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; i t e ' « GAULDRQK 1933 PUBLISUt D E)Y ■ TUC ■ SfNIORCL lSS • or NOKTUf A5TC( N UNIVf RSITY BOSTON • MASSACWUSCTTS BoAJriAic— NX in Copyrighted, 1929, by Edttors-hi-chief JAMES J. HOULAHAN VALMORE R. GRAMMONT Ma7iaging Editor ERIC C. LIFNER CONTENTS Dedication President of the University ice-President of the University Trustees of the .University Board of Governors Faculty Senior Album Engineering .... Business Administration Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class College Year . Activities Musical Organizations Publications Athletics .... Fraternities Short Turns and Encores Advertising and Undergraduate Directory page 5 6 7 9 10 11 25 26 58 67 73-78 79-84 85-92 93-122 123-136 137-142 143-162 163-198 . 199 Foreword May these pages bring to you in later years memories of weary hours of work — happy hours of play — hours of ser- vice to Northeastern. Though the knowledge gathered in these hours may be forgotten or put aside, we shall never forget what has been especially stressed and which is most important for future success and a happy life — what price the worth of friendship. To ALBERT EDWARD WHITTAKER and ALFRED D ' ALESSANDRO Two men whose advice and counsel have shown us the true spirit of co-operation through these foiu ' years, we, the CUass of igaq, do dedicate this volume. Frank Palmer Speare, LL.B., M.H. President of the University Carl Stephens Ell, A.B., S.B., M.S. Vice-President of Northeastern University and Dean of the Schools of Engineering and Business Administration =3 Z Z z U H w X D n z o o i L Board of Trustees Arthur Stoddard Johnson, Chairman Albert Harmon Curtis, V ice-Chairman Galen David Light, Secretary ILLIAM Edward Adams Alfred Harlovve Averv Harold Adams Bellows Washington Irving Bullard W iLLiAM Converse Chick Paul Foster Clark Walton Lee Crocker William James Davidson Robert Gray Dodge Henry Bradley Fenno Benjamin Alvey Franklin Franklin Wile Ganse Robert Treat Benjamin Wright Guernsey Henry Gardner Lord Ernest Lovering Francis Pope Luce ' ILLIAM Everett Macurda Edward Fuller Miner Arthur Perry ' , Jr. Thomas Hasting Russell Sabin Pond Sanger Charles Peck Sisson Frank Palmer Speare Francis Robert Carnegie Steele Paine Storer Board of Trustees of Permanent Funds Frank Palmer Speare, Chairman Ernest Lovering, Treasurer Galen David Light, Secretary Albert Harmon Curtis Walton Lee Crocker Arthur Stoddard Johnson Sabin Pond Sanger Francis Robert Carnegie Steele T 1 L Board of Governors Albert Harmon Curtis, Chairman Galen David Light, Secretary WiLMAN Edward Adams Robert Gray Dodge Asa Samuel Allen Henry Bradlee Fenno William Converse Chick Arthur Stoddard Johnson Walton Lee Crocker William Everett Macurda Albert Browne Curtis Frank Palmer Speare Francis Robert Carnegie Steele General Officers and the Executive Council Galen David Light, A.B. Secretary and Comptroller of the University Carl Stephens Ell, A.B., M.S. Vice-President of the University Everett Avery Churchill, A.B., Ed.D. Vice-President of the University Frank Palmer Speare, M.H., LL.B. President and Founder of Northeastern University 10 AULD Galen David Light A.B.- Secretary and Comptroller WiNTHROP Eliot Nightingale A.B., S.B, Director of Co-operative Work Assistant Professor of Civil Engineeritig John Butler Pugsley A.B. Director of School Administration . Assistant Professor of Mathematics Turner Flowers Garner A.B., A.M., Ed.M. Director of Education Harold Wesley Melvin A.B., A.M. Director of Student Activities Professor of English Edward Snow Parsons B.C.E. Assistant Professor of Physical Training Director of Health and Physical Training Instructor in Mathematics 12 CAULDRt Milton John Schlagenhauf A.B., B.D., M.A. Professor of Industrial Engineering Director of Admissions Samuel Abbot Smith Strahan Professor of Chemistry Head of Department of Chemical Engineering I: % William Lincoln Smith S.B. Professor of Electrical Engineering Head of Electrical Engineering Department Joseph Spear A.B. Professor of Mathematics Head of Department of Mathematics Joseph Arthur Coolidge S.B. Professor of Physics Head of Department of Physics Henry Bissell Alvord B.S. Professor of Civil Engineering Head of Civil Engineering Department 13 CAl ILj James Warren Ingalls B.S., C.E. Professor of Industrial Engineering Head of Department of Industrial Engineering George Francis Ashley Associate Professor of Drawing Joseph William Zeller S.B. Professor of Mechanical Engineering Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering Coach of Track Alfred John Ferretti S.B. Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Robert Bruce B.C.S., M.C.S. Professor of Accounting Chairman Department of Accounting Roland Guyer Porter B.E.E. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering 14 CA L } Emil Anton Gramstorff B.S. Associate Professor of Civil Engineering A. Arthur Capone B.S.iN Ed., M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology Eliot F. Tozer Associate Professor of Drauing He a J of Department of Drauing George Blodgett Gee C.E. Assistant Professor of Drawing Stanley Goddard Estes Associate Professor of Social Sciences Chairman of Department of Social Sciences Chester Packard Baker B.Ch.E. Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering 15 CA1 LJi Frederick Arlington Stearns B.S. Assistant Professor of Mechnnkal Engineering Albert Edward Whittaker B.M.E. Assistant Professor of Physics Henry Edward Richards B.S., B.S. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering William Jefferson Alcott, Jr. B.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics George Wesley Towle B.S. Assistant Professor of Co-ordinations Assistant Director of Co-operative Work Waldemar Stanwood McGuire B.S. Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering 16 CA Lj ) HoLLEY Stetson W ikkfield B.S., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Trentwell Mason W hite B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of English Alfred D ' Alessandro B.C.S., LL.B., C.P.A. Assistant Professor of Finance Head of Finance Department Charles Oscar Baird Instructor in Civil Engineering Frederick illiam Holmes A.B. Assistant Professor of English Rurus Hallowell Bond A. B., LL.B. Coach of Basketball and Baseball 17 CA L n A Arthur Bird Montgomery B.B.A. Assistant to the Director of School Administration Ervin Holbrook Lewis B.E.E. Instructor in Electrical Engineering Forrest Meldon Hatch S.B. Instructor in Physics William Thurlow Alexander B.M.E. Instructor in Alechanical Engineering Leopold Frederick Strauss Ph.D. Instructor in German Lewis Emery Cobb B.E.E. Instructor in Electrical Engineering 18 CAI ILjJI Bernard Gabine A.B., A.M. Instructor in Statistics and Administration Derwood Austin Newman B.S. Instructor in Chemistry iLFRED Stanley Lake A.B., A.M. Instructor in Industrial Engineering Edward Ringrose Place Ph.B. Director of Publicity »» V George Harris Meserve, Jr. B.C.E. Instructor in Drawing William Crombie White B.E.E. Alumni Secretary 19 (fD eA A Frederick Chase Allen B.S. Instructor in English Everett Carter Marston A.B. Instructor in English Albert Ellsworth Everett B.C.E. Co-ordinator of Co-operative Work Ellis Crossman M axcy B.B.A. Instructor in Business Administration Charles A ' illiam Havice A.B., M.A., S.T.B. Instructor in Social Sciences Executive Secretary, Student Union David Priestly Soccer Coach 20 CA ILj )EI Hen ' ry Stephen Richardson A.B. Assistant Director of Admissions James Gregory McGiverx B.M.E. Instructor in Drawing Gordon Dewart Publicity Department erner Olof Nelson Co-ordinator of Co-operative Work Andrew Hawes King B.B.A. Co-ordinator of Co-operative Work Rudolph Oscar M. Oberg B.E.E. Instructor in Co-ordination 21 CA L_JJ iNSLOw Porter S.B., M.A.,- LL.B. 1 tistructor in Business Administration and Finance Harold F. Williamson A.B., M.A. Instructor in Economics H. Nelson Raymond, Jr. B.B.A. Instructor in Business Management Assistant to Director of Student Activities John Leonard Clark B.E.E. Instructor in Mathematics Gerald Russell Tatton B.B.A. Instructor in Business Administration Dr. Henry Arthur Kontote M.D. School Physician 11 CA L ) William Carl Hultgren Physical Director of Freshmen John James Sinnett Instructor in Physical Training Clarence J. McIntire Instructor « Aiathematics and Drawing 23 [Jl UAV THee AUe TlM TELL MB Of youfZ CO-OP TEAVBL-?). Which my oeAKj v al ' N americ v or. c-afs cod ' ? ' DuOT 0 5 CA LDROH Back Row: Weinfeld, Howard, Earl. Fronr Row: Kinghorn, Lookup, Butler, Ranney. Senior Class Officers DIVISION A AND B — ENGINEERING G. E. Lookup W. J. Butler (Division B) 1 J. H. KiNGHORN (Division A) y E. V. Howard (Division A) P. S. Ranney (Division B) S. Earle (Division A) . W. Weinfeld ' Division B) Prof. W ' hittaker President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser 26 L_J Webster Parker Adler Born February 22, 1906 at Somer- . ville, Massachusetts. Home address, 54 Chapel Street, Abington, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Abington High School, 1924. Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Council (2); Field Day Committee; Assistant Class Treasurer (}); Marshal of Husky Parade (2). Chemical Engineering. Chester Anton Akeson B r E Born July 21, 1908 at Beverly, Massachusetts. Home address, 9 Columbus Avenue, Beverly, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Beverlv High School, 1925- A. S. I. E. (3, 4); Senior Social Committee (4); Dean ' s List (4). Industrial Engineering. Clu. CtA ' O ' t John Arnold Anderson ' Born January 13, 1908 at Somer- ville, Massachusetts. Home address, 16 Central Street, West Concord, Massachusetts. Prepared at Concord High School, 1924. Sagitta Society; Junior Nominating Committee; Senior Dues Committee; President, A. S. M. E.; Hockey; Snapshot Editor of Cauldron; Vice-President of Senate; Senate (3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Robert Edwin Anderson Born November 4, 1907 at Provi- dence, Rhode Island. Home address, 89 Cummings Avenue, Wollaston, Massachusetts. Prepared at Quincy High School, 1926. Fraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3); Vice-President of Quincv High School Club (3)- Civil Engineering. Gibbert D-aniel Allen Born July 22, 1905 at Villa Park, New York. Home address, 3 High- land Avenue, Bethel, Connecticut. Prepared at Bethel High School, 1923. Assistant Manager of Bas ket- ball (1 1; Freshman Baseball Team 0);A.I. E. E. Electrical Engineering. St. nley Gilm. n Anderson Born January 22, 1908 at West Somerville, Massachusetts. Home address. Linden Street, South Ham- ilton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Hamilton Hi h School, 1924. Track (1, 2); Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3); In- terclass Basketball (1); Interclass Soccer (2); Interclass Baseball (4); K. I. E. E. (4); Musical Comedy ■Rajah of Kashmir " . Electrical Engineering. How.ARD Hudson Allen Born October 12, 1906 at Brock- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 538 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts. Prepared at Brock- ton High School, 1925- Manager of Track (1, 2, 3); Sagitta Society (2); Officer of Student Union (3, 4); Fraternity Basketball (2, 3). f ' C V m. Sotire Apostole Born April 1, 1900 at Macedonia. Home address, 99 Pembroke Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Prepared at English High School and North- eastern Preparatorv, 1921. N. C, N. S., N. C. S. (2, 3, 4); North- eastern Student Union (1, 2). Chemical Engineering. 27 L Wesley Moses Bacheller : A Born August 27, 1906 at East Lynn, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 33 Daytona Road, East Lynn, Massachusetts. Prepared at Lynn Classical High School, 1925. Track (1); Sagitta Society (2); Cauldron (4); N. C, N. ' S., A. C. S. (2, 3, 4). Chemical Engineering. Philip F. Baggish Born May 15, 1907 at Hartford, Connecticut. Home address, 1969 Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut. Prepared at Hartford Public High School, 1925. Assistant Manager of Concert Orchestra (1); Librarian of Concert Orchestra (2); Manager of Concert Orchestra (3); General Manager of Musical Clubs (4); Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2); Interfraternitv Council (2, 3); Nut- meg State Club (1, 2, 3, 4 A. C. S. (2,3,4). Chemical Engineering. Herman Leroy Bancroft 11 T . Born February 5, 1908 at South Hadley Falls, Massachusetts. Home address, 78 Edwards Street, New Haven, Connecticut. Prepared at Hillhouse High School, New Hav- en, Connecticut, 1924. Varsity Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Social Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Nominating Committee (1, 2, 3); Field Day Committee (3); Sagitta Society (2); Interfra- ternity Council; Dramatic Club (1, 2); A. L E. E.; Musical Comedy " Rajah of Kashmir " . Electrical Engineering. Henry Loren Barstow r n Born April 7, 1902 at Methuen, Massachusetts. Home address, 2 Lincoln Street, Watertown, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Paterson, New Jersey, High School, 1921. GleeClub (.2); Student Council (2); Vice- President of Student Council- (4); Social Committee (2), (4); Student Union (2, 3); Class Baseball (2); Field Day Committee (3); Senior Week Committee (4); Social Com- mittee of B. S. C. E. Civil Engineering. George Worthen Bartlett Born December 13, 1903 at New- buryport, Massachusetts. Home address, 8 Jackson Street, Newbury- port, Massachusetts. Prepared at Newburyport High School, 1925- Secretary of Engineering Conference (3);N.C.,N.S.,A.C. S.(3, 4). Chemical Engineering. Ralph Flint Batchelder B r E Born August 27, 1907 at North Reading, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, North Reading, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Reading High School, 1925. Freshman Wrestling Team; Sophomore Social Com- mittee; Cross Country Team. Mechanical Engineering. ,;yCX ' William J. Bazley N E Z Born August 18, 1905 at Ansonia, Connecticut. Home address, 135 Jackson Street, Ansonia, Connecti- cut. Prepared at Ansonia High School, 1922. Vice-President of Nutmeg State Club (2); President of Nutmeg State Club (3); Inter-Club Bowling (3, 4); Interfraternitv Basketball (3, 4); A. I. E. E. (3, 4); Nominating Committee (3); Caul- dron Board (4). Electrical Engineering. Philip Bellamy Born December 1, 1908 at New- burgh, New York. Home address, 5 Nickerson Street, Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Prepared at New Bedford High School, 1925. A. I. E. E.; Northeastern Ttch (1). Electrical Engineering. 28 Lji Leok L. Berig Z o y Born March 23, 1908 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 15S Warren Street, . llston, Massachu- setts. Prepared at English High School, 1925. Vice-President of Flying Club (3, 4); Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4); Assistant Manager of Soccer (1, 2); Track (2, 3, 4); Class Base- ball (4); Class Hockey (4); A. I. E. E. Electrical Engineering. Fred - . Berxklow Born May 13, 1905 at Hudson, N " e v York. Home address, Thomp- son, Connecticut. Prepared at Tour- tellotte Memorial High School, 1924. Concert Orchestra. Electrical Engineering. WiNTHROp Roger Block r n Born July 30, 1906 at Hartford, Connecticut. Home address, 192 Oxford Street, Hartford, Connecti- cut. Prepared at Hartford High School, 1926. A. S. M. E.; Nutmeg State Club; Track; Interfraternity Basketball; Interclass Hockey. Mechanical Engineering. Chris John Botos Born May 16, 1908 at Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Home address, 860 Rogers Street, Lowell, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Lowell High School, 1925. Electrical Engineering. R.WMOND WlLLI. M Br.AUN r n Born July 25, 1906 at Turners Falls, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, Montague City, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Turners Falls High School, 1924. Track (1, 2); Class Treasurer (1, 2); Secretary, Student Council (2); Sagitta So- ciety (2); Student Council (3); Field Day Committee (3); A. L E. E. (3, 4); Freshman Rush Committee 3, 4); Vice-Chairman of Student Council (4). Electrical Engineering. NoRM.IN VlLLI. M BrEN. N z Born October 21, 1905 at St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Home address, 98 Prince Street, West St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Prepared at St. John High School and Northeastern Prepara- tory, 1925. Field Day Committee (3); Student Union (4). Civil Engineering. Bennett Brest Born January 17, 1907 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 24 Homestead Street, Roxbury, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Boston Eng- lish High School, 1924. Nominating Committee (2);English High School Club (1, 2). Electrical Engineering. Chester Arthur Brown S A Born August 21, 1908 at Glouces- ter, Massachusetts. Home address, 21 School Street, Woburn, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Woburn High School, 1925. Sagitta Society (2); Assistant Manager of Baseball (2, 3); Photographic Editor of Caul- dron (4); N. C, N. S., A. C.S.(2, 3.4). Chemical Engineering. 29 LDEl Robert Edward Bruce Born December 15, 1906 at Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, Putnam, Connecticut. Prepared at Putnam High School, 1924. Band (1); Track (1, 2); Banjo Club (3, 4). Electrical Engineering. George Frederick Buckley Born July 12, 1907 at Allston, Massachusetts. Home address, 21 Mechanic Street, Allston, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Mechanic . ' Krts High School, 1925. Civil Engineering. Page Scribner Bunker Born April 3, 1906 at Kalispell, Montana. Home address, 19 Ade- laide Street, Jamaica Plain, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Boston Eng- lish High School, 1924. Band (1, 1); Show Orchestra { , 2, 4); Leader of Show Orchestra (3); Dance Or- chestra (1); Manager of Dance Orchestra (2); Leader of Dance Orchestra (3, 4); Concert Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Sagitta Society C2 Mechanical Engineering. Harry Walker Bunting Born October 9, 1907 at West Somerville, Massachusetts. Home address,25Holbrook Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Prepared at Jamaica Plain High School, 1925. Sagitta Society C3); Assistant Man- ager " Rajah of Kashmir " y); Ticket Manager, " Yes, Yes, Siam " (3); Art Staff of Cauldron (2); Art Editor of Cauldron (4), S. I. E. (3,4), Dean ' s List (1). Industrial Engineering. Harold Louis Burton B r E Born February 9, 1908 at Roslin- dale, Massachusetts. Home address, 15 Sumner Avenue, Roslindale, Massachusetts. Prepared at Hvde Park High School, 1925. Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4 ; Fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); B ' . S. C. E. (3, 4); Chair- man, B. S. C. E. (4); Interfraternity Council (4); Senior Social Com- mittee (4); Student Union (2). Civil Engineering. William James Butler A K S Born March 2, 1924 at Mystic, Connecticut. Home address, 45 Cottage Street, Brockton, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Brockton High School, 1924. Class President (3!; Vice-President (4); Student Council il, 3, 4); Sagitta Society; Chairman, Student Council (4); Field Day Committee (3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Sophomore Hop Committee (2); Freshman Rush Committee (4), Freshman Track; Senior Social Committee (4); Brock- ton High School Club (2). Electrical Engineering. Elmer Courtney Campbell Born October 13, 1908 at Taun- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 122 Winthrop Street, Taunton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Taunton High School, 1925. Concert Orches- tra (1); N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (3, 4); Manager, Class Baseball (4); Course Editor, Cauldron (4). Engineering Conference (4). Chemical Engineering. Francis Edward Carty Born September 23, 1906 at Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 84 Hamilton Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts. Prepared at Me- chanic Arts High School, 1925. Track fl, 2); Mechanic Arts High School Club (1,2). Electrical Engineering. 30 L_JJ Joseph Edward Chaisson " Born June 14, 1908 at Swamp- scott, Massachusetts. Home address, 27 Blaney Street, Swampscott, Massachusetts. Prepared at Swamp- scott High School, 1924. N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (3, 4). Chemical Engineering. Malcolm Phillips Chase Born June 24, 1905 at South Dennis, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, West Falmouth, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Falmouth High School, 1925. Electrical Engineering. Russell Cushing Chase r n Born February 5, 1907 at Dor- chester, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 12 Myrtle Street, Stoneham, Massachusetts. Prepared at Stone- ham High School, 1925. Track (1); Cross Countrv 2); Sagitta Society (2); Class Football (2, 3); Class Hockev (4); Musical Comedy (3, 4); Cauldron Board (4). Civil Engineering. Allan- Bernard Chisholm Born January 21, 1908 at Maiden, Massachusetts. Home address. North Dighton, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Taunton High School, 1925. Wrestling (2). Electrical Engineering. Thomas Edward Clancy Born May 28, 1907 at Beverly, Massachusetts. Home address, 41 Chase Street, Beverly, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Beverly High School, 1925. A. I. E. E.; Class Baseball. Electrical Engineering. Clifford Albert Clark Born March 25, 1905 at North- ampton, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 32 Ward Avenue, North- ampton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Northampton High School. Wresiling (1); Glee Club (1 ; Stu- dent Council (2, 3); Chairman Publicity Student Union (3); Presi- dent Student Union (4). Electrical Engineering. Richard Partridge Clark Born September 18, 1907 at Waltham, Massachusetts. Home address, 61 Lawrence Street, Wal- tham, Massachusetts. Prepared at Waltham High School, 1925. Class Hockey (4). Civil Engineering. Rav.mond William Cleveland r n Born June 24, 1906 at Winsted, Connecticut. Home address, Thom- aston, Connecticut. Prepared at Thomaston High School, 1924. Concert Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Show Orchestra (1, 3); Dance Orchestra (4;, Student Council (4); Senior Nominating Committee; A.. I. E. E. 3, 4); Chairman, A. I. E. E. (4); Nutmeg State Club (2, 3, 4); Treas- urer, Nutmeg State Club (3); Secre- tarv. Nutmeg State Club (4). Electrical Engineering. 31 L Edwin Blaine Cobb r A Born April 29, 1907 at Newport, Rhode Island. Home address, Isling- ton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Norwood High School, 1925. Soc- cer (1, 2, 3, 4); Fraternity Basket- ball (3, 4); B. S. C. E. (3, 4); Stu- dent Union (2). Civil Engineering. Edward Marcus Coghlan Born October 7, 1907 at Dor- chester, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 66 Belcher Circle, East Milton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Milton High School, 1925. Class Football (2, 3). Electrical Engineering. David Cohen Born August 17, 1907 in Russia. Home address, 232 Quincy Street, Roxbury, Massachusetts. Prepared at Boston English High School, 1925. English High School Club (2). Civil Engineering. Carlton Boyce Colburn r n Born October 11, 1907 at Allston, Massachusetts. Home address, 24 Upland Road, Brighton, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Mechanic Arts High School, 1925. Mechanic Arts High School Club (1, 2, 3; 4); B. S. C. E. (4); Interfraternity Bas- ketball (2, 3). Civil Engineering. Leslie N. Collis r K Born November 29, 1908 at Amesbury, Massachusetts. Home address, Lafayette Road. Salisbury, Massachusetts. Prepared at Ames- bury High School. Photographic Editor of Cauldron (4). Civil Engineering. Arthur Edmond Colvin r n Born May 30, 1907 at Woburn, Massachusetts. Home address, 30 Ward Street, Woburn, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Woburn High School, 1924. Assistant Manager, Baseball (1, 2); B. S. C. E. (3, 4); (4); Manager, Class Hockey (4). Civil Engineering. James Leslie Corrigan Born December 29, 1908 at Somer- ville, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 140 Line Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prepared at Somer- viUe High School, 1925. A. I. E. E. (3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Sagitta Society (2); Northeastern News (2); Basketball (2, 3). Electrical Engineering. Philip Stanley Cotton Born March 24, 1907 at Uxbridge, Massachusetts. Home address, 116 Alvarado Avenue, Worcester, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Worcester North High School, 1924. Track (1); Sagitta Society (2); B. S. C. E. C3. 4)- Civil Engineering. LDRl Henrv p. Cragix Born July 31, 1906 at East Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 99 Gladstone Street, East Boston, Massachusetts. Prepared at Boston English High School, 1924. N. C, N.S., A. C. S. (3,4). Chemical Engineering. RiCH.tRD W. LTER CrOSBY . K s Born June 8, 1905 at Roxbury, Massachusetts. Home address, 10 Usher Road, West Medford, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Boston Eng- lish High School, 1923. Electrical Engineering. Edw.ard Everett D.ahill, Jr. Born May 12, 1907 at Fall River, Massachusetts. Home address. Vine- yard Haven, Massachusetts. Pre- pared atTisbury High School, 1925- Freshman Wrestling. Electrical Engineering. Lawrence W. D.arung Born September 19, 1905 at Marl- boro, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, Hudson, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Hudson High School, 1924. Interclass Baseball (2, 3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Laughton Bicknell Dasha Born June 23, 1907 at Weymouth, Massachusetts. Home address, 249 North Street, North Weymouth, Massachusetts. Prepared at Wey- mouth High School, 1925. Class Soccer (2); Field Dav Committee (3); A. I. E. E. (3, 4); ' Class Basket- ball (1); Senior Week Committee Electrical Engineering. Almon Charles Davis Born January 22, 1907 at Charles- town, New Hampshire. Home ad- dress. North Springfield. Vermont. Prepared at Springfield High School, 1924. Glee Club (1, 2). Civil Engineering. DOMENIC De Bi.asi Born March 11, 1907 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 17 Fleet Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Prepared at Mechanic Arts High School, 1924. Track (1); Wrestling (2); Interclass Baseball (2, 3); A. I. E. E. (4). Electrical Engineering. Robert Whitney Dennis i K r Born August 13, 1907 at Peabody, Massachusetts. Home address, 144 Centre Avenue, Abington, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Peabody High School, 1925. Public Speaking Contest (2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (2, 3, 4);Course Editor of Cauldron (4); Nominating Committee (3). Electrical Engineering. 33 A WiNFRED Oswald Dick N E Z Born April 30, 1907 at Norwich, Connecticut. Home address, 6 Holmes Street, Mystic, Connecticut. Prepared at Bulkeley High School, New London, Connecticut, 1925. Interfraternity Council (3, 4)i Nut- meg State Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Inter- fraternity Basketball (3, 4); Team Captain, Interclub Bowling (4); A.I. E. E. (4). Electrical Engineering. RicH. RD Alonzo Douglas N E z Born May 12, 1907 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Home address, 44 Mayflower Street, Plymouth, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Plymouth High School, 1924. Class Secretarv (2, 3):A. S. M. E.(3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. WiNriELD Eugene Drown s A Born March 1, 1907 at Melrose, Massachusetts. Home address, 39 East Foster Street, Melrose, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Melrose High School, 1925. Freshman Basketball (1); Sagitta Society (2); Nominat- ing Committee (3); N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (3, 4). Chemical Engineering. John Bernard Duffy Born May 22, 1907 at Attleboro, Massachusetts. Home address, 82 Circular Street, North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Prepared at North Attleboro High School, 1915. - Electrical Engineering. Roger Franklin Duwart Born December 2, 1906 at Gloucester, Massachusetts. Home address, 47 Mt. Vernon Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Gloucester High School, 1923. Varsitv Wrestling (l, 2); Class Wrestling (i); B. S. C. E. (3, 4). Civil Engineering. Stanley Earle r n Born January 17, 1907 in England. Home address, 13 Lake Street, Hopedale, Massachusetts. Prepared at Hopedale High School, 1924. Track (1, 2, 3), Class Treasurer (2, 3, 4); Student Council (4); Musical Comedy (3); Rush Leader (2); Social Committee (3, 4); Treasurer, Junior Prom Committee (3); Track Cap- tain (4); N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (3, 4). Captain, Sophomore Track Team (2)- . . Chemical Engineering. Stanley William Ellis N E Z Born June 25, 1907 at Mansfield, Massachusetts. Home address, 24 Winthrop Avenue, Lowell, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Lowell High School, 1924. Electrical Engineering. Forrest John Evans Born April 14, 1907 at Cristobal, Canal Zone. Home address, 181 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Mechanic Arts High School, 1925. Musical Comedy (1, 4); news Staff (1, 2), S. I. E. (4). Industrial Engineering. 34 CA L_JJ Thomas Joseph Farrell Born December 9, 1906 at South Boston. Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 33 Franklin Street, Melrose, Massachusetts. Prepared at Melrose High School, 1924. Field Day Com- mittee (2); Cross Country Team (4); N. C, N. S., A. C ' S. (4). Chemical Engineering. Robert Millard Earle Field Born September 12, 1907 at Coeur d ' AleneCm-, Idaho. Home address, 56 Washington . venue, Winthrop, Massachusetts. Prepared at Win- throp High School, 1925. Musical Comedy (1); A. S. M. E. (3. 4). Mechanical Engineering. Stanley E. W. Forsberg Born October 13, 1907 at Provi- dence, Rhode Island. Home address, 835 Montello Street, Brockton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Brock- ton High School, 1925. Brockton High School Club (1, 2); N.C., N.S., A. C. S. (3, 4). Chemical Engineering. Elmer Elias Forslind r n Born October 3, 1907 at Everett, Massachusetts. Home address, 28 Reynolds Avenue, Everett, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Everett High School, 1925. Everett High School Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Neu ' s Staff (1, 3 ; News Editor (4); B. S. C. E. (4). Civil Engineering. ' erxon Divine Foster B r E Born June 12, 1907 at Beverlv, Massachusetts. Home address, 19 McKinlev Avenue, Beverly, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Beverly High School, 1925. Class Xominating Committee (1, 2, 3); Dramatic Club (1, 2); Course Editor of Cauldron; S. I. E. (3, 4 ; Dean ' s List (1, 4). Industrial Engineering. Alexander William Fraser Born June 17, 1907 at Water- town, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 240 Sycamore Street, Waver- lev, Massachusetts. Prepared at Watertown High School, 1925. A. S. M. E.; Glee Club (2, 3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Ralph Tilton French Born February 2, 1906 at Hamp- den, Maine. Home address, 21 Flor- ence Street, Natick, Massachusetts. Prepared at Natick High School, 1925- A.S. M.E. C4). Mechanical Engineering. Carl J. Friberg Born July 4, 1906 at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Home address, 18 Hall Street, Plymouth, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Plymouth High School. Secretarv-Treasurer, A.S. M.E. (3);A.S. M. ' E. C4). Mechanical Engineering. 33 L George Arnold Frve S A Born December 15, 1906 at New- port, Rhode Island. Home address, 27 Congdon Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island. Prepared at Rogers High School, Newport, Rhode Island, 1925. N w Staff (1, 2); Class Secretary (2); Interfraternity Bas- ketball (2, 3, 4); Sagitta Society (2); Roundup (2); Managing Ed- itor, News (3); Interfraternitv Coun- cil (3); Vice-President, S. I. ' E. (3); Junior Prom Committee (3); Editor- in-Chief, Newi (4); President, S. I. E. (4); Vice-President, Inter- fraternity Council (4). Industrial Engineering. D.4NIEL T. Galvin Born January 27, 1908 at Dorches- ter, Massachusetts. Home address, 41 Newhall Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts. Prepared at Me- chanic Arts High School, 1925. Track (1); Class Football (1, 2 ; Class Hockey (2, 3). Electrical Engineering. L.4URENCE M. SON GoODRIDGE K Z Born July 23, 1907 at Brockton, Massachusetts. Home address, 48 Martland Avenue, Brockton, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Brockton High School, 1925. Glee Club (1); Sagitta Societv (2); Musical Com- edy (2); Track (1); A. S. M. E. (4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Field Day Committee (3). Mechanical Engineering. Thom. s H. Grace Born October 10, 1905 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 69 Stockton Street, Boston, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Dorchester High School, 1924. Track (1, 2). Chemical Engineering. Julian A. Garcia A A Born January 28, 1905 at Madrid, Spain. Home address, Arecibo, Porto Rico. Prepared at Arecibo High School, 1923. Mechanical Engineering. c5 Oj Charles Philip Goeller Born September 17, 1908 at Rox- bury, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 63 Spring Park Avenue, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Mechanic Arts High School 1925. Mechanic Arts High School Club Cl, 2, 3, 4); A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4); Vice-Chairman (4); Executive Com- mittee (3); Senate (4). Electrical Engineering. iA 9 Valmore Rudolf Grammont r K Born May 3, 1907 at Gardner, Massachusetts. Home address, 9 West Street, Gardner, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Gardner High School, 1925. Sagitta Society (2); Co-Editor-in-Chief of Northeastern Cauldron; Nominating Committee (1, 2, 3); Chairman, Social Com- mittee (1); Social Committee (2, 4). A. C. S.; Senior Week Committee. Chemical Engineering. Ellis Williams Gray N E Z Born April 14, 1907 at Townsend Harbor, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, Townsend Harbor, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Townsend High School, 1925. Interfraternitv Basketball (3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. 36 Charles L. Greeley Born July 15, 1905 at Rumnev, New Hampshire. Home address, Rumney, New Hampshire. Pre- pared at Plymouth High School, 1923. Chemical Engineering. V. LTER ShEP. RD GrEE J VOOD Born March 5, 1907 at Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Home address, 149 Myrtle - venue, Fitchburg, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Fitchburg High School, 1925. A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4). Electrical Engineering How. rd M.4RE Gregory r n Born February 13, 1907 at White Plains, New York. Home address, 729 Savin Avenue, West Haven, Connecticut. Prepared at West Haven High School, 1924. Class Basketball (1); Basketball (2, 3, 4); Senate (3, 4); Concert Orchestra (2); Student Council (4); Nomi- nating Committee (3, 4); Field Day Committee C3); A. I. E. E. (3, 4). Electrical Engineering. Elmer Prescott Griswold Born May 23, 1907 at Stoughton, Massachusetts. Home address, 14 West Street, Milford, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Milford High School, 1925. Milfotd High School Club (2, 3, 4); A. I. E.E. (1,3, 4). Electrical Engineering. M. RCELLO Joseph Guarino Born December 14, 1906 at White River Junction, Vermont. Home address, 5 North Elm Street, White River Junction, Vermont. Prepared at Hertford High School, 1925. Class Baseball (2, 3, 4 ; Civil Engineering. Donald Wallace Gunn r K Born April 19, 1907 at New York, New York. Home address, 209 Washington Street, Newton, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Boston Latin School, 1923. B nd (2, 3); ticu ' s (2); BaoeWanaliaijJ (4); Social Com- -m|fnee (2itJProm Committee (3), y eld Djr Committee (3); Senior „J A ' eek committee (4); Fraternity - B»ik|f5all (3, 4); Nominating Com- E(££i 1cal Engineering Henry Dunham Hall Born September 30, 1906 at Con- cord, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress. Concord, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Concord High School, 1924. Dramatic Club (1. C ' J A- I- E. E. Executive Committee (4). Electrical Engineering. Charles H. Hamilton :: . Born May 22, 1907 at AUston, Massachusetts. Home address, 292 Lincoln Street, Allston, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Mechanic Arts High School, 1925. Interclass Track (1, 2); Interclass Baseball (2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Basketball (3, 4); Mechanic Arts High School Club (3, 4); A. C. S. (3. 4). Chemical Engineering. 37 L J John Arnfinn Hambe r • K Born January 27, 1906 in Norway. Home address, 41 Hill Street, Quincy, Massachusetts. Prepared at Quinc ' y High School, 1925- Basket- hall (1); Nominating Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Social Committee (2, 4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Field Day Committee (3); Public Speak- ing (3); Interfraternity Council (4). Electrical Engineering. Allan V. H-anson Born June 27, 1907 at Everett, Massachusetts. Home address, 60 Baker Road, Everett, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Everett High School. President, Everett High School Club (4); Track (1, 2); Nominating Committee (2); Vice- President, Everett High School Club (2, 3); Field Dav Committee o)-. . . . ■ Civil Engineering. Andreas Theodore Haveles Born April 4, 1906 at East Brooklyn Connecticut. Home ad- dress, 179 Elm Street, Danielson, Connecticut. Prepared at Killinglv High School, 1925. Mechanical Engineering. Frank Heaney Born March 24, 1908 at Braintree, Massachusetts. Home address, 123 River Street, Braintree, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Braintree High School, 1925. Wrestling (1); B. S. C. E.; Interclass Hockev (4); Class Football (2, 3). Civil Engineering. Frank Helgeson r K Born February 8, 1906 at Brock- achusetts. Home address, ' Avenue, Brockton, Massa- Prepared at Brockton ool, 1923. Brockton High Clubi Nominating Com- (3); Interclass Hockey; (2. 3). . al Engineering. Earle Foster Herrick r II Born September 10, 1907 at Bev- erly, Massachusetts, Home address, 55 Butman Street, Beverly, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Beverly High School, 1925. Assistant Manager of Baseball (2, 3); Class Hockev (4); . S. C. E. (4). Civil Engineering. Roger Randall Hilton H T N Born November 5, 1906 at Ber- wick, Maine. Home address, 8 Sylvan Avenue, Lewiston, Maine. Prepared at Jordan High School, 1925. Nominating Committee (2); Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4); Interfra- ternity Council (3, 4); President, Interfraternity Council (4 ; B. S. C. E. (3, 4); ' Maine-lacs Club (4); Interclub Bowling (4). Civil Engineering. William Barnett Hilton Born December 19, 1906 at Dan- vers, Massachusetts. Home address, Franklin Street, Danvers, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Holten High School, 1924. Assistant Manager of Track (1, 2); B. S. C. E. Civil Engineering. 38 L Edgar Nathan Hobby r K Born March 7, 1907 at Gardner, MassachusetLS. Home address, 337 Elm Street, Gardner, Massachusetts. Prepared at Gardner High School, 1925. Field Day Committee; Chair- man, A. S. M. E. Mechanical Engineering. William Stanley Horsefi B r E Born September 27, Brooklyn, New dress, 481 Washin ham, Massachu Dedhani HighV Society ( 2); So?ial Committee (2, 4) ' ; StudentNCouncil (2, 3, 4); Class FoottfcTFt2, 3); A. S. M. E. Prom Committee (3); Committee (3); Nomin- mittee (3); Chairman, ting Committee (4). hanical Engineering. Eliot White Howard II T N Born July 3, 1906 at Everett, Massachusetts. Home address, 84 Prospect Street, West Newton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Everett High School, 1925. Everett High School Club (1); Nominating Com- mittee (2, 3, 4); Social Committee (2, 3); Chairman, Social Com- mittee (4); Vice-President, Sagitta Societv (2, 3); Junior Prom Com- mittee (3); A. I. E. E.; Chairman, Senior Dance; Student Council (4); Chairman, Freshman Rush (3); Ad- vertising and Business Manager of Cauldron; Class Marshal, Husky Parade; Track (1). Electrical Engineering. Warren Alcott Howard Born June 28, 1906 at Ridgewood, New Jersey. Home address, 418 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey. Prepared at Ridgewood High School, 1924. Soccer (1, 2); Captain, Soccer (3, 4); Interclass Track (1); Social Committee Cl, 2, 3, 4); Nominating Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Brockton H igh School Club (1); President, Sagitta Society (2); Student Council (4); General Athletic Committee (3, 4). Civil Engineering. Donald J. Irvin Born May 26, 1907 at Newton, Massachusetts. Home address, 133 Parkview Avenue, Lowell, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Lowell High School. Civil Engineering. Charles Sanderson Johnson K A Born June 25, 1907 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, lOA Hammond Street, Boston, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Boston Eng- lish High School, 1925. A. I. E. E.; Freshman Track. Electrical Engineering. John Edward Kalstein Born August 14, 1908 at Rutland, Vermont. Home address, 40 Lynde Street, Boston, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Boston English High School, 1925. News (1, 2, 3, 4); Musical Comedy (1); Blue and Blue (1, 2, 3); Tennis (1, 2); Inter- fraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Domino and Dagger (2). Electrical Engineering. Morris Samuel Katziff a -f Born September 15, 1909 at East Boston, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 11 Sea Foam Avenue, Win- throp, Massachusetts. Prepared at Winthrop High School, 1925. Niwj Staff and Reporter (1, 2, 3, 4); Musical Comedy (1, 3, 4); Interfra- ternitv Basketball (2, 3, 4); A. C. S. C3. 4). Chemical Engineering. 39 L Alton C. Kendall r K Born July 30, 1906 at Worcester, Massachusetts. Home address, 19 Monroe Avenue, Worcester, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Worcester North High School, 1924. Social Committee (1, 2); S. I. E. (3, 4) News (1, 2); Student Union (4) Nominating Committee (1, 2) Dean ' s List (1). Industrial Engineering. Oren E. Kendall, Jr. H T N Born February 10, 1908 at An- trim, New Hampshire. Home ad- | " dress, 105 Sherman Street, Canton, I Massachusetts. Prepared at Nor- i wich, Ontario, High School and Huntington School, 1926. Fresh- man Track; Musical Comedy " Ra- jah of Kashmir " ; Glee Club (1) Newi (2); Student Union (2, 3, 4) A. S. M. E. (3, 4); Flying Club (4) Freshman Basketball. Mechanical Engineering. James Haldane Kinghorn B r E Born September 10, 1906 at Leith, ' Scotland. Home address, 81 Winter Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Prepared at Fitchburg High School, 1923. Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); President • of Senate (4); Vice-President of Class (4); Student Council (1, 2, _ 3, 4); Secretary-Treasurer, Student — f Council (2); Nominating Com- mittee (2, 3, 4); A. S. M. E. (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (4); Social Committee (1); Junior Prom Com- mittee (3); Class Basketball (1); Interfraternity Basketball C2, 3, 4); Dean ' s List (1,2, 3,4). Mechanical Engineering. Beaumont John Kiniry Born June 14, 1907 at WalpS j4__ New HarngshiLe. Hmji vJ clTessV South,. trSet7,J? elafMassachu- .- ettsS isepared w: VIedfielti Hi i. C fedl. N C., - - - - ■ ° ' 4); SecretJT ,TwjjJyjs_. - C. S. ( 3)y G ALTLDRON Stan (4); _5i«nt Manager, Musical Com- °y (3); Scenery Manager, Musical Comedy (4); Nominating Com- mittee (2). Chemical Engineering. Lawrence Edward Kilpatrick Born December 14, 1906 at Brook- lyn, Connecticut. Home address, Brooklyn, Connecticut. Prepared at Killingly High School, 1923. Civil Engineering. Stephen Frye Kimball, Jr. Born March 22, 1907 at Beverly, Massachusetts. Home address, 9 Bridge Street, Danvers, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Holten High School, Danvers, 1923. Freshman Rush. Civil Engineering. Benjamin Schofield Knott Born August 19, 1907 at Fall River, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 74 Quequechan Street, Fall River, Massachusetts. Prepared at B. M. C. Durfee High School, Fall River, 1924. Electrical Engineering. Louis Kofman Born December 18, 1905, at Med- way, Massachusetts. Home address, 31 Winthrop Street, Medway, Massachusetts. Prepared at Medway High School. N. U. Milford High School Club. Electrical Engineering. 40 Lj Stephen John Koss Born October IS, 1907 at New Bedford, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 65S Whittenton Street, Taun- ton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Taunton High School, 1925. Class Baseball; A. I. E. E. Electrical Engineering. WiLHO A. L. MPINEN B r E Born April 28, 1908 at Long Cove, Maine. Home address, 47 Main Street, Thomaston, Maine. Pre- pared at St. ' George High School, 1925. Concert Orchestra; A. I. E. E.; Maine-lacs; Flying Club. Electrical Engineering. J. MES Edward L. ne Born June 13, 1908 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 61 Ferndale Road, Wollaston, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Quincy High School, 1925. President, Quincy High School Club (4); Vice-Presi- dent, N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (4); Flying Club (3, 4); Track (1, 2); Quincv High School Club (3. 4); N. C., ' N.S., A.C. S.(3, 4). Chemical Engineering. Or-al Le.witt Born December 9, 1905 at St. Paul, Minnesota. Home address, 61 Nichols Street, Everett, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Everett High School, 1925. Everett High School Club. Civil Engineering. N. TH. N Levine Born May 8, 1908 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 19 Fernboro Street, Dorchester, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Boston Eng- lish High School, 1925. Sagitta Societv (2); Dean ' s List (1, 2, 3, 4); A. S. M. E. (3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Hym-an Levy Born February 1, 1907 at Rox- bury, Massachusetts. Home address, 447 Belgrade Avenue, West Rox- burv, Massachusetts. Prepared at Winrhrop High School, 1924. Electrical Engineering. Cly ' de E. Lewis N E Z Born February 11, 1907 at Water- burv, Connecticut. Home address. Cut Spring Road, Stratford, Connec- ticut. Prepared at Stratford High School, 1925. A. L E. E.; Nutmeg State Club. Electrical Engineering. Everett Francis Lewis Born October 6, 1905 at Lynn, Massachusetts. Home address, 55 Sadler Street, Lynn, Massachusetts. Prepared at Lvnn English High School, 1925. A. ' L E. E. Electrical Engineering. 41 ILD William G. Lewis Born May 26, 1908 at Newark, New Jersey. Home address, 37 Clif- ford Street, Roxbury, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Mechanic Arts High School, 1925. A. I. E. E. Electrical Engineering. Paul Edward Linthwaite Born November 2, 1907 at Wal- tham, Massachusetts. Homeaddress, 152 Myrtle Street, Waltham, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Waltham High School, 1925. Wrestling (1), Musical Comedy ; Nominating Com- mittee (3); Sagitta Society (2); Field Day Committee (3); Dean ' s List(2,4);A.S. M. E.(3,4). Mechanical Engineering. George E. Lookup A K s Born February 5, 1906 at Marion New York. Home address, Cohoc- ton. New York. Prepared at Marion High School. Band (1); Orchestra (1); Track (1); Student Council (1, 2, 3); Social Committee (1); Nominating Committee (2), Class President (1, 2, 3, 4); President, Student Council (4); Prom Com- mittee (3); Social Committee (3); Student Council Representative (4). Civil Engineering. Veron a. Love A Born December 10, 1904 at West Boylston, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 9 Sturbridge Road, Brook- field, Massachusetts. Prepared at Brookfield High School, 1922. Musical Comedy (3); Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Chairman, Social Com- mittee (4); N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (2, 3, 4); Roundup (2); Field Day Committee (3); Field Day Sports (2, 3); Class Hockey (4); Chemical Engineering. Eli M. LuRiE 2 S! Born July 28, 1906 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 149 Locust Street, Winthrop, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Winthrop High School, 1924. News (1, 2, 3, 4); A. I. E. E.; Fraternitv Basket- ball (4). Electrical Engineering. Wallace Reuben Lvman Born March 30, 1906 ar West- hampton, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, Westhampton, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Easthampton High School, 1924. A. S. M. E. C3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Norman Leslie Lynch Born June 9, 1906 at Lynn, Massachusetts. Home address, 90 Gardiner Street, Lynn, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Lvnn English High School, 1925. A. S. M. E.; Cauldron Staff; Interclass Football; Lynn Club Bowling. Mechanical Engineering. Lewis Lyons Born February 19, 1907 at Quincy, Massachusetts. Home address, 20 Mechanic Street, East Milton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Milton High School, 1925. Electrical Engineering. 42 L_J Herbert Alexander MacDonald Born December 5, 1905 at Water- town, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 152 Cypress Street, Water- town, Massachusetts. Prepared at Newton High School, 1925. Track CD. Electrical Engineering. Harry Gordon MacLeod Born October 17, 1906 at Ton- avvanda. New York. Home address, 383 Tremont Street, North Ton- awanda. New York. Prepared at North Tonawanda High School, 1925. Social Committee (1); Track (1, 2); Nominating Committee (2); Domino and Dagger Dramatic Club (2); Flving Club Director (3); S. I. ' E. (3, 4); Rehearsal Man- ager, " Yes, Yes, Siam " (3); Dean ' s List (1, 2). Industrial Engineering. Arthur Malcolm Mager B r E Born August 3. 1907 at Taunton, Massachusetts. Home address, 40 Ingell Street, Taunton, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Taunton High School, 1925. Cheer Leader (1, 2); Varsity Cheer Leader (3, 4); Sagitta Society (2), B. S. C. E. (2, 3, 4)i Ex- ecutive Committee, B. S. C. E. (4) Course Editor of Cauldron (4) Interfraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4) Class Baseball (4); Social Com- mittee, B. S. C. E. (4). Civil Engineering. John Marion Born October 21, 1906 at Chelsea, Massachusetts. Home address, 151 Poplar Street, Chelsea, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Chelsea High School, 1924. Freshman Basketball (1); Class Soccer (2); Dramatic Club (3); Class Baseball (4); B. S. Civil Engineering. Norman Everett MacLeod Born June 23, 1907 at Quincy, Massachusetts. Home addtess, 35 Verchild Street, Quincy, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Quincy High School, 1925. Track. Electrical Engineeting. Dayton Clark MacMurtrie Born July 10, 1906 at Hacketts- town. New Jersey. Home address, Montgomery, New York. Prepared at Montgomery High School, 1924. A. S. M. E. (4). Mechanical Engineeting. Rolf H. Martens Born November 29, 1904 at Oslo, Norway. Home address, 48 Greaton Road, West Roxbury, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Boston English High School, 1922. A. S. M. E. Mechanical Engineering. Augustus Joseph Masefield Born September 23, 1907 at Brock- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 17 Gardner Avenue, Brockton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Brock- ton High School, 1925. Soccer; Sagitta Society. Civil Engineering. 43 nir LjJ Harold Rich Mason r K Born June 22, 1907 at Gardner, Massachusetts. Home address, 28 Brownell Street, Worcester, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Gardner High School, 1925. Treasurer, S. I. E. (3, 4); Advertising Staff of Cauld- ron. Industrial Engineering. Robert Appleton Mason Born July 3, 1908 at Waverley, Massachusetts. Home address, 70 Waverley Street, Waverley, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Belmont High School, 1925. A. S. M. E. (3, 4); Flying Club (3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Frank David Mattson Born November 24, 1907 at Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 51 Chester Avenue, Waltham, Massachusetts. Prepared atWaltham High School, 1925. A. S. M. E. C3, 4); Track (1). MechanieSt ngineering. , ' GusTAF E. Mattson Born December 31, 1905 in Swe- den. Home address, 51 Chester Avenue, Waltham, Massachusetts. Prepared at Waltham High School, 1924. A. S. M. E. (3, 4); Track (1). Mechanical Engineering. Michael J. McDonald Born September 7, 1906 at West Newton, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 50 Farwell Street, Newton- ville, Massachusetts. Prepared at Newton High School, 1925. Track CD- Electrical Engineering. Harold E. McGoff H T N Born December 6, 1908 at Iras- burg, Vermont. Home address, 256 Westervelt Avenue, New Brigh- ton, Staten Island, New York. Pre- pared at Gardiner, Maine, High School, 1925. Basketball (1); Social Committee (1, 2, 4); Bacchanalians (1, 2, 3); Prom Committee (3); Field Day Committee; Band (1, 2, 3); Soccer (3, 4). Snapshot Editor, Cauldron (4). Mechanical Engineering. Otis William McIntosh Born January 10, 1907 at Revere, Massachusetts. Home address, 70 Henry Avenue, Lynn, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Lynn English High School, 1925. Greater Lynn Club (4). Civil Engineering. David M. McClelland r n Born July 5, 1908 at Glasgow, Scotland. Home address, 5 Opal Avenue, Beverly, Massachusetts. Prepared at Beverly High School, 1925. Track (1); Interfraternity Basketball (2, 3); Baseball (1, 2); Interclass Football (2, 3). Electrical Engineering. 44 L J IRON Edward Franus McManamin Born March 28, 1906 at Wake- field, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 15 Lake Street, Wakefield, Massachusetts. Prepared at Wake- field High School, 1922. Interclass Track (1, 2, 3), B. S. C. E.; Class Bowling (3). Civil Engineering. Joseph Leo McManamin Born Mav 23, 1907 at Wakefield, Massachusetts. Home address, 15 Lake Street, Wakefield, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Wakefield High School, 1924. Manager, Class Track (1); Assistant Manager, Track (2); Bowling (2). Civil Engineering. Robert Cutter Merrill Born August 22, 1907 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, Cum- berland Center, Maine. Prepared at Greely Institute, 1924. A. S. M. E. Mechanical Engineering. Frank C. Meyers s s Born December 18, 1906 at Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 15 Guilford Street, Boston, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Mechanic Arts High School, 1925. Sagitta Society (2); Interfraternity Basket- ball C2, 3, 4); Mechanic Arts High School Club (1); A. S. C. E. (3); Field Day Committee (3); Nomin- ating Committee (3). Civil Engineering. ill i John C. Montalbano Born February 15, 1906 at New York, New York. Home address, 8 Bridges Street, Framingham, Massachusetts. Prepared at Fram- ingham High School, 1925. Class Basketball (1); A. S. M. E. (3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. William Charles Morrill H T N Born September 8, 1906 at Haver- hill, Massachusetts. Home address, 56 Fountain Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts. Prepared at Haver- hill High School, 1924. Civil Engineering. Edward Benidict Morris r n Born July 23, 1905 at New Haven, Connecticut. Home address, 53 Thompson Street, West Haven, Connecticut. Prepared at West Haven High School, 1924. Class Basketball (1); Treasurer, Nutmeg State Club (3); Sagitta Society (2); Interfraternity Basketball; Presi- dent, Interclub Council. Electrical Engineering. Robert John MtmPHY Born January 31, 1907 at Brock- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 14 Fulton Street, Brockton, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Brockton High School, 1925. Brockton High School Club. Electrical Engineering. 45 L J Harry Bailey Murray N E Z Born May 21, 1908 at Middle- town, Connecticut. Home address, 78 Ridge Road, Middletown, Con- necticut. Prepared at Middletown High School, 1925. Nutmeg Suate Club; A. I. E. E.; Field Day Com- mittee (3). Electrical Engineering. Arvo a. Nelson r K Born February 18, 1909 at Quincy, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 70 Suomi Road, Quincy, Massachusetts. Prepared at Quincv High School, 1926. Band (1); Con- cert Orchestta (2, 3, 4); Leader, Concert Orchestra (3, 4); Show Orchestra (3); Leader, Show Or- chestra (4); Musical Clubs Council (3, 4); President, Musical Clubs Council (4); Bacchanalians (3, 4); B. S. C. E. (3, 4). Civil Engineering. Wallace H. Nichols r n Born September 6, 1906 at Somer- ville, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 3 Columbus Street, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts. Prepared at DeWitt Clinton Hibbard Pre- paratory School, 1925. Track (2, 3, 4); Class Football (2); Class Base- ball (4); Class Hockey (4); Nomin- ating Committee (1); A. S. M. E. (3, 4); Cauldron (4). Dean ' s List (1,2,3,4). Mechanical Engineering. William Joseph Nilan Born February 14, 1906 at New York City, New York. Home ad- dress, 486 North Main Street, Naugatuck, Connecticut. Prepared at Naugatuck High School, 1924. Nutmeg State Club; Nutmeg State Bowling Team (2, 3, 4); Freshman Track. Civil Engineering. Ellsworth Samuel Newberry Born July 29, 1906 at South Wind- sor, Connecticut. Home address. South Windsor, Connecticut. Pre- pared at East Hartford, Connecti- cut, 1924. Electrical Engineering. Hubert Wendell Normile Born April 16, 1906 at Los Angeles, California. Home address, 189 Cresent Avenue, Revere, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Wavland High School, 1924. N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (3, 4); Class Hockey (3, 4); Baseball (2, 3); Track (4): Chemical Engineering. Stanley Hampden Newton Born May 16, 1906 at Hampden, Maine. Home address, Norway, Maine. Prepared at Norwav High School, 1923. A. I.E. E. Electrical Engineering. ♦ •► F- s- Warren Flanders Noyes N E Z Born November 24, 1905 at Somerville, Massachusetts. Home address, 55 Mr. Pleasant Street, Woburn, Massachusetts. Prepared at Woburn High School, 1925. A. L E. E.; Interfraternitv Basket- ball. Electrical Engineering. 46 l_J Kenneth W. Odiorne Born May 7, 1896 at Maiden, Massachusetts. Home address, 33 Madison Avenue, Greenwood, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Huntington School. Assistant Track Manager (1); A. S. M. E. (3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. V, HR. M George Oh. nesi. n r A Born September 29, 1906 at New Britain, Connecticut. Home ad- dress, 172 Glen Street, New Britain, Connecticut. Prepared at New Britain Senior High School, 1924. Nutmeg State Club (1, 2, 3, 4); President, Nutmeg State Club (4); Banjo Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Manager, Banjo Club (3); General Manager, Banjo Club (4); Roundup (2); Musi- cal Comedv (3); Student Council (2);N. C., ' N. S., A. C. S. (2, 3,4); Social Committee (2, 3, 4); .Junior Prom Committee (3); Senior Week Committee (4) ;Field Day Committee (3); Nominating Committee (3, 4); Student Union i 2, 3). Chemical Engineering. Ernest Olson Born September 21, 1908 at Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 30 Dalrymple Street, Boston 30, Massachusetts. Prepared at Me- chanic Arts High School, 1925. Mechanic Arts High School Club (1, 2, 3. 4); A. S. M. E. (3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Bern. rd a. 0 ' She. Born August 20, 1908 at Lynn, Massachusetts. Home address, 90 .Allev Street, Lynn, Massachusetts. Prepared at Lynn English High School, 1925. Executive Committee, B. S. C. E.; Greater Lynn Club; Freshman Track Team. Civil Engineering. ft ' r r ■--.- K iP t A J. MES Bentley P. rmenter Born April 16, 1908 at Rockland, Massachusetts. Home address, 454 Webster Street, Rockland, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Rockland High School, 1923. Class Baseball a, 3, 4). Chemical Engineering. Joseph Ferdin. nd Patterson K A Born October 5, 1905 at Chicago, Illinois. Home address, 57 Saville Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prepared at Mechanic Arts High High School, 1925. Electrical Engineering. Arthur Conr. d Pe. rson Born December 6, 1907 at Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 49 Lake Street, Arlington, Massachusetts. Prepared at Rindge Technical High School, 1924. Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4); N. C, N. S., A.C.S.(3,4). Chemical Engineering. Frederick P. ul Penard Born March 2, 1906 at Everett, Massachusetts. Home address, 12 Norfolk Road, Arlington, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Arlington High School, 1923. Banjo Club (1). Electrical Engineering. 47 i L George Nelson Perry Born June 21, 1905 at Waltham, Massachusetts. Home address, 22 Prentice Street, Waltham, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Waltham High School, 1922. Concert Orches- tra (1, 2, 3, 4); Tech (1); Show Orchestra (3, 4); B. S. C. E.; Track (1); Sagitta Society (2). Civil Engineering. Thomas Albion Pinkham B r E ■ Born July 4, 1907 at Ellsworth, Maine. Home address, Ellsworth, Maine. Prepared at Ellsworth High School, 1925. Dramatics (2), Presi- dent, Maine-lacs (3, 4); A. I. E. E. Electrical Engineering. Rodney Fay Plimpton Born June 9, 1906 at Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Home address, Southbridge, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Southbridge High School, 1924. Glee Club (2, 3); " Rajah of Kashmir ' ' (2); " Yes, Yes, Siam " (3); Student Union (3); A. I. E. E. Electrical Engineering. Frank Charles Poehlman Born May 27, 1908 at Ro-xbury, Massachusetts. Home address, 23 Sheffield Road, Roslindale, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Boston Eng- lish High School, 1925. Senate (3,4); NtwjStafF (2); Intercollegiate Editor, News (3); Winner, Tennis Tournaments (l); Interclass Hockey (4);A. I. E. E. (4), Electrical Engineering. Edmund Hofmann Povey Born August 5, 1908 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 284 Boston Avenue, Medford, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Hyde Park High School, 1925. A. I. E. E. Electrical Engineering. WiLLARD Stanley Pratt Born August 21, 1907 at Rum- ford, Maine. Home address, South Paris, Maine. Prepared at South Pans High School, 1924. Band (1, 2, 3); Concert Orchestra (1). Civil Engineering. Austin Albie Quimby r K Born September 5, 1906 at Brook- line, Massachusetts. Home address, 854 Hammond Street, Brookline, Massachusetts. Prepared at Brook- line High School, 1925. Nominating Committee (1); Class President (1); Social Committee (1, 2, 4); Student Council (1); Junior Prom Committee (3); Chairman, Field Day Commit- tee (3); Interfraternity Council O. 4)- Civil Engineering. Dana Vincent Rainford Born May 4, 1905 at Swampscott, Massachusetts. Home address, 9 Hillside Avenue, Peahody, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Peabody High School, 1924. Glee Club (1, 2). Electrical Engineering. 48 CAULDROX Herbert Elvin Randall, Jr. Born June 2, 1907 at Brockton, Massachusetts. Home address, 16 Pleasantview Avenue, Montello, Massachusetts. Prepared at Brock- ton High School, 1925. Wrestling a); Glee Club (3); Track C2). Civil Engineering. Perry Sidney R.anney B r E Born September 5, 1907 at . sh- tield, Massachusetts. Home address, Ashfield, Massachusetts. Prepared at Sanderson Academv, 1924. Base- ball (1, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (2, 3); Class Secretary (3, 4); A. S. M. E. (3, 4); Field Day Committee (3); Sagitta Society (2); Student Union C2, 3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Augustus Jacob Richards, Jr. Born March 9, 1906 at Cranston, Rhode Island. Home address, 8 Stewart Avenue, Beverly, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Beverlv High School, 1923. Mechanical Engineering. Earl Lovell Richardson Born April 25, 1907 at Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Home address, 94 Milk Street, Fitchburg, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Fitchburg High School, 1924. Executive Committee, A. I. E. E. (4);AWj(2). Electrical Engineering. Raymond P. Richardson .i K S Born June 24, 1906 at Natick, Massachusetts. Home address, 23 Florence Street, Natick, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Natick High School, 1925. Baseball. Electrical Engineering. Albert Arthur Roberts Born July 29, 1903 at Wilmington, Maine. Home address, 24 Park Road, Winchester, Massachusetts. Prepared at Parsonsfield Seminary, Parsonsfield, Maine, 1922. Glee Club (1,2); Soccer (1). Civil Engineering. Charles Sumner Richardson Born March 1, 1908 at Lynn, Massachusetts. Home address, 30 Lewis Street, Lynn, Massachusetts. Prepared at Lynn English High School, 1925. Executive Committee, B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering. Irving Joseph Rosenfield Z ii Born December 26, 1905 at Med- way, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 57 Pine Street, Milford, Massachusetts. Prepared at Milford High School, 1922. Musical Com- edy (3); Interclub Council (3). Civil Engineering. 49 l_J Arthur S. Ross Born April 23, 1908 at Pitts- burgh, Pennsylvania. Home ad- dress, Norton, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Norton High School, 1925. Wrestling (1). Civil Engineering. Frank Edward Rvs Born November 23, 1907atBonds- ville, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, Bondsville, Massachusetts. Prepared at Belchertown High School, 1925. Electrical Engineering. Norman Harold Royle Born February 11, 1906 at Wal- tham, Massachusetts. Home address, 113 Crescent Street, Waltham, Massachusetts. Prepared at Newton High School, 1925. Track. Electrical Engineering. Severin Sabas Born January 8, 1901 at Krasno- pol, Russia. Home address, Kaunas, Lithuania. Prepared at Jalta, Kri- mea. South Russia, 1919. Flying Club. Civil Engineering. E. G. Shaler Rundberg Born July 24, 1903 at Deep River, Connecticut. Home address. Deep River, Connecticut. Prepared at Chester High School, 1923. Mechanical Engineering. William Cl.irence Russell Born February 4, 1906 at Somer- ville, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 63 Irving Street, Everett, Massachusetts. Prepared at Everett High School, 1925. Wrestling (1); B. S. C. E.; Glee Club (1); Everett High School Club (1,2, 3,4). Civil Engineering. Salvatore Louis Sanges Born August 25, 1907 at Naples, Italy. Home address, 246 South Main Street, Gloversville, New York. Prepared at Gloversville High School, 1925. Band (1, 2) Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Baccha- nalians (2, 3, 4); Show Orchestra (3, 4). Civil Engineering. Wesley G. Sargent Born February 1, 1907 at Worces- ter, Massachusetts. Home address, 14 Otis Street, Framingham, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Framingham High School, 1925. Mechanical Engineering. J 50 EON Llewellyn Thomas Schofield S A Born September 6, 1907 at Gaspereau, Nova Scotia. Home ad- dress, Ash Street, Weston, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Weston High School, 1925. Assistant Baseball Manager (2, 3); Class Baseball (3, 4); Baseball Manager (4); B. S. C. E.; Social Committee, B.S.C.E.; Flying Club. Civil Engineering. Victor Michael Scoppettlolo Born March 31, 1907 at East Boston, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 38 Bow Street, Medford, Massachusetts. Prepared at Medford High School, 1925. Concert Orches- tra (1, 2, 3, 4); A. I. E. E.; Student Union. Electrical Engineering. Henry Orr Scott Born March 15, 1907 at Portland, Maine. Home address, 100 Winona Avenue, Haverhill, Massachusetts. Prepared at Haverhill High School, 1925. Social Committee, B. S. C. E. Civil Engmeering. Herman Charles Selya 2 £J Born April 23, 1909 at Brookline, Massachusetts. Home address, 65 Westminster Avenue, Roxbury, Massachusetts. Prepared at Milford High School, 1925. Northeastern Milford Club (2, 3, 4); President, Northeastern Milford Club (2); Domino and Dagger Dramatic Club (2); Nrws Staff (2, 3, 4); " Yes, Yes, Siam " (i); N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (2, 3, 4). Chemical Engineering. Israel Shanbaum Born May 15, 1905 at Kowel, Poland. Home address, 103 Sterling Street, Clinton, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Clinton High School, 1924. Student Union; B. S. C. E. Civil Engineering. Harry Shuman S Born February 22, 1906 at Chel- sea, Massachusetts. Home address, 21 Walnut Street, Chelsea, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Chelsea High School, 1923. N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (3, 4); Assistant Cauldron Staff Photographer (4). Chemical Engineering. Raymond Noyes Seavey Born March 25, 1907 at Haver- hill, Massachusetts. Home address, 175 Winchester Street, Bradford, Massachusetts. Prepared at Haver- hill High School, 1925. A. I. E. E. Electrical Engineering. 51 Hyman Silverman 2 S2 Born October 27, 1907 at Chelsea, Massachusetts. Home address, 162 Belmont Street, Maiden, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Maiden High School, 1925. Assistant Manager, Wrestling (1); Glee Club (2); Inter- fraternity- Basketball (2, 3, 4); In- terclass Baseball (4); N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (3, 4); Snapshot Editor, Cauldron (4}. . r Chemical Engineen CAU L_J Fred Gordon Smethurst Born November 11, 1906 at Marblehead, Massachusetts. Home address, Summer Street, Marble- head, Massachusetts. Prepared at Marblehead High School, 1925. Class Basketball (1); Student Coun- cil (2); Sagitta Society (2); Soccer (3,4);B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering. Do nald W. Smith r n Born October 16, 1906 at Mont- pelier, Vermont. Home address, 28 William Street, Cambridge, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Hudson High School, 1923. Social Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Vice-President of Class (2, 3); Junior Prom Social Com- mi ' ttee ' (3); F ' e ' d Day Committee Senior Week Committee; A. I. E. E. Nominating Committee (1, 2) Sagitta Society (2). Electrical Engineering. Eli»t iR V- ' iKi BorovSefteiTO Tauten, NBt fechusetP A ' ess,-tlO LiBitoln iStrq •tvUssa rfsettV) Prijarea ' at Harriett H Hlthn hool, 19i4jLFraternity Bas- ' ' le HWl (2); F Mg Club (3, 4); Board of Directors of Flving Club (4);N.C.,N.S.,A.C. S. Chemical Engineering. i,litJ a thx. v- t oi ' •» •• ' f l c fr- • - ft - f r .i»ft0m - tf- WiNSLow A. Stahle A K i: Born October 8, 1907 at Everett, Massachusetts. Home address, 25 George Street, Everett, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Everett High School, 1925. Glee Club (1, 2, 3 4); Secretary, Everett High School Club; " Yes, Yes, Siam " ; Interfra- ternity Council. Electrical Engineering. Frank A. Stalbird Born Mav 15, 1907, at Swamp- scott, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 84 Greenwood Avenue, Swampscott, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Swampscott High School. Chemical Engineering. Chester G. Starkey Born December 10, 1905 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 99 Lincoln Avenue, Saugus, Massachusetts. Prepared at Lynn English High School, 1925. Track (1); News; Greater Lynn High School Club. Electrical Engineering. Walter Steeves Born October 21, 1907 at Milford, Massachusetts. Home address, 9 John Street, Milford, Massachusetts. Prepared at Milford High School, 1925. Sagitta Societv (1); Milford High School Club (2, 3, 4); Inter- club Council (2); S. I. E. (3, 4); Musical Comedy (4). Industrial Engineering. Fred E. Sternberg Born December 26, 1907 at Meriden, Connecticut. Home ad- dress, 1 Centennial Avenue, Meri- den, Connecticut. Prepared at Meri- den High School. Civil Engineering. 52 IRON. Fred Thomas Stetson Born November 25, 1900 at East Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Home address, East Bridgewater, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at East Bridge- water High School, 1925. Civil Engineering. W. Ervvin Story Born October 16, 1906 at Hudson, Massachusetts. Home address, 55 Packard Street, Hudson, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Hudson High School, 1925. Flying Club (3); Charter Member, S. I. E. (3); Secretary, S. I. E. (4); Musical Comedy (4). Industrial Engineering. Henry Sull:v. n r K Born February 20, 1907 at Salem, Massachusetts. Home address, 11 Conant Street, Salem, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Salem High School, 1924. A. I. E. E. C3, 4); Salem High Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Presi- dent, Salem High Club (4); Inter- club Council (4). Electrical Engineering. Kenneth Don Sylvester Born March 15, 1907 at Westfield, Maine. Home address, Westfield, Maine. Prepared at Groveland, Massachusetts High School, 1923. Freshman Basketball; Maine-lacs; Secretary, B. S. C. E. (3,4); Fresh- man Basketball. Alfred Edmond Therrien Born July 28, 1908 at Wayland, Massachusetts. Home address, 63 Plymouth Street, Holbrook, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Holbrook High School, 1925, A. S. M. E. chaa«(ri E ineering. Charles Raymond Thombs Born August 30, 1906 at Waltham Massachusetts. Home address, 23 Alexander Street, Dorchester, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Boston Eng- lish High School, 1925. Niws Staff (1, 2); N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (2, 3. 4); President, N. C, N. S., A. C. S. (4); Nominating Committee (3, 4); Soccer (1). Chemical Engineering. Oscar Eugene Swenson Born May 5, 1907 at Everett, Massachusetts. Home address, 39 Maple Avenue, Everett, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Everett High School, 1925. Everett High School Club (1, 2, 3, 4); A. S. M. E. (3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Ch.arles W. Thompson r n Born April 18, 1907 at Lynn, Massachusetts. Home address, 2 Monument Terrace, West Medford, Massachusetts. Prepared at Med- ford High School, 1925. Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Union (4); A.I. E.E. Electrical Engineering. 53 L J Howard Martson Thompson Born January 24, 1908 at North Easton, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 23 Main Street, North Easton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Oliver Ames High School, 1925. A. I. E. E. (2, 3, 4); Student Union (4). Electrical Engineering. Edward Metcali Thurber Born April 18, 1905 at Provi- dence, Rhode Island. Home ad- dress. Port Hope, Ontario. Prepared at St. Andrew ' s College, 1925- Electrical Engineering. Victor A. Thurston s A Born February 15, 1908 at Saco, Maine. Home address, Saco, Maine. Prepared at Thornton Academy, 1925. Track; Interclub Bowling; Secretary, Interclub Council (3, 4j; B. S. C. E.; Chairman, Religious Activities, Student Union (4); Maine-lacs (3, 4); Student Council (4); Nominating Committee (3, 4). Civil Engineering. ViRGiL A. Thurston 1 ' A Born February 15, 1908 at Saco, Maine. Home address, Saco, Maine. Prepared at Thornton Academv, 1925. Track (1, 2); B. S. C. E. (3, 4); Executive Committee, Student Un- ion (3); Chairman, Religious .Activ- ities, Student Union (4); Class Baseball (4); Maine-lacs (3, 4); Interclub Council Secretary (3, 4); Nominating Committee (3). Civil Engineering. Arnold Tippi Born October 8i mark. Home addre: Street, Jamaica. PI setts, 1925. Difimaiic Cli b (ll]2); Executive CoUpu tee. Dramatic Club (2); AsM Tant Manager, Mu- fl Comadyl l); Manager, Round- ( ' ptage Manager, Musical (3); General Manager; 1 Comedy (4); N. C, N. S., 5.(2,3,4) . Chemical Engineering. Frank S. Todino Born May 15, 1906 in Italy. Home address, Milford, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Milford High School, 1924. Concert Orchestra t4); Band (2); Nominating Com- mittee (1); Milford High School Club Bowling. Electrical Engineering. Henry Joseph Townsend Born December 5, 1905 at Dor- chester, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 161 Temple Street, West Rox- bury, Massachusetts. Prepared at Dorchester High School, 1924. Wrestling (1); Soccer (1); Social Committee (2); A. I. E. E. (2, 3); N. U. F. C. (3, 4). George Isaac Viall Born July 31, 1904 at Rochester, New York. Home address, 56 Rut- ger Street, Rochester, New York. Prepared at East High School, 1924. Costume Manager for Roundup; Student Union (2); S. I. E. (3, 4). Industrial Engineering. 54 LDROK Thomas Stewart Walsh Born September 17, 1904 at Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 307 Park Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts. Prepared at Boston English High School, 1924. Track CO; Sagitta Societ) ' (2); Nominat- ing Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); A. I. E. E. (3, 4). Electrical Engineering. William Weinfeld s s Born April 16, 1908 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 68 Nightingale Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts. Prepared at Boston English High School, 1925. Sport- ing Department, Ttch (1); News (2); Feature Editor of Ntws (3, 4); Ntws Editor (3); Managing Editor (Jtj; Managing Board (4); Class Treas- urer (3, 4); Dramatic Societi, ' (1); Domino and Dagger (2 ; Social Committee (2); Junior Prom Com- mittee (3); Senior Week Committee (4); " Yes, Yes, Siam " (3); Blue and Blue; Inter-High School Club Coun- cil (2); Rush Committee (2); Art Staff of Cauldron (4); A. I. E. E. , (4i;,jCp-i uthor %: j StTle Elet Lester BkOwn Vheeler November 14, 1907 at M ! ic, Connecticut. Home ad- dress, 21 Mystic Avenue, Mystic, Connecticut. Prepared at Bulkeley High School, 1925. A. I. E. E.; Institute of Radio Engineers; Nut- meg State Club. Electrical Engineering. Chester M. White 2 .i Born November 19, 1905 at North Middleboro, Massachusetts. Home address. North Middleboro, Massachusetts. Prepared at Middle- boro High School, 1925. A. S. M. E. :3, 4). Mechanical Engineering. Earle Eugene Whitney Born July 15, 1906 at Williams- town, ermont. Home address, Williamstown, Vermont. Prepared at Williamstown High School, 1925. Class Baseball (2). Electrical Engineering. 9u:R» Harold Frederic Wilder Born November 29, 1907 at Atlantic, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 12 Florida Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts. Prepared at Dor- chester High School, 1925. A. I. E. E. (2, 3); A. I. E. E. Senate (3); Secretary-Treasurer, Senate (4). Electrical Engineering. Charles . lbert White B r E Born October 24, 1907 at Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress. North Falmouth, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Lawrence High School, Falmouth, Massa- chusetts, 1924. Dramatic Club (1, 2); Class Soccer (3); Class Hockey (4); B. S. C. E. (3, 4); Interfraternity- Basketball (4). Civil Engineering. Richard Mason Woolford Born November 14, 1906 at Ply- mouth, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 24 Bay View Avenue, Ply- mouth, Massachusetts. Prepared at Plymouth High School, 1925. Glee Club (1, 2); Assistant Manager, Orchestra (3); Musical Comedy ' J) . Electrical Engineering. 55 Dean ' s Tist SENIORS— ENGINEERING SCHOOL C. A. Akeson a. M. Mager G. D. Allen A. J. Masefield H. F. Allen F. D. Mattson J. A. Anderson G. E. Mattson R. F. Batchelder H.C. Normile H. P. Cragin E. W. Olson V. D. Foster G. N. Perry C. P. Goeller F. C. Poehlman W. S. Greenwood E. H. Povey H. M. Gregory I. J. Rosenfield M. J. Guarino H. Silverman J. H. Kinghorn V. E. Story B. J. KiNiRY K. D. Sylvester J. E. Lane A. E. Therrien N. Levine W. Weinfeld P. E. Linthwaite C. a. White S. S. Mader H. F. Wilder Pel-er Pan Cftillun qo+ wincjs. L J Back Row: C. C. Caldwell, N. T. Mahoney. Front Row: C. B. Damrell, S. W. Bradley, H. L. Grace. Senior Class Officers DIVISION A AND B — BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION S. W, Bradley H. L. Grace V. A. Erskine (Division B) N. T. Mahoney (Division A) J C. C. Caldwell (Division B) C. R. Damrell (Division A) Prof. D ' Alessandro Presiikiit Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Class Adviser 58 L_JJ Jacob Applebaum I i; Born July 10, 1908 at Chelsea, Massachusetts. Home address 35 Plymouth Street, Quincy, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Quincy High School, 1925. Inter-fraternity Bowl- ing (2); Interfraternity Basketball (3, 4); Interfraternity Council (3), 4); Junior Prom Committee (3); Accounting Club (3, 4); Class Nominating Committee (2, 3); Musical Comedy (3). Accounting and Finance. Myer W. Asnes 1 2 Born June 27, 1907 at Quincy, Massachusetts. Home address 63 Stewart Street, Quincy, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Quincy High School, 1925. Soccer Team (1, 2); Class Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4 ' ); Interfra- ternity Basketball (3, 4); Quincy High School Club. Accounting and Finance. John V. Baketel s A Born November 10, 1906 at Me- thuen, Massachuserts. Home ad- dress Methuen, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Tilton School, 1925. Northeastern News (1, 2, 3, 4); Cir- culation Manager (2); Advertising Manager ' 3, 4); Vice-President Class (2): B. A. Dramatic Club (2); Business Manager Musical Comedy (3, 4); Advertising Manager Hmul- hook (4); Student Council (4). Business Management. St. nley Wood Beal B A Born March 19, 1908 at Water- bury, Connecticut. Home address 49 Baker Street, Foxboro, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Foxboro High School, 1925. B. A. Student Council (1, 2); President Accounting Club (3); Home Folks Day Committee C2)- Accounting and Finance. Edward Jerome Bender B A Born September 14, 1907 at Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Home address 9 Academy Street, Arlington, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Dorchester High School, 1924. B. A. Minstrel Show Staff (2); Sophomore En- forcement Committee (2); Asso- ciate Editor Handbook (3); Secretary Accounting Club (3); Director American Management Association Accounting and Finance. Albert Walterma Benoston Born September 21, 1906 at Everett, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress Everett, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Everett High School, 1925. Secretary of Everett High Club (1, 2); Treasurer of Everett High Club (3): Vice-President of Everett High Club (4); Basketball (1); Inter-club Council (3); Student Union (3, 4); Field Day Committee (3); Senior Social Committee (4); Nominating Committee (2); Accounting Club Accounting and Finance. Lawrence John Berry Born July 14, 1906 at North Troy, Vermont. Home address Hanson, Massachusetts. Prepared at Whit- man High School, 1925. Track (1); Concert Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Band (1, 2, 3); Leader of Band (3); Bacchanalians (3); Musical Com- edy (3, 4); Secretary Field Day Com- mittee (3); Student Union (2, 3, 4); Accounting Club (3). Accounting and Finance. Harry W. Blackstone s V. Born August 6, 1906 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address 10 Fenno Terrace, Brookline, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at English High School, 1924. English High School Clubj Northeastern University Fly- ing Club; American Management Association; Musical Comedy. Business Management. 59 L Kendall Blanchard B A Born January 1, 1907 at Brookline Massachusetts. Home address, Dor- chester, Massachusetts. Prepared at English High School, 1925. Assis- tant Manager Soccer (2, 3); Student Union (1, 2, 3); News Staff (1, 2, 3, 4); News Editor (3); Managing Editor News (4); Manager Soccer (4); General Athletic Committee (4); Musical Comedy (3); Account- ing Club (3). Accounting and Finance. Samuel Whitney Bradley S A E Born November 24, 1907 at Lynn, Massachusetts. Home address 17 Breed Street, Lynn, Massachusetts. Prepared at Lvnn Classical High School, 1925. President B. A. Senior Class; President B. A. Junior Class; Northeastern News, Circulation Staff (1, 2); Northeastern News, Advertising Staff (3); Northeastern News, Business Manager (4); Class Basketball (2); Fraternity Basket- ball (2, 3, 4); Associate Editor Freshman Handbook (4); Assistant Business Manager Musical Comedy (3); Program Manager Musical Comedy (4); Student Union (4); Advertising and Business Staff Cauldron (4); Greater Lvnn High School Club (4). Accounting and Finance. Charles Carlton Caldwell, Jr. i A Born November 9, 1906 at Med- ford, Massachusetts. Home address 82 Otis Street, Medford, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Medford High School, 1925. Track (1, 2, 3, 4); Freshman Relay Team and Football; Sophomore Relay Team and Foot- ball; Interfraternity Council; Trea- surer B. A. Senior Class; Inter- fraternity Basketball (3, 4). Business Management. Edward A. Carlton Born December 16, 1905 at Somerville, Massachusetts. Home address, 106 College Avenue, Somer- ville, Massachusetts. Prepared at Cambridge High and Latin School, 1925. Business Management. km M Donald Wilbury Clark B A Born July 2, 1908 at Monroe Bridge, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress Conway, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Conway High School, 1925. Vice-President Freshman Class Interfraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Social Committee (1); Freshman Basketball; Student Union (2, 3); Class Baseball (1); Baseball (2); Glee Club (2); Manager Glee Club (3); Manager Basketball (4); Social Committee (4). Business Management. John Edward Critchett Born November 8, 1906 at Rock- port, Massachusetts. Home address 10 Granite Street, Rockport, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Rockport High School, 1925. Inter-class Track (1); Baseball (1). Business Management. Robertson Charles Damrell S A Born March 15, 1907 at Medford, Massachusetts. Home address, Med- ford, Massachusetts. Prepared at Medford High School, 1925. Treas- urer of Junior Class; Treasurer of Senior Class; Cauldron Feature Editor; Dramatic Club (2). Accounting and Finance. Louis Davis I S Born November 9, 1907 at Everett Massachusetts. Home address, 35 Wilcock Street, Dotchester, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at English High School, 1925. Bacchanalians (2, 3); Band (1, 2); Orchestra (1, 2); Class Football (1, 2); Accounting Club (3, 4); Interfraternity Bowling (2); Interfraternity Basketball (3). Accounting and Finance. 60 LDROK Charles Everett Elliott Born August 4, 1907 at Swamp- scott, Massachusetts. Home address, Danvers, Massachusetts. Prepared at Danvers High School, 1925- Band (1); Concert Orchestra (2, 3, 4}; Student Union (3); American Management Association (4). Business Management. Wilbur Artell Erskike B A Born August 22, 1906 at Alna, Maine. Home address, Hyannis, Massachusetts. Prepared at Barn- stable High School, 1925. Student Council (4); Secretary Senior Class; Student Union (2, 3, 4); Account- ing Club (3, 4). Accounting and Finance. Thomas Carleton Faulds Born November 22, 1907 at Bos- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 346 Highland Avenue, WoUaston, Massachusetts. Prepared at Quincy High School, 1925. Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Band CI, 2, 3 " ; Orches- tra (2]); Bacchanalians (2); Roundup Committee (2); Course Editor, Cauldrox (4). Business Management. Richard Alden ' Flagg Born April 30, 1906 at Worcester, Massachusetts. Home address, Worcester, Massachusetts. Prepared at Worcester High School, 1925. Accounting Club (3, 4]!; American Management Association (4); -id- minutrator (1); Student Union (1), 2, 3); Social Committee (4); Snap- shot Editor, Cauldron (4). Accounting and Finance. Joseph Leonard Forsyth Born June 1, 1906 at Roxbury, Massachusetts. Home address, 17 Babson Street, Mattapan, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Hyde Park High School, 1924. Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); Class Baseball (1, 2); Roundup Committee (2); Account- ing Club (3, 4); Niws (3); American Management Association (4); Course Editor, Cauldron (4). Accounting and Finance. John Albert Fricker S A Born December 15, 1906 at New Bedford, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 26 Ryan Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts. Prepared at New- Bedford High School, 1925. Accounting and Finance. Curtis Edwin Goodwin B A Born September 2, 1908 at Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 55 Cleveland Street, Arling- ton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Somerville High School, 1925. Baseball; Basketball; Inter-class Hockey; Junior Class Prom Com- mittee; Sporting Editor, North- eastern Ntws; Managing Board, Northeastern Niws. Business Management. Howard Leo Grace :; A Born January 28, 1907 at Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prepared at Cambridge High and Latin School, 1925. Vice-President of Senior Class; Vice-President of Junior Class; Editor-in-Chief, Hand- book (4); Ticket Manager Musical Comedy (3, 4); Student Council (4); Publicity Chairman Student Union (4); American Management Association; Business Staff, Cauld- ron (4). Business Management. 61 rD CA L Edward A. Hadjian Born May 4, 1907 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 28 Addington Road, Brookline, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Dorchester High School, 1925. Concert Or- chestra (1, 2, 3, 4); Accounting Club (3); Student Union (3); American Management Association Accounting and Finance. Stanley Nutter Hayn es Born October4,1907 at Haverhill, Massachusetts. Home address, 9 Fifth Avenue, Haverhill, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Haverhill High School, 1925. Sophomore En- forcementCommittee; Musical Com- edy (2, 3); Photo Editor of Cauld- ron (4). Business Management. James Joseph Houlahan S A Born September 7, 1907 at Mil- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, Milton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Milton High School, 1925. Class Football (1, 2); Class Track (1, 2); Sophomore Dance Committee; Sophomore Smoker Committee; Newt (1, 2); Fraternity Basketball (2, 3); Chairman Interfraternitv Smoker (3); Chairman Junior Prom Committee; Associate Editor of Cauldron. Accounting and Finance. John F. Kocher Born February 2, 1905 at New York City. Home address Suffern, New York. Prepared at Suffern High School, 1924. Accounting and Finance. f Joseph Kupersmith I s Born January 30, 1908 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address Dorchester, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at English High School, 1925. Accounting Club (3, 4); Eng- lish High Club (1, 2); Field Day Committee (3); Interfraternity Bas- ketball (3, 4); Nominating Com- mittee (3); Student Union (2, 3, 4). Accounting and Finance. Ralph Proctor Lapham S A Born March 5, 1908 at Concord, Massachusetts. Home address Con- cord, Massachusetts. Prepared at Concord High School, 1925. Senior Week Committee (4); Glee Club (2) Wrestling (1); Dramatic Club (2); News (3). Business Management. Lambert Frederick Larson B A Born June 21, 1906 at Attleboro, Massachusetts. Home address, At- tleboro, Massachusetts. Prepared at Attleboro High School, 1924. Stu- dent Union (2, 3); Accounting Club (3j; Assistant Track Manager (2, 3); Track Manager (4); Student Council (4); Secretary General Athletic Committee (4); Manager of Cross Country (3, 4). Accounting and Finance. Russell How-ard Latimer : A Born July 11, 1906 at Leominster, Massachusetts. Home address, 65 Union Street, Leominster, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Leominster High School, 1923. Class Basket- ball Team (1, 2); Class Football Team (2); Northeastern Ntwj (1, 2); Circulation Manager, News (3); Photographic Editor, Niws (4); Glee Clulj (2, 4); Dramatic Club (2); Treasurer Junior Prom (3); Treasurer Sophomore Class; Soph- omore Dance Committee; Enforce- ment Committee (2); Handbook Ad- vertising Staff (4); Interfraternity Basketball (2, 3, 4); Class Smoker Committee (3). Business Management. 62 L moH Joseph Frank Levin Born May 2, 1907 at Lowell, Massachusetts. Home address, 99 Gates Street, Lowell, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Lowell High School, 1925. Accounting Club; Senior Social Committee. Accounting and Finance. Eric T. Lifner Born July 6, 1908 at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Home address, 60 Drew Road, Belmont, Massachu- setts. Prepared at Belmont High School, 1925. Managing Editor, CAULDRON (4). Business Management. M.WN.ARD N. LoRING Born October 4, 1906 at Bridge- water, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, Swampscott, Massachusetts Prepared at Swampscott High School, 1925. Accounting Club (,3, 4 ; Student Union (4); Greater Lynn Club (4). Accounting and Finance. Thom. s Joseph Lynch B . Born July 15, 1906 at North . ttle- boro, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 69 Grove Street, North . ' ttle- boro, Massachusetts. Prepared at North Attleboro High School, 1924. Social Committee (1, 2); Freshman Track; Banjo Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Student Council (3, 4); Musi- cal Comedy 4 ; Student Union. Business Management. Neil Thomas Mahoney i: . Born November 21, 1906 at New- ton Upper Falls, Massachusetts. Home address, 143 Audubon Road, Boston, Massachusetts. Prepared at Newton High School, 1924. Base- ball (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Council il, 3}; Secretary Sophomore Class; Secretary Junior Class; Secretary Senior Class; Enforcement Com- mittee (2); Class Football (2). Business Management. Robert Denton Martin 2 . Born September 6, 1907 at Leominster, Massachusetts. Home address, 70 Quincy . venue, Winth- rop, Massachusetts. Prepared at Winthrop High School, 1925. Freshman Basketball; Freshman Social Committee; Freshman Class Football; Home Folks Day (1); Musical Comedv (2 ; Interfraternity Basketball C4 ■ Business Management. John Arthur Murphy B .4 Born October 11, 1907 at Brock- ton, Massachusetts. Home address, 1 Essex Street, Brockton, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Brockton High School, 1925. Rush Leader (1); Class Football 0, -- ; Freshman Class Treasurer; Social Committee (1}; Freshman Track; Cauldron Staff f4). Business Management. Henry Russell Murray Born December 6, 1907 at Brain- tree, Massachusetts. Home address, 1219 Washington Street, South Braintree, Massachusetts. Prepared at Braintree High School, 1925- . ccounting Club (2, 3}; Field Day Committee (3 - Accounting and Finance. 63 CAl L_JJ Joseph Pericles Nichols Born May 1, 1905 at Smyrna, Asia Minor. Home address, 80 Locke Street, Haverhill, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at Haverhill High School. Business Management. Ch. rles Avery Pope Born February 27, 1907 at Yonlc- ers. New York. Home address, 82 Greenbrier Street, Dorchester, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at Holderness Preparatory School, 1925. Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Musical Comedy 1, 3, 4); Ntu-s (3); Vice-President American Management Association (4); Class Football (1, 2); Roundup Committee (2); B. A. Minstrel Show (1,2). Accounting and Finance. John J. Norton Born August 29, 1908 at Dor- chester, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, 460 Ashmont Street, Dor- chester, Massachusetts. Prepared at Dorchester High School, 1925- Soccer (2, 3, 4); Accounting Club. Accounting and Finance. Charles Edw. rd O ' Brien 2 A Born June 9, 1907 at Medford, Massachusetts. Home address, Med- ford, Massachusetts. Prepared at Medford High School, 1925. Inter- fraternitv Bowling; Accounting Club. Accounting and Finance. Victor Edw. rd Oliv. Born January 11, 1906 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, Brighton, Massachusetts. Prepared at Huntington School for Boys, 1925. Freshman Smoker Committee; Roundup Committee; Student Un- ion; Chairman of Junior Class Smoker; Field Day Committee; Freshman Enforcement Committee. Business Management. . lston Leslie Preston, Jr. Born September 19, 1906 at Leominster, Massachusetts. Home address, 15 Arlington Street, Le- ominster, Massachusetts. Prepared at Leominster High School, 1925. Band; Student Union; Orchestra. Business Management. J.4MES HoLBURN PrINGLE Born August 28, 1906 at Burling- ton, Vermont. Home address. East Rochester, New Hampshire. Pre- pared at Rochester High School, 1924. Busine ss Management. John Anderson Puckey Born April 10, 1905 at Water- ville. New York. Home address, . uhurndale, Massachusetts. Pre- pared at Newton High School, 1925. Musical Comedy (1); Student Union (3); Social Committee C4)- Business Management. 64 Lj Harry Harold Rubes ' stein K z Born May 11, 1906 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 92 Howland Street, Roxbury, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at English High School, 1925. B. A. Minstrel Show (2); Production Staff of Minstrel Show (2); Production Staff of Dra- matic Club (2); Interfraternity Bowling (2); Field Dav Committee (3). Business Management. Richard Thomas St. Clair A K : Born March 19, 1908 at Rockland, Maine. Home address, 28 Rawson Road, Wollaston, Massachusetts. Prepared at Quincv High School, 1925. Roundup Committee (2); Quincy High School Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Union (3 - Business Management. Robert Paul Sheridan Born October 17, 1906 at Berlin, New Hampshire. Home address, Berlin. New Hampshire. Prepared at Berlin High School, 1924. Nom- inating Committee (3); Social Com- mittee. Business Management. Thurston Bradley Stowers B A Born February 12, 1906 at Hope- dale, Massachusetts. Home ad- dress, Milford, Massachusets. Pre- pared at Milford High School, 1924. .Assistant Business Manager, Northeastern Stus : ' 4 ' i Roundup Committee ' 2 ' ; Accounting Club : 3 u Milford High School Club rl, 4 ' ; Inter-high School Club Council X ' ; Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4). .Accounting and Finance. Roger Heywood Smith •!• B A Born December 14, 1906 at Woon- socket, Rhode Island. Home ad- dress, 127 Vinton Street, Melrose, Massachusetts. Prepared at Melrose High School, 1925. Track (1, 2), Student Union (2, 3); Nottheastern News (3); Musical Comedy (3); Associate Editor-in-Chief North- eastern Niu ' s (4). Accounting and Finance. John M. Stavrinos Born July 15, 1907 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 348 Saratoga Street, East Boston, Mass- achusetts. Prepared at East Boston High School. Accounting and Finance. Roger Francis W.«hburn Born July 23, 1908 at Maiden, Massachusetts. Home address, 54 Wolcott Street, West Medford, Massachusetts. Prepared at Medford High School, 1925. President of Freshman Class; Track Team ;1}; Chairman of Sophomore Enforce- ment Committee (2); Sophomore Dance Committee; Freshman Dance Committee; Field Dav Committee Business Management. N. Harry Whelden r A Born July 28, 1907 at Cohoes, New York. Home address, 282 Columbia Street,Cohoes, New York. Prepared at Cohoes High School, 1925. Niwj (1, 2, 3, 4); Sophomore Dance Committee; Dramatic Club (1, 2). Business Management. 65 L_JJ George Houghton Whittum i A Born July 25, 1908 at St, Louis, Missouri. Home address, Atlantic, Massachusetts. Prepared at Quincv High School, 1925. Class Baseball (1, 4 Concert Orchestra (3, 4); Quincy High Club (1, 4); Vice- President Inter-high Club Council (4); Northeastern Newi (3, 4); Student Union (2, 4), Senior Nom- inating Committee; Baseball (3), Accounting and Finance. Samuel Zitter I 2 Born May 21, 1906 at Boston, Massachusetts. Home address, 50 Hiawatha Road, Mattapan, Massa- chusetts. Prepared at English High School, 1924. Director B. A. Dance Orchestra (1, 2); Director of B. A. Minstrel Show Music (1, 2); Inter- fraternity Council (2, 3, 4); Bac- James Everett Williams Born September 7, 1907 at Brook- lyn, New York. Home address, Clavinack, New York. Prepared at Hudson High School, 1924. Student Council; Accounting Club; Ameri- can Management Association. Accounting and Finance. chanalians (3); Concert Orchestra (2, 3); Tennis (1); Composer of Music for Musical Comedy (4); Director of " Battle of Music " between Northeastern University, School of Business Administration, and Boston University, School of Business Administration (1, 2); Student Union (2, 3). Business Management. Dean ' s List SENIORS— B. A. SCHOOL S. V. Beal S. W . Bradley T. C. Faulds E. T. LiFNER R. P. Sheridan G. H. Whittum 66 DoaJX Oo-- i CD L_J Back Row; R. C. HarJin, H. L.Johnson. Front Row: Prof. GramstorfF, F. E. Hess, H. B. Watton. Junior Class Officers DIXISION A- -JUNIOR ENGINEERING . E. Hess President . B. W ' atton Vice-President . C. Hardin Secretary ' .. L. Johnson Treasurer ROF. GrAMSTORFF Adviser 68 CA vy ILj r B 1 VHU , . ir ' ' ■ dtt r " jxmj fcfc fl Back Row: J. P. McGuckian, V. E. Stratron. Front Row: Prof. Gramstorff, H. R. Adams, T. R. Love. Junior Class Officers DIMSION B — JUNIOR ENGINEERING H. R. Adams . T. R. Love J. P. McGuCKIAX . W. E. Strattox Prof. Gramstorff President Vice-Presideyit Secretary Treasurer Adviser 69 CA L } K», « S. E. King, T. F. Rees, R. B. Carr, P. Stuart. Junior Class Officers DIVISION A — BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION R. B. Carr P. Stuart S. E. King T. F. Rees Mr. Montgomery President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Ad riser 70 CA | ' Y ' LIJFJ K. A. Love, T. C. B|orson, Jr., C. D. Keezer, R. E. Cobb. Junior Class Officers DIMSION B — BUSINESS ADMINISTR. TION R. E. Cobb C. D. Keezer T. C. BjoRNsoN, Jr. K. A. Love Mr. Montgomery , President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser 71 Dean ' s List JUNIORS— BOTH SCHOOLS C. M. Anderson O. J. Calderara R. B. Carr J. E. Cotter B. F. Curtis R. J. Edwards D. P. Ellis J. W. Greenleap O. E. Hartford M. R. Haven W. E. Hills A. J. Howard R. W. LiTTLEFlELD C. L. LOTHROP T. R. Love W. H. Marden J. P. McGuckian H. C. Muenzer A. J. Oliva E. H. Parkhurst A. W. Peterson E. T. SiNA J. A. Smith J. Swift H. L. orderer W. H. Winchell S. ZUFFANTI CAU IL Back Row: V. V. Forbush, W. W. Grant. Front Row: A. S. Tewsburv, G. D. Crocker, Prof. Tozer. Sophomore Class Officers DIVISION A — SOPHOMORE ENGINEERING G. D. Crocker V. V. Grant A. S. Tewksbury W. W. Forbush Prof. Tozer President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser 74 CA L Back Row: Haseltine, Forsberg, Bates. Front Row: Prof. Tozer, Edson, Blanchard. Sophomore Class Officers DIMSION B — SOPHOMORE ENGINEERING R. E. Edson A. O. Forsberg H. L. Blanchard S. Haseltine, Jr. Prof. Tozer President Vice-President Secretary Tre surer Adviser 75 CA LD¥J Hintz, O ' Neill, Mr. Williamson, Newcombe. Sophomore Class Officers DR ' ISION A — BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION V. D. ONeill A. C. Zing R. B. Ross L. E, Hintz Mr. A illi. ' mson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser 76 CA L Sails, Crosby, Mr. Williamson, Blarchford. Sophomore Class Officers DIMSION B — BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIOX J. J. Crosby A. L. Harper F. W. Blatchford L. H. Salls Mr. W illiamsox President V ce-Pres dent Secretary Treasurer Adviser 77 Dean ' s List SOPHOMORES— BOTH SCHOOLS V. Begun A. C. Belyea J. C. Benson F. W. Blatchiord E. A. Brown W. P. Burbank R. O. Carlson S. M. Casparian P. A. Coffin R. Crabtree C. Feingold ' . K. Freeman F. O. Fridell G. L. GORBELL J. R. Grubb A. T. Hatton N. W. Herthal J. C. HiCKEV A. M. Hilton F. E. Hodge r. isherwood C. N. Kimball A. E. KiRSCHNER G. H. Knox E. Knuth J. Labelle D. F. LiBBY J. W . Lymberg J. S. Lynn E. D. Lyons D. H. Mackenzie R. V. Maier V. S. McFarlin V. D. O ' Neil L. A. Parks L. L. Rayment C. A. Ridgway . A. Roberts R. R. RowE C. V. SCHER C. SCHNEPPERSHOFF H. A. Scott V. C. Shortle R. B. Spofford P. A. Stemmler G. R. Steinbrenner M. E. Sylvester J. E. Valada J. V. " anDerzee P. ' erbeck R. H. Verner A. K. Wright A. W. Wyman z g 3 (J z s X on w ' ' - " H i« z o 5 z Hi CA LlJlti Back Row: Mr. Newman, Johnson. Front Row: Wright, Brown, Chase. Freshman Class Officers DIMSION A — FRESHMAN EXGIXEERIX ' G C. C. Brown . G. . Chase N. H. Wright A. E. Johnson Mr. Nev ' man President Vice-President Secretary Ti east rer Adviser 82 CA L ) ¥1 i Toohey, Mr. Maxcy, Bailey, Doyle. Freshman Class Officers DIMSION A — BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION P. G. TOOHEV E. F. Perkins J. E. Doyle, Jr. E. C. Bailey . Mr. Ma.xcy President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser 83 imm Library M Assembly Hall I College: VIEV5 Freshman Dofi acK CamJDUs Lj » The College Year NEU ' S BANQUET The annual banquet of the Nczrj- occurred on Tuesday, April 17, 1928, at the Universit - Club. George A. Frye, 1929 E, was elected Editor-in-Chief, and Roger H. Smith, Associate Editor, for the year 1928-29. Benjamin M. Ellison, 1928 B.A., the retiring Editor-in-Chief, was the toastmaster at this gathering of over fifty-five men, representing all departments on the News. Mr. Trentwell M. White, English Director in the Dedham Public Schools, and author of boys ' stories, was the guest speaker. His subject was " More Copy " . The entire staff showed its appreciation of Mr. Marston ' s distinguished work by presenting him with a cigarette lighter. Following this presentation, quills were awarded to the staff members. For the first time the News departed from its usual custom of presenting the coveted News Quills only to its members, when it awarded them to Professor Estes, Director of Publications, and Mr. Marston, Faculty Adviser. MUSICAL COMEDY BANQUET On Wednesday, April 25, 1928, the entire personnel of the musical comedy, " Yes, Yes, Siam " , assembled for a banquet at the University Club. This dinner was held to celebrate the successful presentation of Northeastern ' s fourth musical comedy, reviewed in the Boston press as " the highest grade college show of the season " . John V. Baketel, 1929 B.A., of Methuen, toastmaster of the evening, introduced as the principal speaker. Professor Holley S. ' inkfield, to whom much credit was due for providing the musical development of the show. JUNIOR PROM Fridav evening, April 27, 1928, Hotel Statler was the scene of one of the keenly anticipated social events of the school year, the Engineering School Junior Promenade. About two hundred and fifty couples danced to the music of " Bill " Boyle ' s Orchestra in the Imperial Ball Room. At midnight, following the favor dance and the grand march, supper was served in the Georgian Room. The program opened at nine o ' clock, and Home Sweet Home was not played until four on Saturday morning. The guests of honor were Dean and Mrs. Carl S. Ell, Professor and Mrs. Albert E. ' hittaker, and Professor Alfred J. Ferretti. One hundred and fifty couples attended the Annual Junior Prom of Northeastern ' s School of Business Administration at Longwood Towers, on Friday evening May 11, 1928. The Harvardians played for dancing from nine until three o ' clock. A pleasing innovation introduced by the 1929 committee, of which James J. Houlahan was Soles of N.U. L_J chairman, was rhe midnight supper in the dining hall. Favors, consisting of sterling silver bracelets and cigarette lighters, engraved with the university seal, for ladies and gentlemen respectivelv were presented during the promenade which was led by Presi- dent and Mrs. Frank Palmer Speare, Dean and Mrs. Carl Stephens Ell, Professor and Mrs. Turner Flowers Garner, and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D ' Alessandro. DEAN ' S LIST DINNER Sixty-three upperclassmen, who were on the Dean ' s List of honor students for the majority of the terms during the year, were guests at a dinner held at the University Club on Saturday evening. May 12, 1928. A scholarship of $100 was awarded to John Swift of Roslindale, 1930 E, by Dean Carl S. Ell, toastmaster, for having attained the highest scholastic grade of any student in the University. It was the first time such a dinner has been held, and also the first time the scholarship was awarded, although both events will now become a yearly feature of the University program. The speaker of the evening was Dr. Payson Smith, Commissioner of Education, who gave an engaging discourse on " The Factors of a Successful Life " . Chamber music was en- joved during the dinner. HONORARY SOCIETIES The Sigma Delta Epsilon, honorary society of the School of Business Administra- tion, held its annual banquet on Monday evening, May 14, 1928, at the University Club. Six newlv elected members were initiated. The men so honored by the society were all Juniors, who had attained distinction both in the academic and the social life of the University. Mr. Havice, Faculty Adviser, and Benjamin M. Ellison, retiring president, were the after dinner speakers. After the banquet the entire society as- sembled at the Shubert Theatre to enjoy Mitzi in " The Madcap " . The Northeastern Senate, honorary society of the Engineering School, gave a farewell banquet to its graduating members at the University Club, on Friday evening, June 15, 1928. Professor Stanley G. Estes, guest and speaker of the evening, talked on " The Inquiring Mind " . SOPHOMORE DANCES The State Suite of the Copley Plaza Hotel was the scene of an enjoyable dance on Friday evening. May 18, 1928. The members of the B. A. Sophomore Class and their friends made merry to the music of Joe Talk ' s band. The room was decorated with Northeastern and class colors which contributed admirably to the atmosphere of the place. Time slipped by with exasperating celerity, and at one o ' clock the affair was brought to a close. Patrons of the dance were: President and Mrs. Frank Palmer Speare, Professor and Mrs. Turner Flowers Garner, Professor and Mrs. John B. Pugs- ley, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Montgomery, Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kenney, and Mr. and Mrs. Gaines Thomson Cartinhour. The annual Sophomore Hop, Division B, was held on Friday evening, May 25, 1928, at Whitney Hall, Brookline. It was declared one of the liveliest and best dances 88 5unch CMCMICAL5 d L of the year. Dancing started shortly after eight o ' clock and the gayety did not cease until one o ' clock. Excellent music was furnished bv Dick Chappie ' s Orchestra. The class and school spirit were outstanding and aided immensely in bringing about the essential sociability of such a function. The patrons were Professor Frederick W. Holmes, Professor Hollev S. ' inkfield, and Mr. ' illiam T. Alexander. TRACK BANQUET Northeastern terminated its track season, finishing seventh among twenty-three colleges represented in the New England Intercollegiates, on Saturday, May 12, 1928. After the meet, the Huskies were feted at the University Club. Captain Tatton was toastmaster and introduced Dean Carl S. Ell, who paid tribute to the team, the coaches and the faculty, for their support of track during the past year. Coaches Zeller and Parsons also expressed their appreciation of the co-operation that prevailed during the season, and bestowed especial praise upon the men who had placed in the New Eng- lands. Stanley Earle, who a few hours before had placed third in the N. E. I. C. A. A. quarter-mile, was elected captain, and Lambert F. Larson was elected manager. At the close of the evening letters were awarded by Professor Winthrop E. Nightingale to nineteen athletes and class numerals to eighteen. BASEBALL BANQUET The members of the Northeastern baseball team gathered at the University Club for their annual banquet on Saturday evening, June 2, 1928. Neil Mahoney, veteran Husky backstop for the past three years, received the highest tribute any athlete can receive when he was acclaimed captain for the 1928-1929 baseball season. Thirteen members were awarded their insignia, and were also given gold baseball bats by Mr. H. Bradlee Fenno. T. Llewellyn Schotield, 1929 E, of Weston, was appointed manager, to succeed Harry Kempanen of Fitchburg, who was toastmaster for the evening. ANNUAL OUTING For the first time, the School of BusinessAdministration joined the School of Engineering in Northeastern ' s Eighteenth Annual Field Day, held at Riverside, Newton, on Saturday, June 9, 1928. The students arrived in their own cars or by special train in time to take part in the parade of alumni and students to the recreation grounds — an annual feature of the outing. The parade was followed by the presenta- tion of the senior class banners to the freshmen. Sports were featured during the day, and dancing and canoeing in the evening served to round out a very enjoyable program. FRESHMAN RECEPTION On Friday, September 21, 1928, over two hundred freshmen and faculty gathered in Bates Hall to enjoy the reception tendered the freshmen by the Student Union. " Husky " was introduced to the yearlings and received his share of cheers and ap- plause. 90 Six members of the class of 1932 furnished music during the evening. For addi- tional attractions a company of professional entertainers was on hand, and afterwards a movie was enjoyed by those present. The reception was brought to an end after Dean Ell and other members of the faculty made short speeches of welcome and advice to the newcomers. INTERCLASS BASEBALL The class of 1929 won the interclass baseball annual championship, the final game being between the senior and sophomore teams. Mr. H. Bradlee Fenno has donated to the winning team a silver cup to be a perpetual trophv for winners of these series. Members of the winning team were also given their numerals. DIMSION A RUSH Northeastern sophomores won the fall classic at the Fens on October 2, by suc- cessfully defending the " flag " atop the greased pole. There were at least two freshmen for each sophomore, but the " cagey " second-year men maintained a successful defense for the full time limit of three minutes. The sophomores finally amassed 180 points against their opponents ' 125. Freshman hopes were catapulted high into the air when the freshman team ran away with the football game 14 to 6. Flumer, Green, and Howe starred for the year- lings, while Gilbert, Krasnow, and Zing were the main bearings of the sophomore machine. The Sophomores, however, were victors in the other events of the afternoon, a five-man six-legged race, and an obstacle race. Freshmen continued to wear red caps, and otherwise remained in durance vile. SENIOR DANCE Northeas tern ' s Senior Dance was held on October 5, 1928, at the Tent ballroom on Huntington Avenue. This was the first red-letter day on Northeastern ' s 1928-1929 social calendar. Representatives of all classes, and of alumni, were among the two hundred couples present at this semi-formal event. Morey Pearl ' s well-known orches- tra provided the music. Professor and Mrs. H. W. Melvin, Professor and Mrs. S. G. Estes, and Professor and Mrs. A. E. W ' hittaker were present as guests of the class of 1929. ALUMNI BANQUETS Alumni of the Engineering School held their annual banquet at the University Club, on October 25, 1928. The Hon. William S. Youngman, speaker of the evening, chose for his subject, " The Issue of the Present Campaign. " Frank L. Flood, 1922, retiring president of the association, acted as toastmaster of the evening. It was decided at this meeting to consolidate with the B. A. alumni group. 91 L B. A. Alumni held a get-together on November 1, 1928. The group had dinner at the Palais D ' Or, and rounded out the evening by attending " The Connecticut Yan- kee " , at the Majestic Theatre. The Northeastern University Alumni Club of New York held its annual meeting at the Hotel Breslin, Broadv -av, New York Citv, on October 26, 1928. President Sherman O. Maxwell, 1925 E, was toastmaster. Professor Joseph Spear, and Professor John B. Pugslev were present as guests. SOCCER BANQUET The second annual banquet of the Northeastern soccer team was held at the University Club on November 27, 1928. Professor Edward S. Parsons was master of ceremonies. ' ice-President Carl S. Ell, Professor Turner F. Garner, and Professor John B. Puglsey were speakers of the evening. Each speaker commended the unde- feated team upon its successful season. Professor ' in throp E. Nightingale, chairman of the Facultv Committee on Athletics, announced the winners of the ' arsitv " N " , and numerals. Fred E. Hess, 1930 E, was elected captain of the team for the comirig season, and Russell E. Cobb was chosen manager. Northeastern ' s first undefeated ' arsity team was given special recognition in the form of gold soccer ball watch charms. SENATE ALUMNI BANQUET The University Club was the scene of the annual Senate Alumni Banquet, on December 13, 1928. James H. Kinghorn, 1929 E, President of the Senate, acted as toastmaster. Professor Edgar McNaughton, of Tufts College, was the guest speaker of the evening. Professor Turner F. Garner, Director of Education, and Ralph L. Atkinson, 1921, were other speakers. MID MNTER CONCERT Northeastern ' s four Division B musical clubs united in their annual midwinter concert on January 11, 1929, at Paul Revere Hall in the Mechanics Building. The program was diversified and pleasing, ranging from the barbaric harmonies of Tschaikowskv ' s " Marche Slave " , to the rippling melodv of W ' eidt ' s " Sunnv Smile " . The Bacchanalians gathered the most applause for their pepp - renditions. The clubs taking part were the Banjo Club, the Concert Orchestra, the Bacchanalians, and the Glee Club. After the concert dancing was in order until twelve. 92 ■ s ; a. 30c o 00- « " 4 o s 0 5 L moH Members of the Northeastern University Senate OFFICERS James H. Kinghorn ' John A. Anderson Harold F. Wilder Prof. James W. Ingalls Charles P. Goeller Howard M. Gregory John B. Kiniry AMES E. Lane J Orall J. Calderara Burton F. Curtis William Crombie White Prof. Albert Edward Whittaker SENIORS Frank C. Poehlman Hyman Silverman Arnold Tippo JUNIORS Orville E. Hartford SOPHOMORE George L. Gorbell ALUMNI IN THE FACULTY Ervin Holbrook Lewis President Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Faculty Adviser William Weinfeld James H. Kinghorn John A. Anderson Harold F. Wilder Raymond W. Littlefield Joseph P. McGuckian Albert Ellsworth Everett Edward Snow Parsons The Senate FROM the date of its establishment, May 3, 1921, until the present. The Senate, Honorary Society or the School of Engineering, has represented the highest honor attainable by an undergraduate in the School. Thebasicrequirement of membership IS high scholarship, but quality of character, and interest in the welfare of others are also considered. A gold charm in the form of a scroll, bearing the name of the society on its face and suitably engraved on the back, is the insignia of the Senate. Twice a year the names of upperclassmen scholasticallv eligible for The Senate are submitted to the Society by the faculty. These are voted upon by the active members of the Senate and only those men are elected who, in the eyes of their fellows, combine high scholastic achievement with personal integrity and the ability to co-operate with others. There are at present 142 alumni members, the majontv of whom retain an active interest in the under- graduate chapter. An Annual Senate Alumni Banquet is held in mid-winter for the purpose of enabling alumni and undergraduates to become better acquainted. The active chapter also sponsors frequent meetings of a social and educational nature throughout the school vear, culminating in the Farewell Dinner to the Seniors in June. It is traditional at Northeastern that membership in the Senate can be held only by upperclassmen who have demonstrated outstanding ability in several phases of undergraduate life. The Society has thus served to promote all-round development with emphasis upon scholarship and character. 95 CAl Back Row: Damrell, Whittum, Stowers. Front Row: Bradley, Beal, Smith. Sigma Delta Epsilon Mr. Charles W. Havice faculty Adviser OFFICERS Stanley W. Beal President R. Heyward Smith Vice-President S. Whitney Bradley Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Stanley W. Seal, ' 29 Thurston B. Stowers, ' 29 S. Whitney Bradley, ' 29 C. Robertson Damrell, ' 29 George H. Whittum, ' 29 R. Heyward Smith, ' 29 MEMBERS ELECTED MARCH 14, 1929 T. Carlton Faulds, ' 29 George H. Knox, ' 31 Albert J. Oliva, ' 30 William Begun, ' 31 Vernon D. O ' Neill, ' 31 Everett A. Brown, ' 31 ELECTION to Sigma Delta Epsilon, the honorary society of the School of Business Administration, is the highest honor that can be conferred upon a student in this school. Those who are eligible for election are considered upon the basis of sound scholarship, personal character, and University activities. The men privileged to wear the gold key of the society are notable for their general leadership in undergraduate life. Carrying high standards into their business and professional careers, Sigma Delta Epsilon alumni are to be found in eminent places among the younger graduates. While this honor group uinctions quietly, its dignified influence lends a definite tone to the school. By reason of its rigid tequirements, the active membership is never large. Usually about six men are elected each vear. Meetings are held at least once a month; an annual ptize is awarded to a freshman most worthy on the basis of scholarship, character and activities; and several times each year the alumni meet with the under- graduates for a social evening. The gold key of the society is rhombic in design w ith the symbolism and the Greek letters Sigma Delta Epsilon engraved upon its face. 96 C0-ED5 Do+,V(rc),r7,A.E ef . o - s s s u 2 D O u H 2 c i w ■-■ Spa Q fa -g . H p ' s « = x " o ■ _ o X ■= • is - " 3 O U u .. 03 gX o o S J ■ c t: vy L J D The University Student Council DIVISION A George E. Lookup, ' 29 Harry L. Barstow, ' 29 Carlton L. Lothrop, ' 30 Pmitioit Vne-Presulcnt Sfcrttary-Trtasnrtr DIVISION B William J. Butler, ' 29 Raymond W. Braun, ' 29 Raymond E. Edson, ' 31 1929 Eliot W. Howard Warren A. Howard James H. Kinghorn Lambert F. Larson James E. Williams 1929 Raymond W. Cleveland Howard M. Gregory ictor a. Thurston Howard L. Grace Thomas J. Lynch 1930 Frederick E. Hess Richard B. Carr 1930 Milton A. Saunders Edgar F. Child Nelson W. Gallagher 1931 John W. LaBelle Paul C. Burke George H. Knox 1931 Alfred C. Anderson Elmer W. Crawford 1932 Charles C. Brown Paul G. Toohey 1932 ]. W. Eakins ' W. S. Walker THE University Student Council is primarily a body endowed with the power to govern student activ- ities. The Council organized this vear early in the fall under its two presidents, and has worked very efficiently. The Freshman-Sophomore relationships have been handled in a very satisfactory manner this year by both councils. The Division A Group inaugurated the precedent of manual labor for recalcitrant freshmen. In addition to the large amount of work entailed in interclass relationships, the Council has considered many matters of policy and has made many important decisions. The Council has gradually increased its scope of activities and rends more and more to make itself felt as an aggressive and positive factor in student activities. 99 =: N 12. 3 = 05 { 5 - c --g o ■- , ■ 3 s r- ' - L i y LDROH Interfraternity Council R. R. Hilton, ' 29 PrtsiJint W. Begun, ' 31 Secretarj-Treasurer Prof. J. Spear Adviser BETA GAMMA EPSILON J. H. KiNGHORN, ' 29 H. L. Burton, ' 29 ALPHA KAPPA SIGMA W. A. Stable, ' 29 J. H. Aldrich, ' 30 ETA TAU NU C. L. LoTHROp, ' 30 R. R. Hilton, ' 29 SIGMA OMEGA PSI L. Berig, ' 29 M. Press, ' 30 NU EPSILON ZETA V. O. Dick, ' 29 C. H. Muirhead, ' 30 PHI GAMMA PI B. B. Sheridan, ' 30 V. R. Block, ' 29 SIGMA PHI ALPHA S. Bohaker, ' 31 M. B. Beckwith, ' 31 PHI BETA ALPHA C. E. Lynde, ' 30 L F- Larson, ' 29 KAPPA ZETA PHI J. A. Abbott, ' 30 W. Begun, ' 31 GAMMA PHI KAPPA A. A. QuiMBY, ' 29 J. A. Hamre, ' 29 SIGMA DELTA G. A. Frye, ' 29 A. W. MoRANG, ' 30 IOTA PHI SIGMA J. AppLEBAUM, ' 29 S. ZiTTER. ' 29 THE IncerfraterniCN ' Council is a represencatne group governing incerfraternitv relationships. It is com- posed of two members from each of the twelve fraternities of the Engineering and Business Adminis- tration Schools. The Council is now in its third vear, and the friendly spirit and harmony existing between the fraternities is largely due to the efforts of this organization. The Council is advised by Professor Spear and its decisions are reviewed and checked by the Faculty Committee on Fraternities composed of the faculty advisers of the several fraternities. 101 a- B tiO o c j:: E c = o s = „ c o E? « - tie o no: LDROK Northeastern Student Union Clifpord a. Clark Stern A. Lyon Charles W. Thompson EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR 1928-1929 DIVISION A Presidet2t Secretary Treasurer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Virgil A. Thurston Richard K. Eaton Clinton T. Kessell Peter Verbeck James B. McArdle John S. Young Addison H. Pratt Howard H. Allen Milton A. Saunders Kendal A. Love Religious Service ami Welfare Social Membership Publicity Intercollegiate DIVISION B President Secretary Treastirer COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Victor A. Thurston Lindsay P. Cummings Veron a. Love Forest I. Reynolds Kenneth L. Killer Addison H. Pratt Religious Service and We fare Social Membership Publicity Intercollegiate Faculty Advtstr Mr. Charles W. Havice Dean Carl S. Ell Prof. Harold W. Melvin ADVISORY COMMITTEE Rev. William E, Gardner, D.D. Mr. Charles V. Havice THE Northeastern Student Union has enlarged its program so that it serves in many ways the entire student body. Its threefold activities — social, service, and spiritual — have extended themselves into all branches of student life. One of the Union ' s most notable achievements is the weekly chapel service. Many eminent preachers serve as chapel speakers. In its noon-hour programs, the Union has sponsored a variety of educational and entertaining features including popular lectures, movies, and forums. Through its Service and Welfare department letters, copies of the News, flowers, and fruit have been sent to ill students; moreover, visits have often been made. The Lost and Found department has also been of great service. Over twelve hundred articles have been returned during the vear. The Reading and Writing Room is comfortably appointed for the use of all students. Lounging chairs, study tables, writing desks, magazines and newspapers are to be found in this room. " Husky " stationery, pens and ink are alwavs available. The social activities have included several large receptions and a number of smaller social program s. Through its diversified intercollegiate contact the Union has given dignified publicity to the University. Delegates were sent to a large number of student conferences throughout the year. 103 Midniobt Oil The exc vd-fore.. ■rv fis ' : ■.- Back Row: M. Mager, O ' Shea. Front Row: Richardson, Burton, Sylvester. Boston Society of Civil Engineers NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY SECTION H. L. Burton F- G. Smethurst K. D. Sylvester A. M. Mager B. A. OShea C. S. Richardson Professor Alvord Chairman Vtce-Chairman Clerk Executive Committee AJviser 105 CA1 L It I Anderson, Hobby, Stedr, Atwood. American Society of Mechanical Engineers NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY SECTION E. N. Hobby 1 r - ■ a u . c Division A H. A. Stedt ]. C. Anderson 1 r-. n •;, t- 1 Division B P. r. Atwood J Protessor Zeller Chairman Secretary-Treasurer Chairman Stcrttary-Treasurer Adviser 106 LDROX Wilder, Goeller. Cleveland, Hartford American Institute of Electrical Engineers NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BRANCH R. W. Cleveland C. P. Goeller H. F. Wilder O. E. Hartford Professor Smith Prcsidmt Vicr-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser THE Northeastern University Student Branch, American Institute of Electrical Engineers completed a very successful year. Several speakers of prominence and experts in their respective fields spoke during the year. Among these were Doctor Kennel ly of Harvard, Professor C. L. Dawes of Harvard, Professor Lamp- son of the General Radio Company, and Mr. Davis, Superintendent of the Simplex Wire and Cable Company. A very instructive excursion was taken through the works and high tension laboratory of this company. The enrollment this year was very large. Northeastern tied for second place with University of California with anenrollment of 78 student members. There are 99 branches in the United States. 107 CAULDROH Prof. Strahan, Aldrich, Thomhs, Lane. American Chemical Society NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY CHAPTER OF THE NORTHEASTERN SECTION N. C, N.S., A. C. S. C. R. Thombs .... J. E. Lane J. H. Aldrich Division A A. W. MoRANG Division B f Professor Strahan Prcsidrnt Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Secretary-Treasurer Adviser 108 CA ' Y ' L DROH Back Row : Stuart, Story . Front Row: Prof. Ingalls, Frye, Mason. Society of Industrial Engineers NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY CHAPTER G. A. Frve C. T. Stu. rt W. E. Story H. R. Mason . PRorEssoR Ing. lls Presidtnt Vict-Prisidint Sfcrtrary Treasurer Adviser 109 Back Row; Bender, Blanchard, Sherman. Front Row: Pope, Murphy, Keezer. American Management Association John A. Murphy Charles A. Pope Kendall Blanchard C. DiMOND Keezer Mr. Maxcy President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Adviser J. E. Williams J. L. Forsythe W. B. Sherman MEMBERS C. E. O ' Brien H. Lesser S. S. Marshall ]. A. PuCKEY ' R. T. St. Clair D. W. Clark C. R. Damrell R. E. Sawyer L. J. Beedle J. W. Dennis C. E. Lynde J. V. Baketel W, K. Plunkett 110 CAU] ll J W S-: V3« Back Row: Prof. Tozer, J. S. Lynn, W. V. Forbush. Front Row: G. H. Whittum, E. B. Morris, Virgil A. Thurston, W. A. MacDonald. 1928-29 Inter-Club Council Division A President James E. Lane Secretary-Treasurer iRGiL A. Thurston James T. Macchi, Medford James E. Lane, Quincy Walter W. Forbush, Everett Warren A. MacDonald, Mechanic Arts Division B Presideut Edward B. Morris Secretary-Treasurer Victor A. Thurston James T. Macchi, Milford George H. Whittum, Quincy Lester F. Hermanson, Everett Warren A. MacDonald, Mechanic Arts 111 Officers Vice-President Walter W. Forbush Adviser Prof. Eliot F. Tozer Arthur Foley, Salem John S. Lynn, Greater Lynn ' iRGiL A. Thurston, Maine Lester E. Hintz, Nutmeg Officers Vice-President George H. Whittum Adviser Prof. Eliot F. Tozer Thomas H. Sullivan, Salem Raymond E. Edson, Greater Lynn ' iCTOR A. Thurston, Maine Edward B. Morris, Nutmeg CD CA L J n Quincy High School Club Founded 1923 James E. Lane President Robert E. Anderson Vke-President M ' aldo a. Howe Secretary Theodore A. Nelson Treasurer Prof. W ' aldemar S. McGuire Adviser James E. Lane Mechanic Arts High School Club Founded 1924 Warren A. MacDonald . . President Charles P. Goeller . Vice-President William E. Ramm . Secretary-Treasurer Prof. Henry E. Richards . . Adviser Warren A. MacDonald 112 CA LDPJ Salem Club of Northeastern University Founded 1924 Thomas H. Sullivax President William B. O ' Keefe Vice-President Henry O. Muenzer Secretary Cornelius J. Blxkley Treasurer Mr. Charles O. Baird Adviser Thomas H. Sullivan Everett High Club of Northeastern University Founded 1925 Allan ' . Hanson President Albert . Bengston Vice-President George H. Gould . Secretary H. Wallace Bazley Treasurer Prof. William J. Alcott, Jr. Adviser Allan V. Hanson 113 CA tr 1 ILjJI } The Northeastern Milford Club James T. Macchi Founded 1926 James T. Macchi President John G. Carlson Vke-President Frank S. Todino Secretary Stanley M. Richards Treasurer Mr. Albert E. Everett Adviser Nutmesf State Club Founded 1926 ahram G. Ohanesian . . . President WiNTHROP R. Block Vke-President Lester E. Hintz Secretary, Dn A Raymond . Cleveland Secretary, Div. B Seaton a. Reed Treasurer, Div. A Philip F. Atwood . . Treasurer, Div. B Mr. William T. Alexander Adviser AHRAM G. Ohanesian 114 CA L DM ON Maine -lacs Founded 1927 Thomas A. Pinkham President Almon ' . MoRANG Vice-President Maurice E. Sharpe Kecording Secretary Raymond A. Grant Corresponding Secretary Wesley E. Winter ... Treasurer Mr. Arthur B. Montgomery Adviser ThOM. S a. PlNKH.AM Greater Lynn Club of Northeastern University CI Founded 1928 Raymond E. Edson . . . President John S. Lynn Vice-President, Div. A John H. Lowe . Vice-President, Div. B Clayton E. Dearborn Secretary-Treasurer, Div. A Richard D. Murphy Secretary-Treasurer, Div. B Prof. Albert E. W hittaker . Adviser R.wMOND E. Edson 115 CAl L Fly ing Club Adelbert F. Schirmer Adelbert F. Schirmer . President Kenneth I. Bird . Vice-President Charles A. Parker Recording Secretary Charles T. Morgan Corresponding Secretary Wilner H. Wyman Treasurer Prof. Winthrop E. Nightingale Adviser 116 ft O X o Q ai 2 z X Z P u WD X z I a, Ul H ■3 O O CA LDROX Board of Managers John V. Baketel Business Manager Howard L. Grace Ticket Manager Harry W. Bunting Publicity Manager B. John Kiniry Scenery Manager Lincoln H. Smith Costume Manager Arnold Tippo General Manager Raymond C. Hardin Stage Manager S. Whitney Bradley Program Manager ' eron a. Love Property Manager Harry G. MacLeod Rehearsal Manager Floyd B. Sawyer Stage Electrician 119 Q 8 u B LjJ Top O ' The World MUSICAL COMEDY CAST OF CHARACTERS Fraternity President McCann Nichol Alec Trickle Big Ben .... Dangerous Dan Magrue The Lady Known as Lou Coal Slaw Pearl Slaw Strike Leaders Sam McGee scarface Broadway Bill Lily White Hermit of Sharktooth Sergeant School Private Way . Sadie Perch . Minnie Shrimp Husky, a sled dog Norman F. Faulkner Paul C. Monroe Russell C. Chase John L. Schultz Ferris M. Moses Winford L. Schofield Allan Putnam Stephen Haseltine Joseph E. Fay Isadora A. Scholnick Paul F. Gilman Jesse W. Eakins Phillips B. King George A. Estes Eric A. Roundburg Winslow A. Stahle Charles A. Pope Wesley E. Winter Gordon Moore Raymond E. Edson Husky CHORUSES W. T. Schafer R. C. Wylie R. H. Smith J. A. Turner K. W. Randall A. C. Wiinikka B. B. Rockwood Girls H. E. Burton G. L. Cutler M. Yates Boys W. H. Simister N. F. Faulkner H. P. Clark R. A. Noyes E. Swartz C. E. Cox S. Neiditz I. Altshuler G. A. Hagerty R. I. Crowell E. H. Sennott, Jr. 121 RUSSELL C. CHASE, 1929E, STEPHEN HASELTINE, 1931E -Q-O o « --a c o -goi |£ 2 — ■ i-, If p I aa a S - - o - ° — I- Q gcSi O— -. - 9 = b. -C rt u u c sis y 3 o CQ tA) 11. L a OX Band L. J. Berry Prof. H. S. W ' inkfield J. E. RoDGERS . Leader Faculty Adviser Assistant Manager MEMBERS Flute and Piccolo E. L. Kneeland C. T. Laurud H. W, Olin Clarinets L. E. Stilphen J. F. Murphy M. E. Porter L. ' . Glidden L. M. ' ant H. L. Murch Saxophones P. H. ToWNSEND A. L. Preston H. S. Maden A. C. Thompson Altos ' . T. Lineman B. F. Curtis G. I. Dower C. E. Hervey Baritone F. P. LeBaron Basses R. G. Nicholson H. A. Scott J. E. Parsons Trombones V. B. Sherman J. H. Aldrich J. Kernan A. E. Schaier Trumpets A. K. Wright C. J. F. Barriere H. R. Mosely P. W. Houle C. N. Kimball K. F. Hayden H. J. Yeames G. H. Gate Drums D. G. Eaton F. B. Weston H. Chatis J. H. DONOHUE C. R. Johnson 125 o O «.5 2 SS 3 E o ij rt u ■- 1 V -C . =■ s . rt O ill CQ - c c2j o c u r u - .5P -u Is I s 5 £ i L Concert Orchestra A. A. Nelson K. E. Watson T. B. Thompson Y. Greenberg M. Adelman Leader Manager Librarian Assistant Manager Assistant Librarian MEMBERS Violins Clarinet R. W. Clev ' eland L. J. Berry F. S. TODINO A. B. Cohen W. A. Lampinen Horn W. T. Linehan R. A. Mattson Bassoon W. A. Cheney E. B. DUNPHY G. H. Whittum V. M. SCOPPETTUOLO Y. Greenberg E. A. Hadjan Trumpets C. E. Elliott A. K. Wright S. M. Pearlman C. J. Barriere Violas C. G. Schneppershoff W. A. SUDACK Trombones A. Rubin S. L. Sanges W. B. Sherman Cello J. S. Bergmann Drums P. S. Bunker Bass J. H. DONOHUE E. S. Williston Piano Flute J. G. CuRRAN G. N. Perrv F. A. Bernklow 127 2.2 o — 1 oU L ► Banjo Club T. J. Lynch Leader J. A. Shultz Manager R. P. SwiNERTON Librarian L. P. Mendoza Assistant Manager MEMBERS L. A. Bean E. A. Chase R. W Chick D. E. COBURN W K . Freeman A. V. Friensehner N. R. Johnson V. N Norcross V. G Ohanesian R. E. Peterson C. B. Walworth 129 ' J. O 3 S 2 33 tu L Bacchanalians p. S. Bunker p. H. TOWNSEND p. B. Fowler Saxophones P. H. ToWNSEND D. W. GuNN Tn mpets A. K. Wright A. A. Nelson Trofnhones S. L. Sanges Banjo P. B. Fowler Leader Manager Assistant Manager Violins R. W. Cleveland A. B. Cohen Bass E. S. WiLLISTON Piano K. E. Watson Drums P. S. Bunker 131 8 5 u r- « 04 .-I 3 e ' Id . ; o X D -c o K a ° . s , K 3J w O O ■- OJ _c - J -- u. t x S o i =2 T3 aj t- L Glee Club " . M. Mager Leader C. D. Keezer Manager K. C. Whitehill Librarian F. S. MosHER Accompanist MEMBERS H J- Aldrich C. E. Blanchard C. L. Chatterton G R Crighton L. P. CUMMINGS J- M. Fair A. W . Fraser G W . Freeman C. L. GOLBRANSON J- B. Hamilton ' J. A. Herholz W E Hills R. W Karges W. A. MacDonald F. M. Moses R. B. Parker J. F. PuGLISI A. Putnam H. A. Scott H. W. Scott M. C. Smith A. Spry N. E. Staples ' . E. Terrell W . D. Turner A. I. W ' egelius 133 CAU] L } K», i Mager, Bunker, Nelson, Lynch. Musical Clubs Council 1928-1929 A. A. Nelson PresiJoit H. S. WiNKFiELD Faculty Dmctor MEMBERS P. S. Bunker Bacchanalians T. J. Lynch Banjo Club V. M. Mager Glee Club L. J. Berry Band 134 CAl IL Back Row: Shulcz. Keczer, Watson. Front Row: Baggish, Ohanesian, Townsend. Board of Managers 1928-1929 P. F. Baggish | V. G. Ohanesian D. V. Clark J P. H. Townsend j. A. Shultz C. D. Keezer K. E. Watson E. H. Lewis Managers General Alamigers Bacchanalians Banjo Club Glee Club Orchestra Faculty Manager 135 ybis gocss SWkpm — ? BlUU V EINIFELD 1929E IB % I) ±■5 c-o 2 £ru- S :; = -J ■ n _ - Oh « — _ . o m r ;r u. z - g o S -o ! §2 a c u CA L Cauldron Board Editors-iH-Cbief . R. Grammont, ' 29 A W J.J. HOULAHAN, ' 29AB.A. Managing Editor E. T. LiFNER, ' 29 B B.A. Photographic Editors C. A. Brown, ' 30 B I ' J. F. Murphy, ' 31 A III L. N. CoLLis, ' 29 A I E. W. Howard, ' 29 A III H. L. Grace, ' 29 B B.A. Advertising Editors S. V. Br.- dlev, ' 29 AA B.A. H. R. Mason, ' 29 A ' Art Editors H. V. Bunting, ' 29 A V W. Weinfeld, ' 29 B III M. C. Linscott, ' 30 B I Snapshot Editors M. Silverman, ' 29 A W R. A. Flagg, ' 29 B B.A. J. A. Anderson, ' 29 B II C. R. Damrell, ' 29 A B.A. Feature Editors V. M. Bacheller, ' 29 B IV Course Editors A. M. Mager, ' 29 B I W. H. Nichols, ' 29 A II R. W. Dennis, ' 29 A III E. C. Campbell, ' 29 A Y V. D. Foster, ' 29 A T. C. Faulds, ' 29 A B.A. J. L. Forsyth, ' 29 A B.A. R. C. Chase, ' 29 B I N. L. Lynch, ' 29 B II W.J. Bazley, ' 29 Bin J. B. KiNiRY, ' 29 BIV S. N.Haynes, ' 29AAB.A. 139 J3 — _c . „ rt == n ;; ' - ' -13 H X rt u -- — ' to rt — - - SS °.t: 3-c 2 eS imte 3 , s (U « OJ « ■- o W g; ■3 oo n I- . s m _ " : 2 ' -= ■- — . ? c 1 " S o " S Q c - .T « r « 5 g J-§ E 9 § i S " - ■• g " ■ Q O S - -- § s rt o -c S V- CQ tu H ' ' t L D Northeastern News G. A. Frye, ' 29, Editor-hi-Chief R. H. Smith, ' 29, Associate Editor-in-Chief Feature Editors — W. Weinfeld, ' 29, R. H. Smith. ' 29 Managing Editors — W. Weinfeld ' 29, K. Blanchard, ' 29 News Editors Intercollegiate Editors E. E. FoRSLiND, ' 29 C. M. Walker, ' 30 E. S. Hill, ' 30 J. P. McGuckian, ' 30 Advertising Managers Sports E ditor J. V. Baketel, ' 29 C. E. GooDwix, ' 29 N. W. Gallagher, ' 30 Asst. Advertising Manager Business Manager R. B. Ross, ' 31 S. W. Bradley, ' 29 Circulation Manager W. B. Sherman, ' 30 T Asst. Circulation Manager H. C. Whelden, ' 29 Editorial Staff R Ieiditz, ' 30 E. H Sennott, ' 31 S. A. Lyon, ' 31 T. E. Kelly, ' 30 G. H. Whittum, ' 29 H. A. Gill, ' 31 F. E. Powers, ' 31 D. S. White, ' 31 H. H. Moore, ' 31 J. E. Kalstein, ' 29 M. F. Katziff, ' 29 C. G. Starkey, ' 29 C. H. Muirhead, ' 30 A. M. Hall, ' 30 L. Hermanson, ' 31 N. C. Cohen, ' 31 E. P. Marconi, ' 31 Business Staff G. H. Knox, ' 31 W. P. BURBANK, ' 31 Sporting Staff R. S. Cole, ' 32 J. W. Duncan, ' 30 Circulation Staff W. McRae, ' 32 L. I. Hodgdon, ' 31 Reporting Staff R. T. Cotton, ' 31 A. E. Johnson, ' 32 M. S. Tarnopol, ' 32 D. J. Loux, ' 32 E. Lurie, ' 29 H. C. Selya, ' 29 G. A. Macdonald, ' 30 C. A. Magnuson, ' 30 C. G. SCHNEPPERSHOFF, ' 31 Advertising Staff K. Singer, ' 32 Asst. Business Manager B. Stowers, ' 29 Photographic Editor H. Latimer, ' 29 P. G. TooHEY, ' 32 H. B. Sturges, ' 32 H. E. Burton, ' 31 F. S. Mosher, ' 32 N. P. Altshuler, ' 32 R. G. Amiss, ' 31 A. H. Spry, ' 32 M. Kesselman, ' 31 B. J. Cantor, ' 31 C. R. Williamson, ' 31 L. E. HiNTZ, ' 31 S. Wesalo, ' 31 S. P. Stephanski, ' 32 A. Machinsal, ' 32 A. W. Paradis, 32 141 Back Ron : Ackart, Latimer. Front Row: Baketel, Grace, Bradley. Handbook Staff Editor-in-Chkf Howard L. Grace, ' 29 Associate Editors George A. MacDonald, ' 30 S. Whitney Bradley, ' 29 R. D. Kendrick Reynolds, ' 31 Advertising Manager John Y. Baketel, ' 29 Advertising Staff Russell H. Latimer, T. Edmund Ackart, Frank H. Robinson, Jr., ' 29 ' 30 ' 30 The Handb ' ook is published annually by the Northeastern Student Union, and is issued to students at the beginning of the college year. It contains detailed information concerning athletics, class activities, and organizations in the school. Schedules, a daily diary, songs, cheers, and important dates in the college calendar make the book of great value. 142 i o «2 : H o o O 3- 2 d ►J o . tu a, a. ■ u, w ui c o , Q C . u o i- - ac-c « = [_, 0- Xi ■ rS ' £ ui " o ' k3 V2 c . § ° = - = rt (J _ -: s .- i- o o S a 5 Lj Track Squad Coaches Professor Joseph V. Zeller Professor Edward S. Parsons Captain Almon W. Morang, ' 29 M.anager Lambert F. Larson, ' 29 Edwar d S. Parsons Coach TRACK SQUAD P. C. Burke, ' 31 A. N. Chapman, ' 31 C. H. Cheney, ' 30 R. H. Cook, ' 31 E. E. Fischer, ' 31 W. W. FORBUSH, ' 31 A. Forsberg, ' 31 C. R. Greenleaf, ' 31 W. J. Hanson, ' 32 J. M. Ingraham, ' 31 L. F. Larson, ' 29, Mgr. L. D. LiBBY, ' 31 M. LuNDELL, ' 31 G. E. Martin, ' 30 M. J. McAnern, ' 30 S. Messinger, ' 32 H. J. MoiNEAu, ' 32 A.W. Morang, ' 30, Caft. J. T. Morley, ' 30 W. H. Nichols, ' 29 F. E. Powers, ' 31 W. F. Repetto, ' 29 L. M. Rymph, ' 32 F. L. Shea, ' 32 L. H. SOBEY, ' 31 C. W. Thompson, ' 29 T. B. Thompson, ' 31 . E. Thompson. ' 30 Joseph W. Zeller Coach 145 CAT IL The Track Season T! HE Northeastern track team shaped up as one of the best in New England this ' ear. The Huskies went through an indoor season undefeated, having got by their old rival Bates for the first time in five years, and again overwhelmed Worcest- -A • „, er Tech. The prospects for the outdoor season were exceedingly B B ■ bright with dual meets with Tufts, April 20, at home; Spring- j H field College, at Springfield, May 4; Colby, at W ' aterville, " 1 May 11; the Eastern Intercollegiates, at Worcester, May 18; and the New England Intercollegiates, at M. I. T., Mav 24 and 25. The handicap meet in the fall was marked by some good performances, especially by newcomers from the freshman X class who were destined to make good later in the year. The team received a blow early in the year when Stanley Earle, ' 29, captain-elect, resigned, and the letter men later chose Almon Morang, a junior, as his successor. Morang is the best high jumper the Huskies ever had, and holds the indoor and outdoor college records, both of which he improved this year. A summary of the winter ' s activities is interesting in showing the strides that the Husky runners have taken the past year. The Prout Memorial games were marked bv a North- eastern relay victory over Massachusetts Aggies by a lap, with Francis Shea, Red Thompson, Wilrose Hanson and Charles Thompson, running in that order in the mile event. In this meet, Francis Powers placed third in the hurdles for the N. E. A. A. A. U. championship to the world ' s record-holders, Monty Wells and John Collier. Captain Morang tied for first in the N. E. A. A. A. U. high jump at a new college record height, 6 feet, 1 1-8 inches. James McCrudden, freshman captain, was second in a handicap 600. Then came the B. A. A. meet with George Martin pole vaulting 12 feet to a new college record, although not placing, and the relay team defeating Bates by a half-lap and M ' orcester Tech by more than that distance in a three-cornered relay. The college record in the mile relay was lowered below the figure of the Prout effort to 3:33 1-5- Powers was again a finalist in the hurdles in fast company. A preliminary meet that was to aid the Huskies in preparing for the dual meets was the Y. M. C. A. open meet which really opened the season. The Huskies mon- opolized the honors. The contest was marked by Jack Morley ' s comeback as a high jumper. He cleared six feet. Charles Thompson started his assault on Earle ' s 600-yard record m this meet also. The Millrose games in New York saw the Huskv relay four meet its only defeat of the season by Fordham. But the Huskies outlegged Manhattan and St. John ' s College of Brooklyn. The N. E. A. A. A. U. championship events at Mechanics Building at- tracted several Northeastern entries. Red Thompson placed second to Sam Martin, B. A. A. star, in the 1000 and Charlie Thompson was second to Frankie Burns, also of the B. A. A., in the 600, setting a new college record of 1:18 2-5- Powers was a finalist in the dash. 146 Captain Morang L_J Northeastern ' s greatest achievement indoors was heating Bates ' at Lewiston on a dirt track, after training on boards all winter, 45-41. Behind in the next to the last event. North- eastern relay team ran a record-breaking race for the distance and gave N. U. a victory in the meet. A number of records fell in this meet, which was marked bv gruelling competition. Joseph Fait and William Repetto, in the dash, and Rov Rvmph, in the shotput, were other Husky record-breakers. Northeastern found Worcester Tech an easy opponent in a dual meet at home which ended the indoor season. The Huskies captured all but two firsts and all but two seconds. The meet was featured bv the 600-vard run bv Charles Thomp- son, the shotputting of Rymph, the 300 by Shea, with one shoe off, and the flashy running of Fischer in the mile and 1000. Other Huskies could have performed more brilliantly if thev had been pushed. The Huskies won, 58 1-2 to 18 1-2, in their meet with Worcester, incidentally. An undefeated outdoor season up to the New Englands was predicted, and the Huskies were favored to do better than ever in the New Englands. The Eastern crown was worn the past year by Northeastern and shared by Northeastern and Union the previous year. The coaches certainly deserve credit for the way they developed material this year. M.AX. GER Larson ' 147 CA L yftoX W.J. Hanson, F. L. Shea, Prof. Parsons, W. E. Thompson, C. W. Thompson. Relay Team W ' lLROSE J. Hanson Francis L. Shea ' iLLiAM E. Thompson Charles W. Thompson 148 L Baseball Squad Coach RuFus H. Bond Captain Neil T. Mahoney W. Carter, ' 32 W. E. Coleman, ' 32 R. H. Cook, ' 32 E. F. Dempsey, ' 31 A. W. Fisher, ' 32 J. H. Friel, ' 32 G. E. Goodwin, ' 29 G. L. Greene, ' 32 G. A. Hagerty, ' 30 C. H. Hamilton, ' 29 R. G. Hassell, ' 31 E. V. Johnson, ' 32 N. T. Mahoney, ' 29, Capt. t fc -; - Captain Mahoney Manager Llewellyn T. Schofield Asst . Aianager George C. Thompson A. M Merritt, ' 32 C. R. Messer, ' 32 W E Nutter, ' 31 s. H. Presper, ' 32 R. P. Richardson, ' 29 P. S. Ranney, ' 29 L. M Rymph, ' 32 H. M Somerville, ' 30 A. W Steptoe, ' 32 W ' . A Symancyk, ' 30 H Ti FFANY, ' 31 G H. Whittum, ' 29 VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 6 April 9 April 15 April 19 April 22 April 25 April 27 May 1 May 4 May 11 May 14 May 18 May 22 May 23 May 25 1929 Lowell Textile Providence College Dartmouth Tufts Bates University of Maine Rhode Island State W. P. I. M. A. C. Lowell Textile Rhode Island State Middlebury Bates Colby U. S. Naval Training Station at Lowell at Providence at Home at Medford at Home at Home at Kingston at Worcester at Amherst at Home at Home at Home at Lewiston at Waterville at Home 149 ofe - C D- Jl§ ? ' ■ u o - OJ Q w i P 5 o S §2 L The Baseball Season Manager Schofield NORTHEASTERN baseball team, with a trio of four-vear veterans. Captain Neil Mahonev, Ray- mond Richardson and Perry Ranney, faced the season with excellent prospects. The outlook was discouraging at first, as the team had lost a number of stars of the 1928 season, including Captain Clifford Freeland, ex-Captain Daniel Pender, Lawrence Rannev, Leo Crowlev and Dominic Meo, all letter men. The chief problem which Coach Bond faced was to find a right-handed pitcher, two infielders and two outfielders, in addition to bolstering his batting order. The Huskies had strength in the pitching department as far as southpaws go, with Harold Somerville, ace of 1926 and ' 27, Richard- son, a mainstay last season, and George W ' hittum, relief pitcher a year ago. The Huskies possessed strength also in the catching department with Captain Mahoney, one of the best college catchers in the East, and a capable understudy, lUiam Svmancyk. First base was a problem, but Coach Bond early found a wav of solving it bv using Richardson at this position when not pitching. Games in which Richardson pitched were featured bv Captain Mahonev at hrst and Svmancyk behind the bat. The competition for inheld positions was keen, and the veterans. Nutter and Goodwin, were forced to hustle to keep several of the newcomers from the freshman and sophomore classes from taking away their jobs. The outfield was pretty well fixed with the veterans, Ranney and Edward Dempsey, but here again the season was featured by keen competition on the part of newcomers. The schedule was one of the best in the university ' s baseball history, Dartmouth being a notable newcomer. The Maine trip was another feature, being more attractive than the Vermont trip which previously featured. The absence of Boston University, Back Bay rival of a number of years, was more than made up bv the inclusion of strong nines, including Providence College, R. I. State, Maine, Middlebury, Bates, Colby and, of course. Tufts, which has become more and more a leading rival. The baseball season was also featured by the attempt of Herbert Tiffany, soccer and basketball star, to win his third letter, a feat never before attained by a Husky athlete. Last year Larry Ranney was the only Husky who made two letters, in baseball and basketball. Bill Kobera, who gradu- ated last year, Bill Raffone, Arthur Rae and Joseph Sylvester are recalled as the only other two-sports athletes in recent years. Co. ch Bond 151 U a z . 8 tin - 6 S) So l: o cqcl: LDROX Varsity Basketball Squad A. A. Arcardi, ' 30 T. M. BuRAK, ' 31 O. J. Calderara, ' 30 A. K. Fletcher, ' 32 H. M. Gregory, ' 29 R. G. Hassell, ' 31 Coach Mr. Rufus H. Bond Captain Joseph C. Placzek Manager Donald . Clark Assistant Manager Roger G. Eldridge G. MacDonald, ' 32 W. H. Northrop, ' 31 V. D. O ' Neill, ' 31 J. C. Placzek, ' 30, Capt. ' . A. Symancyk, ' 31 H. Tiffany, ' 31 153 Lji Freshman Basketball Squad Mr. H. Nelson Raymond, Jr., Coach George H. Knox, Manager Arlton K. Fi.etcher, Captain R. C. Christensen, ' 32 ]. DuKSTA A. K. Fletcher G. A. FiLEMAN E. F. HiNTZ THE SQUAD S. B. MOSEMAN B. W. Phillips S. J. PlASCIK A. N. Ranslord H. A. SCHLIER C. R. Scott K. L. Singer R. B. Smith R. B. Whitman LED by Captain Arlton Fletcher, the 1932 basketball quintet enjoyed a successful season, winning five games out of nine. Two games were lost by three points. Dean Academy at Franklin and Wentworth Institute at the Y. M. C. A. getting the decisions. Later in the season the Husky pups turned the tables on Wentworth in a fast game. The high light of the season was the run-away victory at Cambridge when the frosh defeated New Preparatory School 80-11. The 1932 squad should furnish several valuable replacements for varsitv stars next season. The following members of the squad were awarded numerals: A. K. Fletcher, Captain, R. C. Christensen, E. F. Hintz, H. A. Schlier, A. N. Ransford, C. R. Scott, G. A. Fileman, J. Duksta, B. W. Phillips, S. B. Moseman, S. J. Piascik, R. B. Whitman. 154 L The Basketball Season NORTHEASTERN enjoved its best basketball season in history this year. Captain Joseph Placzek, ' 29, led the Huskies to nine victories in 16 games, which sur- passes the record of 1927 of eight victories and nine defeats under the leadership of William Raffone, ' 11. One of the chief reasons whv Coach Rufus Bond ' s sixth season in charge of Northeastern basketball was more successful than previous seasons was the scoring punch provided bv two sophomores, William Symancyk, who made his letter a year ago, and Herbert Tiffanv, who was a newcomer on the court squad after distinguish- ing himself in soccer two seasons. Both Tiffanv and Svmancvk scored more points than any previous Northeastern player during a season. In 1927 William Kobera, last year ' s captain, set a scoring record for the Huskies of 180 points. The present year saw Tiffany cage 246 points and Svmancvk 182. These forwards were one of the leading pair of scorers of any team in the East. Tiffanv finished sixth among the leading scorers of the East, and he was second to Edward Wineapple of Providence College in New England scoring. He led the Greater Boston college plavers, with his running mate runner-up. The guarding of Captain Joseph Placzek and Attilio Arcardi, veterans of last vear, was again of high calibre. Placzek particularly distinguished himself by his fine leadership and consistent plav, and was valued so highly bv his teammates that he was re-elected for the coming year. At center Howard Gregory, the only senior on the squad, was pushed early in the season by K ' illard Northrop, a sophomore, but reached his form of a year ago, and contributed a great deal to the team ' s success. Orall Calderara, ' 30, and Gilbert MacDonald, ' 32, played in most of the games, proving to be valuable sub- stitutes. Terrance Burak, ' ernon O ' Neill and Arlton Fletcher, freshman captain, as well as Homer Schlier, fresh- man high scoring for vard, also saw action on the varsity. The season opened against Providence College at home, December 8, the Huskies piling up a lead at the end of the half that was lost in the second half after the regular guards, Placzek and Arcardi, were put out on personal fouls. This showing in the opener augured vell for the success of the Red and Black, for Providence had a veteran five which had one of the best records subsequentlv of any college in the East. Clark won two victories over N. U. a vear ago, but revenge was gained on December 12, at Worcester, and on January 5, at home, as the Huskies completely out- played their rivals. Tiffanv and Svmancyk piled up many baskets. The annual game with the alumni proved to be one of the hardest games of the season, the alumni having Bill Raffone, Red Renker, Julius Janssen, Joe Sylvester, Art Rae and Larrv Ranney on their side. The varsity won, 39-35. Harvard managed to defeat the Huskies at Cam- bridge, in the final December contest, bv five points. The Huskies found the elongated Crimson center, Grayden Upton, a problem in the first half, and rallied too late in the game to win a victory. 155 Capt. Placzek L J At Durham, the Huskies defeated the strong Univer- sity of New Hampshire team, 37-20, with Tiffany setting a scoring record for the Wildcats ' gymnasium. At Worcest- er Tech the Huskies won a hard-fought game, 40-35, with Symancvk the scoring ace. Lowell Textile took advantage of the Huskies at Lowell to win, 30-28, the team being without Coach Bond for the lirst time in his coaching career on account of illness. The Huskies later avenged that defeat at home with a 45-28 victory. The U. S. Coast Guard brought a smart-looking team to Boston, January 19, and for a time threatened to over- come the Huskies, but the tide turned into a rout eventual- ly with N. U. on top, 39-17. Massachusetts Aggies were beaten bv Northeastern for the first time in history in the next game on the home court, the score being, 32-17. Tufts defeated N. U. at Medford by the greatest margin of anv opponent this year. The Jumbos had their eves on the basket that night, and although Tiffany out- scored the Tufts ace. Fish Ellis, and Symancyk, too, gave Ellis a battle for scoring honors, the luck was not with N. U. R. L State had a great series with Northeastern as usual. At Kingston, on the first game of the Southern trip, R. L won, 38-34. It was the tenth straight victory for the Kingston five. Still undefeated, the Rhode Islanders came to Boston the following week, and had to play two over- time periods to win, 49-43. This game was the best played in the local gym all year and probably the best on a Boston court this winter also. The second game of the Southern trip at Brooklyn Poly was a disappointment for N. U. The Huskies lost bv six points, but the home team played a rough game that was characterized by incessant holding. The wind-up of the season was a landslide for Northeastern against the Norwich Cadets. The score, 50-15, indicates the scoring activity of the Huskies. From 1000 to 1500 persons saw each of the home basketball games this year. Dancing featured af ter home games. At the annual banquet at the Hotel Kenmore, Placzek was re-elected captain and Roger Eldridge, ' 30, was chosen manager. Letters were awarded to Placzek, Manager Clark, Arcardi, Gregorv, Calderara, Tiffany, Symancyk, Northrop and MacDonald. Numerals were given Arthur Cripps, ' 31, and Eldridge. Dean Ell, Athletic Director Parsons, H. Bradlee Fenno, Prof. Garner, Prof. Puglsey and Prof. Melvin were among the speakers. Mgr. Cl. rk 156 CAU f ' Y " Br LDROX Soccer Squad Coach Mr. David Priestley M.anager Kendall Blanchard Assistant Manager Russell E. Cobb Captain Warren A. Howard H. L. Bancroft, ' 29 H. V. Bazley, ' 30 A. H. Booker, ' 32 H. E. Burton, ' 32 H. L. Burton, ' 29 E. B. Cobb, ' 29 J. W. Duncan, ' 30 J. H. Foster, ' 30 M. C. Franco, ' 32 F. E. Hess, ' 30 V. A. Howard, ' 29, Capt. L. J. Kershaw, ' 31 A. J. Masefield, ' 29 H. E. McGoff, ' 29 J. L. Medeiros, ' 31 T. J. Melia, ' 30 S. B. Moseman, ' 32 J.J.Norton, ' 29 F. G. Smethurst, ' 29 L. L. Stetson, ' 31 H. Tiffany, ' 31 R. A. Veeder, ' 29 S. Wyrzywalski, " 29 M. Yates, ' 32 Lapi . Howard 157 2 jp-S O -i ! - Z ° - - O rt to « s .-c JJ u LI 5 S-2 - •l s u- 5 S iJ 2 ■- " 5 j; o acJ tC L The Soccer Season Coach Priestley NORTHEASTERN ' S soccer team of 1928 gained the dis- tinction of being the University ' s first athletic team to go through its season without a defeat. Under the leadership of Warren A. " Rustv " Howard, the Huskies won their first seven games and tied the last one with Clark at Worcester. Howard was also captain in 1927, the first season soccer was a major sport, when the eleven scored seven victories in eight games, losing only to Springfield College. The Huskies won most of their games in 1928 b - a con- vincing margin. Four opponents, Dartmouth, Worcester Tech, Brown and Harvard, were whitewashed. No opponent scored more than once, and one of the opponent ' s goals, that made by M. I. T., was discredited as the Beavers forfeited the match to Northeastern when it became known that two of their players had been ineligible. And so the score of the M. I. T. match stands in the record book 1-0 in Northeastern ' s favor. David Priestley, a member of the Boston Professional Soccer Team, coached the Huskies for the second season, but was unable to attend the matches; consequentlv Athletic Director Edward Parsons was on hand to do his bit at the games. Priestley began the season with a veteran group that included Captain Howard, Harold Burton, Herbert Tiffanv and Lester Kershaw on the forward line; Fred Hess, Harold Mc- Goff, Herman Bancroft and Augustus Masefield, halfbacks; Joseph Medeiros, Gordon Smethurst and Howard Foster, full- backs; and Thomas Melia goal. The most talented freshman was Mario Franco who immediately won a place on the forward line, which was intact throughout the sea- son. Malcolm Yates, Alfred Booker and Samuel Moseman were the only other first- year men who made the varsity squad, but several of the reserves of 1927 contributed a great deal to the success of the team. The reserves included Wallace Bazlev, Russell Scammell, Stanley Wyrzywalski, John Norton, Linwood Stetson, Edwin Cobb, Ronald ' eeder and John Duncan. The season opened with Fitchburg Normal at home, September 29, each member of Northeastern ' s forward line scoring at least once and Burton and Howard twice to win a 7-1 victory. Full of confidence the Huskies journeyed to Hanover October 6 and surprised the Green by winning a 4-0 triumph. Against M. I. T. at Cambridge, Oct- ober 10, the Huskies had trouble finding the goal with their shots and faced a rugged opposition from the Beavers who tallied the only goal of the contest. This score was later reversed. Traveling to Worcester, October 13, Northeastern trounced an old rival, Worcest- er Tech, 4-0. Tiffany and Franco shared the scoring honors. Bridgewater Normal brought a scrappy team to Huntington Field, October 20, but the Huskies rallied in the closing minutes to win 4-1. Brown was defeated 2-0 at Providence, October 27, Tiffany and Burton tallying. Burton was the hero of the Harvard game at Soldiers Field, October 30, booting the only goal of the contest. And then came the windup against Clark at Worcester, November 3 on a muddy pitch which made a fast game impossible. The Huskies were favored by " Lady Luck " when a Clark player booted a goal for them, thus keeping the Red and Black slate clean of defeats. 159 JOR L Northeastern scored 24 goals to opponents ' 3 during the season. Three players. Burton, Tiffany and Franco shared scoring honors with five goals apiece. Captain Howard tallied four, seven less than the preceding season, while Kershaw, Bazlev and Scammell added one apiece. Fred Hess was elected to lead the team in 1929 and Russell Cobb succeeds Kendall Blanchard as manager. Letters were awarded to the following: Seniors, Captain Howard, Manager Blanchard, Smethurst, McGoff, Bancroft, Masefield and Burton; juniors. Captain-elect Hess, Bazley, Melia; sopho- mores. Tiffany, Kershaw, Medeiros and Scammell; freshmen. Franco and Booker. Numerals were awarded to the following: Manager-elect, Russell Cobb and Harry Burton, assistant manager, and Edwin Cobb. Prospects for next year are bright. The season ' s record follows: Mgr. Bl. nchard Northeastern 7 Fitchburg Normal 1 Northeastern 4 Dartmouth Northeastern 1 M. I. T. Northeastern 4 W. P. I. Northeastern 4 Bridgewater Normal 1 Northeastern 2 Brown Northeastern 1 Harvard Northeastern 1 Clark 1 Total 24 160 " N " Men in School A. A. Arcardi, ' 30 H. V. Bazley, ' 30 K. Blanchard, ' 29 A. H. Booker, ' 32 P. C. Burke, ' 31 H. L. Burton, ' 29 C. H. Cheney, ' 30 D. W. Clark, ' 29 O. J. Calderara, ' 30 E. F. Dempsey, ' 31 A. O. Forsberg, ' 31 M. C. Franco, ' 32 C. E. Goodwin, ' 29 H. M. Gregory, ' 29 F. E. Hess, ' 30 W. A. Howard, ' 29 J. M. Ingraham, ' 31 L. J. Kershaw, ' 31 G. A. MacDonald, ' 32 A. M. Mager, ' 29 N. T. Mahoney, ' 29 G. E. Martin, ' 29 A. J. Masefield, ' 29 M. J. McAnern, ' 30 H. E. McGopF, ' 29 J. L. Medeiros, ' 31 T. J. Melia, ' 30 A. W. Morang, ' 30 J. T. Morley, ' 30 W. H. Nichols, ' 29 V. H. Northrop, ' 31 W. E. Nutter, ' 31 J. C. Placzek, ' 30 F. E. Powers, ' 31 P. S. Ranney, ' 29 C. A, Ray, ' 28 V. F. Repetto, ' 29 R. P. Richardson, ' 29 R. C. Scammell, ' 31 F. G. Smethurst, ' 29 L. H. SOBEY, ' 31 H. M. Somerville, ' 29 W. A. Symancyk, ' 31 H. Tiffany, ' 31 C. W. Thompson, ' 29 W. E. Thompson, ' 30 Foundeal N .U.Transport Jii _J , }jmm - € B %» 1 HS ' - f • a rt - 1 a iS -f •? , J tK» »» - ifc si c = w-[-f= U - - .-lii 1 -. T3 O CI. Di r ■- , a. - - 2 t a " - t- - • T J3 - : S - o .— o " ■ 9X2 ' s t: ' -r. --c S o -a ; ■ ■ s S s — ' •- n — ' § E ::S t— vj U. L DROX Beta Gamma Epsilon Local Fr.iternitv Founded 1919 Headquarters — 74 Pleasant Street, Brookline BROTHER IN THE FACULTY William T. Alexander FACULTY ADVISER Emil a. Gramstorff C. Akeson R. F. Batchelder S. Bennett H. L. Burton V. D. Foster A. L. Bisbee E. F. Foster A. E. Gersbach A. M. Hall BROTHERS 1929 W. S. Horsefield J. H. KlNGHORN H. G. Larsen 1930 R. C. Hardin H. P. McGee A. S. Meloy S. A. Reed A. M. Mager T. A. PiNKHAM P. S. Ranney C. A. White W. Lampinen E. S. Hill C. T. Stuart G. C. Thompson W. M. Mager T. M. Burak S. T. Campbell C. Chatterton R. E. Edson 1931 G. L. Gorbell A. Hall L. J. Kershaw P. Munroe L. J. Parks G. Prince H. Stuart P. Mayo R. Beedle G. Chase K. Deggs PLEDGEES A. Edwards A. Hanson R. Heffer . Nutter H. Pfurr 165 ■ o-o C Lu i- 2 C O C C c :) lu c : o o . o " - -c il QJ U O J JD o 2 o . o S o- ■■§5§ . c c - u 2 J= ■i£;w « c " t 3 O - s S o CAl L_J a OK Alpha Kappa Sigma Local Fraternity Founded 1919 Headquarters — 151 Davis Avenue, Brooklme BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY W iLLiAM L. Smith Joseph . Zeller Chester P. Baker FACULTY ADMSER Samuel A. S. Strahax ' . J. Butler A. . Hanson W. A. Stable BROTHERS 1929 R. W. Crosby G. E. Lookup R. T. St. Clair R. W. Dennis R. P. Richardson ' . P. Stoddard L. Goodridge J. H. Aldrich E. J. Fieber J. H. Foster 1930 W. E. Stratton H. H. Shepherd H. Somerville S. P. Negus W. C. Paxton R. L. SwEEZEY G. Crocker P. W. Fuller A. Forsberg 1931 R. Spafford H. Tiffany . Forbush F. LiLLEY J. LaBelle C. Richardson O. Lindsay E. Fisher R. B. hitman PLEDGEES P. Burke C. Scott J. L. Wicker D. Anderson R. Jordan 167 X o sfa! i ? c = £0 2 2 -_ c S ; o i 33 (ii U. L Eta Tau Nu Local Fraternity Founded 1920 Headquarters — 153 Naples Road, Brookline BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Edward S. Parsons Albert Everett FACULTY ADMSER Alfred J. Ferretti Ff - C TAU ' )- r hifi r- - NUS BROTHERS 1929 H. L. Bancroft S. M. James H. E. McGoff R. R. Hilton O. E. Kendall W C. Morrill E. W. Howard 1930 E. R. Stacy J- W. Greenleaf C. A. Parker M A. Saunders K. Gregory R. B. Parker V. L. Stone E, C. Knowlton W. E. RiCKER F. W. Wagner C. L. Lothrop 1931 T. M. Yader A. H. Baxter M. E. Prior A. K. Wright A. M. Dickson K. B. Scott N. H. Cook R. C. Emery A. S. Tewksbury R. TwiTCHELL E. L. Holland P. H. Townsend E. G. Anderson S. G. Tilton PLEDGEES J M. Fair F. S. Blodgett A. L. Hasty T. E. Toole A. H. Clark A. M. HiLLIARD E. F. Tewksbury K. Harrington B. F. Latamore M. H. Taylor M Yates 169 o ol- -yi L- U O z; =i J — :j;zi= o S .5 S- ■ " . ° o . i o i ai -o " L IE OH Sigma Omega Psi National Fraternity Founded 1921 Headquarters — 405 Newhurv Street, Boston FACULTY ADVISER Henry B. Alvord . W ' einfeld p. F. Baggish M. S. Katziff E. LURIE M. Press J. Freedman E. Swartz S. Palmer BROTHERS 1929 L. Berig I. J. Rosenfeld H. C. Selya 1930 W. S. SuDACK L K. ROSOFF 1931 B. Cantor H. W. Blackstone H. Silverman H. Shuman J. E. Kalstein S. Neiditz H. Cohen E. A. MiNSKY T. Hamel H. Cohen A. B. Cohen PLEDGEES P. Chitoff L Nesvisky E. Ellis K. Singer L. Klebanow 171 o «) Sim O ot " 5 i gx 2| o cT t: " M 2i30 (A c a o to - Q S 9 « 8 ° rt QJ u. 05 wti. CAULDROX Nu Epsilon Zeta Local Fraternity Founded 1921 Headquarters 19 Brook Street. Brookline BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Harold W . Melvin William C. White George H. Meserve FACULTY AD TSER George W. Towle S. Chapman R. A. Douglas C. E. Batchelder R. F. Walker P. H. Atwood G. Griffin A. Schirmer J. Kittle H. C. Hamilton BROTHERS 1929 J. Bergman . Bazley E. V. Gray 1930 E. Roundberg J. Hendry G. Miner O. E. Hartford A. MacGregor 1951 J. Cleveland V. O. Dick S. Ellis H. C. Stedt C. H. Muirhead R. Hoaglund C. Morgan C. Abbott E. Ambrose M. Lundell 173 0.0 J 2 [J « 1 - C O S JOE a. ■U - U , ■!» fM V- — -r; u o Uh - -■ rt lac E o o " c«Uj= = ' - ' ■- S —-Is f •£ - c 5-S S-? 5 G rt i i; - 1 u»j fc- - qj I- ' ;; ;. S o s ' o c5 o ,, -a c t: 03 H t 0 u L Phi Gamma Pi Local Fr.iternit ' FouxDED 1924 Headquarters — 922 Beacon Street, Boston BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Albert E Whittaker Henry E. Richards H. Barstovv H. M. Gregory C. W. Thompson W. R. Block E. F. Herrick FACULTY ADMSER Milton J. Schlagenhauf BROTHERS 1929 D. McLelland R. C. Chase R. W. Brown A. E. Colvin R. W. Cleveland E. B. Morris E. F. FORSLIND C. B. COLBURN V. H. Nichols S. Earle D. W. Smith H. R. Adams R. ' . Littlefield B. B. Sheridan G. Norton C. E. Clary G. A. McDonald 1930 E. SiNA A Arcardi E. L. CUMMINGS R. D. Ordvvav p. Hog AN O. Calderara E. R. French J. Placzek F. Bradstreet F. E. Hess W. P. W ' entworth W. Bruce J. S. Lynn 1931 1932 R. A. Mattson T. H. Lowe J. L. Burns J. Ingraham PLEDGEES P. V. Regan J. A. Shultz C. B. Walworth L. H. SOBEY A. Ransford 175 ° o p-5 :o fc u " £ . rca « S t IS I ' - ' c „ I ,; § St, " o cc- c « o •- o isi ffl c i U, iL_J Sigma Phi Alpha Local Fraternity Established 1924 Headquarters — 74 Bay State Road, Boston FACULTY ADMSER Arthur Bird Montgomery J. V. Baketel S. . Bradley C. C. Caldwell, Jr. C. R. Damrell J. A. Fricker T. E. Kelley BROTHERS 1929 H. L. Grace J. J. HoULAHAN R. P. Lapham R. H. Latimer 1930 W . K. Plunkett N. T. Mahoney R. D. Martin C. E. O ' Brien W. B. Sherman N. H. A ' heldon R. Petkus T. E. Ackart R. G. Amiss R. E. Bates R. Chenery F. H. Hart 1931 S. Bohaker . D. Blrbank 1932 E. ' . Johnson T. Longvvorth G. W. Freeman R. Ross R. Walsh B. Phillips A. Piccolo P. W. Bruce R. T. Cotton G. L. Green A. L. Harper PLEDGEES M. MacPhail W. A. McRae J. Powers R. Rich F. Pritchard V. Ryan R. B. Smith R. B. Walker, Jr. 177 L J Phi Beta Alpha Local Fraternity Established 1924 Headquarters — 525 Newbury Street, Boston I BA BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Ellis C. Maxcy H. Nelson Raymond, Jr. FACULTY ADMSER Everett C. Marston S. W. Beal E. J. Bender K. Blanchard D. . Clark BROTHERS 1929 G. T. Conine . A. Erskine C. E. Goodwin L. T. Larsen T. J. Lynch J. H. Murphy R. H. Smith T. B. Stowers T. O. BjORNSON R. B. Carr R. E. Cobb J. Corey H. Burton R. F. Corey E. Crawpord G. Davis N. Faulkner 1930 R. G. Eldridge N. . Gallagher C. D. Keezer 1931 H. A. Graves R. G. Hassell G. Knox C. D. Newcombe V. O ' Neil K. A. Love C. E. Lynde E. W. McIntosh C. L. Waitt . Symancyk J. A. Turner D. S. White K. C. HITEHILL C. N. Williams E. C. Bailey R. F. Clark 1932 J. Doyle F. MOSHER E. F. Perkins M. Ross P.G. TOOHEY P. Stephanski PLEDGEES R. Stone 179 S2 ' 3 5 o ! o a u. CA L moH Kappa Zeta Phi Local Fraternity Founded 1924 Headquarters 109 Gainsboro Street, Boston FACULTY ADVISER Wilfred S. Lake H. H. RUBENSTEI N. C. Cohen M. Kesselman H. ROZEN BROTHERS ]929 1930 J. A. Abbott 1931 W. Begun E. Gilbert B. Rich 1932 T. C. ' EINBAU M. Herman S. Wessalo M. Tarnopol 181 L_J Gamma Phi Kappa Local Fraternity Established 1925 Headquarters 155 Davis Avenue, Brookline BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Stanley G. Estes William J. Alcott,Jr. FACULTY ADVISER Stanley G. Estes VAUH L. COLLIS V. R. Grammont J. Hamre F. Helgeson J. Cotter W. C. Crafts BROTHERS 1929 E. N. Hobby A. Kendall H. R. Mason 1930 D. J. Kelley R. Kelly ' H. F. Liberty A. A. Nelson A. A. QuiMBY T. H. Sullivan W. E. W ' iKDAHL A. L. LooMis A. Robinson C. F. Barriere H. L. Blanchard J. Clark E. F. Hintz C. SCHNEPPERSHOFF L. Wilcox 1931 A. Goss H. a. Gill L. E. Hintz J. G. Curran 1932 PLEDGEES W. A. Cheney T. J. Foster A. G. Freeman J. ' . Lymberg G. K. Morris F. Weston A. J. Pierce J. French R. M. Hubbard 183 o -— u C -c CO i 3- C ■ O - -c -a X. ' Z s- 5 6c ' r ej rt 5X 31 O -r-J pi (U «■§ ■ ° i ' L_J R ON Sigma Delta Local Fraternity ESTABLISHED 1925 Headquarters 314 Newbury Street, Boston BROTHERS IN THE FACULTY Frederick W. Holmes Arthur B. Montgomery FACULTY ADVISER Frederick W. Holmes H. F. Allen R. E. Anderson W. M. Bachellor N. W. Brenan C. A. Brown E. B. Cobb BROTHERS 1929 W . E. Drown G. A. Frye C. Hamilton C. W. Knowlton V. A. Love F. C. Meyers V. G. Ohanesian L. T. SCHOFIELD Victor A. Thurston Virgil A. Thurston C. M. White G. H. Whittum R. C. Bascom E. F. Child B. Curtis 1930 F. H. Langhorst T. R. Love W. H. Marden A. W. Morang T. A. Nelson A. P. Reynolds R. Cassidy W. K. Freeman K. H. GiLsoN 1931 V. C. Hamblett S. Haseltine, Jr. L. R. Hervey M. C. Smith J. W. VanDerzee P. Verbeck C. Webber V. L. Argetsinger F. E. Anderson P. R. Colby PLEDGEES M. W. Hanscom J. Hay A. H. Pratt W. Smith J. Swift J. S. Young B. J. KiNIRY 185 — N 2 -a so, CA L Iota Phi Sigma Local Fraternity Founded 1925 Headquarters Northeastern University FACULTY ADMSER Robert Bruce L. Davis J. Applebaum H. Gretsky B. Raymond BROTHERS 1929 M. W. Asnes 1930 1931 B. RlTEA J. KUPERSMITH S. ZiTTER H. Bower L. Darr 187 Seedy - rial .G.E-. On Locaii Oafural a k S House H.T.N. Unclassified Uold it Sam SOP Reception CZommi c. « I I, (Johnnie •« ' ' V- " NEZ icre we are. MIKE ' AT ■SIGHT THE ALL AMERICANS LOU AND FAT orn MrMr aCo. QA Theure io bl6me Clubs ' her ' " Frai " Guard r4)K Ch cl ie iA Gentleman , ndin :| what have you A simple beam. II v icin rum up kiui . I i L Academic Calendar Thursday 6 Friday 7 Saturdav 8 Sunday 9 Monday 10 Tuesday 11 ' ednesda} ' 12 Thursday 13 Friday 14 Saturday 15 Sunday 16 Monday 17 Tuesday 18 Wednesday 19 Thursday 20 Friday 21 Saturday 22 Sunday 23 Monday 24 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26 Thursday 27 Friday 28 Saturday 29 Sunday 30 Monday 1 Tuesday 2 Wednesday 3 Thursday 4 Friday 5 Saturday 6 Sunday 7 Monday 8 Tuesday 9 ' ed esday 10 Thursday 11 Friday 12 Saturday 13 Sunday 14 1928 September Bursar strips freshmen. Bursar strips freshmen. Bursar strips freshmen. Student Union conducts peripatetic tour. Upperclassmen give up summer earnings. Short classes. Class meeting attendance taken. Upperclass track meet. Quimby gets restrictions — caught smoking in corridor. Everybody home for week-end. Freshmen mob the churches. Juniors nominate. Pop Strahan gives quiz. New chorus at Symphony. Flying club announces capital stock issue. B. G. E. Smoker — Student Union Reception at Bates Hall. Meeting of the Holy Order of the Bath. Sleep. G. P. K. Smoker — Robinson demoralized freshmen. Student Branch S. I. E. News comes out. Flying Club cuts a melon. Fraternities smoke and dance. Northeastern — Fitchburg Normal. More sleep. October Sigma Delta entertains freshmen. Sophomore-Freshman Scrap. H. T. N., K. Z. P., B. G. E. Smokers. Q. H. S. C. gather at Quincy. Birdmen meet. Maine-lacs convention 18H. Prof. Estes struts at senior dance. N. U. — Dartmouth Soccer game, at Hanover, 4-0. N. E. Z. dance. Boys bum way home from Hanover. Grammont and Houlahan elected editors of Cauldron. More quizzes. Soccer N. U.— M. I. T. contest. I. P. S. smoker. Professor Speare sends out call for interfraternity representatives. Columbus discovered America. N. U.— W. P. I., 4-0 at Worcester. Canoeing on the Charles. 201 Oh bot Lo ' f-s o nelp- d Monday 15 Tuesday 16 Wednesday 17 Thursday 18 Friday 19 Saturday 20 Sunday 21 Monday 22 Tuesday 23 Wednesday 24 Thursday 25 Friday 26 Saturday 27 Sunday 28 Monday 29 Tuesday 30 Wednesday 31 Thursday 1 Friday 2 Saturday 3 Sunday 4 Monday 5 Tuesday 6 Wednesday 7 Thursday 8 Friday 9 Saturday 10 Sunday 11 Monday 12 Tuesday 13 Wednesday 14 Thursday 15 Friday 16 Saturday 17 Sunday 18 Monday 19 Tuesday 20 Wednesday 21 Thursday 22 Friday 23 Saturday 24 Sunday 25 Monday 26 Tuesday 27 Wednesday 28 L Diyision B men come to Boston. Eyerybody goes to fraternity meetings. Song-bird tryouts. Sophs elect officers. S. O. P. Smoker. Nightingales still try out. Dates made for Saturday night. Soccer N. U. 4 — Bridgewater Normal 1. At home. Nothing doing. A. K. S. and G. P. K. smoked her up. Flying Club decides to inyest in a plane. Musical comedy gets under way. Foster speaks at Mass Meeting. Nutmeg State Club meets. A. K. S " and P. B. A. iig. Soccer N. U. 2 — Brown 0. At Proyidence. Rain. Prof. Melyin has a new hat. Soccer, N. U. 1 — Haryard 0. At Cambridge. Fraternity averages announced. November B. A. Alumni Association has dmner. President Speare receives faculty at reception. Soccer, N. U. 1 — Clark 1. At Worcester. B. G. E. and H. T. N. House dance. Women ' s colleges invaded. Unprepared for classes. Al Smith defeated. B. A. take in show. Election bets collected. Rev. Eugene R. Shippen speaks at Chapel. G. P. K. dance. Schlagenhauf tours central states. Sermons on peace. The big parade. Unlucky day. Pledging period starts at midnight. Freshmen sweat. Freshmen continue to sweat. Prof. Porter opens course on Thesis Colloquium. Freshmen recoupe. Maine wins Intercollegiate track meet. Glee Club practices. Class meetings. Basketball practice gets under way. Freshman orchestra makes debut, at freshman-sophomore smoker. Prof. Spear adopts suspenders as standard equipment. A. K. S. cars go into outdoor winter storage. Prof. Spear collects bids. Hess elected Captain of soccer at annual banquet. Gabine appears in new tie. 203 Thursday 29 Friday 30 Saturday 1 Sunday 1 Monday 3 Tuesday 4 Wednesday 5 Thursday 6 Friday 7 Saturday 8 Sunday 9 Monday 10 Tuesday 11 ' ednesday 12 Thursday 13 Friday 14 Saturday 15 Sunday 16 Monday 17 Tuesday 18 Wednesday 19 Thursday 20 Friday 21 Saturday 22 Sunday 23 Monday 24 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26 Thursday 27 Friday 28 Saturday 29 Sunday 30 Monday 31 Tuesday 1 Wednesday 2 Thursday 3 Friday 4 Saturday 5 Sunday 6 Monday 7 Tuesday ' 8 Wednesday 9 Thursday 10 Friday 11 Saturday 12 Sunday 13 L DROH Tough on the turkey. Kappa Zeta Phi formal. Faculty meeting. December Beans and baths. Winter " drawers " on. Bridge at Simmons. Yearbook editors consider Gneb as title. Quincy High School Club holds " wrestle " . Al F. Gurnev speaks at News smoker. Prof. Alcott gives talk on magic numbers. Basketball N. U. 31— Providence 42. Second Sunday in Advent. Sigma Delta house dance. Al Morang elected captain N. U. harriers. Basketball Clark at Worcester. N. U. 45— Clark 28. Track meet Freshmen 32 — Sophomores 36. A. K. S., H. T. N., N. E. Z. all dance the gay fantastic. Alumni 35 — Northeastern 39, basketball. Third Sunday in Advent. 2,169 men do not make Dean ' s list. Musical Comedy management announces title " TopO ' The ' orld " . Basketball. Harvard 44— N. U. 39. Christmas specials announced by the Levy ' s Back Bay hardware Shoppe. Joye sells out supply of liquid. Do vour Christmas shopping early. Paper says snow. Christmas vacation. Christmas. 18 Profs have new cravats. Doctor W. L. Stidger speaks Nothing doing. Old year weakens. Old year still weakens. Old year passes out. 1929 January Student body resolves to study. Student body forgets to study. N. U. Frosh beat Middlesex five, 43-16. Sophomores gambol. Varsity defeats Clark 33-21. Epiphany. Quizzes — nobody prepared. Date set for Dean ' s list dinner. The Cauldron Board meets. Hockey series opens. Musical Clubs give concerts — students cavort. W. B. Sherman elected circulation manager of News. First Sunday after Epiphany. 204 :hapel. Wkangler. NA agnek AND 5hort Change 3ton6, talkino it oveR. ©ERsRe • IGNIN f=OI? THE WEVT M AT CoNTe-?»T. YE Goos iVe Let=T OUT THA 6TH STOf?Y La Monday 14 Tuesday 15 Wednesday 16 Thursday 17 Friday 18 Saturday 19 Sunday 20 Monday 21 Tuesday 22 Wednesday 23 Thursday 24 Friday 25 Saturday 26 Sunday 27 Monday 28 Tuesday 29 Wednesday 30 Thursday 31 Friday 1 Saturday 2 Sunday 3 Monday 4 Tuesday 5 Wednesday 6 Thursday 7 Friday 8 Saturday 9 Sunday 10 Monday 11 Tuesday 12 Wednesday 13 Thursday 14 Friday 15 Saturday 16 Sunday 17 Monday 18 Tuesday 19 Wednesday 20 Thursday 21 Friday 22 Saturday 23 Sunday 24 Monday 25 Tuesday 26 Wednesday ' 27 Thursday 28 B. A. school organizes tirst N. E. chapter of America Management Association. Musical Clubs on air from W N A C. Northeastern falls before Lowell Textile 30-28. Captain Lyon offers $1000 to Flying Club for the purchase of a plane. Faculty meets. Northeastern outshoots U. S. Coast Guards 39-17. Second Sunday after Epiphany. Glee Club gives concert of sacred music at Holten Street Church, Dan vers. Students are reminded not to smoke in the corridors. Junior Prom committee meets. Division B freshmen enter. Faculty reception to Freshmen. Everybody goes to ' antines for pictures. Sextuagesima. Cauldron sends out call for snapshots. Management Association chooses officers. Prom Dancing School opens for aspiring cavorters. Dr. Ashle ' Dav Leavitt speaks at Chapel. February Winter wears on. B. A. A. meet at Arena. Students see Boston first through courtesy of Student Union. And still more quizzes. 1931 catalog out. Jumbo defeats Husky in basketball. Junior B. A. stag party m Bates Hall. Student council wrangles over year book name. Husky defeats Lowell in basketball 23-13- Quinquagesima. Fraternities continue to smoke. Student Union opens series of noon forums. Arthur Gray Staples, noted Journalist, speaks at Mass Meeting. N. U. play R. L State in basketball. Band startles Broadway. Band arouses Harlem. First Sunday in Lent. Top O ' The World starts kicking. Interclub smoker. Senior Social Committee gets under way. Prof. Estes, at Student Union forum, tells us " Why We Stay That Way " . Washington has another birthday. Relay runners smash record at Bates. Second Sunday in Lent. Baseball meeting. Student Council decides on Cauldron as year book name. Joe Crossen gives Top O ' The World chorus girls a workout. Junior Prom tickets on sale — mad rush. 206 GtiArdian Ancjel Joe PuHu Newman l_jj DROH Friday 1 Saturday 2 Sunday 3 Monday 4 Tuesday 5 Wednesday 6 Thursday 7 Friday 8 Saturday 9 Sunday 10 Monday 11 Tuesday 12 Wednesday 13 Thursday 14 Friday 15 Saturday 16 Sunday 17 Monday 18 Tuesday 19 ' ednesday 20 Thursday 21 Friday 22 Saturday 23 Sunday 24 Monday 25 Tuesday 26 Wednesday 27 Thursday 28 Friday 29 Saturday 30 Sunday 31 Monda March Sophomores prance at Brown Hall. G. P. K. fourth annual banquet. Third Sunday in Lent. Second semester begins for Division B upperclassmen. Athletic Committee makes Hockey a major sport. Everybody goes to class meeting. Joe Coolidge forgets his rubbers. Students try out Cafe de Paris. Interfraternity basketball series close. Fourth Sunday in Lent. Fraternities investigate Freshmen. Indoor baseball practice. Count Felix von Luckner holds audience spell-bound at Mass Meeting. Husky ' s birthday. Trial of Mary Dugan well attended. Senate holds elections. Passion Sunday. Day Division council holds monthly meeting. Junior Prom Committee passes ' olstead act on flowers. C. S. Quincy speaks to B. A. school. Cauldron staff puts finishing touches on copy. First robin seen on Huntington Avenue. Spring fever drives students to park. Palm Sunday. Prof. Spear puts on " pro " for smoking in corridor. Gipsy Smith leaves Boston cleaned. Division B freshmen elect oflicers. Cauldron Board reads proof. Good Friday. We strive to complete this calendar. More striving — we grow weaker. April " And So to Bed " . — April Fool! ODE TO THE Y. M. C. A. SPA I know a little History; Some ' erses, too, by heart; I know a little Science: I know a little Art I know a little Latin; I know a little Greek; He runs a little restaurant; I go there every week. 208 LDROH Jokes Hear Ye, — Hear Ye. " hat Gipsy Smith is to religion — I am to literature. Harold Wesley Melvin A Scotchman was seen walking down the street — naked. " Where are vou going " , said a friend of his. " To a strip poker partv! " Freshman ordering chicken croquettes — " one order of chicken quartets, please. " Woman writing to her lawver — " When will mv suit be pulled off? " Gentlemen prefer blonds, but, thank God, all men are not gentlemen. Prof. Bruce walks four miles to a football game but finds fence too high to climb and walks back. ' isitor; " What a charming baby, and how it does resemble vour husband. " Hostess: " Gracious, you alarm me; we adopted this baby. " Kendall: " You always get a kick out of a kiss. " Prof. Capone: " Try kissing vour mother-in-law. " Storv; " I didn ' t know vour girl was Scotch. " Steeves: " She isn ' t, ' hat made vou think so? " Story: " Well I heard she doesn ' t put on perfume on windv davs. " 0 TRHEARD ON HUNTINGTON A ' ENUE Trafpic Officer (jeproachjuUy): " Young lady, do you know anything about the traffic laws of this city? " Young Thing; " Yes, a little. Can I help vou? " Professor White: " The man who gives in when he is wrong, is a wise man, but the man who gives in when he is right is — " Murphy: " Married — Co-op student applying for a co-op job: " Please, sir, I ' ve called to see if you can give me a job? " Co-operator: " But I do nearly all the work myself — " Student: " That suits me, sir — " 209 JDROH L HEARD ON THE WORCESTER ROAD Where do our parents learn about all these terrible places and things they say we must avoid? Do vou enjov travelling or v ' eren ' t you nervy enough to ask for rides? Freshman (hiring room on St. Botolph Street ' ): " What is the rent of this room, including the use of the piano? " Landlady: " Well, perhaps, vou ' d be so good as to play me something first. " THE APEX OF INDISCRETION 1. Trying to find a restaurant on our campus. 2. Telling " Trent " White about a new book he has already read. This man reads in his sleep. 3. Trying out for a chorus girl ' s part in " Top O ' The World. " 4. Studying. 5. Not studying. Oliva ( H a tone of intelligence ): " Prof. White, could vou tell me the correct way to pronounce the two syllables in the word ' it ' ? " White Qn a tone of disgust ' ): " You just be careful, and for your own sake, stay inside. A FEW LAW QUOTATIONS AS USED BY PROF. PORTER " As a matter of fact, the court didn ' t know what she was. " " Now in the case of Bully Pitt vs. Joe Spriggs. " " What is that going on, I mean, in back of theroom. Is anyonelightingmatches. " We Often Wonder: If Professor Garner should " stake his head " and should lose the wager, would he then be able to sav " Min " . Why does not Professor Bruce use Noonan ' s and why does he always stroke his bare head? Could it be that he wishes to keep his curly locks in place? Will Professor Melvin ever make a grammatical error? Is Professor White seeking atmosphere for a new book, when he lunches in the Symphony Restaurant or does he merely like the excellent food? Professor Melvin, the Great: " Who is Arthur Machen? " Englisher: " I don ' t know her name. " 210 Suspicious chAr bO+er Word St Mu5ic rl if iltli:v.|: ' Hurrtf Hurr -i III in W PoiAnd ' 5prino i L test. FAVORITE SAYIN GS OF FAVORITE PROFS. Mr. Hatch: " Now my car. " Ingalls: " Foist, we will take up. " Bill White: " Hey fellows. " McGuire: " What ' s the matter with you? " Pop Bruce: " What does the book say? " Williamson: " Let ' s figure it out in gadgets and widgets. " Alvord: " I am going to tell you a story. " Gabine; " I warn you, I have no secrets, you will have the whole book for the Baker : " Assuming that for example. ' ' Pop Strahan: " Organic is not a memory course? " Garner: " Great Scott men! Start thinking. " Capone: " I don ' t like exams any more than you do. " Zeller: " Now, men er-r, take this case of er-r. " T. M. White: " Now I personally think. " JoeCoolidge: " That cost too much. " Gabby: " I would be the least person. " Grammy: " For God ' s sake why don ' t you fellows pay attention. " D ' Alessandro: " If you don ' t watch ' owit ' , I ' ll put you ' owit ' . " Porter: " Well, let ' s turn this case around. " Marston: " Are you a member of the news staff? " " YOKES, YOKES, and more YOKES, " said the Hen, laughingly. SCHOOL DAYS School days, school days. Flippant, fresh and fool days — Bending of elbows and sim ' lar tasks, Whoopee and petting and pocket flasks. You were the Queen of Coed ' s Row, I was your Highball Romeo And you chalked on my Ford, " I choose to go " When we were a couple, A couple of supple Young Kids — Hey, — Hey — First Symphony Restauranteur: " At the student council last Thursday night my suspenders broke right in the middle of the floor. " Second Restauranteur: " And weren ' t you- embarrassed nearly to death? " First Restauranteur : " Well, not very. My roommate had them on. " 212 ,roniee L The following little mess of figures of speech flowed from the lips ot two N. U. freshmen while attending a smoker at Sigma Phi Alpha Fraternity House. Fresh Egg: " Have you heard the Talkies? " Bad Egg: " You mean the Squawkies? " Fresh Egg: " Yeah, the Chinema. " Bad Egg: " The Raucous Tintypes? " Fresh Egg ( gone bad): " The Guttural Growling Gasping Grating Grumbling Grunting Gramophonic Galloping Tintvpes. " Bad Egg: " Yeah, I heard ' em. ' A GENIUS IN OUR ELECTRICAL LAB One of the Edison family, J , on the hack row of seats, was dozing. When Professor Smith spied him he suddenly said: ■J ,- " Yes, Professor, " was the startled answer. " What is electricity? " After a rather painful pause, the somewhat confused student replied: " I did know. Professor, but I forgot. " " Young gentlemen, " said Pop to the class, " what a tragedy — He re is the only man who ever knew what electricity is, and he has forgotten. " TRENTWELL ' S YOKES During the Senior Class in Letter Writing Professor White directed his aim toward a letter that was written by a voung gay thing, who each week reads that " awful " magazine named Liberty. Trent : " This letter is similar to the type received by Lvdia Pinkham, the dear thing. ' After taking twelve bottles of your Remedy, I feel like two women ' . " Discussing the wealth a certain individual happened to possess, Trent endeavored to become socialistic in his description : " That man owned more money than an Ass can haul down hill backwards. In fact, one could never say this unfortunate individual was pauper-stricken. " Postman ( asking a fraternity to buy a ticket to the Fostmans ' BalF): " I ' ve come to ask you if you ' ll subscribe to this deserving charity. " Fraternity Treasurer: " Certainly, I ' ll give you this check now. " Postman: " But, it isn ' t signed. " Treasurer: " I know. I wish to remain anonymous — " " Whey — " screamed the farmer boy, drinking a Holstein of beer. " I dairy to curdle up close to me. ' ' " I cud, " said the milkmaid, " but I ' m not that kine of a girl. " 214 LDKOK THE ART OF DIGGING Trent: " What would you do if a frivolous and beautiful young lady, covered with diamonds and stunning clothes, ran up to you and screamed, T am hungry. Oh! so hungry! ' I ask you all what would you do? " Stude: " Direct her to the nearest restaurant. " Trent: " Yes, and then she would say, ' Oh! I never thought of that ' . " Prof. Capone: " What are the advantages of compensation insurance, MacLeod? " MacLeod: " Blah — Blah — Blah — etc., etc., etc. (Five minutes of this, that and everything) hut not much of anything. " Prof. Capone: " Yes, and what is the answer? " Kendall ' s definition of " LOVE " Love — That which brings Heaven down to earth and yet raises Hell. Frosh: " A penny for your thoughts. " Senior: " What do vou think I am, a slot machine? " 215 Qua- TiaJg— DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIORS — SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AdJms, Harold R, 208 Farmington Ave, Hartford, Coon. Adzima, George R. , 65 Easi Silver St. , Westfield, Mass. Agurkis.John R., 11 Gorham St., Allston, Mass- Albert, Joseph, 12 Ferndale St., Dorchester, Mass. Aldrich.John H.,27 Carney St., Uxbndge, Mass. Allen, Howard B., Sedgwick, Maine Anderson, Charles M., 10 Belmont Place. Soraerv-ille, Mass. Andrews, John R., Jr., Douglas St., L ' xbridge, Mass. Anteski, Michael. 692 North Montello St.. Brockton, Mass. Appleton, Daniel P., Country Wav, Sciiuate Center, Mass. Arcardi. . tnlio, 62 Pearl St., Great Batrmgton, Mass. Anvood, Philip F., 6 Orchard St.. Terryville, Conn. Banniski. Stanlev J., 10 Second St., Tpswich, Mass. Bascom, Roger C, 25 Famngton St., Atlantic, Mass. Batchelder. Charles F., 58 Field St., Brockton, Mass. Baule. James J., 1 Xason Place, Roxbury, Mass. Bazley, H. Wallace, 8 Foster St., Everett, Mass. Beedle, Robert H., 35 Ashford St.. Allston, Mass. Bird, Kenneth I,, 175 Plain St., Stoughton, Mass. Bisbee, Alton L., 645 N ' ew Park Ave., West Hartford, Conn. Boughtwood, J. Edwin, 80 Standish Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Bowerman, Benjamin A , West Falmouth. Mass. Bradsrreet, Franklin H., 97 Beverly St.. North Andover, Mass. Britt, John H., 175 Larch Road, Cambridge, Mass. Brown, Charles K., 10 Huntington Ave., Amesbury. Mass. Bruce, William H., Jr., Plymouth St., Sagamore. Mass. Burbank, Walter D., Jr., 18 Fuller St., Brockton, Mass. Burns, John L., 57 Union St., Watertown, Mass. Calderara, Orall J., 269 Elm St., Gardner, Mass. Caldon, Deforrest H-, 51 Peabody St., Gardner, Mass. Casey, John R.,4Jean Road, Arlington, Mass. Cavazzoni, Joseph P. F.. 30 Granite St., Somerville, Mass. Cbaput, Roland R., 43 Lafayette St., Haverhill, Mass. Chase, Erwin A., Pine St., Suncook, N. H. Child, Edgar F., 269 Winthrop St., Taunton, Mass. Chisholm, Irvine R., 12 Foster St., Saugus, Mass. Clark, Ir ' ing E., 14 Carver St., Plymouth, Mass. Clary, Carl E.. 13 West Oneida St.. BaldwinsvUIe, N. Y. Cloran, Charles R., 347 Western Ave.. Lynn. Mass. Cohen, Henr -, 153 Clara St., New Bedford, Mass. Collis, Arnold W., 36 Toppan Lane, N ' ewburyport, Mass. Connet, Andrew R., 67 Whitmarsh St.. Providence, R. I. Cosentino, Bartholomew W., 131 Main St., Everett, Mass. Cotter, John E, Jr., 79 Paul Gore St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Coulis, Louis A., 5 Dodge St., Lowell, Mass. Crafts, Robert W., Ashfield, Mass. Crafts, Warren C., 24 High St , Southington, Conn. Crockett, Richard P., South Paris. Maine Cullman, John . ,, North Union St., Rockland. Mass. Cummings, Edwin L., 5848 Fernwood Ter., Philadelphia, Pa Curtis, Button F-. 141 Cypress St., Manchester, N. H. D ' Aquila, Joseph, College St., Middletown, Conn. DeAngelis, Paul, 260 East Maine St., Torringion, Conn. Defina, Frank P.. 554 North Viae St., Hazleton, Pa. Dezell, James M-, 293 Euclid Ave.. Lynn, Mass. Diliberto. Salvatore C, 19 Surrey St., Brighton, Mass. Dinerstein, Samuel, R. F. D., No. 2, Box 89, Colchester, Conn. Dinnan, Francis T., 285 Lombard St., New Haven, Conn. Dionne, Maurice J., 58 North St., New Bedford, Mass. DiPietro, Guy J., 20 Burleigh St., Cambridge, Mass. Dockme)ian, Berj C , 9 Anm Ct , Brockion, Ma- . Donovan, Daniel J., 75 West Main St-, Millbury. Mass. Donovan, Ernest H., 1 East St., . dams, Mass. Downs, Raymond I., 19 Ford St., New Haven, Conn. DufF, Orrin W., 361 Albermarle Road, Newtonville, Mass. Duncan, John W.,Jr., 11 Central Sq., Brockton. Mass. Dunphy, Elbridge B. Jr., 131 SeKvyn St., Rosiindale. Mass. Eaton, Donald G.. 64 Highland Terr., Stafford Springs, Conn. Edwards, Robert J., Babylon, N. Y. Ellis. Donald P., Allen Ave.. Menden. Conn. Elhs, Edward. 622 West Park St., Dorchesrer. Mass. Felix, George T., 11 Ellington Road, Quincv, Mass. Fenn, Wilbur D., 34 Ware St , Somerville, Mass. Fieber, Everett T., Maple Hill. New Britain, Conn. Fletcher, Walter B., 15 Burr St , Boston 30, Mass. Foley, M. Atthur, 20 Barr St., Salem, Mass. Follansbee, Arthur F., 21 Marlboro St., Waltham, Mass. Foster, Earl F., 318 Church St., Lockport. N. Y. Foster, Hoyt K., 40 .A,bofn St., Peabodv. Mass. Foster. J. Howard, 1160 Park Avenue, Rochester, N. Y. Foster, Raymond H., Washington St., Norton, Mass. Eraser, Edward J., 28 West Elm St.. Brockton, Mass. Freedman, John L , 19 ' esta Road, Dorchester, Mass. Freeman, Philip M-, 529 High St., Bndgewater, Mass. French, Earl R., 36 Park . ve., Worcester, Mass. Fuller, Howard M., Norton, Mass. Fuller, Wendell D., Mayflower St.. Plympton, Mass. Gale, John C, R. F. D.. No. 1, Brattleboro, Vt. Gatdner, Harry A., 49 Myrtle Terr., Winchester, Mass. Garner, Ernest, 25 Sterling Road, Waltham, Mass. Gersbach. Atthur F., 150 Elderberry Road, Mineola, N- Y. Gibaldo, Frank, 32 Essex St., Salem, Mass. Gilgan, Eugene F., 18 Pickraan St., Salem, Mass. Greenleaf, John W,, 14 Ralston . ve., New Haven. Conn. Gregg, Neal H.. R. F. D., No. 3, Springfield. Vt. Gtegory, Karl. Newtown . ve., Norwalk, Conn. Griffin, Ralph G-, 153 Brirofield St., Weihersfield, Conn. Hagerty, George A., 5 Trent St., E)orchester, Mass. Hall. Alfred M., 877 Washington Ave., Woodfords, Me. Hamilton. Monroe H.. 3 Park Ave., Arlington Heights, Mass. Hanson, . ndrew T-. 6 Forest St., Gloucester, Mass. Hardin, Raymond C . 12 Sargent . ve., Somerville, Mass. Harper, Kennard W., 9 Cushing St.. Wollaston, Mass. Hams, Soloman M, Jr.. Baket Ave.. Great Neck, N. Y. Hartford, Orville E., 88 South Pleasant St., Richmond. Me. Hathaway, Donald D.. 44 Oriole St,, West Roxbury, Mass. Hathaway, James F., 242 Sawyer St., New Bedford, Mass. Haven, Martin R., Plymouth St., North Middleboro, Mass, Hazleton, Robert M., 349 Myrtle St., Manchester, N. H. Hendry, James M., 109 Burrill St., Swampscott, Mass. Herholz.John A., 315 Vine St., Beaver Falls, Penn. Hess, Fred E.. 149-15 Myrtle Ave., Flushing, N. Y. Hill, Ernest S-, 9 Madison St., Taunton, Mass. Hills, Wesley E., 583 Tremont St., Taunton, Mass Hoaglund, Robert G., 10 Gilman St., Worcester, Mass. Hogan, Francis P., 12 Orange St., Menden, Conn. Holme , Weldon C, 83 . uburn St., Campello, Mass. Holmstrom, Toivo A., Vinalhaven, Me. Holt, Lester W., 21 Mills St.. Concord, N. H. Howard, . rthur J-, 87 Cambridge St., Fall River, Mass. Howell, Edward P., 245 Columbia Road. Dorchester, Mass. Hubh.ird, Ldu on S , Contcrd Road. BillentJ. Mass. 218 Northeastern University DAY SCHOOLS SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Five-year courses in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Industrial Engineering, leading to the degree? of Bachelor of Civil. .Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Industrial Engineering. Conducted in co-operation with engineering firms. Students earn while they learn. Work conducted at Boston. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS . DMINISTR. TION Five-year courses in Business Administration leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. Students may specialize in Accounting, Finance, or Merchandising. Conducted on the Co-operative Plan. Students earn while they learn. Work conducted at Boston. EVENING SCHOOLS SCHOOL OF LAW (Co-educatiotial) Four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Preparation for bar e.Kaminations and practice. High scholastic standards. Case method of instruction. The graduates of the School have been outstandingly successful in the bar examinations and the practice of law and in many fields of business. Work conducted at Boston, and in Divisions at Worcester, Springfield, and Providence. SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND FINANCE ( Co-educational) Six-year courses in Professional .Accounting and Business Administration, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. Graduate program for college men leading to the degree of Master of Business .Administration. Special two and four-year courses in various fields for those desiring intensive specialization. Work conducted at Boston, and in the Divisions at Worcester, Springfield, and Providence. Courses of Junior College grade in engineering; secondary school courses for general prepara- tion or for admission to college are offered to men and women at convenient evening hours through the Lincoln Institute and the Lincoln Preparatory School. NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY BOSTON VOU.NG .MEN ' S CHRISTIAN .ASSOCI.ATION 316 Hlnti-ngton .Ave., Boston Tel. Ken. 5800 219 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Hunt, Maurice F., 85 Lovewell St., Gardner, Mass. Hurvirz, Hyman, 644 Harvard St , Dorchester, Mass. Jackman, .Arthur A., 41 Center St., North Easion, Mass. Johnson, Bertil W., 77 Center St., Holbrook, Mass. Johnson, Eric C. L., 71 Clifford St,, Roxbury. Mass. Johnson, Harold L., 2 Russell Road, Winchester, Mass. Kamilakis, Minas S., 142 Warren Ave,, Boston, Mass. Kane, Raymond J., 78 Clinton St., Framingham, Mass. Kauppi, Donald M,, 182 High St-, Gardner, Mass. Kelleher, Cornelius P., 710 Westminster St., Fitchburg, Mass. Kelleher, Frank R,, 18 Grove St., Brockton, Mass. Kelley, John F., Blue Hill Ave., Milton, Mass. Kelley, Richard, 110 Cambridge St-. Fall River. Mass. Kelly, Daniel J., Jr., Ill Elm St, Fall River, Mass. Kelly. Joseph J,, UOThacher St,, Milton, Mass. Kerins, Charles A., 61 Playstead, West Medford, Mass. Kevorkian, Haroutune, 33 Ncwiand St., Boston, Mass. Klebanow, Louis M,, 145 Chambers St., Boston, Mass, Knowlton, Elwin C, 30 Elm Ave., Fairhaven, Mass. Langhorst, Frederick H,,Jr.,74 Hillcrest Road, East Weymouth, Mass. Leach, Richard C, Claybrook Road, Dover, Mass, Leahy, James j., 12 Granite St., Somerville, Mass. Lindaw, Arthur C, 53 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, Mass. Lindblad, Karl F,, 1 Estes Court, Everett, Mass. Lindquist, Wallace O,, 358 Burncoat St,, Worcester, Mass. Linscott, Mellen C-, 197 Prospect St., Portland, Me. Littlefield, Raymond W , Hopkinton Road, Concord, N. H. Locklin, Freeman V,, 91 Melville Ave., Dorchester, Mass. Loomis, Albert L., Rangeley, Me. Lord, Howard F., 64 Garland St,, Chelsea, Mass. Lothrop, Carlton L,, 63 Second St., Hallowell, Me. Love, Theodore R.. 36 Summer St., Natick, Mass. Macchi.JamesT. H.,1 South Free St.,Milford, Mass. Macdonald. George A , 35 Maple St , Taunton. Mass. MacGregor. Alexander G,, 151 Langdon Ave , Watertown, Mass. Mager, Winthrop M., 40 Ingell St , Taunton, Mass, Magnuson, Carl A,, 33 Fountain Road, Arlington, Mass. Mancuso, Russell J, 20 Link St., Fredonia, N. Y. Marden, Wesley H., Oldham St., South Hanson, Mass, Martin, George E., 102 Brooks St., West Medford. Mass. Maslak, Joseph, Wmdsorville, Conn. Maynard, Neil A., White River Junction, Vt. Mazzucchi, Raymond T,, Westland St.. Hartford, Conn. McAnern, Marshall. 55 High St,, Somerville. Mass. McArdle, Francis X.,91 Chelsea St.. Charlestown, Mass. McCann, Ward L., School St,, Princeton, Me. McGee, Hugh P., 195 Heywood St., Fitchburg, Mass. McGuckian. Joseph P,, 65 Dudley Ave., Roslindale, Mass. McKinstry, Daniel S., Clemence Hill, Southbridge, Mass. McMurtry, Louis F., Jr., 321 Pearl St.. Cambridge, Mass. Meilman, David, 100 Adams St,, Newton. Mass. Melia, Thomas J , 98 Sterling St,, Worcester, Mass. Meloy, Arthur S., Jr , 2965 Mam St., Stratford, Conn. Miller. Albert A., 56 Pearl St,, Cambridge, Mass. Milligan, Lester S., Muncey Ave., Babylon, N Y. Miner, George A., R. F. D., No. l,Groton, Conn. Minsky, Eli, 8 Dennison St., Roxburv, Mass. Molloy, Arthur V., Jr., 51 Hillside Ave.. Arlington, Mass. Moran. Francis L., 102 Fuller St,, Brookline, Mass. Morang, Almon W,, 27 Washington St,, Waltham, Mass. More, William E,, Liverpool, Nova Scotia Morgan, Charles T, 21 Lothrop St,, Beverly, Mass. Morley, John T , 139 Beacon St., Hyde Park. Mas Morris, George H,, 13 Leonard St., Waltham, Mass. Moseley. Harrison R., Stafford, Conn. Muenzner, Henry C, 23 Oakland St., Salem, Mass. Muirhead, Clyde H., Munson, Pa. Mulhern, John F., 57 Sycamore St., Roslindale, Mass. Murley, John F., 87 Institute St., Fitchburg, Mass. Murphy, Patrick, 5 Henrv St., Belmont, Mass. Nacked, Wadeir. 20 Washington Hgts Ave,, W. Roxbury, Mass, Nary, William T., Jr., 24 Maple St., Adams, Mass. Nason, Waldo H., 36 Cherry St., Waltham, M ass. Negus, Stanley P., 503 Cottage St., New Bedford, Mass. Neiditz, Samuel, 86 Edgewood St., Hartford, Conn. Nelson, John K., 102 Lexington St., Watettowo, Mass. Nelson, Theodore . , 32 Oak Avenue. Atlantic, Mass. Neubert, Robert J , Wickatunk, N.J. Nilson, Erland C, 39 Trinity St., New Britain, Conn. Noonan, Laurence F., 15 Allen St., Brockton, Mass, Norton, G. Kenneth, 3 Rogers Ave., Granville, N. Y. O ' Donnell, Martin E.,7 Baker Road, Everett, Mass. O ' Keefe, William B,, 33 Briggs St., Salem Mass. O ' Leary, Daniel F., 4 Lorette St., West Roxbury, Mass. Ordway, Robert D., 116 Brockton Ave., Haverhill, Mass. Paine, William L., 13 Whiting St., Plymouth, Mass. Parker, Charles A , 149 Ocean St., Hyannis, Mass. Parker, Robert B, Jr,, 56 Elm St., Springfield, Vt. Parmakian, Levon, 63 Elton Ave,, Watertown, Mass. Parmenter, Richard L., Pine St,, Eastondale. Mass. Paxton, William C, Jr., 23 Oxford St., Lexington, Mass. Perkins. John L., 45 Hillside Ave,, Arlington Hgts., Mass. Petersen, Frank C, 34 Maverick St., Marblehead, Mass. Peterson, Arthur W., 10 Central Sq., Brockton, Mass. Peterson, Rutger E., 475 South St., Holbrook, Mass. Pike, Kenneth L., 28 Cary Ave, , Chelsea, Mass. Pinkul,Gustav A., Jr,, 268 Chestnut Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Placzek. Joseph C, 49 Mech.anic St., Westtield, Mass. Press, Manuel, 155 Main St., Middletown. Conn. Pucko, Roman F.,7 Chestnut St,. Chelsea, Mass. Purssell.John W,,Jr,, 1202 Morton St., Boston, Mass. Putnam, John F., 314 Main St., Easthampton, Mass. Raymond, Bernard, 55 Thornton St., Revere, Mass. Redfield, Claire H,, R. F. D,, No. 1, Middletown, N. Y. Reed, Harold E., 1123 Washington St., Norwood, Mass. Reed, Seaton A., 45 Lindsley Place. Stratford, Conn. Regan, Philip W,, 18 Douglas Road, Medford, Mass. Repetto, William F., 265 Broadway, Somerville, Mass. Reynolds, Alger P., 90 Pierce Ave., Dorchester, Mass. Rice, George E., 17 Fremont Ave,, Chelsea. Mass. Richards, Stanley M., 281 Main St.. Milford, Mass. Ricker, William E., Sabattus, Me. Ritea, Bernard, 33 Glenarm St,, Dorchester, Mass. Roberts, Erskine G., 12 Mayfair St,, Boston, Mass. Roberts. Harry M.. 54 Gardner St., Peabody, Mass. Robinson. Albert M.. Jr , 493 South Main St., Woonsocket, R. I. Rosoff. Isidore, 3196 Mam St. Springfield, Mass, Ross, Daniel W., Richards Rd., Watertown, Mass. Roundberg, Eric A., 520 Lagrange St., West Roxbury, Mass. Sargent, Wesley G., 14 Otis St., Framingham, Mass. Saunders, Ernest L., 1033 North Main St., Brockton, Mass. Saunders, Milton A,. 126 Franklin St., Westerly, R. I. Schaier, Arnold E., Highview St., Norwood, Mass. Schirmer, Adelbert F., 202 Woodward Ave., Buffalo, N- Y. Scott. Harold W., 53 West St , Keene, N. H. Shearer, Harold F., 53 Cortland St., Homer, N. Y. 220 NEW ENGLAND ' S Modern Advertising Agency r Cooperating with Northeastern University, and serving a varied Ust of substantial New England manufacturers and other interests — on a strictly modern and conscien- tious basis profitable to the client. Edmund S. Whitten, Fresidtnt anil Treas. Roland R. Darling, Vtce Frtsi ent Cheney L. Hatch, Ass ' t. Trias. W. S. Clapp, Production Manager Herbert F. King, Account Extcutivt Eric T. Lifner, Ass ' t. Production Aianager W. E. Maskell, Production Dipt. M. H. OsTERBERG, Artist EDMUND S. WHITTEN, INC. Advertising 30 Newbury Street, Boston, Mass. Telephone Back Bay 1295 Qompliments of Seacon Engraving Qo. ELEVEN OTIS STREET BOSTON, MASS. Compliments of Leo Hirsh Clothier Hatter Haberdasher Evening Clothes and Accessories FOR SALE AND FOR RENT 250 Huntington Avenue 221 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Shepherd, Henry H, 95 Maple St., New Bedford, Mass. Sheridan. Bernard B., 104 East 7th St., Oswego, N- Y. Shultz, Joseph A., 109 Lake St, Webster, Mass. Simpson, Charles E., 12 Bowduch St , Peabody. Mass- Sina, Eduardo, 1605 Ramirez St., Iquique, Chile, S. A. Smith, Harold C, 25 Lincoln St., Franklin, Mass. Smith, Joseph A., 151 Central Ave., Everett, Miss. Squires, Cedric W. H., 20 Mansfield St., Lynn, Mass. Stamp, Alfred T., 10 Chickatawbur St., Dorchester, Mass. Stedt. Harry C, Main St., Holden, Mass Stilphen, Lee E., Cedar Grove, Me. Stone, Vernon L., Becket, Mass. St. Pierre, Paul H., 15 Fremont St., Concord, N. H. Stratron, William E., 79 DeWolf St., New Bedford, Mass. Stuart, Charles T., 189 North St., Calais, Me. Sudack, William, 478 Osborn St., Fall River, Mass, Swanson. Harold A., 280 Bellevue St., Boston 32. Mass. Swartz, Edward, 30 Davenport St., Haverhill, Mass. Sweezey, Raymond L., Marion, N- Y. Swift, John. 75 Robert St., Roslindale, Mass. Szkolny, John W., 101 Center St., Morris Run, Pa. Tansey, Edward E-, 28 Congreve St. , Roslindale, Mass. Tarr, Vance S., 168 Central St., Somerville, Mass. Terrell, Warren E., 77 Lakeview Ave., Waltham. Mass. Thompson, George C, Elm St., Dighton, Mass. Thompson, William E-. 63 1-2 Ceylon St.. Dorchester, Mass. Tracy, Leonard M.,4 Electric Ave., West Somerville, Mass. Tueli, Samuel G-, 27 Sherman St., New Bedford, Mass- L ' ealde. Lucius, Columbia Hotel, Southbrid e, Mass. LJpton, Samuel E., 20 Endicott St., Peabody, Mass. Vader, Theodore M., 1005 Turpin St., Augusta, Ga. Van Duzer, Walter K-, 413 Worcester Road, Framingham, Mass. Belkoborsky, Vladimir G., 6 Greenleaf St., Boston, Mass. Vogelsang, Max F., 143 Arlington St., Hyde Park, Mass. Vorderer, Herbert L.. 95 Newburg St. Roslindale, Mass. Wagner, Frederick W,, 284 South Broadway, Nyack, N. Y. Walker, Charles M,, 6 High St.. Newport, N. H. Walker, Robert F., 129 Warren St., Concord, N. H. Watton, Harold B., Lancaster Road, Shirley, Mass. Wegelius, Arvo L, 126 Center St., Quincy, Mass. Wentworth, Winston P., Bucksport, Me. Wheeler, Warren S., Accord P. O., Mass. Wiinikka, Arthur O., 29 Nutting St., Fitchburg, Mass. Willis, Laurence H., 403 Bedford St., East Bridgewater, Mass. Winchell. Walter H., 137 Berkeley Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Woodbury, Kenneth B., 333 Preble St., South Portland, Me. Wyrzywalski, Stanley, 2 Jennings St., New Bedford. Mass. Young, Arthur E. W., 84 Agassiz Ave.. Waverley. Mass. Young, Marshall W., 84 Agassiz Ave., Waverley, Mass. Young, Sumner L., 5 Puritan Ave., Dorchester, Mass. Yuill. Calvin H.,112Tilton Ave., Brockton, Mass. Zacchine. Americo J., 69 Nightingale Ave., Quincy, Mass. Zuffanti, Saveno, 12 Centre Ave.. Boston, Mass. JUNIORS — SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Abbott. Jacob A., 236 West St., Gardner, Mass. Ambrose, Edward W., 217 Munroe St., Dedhara, Mass. Atwater, Victor P., 176 Brush Hill Road, Milton, Mass. Beedle, Leonard J., 35 Ashford St., Allston, Mass. Bjornson, Theodore C, Jr-,76 Harvard St., Newtonville, Mass. Bower, Henry. 8 Lincoln St., Lowell, Mass. Cameron, Ralph W. E., 145 Galen St.. Watertown, Mass. Carr. Richard B., 38 Otis St.. Newtonville, Mass. Cheney, Charles H,, Grafton, N. H. Cobb, Russell E.. 320 Billings Road. Quincy, Mass. Corey Julian M., 12 High St.. Mansfield, Mass. Cucinotta, James P , 9 Tolman Place, Roxbury, Mass. Dello Russo, Raphael F., 83 Bowdoin St., Medford, Mass. Dennis, John W.. 144 Centre Ave., . bington, Mass. Edwards. Howard C, Lanesboro, Mass. Eldridge, Roger G, 620 Warren Ave.. Brockton, Mass. Fowler, Stanley E., 7 Danville St., West Roxbury, Mass. Gallagher, Nelson W., 167 Hunnew-ell Ave., Newton, Mass. Gammons, Edward R-, 19 Melrose Ave., Auburndale, Mass. Gretsky, HymanJ.,21 Wolcott St., Dorchester, Mass. Keezer, Carter D., 60 Main St.. Plaistow, N. H. Kellett, Howard P-, 33 Buswell St., Lawrence, Mass. Kelly, Thomas E., 35 Cottage St., Natick, Mass. King, Stuart E., 43 Hemenway St., Boston, Mass. Lannon, Howard F., 655 Parkway St., West Roxbury, Mass. Leonard, JohnJ., 53 St. Rose St., Boston, Mass. Lesser, Harry, 29 Compton St., Boston, Mass. Love. Kendal A,, 19 Mill St., Westfield, Mass. Lovell, Dexter W., 81 Pinehurst St., Roslindale. Mass. Lynde, Charles E., Wellington St., Barre. Vt- Marshall, Stanley N., 186 High Hollow St., Gardiner, Me. Maskell, William E.,Jr., 171 Elliott St., Milton, Mass. Matheson, Donald, Jr., 45 Porter St., Somerville, Mass. Moore, Raymond D., ?7 Dennison Ave,, Framingham Mass. O ' Donnell. Charles L., 404 Mam St , Clinton, Mass. Oliva. Albert J., 66 Oakland St.. Brighton, Mass Orizzonto, LouisJ., White River Junction, Vt Parkhurst, Eliot K., Boston Road, Chelmsford, Mass. Perlmuter, Harry B., 30 Mallon Road , Dorchester, Mass. Petkus, Martin R., 49 Pine St., Lewision, Maine Plunkeit, William K., 447 Chapman St., Canton, Mass. Rees. Theodore F., 211 Melrose St., Auburndale, Mass. Robinson, Frank H.,Jr., 135 Orange St., Chelsea, Mass. Robinson, George A., 1762 U St.. N- W., Washington, D. C. Robinson. Jackson A., 1762 U St. N. W.. Washington. D. C. Russell, Benjamin C, 63 Irving St., Everett, Mass. Sawyer, Richard E., 65 Thacher St.. Milton, Mass. Sherman, Wendell B.. 253 Locust St., Fall River. Mass. Simpson, Willard N., 72 Mount Pleasant Ave., Troy, N. Y. Stuart, Paul M., 29 Station St., Sharon, Mass. Waitt, Charles L., 63 Grafton Ave., East Milton, Mass. Watson, Kenneth E.. 43 Howitt Road, West Roxbury, Mass. Wheeler, Ralph L,, 407 Belmont St., Brockton. Mass. SOPHOMORES — SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Abretti, John, 2 Parkhurst St., Milford, Mass. Adelraan, Maxwell, 204 Mather St. , Hartford, Conn. Ahman, Stewart A., 98 Woodlawn St., Everett, Mass. Aldrich, Howard J . 12 Washington St.. Danvers. Mas ' Allen, Daniel W., 22 Broadway, Watertown, Mass. Allen, Stanley L., 177 Mam St., Danielson, Conn. Allyo, Lewis H., 69 Western Ave., Westfield. Mass. Altshuler, Sidney A . 18 Park View St , Roxbury, Ma 222 Compliments of rhe C ardner ' ' J)(Cac iine IVorks Gardner, Mass. ' Bui ders of Qhair J)(Cachinery ( o iip i uenfs of yr FRIEND our store operated by your University for your Convenience and (Stonomy All required texts and supplies Full line of insignia Discount on special orders Northeastern University Bookstore 316 HUNTINGTON AVE. M. B. FOOR, Mgr Telephone ' Beacon 4673 harles IV . roadbent ompany -yifCedical, Surgical and 7 (urses ' Supplies C Jps and Cjoivns for Tien fa SIX SIXTY-FIVE HUNTINGTON AVE. NEAR HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL AND BRIGHAM HOSPITAL BOSTON, MASS. DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Amerena, John, 5 Laurel St., Everett, Mass. Anderson, Alfred C, East Foxboro, Mas . Anderson, Eric G., 469 North Slate St., Concord, N. H. Armstrong, Ralph W., 305 Hancock St., South Braintree, M;iss Bagloe, William A-, 51 Riverview St., Fiineuil, Mass. Bajgert, John S., Glenmere Ave., Florida, N. Y. Banister, Glenn, 30 Prospect Sr., Springfield, Vt. B.irnes, Edward R., 3 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands, Ma h. B.irriere, Charles J., Van Zandt Ave., Newport, R. I. B.issett, Donald C. Hidden Road. Andover, Mass. B.issett. Roswell F., 101 Brigham St., New Bedford, Mass. B.ites, Nathan W., Beechwood St., Cohasset, Mass. H.ues, Theodore A., 829 Commercial St., E. Weymouth, Mass. Baxter, Arnold H-, 7 High School Road, Hyannis, Mass,, John D, Jr., 15 Whitehead Ave., Nanraskci, Mass. Beiyea, Allan C, 196 Austin St., Hyde Park, Mass. Bennett, Albert P., 38 School St.. Cliftondale, Mass. Benson, John C, 241 Prospect St., West Roxbury, Mass. Berman, Melvin, 71 Lenox St., Hartford, Conn. Bishop. Kola, R. F. D.. No. 2. Rumford, Me. Bixhy, Robert W., 70 Pleasant St.. North Andover, Mass. Blaisdell. Bruce D., 154 Fuller St., Middleboro, Mass. Bl.ike, John B.,Jr., 65 Pinckoey St., Boston, Mass. Bianchard, Charles E.,75 Howard St., Norwood, Mass. Blanchard, Harry L., 61 Atkinson St., Bellows Falls. Vt. Boardnian, Frank G., 231 Maple St., New Britain, Conn. Bogni. Elvio. 39 Berlin St , Barre, Vt. Bonner, John, 1 Peterborough St., Boston, Mass. Borden, Abraham, Pliny St., Hartford, Conn. Bozoian, Kacher M., South St., Avon, Mass. Bradford, Lawrence P., 64 Summer St., Saugus, Mass. Bridges, Carl L., 6 Dexter St., Newburyport, Mass. Brooks, Thomas W., 98 Gates St., Lowell, Mass. Bruce, Robert T., 37 Gesner Ave., Nyack. N. Y. Burak.TerranceM. 43 Garfield St.. Yonkers. N- Y. Burke. Paul C, 553 Hyde Park Ave.. Roslindale, Mass. Burnside, Gilbert I.., 18 Boyden St., Dorchester, Mass. Burr, Alexander, Jr., 14 Brown Sc. K.ennebunk, Me. Burrows, Robert A., 23 West Mystic Ave., Mystic, Conn, Cairns, William R., 56 Peter Parley Road, Boston 30, Mass. 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Clark, Lester M., 3 Bird St., Dorchester, Mass. Cleveland, Ellsworth L., 124 Main St,, Terryville, Conn. Cobbett, Leonard C, 13 Reservoir Road. Lynn, Mass. Coburn, Donald E., 153 Nichols St., Everett, Mass. Coffey, Joseph H., 4 Verndale St., Bradford, Mass. Coffin, Perley A., 36 Oakland St., Newburyport. Mass. Collins, Paul, 236 Eliot St., Milton. Mass. Comerford, Thomas G., 30 Virginia St., Baldwinsville, N. Y. Condon, Eugene B,, 61 Birch St., Roslindale, Mass. Conlin, James J,, Cedar St., Milfcrd, Mass. Conners, Bernard E , 26 Pickman St,, Salem, Mass, Cook, Norman H., 93 Hobart St., Brighton. Mass. Cook. Richard H., 27 Valley St., Medford, Mass. Cornish, David F., 21 Ryden St., Quincy, Mass. Cox, Edwin A., 17 El m St., Middleboro, Mass. Crabtrec, Ronald, Lothrop Ave., Milton, Mass. Cripps, Arthur, 77 Sunset Road, Arlington Hgts., Mass. Crocker, George D., 30 Royal St., Quincy, Mass. Cronin, FrancisJ., 15 William St., Worcester, Mass. Crosby, Gilbert W., 29 Broadway, Beverly, Mass, Crosby, Howard F-, 119 Mocre St., Lowell, M3s . Crosby, Leslie W., 12 Elmwood Road, Swampscoti, Mass, Curran, John G., 29 Washington Ave., Danbury, Conn. Curran, Leonard E., Box 304, Wellfleet, Mass. Cyr, Charles E., 10 Prescott St., North Andover, Mass. Dahlstrom, Arnold R., 121 Nilsson St.. Brockton. Mass. Daly, Walter F.. 10 Thayer St., Waverley, Mass. Darr, Leo, 85 Quincy Shore Drive, Quincy, Mass. Davidson, Baxter G.. River St , Stellarton, Nova Scotia Davis. Norman W., Summer St., Ashland, Mass. Debes. Peter. 21 Oakland Ave., Wollaston. Mass. Dickson, Andrew M., 47 Pearl St., Amesbury, Mass. Diedricksen, Raymond E., 42 Fourth Ave., West Haven, Conn. Donlon, Joseph, 14 Harri.son Ave., Swampscott. Mass. Donovan, Francis M., 7 Ashworth Terr., Haverhill. Mass. Dow, Lloyd A., New Salem St., Wakefield, Mass. Dresser, Kenneth B , 66 Walcott Ave., East Walpole, Mass. DriscoU, Richard P.. 62 Poplar St., Danvers, Mass. Drucker, Nathan N., 112 Seljen St., Dorchester, Mass. Dugar, .Mvin N., R 23 Grove St.. Salem, Mass. Dyer, T.John, 175 Albion St., Wakefield, Mass. Eaton, Richard K., 14 Elm Knoll Road, E. Braintree, Mass. Edson, Raymond E., Windsor Ave., Ext., East Lynn, Mass. Ehnes. Andrew D., Bridge St., Medfield, Mass. Einstein, Abraham J., 32 Wenonah St., Boston, Mass. Elliott, Andrew H., 277 Townsend Ave., New Haven, Conn. Emery, Roger C, 9 Franklin St., Watertown, Mass. Everitt, Harold E., 37 Harrison Ave., West Lynn, Mas . Fair, Joseph M., 267 Paterson Ave., Paterson, N. J- Faraday, Martin J., 56 Lambert St., Medford. Mass. Fargnoli, Joseph J , 3 Cedar St., South Barre, Mass. Farley, Edward B., 399 Concord St.. Framinghani, Mass. Farnum, Roger L., 47 Franklin St., Swampscott, Mass. Farrell, WalterJ., 390 Beacon St., Lowell, Mass. Fedosiufc, George S., 772 Broadway, South Boston, Mass. Feingold, Charles, 406 Hingham St., Rockland. Mass. Fenelon. Eugene S.. 76 Walker Road, Swampscott, Mass. Ferrari, Stephen, 81 Carver St.. Boston, Mass. Fischer, Edward E-, 28 Sheffield Road, Roslindale, Mass. Fitzgerald. William H., 47 Union Park, Boston, Mass. Flavin, William T., 77 Highland Ave., Arlington, Mass. Foley, Roland B., 20 Adams St.. Fall River, Mass. Forbush, Walter W., 45 Baker Road, Everett, Mass. Forsberg, Algot, 21 Hadwen Lane, Worcester, Mass. Foss, Clifl ord D., 5 Oakland St., Salem, Mass. Fowler, Frank M., 26 Lincoln St., Revere, Mass, Fowler, Paul B.. Huntington, Mass. Freeman, Walter K., 36 Grove St., Readme. Ma-- 224 the ideal all-day Water Trip with ideal service S. S. DOROTHY BRADFORD BOSTON to PROVINCETOWN and return daily — from June 15th to Mid-September Senior Class Outing, Engineering School — June J 5th Cape Cod Steamship Company : Boston, Mass. UFKIN TOOLS TAPES and RULES Designed primarily for accuracy, but unexcelled for finish, durability and convenience. WOULD YOU LIKE CATALOG : TN £ i FfC N ffULE Ho ? ? NAW, MICH. Windsor. Ont. Compliments of BEACON ENGRAVING CO. 1 1 OTIS STREET : BOSTON, MASS. 225 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN French. John R.,Jr., 131 Paul Gore St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Frideil, Francis O., Lincoln St., North Eastoo, Mass. Frost, Everett S., 9 Hillside Ave., Chelsea, Mass. .Pryling, Owen W., Templeton, Mass. Galbraith, Clyde H., Bernardston Road, Greenfield, Mass. Gay, Clarence G.. 10 Union St., Reading, Mass. Gesmer, Joseph, 41 Beacon St., Quincy, Mass. Giacalone, Benedar. 278 Humboldt St., New York, N. Y. Gibbs. James B., 66 Pearl St., Everett, Mas . Gill. Harry A., 30 Evart St.. Newport, R. I. Gilson, Kenneth H., 30 Marble St , Stoneham, Mass. Girling, John G., 16 Cedar St., Taunton, Mass. Girsa, Steve. Millinocket, Me. Gooding, Albert E., Newell Ave., Needham, Mass. Gorbel I, George L., 24 Porter St., Everett, Mass. Goss, Arlan R., 224 East Main St., Orange, Mass. Gourley, Garnett W., Kingsbury, Me. Grant, Andrew H.. 85 Avalon Road, Portland, Me. 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Kittle, Jerre, 38 Wiggm St., Princeton, N. J. Kneeland, Edward L., Sterling, Mass. Knuth, Edward O, 313 E. 11th St., Oswego, N. Y. Komenda, Robert, 30 Huntington Road, E. Milton, Mass, Korzimke, Alfred H.. 19 Summit Ave., Westwood, N. J. Kowaleski, Henry, 38 Dana Ave., Hyde Park. Mass. LaBelle.John W,, 103 Johnson St., Lynn, Mass. Lawrence, Chester R., 7 Copeland St., Roxbury, Mass. Learned. Walter C, Vineyard Haven, Mass. Lehikoinen, Reino, 380 South St., Fitchburg, Mass. Libby, Donald F., 8 Autumn St., Everett, Mass. Liberty, Harold F., 140 Belmont St.. Brockton, Mass. Lindgren, Leslie N., 354 North Elm St.. W. Bndgewater, Mass, Lindsay. Albert H., North Monmouth, Me. Lindsay, Orville D., 17 North St., Lakeport. N. H. Lindsay, Vernon H.. 60 Jefferson St., Bangor, Me. Lockerbie, Alfred A., 18 Darling St., Marblehead, Mass. Loehr, Albert H., 3rd, 139 Poplar St., Roslindale, Mass. Long, John W., 14 Clematis St., Dorchester, Mass. Lord, Kenneth T., Southwest Harbor, Me. Lowe, John H,, 10 Tolman Place, Lynn. Mass. Luciano, Alfred N., 53 Payson St., Revere. Mass. LundelI,MatnJ..R. F. D., No. 1, Box 78, South Pans, Me Lydiard, Clifford M, 7 Sheldon St., Roslindale. Mass. Lyraberg, John W., 64 Peabody St., Gatdner, Mas- . Lynn, John S., 17 East Denver St., Saugus, Mass. Lyon, Stern A., Naples, N. Y. Maccario, Charles V., 970 Salem St., Maiden, Mass. MacDonald, Warren A., 67 Virginia St., Dorchester, Mass. MacKenzie, Donald H., 16 Goddard St., Quincy. Mass. MacLean. George E., 15 Coleman St., Hyde Park. Mass. MacMillan, Warren S., 40 Ruihven St., Quincy, Mass. Madio, Daniel, 196 Franklin St.. Norwich, Conn. Madsen, Robert E., 72 Barretts Mill Road. West Concord, Mass. Magnuson, Francis W., 363 Burncoai St., Worcester, Mass. Mahan, Charles W., 54 Ferdinand St., Melrose 77. Mass. Maier, Robert W., 55 Metropolitan Ave,, Roslindale, Mass. Malmber , Philip O., 5 Wigwam Ave., Worcester, Mass. Malyemezian, Sarkis M., 50 Gardner St., Allston. Mass. Marconi, Elick P., 10 Clark St., Everett, Mass. Matiano, Gene A., Middlesex St., Boston, Mass. Markham, Martin J., 35 Lincoln St., Stoneham, Mass. Marshall. Richard E., 53 Hobson St., Brighton, Mass. Martin, Harold G., 650 Webster St., Needham, Ma-ss, Mayo, Philip G., 10 Deering St., Portland, Me. McAnatney, John F., 30 Lincoln St., N- Abington, Mass. McArdIc, James B, Jr.. Main St., Sandwich, Mass. McCusker, Raymond G.. 64 LundbergSi., Lowell, Mass. McFarlin, Vernon S.. 1676 Middleboro Ave., E. Taunton, Mass. MLN ' amara, Bertram. 65 Pelham St., Methuen, Mass. 226 ORTRAiT -Photographer Official ' Photographer for 1929 Qauldron Warren K. Vantine 304 oy sto i Street ' ostoriy -JM ass. } en ?io? ' e 6827 111 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN McSwain, Wiliiam D.,SybleSt., East Walpole, Mass. McSweeney, John E.. 402 Main St., West Concord, Mass. Medeiros, Joseph, 590 Alden St., Fall River, Mass. • Minichiello, Angelo, 36 Ashley St., East Boston, Mass. Minkin, Fred E., 366 Belmont St., Fall River, Mass. Minutillo, Frank P., 48 Chase St., Beverly, Mass. Moff, Clarence A,, 193 River St., Cambridge, Mass. Molinaro, Dominic A., 12 Patch Sr., Danbury, Conn. Moody, Burton H., 3 Greenbrier St,, Springfield, Mass. Moore, Harrison H., 4 Endicott Terr., Boston, Mass. Morgan. Robert W., 33 Sylvia Ave., N. Providence, R. I. Moses, Ferris M., 134 Hudson St., Boston, Mass. Mullin, George E,, Jr., 495 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. Munroe, Paul C-, 285 Foster St., Brighton, Mass. Murphy, Frederick j., 133 Walnut St., Dorchester, Mass. Murphy, James F-, 44 Glendale St-, Everett, Mass. Murphy, Richard D., 27 Union St., Lynn, Mass. Murphy, Walter G., 24 Vershire St., Boston, Mass. Murray, Richard F., Charles River, Mass. Murray, William F.. 39 Pleasant St.. Miliord, Mass. Nardini, Harold J-, 286 Maryland Ave , Paterson, N- J. Nardini, Leo, 286 Maryland Ave., Paterson, N.J. Nelson, Larz, 40 Rice St., Wellesley Hills. Mass. Nicholson, Richard G., 426 Main St., Watertown, Mass Nordstrom, Arvid E., 98 Amherst St., Worcester, Mass. Norlander, Maurice H., 328 Austin St., New Bedford, Mass. Norns, Harry G., South Main St,, Middleboro, Mass. North, J. Arthur, Goshen, Conn. Northrop, Willard H.. 71 E. Brown St.. West Haven, Conn. Nowell, Wioford S.,71 Lowell St., Methuen, Mass. Nuie, Charles H., 39 Berkshire St., Swampscott, Mass. Nutter, Warren E., 160 Spring St.. Medford, Mass. Nyland, Clarence L., 3 King St., Rockport, Mass. O ' Connor, Daniel J., 652 Eighth St., South Boston, Mass, O ' Connor, Edwin J., 52 Pickering St., Danvers, Mass. O ' Donneli, James T., 33 Hanson St., Salem, Mass. Oosterdiep, Walter J., 98 Allerton St., Plymouth, Mass. Ortino.John T., 12 Walnut St., Seneca Falls, N- Y. Packard, Kenneth N., 25 Linden Ave., Fairhaven, Mass. Paglialungo, Joseph J., Summer St., New Canaan, Conn. Parke, Thaddeus W., Jr., 23 South Walker St., Lowell, Mass. Parker, Arthur L., 5 Bemis St., Livermore Falls, Me. Parker, Kenneth C, 14 WhiicombSt., Waverley, Mass. Parks, Lester W., 39 Dean St., Everett, Mass. Parsons, J. Edward, Jr., 14 Lookout St., Gloucester, Mass. Patten, Robert V., 60 Arlington St., Hyde Park, Mass. Pearlman, Samuel M., 53 Warren St., Lynn, Mass. Pellicani, Peter J., 139 Park St., Rockland, Me. Perrone. Dominic, 76 Woodside Ave., Winrhrop, Mass. Perry, Robert W., Morgin St., Cohasset, Mass, Phelps, Harold W., 19 Bent Terrace, Quincy. Mass. Pizanti, Jack, Jaffa, Palestine Pratt, Addison H., Bournedale, Mass. Price, Charles E., 79 Webb St., Weymouth. Mass. Prince, George W., 420 Boylston St , Brookline, Mass. Prior. Melville E., 38 First St., Melrose, Mass. Putnam, Allan, 234 Mam St., Reading, Mass. Ramm, William E., 24 Forest Hills St., Boston, Mass. Ramo, Oliver H.. 1331 Washington St., N. Abington, Mass. Rauch, Lawrence K., 81 Church St., E. Weymouth, Mass. Rayment, Lawrence L,, 21 Newton Ave,. Whitman. Mass. Reed, David T., Hartsville, Mass. Reuell. Heath Edward, 226 School St . Wuhurn, Ma-s Reueli, Leonard W., 226 School St., Woburn, Mass. Reynolds, Forest L, R. F. D., No. 2, Box 32. Glens Falls. N. Y. Richards, Theodore E., South Lyndeboro, N. H. Richardson, Coburn M., Westfield, Me. Ridgway, Charles A., 140 Eliot St., Milton, Mass. Ripley, Ralph L.,Jr., 48 Commonwealth Road, Watertown, Mass. Ritter, Maurice G., 17 Kent St , Haverhill, Mass. Roberts, Willard A. .Jr., 77 Harold St., Hartford, Conn. Robinson, Radcliffe P., Damariscotta, Me. Robinson, Theodore D., 60 Pleasant St., South Naiick, Mass. Rockwood, Robert B., 10 Orlando Ave., Winthrop, Mass. Rohwedder, Eugene F., Winn St., Burlington, Mass. Ronnquist, Carl R., 1090 Washington St., S. Brainiree, Mass. Rosen, David, 9 Otis St., Milford, Mass. Rowe, Robert R., 154 Bridge St., Beverly, Mass. Roy, Normand Y., 399 Summer Sr., New Bedford, Mass, Ruberti, Nicholas, Lancaster Ave., Fitchhurg, Mass. Rushforth, Thomas E., 143 Norwood Ave,, Newtonville, Mass. Russell, Philip W., 36 Thayer Road, Belmont, Mass. Salemi, Thomas J., 35 Laconia St., Boston, Mass. Satiba, Edward M., 278 Broadway, Lawrence, Mass. Sandberg, Sumner H., 97 Clifford St., Me ' rose, Mass. Savinelli, Salvatore A.. 191 1-2 Elm St., Lawrence, Mass. Sawyer, Floyd B., 26 Boylston Road, Newton Highlands, Mass, Scammell, Russell C, 54 Scammell St., Quincy, Mass. Scher, Charles V.. 47 Bridge St , Beverly. Mass. Schlimper, Herbert L., 11 Montvale St., Roslindale, Mass. Scott, Daniel K,, Middleton, Mass. Scott, Harry A., 130 Marlboro St., Wollaston, Mass. Scott, Kenneth B., 14 Brook St., Manchester. Mass. Sennott, Edward H., Jr., 46 Conant Road, Atlantic, Mass. Sheehan, Charles £., 562 Canton St., W. Stoughton, Mass. Shenk, Duncan P., 47 Summit Road, Medford, Mass. Sherman, Herbert A, Jr., 35 Laurence St., Wakefield. Mass. Schoolman, Myer J.. 170 Pleasant St., Milton, Mass. Shortle, Walter C, 68 Baldwin St., Laconia, N. H. Shurtleff, Otis L., 6 Quincefield St., Dorchester, Mass. Sierkierka, Frank, 495 Whittenton St., Taunton, Mass. Skinner, Walter H., 55 Prospect Ave., Roslindale, Mass. Smetonis, Alphonse B., 80 Melrose Ave., Brockton, Mass. Smith, Lincoln H., Sudbury Road, Weston, Mass. Smith, Merton C, 66 South East St., Amherst, Mass. Smith, Sydney R., Foundry St., Easton, Mass. Soderberg, Arthur L., 6 Aldrich St., Roslindale. Mass. Somerville. Harold M.. 57 Bodwell St., Lawrence, Mass. Sondberg, George. York Village, Me. Spafford, Roger B., 97 Union St.. Littleton, N. H. Spear, Everett C, Bradford St., Cochituate, Mass. Spencer, Rollin L., Beecher Falls, Vt. Spinney, Andrew O., 66 Warren St., West Medford, Mass. Spizer, Philip, 4 Reed St., Arlington, Mass. Starck, Albert B,, Centerville, Mass. Steinbrenner, George, 1311 Pierce Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y Stemmler, Paul A., High St.. Portland, Conn. Stenberg, Herbert R,. 6 Ardmore St., East Braintree, Mass, Stetson, Linwood L.. 8A Harvard St., Arlington Hgts., Mass, Stetson, Robert E., 35 Bradfield Boston, Mass. Stout, David L., R. F. D., No. 1, Pennington, N.J. Straw, Max H., 5 Chester St., Melrose, Mass. Sunnerberg, Theodore R., 50 Madison Ave.. Quincy, Mass. Swinerton, Raymond P., 32 Braman St,, Danvers. Mass. Sylvester, Merton E., Westfield, Me. Taghno.John L.. 1268 Boylston St.. Brucklme. Mass 228 Warren K. Vantine STUDIO y ' ORTRAiT -Photographer Special ' l tes ( ive?i il (ortheastern Stude?its 304 BOYLSTON STREET 229 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Tangerini, Cae ar, Jr., 226 Neponset St., Norwood, Ma . Tewksbury, Arthur S, Jr., 52 Waldemar Ave , Winrhrop, Ma%s. Thompson, Theron B., 77 Green St., Stoneham, MasN. Tiffany, Herbert, 67 Mr. Vernon St.. New Bedford, Ma s. Til ton, Sherburne G.,74 South State St., Concord, N. H, Tizzard, William J., 41 Gjmmercial St., Lynn, Mass. Tobin, Francis T., 119 Woodrow Ave., Boston, Mass. Tombs, Nelson E.. 15 Btey St , Braitleboro, Vt. Tomlinson, Walter H , 17 Fairfax St., Somervillc, Mass. Towers, Freeman W,, 32 Pleasant View Ave,, E. Lynn, Mass. Towle. Harold P . 57 Cliff St , St, johnsbury. Vt. Townsend, Paul H., 8 Maple Grove St., Barre, Vt. Trntt, Howard S,. 85 Central St., Andover, Mass. Turner, Kenneth, Main St., Cotuil, Mass. Twiicheli. Richard M., 30 Frances St,, Melrose, Mass. VanDerveer.Clarence A. .Jr. ,242-15 Blvd., Douglaston, L. 1 . N- Y. Van Derzee, John W., 56 Marble St., Stoneham, Mass. Vasilakakis, Andrew. 86 Primrose St., Haverhill, Mass. Vena. Richard A., 101 Cushing Ave., Dorchester, Mass. Verbeck, Peter. 383 No 8th St.. Paterson. N. J. Verner, Robert H., 6 Newton St., Millers Falls, Mass. Vorbeau, William, 76 Washington St., Stoneham, Mass. Wallin. Edward J.. 24 Waverly St., Everett, Mass. WaKh, Howard V.. 1670 Bridge St., Lowell, Mass. Walworth, Clarence B., Jr., 26 Rowsley St., Bridgeport, Conn. Watrous, George E., High St., Chester, Conn. Watts, Robert R-, 13 Stickney Ave., Somerville, Mass. Webber, Putnam C, R. F. D., No. 2, Newport. R. T. Weston, Francis B., 24 Chapman St., Hartford, Conn. Wheeler, John N-, Hawthorne, N. Y. White, Fred C. 11 Purchase St., Newburyport, Mas , White, Philip D.. 366 Payson Road. Belmont, Mass, Whitney, Lewis H., High St., South Acton, Mass. Wieting, Herman H, Jr , 128 Holhs St.. S. Weymouth. Mass. Wilcox, Luther F., West Lebanon, N. H. Williams, Herman B,. Dudley Hill. Dudley. Mass, Williamson, Carleton R. 93 BeMevue St , Newton. Mass. Winter, Wesley E., Kinpfield, Me. Woods, Kenneth P., 38 Squire St,, New London, Conn. Wright. Alfred K., 33 Dewey St.. Springfield, Vt. Wyiie, Robert Carol, 37 Congreve St., Roslindalc, Mass. Wyman. Arthur W., R. F. D., Box 60, Westboro, Mass. Wyman, Wilner H., 112 Hamden Circle, WoUaston, Mass. York, Lester E., 48 Fremont Ave., Everett, Mass. Young, Frederick M., 28 Meadow St., Seymour. Conn. Zarella, Alpheus, 7 Marshall St., Medford, Mass. Zeitlen, Samuel, 31 Norfolk St , Roxbury. Mass. SOPHOMORES — SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Ackart.T- Edmund. MainSt, Schaphticoke, N. Y. Aldred, William D.. 353 Woodward St.. Waban. Ma-ss. Amiss, Ralph G . 96 Oakland Ave . Methuen. Mass. Arthur, George W . 68 Arnold St., Methuen, Mass. Banks, David D . 24 Gibson St., Cambridge, Mass. Barnes, Willard S., 14 Sargent Road. Swampscoit. Mass Bates, Richard E., Overhrook St., Wellesley, Mass. Bean, Ernest W., 31 Suffolk Ave., Swampscotr, Mass. Bcckwiih, Madison B., 29 Lafayette Park, Lynn, Mass. Begun, William, 213 Pine St., Gardner, Mass. Bertelh. Joseph A.. 15 . von St.. Somerville, Mass. Bmgay, Thomas E . 59 Oak Ave,, Bosron. Mass. Blatchford, Frank W, Jr., 30 Harbor Terr., Gloucester, Mass. Bohaker, Stuart M., 61 . tkins Ave., Lynn, Mass. Bouchard, Charles E.,76 Wilton St,. Manchester, N. H. Bowman. Sherwood P. 85 Wyman St., Brockton, Mass. Brickley, Arthur J.. 1 Forest Place, Roxbury, Mass, Brown, Everett A., 3 19th Ave., Haverhill, Mass. Brundage, Ayton A., 32 Gould St., Stoneham, Mass. Bryant, William H, N..Jr., 250 Arborway. Jamaica Plain, Mjs Bucci. Henry D,, Fulton St., Medford, Mass. Buckliich, Howard M,, 10 Bicknell Terr., Lawrence. Mass. Burbank, Willis P., 57 Woodlawn St.. Lynn. Mass. Burton, Harry E., 15 Sumner Ave., Roslindale, Mass. Cafiso.John C. 40 Paris St., Methuen, Mass. Carlson, Rofiert O., 3 Linden St., North Easton, Mass. Cobb, Frederic E., 10 Lloyd St., Winches ter, Mass. Cohen. Harry C, 12 Porter St., Biddeford, Me. Cohen, Nathan C, 129 Lowell St , Peabody, Mass. Corey, Roger F., High St., Mansfield, Mass. Cotton, Robert T., 2842 Washington St., Roxbury. Mass. Crawford, Elmer W,. 19 Harrington Ave., Barre, Vt. Crock. Louis S-, 38 IngallsSt., Worcester, Mass. Crosby. Joseph J., 92 Pine St.. Lewiston, Me. Cunningham, Francis J., 12 Willard St., Chelsea. Mass. Cutler, Samuel, North Dartmouth, Mass. Dal ton, Thomas F., South Ftanklm St., Holbtnok, Mass. Davis, Gerald M., IJ Wmona St , Auhurndale, Mass. Davis, Richard W.,93 Cohasset St , Roslmdale. Mass. Dempsey, Edward F-, 11 Bow St., Concord. Mass, Dinsmore, Alden C, 364 Waltham St.. West Newton, Mass. Donnelly, John L., 20 Stearns St., Cambridge. Mass. Epstein, Carl, 40 Floyd St., Dorchester, Mass. Faulkner, Norman F., 16 Center St., Bellows Falls, Vt. Fletcher, Samuel L, 39 Fair St., New Bedford, Mass. Fournier, Fe ' ix G., 186 Cove St., New Bedford, Mass. Freeman, George W., 21 Eaton St , Revere, Mass. Fuller, Paul W., 30 Urquhart St , Rumford. Me. Gardner, Robert H.,7 McKean St., Nashua, N. H. Gilbert, Eli. 7 Elizabeth St., Boston, Mass. Goodhue, Paul H., 1 Center St., Watertown, Mass. Gould, George H., 17 Baker Road. Everett, Mass. Graves. Haro ' d A.. Conway, Mass. Hamilton, John B., 140 Bellevue St.. West Roxbury, Mass. Harper, Arthur L., 16 Prescott St., Wellesley Hills, Mass. Hassell. Richard G., 41 Academy St., Conway, Mass. Helgesen. Elmer W., 34 James St,, West Newton. Mass. Hintz, Lester E , 183 West Rock Ave,, New Haven, Conn. Hodgdon, Gardner W., 53 Rogers St., Portsmouth, N. H. Jagels, Frederick B.,78 Elm St., Camden, Me. Johnson, Alton R., 39 Revere Road, Quincy. Mass. Kamelakis, Emanuel, 142 Warren Ave.. Boston, Mass. Kesselman. Morris, 345 Dudley St., Boston. Mass. Kilhon. Earl E., 43 Progress St., Hopcdale. Mass, Knox. George H.. 29 Maple St , Easthampton, Mass. Krasnow. Louis, 627 Morton St., Mattapan, Mass Kretimer, Harrv N., 26 Hathaway St . Wethershcld, Conn. Kuposky, Milton, 38 Charlotte St , Dorchesier, Mass. Ladley, Edward M., 92 Moorland Road, Melrose. Mass. Lilley. Franklin W., 75 Thomas St., New Bedford, Mass. Loss, Theodore H.. 121 Church St.. Middletown. Conn. Lyons. Everett D., Elm St., South Chelmsford, Mass. 230 Qompliments of The Class of 1929 Engineering business ' uid ministration 231 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN M;ibey, Raymond E,, 12 Neivland St-, Auburndale, MJ - MacEachern, Russell W-, 337 L ' nion St., Bramtree, Ma Macllroy, Robert L., 3 Columbus Sq., Salem, Mass. MacLean, Roland R., 229 White St., Waverley, Mass. Maloney, James J., 64 Sylvan St., Danvers, Mass. Manning, M.Joseph, Thatcher St.. Mi lron, Mass. Matson, Robert B , 25 Linden St.. Allston, Mass. McCue, Paul L., 95 Summer St., Somerville, Mass. Mi-Loijghlin, Daniel J., 169 Crescent Ave., Revere, Mass. Morris, Guy K., 167 South Main St., Gardner, Mass. Newcombe, Clark D.. 3 Central St., Westboro, Mass. Niemi, Arno E., West Townsend, Mass. Niemyski, John J., 49 Locke St., Cambridge, Mass. Norman, Alfred A., 41 Progress St., Hopedale, Mass. O ' Neil. Vernon D., R. F. D. 4. Oldtown Road, Cumberland, Md- Palmer, Stuart, 27 Loveland St., Middleiown, Conn. Powers, Francis E., 197 Trenton St., East Boston, Mass- Rich, Bernard, 17 Frontenac St.. Dorchester, Mass. Rich, Richard. 28 Park St.. Maiden, Mass. Rodgers.John E.. 56 Donaldson Ave., Rutherford, N- J. Rosenbloom, Joseph S., 16 Fox St., Worcester, Mass. Ross, Robert B., 20 School St., Lynn, Mass. Roulston, Warren F., 246 North St., N. Weymouth, Mass. Sacco, Antonio, 18 Princeton St.. Somerville, Mass. Sails. Leroy H., 114 Newbury St., Brockton. Mass. Schafer, William T.. 47 Manthorne Road, West Roxbury, Mass. Schneppershoff, Carl G.. 319 Newhall St.. New Haven, Conn. Sharpc, Maurice E., 53 Fessenden St., Portland, Me. Sibausie, Cesar A., 11 Vancouver St., Boston, Mass. Sobey, Louis H., 18 Circuit Road, Winthrop. Mass. Stowers, Lloyd A., 15 Pleasant St., Milford, Mass. Sweet, Harold E,. 24 Abbott St., West Roxbury, Mass. Symancyk, William A.. 19 East Bartlett St., Westfield, Mass. Turner, John A., 324 Cottage St., New Bedford. Mass. Turner, Wilfred D., 43 Bancroft Park, Hopedale. Mass. Vadala,John E.. 21 Follen St.. Boston, Mass. Walsh, Robert E., 9 Water St., Natick, Mass. Wesalo, Sylvan, 148 Seaver St., Roxbury, Mass. White, Doliver S., 232 South Main St., Mansfield, Mass. Whirehill, Kermit C. 32A School St.. Bellows Falls. Vt. Williams. Fred J. ,7 Vesta Road. Dorchester, Mass. Williamson. Ronald M,, Hampden, Me. Witten, Max, 71 Wildwood St., Mattapan, Mass Woolway, Frank H.. 60 Crescent Ave., Newton Center, Mass. Yavner, Meyer. 45 Greenbrier St., Boston, Mass. Zing. Adrian C, 1458 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. FRESHMEN — SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Adomaitis. Alexander. 2 2 Winter St.. Brockton, Mass. Agnew, Edwin L.. 377 Chestnut St., Lynn, Mass. Ajootian, John Avedis. 275 Carpenter St.. Providence. R. L Alcorn, . rnold Stuart. 91 Parmenier Road. Waltham, Mass. Aldrich, Rufus Norman. 1 Lincoln Place, Monson, Mass. Alhowik, Brmek W.ilter. 15 Mineral St., Ipswich. Mass. Allen, Roland Archie. 2 Lodge St.. Upton, Mass. Alpert, Joseph, 126 Florence St.. Everett. Mass. Altshuler. Israel, 111 Lawrence Ave.. Roxbury, Mas . Anderson. Forest E., Box 35, Vinalhaven, Me. Andrews. Ellsworth. 28 Burnham St., Waverley, Mass. Andrews. Frank Sydney, Wood St.. Woodville. Mass. Antonievich. Romeo J . 29 ' alley St., Springfield, Vt. Apostolos. Harry. 29 New St., Haverhill. Mass. . rgetsmger, ' erle Leslie. 635 W. Church St.. Elmira, N. Y. .Arlio. Dominic Charles. 79 Cedar St.. Bridgeport. Conn. Aubey, Millard H.. 344 Union Ave.. Framingham, Mass. Austin, Frederick, 11 Peterboro St., Boston, Mass. Avant, Carl Augustus. 80 Harold St., Roxbury. Mass. .Avery, Clarence Edward, 234 Glen St., New Britain, Conn. Babel. VictorJ.. 31 Folan Ave., Norwc od, Mass. Baglev. Gustave W.. 39 Crescent Ave., Melrose. Mass. Bailey. Edward B., 49 Florence St., Melrose, Mass. Baldwin, William Joseph. 76 Central Ave., Revere, Mass. Balestrieri, Thomas Harold, 17 Pratt St.. Boston, Mass. Bannister, Dexter Emerson. 24 Elm St., Webster, Mass. Banville, Thomas Francis, 69 Cottage St., Everett, Mass. Barber, Arthur Gabriel, 108 Oak St., Shrewsbury, Mass. Barratt, Joseph Albert. 782 Norman St.. Bridgeport, Conn. Bateman, Charles E., North Stratford, N. H. Bates, Albert S , 236 Green St.. Fairhaven, Mass. Baumgarten, Frederick. 8 Hyde Park St . Dedham. Mass. Bean. Alfred L.. 67 .A Blossom St.. Lynn, Mass. Bean, Lauress Alden. 127 Magnolia St., Dorchester, Mass. Beauvais, Armand A.. 286 Whittenton St., Taunton, Mass. Bedrosian, Peter, Providence St., Mitlbury. Mass. Beigbeder. Paul .A . 6 Malverna Road. Roslindale. Mass. Belsky, Joseph, 374 River St , Ha erhil[. Mas . Benedict. Schuyler Blackley, 143 Fourth St., Medford, Mass. Benkus. William Samuel, River St , Haverhill. Mass. Benson. Gunnar Stuart, 72 Robert St., Attleboro, Mass. Benson, Henry Albert, 46 Chilton Road. West Roxbury, Mass. Bergerson. Philip Eugene. 364 Lake ide . ve., Marlboro, Mass. Betts. Henry Taylor, 331 Essex .Ave., Gloucester, Mass. Beyus, John Joseph, 67 Blake St.. Torrington, Conn. Bingham, Fletcher H,, R F. D., No. 2, Newburgh, N. Y. Birdsall.John M. Jr., 366 No. Main St., Shawsheen Villaee, Ma- Bl so , Gabriel H . 24 State St., Augusta. Me. Black. Robert John. High St., So- Hanson, Mass. Blake. John, 153 Centre Sc. Methuen. Mass. Blake, Samuel Francis, Jr.. 69 Winter St., Cambridge, Mass. Blanchard, Eugene Smith, 11 Gibbens St., Somerville. Mass. Blodgett. Francis Stockbridge. 48 Clarendon St., Springfield. Mas . Bonin, Henri, 316 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass. Bonney, Edgar Greene, 36 Parker St., Newton Center, Mass, Booker, Alfred Henry, Great Road, SaylesviUe, R. I. Bortone, Caesar, 984 Belmont St., Wateriown, Mass. Boschetto, Vincent James, 103 Edenfield Ave.. Watertown, Mass. Bowers. Kenneth, R. F. D,. No. 2. Glens Falls, N. Y. Boylan, Charles George, 197 Decker Ave., Port Richmond, S. L, N. Y. Boyle, Edward Ernesr. 24 Florence St.. Natick, Mass. Bozoian. Azad, Soutn St., Avon, Mass. Bradford, George Henry. Jr., Elm St., Bridgewater, Mass. Bragdon. Joseph Henry. Franklin, Me. Brandt. Paul, Jr., Allen Road, North Easton, Mass. Broman, Carlton Mar han. 348 North Elm St.. W. Bndeewater. Mass. Brown. Clyde Campbell. Lowell St.. West Peabody. Mass, Brown, Robert Arthur. 38 Fairmount St., Marlboro, Mass. Brown, Roger Shaw. 88 Oakwood Ave,, Lynn. Mass. Browne, Eugene .A., 44 Clement Ave., West Roxbury, Mass, Browning. Harrison O., 115 Wellington HUl, Boston, Mass Bruce, George Wallace, 7 Lunt St., Newburyport. Mass. Bruce. Pau ' Wallace. Fitchburg Turnpike. Concord. Ma s. Brvant. Frank Wadsworth, 1042 Congress St., Portland. Me. 232 Q . " - Qompliments of a, ' ass of 1930 J y C- C " ■ » ' ■ » - 233 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Burbank, David R., 2nd, 126 Ave. de Chornllos, Barranco, Lima, Peru, S. A. Burbank, John Hinckley, 49 Sparhawk Si-, Amesbury, Mass. Burnap, Joseph. 22 Mam St., Millbury, Mass. . Burnett, Paul Jesse, 82 Waverly St., Everett, Mass. Burner, Harry Anthony, 129 State St., Manchester, N. H. Burton, Eustace D., 155 Winchester St., Boston, Mass. Burton, William H., jr.. Read St., South Somerset, Mass. Calandreila, Bernardino, 106 Linden St., Atileboro, Mass. Call, Arthur Everett, Jr., 1 Hovey St., Gloucester, Mass. Carlson, Chfton William, 6 Summer St., Gloucester, Mass. Carpenter, Alden Plimpton, 14 Union St., Hingham Center, Mass. Carroll, Charles H., 26 Royal St., Watenown, Mass. Casella,Tony, 681 Chestnut St., Athol, Mass. Cass, Francis Anthony, 2 Galena St., Boston, Mass. Gate, George Herbert, Concord, N. H. Ccnerizio, Corrado August, 31 Bank Row, Greenfield, Mass. Chadwick, Lozeah William, jr.. 71 Copeland St., Campcllo, Mass. Chaisson, George Buxton, 27 Blaney St., Swampscott, Mass. Chase, Gardner Wendell. 5 Silver St., Taunton, Mass. Chase, Horace Morse, 12 Myrtle St., Stoneham, Mass. Chenail, Arthur William, Luce Road, North Adams, Mass. Chenery, Richard, Musketaquid Road, Concord, Mass. Chesrna, John, 214 Plymouth St., Bridgewater, Mass. Chipman. Eld m James. 35 Leland St., Framingham, Mass. Christensen, Ralph C, 51 Botolph St., Quincy, Mass. Clark. Albert Hobbs, 113 Main St,, Norway, Me. Clark, Arthur E. 868 Walnut St., Newton Center, Mass. Clark, Eugene Rudduck, R- F. D., Piitsfield, Mass. Clark, Herbert P., North Springfield, Vt. Clark, John Hervey, Center St., North Easton, Mass. Clark, John Richard, 712 Naniasket Ave., Hull, Mass. Cobb, Charles Fred, Main St., Pepperell, Mass. Coffin, Everett Samuel, 81 Rhoades Ave., E. Walpole, Mass. Coffin, Raymond A-, 22 Crescent St., Somerville, Mass. Cohen, Abraham B., 205 Washington St., Dorchester, Mass. Cohen, Arthur Mose, 12 Cottage St., Needham, Mass. Colby, Paul Robert, 14 State St.. Lawrence, Mass. Cole, Allan Perry, 109 Highland Ave., Somer ilIe, Mass. Cole, John Bernard, 60 Canner St., New Haven, Coon. Cole, Robert Francis, Fellows Road, Ipswich, Mass. Cole, Stanley Walter, 634 1st Ave., Berlin, N. H. Coleman, Wilton E., 14 Worcester St., Cambridge, Mass. Collins, Charles Joseph, 13 Tremont St., Peabody, Mass. Colpitts, Leonard Eraser, Great Road, Shirley, Mass. Conlin, WiMiam P., 26 Bridge St, , Wmdsor, Vt. Connors, Daniel E., 21 Strong St., Newburyport, Mass. Connors, William Francis, 94 Andover St., Lawrence, Mass. Cook, James Egan, 58 W. Main St., Mohawk, N. Y. Copans, Albert, 47 Irving St., Everett, Mass. Copithornc,John Wilbur, 43 Upland Road, Somerville, Mass. Coren, Bernard Irving, 72 Horace St., Springfield, Mass. Coughlan, Raymond Jerome, 46 Central Ave., Revere, Mass. Courts, William D., 272 Clyde St., Brooklme, Mass. Cox, Clayton Earl, Derby. Vt. Craft, Glendon Albert, South Main St., Ashfield, Mass. Crawford, Augustine Joseph, 26 Bay View Ave., Danvers, Mass. Crighton, Gordon Reed, 57 Raleigh Road, Belmont, Mass. Cross, Elmer E., Farmmgton, Conn. Crowell. Robert Irving, Dennis, Mass. Crowther. Donald B., 7 Spy Hill, Beacon, N. Y. Cummings, Lindsey P., 26 South Angell St., Providence, R, L Cummings, Wilford Winters, 1432 Somerset Ave., Taunton, Mass. Curtin, Arthur, 94 Mylod St., Norwood, Mass. Curtis, Howard Presron, 90 Centre St., Danvers, Mass. Cutler, George Lewis, R. F. D., No. 2, Springfield, Vt. Dabose, Andrew P,, 43 North Central St., Peabody, Mass. Dahl, Nathan R., 1574 West Broad St., Stratford, Conn. Darling, Claude William, Jr., 367 Park St., Stoughion, Mass. Das, Stephen Prema, Bangalore, Mysore, India David, Nasim A.. 58 West Newton St , Boston, Mass. Dawes, Arthur Ernest, 3 Wisteria St., Salem, Mass. Day, Robert A.. Randolph. Vt. Dean. Charles Bradford, Wheelock Ave., Norwood, Mass. Dean, David Benjamin, Corley St., Taunton, Mass. Deane, Marcus Aldrich, 983 Providence St., Whitinsville, Mass. Dearborn, Clayron Edward, 11 Caldwell Crescenr, Lynn, Mass. Dearborn, Roland Taft, Union St., Ashland, Mass. Decker, Earl Ames, 27 Whitman St., Ridlonville, Me. Deggs, Kermit R., 29 Otis St., Fitchburg, Mass. Deneen, George E., 35 Worcester St., Fitchburg, Mass. Dennett, Charles .Adelbert, Ring Road, Plympton, Mass. Dew, Edward Nelson, 68 James St., Torrington, Conn. Dewhurst, Chester Thomas, Mam St., Somerset, Mass. DiCicco, Giacomo, 29Tileston St., Boston, Mass. Dick, Howard Carl, 22 Wetherbee Ave., Lowell, Mass. Dickey, Arthur Gardner, Main St., Dennisport, Mass. Dildilian, Ara, 33 Newland St., Boston, Mass. Disken, Roger Patrick, 19 Cottage St., West Concord, Mass. Diskin, Martin Joseph, Fairhaven Road, Concord, Mass. D ' Ono no. Anthony C, 101 Greene St., New Haven, Conn. Donohue, Joseph Henry, 20 Holly Ave , Cambridge, Mass. Donovan, Leo A , Wildmere Ave , Burlington, Mass. Doran, John J, Jr., 28 Oak Sq. Ave., Brighton, Mass. Douglas, Isaiah Edgar, 42 Pleasant St., Brunswick, Me. Dower, Gordon I., 159 Riverbend St., Athol, Ma s. Downing, Warren Palmer, 10 Eastman Road, Somerville, Mass. Dracut, Louis Edwin, 30 Whitney Ave., Cambridge, Mass. Drake, Preston, 676 Prospect St.. Maplewood, N.J Duffie, Robert N., 6 Central St., Wakefield, Mass. Duksta,John Charles, 39 Fountain St., So. Braintree, Mass, Dunlap, Arthur P , 92 Dennison Ave., Framingham, Mass. Durfee, Lester Alton, 55 Church St , Fairhaven, Mass. Eakins, Jesse Walter, 8 Dalton St., Boston, Mass. Eaton, Leverett Gordon, 40 Central Ave., Danvers, Mass. Edwards, Alonzo R., 181 Winthrop St., Taunton, Mass. Eggleston, Howard N., 34 Downer St., Baldwinsville, N. Y. Eglise, Charles N., Jr., Miner ' s Lane, Waterford, Conn. Elliott, Albert K.. Wolfeboro, N. H. Enckson, Everett Albin, 80 Sylvan St., Danvers, Mass. Estes, George Arthur, 163 North St., Salem, Ma ' -s. Fall, James A., 134 Adams St., Braintree, Mas . Farmer, Lancelot. 237 Washington St., Dorchester, Mass. Farrow, Robert Franklyn, 805 Mam St., Winchester, Mass. Feldman, Harry Roy, 263 Irving St., Framingham, Mass. Feldman, Louis, 10 Bassett St., Chelsea, Mass. Ferguson, Alexander G., 65 Johnson St.. Lynn, Mass. Files, William Edward, 275 Walton St., Woodfords, Me. Fisk,Owen Parker, 6 George Sr, Milford, N. H. Fisk, Thacher Heath, 74 Speen St., Narick, Mass. Fitts, James Andrew. 8 Union St., Windsor, Vt. Flumere, Louis A., 29 Loker St., Framingham, Mass. Flynn, Charles Milton, Eversley St., Norwalk, Conn. Foley, Daniel j., jr., 5 Cutler Ave., Cambridge, Mass. Foley, Harold Walter, 153 Shuie St., Everett, Mass. Foley, Paul J., 57 Armandine St., Dorchester, Mass. 234 Qompliments of The Class of 1931 155 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Forget, Roland Joseph, 149 May St., Worcester, Mass. Fornell, Rudolph Enoch, 41 Cranch St., Quincy, Mass, Foss, Charles Carleton, McKenney Road, Saco, Me. Foisett, Ben H., 22 Fresno St., Roshndale, Mass. Foster, Frank K., 115 Welles Ave., Dorchester, Mass. Franklin, Edwin M.. Jr, R. F. D., No. 2. MiUbrook, N. Y. Frasier, Edward Lamson, Lake St., Silver Lake, Mass. Freeman, John Herbert, 398 Mt. Hope St., Attleboro Falls, Mass. Freiheit, John Lewis. 9 Long Hill Ave., Shelton, Conn. IViel, John Henry, 223 Grant St., Framingham, Mass. Friensehner, August Victor, 441 No. Main St., Attleboro, Mass. Frost. Herman Hathaway, 27 Clough Ave., Windsor, Vi. GafFnev, Paul Clayton. 16 Washington Ave., Winthrop, Mass. Gaul, Leo Michael, 802 5th St., South Boston, Mas . Geckier, Vernon Colbert, 335 St. James Ave., Springfield, Mass. Gtfford, Alden L, Jr., 18 Marlborough St., Lowell, Mass. Gillespie, Maurice E., 234 Mystic Ave., Soraerville, Mass. Gilman, Paul Franklin, 109 Central St., Stoneham, Mass. Ginsberg, Israel, 37 Plymouth St., Brockton, Mass. Giazer, Jack, 115 Nichols St,, Everett, Mass. Godreau. Guillermo jose, 51 Sol St.. Ponce, Porto Rico Gold, Israel, 243 Campbell Ave.. Revere, Mass. Goodstine. Herman, 105 Spruce St., S. Manchester, Conn. Goodwin, Cortland Dearmont, 20 Prospect St., Everett, Mass. Gorbunoff, Alex, 6 Fourth St., Graniteville, Mass. Gorton, William Gilbert, 1580 Dewey Ave., Rochester, N. Y. Goss, Frank, Barnet, Vt. Gr abow, Milton, Main St., Bethlehem, Conn. Graf, Malcolm Edward, Wayland Road, So. Lincoln, Mass, Grant. Ernest Mitchell, 164 Walnut St., Sioughton, Mass. Grant, Vail W., 34 E. Main St., Georgetown, Mass. Gray, Harold Norman, Gales Ferry, Conn. Grazinso, Albert C, 343 Munson St., New Haven, Conn. Greenbaum, Rubin. 52 Gainsboro St., Boston. Mass. Greenberg, Yale, 42 Warner St., Dorchester, Mass. Greenwood, Charles Fabian, Jr., 18 Congress St., Amesbury, Mass. Grimes, Albert Thompson. Massachusetts Ave., West Acton, Mass. Griswold, Lee Vincent, 3 North Mam St., Terryville, Conn. Grushkin, Samuel, 19 Phillips Ave.. Norwood, Mass. Gustina, Nickolas D., 49 Orange St., Rochester, N. Y. Hadlock, Elmer C, Ellsworth, Me. Hagan, Francis, 101 Mechanic St., Canton, Mass. Hall, Richard Wallace, 2 Fourth St., Graniteville, Mass. Hall, Stanley M., 100 N. Winooski Ave.. Burlington, Vt. Hamilton, Kenneth Watren, 140 Bellevue St., Boston, Mass. Hanlon, James, Mohawk, N. Y. Hanna. C. Raymond, 33 Main St.. Middle Granville, N. Y. Hanscom, Matthew Wesley, 1292 South St., Brideewater, Mass. Hanson, Wilrose John, 35 Water St , Marlboro. Mass. Harrington, Kenneth W., 115 E. Hartford St., Milfurd. Pa. Harris, Joseph Foraker, 31 Brookford St., Cambridge, Mass. Hasty, Arnold, 131 Main St., Norway, Me. Hatch, Herbert Franklin, Jr., 2 Minot Place, Dorchester. Mass. Hay, John, Sumner St., Hardwick, Vt. Hayden, Kenneth French, 137 Franklin St., So. Brainiree, Mass. Heffer, Roy W. 95 Olean St., Rochester. N. Y. Helms, Rufus W., Gorham, N. H. Henderson, James Russell, Webster St., N. Hanover, Mass. Henken. M. Jacob, 27 North St., Menden, Conn. Henri k sen, Francis, 20 Plymouth St., Canton, Mass. Herlich, William, 13 Brimblecom St., Lynn, Mass. Heron, Paul J., 53 Florence Ave., Lowell. Mass. Hernck, Kenneth Lewis, Southwest H.irbor, Me. Hildebrandt, Fred C, 388 Church St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Hilliard, Alton M., 86 Chestnu: St., Claremont, N. H. Hjnckley, A. Craig, 34 Springfield St., Watertown, Mass. Hinckley, Everett W . 120 Glen Ave,, Campello, Mass. Hoar, William Arthur, 418 Essex St , Salem, Mass. Hodges, Sheldon Bradford, 13 Rockland St., Taunton, Mass. Hodgson, Albert Edgar, 15 Maplewood Ave., Methuen, Mass. Holcombe, William F., 11 Lanning Ave., Hopewell, N.J. Holland, Gordon E., 32 Channing St., Quincy, Mass. Holmquist, Harold Herbert, 14 Cranch St., Quincy, Mass. Homan, William, 61 Corning St., Boston, Mass. Homelson, Joseph, ISJudson St., Hartford, Conn. Hopkins, David Michael, 11 Elsinore St., Concord, Mass. Horbal. Stephen, 1 Hillside Ave., Middleboro, Mass. Hoyt, Alvah William, 30 Marlborough St., Newburyport, Mass. Hubbard, Robert Meigs, Millbrook Road, Middletown, Conn. Hunt, Carson W., 32 Greene St., Wollaston, Mass. Hurley, Ralph James, 120 Second St., Auburn, Me. Huse, Ralph Cross, Newbury St.. Rowley, Mass. Hutt, Robert Preston. 98 EdinboroSt., Marlboro, Mass. lllsley, Albert B., 7 School St., Georgetown, Mass. Israel, Abraham Isaac. 112 Callender St., Dorchester, Mass. Jackson. Clance Hayden, 32 Clarence Ave., Bridgewater, Mass. Jackson, Robert John, 21 Bigelow Ave., Thompsonvtlle, Conn. Jackson, William Charles, 6 Randall St., Taunton, Mass. James, Raymond W., 11 School St., Richmond, Me. Jeffery, James R., 93 OIney St., Dorchester, Mass. Jensen, Stanley Francis, Upper Franklin St., Westfield, Mass, Johnson, Albert Edward, 63 Winslow Ave., W. Somerville, Mass. Johnson, Carlyle R., 20 Wing St., Bangor, Me. Johnson, Grant, 47 Flovd St,, Everett, Mass. Johnson, Norris Rudolph, 31 Robinson St., Somerville, Mass. Johnson, Perry Tracy, Poland, Me. Johnson, Rudolph A-, 25 Endicott St,, Chftondale, Mass. Johnson, Uno Eric, Chester, Vt. Johnston, Joseph Trowbridge, 3 St, James St,, Whitinsville, Mass, Joseph, George A., 147 Hudson St., Boston, Mass. Kaleta, Meroslaw, 4 Heath St., Everett, Mass. Kasson, Charles LeBaron, Jr., 3 Duke St., Mattapan, Mass. Kearns, James J.. 2 Holton St., Winchester, Mass. Keblis, Joseph J , 54 Humphrey St , E. Weymouth, Mass. Keil, Carl C.,70 Lindsey St , Attleboro, Mass. Keith, Ralph W., 268 S. Main St,, Barre, Vt. Kellcy, Harrington Williams, Ashfield, Mass. Kelley, Norman Detloyd, 47 Carter Ave., Pawtucket, R. I. K el liher, James Laurence, 2 Goodyear St., Beverly, Mass. Killer, Kenneth Leslie, 86 Bidwell St , Waterbury, Conn. King, Phillips B,, 12 Charles St, Taunton, Mass. Kipnes, Edward, 93 Walnut St.. Chelsea, Mass. Kittredge, Harold Rensellaer, 21 Fay Court. Dexter, Me. Klein, Moses S,, 454 Washington St,, Haverhill, Mass. Koff , David, 185 Chestnut St.. Lynn, Mass. Komich, John Bronislaw, 548 E- Fourth St, S. Boston, Mass. Koons. Clarence James, North Scituate. R. I. Kreusel, Adolf William, 11 Dunboy St., Brighto n, Mass. Kulesza, Bronislaus Stanislaus. 43 1-2 N. Central St., Peabody, Mass. Laftin, Donald Roy, Concord Road. Bedford. Mass. Lamb, William Herbert, Champney . ve., Greenfield, Mass. Lambert. Romaine Frederick, East Randolph, Vt. Lane, Herbert E., Thayer St.. Hingham, Mass. Lapidus, Bernard, 22 Poplar St , Boston, Mass. Laquerre, Hervey Oscar, 47 Maywood St., Worcester, Mass. Latamore, Berton F , 1579 Mam St,, E, Hartford, Conn. 236 QompUments of The C iiss of 1932 -3: DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Laurud. Carl Thorstein, Hawthorne St.. Islington, Mass. Laury, Alfred Hatch, Vinal Haven, Me. Lavorgna, Sebastian, Canton. Me. Lawrence, Thomas Wellington, Hampden Highlands, Me. Lawson, Carl, Main St., North Easton, Mass. LeBaron, Francis P., 366 Hollis St., Framingham Mass. Ledgard, Francis Henry, 31 Parker St., Maynard, Mass. Lee, Richard David, 16 Boston St., Salem, Mass. Levan, Herman Clyde, 46 S- Main St., Watsontown, Pa. Levy, David, 9 Olsen Terrace, Lynn, Mass. Lewis, Joel Randolph, 7 Amboy St., Boston, Mass. Libby, Laurence D., 165 North St., Saco, Me. Lieberman, Solomon, 23 Greendale Road. Mattapan, Mass. Liehr, Herman W., 45 Lexington Ave., Somerville, Mass. Lingley, John M, Jr., Chestnut St., Weston, Mass. Lipman, Louis, 1Z4 Eastern Ave,. Lynn, Mass. Litchfield, Raymond Kay, 62 Park Ave., Whitman, Mass. Littlefield, Wesley Goudey, Ferncroft Farm Inn, Alton, N. H. Ljunggren, Walter, Wetlesley Park, Wellesley, Mass. Lockwood, Graydon Frederick, 15 Flower St., Wethersfield, Conn. Loftus, Harry Patrick. 166 Essex St.. Marlboro, Mass. Lombard, Alfred Johnson, 182 Parker St., Lawrence, Mass. Lombard, Robert W., Welltleet, Mass. Long, Arthur A., 220 Sycamore St.. Wacertown, Mass. Lonnberg, Alfred Eric, 33 Vernal St., Everett, Mass. Loring, Ira Raymond, 43 George St., Norwood, Mass, Loring, Percy M., Perry, Me. Louth, George D., 171 W. Cayuga St.. Oswego, N. Y. Lowe, Malcolm Graham, 21 Sewall Woods Rd-, Melrose Hlds., Mass. Lufkin, Wilbert Rawson, U Ellsworth St., Everett, Mass. Lundgren, William Whitney, Jr , 74 Dodge St., Beverly. Mass Lynch, Daniel Francis, 18 Smith St , Boston, Mass. Lynch, Donald James, 72 Black Rock Ave.. New Britain. Conn. Lynch, Thomas J., 92 Hyde Park Ave, .Jamaica Plain, Mass. Lyons, John E-, 42 Barry St.. Dorchester, Mass. Lyons, Joseph R., 24 Clarkwood St , Mattapan, Mass. Lyons, Robert Fergus, 26 Washington Ct,, Marlboro, Mass. MacAdam.John F- Robinson, 306 Randolph Ave., Milton, Mass. Macchia, Santo Vincent. 4 Charter St., Boston, Mass. MacDonald, Gilbert G., Washington St., Assinippi, Mass, Machinsal, Albiny, 240 No. Quincy St., Brockton, Mass. Mackay. Donald H.. 29 St Margaret St., Boston, Mass. MacLeod, David Gilbert, 416 Franklin St., Whitman, Mass. MacNeill. Gordon Everef, Highland St., S. Middleboro, Mass. Maden, Harold Stuart, 40 Raddin Gruve .Ave., Lynn, Mass. Mael, Marcus Harold. Village St,, Millis, Mass. Malinosky, Kenneth George, 534 Eastern Ave., Lynn. Mass. Mallion, William J., 30 Johnson Ave.. W. Medford, Mass. Malone, John Charles, 115 St. Rose St,, Boston, Mass. Mandell. Donald Burt. 29 Plymouth St., New Bedford. Mass. Marcotte, Ernest Francis, 401 Wa hmmon St., Taunton. Mass. Marggraf, Charle-., 7 Arthur St.. Methuen, Mass. Marshall. Franklin G.. 55 Bond St . Gardner, Mass. Marston, Charles Dexter, 28 Fairmount St., Boston. Mass. Martelli. AmandoP.. 12 Cliff St.. Beverly, Mass. Mason, Wilfred Joseph, 941 Plymouth St,, Bridgewater. Ma-.s Marasavage, Anthony, R. F. D.. No. 3, Waterbury, Conn. Mattson, Ralph Allan, 401 WT Main St., New Britain, Conn. Matukas, John Joseph, Bonham Road, Dedham, Mass. Maxtield, Jerome Churchill, 4 Hill St . Portland, Me. Mays, Frederick Arthur, 296 Summit Ave., Boston. Mass. McCauley. Edward J-. 29 Olive Ave., Maiden, Mass. McGaw, Kenneth Leon. EJmaiis Ri)ad, Fram(ni;h,im, Ma . McGirr, John Sautter, 14 Lafayette Ave,. Atlantic, Mass. McLennan, Clayton M., 32 Urquhart St., Rumford. Me. McNeills, John A., Middlebury Road, Waterbury, Conn. McWiIliam.John Robertson, 785 Rockdale Ave., New Bedford. Mass Meakin, John B , 109 Gainsboro St., Boston. Mass. Meakin. Lawrence W., 109 Gainsboro St., Boston, Mass. Mello, Adrian, 74 Mulberry St., Fall River, Mass. Melo, Albert, 159 Broadway, Boston. Mass. Mendoza, Lincoln, 21 Edison Park, Quincy, Mass. Merrikin. Fred. 86 Bonney St.. Brockton, Mass. Merrick. John Norman, 1223 Central St.. Stoughton, Mass. Merrill, John Buxton. Cumberland Center, Me. Meserve, Lester Donald, 33 Quincy St., Abington, Mass. Messer. Chester R-, New London, N. H. Messinger, Solomon, 34 Stanwood St., Roxbury, Mass. Middleton, Stuart Colby, 5 Lombard St., Dorchester, Mass. Miller, Richard Copithorn, Peacham. Vt, Milliken. Ira M-, West Scarboro. Me. Mitchell, Jarrell Henessey, 17 Walnut Park, Roxbury, Mass. Moineau, Hubert Joseph, 73 Mt. Pleasant St , Marlboro. Mass Moksu. Walter H., 14 Malcolm Road, Cambridge, Mass. Moore, Otis Fenton, 59 Reed St , Dedham, Mass. Moore, Robert Lowell, 11 Sterling St., Ellsworth, Me. Morey, Wyndon Henry, Cummington, Mass. Morgan, Albert J., 37 Gilbert St., Framingham, Mass. Mork, Carl Lawrence, LaSalleSt., E. Longmeadow, Mass Morss, Henry Hardy. Main St., Marion. Mass. Moseman, Samuel. 505 S. West End Ave.. Lancaster. Pa. Moulton, Wiley D.. 27 Pleasant Park Road, Winthrop, Mass. Mount, Robert Ben|amin, Jr., 125 Ash St., Reading, Mass. Moxom, Ralph Pendleton, Jr., 98 College St.. Springfield, Mass. Mucci, Joseph, 145 Oakland St., Maiden, Mass. Murch, Harold Leslie. Hardwick, Vt Murray. Henrv S.. Cambridge Turnpike, Concord, Mass. Nahil, George, 39 Willow St., Lawrence, Mass. Nesvisky, Israel, 3 Baird St., Dorchester. Mass. Nevin, Donald, 48 Ashford St., Boston. Mass. Nichols, Levi Earl, Enosburg Falls, Vt. Nickerson, Arthur LeFrancis, 192 Maplewood St., Watertown, Mass. Nigrosh, Israel. 1 Duke St., Mattapan, Mass. Noyes. Herbert Eaton, Stonington, Me. Noyes. Robert A,, 14 Leonard Road, Melrose, Mass. Nystrom. Sven Alrick, Perry Ave,, Portland, Conn. Olin, Hilding W., 1146 Boulevard W, Hartford, Conn. Onishi, MassieS., 221 Fairmount Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. Oranovsky, Alexander, 64 Forrester St,, Salem, Mass. Paradis, Albert W,, 115 Fairmount St , Dorchester, Mass. Parker, Edward. 319 N. Warren Ave., Brockton, Mass. Parker, Philip Bradstreet, Beechwood St., Cohasset, Mass. Pearson, Bernard Otto, 21 Longwood . ve., Brockton. Mass. Pearsons, Calvin Elmer. Sear St.. Burlington, Mass. Peltier, Wilfred T.. 30 Abbott St , Boston. Mass. Perkins, Erwin Weir, 16 CongreveSt-, Boston, Mass. Perlmutrer, Abraham I.. 54 Hollander St.. Roxbury. Mass. Peterson, Walter E.. 33 Kelton St., Orange. Mass. Pethybridge, Charles A., High St., Topsfield, Mass. Pfurr, Haro ' d M., 204 Circular Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Piascik, Stanley John, 1 1-2 St. Paul St., Wesrfield, Mass. Picard, George Leland, 2 Pillsbury St.. Derry, N. H. Pickett. John Clinton, 188 School St., Roxbury. Mass. Pierce. Arthur J-, Federal St., Montague, Mass- Pike. William Wright, Danielson. Conn. Pilkburv, Gerald T.. Gorham. Me. 238 J. rtuters to jA(Vw E ' ngland ' s most discriminating Schools and £oIleges. " Printers of the QAL ' LDRON and other Jine hooks. TliE NDOVER -Press ANDO ER, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Andover 143 239 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Pineo, Victor Clifton, Hadley, Mass. Pmkus, Alberr Francis, 94 Ward St., Worcester, Mass. Pipi, John, 821 Saratoga St., E, Boston, Mass. Pisco, James, 1239 N. Mam St., Waterbury, Conn. Pokrant, Frank, 82 Derby St,, Salem. Mass. Porter, Charles Meal, Worcesrer Lane, Waliham, Mass. Porter, Merton E. 26 Brookings St., Medford, Mass. Powell, Arnold Elmore. 166 Rounds St., New Bedford, Mai-s. Powers, William Joseph, Jr., 100 Leicester St., Port Chester, N. Y. Presper, Stewarr Henry, 39 Charles St., Wakefield, Mass. Pressey, S. Earl, Rumford, Me. Pritchard, Frederick A., 21 Main St., Wetbersfield, Conn. Procopio, Ralph Georpe, Ward St., Montgomery, N. Y. Puglisi. Joseph, 72 Rerrear Ave., Hartford. Conn. Pugsley, Harold Douglas, 324 Newton St.. Wahham, Mass. Puia, Edmund William, 21 Saunders St , Lawrence, Mass. Quinn, Thomas Francis, 15 Burton St., Brighton, Mass. Quinnam, G. Jackson, 52 S. Front St., Richmond, Me. Racicot, Henry Alexander, 9 Fifth St , Webster, Mass. Randall, Harold Crapo, 123 Buckman St., Everett, Mass. Randall, Stanley Ainsworth, Main St., North Easton, Mass. Ranttila, John, 33 Oak St., Milford, N. H, Rapoport, Eugene J., 10 M. Skvosnaia, Harbin, China Ratzburg, Paul Davis, 83 Warwick Road, West Newton, Mass. Rauktis, Dominic, Jr., 21 Plantation St., Worcester, Mass. Raymond. Henry Theodore, Jr, Woodland St.. Natick, Mass. Reardon, William. 33 Division St., Brockton, Mass. Reck. Ellis Cannon, 601 Lexington St., Waltham, Mass. Reddy, Cornelius E. 75 Laurel St., Fall River, Mass. Reed, Emerson Charles, Hebron Ave., Glastonbury, Conn. Reinhardt, Earl Theodore, 15 Baldwin St.. Newton, Mass. Richards, John Dosity, 24 Webb St., Salem, Mass. Rideout, Sidney K., 29 South St , Raynham, Mass. Risgin, John, Jr., Cross Sr., Carlisle, Mass. Robbinv, Willard Leroy, Stonington, Me. Roberts, John Ashman, 60 Oak St.. Bath, Me. Robinson, Frank T., 53 Sewall Ave., Brookline, Mass. Robinson. Howard Edgar, 108 Pearl St., Cambridge, Mass. Robinson, S. Marshall, 4 Washburn St., Saugerties, N. Y. Rock, Eugene T., 388 Pleasant St., Maiden, Mass. Roper, Charles B.. Moosup, Conn. Rubin, Abraham, 51 Enfield St., Hartford, Conn. Rushlow, William Edward, 334 Washington St., Taunton, Mass. Ryan, Edmund B , 59 Arlington St , Fitchburg, Mass. Rymph. LeRoy M-, R. D-. No. 2. Wappingers Falls, N. Y. Salamone, Michael George, 167 Chestnut Ave., Jamaica Plain. Mass Sampson, Foster Emerson, Cedar Hill, Manomet, Mass. Sanford, James, Margaretville, N. Y. Santacroce, Joseph Louis. 25 Shawmut St., E. Weymouth, Mass. Sarajian, Asadoor. 32 Crawford St.. E. Warertown, Mass. Sargent. WiUard C, Wolfeboro Falls, N. H. Saunders, Samuel Elton, 48 Sawyer St., Woodfords, Me. Scavitto, Emil, 265 Summer St., Somerville, Mass. Schlier, Russel! E., 319 W. Green St., Hazleton, Pa. Schotield, Winford Lester, Ash St., Weston, Mass. Scholnick, Isadore A., 23 Parsons St., Peabody, Mass. Schultz.John L.,78 Wesr Concord St., Boston, Mass. SchuIt2,Remhard Edward, 7 S. Eagle St., Terryville, Conn. Schutte, Herbert, Mansfield Ave., Danen, Conn. Schwartz, Samuel D , 43 Grafton St., Quincy, Mass. Scott. Curtis, 22 Symmes Road, Winchester, Mass. Scott, Frank Kenneth, 108 Henrv St., Cambridge, Mass. Seagrave, H.irnld Augusiu ' -, 166 Ledvard St., New Lnndiin, Conn. Seaquist, Richard Arnold, 39 Hillberg Ave., Brockton, Mass. Searing, Norbert, 50 Ulster Ave., Saugerties, N. Y. Sfelfndge, Lawrence Newton, 92 Beacon St., Arlington, Mass. Selsky, Isadore, 33 Highland St., Revere, Mass. Sennott, RoberrJ., 566 Fifth St,, South Boston, Mass. Shani , Arnold David, 82 Astoria St., Mattapan, Mass. Shaw, . rihur C, 27 Nickerson St., Brockton, Mass. Shaw, Cecil Fremont, 16 Fairview Ave., Taunton, Mass. Shea, Francis Lawrence, 44 Clark St., Lynn, Mass. Shedd, Albert Lounsbury, 6 Bradshaw St., Medford, Mass. Sheff, Samuel, 111 Howland St., Roxbury, Mass. Shepherd. Donald Clarence, 92 Dalron Ave., Pittsfield, Mass. Sherburne, John Henry, jr., Milton Road, Rye, N. Y. Sherys. .Mexander Francis, 571 Summer St., Lynn, Mass. Shnitzler, Meyer Joseph, 5 Greenheys St., Roxbury, Mass. Shulman, David, 222 Eastern Prom., Protland. Me. Shwetz, Patrick D., 97 Boxford St., Lawrence, Mass. Sias, Ernest R,, 139 High St., Reading. Mass Siedel, Dick Winslow, Merrick Road, Lindenhurst, N. Y. Simister, William H., Jr.. 40 Foote St., Fall River, Mass. Skeink, Roy Michael, 1 Alder St.. Lawrence, Mass. Skinner,. Warren Harvey, Sauquoit, N. Y. Skinnon.John F., 28 Barry Ave., Meriden, Conn. Smith, Edwin Peers, 9 Barnum Place, Taunton, Mass. Smith, George Arthur, 112 Center St., North Easton, Mass. Smith, Norman P., 11 Wedgewood St., Squantum, Mass. Smith, Richard B., Va. State College, Petersburg, Va. Smith, Robert Burrell, 4 Pearl St., Middleboro, Mass. Smith, Sidnev S., 977 Morton St., Mattapan, Mass. Smith. Waiter R., 405 Revere St , Winthrop, Mass. Smith. Walter W., Mam St., Pepperell, Mass. Smirh, William E., 240 Granite St.. Manchester, N. H. Snow, Elmer A., N. Mam St , Petersham, Mass- Sole, Clarence William. 2 High St., Barre, Vr. Soule, Lawrence, 14 Merritt St., West Bndgewater, Mass. Spear, Melville Clarke, 14 Spring St., Westerly, R. I. Speirs. George Earl. 1621 N. Shore Rd., Revere, Mass. Sponsel. Clifford William, R. F. D., No. 2, Lockport, N. Y. Standing, Sidney A., 90 Bromfield St., Wollasion, Mass. Stanford, Gilbert Wilson, 9 Center Ave., Reading, Mass. Staples, Edmund B., 29 Thornton Park, Winthrop, Mass. Starck, Cecil Ludvig, Windsor Ave., West Acton, Mass. Stark, Carl J., 46 Spruce St., Clinton, Mass. Stearns, Gilbert Sanford, 17 Maple St , Framingham, Mass. Stephenson, William Harold, 34 Liberry St., New Bedford, Mass. Steptoe, Arthur W., 30 Gaylord St., Boston, Mass. Sterry, John Marvin, Middlebury, Conn. Stevens, Clayton A., 10 So ward St., Hopedale, Mass. Stewart. William John, Jr., 63 Cornell St., Newton Lower Falls, Mass. Stieg, Henrv Robert, 157 Monroe St., Hartford, Conn Stillings, Henry Charles, 281 Barnum Ave , Bridgeport, Conn. Stinchfield, William B , 38 Perry Ave., Whitman, Mass. Stockton, John Henrv, Rillingly, Conn. Stone, Leroy Perham, 40 Page St.. Keene, N. H. Strout, Roy Guy, 31 Merrill Road, Watertown, Mass. Stuart, Harold William, 189 North St.. Milltown, Me. Stubbs, Alan Everard, 31 Cherry Hill, Springfield. Vt, Sturdivant, Charles V.,47 Madison St., W. Medford, Mass. Sturges, Horace Boynton, 267 W. Emerson St., Melrose, Mas . Sugarman, Hyman, 30 Evelyn St., Boston, Mass. Sullivan, Eugene William. 239 Green St., Brockton, Mass Sumner, Forest B.. 368 S Main St , Orange. Mass. Swam. R-ivmond Harold, Middlesex . ve., Wilmington, Mass- 240 nowaitlfc on Co. Wore est ei ' Mass. THE COLLEGE ENGMVERS o ' ' NEW ENGLAND Conveniently Located, With Years of Experience in Producing College Annuals. I r eady to Give You Complete SerMce. Business Managers and Editors Appreciate our Constructive Help. lifi ' te for ourLibemL Contmct s?« ' Designing IsCtouchiiitj " Half Tones. Color Platos Ef m! EfEI P J Jj j,; LD n«ii rai! 1=1 ' . 7 )i ' Finest Enfiaviny ' Siiop in New EiiE land rMnonr.FrintcrslBIdg Engravers for the 1929 Cauldron 241 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Swan, Edward McCu ker, 7 Arlingcon St., Newburyport, Mass. Swanson, Arnold Clifton. 416 Bedford St., E- Bridgewater, Mass. Sylvester, Sawyer, 27 Central St., S- Weymouth, Mass. Tagg, James, 7 Jackson St-, Ayer, Mass. Tangen, George Henry, 569 High St , Randolph. Mass. Tarnopol, Milton Sidney, 114 Union Park St., Boston, Mass. Tavlor, Ainslee Lawson, 56 Woodside Ave., Winihrop, Mass. Taylor, Myron Harvey, 234 Draper St., Springfield, Mass. Tewksbury, Earl Fairfield, 39 Edgehill St., Winthrop, Mass. Thatcher, Harold F., Somers, Conn. Thomas, Arthur S., 101 Elm St., Greenville. S. C. Thomas, Donald James. 228 Nelson Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY, Thomas, Harold. 26 Odell Ave., Beverly, Mass. Thompson, Albert CUfton, 106 Oakdale Ave., Dedham, Mass. Thompson, John McKay, 22 Oakes St., Everett, Mass. Timper, Norman Frank Dolge, 226 Boylston St., Watertown. Mass. Tirri, V ' aino Albert, 43 Packard ' s Lane, Quincy, Mass. Toll, Louis Hyman. 306 Rantoul St., Beverly, Mass. Toole, Thomas E., 54 Daniels St., Pawtucket. R. I. Toothaker, Holman M-, Phillips, Me. Tornrose, Oliver Winthrop, 64 Bares Ave., Winthrop, Mass. Trask, Erwin S., 33 Mayflower St., Plymouth. Mass. Turner, Henry Albert. 163 Forest St., Melrose, Mass. Turner .Jaraes W., 21 Jerome Ave., Sxwton, Mass. Turner, John Howcroft, 343 Ashley BUd-, New Bedford. Mass. Urso, Joseph, 16 Winthrop St., Hartford, Conn. Uzdavinis, Joseph Paul, 610 Washington St., Haverhill, Mass. Vackert, Carlton Henry, 45 Rosedale St., Dorchester, Mass. Vance, Robert Ramsay, 3 Winthrop . ve., Taunton, Mass. V ' ant, Leslie Mclntyre, 7 Academy St.. Barre, V ' t. Viles, Robert C-, 11 Coburn . ve., Skowhegan, Me. V ' ose, John C, 89 South St., Wesrboro. Mass. Wagner. Kurt C. F., 20 Cole St.. Pawtucket, R. I, Walker, Elmer John, 199 HrlUide Ave.. Needham Hts., Mass. Walker, John Karl. 105 Kinsman St., Everett, Mass. Walker, Winslow Jonathan, 14 Hayden St.. Marlboro. Mass. Walsh. Harold Raymond, 85 Chapman St., Greenfield. Mass. Wasserman. Soloraan H.. Village St., Millis. Mass. Weinberg. Barnet, 1 Vale St., Chelsea, Mass. Weinrrob, Max M-, 85 Waumbeck St.. Roxbury, Mass. Wescott, Donald Burke, East Main St., Bluehill. Me. Wheeler. James R., 47 Dearborn St . Manchester, N. H. Whitaker, Albert Preston. R. F. D-. No- 1, Danielson, Conn. Whitcomb, Irving J., 3 Mam St. Terr., Andover. Mass. Whitman, Richard Berkeley, 103 Tyler St., WoUaston, Mass. Whittaker, Raymond Huntington, 27 Curtis Ave., Somerville, Mass. Widerkrantz, Olof Gustaf, 76 Pine St., Madison, Me. Wiggins, William Arthur, 7 Lincoln St., Manchester, Mass. Wilcke, Fred Harvey, 82 Hermon St., Winthrop. Mass Wilcox, Edward Frederick, 80 Blake St., Torrington, Conn. Wilkins. Albert Frederick, 99 Ashland St.. Somerville, Mass. Wilkins, . rthur. 131 Essex St., Saugus, Mass. Wilkinson. Raymond Ashby, 36 Gardner St., Peabody, Mass. Williams. Carlton Holden P.. 40 Otis St., Somerville, Mass. Willis, George. R. F. D., No. 1, Putnam, Conn. Wilson, Alva Spencer. Jr., 55 Mt. Pleasant St.. Cambridge, Mass. Winquist, Sven W., 27 Baker Place. West Roxburv, Mass. Winslow, Charles Satterlee. Jr., 135 BellevueSi.. Lowell. Mi ' .s. Woolley, Burton Wesley, Jr., 25 Prospect St., Wethersfield, Conn. Wortman, Melvin Austin, Havelock. Kings Co., New Brunswick Wrighr, Norman Harris, 14 Chestnut St., Waltham. Mass. Yates, Malcolm, 300 Buffinton St., Fall River, Mass. Yeames, Hawtrey James, 63 Marvin Ave., Franklin, Mas-. Young, John S-, 54 Winspear . ve., Buffalo, N. Y. Zieff, Bonny. 57 Burrill Ave., Lynn, Mass, Zottoli, Robert Angelo, Sagamore Ave., Quincy. Mass. Zwicker, Howard Lester, 317 Pleasant St . E. Bridgewater. Mass. FRESHMEN — SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Altshuler. No rman Peskm, 86 Endicott St., Peabody, Mass . nderson, A. Leonard, Pond St., North Easton, Mass. .Anderson. Elmer Arthur. Oliver St.. North Easton, Mass. Anderson, Walter Donald, 183 DePew Ave., Nyack, N. Y. . ntico, Frank jo eph, 21 Rock Glen Road, Medford, Mass Apalakis, Constantine, 22 Gould St., Stoneham, Mass- Bacon, Arthur Williston, 1754 Commonwealth .Ave., Boston, Mass Bailev, Edgar C, 24 Evergreen St.. Framinghara, Mass. Baker, Carl J. ,48 Intervale St , Boston, Mass. Baker, Leiand Hammond, Charlton, Mass. Bergeron. Albert P-, 48 Day St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. Berthiaume, Amedee S-, c-o Boston Store. Miltbury, Mass. Bixby, Harvey Asa, West Groton, Mass. vick, Charles Lee, 705 E. Buffalo St., Ithaca, N. Y. Bourbeau, Frederick C. 228-B Smyth Road, Manchester, N. H. Brown, Frank E., 39 Fremont Ave., Everett, Mass. Burke. Charles Edwards. 7 So, Highland Ave., Nyack, N. Y. Burke. George Stanley V., 18 Hartshorn St., Reading. Mass. Burnham. Morris Wayne. Hartford, ' c. Buttimer, Thomas Joseph, 4 Church St., Naiick, Mass. Carlson, Arthur Edwin. 398 Weld St., West Roxbury, Ma s. Carroll, William Hugh. 327 Geneva Ave.. Dorchester, Mass. Carter. William Lee, 4 .Mfreton Road. Needham Hgts.. Mass. Cashin, Edward Vincent, 390 Harvard St., Cambrid , Mass. Chatis, Harold. 225 Summer St., Lynn, Mass. Cheney. William A-. 120 South Mam St., Cringe. M.i- Chitoff, Philip Milton, 17 Townsend St-, Fitchbunj. Mass. Ciarlone. Nicholas M., 986 Cherry St., Fall River, Mass. Clark, Lemert W. W., 15 Clematis St , Winchester, Mass. Clark, Robert Franklin, 185 Monroe St., Dedham, Mass. Clow, Albert, 19 West Myrtle St., Orange, Mass. Cohen. Samuel, 45 North Russell St., Boston, Mass Cole. Richard Samuel. 77 Bank St.. Attleboro. Mas , Connell, William James. 24 Cleveland St.. Arlington, Mas . Cote, Theobald Lucien, 285 Lafayette St., Salem. Mass, Crossett. Harlan G., 41 Pleasant St., Needham, Mass, Cullen, Kenneth Fremont. 7 Russell Road. Winchester, Mass. Cunningham, Henry D,, 35 Broad St,, Salem, Mass. Doiron, Ralph J., 14 Hersey St., Salem, Mass. Donovan, Artell Perkins, 44 Broad St., Pawtucket, R. I. Donovan, Robert Daniel. 340 Prospect St., Norwood, Mass. Doyle, John Edward. Jr. .627 Blue Hills . ve,, Hartford. Conn. Drake. Robert W,, Townsend. Mass. Dunning, John Westbrook. 188 Rawson Road. Brookhne, Mass. Dutron, Harold B. Jr , 140 Chestnut St., Fairhaven. Mass. Fay, Jo eph Edward. 16 Paine St., Winthrop. Mass. Fileman, George .Alexander, 226 Schenk Ave.. Great Neck, N. Y. Fmk. Lewis Edwin. Niskayuna. N. Y. Finkelstein. Seymour Jacob. 21 Homestead St.. Roxbury. Mass. Fisher. Walter. 888 Massachusetts . ve., Cambridge. .Mass FitzGerald, Edward Emmett. 272 Palmer St., New Bedford. Mi-- FLinaean. John P . 10 Vale St.. Sourh Boston. Ma ' 242 romplime?its oj " Beta Qamma Epsilon Ipha I gppa Sigma Eta Tau :hCu Sigma Omega T si h(ji Cpsilon Zeta T hi Qamma T i Sigma Thi Ipha " Phi " Beta Ipha K ppa Zeta " Phi Qamma Phi Kspp i Sigma 7)elta Iota Phi Sigma 243 DIRECTORY OF UNDERCLASSMEN Flanagan, Will jam J, 9 AKop Ave.. Middlecown, Conn Fletcher. Arlton K , 309 Stewart Ave-, Ithaca, N. Y. Pong, K., 18 Harrison Ave., Bosron. Mass- Foster, Franklin Thomas, 19 McKiniey Ave., Beverly, Mass. " Franco, Mano Costa, 95 Healey St., Fall River, Mass- Freeman, Albert Gray, Jr., 38 Irving St., Everett, Mass. Gatotti, John L., 2085 Washington St., Braintree, Mass. Gesson, Sam, 65 Maverick St., Chelsea, Mass. Gilletre, Charles Milton. 312-Pleasant St., Holyoke, Mass. Glennon, Paul William, 5 Wachusetr St., Worcester, Mass. Glidden, Luther W., WaMoboro, Me, Golbranson, Carl Leonard, 100 Goddard St., Quincy, Mass. Goldstein, Clinton Sidney, 154 Cohannec St., Taunton, Mass. Gove, Jesse Horace, 100 Main St., North Weare, N. H. Graham, John Joseph, North St., Hingham, Mass. Grava, Ralph Richard, Millinocket, Me. Green, Isadore, 63 Hazelton St., Mattapan, Mass. Greene, George Lonmer, 83 Franklin St., Waiertown, Mass. Greenleaf, Charles Robert, 10 Forest Ave,, Naticlc, Mass, Hall, Franklin Gardner, 486 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. Hallisey, George Columba, 7 Mark St, Jamaica Plain, Mass Harmon. Stanley Melville, Scarboro, Me. Hart, Frederick Hayward, 22 Linwood Road, Lynn, Mass. Haviland, Edwin Joseph, 297 Beech St.. Belmont, Mass. Hersey, Fred Howard, 31 Channin St., Quincy, Mass- Hintz, Elmer Ferdinand, 183 West Rock Ave., New Haven, Conn. Hodder, George Johnston, 15 Sycamore St., Waverley, Mass. Howe, Arthur William, 3 Park Road, Everett, Mass. Hughes. George Francis, 40 Concord Ave., Belmont, Mass. Hurwitch, Milford L., 48 Hazelton St., Mattapan, Mass. Hussey, Norman Clarke, 85 Fair Oak Park. Needham, Mass. Hyde, Walter Seneca, 179 Davis St., Wollaston, Mass. Isaac, Ralph N-, 182 Elmtree Road, Rochester, N. Y. Jaquith, Adford William, 72 High St., Woburn, Mass. Jellison, Russell Edwin, 244 Elm St., Everett, Mass. Johnson, Elvin Victor, 59 Blodgett St., Manchester, N. H. Johnson, Rudolph Albert, Smithtown Branch, N. Y. Jordan. Orlando Sebastian, 1 Beech Glen St., Roxburv, Mass. Jordan, Richard T , Rumfcrd, Me. Karges, Robert William, 79 Beech St , Rutherford, N. J. Kaufman, William, 417 Seaver St-, Boston, Mass. Kelley, John Lennon, 121 Willow St , West Roxburv, Mass. Kelley, Russell Boyden, 81 Melville Ave-, Dorchester, Mass. Kernen. Judson, 48 Bellevue St., West Roxbury, Mass. Koldubsky, Harry, 12 Courtland Road. Mattapan. Mass. Ladd, Edward H-, Jr,,667 Belmont St-, Belmont, Mass. Lantery, Raymond, 60 Cummings Ave., Wollaston, Mass. Lanzillotta, Joseph Paul, Dwelley St., Pembroke, Mass. Levine, Abraham, 76 W ' ashington St-, Lowell, Mass. Libby. Winslow Brooks, 287 Brackett St., Portland, Me. Linehan, Arthur Justin. 959 Parkway, Revere, Mass. Linehan, Willia.m T . 18 Winihrop St., Salem. Mass- Linsky, Nat Morris, 52 Spencer St., Dorchester, Mass. Longworth, Thomas, 25 Stevens St., Methuen, Mass. Loux, Donald Joseph, 37 Converse St., Palmer, Mass. Lowe, John Harmon, 14 Atlantic Ave,, Rockport, Mass. Lowndes, Samuel George, Pond St., North Easton. Mass. Ludwig, Melvin Sydney, 16 Seaver St., Roxbury, Mass. Lynch, George Ernest, Jr., 39 High St., Natick, Mass. MacPhail, Malcolm L.. 148 Warren Ave,, Boston, Mass. Manasas, Albert George, 155 Vernon St., Worcester, Mass. Manning, Farley Alden. 7 Adams Ct, , Shelburne Falls, Mass. Marquette, Joseph John, 213 State St , Carthage, N. Y. Marr. Colin Davidson, 81 Goddard St., Quincy, Mass. McCrudden, James, 106 Harvard St.. Newtonville, Mass. -McGuiggan, Thomas, 32 Center St , Canton, Mass McKee, John Francis, Jr.. Water St , Hmgham. Mass. McLean. Wendell Robert. 51 Aspinwall Road. Dorchester, Mass. McMillan, Thomas Lawrence. 12 Mountainville Ave., Danbury. Conn McMullen. Joseph W., 423 Bennington St., East Boston, Mass, McRae, William Alexander. 241 So. Main St.. Mansfield. Mass. Merritt, Alfred M., 1 Dudley St., Reading, Mass. Merry, William L-, R. F. D., Vineyard Haven, Mass. Miller, Charles Edward, 440 Washington St,, Haverhill, Mass. Minkin, Armand, 366 Belmont St., Fall River, Mass. Montague, Lawrence Martin, 9 Green Sc. Stoneham, Mass. Moore, Gordon, 44 Summer St,, Peterborough. N. H. Morris, Rudolph Magnus, 290 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. Mosher, Frank Scotr, 7 Elioi Place, Jamaica Plain, Mass. Myal, Sigmund J., 7 Rust St.. Salem. Mass. Myers, Earl Nelson, 15 Teele Ave., Somerville, Mass. Nardone, Mario P., 3 Pleasant St., Westerly, R L Neff, Karl Edward, 8 Peck St., Attleboro, Mass. Nelson, Clifton E., 5 Regent Circle. Jamaica Plain, Mass. Owers, Richard Mvron, 33 White St., Taunton, Mass. Pear, Michael, Moodus, Conn. Perkins, Earle Frank, 16 Horace Road, Belmont, Mass. Perkins, Edward F., 105 Greaton Road. West Roxbury, Mass. Petterson, .Albert Mansfield. 1488 Gorham St., Lowell, Mass. Phillips, Burton William, 9 Hayes Ave., Beverly, Mass. Piccolo. Achille V., 52 Ledward Ave., Westerly, R. I- Pierce, Wilbur Leonard, 25 Azel Road. South Braintree, Mass. Polgreen, Waldron Mosher. 239 S. Main Ave . Albany, N. Y, Prevost, Frederick, Mam St., Townsend, Mass. Radin, Edward Irving, 56 Wellington St.. Hartford, Conn, Randall. Kenneth W., 128 Mt. Vernon St., Springfield, Vt. Ransford, Arthur N.. 13 Thomas St., Williamsiown, Mass. Reed, Kenneth Bruce, 65 Ferdinand St.. Melrose HIds., Mass. Robinson, David Alexander, 295 Chelsea St., Everett. Mass. Robinson, Donald R,, Ostrander Ave., Riverhead, N. Y. Robinson, Waltei Bartlett, 12 Winnemay St., Natick. Mass. 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We wish here to make acknowledgment to those who have given special assistance to the staff in the pre- paration of the book: to Mr. Edward R. Place for fur- nishing the athletic write-ups, to Mr. Curtis E. Goodwin for contributions to the college year, to Mr. Harry Shuman for assisting in the composition of the snapshot pages, and to Miss Louise Locke for her co-operation throughout the year and for typing much of the manu- script. - ' DATE DUE 1 " ; 1 M M GAYLORD PRINTED IN USA NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES DUPL 3 9358 01380237 3

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