Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK)

 - Class of 1965

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Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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-fun .1 ,., :V V, A - V .u . 0 l -fu -'Q' ...Q E "' - ox 'JA " 'tg' 'Q 1 1 . '.. A Q ir, " ith!" C lf' 1. ' , f. P 3 a ,, .rf lag, ,I 4?,,,f . , . ' 'lyi ll Av.-D 4 Q r 1 ' " . ' ,iv '- sb' '7"-' ' v I' ' 1 15,,4.:.', 5 - . " 's' fi ' nl, D ' ,- , 1 C s"l Q d 2 f . f ' .ii .jyr 94? f . -4 ' '-' ' -f. Uv ,LJ , ,- an I -Hgjxni . 1-E 3 . ,., , hi .2 .1". 72 1 , I , - , - f . ily, - V,- 'an fp, 1 " ' 4' D I' af? ",' I 1 .5 . I Q f . 'ka . - -J., Q., V .1 , L J' !"..' .-71 ,. ., . 'asa tr" ' .1 1, u ,' ' f , , V- M - L Q -, ,v I -I 14 . 1 ,s o.xn,- , "t fa-'34 ' ig! - , -v. . I is 4-ffl , ' x ' -- . fi- me .5 .Q .. - N- 1 15. -A A: l' , K Q. - . -' 'f -..' -'.'1. f' '. 4 -Q' tllpl-9f'.,.,A5,i,3-. fy 7 ' 'K .- u -D ,t - -: 14. - " J - nu? -if . --1 A 1, , Q. .l Q , , 'ff-,fjf-v"14' Q-Tj' V ', 'Tv - 2. .Vf.':,H-ivan f , ' , ,-' "' 5 7 , tgp- -. K ,A . YL. ' ' . ' .' ' J-"f - I .' 1 - -' ' '42 ' 'H 2 "- 5 . :L "ffl-7' "MQ 7 -" fl" ,'5.S'-' sr' "f.l,1 'fx I .'-3 - 'fig 0. ', - I I 3 ,-.g'. . I n -315-si, sb. ir- . - '.' T' X, If-'T sfip- 1:1 1 ' ,wi , 5-'ig -' --v A ' r. . - ,v--v4-. 1:. . .1 1. -. -1-. ' - .b ,,,w,w -4,,,.. -lm., 4 .,, 1, -nv.. M, ,. . . ' ,fa I .",.,,a:' 1 .sjg'f"f' 5 . ' r :, .' . 4 .. '-.D :Q K ,1 ' .,-f'.,- 1 ",':".' x".' .-'A . 5,-.'. 7 2 f- fp ' 2 f -. H .A ff' K. -, f .' v 'i 'r' 4-"A:', , hw- 1 -'.'.- 3 -' ai - " 7 -N ". -wr 4- , ,ia-A 3 I . -.A uf- ,- '.:L,g'.-34' -r-ag. 1 S -Qgsplrl , 'QA L'-2-K Lf,-. Pj -. ' , W ' L Q s ' ..?'.f'."'v:. . 'fx' 2 fa L -L f A., - ' "Q' Q . ' . - ID ' A , 'x s. -'w.a -,wg .9 , f , wgx 72, 'wx J". 1 -. 1',,,,1q. , -Q . , , 1.1. ' 3 ' ' L ' J fm ' f'.'!'1'iT. 'X' v , - 1 A . ,, I - WHT .. ' ' , , V .V ,t 1 4 ' 5 . W' - Aff Q 4 . 'H - 2' 5 2 flee V, 6 X ' A ' i , f -g...., V' A4 R .' -1. nl . 5 - g I A'-MN """ 'Q . M . Q O Q Q L . ' . A u- . U ' - A 3 'mn .. GROWT I , . e o 1' Q' f ,Q NORT TAHLEQUAH, 0 STATE CO X Z Wiz: RN 'ff life' 5 ,. Zh "'---,it:igiijf':1 S ,.,i, A i X iw 127 f ' "w1'N 1l ' " 1 E f' ,ffggifi i 'II'"'3223:iiIfi"-lggggg , V X ' R X ' -0 tx .N s X M '4 K -. 1. mx 4. X. '.. X m 'mi 'Q' 'X . mi st xx I as XX . I, L. K 'C "4 5 HEASTERN LLEGE KLAHOMA , -wx, SHAKING HANDS WITH President Harrell E. Garrison is James "Jed" Robinson, the 4-,000th student to enroll this fall at NSC. In the center is Dr. Ed Battles, registrar. Enrollment Reaches New Heights Rapid growth in an institution of learning is measured by an increased student enrollment, new course offerings to the curriculum, an expanded building program, and added faculty members. This year Northeastern welcomed the 4,000th student which made a 19 percent increase in student enrollment over the previous years. New courses and new major fields were added to the cur- riculum and to meet this increase in classes, Northeastern added fifteen instructors to the teaching staff. The building program is keeping pace with the growth and needs of the campus. Signs of this campus expansion were the completion of the Hillside apartments for married couples and South Hall, an addition to the men's dorm at Leoser Cen- ter, in August 1964-, the annexing of a new wing, North Hall, to the women's dorm at Leoser Center, the interior remodel- ing of the Education building and the planning of a library extension program. The building project recently completed was Gable Field, the new football stadium. ., fe 1 '.z Y, cy 1' V 13.558, 'Z R. A K ' ,yd 's'.. A 'V ' CVS, - ff ' '4 A A' - .,gf'E5,,1-,,.g,,..l 1' 1' " 'x p ""g5f.f!g'z"5?71"'- ' if-, .lf . ' ' g"?tr" 5 A ' I' - 6:4- S U 4:.y:fAx,V -X it Q wp, Vey, .21 in 1'..,.. .Q 5' -1 Q . ,-' , 'Q PF-N s . A -.1 . V., ., ey 5 im .Au . I I :I .si-.".?S!f.f Ax., .lin fr I' , ..:'f,-wi' YC' 'fl' 'XJ' -wb-, 'ff -'!.'ggE,.B'f" . ' " ' 'E ' fix,-,-g:f"Qr,3"Ef' K K .A Z., qi ia-'qv 'A-GQ 25,65-,u J: I . in g K f,..':cEl '.:,,q:' . rv x 1.5.1 -f +':f5'.f'-55,1 A . ' V . -- ' ,e"1f"ff',-Q ' f C "rfb 'h'.Jf'XQ'1.-i's5 '.-ff'4f:L3:1 ' -y I -' 5" ,'- . X ' N :-a 5-, - 5' V ilQ.g,j,.,'?gl.,'-N!-71.1. l1,L.':,L',f' AK . r ' I ' '1 K pf- , Af -J -."g"':'.l- .3 "' "-."iQf"' .Y .,x-17' :-1'-,ff '.-f11g.'g"af PRF" , 44, ,J -. ., -, ,Z-,U -.-vii, ,. -, 12. .I .N :fuk e Ja ,, hui -,- egg. 37. ,,.bl,5Jix,al,x ,, -Q -Q . .ak -r .kiewvjs -gps.. 1.5, Q., . .,ff:,:,:w . 3' -..- fr:':, . - . 7, . ,.-n'..,s M F, L,--...L Ar '1,-fx-A ,.f".'lp,H ,' I .,' ,J ,r "fn ., . Dry- V - 'x 'f' 1,48 ' i ' . ' f!f,i,+-.H , . QQ'-' 'feynl:"':Tf QF- fc- . ' -' I-.a-9 15.1. f,:,'.r,.,. f I X6 sg. , . .,..,.4- , A.. ..v:,.'5 -,-A -,W . '-.--. '- -,,.'. ,- , K, - .. -hi - ,.,-I tt, jg, Av MILK I 4,51 -v.. A' I nl rp ,AL KJ, .N ,. 5, -, .VY Y v ,Q -m mf -- .W-.': -ff-. "D im- 'f'1 pi?FgfQ53 f?'k ya. ,jfffgy 1.,-W ,' '.g,u5.j . .' 'xi ' ' ' 'jg , ' vp .151 J-:W .-'rs 'hh .,g. F, i' ,ff 5 ' Q5 ,fy-at QVISQQLI, .J , ,, -...' 2x-'zz-fa.fq-4,11 paw, rg' W We -gigs ff-:.'-?f'6,fg. ' 4 f Y. yffffffg-1+ ' X 9-:li 'P1,Lgg, :iK,,1"'L?,' ".f?-5,30 ' - "Q: ,F 4- -5,1-if V - :,4I.,fS',5ii, +5.95 I - ' Z.,?p-gtil-i,39.j1f , 2 4:45 . .v.. - f---,., r-' :Q .Af , -gl - , Ima. - . 4 , , f,-Q. , 1 - ,.,,. ,, I V 4. D -5 I I . . 'A .N qw- - .N -5 A,-' -41, " -1 .- . .fgsf- -4fv'6,g pc 'nfliisf Q..f,'!ffv -mia. A- f, N -. f, ,,f - ' " 7955 11"-' , '-'5 '1'5.2-.,.T41':"7'fg'4e'SlW ND '4' 'f ' ', Jaffa' ' ' 3 .C '- TA- fish 'lifrfs I ' "V" K'-'7A,g H1 S' 'g ' gc , 1,3 ,gg-If mg., ,jA,.L H55 , - "1 , . f, ,1,,'.-.- - -4, ,' Y, 'PLL ,-'4 -f -, . 4' Q-jf ' 13: 9 .. N-dig. V, ,VJ QL x 5, - .b .I . 942, .. .5 gb , . ,YN .-- . , . . ggi? 5, ,fy A-,-T'-,ffl 14 f , , k,:5i3r,,W -N: .K , if .1 , , B, KL Egg . ' f Q , -vg.,,. ,, .vg . 4 f , -- .,- 3- .gm -, . .. f. . .1-,nik - -i, , .-K. .. 1 4-' .4 I . 4, . , Q: 1: lkyffww' Qt-Af 5 ,Q ...YN 'Q-'M 1 3, 1 -, 1,11 my A - I All ,- V6 r: 3. Y ,A Q Q4- Aff v-vi-4 I ' N fw.',f-ff,-.,..,,, 2 1 - ' '. 2, ' 'wg,,,'-g'- -.A l,.'-' 1-'I' V L- .- -' , ' ',f-",- , f-'Y "gg , 'jab R . .gf my-9 , V Ls' Y ' "-'.1 ' ' , f ,ww M., ,-- -. -- fr -4-7 1 fa- - 5: ful' ,fu--L v if '-., '. Vx. f. -f V ' N a-..,gf6'ff f-fa-'9,"". ' - v ' Vt .' -' '4 . ' -,-, V' 'nj' W' 12j,,,,'. 1 ' l + " - 1..,,1!-dwg . Qi--"2 y,':'fiQ -' f N ' , ' jf,,!9,,3J da ' ,, A , , - Xjjngjll : 5,1 1-,J N , H .5 , E yu A ,-, ., "'lP"f gf' V? 5 5 1 ,". ' f'gr L55 .754-". - ?3,i,x"R'4f'.x.-v uf- ' ' L A., ,V ,, , ,K -9169 '61 .s:.v'1:4f f 1 i f - 1 ' 'ww-1 A 2'af"f,a',q'ia fr A '- . -X is V1 .gal . gr az-,,qQ.k Q. -A -Q vm'-5 y ,AQ . i'Q1' 1-xg1,l-,,.Lf -5. 3 .Aish h .I -N, I I , .,,: 516136, I, ff , .an 7 - , " 5' va ."1x"g6 "- ..,.. M I N '-"53,' if-1 2 Qfjl: 4 - ' "L-,Q , 5' , "."f'3'fQ2 3 -:ll ' H' .1-' -,......- 5 5 . 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In , , fy., 'Qyqf-,-x ,ii.r'J'ifZI '1 ' i f-V-, .Q , ii T2 145 Lift, J:'f'-- ,:-XVTQ.,-5 5, f -, ,B 1. 2 '- 'Y-,aY'i.N,j:J,L,3Q1i'gf?.'5g-mat- 4. ,pig :. -,S 2. 1- v-Q by -l 2,28 -yr X 3. -4,. 'W-fr: '. Ei ' ' A:,..,,f::Q.+r'2f' Q-as . ' 4' 5'f V ' - ""- "'47'vM-f:4Ki'-'xf.'.. 'J'?i""'f' Qf ' Wife-'W""+:f':v.,,.'L'.f4-rl- ' "mg 'f -' ' 'Ag ' ' ffibffi ' ' -A--K N 1 ' "M 4M-'fb-f'f - W- If . ' , gf ' 1 f W i 1 .. ' 'A+ --' V g. ,' -A1 ,f-+1 X, -ai -- www- Q' . ' -' .' , : N I X 4 ' ' in A A L N ii ,, " , : --- -5, ' ,nr .' ff X ,, 5- , ,, - 'X Y ,g, .--- ' ,., . V--1.5-5 h 'Q-aff,g?"1M'23L'f' " ' ' S:-- Q M - wp. H' ' 'Ric ' -. 24-" , A ,Q W V 1 'Yf..j.,wg' , ,W N - '- W A, , -', Ai ' wa-l.f',n- 1 'lg-w-4. " hifieurbg fa j.: . , 'Y'f71'f'rfQT"3L ' -"f-.H -Y A Q' 1 - ,r v. A X.. 'M a an 0 5 ,F .. --.Hg-Wig-:1FaA -.1..,. A 'A'-1.-3'-35-imJ.Q' ""',Qwj'.4gi, -W .1--. -- . 5 , ,: px - ', ' +, 1- , '..,.-. , v-...HM r K - 1 .M .NH , ,5,4.,, , .. K .MM Q., Y . 9-fu, 1.,,,,,w., Vwj., -fx,-h'g",,,-.A -Y-,, fy, ,hay -f '-. Yfq. , - .V w, M.. ' I ': , - V2 1 2 '9"'u5lf"-f- . -W 1' 'V 1:H2253i1'fi:x'Ww,1f"f H:-W., ' Q V 534-,Q -. "UL - N' v--A ' -M - ' M W-LV, '- .V - ' 5'-'iwfy' ,,,fi"4-pg-.-:,.,-f., -T45-r Af' Cf, ' , jk-K'-7'-'14-. ""-A w Tk gf' fum -.-'www-x ""--L'qiA'-2'I.if:ff,f,:2-311,gm,.gl6t?"' f..RS-W MXL -H Tru ', Q.e-"i?:g,'.+aQ"i'.'e 'Wag 'A 'x,:.f'+A JSA' Y K- r-j,5f,:,:'g'?-,J.""22EQ1b: Lf' ff . " - 'JF'-Zim 'A252EPf5Q 1 'x,1-Iibgetif " '-Tff '1T:ffMf"vvN 'W ' 'Q 'M - - nr, v"' ,, - 4: ' f .3 5.-i'g-Gif-,f ' ,:j'Fr' -' H -N W b J: ,"pr,1,"7'-My .HWFQWITQQLN 5f??'fW,qf ".w"'s- QI? ' qv'-:Q.T'w'. -' ,- K-'5gQ5iwr::.ff'-,ff-12fqQ'S1-1' 111, " 4- , . .:1., a. Nl., . L ,-. ,W -+..1,,-..,,-,.,,,r,v-1 .L +.A :Q ml - A - f 16 y-N., fe, gc, :.:1 ,if . 5 5-11. if 33.45 1 'J"'v5'p .355-QM? " ,Wigs-f'A'H-55's ,,E'f4-nw-lj-.':l5g:, l..-. ' - 'n -F, x . Q:-,ff .Nm 1 ww ,-. . -. g5Li,:N -K: L, ik Ada'-gQfsQ,qgs.Gf,-5 M ' -7 - : - - ,di-'mwxm ',,.!.., - ff '- .Q A ' ...HAZ v.,4:'Ss5-,g- "' -.1 L W ff- . A -+A 'fig' ., 1 .W ' - QQ: 'kfifk -gl' M. Q-w.'fv, , L- 'Q -pw, . -QQ . ' .Ml -, vm. 3, A ow V.. 'tm' ' vi". gk Q-' "r ' ll,.-1 - iq' ,- -5 ., . 4 l . PRACTICE ROOMS ARE available to the music students in the Fine Arts building. DURING THE CHRISTMAS season the Fine Arts Department produces the lla ditional candlelighting service. Librar , Fine Arts Inspire Learning The John Vaughn Library is a two-story structure capable of accommodating more than 150,000 volumes with an exten- sion program already planned to boost this capacity. ln connection with this extension program, the Microcard Foundation has contributed microcard equipment and selected publications printed on microcards. This equipment will be used by the library for the storage of publications and as a re- search facility. Located within the library building are seminar rooms, the Art Room, the Cherokee Museum, Cherokee Book Room, and the Childrenis Library. Selected paintings and prints by stu- dent artists are usually on display in the hall for the review and criticism of other students. The Fine Arts building adjacent to the auditorium houses the Fine Arts Department containing classes in music, speech and associated areas of study. The building has a language laboratory, sound-proof practice rooms, a small auditorium for dramatic productions, and a practice room for the band and the orchestra. f, THE WOODFINISHING CLASS, under the supera SEWING CLASSES GIVE students a vision of J. L. Ledbetter, builds beautiful and chance to try their flair at designing. usable furniture. jf? -ax' 13? X THE INDUSTRIAL ARTS building is the headquarters of the printing depart- ment for the college. K . X Wx. , i . If TEXTILE CLASSES OFFER instruction in material components. STUDENTS FIND TYPEWRITING a valuable asset to use even during their college career. STUDENTS LEAVE THE new Practical Arts building that houses business and home economics classes. Practical Arts Enrollment Increases The newest building on campus and the most modern is the Practical Arts building. It is a modern two-story building which was completed in 1963 and houses both the divisions for business practices and home economics. The first floor is the center of the business and secretarial arts. It has two typewriting laboratories, both manual and electric, and classrooms for business machines, accounting, and shorthand. Because of the growth in the business educa- tion department, classes are also housed in other buildings on campus. The second floor of the Practical .Arts building is devoted to the area of home economics. Separate facilities are available for the preparation of foods, the designing of clothing, and the studying of family living. Showcases are placed along the halls where displays of china, silver, and clothing may be viewed. The Industrial Arts building is also a two-story structure. Construction was completed in 1950, the building houses classrooms, shops, and offices. In this building there is housed a modern printing department which does all the printing for the college. Shop classes are also held in the Taj-Ma-Hall, which is adjacent to the Industrial Arts building. -UVM THE ZOOLOCY CLASSES offer students a chance to study and lcurn about the insect world. WT 3 S w X THE DOORS OF the Administration building mark the beginning of a college career. 1 'L ' f Prf P vw -f STUDENTS ARE TAKING their final exam in aviation, a course offered for the first time us rt part of the curriculum. '. all 5 - r-A Hg., MM, I ,. 9 .Q gn ww 'V so E fx ' A .,:: A 'Aft in g ,.,t , ,ht ,W ,. V,,, ZVH . K i ' "T 4 f' l 15515 .. S' li ALWAYS A CHALLENGE, the sci ' -1-ju M enve classes give students a chance if TA fl, ,L i ii to learn through experimentation. ' tk ,Ni " ,fr . f A THE MODERN SCIENCE building assumes a more peaceful appearance when classes are in session and few students remain outside. Building Expansion Signifies Progress Steeped in the heritage of pre-statehood Indian Territory, the Administration building was constructed in 1888 as the Cherokee National Female Seminary and had the unique dis- tinction of being the only building on Campus for several years. During its 77 years, the Administration building has stood in the midst of the expanding campus, surrounded by new buildings and numerous faces of students who arrive each semester. ln sharp contrast to the antiquated dignity of the Admin- istration building is the modern brightness of the Science building. Completed in 1957, an annex was added to this structure to meet the enrollment demands of the ever-growing sciences. Located in this extension are elevated classrooms which accommodate more students. The excellence of the NSC pre-med program has brought its ninth place ranking among state colleges through the nation in this category and attracts students from surrounding states as well as from Oklahoma. MEMBERS OF ALPHA Psi Omega demand Women's right to vote in the presentation of "Remember When." FACULTY MEMBERS AND music students enjoy taking part in u music works shop held on the Northeastern campus. ENROLLMENT TIME MARKS the end of a summer vacation and u new year begins for these students as they wait for their first orientation session. X f- . W W t'-- , we sw We at W We Ml' W -M me ...A WW" ,nw WFP' new HW 7 aww ey M " 'TV' 'itt awww 'awww it Truim ww' me 12? :TEE .2 3 jig ww iwwsw ,gwnunfgmswxnl ' 'll 'zslllfi alll: SH ,, T ,K wt, ,',,A s..s , awk? .5 -gl -' an in Y? new 'W MMM My twgywi m M 4 ga M is Tm man!!! in W m -,gg ,mp WU' - wwf' A 'MK sf! 'U' -4 il , my M rmmisw., .wzavwr M! will K any , W fqnmggi , M fig Q M M ww' in 'WW W' QQHIWWKK taiwan iam nw! 'W 3,51-H ?h"""f 'W' WWW- in 'WWE Wig ' Lulu if ' I ' U Blk A msn Q, A -yur 5? 2 Amr... lWA,,ngnl0?5.Ew,, sm an . .Ki .fqW.,.,. w""""" 1g?Lgf"MMm'mWwW' me T NORTHEASTERN'S GYMNASIUM HOUSES many activity events. 4.J , -- - f -t W Mt , i t fngmwiz, my ,Q-,W 31 wg 5 fig S sa JJQZX--E-Qiflw, Vim bf' za fa KfPa1'tff,,J' f m -A m f nerfrfagffizc -8- me-:. M - : -M- - -fa it 7. 7- r,-5 1 : - it 5' --' "- Sli viii-fm -'-- if". -. ' tr tt , -Q ,wi , 1525156 ,gf gifs? w 5 5, ,gg . iss ia , 4- 5 g, MPX if-ZX xg, S xv r,5i'1e 'iff t W . X - , .J f 5 is 2,-gf, t ,wig K v 'P g g l 4 .5! gs . . 1- 2. U, l v ..a... 4, My ,,, ss, ,, " Weigh :sz -14-'iissbrs-at .. : tfafw '6.,a-z,5,,5,. fs,-,. a 1-srrfyff g":gj.1-eTsi,1z , has-131 - fairest 7257 r 2 ' 5 12 fb ,aff if -G ,-- f f , sf we M af-rgffarw a t g, 1 : . 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Mgfxx .3 ,4 ,ff -aagfiifwtaaiwt W att if ii? wffrlgiif www Vi-'if 4 'wily is-gjjfik ag if 3 1, gift t 'Q rt A,,L' s 9:3 9- I' 'Z M y q t y, .., . w w if '-- The Division of Health and Physical Education occupies three adjoining buildings on campus which house the divi- sional offices, the lVlen's Gym, the natatorium, and the Wom- en's Gym. The Women's Gym provides offices, classrooms, and gym- nasium space for all of the womenis activities plus space for social dancing classes and women's intramural sports. The Menis Gym has courts for intercollegiate indoor sports, -y it ., jg, 'Q RAINY WEATHER DID not keep the Redman fans from attending the Homecoming Game. torium, Centers of ctivity classrooms for health hygiene and square dancing classes and office space. Adjacent to the Fine Arts building is the college auditorium with a main-floor seating capacity of 1,000 and a balcony capacity of 350. The stage of the auditorium conforms to the best theatrical specifications, is well equipped with a flexible lighting system, and scenery for easy adaptation to different types of stage productions. An electronic organ is an impor- tant part of the auditorium equipment. ef ,ff ' 'Te .JF-,J if H, Q 14" , .f 1 ' 'Z' 'A ' V . . 'Y 1 VS, .X sv V V A Q i', VF f M .1 i , V.. V V .V V mv . V. ..f, -V VVVMV . .V -- Q-V V - -A-.-V - .1 L 1 V ,V K. . I., V, V . .,fVV . .u .,:.,3U.VeAV -Vu .4 V. s Vu at M151 - ' w , V-....., .V . 'jv 1 W . ' X 3. 15 , x -v ', ' gl Ae V 1, , V V W Q L, wb! is 'L Av , V .,A.,. W1 -A.. AW gli vi Mg , .T , 4. .VV H 4, V V R ,L X ,- V. V V , ,A - V Vmwgx ' 1 - , W . 4- N 11' 1 P' ' w 'V .. V . , . M V ., . ' ' ' 1' -.x ,..- H V l----- A Y.. , 4 ' "KVM-:i+g I I V - V.. -v, V , ws- , . -'Q'-' ,' '-0 3' .' ! ,. N'-1 V ' ' 'iff . ' 3 ' " V- "' ' 4 4 . -V,- g , .M ...W JJ' M- V ' . it . v..."x"! - -'PV , '33, Q .VV k 4. Q , 5 . V - V A .N - ,,f, . . R ,V V V.. V vs V -Q bw- V' 1, . gk- -' , , ': fxgm y ..gk,.V , 5111.4 I f.VV xK N . K .JD ,Swv f'Ya,V1x':xV V - ru .M h 1 V, r.:jv.w. D .n in .,MYl-:A , ..,,M.: V V. 11-VV 'Vg V fs V .Uv gt' - x M .f ,TVVVVVV .Q 'm,.:i'-Zia, 'ya Mix" - - .- jg K." -' ,xx-.W VV 'VV-' -Vf. Vg ,Hu ,fx-5 .. f x ,- - V 31- . J WF. V'P5'V"Vx""' - 'S "1-.2 ml X v Gi V: 'Yr , - in ' fu .Q "ff 4, ' U-V - , ... V, A, 5 -.VV . V ' V -- .,, ,- , .X . 1" 1 1,- ,5 ff . ff V, .CJ 1:0 , f..'ww,5,'1 '-fx :SM ,X 1 WV' ". ,3 V' V"x-NW 1 ,D-V , v 95 V. - 1 pg 4 J'-N: -' y --.wax-59 -+ - V V- V 2711-'sm' -Jffg' ". '-11x1'.V:Tf5f 'V ' V' . V V ,g- Q- gs -ing, ,gf -, , Q' rnx ldnhfavri li gn fur' 'Y ,C , ,Wig Vs',fbV' f- 'X ::"ui,','g1--941' -1 2 'J V, - ,Q 'V ...V ' 1" , V V' f '..V,V.fiQ,V :fd . ' . V '- . ...L .L -M. 1- .. ,Jw x Vx W. VV V -- VW M V V,V.v,Vw VV V V .V ' 1 ,fs-1V -W , Vv' ,N V ,-..,- .,- vw, X .V.....,. 'uw-mg ,,,,,,..VV.- V f"'?-,xr ' 9 ' -W. V Vw. will-M ""fl I n - IVV' V .., , ' 4 ' ,gm ., .w....,.4.-f.V,,V, V 0 va A up N W J ' -V-V-+-vm" ' had V 3, 'Y " A 'V . VV . , , V4 V,.Q.,k -:QV-I-1.,,V... .. . . Q?" V' Vg .V V k my , .,,.R , .Ei '7's.'V.. -dr mm-,qu .A 5,4 V mfg, W .fu ,N ' ' 'Qi VV 'Q MV L T, N V. -,WMV , V.: V . ' ,UN A -,,,.,,,g.. A 'X-V, 'M ' A ' M V , V WE 127-' E Q' f' N'-" AV V-Vf.:V . :VW ' . . VV VV Vw VV' '1 15'-1 Sw 131'-, '1 I .-Vx . VV? , -,Q 5,15 , wg we 5 ' NV 19,31VVwg43::w1V'VVs2.LQ. , -..f1w- Vx ' V V " 1 V V .qv ... an ',V V .FgQ,q,!V55q,g:m, ,XV-me K x .-31V""'.V:f- - .-..-..,, V it .,. 4.1-Qs. iw VsVI..,f"V.V V - . V ,V y "2i5i.1i12i.ffSi:k3V fl. 3-VK 11 f' , r.4 .- J' '.'5.'. - V . T,-V ,.V,.,. ., lV.l,v .VVV'V V N x M V Ne! ' s V v .gi V A ,.., V LVM, 'Q -, ' X I . P-V1 -, ,-.J Ur 4 , VW f-V. , - ' .1 , ,wrt A 1,451 it Q, ' I V .VL 2 I 1 A 4 X ' 'SV 'f ' L4 X . V , 3, . 3 -diy! ,'.'-- ,iii V Y! 1-kg. .Z xg. W A! .3 .. Nm A. . if' V' 'M V , V' :VA . .1 .,,, . "-,V N.. 'Q V., , . ',.1 V' . .V .W 'V X. V 4 in ' N 2 I M x Y 4, A'.1VX V, Vw, . V - ,, , 1-. A g 1 . ,. Wu.. 4 WV, gap., vF'!5'1m... VA -. A 5 ' - V ' .V , X , 1 , x .V 4 ' , f 1 5, '.,.,4,. V , 1 V V x J fmt 'Y lfiiw V 'E , . 'L .l. .,-1 JV li S' A- .,x,4 , I x 4 v X ..V-V ,,. 'x X I. l V ". 'v'w3,' P H .....V- . W 1 f Q W.. ,,.. M V MM "M ' V V. . V ww, -. 'V - V PVVVVV' .Q W' VV .. 'K VY if .V A W 1 VV:1VmVuVVwf1a:1,,wV'VVV-2:3511-:V.aVs1Vi. V um , VV ?'V:VaV:awM,f:.wQzVa.VVVWVf.VV, Vw im. V, ,MA W 1m-W ,W , VVVV , Va.. n. In 'x ER - ,,AA 1 VKQQWHWLIsqft,-.fe3, 23,514 . Q -Q51 a Sooner or later every student visits the Student Centerg at first, only to obtain books and materials. Later, many meet here for casual study, to watch television, play cards, or make acquaintances. Here students may converse with neighbors during a study period and form lifelong friendships. The Stu- dent Center houses game rooms, student lounges, and a A RECENT FAD to sweep Northeastern's campus is the sidewalk surfing. The gently slanting sidewalks provide an excellent starting point for beginners, while the steep walks attract those who are more skilled. ampus Scenes Portray Active Life capacious ballroom. It also has a college dining hall which is equipped to accommodate 600 students. During the Christmas and spring seasons the ballroom is the hub of the social ac- tivities of the fraternities and sororities, including the organi- zational Christmas parties and other social functions. 6238511131 STUDENTS KEEP CHECK of the job opportunities post- ed on the education bulletin hoard. ""' THE SPEECH AND Hearing Clinic is small in structure but lioust many enrollu H tif f' ll ll IES El ll F ll ll .ill 'JL 3' ff .Ma .,. ' www, A FAMILIAR SIGHT to the many education majors is the Education building. This building has classes for courses in education and psychology, and houses the offices of the Plucvnn-nt lhm-au, lllc Director and Coordinators of Tvactlicr Training, and the Division of Education and Psychology. Table of Contents l s c y ' t Social Organizations 76 i yplfersonalitiesp p S gp at l i l r l Life S eiil it ritsl l l ' Classes W5 INSTRUCTOR LOUISE PEAKE gives instruction on the anatomy of the ear to students Eric White, Mary Jean Chapman, and Sandy Alexander. -q3cSpeech Clinic Offers Varied Services One of the principal assets of the NSC campus is the Speech t and Hearing Clinic. Equipped with the finest facilities to be found in Northeast Oklahoma, the clinic contains elaborate as--2 t equipment in the form of classrooms and laboratories for use in the field of special education which includes speech, hear- ing, and reading. These services are offered to college students and to the public school pupils of this area. Q HION AND F CULTY lt may be said of any school, that it is only as good as its teachers. A college may suffer from limited facilities, insufficient funds, or damaging outside influences, but without good teachers, it simply cannot function as an institution of learning. With- out good teachers there cannot be any arousal of intellectual curiosity so necessary to the survival of any academic establish- ment, The increasing number of Northeast- ern's faculty, and their continuing interest to further their education, demonstrates proof of its success to continue to fulfill the needs of an even-greater number of students. -. -Q Q,- -ww, fe I 7 T. G. Sexton Administrative Assistant The members of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are appointed by the Governor to determine the functions and course of study in each college and university, to prescribe standards of higher education applicable to each state institution, to recommend budget allocations, and to pro- pose fees to the State Legislature each year. John J. Vater, Jr. Chairman Mrs. S. F. Ditmars Vice-Chairman Dr. William T. Payne Secretary Donald S. Kennedy Assistant Secretary Wharton Mathies Bob F. Allee G. Ellis Gable R. L. Crowder. Jr. Clyde A. Wheeler Dr. E. T. Dunlap Chancellor klahoma State Regents for Higher Education The State Board of Regents are appointed by the Governor and approved by the Senate. The regents make regulations governing the Oklahoma state colleges and authorize any rules set up by the OSRHE to be put into effect by the colleges. They also approve all college purchases, employment, and construction. Board of Regents of Uklahorna Colleges V. L. Browne M. C. Collum Executive Secretary John C. Fisher President Dr. Oliver Hodge Mrs. Merryle Jennings .l oe B. Monroe Lawrence S. Morrison Dr. Thomas C. Points Mrs. Dovie Pruitt Thomas Walsh l Z Q Fi My .2 Tr V. l A V, x L, if ' ' A fs to 4 4- 2 ll L A 5 Q Air I 7. ES, 5 H E ? X51 . if t . 3- if . 4 ' f 5 ' K ' ig xg, 25 in do i if rr is ' - 7 fa fe L 1. 2 r it - 1 K D , 1 KE Y Y R in Q 5 5 5 H Y. Q A L gil 1 Q 4, i L S ?E 2 K def oi il 3 7' jk V' it, . rw Q 23 L R in THE HONORABLE HENRY L. BELLMON Governor Bellmon Stresses Progress Congratulations to the seniors of Northeastern State College and best wishes to all underclassmen as you record the end of another year of educational achievement. Soon you will assume positions of leadership in our great country. You may he confident of success due to your efforts, your ability and the thorough training you have received. Wherever you go, go proudly and confidently, as one of Oklahoma's ambassadors of good will. Sincerely, Henry Bellmon GOVERNOR lv x STATE OF OKLAHOMA OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Presldent Enters Fourteenth Dr. Harrell E. Garrison, who has been president of North- eastern for the past fourteen years, holds a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from George Peabody Col- lege, Nashville, Tennessee. The rapid expansion and improvement which has taken place at Northeastern during the period of his resourceful wai'1"F was m 1-frm, " mm' fl ' TW U v A DUKE WATCHES INTENTLY as Dr. Garrison adjusts the camera. DR. GARRISON STOKES the fire before relaxing with a good book. PRESIDENT GARRISON SPEAKING at the Presidents' Banquet in honor of the presidents of the various campus organizations. DRIVING HIS TRACTOR is a favorite pastime of the President. Year at NSC I incumbency surely reflects well upon him as well as the col- lege. He is perpetually occupied with the civic affairs of this region in addition to the efficient dispatchment of his ad- ministrative duties, and was recently presented one of the an- nual "T" awards by the Tahlequah Chamber of Commerce for his outstanding contributions to the city of Tahlequah. 2I DR. ELWIN FITE Dr. Elwin Fite, Dean of the College, assumed his present position in February l. 1963. He was Chair- man of the Division of Education and Psychology previous to this position. Dean Fite attained his Bachelor of Science in Edu- cation from Southwest Missouri State College and his Master of Music from Northwestern University. He received the Doctor of Education Degree from George Peabody College for Teachers. He taught social studies and music in the public schools of Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas. He served in colleges at Springfield, Missouri. Clarksville, and Nashville, Tennessee, as supervisor, teacher, and ad- ministrator. He came to Northeastern State College from Amarillo College in Amarillo, Texas, to assume the position of Professor of Education. He serves as Chairman of the Curriculum and Edu- cational Policies Committee, as Chairman of the Re- search Committee, and supervises a number of auxilia- ry services of the college in addition to his principal duties concerned with the instructional activities, such as, the preparation of class schedules, the assignment of classrooms and offices in the academic department, and the scheduling of various activities which may conflict with the academic schedules. Dean Fite Directs College Program SECRETARY DOROTHY WIL- LEY has held her position in the Dean's office since 1956. Dr. V. W. Burrows, was named the Dean of the Fifth year program in 1963. He assists the Dean of the Col- lege in directing and super- vising the fifth year pro- gram leading to the grad- uate degree. Other duties in- clude being the Chairman of the Graduate Council, super- visor of Monday evening classes, and certifier of graduate students for the Master of Teaching Degree. Dr. Burrows received his B.S. degree from East Cen- tral State College and earned his master's and doc- tor's degree from Oklahoma State University. Duties of Registrar, Dr. Edward Battles, include serving as Admissions Officer, directing the depository for students' rec- ords, and the advising of student educational progress. He is the principal author of the present Oklahoma textbook laws and is past president of O.E.A. Dr. Battles received his Ed. D. from Stanford University. DR. EDWARD BA TTLES DR. V. W. BURROWS Dr. William Parrish, Director of Purchasing is in charge of all college purchasing. He is also the inspector of material, supplies, and equipment, as well as supervisor of all buildings and grounds. He received his D. Ed. degree from Oklahoma State Uni- versity in 1950. DR. WILLIAM PARRISH .t, K, O. J. PYLAND DR. MINTER UZZELL Serving NSC as Controller, O. J. Pyland handles the tre- mendous task of finances for the college. Mr. Pyland was employed as cashier in the business office from 1951 to 1954. At this time he assumed the duties of fi- nancial secretary until he began his career as Controller in 1959. MISS MILDRED RANDELS Dr. Minter Uzzell was appointed Dean of Students in Feb- ruary, 1961. His duties now include supervising personnel records of all students, freshman orientation, and placement listing, serving as Dean of Men, sponsoring of the Interfraternity Council and co-sponsoring of the Student Senate. Dean of Women, Miss Mildred Randels, serves as counselor and advisor for all women students, Pan- hellenic, assists with fresh- man orientation, and is a co-sponsor of the Student Senate. Dean Randels was named as Dean of Women in 1957, and holds a bacheloris de- gree from the University of Oklahoma and a master's from Oklahoma State Uni- versity. The Director of Student Aids is a new administrative office added to Northeast- ern's facilities. Dr. H. L. Helton, the present director, came to Northeastern in 1950 as a member of the In- dustrial Arts Department. He now assists all students who are in financial need to attend college with loans, scholarships, jobs, or a combination of these. He received his B.S. and 1VI.S. degrees from Oklaho- ma State University, and the Ed.D. from Wayne State University in Detroit. , Dr. Jack Kisner, Director of Placement Services, directs the placement of graduates. He came to NSC in 1949, and in 195-li was appointed Director of Placement. He received his B.S. degree from NSC, his M.S. degree from the University of Oklahoma, and his Ed.D. degree from Oklahoma State University. DR. JACK KISNER Af. as-A.. DR. H. L. HELTON Ivan Holmes became Director of Public Relations at NSC in 1963. He is supervisor of Wfhe Northeasternf, serves as di- rector of publicity for the college, and teaches in the journa- lism department. Holmes received his B.A. and lVl.S. degrees from OSU, and has completed work toward a Doctoris degree from the Uni- versity of Tulsa. IVAN HOLMES w0"""' ....ql 5 ,KVQQA lbw ...-.umm wt FACULTY - FACULTY - FACULTY ADAMS, JAMES A., Ed.D. Professor Education AINGWORTH, HELEN M.S. Assistant Professor Biology ALLARD, BRAD J., M.C.D. Audiologist ALLISON, RUTH, M.A. Assistant Professor Art ANDERSON, JOE, Ph.D. Associate Professor Botany ARRINGTON, RUTH, M.A. Assistant Professor Speech BATEMAN, BOBBIE, Ed.D. Associate Professor Business Education BATTLES, EDWARD, Ed.D. Professor Political Science BENN, GERALD, B.S. Instructor Physical Education BLANK, EARL, Ph.D. Professor Speech BOATRIGHT, KIRK, M.S. Instructor Physics BOCGAN, HERBERT, M.A. Associate Professor Sociology MR. JOHNSON EXPLAINS the principles of the overhead projector to an audio-visual class. BROOKS, NATHAN, E,d.D. Professor Geography RRYA N, ROBERT, M.S. IIISITIICLOI Science BURROWS, VERNON, Ed.D. Professor Mathematics BUSS, JOHN, M.B.A. Instructor Economics CARPENTER, RAYMOND, Ed.D. Professor Mathematics CASON, LEWIS, B.F.A. Instructor Art CLARKE., GEORGE, M.Ed. Assistant Professor Science CLARKE-, POLLY, M.Ed. Library Assistant CLAYTON, DEAN, Ed.D. Professor Business Education COOK, DAVID, M.T. Instructor Chemistry CUDE, OBERA, B.S. Assistant Librarian CULP, PAUL, M.A. Instructor English -sp, Sidi'--x, 'Whit-3, f6'hnq,E HELPING SANTA GIVE out pres- ents at the faculty Christmas Party are Dr. Riddle and Dr. Farnsworth. ww if I FACULTY - FACULTY - FACULTY DAVIS, ZOE, Ed.S. Assistant Professor Business Education DOBBINS, JACK, M.S. Instructor Health and Physical Ed. EVANS, W. C., M.A. Associate Professor History FARNSWORTH, MERLE, Ph.D. Professor Modern Language FERGUSON, BERTIS, M.S. Associate Professor Industrial Arts FINLEY, D. D., Ed.D. Professor Chemistry FITE, ELWIN, Ed.D. Professor Education FORREST, JACK, M.A Assistant Professor Social Science FRIE, DOROTHY, M.S Assistant Professor Physical Education GALLOWAY, EDWARD, M.S. Assistant Professor Science CARRISON, HARRELL, Ph.D. President of College GOSS, JAMES, Ed.D. Associate Professor Education DR. HARRIS AND Dr. Haas coun- sel with a student during the enroll- ment period. GRACE, CYRIL, Ed.D. Professor Sociology GRANT, CHARLES, M.S. Instructor Mathematics GROVER, PAUL, Ed.D. Professor Music HAAS, MARY, Ph.D. Professor' Home Economics HALLIBURTON, RUDIA, M.A. Assistant Professor History HANAN, PERRY, M.T. Instructor Speech HARRIS, FRANKIE, Ed.D. Professor Elementary Education HARRIS, NADENE, Ed.D. Professor Home Economics HELTON, H. L., Ed.D. Professor Industrial Arts HILL, WALLACE, Ed.D. Associate Professor Education HOLLAND, KENNETH, Ed.D. Associate Professor Physical Education HOLLAND, MARJORIE, Ed.D. Associate Professor English MR. GALLOWAY TAKES tlme out to give a make-up test to Eddie Roach. FACULTY ' FACULTY - FACULTY HOLMES, IVAN, M.S. Instructor Journalism HONEA, ROBERT, M.B.A. Assistant Education Business Education JENNINGS, ROYAL, M.M. Assistant Professor Music JOHNSON, TOM, M.Ed Director and Instructor Audio-Visual Education JONES, HARVEY, Ed.D. Professor Education JONES, JAMES, Ed.D. Associate Professor Psychology JONES, O. W., Ed.M. Instructor Education KILLINGSWORTH, ROBERT, Ph.D. Professor History KILLINGSWORTH, RUTH, M.L.S. Assistant Librarian KISNER, JACK, Ed.D. Professor Education LAIR, LUANA, M.T. Instructor English LANDER, ROBERT, P.e.D. Professor Physical Education DR. REEVES SUPERVISES the dis- N section of a frog in one of his zoolo- W gy classes. LEDBETTER, J. L., M.S. Assistant Professor Industrial Arts LITTLEFIELD, VALGENE, Ph.D. Associate Professor Speech LOMAX, MARVIN. M.A. Assistant Professor Social Science LOMBARDI, CESARO, M.S. Assistant Professor Industrial Arts LOWE, JOHN, Ph.D. Professor Political Science MARCHANT, EDWIN, Ph.D. Professor Biology MARKHAM, MARTHA, M.A. Assistant Professor Physical Education MASON, WILLA FAYE, M.S. Instructor Physical Education MAXWELL, AMOS, D.S.S. Associate Professor Political Science McCLURE, MAJOR, Ed.D. Professor Education MCWHORTER, ELIZABETH, Ph.D. Assistant Professor English MILLICAN, VIRGINIA, M.A. Instructor English FACULTY MEMBERS AND their families enjoying the holiday season at the Faculty Christmas Party. WW .Qgmanv-'M QW i FACULTY - FACULTY - FACULTY MONKS, HERBERT, Ed.D. Assistant Professor Mathematics MURTHA, FRANCES, BA. Instructor Modern Languages NIX, IMOCENE, M.L.S. Assistant Librarian NIX, THEO, Ph.D. Professor Music NORWOOD, MARY, B.S. Instructor English NORWOOD, TRACY, M.A. Assistant Professor Physical Education PARHAM, PAUL, M.L.S. Assistant Professor Social Science and Librarian PARRISH, WILLIAM, Ed.D. Professor Education PEAKE, LOUISE, M.T Instructor Speech Clinic PLETT, JOCOB, Ed.D. Professor Education PRECHTL, SYLVANNA, M.M. Instructor Music PROPST, HATTIE, Ed.D. Professor English DISPLAYING DOLLS WHICH were made by a 1936 education class and were recently found in the attic of the Education building are Mrs. Peake, Ann Weeden, Patricia Blackledge, and Sandra Alexander. RAINVVATER, LEONARD, M.S. Instructor Education RANDELS, MILDRED M.A. Assistant Professor Education REAGAN, MIKE, Ed.M. Instructor Mathematics REED, TERRY, ILS. Instructor Printing REEVES, J. D., Ph.D. Associate Professor Science RIDDLE, WILLIAM, Ed.D. Professor Education ROGERS, CHARLES, MS. Instructor Geography SEURER, BESSIE, M.T. Instructor Business Education SHOWALTER, VICTOR, Ph.D. Professor Music SIZEMORE, GLEN, Ed.D. Professor Education SMITH, MAURINE, M.T. Instructor English STEARNS, RAY, M.S. Instructor Business Education PROFESSOR BRYAN AND one of his science class:-s for thc tlementary teacher display their model of pre historic animals. janv I 430. igpra 'j . 5 K ,..: L'1 MY mi AA ' -iE,.:, 5 l Y i flixsl mm, "'Q""i i f FACULTY - FACULTY - FACULTY STEWART, JAMES, MS. Instrnvlor English STONE, UOYLE, MS. THSTI'llf'lf1I' lNTLtLl10l1litLl4'S TAYLOR, FRED, Ed.D Assistant Profvssor Rf'Sl'Lll't'll THOMPSON, ElfCENlA, Nl.R,E. Instructor English THOMPSON, HOWARD, MS. Assistant l'roft-ssor Edurntion TRESSIDER, MARY, M.A.L.S. Assistant ljhrurian TURBOW, CALVIN, ALA. Associate l'rof1-ssor History TURNER, ADELE, Ed.D. Assocriuto Professor Sociology TURNER. EDWTN, Ed.D. Assoviutc llrofossor Psyc-lmlogy UZZELL. NHNTER, Ed.D. Professor English VESLEY, FRANK, Eml.D. Profvssor English WA DLE Y, CA PITOLA, NLT Library A ssistant A FAMILIAR SIGHT to chemistry stu- PRESIDENT GARRISON AND Doctor Whitwoi-th ilisvuss thc scnicstvfs mlcnts, Doctor WallL'n explaining thu proper- curriculum. tics of hydrogen. if A Q one if i WADLEY, DEAN, M.A. Associate Professor Physical Education WALKER, RUSSELL, Ed.D. Professor Business Education WALLEN. L. E., M.S. Associate Professor Chemistry WALSTRUM, THEODORE, D.Mus. Professor Music WHEAT, EMMIT, Ed.D. Professor Mathematics WHEAT, HELEN, M.T. Lilvrary Assistant WHEELESS, LOVENA, Ed.D. Instructor Business Education WHISENHUNT, JACK, Ed.D. Professor Business Education WHITE, MAXWELL, Pl1.D. Professor History WHITWORTH, RALPH, l'h.D. Professor Musie WINTON, JACK, BLA. Instruetor Guidant-e and Counseling YANDELL, DOROTHY, M.Ed. Assistant Professor Business Education LISTISYING T0 JIR. Wadln-y's sp:-cell at the Football Iuanqnct are Coach and Nlrs. Norwood and Hrs. Wadley. vb. Sin' STAFF ' STAFF ' STAFF BILL J. HINTON SUE ANN HALLMARK Cashier Library Clerk Business Office sf if ' f if ' N ,A 'W "'- MW T ' fits E is Q 5 i A W ,T BETTY BURROUGHS Business Office MARY BUTLER Secretary Prac. Arts Div. LELA CANADA College Nurse VVILMA CARPENTER Business Office GENE CRAGAR Bookstore DAISY DAVIS Secretary Student Aids Office JEWEL DOLD, Libraxy Assistant BETTY DRAPER Secretary Dean of Wonien EMMA DUNN Secretary Dean of Students HATTIE MAE GALLOWAY Secretary Housing Office EVELYN CRAVITT Secretary Fine Arts Division CLEO HALL Secretary Educ. and Psy. Div. MARY JAMES Secretary Public Relations Office CATHRYN JONES Assistant Manager Bookstore SHIRLEY KISN ER Secretary Graduate Dean's Office CHARLOTTE LEDBETTER Registry MARTHA LOHR Secretary Natural Sci. and Math. Div. DANA MAY Manager Bookstore and Student Center WANDA MORRISON Secretary Placement Office HAZEL PATTERSON Clerical Assistant Heating Plant .IO ELLEN ROGERS Secretary Purchasing LAFERNE SMITH Business Office LOUISE SMITH Secretary Social Science Div. IRMA LEE STIERWALT Secretary Registry DURING SEMESTER' BREAK the registry is kept busy checking class cards. 'Shaw ummm? AMOS WAKEFIELD Printer DOROTHY WILLEY Secretary Dean of College l 37 ALWAYS IROVIDING HELPFUL service to students are liookston nmployees Lonnie Underhill, Shirley Evans, Gene irngir assi tant manager Cathryn Jones assistant manager and Dina May, manager. Bookstore, Patrol Bender Services to NSC The Northeastern State College Bookstore was opened in the summer of 1944. It was located in the Administration Building at the present location of the President's Office. After several moves, it was finally housed in the area it now occupies, with Dana May as manager. The bookstore was planned to provide college textbooks for students, and later supplies, sporting goods, jewelry and other miscellaneous items were added. One of the most diversified and important agencies of the Northeastern campus is the security patrol. Included in the patrol are six men with Capt. W. L. Reed heading the force. The patrol covers 180 miles a day which includes all college housing. the president's home, and the campus. The patrol is in effect seven days a week. In addition to the outdoor patrolmen, there are night men who check the dormitories and all college-owned property to protect the buildings against fire, theft, or pipe leakage. Within the walls and throughout the campus at North- eastern, the maintenance men are on the job at all hours to keep NSC in good working order. The maintenance men work under the direction of Mr. F. V. Sapp. Lela Canada, full-time registered nurse, heads the in- firmary. The health center is fully equipped to aid those in need of its services. The center also maintains the serv- ices of a college physician. 4 r .F it THE NURSE LELA Canada is always prepared. AND WHEN IN need . . . Auxiliaries Perform Essential Duties THE ELECTRICIANS KEEP busy day and night. ALWAYS ON THE job. GIVING A FEW minutes to the photographer are the maintenance crew. Cafeteria Serves 550,000 Meals Northeastern's two cafeterias, a vital part in maintaining the college are a service unit catering primarily to the student body, faculty and staff. Approximately 550,000 meals are served in one school year. The cafeterias employ fifty regular employees headed by Mrs. Robertson, a profes- sional dietitian, and seventy-nine students who are employed as part-time workers. HELPING SERVE A banquet in the Dogwood Room are two Northeastern students. t lgiltst We l .we-wwe me A ..... Y t v , NANCY ROBERTSON, DIETITIAN and Bill Cowan pre- X pare zi banquet dessert. A LEOSER CENTER teria worker. student checks in his meal ticket to a student cafe- The Tsa La Ci staff gives a very special appreciation to the photography crew, without whose assistance and co- operation this book would not have been possible. They have worked long hours turning out their graphic synopses of campus life in order to capture the happenings of NSC. ln addition to satisfying the yearbook demands, they have supplied pictures for newspapers, brochures, and programs. SPENDING MANY HOURS in getting pictures depicting high lights of the year is Mr. Delmar Asbill, NSC photographer. Photographers Keep Shutters Snapping STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS LARRY Roach, Brent Hamilton, Frank Burrus, Henry North, and Larry Ferguson talk "shop" while being surrounded by their standard photography equipment. Man is essentially a social animalg and as such it is only natural that the masses com- prising the student body should congregate into organizations for the advancement of their common interests. Some of these clubs are related to occupations, some are closely associated with extracurricular activities, while others are honorary. Yet all of these contribute something in the way of inspira- PUS ACTIVITIES tion, knowledge, and increased social com- patibilityg and as such are indispensable to the spirit of a concerned and vigorous stu- dent body. H'2-'EQ 43 Debate Debaters Travel, Continue innings This year the Northeastern debating squad, under the ning over 80 per cent of all debates entered. direction of Dr. Littlefield and Perry Hanan, dominated Special honors go to graduating seniors, David Johnson national collegiate debate and brought national honors to and Glen Strickland, for their unprecedented record of Northeastern. Composed of eight members, the debate team winning the National Invitational tournament at the Air brought home a total of sixteen trophies, with the junior Force Academy and second place at the National Tourna- teams winning over 50 per cent and the senior team win- ment at West Point. DAVID JOHNSON AND Glenn Strickland are in the midst of debating in the National Debate Tournament held at West Point Military Academy. The tournament is often referred to as the "World Series of College Debating." The national debate question of 1965 Resolved: That the Federal Government Should Establish a National Program of Public Work for the Unemployed. SENIOR DEBATER, DAVID Johnson meditates before beginning a talk. PLANS ARE BEING made for tourney travel by David Johnson, Dr. Littlefield, and Glenn Strickland. Travel took the debaters from Southern California on the West Coast to New York on the East Coast. DEBATE MEMBERS, LEFT to right, Bob Scott, Bob Skorkow- sky, Glenn Strickland, and David Johnson pose with two of the sixteen trophies won this year. ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN debate are brothers, .lim and Drew Edmondson. ' , Tsa La Gi Trip to Dallas Highlight of Year SHALAH LIGHTFOOT AND Suzan Greene served jointly as co editors of thc 1965 Tsa La Gi. As in any yearbook, the primary objective of our staff was to choose situations and activities that occurred through- out the year and each student will be able to say, "That was Northeastern 1965 . . . and I was a part of that year." The year was started by going to Dallas for a conference with the publisher and to Stillwater for the critique on last year,s book. Then ideas and plans were put to work. Many drafts later, we met our April deadline. June rolled Suzan Greene Mrs. Seurer and Donna STAFF MEMBERS DONNA Gill, Shalah Lightfoot and Suzan Greene check over possible layouts. around, the yearbook was completed and on its way to Dallas. Appreciation is extended by the staff members to Mrs. Seurer for her help and understandingg to the photog- raphers for their getting all those 'once in a life time' pictures, and to the staff members for their contribution, and of course, thanks go to the faculty and student body for their aid and encouragement. Gill Nell Faye Newton IH A EMBARKING FROM THEIR flight to Dallas where they discussed final plans for the 1965 Tsa La Ci are Mrs. Seurcr, Suzan Greene, and Sharon Hamilton. frm, A is 0 A GETTING INTO THE Yuletide Spirit are Mrs. Bessie Seurer year- book sponsor, and staff mernhers Suzan Greene, Sharon and Carol King at the staff Christmas party. A E5 at IIANIIIIJATES .IIWAIT THE judges' final decision at the Tsa Marilyn Moore La Ci King and Queen contest. FO EDITORS SUZAN GREEVE and ghalah Lightfoot pri-Q , - . 1 . .1 dates vying for the titles of Tsa La Ci King and Queen. Hamilton, 'nt the vandi is at 1964 s Best All round Newspaper The Northeastern has been published bi-weekly this year through the public relations office at NSC and the school printshop under the supervision of Ivan Holmes, public relations director, and Terry Reed, instructor of printing. Under the apt direction of ,lohn White, first semester editor of the paper, "The Northeastern" was named best all-around newspaper for 1964 over other state college newspapers by the Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association, and it received awards for news, editorial, and sports writing. The public relations office is also responsible for the publication of brochures throughout the year, including the football brochure prepared by first semester staff mem- ber, Jim Marshall, which was rated sixth in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics judging of football brochures over the nation, the monthly alumni newsletter, "The Northeastern Newsletter," and the sending out of news releases and other publicity concerning Northeastern. EDITOR OF THE Alumni Newsletter, Fayetta Charloe checks through the newsletter file for possible address changes. MARY CATHERINE JAMES and student helper, Bobby Wilkinson, check a list of possible stories for "The Northeastern." SCANNING OVER THE Redman baseball record are sports editors, Don John- son and Henry Hunt. le 3 5, ,, ,M gg 1? if it l P z gf A A 'i't' l rw ' f 1-,. , --1-, , fl: JUDY HEMPERLY, MARSHA Hestily, and Jalene Hauser keep up with hometown correspondence. ART EDITOR, HELEN Dodds, is kept busy with art work for the newspaper. SIZING UP A possible shot is staff photographer, Butch Patterson. Student Senate Senate Sponsors Blood Donor Drive Mary Ann Thompson Tom Rohrer The Student Senate of Northeastern State College is a representative group of students elected by the student body to work in programs of recreation and social events in co- operation with members of the faculty. The purpose of the Student Senate is to promote participation in government, to further the spirit of unity and cooperation through uni- fying the student body, to interpret to the student body Tom Rohrer .....,...,.,r,, Vincent Marshall ........... Mildred Randels ...,.,... Dr. Minter Uzzell ..,,. --.---.------,.,--.President ice-President --.----.Secretary-Treasurer .,.-----.-.----.,---.Sponsor ,---..Sponsor the regulations of the college, and to act as intermediary between the student body and the administration. During the year the Student Senate sponsored the selec- tion of Who's Who candidates, the Best-Dressed Girl con- test, the Student Senate elections, and other all-campus activities such as pep rallies, and bonfires. MEMBERS OF THE Student Senate are, front row, left to right: Bill Linn, Vincent Marshall, Chriss Murphy, Tom Rohner, Robbie Bynum. second row: Roger Hilfiger, Calvin lVIcClendon, Carolyn White, Lynn Weeks Suzan Greene, Meredith Patterson. third row: Mike Schooling, Brad Davis, ,lay Cook, Lee Schoeffler, Jack Butler. STUDENT SENATE MEMBERS accepted the responsibility of sponsoring the blood-mobile. VOTING POLLS ARE closed and counting ballots is the job of Tom Rohrer, John White and Bill Linn. - wa 5fi3Js1,s.:4s 'Ms' 52'5E5lRf?:' I SWAN? THESE IIOPEFUL CANDIDATES campaign with en- thusiasm as the race progresses. ws TOM ROHRER CHECKS the minutes of the previous meeting with sponsors Dean Randcls and Dr. Uzzell. Pre-Med Club Various Medical Fields Thomas Been ...,. ,ferry Thurman ..,,,. I ack Butler ........ L. E. Wallen ff-777 Thomas Been The Pre-Med Club seeks to provide its members with an opportunity to become acquainted with the various phases of medicine and the associated fields of the healing arts: osteopathy, dentistry, optometry, nursing, pharmacology, medical technology, physical therapy, dental hygiene, and Shirley Haynes ...s.. Explored Thomas Conklin ,,,... veterinary medicine. ,-..-...WPresident ..-,,,Vice President ,,,,,..--.mSecretary ,.,.-,,s,,--......-.-.,..,Treasurer Student Rep resentative ..s,.-.-.,a,---.,....--..--,Sponsor Meetings this past year have employed guest speakers, movies, and slides on such topics as oral surgery, neuro- logical research, pharmacology, obstetrics, medical tech- nology, and endodontics. TIEJIBERS UF THE Pre-Med Club arc, first row, left to right: L. E. Wallcn, Fran Cissna, Shirley Haynes, ,lark Butler, Tom Been, Tom Conklin, Cary Boudre-aux, john Dugger, Tom Rohrcr. second row: Cordon Harmon, Shirley Murry, Walter Cochran, Tom Pickard, Joe Schlecht, Chris Brown. Roger Hilfiger, Jay Cook, Sinclair Armstrong, Larry Williams. Fraternit Builds lnterest in Program David George ....,, Ronald Been ..... ferry Casteel .,.,... Mildred Turney .r,,, Mike Reagan .,..,.,,r Kappa Mu Epsilon, a National Mathematics Fraternity was founded at Northeastern on April 18, 1931. The or- ganization now has seventy-one active chapters scattered throughout the United States. The purposes of the fraternity are to further the inter- est in mathematics in those schools which place their,s1r1.President President Treasurer --,.-,,,Secretary .-.--,.Sponsor primary emphasis on the undergraduate program, to help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathe matics has played in the development of Western ClVlllZ8 tion, and to provide a society for the recognition of out standing achievements in the study of mathematics MEMBERS OF THE Kappa Mu Epsilon are, first row, left lo right: James Amos, Jack Butler Michael Cremin Arden James Louise Rams Jane Phelps, Helen Farnsworth, Joe Franke, Paul Thompson, Joe Greever. second row: Billy Moles Randall Foster John Sigle Kenneth Conduff, Billy Fullbright, Mike Hathaway, Eugene Gee, Jack Shastid, Gary Taylor. Alpha Chi Scholarship, Character foe Greever ,..... Linda Casey .,.... Anne Perkins .Y... fumes Wall ...,, Hattie Props! ,,,,., Mike Reagan .,.... William Riddle ,r,. Joe Greever The Oklahoma Alpha chapter of Alpha Chi National Honor Society was founded in 1938 by the late Dr. L. H. Bally, former Northeastern Dean of Instruction. The early history of Alpha Chi dates back to a 1915 movement in Texas aimed at promoting higher standards of scholarship. Presently there are sixty chapters, principally in the South and the Midwest. ' The chapter at Northeastern initiated forty-eight members this year. Membership is open to those students having at Emphasized .----,--.---.President ------.Vice President -s--,.---.Secretary ---,,----Treasurer .---.---.Sponsor ,.----,-.Sp0ns0r ,.,,,--..Sponsor least 62 college hours with an over-all grade average of 3.4. The purpose of the organization is to encourage sound scholarship and devotion to truth, not only among its mem- bers but among all the students on campuses where there are chapters. It is opposed to bigotry, narrowness, and dis- crimination on any basis other than that of genuine worth. The name "Alpha Chi" is composed of the initial letters of the Greek words "Aletheia" and 'gzarkterv meaning 'itruthl' and "character." Priscilla Been Tom Been Douglas Brant Kay Brown Linda Casey Jerry Casteel .lonetta Cole Paul Eichling Joyce Forkner David George Mary .lane Harris Larry Keeter .lon Masters William Matthews Anne Perkins Paula Pinner Barbara Powell Sue Proctor Gloria Redden Norma Romano Ruby Sohaffler Ronald Scott Shirley Sheedy Mary Sifferman John Sigle Jean Sisson Sharon Smith Sheryl Stillwagen Chad Storie Jerry Thurman Linda Vcnable Linda Wachob Barbara Williams Phyllis Wilson Alice Wing Hattie Propet, Sponsor Mike Reagan, Sponson Williarxi Riddle Sponsor Rho Theta Sigma lntellectual, Cultural James Edmondson Mike Hathaway ,S , Carol Durham Dr. Maxwell Wlll'lP James Edmondson Rho Theta Sigma Scholastic Fraternity is the oldest aca- demic honor society on the Northeastern campus, having been organized in 1934. Eligibility for membership is es- tablished by a grade point average of 3.6 for one semester, or 3.4 for two consecutive semesters, and membership is G rowth Recognized s,,,,,,,.-mPresirlenl . Vice President ,,,,,,Secretary ,,,,,..Sp0nsor open to freshmen as well as upper classmen. The society thus provides recognition for academic achievement, while simultaneously, through monthly programs, seeking to con- tribute to the intellectual and cultural growth of its members, Barbara Alldredge James Arterburn ,lanetta Baker Cyndia Beattie Pricilla Been Tom Been Alfred Bishop Douglas Brant David Bristow Hayden Brown Kay Brown Robert Buck Larry BllSlCI' ,lack Butler Ronald Carter Linda Casey Jerry Casteel Robert Childers James Clark Judy Clark Marsha Clifton Jonetta Cole Laura Conner Linda Cotner Ann Perkins Cottrill Roberta Deen John Dugger Carol Durham Helen Farnsworth Robbie Fisher Carl Ford Bernadine Froese Melba Fryar Judy Garoutte David Ceorge Joe Creever Edith Hallum Cordon Harmon Leonora Harper Mary Harris Mike Hathaway James Hess Judith Hickman Connie Hubbard Calvin Hudlin Charles Huggins Merrillyn lntemann Arden James Sally Leforce Joseph LeMasters Shirley Leming William Lovett Patricia Lowery Vincent Marshall .lon Masters Wesley Matthews Carroll Moore William Morgan David Morrison Nickey McCollough Bonnie Naugle Patricia Padgett Paula Pinner Charles Pinney Loyld Poplin Sue Proctor Anita Ramey Lary Rampp Marilyn Randall Gloria Rhodes James Robinson William Robinson Carol Rogers Norma Romano Cheryl Rozell Peggy Satterfield Andrew Savage Ruby Schaffler Nancy Schmidt Lee Sehoeffler Stephanie Schneidewent Mike Schooling Opal Shannon Shirley Sheedy Kristen Shores Mary Sifferman .lean Sisson Bob Skorkowsky Sharon Smith Wendy Stacey Calhleen Tammen George Teel Jerry Teel Barbara Vaughn Linda Venable Thomas Ward Barbara Williams Alice Wing Terry Wisdom Anna Wolff Shirley Zeiler Dr. Maxwell Whitf- Sponsor Band, Orchestra Present ariety Dr. Victor Showalter Director UR, SHOWALTER UISCUSSES final details of the Spring Concert with the band members. MEMBERS OF THE NSC band are James Benedetto, Larry Bale, Bonnie Bird, Lee Blankenship, Ted Browning, Dwight Caffee, John Catron, Mike Coleman, Mark Coverstone, Kyle Dameron, John Davis, Annette Eberhard, Larry Eulert, Helen Farnsworth, Joe Creever, Nancy Haysler, Ronnie Harris, Manuel Holland, William Johnson, Martin Jolley, John Kindred, Dean Kroeker, Pete Loehr, Margaret Lundquist, Dennis Mullins, Bill McClure, Judy Nardin, Bill Newland, Ellis Orendorff, Jerry Orendorff, James Owens, Gerald Provorse, Nancy Schmidt, Bob Scott, Roger Shaw, Toney Shaw, Connie Sixkiller, Margie Smith, Bill Snelling, Phil Stephens, Mike Stewart, Robert Townes, Gerald Walker, Suzanne Wallen, Dale Watts. Carolyn White, Bob Yeager. L UEJIHERS OI" THE Northeastern Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra are: Violins: Loretta Dodds 4conccrtmasterJ, Loretta Butcher, Jan Doty, Annetta Synar, Dr. Elwin Fite, Beverly Brian, Mrs. Armin Saeger, Paul Whitworth. Violas: Susan Whitney, Donna Myrick. Cellos: Gayle Horn, Nancy Haysler, Mrs. Paul Grover, Evelyn Gravitt, Basses: Mark Covcrstone, Linda Parker. Flutes: Roger Shaw, Tom Stroup, Nancy Schmidt. Oboes: Margaret Lundquist, Larry Mullins. Clarincts: ,lolln Kindred, Ted Browning. Bassoons: Tony Shaw, Robert Yeager. Horns: Michael Coleman, Sidney Showalter, Bonnie Bird, Dean Kroeker. Trumpets: William Newland, Ronald Harris, .lerald Orendorff, Trombones: Kyle Dameron, William Snelling. Tuba: Manuel Holland. Timpani: Robert Yeager, .lames Benedetto. Percussion: William Snelling. The Northeastern Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra is com- first semester and a Hpopn concert second semester, the posed of NSC students and staff members, as well as resi- Orchestra furnishes accompaniments for Haydn's oratorio, dents of Tahlequah and other communities in northeastern "The Creation" and the Musical comedy, "Carousel," Oklahoma. In addition to performing a symphony concert DR. WHITWORTH, DR. WALSTRUM and members of the Dr, Paul Grover orchestra pause during a rehearsal of '6Carousel". THE DIXIELANII BAND "swing out" on a number at the wind ensemble promenade. Music Educators National Conference MENC Promotes Interest in Music Kristine Evens 7 Dr. Whitworth . Bob Yeager Music Educators National Conference student chapters are campus organizations designed to give students of mu- sic education active membership in a professional organiza- tion. Membership in the organization is open to any person regularly enrolled in college and interested in furthering Bob Yeager ...,ii., Bonnie Bird ,,,, ...,.,,,,,,,.-.....President ,,,.,,,-.-,.,.Vice President ...nn,Secretary-Treasurer ,.....,,,...,.,.,.,.,Sp0n.s0r music education. MENC membership aids students in developing practical and realistic concepts of the music education profession and gives students the opportunity to become acquainted with leaders in music education. MEMBERS OF THE MENC are, front row, left to right: Vickie Dodson, Judy Nardin, Nancy Bean, Mary Jo Graves, Bonnie Bird, Margie Smith. second row: Annette Eberhard, Nancy Hayslec, Christine Murphy, Suzzanne Whitney, Loretta Butcher, Margaret Lundquist, Peggy Coop, Carolyn White. third row: Dr. Whitworth, Mark Coverstone, Kyle Dameron, Ronnie Hains, Dean Kroe-kt-r. Boy Yeager. Sigma Tau Delta English Fraternity Chapter Installed Marilyn Woodward ....,, Judy Giblin .....,....,,.,... I oedda McCoy ,,,,. .lames Stewart ,,,,.,. Charles Oliver ...., The Mu Iota Chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta National English Fraternity, was formally installed on the NSC cam- pus April, 1964. lts purpose is to promote the mastery of written expression, to encourage worthwhile reading, and to foster a spirit of fellowship among men and women in- terested in English. -.,-,..,--..-,-.-...President --.,.....-,-.Vice President Secretary-Treasurer -..--......-,,.-.,,Sponsor ,.---.Sponsor Marilyn Woodward Qualifications for membership are an English major or minor plus a sincere interest in the art of English. The Phoenix 5 anthology is published yearly by the club. The informal meetings are held at homes of faculty members on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month. Membership at present is thirty. VMI? MEMBERS OF THE Sigma Tau Delta are, first row, left to right: Jill iieal, Jimmy Butler, ,loedda McCoy, Marilyn Woodward, Mary Ann McArtor. second row: Joyce Halfacre, Judy Giblin, Roberta Deen, Donna Shelton, Mary Sue Sprouse, Norma Romano, third row: Letha Boling, Lura Waters, James Stewart, Cary Durst, Pete Loellr, .lim Copeland, Cary Harmon, Lois Palmer, linda Buchanan, Judith Hickman. MEMBERS OF ALPHA Psi Omega are first row left 10 right: Carol .lean Rogers, Shirley Zeiler, Princetta Rudd, ,loc Doty. second row: Miss Ruth Arrington, ,lane Adcock, Jim Marshall, Earl Squyres, .lim Malone, Gerald Chambers, William Moore, Marjorie Smith, Paul Nowlin. lpha Psi and u-ger-du-lo The Mu Gamma cast of Alpha Psi Omega was installed at North- eastern in December, 1949. Mem- bership in this national honorary dramatics fraternity can only be attained by participating in both acting and back-stage work. Each year the Alpha Psi Omega members sponsor the annual Show- case of Talent Night. The highlight of the year is the Alpha Psi Omega awards banquet held each spring in which the best actor and act- ress awards are presented. Drama Groups Produce "ShowcaseM The Au-Ger-Du-Lo Players are those students interested in drama, either as participants or as specta- tors. One of the group's most im- portant responsibilities is helping with the major productions on campus. These players also assist in the presentation of the Showcase of Talent. MEMBERS OF THE Au-Cer-Du-Lo Players are first row left to right: Kathy Dallcy, Susan Clover, Marsha Waren, Imogene Anderson, Carol ,lean Rogers, Marjorie Smith, Donna Honeywell, and Prinm-Ita Rudd. second row: Miss Ruth Arrington, Bill Moore, Dennis Moore, Dale Watts, Gerald Chambers, Earl Squyres, ,lim Malone, Sigma lpha Eta Club Promotes Professional Standards Gary Packwood ,.., Gary Haley .,.,.. A. f. Harris ,...,,.. Sally Brockman ...A Dr. Blank .,,,.,.....,, Sigrna Alpha Eta is a professional society for prospective speech and hearing therapist. lt is the only student group that meets annually with the American Speech and Hearing Association at their annual National convention. The chief purpose is to provide a medium of enriched professional and social experiences through co-curricular activities. ,.-e,,,.i.,-.-,President -,,,...,Vice President reasurer ..,.-,Secretary -,-.---.Sponsor ' ,,.i 'v -:lf 'gf,,2ff. " - r ..ea J X X 'xx Q Gary Paekwood Sigma Alpha Eta was organized on this campus in 1956. The chapter meets once a month for a professional meeting which gives the prospective therapists a broader under- standing of the field. It is in this organization that the entire clinic family can join forces to think, plan, and play together-thus growing in wisdom and in fellowship. MEMBERS OF THE Sigma Alpha Eta are, first row, left to right: Louise Peake, Pat Blacklcdge, Johnnie Brooks, Mary Craif, Anne Wilson, Gary Paekwood, Ray Bothell. second row: Maxine Glory, Gloria Young, Cheryl Thornburg, Charlotte Stephenson, Diane Bean, Linda Lillard, Cheryl Laird. third row: Dr. Blank, Robert Childers, Linda Carnes, Don Jennings, Sarah Hill, Mike MeCowen, Bob Trigalet, Sandy Alexander, Mary Lou Studebaker, George Waclley, Steve Blackledge, Mike White. Student Education Association SEA Membership Largest The Paden-Ballenger chapter of the Student Edu- cation Association is affiliated with both the O.E.A. and the N.E.A. The primary purpose of the club is to acquaint students who plan to be teachers with the history, ethics, salaries and program of the Robert McCart Pres. in State organized teaching profession. All students planning a teaching career are eligible for membership. These students must attend at least 75 per cent of the regularly scheduled meetings to maintain active membership in S.E.A. Linda Abbott Clarence Acton Betty Adair Josephine Adams Bonnie Akins Sharon Aldridge Phyllis Allison Harry Atkins Larry Bale Gail Ballinger ,lack Barnes Judybeth Barnette Jill Beall Harold Bengston Myrna Bengston David Benne Roger Biggerstaff Billie Blakemore Paul Blaylock Dawna Boatright Dorotlla Bolding Lynda Bolding Thomas Bowles Charles Brookshire Bobby Brown Kay Brown Dorothene Brumbaugh Robert Bruno Johnny Budzinsky Martha Burke Margaret Burkholder John Burnett Judy Burns Carol Burris Norman Butler Betty Byous Yolonda Carder Sharon Cato Gerald Chambers Robert Childers Darrell Clark Judy Clark Robert Cockburn Dennis Colclasure Tommy Cole Bobby Combs Wendell Cone Cheryll Cook Richard Cook Gloria Cooksey Mary Copley .loEllen Corley Linda Cotner Thomas Cottrill Thelma Cragar Nancy Crissman Peggy Crogan Shirley Croley Stella Crowl Linda Crutchfield Ruby Davis Frank Dawson Judy Day Nora Dc Steiguer Ruby Dill Dona Dillsaver Joe Doty Carolyn Dowdy Tommie Duffield Floyd Dunaway .lewell Duncan Billy Dunham Curtis Dyer Thelbert Echols Linda Edmondson Icic Endsley Norma Exendinc Patricia Favor Lois Ferrel Staseia Fingcrlin Billy Fisher Robbie Fisher Luke Flesher Gary Fletcher Alice Ford Mary Foster Helen Fox Betty Foyil Rebecca French Bernadine Froese Richard Caddis Linda Gardner Ted Gardner Mary Garrison John Gates Diana Gay Robert Gay David George Eddie Gideon Lewis Goins Woodrow Goins Martha Gore Sharon Gossett Reed Grace Johnnie Greenfield Mavis Gutlirey Gary Haley Pat Hall Edith Hallum Sharon Hamilton Willianl Hammers Charles Hampton Dr. Frankie Harris Ronald Hartzler Mary Hawkins Nancy Hawkins Cairl Hayes Jean Haynes Sandra Hays Teresa Holms Dorcie Hensley Carol Hertwig Judy Hicks Carol Hilliard Barbara Hinds Billy Hoeutt .lo Ann Holiman Penny Horn X . ,i 'K qi ' we Q. 3-Q ' 1- am r"""' Y ctU.,,r r W X55 R W- an P r .av N 3 9 Q., ai W a U X ma, '35 ,s ..," ' :P va, 4 -. -- r ig. ri EE. . A ulgluu R KSA QR, Jerry Howard Calvin Hudlin Charles Huggins Leona Hutchison Merrillyn lntemann Dee Iverson Connie Jackson Palma James Lucy Jarrad Earl Jeffery Cheryl Jones Dr. Harvey Jones Sarah Jones Bettie Joy Georgia Keeter Phil Keeter Joan Kelley Douglas Kuykendall Mary Lamb Harvey Lamberson Blaine Lamont Geraldine Large Larry Lashley Charles Ledbetter Judith Lee Sally Leforce Lou Letson Xvilliam Linn Carolyn Lord Edward Lusk Robert Lvon Joedda McCoy Janice McDillon Linda McDonald Zcnia McGee Jimmy Marshall Delores Martin Calvin Mefford Sandra Middleton Linda Miller Peggy Miller Lucretia Moore Jean Morris Juanita Mosby Bill Mosley Shirley Murry Mary Neel Billie Nelson Gerald Nelson Nell Newton LaRae Nichol Terrie Nixon James O,Dell Johnnie O'D0nley Retha 0,Neal Milton Orr Barbara Orrison Nyla Osborn James Owens Cary Packwood Patricia Padgett Pauline Page Edna Palmer Pat Patton Wanda Peterman JoAnne Pippin Wanda Porter Barbara Powell Sharon Prentice Barbara Price David Price Sue Procter Lary Rampp W'anda Ransom Gloria Redden Phyllis Ridgway .Jimmy Rogers Norma Romano Sherry Ross J. D. Rozell Barbara Rusk Barlmara Sanders John Sanders Entogene Satterwhite Ruhy Snhaffler Nancy Schmidt Phillip Schutte Shirley Sooggins Linda Self Opal Shannon Shirley Sheedy Bolt Sherman Tom Sheward Mary Sifferman John Sigle .lean Sisson David Sixkiller Carrie Smith Sharon Smith Vermelle Smith Ellen Sneed Earl Squyres Rolmert Stall Lolita Stansifer Linda Starnes Helen Stevens David Stiger Joyce Stiles Sheryl Stillwagen Janis Strickland Cathleen Tammen Pearle-ne Taylor James Terrell Neoma Thomas Mary Thompson Cheryl Thornburg Robert Thornbury Emily Thorne Jerry Thurman Lynn Thurman Margaret Tremblay Louetta Trickey Lee Turney Joanne Tyree Katherine Urquhart Linda Wachob Nancy Wadkins Jeanne Wallace Kenneth Ward Janie Warlord Florence Westfall John White Susan Whitney Sally Williams Shirley Wimpey Alice Wing .loan Woelk Anna Wolff David Womack Marilyn Woodward Donald Worley Don Yates James Young Shirley Young r-r'r f J t .- .Q A 3-' up fi 'X lst' 'Hifi - xt- L f +2 L ,S 5' NVQ 'CL' W A F e I. F41-1 A X r k 'ffsfiidliwfl , ,wt ,S a -4. .xo tt.,,.-K5 1- V - Qi? 53 qs.. Pi Gamma u Social Science Club Formed John Arthur Slorie Lary Rampp ,, fohri Buss ,cc, , Paul Eichling .i,,,,,, Rudia Halliburton John Arthur Storie Pi Gamma Mu, the Social Science National Honor Society was organized during the Fall semester of 1964. The pur- pose of Pi Gamma lVlu is to improve scholarship in the social sciences. It was founded in 1924 by Dean Allen of Southwestern College and Dean William Hamilton of Wil- liam and Mary. Pi Gamma Mu has over 75,000 members fohn Buss ,,,,, , ,,,,, , Presidenl , ,,,,,, .Vice President ,.......,Treasurer ,,,....,Secretary ,,,,.,,.Sp0nsor ,,,,,,..Sp0n5or throufrhout the United States. U The requirements of Pi Gamma lVlu are junior or senior standinff in collefre, twent hours or more in an articular an an Y social science or a combination thereof. Also a 3.0 or better grade average with no uF's'7 in any social science course attempted. MEMBERS OF THE Pi Gamma Mu are, first row, left lo right: ,lohn Buss, Herbert lioggan, Marvin Lomax, Amos Maxwell, Earl Larkin, Adele Turner, ,less Melfntee. second row: ,Ion Masters, Jimmie Clemmons, Hudia Halliburton, Ron Carter, George Foster, Laiy Ranlpp, Tom Conklin. Industrial Arts Club Cooperation, Fellowship Stressed Glen Simmons .,.,, Hooley Feather .,r, Charles lohnson .,,r, Bill Linn ,,,,,,,.,.,l ....... . . f. L. Ledbetter ,,r,, C. L. Lombardi .i,, The Industrial Arts Club was organized to create a spirit of cooperation and good fellowship among its members, to bring before the members the teaching methods, de- vices, and other topics which are of special interest to the club as a whole, to give publicity to industrial arts work at Northeastern State College and in the northeastern district of Oklahoma. ilifff fil 5 1-:i gill Ilfii ttii' "" . :" J ' ' - ,, L,,,Preszdent ' . ' I lit, ice President I ,..- Secretary-Treasurer V tpgy, -A ,J f Student Representative A by . ' t I iis, av ' ,,,,,,,Sponsor V p Glen Simmons The club maintains a camp on the Illinois River where various activities are held throughout the year. The camp program is highlighted with a homecoming in the spring of all alumni members. This annual reunion has developed into an alumni organization, the Northeastern Industrial Arts Association. -'li' MEMBERS OF THE Industrial Arts Club are, first row, left to right: C. L. Lombardi, J. L. Ledbetter, Dale Garner, Charles Johnson. second row: Johnny Cobb, Bill Bryan, Giles Jennings, Fred Monaco. 69 Women's Recreational Association A Sponsors lntramural Contests Pearlene Taylor Sarah fones ,,r,, Sue Roth r,,,, Pearlene Taylor The Women,s Recreational Association offers every woman student at Northeastern the opportunity of partici- pating in sports for the pure enjoyment of playing and to develop skills which will furnish recreation now and in later life. Each sport event in the WRA intramural program is organized and directed by a member under the guidance Emma Vaughn Dorothy Frie ,,,, Willa Mason ,,,.t, .........-.-,President Vice President ,.,,.,.,..Secretary ,,,.r-.Treasurer ,,,,-,.Sp0nsor ,..i...Sponsor of the sponsors, Willa Mason and Dorothy Frie. 'Near the end of each year one of the Oklahoma State colleges spon- sors a Sports Day and each college sends a team to parti- cipate. The members of the varsity team chosen to rep- resent Northeastern are selected from the different partici- pating intramural teams. MEMBERS OF THE WRA are, first row, left to right: Sue Roth, Toney Gray, Ann Powell, Phyllis Ashley, Carol Fireng, Lynn Weeks. second row: Janie Franklin, Norma Duncan, Pat Padgett, Pearlene Taylor. third row: Helen Fox, Jeannie Powell, Stella Waters, Shirley Powell, Sharon Burton. fourih row: Linda Ward, Florence Westfall, Sandy Walker. fifth row: Emma Vaughn, Micheal Murphy, Miss Mason, Frankie Albitz, Miss Frie. United Campus Christian Fellowship UCCF Formed b Group Merger Judy Nardin -,,-,, ,.........,r P resident Linda Musseman ........ ........... V ice President Arden james ,,,,,, .,r,... , Secretary-Treasurer Kelly Ross ...,,,..i ...............V... V Sp0IlS0r Rev. ,lim Forkner ,,,,. ...-V,, A ClviS0r Rev, Bill Bradley .,,,,, ...,,,, A dvisor Judy Nardin The UCCF is an organization for Presbyterian and Chris- Cod, man, ethics, and faith which are central to the Bible tian students. One of the main functions is to discuss current and Christians of all denominations. Throughout the year problems and affairs in relationship to the Christian duties the UCCF sponsors various informative as well as enter- as students and to teach fundamental convictions concerning taining programs. MEMBERS OF THE UCCF are, first row, left to right: Arden James, Jannette Eberhard, Linda Musseman. second row: Rev. Jim Forkner, Dave Witte, Bobby Cowan. Baptist Student nion BSU,ers Lead in Campus Membership Kenneth L. Hogan Rick Smith Max Squyres ,,,s,, Kenneth Hogan The Baptist Student Union is a distinctive student pro- gram promoted by the Southern Baptist Convention for Baptist students in colleges and universities. It is student- led, church-related, and Christ-centered. Every Baptist and Baptist preference Student is the con- cern of the Baptist Student Union. Non-preference and Danny Molloy ,,,,ss Charlotte Couch ...,.. Louise Tucker .,,,,, President ..,...,Vice President . Secretary ...,...Treasurer ...,..Director ...,..,Advis0r unchurched students lay deep within its circle of concern. The Baptist Student Union serves as a tie between the Baptist students and the local church. lt is, in turn, the church reaching out to students. The objectives of the church are kept before the student in an effort to enlist him in its program. ,- MEMBERS OF THE BSU are, first row, left to right: Charlotte Couch, Mary ,lo Graves, Nancy Wadkins, Carolyn Wilson, Phyllis Cannavan, Carol ,lean Carpenter, Carol Jean Fireng. second row: Rodney Jones, Betty Morgan, Linda Vann, Ruth Fears, Shirley Flint, Verta Smith, Sue James, Louise Tucker. thinl row: Harry Winlock, Cary E. Moulton, Danny Malloy, ,lim Packwood, Ken Rogers, Butch Acton. T F 2 .IIEJIBERS UI" THE BSU arc, first row, Irfft Io right: Linda Jones, Ava Beard, Laura Punn, Alive Wing, Klargarct liurklnolder, Noll Faye New- ton, Goldit- Todd, Betty Clemons. sffwrzrl row: Lloyd Oshon, Zulu Parker, Dixie Suttcrfit-ld, Suuunnt- Cochran, Putrivia l"ut'tor, liurddie Lowe, Jerry Voigt. Ilzirrl row: John Williams, Cc-rultl Wulder, Don Cochran, Jerry Todd, Don Lz1wson,,lim l"urnn-r, Wklndell Cone. LUKE FLESHER TAKES active part in BSU by giving devotionals. DIRECTOR RICK SMITH takes time out for a picturv. from his many varied duties to pose 5 4 YY YIIUR LIBHI M TQTQ R.. NE Newman Club Religious Centered Activities Undertaken Dr. foe Anderson Fred Monaco The Newman Club was formed so that Catholic students who are enrolled in universities and colleges could have the opportunity to meet and have fellowship together. The Newman Club is to be found on campuses throughout the United States. The main function of the group is to fur- Fred Monaco .,t.i, Mike Schooling ,,,., Sandy Walker ,,t,..,, n,t-.-...,.President ,,,,,,.,,,,,,Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer ,,,-,-.---.,...,,,,.,Sponsor ther the development of spiritual, intellectual, and social culture among Catholic students. Moral, religious, philosophical, and social problems are discussed at the Newman meetings under the guidance of Father Berton and sponsor Dr. ,loc Anderson. MEMBERS OF THE Newman Club are, first row, left to right: Karen McGrinni, Mary Greenwell, Father Gavin, Sandy Walker. second row: Princetta Rudd, Dr. Anderson, Judy Lowry, Thresa Ryan, Suzanne Wallen, Fred Monaco, ,lim Maisano. Wesley Foundation Foundation Provides Church Home Carol Ann Durham ,,,,,,. Dick Royal Laura Conner ,. Denise Patterson .... Kirk Boatright i,,,, Rev. John Crooch The Wesley Foundation seeks to bring the Message of Christianity to the students and faculty on the Northeastern State College campus. A part of the larger Methodist Stu- dent Movement, which is related to state and national or- ganizations of the Methodist Church, the Wesley Founda- tion seeks to participate in the life and meaning of the Church as it is related to campus activities. Through Wor- 1' .f tx 'da 'sf i Vice President President .,-......,Secretary ,,....,Treasurer . ,,,, ,Advisor ...i...,.Director Carol Ann Durham ship, study, and social concerns projects throughout the year, the students of the Wesley Foundation hope to bring the vitality and depth of the Christian faith to bear upon the personal and social life of all who participate. The Methodist Student Center is open to all interested students and attempts to speak with clarity and responsibility in and to the contemporary society. 5 Wm Q 4 MEMBERS OF THE Wesley Foundation are, first row, left to right: Laura A. Conner, Denise Patterson, Geraldine Hickman, Henry North, Rita Foster, Carol Ann Durham. second row: Dick Royal, David Morrison, Chris Brown, George Foster, John Crooch, Steve Swann, Dale Mullins. sw- .fri ras-f-M11 W Q' S. Q E Q ?57:?2,frfSii5l55Y55Qlg55m' rg 5' ,xx 55 4 . 'gif QE for the benefit of or at the command of something or someone else. By taking a broad view of this statement it becomes apparent that Without service there is noth- ing at all. As some French writer once wrote, Wlfhe man is nothing, his work is all ftranslationlw. And what is a great man? A man who has performed great acts and services in his past. For it is only by the greatness of a manls past actions that the concept of his personal greatness can be inferred at all. And in the process of satis- fying the demands of service, we benefit society, our Country, God, and others as well as ourselves. VffiiwtfsigW'fifsfzitisfafiz"i4szgrzf:st-?ffgfa1fssiJf'sgss'f 'srfuwefs'c'1f"ra1esH?'f:W'2':tii9ii1f?iiW5 Q iffissees-f:f:2ii't2i:si.ss2s22fgsrfezfsiLiSitfifliiifwgfrffsi -?ffs2?15iziifif2?i?iqi:usiissfszsssxsetfffas'if Swie:-f'fW:?faffe',.fS, we we ,Ai-:fs 5,1135f:gggfeg,55,g.-ff: ff 5 if Q '05 si ass Q 'S W ft l 591552 ? ,put 517' fhwi ff 4 is Q' 2 s 5 Q5 twsiefesssezsfw W, ,521,aE5fse?f521S" ' slissksisfifewumQsQ,r?5g?5fa5sesss:a YH is xfsufisigslssz " sails? YJ Q E 1 sas 0, Nik , 3, r.x,.Q,:a PK Q ge 5, H ff., w,4fffaf2fe.fW Q ,, Ps ggagvyeaseissgessfe P4 Q 3 Q ,siggpsgfssirigfggzissis Q, W3,155,512-fszs2,g?4esy1assex me E, 5 as s .v C a l l Cl'VlCS iSI 3I1 il lzi A M Ell ORGANIZATIO S - 1 gf -1'.A-i'g.1r,A i'LfAi-1A . a 'i E J ,.A,1.,.1 x lpha Sigma lpha Homecoming Float ins First Prize Donna Griffith Ruth Arrington Dr, McWhorter President Sponsor Sponsor Alpha Sigma Alpha, a national sorority, was founded in 1901 in Farmville, Virginia with Northeastern's Beta Gamma chapter installed in 1937. Alpha Sigma Alpha is a social sorority whose chief objectives are to promote scholarship, friendship, and sisterhood. r ei' in . l A ti 1 x f ia , W If l .5 , 'yy ' -is wg, rwsssxgsxxvsxxvw 1 ,' , 13 3 Qs? ZTFEYAF-11' Alphas started this year by Winning first prize for their Homecoming Parade float with Johnnie Brooks serving as queen attendant. Other Alphas gaining recognition this year were Imogene Anderson, Miss Tahlequah 1965, and Barbara Price, Tsa La Gi Queen and Miss Oklahoma Recreational Festival. Sharon Prentice Vice-President Johnnie Brooks Recording Secretary Lynn Craig Treasurer Marty Adair Marty Baldridgc Janet Bocox Linda Boling Terisa Brockman Pam Buchanan Loucttu Cheek Ann Cottrill Robbie Fisher Janet Fowler Francic Franklin Margaret Gage Karen Gunter Sharie Hamhy Daphne Hanson Judy Hicks Linda Miller Linda Parker Lin Puzzuglia Juynai Roberson Judy Robson Sandra Roy Judy Starr Jan Ward .:g,,, '--ii X 1 in 9 1 V wr .. i ' i t ,Q - .4 1 , ' -vfsiifs g xgggww -f'k Kia- if-'5 . f , '-vw.fa?m' S f 9' rw , . , ,A .,fi,smj.,ffs 9 his - kl ,. . 4 is ,,,Ak, 3 La.,, 9 git, S y Si rf is Q ., it M wx, I ,qgleigff m s 1 ':'5"i jg t i gi . it W' -V ,1 9 5 ,,f5: .:, Q 'S ' JL N, s, Q, fi ENTERTAINING RUSHEES WITH the latest fad dance are Janet Bocox, Johnnie Brooks, Paulette Custin. PART formal rush party. KAREN GUNTER, LIN Pazzaglia, Karen Burton, and Daphne Hanson put on an UAlphatraz" skit at an in- Formal Rush OF RUSH is the experience of meeting new people and making lasting friendships with girls they hope to he associated with during their college days. .W . THE EXCITEMENT OF formal rush begins with each girl and her date being pinned with lhrir name tugs. Hosts Phi Lambs .WINGLINC AROUND THE punch howl brings Contact with other rushrvs und future sorority sistvrs. THIS YEAR ALPIIA Sigma Alplui li0SlCCl Phi l,zimhcla Chi ut thvir formal rush giving the' fll!vll1'l'S il chunfc In l'Ill'K'I thcir frutvr- nity hrutlu-rs. ., 'Ei Q Delta Zeta DZ'S Have Highest Grade Average ,, 5 ib- 5 5. W Si' 1: 'x o f 0 A . 5 'E es' W' 1, ' xx Patricia Lowery Sylvanna Prectl Martha Markham President Sponsor Sponsor Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1902. It has 157 collegiate chapters with 50,243 members. The object of Delta Zeta is to unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendships. Delta Zetas were very active in campus activities this year. Five are members of Rho Theta Sigma, and the pledge class received the Panhellenic Award for the pledge with the highest grade average, and the sorority won the Phi Lambda Chi Award for group with the highest grade point average. Several Deltas hold beauty honors as Melba Wil- liams, Leoser Queen, Lewann Nigh, Miss Muskogee, and Marilyn Randall, Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart. K WHO CAN COUNT the many hours that these Deltas spent on the building of their homecoming float? Muriv Allisml Fuundru Urunzl Bonnie Burns Murcia Cunlvy Lullcrlc Cullm- CIICIICYLI NII'f:llIl'llLlIl I.CVVJ.1IHl Niglx Marsha 'fhmupsun Mary Ann Tllmnpsun lunff Wiw :MN f I ff55T?f.f'ifi I x , ang!!! C7 we MARIE ALLISON TAKES part in the g'Little Pe0ple's Dance" at an informal rush party. THE FIRST SEMESTER rush party brought entertain- ment by members, Linda Christian, Jane Wise, and Lewann Nigll. EIVJOYMENT IS SHOWN in the faces of Lewann Nigh and Mary Lamb as they entertain at the second semester coke party. Pledge Class X N fel: "THE HEART OF Delta Zeta" was the theme at the formal rush party. EMOTIONS SHOW FREELY as the girls are accepted to the Receives Award 5 I THE SPRING FOR- MAL is enjoyed by members and their dates. The theme Ullali Hi" wus taken from the musical L'Snuth Pacific." Gamma Sigma Sigma New Service Sororit Established Shirley Liptack Willa Faye Mason President Sponsor New on campus this year, Gamma Sigma Sigma service sorority was founded on October 12, 1952, in New York City. The probationary colony was established at North- eastern in March, 1964, was the first one in Oklahoma. The purpose of Gamma Sigma Sigma is to assemble col- lege and university women in the spirit of service to hu- manity. It has already begun to make itself known around 1' campus by its services rendered-to the school. Among these services are: ushering at plays and graduation, serving at Parent's Day and homecoming receptions, and helping with the Red Cross bloodmobile on campus. The principles of the sorority, service, friendship, and equality are expressed by the members of the sorority in work and in fun. OUTCOING PRESIDENT, SHIRLEY Liptack installs Pat Mason as Gamma Sigma's president for 1965. Zclma Clll'lFIll11l"l Suzzanne Corhrun lloris Cook Valerie Graves ,Io Lynn Crucn Mary Grccnwell Kay Harris Shirley Miller .ludith lllrmrsz Sylvia Sallr-at Shirley Slum-dy Joyce Whoml Q22 PRESIDENT SHIRLEY LIPTACK assists in pinning on name tags at the APO smoker. RUSH FINDS EVERYONE in the kitchen giving a helping hand to the cooks Bake Sales Help m e L A FAMILIAR SIGHT to NSC this year has been the Gamma Sigma table in the hall of the Ad building loaded with goodies. ""' dh' W. MISS MASON POSES with the new officers, left to right, Pat Mason, Mary Green- well, Kathy Scott, Judy Lowry, Bertha Brazil, ,ludith Moore, Sandy Walker, and Tanya Easton. EVERYONE FINDS THAT it is a hard decision choose. Finance Trip GAMMA SIGS AND their dates relax at the Spring installation of officers. wr to OUTGOING PRESIDENT SHIRLEY Liptack presides over the Spring installation of officers. Sigma Sigma Sigma Tri ig President Is Best Dressed mwgswm whims., I THQ' X 2 Anne Wilson Dr. Mary Haas Dr. Nadene Harris President Sponsor Sponsor Sigma Sigma Sigma national sorority was founded at Farmville, Virginia, April 20, 1898. Alpha Iota chapter was established at Northeastern in November 1929. Tri-Sigma's purpose is to uphold high ideals and standards of conduct and to promote good scholarship. Eg 75 F X K K X 4,4 44051 Sigma Sigma Sigma notables are Kay McElroy, Phi Sigma Epsilon Sweetheart, Anne Wilson, Best Dressed Co- edg Londa Hill, Homecoming Queen and Miss Congeniality in the Miss Tahlequa Contestg Norma Romano, Leoser Presidentg and Pat Edwards, Who,s Who. Sandy Alexander Barbara Allredge Jill Berry Karen Bourne Nancy Brazier Jean Chapman Susan Clements Carol Compton Luxretia Cox Carol Daily Beverly Davis Nora de Stieguer Vicki Dover Linda Edmondson Pat Edwards Cheryl Frazier Glenda Fryer Iva George Annin Cilrrvasu Maraln-nv Cirdnvr Mary Grail Teresa H1-line Caroln- Ill'Il1ll'l'51lIl Londa Hill Patrivia ,Ivnnings Carol King Katlilcvn Lanigan Margaret Lauh'rl1a1'li Juditli LH' Sally Lt'fo1'm' Sammie Lcforcc Rosalie Lesser Linda Lillard Carolyn Lord Ianna Loveless Sue Mahan Kay Mclflroy Marilyn McLaury Nancy Poullon Carol Quillin Anita RLIIIICY Kaye Ray Liz Reidy Phyllis Ridgeway Norma Romano Jean Sisson Jackie Slllll4'l'l2,lIltl .lcssic Thru IDN "??rL if'-f'f sim 41 i ,. ,ij L 2 W ,A W 1 K Y 4 'TD' Q ,., , ., S" 5 X 1' -Q' if-wxi, ,ff ll f haw. 'iftiffv uf-W-1...,. .' J , -TIT-ffl 252 -Q. Bgli Eg Ji W wp- ,,-we-Q. , f? Linda Tliurman Cindy Yvcsl K' Judy Wliittcnlmurg A f 5.35 SWK ' Brenda Williams :'i Zflff gn 'YM ,WW .,,: ,W ,qw Mi., , , N r , PROVIDING RUSH ENTERTAINMENT for their sorority sisters, Phi Sigs Tom Bowles, Nick Oakley, Jim Gard, Bryce McKinney, and John Rhine give their rendition of the can-can. Phi Sigs Provide JIM JOHNSON, LYLON Cowan, Ray Nunnelly, and Albert Johns give the rushees PRESENT AT EACH rush is the table rep. 3 Phi Sig 100k Of U16 Old WCSL resentating the sorority goals, symbols, and honors. 3 THE CLIJIAX T0 rush comes with picking up bids in De-an Randel's Office. Rush Entertainment MEMBERS LINE UP at formal rush to greet ruslices uslcorlcd by Phi Sigma fllllll THE GENTLE lu-Inpu of llllf spring, formal Epsilfin nlcfulliers. ll Clillllll' finals a quivt rurnor anrl a vluinm- to lm alum: TAKING TIME UUT al the L'S0ull1ern Bull" spring: formal are Craig Parker, Rolmlmin Russell, .lancl liruns, Doug Alle-n, Carol King, and Richard Marty. r, 2133 Panhellenic Council High Standards Emphasized at NSC Marvin Anne Wilson ..., Avffffff f f Y P ff2Sid6fll Donna Rose Griffith ,,..... ----fffffff- V i063 Pfesidefll Patricia Sue Lowery .... , Y,.,. Secretary-Treasurer THE PANHELLENIC TEA officially begins rush. The rimar ur ose of the Panhellenie Council is to Panhellenic strives to develo unit and coo eration and P Y P P P Y P encourage cooperation a.mong the sororities on campus. encourage scholarships and high standards of conduct. Panhellenic is an advisory, governing organization composed The council sponsors scholarship awards. of three delegates from each sorority. - A Q. -H MEMBERS OF PANHELLENIC are, left to right: Saundra Brand, ,lane Wise, Jean Sisson, Francie Franklin, Bonnie Burns, Liz Reidy, Daphne Hanson, and Gerry May. The lnterfraternity Council at Northeastern is comprised lnterfraternity Council Council Coordinates Social Activities Robert .Downes ,,iv. ,7YV..w-V V . t.,, Pf6Sifl6Hl lay Cook ,,Y,,7,,i ,,,,ts.,...., V ice President Bill' Linn oo,v , s, tt..,i Secretary-Treasurer ROGER HILFIGER, CARY Dunagan, and Lee Schoffler check their scrapbook for important events. social fraternities. Meetings are held monthly for the pur- of student representatives from each social fraternity and the faculty sponsors. Under the supervision and sponsor- ship of Dr. Uzzell, the Dean of Students, the object of the organizations is to coordinate the activities of the three 'pose of maintaining higher standards and to promote closer relationships among the fraternities, and to cooperate with other social organizations on campus. 5 t S MEMBERS OF THE Interfraternity Council are, front row, left to right, Jay Cook, Bob Downes, Bill Linn, second row: Don Essary, Roger Hilfiger, Gary Dunagan, Lee Schoeffler. Phi Lambda Chi Scholarship up Given Each Year Bob Downes Ray Stems Rudia Halliburton President Sponsor Sponsor Beta chapter of Phi Lambda Chi was organized on the Northeastern Campus in 1939 by twenty-one charter mem- bers. The purpose of organizing Phi Lambda Chi fraternity was to endeavor to promote friendship, brotherhood, and scholastic achievement. P 43329: , ,i ff i .Wa X l xxx s V Fir 2:15, 'P .if 1 " Pnl -': Ziluuu -,,1 I '-ff cm This year Phi Lambs sponsored a donkey basketball game as part of its social activities. Also, Phi Lambda Chi awards a scholarship cup each year to the Creek organization on campus with the highest grade average for the previous year. GETTING THE DONKEYS into the spirit of the game proved quite a task at the Phi Lamb sponsored Donkey Ball Game. Cary Dunegan, Vice lrusldnnt W1-S Connor, Secrmtary liandall Cornelia 71.41111 Cuttrill larroy Graham llolm Hathaway Donny Lansford Steven Linsey Kenny Moreland Bill Motes Charles Nalley Roger Neilson Mickey Pilgrim Pat Pilney Max Reedy George 'feel Mack 'lillomas Micllaf-l Toney Ronald White Dean Williams tt THE DONKEYS PROVED to be the real pros at the donkey ball game. r YA'LL COME COULD he heard echoing through the halls of NSC as Phi Lambda Chi sponsored an all-college rodeo. Phi Lambs Sponsor THIS MEMBER SHOWS bravery at the Phi Lamb all-college rodeo. ""H , 2, PHI LAMB PRESIDENT, Bob Downes, pre- sents sweetheart Francie Franklin with her ITJSCS. AN ORIENTAL THEME and a crepe canopy set the mood for the Spring formal. Rodeo, Ball ame THE SCHOLARS PROVIDED the music at the Phi Lamb Spring formal. RUIJIA HALLIBURTON RECEIVES a helping hand with his jacket. igma Tau Gamma Pioneering Frat Largest on ampus Mike Greene Dr. John Lowe Dr. Amos Maxwell President Sponsor Sponsor Sigma Tau Gamma enjoys the privilege of reigning as the largest fraternity on campus. It was founded on June 28, 1920, at Central Missouri State College. Sigma Tau Gamma is the great ,pioneer of the twentieth century, having earned the right to the slogan, "The Pioneering Fraternityf' No other fraternity in either century has been first to charter in as many colleges and universities. The first twenty-four chapters of Sigma Tau Gamma-Alpha YY through Omega, were all pioneers on their respective cam- puses. Not until 1941 with the twenty-fifth chapter, did Sigma Tau charter in a college already entered by another fraternity other than local. The Zeta one of the 36 chapters of the Fraternity, and a member of the National Inter- fraternity Council, was established at Northeastern on May 10, 1924, and stands for wholesome social activity, good scholarship and cooperation with the college. Joe Brown, Vice Pres. Charles Goins, Sec. .lim Malone, Treasurer Chris Ashley Harry Atkins David Benne Rober Biggerstaff Paul Brewer Bill Brown Bob R. Brown Frank Burrus Jerry Cadion Bill Campbell .lerry Casteel Tommy Cole Richard Cook Barry Coughlin Burt Crume Larry Davis Jim Echols Bill Edwards Don Essary ,lim Farmer Gary Fletcher Phil Foster David George Robert Ceron Richard Godfrey Toni Gray ,loc Grider Roy Harris Darrell Hausmann Bill Hutsell Joe Jaramillo Charles Johnson jim Johnson Tom Krighaum William Linn Glen Lyle Larry Martin Archie Mason .less McEntree Gerry Milligan Gus Mnich .lay Navarro Jerald Orendorff Randy Payton Ted Phillips ,Ion Price Ken Rainboll Jack Rapp Ralph Ray Larry Roach Jerry Savage Lee Schoeffler Phil Schulte Johnny Searle David Sixkiller Joe Skeeter Darrell Stephens David Stiger James Stover Cary Taylor Tom Terrapin Larry Thomas Ellis Thompson Terry Wisdom Alan Woodall Him win- 'Hliuau-.E mf' QQ is i i V- L 5 so .f v X V ,y, ! . ian t alk ' fo. J.. E SIG TAUS LINE up for the kick-off at Ihe annual intcrfruternity foutlmll game. LOWE, SPONSOR, speaks at the Sig Tau rush party. LII '-'E Bowl ame FX LEWANN NICH AND Linda Christian entertain the members at their smoker. WATCHING FROM THE sidelines, the Sig Taus give their team moral support at the bowl game. Entertains Students A THIS COUPLE ENJOYS the fast pace of this dance MEMBERS ALWAYS ENJOY and look forward to the banquets held each year. A legal: WW? A f Alpha Phi Omega PO's Have "Service" as Motto Dale Watts Dr- ViCIOr Sllllwaller Dr. Nathan Brooks President SPOHSOI' Sponsor Alpha Phi Omega, established in 1925, now distinguishes itself as the world's largest Greek Organization with over four hundred chapters. Beta Nu Chapter was chartered at Northeastern in 1938, the first of seven chapters to receive national sanction in Oklahoma. Beta Nu was proud to be ranked third in the 45? fix, J N ll l Jn Ink 1795 .2 Q 51 -.zfillw - Q -rr, I' 'HB V' 1 gf.-.l .Q . 'J x"- , Ae, ' P gi. Wm? 1 nation for service projects completed for colleges of com- parable size to NSC. Major activities this year included: providing pep ac- tivity calendars, a color guard and ushering service at football games, collecting for the United Fund. and assist- ing with the Red Cross Blood-Mobile. l Bob Anderson Stan Archer Jim Benedetto Dale Billam Richard Blevins l Ray Bothell Tom Brinkly David Brown ,lim Buster Chuck Calico Gerald Chambers Mike Cleveland Robert Cockburn George Day Roger Dunham Diek Cacldis Harold Croselosv Sam Hardin Ferrell Hart Don Hendrick Alan Hetzer Vic Hollyman James Kirby Rick McCollum Jim Milburn Jerry Mulholland Tom Pfrimmer Harry Finney .lerry Powell Andy Savage .loc Sclecht Bill Snelling Bob Stubbs Larry Tuyrien Charlie Thomas Robert Thornbuly Glenn Trimble John Vowell John Wllite Eddie Wood v-W GERALD CHAMBERS, REPRESENTATIVE for Alpha Phi Omega, presents to Dean Randels, representative for Northeastern State College, a green and white banner forthe use of any school organization. PRESIDENT, DALE WATTS, gives a talk at the annual Spring Smoker. gl Man Dance Spring Smoker means enjoyment for APO men. MARILYN RANDALL, ALPHA Phi Omega ANNOUNCING THE WINNER of the Ugly Man Contest is Gerald Sweetheart, gets a kiss from an APO man Chambers. after her crowning. limaxes Drive THE UGLY MAN Contest is a big suvcess and everyone has lots of fun at the danvc. , Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Sig Takes Ugl Man Troph Joe Lcllltislt-is ,lack llobbins L, E. Walleii President Sponsor Sponsor Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity was founded in 1910 at Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas. Epsilon chapter was established at Northeastern in 1930. At-the present time there are approximately l8,000 members throughout the United States. W Wt tg, tziifiitrltix 43 Mg The Phi Sig's float came in second in the Homecoming parade with their candidate, Londa Hill, being chosen to reign over the homecoming activities as queen. Mike School- ing was chosen Ugly Man on campus and Ray Nunnely won the wrestling championship in the l65 lbs. event. David Richardson, Vice-Pres. Jay Cook, Secretary James Agent, Treasurer DeWayne Bannister tx Bob Bowden Tom Bowles Dale Caskey .lorry Copp Lylin Cowan Bill Davis . gp .41 John Finley .lim Card Cary Haley Toni Hammond Gordon Harmon Chris Hendrickson linger Hilfigvr Tom Hinklv .lolm Howard llonald Jennings Allwrt .lolms James ,I0llTl9HIl linger ,lolmson Cllippor Kricr lluvc l.ul"m'crs Robert Lindley .lnhn Lips:-y Culsin Mcfllcndon Nick ixICCUllllUgil Wes Mclflurland Bryce McKinney David Blllifl Vincent Nlurslrall Ray Nunnclcy Nick Ouklcy Bob Parker ,lcry Portvrficld Don Powers Kenny Read joe Reiclurl Johnny Iillillt' Ed Rilvlril' Barry Robins Tom R0lll'l'I' Mike Schooling Robert Stull Robert Thomason Michael Tlronrpson Brian Tyrn-mf Y? 1' -K' 9 'wwf ww ,, 'Pr S IN PLANNING THE Spring formal, the decision wlwrc curll dcmmrution wus to go was left up t0 the girls. EVEN THE GIRLS got caught up in lhc fun-and 1110 WBICI' at the Rope Pull, TIIE PENALTY FOR losing ut the Rope Pull was u cool dip in lhv luwn's crm-wk. PHI SIGS USED u gold munikin in carrying out the-ir lhcmc of Hplaylxoy in London EVERYONE HELPEU HANG the crepe paper across the ballroom. Fun to School Year THE FINISHED PRODUCT was a Success und the dance was c-njoycd by all, f Q ,AA c y 3 2 In all places, and at all times, men have chosen those people displaying superior per- formance to be their leaders. Wvhether the organization is functional or purely social, the leader is expected to embody the spirit and brain of the entire unit. Victory is known to our campus leadersg to those named to Who's Who, to those selected and crowned queens, and to those who were chosen as campus favorites. These leaders leave examples that will bring reward and honor to all their follow- ers. ff H '- WE' 7'ii4"5-:5':55"'55'E in . fasf. L 5E f': fZ:fEi?a:? f " ., L I at g f 5 -- V s q ilgi is Q tl SQ M Q EQ Esgl giigix g g , gi S E Mi t,5,'f2, is E5 lt r : .:::. 3- :: ..,. : 3 ,.:: E'..'e.e'Q.":-.iwt 5 ::-4 2252: :Eze 5' ...,J,,.,,,n..aEE:i,..-.IS,,iF...,k.m.. 5 A -Q P EE M t q.,?,ul1-K-u-T tra ix :Q E 1i:nf??3ffw'5f Q4 2 , K ,Q 'si ine ,fl fi ff 5 2 it -Ali li Mill 3 'Q,',"L1l Q TL l Es! :gm hi. i J tm Q14-J , 1 1 'I S 1' l li, li 4 , jd 5 , s 3 1 r iss W salsa gi H Y E E , 1 Us . , - fri lillll!l'lli'lf?3gS'ii5l?iEiiii E X xg Pl 5' tl i l S l il li f i 5 i sg! i rig il .5 5 EQ:f:E llisg S21 5 it 22,5 Eliseis It as Q i E E l Q Y y .aff ,., t igz 15 0 ALITIES ,EW , ff' h 0 Av, II3 E H iff . M mm , ... .. W LM . 3 W , x s1'zvW3,f2sviKf,, 95,q51gg QfaW,r' . an g?f3.?i4f2fzggi2 A1 Wing, ' zxfwfiffw-fwfii 7 efss,g:LVfS?l2f5iii2 g g?gg2ff5hsfff V 1 : .:-.-ag..::...a::-mwsgafzit.225:1255 -, ,W 4"f.WZ' ':-:--'I F'.EH'mimi?ii:E:4Effi5xfs'f:I2,55275 ' 3' z 'V Lf IV 5 - ' .-251:-'-,II-:IsEE?ffs : ' f ' ' ii:-I 5' , . 4"l'g'g:lf,,53.:.:' I'-gzjif . xfybg : A f 7 '.:.'f:5p2.""f:5..:. ':f'rz..1' 3' V3.5 7.3 4 351559 iffpf-f'.-2-' E 553,192.4-. ffm 'Mir 5 :aged 5E::5':s'i?fEi5G '? 5 :mJ'5?If1f'flL wziliif. A 'lf'iii?w555d H M ' A fy ,"i-rwa fii QQ 5 f 3:12:1 5 H 4 Q 15 I ,Mm , I, V I X be 'ggi -fd: 5 ' ' xi f f ' zzqlv C 0 U H SE, :sf,1:s: A , 3 Y '. ,.:.: .,:,: 15,5 duh .f K 5 - 1. JW, 'if ,QQ . X Miss Londa Hill was chosen by the student body to reign as the 1965 Homecoming Queen. A lovely blond from Muskogee, Oklahoma, Londa is a senior in the field of education, majoring in physical education. She is a cheer- leader and received the Miss Congeniality award in the Miss Tahlequah Pageant. AMONG OTHER HONORS Londa has received is the Miss Congeniality award in the Miss Tahlequah Pageant. LOND ti- o 3? N 0 if LUNDA RIDES IN the honored position in the Homecoming Parade A GIVES A spt-vial hug to Mr. Fd, one of NSC! most faithful fans. if vi' ' x 6 4 1 3' f ,Q b :-.Jef ig is 9' ai f x W if. 'Z-M "Sf ani: K L , . . E 9 H 4 2 S, gif? 'egg S555 ws Q3 333 .im .515 my si i ml if fl. up ,Qi ,mi ,msgs 2:13 my geoser Genfer Queen 7782621 ZUIMMS ZUIAO1? JEIXXQUQQIY csaraf Jones Each year GLAMOUR MAGAZINE sponsors a contest to determine the best-dressed coed. This year the contest on Northeastern's campus was sponsored by the Student Senate with the nominations Coming from the various campus organizations. The six nominees appeared before a panel of local judges, and competed in school, Sunday- hest, and evening attire. Ann Wilsori, speech and hearing therapy major from Tulsa, was chosen as Northeastern's best-dressed coed on the basis of her ranking in all categories. Ann's brochure of pictures was sent to GLAMOUR MAGAZINE to vie with other girls from colleges and universities all over the nation for the honor of being one of the Wlqen Best Dressed College Girls ln Americafi Zesf fbresseofgoeof june 1 son 1f:sQ5ggiWfui'Wi'Y' -5 , fe: :eww-ww? 11Sfzfi2iJ?3??'2555 W , 'Q L A sQ?l'ffm -. A L - -I 1 ,few ' .i f f A viiidilik-' K . 1 ffQ5a:Qf'HS?- - Lf - - .- ew L f,.V, gig:-,U f, ' Aillfifvlws-'T :V - - Y'-1U5?H5i,S3lIQiil'f' f - T 1 , f ':72:S'XlimIi12i',zf, f .fAfQz1WW.---.,A we bww, ,.Mg.Ws-1 5 W . -' .WEJSQW fi' YF' ai- - j I f V ,Af2w,.L, ,. fm ff 1... fr W sm 3 1- Q gf 5 ,-145' wg., .. . K S ,B , I , Q ,jffiifs X25 Q :ww w i W Q Y? ,. iwgmgszgli f115:5x,i1sf'P'fg Qgffssyag s-ww 'fl 752227535 Q5 ,M-sim , mga, ' - :fp-VA. QWEYS , iff'-5T'l'iZEf Kwai , iw W .. e .WE .V . ,.., . .Vg . . MM ' i 2'-my gs, Campus Favorites WGFIQI2 WGIZOQIZQ gfofa Omeya csweeffearf 512 73816 5170251 Ctjpszkn Csweeffearf .5353 4 -:fii2P1F f ZW gawk Qslyma CSI-71120 Qszyma Wan I , ,fn 'iff V at Northeastern 1 J' ! Zeb? jfajqozz Q69 700 guerson Qgzyma jau gamma Wwe Zefa Zefa Wwe Qpaf Zwaffs gamma Cszyma Cslyma Wan mGanwm1wxwmQw aLoimnmmWmmmdmhmLhw.:,,,,,,,U A 8 J 1901220 X E218 562.5 'Q Qbffvfa cgzylna an 801206 gr g Ln, ZJOAQ Cgqma 374650 glff gran ces Szranffh 501126641 Cffz' cgweeffearf I e warg WOQ12' GTF? Sirfgfffe Q jerry Oren Ugly QDQAC1 Zefa Wan SHARON ALDRIDCE, svninr English major frum Tulsa: Student Education Association. l rf 'lu S 53 1 NSC Congratulates vwub, DALE RILIAM, wniur puliliral suiviicfz major from Wagoncrg Alpha Phi Omega, vice prmrsidviit, presidvntg l'i Gamma Mug Young Republicans, treas- urcr, prcsidunlg l'rc-Law Club, prusidcntg Mcn's Indvpcncln-nt Campus Activiticsg 1964 delegate In thc Alpha Phi Omvga National Cunvcnliun. gran if 6 Q Nl!XlUlAKET l5UKKllUl,lJlfH, senior lmmf- vf'0nunlics Illil- m..,,.mry 5 jnr from W'ag5u1u'rg Squarc' Dance Clulvg l3aptiQt Sludvnl A W. llniun: Slllllvlll llclllvaliun .'Xesm'iatiung U1-an's Honor Rall. W 2 I W5 I 9 537' 4. . 196 Who's Wlio FLOYD BU'lllilfR, junior sociology major from Tulsag Kappa Alpha Psi, pledge president, International Rela- tions Clubg MN" Club, lialfback on tlu: football tcamg Eufaula and Hcnryetta open class boxing champion. MQW' JACK llU'liLlfR, svnior biology inajor from Tulsa, Rllo Ylllliflil Sigma vice pnwside-ritg Malb Club, Kappa Mu Epsilong Pro-Med Club, Studs-nt Svnate, parliainvntariang llvarfs Honor Roll. JOHN DUCCER, senior chemistry major from Anardarkog Baptist Student Uniong Rho Tllcta Sigma, prcsidentg Prc-Med Club, 1964- Sooncr Guido at the New York World's Fair. GQ, If Holilflfl' CLOCKISURN, senior inalll major from Muwg Alplia Plli Unit-gag Kappa Mu Epsilong Rlio 'lllnrla Sigma. ' x 'x , V , 0 --,- ff . ,M J 0 I , 5 f . If W 'gi K Xi if 0 My ,f 9 A i p p AL , Ep ip KRIS'I'lK'E EVENS,Ajunior lnuvic: mnjor from 'lllllllt'KIlliIllQ Norlll- l'tl'll'l'H Nrigrrs: Klum- l'.1lu4'utors Nulionnl Confs-rm-mu-g Nortlicastorll Sjllllillltlly f,I'l'llt'Sl1'Ll2 N1lI'lllI'LlFlL'fI1 flltoir. .pi tliznztrtztax LH ll REED GRACE, svnior sm-inl fvivxm- major from 'llxlilcquulig Pi fnilllllllll Nlug l'rv-l.t1w Llulm. Four Seniors l'A'l' EDWARDS, st-nior ulenicnttiry education and spvcch tllvrupy major from Tulsug Signui Sigma Sigma, prvsi- de-ntg public rt-lations i'llLliII'11LlIl, triangle corrcspondcntg ljilIlllCllCI1iC, vict: president, secretary-trcasurerg Student Scnutcg Sigma Alpha Eta, secretary-truusurerg 1963 Wlio's Who. DAVID KQICUKCQE, st-nior math major from Czulutliung Siglllll Tuu Gilffllllil, tin- prwiflvntg Kappa Mu Epsilon, prosidontg Rilo Tllctu Signing Alpliu Clltig llulli liluli, prvsiclvntg l,1'ilHiS Honor Roll. amed Second Time JOE CREEVER, senior chemistry major from Tahlcquahg Rho Theta Sigmag Sigma Tau Cammag Alpha Chig NSC Bandg Kappa Mu Epsilong Dean's Honor Rollg President's Honor Roll. W..-Q MICHAEL GREENE, senior business education major from Eufaulag Sigma Tau Gamma, presidentg lnterfraternity Council, presidentg Delta Zeta Mang vice president of the senior classg Student Edu- cation Association. DONALD JENNINCS, junior speech pathology major from Tulsag junior class vice presidcntg Phi Sigma Epsilong Sigma Alpha Eta. ,sr MARY JANE HARRIS, senior elm-nic-ntafy education major from Tah- lequallg Student Education Asaociationg Rho Theta Sigxniag Music Educators National Confcrenceg NSC Chorusg' Northeastern Singers: Alpha Chi. I29 IATRICIA LOWERY DAVID JOHNSON, senior speech und history major from Pichfrrg rated first in thc West Point rvgional qualifying tournaments for four 4-onsecutixc ycarsg participated in the West Point national tourney for two ye-arsg semi-finals in thc National Television De- hutcs during his junior yearg Air Force Acurlcfniy tournumcnt for two yearsg 1963 Whois Who. , senior Cll'lll1'IllLlI'y Gduczttion major from Tulsa lunhollcnic Council, sccrctury-t1't'xtsu1'0rg Dclttt Zeta, pu-siflvnt swrvtur' of tht- s' ' ' 'l'g-' l " 's ' U y tntut L ass, hun. Honor Roll, Rho Thr-tu 51011 ta 2- tornl Ctnunscloii lvivsidernt of the WVIIIHCIISS tlormitorics in lmnstr ft-ntvrg Studunt licluvution ASSllt'lL1llllIl. Scholarship, haracter I'llll,I,ll' MAUSER, st-nior l'l1'llll'Yll3l'y mluvation major from Fort Vlfortli, Tm-xasg 1964 vaptain of the Redman loot- lnall tvam: l9fm-1 OCAC All-C4llll.t'IACI1Ck' football tcamg In- rluslrial Arts Cflulig Studvnt Iftluoation Associationg MNH filuln. '11 lb GARY PALKWOOD, sc-nior spur-cli thi-rapy major from Tulsag Sigma Alpha Eta, pre-sidcntg Student Rrluoation Associationg 1964 Mvinlier-uv Largo National Exvculivc' Counvil Sigma Alpha Eta. ,tw ga :K-...N .ION MASTERS, junior lmusincss administration major from Tahle quahg Rho Thvta Sigmag Ds-an's Honor Rollg KTLQ radio announver Prvlaw Cluhg Studvnt Eduvation Association. ,.-nv", "ii, lx if-':.21:r i CHRISTINE MURPHY, junior music major from Pawhuskag Stus llvnl S4-natv, sm'r'r1'taryg Nvrtlicastvrn Singc-rsg Musif' Educators Na- tional Coiifvrm-live-. pulnlivity vhairmang Northeastern Cllfbif. r-"1 PATRICIA PADGETT, senior elementary education major from Tulsag Student Education Associati S ' Q , ong etudcnt Scnateg Square Dance Clubg Pi Gamma Mug Rho Theta Sigmag Independent Student Association, president, sccretaryg Newman Club. Siarawt ,5"'o Q14 ly ANNE PERKINS, senior Envlish major from B d U . arns allg Alpha Chi, secretaryg Alpha Sigma Alphag Rho Theta Sigmag Sigma Tau Deltag Dean's H ' ' onor lxoll, 1963 MICA Sweetheart. Eleven Juniors JAMES PAZZAGLIA, senior economics major from Wattsg Student Senateg Phi Lambda Chi, president' Interfrat- 't C ' " ' erm y ouncil, vice presldentg Dean's Honoi' Rollg Alpha Sigma Alpha Man 1964. 0 ww.. BARBARA PRICE, senior elementary edutati - on major from Taltlek quah, Miss Northeastern Stateg Miss Congeniality of Oklahomag Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheartg Tsa La Ci Queeng Student Education Assoeiationg Alpha Sigma Alpha, corresponding secrctaryg Miss Betag Honorary member of Alpha Phi Omt-gag Miss Cherokeeg Miss Oklahoma Recreation l964g Alpha Phi Omega Girl of the Yearg 1963 Who? Who. f' .--, g f". 'rf 'gf f w a s if It ' 1,4 .. -to i C ualify for Recognition LARY RAMPP, senior history and political seience major from Rufaulag Rho Theta Sigmag Pi Gamma Mu, presidentg Deank Honor Roll. THOMAS ROHRER, senior chemistry and Zoology major from Mc- Alestcrg Student Senate, presidentg dorm counselorg Phi Sigma Epsilong vice president of freshman class l962g Pre-Med Club, vice president. 'hH"'4-A 412391 MARCIE RITCH, senior English major from Hulbertg Rho Theta Sigmag Alpha Chig Dean's Honor Roll. 'milifllf X tj i CAROL JEAN ROGERS, junior speech major from Pawhuska' Alpha Psi Omega, secretary-treasurerg Rho Theta Sigmag Au-Cer- Du-I.o Playersg Square Dance Cluhg Northeastern Choirg Wilson Hall Quecng 1964 Northeastern State College Best Supporting Act- ressg ranked third in tht- state for interpretation in dramag Dean's Honor Rollg Presidenfs Honor Roll. I33 PRINCETTA RUDD from Tulsag Alpha Psi Omega, vice presidentg Newman Club, secretary-treasurer, vice president, presidentg Au-Cer-Du-Lo Play- ersg Pre-Law Club. - wi 'z t- ,, h '3 'fs tg , junior speech and politiwl science major ,adv GLEN STRICKLAND, senior speech majur fruni Muslwgeeg Most Valuable Speaker in live national debate tunrntimentsg Air Force national debate champion twiceg ten first places and six second places in Llebateg quarter finalist YV:-st Point nationalsg third Most Valuable speaker Air Fureeg Southern Chanlpiung Oklahoma Stale Champinnsg second, Texas Christian llniversityg vice president of Lenser nn-n's durmitoriesg 1963 Whmfs Whit. Educators National Conference' Niwtl an Thirt -nine Names llUllER'l' SKORKOVVSKY, juninr speech inajur frum Hare rahg Rim Tlu-ta Signiag Alpha Chig inter-collegiate alelmater whn, in his freshman year, wnn the stale l'llilIllIll0IlSlllp in uraturyg winner of five first places and several tllird places in debate. ei., E' . H ECGY STR:Yl"l'UN. junior music major from 'llLllllk'I1LltlllQ Music , 1 ieaslern Singersg top talent 'ard in l90l Miss 'l'ahlequah pagreantg Nlll4illt'1IFil'I'll Chorus. Added to List ALICE WING, junior elemcntary cducation major from Tulsag Dcan's Honor Roll: State Baptist Student Union, dcvotional chairman, Rho Thcta Sigma, dorm counselor, Baptist Student Union, vice prcsidentg Alpha Chi, Student Education Association. was 091 DALE WATTS, junior English major from Owassog Alpha Phi Omega, prcsident, wicc president, Northeastern Orchestra, selected APO pledge best mcmher of 1964, NSC Band, Sigma Tau Delta. MARY ANN THOMPSON, senior biology major from Henry- ettag Student Senate, secretary-treasurerg Library Club, presidentg Delta Zeta, treasurer, Leoser Center women's dormitories, secre- taryg Student Education Association. Nw, JOHN WHITE, senior English and business education major from Sand Springs, Sigma Tau Delta, parliamcntariang Press Club, Student Senateg Square Dance Club, Alpha Phi Omega, historian, publications chairman, alumni secretary, Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association, president, The Northeastern, editorg "Chief Cherumonu, Northeastern State College! first official mascot. ll 1 . -1 ...1 " A H1242 ,E 75.711 , . Qi or . .,., ,..,..., r 2 f ,. :amy teas? Q wtzrt it H1 1fz,fezft2,1o -' t.1ws--off GROWTH ln Plato's utopian ideal, all young men were to devote themselves almost exclusively to physical culture. Since this time, less and less emphasis has been placed on this vital aspect of man's existence. This is especially true with respect to the period of adoles- cence. Until recently educators and scholastic administrators have subordinated and large- ly supplanted the role of physical education with the rigors of mental discipline. Now sports have become recognized as a vital part of education as a whole. A 1 9 ja, P lzfgw. vw-fs-v - A W. 'ss-EffffsfE?'QaseHa,wLs,:sMg,,wwygssivswaiegizvsuwgmsepergwxsg,sas-Ii Q, as gn - - , V , ag: ,E as We ,X R , , a t we Q fe aww f wa s waz Q Sw -w e Mise s?- fffN?EwEf'fSe,?5 - s v " w2S:,wf,f2K -: its A. give? Hf"'iMa:u.' K: '33 ASW sg? "ESM , Y . a ss fs '1--:- E lsa ln' If 31- f V , . 2 s i :Y,r.s . ,-fi BYU f E955 B31-3X i 1 'iifigfwirisifii ?7iFi.Y'dt5?YfMV -miss sw, .ks . me ,Q,g,r,L,Y,.x,,,,g gee .. ,:,, sri-f'6wEQ,e? KM 6352 Hess tm awe'-,sssfi-Asst . is- 155 -::,,::f,,, ftw, . iff as jaw 4.17, ww, mi :: ::s:,--,,,:,,.. 12543532 X Qymjqfit' Rsllwisk f -a.'55::e.m.1 :avr-was -PEM , 'ss feta X QPF-1 :fm A h n w x. x 1 i fi 'C l37 The Athletic program of Northeastern State College being composed of twelve members, is administered by the Chair- man of the Division of Physical Education and Health and by the Athletic Committee. The Executive Council selects the Athletic' Committee, which is directly responsible to the president of the college. The chairman of the Athletic Committee, who cannot be a member of the athletic staff, is the official faculty rep- resentative to all state collegiate athletic conference meet- ings and signs all contracts together with the chairman of the Department of Physical Education. if ' Athletic Council uides P.E. Program Herbert Boggun Nathan C. Brooks Dean Clayton Elwin Fits Cesaro Lombardi Martha Markham Amos D. Maxwell William Parrish Dean M. Wadley Dorothy Yandell Northeastern finished second in the Oklahoma Collegiate Athletic Conference with a 9-1 record for the season. The only loss was to East Central which saw the score 19-26 at the close of a tense game. The Redmen were rated number seven in the final National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics poll and were the victors in 22 of the last 23 contests. Six of the Redmen players received All-Conference selec- tions on the first team. These six were Dave Southard, tackle, Tom Eckert, quarterback, Larry Mendenhall, guard. On the defensive team were Bill Scott, tackle, Phil Mauser, end, and Chris Holland, safety. The offensive selection for the second team was Floyd But- ler, halfback. On the defensive team were Marcus Hendricks, end, and Bert Gravitt, linebacker. Honorable mention for the offensive team went to Kent Lashley, endg Dan Jordan, full- back, and Jerry Coodmon, halfback. Wesley Matthews, half- back, received it for the defensive side. 1964-65 NSC .......... 20 NSC .... .... 1 3 NSC .... .... 2 8 NSC .... .... 1 9 NSC .... .... 1 4 NSC .... .... 1 9 NSC .... .... 2 1 N SC .... .... 7 NSC ..... 39 NSC .... .... 2 8 SEASON RECORD Arkansas Tech . . . Northwestem State Southeastern State . East Central State . Southwestern State Langston University Central State ..... Panhandle A 81 M Kansas State .... Southeast Missouri NSC Ends Season ith 9-1 Record THE COACHES OF the 1964-65 football team are Kenneth Holland, defensive backfield coaclig Gerald Benn, defensive line coachg Tracy Norwood, head coach: George Elliott, offensive line coach: and Robert Lander, offensive line coach. E SQUADMEN LEAVE THE lock er room for the pre game vsarm up. X .--. v K I U X if 1' 1 my 5 I vfwfmsi -'3 amy . T K ' iffiiif f Zigi ,, f . -- ig . '- Sai" ,,..1- ,1"4Z,'3r , 5 4-611-T YR M , A 4 , Q., ,.. f- wiv y m f Mdfifm B3Ylf'5 Gary liU11llt'Ll1lX Ronny Brown TOM ECKERT TRIES the Arkansas Tech flank. FRED LEDBETTER BATTERS the 4'Wonderboys" line. NORTHEASTERN STATE 20 . . . ARKANSAS I0 Northeastern, who featured its most powerful air attack in many years behind the performance of quarterback Tom Eckert, lacked the needed punch on the ground in their open- er. However the Redmen showed they could come from behind as the Tahlequah crew posted a 20-10 victory after trailing at half 10-0. NSC7s defensive unit was the key to the opening win over the Wonderboys at Russellville, Arkansas as the Big Green, after spotting the home town crew a touchdown and field-goal in the first half, came out in the second half to limit Tech to only one first down and four new yards rushing. Actually, it was the Redmen's taunted defensive unit that started them on their scoring drive in the third period of play as speedster West Matthews uncorked a dazzling 66-yard punt return to pay dirt. The flashy defensive halfback reeled off an eye-popping 145 yards on a combined total of three punt and kick-off returns for an average of 24.1 a carry. NSC QUARTERBACK Tom Eckert unleashes one of his seven com- pleted passes out of ten attempts in showdown with Arkansas Tech. Charles Butler Elmo Butler Floyd Butler fr . , ,. a krrk K L .MZ :Q I 'N ' 1 .1 K 'f' It kgr . K ,r,, Q- -- if ttt t ' 2 t NORTHEASTERN I3 . . . NORTHWESTERN 6 A balanced offensive and defensive effort was the key to the victory over the Rangers. The Redmen scored the first time they got the ball against Northwestern, receiving the opening kickoff then making 76 yards to tally. The drive took 13 plays with fullback Fred Ledbetter going over for the score. End Jim Jackson added the extra point and the Redmen led 7-0. Highlighting the drive was the running of halfback Dwain Vice who picked up over 100 yards of rushing against the Rangers. The Redmen scored their second touchdown after pinning Northwestern to the wall late in the third period. Following the Redmen score the Rangers tried again to move but they were never able to get in Redmen territory again. In fact, the Red- men defense kept the Rangers in their own territory the entire second half and did not allow Northwestern inside the Redmen 30 except when they scored their opening touchdown. NORTHEASTERN 28 . . . SOUTHEASTERN 20 Northeastern extended its winning streak by downing Southeastern 28-20. With 9,000 onlooking fans on hand for the dedication of Northeasternis new stadium, the Redmen blew a 28-6 lead in the final minute of play to see the Durant crew come roaring back to make a game of it. NSC scored its initial touchdown midway in the first period as defensive safety Charles Butler intercepted a Savage pass at the Blue and Cold 28 and raced it back to the 15 to set up the paydirt drive. Four plays later end Kent Lashley caught a 12- yard pass from quarterback Tom Eckert for the TD. The Big Green scored its second touchdown as fullback Dan Jordan bulled his way over from the -1-yard line to put the locals out in front to stay. NSC added its insurance touchdown as defensive halfback Wes Matthews ran a 57-yard punt return for the score but the defense began to falter as Southeastern scored two touchdowns in the last 119 seconds. r .,. C it '..., 015 W' 'W' .1 A l-2 .aws- . . ii -' liud Casey liill Cowan Jody Crosby NORTHEASTERN TAKES AN early lead in the game with Southeastern as junior end Kent Lashley corrals a thirteen yard pass from the quarterback. UPPOSINIQ TEAJ1 GAINS strategy In-fore tlu- Rl'tiIllCll o on the warpath. ,lim Doolittle Charles Doyle THIN Ei'lU'I'l e sg . NORTHEASTERN STATE I9 . . . EAST CENTRAL 26 The Redmen, who outplayed the Tigers on the field via the statistical route, failed to capitalize on needed breaks to take the win. Northeastern played a strong first half as the team went into the dressing room at the intermission leading 13-7. But East Central wouldnit say no to its thirsty homecoming throng of 6,000 fans and netted two touchdowns in the third period of play to take a 20-13 lead. After being stalled on the five-yard line early in the final period Northeastern scored mid-way in the fourth stanza as Jerry Goodmon raced over from the three. ,lim ,lackson's game-tying kick was blocked and the Northeastern chances for a tie were stymied. Late in the game, the Redmen reached the Tiger 15 but failed to make a first down by a yard. East Central scored the insurance marker with 4:19 left. The point after failed but a 26-19 Tiger victory was assured. TOM ECKERT DODCES a Southwcstem squadman in order to set up a pass. Rusty Coodscll john Couhcaud Burt Cravitt c.l' -- H 1, S' .Q 'S' Mike Eric ,lzlmcs Card .lm-rry Coomlmon DAN JORDAN GIVES a key block as Jerry Goodmon gains extra yards against Southwestern. NORTHEASTERN STATE I4 . . . SOUTHWESTERN 0 In the contest against Southwestern State the Redmen de- fense came into its own as it limited the Bulldogs to 61 yards on the ground and 54 in the air to easily win the contest. The Redmen fumbled away two touchdowns before finally driving 86 yards in 16 plays with Goodmon scoring from the three. Alternate fullback Jim Doolittle scored the second Redmen touchdown on a two-yard run. The drive started when Dan Hampton recovered a fumble at the NSC 49-yard line. So effective was the Northeastern defense that Southwest- ern could get no closer than the Redmen's 47-yard line during the second half. The deepest Bulldog penetration was to the Northeastern 26-yard line during the first half. This was set up by a Redman fumble on their own 30-yard line. it 'E 1 W c T - i t f T. i ' if W T to . T, -lva f W ' .,. . , L A N 4 5' 5 it 7 llan Hampton Marcus Hendricks Chris Holland NORTHEASTERN STATE I9 . . . LANGSTON UNIVERSITY 0 While the Redman defense kept Langston well in hand Northeastern used the running of fullback Dan Jordan and halfhack Terry Coodmon along with the passing of quarter- back Tom Eckert to put plenty of pressure on the Lion's de- fense. The Redmen scored first on a pass from Eckert to Good- mon for 11- yards and the touchdown to cap a 95-yard 17-play march. The second touchdown came on a one-yard plunge by Jordan. The key play was a -I0-yard pass from Eckert to halfback Floyd Butler. The last Redman touchdown came in the third period when Eckert kept for the one-yard plunge to pay dirt. ,lim Jackson booted the extra point for a 19-0 lead. The Redman defense was so effective that Langston's quarterback had three passes intercepted by Northeastern secondary men. DAN JORDAN MANEUVERS through Central State's defenses. UEMBERS OF THE Redmen squad head for the football field. NORTHEASTERN STATE 2I . . . CENTRAL STATE 20 The Central State game proved to be an uneasy squeaker for the Redmen. but one that showed the mighty strength of the team. Though Central State opened score by taking a 13-7 lead at half-time, the Redmen battled back to lead 14-13 during the first of the third period. The lead was short-lived, however, as Central picked off a Redman fumble in mid-air and raced for the TD. The kick was good and Central regained the lead 20-1-1. However, NSC was not through for with 2:18 remaining in the WHITIE, the Redmen got the ball. On the second play of the D drive Tom Eckert hit Butler for 52 yards and put the Redmen firmly encamped on the Broncho 13 yard line. Dwain Vice took the winning touchdown pass at the two yard line and bulled his way over to tie the game 20-20. Jackson then came through with the winning extra point kick. Tom Horn:-r lloylo lvcster .lim Jackson T - ' si ' -A . -- , A .gf is 'A if , f I Q mm at . -we KENNETH HOLLAND, DEFENSIVE backfield coach, watches as the Redmen warm-up for the Panhandle game. l f it c Q c c ' ',, Zigi 9321" if L '., -ill. " if A N ,VLzK,Zc Dan Jordan Jfyhn Kgychcr Kent Lashley BOTH TEAMS SCRAMBLE for the fumble NORTHEASTERN STATE 7 . . . PANHANDLE A8rM 6 Northeastern made its second quarter touchdown stand up for a 7-6 victory over Panhandle A Sz M in the Homecoming TEAM MEMBERS WATCH anxiously as a Panhandle player gets close to the gold line. John Leafer Fred Ledbetter Bill Martin assist ls , Zi 6- 95 i t A "-':: game before 6,000 rain-drenched fans. A 20-yard pass from Tom Eckert to Kent Lashley capped the 51-yard drive in eight plays, and ,lim Jackson's PAT proved to be the dif- ference as the Redmen took a 7-0 lead. Panhandle scored with 35 seconds remaining in the second period as their fullback lunged over from the one and a fourth down situation to score. The 62-yard drive which took 17 plays to cover failed to materialize the tie as end Phil Mauser blocked the Aggies try. Si 0 V -, I ,:f I .,I., . , Iilzz V.: H I - -'-'- - -. - . Vi Lf V .-1 , gf . lg. .- lf .. , M A , if . . , ,J Wesley Matthews Phil Mauser Larry Mendenhall NORTHEASTERN STATE 39 . . . KANSAS STATE 0 The Northeastern State College Redmen used a balanced offensive attack and a display of tough defensive ability in easily defeating Kansas State College 39-0 at Pittsburg. Scoring in three of the first four times they had possession of the ball the Redmen built up a 19-0 first-quarter lead and coasted to the 39-0 victory. So effective was the Northeastern defense that Pittsburg was able to get only four first downs and 65 yards rushing. Through the air the Redmen allowed the Gorrillas only one completion for three yards. JIM JACKSON KICKS-OFF as Dale Runyan watches the progress of the hall. COACH NORWOOD AND Paul Skeans talk over game strategy as line coach Ccrald Benn views the action on the field. Nick Oakley Dan 0'She-a Harry Red Eagle 'f-s15. ?fi,. ' Fi ' '- .. , 1' fi W ---- T' .9 3 . vf tert ' -21"-"'- ...c ., Q-Q, ...Z . m e ., . :E i i W 'i'- E T. A 3 ., x t . F, Dall 111100195 Dale Runyan Bill Scott Manager +xtA SQUADMEN UNIT ANXIOUSLY Wall for the next play THE RFDMEN MUVAGERS take a brief pause before half time NORTHEASTERN STATE 28 . . . SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 0 Scoring in every quarter of play, Northeastern State Col- lege ended the regular season with a 28-0 victory over South- east Missouri State College before a frozen crown of 4,500 The victory was the 22nd in the last 23 games for the Redmen and gave Northeastern a 9-1 season record. Led by the passing of junior quarterback Tom Eckert and the running of senior halfback Jerry Goodmon, NSC scored both on the ground and through the air. Eckert amassed his best passing record of the season completing 15 of 23 attempts for 197 yards and two touchdowns. Northeastern opened scoring in the first period when Eckert hit end Kent Lashley for 30 yards and the touchdown. The pass capped a 68-yard drive in six plays with fullback Dan Jordan, halfback Floyd Butler and Goodmon carrying the load. ,lim Jackson kicked the extra point conversion to give the Redmen a 7-0 lead. The second Northeastern score was garnered on an 11-yard run by Goodmon. The 78-yard drive in 12 plays was sparked by the running of Butler. Jacksonis kick was perfect and gave NSC a 1-fl-0 halftime lead. Again it was the passing of Eckert that netted the third Northeastern score. Eckert found Wes Matthews open and threw perfectly for a 24-yard touchdown. Defensive standout Marcus Hendricks set up the final Redmen touchdown as he picked off an Indian pass at the SEMO 28-yard line. The in- terception was set up by the tremendous rush put on the Indian quarterback by defensive tackle Bill Scott. So stiff was the Redman defense that SEMO could manage only 91 yards rushing and 33 yards passing compared to Northeastern's total of 219 rushing and 194 passing for 413 yards in total offense. David Skt dll 1m St Pierre Wllke Toney ate 5 ---- tt":i A .." :'Zii:i' ' Thr- National Association. of Intercollegiate Athletics named Bert Gravitt and Bill Scott to the 1964 All-American team. Bc-rt Gravilt. NSC's fine linebacker, was named to the de- fensive unit of the second team. He has been the regular defensive linebacker for Coach Norwoocl,s team and was a big factor in the Reclmen's 20-1 slate over a two-year periocl. Bill Scott reeeivecl honorable mention in the NAIA selection flcspite an early season knee injury. LARRY REASON, PRESIDENT of the Quarterback Club, pre- sents Coach Norwood with an appreciation gift at the Football Banquet. George- Vartlenian F ie 1 fri my f ,, ,,3 ,, . , , llwain Vive B011 wlf'l'k5 SEASON STATISTICS First Downs Rushes Yards Rushing Yard Passing Passes Interceptions Punts Punt Average Yards Penalized Marion Wlise lien Zinnnt-rm in .llarznger irll . ,-' . A V. r y aL ""t "", ii .L 'E ' Ft?" 3 - 'P ' - . "lar r if I K ff 1 A f 2 lr NES 170 478 2107 1238 84160 16 46X 1600 34.8 467 OPP. 94 406 1001 605 51f1 19 9 63 X 2248 35.7 366 REUUEY IKOOSTERS VIEW the gatne from the stadium pressbox NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC NSC Cagers Take Third in Conference 1964-65 BASKETBALL RECORD . . .68 College of the Ozarks . . . . . . .72 . . .56 Kansas State tPittsburgl ...... .57 . . .56 Phillips University ..... . . . .65 . . .78 Langston University .... . . . .89 Panhandle A at M .... ....72 . . .77 Northwestern State ..... . . . .66 . . .76 John Brown University ..... . .68 ...69 John Brown University ....... 49 . . . 52 Central State ......... . . . .64 . . .66 Southwestern State . . . . . .58 . . .67 Southeastern State . . . . . .60 . . .56 Oklahoma Baptist ..... . . . .48 . . .71 Kansas State CPittsburgl ...... .70 . . .78 East Central State ....... . . . .86 . . .77 College of the Ozarks . . . . . . .62 . . .68 Southwest Missouri State ..... . .64- . . .70 Panhandle A 8: M .... . . . .56 . . .60 Northwestern State . . . . . .58 . . .45 Southeastern State . . . . . .60 ....54 Central State ....51 . . .72 Southwestern State .... . . . .67 . . .82 East Central State .... . . . .69 . . .57 Oklahoma Baptist .... . . . .86 . . .83 Langston University . . . . . . .86 . . .86 Phillips University . . . . . . . 74 Won 16, Lost 9 PETE l'A.'VZA.YT CAPS an early driw. Splitting their last two games of the year, Northeastern,s Redmen ended the cage season with a 16-9 season record and a tie with Central State College and Southeastern State College for third place in the Oklahoma Collegiate Athletic Conference race. The contest that stopped the Redman playoff chances was an 88-83 loss to Langston. The Langston win allowed the Lions to grab second place in the Conference and win a playoff shot with league-leading Oklahoma Baptist Uni- versity. 1f the Redmen had won, they would have taken second and been in the playoff. The Redmen ended season play with an 86-74 victory over Phillips University to assure a third place tie in con- ference standings with an 11-7 record. 1 it ,,", 1 ,.:,.i. v, r ,:-:. xg. ,,A V. .if t'V no E k h V' Emerson Baker Dou Brant Pau? Cullins, manager PETE VANZANT STRUCCLES to regam Northeast KTLQ PROVIDES COVERAGE for all the Northeastern games. I49 . is ef. if i f Dale Dishman Boll Faulkner Roy Giles Balanced Scoring and Rebounding -T ROY GILES TALLIES on an easy lay-up. The lledmen won their first two victories of the basket- ball season with conference victories over Panhandle A 8: M and Northwestern State College. ln the contest against Panhandle the Redmen jumped into a 6-point half-time lead and then went on to defeat the Aggies 85-72. Balanced scoring and aggressive rebound- ing was the difference with Gary Moore again leading the Redmen in scoring with 25 points. Adding balance to the Northeastern offense was Pete Vanzant with 15 points, Roy Giles with 14 tallies and Dale Dishman with 12 points. In the contest against Northwestern the Redmen opened fast to hold an 11-point half-time lead, then made it stand up for a 77-66 victory. Again Moore headed the scoring attack with 17 points, but was closely followed by Giles and Doug Brant with 13 each and Southard with 12. As in the Panhandle contest the Redmen dominated the boards with Moore, Southard and lVlcDaniel all rebounding well. 'illt DANIEL LETS FL Y" Key Factors in Win i JOHN BROWN FINDS it hard to contain Moore on thc jump. ROY GILES FINDS daylight in John Brown contest. GARY MOORE STRUCGLES FOR rebound against Northwestern Keith Hartner Mike Hathaway Glen Heffner 4 it Qt.. -fi ,S if or an Z 3 i Strong Defense Vltal A strong defense coupled with balanced scoring brought Northeasternls cagers their fourth and fifth conference wins of the season with a 67-60 decision over Southeastern and a 56-43 win over Oklahoma Baptist University. Roy Giles led the Redmen assault against Southeastern as the junior forward pumped in a season high of 22 points. Gary lVloore continued his string of scoring in the double figures by hitting 15 points. Dennis Touehette also coun- tered a season high as the versatile junior guard hit 13 points. A contributing factor in the Big Creen's wins over South- eastern and OBU was the defensive play of junior centers Bill McDaniel and Mike Southard. The two, along with a sagging zone defense, held the All-Conference center from Southeastern to only five points in the second half. Moore led the Redmen in scoring against OBU with 14 points followed by Giles with 13. Southard contributed a season high 13 points in his best overall performance of the season. VANZANT SNEAKS PAST a defender. MIKE SOUTHARD GOES high for a bucket. EJIERSON BAKER KNO. 422 AND Cary Moore KNO 431 watch tlo ely as ete Vanzant fNo. 211 attempts a shoot. 'fr 5 E t Sw. ., ,L55-W! 1 in Redmen Scoring ASSISTANT COACH KENNETH Holland and head Coach Jack Dobbins pose for the pllotographer in tht- will-gc gym. Northeastern Stateis Redmen, fueled by a 23-point out- burst from junior guard Pete Vanzant. put the Clamps on Southwest Missouri State 653-6-lt before 2,-100 excited specta- tors on February 2 at the college gym. ln a game which was tied no less than nine times, Gary Moore, 6-3 junior forward, gave the crowd its only easy moments as he pumped in a jump shot to give the Redmen a 68-6,11 lead with only ll seconds remaining in the contest. Northeastern led at intermission 33-28 but the visitors took the lead midway in the second half. The Big Green grabbed the lead with 7:03 remaining on three-point play by junior forward Roy Giles. Dale Dishman came in mid- way through the final half to spark Northeastern's fast break. BEING CLUSELY GUARUEU by opponents, Pete Xytlllllllll lap ilu- hall in for two easy points as Hoy Giles tNo, 341 watvhe the arlion. GARY JIOURE easy points. DRIVES in for two Cary Moore- Tom l'atts'rson Frank Smit et : H g" EEEJLI 'Kw-'5' Y, X . fy QW si. -- K A fi m gi t. i ts 'gain' K hafta' ! 9 fi ASW it it 'Mb K ti s t Q, a r t '-mx of I Mike Stllllllllfd Bill 'l'L'r1'y Tom Thorn MIKE SOUTIIARD UVO. 232 LEAPS high for the toss. Redman elected to Coming from behind in the second half, Northeastern's cagers ended with a flurry of scoring in the last three min- utes to down East Central 32-60 on February 20. The Redmen trailed at intermission by four points be- fore taking the lead for the first time with 1723114 remaining in the contest. Northeastern held the Tigers scoreless for the first three minutes of the second stanza while Gary Moore scored six points during the same period to put the Big Green ahead all-39. East Central tied the Contest at 59-59 with eight minutes to play, hut two free throws by Roy Giles and two more by junior guard Dennis Touchette put the Redmen in the lead to stay. SURROUNDED BY DEFENDERS Roy Giles fNo, 353 goes in for two extra points. DOUG BRANT WINGS the bull away. l,,..g..,-. ',,,,..-. Nqq All-Conference Gary Moore, a 6-3 junior, was selected for the Oklahoma Collegiate Athletic Conferenrc all-league team. Moore led the Redmen in scoring with a l5.'l average per game and was among the top 20 rebounders in the nation, averaging nearly l7 rebounds per contest. Northeastern players receiving honorable mention were Roy Giles, Dennis Touchette and Dale Dishman, all juniors. Giles finished the season with 353 points for an average of 1'l.l. He also had 123 rebounds in 25 games. Touchette had lll- points for a 5.7 with 09 rebounds while Dishman bucketed 235 for a season average of 9.11 points per game and grabbed 79 rebounds. GARY MOORE KNO. 431 AND Roy cues fNo. 341 grapple for the rebound. , I , M M ,L " vw' 1. . K fl Yi awp , I V Q ,i I 5? -ai MIKE SOUTHARD UVO. 232 REACHES high for the ball as Dennis Touchette KNO. 335 and Cary Moore INC. 435 look on. Dennis Touchette Pete Vanzant Dwain White 4: 5 l .Q CARROL MOORE SHOWS .1 typlcal strike out form He leads in WESLEY MATTHEWS ROUNDS third base and heads for home in a contest between NSC and the University of Tulsa. Diamond Crew Wins 2nd Straight TYPICAL ACTION FIELD play sees NSC man scoring another tally on way to state title. HMM!! KINDA MISSED that one. This is one of the rare exceptions for Cooper hits regularly over 300. i Nvictories to take its second consecutive Oklahoma Collegiate After losing the first contest of a three-game playoff series with Phillips University, Northeasternls baseball team under Coach Gerald Been came back with two straight Athletic Conference championship at Enid May 13-15. ln the opening contest Phillips jumped to a 3-0 lead in the first inning and went on to a 5-2 victory. However, the Redmen never gave up, and won the second contest 5-1 behind the hurling of Carroll Moore and John Sellers and then took the all-important final contest 3-0 with Gary Fisher and Sellers on the mound. The Northeastern Redmen reached the conference finals by winning a playoff for the Eastern Division crown with Oklahoma Baptist University. Northeastern defeated the Bison 4-2 at Sapulpa on the pitching of Moore and Sellers and the timely hitting of catcher Henry Bias. OCAC Title or L. D. LAWSON scrambles to cover a short grounder BASEBALL TEAM MEMBERS are left to right, first raw: Larry Stone, second baseg Ted Phillips, outfieldg Wes Matthews, outfield, Henry Bias, outfieldg J. D. Rozell, second base. Second row: John Leafer, managerg Joe Burgess, catcherg Danny Robins, catcherg Dale Cooper, shortstopg Sandy Hamlin, pitcher, L. D. Lawson, First base. Third row: George Hill, outfieldg Carroll Moore, pitcherg John Sellers, third base: Cary Fisher, pitcherg and Coach Gerald Benn. at - ..n..., . ,f JOE BURCESS, SPORTING a .362 average, pondcrs choice of weapons. Baseball Team Backed by steady pitching and timely hitting, North- eastern downed St. Joseph College of Albuquerque, N. lVl., 5-3 and 3-0 to advance into the next round of the NAIA baseball playoffs June l-2. ln the first game, Redman starter Carroll Moore over- came a lead-off homer by striking out and walking two. Wes Matthews led the hitting attack for the Redmen as the speedy center fielder had three for three and drove in a pair of runs. John Sellers, L. D. Lawson, Zeke Rozell, Ted Phillips, and Carroll Moore all earned hits for the Redmen cause. ln the second game, Sandy Hanlin shut out the New lVlexico team on two hits. The Redmen tallied only three times, but once would have been enough to win. Also giving a special boost to the Redmen batting strength were three power hitters with averages of over 300. These were ,lohn Sellers 370, Dale Cooper .3l7, and Zeke Rozell 307. COACH BENN ANU ,Iohn Leafcr polish diamond in the rough. Advances to AIA Playoffs SEASONS RECORD NSC ...... 9 John Brown Univ. NSC ...... 7 John Brown Univ. NSC ...... 0 Okla. Baptist Univ. ..... . NSC ...... 4 Okla. Baptist Univ. . . . . . NSC ......14 NSC ...... 4 Langston Univ. . . . NSC ...... ll Southeastern . . . NSC ....., 2 Southeastern . . . NSC ...... 3 East Central . . . NSC ...... 7 NSC ...... 10 East Central ..... Langston Univ. . . . . . . . Tulsa University .... .... 1 1 5 NSC ...... 7 Southeastern ..... .... NSC ...... 3 Southeastern . . . NSC ...... 3 Pittsburg State . . . NSC ...... 4- Pittsburg State . . . . . . . NSC ...... 6 East Central ...., NSC ...... 7 East Central ....... .... NSC ...... 2 Oikla. Baptist Univ. ..... . NSC ...... 2 Okla. Baptist Univ. NSC ...... 4' Okla. Baptist Univ. ..... . NSC ...... 2 Phillips Univ. . . . . NSC ...... 3 Phillips Univ. . . NSC ...... 5 St. .loseph . . . NSC ...... 3 St. Joseph . . . L. II. LAWSON lr-uns into approavlling hall. A PLAYERS FACE REFLECTS WESLEY MATTHEWS MAKES co N: A .ii .. . ,iif 'ii' ,gli K i' " 1 i 77'7.iiV Q x ,as W-Q ' 5 C.- Golf Team Wins CCAC Championship .M-. Coach Dean Wadley 'vu- -In 3 X, x. Hs i 0 HEMBERS OF THE golf team U C are, f 1 'v gn L. , if t V i at ,... xg' me I of i in MS, ,I . E , S V i gr E new ft swag rw A lil 'eff l iii' , l 5 5 ,,ii,,, r, i.C www 5 f Q H pw igasewswili fi TONY COBLE, LEADING golfer in the OCAC 'lilic golf team won its second straight Oklahoma Collegiate Athletic Conference title hy defeating nine other conference contenders at Shawnee. 'liony Cohle led NSC to victory with a T3-T7 for a 36-hole total of l50. ln winning the con- ference title the Yortheastern golf team qualified for the National Association of lntcrcollegiate Athletics champion- ship playoffs held in Rockford. lllinois. llalance was the key factor in the Redmcn victory as Joe Skeeter Came in with a 36-hole total of 152 while David l,ivingston shot a l57. Rounding out Northeasternis scoring was James Cook with a l66 and Carl Wriglit with a 171. X ront row: David Livingston and Carl Wright. second row: james Cook, leo Deaver, Tony Colmlc. ln the OCAC championship Northeastern's Penei Mac- Feely made the best showing for the Redmen as he reached the quarterfinals before being defeated by Southeastern,s Roemer. The two battled on even terms in the first set before lViacFeely went down 8-6. lVIacFeely was the only Redman to reach quarterfinal action. i..t-1.pvl"l'4"i ROLLAND WILLISTUN RETURNS the serve to his op- Dr. Kenneth Holland POUCH!- Coach KEN CARLSON AND Penei MacFeely determine the serve by the fall of the racket. Cooperative Play Keeps Tennis in Action MEMBERS OF THE 1965 tennis team are, front row, left to right: Spike Kelley, .less McEntee, Holland Williston, Tom Crane, Willie Sander- son. second row, left to right: Arn- old Cray, Ken Carlson, David Mor- rison, David Floyd, Penei MarFeely, liill Herlan. Young Team Continues Competitive Spirit JACK HANING SURCES ahead on a practice relay start. Although the swimming team was not strong in the winning field, it did show a strong and stubborn spirit against its competition. In the meet against Oklahoma State, Ken Wilcox won the 100 freestyle in a record breaking time of 54.6 and the 200 freestyle while helping the Redmen 400 freestyle relay team to its first place. WAYNE HARRIS EXHIBITS a jack knife. KEN WILCOX, COACH, demonstrates the right arm movement to a stroke on Murray Wynn as .lack Haning, Wayne, Harris, John Jackson, and Rick Robertson watch with close attention. Coach Tracy Norwood AND THEY'RE OFF . . . The Reclmen finished eighth in the 311th annual Uklahoma Collegiate Athletic Conference. Best finisher for the Red- men was Floyd Butler who came in fourth in the 100 dash. NSC had two men place fifth with John Miller coming in fifth in the 220-run and Boh Coop finishing five places back in the pole vault with a 12-foot effort. NSC also took fifth in the 380 and mile relays. TOM THORNE AND Jim Slcelt- practice llurdlt runs on tht old Cahle field. Track Continues in Building Stage TRACK TEAM MEMBERS are left Io right, front row: Steve Stroup, Keith Fisher, Michael Erick, John Miller, ,lim Steele. second row: Dan Rhodes, James Grubcs, Ronald Cameron, Tom Thorne, Boh Coop, Dale Runyan, Coach Norwood, 'iw 35-.. 'HN' 'Ga av 'Nw K . -9+ -Maggy. SPRING PROVIDES SETTING for intramural football action. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMERS DEMONSTRATE skill fllzlll HOFKEY lJEPOTFEb llow propnr fibllll Students Enjo DETERMINED PLAYER RETURNS volley X Rim A it c M X i SIT-UPS EFFECTIVELY SUPPLEMENT physical fitness programs. TRAJIPOLINE ADEPTS POSSESS balance and coordination Intramural and P.E. Program The intramural ancl physical education program couragzes participation in the various sports as well as CII- pro- SOME NSC STUDENTS participate in wen ht trmnin viflinff an onortunitv for students to take wart in -c l , sport of his choice. New acquaintances and a clesire friendly competition is creatcrl since participation in mroffralns is entirelv voluntarv. l r . . LONE IIERWAIIJ SKULLS along tht- surface. the for the O Q 9 D1 94 B .. 6 F ..,, , Physical Fitness Stressed in Sports 6 IS THIS PHYSICAL fitness or fun? BRISK PLAY TYPIFIES ladies' roundball competition. The intramural title for the 765 season saw the 69ers winning. ln over-all standings the lleatniks were second with Phi Lambda Chi third and Phi Sigma Epsilon fourth. ln other divisions Kenny Reed won first in the tennis spot while Charles Wilson was second and Phil Schutte third. Reed and Roy Giles were first in doubles while Jim Clow and Doug Griffin were second. Pete Vanzant won the intramural golf title while the softball title was taken hy the 69ers. The Sig Tauis took second while the Beatniks and Sluggers tied for third place. The track championship was won hy the 69ers. For the individual results, Wesley Matthews won the 100- dash and 120 hurdlesg Doug Byfield, 220-dashg Richard Marti, winner in the mile, broadjump and high jumpg Eugene Williamson, shot putg fl-4-0-relay, 69ersg 880-relay, Beatniksg 440-run, Doug Byfieldg 880-run, Bill Robertsong mile relay, Ho Dadsg and football throw, Buster Coggins. SWIMMING TEAM MEMBERS provided un 5 IZA Av-41: if 4157 swift ff, f T LIFE This year we listened to folk music, danced the Clam and the Freddie, sidewalk surfed, had a rope tug-of-war, a rodeo, broke in a new stadium, wore madras shorts, saw the introduction of HOP7' art, pant-suits into womenis clothing, watched our golf and baseball teams win titles and the Redmen eleven secure runner-up posi- tion. In addition, the more traditional joys were the formals, fraternity and sorority ac- tivities, coke time at the student center, car washes, walks, trips to the lake, making new friends, and browsing through the library to get materials to help make studying even a joy. , . . . . . 4' if fi . . K .f f rv f,gf:H.,Q - . 3 3.Jf.fx. '-fsglvs-gf.w?5,5Z .- 5,151 5115335,s-1:5'.f5g,-1vgg-u?.:A'lQ- K t,.,,,, M ag-4. fefiazimwimwz. ,t ' 1 .sfssaafpyglwffa " ,fl 4,2'-1ea'f'm'i?N?WSeN W niizwixsfff-zwE?,gQ ..:,fg,ig,c,2TggQg:gQ, 'Y ,'i'B,l5iA5A,t5tLlE .:1hi2iiL'iwg.w. 1 5 . tv Jz'94Jl-"' 'l . ..:1i1,.z1i3-aizfgfgxdw :H,.,.M,,f,u, gg, 'tig- Aieffff 1'if.5sfsn'9fSfsZ1QiYi'S2- 'f 5 efsxxwves , 2524: 'X . . wif-vsdlliis' sf Wi' i f y..c49wU57xj1523 t :ff " a:f2.1fQ:2filfimif ae 2 -- V ,f I 7 ,A 4 c ,,,f,-ff f:iwas,wasw my 2 , M .. fxdkefefssfeifaawvfgea -. X- - - ff da -aaa 4 X 155 ' ' Kg, X ix tt , 54. E Q1 A We t- - , 1? .wpwa sf aw, aw ay - I69 1 Enrollment Reaches Northeastern State College's enrollment for the first se- mester of the 196fL-65 school year soared a 23 per cent increase over enrollment figures for the first semester a year ago. The enrollment for first semester this year was 4,1321 with James ifledw Robinson, a sophomore history major from Muskogee, being the 4,000th student to enter the doors of this college. Of the 4,138 students, 1,296 were freshmen, 789 were sophomores, 861 were juniors, and 818 were seniors. There A FAMILIAR PICTURE to students is the enrollment line where the waiting never seems to end. CONCENTRATING ON THE tedious task of the last stage of enrollment are three Northeastern students. i 5 Record 4,138 were also 97 special and post graduate students and 277 graduate students enrolled. Records show that an all-time high enrollment for second semester was also reached this school year with 3,916 stu- dents attending now as compared with 3,362 for second semester last year. The college has averaged a 12 per cent increase in en- rollment each year for the past 10 years. The big increase, however, has come within the last two years. l TWO NSC STUDENTS put the final touches on their official enrollment cards. STUDENTS BEGIN T0 wonder if their bank account will hold out as Mr. Pyland and Mrs. Carpenter give them the final total. HAVING A PHOTOGRAPH made for an identification card is a procedure for all freshmen and new students. Redman pirit Undaunted b Rain THE MEMBERS OF the Homecoming Court are, left to fight, Northeasterrfs 37th annual Homecoming was daunted and dampened hy occasional showers, hut even the muddy field and the rain couldn't put a hold on the surging Red- men who won over Panhandle A. and lVl. 7-6. Halftime found showers increasing to a downpour, but the crowning of lovely Londa Hill came as scheduled. Also adding highlight to the festivities were the floats entered in the parade under a tv commercial theme. THE WINNING FLOATS ,wx Martha Simpson, Dianne Neel, Londa Hill, Lewann Nigh, and ,lolmnic Brooks. THE LIL' OL' winemaker. .., 1. Ny o. I V 4 w Q l' I f in V ' '53, H' ff. , . 'L -W 'W M fi' W . 2 - ., ' ., P . A X V, .. x , K VE Qgqiz... MEMBERS OF THE cheerleader squad are Nancy Frazier, Jim Malone, Marty Adair, Vern Primrose, Shirley Liptak, Jerry Owens, Londa Hill, Bob Anderson, Karen Gunter and Chuck Calioo. Dr. Merle Farnsworth, sponsor Cheerleaders Spark Crowd Enthusiasm 9. JERRY OWENS AND Shirley Liptak lead Shirley Liptack Jim Malone Marty Adair the crowd in yells at the bonfire. Karen Gunter l.onda Hill ajor Production Has Double Showing The drama season began with the dramatic production Wfhe Rememberance Camew and "A Time to Marryv "Cradle Songfl under the direction of Ruth Arrington, hoth written by a NSC student, Coy Roper, highlighted the drama instructor and Paula Thompson, technical director. spring season with performances held in the afternoon and Two performances were held for the major fall production. at night. if CAROL JEAN ROGERS plays the role of Sister Joanna in A SERIOUS SCJENE from the ncradle Songv is portrayed ucfildlf? 501151-H hy Susan Cloxer as Teresa, and Earl Squyres, the elderly doctor. f'5i!f'1H THE CAST AND crew of "Cradle Song" pose for a picture after their final performance. . Awards Given at Alpha Psi Omega Dinner EARL SOUYRES RECEIVED the Best Actor Award for his role as Ed in "The Rememherance Game" from Gwen Taylor, last years Best Actress. CARUI, JEAN ROGERS radiates liappini-ss when ,Iini Malone presented her this Ili-st Actress Award for her role as Mary in Hrlvllff Henicmherancc Caine." ? The annual Alpha Psi Omega Awards Banquet honors the hest performers of the year. Carol ,lean Rogers received the Best Actress Awardg Sharon Burke, Best Supporting Actress Awardg Earl Squyres, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Awardsg and Bill Moore, Best Technician. e Q? .. if ' EARL SQUYRES ACCEI'TS Best Supporting Actor Award from Bt-st Actress, Carol ,lean Rogers. IIILI, JIOORE RECEIVES his award as Best 'llt'f'lllllClL1Il from technical director Paula Thomp- son as Miss Arrington looks on. SHARON BURKE RECEIVES REST Support- ing Actress for her role in NA Time To Marryu from Earl Squyres. I 1 rug I ,ll L E lf, l , ii Sammi' fi fl Ji' ii ,Y ii i l l mn, 11' it Y Showcase Presented h Alpha Psi Omega Taking the audience back sixty ears. a talkinv larnm . . l A z- l post and a walking sign provided an evening of 'nlleinemlmci' Whenw in Miha Psi OIHC'Y2l7S Showcase of Talent. l n The annual production of the national dramatics fraternity had a cast for its production of over fifty with the North- eastern Singers making up part of the cast. ME TARZAN, YOU Jane played by lmogene Anderson and Jim Marshall- IN CENTRAL PARK, Bob Skorkowsky Cilfflig on a conversation. about the pa:-t, with the lump. l 2... l 'YQ ' A BEAUTY CONTEST was tu-ltl and won hy linogt-no .'xINll'I'SllIl, who is lucing crowned. Degrees Conferred on 94 Students Commencement exercises were held in the college gym the bachelor of arts in education, 92 the bachelor of on May 28 for 594 graduates. This proved to be a record science degree, 50 the bachelor of arts degree, and 35 number of degrees conferred. Of the graduates 288 re- the master of teaching degree. ceived the bachelor of science in education degree, 129 "THE MARCH" HAS started for the students before they take their place in the empty seats that are awaiting them. T' r 1 - 'V 1 gf.a tilt 'Utg'i71liy-iigwg-aim ,iii NYM lt! Av ILI1 gr:--H THESE FOUR GRADUATES exchange congratulations before parting to unknown destinations. 1' fi.. I 'C -1 R K wp 3 YK "fa 1 ss --ww ,, JM-" 3 'ffp V270 43' fi I-I 5v'Q-fj' W? 15 Q, t Q N wg.. ' : fx. . W Q f " ' 'Q 1 2 3 2, A . . L 'M 5 'Q 1 G llll es The students currently in attendance at Northeastern have a great many things in common, all centering about the pursuit of knowledge, but nevertheless, a great many differences are noted concerning the mem- bers of the separate classes. The freshmen have a certain preoccupied air possibly indicative of the inner turmoil generated by the problems surrounding orientation and initial adjustment. The sophomores are nonchalant. The juniors are resigned. And the seniors are determined. But all have come here to work and strive because they believe Northeastern to be the beginning of the road to their particular paradise. Q Wsfbmfgm gy: 5 is Wi EQ 2153? W as 5 Manatee tefistigggi X K Q 6-S1 ii ,M X X digg if tw K We Wa .gg i ,X avg? wg, . '51, A 'si 13. W W M awe S1 1. te . . 4.3111 f as 1 fitf?253?f?e3ge,5ff??FQwtl'ifW 1 : ee ee,,gWg5f'iX?Wier'lv1 W .er -ta A refaraw law esafiewgiemeaeaeif teeaWfMew3eMqe.,wew.,war aeewa rms? aa essfafigeeiafeguew eeggwswegsiffaawgesisf Y egg ftgeagfgvfeii M Wiwfeavffl . f ,. .. M , - . swf ., .M ire, xi , .L Sa., . .en ,eww 1 Si ,L at sim as wnebu reef? is .ewaelevgffftsitiaeffaexi W . A aaswwwamwtf etfnfa mwzewlwireav'www-safieat fe.fF'mfgeg?a.s teawaeeeyxetfwwae V .ga .af-ewsmeam te.sfefeiefawefegeww,Zutavweyfeevx efafswef 'eff www gtM .A 1 - ,f i ,X A . 4... sf.. mi se 5. W aw . . .. - as 2. F. is , 1 M 1 . s' Af .,., v ,Q.,"' Q' ,. .4 9 0 ' fx-' ' 'X W ii X X S1 5 a , , V 'VT I. gf: '. : In QE r f it .. ,, X . '-' A ? W lu -har I' .Q LEAVING THE STUDENT union at North- eastern are senior class officers, Calvin Mc- Clendon. student senate representativeg Pat Lowery, secretaryg Judy Lee, student personnel and student activities committee representativeg and Mike Schooling, president. Not pictured is Mike Greene, vice president. SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS ADAIR, MARTY, Tulsa Social Science ADCOCK, JANE, Stillwater History ALDRIDGE, SHARON, Tulsa English ALLDREDCE, BARBARA, Broken Arrow English ALLEN, DONALD, Tulsa Business Education ALLISON, PHYLLIS, Hitchita Elementary Education ANDERSON, HAZEL, Hulbert Elementary Education ARCHER, STANLEY, Chelsea Chemistry-Mathematics N l ARTERBURN, JAMES, Tulsa Accounting ASH, KENNETH, Muskogee Business Administration ASHLOCK, KENNETH, Sanrl Springs Business Administration ATKINS, HARRY, Henryetla Mathematics BACK, MICKEY, Salina Elementary Education BACWELL, GERALD, Tulsa Business Administration BALLARD, MARY, Stigler Elementary Education BALLINC-ER, GAIL, Tulsa Elementary Education BANNISTER, ARCHIE, Broken Arrow English BANNISTER, IRENE, Tahlequah Business Education BARNES, JACK, Talala Physical Education BARNETT, JUDYBETH, Sand Springs History BARTON, KENDALL, Briartown Elementary Education BAUCHMAN, REBECCA, Wagoner Social Studies BEAN, RONALD, Tulsa Mathematics BEEN, PRISCILLA, Tulsa Elementary Education 2' S gf , ,:, if S. U' 'il 'ti BEIDLEMAN, GLORIA, Okmulgee Elementary Education BENGSTON, MYRNA, Chelsea Elementary Education BILLAM, DALE, Wagoner Political Science BLAYLOCK, STANLEY, Muldrow Business Education BOCOX, CAROLYN, Tulsa Biology BOLDING, DOROTHA, Tahlequah Elementary Education BOLDING, LYNDA, Coweta Elementary Education BORDERS, LEWIS, Allen Natural Science gp x SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS Home Economics BRUNO, ROBERT, Tulsa Business Education BUCK, ROBERT, Tulsa Mathematics-Chemistry BUDZINSKY, JOHNNY, McAlester Elementary Education BURGESS, DWIGHT, Stigler Business Administration BURKE, MARTHA, Morris Elementary Education BURKE, SHARON, Muskogee Speech Therapy BURKETT, JOHN, Muskogee Business Education BOWDEN, FREDDIE, Wabzwrighl Business Education BOWLES, TOM, Henryettt: Biology BOWMAN, LINDA, Muskogee Sociology BOYD, FRED, Talala Elementary Education BRANSCUM, DUANE, Spiro Biology BRANT, DOUGLAS, Stigler Chemistly BRASSFIELD, SETH, Muldrow Accounting BREWER, PAUL, Sallisaw Chemistry-Biology BRILL, JOHN, Tahlequah Business Administration BROOKSHIRE, CHUCK, Barnsdall Biology BROWN, BOBBY, Haskell Physical Education BROWN, JOE, Ukmulgee Elementary Education BROWN, KAY, Ralston Elementary Education BROWN, KENNETH, Smithville Biology BROWN, RALPH, Tulsa Health-Physical Education BRUCE, FRED, Muskogee Physical ,Education BURKHOLDER, MARGARET, Home Economics BURKS, JAMES, Tahlequah Sociology BURNETT, JOHNNY, Stilwell Elementary' Education BURRIS, CAROL, Muskogee Elementary Education BURRUS, FRANK, Tulsa Pre-Med BURTON, LARRY, Tulsa History BUSTER, JAMES, Nowala Accounting BUSTE R, LARRY, Oologah Mathematics BUTLER, ELMO, Grove Physical Education BUTLER, JACK, Tulsa Biology BUTLER, JANET, Westville Home Economics BUTLER, JIMMIE, Hulbert Elementary Education BUTLER, NORMAN, Westville Social Science BUTTS, NORMA, Tulsa Business Education Wagoner CAMPBELL, FLOYD, Muskogee Business Administration CAMPBELL, LARRY, Tulsa History CARANO, STEVE, Krebs Physical Education CARTER, EDWARD, Muskogee History CARTER, LEE, Muskogee Chemistry-Biology CARVELL, JAMES, Muskogee Mathematics CASEY, LINDA, Adair English CASKEY, DALE, Muskogee Business Education CASTEEL, JERRY, Stilwell Chemistry-Mathematics CAVENY, GEORGE, Wagoner History RUTH HEMBEE EXPLORES the destructive possibilities of a tornado during one of Professor Bryan's science classes for Ele- mentary teachers. SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS CHAMBERS, GERALD, Guthrie Speech CHAPMAN, JEAN, Tahlequah Speech Therapy CHASE, CECIL, Pryor Business Administration CHILDERS, CLYN-DIA, Gans Elementary Education CHILDERS, ROBERT, Tulsa Speech Therapy CHURCH, BRAD, Tulsa Business Education CLARK, DARRELL, Stilwell Industrial Arts CLAYTON, SUE, Haskell Elementary Education ROBIN DALE TACKER and Charlene Peterman look on during a simulated volcanic-eruption. -I PM CLEMMONS, IIMMIE, Cans Sociology COCKRURN. ROBERT, fllusa Mathematics COLE, LARRY, Claremore Accounting COLE, TOMMY, .lliumi Biology COLLINS, KENNETH, Miami Social Studies CONKLIN, THOMAS, Stigler Biology COOK, JAY, Muskogee Biology COOK, RICIIARD, Tahlequah Mathematics COOKSEY, GLORIA, Pawhuska Elementary Education COPP, JERRY, Claremore Business Administration CORLEY, ELLEN, Coweta History CORLEY, LARRY, Coweta Mathematics COTNER, LINDA, Vian Elementary Education COTTRILI., THOMAS, Inola English COUCH, JAMES, llluskogee Business Administration COWAN, LYLIN, Checotah Physical Education K. COX, CLAUDIA, Mcfllesler Social Studies COX, LUCRETIA, Muskogee Elementary Education COX, WHITLEY, Tulsa Economics CRAGAR, THELMA, Heavener Elementary Education CRAIG, LYNN, Tulsa Elementary Education CRAIN, RAYMOND, Bartlesville Business Administration CRAWFORD, DAVID, Tahlequah Art CREMIN, MICHAEL, Tulsa Physics-Mathematics . 2 G 1 ' is . A If Q. - mu, ' V ga- - I :ae S Q I I I wi l is 1 A SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS DAWSON, RAYMOND, Muskogee Economics DAY, JUDY, Tulsa Home Economics DECKER, LYNDON, Tahlequah Business Education DeFALCO, GEORGIA, Tulsa 'History DeLAPP, CLARENCE, Bartlesville Industrial Arts DeS'I'EICUER, NORA, Port Arthur, Tex. Elementary Education DIAMOS, JON, .Muskogee A ""' Chemistry DILLSAVER, DONA, Morris Physical Education CROCAN, PEGGY, Pryor Art CROLEY, SHIRLEY, Stilwell Elementary Education CROSS, CARY, Talllequah Accounting CROSSWELL, MITCH, Canadian Mathematics CROWL, STELLA, Lubbock, Tex. English CRUTCHFIELD, LINDA, Skiatook Elementary Education CUDE, LaMERLE, Taltlequah French DAHLEM, RICHARD, Tulsa Physics-Mathematics DAVIDSON, DUANE, Henryetta Sociology DAVIS, BEVERLY, Pryor Home Economics DAVIS, BILLY, Muldrow Biology DAVIS, JAMES E., Tahlequah Accounting DAVIS, JAMES W., Bartlesville Biology DAVIS, LARRY, Bartlesville Political Science DAVIS, NORMA, lay Speech DAVIS, RUBY, Okmulgee Elementary Education it DOERNER STUART Tulsa Mathematics Physical Education DORR JERRY Tahlequah Industrial Arts DORRIS JOHN Tulsa Economics . K' DONATHAN, WALTER, Henryetta ' 5 7 I 51 1 DOTY, JOE, Tulsa Spanish DOUGLAS, CARL, Tulsa Accounting DOWNES, ROBERT, Tahlequah Biology DUGGER, JOHN, Anadarko Chemistry DUNAWAY, FLOYD, Owasso Elementary Education DUNAWAY, NANCY, Chelsea Elementary Education DUNCAN, JEWELL, Spauinaw Elementary Education DUNHAM, BILLY, Strang Elementary Education DURKEE, MAX, Tulsa Industrial Arts DUTY, BILLY, Mounds Business Administration DUVALL, WAYNE, Tahlequah Drafting EADS, EMMETT, Stilwell Industrial Arts RP Mil' X ECHOLS, THELBERT, Okay Industrial Arts EDWARDS, PAT, Tulsa Speech Therapy EICHLING, PAUL, Core History ELLIOTT, FLOYD, Joplin, Mo. Biology ELLIOTT, SHIRLEY, Seneca, Mo Physical Education ELLIS, DON, Sapulpa English EMERSON, JUDITH, Edmond English ENDSLEY, EDWARD, Tahlequah Social Science SENIORS ' SENIORS ' ENSLEY, MILDRED, Vian Physical Education ETTER, JAMES, Muskogee English FAIN, WARRAN, Healdton Physical Education FARRAR, JAMES, Muskogee Industrial Arts FARRICE, PRENTISS, Hitchila History FAVOR, PATRICIA, Sapulpa Physical Education FERREL, LOIS, Sand Springs French FINGERLIN, STASCHIA, Owasso Elementary Education JOHN WHITE, FIRST semester editor of the Northeastern newspaper, presented a familiar sight at all home football games. In his role as Chief Chcrumon, he served as official mascot of the NSC Redmen. lb x,.-- FINLEY, JOHN, Muskogee Chemistry FISHER, BILLY, Broken Arrow Mathematics FISHER, JOHN, Tulsa Business-Economics FISHER, ROBBIE, Shady Point Spanish FLESHER, LUKE, Coweta Speech FLETCHER, GARY, Muskogee Mathematics FORKNER, JOYCE, Tahlequah Elementary Education FORREST, ALFRED, Tahlequah History FOSTER, GEORGE, Bristow Sociology FOSTER, HELEN, Vinita Elementary Education FOX, HELEN, Miami Elementary Education FOYIL, BETTY, Tulsa Home Economics FRAZIER, ANN, Ch ocotall Chemistry FROESE, BERNADINE, Inola Elementary Education FRYER, GLENDA, Coweta Elementary Education GADDIS, RICHARD, Bartlesville Business Education GARDNER, LINDA, Skiatook Elementary Education GARDNER, TED, Skiatook English GARRISON, MARY, Stilwell Business Education GAY, DIANA, Topeka, Kans. Physical Education GAY, ROBERT, Topeka, Kan. Physical Education GEORGE, DAVID, Canadian Mathematics GEREN, ROBERT, Commerce Political Science-Sociology GIDEON, RALPH, Sand Springs Art SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS GUTHREY, MAVIS, Owasso Art HALEY, GARY, Pryor Speech Therapy HALL, PATRICIA, Spiro Elementary Education HALL, THOMAS, Talala Industrial Arts HALLFORD, JESS, Tulsa Industrial Arts HALLUM, EDITH, Kansas Elementary Education HAMPTON, CHARLES, Grove Social Studies HANSON, ALICE, Skiatook Elementary Education GILL, DAVID, Spiro Business Administration GIPSON, JERRY, Ft. Gibson Economics GLORY, MAXINE, Tahlequah Speech Therapy GOFORTH, STEVE, Peggs Mathematics COINS, LEWIS, lay Elementary Education COINS, WOODROW, Spavinaw Elementary Education GOODMON, JERRY, Alton, Ill. Physical Education GORE, MARTHA, Stilwell Elementary Education GOSSETT, SHARON, Vian Elementary Education GRACE, REED, Tahlequah Social Science GRAVITT, BERT, Denver City, Tex History GRAY, TOMMY, Eujaula Industrial Arts GREENE, MICHAEL, Eufaula Business Education GREEVER, JOE, Tahlequah Chemistry GRIFFITH, DONNA, Tulsa Elementary Education-Physical Ed GRIGG, RONALD, Tulsa Physical Education id' fa uw Q t HARRELL, ELLIOTT, Taft Biology HARRIS, ELMER. Stilwell Accounting HARRISON, THOMAS, Henryetta Chemistry HARTZLER, RONALD, Locust Grove lNIathcmatics HAUSER, LARRY, Claremore Mathcmatics HAWKINS, MARY ANN, .lay Elementary Education HAWKINS, NANCY, Tulsa Physical Education HAYMORE, JOHN, Tulsa Physical Education HAYNES, SHIRLEY, Heavner Zoology HEIDINGER, CRAIG, Tulsa Economics HENDRICKSON, FRANK, Muskogee Mathematics HENSLEY, JERRY, Tulsa Chemistry-Mathematics HENSLEY, LLOYD, Tulsa Physical Education HERTWIG, CAROL, Sligler Biology HESS, JAMES, llartlcsville' Busincss Administration HEWLETT, JAMES, Tulsa Psychology if -isa. J " , i , mt? 'ft ' mf gy! -73' , ,V,,iV Q J fw, ,K V 2 "l'?""'W nm-7 , . ,W .A ' i K ' A 'E W 'Kwik ...Q Usb. 5 in ,E X .sunngw ff, 'H tt' 49' -fav ng,--gas W HICKS, JUDITH, Wagoner Elemcntary Education HIDAY, EUGENE, Tulsa Mathematics-Business Administration HIGGINS, CHARLES, Coweta Accounting HILL, LONDA, Muskogee Physical Education HINKLE, THOMAS, Bartlcsville History HOCUTT, BILLY, Broken Arrow Elementary Education HOGAN, JOHN, Tulsa English-Physical Education HOLLOPETER, LOIS, Coney, Kan. Homo Economics FUN-TIME AT THE Presidents' Dinner finds Mary Thompson and Jim Malone making wishes. SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS HOOD, MARGARET, Pryor English HOOSE, RICHARD, Webbers Falls Biology-Mathematics HOWARD, JERRY, Pryor Natural Science HOWARD, JOHN, Shicller Business Education HUGGINS, CHARLES, Crave Mathematics HUGHES, JERRY, Sand Springs Physical Education HULVA, ALAN, Tulsa Economics HUMES, HARVEY, Oolagah Elementary Education "' 'ff' ,aw- 13, NOW, I HA VE a few closing remarks . I frm, HURST, ROBERT, Muskogee Business Administration INMAN, GLENNA, Henryelta Business Education INTEMANN, MERRILLYN, Talala Elementary Education IVESTER, DOYLE, Wewoka Elementary Education JACKSON, CONNIE, Chceolah Speech JACKSON, JAMES, llIcAlestcr English JARRARD, LUCY, Webbers Falls Elementary Education JEFFREY, EARL, Wilburton Biology JENNINGS, PATRICIA, Barllesville Business Education JOBE, JEAN, Muskogee Chemistry JOHNSON, HERBERT, Talihina History JOHNSON, JOHN, Muskogee Economics JOHNSON, LONNIE, Vinita Sociology JONES. DAN, Ukmulgee Accounting JONES, GAIL, Talllequalz Social Studies JONES, ROYCE, Broken Arrow Biology is MH .9-., , mi? if 31 5 i, ' K F 401 1' Rv J J J i I.. 3 . In-A I M of azz' X: Ile" 1x5"i'l f . .Q "sl Q bv-Wy" rqmgxxx ,JOJ is ,J JONES, SARAH, Commerce Physical Education JORDAN, GEORGE, fenks History KEATING. LARRY, Tulsa Social Studies KEETER, GEORGIA, Stilwell Elementary Education KEETER, LARRY, Stilwell Mathematics KELLEY, JOAN, Claremore Elementary Education KENADY, DOYLE, Muskogee Accounting KIRBEY. JAMES, Tulsa Physical Education Ke f ,, 'W'-15' 'ma' 435' ':" ' I - it -if bf L is 2' t A xg .'Ta:f?- 'ia-"Shui " tif sq. SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS LINDE, RAYMOND, Guymon English LINDLEY, ROBERT, Sapulpa Social Science LINK, LARRY, Muskogee Sociology LIPSEY, JOHN, Muskogee Chemistry LOGSDON, JOHN, Tulsa Business Education LOHR, VICTOR, Tulsa Accounting LOWERY, PAT, Tulsa Elementary Education LUSK, EDWARD, Tulsa Physical Education 'S--.4-" KRAVETZ, LEON, Tulsa Business Administration KUYKENDALL, DOUG, Sallisaw Elementary Education KYLE, JAMES, Sallisaw Business Administration LAMBERSON, HARVEY, Coweta English LAMONT, BLAINE, Kansas Social Studies LANG, GENE, Tulsa Art LARGE, GERALDINE, glluslrogoc' Home Economics LASHLEY, LARRY, Muskogee Biology LAWSON, DAN, Broken Arrow Chemistry LAYMAN, PHILLIP, Checotah Industrial Arts LEAFER. JOHN, Tahlequah Physical Education LEDBETTER, CHARLES, Checotah Physical Education LEE, JUDITH, Jay English LEE, THOMAS, Spiro Social Studies LEFORCE, SALLY, Vinita Elementary Education LeMASTERS, JOE, Checotah Chemistry 5 I if ,vw . :QF an L sg Q LYON, ROBERT, Antlers Industrial Arts MADDINC, JACK, Muskogee Mathematics MALLOY, DANNY, Pryor Music MARKOVICS, NOVA, Muskogee English MARSHALL, JIMMY, Ial, N. M. English MARSHALL, VINCENT, Tulsa Chemistry-Biology MARTIN, DELORES, Stilwell Elementary Education MARTIN, DENNIS, Henryetta History MATTHEWS, WESLEY, Muskogee History MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, Spiro History MAUSER, PHIL, Ft. Worth, Tex. Elementary Education MCARTOR, JOHN, Pryor Biology MCCALL, JOYCE, Tahlequah Elementary Education MCCLEN DON, CALVIN, Claremore Business Administration MCCOLLOUCH, NICK, Pryor Mathematics McCONNELL, TED, Owasso Biology IIT x. . 1.'i ,Enya ,.-ies-3 ff pg- fy. ,,, ,fi--I-,Y an 'lt Ak -4-uv' ' I ..::' .WV gf. , M.. , 'QQ 1 peas: .- 1, i , X nl it Q' I in 5 if s 1 I x .lvlwu lifter' 'K RQ 'thnx QQ? iv 'QR MCDILLON, JANICE, Tulsa History McDONALD, LINDA, Muskogee Elementary Education MCFARLAND, WES, Claremore Biology McGEE, ZENIA, Pierce Business Education MCKINNEY, BRYCE, Eufaula Sociology MCLAURY, MARILYN, Bartlesville Home Economics MCREYNOLDS, BARBARA, Council Hill Elementary Education MEANS, WILMA, Stilwell Elementary Education is .ville SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS MENIE, ALVIN, Webbers Falls Economics MILLER, LARRY, Oklahoma City Spanish MILLER, LINDA, Tulsa Speerh Therapy MILLER, PEGGY, Sand Springs Elementary Eduoation MILLIGAN, CERRY, Tulsa Biology MITCHELL. HAROLD, Checotah Chemistry-Mathematics MNICH, GUS, Barllesville Business Administration MOCABEE, SHERMAN, Claremore Elementary Education MONKS, FRANK, Panama Sociology MOORE, MARILYN, Haskell Biology MOORE, WILLIAM, Tulsa English MORGAN, CARY, Bartlesville Business Education MORRIS, BILLIE, .Muskogee Elementary Education MORRIS, JUDY, Westville Physical Education MORRISON, MARY, Tulsa Elementary Education MOSBY, JUANITA, Haskell Elementary Education MOSBY RICHARD Bixb Q 7 Y Physical Education MOSLEY, RILL, Owasso Physical Education Moziuco, HENRY, Tulsa ,,,, .E-A t ,R l,e.,, Industrial Arts , ,,,,i ' I gi MURRAY, GARNETTA, Wagoner 't'i j Elementary Education MYNATT, EARL, Oologah Industrial Arts NEEL, JACK, Wagoner Industrial Arts I ip- gi, NEEL, MARY, Pryor Elementary Education NELSON, BILLIE, Chelsea Natural Science will if f"?- if if 2 ,,. O ,- , -',.., K I ' fo1"""" We 4 Q R alex gg, if va.-wt 1 f, -.,, it . rea- 1 M., ' NELSON, GERALD, Chelsea Mathematics NIELSEN, ROGER, Tulsa Mathematics NIGHTINGALE, RON, Sapulpa Mathematics NOBLE, NORMA, Muskogee French OAKLEY, HUBERT, Muskogee Business Education A O'DELL, DANNY, Ft. Gibson Mathematics O'DONLEY, JOHNNIE, Jenks Elementary Education-Home Economics ORENDORFF, JERALD, Tulsa Political Science ' if fe? ij, fam 'kt' 'wx 232731 its , I - f h 1 ff erltsyrr s it -:f.. -1'Q '1.: i digg? " K -':' L ,,,, . ,, . 5 Q 1 '. . ,. 2 SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS PARTAIN, BETTY, Tulsa Spanish PARTAIN, JERALDINE, Tahlequah Elementary Education PATTON, PAT, Bnrnszlall Elementary Education PAXTON, NORVAL, sapulpa ORR, JAMES, Tulsa Elementary Education ORR, JANETTE, Mirlland, Ark. Social Studies ORR, MILTON, McCurtain Mathematics ORRISON, BARBARA, Panama English OSBURN, GILBERT, Tahlequall Industrial Arts OSHURN, JUDY, Talzlcqualz English OSBURN, NYLA, Barllcsville Elementary Education O'SHEA, DANNY, Brarlrloclr, Pa Physical Education OWENS, JAMES, Muskogee Elementary Education PACE, CERRY, Mcfllester Mathematics PACK, NEAL, Vian Industrial Arts PACKWOOD, GARY, Tulsa Speech Therapy PADCETT, PATRICIA, Tulsa Elementary Education PAGE, PAULINE, Muskogee Elementary Education PANKRATZ, WILLIAM, lnolll Accounting PARKER, BOB, Tahlequah Business Administration Business Administration PAZZACLIA, JAMES, Watts Economics PERKINS, ANNE, Barnsrlall f 55 3' English IZ, PETERMAN, WANDA, Wilburton Elementary Education PIFRIMMER, TOM, llllslfogef' English , , lm- Nu 94, - is g PHILLIPS, CARL, Sallisaw Mathematics PHILLIPS, JOE, Wainwright Elementary Education PHILLIPS, JOHNNY, Bolzoshe Mathematics PHILLIPS, TEDDY, Commerce Physical Education PIPPIN, JOANNE, Park Hill Elementary Education M POE, JERRY, Tulsa , . . s - Economics H POCUE, GENE, Poteau Business Administration PORTER, WANDA, Colcord Elementary Education Q ' ,J f PORTERFIELD, JERY, Claremore English PRENTICE, SHARON, Stigler Physical Education PRICE, BARBARA, Tahlequah Elementary Education PRICE, DAVID, Boynton Elementary Education 'KG RAINBOLT, KENNETH, Ft. Gibson Business Administration RAINES, CONNIE, Muskogee Elementary Education RAINEY, LEROY, Drumright Economics RAMEY, ANITA, Tahlequah Home Economics K Q NI A We -OV gg,-sw-I'-"' I in fs g, 1 . F Q ' Q 'W i J , ' ,.- 2 'P "T..'Z" imc, Q RAMEY, JOE, Muskogee Business Education RAMPP, LARY, Mcfllester History-Political Science RANDALL, CHARLES, Muskogee Mathematics RANSON, WANDA, Gans Elementary Education RASTELLI, GARY, Tulsa Business Administration RAY, SHIRLEY, Fl. Gibson Business Education REDDEN, ROBERT, Pryor Political Science REEDY, MAX, Barllesville Business Education I -1 FOOTBALL GAMES AT NSC find Jim Marshall calling the plays from the press box. SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS REIFEL, GEORGE, Concho Sociology RENFROW, ROBERT, Oklahoma City Business Administration RHINE, JOHNNIE, Claremore History RHODES, LENORE, Webbers Falls Elementary Education RHOTEN, KENNETH, Bethel History RIALS, PERCY, Sand Springs History RIDCEWAY, PHYLLIS, Haskell Elementary Education RINEHART, RICK, Ponca City Business-Economics EARL SQUYRES, ONE of NSC's outstanding drama students, gives a reading at the Alpha Phi Omega Smoker. Rl'l'CH, MARCIE, Hulbert English ROACH, LARRY, Nowala llistory ROBBINS, ALETHA, Talllequah Al'4'UllIlllHg ROBBlNS, JIM, Pryor Chcniistry ROBERSON, BENJAMIN, Dewey .Al't'UllIllll'lg ROBERTS, RALPH, Beggs English ROGERS, JAMES, Hulbert Economics ROGERS, JIMMY, Muskogee Physical Education ROHRER, THOMAS, McAlester Pre-Med ROMANO, NORMA, Krebs English ROSS, EDGAR, Muskogee Industrial Arts ROUSE, SHIRLEY, Vian Sociology ROZELL, J. D., Talllequah History RUTHERFORD, MARY, Coweta Elementary Education RYAL, DOUGLAS, Dewar Mathematics SANDERS, BARBARA, Coweta Business Education f""'s 3' i 5 ,ll . MM! 5 t of gf - of 'fur-Iv 'Yi' ssse nl 'e shi wq."'l if Q si it R., V,.,, , r -5340 ,ww-sq-,, w .r v 'H 5? QQW of lima 'f , .'," d"fT"" S1 as 'Q' R 1 'H' A' SANDERS, VERNON, Muskogee History SANDERSON, DONALD, Bartlesville Industrial Arts SCHAFFLER, RUBY, Chouteau, Business Education SCHOOLING, MICHAEL, Pawhuska Biology SCHRADER, DONNA, Muskogee Physical Education SCOTT, FRANK, Tulsa Physical Education-Health SCOTT, RONALD, Delaware Mathematics SEELY, TOM, Claremore Social Science SWA, 'V omg 2? SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS SMITH, LEON, Pryor Chemistry-Mathematics SMITH, LINDA, Tulsa Elementary Education SMITH, RAY, Coweta Physics-Mathematics SMITH, SHARON, Okmulgee Elementary Education SMITH, VERMELLE, Pratt, Kan. Elementary Education SNEED, ELLEN, Clzecotah English SPARKS, RAY, Sallisaw Mathematics SPEARS, ALBERT, Owasso Geography SELF, LINDA, Fairfax Elementary Education SHAFER, EDWARD, Muskogee Physical Education SHANKLE, BILLY, Hartford, Ark. History SHANNON, OPAL, Muskogee Elementary Education SHARP, JOHN, Wilburton Elementary Education SHASTID, JACK, Tahlequah Chemistry SHAW, TONY, Ft. Gibson Music-Instructional Education SHEPARD, RONAL, Henryetta Business Administration SHEWARD, TOMMIE, Henryetta Physical Education SHORES, KRISTEN, Duncan Chemistry SIFFERMAN, MARY, Pryor English SIGLE, JOHN, Muskogee Mathematics SIMMONS, GLEN, Vian Industrial Arts SIMMONS, RHODA, Hulbert Elementary Education SIMONDS, MARY, Muskogee Elementary Education SMITH, KATHLEEN, Tahlequah Elementary Education ,fam SPENCER, JIM, Sand Springs Political Science SPENCER, TOM, Tulsa Social Studies SQUYRES, EARL, Tahlequah Biology STALL ROBERT Henr etta y v Y Industrial Arts STANSIFER, LOLITA, Pawhuska Elementary Education STARK, CLIFFORD, Muskogee Chemistry STEEBER, ELIZABETH, Ft. Gibson Elementary Education STEELE., LARRY, Tulsa History STEVENS, HELEN, Pryor English STIGER, DAVID, Muskogee Business Education STILES, JOYCE, Okrnulgee Elementary Education STITER, DOUGLAS, Snllisau: Business Education STOCKTON, SANDRA, Strang English STORIE, CHAD, Tulsa Sociology STRICKLAND, JANIS, Okmulgee Elementary Education SURINE, WILMA, Adair Elementary Education ul any c7,,,!!liP 1, i ,,,". , 'P nr-wg, SUTHERLAND, JACKIE, Tulsa Home Economics TATHAM, ETTA, Sallisaw Natural Science TAYLOR, CWEN, Tulsa Speech TAYLOR, PAUL, Agra Social Studies TAYRIEN, TARRY, Bartlesville Business Administration TEEL, JANIE, Tahlequah N, English "'?,:- ' TEEL, JERRY, Tulsa Speech Therapy TERRELL, JAMES, Tulsa Art Hilm- wi' .t v ,EV mf, T 'Q ws-mi' :.,, I gi .3314 1. mx ,V so N . ,N uggf' ,df til K hes? if Y , 5 . , f".3,i W .. ik' H 5 aka in W lx if " 5' he ea STUDENTS PAUSE T0 enjoy the fine arts display in the lobby of the lihrary. l,ll ,,,w'l ,ff ' "AND THEN OUT of nowhere I was tackled." Bill Scott and Bob Parker run through thc plays of the game. SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS THOMAS, HOWARD, Ochelata Industrial Arts THOMAS, NEOMA, Stilwell Elementary Education THOMPSON, DAVID, Muskogee Business Administration THOMPSON, DONALD, Stilwell Chemistry-Mathematics THOMPSON, FRANCES, Westville Physical Education THOMPSON, MARY ANN, Henryetta Biology THORNBURC, CHERYL, Tahlequah Speech Therapy THURMAN, JERRY, Coweta Biology 'E' M-O' :gif F, TIGER, JIMMY, .llounds Elementary Education TOWNSEND, JOHN, Tulsa Music TOWNSEND, LAVERN, Stilwell Elementary Education TOWNSEND, WILLIAM, Oklahom Economics-Business Administration TRIZZA, SAM, Tulsa Physics TURNEY, LEE, Muskogee Social Studies TURNEY, MILDRED, Jenks Mathematics TYREE, BRIAN, .lluskogee Business Administration TYREE, JOANNA, Tulsa Elementary Education UNDERHILL, ALVIN, Westville Spanish UNDERHILL, LONNIE, Westville English VANZANT, PETE, Pryor Physical Education VICE, DWAIN, Grove Physical Education WADE, BOBBY, Broken Bow Art WAGONER, JACKIE, Mefilester Elementary Education WALLACE, GORDON, Muskogee Mathematics-Chemistry a City k A -wg, ps I ,ll 5 ,903 digit 'PTH vm 5' Q 79" 4 i if if IW-- tw ,, """iK'i if ,Qi .14 sum I ,li I , ii if In ll? ig. s 41 9, 1 , ,,,, Q as , . if is ss, 6 I ..k: 7 S far , QQ ,J 4 was-.9 'Q Q as... 'Nw WALLACE, JEANNE, Locust Grove Business Education WANG, TOKUNEN, Kobe, Japan Chemistry WARD, JERRY, Boynton History-Elementary Education WARD, KENNETH, Tulsa Physical Education WARD, LINDA, Maysville, Ark. Elementary Education WARD, TOMMY, Pawhuska Sociology WATSON, SHIRLEY A., Dougherty Social Studies WATSON, SHIRLEY E., Ft. Gibson Business Education SENIORS ' SENIORS ' SENIORS WOLFF, ANNA, Chelsea Home Economics WOLFF, NORMAN, Tulsa Industrial Arts WOMACK, DAVID, Southwest Ci Elementary Education WOOD, DONALD, Hugo Pre-Dental WOOD, JERRY, Claremore Art WOODALL, RONNIE, Muskogee Sociology WOODARD, ROY, Tahlequah Industrial Arts WOODSON, CHARLES, Tulsa 'Chemistry ty, Mo WELCH, DON, Tulsa Economics WHATLEY, THEODORE, Muskogee Biology WHITE, JOHN, Sand Springs Business Education-English WHITE, JOHNNY, Broken Arrow Social Studies WHITE, WILLIAM, Muskogee Chemistry WHITESELL, JOHN, Sweet Valley, Pa Art WHITTINCTON, MARCIA, Muskogee Art WILLCOX, JOHN, Tulsa Mathematics WILLCOX, KENNETH, Bartlesville Chemistry-Mathematics WILLIAMS, BRENDA, Muldrow Elementary Education WILLIAMS, FRANK, Tulsa Chemistry WILLIAMS, SALLY, Tulsa Elementary Education WIMPEY, SHIRLEY, Okmulgee Elementary Education WINSBY, JEROLD, Bartlesoille Economics-Business Administration WISDOM, TERRY, Haskell Business Education WITTE, FRANK, Tulsa Elementary Education ,WSE 'Q' WOOLDRIDGE, CHARLES, Bartlesville Economics WORKMAN, LOUIS, Muskogee Industrial Arts WORLEY, DONALD, Owasso Elementary Education WRIGHT, RUTH, Westville Elementary Education YATES, DON, Wagoner Elementary Education YEAGER, ROBERT, Tahlequah Music Education ZEILER, SHIRLEY, Bixby Speech-Drama BEEN, TOM, Oklahoma City Pre-Dental COWAN, BOBBY, Bartlesville Sociology GRUVER, VERNON, Muskogee Social Studies HOLMES, JUANITA, Tahlequah Business Education MILLER, THOMAS, Muskogee Natural Science NELMS, CAROL, Alma, Ark. Elementary Education NELMS, TOM, McAlester Business Education NOLEY, JAMES, Wilburton Business Education PATTERSON, HAZEL, Tahlequah Business Education BK? wie. ,k inase was 'r A REPRESENTATIVE OF the United States Air Force pre- sents champion debators Glen Strickland and David Johnson with the first place trophy during the Air Force Academy Debate Tournament at Colorado Springs, Colorado. POSING BY THE Science building are the junior class leaders of 1964-65. They are, left to right, Bonnie Burns, secre- tary, Lee Schoeffler, student senate rep- rescntutiveg Saundra Brand, treasurer: Darrell Stephens, president: Don Jennings, vice president. Not pictured is .lim Malone, student personnel and student activities committee representative. JUNIORS 'JUNIORS -JUNIORS Acton, Clarence, Cans Adair, Betty, Mazze Adamson, Sheryl, Dewey Ahrego, William, Tulsa Agapith, Hazel, Coulee Dam, Wash. Agent, James, Muskogee Alexander, Sandra, Muskogee Anderson, Bob, Tulsa Anderson, Cary, Perry Armstrong, Patricia, Grove K f lg? ' x fm "if . ,- ' ,ni f ,ri we Q .AK Armstrong, Sinclair, Vian Arnold, Luther, Broken Arrow Ashby, Chris, Okmulgee Ashley, Phyllis, Hitchita Bailey, Sharon, Muskogee Baker, Doug, Tulsa Baker, Mary, Welling Baldridge, Marty, Claremore Bale, Larry, Dewey Barnhart, James, Tahlequah Bartlett, Larry, Oklahoma City Beal, Eileen, T ahlequalz Beall, Jill, Hulbert Bengston, Harold, Chelsea Benne, David, Bartlesville Berryhill, Eddie, Haskell Biggerstaff, Roger, Ochelata Bird, Bonnie, Tahlequah Blackledge, Patricia, Tahlequah Blackledge, Steve, Tahlequah Blair, Sandra, Tahlequah Blankenship, James Muskogee Blevins, Richard, T-ulsa Boatright, Dawna, Henryelta Boling, Lynda, Stigler ,gf fa ':r 'Z-.-5 -Qwx, 5 If 'wp---rf? ,LW h a Wim it ian A iw' ,ki ,, I fu.-L f . A K L 355 i f,, K 'Q' . V ix '- ,. E921 'B v--N, W . ie gg f UU ra , fa... i 1 L . ,,, inf. 1 f.-, 55 ' K '-.. r r rlr iz, in 5, , In Fx ,MMM ,M 1 , 'bf Bolinger, Charles, Muskogee Bothell, Raymond, Tulsa Boudreaux, Gary, Claremore Bowden, Bob, Broken Arrow Bradley, Jerry, Tulsa Bradshaw, William, Miami Brand, Saundra, Muskogee Brazier, Nancy, Tulsa Brazil, Charles, Muskogee Briggs, David, Stilwell . i 3 -' fi-1 8 '35 vi My I t . 5. K , 1 me is it 1 5 'R' 5 C, Q, 'Q,A 1-17 , new 3' ' JUNIORS -JUNIORS -JUNIORS Caswel, Scottie, Tulsa Chaney, Ben, Muskogee Chastain, Ann, Jay Choate, Alma, Muskogee Chrisman, Zelma, Kansas Claunts, Sue, Sapulpa Clemons, Betty, Coweta Clifton, Marsha, Del City Cochran, Walter, Miami Colbert, Donald, Tulsa ' Q ef 3 4. ff if , 3 is i' 1 Y xi 62 in 1 M5552 3 siiex, Si 1 , ,, I ., M. 1 , X if Why, ,Q an C " : . la Bristow, David, Broken Arrow Brockman, Terisa, Vian Brooks, Johnnie, Chouteau Brown, Bill, Henryetta Brown, John C., Chouteau Brown, John H., Tulsa Brown, Winford, Muskogee Buchanan, Linda, Cleveland Buchanan, Pam, Bartlesville Bulger, Wesley, Des Plaines, I Bumett, Gilbert, Henryetta Burns, Bonnie, Mazie Butler, Floyd, San Francisco, Calz Byous, Betty, Poteau Cadion, Jerry, Tulsa Calico, Dennis, Tulsa Callison, Rodney, Pryor Cardin, Coy, Muldrow Carlile, Charles, Stilwell Carnes, Linda, Tulsa Carter, Ronald, Sand Springs Caseboldt, Crystal, Vian Casey, Bud, Dothan, Ala. Cashmere, Lester, Stigler Casto, Kenneth, Tahlequah we ii? Colclasure, Stephen, Collinsville Cole, Jonetta, Muskogee Cole, Thelma, Tahlequah Collier, Thomas, Broken Arrow Combs, Bobby, Collinsville Conduff, Kenneth, Wyandotte Cone, Wendell, Keola Connor, Wesley, Tahlequah Cook, Chexyll, Tahlequah Cook, Henry, Fairfax Cook, Linda, .Muskogee Cook, Nancy, Tahlequah Cornelius, Randall, Kellyville Couch, Walter, Pryor Council, John, Heavener Covey, Sandra, Locust Grove Cox, Jann-s, Muskogee Cox, Leona, Inrlumola Cox, Rex, Tahlcquah Crissman, Nancy, Vinita Crumley, Wanda, Sapulpa Cullum, Frank, Sallisaw Cunningham, Earlyne, Braggs Cupp, Gregory, Oklahoma City Dalley, Kathryn, Poteau 'MB ""'f '- 14 a, win' 'rr' .4-up ' ,a...... f N5 o ,,,,, 'Q A wha t , ., ,.,. W' 'P 53.3 . X S- Wfl 4, it W'-. i f .,,::,,:. G ,L Q 'QE 1 V for-PN, .-1, ,,... Q1 Q, .. 1, L. ,MJ was tg M W, 17 fi ,,,, .- l R427 ' 5" ,aff 1 x ,C sw at iq, was J' f oi, at N V , ,gn R my 2: "-:',. 'lil of a,f sss, Dalton, Dru, Oklahoma City Davenport, Joe, Holdenville Diffendaffer, Bethy, Tulsa Dodd, Charles, Westville Dowdy, Jane, Tahleauah Downing, Danny, Watts Drake, Roy, Southwest City, Mo Duffield, Tommie, Jay Echols, J immie, Muskogee Edmondson, Linda, Nowata QM 5, wt 1 "ii":' fi in J ,f PHI SIGMA EPSILON Sweetheart, Kay McElroy waves to the crowd at the Homecoming Parade JUNIORS ' JUNIORS ' JUNIORS Edwards, Linda, Pryor Edwards, William, Pryor Elder, James, Tulsa Elgin, Patricia, Chelsea Ellis, William, Tulsa Elsky, Barbara, Muskogee Emerson, Mary, Tahlequah Evens, Kristine, Tahlequah Everett, Sherry, Broken Arrow Exendine, Norma, Mounds Faddis, Belinda, Tahlequah Farmer, Jim, Sallisaw Farnsworth, Helen, Tahlequah Feather, Hooley, Stilwell Finn, Billy, Henryetta Fisher, Gary, Tahlequah Foley, Agnes, Eufaula Foltz, Judy, Wagoner Ford, Alice, Muskogee Ford, Carl, Gentry, Ark. Foster, Phillip, Tulsa Foster, Randall, McAlester Franklin, Frances, Tahlequah French, Rebecca, Wagoner Fricke, Mike, Tulsa Fullbright, Janelle, Sallisaw Gadberry, Glenda, Wagoner Gann, Patsye, Canadian Gard, James, Iowa Park, Tex. Gardner, Judy, Big Cabin Gardner, William, Tahlequah Gates, Anthony, Muskogee Gates, John, Tulsa Gay, Gerald, A,dair George, Iva, Canadian , if Q ,fes- War f-A H. 52.5 wr 'W X Y "5" p9"u B i 'Qt'-rn as F fl an-.-, y i ' il sl ,rw-t 1 12,1 ., 1 3 .v:.,. ky L af lirif 'Q' .Anna .35 lily Girdner, Maralene, Tulsa Graefe, Jerry, Tulsa Graham, Leroy, Spavinaw Graif, Mary, Tulsa Gray, Arnold, Tahlequali , Greenfield, Johnnie, Coffeyville Hall, Ernie, Tulsa M Gress, Sandra, Miami Gunter, Karen, Tulsa Hallmark, Craig, Sapulpa ,, if X , at , JS l if 35. ltr in ax it 1 ta. as 'Y 'X i is fix! . ab A ,YY Him. - Q , ii ,M , M 'arf ' 1' A 6k ' Wu' .:, ,ou- , i ssii l is .sr YM-Q -4-":.3 'NH' sp-Q K.,h.,,,W K in gn, 'QP' f-if '27 JUNICRS -JUNIORS -JUNIORS Hogan, Kenneth, Coweta Holland, Chris, Oklahoma City Hollandsworth, Carolyn, Copan Hollaway, Gerald, Wagoner Holleyman, Victor, Okmulgee Hoose, Elsie, Webbers Falls Horn, Penny, Core Howard, Michael, Westville Howell, Ronald, Tulsa Hudlin, Calvin, Haskell Hamilton, Sharon, Mcfllester Hammers, William, Tulsa Hammond, Thomas, Tulsa Hanlin, Clyde, Sperry Hansen, Russell, Tulsa Harman, James, Checotah Harmon, Dolman, Muskogee Harrington, Bernice, Gentry, Ark Harris, A. J., Bristow Harris, Barbara, Eufaula Harris, Mary Jan, Tahlequalz Harrison, Linda, Broken Arrow Hartshorne, Laura, Tulsa Hatfield, Sandra, Dewar Hathaway, Robert, Talzlequah Hayes, Cairl, Hulbert Hays, James, Henryetta Hays, Sandra, Muskogee Henley, David, Tulsa Hensley, llcnnie, Prague Hensley, Ellen, Tulsa Hickman, Bill, Colvord Hildreth, Sharon, Pryor Hilliard, Carol, Grove Hinds, Barbara, Tahlequah lim AK ! nl ails K. l is , '1- f- Q "' s rr "- f ... , we 'ww 4 S Huggins, Edgar, Grove Hunt, Voncile, Talzlvquah Hutchison, Leona, Poteau Hutsell, George, Pryor Iverson, Dee Ann, Pryor Jackson, Wanda, Muskogee Jacohs, Deanna, Nedrow, N. Y. James, Palma, Tecumseh Jaramillo, Joseph, Albuquerque Jarrard, Dennis, Webbers Falls Jennings, Donald, Tulsa Johns, Albert, Bristow Johnson, Bill, Muskogee Johnson, Charles E., Porter Johnson, Charles F., Sand Springs Johnson, James, Tulsa Jones, Cheryl, Miami Jones, Elmer, Wagoner Jones, Judy, Broken Arrow Jones, Ronald, Wagoner Jones, Ruth, Mcfilesler Joy, Detti, Tahlequalz Keaton, David, Skiatook Kennieutt, Carol, Sand Springs Kimble, lnella, Porter .Q gm 5' W3 It , .. , W ,A-. "' " Q 1 at W 4 l ' 211 .- . ' ., ik . Nm """-vb. 1,3 fam, 3 is W W' . rr iliflst, 'E if A ws, -.,.. bw' 1 if wg, R, .,' 4 L ' 4,:Q 1 ., , I lk ff ilgyxasfilikg. V Krier, Eugene, Muskogee Krigbaum, Tom, Bartlesville Kroeker, Dean, Cll0Ill6IllL Kyle, Hugh, Wagoner LaEevers, David, Poteau Lansford, Denny, Clzecotah Larkin, Earl, Wagoner Lashley, Kent, Muskogee Lautcrhach, Margaret, Mazie Leforce, Sammie, Vinita 1 Q 9 i 1-3- 1 K , V2-, 5 ' f 5' l 2 5 I DANCING THE "DOG" at the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance are Cheryl Titsworth and Bill Linn. THE BEST DRESSED "Dog- patcher" at the Sadie Hawkins Dance is Edward Barrick. JUNIORS -JUNIORS -JUNIORS Leitka Richmond Wewoka Letson Lou Mzzsko i ' ag, g 3 l,A if Lewis, Danna, Wagoner ,N tg : .nw 1 i':Z V 'bfi A Lewis, Perry, Sallisfzw 'S---.. f A --',' . A Liglitlc, Linda, Muskogee A A P x 'fir Liles Rufus Checotah Lindsey, Steven, Bnrtlesoille H L. V , Q' Linn Vlfilliam Normal Ill. H 'i , ' ,E ' n I" Q ,.,J,- 2 ii 'UW Little, Joe, Muskogee A V , Q S lm' Los-hr, An-l1ie,FairIanrl I A,.,V ' D " , Ai in lzi' Loehr, Pete, Tulsa Lomax, James, Henryetla Lomax, Ray, Miami Lowe, llurddie, Barllesoille Mainus, Nolan, Sallisaw Malone, Jim, Muskogee Marsh, Monte, Okmulgee Martin, Clara, Talrlequah Martin, Quinton, Dewey Mason, Archie, Pawliuska Masters, Jon, Talllequah Matthews, Mike, Sallisaw Maxey, Robert, Muskogee May, Geraldine, Tulsa MoCart, Robert, Morris McCarty, Duane, Newkirk McCaslin, Bennie, Jenks llrTCCOI11lJS, Larry, Newkirk McCoy, Joedda, While Oak McCray, Phillip, Tulsa McCune, Diane, Tulsa McCutehan, Cheneya, Eufaula McDonald, Jerry, Park Hill McElroy, Kay, Adair McEntee, Jess, Muskogee H A ll 'ib- gi ....... ,ar H ' qs. 2 3 51 15 ., Q 9 - we -s I -- i, ,.. 1 in Wmik K Mk 'X Meflowen, Mike, Okmulgee McKnight, Stan, Tulsa McMahon, John, Tulsa McPherson, Andrea, Tulsa Mefford, Calvin, Berryhill Mendenhall, Larry, Ponca City Merrill, Laurel, Broken, Arrow Middleton, Sandra, Chelsea Miller, Connell, Muskogee Monigold, James, Barnsdall J get It it .1 fi ,Q ,wg 5, lb 4' X 1 4 ,E B- as 5 -N . :iV.. , JUNIORS -JUNIORS -JUNICRS Montgomery, Rita, Picker Moore, Carroll, Talzlequah Moore, Lucretia, Tahlequah Moreland, Kenneth, Indepcnflen Morgan, William, Coweta Morgan, Zondra, Broken Arrow Morris, Willard, Watts Motes, Bill, Mcfllester Murphy, Christine, Pawhuska Murray, Margaret, Westville Murry, Shirley, Tahlequah Nalley, Charles, Checotah Nardin, Judy, Tulsa Newton, Nell, Okmulgee Nichols, Judy, Watts Nixon, Terrie, Talzlequah Noel, Wanema, Vian North, Robert, Inola Nowlin, Paul, Tulsa Nuckolls, Pamela, Grove Nunneley, Raymond, Tulsa Odell, James, Hulbert Ogden, Barrie, Pryor O'Neal, Retha, Cliouteau Orr, Don, Claremore ce, Kan Parent Paul Armts N.M. Parker Zula Keota Patrick Dennis Muskogee .nf Page, Warren Jr., Okmulgee ,fa m e , , , 33 gf K 7 7 Patterson, Charles, Miami l Perry, Roy, Broken Arrow Phillips, Dwight, Sallisaw Phillips, Mary Ann, Jenks Pinner, Paula, Arkoma We Am f , Pinney, Charles, Tulsa Ponder, Gary, Kellyville Pope, Jesse, Tahlequah Powell, Jeannie, Bowring Powell, Jerry, Adair Prewett, Margie, Muldrow Price, Beverly, Tahlequah Price, Jon, .lay Proctor, Sue, Bunch Rambo, Ella, Braggs Rapp, Jack, Hominy Ray, Kaye, Pryor Redden, Gloria, Sallisaw Reed, Kenneth, Tahlequah Reichal, Joe, Tulsa Resnick, Loddie, Barzlesville Richardson, David, Tulsa Rigch, Clifford, Wagoner Ritchie, Edward, Muskogee Ro, Eikichi, Japan Robbins, Barry, Stilwell Roberson, Jayna, Nowala Robinson, William, Tahlequ Rogers, Carol, Pawhuska Rose, Patricia, Westville Ross, Sharon, Salina W- f i QQ: 'P as 5 IK 1 if mfs:--1 - W f Z -- .W ,. . 2451 S .nf wi, 1 , ,l , .-.- . .. o f as it , ,, 1+ . 91 4, x Q 2 Jus ', ' ' X- Q Xwffi-f 5,3 A Ross, Sherry, Tulsa Rosson, Sandra, Pryor Roth, Andy, Tulsa Rounsavell, Billy, Chandler Roy, Sandra, Drumright Royal, Carol, Muskogee Rudd, Princetta, Tulsa Runyan, Dale, Sulphur Rusk, Barbara, Westville Russell, Robin, Tulsa STUDENTS ENJOY AN afternoon at the air show. 3 ZOOLOGY LAB STUDENTS find that dissecting a cat is a learning process. BONNIE BURNS ENTER TAINS at the Delta Zeta rush party. JUNIORS 'JUNIORS -JUNIORS Ryan, Theresa, Tulsa Sanders, John, Muskogee Satterwhite, Emogene, Locust Grove Scherer, Stephen, Muskogee Schmidt, Nancy, Broken Arrow Schneidewent, Stephanie, Muskogee Schoeffler, Lee, Broken Arrow Schoelen, Betty, Kingfisher Schutte, Phillip, Seminole Scoggins, Shirley, Muskogee ll , QE Q 'WL if amz: fav Giza. za I A t ,, . Mm rm? Scott, Darrell, Stilwell Sheedy, Shirley, Morris Shelton, Donna, Tulsa Shibley, Keith, Sapulpa Shouse, William, Spavinaw Sisson, Jean, Pryor Sixkiller, David, Westville Skeeter, Joe, Mounds Skorkowsky, Bob, Harralz Smith, Bob, Talzloqunh Smith, Carlene, Quinton Smith, Jack, Broken Arrow Stamper, Dina, Tulsa Starnes, Linda, Tulsa Steele, Janice, Ft. Gibson Steele, Jim, Spencer Stephens, Darrell, Dewar Stevens, John, Muskogee Stillwagen, Sheryl, Tulsa Stover, James, Grove Stratton, Peggy, Cookson Strouse, Garry, Tulsa Studebaker, Mary, Tahlequ A 'M wh... T' Yunr , 4-A' ww E lt Q. llh ,... , i' ,J 'gf , Sturm, Steven, Bartlesville i . 'uf Swan, Jimmy, Pawhuska sl- uw, J , ff.-t ag., Q if eeiye . i t if ' - .. ,A. 4 1 4, time S I L ,,, J fm Tabor, Virginia, M uldrow Tammen, Cathleen, Broken Arrow Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor Charles, Muskogee Donald, Claremore Douglas, Bartlesville Gary, Sallisaw Judith, Sapulpa Kerma, Muskogee Pearlene, Oologah Thomals, Claude, Coweta gs Q- it? set K l 5 Q ,..l".. af. .. an Q., Hia' ki,"-H' ,K AQ L :,. ,lf W fl X , 5 'L , la JUNIORS -JUNIORS -JUNIORS Warburton, Charles, Tulsa Ward, John, Okmulgee Ward, Nina, Picher Warford, Fred, Stigler Warford, Jane, Vinita Watkins, William, Poteau Watts, Dale, Owasso Weaver, Vemon, Bokoshe Webb, Marcia, Sallisaw Weber, Robert, Dewey , Thomas, Mack, Muskogee Thomason, Robert A., Tulsa Thomason, Robert F., Okrnulgee Thompson, Charles, Sapulpa Thompson, Kathleen, Henryetta Thompson, Michael, Muskogee Thornbury, Robert, Belle, W. Va Toon, Donnie, Checotah Treadway, Paul, Muskogee Tremblay, Margaret, Muskogee Trickey, Louctta, Big Cabin Turner, Harold, Tulsa Uhls, Brenda, Del City Urquhart, Kathryn, Eufaula Van Fleet, Thomas, Tahlequah Van Horn, James, Bartlesville Vaughn, Barbara, Noel, Mo. Venable, Linda, Muskogee Voight, Jerry, Council Hill Vowell, John, Tulsa Wachob, Linda, Muskogee Wadkins, Nancy, Kansas Wadley, George, Muskogee Wagner, R. J., Oklahoma City Walton, Joseph, Woodward 'sf 12" F2 Weeks, Bob, Broken Arrow Westfall, Florence, Glenpool Wheat, Don, Heavener White, Charles, Tulsa White, Eric, Tulsa Whiteis, Marie, Salina Whitney, Susan, Salina, Kan. Wickliffe, Dennis, Pryor Wildcat, Luman, Core Wilkins, Thomas, Pocola Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams Andrew, Spiro Barbara, Vian Larry, D., Checotah Lany L. Tulsa Williams: Linda, Clhecotah Williams, Oneida, Muskogee Williams, Roy, Tahlequah Wilson, Anne, Tulsa Wilson, Celestine, Muskogee Wilson, Don, Sapulpa Wilson, Jim, Sallisaw Wilson, Peggy, Muskogee Wilson, Phyllis, Sapulpa Wilson, Russell, .Muskogee Wing, Alice, Tulsa Y. bu., 1. H ,sc 4, .., , si, an -4. , ' ,Q 'jf H' J 45" Q 9 Q ' W isffje Q. F53-. 1'--, QL Wise, Marion, Poteau Woelk, Joan, Newport, Wash Wcwlfc, Sue, Tulsa Woodall, Alan, Tulsa Woodward, Marilyn, Broken Arrow Wright, Shirley, Stilwell Wyly, Ron, Shidler Young, Charles, Muskogee Young, James, Bixby Young, Shirley, Tulsa 1' Wigan! fivqi PREPARING T0 SING a series of mel- odies are the sophomore class officers of 1964--65, standing, left to right, Cordon Harmon, president, Chris Hendrikson, vice president, Marcia Conley, treasurer: Rog- er Hilfiger, student senate representativeg seated: Marsha Thompson, secretary. SOPHOMORES - Abbott, Linda, Vian Acree, Archie, Broken Arrow Adams, Fred, Sapulpa Adams, Josephine, Tahlequah Adams, Paul, Tulsa Adney, Florence, Vhm Ailey, Miquelyn, Pryor Akins, Bonnie, Tahlequah Albitz, Frances, Tulsa Allen, Janelle, Wagoner SOPHOMORES ' SOPHOMORES iv A r ilil , m we an Call' E5 Allee, Shirley, Tulsa Anderson, Imogene, Okmulgee Anderson, Nancy, Tulsa Atchley, Junene, Muskogee Ausmus, Winnie, Kiefer Back, Janet, Tahlequah Bagby, Elaine, Tulsa Baker, Janeta, Tulsa Baze, Shelia, Muskogee Bean, Dianne, Tulsa Beattie, Cyndia, Tulsa Beckham, Walter, M cAlester Bell, Becky, Okmulgee Benedetto, James, Muskogee Bennett, Clifford, Big Cabin Bice, Karein, Broken Arrow Bigpond, Pauline, Sapulpa Bishop, Alfred, Muskogee Bishop, James, Skiatook Blakemore, Billie, Stilwell Blum, Jania, Nowata Bocox, Janet, Tulsa Boston, Judy, Muskogee Bottoms, Wilma, Talihina Bourne, Karen, Tulsa gk, xxlx .fi if f 9 X '90-r t www 'Iliff YT 'Sf ""f a Eh ,tm ii-qi., . ei',,,,, as ,,,,4,,, -A . -vlsyfw I ' de Q mm V ,Ri 5 ,,,,,. ,yy i f 'Wh -..,-6, Braun, Pat, Tahlequah Bridges, Danny, Tulsa Briggs, Deanna, Stilwell Bright, Betty, Broken Arrow Brown, Hayden, Tulsa Brown, William, Henryetta Bruns, Janet, Tulsa Bryan, Judy, Tulsa Bryant, Linda, Tulsa Bullard, Cary, Muskogee Bundy, Jerry, Tulsa Burger, Ronald, Tulsa Burkett, Cathleen, Los Angeles Bushnell, James, Muskogee Butler, Bettye, Tulsa Byrd, Angela, Tulsa Campbell, William, Bartlesville Cannarsa, Terry, Muskogee Cannon, Cyrus, Muskogee Cantrell, Connie, Sapulpa Capps, Jimmy, M cLoual Carder, Yolanda, H enryelta Casey, Carolyn, Morris Casey, Larry, Muskogee Cato, Sharon, Wagoner Channell, Halbert, Sapulpa Childers, Carolyn, Gans Childress, Shirley, Haskell Chirm, Ann, Broken Arrow Christian, Linda, Muskogee Cissna, Fran, Tulsa Clark, Jim, Tulsa Clark, Judy, Morris Claunts, Charles, Sapulpa Clememts, Susan, Tulsa SOPHOMORES - SOPHOMORES ' SOPHCMORES Cleveland, Mike, Tulsa Clinton, Phillip, Westville Clinton, Shirley, Stilwell Cochran, Martin, Stilwell Cochran, Suzanne, Kansas Cockrell, Charles, Kellyville Coffman, Carol, Muskogee Coniglio, Alan, Levittown, N .Y. Conley, Marcia, Muskogee Conner, Laura, Nowata Cook, Patricia, Burbank Cookson, Ruth, Ft. Gibson Coonce, Carol, Jenks Cooper, Jess, Talihina Copley, Mary, Stillwater Cornelius, John, H enryetta Couch, Charlotte, Muskogee Coughlin, Francis, Tulsa Counterman, Carol, Henryetta Coverstone, Mark, Tulsa Covington, James, Tulsa Cowan, Travis, Park Hill Craig, Billie, Tulsa Crow, Charles, Dewey Crume, Burt, Bartlesville Cumbey, Mary, Kiefer Cumpton, Carol, Stigler Curl, Charlotte, Tulsa Curry, Pat, .lay Curtis, William, Tulsa Cutsinger, Robert, Claremore Daily, Carol, Eufaula Daughteny, Lloyd, Adair Davenport, Mary, Muskogee David, Robert, Tulsa has A 4 R' . 5 1 'lzv t Sv' 35 R :O ,le in L?-XS. Q U fi S 31.1 Q. Q 5.2 ess R' ..ff.I t ,ggffgs in ,,..., 5' R . IX., L -" ,.. ' E, - .-:. ' W ' wg V R 1 ,M . P- ' ' :.:ia5qg,.,, gr-ggi. .X 'ce 'K ,si . ,A ,fir Q 4 rv? . AKAL I e , tv uw , , .-et, A A 1 M. A! . A 5, x. if ,. 5 .,:- ifr- 'M i VT?" 'xi Q, Q X f as Xen-:M Davidson, Roger, Tahlequah Davis, Dean, Tulsa Dawes, Sam, Tahlequah Decker, Charles, Muskogee Deen, Roberta, Muskogee Delso, Linda, H enryetta Denham, Phyllis, Kellyville Di Antonio, I an, Wilburton Diffee, Kenny, Stilwell Dill, Ruby, Coweta MQW' ii AMUSEMENT, ANTICIPATION, AND awe are just a few of the many emotions seen on coeds' faces when they check their mail. JUENE ATCHLEY AND Melba Williams add the finishing touch to their Christmas display at Leoser Hall. SCPHOMORES - SOPHOMORES ' SOPHOMORES Dodds, Loretta, Muskogee Doolittle, James, Mcfilester Douthit, Jack, Muskogee Dover, Vicki, Muskogee Drake, Max, Southwest City, Mo. DuBois, Patsy, Tulsa Duca, Donald, Tulsa Duffer, Robert, Tulsa Duncan, Norma, Spavinaw Duncan, Shirley, Jay Dunegan, Gary, Tulsa Durham, Carol, Claremore Edmondson, James, Muskogee Edwards, David, Muskogee Edwards, Nancy, Muskogee Erickson, Joann, Tahlequah Essary, Don, Porter Evans, James, Sallisaw Eversoll, Ted, Stilwell Faires, John, Tulsa Ferrino, Carmen, Tulsa Fiddler, Carole, Ramona Finley, Lynn, Tulsa Foltz, Robert, Muskogee Ford, John, Claremore Fowler, Janet, Tulsa Fox, Dianna, Talzleqzlah Franke, Joe, Tulsa Frazier, Cheryl, Locust Grove Fryar, Sue, Bixby Fullbright, Billy, Sallisaw Fullbright, David, Sallisaw Funkhouser, Charles, Afton Gage, Jerry, Tahlequah Gage, Margaret, Pryor Gamble, Richard, Hominy Garoutte, Judy, Coweta Gasaway, Sharon, Okmulgee Geary, Boyd, Bartlesville Gilmlin, Judy, Pryor Gibson, Jim, Muskogee Gibson, Larry, Bartlesville Gilbert, Mary, Muskogee Gilcrease, Annie, Tulsa Gill, Donna, Spiro r , .fr A 91 1: 'W , 'fi Mr 4 M' 2 ,,,, L gb, zni, Y, ,hw l , SOPHOMORES - SOPHOMORES ' Ham ton Daniel Kansas Cit Mo. P 1 , Y, Hanna, Tom, Muskogee Hanson, Daphne, Tahlequalr Hardin, Sammy, Checotah Harmon, Gordon, Poteau Harper, lda, Tulsa Harris, Kay, Tulsa Hart, Marshall, Tulsa Hartzog, William, Hulbert Hathaway, Mike, Tahlequah 4 X If Y wel, ,,,,,,, , Gillin, Lanell, Porter Girdner, Elaine, Tulsa Girdner, Paul, Hulbert Goble, Tim, Tulsa Goodell, Ralph, Bartlesville Goodpaster, Sherman, Wagoner Goodwin, Patsy, Stilwell Goubeaud, John, Dunstable, Mass Graves, Valerie, Muskogee Green, Jo, Broken Arrow Green, Mary, Stilwell Greenlee, Robert, Morris Greenwell, Mary, Tulsa Grider, Jo, Jay Grimes, Linda, Wagoner Grimes, Morton, Wagoner Grimsley, Leonard, Tulsa Groff, Glen, Sapulpa Guffey, Pat, Muskogee Gullett, LeRoy, Pawhuska Gwin, Lester, Tulsa Hale, Earlene, Bartlesville Hall, Frankie, Tahlequah Hamhy, Sherri, Tulsa Hammond, Eddie, Westville SOPHOMORES a f in 1 4, if Hausmann, Darrell, Fairfax Hayes, Sherman, Tahlequah Haynes, Jean, Tahlequah Heard, Jean, ,lay Heller, Bill, Tulsa Helms, Teresa, Eufaula Helton, Linda, Prue Helton, Maggie, Haskell Henderson, Carole, Stigler Hendrickson, Chris, Shialer Herrington, Judy, Salina Hickman, Geraldine, Tulsa Highlill, George, Muskogee Hilfiger, Roger, Muskogee Hill, Bobby, Cans Hill, Shirley, Morris Hinkley, Ann, Tulsa Holiman, Jo, Talilequali Holman, Gordan, Muskogee Hood, Kathleen, Muskogee Hoog, John, Muskogee Horn, Gayle, Tulsa Hough, Mary, Nowata Houston, Janet, Tahlequah Hubbard, Connie, Muskogee Hubbard, Kathy, Muskogee Hubbard, Shirley, Tahlequah Hughes, Don, Pryor Hunt, Ted, Chelsea Hutchinson, Allen, Tulsa Isaacs, Carliss, Sand Springs James, Arden, Tahlequah Jobe, Mary Lou, Muskogee Johnson, James, Sand Springs Johnson, Karen, Tulsa 59 MARCIA CONLEY, SIGMA Tau Gamma Rose, represents her fraternity brothers at the Homecoming Parade. SOPHOMORES ' SOPHOMORES ' SCPHOMQRES Johnson, Marilyn, Miami, Fla. Johnson, Roger, Muskogee Johnson, William, Muskogee Jones, Mary, Szidham Jones, Ruth, Stilwell a"""f "'!'b.A MQW is Kanady, Paula, Tulsa Keller, Joseph, Muskogee Kerr, Britt, Catoosa Kelchcr, Stanley, Stilwell King, Carol, Clzelsea WW R 'lr lk if I . w"'-'wa ,-l, if? 'fly E King, Dianna, Bartlesville Knight, Alma, Stilwell Krause, Frederick, Coweta Lackey, Glenn, Ft. Smith, Ark. Lamb, Mary, Collinsville' Lambertson, Daniel, Okmulgee Lanigan, Kathleen, Tulsa Larson, John, Muskogee Larson, Robert, Salina Lawson, L. D., Sapulpa Leming, Shirley, Tahlequah Lesser, Rosalie, Tulsa Lillard, Linda, Atoka Liptack, Shirley, Tulsa London, Roger, Tulsa Lonon, Hubert, Porter Lonsinger, Mary, Skiatook Lord, Carolyn, Tulsa Loveless, Lana, Tulsa Lovett, William, Sand Springs Lowery, Judy, Tahlequah Lund, Glenn, Sand Springs Lyle, Glen, .lay Lynch, Liane, Houston, Tex. Madding, Barbara, Muskogee Mahan, Sue, Coweta Maier, Diane, Tulsa Main, David, Sapulpa Mancuso, Janet, Tulsa Mann, Cheryl, Keota Martin, Larry, Oklahoma City Martin, Melvin, Tulsa Marvin, James. Sallisaw Mayes, John, Okmulgee McAfee, Jane, Tulsa SCPHOMORES ' SCPHOMORES ' SOPHOMORES Morrison, David, Tahlequah Morrow, James, McAlester Moss, Odel, Muskogee Mulholland, J eny, Tahlequah Mullins, Loyal, Sapulpa Murray, Thomas, Tulsa Myrick, Donna, Muskogee Naugle, Sue, Hulbert Navarro, Ronald, Tulsa Nichol, Sarae, Claremore McAnally, James, Stilwell McBee, Jerry, Tulsa McCombs, Carol, Kaw City McCormack, Norma, Pryor Mclsemore, Mary, Wagoner McNally, Jerry, Pocola McReynolds, Donald, Stilwell Meek, Elizabeth, Westville Mefford, Carl, Tulsa Mefford, Darlene, Tulsa Mier, Elizabeth, Muskogee Milburn, James, Tulsa Miller, Dannie, Henryetta Miller, Shirley, Sallisaw Mitchell, Frankie, Okmulgee Mnich, Loddie, Bartlesville Mobley, Larry, Pawhuska Mohley, Mary, Pawlzuska Montgomery, Marie, Hulbert Moore, Guy, Sallisaw Moore, Judith, Haskell Moore, Margaret, Haskell Moore, Rosemary, Sallisaw Morgan, Teri, Pawhuska Morris, Billie, Stilwell Nichols, Carol, Coweta Nigh, Lewann, Muskogee Ogden, lack, Stilwell Orr, Glenda, McCurtain Overman, Dennis, Checotah Paden, Tommie, Beggs Palmer, Edna, Ft. Gibson Parker, Craig, Tulsa Parker, Linda, Tulsa Parker, Thomas, Muskogee Parson, Barbara, Tulsa Patterson, Meredith, Stigler Payton, Lynda, .lay Peak, Richard, Muskogee Peak, Sandra, .lay Person, Sandra, Tulsa Phelps, Billy, Wilburton Phillips, Phyllis, .lay Phillips, Wynona, Tahlequah Pickard, Thomas, Okmulgee Pilgrim, Mickey, Okmulgee Pilney, Patrick, Dallas, Tex. Ping, John, Skiatook Pinney, Harry, Tulsa Poplin, Loyd, Rose 'r'- f ' ,Nw- 45. 2 'S ij 'Qi' fs Q ,, i ii Porter, Sue, Tulsa Potts, Diana, Tulsa Poulton, Nancy, Okmulgee Powers, Don, Claremore Pruitt, Gary, Muskogee Purviance, David, Tulsa Quillin, Carol, Wynona Ramsey, Rachel, Idabel Randall, Marilyn, N owata Raus, Jane, Bartlesville ONE OF THE comments at the All-Greek Dance: 1-2-3-and 4, 5-6-7 and 8. Oops, this isn't a social dancing class. EILEEX REAL IS captured in the rapturous moment all ru hoes dream of as she reccivcs a hid from her choice sorority. SCPHOMORES - SOPHOMORES ' SOPHOMORES Ray, Ralph, Burbank T .,, Readdy, Johanna, Muskogee ,A if A Q A I Reidy, Elizabeth, Tulsa f i? Sm Reynolds, Beverly, Tulsa 1 ,A,, Rhodes, Gloria, Coweta tl' ' X t,,sl 1 , TH L Rice, Janics, Pryor ' Rico, Robert, Tulsa ' Riddle, Jonnic, Tulsa Rigdon, Barbara, Bartlesville Rikard, Warren, Stilwell .. ret vi Hub, we i Q Q MW Ritchie, Warner, Fairfax Robinson, James, Muskogee Robinson, Linda, Haskell Rocke, Rose, Las Vegas, Nev. Rogers, Elmer, Muskogee Roller, Ronald, Prague Rozell, Cheryl, Tahlequah Ruffin, Kenneth, Tulsa Rumsey, Russell, Sperry Sallee, Sylvia, Ketchum Saunders, Homer, H enryetla Savage, Andrew, Tulsa Savage, Jerry, Barllesville Schaefer, Sue, Vinita Schlecht, Joe, Tulsa Schrader, Judith, Tulsa Schwake, Mary, Kansas Scott, Kathy, Tulsa Scott, Robert, Picher Seabolt, Cary, Broken Arrow Searle, Johnny, Bartlesville Shepherd, Carl, Stigler Shilling Suzanne, Tulsa Simmons, Marilyn, Tulsa -t. ZSYEQQ5? ,1 . if 'X' . fn- "' K iiiii S if if l , 1 , V "', E, H K N ,xx ' man ,J ,. Ke , , a in , ' fa. .. at 5 , ig fav 2. Sessions, J ackquelin, Council Hill : ,V A SN it M 5 gm , it ' eil 5 3 ,F ' rw- 44548 ,,,, , I 6 : ei: uf! may L mis 3 , 'Vt 3 Q w i f s. M R "" Q 4' 'Q sf K 5- 1 V ,ml , 4 . . .Y L A - ' ' t fi' , N Sims, Margo, Muskogee Sixkiller, Butch, Stilwell Smith, Gerald, Eufaula Smith, Jacqueline, Picher Smith, Kenny, Preston Smith, Lynn, Bartlesville Smith, Marjorie, Nowata Spencer, John, Haskell Stacey, Wendy, Tahlequah Starr, Judy, Stilwell 1 l SOPHOMORES - Toney, Michael, Tahlequah Trammel, Sue, Tahlequah Treat, Gary, Muldrow Trimble, Glenn, Pryor Truman, Phillip, Owasso Tucker, Belvia, Henryetta Turley, Ruthann, Tulsa Tumer, Allison, Bartlesville Turney, Katie, Jenks Van Cu nda, Janice, Dewey sf - H B fs 1 cas' is K2 is 1 'iam Stauss, Foix, Tahlequah Stauss, Jim, Tahlequah Stephens, J erry, Midwest City Stephenson, Charlotte, Henryetta Steward, Bobby, Lequire Story, Janice, Wann Stuart, James, Tulsa Suttle, Jon, Duncan Swift, Sherry, Tulsa Syverson, Joyce, Tulsa THYIOI, Judy, Sallisaw Taylor, Patricia, Wagoner Taylor, Robert, Hartshome Teel, Geroge, Southwest City, Mo. Thomas, Beverly, Stilwell Thomas, Mary, Tahlequah Thompson, Ellis, Pryor Thompson, James, Wagoner Thompson, Jeannie, Park Hill Thompson Marsha, Muskogee Thorne, Joyce, Tulsa Thornton, Gail, Broken Arrow Thro, Jessie, Dewey Thurman, Linda, Sand Springs Titsworth, Cheryl, H eavener SOPHOMORES ' SOPHOMORES ,Fd ,Xl jg 'Y2C"' ft, to 1 . I Lf' L i Fefe Vaughan, Donald, Stilwell Vaughn, Billy, Noel, Mo. Voils, Ray, Eufaula Wagner, Dale, Tulsa Walkup, Dale, Sapulpa Walter, Barbara, Dustin Walters, Sheila, Claremore Wammack, Shirley, Tulsa Warren, Dona, Tulsa Waters, Stella, Tulsa Watkins, Carolyn, Muskogee Weeden, Alfred, Hulbert Weeks, Barbara, Catoosa Weeks, Lynn, Tulsa West, Cindy, Tulsa White, White , Dwain, Chateau White, White 9 Barbara, Coweta Glen, Muskogee Ronald, Tahlequah Whitenburg, Judy, Sand Springs Williams David Catoosa Williams Eddie, Tahlequah Williams Faye, Tahlequah Wise Jane, Muskogee , . ,. was , Williams, Harvey, Sttlwell tx Z wx 'fz uf'-1 ' 'Q' ww we zt- to ae. M tam, ,F at lil 3,5 -ai A 1 its Q f Sag , ig is .w"" t ,fp gf, ar- t, -as 1, 3, ltlb , jus., X Q wk T.. , , Q .-:- . as fi x 9 ' ' fr Wise, John, Tulsa Wise, Mike, Muskogee Wood, Joyce, Bristol, Pa. Woods, Juanita, Stilwell Woods, Sharon, Sallisaw Woolf, Lajan, Keefer Yeager, Larry, Westville Youell, Carron, Tulsa Young, Peggy, Muskogee Youngblood, Glenn, Sapulpa - Action, J oe, Okmulgee SELECTED T0 LEAD the freshman class of 1964-65 are, left to right, seated, Robbie Bynum, student senate representative, Terry Tarr, presidentg standing, Mike Horton, vice president, Brad Davis, student senate representativeg Fred Dupy, treasurer, Donna Honeywell, secretary. FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN Adair, Judy, Stilwell Adair, Larry, Stilwell Adams, Gordon, Tahlequah Alexander, Samuel, Wagoner Allard, Reva, Big Cabin Allen, Georgia, Stilwell Alspaugh, Dianna, Tulsa Alvarez, Charles, Ft. Gibson Archer, Wanda, Tahlequah :,. . r 'R W S .. -ess ,,1, 5.1 iff Ra .IL was lg E sa , f..,. if xg 5 r f., Armstrong, Joyce, Vian Arnold, Phyllis, Haskell Atchley, Deena, Wagoner Atchley, Jimmie, Mazie Avery, Dale, Spiro Bagwell, Karel, Muskogee Baird, Janet, Oklahoma City Baker, Alva, Muskogee Baker, Judy, Wagoner Barnes, James, Owasso Barnett, Chloeen, Sand Springs Barnett, Harriett, Kinta Bamum, Judith, Tulsa Barrington, Dale, Hulbert Bartley, Roxie, Tahlequah Beals, Betty, Muskogee Beam, Constance, Sand Springs Bean, Nancy, Sapulpa Beaver, Sally, Hulbert Beckham, Garvin, Jenks Belford, Kenneth, Okmulgee Bennett, Sherry, Wister Berry, Elizabeth, Tahlequah Best, Michael, Tahlequab Black, Cerelda, Oklahoma City E sam , . 1, af, Black, Sarah, Quapaw Blackburn, Richard, Tulsa Blair, Paul, Muskogee Blankenship, Edward, Chouteau Blanks, David, Mefilester Bolding, Carl, Ramona Bone, Sharon, Depew Boomer, Roger, Kellyville Bowen, Janie, Heavener Bowles, Paul, Jay 3, his 1 ,, is Y E -aa T g i e' ' Q irriir :ii we ,, ,. f-' .sway L , FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN Campbell, Sharon, Oklahoma Cannavan, Phyllis, Tulsa Carlile, Leon, Park Hill Carlin, Mary, Tulsa Carpenter, Carol, Barzlesville Carr, Steve, Tahlequah Carter, Judith, Collinsville Casey, Jerry, Muskogee Catron, John, Kansas City, Ka Caughron, Ronald, Tulsa City QM, 1 21, A ,,.,, H 5 . ii , Brassfield, Kenneth, Claremore Brassfield, Mary, Tahlequah Brazil, Bertha, Muskogee Breashears, Norma, Sallisaw Brill, Lester, Holdenville Brill, Pauletta, Tahlequah Brinkley, Thomas, Tulsa Brinsfield, Danny, Checotah Brown, Cheryl, Tulsa Brown, Ronald, Chickasha Browning, Ted, Bartlesville Burke, Richard, Tulsa Burnham, William, Eufaula Burton, Karen, Tulsa Bush, Jerry, Tulsa Butcher, Dana, Tulsa Byfield, Donald, Tulsa Byford, Thomas, Okmulgee Call, William, Tulsa Calloway, Pauline, Oaks Cameron, Karyn, Tulsa Cameron, Ronald, Bartlesuille Campbell, Carol, Locust Grove Campbell, John, Tulsa Campbell, Patricia, Tulsa Cayce, Linda, Siloam Springs, Caywood, Charlotte, Tulsa Chadwell, Carolyn, Westville Chadwell, Clorine. Westville Chaney, Robyn, Tulsa Chapman, Bette, Tahlequali Charloe, Fayetta, Tulsa Chissoe. Richard, Tulsa Clack, William, Pryor Clark, Aubrey, Wann Clover, Susan, Chandler Coachman, Nicholas, Tulsa Cobb, Johnny, Pryor Coffelt, Susan, Oklahoma City Cole. Steve, Hulbert Coley, Richard, Tulsa Collins, Bobbie, Tulsa Comstock, Dennis, Tulsa Condren, Gary, Muldrow Cook, Doris, Vian Cook, George, Mcfilester Shirley, Sperry Vicky, Bartlesville Cook, Cook, Cope, Carol, Muskogee Copeland, Barbara, Hulbert A rk. T X rf- SW src. L. is f'-f .ag -wg at 7'-R' ,, - l 'task KT' wil N lx, it :fa-of eases. tem' 'X f mbfr' T 'Q lim I l,i i iiliiyii in ' i i 'TS X C iiii dffgk X afgiiflff QW' 1 Wh' .57 Hin., X' 'Y 416' lie 0 ,ae liz: : . "SZ" Copeland, James, Heavener Cox, David, Tahlequah Cragar, Gerald, Talzlequah Cravotto, John, H enryetta Crites, Francis, Wann Crooch, Van, Boynton Cruce, Sharon, Bristow Dasher, Carolyn, Tulsa Davenport, Fred, Tulsa Davidson, Brenda, Stilwell ,ff ' CHECKING THE PLANTS at the greenhouse located in the Science building is Eddie Thompson. JEAN TALLEY HELPS boost the freshman enrollment. FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN Davidson, John, Muskogee Davis, Brad, Tulsa Davis, Helen, Talilequah Davis, John, Tulsa Duvis, Ronald, Vlllflu Davis, Tom, Birmingham Dawson, Annu, Pnwhuska Dawson, Jimmy, Stilwell Day, Ccorgc, Tl7lIll'l1IlHh Dc-Monte, Pvtcr, Tulsa we V liriil' ,' I A V L' -- - ig' - ,,..- . -3 if M n ls mi -' iw' sm 1 W 'ii is ,ss Mm, i s Q ,., Q A. Q. f. ,X vvs in Q 'ii .':--: H, :lri A I my-ff , A ,,, . - ' rw WI' , Deonier, Larry, Broken Arrow Derrick, Glenda, Muskogee f- Dillon, Berna, Tulsa Dilts, James, Tulsa Dixon, Mary, Pawhuska 5 " may ,.,,. . f 'y Dodson, Vickie, Broken Arrow Dollar, Marilyn. Shreveport, La. Doyle, Anna, Peggs Q, - I Doyle, Charles, Talilequah - Doyle, Peggy, Eufaula r, 3, Y ml: nan- 'N X QT if K 'L My ,fx iz f - Drake, Richard, Southwest City, Mo. Dunbar, Alyce, Tulsa Dunham, Roger, Trzlilequah Dunn, Emma, Tahlequah Dupy, Fred, Tulsa Q 1 Easton, Tanya, Muskogee , I Eberhard, Jannette, Tulsa gg Q , Ebrahimi, Ahmad, Tulsa I J It Ebrahimi, Ali, Tulsa ' A as 2 Edmiston, Robert, Jenks H ff Q Edmondson, William, Muskogee Edmunds, Linda, Tulsa Elam, Linda, Pryor ,go ofs T : r I 133 1 'V-J ,fag '23, -1" 1 I It. w, ' :.,. ' 3:3 ,V ...--A so ' lliifkeafilf ff an if. nm., T ii s , als Hi' ,V ,, 'i er, if if , 35 P , 'Ze Q sir all Elder, David, Tulsa Elkins, Larry, Nowata 5 4 fi f 5' Qs Q1 , ., Q 3 . as als ,,,. . - .R 4 li 4' 'ir i ,Q as ...R- E! L is I K gag?- .. 5 Elliott, Patricia, Tulsa Elmore, Ivan, Vian Emerson, Michael, Muskogee Epperson, Kathleen, Tulsa Epperson, Rosemary, Tulsa Essary, Roy, Porter Evans, Charles, .Muskogee Fabian, Fred, .Muskogee Fain, Ross, Watts Fallis, Kay, Vinita 1 'zl' I an I , -fs, .. 9 ,Z."' Q A lx .J W! -2? :fi-f r i df' f no wif' -.M FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN Gilbert, Sandra, Dewar Gilmore, Madeline, Wagoner Goddard, Diana, Tahlequah Gooden, Greg, Tulsa Goodpaster, John, Muskogee Gordon, Dennis, Henryetta Gordon, James, Grove Gossett, Freda, Vian Graves, Mary, Tulsa Gray, Mary, Tulsa Farrill, Shirley, Claremore Fears, Ruth, Muldrow Feigel, David, Sand Springs Ferrero, Judy, Henryetla Fike, Larry, Tulsa Finch, Gerald, Muskogee Fincher, Ron, Pryor Floyd, Peggy, Quinton Ford, Patsy, Vian Forneris, Mary, Nowata Foster, John, Tahlequah Fox, Melissa, Tulsa Frazier, Mary, Boynton Freeman, Lester, .Muskogee French, Barbara, Wagoner French, Lynda, Tulsa Fye, Patricia, Disney Gadberzy, Mike, Wagoner Gage, Garry, Tulsa Galbraith, Mary, Westville Gartrell, Dennis, Owasso Gates, Diane, Tahlequah Genzer, Jimmie, Okmulgee George, Brenda, Afton Gibson, Karma, Tulsa l f :CLIN X R6 e ,, A 1,.ff,,, Greene, Suzan, Talilequah Griffin, Douglas, Moore Griffin, Gene, Tulsa Griggs, Mac, Sapulpa Grim, Forest, Tulsa Groseclos, Harold, Whittier, Grubbs, Terrell, Mefllester Guinan, Henry, Pryor Hale, Jackie, Porter Hale, Tommy, Clzeeotah Hale, Willis, Bartlesville Halfacre, Joyce, Tahlequah Hall, Cecil, Spiro Hall, Judy, Tulsa Hall, Leal, Pawlzuska Hall, Raymond, Tulsa Hallford, William, Tulsa Hamilton, Sherman, Watts I-lammons, Judy, Tahleauah Haney, Sharon, Hominy Haning, Joe, Tulsa Harding, Brenda, Sperry Harper, Elliott, Muskogee Harris, Robert, Wagoner Harrison, Michael, Jenks Calif. if .fu J I, all gwgix .... .I if' i :f,,,i '11 , like :Neff-1 ,521 "-. , ,,, 5, H 5- is ff? s e- ,I J if, efs e H s T '5 3 J , iiii 5 a A , , .,,. -,W , ,LL 1 f if . if I I fe ,, 7, e if or it 'lyke L , 1 ,.,::, gg. 1. l Q H. . V K E ni ss J i , , , " ,1 ' e s ree fy , .,.., . iff!" ' A 'GF gf-L-4, l if ri vw., is IL MR .ov A Q E 1 ,L-1 Hart, Ferrell, Tulsa Hartgrave, Sammy, Okmulgee Havins, Terry, Tulsa Heard, Terry, Muskogee Helton, Betty, Vian Heil, Nancy, Franklin, MJ. Heimdale, Karan, Tulsa Hemperley, Judy, Muskogee Henderson, Venda, Wagoner Hendrick, Donald, Tulsa CAROL JACKSON, FRESHMAN Queen, is the center of attrac- tion as Terry Tarr, Freshman class president, prepares to bestow a kiss upon her. NSC STUDENTS ENJOY dancing to the music of the "Drifters" at the Fresh man Coronation Dance. FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN Henley, Leland, Wynona Henley, Viola, Wynona Hensley, Ellen, Smithville Hermann, Fredrea, Afton. Herring, Robert, Bartlesville Hetzer, Alan, Tulsa Hibbs, Audrey, Ponca City Higgins, Bruce, Stilwell Hillman, James, Tulsa Hodges, Cynthia, Tulsa "Shu-nw :Q will Q sz... all M lx in ff ' KA . if f li W' l or V.. it gif ' - or ' -' T 57" """"l 5' T 5 m T .f lt S ' 1 .e-- lrl, , , ,,...- lg' all . 51 f . 1 V i SK T rt? A X . f 3 s gs , T f, ww fn: me ,r 'sim rtisl ff- H X . 'W K 'Q , M, - rs, K' 5 f' ' ,ff-9 ,- L .5 ,- 4 is ii 1 3 Ts , .. li? efv,,1"9v Hodges, William, Stroud llorlgcs, William D., Core Hof, llonahl, Tulsa lloklotuhlw, Emhlio, .llrfflestcr Holds-r, llivllard, Collinsville Holland, Hoy, Tulilzina Holland, Thomas, Tulsa llollaway, lfrud, Wagoner llolt, NlSll'g,Lll'Cl, Tulsa lloneywt-ll, Donna, Tulsa Hood, Joyvo, .lluslrogee Horn, Jo, Core Horner, Toni, Tulsa Horton, lfrank, Tulsa Horton, Samuel, .1'TllSli0gC8 Houston, Andy, Olfnzulgee Howell, Ginger, Okruulgee Huffman, Cheryl, Tulsa Huffman, Patricia, Wynorza lluffstcttvr, Mic-liaol, .lluslfogee Huggins, Mary, Sperry Hughes, llvcki, .lluslfogee Hughes, Mary, Clzouteau Hunter, Juno, Wagoner Hunton, Margaret, Pryor ,, V hw.- f W V -Q vu., . , E i x lf Lri T M A : Q - V- , Q ":' W' 'Y T 2 if 4 trtir fll will ll ., Iz' "' ,, 2 ii L' if in T L A l if if ,,. ,,, ,,,. 3 my .A . t:" i", - ,.. ,D , G 2 ,uw 1, 5 S + f ffi ,ila ,r,, v , E': - izl lib- if ' "::'2- - H fl ' 'Q is ,. . Hunzekr-r, Diane, Adair Jackson, John, Tulsa Javkson, Mary, Tulsa Jacobs, Joanne. .JTIlSTf0g60 Johnson, Carolyn, Tuhlequah Johnson, George, Tulsa Johnson, John, Tolllequah Johnson, Paul, Tulsa Johnson, Sharla, Tulsa Johnson, William, Tulsa " all A': Q W 5 435 'F . , .V.. s if Q Q H, 5 . 5 3, 4 Q f F m 'i I : Qfis' FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN Lawson, Mark, Broken Arrow I , Lazzaro, Barbara, Tulsa N,A Q if Lemmons, Leon, Keota iff, ,B R . QM ' F , Lemons, Denny, Sapulpa l , ' N Lester, Jeffrey, Broken Arrow .. ',r,.,: My ' sl Liggins, Wilma, Cliouteau I Z., Q Lightfoot, Shalah, Tahlequah V - iq , T Lively, Jerry, Bokoshe 0' . L I - We Q Lloyd, Billie, Pryor ' as , 5, . f Logsdon, Ricky, Tulsa ' ,yy A K ' .'. , Vz., V, , K '1 Jolley, Martin, Tulsa Jones, Barbara, Ft. Gibson Jones, Camilla, Tulsa Jones, Donald, Muskogee Jones, James, Tulsa Jones, Linda, Tulsa Jones, Rodney, Tulsa Jones, Wayne, Muskogee Justice, Carol, Poteau Kallay, Alexia, Tulsa Keller, Dina, Oklahoma City Kelly, James, Tulsa Kelly, William, Muskogee Kight, Wilma, Tulsa Kindle, Dorothy, Westville Kindle, Esther, Westville Kinion, Jack, Pryor Koditek, Linda, Muskogee Kroll, Linda, Tulsa Kuykendall, Audrey, Tulsa LaCroix, Kevan, Okmulgee LaCroix, Renn, Okmulgee Lasater, Tim, Haskell Latting, Barbara, Tulsa Lawson, Donald, Tahlequah -wr' lk i g .. f WK". ll' X, 1 z lill l,., .223-ff' Londagin, Judith, Colcord Lundguist, Margaret, Pryor Lundy, Mildred, Tulsa Luster, David, Maud Macke, Charles, Tulsa Madewell, David, Owasso Magness, Roberta, Sand Springs Magrini, Nancy, Okmulgee Maimbourg, Dennis, Tulsa Maisano, Jimmy, McAlester Mann, Naomi, Chouteau Marrow, Sally, Heavener Marrs, Frank, Tulsa Marshall, Nat, Talihina Martin, Jackie, Dewar Mason, Joann, Tulsa Mason, Linda, Muskogee Mason, Patricia, Tulsa Mason, Yvonne, Tulsa Maxwell, Martha, Stilwell McCall, Sandre, Claremore McClanahan, Edwin, Collinsville McClure, William, Wagoner McCollum, Rick, Tahlequali McCrary, Jerry, Eufaula I I.., . if ...Z Q V T", 'ilk my l A MN J 33:3 J R' M i JJ 1 JJ ,- y ,.:' . 'fu' J J T srs - 6. an ef as s -v re ' fs: :fl T '-- f -W - ' 'Q J'-.77 ,Q 1 W O' Q, 1: My WE it St, QM 4+ 1 I 6 Ak ,X J EX' ,U ' 1 -.:.. ' 1' eff. S f- ,,,, ,,5,..,s,, .gferg eg- , -.. I 1 K-M x. I- V, , ..,,, 'Q -r..f 'LW' Y J ' Y f'f-W, 'xllf TAP , , ll """""5' 3 If J .., ,. B ' s J v 1 Q ' ,V .v,', 1 , T ' 1 RJR Q KL' V v my VVL X , . J I, ig -. lim Fl lf ill- -H .J ' r-,- .si , K lk Q.. ,f 'Q 'V I Q bn McDaniel, Cliff, Tulsa McElreath, Diane, Muskogee McGuire, Patsy, Tulsa McKenzie, Sandra, Oklahoma McKnight, Michael, Westville McReynolds, James, Sapulpa Meadows, Rebecca, Tulsa Meeh, Judy, Westville Meyer. Sue, Tulsa Mill, Glenn, ,lluslfogee City PENEI LEFITI MACFEELEY, freshman, from Samoa is shown in his casual dress on campus and in his native Samoan attire. FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN Miller, Gayle, Henryetta Mills. Billy, Elzfrlula Miner, Cary, Tulsa Mitfxhell, Cora, Vera Mitchell, James, Pryor Mitchell, Nancy, Iirzrllvsville Mitvlievll, Sandra, Tulsa Montgomery, Stephen, Tulsa Moon, Darlene, Clzouteau Mmm, Donald, Tulsa mf, '--- H t m at 5 n -i V t, 5 L, F? l 5, V :" 4 it r r L i . A 'Qw- f I 'K K Mooney, Robby, Tulsa Moore, David, Tulsa Moore, Ronald, Braggs Morgan, Linda, Tahlequah Morrison, Jean, Bartlesville Morton, Billy, Stilwell Moulton, Cary, Tulsa Mounts, Roberta, Pawhuska Mullen, Bertha, Braggs Mullins, Larry, Chouteau Muncy, Nancy, Vinita Munson, Edward, Grove Murphy, Micheallynn, Tulsa Murray, Judy, Westville Murray, Maxine, Wagoner Musick, Danny, Bixby Myers, Orville, Hulbery Neel, Wanda, Wagoner Nelson, Nancy, Tulsa Nesbitt, Norma, Preston Newland, Joseph, Tulsa Newman, Tillie, Barllesville Nichols, Larry, Watts Nottingham, Donald, Tahlequah Nuckolls, Ruth, Grove sg, lm' 'J ,p tl wr- ,, r,.,,, H, Q asset s 41, 'iz if I ar 2 an 5 gf 'JR' or ,lui N . ,,,,.,- .nv L ,. Q f gym il QQ' iv, was 1 X 'ESI' vm. f i Gif Q I-2. 1 ik 2,f': 'nni' li. ' 5 H' ,621 L . g -.., :,,, 5 , --, r, Z 'I' ml "'1'.,.'-fr' N w .--" Q- , gin'- Y -.--' svn.,- fwri Was-WJ' it' SW Yi W , ,x sk 1 . Odle, Charles, Colcord Olinghousc, Robert, Tulsa Orman, Yvonne, Muskogee Orvis, Richard, Tulsa Oshon, Lloyd, Tulsa Owens, Jerry, Tulsa Oxley, Patricia, Tahlequah Packwood, James, Tulsa Painter, Jerry, McAlesler Pann, Laura, Hulbert rf , Nw V . , in aft -':' 'ei -P 11- it : 'M , .sa-1 'fe J I ' '.,. ' ij . L, ..,, , 1 :GZ it-is G -Q. 4, H ,f::a::a".'-' .J G X A' A if l2 J Q I 3 if gl an W :aw me f , .P 7 i i A A :AA -.q , ' J K i. , i gu 'ft r :Z 2 A "':: ll a, FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN Powell, Lillian, Pawhuska Powell, Linda, Adair Prewett, Johnny, Muldrow Primrose, Vern, Norman Pullen, Billy, Sapulpa Rader, Carol, Tulsa Ragan, Janet, Talzlequah Ragsdale, Diana, Bartlesville Ramsey, Norman, Pryor Ranson, Joyce, Tulsa ,qi if ,,,, J - it K, 1 'ht " 'JK'-UG' slllirliiqbyrhh 451540 W . , Vs I . J Parham, Garry, Tahlequah Parkcr, Linda, Muskogee Parker, Sharon, Broken Arrow Parkhurst, Joe, Vinila Parks, Bruce, Tulsa Parrott, William, Bristow Patterson, Denise, Tulsa Patterson, Thomas, Pryor Patterson, William, Stilwell Payne, Donna, Tulsa Payton, Alan, Okmulgee Peck, William, Henryetla Perkins, James, Hugo Perry, Frank, Muskogee Phillips, Anthony, Kansas Phillips, Billy, Stilwell Phillips, Gary, Wagoner Phipps, Jodie, Muskogee Pipher, LeEtta, Dewey Plett, Sharon, Tahlequah Poettgen, Rita, McAlester Porter, Kathryn, Broken Arrow Porter, Ladonna, Park Hill Porter, Shirley, Sapulpa Pouncil, Mitchell, Haskell us... an A0 Rauch, Mary, Tulsa Reavis, Linda, Muskogee Rector, Dixie, Sallisaw Redman, Greta, Tulsa Ree, Charles, Broken Arrow Reece, Bette, Haskell Reed, Stephen, Tulsa Reese, George, Tulsa Reeves, Carol, Pryor Renfrew, David, Pawhuska Retherford, Lary, Tulsa Rhea, Judith, Tulsa Rhodes, Daniel, Drumright Richards, Lana, Proctor Riehison, Douglas, Muskogee Rife, Janice, Tulsa Risner, Deanna, Pryor Roan, Barbara, Shawnee Roan, Charles, Fairfax Roberson, Annale, Dewey Roberts, Louise, Muskogee Robinson, Ernest, Muskogee Robinson, John, Broken Arrow Robinson, Leland, Tulsa Rogers, James, Pawhuska s 1' fewit , , 'lei , as A il W M ,, uf' rl' X . tk gg, e i A' A i R 1? Wi Q ii-at : ' ' uL,5L,f.5ikifiefi , - st-,gg an-H sb, 1 Qi e f ' rs 'tr' 5 Rogers, Kenneth, Broken Arrow Rogers, Martha, Hulbert Romiek, Phillis, Claremore Ross, Charlotte, Muskogee Rowell, Walker, Tulsa Roye, John, Stigler Rozell, Carol, Tahlequall Russell, Errol, Wagoner Rutledge, Robert, Okmulgee Sallee, Laveme, Henryetta W w in A in f .J Q GAYLE MILLER, FRESHMAN from Henryetta, proudly displays her prize Homecoming Parade. for the best-dressed girl in Dogpatch. HOMECOMING QUEEN ATTENDANT, Martha Simpson, smiles happily at the crowd durlng the FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN Savage, Adrian, McAlester ,-i, ,V Schrader, Richard, Tulsa ' ir,, ' nw. Scott, Barbara, Sallisaw " Scott, lrma, Sallisaw f:v -- " Scranton, Joe, Tulsa ' V " ' Self, Beverly, Hitchita y W ,Y , Y' Seymour, Diana, Tahleqmzh H - V Shaw, Patricia, Drumright . f K- . i" E Sheffield, Richard, Sulphur up ' '- . Sheridan, Cary, Bartlesville -', , I A2'i' o r ri f ly l .,,..f X i ew Sw? Sherwood, Emma, Sallisaw Simmons, Pearl, Tahlcquah Simpson, Martha, Tulsa Skeith, Barbara, Tulsa Sloan, John, Oktalia Sloat, Harold, Coweta AH! T Smith, Barbara, Tulsa Smith, Benny, Talilequah Smith, Dan, Quinton Smith, David, Tulsa Smith, Glenda, Tahlequah Smith, Harold, Barnsdall Smith, Homer, Chouleau Smith, Joyce, Wagoner Smith, Nelda, Muskogee Smith, Randall, Checolah Smith, Ronald, Tahlequah Southern, Velda, Pryor Spencer, Charlotte, Tulsa Spenrer, Sidney, Clzouteau Stellman, Virginia, Claremore Stephens, Carolyn, Tulsa , Stevens, Jim, Tulsa Stewart, Frank, Tulsa Stiles, Noble, Okmulgee rl f' ,,. . :H Q t ii fa- '-t: X ,xt I ' vm. 4.., I , T-3? my ,P A, 4-fm 'Uk , sf?-r Jr 5' J- A , y ij riff' ll' Q Nl 2 ,L :aa Z' . 1 Y , I:,, K 'ri x , LY K k,?,, no if sm' ,, W .! ,L, x l 3 is K 4 - Lf .- sm ,affix t - . ,,.t ..,. , ., , 'f""s , Qv . , .R I L Mali 'M so ii ii e ,im it s- 'S' pr stt A-M o f S V ' 1 S " S l t 1 b i . l 'Z :Q 3 'Pl fi, o 4 5: 3 , lf? figs , Qi., 14' x .ji ng le ibn ik., 'ii in 3 I X" t' QQ 3 Y ,1 Stone, Susan, Muskogee Strand, Donna, Tulsa Streeter, Janet, Oklahoma City Stroup, Steve, Tulsa Stubbs, Linda, Ft. Gibson Stump, Virgil, Maysuille, Ark. Sullivan, Delbert, Muskogee Surber, Elaine, Tulsa Sweetman, Patricia, Tulsa Talley, Jean, Tulsa 1-Q' gg' f, 'Q' gal A 'F' 'W' T F-fa 95- llf m r fi l I er , ff ' ' - 5 -.,,:-., 1 J'if5-. ' .-. BR l ll, 5352, fe ,, f , 'f LLl,, ' Q, S ""F F J . 4 1- ,ti " fs -fi .5 .- ,,V, 1 no E, . , , 'Q' .4 .45 A A la g . jf -5, T T X 2 J liii, U ' "' T - t aw ' I l FRESHMEN ' FRESHMEN - FRESHMEN Waid, Clyde, Tulsa Walker, Linda, Tahlequah Walker, Sandra, Tulsa Tarr, Terry, Sapulpa Tatham, James, Sallisaw Thomas, Charles, Webbers Falls Thomas, Judith, Tulsa Thomas, Mary, Checotah Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson, a s Claude, Talzlequah Dorotha, Hulbert Doyle, Muskogee Jan, Tulsa Margaret, Henryetta Thurman, Jimmy, Ukmulgee Timmons, Sharon, Proctor Tomlin, James, Keota Towry, Diane, Okmulgee Tressider, Joanne, Tahlequah Trimble, Thomas, Tulsa Turner, Olin, Talrlequah Underwood, Ceneieve, Stilwell Vanhooser, Marvin, Watts Vinyard, Daniel, Tulsa von Unwerth, Harold, Park Hill Vore, Barbara, Park Hill Wadley, Harold, Pryor Wagner, Sharon, Miami Wagoner, Earl, Tulsa J tea.. se f my , ,K Rs ,M N' rs - 'K' Walker, Susan, Okmulgee Wallis, Marland, Bartlesville 353 1 - r' na , . , -f .: .:-f gp Wg , My ,4- A x R Wann, Ronnie, Ft. Smith, Ark. Q Ward, James, Braggs Ward, Richie, Talzlequah Ward, Terence, Ramona Warden, Cheryle, Tulsa ' ' fb NM .st- W., ,. T -'- at 'frilfg 11225-' Waren, Marsha, Cameron Watkins, Lucy, Tahlequah Watson, Sue, Tulsa Watts, Larry, Okmulgee Wayne, Judith, Claremore Weaver, William, Pryor Werner, Barbara, Tulsa West, James, Muskogee Whalen, Delorus, Tulsa White, Carolyn, Tulsa White, Sandra, Broken Arrow Wickett, Raymond, Tulsa Wilcox, Michael, Talllequah Wilkes, Janice, Kansas Wilkinson, Bobbie, Ft. Gibson Williams, Larry, Clzecotah Williamson, William, Tulsa Wilson, Carolyn, Tulsa Wilson, Larry, Sapulpa Wilson, Linda, Muskogee Wilson, Terry, Sapulpa Winfield, Linda, Kansas Wolf, Monroe, Stilwell Wood, James, Muskogee Woodard, Phyllis, Muskogee N6 5 AY' .eff Xaxk , .Z u ,giiy V, ,,..- we 'gn' . 'v f 'ar we e 'vw ww f Y .1 ,fi A Siu". sf. . g V t , F9 X x 1 I ,,... fbi 153 W.. 44" 9 , ,Nc , 1-11, was rr el X 'HOUR K 'k 5 7 Q I y , , is ,.,- i ,za fa: .,,. ' -V'-- - "'2""i - ii ,,-: Y . .., A Worley, Janet, Ft. Gibson V D Worsham, Robert, Stilwell 'K 'le Yarborough, Mary, Locust Grove I is Young, Barbara, Ft. Gibson lg Young, Maggie, Tahlequah l . , K 72 "7i '92 ' ,ig Zaroor, Marcia, Muskogee ,HL , Zawaski, Judith, Muskogee 'I ,M 5 , ,, Zimmerman, Ben, Sapulpa Vi "5 ' ff ,--, ,V Zimmerman, Gayle, Tulsa l' wb Zimmerman, Judy, Tulsa Y 552 Ei Za QM' -.4-.QA 9 9 Aufomofive Paris Ben Franklin Sfore , Berry's ,,,,,,, ,, N, Black 8: While Tire Shop Borchers Flying Service ee..e, Braunlich Equipmenl' Co. Calhouns YY,,, , Cherokee Oil Company College Service Sfalion ,,,,e, ,,.,,,, CoH'on's Drive-In ,,..,,, C. R. Anfhony ,,,,i,i,,i Crew Rexall Drug ..,,,i, dvertising SZ Index DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISING Galey 8: Hargis .,,,, Greenhaw-Eddings as Y HensIey's Shoes .,,w,,,r.,,,i,,,, Hind's Deparlmenf Sfore .,,. I.G.A. Thrifiway r,,i.,,., Jlmmies ,, ,i,,i,.. ,. ,, ,I Kroh Music Company 6. KTLQ Radio ,,,i.,,,.,, ,..,, Liberly Sfale Bank , . Fullerion Eleclric Supply .aA,a ii,,,,,i 2 75 Ralph Burd Company feefe eeiere- 2 66 H ,,,VV 275 Reasor's Red Bud , ,,,,, , 272 270 Reed-Culver Funeral Home ,, ,. 265 268 Reed's Dry Goods ff , 269 267 Scholars Inn I 6. 275 264 Shopper's Town , , I 270 276 Spears Mofor Co. , 272 265 Slandard Aufo Paris I 266 V N W 267 Slale Farm Insurance , 27I 273 Sfauss Drug Sfore , , , 268 268 Sfyle Shop , 264 Linville Jewelry .. Longhorn Drive-ln., ,, I 265 Success Moior Company 266 Dairy Bam -,YY,,,,YV,,,.AV,V Y,,s,AVV M eel-,a-Line Company VYKQVWQQ ,-.-,,V- 2 73 Tahlequah Chamber of Commerce 262 Dari-Twin i.....,, ,...,4. M eigg Jewelry 8, Giffs .llgl ..VV 275 Tahlequah Laundry 81 Dry Cleaning 278 Davis CIo+hiers .AVVVVsVV...VYY Vssrs. M organ's Bakery ,S ,s,,,,,.. ,,s..,,, 2 65 Tahlequah Lumber Co., Inc. , , S. ,I 276 Deanls PI10'I'09"aPI'IY ---------s-----s-'---e'- Morris Flowers -s-.eYY--VeVVsV..A.sYYss...A.-Ysf..E 262 Tahlequah Savings and Loan Associafion DOISOH-ROIDeI"I'S Lumber Company Muskogee Refail Merchanls Associa+ion 274 E. A. Cowan Consfrucfion, Inc. ee.,.,.s 27I TI10l'f1l0n'S W -Y Ye-- - - 275 Easiem Hill, Moifel -AK-,,VYwVV---VVA YYIVKKY M u'I'zig's ,,,,,,...,, ,,,..,,,, . A. .,,...,,, 276 Toney's Drug Sfore I 267 Eagforfs Sfudio VsY,sVrq,rVrr,I,sVrw,r,rr ,r,6r,, N ormal Club Cleaners , .rI, ,, 275 Townhouse Cafeieria ,I I 277 Farmer Brofhers Skelly Service ,,,.,,,, Oak Park Molel , ,,,,,, , , ,, 266 TUCkel' Salvage . J , ,,,.,Y,,,,. . 268 Felfg Family Sl-,ge Sfore A,,wA,,4w,--,,,w,,,w Oklahoma Tire and Supply ,,,,,,r,,,,, 269 Weil Mfg. and Marine SBIBS .,,,,, , , 267 Fil-gf Nafional Bank gf Tahlequah ,,,, Parker Mofor Company ,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,r,,,, 267 Webb's Service S'Ia'I'iOrl . .. -f-fff, 266 Friendly Jim's Enlerprises ........iA,.sis. Pic+orial Press 6, rlI,rsY.wI,r,s,,,Y,,, r,,,,r, 2 69 Wesfefn AUIO ---s'e A -s-- 267 Complimenfs of TAHLEQUAH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE declicaleol lo making our communily a belrler place in which io live Your Residenlial Florisls MORRIS FLOWERS "flowers Ihal please" GL 6-2529 608 W. Delaware 262 FELTS' FAMILY SHOE STORES OF EASTERN OKLAHOMA A Tahlequah Muskogee Broken Arrow Slilwell Pofeau Okmulgee Vinila M. X X S ' , :?Wjpf:f"' W" V, 'H f V WA WY . , . ,Q W - A 'W' . A S' . Q aw' R' ' ' 1 'M ' ,,wyH,,,,u M wfvmf jf my - , M -fi-A13 Building and Elecfrical Con+rac+ors . . . Aparimenis FRIENDLY JIM'S ENTERPRISES TAHLEQUAH 327 N. Muskogee GL 6-6I5I 263 Serving +I1e People of Tahlequah and Cherokee Couniy Since I89I THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TAHLEQUAH GL 6-2566 I00 S. Muskogee NORMAL CLUB THE STYLE SHOP CLEANERS AND vI5i+f'fi.eHEZ'iI Eliilienlfu VANITY BEAUTY SHOP C'ea'g12+5"fo:hiIoE1:Lz Thaf GL 6-239I II3 N. Muskogee SANITONE CLEANING GL 6-367I I.G.A. Thriftway Locafed af Box's Shopping Cenfer hx E I' D g S+ 'r REED-CULVER FUNERAL HOME GL 6-255I II7 W. Delaware CompIimenI's of MORGAN s BAKERY KROH MUSIC We Bake for 'I'he B?gUF3eopIe in Town . . Special Qrde,-5 Serving Eas'I'ern Oklahoma BI N' Muskogee GL 6-373' In Qualify Music Since I908 432 W. Broadway Muskogee Where SIyIes and FII Come Firsi THE DAVIS CLOTHIERS P""I"S by DEAN'S PHOTOGRAPHY 0 Marx Made SuiIs Specajrfes im 0 Jarman Shoes Fam? ' sign S 0 Van Heusen ShirI's Wlddingsp GL 6-3430 I25 N. Muskogee GL 6-375I II5 N. Muskogee L0 N G H 0 R N DRIVE IN fcfnesf Bmas fed Cfncfen II Rtsmunam' A an of Ci+y GL ebo9I P ,lm 4 VII' - - in YlII! - :Q -SJ , Y ,YAY "-"6" ' I , A, -- I Ik A I- K :eel glee I I: -la I HTF or XIII I k A A I '-fx if i iii - U, X A he H ' E-'1'-,,, I' -if A - ' '-IT.'., II if X 4 ' lnwig "" I 'I if i Tfwi gf?-S - I ,ia ' I I. 1' A I g A I N ISI Y I II I I I E - h I I RALPH BURD COMPANY Supplies and Equipmen+ for Pressroom Composing Room Bindery Tulsa, Oklahoma B l394 LU 7 9992 WEBB'S SERVICE STATION OAK PARK MOTEL GL 5,4458 GEORGE and HELEN ROYCE Tahlequah owner and operafor GL 6-257: 706 E. Downing 50' E I D 9 STANDARD AUTO PARTS TAHLEQUAH OKLAHOMA 324 S Muskogee GL 62343 CHEROKEE OIL COMPANY GL 6-244I 420 S. Muslc g SUCCESS MOTOR COMPANY CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE OK USED CARS AND TRUCKS Sales and Service eq Phone: Tahl GL 6-34I I Olclaho or GL 6-347I HlND'S DEPARTMENT STORE Narionally Adver+ised Merchandise GL 6-25l9 IOO N. Muskogee WESTERN AUTO TONEY'S DRUG STORE H Eescrlgllgns S H ' RCA Whirlpool Appliances Your GO Tlligquahlamp lore ' RCA Vicl'Or TV and Radios GL 6-2589 l22 S. Muskogee GL 6-2I3I Il0 N. Muskogee kt! lzclaclio Tahlequah Our Grass Mainiained Willa TCHO PARKER MOTOR COMPANY is yours? PONTIAC-BUICK-IH D'STR'BUTED BY: Paris and Service W '1' MF . d M ' S I al Tu?-lalarbklahgxle aes GL 6-2556 223 S. Muskogee TAHLEQUAH DEALER: Gerald Lowery Hardware STAUSS DRUG STORE 'We Give S 81 H Green S+ampS Prescrip+ions Firsf GL 6-248I I05 N. Muskogee LINVILLE JEWELRY GL 6-36l2 I27 N. Muskogee HENSLEY'S SHOES Nafuralizers Life Sfride Busfer Brown Cobbler Redwing I24 S. Muskogee GL 6-435l Across From 'Phe Courfhouse sg , . is , X Uhr Historia! Press wsu orrsn mums mf. THE PICTCRIAL PRESS TAHLEQUAH GL 6-3462 445 S. S+a+e REED'S DRY GOODS Levis--Ladies Sporfs Wear II6 S. Muskogee GL 6-ZI33 TAHLEOUAH 6 1 f l I- OKLAHOMA TIRE AND SUPPLY Phonograph-Records ask for discounf carcls on records Tahlequah, Oklahoma 20l S. Muskogee GL 6-2333 SHOPPER'S TOWN TAHLEQUAH GL 6-604 I I 04 Soufh Muskogee Congraiulaiions Norlheasfern S+a'I'e College I+ has been my greaf pleasure for many years 'lo serve Noriheaslern and fo walch ifs expansion and success in fhe educa- 'lional field. Wishing you confinued growlh. 234 S. M lc . T H usfgee Frank H. Braunllch a equa GL 6-3442 BRAUNLICH EQUIPMENT CO 936 S. Canfon Tusla, Oklahoma ,W , ' .e!a'anowwsH ,Qww1:Pz,-I H--1lalfzils-i1-agree, - . GI '- ,QP 4: G' 'L Q 'Z- AMERYGF fa H 2 C 2 .A 3 ff 5 lop Q 'IQSG 4 wr- SKILL y QE X6 1 INTEGMTY S PONSIBI-L E. A. COWAN CONSTRUCTION, INC. 2I4 NorI'h Broadway P.O. Box 908 Shawnee, Oklahoma 7480l Shawnee Phone: BR 3-7400 Oklahoma Ciiy Phone: PE 2-6550 RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Bebb FIoraI Company DoyIe BIancI Office Supply Broadway Thea'I'ers DurniI's Deparimenf S'rore FuII'on's Snyder's Young Fashions Hun+'s Deparfmeni' Siore Jones' SI'ore KeIIy Monumenf Company KIar Bro'I'hers Jewelry Modern CIo'I'hiers Muskogee Furni'I'ure Nelson FurniI'ure S. and Clofhiers Scoggins Appliances Susman's Wes+ern Au+o Sfore MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA CompIimen'Is of BEN FRANKLIN STORE GL 6-903 I Tahlequah Oklahoma KEITH W. HOLLAND Sfafe Farm Insurance AUTO LIFE FIRE GL 6-3I6I 405 S. Muskogee Tahlequah - BUD ad REASOR'S RED BUD TAHLEQUAH 200 Chocfaw GL 6-2292 FARMER BROTHERS DOTSON-ROBERTS SKELLY SERVICE LUMBER Bizliieiflffgfifsis COMPANY 200 N. Muskogee GL 64304 GL 6'228I '07 5- Wafer Spears Motor Co. GL 6-953l 70I S. Muskogee :An "The Bank Where You FeeI ai Home" GL 6-2569 I30 S. Muskogee E DAIRY BARN Tahlequah C. R. ANTHONY I08 S. Muskogee GL 6-62I2 Tahlequah . . . - XI N 'ke X ., I Besi' Wishes From MECHA-LINE COMPANY MANUFACTURERS-AGENTS Pumps-Boilers-Sewage and Waier Treafmeni' Ric-Wil Underground Piping Sys+ems Oiher Ma+eriaIs and Machinery OKLAHOMA CITY Code 405 P.O. Box I90W PA n-s-us 73:22 wM. s. IBILLI eoLDEN BORCHERS FLYING SERVICE TAHLEQUAH MUNICIPAL AIRPORT FAA Approved FIigh'r Training Single and MuI+i-Engine Rafing CHARTER-SALES AND SERVICE GL 6-9I60 GL 6-969I ,,, TAHLEQUAH SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 4V2'f, on Insured Savings GL 6-6I9I I09 E. Delaware TI-IE ALL NEW S EAS OKL SINCE 1914 wgfddadafwfddfvya Noriheasi' OICIBIIOMBIS Leading Deparfmenf S+ore gg SaIu+es Our Neighbor Nor+h af OIcII1 ' L d' CII e S a oma S ea Ing 0 ege "YouR ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHERH NORTHEASTERN a+ive1+oiJIfug+uGifui.If Pigiigaiifefle on me STATE COLLEGE 43 I W. Broadway Muskogee CREW REXALL DRUG "We Give Gunn BroI'I1ers S'l'amps" GL b-2233 IOI N. Muskogee MEIGS JEWELRY 81 GIFTS REED 81 BARTON STERLING SYRACUSE CHINA BU LOVA WATCHES Guaranleed Welch and Jewelry Repair GL 6-6233 III N. Muskogee Complimenls of, Fullerton Electric Supply 426 N. 3rd Sfreel Muskogee, Oklahoma Eleclrical Supplies - Liglfmling Fixlures All Work Gua ra n+eecI Salmlafw fm GI6HCI. QGIQS -I xl-WAWU4' ,I . ' BLACK 8. WHITE , I Il - Q f X i TIRE SI-IOP , Z.,,,,,,, GL 6-2579 A TOTAL ELECTRIC PROJECT 825 S- Muskogee II00 Block Norfh Grand Talllequalw GALEY 81 HARGIS THORNTON'S fp , , Television Sales Appliance Service GL 6-224l GL 6-420I ZI6 N. Muskogee Tahlequah 20I N. Muskogee A , mi M, . - - MUTZIG'S , DEPA TM T ST R GL 6-325I R EN O E IO9 N. Co lege JIMMIE'S Charcoal Hamburgers Mal+s Shakes 6Il E. Downing GL 6-2465? l tiihlequall LUMBER CO., INC. "Our Business is Building" l Over I4 Years Service fo Home Builders GL 6-2506 Talilequali ,T ... College Service Statlon GL amos 235 N. Muskogee ti ' f 1 :- A " ' 4' ' gr A Y A , gg, W nowsw fi ,M , ' Y' t 4,1 'Nix .. B Townhouse Cafeteria GL 6-422l II I2 S. Muskogee I Q KN: 5 gEAl.5 fum ,- ...Q nnrffvfiycmll-fx Automotive Parts GL 6-bm lI2 W. Choctaw 'Q E v,., . 4. A EASTERN HILLS MOTEL GL 6-4I Il Tahlequah Easf of Ciiy TAHLEQUAH LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING "LeI One Call Do I+ All" GL 6-3II3 I23 S. Wafer 278 fine fu rnifu re and a compIe+e Iine of home appliances Also a Complefe Carpei' and Drapery Depar+men+ 805 S. Muskogee GL 6-6I I I Berry's Index ORGANIZATIONS Alpha chi 54, 55 Alpha Phi Omega 104, 105, 106, 107 Alpha Psi 62 Au-Ger-Du-Lo 62 Band 58 BSU 72, 73 Debate 44, 45 Gamma Sigma Sigma 86, 87, 88, 89 Industrial Arts 69 Kappa Mu Epsilon 53 MENC 60 Newman Club 74 Orchestra 59 Pi Gamma Mu 68 Pre-Med Club 52 Rho Theta Sigma 56, 57 SEA 64, 65, 66, 67 Sigma Alpha Eta 63 Sigma Tau Delta 61 Student Senate 50, 51 Tsa La Gi 46, 47 The Northeastern 48, 49 UCCF 71 Wesley Foundation 75 WRA 70 GREEKS Alpha Sigma Alpha 78, 79, 80, 81 Delta Zeta 82, 83, 84, 85 lnterfraternity Council 95 Panhellenic Council 94 Phi Lamba Chi 96, 97, 98, 99 Phi Sigma Epsilon 108, 109, 110, 111 Sigma Sigma Sigma 90, 91, 92, 93 Sigma Tau Gamma 100, 101, 102, 103 FACULTY Adams, James A. 26 Aingworth, Helen 26 Allard, J. Bradley 26 Allison, Ruth 26 Anderson, J. M. 26, 74 Arrington, Ruth 26, 62, 78, 176, 174 Bateman, Bobbie 26 Battles, Edward E. 3, 23, 26 Benn. Gerald 26, 139, 145, 156, 158, 157 Blank, Earl W. 26, 63 Boatright, Kirk 26 Boggan, Herbert D. 26, 68, 138 Brooks, Nathan C. 27, 104, 138 Bryan, Robert C. 27, 33, 69 Burrows, Vernon W. 23, 27 Buss, John T. 27, 68 Carpenter, Raymond 27 Cason, Lewis M. 27 Clarke, George R. 27 Clayton, Dean 27, 138 Cook, David E. 27 Culp, Paul M. 27 280 Davis, Zoe 28 Dobbins. Jack 28, 108, 155, 149, 153 Elliott, George 139 Evans, William C. 28 Farnsworth, H. Merle 27, 28, 173 Ferguson, B. F. 28 Finley, D. D. 28 Fite, Elwin 22, 28, 59, 138 Forrest, Jack L. 28 Frie, Dorothy 28, 70 Galloway, Edward A. 28, 29 Garrison, Harrell E. 3, 20, 21, 28, 34, 179 Goss, James E. 28 Grace, Cyril W. 29 Grant, Charles A. 29 Grover, Paul 29, 59 Haas, Mary 28, 29, 90 Halgiburton, Rudia 29, 68, 96, 9 Hanan, Perry D. 29 Harris, Frankie 29, 65 Harris, Nadene A. 28, 29, 90 Helton, H. L. 25, 29 Hill, Wallace C. 29 Holland, Kenneth 29, 139, 144, 155, 161, 149 Holland, Marjorie 29 Holmes, Ivan 25, 30, 48 Honea, Robert L. 30 Jennings, Royal D. 30 Johnson, Tom W. 26, 30 Jones, Harvey E. 30, 66 Jones, James W. 30 Jones, O. W. 30 Killingsworth, Robert B. 30 Kisner, Jack 25, 30 Lair, Luana J. 30 Lander, Robert, Jr. 30, 139 Ledhetter, J. L. 6, 31 Littlefield, Valgene 31, 45 Lomax, Marvin M. 31 Lombardi, C. L. 31, 69, 138 Lowe, John C. 31, 100, 102 Marchant, E. H. 31 Markham, Martha S. 31, 82, 138 Mason, Willa Faye 31, 70, 86 Maxwell, Amos D. 31, 68, 100, 138 McClure, Major L. 31 McWhorter, Oleta Elizabeth 31 78 Millican, Virginia Pollard 31 Monks, Herbert V. 32 Murtha, Frances 32 Nix, Theo M. 32 Nogwood, Mary Catherine 32, 3 Norwood, Tracy Jr. 32, 35, 139, 145, 147, 163 Parham, Paul 32 Parrish, William 23, 32, 138 Peake, Louise 15, 32 Plett, J. F. 32 Prechtl, Sylvanna 32, 82 Propst, Hattie C. 32, 55 Rainwater, Leonard W. 33 Randels, Mildred E. 24, 33, 51, 106 Reagan, Mike 33, 55 Reed, Terry 33 Reeves, J. D. 30, 33 Riddle, William T. 27, 33, 55 Rogers, Charles B. 33 Seurer, Bessie Mae 33, 46, 47 Showalter, Victor F. 33, 58, 104 Sizemore, Glen O. 33 Smith, Maurine S. 33 Stearns, Ray A. 33, 96 Stewart, James E. 34 Stierwalt, Irma Lee 37 Stone, Doyle B. 34 Taylor, Fred J. 34 Thompson, Eugenia Davie 34 Thompson, Howard C. 34 Thompson, Paula 174, 176 Turnbow, Calvin 34, 138 Turner, Adele 34, 68 Turner, Erwin 34 Uzzell, Minter 24, 34, 51 Vesley, Frank A. 34 Wziidley, Dean M. 35, 138, 160, 61 Walker, Russell L. 35 Wallen, L. E. 34, 35, 52, 108 Walstrum, Theodore P. 35, 59 Wheat, Emmit 35 Wheeless, Lovena I. 35 Whisenhunt, Jack 35 White, Maxwell O. 35, 57 Whitworth, James Ralph 34, 35, 59, 60 Winton, Jack L. 35 Yandell, Dorothy 35, 138 STAFF Asbill, Delmar R. 41 Burroughs, Betty 36 Butler, Mary Catherine 36 Canada, Lela 36, 39 Carpenter, Wilma 36, 171 Clarke, Polly 27 Cragar, Gene W. 36, 38 Cude, Obera K. 27 Davis, Daisy K. 36 Dold, Jewel 36 Draper, Betty 36 Dunn, Emma 36 Galloway, Hattie Mae 36 Gravitt, Evelyn 36, 59 Hall, Cleo 36 Hallmark, Sue Ann 36 Hinton, Bill 36 James, Mary Catherine 37, 49 Jones, Cathryn 37, 38 Killingsworth, Ruth 30 Kisner, Shirley 37 Ledbetter, Charlotte 37 Leturno, Helen 20 Lohr, Marty Nell 37 May, Dana 37, 38 Morrison, Wanda 37 Nix, Imogene 32 Patterson, Hazel 37 Pyland, O. J. 24, 36, 171 Robertson, Nancy 40 Rogers, Jo Ellen 37 Smith, LaFerne 37 Smith, Louise 37 Tressider, Mary 34 Wakefield, Amos 37 Walsey, Capitola 34, 35 Wheat, Willey, Helen 35 Dorothy 22, 37 STUDENTS Abbott, Linda 64 Abrego, William Kent 210 Acree, Acton, Acton, Adair, Adair, Adair Archie Lewis 226 Clarence 210, 64, 72 Joe Dan 242 Betty Ruth 64, 210 Judy Gail 242 Larry Eugene 242 Adair, Marty 78, 125, 182, 198, 173 Adams, Freddie Lee 226 Adams, Gordon Kenneth 242 Adams, Josephine 64, 226 Adams, Paul 226 Adamson, Sheryl 210 Adcock, Jane 62, 182 Adney, Florence 226 Agapith, Hazel Jane 210 Agent, James 108, 210 Ailey, Miquelyn 226 Akins, Bonnie 64, 226 Albitz, Frances 70, 226 Aldridge, Sharon 64, 126, 182 Alexander, Samuel 242 Alexander, Sandra 15, 32, 63 90, 210 Allard, Reva 242 Alldredge, Barbara 56, 90, 182 Allee, Shirley 227 Allen, Donald 93, 182 Allen, Georgia 242 Allen, Wanda 226 Allison, Phyllis 64, 83, 84, 182 Alspaugh, Dianna 242 Alvarez, Charles 242 Amos, James 53 Anderson, Gary 210 Anderson, Hazel 182 Anderson, Imogene 62, 116, 227, 177 Anderson, Nancy 227 Anderson, Robert 104, 210, 173 Archer, Stanley 104, 182 Archer, Wanda 242 Armstrong, Joyce 243 Armstrong, Judith 210 Armstrong, Sinclair 52, 211 Arnold, Luther 211 Arnold, Phyllis 243 Arterburn, James 56, 183 Ash, Kenneth 183 Ashby, Ashley, Christopher 100, 211 Phyllis Ann 70, 211 Ashlock, Kenneth 183 Atchley, Denna 243 Atchley, Jimmie 243 Atchley, Juene 227, 230 Atkins, Harry 64, 100, 183 Ausmus, Winnie 227 Avery, Dale, 243 Browning, Ted P. 59, 244 Back, Back, Janet 227 Mickey 183 Bagby, Elaine 227 Bagwell, Glenn 183 Bagwell, Karel 243 Bailey, Sharon 211 Baird, Janet 243 Baker, Doug 211 Baker, Emerson 149, 152 Baker, Janeta 56, 227 Baker, Judy 243 Baker, Mary 211 Bakers, Alva 243 Baldridge, Martha 78, 211 Bale, Larry 64, 211 Ballard, Mary Lee 183 Ballinger, Gail 64, 183 Bannister, Archie 108, 183 Bannister, 1rene 183 Barnes, Jack 64, 183 Barnes, James 243 Barnett, Chloeen 243 Barnett, Harriett 243 Barnett, Judybeth 64- Barnhart, James 211 Barnum, Judith 243 Barrington, Dale 243 Been, Bartlett, Larry 211 Bartley, Roxie 243 Barton, Kendall 183 Baughman, Rebecca 183 Bayles, Marion 140 Beal, Eileen 211, 238 Beall, Jill 61, 64, 211 Beals, Betty Jo 243 Bean, Barbara 63, 227 Bean, Constance 243 Bean, Nancy 243 Bean, Ronald 183 Beard, Ava 73 Beattie, Cyndia 227, 56 Beaver, Sally 243 Beckham, Garvin 243 Beckham, Walter 227 Priscilla 54, 56, 183 Norman 64, 185 Been, Thomas 52, 54, 56, 209 Beidleman, Gloria 183 Belford, Kenneth 243 Bell, Becky 227 Benedetto, James 59, 104, 227 Bengston, Harold 64, 211 Bengston, Myrna 64 Benne, Frederick David 64, 100, 211 Bennett, Clifford 227 Bennett, Sherry 243 Berry, Jill 90, 243 Berryhill, Edward 211 Bes Michael 243 Bias, 1, 'fry 157 Bice, Kare. 227 Biggerstaff, Rob " 64, 100, 211 Bigpond, Lannie 2. Billam, Dale 104, 126, . '3 Bird, Bonnie 50, 60, 211, 59 Bishop, James 227 Black, Erelda Jean 243 Black, Sarah Jane 243 Blackburn, Richard E. 243 Blackledge, Patricia 32, 211, 63 Blackledge, Steve R. 63, 211 Blair, Paul T. 243 Blakemore, Billie C. 64, 227 Blankenship, Edward 243 Blankenship, James R. 211 Blanks, David R. 243 Blaylock, Paul S. 64, 183 Blevins, Richard L. 104, 211 Blum, Jania C. 227 Boatright, Dawna L. 64, 211 Bocox, Carolyn A. 183 Bocox, Janet B. 78, 80, 227 Bolding, Carl W. 243 Bolding, Dorotha D. 64, 183 Bolding, Lynda J. 64, 183 Boling, Letha F. 61 Boling, Linda S. 78, 211 Bolinger, Charles E. 211 Bone, Sharon L. 243 Boomer, Roger D. 243 Borders, Lewis R. 183 Boston, Judy P. 227 Bothell, Raymond C. 63, 108, 211 Bottoms, Wilma Di 227 Boudreaux, Gary L. 52, 140, 211 Bourne, Karen L. 90, 227 Bowden, Bobby J. 108, 211 Bowden, Freddie W. 184 Bowen, Janie 243 Bowles, Paul E. 243 Bowles, Thomas M. 64, 92, 108, 184 Bowman, Linda J. 184 Boyd, George B. 184 Bradley, Jerry D. 211 Bradshaw, William O. 211 Brand, Saundra L. 83, 94, 210, 211 Branscum, Claud D. 184 Brant, Douglas W. 54, 56, 184, 149, 154 Brassfield, Kenneth D. 244 Brassfield, Mary R. 244 Brassfield, Seth L. 184 Braun, Pat 227 Brazier, Nancy S. 90, 211 Brazil, Bertha K. 89, 244 Brazil, Charles R. 211 Breashears, Norma J. 244 Brewer, Paul M. 100, 184 Brian, Beverly 59 Bridges, Danny V. 227 Briggs, David L. 211 Briggs, Deanna K. 227 Bright, Betty A. 227 Brill, John L. 184 Brill, Lester J. 244 Brill, Pauletta K. 244 Brinkley, Thomas W. 104, 244 Brinsfield, Danny R. 244 Bristow, David R. 56, 212 Brockman, Terisa A. 78, 212 Brooks, Johnnie C. 63, 78, 80, Brown David D. 104 Brown, Hayden C. 56, 227 Brown Joe A. 100, 184 Brown John C. 212 Brown, John H. 212 Brown Kay C. 54, 56, 64, 184 Brown, Kenneth O. 184 Brown Ralph C. 184 Brown Ronald G. 140, 244 Brown Brown, William W. 227 Winford J. 212 Bruce, Fred R. 184 Brumbaugh, Dorothene 64, 184 Calloway, Pauline 244 Cameron, Ronald 244, 163 Campbell, Carol 244 Campbell, Floyd 185 Campbell, John 244 Campbell, Larry 185 Campbell, Patricia 244 Campbell, Sharon 244 Campbell, William 228, 100 Cannarsa, Terry 228 Cannavan, Phyllis 24-4, 72 Cannon, Cyrus 228 Cantrell, Constance 228 Capps, Jimmy 228 Bruno, Robert L. 64, 184 Bruns, Janet E. 93, 227 Bryan, Judy Anne 227 Bryant, Linda L. 227 Buchanan, Linda M. 61, 212 Buchanan, Pamela S. 79, 212 Buck, Robert T. 56, 184 Bulger, Wesley R. 212 Bullard, Gary J. 227 Bundy, Jerry Dale 228 Burger, Ronald J. 228 Burgess, Dwight 184 Burgess, Joe 158, 157 Burke, Martha J. 64, 184 Burke, Richard T. 244 Burke, Sharon 176 Burkett, Cathleen L. 228 Burkett, John D. 184 Burkholder, Margaret L. 64, 73, 126, 185 Burks, James E. 185 Burnett, Gilbert L. 212 Burnett, Johnny D. 64, 185 Burnham, William R. 244- Burns, Bonnie L. 210, 83, 94, 212, 222 Burns, Judy B. 64 Burris, Carol 64, 185 Burrus, Frank W. 41, 100, 185 Burton, Karen 80, 244 Burton, Larry W. 185 Bush, Blere 244 Bushnell, James R. 228 Buster, James 104, 185 Buster, Larry 56, 185 Carano, Steve 185 Carder, Yolanda 228, 64 Cardin, Coy 212 Carlile, Charles 212 Carlile, Leon 244 Carlin, Mary 244 Carlson, Ken 161 Carnes, Linda 212, 63 Carpenter, Carol 244, 72 Carr, 'Steve 244 Carter, Carter, Judith 244 Lee 185 Butcher, Dana 244 Butcher, Loretta 59, 60 Butler, Butler, Bettye 228 Charles 140 Butler, Floyd 127, 140, 212 Butler, Jack 50, 52, 53, 56, 127, 185 Butler, Janet 185 Butler, Jimmie 61 Butler, John 140, 185 Butler, 212, 172 Brookshire, Charles D. 64, 184 Brown, Billy R. 100, 212 Brown Bobby R. 64, 100, 184 Brown, Cheryl E. 243 Brown Christopher G. 52, 75 Butts, Norma 185 Byfield, Donald 244 Byford, Thomas 2A-4 Bynum, Robbie 242, 50 Byous, Betty 64, 228 Cadion, Jerry 212, 100 Calico, Dennis 212, 104, 173 Callison, Rodney 212 Call, William 244 Carter, Ronald 212, 56, 68 Carter, T. Edward 185 Carvell, James 185 Caseboldt, Crystal 212 Casey, Carolyn 228 Casey, Linda 185, 54, 56 Caskey, Reuben 185, 108 Casteel, Jerry 185, 54, 56, 100 Casto, Kenneth 212 Caswell, Gilmore 212 Cato, Sharon 228, 64 Catron, John 244 Caughron, Ronald 244 Caveny, George 185 Cayce, Linda 245 Caywood, Charlotte 245 Chadwell, Carolyn 245 Chadwell, Clorine 245 Chambers, Gerald 186, 62, 64, 105, 106 Chaney, Ben 212 Chaney, Robyn 245 Channell, Halbert 228 Chapman, Bette 245 Chapman, Jean 15, 90, 186 Charloe 48, 245 Chase, Cesil 186 Chastain, Ann 212 Childers, Carolyn 228 Childers, Glyndia 186 Childers, Robert 56, 63, 64, 18 Childress, Shirley 228 Chissoe, Richard 245 Choate, Alma 212 Chrisman, Selma 87, 212 Christian, Linda 84, 102, 228 Church, Earl 186 Cissna, Frances 52, 228 Clack, Clark, William 245 Aubrey 245 Clark, Darrell 64, 186 Clark, James 56, 228 Clark, Judy 56, 64, 228 28I 6 Claunts, Carolyn 212 Claunts, Charles 228 Clayton, Sue 186 Clements, Susan 90, 228 Clemmons, Jimrnie 68, 187 Clemons, Betty 73, 212 Cleveland, Michael 105, 228 Clifton, Marsha Lynn 56, 212 Clinton, Philip 228 Clinton, Shirley 228 Clover, Susan 62, 245, 174 Coachman, Nicholas 245 Cobb, Johnny 69, 245 Cochran, Martin 228 Cochran, Suzzanne 73, 87, 228 Cochran, Walter 52, 73, 228 Cockburn, Robert 64, 105, 127, 187 Cockrell, Charles 228 Coffelt, Susan 245 Coffman, Carol 228 Colbert, Donald 212 Colclasure, Dennis 213, 164 Cole, Jonetta 213, 54, 56 Cole, Larry 187 Cole, Steve 245 Cornelium, Randell 213, 97 Cotner, Linda 187, 56, 164 Cottrill, Thomas 187, 64, 97 Couch, Charlotte 229, 72 Couch, James 187 Davidson Davidson , Brenda 245 , Duane 188 Davidson, John 246 Davidson, Roger 229 Davis, Beverly 188, 90 Couch, Walter 213 Coughlin, Francis 229, 100 Council, John 213 Cont erman, Carol 229 Coverstone, Mark 229, 160, 59 Cove y, Sandra 213 Covington, James 229 Cowan, Bobby 209, 71 Cowan, Claude 141, 40 Cowan, Lylon 187, 92, 108 Cowan, Travis 229 Cox, Arlie 213 Cox, Claudia 187 Cox, David 245 Cox, James 213 Cox, Leona 213 Cox, Loyd 187 Cox, Lucretia 187, 90 Crag Crag ar, Gerald 245 ar, Thelma 187, 64 Craig, Billie 229 Davis, Billy 188 Davis, Brad 242, 246, 50 Davis, Delane 229 Davis, Helen 246 Davis, James 188 Davis, James 188, 108, 122 Davis, John 246 Davis, Larry 188, 100 Davis, Norma 188 Davis, Ronald 246 Davis, Ruby 188, 65 Davis, Tom 246 Dawes, Sam 229 Dawson, Anna 246 Dawson, Frank 65 Dawson, Jimmy 246 Dawson, Raymond 188 Day, George 246, 105 Day, Judith 188, 65 Deaver, Leo 160 Decker, Charles 229 Cole, Cole, Thelma 213 Tommy 187, 64, 100 Coleman, Michael 59 Coley, Richard 245 Collier, Thomas 213 Collins, Bobbie 245 Collins, Kenneth 187 Combs, Bobby 213, 164 Compton, Carol 90 Comstock, Dennis 245 Condren, Gary 245 Conduff, Kenneth 213, 53 Cone, Wendell 64, 73 Coniglio, Alan 228 Conklin, Thomas 187, 52, 68 Conley, Marcia 226, 228, 234, 83 Conner, Laura 228, 56, 75 Connor, Wesley 213, 97 Cook, Cheryl 43, 64 Cook, Doris 245, 87 Cook, George 245 Cook, Henry 213 Cook, James 160 Cook, Linda 213 Cook, Nancy 213 Cook, Patricia 229 Cook, Richard 187, 64, 100 Cook, Rolla 187, 50, 52, 95, 108 Cook, Shirley 245 Cook, Vicky 245 Cooksey, Gloria 187, 64 Cookson, Ruth 229 Coonce, Carol 229 Coop, Bob 163 Cooper, Dale 157 Cope, Carol 245 Copeland, Barbara 245 Copeland, James 245, 161 Copley, Mary 229 Copp, Jerry 187, 108 Corley, Jo Ellen 187, 64 Corley, Larry 187, 16 Cornelius, John 229 282 - - Craig, Lynn 187, 78 Crain, Raymond 187, 161 Cravotto, John 245 Crawford, David 187 Cremin, Michael 187, 53 Crissman, Nancy 213, 64 Crites, Francis 245 Crogan, Peggy 188, 65 Croley, Shirley 188, 65 Crooch, John 75 Crooch, Van 245 Crosby, Jody 141 Cross, Gary 188 Crosswell, Mitchell 188 Crow, Charles 229 Crowl, Stella 188, 65 Cruce, Sharon 245 Crume, Burt 229, 100 Crumley, Wanda 213 Crutchfield, Linda 188, 65 Cude, Ida 188, 83 Cullins, Paul 149 Cullum, Franklin 213 Cumbey, Mary 229 Cumpton, Carol 229 Cunningham, Earlyne 213 Cupp, Gregory 213 Curl, Charlotte 229 Curry, Patsy 229 Curtis, William 229 Cutsinger, Robert 229 Dahlem, Richard 188 Daily, Carol 229, 90 Dalley, Kathryn 213, 62 Dalton, Dru 213 Dameron, Kyle 60, 59 Dasher, Carolyn 245 Daugherty, Floyd 229 Davenport, Fred 245 Davenport, Joe 213 Davenport, Mary 229 David, Robert 229 Decker, Lyndon 188 Deen, Roberta 229, 56, 61 Defalco, Georgia 188 Delapp, Clarence 188 Delso, Linda 229 Demonte, Peter 246 Denham, Phyllis 229 Deonier, Larry 247 Derrick, Glenda 247 DeSteiguer, Nora 188, 165, 90 Devero, Edward 229 Diamos, Jon 188 Di Antonio, Janice 229 Diffee, Kenny 229 Diffendaffer, Elizabeth 213 Dill, Ruby 229, 65 Dillon, Berna 247 Dillsaver, Cona 188, 65 Dilts, James 247 Dishman, Dale 149, 150 Dixon, Mary 247 Dodd, Charles 213 Dodds, Helen 49 , Dodds, Loretta 230, 59 Dodson, Vickie 247, 60 Doerner, Stuart 189 Dollar, Marilyn 247 Donathan, Walter 189 Doolittle, James 141, 230 Dorr, Jerry 189 Dorris, John 189 Doty, Jan 59 Doty, Joe 189, 62, 65 Douglas, Carl 189 Douthit, Jack 230 Dover,' Vicki 230, 90 Dowdy, Jane 213, 65 Downes, Robert 189, 95, 96, 98 Downing, Danny 213 Doyle, Anna 247 Doyle, Charles 141, 247 Doyle, Peggy 247 Drake, Roby 213 Dubois, Patricia 230 Duca, Donald 230 Duffield, Tommie 65 Dugger, John 189, 52, 56, 127 Dunaway, Floyd 189, 65 Dunaway, Nancy 189 Dunbar, Alyce 247 Duncan, Jewell 189, 65 Duncan, Norma 230, 70 Duncan, Shirley 230 Dunegan, Gary 231, 95, 97 Dunham, Billy 189, 65 Dunham, Roger 247, 105 Dunn, Emma 247 Dupy, Fren 242, 247 Durham, Carol 231, 56, 75 Durkee, Max 189 Durst, Gary 61 Duty, Billy 189 Duvall, Wayne 189 Dyer, Curtis 165 Eads, Emmett 189 Easton, Tanya 247, 89 Eberhard, Annette 60 Eberhard, Jannette 247, 71, 59 Ebrahimi, Ahmad Ali 247 Ebrahimi, Ali 247 Echols, Jimmie 213, 100 Echols, Thelbert 189, 65 Eckert, Thomas 140, 141, 142 Edmiston, Robert 247 Edmondson, James 231, 45, 56 Edmondson, Linda 213, 165, 90 Ed'mondson, William 247, 45 Edmunds, Linda 247 Edwards, David 231 Edwards, Linda 214 Edwards , Nancy 231 Edwards, Patricia 189, 90, 128 Edwards, William 214, 100 Eichling, Paul 189, 54 Elam, Linda 247 Elder, David 247 Elder, James 214 Elgin, Patricia 214 Elkins, Larry 247 Elliott, Patricia 247 Elliott, Shirley 189 Ellis, Don 189 Ellis, William 214 Elmore, Ivan 247 Elsky, Barbara 214 Emerson, Judith 189 Emerson, Mary 214 Emerson, Michael 247 Endsley, Endsley, Icie 189, 65 Mildred 190 Epperson, Kathleen 247 Epperson, Rosemary 247 Erick, Michael 163 Erickson, Joann 231 Essary, Don 231, 95, 101 Essary, Roy 247 Etter, Ja Evans, C mes 190 harles 247 Evans, James 231 Evans, Shirley 38 Evens, Kristine 214, 128 Garner, Everett, Sherry 214 Eversoll, Ted 231 Exendine, Norma 214, 65 Fabian, Fred 247 Factor, Patricia 73 Faddis, Belinda 215 Fain, Ross 247 Fain, Warran 190 Faires, John 231 Fallis, Kay 24-7 Farmer, Jimmy 215, 73, 101 Farnsworth, Helen 215, 53, 56 Farrar, James 190 Farrill, Shirley 248 Faulkner, Robert 150 Favor, Patricia 190, 65 Fears, Ruth 248, 72 Feather, Hooley 215 Feigel, David 248 Ferguson, Larry 41 Ferrel, Lois 190, 65 Ferrero, Judy 248 Ferrino, Carmen 231 Fiddler, Carole 231 Fike, Larry 248 Finch, Gerald 248 Fincher, Ron 248 Fingerlin, Stasceia 190, 65 Finley, John 191, 108 Finley, Joyce 231 Finn, Billy 215 Frazier, Cheryl 231, 90 Frazier, Elizabeth 191 Frazier, Mary 248 Frazier, Nancy 173 Freeman, Lester 248 French, Barbara 248 French, Lynda 248 French, Fricke, Rebecca 215, 65 Charles 215 Froese, Bernadine 191, 56, 65 Fryar, Melba 231, 57 Fryer, Glenda 191, 90 Fullbright, Billy 231, 53 Fullbright, David 231 Fullbright, Janelle 215 Funkhouser, Charles 231 Fye, Patricia 248 Gadberry, Glenda 215 Gadberry, Mike 248 Gaddis, Richard 65, 165, 191 Gage, Garry 248 Gage, Jerry 231 Gage, Margaret 79, 231 Galbraith, Mary 248 Gamble, Walter 231 Gann, Patsey 215 Gard, James 92, 108, 142, 215 Gardner , Judy 79, 215 Gardner, Linda 65, 191 Gardner, Ted 65, 191 Gardner, William 215 Harold 69 George, Harrison, Thomas 193 Fireng, Carol 70, 72 Fisher, Billy Ray 191, 65 Fisher, Gary 215, 157 Fisher, Keith 163 Fisher, John 191 Fisher, Robbie 191, 56, 65, 79 Flesher, Luke 191, 65, 73 Fletcher, Darrell 101 Fletcher, Gary 191, 65 Flint, Shirley 72 Floyd, David 161 Floyd, Peggy 248 Foley, Agnes 215 Foltz, Judy 215 Ford, Alice 215, 65 Ford, Carl 215, 56 Ford, John 231 Ford, Patsy 248 Forkner, Jim 71 Forkner, Joyce 191, 54 Forneris, Mary 248 Forrest, Alfred 191 Foster, George 191, 68, 75 Foster, Helen 191 Foster, John 248 Foster, Mary 65 Foster, Melrita 75 Foster, Phillip 215, 101 Foster, Randall 215, 53 Fowler, Janet 231, 79 Fox, Dianna 231 Fox, Helen 191, 65, 70 Fox, Melissa 248 Foyil, Betty 191, 65 Franke, Joe 231, 53 Franklin, Frances 215, 79, 94, 98, 124 Franklin, Malinda 70 Garoutte, Judy 57, 231 Garrison, Mary 65, 191 Gartrell, Dennis 248 Gasaway, Sharon 231 Gates, Anthony 215 Gates, Diane 248 Gates, John 65, 215 Gay, Diana 65, 191 Gay, Gerald 215 Gay, Robert 65, 215 Geary, Boyd 231 Gee, Eugene 53 Genzer, Jimmie 248 George, Brenda 248 George, David 53, 54, 57, 65, Goble, Charles 232, 160 Goddard, Diana 248 Godfrey, Richard 101 Goforth, Steve 192 Goins, Charles 65, 100, 192 Goins, Woodrow Gerald 65, 192 Goodell, Ralph 232 Gooden, Greg 248 Goodmon, Jerry 142, 192 Goodpaster, John 248 Goodpaster, Sherman 232 Goodsell, Rusty 142 Goodwin, Patsy 232 Gordon, Dennis 248 Gordon, James 248 Gore, Martha 65, 192 Gossett, Greda 24-8 Gossett, Sharon 65, 192 Goubeaud, John 142 Grace, Reed 65, 128, 192 Graefe, Gerald 215 Graham, Leroy 97, 215 Graif, Mary 63, 91, 215 Graves, Mary Jo 72, 248 Graves, Nancy Jo 60 Graves, Valerie 87, 232 Gravitt, Wilson 142, 192 Gray, Arnold 215, 161 Gray, Mary 70, 248 Gray, Tommy 101, 192 Green, Lynn 87, 232 Green, Mary 232 Greene, Michael 100, 129, 192 Greene, Suzan 46, 47, 50, 249 Greenfield, Johnnie 63, 215 Greenlee, Robert 232 Greenwell, Mary 74, 87, 89, 232 Greever, Joe 53, 54, 57, 129, 192 Hall, Grannie 232 Hall, Judy 249 Hall, Patricia 65, 192 Hall, Raymond 249 Hall, Thomas 192 Hallford, Jessie 192 Hallford, William 249 Hallnlark, James 215 Hallum, Edith 57, 65, 192 Hamby, Sherri 79, 232 Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Brent 41 Sharon 47, 65, 216 Sherman 249 Hammers, 65, 216 Hammond, Eddie 232 Hammond, Thomas 108, 216 Hammons, Judy 249 Hampton, Charles 65, 192 Hampton, Daniel 143, 232 Haney, Sharon 249 Haning, Jack 162 Haning, Joe Michael 249 Hanlin, Clyde 216, 157 Hanna, Thomas 232 Hansen, Russell 216 Hanson, Alice 192 Hanson, Daphne 79, 80, 94, 232 Hardin, Sammy Lee 105, 232 Harding, Brenda 249 Harman, Dolman 216 Harman, Gary 61 Harmon, Gordon 52, 57, 108, 232, 226 Harman, James 216 Harper, Elliott 249 Harper, Ira 232 Harper, Lenora 57 Harrell, Elliott 193 Gress, Sandra 215 Grider, Joe 101, 232 Griffin, Douglas 249 Griffin, Gene 249 Griffin, Timothy 48 Griffith, Donna 78, 124, 192 Grigg, Ronald 192 Griggs, Mac 249 Grim, Forest 249 Grimes, Linda 232 Grimes, Morton 232 Harrington, Bernice 216 Harris, A. J. 216 Harris, Barbara 216 Harris, Elmer 193, 162 Harris, Kay 87, 232 Harris, Mary Jane 55, 57, 129, 216 Harris, Harris, Robert 101, 249 Ronald 59 Harrison, Linda 216 Harrison, Michael 249 101, 128, 191 Iva 90, 215 Grimsley, Leonard 232 Geren, Robert 101, 191 Giblin, Judy 61, 231 Gibson, James 231 Groff, George 232 Grosclose, Harold 105, 249 Grubes, James 163 Gruver, Vernon 209 Gibson, Karma 248 Gibson, Larry 231 Gideon, Ralph 65, 191 Gilbert, Mary 231 Gilbert, Sandra 248 Gilcrease, Annie 90, 231 Giles, Roy 149, 151, 150, 153, 154, 155 Gilmore, Madeline 248 Gill, David 192 Gill, Donna 46, 231 Gillin, Lanell 232 Gipson, Jerry 192 Girdner, Maralene 91, 215, 232 Girdner, Paul 232 Glory, Billie 63, 192 Guffey, Pat 232 Guinan, Henry 249 Gullett, Gunter, Gustin, Wesley 232 Karen 79, 80, 215, 173 Paulette 80 Guthrey, Mavis Ann 65, 192 Gwin, Lester 232 Hains, Hale, J Bonnie 60 ackie Fay 249 Hale, Tommy 249 Hale, Willis 249 Haley, Gary 65, 108, 192 Halfacr Hall, C e, Joyce 61, 249 ecil 249 Hall, Ernie 215 Hart, Gerrell 105, 249 Hart, Marshall 232 Hartgrave, Sammy 249 Hartner, Keith 151 Hartshorne, Laura 216 Hartzler, Ronald 65, 193 Hatfield, Sandra 216 Hathaway, Charles 53, 57, 232 Hathaway, Mike 149, 151 Hathaway, Robert 97, 216 Hauser, Alene 49 Hauser, Larry 193 Hausmann, Darrell 101, 233 Havins, Terry 249 Hawkins, Gary Ann 193 Hawkins, Mary 65 Hawkins, Nancy 65, 193 Hayes, Glenn 65, 216 Hayes, Sherman 233 283 Haymore, John 193 Haynes, Jean 65, 233 Haynes, Shirley 52, 193 Hays, James 216 Hays, Sandra 65, 216 Haysler, Nancy 60 Heard, Dorothy 232 Heard, Terry 249 Heffner, Glenn 149, 151 Hcfton, Betty 123, 249 Heidinger, Craig 193 Heil, Nancy 249 Heimdale, Karan 249 Heller, Bill 233 Helms, Teresa 91, 233 Helton, Linda 233 Helton, Maggie 233 Hembree, Ruth Ann 186 Hemperly, Judy 49, 249 Henderson, Carole 91, 233 Henderson, Venda 249 Hendrick, Donald 105, 249 Hendricks, James 143 Hendrickson, Christopher 109, 226, 233 Hendrickson, Frank 193 Henley, David 216 Henley, Leland 250 Henley, Viola 250 Hensley, Benny 216, 149, 152 Hensley, Dorcie 65, 216 Hensley, Ellen 250 Hensley, Lloyd 193 Herlan, Bill 161 Hermann, Fredrea 250 Herring, Robert 250 Herrington, ,Judy 233 Hertwig, Carol 65, 193 Hess, James 57, 193 Hestily, Marsha 49 Hetzer, Alan 105, 250 Hewlett, William 193 Hibbs, Audrey 250 Hickman, Bill 216 Hickman, Geraldine 75, 233 Hickman, Judith Ann 57, 61 Hicks, Judy Ann 65, 79, 193 Hiday, Eugene 193 Higgins, Bruce 250 Higgins, Charles 193 Highfill, George 233 Hildreth, Sharon 216 Hilfiger, Roger 50, 52, 95, 109, 226, 233 Hill, Bobby 233 Hill, George 157 Hill, Londa 91, 114, 115, 193, 173, 172 Hill, Sarah 63 Hill, Shirley 233 Hilliard, Carol 65, 216 Hillman, James 250 Hinds, Barbara 65, 216 Hinkle, Thomas 109, 193 Hinkley, Ann Arra 233 Hocutt, Billy 65, 193 Hodges, Cynthia 250 Hodges, William D. 251 Hodges, William S. 251 Hof, Donald 251 284 Hogan, John 193 Hogan, Kenneth 72, 216 Hoklotubbe, Eddie 251 Holiman, Jo Ann 65, 233 Holland, Chris 143, 216 Holland, Kenneth 153 Holland, Manuel 59 Holland, Roy 251 Hollandsworth, Carolyn 216 Holleyman, Victor 216, 105 Hollopeter, Lois 193 Holman, Gordon 233 Holmes, Juanita 209 Holmes, Teresa 66 Holt, Margaret 251 Honeywell, Donna 242, 251, Hood, Joyce 251 Hood, Kathleen 233 Hood, Margaret 194 Hoog, John 233 Hoose, Elsie 216 Hoose, Richard 194 Horn, Gayle 233, 59 Horn, Jo Ann 251 Horn, Penny 216, 65 Horner, Thomas 143, 251 Horton, Frank 241, 251 Horton, Samuel 251 Hough, Mary 233 Houston, Andy 251 Houston, James 233 Howard, Jerry 194, 66 Howard, John 194, 109 Howard, Michael 216 Howell, Ginger 251 Howell, Ronald 216 Hubbard, Nancy 233, 57 Hubbard, Norma 233 Hudlin, Calvin 216, 57, 66 Huffman, Cheryl 251 Huffman, Patricia 251 Huffsetter, Michael 251 Huggins, Charles 194, 57, 66 Huggins, Edgar 217 Huggins, Mary 251 Hughes, Becki 25.1 Hughes, Don 233 Hughes, Jerry 194 Hughes, Mary 251 Hulva, Alan 194 Humes, Harvey 194 Hunt, Henry 49 Hunt, Theodore 233 Hunt, Veda 216 Hunter, June 251 Hunton, Margaret 251 Hunzeker, Diane 251 Hurst, Robert 195 Hutchison, Anna 216, 66 Hutchinson, Edward 233 Hutsell, George 216, 101 Inman, Glenda 195 lnteman, Merrillyn 195, 57, 66 Isaacs, Carliss 233 Iverson, Dee 217, 66, 123 lvester, Doyle 143, 195 Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, 195 Jackson, Jackson, Carol 250, 117 Connie 195, 66 James 141, 143, 145, John 251, 162 Wanda 217 Jacobs, Deanna 217 Jacobs, Jeanne 251 James, Arden 233, 53, 57, 71 James, Palma 217, 66, 72 Jaramillo, Joseph 217, 101 Jarrard, Dennis 217 Jarrard, Lucy 195, 66 Jeffrey, Earl 195, 66 Jennings, Donald 210, 217, 63, 109, 129 Jennings, Giles 69 Jennings, Patricia 195, 91 Jobe, ,Jean 195 Jobe, Mary 233 Johns, Albert 217, 92, 109 Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson 1 9 v 1 9 7 7 1 Bili 217 Carolyn 251 Charles 217, 69 Charles F. 217, 101 David 209, 44, 45, 130 Don 49 George 251 Herbert 195 James 217, 92, 109 James R. 233, 101 John 195 John F. 251 Karen 233 Lonnie 195 Marilyn 234 Paul 251 Roger 234, 109 Sharla 251 William 251 Johnson, William 234 Jolley, Martin 252 Jones, Barbara 252 Jones, Camilla 252 Jones, Cheryl 217, 66 Jones, Donald 252 Jones, Elmer 217 Jones, Judy 217 Jones, Linda 252, 73 Jones, Mary 234 Jones, Michael 195 Jones, Patricia 195 Jones, Rodney 252, 72 Jones, Ronald 217 Jones, Royce 195 Jones, Ruth 234 Jones, Sarah 195, 66, 118 Jordan, Betty 217 Jordan, Danny 142, 143, 144, 130 Jordan, George 195 Joy, Bettie 66 Justice, Carol 252 Kallay, Alexia 252 Keating, Larry 195 Keaton, David 217 Keeter, Georgia 195, 66 Keeter, Larry 195, 55, 66 Keller, Dina 252 Keller, Joseph 234 Kelley, Joan 195, 66 Kelly, James 252 Kelly, William 252 Kenady, Doyle 195 Kenn, Britt 234 Kennicutt, Carol 217 Ketcher, John 14-4 Ketcher, Stanley 234 Kighr, Wilma 252 Kimble, lnella 217 Kindle, Dorothy 252 Kindle, Esther 252 Kindred, John 59 King, Carol 234, 47, 91, 93 King, Dianna 235 Kinion, Jack 252 Kirby, James 105 Knight, Alma 235 Koditek, Linda 252 Krause, Frederick 235 Kravetz, Leon 196 Krier, Eugene 217, 109 Krigbaum, Thomas 217, 101 Kroeker, Henry 217, 60, 59 Kroll, Linda 252 Kuykendall, Audrey 252 Kuykendall, William 196, 66 Kyle, Hugh 217 Kyle, James 196 Lackey, Glenn 235 Lacroix, Kevan 252 Lacroix, Renn 252 LaFevers, David 217, 109 Laird, Cheryl 63 Lamb, Mary 235, 66, 84 Lamberson, Harvey 196, 66 Lambertson, Daniel 235 Lamont, Blaine 196, 66 Lander, Bill 52 Lang, Glendal 196 Lanigan, Mary 235, 91 Lansford, Denny 97 Large, Geraldine 196, 66 Larkin, Earl 217, 68 Larson, John 235 Larson, Robert 235 Lasater, Tim 252 Lashley, Kent 141, 144, 217 Lashley, Larry 196, 66 Latting, Barbara 252 Lauterback, Margaret 217, 91 Layman, Phillip 196 Lawson, Dan 196, 158 Lawson, Donald 252, 73 Lawson, L. D. 157 Lawson, Mark 252 Lazzaro, Barbara 252 Leafer, John 144, 196, 158, 15 Ledbetter, Charles 196, 66 Ledbetter, Fred 140, 144 Ledbetter, J. L. 69 Lee, Judith 182, 196, 66, 91 Lee, Thomas 196 Leforce, Sally 196, 217, 57, 66 91 Leforce, Sammie 66, 91 Leitka, Richmond 218 LeMasters, Joseph 196, 57, 108 Leming, Shirley 235, 57 Lemmons, Leon 252 Lemons, Denny 252 Lesser, Rosalie 235, 91 Lester, Jeffrey 252 Letson, Lou 218, 66 Lewis, Danna 218 Lewis, Perry 218 Liggins, Wilma 252 Lightfoot, Shalah 252, 46, 47 Lightle, Linda 218 Liles, Rufus 218 Lillard, Linda 235, 63, 91 Linde, Raymond 196 Lindley, Robert 196, 109 Lindquist, Margaret 60 Lindsey, Steven 218, 97 Link, Larry 196 Linn, William 218, 50, 51, 66, 95, 101 Lipsey, John 96, 109 Liptack, Shirley 235, 86, 88, 89, 173 Little, Joe 218 Lively, Jerry 252 Livingston, David 160 Lloyd, Billie 252 Locke, Jimmy 167 Loehr, Peter 219, 61 Logsdon, John 196 Logsdon, Ricky 252 Lohr, Victor 196 Lomax, James 219, 124 Lomax, Ray 219 Londagin, Judith 253 London, Roger 235 Lonon, Hubert 235 Lonsinger, Mary 235 Lord, Carolyn 235, 66, 91 Loveless, Lana 235, 91 Lovett, William 235, 57 Lowe, Burddie 219, 53 Lowery, Patricia 182, 196, 57, 82, 89, 130 Lowry, Judy 235, 74 Lund, Glen 235 Lundquist, Margaret 243, 59 Lundy, Mildred 253 Lyle, Glen 235, 101 Lynch, Liane 235 Lyon, Robert 197, 66 MacFeely, Penei 254, 161 Macke, Charles 253 Madding, Barbara 235 Madding, Jack 197 Madewell, David 253 Magness, Roberta 253 Magrini, Nancy 253 Mahan, Freda 235, 91 Maier, Diane 235 Maimbourg, Dennis 253 Main, David 235, 109 Maisano, Jimmy 253, 74 Malloy, Daniel 197, 72 Malone, James 194, 219, 62, 100 173, 176 Mancuso, Janet 235 Mann, Cheryl 235 Mann, Naomi 253 Markovics, Nova 197 Marrow, Sally 253 Marrs, Frank 253 Marsh, Hunte 219 Marshall, James 62, 106 Marshall, Jimmy 187, 202, 177 Marshall, Mat 253 Marshall, Vincent 197, 50, 57, 109, 130 Martin, Clara 219 Mnich, Luddie 236, 101 Mobley, Larry 236 Mobley, Mary 236 Mocabee, James 198 Monaco, Fred 69, 74, 172 Monigold, James 219 Monks, Frank 199 Montgomery, Marie 236 Montgomery, Rita 220 Montgomery, Stephen 254 Moon, Darlene 254 Moon, Donald 254 Martin, Delores 197, 66 Martin, Dennis 197 Martin, Jackie 253 Martin, Larry 235, 101 Martin, Melvin 235 Martin, Quinton 219 Martin, William 144 Marvin, James 235 Mason, Archie 219, 101 Mason, Joann 253 Mason, Linda 253 Mason, Patricia 253, 86, 89 Mason, Yvonne 253 Masters, Jon 219, 55, 56, 57, 68 121, 131 Matthews, Ralph 219 Matthews, Wesley 145, 197, 57, 159, 156, 157 Matthews, William 197, 55 Mauser, Phillip 145, 197, 131 Maxey, Robert 219 Maxwell, Martha 253 May, Geraldine 219, 94 Mayes, John 235 Meadows, Rebecca 253 Means, Wilma 197 Meeh, Elizabeth 236 Meeh, Judy 253 Mefford, Calvin 219, 66 Mefford, Carl 236 Meier, Elizabeth 236 Mendenhall, Bill 145 Menie, Alvin 198 Merrill, Larel 219 Meyer, Sue 253 Middleton, Sandra 219, 66 Mooney, Robby 255 Moore, Carroll 220, 57, 156, 157 Moore, David 255 Moore, Dennis 62 Moore, Gary 149, 151, 152, 153, 155 Moore, Guy 236 Moore, Judith 236, 87, 89 Moore, Lucretia 220, 66 Moore, Margaret 236 Moore, Marilyn 199, 47 Moore, Ronald 255 Moore, Rosemary 236 Moore, William 199, 62, 176 Moreland, Kenneth 220, 97 Morgan, Betty 72 Morgan, Gary 199 Morgan, Linda 255 Morgan, Teri 236 Morgan Morgan , William 220, 57 , Zondra 220 Morris, Billie 199, 66 Morris, Billie 236 Morris, Judy 199 Morris, Willard 220 Morrison, David 236, 57, 75, 161 Morrison, Jean 255 Morrison, Mary 199 Morrow, James 236 Morton, Billy 255 Mosby, Mosby, Mosley, Juanita 199, 66 Richard 199 Bill 199, 66 Moss, Odell 236 Milburn, James 236, 105 Mill, Glenn 253 ' Miller, Miller, Connell 219 Dannie 236 Miller, Dayle 254, 258 Miller, John 163 Miller, Larry 198 Miller, Linda 198, 66, 79 Miller, Peggy 198, 66 Miller, Shirley 236, 87 Miller, Thomas 209 Milligan, Gerald 198, 101 Mills, Billy 254 Miner, Gary 254 Mitchell, Cora 254 Mitchell, Frankie 236 Mitchell, Harold 198 Mitchel, James 254 Mitchell, Nancy 254 Mitchell, Sandra 254 Mnich, Gus 198 Motes, Billy 220, 53, 97 Moulton, Gary 255, 72 Mounts, Roberta 255 Mozingo, Henry 199 Mulholland, Jerry 236, 105 Mullen, Bertha 255 Mullins, Larry 255, 59 Mullins, Loyal 236, 75 Muncy, Nancy 255 Munson, Edward 255 Murphy, Anna 220, 50, 60, 131 Murphy, Michael 255, 70 Murray, Garnetta 199 Murray, Margaret 220 Murray, Maxine 255 Murray, Shirley 220, 52, 66 Murray, Thomas 236 Musick, Danny 255 Myers, Orville 255 Mynatt, Earl 199 Myrick, Donna 236, 59 McAfee, Jane 235 McAnally, James 235 McArtor, Mary 61 McArtor, John 197 McBee, Jerry 235 McCall, Joyce 197 McCall, Sandra 253 McCart, Robert 64, 219 McCarty, Duane 219 McCaslin, Bennie 219 McClanahan, Edwin 253 McClendon, Calvin 50, 109, 182, 197 McClure, William 253 McC0llough, Nicky 57, 109, 197 McCollum, Ricky 105, 253 McCombs, Carol Sue 235 McCombs, Larry 219 McConnell, Theodore 197 McCormack, Norma 235 McCoy, Joedda 61, 66, 219 McCrary, Jerry 253 McCray, Philip 219 McCune, Edythe 219 McCutchan, Cheneya 83, 219 McDaniel, Orville 253 McDaniel, William 149, 152 McDillon, Janice 66, 197 McDonald, Jerry 219 McDonald, Linda 66, 197 McElreath, Diane 253 McElroy, Carolyn 91, 214, 219 McEntee, Jess 68, 101, 219, 161 McFarland, Wes 104, 197 McGee, Senia 66, 197 McGowen, Michael 63, 219 McGrin, Karen 74 McGuire, Patsy 253 McKenzie, Sandra 253 McKinney, Bryce 92, 109, 197 McKnight, Michael 253 McKnight, Stanley 219 McLaury, Marilyn 91, 197 McLemore, Mary 235 McMahon, John 219 McNally, Jerry 235 McPherson, Andrea 219 McReynolds, Barbara 197 McReynolds, Donald 235 McReynolds, James 253 Nalley, Charles 97, 220 N ardin, Judy 60, 71, 220 Naugle, Bonnie 57, 236 Navarro, Ronald 101, 236 Neel, Jack 199 Neel, Mary 66, 199, 172 Neel, Wanda 255 Neilson, Roger 97 N elms, Carol 209 Nelms, Tom 209 Nelson, Billie Jo 66, 199 Nelson, Gerald 66, 199 Nelson, Nancy 255 Nesbitt, Norma 255 Newland, Joseph 59, 255 Newman, Tillie 255 Newton, Nell Faye 46, 66, 73, 220 285 Partain, Betty 200 Orman, Yvonne 255 Nichol, Larae 66, 236 Nichols, Carol 237 Nichols, Judy 220 Nichols, Larry 255 Neilsen, Roger 97, 199 Nigh, Lewann 83, 84, 102, 237, 172 Nightingale, Ronald 199 Nixon, Terrie 66, 220 Noble, Norma 199 Noel, Wanema 220 Noley, James 209 North, Henry 41, 75 North, Robert 220 Nottingham, Eugene 255 Nowlin, Paul 62, 220 Nucholls, Pamela 220 Nuckolls, Ruth 255 Nunneley, Raymond 92, 109, 220 Oakley, Hubert Lex 92, 109, 199 O'Dell, Danny 199 Odell, James 66, 220 Odle, Charles 255 O'Donley, Johnnie 66, 199 Olinghouse, Robert 255 O'Neal, Retha 66, 220 Orendorff, Jerald 101, 125, 59 Parker, Thomas 237 Parker, Zula Ann 73, 220 Parkhurst, Joe 256 Parks, Bruce 256 Parrott, William 256 Parson, Barbara Ann 237 Pouncil, Mitchell 256 Powell, Barbara 55, 66, 170, 221 Powell, Jerry 105, 221 Powell, Lillian Ann 70, 256 Powell, Linda Kay 256 Powell, Shirley 70 Powers, Don 109, 237 Rhodes, Daniel 146, 257, 163 Rhodes , Gloria 57, 238 Rhodes, Lenore 202 Rhoten, Kenneth 202 Rials, Percy 202 Rice, James 238 Rice, Robert 238 Partain, Jeraldine 200 Partain, Pat 66 Patrick, Dennis 220 Patterson, Butch 49 Patterson, Charles 220 Patterson, Denise 75, 256 Patterson, Hazel 209 Patterson, Meredith 50, 237 Patterson, Thomas 256, 153 Patterson, William 256 Patton, Pat 200 Orr, Orr Orr, Don 220 Orr, Glenda 237 Orr, James 200 Melba 200 , Milton 66, 200 Paxton, Norval 200. Payne, Donna 256 Payton, Alan 101, 256 Payton, Lynda Sue 237 Pazzaglia, James 132, 200 Peak, Louise 63 Peak, Richard 237 Peak, Sandra 237 Peck, William 256 Perkins, Anne 55, 56, 79,r132, 200 Perkins, James 256 Perry, Frank 256 Perry, Roy 220 Person, Sandra 237 Peterman, Wanda 66, 186, 200 Pfrimmir, Tom 105, 200 Phelps, Billy 237 Phelps, Jane 53 Prentice, Sharon 66, 70, 78, 201 Prewett, Johnny 256 Prewett, Margie 221 Price, Barbara 66, 120, 132, 201 Price, Beverly Ann 221 Price, David 66, 201 Price, Jon 101, 221 Primrose, Vern 256, 173 Proctor, Sue 55, 57, 66, 221 Pullen, Billy 256 Purviance, David 237 Quillin, Carol Ann 91, 237 Rader, Carol Ann 256 Ragan, Janet 256 Ragsdale, Diana 256 Rainbolt, Kenny 101, 201 Raines, Ellen 53 Rainey, Leroy 201 Rains, Connie 201 Rambo, Ella 221 Ramey, Anita Sue 57, 91, 201 Richards, Lana Sue 257 Richardson, David 108, 221 Richison, Douglas 257 Riddle, Jonnie Lee 238 Ridgeway, Phyllis 67, 91, 202 Rife, Janice 257 Rikard, Warren 238 Riley, William 202 Risner, Deanna 257 Ritch, Clifford 221 Ritch, Margie 133, 203 Ritchie, Jerome 109, 221 Ritchie, Warnie 239 Ro, Eikichi Samuel 221 Roach, Larry 41, 101, 203 Roan, Barbara 257 Roan, Charles 257 Robbins, Aletha 203 Robbins, Barry 109, 221 Robbins, Jim 203 Roberson, Annale 257 Roberson, Benjamin 203 Roberts, Louise 257 Roberts, Ralph 203 Robertson, Richard 162 Robins, Danny 157 Robinson, Ernest 257 Robinson, James 3, 57, 239 Orrison, Barbara 66, 200 Orvis, Richard 255 Osbon, Lloyd 73, 255 Osborn, Nyla 66, 200 Osburn, Ralph 200 O'Shea, Daniel 145, 200 Overman, Denis 237 Owens, James 66, 200, 173 Owens, Jerry 255 Oxley, Patricia 255 Pace, Gerry 200 Pack, Neal 200 Packwood, Gary 63, 66, 200 Packwood, James 72, 131, 255 Paden, Tommie Sue 237 Padgett, Patricia 57, 66, 70, 132, 200 Page, Pauline 66, 200 Page, Warren 220 Painter, Jerry 255 Palmer, Edna 61, 66, 237 Pankratz, William 200 Pann, Paura 73, 255 Phillips, Anthony 256 Phillips, Billy 256 Phillips, Carl 201 Phillips, Dwight 220 Phillips, Gary 256 Phillips, Joe 201 Phillips, Johnny 201 Phillips, Mary 220 Phillips, Phyllis 237 Phillips, Teddy 101, 201, 157 Phillips, Wynona 237 Phipps, Jodie 256 Pickard, Thomas 52, 237 Pilgrim, Mickey 97, 237 Pilney, Patrick 97, 237 Pinner, Paula 55, 57, 220 Pinney, Pinney, Charles 57, 220 Harold Thomas 105, 237 Pipher, Leeta 256 Pippin, Joanne 66, 201 Plett, Sharon 256 Pogue, Gene 201 Ponder, Gary 221 Pope, Jesse 221 Robinson, John Mark 257 Ramey, Joe H. 201. Rampp, Lary 57, 67, 68, 133, 201 Ramsey, Norman 256 Randall, Charles Lee 201 Randall, Marilyn 57, 107, 122, 237 Ransom, Wanda 67, 201 Ranson, Joyce 256 Rapp, Jack 101, 221 Rastelli, Gary 201 Reifel, George 202 Parent, Paul 220 Parham, Garry 256 Parker, Bobby 109, 206 Parker, Craig Hall 93, 237 Parker, Linda 59, 79, 256 Parker, Linda Sue 237 Parker, Robert 200 Parker , 286 ll , Sharen 256 Poplin, Lloyd 57, 237 Porter, Kathryn 256 Porter, Ladonna 237, 256 Porter, Shirley 256 Porter, Wanda 66, 201 Porterfield, Jerry 109, 201 Potts, Diana 237 Poulton, Nancy 91, 237 Rauch, Mary Ann 257 Raus, Jane 237 Ray, Ralph Lee 101, 238 Ray, Shirley 201 Ray, Virginia 91, 221 Readdy, Johnna 238 Reavis, Linda 257 Rector, Dixie 257 Redden, Gloria 55, 67, 221 Redden, Robert 201 Redeagle, Harry 145 Redman, Greta 257 Ree, Charles 257 Reed, Kenneth 109, 221 Reed, Stephen 257 Reedy, Max 97, 201 Reese, George 257 Reeves, Carol 257 Reichel, Joseph 109, 221 . eidy, Elizabeth 91, 94, 122, 238 Resnick, Loddie 221 Retherford, Lary 257 Reynolds, Beverley Kay 238 Rhea, Judith 257 Rhine, Johnnie Lawrence 92, 109, 202 Robinson, Leland 257 Robinson, William 57, 221 Robison, Linda 239 Robson, Jayna 79, 221 Rocke, Rose 239 Rogers Carol 57, 62, 133, 176, 174 Rogers, Elmer Allen 239 Rogers, James Carl 257 Rogers, James V. 203 Rogers, Jimmy Otis 67, 203 Rogers, Kenneth 25 Rogers, Kenneth E. 72 Rogers, Martha 257 Rohrer, Thomas 50, 51, 52, 109, 133, 203 Roller, Ronald 239 Romano, Norma 55, 57, 61, 67 91, 203 Romick, Phyllis Sue 257 Roper, Coy 174 Rose, Patricia 221 Ross, Charlotte Ann 257 Ross, Eddie 203 Ross, Sharon 221 Ross, Sherry Lea 67, 221 Rosson, Sandra 221 Roth, Lawrence 221 Roth, Margaret Sue 70 Rounsavell, Billy 221 Rouse, Shirley 203 Rowell, Walker 257 Siskiller, Connie 239 Roy, Sandra 79, 221 Royal, Carol 221 Royal, James 75 Roye, John 257 Rozell, Carol 257 Rozell, Cheryl 57, 239 Rozell, Joseph 67, 203, 157 Rudd, Princetta 62, 74, 134, 221 Ruffin, Kenneth 239 Rumsey, Russell 239 Runyan, Thurman 145, 146, 221 Runyan, Dale 163 Rusk, Barbara 67, 221 Russell, Errol 257 Russell, Robin 93, 221 Rutherford, Mary 203 Rutledge, Robert 257 Ryal, Douglas 203 Ruan, Thersa 74, 222 Sallee, Laverne 257 Sallee, Sylvia 87, 239 Sanden, Vernon 203 Sanders, Barbara 67, 203 Sanders, John 67, 222 Sanderson, Donald 203, 161 Satterfield, Dixie 73 Satterfield, Peggy 57 Satterwhite, Emogene 67, 222 Saunders, Homer 239 Savage, Adrian 258 Savage, Andrew 57, 105, 239 Savage, Jerry 101, 239 Schaefer, Janice 239 Schaffler, Ruby 55, 57, 67, 203 Scherer, Stephen 222 Schlecht, Joseph 52, 105, 239 Schmidt, Nancy 57, 67, 222, 59 Schneidewent, Stephanie 57, 222 Schoeffler, Lee 50, 57, 95, 101, 210, 222 Schoelen, Betty 222 Schooling, Michael 50, 57, 109, 182, 203 Schrader, Donna 203 Schrader, Judith 239 Schrader, Richard 258 Schutte, Melvin 67, 101, 222 Scoggins, Shirley 67, 222 Scott, Barbara 258 Scott, Billy 146, 206 Scott, Bobby 175 Scott, Darrell 223 Scott, Frank 203, 149, 153 Scott, Irma 258 Scott, Kathryn 89, 239 Scott, Robert 45, 239 Scott, Ronald 55, 203 Scranton, Joe 258. Seabolt, Gary 239 Searle, Johnny 101, 239 Seely, Tom 203 Self, Beverly .lo 258 Self, Linda 67, 79, 80, 204 Sellers, John 157 Sessions, Jacquelin 239 Seymour, Diana 258 Shafer, Edward 204 Shankle, Billy 204 Shannon, Opal 57, 67, 204 Sharp, Johnny 204 Shastid, Jack 53, 204 Shaw, Roger 59 Shaw, Tony 204, 59 Sheedy, Shirley 55, 57, 67, 87, 223 Shelton, Donna 61, 223 Shepherd, Carl 239 Shepard, Ronald 204 Sheffield, Richard 258 Sheridan, Gary 258 Sherman, Bobby 67 Sherwood, Emma 259 Sheward, Tom 67, 204 Shibley, Keith 223 Shilling, Suzanne 239 Shores, Kristen 57, 204 Shouse, William 223 Sifferman, Mary 55, 57, 67, 204 Sigle, J ohn 53, 55, 67, 204 Simmons, Glen 69, 204 Simmons, Marilyn 239 Simmons, Pearl 259 Simmons, Rhoda 204 Simonds, Mary 204 Simpson, Martha 258, 259, 172 Sims, Margo 239 Sisson, Jean 55, 57, 67, 91, 94, 223 Sixkiller, David 67, 101, 223 Skeans, Paul 145, 146 Skeeter, Joe 101, 223 Skieth, Barbara 259 Skorkowsky, Robert 45, 57, 134, 223, 177 Sloan, John 259 Sloat, Harold 259 Smith, Barbara 259 Smith, Benny 259 Smith, Carlene 223 Smith, Carrie 67, 204 Smith, Dan 259 Southard, Mike 149, 152, 154, 155 Southern, Faye 259 Sparks, Ray 204 Spears, Albert 204 Spencer, Charlotte 259 Spencer, Jim 205 Spencer, John 239 Spencer, Sidney 259 Spencer, Tom 205 Sprouse, Mary 61 Squyres, Earl 62, 67, 174, 175, 176, 202, 205 Stacey, Wendy 57, 239 Stall, Robert 67, 109, 205 Stamper, Dina 223 Stansifer, Lolita 67, 205 Stark, Clifford 205 Stames, Linda 67, 71, 223 Starr, Judy 79, 239 Stauss, Foix 24-0 Stauss, Jim F. 240 Steeber, Elizabeth 205 Steele, Janice 223 Steele, Jim 223, 163 Steele, Larry 205 Swann, Stephen 75 Sweetman, Patricia 259 Swift, Sherry 240 Synar, Annette 59 Syverson, Joyce 240 Tabor, Virginia 223 Tacker, Robin 186 Talley, Rue 246, 259 Tammen, Cathleen 57, 67, 223 Tarr, Terry 242, 250, 260 Tatham, Etta 205 Tatham, James 260 Taylor, Charles 223 Taylor, Douglas 223 Taylor, Donald 223 Taylor, Gary 53, 101, 223 Taylor, Gwen 205, 176 Taylor, Judith 223 Taylor, Judy 240 Taylor, Kerma 223 Taylor, Patricia 240 Taylor, Paul 205 Taylor, Pearlene 67, 70, 223 Taylor, Robert 2410 Stellman, Virginia 259 Stephens, Carolyn 259 Stephens, Kenneth 101, 210, 223 Stephenson, Charlotte 63, 240 Stevens, Helen 67, 205 Stevens, Jim 101, 259 Tayrien, Tarry 105, 205 Teel, Jane 205 Teel, George 57, 97, 240 Teel, Jerry 57, 205 Terrapin, Tommy 101 Terrell, James 67, 205 Terry, William 149, 154 Stevens, John 223 Steward, Bobby 240 Stewart, Frank 259 Stewart, James 61 Smith, David 259 Smith, Gerald 239 Smith, Glenda 259 Smith, Harold 259 Smith, Homer 259 Smith, J ack 223 Smith, Jacqueline 239 Smith, Joyce 259 Smith, Kenneth 239 Smith, Lawrence 204 Smith, Linda 204 Smith, Lynn 239 Smith, Marjorie 60, 62, 239, 175 Smith, Nelda 259 Smith, Randall 259 Smith, Ray 204 Smith, Robert 223 Smith, Ronald 259- Smith, Sharon 55, 57, 67, 204 Smith, Vermelle 67, 204 Smith, Verta 72 Sneed Ellen 67, 204 Snelling, William 59, 105 Stiger, David 67, 101, 205 Stiles, Joyce 67, 205 Stiles, Noble 259 Stillwagen, Sheryl 55, 67, 223 Stiter, Douglas 205 Stockton, Sandra 205 Stogsdill, Evelyn 48 Stone, Larry 157 Stone, Susan 259 Storie, Chadwick 55, 205 Storie, John 68 Story, Janice 79, 240 Stover, James 223 St. Pierre, James 146 Strand, Donna 259 Stratton, Peggy 60, 134, 223 Streeter, Janel 259 Strickland, Glen 44, 45, 134, 209 Strickland, Janis 67, 205 Stroup, Steve 259, 163 Strouse, Garry 223 Stuart, James 240 Stubbs, Linda 259 Stubbs, Robert 105 Studebaker, Mary 63, 223 Stump, Virgil 259 Sturm, Steven 223 Sullivan, Delbert 259 Surber, Elaine 259 Surine, Wilma 205 Sutherland, Jackie 91, 205 Suttle, Jon 240 Swan, Jimmy 223 Thomas, Beverley 240 Thomas, Charles 105, 260 Thomas Thomas Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Claude 223 1 Howard 101, 206 Judith 260 Mack 97, 224 Mary 240, 260 Neoma 67, 206 Thomason, Robert 109, 224 Thomason, Robert 224 Thompson, Charles 224 Thompson, Claude 246, 260 Thompson, David 206 Thompson, Donald 206 Thompson, Donna 240 Thompson, Dorotha 260 Thompson, Doule 260 Thompson, Ellis 101, 240 Thompson, Frances 206 Thompson, James 240 Thompson, Jan 260 Thompson, Kathleen 224 Thompson, Margaret 260 Thompson, Marsha 83, 226, 240 Thompson, Mary 64, 83, 135, 194 206 Thompson, Michael 109, 224 Thompson, Paul 53 Thornburg, Cheryl 63, 67, 206 Thornbury, Robert 67, 105, 224 Thorne, Emily 67, 240 Thorne, Tom 163, 154 Thornton, Gale 240 Thro, Jessie 240, 91 Thurman, Jerry 55, 67, 206 Thurman, Jimmy 260 Thurman, Linda 67, 91, 240 287 Tiger, Jimmy 207 Timmons, Sharon 260 Titsworth, Cheryl 240 Todd, Edward 73 Tomlin, James 260 Toney, Michael 97, 146, 240 Toon, Donnie 224 Touchette, Dennis 149, 155 Townsend, John 207 Townsend, liivern 207 Townsend, William 207 Towry, Diane 260 Trammel, Viola 240 Treadway, Paul 224 Treat, Gary 240 Tremblay, Margaret 67, 224 Tressider, Joanne 260 Trickey, Louetta 67, 79, 224 Trigalet, Bobby 63 Trimble, Glenn 105, 240 Trimble, Thomas 260 Trizza, Sam 207 Truman, Philip 240 Wadkins, Nancy 67, 72, 224 Wadley, George 63, 224 Wadley, Harold 260 Wagne r, Dale 241 Wagner, R. D. 224 Wagoner, Earl 260 West, James 261 Westfall, Florence 67, 70, 225 Whalen, Delorus 48, 261 Watley, Theodore 208 White, Carolyn 50, 60, 261 Wimpey, Shirley 57, 208 Winfield, Linda 261 wing, Alice 55, 5157, 73, 135, 225 Winlock, Harry 72 Winsby, Jerold 208 Wagoner, Jackie 207 Wagoner, Sharon 260 Walden, Gerald 73 Walker, Linda 260 Walker, Sandra 70, 74, 89, 260 Walker, Susan 260 Walkup, Dale 241 Wallace, Cordon 207 Wallace, Jeanne 67, 207 Wallen, Suzanne 74 Wallis, Marland 260 Walter, Barbara 241 Walters, Sheila 241 Walton, Joseph 224 Wammack, Shirley 241 Wang, Tokunen 207 Wann, Ronnie 260 White, Charles 225 White, Dwain 241, 149, 155 White, Eric 15, 225 White, Glenn 241 White, John 51, 67, 105, 135, 190, 208 White, Johnny 208 White, Mike 63 White, Ronald 97, 241 White, Sandra 261 White, William 208 Whiteis, Martha 225 Tucker, Turley, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turney 7 Turney, Turney, Belvia 72, 240 Ruth Ann 240 Allison 240 Harold 224 Olin 260 Katy 240 Lee 67, 207 Mildred 207 Yarborough, Mary 261 Wilson, Larry 261 Tyree, Joanna 67, 207 Tyree, William 109, 207 Uhls, Brenda 224 Underhill, Alvin 207 Underhill, Lonnie 38, 207 Underwood, Geneieve 260 Urquhart, Kathryn 67, 224 Van Fleet, Thomas Lee 224 Van Gunda, Janice 240 Vanhooser, Marvin 260 Van Horn, Hames 224 Vann, Linda 72 Vanzant, Pete 207, 148, 149, 152, 153, 155 Vardeman, George 147 Vaughan, Donald 241 Vaughn, Emma 70 Venable, Linda 55, 57, 224 Vice, Ernest 147, 207 Vinyard, Daniel 260 Voigt, Jerry 73, 224 Voils, Ray 241 Vonunwerth, Harold 260 Vore, Barbara 260 Vowell, John 105, 224 Wachob, Linda 55, 67, 224 Wade, Bobby 207 288 Warbu rton, Charles 224 Ward, James 260 Ward, Jerry 207 Ward, John 224 Ward, Kenneth 67, 207 Ward, Mary 70, 207 Ward, Nina 224 Ward, Richie 260 Ward, Terence 260 Ward, Thomas 57 Ward, Tommy B. 207 Warden, Cheryle 260 Waren, Marsha 62, 261 Warford, Fred 224 Warford, Elaine 67, 224 Warren, Donna 241 Waters, Lura 61 Waters, Stella 70, 241 Watkins, Carolyn 241 Watkins, Lucy 261 Whitesell, John 208 Whitney, Ethel 60, 59, 67, 225 Whittenburg, Judith 91, 241 Whittington, Marcia 208 Wickett, Raymond 261 Wicklifie, Dennis 225 Wilcox, Michael 261 Wildcat, Luman 225 Wilkes, Janice 261 Wilkins, Thomas 225 Wilkinson, Bobbie 49, 261 Willcox, John 208 Willcox, Kenneth 208, 162 Wisdom, Terry 57, 101, 208 Wise, John 241 Wise, Kathlyn 83, 84, 94, 241 Wise, Marion 147, 225 Wise, Mike 241 Witte, Frank 71, 208 Woelk, Joan 67, 225 Wold, Monroe, 261 Wolff, Anna 57, 67, 208 Wolfe, Evelyn 225 Wolff, Norman 208 Womack, David 67, 208 Wood, Donald 105, 208 Wood, James 261 Wood, Jerry 208 Wood, Joyce 87, 241 Woodall, Alan 101, 225 Watkins, William 224 Watson, Arrahwanna 261 Watson, Shirley 207 Watsob, Shirley Eileen 207 Watts, Dale 62, 104, 106, 123, 135, 224 Watts, Larry 261 Wayne, Judith 261 Weaver, Vernon 224 Weaver, William 261 Webb, Marcia 224 Weber, Robert 224 Beeden, Alfred 241 Weeden, Jo Ann 32 Willey, Dorothy 22 Williams, Andrew 225 Williams, Barbara 55, 57, 225 Williams, Brenda 91, 208 Williams, David 241 Williams, Eddie 241 Williams, Frank 208 Williams, Harvey 241 Williams, John 73 Williams, Jonnie 241 Williams, Larry 97 Williams, Larry Don 52, 261 Williams, Larry Lee 225 Williams, Linda 225 Williams, Melba 118, 230 Williams, Oneida 225 Williams, Roy 225 Williams, Sally 67, 208 Woodall, Ronnie 208 Woodard, Phyllis 261 Woodward, Marilyn 61, 67, 2 Woods, Juanita 241 Woods, Sharon 241 Woodson, Charles 208 Wooldridge, Charles 209 Woolf, LaJan 241 Workman, Louis 209 Worley, Donald, 67, 209 Worley, Janet 261 Wright, Carl 160 Wright, Ruth 209 Wright, Shirley 225 Wyly, Ronald 225 Wynn, Murray 162 Yates, Don 67, 209 Yeager, James 59 Yeager, Larry 241 Yeager, Robert 60, 209, 59 Youell, Carron 241 Young, Barbara 261 Young, Charles 225 Williamson, William 261 Williston, Holland 161 Wilson, Carolyn 72, 261 Wilson, Celestine 225 Wilson, Donald 225 Young, James 225 Young, Maggie 261 Young, Peggy 241 Young, Shirley 225, 67 Young, Terry 67 Youngblood, Glenn 241 25 Wilson , Jim 225 Weeks, Barbara Ann 241 Weeks , Bob 147, 225 Weeks, Carol 50, 70, 241 Welch, Donald 208 Werne r, Barbara Ann 261 West, Cindy 91, 241 Wilson, Linda 261 Wilson, Anne 63, 90, 119, 225 Wilson, Peggy 225 Wilson, Phyllis 55, 225 Wilson, Russell 225 Wilson, Terry 261 Zaroor, Marcia 261 Zawaski, Judith 261 Zeiler, Shirley 57, 62, 209 Zimmerman, Ben 147, 261 Zimmerman, Gayle 261 Zimmerman, Judy 261 5 Qfiiff 5 , Q,-A , N ggi. . ,.,fQf'-'-' 3221 jlfl' W., V ,fill-1 L ' Egffak--. 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Suggestions in the Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) collection:

Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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