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Text from Pages 1 - 262 of the 1934 volume:

THE 1934 CAULDRON COPYRIGHT 1 934 CARL R. JOHNSON EDITOR • IN • CHIEF ALBERT A. SCHAAKE BUSINESS MANAGER VOLUME XIII PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS N437 .?°7 2. FOREWOR D I ' HE 1934 CAULDRON to some a record of events, to others a treasure of college days,and to its makers, a lot of real, hard work. Though it be volume XIII, we are not apprehensive but feel confident that it will be ac- cepted as symbolic of Northeastern spirit and progress. Here is your Cauldron. Just re- memoer that you are part of it. CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES COLLEGE YEAR ACTIVITIES FRATERNITIES ATHLETICS LITERARY 33 L DEDICATION GEORGE HARRIS MESERVE, JR we dedicate this book, for his sincere counsel and thoughtful guidance through five long years. The successes of the Class of 1934 are largely results of his effort and we, as a class, dre grateful. May we, in future life, show our appreciation of his work by adherence to the principles he taught us. - CZ isiZeS yj AA ?1U c r CAULDRON BOARD EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Carl R. Johnson BUSINESS MANAGER Albert A. Schaake MANAGING EDITORS Gardner A. Caverly Joseph A. Meninna PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITORS Richard F. Haley Eugene A. Periconi FACULTY ADVISER Professor Everett C. Marston CAULDRON STAFF JOSEPH A. ALMEIDA STANLEY O. AMES STANLEY BOCON LEON C. EMERSON BRADFORD P. GEYER SAMUEL GOLDSTEIN WALTER GORSKI HARRY G. GURSKE PAUL M. HERBERT CHARLES M. KELLEY EDWARD V. KIRKLAND LEO L. LEVY LANGLEY U. MORANG ALBERT E. NELSON JAMES A. PATTERSON WILLIAM C POPE LYLE H. SHIELDS EDWARD C. J. URBAN J. DONALD WINTLE I IHE turbulence and instability of the world of today are evident on every hand. We find a leading nation throwing religion into the discard. We see a necessity of rule by dictatorship prevailing in many coun- tries, including our own. Agreements are difficult to obtain and then only after almost incessant bickering. Muffled rumblings and grumblings cannot escape notice. Race prejudice is once more thrust into the foreground and with it consequent injustices. The economic difficulties and the struggles to tear loose from them threaten to engulf us in a most cruel and devastating war. This picture is surely a disturbing one to gaze upon. Nevertheless, it is quite true, and worthy of careful scrutiny. Even in our small academic circle we cannot but sense the feeling of doubt and insecurity. To meet the ever- changing demands it has been necessary to adapt ourselves. Thus, we have witnessed in our University numerous experiments and developments taking place. The following will prove significant. The class of 1934 has the honor and the privilege of being the first class to receive the degree of Bachelor of Science. With the honor will go a certain prestige of decided advantage in the bitter struggle of finding jobs. The power to grant th e degree of Bachelor of Science was made possible by an increase in semester hours of classwork, resulting in the five-year curriculum. When this plan was inaugurated the recent drastic business curtailment could not be anticipated. To meet various needs and difficulties arising from the current depression, a new four-year curriculum has been devised and will be in operation next fall. This plan will decrease the num- ber of years of possible co-operative work and yet fulfill the already estab- lished requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science. Students should look with favor upon the new arrangement, since it will mean increased savings, not only in time but in money. Surely these changes have been most progressive for student and for University. The introduction of football has bolstered a waning school spirit and has created an enthusiasm among the student body quite unknown when soccer was the major fall sport. The Activities Department is to be com- plimented on its forward step in such discouraging times. May football serve not as a money-making business, but as a true builder of school spirit, team-work, and friendly relationships both at home and away. Speaking of football, it might be well to speak also of the courses of football instruction to be given here next summer by nationally known coaches. There is another innovation of important consequence. Several other new features can well be reviewed here. Freshman Camp, introduced and conducted by the Student Union, has proved a most help- ful and encouraging reception to the bewildered yearling. This first aid toward moulding boys into men is an important one. First impressions are lasting ones! In class elections decided improvements have been made. A more representative basis for choosing officers has brought about fair play and has erased serious grievances between business and engineering stu- dents. This factor alone, by creating unity in achievement, has strengthened the internal organs of the school body. We are as one,- let us act as one! To the satisfaction of many Seniors has come a separate graduation for those receiving degrees. Surely no one will begrudge the Seniors this distinction. Thus briefly have been summed up the major changes in the last few years. They are all significant and doubtless very influential to university standing. In later years, as alumni of a greater and broader University, may we proudly look back on these years of trying effort during which we were able to lend a hand. Looking ahead, one sees additional experiments yet to be tried, each for the sole purpose of bettering our school. Who can doubt that new buildings will soon rise where weeds and straggling bushes now grow? Last winter the University purchased considerable land adjoining our present property and it is only a matter of time before students will attend classes and experiment in the laboratories of the new buildings. These rapid developments mean but one thing — our University is alive and progressive. In spite of adverse business conditions it is forging ahead. Even if our college training should leave with us nothing save this will to accom- plish under adverse conditions, it will have benefited us much. A message to Seniors — you have spent five long years in laborious prep- aration for your life ' s work. In June you will be ready to begin that work. There may be none waiting for you. What of it! This is not the first depres- sion that ever struck our country. Go out and make a job. If you disregard making a job you will find yourself drifting, you will slowly lose the knowl- edge you have gained, you will lose your ambition, and the result is evident. You do not quit a football game at the end of the first quarter just because you could not score. Then neither should you quit after graduation, even if there are no jobs in sight. You have had good coaching,- why fumble in the game? In closing, the Cauldron Board wishes to express its deep appreciation and gratitude to its adviser, Professor Everett C. Marston. Throughout the year he has co-operated si " jerely, always shifting credit due him to others less deserving. That he continue to serve as the Cauldron adviser is the wish of those who realize his worth. To individuals not on the Board who have contributed freely we are also greatly indebted. To Miss Marjorie Blanchard, Miss Madelyn Ralph, and Mrs. Katharine Goodspeed, for typing and secretarial work. To the offices of the Activities Department and of the Director of School Administration, and to Professor William C. White, for information and assistance. To Mr. Warren K. Vantine, Mr. Dino G. Valz, and Mr. Russell C. Knight, for sug- gestions and co-operation. It has been a pleasure to assist in the editing of this annual, and the retiring Board hopes that next year ' s officers, too, will take pride and find satisfaction in their work. We have, with our combined efforts, tried to meet the appeal for a change. Realizing our limitations, we have done our best. May this Cauldron be received in the spirit in which it has been made and is now given to you! ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES Robert Gray Dodge, Chairman Frank Lincoln Richardson, Vice -Chairman Galen David Light, Secretary and Treasurer Willis John Abbot Harrison Prescott Eddy Tilden Grafton Abbott Frederic Harold Fay Wilman Edward Adams Edward J. Frost William Converse Chick Franklin Wile Ganse Paul Foster Clark Charles Rice Gow William James Davidson Arthur Stoddard Johnson Carl Dreyfus Sabin Pond Sanger Charles Francis Eaton Frank Palmer Speare Francis Robert Carnegie Steele COMMITTEES OF THE BOARD EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Frank L. Richardson, Chairman Willis J. Abbot Charles R. Gow Wilman E. Adams Arthur S. Johnson Robert G. Dodge Frank P. Speare F. R. Carnegie Steele Wilman E. Adams William J. Davidson Robert G. Dodge COMMITTEE ON HOUSING Edward J. Frost, Chairman Charles F. Eaton Frank L. Richardson Frank P. Speare COMMITTEE ON FUNDS AND INVESTMENTS Sabin P. Sanger, Chairman T. Grafton Abbott Wilman E. Adams William C. Chick Frank P. Speare Robert G. Dodge Carl Drefyus Frank L. Richardson THE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Frank Palmer Speare, M.H., LL.D. President of the University Carl Stephens Ell, A.B., M.S., Ed.M. Vice-President of the University Galen David Light, A.B. Secretary and Treasurer of the University Everett Avery Churchill, A.B., Ed.D. Vice-President of the University Frank Palmer Speare, M.H., LL.D. President of the University Carl Stephens Ell, A.B., S.B., M.S., Ed.M. Vice-President of the Day Division, Dean of the Schools of Engineering and Business Administration Harold Wesley Melvin, A.B., A.M. Dean of Students, Professor of English and Chairman of the Department Galen David Light Secretary and Comptroller of the University Yale University, A.B. (fy Edward Snow Parsons Associate Professor of Physical Education Director of Student Activities Northeastern University, B.C.E. Harvard University, Ed.M. John Butler Pugsley Professor of Geology, Director of School Administration Colby College, A.B. Columbia University Milton John Schlagenhauf Director of Admissions, Professor of Ei Washington University, A.B. Northwestern University, M.A Garrett Bible School, B.D. Winthrop Eliot Nightingale Professor of Co-ordination and Director of Co-operative Work Harvard University, A.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, S.B. Boston University, Ed.M. William Crombie White Assistant Professor of Education, Secretary of the Faculty Northeastern University, B.E.E., S.B. Boston University, Ed.M. 16 William Lincoln Smith Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chair- man of the Department Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B. University of Paris Joseph Spear Professor of Mathematics and Chairman of tht Department Harvard University, A.B. Boston University, M.A. Joseph Arthur Coolidge Professor of Physics and Chairman of the Department Harvard University, S.B. Harvard University Graduate School Henry Bissell Alvord Professor of Civil Engineering and Chairman of the Department Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B. WH? ) fc 1k, Samuel Abbot Smith Strahan Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chairman of the Department Massachusetts Institute of Technology Northeastern University, S.B. James Warren Ingalls Professor of Industrial Engineering and Chair man of the Department Dartmouth College, S.B. Thayer School, C.E. University of Michigan Graduate School I r " I 17 Joseph William Zeller Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Chairman of the Department Tufts College, S.B. Arthur Bird Montgomery Assistant Professor of hanking and finance and Chairman of the Department Boston University, B.B.A., M.B.A. 1 Robert Bruce Professor of Accounting and Chairman of the Department Northeastern University, B.C.S., M.C.S. Stanley Goddard Estes Associate Professor of Psychology and Chairm. of the Department Colby College, A.B. Columbia University, M.A. Harvard University Graduate School Eliot Franklin Tozer Professor of Drawing and Chairman of the Department Boston University Massachusetts Art School, B.S., in Ed. Wilfred Stanley Lake Associate Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department Hiram College, A.B. Akron University Harvard University, M.A., Ph.D. 18 A Charles William Havice Associate Professor of Sociology and Chairman of the Department Executive Secretary of the Northeastern Student Union Allegheny College, A.B. Boston University, M.A., S.T.B. Alfred John Ferretti Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineer. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate School Julian Ernest Jackson Associate Professor of Business Management and Chairman of the Department Coe College, A.B. Harvard University M.B.A. 11 Roland Guyer Porter Associate Professor of Electrical Eng, Northeastern University, B.E.E Harvard University, M.S. John Kenneth Stevenson Bursar and Purchasing Agent of the University Northeastern University, B.C.S. Chester Packard Baker Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering Northeastern University, B.Ch.E. Boston University, A.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate School 19 Emil Anton Gramstorff Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate School Frederick William Holmes Associate Professor of English Harvard University, A.B. Boston University, M.A. Henry Edward Richards Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technologv, S.B. U.S. Naval Steam Engineering School] Frederick Arlington Stearns Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate School George Wesley Towle Associate Professor of Co-ordination University of New Hampshire ,S.B. University of Pittsburgh Graduate School Charles Oscar Baird, Jr. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Northeastern University, B.C.E. 20 I Waldemar Stanwood McGuire I Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B. Boston University, A.M. Albert Ellsworth Everett Assistant Professor of Co-ordination Northeastern university, B.C.E., M.B.A. Albert Eeward Whittaker Assistant Professor of Physics Fitchburg Normal School George Washington University Northeastern University, B.M.E., S.B. Harvard University, Ed.M. Alfred D ' Alessandro Assistant Professor of Accounting Northeastern University, B.C.S., LL Boston University, M.B.A. Harvard University Graduate School C.P.A. George Harris Meserve, Jr. Assistant Professor of Drawing Northeastern University, B.C.E., S.B. Everett Carter Marstoj- Assistant Professor of English Colby College, A.B. Harvard University, M.A. 21 Carl David Johnson Assistant Professor of Physics Clark University. A.B. Boston University Graduare School Roger Stanton Hamilton Assistant Professor of Economics University of Pittsburgh, A.B. Tufts College, M.A. Harvard University Graduate School Carl Frederick Muckenhoupt Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Williams College, A.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, S.B., Ph.D. William Thurlow Alexander Instructor in Mechanical Engineering Northeastern University, B.M.E., S.B. Boston University Graduate School " 99 fHm Norris Willet Potter, Jr. Assistant Professor of English Colby College, A.B. Boston University, A.M. Verner Olof Nelson Instructor in Co-ordination Franklin Union Lowell Institute 22 Rudolph Oscar Martin Oberg Alumni Secretary, Instructor in Co-ordination Northeastern University, B.E.E. Clarence Julius McIntire Instructor in Drawing, Coach of Cross Country Track Massachusetts Institute of Technology Harvey Nelson Raymond, Jr. Instructor in Business Management, Assistant to the Director of Student Activities, Coach of Hockey Northeastern University, B.B.A., S.B. Malcolm Carter Davis Instructor in Accounting Boston University, B.B.A. Boston University Graduate School Gerald Russell Tatton Instructor in Business Management, Coach of Freshman Track and Football Northeastern University, B.B.A. Boston University, M.B.A. Benjamin Mann Ellison Instructor in Business Management, Assistant to the Director of Student Activities Northeastern University, B.B.A. 23 George Raymond Fennell Instructor in Business Management, Assistant Director of Admissions, Coach of Riflery Northeastern University, B.B.A., S.B. Boston Universitv Graduate School Alfred Mudge McCoy Instructor in English, Coach of Baseball, Basketball, and Football Pennsylvania State Collej Lafayette College, S.B. Frank Harold LaBree Instructor in Electrical ' Engineering Northeastern University, B.E.E., S.B. Saverio Zuffanti Instructor in Chemical Engineering Northeastern University, B.Ch.E. Boston University, M.A. Laurence Fuller Cleveland Instructor in Drawing Worcester Polytechnic Institute, S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduate School Elmer Ellsworth Haskins Instructor in Mathematics Northeastern University, B.M.E., S.B University of Pittsburgh, M.A. Boston Universitv Graduate School 24 John Christie Morgan Instructor in Co-ordination New Hampshire University, S.B. Robert Emanuel Madsen Assistant Instructor in Mathematics, Assistant to the Director of School Administration Northeastern University, B.M.E., S.B. Asa Smallidge Knowles Instructor in Banking and Finance Bowdoin College, A.B. Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration Boston University Graduate School Henry Arthur Kontoff School Physician Tufts College, M.D. Donald Hershey MacKenzie Instructor in Chemical Engineering Northeastern University, B.Ch.E., S.B. Boston University Graduate School Robert Everett Laveaga Instructor in Physical Training Y.M.C.A. College, Chicago, B.P.Ed. 25 «■» K William Carl Hultgren Instructor in Physical Training William Jefferson Alcott, Jr. 1894-1933 As a member of the Department of Mathematics from 1924 to 1933, William Jefferson Alcott, Jr. contributed much to the life of Northeastern. He was stimulating as a tea cher, and as a friend. He applied a brilliant analytical mind to a wide range of interests. Northeastern will long bear the impression of his work and his personality. 26 CLASSES 3n Jflemori am HORACE GORDON PRATT JOHN HERBERT PETERSON ALBERT LILLY FRANCIS PATRICK DRISCOLL RAYMOND PETERSON WERNER OSCAR SIMMONSON JOHN CARL TRACY JOHN MacDONALD GARDNER 27 CLASS OF 1934 Rockwood, Davis, Thayer, Miles, Weaver Grieve, Metcalf, Prof. Meserve, Hayden, Carlson Faculty Adviser: Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. Division A J. A. Metcalf .... President R. G. Grieve .... Vice-President H. S. Miles Secretary N. L. Davis . . Treasurer A. W. Cleveland . . . Student Council P. M. Bacon Division B J. L. Hayden C. A. Carlson C. M. Weaver E. B. Rockwood F. E. Abbott J. J. Grosz 28 DEAN ' S LIST G. C. Anderson A. A. Long H. A. Beede D. E. MacBrien R. F. Chamberlain E. D. MacKenzie N. W. Cote F. M. Magee C. W. Crouch R. A. Maher S. J. Danca W. E. Marston O. E. Dwyer J. A. Medland E. H. Ek H. S. Miles E. H. Everett J. J. Moran E. C. Farwell G. E. Norris J. C. Flynn G. H. Ossinger H. L. Forster M. S. Pratt M. N. Friend F. A. Provenzano E. A. GOELLER E. B. Rockwood K. W. Gordon R. S. Saunders R. E. Hamstrom A. G. Schilling J. L. Hayden G. Shapiro G. E. Hodgson V. E. Taylor C. S. Jacobson W. H. Taylor C. J. Jakubowicz W. S. Thayer A. R. James P. M. Tolos C. R. Johnson E. J. VanDeusen P.J. Lacava E. B. VanDusen F. T. Lind J. A. Werry 29 FREDERICK E. ABBOTT b r e Chemical Engineering King St., Falmouth Activities: Glee Club (2, 3); Sen- ate (2, 3, 5), V ice-President (4); Fore Paw Key Society (2, 3, 4); News (3, 4), Feature Editor (5); Student Council (5), President (4); Frater- nity Treasurer (4, 5); A. C. S. (2, 3, 5), President (4); Field Day Com- mittee (3, 4); Senior Week Com- mittee (5) Thesis : A Study of the Behavior of Strong Electrolytes with Regard to the Possible Modification of the DeBye- Hiickel Equation ROBERT ABEL K Z Civil Engineering 82 Deering Rd., Mattapan Activities : News (1, 2, 3), Circula- tion Manager (4, 5); Field Day Committee (3), Secretary (4); Inter- fraternity Council (3), Secretary- Treasurer (4, 5); B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5); Fraternity Secretary (3), Chancellor (4); Interfraternity Basketball (2, 3, Thesis : The Desig?i of an Arc- Welded Steel Frame for a Combination Fraternity House and Office Building EMIL J. ABISAMRA Mechanical Engineering 117 Orient St., Worcester Activities: A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Track (1,4) Thesis: Tests on a Gasoline Motor Having a Variable Compression Ratio MILTON ALLEy Mechanical Engineering LaGrangeville, N. Y. Activities: Rifle Club (3, 4); Em- pire State Club (4, 5); A. S. M. E. (4,5) . Thesis : Burning Alcohol in an Auto- mobile Engine JOSEPH P. AMBERLOCK Business Management 21 Cleveland Ave., Westfield Activities: Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Dramatics (1); News (3, 4, 5); Cross Country Squad (3); Banking Club (2); International Relations Club (3, 4), Vice-President (5); Law Club (4, 5); Management Club (3, 5), President (4); Interclass Football (4) GORDON C. ANDERSON A K S Mechanical Engineering 127 Webster St., Haverhill Activities: Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Orchestra (1,2, 3) Thesis : Design of a Four-Cycle Gas Engine EARL BATES ATWOOD Industrial Engineering 6 Orchard St., Terry ville, Conn. Activities: Nutmeg State Club (1, 2, 3), President (4); Interclub Bowling (2); Interclub Council (2, 3); S. I. E. (2, 3, 5), Secretary (4); Dean ' s List (4) Thesis: The Design and Production of a Metal Thermometer PRESTON M. BACON $ B A Banking and Finance American University of Beirut, Beirut, Syria Activities: Soccer (1, 2); News (1, 2, 3, 4); Sports Editor (5); Cheer Leader (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Fore Paw Key Society (2), Secretary (3, 4); Vice-President Class (3); Assistant Manager of Track (3); Fraternity Treasurer (4), Vice- President (5); Fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4, 5); Dramatics (3, 4); Stu- dent Council (5) 30 THOMAS H. BALESTRIERI Electrical Engineering 49 Hall Ave., Watertown Activities: A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4, 5); Interclass Football (2, 3) Thesis: Characteristic Study of Special Vacuum Tubes W. RAHN BAUER H T N Civil Engineering 151 Hudson St., New Bedford Activities: B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5), Executive Committee (5); Frater- nity Treasurer (5); Interclass Base- ball (4); Interfraternity Basketball (3, 4); Dean ' s List (1) Thesis: The Design of a Sewerage System for Mattapoisett, Massachu- setts ALFRED BEATON Banking and Finance 7 West St., Millbury Activities : Banking Club (2, 3, 4); Freshman Basketball; Law Club (4,5) HARRY F. BEDELL Civil Engineering St. James St., L. I., N. Y. Activities: Baseball (3, 4, 5); Prom Committee (4); Week Com- mittee (5); B. S. C. E. (4, 5), Social Committee (5); Empire State Club (1,2,3,4,5) Thesis: The Design of a Welded Highway Bridge : SS£ " ▼ 0f HARRY A. BEEDE Electrical Engineering 56 Columbus Ave., South Braintree Activities: Senate (3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5); A. I. E. E. (2), Treasurer (3), Chairman (4, 5); Field Day Committee (3, 4); Quincy High Club (1, 2), Vice-President (3); Student Council (5); Glee Club (3, 4, 5) Thesis: The Weston Photronic Cell and its Application to Photometry KENNETH A. BELL Chemical Engineering 121 Union St., Attleboro Activities: Student Union (5); A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis : A Study of Heat Losses in the Contact Plant of the Kumford Chemical Works WILLIAM E. BISHOP b r e Civil Engineering 358 Pleasant St., Melrose Activities: Interclass Football (1, 2, 3); Dramatics (1); Field Day Committee (3, 4); Interfraternity Basketball (3, 4, 5); Interclass Base- ball (4); Interclass Basketball (4) Thesis : Grade Elimination at Wash- ington Street and the Northern Artery, Somerville ELZEAR BJUHR Electrical Engineering 9 Monarch St., Brockton Thesis: A Study of Series Circuits Containing Variable Concentrated Char- acteristics 31 JOHN R. BLAKE Industrial Engineering 153 Centre St., Methuen Activities: Bacchanalians (l); Lawrence Club (3); S. I. E. (4, 5) Thesis : A Minute Study of Fatigue in Industry Directly Applicable to Valve Manufacturing JOSEPH BOCON, JR. S A Civil Engineering 3 Highland, Ave., Ludlow Activities: Band, Assistant Man- ager (1), Librarian (2, 3); Orchestra (1), Librarian (3); News (2), Circu- lation Manager (3), Editor (4); Dramatics (1, 2, 3, 4); B. S. C. E. (5), Clerk (4); Dean ' s Lisr (1, 2) Thesis : A Study of Highway Guard Kails GEORGE E. BOOTH r n Chemical Engineering Turner Hill Farm, Ipswich Activities: Dramatics (1); Track (1); Class Baseball (2, 3, 4, 5); Interclub Basketball (5); Interfra- ternity Basketball (2, 3, 4, 5); Interclub Bowling (4, 5) Thesis: A Survey of the Field of Domestic Air Conditioning CAESAR M. BORTONE Industrial Engineering 984 Belmont St., Waterrown Activities: S. I. E. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Class Baseball (2, 3 " ); Class Football (2,3) . Thesis: Industries in Massachusetts State Prisons CEDRIC L. BROUSSEAU Electrical Engineering Boylston Thesis: Supervisory Control of Auto?natic Airport ASAPH R. BROWN Civil Engineering 350 Broadway, Gardner PAUL W. BRUCE Electrical Engineering Fitchburg Turnpike, Concord Activities: Class Football (4) Thesis : Characteristic Study Special Vacuum Tubes HUBERT W. BRUSH b r e Electrical Engineering Brookfield Center, Conn. Activities: A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5); Glee Club (3, 4, 5); Class Baseball Thesis : A Study of Special Inductive and Capacitive Reactances 32 WALTER E. BUTLER H T N Civil Engineering 14 Kane St., New Bedford Activities: Rush Committee (1); Assistant Basketball Manager (1); Rifle Club (2, 3); Interfratermty Basketball (3, 4, 5); B. S. C. E. (3); Fraternity President (4, 5); Inter- class Baseball (4) Thesis: The Design of a Sewerage System for Mattapoisett, Massachusetts ARTHUR P. BYRNE Chemical Engineering 81 Gloucester St., Arlington Activities: Class Baseball (1,2, 3); Class Hockey (1, 2); Dean ' s List (1,2);A.C. S. Thesis : Mercury in Fusible Alloys PAUL A. CAMERON B A Business Management 116 Medford St., Arlington Activities: Glee Club (1); Junior Prom Committee (4), Seniot Week Committee (5); Law Club (4), President (5); Class Baseball (3, 4); Varsity Baseball (3) WARREN M. CAMPBELL r n Civil Engineering 68 Bellingham Ave., Revere Activities: B. S. C. E. (2,3) Thesis: Neivbiiryport -Ames hi ry Highway Bridge LOUIS L. CAPPANNARI Electrical Engineering 7 Bradford St., Plymouth Activities : Track (1); Student Union (3) Thesis : Electrical Energy Costs of an Industrial Plant CHARLES A. CARLSON 2 A Banking and Finance 42 Dunster Rd., Jamaica Plain Activities: Band (1); Rush Com- mittee (1); Orchestra (1); Bacchan- alians (2), Leader (3, 4); Law Club (4); Class Vice-President (3, 4, 5); Fraternity Vice-President (4); Bank- ing Club (2, 3, 5), President (4); Student Council (4, 5); Interfra- termty Council (4, 5) GUSTAVE W. CARLSON, JR. S A Accounting 6 Summer St., Gloucester Activities: Band (1, 4); Bacchan- alians (2, 3), Leader (4); Banking Club (2, 3, 4); Freshman Dance Orchestra (1); Law Club (4); Fra- ternity Secretary (5) ALDEN P. CARPENTER Electrical Engineering 14 Union St., Hingham Activities: Radio Club (4); A. I. E. E. (4) Thesis: Measurement of the Power Factor of an A. C. Shunt 33 LOUIS P. CASTRUCCI S A Accounting 17-A Pratt St., Allston Activities: Leader Freshman Or- chestra; Banjo Club (1); Band (1); Class Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Bac- chanalians (2, 3), Manager (4); Junior Prom Committee (3) GARDNER A. CAVERLY S A Banking and finance 21 Parker PL, Laconia, N. H. Activities: Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Concert Orchestra (1); Banking Club (3), President (4); Internation- al Relations Club (5), President (4); Bacchanalians (2, 4); Fraternity Secretary (4); Managing Editor of Cauldron (5) Thesis: A Study of State Commer- cial Banking Legislation ROBERT F. CHAMBERLAIN Chetnical Engineering 106 Queensberry St., Boston Activities: Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List Scholarship (2, 4); Senate (2, 3, 5), President (4); News (2, 3), Editor-in-Chief (4); Chair- man Junior Prom Committee (4); President Mathematics Club (3); Se- cretary-Treasurer of Student Coun- cil (5); Secretary-Treasurer of A. C. S. (3); Fore Paw Kev Society (2, 3, 4); Dramatics (1, 2); Field Day Committee (3) Thesis: Heats of Solution of Some Organic Compounds JOHN M. CHASE H T N Civil Engineering 251 High St., Newburyport Activiiies: B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5), Executive Committee (4); North Shore Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Student Union (1) Thesis: Relocation of Portion of Middlesex Fellsway Near Maiden fa CHARLES J. CHASSE N E Z Mechanical Engineering Newbury, Vt. Thesis : A Small Cold Storage Room HENRY CHAVES Chemical Engineering Forest St., Saugus Thesis: Chrome-Tanning of Leather Using Pressure as a Driver RICHARD B. CHESLEY r k Business Management 1 Vista Ave., Reading Activities: Glee Club (1, 2); In- terfraternitv Basketball (3, 4, -5); Banking Club (3, 4); Law Club (4); Fraternity President (5); A. M. A. RALPH M. CHRISTIANSON Banking and Finance 34 King Philip Rd., Worcester Activities: Banking Club (2, 3, 4); Law Club (4, 5) 34 ADRIAN W. CLEVELAND b r e Electrical Engineering 26 Mulberry St., Binghamton, N. Y. Activities: Baseball (1, 2, 3); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (2, 3, 4); Class Football (4); Empire State Club,- Interclub Council (1); Interfraternity Council (3, 4); Stu- dent Council (4), President (5) International Relations Club (4) Class Nominating Committee (2) Class Social Committee (3); A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5); Fore Paw Key Society (2, 3, 4) Thesis : A Study of Special Inductive andCapacitive Reactances WALTER R. COLLINS Chemical Engineering 11 Lawrence St., Woburn Activities: Band (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Musical Comedy Orchestra (1, 2); Track (1); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4) Class Football (3, 4) Thesis: A Study of the Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum- Foil FRANK J. COLUMBO S A Civil Engineering 204 Pine St., Forestville, Conn. Activities: Glee Club (1); News (2,-3, 4, 5); B. S. C. E. (4, 5); Inter- fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis: A Survey of Highway Guardrails THERON E. CONDON Mechanical Engineering 17 Summer St., Merrimac Thesis: Y. M. C. A. Boiler Plant J. KENNETH CONWAY Mechanical Engineering 48 Spring St., Marlboro Activities: Flying Club (2), Sec- retary (3); Rifle Club (3); A. S. M. E. (5) Thesis : Burning Alcohol in an Auto- mobile Enzine HOWARD C. COOKINGHAM Chemical Engineering Staatsburg, N. Y. Activities: Dramatics (1); Mathe- matics Club (5), President (4); A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5); Class Basketball ($); Class Baseball (1, 4); Dean ' s List (3, 4) Thesis: A Study of the Corrosion Problem Encountered in the Return Piping of a Steam Heating System NORMAN H. COOPER S K Chemical Engineering 8 Oakwood St., Boston Activities: Student Union (5); Fraternity Vice-President (4); Inter- fraternity Basketball (4, 5); A. C. S. Thesis : Adhesion of Paper to Metals LAURENT A. CORMIER A K S Industrial Engineering 124 Bushnell St., Hartford, Conn. Activities: S. I. E.; Fraternity Basketball (3, 4, 5) Thesis: Selection of a Commercial Airport for New England 35 NORMAN W. COTE Engineering West Cheshire, Conn. Activities: Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Rifle Team (1, 2, 3, 5), President (4); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis: A Heating and Ventilation Analysis of the Newtonville Methodist Church PAUL O. COUILLARD r n Electrical Engineering Graniteville, Vt. Thesis: The Construction and Cali- bration of a Rotary Voltmeter ROBERT GEORGE COX H T N Civil Engineering 836 Walnut St., Newton Center Activities : News (2, 3) Thesis: A Proposed Distribution Reservoir for the Town of Framingham CARL H. CRAWFORD r k Civil Engineering 18 Arthur St., Framingham Thesis: Cost Estimates of New Northeastern Laboratory Building f h If JOHN J. CRIGHTON $ B A Banking and Finance 55 Raleigh Rd., Belmont Activities: Law Club (3, 4); Banking Club (3, 4) CHARLES W. CROUCH r k Civil Engineering 36 High St., Gardner Activities: Band (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Concert Orchestra (1, 3, 4); Glee Club (1, 4, 5): Fraternity President (4); Interfraternity Council (3), President (4); Musical Comedy Orchestra (1, 2, 3); Class Nominat- ing Committee (4); B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (1, 4, 5) Thesis: Solution of the Traffic Prob- lem at the Intersection of Huntington Avenue and Rirerway — Jamaicaway, Boston, Massachusetts CYRUS T. CUNNINGHAM Mechanical Engineering Wiley St., Wakefield Activities: A. S. M. E.; Dean ' s List Thesis : Air-Conditioning of Railroad Passenger Cars JOSEPH CUREWITZ Electrical Engineering 22 Normandy St., Roxbury Activities: Cross Country (1); A. I. E. E. (1, 2, 3); Radio Club (2, 3, 4); Chess Club; Rifle Club (3) Thesis : Demonstration Equipment for Vacuum Tube Characteristic Studies 36 BARRY T. DAME Industrial Engineering Laconia, N. H. Activities: Freshman Basketball (1); Fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); S. I. E. (4, 5); A. M. A. (5); Fresh- man Baseball (1); Student Union (1); Interclass Basketball (5); Dean ' s List (5) Thesis: Layout of Modem Jig Puzzle Plant SALVATORE J. DANCA Accounting 107 Oakland St., Maiden Activities: Track Manager (1); Banking Club (2, 3); Law Club (4, 5); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) GERALD M. DAVIS Chemical Engineering 14 Centre St., Cambridge Thesis : A Study of the Transmission of Heat through an Air Space Bounded by Window Glass NOBLE L. DAVIS N E Z Mechanical Engineering 190 Lake Shore Drive; East Wey- mouth Activities: Class Treasurer (2, 3, 4, 5); Tennis Club (2, 3); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Fraternity President (5) Thesis : Design and Installation of a Supercharger in an Austin Motor ROBERT F. DAY Business Management 40 Oak St., Needham Activities: Banking Club (2, 4); Management Club (4, 5), Law Club (4, 5); Student Union (4, 5); Freshman Basketball (1); Varsity Basketball (4); Track (4) DAVID DEANS, JR. N E Z Electrical Engineering 36 South Spooner St. , Plymouth Activities: Interfraternity Basket- ball (4, 5); Radio Club; A. I. E. E. (4,5) Thesis : The Characteristic Study of a Dynatron Frequency Meter VINCENT DeBENEDICTIS Banking and Finance 170 Mystic Valley Pky., Arlington Activities: Freshman Dance Or- chestra (1); Concert Orchestra (2, 3); Law Club (3); Bacchanalians (4), Leader (5) GEORGE W. DELANO Industrial Engineering 24 Stanton St., Dorchester Activities: S. I. E. Thesis: Improvement of Materials Handling Methods in a Plant 37 GEORGE E. DENEEN Electrical Engineering 40 Sanborn St., Fitchhurg Thesis: Supervisory Control of Automatic Airport NATHAN DINERSTEIN Chemical Engineering R. F. D. No. 2, Colchester, Conn. Activities: A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis : The Electrodeposition of Sil- ver for Plating Purposes from Silver Halides Dissolved in Sodium Thiosul- fate Solution H. WILLIAM DOERING Chemical Engineering 574 Weld St., Boston Activities: Hockey (1); Class Baseball (5); Student Council Vice- President (4); Field Day Committee (3); Dramatics (1); North Shore Club (2, 3, 4); Interclub Bowling (2, 3, 4); Dean ' s List (5) Thesis: Evaluation of Re-refined Automobile Lubricating Oil ISAIAH E. DOUGLAS Mechanical Engineering 16 Whittier St., Brunswick, Maine Thesis : Block Puz_x)e Production KENNETH C. DRINKWATER Chemical Engineering 111 Winthrop St., Taunton Activities: Concert Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Show Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); A. C. S. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis : The Preparation of a Poly- cyclic Hydrocarbon by the Use of a Grignard Reagent ORRINGTON E. DWYER Chemical Engineering 2062 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Activities: A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5); Rifle Club (5); Dean ' s List (2, 3) Thesis: Evaluation of Petroleum Absorbent Oils GEORGE H. EAST Mechanical Engineering 39 Butler St., Dorchester Thesis: Fuel Tests on a Gasoline Engine ALTON M. ECK Banking and Finance 16 Willow Ave., Wollaston Activities: Quincy High School Club; Banking Club; Law Club 38 ELDON H. EK Electrical Engineering 60 Hillberg Ave., Brockton Activities : Greater Brockton Club (2, 5), Secretary .(3), President (4); A. I. E. E. (4, 5) Thesis: Weston Photronic Cell and its Application to Photometry RICHARD D. EMPSALL r n Electrical Engineering 922 Beacon St., Boston Activities: Track (1, 4); Fra- ternity Basketball (3, 4, 5); Class Baseball (3) Thesis: An A. C, D. C. Rotary Voltmeter CARL W. EURENIUS A K S Chemical Engineering 139 Paradise Rd., Swampscott Activities: Class Baseball (2, 3); Class Hockev (1, 2); Dean ' s List (1, 2); A. C. S, (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis: Thionyl Derivatives of Aromatic Amines ELMER H. EVERETT S A Mechanical Engineering 15 Fairlawn St., Everett Activities : Track (1); News (2, 3); A. S. M. E. (4); Senate (3, 4, 5) Thesis: Setup and Tests on a Re- frigerating Machine ROBERT V. FAIRBANK B A Accounting 2 Foster Court, Salem Activities: Salem High Club (1, 2, 3, 5), Secretary (4); Interclub Coun- cil (2), President (3); Interfraternity Council (4); Sigma Delta Epsilon (4, 5); Banking Club (2) ELLIOT C. FARWELL Civil Engineering 246 Salem St., Wakefield Activities: Glee Club (2, 5); Dean ' s List (2, 5); B. S. C. E. (5) Thesis: Design of Highway Cross- Sections LOVELL H. FARWELL Electrical Engineering 140 Myrtle Ave., Fitchburg Activities: A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5) Thesis: A Study of Unbalanced Loads on Transformers AMOS H. FENLASON Chemical Engineering 16 Baring St., Calais, Maine Activities: Dramatics (1, 2), Pub- licity Manager (3), Business Man- ager (4); News (2, 3), Managing Editor 00; A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (2); Student Council (3), Secretary-Treasurer (4), Presi- dent (5); Fore Paw Key Society (3), Vice-President (4); Field Day Com- mittee (3, 4); Mathematics Club (3, 5), Vice-President (4); Public Speaking Contest First Prize (5) Thesis: The Potential of Stannic- Stannous Electrodes 39 LOUIS A. FLUMERE Chemical Engineering 29 Loker St., Framingham Activities: Class Football (1, 2); Class Nominating Committee (1); Class Hockey (1, 2); Varsity Foot- ball (4); Band (3) Thesis: Determination of the Co- efficients of Expansion of Bituminous Materials JAMES C. FLYNN Mechanical Engineering State Hospital, Taunton Activities: Dean ' s List (1, 3, 5); Baseball (3); Hockev (4); A. S. M. E.(5) - Thesis: Design of a Heating and Ventilating System KENNETH B. FOGIL Mechanical Engineering 29 Ensign St., East Hartford, Conn. Activities: Mathematics (4); Nut- meg State Club (5); A. S. M. E. (4,5) Thesis: Fuel Injection vs. Carbure- tion WILLIAM J. FOLAN S A Chemical Engineering 42 Ashley St., Pittsfield Activities: A. C. S. (1, 2, 3); Class Nominating Committee (3) Thesis: Preparation and Identifica- tion ofl, 2 — Disulfoethane HARRY L. FORSTER Electrical Engineering Willis Ave., Rochester, N.JY. Activities: Empire State Club (2); Radio Club (3, 4); Dramatics (4); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5); Senate Thesis: Construction and Calibra- tion of a Vacuum Tube Wattmeter RAYMOND F. FOSTER Electrical Engineering High St., South Hanson Activities: Radio Club (3, 4), Secretary-Treasurer (4); Chess Club (4) Thesis : Demonstration Equipment for Vacuum Tube Characteristic Studies GEORGE A. FRANKLIN Electrical Engineering 22 Worthingcon St., Roxbury Activities: A. I. E. E. (3); Glee Club (5) Thesis : A Study of Acceptance Tests on Dry Cells MERRILL N. FRIEND Chemical Engineering 26 Hartz Sr., Gloucester Activities: News (2, 3), Managing Editor (4), Photographer (5); Sen- ate (3, 4), Vice-President (5) Thesis: The Determination of the Order of Reaction When Ferric Organic Salts Are Exposed to Light 40 RAYMOND E. FULTON Accounting 25 Rockcroft Rd., East Weymouth Activities: Dean ' s List (1); Track Numerals (l); Banking Club (2) Class Nominating Committee (4) Tennis Tournament, Runner-up Div A (3); Fraternity Basketball (4, 5). Interclass Hockey (2); Interclass Basketball Numerals (5); News (2) MARIUS J. GELAS Industrial Engineering 111 Hollis Ave., Quincy Activities: S. I. E.; Class Football (1, 3, 4); Class Swimming Team (2,3,4,5) Thesis : Problems of Warehousing for a Chain Store System RICHARD W. GEORGE Chemical Engineering 52 Cherry St., Maiden Activities: Varsity Rifle Team (3, 4, 5);N. C. N. S. A. C. S. (3) Thesis: The Preparation of Meso- Dinitroanthracene WILFRID A. GERVAIS Electrical Engineering 11 High St., Brunswick, Maine Activities: Assistant Class Treas- urer (5); Class Social Committee (4); Junior Prom Committee (4); Maine Club (1, 2), Vice-President (4), President (5); Radio Club (4), Secretary - Treasurer (5): Annual Play Banned in Boston (1); A. I. E. E. (2, 4, 5), Executive Committee (3) Thesis: The Design of a Hydro- Electric Power Project EDWARD A. GOELLER Electrical Engineering 46 Sunnyside Rd., Quincy Activities: Soccer (3); Senate (4, 5); Tennis Team (4); Tennis Club Treasurer (3, 4, 5); Tennis Tourna- ments (Tournament Committees) (2, 3, 4); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis : The Construction of a Dem- onstration Thyratron Circuit LOUIS GOODMAN Electrical Engineering 129 Cottage St., Chelsea Activities: A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4, 5); Radio Club (3, 4, 5) Thesis : The Mounting and Calibra- tion of an Electrostatic Voltmeter JOHN H. GORDON Mechanical Engineering 185 Salem St., Bradford Activities: Haverhill Club, Treas- urer (3) Thesis : Hydrogen as an Engine Fuel KENDALL W. GORDON Electrical Engineering 121 " D " St., Lowell Activities: Lowell Club; Inter- club Council; A. I. E. E. (5); Dean ' s List (4, 5) Thesis: A Study of Unbalanced Voltages on Polyphase Induction Mo- tors 41 WALTER G. GRABAU Electrical Engineering 280 Fairmount Ave., Hyde Park Activities: Musical Comedv (1); A. I. E. E. (3, 4); Radio Club (4) Thesis : The Design mid Construction of a Slow Speed Magnetic Conveyor JOSEPH GRANDONE Chemical Engineering Sutton Ave., Oxford Activities: American Chemical Society (4, 5) Thesis: A Study of the Kate of Freezing of Certain Food Products Submerged in Low Temperature Solu- tions Containing Ethyl Alcohol HOWARD A. GRAY Chemical Engineering 118 Main St., Woburn Activities: Dean ' s List (2); Cross Country (1) Thesis : Plastici%ation of Shellac CLARENCE GREENWALD Industrial Engineering 200 Broadway, Monticello, N. Y. Activities: Annual Show, Assis- tant Scenery Manager (1) .Associate Scenery Manager (2), Scenerv Man- ager (3), Stage Manager (4), Pro- duction Manager (5); Empire State Club (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Interclub Coun- cil (3, 4); News (2, 3), Advertising Manager (4, 5); Handbook Staff (4), Editor-in-Chief (5); Senior Social Committee (5); Student Council (5); S. I. E. (5); Management Club (5) Thesis: Central Bus Terminal for Boston (Design and Operation) ROBERT G. GRIEVE A K S Business Management 64 Columbia Blvd., Waterbury, Conn. Activities: Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Council (3); Fore Paw Key Society (3), Vice-President (4j; Student Union (3, 4); Field Day Committee (3); Class Vice-Presi- dent (4, 5); Fraternity Vice-Presi- dent (4); Relay Team Captain (4); Interfraternity Council (4); Fra- ternity President (5) JACOB GROSSMAN 2 K Chemical Engineering 124 High St., Portsmouth, N. H. Activities: Fraternity Basketball (4, 5); Saxophone Band (2, 3); Glee Club (4, 5); Fraternity High Poten- tate (5) Thesis: The Effect of Dyestuffs on Cotton, Wool, and Silk in Non-aqueous Solutions JOHN J. GROSZ, JR. Chemical Engineering 126 North Summer St., Adams Activities: Class President (1); Varsity Baseball (1, 2, 3), Captain (4); Glee Club (1); Fore Paw Key Society (2), Vice-President (3), President (4); Class Nominating Committee (1, 2, 3); Student Coun- cil (1, 5); Secretary-Treasurer (3); N. C. N. S. A. C. S. (2, 4, 5), Secre- tary-Treasurer (3); Mathematics Club (3, 4, 5); Interclass Football (3); Show Board (3), Program Manager (4); Student Union Execu- tive Committee (4); News (2, 3), Sports Editor (4); Athletic Council (4); Field Day Committee (4); ■ Chairman University Football Dance (5); Chairman Social Com- mittee (2) Thesis: A Survey of the Factors Which Tend to Cause Poor Adhesion of Flaps in the Manufacture of Envelopes W. BURPEE GROVES Business Management 98 Park St., Lynn Activities: Glee Club (4, 5); Law- Club (4, 5) News Staff (4); ' Sigma Society (4, 5) 42 DANIEL L. GUILFOYLE Chemical Engineering 7 Atlantic Ave., Revere Activities: A. C. S. (2, 3, 5); North Shore Club (1) Thesis: Modification of the Method o] " Distilling Asphalt Emulsions ALFRED E. HAGUE Business Management 148 First Ave., Mechanicville, N. Y. Activities: Freshman Basketball (1); Empire State Club (1), Secre- tary (2), President (3, 4, 5); Man- agement Club (2, 3); President Sales Management Club (4); Bank- ing Club (2); Band (3, 4); Concert Orchestra (4, 5); Secretary-Treas- urer, Interclub Council (5); Class Basketball (5) DONALD O. HAINES S A Mechanical Engineering 9 Hubbard PL, Wethersfield, Conn. Activities : Rifle Club (2); Nutmeg State Club (4), Treasurer (5); A. S. M. E. (4), Chairman (5); News (5) Thesis: Comparative Characteristics of Carburetion and Injection Fuel Systems RICHARD F. HALEY S A Industrial Engineering 30 St. Germain St., Boston Activities: Dramatics (1), Pro- gram Manager, Head Usher (5); Rifle Club (1, 2); Assistant Soccer Manager (2); Field Day Committee, Secretary (3), Chairman (4); Cross Country (3), Manager (4); Assistant Track Manager (4); News (4, 5); Student Council Vice-President (4, 5); Fraternity Vice-President (5); Track Manager (5); Photo-Editor of Cauldron Qi); Executive Commit- tee, N. E. I. C. A. A. (5); S. I. E. (2, 3, 4, 5); Management Club (5); Mechanic Arts Club (5) Thesis: Proposed Central Bus Ter- minal for Boston f " % J J FREDERICK HALL S A Civil Engineering 17 Kilburn Court, Newport, R. I. Activities: Fraternity Secretary (3); Musical Comedy (3); Frater- nity Vice-President (4); Student Union (2), Publicity Committee (3), Secretary (4), Chairman Religious Activities (5), Freshman Camp Committee (5); Interfraternity Bas- ketball (3, 4); Secretary, North- eastern Branch B. S. C. E. (5) Thesis: The Design of a Sanitary Sewer for a Section of Middletown, Rhode Island ROLF E. HAMSTROM Civil Engineering 46 Fairfield St., Portland, Maine Activities: Freshman Track (1) Class Nominating Committee (3) Class Social Committee (3, 4) Junior Prom Committee (4); B. S C. E., Executive Committee (4, 5), Desmond Fitzgerald Scholarship (4); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis: Proposed Solution of Traffic Problem at Intersection of Huntington Avenue and Kiverway — Jamaicaway, Boston RUSSELL E. HANDLy Chemical Engineering 38 Brainerd St., St. Albans, Vt. Activities: Glee Club (1, 4, 5); Interclub Council (4, 5); Twin State Club (1, 4, 5); Interclub Bowling (4, 5); Captain Twin State Club Basketball Team (5); Interclass Baseball (4); Interclass Football (3,4) Thesis: The Reaction Between Hy- pochlorous Acid and Various Higher Unsymmetrkally Constructed Hydro- carbons oj the Olcfine Series FREDERICK W. HANSON Chemical Engineering 20 Intervale Ave., Cliftondale Activities: Assistant Manager of Basketball (3); A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5); Mathematics Club (4); North Shore Club (5); Interclub Bowling Thesis: Investigations with Glass Electrodes 43 A. GORDON HASTINGS Chemical Engineering 176 West Main St., Orange Activities: Interclass Baseball (4) Thesis: Synthesis of Phenol from A cetylene MATT A. HAUTALA Electrical Engineering Stockholm Ave., Rockport Activities: Band (1, 2); North Shore Club (3, 4, 5); A. I. E. E. (3, 4), Treasurer (5); Radio Club (3. 4, 5); Musical Comedy (2); Mathematics Club (3) Thesis : A Study of the Attenuation in Artificial Electrical Networks J. LLOYD HAYDEN b r e Mechanical Engineering North Windham, Conn. Activities: Class Nominating Committee (l); Saxophone Band (1, 2, 3); Fore Paw Key Society (2, 4), Secretary (3); Assistant Baseball Manager (1); Fraternity Secretary (3), President (4, 5); Senate (3, 4); President (5); A. S. M. E. Chairman (4); Student Council (4, 5); Class President (2, 3, 4, 5); Manager Freshman Football (4); Manager Varsity Football (5); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5); Field Day Committee (3); Athletic Council (5) Thesis : An Investigation of the Steam Extraction Cycle BURNETT Q. HAYNES b r e Mechanical Engineering 16 West Park, Lebanon, N. H. Activities: Twin State Club (1); Glee Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Musical Comedy (1, 2); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Assistant Manager Basketball (5) Thesis : The Design of an Air Con- ditioning Installation ERNEST D. HENDERSON N E Z Electrical Engineering Activities: A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5); Student Council (5); Class Nominat- ing Committee (3); Interfraternity Council (4, 5); Senior Week Com- mittee (5) Thesis : The Characteristic Study of a Dynatron Frequency Meter WILBUR C. HENNINGS N E Z Mechanical Engineering 100 Russett Rd., West Roxbury Thesis: Small Cold Storage House for Apples LEON A. HENRICKSON Chemical Engineering Granby, Conn. Thesis : A Theory of Leather Tanning GILBERT M. HEWINS B A Business Management 35 Selwyn Rd., Belmont Activities: Track (1, 3): Annual Show (4); News (4); Fraternity Treasurer (4 ; Secretary, Law Club (4) GEORGE E. HODGSON B A Business Management 137 Marion St., Springfield Activities: Banking Club (l); Class Vice-President (2); Fraternity Secretary (3), President (4, 5); Class Nominating Committee (3); Interfraterniry Council (3), Sigma Society (3), Vice-President (4), President (5); International Rela- tions Club (3, 4, 5); Management Club (4); Law Club (4) ALDEN L. HOLT Chemical Engineering Main St., Erving Activities: A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5 Track (I); Glee Club (1, 2, 3) International Relations Club (3) Annual Show, Assistant Stage Manager (3), Scenery Manager (4), Stage and Scenery Manager (5) Thesis: The De ' acration of Boiler Fecdwaters by Alkaline T annates ARTHUR M. HORTON Mechanical Engineering 943 High St., Dedham Activities: Class Social Commit- tee (2, 3, 4); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Track (1); Dean ' s List (4) Thesis: An A. S. M. E. Fan List Cade JOHN P. HOYE Electrical Engineering 20 Orchard Ave., Weston Activities: Radio Club (4, 5); A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5) Thesis: A Study of Unbalanced Voltages on a Polyphase Induction Motor mkh EDGAR F. HUBERT 2 A Electrical Engineering 375 Hollis St., Framingham Activities: A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5) Thesis : The Construction and Study of a Voltage Doubling Circuit Using tbe25Zy Tube EARL A. HUBLEY N E Z Mechanical Engineering 37 Larchmont St., Dorchester Activities: Track Cl); Glee Club (4); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Class Nomin- ating Committee (4) Thesis: The Design of a Propellor with Pitch Variable in Flight ROBERT M. HYDE Accounting 620 Haverhill St., Lawrence Activities: Class President (1); Class Social Committee (1); Student Council (1); Class Vice-President (2); Lawrence Club C3); Interclub Council (3); Banking Club (2); Accounting Club (4); Sergeant-at- Arms, Banking Club (4); Vice- President, Law Club (4) LOUIS J. IADAROLA Civil Engineering 109 West St., Milford Thesis : A Sewage Disposal Systet 45 THOMAS JACKSON Civil Engineering 13 Spring St., South Hadley Falls Thesis: A Sewage Disposal System CARLTON S. JACOBSON Civil Engineering 83 Center St., North Easton Activities: Class Nominating Committee (4, 5); B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis : The Design of an Overpass CONSTANT J. JAKUBOWICZ Accounting 118 Lawrence St., Lowell Activities: Accounting Club (1 2); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Assistant Track Manager (2, 3) Banking Club (2, 3); Law Club (4, 5); News (3, 4) ARTHUR R. JAMES Accounting 269 Front St., Winchendon Activities: Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Secretary-Treasurer, Sigma So- ciety (4, 5); International Relations Club (3, 4, 5); Tennis (4); Law Club (4, 5) JOHN A. JAMESON Mechanical Engineering 50 Summer St., Saugus Activities: Glee Club (2, 3); A.S.M.E.(5) Thesis : A Design for the Installation of Air Condition in Saugus High School GEORGE W. JENNESS Civil Engineering Oakland Ave., Hanover Activities: B. S. C. E.; Glee Club (5) Thesis: Proposed Sewerage System for Hanover Four Corners CARL R. JOHNSON S A Electrical Engineering 42 Ridgewood Terr., Easthampton Activities: Glee Club (1, 2); Dramatics (1, 4); Varsity Soccer (2, 3); Fore Paw Key Society (2, 3), Treasurer (4); Interfraternity Bas- ketball (2, 3, 4, 5); Chairman Class Social Committee (2); Student Union (4, 5); Vice-President, Inter- national Relations Club (3); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 4, 5); Senate (4, 5); Edi- tor-in-Chief Cauldron (3); A. I. E. E. (2, 3), Treasurer (4, 5) Thesis: Power Factor Measurements of Paper Cables FRANK R. JOHNSON r n Banking and Finance 8 Clayton Ave., Methuen Activities: Banjo Club (2, 3, 4); Greater Lawrence Club (1), Presi- dent (3), Secretary-Treasurer (2); Law Club (5), President (4); Banking Club (2, 3, 4, 5) 46 ORLAND M. JOHNSON Electrical Engineering 111 Cottage Park Rd., Winthrop Activities: Radio Club (4, 5) Thesis: Mathematical Analysis of the Hysteresis Loop HOWARD F. JONES Electrical Engineering South Acton Activities: A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5); Radio Club (4); Track (1) Thesis: The Construction and Study of a Voltage Doubling Circuit Using a 25Z5 Tube ROBERT A. JOYCE Chemical Engineering 126 Washington St., Whitman Activities: Glee Club (I, 3, 4, 5) News (5); A. C. S. (2, " 3, 4, 5) Brockton High School Club (31 Chess Club (4, 5); Dean ' s List (1, 2 3,4,5) Thesis : The Preparation and Uses of Ketenes SAMUEL KATSEFF Civil Engineering Washington St., Holliston Activities : Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Basketball (5); B. S. C. E. (4, 5); Flving Club CO; Tennis Club (3, 4) ' Thesis : Sewage Disposal in Mi I ford, Massachusetts K tA w ty « " « Sk k gA RALPH L. KELLER Mechanical Engineering 157 Winthrop Ave., Winthrop Activities: Freshman Honor List (1); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Public Speaking (4, 5); North Shore Club (3,4);A.S.R.E.(5) Thesis: Performance Test on Frigid- aire Refrigerating Equipment CHARLES F. KELLEY Business Management 19 Lorraine St., Roslindale Activities:- Freshman Hockey Manager (4); Varsity Hockey Manager (5); General Athletic Committee (5) WILLIAM T. KELLY, JR. Business Management 12 Winthrop St., Salem Activities: Dean ' s List (1, 3); Interclub Council (3); Salem High Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Class Nominating Committee (2); News Staff (3) ALEX F. KIANSKI Business Management 20 Cleveland Ave., Brockton Activities: Concert Orchestra (1); Hawaiian Club (2); Greater Brockton Club (2, 3); Law Club (5); Management Club (5); Student Union f 5) 47 PAUL KINSMAN Industrial Engineering Harvard Activities :S. I. E. Thesis: The Layout of an Abattoir to Provide for Adequate Inspection HERBERT C. KLOSE Electrical Engineering Westhampton Beach, L. I., N. Y. Activities: Soccer (V); Tennis Club Team (4); A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4, 5); Empire State Club (1, 2, 3), President (4, 5); Tennis Club (3, 4), Vice-President (5) Thesis: Motional Impedance Mea- surements on a Group of Watch Case Telephone Receivers LEONARD A. KRASHEFSKI Accounting Mood us, Conn. Activities: Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Football (4 ); Nutmeg State Club (1, 2, 3, 4, ' 5); Flying Club (2, 3 s ); Interfraternity Basket- ball (5); Law Club (4, 5) MORRIS H. KROTMAN Business Management 24 Hazelton St., Mattapan Activities: Musical Comedy (l); Student Union (1, 2); Banking Club (2, 3); Law Club (4, 5); Management Club f5); Boston English High Club (5) ' fcltJ JOSEPH L. LaBELLE, JR. Electrical Engineering 381 Centre St., Milton Activities: Rifle Club (1); Soccer (X) Thesis: The Construction and Cali- bration of a Power Unit for a Neon Stroboscope PHILIP J. LACAVA Civil Engineering 303 White St., Hartford, Conn. Activities: Bowling (1, 2); Track (1); Nutmeg State Club (2); News (2, 3); B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (5) Thesis: Design of a River Garage Qover a River " ) HERBERT C. LANG N E Z Mechanical Engineering Greenfield Activities: Twin State Club (1, 2); Tennis Club (1, 2, 3); A. S. M. E.(4,5) Thesis : Entrainment of Gases in Distillation Apparatus PAUL L. LANTZ Mechanical Engineering 88 Lake Ave., Worcester Activities: A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Track (1) Thesis: Tests on a Gasoline Motor Having a Variable Compression Ratio 48 GILBERT G. LAWRENCE Industrial Engineering Monument St., Concord Activities: Cross Country (1, 2, 3); Track (1); Rifle Club (3); S. I. E.,(4,5) Thesis : A Soot Fall Survey EARL R. LAWSON Electrical Engineering 4 Shirley St., Worcester Activities: A. I. E. E.; Radio Club Thesis : The Design and Construction of an Intermediate Frequency Oscillator JOSEPH W. LENEHAN Civil Engineering 226 Jamaicaway, Jamaica Plain Activities: Field Day Committee (3, 4); International Relations Club (3,4, 5); Tennis Club (4, 5) Thesis: Earthquakes and Their Effect upon Structures SAMUEL LESHAN Chemical Engineering 16 Gaston St., Roxbury Activities: Band (l) Thesis: The Investigation of Tin Anodes in Chromium Plating k i A FRANCIS T. LIND H T N Mechanical Engineering 127 Central Ave., Everett Activities: Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Everett High School Club (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Secretary, Interclub Council (3, 4); President, A. S. M. E. (4); Senior Week Committee; Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5); Senate Thesis : Comparative Physical Tests of Hardened Tool Steel WESLEY G. LITTLEFIELD S S A Business Management Alton, N. H. Activities: Banking Club (2); Law Club (4, 5); Dean ' s List (3, 4); International Relations Club (4), Vice-President (5); Dance Orchestra (1); Interfraternity Basketball (3); Senior Week Committee HARRY P. LOFTUS Civil Engineering 166 Essex St., Marlboro Activities: B. S. C. E. Thesis: The Extension of Florence Street ARTHUR A. LONG Industrial Engineering 220 Sycamore St., Watertown Activities: Class Football (3); Class. Baseball (4); Dean ' s List (4, 5); Chairman, Senior Nominating Committee; Treasurer, S. I. E. (5) Thesis: The Scientific Management of a Modern Pie Factory 49 CARL G. LUNDGREN Accounting 154 Glendale Rd., Quincy Activiries: Banking Club; Quincv High Club JOSEPH J. MACAIONE Civil Engineering 8 Boston St., Lynn Activities: Interclass Hockev fl); B. S. C. E. (1,2, 3,4) Thesis: Highway Bridge on Essex St . , Swampscott , Massachusetts DONALD E. MacBRIEN A K S Chemical Engineering 124 Winona Ave., Haverhill Activities: Interfraternitv Basket- ball (3, 4, 5); Haverhill Club (2), Treasurer (3), President (4, 5); Interclub Council, President Div. B. (4, 5); A. C. S. (2, 3, 4), President (5); Fraternity Vice-President (5); Student Council (5); Dean ' s List (4, 5); Interclub Bowling (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis: The Preparation of Dicar- boxylic Acids from Grignard Reagents MILTON MACK K Z Civil Engineering 124 Pearl St., Portland, Maine x ctivities: Soccer (1); Assistant Manager Soccer (1, 2, 3); Assistant Manager Basketball (l); Assistant Manager Football (4); Fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4, 5); Maimac Club (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); B. S. C. E. (4, 5); Flying Club (1); Class Basketball (5); Interfraternity Council (4) Thesis : A Portland Municipal Air Terminal E. DUNCAN MacKENZIE 2 A Mechanical Engineering 65 Sewall Ave., Brookline Activities : Interclass Baseball (1); Interclass Hockey (2); Interclass Basketball (5); Student Council (4); Annual Show (3, 4); Fraternity Basketball (3, 4, 5); Field Day Committee (3, 4); News (2), Editor (3), Feature Editor (4); Varsity Track (2, 3), Captain (4); Dean ' s List (5) Thesis: Tests on Non-ferrous Metals under Heat ROBERT C. MacLEAN Electrical Engineering 30 Hughes St., Quincy Activities : A. I. E. E. (3, 4), Vice- Chairman (5); Glee Club (1); Radio Club (5) Thesis: A Standard Frequency Re- ceiver for Checking Oscillators DONALD S. MacMILLAN H T N Mechanical Engineering 187 Court St., Dedham Activities: Cross Country (1); i. S. M. E. (3, 4); A. S. R. E. (4) Thesis : Performance Test on Frigid- ' ire Refrigerating Equipment ROBERT A. MacMILLAN Mechanical Engineering 368 Fulton St., Medford Activities: Band (1); Musical Comedy Orchestra (1); Glee Club (2); Middler ' s Ball Social Commit- tee .Thesis: Comparative Costs of Air Conditioning with Ice 50 FREDERICK M. MAGEE Mechanical Engineering 140 Magazine St., Cambridge Activities: Social Committee (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Field Day (3); A. S. M. E., Trip Committee (4, 5); Dean ' s List (1,4, 5) Thesis: Comparative Costs of Air Conditioning with Ice RICHARD A. MAHER Electrical Engineering 8 Margaret St., Arlington Activities: News (1, 2, 3), Manag- ing Editor (4); Mathematics Club (4, 5), Secretary (3); Radio Club (5), Secretary (3 Chairman (4); A. I. E. E. (1, 2, 3, 5), Chairman (4); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5); Senate Thesis: Mathematical Analysis of the Hysteresis Loop SAMUEL G. MALOOF Electrical Engineering 42 South Broadway, Lawrence Activities: A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5); Musical Comedy (1) Thesis: Motorizing the Harmonic Analyzer SAUL MANDELL S K Industrial Engineering 44 E. Raymond St., Hartford, Conn. Activities: News (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Nutmeg State Club (1, 3, 4); S. I. £. (3, 4. 5)i Show (1); Interfraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Management Club (5); Fraternity Scribe (3) Thesis: Survey of Milk Industry in New England for the Last Ten Years f -3K 0 klkt WARREN E. MARSTON Civil Engineering 28 Fairmount St., Dorchester Activities: B. S. C. E. (4,5) Thesis: Housing Project Located in the West End of Boston WILLIAM F. MASON Chemical Engineering 137 Essex St., Cliftondale Activities: Track (1); Class Base- ball (4); Banjo Club (1, 2, 5), Manager (3, 4); Musical Clubs Council (3, 4); A. C. S. (3, 4, 5); North Shore Club (3, 4, 5) Thesis: The Effect of Zirconium in Cast Iron ANGELO MASSA Civil Engineering 86 Park St., Beverly Activities: Track (1, 2); North Shore Club (2, 3); B. S. C. E. Thesis : Rectangular Co-ordination of Salem and Beverly MICHAEL E. McARDLE A K S Civil Engineering 37 Russell St., Great Barrington Activities: University Play (1, 2), Stage Manager (3), Production Manager (4) Thesis : Highway Re-location 51 JAMES M. McDONOUGH $ r n Civil Engineering 161 Pearl St., Portland, Maine Activities: B. S. C. E. Thesis: The Design of a Weldsd Highway Bridge DANIEL J. McKENZIE Electrical Engineering 18 Hastings Ave., Waltham Activities: Football (1); A. I. E. E. Thesis: The Construction and Cali- bration of a Power Unit for a Neon Stroboscope GEORGE K. McLEAN A K S Chemical Engineering 3 Bayou St., Winthrop Activities: Interclass Football (2, 3, 4); Interclass Baseball (3); Inter- fraternity Basketball (3, 4, 5); Rush Committee (1); Class Nominating Committee (5); A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis: Reclamation of Waste Cleaning Solution from the Lacquer Industry RICHARD L. McMAHON Electrical Engineering 391 Somerset Ave., Taunton Activities: A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis : The Design and Construction of Band Pass Filters EDWARD E. McWILLIAM N E Z Mechanical Engineering 208 Cleveland St., Pawtucket, R. I. Activities: Fraternity Scribe (4), Vice-Grand Master (5); A. S. M. E. Thesis : Design and Performance of a Supercharger for an Austin Motor SHERMAN R. MEARS Mechanical Engineering Western Ave., Essex Activities: Band (2, 3, 4, 5); North Shore Club (3, 4, 5); Student Union (1,2) Thesis : Expansion Power of Coking Coals JOHN A. MEDLAND Mechanical Engineering 20 Rosedale Ave., Everett Activities : Mathematics Club (3); A. S. ' M. E. (4, 5); Dean ' s List (5) " Thesis : Engineering in Ordnance JOSEPH A. MENINNA r n Civil Engineering 185 Mountain Ave., Revere Activities: Greater Lynn Club (1, 2); Class Baseball (1, 2): Class Football (3, 4); Fraternity Basket- ball (5); Class Nominating Commit- tee (3); Student Council (3, 4); News (3); Field Day Committee (3, 4); Junior Prom Committee; Presi- dent, North Shore Club (3); Manag- ing Editor of Cauldron (5); B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5) Thesis: An Overpass at Broadway, Revere 52 JOHN A. METCALF b r e Civil Engineering 70 Washington Ave., Old Orchard Beach, Maine Activities: Class President (3, 4, 5); Student Union (2, 3), President (4, 5); Student Council (2, 3); Fore Paw Kev Society (2), Vice-President (3); Class Football (2, 3,4) Thesis: A Housing Project in the South End of Boston HORACE S. MILES Industrial Engineering 11 Gaylord St., Dorchester Activities: Dean ' s List (1, 2, 4, 5); Class Secretary (5); Class Social Committee (3, 4), Fore Paw Key Society (3, 4, 5); Tennis Club (2, 4, 5), President (3); Field Day Com- mittee (3); Mathematics Club (3, 4); President (5); S. I. E. (3, 4, 5); Internationa! Relations Club (3, 5), Treasurer (4); Rifle Club (5); Execu- tive Committee Student Union (4); Management Society (5) Thesis: The Design and Manufac- ture of an Electromagnetic Valve-Grind- ing Tool RALPH B. MILLINGTON Chemical Engineering 106 Ventura Ave., Pittsfield Activities: Band (1); Saxophone Band (1, 2), Leader (3); Concert Orchestra (3, 4); Show Orchestra (1, 2); Mathematics Club (3); A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (1) Thesis : Corrosion in Stand-by Boilers ANTHONY MINICHIELLO Civil Engineering 37 Davis St., Revere Activities: Soccer (I s ); North Shore Club (3, 4, 5); B. S. C. E., Executive Committee (3, 4, 5); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3); Class Foot- ball (3, 4); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 5); Greater Lynn Club (1, 2) Thesis : Grade Elimination at Squire Road and Broadway in Revere WILLIAM C. MOBERGER Civil Engineering 133 Irving St., Everett Activities: Interclass Football (2, 3); Interclass Baseball (4); Field Dav Committee (4); Interclass Basketball (4); Varsity Baseball (4); Everett Club (1, 2, 3, 4); B. S. C. E. (1,2, 3,4, 5) Thesis : Grade Elimination at Wash- ington Street and the Northern Artery, Somerville JOHN J. MORAN B A Accounting 66 Beacon St., Arlington Activities: Banking Club (2); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5); Class Social Committee (3, 5); Junior Prom Committee; President, Law Club (4); Sigma Society; Student Council ' (5) KENNETH B. MORISON Electrical Engineering 9 Grove Ave., East Providence, R. I- Activities: A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4); Radio Club (3) Thesis: A Study of Beat Frequencies by Twin Magneto Striction Oscillators THOMAS H. MORSE Electrical Engineering Sunset Acres, Paxton Activities: Class Vice-President (1); Radio Club; A. I. E. E.; Rifle Club Thesis : The Design and Construction of an Intermediate Frequency Oscillator 53 RALPH E. NELSON Chemical Engineering Palermo, Maine Activities: A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5); International Relations Club (3, 4); Maine Club (4), President (5); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5 ; Interclub Bowling (5); Rifle Club (5) Thesis: An Evaluation of Boiler Compounds HARLAN P. NEWTON Business Management Boutwell Rd., Andover Activities: Sigma Society; Inter- national Relations Club, Treasurer (4); Greater Lowell Club, President (4); University Band (1, 2, 5) University Concert Orchestra (1, 3 4); Management Club (2, 3, 4, 5) Banking Club (2, 3); Law Club (3 4, 5); Interclub Bowling (4, 5) Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4) ALBERT J. NICOLORO B A Business Management 10 Dudley Ct., Arlington Activities: Band (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Musical Comedy (1); Glee Club (1, 2); Law Club, Executive Com- mittee (4) PAUL E. NOONAN b r e Civil Engineering 30 Crafts St., Waltham Activities : University Musical Comedy (T), Rehearsal Manager (3); Dean ' s List (2); News (2, 3), Editor (4), Editor-in-Chief (5); Class Social Committee (3); Student Council (4, 5); Field Day Commit- tee (3, 4) Thesis: An Investigation of the Grade Crossings in Waltham with Recommendations for Improvement of Existing Conditions GEORGE E. NORRIS Electrical Engineering 64 Grove St., Gloucester Activities: A. I. E. E. (3, 5), Secretarv ( " 4); North Shore Club (2, 3, 4, 5); " Radio Club (3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (4, 5); Mathematics Club (3) Thesis : A Study of the Attenuation in Artificial Electrical Networks WILBUR C. NYLANDER Civil Engineering 175 Park Ave., Arlington Activities: B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5) Thesis: The Design of a Thr Hinged Arch Bridge GEORGE H. OSSINGER H T N Mechanical Engineering 173 Emerson St., Boston Activities : Concert Orchestra (l); Bandfl, 2, 3, 4); Fraternitv Treas- urer (3, 4); A. S. M. E. (4, 5) Thesis: A Study of a Three-Qiiarter Ton Refrigerating Machine EARL H. PAGE . » r n Civil Engineering 16 Eastern Ave., Beverly Activities: B. S. C. E.; Student Council (4); Dean ' s List (4) Thesis: The Proposed Extension of Kernwood Ave . , Beverly, Massachusetts 54 OLIVER E. PARKER Mechanical Engineering R. F. D. No. 1, Pleasant St., Fitchburg Activities: Track (1); Glee Club Soloist (3, 4, 5); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); University Play (4) Thesis: An Investigation of Pressure Losses in Air Duct Elbows PAUL W. PEARSON 2 A E Business Management 19 Pleasant St., Ware Activities: President, Intetnation- al Relations Club (4, 5); Dean ' s List (3, 4); Vice-President, Tennis Club (3); Tennis Team (3); Law Club; Class Nominating Committee (3); Banking Club EUGENE A. PERICONI Chemical Engineering 212 Old Bedford Rd., Port Chester, N. Y. Activities: Photographic Editor, Cauldron (5); News (4, 5); N. C. N. S. A. C. S. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Empire State Club (2, 3); Glee Club (1); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4) Thesis: A Study of Some Lower Aliphatic Sulfonic Acids EVERETT F. PERKINS Civil Engineering Fairlee, Vt. Activities: Twin State Club (1, 2), Rifle Club O); Student Union (1,2,3);B.S.C.E.(4,5) Thesis: The Design of a Three- Hinged Arch Highway Bridge ERMAN W. PERKINS B A Business Management 16 Horace Rd., Belmont Activities: Musical Comedy (1 2); Fraternity Basketball (2, 3) Class Nominating Committee (4) Law Club (4, 5) HOWARD PERRINE Accounting 41 Harrington St., Newtonville Activities : Law Club (5 1; Newton High Club (4, 5) CHARLES W. PERRY 2 A Chemical Engineering 168 Simonds St., Athol Activities: Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Senate (3, 4), Secretary-Treas- urer (5); News (2, 3), Editor-in- Chief (4, 5); Fraiernity President (4, 5); Fore Paw Key Society (3, 4); Secretary, Tennis Club (3); Secre- tary, Mathematics Club (4); A. C. S.(3,4,5) Thesis: Explosive Limits of Solvent Vapors JOHN L. PERRY N E Z Mechanical Engineering 63 Ocean St., Atlantic Activities: Track (1, 2); Class Social Committee (3), ' Flying Club, Vice-President (2), President (3); A. S. M. E., Vice-President (4), President (5) Thesis: The Design of a Variable- Pitch Propeller 55 TEOFIL W. PERZAN Business Management 102 Franklin St., Clinton Activities: Glee Club ' (4, 5); In- ternational Relations Club (4, 5); Management Club (3, 4, 5); Law Club (4, 5); Banking Club (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Vice-President, Boston Polish Students Club WARREN PETERSEN S A Civil Engineering 504 Main St., Haverhill Activities: Class Treasurer (1); Fraternity Basketball (2); Dean ' s List (2, 4, 5); Student Council (3) Thesis : A Proposed Sewerage System for the Town of Groveland, Massachu- setts WALTER E. PETERSON r k Chemical Engineering 98 Mechanic St., Orange Activities: Social Committee (1, 2); Class Baseball (3); A. C. S. (4, 5) Thesis: A Comparison of Some Physical Properties of Two Tap Steels WALTER H. PETERSON Chemical Engineering Muller Rd., Lexington Activities: Dean ' s List (2); A. C. S.(2,3,5) Thesis : The Development of an Im- proved Finish for Rubber-Coated Fabrics Ji Ji Skill LORRIN M. PITTENDREIGH H T N Civil Engineering 25 Pinette St., New Bedford Activities: Musical Comedy (2); B. S. C. E. (3), Vice-Chairman (4, 5), Assistant Tteasurer (5); Class Social Committee (5); Senior Week Committee Thesis: A Study of Stresses and Strains Set Up in Welded Joints and Welded Structures NORMAND O. POTHIER Civil Engineering 6 Whitcomb St., Haverhill Activities: Track Team (T); Foot- ball (1); Haverhill Club (2), Vice- President (3, 4, 5) Thesis: Design of Sewerage System for Town of Groveland WALTER J. POTHIER Mechanical Engineering 34 Pierce Ave., Everett Activities: A. S. M. E. (3, 4); News.Q.,2, 3,4) Thesis : Engineering in Ordnance MORTON S. PRATT 2 A Mechanical Engineering 429 Court St., North Plymouth Activities: Track (l, 2, 3, 4); University Student Council (3), President (4); Fore Paw Key Society (3, 4); News (4, 5); Cross Country (2, 3, 4); Rifle Club; Fraternity Vice-President (5); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Class Nominating Committee (2); Tennis Club (3); Dean ' s List (1, 3, 4, 5); Fraternitv Basketball (4,5) _ Thesis : Re-design of a Marine Gaso- line Engine to a Small Diesel Type 56 RAYMOND C. PRESSEY Civil Engineering 18 Savoy Rd., Salem Activities: Track (1, 2, 3); Class ' Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Cross Country (3, 4); Vice-President, Salem Club (4), President (5); B. S. C. E. (4, 5) Thesis : Rectangular Co-ordination of Salem and Beverly ELBRIDGE H. PRESTON Z A Electrical Engineering 54 Haskell St., Beverly Farms Activities: Basketball (1, 2); Fraternity Basketball (4, 5); Class Basketball (5); Radio Club (4); Mathematics Club (4); North Shore Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Class Football (3, 4); Dean ' s List (4, 5) Thesis : The Design and Construction of a Special Keflex Vacuum Tube Voltmeter JOHN S. PRESTON B A Banking and Finance 535 West Main St., New Britain, Conn. Activities: Basketball (1); Fresh- man Basketball Manager (2); As- sistant Manager Basketball (1, 2, 3); Varsity Basketball Manager (4); Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Interclass Basketball (5); Chairman, Interclass and Interfra- ternity Basketball (5); Fore Paw Key Society (2, 3, 4); Nutmeg Club; Banking Club (1, T), Treasurer (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (5); Student Union Cabinet (4) ROBERT S. PRINCE Civil Engineering Franklin, N. H. Thesis: The Extension of Kernwood Ave., Beverly, Massachusetts FRANCIS A. PROVENZANO 2 A Industrial Engineering 44 Corbet St., Dorchester Activities: Class Hockey (1, 2); Track (1, 2); Rifle Club (1, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Senate, Secretary-Treasurer (4); S. I. E. (2, 3, 5); President (4); Tennis Club (2, 4, 5), Vice-President (3); Math- ematics Club d, 4, 5); International Relations Club (3, 4), President (5); Student Council (4, 5); Field Day Committee (4); American Manage- ment Society, Secretary (5) Thesis: The Design and Manu- facture of an Electromagnetic Valve- Grinding Tool ALEXANDER PYTERAF B A Accounting 197 Nash Rd., New Bedford Activities : Track (0; Accounting Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Banking Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Law Club (4, 5); Assistant Track Manager (2); Management Club (3); Class Nominating Com- mittee (5) C. JACKSON QUINNAM 2 A Electrical Engineering 52 South Front St., Richmond, Maine Activities: Mainiacs (1, 2) Thesis: The Construction and Cali- bration of a Special Reflex Vacuum Tube Voltmeter S. J. LEONARD RAMIREZ Mechanical Engineering 137 London St., East Boston Activities: News (4, 5); A. S. R. E. (5) Thesis : Testing Unit Heaters of the Finned Tube Type 57 EUGENE J. RAPOPORT S K Civil Engineering 11 M. Skvosnaia St., Harbin, China Activities: Fraternity President (3); Fraternity Basketball; Assis- tant Manager of Baseball (2); Flying Club (2); Interfraternitv Council (4); Chess Club (4); Dean ' s List (2) Thesis: The Relocation of Dewey Square, Boston KENNETH R. RAULINS H T N Electrical Engineering 241 Brownell St., New Bedford Activities: Basketball (l); A. I. E. E.; Radio Club Thesis : The Design and Construction of Band Pass Filters RAYMOND A. REED Electrical Engineering 186 Pauline St., Winthrop Activities: Basketball (1); Track (1); Concert Orchestra (2, 3, 4, 5); A. I. E. E. (4, 5); Class Nominating Committee (5); Dean ' s List Thesis: A Practical Analysis of Parallel Resonant Circuits ELLING C. REICH Electrical Engineering 88 Ashmont St., Dorchester Activities: Class Basketball (4); Everett High Bowling Team; Secre- tary, Everett High Club; Dean ' s List Thesis: The Construction and Cali- bration of a Vacuum Tube Wattmeter ELFORD H. RICHARDSON Z A Civil Engineering Clintonville, Conn. Activities: Rifle Club (3); Nut- meg State Club, Secretary (4, 5); B. S. C. E. (4, 5) Thesis : Design of Sewage Disposal System FRED B. RICHARDSON Mechanical Engineering 224 Merriam Ave., Leominster RICHARD H. ROBBINS Industrial Engineering 166 West Main St., Plainville, Conn. Activities: S. I. E. (2, 5), Treas- urer. (3), Vice-President (4); Treas- . urer, Nurmeg State Club (4) Thesis: The Relation between the Stock Market and Business ERNEST B. ROCKWOOD, JR. b r e Industrial Engineering 18 King ' s Highway, West Springfield Activities: Orchestra (1, 2); S. I. E. (2, 3, 4); Class Treasurer (4, 5); Dean ' s List (4, 5); Ftaternity Secretary (5) Thesis: The Selection of a Commer- cial Airport for New England 58 ARTHUR RODHAM Business Management 54 Trowbridge St., Cambridge Activities: Cross Country Team (1, 2, 3, 4); Track Team (2, 3, 4); Field Day Committee (4); Law Club (4, 5); Management Club (4), Presi- dent (5); Banking Club (2) MORRIS ROSENBAUM Business Management 15 Ames St., Worcester Activities: Band (2, 3, 4, 5); Concert Orchestra (1, 2); Banking Club (2); Management Club (4, 5); Law. Club (5); Student Union (2, 3) HERBERT H. ROSS H T N Mechanical Engineering 101 Palfrey St., Watertown Activities : Interfraternitv Council (4, 5); A. S. M. E. (4, 5) Thesis: Kate of Heat Transfer through Fin Tubular Radiators NATHAN T. ROSSMAN S K Civil Engineering 42 Mascot St., Dorchester Activities: D ean ' s List (1, 2, 3); Class Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Track (1);B.S.C.E.(5) Thesis : Grade Elimination at Centre Street and Arborway 3 31 FOSTER E. SAMPSON Mechanical Engineering Cedar Hill St., Manomet Activities: Vice-President, Flying Club Thesis: The Gasification of Liquid Fuels RAYMOND T. SANDERS Industrial Engineering 796 Great Plain Ave., Needham Activities: Class Basketball (5) Thesis: The Design of a Pole Line EDGAR P. SARGENT N E Z Civil Engineering Bear Hill Rd., Merrimac Thesis : A Highway HARRY SARKISIAN Civil Engineering 33 Ormond St., Worcester Activities: B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5); Class Football (1, 2, 3); Track CO Thesis: Geological Formations of Worcester 59 RICHARD S. SAUNDERS Mechanical Engineering 11 Stanley Rd., Swampscott Activities: Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5); A. S. M.E. Thesis: Survey of the Household Absorption Refrigerator ALBERT A. SCHAAKE 2 A Accounting 196 Bailey St., Lawrence Activities: Class Nominating Committee (1, 2); Class Social Committee (l, 3, 4); News (3); Sec- retary, Junior Prom Committee; International Relations Club (3), Secretary (4), Treasurer (5); Busi- ness Manager of Cauldron (5); Student Council (2); Interfraternity Council (3 s ), Vice-President (4); Law Club (4, 5); Field Day Com- mittee (3) ARTHUR G. SCHILLING r k Electrical Engineering 282 Winthrop St., Medford Activities: A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Basketball (3); Field Day Committee (3); Glee Club (4); Dean ' s List (2, 3, 4, 5) Thesis : The Study of a Three Him-, dred Kilometer A. C. Artificial Tele- phone Line A. BRUCE SCHOW S A Civil Engineering 25 Edwin St., Stratford, Conn. Activities: News (1, 2, 3), Man- ager, Circulation Department- (4); Cross Country (l); Dean ' s List (1); Fraternity Basketball (3, 4, 5) Thesis: Stratford Sewerage Problem JAMES P. SCOBIE Mechanical Engineering 119 Lowell St., Andover Activities: Soccer (2, 3); ' ;Tennis Team (4); President, Tennis Club (4); Class Social Committee (3, 5) Junior Prom Committee (4); A. S M. E., Secretary-Treasurer (4, 5) Student Council (4); Dean ' s List Senior Week Committee Thesis : A Hydrogen Engine EUGENE G. SEARy Chemical Engineering 339 Centre St., Dorchester Activities: A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (3, 4, 5); Interclass Baseball (4); News (4, 5) Thesis : A Study of the Photo-Chem- ical Reduction of Ferric Salts GAVIN M. SEMPLE Accounting 34 Westglow St., Dorchester Activities: Track (1); Fraternity Basketball (4, 5); Class Basketball . (5); Law Club, Executive Commit- tee (4), Vice-President ($); Tennis (4); Banking Club (2, 3) GOODALL SHAPIRO Electrical Engineering 112 Howland St., Roxbury Activities : Interclass Baseball (1); Radio Club (3); A. I. E. E. (3); Mainiacs (1); Interfraternity Bas- ketball (2); Senate (5) Thesis: Varying Parameters in Electrical Circuits 60 YALE SHAPIRO K Z Civil Engineering 31 Erie St., Dorchester Activities: Fraternity Scribe (4), Treasurer (5); Assistant Manager of Track (1, 2); Interfraternity Basket- ball (1, 2, ' 3, 4, 5); Class ' Football (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3); Class Basketball (5); Tennis Club (3, 4); B. S. C. E. (4, 5); Field Day Committee (4); English High School Club (5) Thesis: A Highway Traffic Project ALBERT L. SHEDD Accounting 6 Bradshaw St., Medford Activities: Banking Club (2); Assistant Hockey Manager (3, 4); Law Club (4, 5) ' WILLIAM H. SHIPP Electrical Engineering 57 Park Ave., Arlington Heights Activities: Track (1); Tennis Tournament (4, 5) A. I. E. E. (3), Executive Committee (4); Radio Club (3); Senior Nominating Com- mittee Thesis : A Study of Magnetic Char- acteristics of Magnetostriction Rods HENRY F. SLATTERY Business Management 110 Sterling St., Worcester Activities: Social Committee (1); Law Club (4) ERNEST A. SMITH r n Civil Engineering 17 Spooner St., North Easton Activities: Dean ' s List (1); Inter- fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4) Thesis: The Design of a Concrete Over-Pass SYDNEY R. SMITH Chemical Engineering Foundry St., Easton Thesis : A Study of the Manu- facture of Imitation Jelly JAMES C. SOUTTER, JR. Chemical Engineeriyig 17 Arbutus Rd., Swampscott Activities: Track (1); A. C. S. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Mathematics Club (3), Treasurer (4, 5); News (3), Make-up Editor (4) Thesis : The Oxidation-Reduction Po- tential of the Stannic-Stannous Elec- trode GILBERT W. STANFORD Electrical Engineering 9 Centre Ave., Reading Activities: A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4) Thesis : The Study of a Three Hun- dred Kilometer A. C. Artificial Tele- phone Line 61 DONALD B. STEVENS H T N Chemical Engineering 120 State St., Newburyport Activities: Fraternity Secretary (3); North Shore Club (2, 3, 4), President (5); North Shore Club Bowling Team (3, 4, 5); A. C. S. (4, 5); Interclub Council, Secretary Thesis : A Solder Flux for Zsnc JOSEPH J. SUK Electrical Engineering 26 Appleton St., North Quincy Activities: Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis Club (2, 3, 4); Interclass Football (3); Radio Club (4, 5) Thesis: The Construction and Cali- bration of a Flux Meter JOSEPH H. SWINIARSKI Chemical Engineering 48 English St., Salem Activities: Interclub Bowling (2, 3, 4, 5); Interclass Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Salem High Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Senate; Dean ' s List (2, 3) Thesis : The Evaluation of Absorbent Oils of American Petroleum Crudes CARLETON R. SYPHER b r e Civil Engineering 7 Adelaide St., Belleville, N. J. Activities: Interfraternity Basket- ball; Class Basketball (5); E. H. S. Club, Secretary (2), Treasurer (3) Thesis: A Study of Stresses and Strains in Welds and Welded Struc- tures VAUGHN E. TAYLOR r k Accounting 147 Clay St., Wollaston Activities: Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Concert Orchestra (1); Sigma So- ciety; Interfraternity Council (4, 5); Law Club (4); Fraternity Vice- President (5) WILLIAM H. TAYLOR, JR. H T N Mechanical Engineering 37 Boulevard Rd., Dedham Activities: Cross Country (1); Musical Comedy (1, 2); Fraternity Vice-President (3, 4); Interfrater- nity Council (3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (3, 4, 5); A. S. M. E. (4, 5) Thesis: An A. S. M. E. Fan Test Code ANTHONY TEDESCO $ r n Civil Engineering 41 West Eagle St., East Boston Activities: Assistant Track Man- ager (1); B. S. C. E. ( " 3 Chairman (4,5) Thesis:Newburyport-A?nesbury FRANK L. THAYER Electrical Engineering Ashfield Activities: Dean ' s List (2) Thesis: A Study of Magnetic Char- acteristics of Magnetostriction Rods 62 WALTER S. THAYER S A Banking and Finance 451 Eastern Ave., Lynn Activities: News (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Nominating Committee (2, 3); Class Secretary (3, 4); Fraternity Secretary (3), President (4); Sigma Society (3, 5), President (4); Sigma Society Freshman Award; Student Council (4, 5) ARTHUR R. THERRIEN B A Accounting 236 Weymouth St., Holbrook Activities: Banking Club (1); Law Club (4); Dean ' s List (2) VAINO A. TIRRI r n Civil Engineering 43 Packard ' s Lane, Quincy Activities: Soccer (1, 2, 3); Inter- fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Interfraternity Council (3, 4); B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5); Quincv High School Club n. 2) Thesis: Design of a Welded Steel Frame for an Office Building MERTON R. TODD Electrical Engineering Roberts Meadow, Northampton Activities: Track 0); Glee Club (3, 4, 5); A. I. E. E. (3, 4, 5) Thesis: An Automatic Hydro-Elec- tric Plant PETER M. TOLOS Electrical Engineering 8 Hastings Ct., Clinton Activities : Mathematics Club (4), Vice-President (5); Interclass Foot- ball (2); A. I. E. E. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Dramatics (5); Senate Thesis: Varying Parameters in Electrical Circuits RICHARD M. TOUCEy Industrial Engineering 412 Laughlin Rd., Stratford, Conn. Activities: Class Hockey (1); Class Football (3, 4); Class Swim- ming Relay Team (3, 4, 5); Secre- tary, S. I. E. (5); Dean ' s List (4); Class Social Committee (5) Thesis: A Scientific Study of the Management of a Pie Factory CHARLES D. TOWNSEND Mechanical Engineering 1175 Montello St., Brockton Activities: Student Council (4); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Dean ' s List (4) Thesis : The Economical Conversion of a Small Gasoline Engine to a Diesel Type JAMES E. TRAFTON Mechanical Engineering 64 Crescent St., Rockland, Maine Activities: Class Social Commit- tee (3) Thesis : Layout of a Marine Power Installation 63 WALTER B. TRUNDY Accounting 10 Wellington Ave., Somerville Activities: Assistant Hockey Man- ager (3, 4); University Play (1, 2), Assistant Rehearsal Manager (3), Publicity Manager (4); Law Club (4), Secretarv-Treasurer (5); Bank- ing Club (2, 3) RICHARD W. TWIGG Mechanical Engineering 143 Norfolk St., Wollaston Activities: Orchestra (1); Field Day Committee (3, 4) Thesis : The Design and Adaption of a Supercharger EDGAR J. VanDEUSEN S A Electrical Engineering Albany, N. Y. Activities: Student Union Presi- dent (4, 5); News (1, 2, 3), Make-up Editor (4); Class Football (3, 4); Class Swimming (1, 2, 3); Frater- nity Treasurer (4); Senate; Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); A. I. E. E. (2, 4, 5), Treasurer (3); Play Board (3) Thesis: Power Factor Measurements of Paper Cables EDWARD B. VanDUSEN Industrial Engineering Madison, N. H. Activities: Glee Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Mainiacs (1, 2, 3, 4); Secretary (5); S. I. E. (2), Secretarv (3), Vice- President (4); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Senate (3, 4, 5); News (2, 3, 4, 5); Dramatics (4, 5) Thesis : Electri cal Energy Costs of an Industrial Plant WILLIAM L. VOGEL Electrical Engineering 4 Clarendon Ct., Roslindale Activities: Radio Club (3, 4); A. I.E. E. (3, 4, 5) Thesis: A Study of Beat Frequencies by Twin Magneto-striction Oscillators J. RUSSELL WAKELIN Industrial Engineering Claybrook Rd., Dover Activities: Track Numerals Thesis : The Layout of a Plant for the Manufacture of Ready-Made Houses CARL W. WALDEN ■ Chemical Engineering Centre St., Dover Activities: Class Hockey (1); Class Baseball (1, 4, 5); A. C. S. .(2,3,5) Thesis: A Study of the Heat Effi- ciency of Industrial Steam Lagging C. WARD WALLACE, JR. Chemical Engineering 90 Winslow St., Everett Activities: Everett Club (1, 2) Treasurer (3), Vice-President (4) Rifle Team (4); A. C. S. (2, 3, 4) Class Baseball (4); North Shore Club (5); Interclub Bowling Thesis: A Photomicrographic Study of Calcined Gypsum 64 MATTHEW V. WALSH Accounting 15 Charles St., Dorchester Activities: Class Hockey (2); Varsity Hockey (2, 3), Captain (4); Chairman, Class Nominating Com- mittee (3); Law Club (4, 5); Cap- tain ' s Club ELWIN J. WATSON N E Z Chemical Engineering 19 Perry St., Somerville Activities: New: (4) Thesis: A Study of the Electrolysis ofKetenes WILLIAM G. WATTIE, JR. Industrial Engineering 24 Heath St., Somerville Activities: Executive Committee Student Union (3, 4); Chairman, Field Day Committee (3); Inter- fraternity Council (3, 4); President, Tennis Club (3); Interclass Basket- ball (5); Class Nominating Com- mittee (2, 3); Interfraternity Bas- ketball (2, 3, 4); Annual Show (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Council (2, 3, 4); Glee Club (2, 3, 5); President, S. I. E. (5) . Thesis : Industries in Massachusetts Prisons CARL M. WEAVER B A Accounting 112 Woodford St., Portland, Maine Activities: Cross Country (1, 3, 4, 5); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Fore ' Paw Key Society (3), Secretary (4); Banking Club (2), Treasurer (3); Law Club (5); Class Secretary (3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (4); Assistant Business Man- ager, Show (3); Accounting Club (4); Fraternity Secretary (4); Fra- ternity Basketball (3, 4, 5) 3 L4 JULIUS W. WEINER IK Civil Engineering 303 Bryant St., Maiden Activities: Cheer Leader (3) Thesis: Determination of Economy of an Underpass at Dewey Square, Boston JOHN T. WEISUL A K S Civil Engineering 25 Fairview Rd., Norwood Activities: Musical Comedy (l); Class Basketball (1); Fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (3, 4 Class Football (3, 4); Track (2, 3, ' 4) Thesis : Relocation of a Section of the Fellsway East Highway VERNON WENTWORTH N E Z Electrical Engineering 165 West Main St., Orange Activities: Class Basketball (1); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Tennis Club (2, 3,4) Thesis: Motional Impedance Mea- surements on a Group of Watch Cast Telephone Receivers JOHN A. WERRY b r e Mechanical Engineering Westtown, N. Y. Activities: Class Nominating Committee (3); A. S. M. E. (4, 5); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 5); Fraternity Secretary (3), Vice-President (4) Thesis: An Investigation of the Steam Extraction Cycle 65 EDWARD F. WHEELER N E Z Chemical Engineering Hill St., Bristol, Conn. Activities: Banjo Club (1) Li- brarian (2); Interfraternity Council Ci); Fraternity Presidenr (4); News (4) Thesis: Design of a Method for Measuring the Throwing Power of an Electroplating Solution HENRY B. WHITCOMB Mechanical Engineering Merrimac St., Merrimacport Thesis: Y. M. C. A. Boiler Plant Revision FRANK H. WHITE Electrical Engineering 82 Lafayette St., Waltham Activities: Sax Band (1); Radio Club Thesis: The Construction of a Demonstration Thyratron Circuit LINCOLN W. WHITTAM Mechanical Engineering 268 Harvard St., Wollaston Activities: Track (1); Rifle Club (1, 2); A. S. M. E. (5) Thesis: The Value of a Constant Compression Motor HERBERT E. WHITTEMORE Civil Engineering 14 Shaw Ave., Arcleboro Activities: B. S. C. E.; Dean ' s List (4) Thesis : A Comparison of Cost Esti- mates of a Building of Concrete and Structural Steel WALTER M. WILCOX 3 A Mechanical Engineering 29 Wellington St., Marlboro Activities: Dance Orchestra (1); Bacchanalians (1, 2, 3, 4); Band (1); Concert Orchestra (1); A. S. M. E. Thesis : I r ibratiou and Sum J. Control JOHN A. WILLIAMS Chemical Engineering 724 Washington St., Brighton Activities: News, Managing Edi- tor (4); N. C. N. S. A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5), Ne-wton Club (4, 5) Thesis: The Development of an Improved Finish for Rubber-coated Fabrics SAMUEL H. WINGERSKY Chemical Engineering 164 Court Rd., Winthrop Activities: N. C. N. S. A. C. S. (2, 3, 4, 5); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Senate (5); Saxophone Band (1) Thesis: Cleaning Solution from the Lacquer Industry 66 ARNOLD M. WOLF Mechanical Engineering 1670 52nd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Activities: Sax Band (1, 2, 3); Band (3); Annual Show (3); News (2, 3 Featute Editor (4); A. S. M. E. (5); A. S. R. E. Thesis : A Steam ' Ejector as Applied to Air Conditioning WALTER F. WOLFRUM Civil Engineering 16 Daltymple St., Jamaica Plain Activities: Dean ' s List (1, 2); B. S. C. E. (3, 4, 5); Winner Public Speaking Contest (4) Thesis : Grade Elimination at Centre Street and Arborway LEONARD WOLFSON Electrical Engineering 24 Haviland St., Boston Activities: Freshman Orchestra; Bacchanalians (1, 2, 4); Band (1, 2); Concert Orchestta (1) Thesis: An Automatic Hydro-Elec- tric Plant RICHARD K. WOODBURY Mechanical Engineering 50 Howard St., Salem Activities: Salem High Club, Treasurer, Vice-President; Club Bowling; A. S. M. E. Thesis: The Air Conditioning of the Salem Hospital JOSEPH M. YAVAROW Electrical Engineering 17 Jones St., Everett- Activities: A. I. E. E.; Class Basketball (1); Interclass Football; President, Everett High Club (4); Interclub Bowling; Radio Club Thesis: The Suspension and Cali- bration of Electro-Static Voltmeters 61 CLASS OF 1935 Schutte, Huse, Ballard Wakenigg, We»t, Mr. Tatton, Howe Division A H. G. Howe J. H. Wakenigg L. C. Huse H. Schutte E. J. Murray . J. N. DeSerio Faculty Adviser: Mr. Gerald R. Tatton Division B President S. West Vice-President S. O. Ames Secretary S. Ballard Treasurer J. Camerlengo Student Council . . . R. E. Matter C. M. Kelley 68 DEAN ' S LIST P. Allen R. F. Irving M. C. Bennett A. R. Jee B. A. Berkall L. J. Lajoie G. S. Bessey E. R. Lewis D. T. Blanchard V. D. Maguire H. I. Carlson G. H. Mather A. R. Christlieb H. B. McGee A. D. Coury F. G. Meriam R. H. Craig L. J. Meszaros V. A. Creamer G. W. Milbrandt A. V. Day A. E. Nelson J. F. Denton E. C. Owen J. N. DeSerio J. A. Patterson H. E. Draper R. A. PlNARD D. S. Everett H. POLLAY F. J. Gaffney C. E. Rice B. P. Geyer G. K. Rogers I. M. GOLDFARB L. L. Russell S. Goldstein D. M. Smith W. Gorski J. P. Temple H. M. Haendler E. C. J. Urban R. E. Hammer R. B. Wentworth N. J. Haskell S. E. West H. G. Howe C. A. Woodward 69 CLASS OF 1936 Dallas, Carlin, Daly, Sweeney Bourque, Jameson, Prof. Whittaker, Lund, Driscoll Faculty Adviser: Prof. Albert E. Whittaker Division A R. W. Lund President D. F. Bourque . . . Vice-President A. J. Daly Secretary J. A. Sweeney .... Treasurer E. H. Middendorf . . Student Council H. E. Pray Division B F. G. Jameson J. P. Driscoll J. L. Dallas J. P. Carlin J. Richardson H. Phillips 70 DEAN ' S LIST L. H. Adam L. L. Levy V. J. Altieri J. W. Lewis F. S. Bacon K. M. Lord S. A. Balkan F. H. Magee M. Bender W. L. McKinney R. H. Bennett F. Merrikin M. S. BuDNEFFSKY W. R. MlNZNER R. K. Butler W. A. Nelson E. N. Chapin O. O. OjAMAKI L. M. Clough F. V. Pauling G. Corey R. M. Prouty B. W. Croudis E. J. QuiNLAN J. L. Dallas H. P. Ransom B. P. Dana H. Rich J. G. Elger F. Santiago B. A. EvANAUSKAS R. K. Saxe L. S. Evans R. B. Shimer F. J. Flynn A. C. Shippee S. GlTELSON G. A. Smith W. A. Grady G. A. Temple N. E. Grandberg D. S. Thompson R. L. Heider W. G. Urmson E. E. Jackson H. Wf.rnick S. Kritzman F. C. Whiting C. E. Leavitt E. T. Williams I. Zagalsky 71 CLASS OF 1937 Brown, Prof. Hamilton Chaplick, Hakanscn, Chrusz, Templeman Faculty Adviser: Prof. Roger S. Hamilton Division A A. H. Hakanson President J. M. Chrusz . Vice-President L. I. Templeman Secretary A. M. Chaplick, Jr. Treasurer J. M. Chrusz Student Council L. I. Templeman Division B T. P. O ' Brien A. K. Brown A. Leone W. Mitchell R. H. Ellis C. R. Shaw 72 DEAN ' S LIST R. C. Abbott S. R. Miln I. E. August E. H. Newton D. G. Ball F. H. Obenauer M. Beloblosky J. L. Paulhus S. R. Bloomfield L. T. PlEKARSKI A. L. Boch G. E. PlHL E. L. Clark A.J. QuiGLEY H. E. Cobb R. C. Raymond G. E. Davis E. F. Royds C. J. Desmone E. W. Saunders R. M. Falkson A. A. Shames J. C. Finn S. Shane W. L. Ganong C. R. Shaw J. B. Gershman P. Short M. Giella F. L. Soule F. W. Harvey C. C. Tacito N. C. Hubley R. W. Turner L. W. Lenfest W. R. Varney E. W. McNamara B. C. White 73 CLASS OF 1938 Simpson, Jakimedes Jones, Mr. Haskins, Farnum Faculty Adviser: Mr. Elmer E. Haskins W. E. Jones G. Farnum R. H. Simpson G. L. Jakimedes President Vice-President Treasurer 74 COLLEGE YEAR THE COLLEGE YEAR ANNUAL NEWS BANQUET The 1933 Annual Banquet held for members of the Northeastern News took place on January 29 at the Hotel Brunswick. This was the first News banquet ever to be held so early in the year and was in accord with a new plan to have the new Managing Board and Associate Managing Board assume their duties at the end of the first semester of each school year in the future. Paul E. Noonan, ' 34E of Waltham was named as the new Editor-in-Chief for Division B, with Charles W. Perry, ' 34E of Athol as Editor-in-Chief for Division A. Acting as toastmaster for the occasion was Merrill N. Friend, ' 34E of Gloucester, retiring Managing Editor for Division A. Dean Harold W. Melvin was the main speaker of the evening, his subject being " Writing for Fun. " NEWS BARN DANCE Under exotic lights in a hall remodeled from an old stable at the foot of Beacon Hill, fifty members of the News staff and their guests danced to the music of Rollie Rogers ' Rhythm Orchestra on March 10, 1933- It was the first time that the News had ever held a dance. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Norris Potter, Mr. and Mrs. Frank LaBree, and Professor and Mrs. William C. White, from the faculty. Donald Jenks, Robert Chamberlain, and Jesse Eakins, all ex-editors, were also present. VARSITY BASKETBALL BANQUET The Lenox Hotel was the scene of the Annual Basketball Banquet held on March 7, 1933 with 29 members of the squad, the managerial staff, and guests present. Here the election took place which resulted in the announcement of Adolph A. Jachym ' 35BA of Westfield, and Stanley W. Kramer, ' 35BA of Port Washington, New York as co-captains of the team for the season of 1933-1934. Milton W. Nutt, ' 35BA of Wakefield was named manager of the team for the same season. Professor Edward S. Parsons, Director of Student Activities, announced the award of Varsity letters to Captain Brown, Jachym, Kramer, Cleveland, Day, Milbrandt, Morse, Church, and retiring manager Preston. John S. Preston, manager for the past season, presided, introducing as speakers, Dean Carl S. Ell, Professor Edward S. Parsons, Dr. Henry Kontoff, Mr. Paul Swaffield of the Hood Rubber Company, and Coach McCoy. To bring the occasion to a happy ending, retiring Captain Charles H. Brown presented to Coach McCoy, on behalf of the squad and managerial staff, a beautiful electric banjo clock. 75 . ' »_!-:: ' 2 VARSITY HOCKEY BANQUET The election of Herbert Gallagher, ' 35BA of Newton as captain of the 1933-1934 hockey team featured the annual banquet held at the Hotel Lenox on March 14, 1933- Gallagher, one of the outstanding athletes of the University, and three-letter man, was the high scorer and mainstay of the team for the season. Charles F. Kelley, ' 34BA of Jamaica Plain was elected manager. Paul Noonan, ' 34E, retiring manager, acting as toastmaster, presented Coach Raymond as the first speaker. Mr. Raymond summarized the season, expressing his appreciation of the co-operation of the squad. Other speakers, Dean Melvin, Dr. Kontoff, Professor Parsons, and Mr. H. Bradlee Fenno, had only words of praise for the team. Mr. Fenno presented all the letter men and Coach Raymond with watch charms in the form of gold hockey sticks. Letters were awarded to thirteen members of the squad: Captain Walsh, Captain- elect Gallagher, Leverone, Rice, Dingwell, Denton, Cahoon, Letourneau, Irving, Emerson, Patten, Radden, Furdon, and to Manager Noonan. ANNUAL DRAMATIC PRODUCTION " Gold in the Hills, " or " The Dead Sister ' s Secret, " blood-curdling melodrama of the " Gay Nineties, " was presented to full houses on each of the two nights, March 24th and 25th, 1933, in Bates Hall. Several musical specialties added to the interest and amusement of the play. New York ' s favorite songbird, Miss Rose Robinson sang " A Bird in a Gilded Cage. " This pathetic ballad was well rendered by Oliver E. Parker, Glee Club soloist. In addition to this solo John Dalton, son of the soil, played by William Wattie, our annual hero, and J. E. Davidson of the Glee Club sang " The Bowery " and other old favorites. Last, Hawk Shaw, the detective, came to life again, and tearing off his whiskers in the last scene, revealed himself to be Langley Morang. An innovation in the program of the evening was dancing after the play, which lasted until 12 o ' clock. Music was furnished by the " Frosheteers. " On account of the size of the performance, and the detailed work of preparing each member of the cast for his part, there was a great deal of work to the production of the show; and much credit is due to Coach David Russell and to Clarence Green- wald, General Manager of the play, for the excellent result achieved. ANNUAL DRAMATIC PRODUCTION BANQUET The banquet held for members of the cast of " Gold in the Hills " took place in Ginter ' s Wedgewood Restaurant, March 27, 1933- A. H. Fenlason, business manager of the show, acted as master of ceremonies. Following the banquet, the group adjourned to the Plymouth Theatre, where they witnessed " The Piccoli, " by Podrecca, a program acted by marionettes. Guests included Mr. David Russell, director of the play, Mr. Benjamin M. Elli- son, Prof. Edward S. Parsons, and Dean Harold W. Melvin. 77 MIDWINTER CONCERT AND DANCE The combined Musical Clubs gave their annual concert at Jordan Hall on the evening of February 4, 1933. In attending this concert, the student body and their friends gained the only opportunity of the year to hear in one evening all the musical organizations of the University: the University Band, Concert Orchestra, the Glee Club, Banjo Club, and the Bacchanalians. In addition, Mr. Leo Litwin and Miss Elizabeth Travis Behnke, duo pianists of radio fame, appeared as guest artists, and delighted the audience with their selections, which included several Hungarian folk songs. In order to avoid the crowded dancing conditions of past years, an innovation was introduced in having two dancing halls, each with its own orchestra. The Bacchanalians played for dancing from ten to twelve o ' clock in Brown Hall, while the new Freshman Orchestra furnished their syncopated rhythm in Recital Hall during the same time. ANNUAL SIGMA SOCIETY BANQUET AND ELECTIONS The Annual Banquet of Sigma Delta Epsilon, Honorary Society of the School of Business Administration, was held on April 12, 1933 in the Everglades at the Hotel Westminster. Invited guests included Dean Carl S. Ell, Mr. Benjamin M. Ellison, Mr. Gerald R. Tatton, Mr. George R. Fennell, Mr. Albert J. Oliva, and Professor Charles W. Havice, faculty adviser. After the dinner, the Society members and their guests adjourned to the Rose Room where the business meeting was called to order by Walter S. Thayer, president of the Society. After the elections had been announced, Mr. Thayer introduced Dean Carl S. Ell, guest speaker. The following men were elected to offices in the Society: George E. Hodgson, ' 34BA, president; Benjamin A. Berkall, ' 35BA, vice-president; and Arthur R. James, ' 34BA, secretary-treasurer. JUNIOR PROM The Annual Promenade of the Junior Class, sponsored by the Class of 1934, took place on April 18, 1933 in the Main Ballroom of the Hotel Statler, with Sammy Liner ' s orchestra furnishing the music. Robert F. Chamberlain of Springfield, Massa- chusetts, Chairman of the Junior Prom Committee, headed the Grand March which began promptly at 12.00, and continued until the favors had been distributed to each of the two hundred seventy-five couples attending. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chamberlain were assisted in the receiving line by President and Mrs. Frank Palmer Speare, Dean and Mrs. Carl S. Ell, Dean and Mrs. Harold W. Melvin, Professor and Mrs. George H. Meserve, Jr. Features of the evening were the singing of specialty numbers by Buddy Clark and the Misses " Billie " Trask and Bernice Pike, all of local radio fame; also a broadcast of the dance music over the Red Network of the National Broadcasting Company through station WEEI fo r a period of thirty minutes. 79 PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST The finals of the Annual Public Speaking Contest were held at a Mass Meeting in Jordan Hall on April 26, 1933 with Professor Charles W. Havice, chairman of the board of elocution, presiding. Walter F. Wolfrum ' 34E won the first prize, speaking on the subject of " The Hypocrisy of Democracy " in a confident and effective manner. Raymond W. Stone, ' 37E won second prize with his " Preparedness and World Peace " ; Maurice F. Mac- Auliffe, ' 37E, third prize; and Ralph L. Keller, ' 34E, fourth prize. BAND AND DIVISION A GLEE CLUB GET-TOGETHER The University Band and Division A Glee Club held their annual combined supper and theater party on April 21, 1933 at the Wedgewood ' Restaurant, and the Majestic Theater. Mr. Nicholas W. Brosius of Berlin, New Hampshire, president of the Northeastern Musical Clubs Council, acted as toastmaster. Following a very enjoyable supper, Mr. Brosius awarded charms to the members of the Musical Clubs Council, and to those members of the clubs who had met the various requirements. A few brief talks were given and the group then adjourned to the Majestic Theater where they witnessed Romberg ' s musical tomance, " Blossom Time. " Invited guests of the evening were Dean Harold W. Melvin, Professor Edward S. Parsons, Mr. Benjamin M. Ellison, Mr. Abraham Cohen, and Dr. Carl F. Mucken- houpt. DEAN ' S LIST BANQUET The Sixth Annual Banquet given to the upperclassmen who had been on the Dean ' s List was held at Longwood Towers on May 13, 1933, with an attendance of one hundred of the one hundred and sixteen invited. Dean ' s List Scholarships were awarded to the men who led the sophomore, middler, and junior classes in scholar- ship. Recipients of the coveted awards were J. L. Dallas, ' 36E, and S. F. Amico, ' 36E of the Sophomore Class who had tie scores; Harold E. Draper, ' 35E of the Middler Class, and Robert F. Chamberlain, ' 34E of the Junior Class. As the speaker of the evening, the Rev. Vivian T. Pomeroy, pastor of the First Congregational Church of Milton, used as his subject, " The Scholar in the Modern World. " STUDENT COUNCIL BANQUET The combined Northeastern Student Council held its annual banquet at the " Toll House " in Whitman on May 26, 1933, with about twenty-two of the forty members present. Morton S. Pratt, ' 34E of North Plymouth, Division A President, acted as master of ceremonies. After Dean Harold W. Melvin and Mr. Benjamin M. Ellison had spoken, a delightful evening was brought to a close with the presentation of gavels to the retiring presidents, Morton S. Pratt, ' 34E of Division A, and Frederick E. Abbott, ' 34E of Division B. ANNUAL TRACK BANQUET At the Annual Track Banquet held on May 20, 1933 at the Hotel Westminster, Gerhardt W. Milbrandt, ' 35E of Bristol, Connecticut, was elected captain for the 1933-1934 season. Richard Haley, ' 34E of Boston, was announced as manager for the same season. Robert G. Grieve, ' 34BA of Waterbury, Connecticut, was awarded the Perpetual Track Trophy donated each year by the Alumni Association to the outstanding retir- ing junior on the track squad. Medals for record-breaking performances were also awarded, one to Joseph Stanley, ' 35E, and three to Richard Ellis, the Freshman flash. After letters had been awarded, Richard Locke, ' 35E, retiring manager and toast- master, called upon each of the four coaches to speak a few words. Following this, each coach was presented with an overnight bag in appreciation of his good work during the year. Guests included Dean Carl S. Ell and Prof. Eliot F. Tozer, Coaches Zeller, Par- sons, Tatton, and Maclntire, and members of the sensational freshman relay team, Dobbrow, Hakanson, McCarthy, and Ellis. MUSICAL CLUBS BANQUET The Annual Banquet of the Concert Orchestra, Bacchanalians, Banjo Club, and Division B Glee Club was held on June 7, 1933 in the Platinum Salon of the Metro- politan Theater, with about seventy men in attendance. Following the presentation of charms to members of the Musical Clubs Council and other members of the clubs who had met the various requirements, toastmaster Charles M. Kelley ' 35E of Revere, of the Musical Clubs Council called upon Dean Harold W. Melvin and Professor Edward S. Parsons to speak. After the speeches had been concluded, the entire group went upstairs to a re- served section of the theater and saw the entire stage and screen show. Guests for the evening included Dean Harold W. Melvin, Professor Edward S. Parsons, Mr. Benjamin M. Ellison, and advisers of the various clubs: Dr. Carl F. Muckenhoupt of the Glee Club, Professor Albert E. Whittaker of the Banjo Club, Mr. Verner O. Nelson of the Bacchanalians, Mr. Abraham Cohen of the Band, and Pro- fessor Joseph Spear of the Orchestra. VARSITY BASEBALL BANQUET The announcement of the election of Edward Murray, ' 35E of Woburn as captain of the 1934 Baseball Team was the feature of the Annual Baseball Banquet held on May 25, 1933 at the Hotel Lenox. At the same time, it was announced that Herbert Schutte, ' 35E was to be manager of the team for 1934. Following the award of fifteen letters to members of the squad, retiring captain John J. Grosz, toastmaster, intioduced Professors Pugsley and Parsons, and called upon Coach McCoy to review the season. All three men were vigrous in their praise of the sportsmanlike conduct of all men during a fairly good season. 81 FIELD DAY A day shining with sunshine and good cheer greeted the happy crowds who attended the twenty-third annual field day held on Saturday, June 10, 1933, at the Riverside Recreation Grounds in Auburndale. Following the colorful and impressive Grand Parade, Albert E. Everett, chairman of the Class of 1923, presented the fresh- man class colors to T. P. O ' Brien, president of the Class of 1937. The events scheduled for a very full day were run off smoothly. E. W. Pai, ' 35E, won the tennis championship of the school by his victory over Louis Somers, ' 35E. The sophomores proved to be superior to the freshmen in the baseball game they played. The spotlight then turned to feats aquatic. The inter-class swimming relay was won by the Class of 1934, with the freshmen coming in a close second. The open canoe race was captured by a freshman team consisting of D. G. Ball and R. C. Sander- son. The freshmen, notorious for their revolutionary traits, were undisputed victors in the canoe tilting contest. A. J. DeGutis, ' 37E, topped all his competitors in the diving contest and in the fifty-yard free-style swimming race. The highlight of the afternoon ' s activities was the baseball game between mem- bers of the faculty and the chosen of the Class of 1923. The game turned into a holo- caust, and to this day no one knows who won. An innovation in the usual Field Day procedure was the lucky ticket contest for girls. Each member of the Field Day committee carried a supply of numbers and each girl who wished to enter the contest introduced herself to the white-capped committee member and asked for a number. The stubs were collected, a drawing made, and Betty Christie won the prize — a miniature loving cup, suitably engraved. The last event on the day ' s program was a most enjoyable item: two five-piece orchestras provided music for dancing in the two halls in the main building from five to ten o ' clock. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club was organized in 1933 with a membership of fifty-four, and Professor Coolidge as adviser. R. A. Joyce, ' 34E, was elected manager of the club, the purpose of which is to provide instruction and entertainment for devotees of this very ancient and honorable sport of kings. Among their activities, the organization ran a Chess Tournament for members. This contest was won by O. M. Johnson, ' 34E, with a tally of twenty-five wins and five losses. The runner-up was E. W. Currier, ' 35E, with a total score of fifteen wins and no losses. R. Mitchell, a member, was the author of a series of articles on chess which ap- peared in the News. He was a finalist in the tournament for the chess championship of the state of Connecticut. The Club has also held regular meetings at which the game has been discussed, and which have proved very helpful in improving the individual play of the members. Intercollegiate competition has been considered, but no games have yet been played. 83 MASS MEETINGS The special-lecture Mass Meetings of the academic years 1932-33 and 1933-34 brought to the student body an unusual array of distinguished men. Their addresses were interesting, entertaining, and informative; and in many instances stimulating and provocative. 1932-33 September 28 Judge Ira Lloyd Letts October 26 Dr. Henry H. Crane November 30 Rabbi Stephen S. Wise January 4 Bishop Charles W. Burns January 18 Edwin Markham 1 Dr. Frederick B. Fisher February 15 Philip C. Nash March 15 Dr. Will Durant March 20 Dr. James Gordon Gilkey May 24 Max Yergan " Looking Forward and Back " " Escape or Encounter " " What ' s the Use " " The New Year and the New World " " Selected Poems " " Finding Our Way in an Age of Con- fusion " " Our Stake in International Affairs " " A Program for America " ' ' The Underlying Conflict in American Life " " The New Africa " 1933-34 September 27 Robert Lincoln O ' Brien November 8 H. V. Kaltenborn December 13 Rabbi Harry Levi January 3 David Seabury January 17 T. Z. Koo January 31 Dr. George H. ' Moses February 14 Hubert Herring March 7 Dr. G. Bromley Oxnam " The Revolt of the Mule " " America ' s Place in the World Today " " Ability Means Responsibility " " What Makes Us All So Queer " " Manchuria and World Peace " ' ' The Duty of Educated Persons to be Thoughtful " " The Issues at Stake in Cuba " " The Student and the New World " 85 STUDENT UNION FRESHMAN CAMP An innovation in freshman orientation at Northeastern was inaugurated on Saturday, September 9, 1933, when the Student Union sponsored a freshman camp at Camp Massapoag, in Dunstable. On Saturday afternoon, sixty-four freshmen, ac- companied by eighteen upperclassmen and ten faculty members, left Boston on busses and cars to spend the week-end in becoming acquainted with each other before starting academic work on the following Monday. Swimming and other outdoor sports were enjoyed before supper was served that evening. Movies, and an informal campfire meeting, at which faculty members spoke, completed a day of recreation. On Sunday, after devotional services, all men again took up their swimming, canoeing, baseball, volleyball, or horseshoes. In the afternoon a hastily picked team of freshmen defeated an aggregation of faculty and upperclassmen in baseball. After an early supper, a tired but still congenial group journeyed back to Boston, happy in new friendships and pleasant memories. Among the faculty guests were Dean Ell; Prof. Havice, Executive Secretary of the Student Union; Prof. White; Mr. Oberg; and Prof. Parsons. VARSITY FOOTBALL BANQUET The first Varsity football banquet at the University was held in 18H on November 14, 1933, with Lloyd Hayden, Varsity manager, acting as toastmaster. Following speeches which were made by Coaches McCoy and Tatton, and by Doctors Donchess and Kontoff, Prof. Parsons announced the awards of twenty-seven letters to various members of the squad. Prof. Parsons also briefly outlined the schedules for the coming two years and thanked the squad for their unbegrudged effort to make a success of the first season of football at Northeastern. Brad Johnson, ' 35BA, retiring captain of the team, made a brief farewell speech. Gifts from the combined freshman and Varsity squads were presented to all the coaches, including " Doc " Donchess, who was also presented with a handsome black traveling bag by the University Athletic Association, in appreciation for his work with the squad during the fall. Donald Wintle, ' 35E, was announced as Varsity manager for 1934. Following the banquet, the entire group was invited to attend the Tremont Theatre as guests of the management. FOOTBALL DANCE Three hundred couples overflowed the Crystal Ballroom and the Empite Room at the Hotel Kenmore on November 17, 1933, to give the first Varsity football team a dance-reception. Dance music was furnished in one room by the Bacchanalians, and in the other by Chick Carlson ' s orchestra. 86 In addition to being the parting bit of praise for the Varsity, the dance assumed important proporrions in other respects, the first of which was the announcement of next year ' s captain. After being introduced by John Grosz, chairman of the dance committee, retiring captain Brad Johnson spoke briefly and then introduced Dick Mitchell, ' 36BA, as the leader of the Northeastern ' s second Varsity eleven. A second feature of the evening was awarding to the letter men of the squad certificates and gold football charms, the latter through the generosity of an anony- mous friend of the team. Following these presentations, Coach McCoy spoke of the completed season and made optimistic remarks about the future of Northeastern football. During a second intermission, refreshments were served, and motion pictures of the various games were shown. Another feature of the evening was the playing of All Hail, Northeastern to fox- trot tempo for the first time. PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST The finals of the Annual Public Speaking Contest, held earlier in the year than usual, took place at a mass meeting in Jordan Hall on December 6, 1933, with Prof. Havice presiding. First prize was won by Amos H. Fenlason of Calais, Maine , who spoke on the subject " A Nation of Guinea Pigs " in a vigorous manner. John A. Metcalf, another senior, and from Weld, Maine, won second prize with his talk " You Can Change Human Nature " ; while Kenneth P. White, ' 36BA, of Boston, speaking on the sub- ject " Religion and College, " and Frederick E. Abbott, ' 34E, of Falmouth, speaking on the subject " An Argument for Rational Pacifism, " won third and fourth prizes, respectively. FRESHMAN SMOKER The first social event to be conducted by the Class of 1938 was a smoker held in Bates Hall on Monday evening, December 18, 1933, with about one hundred and fifty in attendance. The Freshman Orchestra started the program by playing several popular selec- tions, after which the newly-elected officers of the Class were introduced. The program continued with dialogue excerpts from the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta The Mikado, given by Prof. Holmes and Mr. Oberg; these two faculty mem- bers also presented some of the better-known songs of the operetta. Following a wrestling match between Spud Murphy and Spider Rodman (which, after fifteen minutes, was declared a draw by Referee (Professor) Whittaker) Professor Spear gave a short talk. Bob Simpson and Red Surovsky then appeared in an imperson- ation of the two radio characters " Charlie and Willie. " Refreshments concluded a very entertaining evening, and a successful class smoker. Faculty guests included Dean Ell, Dean Melvin, Professors Pugsley, Parsons, Bruce, andTozer, Coach McCoy, and Mr. Tatton. 87 MIDDLER DANCE The first class dance of the school year 1933-34 was that held by the Class of 1936 on January 19, 1934 in the Hotel Continental in Cambridge. Over two hundred couples representing all five classes, attended. Music for the dancing, which lasted from nine until one, was furnished by the Bacchanalians. Roger W. Lund of Saugus, president of the Class, acted as chairman of the dance committee. NEWS BANQUET The annual News banquet for members of the staff was held on the evening of Sunday, January 28 in the Parker House. After a lavish dinner, the announcement of the Managing Board for the year 1934-35 was made, and gold quills were awarded to the new members of the Board, as well as to a few men on the staff who had con- tributed meritorious work to the paper for at least three years. Robert B. Wentworth, ' 35BA, of Brookline, was named as the new Editor-in- Chief for Division A, while Leo L. Levy, ' 36BA, was designated as filling the same position in Division B. Paul E. Noonan, ' 35E, retiring Editor-in-Chief of Division B, acted as toast- master for the evening, and introduced Trentwell Mason White, formerly Professor of English at Northeastern, as the principal speaker. Other speakers included Dean Ell, Prof. Pugsley, and Prof. Potter, News adviser. To bring the affair to a pleasant close, Lyle Shields, retiring Business Manager, presented gifts to Paul Noonan and Charles Perry, in recognition by the staff of the excellent work of these two men during the past year. VARSITY BASKETBALL BANQUET The Annual Banquet of the basketball team was held on Tuesday, March 6, 1934 in Room 18H of the Huntington Building with Milton W. Nutt, ' 35BA, retiring manager, acting as toastmaster. Following the banquet, Professor Parsons awarded varsity letters to those men who had fulfilled the requirements for them, and spoke a few words about the success- ful season just completed. The next speakers were retiring co-captains, Adolph Jachym and Stanley Kramer who thanked the squad for its fine co-operation during the past year. Dean Melvin made a few remarks at this time which were enthusiastically received by all present. To conclude the list of speakers, Coach McCoy summed up in a few words the various games of the season and thanked all present for making pos- sible the best basketball season that Northeastern has yet experienced. Heath Morse, ' 37E, of Beverly, was elected captain of the varsity for the 1934-1935 season, and D. Bourque, ' 36E was announced as manager for the same season, at this time. Men receiving their varsity letters were J. Morse, ' 35BA, H. Morse, ' 37E, G. Milbrandt, ' 35E, A. Jachym, ' 35BA, S. Kramer, ' 35BA, E. R. Lewis, ' 35BA, J. Mac- Donald, ' 35BA, R. Owen, ' 35BA, A. Melville, ' 37BA, and Manager M. W. Nutt ' 35BA. ACTIVITIES " WARRIORS HUSBAND " CHOSEN N. U. HOOPMEN TRIM FIGHTING JUMBO FIVE BEFORE CAPACITY I CROWD IN SEASON ' S BEST TILT ' SECOND-HALF RALLY Senator C. H. Moses SFTE8HARI BATHE, Expounds the Value of Trained Thinkii GIVES HUSKIES LEAD t£ .. GREEKS INVADE TERRITORY OF AMAZONS IN N.U . ANNUAL SHOW trentwell M. While MASCULINE WOMEN AND Will Be Speaker at EFFEMINATE MEN IN Annual News Banqaet DRAMATIC PRODUCTION Pi " ' «,. PrrJ. Cess, " s ' lu COACH ALMcCOY IS SPEAKER ON SPORTS PROGRAM OVERW.LE.l. ' of " s MED PROFESSIONAL BASEBALL UMPIRE AS NOON-HOUR LECTURER Tuehe Students to Attend Model League Of Nations at Harvard . „ Bacchs Rated As One Of Best Collegiate Dance Bands In Hub ITVENTY-NLNE SCHOOLS :T SATURDAY ■■■::■ ; 4 fe EQUIPMENT DISPLAYED AS ELECTRICAL DEPT. HAS OPEN HOUSE DAY , 11 taU ' f " SoU N ' Coi ,A8 oTl " oft0 " ' L form 5 " ' Technical Students Visit Harvard Med s Steam Power Plant «■■%-, o -p 3C bo l U.S. - Jrt a g -a OJD -o " ° £ a £ .3 J u o Vl rt So. So a -a g " oUS 4 2. % - -0-T3 .. c a a -a 9, Jt U J J- D-« a " g B -§ — J o STUDENT COUNCIL Facility Adviser: Mr. Benjamin M. Ellison 1932-1933 M. S. Pratt, ' 34 R. F. Haley, ' 34 C. Tracy, ' 34 F. E. Abbott, ' 34 C. A. Carlson, ' 34 A. H. Fenlason, ' 34 OFFICERS Division A President Vice-President -Treasurer Division B President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 1933-1934 A. W. Cleveland, ' 34 R. F. Haley, ' 34 H. E. Pray, ' 36 A. H. Fenlason, ' 34 H. W. Gallagher, ' 35 R. F. Chamberlain, ' 34 Division A A. W. Cleveland P. M. Bacon E. J. Murray D. N. DeSerio E. H. Middendorf H. E. Prav REPRESENTATIVES 1934 1935 1936 J. M. Chrusz L. I. Templeman 1937 Division B F. E. Abbott J. J. Grosz G. H. Mather C. M. Kelley H. Phillips J. L. Richardson R. H. Ellis R. F. Haley, ' 34 F. A. Provenzano, ' 34 W. S. Thayer, ' 34 Division A J. F. Denton, ' 35 G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 D. E. MacBrien, ' 34 E. D. Henderson, ' 34 N. W. Brosius, ' 35 C. Greenwald, ' 34 H. A. Beede, ' 34 J.J. Moran, ' 34 R. W. Lund, ' 36 MEMBERS AT LARGE H. G. Howe, ' 35 D. F. Bourque, ' 36 C. A. Carlson, ' 34 A. H. Fenlason, ' 34 Fore Paw Key Society General Athletic Committee Interclub Council Interfraternity Council Musical Council Northeastern News Senate Sigma Society Student Union C. R. Shaw J. L. Hayden, ' 34 E. H. Seward, ' 34 F. G. Jameson, ' 36 Division B E. C. J. Urban, ' 35 S. W. Kramer, ' 35 H. Schutte, ' 35 H. W. Gallagher, ' 35 B. A. Berkall, ' 35 P. E. Noonan, ' 34 R. F. Chamberlain, ' 34 J. A. Patterson, ' 35 E. J. VanDeusen, ' 34 PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION To advance more harmonious relations between groups of men in the University, to act as the intermediary power between the student body and the faculty, and to promote and maintain a higher standard of collegiate atmosphere within the Uni- versity. 93 ywgr ft, " j t; fssr 4 M j 11 r , ffe ■ 7 MsBSt ' .tj ft w $ • -■ ' ■ % £1 m in u .£s — J= " 5 2£m NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY SENATE Organized: 1921 Faculty Adviser: Prof. James W. Ingalls 1932-1933 R. F. Chamberlain, ' 34 F. E. Abbott, ' 34 F. A. Provenzano, ' 34 OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 1933-1934 J. L. Hayden, ' 34 M. N. Friend, ' 34 C. W. Perry, ' 34 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Albert E. Everett Mr. Elmer E. Haskins Mr. Frank H. LaBree F. E. Abbott G. C. Anderson H. A. Beede R. F. Chamberlain E. H. Everett H. L. Forster M. N. Friend S. Bocon A. R. Christlieb G. S. Coulton J. N. DeSerio R. H. Bennett MEMBERS 1934 E. A. Goeller K. Gordon J. L. Hayden C. R. Johnson F. T. Lind R. A. Maher S. R. Meers C. W. Perry 1935 D. S. Everett B. P. Geyer S. Goldstein 1936 E. N. Chapin Prof. Edward S. Parsons Prof. William C. White Prof. Albert E. Whittaker F. A. Provenzano G. Shapiro J. H. Swiniarski P. M. Tolos E. J. VanDeusen E. B. VanDusen S. Wingersky H. M. Haendler V. D. Maguire G. W. Milbrandt E. C. J. Urban J. L. Dallas PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION " The object of this society is to foster and promote high scholarship and social activity. " It is traditional that membership in the Senate is the highest honor which can be conferred upon a student in the Engineering School. This is so because it is recognized that, although scholarship is the fundamental basis upon which the Senate is built, it operates on the basis that high scholarship is but one of the characteristics of an all-round man. The Senate Scroll is awarded only to one who, by his excellence in scholarship, integrity of character, diligence in extra-curricula activities, and faithful endeavor in the interests of his fellow students has demonstrated his ability. 95 HOI SIGMA SOCIETY Organized: 1925 Faculty Adviser: Prof. Charles W. Havice 1932-1933 W. S. Thayer, ' 34 G. E. Hodgson, ' 34 A. R. James, ' 34 . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 1933-1934 G. E. Hodgson, ' 34 B. A. Berkall, ' 35 A. R. James, ' 34 Mr. Benjamin M. Ellison MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Mr. G. Raymond Fennell Prof. Charles W. Havice Mr. Gerald R. Tatton R. V. Fairbank W. B. Groves G. E. Hodgson B. A. Berkall H. I. Carlson L. L. Levy MEMBERS 1934 A. R. James J. J. Moran H. P. Newton V. E. Tavlor W. S. Thayer 1935 W. Gorski A. E. Nelson J. A. Patterson A. H. Seward 1936 W. L. McKinncy H. E. Pray PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION The purpose of Sigma Society is to promote fellowship among the active honor grade men of the Business Administration School and to stimulate higher attainments and inculcate a higher ethical code throughout the University. 91 du s-e " u -s| || 1-3 - 2 S£ZQ NORTHEASTERN STUDENT UNION Organized: 1924 Prof. Charles W. Havice, Executive Secretary ADVISORY BOARD Dean Carl S. Ell Dr. Newton C. Fetter Prof. Charles W. Havice Dean Harold W. Melvin Prof. Edward S. Parsons Prof. William C. White Division A J. A. Metcalf, ' 34 J. D. Wintle, ' 35 N. W. Cote, ' 34 Division A C. R. Johnson K, L. Child S. W. Kramer . R. H. Bennett R. W. Lund . C. S. Strecker . L. C. Huse H. E. Pray W. L. McKinney J. Sackrider C. Davis H. L. Farrow C. E. Leavitt K. W. MacKenzie E. A. Messer OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Religious Committee Social Activities Coimirittce Service Committee Welfare Committee Lost and Found Committee Publicity Committee Finance Committee Intercollegiate Committee Foreign Relations Committee Freshman Relations Committee, ASSISTANT COMMITTEEMEN F. W. Mitchell H. S. Morris A. H. Polley, Jr. E.J. Rapoport Division B E. J. VanDeusen, ' 34 R. W. Lund, ' 36 W. A. Nelson, ' 36 Di B F. Hall S. E. West E. A. Messer M. W. Nutt I. M. Goldfarb C. G. Hayden C. M. Kelly F. G. Jameson A. H. Lewis H. P. Ransom A. Schwartz A. G. Smith G. E. Stronach D. VanBuren R. H. Walker The purpose of the Northeastern Student Union is to apply the principles of Christian service in such practical ways as will be most helpful to the entire Uni- versity. Its corollary purpose is to further those character-building elements which insure moral tone and ethical attitudes in student life. It is an organized method of helpfulness and fellowship, motived by friendly and altruistic aims and conducted by students for fellow-students. - 3 .S Sop c si « u « n rt to = _c FORE PAW KEY SOCIETY Organized: 1929 Faculty Adviser: Mr. Donald H. MacKenzie 1932-1933 OFFICERS J. J. Grosz, ' 34 . R. G. Grieve, ' 34 A. H. Fenlason, ' 34 . P. M. Bacon, ' 34 C. M. Weaver, ' 34 C. R. Johnson, ' 34 President Vice-President (Div. A) Vice-President (Div. B) Secretary (Div. A) Secretary (Div. E) Treasurer MEMBERS 1935 N. W. Brosius K. L. Child J. F. Denton R. L. Dunning H. W. Gallagher H. G. Gurske S. W. Kramer L. J. Meszaros G. W. Milbrandt 1936 D. F. Bourque R. W. Hadley C. V. Letourneau H. E. Pray J. Rowntree R. N. Stimpson C. Traynor J. Sackrider R. Lund L. M. Clough 1933-1934 H. G. Gurske, ' 35 G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 S. W. Kramer, ' 35 R. L. Dunning, ' 35 L.J. Meszaros, ' 35 H. Schutte, ' 35 L. U. Morang H. Schutte E. C. J. Urban W. Welch J. D. Wintle F. W. Mitchell W. E. Dingwell E. H. Middendorf R. E. Thompson C. Strecker JUNIOR CLASS MEMBERS FOR 1932-1933 F. E. Abbott R. G. Grieve H. S. Miles P. M. Bacon J. J. Grosz C. W. Perry R. F. Chamberlain J. L. Hayden M. S. Pratt A. W. Cleveland C. R. Johnson J. S. Preston A. H. Fenlason C. M. Weaver PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION The purpose of the Fore Paw Key Society is threefold : to meet and act as hosts to all visiting athletic teams or other representative organizations from other educa- tional institutions, to build up and maintain a true Northeastern spirit, and to pro- mote intramural competition and such other activities which it sees fit to undertake. 101 fe S3 -O s q c a 1 - 2Jl d . HANDBOOK STAFF Greenwald, Shields 1932-1933 1933-1934 C. Tracy, ' 34 Editor . C. Greenwald, ' 34 Business Manager L. H. Shields, ' 35 Mr. H. Nelson Raymond, Jr. Faculty Adviser Mr. H. Nelson Raymond, Jr. 103 -1328 -5 = i § o S « kT ' S O NORTHEASTERN NEWS MANAGING BOARD 1932-1933 R. F. Chamberlain, ' 34 C. W. Perry, ' 34 . C. Tracy, ' 34 A. H. Fenlason, ' 34 M. N. Friend, ' 34 Prof. Nor ris W. Potter Editor-in-Ch ief Associate Editor-in-Cbiej Business Manager Managing Editors Advertising Manager Faculty Adviser 1933-1934 C. W. Perry, ' 34 (A) P. E. Noonan, ' 34 (B) L. H. Shields, ' 35 R. L. Dunning, ' 35 (A) R. A. Maher, ' 34 (B) C. Greenwald, ' 34 Prof. Norris W. Potter J. A. Williams, ' 34 J. C. Soutter, ' 34 P. M. Bacon, ' 34 J. J. Grosz, ' 34 L. L. Levy, ' 36 E. D. MacKenzie, ' 34 P. E. Noonan, ' 34 C. Greenwald, ' 34 A. B. Schow, ' 34 I. W. Kendall, ' 35 ASSOCIATE MANAGING BOARD Make-Up Editors Sports Editors Assistant Sports Editor Neivs Editors Feature Editors Advertising Manager Circulation Managers L. D. Bishop, ' 35 (A) H. M. Hanna, ' 36 (B) A. B. McGuckian, ' 36 (A) L. U. Morang, ' 35 (B) L. L. Levy, ' 36 (A) R. B. Wentworth, ' 35 (B) A. M. Wolf, ' 34 (A) F. E. Abbott, ' 34 (B) R. Abel, ' 34 (A) I. W. Kendall, ' 35 (A) 105 NORTHEASTERN NEWS STAFF Desk Staff 1933-1934 R. M. Falkson, ' 37 J. E. MacDonough, S. A. Balkan, ' 36 S. Bocon, ' 35 J. B. Gershman, ' 37 D. O. Haines, ' 34 H. I. Aronovitz, ' 35 C. C. Beane, ' 36 J. R. Carlin, ' 36 W. A. Grady, ' 36 C. E. Leavitt, ' 36 M. Bender, ' 36 H. A. Carlson, ' 35 K. Bishop, ' 38 C. Kradin, ' 37 J. P. Amberlock, ' 34 M. N. Friend, ' 34 S. O. Ames, ' 35 S. Bloomfield, ' 37 ' 37 Reporting Staff 1933-1934 R. A. Joyce, ' 34 C. M. Kelley, ' 35 R. G. Mitchell, ' 35 Sports Staff 1933-1934 K. E. Davis, ' 36 M. King ' 36 S. A. Kritzman, ' 36 Make-Up Staff 1933-1934 F. Means, ' 37 Circulation Staff 1933-1934 E. Grandberg, ' 36 P. J. Leonti, ' 35 S. Mandell, ' 34 Business Staff 1933-1934 W. A. McGuigan, ' 37 W. M. McKinney, ' 36 R Advertising Staff 1933-1934 Haley, ' 34 Photographic Staff 1933-1934 E. A. Periconi, ' 34 Feature Staff 1933-1934 B. P. Geyer, ' 35 107 S. Mitchell, ' 35 H. C. Neilson, ' 35 M. S. Pratt, ' 34 R. H. Walker, ' 35 H. Wernick, ' 36 E. B. VanDusen, ' 34 H. J. Mahakian, ' 37 E. A. Sanford, ' 38 C. C. Tacito, ' 37 S. J. L. Ramirez, ' 34 R. K. Saxe, ' 36 A. Trachtenberg, ' 37 G. VanVessen, ' 35 E. Pray, ' 36 E. H. Seward, ' 35 A. Hyman, ' 37 E. G. Seary, ' 34 S. Goldstein, ' 35 A. H. Lewis, ' 35 BOSTON SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Minichiello, Butler, Hamstrom, Meninna Bedell, Schow, Tedesco, Pittendreigh, Hall Northeastern University Section Organized: 1922 F amity Adviser: Prof. Henry B. Alvord 1933-1934 A. Tedesco, ' 34 A. B. Schow, ' 34 R. E. Hamstrom, ' 34 W. E. Butler, ' 34 W. R. Bauer, ' 34 UEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Dean Carl S. Ell Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. Prof. Winthrop E. Nightingale PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION To develop a sense of fellowship between the student and the practicing engineer in the field of Civil Engineering; to the end that the student may intelligently under- stand the problems which concern his future vocation. 108 1932-1933 OFFICERS A. Tedesco, ' 34 . President A. B. Schow, ' 34 Clerk R. E. Hamstrom, ' 34 Executive Committee W. E. Butler, ' 34 J. M. Chase, ' 34 Prof. Henry B. Alvord AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Bennett, Haines Allen, Petty, West Northeastern University Section Organized: 1922 Faculty Adviser: Prof. Joseph W. Zeller Division A OFFICERS Division B D. O. Haines, ' 34 . . President . . . J. L. Perry, ' 34 M. C. Bennett, ' 35 Vice-President . S. E. West, ' 35 J. P. Scobie, ' 34 . . . Secretary-Treasurer . . . R. Allen, ' 35 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Alfred J. Ferretti Prof. Frederick A. Stearns Mr. William T. Alexander PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION To provide a most valuable avenue of approach for students to become more closely affiliated with their chosen profession, and also to aid them in becoming acquainted with many prominent mechanical engineers in New England. 109 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS Hautala, Johnson Munroe, Beede, MacLean Northeastern University Section Organized: 1923 Faculty Adviser: Prop. William Lincoln Smith 1932-1933 OFFICERS R. A. Maher, ' 34 Chairman H. A. Beede, ' 34 .... Vice-Chairman L. M. Munroe, ' 35 (A) . . Secretary G. E. Norris, ' 34 (B) C. R. Johnson, ' 34 (A) K. B. Morison, ' 34 (B) Treasurer MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY 1933-1934 H. A. Beede, ' 34 R. C. MacLean, ' 34 L. M. Munroe, ' 35 (A) M. H. Buzzee, ' 35(B) C. R. Johnson, ' 34 (A) M. A. Hautala, ' 34(B) Prof. Roland G. Porter Prof. Henry S. Richards Prof. Carl F. Muckenhoupt PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION To promote close relations between engineering students and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and the profession in general. 110 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Daly, Grosz, Periconi Bowker, Geyer, Prof. Strahan, MacBrien, Morse Northeastern Chapter of the Northeastern Section Organized: 1926 Faculty Adviser: Prof. Samuel A. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary (Div. A) Secretary (Div. E) Treasurer (Div. A) Treasurer (Div. E) MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY M Prof. Waldemar S. McGuire Mr. Donald H. MacKenzie PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION To promote the spirit and knowledge of chemistry, both theoretical and applied, outside the classroom, and also to bring students into closer contact with prominent chemists and chemical engineers in the various fields of academic and industrial chemistry. Ill 1932-1933 F. E. Abbott ' 34 . . H. A. Perry, Jr., ' 36 R. M. Locke, ' 35 B. P. Geyer, ' 35 R. M. Locke, ' 35 B. P. Geyer, ' 35 Prof. Chester P. Baker Strahan 1933-1934 D. E. MacBrien, 34 B. P. Geyer, ' 35 H. E. Morse, ' 37 C. A. Bowker, ' 37 L. H. Adam, ' 36 H. M. Haendler, ' 35 Y IV [r. Saverio Zuffanti SOCIETY OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS Toucey, Long, Miles Foss, Provenzano, Prof. Ingalls, Wattie, Huse Northeastern University Student Branch Organized: 1927 Faculty Adviser: Prof. James W. Ingalls 1932-1933 OFFICERS 1933-1934 F. A. Provenzano, ' 34 President W. G. Wattie, ' 34 E. B. VanDusen, ' 34 Vice-President (Div. A) F. E. Foss, ' 35 G. W. Delano, ' 34 . Vice-President (Div. E) L. C. Huse, ' 35 R. H. Robbins, ' 34 Secretary R. M. Toucey, ' 34 E. B. Atwood, ' 34 Treasurer A. A. Long, ' 34 PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION This organization is one of the five professional student societies in the Engineer- ing School. According to its constitution: " The objects of this Student Branch shall be the advancement of Industrial Engineering knowledge, and the social intercourse among its members. " 112 MANAGEMENT CLUB Provenzano, Abbott, Polley, Seward Amberlock, Wentworth, Prof. Jackson, Rodham, McKinney Faculty Adviser: Prof. Julian E. Jackson A. Rodham, ' 34 R. B. Wentworth, ' 35 A. H. Abbott, ' 37 W. L. McKinney, ' 36 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION To promote the knowledge of the theory and practice of business management. 113 BANKING CLUB Messer, Nelson, Jee, Lockwood, Nutt Carlson, Mr. Knowles, Lund, McKinney Organized: 1930 Faculty Adviser: Mr. Asa S. Knowles OFFICERS Division A 1932-1933 Division B G. A. Caverly, ' 34 President C. A. Carlson, ' 34 N. W. Brosius, ' 35 Vice-President H. W. Gallagher, ' 35 L. H. Shields, ' 35 Secretary E. H. Seward, ' 35 R. W. Lund, ' 36 Treasurer J. H. Preston, ' 34 P. M. Bacon, ' 34 Sergeant-at-Arms 1933-1934 R. M. Hyde, ' 34 R. W. Lund, ' 36 President H. A. Carlson, ' 35 W. L. McKinney, ' 36 Vice-President M. W. Nutt, ' 35 A. E. Nelson, ' 35 Secretary E. A. Messer, ' 35 M. J. Aiello, ' 36 Treasurer A. R. Jee, ' 35 N. W. Brosius, ' 35 Sergeant-at-Arms PURPOSE L. A. Lockwood, ' 38 The purpose of the Banking Club is to promote sn ident interest in banking as a profession through contact wi th men actively engaged in the field. 114 ACCOUNTING CLUB 1932-1933 A. D. Coury, ' 35 M. W. Nutt, ' 35 H. B. McGee, ' 35 Bergal, Carlson, Gorski Morse, Coury, Prof. Bruce, Patterson Organized: 1926 Faculty Adviser: Prof. Robert Bruce OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 1933-1934 A. D. Coury, ' 35 M. W. Nutt, ' 35 J. A. Patterson, ' 35 PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION To create and cultivate an interest in contemporary accounting problems and the social and legal responsibility of accounting. 115 LAW CLUB Rodham, Amberlock, Pearson, Semple, Spencer Moran, Carlson, Prof. D ' Alessandro, Cameron, Hewins Faculty Adviser: Prof. Alfred D ' Alessandro 1932-1933 J. J. Moran, ' 34 N. Brosius, ' 35 P. F. Spencer, ' 36 1933-1934 P. A. Cameron, ' 34 P. F. Spencer, ' 36 C. Kradin, ' 37 OFFICERS . ' President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer MEMBER IN THE FACULTY Prof. Julian E. Jackson PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION As law is one of the few subjects which every man should respect and be affected by in all his dealings with mankind, the Law Club has been organized. Its purpose is to bring together both engineering and business students for the promotion of legal knowledge which will especially help them in the business of life. 116 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Schaake, Wentworth, Littlefield, Araberlock Coury, Provenzano, Prof. Hamilton, Pearson, Gorski Organized: 1932 Faculty Adviser: Prof. Roger S. Hamilton 1932-1933 G. A. Caverly, ' 34 W. S. Thayer, ' 34 C. Tracy, ' 34 H. S. Miles, ' 34 . OFFICERS Division A President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 1933-1934 F. A. Provenzano, ' 34 J. P. Amberlock, ' 34 R. B. Wentworth, ' 35 W. Gorski, ' 35 P. Pearson, ' 34 E. H. Seward, ' 35 A. A. Schaake, ' 34 W. Littlefield, ' 34 H. P. Newton, ' 34 Division B President Vice-President Secretary Assistant Secretary Treasurer 117 P. Pearson, ' 34 W. Littlefield, ' 34 A. D. Coury, ' 35 J. A. Morse, ' 35 A. A. Schaake, ' 34 MATHEMATICS CLUB Tolos, Cookingham, DeSerio Nelson, Mr. Haskins, Miles, Soutter Organized: 1932 Faculty Adviser: Mr. Elmer E. Haskins 1932-1933 H. C. Cookingham, ' 34 C. Davis, ' 36 A. H. Fenlason, ' 34 . C. W. Perry, ' 34 J. C. Soutter, ' 34 OFFICERS President Vice- President (Div. Vice-President (Div. Secretary Treasurer 4) MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Henrv B. Alvord Mr. Laurence F. Cleveland Prof. Joseph A. Coolidge Prof. Albert E. Everett Mr. Elmer E. Haskins Mr. Frank H. LaBree Mr. Robert E. Madsen Prof. Waldemar S. McGuire Prof. George H. Meserve Mr. John C. Morgan Prof. Carl F. Muckenhoupt Prof. Winthrop E. Nightingale Mr. Rudolph O. M. Oberg 1933-1934 H. S. Miles, ' 34 P. M. Tolos, ' 34 W. A. Nelson, ' 36 J. N. DeSerio, ' 35 J. C. Soutter, ' 34 Prof. Roland G. Porter Prof. Henry E. Richards Prof. William L. Smith Prof. Joseph Spear Prof. George W. Towle Prof. Eliot F. Tozer Mr. Saverio Zuffanti 118 RADIO CLUB Bryan, Gervais Walker, Prof. Porter, Michelson Organized: 1932 Faculty Adviser: Prof. Roland G. Porter 1932-1933 A. R. Christlieb, ' 35 D. W. Powers, ' 35 . B. H. Michelson, ' 35 OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Chairman, Social Committee 1933-1934 B. H. Michelson, ' 35 (A) R. H. Walker, ' 35 (B) A. R. Moore, ' 36 (A) V. J. Altieri, ' 36 (A) W. ' A. Gervais, ' 35 (B) D. W. Powers, ' 35 (A) C. F. Bryan, ' 35 (B) PURPOSE OF THE ORGANIZATION The Radio Club provides recreational meetings for radio amateurs, instruction in radio operation, and code classes. 119 RIFLE CLUB Whelpley, George Knowlton, Brown, Cote, Fennell Organized: 1930 Faculty Adviser: Mr. G. Raymond Fennell OFFICERS A. K. Brown, ' 37 K. F. Knowlton, ' 35 R. W. George, ' 34 G. A. Whelpley, ' 35 President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 120 TENNIS CLUB Prof. Hamilton, Miles Klose, Morse, Goeller 1932-1933 Mr. Delano G. Rice J. P. Scobie, ' 34 D. W. Powers, ' 35 - E. A. Goeller, ' 34 . H. S. Miles, ' 34 Faculty Adviser President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Manager 1933-1934 Prof. Roger E. Hamilton J. A. Morse, ' 35 H. C. Klose, ' 34 D. W. Powers, ' 35 E. A. Goeller, ' 34 121 INTER-CLUB COUNCIL Robertson, Claffee, Pihl, Lund, Hague DeSerio, Pope, Carlin, Brown, Gordon, Shapiro Handly, Stevens, Schutte, Prof. Tozer, MacBrien, Hanna Organized: 1927 Faculty Adviser: Prof. Eliot F. Tozer OFFICERS 1932-1933 Division A Division B H. Schutte, ' 35 President . . . D. E. MacBrien, ' 34 F. T. Lind, ' 34 Secretary . . . H. 1933-1934 Schutte, ' 35 H. Schutte, ' 35 President D. E. MacBrien, ' 34 D. B. Stevens, ' 34 Secretary A. E. Hague, ' 34 MEMBERS Brockton High: G. E. Pihl, ' 37. Empire State: J. N. DeSerio, ' 35; A. E. Hague, ' 34. English High: F. W. Puzo, ' 37; S. Shane, ' 37- Haverhill High: D. E. Mac- Brien, ' 34. Lowell High: F. H. Fiske, ' 37; K. W. Gordon, ' 34. Maine State: O. Robertson, ' 38. Mechanics Arts High: H. M. Hanna, ' 36. Newton High: R. A. Claffee, ' 35- North Shore: D. B. Stevens, ' 34; H. L. Farrow, ' 36. Nutmeg: H. Schutte, ' 35- Salem: R. C. Raymond, ' 37; J- Shapiro, ' 36. Twin State: R. E. Handly, ' 34- 122 STATE AND HIGH SCHOOL CLUBS Mathews, Puzo, Resse, Pihl, Claffee, Nelson, Stevens Felcete, Hague, Klose, Hanna, MacBrien, Pressey SALEM CLUB President, R. C. Pressey, ' 34 E. Organized 1924; Membership 20. Territory: Salem. Activities: Periodic business and social meetings; annual dinner and dance in the spring. Faculty Adviser: Prof. Charles O. Baird MECHANIC ARTS CLUB President, T. P. O ' Brien, ' 37 E. Reorganized 1932; Membership 41, composed of M. A. High School graduates. Activities: Periodic business meetings and smokers; Interclub Bowling; Reunion of alumni of school and former faculty members. Faculty Adviser: Mr. Rudolph O. M. Oberg 123 LOWELL CLUB President, E. F. Jones, ' 37 E. Organized 1932; Membership 13. Territory: Lowell and vicinity. Activities: Annual Banquet; Bowling tournament; Card party and Social; Periodic smokers and luncheon meetings. Faculty Adviser: Mr. Clarence J. McIntire EMPIRE STATE CLUB President Division A, H. C. Klose, ' 34 E. President Division B, A. E. Hague, ' 34 B.A. Organized 1931. Territory: New York State. Activities: Weekly Luncheons, fol- lowed by bowling or a hike; Camera trips to points of interest; occasional smokers; annual " Weenie " roast or picnic. Faculty Adviser: Prof. Carl D. Johnson NEWTON CLUB President, R. A. Claffee, ' 35 E. Organized 1932; Membership 35- Territory: Newton, Mass. Activities: Informal suppers; several meetings for basketball, bowling, and splash parties. Faculty Adviser: Prof. Albert E. Everett HAVERHILL CLUB President, D. E. MacBrien, ' 34 E. Organized 1930. Territory: Haverhill, Bradford, Merrimac, Amesbury, Groveland, Georgetown. Activities: Interclub bowling; Interclub basketball. Faculty Adviser: Mr. John C. Morgan NORTH SHORE CLUB President, S. R. Mears, ' 34 E. Organized 1929; Membership 29. Territory: North Shore from Winthrop to Glou- cester. Activities: Interclub bowling; Interclub basketball; occasional smokers; annual banquet; spring dance. Faculty Adviser: Prof. Albert E. Whittaker 124 BROCKTON CLUB President, G. Pihl, ' 37 E. Organized 1929; Membership 13. Territory: Brockton and vicinity. Activities: Interclub bowling; Interclub basketball; periodic social meeting. Faculty Adviser: Mr. Elmer E. Haskins ENGLISH HIGH CLUB President Division A, F. W. Puzo, ' 37 E. President Division B, S. Shane, ' 37 E. Organized 1933; Membership 33, composed of English High School graduates. Activities: Interclub Bowling; periodic smokers and social meetings. Faculty Adviser: Mr. Robert E. Madsen TWIN STATE CLUB President Division A, R. W. Mathews, ' 35 E. President Division B, E. A. Resse, ' 37 E. Organized 1929; Membership 22. Territory: New Hampshire and Vermont. Activ- ities: Periodic luncheons and smokers; annual mixed social; Interclub bowling; Inter- club basketball. Faculty Adviser: Mr. Lawrence F. Cleveland NUTMEG STATE CLUB President Division A, D. Haines, ' 34 E. President Division B, R. Fekete, ' 35 E. Organized 1926; Membership 26. Territory: Connecticut. Activities: Interclub bowling; Interclub basketball; Periodic social meetings. Faculty Adviser: Mr. William T. Alexander MAINE STATE CLUB President Division A, R. E. Nelson, ' 34 E. President Division B, W. A. Gervais, ' 34 E. Organized 1933, Membership 16. Territory: Maine State. Activities: Interclub bowl- ing; Interclub basketball; Periodic meetings. Faculty Adviser: Mr. Asa S. Knowles 125 ' GOLD IN THE HILLS ' Gorski, McKinney, Grosz, Wintle, Molthman Fenlason, Bacon, McArdle, Greenwald, Holt, Haley BOARD OF MANAGERS M. E. McArdle, ' 34 C. Greenwald, ' 34 A. H. Fenlason, ' 34 J. D. Wintle, ' 35 - W. B. Trundy, ' 34 A. L. Holt, ' 34 . G. C. Jordan, ' 36 J. J. Grosz, Jr., ' 34 P. M. Bacon, ' 34 . Production Manager Business Manager Ticket Manager Publicity Manager Scenery Manager Property Manager Program Manager Head Usher SHOW ORCHESTRA A. B. Cohen, ' 32 . H. M. Haendler, ' 35 K. D. MacSween, ' 36 H. R. Black, ' 37 Director Conductor 126 " GOLD IN THE HILLS " OR THE DEAD SISTER ' S SECRET Presented March 24, 25, 1933 in Bates Hall Characters Speaker of the Prologue F. H. Clark, ' 36 Lizzie Jones, a housekeeper K. D. MacSween, ' 36 Barbara Stanley, Nell ' s younger sister A. P. Honchar, ' 37 Hiram Stanley, an honest farmer R. K. Saxe, ' 36 Nell Stanley, his daughter C. R. Johnson, ' 34 John Dalton, a son of the soil . W. G. Wattie, ' 34 Richard Murgatroyd, from the city L. Somers, ' 35 Sam Slade, his shadow .... L. U. Morang, ' 34 Jenkins, a constable C. Davis, ' 36 A Derelict S. Levine, ' 37 Big Mike Slattery, a dance-hall proprietor A. S. Upley, ' 35 Pete, the Rat A. H. Linda, ' 36 Old Kate . A. A. Hyman, ' 37 Slick Steve J. Matonis, ' 36 Little Tommy F. C. Means, ' 37 The Pr ofessor N. W. Brosius, ' 35 Mamie, the Queen of the Bowery G. N. Smith, ' 37 Maggie ) R. H. Walker, ' 35 Pearl Bowery Girls S. A. Folsom, ' 36 Irene J J. J. Donohue, ' 37 Bill, the Dip J. E. Davidson, ' 35 One-Punch Dugan E. D. MacKenzie, ' 34 Chuck Connors, a Bowery guide G. M. Hewins, ' 34 Reginald Vanderlop, an uptown swell J. D. Gaffney, ' 36 Mrs. Vanderlop T. H. Rogers, Jr., ' 37 Edith Vanderlop . H. L. Forster, ' 34 James H. Glue, a sightseer L. K. Allen, ' 37 " apPy ) Waiters F. G. Meriam, ' 35 Izzy J E. Saunders, ' 37 Rose Robinson, a favorite songstress O. E. Parker, ' 34 Duke, the Dancer W. A. Pare, ' 37 127 6-S „ Hi J 1J| ■O 2 g Jill O S .- " - K.M u g g u C S - a 1 o a o . UNIVERSITY BAND Faculty Adviser: Prof. Albert E. Whittaker N. W. Brosius, ' 35 H. G. Howe, ' 35 Assistant Leader H. C. Olson, ' 36 Manager G. K. Lent, ' 38 } H. L. Bodio, ' 38 | a ■ .■ t , y Assistants J. N. Sivertson, 38 H. Campbell, ' 38 J R. K. Butler, ' 36 . . . Librarian MEMBERS Cornets P. R. Babel, ' 38 C. Lang, ' 38 D. W. Powers, ' 35 E. G. Crossley, ' 38 G. W. Newhall, ' 36 L. M. Sawtell, ' 38 M. S. Danforth, ' 38 C. E. Norton, ' 35 H. P. Shannon, ' 38 A. C. Graham, ' 38 L. T. Piekarski, ' 37 K. R. Watt, ' 37 H. G. Howe, ' 35 C. Wilson, ' 35 Trombones G. C. Anderson, ' 34 A. Holton, ' 36 R. W. Turner, ' 37 M. C. Bennett, ' 35 M. E. Johnson, ' 37 R. P. Whittier, ' 38 H. F. Noyes, ' 38 Baritones N. H. Gaunt, ' 38 A. A. Hyman, ' 37 H. C. Palmer, ' 37 French Horns D. T. Blanchard, ' 35 A. F. Gifford, ' 37 L. W. Lenfest, ' 37 A. E. Holbrook, ' 36 Tubas A. P. Curcio, ' 38 W. J. Fuller, ' 38 Clarinets L. W. Buttrick, ' 36 E. N. Kaye, ' 38 A. C. Shippee, ' 36 W. R. Collins, ' 34 A. A. Miller, ' 36 O. P. Souther, ' 36 W. E. Garlick, ' 36 A. R. Moore, ' 36 G. E. Taylor, ' 38 K. A. Johnson, ' 38 F. W. Newman, ' 37 J. G. Wentworth, ' 38 Saxophones S. R. Bloomfield, ' 37 P. M. Green, ' 36 S. R. Mears, ' 34 V. C. Bynoe, ' 38 G. C. Halzel, ' 38 R. F. Rogers, ' 38 W. E. Davidson, ' 38 A. H. Lincoln, ' 37 G. E. Stubbs, ' 37 Drums C. W. Crouch, ' 34 A. J. Nicoloro, ' 34 G. H. Roitman, ' 36 A. R. Fennell, ' 38 R. L. Woodward, ' 38 129 U c « 2 » -u 5 o S-.B5 Oti O . . z s u S « °- - c 13 13 o o M ' ■SO ' 2 a " 2c S " 2 J? 3 S ex e o . c -2 SQ CONCERT ORCHESTRA Faculty Adviser: Prof. Joseph Spear OFFICERS H. M. Haendler, ' 35 Conductor G. E. Stevenson, ' 35 Concert Master K. D. MacSween, ' 36 Manager G. S. Coulton, ' 35 ■ Librarian H. R. Black, ' 37 ] E. S. Nowers, ' 36 i ' Assistant Managers H. F. Noyes, ' 38 MEMBERS Violins M. Bender, ' 36 F. Fekete, ' 35 J.J. Suk, ' 34 E. F. Burzyk, ' 38 F. J. Gaffney, ' 35 F. A. Towne, ' 38 J. J. Caruso, ' 38 O. Ojamaki, ' 36 E. F. Yarchin, ' 35 K. C. Drinkwater, ' 34 M. Robertson, ' 38 G. E. Stevenson, ' 35 S. Yeranian, ' 35 Viola String Bass Cello W. J. Fuller, ' 38 A. A. Hyman, ' 37 Clarinets A. Cole, ' 38 A. C. Shippee, ' 36 J. G. Wentworth, ' 38 H. T. Woodworth, ' 37 P. Babel, 38 B. W. Croudis, ' 36 Bass Clarinet G. F. Hollinshead, ' 35 Trumpets M. S. Danforth, ' 38 French Horn H. P. Newton, ' 34 A. E. Hague. ' 34 A. E. Hodsdon, ' 35 H. Mahakian, ' 37 S. R. Bloomfield, ' 37 V. C. Bynoe, ' 38 Percussion R. Heerde, ' 36 Trombones Saxophones L. A. Flumere, ' 34 T. W. Gray, ' 38 Xylophone E. Jackson, ' 36 R. W. Turner, ' 37 G. C. Halzel, ' 38 R. B. Millington, ' 34 Piano R. A. Reed, ' 34 131 _ o gso »a | oa « H ou f Sol EC a, ° s S -° £ , . o g a GLEE CLUB Faculty Adviser: Dr. Carl F. Muckenhoupt Division A F. O. Greenwood, ' 35 E. B. Cosman, ' 36 F. C. Taylor, ' 35 Pianist Division B C. M. Kelley, ' 35 J. Grossman, ' 34 B. A. Berkall, ' 35 H. A. Beede, ' 34 M. Beloblosky, ' 37 J. E. Bielan, ' 37 C. A. Blackburn, ' 38 K. B. Brown, ' 36 H. W. Brush, ' 34 C. J. Christopulus, ' 37 F. R. Clark, ' 36 C. W. Crouch, ' 34 C. J. Desmone, ' 37 A. G. DiNostri, ' 38 F. Donahue, ' 36 D. S. Everett, ' 35 G. L. Bergmann, ' 36 B. A. Berkall, ' 35 A. L. Cerda, ' 37 R. M. Falkson, ' 37 L. C. Farber, ' 37 G. A. Franklin, ' 34 W. L. Ganong, ' 37 W. B. Groves, ' 34 R. E. Handlev, ' 34 MEMBERS Division A E. C. Farwell, ' 34 N. B. Faunce, ' 35 B. Garnsev, ' 38 W. P. Hurley, ' 38 S. Jacobson, ' 38 J. A. Jameson, ' 34 G. Jenness, ' 34 C. H. Johnson, ' 35 R. A. Joyce, ' 34 L. L. Ketchen, ' 36 E. N. Lowd, ' 38 W. K. MacLean, ' 36 Division B B. Q. Haynes, ' 34 E. A. Hubley, ' 34 E. F. Jones, ' 37 C. M. Kelley, ' 35 A. H. Lewis, ' 36 J. E. Lewis, ' 36 R. E. Matter, ' 35 E. C. Merriam, ' 37 C. F. Peoples, ' 35 T. W. Perzan, ' 34 J. O ' Brien, ' 37 C. J. Olson, ' 36 R. C. Parker, ' 36 M. S. Pratt, ' 34 C. E. Rebert, ' 35 G. E. Rollins, ' 36 E. W. Saunders, ' 37 N. Sepinuck, ' 36 T. N. Stoskus, ' 37 F. C. Taylor, ' 35 M. R. Todd, ' 34 A. W. Williams, ' 35 H. T. Woodworth, ' 37 C. E. Rice, ' 35 G. J. Santos, ' 36 W. R. Senecal, ' 37 C. E. Sherry, Jr., ' 36 F. E. Sperry, ' 37 W. J. Tuller, ' 35 E. B. VanDusen, ' 34 R. Walker, ' 35 W. G. Wattie, ' 34 133 BACCHANALIANS Hyraan, Shea, F. Robinson, Mr. Nelson, L. Robinson, Keller Magoon, Almeida, Wolfson, Crosby, Carr, Knudson, Murray Faculty Adviser: Mr. Verner O. Nelson A. A. Hyman, ' 37 J. R. Almeida, ' 35 J. F. Shea, ' 37 Assistant Manager MEMBERS J. R. Almeida, ' 35, Second Trumpet F. L. Carr, ' 37, Third E flat Alto Saxophone F. R. Crosby, ' 37, Drums A. A. Hyman, ' 37, Bass J. Keller, ' 36, Violin C. E. Knudson, ' 36, First E flat Alto Saxophone H. W. Magoon, ' 38, Trombone G. L. Murray, ' 37, Second B flat Tenor Saxophone F. L. Robinson, ' 37, Banjo-Guitar L. F. Robinson, ' 38, Piano L. Wolfson, ' 34, First Trumpet 134 BANJO CLUB Gounaris, Lewis, Wagenknecht, Pinard, Wiseman, Galper, Hoye, Farber, Mason Organized: 1924 Faculty Adviser: Prof. Albert E. Whittaker 1932-1933 R. A. Pinard, ' 35 W. F. Mason, ' 34 J. F. Wiseman, ' 36 OFFICERS Leader Manager Librarian 1933-1934 R. A. Pinard, ' 35 I. Galper, ' 35 J. F. Wiseman, ' 36 H. W. Dunston, ' 35 L. C. Farber, ' 37 I. Galper, ' 35 B. V. Gounaris, ' 35 MEMBERS J. P. Hoye, ' 34 F. R. Johnson, ' 34 R. H. Lewis, ' 38 W. F. Mason, ' 34 R. A. Pinard, ' 35 O. Robinson, ' 37 W. M. Scenna, ' 36 F. H. Wagenknecht, ' 36 J. F. Wiseman, ' 36 135 FRATERNITIES INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Berkall, Spencer, Gilpatrick, Preston, Fiekers, Taylor, Davenport, Rapoport, Dunning Cleveland, Bean, Henderson, Allen, Abel, Morris, Carlson, Gallagher Faculty Adviser: Mr. Benjamin M. Ellison 1932-1933 C. W. Crouch, ' 34 A. A. Schaake, ' 34 R. Abel, ' 34 . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 1933-1934 J. W. Andrews, ' 35 R. Abel, ' 34 MEMBERS Alpha Kappa Sigma Beta Gamma Epsilon Eta Tau Nu Gamma Phi Kappa Kappa Zeta Phi Nu Epsilon Zeta Phi Beta Alpha Phi Gamma Pi Sigma Delta . Si gma Kappa Psi Sigma Phi Alpha D. A. Bean, ' 35 A. W. Cleveland, ' 34, W. D. Abbott, ' 36 H. H. Ross, ' 34 . P. M. Craven, ' 36, V. E. Taylor, ' 34 . R. Abel, ' 34, L. Somers, ' 35 E. D. Henderson, ' 34, P. Allen, ' 35 J. S. Preston, ' 34, H. W. Gallagher, ' 35 R. C. Davenport, ' 36 R. L. Dunning, ' 35, C. Davis, ' 36 B. A. Berkall, ' 35, H. Wernick, ' 36 R. Gilpatrick, ' 36, C. A. Carlson, ' 34 137 ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA Founded: 1919 Headquarters 64 Sumner Road Brookline Faculty Adviser: Prof. Samuel A. S. Strahan 1932-1933 G. C. Anderson, ' 34 R. G. Grieve, ' 34 M. E. McArdle, ' 34 J. W. Skendall, ' 35 J. W. Andrews, ' 35 OFFICERS 1933-1934 President R. G. Grieve, ' 34 Vice-President D. E. MacBrien, ' 34 Secretary J. W. Andrews, ' 35 Treasurer J. W. Skendall, ' 35 Marshal D. A. Bean, ' 35 Prof. Chester P. Baker BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. William L. Smith Prof. Joseph W. Zeller Mr. Frank H. LaBree 138 Q ft. Q i IP ' ,T " i I i Zacher, Cormier, Curran, Gifford, McArdle, Hughes, McLean Wilkens, Anderson, Prof. Strahan, Grieves, MacBrien, Bean, Locke G. C. Anderson L. A. Cormier C. W. Eurenius J. W. Andrews D. A. Bean E. H. Richardson, ' 34 L. U. Morang, ' 35 F. H. Richardson, ' 35 J. R. Carlin, ' 36 E. C. Eldredge, ' 36 C. V. Letourneau, ' 36 B. J. Wiederkehr, ' 36 BROTHERS 1934 R. G. Grieve M. E. McArdle D. E. MacBrien G. K. McLean J. T. Weisul 1935 G. W. Curran R. M. Locke J. F. Denton J. W. Skendall A. M. Gifford 1936 H. C. Olsen PLEDGEES A. M. Chaplick, ' 37 D. A. Rickert, ' 37 J. M. Chrusz, ' 37 T. H. Rogers, ' 37 R. H. Ellis, ' 37 W . D. Rouhow, ' 37 A. H. Hakanson, ' 37 J- I. Sandler, ' 37 J. G. Hill, ' 37 H. C. Sawyer, ' 37 K. E. Hjelm, ' 37 L. I. Templeman, ' 37 H. L. Hughes, ' 37 R. C. Zacher, ' 37 139 BETA GAMMA EPSILON Founded: 1919 Headquarters 20 Harrison Street Brookline Faculty Adviser: Prof. Emil A. Gramstorff 1932-1933 J. L. Hayden, ' 34 J. A. Werry, ' 34 . E. B. Rockwood, ' 34 F. E. Abbott, ' 34 OFFICERS Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 1933-1934 F. C. Johnson, ' 35 L. L. Russell, ' 35 R. B. Day, ' 35 C. G. Hayden, ' 36 BROTHER IN THE FACULTY Mr. William T. Alexander 140 Day, Montgomery, Cleveland, Brush, Haynes, W. Abbott Russell, Noonan, Alvord, Metcalf, Johnson, Burger, Bishop C. Hayden, Rockwood, Werry, J. Hayden, F. Abbott, Olson, Sypher BROTHERS F. E. Abbott W. E. Bishop H. W. Brush A. W. Cleveland P. G. Burger W. D. Abbott C. G. Hayden 1934 J. L. Hayden B. Q. Haynes J. A. Metcalf 1935 R. B. Day F. C. Johnson 1936 E. Montgomery 1937 J. G. Roberts P. E. Noonan E. B. Rockwood C. R. Sypher J. A. Werry L. L. Russell C. J. Olson R. B. Shimer R. Clark, ' 35 C. E. Rice, ' 35 PLEDGEES K. B. Brown, ' 36 J. R. Alvord, ' 37 W. K. Cabot, ' 37 J. H. Denison, ' 37 E. H. Ziegler, ' 37 141 ETA TAU NU Founded: 1920 Headquarters 189 Bay State Road Boston Faculty Adviser: Prof. Alfred J. Ferrettx 1932-1933 W. E. Butler, ' 34 W. H. Taylor, Jr., ' 34 D. B. Stevens, ' 34 G. H. Ossinger, Jr., ' 34 R. A. Barron, ' 35 OFFICERS Grand Tau Vice-Grand Tau Tau Scribe Tau Treasurer Tau Deputy 1933-1934 W. E. Butler, ' 34 W. H. Taylor, Jr., ' 34 W. R. Bauer, ' 34 G. H. Ossinger, Jr., ' 34 J. H. Wakenigg, ' 35 BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Edward S. Parsons Prof. Albert E. Everett 142 Cox, MacMillan, Allen, Parker, Saxe, Lind, Stevens, Pittendreigh Wakenigg, Bacon, Taylor, Butler, Ossinger, Bauer, Pardee BROTHERS 1934 W. R. Bauer W. E. Butler J. M. Chase R. G. Cox F. T. Lind D. S. MacMillan G. H. Ossinger, Jr. 1935 R. L. Allen R. A. Barron W. J. Tuller 1936 F. S. Bacon, Jr. C. G. Pardee R. K. Saxe PLEDGEES K. A. Bell, ' 34 G. G. Lawrence, ' 34 L. M. Pittendreigh, ' 34 E. F. Locke, ' 35 E. I. Bower, ' 36 S. S. Campbell, ' 36 R. L. Gregson, ' 36 A. K. McKeen, ' 36 K. R. Raulins H. H. Ross D. B. Stevens W. H. Taylor, Jr. J. H. Wakenigg F.J. Nichols, ' 36 G. E. Rallis, ' 36 J. A.Calder, ' 37 J. C. Cann, ' 37 143 NU EPSILON ZETA Founded: 1921 Headquarters 16 Greenough Street Brookline Faculty Adviser: Prof. George W. Towle 1932-1933 E. F. Wheeler, ' 34 . M. H. Buzzee, Jr., ' 35 E. D. Henderson, ' 34 E. E. McWilliam, ' 34 A. R. Jee, Jr., ' 35 OFFICERS 1933-1934 Grand Master N. L. Davis, ' 34 Vice Grand Master E. E. McWilliam, ' 34 Grand Chancellor E. D. Henderson, ' 34 Grand Scribe J. L. Perry, ' 34 Assistant Scribe H. C. Lang, ' 34 BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Dean Harold W. Melvin Prof. George H. Meserve, Jr. Prof. William C. White 144 Martin, Sargent, Jee, Bergmann, Chasse, Perry, Allen, Deaus, Strecker, Tetlow, Watson Beck, Mitchell, Buzzee, Sackrider, Henderson, Hubley, Kramer, Ferry, Stronach, Wheeler Jackson, Wentworth, Pray, Lang, Davis, Prof. Towle, Caddy, McWilliam, Abernathy, Packard C. J. Chasse N. L. Davis D. Deans E. D. Henderson D. F. Abernethv P. Allen G. L. Bergmann R. L. Jackson F. W. Mitchell I. E. August A. C. Beck BROTHERS 1934 W. C. Hennings E. A. Hubley H. C. Lang E. E. McWilliam J. L. Perry 1935 M. H. Buzzee E. P. Drake D. G. Ferry 1936 H. E. Pray J. Rowntree 1937 A. G. Martin S. W. Packard R. B. Sackett E. P. Sargent E. J. Watson J. V. Wentworth E. F. Wheeler A. R. Jee S. W. Kramer J. Sackrider C. S. Strecker G. E. Stronach R. L. Tetlow B. C. White T. M. Emerson, C. E. Hermans, PLEDGEES E. L. Spencer, ' 36 G. E. Enser, ' 37 K. I. Orcutt, ' 37 A. R. Palmer, ' 37 V. W. Stewart, ' 37 145 SIGMA KAPPA PSI Founded: 1921 Headquarters Northeastern University Faculty Adviser: Prof. Charles O. Baird 1932-1933 £. Rapoport, ' 34 N. Cooper, ' 34 N. Rossman, ' 34 B. Berkall, ' 35 OFFICERS High Potentate Potentate Scribe Controller 1933-1934 J. Grossman, ' 34 H. Aronovitz, ' 35 M. Bender, ' 36 B. Berkall, ' 35 BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Henry B. Alvord Prof. Charles O. Baird 146 Mandell, Berkall, Wernick, Arvedon, Bloomfield Bender, Aronovitz, Grossman, Rapoport, Rossman N. Cooper J. Grossman H. Aronovitz M. Bender BROTHERS 1934 S. Mandell E. Rapoport 1935 B. Berkall N. Rossman J. Weiner I. Galper H. Wernick H. Cooper, ' 36 A. Arvedon, ' 37 I. Zagalsky, ' 37 S. Bloomfield, ' 37 147 KAPPA ZETA PHI Founded: 1924 Headquarters Northeastern University Faculty Adviser: Prof. Chester P. Baker 1932-1933 R. Abel, ' 34 A. Segall, ' 35 S. A. Balkan, ' 36 Y. Shapiro, ' 34 . H. S. Morris, ' 35 OFFICERS Chancellor . V ice-Chancellor Recording Scribe Corresponding Scribe Bursar 1933-1934 H. S. Morris, ' 35 S. A. Kritzman, ' 36 S. A. Balkan, ' 36 E. N. Grandberg, ' 36 M. Minkovitz, ' 36 148 Cohen, Robert, Schwartz, Balkan, Sandler, Siegel, Gershman, Roitman Kritzman, Grandberg, Morris, Prof. Baker, Abel, Minkowitz, Shapiro, Mack R. Abel S. A. Balkan S. M. Cohen 1934 M. Mack 1935 L. Somers 1936 E. N. Grandberg S. A. Kritzman Y. Shapiro A. Segall M. Minkovitz N. Sepinuck L. Levy, ' 36 G. Roitman, ' 36 N. Fisher, ' 37 J. Gershman, ' 37 A. Robert, ' 37 A. Schwartz, ' 37 S. Shane, ' 37 P. Short, ' 37 149 PHI BETA ALPHA Founded: 1924 Headquarters Northeastern University Faculty Adviser: 1932-33 Prof. Everett C. Marston 1933-34 Mr. Malcolm C. Davis 1932-1933 G. E. Hodgson, ' 34 P. M. Herbert, ' 35 C. M. Weaver, ' 34 P. M. Bacon, ' 34 . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 1933-1934 G. E. Hodgson, ' 34 E. V. Kirkland, ' 35 G. R. Coolidge, ' 35 G. M. Hewins, ' 34 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY Mr. Benjamin M. Ellison Mr. H. Nelson Raymond, Jr. Mr. G. Raymond Fennell 150 Wenzlow, Moran, Farber, White, Johnson, Sperry, Perkins, Fairbank Bacon, Dolan, Crighton, Cameron, Nelson, Robinson, McGee Prof. Davis, Coolidge, Kirkland, Hodgson, Hewins, Weaver, Gallagher, Prof. Marston P. M. Bacon ■ P. A. Cameron J. J. Crighton R. V. Fairbank R. B. Canfield G. R. Coolidge, Jr E. W. Dolan R. E. Buell L. C. Farber R. Fulton, ' 34 C. F. Kelley, ' 34 A. Pyteraf, ' 34 H. D. Furdon, ' 35 E. A. Messer, ' 35 BROTHERS 1934 G. M. Hewins G. E. Hodgson J. J. Moran A. J. Nicoloro E. W. Perkins J. S. Preston A. R. Therrien C. M. Weaver 1935 L. C. Emerson H. W. Gallagher P. M. Herbert B. L. Johnson E. V. Kirkland H. B. McGee A. E. Nelson 1936 K. P. White 1937 F. L. Robinson D. W. Roukes F. E. Sperry W. Wenzlow PLEDGEES M.J. Nutt, ' 35 J. G. Elger, ' 36 E. C. Knudson, ' 36 R. C. Mitchell, ' 36 A. H. Abbott, ' 37 J. J. Creed, ' 37 E. A.D ' Alessandro, ' 37 F. H. Obenauer, ' 37 R. C. Raymond, ' 37 F. G. Tuscher, ' 37 151 PHI GAMMA PI Founded: 1924 Headquarters 922 Beacon Street Boston Faculty Adviser: Prof. Henry E. Richards 1932-1933 R. D. Empsall, ' 34 G. W. MlLBRANDT, ' 35 J. M. McDonough, ' 34 P. O. COUILLARD, ' 34 . S. M. RlMMER, ' 35 F. R. Johnson, ' 34 OFFICERS President Vice-President (Div. A) Vice-President (Div. E ) Treasurer Secretary (Div. A ) Secretary (Div. P ) 1933-1934 P. O. COUILLARD, ' 34 G. W. MlLBRANDT, ' 35 F. R. Johnson, ' 34 H. G. Gurske, ' 35 R. D. Empsall, ' 34 J. M. McDonough, ' 34 BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Henry E. Richards Prof. Milton J. Schlagenhauf Prof. Albert E. Whittaker 152 Page, Collins, Jachym, Quinlan, Pihl, Gaffney, Fiekers, Haskell Cicchetti, Lans, Perry, Avery, Fekete, Dingwell, Meninna, Harringron, Smith MacDonough, Rimmer, Pope, Prof. Richards, Milbrandt, Gurske, Davenport, Empsall, Tirri BROTHERS G. E. Booth W. M. Campbell P. O. Couillard R. D. Empsall J. H. Collins R. Fekete E. J. Fiekers R. O. Davenport A. A. Jachym, ' 35 A. W. Lans, ' 35 E. Q uinlan, ' 35 F. C. Taylor, ' 35 W. E. Dingwell, ' 36 J. D. Gaffney, ' 36 1934 F. R. Johnson J. M. McDonough J. M. Meninna 1935 H. G. Gurske N. J. Haskell G. W. Milbrandt 1936 PLEDGEES V. F. Hill, ' 36 H. Phillips, ' 36 W. T. White, ' 36 D. R. Avery, ' 37 A. Cicchetti, ' 37 H. E. Cobb, ' 37 J. J. Harrington, ' E. H. Page E. A. Smith A. Tedesco V. A. Tirri W. C. Pope S. M. Rimmer E. C. J. Urban L. Di Caprio A. N. Melville, ' 37 H. E. Morse, ' 37 F. W. Newman, ' 37 W. P. Perry, ' 37 G. E. Pihl, ' 37 J. Sheehan, ' 37 153 SIGMA PHI ALPHA Founded: 1924 Headquarters 65 Sewall Avenue Brookline Faculty Advisers: Prof. Arthur B. Montgomery Dr. Wilfred S. Lake 1932-1933 W. S. Thayer, ' 34 C. A. Carlson, ' 34 G. A. Caverly, ' 34 C. Tracy, ' 34 OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 1933-1934 N. W. Brosius, ' 35 R. F. Haley, ' 34 A. R. Moore, Jr., ' 36 L. H. Shields, ' 35 BROTHER IN THE FACULTY Mr. Gerald R. Tatton 154 Columbo, Messer, Folan, L. Allen, Littlefield, MacKenzie, R. Allen, Wood, McKinney, M; Frissell, Gilpatrick, Bishop, Schaake, Davis, Kelley, Schow, Provenzano, G. Carlson Johnson, C. Carlson, Shields, Caverly, Thayer, Brosius, Haley, Seward, Moore, Dr. Lake J. Bocon C. A. Carlson G. W. Carlson, Jr L. P. Castrucci G. A. Caverly F. J. Columbo N. W. Brosius L. D. Bishop M. J. Boyle R. j. Callahan R. B. Gilpatrick K. D. MacSween H. A. Gray, ' 34 S. E. Bocon, ' 35 H. I. Carlson, ' 35 R. H. Craig, ' 35 J. P. Driscoll, ' 35 A. H. Lewis, ' 35 J. P. Temple, ' 35 BROTHERS 1934 W. J. Folan R. F. Halev E. F. Hubert C. R. Johnson W. G. Littlefield 1935 E. D. MacKenzie F. A. Provenzano A. A. Schaake A. B. Schow W. S. Thayer W. M. Wilcox A. P. Davis C. J. Frissell C. M. Kelley 1936 W. L. McKinney E. A. Messer W. A. Nye E. H. Seward L. H. Shields A. W. Williams A. R. Moore, Jr. G. E. Rollins 1937 R. H. Allen, Jr. D. E. Wood PLEDGEES R. H. Walker, ' 35 W. M. Whitten, ' 35 R. G. Bergstrom, ' 36 L. S. Garrabrant, ' 36 E. E. Gavoni, ' 36 M. J. King, ' 36 W. K. MacLean, ' 36 L. W. Emmette, ' 37 J. J. Esielonis, ' 37 L. L. Howard, ' 37 J. M. Laughton, ' 37 J. S. Mayberry, ' 37 F. E. Means, ' 37 155 GAMMA PHI KAPPA Founded: 1925 Headquarters 155 Davis Avenue Brookline Faculty Advisers: Prof. Stanley G. Estes Mr. Rudolph O. M. Oberg 1932-1933 C. W. Crouch, ' 34 S. R. Webber, ' 34 P. A. Hillman, ' 35 W. E. Peterson, ' 34 OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 1933-1934 R. B. Chesley, ' 34 V. E. Taylor, ' 34 P. A. Hillman, ' 35 H. E. Rogers, ' 35 Died 1933 HONORARY MEMBER Prof. William J. Alcott, Jr. BROTHER IN THE FACULTY Mr. Donald H. MacKenzie 156 Craven, Bloom, Gondek, Shippee, Emery, Borman, Richardson Schilling, Gregory, Maguire, Ball, Howe, Middendorf, Johnson, Bourque Blake, Crouch, Polley, Mr. Oberg, Taylor, Hillman, Rogers, Allen R. B. Chesley C. H. Crawford A. K. Borman C. L. Blake P. M. Craven L. A. Krashefski, ' 3 H. G. Howe, ' 35 T. D. Lyons, ' 35 V. D. Maguire, ' 35 1934 C. W. Crouch W. E. Peterson 1935 P. A. Hillman 1936 E. B. Gregory S. E. Hartwell A. H. Polley 1937 PLEDGEES F. G. Meriam, ' 35 B. H. Evanauskas, ' 36 D. G. Ball, ' 37 A. G. Schilling V. E. Taylor H. E. Rogers J. L. Richardson K. R. Scott A. C. Shippee A. Lengel D. F. Bourque, ' 37 A. W. Gondek, ' 37 G. H.Grant, Jr., ' 37 P. D.Johnson, ' 37 157 SIGMA DELTA Founded: 1925 Headquarters 247 Kent Street Brookline Faculty Adviser: Prof. Frederick W. Holmes 1932-1933 OFFICERS 1933-1934 C. W. Perry, ' 34 . President C. W. Perry, ' 34 F. Hall, ' 34 . Vice-President M. S. Pratt, ' 34 R. L. Dunning, ' 35 Secretary R. L. Dunning, ' 35 E. J. VanDeusen, ' 34 Treasurer . J. D. WlNTLE, ' 35 J. D. WlNTLE, ' 35 . Chaplain D. O. Haines, ' 34 HONORARY MEMBER Dr. Henry H. Crane BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Prof. Arthur B. Montgomery Prof. Waldemar S. McGuire 158 Ballard, Richardson, Mitchell, Nelson, Peterson, E. Everett, Huse Roberts, Johnson, Hall, Shedd, D. Everett, McKinnon, Leavitt Haines, Dunning, Perry, Prof. Holmes, Pratt, Wintle, VanDeusen E. H. Everett D. O. Haines F. Hall C. W. Perry S. C. Ballard R. L. Dunning D. S. Everett C. Davis J. C. Eckert R. W. Engle E. B. VanDusen, ' 34 A. R. Christlieb, ' 35 E. H. Hutchins, ' 35 C. H.Johnson, ' 35 R. L. Heider, ' 36 BR OTHERS 1934 W. W. Peterson M. S. Pratt E. H. Preston 1935 L. C. Huse P. S. McKinnon 1936 G. H. Moore W. A. Nelson PLEDGEES F. Jameson, ' 36 C. E. Leavitt, ' 36 K. W. MacKenzie, ' 36 J. D. Payne, ' 36 C. J. Quinnam E. H. Richardson E. J. VanDeusen W. G. Wattie R. G. Mitchell L. B. Sjostrom J. D. Wintle N. E. Roberts J. V. Shedd D. VanBuren P. R. Vandersloot R. M. Prouty, ' 36 F. Santiago, ' 36 G. W. Kelseyjr., H. C. Palmer, ' 37 C. R. Shaw, ' 37 159 ATHLETICS o - „ OS " ■S S2 «H - - «r § S § =r - ££§ s_-.§ M - O ' g ffi a EH2 FOOTBALL, 1933-1934 Coach: Mr. Alfred M. McCoy Captain: B. L. Johnson " , ' 35 (N) Manager:]. L. Hayden, ' 34 (N) Centers H. F. Abbruzzese, ' 37 (N) A. J. Komich, ' 37 (N) H. H. Cardozo, ' 35 A. M. Chaplick, ' 37 (N) A. B. Crooks, ' 36 J. G. Hill, ' 37 (N) C. E. Bergamini, ' 37 (N) J. M. Chrusz, ' 37 (N) G. H. Dean, ' 37 (N) W. E. Garlick, ' 36 (N) S. S. Campbell, ' 36 (N) J. F. Denton, ' 35 (N) A. A. Downey, ' 37 L. M. Allen, ' 35 (N) R. E. Buell, ' 37 (N) S. B. Bowman, ' 37 R. A. Claffee, ' 35 A. V. Davis, ' 36 R. J. DeStefano, ' 36 J. j. Esielonis, ' 37 (N) J. H. Wakenigg, ' 35 Guards Tackles P. Yesikenas, ' 37 (N) Ends F. G. Tuscher, ' 37 (N) Backs L. I. Templeman, ' 35 (N) L. C. Magnant, ' 37 E. J. Murray, ' 35 V. F. Hill, ' 37 J. J. Murphv, ' 37 C. O. Radden, ' 36 E.C.J. Urban, ' 35 (N) E. E. Govoni, ' 36 (N) N. E. Grandberg, ' 36 G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 (N) W. A. Redfield, ' 36 B. L. Johnson, ' 35 (N) D. Mackiernan, ' 36 R. C. Mitchell, ' 36 (N) L. A. Flumere, ' 35 (N) H. D. Furdon, ' 35 (N) L. N. Grodskv, ' 37 A. H. Hakanson, ' 37 (N) A. W. Lans, ' 35 (N) J. S. McCarthy, ' 37 (N) J. S. Mayberrv, ' 37 (N) 163 THE autumn of 1933 marked the inauguration of Northeastern ' s venture into in- tercollegiate football. Under the tutelage of Head Coach Al McCoy, Line Coach Jerry Tatton, and Backfield Coach Edward Parsons, the Huskies went through a season that was no shining success as far as wins and losses are concerned but it did demonstrate that Northeastern is quite capable of providing stiff opposition for the best of New England smaller college elevens; this, despite the fact that practically all of the institutions with whom the Red and Black carried on competition were veterans in the field of intercollegiate gridiron warfare, boasting of established coaching systems directed by coaches endowed with a lengthy term of experience in these various systems. From the coaching angle, Coach McCoy ' s position was one of the most interest- ing in the East. He not only took on the duties of a football coach, but likewise that of director of a football incubator. He was given the task of nursing the game as a Northeastern infant. It was an assignment calling for deliberate thought and careful procedure, and the attitude which the coach took toward it was one of enthusiasm spiced with determination. To the martial music of a fifty-piece Northeastern University band, parading behind a police escort, and with King Husky I in the place of honor, the student body marched to Huntington Field to cheer the Husky eleven in its first intercollegiate encounter. St. Anselm ' s College of Nashua, New Hampshire provided the opposition for the Huskies in the first encounter of a five-game schedule. The fall of ' 33 marked the return of the Saints to the field of intercollegiate competition after a twenty-year respite. It was a case of two relatively untried gridiron babes meeting on the field of battle with no comparative traditions to look up to. The Huskies opened the scoring of the foray when " Stewie " Mayberry, varsity signal caller, heaved a long pass into the out- stretched arms of Captain Brad Johnson, with the latter out-distancing the Saints ' secondary in the dash to the goal line. Northeastern surprised even their most ardent boosters by completely outplaying their heavier opponents throughout the first half. The Saints, however, came back during the last quarter of the game to wear down a woefully tired but nevertheless battling Red and Black defense and ring up three touchdowns in rapid succession, bringing the final count up to 19-6 in favor of the boys from New Hampshire. St. Michael ' s College of Winooski, Vermont came down to Huntington Field to face the Huskies in the second encounter and were sent back to the Green Mountain area with a 9-0 defeat hanging on their tails. This game not only marked the first intercollegiate football victory in the history of Northeastern University, but also demonstrated that the Red and Black possessed a distinctly rara avis in the form of a good drop-kicker, James " One-Play " McCarthy. On the first opportunity he had to show his wares, " Mac " booted a field goal squarely between the uprights from the 25-yard line. Johnny Esielonis, the stellar sophomore fullback, plunged over from the 2-yard line for the only touchdown of the fray. 165 In what was generally recognized as Northeastern ' s big game of the year, the strong Colby Mules came down from Maine to face the Huskies on the Kent Street field. Northeastern outplayed a powerful but spotty Mule outfit by a wide margin in the opening period and marked up their only score of the afternoon on a well-executed pass from Stew Mayberrv to Captain Brad Johnson. Northeastern ' s varsity football team then lapsed into a second period of fumbling and poor tackling and saw their six-point margin swept away as the Waterville Mules capitalized on two N. U. fumbles, chalking up their second touchdown as the time expired for the quarter on a long drooping forward into the Northeastern end zone. With the Huskies favored to beat them by three touchdowns, a fighting bunch of cadets from Northfield, Vermont, clad in the blue uniforms of Norwich University, took matters into their own hands to battle a very much surprised Red and Black outfit to an indecisive 7-7 tie. Hakanson featured in this game with his brilliant all-around play in the backfield. He bad the honor of scoring the only Northeastern touchdown of the day. Captain Brad Johnson ' s defensive play bordered on the sensational. In the final game of the year, a scrappy little band of gridmen from Arnold College in New Haven edged out the heavier Huskies by the slim margin of a converted goal after a touchdown; the final score was 13-12 in favor of the lightweight Terriers. Hank Furdon, playing his last gridiron game for the Red and Black, plunged over the line for the first Husky score of the day. It remained for the stellar Johnson to wind up his term of leadership and play in a Red and Black uniform by tallying the final North- eastern touchdown after receiving a perfect pass from " Stew " Mayberrv. With Johnson and Milbrandt as the only regulars who will not return to the squad next year, Head Coach Al McCoy looks toward next season ' s imposing seven- game schedule with no great feeling of anxiety. Next year will be the third season of play under the Warner system as expounded by Al McCoy for all those men who performed on the Frosh team of 1932. There is little doubt but that the seed planted in that year will begin to bear fruit with a vengeance during the season of 1934. Regardless of anything else, it is a certainty that the faculty and the student body of Northeastern University will support, with whole-hearted enthusiasm, Coaches McCoy and Parsons in the difficult task that they have undertaken; that is, to furnish this institution with a football team that will staunchly and ably represent Northeastern University against any other college team of its size. In parting, we send a bunch of orchids to ex-captain Bradford Johnson for the excellent calibre, all-around end play with which he steadily thrilled Husky football adherents. To Captain-elect Dick Mitchell we wish a year of outstanding success both for himself and for the team he will be guiding in the fall of ' 34. 167 BASKETBALL, 1932-1933 Coach McCoy, Cleveland, Day, Morse, Manager Preston Jachym, Kramer, Brown, Church, Milbrandr, Coach: Mr. Alfred M. McCoy Capain: C. H. Brown, ' 35 (N) Manager: J. S. Preston, ' 34 (N) W. D. Abbott, ' 36 C. Adamowicz, ' 35 W. E. Barth, ' 36 E. I. Bower, ' 36 K. E. Church, ' 35 (N) A. W. Cleveland, ' 34 (N) H. C. Cookingham, ' 34 R. F. Day, ' 34 (N) T. Eckhoff, ' 35 W. Facey, ' 36 SQUAD A. S. Forward, ' 36 S. Gitelson, ' 36 J. L. Grasewicz, ' 36 C. G. Hayden, ' 36 A. A. Jachym, ' 35 (N) S. W. Kramer, ' 35 (N) E. R. Lewis, ' 35 R. W. MacDonald, ' 35 W. E. Marston, ' 34 G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 (N) F. W. Mitchell, ' 36 J. A. Morse, ' 35 (N) E. C. Owen, ' 35 E. J. Quinlan, ' 36 S. B. Salvin, ' 36 R. T. Sanders, ' 34 • G. Semple, ' 34 H. Somers, ' 35 R. L. Stevenson, ' 36 C. A. Whitney, ' 36 168 IN their debut of the 1932-33 basketball season, the Northeastern varsity hoopsters defeated the Alumni 53-42 by scoring 13 points in an overtime period. Swinging into intercollegiate action, Northeastern tackled the Brown Bears, only to be handed a 42 to 35 defeat. The game was closely fought, with the lead changing five times in the first half. Countless ergs of energy were generated and much mileage rolled up as North- eastern and Clark transacted the basketball business at Worcester, but the Huskies harnessed their ergs better and traveled their miles faster, thereby gaining a 27-14 verdict. The crack Clarkson Tech team, which numbered B. U., M. I. T., Tufts, and R. I. State among its victims, handed Northeastern a 41-40 setback in a game that required two five-minute overtime periods. Northeastern led, 18-14 at the end of the first half after running into a short lead early in the game. For the second time of the season the Huskies proved too talented for the repre- sentatives of Clark University, defeating them by a score of 32-21. Northeastern almost met success at Rhode Island State. The Huskies led at half- time 24-17 but during the late stages of the game the R. I. quintet got the long end of the 38-37 score. In a close, fiercely-fought basketball battle, Middlebury College defeated North- eastern on the home court. A fighting Husky quintet, trailing 17-8 at half-time and apparently void of scoring punch, threw caution to the wind in the second half of the New Hampshire game. Caging baskets from every part of the court, the Red and Black won in the last ten seconds of play on a long shot by " Pete " Cleveland by a score of 28-27. Northeastern dropped a hard-fought game to Worcester Tech by a 40-37 score in their following encounter. Honors were split by the varsity on their New York trip. They were edged out by Pratt Institute, 24-22, in a hotly contested battle. Only one reserve was used through- out the game. At Brooklyn the hoopsters scored an overtime victory over Brooklyn Poly Tech, 42-39. Displaying their best form of the season, a battling Husky five whipped a stub- born Harvard quintet for the first time in the Red and Black basketball history. Only for a few seconds midway in the second half did the Crimson varsity ever hold a lead over the Husky quintet. The next game found the Red and Black losing the second time to R. I. State 32-37 at the Johnson Gym. The tilt was a thriller from start to finish, the Rams being able to climb to their 10th win of the year only through an eight-point lead rolled up in the first half. In their last game of the season, the Northeastern basketeers downed the Tufts five in the wildest and most exciting game of the season by a 37-32 score at the Med- ford Gym. After trailing for the earlier part of the game, the Huskies charged with a barrage of shots and easily held their lead with a remarkable defense. 169 BASKETBALL 1933-1934 Coach McCoy, Owen, Lewis, MacDonald, Manager Nutt Melville, H. Morse, Jachym, Kramer, J. Morse, Milhrandr Coach: Mr. Alfred M. McCoy . Co-Capains: A. A. Jachym, ' 35 (N) S. W. Kramer, ' 35 (N) r: M. W. Nutt, ' 35 (N) W. D. Abbot, ' 36 G. W. Hams, ' 37 B. L. Johnson, ' 35 E. R. Lewis, ' 35 (N) R. W. MacDonald, ' 35 (N) A. N. Melville, ' 37 (N) S. Melenchuk, ' 37 SQUAD G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 (N) F. W. Mitchell, ' 36 H. E. Morse, ' 37 (N) J. A. Morse, ' 35 (N) F. T. Onoprienko, ' 37 E. C. Owen, ' 35 (N) W. D. Roukes, ' 37 C. A. Whitney, ' 36 170 Northeastern ' s winter sports program opened officially when a basketball team that had been " burning up " the gym floor journeyed to Providence on December 9 to face the Brown Bears. With only a few seconds to play, Heath Morse, a sophomore playing his first Varsity game, dampened the hopes of the Bears by following up a tally by his brother John with a long shot from center-floor to give the Huskies the 37-36 point advantage. Battling on even terms with a visiting Clark quintet throughout the first half, the Husky hoopsters staged a brilliant attack in the early part of the second half to take the lead from the visitors by the decisive margin of 32-21. When the final whistle blew on the Alumni game, the Varsity was still on the long end of a 29-27 score. Bud Rymph, ' 32, former star all-around athlete, led the Alumni, but his leadership was short-lived for he was assisted from the floor before the first period was over when he sprained his ankle after a crash with one of the Varsity players. At Rhode Island State, the University basketeers met their first stumbling block. Despite the brilliant playing of the Huskies, the men of Little Rhody rallied in the last few minutes of play to break a tie and win by a score of 44-36. Speed, accurate passing, and above all, fine team co-ordination carried the Varsity basketball team back into the winning column with a 34-24 victory over the highly- touted Middlebury College five to mark the fourth win of the season in five starts . The team continued its winning brand of basketball by easily defeating the Uni- versity of New Hampshire 38 to 24. The Morse brothers, Northeastern ' s fleet forwards, flooded the visitor ' s basket with sufficient points for a 28 to 20 victory over Tufts at the Johnson Gym. A late rally by Northeastern spelled the first defeat for the boys from Medford. In conse- quence of this victory, Northeastern University ' s quintet has a justifiable claim to the Greater Boston intercollegiate basketball championship. For the second year, the Varsity split honors in their New York invasion. At Brooklyn, Northeastern faced Pratt and lost, 27-29. The following day the scene of action shifted to East Orange, New Jersey, where the team nosed out the quintet of Upsala College in an overtime game that increased in speed with each period. The final score was 34-32. The Huskies met defeat at the hands of Springfield College by the score of 30-26 on their opponents ' court. Allan Melville, playing his first game as a regular for Northeastern, dropped 11 points to lead his teammates to a 36-29 victory over Lowell Textile. After trailing, 9 to 2, in the first ten minutes of play, the N. U. cagers uncovered a flashy and intricate brand of basketball to defeat the Engineers at Worcester Tech, 36 to 30. With Heath Morse leading the attack, their victory was not to be denied. In the final clash of the season, with the visiting Rams of Rhode Island State providing the opposition, the Red and Black piled up a lead, then suffered a second- half relapse and went down to defeat, 28 to 23. 171 HOCKEY, 1932-1933 Coach Raymond, Patten, Irving, Furdon, Radden, Emerson Dingwell, Letourneau, Gallagher, Walsh, Leverone, Cahoon, Denton Coach: Mr. H. Nelson Raymond Caftain: M. V. Walsh, ' 34 (N) Manager: P. E. Noonan, ' 34 (N) K. D. Cahoon, ' 36 (N) J. F. Denton, ' 35 (N) W. E. Dingwell, ' 36 (N) L. C. Emerson, ' 35 (N) A. F. Farineau, ' 36 J. C. Flynn, ' 34 H. D. Furdon, ' 35 (N) H. W. Gallagher, ' 35 (N) R. F. Irving, ' 35 (N) SQUAD W. T. White, ' 35 172 B. L. Johnson, ' 35 C. V. Letourneau, ' 36 (N) T. A. Leverone, ' 34 (N) F. J. Nichols, ' 36 F. W. Patten, ' 36 (N) C. O. Radden, ' 36 (N) W. E. Read, ' 36 J. C. Ricker, ' 37 M. A. Rice, ' 34 (N) THE fourth Northeastern hockey season opened with the Red and Black clashing with the M. I. T. Beavers. Tech scored first on a rather flukey tally which rolled past Denton, and never was headed from that point on. The final score was 5-3- Brown gave Northeastern the second set-back of the season at Providence by emerging on the long end of a 6-4 score. Gallagher made all four goals for the Husky team, assisted by Letourneau and Leverone on two of the shots. After about five minutes of the first period the Bears scored the initial tally when Dingwell was left alone at the net, the other defense men having been drawn out of position in the advance. Coach Raymond sent his men in to play a five-man offensive game, but the Brown team was too strong to be overcome. Gallagher made the most spectacular point of the game by carrying the puck through the whole Brown defense and getting an open chance to push one by the Brown net man. A rugged band of Boston College puck chasers overpowered the lighter North- eastern sextet 8 to 6 in the third encounter for the Huskies. Held at bay during the first period by the acrobatic goal tending of Dingwell, the Eagles returned in the second period to take the lead when Funchion scored the first of his four tallies on a solo rush down the right lane. Northeastern, after its brilliant defense in the first period, failed badly in the second, but showed fine offensive power in the final chukker and pulled up within hailing distance. Displaying a polished attack that clicked all evening, the Varsity hockey squad snapped out of its slump to blank New Hampshire State 6-0 for the first win of the season. Chick Letourneau and Herb Gallagher, with three goals apiece, shared the evening ' s honors with Cahoon, whose accurate passing made possible three goals, and Bill Dingwell, who, by his fine work at the cage, aided in shutting out the Wildcats. In an overtime game featured by a duel of goalies and loose covering and checking by both teams, Northeastern and Colby played to a 2-2 tie. N. U. scored in the first and second periods via the Gallagher-Cahoon combination. Half way through the second period, Colby scored its first goal on a penalty face-off in front of the N. U. net. A short time later the second line converted for the tying marker. In a torrid overtime period of five minutes, with spots of fast and rough playing, neither sextet could score. In their second encounter with the Beavers, the Husky pucksters defeated M. I. T. 5-4. Four times Northeastern took over a one-goal lead and four times Tech tied things up in two free-scoring periods. Old Ben Franklin, noted advocate of early rising, would have approved of this game — the whistle shrilled at 7 a.m. Playing their last game of the season, the team lost a closely-contested 3-2 deci- sion to the Brown Bears from Providence. The first and most outstanding score of the game came on a rush when Cahoon sped down the left lane with the disc. His long pass across the ice, intended for Gallagher, was too far advanced. The puck bounded off the boards to deep center ice. All the players converged on it and in the melee that followed, Letourneau got the loose rubber and drove it through an unprotected part of the nets. With their season at an end, the Varsity hung up their skates for the last time — never to use them again under the stalwart guidance of Matty Walsh, the star defense man of the 1932-33 squad. 173 HOCKEY, 1933-1934 Farineau, Dondero, Ricker, Radden, Leach Coach Raymond, R. Raymond, Bergamini, Irving, Kussmaul,. Patten, Manager Kelley Denton, Johnson, Letourneau, Captain Gallagher, Cahoon, Furdon, Dingwell Coach: Mr. H. Nelson Raymond, Jr. Capain: H. W. Gallagher, ' 35 (N) C. F. Kelley, ' 34 (N) SQUAD C. E. Bergamini, ' 37 (N) K. D. Cahoon, ' 36 (N) J. F. Denton, ' 35 (N) M. J. Dondero, ' 35 (N) W. E. Dingwell, ' 36 (N) A. F. Farineau, ' 36 (N) H. D. Furdon, ' 35 (N) R. F. Irving, ' 35 (N) H. E. Sawyer, ' 37 174 B. L. Johnson, ' 35 (N) C. C. Kussmaul, ' 37 (N) N. C. Leach, ' 37 (N) C. V. Letourneau, ' 36 (N) F. W. Patten, ' 36 C. O. Radden, ' 36 R. C. Raymond ' 37 (N) J. C. Ricker, ' 37 With approximately 50 candidates reporting to Coach H. Nelson Raymond for the initial practice, Northeastern ' s fifth season of intercollegiate competition started with a marked possibility of being the most outstanding campaign of Northeastern hockey history. . For the fifth successive year, the M. I. T. puck-chasers aided the Huskies to open their intercollegiate hockey season. It took the N. U. sextet a ten-minute overtime period to cage the winning goal, thereby pinning a 4-3 defeat on the Tech Beavers. Late in the ninth minute of the extra session, Gallagher, receiving a timely pass from Ken Cahoon, drove the winning shot past Milliken, the Beaver goalie, to win the game for the Huskies. It looked as though the Polar Bears of Bowdoin College were going to win their opening hockey game until the Northeastern pucksters woke up, four minutes to play before the final whistle, and in one minute ' s time, scored three goals to win, 3 to 1. At Providence the Huskies met their first defeat of the season by losing a heart- breaking decision to Brown University ' s undefeated team by a 5-4 score. In the fourth starter of the season, Northeastern and Colby battled through 70 minutes of aggressive hockey to a 5-5 deadlock in an overtime game at the Arena. The Northeastern hockey team invaded the University of New Hampshire rink and easily routed the Wildcats, returning home chilled by the sub-zero weather, but warmed by the 7-1 victory. After playing a brilliant game during the first half of their encounter with the Eagles from Boston College, the Huskies fell victims to a sensational rally by the boys from the Heights which knotted the Huskies 5-5 in a torrid overtime game. The game was unusually rough and during the contest both teams played short-handed with either one or two members of the sextet resting comforrably in the penalty box. Massachusetts State proved no match for the speed and cleverness of the North- eastern hockey sextet, bowing 8-4 in a fast and interesting game, which marked the close of the season for rhe Statesmen. Led by Letourneau and Captain Gallagher, the Husky sextet tamed the formid- able Wildcats from the University of New Hampshire for the second time of the season by the 6-2 count. In their return game, the Bowdoin Bears came from behind to nip the series with the Huskies. The Bears trailed 2-0 at the end of the first period. After becoming ac- customed to the inside ice, the boys from Bowdoin pressed all of the way. Staging the most sensational finish seen in the Arena this season, the Northeastern pucksters closed their season in a blaze of glory, coming from behind to hand the strong Brown sextet their first defeat of the season, 5 to 3, in a game that required two overtime periods. With a jubilant crowd cheering the worthy charges of Coach Raymond for their victory, the curtain fell on a successful season with a spectacular climax. 175 UUU -SSI ' S a ex, c .n E u n. ,o3 SO O s. TRACK, 1932-1933 Head Coach: Prof. Joseph W. Zeller Coaches: Prof. Edward S. Parsons Mr. Clarence J. McIntire Mr. Gerald R. Tatton Manager: R. M. Locke, ' 35 Captain: E. D. MacKenzie, ' 34 LETTER MEN L. M. Allen, ' 34 R. W. Hadley, ' 36 H. E. Pray, ' 36 E. C. Eldredge, ' 36 E. D. MacKenzie, ' 34 A. Rodham, ' 34 R. D. Empsall, ' 34 G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 J. M. Stanley, ' 35 R. G. Grieve, ' 34 M. S. Pratt, ' 34 E. C. Urban, ' 35 H. G. Gurske, ' 35 J. T. Weisul, ' 34 ALTHOUGH formal track training does not start until after Christmas, the Annual Fall Handicap meet provided track fans with many thrills. E. Duncan MacKenzie showed his wares by taking thirteen points, winning both the hurdles and the dash and a second in the 220. Captain MacKenzie won the opening event with the Brown Bears by taking the high hurdles in 6 and 1-5 seconds. Everett Eldredge, running in his first varsity meet , captured the 45-yard dash and the 300-yard run, showing his heels to Spinney, the Bruins ' hope in the short dash. Bob Grieve, chased by Lloyd Allen, showed the way in the 600, after a thrilling four-lap race. The final tally of the meet proved that Northeastern had taken their fourth dual encounter from the Brown Bears by the score of 43-29. The Husky Pups downed the Cubs in the opening meet 41-31- Coach Parsons next turned his attention to building a relay team for the Prout Games. This meet found a team of Gurske, Allen, Eldredge, and Grieve being defeated in a dual encounter with Fordham after a close race in the time of 3 minutes 29 4-5 seconds. Bob Grieve ' s famous finish fell short by inches of overtaking the Fordham anchorman. Outstanding in this meet was the work of Captain MacKenzie who won the 45 meter high hurdles championship of New England, defeating the seven-times- champ, Monty Wells, in the fast time of 6 2-5 seconds. The next event for the Husky relay four was the Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Captain Elmer MacKenzie competed in the 50 meter hurdles but placed only third in his heat. The relay team, matched with Temple and New Hampshire State, found only New Hampshire tough but outran the Wild- cats in the fourth fastest time of the evening — 3 minutes and 27 8-10 seconds. The win in this meeting was due to the excellent running of Everett Eldredge who ran in lead- off position and opened a lead that was never overcome. 177 RELAY TEAM Allen, Gurske, Eldridge, Russell, Grieve, Coach Parsons The B. A. A. Meet found the Northeastern relay team matched once more against New Hampshire and the Huskies finished with a forty-yard lead. More outstanding than this race was the match between the Husky Pups and the Holy Cross and Harvard first-year men. A pup team composed of four giants, Ellis, Hakanson, Tuscher, and MacLeod led the way over their rivals in the fast time of 3 minutes, 32 1-5 seconds. Captain MacKenzie figured in a record-breaking final of the 45-yard hurdles at the University Club Games, when Grady and Hayes of Harvard finished in that order ahead of MacKenzie in the time of 5 4-5 seconds. The relay match between Amherst, Bates, and Northeastern proved to be a thriller when Bob Grieve, running anchor for Northeastern, with but a two-yard advantage over Adams of Bates, N. E. A. A. U. 600 yard champion, held off the Bobcat for two neck and neck laps, only to lose when the Bates man had the edge on the straightaway and won ' by a foot. Journeying to Lewiston, Northea stern met the Bates Bobcats in their own cage and suffered a defeat by the tally of 59-40. Joe Stanley broke the college record when he ran the 1000 in 2 minutes and 24 seconds, running a form race all the way. Captain MacKenzie tied the cage record in the dash in 4 3-5 seconds and tied the college records when he cleared the high barriers in 6 seconds flat. Russjellison, a former Husky star, could have easily won the mile or the two mile but preferred to pull his companions along with him in these events for a clean sweep in both. Hadley and Empsall con- tributed two first places by their wins in the shot and the 35-pound weight throw respectively. This meet ended the Husky runners ' indoor season. 178 Spring practice started necessarily early because of the early opening with New Hampshire on April 22. New Hampshire State as usual centered their strength in the distance runs. Gurske captured Northeastern ' s only win on the track, when he took the laurels in the 440. Milbrandt was the high scorer of the meet with firsts in the hammer and shot and a second in the javelin. Ed Pray took a first in the high jump over a former N. U. star, Bertelsen, at the height of 5 feet 10 1-2 inches. The final score gave New Hampshire 82 2-3 points while the Huskies gathered but 51 1-3 points. The Greater Boston Intercollegiates gave Northeastern but one championship, and that to Ed Pray who leaped over 5 feet 10 inches to take the gold medal in the high jump. Captain MacKenzie, ordinarily a favorite in the hurdles, did not compete due to his ankle injury which he had aggravated by competing in the New Hampshire meet. Milbrandt and Hadley took fourth and fifth in the hammer, while later in the afternoon Milbrandt took a third in the shot. Allen gained a third in a record breaking 440, while Marukelli took fifth in the javelin throw. Not disheartened by their showing in the intercollegiates, the Red and Black traveled to Springfield to meet the Gymnasts in their annual meet. For the first time in two years, Northeastern made a clean sweep in both the mile and two mile runs as Pratt, Stimpson, and Robak finished in that order in the mile while in the longer run Rodham, Lamb, and Stimpson took the honors. MacKenzie ' s injury was showing rapid improvement as he took two seconds in the high and low hurdle events. Bob Grieve, running in his first 880, took a second to the Gymnast while Stanley trailed in third place. In the Alumni-Varsity-Frosh meeting, the first of its kind to be held at North- eastern, Richard Ellis, star freshman anchorman, shattered the college 440-yard record by running the distance in 49 3-5 seconds; later in the afternoon Ellis took the 880 in the fast time of 2 minutes, 2 2-5 seconds. This meet was tried as an experiment and the turnout of the old stars was excellent. Leroy Rymph came out of retirement to take the discus, while George Martin, another Alumnus, took the pole vault in handy style. Gay Milbrandt scored Northeastern ' s only points in the New England Inter- collegiate Meet, when he took a second in the shot and a fourth in the javelin. Thus ended the season. Outstanding during the year of 1932-1933 was the fresh- man track team. In this group came Dick Ellis whose flying feet erased three records from the Northeastern books. Indoors Ellis, running at Exeter, put down 1 minute, 17 2-5 seconds as the college record in the 600-yard run. Outdoors saw the half mile record lowered to 1 minute 58 and 4-5 seconds and the 440 figures to 49 3-5 seconds. Hakanson, a team-mate of Ellis, equalled the 300-yard record as well as the time in the 45-yard dash. The season wound up with the banquet at which Milbrandt was elected to lead the trackmen for the next season. Robert G. Grieve, quarter miler, was awarded the Alumni Cup for meritorious service on the track. Later on in the year, Grieve likewise gained the KontofF Cup as the most outstanding athlete at Northeastern. 179 CROSS COUNTRY, 1932-1933 Coach Mclncire, Gross, Sudrabin, Stimpson, Lamb, Robak, Haley Ramey, Weaver, Captain Morang, Cattley, Rodham Coach: Mr. Clarence J. McLntire Manager: R. F. Haley, ' 34 Captain: L. V. Morang, ' 35 H. R. Cattley, ' 35 G. R. Lamb, ' 36 L. U. Morang, ' 35 LETTER MEN A. Rodham, ' 34 W. Robak, ' 36 R. W. Stimpson, ' 36 180 HAVING lost only two men from the 1931 cross country team, Coach Clarence J. Mclntire looked forward to the 1932 season with anticipation as he greeted over sixty-five candidates on the opening day of practice. About a nucleus of returning veterans which consisted of Captain Langley Morang, Carl Weaver, Arthur Rodham, Gilbert Lawrence, and Morton Pratt, Coach Mclntire hoped to build a strong team. Coming up from the freshman team of the previous year was George Lamb who forced Tom Uniacke of Bowdoin to a new record over the three-mile New England course. From the opening day of practice, hard training was in order, preparing for the New England Intercollegiate Champions, New Hampshire State, who were to be the Husky distance men ' s first opponents. On a blistering day in October the Wildcats journeyed to Boston and outran the Red and Black by the score of 15-45- Both teams were exhausted by the heat of the day, and although New Hampshire was the winner, long-legged George Lamb forced the State team to its best. Undismayed by the beating at the hands of the Champs, one week later the Husky team traveled to Lewiston, Maine, to meet the Bates Bobcats on their hilly four-mile course, to seek a victory over Bates for the first time in three years. The Maine runners had for their best man, Russell Jellison, a former star at N. U. who had transferred to Bates. It was through the efforts of Jellison, who kept two of his team- mates with him till they crossed the finish line, that Northeastern took their second defeat of the season 33-24. The defeat was due largely to the collapse of Captain Morang as he attempted to break up the Bobcat triumvirate about a mile from the finish. Despite these early season set-backs, the harriers were determined to do better. Entering the Harvard Open Intercollegiate Meet as rank outsiders, the Husky team was the surprise of the meet as they finished in third place, but three points behind the winner, R. I. State, and but one point behind Bowdoin, the second-place winner. It was through the efforts of George Lamb and Captain Morang who finished in fifth and sixth places respectively that the team was placed in third position. Spurred on by their success in the Open Meet, the distance men ran against Tufts at Franklin Park. Taking a lesson from their early season defeat at the hands of Bates, Captain Morang, George Lamb, and Henry Cattley grouped themselves over the five- mile route to finish in that order, thus making it impossible for Tufts to win. The final score was 23-32 in Northeastern ' s favor. Two weeks after ordinary college cross country running had stopped, a Massachu- setts State team with five straight dual meet scalps in its belt, journeyed to Boston to determine to take back a dog-skin to Amherst. Early in the meet, a duel between George Lamb and Captain Caird of State developed, a duel which was fought over five cold, soggy miles of turf to be decided at the tape by inches when the superior condition of the State leader was proved. Back of this stirring battle, with a helpful eye on his teammates and a wary eye on the pursuing opponents, came Morang, who kept Rodham, Stimpson, and Cattley together until they hit the tape to insure a victory for Northeastern by the score of 20-42. 181 TRACK, 1933-1934 Head Coach: Prof. Joseph W. Zeller Coaches: Prof. Edward S. Parsons Mr. Clarence J. McIntire Mr. Gerald R. Tatton Manager: R. F. Haley, ' 34 Captain: G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 L. M. Allen, ' 35 D. A. Bean, ' 35 D. J. Burke, ' 35 H. R. Cattley, ' 35 A. G. Cicchetti, ' 36 L. M. Clough, ' 36 J. H. Collins, ' 35 E. C. Eldredge, ' 36 R. H. Ellis, ' 37 H. G. Gurske, ' 35 R. W. Hadley, ' 36 MEMBERS OF THE SQUAD A. H. Hakanson, ' 37 J. J. Harrington, ' 37 K. Kier, ' 37 A. J. Komich, ' 37 A. W. Lans, ' 35 A. Lengel, ' 37 J. S. McCarthy, ' 37 G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 W. P. Perry, ' 37 H. E. Pray, ' 36 G. A. Reed, ' 37 W. C. Robak, ' 36 J. I. Sandler, ' 37 L. B. Sjostrom, ' 35 F. E. Sperry, ' 37 J. M. Stanley, ' 35 R. M. Stimpson, ' 36 L. P. Sudrabin, ' 36 F. Tuscher, ' 37 E. C. Urban, ' 35 P. R. Vandersloot, ' 37 P. H. Waltonen, ' 36 After staying on the sidelines while Northeastern went through its first Varsity football season, the indoor track season opened with a bang, at the Annual Fall Handicap Meet. The meet was featured by the performances of Captain Gay Mil- brandt and Jim McCarthy. Milbrandt in his first appearance of the year tossed the sixteen-pound ball forty-four feet and six inches, to win his event. The honor of being high point scorer went to McCarthy, who galloped through the high hurdles for a tie in addition to winning the low hurdles and tying with Red Sandler in the high jump. McCarthy not only ran within one-fifth of a second of the record in the high hurdles, but also garnered the sum total of fourteen points. The team ' s first appearance as a unit was scheduled at Brown University, Janu- ary 13, 1934. This was Northeastern ' s third meet with the Bruins in as many years; the Huskies always came out on the long end of the score. This year was no exception, for when the points were totaled, the Huskies were on top to the tune of 47 to 25- Captain Gay Milbrandt ended Brown ' s shot put supremacy with a record-breaking toss of 47 feet, 6 and 3-4 inches, breaking the Northeastern record by two feet. The other high light of the meet was the jumping of Red Sandler of the Huskies. Red tied with Larry McGovern of the Bruins at 6 feet, 1 and 7-8 inches to set a new Brown University Indoor Record. Considering the time of the year and the amount of condi- tioning that the wearers of the Red and Black had gone through, their performances as a whole were very creditable and pointed toward a successful season. 183 RELAY TEAM Eldredge, Ellis, Hakanson, Tuscher, Allen, Gurske, Coach Parsons Two weeks later, on January 27, at the Prout Memorial Games the Huskies took to the boards with another of their famous mile relay teams, made up of some of the stars of last year ' s famous freshman mile team, namely Allan Hakanson and Dick Ellis, the latter being the college 440-yard record holder. The remainder of the team was made up of Lloyd Allen and Harry Gurske, two mainstays on the 1932 quartet. Northeastern was matched with the fast Manhattan team from Gotham. The Husky speedsters put up a good battle, but the Manhattan anchor-man broke the tape ten yards in front of Dick Ellis in the time of 3 minutes, 28 and 3-5 seconds, which was the second fastest time of the evening. Northeastern also entered a B relay team, which in a field of six, carried off third-place honors, against strong teams including Harvard and Holy Cross. Red Sandler lived up to his previous sterling performances in the high jump by tying with Keith Brown of Yale for a second place at six feet two inches . The other events in the meet had somewhat of a Northeastern tinge, since Bob Grieve and Stretch MacKenzie made their debut under the colors of the Boston A. A. Former track captain Frank Shea, now running for the Lynn " Y, " competed in the 300-yard run. The following week-end, February 3, found the tracksters appearing in two meets. The relay team journeyed to New York to compete in the Millrose A. A. Games at the Madison Square Gardens, while the rest of the team stayed at home to compete 184 in the New England Championship Events at the Boston " Y. " In New York an un- fortunate accident prevented a probable Husky win. After receiving the baton from Eldredge, Dick Ellis, Northeastern ' s anchor ace, ran into Fordham ' s third leg man who had just finished running and had crossed over into Ellis ' lane. Enough valuable vardage was lost at this point to assure Fordham a victory, by about five yards in the fast time of 3 minutes, 25 and 1-10 seconds. At the Boston " Y " Red Sandler tied for first place in the high jump while McCarthy took the third place. Bob Grieve and Stretch MacKenzie, running for the Boston A. A., took second and third respectively in their specialties, MacKenzie losing his New England Championship in the 45 meter high hurdles to Phil Goode of Bowdoin. On February 10, at the Boston Garden, the Husky cortege of tracksters were the guests of the Boston A. A. at their Annual Games. The relay team came through for a walkaway victory over their rivals, Springfield College. The race was a romp for the Huskies all the way, Dick Ellis crossing the line in 3 minutes, 29 seconds, with a very comfortable lead over Parks, the Springfield anchor man. Red Sandler continued his spectacular high jumping, to leap 6 feet and 2 inches to tie with Woodbury of Dart- mouth for third, trailing only Spitz and Marty, the world ' s best high jumpers. Bob Grieve ran the third leg on a losing B. A. A. relay team, while MacKenzie failed to place in his specialty, the hurdles. Wednesday, February 21, 1934 saw the Northeastern track men competing in their last scheduled meet of the indoor season as they treked to the Boston Garden to compete in The Annual University Club Games. The Husky relay team, composed of Alan Hakanson, Everett Eldridge, Harry Gurske, and Richard Ellis, was matched to meet the very fast quartets of Holy Cross and Harvard. This was the first time in history that Northeastern had been favored and matched with the two fastest mile teams in New England. The Huskies set out to prove that they deserved their place in the sun and they finished the evening by running well ahead of Harvard and about twenty-five yards behind the fast Holy Cross team, to finish second in this featured race of the evening. The race was won in the near-record time of 3 minutes 26 and 2-5 seconds. Red Sandler continued along his meteoric path to clear 6 feet and 7-8 inch and finish second to Woodbury of Dartmouth. Sandler ' s jumping was all the more spec- tacular since this was the fourth consecutive meet in which he had cleared more than six feet. Northeastern entered an entire team but the rest of the entrants found the going too fast or the Garden track too crowded to be at their best. Lloyd Allen and Joe Stanley showed very well in their races. However, the races were run on a time basis and their heats were not fast enough to place them in the scoring column. 185 CROSS COUNTRY, 1933-1934 r " O " $ % ' iji ' fxjl g « | W ! . AC! V Coach Mclntire, Bean, Sorrenti, Cattley, Cicchetti, Manager Hughes Ramey, Perry, Stimpson, Sudrabin, Robak, Lengle Coach: Mr. Clarence J. McIntire Manager: H. L. Hughes, ' 36 MEMBERS OF THE SQUAD D. A. Bean, ' 35 L. D. Bishop, ' 35 H, R. Cattley, ' 35 (N) A. G. Ciccetti, ' 36 L. M. Clough, ' 36 H. A. Fowler, ' 36 E. E. Gross, ' 36 L. L. Howard, ' 37 A. Lengel, ' 37 (N) W. P. Perry, ' 37 (N) E. M. Ramey, ' 35 (N) E. C. Raymond, ' 37 W. C. Robak, ' 36 J. Sorrenti, ' 37 R. M. Stimpson, ' 36 (N) L. P. Sudrabin, ' 36 (N) 186 The jinx that hangs heavv ovet the heads of Northeastern cross country and track leaders was much in evidence on the opening day of cross country practice when Coach Mclntire was informed that Captain-elect George Lamb would not return to school. However, the interest in cross country was high as over fifty candidates turned out for the team. Coming up from the previous year ' s freshman team were Willard Perry and Albeit Lengel to support the varsity veterans, Walter Robak, Dick Stimpson, and Henry Cattley. The first meet with Springfield found the Husky distance men in excellent shape after three weeks of training. From the opening crack of the gun, the superiority of the Northeastern men was evident. Dick Stimpson set a steady pace for four and a half miles to lead the pack home and give Northeastern their first victory of the year by the score of 17-46. One week after the Springfield meet, the Bates Bobcats came down from Lewis- ton, Maine to meet the Huskies on the Franklin Park course. For three years Coach Mclntire had been seeking a Bobcat skin and Bates, minus Russ Jellison, proved to be another easy kill for the Red and Black five milers. Captain Butler of Bates, the only member of the trio who had locked arms at the finish line the year before to lick the Huskies on the Lewiston course, managed to save his team from a perfect score as he trailed strong striding Dick Stimpson to the tape. Despite Butler ' s individual efforts, he was unable to overtake the " Galloping Gollywog. " Mclntire got his Bobcat pelt with the score of 19-42. The next meet with Massachusetts State found the upstaters out for atonement of the smirch on their near undefeated season in 1931 when the Northeastern took them over in the last meet of the season. The Staters were fortified by Walter Stepat, a transfer to the Amherst school, who used to wear Northeastern colors. Stepat proved to be the undoing of his former teammates as he led the way over the hilly four-mile course for a 26-30 victory. The competitive efforts of Cattley, Perry, and Robak proved to be the only fruits of this meet for the Boston boys. The Tufts Jumbos met a determined group of harriers one week later on the Frank- lin Park course. The Brown and Blue proved to be no match for the Red and Black, and went down to defeat by the score of 19-41. Stimpson led the way once more, and once more one man from the opposition saved his team from a perfect score. This man was Savage, but he was followed by Ramey, Lengel, Robak, Perry, and Cattley to clinch their third dual meet victory of the year. Both the Harvard Open and the New England Intercollegiates found the Huskies far from their best shape and finishing poorly. However, the performance of Dick Stimpson in the latter event was good as he fought his way up to eighteenth place. 187 BASEBALL, 1932-1933 Coach McCoy, Murray, Gillis, Johnson, Kihs, Letourneau, Irving Kramer, Wignot, Gallagher, Grosz, Flynn, Tedford, Traynor Coach: Mr. Alfred M. McCoy Captain:]. J. Grosz, ' 34 (N) H. Bedell, ' 34 (N) Q. L. Baroni, ' 35 W. E. Barth, ' 36 A. G. Cicchetti, ' 36 G. F. Denton, ' 35 J. C. Flynn, ' 34 (N) H. W. Gallagher, ' 35 (N) J. J. Gallagher, ' 36 MEMBERS OF THE SQUAD J. A. Gillis, ' 36 (N) R. A. Griffin, ' 36 E. A. Hall, ' 36 R. F. Irving, ' 35 (N) A. A. Jachym, ' 35 (N) N. Jamieson, ' 36 B. L. Johnson, ' 35 (N) F. J. Kihs, ' 36 (N) J. T. Wignot, ' 35 (N) 188 S. W. Kramer, ' 35 (N) C. V. Letourneau, ' 36 (N) G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 W. C. Moberger, ' 34 E. J. Murray, ' 35 (N) F. W. Patten, ' 36 R. C. Tedford, ' 35 (N) C. S. Traynor, ' 36 (N) FOLLOWING the progressive custom set by other McCoy-coached aggregations, the 1933 edition of Husky baseball bettered all previous marks established by a Northeastern nine under the tutelage of genial " Al. " The record of seven wins and seven losses usually is nothing to get steamed up about, but in this instance it was an outstanding event, for it marked the fifth season that a Red and Black diamond outfit was able to finish with their heads either at water level or above. In the opening clash of the season with Worcester Tech, the Huskies played in mid-season form behind the magnificent one-hit hurling of Gallagher to send the Tech boys back to Worcester with a 6 to defeat. Immediately after the close of the first contest, the Huskies departed for East Orange, New Jersey, where they crossed bats with a Panzer College outfit of unknown capabilities. The score was in favor of Northeastern, 12 to 2. Coach Eddie Roundy ' s Colby Mules came down from Waterville to meet Mc- Coy ' s boys at Huntington Field. Lefty Kihs toed the rubber in his first Varsity effort and held the Maine team to five scattered bingles, to turn in a 6 to victory. After holding the University of Maine nine for the first eight stanzas, Letourneau suffered enough of a lapse in the ninth to permit the Staters to come from behind and tie the contest at 1 all, and in the tenth, aided and abetted by a wild throw from the outfield, the visitors tallied two more runs to sew up the contest. Behind the pitching of sophomore Gillis, who made his Varsity debut in this game, the Husky nine easily defeated the invading Norwich Cadets by a score of 9 to 2. The bespectacled Johnny Gillis again recorded a victory for the Huskies when he turned back the visiting Clark team with but three hits and a white-wash score of 3 toO. A ninth-inning rally on the part of the Bowdoin Polar Bears enabled them to tally four runs and edge out Northeastern by a score of 13 to 11. Jachym, Kramer, and Capt. Grosz featured for Northeastern. In the next event, N. U. was defeated by Rhode Island State by a score of 9 to 2 in the first game of their annual two-game series. Facing the best opposing pitcher of the year in Felix Andruszkiewicz of Tufts, the Huskies were set back by a score of 7 to 0. Sonny Irving ' s perfect squeeze bunt in the last of the tenth, with Jimmy Flynn on third base enabled Northeastern to eke out a 4 to 3 win over Middlebury College for the sixth victory of the season. In the following encounter, N. U. lost a hard-fought contest to a well-balanced Brown outfit — score, 6 to 1. By a decisive scote of 5 to 2, Northeastern ' s Varsity brought to an end Little Rhody ' s string of victories. The boys from Kingston had won nine games straight, but Herb Gallagher ' s pitching and batting, combined with the steady defense and an offense that capitalized to the full every opportunity, gave Northeastern a win over their traditional rivals. In the last game of the season N. U. ' s nine found a six-run deficit too much to overcome and lost to Massachusetts State by a score of 15 to 5- RIFLE TEAM Molthman, Brown, Jepson, Chipman, Whelpley, Cote, Ball, Captain Thomas, Knowlton, George Coach Fennell Coach: Mr. G. Raymond Fennell. Captain: S. E. Thomas, ' 35 Executive Officer: D. G. Ball, ' 37 D. G. Ball, ' 37 A. K. Brown, Jr., ' 37 J. F. Chipman, ' 38 N. W. Cote, ' 34 R. W. Georee, ' 34 TEAM G. A. Whelpley, ' 35 A. E. Grassie, Jr., ' 36 G. S. Jepson, ' 35 K. F. Knowlton, ' 35 M. Molthman, ' 35 S. E. Thomas, ' 35 N. W. Cote, ' 34 LETTER MEN R. W. George, ' 34 K. F. Knowlton, ' 35 190 SCORES 1932-1933 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Won 3 — Lost 1 . u. Opponents 6 Nichols Junior St. Anselm ' s 31 12 Tufts ' 36 19 Huntington CROSS COUNTRY (Lowest score wins) u. Opponents 45 New Hampshire 15 33 Bates 24 23 Tufts 32 20 Massachusetts State 42 Harvard Open Won by R. I. State— N. U. 3rd New England Intercollegiate Won by New Hampshire 31— N. U. 8th, 161 VARSITY- TRACK Brown Indoor Dual Northeastern 43 Brown 29 Outdoor Duals Northeastern 51 1-3 New Hampshire 82 2-3 Northeastern 56 Springfield 79 Tri-Meet Varsity 62 Freshman 39 Alumni 34 HOCKEY Won 3— Lost 4— Tied 1 N. U. Opponents 3 M. I. T. 5 8 Bowdoin 3 4 Brown 6 6 New Hampshire 5 M. I. T. 4 2 Colby (overtime) 2 2 Brown 3 2 B. C. 8 194 SCORES 1932-1933 BASKETBALL Won 9— Lost 6 Opponent: Alumni (overtime) 42 Brown 42 Clark 14 Clarkson (2 overtimes) 41 Rhode Island State 38 Middlebury 43 New Hampshire State 27 Pratt 24 Brooklyn Poly (overtime) 39 Connecticut State 21 St. Michael ' s 30 Harvard 28 Rhode Island State 37 Tufts 32 Clark 21 N. U. 53 35 27 40 37 35 28 22 42 26 35 29 32 37 30 VARSITY BASEBALL Won 7 — Lost 7 N. U. Opponents 6 Worcester Tech 6 Colby 12 Panzer 2 9 Norwich 2 1 Maine (10 innings) 3 3 New Hampshire 11 11 Bowdoin 13 3 Clark Tufts 7 3 Rhode Island State 9 4 Middlebury (10 innings) 3 5 Rhode Island State 2 1 Brown 6 5 Massachusetts State 15 195 SCORES 1933-1934 VARSITY FOOTBALL Won 1— Tied 1- -Lost 3 N. U. Opponents 6 9 6 7 12 St. Anselm ' s St. Michael ' s Colby Norwich Arnold 19 12 7 13 CROSS COUNTRY (Lowest score wins) N. U. Opponents 17 Springfield 46 19 Bates 42 30 Massachusetts State Harvard Open at Cambridge 26 New Hampshire 40 1st Bowdoin 55 2nd Rhode Island 85 3rd Colby 94 4th Boston College 132 5th Northeastern 155 6th Springs leld 203 7th New England Intercollegiate Meet Northeastern University 7th Score 158 TRACK Dual Meet Northeastern 47 — Brown 23 Relay Team -Manhattan College (3:27 2-5) — Northeastern (3:2 -Fordham (3 :26)— Northeastern (3 :26 1-5) Lafayette — New Hamp- K. of C. Games- Millrose Games- shire B. A. A. Meet— Northeastern (3:29 1-5)— Springfield College (3:31) University Club Meet— Holy Cross (3 :26 3-5)— Northeastern (3 :29)— Harvard (3 :30) 196 SCORES 1933-1934 BASKETBALL Won 9 — Lost 4 N. U. Opponents Dec. 9 37 Brown University 36 16 32 Clark University 21 Jan. 6 29 Alumni 27 10 36 Rhode Island State 44 13 34 Middlebury College 24 20 38 New Hampshire 24 27 28 Tufts College 20 Feb. 2 27 Pratt Institute 29 3 34 Upsala College 32 12 . 26 Springfield College 30 17 36 Lowell Textile 29 21 36 Worcester Tech 30 24 23 Rhode Island State HOCKEY 28 Won 6— Lost 2— Tied 2 N. U. Op PONENT! Dec. 29 4 M. I. T. (overtime) 3 Jan. 5 3 Bowdoin College 1 9 4 Brown University 5 11 5 Colby College (overtime) 5 17 7 New Hampshire 1 Feb. 3 5 Boston College (overtime) 5 7 8 Massachusetts State 4 14 6 New Hampshire 2 16 2 Bowdoin College 3 20 5 Brown University 3 197 LETTER MEN H. F. Abbruzzese, ' 37 L. M. Allen, ' 35 P. M. Bacon, ' 34 H. Bedell, ' 34 C. O. Benson, ' 35 C. E. Bergamini, ' 37 R. E. Buell, ' 37 P. G. Burger, ' 35 S. S. Campbell, ' 36 H. R. Cattley, ' 36 K. D. Cahoon, ' 36 A. M. Chaplick, ' 37 J. M. Chrusz, ' 37 A. W. Cleveland, ' 34 R. C. Davenport, ' 36 R. F. Day, ' 34 G. H. Dean, ' 37 J. F. Denton, ' 35 W. E. Dingwell, ' 36 M. J. Dondero, ' 35 E. C. Eldredge, ' 36 L. C. Emerson, ' 35 R. D. Empsall, ' 34 J. J. Esielonis, ' 37 A. F. Farineau, ' 36 L. A. Flumere, ' 35 J. C. Flynn, ' 34 H. D. Furdon, ' 35 H. W. Gallagher, ' 35 W. E. Garlick, ' 36 J. A. Gillis, ' 36 E. E. Govoni, ' 36 R. G. Grieve, ' 34 J. J. Grosz, ' 34 H. G. Gurske, ' 35 R. W. Hadley, ' 36 A. H. Hakanson, ' 37 J. L. Hayden, ' 34 J. G. Hill, ' 37 R. F. Irving, ' 35 A. A. Jachym, ' 35 B. L. Johnson, ' 35 C. R. Johnson, ' 34 C. F. Kelley, ' 34 F. J. Kihs, ' 36 A. B. Kirkland, ' 36 A. J. Komich, ' 37 S. W. Kramer, ' 35 C. C. Kussmaul, ' 37 A. W. Lans, ' 35 G. G. Lawrence, ' 34 N. C. Leach, ' 37 A. Lengel, ' 37 C. V. Letourneau, ' 36 E. R. Lewis, ' 35 R. M. Locke, ' 35 R. W. MacDonald, ' 35 E. D. MacKenzie, ' 34 D. H. MacLeod, ' 34 J. S. Mayberry, ' 37 J. S. McCarthy, ' 37 A. N. Melville, ' 37 G. W. Milbrandt, ' 35 R. C. Mitchell, ' 36 L. U. Morang, ' 34 H. E. Morse, ' 37 J. A. Morse, ' 35 E. J. Murray, ' 35 P. E. Noonan, ' 34 M. W. Nutt, ' 35 E. C. Owen, ' 35 F. W. Patten, ' 36 W. P. Perry, ' 37 H. E. Pray, ' 36 J. S. Preston, ' 34 M. S. Pratt, ' 34 C. O. Radden, ' 36 E. M. Ramey, ' 35 R. C. Raymond, ' 37 W. Robak, ' 36 A. Rodham, ' 34 J. P. Scobie, ' 34 J. M. Stanley, ' 35 R. M. Stimpson, ' 36 L. P. Sudrabin, ' 36 R. C. Tedford, ' 35 L. I. Templeman, ' 37 V. A. Tirri, ' 34 C. S. Traynor, ' 36 F. G. Tuscher, ' 37 E. C. J. Urban, ' 35 M. V. Walsh, ' 34 CM. Weaver, ' 34 J. T. Weisul, ' 34 J. T. Wignot, ' 35 P. Yesikenas, ' 37 198 LITERARY THE HISTORY OF NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY IN company with many American colleges and universities, Northeastern was founded under religious auspices. Instead of being controlled by one denomination, however, the university was established on a non-secretarian basis, its first trustees comprising representatives of several different denominations acting through the Young Men ' s Christian Association. The origin of Northeastern University may be traced back to the appointment, in September, 1896, of Frank Palmer Speare as educa- tional secretary of the Boston Y. M. C. A. When he assumed his new responsibilities, Mr. Speare found a group of heterogen- eous courses in operation. Under his leadership, however, a reorganization took place; certain courses were abandoned, new courses were added, and the entire program was unified. Mr. Speare sought to arrange the educational program in appropriate curricula leading to definite and significant objectives. An Evening School of Law was estab- lished in 1898. This was a distinct innovation in that it provided an evening course with day school standards. Shortly after this, in 1903, an Automobile School was founded, the first in the United States. The early years of Northeastern University were characterized by the following policies: 1. " A transition from isolated heterogeneous supplementary courses to well organized departments with definite aims and purposes. 2. " A keen sensitiveness to actual community needs, a flexibility and elasticity of organization and a willingness to adapt the educational program to the needs of the students served. 3. " A maximum of freedom in the election of courses in order that the needs of particular students might be met. 4. " Provision of the best teaching talent which it was possible to secure. 5. " An efficient administration and supervision of the entire educational pro- gram. " In 1907 an Evening School of Commerce and Finance was established, the name of which has since been changed to the School of Business. The year 1909 marked the establishment of the first day collegiate school, the School of Engineering, which from its inception was definitely committed to the co- operative plan. The first class comprised eight students who undertook curricula in mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering and who co-operated with the Boston Consolidated Gas Company and three railroads : the Boston and Maine, Boston and Albany, and Boston Elevated. 199 It early became apparent that the co-operative plan offered by the School of Engineering rilled a definite need in New England, for the enrollment of the School grew rapidly. After some experimentation with one-week and two-week periods of alternation between the school work and employment in industry the School adopted the five-week co-operating period upon which it has continued to operate with in- creasing success. Early in the life of the School, Professor Carl S. Ell of the Department of Civil Engineering was made dean. Under his leadership a substantial full-time faculty was developed and the curricula of the school were broadened. A curriculum in industrial engineering was later established, making five courses of instruction in the various fields of engineering, all of which remain in operation today. The number of employ- ing firms increased in proportion to the student enrollment, growing from the original four to over three hundred companies distributed throughout New England and along the Atlantic seaboard. From four part-time instructors the faculty has increased to seventy full-time members, and the original group of eight students has increased in less than two decades into a student body of over sixteen hundred. In 1922 the day school of Business Administration was established on a full-time basis. After four years of operation this School was put on the co-operative plan and made an integral part of the Day Division. By this time the present organization of the University had become effective. The two degree-granting evening schools, the School of Law and the School of Busi- ness, were placed under the direction of Vice-President Everett A. Churchill, and the two day collegiate schools, the School of Engineering and the School of Business Administration, were placed under the supervision of Vice President Carl S. Ell. The Huntington School and the Lincoln Schools, comprising the non-collegiate educa- tional activities of the University, were also placed under the direction of Vice-Presi- dent Churchill. In March, 1923, the University secured from the Massachusetts Legislature broad degree granting powers which were augmented in 1930 when the University was authorized to grant the Bachelor of Science degree with course specification. This account of the growth and progress of Northeastern University would be inaccurate without special mention of the large part played in its development by Dean Carl Stephens Ell, Vice-President in charge of the Day Division; Dr. Everett Avery Churchill, Vice-President in charge of the Evening Division; and Galen David Light, Secretary of the University. These three men who, with Dr. Frank Palmer Speare, form the Executive Council, are in large measure responsible for Northeastern University as we know it today. To Dean Ell, in particular, has fallen the task of guiding the destinies of the Schools of Engineering and Business Administration, a responsibility which he has discharged with unflagging zeal and with outstanding success. Within the current year important events have occurred in the life of Northeastern University. A large tract of land adjoining the present University grounds has been 200 secured, upon which an adequate series of buildings may be erected in which to house the various schools of the University. Important additions have been made to the board of trustees, which now comprises a remarkably fine and enthusiastic group of business and professional men. The inauguration of varsity football and the institution of a summer coaching school also signalize the current year. These facts, none too commonly known in specific detail, constitute an historical record to which one may point with pride. It is not long, as the histories of some American colleges are long, nor is it spectacular; yet it shows the consistent and in- telligently directed progress of an institution. Moreover, it suggests that the record of the future will be one of increasing developments in the physical and educational resources of the University. 201 THIS AND THAT (Little known facts about the University, culled from many sources and prepared especially for the Cauldron.) The Limbo Lamp Lighters is the name of a defunct dramatic society that has not gathered together for many a y ear in spite of the fact we have an annual stage pro- duction . . . The William Whites out in Wellesley have an affinity for high places. One of them lives at 30 Summit Road and the other at 30 Cliff Road; the Summit Road White is our own Prof. White, while the other William White is a lawyer . . . One time when Prof. Schlagenhauf addressed a high school assembly, the principal got up immediately after the address and asked the students to remain a while before they passed out . . . Langley U. Morang of Waltham and N. U. athletics claims to have gone to school with Dorothy Jordan, the motion picture star . . . E. F. M., the dramatic critic of the Boston Transcript, is E. F. Melvin, brother to Dean Melvin . . . Walter McKinney, ' 36BA, who handles the business end of the News, comes from Connecticut, but got some of his education at the Lincoln Prep School of the N. U. educational system, before signing up for five years of business . . . The M. H. after President Speare ' s name stands for Master of Humanities, a degree not often seen around these parts . . . Before the days of his deanship, Dean Ell was coach of the varsity basketball team and one night away from home, when all the available men had been fouled out, Carl S. Ell stepped in and played the game . . . The poetic Prof. Potter of the English Department is an officer in the Naval Reserve ... A favorite delight of most profs is the comparison of their Division A class in any given subject with their Division B class in the same subject, and the result is sometimes in the favor of A and sometimes in the favor of B . . . One of the rooms now occupied by the Northeastern News was the former home of the Flying Club, an organization which left behind airplane parts and a considerable amount of stationery, etc., when it left its quarters and vanished into thin air . . . Dr. Lake of the Economics Department once peddled books on what every child should know, etc., from door to door . . . Prof. Parsons, head of the Department of Student Activities, and Prof. Pugsley are neighbors in Watertown, living at nos. 19 and 23 Hardy Street respectively. They are considerably nearer to each other at home than at the University where their respec- tive offices are situated in different blocks ...CM. Kelley of the Junior Prom com- mittee is a Scoutmaster . . . The bell in the Y building which rings intermittently is a crew call for the maintenance staff. The plumber, the janitor, etc., have special num- bers so that when, for instance, the plumber ' s number rings he reports to the nearest telephone for orders . . . According to the 1933-34 catalogue, the man with the greatest number of capital letters after his name is Alfred D ' Alessandro, B.C.S., LL.B., 202 C.P.A., M.B.A., a total of 12 to which several more are soon to be added. The runners- up for this distinction are too numerous to mention . . . The University never made a habit of selling liquid refreshments until about the time beer was legalized, on which occasion a device for dispensing orange-flavored water was installed in the branch bookstore . . . The jugs are still there but the cider is changed from time to time . . . A good deal of the work in preparing the annual college catalogues is done by Prof. White, who is the Executive Secretary of the Day Division, but different members of the faculty have tried their hand at writing for the catalogue . . . Two pictures over which many students have raved this past season are " Little Women " and " Alice in Wonderland " . . . Northeastern grew (like Topsy) from two pieces of chalk and an eraser to its present status. When the institution first began to function it had one teacher and one class, but several students. The teacher is now honored as the Founder and President of Northeastern University . . . The Faculty Committee on Student Activities, appointed by the Vice-President of the Day Division, is sometimes mis- takenly called the Faculty Committee on Athletics because it makes important an- nouncements in regard to athletic policies and schedules from time to time . . . An easy way to remember the University telephone (connecting all departments) is to think of 5 as in the 5-year plan, then add to 5 the number of digits following 5 to get the numerical value of the second digit and the rest is nothing. The result of this process is the telephone number — Kenmore 5800 . . . Some of the clubs ought to adopt the first born of the faculty advisers for mascots . . . . " Howie " , ' 35BA is often engaged in wild game hunting and not infrequently comes to class dressed to kill . . . An old-time joke consisted of calling the Business Administration School the Jewish Engineers . . . Dean Melvin is too modest to admit it, but he has written a goodly number of poems of various kinds and had them published in national magazines . . . Some students were disappointed last year on account of paying the usual Student Activities fee and not receiving any Cauldron, an item that runs into considerable money; hence there should be general rejoicing this year by the time you read this. Robert B. Wentworth, ' 35BA 203 MUSINGS ON A POWER HOUSE SWITCH-BOARD Long, black and shining in the light it stands, Strange dials and switches deck its ebon face; Dread death they hold back in their quiet grasp, Unknown destruction hold they in their hands, The thunderbolts of Jove they hold in leash, And all the Hell on earth could they unloose. These simple dials with quiet moving hands Show now the store of death they have enchained; The muffled hum of dynamos below Sounds ominous to one who knows these things, And yet the surface of this gate to Hell Reflects the clouds and birds of spring, without. And yet that wavering needle on the dial Shows not the death of some poor wretch in pain, Through these bright circuit breakers does not flow A current that brings terror to all men, And cheerful song of dynamos below Portends not death to all who hear its sound. Those flowing bits which uncontrolled mean death Are in less active form the messengers Of peace; they aid in love; they help to make For safe and happy homes; ' tis their bright light That guards the destinies of ships at sea; They make the city safe by night and day. Long, black and shining with the light it stands, Strange dials and switches deck its ebon face, Death and destruction hold they in their hands, And yet the thunderbolts they hold in leash Have changed the world to what it is today, Have given men the power to conquer earth. R. K. Saxe 204 THE BRILLIANT STUDENT ' S THEME " ... and you will write a theme on any subject you may choose. Remember, I don ' t want any fantastic flights of imagination. I want good, sane writing on a good, sane topic. " The professor paused to glare warningly at the Brilliant Student, a constant offender against this edict. The latter gazed blandly back at the professor. " Class dismissed! " The Brilliant Student rose and sauntered thoughtfully out of the lecture room. His horn-rimmed glasses glinted in the sunlight. A sweater of many colors outdid the sun in brilliance. He wore plus-fours and his long shanks emerged from their baggy folds like candles from a cake. As he walked along the street, he reviewed the ideas that teemed in his brain. " Let ' s see what I can write for the old prof. ' Prohibition — Volstead ' s Answer to a Gangster ' s prayer. ' Somehow, I don ' t think the prof would appreciate that. What about this? ' How to Become a Prof — the Five Year Plan. ' No, I don ' t think he ' d like that either. Perhaps a nice, quiet business letter would do. " By this time, the Brilliant Student had reached his room. He took his typewriter from underneath his bed, placed it on his desk, reached for some of his room-mate ' s paper, slipped it in, and began to type his " nice, quiet business letter. " GEHENNA 1331 ' SKULL CROSSBONES, INC. GENERAL AGENTS 1313 DEATH ROW INFERNO, HELL July 31, 3131 Mr. Benito M. Mars 3113 Discord Avenue Terra, Universe Dear Sir : We cannot allow you to miss the new commodity we have just put on the market. You have been one of our steady customers, and we have served you very satisfactorily. It is with pleasure that we note that you are even now using the hate, intoleration, and prejudice we sold you some few centuries ago. Science is improving every business. Why not yours? We take great pride in informing you of the latest product of our great research laboratories — the death ray. This ray annihilates armies in a matter of seconds. It is easy and economical to operate; it is not noisy, nor w r ill it offend any aesthetic sense. You will recall that you complained of this fault in the gunpowder we sold you in 1914. We fear that the partial substitution of poison gas was not wholly satis- factory. Only a personal inspection can convince you of the truly remarkable advantages this scientific death ray has to offer you. If you will mall the enclosed postcard, our Mr. Satan will call upon you for a personal demonstration. Yours very truly, Bonaparte Skull Per Imp No. 3311 — the Brilliant Student 205 The typewriter ceased its chattering and the Brilliant Student leaned back in his chair. The horn-rimmed glasses solemnly inspected the letter. " Shades of Roger Bab- son! I don ' t believe the prof would consider that a ' good, sane topic ' However, I don ' t feel in the mood for writing on a respectable subject like ' The Price of Wheat in Russia. ' Wait a minute ! Maybe I have something I wrote last summer. ' ' The student rummaged ruthlessly in a drawer, finally producing a crumpled sheet of paper. He reached for an apple lying on his roommate ' s bureau and began to read. YSATNAF Characters: Ymechla, of Ysatnaf, a scientist Egas, of Ysatnaf, a learned man Claud, of Earth, an ordinary millionaire Time : The future Place: Ysatnaf, an imaginary world Scene 1 The laboratory of Ymechla. Strange, mystic apparatus lies strewn all about. The walls are without windows. A table, made of a solid slab of a highly polished sub- stance, stands in the foreground. A number of curiously-fashioned benches are in the background. (As the curtain rises, Claud is seen lying outstretched upon the table. Ymechla and Egas, clad in a queer combination of a Roman toga and a Highlander s kilts, are standing beside the tabled) Ymechla: He will not know how he came here. It were best he learn not until later. This arsenic will awaken him. (He walks to a bench, takes a small phial containing a clear red liquid, and returns to the table. Claud splutters as the liquid is forced between his lips; he sits tip, moans, and clasps his head tenderly in his hands?) Claud: By George! What a head! (He looks around and sees Egas andYmechla.) Howjedo! Say, just where in — the galaxy am I? Ymechla (solemnly): Welcome to Ysatnaf, stranger! Claud (aside) : Ysatnaf? Never heard of the place. Some hick planet back in the Milky Way somewhere, I suppose. James must have taken the wrong turn back at the Big Dipper. I shouldn ' t have let him drink that 1931 bootleg liquor. They weren ' t particular what they bottled in those days. (With a familiar gesture, Claud takes Egas by his toga.) Claud: Say, buddy, have you ever been to Venus? Had the time of my life there last century. Egas (very learnedly, seeking to air his knoivledge): Gewiss, van on vidit le wine quand it est red, on regarde dair laiben per rosy glasses. 206 Claud (aside): What kind of gibberish is this? I bet he ' s trying to stick me with some Greek. I ' ll show him! (to Egas) Yes, indeed. Laich lo-ozuzail! (aside) I don ' t know what it means, but I heard the rabbi say it to the tax collector so it may be appropriate. (Egas retires baffled to consult a huge reference book.) Ymechla: O aggregation of protons and electrons, by what appellation are you known? Claud: I am Claud, of the planet Earth. And you? Ymechla: I am Ymechla, a scientist of Ysatnaf. Claud of Earth, we have many sur- prises in store for you. Here, on Ysatnaf, we have progressed along different lines from you on Earth. For example, on Earth, you sentence people to death for crimes they have committed. Here, our life is eternal, but we reward our heroes with death. It is our firm belief that death is but the door through which one passes from one world to a better one. Thus, when people die on Earth, they would probably come to some happier planet — such as Ysatnaf. Claud (suddenly thoughtful): Come to think of it, how did I come here? Ymechla: The time has come to let you know. You have died — the death of Earth. (Silence as Claud strokes his chin and scratches his head.) Claud (reflectively): So I ' m a dead man, eh? Well, let ' s celebrate my death with a glass of whiskey. I hope you have a good cellar here. Ymechla (puzzled): Whiskey? There is no such beverage in all Ysatnaf. Clayd (shouting despairingly): Shades of Prohibition! This must be Hell! (He falls back on the table as the curtain comes down.) The Brilliant Student finished reading the play. " Worser and worser! The prof would censor that play better (or worse) than Will Hays. Besides, I can ' t say that ' Ysatnaf isn ' t a flight of imagination. Well, a business letter and a play didn ' t meet the standards. Maybe a description of a painting will do. Here goes. " A BATTLE-FIELD Glowing banners of red stretch across the sky as the sun retires to its feather-bed of clouds. Puny, tattered standards flap like vulture ' s wings over a scene of battle and death. Brown as burnt cake is the ground underneath — brown where it is not reddened with the blood of men and horses. Green as the grass of paradise is the forest in the background; red as the fires of hell is the blood of the slaughtered men. The fantastic rays of light kiss — a gloating, insatiable vampire ' s kiss — the glaring eyes of a man, stark in death. Horses rear in a mad dance, nostrils flaring, eyes rolling, feet kicking. Here, a headless body lies in a grotesque attitude — hands upstretched as if begging for the return of the wandering head. There, a man, squat and powerful in his suit of mail, stands exulting over a fallen enemy. And, standing in the stirrups in order better to deliver the coup de grace, another man is about to cut short his exulta- 207 tion. A soldier ' s face is twisted in agony as an arrow pierces his throat. A group of mail-clad figures is engaged in hand-to-hand conflict, swords questing eagerly for vulnerable spots in the armour. All is confusion. Everywhere one sees heads and swords and feet and hands. There it hangs — " A Battle-Field. " The painting is flanked bv two pictures — a peaceful landscape, and a portrait of some mayor ' s wife. The Brilliant Student raised his fingers from the long-suffering typewriter and expressed his opinion in no dubious terms of all theme-assigning profs. " That essay is too tame for the old fire eater. What he wants is something nice and subtle and ordinary. Drat the thing! My head is filled with all kinds of good ideas but none of them is eligible. " The Brilliant Student gazed gloomily out of the window. Titles came and went — noble titles, but by no means " sane " ones. Then his face brightened. " Got it! I ' ll write a theme as commpnplace as miniature golf and as trite as — as Dorothy Dix. " And he began to type merrily away. THE WRITING OF A THEME " Where is that eraser? I can ' t write a theme without an eraser. I refuse to en- danger my marks so. It would be like going up in an airplane with a lunatic as pilot and without a parachute. Where is that eraser? " At last the prudent student found the eraser. He gazed upon its worn surface like one who looks upon a tried and ttusty friend. Then he placed it within easy reach beside the ominous blank paper lying so precisely in the geometrical center of the table. This done, he folded his arms, leaned comfortably back against his chair, and stared portentously at the wall before him for ten minutes. Then he got up and strode up and down the room for ten minutes. Next, he took up a piece of paper and a pencil and — drew a picture. Then he threw down the pencil and scratched his head slowly and thoughtfully. Yet, scratch his head as furiously as he did, draw pictures as feverishly as he did, gaze at the wall as blankly as he did — he could derive no ideas for a theme. " Why didn ' t he give us a definite subject about which to write? All he said was ' Anything you want ' and here am I left ' wanting ' — wanting in ideas, and likely to be wanting in marks. Gosh! It ' s hard to write a theme. There ' s an idea! I ' ll write a theme entitled The Writing of a Theme. I should be able to put quite a little pathos in my essay. The landlord knows I know the agonies of the process! Let me see if I can do justice to the thoughts and actions of the unfortunate fellow who has to write the theme in my essay. A fiendish grin lights the face of the student as he proceeds to place his hero (or shall we say victim?) in the throes of writing a theme. So, I fancy, must Edgar Allan Poe have looked when he wrote " The Pit and the Pendulum. " An odd sympathy is 208 evident between the author and his hero. Despite the conventional deeds which he makes his hero perform (scratching of head, worshipping of the " indispensable " eraser, etc.), despite (or, perhaps, because of) the labored phraesology, one can detect a bond which knits the creator and his creation. It is the bond which unites those who suffer in the same cause. The student, conscious of his magnanimity, concludes his essay by giving an " A " to his hero-victim for this theme. I can think of no better way to conclude my essay than by granting my hero-victim an " A " for his theme — and leaving him to recover from the shock as best he may. The Brilliant Student finished typewriting the theme and leaned back in satisfac- tion. " Now, there ' s a theme for you! Why, there ' s not one original idea in it. The ending is beautifully common. I ought to get an " A " on it. " Next day, he handed in his theme. A week later, he received it back. It was graded " C " and had the following comment: " For those lacking in ideas there are many suggested subjects in the English book. " S. Goldstein 209 fresh m a. n Sophomore fliddlcr Jum ' o r Senior Alum nos CLOTHES HEADQUARTERS for Northeastern University Men The Worsted-Tex Suit $42.00 The Knit-Tex Topcoat $30.00 The Winter-Tex Overcoat $40.00 The Saxon-Weave Suit $30.00 and $35.00 For Sale by LEO HIRSH 250 Huntington Avenue Boston, Mass. 211 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Abbott, Andrew H., ' 37 B.A., 7 Ralph Talbot St., So. Weymouth Abbott, Charles C.,Jr., ' 38 E., IS Cushman Place, Auburn, Maine Abbott, Richard C, ' 37 B. A., 279 Upham St., Melrose Abbott, Walter D., ' 36 E., 34 Rangeley St., Winchester Abbott, Warner M., ' 35 B.A., 7 Ralph Talbot St., So. Weymouth Abbruzzese, Henry F., ' 37 E., 18 Agawam St., Dorchester Abernethy, David F., ' 35 E., Davenport Neck, New Rochelle, N. Y. Acone, Modestino J., ' 36 E., 282 Hanover St., Boston Adam, Leslie H., ' 36 E., 349 Belmont St., Wollaston Adamowicz, Charles, ' 35 B.A., 111 Sixth St., Cambridge Adams, Albert L., ' 38 B.A., 46-33 Forest Dr., Douglaston, L. I., N. Y. Adams, John S., ' 37 E., 117 Whitney Rd., Medford Adelson, Sidney, ' 37 B.A., 150 Campbell Ave., Revere Adley, Frank E., ' 36 E., 197 Warren St., Allston Agurkis, Walter, ' 38 E., 243 Harvard Ave., Allston Ahlquis t, Arthur R„ ' 38 E., 5 Gerring Rd., Gloucesrer Aiello, Mario, J., ' 36 B.A., 51 Essex St., Lawrence Aijala, John, ' 36 E., 30 Fountain St., Worcester Akers, Rodney A., ' 38 E., 229 Main St., Concord Algeo, John T., ' 38 E., Virginia Rd., Concord Allen, Ernest E., ' 37 E., South St., Barre Allen, Lloyd K., ' 37 B.A., 59 May St., Needham Allen, Llloyd M., Jr., ' 35 E., 121 Spring St., Medford Allen, Philip, ' 35 E., 55 1-2 North Main St., South Hadley Falls Allen, Ralph H., ' 37 E., 26 Pearl St., Meriden, Conn. Allen, Ralph L., ' 35 E., 488 Watettown St., Newtonville Almeida, Joseph R., ' 35 E., 60 East St., Ludlow Altieri, Vincent J., ' 36 E., 188 Lafayette St., New Haven, Conn. Alvord, John R., ' 37 E., 52 Frost Ave., Melrose Ames, Stanley O., ' 35 E., 116 Salem St., Reading Amico, Salvatore F., ' 36 E., 33 Charter St., Boston Ampollini, Philip, ' 37 E., 81 Irving St., Framingham Anderson, George M., ' 36 E., 187 Humphrey St., Marblehead Anderson, Maurice S., ' 37 E., Lyman St., Waltham Anderson, Ronald F., ' 35 E., 49 Astor St., Boston Andrews, John W., ' 35 E., 42 Riverview Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. Archer, Robert, ' 37 E., River St., Middleboro Aronovitz, Herbert I., ' 35 E., 176 Chestnut St., Chelsea Aronson, Melvin O., ' 35 E., 51 Algonquin Rd., Newton Arvedon, Arthur R., ' 37 E., 72 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury Atwood, Robert E., ' 35 E., 92 Wheeler Ave., Brockton August, Irving E., ' 37 E., 31 Notth Elm St., Manchester, Conn. Augustine, Albert J. ' 35 E., 244 South St., Bridgewater Avanzino, Paul, ' 37 E., 360 Charles River Rd., Watertown Avery, Durward R., ' 37 E., 30 Elm St., Keene, N. H. Axelson, Carl A., ' 36 E., 4 Riverview Ave., Danvers Babel, Paul V. R., ' 38 E., 1665 Commonwealth Ave., Brightot Bacon, Frederic S., ' 36 E., 569 Main St., Middletown, Conn. Baglione, Antonio, ' 36 E., 7 Savoy St., Boston Bakanauskas, Joseph, ' 35 E., 166 Wilson St., Haverhill Baker, Harry O., Jr., ' 38 B.A., 40 Westmount Ave., Boston Balentine, Alvah H., ' 37 E., High St., Topsfield Balkan, Samuel A., ' 36 E., 70 Howland St., Roxbury Ball, Donald G., ' 37 E., 40 Queensberry St., Boston Ballard, Stanley C, ' 35 E., 8 Raymond St., Lexington Balmer, Robert R., Jt., ' 35 E., 17 Eden St., Salem Barke, Richard G., ' 38 E., 17 Russell Ave., Plymouth Barletta, Nicola J., ' 36 E., 8 Whipple Ave., Roslindale Barone, John, ' 38 E., 7 Wight St., New Haven, Conn. Batoni, Quento L., ' 35 E., Higganum, Conn. Barrett, Joseph F., ' 36 E., 73 Casey St., Norwood Barron, Reginald A., ' 35 E., 205 East Main St., Btanford, Con Barry, Francis J., ' 36 E., 41 QuincySt., Maiden Bates, Ralph W., ' 36 E., East Granby, Conn. Battles, Richard F., ' 38 E., 52 Elmwood St., West Roxbury Bavley, Harold, ' 35 E., 43 Goodale Rd., Mattapan Beal, E. Howard, ' 35 E., 290 Harvard St., Whitman Beal, Paul B., ' 37 E., 69 Clinton Rd., Brookline Bean, Donald A., ' 35 E., 20 Oak St., Newburyport Beane, Carleton C, ' 36 E., 569 Washington St., Braintree Bearse, Maurice E., ' 37 E., 7 Curve St., Millis Becherman, Herbert, ' 38 B. A., 25 Henry Ave., Lynn Beck, Andrew C, ' 37 E., 2 Highland Ave., St. Johnsbury, Vt. Beede, Martin H., ' 37 E., 41 Cowdrey Ave., Lynn Begg, George J., ' 36 E., 12 Atlantic Ave., Beverly Bellino, Amedio V., ' 36 E., 129 Fairview Ave., Scranton, Penn. Beloblosky, Michael, ' 37 E., 408 King ' s Highway, Bfidgeporr, Conn. Bender, Max, ' 36 E., 20 Goodale Rd., Mattapan Benham, Frank A., Jr., ' 38 E., 2 Oak Knoll, Arlington Benjamin, William H., ' 38 B.A., Goshen, Conn. Bennett, George T., ' 37 E., 15 Champa Ave., Newton Upper Falls Bennett, Morns C, ' 35 E., 46 Reservoir St., Cambridge Bennett, Richatd H., ' 36 E., 46 Reservoir St., Cambridge Benotti, Alfred, ' 35 E., Merriam St., Weston Benson, Clarence, ' 35 E., 104 Bates St., Roslindale Benson, John A., ' 36 E., 20 Barrows St., Dedham Benson, Nils P. A., ' 35 E., 8 Fountain St., Milford Benson, Ralph G., ' 38 E., 104 Bates St., Roslindale Bentley, Miles H., Jr., ' 38 E., 11 Hillside St., Roxbury Beretta, Ftancis F., Jr., ' 38 E., 92 North St., Proctor, Vt. Betgamini, Charles E., ' 37 E., 63 Prospect St., West Roxbury Bergmann, George L., ' 36 E., 66 Clark St., E. Hampton Bergsttom, Richatd G., ' 36 E., 150 Jenness St., Lynn Berkall, Benjamin A., ' 35 B.A., 19 Kerwin St., Dorchester Berly, Irwin C, ' 35 E., 171 Townsend St., Roxbuty Bettocci, Salvatore, ' 38 E., 52 Medford St., Sometville Berube, Henry, ' 38 E., 61 Chemin Fraserville, Riviere du Loup, Sts P.Q. .Canada Besse, Gilbert L., ' 38 E., 6 Alden St., Plymouth Bessey, Geotge S., ' 35 E., 416 Maple St., Danvers Betts, Robert E., ' 38 E., 31 Bartlett Ave., Belmont Bialek, John S., ' 38 E., 7 River Court, Ipswich Bialkowski, Henry J., ' 38 E., 3 Hardy St., Salem Bickelman, Abraham, ' 38 E., 27 Leston St., Mattapan Bielan, Joseph E., ' 37 B.A., 56 Seymout St., Worcester Bignis, Andrew A. , ' 38 E. , 59 Walnut St. , Waltham Bik, Stephen, ' 37 E, 179 Van Buren St., Taunton Bing, William A., ' 37 E., Sanatorium Heights, Amstetdam, N. Y. Bishop, Lawrence D., ' 35 E., 124 Jefferson St., Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Bishop, Richard K., ' 38 B.A., 253 Crescent St., Notthampton Black, Harry R., ' 37 E., 100 High St., South Hanson Blackburn, Clarence A., ' 38 B.A., 272 Charles St., Belleville, Ontario, Canada Blaisdell, Bruce D., ' 35 E., 758 Tremont St., Boston Blake, Chester J., ' 36 B.A., 262 Church St., Oakland, Maine Blake, Vincent F., ' 38 E., 8 Wade Ave., Wobutn Blanchard, Daniel T., ' 35 B.A., 170 Pleasant St., Whitman Blood, Alberts., ' 38 E., 559 East St., Walpole Bloom, Alan M., ' 35 E., 35 Rexhame St., Roslindale Bloomfield, Sidney R., ' 37 B.A., 19 Coral Ave., Winthrop Blumenthal, Irving R., ' 35 E., 199 Court St., Dedham Boch, Alfred L., ' 37 E., 47 Langley Rd., Boston Bocon, Stanley, ' 35 E., 3 Highland Ave., Ludlow Bodio, Henty L., ' 38 E., 655 South St., Roslindale Bodnar, John, ' 38 E., 44 Williston St., Bridgeport, Conn. 212 DANCE FAVORS DANCE PROGRAMS INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS Mc KENZIE ENGRAVING CO. 1010 COMMONWEALTH AVE. BOSTON, MASS. Represented by Ralph W. Coates GAINSBORO PRESS " Printers . Publishers CONVENIENTLY LOCATED TO THE COLLEGE JUST y 2 A BLOCK AWAY We will be glad to help you in your many printing requirements 295 Huntin S ton Ave. BOSTON, MASS. 213 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN B— C Bogdanowicz, Walter A., ' 37 E., 263 Union St., Gardner Bohn, Victor O., ' 36 E., 309 Wood Ave., Boston Boise, Nathan A., ' 37 E., IS Angell St., Dorchester Bolton, Elmer G., ' 36 E., 3 Griggs PL, Allston Bombl, Walter M., ' 38 E., 47 Bowery St., Nashua, N. H. Bomil.JohnJ., ' 38 E., Primrose Hill, Collinsville ' Bonanno, Alfred D., ' 36 E., 146 Common St., Lawrence Bonanno, Dominic G., ' 35 E., 146 Common St., Lawrence Boncoddo, Nicholas F., ' 38 E., 248 Waverley Ave., Watertown Bonnyman, Harold R., ' 38 B.A., 41 Grove St., Bridgeport, Conn. 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H. own, Alfred K., ' 37 E., 135 Neshobe Rd., Waban own, Charles R., ' 35 E., 1480 Somerset Ave., Taunton own, Kirkwood B., ' 36 E., 135 Neshobe Rd., Waban irudzynski, Edwin T., ' 36 E., 5 Allen St., Salem Sumner B., ' 35 B.A., 80 Craigie St., Somerville Charles F., ' 35 E., 289 Sherman St., Canton Buckley, John E., ' 37 B.A., 70 Jefferson St., Lynn Budneffsky, Max S., ' 36 E., 7 Bloomingdale St., Chelsea Buell, Robert E., ' 37 B.A., 50 Harvard St., Newton Bull, Paul L., ' 37 B.A., 83 Hancock St., Lexington Bunker, Kenneth H., ' 36 E., 21 Rutland St., Dover, N. H. Butger, Philetus G., ' 35 E., Staatsburg, N. Y. Burke, Dimitre J., ' 35 E., 1707 Riverdale St., W. 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Cann, Jesse C, ' 37 E., 25 Princeton St., East Boston Canney, Charles G., ' 38 E., 55 Soutjj Main St., Ipswich Capone, Louis L., ' 35 E., 15 Middlesex St., Winchester Caput ' o, Peter, ' 36 E., 130 Francis St., Waterbury, Conn. Carakatsanos, John M., ' 35 E., 8 Central Terr., Melrose Cardozo, Harry H., ' 35 E ., 18 Morse Sr., Woburn Carleton, Harvey W., ' 38 E., 444 Plymouth St., East Bridgewatet Carlin, James R., ' 36 E., 2 Orne St., Salem Carlson, Harry A., ' 35 E., 332 Euclid Ave., Lynn Carlson, Helge I., ' 35 B.A., 20 Summerhill Ave., Worcester Carmichael, Harold A., ' 38 E., 1911 Easr Third St., Duluth, Minn. 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Chambers, William H., ' 38 E., 154 Cedar St., East Dedham Chapin, Edward N., ' 36 E., 165 Chicopee St., Chicopee Chaplick, Adolph M., ' 37 E., 26 Front St., Nashua, N. H. Chaplin, Norman B. ' 37 E., 3 Rosemary Lane, South Weymouth Chapman, Duncan G., Jr., ' 37 E., Sourh Lincoln Chapman, James F., ' 37 B.A., 15 Frank Ave., Revere Cheney, G. Luther, 37 E., 23 Farm St., Medfield Child, Kilburn L., ' 36 E., 1081 Boylston St., Boston Chipman, John F., ' 38 E., 215 Mill St., South Weymouth Chludzinski, Felix J., ' 37 E., 844 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester Chrisrlieb, Albert R., ' 35 E., Fruitland Park, Hyde Park, Fla. Christopulus, Constantine,. ' 37 E., 71 Beechcroft St., Btighton Chrusz, Joseph M., ' 37 B.A., Main ' St., Johnsonburg, N.J. Ciaccio, Dominic P., ' 37 E., 311 Norfolk St., Dorchester Cicchetti, Alfred G., ' 36 E., 25 Swan St., Beverly Cifelh, Flaviano, ' 38 E., 22 Leavitt St., Brockton Claffee, Robert A., ' 35 E., 14 Trowbridge St., Newton Centre Clark, Ezekail L., ' 37 E., 504 Warren St., Roxbury Clark, Frank A., ' 36 B.A., 304 Upham St., Melrose Clark, Frank H., ' 36 E., 83 Riverview Rd., Brighton Clark, Raymond W., ' 35 E-, 75 Leonard St., Gloucester Clark, Robert D., ' 37 E., 71 Walker St., Cambridge Clark, Vernon S., ' 36 E., Maple St., Wenham Clendineng, Richatd B., ' 38 E., 14 Belvidere St., Springfield Clifton, Herbert H., ' 35 E., Northford, Conn. Clough, Lawrence M., ' 36 E., 4 Melbourne Rd., Milton Clouter, Homer, ' 37 E., Marion Cobb, Harold E., ' 37 E., 48 Niles St., Abington Cochran, Robert L., ' 37 E., 98 Jewett St., Newton Coffin, Elliott F., ' 36 B.A., 480 Parker St., Newton Centre Coher, Shephard M., ' 36 E., 28 Seaver St., Roxbury Colarusso, Michael J., ' 38E.,61 Derby St., Somerville Cole, Alden C, ' 38 E., 17 Pearl St., Whitman Cole, Warren E., ' 38 E., 68 Lincoln St., Spencer Coleman, Cedric F., ' 38 E., 48 Ellis Ave., Whitman Collins, John H„ ' 35 E., 32 Millet St., Dorchestet Combie, Graham R., ' 36 E., 12 Prospect St., Saugus 214 NORTHEASTERN MEN ATTENTION TABLE D ' HOTE LUNCHEONS TABLE D ' HOTE DINNERS 25c, 35c, 45c, 50c 35c, 45c, 50c, 65c, 75c Served from 11 A.M. until Midnight A LA CARTE ALL DAY PUTNAM ' S CAFE 282 Huntington Avenue ALL LINES Consolidated Bus Agency OPPOSITE Y. M. C. A. TELEPHONE KENmore 1393 J. R. ROSEN Engrosser Specializing in Fraternity Shingles HAN. 784 9 1007 LITTLE BUILDING BOSTON 215 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN C— D Compton, William G., ' 38 E., Powder Mill Rd., Maynard Comtois, Arthur F., ' 36 E., 12 West St., Worcester Conanr, David P., ' 38 E., Cherry St., Greenfield Condon, Joseph L., ' 38 E., 2 Charles St., Rockland Conner, Wendell B., ' 35 E., Lyndonville, Vt. Connery, William H., ' 36 E., 101 Walnut St., Clinton Connolly, Robert J., ' 38 E., 66 W. Boylston St., Watertown Conrad, Emerson S., ' 37 E., 625 East St., Mansfield Constas, Dennis C, ' 37 E., 2 Savin St., Roxbuty Conway, Eugene F., ' 37 E., 10 Pleasant St., Hanson Cook, Adam M., ' 38 E., 8 Norrh Common Terr., Lynn Cook, Francis S., ' 37 E„ 83 Charnwood Rd., Medford Cooke, Stanley E., ' 37 E., 2 B Street PI., Lynn Cookingham, Sterling H., ' 36 E., Staatsbutg, N. Y. Cooksey, Ralph C, ' 38 B.A., Baldwin Rd., Marblehead Cookson, John W., ' 36 B.A., 18 Norfolk St., Needham Cooley.James, Jr., ' 35 E., 45 Oak St., Ludlow Coolidge, George R., ' 35 B.A., 17 Otis St., Framingham Cooper, Henry B., ' 36 E., 23 Barton St., Boston Corcoran, Frederick L., ' 35 E., 17 Wollaston Ave., Arlington Corcoran, John A., Jr., ' 38 E., 75 Fayerweather St., Cambridge Corcoran, John H., ' 37 E., 352 Concord Ave., Cambridge Corey, George, ' 36 E., 18 Phelps St., Salem Coronella, Francis S., ' 38 E., 103 Chambers Sr., Boston Cosman, Ernest B., ' 36 B.A., 26 Hancock St., Maiden Coulouns, John W., ' 38 E., 90 Lowell St., Atlington Coulton, Gordon S., ' 35 E., 55 Maywood St., Boston Counsell, Merrick, Jr., ' 38 B.A., 44 Spring St., St. Johnsbury, Vt. Countwav, Lewis E., ' 37 E., 10 Farnum St., Quincy Coury, Alfred D., ' 35 B.A., 1295 Pleasant St., New Bedford Cox, Robert B., ' 36 E., 8 Myrtle St., Winchester Craig, Roy H., ' 35 E., 17 Linwood St., Lynn Ctane, Matthew J., ' 36 B.A., 92 Brayton Rd., ' Brighton Ctaven, Paul M., ' 36 E., 8 Carlford Rd., Boston Creamer, Vincent A., ' 35 E., 113 Winsor Ave., Watettown Creed, John J., ' 37 B.A., 758 Fourrh Sr., Sourh Boston Crellin, Edward A., ' 38 E., Kittery Ave., Rowley Crescenzo, Francis, ' 38 E., 48 Acushnec Ave., Springfield Crooks, Arthut B., ' 36 B.A., 15 Goodwin Ave., Revere Crosby, Fred R., ' 37 E., 46 Warren Ave., Hyde Park Crossley, Edmund G., Jr., ' 38 E., 35 North Ave., Norrh Abington Croudis, Bernard W., ' 36 E., Storer St., Yarmourh, Maine Crump, Raymund T., ' 37 E., 8 Malverna Rd., Roslindale Cruz, Salviano, ' 38 B.A., 10 School St., Stonington, Conn. Cudihy, Edward J., ' 35 E., 3 Pierce St., Marblehead Cummings, Timothy E., ' 38 E., 57 Mt. Ida Rd., Dorchster Curcio, Anthony P., ' 38 E., 9 Rockview PL, Greenwich, Conn. Curran, John R., ' 37 E., 1 Ellington Rd., Wollaston Curran, Kenneth E., ' 37 E., Woodland Farm, Littleton, N. H. Curren, Gerald W., ' 35 E., 99 Maple Ave., North Andover Curren, Robert A., ' 38 B.A., 193 Stratford St., West Roxbury Currier, Edwin W., ' 37 E., 37A Pearl Sr., Medford Currier, Harlan W., ' 37 E., 51 Granite PL, East Milton Currier, Norman L., ' 37 E., 446 Groveland St., Haverhill Curry, Robert W., ' 36 B.A., 109 Orris St., Melrose Curtin, Francis W., ' 36 E., 89A Green Sr., Lynn Cushman, Warren H., ' 38 E., 281 Newbury St., Boston Cussen, Vincent I., ' 38 E., 10 Cotona St., Boston Cutler, Leonard B., ' 36 E., 14 Anderson St., Boston Cutler, Walter C, ' 36 B. A, 4 Franklin St., Medford Daggett, Eugene, ' 38 E., Main St., Marion :, John E., ' 37 E., 125 Menlo St., Brockron D ' Alessandro, Elmer A., ' 37 B.A., 10 Winchester St., Bradford Dallas, James L., ' 36 E., 44 Butman St., Beverly Dalton, Walter H., ' 37 B.A., 16 Cutter St., Belmont Daly, Albert J., ' 36 E., 11 Sargent Ave., Somerville Daly, John A., ' 35 E., 41 Swan St., Evetett Damassa, Ftank, ' 38 E., 201 Third Ave., Aliquippa, Pa. Dana, Benton P., ' 36 E., 17 Sagamore St., Lynn Dancewicz, Edward L., ' 35 E., 3 Norton St., Lynn Danforrh, George L., ' 36 E., 9 Gould St., Danvets Danfotth, Marshall S., ' 38 E., Wesr Rindge, N. H. Daniels, William A., ' 36 E., 21 Bradford St., Salem D ' Antuono, Joseph N., ' 38 B.A., 7 Cameron St., Boston Datz, Jacob, ' 37 E., 953 Morton St., Mattapan Davenporr, Herbert R., ' 37 E., 82 Madison St., Fall River Davenport, Richard C, ' 36 E., 154 Arnold Sr., New Bedford Davidson, John E., ' 36 E., 21 Dunlap St., Salem Davidson, Warren E., ' 38 E., Temple, N. H. Davis, Austin E., ' 38 E., 25 Chapel St., Gloucester Davis, Albert P., ' 35 E., 11 Prospect St., Needham Davis, Alfred W., ' 36 E., 39 Dunbar St., Canton Davis, Charles, ' 36 E., 119 Graham Ave., Paterson, N. J. Davis, George E., ' 37 E., 322 Washington St., Dorchester Davis, Howard W., ' 35 E., 54 Whittier St., Lynn Davis, Kenneth E., ' 36 B.A., 106 Boston Ave., West Medfotd Davis, Robert G., ' 35 E., 103 Beethoven Ave., Newton Day, Alfred V., ' 35 E., 8 Rossitet St., Dorchester Day, Edward J., ' 36 E., 18 Allston St., Allston Day, Russell B., ' 35 E., 30 Parkwood St., Springfield Dean, George H., ' 37 E., Farrar Rd., South Lincoln Deane, Archie L., ' 38 E., 20 Winslow Rd., Brookline . Dearborn, Joseph, ' 35 E, 97 St. Stephen St., Boston deBoer, Gerard W., ' 38 E, 287 North Main St., Middleboro DeFranco, Joseph, ' 36 E., 91 Walworth St., Boston Degan, John J., ' 37 E., 190 L St., South Boston Delaney, James B.,Jt., ' 38 B.A., 17 River St., Natick Delano, Maurice F., Jr., ' 38 E., 278 Mt. Vernon St., Dedham Delforge, Florimond A., ' 35 E., 4 Rockland St., Haverhill D ' Elia, Ralph F., ' 37 E., 41 Mation St., Medford Delp, Samuel D., ' 35 E., Coxsackie, N. Y. deLuccia, Charles A., ' 38 E., 6 Cedar Court, Evetett DeMichele, John J., ' 37 B.A., 16 Sullivan Ave., Newton Upper Falls Denbroeder, Russell A., ' 35 E., 304 Pond St., South Weymouth Denison, James H. ' 37 E., Durant, Okla. Denton, James F., ' 35 E., 165 Commonwealth Ave., West Concord Denzler, Walter, ' 36E., 65 Boylston St., Jamaica Plain Derry, Jasper, Jr., ' 38 E., 11 Corey St., Medford DeSerio, James N., ' 35 E, 10 Meadow Sr., Baldwinsville, N. Y. Desmone, Charles J., ' 37 E., 211 Calhoun Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. DeStefano, Michael, ' 35 E., 11 Ruskin St., West Roxbury DeStefano, Ralph J., ' 36 E., 11 Ruskin St., West Roxbuty DeVeber, Leverett H., ' 38 E., 10 Barton St., Newbutyport Diamondstone, Walter J., ' 38 E., 20 Park St., Btookline DiCaprio, Luca, ' 36 B.A., 453 William St., Bridgeport, Conn. DiCicco, Tripoli J., ' 38 E., 43 Belknap St., Concord Dickinson, Albert, ' 38 E., Bridgewatet, Conn. Dickson, Walter F., ' 38 E., 85 Brattle St., Arlington DiLorenzo, Carmine, ' 38 B.A., 9 Boardman Sr., East Boston Dingwell, William E., ' 36 E., 42 Capen St., Milton DiNostri, Anthony A., ' 38 E., 25 Liberty St., New Haven, Conn. DiNunzio, Raphael P., ' 37 E., 340 Harvard St., Cambridge Dobson, Walter H., ' 38 E., 832 Madison Ave., Paterson, N. J. Dodge, Earl B., ' 38E., Haverhill Sr., Rowley Dodge, Hugh W., ' 38 E., 641 Green St., Cambridge 216 FUGICLES BROWNIES CHOCO-POPS Sold in BOOKSTORE BRANCH PRODUCTS OF " FRO-JOY " GENERAL ICE CREAM COMPANY 183 CAMBRIDGE STREET EAST CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS A BETTER TOWEL SERVICE Morgan Linen Service, Inc. 941 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, Massachusetts Tel. HIGhlands 3664 Superior Motor Tours — TO — WASHINGTON NEW BRUNSWICK NOVA SCOTIA CHARTERED WORK A SPECIALTY Rawding Lines, Inc. 633 Atlantic Ave., BOSTON LIBerty 3127 Uptown Garage Inc. 10 GAINSBORO STREET BOSTON In Rear of Northeastern yr 24-hour Repair and Towing Service Gasoline — Complete Lubrication Service Tires — Batteries — Accessories 217 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Doggett, Roger H., ' 37 E., 51 Adams Ave., Watertown Doherty, Francis D., ' 35 E., 370 Thames St., Groton, Conn. Dolan, Ellsworth W., ' 35 B.A., 30 Cliff St., North Weymouth Dolan, James L., ' 36 E., 32 Apple St., Lynn Donati, Emanuel T., ' 38 E., 54 Cedat St., Everett Dondero, Mark J., ' 35 E., 81 Playstead Rd., Medford Donnelly, Charles J., ' 35 E., 78 Morgan St., New Bedford Donohue, Francis R., ' 36 E., 40 Eliot Crescent, Brookline Donohue, John J., ' 37 E., 93 Meredith Circle, Milton Doran, Albert J., Jr., " 38 B.A., 147 Lakeview Ave., Cambridge Dovi, Anthony C, ' 38 E., 36 Leverett St., Boston Dow, Banjamin C, ' 36 E., 22 Walnut St., Somerville Downey, Arthur A., ' 37 E., 8 Laurel St., Roxbury Downing, Francis J., ' 37 E., 46 Avondale St., Dotchester Drake, Edward P., ' 35 E., 30 Maple St., West Lebanon, N. H. Diaper, Harold E., ' 35 E., Old Sudbury Rd., Wayland Driscoll, Edward G., ' 37 E., 45 Portland St., Haverhill Driscoll, Joseph P., ' 36 E., 8 Chauncy St., Watertown Drummond, Norman C, ' 37 E., 9 Billings Park, Newton Dudley, Alden W., ' 35 E., 58 Stetson Ave., Swampscott Dungan, Francis B., ' 38 E., 14 Mountford St., Hartfotd, Conn. Dunning, Richard L., ' 35 E., 157 Main St., Greenwich, N. Y. Dunston, Hubett W., ' 36 E., 48 Whitney St., Watettown Dupuis, Lucien C, ' 37 B. A., 208 Springside Ave., Pittsfield Durra, Francis H. ' 35 E., 39 Berkeley Ave., Middletown, R. I. Dwyer, Arthur S., ' 38 E., 2062 Dorchester Ave., Dotchestet Dwyer, Russell N., ' 38 E., 24 Greenview Ave., Jamaica Plain Dyer, William, ' 36 E., 20 Elmwood Ave., South Braintree Eames, Eliot N., ' 38 E., 6 Gtandview Rd., Atlington Easton, Ivan, ' 38 E., 13 Pigeon Hill, Pigeon Cove Ecketr, Jason C, ' 36 E., 3 West Cedat St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Edwatds, Russell G., ' 35E., 27 Ellington Rd., Somerville Eibye, John, ' 36 E., 1 Elmwood St., Everett Eldredge, Everett C, ' 36 E., 24 Elm St., Everett Elger, John G., ' 36 B.A., 47 John St., Willimansett Elketton, Alan C, ' 35 E., 176 Manthotne Rd., West Roxbury Elliott, Henry F., ' 38 E., 119 Pinckney St., Boston Elliott, Robert E., ' 37 E., Central St., Topsfield Ellis, David L., ' 36 E., 35 Hasseltine Ave., Meltose Ellis, George S., ' 37 E., 117 Buchanan St., Winthrop Ellis, Richard H., ' 37 B.A., 88 Washington St., Norwood Emerson, Leon C, ' 35 B.A., 64 Maple St., Framingham Emerson, Randolph W., ' 38 E., Main St., Rowley Emerson, Thayer M., ' 35 B.A., 10 Houston St., West Roxbury Emerion, John F., ' 38 E., Ash St., Islington Emery, Ftanklin C, ' 38 E., 37 Rosemont Ave., Portland, Maine Emery, Frank P., ' 37 E., 10 Parker Ave., Lynn Emmette, Lee W., ' 37 B.A., 6 Cottage St., Middletown, Conn. Engdahl, Eric A., ' 36 E., 3 Channing St., Worcester Engle, Robert W., ' 36 E., Apple Hill Inn, Lakeside, Conn. Enser, Gilbert E., ' 37 E., First Ave., Broadalbin, N. Y. Epstein, Myet, ' 38 E., 91 Beech St., Everett Epstein, William, ' 37 E., 35 Winthrop St., Salem Ericsson, Etic O., ' 36 E., 10 Maverick St., Dedham Erickson, Norman O., ' 36 E., 8 Bromfield Ct., Newburyport Esielonis, John J., ' 37 B.A., 4 Leominstet Rd., Shirley Estes, Lincoln S., ' 36 E., Windsor Evanauskas, Branislow A., ' 36 E., Coach Rd., E. Setauket, N. Y. Evans, Donald B., ' 35 E., 24 Bailey St., Everett Evans, George E., ' 36 E., 278 Crescent St., Waltham Evans, Lloyd S., ' 36 B.A., 74 Fremont Ave., Evetett Evereir, Donald S., ' 35 E., 15 Fairlawn St., Evetett Faelten, Edgar R., ' 38 E., 79 High St., South Hanson Fales, Forrest G., ' 38 E., 487 Adams St., East Milton Falkson, Robert M., ' 37 B.A., 313 Summit Ave., Brighton Falls, Warren H., ' 38 E., 22 Munroe St., Lynnfield Farber, Lynn C, ' 37 B.A., Poland, N. Y. Farineau, Albert F., ' 36 E., 256 Summet St., Maiden Farnum, Gleason, ' 38 B.A., 11 Winthrop St., East Boston Fatrell, William H., ' 37 E., 33 Washington PI., Bridgeport, Conn. Farrow, Hollis L., ' 36 E., 60 Essex St., Lynn Faunce, Neil B., ' 35 E., 105 North Ave., North Abington Fazioli, Everett M., ' 37 E., 1 Dixon Ave., Dedham Feins, Daniel S., ' 38 E., 80 White St., East Boston Fekete, Rudolph, ' 35 E., 89 Adelaide St., Bridgeport, Conn. Fellman, Malcolm, ' 38 B.A., 114 Mertimac St., Newbutypott Fennell, Arthur R., Jr., ' 38 E., 51 Fremonr Ave., Everett Fetguson, Robert I., ' 38 E., 3 Kipper St., Adams Fetnekees, James E., ' 37 E., 3 Ptentiss Rd., West Roxbury Ferry, Donald G., ' 35 E., 17 Auburn Rd., W. Hartford, Conn. Fiekers, Edmund J., ' 35E., 17 Harrison Ave., Cambridge Field, Carl, ' 38 B.A., 431 Washington St., Brookline Field, Eltoy A., ' 38 E., 27 Bellevue St., Lowell Field, Geotge P., Jr., ' 38 B.A., 216 Dorchester Ave., South Boston Field, Wendell D., ' 38 B.A., 61 Wedge St., Lowell Finn, John C, ' 37 E., 28 Acotn St., Lynn Finos, Valentino R., ' 38 B.A., 56 Ftank St., New Haven, Conn. Firth, James A., ' 38 B. A., Ill Brambach Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Fish, Charles H., ' 38 E., 38 Chester Ave., Waltham Fisher, George, ' 38 E., 226 Shore Dtive, Winthrop Fisher, James A., ' 38 E., 374 Eliot St., Milton Fisher, Nathan, ' 37 E., 227 East Main St., Mounl Kisco, N. Y. Fiske, Benjamin M., ' 36 B.A., 28 Lafayette St., Wakefield Fiske, Frank H., ' 37 E., 320 Parker St., Lowell Flanagan, William, ' 38 B.A., 1537 Beacon St., Brookline Flint, George W., ' 37 E., James Lane, Cohasset Flumete, Emanuel A., ' 37 E., 29 Loker St., Ftamingham Flynn, Francis J., ' 36 E., State Hospital, Taunton Fogg, Robert E., ' 38 E., 22 Harvard St., Boston Folsom, Seth A., ' 36 E., 62 Powder House Blvd., Somerville Ford, Edison H., ' 38.E., 30 Stearns Rd., Brookline Forman, Sidney, ' 38 B.A., 11 Nightingale St., Dorchester Foss, Frank E., ' 35 E., Bedford Rd., Carlisle Fossett, Geotge A., Jr., ' 38 E., 3 Hillis Ave., Greenwood Fostet, Dan L., ' 38 E., 43 Leonatd St., Waltham Foster, Dwight D., ' 38 B.A., 537 Prospect St., Torrington, Conn. Fowler, Donald W., ' 38 B.A., 398 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Fowler, Henry A., ' 36 E., 9 Blueridge Ave., Saugus Fradsham, Edward J., ' 38 E., 677 Washingron Sr., Quincy Fraser, Alexander D., ' 38 B.A., 86 Emerson Rd., Milton Ftaser, Lincoln M., ' 37 E., 86 Emerson Rd., Milton French, Donald H., ' 36 E., Pomfret Centre, Conn. French, Edward L., ' 37 B.A., 257 Ash St., Waltham French, Irving E., ' 36 E., 316 Huntington Ave., Boston Frenning, Carl J., ' 35 E., 5 Iroquois St., Boston Frissell, Clinton J., ' 35 B.A., Plunkett Ave., Hinsdale Frye, Robert A., ' 36 E., 35 Bridge St., Newton Fullam, Harland O., ' 38 E., 89 Tyndale St., Roslindale Fuller, William J., ' 38 E., Main St,, East Peppetell Furdon, Henry D., ' 35 B.A., 1050 Beacon St., Newton Fusco, Guido J., ' 37 E., 170 Salem St., Boston Gabb, William J., ' 38 B.A., 139 Kenyon St., Hartfotd, Conn. Gaboriault, Norman A., ' 38 E., 208 North St., Salem Gaffney, Francis J., ' 35 E., 54 Hemingway St., Winchestet 218 £K BATES KLINKE, INC. FAVORS MEDALS TROPHIES CHARMS CLASS RINGS CLUB PINS Created by Skilled Craftsmen ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS TELEPHONE 934 Represented by Frank A. Chace Good Luck ' 34! Components of GAINSBORO PHARMACY, Inc. 291 HUNTINGTON AVENUE BOSTON, MASS. The Students ' Drug Store FROM A FRIEND Qompliments of NORRIS DRUG COMPANY 289 Huntington Avenue Boston, Massachusetts 219 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN G H Gaffney, John D., ' 36 E., 252 Lexington Ave., Cambridge Gaidosz, Daniel, ' 38 E., 1 Highland Ave., Derby, Conn. Galasso, Francis L., ' 37 E., 27 Flynt Ave., Monson Gale, Howard E., ' 36 E., 63 Olney St., Dorchester Gallagher, Arthur H., ' 37 B.A., 15 Prospect St., Whitefield, N. H. Gallagher, Herbert W., ' 35 B.A., 167 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Gallaghet, Paul E., ' 38 E., Purchase St., Middleboro Galper, Isadore, ' 35 E., 21 Emerton St., Salem Ganong, Warren L., ' 37E., 70 Madison Ave., Arlingron Ganzert, Frank H., ' 38 E., 42 Larchmonr St., Dorchester Gardner, Robert E., ' 38 E, 9 Batavia St., Boston Garland, Chesley F., ' 38 E., 19 Lewis Rd., Belmont Gatlick, William E., ' 36 E., 121 East St., Dedham Garnsey, Bruce N., ' 38 E-, 9 Grant St., Pleasantville, N. Y. Garrabrant, Ludlow S., ' 36 B.A., Demerest Ave., West Nyack, N. Y. Gates, Charles W., ' 35 E., 83 Cedar Rd., Medford Gaudette, Rene A., ' 38 E., 26 Belmont St., Marlboro Gaunt, Nelson H., ' 38 E., 18 Savoy Rd., Salem Gaviani, Joseph G., ' 37 B.A., 59 Burrell St., Roxbury Gershman, Jacob B., ' 37 E., 55 Winston Rd., Dorchester Geyer, Bradford P., ' 35 E., 31 Claflin Rd., Brookline Gibbs, Norman W., ' 37 E., Circleville, N. Y. Giella, Mario, ' 37 E., 52 Hull St., Boston Gifford, Allan F., ' 37 E., 45 Newbuty St., Brockton Gifford, Alliston M., ' 35 E., 73 Chestnut St., Saugus Giffotd, Frank T., ' 37 E., 166 Billings Rd., Norfolk Downs Giglio, Victor R., ' 35 E., 148 Newbury St., Lawrence Gilbert, Eugene C, ' 35 E„ Bodfish Ave., Wareham Gillis, John A., ' 36 E., 1 Prospect Ave., Woburn Gilman, Alvah A., ' 36 E., 19 Union St., Watetville, Maine Gilmore, Bruce, ' 38 B.A., 83 Regis Rd., Mattapan Gilpatnck, Roberr B., ' 36 B.A., 134 Manning St., Needham Gilson, Harlan E., Jr., ' 38 E., 69 Norton Ave., Taunton Gitelson, George, ' 37 E., 50 Davis Rd., Belmont Gitelson, Samuel, ' 36 E., 50 Davis Rd., Belmont Glaskin, Norman, ' 38 E., 46 Astoria St., Mattapan Glass, Arthur W., ' 37 E., East St., Lexington Glover, Francis H., ' 38 E., 80 Johnswood Rd., Roslindale Goldberg, Myer N., ' 36 B.A., 14 Dolphin Ave., Winthrop Goldfarb, Isadore M., ' 35 B.A., 28 Elmer St., Hattfotd, Conn. Goldstein, Samuel, ' 35 E., 324 Blue Hill Ave., Roxbury Golemme.Manuel, ' 38 B.A., 22 Whirmg St., West Hanover Gondek, Andrew W., ' 37 E., 57 West Main St., Warren Goodson, George W., ' 38 E., Wolcott Rd., Waterbury, Conn. Goodwin, Berttam F., ' 37 E., Doaks Lane, Marblehead Goodwin, Bertram R., ' 38 E , 1 Sayward St., Gloucester Gordon, John H., ' 36 E., King St., Littleton Gorse, James F., ' 38 B.A., 91 Goodndge St., Lynn Gorski, Waltet, ' 35 B.A., Pearl St., Southville Gounatis, Basil V., ' 35 E., 66 Morse St., Watertown Govoni, Edmund E., ' 36 E., 206A Summer St., Somerville Grace, Robert L., ' 37 E., 53 Moreland St., Boston Grady, Joseph F., ' 37 B.A., 4093 Washington St., Roslindale Gtady, William A., ' 36 E., 17 Sheridan Circle, Winchester Graham, Alexander C, ' 38 E., 28 Auburn Sr., Woburn Grandberg, Norman E., ' 36 B.A., 69 Undine Rd., Brighron Grant, George H. ' 37 E., 13 Bowles St., Greenfield Grant, Harvey E., ' 37 E., 63 Summer St., Auburn, Maine Grasewicz, Julian L., ' 36 B.A., 58 Princeton St., Medford Grassi, Louis, ' 38 B.A., 271 Park Ave., Revere Grassie, Albert E., ' 37 E., Souch Main St., Cohasset Gray, Herbert D., Jr., ' 35 E., 3 Hooper Sr. ' , Rockport Gray, Tyler W., ' 38 E., 4 Margaret St., Plattsburg, N. Y. Green, Malcolm, ' 37 E., Oakland Valley, N. Y. Green, Parker M., ' 36 E., 45 Perkins St., West Newton Greenwood, Frank O., ' 35 B.A., Rowley Bridge St., Topsiield Gregory, Edwin B., ' 36 E., Greenfield Gregson, Robert L., ' 36 E., 7 Arcadia St., Cambridge Grelotti, Seteno G., ' 36 E., 17 Casey St., Framingham Griffin, Francis J., ' 35 E., 18 Inman St., Cambridge Grodsky, Leslie, ' 37 E., 87 Whittier St., Springfield Gronlund, Oscar E., ' 35 E., Putnam, Connecticut Gross, Ervin E., ' 36 E., 1035 South Main St., Attleboro Grove, Thomas C, ' 38 E., 90 Hale St., Beverly Gurske, Harry G., ' 35 E., 23 Sourh St., Bristol, Conn. Gustafson, Albert, ' 38 E., 5 Winnemese St., Maiden Guy, Donald, ' 37 E., 19 Parker St., Chelsea Haas, Henry J., ' 36 E., 47 Bellaire Rd., Roslindale Hadley, Roger W., ' 36 E., 73 Ellicocr Sc, Needham Haendlet, Helmut M., ' 35 E., 117 Walworth St., Roslindale Hagelston, Paul J. D., ' 35 E„ 1 Arion St., Boston Hakanson, Allen H., ' 37 B.A., 89 Glendower Rd., Roslindale Hakanson, Berthel H., ' 38 B.A., 89 Glendower Rd., Roslindale Hall, Eugene A., ' 36 B.A., 8 Rosalind Ter., Lynn Hall, Fenner B., ' 37 E., Riverside Easr, Simsbury, Conn. Hall, Harry A., ' 35 E., 62 Moss St., Fall River Hall, Robert A., ' 35 E., 73 Judson St., Canton, N. Y. Hall, William H., ' 38 E., 397 Winthrop St., Medford Hallerr, Kenneth T., ' 36 E., 12 Grantland Rd., Wellesley Hills Halzel, Geotge C, ' 38 E., 8 Drummond Sr., Dorchestet Hambrecht, Donald G., ' 38 E., 36 St. Francis St., Medford Hamill, John R., ' 37 E., 473 Quincy Ave., Quincy Hamill, Paul J., ' 35 E., 473 Quincy Ave., Quincy Hamlin, Perley C, ' 37 E., 108 Mi. Vernon St., Boston Hammer, Ralph E., ' 35 E., 20 Salem St., Lynn Hancock, Chestet F., ' 37 E., 119 Arnold Rd., North Attleboro Hanna, Habeeb M. ' 36 E., 521 Shawmut Ave., Boston Hannan, Charles K., ' 38 E., 21 Lowell St., Woburn Hanson, Kenneth F., ' 37 E., 22 Cherry St., Faithaven Hardwick, Richard H., ' 38 B.A., 79 St. Botolph St., Boston Hardy, Henry K., ' 38 E., 42 Main St., Cochituate Harrington, James J., ' 37 E., 17 Andrew Sr., Everett Harrington, John J., ' 37 E., 28 Sudan St., Dorchester Harris, Chester L., ' 38 E., 21 Clifford St., Hattford, Conn. Harris, George W,, ' 37 B.A., 191 County St., Attleboto Harris, Samuel R., ' 36 E., 50 Athetton Rd., Brookline Harris, Sydney P., ' 36 E., Vineyard Haven Hart, Edgar C, ' 38 E., Budd Lake Rd., Hackettstown, N.J. Hatt, Jacob C, ' 38 B.A., 410 Monroe St., Hackettstown, N. J. Harwell, Stanley E., ' 36 E., 130 Franklin Sr., Greenfield Harvey, Fred W., ' 37 E., 145 Glendale Rd., Quincy Haskell, John L. ' 36 E., 22 Lyman St., Beverly Haskell, NelsonJ., ' 35 E., 17 Easr Main St., South Paris, Mains Hatch, Lewis N., ' 36 E., 53 Cordis St., Wakefield Hatch, Robert L., ' 35 E., 9 Lawton St., Ayer Hatfield, Alvin C, ' 38 E., 50 Bailey St., Dorchester Hautala, Tauno E., ' 36 E., 91 Town Hill St., Quincy Haverty, James J., Jr., ' 38 E., 28 Justin Rd., Boston Hayden, Clyde G., ' 36 E., North Windham, Conn. Hayes, Joseph T., ' 36 B.A., 43 Watwick Rd., West Newton Hayes, Vincent J., ' 36 E., 10 Willow Ave., Salem Hayes, Waltet E., ' 38 E., 21 Shetman St., Natick Healy, Elton F., ' 36 E., 239 Cleveland St., Pawtucket, R. I. Heetde, Richard A., ' 36 B.A., 20 Manthotne Rd., West Roxbur; Heffelfinger, Delbert W., ' 38 E., 1032 Maple St., Indiana, Pa. 220 PORTABLE BLEACHERS and GRANDSTANDS Before selecting your seating equipment you should see actual Models of our different designs. Will gladly call to show them to you and to furnish complete information at any time without any obligation whatsoever. Northeastern ' s new stand on Huntington Field in Brookline, Mass. is one of several we have recently installed. THE HUSSEY MFG. CO. 340 R.R. Ave. - No. Berwick, Maine ALUMNI! Now You Can Keep Posted on University Affairs: 1. NEW BUILDING PROGRAM. 2. THE FOOTBALL BABY. 3. ALUMNI NEWS— a regular News feature. SENIORS: Leave your subscriptions before commencement and assure yourself of getting every issue next year. Subscription $2.00 ins NORTHEASTERN NEWS Weekly since 1918 221 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Heider, Rudolph L., ' 36 E., 60 Oak St., Methuen Hemming, George T., ' 36 E., 246 Great Plain Ave., Needham Henderson, Ray, ' 38 E., 67 Magoun Ave., Medford Henderson, Robert L., ' 36 E., Central Park, Dover, N. H. Henes, Charles, ' 37 E., 1641 Norrh Shore Rd., Revere Heney, Deeb G., ' 35 E., 23 Decatur St., Boston Henry A. Russell, ' 36 E., 32 West Warwick Ave., West Warwick, R. I. Herbert, Paul M., ' 35 B.A., 97 Franklin St., Framingham Herbst, Harry L., ' 38 E., 100 Beechwood Ave., Waterrown Herder, Frederick C, ' 35 E., 132 Allyn St., Holyoke Hermans, Carl E., ' 35 E., 32 Olga Ave., Worcester Hersam, George R., ' 38 E., 15 W. Colony Rd., East Lynn Heuser, Frederick W., ' 36 E., 396 Sourh Main Sr., Sharon Heyl, Frederick C, Jr., ' 38 E , 22 Sias Lane, Milton Hibbard, Ralph G., ' 35 E., 100 Norrh Bayfield Rd., Atlantic Higbee, C. Ellsworth, ' 38 E., 98 Beacon St., Hyde Park Hill, Joseph G., ' 37 E., Main St., Norfolk Hill, Philip, ' 37 E., 82 Sumner St., Revere Hill, Stanley T., ' 37 E., West Division St., Holbrook Hill, Viljo F., ' 36 E., Cenrral Village, Conn. Hillman, Paul A. ' 35 E., Union St., Barre Hilton, Malcolm T., ' 38 E., 58 Temple St., Newburyport Hilton, Warren M., ' 37 E., 30 Canterbury Rd., Newton Highlands Himelstein, Chester L., ' 37 E., 257 Prospect St., Willimantic, Conn. Hirrle, Kenneth, ' 36 E., 31 Calumet St., Quincy Histen, Harry J., Jr., ' 38 E., 11 Edgewood Circle, Quincy Hndsdon, Albert E., ' 35 E., 78 South St., Yarmourh, Maine Hogarty, John J., ' 37 E., 173 Cornell St., Roslindale Holbrook, Albert E., ' 36 E., 2 Leland Ave., North Grafton Holland, John E., ' 38 E., 39 Ellery St., Boston Hollinshead, George F., 35 E., 153 Independence Ave., Quincy Holmes, Arthur N., ' 35 E., Bunt St., Norton Holton, Adolpbus, ' 36 E., 108 Cottage St., Norwood Honchar, Andrew P., ' 37 E., 80 Garden Sr., East Hartford, Conn. Hoot, Gregory C, ' 36 B.A., 42 John Sr., Newport, R. I. Horn, Daniel, ' 38 E., 226 Norron St., Rochester, N. Y. Home, Parker A., ' 37 B.A., 5 Fairview Ter., Maiden Horzempa, Sranley, ' 36 E., North Monmouth, Me. Hosmer, Hammond C, ' 37 B.A., 8 Irving St., Arlington Houghtaling, Oscar L., ' 38 E., 102 Clinton Ave., Cortland, N. Y. Howard, Leo L., ' 37 E., Sangerville, Me. Howard, William N., ' 37 E., 206 Orchard Sr., Belmont Howe, Hartley O., ' 37 B.A., 437 Elliott St., Beverly . Howe, Hartwell G., ' 35 E., 63 Barnard Rd., Worcester Hoye, William J., ' 38 B.A., 11 Adams St., Taunton Hoyt, Dudley D., ' 36 E., Highland Ave., South Notwalk, Conn. Hoyt, Eugene L., ' 38 E., 39 Caldwell Rd., Waltham Hubbard, Alan W., ' 37 B.A., 26 Vernon Sr., Woburn Hubley, Nathan C, ' 37 B.A., 37 Larchraont St., Dorchester Hughes, Frederick F., ' 37 E., 200 Lewis St., Lynn Hughes, Harry L., ' 37 E., South St., Elbridge, New York Humes, Robert W., ' 37 E., 7 Cedar St., Westboro Humphrey, Neal V., ' 38 E., 347 North Main St., Brewer, Me. Hunt, Walter W., ' 38 E., 35 Madison St., Maiden Hunter, Carroll D., ' 36 E., 42 West St., Westboro Hurley, Edward T , ' 37 E., 91 Summer Sr., Bosron Hurley, Walter P., ' 38 B.A., 33 Balcomb St., Salem Huse, Lester C, ' 35 E., Randolph, Vt. Hutchins, Ellery H., ' 35 E., 35 Cherry St., Danvers Hutchinson, William S., ' 37 E., 101 Grearon Rd., Boston Hyman, Abraham A., ' 37 B. A., 146 South 15th Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Irving, Ralph F., ' 35 E., 49 Fourth St., Medford en, Henry N., ' 37 E., West Elm St., North Raynha Jachym, Adolph A., ' 35 B.A., 14 State St., Westfield Jackson, Edgar E., ' 36 B.A., 141 Sutherland Rd., Brighton Jackson, Russell L., ' 36 B.A., 82 Harold St., Hartford, Conn. Jacobsen, Norman R., ' 35 E., 27 Lake St., Arlington Jacobson, Saul, ' 38 E., North St., Somers, Conn. Jakimedes, George L., ' 38 E., 112 Nonantum St., Brighton Jameson, Frank G., ' 36 E., 36 St. Agatha Rd., East Milton Jamieson, Norman S., ' 36 B.A., 635 Hammond St., Brookline Jaynes, Waltet H., ' 35 E., 14 Barnes St., Belmont Jee, Albert R., ' 35 B.A., Hillside Way, Wilmington Jenney, Willis A., ' 37 E., 36 Cottage St., South Pottland, Me. Jepsen, Robert N., ' 37 B. A., 297 Cherry St., West Newton Jepson, George S., ' 35 E., 39A Coburn St., Lynn Johnson, Bradford L., ' 35 B.A., 5 Contentment PL, Dedham Johnson, Carl A., 37 B.A., 11 Draper Rd., Framingham Johnson, Carl H. M., ' 35 E., 121 Henry Ave., Lynn Johnson, Franklin C, ' 35 E., 75 Atlantic St., Pottland, Maine Johnson, Gordon H., ' 37 B.A., Cenrral St., Agawam Johnson, Harry F., ' 35 E., 35 Torrey St., Dorchestet Johnson, K. Arthur, ' 38 E., 74 Hyde Park St., Dedham Johnson, Martin E., ' 37 E., 24 Vernal St., Everett Johnson, Parker W., ' 38 E., 10 Cedar Ave., Arlington Johnson, Roscoe W., ' 35 E., 29 Harrison St., Leominster Johnson, Seth P., ' 37 E., 88 Baltimote St., Hattford, Conn. Johnson, Waltet C, ' 38 E., 48 Jamaica St., Jamaica Plain Johnson, William E., ' 35 E., 20 Howland Ave., Jai Johnston, Arthur W., ' 38 E., 155 Safford St., Wollaston Johnston, Benjamin, ' 37 E., 26 Notthey St., Salem -Johnston, Edgar B., ' 35 B.A., 64 South Bayfield Rd., Atlantic Jones, August, ' 38 B.A., Mongaup Valley, New York Jones, Edward F., ' 37 E., 89 Fairlawn Sr., Lowell Jones, William F., ' 38 E., 74 Broad St., Wethersfield, Conn. Jones, William H., ' 37 E., 35 Crescent Ave., Melrose Jorolemon, Harold C, ' 35 E., 469 Augusrine St., Rochester, N. Y ' . Juszkiewicz, Leo J., ' 36 E., 38 Marion St., Soraerville R.I. Kallina, Carl T., ' 37 E., 94 Browne St., Brookline Kaplan, Harry, ' 38 E., 755 Morton St., Mattapan Kaplan, Jacob, ' 37 E., 755 Morton St., Mattapan Kasper, Joseph A., ' 36 B.A., 35 Beacon Park, Brockton Kaulakis, Frank, ' 36 E., 17 Neil St., Marlboro Kaye, Edward N., ' 38 E., 27 Edgeworth Rd., North Quincy Keir, Kenneth D., ' 37 B.A., 126A Bucknam Sr., Everett Keith, Lyman A., ' 38 B.A., 339 Lakeside Dr., Bridgewater Keller, Jack, ' 36 E., 22 Evelyn St., Mattapan Kelley, Chatles M., ' 35 E., 42 Crest Ave., Revere Kelly, Leroy M., ' 37 E., 33 Clark St., Lawrence Kelly, William H., ' 35 E., 14 Mallon Rd., Dorchestet Kelly, William J., ' 36 E., 7 Dove St., Newburyport Kelsey, George W., ' 37 B.A., 22 Gordon St., Piltsfield Kendall, Irving W., ' 35 E., 200 Pleasant St., Stoughton Kennally, Paul E., ' 38 B.A., 15 Rotherwood St., Newton Cer Kennedy, John T., ' 38 B.A., 35 Fostet St., Brighton Kenney, Chester A., ' 36 E., 10 West St. , Westboro Kenney, Frank V., Jr., ' 38 E , 49 Stewart St., Quincy Ketchen, Lawrence L„ ' 36 E., 43 Pinkham Rd., Medford Keirnan, William W., ' 33 E., 49 Lafayette St., Marblehead Kihs, Francis J., ' 36 E., 36 Haydn St., Roslindale Kimball, Lawrence W., ' 38 E., North Rd., Bedford King, Matrhew J., ' 36 E., 174 Prospect St., Norwood Kirkland, Alexander, ' 36 E., 19 Weeks Ave., Boston Qomplimmts of Beta Qamma Spsilon zAlpha K appa Sigma 8ta Tau Njj Sigma K appa Psi Yjf Spsilon Zeta Sigma " Phi Alpha " Phi Beta zAlpha K appa Zeta Phi Qamma Phi K appa Sigma ' Delta 223 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Kirkland, Edward V., ' 35 B.A., 163 Marlboro St., Wollaston Kirkland, Warren S., ' 37 E., 163 Marlboro St., Wollaston Kisiel, Walter F., ' 35 B.A., 3 Olive Ave., Holyoke Kiszkan, Steven M., ' 38 E., 17 Cotting St., Boston Kleemola, Wilho K„ ' 38 E., 15 Linden Ave., Beverly Kline, James, ' 37 E., 34 Estella St., Boston Knight, Edward B., ' 38 B.A., Bartlett, N. H. Knight, William A., ' 38 E., 6 East High St., Newburyport Knoll, Helmut J., ' 37 E., 32 Central St., East Dedham Knowlton, Francis, ' 38 E., 11 Roxbury Ave., Natick Knowlton, Kenneth F., ' 35 E., 11 Roxbury Ave., Natick Knudson, Everett C, ' 36 B.A., 43 Beals St., Brookline Komich, Albert J., ' 37 E., 548 4th St., South Boston Kop, Peter E., ' 37 E., 2 Ctisty St., Worcester Kouroyen, Ralph S., ' 37 B.A., 1 Everett Square, Allston Kradin, Charles, ' 37 B.A., 27 Kerwin St., Boston Kramer, Stanley W., ' 35 B.A., 22 Franklin PI., Port Washington, N. Y. Krasnoselsky, John, ' 37 E., Shelbourne Falls Krikorian, Norman S., ' 36 E., 1 Summer St., Newburyport Kritzman, Saul A., ' 36 E., 90 Capen St., Dorchester Kruchas, Fted A., ' 38 B.A., 21 St. George Ave., Norwood Krukonis, Algerd W., ' 38 E., 23 Springfield St., Cambridge Kuczek, Rudolph, ' 37 E., 74 Plain St., Taunton Kulakofski, Alexander, ' 37 E., 108 Blossom St., Chelsea Kussmaul, Charles C, ' 37 E., 5 Whiting St., Dedham Lajoie, Louis J., ' 35 B.A., 49 Nursery St., Whitman Lake, Roger J., ' 38 E., 43 Lothrop Ave., Milton L ' Amoureux, Donald E., ' 38 E., Main St., Norton Landry, Walter J., ' 36 E., Paine Rd., North Attleboro Lane, John S., ' 37 E., 430 Riverside Dr., New York City Lang, Carleton, ' 38 E., 222 1-2 Belmont St., Brockton Langenfeld, John B., ' 37 E., 10 Quincefield St., Boston Lans, Ahti W., ' 35 E., Chapman St., Walpole Lauckner, Charles G., ' 36 E., 37 Porter St., East Lynn Laughton, John M., ' 37 E., 180 Oxford St., Portland, Maine Leach, Norman C, ' 37 E., Lowell St., Peabody Leavitt, Clayton E., ' 36 E., Ill Old Connecticut Path, Framingham LeClerc, Horace G., ' 37 E., Tuxedo Park, New York Ledger, Walter J., ' 37 E„ 98 Queensberry St., Boston Leeman, Stanley P., ' 38 E., 574 Central St., Lowell LeMay, Carl F., ' 37 E., 90 Emerson St., Haverhill Lenfest, Leslie W., ' 37 E., 14 Hillside Rd., Watertown Lengel, Albert, ' 37 E., 26 Ledyard Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Lengevich, Joseph W., ' 38 E., 109 Business Sr., Boston Lent, George K., Jr., ' 38 B.A., 11 Caledonia Ave., West Roxbury Leone, Antonio, ' 37 E., 32 Arlington PL, Brighton Leonti, Patrick J., " 35 E., 46 Woodrow Ave., Boston Lerer, Harold, ' 38 E., 91 Gates St., Lowell Lesburg, Samuel, ' 36 E., 15 Gilmer St., Mattapan Less, Harry, ' 35 E., 9 Allen St., Boston Letourneau, Charles V., ' 36 E., 23 Osceola St., Hyde Park Levy, Leo L., ' 36 B.A., 27 Bismark Terr., Rochester, N. Y. Lewis, Alfred H., ' 35 E., 80 Mill Rd., Acushnet Lewis, Earl R., ' 35 B.A., 62 East Washington St., Rutland, Vt. Lewis, John E., ' 36 E., 83 Pearson Rd., West Somerville Lewis, John W., ' 36 E., 98 Foundry St., South Easton Lewis, Robert H., ' 38 E., 53 Pequossette Rd., Belmont Lincoln, Alfred H., ' 37 E., 120 Walker St., Taunton Lind.John M., ' 35 E., Main St., Norwell Linda, Arvey H., ' 36 E., 17 Highland Aye., Roxbury Lindbloom, John A., ' 37 E., 40 Lothrop St., Beverly Linscott, Frederick P., ' 35 B.A., 12 Carlton Rd., Waban Lipson, Paul M., ' 36 E., 77 John St., Pitrsfield Lloyd, Donald M., ' 38 E., 151 Chestnut St., Fairhaven Lloyd, Frederick N., ' 35 E., 85 Storey Ave., Newburyport Locke. Edward F., ' 35 E., Canaan, Vt. Locke, Richard M., ' 35 E., 28 Foskett St., Somerville Locke, Warren C, ' 38 E., 177 Gainsboro St., Boston Lockwood, Aaron L., ' 38 B.A., 58 Adella Ave., West Newton Lord, Kenneth M., ' 36 E., 85 Jenness St., Lynn Love, Lawrence W., ' 38 B.A., 460 Union Ave., Framingham Lowd, Ernest N., ' 38 E., 68 Thompson St., Amesbury Luck, Harold, ' 38 E., 93 Nightingale St., Dorchester Lund, Roger W., ' 36 B.A., 16 Linwood St., Saugus Lyons, Thomas D., ' 36 E., Old Connecticut Path, Wayland MacDonald, Forrest F., ' 36 E., 25 Chilcott PL, Jamaica Plain MacDonald, Robert W., ' 35 B.A., 153 Trenton St., Meltose MacFawn, Warren, ' 38 E., 83 Summer St., Boston MacKenzie, Alfred K., ' 37 E., 55 Joy St., Boston MacKenzie, Kenneth W., ' 36 E., 64 Linden St., Reading MacKenzie, William E., ' 37 E., 65 Elm St., Melrose Mackiernan, Donald W., ' 37 E., 58 Queensberry St., Boston MacLean, Norman, ' 37 E., 55 Glover Ave., Quincy MacLean, Wallace K., ' 36 B.A., 11 Benjamin Rd., Belmont MacLeod, Donald D., ' 38 B.A., 69 Cedar Rd., Belmont MacLeod, Donald H., ' 35 E., 201 Lakeside Ave., Marlboro MacLeod, Duncan W., ' 36 E., 13 White PL, Brookline MacNulty, Victot M., ' 35 E., 81 Wallace St., Maiden Macomber, Kenneth N., ' 36 E., 118 Washington St., Hudson MacRae, Kenneth, ' 37 E., 7 Massachusetts Ave., E. Natick MacSween, Kenneth D., ' 36 B.A., 46 High St., South Hanson Magee, Ftancis H., ' 36 E., 3 Meriam St., Greenwood Magnant, Lawrence C, ' 37 E., 54 Walker St., North Quincy Magoon, Hetbert W., ' 38 E., 30 Sunset Rd., West Soraetville Maguire, Francis J., ' 36 E., 178 Hancock St., Stoneham Maguire, Virgil D., ' 35 E., 131 Black Rock Ave., New Britain, Conn. Mahaffy, Reid A., ' 38 E., Argyle, N. Y. Mahakian, Hairy J., ' 37 B.A., 1174 Boylston Sr., Brookline Mahoney, Francis, ' 38 E., 152 Cummins Highway, Roslindale Malaguti, Neno A., ' 36 B.A., 436 Washington St., Wellesley Hills Malatesta, Andtew C, ' 36 E., 160 Main St., Woburn Marchant, Mason E., ' 37 E., 5 Varick Rd., West Roxbury Marchese, Joseph H, ' 35 E., 82 College St., Middletown, Conn. Marlow, Leon F., ' 38 E., 465 Massachusetts Ave., Boston Marshall, Alfred L., ' 38 E., 27 Vine St., Melrose Martensen, Arthur O., ' 38 E., 135 Glendale St., Everett Mattin, Arthur G., ' 37 E., 583 Rivetside Dr., New York City Marrin, Frederick J., ' 35 E., 5 First St., Saugus Marrin, RandolphJ , ' 38 E., 683 Main St., Watertown Marrinson, John, ' 35 E., 36 Hubbard St., Concord Mason, Lewis G., ' 37 E., Deerfoor Rd., Southboro Mason, Otto C, ' 38 B.A., 393 Pleasant St., South Weymouth Mather, George H., ' 35 E., 18 Carroll Cr., New London, Conn. Matonis, Joseph, ' 36 E., 89 Wilson St., Haverhill Matter, Roger E., ' 35 E., Balboa, Canal Zone Matthews, Robett W., ' 35 E., Groveton, N. H. Maxim, Charles O., ' 36 E., 136 Pleasant St., Wakefield Mayberry, Joseph S., ' 37 E., 18 Haskell St., Prides Crossing Maynard, Arthur J., ' 38 E., 92 Waltet St., Roslindale Maynatd, Hamilton M., ' 37 E., 11 Adams St., Fair Haven, Vt. McAleer, Harold E., ' 37 E., 21 South Canton St., Lowell McArrhur, Donald, ' 36 E., 200 Elmwood St., Norrh Attleboro McAuliffe, Maurice F., ' 37 E., 28 Belvidere St., Boston McCann, Donald J., ' 37 E., 48 Circuit Ave., Newton Highlands 224 The Class of 1935 cordially invites you to attend the Junior rom 115 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN M— N— O McCarthy, James S., ' 37 E., 398 Bowdoin St., Boston McCuish, W. Ftancis, ' 35 E., 5 Lookout St., Gloucester McCusker, Joseph J., ' 38 B.A., 64 Lundberg St., Lowell McEleney, Edward P., ' 35 E., 7 Cedar St., Mattapan McElhinney, George H., ' 36 E., 19 Marshall St., Watettown McGann, Joseph C, ' 37 E., 9 Fairfield St., Watettown McGee, Edward J., ' 38 B.A., 12 Williams St., Brookline McGee, Hamilron B., ' 35 B.A., 492 Ashmont St., Dorchesrer McGovern, Francis E-, ' 36 E., 46 Farquhar Sc, Roslindale McGuckian, Augustus P., " 36 E., 65 Durnell Ave., Boston Mclntyre, William S., ' 36 E., 13 Arcwill St., Milton McKinoey, Walter L., ' 36 B.A., 381 Hillside Ave., Hartford, Conn. McKinnon, Paul S., ' 35 E., 25 Bay State Rd., Boston McNamara, Edward W., ' 37 B.A., 26 West Cottage St., Dotchester McRae, Albert H., ' 38 E., 30 Pine St., Taunton McRobert, William E., ' 37 E., 9 Parkman St., Natick McWatters, Frederick S., ' 35 E., 27 Isabella St., Boston Meadowcroft, Harry S., ' 38 E., 36 Washington Ave., Andover Means, Frederic C, ' 37 E., Bowen St., Newton Centre Meggison, Ernest J., ' 38 B.A., 3 Graves Ave., Lynn Mehlhorn, William W., ' 36 E., 70 Third St., Manchester, N. H. Melenchuk, Samuel, ' 37 E., 96 Fourth St., Chelsea Melville, Allen N., ' 37 E., 45 Newcomb St., Quincy Melzard, Douglas E., " 35 E.. 44 New Ocean St., Swampscott Meriam, Frank G., ' 35 E., 71 Hillside Ave., Melrose Merriam, Ellery C, ' 37 E., 56 Thetford Ave., Dorchester Merrikin, Frederick, ' 36 E., Overlook Rd., Randolph Merritt, Arthur C, ' 37 E., Greenbush St., Sciruate Messer, Earle A., ' 35 B.A., 229 Albion St., Wakefield Messer, Ernest A., ' 36 B.A., 229 Albion St., Wakefield Messer, Richatd O., ' 36 B.A., 229 Albion St., Wakefield Messina, John, ' 35 E., 20 Squire Rd., Revere Meszaros, Leslie J., ' 35 E., 158 Humphrey St., New Haven, Conn. Metcalf, Harry F., ' 36 E„ Weld, Maine Michelson, Bernard H., ' 35 E., 48 Laighton St., Lynn Mickolus, Ftancis E., ' 37 E., 297 Erving Ave., Lawrence Middendorf, Eugene H., ' 36 E., 23 Mitchell Ave., Binghamton, N. Y. Milbrandt, Gerhardt W., ' 35 E., 72 Jacob St., Bristol, Conn. Mildram, John, ' 35 E., 20 Turner St., Newtonville Miller, Albert A., ' 36 E., 10 Btookview St., Dorchester Miller, Leslie L., ' 37 E., 45 Campbell Ave., Revere Miller, Roberc C, ' 36 E., 43 Isabella St., Melrose Highlands Miller, William S., ' 38 B.A., Hackettstown, N. J. Miln, Samuel R., ' 37 E., 18 Royal St., Allston Minkovitz, Morris, ' 36 B.A., 630 Central Ave., Needham Minnis, Gordon A., ' 38 B. A., 36 Toxterh St., Brookline Minzner, Walrer R., ' 36 E., 42 Baremeadow St., Methuen Mitchell, Frederick W., ' 36 E., Tuxedo Park, New York Mitchell, Richard C, ' 36 B.A., 11 Laurel Ave., Waltham Mitchell, Robert G., ' 35 E., 259 Flax Hill Rd., South Norwalk, Conn. Mitchell, William H., ' 37 E., 28 Spaulding St., Boston Molthman, Max, ' 35 E., Stephentown Centre, N. Y. Monroe, Robert J., ' 38 B.A., 225 High St., Brookline Montgomery, EdwardJ., ' 36 E., 408 Marrert Rd., Lexington Mooradian, Shannon, ' 35 E., 31 Grove St., Haverhill Moore, Albert R., ' 36 E., 20 Hastings St., Portland, Maine Moore, G. Herbert, ' 36 E., 76 Harvard St., North Quincy Moore, Raymond J , ' 35 E , 35 Everett Ave., Waiertown Motan, Frederick P., ' 36 E., 102 Bridge St., Newton Motang, Langley U., ' 35 B.A., 20 Lafayette St., Waltham Moraski, Merritt B., ' 38 E., 1525 CentrcSt., Roslindale Mordo, Albert N., ' 36 E., 5 Summer St., Newton Upper Falls Morgan, Harold K., ' 38 E., Perkins Row, Topsfield Morrell, Elroy F.,Jr., ' 37 E., Windham, Maine Morrell, Edwin T., ' 38 E., 41 Grove St., Notth Attleboto Morrill, Ira R., ' 35 E., Warner, N. H. Morrill, Laban C, ' 35 E., 527 Plain St., Stoughton Morris, Hyman S-, ' 35 E., 11 Ashton St., Dorchester Morrison, Sumner L., ' 38 B.A., 41 Wildet St., Dotchester Morse, Gordon A., ' 36 E., 142 Dale Sr , Walrham Morse, Hearh E., ' 37 E., 13 Doane Ave., Beverly Morse, John A., ' 35 B.A., 13 Doane Ave., Beverly Morse, Roberr A., ' 38 E., Paxton Morrellite, Alfred, ' 37 E., 11 Dyer Ave., Everett Mostow, John H., ' 35 E., 79 Sound Ave., Riverhead, N. Y. Mullen, Anthony J., ' 38 B.A., 87 M St., South Boston Munroe, Laurence M., ' 35 E., 2 Perkins Manor, Jamaica Plain Murphy, Daniel J., ' 38 E., 12 Oak St., Beverly Farms Murphy, Jeremiah P., ' 37 E., 44 Pleasant St., Chatlestown Murphy, John J., ' 37 E., 5 Henry St., Belmont Murray, EdwardJ., ' 35 E., 16 Morse St., Woburn Murray, George L., ' 37 E., 35 High St., North Billerica Murray, Vincent A., ' 35 E., 69 Waldeck St., Boston Napolitano, Albert, ' 35 E., 1 Notth Elm St., White River Jet., Vt. Neffinger, Paul T., ' 38 B.A., 91 Warwick Rd., West Newton Neilson, Howard C, ' 35 E., 49 Franklin St., Saratoga, N. Y. Nelson, Alberr E., ' 35 B.A., 88 Brooks Ave., Arlington Nelson, Roy A., ' 36 E., 626 Dudley St., Dorchester Nelson, Stanley A., ' 38 E., 650 South Main St., Randolph Nelson, Wilfrid A., ' 36 E., Monument Beach Nessolini, Gilberr J., ' 37 E., 113 Forest St., Watettown Nevers, Lucien W., ' 36 E., 2A Garfield St., Foxboro ' Newcomb, Richard A., ' 38 E., 110 Blue Hill Ave., Milton Newhall, George W., ' 36 B.A., 29 Laurel St., Melrose Newhall, Ralph A., ' 35 E., 41 Graves Ave., Lynn Newman, Frederick W., ' 37 E., 28 Pratt Ave., Beverly Newron, Emerson H., ' 37 E., 4 Orchard Sr., Salem Nichols, Charles H., ' 37 E., Central St., Fayville Nichols, Frank J., ' 36 E-, 8 Burlington St., Woburn Nickerson, Lorenzo T., ' 37 E-, Remsenburg, Long Island, N. Y. . Noble, Philip F., ' 37 E., 128 Green St., Fitchburg Noden, Bernard J., ' 35 E., 12 Maynard Sr., Maiden Norton, Clare W., 35 E., 117 Elm St., Andover Norwood, Stanley B., ' 38 E., 55 Suffolk Sr., Medford Nowers, Edward S., ' 36 B.A., 43 Somerset St., Lexington Noyes, Fred L., ' 38 E., 71 Bromfield St., Newburyport Noyes, Harry F., ' 38 E., 1960 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington Noyes, Richard W., ' 35 E., 14 Leonard Rd., Melrose Nutt, Milton W., ' 35 B.A., 609 Main St., Wakefield Nye, Wendell A., ' 35 B.A., Academy Hill, Westminstet Oakes, Atnold, ' 38 E., 6 Heatn Ave., Taunton Obenauer, Frederick H., ' 37 B.A., 75 East Main St., Norwich, N. Y. O ' Brien, Francis L., ' 38 E., 408 Ash Sr., Brockton O ' Btien, John T., ' 36 B.A., 26 Greylock Rd., Allston O ' Brien, John W., ' 37 B.A., 3 Porter Terr., West Roxbury O ' Brien, Thomas P., ' 37 E., 76 Patten St., Forest Hills O ' Connor, Daniel J., ' 37 B. A., 22 Terrace Sr., Boston Odabashian, Edwin T., ' 36 E., 486 Hillside St., Holyoke O ' Donnell, Atthur J., ' 37 E., 4 O ' Dell Square, Salem Ogin, Roberr W., ' 38 E., 103 Downing St., Plymouth, Pa. Ogonowski, John S., ' 37 E., 85 Wheeler St., Dracut Ojamaki, Olavi, ' 36 E., Ashby Olcott, Gordon S., ' 37 B.A., Hillside Ave., Amesbury O ' Leary, Cornelius F., ' 37 B.A., 192 Boylston St., Jamaica Plain 226 Qompliments of The Cfass of 1936 in DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN P— 0— R Olsen, Robert W., ' 37 E., 299 Corey St., West Roxbuty Olson, Charles J., ' 36 E., 51 Townsend Ave., Newburgh, N. Y. Olson, Eric H., ' 36 E., 35 Indian Hill, Worcester Olson, George W., ' 35 E., 27 Elijah St., Woburn Olson, Harry C, ' 36 B.A., 946 Huntington Rd., Sttatford, Conn. Olson, Knut H., ' 38 E., 247 Market St., Brockton Olson, O. Victor, ' 35 B.A., 109 Arch St., Meriden, Conn. Olver, Manley D., Jr., ' 38 B.A., 414 Freedley St., Norristown, Penn. Onoprienko, Francis T., ' 37 E., 38 Conant St., Roxbuty Orcutt, Kennerh I., ' 37 E., 68 Cedar St., Rockland, Maine Otis, Willis P., ' 37 E., 9 Hillside Ave., Andovet Owen, Edward C, ' 35 B.A., 44 First St., Taunton Packard, Darel O., ' 36 E., 54 Main St., Hull Packard, Shirley W., ' 37 E., Main St., Freeport, Maine Page, Carroll A., ' 38 E., 92 Grant St., Bangor, Maine Pagliuso, Michael, ' 36 E., 50 Beacon St., Chelsea Pai, E. Whan, ' 35 B.A., Kimhai, Korea Palmer, Arland R., ' 37 B.A., 13 Charles St., St. Johnsbury, Vr. Palmer, Howard C, ' 37 E., 118 East Main St., Angelica, N. Y. Papantonion, Geotge, ' 35 E., 332 Longwood Ave., Boston Pardee, Curtis G., ' 36 E., Main St., Bolton Patecchanian, Sooren, ' 36 E., 695 Shawmut Ave., Boston Patker, George B., ' 38 E., 56 Norfolk St., Cambtidge Parker, Robert C, ' 36 E., 113 Pleasant St., Orange Parker, Stanley G., ' 38 E., 44 Washington St., Wellesley Hills Parnell, John B., ' 36 E.,30 Bircham St., Springfield Parsons, Frederick B., ' 38 B.A., 10 Humbolt St., Cambridge Paskevich, Michael, ' 38 E., Taylor Rd., Nashua, N. H. Pass, Maurice, ' 38 E., 14 Bellevue Sr., Dorchestet Patch, Alfred E., ' 38 E., 146 Srate St., Windsor, Vt. Patch, Chester J., ' 35 E., 39 High St., Ipswich Patterson, James A., ' 35 B.A., 6 Home St., Lawrence Patton, Frederick W., ' 36 B.A., 54 Cottage St., Meltose Paul, William C, ' 37 E., 3 Everard St., Worcester Paulhus, Joseph L., ' 37 E., 86 Henry St., Cambtidge Pauling, Frederick W., " 36 E., Sears Rd., Southboro Paulson, Howard E., ' 35 E., 27 Marblehead St., North Andover Paulson, Richard N., ' 37 E., 86 E. Howard St., Quincy Peabody, Malburne J., ' 37 E., 82 North St., Georgetown Peacock, Winston A., ' 38 E., 109 Harvard St., Quincy Pelletier, Raymond, ' 38 E., 6 Cushing St., Salem Peioquin, Philip F., ' 38 B.A., 20 Tallawanda Dr., Worcester Peoples, Charles F., ' 35 E., 54 Grant Ave., Medford Pepi, Dominic L., ' 35 E., 32 Bridges St., Framingham Perdikis, Harry S., ' 36 E., 374 Common St., Lawtence Perdriau, Harold R. S., ' 35 E., 240 Parkway, Chelsea Perham, J. Newron, ' 38 E., Strafford Rd., Islington Perkins, Charles A., ' 36 E., Oak Hill Rd., Harvard Perry, Henry A., Jr., ' 36 E., 17 Clarendon St., Newtonville Perry, Lester S., ' 37 E-, 17 Yarmouth St., Boston Perry, Willard P., ' 37 E., 35 Fairview Ave., Beverly Pesce, Ernesr, ' 37 E., 510 Washington Ave., Chelsea P etersen, Raymond M., ' 36 E., 25 Ludlow St., Wotcestet Peterson, Charles W., ' 36 E., 42 LaGrange St., West Roxbury Pererson, John E., ' 38 B.A., 21 Bay View Terr., Danvers Peterson, Lawrence M., ' 37 E., Willow St., South Hamilton Peterson, Roberr E., ' 35 E., 13 Arthur St., Danvers Pettides, James M., ' 35 B.A., 339 Park Ave., Worcestet Petrillo, Pasqual P., ' 38 E., 65 Westfield St., West Haven, Conn. Pfeiffer, Robert L., ' 38 E., South St., Bedford Phillips, Hugh, ' 36 E., 172 Beacon St., Boston Phillips, James A., ' 38 E., 1 Dell Ct., Auburn, Maine Piekarski, Leon T., ' 37 E., 9 Neponset Ct., Roslindale Pihl, Geotge E., ' 37 E., 100 Carroll Ave., Brockron Pinard, Roger A., ' 35 E., 270 Roslindale Ave., Roslindale PitB, Wilfrid C, ' 36 E., 76 St. James St., St. John West, N. B., Canada Pluta, Richard W., ' 38 B.A., 88 High St., South Hanson Pollay, Harold A., ' 35 E., 228 Burrill St., Swampscott Polley, Alvin H., ' 36 B.A., 88 Bacon St., Natick Pollingher, Joseph S., ' 37 E., 98 Willowwood St., Dorchester Poltotak, Eugene H., ' 35 B.A., 56 Reservoir St., Cambridge Poole, Robert F., ' 36 E., 76 Verona St., Lynn Pope, William C, ' 35 E., 92 Martland Ave., Brockton Porotti, Rudolph W., ' 35 E., 138 East Main St., Milford Potter, Robert A., ' 36 B.A., Park Ave., Bar Harbor, Maine Powers, Donald W., ' 35 E., 66 Franklin St., Framingham Pratt, Fred N., ' 37 E., 126 Woburn St., Medford Pray, H. Edgar, ' 36 B.A., 60 Glen Cove Ave., Sea Cliff, N. Y. Pray, Lester W., ' 35 E., 761 Belmont St., Belmont Prescott, Benjamin R., ' 38 E., London, N. H. Pritchard, Orland T, ' 38 E., 60 Columbia Rd., Portland, Maine Prouty, Burr L., ' 36 E., 59 Main St., Norrh Hanover Prouty, Robert M., ' 36 E., 38 Benson Sr., Whitman Provost, Warren F., ' 37 E., 209 Austin St., Newtonville Psilekas, Vassil L., ' 38 E., 35 Farrington St., Brockron Purington, Ralph A., ' 37 B.A., Bowdoinham, Maine Puzo, Frank W., ' 37 E., 73 Seymour St., Roslindale Quarrell, George, ' 35 E., 32 Dingley St., Leominstet Quigley, Arthur J., ' 37 E., 10 Weld Ave., Roxbury Quinlan, Edmund J., ' 36 E., 34 Gorham St., Sometville . Quinn, Charles J., ' 37 B.A., 219 Faneuil St., Bnghton Quirk, Thomas, Jr., ' 38 E., 26 Grove St., East Weymouth Rabin, Israel, ' 35 E., Merkine, Lithuania Race, Edmund H., ' 38 E., 54 Bond St., Norwood Rackley, Carle E., ' 36 E., Sebago, Maine Radden, Charles O., ' 36 E., 148 Weld St., Roslindale Rallis, George E., ' 36 E., 167 Cross Sr., Lowell Ramey, Edgar M., ' 35 E., 19 Nikisch Ave., Roslindale Rando, Francis W., ' 36 B.A., 29 Archer St., Lynn Ramsdell, Kenneth B., ' 38 E., 186 East Water Sr., Rockland Randlov, Anders H., ' 38 E., 185 Stimson St., West Roxbury Ransom, Homer P., ' 36 E., 100 Park St., Oshkosh, Wise. Raymond, Ralph C, ' 37 B.A., 24 Goodtich Rd., Jamaica Plain Raymond, Roget C, ' 37 E., 48 St. Petet ' s St., Salem Rebert, Clait E., ' 35 E., Hanover, Pa. Reddin, Joseph W., ' 38 E., 38 Pierce St., Greenfield Redding, Donald C, ' 36 B.A., 55 Pleasanr St., Medfotd Redfield, William A., ' 36 E., Middletown, N. Y. 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Kennerh, ' 35 B.A., 268 Pleasant St., Brockton Rogers, Herbert E., ' 35 E., 59 Hall Ave., West Somerville Rogers, Robert F., ' 38 E., 23 South St., Concord, N. H. Rogers, Thomas H., Jr., ' 37 E., 152 Newport St., Arlingron Rogers, Theodore J., ' 38 E., 65 Argyle St., Melrose Roitman, George H., ' 36 E., 25 McLellan St., Dorchester Rollins, George E., ' 36 B.A., 305 High St., West Medford Rosecaln, Henry, ' 37 E., 18 Reddy Ave., Hyde Park Ross, C. Donald, ' 38 B.A., 336 Belmont St., Brockton Ross, John S., ' 36 E., 305 Corey St., West Roxbury Rouhow, William D., ' 37 B.A., 5 Linden St., Boston Roukes, Donald W., ' 37 B.A., 15 Damon Ave., Melrose Rowell, Walter H., ' 38 E., 18 East St., Wtentham Rowntree, John S., ' 36 E., 24 South Border Rd., Medford Royds, Edmund F., ' 37 E., 445 Church St., North Adams Rubin, Alberr I., ' 38 E., 38 Mallon Rd., Boston Rubin, Harry, ' 38 E., 109 Warren St., Roxbury Ruggles, Stewart H., ' 37 E., 71 Fort Hill St., Hingham Russell, Lester L., ' 35 E., 358 Pleasant St., Melrose Ryan, Charles, ' 37 B.A., 35 Olney St., Dorchester Ryder, Herbert E., ' 36 B.A., South St., Marion Saari, Edward M., ' 37 B.A., Fitzwilliam Depot, N. H. Sackett, Richard B., ' 37 B.A., 71 School St., Springfield Sackrider, James, ' 36 B.A., 31 Besch Ave., Albany, N. Y. Sadler, Albert H., ' 37 E., West Acton Safford, Donald P., ' 35 E., 46 Toppan ' s Lane, Newburyport Saija, Michael A., ' 38 E., 53 Chambers St., Boston Salecker, Anton, ' 37 E., Syosset, N. Y. Salidas, Charles L., ' 36 E., 14 Ridgemont St., Allston Salmela, Oliver R., ' 37 E.,431 Middle St., East Weymouth Sanderson, Robert C, ' 37 E., Forest Grove, Waltham Sandler, Jack, ' 37 E., 1684 North Shore Rd., Revere Sandler, James L, ' 37 B.A., 17 Crescent St., Lowell Sanford, Edward A., Jr., ' 38 B.A., Buzzards Bay Sanford, Harold E., ' 38 E., 36 Bliffin Sr., Fall River Santiago, Florencio, ' 36 E., Oakwood School, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Santos, George J., ' 36 E., 26 Ayrault St., N ewport, R. I. Sarkisian, Edward, ' 35 E., 10 Reservoir Rd., Arlington Saulnier, Francis J., ' 36 E., 6 High St., Haverhill Saunders, Earl R., ' 38 E., 162 Wachusett St., Boston Saunders, Ernest W., ' 37 E., 162 Wachusett St., Boston Saunders, Paul W., ' 38 E., 10 Hilltop Rd., Watertown Savage, James A., ' 36 B.A., 108 Gainsboro St., Boston Savage, Richard, ' 38 E., 108 Gainsboro St., Boston Sawtell, Leroy M., ' 38 B.A., 15 Malone Ave., Westfield Sawyer, Harry E., ' 37 B.A., 28 Fuller Rd., Watertown Saxe, Robert K., ' 36 E., 10 French Ave., South Brainrree Saxon, Joseph J., ' 36 E., 18 Minor St., Boston Scenna, William M., ' 36 E., 137 Laurel St., Melrose Schaller, Ferdinand D„ ' 38 E., 18 Schaller St., South Natick Schelander, Oscar E., ' 35 E., Lowell St., Wobutn Schiavone, Ulderico M., ' 35 E., 16 Keefe Ave., Newron Schutte, Herbert, ' 35 E., New Canaan, Conn. Schwartz, Arrhur, ' 38 B.A., 24 Homesread St., Boston Scott, Edward K., ' 36 B.A., 99 Babson St., Boston Scott, Kenneth R., ' 36 E., 122 Water St., Saxonville Scott, William G., ' 37 B.A., 622 Warren St., Boston Scudder, Denman N., ' 38 B.A., 251 Nelson Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. Scully, Thomas F., ' 37 E., Ansonia, Conn. Segall, Arthur S., ' 35 E., 91 Wheatland Ave., Dorchester Senecal, Wilfred R., ' 37 E., 249 Loring St., Salem Sepinuck, Nathan, ' 36 E., 18 Kirkwood Rd., Brighton Seppala, Albert M., ' 35 E., 1236 Washington St., Gloucester Sequeira, Armando J., ' 36 E., 156 Orchard St., Newark, N.J. Seward, E. Harris, ' 35 B. A., New Hampton, N. Y. Shames, Alberr A., ' 37 E., 125 Hurchings St., Roxbury Shane, Sumner, ' 37 E., 51 Woolson St., Boston Shannon, Harold P., ' 38 E., 8 Newbridge Ave., Woburn Shapiro, Jacob, ' 36 E., 1 Cabot St., Salem Shapiro, Morris, ' 36 E., 1 Cabor Sr., Salem Shaw, C. Russell, ' 37 E., 3 Pinehurst Ave., Methuen Shaw, Joseph C, ' 38 B.A., 14 Brewster St., Plymouth Shaw, Robert A., ' 37 E., 30 Latchmont St., Dorchester Shaw, William A., ' 36 E., 30 Latchmont St., Dorchestet " Shea, John F., ' 37 E., 47 Massasoit St., Mattapan Shedd, John V., ' 35 E., 6 Bradshaw St., Medford Sheehan, James J., ' 37 E., 185 Dover St., Btockton Shefuga, John C, ' 36 E., 189 Nepperhan Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Shelansky, Perer J„ ' 35 E., 380 River St., Havethill Sherry, Charles E., ' 36 E., Massachusetts Ave., Boxboro Shields, Lyle H., ' 35 B.A., Morris, N. Y. Shimer, Richard B., ' 36 E., Wurrsboro, N. Y. Shippee, Allen C, ' 36 E., 53 Prospect St., Gardner Short, Philip, ' 37 E., 120 Greenwood Sr., Dorchester Shube, William P., ' 38 B.A., 48 Atlantic Ave., Marblehead Shulman, Isadore, ' 37 E., 26 Glenwood Rd., Somerville Shuman, Davis, ' 35 E., 122 Arlington St., Lawtence Simonds, John M., ' 37 B.A., 110 Church St., Watertown Simoni, Henry W., ' 37 E., 10 Mechanic St., Newton Upper Falls Simonis, Thomas W., ' 35 B.A., 266 Mansfield St., Sharon Simpson, Robert H., ' 38 E., 122 Homer Ave., Dorchesrer Sinearh, Reginald, ' 35 E., 97 Jefferson St., Dedham Singer, Lewis B., ' 38 B.A., 9 Lafayette Ave., Suffern, N. Y. Sivertson, John N., ' 38 E., 67 Gov. Winthrop Rd., Somerville Sjostrom, Loren B., ' 35 E., 70 Arlingron St., Methuen Skendall, John W., ' 35 E., 65 Camden St., Lynn Slaughter, Ernesr S., ' 38 E., 9 Highland Park Ave., Boston Small, Leslie C, ' 37 E., 28 Stanton Rd., Btookline Small, Philip A., ' 38 B.A., 16 Mineral St., Ipswich Smith, Alfred J., ' 37 E,, 80 Lake St., Brighton Smith, Arrhur M., ' 37 E., Plymouth St., Notth Middleboro Smith, Andrew L., ' 37 E., 8 Guernsey St., Marblehead Smirh, David M., ' 35 B.A., 85 Brook Rd., Sharon Smith, G. Albion, ' 36 E., 12 Myrrle St., Beverly Smith, Lyman T., ' 38 B.A., Main St., South Hanson Smith, Merle C, ' 36 E., 14 Pratt St., Melrose Smith, Philip G., ' 37 E., 11 Pickett St., Beverly 230 Qompliments of The Qlass of 1938 231 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN T— U— V Smith, Ralph G., ' 36 B.A., Vanceboro, Maine Smith, Robert L., ' 37 E., 38 Webster St., Revere Smith, Russell N., ' 38 E., 10 Orchard St., Wellesley Hills Smith, Robert W., ' 37 E., 262 Lynnfield St., Peabody Smith, William A., ' 36 E., 7 Strathmore Rd., Brookline Snyder, Hyman G., ' 38 E., 30 Leston St., Mattapan Soldani, Albert A., ' 35 E., 128 Elm St., Southbridge Somers, Louis, ' 35 E., Sourh St., Wrentham Sommers, George R., ' 36 F.., 59 Blossom St., Arlington Sones, Max, ' 37 E., 28 1-2 Myrtle St., Boston Sorensen, George T., ' 36 E., 30 Falcon St., East Boston Sorrenti, Joseph, ' 37 E., 21 Fremont Ave., Everett Soule, Frank L., ' 37 E., 32 Wachusett Rd., North Weymouth Souther, O. Phillips, ' 36 B.A., 21 Goss Ave., Melrose Spears, Donald R., ' 38 B.A., 165 Aspinwall Ave., Brookline Spencer, Ernest L., ' 36 E., 12 Elks Parkway, Norwood Spencer, Herbert R., ' 38 E., 5 Highland Terr., Taunton Spencer, Paul F., ' 36 B.A., Country Way, Scituate Center Sperry, Foster E., ' 37 B.A., 51 Edward St., East Haven, Conn. Spidle, Alexander G., ' 38 E., 26 Corona St., Dorchester Spitzer, Richard, ' 38 E., 23 Sacramento St., Cambridge Springer, Warren, ' 37 E., 22 Cliff Rd., Newton Upper Falls Squarebngs, John N., ' 37 E., 55 Vernon St., Brookline Staniunas, Anthony J., ' 35 E., 108 Manning St., Hudson Stanley, Joseph M., ' 35 E., 11 Adams Ave., Hyde Park Staples, Richard B., ' 37 B.A., 71 Conomo Ave., Lynn Stasinopoulos, Peter J., ' 38 E., 62 Kenrick St., Brighton Stead, Wiliam H., ' 36 E., 79 Pleasant St., North Andover Steger, Chris F., ' 35 B.A., 11 Davis Ave., Brockton Stein, Julius, ' 37 E., 34 Fremont Ave., Chelsea Stevenson, Amos L., ' 35 E., Champney St., Groton Stevenson, George E., ' 35 E., 12 Fells Avenue Terr., Medford Stevenson, Roger B., ' 37 E., Main St., Cummaquid Stewart, John W., ' 36 E., 2 Otr Square, Revere Stewart, Vechten W., ' 37 E., 203 Claremonr St., Montclair, N. J. Stewart, Walter A., ' 38 B.A., 19 Hoyt St., New Canaan, Conn. Stimpson, Richard M., ' 36 B.A., 45 Snell St ., Brockton Stone, Ashton K., ' 38 E., 88 Walpole St., Norwood Stone, Philip I., ' 35 E., 27 Sammet St., Everett Stone, Robert L., ' 35 E., 173 High St., Andover Stoskus, Thomas N., ' 37 B.A., 48 Sterling St., Worcester Straight, Carl G., ' 37 B.A., 22 Solomon Sr., Attleboro Straighr, Clark J., ' 37 B.A., 22 Solomon St., Attleboro Straw, Leonard H., ' 38 E., 5 Chester St., Melrose Srrecker, Clarence S., ' 36 B.A., 43 Woodleigh Ave., Greenfield Stronach, George E., ' 36 E., 10 Robbins Dr., Wethersfield, Conn. Stubbs, George E., ' 37 E., 361 North Main St., Andovet Stupak, Frank R., ' 38 E., 14 St. John Ave., Norwood Sudak, Constantine, ' 35 E., Main St., Graniteville Sudrabin, Leon F., ' 36 E., Grafton, N. H. Sugerman, Samuel, ' 38 B.A., 216 Paris St., East Boston Sullivan, Chatles D., ' 37 E., 160 South Broadway, Lawrence Sullivan, Eugene F., ' 38 E., 231 Washington St., Arlington Sund, Arvid L., ' 35 B.A., 114 Bucknam St., Everett Surgecoff, Oscar, ' 38 E., 12 Hamilron St., Everett Surovsky, Harold A., ' 38 E., 3 Kensington St., Boston Sutherland, Exiah, ' 35 E., 131 Pleasanr Sr., Cambridge Sutton, Haviland M., ' 37 E., 31 Maple St., Springfield Swanson, Carl R., ' 35 E., 5 Althea St., Dorchester Swanson, Carl R., ' 37 E., 146 Kendrick Ave., Quincy Swanson, Paul C, ' 36 E., 31 Scorland Rd., Reading Sweeney, John A., ' 36 E., 431 Main St.,.Leominster Sylvester, Edwin, ' 38 E., 42 Mill St., Haverhill Szydlowski, Edward J., ' 35 E., 215 Hancock St., Dorchester Tabor, Robert W., ' 38 B.A., 84 Billings St., Lowell Tacito, Cosmo C, ' 37 B.A., 21 Broadway, Somerville Talanian, Albert G., ' 38 B.A., 70 Templeton St., Dorchester Tanzella, Philip, ' 35 E., 1 Lee St., Bevetly Tatel, William, ' 38 B.A., 97 Woodcliff St., Roxbury Taylor, Clement F., ' 36 E., 11 North St., Randolph Taylot, Etwin N., ' 37 E., 18 Barnes St., Waltham Taylor, Frank C, ' 35 E., 201 Fourth St., Fall River Taylor, George E., ' 38 E., Washington Ave., Pottersville Taylor, Harold E, ' 36 E., 20 Sagamore Ave., West Medford Taylor, James, 36 E., 88 Massachusetts Ave., Notth Andover Taylor, Lawrence S., ' 38 B.A., 40 Lafayette Ave., Middletown, N. Y. Taylor, William H., ' 38 E., 31 Humboldr Ave., Bosron Taylor, William R., ' 38 E., 373 North Franklin St., Holbtook Tedford, Ralph W., ' 35 E., 30 Fairmount St., Salem Tedford, Robert C, ' 35 E., 4 Arlington St., Newburyport Temple, George A., ' 36 E., 10 Clinton St., Woburn Temple, John P., ' 35 E., 10 Clinton St., Woburn Templeman, Laurence I., ' 37 B. A., 13 Myrrle St., Saugus Tennant, James C, Jr., ' 38 E., 14 Autumn St., Boston Tetlow, Ralph L., ' 37 E., 63 Redding St., Hartford, Conn. Thayer, William A., ' 37 B.A., 65 Anttim St., Cambridge Theriaulr, George H., ' 38 E., 49 Leach St., Salem Thomas, George W., ' 37 E., 130 Billings St., North Quincy Thomas, Stanley E., ' 35 E., 28 Allerton St., Lynn Thomas, Taylor H., ' 37 B.A., 519 5th Ave., Troy, N. Y. Thompson, Dana S., ' 36 E., Searle St., Georgetown Thompson, Herbert W., ' 37 E., Cirdeville, N. Y. Thompson, Rolland E, ' 36 E., 497 Huntington Ave., Boston Thomson, William W., ' 35 E., 15A School St., Quincy Thorndike, Otis, ' 35 E., 99 Front St., Matblehead " Thwing, Roger W., ' 38 E., 41 Lloyd St., Winchester Tiano, Samuel B., ' 35 E., 296 Chelsea St., East Boston Tierney, Joseph A., ' 37 E., 17 Everett St., Arlington Tilden, George R., ' 37 E., 46 West St., Needham Heights Titus, Constantine L., ' 38 E., 6 Columbus Squate, Boston Titus, James L., ' 38 E., 6 Columbus Square, Boston Tobin, Elwin M., ' 36 E., 7 Melville PI., Lynn Tomaszewski, Bill A., ' 38 E., 126 Etie St., Dorchester Tomlinson, Philip, ' 37 B.A., 558 Cenrral Ave., New Haven, Conn. Tonseth, Didrick L., ' 38 E., Leominster Rd., Lunenburg Towers, Kenneth T., ' 36 E., 44 Wellington St., Brockton Towne, Frederick A., ' 38 E., Rockwood St., Norfolk Townes, Winfred A., ' 35 E., 98 Kendall Sr., Boston Ttachtenberg, Abraham, ' 37 E., 91 Deering Rd., Mattapan Traudt, Stephen C, ' 38 E., 224 Plimpton St., Walpole Travaglino, Horace, ' 38 B. A., 277 Webster St., East Boston Traynor, Charles S., ' 36 E., 25 Fairmonr St., Arlington Trowt, William A., Jr., ' 38 E., Monument St., Wenham Tucker, Charles A., ' 37 E., 302 Maple St., Lynn Tucker, Ernest, ' 37 E., 85 Mill St., Randolph Tuller, William J., ' 35 E., 35 Lilley Rd., West Hattford, Conn. Turner, Joseph P., ' 35 B.A., 21 Jerome Ave., West Newton Turner, Ralph D., ' 35 E., 115 Pleasant St., Wakefield Turner, Robert W., ' 37 E., Cottage St., Bethlehem, N. H. Tuscher, Francis, ' 37 B.A., 1522 Washington St., West Newron Urban, Edward C. J., ' 35 E., 264 Athens St., Boston Urlass, Charles K., ' 38 E., 18 St. John St., Jamaica Plain Urmson, William G., Jr., ' 36 E., 1217 Whirney Ave., New Haven, Con Vaccaro, Leonard, ' 37 E., Cirdeville, N. Y. Vackert, Carl H., ' 35 E., 45 Rosedale St., Dorchester Vaine, Gerald F., ' 35 B.A., 178 South Miin St., Middletown, Conn. 232 Privately Printed This 1934 Cauldron is a fine example of a limited edition, privately printed. The staff of this book and an increasing number of other private publishers have been turning to organizations which specialize in the production of fine brochures, magazines, and privately printed books. For more than a century The Andover Press has served such publishers, planning and printing class annuals, descriptive booklets, genealogies, and other quality publications. THE ANDOVER PRESS ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Andover 143 School and College Printers for over a Century 233 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN V— w W— Y— Z VanBuren, Darrell, ' 36 E., Stottville, N. Y. VanBuren, Myers, ' 38 E., Stottville, N. Y. Vandersloot, Petet R., ' 37 E., 17 Moorland St., Williamstown VanDusen, Richard M., ' 36 B.A., Madison, N. H. VanVessem, George E., ' 35 E., Warwick, N. Y. Varney, Wilbur R., ' 37 E., 72 Wallace St., Maiden Varrell, Leonard W., ' 35 E., 3 Abbot St., Marblehead Vermilyea, Rex W., ' 38 E., 38 Whittier Rd., Wellesley Hills Vogel, Anthony F., ' 37 E., 72 Thorndike St., Arlington Vogel, Eugene J., ' 36 E., 4 Clarendon Ct., Roslindale Vultaggio, Mario, ' 35 E., 181 Salem St., Boston Wade, Kenneth S. B., ' 38 E., Main St., West Dennis Wagenknecht, Frank H., ' 36 E., 28 Mountain St., Rockville, Conn. Wagner, Richard M., ' 35 E., 27 Gloucester Ave., Gloucester Wakenigg, John H., ' 35 E., 204 Long Hill Ave., Shelton, Conn. Walden, Arnold F., ' 37 B.A., 20 Holden Rd., Belmont Wallace, Thomas M., ' 36 E., 1093 South Main St., Attleboro Walsh, Edmund A., ' 37 E., 307 Highland Ave., Somerville Walker, Robert H., ' 35 E., 312 Montcalm St., Fairview Wallin, Carl A., ' 36 E., 358 West St., Randolph Walsh, Hubert J., ' 38 B.A., 27 Ware St., Cambridge Waltets, Anthony F., ' 35 E., 155 Milton St., East Dedham Waltonen, Paavo H., ' 36 E., 29 Gay Ave., Walpole Warchol, Michael F., ' 36 E., 21 Gilbert Ave., Haverhill Wasserman, Nathan A., ' 37 B.A., 248 Buckminster Rd., Brookline Watt, Kingdon R., ' 37 E., 26 Jerome St., Boston Watts, William F., ' 35 E., 88 Church St., Boston Webb, H. Albert, ' 38 E., Asbury Grove Webster, Willatd C, ' 36 E., Barton, Vt. Weiner, Louis, ' 37 B.A., 121 Howland St., Boston Welch, James, ' 37 E., 12 Ceylon St., Dorchester Welch, William J., ' 35 B.A., 76 Albion St., Somerville Wentworth, Robert B., ' 35 B.A., 35 Williams St., Brookline Wentvvorth, John G., ' 38 B.A., 8 Griswold Ct., Uxbridge Wenzlow, William, ' 37 B.A., 52 Brooks Ave., Arlingron Wernick, Hymie, " 36 E., 1861 Northampton St., Holyoke West, Paul B., ' 36 E., 85 Millvale Rd., Haverhill West, Stanley E., ' 35 E., 1 Bayberry Rd., Worcester Westdahl, Erik W., ' 37 E., 188 Mamaroneck Rd., White Plains, N. Y. Wheeler, William R., ' 38 E., 67 Sanford St., Melrose Whelpley, George A., ' 35 E., Brownville Junction, Maine Whidden, Ftank S., ' 37 E., 26 Holt St., Belmont Whitcomb, Squire L., ' 36 E., 63 Sanford St., Melrose White, Abiathat, ' 36 E., 279 Winthrop St., Taunton White, Bradford C, ' 37 E., 51 Talcon Ave., Springheld White, Harry, ' 37 B.A., 90 Forest Hills St., Jamaica Plain White, Kenneth P., ' 36 B.A., 97 Pinckney St., Boston White, Robett K., ' 36 E., 130 Chestnut St., Cambridge White, William T., ' 36 E., 3 State St., East Milton Whiting, Francis C, ' 36 E., 3 Massasoit St., Plymouth Whitney, Charles A., ' 36 E., 20 Whittier St., Beverly Whittemore, Ralph C, ' 37 E., 14 Shaw Ave., Attleboro Whitten, William M., ' 35 E., 14 Fetndale Rd., Wollaston Whittier, Roderick P., ' 38 B.A., 14 Smith St., Woodsville, N. H. Wiederkehr, Byron J., ' 36 E., 85 Glendale St., Revere Wignot, Joseph T., Jr., ' 35 B.A., 61 Summer St., Nanck Wilcox, Franklin W., ' 37 E., Kendrick Rd., Greenwood Wilder, Henry C, ' 36 E., 97 Bodwell St., Lawrence Willard, Alan K., ' 35 E., 1 Kirk St., Nashua, N. H. Williams, Arnold W., ' 35 B.A., 151 Porter St., Melrose Williams, Edwin T., ' 36 E., 189 Ailanric St., Quincy Williams, Gilbert E., ' 36 E., Sandy Creek, N. Y. Williams, William T., ' 38 B.A., 161 Baker St., West Roxbuty Wilner, Marvin J., ' 37 E., 49 Petet Parley Rd., Jamaica Plain Wilson, Charles, ' 35 E., South Main St., Cohasset Wilson, David B., ' 38 B.A., Church St., Wilmington Wilson, Jack, ' 38 E., 319 Huntington Ave., Boston Wilson, Robert P., ' 37 E., 37 Mt. Vernon St., Dorchester Wintle, J. Donald, ' 35 E., 17 Ann St., West Pittston, Pa. Wirling, Richard A., ' 37 E., 2 Raymond Ave., Beverly Wise, Alfred J., ' 36 E., Tiverton, R. I. Wiseman, John F., ' 36 E., 26 Clayton St., Maiden Wolkouski, VaclavoJ., ' 37 E, 453 Charles St., Medford Wolowicz, Chester H., ' 37 E., 138 West 9th St., South Boston Wood, Donald E., ' 37 B.A., Morrisonville, N. Y. Woods, Donald L., ' 37 E., 77 Franklin St., Keene, N. H. Woodward, Carlton A., Jr., ' 35 E., 67 Taunton Ave., Norton Woodward, Robert L., ' 38 E., 264 Main St., Kingston Woodworth, Harold T., ' 37 E., 174 Sr. Botolph St., Boston Wright, John R., ' 38 E., 16 Greenfield Ave., Summit, N. J. Wright, Samuel H., ' 36 E., 36 Thorndike St., Brookline Yaffe, Isadore, ' 37 E., 12 Bloomingdale St., Chelsea Yancey, William D., ' 38 E., 83 Martland Ave., Brockton Yanofsky, Abraham, ' 37 B.A., 5 Robinson St., Saugus Yarchin, Erick F., ' 35 E., 213 Amory St., Jamaica Plain Yer anian, Samuel, ' 35 E., 1398 Commonwealth Ave., Allston Yesikenas, Peter, ' 37 E., 21 West St., Norwood Yoffa, Yana, ' 38 E., 55 Waldeck St.; Boston Young, Charles S., Jr., ' 38 E„ Lowell St., West Peabody Young, William L., ' 38 E., 230 Hemenway St., Boston Zacher, Robert C, ' 37 E., 106 Park PI., Irvington, N. J. Zagalsky, Isidor, ' 36 B.A., Ferndale, N. Y. Zaichuk, Edward J., ' 36 E., 43 Munroe St., Somerville Zamarro, Danti, ' 38 E., 50 Adams St., Worcester Zicko, Peter, ' 37 E., 216 North Main St., Natick Ziegler, Elmer H., ' 37 E., 40 Warren St., Arlington Zimmerman, Robert E., ' 36 E., 11 Ptatt St., Allston Zuffante, Fortunato P., ' 35 E., 423 Broadway, Somerville Zwerchkenbaum, Robert, ' 38 B.A., 41 Hodges Ave., Taunton 234 barren Eap anttne tubtog Ml NEW ENGLAND ' S LEADING COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHER 1934 Class Photographer 160 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON • MASSACHUSETTS Tel. HANcock 0743-0744 235 Howard Wesson New England ' s Largest College Annual Designers and Engravers { Engravers for this Book HOWARD-WESSON CO Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates 44 Portland Street (Printers Building) WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 3-7266 236 NORTHEASTERN U NIVERSIT Y DA Y SCHO OLS School of Engineering Courses in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Industrial Engineering leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science. Class room theory and professional practice co-ordinated. Students earn part of their college expenses. School of Business Administration Courses in Business Administration leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administra- tion. Conducted on the co-operative plan. College courses and actual practice combined. Students earn part of their college expenses. EVENING SCHOOLS Admit Men and Women School of Law Course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Case method of instruction. Faculty of practicing lawyers trained in the best day law schools. Graduates of the School successful in the practice of the law and in business. School of Business Courses in Professional Accounting, Business Administration, and combined Law and Business leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. Graduate program for college men leading to the degree of Master of Business Administration. Special four-year course in Accounting for those desiring intensive specialization. Lincoln Schools Courses in the various branches of engineering and secondary school courses for general education, or for admission to college, are offered at convenient evening hours through the Lincoln Institute and the Lin- coln Preparatory School. The Lincoln School of Liberal Arts offers evening courses leading to the Associ- ate in Arts degree. Apply for admission now For further information concerning any of the above schools, write or telephone to the Head of the School in which you are interested. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 316 Huntington Avenue, Boston Telephone KEN more 5800 237 BOOK INDEX Accounting Club 115 A. C. S Ill Advertisements 211 A. I. E. E 110 Alpha Kappa Sigma 138 A. S. M. E 109 Athletic Scores . 194 Bacchanalians 134 Band 128 Banjo Club 135 Banking Club 114 Baseball 188 Basketball 168 Beta Gamma Epsilon 140 Board of Trustees 12 B. S. C. E 108 Cauldron Board 8, 102 College Year 75 Dean Ell 14 Dean Melvin 15 Dedicarion 6 Directory of Underclassmen 212 Editorial 10 EtaTauNu 142 Faculty 16 Football 162 Fore Paw Key Society 100 Freshman Class 74 Gamma Phi Kappa 156 Glee Club 132 " Gold In The Hills " 126 Handbook 103 High School Clubs 122 Hockey 172 Page Inter-Fraternity Council 137 International Relations Club 117 Junior Class 68 Kappa Zeta Phi . 148 Law Club 116 Lettermen 198 Literary 199 Management Club 113 Mathematics Club 118 Middler Class 70 News 104 Nu Epsilon Zeta 144 . Orchestra 130 Phi Beta Alpha 150 Phi Gamma Pi 152 President Speare 13 Radio Club . . . ' 119 Rifle Club . . 120 Rifle Team 190 Senate 94 Senior Class 27 Sigma Delta 158 Sigma Kappa Psi 146 Sigma Phi Alpha 154 Sigma Society 96 S. I. E 112 Sophomore Class 72 State Clubs 122 Student Council 92 Student Union 98 Tennis Club 121 Track 176 238 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Andover Press, The 233 Bates Klinke, Inc 219 Class of 1935 225 Class of 1936 227 Class of 1937 229 Class of 1938 231 Consolidated Bus Agency 215 Fraternities 223 Gainsboro Pharmacy, Inc 219 Gainsboro Press 213 General Ice Cream Company 217 Hirsh, Leo 211 Howard-Wesson Company 236 Hussey Mfg. Co " 221 McKenzie Engraving Co 213 Morgan Linen Service, Inc 217 News, Northeastern 221 Norris Drug Company 219 Northeastern University 237 Putnam ' s Cafe 215 Rawding Lines, Inc. 217 Rosen, J. R . 215 Uptown Garage Inc 217 Vantine, Warren Kay Studio 235 239

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