Lcvison, Malcolm B., •43BA, 134 University Rd„ Brookline Levy, Alan L„ •43E 120 Shore Drive, Winlhrop Lcv.v, .loshua P., ' 41 E, 106 Glenway SL, Dorchester Levy, Milton, ' 43E, 92 Mercer St., .Jersey City, N. J. Lewis, Gardner H., •41E, Hampton, Conn, Lewis, Joseph E., •42BA, 198 Warren Ave., Whitman Libon, Bernard L,. ' 42BA, 58 Brunswick St,. Roxbury Licktcig, John H„ •43E, S Colonial Place, West Haven. Com.. Likos, Thomas A., ' 42E. 456 Broadway, South Boston Lind, Gustav A., MIE. lS6fl Be.acon St., Brookline Lindner, John D., ' 40B. , Chapin St., Canandaigua. N. V. Linnell. Donald J.. •43BA, 15 Everell Rd.. Winchester Linsky, Leonard, ' 43BA, 36 Deckard St., Roxbury Lipman. Robert N., lE. 11 Michigan Ave., Lynn Little, Frederic A.. ' 40E, 9 Granger St., Wollaston Little, William H., MOLA, 26 Talbot St., Maiden Littlefield, Elmer W., •43LA, 117 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville Littlehale, Arthur W., Jr., •43E, 1075 Highland Ave., Needham Litvaek, Leonard F., ' 43BA, 14 Nichols Ave., Lynn Livingston, Paul M., ' 43E, 2129 Kamchamcha Ave, llunohdu Locke, Dexter H., ' 43BA, 30 Garrison Ave., Somerville Loekerby, David A., ' 41LA, 265 Hollis St., Framingham Lofgren, Arne F., •42BA, 2S Webster St., Hyde Park Loiselle, Charles H., IBA, 24 Summer Ave., Springfield Lomas, William W., ' 42BA, 479 Hollis St.. Framingham Lord, Donald H., ■41BA. Highland Ave., Dover, N, H. Lovett, John F., •42E, 34 Garfield St., Cambridge Lovequist, Edwin H.. •41BA. .52 Galen St.. Waltham Lovewell. Loring P., ■43E, High St., Holliston Lovgren, Carl A., •42E, 40 School St.. Rockporl Lufkin. Richard W., ' 43BA, 122 Bowdoin St., Boston Lund, John S., ■40LA, 76 Cnlitornia St., Watertown Lundquist, Richard A., ' 41 E, 79 Claremont Ave., Arlington Lynch, Robert F., SBA. 41 High St., Charleslown Lynde, Fairfield F., ' 42E, 47 Orchard St., Waldcn, N, Y. Lynn, Melvin R.. ■43BA, 68 Quiney St., Medfor.l Macaulay, Chester L., •43E, 30 Bisson St., Beverly MaeCaffray, Stuart A., ' 41E, 711 Nantasket Ave., Hull MacCallum, George A., ' 40E, 82 County St., Taunto]i Maccini. Julius J., ' 40LA, 9SA Shute St., Everett MacDonald, Charles J., ' 43BA, 208 Washington St.. Mahlen MacDonald. John H., ' 43E, 119 Montvale Ave., W .burn MaeDoTiongh, William, •40LA, 19 Orchard St.. Jamaica Plain MacFaden, Delbcrt W., ' 42E, 65 Pope St., North Quiney MacFarlane, George, •40LA, 9 Calvin Rd.. Jamaica Plain MaeGregor, Wallace S.. SE. 116 St., Stephen St. Boston Maelntyre, Normiin I., ■42E, Greenleaf St.. Quiney Maclnt,vre, Victor S., ' 40E, 13 Artwill St.. Milton MaeKay, Donald, ' 43BA, 250 Euclid Ave.. Lynn MacKerrow, Horace G., ' 40LA, 36 Ba.vard St., Allston MacKinnon, DeWitt, ' 43BA, 19 Pleasant St., Hopkinton MacKinnon, Mervin B., ' 43E, 31 Congreve St., Roslindale MacLean, Arnold A., ' 43BA, 2 Lynn St., Woburn MacLeod, James A., ' 41E, Charleston, Mc. Macmann, Edward, ' 41E, 114 Salem St., Reading MacMullan, Leslie H., MIBA, 18 Webster St., Framingham Macomher Hcywood B.. Jr., ■42E, 1249 Great Plain Ave., Needham MaeQuarrie, Wallace E.. MOBA. Brownville Jel.. Mc. Madden, Richard M.. ' 4 IE, Rangcley. Me. Maddock. Albert T., ' 42E. 257 Wahiul SI,. Hr....kliiu- Maguirc, .lames R„ Jr.. ■43BA. 26 M.Kinley Av... ll.v.rly Maguirc, John H.. •42E. 1.35 Lasell St., West Koxbiirv ' Maher, John E., ■43E, Warren St., Wilson, Conn. Mahone.y, George L., lE, 62 Washingt(ni SI., Taunloii Mainini, Frederick W., ' 42E, 22 Beaver SI.. Milf.ini Maioranu, Henry L., ' 43BA, 251 Beech Si., Hosiin, Maka.s, Albert S., •40LA, 440 Summer SI., I.yini Maiu-alis, James A,. ■42E, 6 Hobson SI., Lawnii.-e Manealis, John A., TiE, 6 Hobson SI., l.awiell.v THE BICKFORD ENGRAVING ELECTROTYPE CO. 20 MATHEWSON STREET PROVIDENCE, 105 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN M M Manlrine, Walter L., ' 43LA. 204 Pearl St., Somervillc Mangaraelli, Francis C. MSBA. 105 Gore St.. Cambridge Mann. Alfred W.. aBA. Union St.. Mar.shfield M.inn, Irving M.. MILA. Union St., Mar.shfield Mann. Paul. SBA. Ui Ransom Rd., Brighton Manning. Lee. MiJLA. .52 Main St., Cochituate Manning, Ralph V.. ■43E. 42 Aldrich St.. Somerville Manoogian. Henr.v. OE. 7.S Bromfield St.. Lawrence Manzer, Bernard A.. ■42E. 17 Orange Ave., Walden, N. Y. Mardirosian. Milton M., ■43E, 144 School St., Watertown Maree, Edward J., ' 43E, Pleasant St.. Cohasset Margolin, Reubin J., ' 40 LA, .54 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbur.v Marino, Felix, ' 41 E, 7(i Barnstable St., Swampscott Mariolis, Michael K., ' 43E. 40 Sunn.vside . ve.. Methuen Markell, Joseph A., ' 42LA, 119 Homestead St., Rnxbnry Markham, Leslie, ' 41 E, Essex, Conn. Marks, Mace.v P., ■4;JLA, .5.5 Rock Ave., L.vnn Marks, Murra.v,- ' 42E, .55 Grove St., Chelsea ILaron, Harold, ' 43E, 3 Little Lalie, Peabod.v Marsh, Charles F., SE, 27 Warwick St., Lynn Marshall, Gilbert A., •43E, Wilder, Vt. Marshall, John E., ■42E, 2ir, Charles St., Fall River Marshall. Robert H.. ■41E. 134 Hillcrest Rd., Needham Marston. James W.. ' 42E, 40 . ddi.son St.. Brockton Marston, Robert S.. ' 41 E, 4 Van Brunt Ave.. Dedham Martin, Harry W., ' 42BA. 217 Spring St.. Brockton Martin, Roland J., ' 40E. East Hiram, Me. Martin, Russell L.. ' 43BA. 3.S Harlland Ave., Pittsfield, Me. Marzinzik, Charles, ' 42LA, 55 Schiller Rd., Dedham Mascianica, Francis S., ' 41E, 53 Pearl St., Everett Mason, Clifford O.. ' 41BA, 79 Church St., Winchester Materese, Vincent, ' 41 E, 5 Cottage St., Melrose Matheson, Stuart B., ' 42LA, 40 Fletcher Rd., Matson, Theodore, ■43E, Milford, N. H. Matthewman, Rodger B., ' 43E, 4 Brook St., Jlay.iar.i Mattioli, Arthur, ' 40E, 72 Oxford St., Arlington May, George W.. ' 43BA. 21 Miller Ave., Tarrytown, N. Y. M.aynard. Arthur F.. ' 40E, 13 Forest St., Lake Pl.acid, N. Y. Mayne. Robert S.. ■43E, Lisbon, N. Y. Mazmanian, Peter, ' 43BA, 30 Chester St., Somerville Mazzucchelli, Joseph L.. ' 42E, 25 Humphre.vs PI., Dorchester McAllister, Robert W.. ■41E, M7li E. Sixth Ave.. Tiirentum, Pa. McArdle, Henry J., ' 43BA, 40 Harriet St., Brighton McAuley, Thomas M., ' 41 BA, 1 Prairie St., West Concord McAuliHe, Kenneth W., ■42E. Union St.. Duxbury McBride. John E., ■43E, 1 1 Cl.vdc St., Chelsea McCarthy, Alan O., ' 41LA, 370 Crescent St., Waltham McCarthy, Harold S.. ■43E. 02 High St., Turners Falls McCarthy. William T., ' 40BA, 24 Bentley St.. Brighton McCarthy. Charles D.. ' 41E, 33 Roy St., New Bedford McCole, John J., •42E, S54 E. Broadway, South Boston McConc, Thomas R., ' 42LA, 4 Wyvern St., Jamaica Plain McCracken, James M., Jr., ' 42BA, 220 Nehoiden St., Needham McDonald, Thomas H., Jr.. ' 42LA, 304 Essex St., Salem McDonough, Thomas C. ' 40E, 10 Applcton PI., Arlington McDuffee. Paul E,. ' 42LA, 36 Essex St., Saugus McEntyre, Coleman B., ' 43BA, 2 Pr.yor Lane, Larchmont, N. Y. McEwan. Alexander, ■40E, 20 Allen St., East Braintree McGarry, Robert W„ ' 41E, 10 Lincoln St., Maynard McGinn, Francis J., ■43BA, 70 Robinson St., Lynn McGonigle, Joseph R.. ' 40LA, 51 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Boston McGonhan, William M., ' 42E, 3.S Marginal St.. Lowell Mclnnis, Vincent J., ' 41E, 3(i Hollnce St., Waltham McKccn. Robert G., ' 42E, 40 Dec Rd., Quincy McKenzie. Allan M., ' 41 E, 140 Wrentham St., Dorchester McKcnzie, Ernest W.. •4( LA. 110 Oakland Ave., Mcthucn McKenzie, Francis W., •4:il,A. 23 (iarrison Ave., West Son.crvill. McKinnon, Roy A.. ■43BA, 00 Waverly St., Brookline McLane, Hugh W., ' 41E, 140 Beaver St., Waltham McLaren, John, ■42BA, 1 Crawford St., Cambridge McMahon, Thonuis E.. •40E. 171 Milton St., Dorchester McManus, John L., ' 43E, SO E. Howard St.. Quincy McManus. Richard O., ' 41 E, 404 . shraont St., Dorchester McNally, Robert D., ' 42BA, 3 Orchard St., Wellesley Hills .McNeil. William, •42E, 172 Beacon St., Boston McNulty, Francis J., ' 43E, 25 Roman St., Dorchester McQuarrie, Harry A., •42BA, North St., Brownville .let.. Me. McQueen, William A., •41E, 43 Delle Ave., Boston McShane, Thomas J., Jr., ' 43BA, 43 Hazel St., Watertown McTernan, James F., •41BA, 37 Montvale St., Roslin.lale Meisncr, John B., ' 43BA, Dover-Foxcroft, Me. Melkonian, Hurire, ■41E, Box 40, Route No. 5. Penac-nuk. N. H. Melville, Nornum, ' 4lE, 45 Newcomb St., Quincy Menzies, Donald W., ' 42E, 22 Fifth St., Mcdford Merdinger, George R., ' 43BA, Millington, N. J. Merchant. Leonard G., ' 41 LA, 404 No. Main St.. Riindolph Merdinyan, Willian. A.. ■42E, 143 Cottage St.. Pawtuckel, R. I. Merrill, Ralph F., ' 43E, 05 Oriole St., West Roxbury Merrill, R.a.vmond E., Jr., ' 41E, 110 Cl.aremont Ave., Arlington Merriman, Maximillian, ' 43E, 11 Waban St.. Roxbur. - Meshna, John J., ' 42LA, 580 Lynn St., Maiden Metaxatos, Louis, ' 43E, 5S Central St., Peabody Metcalfe, Irwin J., ' 43E, 9 York Terr., Brookline Michaelson, Eliot D., ' 41 BA, 23 Harlem St.. Dorchester Michaelson, Louis J., ■42E, 1 242 Blue Hill Ave.. Dorchester Miles, Daniel W., ' 40E, 33 Willow St., Norwood Jlilham, Russell, ' 40LA, 10 Clarendon St.. Boston Millcn. Curtis W., ' 41BA, 10 Rawson Rd., Quincy Miller. George B.. ' 42E, 252 Common St., Watertown Miller, Harvey S., ' 41 E, 6 Foster St., Brookline Miller, Murray, ' 43E, 82 Gardner St., Peabody Miller, Richard C, ' 42E, 317 Eastern Ave, Lynn Miller, Sumner D., ' 43BA, 14 Montrose St., Maiden Millikcn, Marland G., ' 43E, Flagpost Rd., Saco. Me. Millniaii. O. Robert, ■42E, S Ashton St.. Boston Mills, Russell ()., ' 43LA. 7S Prescott Ave.. Chelsea Milo, Henry L., Jr., ' 43E, 31 Whittier Rd., Mcdford Mintz, Myron H., ' 43E, 24 Elmhurst St.. Dorchester Mis, Edward F., •42BA, R.F.D., Box 3, Child St.. Warren, li. 1. Moessner, Herbert, ' 43E, 41 1 Central Ave.. New Haven. ( ' onn. Moliea, Anthony J., ' 43E, 7 Emmet St., South Boston Moll, Samuel, ' 43E, 79 Shirley Ave., Revere Molloy, Edw.ard F., ■43LA, 20 Ware St., Cambridge Molyn, Michael, •43E, 30 Whiton St., Windsor I.flcks, Conn. Monk, Arthur J., •43LA, 11 RhineclifF St.. . rlingl,.n Monk-s, George S., ' 4:JLA, 274 Pine St., Soulli V. ym..ulh Monson, Roy E., ■41E, 118 Keeney Ave., West Ilarlb.r.i, Conn. Montague, Robert J., ' 43BA, 5 Summer St.. West Acton Monteith, Howe C, ' 41LA, 141 Sagamore St., North Quincy Montgomery, William A., ' 43E, 224 Houghton St., North AdatTis Monti, Edmund C, ' 42E, 137 Cross St., Quincy Montimaggi, Mario F., ' 42E, 32 Alden St., Plymouth Moody, Richard E., ' 43BA, Center St., Granby Moore, Frederick A., Jr„ ' 43E, 330 Elm St., Aniesbury Moore, .John C, Jr., ' 41LA, West Falm.nilh Moore, Thomas J., Jr.. ' 43E, Main St., Marion Moraski, Edward A.. ■41E, 1525 Centre St.. Roslindalc Morey. Douglas W.. Jr , ■43BA, 37 St.. Medforci Morfitt, John W.. •43E. 70 Bell Rock St., Maiden Morgan, Edward W., ' 41E, 500 Main St.. Gardner Morgan. Harold D., ' 41BA. 20 Roljbins Rd., Lexington Morgan, Harold K., ' 4 IE, Bare Hill Rd.. Topsflcid Morialy. Albert J., ■43l,A. 01 1 Shirley St.. Wiidhrop M..rris. .Mfrcd G., Jr., ' IliE. II Parkir Terr.. Dnrcheslcr Sxceeding the standards . . . Are attractive and related type faces used throughout the book? Does typography suit the plan of book? Is it easy to read? Is there a proper relationship between Ijody type, headings and identifications? Are the following common faults avoided: too many type families or sizes; type used too black or too heavy; body type too small for length of the line; excessive use of all-capitals? Typography Your Score ' ■i Pj-ljltlfi tr 1 0 opposite pages line up properly? Are pages properly " backed up? (Hold a sheet of your book to the light and note whether or not the page behind lines up at the mar- gins exactly with the page in front) . Are bleed pictures properly trimmed? Is tlie color work perfectly registered? (i.e. does each color fit exactly the .spots for which it is intended?) Is the ink distribution uniform throughout 2, the book, or are some pages light and others dark in Ipt ' color? Are the pages free from offset (smudges or spots on the paper) ? from broken type? from work-ups (spac- ing material that registers) ? Printing Yonr Score Average Score 15 lo A verage Score 15 This is the rating given by the National Scholastic Press Associ- ation of the University of Minnesota to one of New England ' s largest Annua ls — printed at the Andover Press. f Typography . . . 100%, above average L Presswork .... 67% above average J Which explains why so many yearbooks in this vicinity choose Andover to do their printing. They get superior work- manship and personal cooperation at a price they can afford to pay. THE ANDOVER PRESS Andover, Massachusetts I 167 1 M-N DIRECTORY OF I NDERC LASSIVIEN N-O-P Morris. Harold B.. OLA, 11 Ashton St., Dorchester Morris, Howell G., •4ILA. Common St., .Morris. J.inies A.. IBA. 107 .Arlington St., Lawrence Morrison. Burton W.. •42E. 14 Ijiwndale Ave.. Waltham Morrison. Cl.vde V.. ' 42E. .52.5 Libert.v St., South Braintree Morrison, Dean P.. ■43BA. 2(i Sunset Rd., Stoneham Morrison. Lincoln V., ' 42B. , 5 Canterbury St., . ndover Morrisse.v, David J.. ' 42E. 3 Englewood Ave., Brookline Morrow. Harold F.. ■42E. 23 Perr.v St., Somerville Morse. Charles P., •42E, 243 Weld St.. Roslindale Morse, Donald M., ■43BA, Wells, Me. Morse. Frank, ' 42E, Waterford, Me. Morse, Reginald, ■41E, 205 Grove St., Auburndale, Richard A.. ■43E, U02 June St., Fall River Morss. Herbert C, SLA, 34 Chestnut Ave., Jamaica Plain Morton, Eldon J.. OE, .53 Russell Park, Quinc.v Morton, John J., ' 42E, 32 Colonial Ave., Lowell Mosele.v, Richard S.. ' 43BA, 24 Marcia Rd., Watertown Mosele.v, Robert E.. ■42E. 4 Crown St., Miltord, Conn. Moss, Robert W., ■43E. 43,S Summer St., Bridgewater Mott. Clinton P., ■42E, 94-00 224th St., Queens Village, N. Y. Moulton, Richard G., SE, 30 Re.vnolds St.. South Portland, Me. Mountain. James E.. •43LA. Bretton Woods, N. H. Moy, Frank N.. ■42E. 4.So Route de Sie.ves, Shanghai Mozzicato, Joseph . .. ' 42E. 49 Hancock Ave.. Medford Mroz. Edmund A.. •42E. 149 Derb.v St., Salem Mroz, Edward J., ' 43LA. 59 Fulton St., Lowell Mudge, Robert G.. ' 42E. 2,S Rockaway St., Lynn Mudge. Robert W., •43E. 1(10 Payson Rd., Belmont Mudgett, . rthur, ■42E, 438 Hollis St., Framingham Muldoon, James E., SE, 105 Green St., Fairhaven Mullen, Matthew J., ■43BA, 20 Bentley St., Brighton Mulock, John F., ■42E, 20 Harrison St.. Brookline Munday, Howard P., ' 42LA, 134 Grant St., Lexington Murphy, James D., ■43E. 58A Bristol Rd., Medford Murphy, Nathan H., •43LA, 420 Newton St., Chestnut Hill Murphy, Walter J., •43E. 06 Front St.. Ashland Murphy, William P., •43LA, 54 Locust St., Brockton Murray, Robert H., ' 42E, 5.S4 Centre St.. Newton Murray. Thomas IL. MOE. 4 Hodges St., Taunton Murray, Walter P., ■42E. 1405 Main St., South Weymouth Musiker, Harold R.. ' 43E, 10 Roxtan St., Dorchester M.vers, Elwood R., •42E, 84 Robbins Drive, Wethersfleld, Conn. M.vers, Oliver T., •43LA, 125 Gorsline St., Rochester, N. Y. Naiman, Robert. ■42E. S Haley St., Roxbury Najjar, Nicholas J.. •43BA. 3S East Canton St.. Boston Nangeroni, Ambrose B., ' 43E, 17 Eastman St.. Dorchester Nathenson, Simon, ' 42LA, 20 Floyd St., Dorchester Navin, Philip, ■43E, 124 East Elm Ave,, Wollaston Nazarian, Gregory H.. •43E, 30 Mishawum Rd., Woburn Nee. Joseph M., ' 40E, 2 Maple Park, Dorchester Negrini, Vincent A., Jr., MSE, 27 Beloit Rd., Dedham Nelson, Carl J., ' 41E, 10 Friend St., Gloucester Nelson. James A., •42E, 11 Orchard St., Jamaica Plain Nelson, James H., ' 42BA, 9 Harrison Ave., Gloucester Nethercote, William F., Jr., •43BA, 99 M.vrtle St., Waltham Newcomb, Royce R., ' 41 E, Henry Drive, Angola, N. Y. Newman, Philip W„ •43LA. 894 Main St., Wrentham Newpol, Charles H., •43E, 233 Columbia Rd., Dorchester Newton, Richard A., ' 41BA. 2 Summer St., Sharon Newton, Robert G., MCE, 2 Summer St., Sharon Nichols, George E., Jr., ' 43E, 35 Dutcher St., Hopcdale Nicolosi, Sebastian, ' 40E, 118 Haverhill St., Lawrence Niconchuk, Alec W.. •4IE, 204 Lynn St.. Peabody Nimmo, .Limes C, •43BA, 20 AIniont St.. Mcthucn Nish. Harry T., .Jr.. M.iBA, 3(1 Myrtle St., Saugus Noble, C. Richard. ' 42E, Feeding Hills Noel, Chesley J., ■43E, 41 Bellvale St„ Maiden Nolan, John P.. ■43E. 12 Hayward St.. North Easton Noonan, Hugh J., ' 42E. 10 . yer St., Peabody Noonan, Malcolm J.. •43LA, 02 Greenwood Rd., Brockton Nordstrom, Joseph A.. ' 41 E, 03 Keeler Ave., Bridgeport. Conn. Norris, Robert E., ' 43B. . 7 Abbott St., Salem Norton, William J., •43LA, 119 Sedgwick St., Boston Nutting, William C. ' 42BA, 33 Glen Rd., Wellesley Hills Nye, James H., ■4OE, 249 Boylston St , Brockton O ' Brien, Thomas F., Jr., •43E, 82 Train St., Dorchester Oechi, Amerigo H., ' 43LA, 05 WMnslow Ave,, Somerville O ' Connell, Philip, ' 40E, 4 Day St., North Easton O ' Connell, Thomas F., •43BA, 229 Centre St.. Dorchester O ' Connell, William J.. ' 43E, 197 Bellcvue Ave., West Haven, Conn O ' Connor, Arthur M.. ' 41E, 15 Harrington St., Revere O ' Flahaven, James M., ' 43E, 02 Colonial Ave., Lowell Ogden, Harold P., ' 43BA, 20 Edmund St., Springvale, Me. Ogle. WiUiam J., lE, 07 Clark St., Maiden Ogonik, John, ' 42BA, 33 Worcester St., Boston Oksanen. Owney D.. ■42E, North Scituate. R. L OLsen. Albert D.. ■43BA, 127 Capen St., Dorchester Olsen, Walter F.. ' 42BA, 331 Central St., Framingham O ' Neil, Frank B., ' 41 BA, SS Grove St., Lynn O ' Neil, Stephen J., ' 41E, 1105 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Ordwiiy, David W., ' 42E, 21 Fern St., Auburndale Ounanian, Harding M., ' 43LA, 27 Dover St., Boston Oxman, Martin H., ' 43E, 15 Linwood St., Maiden Oxton, Ernest G., ' 43LA, 1302 Commonwealth Ave,, Allston Page, John F., ' 43E, 100 Narragansett Rd., Quincy Paglia, Bruno A., ' 43E, 35 Falmouth St., Boston Paine, Joseph L., •43E, 20 Summer St., Tilton, N. H. Pajonas, Alphonse, ' 43BA, 08 Morris St., Hartford, Conn, Palder, Lawrence K., ' 43LA, 144 Ruthven St., Roxbury Palmer, Quentin, ' 42LA, 03 Pearl St., North Weymouth Palmgren, Richard P.. ' 41 LA, 45 Eustis St,. Wollaston Palombo, Vincent A., ' 40LA, 10 Elven Rd.. Roslindale Panowich, Edward T.. ' 43E. 21S W. Main St., Riverhead, N. Y. Pappas, Constantine A.. ' 42E, 145 Whitfield St., Dorchester Pappas, James, ' 43BA, 90 Marathon St.. . rlington Para.skevas. Anastasios J., ' 42E, 720 Parker St.. Roxbury Parker. Everett N„ Jr.. ' 42LA, 11 Abbott St., Lewiston, Me. Parker, Stanley C, ' 43LA, 20 Fern St., Auburndale Parkhurst, Edward N.. ' 4lE, 204 Bellingham Ave.. Revere Parrotta, Rjilph P.. ' 43E, 7 Sheafe St., Boston Parsons, Roy L., ' 41E, Myrtle Sq„ Gloucester Parsons, William B., Jr., ' 43LA, 200 Adams St.. Dedham Parsons. William C. ' 43E. Stafford St., Plymouth Pjirssinen. Edwin J., ' 42E, 1 Factory St., Sandwich Pasquale, Bernard, ' 43E, 54 Rossmore Rd., Jamaica Plain Pass, Maurice A., ' 40BA, 20 Brookledge St., Roxbur.v Patev, Nikola C, •4IE, 1.52 Nilsson St„ Brockton Patterson, Alfred J., ' 42E, 132 Day St., Jamaica Plain Pattershall, David S., ' 40E, 29 E. BrinkerhoH Ave.. Palisades Pk.. N..L Patterson, Charles R.. ' 42BA, 1.54 Keeler Ave.. Bridgeport, Conn. Paul. C. Craig, ' 41E, 144 Franklin St„ South Braintree Paul, Murray D., ' 43E, SS Liberty Ave.. Somerville Paul, Ralph M., ■42BA, 151 Bellevue Rd., Squantuni Peale, Richard N., ' 40LA, Park St., South Hamilton Pearson. David A., ' 41E, 310 Park Ave, Medina, N. Y. Pear.son, Donald B., ' 40E, New Sweden, Me. Pearson. Thomas J., ' 40E. 71 Ncsmith St.. Lawrence Pedell, Melvin H,. ' 43LA. Ill Meridian St.. East Boston Pcppard. William S„ ■4IBA, 7 (iray Circl.-, Arlington NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Offers a inroad program of college suljjects serving as a loundation for the understaiifling of modern culture, social relations, and technical achievement. Varied opportunities available for vocational special- ization. Degree: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Otters curricula in Civil, Mechanical (with Diesel, Air-Conditioning, and Aeronautical options), Klectrical, Chemical, Indu.strial Engineering, and Engineering Administration. Classroom study is supplemented li experiment and research in well-equipped laboratories. Degree: Bachelor of Science in the professional field of specialization. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Ofl ers three curricula: Accounting, Banking and Finance, and Business Management. Each curricu- lum represents in itself a broad survey of business technique, differing from the others chiefly in emphasis. Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. SCHOOL OF LAW Offers day and evening undergraduate programs admitting those who present a minimum of two years of college work, each program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Also graduate program in the evening leading to the degree of Master of Laws. Co-educational. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Otters curricula through evening classes in Accounting, Management, Law and Business Manage- ment, and Engineering and Business leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in specified fields or the Bachelor of Commercial Science in Law and Business Management. Preparation for C.P.A. E.xaminations. Shorter programs may be arranged. Co-educational. EVENING DIVISION OF THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Offers a three-year evening program equivalent in hours to one-half of the requirement for the A.B. or B.S. degree. Provides general education and preparation for admission to the School of Law. Associate in Arts title conferred. Co-educational. The Colleges of Liberal Arts, Engineering, and Business Administration offer day programs for men only and are conducted on the co-operative plan. After the freshman year students may alternate their periods of study with periods of work in the employ of business or industrial concerns at ten-week inter- vals. LTnder this plan they gain valuable experience and earn a large part of their college For further information regarding an ' of the above schools, address XORTHEA!$TER Ul IVERSITY 360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts • Telephone KENmore 5800 f 169 1 P.Q-R DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMExX Peridier, Paul H., MSLA, Penns Neck, N. J. Perkins, William J., •40E, 27 Chase Si., Danvers Perkins, W. Yillinm, ■42E, 3S Elm St., Hingham Perr.v, Kenneth E., MSE, 109 Thornton Rd., Walthani Petach, Julius H., ' 4iE, ISIJ State St., Perth . mho.v, N. .1. Peters, Irving H., MSB.X, 32 Olde Field Rd., Newton Centre Peterson, Carl J.. ■42E, 2.5 Florence St., Brockton Peterson, Eugene F., Jr., ' 43E, 71 Bartlett Ave., . rlinglon Peterson, Edward I., ■43E, 10 Fourth St., East Norwalk, Conn. Peterson, Henry, ' 42E, 17 Lincoln Rd., East Natick Peterson, Stanley R., ' 42E. 12 Springhill Rd., Hyde Park Peterson, William C •43E, 140 North St., Medford Petrou, Nickos V., DE, 70 ' A Linden St., Springfield Peverly, Arthur W., •43E, 145 Rowe St., Melrose Phelan, Joseph B., •42E, 75 High St., Everett Phillips, William H., SBA, 190 North St., ,Somervillc Phoeni.x. Walter H., •42E, 10 MansBeld St., Allston Piatelli, Leon P., ■43E, 50 Rockdale St., Mattapan Piche, William A., aBA, Lancaster, N. H. Pierce, Guy W., ' 43BA, 19 Stone St., Walople Pierson, Robert P., ' 41E, 150 Lake St., Brighton Pillsbury, Charles B., •43E, 54 Quint Ave., Allston Pinkham, Franklin S., ■43E, Highland St., Weston Piotrowski, Henry J., ' 40E, 79 Fuller St., Dorchester Pitari, Nicholas J., ■43LA, 171 Chelsea St., East Boston Pitman, Paul A., Jr., ' 43E, 378 Belmont St., Wollaston Plaisted, Richard B., •43E, 35 Barnard Rd., Belmont Polansky, Alfred, ' 42E, 92 Loring Ave., Salem Polishook, Samuel, ■43E, 39 Millmont St.. Roxbury Policy, Walter E., Jr., ■42BA, Highland Ave., North Chelmsford Polner, Morris, IL. , 55 Deering Rd., Mattapan Pomerantz, Bernard S., ' 41LA, 565 Albany Ave., Hartford, Conn. Pomeroy, William D., ■42E, Foster ' s Pond, Andover Pope, James H., ' 43BA, OS Robinson Ave., Braintree Porter, Frederick C, •43E, Faulkner St., North Billerica Porter, Roger W., ' iSE, 45 Moraine St., Brockton Poslushny, Stanley J., ■42LA, 017 ISth Ave., Newark, N. J., Milton, SBA, 235 Newton St., Athol Poston, Richard D., ' 43LA, 1 A Ivy St., Boston Pothier, George A., •43LA, 255 Brown St., Waltham Potter, John S., SE, 10 Le.vington Rd., Concord Pottle, Herbert W., OE, 104 High Rd., Newbury Powers, George A., •42E, 21S Beach St., Revere Powers, William H., SBA, 15 Byron St., Wakefield Pratt, Harold L., ' 40E, 9 Highland Park, Newtonville Prescott, Alvah E., ' 43BA, 14 Edgemere Rd., Lynn Preston, John L., ' 43E, 74 Wellington Rd., Medford Preti, Leo L., MSE, 24 West Grove St., Middleboro Price, William K., ' 43LA, 619 East St., Walpole Priest, Bernard, ' 43E, 74 Parker St.. Maynard Priest, Irving A., ' 43BA, Landham Rd.. Sudbur.v Priestman, Leslie, •42E, 92 Main St., . shland Prior, F. Weston, ' 42BA, 3.54 Wolcott St., West Newton Pritehard, Herbert C, •41E, 53 Hamilton St., Wollaston Pritchard, Robert T., ' 40BA, 171 Ocean St., South Portland Prizio, Thomas, ' 42E, 3 Floyd St., Revere Probst, Arthur E., ' 41BA, 85 Pierpoint Rd., West Roxbury Prohodsky, Michael, •43LA, School St., Mansfield Prue, Frank J., •43LA, 48 Mendon St., Hopedale Quigle.v, Edward F., MSE, North Liberty St., Nantucket Quinn, John J., MSLA, 21 LawTcncc Ave., Quincy Quirk, John D., ' 42E, 26 Grove St., East Weymouth Rjxce, Harry C. ' 41E, .54 Bond St., Norwood Rachmilovitz, Ruben D., MSLA, 3 Intervale St.. Itoxbury R.adziewie .. U- , J., ' UE 38 Boston St., Boston Rae, William A., Jr , •43LA, 243 Gray St., Arlington Raniig. Fred E., •43E, ISS Chase St., Clinton Rand. Arthur I., ' 41E, 170 Maple St., Danvers Rand, Hazen B., lE, 98 Pond St., Avon R;ind, Stuart C, ' 42E, 58 Nonantum St., Newton Ran.lall, Charles H., Jr., ■43E, 73 Cohasset St., Roslindale Rappoli, Nicholas E., MSE, 1S9 Cedar St., Somerville Rasanen, Leon E., ■42E, 132 Roosevelt Ave., Norwood Riithgeber, William H.. SE, 09 Wolcott Rd., Chestnut Hill R;ivven. Howard I., •43LA, 47 Pasadena Rd., Roxbury Rawley, Ralph A., ' 43E, 120 Limerock St., Rockland, Me. Ray, Arthur E., ' 41E, 158 School St., Watertown Ray, William J., •43E, 37 Gordon Rd., Wellesley Hills Raybuck, William B., •42E. Montville, Conn. Raymond, Richard F., ■42LA, 170 S. Common St., Lynn R;iymond, Roger A., ■43E, 189 Everett St., Wollaston Reed, Theodore W., •43E, 94 Madison Ave.. Newtonville Reed, Warren L., ■41E. 11 Highland Ave., Stoneham Rcid, Robert F., •42BA, 3 Prospect PI., Taunton Reiniger, Louis G., ' 40E, 47 Denver St., Saugus Reisman. Arthur E., •43E, ISO School St., Mansfield Reuell, Gordon M., ' 42E, 220 School St., Woburn Reynolds, Adelbert R., ' 41E, 30 Irving St., Portl.and, Me. Reynolds, Arthur W., •43LA, Northeast Harbor, Me. He.iTiolds, William F., ■43LA, 229 Bradstreet Ave.. Revere Hice. Richard J., ■43BA, 95 Richmond Rd., Belmont Rich, Abraham M., ■43E, 37 Central Ave., Chelsea Rich, William N., Jr., ' 41LA, 3 Fairview Terr., West N.wlon Richards, James L., ' 43LA, 103 Prospect St., Fitchburg Richardson, George E., Jr., ' 43BA, 87 Hopedale St., Hopedale Richardson, George L., ■43E. 824 Concord St., Framingham Richardson, Kenneth W., ' 42E, S24 Concord St., Framingham Richardson, William ¥., ■40E, 20 Jacob St., Maiden Richmond, John F., ' 42LA, 8 Tucker St., Milton Richmond, William J., ' 43E, 1019 Main St., Reading Ricker, Paul J., SBA. 69 Lowell Drive, Needham Rimer, Manuel, ' 40LA. 21 Halborn St., Mattapan Ring, Frank A., •42BA. 19 Wellington St., Waltham Riola. Michael M., ■42E, 772 Kossuth St., Bridgeport, Conn. Rippere. George H., ' 41 BA, 51 Holmes .Ave.. Waterbury, Cmm. Ristuccia, Bernard J., •43BA, 549 Crafts St., West Newton Robbins, Fredric W., ' 43E,, Me. Robbins, Leroy F., Jr., •43BA, 4 Western Ave., Hallowell, Me. Robertson, John T., ' 43E, 4S Alexander St., Dorchester Robie, Richard F., ' 43E, 249 Grove St., Wollaston Robinson, Guy C, ' 42BA, 77 First St., Medford Robinson, Victor, ' 42E, 231 Lafa.vette St., Salem Robinson, Robert T., ' 43BA, 95 Main St.. Cochituate Robinson, William W., •42BA, 17 Beach Rd., Lynn Roblin, Irwin. ■42LA, 1 1 McLellan St., Dorchester Rockett, Robert E., ' 40E, 40 Ballard Ave., Valley Stream, N. Y. Rodgers, Wilfred C, ' 43BA, 170 Commonwealth Ave., West Concord Rogers, Herbert J., ' 42BA, 152 Newport St., Arlington Rogers, John B., ' 41LA, 534 Prospect St., Methuen Rogers, Murray H., ' 41E, 41 East St., Lawrence Rogers, Russell J., ' 41 E, West Pawlet, Vt. Rogers, Stanley L., ' 40LA, Great Meadows, N. J. Rogers, William H., Jr., ' 40E, 50 Davision St., Maiden Roltc, Fred G., Jr., ' 43E, 5 Arnold St., Quincy Romano, Joseph C. Jr., ' 43E, West SuflBeld, Conn. Ronnino, Mario H., ' 43E, 22 Ambrose St., Revere Root, Stephen E., •42E, 17 Crescent Rd., Winchester Rosberry, Frederick, ' 41E, 6 Grand Ave., MillcTs Falls Rosenberg, Irving S„ ' 40E, 05 Collage SI., Chelsea Rosenkrans, Frank A., ' 40E, 17 Coullon Park, Needhani Rosenthal. Hernanl F.. ' 431 , ISO Rulhvcii SI., Bosloii Itosc-Tilhal, Seymour M.. ' IIF., Xi Mascot SI.. Doniic-sler DIRECTORY OF UNDER( LASSMEN Ross, Donald C, •43LA, 27 Briggsville, North Adams Ross, Donald E„ ' 43BA, (J4 Hamilton Ave., Quincy Ross, George A., ' 42BA, IS Dustin St., Boston Ross, George G., •42E, 33S Trapelo Rd., Waltham Rosselli, Anthony C, •42BA. 28 Heath St., Somerville Rothkopf, Herbert, ■43BA, S4 Anter St., Ellenville, N. Y. Roundy. Wayne A., ' 41E, 247 Elm St., Gardner Rowell, Allan M., ■42BA, Williams St., Holden Rowell, Howard P., ' 43E, Williams St., Holden Roy, Arthur, •41E, 20 Clayton St., Fall River Rubenstein, Manning I., ' 43LA, IS Sonoma St., Roxbury Rubin, Albert, ■43E, 195 Pine St., Bangor, Me. Rubin, Alvan D., ' 43BA, 11 Ferneno Terr., Brookline Rubin, Harry, ' 41E, 124 Harvard St., Brookline Rudnick, Harold, ' 43BA, 143 Gilbert Ave., New Haven, Conn. Ruggiero, Francis J., ' 41E, 299 Albany St., Boston Rumery, E. Stuart, ' 41BA, 17 Harold St., Medford Rumrill, Edward I., •43LA, 75 Orchard St., Maiden Rumsey, Abraham H., ' 42BA, ISl Woodrow Ave., Dorchester Runk, Wilfred H., •43E, IIS Bassett St., New Haven, Conn. Russell, George E., Jr., •43E. 71 Prospect St., Peabody Russell, James W., •43LA, 278 Highland St., Dedham Russell, Martin B., •43LA, 26 Mansfield St., Allston Rust, Kenneth W., •43LA, 22 Reservoir Ave,, Chestnut Hill Rutberg, Seymour, ' 43LA, 28 York St., Dorchester Rutledge, Alexander H., ' 43LA, 10 Sanborn St., Winchester Ryan, Edward F., •43BA, 2S Highland St., Woburn Ryan, Frank E., ' 40E, 103S Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Ryan, Robert C, lE, 10 Norfolk St., Haverhill R.yder, Raymond B., ' 41E, 89 Bow St., Saugus, Mass. Rymsha, Michael J., ' 41E, 34 Harding St., Cambridge Sacknoff, Norman A., ' 42BA, 61 Pleasant St., Brookline Sados, Hyman, ' 43LA, 48 Dehan St., Revere Sager, Richard H„ Jr., ' 43E, 308 Quincy Ave., Quincy Salerno, Alfred R., ' 43LA, 144 Pleasant St., North Adams Samet, Herbert A„ ' 41E, IS Irving St., Boston Sammonds, Robert I., ■42E, 431 Cabot St., Beverly Sampson, Antonios S., ' 43E, .525 Varnum Ave., Lowell Samuelian, Andrew Y., ' 40E, 1290 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Samuelson, Howard, ' 43E, 99 Beach Ave., Nantasket Samuelson, Ralph H., ' 41E, 65 Tanager St.. Arlington Sanborn, William, ' 42E, 4 Cogswell Ave., Cambridge Sandarg, Stanle.v, •41BA, 6M Oak St., Inkerman, Pittston, Pa. Sanford, James F., ' 42E, Water Mill, N. Y. Sangster, Arlon G., ' 43LA, 160 Washington St., Leominster Santoro, Elio A., ' 42E, 25 Ivaloo St., Somerville Sarno, Arthur S., •43E, 32 Prince St., Sattin, Frank, ' 42E, 43 Franklin Ave., Revere Sault, Raymond G., Jr., •43LA, S9 Lovell Rd., Melrose Saunders, Arnold E., ' 42E, 1601 Gorham St., Chelmsford Savage, George A., ' 43BA, 64 Ridgewood St., Dorchester Savage, Kenneth N., ' 41E, 6 Butler St., Dorchester Savoy, Robert W., ' 43E, 50 Preble Ave., Anson, Me. Sawabini, Charles, ' 43LA, 135 Aspinwall Ave., Brookline Sawyer, Clarence E., Jr., ' 42LA, 51 Everett Ave., South Portland, Me. Sayward, S. Stowe, ' 40E, 30 Nowell Rd., Melrose Scarpa, Ernest J., ' 43LA, Pomiken Vale, Lancaster Schall, Louis H., ' 42E, 64 Fairfield St., Dedham Scheffer, Harvey D. G., •43LA, 159 Harrison Ave., Westfield, N. J. Schein, Donald E., •43LA, 172 Harvard St., Brookline Schiller, Samuel, •43E, 53 Thornton St., Revere Schmieder. Albert K., ' 41E, Randolph St., Canton Schober, Frank R., ' 43BA, S92 Shirley St., Winthrop Schreiber, Robert, ' 43E, 57 Winn St., Belmont Schroder, C. Harold, ' 40E, 21 Thomson Rd., West Hartford, Conn Schroeder, Herbert J. H., ' 43E, 36 Church St., Belmont Schuster, Walter W„ ' 43E, 110 Derby Ave., Seymour, Conn. Scigliano, Edward A,. ■43LA, 58 Austin St., Hyde Park Scopa, Michael P., •43BA, 32 Monmouth St., East Boston Scott, Ernest H., ' 43E, 7 Charlotte Rd., Marblehead Scott, Lewis, K., Jr., ' 43E, 260 Tremont St., Scudder, Roger E., ' 43LA, 33 Pearl St., Dorchester Scurto, Nicholas, ' 43E, .57 Salem St., Boston Sears, George A., Jr., ' 43E, 9 Broadway Terr., Rockport Sears, Paul W., •43LA, 9 Bay View Ave., Plymouth Sebring, Robert E., Jr., ' 43E, 51 Lorraine St., Roslindale Seeley, Henry G., ' 40E, 438 East Eighth St., South Boston Segal, Edward, ' 40LA, S Verrill St., Dorchester Seller, Wilber F., ' 42E, 15 Ridge St., Roslindale Sellers, Donald R., ' 41BA, 17 Hall Ave., Watertown Sellon, Woodrow L., ' 40E, 74 Frost Ave., Melrose Semenuk, Andrew H., ' 42BA, 4S Irving St., Everett Semonian, Ralph G., ' 42BA, 67 Foster St., Brighton Sennett, Arthur J., ' 43LA, 114 St., Andrew Rd. EasI Boston Serafini, Lelio, ' 42E, 52 Brackett St., Quincy Serotta, Norman, •43E, 63A Washington St., Dorchester Sevougian, Stephen G., ' 40E, 101 Harvard St., Brockton Seymour, Herbert K., •43E, 10 Depot St., Buckland, Conn. Shackford, Robert W., ■42E, 217 Boston Ave., Medford Shailer, Malcolm H., •4OE, Chester, Conn. Shain, Charles, •42LA, .586 Harvard St., Mattapan Shanahan, Philip R., ' 43LA, 20 Crocker Ave., Turners Falls Shank, William R., •43E, 376 Washington St., Boston Shanker, George A., ' 41LA, 60 Goodale Rd„ Mattapan Shapiro, Saul, ' 40E, 55 Goodale Rd., Mattapan Sharp, John R., ' 41E, 140 East Elm Ave., Wollaston Sharp, Warren A., ' 43E, 140 East Elm Ave., Wollaston Shaw, William N., ' 41E, 305 Safford St., Wollaston Shay, Edward J., Jr., ' 43E, 53 Maple St., Framingham Shea, R. Brendan, ' 41 BA, 240 Center St., South Groveland Sheinfeld, Albert G., ■43LA, 166 Rosseter St., Dorchester Shepherd, Joseph N., ' 43LA, 22 Lawton Ave., Lynn Shepherd. Ridgley G., Jr., ' 43E, 1059 Highland Ave., Ncodham Sheridan, Philip F., •43LA, 12 Wyoming PI., Maiden Sherman, Irving, ' 43LA, 7 Dimick St., Somerville Sherr, Earle, ■42BA, 58 Tolman St., Canton Shilub, Sarkis J., ' 42E, B9S Dwight St., Springfield Shimberg, Milton L., ' 43LA, 13S Lucerne St., Dorchester Shirley, George C, ' 43BA, 124 Billings Rd., North Quincy Shopnick, Morton, ' 40E, 20 Irma St., Dorchester Short, Dean F., ' 42BA, 44 East Britannia St., Taunton Shorten, Edward, ' 41E, 16 Congr ss St., Greenfield Showstack, Max, ' 42E, 81 Bainbridge St., Roxbury Shrage, Louis I., ' 43E, 51 McLellon St., Dorchester Shuflain, Stanley M., •43E, 449 Walnut Ave., Roxbury Shulman, Irving, ' 41E, 15 Bicknell St., Dorchester Sibley, Richard A., ' 41BA, 112 Walton St., Fitchburg Siegel, Harold, ' 43E. 231 West Selden St., Mattapan Siegel, Sidney H., ' 42E, 48 Congress St., Lawrence Sigismund, Mark, ' 41E, 146 Parsons St., Brighton Silsby, Henry F., Jr., ' 40E, 455 High Rock St., Needham Silbsy, Norman S., ' 42E, 455 High Rock St., Needham Silva, Joseph A., Jr., ' 43E, 59 Reed St., Lexington Simblist, Leo, ' 43BA, 327 Seaver St., Bosto n Simms, Hugh P., ' 43LA, 177 Webster St., East Boston Simon, S.vlvan S„ ' 42E, 17 East Boulevard Rd., Newton Sinofsky, Louis H., ' 40E, 9 Ottawa St., Roxbury Sinton, John J., •40E, U. S. Veterans ' Hospital, Bedford Sitarz, Walter J., ' 43E. 75 Kenyon St., New Bedford Sitek, Alexander S., •43E, 21 K Hardy St., Salem Skambas, George E., ' 42BA, 15 Phillips St., Roxbury DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN S-T Skiff. C. Lorin, ' MBA, Walton. N. Y. SkoRlund, Walter. •42E. 200 Whitwell St.. Quinc.v Skwarek. Frank J., SLA. Oil School St.. Roxbiiry Slade. Robert C. MOBA. 44 Cushing Ave., Belmont Slavin. Ernest F.. •42E. 140 Cliff Ave.. Winthrop Smith, . rthur T.. ■42BA. 2S7 Washington St.. Newton Smith. Bill K.. •42E. 10 Orlando Ave., Winthrop Smith. Duane S., ' 42LA, 5 Plymouth Rd.. Lexington Smith. Duncan R., •43LA. 12 Fowler Ct.. New London. Conn. Smith. Eben J., SE, 19 Chardon Rd.. West Medford Smith. Elmer E., ■42E, Sabael. N. Y. Smith. Eugene F,. ■43E. 229 Foster St.. Palmyra. N. Y. Smith. Everett C, ' 42BA. 14 Pratt St.. Melrose Smith. Frazer T.. ' 41 LA, SS Howard Ave., Roxbury Smith. John L.. Jr., OE, 274 East St., Islington Smith, Joseph A., ' 43E, 27A Dickens St., Dorchester Smith, Leonard W.. ' 43LA, 25 Train St.. Dorchester Smith, Lewis B., •41E, 221 West Second St., Berwick, Pa. Smith. Lothrop, ' 40E. 91 Hamilton St., Wollaston Smith. Nelson, ' 43BA, Old Road to Nine Acre Corner, Concord Smith, Philip M., SE, 60 Elm Ave.. Brockton Smith. Robert S.. ' 43E, 253 Willetts Ave.. New London. Conn. Smith, Shaw B., ' 41BA, 70 Trapelo Rd., Waltham Smith, William L., ' 41E. Church St.. Raynham Smooker, Jack J.. ' 42B. . S Montana St.. Boston Snell, George A., lE, 1 Lowell PI.. Nantucket Snow, Arnold E., ' 41E, 219 High St.. Greenfield Snow, Hally L., ■43LA. 47 ClaBin St.. Milford Snyder, George J., ' 41E, 84 Fayston St., Boston Solovey, John, ' 40E, Milson Lodge, Harrison Ave., Harrison, N. Y. Sonia, Joseph A., Jr., ' 43E, Still River Rd., Lancaster Sorenson, Andrew P., Jr., •43BA, 22 Garland St., Melrase Sotir, Rachie G., ■43BA. 3436 Washington St.. Roslindale Sotiropoulos. Angelo. ' 43BA. 140 High St.. Newburyport Soucy, Oliver F., ' 42E, 51 Ashland Ave., West Roxbury Souza, Frank H., ' 43E, 11 Meredith Circle, Milton Spear, LaForest T., ■42E, Rockport, Me. Spidell, Emery P., •40E, 120 Wilmington Ave., Dorchester Spileos, Louis A.. ' 43E. 2 Medford Ct.. Boston Spiller, Bertram, ■43LA, lUi Lewis St., Lynn Sprague, Frederick B., SE. 4 Holman St., Baldwinsville Spriggs. James R., ■43LA. 19 Jackson St.. Attleboro Springer, Irwin H., ' 43LA, 492 Harvard St., Dorchester Sproul, Stanley E.. ' 43BA, 1 Fairview Ave., Augusta. Me. Sprowl, Edward M., ' 42BA, 10 Phillips St., South Natick Stahl. Walter F., HSBA, 168 Emerson St.. South Boston Staller. Jack J.. •42E. 25 Shore Drive. Winthrop Stanton, Francis A.. ' 40E. 04 Charles St.. Dorchester Stanton, Frank G.. ' 43E. 99 Lincoln St.. Needham Starck, Russell E.. ' 43E, Centerville Stawicki, Sigmund W.. ' 40E. Ul Chestnut St., Chelsea Steacic, Edward, III. •43BA, 43 Central Ave., Newtonvillc Stead, Norman A.. ■42E, 79 Pleasant St.. North Andover Stearns. Edward C. Jr., ' 43E, 110 Dale St.. Waltham Steele, Charles E., ' 42E, 126 Harvard St., Quincy Sleeves, Clifford R., •40BA, 47 Mellen St.. Needham Heights Steinberg, Alvin M„ MSE, 36 Whitman St., Dorchester Stepasiuk. John J., ■41BA, m Bellvale St., Maiden Stewart, J. Rodgers, Jr., ' 41E, 11 Long Ave.. Belmont Stewart. John P., Jr., ' 43BA, 30 Hamilton St.. Medford Stirling, William H.. Jr.. •42E. 57 Cl.vde St.. Fitchburg Stoddard. Stuart V.. ' 41E, 40 Beal St.. Rockland Stolberg, John F., ' 43E, 34 Mill St., Worcester Stone. Abraham A., ■43BA, 132 Franklin Ave., Chelsea Stone. Clarence E., ' 4 , 840 North Montello St.. Brockton Stone, Clyde C, ' 41E, 840 North Montello St.. lirocklon Stone, Everett E., •43E, 9 Rugglcs St., Westbcirc, Stone, Maxwell D., ' 40LA, 10 Lexington Terr.. Waltham Stone, Merrill M., ' 42E, 84 Harvard Ave.. Allston Stone. Ralph W.. Jr., ■42E, 1149 St. James Ave., Springfield Stone. Walter E., ' 42E, 98 Livingston PI.. Bridgeport. Conn. Straight, David M.. •43E. Marble Dale. Conn. Strceter. Milton H.. ' 42E, Church St., Bernardston Stretton, Thomas E., •43LA, 1 Phillips PI., Dorchester Struzziero, Alexander J., ' 41BA, 24 Neptune Rd.. East Boston Struzziero. Angelo R., ' 43LA, 516 Somerville Ave.. Somerville Stupak. Frank R., MOE, 14 St. John Ave.. Norwood St.vron. Howard S.. •42E. 54 Burn St., New Burn, N. C. Sulkin, Maurice. •43E. 33 Middlesex St.. Boston Sullivan, Cornelius M., ■41LA, SO Oxford St.. Cambridge Sullivan, Edward H., ' 43E, 23 Summit Ave. Salem Sullivan. Frederick, ' 41LA, Peach Orchard Rd.. Burlington Sullivan. James W.. SBA. 94 Allan St.. Dorchester Sullivan. Wallace F., •43BA, 23 Villa Ave.. Edgewood. R. I. Sullivan, William P., ' 43BA, 77 Beaumont Ave.. Newtonville Sundberg, Thomas, Jr., ■40E. 19 Baldwin St.. Newton Sundstrom. Franklin B.. SE, Elm St., North Berwick, Me. Suter. Russell E.. ' 43E, 44 Brainerd Rd., Allston Sutliff, Richard D.. ■42E, 69 East State St.. Gloversvillc. N. Y Sutton, Richard, •43BA, 119 Chestnut St., Andover Svelnis, Frank S.. ' 41E, 163 I St., South Boston Swain. Walter, •40E, 394 South Main St.. Haverhill Swan. Burton D., •43BA, Charleton St.. Sturbridge Swardlick, Samuel, ' 41BA, 138 High St.. Canton Swartz. Benjamin, ' 43E, 19 Cross St., Winthrop Swift, Charles B., •42E, G Belvoir Ave.. Taunton Symonds. Dale E.. ' 42LA. Gasper, N. Y. Szablewicz. John H.. lE. 46 Austin St.. Hyile I ' lirk Tait, Harry H.. Jr.. •43BA, 30 South Borden Rd.. Medford Takvorian, Ephram. ■42LA, 55 Plymouth St.. Cambridge Taloumis, George, ' 42LA, 221 Lafayette St.. Salem Tangherlini, Eugene F., ' 43E, 68 Verchild St., Quincy Tarbell, Robert S., •43E, 17 Florence St., Hudson Tausch, John H.. •40E, 120 Hemenw.ay St., Boston Tavelli, Clinton E.. •40LA. 126 Cole Ave., Williamslown Tavilla. Paul, ' 40BA, 21 Bennett St., Everett Ta.vlor, Alexander, ' 43LA, 178 Oak St., Taunton Ta.vlor, Edward S., ' 42BA, 156 Benvenue St.. Wellesley Ta.vlor, Erwin N., ' 41E, 48 Porter Rd., Waltham Taylor, Francis W., ■43E. 251 Pearl St., Cambridge Taylor, Jason G., ' 43E, R.F.D., No. 2, Concord Taylor. William I.. ' 42BA, 532 Fairmount St.. Fitchburg Tebbetts, Stanley R., ' 40BA, 354 Waltham St., Lexington Teixeira, Joseph R., ' 43E, 23 Chipman St.. Dorchester Telowetski. ,Iohn, •41BA, Dclanson, N. Y. Terrell, Warren H., ' 43LA, 70S Orange St., New Haven. Conn. Tcvlin, Thomas J., ' 42E, 26 Burlington Ave., Lowell Tharp, Tillman C. ■43E. Route No. 3. Hutchinson, Kan. Thomas. Harold C, ' 43E, 30 Spooncr St., North Ea.ston Thoma.s, Ralph H.. •43BA. 26 Warwick Rd., Belmont Thomas, Reginald C. ' 41 LA, 12 Kimball Terr.. Newtonville Thomas. Robert H., •42E, 30A Forest St., Bellows Falls, VI. Thomas. William H.. ' 41 BA, 130 Billings St., North Quincy ThompsoTi, L iring L, ' 40E. 62 Parsons St.. West Newton Thompson. Warren H.. HIE. 185 Beaver St.. Framinghani Thomson. Benjamin C. •42LA, 62 Imlay St., Hartford, ConTi, Thorpe, Paul P., HIE, 26 Pond St., Framinglmm Thorpe, Robert T., HSE, 126 Vinal St.. Revere Thorsen. Scvcrin M., ' 41E, 387 Harvard St., Ca.nbriilge Tibbetts, Orrcn, ' 41 E, Rangeley, Me. Tidd, Ellsworth H.. ' 42E, 85 Central St.. C.eoigel..wn Tinkham. Malcolm L.. ■43LA. 24 Ernst Ave.. lln.,.kl,,ii Titus, Eruesl W., -laH. 21 llan(lol| h SI.. Caiiluii DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN w Tobey, Benjamin C, ' 42LA, Falmouth Tobey, George E., Jr., •43E, 30S Lake St., Belmniit Tobin, Abraham, ' 41E, 183 Walnut St., Chelsea Tobin, Richard J., ' 43BA, 22 Newpool St.. Dorchester Todd, Frederick W., ' 43BA, 226 Wilson Ave., Wollaston Tongue, Charles H., ' 42BA, Brightwatcrs, Long Island, N. Y. Toubman, William S., •40LA, 12 Wayland St., Hartford, Conn. Toucey, Robert E., ' 41E, 412 Laughlin Rd., Stratford, Conn. Towne, Allen N., ' 43E, 19 Maple Ave.. North Andover Tracy, Charles A., Jr., ' 40LA, Hilltop Ave., Lexington Trail, Henry S., •43E, 131 Bridge St., Groton, Conn. Trainovicus, Alphonse, •43E, 123 Cherry St., Cambridge Trefethen, James B., ' 40LA, 133 High St., Wareham Trottier, Robert W., •41LA, 210 Coburn St., Lowell Tse, Albie N., ' 40LA, 29 North Margin St., Boston Tubbs, Ronald E., ' 42BA, 888 Farmington Ave., West Hartford. Conn. Tuffin, George E., ■42E, 51 Argyle Ave., West Hartford, Conn. Tully, Edward L., ' 43E, 64 Fay St., Lowell Turner, Arthur D., ■43E, 163 Forest St., Melrose Highlands Turton, Hallam W., Jr., ' 41BA, 2.5S Wallingford Ave.. Athol Tweddle, Henry, Jr., •42E, 5 Bradbury Ave., Medford Uhland, Laurence S., ' 41BA, R.F.D., No. .5, Bridgeton. N. J. Urban, John A., ■42E, 3.5 Danforth Ave.. Pittsficld Urbanik, Walter C. F., •42BA, 10 Becket St.. Dorchester Urbon, John P., •43LA, 72 Harvest St.. Dorchester Vaccaro, Philip, ' 43E, 179 Princeton St., East Boston Vahey, James T., ' 43BA, 33 Prescott St., Watertown Van Cor, Frederick B., ' 43LA, 90 Sargent St., Melrose Van Home, ' 43E, 7 Andrews St., Bethel, Conn. Van Stry, Robert F., ■43E, 71 Narragansett Rd., Quincy Van Tuyl, Donald W., •40E, North Road, Greenport Van Vessem, Alvin D., ■43E, 66 West St., Warwick, N. Y. Varner, . lbert F., Jr., ■43E, 206 Wachusett St., Jamaica Plain Varney, Fenton W., ' 42E, 382 First Parish Rd., Scituate Centre Vespaziani, Albert, ■41E, 20 Eaton St., East Milton Vickery, Ralph L., ■42BA, 34 Justin Rd., Brighton Villega.s, Ernest, ■42LA, Manezales, Colombia Vincent, Manuel, ' 41E, 104 William St., Fall River Vitale, Anthony E., •43LA, 257 Greene St.. New Haven, Conn. Voymas, James S., •43E, 91 Water St., Danvers Vozzella, Michael A., ' 43E,131 Highland Ave., Winchester Vreeland, Kenneth G., •41E, 163 West Eighth St., Ba.vonne, N.J. Wadland, Robert L., SE. 11 Lynde St., Melrose Wadleigh, Richard F., ' 43BA, Treble Cove Rd.. North Billcrica Wagner, Robert J., ' 41E, 12 Coniston Rd., Roslindale Wahl, Louis G., •42E, 328 Lynn St., Maiden Waide, Walter E., ' 4 , 40 Linden Ave., Greenfield Waldman, Jason J., ' 43E, 3 Page St., Dorchester Wall, George E., •42E, 36 Tudor St., Lynn Wallace, William, ' 41LA, 90 Winslow St.. Everett Wallace, William L., •41LA, R. R. No. 2, Newport, Hants Co., Nova Scotia Wallace, William O., •41E, 5 Nonantum St.. Newton Walsh, George W., ' 43LA, 28 Winn St., Belmont Walsh, James J., •43LA, 231 Blackstone St.. Fall River Walton, Elmer W., ■40E, 20 Chestnut St.. Newburyport Ward. George M., ' 43E, 24 Fearing Rd., Hingham Ward, Harvey R., ' 43E, 460 Nassau Blvd., Williston Pk., N. Y. Warren, Richard D., ' 40LA, 22 Ridge Rd., LawTence Warshaw, Melvin, •42LA, 153 Intervale St., Boston Washburn, James E., ■43BA, 20 Parkwood Blvd.. Hudson. N. Y. Warwick. Edward J., ' 41E, 13 Sunset St., Boston Warwick, Gordon ¥.. ' iiE. 53 Davidson Rd., Worcester n. Robert, ■43LA, 34 Lome St., Dorchester Waterman, Charles H., ' 42E, 152 Kelsey St., South Portland, Me. Waterman, Harold L., ' 43E, 310 Putnam Ave., New Haven, Conn. Watt, William H., ■41E, 65 Lawton Ave., Lynn Weatherby, John H., ' 40LA, S Florence St., Natick Weaver, T. Ray, ' 42E, 20 East Main St., Frankfort, N. Y. Webber, Robert A., ' 43E, 327 Washington Ave., Chelsea Webber, Roland A., ■42E, 79 Camden St., Boston Weiderhom, Morris, ' 40BA, 20 Greendale Rd., Mattapan Weightman, Herbert G., ' 41E, Burke Foundation, White Plains, N. Y. Weiner, Martin, •43E, 40 Hancock St., Maiden Weinstein, Richard S., ■43E, 423 Washington St., Brookline Weintraub, William, •40LA, 134 High St., Newburyport Weisgold, Henry, •43E, 38 Crawford St., Roxbury Welaish, Stanley, ■43LA, 458 Columbia Rd., Dorchester Welch, Thomas S., ' 43BA, 108 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Weller, Herbert, •43BA, 51 Verndale St., Brookline Wells, Edward L., •42E, 15 Union St., Randolph Wells, Richard L., ' 43E, 15 Union St., Randolph Wennberg, Norman A., ' 41 BA, 29 Hilda St., Quincy Wennerberg, Roland C, ■43E, 10 High St., Worcester West, Kenneth P., ■43BA, 1277 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton Weygand, William J., ' 43BA, 44 Avon St., Taunton Wharton, Robert S., •43E, 254 Franklin St., Framingham Whipple, Richard S., •40E, 30 Madison Ave., Newtonville White, John P., ' 41E, 29 Brent St., Dorchester White, Joseph J., ' 43BA, 22 Tolman St., Canton Whites, Andrew W., ■42E, 182 Greenwood St., Marlboro Whitford, John R.. ■43E, 30 Salem St., Wakefield Whitney, Ernest E., Jr., •43BA, 38 Lovell Rd., Melrose Whitney, Gordon B., ' 42E, Worcester Rd., Westminster Whitney, Lawrence E., ' 42E, R. F. D., No. 1, Box 64, Union, Me. Whittier, Roland L., •43BA. 9 Bowman St.. Gardiner, Me. Widger, Walter L., ' 43BA, 13 Hale Park Ave., Beverly Wiejkus, John J., ' 41L. . 928 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Wiggin, Donald A., •41E, 1700 Brown Ave., Manchester Wiggin, Paul H., ' 43LA, 232 Bradley St., New Haven, Conn. Wilbur, Merle R., Jr., •43LA, 59 Pearl St., Amesbury Wilbur, Robert L., ' 40E, 43 Commonwealth Ave., Marlboro Wilcox, Alfred R., 41BA, Oneco, Conn. Wilder, Roger C, ■42BA, 17 Oakland St., Melrose Wilensky, Harry, •43BA, 73 Central Ave., Chelsea Wilkins, Roger, ' 41E, 10 Forrest Place, North Attleboro Wilkinson, Richard N., •43LA, 6 Lincoln Ct., Saugus Willard, Emery D., ' 42E, 107 Redingto n St., Swampscott Willette, Chester E., ' 43E, 968 Union St., Manchester, N. H. Willey, Herbert F., ■43E, Milton, N. H. Williams, Dean E.. ■42E, 48 Whitman St., Somervillc Williams. Eugene R., ■42E, 42 Harbor View Ave.. Winthro]) Williams, Harold G., ■43E, Clapboard Hill. Guilford. Conn. Williams, Matt 0., ' 42BA, 119 John St., Uion, N. Y. Williams, Russell L.. ' 40E, 42 Elm Ave., Wollaston Williams, Vernon H., •43E, 09 Ruggles St., Roxbury Willis, Robert H., ' 43LA, 34 Buffinton St., Fall River Williston, Robert L., ' 43LA, 485 Washington St., Brookline Wills, Richard J., OE, 358 Main St., Medfield Wills, Robert H., Jr , •42E, 54 Cheriton Rd., Wollaston Wills, Wilfred H., ' 40E, 358 Main St., Medfield Wilson, Albert, •42LA, 187 Village St., Medway Wilson, Allan, ' 40E, 114 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury Wilson, Harry S., ' 43BA, 294 Duke St., Saint John, N. B. Wilson, Herbert A., •42E, 24 Strathmore Rd., Brookline Wilson, Lawrence T., •43E, 111 Province St., Richford, Vt. Wilson, Malcolm A., ' 43LA. 385 Orchard St., New Bedford Wilson, Mdvin G.. ■43E. Boston Rd., Billerica Winograd, . brahani. ' 43E. 27 Lome St.. Dorchester DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN W Y-Z Winslow, John K.. ' iSBA, 39 Ridgcway Drive, Quincy Winters, Paul .. MaBA, 31 Hammond Rd„ Belmont Wiren, Jacob, •42E. 124 Oak St., Westwood Wisgirda, Francis, OE, 914 Washington St., Norwood Withington, C. Frederick, •42E, 91 Bcltran St., Maiden Woewucki, Anthony, ■43E, B Kinsman PI., Natick Wolf, John M., ■42BA, 149 Lake Ave., Greenwich, Conn. Wolfendon, William, ' 42E, 254 Oakland Ave., Mcthucn Wolff, Arthur G.. SBA, 32 Long Ave., Allston Wolfram, Raymond J., ■43E, 7 M.vrtle St., Boston Wolfson, Jason L., •42BA, 70 Abbotsford Rd., Brooklinc Woloshnk, Walter, •42E, 25 Rugby Rd.. Mattapan Wolozin, Matthew, ■4IE, 111 Mt. Vernon St., Maiden Wood, Herbert L., MSBA, 247 Highland Ave., Winchester Wood, Leonard F., •4ILA, Plymouth St., Middleboro Wood, Stanley G., ' ViE, 6 Worcester St„ Taunton Woodbury, Edgar H., •42BA, IIS Elm St., Worcester Woodruff, Dwight C, Jr., ' 43BA, Fairview Rd., Lunenburg Woodward, Everett M., •4OE, Monroe, Me. Woodward, Robert B., ' 41E, 15 Linden Ave., Greenfield Woodworth, John D., •42E, Edmands Rd.. Framingham Woodworth, Stewart C, Jr., •43BA, 64 Allendale St., Jamaica I ' la Wnollacott, Robert A., ' 4 , 17 Argyle St., Melrose Wray, Albert W., •41E, 4S North Main St., Altleboro Wright, Richard E., ■4IE, 315 Farrington St., Wollaston Wright, Russell C, ' 42BA, 710 Franklin St., Melrose Yaffee, Benjamin S., •41E. 12 Sixth St., Chelsea Yaffee, Philip, •42E, 9 Seaview Ave., Maiden Yager, Edward, •42E, 33 Downing St., Buffalo, N, Y. Yancey, William D., OE, S3 Martland Ave.. Brockton Ycllin, Hymnn, •43E, 10,S Myrtle St., Boston Y ' eremian, George J., ■43E, 173 Fellsway West, Medford Y ' etten, Riiymond S., ' 41 LA. 27 Liberty St., Waltham Y ' ork, Ixiighton H.. ' 43LA, 3S King St., Rockport Young, Bruce W., MOE, 1.57 Oakley Rd., Belmont Young, Donald J., •42E, 36 Ash6eld St., Roslindale Young, .John S., ' 42E, 157 Oakley Rd., Belmont Yuryan, Joseph B., ' 42E, 9 Marjorie St., Hudson Zahariades, Michael G., •4IE, 100 Ferry St., New Haven, Con Zalewski, Charles S., •43E, 33 Rawson St., Dorchester Zalewski, Henry V., ' 40E, 33 Rawson St., Dorchester Zardeskas, Edward J., ' 41LA, 41 Rosemont St., Dorchester, Samuel, ■42LA, 409 Warren St., Roxbury Zaxman, Harry, •43E, 14 Vale St., Chelsea Ziegler, Wilbur C, ' 40LA, 40 Warren St., Arlington Ziegler, William R., •42LA, 44 Wendover St., Dorchester Zimmerman, Joseph, ' 41E, 32 Starbird St., Dorchester Zisson, James P., ' 43E, 40 Bridge St., Marlboro Zwick, Melvin, ' 431 , 1003 Columbus Ave.. Boston Zwieker. Uon P., ' 43LA, 10 Dell Ave., Hyde Park 9 txk •x. Academy 76 Acknowledgments 8 Administration 9 A.I.Ch.E 101 A.I.E.E 102 Alpha Kappa Sigma 109 A.S.M.E 103 Astronomy Club 99 Bacchanalians 93 Band 88 Banjo Club 92 Banking and Finance Club . . 95 Baseball 138 Basketball 126 Beta Gamma Epsilon 110 Board of Trustees 10 B.S.C.E 104 In Memoriam .... Inter-Fraternity Council International Relations Clul) Camera Club Cauldron Board Cauldron Staff Cheerleaders Chess Club Class History Cross Country . Debating Society Dedication Dramatic Club Eta Tau Nu 99 5 94 143 97 39 137 96 7 100 111 Faculty 15 Faculty Directory 144 Football 122 Foreword 4 Freshman Class Officers .... 74 Freshman Handbook 95 Gamma Phi Kappa 118 Glee Club 91 Hockey 130 Honors ... . . 64 Honor Societies 76 Junior Class Dea Junior Class Offic Junior Prom Con Kappa Zeta Phi Law and Accoiui Letter Men . Mathematics Clu Men of Distincti Middler Class De Middler Class Ofl News Nu Epsilon Zeta Orchestra Phi Beta Aljiha Phi Gamma Pi Radio Club . Relay Team Rifle Club Rifle Team . S.A.M. . n ' s Lis ers imittee ing CI l5 . )n an ' s L icers t . ub , St . Senate Senior Class Dea Senior Class Oftic Senior Week Con Sigma Kappa Psi Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Society Sophomore Class Sophomore Class Student Council Student Union Track . . Undergraduate D i " s List ers imittet Dean ' Officer irector s List s y I ' .VGE 30 108 96 68 69 35 114 97 120 98 36 70 71 86 112 90 115 116 98 135 100 142 105 78 38 33 34 113 117 80 72 73 82 84 133 150 175]

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