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percept " ..... an impression of an object gained by use of the senses." L K ilk ! northeastern state college tahlequah, oklahoma F 'K vw is k 'aa ' 'mv' Q' 1 'pf ', tpnht. Y ..4v,,,5' : Sf. . fx, , ,A ,-8, ffuqyk, 1,, Q-My gf. fb 1 ., U .' 4 - Q '. 4 , X p, . '1- :'X-0 , 'll l MN J ', 5' -.R 'es , ua ' ' ' 5? ' o- ' 'c ' ". . .4. Q N 4 .1 , :ax .1 - Lux, sm! ' :kQw':.Ih, .N J, , ,azig viz., L' V, 1j,,v!t." -I" p v' Va 5 .-iff, fl.. 4 s If xc - 4 Q 'A ai kfk V YQ 5. ,Q v Q , X , . 4 . it gf ' 5 y J v, A 1 ' ' - . ' fl' P f- Ji' ,Q , . ' ' V . 4 1 ' ' I . S Q 5 I' -, y A J XJ x , I A ali ks ,- if! A -T , -J-'4,i'5, ' , 1 I 5.l "5 "4 xI",rx I' g l ' 1 1 ' 1 1" 1, ' x V H' Q i f 1 4 ' H' 5 f - 1 ' .x A 'V sf' ,, ,, A .rc-' 5. ,uf . . . gf-v -dv, ' - w , f X 45 Q qu O , - ' 4 V 4 , ff - P4 'f ,4..4:.v , . ' .L 'f X . 344 - if ' . s- , uf v gil' F I 7' ar' 2' 3 wi? 3 Elf? ' f 1 - 7 955' .E Pi aw , A I i -'K Wax Y 9 5: is K n4I fn! Z vl . wi'-Nutr Y Q XGQ' Q? 4 my -L, an k .1 I. ,fin . V w v Ng . ,Q a s va N . M NK -fi JF 'K ew? S. X 2 , Q QQ I -A., M ' Q Q.-fl H S , f ? gif I S35 4' 1 -35 xg X e Qs- Q, .. ,-4 K . N- 4. K. f , , af' ' gif 'ns " Swxwifmwi , -1-cw f A Q Q Q 5 Faces are mirrored emotions- signs of understanding, aversion, fear-employing the physical use of a smile or a frown, and translating these symbols into emotional reality based on the sum of our p experiences and interactions ii ri with the perceptual world. do ,553 ,, .,,, W 4 -t-.X 1 h K X E The mind may not always translate that which is perceived. A teacher or classmate may be the impetus for the transition from abstract to real, from the written page to the mind to the spoken word and back to the written page in an unbroken cycle of learning-leading to knowledge applicable to living in the present and the future. i Na. has 1 Q , -fi' 9' N. in Q 'Q is lg SWS sn? Q 1 r 'wwe it gg-me 595 fi gage? 5. s 'Psi 5 1 e ' eff am, .Alt . 6, 2 ,age is it ,. .. A W , , fe , ,Q " .gi 115' 551: ' SJ",ffi51g'jgfg5 U N 'ff ,itfslaf if t ' fwgt ,:.,:5?l'f:. ,si i V W-sv tw K 221 'M ,N 3 539' J H msg: gfgw ,f,Ef31ziJt. 1 Q 29?1gfl ay if if-2 bt f L. . Ii i'-sw xiii tai WS Y' it ut SEB. v -3 QP 5 Q gi, ,, sis ',.'fSi, ,J : Disappointment follows defeat, exhilaration follows victory in the panorama of sports action. Competition, participation and athletic achievement are spurred and encouraged by the support of watching, cheering spectators. Acclaim is not merely for those who excel, but for the ones who play ruggedly, not demanding fame. Eight 'Y' D' My Mis . ty K Q R I 5 9 'UIQ Sfdf K Af .81 Jw'-at we A " Perceptive growth is the aim of college life. Students are stimulated by an unknown socialistic group. Complex at times with the new replacing the old, this group is a challenging, dividing and redividing, carried to the peak of exhilaration by a new fad only to be shattered like precious crystal by the pseudo-reality of a world that too soon demands adulthood. at Perception exists as selectiveness in each phase of existence. Life at college is happy, serious, sometimes lonely. During loneliness we grope for understanding, for someone who will share and believe, for someone with whom to view tomorrow or merely discuss yester- day . . . to be apart from the main stream, yet a part of an intimate relationship. T l RE K sp ,A 'K .Q , ,F E L JM .f 1 . f ,N Q X NW' . .sms Ea i V Ag A K.. ifirf N K X ,M x SVS Q vs weak v.,,,,, 3 'Mais VYRWK A Q Q gm-aw: L, wwf: L. f Y Q 2 4 x 1 it 'X swiii? '2- 1? lx? la 29' 1 421 Vg. " 7 -' .f'1,, ui-f 5 ':JQT' ' " . 'W' . i i s , 4 v ' ' V .. v 'A P w 4 'j was 3' ' e.. , 1 r 9 P - v I 7 I , 13 .b . r 'fa 4 fm- 4,4 ' , -wg? 1 nh P' wig V, 0 VV gg' . ,K V. 4 ,, V, V W -,,, V' i . mf Q57 , :L 157-W. V, 7--iff., W X W' C 'Wigwam ,va an O v . "' . Q r 0 . 'Ka , ' 'iw 1 r I ,usb fam P X 7 ' ff 1 I' 4' ,V gf i3 bf hw 4 W 'JIM xi 0. W 'Y 'F Q A any H V E ,s nz gf V., 4 I A, ,W f V, I 5 VV7' 8 M VV A ,, I I , Y ', Q L v M V 5 H-fn., 'E k I fs., -.M 717665 'L-N-.,x-Qx,NR..,m "9+vH91w1f1wm.l ' ' ff R fHvfsr15fi'vi'49?'?3??WWv?3f'f2W 'S -. L'.' ,Q 4 AQ ,K i Q 6 4 -.. A' 41 SYV' Q, 7 ' 4 I L' --Ev 1.5145 ' 1 Jlgxa' m . , I f .. Q 4 . mf - 1 f 1 . .ag Eighteen ,M fi ' , I 'f V W , A, f , 3 , 1 X a X, fi fy if 43 Af I W , 1 Y ,,,,,,,M,y,W V 1 Q V V f iff W fi G W gk, fa , if f ' 1 f 'fm ff, , W 2 5, , 2 A' 'ff , pg? f, ,iw , . ff 74321 X' ' X in qi Nxfi CFZX-f I ,,,'. x- Q SJW x x XX 5 'tx A , 9 f f .- -t 'ill X 1 A 1 I , fl t 'QR NX X . X X l XX "W 3 .V. 'y 12 l l li Ideals, creative thoughts, plans become reality in the circle of fellowship where peer meets peer in campus organizations Nineteen Student Senate members, left to right, first row, Tom Tannehill, Dale Walkup, Don Guinn, Chuck Allen, Ron Emberson, Jimmy Locke, Gene Matthews, Ron White. Second row, Jeff Lester, Perry Pascucci, Philip Lipscomb, Vicki Dover, Marsha Waren, Cheryl Frazier, Denise Patterson, Sandy Smith, Sharon Bernardi. Third row, Gale Hager Dancers leave the floor for a break at the annual Student Senate Christmas dance. Johnny Fisher and the Grand Jury provided music for the dance. Nancy Robertson, Kathryn Hand, Judy Adair, Carol Summers. Fourth row, Jerry Hanson, Robert Greubel, sponsor, Jack Forrest, sponsor, Dale Goble, Ken Weaver, Dwight Johnston, Larry Warren, Bob Hathaway, Mike Hathaway. Twenty student senate Approval of a new constitution, studies on various phases of campus life and sponsoring of social activities for all students headlined the 1966-67 Student Senate calendar. The Senate directed election of the Homecoming queen, arranged for the Red Cross Bloodmobile, brought two name bands to the campus for all-school dances and sponsored the Sadie Hawkins and Christmas dances. i qc, , 'Ny ' Wk Dean of Women Mildred Randels serves Ron White, Student Senate president. a piece of birthday cake at a surprise party given for her by the Senate. A large crowd danced to the music of the Five Americans at a sock hop in the college gymnasium, another Senate-sponsored all-student affair. Students exercise their right to vote in the election of officers each spring. Twenty-one Shalah Lightfoot and Suzan Greene look up for a minute as they select photos. L Class section editor Linda Cox Editor ot Honors Cindy Ashe checks photo- checks copy sheets. graphs of Tsa La Gi Queen contestants. Twenty-two tsa la gi The 1967 Tsa La Gi began with some of the old and some of the new. Co-editors Shalah Lightfoot and Suzan Greene returned for the third year and the book changed publishers for the first time in many years. With a staff that was almost a complete turnover in membership, the Tsa La Gi took on a new format and added features. For the first time in its history the Tsa La Gi captured first place among state college yearbooks at the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association meeting. Mrs. Mary Catherine James, sponsor, outlines the Index for the 1967 Tsa La Gi. Z iii t. X Writing and editing the Alumnl Newsletter is the iob ot John Barnett. Q xv.. p Organizations editor Susan Clover files information on campus groups. agq.-R Tedious work and pensive thoughts best describe Carolyn White and Deanna Harrell as they plan pages. r --'l,ll,l I ,I Twenty-three M I - - .N Sports editor Brad Davis writes copy tor the tennis pages. b-tgp 3. .nf Beaming over their first place trophy and certifi- cate are co-editors Suzan Greene and Shalah Lightfoot. News editor Sadie Cole and copy editor Linda Craw- ley checlecopy before sending4t to the printers the northeastern The Northeastern went weekly, added two pages, and changed to cold type for major changes during the 1966-67 year. Honors included ele- ven awards at the Oklahoma Colle- giate Press Association meet in December. The paper received first place in sports writing, sports photography and display advertis- ing, and took second place as best all-around newspaper, news writing, feature writing, newspaper makeup and typography, feature photog- raphy and cartoons. llltlll ll! 49 First semester editor Delorus Patterson seems pleased with a new issue of The Northeastern. ,f. gg W f Nancy Robertson, second semester co-editor, holds the Pi Delta Epsilon plaque presented to her as outstanding member of the journalism fraternity. Want Y xr -fltttjff its ' NNW H1331 V M5251 Tom Tannehill, sports editor, ponders over material for his Assistant Page 3 editor Laurel Kelsey and co-editor Janis Lowrance scan weekly sports column in The Northeastern. information sheets for story material. Staff members Larry Dobie, Sylvia Myles and Jo Lynn Green discuss some advertising layouts for the paper. Twenty-five If .aw A Kathy Cooper checks last minute advertising details for the pro- gram for the Miss Northeastern pageant, which is sponsored by Pi Delta. W, rr vga ff f,L?,, Deanna Harrell binds student directories which the journalism fraternity members sell to help finance their various proiects. -i Pi-Delta Epsilon-officers, lei!-le' right, Kathy Coopenaeere- dean Delorus Patterson, presidentg Tom lannehill, Student taryg Suzan Greene, treasurerg Shalah Lightfoot, vice presi- Senate representative. 'rt,,, A "if--ff 1,, u ' -nu , i 1 55, QL , , r Q, V 5" ' 44 W 4 if img. Twenty-six 1 55 of Pi Delta Epsilon members, left to right, seated, Evelyn Mainus, Sadie Linda Cox, Laurel Kelsey, Susan Aaron, Bill Hickman, Larry Dobie Cole, Suzan Greene, Shalah Lightfoot, Delorus Patterson. Tom Nancy Robertson, Janis Lowrance, Linda Crawley, Cindy West Tannehill, Kathy Cooper, Linda Klepper. Standing, Helen Dobbs. Deanna Harrell, John White. Pi Delta members Suzan Greene and Shalah Lightfoot, seated, and, left to right, Linda Crawley, Jo Lynn Greene, Tom Tannehill, Janis Lowrance, Delorus Patterson and Sylvia Miles display trophies won at the OCPA convention, Twe my-S6V6l'1 pi delta epsilon For the second consecutive year Pi Delta Epsilon sponsored the Miss Northeastern Pageant, and inaugu- rated another fund-raising project, a calendar girl contest. Money raised from these and other projects such as selling student directories and advertising for programs enables the fraternity to offer several journal- ism scholarships. Membership in Pi Delta is open to all journalism majors or minors and to students who work at least a year on a stu- dent publication. Left to right, first row, Tex Browning, Charles Snider, Karen Broom- Ann Rader, Doyle Felts, Mike Kelliher, Lynn Pace, Bobby Scott, field, Homer Emery, Annette Eberhard, Karen Bauer, Margaret Lund- Taylor Coker, Jeff Barham, Joe Roark, Larry Herron, Bill Newland, quist, Chris Richey, Mike lrvin, Roger Shaw, Tom Stroup. Second Allen Henry, Ronald Carter, Jerry Forbes, Robert Abel, Robert row, Jo Ellen Rankin, Nancy Byrd, Gail Karpuk, Dennis Simmons, Lovett, Billy Rauch, Don Farmer, Mark Coverstone. Fourth row, Dennis Mullins, James Henry, Richard Biby, Pauletta Elephant, Adell Lowell Lehman, director, James Benedetto, Gayle Horn, Allen Sim- War, Richard McCutcheon, Tom Tipton, Claudia Horner, Garry Mar- mons, John Hudson, Linda Klepper, Tommie Ernst, Mike Tyer, Rex tin, Roger Lupfer, Ronnie Russell, Kathy Waldon. Third row, Mary Montgomery, Walt Sinclair, Wally Golding, Ed Gregorio. Playing and marching at football games and other athletic events is just one facet of the Northeastern State College marching band. This year, as last, the band was a major contributor to the second annual Veteran's Day ceremony. The band also gives musicians a chance to perform as part of a music organization, by giving concerts and working with music contests. Several band members check and tune their instruments be- fore the concert. Twenty-eight Additions to the 1966-67 Arrowhead Band were the twirlers and drum majors. Kneeling, left to right, Mike lrvin and John Hudson, drum majors. Twirlers, standing, left to right, Judy An- derson, Adele War, Patti Odneal, Kathy Waldon, Treva King, Gloria Overlease, Adeline Mc- lntosh. M band Last minute instructions are given to the band members before the home- A ' Coming parade. Lowell Lehman, director, conducts iazz band at one of the basketball games. Twenty-nine ""b"' The 'Big Symphony Sound' can best describe the Northeastern Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra which is directed by each year. This year the group, which is composed of students, faculty Dr. Paul Grover. The orchestra we T' presents at least two public Concerts Left to right, Royal Jennings, Ann Jennings, Lynn Mitchell, Mark Coverstone, Janell Lehman. members and townspeople, assisted the mixed chorus in presenting O h Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado." Left to right, Iron! row, Loretta Dodds, Beverly Bryan, Kathy Porter, Paul Whitworth, Linda Bond, Linda Vaughan, Florence Stanley. Sec- ond row, Elwin Fite, Loretta Butcher, Mary Jane Saeger, Jean Nix, Chris Richey, Tom Stroup, Margaret Lundquist, Roger Lupfer, Ethel Grover, Evelyn Gravitt. Third row, Dennis Mullins, Bobby Scott, Thirty Bonnie Cherry, Claudia Horner, Karen Bauer, Sam Sanders, Jo Ellen Rankin, Eddie May Gordon, Wayne Wood, Mark Coverstone. Fourth row, Jim Benedetto, Tommie Ernst, John Hudson, Mike Kel- liher, Larry Herron, Bill Newland, Robert Lovett, Billy Rauch, Robert Abel, Allen Lawson. Left to right, front row, Bob Ritschel, Janice Laudett, Lynn Lundquist, Mary Ann Rader. Third row, Ray Meldrem, Sterl- Mitchell, Mark Coverstone, Monna Kay McNabb, Linda Antle. ing Doss, Dr. Ralph Whitworth, Therece Rowe, Jo Thompson Second row, Bill Newland, Ken Grass, Connie Morrison, Tina Merritt, Betty Moulton, Mary Jo Graves. Fourth row Debbie Capehart, Marjorie Smith, Billy Hauser, Margaret Jim Benedetto, Nancy Bean, Joe Krause, Flandy Slinkard music educators national conference Music Educators National Conference, as the name suggests, has as its major goal the preparation of music majors for the teaching profession. MENC helps the Fine Arts Division during music festivals as hosts and gives a reception after formal recitals. During the Christmas season, MENC sponsors the annual Fine Arts Christmas party. Left to right, Bob Ritschel, vice president, Linda Antle, Student Senate representativeg Randy Slinkard, president, second semesterp Bill Newland, president, first semester. Thirty-one Left to right, first row, Mary Hardt, Susan Miller, Linda Antle, Monna McNabb, Loyce Lane, Catherine Peters, Floyd Jones, David Brooks, Bob Ritschel, Kenneth Luck, Mark Coverstone, Bill Newland, Jane McAfee, Nancy Bean, Mary Jo Graves, Carolyn White Yeager, Vickie Dodson, Karen Paige. Second row, Nancy Candy, Sondra Bynum, Jill Newkirk, Susan Knollenberg, Ross Colburn, Mary Hearn, Lynn Mitchell, Debbie Capeheart, Bob Scott, Michael Smith, Charles Ferguson, Thomas Ernst, Randy Slinkard, James Jones, Billy Hauser, Tom Stroup, Carolyn Sanders, Linda Atteberry, Janie Osborn, Linda Nelson, Pinkie Austin, Linda Wilson, Mary Ann Rader, Luann Gilliam. chorus A calendar event for the Northeastern chorus is the annual Candlelighting Service, under the direction of Dr. Ralph Whitworth, held as part of the school's Christmas festivitiesi This yeavan extra attraction was the presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta, "The Mikado." Third row, Dr. Ralph Whitworth, director, Tina Merritt, Carolyn Orr, Mary Haskins, Alma Grayson, Debora Farmer, Lorraine Pickering, Vicki Boughton, Karen Stauss, Kathy Menees, Connie Morrison, Charles Lockhart, J. Jones, Gary Ridley, Randy Kennedy, Sterling Doss, George Kendall, William Hickman, Jack Carson, Larry Herron, Lloyd Todd, Ken Weaver, Robert Whiteley, Bill Chilcoat, Therece Rowe, Delorus Colburn, Margart Lundquist, Laura Ward, April Elledge, Marjorie Murdock, Linda Thayer, Melissa Draper, Martha Fulkerson, Susan Lauterbach, Sue Fogleman, Brenda Gwartney, Janice Laudett. Candles are lit for the candlelighting ceremony by Bruce Whit- worth. Th i rty-two s fx. i f c Q ff c, 2 , -.f,, . 2 ? it li H I? sta, 1 Margorie Smith directs some of Northeastern Singers as they go through songs from "The Mikado." no rth eastern singers Serving as NSC's vocal music representatives, the Northeastern Singers were organized to perform at assemblies, concerts, and to tour the area high schools. The group's membership is kept at approximately the same number each year to enable and facilitate easy traveling, which is so much a part of their function. Membership in the Northeastern Singers is obtained by superior performance in vocal music. Left to right, first row, Kenneth Prather, Lynn Mitchell, Bill New- Doss, June Colburn, Joe Krause, Debbie Capehart, Gary Ridley, land, Mary Hearn, Bob Flitschel, Brenda Gwartney, Kenneth Luck. and Margaret Lundquist. Second row, Randy Slinkard, Connie Criswell Morrison, Sterling Thirty-three Left to right, front row, Mark Coverstone, Ted Browning, Bill New- Robert Lovett, Dennis Kelllher. Third row, Jerry Forbes, Keener land, Don Farmer, Bill Rauch, Jim Benedetto. Second row, Larry Cobb, L. L. Lehman, sponsor. Herron, Flon Carter, Wally Golding, Walt Sinclair, Gary Martin, Kappa Kappapsi After a ten year period of dormancy, Kappa Kappa Psi, national music fraternity, was installed on the NSC campus. The members recognized a need for handpicked music majors to act as official hosts to bands and to assist with the numerous music contests held at Northeastern. The fraternity sets aside allotted time periods for work in the Fine Arts Division, as rearranging the instrument room and acquainting incoming students with departmental activities. Thi rty-four sigma tau delta With a membership selected from upperclassmen majoring or minoring in the field of English and limited to a small discussion group size, Sigma Tau Delta gives those students interested in English a chance, in a relaxed atmosphere, to further their knowledge of literature and related fields. This club has the responsibility of publishing the PHOENIX 5, a literary anthology of the works of Northeastern's student writers. After publication, the members present awards for the best poem and short story from the PHOENIX 5. The group also chooses an English "Teacher of the Year" from the Northeastern staff. 'W""s::-"Zig, Informal groups gather at each meeting to talk about current literary works. Left to right, first row, Cora Mitchell, publicity chairman, Vicki Marshall, Jill Newkirk, Janet Cook, Mary Fargo, Carolyn McKinley. Second row, Shalah Lightfoot, Susan Lauterbach, Sue Fox, secretary- treasurer, Pauletta Brill, Linda Collins, assistant editor, Carol Lin- genfelter, Nancy Mitchell, Peggy Rhinehart. Third row, Johnny Hall, Bob Edmiston, Student Senate representative, Glenn Lackey, vice president, Troy Smith, Sharon Williams, sponsor, Dan Sim- mons, president. Thi rty-fi ve student education association Winning the state achievement award for the third consecutive year climaxed a year of interesting activities for the Northeastern chapter of the Student Education Asssociation, the largest chapter in Oklahoma. The award is given for chapter participation, increase in enrollment, programs and types of activities in which the chapter engages. Dr. Adele Turner interests SEA members in slides she took on a trip to Russia the past summer. Quamlefllgt-139' Susan Aaron Miquelyn Ailey Frankie Albitz Larry Allen David Allison Gary Anderson Carol Arnold Scarlett Barnes Chloeen Barnett John Barnett Addie Batson Diane Bean Nancy Bean Jim Benedetto Sarah Black Eulene Blount Peggy Boatman Karen Bourne John Bowdle Kenneth Brassfield , Paulette Brill Barbara Brock Thirty-SlX Officers of SEA for 1967-68 are Marilyn Elliott, past president: Dr. Frankie Harris, sponsorg Larry Dobie, president, Nancy Bean, vice president, Alene Ferrell, secretary: Kay Cummins, Student Senate representa- tive. ff, f ,Y -.Nm T vb-, ,Lg ss.. , A QQ s X '-X Vis X X N W 1 yy N 4 'Q Q, g t, X' Q Wi . y ' 0 i 1 . , v a . X-EN his ' at 1 Q A V Q me as 'QC .is Ns- H X i' Q .11 -- sv--tl xg. 1 ls. 5 A s t i t tip Wi ia-r Th i rty-seve n Daniel Brock Anita Brown Carolyn Brown Cheryl Brown Ted Browning Carla Brummett Connie Bruno Glenda Burgess Loretta Butcher Joyce Cable Jerry Cadion Mary Sue Carlin Carol Carpenter Louise Carson Judy Carter Ellen Champion Dawna Chapman Lelha Chichester Sandra Chinn Alma Choate Pam Clarkson Susan Clements Cheryl Clevenger Susan Clover Tom Collier Troy Compston Sally Conway Henry Cook Patricia Cook Carol Coonce John Cornelius Charlotte Couch Carol Counterman Betty Crafton Linda Crawley Barbara Croft Carol Cumpton Gregory Cupp Pat Curry Lynda Dalrymple Anderson Davis Vida Davis Vilene Davis Phyllis Denham Dean Denton Jan Deonier Mary Dixon Mike Doak Loretta Dodds Vickie Dodson Pat Donahue Peggy Doyle Max Drake Pat DuBois Norma Duncan Shirley Duncan Nora Dunham Ftoger Dunham Theresa Dunlap Helen Dunn Gary Durst Barbara Eastham Annette Eberhard Linda Edmunds Otis Edwards Pat Eidschun Linda Elam Marilyn Elliott Flobert Elliott Gary Epperson Rosemary Epperson Mary Etheredge Carolyn Evans Donna Evans Ruth Fears Aline Ferrell Sherry Finney Cora Fireng Allison Fletcher Shirley Flint Linda Forrest Cheryl Frazier Melba Fryar Patricia Fye Bette Gabehart Pamela Gafford Mary Galbraith Peggy Galbraith Collis Geren Joe Gill Thell Gilstrap Dale Goble Diana Goines Kent Goodpaster Freda Gossett Mary Jo Graves Valerie Graves Alma Grayson Delores Green Jo Lynn Green Carolyn Greer Linda Carol Grimes Mary Jane Grimes Barbara Gunnells Winford Guthrie Earlene Hale Willis Hale Sherman Hamilton Robert Hamm Eddie Hammond Kathryn Hand Deanna Handshy Thomas Hanna Michael Hardesty Gertrude Hardin David Hardt Deanna Harrell Carol Harris Dortha Hartman Doris Head Dorothy Jean Heard Venda Hefner Judy Hemperley Diane Henderson Ellen Hensley Geraldine Hickman Sharon Hicks Bill Hinds Lillian Hollaway Judith Holt Lawana Holt Franki Anne Hooper Gayle Horn Jo Ann Horn Becki Hughes Katherine Humphrey Utah Humphrey Judi Hutchinson Judith Irby Carolyn Johnson Richard Johnson Barbara Jones Belvia Jones David Jones Floyd Jones Glenna Jones Linda Jones Ruth Jones Gene Kaiser Norma Karpack Betty Keehn Jerald Kelly Jack Kinion Rebecca Kirkbride Diane Kolb Sharilyn Kuehn Glenn Lackey Deanna Land Kaye Larson Barbara Latting 5' inf, , '57 staff' ytt. ,gs . .4 . ,W ,.f -Q rv we-by kr ?"' ,M Sw SSX x cz mv Thirty-eight .N s 'Qu 0' 43-v Ex f il " ...napa education association .ef as fi x Thirty-nine Susan Lauterback Junene Leavell Carolyn Ledbetter Wilma Leep Carol Lingenielter William Linn Shirley Liptack Billie Lloyd Johnnie Lotton Rick Logsdon Bill London Arbie Longrier Mary Lonsinger Margaret Lundquist Pat Magee Linda Manley Gail Mann Sally Marrow Vicky Marshall Jim Masano Bob Maynard Velta McAdoo Jane Ann McAfee Joyce McClure Ronnie McCoy Gwen McElhannon Michael McGowen Patsy McGuire Sharon McRoberts Darlene Mefford Kay Meredith Sue Meyer Dannie Miller Shirley Miller Nancy Mitchell Jo Ann Moland Mary Ann Montgomery Teri Morgan Tillman Morris James Morrow Lynda Morton Alicia Moye Elizabeth Mudd Bertha Kaye Mullen Marjorie Murdock Michaellyn Murphy Vickie Neill Dian Nuckolls Dixie Anna Oliver Patricia Oxley Ann Paden Patricia Parent Linda Parmele Barbara Ann Parson Denise Patterson Ray Pebsworth Marsha Perkins Brooks Perryman Phyllis Phillips Marilyn Pilgrim Harry Pinney Sharon Plett Jesse Pope Sue Ann Porter Nancy Poulton Carol Purdom Carol Rader Sharon Rainwater Johnna Readdy Linda Gail Redden Greta Redman LoDean Redo Judy Rhea Colleen Rhodes Danny Rhodes Shirley Rhodes James Rice Lana Richards Johnnie Riddle Karen Ridgway Deanna Risner Donald Roberts Ruby Roberts Gail Robertson Allan Rogers Ken Rogers Winnie Romine James Rose Donna Ross Jani Lu Rowe Cheryl Rozell Nancy Russell Robin Russell Charlene Sallee Sylvia Sallee Timmie Saunders Jerry Savage Sharon Schnitzmeyer Dixie Schneider Mary Schwabe Kathryn Scott Carolyn Sevier Diana Seymour Alice Shepherd Janet Shepard Dan Simmons Marilyn Simmons Margo Sims Loretta Sinor Edward Sittler Nakita Slack Bridget Smith Carolyn Smith Donna Smith Kenneth Smith Lois Smith Marjorie Smith Nelda Smith Mary Spiva Tahula Spiva Foix Stauss Sandra Stauss Charlotte Stephenson Carol Ann Stinnett Donna Strand Carol Sumter Barbara Swinehart Larry Tatham Helen Temple Beverley Thomas Judy Thompson Marsha Thompson Joyce Thorne Brenda Thornton Jessie Thro Nancy Tomes Kent Trotter Karen Tyner Genevieve Underwood Marvin Vanhooser Linda Vann Donald Vaughan Jerry Voigt Linda Walker Suzanne Wallen Shirley Wammack Patsy Wann Ronnie Wann Gayle Ward Janice Ward Patricia Ward Cheryle Warden 55" ff' imm- 'WK Yak' 33.1 YR student education association Marilyn Elliott, Dr. Frankie Harris and Connie Linde- Dr. Jack Kisner talks to the future teachers about smith displaying special awards won at the state job prospects SEA spring conference. :Mk 6- Forty-one Dona Warren Larry Warren Stella Waters Clorine Watson Melody Watts Patricia Webb Charles Wehnes Joyce Wehnes Paul Wells Cindy West Carl White Carolyn White Jay White Sharon Whorton Bobbie Wilkinson Ada Lee Williams Grace Wilson Jerry Wilson Dana Wood Joyce Wood Elizabeth Workman Janet Worley Ben Zimmerman Gayle Zimmerman Left to right, front row, Dan Simmons, James Yoder, Gladys Kinsey, Marlene Kinsey, Kathryn Hand, Arlene Town- send. Second row, Jesse Pope, president, Dr. James Jones, sponsor, Polly Cobb, Mary Schwabe, secretary Shirley Duncan, Dr. Howell Myers. Supervising elementary school children for parents during PTA meetings is one of the major responsibilities of members of Kappa Delta Pi, teaching fraternity. Membership in the organization is open to upper- pi classmen who are education majors with at least a 3.5 over-all grade-point average. r il Clockwise around table, Dr. Adele Turner, Dr. Erwin Turner, Mary Schwabe, Jesse Pope, Mrs. Jesse Pope, Dr. James Jones, Mrs. James Jones, Dr. Marjorie Holland, Dr. Kenneth Holland, standing. Forty-two LK library club Organized in 1964 for students enrolled in library science classes and student librarians, the Library Club strives to promote better library-student relationships by encouraging interest in the organization of private libraries and recreational reading. Top project on the Library Club's agenda this year is a book drive for Waco College, Waco, Texas. Club members also collect magazines and assist in the Cherokee Room, Northeastern's museum of Oklahoma heritage. Barbara Allen, vice president, Gale Hager, Student Senate rep- resentative. Gary Epperson, president, Lynda Morton, sec- retary-treasurer. Left to right, first row, Mrs. Jewell Dold, sponsor, Gale Hager, Lynda Morton, Barbara Allen, Gary Epperson, Diane Kolb. Second row, Viola Bratton, Daphne Hanson, Sue Lewis, Linda Epperson, Annette Eberhard, Alicia Moye, Martha Flohrer, Linda Jewell, Anita Mitchell, Alice Goodman. Third row, Phyllis Nicholson, Kenneth Rogers, Beverly Woodrome, Evelyne Branch, Sherman Hamilton, Frank Twist, Lawana Smith, James Bingham, Catherine Peters, Ada Williams. Fo rty-th ree was Brooks Perryman, Sigma Alpha Eta member, instructs children at the Exceptional Center as to the safety of playground equipment. Left to right, first row, Diana Kelly, Penny Farson, Brooks Perryman, Nelda Smith, Zola Flowers, Mona Duran, Christine Lattimore, Verna Green, Mrs. Peake. Second row, Deanna Countz, Sharon Brumley, Harold Pinney, Diane Perry, Beverly Boyd, Karen Davis, Darrell Smith, Diane Bean. Third row, Keener Cobb, Judy Holt, Jill Berry, Andria Justice, Thomas Howard, Rodney Blanks, William Ice, David Brooks, Jerry Teel. Forty-four Participation in games helps to improve the children's coordination. sigma alpha et Sigma Alpha Eta is a professional fraternity of speech and hearing therapists on the Northeastern campus. The fraternity is part of the Oklahoma Speech and Hearing Association, which in turn is affiliated with the American Speech and Hearing Association, the certifying agency for speech therapists. Associate membership may be obtained by expressing interest in the field, while key membership is limited to students who have completed one semester of clinical practice. au-ger-du-lo players l Au-Ger-Du-Lo members are students interested in learning all phases of l drama. They work on productions, A help form committees and aid in making costumes, painting sets, A and selling tickets. After a sufficient number of hours have been completed both onstage and offstage, the members are invited to receive bids into Alpha Psi Omega. Au-Ger-Du-Lo members are, left to rinht, seated, first row, Susan Clover, Linda Miller, Ruth Arrington, sponsor, Kathy Waldon. Sec- ond row, Margaret Miller, LeeFtoy Casebeer, Marsha Waren, Jerry Ashlock. Third row, Dan Simmons, Carolyn Wren, Donna Green, Jan Deonier, Cindy Hall, and Ronnie McCoy. alpha psi omega This year was filled with active participation of the Alpha Psi Omega members as they wrote, produced, and directed two shows. "An Evening with Sherman and Stella" was the fall production theme of "Showcase of Talent." "Beat the Bunny" was the "Children's Theatre" production in the spring. Both shows displayed a variety of talents as the students acted, danced, sang, and constructed costumes and scenery. Left to right, seated, first row, Susan Clover, president, Carolyn Wren, secretary-treasurer. Second row, LeRoy Casebeer, vice president, Jan Deonier, Marsha Ware, Student Senate representative. Third row, Ruth Ar- rington, sponsor, Ronnie McCoy, Larry Allen, Kathy Waldon. Fo rty-five debate i 4 J i i The 1966-67 debaters, left to right, seated, Jed Robinson, Drew Edmondson, Dr. Valgene Littlefield, debate coach, Nancy Mitchell. Standing, Pete Kelch, Perry Hanan, assistant coach, Jimmy Jones, Steve Taylor. Jed Robinson and Steve Taylor set out for a tournament laden The team of Drew Edmondson and Jimmy Jones pauses before going to a with brief cases and tiles. practice debate. Forty-six I Steve Taylor and Jed Robinson talk over their strategy for an upcoming match between rounds at a tournament. , . Nancy Mitchell and Pete Kelch anticipate using new techniques in a practice round with the other Northeastern debaters. F ty se With only one veteran member, the Northeastern teams faced a tough year and seasoned opponents, but rounded out their schedule with an eighty per cent over-all win record. The question this year was Resolved: That the foreign committments of the United States should be substantially reduced. The senior team, Jed Robinson and Steve Taylor, landed a second place in the District 3 National Elimination Qualifying Tourney, then went on to earn eighth place in the Nationals. Robinson was ranked eighth also among the individual debaters, the highest a Northeastern debater has ever achieved. Dr. Hattie Propst, sponsor, pins a ribbon on one of the seventy-three students initiated into Alpha Chi at the honor society's spring initiation dinner. alpha chi Alpha Chi honor society dates back to 1915 nationally and to 1938 at Northeastern, which is the Oklahoma Alpha chapter. Aimed at promoting higher scholastic ideals, membership in the society is open to all students with at least 62 college hours and an over- all grade-point of 3.4 or 3.8 for the semester. The current membership of the Alpha chapter is over one hundred. initiates light candles as part of the initiatory ceremony with Mike Reagan, a sponsor, conducting the service. Forty-eight Ted Browning Loretta Butcher Harry Chichester Vickie Dodson Barbara Eastham Bob Edmiston Melba Fryar Marion Hall Mike Hathaway Arden James Barbara Jones Jack Kinion John Lauterbach Carol Ligenfelter Ricky Logsdon Nancy Mitchell David Morrison Laura Morrison Denise Patterson Sharon Plett Gail Robertson Ken Rogers Cheryl Rozell Carolyn Smith Marsha Thompson rho theta sigma An initiation banquet at which eighty-three new members were inducted was one of the big events of the year for Rho Theta fraternity. The organization not only provides intellectual stimulation through informative programs, activities as well. Requirements for membership is a 3.6 grade average for one semester or 3.4 for two Frankie Albitz Larry Allen William Allred Cindy Ashe Nancy Bean Peggy Boatman Rose Brewer Ted Browning Barbara Buffington Harry Chichester Susan Clover Patti Compton Sigma, honorary scholastic Mm but engages in recreational semesters. News Members enjoy the initiation banquet. fs "'::.3' tt..-S-ixigzii'-'glxarx K- A if i iK-' Rho Theta Sigma officers, left to right, Dr. Maxwell White, sponsorg Vicki vice presidentg Ted Browning, president. Fifty gl! t w.,,g1ts,s 1- 1 . K vas,- . w ,xt tt .eta .-A ,iggwat f l- N 1HitSlEQ". Dodson, secretaryg Pam Gafford i iffy '. .. " 'WL 2: -7, . N ' '23, t. ' ik fftz V 7 .W . at L L Q 'f v at it t time ft . tw ' 4' 1 Q "x ! ' - - f -,wtf , , , aw ,,,,, . .1 .5 t 45 gt -A V aa , 5 f I , 'iv' , W , f V S ,Q ,Lv M. nv 6 My- ,fm F K 7 .'-S,-Si3?WyCWtf?. f l , yf 'Mt ft A t t tt ff W U , ,,.,,, w an 7 11" v f t -we X i S s S s xt J, , 3 st XLR 3 nm Q N A' '-X H X. , -Q ig K X Q H155 it in .f Q F33 10211 : ir. J1- yo' 'mf' , wi .. V :::,- :-:'-" : f' ml' 5, i. ,Q K Q 'mv i . - ., a s as rv .f 1 N . .. James Cook Charlotte Couch Linda Crawley Ronald Davidson Vicki Dodson Vicki Dover Barbara Eastham Bob Edmiston Marilyn Elliott David Finch Pam Gafford Charles Gambill Collis Geren Marion Hall Kathryn Hand Gordon Harmon Mike Hathaway Pat Huffman Donna lvey William Johnson Jr. Barbara Jones Jack Kinion Glenn Lackey Barbara Latting Carol Lingentelter Nancy Mitchell Teri Morgan David Norrid Sharon Plett Mary Rhodes Gail Robertson Ken Rogers Cheryl Rozell Catherine Sass Mary Schwabe Michael Sears Suzanne Shanafelt Nakita Slack Bridget Smith Marjorie Smith Charlotte Stephenso Marsha Thompson Tom Tannehill Diane Wallen Marsha Waren Carolyn White Beverly Woodrome Roger Wortham kappa mu epsilon wg A Attracting students who are interested in all phases of mathematics from research computing to teaching, Kappa Mu Epsilon attempts to promote an active interest in mathematics. Faculty members and students alike present monthly programs aimed at the various levels of mathematical achievement in industry and other related fields. Ofiicers, left to right, Ted Browning, presidentg John Lauterbach, treasurerg Mike Reagan, sponsorg Suzanne Shanatelt, secretaryg Joe Gill, vice president. captive audience enjoys the entertainment at the Kappa Mu Epsilon banquet ,,.....-V, . A skit about a bus ride provided entertainment for the banquet. Fifty-two Members and officers of the Pre-Med Club, left to right, Perry Wenselg Don Zimmerman, Jeff Lester, vice presidentg Denise Patter- Pascucci, Student Senate representativeg Allan Henry, secretaryg song Kent McClanahan. Mike Stairs, Candy Power, Jerry Davenportg Mary Sandersg Susan Left to right, sponsor L. E. Wallen chats with Bill Allred, Pre-Med Club president, and other club officers before meeting begins. Fifty-three pre med club Pre-med and pre-dental students at Northeastern find the Pre-Med Club a source of valuable information and practical knowledge for all aspects of the medical field. Speakers who are pro- fessionals in their specific area and descriptive films provide first- hand knowledge, and a field trip to the University of Oklahoma Medical School gives the members a look at medical education. DU-VOS The Nu-Ros was organized just this year as an interest group for students who are psychology majors and minors. Throughout the year guest speakers are invited to discuss topics in the field of psychology and related areas. Officers of the Nu-Ros Club, left to right, Tom Hanna, treasurer, Pat Kennedy, chairman planning committeeg David Norrid, vice president, Mona Duran, secretaryg Linda Thomas, Student Senate representativeg Bill Johnson, president. Fifty-four Nu-Ros members, left to right, first row, Pat Ken- nedy, Linda Thomas, Artheta Jackson, Dr. Erwin Turner, sponsor. Second row, Lou Sulphur, Tom Hanna. Third row, Joyce Smith, Eddie Hammond, Mickey Flory, David Norrid, Bill Johnson. Back row, Buck Smith, Mona Duran, Steve Lofton, Jerry Ashlock. Members of Pi Omega Pi, lelt to right, Sharon Plett, Nancy Rus- sell, Barbara Swinehart, Carolyn Evans, JoAnn Horn. Second row, Mary Schwabe, Jack Kinion, Ray Stearns, sponsor, JoAnn Heavener, Carol Arnold. pi omega pi National business fraternity Pi Omega Pi has been a part of the Northeastern campus for thirty- seven years. Membership in this organization is attained by accumulating at least twelve hours of class work in business with a 2.0 over-all grade point and a 3.0 in business classes. This fraternity promotes scholarship among its members as well as aiding in activities for civic betterment of schools. Mary Schwabe, president, and Ray Stearns, sponsor, complete the business fraternity's financial reports for the year. Fifty-five Wi? Left' to right, first row. Dr. Cesaro Lombardi, co-sponsor. Anderson Geiger, Jerry Wilson, Dwight Johnston, Lynn Turner Larry Warren Davis, Doug Winn, Dr. J. L. Ledbetter, co-sponsor. Second row, Marvin Vanhooser, Cecil Tucker. Fourth row, Ed Sittler Dale Baring Terry Reed, co-sponsor, Don Thys, Danny Rowe, Jim Rose, Bill Hel- ton, Gary Arnett. ler, Jerry Hanson. Third row: Raymond Gann, co-sponsor, Richard An animated homecoming float, parties throughout the year, a chance to work on special projects-these are just a few of the activities of the Industrial Arts Club on the NSC campus. A major facet of the club, as well as being the primary point of achievement, is to interest stu- dents and to educate them in the mechanical and technical aspects of industrial arts as a vital aesthetic contribution to the American culture. Left to right, Joe Eastham, John Osborn, Ahmod Ebra- himi, Fred Davenport. Fifty-six , if wsweswesxm lndustrial Arts Club officers for second semester are Danny Fiowe, vice president, Dwight Johnston, Student Senate representative, Lynn Turner, president fseatedjg Jerry Wilson, parliamentarian iseatedjg Jerry Hanson, reporter, Marvin Vanhooser, secretary, t industrial arts club A f r X yr My f i 55 m mm ,515 X KM, Industrial Arts Club officers for the fall semester, left to right, Ander- Industrial Arts Club members, their Wives and enndfen enjoy ine son Davis, president, Fiichard Geiger, vice president, Larry Warren, annual picnic, 3 Special event of ine year, Student Senate representative, Jim Rose, treasurer, Bill Heller, sec- retary. Fifty-seven Competing against each other, the intramural field hockey teams warm up for the big game Fifty-eight Women's Recreation Association members are left to right, first row, Sherry Bruster, president, Diane Owen, secretaryg Carolyn Davis, treasurer, Barbara Marshall, Madeline Gilmore, Student Senate Rep- resentativeg Sandra Elam, parliamentarian. Second row, Willa Faye Mason, sponsor, Pamela Childs, Gail Krausch, Stella Waters, Diana Carter, Janie Franklin, Dorothy Frie, sponsor. Third row, Carliss Isaacs, Peggy Dumas, Aglae Christy, Margaret Lumpmouth, Toni Gray Hart, Mary Young, Loretta Walker, Mary Margaret Frey, sponsor. Fourth row, Joyce Wood, Mary Brassfield, Maggy Young, Mary Lou Albitz, Cassie Martin, Gayle Ward, Marsha Perkins, Priscilla Boord. women's recreation association Providing recreational activities and prompting physical fitness among women students on campus is just one facet of WRA. Members of this organization participate in intramural sports and compete with other schools in Sports Day, sell refreshments at ball games, and take an interest in other campus activities. To obtain membership, girls must compile 50 activity points and express a desire to join. Fifty-nine Nakita Slack performs a ballet in her solo which she swam to the music of "Camelot," Nakita placed second at the state meet with n s sea-ettes With the theme of "Splashes Off Broadway," the NSC Sea-ettes opened their second annual water show. The girls swam to the music from famous Broadway musicals, wearing costumes typical of each of the stage shows. The Sea-ettes were organized to give girls the opportunity to work on a synchronized swimming program and to provide swimming entertainment for the campus and community. her solo. Gayle and Detha Zimmerman coach each other during dress rehear- sal. Left to right, front to back, Gayle Zimmerman, president: Detha Zim- merman, secretary-treasurer, Mary Woods, vice presidentg Linda Thayer, Diane Grattopp, Nakita Slack, Elizabeth Green, Lou Ann Mallory, coach, Connie Augspurger. Dressed as a little Japanese girl, Mary Woods swam to the music of "Flower Drum Song." Mary performed at the state meet and placed first with her solo. Sixty ------ -W 0 0 - n a- I e Steeped in rich tradition from its Indian cultures, Oo-Na-Le serves as a link between the various tribes represented on campus. The translation of Oo-Na-Le is "Society of Friends" the atmosphere the club wishes to present for its forty members. Oo-Na-Le is one of the oldest organizations at Northeastern and during the year sponsors such activities as an Indian feast and bake sales. nn..-.mum Wallace Coffey, Oo-Na-Le member, performs a traditional indian danoe at a bandoet honoring Jonn Ciardi, noted poetry editor of ob-Ne-Le members sell heme-belted pastries in me lobby of the ed- tne Saturday Review- minisiieiibri building. Left to right, Dr. Cyril D. Grace, sponsor: Juanita Lumpmouth, vice president: Jerry Nubby, Stu- dent Senate representativeg Mini Williams, secretary-treasurer: Wal- lace Coffey. president. Sixty-one gamma sigma sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma's third year on campus proved to be a busy one as members fulfilled the purpose of the sorority of service. Among the activities were ushering at plays and graduation, helping with the Fted Cross Bloodmobile, serving at receptions on Parents' Day and Homecoming, and working with exceptional children at the Steed House. Deanna Harrell plays a mean guitar for Gamma Sig members as they perform for rushees. Sandy Robertson, muscular dystrophy poster boy, gets attention from A Phi O sweetheart finalists Patti Clemmons and Terri Harper, kneeling, Treva King and Gamma Sigs Bertha Brazil and Janet Snodgrass. Sixty-two Vicki Dodson, Judy Barnum, Mary Turnbo and Geral- mr in Qi' . W ,w f ,V ,W i , , l , r , , , ., 2 fx :rl my f il 'rzjj 1 A L i9 42 5 , 3 Vi Q L W1 f i Q? Y r , 5 5 1 . , 3 ,i. f , r Q - 1 z 1 4 ,L , ft .1 V dine Hickman tell where dimes for service go. l E G -V A 1 fl 4 L A G Z1 L 2 6 W 1 9 , 5 C 2 f , 'A ' , f i if Q E if, 6 ,K 5 , L ' in r 7 4 a . ,Q 3 f Q YFLLJ-WV' Gamma Sig Denise Patterson helps with Vista volunteer and A Phi O Dale Goble Members sing of Gamma Sigma Sigma at a rush party. Sixty-three Bertha Brazil Vickie Dodson Valerie Graves Mary Greenwell gamma sigma sigma Helen Grumbein Sandy Hutchison Deanna Harrell Geraldine Hickman Pat Mason Denise Patterson Jo Lynn Green Bertha Brazil, Sue Flisner, Deanna Harrell and Teresa Dunlap set up the Gamma Sigma Sigma Valentine mail box. Sixty-four Gamma Sigma Sigma pledge class, left to righf, first row, Faye Ben- Gyami, Jo Thompson, Mary Sanders. Linda Mansour, Suzi Pixley son, Connie Fousei, Sherry Ryais, Martha Rohrer, Donna Leek, Donna Tina Merritt. Carolyn Ary. Ward. Second row, Sharon Odle, Nancy Holley, Pat Casio, Louise Kathryn Scott Theresa Scott Barbara Swinehart '. ,". I V' k' D d t t ' s s ect'v led es at a Gamma Si ma Si ma rush Mary Tumbo pgotsi- o son en erain pro p I e p Q Q Q Sixty-five alpha phi omega Alpha Phi Omega is known as the world's largest Omega organization with over 90,000 members. Beta Nu chapter actively sponsored several events such as the Spring Olympics, Bloodmobile Drive, Ugly Man Contest and Dance for MS, and ushering at Homecoming. The fraternity also entertained at several social events. , gs we - Q ,N i . , f ' ig: . r " , ' W 4 5 S - ,Mfr S 5 , ,j53,.,q,.. : f E. 5 iv -riff . ,. 'fa it , . , r " 4 E -. f 7 - 1 , ,,., ,X H A tricycle and a skateboard are two important items in the A Phi O Spring Olympics. The roar and the blast of the A Phi O cannon, "Nathan," at the foot- ball games is a familiar sound and sight. Floger Dunham, Vic Hollyman, Ferrell Hart and Ernie Bale con- gratulate their Sweetheart, Patti Clemmons. Sixty-six l . L X l P a A if 5"':sA 4 ' V vim if-1. ,. '- : WS ' ' - ,gp Q g X Vs V W . V -:Quik gsjl, ' The Alpha Omega pledge class, left to right, Dave Owens, Paul Halleck, Pete Lanza, Dick Carter, Carl Duffield, and Larry Caroon. Jimmy Linduff, in rear, addresses a group of rushees at the A Phi O Smoker. Sixty-seven g fx: 'fa Q, , ig, John Baskin Jim Chappelle Www Roger Dunham Dale Goble Mike DePriest Farrell Hart Gerald Hendricks Alan Hetzer Bob Horn alpha phi omega Dave Humphries Alpha Phi Omega members serve themselves at a first semester smoker. A Phi O's give service with a smile when they sell spirit ribbons. Sixty-eight Larry Jessup George Kendall Charles King If 'Nnmzxf its Flushees register at the Alpha Phi Omega smoker. rw mf Dale Mullins John Munding Joe Schlecht Frank Twist 'ff ,I ,, f ' f, . f "' Ronnie Warden Ugly Man Butch Gllstrap dances with Patti Clemons, who has just been chosen Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart. Sixty-nine A . gi Betty Moulton, Rick Smith and Levesta Lewis lead the noon devotions held each day at 12 o'clock. gl? Left to right, Vicki Dotson, Therece Rowe and Sue Lewis help keep the library in the Baptist Student Center in order. BSU executive council, left to right, front row, Dr. J. L. Ledbetter, sponsor, Carol Carpenter, Linda Atchley, Margaret McNair, Charlotte Couch, Lynda Morton. Second row, Ron Shaffer, Rick Smith, director, Gary Moulton, Jim Packwood, David Allison, Ken Rogers, president, Harry Winlock. iw. 'V' BSU members, left to right, first row, Wendell Cone, Kennneth Brassfield, Drake Rice, Phillip Wilson, Glen Miller, Mickey Skinner. Second row, Lynn Parks, Carl Tatum, Phyllis Nicholson, Theresa Dunlap, Carolyn Sevier, Carolyn Bowden. Third row, Linda Leather- man, Lee Sams, Ron Shaffer, Ken Rogers, Harry Winlock, Danny McCullugh. Fourth row, Carolyn Fields, Judy Thompson, Patsy Miller, Lois Wilson, Sylvia Sallee, Deanna Harrell. Fifth row, Nancy Villines, Dixie Odom, Judy Chiles, Linda Atchley, David Alison. baptist student union A planning retreat, a state-wide convention and a missions conference were among the major activities of the Baptist Student Union this year. Students who belong to this organization work closely with the Southern Baptist program to endeavor to incorp- orate students and their activities into church life. Jack Wall takes time to relax and Using the BSU center for study and com- study at the center. panionship are Sandra Drake and Jan Hart. Seventy-one ing t . Left to right, first row, Gwen McElhannon, Charlotte Norwood, Coleen Rhodes, Helen Glenn, Brenda Branch, June Colburn, Marsha Perkins, Gale Ward, Roxie Smith, Ricca Edmonds. Second row, Donna Wall, Betty Crafton, Connie Wall, Judy Boston, Norma Moore, Linda Cox, Saundra Bates, Kay Linnent. Third row, George Stand, Bill Chilcoat, Jackie Bates, Cecil Cox, Jerry Sumpter, David Ballard, Harold Wooten, Gene Kaiser, Johnny Riddle, Robert Whitely, Roy Maison, Wesley Houk, Larry Tatham. Charlene Stewart, Greta Redman, Sherry Whitely, Jo Ann Moland, chi alpha Chi Alpha has been actively involved in the local Church of God, ministering in nursing homes and other areas. The Chi Alpha choir has traveled to area towns to perform at many church services. Weekly meetings are held in the sanctuary of the local church where George McGee, pastor, serves as chaplain. Opportunities for Christian fellowship are provided at such socials as the annual hayride and banquet. The Alpha Chi quartet, left to right, Gene Kaiser, Steve Taylor, Jackie Bates, Bill Chilcoat. Seventy-two X - SMRK Officers of Chi Alpha are, left to right, Rev. George McGee, chaplaing Larry Talham, president: Wesley Houk, sponsor Jerry Sumpter, vice presidentg Bill Chilcoat, choir directorg and, front, Betty Grafton, secretary-treasurer. t 2 r , 3 Chi Alphans sing loud and clear at Tuesday night choir practice, with Bill Chilcoat directing. Seventy-three Z canterbury 5 association A bean dinner to raise money to help in sponsoring a South American mission school is one of the worthwhile activities which makes up the year of the Canterbury Association. The organization encourages participation in the Episcopal church program by students. Charles Gambill, vice president, and Diane Kolb, president. g ,, 'X xg, I Www 7 ' l I I S N 1 i t My f i Left to right, first row, Sidney Nicholson, Diane Kolb, Flose Ann Gadd, Charles Gambill. Second row, Mr. and Mrs. Royal Jennings, sponsors, Father George Shultz. Seventy-four Left to right, first row, Chris Fleischman, Janelle Ferguson, Pat Schulte, Victor Johnson. John Munding, John Quillion, the Rev. Mr. Mason, Diane Cohen, Annette McAuliff, Sharon Rainwater, LaVerne Benton, chaplain, Bob Perita. Haas, moderator. Second row, Richard Coones, sponsor, Kendall Films, guest speakers, parties and picnics are among the educational and social aspects of the Newman Club. A national I b organization which is found n C u on most college campuses, the club endeavors to further the development of religious stewardship. Group discussions on current college problems provide the pro- Seated, Annette McAuliff, secretary, left to right, standing, John lvlunding, grams for Newman Club meetings. president, Gary Nishmuta, treasurer, Bob Perita, vice president. Seventy-five united campus christian fellowship Students of Presbyterian and Disciples of Christ preference meet together in the United Campus Christian Fellowship for service, discussion and fun. Current relationships and problems in the Christian world are a concern of the group, and guest speakers and films help bring ideas and answers to the students. Parties, retreats and service projects are all a part of the UCCF Teresa Scott and Jerry Forbes chat with Annette Eberhard after the UCCF Christ- mas caroling for Tahlequah nursing homes. plCtUf9. 4' ' 4. 1 X 1 ,vw fz 4' , ,, ' ,gp .:4 S ' a1,'.,4.17f , nc ' "sf 3 I ' Q favs. ' , T-S Q -'S,w?, " .Sv svn . -.-' Ein' Ak, fx? t fmgft -,v N- 'H - ', n Sfff- g gif- Qifif ,, gg . . 335. ,Y is 'ft .'. Ezlsxsssl. 'K J r Q- 4-.ft x Sr ,' .v 4 .sf 5,.-fgftf, 1 , H.. f-'tgdgf . .g, if if Q' . Man ju., .Bw ,-IQ am- .'.-,,g.,p.ilff,5,h- nf a , M .fy mtg, Q3 ig.. ,Q t , at-1, .A-rig' 7. ' ' Jag., 4, ft'.xN' wg, -- wif? LQ?-s.r,'lI' 1' '-has 7 -"'-'L1fg.9xf,S' 5' .?.w:4,,v: .1-t.., Q14 if it 9.5.-Qtezf -v . 5, . -' M W7 '53,...i f 1- ft K ,L .Qin Q ts X 5 X c- 'QRS -ff. -t ,uss.f- Q Q of, an . V K -1-EN. ft N: , Q, ,YJ-. -, sd , t. wk , tp we .. .",,' sw- Ni, t "1 is .-ttgiv Q t"ig.,f 5-ws,3f'." -- sg-uk 4. ,RSS wt'-. -Bfsgd SJBQQ .uf r. 1 fu W, N- ,sf 'fe ti", v, - J - K '-TF" 2-' LJ" f-'in w,+.4 -Wig. - t y 4 aw re- 'ftff . . ix t 1- it K.-4. fx f,P"3i1tlF" I if' H4 St. Wit- Xwaiatg. fri gt, Mg., Q, -ifga 'ants . ,1 'H gy, ., ,, Na" wav.: ' as 7- 'fi ' W "Af f"f"5"-Qfleff ' as 5-t't'i,v"'? is .kit V ," Q.-'Q ,,-, 3, Q kj s - , 1, ,tgfsfgfr X,,"',m, x Q -5 1 ,Q 4.22 5 1 3, ,dw-tis 3,4 Q 3. x o, 1.73 qw ,flhv .i Q' ,,sl', I , .- C . l .K .st , .l " is " K . s M -.t . 7 - ,f - . - -. P K . . - ri, , - -.Q Y vm. - t. me . 3: fx s -.5 H , .A ,,- .., -, . , . flvb ,Q . -as fix? 'tiff 1, get . X ' Q '- 'Y nt- ,-f " vt '- K g v Q "Hat -Q., J-5 Ui- ,' gy 5. ' ,vt x'- V' - Qs ," - , f "fs in ' 14. .. - ,yi f.aPi , . 'ft 5, .5 1- 1- ,fs ..3:,4.t . If - f . xt. 'fn-K ,SG fa .,-2 ff . -,in 'Liv ng 4 K t f f, .f w. is f . -Q. "R 5' 3 'xi-f s 4 htsf- :N ith '-"tx-fs' '1"'v 4" 'sf' lf?" ,":.f? W af 'Q f 1 S " - 'is- .ww-tf-f..'-f xfuw. s .f'fv.M'- swv- 1 . sp ,-' ,q. -'g.+5g,.f 1' " f lax.-' , , 1 A Qwsm ,MQ wtf .t .4?:i:y, g,.!s.gif XR .ff.,.,J .3 gjjffv, c,L.s g,,3g,,V jfs. A., 5. e .. 1-,tikasrgi . 5 Q, Q ,N , 5 Ng '. nd S 7- tix-L3 'fsyhge if .C 's'..Q. il 425125 'tt Q' Q M-E-,5" 11. , vs ' ' ' 'ff ' 4 'X' 2' F 11'75E1'-.i':wf?1s-if Sea lf: 1. rs ter?" it-s.s:f"lt-ft. if ttf -95 t Q + - 5s5'.'l7Kf:' ' -b -S in ' in sTu.I41i'f1 RW" T 3 iff 'si N "x F Q, a-. Q 3-ixvif. spit 'f . K - 3551 ,Q Q si Q5 v .4 . 055143. Na., . 1' K AQ ,,rx Q, ,I K ,vt .. . ., , . A . Q.-. -. -rf in X . W s 'Z .1 - . 1 '1??g?1x...1'l.'uM,lfg:f 'X Q Q gk .f 2 4" " s 1 v Qt- , c.,,'i.5Xg' 51 , - Q., w. Q, 5:-Qyggi' Q fi' 'Y 'lfws ' ..,, .+ X UCCF members, left to right, first row, Doug Smith, Martha Rohrer, Forkner, sponsor, Jerry Forbes, Teresa Scott, Jeanette Eberhard, Sandra Gervais, Bill Hauser. Second row, Annette Eberhard, Sandra Linda Crawley, Steve Garrett, Kenny Marchant, John Nielson, Mrs. Yahola, Suzanne Neele, Bruce Turner, Margie Marchant, Michico Louis Hanson, co-ordinator. Fourth row, Doug Jones, Charles Boyd, lijima, Sue Wingate, Voravudhi Bunyaketu. Third row, Rev. Jim Kendall Schulte, Victor Johnson. Seventy-six ! l warner fellowship Left to right, Rev. James Woodward, Kay Cummins, Kenneth Flannery, Nancy Bean, Don Zimmer- man and Ben Zimmerman on the grounds of the Warner Fellowship Student Center. The Warner Fellowship, sponsored by the Church of God, maintains a Student Center where the group holds worship services and participates in recreational activities. The Fellowship strives to give its members a greater appreciation and better understanding of the Bible and its place in their lives. Small discussion groups are a feature of the Warner Fellowship program. all Don and Ben Zimmerman shape up with a rousing game Officers are, left to right, Rev. James Woodward, sponsor, Don Zimmerman, of ping pong at the Warner Student Center. vice president, Nancy Bean, secretaryg Kay Cummins, president. Seventy-seven Open seven days a week in conjuction with dorm hours and with facilities which include ping pong tables, hi-fi, cooking space and a meditation room, the I e Wesley Foundation is for all y students desiring Christian , fellowship. Members participate in 'fQ U n d n a work day at the Methodist Boys' Ranch and Methodist Home as well as with state organizations in connection with conferences throughout the Midwest. saw, 2 Left lo right, Gerald Hendricks, Thomas Henshaw, Pete Lanza, Bill Denise Patterson, Doyle Felts, Barbara Carlisle, Rita King, Geraldine Crane, John Baskin, Hon Hunt, Pat Best, Carolyn Sanders, Liz Heaton, Hickman. Seventy-eight Gi GREEKS 53- QYSSJXL 636,691 699935 Greeks C9 QE' gi! J' 6' Q,6 Gfe SAS 042 GREEKS 62333 'S alpha sigma alpha Alpha Sigma Alpha members gave a Christmas party for the exceptional children at the Steed House and entered a float in the Homecoming parade this year. They helped finance the projects by selling perfume. Jan Johnson was selected Phi Lambda Chi Sweetheart and the men of Sigma Tau Gamma chose Donna Smith for their sweetheart. 3229? TA 2...-W Pat Fye and Shirley Liptack entertain rushees at the Alpha theme party. l l Alpha's participated in the events of the spring Olympics President Linda Fisher presents a trophy to Gene Matthews, the 1967 Alpha man, as members of the sorority and the Laymen band IOOK Ofl. Eighty The sorority recreated the Roarin' Twenties at its theme party. F "The King and I" was the theme of the Alpha float in the Homecoming parade. Betty Ftitch, sponsor, and Daphne Hanson serve punch at the acceptance party. Eighty-one Jody Barnes Mary Sue Carlin Beatrice Crume Patricia Fye alpha sigma alpha Q 5 'vs ,wigs - Y ..k.k I A ,::, . 5 Judy Irby Cor. Secretary Pan. Representative Sandra Gonzalas Daphne Hanson Becky Hockett Judi Hutchinson La Dena Jones Linda Manley President Carol Leslie Treasurer Shirley Liplack Charlotte Parker Pledge Trainer Eighty-two Linda Manley pins red and white ribbons on a new pledge Ginger Pilgrim Barbara Roan Vice President Members enjoy the ice water party, too. Donna Smith Mary Lou Carol Summers Janice Ward Studebaker Jan Simmons Dona Warren Rec. Secretary Alpha members sing for the rusnees at tha informal rush party. Eighty-three ,L Ax? I x 'X a 1. - Interested rushees gather around member Shirley Liptack to look at an Alpha Sigma Alpha scrapbook. The Alpha Sigma Alpha Supper Club-formal preferential party for rushees. alpha sigma alpha An Alpha gives a congratulatory kiss to the 1967 Alpha Sigma Alpha man, Gene Matthews. .5 .W F. Eighty-tour ,.V. " V A Q-tiff? Alpha Sigma Alpha pledges and pledge officers, left to Harper, vice president. Second row, Carol Bitting, Linda right, sitting, Gloria Overlease tfrontj, Juanita Sanderson, Antle, Sheryl Kline, Jean Jones, president, Donna Smith, Barbara McPherson, Nancy Pugh, Helen Schlecht, secre- pledge trainer, Carol McDonald, Deidre Svatba, Mary tary-treasurer. Standing, first row, Cathy Menesee, Terrie Russell, Jan Johnson. Eighty-tive Alphas and guests dance a lively one at the spring formal. Ginger Pilgram and Jan Simmons perform in a skit at the Alpha theme party. V ..,, VMWW, While her sorority sisters look on, Linda Crawley receives the Panhellenic Award for the member with the highest grade point. 4 ,uqy is ,v .4 rf Beth Spence and Linda Crawley show awards won by the Delta Phi chapter of Delta Zeta at State Day and in campus contests. Eighty-six delta zeta A homecoming float, a Christmas pledge party, a spring formal are just a few of the many activities Delta Zetas and their pledges participated in this year. On campus the sorority captured top honors in the campus wide bloodmobile drive, and its candidate was second runner up in the Tsa La Gi queen contest. Five members were named to Who's Who and five Deltas received 4.0 awards. The sorority also received several awards at the Delta Zeta State Day. s so s Deltas put finishing touches on last minute preparations for the formal. Suzan Greene and Mary Schwabe talk to rushees at Panhellenic orientation. Delta pledges, left to right, first row, Jan Hart, Cindy Ashe, Carol Butcher, Dianna Grattopp, Linda Thayer, Diane Coen, Linda Marcum, Kennedy, Carolyn Orr, Carol Ritter. Second row, Jaree Rainwater, Annette McAuliffe. Gail Moton, Sherri Matthews, Sandy Webb, Barbara Hunt, Dixie Deltas and rushees play 3 Song game during Dean Mildred Flandels congratulates Deltas Cindy Ashe, Jean Scott, Vicki Marshall and rush. Linda Crawley on their awards. Eighty-seven Fleva Allard 13 Linda Crawley Suzan Greene Treasurer ? ,MM 'WZ' Shalah Lightfoot Rec. secretary delta zeta Pam Prather f t ' ii? ' Joyce Cable Cor. secretary Junene Leavell M, , ,V ,I we t n- 'W fe. W" ' P ' af , ffrmw it Vicki Marshall 41 7 , Glenda Parker Mary Schwabe Sandy Smith Beth Spence Marsha Thompson President W5 , ef 3 l J, gg Q St 5 19 14190 vw 3' , -" I fa 2 X. 1 .4 Janet Cook Laura Morrison Pledge trainer ,Vg S gf . ff' My f ln, V 2 'I 1 wr KB sw f Linda Parmele Vice president 1127? T v 7f" ' . WL , ti Glenda Smith Eighty-eight Della Zetas lead rushees in a participation song hug S tw!! Delta Zeta sponsor Mrs. Martha Markham serves as hostess at the preferential rush party. Sandy Smith leads the rushees in a Ftushees have an opportunity to meet peppy song. members at an informal party. Saundra Brand delivers the traditional rose soliloquy at the theme party. Vicki Marshall accepts the Phi Lambda Chi scholarship trophy for the sorority with the highest grade point aver- age from Jim Locke. Eighty-nine he fs it ?s?'Ff5 Jeanne Scott, best pledge, Vicki Marshall, president, and Marsha Thompson, Delta Zeta Ftose, receive congratulations from Pam Prather, social chairman and a band member. delta zeta A quiet moment together. John Barnett and Mary Shroyer slow down the tempo at the formal. is Mary Spiva and Linda Parmele fix candle holders to correspond with the "Nocheade Fiesta" theme. Ninety Joyce Cable and Donna Yocham tape flowers to the backdrop. i A .ff Charles Casto tries to fix a leak in the fountain. 'q,,u3'r l Boyfriends were enlisted to help with the decorating -if Wi' 'lf' V, I . 45232 1 , s I f Q 'fi Beth Spence participates in the Alpha Phi Omega spring olympics rolling-pin throw. Ninety-one sigma sigma sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma members worked, studied and played to achieve a successful year. Eight members of the sorority were class officers and a pledge received the Panhellenic award for highest grade average. The Robbie Page Memorial Fund and a Christmas party and tutoring for orphan l children were a part of the R sorority's services. Members were S' S' ma Sigma sponsors Dr. Mary Haas and Dr. Nadene Harris and president - Wlsst at the all-Panhellenic workshop. Chosen Calendar Girl, Best Dressed Girl on Campus, Freshman Queen and Homecoming Queen attendant. David Main, Nancy Poulton, Cindy West and Roger Hilfiger display Tri-Sigma silver bowl for contributions to Robbie Page Memorial Fund and Phi Sig scholarship plaques. Marvine Hardin, Nancy Poulton, Judy Rhea and Carol Rader discuss rush at the Panhenenic workshop. Ninety-two President Harrell Garrison and Mrs. Robert Shearer, Sigma Sigma Sigma National Pan- hellenic collegiate adviser. Lynn Davis portrays a minstrel at the theme party. ' 4W,' if 1, xl- Sigma pledges, left to right, first row, Sonia McElroy, Karen Stauss, Third row, Sondra Bynum, Laurel Kelsey, Karen Ridgeway, Diana Sue Ann Singer, Sue Fogleman, Vicki Saunders, Sylvia Myles, Nancy Cook. Fourth row, Pam Clarkson, Brenda Claxton. Fifth row, Sherri Jo Candy, Charlene Davis, Linda Parham, Joyce Quantie, Patricia Revis, Donna Towry. Sixth row, Bobbie Jo Sanders. Ann Dold. Smith. Second row, Sandra Norris, Becki Duckworth, Beth Casey. ,V Vicki Saunders receives the Panhellenic award from Dean Mildred The Sigmas shine shoes for the Robbie Page Memorial Fund, Randels for the pledge with the highest grade point. to which they contributed the most of any chapter in 1966. Ninety-three Judy Adair Diane Bean Carla Brummett Bonnie Bulriss Shirley Childress sigma sigma sigma E my Linda Forrest Cheryl Frazier Karen Bourne Charlotte Caywood Susan Clements Cor. secretary Patti Clemmons Peggy Galbraith Sigmas entertain rushees at their preferential party. 65 I Q Sadie Cole Carol Counterman Carol Cumpton Vickie Dover Marvene Hardin Carole Henderson Sharon Hicks Mary Ann Hinds Becki Hughes Kathy Lanigan Susan Lauterback Rosalie Lesser Ninety-four Kathy Lowrance Mary Jane Mallett Melanie Mallonee Sally Marrow Linda Mason Q'-'X Becky Meadows Teri Morgan Pat McGuire Pat Oxley Brooks Perryman Rita Poettgen Vice president J QF'if59 F r. : eey , ,. l Nancy Poulton Carol Rader Judy Rhea Robin Russell Charlene Sallee Jerry Savage Dr. Lloyd Slagle provided refreshments for the faculty Diane Seymour Mary Shannon Charlotte Stephenson team during the Sigma basketball game. Rec. secretary X WW Jessie Thro Carolyn Trultman Diane Wallen Suzanne Wallen Cindy West Gayle Zimmerman Treasurer President Ninety-tive sigma sigma sigma if Soft music and soft lights for Linda Vann and Danny Hammett. A crowded dance floor and a good time by all, Sigmas and boyfriends string the ceiling for their for- mai. Johnny Fisher and the Grand Jury provided the best for the formal "Grecian Midnight." ra Varsity team shows skills at the Sigma benefit basketball game. A riverboat theme transported rushees to the South at a rush party. ? Sigmas mingle with rushees at their informal rush party Faculty members attempt to out jump the varsity. Ninety-seven I f .- . --' ' Q ... . get Q., .. Panhellenic officers and members, left to right, seated, Pat Fye, Alpha Sigma Alphag Cindy West Sigma Sigma Sigmag Diane Bean, vice president Sigma Sigma Sigmag Laura Morrison, president Delta Zetag Barbara Roan, secretary-treasurer, Alpha Sigma Alphag Linda Parmale, Delta Zeta. Standing Marsha Thompson, Delta Zelag Pat McGuire, Sigma Sigma Sigma. panhellenic This year the Panhellenic Council revised its constitution, and adopted and put into effect new "quota and limitation" rules on pledging. Comprised of represen- tatives of each of the three social sororities on campus, the council acts as a coordinating body for the sororities and assists the college chapters in maintaining high scholastic and social standards. Good music and lively dancing at the All-Greek Dance Sorority girls work together on Panhellenic posters Ninety-eight l i i i l T interfraternity council Coordinating the activities of the three social fraternities on campus is the purpose of the lnterfraternity Council. The body has charge of all interfraternity activities and other projects which affect the fraternities' mutual concern. l l Cooperation is the key in decorating for the dance climaxing Greek Week. Sorority and fraternity members enjoyed the hayride and wiener roast during Greek Week. The IFC officers and members, left fo right, David Main, Johnson, sponsorg Dana Butcher, Sigma Tau Gammag Dr. Phi Sigma Epsilong Bill Hinds, Phi Lambda Chig Dr. Minter John Lowe, sponsorg Bill Phelps, vice president, Sigma Tau Uzzell, sponsorg Jim Locke, secretary-treasurer, Phi Lambda Gamma. Chip Roger Hilfiger, president, Phi Sigma Epsilong Tom Gary Johnson looks almost professional in the bull-riding event of the Phi Lambda Chi annual rodeo. l l One hundred phi lambda chi Phi Lambda Chi provided able leadership on campus this year. President and vice president of the junior and senior classes and president, vice president, treasurer and parliamentarian of the Student Senate were all held by Phi Lamb members. The fraternity's candidate won the Ugly Man contest and three members made Who's Who. For the seventh straight year the Phi Lamb football team won the Toilet Bowl, an interfraternity event. Crown, flowers and a kiss from Jimmy Locke for the Phi Lambda Chi sweetheart, Jan Johnson. Members give fraternal welcome to Tom Davis, a new pledge. M-4. Couples race each other in the calf scramble. Toilet Bowl winners for the seventh consecutive year-Phi Lambda - Chi P W 7' Exuberance was the keynote of the Phi Lambdi Chl spring formal The Phi Lamb intramural football champions, left to right, bottom row, Jim Stout, Butch Gilstrap, Sam Younger, Joe Gill, Jack King. Top row, Leo Deaver, Bill Hinds, Jim Hinds, Charlie Wilson, Murle Turner. G". One hundred one phi lambda chi Bill Edmondson James Hardie Bob Hathaway Bill Hinds Richard Chissoe James Fisher Jim Hinds Jim Davis James Duty Butch Gilstrap Jeff Lester Treasurer :WX Leroy Graham fn Pat Hale Jimmy Linduff Ron White welcomes new pledges on bid night. One hundred two . Frank Marrs Ts!" Gene Matthews Mike Mclntosh Buddy McCarthy President Dean Pepper Mickey Pilgrim Danny Rhodes Eddie Stillwell Phi Lambda Chi helped decorate the annual student body Christmas tree. Bill Terry RON While Rodney Wilcox Vice president One hundred three Dean Williams Larry Williams in memoriam tony acosta April 9, 1967 ws s wmmvw- Phi Lambda Chi was well represented in the Student Senate with Ron White, Perry Gary Johnson takes money at the Phi Lamb rodeo Pascucci, Jimmy Locke and Jeff Lester. One hundred four af. :Y qi' 4 n .ir r ,. ,..vJvi.vJ : Vl5 i3,,,,!va ,is'fr'ufgy, ' iq ,I-rj frm! 'F' ' nf, ' V . ' ' V ' ir' Ziyi' Z: 7 1' A ' " X fAa'w,, Ha ,ff rw V Q Jimmy Locke participates in the spring Olympics. phi lambda chi Fraternity bid night for the Phi Lambda Chi's and their new pledges. Phi Lamb pledges, left to right, first row, Kent Detmer, Bob Bullard, Mike Slagle, Mack Clayton, Butch Gilstrap, pledge trainer, Ben Lomax, Tom Reynolds, Doug Guinn, Mike Staires. Second row, Greg Hickey, Joe Gill, Phil Packwood, Danny Williams, Gip Aulbert. Third row, David Santine, Gary Carman, Joe Davidson, Paul Plummer, Tom Davis, Arnold Horner, Don Jones, Jerry Hood, Bob Crawford. Fourth row, Jake Gage, Tom Kemp, Steve Shortess, David Himes. Mike Flud, Rusty Coates, Eddie Smith, John Eskridge, Larry Pace, Jay Gourd, Jim McDonald, Chris Quinn, Carmen Ferrino, John Kerr. Mike Lester, Mike Curry, Gary Nichols, Gary Benuzzi, David Center, Rand Flush, Bill Berry, Charles Wilson, Gary Dowell. One hundred tive phi sigma epsilon At National Conclave the North- eastern Phi Sigma Epsilon chapter received citations in scholarship and efficiency, and David Richardson was first runner-up to "Phi Sig of the Year." On campus, the fraternity sponsored a Christmas party for the Methodist Home children and held a coffee at Homecoming. Phi Sigs provided leadership in the Student Senate, the sophomore class, and in college athletics, debate, clubs and the yearbook staff. Refreshment time for children of the Methodist Home at the Phi Sig and Sigma Christmas party. Opposing captains meet before the play starts in an interfraternity game. Phi Sig action in an interfraternity game provides excitement for onlookers. o ri d d l .Ft Brothers of Phi Sigma Epsilon work together for victory in a football game. One hundred seven "Phi Sig Santa," with his Sigma helpers, distributes gifts to an eager child. Phi Sig alum Bob Parker and wife Glenda enjoy the spring formal, "Playboy in Las Vegas." James Ageni Sam Alexander William H Allred Sam Barnes Jerry Burger Treasurer phi sigma epsilon Fred Castle Tom Collier George Cook Phil Corder Brad Davis Pledge traine Drew Edmondson Greg Falkin Larry Fleming Gordon Harmon Terry Harrison Roger Hilfiger President Danny Hammett Sherman Hayes Bill Johnson Part of the Yuletide season is the Phi Sigma Epsilon and Sigma Sigma Sigma party for underpriviledged children. Denny Lemons Charles lvlacke Flick Nees pa -W Mendell Radebaugh Larry Palmer Joseph Reichal 'gy it .Q A in David Main Danny Miller Vice president bv..- Gary Parker Tom Parker V Rec. secretary -Q":1'f Q Tom Self Jim Stevens Steve Swann Student Senate James Morrow Butch Peterson Laffy THFPIGY Jim Thomas Jim Treadwell Gregg Wadley Dale Walkup John Wheeler One hundred nine Santa is a hit at the Christmas party for Methodist Home children. A'-N sv f 3 f l gl lt's girls-against-boys during Greek Week football game. if v . . . 5 i i W l Y ' -..h 3 K - ' ,'fL.,? ' 3 . ee SHN... E . f x sf' .s , , -Q, 1 , . ,Q ' s sal ,RQ f Sam Alexander looks on as Becky Hughes displays surprise at being chosen Phi Sig Sweetheart. Pulling back for a pass is the Phi Sig quarterback during inter- traternity games. One hundred ten ' sa 'A phiskg epsHon ,, f " ma "Bunny" Carol Rader dances with Phi Sig Butch Peterson at the "Playboy in Las Vegas" formal. A good band and a crowded floor for the Phi Sigs and their guests at the formal. Phi Sigma Epsilon pledge class includes left to right, first row, Tom Self, assistant pledge master, Darrell Ratliff, Ken Nix, Tony Fields, Mike Smalley, Bon Stevens, vice Chappell, Kelly Lawrence, Charles Ben Overton, Mike Irvin, president. Ed Sutton, social chairman, C. J Shelton, Dennis Jennings, Bill Pigg, Rome Sellmeyer, Van Carlton, Dale Walkup, assistant pledge master. Third row, Bill Fabian, Chuck Masters, athletic chairman, Mike Daniel, Bill Hayes, Jim Eacret, Bill McCaslin, Randy Kennedy, songleader, Mike Warrick, work chairman. Keith Harvey, Danny Hammett, pledgemaster. president, Ron Johnston, Dickie Conklin, secretary and treasurer, Second row, Steve Sandage, Joe Butler, Larry Humphrey, Dennis fc i i D- www .. Barry Morgan and Jack Tinsley unload the Sig Tau bell before the football game. One hundred twelve sigma tau gamma Members of Sigma Tau Gamma, the oldest social organization on the campus, were leaders in Student Senate, OISA, and campus music organizations this year. Participating in most intramural sports, Sig Taus also were present at every college football game with their victory bell. Five fraternity alumni have returned to Northeastern as faculty members. John Lowe makes acceptance speech upon being hon ored as fourteen-year sponsor of Sigma Tau Gamma Jim Howard, president, presents John Lowe a gift for his fourteen years as sponsor. X ,ff Sigma Tau Gamma officers, left to right, Jerry Ranson, vice presidentg Jim Howard, presidentg Tom Hudson, vice president. XXYR A rrir We i John Lowe, sponsor, passes out ash trays to alumni of Sigma Tau Gamma. Robert Greubel accepts the Sig Tau "Teacher of the Year" plaque. One hundred thirteen . rf . -was t Q5 A e Q 511 --A is 1 - Dennis Comstock Gerald Crager Chuck Allen Dana Butcher .4-F' Mike Doak Fioberi Enoch Joe Grider Mac Griggs sigma tau gamma Wayne Learned Barry Morgan H. igi, Jim Howard Tom Hudson Henry Hunl John Vice president Kazmierkiewich Leon Crites Treasurer . Erbs' ' Qi -,i Darrell Hausman Larry Mobley Larry Morgan Members take charge of moving the Sigma Tau Gamma bell at football games. One hundred lourteen Sig Taus welcome their new pledge brothers. IW Bill Phelps Gary Rampp President Ftec. Secretary x QQ ffm P' fd' gi. , L Charles E. Randall as X Jerry Hanson Ellis Thompson Jack Tinsley Cor. secretary vers' ,yr JBWIGS Shaw Glenn W George Sigma Tau Gamma alum killed in Viet Nam Y0UV'lQb'00d in whose honor a scholarship fund was started this year One hundred fifteen . 54 Y. ,L a9""Ns.t Bob Scott presents Robert Greubel an award. Outstanding member Dolan Stiles exemplifies Sigma Tau Gamma ideals. Charles Roan, Henry Hunt, Jim Howard and Dolan Stiles provide manpower for the Sig Tau homecoming float. UYOU I in W Nrwmwnfwf HMV WW,,,f,,,M,,.W,,W-f 4+ We we W '92 ff N 4 R A One hundred sixteen sigma tau gamma Sig Taus, left to right, Dolan Stiles, Jack Tinsley, Gary Ramplbl Jim Howard, and Dennis Stephens make plans on bid night. C J J' The Sigma Tau Gamma pledge class includes Jim Thompson, seated at piano, left to right, first row, Bill Felber, Charles Randall, Chuck Griffith, Keith Goodwin, Carl Hughes, Tom Eastman, Steve Mont- One hundred gomery. Second Swick. seventeen row, Tom Crane, Otis Decker, Darryl Wyrick, Mike Wzafilq- 'an fu-1'?Nt ,gan-A. x ml, . -QT. 5. L iz' " V' N- , Ah 1 1' Ng x we Q 1?-xf. f 'WW One hundred eighteen , , NXQN.. Nt 9 mx X Qt' NXM fp ,hd f WWQ I' X tx' K, 5' Q I tw Magic enchantment of beauty and Triumph of achuevement share the spotlught as it 1967 tsa Ia gi queen treva king I Q, 5 s use u X at 3 3 Env' ,af 3 f is M C , - . .P . The top five candidates in the 1967 Tsa La Gi Queen contest await the announcement of the winner. The future queen and the runners-up are, left to right, Vicki Carpenter, Caro! Kennedy, Treva King, Connie Lindesmith and Patti Odueal. First runner-up Connie Lindesmith, Pi Delta Epsilon: second runner-up Third runner-up Patti Odneal, Northeastern twirlersg fourth runnerf-up Vicki Carol Kennedy, Deita Zeta. Carpenter, Baptist Student Union. 5 5' -gy t 5 f Y if T Lg . T 'f ' T ft. Q... K . 4, Jef? . ,Mfg X Pig? ' ,I eg 1 1 wt f 3 jim T ,vu r M5 Q? C r f 1 K , C I gm ' ' E7 X if Y .5 -ska 9 'Q Nw: at if . ,P Zvi' s., . ., Zo gf 515' mf PM 95,552 m f? it I ' 4, .I' NW 4 , y Qi l its Q 'zfi' 0 i - f i"ni-t, coronation highlights A live art show, trombones blaring, voices ringing in harmony, flowing gowns and beautiful girls- these are the components of a lovely afternoon spent with the Tsa La Gi Queen and her court at the coronation on the patio of the Student Center. MW Lee Majors, star of "The Big Valley" on ABC-TV, selected the Tsa La Gi Queen and four other finalists from a field of eighteen candidates representing campus organi- zations. A large crowd of students and faculty gathered on the Student Center patio to view the coronation and enjoy the music. Lowell Lehman conducts the Stage Band which provided part of the musical program for the Coronation. ,, .t g. We Coming 'through the archway is Treva King and her escort, Warren Center. The Northeastern Singers presented several numbers under the direction of Dr, Ralph Whitworth. '41 'J ij! A119 Sli 5 v' H1 ' in Q' s 41 n ,t .-5 ' is 1 t it l i S 3. I -swiss . 2 X' x i ff' , V , , ,, v . W 4 1 f r,-f.. ,Q :ZS-L7fwi':24 Q, ,A -ig , V , ,lv I, ' u 1 2 r , . ,- ,I , . H .-.. Wig , .2 A , I 4, ' rg-I, f 1 f .A 17, .W f I . - , ,,,,n'w iayf-t-F,g4.t,. , 1 ,V ,' . ' 1-' 1 W .. ff. i. 21,1 L ' aff I , 2-qyigf -f-' ,greg ,,' I -wif,-wg...-,,1Q N Q-A Hu, , l, I - f 1 . we My f,t,,',, ...,0,f, ,. '35 11 W ,, , . 4 J 4 Q - 1 gd, rf: -f ri, , ,V w, .,,gh,M,5M,, r ,UM Z l ,,, - ' 3, - I Q - ' r 162' 3?-Y , . ' g -- . 'N -if-, V- T' ff7f+7A "' ' 5 ii' ' mw.1'Q, - X . . 1 1- ffm ' V .. lww' homecoming queen sharon bernardi eff ,ff i W am , I 'N-,..g. ,X Homecoming royalty, left to right, Scarlett Barnes, Nancy Green, Queen Sharon Bernardi, Carolyn Hagar, Kay Gunter. Students vote for Homecoming queen candidate of their choice. Clowns, bands-a Main Street parade to honor Queen Sharon Bernardi. Hard work and fun times go into building a float. m iss northeastern deborah capehart irst llanc 'qs ' ailft x Deborah's mother shares the excitement of the moment runner-up, Monna Kay McNabb, receives an admiring e from her roommate. ,Skis s, j its A Q X . t px Q? Yip W court, left to right, Lou Anne Mallory, fourth runner-upg Kathy Waldon, second up, Miss Northeastern, Deborah Capehartg Miss Oklahoma, Sandy Ferguson: McNabb, first runner-upg Marty Rhodes, third runner-up. Contestants help each other with final touches. One hundred twenty-seven ' l I 4 - 1 Seated left to right, finalists Carla Shunkey, Patricia Riggs, Suzie Meyer, Mona Kay McNabb, and Mary Jane Mallet. best d ressed girl mary jane mallet One hundred twenty-eight Patricia Riggs receives gift as first runner-up s I r E Z 2 1 leoser center -X wilson hall queen ellen hensley 1 517 W 1, W!! ibn t GPQE delta zeta man delta zeta rose charles casto marsha thompson sweethearts, favorite men it-X Iv'-QKQQ W i 1 4 E' errr a,r,r i i .f L, f ww , ' 1 , t,,,ffg,rQ,f. 1 ,fi ,Hwy V ,,, ,,,,, ,, ., , M, W V fy ea. QM 51 3141-mf' - , G gqwwwwgan arwwaw if f z ' ft ffimgaqr mf , ,wg fwf . ,.,.VV .,,,,,, ,., ,f,wMW,, Vt, ,,,t,, WWMW 45,5 aft: phi sigma epsilon phi lambda chi sweetheart sweetheart ian iohnson becky hughes Oneh ndedthtyons r Z if ,,,, was k S E 3 E alpha sigma alpha girl patriciafye sigma sigma sigma man butch peterson alpha sigma alpha man gene matthews sigma tau gamma rose donna smith sweethearts, favorite men Ms 1. gamma sigma sigma sweetheart pat mason gamma sigma sigma man gerald hendricks 3 --,, 4 ' ' ' 3 aatt in A 2 , ",' ' V Nl 4152 2955 if-QQ phqggftgi 4 ?k Qu: jtmfagm 03,5-wifi ,I 4 1, ,gr i3Al'ffg7,fiifYe.,.wff5x,!1,'LV Q "fL?f2i21"fi pw wr ,Qi WW?" fvpf"'VfZ13'm ' , "fi Q?" 7f1!?"',9f5"' X A i -it V' w- ' , Af! I 1 i 2Lf5ff? gff Q z '15 if 1 k VT 'Wi ,- 1. i ' ' It-Njw4 5 g, 'x xg 2 ff? My qgf g w w 1, -M1 , ' t,-' i Q if fi ,VW , 65, mfg f , , M, VN A VA M Alf JV,- Wi. iw i 'fi Flffizi 13" kl'6! i gd J A W if!! K 'ef 'f if PHX alpha phi omega alpha phi omega sweetheart Qif' ofthe yeal' A patti clemmons denise patterson One hundred thirty-three who's who GLENN LACKEY Rho Theta Sigma Vice President, Sigma Tau Delta Student Education Association Dean's Honor Roll Dorm Counselor, English Tutor MARJORIE SMITH Alpha Chi Rho Theta Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega Au-Ger-Du-Lo Players Student Education Association MENC, Who's Who 1966 GARY DURST President, Sigma Tau Delta Rho Theta Sigma, Alpha Psi Omega Student Education Association Who's Who 1966 Alpha Chi FRANCES ALBITZ Best All-Around Athlete Women's Recreation Association Kappa Delta Pi, Rho Theta Sigma Student Education Association All-Star Field Hockey Team ELLEN HENSLEY Student Education Association Wilson Hall Queen Baptist Student Union Dorm Counselor A aft I x , One hundred thirty-live ARDEN JAMES Dean's Honor Roll United Campus Christian Fellowship Alpha Chi, Rho Theta Sigma Kappa Mu Epsilon, Who's Who 1966 Pi Delta Epsilon Sweetheart ROBERT SCOTT Debate President, Pre-Law Club Who's Who 1966 Pi Gamma Mu Rho Theta Sigma MARSHA THOMPSON Panhellenic Scholarship Award Alpha Chi President's Honor Roll President, Delta Zeta Rho Theta Sigma Dean's Honor Roll Student Education Association LARRY WARREN Dean's Honor Roll President, Industrial Arts Club Student Senate Representative Student Education Association JEAN MCADOO President's Honor Roll Pi Omega Pi Student Education Association Dean's Honor Roll Alpha Chi JON RUMSEY Dean's Honor Roll Industrial Arts Club Student Education Association Rho Theta Sigma JESSE POPE President's Honor Roll Rho Theta Sigma Student Education Association President, Kappa Delta Pi MALINDA FRANKLIN Women's Recreation Association Best Sportsmanship Award Physical Education Majors Club Student Education Association SUSAN CLOVER Miss Northeastern 1966 Student Education Association Au-Ger-Du-Lo Players Rho Theta Sigma Alpha Psi Omega CHARLOTTE COUCH Secretary, Baptist Student Union Mixed Chorus Student Education Association Rho Theta Sigma Dean's Honor Roll One hundred thirty-six ,vm SPS W it Q T Wi igtr L w , W I x P 5 I W. ' . 'x -Q - E ' R31-. , , ,,.. A , 1-I q ,gt f S t . i L I 5 J J , s I if 5 Eli: ' 'L 3 3 g ,M A T or it I j J t - f' K K ' 1 ' 3 if - -' K X fills . -- Y h is ly g Q XA ,..,: ., .,.,. t Q .E ' rw N- 'R 4 QQ it Q-'dig :gk ,.f- PM One hundred thirty-seven R - . AXNK X .gh Eg'iJm, 'ii ,As X ex ,uf .Q-- ..., K J? pa' E jf Q X Q R S ' A X3 ,if A X 3 K 'K an tl Eff 2 L 5 8 X wg ' Q G I X:.x . L tx 1. if - fx? .cs who's who SHALAH LIGHTFOOT Sigma Tau Delta Vice President, Pi Delta Epsilon Dean's Honor Roll Recording Secretary, Delta Zeta Co-editor, Tsa La Gi JACK KINION President's Honor Roll, Pi Omega Pi Student Education Association Dean's Honor Roll, Rho Theta Sigma Kappa Delta Pi Treasurer, Alpha Chi SHIRLEY FLINT Student Education Association Swim Club Secretary, Baptist Student Union Dorm Counselor ALFRED BISHOP Dean's Honor Roll Alpha Chi Kappa Mu Epsilon Rho Theta Sigma LOYCE LANE Student Education Association Mixed Chorus Dean's Honor Roll Rho Theta Sigma who's who JUDY FULLER Dean's Honor Roll Treasurer, Phi Theta Kappa Phi Beta Lambda JAMES ROBINSON President, Rho Theta Sigma Pre-Law Club A Team, Debate Squad SUZAN GREENE Treasurer, Pi Delta Epsilon Co-Editor, Tsa La Gi Historian, Student Senate Corresponding Secretary, Delta Zeta Homecoming Princess LAURA MORRISON Who's Who 1966, Wesley Foundation President, Panhellenic Council Vice President, Delta Zeta Rho Theta Sigma, Alpha Chi Student Education Association DAVID MORRISON National Science Foundation Program Math Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon President, Rho Theta Sigma President's and Dean's Honor Rolls President, Alpha Chi f, tzuiiin? 'I' . 'Qi "f 5'c3rLg , A, A. 5 27 V 5, i ' ', ' A W i 7-v ' ffzfil P335 ' Q 1 ' Zaye! I 1 M N , gf, vw , ,,,, , ",5lLfl, ' V 1 7 . , .. .... - A 'J' fi ,ML-wifi fm, A ,rf Wfirwirvwr ii l l e 0 ' sm, -,, m , ,V V if ,f,.,w 2 I s , One hundred thirty-eight ,it 1 , My Tl f One hundred thirty-nine fb., RONALD WHITE President, Student Senate Vice President, Phi Lambda Chi lnterfraternity Council Student Disciplinary Committee MICHAEL HATHAWAY Student Senate, Alpha Chi President, Kappa Mu Epsilon President, Rho Theta Sigma Basketball Squad President's Honor Roll KENT LASHLEY 1966 Who's Who Student Education Association Physical Education Majors Club Varsity Football Team, Track CYNDIA DASHER Secretary, Kappa Mu Epsilon Rho Theta Sigma Student Education Association Dorm Counselor Dean's Honor Roll VICKl DOVER Secretary, Student Senate Sigma Sigma Sigma Rho Theta Sigma Dean's Honor Roll MARILYN RANDALL Rho Theta Sigma, Alpha Chi Student Education Association Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart Panhellenic Scholastic Award Vice President, Delta Zeta RICKY LOGSDON Pi Gamma Mu Student Education Association Rho Theta Sigma Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi Dean's Honor Roll DENISE PATTERSON Student Education Association Rho Theta Sigma President, Wesley Foundation Kappa Delta Pi, Student Senate Treasurer, Gamma Sigma Sigma TED BROWNING President, Rho Theta Sigma Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Chi Band, Kappa Kappa Psi President, Kappa Mu Epsilon Student Education Association SUZANNE SHANAFELT Delegate, Collegiate Science Academy Secretary, Kappa Mu Epsilon Rho Theta Sigma Student Education Association Dean's Honor Roll , One hundred forty if Lv, S il M lil 33334 iii! N rf. F 94 : 'I Y hifi K 35 vez N Q, St B Q e. 1 W ,4 P IFE K f , -W RN e" it tix I gt NN it One hundred forty-one is KX. 'K , 15, get fy, - w. , L2f,w,., Who's who JERRY WALKER Varsity Basketball Student Education Association MARK COVERSTONE MENC President, Kappa Kappa Psi Wind Ensemble, Mixed Chorus Orchestra MARGARET GAGE President, Panhellenic Council Student Education Association 1966 Who's Who President, Alpha Sigma Alpha MICHEALLYNN MURPHY Women's Recreation Association Student Senate Student Education Association HARRY CHICHESTER Rho Theta Sigma Dean's Honor Roll Alpha Chi President's Honor Roll who's who JEFF LESTER National Officer, Phi Lambda Chi Student Senate Vice President, Pre-Med Club Math Club ROBERT ELLIOTT Industrial Arts Club Student Education Association Math Club Student Senate Representative RICKY SMITH Pre-Med Club Student Education Association Dean's Honor Roll Director, Baptist Student Union MODEAN ROSS Student Education Association Dean's Honor Roll Rho Theta Sigma BARBARA LATTING Kappa Delta Pi Dean's Honor Roll Student Education Association Rho Theta Sigma One hundred tortyftwo One hundred forty-three ROBERT HATHAWAY Vice President, Student Senate Dean's Honor Roll Pre-Med Club Phi Lambda Chi JUDY AZBILL Student Education Association Homecoming Queen 1965 Sigma Sigma Sigma APO Sweetheart Finalist MARY JANE SMITH Student Education Association Rho Theta Sigma Dean's Honor Roll JAMES CIARK Pre-Law Club, Congressional Intern Alpha Chi, President's Honor Roll Student Education Association 1966 Who's Who, Rho Theta Sigma Dean's Honor Roll mf' qwfs lf ' ' W-4.5 "x 'R' rv fb.: swat, -1 ' mm --VL IQ A One hundred forty-four fa Wa JO ,, ' I ' Sqsszi-ff A .XS K. ffl Lnfxg misss Si' Zk,.Af'.mf'?X7Q 54? fc Wzfff ' iii W ,Mm - tw X , if i ii s t W i , f i A' xii' Gaiety of dances, hilarity during Greek week, rushing feet at curfew time, dawdling of two in love, noise of the Snack Bar- these scenes color the picture of campus life One hundred forty-five it Girls in home economics receive the training and education needed to fill a place as modern women. campus life Smiles, frowns, excitement, joy, all are expressed on the faces of staff, faculty and students at Northeastern, so the face of the campus reflects the sights and sounds of college life, the raucous noise of construction on new buildings, auditorium lighted for performances, the excitement of basketball, the quiet of the library, music and gay voices from dorms. These are the impressions to cherish. L 3 S 'l 3Z6,+g.k ,fi 4 .w 3 M f V 1, up 'X xg' xi wg -fx ,ag . I ,gi g M A ' ' U' 412 ' , ff, f, x 6 f r MV, A 4 ww RM. , , w-...f i- A41 M :Athi X1 HF M--wx as 'GIF . .xi-vwinlf - 'I ilk:-Q di? 43 U 419 - . ,.. .Q ... . is 'l 0- -ABWX 3 id! 00 .---I M 'Rf' 42, . ,nw A Hg J3, A r ' Q" A 24" M as W 5,5 3 A , A '5 , wx , 1,1 M 1. ,Q -. Q, w- , -,f gimp Q., A 4 1 I 'f?:M'5f'v'7f?lgk' , , git-V ' Wf??1w L 4 ,Qi'g,,w?'? ' V X : an ' 1. Q 12 fx R ' SK 'r it It 'YQ Q? 1 yd U.S. Senator Fred R. Harris personally greets a fellow Oklahoman. campus life hu- A creation of his own mind and hands, and the reward of keen satisfaction. One hundred forty-eight l 1 I t The Five Americans entertained for a record number of students. Dr. Frank Vesley congratulates John Ciardi, noted poetry editor, on a fine talk. Comments after the dance were "tremendous" ..,,,.-0-awww Industrial arts students. One hundred forty-nine +V rfrra provides the knowledge and skill for hopeful electronics .s The Redman Singers perform the Hfolksongs of our land." One hundred fifty 1 3 52' M g ,A ,Q 4 'I 3 3 s 3 S 5 3 u x x Wfjl- ' terms 1513? MQ. il. 4 E , . Q- g K - A .. 1, 'V' The lakes near campus provide fun and relaxation for students. find a helpful answer for their questions in Mrs. Elma Cowan. 'fr' f sf' to t J 4-5 S2933 tae, Q , 'I' 'X-, ,525 K, + - X s X ' . 5--4 ,q',,t -S X. 1 :stem ..sQ,S.,..- X' 'K wk at .s -its Perennial campus inhabitants, the squirrels, watch many students come and leave. A familiar campus figure, Johnny Fisher, enter- Toys weren't the only interest at the faculty Christ- tag,-,S at me Freshman Dance. mas party. - 'il'-"- campus life One hundred fifty-one if Football boys enroll first semester, and with varied thoughts. A number for dancing class could be a jink, or mean good luck. p A reverent student body gave time, thought and prayer for veterans and those now serving and preserving. I K, .H gt.. .. mx in 7 V I 1 i W: :- i Q N i 5 , NSS i i Y f 2 5 -was LW SSP -V-f so Qt is .P SS' Q i sf Q fli L , .5 sys Favorite "between classes" pastime of some students may have educational value. A hill and a piece of cardboard provide fun for a coed- Yearbook pictures present one more line to stand in. warm spirits chase away the cold. -.."n:f!J 1-fliers' SGW! rmf'-ar "' , ,, 'ir ' if An , ,,1 4 4 ' L A -1' w p L i J Y X an ' -4.-5 i 'jk I N 1, X. 5 igvl 5 E 5 as Students and alumni congregate at the Homecoming Dance. homecoming Bright sunshine and a cool breeze greeted alumni at the 1967 Home- coming. The heart-warming spirit of the day was fostered by the outstanding parade, the greeting of old friends at luncheon, the excitement of a good football game, the sound and sight of a new, big Northeastern marching band, and, finally, the festive alumni dance. iw Floats in the parade carry out the Homecoming theme of "Broadway Musicals." I , ,.,. MW-ff,..W., .,., II in L wa Sharon Bernardi is escorted on the field by Ron White for her coronation as Homecoming Queen. One hundred fifty-four D. M. "Doc" Wadley, "Alumnus of the Year," at the "N" Club breakfast. 5 The Jazz Dancers add a new note to the Northeastern picture. Director Lowell Lehman gives last minute instructions the band before the Homecoming parade starts. to Homecoming royalty, left to right, Nancy Green, Scarlett Barnes, Kay Gunter, Queen Sharon Bernardi, Carolyn Hager. bf' Hillbillies galore at the Sadie Hawkins dance for the student body sadie hawkins Dogpatch revisited - and with the rules of Al Capp in mind, the girls go after their "men." The boys didn't have to run far, because the NSC girls knew the procedure well - and Marryin' Sam had all he could handle. Delores and Butch Patterson, winners of the 'lbest-dressed" contest. Tommy Maddon and Sharon Hibbs display the proper dress for "Dogpatch" residents. One hundred fifty-six Q. J fl: . Northeastern State College cheerleaders for 1966-67 left to right, bottom row, Gene Lee Sills, Bob Osborn and Bob Arnold cheer the Bob Arnold, Robert Conklin, Tom Eastman and Doug Grimes. Second row, Suzanne Frazer, Redmen on. Sharon Bernardi, Gay Gunter. Top row, rf' Sharon Bernardi - a cheerful face before the crowd. Becky Casey, Shirley Liptack. Robert Conklin and Gary Dowell keep the tom-tom going. One hundred fifty-seven cheerleaders The cheerleaders, chosen by the Student Senate in the fall, have the responsibility of promoting cheer and a good spirit among the NSC sports fans. These sacrificing pepsters promote pep rallies and homecoming events. lt is their duty to attend all NSC games, even those out-of-town. R 'R' 'K f "' R, f, ' ma MW, X bw ,,,.,-ff" 363 4. K A v . D 'Q Q L 4 'Q f , W JJ, ,,,,l,V 1 f .H , ,fw f 2 fy wav A, .,,1,.:,1?Vn ' 4-,Nw 'iffy 4 f A 5' 'L" 'fri ' ,F ,, 4 yu , ' L E? 2,72 ' X- M' ' V' - M199 luv 5 - -an --'iw' : -nr' 'lv' an -l Y ,B , Q 4' aw ""' ids fn , W Q.. N k ' f k , 5 5 1 ., ...W .h f .1 K fl, I In Q 4 . 49? 2. :GS QA 1 M 1 ,J -,,, Q . .K ' F n Q1 vw ET Z Ji ff f Y f 1 gf 2 z,,. ff M 1' , Zh 72 1 , ff?"-'--., t -+L Im ,.-q The Tucson Boys' Choir, under the direction of Jeffrey Haskell, brought a spirit of the old West to the North- eastern Stage' The Tulsa Symphony Orchestra and Conductor Franco Autori opened the Allied Arts Series for the fourth con- secutive season with a program of 19th century music. 4 h liar Y fi' Q QQ! ali' Q Q Q g Q 5 ,, 49-rr Z Q , n ! , 1 M in-'nan--V M haf Bill Russell, Linda Miller, and Cindy Hall in "The Pet Department," a sketch from "Thurber Carnival." "lf Grant Had Been Drinking At Appomattoxu brought many laughs in the "Thurber Carnival." Donna Green and Bruce Turner portray Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mitty in a "Carnival" sketch about Mr. Mitty's secret life. ci drama The major fall dramatic production was "The Thurber Carnival," a comedy portraying the tumbles and bumbles in American life. The spring drama was Shakespeare's i'The Tempest," which required technical skill for the lighting effects. Other productions during the year were "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial" in the summer, and Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikadoj' a joint effort of musicians and dramatists. "Mr, Preble Gets Bid ol His Wife" with Bob Bitschel and Susan Clover. A wanderer and a slave devise a plan in "The Tempest." drama Kathy Waldon as Ariel in "The Tempest," for which she was named "Best Actress." Larry Allen, playing the lead role of Prospero in "The Tempest," gives fatherly advice to his daughter Miranda, played by Jan Deonier. A feast at the house of Prospero in "The Tempest." Monna McNabb, Cindy Hall and Linda Miller perform a Sherman and Stella," presented in December, "Twenties" dance in Showcase '66, "An Evening with .. ,, ...qt Long hours go into building a set for a production. Carolyn Wren in Showcase '66, One hundred sixty-three Betty Moulton and Bob Ritschel in a scene from "The Mikadof uw v Connie Morrison and Ken Grass in the leading roles of Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo in "The Mikado." ,, The Lord-High Everything Else confers Children are greeted at "Beat ihe Bunny." with Nanki-Poo, One hundred sixty-four BN lfay '54 ,, ,,,, , Aw, The cast of "The Mikado," left to right kneeling, Marti Towrey. Lynn Mitchell. Connie Morrison: top row, Randy Slinkard, Betty Moulton. Joe Krause. Bob Ritschel, Ken Grass. l XX! ' 1 Ruth Arrington assists Joe Krause, the Mikado. Q One hundred sixty-live A princess in disguise helps the frog-prince in "Beat the Bunny." V Ma ' at E M M' 49x Wm We X X, f X W- 4, f ,I mp nw 1 X : , g. A A ' f f fx 4 , f ' "' ' f A,,w "X-.s 4 it W , x --NX! l M.. K MVT? 4. ms,-KM If I A X I NV' 4 it 'gf , 7' ' 7 vv:- Q fy M f F? K ' n an Q3 L 'itz V gg Q we if 4, ! rw' 'NNW f-New M QA' Q ,,.. . 3. KWH. eir degree 1 6 -. 3 r .-,a - sx Q- 4 :A"fly:fQW ga- 'K W...v' X ..' If Q.. -s-,lf I Y K ' ?"- 4 3- 2' n ff v. . , ins? ....... 4, . , I Q I, M. t 1157- A .,,,., , . NP R ' - ,, .-Jim' I.-wif, 1 fs5lMgf.:vv. :M L I Q i-Q::J.g!'iY..v,F,5t?iv"mi ,A. ' ,A ,X ., . .,'," lf": l:'2xk.x"v A -7-g'1'4fA2 31557-5 .,4,gg,., in , .., , 1 D" -f-4 ., .F 4 -Y if '."yf '55, v ' ' -.," M vQ97'M,,.4 I'-4 1 1 ......- W- 1 ,'.-. NA' 1 ,Q -on ., fl ,, 'Gif ,Iliff My One hundred sixty-eight '1 i X X, ff! tx ,V "-VKEX 7 " ,,, . 1 'fam ,'w.,i"' . 55, , . x ff' f-T 'f'T'f.:v:f . xy fwfij' ' Aj' I fy f 4' . xx X , It , . X 5. Ns: Q, . .3-' 'var I ik ik ,. -wtf. . -A 't 75? 'ff'7.f,'4 ' . The thud of body against body, the thump 'J , J H of abounclng ballu, the craok of a bat, a s im 't sunglng serve, a snzzlung drlve-all are gif" ' Li,ve'd?f .W - f-, X... 333. '. "f"i4-igb h ' h ' , .Q .gi if HH3:,x-,, f,,.,, sounds t at glve substance to t e chaotic ' Lx-', 'al 44' -44-,VV ,,',- -b,'r4k. ' . . .. fd.'..:s:.s.,?,.f,m,. ,af 354 exhllaratlon of competitive n ., ., A 1 .t S p o rt s Vt -:,,.-tix' .' u - "IH " " " ' One hundred sixty-nine x X fyw..:a-Sw - .Am 4 ms .,.....,.,,.,.,,,,N i . af, .x... . x.,.. My sm ,A.. . . D. M. "Doc" Wadley, Director of Athlet- Calvin Turnbow, Chairman of the Athletic Council. Ivan HONUGS, Dif6Ci0f of Public Fle- athletic council Members of the Athletic Council are, seated, lelgt to right, Ivan the council not pictured are Mrs. Martha Markham, Dorothy Yandell, Holmes, Dr. Nathan Brooks, Dr. Cesaro Lombardi, Dr. Jack Kisnerg Dr. Elwin Fite, D. M. Wadley, Dr. Charles Galbraith and Dr. Valgene standing, left to right, Calvin Turnbow, Dr. Emmit Wheat, Dr. Ross Littlefield. Underwood, Herbert Boggan, and Dr. William Parrish. Members of One hundred seventy-one The 1967 Redman coaching staff is, left to right, George Elliot, offensive line: Gerald Benn defensive lineg Tracy Norwood, head coachg Dr. Melvin Crawford, defensive backfield O O a Dr. Flobert Lander, offensive line. Jerry Pitt and Coach Norwood consider an offensive play at the East Central game. Coach Benn calls out changes to his defensive specialists. Coach Norwood gives Fred Cheek the spotter's report as the game develops One hundred seventy-two Dale Runyan gets blitzed by Arkansas Tech. Redman defense sets up to stop Northwestern QB Dobbins. Redmen Deaton and Doolittle move up to stop a first-and-ten drive. NORTHEASTERN . . ARKANSAS TECH . . NSC First Downs 8 Yards Rushing 144 Yards Passing 788 Passes 3117 Punts 7141 Penalties 90 ..6 ..6 AT 12 182 14 219 8130 30 Down but not out. NORTHEASTERH . . 13 NORTHWESTERN . . 32 NSC NWSC First Downs 10 14 Yards Rushing 55 274 Yards Passing 162 30 Passes 7126 118 Punts 7139 7133 Penalties 55 80 Richard Dunlap stretches out to stop a long run by North western. football NORTHEASTERN 21 SOUTHEASTERN 13 NSC SSC First Downs 12 12 Yards Rushing 117 186 Yards Passing 130 24 Passes 6f19 3122 Punts 10142 9139 Penalties 80 136 HOU Cixi Jennings puts a heavy rush on a Southeastern passer. 1 2 4 f 2 9 1 l l 3 5 2 is I E E Cheek is down on the 20 after a long aerial. One hundred seventy-four Pitt unleashes the long bomb for Lashley. First Downs Yards Rushing Yards Passing Passes Punts Penalties NORTHEASTERN 14 EAST CENTRAL .... 43 NSC ECSC 16 15 50 228 19f 39 67 36 45 299 180 7f12 2f 38 90 Unable to sustain a drive, NSC is forced to punt. Pitt gets it away under fire. One hundred seventy-five 9, THE 1967 REDMAN SQUAD: first row, left to right, Tim Livesay, Mike Weaver, Greg Thompson, Fred Ledbetter, Richard Marti, Bob Williams, Don Deaton, Fred Cheek, Ron Stevens, Dan Rhodes, manager. Second row, left to right, John Lawson, trainer, Bob Purser, Sterling Davis, Jerry McCrary, Pete Jennings, Robert Mills, H. W. Green, Larry Morino, Randy Goodsell, Chuck Masters. Third row, left to right, David Kiger, Robert Hudson, Paul Gallahar, David McSpadden, Jim Warden, Richard Dunlap, Gary Llewellyn, Larry Cox, Rusty Goodsell, Robert Taylor. Fourth row, left to right, Charles Colbert, Jerry Holland, Jerry Pitt, Dan Rowe, Omer Sumter, John Goubeaud, Richard Smith, Jim Holland, Kenneth Pitt. Fifth row, left to right, Dennis Rogers, Ray Grimes, Ronny Brown, Ernest Robinson, Dennis Chaffin, Jim Lewallen, Booker Shackelford, Ed Hamilton, Doug Holloway, Frank Farrow. Fumble? Photography is part of the game. The side line game is serious. football NSC Opp. 6 Arkansas Tech 6 7 Northwestern State College 26 21 Southeastern State College 13 14 East Central State College 43 13 Southwestern State College 34 0 Langston University 23 13 Central State College 54 7 Panhandle A8tM 2 27 Kansas State College 35 SEASON STATISTICS NSC Opp. First Downs 101 129 Yards Rushing 700 1048 Yards Passing 1222 882 Pass Completions 84 36 Pass Attempts 215 64 interceptions 6 14 Punts 66 54 Punt Average 39 37 Penalties 499 701 RECIPIENTS OF QUARTERBACK CLUB AWARDS Sept. 19 Don Deaton, Ernest Robinson Sept. 26 Ernest Robinson, Fred Cheek Oct. 3 Jerry Pitt Oct. 8 Don Deaton, Larry Cox, Fred Cheek Oct. 17 Don Deaton Oct. 24 Ernest Robinson Nov. 4 Richard Marti, John Goubeaud Nov. 17 Larry Cox, H. W. Green One hundred seventy-seven Hudson climaxes a drive by finding pay dirt. NORTHEASTERN .U 13 SOUTHWESTERN .. . 34 NSC SSC First Downs 11 18 Yards Rushing 81 311 Yards Passing 78 82 Passes 9f27 618 Punts 8f33 6135 Penalties 30 60 Cheek recovers a fumble to aid the Redman cause. i i NORTHEASTERN . . . O LANGSTON ...... 23 NC LU First Downs 7 10 Yards Rushing 111 121 Yards Passing 17 131 Passes 4f16 13f20 Punts 8136 7129 Penalties 20 98 i fig? 94 t. Q Q Masters is short of a first down by inches. Secondary picks up the piay and stops it at the Langston 40 girl 41 Just break this tackle and then home free, Cheek. Wt f, . 5' Yam,-.I V Q One hundred seventy-nine Homing in on pay dirt and six more points for Northeastern. NORTHEASTERN . 0 CENTRAL .......... 14 NSC CSC First Downs 12 21 Yards Rushing 61 305 Yards Passing 105 205 Passes 11127 17128 Punts 9140 4142 Penalties 65 120 NORTHEASTERN . . . 7 PANHANDLE ........ 0 NSC PAM First Downs 11 12 Yards Rushing 98 114 Yards Passing 157 47 Passes 9122 4112 Punts 6135 8132 Penalties 35 52 The Redmen eat up the clock by controlling the ball on the ground. Signals ready . . . hike . . . first and goal for NSC. Rough is the name of the game. xi Marti comes out of his shoes to nab the pigskin for a first down. football NORTHEASTERN . . . KANSAS STATE .... NSC KSC 14 15 27 35 First Downs Yards Rushing 68 163 Yards Passing 256 183 Passes 16132 4f38 Penalties 79 35 'st 'PQ 'F-wi' G 4 H. W. Green uncorks a long aerial tor Richard Marti. Line play is as fierce as an OCAC championship playoff. One hundred eighty-one Coach Jack Dobbins and Coach Ken Holland review NSC- OBU statistics after the teams' first encounter this season. basketball we 3 Coach Dobbins spends half-time chalk sessions analyzing Redman opponents and pointing out their weaknesses. The 1967 Redman roundballers, left to right, front row, Bill Terry, row, Eddie Coleman, Tom Maddox, Mike Hastings, Charles Paulk Jim Franke, Jim Rimer, Bill McKenny, Charlie Bighorse. Second Clarence Hedge, Barry Morgan, Jerry Walker and Bob Rogers. One hundred eighty-three Carl Jeck adds a score to help defeat Panhandle 71-63 in the season's conference opener. Ohddlg basketball SEASON RECORD NSC Opp 85 College of the Ozarks 84 83 College of the Ozarks 59 70 Arkansas College 68 97 John Brown University 94 67 Arkansas State Teachers 76 71 Panhandle A and M 63 81 Northwestern 70 60 Central State College 66 48 Southeastern 46 87 Southwest Baptist 79 43 Oklahoma Baptist 67 81 East Central 69 60 Phillips 62 77 Langston 88 69 Central State College 71 66 Southwestern 65 70 Southeastern 67 57 Oklahoma Baptist 64 87 John Brown University 68 99 East Central 70 77 Phillips 58 92 Langston 81 85 Panhandle A and M 72 83 Northwestern 74 Hands, elbows, legs,-but where's the ball? Tom Maddox demonstrates the spirit which made him the Ftedmen's leading scorer this season and earned him an All-Conference berth. Whoof! Sharp defensive play enabled Northeastern to topple South eastern 48-46. Charles Paulk hoists his 6-8 frame to net two more points. basketball Hustle . . y lt could be anybody's ball! Not only rivalry is high, but also emotions as exemplified by Coach Dobbins. One hundred eighly-seven X Els 'Q i .-:N-1 X 2 1 5 ? 1' . i s Q rxq is -sw Qi -,sua Ken Redding gets set to take a fast one. Don Stockard runs for first with encouragement from Coach Geraid Benn Lonnie Hale steals second against a strong Buena Vista nine in the second of a four-game series. baseball spills' if i an it The six letlermen on the Redman nine, left to right, kneeling, Warren Center, L. P. Williams, Lonnie Hale. Standing, Tom Henderson, Danny Robins, Don Stockard. One hundred ninety-one nwsm-W - , 3 .. ' -2 ,iee , i e es seeei eises siii s M f,-- 5 as gs Q Wei' in A if lg . 5 I7.. ails. , V H ,S ,isi 5: as V' - 52,1-,iw 7 , Tom Henderson went all-out on this pitch to a Poteau Junior College batter. Henderson fanned nine in the game. baseball V- " " A w ' "-1-'xii' '-2 Third baseman Danny Robins belts out a single to help in a win over Langston University. Star pitcher Larry Woodridge, who finished the season with an 8-1 record shows his form in a 4-O shutout of East Central. Shortstop Ken Redding hits an East Central pitcher to keep up his batting average of .310. One hundred ninety-two The Redman baseball team, left to right, front row, Larry Hernandez, Robins. Back row, Larry Wooldridge, Dan Drywater, David Center, Gary Woodard, Ray Stice, Darryl Buckley, Larry Williams, Ken Red- Tom Henderson, Phil Corder, Warren Center. ln the center, left to ding, Lonnie Hale, Melvin Spencer, Ken Gray, Ron Riggs, Danny right, Coach Gerald Benn, assistant coach Fred McClain. L W'll' ' ' . ,...,, . ,. . . arry 1 rams swings and misses , ,nfw W 1512 ummm mu,ArrM fawvaww .wwaf,,f,,..,, Catcher Danny Robins also plays third base. f .. J. -W-ogwpww xleffifi ' ' 1. ft A s N few: Q71 if- W l at -I W gf One hundred ninety-three The big bat of right fielder Ray Stice helped in handing the Oklahoma Baptist University Bison their only defeat of the season. Lonnie Hale comes in to put out an OBU runner at second. NSC Opp. 9 Buena Vista College 8 2 Buena Vista College 4 7 Buena Vista College 11 8 Buena Vista College 11 0 Bacone College 12 6 Poteau Junior College 1 9 Poteau Junior College 2 8 Bacone College 5 10 Poteau Junior College 2 15 Poteau Junior College 2 6 Langston University 1 8 Langston University 4 2 Southeastern State College 1 1 Southeastern State College 2 8 East Central State College 3 4 East Central State College 0 1 University of Tulsa 6 1 University of Tulsa 3 2 Oklahoma Baptist University 6 7 Oklahoma Baptist University 0 6 Langston University 0 11 Langston University 1 1 Southeastern State College 2 1 Southeastern Slate College 2 One hundred ninety-four Lonnie Hale slides in for a two-bagger. Hale finished the season with a .377 batting average. baseball A. L1 First baseman Warren Center waits for the throw . . . and gets the Southeastern runner One hundred ninety-five golf Paced by the only returning letterman, Jim Cook, the Redman golfers came out with a 6-4-1 season record. However, after winning the OCAC championship for the past three years, the team was disappointed in having to settle for third place in the conference meet. Bill Cook puts another long one down the fairway, The 1967 golf team, left to right, Ron Prater, Buster Coggins, Jim Cook, Bill Rush, Perry Pascuccl, Gary Lee, D. M. Wadley, coach. Perry Pascuccl doesn't quite sink his putt as, left to right, Buster Cog- gins, Ron Prater, and Perry Pascuccl look on. are making this a sure point. Tom Crane gets set for a smashing serve to ace his opponent. -'-fiflliw-1 , zstltttftltti Every shot is S9l'lOUS bUSll19SS with Greg Falklfl, Bhd he COIWCSVTUEIIGS on Thad Langfgrd Shgwg gogd form in returning 3 Sizzling ball to keep the point going. - - V,Xf gf' v 'sit . of Coach Kenneth Holland demonstrates the proper way to serve. -..,,.t of Q-.44 W1 tennis Lack of experience was Coach Kenneth l-lolland's theme song for his 1967 tennis team. At the beginning of the season one returning netster was killed in an automobile accident and another was lost mid-season, so for of the games the coach had most to rely on untried material. Although they took no matches, the teams gave their opponents some real opposition with high-point games and long sets. Dennis Lashley moves for a hard-hit ball. s.wN.1-f- N L' I ' ...WW ,.,"" ' ,ff-f 'Q ,,,,'-v- ,,,,.,..J-ff' i r track Although they lacked a track for practice, the track team made the most of some good men and garnered enough points to move up from its 1966 eighth place in the OCAC meet to a tie for sixth. Tom Silvanic took third in the pole vault, and the runners placed fourth in the 440 and 880 relays. in other meets the tracksters, coached by Tracy Norwood, gained points in the 100 and 220 dashes. Robert Mills relaxes, then puts the 16- pound shot in a practice session. Track Coach Tracy Norwood, who is also head football coach. Eric Mikel gets underway to take the baton from Dwight Johnston in practice for the 440 relay under the watchful eye of Coach Tracy Norwood. .im Ala . . One hundred ninety-nine Speedsters, left to right, Eric Mikel, Charles Chaplin Joe Gordon and Tom Silvanic do a practice sprint. if zlgswff lf, 2 M 1 'P ,a,-W 2 Volleyball gets off to a bounding start. Phi Sig's perpetual pressure crushes the A Phi O offense. intramurals p Coach Fuller gives final instructions to Villa Rebels and Phi Lamb "A" squads before the football playoff. -I-hat ban looked big. Lrgaagguilglrswrestling is fun for the grunt and goan A' ' friiwfy, ' ' Coach Fuller whistles the start ot the 100 yard free style. . K as. K " ""ltll-vs , Q Li N l .Ms-if -- a k S ' " -. : t - . .- K .5 .5 " A .ws . .X K M K ? r A .A Mfg' fx, Wk , - is A L .- me S, 2 KA, so A A Q ' 33? 3 wi ,... Q as ' ' ls as important as the actual toss. p Danny Coates demonstrates that a bench press is a good exercise for chest and shoulders, M..,.i1 physical education classes i r Football is a very popular team sport. A perfect trampoline "high dive." Two hundred two S s l? 1 'fig 5 -M Y" am A diver shows a somewhat-less-than perfect form. -qw . -.1 Ronnie Choate demonstrates good form on the long horse in his stunts and tumbling class. lit' 4 S Z if Q , Volleyball is a popular and exciting indoor sport. During the fall days gym classes turn to basketball. The 1967 girls varsity field hockey team, left to right, are Sherry Brewster, Loretta Walker, Gail Krausch Tony Hart, Margaret Lumpmouth, Carolyn Davis, Gretchen Harjo, Barbara Coachman, Pam Childs, Stella Waters Bar bara Marshall, Sandy Elam, Mary Lou Albitz, Frankie Albitz, Janie Franklin and Joyce Wood. physical education classes i Bowlers, left to right, Pauletta Elephant, Sandy Elam, Pam Childs and Madeline Gilmore are among the top contenders in women's bowling. Two hundred four Mary Brassfield gets away a sure strike 'SW 'Sf v o o 4 fo' v'6 3.4 ,Q fo' 9 of. 51' 1 5 HJ., ,X--1w',,,,, g,,,,,- A 1, .. . !'f'f"-.',I,. gf' . , - ' ," .3-'Ym' - 'lv 3' f LL ' fifiz' - 4 .'.- viii? 'f .?f,I,,i- . L. fa! Af' Y 'F N- , 4. . fi -'Fm ,fa ,fi 7. .,.w '. i-4 , . H H ' 51, ., , ., wg, 'V' " -'z' ' ,'FvI"7x f4i?.'xJQ"." i , :li , ,,f,,,,f A-ff, .Jw . I.,-, ,raw x'N""' 'Wg , , Two hundred six Ar 'W' '- , f v"""'5uu. ...mi 41- ' C . wwe y Q v ,fiwlvfr . 1 sl - 5 . 'L - . '. ' . X 4- 4 D.: ' 1 . 'J s , .-xv - -Y Q . 115, - t 's " . ' . sv I , "asffo 'ft 1-ff,-,w 1- - 4"- Y A .H r l .sz ' rg TQ if '-.-L-" -f f ri' ' rv Lg - gg, -ER? 1 i x f 40 f X gNi fQgxk Y ff' W: ,L fm if If ,X t if UH' X ' tx In ' f , I V fi , K : ,, i , I, U 4- , 74 . . . - Asif! QV k Active minds are stirred to new areas of thinking and knowledge is disseminated to groping youth through vigor and dedication of the faculty governor bartlett Dewey Bartlett has served ably as the state's second Republican governor. He was formally inaugurated into the office January 9, 1967. Governor Bartlett, a well known figure to Northeastern Oklahomans, has been a leading businessman in Tulsa for 20 years. He was first elected to the State Senate in 1962 and was re-elected in 1964. Governor and Mrs. Bartlett have three children: Dewey, Jr. 195 Joan 183 and Mike 16. Former Governor Bellmon presents the official mace to Dewey Bartlett, Oklahoma's present governor. Two hundred eight EE' Y - it if-as L sei 'H lk: an ifjtjg bbs? 3: 4,35 ig!! G it as Tf -' 4 ,ini-A gating Nlllfi G . 'fi k A X -V f :eg 4 W ' igi ' . 195-L' E Q A f if .ff- W- 11,542 life? -.QQ iT5"'4r'. , ,i Dewey F. Bartlett Governor of Oklahoma N2 if' oklahoma state regents for higher education Board of Regents of Oklahoma Col- leges are, left to right, top row, V. L. Browne, M. C. Collum, executive secretary, Harold T. Garvin, Marvin K. Hambrick. Middle row, Dr. Oliver Hodge, Merryll Jennings, president, Joe B. Monroe, Lawrence S. Mor- rison. Bottom row, Mrs. Dovie Pruitt, Thomas Walsh. Two hundred nine R. L. Crowder, Jr. Mrs. S. F. Ditmars Dr. E. T. Dunlap, Chancellor Exall English G. Ellis Gable Donald S. Kennedy William T. Payne. Chairman T. G. Sexton, Administrative Assistant John J. Vater, Jr. Clyde A. Wheeler state board of regents The members of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are appointed by the Governor to determine the function and course of study in each college and university, to prescribe standards of higher education applicable to each state institution, to recommend budget allocations, and to propose fees to the state legislature each year. They also approve all college purchases, employment and construction. Dr. Harrell E. Garrison, president of Northeastern State College. Two h undred ten president harrell e. garrison A record of achievement in physical facilities, academic progress, and improvement in student life characterizes the sixteen years Dr. Harrell E. Garrison has been president of Northeastern. Modern in his thinking, the mentor constantly looks to the future in planning for the advancement of the college. Dr. Garrison greets students at the annual President's dinner. I l Dr. Merle Farnsworth presents Dr. Garrison with a birthday cake at a faculty party in honor of presidents birthday. Mrs. Helen Leturno, executive secretary for the president. and Mrs. Carol Brown. also a secretary in the office. Two hundred eleven 5 Dr. Garrison and Duchess enjoy afternoon barbecue on the patio of the presidents home. The president likes to relax with music from his stereo system N. 1 5 Dr. Elwin Fite, dean of the college, directs the entire curriculum of the school. Dr. Fite's secretary is Mrs. Dorothy Willey, right, assisted by Mrs. Virginia Wilson. Dr. V. W. Burrows directs the fifth year program leading to the master of teaching degree. Dr. Burrows' secretary is Mrs. Shirley Kisner. 2 administration .deans Dr. Minter Uzzell, dean of students, is the supervisor for all personal records of students, from freshman orientation to placement listing. Dean Uzzell's sec- retary is Mrs. Helen Peters. Mildred Randels, dean of women, serves as adviser and counselor for all women students at the college. She is assisted by her secretary, Mrs. Betty Draper. 2 T hddtht special services -1-M.--f+efsL-s-+-- -M'-s -- 'ft- M . A.... ,,,.,.,..,,,. .M .e,...-P...-a..,..,...f,X., 7' l Q...-i 33,,.,,.....S lg' 2 , fs . ,..,..,.........,....,..-.aff M. Thddft NXXW Dr. H. L. Helton, director of student aids, and secretary, Mrs. Daisy Da- vis. Dr. Jack Kisner, director of place- ment services, and secretary, Mrs. Wanda Morrison. Dr. William Parrish, director of pur- chasing, and Mrs. Jo Ellen Rogers, secretary. Dr. Ed Battles, registrar and profes- sor of political science, and Mrs. Faye Doss, secretary. O. W. Jones, director of housing, and Mrs. Hattie Mae Galloway, sec- retary. O. J. Pyland, controller of business offices. Ivan Holmes, director of public re- lations. dfff ,MW -,M kv, WW,-ffwfffw, 1 f ,,,,,W,,.w ww ' , , ,,.,,,,M.v,,, , V,h,V W ,,,, Ak,, Q,AW, Q... ri np npfg. . . ,l . , L,:. A Two hundred sixteen Mc' 'ZEN g 1.21, K ,. " communications .english .journalism .speech Dr. Frank Vesley, professor of English and head of division, and his secretary, Mrs. Martha Green. Mrs. Myrna Hammons and Mrs. Mary Catherine Norwood, instructors of Eng- Iish. Mrs. Janie Teel, Mrs. Ann Cottrill, Tom Cottrill, and Harvey Lamberson, stu- dent assistants. Betty Ritch, assistant professor of Eng- lish, Dr. Hattie Propst, professor of English, and Mrs. Virginia Millican, as- sistant professor of English. Dr. Valgene Littlefield, professor of speech, Perry Hanan, instructor of speech, Robert Gobetz, assistant pro- fessor of English, and Sharon Williams, instructor of English. Thddt communication WP Thddghi 132 59 Q My Jimmy Barnes, instructor of Eng- Iish. Mrs. Elizabeth Milvo, instructor of English. Charles Oliver, Mary Saunders and Aubrey Shepherd, instructors of English. David Hilligoss, instructor of speech, and Dr. Marjorie Holland, professor of English. Bruce Tibbetts and James Walker, instructors of English. Luana Lair, Mrs. Maurine Smith and Mrs. Eugenia Thompson, instructors of English. Ruth Arrington, assistant professor of speech, and Judith Wallis, in- structor of speech and drama. Kenneth Wagner, instructor of Eng- lish, and Ivan Holmes, associate professor of journalism. J Y if J AS' education and psychology .education .elementary .education .psychology Lee Quiett, instructor of education and psychol0QYZ Dr. Lloyd Cop- pedge, assistant professor of edu- cation and psychology! Dr. Lloyd Slagle, assistant professor of edu- cation. Dr. Major McClure, professor of ed- ucation and chairman of divisiong Mrs. Peggy Van Fleet, secretary. Bev. Bill Bradley, pastor of The First Christian Church and Rev. Jim Forkner, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, both instruc- tors of religious education Mrs. Louise Peake, instructor of speech and supervisor of clinical practices, Mrs. Doris Woodward, secretary, Jerry Teel, instructor of speech and hearing. Dr. Frankie Harris, professor of ele- mentary educationg Dr. Harvey Jones, professor of education. Dr. James Adams and Dr. James Goss, professors of education. Barbara Hanners, instructor of speech and hearing. Mrs. Grace Fites, secretary, Dr. Fred Taylor, professor of researchg Tom Johnson, assistant professor of audio-visual education. - Wwmwwl .... . X..,L,L K. Tzu kv X X :.: Mi A Lkzly NNN J ef Q N YN M N5 is 5 F: . I N551 Q 15 X .K jx-N ..-...-.. wunalupa .uw nn.. gf-N new 3 'x is x xx N X3 xx ax .S X S SQ X S QS XX X A af X . 5. . JJ... i ' L T k wx education and psychology Robert Webb ll and Guy Friend, freshman counselors and instruc- tors of education. Dr. Charles Galbraith, associate professor of education, and Dr. Floyd Stierwalt, assistant professor of education. Dr. Howard Thompson, professor of education, Mrs. Cleo Hall, secretary of intern teaching, Dr. Mitchel Mann, associate professor of psy- chology. Dr. J. Ross Underwood and Dr. Cor- bett Smith, assistant professors of education. Dr. J. F. Plett and Dr. Wallace Hill, professors of education. Howell Myers, assistant professor of education, Dr. James Jones, pro- fessor of psychology, Dr. Dan De- Loache, associate professor of edu- cation. Dr. Erwin Turner, associate profes- sor of psychology! Dr. James Sego Jr., assistant professor of education and psychology. Dr. Glen Sizemore, professor of psychology. Donald Herrlein, assistant professor of guidance and counseling, Mrs. Betty Best, secretary of freshman counselors, Leonard Rainwater, in- structor of education. Richard Coones, instructor of artg Ruth Allison, assistant professor of artg Eugene Sullivan, instructor of ceramics. Sylvania Pretch, assistant professor of music, Dr. Paul Grover, professor of musicg Lowell Lehman, instructor of music. Dr. Merle Farnsworth, professor of modern languageg Frances Murtha, instructor of modern language. fine arts .art Dr. Theo Nix, professor of musicg .foreign languages Evelyn Gravitt, secretary. Dr. Ralph Whitworth, professor of .humanities musicg Dr. Theodore Walstrum, . professor of musicg Floyal Jennings, -TTTUSIC assistant professor of music. 4 T h dd! tyf health, physical education and safety .camp leadership .health education 5' Dr. Melvin Crawford, associate pro- fessor of health and physical edu- cation, Jack Dobins, assistant pro- fessor of health and physical edu- cation. Dan Fuller, assistant professor of health and physical educationg Tracy Norwood, assistant professor of physical education. Gerald Benn, instructor of physical education, George Elliott, instructor of health and physical education. Dr. Kenneth Holland, professor of physical education and safetyg Dr. Robert Lander, professor of phy- sical education. D. M. Wadley, chairman of division and associate professor of physical educationg Mrs. Deanna Land, sec- retary. Mary Margaret Frey, Donna Lou Traugh, and Willa Faye Mason, all instructors of health and physical education. Mrs. Martha Markham and Dorothy Frie, both assistant professors of physical education. Two hundred twenty-eight 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ibrary science Mrs. Obera Cude, assistant Iibrariang Mrs. Polly Clarke, assistant librarian. Mrs. Anne Hoyt, assistant librarian. . John Vaughan Library. . Jan Laney, library clerkg Mrs. Beverly Youngblood, library clerk, Linda Fagen library clerk. Right, Gilbert Fites, chairman of division and librarian. Mrs. Jewell Dold, Mrs. Capitola Wadley, and Mrs. Helen Wheat, library assistants. Mrs. Reba Cox and Mrs. Imogene Nix, assistant librariansg Mrs. Gladys Dennis, library assistant. natural science and .botany .biology .chemistry .geology .math .physics .science .zoology 1. L. E. Wallen, chairman of division and associate professor of chemistryg Mrs. Mary Jane Scott, secretary. 2. Dr. Herbert Monks, assistant professor of mathematicsg Dr. Raymond Carpenter, professor of mathematics. 3. Robert Harvey, instructor of mathe- matics. 4. John Bill Taylor, assistant professor of science. 5. Dr. Joe Anderson, associate profes- sor of botanyg Helen Aingworth, assistant professor of biology. 6. Robert Bryan, instructor of general science. 7. Kirk Boatright, instructor of physicsg Lanny Joe Reed, instructor of physicsg Edward Galloway, assistant professor of science. 8. Dr. J. D. Reeves, professor of scienceg George Clarke, associate professor of scienceg Seldon Bowman, instructor of science. P559-' PfW9iBS ,. ,..., Wx 3 if N I mmm, 'r n ddthty mathematics 5 . Mmawwnx... .. .. an m as .. A . . f . U QQNkNfSQ.154f RY! Q34 1 I Q 5 3 an Pu K 5 Q 6 unq- . N.. . V il r""-,X 8 ...W Two hundred thirty-one natural science and mathematics 1. Charles A. Grant, assistant profes- sor of mathematicsg Doyle B. Stone, assistant professor of mathematics, Mike Reagan, assistant professor of mathematics. 2. Austin Ketcher, instructor of chem- istry, Dr. D. D. Finley, professor of chemistryg David Cook, instructor of chemistry. 3. Dr. Emmit Wheat, professor of matthematics. A 41 1 Y .K ' ' 5 -1 na Y 'x ---1.- W A-6 M, 1 Q 1 Carl Borchers Instructor of avla The Paper Cherokee Borchers helping a student The Paper Cherokee In flight practical acts .business .drafting ,,W .home economics .industrial arts 1 , 2 F 2 1 2 d dthityf 1. Bertis Ferguson, chairman of the division and associate professor of industrial artsg Mrs. Mary Butler, secretary. 2. John Moffitt, assistant professor of accountingg Raymond Gann, instructor of industrial arts. 3. Dr. Cesaro Lombardi and Dr. James Ledbetter, professors of industrial arts. 4. Robert Honea, assistant professor of business educationg Wesley Houk, instructor of accounting. 5. Dr. Bobbie Bateman and Zoe Davis, associate professors of business education. 6. Dr. Lovena Wheeless, Dr. Russell Walker, Dr. Dean Clayton and Dr. Jack Whisenhunt, professors of business education. 7. Dr. Nadene Harris and Dr. Mary Haas, professors of home economics. 8. Ray Stearns, instructor of business education, Dorothy Yandell, assistant professor of business education. 9. Mrs. Irma Lee Steirwalt, instructor of business education. . Terry Reed, instructor of printing. hundred thl 5 ' i g .1 , . 7 5 2 ----.... U-fl' P' am, ,W .. ,-. wmffwwmn.. Y W' nw .L M social science .economics .geography .history .political science .sociology 1. Charles Rogers, instructor of geography, Dr. Amos Maxwell, professor of political science. 2. Dr. Nathan Brooks, professor of geography, Richard Bullock, instructor of geography. 3. John Buss and Robert Greubel, both instructors of economics. 4. Dr. John Lowe, chairman of the division and professor of political science, Mrs. Louise Smith, secretary. 5. Dr. Cyril Grace, professor of sociology, Kenneth Ray Bain, instructor of history, and Herbert Boggan, associate professor of sociology. Thddt , V ,M a,vlww.-U,l,..M .me mar- tm, mmm V grmaaag ,mmggr . ' f 7-wzwuewwsmt H, U, 'lli mt xy ragga, I I I . ay .j,4jzfej.-tg..-x-g 'we4nQf,Qfz4wf-41.1.51 f.-WWW .A ,ft 7. .4 XM, ,V,,V. . .. 3 il 1. 2. 3. 4. Jack Fi. Forrest and Fiudia Hallibur- ton, both associate professors of his- tory. Harpal Gill, assistant professor of po- litical science and economics, Au- gustus Walker, instructor of sociolo- gy, Dr. Adele Turner, associate pro- fessor of sociology. Paul D. Travis, instructor of history. William Parker, instructor of sociol- ogy: Everett Summerhill, assistant professor of economics, Jay lVlun- sell, instructor of sociology. 5. 6. 7. 8. Calvin Turnbow, associate professor of history, Charles King, instructor of history, William G. Hills, instructor of political science. James Williams, assistant professor of history, William Cheek, instructor of geography, William Tonkin, in- structor of history. Dr. John Morris, assistant professor of history, Dr. Maxwell O. White, professor of history. Dr. Clifton E. Hart, associate profes- sor of history. T h d dihrfy gh! social science Two hundred thlrty-nlne J"f'fQ""' V, W 1. John White, printing make-up specialist. 2. Mrs. Mary Catherine James, publications. 3. Ivan Holmes, director of public relations. 4. Ken Wagner, assistant director of public relations, Mrs. Sara James, secretary. Thdd public relations fo Fty photography , fl, Off l SWA W3 in Jim. T h ddf ty oi- f - 'g Joe Eastham and John Reed, stu- dent photographers. Delmar Asbill, school photographer Jerry Lively, student photographer Jerry Hanson, student photograph- er. John Maddox, student photogra- pher. Jack Aldridge, student photograph- er. p ri nt s h o p Clarence Hedge. Joe King, Amos Wakefield, and Ter- ry Reed, printers. Terry Fleed, instructor, Joe East- ham, Russell Brummett, Gerald Crager, Fred Davenport, and Ron- nie Warden. Mike Bishop. Vt .IX f Q R, book store Dana May, manager. Jim Rogers helps with books during enrollment. Bookstore workers James Elder, Shirley Evans, and Gene Cragar. T h 2 . 3 dred fo business Mrs. Carolyn Goodman and Mrs. Naomi Campbell, clerks. Mrs. Rowena Woodard and Mrs. Wilma Carpenter, clerks. Mrs. Betty Burroughs, clerk. Mrs. La Ferne Smith, clerk, and Bill Hinton, cashier. Mrs. Phyllis Sanders, Mrs. JoAnn Otten, Mrs. Gail Thompson, and Mrs. Carolyn Jones, clerks. Q w Z: ' ' ,-,' ff ., . - 1 ia y rl 1 Mrs. Pauline Henry, clerk, and Mrs. 5 Linda Beaverson, secretary. Mrs. Jane Hensley, clerk. Mrs. Norma Hickman, clerk. Mrs. Lela Mae Stowers and Mrs. Jean Peter, clerks. Mrs. Doris Ellis and Mrs. Mary Gaf- ford, clerks. Q I T n aafnyv l r i l student health center 1. Left to right, Robert Scott, James Lewallen and Melanie Mallonee, student employees, and Mrs. Lela Canada, director of the Student Health Center. dorm mothers 2. Leoser dorm mothers, left to right, Mrs. Elsie Thompson, Mrs. Elsie Hood, Mrs. John Cowan, Mrs. Ruby Chapman. 3. Wilson and Haskell dorm mothers, left to right, Mrs. Clara Powell, Mrs. Ernestine Starr, Mrs. Neoma Albitz, Mrs. Lazora Clayton. 1 1 2 . l i 5 l i l t 5 1 i l T h l ' 2 - fjffc :ff V.: . . ,. My B d dfriy cafeteria 1. Mrs. Frenchie Dorman and Mrs. Cassie Greene 2. Mrs. Nancy Robertson, Mrs. Juanita Hodgins, and Mrs. Elsie Thornburg maintenance 3. Mr. Tom Rogers and secretary, Mrs. Carol Jean Lawley ed Two hundred forty-eight l zz S: , wsvffl rits QHIM i Q W . l Q QS Qi x i , '- l J ".I5is5v1f7f l J -S, S' K ,: ff ff . 1 S. if-sl, sw l- vv.fwv1t:w . ,, I ,Z ml. Que , sw.-1+ - V N-w,s1w,f-,L ,,, , ,gg- L14 - .l if fl, -. . M v,,,, 'i Q 5 ' fre? A fig: q M S z af W 5 f t SL A 4 fm , g L S Q , if , 'if LE Tw s J -f-wiQtaf 's:1:l:,:fmgm2g S 55" a s t I jgggffitffgseftf , M, :figs ' f.:!::' Lg 115' at ,152 'V S, S if W S Q t z Z' A W 923 A ii? ' iw ig NX -fs. -gi a ' M ,xxx i4-Z f if X X ,WW Af, - ll Hi t X 4, , ,, , ,X X A 1 l t, .Y 11 ,I N V' ll' The excitement of campaigning, the hulla- baloo of elections, the bustle of decorating floats closely knit the members of the classes l R , s 7 X, W, il Senior class officers, seated, left to right, Carole Henderson, treas- standing, left to right, Cheryl Frazier, Student Senate representative urerg Carol Cumpton, student organization committee representativeg Rosalie Lesser, secrelaryg and Butch Gilstrap, president. seniors AILEY, MIQUELYN ALBITZ, FRANKIE Pryor Tulsa Mathematics Physical Education ALLEN, LARRY ALLRED, WILLIAM Chandler Tulsa Speech Chemistry Two hundred titty ALLARD, REVA ALLEN, CHARLES Washington, D. C. Tahlequah Spanish Psychology ANDERSON, GARY Perry Social Studies ARNOLD, CAROL Wilburton Business Education BARNETT, JOHN BATSON, ADDIE BEAN, DIANNE Sand Springs Eutaula Tulsa English Home Economics Speech Therapy BLACK, SUSIE BLANKENSHIP, Tulsa EDWARD Political Science Wagoner Business Administration fi- BOATMAN, PEGGY BOCOX, JANET BOURNE, KAREN Okmulgee Tulsa Tulsa Elementary-English Spanish Business Education .- 'CF X BRIGGS, DAVID BROCK, BARBARA BROCK, DANIEL Tahlequah Bixby Fairland Business Administration English EIGNBHTSVY EUUCHUOH Two hundred titty-one wxnmf. BECK, SAM Muskogee Speech-English nnmwmn BOATMAN, CHARLES Preston Business Administration BROOMFIELD, KAREN Ponca City History BENEDETTO, JAMES Muskogee Music BOATMAN, CLEATUS Okmulgee Business Administration BOWSER, LOREALIA Muskogee English BROWN, ANITRA Muskogee Elementary Education PBX L. BROWN, CAROLYN BROWN, MERRILL BRUMMETT, CARLA BRUMMETT, RUSSELL BRUNO, CONNIE Pryor Fort Gibson Tulsa Tulsa Wagoner English History Elementary Education Industrial Arts Physical.Education 5 SSIWIOFS BULLARD, GARRY BURGER, JERRY BUTCHER, LORETTA BUTLER, MIKE Muskogee Tulsa Bartlesville Warner Mathematics Pre-Med Elementary Education Sociology-Psychology BYNUM, ROBERT CADION, JERRY CANNARSA, TERRY Vian Tulsa Muskogee ggcounting-Business History Economics v ' Vx, Va, CAPPS, JIMMY CARR, ROBERT CARSON, LOUISE Tahlequah Roland Stilwell Business Mathematics Elementary Education Administration Two hundred fifty-two CANTRELL, CONSTANCE Sapulpa English CARTER, LINDA Fort Smith, Ark. Elementary Education CARVER, LARRY CASTLE, FRED J. CHAPMAN, DAWNA CHICHESTER, HARRY Bokoshe Tulsa Henryetta Tulsa Natural Science iconomics-Business Physical Education Biology d. if 'VV CHINN, SANDRA CHOATE, ALMA LEE CLEMENTS, SUSAN Bowring Muskogee Tulsa Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education : COLLIER, THOMAS COOK, HENRY COOK, PATRICIA Broken Arrow Fairfax Burkank industrial Arts Mathematics Elementary Ed.- 1 English CORNELIUS, JOHN COUCH, CHARLOTTE COUNTERMAN, CAROL Schulter Muskogee Henryetta Physical Education Elementary Ed.- Elementary Education Business Ed. Two hundred fifty-three N ff CHICHESTER, LETHA Tulsa Home Economics COGGINS, CHARLES Heavener Business Administration COONCE, CAROL, Jenks Elementary Education , "a A tttt Q tt, z::1:.11i1'l1:'.' A 'SX lits as A COURTNEY, LARRY Seminole Business Ad.- Economics 5 John Lawson, senior football trainer, gives first aid to Kent LashIey's ailing knee during the NSC-East Central Game. CUM'PTON, CAROL CUPP, GREGORY L. CURRY, PAT Stigler Oklahoma City Jay Elementary Education Physical Education Social Studies DAVIS, ANDERSON DAVIS, DELANE Tahlequah Tulsa Industrial Arts Sociology Two hundred titty-tour COVERSTONE, MARK CRAFTON, BETTY Tulsa Fairland Music Education Elementary Education CRITES, LEON CROFT, BARBARA Wann Pryor Accounting Elementary Education seniors DALRYMPLE, LINDA SUE Foyil Elementary Education DEAVER, LEO R. DEHART, CHARLES Tulsa Poteau Physical Education Accounting f L QCIIQE DENHAM, PHYLLIS DEVERO, WES DODDS, LORETTA DOUTHIT, JACK Kellyville Norman Muskogee Muskogee Home Economics Business Elementary Education Business Education Administration Administration DRAK, MAX DUBOIS, PATSY Southwest City, Mo. Tulsa History Art 5 , DUNCAN, SHIRLEY DUNLAP, THERESA DUNN, HELEN Jay Bartlesville Muskvgee Elementary Education Natural Science Elementary Education ,,M, DOVER, VICKI Muskogee Home Economics ' ' " ' ' 7ff'QV'0511v9'Y'iV"'WW 'f-- :I-72,":I3:'fZa'f:S'1.:.I:"xff1I--' 'Y Q Yvfz V 1 ', V AV : ' ..' , 4 , 'm . W,, In Z r 421+ f ' . ,,, . euor t f ix , , A 1 Q' V . , DUNCAN, NORMA JEAN Adair Elementary Education DURLAND, PHYLLIS Muskogee Home Economics Science Instructor Kirk Boatright explains the use of new science equipment to Nancy Poulton, David Morrison and Larry Dobie. r 4 ,gs-f,r1,,,9rf , ' , I f 3 ,, , g, wif l M ., ,V , .1 .f 1. ,. ffw, ,,,, , - -1 -21: , fur iff, DURST, GARY EBERHARD, ANNETTE Morris Tulsa English Elementary Education EDMONDSON, BILL EDMUNDS, LINDA EDWARDS, LINDA Vinita Tulsa Pryor Physical Education Elementary Education Business Education SSHIOFS EDWARDS, OTIS Wagoner industrial Arts ELLIS, LARRY Muldrow Accounting EPPERSON, ROSEMARY Tulsa Business Education Q,,.f-r 5? I EVANS, CAROLYN EVANS, JAMES Sapulpa Sallisaw Business Education Sociology EDWARDS, WILLIAM ELAM, LINDA ELLIOTT, ROBERT Philipsburg, Pa. Pryor Tulsa Business Elementary Education Industrial Arts Administration ERICKSON, JOANN ESSARY, DON Tahlequah Porter Spanish Business Administration FEARS, RUTH FINNEY, SHERRY FIRENG, CAROL Muldrow Webbers Falls Bartlesville Elementary Education English Elementary Education Two hundred titty-six FISHER, JOHN FLETCHER, ALLISON FORD, WALTER Tulsa Bartlesville Muskogee Sociology Elementary Education Accounting-Business Ad. FULLER, JUDY FYE, PATRICIA Arkoma Disney Business Ad.-Sec. Elementary Education Training g g gv g I .m g aww- I 6 GAMBLE, RICHARD GEREN, COLLIS GIBSON, JAMES Hominy Commerce Muskogee Accounting Natural Science Biology 'Qt'-wr 'ha-uv' GILSTRAP, BUTCH GIRDNER, DONAL GOFF, GEORGE Heavener MARALENE TShl9f1Uaf" Pre-Dental Tulsa Accounting-Business Elementary Education Ad. Two hundred fifty-seven FRAZIER, CHERYL Locust Grove Business Education GABEHART, BETTE Haskell English-History GOODPASTURE, KENT Wagoner Industrial Arts FRYAR, MELBA Bixby English 'WIP Img, QR X GALBRAITH, MARY JANE Westville Elementary Educa ex t X 1-.LQ tion GILL, JOE Bixby Math-Physical Education GRAHAM, LEROY Spavinaw Pre-Dental GRAVES, VALERIE Muskogee Elementary Education K - , S' " kkl. i - A5 .Fir - -- f. - - " -a L,.' g :L L ' . fi ,i 'V .hh 5 ,- eee A , GRIMES, LINDA Wagoner Business Education GRIMSLEY, DEAN Tulsa Business Education GUTHRIE, WINFORD Muskogee Elementary Education GRAYSON, ALMA Checotah Elementary Education seniors GRUMBEIN, HELEN Ketchum Business Administration is X HST , s 1 Qs Lg so w s, - ner' A '- -- J Q cfs i- J- : 'ff ,lil ,li GREEN, JO LYNN Broken Arrow English GRIMES, WAYNE Wagoner Accounting 5 Q f i .. 5 HALE, EARLENE Bartlesville Mathematics Two hundred fifty-eight GREENWELL, MARY GRIDER, JOE Tulsa Jay Biology Economics Mark Coverstone, senior music major, plays bass with Redman Singers, a school folk group. X is 3 'sig ws? SS 3 HALE, HOWARD HALE, JACK Bartlesville Porter Business Education Business Administration il HAMMOND, EDDIE HANNA, TOM Westville Muskogee Math English se' ' an HANSON, DAPHNE HARDIE, JAMES Tahlequah Tulsa Elementary Education Business Administration ff HARMON, GORDON HARRELL, DEANNA Poteau Bartlesville Biology Elementary Education ll. 'HQMNQQIU' HALL, LEAL HAMILTON, SHERMAN HAMM, ROBERT Pawhuska Watts Canadian Elementary Education Math Business Education '-k':Ll' I , L tr I t s isii A HANSEN, RUSSELL Bixby Business Administration HARDT, DAVID Wayne Learned assists candidate Chuck AIIen in his Stigler successful campaign for class officer. Math Education Suzan Greene, with escort Jed Robinson, meets the panel of judges during the homecoming queen contest. Two hundred titty-nine HATHAWAY, MIKE HATHAWAY, ROBERT Tahlequah Tahlequah Physics-Mathematics Biology HEARD, JEAN Jay Elementary Education HENSLEY, ELLEN HETZER, ALAN Smithville Tulsa English Accounting HAUSMANN, DARRELL Fairfax Sociology-Psychology HELTON, LINDA Prue Mathematics HICKMAN, GERALDINE Tulsa Elementary Education HEAD, DORIS HEAD, GEORGE Carthage, Mo. Physical Education Tahlequah Mathematics Y HENDERSON, CAROLE HENRY, CONRAD 'Stigler Stilwell Business Biology Administration seniors HILFIGER, ROGER Muskogee Biology-Chemistry HINDS, BILL HOLLAWAY, GERALD HOLLAWAY, LILLIAN HORN, GAYLE Tahlequah Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Business Chemistry Elementary Education Elementary Education Administration Two hundred Sixty dnl' F. " .1,,tf- A eww if HUGHES, DON HUGHES, JAN HUMPHREY, KATHRYN HUMPHREY, UTAH HUTCHINSON, JUDI Tahlequah Tahlequah Heavener Heavener Claremore Chemistry Business English Elementary Education Elementary Education Administration IGLEHART, JOHN IRBY, JUDY ldabel Tulsa Economics English Vx JECH, CARL Pawhuska Business Administration 11' 'CQ 'lx-M-A f ISAACS, CARLISS Sand Springs Physical Education Q, gvvf' JESSUP, LARRY JOBE, MARY LOU Tulsa Muskogee Accounting Art-Mathematics JOHNSON, WILLIAM JOHNSTON, GARY JONES, FLOYD Muskogee Shidler Broken Arrow Psychology Physical Education Music Education Science Two hundred sixty-one JAMES, ARDEN Tahlequah Mathematics J. .. Q. Lkkr 1 nnu 559 15: kiik, W JOHNSON, RICHARD Plunkettville English JONES, GLENNA Grove Elementary Education JONES, JAMES Muskogee Speech JONES, RUTH Stilwell Elementary Education . ,k.. Ecu -f.,. I. tt tttt .A .,.. q 5. :kr-k ti f-f I , sg A L KAUFMAN, DIANE Tahlequah Psychology KELLEY, JERALD Wilburton Elementary Education ,ffi-' I JONES, LOUISE Henryetta Spanish KAISER, GENE Muskogee Elementary Education 'X KEASLING, MARTHA Muskogee Accounting 5 W f' ' Krug., .,, . rn' ,Qs iii Xi 52 iii 13 I 15 53 fi i 1 Focal point of the campus is the administration building. seniors ,X KING, CHARLES KINION, JACK KINKEAD, LINDA Tulsa Pryor McAlester Sociology Business Education Physical Education Two hundred sixty-two ES Q Ns X 15,--sf so , tss gg, N X Sl R .Sf R 5 LACKEY, GLENN Arkoma English as Ag Z Q sas A E. ws-f 'f X is s NR 5 , F ,Q 2 I Y A st It as 2 LAWSON, J OH N Tulsa Physical Education LESTER, CHARLES Tahlequah Political Science ,kwa , LIPTACK, SHIRLEY Tulsa Elementary Education LAN D, D EANNA Stilwell Elementary Education LEDBETTER, CAROLYN Muskogee Elementary Education LIGHTFOOT, SHALAH Tahlequah English gn-wif fm N..- LANIGAN, KATHY LARSON, KAYE LATTING, BARBARA Tulsa Henryetta Tulsa Psychology Business English ' 'Sm V,f,gg . E, Wg, ag 1. LEDFORD, JERRY LESSER, ROSALIE Muskogee Tulsa Mathematics Psychology ........- -'inn-4-r"' LINN, WILLIAM LINZY, JACK Del City Fort Gibson Industrial Arts Sociology A miss is a surprise for H. W. Green at football practice. LOFTON, JOHNNIE LOGSDON, RICK LONDON, BILL Broken Arrow Tulsa Vlan Elementary Education Geography Elementary Education LOWRY, JUDY Tahlequah Biology a"'f"K MCGOWEN, MICHAEL Okmulgee Speech Therapy a. L 5 we Q iv of , 5 uliyu ennreene ' X gf ff! MALLAMS, BOBBY Dewey Business Administration ...Q sensors 'N I xi MCADOO, VELTA Monroe Business Education W9 MANN, GAIL Chouteau Elementary Education MCROBERTS, SHARON Kansas Elementary Education MARTI, RICHARD Mt. Vernon, Mo. Physical Education Two hundred sixty-tour LONGSINGER, MARY Skiatook Elementary Education McAFEE, JANE Tulsa Elementary Education MADDEN, JOYCE Pryor Home Economics 5 1 LOVE, JOYCE Rocky Comfort, Mo Physical Education MCCARTY, BUDDY Newkirk B ' Ad usiness .- Physical Education MAIN, DAVID Sapulpa Social Studies MEFFORD, NORMA Tulsa Elementary Ed.- English MILLER, DANNIE Henryetta Mathematics MORGAN, TERI Dewey Business Ed.- Elementary Ed. MILLER, SHIRLEY Sallisaw English MURDOCK, MARJORIE McLoud Elementary Education PADEN, ANN Broken Arrow English MURPHY, MICHEALLYNN Tulsa Home Economics MITCHELL, JIMMY Pryor Business Administration MORRISON, DAVID Tahlequah Chemistry NEILL, STEVE Welch Business Administration MITCHELL, RAMONA Poteau Home Economics MORRISON, LAURA Nowata Elementary Education MOBLEY, LARRY Pawhuska Business Administration MORROW, JAMES McAlester History QPU' grub OLIVER, DIXIE Muskogee Elementary Education C. 'mst' PARKER, CHARLOTTE PARKER, GARY PARSON, ANN Tulsa Muskogee Tulsa Elementary Education Accounting Art Two hundred sixty-tive seniors Correlating course numbers with books takes up most of enrollment day. E I PATTERSON, IRA HUGH PEBSWORTH, RAY Tahlequah Heavener Business Business Education Administration PILGRIM, GINGER PINNEY, HARRY Miami, Florida Tulsa Elementary Education Speech, Hearing Therapy Seniors campaign outside the polls for class elections. " K . I 1, fs -r-- f 41 S is PETERS, SANDY PHELPS, BILL PHILLIPS, PHYLLIS Muskogee Wilburton Jay Art Pre-Med Elementary Education qw-var PLETT, SHARON POPE, JESSE PORTER, SUE Tahlequah Tahlequah Tulsa Business Education Elementary Education Elementary Education 1 as img Consternation is reflected in the faces of voters during the class elections. POTEET, BRUCE POULTON, NANCY ldabel Okmulgee Business Elementary Education Administration READDY, JOHNNA SUE REDO, LODEAN REICHAL, JOSEPH Muskogee Muskogee Tulsa Business Education Elementary Education Chemistry RICE, JAMES RIDDLE, JONNIE Mid-West City Tulsa Social Studies Industrial Arts RICE, DOYLE Chouteau Political Science 1 . All I W ltll at Two hundred sixty-seven PREWETT, DALE Muldrow Math RHODES, COLLEEN Wyandotte Elementary Education R' 2 RADENBAUGH, MENDELL Henryetta Business Administration RHODES, DANIEL Yale Physical Education diff' RIGGS, RONNIE Monroe Sociology -E, uf f Mft. 4 RO, EIKICHI ROBERTS, DAVID ROBERTSON, GAIL ROBINS, DANNY Kobe, Japan Sanford, Fla. Muskogee Ponca City Business Psychology English Business Education Administration X w g siss ,S T af j ' ii ii v K i , ROLLER, RONALD ROMINE, WINNIE ROSE, JAMES Prague Kiefer Muskogee Business Home Economics Industrial Arts Administration 13 ROWE, JANI ROZELL, CHERYL RUNYAN, DALE RUSSELL, ROBIN Tulsa Tahlequah Sulphur Tulsa Speech Therapy Social Studies Physical Education Elementary Education seniors SAUNDERS, TIMMIE SCHLECHT, JOE SCHNEIDER, DIXIE Eufaula Tulsa Vinita Elementary Education Biology Elementary Education Two hundred sixty-eight EQ? ".k :ff S , I 'Tl J . N' . Y, T ya . I ROGERS, ALLAN Tahlequah History ROSS, DONNA Muldrow Elementary Education SALLEE, SYLVIA Ketchum Elementary Education SCHNEIDER, JOHN Tulsa Business Administration . We 'E-'Abi SCHWABE, MARY SCOTT, KATHRYN SHEPHERD, ALICE SHERMAN, BOB SIMMONS, MARILYN Kansas, Okla, Tulsa Shreveport, La. Jay Tulsa Business Ed, 3. Ad, Education English Elementary Elementary Education .FN SIMONDS, CHARLES SIMS, MARGO SINOR, LORRETTA SITTLER, EDWARD Muskogee Muskogee Pryor Tulsa Mathematics Elementary Education Business Education Industrial Arts , ','if I 1 , ',I, TT I . Ils I SLACK, NAKITA SLINKARD, WILLIAM SMITH, CAROLYN SMITH, GARY Tulsa Pawhuska Eufaula Tulsa History Business English Social Studies Administration SMITH, JACQUELINE SMITH, JOYCE Picher Sapulpa Business Education Sociology SMITH, MARJORIE SMITH, ALLEN SPIVY, TAHLULA Nowata Tahlequah Bartlesville Music Accounting Elementary Education Two hundred sixty-nine 5 STAUSS, FOIX Tahlequah Social Studies SULPHUR, LOU Eufaula Psychology-English Nui' swf' 'N f Q , ' fc Q A f '--. L 5 1 K 9k.V:i:it.. J -::' 5 'Ss - ftp, -s N. s w X,x . SWINEHART, BARBARA Picher Business Education THOMPSON, MARSHA Muskogee Elementary Education STEPHENSON, CHARLOTTE Henryetta Speech Therapy SUMTER, CAROL Hollis Elementary TAYLOR, PATRICIA Oklahoma City Accounting seniors STINNETT, CAROLANN Chelsea Mathematics THOMAS, BEVERLEY Stilwell Home Economics I THORNE, EMILY Tulsa Elementary Education Two hundred seventy IIA, p ,if Q ,. -4 i I 'tgvfmff E is K K .gs L li Q W f. Q, 1 H, 9 0 H ' Q 4' V' X sg .1 .. -f gwia g, ,,isrH ffmffsgiiig : 'S V we a ew , ny - g,,,,,, My .5 M , , ", I STUDEBAKER, STURM, STEVEN MARY LOU Bartlesville Tahlequah Elementary Education Speech Therapy SWAN, JIMMY SWANN, STEVE Business Ad.- Tulsa Economics Psychology If-L YP' THOMPSON, BILL Tahlequah THOMPSON, ELLIS Tulsa Chemistry-Physics Art 3 THORNE, THOMAS THRO, JESSIE Neosho, Mo. Dewey Physical Education English he I ii' -fx?" W . , ! gggfsgmtegifg ' W .fX5':f"f fit hifi. 'f2':f " TINSLEY, JACK TIPTON, BEN TRISLER, ALANA TROTTER, KENT Huntington Beach, Tulsa Barnsdall Vian Cal. Business Speech Therapy Physical Education Social Studies Administration T ' to 'Q 1 ,. celll . tll,i ii A I ii V "A J UNDERWOOD, VAUGHAN, DONALD VOIGHT, JERRY T. GENEVIEVE Nowata Council Hill Stilwell Business Education Elementary Education Elementary Education UNDERWOOD, ALBERT Porter History 1, :-' W .515 , M 1-wi", W' QA 'W ff Q if , 1 W. f ff ,t . WADE, EDWARD Hominy Chemistry WADLEY, GEORGE WALKER, CHARLES WALKUP, DALE Muskogee Jay Sapulpa Speech Therapy Accounting Accounting Prospective teachers pick up pointers on how to conduct classes at the student teaching seminar. WALLEN, SUZANNE Tahlequah Elementary WAMMACK, SHIRLEY Broken Arrow Business Education WAFIFORD, PHILLIP Wilburton History 1 Wk - i 2, I , ag 2 I in sgggfgy ,gt zf r -Q , .sf ,,,.+:+T :xr G 'f' S, I f-'size 95?55?3E'r311'z:' ix -.4345 553, Q 2 4 'asv - Lt WATERS, STELLA Tulsa Physical Education WEHNES, JOYCE Tulsa Speech Therapy 'WW' WARD, JANICE WARD, JOE WARDEN, CHERYL WAREN, MARSHA Wann Muskogee Tulsa Cameron English Elementary Education Elementary Education French-German SSFIIOTS WARREN, DONA WARREN, LARRY WARRIOR, ROY Tulsa Nowata Muskogee Elementary Education Industrial Arts History WATTS, MELODY WEBB, PAT WEHNES, CHARLES Vian Tulsa Tulsa English Elementary Education Math WELLER, RICHARD WELLS, PAUL WEST, CINDY Yukon Checotah Tulsa Business Education Mathematics English Two hundred seventy-two i 4' 1 . WEST, KEN WHATLEY, THEODORE WHITE, CAROLYN WHITE, RON WHORTON, SHARON Tulsa Muskogee Tulsa Tahlequah Fort Gibson Business Biology Elementary Education Social Studies Elementary Education Administration WILLIAMS, ANDREW Spiro Business Administration WILSON, LARRY Sapulpa Psychology Q' using' L WORKMAN, JOYCE Stilwell Business Education WS' WILLIAMS, JONNIE WILLIAMS, ROY WILSON, GRACE Tahlequah Tahlequah M'USkOg99 Mathematics History HISTOFY 'inf' WILSON, LAURA WINGARD, JOHN WOOD, JOYCE Hartshorne Bartlesville Bristol, Pa. Home Ec.-Sec. Business Ad.- Elementary Education 40.- YEAGER, LARRY YORK, JOHN YOUNGBLOOD, GLENN Westville lndianola Sapulpa Speech Accounting Business Administration Pr The masculine constituents of the junior class officers, lelt to right, Gene Mathews, vice presidentg Jerry Johnson, presidentg Charles Allen, student organizations com- mitteeg and Drew Edmondson, Student Senate representativeg gather under the Christmas tree to compare NSC game statistics. Junior class officers, Jill Newkirk, treasur- er, and Judy Adair, secretary, play peek- a-boo with the photographer. Two hundred seventy-four Q. Q Acosta, Tony McAlester Acton, Joe Okmulgee Adair, Judy Stilwell Alexander, Sam Wagoner Arnett, Gary Porum Ballard, David Quinton Barnett, Chloeen Sand Springs Barnum, Judy Tulsa Bean, Nancy Sapulpa Beaver, Pete Morris Bennett, Rex Miami Biggers, Alva Bixby Black, Sarah Quapaw Blair, Paul Muskogee Blue, Charles Sperry Bradley, Jerry Tulsa Brassfield, Kenneth Claremore Brazeal, James Jenks Brazil, Bertha Muskogee Brill, Pauletta Tahlequah rv- vu O W Brown, Cheryl Tulsa Browning, Ted Bartlesville Burgess, Glenda Tahlequah Burriss, Phyllis Tahlequah Butcher, Dana Tulsa Byfield, Donald Tulsa Cable, Joyce Eufaula Call, William Tulsa Carlin, Mary Sue Tulsa Carpenter, Carol Bartlesville Carver, James Roxboro, N. C. Caywood, Charlotte Tulsa Champion, Ellen Tulsa Chaney, Robyn Tulsa Chissoe, Richard Tulsa Clover, Susan Chandler Coats, Ronald Vinita Cole, Steve Tahlequah Compston, Troy S. Coffeyville Comstock, Dennis Tulsa Conway, Sally Picher Cook, George McAlester Cowan, Wilma Muskogee Crume, Beatrice Bartlesville Darst, James Tulsa Davidson, John Muskogee Davis, Brad Tulsa Davis, Jimmy Langley Davis, Pauline Dewar Davis, Vilene Pocola '16 -nw' Foreman, Richard Maysville, Arkansas Foutch, Van Tulsa Froese, Lloyd Inola Galbraith, Peggy Claremore Gilbert, Sandra Gay Dewar Goble, Dale Sand Springs Godfrey, Diana Tahlequah Golden, Carla Tulsa Gosselt, Jane Vian Graves, Mary Jo Tulsa Greene, Suzan Tahlequah Greer, Carolyn Cleveland M-v ff- I? juniors Decker, Richard Leavenworth, Kan Denny, Ronnie Stilwell Derrick, Glenda Muskogee Dewel, John Muskogee Dixon, Mary Pawhuska Doak, Michael Henryelta Dodson, Vickie Broken Arrow Donahue, Patricia Fort Gibson Doyle, Peggy Eufaula Dumbleton, Brenda Council Hill Dunham, Roger Tahlequah Dupy, Fred Tulsa Eastham, Joe Tahlequah Edminston, Bob Jenks Edmondson, Drew Muskogee Eidschun, Palricia Shady Point Enochs, Robert Tulsa Epperson, Gary Bluejacket Essary, Roy Porter Etheredge, Mary Skiatook Etherington, Walter Tahlequah Evans, Donna Tulsa Eversoll, Ted Dutch Mills, Ark. Fields, Oleta Salina Finch, Gerald Muskogee Fisher, Keith Tahlequah Fleischman, Chris Burns Flat Fleming, Larry Tulsa Flint, Shirley Claremore Ford, Charles Tulsa inf ...Q- YZ? Two hundred seventy-six Griggs, Mac Sapulpa Grimes, Mary Muskogee Gunter, Larry Jenks Hall, Judy Tulsa Hall, Marion Tahlequah Hand, Floyd Ramona Hand, Kathryn Talala Handshy, Deanna Jenks Haning, Jack Tulsa Haning, Joe Tulsa Hardin, Ann Fort Smith, Ark. L Harrington, Gary Muskogee Harris, Carol Stilwell Hart, Ferrell Tulsa Heard, Terry Muskogee Hefner, Venda Wagoner Heller, Larry Tulsa Hemperley, Judy Muskogee Henderson, Diane Adair Henley, Prentice Vinita Herring, Bob Bartlesville Hickman, Don Norman Hicks, Sharon Tahlequah Hicks, Sue Claremore Hodges, William Gore Holder, Richard Collinsville Holt, Judy Pryor Hood, Kathleen Muskogee Hooper, Franki Sand Springs Horn, Jo Ann Gore .53 ,:, P 1 'ai X 4 W my ,ff- Urs rt, ,, ' iw ., .Q f -ers? sm ,nh Y' Vw y 9, WWW, 4 , w 7 5 if TD! vs-an .te S 0. . . Two hundred seventy-seven ,.,.,...z Horton, Samuel Muskogee Howard, Jim Tulsa Huffman, Pat Wynona Hughes, Becki Muskogee Hughes, Laura Chouteau Hunt, Henry Chickasha Infield, Billie Barnsdall Ivey, Donna Pryor Jackson, Carol Bristow Johnson, Carolyn Tahlequah Johnson, Jerry Holdenville Johnson, John Tahlequah Lang, Albert Porter Lauterbach, John Mazie Lauterbach, Susan Wagoner Leavell, Junene Muskogee Lee, Robert Vinita Leep, Wilma Tahlequah Lemons, Denny Sapulpa Lemmons, Leon Keota Lester, Jeff Broken Arrow Lewis, James Afton Linduff, Jimmy Tulsa Lingenfelter, Carol Claremore Lingo, Jerry Bernice Lively, Jerry Boloshe juniors Jones, Barbara Fort Gibson Jones, David Muskogee Jones, Linda Tulsa Karpack, Norma Stilwell Kazmierkiewicz, John Little Flock, Ark. Kennedy, Pat Fort Smith, Ark. Khuhro, Masood Karachi, Pakistan Kinnear, Carol Claremore Kroll, Linda Tulsa Kuehn, Sharilyn S. Colleyville Two hundred seventy-eight Junior couples at the Homecoming dance relaxed for a few moments and enjoyed the slow waltz tempo. 'Q' Lloyd, Billie Pryor Lovern, Wayne Sallisaw Lowery, Dewey Tulsa Lowrance, Kathy Tulsa Lundquist, Margaret Pryor Lundy, Joan Tulsa McCall, Fred Muskogee McCord, C. J. Welch McCoy, Ronnie Morris McGuire, Pat Tulsa Maisano, Jimmy McAlester Marrow, Sally Heavener Marrs, Frank Tulsa Marshall, Vicki Tulsa Mason, Linda Muskogee Mason, Pat Tulsa Matthews, Gene Muldrow Meadows, Becky Tulsa Mensinger, Joanne Clinton, Iowa Meredith, Kay Heavener Meyer, Sue Tulsa Mitchell, Nancy Bartlesville Moland, Jo Anne Bartlesville Montgomery, Mary Ann Ketchum 1-Uv Wal Rhodes, Mary Haskell Richards, Sue Tulsa Risner, Deanna Pryor Ritchie, Warnie Fairfax Roan, Barbara Shawnee Roan, Charles Fairfax Roberts, Donald Tulsa Roberts, Ruby Checotah Robinson, Lee Tulsa Rogers, Kenneth Tulsa juniors Montgomery, Stephen Tulsa Moon, Darlene Chouteau Mullen, Mae Braggs Mullins, Dale Sapulpa Munding, John Tulsa Newkirk, Jill Muskogee Newland, Bill Tulsa Norrid, David Tulsa Nuckolls, Dian Grove Oxley, Patricia Tahlequah Parent, Patricia Broken Arrow Pascucci, Perrv Tulsa Patterson, Delorus Tulsa Patterson, Denise Tulsa Payne, Donna Tulsa Pearson, Gary Roland Pennington, Robert Claremore Perryman, Brooks Tahlequah Phillips, Gary Broken Arrow Pilgrim, Mickey Oklmulgee Poe, John Pryor Poettgen, Rita McAlester Poster, Bess Muskogee Purdom, Carol Boynton Pyle, Raymond Mounds Rader, Carol Tulsa Rader, Mary Ann Claremore Ranson, Joyce Tulsa Redman, Greta Tulsa Rhea, Judy Tulsa at" 'Stas Two hundred Eighty Russell, Nancy lnola Ryan, Annette Tulsa Sallee, Charlene Henryetta Savage, Halsell McAlester Savage, Jerry McAlester Seale, William Depew Sears, Michael Bartlesville Seymour, Diane Tahlequah Shanafelt, Suzanne McAlester Sharkey, Dennis Tulsa Shepherd, Ed Stigler Simmons, Danny Ramona Sims, William Fort Gibson Sloat, Wayne Coweta Smith, Glenda Tahlequah Smith, Joyce Wagoner Smith, Kenneth Sallisaw Smith, Lois Tahlequah Smith, Nelda Muskogee Sparks, Lois Tahlequah Standifer, Sharla Muskogee Stauss, Sandra Tahlequah Stevens, Jim Tulsa Stiles, Dolan Okmulgee Stillwell, Eddie Tulsa Stout, Jim Okmulgee Strand, Donna Tulsa Streeter, Janet Oklahoma City Tatham, James Sallisaw Terry, Bill Stroud www-1 Q4- we-xv sqm-W Two hundred eight-one -4,- Thomas, Linda Sand Springs Thompson, Judy Foyil Turner, Murl Tulsa Twist, Frank Tulsa Tyler, Joe Tulsa Updike, Allen Broken Arrow Vanhooser, Marvin Watts Vann, Linda Fort Smith, Ark. Vickers, Ronald Poteau Vivion, Fred Pryor If Wagner, James Miami Waldon, Kathy Hominy Walker, Linda Tahlequah Walker, Vicki Ponca City Wann, Patsy Pocoia Wann, Ronnie Pocoia Ward, Laura Oklahoma City Warden, Ronnie Muskogee Watkins, Ronald Muskoge-e Watson, Clorine Westville ln a cutting from "Thuber's Carnival" Susan Clover, as shows Mike lrvin the way to grandmother's house. juniors Weaver, Bob Pryor Wensel, Susan Grove by-...f el S l ll E rllt l It l l I Two hundred elghty-two Whitaker, Ron Kellyville White, Bill Oklahoma C White, Carl McAlester White, Jay McAlester ity Wilcox, Rodney Tahlequah Wilkinson, Bobbie Fort Gibson 'Q' -ew .,....a 'mr-wr Williams, Dean Checotah Williams, Larry Claremore Williams, Mike Tulsa Wilson, Charles Tulsa Wood, Dana Sapulpa Worley, Janet Fort Gibson Yahola, Thomas Wetumka Zimmerman, Ben Sapulpa Zimmerman, Don Sapulpa Zimmerman, Gayle Tulsa Kathy Walden, junior and head maiorette, during the half-time activities at the 1966 Homecoming game. Two hundred eighty-three Sophomore class officers, left to right, Linda Crawley, vice president, Butch Peterson Student Senate rep resenlativeg Sadie Cole, treasurer, Carol Truttman, secretaryg and Danny Hammett sophomores Allen, Barbara Vinita Allison, David Wagoner Anderson, Howard Sand Springs Antle, Linda Bartlesville Armer, Patricia Muldrow Arnold, Beverly Wagoner Ash, Jon Tulsa Ashe, Cindy Pryor Ashmore, Jenny Tulsa Atchley, Linda Tulsa 'Sr' "Fwy, Yr MY Two hundred eighty-four Baker, Harvey Cushing Baker, Marilyn Pryor Ballard, Sharron Ramona Barnes, Garcia Sapulpa Barnes, Jody Tulsa Barry, Ronnie Oktaha Barnes, Scarlett Haskell Baskin, John Stilwell Baze, Frances Muskogee Bernardi, Sharon McAlester Bingham, James Tahlequah Bitting, Carolyn Welling Blackwell, Joyce Chouteau Blankenship, Linda Wagoner Blanks, Rodney McAlester Blount, Eulene Morris Boughton, Vicki Sapulpa Boerstler, Philip Henryetta Boyd, Beverly Claremore Brewer, Raymond Houston, Texas Brewer, Rose Marie Tulsa Brewer, Shelby Bartlesville Brooks, Shirley Tulsa Brown, Gerald Catoosa Brown, Mary Sapulpa Bryant, David Henryetta Bryant, Martha Tahlequah Bulriss, Bonnie Tulsa Burkett, Don Muskogee Burns, Jim Tulsa Q' ,,f 1 Butler, Diane Panama Callahan, Michael Tahlequah Carlson, Van Westville Carman, Linda Fort Gibson Carnes, Marion Catoosa Carpenter, Vickie Sperry Carswell, Connie McAlester Carter, Judith Collinsville Center, Warren Tahlequah Chalfin, Donna McAlester Compton, Patti Sand Springs Conrady, James Muskogee Cook, Janet Tahlequah Cook, Jim Tulsa Corder, Phil McAlester Cox, Linda Jay Crawford, Margaret Tulsa Crawley, Linda Amarillo, Texas Curry, Mike Pryor Davidson, Linda Henryetta Davidson, Ronald Henryetta Davis, Carolyn Muldrow Davis, Karen Okmulgee Davis, Larry Sapulpa Davis, Lyn Tulsa Davis, Mary Porter Denton, Dean Coweta Deonier, Jan Broken Arrow Depriest, Mike Tulsa Dowell, Gary Vinita Downing, Donald Dewey Drake, Jim Jenks Dunham, Nora Pryor Duty, James Henryetta Easley, Sandra Porter East, Mary Jane Henryetta Eastham, Barbara Tahlequah Eaton, Joe Stigler Elliott, Marilyn Tahlequah Emberson, Flon Nowata Chappelle, Jim Poteau Choate, Alene Westville Clark, Richard Kiefer Clarkson, Pam Okmulgee Clemmons, Patti Tulsa Clevenger, Cheryl Stilwell Cloer, Priscilla McAlester Cole, Rickey Broken Arrow Cole, Sadie Watts Combes, Miriam Tulsa sophomores England, Saundra Muskogee Ewing, Harold Roland Fabian, Bill Tulsa Falkin, Greg Muskogee Farrill, Kathy Claremore Fast, Walter Tulsa Ferrell, Alene Welling Finch, David Muskogee Fisher, James Broken Arrow Fisher, Linda Tahlequah I I I 7,VV fs -, ,fi ff? Q, 1 42 F W0 5 an it Q 'G' Q A W WW g ww' fx 143 ff W H Z 3' Myvaf Q ,om ,Q-f L? 4.-v-1' arf' .vrwff ,cy .Y in , I l M. , if -saab au. Wi- Two hundred eighty-seven B Fiveash, David Tulsa Floyd, Joyce Adair Ford, Elaine Dewey Ford, Ronnie Muskogee Foresman, Betsy Tulsa Forrest, Linda Sue Locust Grove Freeman, Cathy Muskogee Friels, Suzanne Tulsa Fry, Fluth Claremore Gafford, Pam Tahlequah Gage, Jake Pryor Gaines, Cheryl Okmulgee Gambill, Charles Pryor Garman, Laura Tulsa Garrett, Steve Tulsa Garrison, Frank Tulsa Gay, Bradley Adair Gilliam, Jim Tulsa Goines, Diana Bixby Goller, Allison Keota Gonzales, Sandra Tulsa Gray, Gregory Bartlesville Gray, Terry McAlester Green, Delores Stilwell Grego, Mary Ann McAlester Grigsby, Lynette Nowata Gritts, Cynthia Tahlequah Groff, Charles Sapulpa Guinn, Tony Okay Gunnells, Barbara Poteau Guthrey, Cindy Owasso Hale, Pat Sapulpa Hall, Kent Anadarko Hammeit, Danny Tulsa Haney, Dea Ann Jenks Hardesty, Michael Morris Hardin, Marvene Muskogee Hari, David Tulsa Harmon, Rickey Lawton Harper, Terrie Tulsa Harrison, Terry Henryetta Hartman, Dortha Oologah Harvey, Beth Atoka Hasting, Mike Augusta, Kan Headrick, Dan Adair sophomores Could Diane Hayner be planning a career as a snake charmer'P :QW ?Zqeak'n'i 2 3 , , A " rf, rf 5' J. ,354 ' ' ' ir 'T if fr at T Two hundred eighty-eight Zia' ,WW L 'fl hr' X ww' W ,uw Sophomores Judy and Gregg Wadley at the sock hop. Holcombe, Sally Muskogee Holt, Lawana Chelsea Horne, Bob Webbers Falls Hubbard, Donna Stilwell Hudson, Tom Fairfax 4 Hughes, Mary Tahlequah Hughes, Tenita Muskogee Humphries, David Tulsa Hunt, Barbara Bartlesville Hutchinson, Sandra Jenks el - -1 .-za f. .. 2353 r 2 N' if 1 f NP Q x fv wmv vs' Two hundred eighty-nine Heaton, Elizabeth Tahlequah Henderson, Charles Bartlesville Henderson, Connie Fort Gibson Henry, Libby Tahlequah Henson, Linda Spavinaw Hicks, Lanetta Tulsa Hinds, Jim Tahlequah Hinds, Mary Ann Muskogee Hoagland, Tom Claremore Hocketl, Becky Tulsa ,,,,. 'Dt X .s 'rs f ifigsg 4 -1, x. 6 Q ii S Q ,-,,s,f.2is:S SY L s. s 3 X X J N5 sqm vw.-Q. . if Ars QI' " , if in Q, fr is as sfss 5, sg f .Q V' x Q lmbese, Freddie Tulsa Inman, John Heavener lsom, Marilyn Fort Gibson lsreal, Jane Wynona Jackson, Angie Broken Arrow James, Brenda Marble City Johnson, William lnola Johnston, Dwight Ponca City Jones, Ladena Sapulpa Jones, Thomas Muskogee fits' sophomores 45 YN up-f' Two hundred ninety Justice, Andria Poteau Kaad, Jeanette Muskogee Kebritsaz, Karim Tabriz, Iran Kelly, Pamela Sand Springs Kelly, Sammye Tahlequah Kelso, Sarajane Tulsa Keltch, Peter Cherokee Kidd, Danny Pawhuska King, Jack Tulsa King, Sharon Tulsa Kinion, Lynette Adair Kirkbride, Rebecca Okmulgee Klepper, Linda Tulsa Koch, Robert Braggs Kolb, Diane Sherman, Tex. Ladwig, Roy lnola Lamb, Ronnie Pryor Lavendusky, John Henryetta Lawrence, Rachel Stilwell Learned, Wayne Oklahoma City Leslie, Carol Pryor Lewis, Sue Vian Linnet, Kay Sapulpa Long, Connie Morris Longcrier, Louise Checotah McAuliffe, Annette Tahlequah McCafferty, Beth Tulsa McCauley, Ethelyn Tulsa McClure, Joyce Claremore McCollum, Sandra Tahlequah Q I I X' w if ...V ., McDonald Jack Skiatook McElhannon Gwendolyne Morris Mclntosh Mike Tahlequah McKinley Carolyn Bristow McNair Margaret Pryor McPherson Barbara Tulsa Mack Gloria Tulsa Macy Gall Pryor Magee Patricia Pryor Mallett Mary Jane Wagoner Mallonee, Melanie El Fleno Manley, Linda Pryor Marshall, Barbara Watonga Matlock, Barbara Broken Arrow Maynard, Bobby Morris Missimer, Mike Wilmington, Del. Mitchell, Dan Tulsa Mitchell, Lynn Pryor Moot, Kelly Bartlesville Morgan, Barry Memphis, Tenn. Morgan, Larry Memphis, Tenn. Morris, T. C. Watts Morrison, Larry Catoosa Morton, Lynda Stilwell Moss, Frank Westville Moye, Alicia Grove Mudd, Bette Tulsa Murray, Charles Skiatook Murray, Curtis Wagoner Murray, John Bartlesville Nail, Lois Tahlequah Neely, Margaret Nowata Nees, Rick Claremore Neill, Vickie Bluejacket Nesser, Michael Haskell Newell, Judith Tulsa Noley, Sylvia Wilburton Odneal, Patty Wagoner Parenti, Mary Jo Tulsa Parker, Glenda Tahlequah .4-ff' 4' 1 M:-y ' , , ,T H 'Quan dw Two hundred 4: 'AP ninety-one wwf' e as if -' fs is . .ts 5531 sei. sw? 6 sophomores Sophomore cheerleaders perform their new innovation "the Surfboard" to the delight of football fans. Rader, Linda Hulbert Ragsdale, Diana Bartlesville Rainwater, Sharon Muskogee Rambo, Jeanne Grove Rampp, Gary Sapulpa Randall, Charles Tahlequah Rankin, Jo Ellen Okay Ranson, Jerry Tulsa Redden, Linda Roland Reed, David Muskogee M-av nf ur- Two hundred ninety-two in f"l': S7 Parkhurst, Sue Bartlesville Parks, Lynn Pryor Parmele, Linda Tulsa Parrish, Nancy Tahlequah Pepper, Dean Claremore Perkins, Marsha Sand Springs Perryman, Brooks Tahlequah Peters, Catherine Hitchita Peterson, Butch Tulsa Prather, Pam Tulsa Presley, Deborah Tahlequah Price, Glenn Dewey QQ:-' Alumni mingle with future grads at the Homecoming Dance Reichart, Charles Roland Rhodes, Marty Eufaula Rhodes, Shirley Broken Arrow Ridgway, Karen Haskell Ritschel, Bob Tulsa Ritter, Joe Stilwell Ritzkey, Garry Heavener Roberts, Mack Sallisaw Robertson, Deborah Sapulpa Robson, Rob Tulsa Scott, Theresa Tulsa Seiver, Carolyn Hitchita Shaffer, Ron Muskogee Shannon, Mary Stilwell Shaw, James Coweta Shepard, Janet Tulsa Shuller, Mary Beth McAlester Simmons, Jan Broken Arrow Sisco, Linda Panama Skelton, Dianna Okmulgee Small, Charles Fort Gibson Small, Sharon Tulsa Smith, Bridget Morris Smith, Cathy Tulsa Smith, Donna Tulsa Smith, Kenneth Sallisaw Smith, Lawana Keota Smith, Sandy Nowata Sorenson, Jeanne Chouteau Spence, Beth Sand Springs Spiva, Mary Kay Shidler Standley, Judy Tulsa Stanley, Florence Tulsa Stewart, Charlene Miami Stleben, Dennis Bartlesville Stivers, Patricia Sapulpa Stockton, Linda Strang Summers, Carol Gore Sutton, Dianah Broken Arrow Svatba, Deidre Tulsa Floller, Bennie Prague Roye, Ross Wilburton Rudd, Buck Tulsa Ryals, Patricia Tahlequah Ryals, Sherry Tulsa Sass, Catherine Tulsa Satterfield, Debbie Oklahoma City Schlecht, Helen Tulsa Schnitmeyer, Sharon Okmulgee Schreck, Anthony Warner sophomores GY' Ka KW ln. Two hundred ninety-tour mn X fre- 4 JH af wi um, Sweeney, Elizabeth Muskogee Tannehill, Carolyn McAlester Tannehill, Tom Wagoner Tarpley, Larry Tulsa Taylor, Carolyn Fort Gibson Temple, Helen Fort Smith, Ark. Thomas, Christine Locust Grove Thomas, Jim Muskogee Thomas, Julius Jr. Muskogee Thoos, Patricia Sapulpa 14.4 'V' We ftf' if me if hm .pg 've Ili .ww Mm ff' ru-...r J' fx 13 fv- W'-'vi Two hundred ninety-live "Was-' , 919' ,,,..f Thornton, Brenda Avant Tomes, Nancy S. Coffeyville Truttman, Carolyn McAlester Tucker, Linda Muskogee Turnbo, Mary Tulsa Turner, Bruce Tahlequah Tyner, Karen Tahlequah Van Gundy, Jeanie Tulsa Wadley, Gregg Tahlequah Wadley, Judy Tahlequah Walker, Twyla Tahlequah Wallen, Diane Tahlequah Walsh, Kerry Pryor War, Adell Hartshorne Ward, Gayle Tulsa Watkins, Mary Dewey Wheeler, John Tulsa Williams, Ada Lee Grove Williams, Darrell Sapulpa Williams, Larry Vinita Wilson, Barry Muskogee Wilson, Jerry Tulsa Wingate, Sue Ann Juneau, Alaska Wlnlock, Harry .g..-1 Talihina Woodrome, Beverly Roland Woods, David Tulsa Wooldridge, Lawrence Tulsa Wooton, Harold Tulsa Worton, Linda Muskogee Zika, Judy Cedar Rapids, Iowa Aaron, Susan Tulsa Abel, Robert Stigler Abels, Lois Westville Adams, Ronald Sperry Adkins, Bradley Mountain View Agent, Shelia Muskogee Albitz, Mary Tulsa Aldridge, Sammye Tulsa Alexander, Fred Dewey Allen, Jennie Spavinaw Freshman class officers gathering at Girt Pond to enjoy Indian summerweather are left to right Brad King presidentg Mike Irvin, vice president, Donna Sheriff, secretary, Mike Hendricks, studen senate representative Jo Webb, student senate representativeg and Charles Scott, treasurer. Two hundred ninety-six Allred, David Tahlequah Allred, Robin Tahlequah Anderson, Claudia Muskogee Arnold, Robert Rockford, lll. Arnold, Tommy Broken Arrow Ary, Carolyn Bowring Ashby, Vance Tulsa Austin, Pinkie Tulsa Bagby, Sandra Tulsa Baker, Patricia Tahlequah Baker, Ronald Bixby Ballinger, Cynthia Sallisaw Barham, Jeffery Muskogee Barnes, Jimmy Muldrow Barthelemy, Bonnie Ochelata Beason, Mike Tulsa Becham, Barbara Coweta Beckham, Nancy Coweta Beltran, John Henryetta Benne, Deborah Bartlesville Bennett, John Tulsa Benson Faye Catoosa Berry, Danny Tulsa Berry, James Henryetta Best, Patricia Tahlequah Best, Robert Vinita Biby, Richard Tulsa Bitting, Susan Tulsa Bland, Jovitha Tulsa Blanton, Judith Stigler Boatman, Kathleen Tahlequah Bogdanoff, Angela Tulsa Boggs, Norma Bixby Bolton, Mary Eucha Bond, Linda Bartlesville Bonner, Steve Tulsa Boston, Barbara Adair Bowden, Carolyn Wainwright Bowdle, John Tulsa Bowen, Clifford Wagoner e gs.,-' :Qs W., was-4' Carter, Ronald Augusta, Kan. Casey, Becky Pryor Center, David Tahlequah Chaffin, Mary Tulsa Chappell, Roy Tulsa Chiles, Judith Colcord Christy, Algae Stigler Clark, Mary Muskogee Clark, Michael Sapulpa Clayton, Mack Pryor freshmen Brandon, Carolyn Muskogee Brandon, Ralph Bartlesville Brazil, Patsy Boynton Brinkley, Jan Tulsa Bristol, Carolyn Pryor Bristow, Pamela Tulsa Brown, Barbara Tulsa Brown, Jerry Tulsa Brown, Judy Tahlequah Bruch, Virginia Okmulgee Bryant, Carl Coffeyville Bryant, Mike Claremore Buffington, Barbara Tulsa Burchett, Carolyn Muskogee Burke, Rita Tulsa Burrows, Kenneth Porter Burton, Patty Muskogee Butler, Wanda Tulsa Bytield, Patricia Chelsea Bynum, Sondra Locust Grove Cagle, Deborah Westville Campbell, Beki Sapulpa Campbell, Challa Tulsa Candy, Nancy Checotah Carey, Fredda Guthrie Carlile, Barbara Tulsa Carman, Hugh Pryor Carmichael, Karen Tulsa Caroon, Larry Tulsa Carrethers, Lynn Okmulgee Two hundred ninety-eight Clendenning, Bill Bartlesville Cobb, Beverly Wagoner Cobb, Bobby Muskogee Coen, Dianne Tulsa Colburn, Delorus Tulsa Colburn, Rose Mary Tulsa Coleman, Eddie Pecola Coleman, Steve Muldrow Conklin, Charles Stigler Conklin, Robert Tulsa Conner, Cheryl Jay Cook, Jenenne Tulsa Combs, Harold Tahlequah Coon, Phyllis Tulsa Cooper, Kathy Muskogee Cooper, Candy Pawhuska Coplan, Janice Muskogee Copley, Mitchell Sapulpa Corey, Karen Dewey Cox, Cathi Broken Arrow Crank, Linda Sperry Crawford, Helen Salina Crawford, Marie Tulsa Crossland, Connie Tulsa Crupper, Linda Locust Grove Cunningham, Gloria Fellows, Calif. Cutbirth, Donna Tulsa Daley, Barbara Wagoner Dameron, Russell Bartlesville Daniels, Evelyn Tulsa I, " QV L w fl ,tg 'STH' '--' lf ,nr-s ,H . .,. 1, X 'AJ 1 as ' - W Mx Safe. SN an Two hundred ninety-nine Daniels, Maurice Oklahoma City Davenport, Thurman Taft Davidson, Carol Broken Arrow Davis, Charlene Tahlequah Dempsey, Mike Bartlesville Denham, Betty Beggs Deskin, Barry Henryetta Dick, Ronald Jay Dickens, Gary Tulsa Dietrich, Sallie Jay Doak, Terry Tulsa Dold, Ann Tahlequah Dorr, James Wagoner Dotson, Richard Sperry Dotson, Shirley Braggs Dotson, Vickie Tahlequah Dragoo, Beverly Tulsa Drywater, Danny Sperry Duckworth, Dale Tulsa Dumas, Peggy Stigler Dunn, Freddie Pawhuska Dupree, Don Tulsa S X F Q , 92 ' SS N , S . A S15 f FN M X r its T9 4 5 4 4 sl X as ,RK d X a ,f -www' 55 K ttfjff .L , -5 il . ,l ta,-.,.,,,,,.s at i ,Q .. ,V freshmen Three hundred mv' Durkee, Donna Tulsa Dye, Glenda Muskogee Dyer, Mary Sallisaw Eberhard, Suezette Tulsa Echols, Sam Sapulpa Edmonds, Flicca Morris Edwards, Helen Heavener Elam, Sandra Ochelata Elbon, Joanne Vian Elder, Joanie Tulsa Elledge, Donald Nowata Elliot, Stephen Pryor Elliott, Flichard Pryor Elsky, Leo Muskogee Emerson, Larry Tahlequah Endicott, Eddie Oilton Epperson, Dennis Tulsa Estes, Linda Bartlesville Etheridge, Dorothy Skiatook Etherington, Sandra Tahlequah Ezell, Lynette Kansas Failla, Linda Tulsa Farguson, Jo Anne Muskogee Farmer, Debbie Tulsa Faust, Phil Bartlesville Fehr, Jim Tulsa Ferguson, Lanelle Pawnee Ferguson, Teresa Tahlequah Few, Linda Stigler Fields, Ed Stilwell QS' x va... Fields Edna Stilwell Fields Tony Krebs Fisher Bill Tahlequah Fisher Nancy Fowler, Judy Stigler Francis, Barbara Tulsa Franklin, Cathy Tulsa Frazer, Suzanne Tulsa Freeman, Lutricia Leach Freeman, Robert Muskogee Frey, Janice Tulsa Frye, Stephen Bartlesville Fuller, Linda Tulsa Gaasch, Dona Sapulpa Gage, Elenora Pryor Galloway, Roberta McAlester Gann, Tommy Tulsa Garrison, Darlene Tulsa Geiger, Stephen Tulsa Gervais, Sandra Tulsa Gilbreath, Ruby Sapulpa Glad, Marilyn Tahlequah Goff, John Muskogee Goldsmith, Winona Okulgee Goodwin, James Tulsa Gouker, Carl Meeker Gourd, Jay Broken Arrow Gratt0Pl9, Dianna Tulsa Graves, Sharon Muskogee Grayson, Alice Haskell Green, Carolyn Tulsa Green, Elizabeth Tulsa Green, Jeff Bartlesville Green, Michael Claremore Three hundred one Tulsa Flatt Linda Skiatook Folsom Gary Sallrsaw Folsom Shirley Evansville Ark Ford Pamela Wainwright Foreman Jack Tulsa Foster Garland Morris Fout Carol Sallisaw Fowler Christi Tulsa A,--v me Greene, Eddie Tulsa Gregorio, Edward Berlin, N.J. Gregory, Shelia Watts Grider, Larry Tulsa Grimes, Douglas Bartlesville Grober, Mike Fort Smith, Ark. Guinn, Larry Bixby Gulley, Dianna Muskogee Gunter, Kay Tulsa Gwartney, Brenda Pryor Gyami, Louise Tahlequah Hall, Ann Tulsa Hall, Cindy Tulsa Hall, Larry Muskogee Hall, Loise Spavinaw Hallum, Janis Muskogee Hamilton, Jeanne Moskogee Hamilton, Karen Broken Arrow Hampton, Gary Coweta Harp, Donna Tulsa Harrington, Herbert Depew Harris, James Haskell Harris, Robert Fort Gibson Harris, Vernestine Tulsa Harris, Wilma Tulsa Harrison, Hubert Tulsa Hart, Janet Muskogee Harvey, Keith Wagoner Hass, Donna Tulsa Hatfield, Billie Dewar Hauser, William Tulsa Hawkins, Lillian Bixby Haworth, llsa Tahlequah Hayner, Diane Muskogee Hays, Mike Wagoner Heinicke, Flay Tulsa Henderson, Wanda Taft Hendricks, Mike Tulsa Henley, Irene Wynona Henley, Viola Wynona Henricks, Gerald Tulsa Henshaw, Thomas Muldrow 25 KJ? I ,lg ' ,av sf' at ,Qw- 'Y' Ji .,,..-v wk! 3 Hytche, Saun Tulsa leppert, Judith Locust Grove lhle, Mary Bristow lijima, Michiko Tokyo, Japan Ingersoll, Sharon Salina Inman, Thomas Tulsa Intemann, Ruth Claremore Irvin, Mike Tahlequah lson, Phil Tulsa Jackson, Mary Tulsa James, Sheryl Tahlequah Johnson, Brenda Muskogee an .i f 3 r' is ,E F , ts. ' x ' A Henson, Richard Wagoner Herman, Bonnie Tahlequah Herron, Larry Tulsa Hiatt, Susan Bartlesville Hickman, Bill Norman Hill, James Henryetta Hillman, Elizabeth Tulsa Hodge, Paula Tulsa Hogan, Patricia Broken Arrow Holcombe, John Muskogee Holden, Robert McAlester Holiman, Boyd Stilwell Holland, Dicky Chouteau Holley, Nancy Pryor Holman, Brenda Locust Grove Holman, Linda Muskogee Hopkins, Doug Oklahoma City Horner, Arnold Tulsa Horner, Claudia Dewey Howard, Carleeta Collinsville Howsen, Gary Tulsa Huffman, Mary Wynona Hughes, Carl Fairfax Hughes, Gloria Tulsa Hughes, Robert Muskogee Hughes, Sherry Tulsa Humphrey, Larry Tulsa Hunter, Judy Wagoner Hurd, Johnny Wynona Hutchens, Donald Braggs H u , fi' 'f .l..,. 'wffL"..,.s-Qs, 0-L I,-, --as-t4g:Qi' .tfmff-:f.:--ffiif ' ' 3 1 L K sth Three hundred three -. .45 ' T' F Sr' I f gif J. V ,rf X kt. 2 wr a 6, 3 igi'9s fl' s -ar ' 4 .fig Killiher, Mike Tulsa Kelsey, Laurel Tulsa Kendall, George Tulsa Kennedy, Randy Tulsa Kester, Jannet Stilwell Ketcher, John El Reno Kidwell, Mona Muskogee Kight, Joe lnola Kindred, Cynthia Checotah King, Brad Tulsa King, Rita Tulsa King, Treva Sallisaw Kinion, Gerald Adair Kinser, Dale Morris Kirby, Karen Tulsa Klein, Kathleen Miami Kline, Sheryl Tulsa Koditek, Sandra Muskogee Labass, Linda Muldrow Lacy, Frank Tulsa Lagal, Larry Bartlesville Lamb, Elaine Sand Springs Lamons, John Tahlequah Laudett, Janice Broken Arrow Lauhon, William Tulsa Lawhorn, Linda Bixby Lawrence, Kelly Tulsa Lawson, Carol Bartlesville Leatherman, Linda Muskogee Leaton, Linda Tahlequah freshmen Q1 , . ,LK -we 35 gus h V, W W r J , 22, M 'ii 'Q :-' i f 1 iii, rrfr iw Johnson, Deborah Tulsa Johnson, Dee Stilwell Johnson, Dennis Stilwell Johnson, James Muskogee Johnson, Ralph Park Hill Johnson, Robert Muskogee Jones, Lynn Salina Katakozinos, Patricia Muskogee Kating, Raymond Chouteau Kavanaugh, Jan Tulsa Keehn, Betty Pawhuska Keithline, Charles Tulsa ,fr ik. ff 'vs K rg' X 1' x Y E N S 53 ee 'Q' T L so f i s . J Lg, ,UL Three hundred tour new tgtff' Leek, Donna McAIester Ledford, Jimmy Morris LeFlore, Samuel Muskogee LeFlore, Vivian Muskogee Lewis, Levesta Porter Lewis, Sandra Tulsa Lewis, Vondal Tulsa Lindsey, Terry Bartlesville Link, Billy Colcord Little, Ira Okmulgee Little, Myran Muskogee Littlefield, Charles Tahlequah 'ik H C' 5 il, gb 'Ss si, .ey : . :Z Q 7 w f , is .gf qnvlf xxx fi N sr x t wi it egg ,od-v in WY f SQ YG F Q5 1+ A 15, -nb. 4 as l 5' W J was 591. 9" Myxwl s 'MA N 1, Fifi ff 1. rv' pi Three hundred five -it 55'- si K 'is...-f '41-. A f x-5' 3 Lockhart, Charles Henryetta Logan, Michael Okmulgee Long, George Sapulpa Long, Keith Tulsa Long, Linda Tulsa Lovett, Robert Tulsa Lozano, Ricardo Bogota, Columbia Lundy, Sandra Tulsa Lyke, Bill Bartlesville McCannon, Newton Stroud McLeod, Dinah Jenks McCracker, John Nowata McCray, Linda Tulsa McCullough, Danny Sperry McDaniel, Robyn Muskogee McDonald, Carol Chouteau McDonald, Donald Sperry McElroy, Cynthia Tulsa McElroy, Sonia Tulsa Mclntosh, Adeline Sapulpa McNabb, Mona Catoosa McNamara, Danette Chelsea McQuay, Larry Sperry Mabery, Marrion Muskogee Mabrey, Jane Muskogee Madeira, Cheri Tulsa Magruder, Mack Tulsa Mallory, Lou Tulsa Mallow, Jeanna Tahlequah Mann, Linda Stilwell Montgomery, Rex Elk City Montgomery, William Tulsa Mooney, Duane Tulsa Moore, Michael Tulsa Moren, Judy Tulsa Morgan, Barbara Klamath Falls, Ore. Morgan, Murleen Dewey Morris, Linda Westville Morris, Robert Muskogee Morrison, Connie Tulsa Moss, Dianne Tulsa Mozingo, Joyce Tulsa freshmen Mann, Marvin Tulsa Mansour, Linda Talihina Marcum, Linda Muskogee Marsh, Sherlyn Tahlequah Marshall, Tom Muskogee Martin, Cassie Sallisaw Martin, Garry Vinita Martin, Gwen Tulsa Martin, Patricia Sperry Mason, Danny Ramona Mathews, Senora Checotah Mauch, Karen Sapulpa Mefford, Donna Tahlequah Menees, Kathy Tulsa Merriott, Cindy Chelsea Merritt, Kristina Tulsa Meyer, Elizabeth Wagoner Middlebusher, Jana Fort Gibson Mike, Elizabeth Muskogee Miller, Carol Muskogee Miller, Deborah Tulsa Miller, Glen Coffeyville Miller, Linda Pawhuska Miller, Patsy Sand Springs Miller, Susan Tulsa Minardi, Chris Tulsa Mitchell, Lewis Stigler Mohart, Susan Muskogee Monroe, Dayle Tulsa Monroe, Julie Bartlesville Three hundred six Murray, Linda Okmulgee Myles, Sylvia Sapulpa Neighbors, Jerry Tulsa Nelson, Brenda Muskogee Nelson, Linda Muskogee Ness, Ronald Bartlesville Newell, Hope Muskogee Newton, John Tulsa Nicholson, Phyllis Gore Nishmuta, Gary McAlester Norwood, Charlotte Tulsa Nourse, Paul Fort Gibson Glenpool Odell Steve Hulbert Odle Sharon Catoosa Odom, Dixie Tulsa Olenberger, Eddie Foyil Orr, Carolyn Okmulgee Ockerman, Sandra 'I awww L4 ,ga S - is X , 1' was X Osborn, Janie Nowata Otterstrom, Russ Tulsa Owen, Linda Heavener Pace, Harold Owasso Pace, Larry Westville Pace, Nancy Stilwell Packwood, Phil Tulsa Parker, Helen Muskogee Parmelee, John Muskogee Peoples, Carolyn Tulsa Perry, Mickey Foyil Perryman, Alfred Stilwell sa,-x. Three hundred seven Pinion, Steve Tulsa Pope, Doris Tahlequah Popkess, John Dewey Porter, Michael Sand Springs Porterfield, Dana Tulsa Potter, Gregory Stilwell Pratt, Jimmy Vian Prescott, Connie Tulsa Price, Vince Nowata Provost, Kenneth Tulsa Queener, Judy Strang Quillian, John Tulsa Q ',' 'VST' Rader, Alfreda Claremore Raiford, Steven Tulsa Raines, Linda Muskogee Raines, Ronald Bartlesville Ramsay, Theresa Tulsa Ranseur, Allan Tulsa Randolph, Larry Sallisaw Randolph, Tommy Muldrow Ranson, Jimmy Gans Reay, David Muskogee Reed, Elmer Muskogee Reed, Fred Sapulpa S S .,, X T i 25,3235 2 I as , J 5 M if f 1 x f 5 S A freshmen K '4I:'.f 'Uk Oli 51 H leg. Three hundred eight Reed, Linda Kansas Revis, Sherrie Bartlesville Rice, Drake Sand Springs Rice, Edward Tulsa Richey, Helen C Washington, D. Ridley, Gary Tulsa Riggs, Johnny Braggs Risner, Kenneth Pryor Roberts, Larry Stilwell Robertson, Nancy Muskogee Rogers, Carla Heavener Rogers, John Tulsa Rogers, Sue Broken Arrow Rohrer, Martha McAlester Romine, Barbara Muskogee Roper, Billy Oktaha Rosbrugh, Terry Hulbert Ross, Alice Kinta Flouch, William Tulsa Rowley, Michael Tulsa Russell, Bill Chandler Rutledge, Cathlene Tulsa Ryker, Marilyn Muskogee Sallie, Jerry Muskogee Sams, Gordon Tulsa Sandage, Steve Muskogee Sanderson, Willie Tahlequah Sango, Ruby Muskogee Sauer, Dee Bartlesville Saunders, Vicki Tulsa Shay, Dianna Pawhuska Sheppard, Sharon Stilwell Sheriff, Donna Tulsa Shryock, Wilma Tulsa Sims, Steven Muskogee Sinclair, Walt Tulsa Sissom, Mike Vian Skinner, Eldon Chouteau Slape, Louie Braggs Smalley, Mike Wagoner Smiles, Rosetta Wagoner Smith, Calvin Bixby Smith, Charles Tulsa Smith, Doug Tulsa Smith, Eddy Okmulgee Smith, Eldon Muskogee Smith, Michelle Guthrie Smith, Patricia Tulsa Smith, Rosalyn Muskogee Smith, Stephen Tulsa Smith, Wayne Muskogee Smithee, Carolyn Sapulpa Snoddy, Lynn Tulsa Snow, Arlle Tulsa Southerland, Travis Muldrow Spalsbury, Steven Bartlesville Sparkman, Dana Broken Arrow Speer, Helen Vian Spencer, Clifford Bristow Staggs, Carole Tulsa Schachle, Carolyn Beggs Schneider, Sharrie Muskogee Schuler, Terry Tulsa Scott, Charles Tulsa Scott, Jacqueline Tahlequah Scott, Robert Tulsa Seay, Reed Tulsa Secor, Kenneth Tulsa Senior, Paula Tulsa Sexton, Donald Tulsa Sharp, Sandy Tulsa Shaw, Bill Claremore Three hundred nlne ,T .... Stauss, Karen Tahlequah Stephenson, Evelyn Henryetta Stevens, Ronald Albuquerque, N. M. Stevens, Sally Bartlesville Stevenson, Mike Muskogee Stewart, Steve Tulsa Strafford, Willard Muskoqee Stovall, Dianna Stigler Street, Teresa Stigler Stuck, Burl Sand Springs Sullivan, Oran Tulsa Sumner, Steven Tulsa Swartz, Harvey Sperry Swick, Michael Tulsa Swift, Ginny Tulsa Tarkington, Willie Hulbert Tatum, Carl Stigler Taylor, Pamela Sallisaw Taylor, Steve Muskogee Teel, Larry Tulsa Thayer, Linda Tulsa Thomas, Glenda Keota Thompson, Connie Muskogee Thompson, Marcia Broken Arrow Thompson, Pitchford Tahlequah Thompson, Robert Muskogee Tisdale, Susan Hominy Tittle, Woody Okmulgee Tobey, Michael Tulsa Tomlinson, Dawna Henryetta :W ,I f Qi .s s M mf' R ,, ref, in 5.5 kk. freshmen is-as ey? Tomlinson, Roger Okmulgee Tompkins, Kay Tulsa Toney, Charles Oktaha Troyer, Larry Adair Tyner, Marshall Sperry Vaughan, Georgia lnola Villines, Nancy Tulsa Waldon, Charles Tulsa Walker, Sharon Tulsa Wall, Connie Sapulpa Wall, Donna Three hundred ten Sapulpa Wallis, Linda Muskogee lf! Winstead, Bobby Vian Winston, Jon Jenks Wood, Albert Tulsa Wood, Paul Tahlequah Yarborough, Mary Salina Yocham, Donna Claremore Young, Sue Tulsa Youngblood, Gwen Muskogee Youngblood, Lyndolyn Muskogee Yowell, Howard Salina Zellers, Ted Henryetta Zimmerman, Datha Tulsa I , ...ov K at k". , N 'I QNX 1 .. A, , , Q i f 1 . :ff Q 1 i A s ssls - e sl ff Y . ,vs J i eiixxifsfz 'Q if ff' ff '5 Walton, Dorse Jr. Porter Wammack, Martha Broken Arrow Ward, Donna Bartlesville Ward, Linda Tulsa Ward, Patricia Sapulpa Ward, Richard Sallisaw Ware, Susie Muskogee Weaver, Terri Tulsa Webb, Jo Muskogee Wells, Shirley Muskogee Weston, Barbara Muskogee Wheeler, Linda Tulsa White, Carolyn Sapulpa White, Connie Bartlesville White, James Sapulpa White, Jerry McAlester White, Sandy Tulsa Whiteley, Jim Okmulgee Whitsett, Ronald Oilton Wilcox, Anne Tahlequah Williams, Pamela Vian Williams, Perry McAlester Williams, Ronnie Owassa Wilson, Carol Tulsa Wilson, Lois Chandler Wilson, Myrtha Tulsa Wilson, Philip Sand Springs Wilson, Wendell Talequah Wimmer, Glenda Tulsa Winfield, Ramona Kansas uv Three hundred eleven rw: CX Q 'sf Q . v4 Z .- , ,U 4. .H ,. . ., x W A I s- "A,,"'. f.'.', '- .s- 'A . - , ,. . 1 ,... .U I A y .4 'I l- ,A .1 ' , ., 44,4 ,, - I v . ar pr rf" ,, -'rn 1 ,,' , G . H, .Q ,, F V , N W4 I 'Z . W ...K ,N ,Q l .. ,. -f- 'ff -sn' ', h ' s ,I , . ,,,, ,. ,F . .- M ,-Qi. "gyg,5:45k .. ' o J -v - I, f , , -jf ,. , 1... 1 3,71 f , .A :.... . - 1, Q! 4- 4 5? ,-,af A W U f ' , ' KU , . ,fav "' X ' Z: A m - V I Q . w A ' A a. Q , y MQ, J A Q , .. ,. N. 1 -4 ,, 4-.4.g,w ' A , J' --. 1+ . wa... -f m- ky' ra U " ,.,. ,fri 'i f- - vxlf-.f ' tix ' ' ' . Q, I 'b 1 -74, , iz.-4'fw'a'b44f' 1 .J g.,'A,v ik, S.. Three hundred twelve 14 , lg I ' .- V. A Q 1 7 Xu, . ' kr in My u - , V gy 1 i , I , gg- 1- , 4 Y A - U . g 5 -gf - . ' R vel-3. Q , , , ..,, fszlfyzs V' ' 5- '.,-,- Iaf 5,12 Tllfbf ' 1, F , ' Q5 3' Q.-3- -fx. ' " 'Ky-x W, ff A1 5 l.. sqxl J"-.4 wx ' if 1,1 i ,f'i' X' N i r M X I N ' ff i ii . ':"?'w A 1- 7' X f z .W - w - iz' ,f M H i. paled, the sounds of excitement perception of a year of , f ff r7"":'f friendship, work, play, effort 1 'ff' remains-an ' e p I Io g u e Three hundred thirteen The panorama of the campus has are muted, books are closed. 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Q ' qfnix fn 6 get , - ,H M' ,,:. v-1...'- . . , f 'Hn o 5 1. ff-,, -je , ' ,. , . ,. q.'ulu,,,e ff Avi, li.: W -' .-f' fl. , f A WF ' 1. auf' 'N " w", U 'W Y .. 1 F" ' W - W 1.-...ww - . LW ' r ,f 4119 .W xf., ,M x I' ' v ' "',,,gfl1, uf .AIHIH-. .N .. . - rw . ' 1 f - 5. - .. M M' . Q k ,,, 4 , 5 1 . W ' h " V ' gy: 'f .. 'gf .3 . . - 'ff - ,- - f I - eu- r L . 4 w-'wmhL!Ee,ax"w gc.--ww J 4' ' 'mi' " J- . -3 , -.- -Q2 -f f. i .Y ...-.-f.- - Q N , 4 I, ' .1 """' . ' ' I V " QT' -Y L. x ' "' ' 5 QYWQ ,, .' ' : "" 7 - if . ' ,V ..-f . ' ., "" K ,. ' X .A b 'XT-N -N f X, .3 , . ,xt 1 -1 M , 1. -wi' ,M '!.qf'.'. 'v 7 J ' ' V .:' "9 1 H ' . ',ggj1g1..1'a.."L'4F 7" 2 4- ' .N ' , M... K " W. N... w ' N ' W lf, --......- .,":: W ?aF M' 1 YWPEJ U .....,Qm5,.f. ..-1' Z' ' --- " M V ...-Y ' W Y"'A" . L.. 'HA Y- '- . .'..",f:'3'3,,,L5j-5' ' ...ww ....--. M "1 "'-4'-H M ,W .,...T. "' .. ., 4, ,,,,,,, 'dm .--.,,-...... ' f E-?3'l""""J" ,, " .N ' ----.J1"""" m......--.-mm.......... ..-..wuu..-, "' 'W 495' Q ...W , .... ., , ,..........,..., ,, .. ww, 'B' A v . , .,..., ,, M..-A-.......... Vw XNWXXNXW ..Mg...m ' ,, , Wm .V --w , -M ..... ...M M H Mm.. N - . W... N ,lxxx , .. 4 U ,,,,.a,::1MMWW" ww..-...V "'WwW"" ..mae'wMW'5mW f"""'i""9'w 2" """ ' Classes and seasons ln a steady procession, the hustle hustle of autumn slows and becomes a part of the winter routine. W 'W M23 W. wh M, N, D 1 v vmfff 'A Ewa" ww A -E Q ,, . gina. . WT" . Q Ax. , " 43, 1 S advertising REED-CULVER FUNERAL HOME 117 W. Delaware GL 6-2551 1 1y"'Ii'53-n,,.Q-Neifxd 5 -gif JA I W e ill? - If fffj Orff' ' ml if Plsssasa Allt- I-.ttx emi: , we of to iii be D 8. H SPORTING GOODS Featuring Only Top Brands in Sporting Goods and Athletic Equipment: FIIDWELL RAWLINGS SPALDING WILSON ADIDAS SPANSIAN CONVERSE POWERS "Serving Schools Throughout Oklahoma." 3017 S. Sheridan NA 7-3695 Tulsa, Oklahoma 5 I if 33' "First in TahIequah" to serve you with efficiency is the FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Friendly people offer you all the benefits of a full service bank. Come in and open an account today. Where you go, you find there is prestige in saying, "I bank at the FIRST." CHEROKEE BUILDING SUPPLY COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDING SUPPLIES GL 6-6131 S. Muskogee Ave. STANDARD AUTO PARTS TAHLEQUAH OKLAHOMA 324 S. Muskogee GL 6-2343 Collegiate wear for students is the specialty of MUTZlG'S DEPARTMENT STORE. You are sure to find exactly what you want and need at MUTZlG'S. The store is located at 109 S. College and the phone number GL 6-3251. - . ff f 1 f , 'af' 5 Q I 4 44 " i ,.,,,..,..w.,, , . , ,v,, ,,,,,,, W M ,V 2, 1 .www KM 7 3 I Good food and good service - a variety and a value is found at JlMMlE'S DAIRY MART. Plenty of free parking. Stop by for a hamburger and a cool drink. 611 East Down- ing,, phone GL 6-2489. OKLAHOMA TIRE AND SUPPLY 1 TAHLEQUAH LUMBER CO., INC. l "Our Business is Building" Over 14 Years Service to Home Builders 1 GL 6-2506 Tahlequah 201 S. Muskogee v GL 6-2333 'QQ 'UC we OO Il Paul Wight and Bill Taylor invite all Northeastern students to come into CREW DRUG STORE for all their prescription and gift needs. Located at 101 N. Muskogee, CREW DRUG is open until 10 o'clock every night. WEBB'S SERVICE STATION Ray Webb and Henry Clay TAHLEQUAH PRINTING 8: OFFICE SUPPLY We Specialize in "Quality and Service" 215 S. Muskogee Ave. GL 6-4458 Dial GL 6-3781 Tahlequah DAN GOULD, Owner 501 East Downing TAHLEQUAH LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING, located at 123 S. Water, offers perfection service to its customers. Let one call do it all-free pick up and delivery. Just call GL 6-3113. Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN GL 6-9031 Tahlequah, Oklahoma FELTS FAMILY SHOE STORES OF EASTERN OKLAHOMA Tahlequah Muskogee Broken Arrow Stilwell Poteau Okmulgee Vinita GALEY a. I-:Anais hillips 201 N. Muskogee MORRIS FLOWERS YOUR RESIDENTIAL FLORIST 608 W. Delaware GL 6-2529 Developing thrifty qualities now can pay off in later life. LIBERTY STATE BANK advises you to save first and spend later. LIBERTY STATE now offers a big dividend rate on savings accounts. 130 S. Muskogee, GL 6-2569. f - ,. .,Q' i f"' 0 i iiii A ttt. ' 0 CST T , C , b+ - s ii i L... f F- BLACK A WHWE TIRE SHOP gg A i L ti f e 1 A .. ik 0 rf thu 9-,' F WWW E 825 S. Muskogee GL 6-2579 TONEY'S DRUG STORE V i mi JS? 5 q D Prescriptions Filled with .E4 Professional Accuracy A T A by Registered Pharmacists JACK ROSS H. E. TONEY MRS. H. E. TONEY C b f he come to the ART CRAFT - STDETO fourggll thjgirihecgfomgrapiy needs. Other people find GL 6 2589 122 S' Muskogee that portraits and other photographic prints are quality products when they come from ART CRAFT. Come by 125 N. Muskogee or call GL 6-3432. Even though the cost of living is going up, you won't know it if you shop at REASOR'S RED BUD FOOD CENTER. Specials every day are found there and the PHARMACY DEPARTMENT will fill your prescriptions with care and in- tegrity. Located at 200 Choctaw, REASOR'S phone is GL 6-2292. I. 'T . V , i . fit if ' . fag. . KK, I ? S P E A R S MOTOR COM- PANY wants all NSC stu- dents to feel free to come in for a look at the great line of Plymouth, Dodge and Chrsyler products in the showroom and on the lot. SPEARS is located at 721 S. Muskogee. THE STYLE SHOP AND VANITY BEAUTY SHOP GL 6-2391 113 N. Muskogee HENSLEY'S SHOES Naturalizers Life Stride Buster Brown Cobblers P.F. Flyers 124 S, Muskogee GL 6-4351 Across From Courthouse Hamburgers, c h e ese- burgers, malts or shakes, the DARI TWIN is the best place in town. Lo- cated on Highway 51, the DARI TWIN serves its customers with the best food and beverages in town. Come by for a taste treat today. Call GL 6-3181. 116 S Muskogee XJ GL 6 2133 2 We Bake for the Best Tahlequah People in Town YOU' Special Orders X 131 N. Muskogee - 2' K 0 ' . . . ix ' "Insured savings and loan" is the motto of TAHLEQUAH SAVINGS AND LOAN, 109 E. Delaware. They and find out about AND LOAN. KEITH w. HOLLAND STATE FARM INSURANCE AUTO LIFE FIRE GL 6-3161 405 S. Muskogee Tohlequoh THORNTON'S Television Sales Appliance Service GL 6-4201 216 N. Muskogee now offer 4V2 percent on insured savings. Come by today the many advantages of saving with TAHLEQUAH SAVINGS my The right thing to wear for both men and women students is at the STAGG SHOP. For the "dressed right" look, come in and see the great clothes. Let your wardrobe have a "happening," 506 N. Musko- gee, GL 6-6051. NORMAL CLUB CLEANERS We Are Happy to Serve You With the Most Careful Dry- Cleaning Plus the Extra That Costs You Nothing SANITONE CLEANING GL 6-3671 MEIGS JEWELRY 81 GIFTS Reed 81 Barton Sterling Syracuse China Bulova Watches Guaranteed Watch and Jewelry Repair GL 6-6233 111 N. Muskogee ff ff!! For the best hamburgers and drinks in Newly remodeled and decked out in finest array is STAUSS DRUG, located at 105 N. Muskogee. Prescriptions are prepared with integrity and values in every department are found easily. Call your prescription in, GL 6-2481. town, try POP'S TASTEE FREEZE, 812 E. Downing. Park under the awning on bad weather days and enjoy an ice cream treat from the TASTEE FREEZE. ...VIH . I li SUCCESS MOTOR COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE OK USED CARS AND TRUCKS Phone GL 6-3411 or 6-3471 Tahlequah, Oklahoma SSM U01 9' Jo 0 RCA Whirlpool Appliances 0 RCA Victor TV and Radios GL 6-2131 110 S. Muskogee OAK PARK MOTEL CURTIS AND GERTRUDE NORVELL Owner and Operator I GL 6-2571 706 E. Downing When your car is "down and out" go to AUTO- MOTIVE PARTS for the equipment you need. A plentiful stock is kept at AUTOMOTIVE, and there is usually no waiting for ordering the parts you need. Come by 112 N. Choctaw, or call GL 6-6171. 3 'ii W JP 4 O gl H Y' Pao YN 0,4756 -9 J' Q I. an FJ 5 5 'fig .CLP . 0 0 soo sxfm. , is A 1NTe:cR11-Y JP 'Y A A ESPONS 1159-X E. A. COWAN CONSTRUCTION, INC. 214 North Broadway P-0- BOX 903 Shawnee, Oklahoma Shawnee Phone: BR 3-7400 Oklahoma City Phone PE 2-6550 V K WWWWWWWWMMMA AL,,,, M. .,,,,, . ,,,,,, , ,,,.g N,,, what H V ,, , , ' I ' , , Lf, mn av- ,V - L 47 W t, .3 L Q., as in AN M M y xx -A My M., .,,.,,..,c,,..,,,W , , ' , ,,V,, V V Q 222 K W... ,, my 5 2 1 4+ ' Northeastern students are taking to the skies with BORCHER S FLYING SERVICE. The thrill of flying and the economy of trips have proven that flying's the thing! Inquire at the Tahle quah Municipal Airport or call GL 6-8461. For everything from school supplies to fashions in clothing SHOPPEFTS TOWN is the place for the best buys. Come see the variety of items to be found at 104 S. Muskogee. Phone GL 6-6041. THE PICTORIAL PRESS is OkIahoma's largest rural weekly newspaper. Interesting news and pictures about the happenings in and around Cherokee County fill the pages of this publication. Come by the office and see the offset presses in action. Located next to Berry's Furniture Store on S. Muskogee Avenue. at TURNER OIL COMPANY Highways 62, 51 81 10-3 Miles East of City i ii , "Service ls Our Policy" WELCOME COLLEGE STUDENTS GL 6-4412 Tahlequah, Okla. H Name brand merchandise for well-dressed coeds lines the racks and shelves at HINDS DEPARTMENT STORE. Bobbie Brooks, Arrow, Town and Country, Florsheim and others. Come in for a new look and great values. 100 N. Muskogee, GL 6-2519. GREENHAW-EDDINGS h9'm fB55'S'i J FDR X y lg gf, naw!! ix! . M Favorite "after class for a Coke" place in Tahlequah for North- eastern students is COTTON'S DRIVE IN, located on S. Musko- gee Avenue. Snappy service and good food are the order of the day, and you will never have to leave your car. Free delivery is yours by calling GL 6-3611. ,, Q Jum bo Hom cz P Cheeseburqer Qheeseburger vrzlled 016951 Bar-BPQUQ Hot Dog ,zo i Steak Sandv. Foot mrzg C1'11111F1E' , FFQIICHQFFIPS Oman Rings Ham San. Tater' fofg Get together with the gang for a round of cokes or some of the best sandwiches in town at the DARI BARN, right off the NSC campus on Spring Street. Outside or inside service. Beautiful gifts for every occasion and a wide selection of fine quality jewelry are found at LINVILLE JEWELRY, 127 N. Muskogee. Ex- pert watch repair, too. Call GL 6-3612. TAYSTEE BREAD "ENRlCHES KIDS" 519 N. 4th Muskogee, Ok. Dial MU 7-4445 LUClLLE'S PHARMACY GL 6-4231 130 N. Muskogee PARKER MOTOR New and Used Car Sales mwur-, CQMp ANY BUICK PARTS AND SERVICE GL 6-2556 223 S. Muskogee Good food and the quickness of cafeteria serving is to be found at the TOWNHOUSE CAFETERIA. 500 N. Muskogee The girls at TOWNHOUSE enjoy serving the students of North- eastern. Next time out, eat at the TOWNHOUSE. The greatest food bargains in town are to be found at the I.G.A. THRIFTWAY on E. Down- ing Street. Top quality mer- chandise and snappy service make shopping a pleasure. advertising index Art-Craft Studio ..... Automotive Parts ........ Ben Franklin ............. Black Sr White Tire Shop .... Borcher's Flying Service Cherokee Building Supply .... Cotton's Drive ln ......... Crew Rexall Drug Store .... Dairy Barn .............. Dari Twin .............. D Gr H Sporting Goods ..... E. A. Cowan Construction Felts Family Shoe Store First National Bank . .... Galey A Hargis ....... Greenhaw-Eddings ...... Hinds Department Store Hensley's Shoes ........ I.G.A. Thriftway ....... Jimmie's Dairy Mart .... Jerry's Place ......... Ku-Ku ................ Liberty State Bank Linville Jewelry ..... Lucille's Pharmacy .... Meigs Jewelry 8 Gifts Morgan's Bakery ......... Morris Flowers .............. Mutzig's Department Store Normal Club Cleaners ..... Oak Park Motel ......... Oklahoma Tire 8. Supply Parker Motor Company .... Pictorial Press ........... Pop's Tastee Freeze ........ Reed-Culver Funeral Home .. Reasor's Red Bud .......... Reed's Dry Goods .... 327 331 326 327 332 324 333 325 334 328 323 331 326 324 326 333 333 328 335 325 335 322 326 334 334 330 328 326 324 330 331 325 334 332 330 323 327 328 JERRY'S PLACE Open Until 1 A.M Char Hamburgers, Chicken, Steaks and Fish Fresh French Fries, Onion Rings 116 S. Muskogee Shopper's Town .....,.. Spear's Motor Company Stagg Shop ............. Standard Auto Parts .... State Farm Insurance 332 328 329 324 329 Stauss Drug Store .................. 330 Success Motor Company .... 330 Tahlequah Laundry 8 Dry Cleaning 326 Tahlequah Lumber Company, Inc. ..... 325 Tahlequah Printing ...... . . . .. Tahlequah Savings 8 Loan Tastee Bread Company ...... The Style Shop ......... Thornton's ............ Toney's Drug ......... Townhouse Cafeteria Turner Oil Company .... Webb's Service Station . .. 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F. 235 Finley, D. D. 232 Fite, Elwin 30, 167, 212 Fites, Gilbert 228 Forkner, Jim 220 Forrest, Jack 20, 238 Frey, Mary Margaret 59, 227 Frie, Dorothy 59, 227 Friend, Guy 223 Fuller, Dan 200, 201, 227 Galbraith, Charles 223 Galloway, Edward 230 Gann, Raymond 56, 235 Garrison, Harrell 92, 167, 210, 211 Gill, Harpal 238 Gobetz, Robert 217 Goss, James 220 Grace, Cyril 61, 237 Grant, Charles 232 Greubel, Robert 20, 113, 237 Grover, Paul 30, 224 Haas, Mary 92, 235 Halliburton, Rudia 238 Hammons, Myrna 217 Hanan, Perry 46, 217 Hanners, Barbara 220 Harris, Frankie 36, 41, 220 Harris, Nadene 92, 235 Hart, Clifton 238 Harvey, Robert 230 Helton, H. L. 214 Herrlein, Donald 223 Hill, Wallace 223 Hilligoss, David 219 Hills, William 238 Holland, Kenneth 42, 197, 227 Holland, Marjorie 42, 219 Holmes, Ivan 171, 215, 219, 240 Honea, Robert 235 Houk, Wesley 235 Hoyt, Anne 228 Jennings, Royal 30, 74, 225 Johnson, Tom 99, 220 Jones, Harvey 220 Jones, James 42, 223 Jones, O. W. 215 Ketcher, Austin 232 King, Charles 238 Kisner, Jack 41, 171,214 Lair, Luana 219 Lamberson, Harvey 217 Lander, Robert 172, 227 Ledbetter, J. L. 56, 70, 235 Lehman, Lowell 28, 29, 34, 123, 15 Littlefield, Valgene 46, 217 Lombardi, C. L. 56, 171, 235 Lowe, John 99, 112, 113, 237 Mann, Mitchel 223 Markham, Martha 89, 227 Mason, Willa Faye 59, 205, 227 Maxwell, Amos 237 McClure, Major 220 Millican, Virginia 217 Milvo, Elizabeth 219 Moffitt, John 235 Monks, Herbert 230 Morris, John 238 Munsell, Jay 238 Three hundred thirty-slx 3, 224 Murtha, Frances 224 Myers, Howell 42, 223 Nix, Imogene 30, 228 Nix, Theo 158, 225 Norwood, Mary Catherine 217 Norwood, Tracy, Jr. 172, 199, 227 Oliver, Charles 219 Parker, William Dan 238 Parrish, William 171, 214 Peake, Louise 44, 220 Plett, J. F. 223 Prechtl, Sylvanna 224 Propst, Hattie 48, 217 Quiett, Lee 220 Rainwater, Leonard 223 Randels, Mildred 21, 87, 93, 213 Reagan, Mike 48, 52, 232 Reed, Lanny Joe 230 Reed, Terry 56, 235, 242 Reeves, J. D. 230 Ritch, Betty 81, 217 Rogers, Charles 237 Saunders, Mary 219 Sego, James 223 Shepherd, Aubrey 219 Sizemore, Glen 223 Slagle, Lloyd 160, 220 Smith, Corbett 223 Smith, Maurine 219 Stearns, Ray 55, 235 Stierwalt, Floyd 223 Stierwalt, Irma 235 Stone, Doyle 232 Sullivan, Eugene 224 Summerhill, Everett 238 Taylor, Fred 220, 223 Taylor, John Bill 230 Teel, Janie 217 Teel, Jerry 44, 220 Thompson, Eugenia 219 Thompson, Howard 223 Tibbetts, Bruce 219 Tonkin, William 238 Traugh, Donna 227 Travis, Paul 238 Turnbow, Calvin 171, 238 Turner, Adele 36, 42, 238 Turner, Erwin 42, 54, 223 Underwood, Ross 171, 223 Uzzell, Minter 99, 213 Vesley, Frank 217 Wadley, Capitola 228 Wadley, Dean 153, 171, 196, 227 Wagner, Ken 219, 240 Walker, Augustus 238 Walker, James 219 Walker, Russell 235 Wallen, L. E. 53, 230 Wallis, Judith 45, 219 Walstrum, Theodore 225 Webb, Robert 223 Wheat, Emmit 171, 232 Wheat, Helen 228 Wheeless, Lovena 235 Whisenhunt, Jack 235 White, Maxwell 238 Whitworth, Ralph 31, 32, 123, 225 Williams, James 238 Williams, Sharon 35, 217 Yandell, Dorothy 235 STAFF Albitz, Neoma 246 Asbill, Delmar 241 Beaverson, Linda 245 Best, Bettye 223 Brown, Carol 211 Burroughs, Betty 244 Butler, Mary 235 Campbell, Naomi 244 Canada, Lela 246 Carpenter, Wilma 244 Chapman, Ruby 244 Clayton, Lazora 246 Cowand, Elma 246 Crager, Gene 243 Davis, Daisy 214 Dorman, Frenchie 247 Doss, Faye 215 Draper, Betty 213 Elder, James 243 Ellis, Doris 245 Evans, Shirley 243 Fagen, Linda 228 Fites, Grace 220 Gafford, Mary 245 Galloway, Hattie Mae 215 Goodman, Carolyn 244 Gravitt, Evelyn 30, 225 Green, Martha 217 Greene, Cassie 247 Grover, Ethel 30 Hall, Cleo 223 Henry, Pauline 245 Hensley, Jane 245 Hickman, Norma 245 Hinton, Bill 244 Hodgins, Juanita 247 Hood, Elsie 246 James, Mary Catherine 22, 23, 240 James, Sara 240 Jones, Carolyn 244 King, Joe 242 Allred, Robin 297 Allred, William 50, 53, 250 Anderson, Claudia 297 Anderson, Gary 36, 250 Anderson, Howard 284 Anderson, Judy 29 Antle, Linda 31, 32, 85, 284 Armer, Patricia 284 Arnett, Gary 56, 274 Arnold, Beverly 284 Arnold, Bob 157, 297 Arnold, Carol 36, 55, 250 Arnold, Tommy 297 Ary, Carolyn 65, 297 Ash, Jon 284 Ashby, Vance 297 Ashe, Cindy 22, 50, 87, 284 Ashlock, Jerry 45, 54 Ashmore, Jenny 284 Atchley, Linda 70, 71, 284 Atteberry, Linda 32 Augspurger, Connie 60 Aulbert, Gip 105 Austin, Pinkie 32, 297 Blanton, Judith 297 Blount, Eulene 36, 285 Blue, Charles 275 Boatman, Charles 251 Boatman, Cleatus 251 Boatman, Kathleen 297 Boatman, Peggy 50, 251 Bocox, Janet 251 Boerstler, Philip 285 Bogdanotf, Angela 297 Boggs, Norma 297 Bolton, Mary 297 Bond, Linda 30, 297 Bonner, Steve 297 Boston, Barbara 297 Boston, Judy 72 Boughton, Vicki 32, 285 Bourne, Karen 36, 94, 251 Bowden, Carolyn 71, 297 Bowdle, John 36, 297 Bowser, Lorealia 251 Boyd, Beverly 44, 285 Boyd, Charles 76 Bradley, Jerry 102, 275 Kisner, Shirley 212 Laney, Jan 228 Land, Deanna 227 Lawley, Carol Jean 247 Leturno, Helen 211 May, Dana 243 Morrison, Wanda 214 Otten, JoAnn 244 Peter, Jean 245 Peters, Helen 213 Powell, Clora 246 Pyland, O. J. 215 Robertson, Nancy 247 Rogers, Jo Ellen 214 Rogers, Tom 247 Sanders, Phyllis 244 Scott, Mary Jane 230 Smith, LaFerne 244 Smith, Louise 237 Starr, Ernestine 246 Stowers, Lela 245 Thompson, Gail 244 Thornburg, Elsie 247 VanFleet, Peggy 220 Wakefield, Amos 242 White, John 27, 240 Willey, Dorothy 212 Wilson, Ginny 212 Woodard, Rowena 244 Woodward, Doris 220 Yoakum, Opal 246 Youngblood, Beverly 228 STUDENTS Azbill, Judy 143 -B- Bagby, Sandra Baker, Harvey Baker, Patricia 297 285 Baker, Marilyn 285 297 297 Baker, Ronald Ballard, Ballard, David 72,274 Sharron 285 Ballinger, Cynthia 297 Barham, Jeff 28, 297 Barnes, Garcia 285 Barnes, Jimmy 297 Barnes, Jody 82, 285 Barnes, Scarlett 36, 123, 125, 153, 285 Barnett, Chloeen 36, 274 Barnett, John 23, 36, 90, 251 Barnum, Judy 63, 274 Barringt on, Dale 56 Barry, Ronnie 285 Barthelemy, Bonnie 297 Baskin, John 68, 78, 285 Bates, Jackie 72 Branch, Brenda 72 Branch, Evelyne 43 Brand, Saundra 89 Brandon, Carolyn 298 Brandon, Ralph 298 Brassfield, Kenneth 71, 275 Brassfield, Mary 36, 59, 204 Bratton, Viola 43 Brazeal, James 275 Brazil, Bertha 62, 64, 275 Brazil, Patsy 298 Brewer, Raymond 285 Brewer, Rose 50, 285 Brewer, Shelby 285 Brewster, Sherry 204 Briggs, David 251 Brill, Pauletta 35, 36, 275 Brinkley, Jan 298 Bristol, Carolyn 298 Bristow, Pamela 298 Brock, Barbara 36, 251 Brock, Daniel 37, 251 Brooks, David 32, 44 Brooks, Shirley 285 Broomfield, Karen 28, 251 Brown, Anita 37, 251 .A- Aaron, Susan 27, 36, 296 Abel, Robert 28, 30, 296 Abels, Lois 296 Acosta, Tony 104, 274 Acton, Joe Dan 274 Adair, Judy 20, 94, 95, 274 Adams, Ronald 296 Adkins, Bradley 296 Agent, Sheila 296 Alley, Miquelyn 36, 250 Albitz, Frankie 36, 50, 134, 204, 250 Albitz, Mary 59, 204, 296 Aldridge, Jack 241 Aldridge, Sammye 296 Alexander, Freddie 296 Alexander, Sam 110, 274 Allard, Reva 88, 250 Allen, Barbara 43, 284 Allen, Chuck 20, 114, 250, 259 Allen, Jennie 296 Allen, Larry 36, 45, 50, 162, 250 Allison, David 70, 71, 284 Allred, David 36, 297 Bates, Saundra 72 Batson, Addie 36, 251 Bauer, Karen 28, 30 Baze, Frances 285 Bean, Dianne 36, 44, 94, 98, 251 Bean, Nancy 31, 32, 36, 50, 77, 94, 274 Beason, Mike 297 Beaver, Pete 274 Beck, Sam 160, 251 Beckham, Barbara Gail 297 Beckham, Nancy Kay 297 Beltram, John 297 Benedetto, James 28, 30, 31, 34, 36, 251 Benne, Deborah 297 Bennett, John 297 Bennett, Rex 275 Benson, Faye 65, 297 Benuzzi, Gary 105 Bernardi, Sharon 20, 125, 152, 153, 157, 285 Berry, Danny 297 Berry, Bill 105 Berry, Jill 44 Best, Pat 78, 297 Best, Robert 297 Biby, Richard 28, 297 Biggers, Alva 275 Bingham, James 43, 285 Bishop, Mike 242 Bitting, Carolyn 85, 285 Bitting, Susan 297 Black, Sue 251 Black, Sarah 36, 275 Blackwell, Joyce 285 Blair, Paul 275 Bland, Jovithi 297 Blankenship, Edward 251 Blankenship, Linda 285 Blanks, David 44, 285 Three hundred thirty-seven Brown Barbara 298 Brown, Carolyn 37, 252 Brown, Cheryl 37, 275 Brown, Gerald 285 Brown, Jerry 298 Brown, Judy 298 Brown, Mary 285 Brown, Merrill 252 Brown, Ronnie 176 Browning, Ted 28, 34, 37, 49, 50, 52 140, 275 Bruch, Virginia 298 Brumley, Sharon 44 Brummet, Russell 242, 252 Brummett, Carla 37, 94, 252 Bruno, Connie 37, 252 Bruster, Sherry 59, 205 Bryan, Beverly 30 Bryant, David 285 Bryant, Carl 298 Bryant, Mike 298 Bryant, Martha 285 Buckley, Darryl 193 Buffington, Barbara 50, 298 Bullard, Bob 105 Bulriss, Bonnie 94, 285 Bunyaketu, Voravudhi 76 Burchett, Carolyn 298 Burger, Jerry 252 Burgess, Glenda 37, 275 Burke, Rita 298 Burkett, Don 285 Burns, Jim 285 Burris, Phyllis 275 Burrows, Kenneth 298 Burton, Patty 298 Butcher, Dana 99, 114, 275 Butcher, Dixie 87 Butcher, Loretta 30, 37, 49, 252 Butler, James 111 Butler, Mike 252 Butler, Diane 285, 298 Byfield, Donald 275 Byfield, Patricia 298 Bynum, Robert 252 Bynum, Sondra 32, 93, 298 Byrd, Nancy 28 -C- Cable, Joyce 37, 88, 91, 275 Cadion, Jerry 37, 252 Cagle, Deborah 298 Call, William 275 Callahan, Michael 285 Campbell, Challa 298 Campbell, Beki 298 Candy, Nancy 32, 93, 298 Cannarsa, Terry 252 Cantrell, Constance 252 Capehart, Deborah 31, 32, 33, 127 Capps, Jimmy 252 Carey, Fredda 298 Carlile, Barbara 78, 298 Carlin, Mary Sue 37, 82, 275 Carlton, Van 111, 285 Carman, Gary 105, 298 Carman, Linda 285 Carmichael, Karen 298 Carnes, Marion 285 Caroon, Larry 298 Carpenter, Carol 37, 70, 275 Carpenter, Vicki 121, 285 Carr, Robert 252 Carrethers, Lynn 298 Carson, Jack 32 Carson, Louise 37, 252 Carswell, Connie 285 Carter, Judy 37, 285 Carter, Linda 252 Carter, Ronald 28, 34, 298 Carver, James 275 Carver, Larry 253 Casebeer, Lee Roy 45 Casey, Becky 157, 298 Casey, Beth 93 Castel, Fred 253 Casto, Charles 90, 91 Casto, Pat 65 Caywood, Charlotte 94, 275 Center, David 105, 193, 298 Center, Warren 102, 123, 191, 193, 195, 285 Chaffin, Dennis 176 Chatfin, Donna 285 Chaffin, Mary 298 Champion, Ellen 37, 275 Chaney, Robyn 275 Chaplin, Charles 198, 199 Chapman, Dawna 37, 253 Chappell, Dickie 111 Chappell, Roy 298 Chappelle, Jim 168, 286 Cheek, Fred 172, 176, 177, 178 Cherry, Bonnie 30 Chichester, Harry 49, 50, 141, 253 Chichester, Letha 37, 252 Chilcoat, Bill 32, 72, 73 Childress, Shirley 94 Childs, Pam 59, 204 Chiles, Judy 71,298 Chinn, Sandra 37, 253 Chissoe, Richard 102, 275 Choate, Alma Lee 37, 253 Choate, Judy 286 Choate, Ron 203 Christy, Aglae 298 Clark, James 143 Clark, Mary 298 Clark, Michael 298 Clark, Richard 286 Clarkson, Pam 37, 93, 286 Claxton, Brenda 93 Clayton, Mack 105, 298 Clements, Susan 37, 94, 253 Clemmons, Patti 62, 69, 94, 286 Clendenning, Bill 299 Clevenger, Cheryl 37, 286 Cloer, Priscilla 286 Clover, Susan 23, 37, 45, 50, Coachman, Barbara 204 Coates, Danny 105, 202 Coats, Ronald 275 Cobb, Beverly 299 Cobb, Bobby 299 Cobb, Goodwin K. 34, 44 Cobb, Polly 42 138,161,275 Coen, Dianne 75, 87, 299 Coffey, Wallace 61 Coggins, Charles 196, 253 Coker, Taylor 28 Colbert, Charles 176 Colburn, Delorus 32, 33, 72, 299 Colburn, Rosa 32, 299 Cole, Rickey 286 Cole, Sadie 24, 27, 94, 286 Cole, Steve 275 Coleman, Eddie 299 Coleman, Steve 299 Collier, Thomas 37, 253 Collins, Linda 35 Combes, Miriam 286 Compston, Troy 37, 275 Compton, Patti 50, 286 Comstock, Dennis 114, 275 Cone, Wendell 71 Daniel, Evelyn 299 Daniel, Mike 111 Daniels, Maurice 299 Darst, James 275 Dasher, Cyndia 138 Davenport, Fred 56, 242 Davenport, Jerry 53 Davenport, Thurman 299 Davidson, Carol 299 Davidson, Joe 105 Davidson, John 275 Davidson Linda 286 Davidson Ronald 51 286 Davis, Anderson 37, 56, 57, 254 Davis, Brad 23, 275 Davis, Carolyn 59, 204, 286 Davis, Charlene 93, 299 Davis, Delane 254 Davis, Jim 102, 275 Davis, Karen 44, 286 Davis, Larry 286 Davis, Lyn 92, 286 Davis, Mary 286 Davis, Sterling 176 Davis, Tom 100, 105 Davis, Vida Pauline 37, 275 Davis, Vilene 37, 275 Conklin, Robert 111, 299 Conklin, Robert Lloyd 157 Conner, Cheryl 299 Conrady, James 286 Conway, Sally 37, 275 Cook, Bill 196 Cook, Diana 93 Cook, George 275 Cook, Henry 37, 253 Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, Cook, James 51, 196 Janet 35, 88, 286 Jenenne 299 Jim 286 Patricia 37, 253 Coombes, Harold 299 Coon, Phyllis 299 Coonce, Carol 37, 253 Cooper, Candy 299 Cooper, Kathy 26, 27, 299 Coplan, Janice 299 Copley, Mitchell 299 Corder, Phil 193,286 Corey, Karen 299 Cornelius, John 37, 253 Couch, Charlotte 37, 51, 70, 138, Counterman, Carol 37, 94, 253 Countz, Deanna 44 Courtney, Larry 253 Coverstone, Mark 28, 30, 31, 32, 254, 258 Cowan, Wilma 275 Cox, Cathi 299 Cox, Cecil 72 Cox, Larry 176, 177 Cox, Linda 22, 27, 72, 286 Crafton, Betty 37, 72, 73, 254 Crager, Gerald 114, 242 Crane, Bill 78 Crane, Tom 117, 197 Crank, Linda 299 Crawford, Bob 105 Crawford, Helen 299 Crawford, Margaret 286 Crawford, Marie 299 Crawley, Linda 24, 27, 37, 51, 76, 88, 286 Crites, Leon 114, 254 Croft, Barbara 37, 254 Crossland, Connie 299 Crume, Bea 82, 275 Crupper, Linda 299 Cummins, Kay 36, 77 Cumpton, Carol 37, 94, 250, 254 Cunningham, Gloria 299 Cupp, Gregory 37, 254 Curry, Mike 105, 286 Curry, Pat 36, 254 Cutbirth, Donna 299 ...D- Daley, Barbara 299 Dalrymple, Lynda 37, 254 Dameron, Russell 299 Three hundred thirty-eight 253 34, 141, 86, 87, Deaton, Don 173, 176, 177 Deaver, Leo 101, 254 Decker, Otis 117 Decker, Richard 276 Dehart, Charles 254 Dempsey, Mike 299 Denham, Betty 299 Denham, Phyllis 37, 255 Denny, Ronnie 276 Denton, Dean 37, 286 Deonier, Jan 37, 45, 162, 286 Depriest, Mike 68, 286 Derrick, Glenda 276 Deskin, Barry 299 Detmer, Kent 105 Devero, Wes 255 Dewel, John 276 Dick, Ronald 299 Dickens, Gary 299 Dietrich, Sallie 299 Dixon, Mary 37, 276 Doak, Mike 37, 114, 276 Doak, Terry 300 Doble, Larry 25, 27, 36, 235 Dodds, Helen 27 Dodds, Loretta 30, 37, 255 Dodson, Vickie 32, 37, 49, 51, 63, 64 65, 276 Dold, Ann 93, 300 Donahue, Pat 37, 276 Doolittle, James 173 Dorr, James 300 Doss, Sterling 31, 32, 33 Dotson, Shirley 300 Dotson, Vickie 70, 300 Douthit, Jack 255 Dover, Vicki 20, 51, 94, 139, 255 Dowell, Gary 105, 157, 286 Downing, Donald 286 Doyle, Peggy 37, 276 Dragoo, Beverly 300 Drake, James 286 Drake, Max 37, 71, 255 Draper, Melissa 32 Drywater, Dan 193, 300 Dubois, Pat 37, 255 Duckworth, Becky 93 Duckworth, Dale 300 Dumas, Peggy 300 Dumbleton, Brenda 276 Duncan, Norma 37, 255 Duncan, Shirley 37, 42, 255 Dunham, Nora 37, 286 Dunham, Roger 37, 68, 276 Dunlap, Richard 176 Dunlap, Theresa 37, 64, 71, 255 Dunn, Freddie 300 Dunn, Helen 37, 255 Dupree, Don 300 Dupy, Fred 276 Duran, Mona 44, 54 Durkee, Donna 300 Durland, Phyllis 255 Durst, Gary 37, 134, 256 Duty, James 102, 286 Dye, Glenda 300 Dyer, Mary 300 -E. Eacret, Jim 111 Easley, Sandra 286 East, Jane 286 Eastham, Barbara 37, 49, 51, 286 Eastham, Joe 56, 241, 242, 276 Eastman, Tom 117, 157 Eaton, Joe 286 Eberhard, Annette 28, 37, 43, 76, 256 Eberhard, Jennette 76 Eberhard, Suezette 300 Ebrahimi, Ahmad 56 Echols, Sam 300 Edmiston, Bob 35, 49, 51, 276 Edmonds, Ricca 72, 300 Edmondson, Bill 102, 256 Edmondson, Drew 46, 276 Edmunds, Linda 37 Few, Linda 300 Fields, Carolyn 71 Fields, Ed 300 Fields, Edna 301 Fields, Oleta Eldora 276 Fields, Finch, Finch, Tony 111, 301 David 51, 287 Gerald 276 Finney, Sherry 37, 256 Fireng, Carol 37, 256 Fisher, Bill 301 Fisher, Keith 276 Fisher, James 102, 287 Fisher, John 96, 257 Fisher, Linda 287 Fisher, Nancy 301 Fiveash, David 287 Flanery, Kenneth 77 Flatt, Linda 301 Fleischman, Chris 75, 276 Fleming, Larry 276 Fletcher, Allison 37, 257 Gervais, Sandra 76, 301 Gibson, James 257 Gilbert, Sandra 276 Gilbreath, Ruby 301 Gill, Joe 38, 52, 101, 105,257 Gilliam, Luann 32 Gilliam, Jim 287 Gilmore, Madeline 204 Gilstrap, Butch 38, 69, 101, 102, 105 250, 257 Girdner, Maralene 257 Glad, Marilyn 301 Glenn, Helen 72 Goble, Dale 20, 38, 68, 276 Godfrey, Diana 276 Goff, George 257 Goff, John 301 Goines, Diana 38, 287 Golden, Carla 276 Golding, Wally 28, 34 Goldsmith, Winona 301 Goller, Allison 287 Gonzalez, Sandra 82, 287 Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Eidschun, Helen 300 Linda 256 Otis 37, 256 William 256 Pat 37, 276 Elam, Linda 256 Elam, Sandra 37, 59, 204, 205, 300 Elbon, Joanne 300 Flint, Shirley 37, 137, 276 Flory, Mickey 54 Flowers, Zola 44 Floyd, Joyce 287 Flud, Mike 105 Fogleman, Sue 32, 93 Folsom, Gary 301 Folsom, Shirley 301 Forbes, Jerry 28, 34, 76 Goodin, Keith 117 Goodman, Alice 43 Goodpaster, Kent 38, 257 Goodsell, Randy 176 Goodsell, Rusty 176 Goodwin, James 301 Gordon, Eddie May 30 Gordon, Joe 198, 199 Gossett, Jane 38, 276 Elder, Joanie 300 Elephant, Pauletta 28, 204 Elledge, April 32 Elledge, Donald 300 Elliot, Stephen 300 Elliott, Marilyn 36, 37, 41, 51, 286 Elliott, Richard 300 Elliott, Robert 37, 142, 256 Ellis, Larry 256 Ford, Charles 276 Ford, Elaine 287 Ford, Pamela 301 Ford, Ronnie 287 Ford, Walter 257 Foreman, Jack 301 Foreman, Richard 276 Foresman, Betsy 287 Forrest, Linda 38, 94, 287 Goubeaud, John 176, 177 Gouker, Carl 301 Gourd, Jay 105, 301 Graham, Leroy 102, 257 Grass, Ken 31, 164, 165 Grattopp, Dianna 60, 87, 301 Graves, Mary Jo 31, 32, 38 Graves, Sharon 301 Elsky, Leo 300 Emberson, Ron 286 Emerson, Larry 300 Emery, Homer 28 Endicott, Eddie 300 England, Sandra 287 Enochs, Robert 114, 276 Epperson, Dennis 300 Epperson, Gary 37, 43, 276 Epperson, Linda 43 Epperson, Rosemary 256 Erickson, Joann 256 Ernst, Thomas 28, 30, 32 Eskridge, John 105 Essar Don 256 Foster, Garland 301 Fousel, Connie 65 Fout, Carol 301 Foutch, Van 276 Fowler, Christi 301 Fox, Laura 35 Francis, Barbara 301 Franklin, Cathy 301 Franklin, Janie 59, 138, 204 Frazer, Suzanne 157, 301 Frazier, Cheryl 20, 37, 94, 250, 257 Freeman, Cathy 287 Freeman, Lutricia 301 Freeman, Robert 301 Frey, Janice 301 Friels, Suzanne 287 Graves, Valerie 38, 64, 258 Gray, Gregory 287 Gray, Ken 193 Gray, Terry 287 Grayson, Alice 301 Grayson, Alma 32, 38, 257 Green, Carolyn 301 Green, Delores 38, 287 Green, Donna 161 Green, Elizabeth 301 Green, H. W. 176, 177, 181, 263 Green, Jeff 301 Green, Jo Lynn 25, 27, 38, 64, 258 Green, Michael 301 Green, Nancy 125, 153 Greene, Eddie 302 Gulley, Y. Essary, Roy 276 Estes, Linda 300 Etheredge, Dorothy 300 Etheredge, Mary 37, 276 Etherington, Sandra 300 Etherington, Walter 276 Evans, Carolyn 37, 55, 256 Evans, Donna 37, 276 Eversoll, Ted 276 Ewing, Harold 287 Ezell, Lynette 300 ...F- Fabian, Bill 111,287 Failla, Linda 300 Falkin, Greg 197, 287 Fargo, Mary Ann 35 Farguson, Jo Ann 300 Farmer, Debora 32, 300 Farmer, Don 28, 34 Farrill, Kathy 287 Farrow, Frank 176 Farson, Penelope 44 Fast, Walter 287 Faust, Phil 300 Fears, Ruth 37, 256 Fehr, Jim 300 Felber, Bill 117 Felts, Doyle 28, 78 Ferguson, Charles 32 Ferguson, Lanelle 75, 300 Ferguson, Sandy 127 Ferguson, Teresa 300 Ferrell, Alene 36, 37, 287 Froese, Floyd 276 Fry, Ruth 287 Fryar, Melba 38, 49, 257 Frye, Stephen 301 Fulkerson, Martha 32 Fuller, Judy 138, 257 Fuller, Linda 301 Fye, Patricia 38, 80, 82, 98, 257 -G- Gaash, Dona 301 Gabehart, Bette 38, 257 Gadd, Rose Ann 74 Greene, Suzan 22, 23, 26, 27, 86, 8 259, 276 Greenwell, Mary 64, 258 Greer, Carolyn 38, 276 Grego, Mary Ann 287 Gregorio, Edward 28, 302 Gregory, Shelia 302 Grider, Joe 114, 259 Grider, Larry 302 Griffith, Chuck 117 Griggs, Mac 114, 277 Grigsby, Lynette 287 Gafford, Pam 38, 51, 287 Gage, Elenora 301 Gage, Jake 105, 287 Gage, Margaret 141 Gaines, Cheryl 287 Galbraith, Mary Jane 38, 257 Galbraith, Peggy 38, 94, 276 Gallahar, Paul 176 Galloway, Roberta 301 Gambill, Charles 51, 74, 287 Gamble, Richard 257 Gann, Tommy 301 Garman, Laura 287 Garrett, Steve 76, 287 Grimes Grimes , Douglas Wayne 157, 302 , Linda 38, 258 Grimes, Mary Jane 38, 277 Grimes Grimes , Raymond 176, 198 , Wayne 258 Grimsley, Dean 258 Gritts, Cynthia 287 Grober, Mike 302 Groff, Charles 287 Grumbein, Helen 64, 258 Guinn, Don 20 Guinn, Larry 302 Guinn, Tony 287 Dianna 302 Garrison, Darlene 301 Garrison, Frank 287 Gates, Robert 34 Gay, Bradley 287 Geiger, Richard 56, 57 Geiger, Stephen 301 Geren, Collis 38, 51, 257 Three hundred thirty-nine Gunnells, Barbara 38, 287 Gunter, Kay 125, 153, 157, 302 Gunter, Larry 277 Guthrey, Cindy 288 Guthrie, Winford 38, 258 Gwartney, Brenda 32, 33, 302 Gyami, Louise 65, 302 Henderson -l-I.. Haas, LaVerne 75 Hagar, Gale 20, 43 Hagar, Carolyn 125, 153 Hale, Earlene 38, 258 Helton, Linda 260 Hemperley, Judy 38, 277 Henderson Carole 94, 250, 260 Henderson Charles 289 Connie 289 Hale, Jack 259 Hale, Lonnie 190, 191, 193, 194, 195 Hale, Pat 102, 288 Hale, Willis Howard 38, 259 Hall, Ann 302 Hall, Kent 288 Hall, Judy Kay 277 Hall, Larry 302 Hall, Leal 259 Hall, Loise 302 Hall, Lucinda 45, 163,302 Hall, Marion 49, 51, 277 Hallum, Janis 302 Harrington, Gary 277 Hamilton, Eddie 176 Hamilton, Karen 302 Hamilton, Jeanne 302 Hamilton, Sherman 38, 43, 259 Hamm, Robert 38, 259 Hammond, Eddie 38, 54, 259 Hammett, Danny 96, 111, 288 Hampton, Gary 302 Hand, Kathryn 20, 38, 42, 51, 277 Handshy, Deanna 38, 277 Haney, Dea Ann 288 Haning, Jack 277 Haning, Joe 45, 277 Hanna, Tommy 38, 54, 259 Hansen, Russell 259 Hanson, Daphne 43, 81, 82, 259 Hardesty, Michael 38, 288 Hardie, James 102, 259 Hardin, Gertrude Ann 38, 277 Hardin, Marvene 92, 94, 288 Hardt, David 38, 259 Hardt, Mary 32 Harl, David 288 Harjo, Gretchen 204 Harmon, Gordon 51, 259 Harmon, Rickey Dean 288 Harp, Donna Lee 302 Harper, Terri 62, 85, 288 Harrell, Deanna 23, 26, 27, 38, 62, 64, 71, 259 Harrington, Herbert 302 Harris Harris Carol 38, 277 Harris James 302 Harris Robert 302 Harris Vernestine 302 , Wilma 302 Harrison, Hubert 302 Harrison, Terry 288 Hart, Ferrell 65, 68, 277 Hart, Jan 71, 87, 302 Hart, Tony 59, 204 Hartman, Dortha 38, 288 Harvey, Keith 111, 302 Harvey, Beth 288 Haskins, Mary 32 Hass, Donna 302 Hastings, Mike 288 Hatfield, Billie 302 Hathaway, Mike 20, 49, 51, 139, 260 Hathaway, Robert 102, 143, 220 Hauser, Billy 31, 32, 76, 302 Hausmann, Darrell 114, 260 Hawkins, Lillian 302 Haworth, llsa 302 Hayes, Bill 111 Hayner, Diane 302 Hays, Mike 302 Head, Doris 38, 260 Head, George 260 Headrick, Dan Cliffton 288 Heard, Dorothy Jean 38, 260 Heard, Terry Joe 277 Hearn, Mary 32, 33 Heaton, Elizabeth 78, 289 Henderson, Diane 38, 277 Henderson, Tom 191, 193 Henderson, Wanda 302 Henricks, Gerald 68, 302 Hendricks, Michael 296, 302 Henley, Irene 302 Henley, Prentice 277 Henley, Viola 302 Henry, Conrad Allan 28, 53, 260 Henry, James 28 Henry, Libby 289 Henshaw, Thomas 78, 302 Hensley, Ellen 38, 134, 260 Henson, Linda 289 Henson, Richard 303 Herman, Bonnie 303 Hernandez, Larry 193 Herring, Bob 277 Herron Larr 28 30 32, 34, 303 I Y i i Hetzer, Alan 68, 260 Hiatt, Susan 303 Hibbs, Sharon 156 Hickey, Greg 105 Hickman, Don 277 Hickman, Geraldine 38, 63, 64, Hickman, William 27, 32, 303 Hicks, Lanetta 289 Hicks, Sharon 38, 94, 277 Hicks, Sue 277 Hilfiger, Roger 92, 99, 260 Hill, James 303 Hillman, Elizabeth 303 Himes, David 105 Hinds, Bill 38,99,101, 102,260 Hinds, Jim 101,102,289 Hinds, Mary Ann 94, 289 Hoagland, Tom 289 Hockett, Becky 82, 289 Hodge, Paula 303 Hodges, William 277 Hogan, Patricia 303 Holcombe, John 303 Holcombe, Sally 289 Holden, Robert 303 Holder, Richard 277 Holiman, Boyd 303 Holland, Dickey 303 Holland, Jerry 176 Holland, Jimmie 176 Hollaway, Gerald 260 Hollaway, Lillian 38, 260 Holley, Nancy 65, 303 Holloway, Doug 176 Holman, Brenda 303 Holman, Mary 303 Holt, Fred 161 Holt, Judy 38, 44, 277 Holt, Lawana 38, 289 Hood, Jerry 105 Hood, Kathleen 277 Hooper, Franki 38, 277 Hopkins, Douglas 303 Horn, Gayle 28, 38, 260 Horn, Jo Ann 38, 55, 277 Horne, Bob 68, 289 Horner, Arnold 105, 303 Horner, Claudia 28, 30,303 Horsechief, Lucinda 59 Horton, Samuel 277 Houk, Wesley 72, 73 Howard, Carleeta 303 74, 260 Howard, Jim 112, 113, 114,116, 117,277 Howard, Thomas 44 Howsen, Gary 303 Hubbard, Donna 289 Hudson, John 28, 29, 30 Hudson, Robert 176, 178 Hudson, Tom 113, 114, 289 Huffman, Mary 303 Heavener, Joann 55 Hedge, Clarence 188, 242 Hefner, Venda 277 Heinicke, Ray 302 Heller, Bill 56, 57 Heller, Larry 277 Huffman, Pat 51, 277 Hughes, Becki 38, 94, 110, 277 Hughes, Carl 117, 303 Hughes, Don 261 Hughes Gloria 303 Hughes: Jan 261 Three hundred forty Hughes, Laura 277 Hughes, Mary 289 Hughes, Robert 303 Hughes, Sherry 303 Hughes, Tenita 289 Humphrey, Kathryn 38, 261 Humphrey, Larry 111, 303 Humphrey, Utah 38, 261 Humphries, Dave 68, 289 Hunt, Barbara 87, 289 Hunt, Henry 114,116,277 Hunt, Ron 78 Hunter, Judy 303 Hurd, Johnny 303 Hutchens, Donald 303 Hutchinson, Judi 38, 82, 261 Hutchison, Sandy 64, 289 Hytche, Saun 303 leppert, Judith 303 lglehart, John 261 lhle, Mary 303 lijima, Michlco 76, 303 lmbese, Freddie 290 Infield, Billie 277 lngersoll, Sharon 303 Inman, John 290 Inman, Thomas 303 lntemann, Ruth 303 lrby, Judy 38, 82, 261 Irvin, Mike 28, 29, 116, 296, 303 Isaacs, Carliss 261 lsom, Marilyn 290 lsom, Phil 303 Israel, Jane 290 Ivey, Donna 51, 277 -J- Jackson, Angie 290 Jackson, Arthetta 54 Jackson, Carol Ann 277 Jackson, Mary Louise 303 James, Brenda 290 James, Arden 49, 135, 261 James, Sharyl 303 Jech, Carl 184, 261 Jennings, Pete 172, 174, 176 Jennings, Dennis 111 Jessup, Larry 68, 261 Jewell, Linda 43 Jobe, Mary Lou 261 Johnson, Johnson, Brenda 303 Carolyn 277 Johnson, Deborah 304 Johnson, Jan 85, 100 Johnson, Dennis 304 Johnson, James 304 Johnson, Jerry 277 Johnson, John 277 Johnson, Dee 304 Johnson, Ralph 304 Johnson, Richard 38, 261 Johnson, Robert 304 Johnson Victor 75 76 Johnson, William 5,1, 54, 261, 290 Johnston, Dwight 20, 56, 290 Johnston, Gary 100, 104, 261 Johns t Jones, on, Ron 111 Barbara 38, 49, 51, Jones, David 38, 278 Jones, Don 105, 304 Jones, Doug 76 Jones, Jones Floyd 32, 38, 261 Glenna 38 261 Jones, James 32 Y Jones Jean 85 Jones, Jimmie 46, 262 Jones, Ladena 82, 290 Jones, Linda 38, 278 Jones, Louise 38, 262 Jones, Ruth 38, 262 Jones, Thomas 290 Justice, Andria 44, 290 -K- 278 Kaad, Jeanette 290 Kaiser, Gene 38, 72, 262 Karpack, Norma 38, 278 Karpuk, Gail 28 Katakozinos, Patricia 304 Kating, Raymond 304 Kaufman, Carol 262 Kavanaugh, Frances 304 Kazmierkiewich, John 114, 278 Keasling, Martha 262 Kebritsaz, Kevin 290 Keehn, Betty 38, 304 Keithline, Charles 304 Kelley, Diana 44 Kelley, Jerald 38, 262 Kelley, Sammye 290 Kelliher, Mike 28, 30, 34, 304 Kelly, Pamela 290 Kelsey, Laurel 25, 27, 93, 304 Kelso, Sarajane 290 Keltch, Pete 46, 47, 290 Kemp, Tom 105 Kendall, George 32, 68, 304 Kennedy, Carol 87, 121 Kennedy, Pat 54, 278 Kennedy, Randy 32, 111, 304 Kerr, John 105 Kester, Jannet 304 Ketcher, John 304 Khuhro, Masood 278 Kidd, Danny 290 Kidwell, Mona 304 Kiger, David 176 Kight, Joe 304 Kindred, Cynthia 304 King, Bradford 296, 304 King, Charles 68, 262 King, Jack 101,290 King, Rita 78, 304 King, Sharon 290 King, Treva 29, 62, 121, 123, 304 Kinion, Lynette 290 Kinion, Gerald 304 Kinion, Jack 38, 49, 51, 55, 137, 262 Kinkead, Linda 262 Kinnear, Carol 278 Kinser, Dale Wayne 304 Kinsey, Gladys 42 Kinsey, Marlene 42 Kirby, Karen 304 Kirkbride, Rebecca 38, 290 Klein, Kathleen 304 Klepper, Linda 27, 28, 290 Kline, Sheryl 85, 304 Knollenberg, Susan 32 Koch, Robert 290 Koditek, Sandra 304 Kolb, Diane 38, 43, 74, 290 Krausch, Gail 59 Krause, Joe -31, 32, 33, 165 Kroll, Linda 278 Kuehn, Sharilyn 38, 278 -L- LaBass, Linda 304 Lackey, Glenn 35, 38, 51, 134, 263 Lacy, Franklin 304 Ladwig, Roy 290 Lagal, Larry 304 Lamb, Elaine 304 Lamb, Ronnie 290 Lamons, John 304 Land, Deanna 38, 263 Lane, Loyce 13, 32 Lang, Albert 278 Langford, Thad 197 Lanigan, Kathleen 94, 129, 263 Lanza, Pete 78 Larson, Kaye 38, 263 Lashley, Dennis 197 Lashley, Kent 139, 175, 254 Lattimore, Mary 44 Latting, Barbara 38, 51, 142, 263 Laudett, Janice 31, 32, 304 Lauhon, William 304 Lauterbach, John 49, 52, 278 Lauterbach, Susan 32, 35, 39, 94, 278 Lavendusky, John 290 Lawhorn, Linda 304 Lawrence, Kelly 111, 304 Lawrence, Rachel 290 Lawson, Allen 30 Lawson, Carol 304 Lawson, John 176, 254, 263 Learned, Wayne 114, 259, 290 Leatherman, Linda 71, 304 Leaton, Linda 304 Leavell, Junene 39, 88, 278 Ledbetter, Carolyn 39, 263 Ledbetter, Fred 176 Ledford, Jerry 263 Ledford, Jimmy 305 Lee, Gary 196 Lee, Robert 278 Leek, Donna 65, 305 Leep, Wilma 39, 278 LeFlore, Samuel 305 LeFlore, Vivian 305 Lemmons, Leon 278 Lemons, Denny 278 Leslie, Carol 82, 290 Lesser, Rosalie 94, 250, 263 Lester, Charles 263 Lester, Jeff 20, 53, 102, 104, 142, 278 Lester, Mike 105 Lewallen, Jim 176, 246 Lewis, James 278 Lewis, Levesta 70, 305 Lewis, Sandra 305 Lewis, Sue 43, 70, 290 Lewis, Vondal 305 Lightfoot, Shalah 26, 27, 35, 88, 137, 263 Lindesmith, Connie 41, 121 Lindsey, Terry 305 Linduff, Jimmy 102, 278 Ligenfelter, Carol 35, 39, 49, 51, 278 Lingo, Jerry 278 Link, Billy 305 Linn, William 39, 263 Linnet, Kay 72, 290 Linzy, Jack 263 Li scomb Philli 20 P . P Liptack, Shirley 39, 80, 82, 84, 157, 263 Little, lra 305 Little, Myran 305 Littlefield, Charles 305 Lively, Jerry 241, 278 Livesay, Tim 176 Llewellyn, Gary 176 Llo d Billie 39 279 Y 1 , Locke, Jimmy 20, 89, 99, 102, 104, 105 Lockhart, Charles 32, 305 Loftin, Steve 54 Lofton, Johnnie 39, 264 Logan, Michael 305 Logsdon, Rick 39, 49, 140, 264 Lomax, Ben 105 London, Bill 39, 264 Long, George 305 Long, Keith 305 Long, Linda 305 Longcrier, Arbie 39, 290 Lonsinger, Mary 39, 264 Love, Joyce 264 Lovern, Wayne 279 Lovett, Robert 28, 30, 34, 305 Lowery, Dewey 279 Lowrance, Janis 25, 27 Lowrance, Kathy 95, 279 Lowry, Judy 264 Lozano, Ricardo 305 Luck, Kenneth 32, 33 Lumpmouth, Juanita Margaret 59, 61, 204 Lundquist, Margaret 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 39, 279 Lundy, Joan 279 Lundy, Sandra 305 Lupfer, Roger 28, 30 Lyke, William 305 -M- Mabery, Nickeal 305 Mabrey, Jane 305 Mack, Gloria 291 Macy, Gail 291 Madden, Joyce 264 Maddon, Tommy 156 Maddox, John 241 Maddox, Tom 185 Madeira, Cheri 305 Magee, Patricia 39, 291 Magruder, Mack 305 ThfeB hUl'1dY6d f0l'1y-ORB Main, David 12, 99, 264 Mainus, Evelyn 27 Maisano, Jim 39, 279 Maison, Roy 72 Mallams, Bobby 264 Mallett, Mary Jane 95, 128, 291 Mallonee, Melanie 95, 246, 291 Mallory, Lou Anne 60, 127, 305 Mallow, Jeanna 305 Manley, Linda 39, 82, 98, 291 Mann, Linda 305 Mann, Marvin 306 Mann, Naomi 39, 264 Mansour, Linda 65, 306 Marchant, Kenneth 76 Marchant, Margaret 76 Marcum, Linda 87, 306 Marrow, Sally 39, 95, 279 Marrs, Frank 103, 279 Marsh, Sherlyn 306 Marshall, Barbara 59, 204, 291 Marshall, Tom 306 Marshall, Vicki 35, 39, 87, 88, 89, 90, 279 Marti, Richard 176, 177, 181, 264 Martin, Cassie 59, 306 Martin, Garry 28, 306 Martin, Gary 34 Martin, Patricia 306 Martin, Wilma 306 Mason, Danny 306 Mason, Linda 95, 279 Mason, Pat 64, 75, 279 Masters, Chuck 111, 176, 179 Mathews, Senora 306 Matlock, Barbara 291 Matthews, Gene 20, 80, 84, 103, 279 Matthews, Sherri 87 Mauch, Karen 306 Maynard, Bob 39, 291 McAdoo, Velta 39, 135, 264 McAfee, Jane 32, 39, 264 McAuliffe, Annette 75, 87, 290 McCafferty, Beth 290 McCall, Fred 279 McCammon, Newton 305 McCarty, Buddy 103, 264 McCaslin, Bill 111 McCauley, Ethelyn 290 McClain, Fred 193 McClanahan, Kent 53 McCIeod, Dinah 305 McClure, Joyce 39, 290 McCollough, Danny 305 McCollum, Sandra 290 McCord, Clifford 279 McCoy, Ronald 39, 45, 279 McCracken, John 305 McCrary, Jerry 176 McCray, Lynda 305 McCullough, Danny 71 McCutcheon, Richard 28 McDaniel, Robyn 305 McDonald, Carol 85, 305 McDonald, Donald 305 McDonald, Jack 291 McDonald, Jim 105 McElhannon, Gwen 39, 72, 291 McElroy, Cynthia 305 McElroy, Sonia 93, 305 McGowen, Michael 39, 264 McGuire, Pat 39, 95, 98, 279 Mclntosh, Adeline 29, 305 Mclntosh, Mike 103, 291 McKinley, Carolyn 35, 291 McNabb, Monna 31, 32, 127, 128, 163, 305 McNair, Margaret 70, 291 McNamara, Danette 305 McPherson, Barbara 85, 291 McQuay, Larry 305 McRoberts, Sharon 39, 264 McSpadden, David 176 Meadows, Becky 95, 279 Mefford, Donna 306 Mefford, Norma Darlene 39, 264 Meldren, Ray 31 Menees, Kathy 32, 85, 306 Mensinger, Joanne 279 Meredith, Kay 39, 279 Merriott, Lucinda 306 Merritt, Tina 31, 32, 65, 306 Meyer, Elizabeth 306 Meyer, Sue 39, 128, 279 Middlebusher, Jana 306 Mike, Elizabeth 306 Newkirk, Jill 32, 35, 280 Newland, Bill 28, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 Newton, John 307 Nichols, Gary 105 Nicholson, Phyllis 43, 71, 307 Mikel, E ric 198, 199 Miller, Carol 306 Miller, Dannie 39, 265 Miller, Deborah 306 Miller, Glen 71,306 Miller, Linda 45, 161, 163,306 Miller, Margaret 45 Miller, Patsy 71, 306 Miller, Shirley 39, 265 Miller, Susan 32, 306 Mills, Robert 198, 199 Minardi, Chris 306 Missimer, Mike 291 Mitchell, Anita 43 Mitchell, Dan 291 Mitchell, Jimmy 265 Mitchell, Lewis 306 Mitchell, Lynn 30, 31, 32, 33, 165, 291 Mitchell, Nancy 35, 39, 46, 47, 49, 51, 279 Mitchell, Ramona 265 Mobley, Larry 114, 265 Mohart, Susan 306 Moland, Jo Anne 39, 72, 279 Monroe, Dayle 306 Monroe, Julie 306 Montgomery, Mary Ann 39, 279 Montgomery, Rex 28, 306 Montgomery, Stephen 117, 280 Montgomery, William 306 Moon, Darlene 280 Mooney, Duane 306 Moore, Moore, Moot, K Michael 306 Norma 72 elly 291 Moren, Judy 306 Morgan, Barbara 306 Morgan, Barry 112, 114, 291 Morgan, Larry 114, 291 Morgan, Murleen 306 Morgan, Teri 39, 51, 95, 265 Morino, Morris, Larry 176 Linda 306 Nicholson, Sidney 74 Nishmuta, Gary 75, 307 Nix, Ken 111 Noley, Sylvia 291 Norrid, David 51, 54, 160, 280 Norris, Sandra 93 Norwood, Charlotte 72, 307 Nourse, Paul 307 Nuby, Jerry 61 Nuckolls, Dian 39, 280 -0- Ockerman, Sandra 307 Odell, Steve 307 Odle, Sharon 65, 307 Odneal, Patty 29, 121, 291 Odom, Dixie 71, 307 Olenberger, Eddie 307 Oliver, Dixie 39, 265 Orr, Carolyn 32, 87, 307 Osborn, Janie 32, 307 Osborn, Robert 157 Osburn, John 56 Otterstrom, Russ 307 Overlease, Gloria 29, 85 Overton, Ben 111 Owen, Linda 307 Oxley, Pat 39, 95, 280 ..p.. Pace, Lynn 28, 307 Pace, Larry 105, 307 Pace, Nancy 307 Packwood, Jim 70 Packwood, Phil 105, 307 Paden, Ann 39, 265 Paige, Karen 32 Parent, Patricia 39, 280 Parenti, Mary Jo 291 Parham, Linda 93 Parker, Charlotte 82, 265 Parker, Gary 265 Morris, Robert 306 Morris, Tillman 39, 291 Morrison, Connie 31, 32, 33, 164, 16 Morrison, David 49, 138, 255, 265 Morrison, Larry 291 Morrison, Laura 49, 88, 98, 138, 265 Morrow, James 39, 265 Morton, Lynda 39, 43, 70, 291 Moss, Dianne 306 Moss, Frank 291 Moton, Gale 87 Moulton, Betty 31, 70, 164, 165 Moulton, Gary 70 Moye, Alicia 39, 43, 291 Mozingo, Joyce 306 Mudd, Bette Elizabeth 39, 291 Mullen, Mae 39, 280 Mullins, Dale 69, 280 Mullins, Dennis 28,30 Munding, John 69, 75, 280 Murdock, Marjorie 32, 39, 265 Murphy, Michealynn 39, 141, 265 Murray, Charles 291 Murray, Curtis 291 Murray, John 291 Murray, Linda 307 Myles, Sylvia 25, 27, 93, 307 -N- Nail, Lois 291 Neel, Suzanne 76 Neely, Margaret 291 Nees, Rick 291 Neighbors, Jerry 307 Neill, Stephen 265 Neill, Vickie 39, 291 Nelson, Brenda 307 Nelson, Linda 32,307 Ness, Ronald 307 Nesser, Michael 291 Newell, Hope 307 Newell, Judith 291 5, 306 Parker, Glenda 88, 107, 291 Parker, Helen 307 Parkhurst, Sue 292 Parks, Lynn 71, 292 Parmele, Linda 39, 88, 90, 292 Parmelee, John 307 Parrish, Nancy 292 Parson, Barbara Ann 39, 265 Pascucci, Perry 20, 53, 104, 196, 280 Patterson, Butch 156, 266 Patterson, Delorus 24, 26, 27, 156, 280 Patterson, Denise 20, 39, 49, 53, 63, 64, 78, 140, 280 Paulk, Charles 186 Payne, Donna 280 Pearson, Gary 280 Pebsworth, Ray 39, 266 Pennigan, Robert 280 Peoples, Carolyn 307 Pepper, Dean 103, 292 Perita, Bob 75 Perkins, Marsha Ann 39, 59, 72, 292 Perry, Diane 44 Perry, Mickey 307 Perryman, Alfred 307 Perryman, Brooks 39, 44, 95, 280 Peters, Catherine 32, 43, 292 Peters, Sandy 266 Peterson, Butch 111, 292 Phelps, Bill 99, 114, 266 Phillips, Gary 280 Phillips, Phyllis 39, 266 Pickering, Lorraine 32 Pigg, Bill 111 Pilgrim, Marilyn tGingerl 39, 82, 85, 266 Pilgrim, Mickey 103, 280 Pinion, Steve 307 Pinney, Harold 39, 44, 266 Pitt, Jerry 175, 176, 177 Pitt, Kenneth 176 Pixley, Suzi 65 Plett, Sharon 39, 49, 51, 55, 266 Plummer, Paul 105 Three hundred forty-two Poettgen, Rita 95, 280 Pope, Doris 307 Pope, Jesse 39, 42, 138, 266 Popkess, John 307 Porter, Kathy 30 Porter, Michael 307 Porter, Sue Ann 39, 266 Porterfield, Dana 307 Poster, Bess 280 Poteet, Bruce 267 Potter, Gregory 307 Poulton, Nancy 39, 92, 95, 255, 267 Power, Helen Candy 53 Prater, Ron 196 Prather, Kenneth 33 Prather, Pam 88, 90, 292 Pratt, Jimmy 307 Prescott, Connie 307 Presley, Deborah 292 Prewett, Dale 267 Price, Glenn 292 Price, Vince 307 Provost, Kenneth 307 Pugh, Nancy 95 Purdom, Carol 39, 280 Purser, Bob 176 Pyle, Raymond 280 -Q- Quantie, Joyce 93 Queener, Judy 307 Quillian, John 75, 307 Quinn, Chris 105 -R- Radenbaugh, Mendell 267 Rader, Alfreda 308 Rader, Carol 39, 95, 111, 280 Rader, Linda 292 Rader, Mary Ann 28, 31, 32, 280 Ragsdale, Diana 292 Raiford, Steven 308 Raines, Linda 308 Raines, Ronald 308 Rainwater, Jaree 87 Rainwater, Sharon 39, 75, 292 Rambo, Jeanne 292 Rampp, Gary 115, 117, 292 Ramsay, Theresa 308 Randall, Charles 115, 117, 292 Randall, Marilyn 140 Randolph, Larry 308 Randolph, Tommy 308 Rankin, Jo Ellen 28, 30, 292 Ranseur, Allan 308 Ranson, Jerry 20, 56, 57, 113, 11 292 Ranson, Jimmy 308 Ranson, Joyce 280 Ratliff, Darrell 111 Rauch, Billy 28, 30, 34 Readdy, Johnna 39, 267 Reay, David 308 Redden, Linda 39, 292 Redding, Ken 190, 192, 193 Redman, Greta 39, 72, 280 Redo, L. Dean 39, 267 Reed, David 292 Reed, Elmer 308 Reed, Fred 308 Reed, John 241 Reed, Linda 308 Reichal, Joseph 267 Reichert, Charles 293 Revis, Sherri 93, 308 Reynolds, Tommy 105 Rhea, Judy 39, 92, 95, 280 Rhinehart, Peggy 35 Rhodes, Colleen 40, 72, 267 Rhodes, Danny 40, 108, 176, 267 Rhodes, Marty 127, 293 Rhodes, Mary 51, 280 Rhodes, Shirley 40, 293 Rice, Doyle 267 Rice, Drake 71, 308 Rice, Edward 308 Rice, James 40, 267 Richards, Lana Sue 40, 280 Richey, Chris 28, 30, 308 Riddle, Jonnie 40, 72, 267 5, 241 Ridgway, Karen Lea 40, 93, 293 Ridley, Gary 32, 33, 308 Riggs, Johnny 308 Riggs, Patricia 128 Riggs, Ron 193, 267 Risner, Deanna Sue 40, 64, 280 Risner, Kenneth 308 Ritchie, Warnie 280 Ritschel, Bob 31, 32, 33, 45, 161, 164, 165, 293 Ritter, Carol 87 Ritter, Joe 293 Savage, Jerry 40, 95, 281 Schachle, Carolyn 309 Schlecht, Helen 95, 294 Schlecht, Joe 69, 268 Schneider, Sharrie 309 Schneider, Dixie 40, 268 Schneider, John 268 Schnitzmeyer, Sharon 40, 294 Schreck, Anthony 294 Schuler, Terry 309 Schulte, Kendall 75, 76 Schwabe, Mary 40, 42, 51, 55, 86, 88, 269 Ritzky, Garry 293 Ro, Eikichi 268 Roan, Barbara 83, 98, 280 Roan, Charles 116, 280 Roark, Joe 28 Roberts, David 267 Roberts, Donald 40, 280 Roberts, Larry 308 Roberts, Mack 293 Roberts, Ruby 40, 280 Robertson, Deborah 293 Robertson, Gail 40, 49, 51, 268 Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott, Jeanne 87, 90 Bob 28, 30, 32, 45, 116 Charles 296, 309 Jacqueline 309 Scott, Kathy 40, 65, 269 Scott, Robert C. 135 Scott, Robert F. 246, 309 Scott, Theresa 65, 76, 294 Seale , Sears, Seay, Secor, William 281 Michael 51,281 Reed 309 Kenneth 309 Smith Robertson, Nancy 20, 24, 27, 308 Robins, Danny 191, 192, 193, 268 Robinson, Ernest 172, 176, 177 Robinson, James Jed 46, 47, 138, 259 Robinson, Lee 280 Robson, Bob 293 Rogers, Allan 40, 268 Rogers, Carla 308 Rogers, Dennis 176 Rogers, Jim 243 Rogers, John 308 Rogers, Kenneth 280 Rogers, Kenneth 40, 43, 49, 51, 70, 71 Rogers, Sue 308 Martha 43, 65, 75, 308 Roh rer, Roller, Bennie 294 Roller, Ronald 268 Romine, Barbara Ann 308 Romine, Winnie 40, 268 Roper, Billy 308 Rosbrugh, Terry 308 Rose, Jim 40, 56, 57, 268 Ross, Alice 308 Ross, Donna 40, 268 Ross, Modean 142 Rouch, William 308 Rowe, Danny 56, 57, 176 Rowe, Jani 40, 268 Rowe, Therece 31, 32, 70 Rowley, Michael 308 Roye, Ross 294 Rozell, Cheryl 40, 51, 268 Rudd, Buck 294 Flumsey, Jon 138 Runyan, Dale 173, 268 Rush, Randy 105 Russell, Russell Bill 161,308 Mar 85 , Y Russell, Nancy 40, 54, 281 Russell, Robin 40, 95, 268 Russell, Ronnie 28 Rutledge, Cathlene 308 Ryals, Patricia 294 Ryals, Sherry 65, 294 Ryan, Annette 281 Ryker, Marilyn 308 Saeger, ..3.. Mary Jane 30 Sallee, Charlene 40, 95, 281 Sallee, Sylvia 40, 71, 268 Sallie, Jerry 308 Sams, Gordon 308 Sandage, Steve 111, 308 Sanders, Carolyn 32, 78 Sanders, Mary 53, 65 Sanderson, Juanita 85 Sanderson, Willie 308 Sango, Ruby 308 Santine, David 105 Sass, Catherine 41, 294 Satterfield, Debbie 294 Sauer, Dee 308 Saunders, Timmie 40, 268 Saunders, Vicki 93, 308 Savage, Halsell 281 Self, Tom 111 Sellmeyer, Rome 111 Senior, Paula 309 Sevier, Carolyn 40, 71, 294 Sexton, Donald 309 Seymour, Diana 40, 95, 281 Shackelford, Booker 176 Shaffer, Ron 70, 71, 294 Shanafelt, Suzanne 51, 52, 140, 2 Shannon, Mary 95, 294 Sharkey, Dennis 281 Sharp, Sandra 309 Shaw, Bill 309 Shaw, James 115, 294 Shaw, Roger 28, 34 Shay, Dianna 309 Shelton, Dennis 111 Shepard, Janet 40, 294 Shepherd, Alice 40, 268 Shepherd, Ed 281 Sheppard, Sharon 309 Sheriff, Donna 296, 309 Sherman, Bob 269 Shortess, Steve 105 Shroyer, Mary 90 Shryock, Wilma 309 Shuller, Mary 294 Shunkey, Carla 128 Sills, Gene 157 Silvanic, Tom 198, 199 Simmons, Allan 28, 34 Simmons, Dan 35, 40, 42, 45, 281 Simmons, Dennis 28, 34 Simmons, Jan 83, 85, 294 Simmons, Marilyn 40, 269 Simonds, Charles 269 Sims, Margo 40, 269 Sims, Steven 309 Sims, William 281 Sinclair, Walt 28, 34, 309 Singer, Sue Ann 93 Sinor, Lorreta 40, 269 Sisco, Linda 294 Sissom, Mike 309 Sittler, Ed 40, 56, 269 Skelton, Dianna 294 Skinner, Eldon 309 Skinner, Mickey 71 Slack, Nakita 40, 51, 60, 269 Slagle, Mike 105 Slape, Louie 309 Slinkard, Randy 31, 32, 33, 165 Slinkard, William 269 Sloat, Wayne 281 Small, Charles 294 Small, Sharon 294 Smalley, Mike 111,309 Smiles, Rosetta 309 Smith, Bridget 40, 51, 294 Smith, Buck 54 Smith, Carolyn 40, 49, 269 Smith, Calvin 309 Smith, Cathie 294 Smith, Charles 309 Smith, Darrell 44 Smith, Donna Kay 294 Three hundred forty-three 81 Smith, Donna Sue 40, 80 Smith Doug 76, 309 smilnj Eddie 105,309 Smith, Eldon 309 Smith Smith , Gary 269 , Glenda 88, 281 Smith, Jacqueline 269 Smith, Joyce Ann 281 Smith, Joyce 54, 269 Smith, Kenneth D. 40 Smith, Kenneth G. 294 Smith, Lawana 43, 294 Smith, Lois 40, 281 , 83, 85 Smith, Marjorie 31, 32, 33, 40, 269 Smith, Mary Jane 143 Smith, Michael 32 Smith, Michelle 309 Smith, Nelda 40, 281 Smith, Patricia 93, 309 Smith, Richard Allen 269 Smith, Richard 176 Smith, Ricky 70, 142 Smith, Rosalyn 309 Smith, Roxie 72 Smith, Sandra 20, 88, 89, 294 Smith, Stephen 309 Smith, Wayne 309 Smith William 35 ee, Carolyn 309 Snider, Charles 28, 34 Snoddy, Lynn 309 Snodgrass, Janet 62 Snow, Arlie 309 Sorenson, Jeanne 294 Southerland, Travis 309 Spalsbury, Steven 309 Sparkman, Dana 309 Sparks, Lois 281 Speer, Helen 309 Spence, Beth 86, 88, 91, 294 Spencer, Clifford 309 Spencer, Melvin 193 Spiva, Mary 40, 90, 294 Spivy, Tahlula 40, 269 Staggs, Carole 309 Staires, Mike 53, 105 Stand, George 72 Standifer, Sharla 281 Standley, Judy 294 Stanley, Florence 30, 294 Stauss, Foix 40, 270 Stauss, Karen 32, 93, 310 Stauss, Sandra 40, 281 Stephens, Dennis 117 Stephenson, Charlotte 40, 51, Stephenson, Evelyn 310 Stevens, Jim 281 Stevens, Ron 111, 310 Stevens, Sally 310 Stevenson, Mike 310 Stewart, Charlene 72, 294 Stewart, Steve 310 Stice, Ray 193, 194 Stieben, Dennis 294 Stiles, Dolan 116, 281 Stillwell, Eddie 103, 281 Stinnett, Carolann 40, 270 Stivers, Patricia 294 Stockard, Don 190, 191 Stockton, Linda 294 Stout, Jim 101,281 Stovall, Dianna 310 Stratford, Willard 310 Strand, Donna 40, 281 Street, Teresa 310 Streeter, Janet 281 Stroup, Tom 28, 30, 32, 34 Stuck, Burl 310 Studebaker, Mary Lou 83, 270 Sturm, Steven 270 Sullivan, Oran 310 Sulphur, Lou 54, 270 Summers, Carol 20, 83, 294 Sumner, Steven 310 Sumter, Carol 40, 270 Sumter, Jerry 72, 73 Sumter, Omer 176 Sutton, Joe Ed 111 Sutton, Sue 294 51, 134 95, 270 Svatba, Deidre 85, 294 Swan, Jimmy 270 Swan, Steve 270 Swartz, Hanley 310 Sweeney, Elizabeth 295 Swick, Michael 117, 310 Swift, Virginia 310 Swinehart, Barbara 40, 55, 65, ...T- Tannehill, Carolyn 295 Tannehill, Tom 20, 24, 26, 27, 51, 12 Tarkington, Willie 310 Tar le Larr 295 , Y Tatlgartx, James Larry 40, 72, 73, 281 Tatum, Carol 310 Tatum, Carl 71 Taylor, Carolyn 295 Taylor, Pamela 310 Taylor, Patricia 270 Taylor, Robert 176 Taylor, Steve 46, 47, 72, 310 Teel, Larry 310 Temple, Helen 40, 295 Terry, Bill 103, 281 Thayer, Linda 32, 60, 87, 310 Thomas Beverley 270 Wimme Thomas, Christine 295 Thomas, Glenda 310 Thomas, Jimmy 295 Thomas, Julius 295 Thomas, Linda 54, 281 Thompson Bill 270 Thompson Connie 310 Thompson Ellis 115,270 Thompson Greg 176 Thompson, Jim 117 Thompson, Jo 31,65 Thompson, Judy 40. 71, 281 Thompson, Marcia 310 Thompson Marsha 40, 49, 88 270 Thompson Pitchford 310 Thompson Robert 310 Thoos, Patricia 295 Thorne, Emily 270 Thorne, Joyce 40 Thorne, Thomas 270 Thornton, Brenda 40, 295 Thro, Jessie 40, 95, 270 Thys, Donald Ray 56 Tinsley, Jack 112, 115, 271 Tipton, Ben 271 Tipton, Tom 28 Tisdale, Susan 310 Tittle, Woody 310 Tobey, Michael 310 Todd, Lloyd 32 Tomes, Nancy 40, 295 Tomlinson, Dawna 310 Tomlinson, Roger 310 Tompkins, Kay 310 Toney, Charles 310 Townsend, Arlene 42 Towrey, Marti 165 Towry, Donna 93 Trisler, Alana 270 Trotter, Kent 40, 271 Troyer, Larry 310 Truttman, Carolyn 95, 295 Tucker, Cecil 56 Tucker, Linda 295 Turnbo, Mary 63, 65, 295 Turner, Bruce 76, 161, 295 Turner, Lynn 56, 57 Turner, Murl 101, 281 Twist, Frank 43, 69, 281 Tyer, Mike 28 Tyler, Joe 281 Tyner, Karen 40, 295 Tyner, Marshall 310 ..U... Underwood, Albert 271 Underwood, Genevieve 40, 271 Updike, Allen 281 -V.. Van Gundy, Jeanie 295 270 , 90, 98, Vanhooser, Marvin 40, 56, 57, 281 Vann, Linda 40, 96, 281 Vaughan, Donald 40, 271 Vaughan, Linda 30 Vaughn, Georgia 310 Vickers, Ronald 281 Villines, Nancy 71, 310 Vivion, Fred 281 Voigt, Jerry 40, 271 -W. White, Fton 20, 21, 102, 104, 139, White, Sandra 311 Whiteley, Jim 311 Whiteley, Robert 32, 72 Whitely, Sherry 72 Whitsett, Ronald 311 Whitworth, Bruce 32 Whitworth, Paul 30 Whorton, Sharon 41, 273 Wilcox, Anne 311 Wilcox, Rodney 103, 282 9, 295 Wade, Edward 271 Wadley, George 271 Wadley, Gregg 295 Wadley, Judy 295 Wilkinson, Bobbie 41, 282 Williams Williams , Ada 43, 295 , Andrew 273 Wagner, James 282 Waldon, Charles 310 Williams, Danny 105 Williams Darrell 295 Waldon, Kathy 28, 29, 45, 127, 162, 282, 283 Walker, Charles 271 Walker, Jerry 141, 188, 189 Walker, Linda 40, 282 Walker, Loretta 59, 204 Walker, Sharon 310 Walker, Twyla 295 Walker, Vicki 282 Walkup, Dale 20, 111, 271 Wall, Connie 72,310 Wall, Donna 72, 310 Wallen, Diane 51, 95, 295 Wallen, Suzanne 40, 95, 271 Wallis, Linda 310 Walsh, Kerry 295 Walton, Dorse 311 Wammack, Martha 311 Wammack, Shirley 40, 272 Wann, Patsy 40, 282 Wann, Ronnie 40, 282 War, Adell 28, 29, 295 Ward, Donna 65, 311 Williams, Dean 103, 283 Williams, Jonnie 273 Williams, Larry 283 Williams, Larry D. 191, 193, 295 Williams, Mike 283 Williams, Mini 61 Williams Pamela 311 Williams Perry 311 Williams Robert 176 Williams Ronnie 311 Williams Roy 273 Wilson, Barry 295 Wilson, Carol 311 Wilson, Charles 101, 105, 283 Wilson, Grace 41, 273 Wilson, Jerry 41, 56, 57, 295 Wilson, Larry 273 Wilson, Laura 273 Wilson, Linda 32 Wilson, Lois 71,311 Wilson, Myrtha 311 Wilson Philip 71,311 wiisonf wendell 311 r, Glenda 311 Ward, Ward, Gayle 40, 311 Gayle S. 59, 72, 295 Ward, Janice 83, 272 Ward, Joe 272 Ward, Laura 32, 282 Ward, Ward Patricia 40,311 Richard 311 Warden, Cheryle 40, 272 Warden, Jim 176 Warden, Ronnie 69, 242, 282 Ware, Susie 311 Waren, Marsha 20, 45, 51, 272 Warford, Phillip 272 Warren, Dona 41, 83, 272 Warren, Larry 20, 41, 56, 57, 13 Warrick, Mike 111 Warrior, Roy 272 Waters, Stella 41, 59, 204, 272 Watkins, Mary 295 Watkins, Ronald 282 Watson, Clorine 41, 282 Watts, Melody 41, 272 Weaver, Bob 282 Weaver, Ken 20, 32 Weaver, Michael 176 Weaver, Terri 311 Webb, Jo 296, 311 Webb, Patricia 41, 272 Webb, Sandy 87 Wehnes, Charles 41, 272 Wehnes, Joyce 41, 272 Wingard, John 273 Winfield, Ramona 311 Wingate, Sue 76, 295 Winlock, Harry 70, 71, 295 Winn, Doug 56 Winstead, Bobby 311 Winston, Jon 311 Wood, Dana 41, 283 Wood, Joyce 41, 59, 204, 273 Wood, Paul 311 Wood, Wayne 30, 311 Woodard, Gary 193 Woodrome, Beverly 43, 51, 295 Woods, David 295 Woods, Mary 60 Wooldridge, Larry 192, 193, 295 Wooten, Harold 72 Wootton, Patrick 295 Workman, Elizabeth 41 Worley, Janet 41, 283 Worten, Linda 295 Wortham, Roger 51, 273 Wren, Carolyn 45, 163 Wyrick, Deryl 117 -Y.. Yahola, Sandra 76 Yahola, Thomas 283 Yarborough, Mary 311 Yeager, Larry 273 Yocham, Donna 91, 311 Weller, Richard 272 Wells, Paul 41, 272 Wells, Shirley 311 Wensel, Susan 53, 282 West, Cindy 27, 41, 92, 95, 98, 272 West, Ken 273 Weston, Barbara 311 Whatley, Theodore 273 Wheeler, John 295 Wheeler, Linda 311 Whitaker, Ron 282 White, Bill 282 White, Carl 41, 282 White, Carolyn 32, 41, 51, 273 White, Carolyn S. 23, 311 White, Connie 311 White, James 311 White, Jay 41, 282 White, Jerry 311 Three hundred forty-tour Yoder, James 42 York, John 273 Young, Maggie 59 Young, Mary 59 Young, Sue 311 Youngblood, Glenn 115, 273 Youngblood, Gwen 311 Youngblood, Lyndolyn 311 Younger, Sam 101 Yowell, Howard 311 -Z- Zellers, Ted 311 Zika, Judy 295 Zimmerman, Ben 41, 77, 283 Zimmerman, Detha 60, 311 Zimmerman, Don 53, 77, 283 ZlfT'll'l'l9l'l'T18I'l, 152, 273 Gayle 41, 60, 95, 283

Suggestions in the Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) collection:

Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


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Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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