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Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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1' , - " ..', U . , 4- ,-. N1 A.- -.. , , , ,, , f.4,,,- VL,-3 .A Y -,H : , , , ' . ' ,-. Q. ..ff,gj., .,- X. , - 1- ,. , 'HS x ,, W. l L. Lf ',"'-4-2 -,445 ,. . ., '- Wim.-V1 A . gg., , 11.-""? ef'p,I1.-, -ffm V un mr ' faw.-,l"ivN:v4.5,'f.L., M1'- fk'-"M:- ' M, ,, fe 51' 5 f !,..,G- 5 f -' gg wp, Q, 3 nr-q,,.'P'-Ps -ff . , g - 1.1 '-'v:22'.vff ,Q - ' ' " ':Y-1' Q-,,,n , - ,, .-.t -, J . .- . -up , u fQ4fi'QfViv4:1,ffw.-wxw 5JPl?m:f"T'ffiw I 51' wsu 55" P- . 1-W-.1 g ., AW ., , W V: ,,-1.,-f,.- ,"f.,fx, mm 1-X. -- - x- , - 4,,,. W, 4 ,, f 'fs .-11 1-1 w , R- ui-L H- U gy : -5 ff Y- ., -Ny V , , ff ,',,:.,,,, - .wr , if .1 4,--4 M ,s X. k , , xv Q., V hr, : Ji 1 4,1,3v1 141- . r f, -- jg ,V ,. ,ki :L . . x . ,,-,-.rf V, - ,,,. 5-sw ff J f hwy, X ,r ,eg 4, . ,..f,1g, -N , , Q ' Q 13453, 3 V, . N . , g .- :L'1,gi:y.?i.,V 1 Q x1 Xi Aa 6 -'Q E X, -fi 1 . V, .-hfillf. ' N - H 3' .- - - f , ' :Q ., ff. .- . 1, Aiwa. .3 .,.,. .5 , x g K Hi, Nz, , , ME .4 4591? n, I ' , r '.:-mfg ya'-2 Tiff , V ' 1 -' ,- '- . ' xg ' ,f 5 "1-'12 ' " . is ' Y f ' K g ,n:,,.sl , , -.15 S f:f,5,p,.mQ4.. AGM pi -V V' uf -V f , . -,Lg " ww-'1'fx'?f P""'P 31???vI" A' vm . ' HA ' fwii X1 T:":'f:'4iS ,H few- Mi-iff' w"x,:.'.:Qf-v?:"H jff w- " 1 'AWQH-,"i11"Z M' ' ,fffff in M ' 'vf"f"f" ff'f' ? wt? fh a e . - X ' ff 2i'?'15?M',e"' -4' . ' ff f 'E , Q -v q s '1.,4 ., ' J- 'f' ""YY2V'4 il fy??"" 354- .a.1- -:- f. 'f A ' CATHERINE DAVIS Editor PAT EMERSON Business M anager TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY Dallas, Texas an TSA LA an Published By NORTHEASTERN STATE COLLEGE TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA This Year in Review . . . . an attempt to recall the Weeks of Working and playing together. As Well as never to be forgotten history readings, inevitably late term papers, and the satisfaction of a grade Well earned, the past year holds memories of fun: Freshman initiation, Homecoming, Sadie HaWkin's Week, Formal Dances, Football and Basketball victories, and other traditions of our campus. QE' ,L Wg or ,Q 1 tp, :Iv .X-,gy at Northeastern will be remembered for the times spent in association of good friends . . . ,1- . . .. in gctivities which help us to become better citizens of the United States. jWrZLf1ea5ZLerf7 , Mrfifaffern ' f. JA J. J- Ji J J. I H QE 5ljIE2QEE.,1.Jfl P363 r fi rr' F 'PJ' FL Mrfi - eafzi er , jyaffff- 6555- em, War 5017: ara fzfamcb 500 bb J fi - J J ? - 2 J: , 1 1 J. J z ' fn 67P5' 7f1fr 7 F ru fu V frue , Akrffy- 65525 em , Mffb-faffffn, ULJW c?f-4.14-2j5 5Z4c?f7cZ! V ik' '-QJJ. .J V79 J. JJ-:DEb.l. VA Ib 7 Hb F r F' 'V ' you , WW ffybf boy, MW M77 60515 Hr fiejffeeff affdzffifkzfel 5-992.3 rf? iqgfb. . Z ffcmaf I Mrfi-eaff-mg me he W4 We fEff!f7 ai ffm faffmf. CAMPUS ff 5511 .M .5 4 wx ' '54,-., . 4 L LPPSTZA: f' "L " vw, M vw, 5? " ,.,., f A W ww! Q N. .ff 1 i y , if Q ' 5?i'l'5iL. "' 1 ma Y,- W Southea RM Aw, tudent Center St Corner of gtudeni lgunge-ballroom North end of Siuderll 10l1Ilg6-b9.Hf00II1 V , f' 4'3- .H- Mk KX L : law - . , ka. W A - , ,T51Ff Y W Northwest comer of Student loungebaumom West side of lounge-ballroom from west balcony Student Center North end of loungeballroom Southwest corner of student lounge-ballroom :sf 2 ,,,A, i. 'iw ve M 1 . ff My The Auditorium Mmvnsnwuwwf, A View of the Auditorium from the Stage Lobby of the Auditorium V '-"",,-., M.. 45555 'A Wi Fl easel :X Wpu ,. ,,., W,....N ........,m.,W,. ......,M .M , ..,,,,1,. .-,,Y,-Vw ...,. , .. Q.. ---J f a 1 4 'Q I -"--v'-'-' 7.14 y A ' . ' ' 7 I ff af.. W nm I I A l K KA Q, 5-" tam Viqqxw, ,rw wlyr A X: W - V Wk . A :nw z.. WL .i f, - if? be wg 3' XT' ,. 1' 1 :vs Q "' M ' 4 2 Q Tfl"'?"3 f f 'V "W J W'-4 1 7 "Lf if N' X 'A 9 HU ' 9 . fy Q V 9 T F 1 8 1 11 H SM" 1-"H Rf? '-.,h' If ' 4 ""' i ff . Y LH A 'fm-,,h A Tj' ' A? , f 5 Lf 'L Y i3'1fi'f2f i fi fu i ' ' J fag. 3 1 '19 5 - Qf??3fSf?', 253!f? S 352g'hw'f,f'ENA ,, cliff, 2 iff A i wifi 1,?f-" iN The Fine Arts Building E 'a MWQQMQLWQWWWN Lg M 35 2 H 5 ...M ,.. ' 'ANY-ii. '6Wi1:iS3!v?H1iw4- 451' 0 W f The john Vaughn Library 499, W, V, ,M .,.F,4, , H 4:xb,gw,5fw'1-W H:,W,.f,Lwn,?w,. Men's G mnasium Women? G mnasium F M ' 'I I M WS Ex! gi .Eglin viz 1 D U wwf'-'----.. H N '- " gs x L, R 4 v - ' 'W .1 Q nh . " M- Au, K FW- 2 V' 'Z 'aj " 7 may 'M 'Y A nw Q, N Mf'Q,i'i- by mf M "W "'w"'5'Q' M fi- - asm' ku ' "" R 'x -FL Ms ak in - ?u"'m"3w' .iff W -ff 1' 4' F' 52 my . ,334-I 'w ff2:?1 ' lf t'5"',, ,' ' K' , K f Q xx B 3 if , Q - , M1 it lmf ' k , AJx,x",M Q . '-J Qi:-.A 1' X., A .2 5 .qw S xv - A . -U A, , il' Laigx I , ,yr K 43 , 1, -X, ,VS V.-1, xx- i V ' kc wfxvf ,V , in 5 fy, vwvff . x ' ya' X' M, ,. .M Www-mf .,,g25t+fil- b1"'f A -E. .g::g Wilson H all The women's dormitory is one of the most attractive and comfortable dorms in the state. A typical afternoon in Wilson Hall Haskell H all Haskell Hall Officers pose with Mother Bowers" in Living Room The men's dormitory is a very attractive dormitory which offers homelike liv- ing for its residents. un.,- fs -Q 1 1 ufgukv 6. fi 35-F M'-u V ,A 4 The I nclustrial Arts Building xiii V f 3' 4 Ek W .krr V, if wi fi:sE'2.fS?'3q,. Junior Teacher lila Sue Gilliam helps Bagley student tu improve his reading William C Bagley School Wi R, my ll? ll? an , wr M A.,,f-WW Y 3 M ifML ,A "' K fave ,kk mm Science Building Infirmary ,f 7 f ' ' N' -muah gi. Heating Plant Taj-Mah-Hal Temporary Dorm f n 'CH 'IB' is The Administration Building Aerial View of the Administration Building 5 A 1 I fm my a X., ., 'Y Wa 5' T K4 fri 5, Q ,try K nf' 1' X 1' num:-23 E 4 . my, sp 'hx , K, My 5 55392 ,- 41' sv fx 1 Q L, 551 The Presiden t's Hom e ' 4 . ,,.. N. ,M .r , ,W Z, M , ,ms - OUR PRESIDENTS FAMILY Linda Claricf-, Dr. Garrison, Sandra Sue and Mrs. Garrison. ,.,- jx, I N xx It 'ij A L-vi 'M -v ,ggvzqw ,-M-1 , ... 5 Q wiv 5. V KK g 'X , ff. ,L '93 ,t:..,,.,,4v- ' -Q 1' ,....,.f- ,mm -...N T54 , j neg, ' ff, I Mtv 'F' , . ML'. we mf f M, 1 , k 'WY HAM.. ,, H .. ,C Hifi ' 'T fviggifififm fffi W ,1, n L, , , f-'.f1f':,"gL,1f:1:. f 5-ff,.,,5,,,5iL f ,SM ,K , K 'jfjiki . .,,,a,Lf .W klgnligl 'S 'wo- DMINISTRATIO 1:1gq51,? Wifi New-iw 52332 Mia.. W ' JOHNSTON S. MURRAY Governor of Oklahoma OKLAHOMA STATE REGENTS for HIGHER EDUCATION Reading from left to right, the Regents are-Seated: Dial Currin, Chairman, Shawnee, Guy H James, Secretary, Oklahoma City, Frank Buttram, Oklahoma City? John Rogers, Tulsa. Standing: Guy M. Harris, Ardmore, Clee O. Doggett, Cherokee, Julius H. Johnston, Lawton, Wharton Mathies, Assistant Secretary, Clayton, W. D. Little, Vice Chairman, Ada. STATE BOARD of REGENTS of OKLAHOMA COLLEGES Members of the State Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges, of whom a picture was not avail- able, are: R. L. Clifton, President, Enid, Rector E. Swearengin, Vice President, Durant, S. C. Boswell, Ada, Bert Brundage, Thomas, John C. Fisher, Marlow, Mrs. Elizabeth Anthis, Mus- kogee, Dr. James S. Petty, Guthrie, A. L. Graham, Broken Arrow, Dr. Oliver Hodge, Edmond, W. T. Doyel, Executive Secretary, Oklahoma City. DR. HARRELL E. GARRISON President of College ? NORTHEASTERN STATE COLLEGE TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA N December M, 1952 To the students and staff members of Northeastern State College: It has been a pleasure being president of an institution whose staff and student memberships are made up of such outstanding people as will be found in the pages of this book. The year was successful because of the work, cooperativeness, loyalty, and untiring efforts of each faculty member and student. It is our sincere hope that all of your relationships with Northeastern have been pleasant and have contributed to your being a better citizen in our great democracy. We urge you to continue your loyalty to Northeastern by helping us with your suggestions and kind words in our endeavor to provide the best type of educational institution for the young people of the northeastern part of the state. We also urge each of you to do what you can to make democracy as strong as possible in order that we may continue to provide a democratic type of education for all who wish to attend a public school in the United States. The roots of democracy stem from education. You can strengthen democracy by continuing to urge others to get as much education as possible in order that more citizens will be able to think more intelligently in a democracy. As the years go by, I wish for you peace and happiness and the blessings of God, who is the Giver of all good life. Sincerely yours, wage Harrell E. Garrison P r e s i d e n t Dr. Garrison and Mrs. Smith at work ' W ii 1 1 ,L ,.., A , Nw Jytswf- 45143 2' ' K V 315954321 K, fk..k VM x wg-gif - iivi f: V M .sim 1: 3 3ng4:Q':-1 21, es, 1 W, 15 TT iv f max,-,Z. fgggfgpg.-if ' ' Lf Qilliffk ' Hifsiw- , zfww- f ,wp 1 ' SY A 33 .,,?,, , 1' , K. ffm V R wflgifr m f V3 Q up K 'iz ,x W f -' if I ' , 3 gffw-w MW' " .. ,J V-T f y ' - g l '- ' +- ' iii " W X, ,R N:.. L. A ' f ,L. ,, T2 . vb A H Fx, DR. L. H. B LLY Dean of College Q 3 s X Q 1 Dean Bally and Secretary Norma carrying on an ordinary days work you 'AE l ,,, mg, .. 4. frm T m 'B' V., 5 ,mn ' 1 Dean Bally is always ready to help solve any problem that may confront Northeaatefrn btudents ALICE BERKSHIRE Dean of Women Dean Berkshire is a part of the foundation on which Northeastern stands. As Dean of Wom- en, Miss Berkshire has a chance to become personally acquainted with all the girls on the campus. She is always ready to help solve their problems. She shares their joys and hardships and her door is always open to students, or anyone who just wants to come in for a friendly chat. Dean Deneke has proved to be more than a friend to every student on the Northeastern campus. If you ever have a problem, the Dean of Student Personnel is ready to help you in any way he can. The school calendar, student files, and the much talked about, Freshman tests are also part of his responsi- bility. Dean Deneke is probably one of the busiest men on the campus, but he is never too busy to help a student. WESLEY A. DENEKE Dean of Student Personnel Z ,M Luau NOBLE BRYAN, Registrar Kaffe' 1, JOE SCEARCE, Business Manager if 5 :keg fl!- ! . ,,...ull"!'l1 N. N. DUNCAN, Veterarfs Coordinator X 1 IRENE MORGAN, Acting Director of Public Relations 1 HARRELL E. GARRISON L. H. BALLY WESLEY A, DENEKE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL LUTHER D. BROWN Offr- NOBLE BRYAN JOE L. SOEARCE L. P. WOODS THE FACULTY HELEN AINGWORTH, M.S., Assistant Professor of Biology, B.S., Oklahoma ASM, M.S., University of Arkansas, graduate work, University of Oklahoma and Arkansas. RUTH ALLISON, ,M.A., Assistant Professor of Art, B.F.A., Uni- versity of Oklahoma, M.A., Columbia University, graduate work, Columbia University. ROSS H. ANDERSON, M.S., Associate Professor of Physics, B.S., M.S., Kansas State Agricultural College, graduate work, University of Colorado and Oklahoma. L. H. BALLY, Ph.D., Dean of College and Professor of Biology, B.A., Fairmount College, M.A., Ph.D., University of Kansas. D. R. BEDWELL, M.A., Associate Professor of Biology, B.A., B.S., Northeastern State College, M.A., George Peabody Col- lege, graduate work, George Peabody College, University oftOk- lahoma. WILMA BEISEL, B.S., Northeastern State College, Claim Clerk. A. F. BENNETT, M.S., Assistant Professor of Education, B.S., M.S., Oklahoma ASM, graduate work, Oklahoma ASIM, Oklaho- ma University, University of New Mexico. ALICE BERKSHIRE, Ed.M., Dean of Women and Professor of Physical Education, B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University, Ed.M., University of Oklahoma, graduate work, Washington University, Pennsylvania State College, University of Southern California. EARL W. BLANK, Litt.D., Professor of Speech, Ph.B., Univer- sity of Chicago, M.A., Carnegie Institute of Technology, Litt.D., Maclean College, graduate work, Northwestern University, Uni- versity of Southern California, Louisiana State University, Uni- versity of Denver. HERBERT D. BOGCAN, M.A., Associate Professor of Socio- logy, A.B., Mississippi College, M.A., Tulane University, gradu- ate work, Indiana University. LOLA BOWERS, Hostess, Haskell Hall Dormitory for Men. LUTHER BROWN, M.S., Associate Professor of Education and Director of Student Teaching and Placement, B.S., Northeastern State College, M.S., Oklahoma A81M, All course work completed for Ph.D., George Peabody College. NOBLE BRYAN, M.S., Registrar, B.A., Oklahoma University, M.S., Oklahoma A8zM. VERNON W. BURROWS, M.S., Co-Ordinator of Secondary Edu- cation, B.S., East Central State College, M.S., Oklahoma A8zM, graduate work, Oklahoma A8zM, University of Arkansas. LELE CANADA, R.N., Oklahoma University, College Nurse. ag . . THE X FACULTY 'st if 1? :Hhs-H RAYMOND CARPENTER, M.A., Associate Professor of Math, B.A., Hendrix College, M.A., Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity, graduate study, University of Southern California, Okla- homa A8zM. WILMA CARPENTER, Assistant to Registrar, B.A., Northeastern State College. A I... CHARLTON, M. A., Professor of Chemistry, lI.A., M.fVl.. Phillips University, graduate study, University of Kansas, Uni- versity of Colorado. JOE CULVER, M.S., Assistant Professor of Physics, B. A., Northeastern State College, M.S., Oklahoma ASM, graduate study, Oklahoma A8zM. WESLEY A. DENEKE, Ed.D., Dean of Student Personnel, Pro- fessor of Education, B.S., Southeast Missouri State Teachers Col- lege, M.A., Ed.D., University of Missouri. KENNETH O. DUE, Ed.M., Instructor of Physical Education and Football Coach, B.S., U. S. Military Academy, West Point, Ed.M., University of Houston. N. N. DUNCAN, M.A., Assistant Professor of Geography and Geology, B.S., B.A., M.A., University of Missouri, graduate study. University of Missouri and Oklahoma. W. C. EVANS, M.A., Associate Professor of History, B.A., M.A.. University of Arkansas, graduate study, University of Virginia. H. MERLE FARNSWORTH, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Langu- age, B.S., Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg, M.A., Ph.D., University of Missouri. B. F. FERGUSON, M.S., Assistant Professor of lndustrial Arts, B.S., Northeastern State College, M.S., Oklahoma A8aM, gradu- ate study, Oklahoma A8zM. M. E. FRANKLIN, Ed.D., Professor of Industrial Arts, B.S., M.A., Oklahoma A8rM, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma. MILDRED FOSTER, B.S. in Lib.Sc., Assistant Librarian, B.S.. B.A., in Library Science, University of Oklahoma. H. W. GUENTHER, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, B.A., Sam Houston Normal Institute, M.A., Baylor University, Ph.D., Uni- versity of Wisconsin. MARY HASS, M.S., Assistant Professor of Home Economics, B.A., Lander College, M.S., University of Tennessee, graduate study, Columbia University, University of Georgia, Michigan State College. ERANKIE HARRIS, M.S., Co-Ordinator of Elementary Educa- tion, B.A., Northeastern State College, M.S., Oklahoma ASAM. 35 "wif i ' 1 ' if vi' 'vt 1 'GW-W"" THE FACULTY fy '45 tt, es 'Q I W.. ,ew . a x ,quit-m.a. 31:95 NADENE HARRIS, M.A., Assistant Professor of Home Econom- ics, B.S., Arkansas State Teachers College, M.S., University of Tennessee, graduate study, University of Tennessee, Teachers College, Columbia University, University of Arkansas. E. HOWARD HAWORTH, M.S., Associate Professor of Busi- ness Education, B.A., Northwestern State College, M.S., Okla- homa ASM, graduate study, University of Texas, University of Colorado, University of Oklahoma, University of Arkansas. IRENE HOLTZINGER, M.M., Assistant Professor of Music, B.M., Fort Hays State College, MM., University of Michigan. W- D- JOHNSON, Ed.D., Professor of History, B.A., B.S., South- west Missouri State Teachers College, M.S., Ed.D., University of Oklahoma. DENNIE JONES, B.S., Curator of Museum, B.S., Northeastern State College, graduate study, George Peabody College. ERNEST JONES, Ed.D., Professor of Education and Director of College Reading Laboratory, B.S., Ed.M., Ed.D., University of Oklahoma. JANE KING, Dietitian. B. KINKADE, Ph.D., Professor of English, B.A., M.A., Uni- versity of Missouri, Ph.D., University of Illinois. JACK KISNER, M.Ed., Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Audio-Visual Education, B.S., Northeastern State College, M.Ed., University of Oklahoma, graduate work, Uni- versity of Oklahoma. E. H. MARCHANT, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, B.S., M.S., Uni- versity of Manitoba, Ph.D., McGill University. MARTHA SIMS MARKHAM, M.A., Assistant Professor of Phys- ical Education, B.S., Oklahoma ASM, M.A., George Peabody College. BEATRICE MCCORMICK, Hostess, Florence Wilson Hall, Dorm- itory for Women. NORMA MCGUIRF, Northeastern State College, Secretary to the Dean of the College. THELMA JEAN MILLER, B.A., Northeastern State College, Accountant Clerk. IRENE MORGAN, M.A., Associate Professor of Modern Langu- ages and Director of Public Relations, B.A., Hendrix College, M.A., University of Texas, graduate study, University of Chi- cago, University of Mexico, Pennsylvania State College, South- ern Methodist University, University of Texas, University of Southern California. -5 THEO M. NIX, Ph.D., Professor of Music, B.F.A., Oklahoma ASIM, M.M., University of Tulsa, Ph.D., State University of Iowa. GEORGE C. OCLE, M.A., Associate Professor of Economics, B.S., M.A., University of Missouri, graduate study, University of California. T. .M. PEARSON, M.A., Associate Professor of English, B.A., Unlversity of Arkansas, M.A., University of Chicago, graduate study, George Peabody College, University of Oklahoma. T. I... PITTENGER, M.M., Associate Professor of Music, B. A., University of Tulsa, B. M., Chicago Musical College, M.M., University of Oklahoma, graduate study, Chicago Musical Col- lege, University of Chicago. HATTIE C. PROPST, M.A., Assistant Professor of English and Assistant Librarian, B.S., M.A., Oklahoma A8zM, graduate study, University of Oklahoma. 0. J. PYLAND, B.S., Northeastern State College, Cashier and Bookkeeper. MILDRED RANDELS, M.A., Assistant Professor of Education, B.A., M.A., Oklahoma ASIM, graduate study, Columbia University. 0. J. RINNERT, B.S., Northeastern State College, Manager of Student Center. JAMES I... ROBINSON, L.L.B., Professor of Speech and Director of Alumni Office, B.A., LLB., University of Oklahoma, M.A., Northwestern University, graduate study, Colorado State Col- lege of Education, University of Oklahoma and Northwestern University. THOMAS C. ROUSEY, M.A., Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Coach, B.S., M.S., University of Oklahoma, graduate study, New York University. DOLORES W. ROWE, M.S., Instructor of Education, B.S., Northeastern State College, M.S., University of Oklahoma. JOE L. SCEARCE, M.S., Business Manager, B.S., Southeastern State College, M.S., Oklahoma ASLM. FRED E. SHORT, B.A., B.S., Instructor of Speech, B. A., West Texas State College, B.S., University of Texas, graduate work, University of Texas. MAURINE S. SMITH, B.A., Northeastern State College: Ad- ministrative Secretary. LEOLA B. SPELLMAN, M.S., Assistant Professor of Business Education, B.A., Drury College, M.S., Oklahoma ASM, gradu- ate study, Oklahoma A8iM. A THE FACULTY THE FAC LTY J. B. STEED, Ed.D., Professor of Education, B.S., University of Missouri, M.S., Ed.D., University of Oklahoma. FLOSSIE B. TEMPLETON, M.A., Assistant Professor of Edu- cation, B.A., Northeastern State College, M.A., George Peabody College, graduate study, University of Tulsa. SUE THORNTON, M.A., Librarian, B.A., B.M., University of Oklahoma, M.A., Columbia University, graduate study, Univer- sity of Hawaii, B.A., in Library Science, University of Oklahoma. VAUD A. TRAVIS, Ed.D., Professor of Secondary Education, B.A., Northeastern State College, M.A., University of Oklaho- ma, Ed.D., University of California. JACK TRUITT, M.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, B.S., M.S., North Texas State College. CALVIN L. TURNBOW, M.A., Assistant Professor of History, B.A., Northeastern State College, M.A., George Peabody Col- lege, graduate study, George Peabody College, Vanderbilt Uni- versity, University of Arkansas. BILL TURNEY, M.S., Instructor of Education, B.A., Northeast- ern State College, M.S. University of Arkansas, graduate work, University of Houston. BASEL B. VANSCHUYVER, Ed.D., Professor of Psychology, B.S., Ed.M., Ed.D., University of Oklahoma. FRANK A. VESLEY, M.A., Associate Professor of English, B.S., M.A., University of Nebraska, graduate study, University of Iowa, University of Tulsa. D. M. WADLEY, M.A., Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- tion ancl Director of Athletics, B.A., Northeastern State College, M.A., University of Louisiana. RUSSELL L. WALKER, M.B.A., Assistant Professor of Busi- ness Education, B.S., Northeastern State College, M.B.A., Uni- versity of Oklahoma, graduate work, University of Arkansas. GLADYS WEAVER, Northeastern State College, Secretary to .Iack Rinnert. ,I.H. WHITE, College Printer. MAXWELL O. WHITE, Ph.D., Professor of History, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa, B.S., fLibrary Servicej, Columbia University. JAMES R. WHITWORTH, Associate Professor of Music, B.A. in Education, Southeastern State College, M.A., Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University, graduate study, Teachers College, Columbia University. L. P. WOODS, M.S., Professor of Math, B.A., M.S., Univer- sity of Arkansas, graduate study, University of Chicago, Uni- versity of Missouri, University of Texas, Teachers College, Co- lumbia University. DOROTHY YANDELL, M.S., Assistant Professor of Business Education, B.S., Northeastern State College, M.S., University of Oklahoma. THE STUDENT SENATE "Need a job done? ,lust ask the Student Senatef, And so, members of the North- eastern State College Student Senate rang chimes from the tower at Christmas time, collected money for the March of Dimes, hid Easter eggs for the faculty children and sponsored dozens of worth-while activities this year. Acting as a governing body for the college, the Senate met faithfully each Wednesday evening tdate nightlj with President Bill 'clVloon,' Coleman, first semester, President Gene Smith, second semester, Dr. Wesley Deneke and Dean Alice Berkshire, faculty sponsors, and Ann Armstrong, secretary. Each meeting began with a prayer. Then, with the reading of the minutes, the barrage of work was under way. "Don Hopkins fsen- ior representativej will be in charge of getting ALICE BERKSHIRE WESLEY A. DENEKE Dean Dean .M W mwgy. W 'N k Q an , K BILL COLEMAN GENE SMITH ANN ARMSTRONG BRYCE BLISS donors for the Bloodmobile . . . Charlie Gebetsberger fjunior representativel will see that everything is in readiness for the Sadie Hawkins race and dance . . . Betty Durham Qseniorl will be chairman of the assembly committee . . . Arthur Tripp ffresh- manl will see that the signs are painted . . . John Ritan tsophomorej wishes to present a motion to rewrite the Constitution . . . Bryce Bliss frepresentative-at-largej will play the Christmas chimes after football prac- tice . . . Cary ,lo Carnett tsophomore repre- sentativej will help get the Student Center ready for the Christmas tea . . . Pat Emerson fjuniorj will purchase the prizes for the Y Q mana ,, AM- I N A v P x 'IC o ol. A w QQ , .-"W ,gum f W' wwf V . 4-'VF Q 'X Q, ,r C DON HOPKINS BETTY DURHAM CHARLES GEBETSBERGER PAT EMERSON CARY JO CARNETT JOHN RITAN Parents, Day winners . . . Jo Ellen Priest ffreshman representativel will write invita- tions to the Easter tea . . . Ann Armstrong will send cards to students who are ill . . . 'cMoon,' will speak to the new freshman . . . Gene Smith will introduce the assembly speaker . . ." THE STUDENT SENATE JO ELLEN PRIEST ARTHUR TRIPP And so it went, all year, as the group worked to further cooperation and unity among students and faculty, maintain the high standards of conduct, and uphold Northeastern,s cherished traditions. They did their job well. Wa 3 X Q A X 2 Q ATS. ' Y A ss ,gy ft W, Q" 7311! we A X ,, . aw, and promise s and societ CATHA DON A HOPKINS Sen ior-Ho BARBARA CROMER Senior-Muskogee WHCVS WHO NORTHEASTE RN' Each year the faculty of Northeastern State College select campus leaders to be listed in Whols Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges. The selection is made on a basis of scholarship, leadership, service to the school future usefulness to busines AT of l y. RINE DAVI S S enior-D ewey BILL C Selzzb,-Xgfjgfl1A N .442 f A Neil:-2 ' ' as Y f , N e Q- t A y iss u e f ff f l l 'lfr is t f- 1 lf ft A o cpyy f ,, 1 L MARY FRYE Senior-Jay 4 ' A w."',. i V W X ,, A. ,Q fe 1 QQ 1 ll at a. .,, 579- y , 1 3 ' My A . il mmy We . f ... '.f ,fi ff , ' uf! PAT EMERSON Junior-Checotah WHUS WHO A A A AT NORTHEASTERN PAUL FERGUSON Junior-Sapulpa CLAY YEACER SeniorATahlequah SX? wi X. 2 4 f I f A if ,f Q , ' 4' f 4 , H A Q: MWNAX . 2-,,,,-W? AN, 3 IDA KEEFER Junior-Dewey Klum J OE ETHRIDGE Senior-Pryor X ,Lkg, , Rf? JOAN NEWBERRY Junior-Sallisaw . , 13 'X l V5 X X X x S, 5 A SM A XX A SX X ANNXX X X Q X .W ' ,X , 1 I 5 - ,A ,Q If H-ry, X X . 'qkrxxk N ' '25 - 5 95W , ', .AN '4-'ff7f73i'Q xv, MR A ROBERT BOYD ,Maw 5 . fy funzor-Broken Arrow WHO,S WHO AT NORTI-IEASTERN HELEN ANN BISWELL Junior-Chandler ZULA BELLE DOBBINS Senior-Muskogee GENE SMITH Senior-Disney Ag 1 --T551 ,A ,Wh RAYMOND BENNETT Senior-Tahlequah WHUS WHO AT NORTHEASTERN J IM LESTER Senior-Broken Arrow ANN flLIll'0,-XQSSQUEL eqllah BETTY DURHAM Senior-Muskogee BRYCE BLISS 1 Junior-Tahlequah ,mu fzfk' Mm' x ' V A, .- ' xii gif: -Www-A as + 'S f fszs -lf.: I .':vA:E4f.f .f sz s -54'-'Q 7, .grae -- K AMAWwM,xWWw,.w In W k -JQQCMSEQ' L,LLf e:f'if?e-I. k ' - A f Q YQ? A WW' " A A M . A w - A M ,:- n 23 Aw. '- fy M' 'uf +A A 5 A - 1 A A, my A 1' w .A Aa, Tl ami Q 1 9 ,W vi ,mn V92 Yew A, V? f . 1 , ,A V x -N -X193 'Y Q-3 'Q ,AK-w Aggipw. Q 7 I . f , f " L A f A- M . A ' 5. A x KV: ,M A X A ' J Av X--HQ M 'X 2-W g .., V ffm, fffff4'u,. A' W ' + A 4237218133 757,573-4 i, .L lk rv -A A .gf . 5 V Q2 A fg KAAB mia an A--- , w ' ' , X, x A X ,, T - ,gf gg, , 'SPE-QQQEQ, 'q A A v 'x- v ,.- 'f f Y A Aff A . wg, ,A ' Q A , , if - . 'Y N THE SENIOR CLASS CLASS GFFICERS Gene Smith, Vice President, JoAnn Bayouth, Treasurer, Joe Brown, President, Mary Frye, Secretary. A .vlfg-frf gk R 5 W ,W ,tt , ,peat .,-ms my .M 4 X, Y ., , Q i .K H fsgffgi , f 2 gif, ' fy ' " ' HENRY ADAIR, Math. Strangg LUCIUS ATISON, Industrial Arts, Ganado, Arizona, DAVONE AUTRY Elementary Education, Spiro, LAWRENCE BARRETT: English, Muskogee, .IO ANN BAYOUTH, Elementary Education, Collinsvilleg EUNICE BEAVERS, History, Tahlequahg DAVID BELLER, Elementary Education, Muskogee, ,IERREL BELLER, History, Stiglerg CLAUDE BERRY, Chemistry, Tahlequahg HAROL BIESEL, Physi- cal Education, Springdale, Arkansas. THE SENIOR CLASS TOMMY BOX, Industrial Arts, Tahlequahg CLYDE BRANSTETTER, Industrial Arts, Cameron, JOE BROWN, Chemistry, Tulsag JACK CASTLEBERRY, Business Ad- ministration, Muskogee, BETTY CENTER, Elementary Education, Tulsa, DIXIE COCHRAN, Elementary Educa- tion, Miami, BILL COLEMAN, Social, Weleetkag WIL- LIAM CONDIT, Industrial Arts, Salinag DONALD COOK, Business Education, Hitchitag LEONA CORLEY, Business, Sallisaw. 2 'E X 9 A .Elf S3 I N to ai I ' f 5. A very beautiful second place float "Nt TN T , B ,,,,,, 3,3 I , ,K ., Egg' I -I , I . 4 ' 5. HIS,-57" 7i5i,'591Iz37:ff Q' K I , x fiifflil , - Zi' tial! 'Yi'-bww ' I, In 'CS' ' 44 ,545 fm ull In ,. A it is ,111 N i T A qg-1:1 t,,,.i it .gm 'gy' C ' ff , ,tm -S 1 ' S I 1 f A I: . I Q' . I A new .X V 4, ,M 5 Dean Deneke learning the art of becoming a N-.Lf , v I E3 P? R Mile wi W, , , ,ta x g . S '3f5,j47ffh'f ' f cowboy? LORETTA CRAIG, English, Siloam Springs, Ark.g BAR- BARA CROINIER, Elementary Education, Muskogeeg WILLIAM CROUCH, Business Education, Muskogee, JIM CURTIS, Physical Education, Stiglerg CATHARINE DAVIS, Elementary Education, Deweyg CECIL DEVINE, Industrial Arts, Muskogeeg EVELYN DICKEY, Elementary Education, Ochelotag ZULA BELL DOBBINS, Elementary Education, Muskogf-og RUSSELL DOBSON, History, Checotahg BOB DOLLAR, Biology, Wagoner. THE SENIOR CLASS BETTY ANN DURHAM, P.S. Music, Muskogeeg KEITH FALER, Industrial Arts, Spavinawg GLADYS FRANK- LIN, Elementary Educationg CHARLES FRITZ, Chemistry, Tulsa, MARY FRYE, Math, .Iayg IDA SUE GILLIAM, Elementary Education, Spiro: C. J. GOODWIN, English, Stilwellg LEON GOSS, RUTH GRAHAM, LAVONA CRAVES, Business Education, Centralil. we 'jf I 'Q ' A. an nr" I nw A 551-"'ff: .I e as 1, , , " , 5 f -rs? fatter?-4151555 1 y , -?2vsr:f,:,. .X-..1 y 5 ng. . , .:fi?,':'f5iYi2,Qa I gg Q, 55735333 5, gif f ' -'iiif Y ' ,1 . ' -' 4 555353 " , 'Wizfif L' - ' 1 HY -' ' ' 5 - 1523 , . I - , li- I , D1 ' ' 215' -f'2?fCf4??ffffL5fi-.135 L. 3-3, f . I' M ,,-X Q .lf- f l 'Q ' sl D? ,W . ,, 'Q W, .W W- faifw ' M M, .h, ,- ,. ' Q ' f f J K f - ..,. - V, I V, v:,-M-,.it-,Lf,,,:,,l,:,,,:, ,g,5,:.EE,,,:,fZE:, I mf,-, 1fs14,1,:,,,zg , 55 5- -, g -5-- 1 f ' ' . f' - ,.. f15,gfg f..izf2::'j , . I 'Q ,Lf griisviig ,G I .1 A ' zigi-,rf '32, , . ., . W , sq, 34, ,, fav: i"' it w Ee I ,, ,,,,,, , 1 f , ' ,, , , J, , , 0 I, x it 5 ' J 1- JACK GREGORY, Soc., Tahlequahg FRANK HAGER- MAN, Business, Oklahoma Cityg MARION HARLON, Business Administration, Spiro, WIDDIE HAGGARD, Elementary Education, Seminoleg VIOLA HALL, WAR- REN HENDRICKS, Elementary Education, Anaheim, Cali- forniag BOB HENSON, Math, Strangg ALICE ANN HERSMAN, Business Education, Wagoner, MARY ELIZABETH HINES, Elementary'Education, Tahlequahg JAMES HODGES. Chemistry, Tahlequah. THE SENIOR CLASS MERLE HOLLAND, Business Administration, Muskogee, DON HOPKINS, Speech, Hominyg MESCAL HURLEY, Business Education, Warner, REBECCA IRONHAWK, Elementary Education, Manderson, South Dakotag VERON ISOM, Industrial Arts, Bokosheg ELDEE JAMES, Ele- mentary Education, Tahlequahg EDNA JOHN, Commerce, Long Beach, California, IRVIN KAHN, History, Tulsag FRANK KECK, Industrial Arts, Weleetkag THEOR- DORA KECK, Elementary Education, Muldrow. I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Www' President Bill Coleman doing his usual assembly task 15' My ,W 'Lt ,L tw J f we 1 , , f i""'t'l7 ' L w.:'::.'5::A:':. :W il SVN' ' X . ii .f,V ,ij yr I Q 223151, tagfp,::Q5af,j,.f'js-'J 1 E -f1:1l:"""ff'1 , -'42 rv'-x ww. 'N-nu-""' This is the way we study psychology at N. S. C. ff FV'-av, R if BOB KELLY, Business Administration, Stilwell, BERNIE LAUB, H-P.E.g RUBY LANCE, AUDIE LAUDETT, LOW- ELL LEHMAN, Music, Tahlequahg JIM LESTER, Bio- logy, Broken Arrow, BILLIE LEWIS, English, Stiglerg ,IO LINDER, Elementary Education, Tulsag BILL MAT- THEWS, Sp-English, Maysville, Arkansas, HOWARD MAYBERRY, Industrial Arts, Tahlequah. THE SENIOR CLASS PEPKIN MCCURTIN, Soc., Tahlequahg MYRTLE MED- LIN, English, Broken Arrow, HELEN MOODY, Element- ary Education, Viang JIM MOORE, Business Education, Keotag PEGGY O'NEAL, Elementary Education, Stil- well, HELEN PARKER, Home Economics, Shady Pointg MELTA PARSONS, BEATRICE PHILLIPS, LLOYD PIQUET, Elementary Education, Catoosag CHARLES PINE, Math, Quinton. ,yfffss 2 , Ship , -,' -N-y'1f,', qs'5',4v Q 7 .,, Q, 45 41 il .. ,il Y I' I B 3 , ' .-.9 Q7 Q 3 .5. 'f3K'V'n fill-if' ff? , issss - X I 3 I ,-,f f ,ity it I n , t e I . XX J at K, t fin 6? V i 'y .:1, 4 ' if galil? B A . 'N I S 6- t ,L ,,,.1 I n , e I I , .,AA.,1Q I i W I I y ' 'A':. n n ' ,gbbf it I I ik, , LL-- V. x at Z ,A to ' BLAKE PURDY, Business Administration, Tahlequah, DOYLE PRESLEY, History, Stilwell, CHARLES PRICE, Biology, Sallisaw, FRANCES PRICE, English, Westville, ANTWINE PRYOR, Physical Education, Hominy, ,IIM QUETONE, Business Administration, Tulsa, MARGARET UNGER, Elementary Education, Stilwell, MARTHA ANN RAINWATER, Elementary Education, Sallisaw, MARY RECTOR, Elementary Education, Stilwell, BILLY TOM REMER, Art, Spiro. THE SENIOR CLASS RODNEY RIGGALL, History, Prairie Grove, Arkansas, BETTY RITCH, English, Hulbert, BOB RITTER, Busi- ness, Stilwell, DON ROBINSON, Pre Dental, Stilwell, JACK RUSHER, Business Administration, Tulsa, J. W. SAM, Industrial Arts, Salina, BERNEICE SCOTT, Mus- kogee: .IOCILE SEAY, Elementary Education, Muskogee, SYLVIA SELLERS, Elementary Education, Tahlequah, ERMA SKELTON, Post Graduate, Tahlequah. .mmm Even for teas we have to stand in Iine . . -awe, Inf I fx fi C? W? !fQb.. 5.3 ,L If , 99m .rf nn 3 A if ' WELL, something looks interesting SJ an fs wg, in Q ,Qi 1 miss- WALTER SHURLEY, Art, Fort Defiance, Arizona, DE- LORES SINCLETON, English, Checotahg BARBARA SLOAN, Elementary Education, Fort Gibson, GENE SMITH, Chemistry-Biology, Disney, JAMES SMITH, His- tory, Tahlequahg JAMES SPARKS, Elementary Educa- tion, Miamig RAY STEPP, Elementary Education, Tahle- quahg NORMA STEWART, Business Education, Salli- saw, CARL STEVENS, Post Graduate, Stilwellg PAUL STOTTESBERRY, Business, Poteau. THE SENIOR CLASS GEORGE SWIFTH, Business Administration, Sand Springs, MARY TUCKER, Home Economics, Miamig AL- LEN TRAVIS, Math, Keeftong ARVAGENE TRICKERY, English-Elementary, Vinitag JOHN VAN CLEVE, Chemis- try, Big Cahing JIM VAUGHAN, Physical Education, Rogers, Arkansas, EARLE VICENTI, Elementary Educa- tion, Tahlequahg CHARLES WALTERS, Spanish, Tahle- quahg JOE WEAVER, Physical Education, Tulsag FRANCES WIELAND, Business Administration, Mus- kogee. ,Qt "4Q'!r 'Q' fx X GLENN WELSH, History, Bixby, WENDELL WELCH, Peggsg JOHN WHORTON, Business Administration Warner, LOIS WILLIAMS, Muskogee, BETTY WILLIS Biology, Tahlequahg DORIS WILLIS, Elementary Educa tion, Tahlequah. M 6 252 W f EWG-m.y , - + , ,, '5-' 'Iam AIIQIYDQF f 5535571-1 ' ,f gSeg,:f..fg , g I I I I L -- 'lj' -F' ' . Q. E - ,- , , .gif 1 I f JOHN WILLIS, Elementary Education, Talilcquahg JAMES WOLFENBARCER, Business, Muskogee, L. P. WOODS JR., Pre-Medical, Tahlequahg CLAY YEAGER, History- Soc., Tahlequahg GRACE CALPEPPER, Elementary Edu- cation, Muskogee, DAVID MORRIS, Math. THE SE IOR CLASS World Series on TV Way down in Dogpazch E2 1 THE JUNIOR CLASS Ike '. CLASS OFFICERS Norris Price, Presidentg Doris Walker, Treasurerg Leona Corley, Secretaryg Bob Ritter, Vice President. 59-fr -'35 THE JUNIOR CLASS r""X v a 1:4 'rg E 5,1 Him Q,-'W I 'WV 1 jx? A 5 ,,m. 'I PN I-:rw il if WS 5 I Sadie Hawkins Dance contest winners RONALD ALLEN, Muskogee, CLYDE ANDERSON, Tahlequahg VELLA ANDERSON, Tahlequah. ANN ARMSTRONG, Viang EUGENE BALL, Muskogee, DICK BARCENA, El Paso, Texas. ROBERT BELT, Tulsa, ANN BEST, Tahlequahg HELEN ANN BISWELL, Chandler. BRYCE BLISS, Tahlequahg JAMES BOWEN, Bokosheg BOB BOYD, Broken Arrow. SHAW BRANDON, Checotahg LUCILLE BRAUN, Tahle- quah, FORREST BREWER, Kansas. ROY BROOKS, Arkomag MAURINE CAMBLIN, No- watag JUNIOR CANTRELL, Stilwell. DON CARTER, Tahlequahg RICHARD CARTER, Spiro, VANITA CARTER, Sallisaw. BILL CASSIDY, Sallisawg MARY CAROL CLARK, Mc- Alesterg BENNIE CLEVELAND, Dewey. f1"'f A . Q, I ,M agsfiw M v n . 4 1 -. -zz ,v AQ.-fzgwr, , Lf ,. M 73, f . .AFI .y,M,xl A .s -I K. A , was ,a QV? I ' j I sry qtgl THE JUNIOR CLASS Q E ' A ffQ ' l-- ' M JI., , J, , ,A J, M I . N E M .- L-"1 g f-:fi I 4: 'R H, ,.,,,- fy , ,Quay if ky M Why Frank what pretty hair you have JOE COBB, Wagoner, WALTON COLE, Porterg LORENE CROW, Wagoner. CHARLES COPELAND, Stiglerg JOAN COVEY, Tahle- quahg RICHARD CURRY, Tulsa. ANN DANIEL, Tahlequahg JIMMY DAUSE, Tahlequahg BETTY DAVIS, Bluejacket. MARGARET DOTSON, Stilwellg KENNETH DUFF, Eu- faulag J. T. DUNHAM, Tahlequah. WILLIAM EASTER, Muskogee, ORVILLE EATON, Mus- kogeeg PAT EMERSON, Checotah. PAUL EUBANKS, Tahlequahg BOB EVANS. Okmulgeeg PAUL FERGUSON, Sapulpa. J ATSY FITZGERALD, Poteaug CHARLES GALBRITH, estvilleg CHARLES GEBETSBERGER, Okmulgee. DMUND GIBSON, Tahlequahg JOE GILBERT, Buffalo, i issourig BARBARA GRAHAM, Picher. ..,..-M' U ,ann mf 3'5" 'SAST 05x f ., I f,. ,I I ,A I ' W M44 A ' K as ' A I I ,Q III -An Al-A km Q 'gf fx, 1.1- T' QMII If IB A in, L2 . ,xsi'f,' If Illany freshmen went to Chinatown for an evening RONALD GRAHAM, Tahlequahg JOAN GORE, Locust Grove, NADINE GRASS, Locust Grove. CAROL GREEN, Sallisawg BOBBIE GRIFFITH, Tahle- quahg HOWARD HACKWORTH, Bartlesville. RAY HAMES, Oklahoma City: JOHN HARGRAVE, Muskogee, ROY HATHCOCK, Hulbert. W. G. HOUK, Kansas, LELAND HEIN, Park Hillg MAR- GARET HECKART, Kansas. ANNA MAE HUDSON, Chelsea, ADDIE HUMPHREY, Roland, BERNICE HUMPHREY, Pierce. MARY STEVE JONES, Tahlequah. RICHARD FRED JONES, Wagoner, ED JUSTUS, Tahle- quahg IDA KEEFER, Dewey. KATHRYN KING, Boynton, PAULINE KING, Morris, MARLENE KNOX, Miami. fs f. THE JUNIOR CLASS R 3, MDW If r.. ,,:i,-kj.-:Z-52:5 Q f y S , Q r S is y K 5 L A.:-, 'U 1- 1 'whal- R rbe nfbitig E --.. gig .. 3 fx I fr i x., il mffw f' lllifda J -if 5 ' T ' 2" L' , M,g2,,,g J , ,M 5 . dam' :" f.4,,vXl. . 4' -: - ' GOY JACKSON, Muskogee, BILL JONES, Tahlequahg , 19 wigg, , , , ! pn. V fr ? l'x If www. fw Q, ' I V P X1 J LQ GW'-nl! ask!! A 'Y .1.- I .W P , E f N ,J Q "xv-f I f f ,T f --m 46? M THE JUNIOR CLASS HX s' A?4 if .,F wmksfvifl fm? al I .W- 3' 49" I w A? V , . I S SHI f,A. 5 .':jf.,,,, , f W1 X 1 ,551 if ' img., if Aw A NV f In ,Aw I 33,1 XO! 13 Oh give me a home . . . THERESA KOEHLER, Muskogeeg GEORGE LEE, Mus kogeeg HARLEY LITTLE, Muskogee. EDWARD LOWERY, Briartowng LOU ALICE MCCOL LUM, Tahlequahg MYRTLE MCCOLLUM, Stilwell. ESTER LEE MCCURRY, Tahlequahg KANIAH McIN TOSH, Fameg MARY JO MATTHEWS, Tahlequah. ROWENA MANGRUM, Morrisg JOE MAXFIELD, Por- umg LARRY MILLER, Broken Arrow. ARDINA MOORE, Tahlequahg CORA MORRISON, Eu- faulag CORINE MOYER, Oaks. BILLY MULKEY, Moundsg FRANCIS NEAL, Wagonerg JOAN NEWBERRY, Sallisaw. MAURICE NEWBERRY, Sallisawg BETTY NEWMAN, Tahlequahg LANCY NICHOLS, WAGONER. PHYLLIS NORMAN, Pryorg JACK PADEN, Stilwellg MITCHELL PARKER, Bokoshe. fx f EEJJ A f I I Q Y. I 5' 'L 7 Come into our Dollhouse .IACK PRICE, Fairlandg NORRIS PRICE, Eufaulag HAY- DEN RAND, Garbvr. WANDA RAY, Rose, LEO RICH, Vinitag MARILYN RICH, Vinita. CHARLES ROLLER, Muskogee, DEAN ROLLANS, Tulsa, BETTY JEAN ROSS, Tahlequah. PAUL ROSS Harmon- HERBERT ROZELL Wellin THEJUNHHR ff I CLASS "L Qs Q, Ygx , , , gs I I -,Q TESSIE SANDERS, Stigler. . LAWERENCE SAVER, Walla Walla, Washingtong KEN- NETH SELF, Okluulgceg ENOS SEMORE, Keota. BILL SINGLETON, Westville, JACK SLATER, Tahle- quah, MAURICE SMITH, Fallsville, Arkansas. EE, JOY LEE SPEAR, somhgate, California, WANDA SPUR- K GEON, Morrisg DOLORES STATON, Hulbert. ERMA STEPHENSON, Viang LELA STEPHENSON, Viang CLEALUS SHELL, Stilwell. wg 1 ,.... , ,l .E W. ,M ,sal .gr l- if ' '- if - 3 , ' W 1 Fi. ,,, X I 7 ,f,yf- sf-'K K ,,.,,,., A H- I-v-. :IQ I I 4' W :sf 5, ' A gf ,J ' E. ' , . iw, ggi Y' M..-was-" PAT SCOTT, Muskogeeg KATHLEEN TAYLOR, GEORGE TAYLOR, Muskogeep Gideong NORMA THORTON, Salinag H. N. TOWERY, Tahlequah. PAULINE WILLIAMS, Chouteaug TOMMY WOLFE, Tahlequahg PAULINE WOODALL, Tahlequah. Heap big pep rally for heap big REDMEN! ffff ,,,. PM .L Qzf R Mliisf JOHN WADE, Tahlcquahg DORIS WALKER, Mid West Cityg CHARLENE WALKINGSTICK. Sallisawg MAR- JORIE WESTLAKE, Madillg LORENCE WIECK, Musko- gee. THE JUNIOR CLASS Getting ready for a REDMEN send-off! 5 ' Mmm F' 15 xgz Q I 'V' 4 N, Inu! XL ffuhp' f ibm'-5 af' if Qs! " V 1 1 :-'. AMX' 5i?J Q13-U 'X ,ks 0 x Vx as ,Aa A, ,, , he-ee, e-"5" ' 4' e h Egg - Q' . f mg. 2,,,g.af5SK 1 . Y, " "X if A 3, L 'B A VS ':.,I5gZl,'v.,gfj: V, V' M . X, h i L ' . V V? 'fi' 1, Z Q ,ii " It T A Q Kai VW W , M, f7,i,g,,5g,k 5 . M ,A L, , i - we ,nigh . 'v w , ' A' W h 'xx M H w ,Q M A Y' . -- Y . W .f X we 'fx N I M , ,. ,. , v 5 - - .P 1 -J , an W .V - . 1 ' - .I ' X -1, N ' w 'W - f S V ' 2 , Y W- . PM Q g f 'YNY A QA . N, ' 'P ' M - ' ,ve ' . . L b , ij -ie . Q ' . .fix-, x y ' Z? A'k' u ' ' 'f .PW- SMH.. MW, 0,0 ., N k - K , N. 3355552 ,,.. 1 vi i , I m -- .-.qv -- - Q Y- L, A ,, ,- . . 23 37' - 3, -. .M ,, Q, -rl. . e W. .X xnxx A ' , 2. K A P N , ,H We Freshman burnmg the mzdnzghl oz! L -- ' W I- H, ,.,,., z aww ' --if L, - we U ,f Y 3 f 2 4 Y 5 5 5 ,A F 4 ' 55 f 3 2 I fl- YA The Dauphins showing their talent K ,, 5 KM x v , Nah, Y 3 Q' xi W AQ J '13 iymzwm THE SOPHOMORE CLASS CLASS OFFICERS Norman Frame, Vice Presidentg Janie Carrico, Secretaryg Wilson Durham, President Helen Brown, Treasurer. G I 'Q W, , ffrv M sf W . 'Q "" 3' 'Hay 'Eff BOB ADAMS, Tulsa, PAUL ARNETTE, Tahlequah' DANIEL ASHBROOK, Tahlf-quah. BILL BAKER, Stilwell, BOB BAKER, Muldrowg JEAN BAKER, Eucha. JEAN M. BAKER, Bixby, DEWEY BALLEW, Tahlequah' JUDITH BALLEW, Cookson. JIMMIE BASHAM, Hulbortg JOY BELLER, Tahlequah' MARlLYN BIDWELL, Muskogvf-. 1 9 HELEN BROWN, Fort Cibsong LOU BROWN, Pryorg SUE BROWN, Pryor. DOROTHY DURNHAM, Eufaulag DON B U S H O N G, Henryeltag DUB CAMPBELL, Pryor. LOWANDA CANTRELL, Tahlequahg CARRY JO CAR- NETT, Hs-avenerg JANIE CARRICO, Vinita. CHARLES CAROLL, Stilwellg MERLE CARTER, Tulsa' MARY LOU CHASTAIN, Tahlequah. s Yea R-E-D-M-E-N F-I-G-H-T! wi. if 'K rx Yi: .. " ful A AV, ff wlwy -M wg175'f2sf2fff5 , A ' , ,Wks4..,4, 4 'I 4. , Fw ' 2 f H A,,, V H ,AJ T ,Win , H! 'M Wx: mg, .9 ,K V , , 3. wf M ,,,, , 5, R, 51: . . . , A X ,Ei . HQ H V? ' V A , Tim: ix? s ' - vffsxswlli ., sgwg f L ,gi 1 ,NK ,- iifliif . 1' ' M f I V A -A 7 -72-g ' 2' a,ffg,4.11gm-ww 1 my Qiluanlw- 'uv' I 2 ' . 5 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Jiypw f X. -" Ap -3 C , 3 ,..,,C m 1 A I of II fo If l 'YL' J" A M3237 gfqqvu f, ,Q .m 1- 17' 'V 'itf ., 7 " A f,. . . 7" f t ,W , r ,W . Af ' ' 3 V gs.. , A I ,, fam, ,Mn ,mx I wifi-in XL Egg? 56 3, -x Q, GQ K. ,M -wc 2 - wg' WW 5 . ff ' x ,. I I 'M .,..I ...:,'. V. . - - WI:-:-.x ,Wy -9. 1 "' gg, f I - fi I ' 5155 3 in ' .J 1 ' ' 7v7I7I'H . - wo I . I f I f . - K' 5 V. 55 -,Wx ' ' .- THE SOPHOMORE CLASS .vw 4 'miy ,ps-'fx its . fm:-A, H-aw 5 , A Km, MXHI I 17: JERRY CHAEFIN, Tahlequahg FRANK CHAPMAN Talslequahg JOHN CHERRINCYON, Pryor. BARBARA CLARK, TuIsag THOMAS COLLINS, Hul bert: LARRY COMBS, Tahlcquah. TED COPE, Tuscon, Arizonag CARL CUNNINGHAM Tahlequahg JERRY DARTER, Tahlequah. ED De ARMON, Skiatookg JACKIE DEL MOTTE, Ok mulgeeg PEGGY De LOZIER, Bunch. MARY LOIS DILDAY, Muskogceg VIRGIL DIXON, Tulsag JACK DOWNINC, Wagoner. BETTY DRY, Tahlvquahg KATHRYN DUNCAN, Owas- sog W1LbON DURHAM, Muskogee. MARION DRYER Tahlequahg BILL EASTERLINC, Clarcmoreg RAY ENGLE, Coweta. MACK ESSARY, Stilwellg ARCHIE FARMER, Salli- s'1wg MAURICE FENNELL, Eufaula. Now Ann is it all that bad? C, ,X L, Y-H-s,.,.... RUTH FIELDS, Viang PAULINE FRANK, Talequahg ADRIAN GAUNT, Cherokee. JOE GORE, Pryor, RAVONNA GREEN, McA1esterg WIL- LIAM GUINAN, Muskogee. MAYE HADDAD, Coweta, JAMES HADDOCK, Tahle- quahg JOE HAGGARD, Eufaula. RUPERT HAMMOND, Okmulgeeg MARY ANN HANEY Tahlequahg PAT HARBOUR, Dewey. BILL HARRIS, Sapulpag KATHRYN HARRISON, Viang RONALD HEDGE, Tulsa. KENNETH HOOD, Stilwell. GENERAL AURDVERL JAMES, Tahlequah. ROSELLA JAMES, Milfayg RICHARD JEFFERS, Wag- gonerg JAGQUIE JETTON, Salina. Looks interesting doesn't it? H Q. 'il IIA, .ui ll I 1 LEILA HERRING, Wister, RALPH HOCKETT, Bristow, JACK IMPSON, Antlersg WANDA IRELAND, Checotahg e x THE SOPI-IOMORE CLASS J TMA 52,551 :na .-"Aww ' ' Y A . , A , Lv.W 1' .. X Q. Q V' A-W yi . A 1 4- pl . h if Aw. T J' I 1,3 T:-Tm 3 1 kr' , --us nl V Wg, -"Qi il 'W 'ff A U A Q i K K , A I 7' t -rfip fi? y 4f1Q.iQ..l3'? Ar. V, ian? J y.,., J in Ty N53 3:-"Jr 'WW T 4. JK T . tif? km., ' ,, A, ,. A v A Au- A 'if' 5 i X ff. gs? ...Q , A A WM' 'M A 'f' . r 1 X A - A f THE SOPHOMORE CLASS s 51 .. 'Q X vm nv Af' ' vw' DALE JOHNSON. Tahlequahg MARGARET JOHNSON, Tahlequahg JOAN JOHNSTON. Muskogee. ELMO JONES, Miamig KATHRYN KEITH, Tahlequahg AUGUST KHILLING, Arkoma. BENNIE KIGER, Panamag ADA KING, Muskogeeg JOE LANHAAI, Tulsa. GENE LAWLEY, Tahlequahg JACK LOONEY, Tulsa: WARREN MCCLINTOCK, Dewey. BILLYE JEAN MCCOLLUM, Tahlequahg THAYERLENE MANGRUM, Haskellg KATHLEEN MAYNARD, Hul- bert. BARBARA MITCHELL, Checotahg JOHN MORGAN, Tahlequahg JACK NORMAN, Pryor. PAT NUNNELEE, Tulsag GLEN O'BANION, Tulsag JOAN ODOM, Eufaula. JUANITA PADEN, Stilwellg BILL PANTER, PYYOTQ ANNA PARSONS, luuskogee. Tailball is a popular sport at N. S. C A A-' A A . . 'A u 1. ' Q A. 1. M' v . 3 -374"i.w-gm L . ,Xa V Asa, .E fm- 'VSV l :Q , , , A I f N ,N M. I 3 rg M if , gr :::. I 1, .2 . 5 in , 'M' 3 ' 'If' I I I I rg, ' A MW " A". LMT , fi W .AI X f IL. . BEVERLY PECK, Tahlequahg BILL PERIMAN, Central- iag HOWARD MEFFORD, Tulsa. .IEWELDEEN PERRY, Poteaug LEROY PLACE, Cow- eta, PAULINE PORTER, Colcord. ARNOLD PRATER, Checotahg LAMARR PRATT, Mus- kogee, ,IOHN RIDDLEBARGAR, Bartlesville. JAMES REYNOLDS, Siloam Springs Arkansas, JOHN RITAN, Muskogee, DELLA ROGERS, Hulbert. JOEL RUTHERFORD, Wagoner, LESTER SAPPING- TON, Tulsa, RONNIE SHASTID, Checotah. BRUCE SHIREY, Dewey, BLAIN SMITH, Tahlequahg BOB SMITH, Vinita. JOHN SMITH, Claremore, RUTH SORENSEN, Tulsa, HERSCHEL SPARKS, Hanna. TALITHA SANFORD, Tahlequahg RUTH STARK, Inolag NORMA STEADMAN, McA1ester. And what do you, see? r" 11u."M., ' 44-41" 'ii YLQWTWSEFX lribgfifigzu Zi-if Ai' Y 57 I "k.,.,f X Www Waanlffr ni? "' 'U' G Mu f tm I x. 'Y P1 iw 3? 5 THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Nw 1 i guna.- I THE SOPHOMORE CLASS A f .. , 'i,' A1"' Ei, ""9""' Ii '-,'. g A 5:5 f 5 if ., X ,Aga ,Q . ....1. Aa Y., , ,, SAM. 'YZ 4--sb KENNETH STIDHAM, Tahlequahg LLOYD STORTS Tahloquahg GERALD STOWERS, Proctor. TRUMAN SULLIVAN, Hulbert, CHRISTIN TEAGUE Tahlcquahg FRANK TILLERY, Siloam Springs, Arkan sas. HOWARD TOPPING, Ramona, LEAH TRIPP, Stilwell, FRANK VAN CLEVE, Big Cabin. SHIRLEE VANDIVER, Checotahg JEANETTE VAUGHT, Spiro, DAN VINCENT, Rogers, Arkansas. NORA VINYARD, Proctor, EARL WALDEN, Hannag JERRY WALDROOP, Sapulpa. Jo ANN WALKER, Aluskogee, ED WEBB, Wagoner, CHARLES WELLSHEAR, mga. CLARA WICKETT, Tulsa, NORMA WILKIE, Hulbert, JOY WILSON, Hulbert. RABIONA WINNIE, Wyandotte, PATSY WITT, Tahle- quahg JIBIMIE WOOLBRIGHT, Siloam Springs, Arkansas. BILL WRIGHT, Sapulpag EMOGENE WYLIE, Muldrowg JIM YOUNG, Broken Arrow. SMA xx 2 1' E ffl K 2 fi . N. I at Wy 4 M W ,zggg f 2, at we , THE F RESHMAN CLASS CLASS OFFICERS Bob Ed Culver, Presidentg Roy Wilson, Treasurerg Timmie Evans, Secretaryg Kelly Ross, Vice President. I :E:'l: I :.,, t ag, 1- , in -f. -L-'.. ' I' ig: S I ,1 W , , ,, fm ss-1. y .:A.A , , .., silk ,,,,., xi, if naw' N, 4 9 'fl' T 'N ..,,., , ' . -wx 0, f , I., vff I "hn H' g E'f LZE' 'LQ'A :AI l AAI f ' If ,IOE ACEBO. Muskogee, DOROTHY AGENT, Sallisawg RICHARD ALEXANDER, Muskogecg HARMON AL- LEN, Jay, JACK ANTHONY, Muskogee, JEANETTA ARNETTE, Talllcquah. RONALD ASHLEY, Tahlequahg ROBERT AVERILL, Vinitag DON BALLEW, Cooksong MARY ANN BARBER, Fort Smith, Arkansas, CONN BARTHOLET, Muskogeeg SHIRLEY BALLEW, Cookson. THE FRESHIVIAN CLASS GEORGE BEAN, Tahlequahg ROXANNA BEAN, Stil- well, DOROTHY BELT, Tulsa, PATTIE BENNETT, Tahlequahg MACK BETTIS, Spiro, OLAI7 BODE, Tahle- quah. CARBIE BOND, Fairlandg .IUNIOR BOOZE, Cowelag TONY BRANSCUM, Ochelatag CLARANNE BROWN- ING, Fort Gibson, LARRY BUIE, Eufaulag PAT BUR- DINE, Eufaula. if N ,.Q-W, 'U' - A fa Wi' 1, Q. E' f Hi 195' W -fx V W Z Mr. Vesley improves reading habits iw., 'W'- 4 - 1 gm 'Nw 'Y' K' h fa,-nl I 'ii J H , 115 nf GARY BURGER, Wagonerg BARBARA BURK, Tahle- quahg BARBARA BURK, Muskogeeg JOANN BURT- SCHER, Okmulgeeg DON BUTTS, Tahlequahg ,IOHN BUTTS, Coweta. AUBERT BYERS, Tahlequahg DAVID CALVERT, Collins- ville, BOB CAMPBELL, Stilwellg DUEL CANTRELL, Stilwell, TOMMY CARLILE, Tahlequahg HELEN CHANCEY, Bixby. THE FRESHMAN CLASS RICHARD CHAPMAN, Tahlequahg BETTY CHAPPELL, Morris: JOHN CHASTAIN, Tahlequahg VALTON CHIL- DERS, Tulsag FRANKIE CLICK, Tahlequahg MARY LU COCHRAN, Wagoner. MAXINE COFFMAN, Muskogeeg GEORGE COIL, Mus- kogee: JOHN COLE, Okmulgeeg BILLY COLLARD, Mus- kogeeg DONALD COLLINS, Vinitag MARGARET COL- LINS, Wagoner. .Q '17 3'-sr 'QW N 3, . , ., fffzsf-1-,':f, THERMAN CONNER Morris, CARL COOKSEY, Tahle- quah, PEGGY COOPER, Muskogee, SARA COOPER, Tahlequah, DALE CORLEY, Sallisawg JERRY COTNER Hartshornf-. MARY COWIVIAN, Sapulpa, RICHARD COX, Coweta, CAYTHA CROSSWELL, Canadian, BOB CULVER, Tahlequahg BONNIE CURRY, Tahlequah, VERA DAV- IDSON, Gif-don. 1 THE FRESHIVIAN CLASS DONALD DAVIS, Vian, DONNY DAVIS, Tahlequah, JOE DAVIS, Tulsa, NELMA DENNY, Bunch, LEE DENTON, Coweta, MARY DENTON, Tahlequah. SUE DIETRICK, Vinitag FREDERIC DILLION, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, LAVEDA DIXON, Oaks, ERNIA DIX- ON Haskell, FRANK DREADFULWATER, Tahlequah, HEUANNA DUFF, Canadian. if ' m 5, 1 ,L f . . 2, JSVT Hy' 'HIV' Keep the rhythm girls iiwzivi 'QP ,zr""'A , H' ' f Arm' MF f mf HZ V b 7- ., b -Ji f 1 4-5, ! grk mm. I 5, I B 1 if ,gi w- . ,W mi 5 WWW .M A-Nm +1.37 ., ,,o. fm, fx Once more a freshman was given the Football Queen Title ROBERT DURHAM, Jayg MORRIS DYER, Stigler JOHN EGAN, Sapulpag TOM ELLIOTT, Muskogee? MARYETTA ENGEL, Jenksg DEAN EPP5, Muskogee. JUDY FORD, Arkomag JOAN FORT, Rogers, Arkansas THE F RESHMAN CLASS DON FOSTER, Coweta, BILL FOX, Okemahg RAYMO- DEEN GEE, Spirog MILDRED GEORGE, Eufaulag GIP- PY GIBSON, Tahlequahg RITA GILSTRAP, Tulsa. BILLY GOODWIN, Stilwellg BOB GORDON, Stilwell, GEORGE HENDRICKS, Keotag ROBERT GREEN, Sal- Iisawg MARVIN GRESS, Fairlanmlg BETTY HALL, Inola. .f-f" ..d"" 'G' 41-cu., '95 75 M "' I no i, Q , CONNIE EVANS, Bixbyg TIMMIE EVANS, Okmulgeeg ,IOHNNIE FERRY, Muskogee, GENE FOOTE, Spavinaw, MARY HARRIS, Fort Gibson, WILLARD HARRIS, Tah- Iequah, BOB HARRISON, Sapulpag CAROLYN HAYES, Wagoner, JACKIE HEATON, TahIequahg MICKEY HIEDEL, Joplin, Missouri. NANCY HICKS, Tahlequahg NAOMI HILL, Cowetag SONYA HIVELY, Muskogee, BRUCE HODGES, Tulsa, .IOIQIIN HODGES, Muskogee, BOB HOLLAND, Tahle- qua . THE F RESHMAN CLASS ROBERT HORN, Eufaxulag TOMMY HORN, Eufaulag WESLEY HORNBACK, Muskogee, MINNIE HOWELL, Tahlequahg NAN HULING, BartlesviIIeg MARY LEE JENNINGS, Muskogee. BONNIE JOHNSON, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, DOYLE JOHNSON, Muskogee, BOB JONES, Okmulgeeg CARL JORDAN, Tahlequahg VADIE JOLLIFF, Tahlequahg JAMES KENNICUTT, Tahlequah. Some Freshmen can even type fm, '35 v- Q? Qui jx ,, m QM , .,., fre, .. -,- K QWFQ: .. 2 K . f 1, ff . ,mu 1 gazes- ,::, ' "fn av' I' 'X 'T' JMX in if 5:31 IR K if 15' U ,. If ,fEfQgggg5QS Tj fig, , 57? L Y 1 4 if 'Et wyilw, P WI, Y ,, Some students even politic lxn ll QREWEEKZQQISH wi W? A ,Q V-N.. I 11 ink 1. , i s , li! 5 ,E 5 I DOLORES KERN, Locust Grovf-g MAR GEE KERSEY, Okmulgce: DEANNIS KETCHER, Stilwell, NEAL KETCHER, Tahlequahg RONNIE KIGER, Panamag GLENN KINDLE, Muskogee. JERRY KING, Barnsclall, BILL KIPP, Verona, Pennsyl- vania: DAWNA KNIGHT, Muskogee, DINAH LAY- COCK, Tulsag SUE LEATHERS, Tahlequahg EDDY LEWIS, Stilwell. THE FRESHMAN CLASS THOMAS LEWIS, Fort Gibson, KAY LINDSAY, Vinitag DOROTHY LOFTIN, Tahlequahg EVELYN LONG, Mus- kogee, MARGARET LONG, Owassog EDWARD MCAL- VAIN, Oologah. CECILIA MCCOY, Tahlequahg CHARLES MCELHANEY, Tulsa: DAISY IVICKINNY, Hulbertg PAUL IVICLAUGH- LIN, Rossville, Kansasg SHAW MAHAR, Eufaulag AR- LIE MANSHIP, Talcquah. ,lv ,, , ,I f . ,, ,lf 35.1 .,, g ,M T! 'Y iw, .5 i g., I Q w.4?:fsEf' ,'! ,fpflzfg f-1: P I ' f' WH ilk 1 C? any H 'MH F3 Q19 5-a , 1 6 ,. , ,V , , we . '13 41 3 'vw ll auf? A 3 , ,swf J, , 'el I x I s, lk I , - ! EARL MARTIN, Tulsa, PATSY MARTIN, Haskell, PER- RY MARTIN, Tahlequahg GERALD MELOY, Muskogee, BETTY HALLEY, Sand Springs, RONNIE MIEIR, Tulsa. DICK MILLER, Poteaug PAUL MILLER, Caney, Kansas, MARY MILNER, Roseg THOMAS MONROE, Collins- ville, FREDDIE MOORE, Bartlesvilleg S H I R L E Y MOORE, Eufaula. THE FRESHMAN CLASS GEORGE MORGAN, Tahlequahg GERALDINE MOR- CAN Tahlecuah JOHN MORRISON Cane Kansas Y 5 , Y, 1 EDWARD BIOSBY, Haskell, JIMMY MOSHIER, Ok- mulgeeg SUE MOUNT, Grove. PAT ANN MYERS, Tulsa, PAT CAROLYN MYERS, . Muskogee, LEONA NICELY. Inolag LOETA NICELY, Inolag CAROL NIMERCK, Broken Arrow, SUE NOLEN Sand Springs, nw . J ff f!"!.'Xf 'I' I fm hi The dolls are all seated ,, , ,Af ,A . fm, at ,ass 38 N an-Q, 1 .sl N v . . . Q72 A 2 2 fag-3 .mn ,I W, , 'W 'QA I J ,Q 'E A 1 ., L ...Z " is 7 A ff K Ml 'ia I X ,KM .mb .raw , if 'W :wg ,sf-an !,,Q'::y 5 L ,,.... ... fn , an naar' I 1, K ,I 4 Q. ,., N' J? fl . v ,,..w . f A lsr: nt ISI r wan., ff!" A-QQ I sv Nothing like these Freshman mixers Yam 113-gs 'ff' W.-S L f , VERNON NORMAN, Tahlequahg NORMA NORTON, Muskogeeg D A V I D NORVELL, Bartlesvilleg B I L L Y PACK, Blackgumg HOWARD PATTERSON, Westvilleg JOE PATTERSON, Stilwell. OLLIE PATTERSON, Stilwell, ED PETTIT, Tahlequahg GARLAND PHILLIPS, Fort Gibson, JEAN POWELL, Siloam Springs, Arkansasg JO ELLEN PRIEST, Tahlequahg BETTY PURNELL, Pryor. THE F RESHMAN CLASS HOMER RAINS, Tulsa, JOHNNIE RAINS, Westville, DONALD RANDALL, Pryorg WILLIAM REDING, Rose, JOHNNIE REMER, Spirog EMMA RHODES, Hanna. ANN RINGO, Dewey, SHIRLEY RINNERT, Tahlequahg MARY ELLEN RITAN, Muskogee, JERRY ROBERTS, Kansas City, Kansas, MARTHA ROBERTS, Muskogeeg JACK ROSE, Tulsa. Q if 52,9 Qs, . K . . fm W f - Q "T'.x? :R A, , " T ' , sc , I i if A 41 ..wfgf"' K. ssl , Fi , .Milli n 1 . mf an ,,-f ww ., -- - , . - mp? .,m,,,, ,. ., . ..-. , ,ar " - f E S Y S25 6 . I 4 , A ,,L , , A I . ,Wi,, ,,f-3 2 - I WE JJ A i ,. J -fm - . - My ,ff K-I N, ' -, 1 si, f 'vfffsuffi ' W In f . owe - .f,mMm2' 3 Y , giikgfvfi . A iiqanxniazdl -lffftffn-J A I 'E www KELLY ROSS, Tahlequahg SHIRLEY ROTRAMEL, Claremore-g JAMES ROWAN. Fort Cibsong JOAN RUS- SELL, Stiglerg WEYMON RYLLER, Tahlequahg AU- LENA SCEARCE, Tahlequah. LORETTA SCOTT, Tahlequahg ELZIE SCROGGINS, Tahlequahg BILLY SEAY, Sapulpag JO ANN SHADDOX, Tahlequahg CECIL SHRUM, Tahlequahg BETTY SHU- MAKER, Wagoner. THE FRESHMAN CLASS MELBA SINOR, Pryorg MARY ALICE SMITH, Tahle- quahg RONALD SMITH, Tahlequahg FLOYD SMOOT, Sperryg ERMYNE SNODC-RASS, Checotahg MARGARET SOWDERS, Tulsa. JACK SPEARS, Tahlequahg FRANCIS SPEARS, Tahle- quahg MARY LOU STAATS, Tulsag DORIS STEWART, Sallisawg JOHN STITES, Sallisawg BOB STORY, Du- rant. fs- I -ff 3,--.P 2 I vm W-' I km, w. JI 11-1 - fx f Jw 'wwf m S ETX Y 'I 1-1. N m 1' ., J ff' ,Wahl ,19 ,ww -'W' I., - 'f A . I 5 'sf' .LM ' 5 A !rxrMnyforQ,6g,, VMXLWJ Ql,v 9 9 If A A ' ' -I IJLL sf-'Af Q-if I J-, MM! sv H- 1 1-....,. -2- TQ 1 -1: EMM- MW-f M--1 I LL. X Everybody up for the kickoff fy ,. .,k., lx Wi I , I . JEJJELI I J TERI A N-M, L I ,WJ I I V:,i.i,V5- W V ig -qui ffl. Q zz:- I-ag 4721 .nhl 'wk A KQV ,pw G WAN' 'V' Some boys really go for that TV Q, 1 lf? IW film CLARENCE STOUT, Park Hillg MARILYN STROUD, Spirog ALMA SULLIVAN, Fort Gibsong ELLEN SULLI- VAN, Wagonerg JAMES SUMMERLIN, Inolag MERLE SWIFT, Tulsa. SUE TALBURT, Tahlequahg VERNON THOMPSON, Proctorg ,IO ANN THOMPSON, Tahlequahg JACKIE TERRILL, Barnsdallg BETTY TIMMONS, Tahlequahg WANDA TRENT, Muskogee. THE FRESHMAN CLASS ARTHUR TRIPP, Stilwellg BARBARA TROTTER, Pry- org ANN UPDE GRAFFg Tahlequahg GAYLE VANCIL, Arkomag GAYLE VAUCHT, Spirog DON VESSLEY, Tahlequah. CHESTER VETETO, Keystoneg HENRY VINCENT, Tah- lequahg THELMA WARD. Tahlequahg MARY NELL WATKINS, Spirog L. D. WATLEY, Stiglerg BILL WHITE, Stilwell. Q . I lJ 'S 'V ,Miki AFS 'lll N 'wgjfllff ,X -nrwf' N , f 'F ,I Vt ln, Q - 3' ,. I- L , - ff- W wh-W-1-wwf: at K , - I . . ., i QV- V1 X .M R x J J .fx ,I 3 J X I If . " K 5 if ' My i A '-f ,N an ggg,1 vwun-ww, fi ' 1 . .-, uf , 1 Y si vim?-fwaw. in A xg -- 'Q ,Q-ww ,mf JACK WILLIAMS, Vinitag JIM WILLS, Vinitag KEN- WINIFRED WOODALL, Tahlellllahi GEORGIA WOR- NETH WILSON, Oklahoma Cityg CAROL WINDHAM, LEY,BUI1Ch3 'ROBERT YEAKI-Y, Ml1Sk0gCCZ ELBERT Muskogeeg JACK WINTON, Tahlequahg PHYLLIS WOF- DIX0Nv .MOTTISZ PAUL SCOTT, Okmlllgefi JACK STEW- FORD, Sallisaw. ART, ST-11WE'1L THE FRE HMA CLASS You tell 'em Mary Carol Talking over Campuses? s X I I I x- , . -. . , , 1 -- 5' '. ' lv., - I , Q I 1 1 Z' f I I 'RI x ' W, f- '. ' I ' " I ix -, T .fa A A I 1 M 1. . gf' gg f 1 W' P. 1, 3 I 24 x Mx 34 .M ,Q ug f' h Xa' , X- 'f ,. M, 1 Q fi A ff W, - K I . Q41 -1 -f '- ,. ' TX we :ff i , me W ,. Nec. SMUBHTIRHSE Q x ,r QMN 'A V 133' .5 5 13, 1' ,Q ,M ,ew MY Emil" fl w L I .ei 4 , R lg KO, jpxlk , ,K Daisy and Micky atop the Delta Sig float "Clow Worm" Passing in Review-The Senior Float Pretty Pat Myers cruises down the street on the freshman float. Don't believe everything you 'read unless-lt's in the Book!! Coming Home '7i?55?135PF15f'AWJ"'m7"" ' -' N- Y 'r '- ,r- Yi Home Coming Football Queen for 1952 MARYNELLE WATKINS Play of the day-Starring "Moon" Coleman and Marynelle Watkins n,,,,1 r',,,,. v1-11 1 1 - r 1- 1 -.1-1-11 Q9 5 A ' .M 5 Q , 5 - . X , ig . -- :li H 4, V. A , . .--: i7 :V Q ,, Y. 1 ,xv V 1 M U ... , -I N W a First place Beauty Division-Tri Sigs'-"Over the Rainbow" Home Tieing for Second place-Alpha Sigs'-"Old Master Painter." Coming Sigma Taus' second place float-"Always" Q Q X ,,.,..-H W -Www , . , -kwffffg Home Coming Rita, Janie, and Sally proudly display Northeastern Banner. x S 4 a ""f2!fl WT .Zami v s my Q 'T' lo Phyllis and Rozella announce the arrival of the Mixed Chorus float. at. Dean Berkshire gets ready for the parade. Q . 2 L I Q E4 ix: If K A K Q ' in 'W 'S f sr Q: . .Nw , E , my rq,it ,Wi gm A 1 is WM mm-W-MWWM---------MWWMWmwww-if-I-wmwfuv ----- am- 1.-.J 1- l-.-.........m..d They're in the huddle. lt might be a . . . No. guess not. And lhfi h0Y5 wait 011 the girls again- I'1l he somewhere listening Rush Y ,, It must be the birdie they are watching. Q , , ,.... ,, W A 5? 5 R 3 E - .. ,,.i., i ,.,.., """""""" ' . A is zz Avi- lV--' J MY ,,i ' , f . ,:,1 i. I" "W - ,. . - -- F' .-11 1 v, ' ev . , N i 7f.' : 1 'E' in . A i vi i i ? f V : , A b '- f i f 'S i ' V , ., ' ' i Q " x , 1 Q . 1 :.-,,- ' W, 1 ,..4 A M, u. M .W i i ,ini . ' ,iii ii Rush Miss Okla. TV giving with a song at the Tri Sig Rush party. Won Son Mfr fiw' refrain with the Phi Sig fa 'Q X, ff- H Q , ' A -wivvfai ' 8 what? Phi Lambda members entertaining at the Alpha Sig Rush party. s at the Tri Sig Rush party. Pretend you don't see the sign above the door boys. if A Rush A bit of 'gOld Chinatown" at the Alpha Sig Rush party. The Delta Sig Rush party. Tut tul, girls. Notice the time. ,xi -'Q' l' n Nu Miss America Contest? No, it's entertainment at the Sig Tau Smoker. The Tri Sig Rush party. 1 ent Center affords new relaxation for NSC students. After Classes Delta Sigma tea honoring visiting National Vice President. Summer students enjoy first dance in New Student Center. The pause that refreshes miie, -n .. L1 E , , Norris, Betty, Bill, Mary Steve, Leah and Arthur just fresh in from Podunk Holler Candidates line up for Daisy Mae honors at Sadie Hawkins Dance. 1 one H ll, 'LU k i TL S9 1.0 M W -.M 1 9--w,..,,.., Stunt Tri Sig's 3rd place stunt "Has anybody seen his gal? ndition of G Delta Sig prize-winning stunt, "Oklahoma" olden Shppers Night ll 3' Q, an Some of the f.Re 1-'lVliss Oklahoma 'Iv emm......- Y veston docks dInen" at the C81 k Shrimp Bowl ,am Calling President Garrison 'and other Northeasterners exhibit some of their souvenirs. .El fflng wi f . Seven little sycamore indians perform at Galveston. Northeastern Delegation in lobby of "Galvez" Hotel All Greek Dance Sally serves Kathaleen and Corky. Dancing to the music of the Dauphins. Twas the night before Christmas and the place was jumpin'. Hurry boys-Wilson H311 closes at 12:00 'iii xv! whip. Lffw First row: Helen Biswell, Bryce Bliss, Junior Cantrell, Barbara Cromer, Joan Covey, Betty Durham, Pat Emerson. Second row: Mary Irvin, Ida Keefer, Betty Lewis, Francis Neal, Imogene Nix, Mitchell Parker, Charles Pine. Third row: Barbara Sloan, Gene Smith, Norma Stewart, H. N. Towery, Pauline Woodall, Clay Yeager, L. H. Bally, Hattie Propst, W. D. Johnson. ALPHA CHI With the aim of making ALPHA CHI, national honorary scholastic society, more meaningful to its members, the year's program was planned for more student participation. The Oklahoma Alpha Chapter was installed on the North- eastern campus in January, 1938. Added to the five returning members, sixteen members were initiated the first semester. To be eligible for member- ship in the society, a student must have an average of 3.4 or better in at least sixty-two college hours, combined with "those elements of character which make scholarship effec- tive for good among under-graduate students." In February, delegates attended the annual national council at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. The annual picnic in May closed the activities for the year. Officers are Barbara Cromer, Presidentg Clay Yeager, Vice President, and Barbara Sloan, Secretary-Treasurer. Dr. L. H. Bally, sponsor since the local chapter's organiza- tion, Dr. W. D. Johnson, and Miss Hattie C. Propst sponsor the group. fs: mf' s3'5 , -eg 'Of 1't""Z2' 1 Q, W 55 . 1 as fre. .1 as as We , .. is if E .: '42-W' my 'fmj y at 4 p f' 'P-.. if . Y La K ,W .M all Q an r., f sl? A . ..... ,J ..,.. s . f , at 9 . e . , ' is ft is p tntn W J I :L xl E was 1 A . f Q ' N .V mm ,af i, .ff 'f s iii o .A 1, ', . We V xiwf We- Q ii if if gi " YR .Y . S S P First row: Judith Ballew, Helen Biswell, Bryce Bliss, Merle Carter, Vanita Carter, , I b Joan Covey, Barbara Cromer, Ann Daniels, Mary Dilday. Second row: Robert Dollar, Margaret Dotson, Betty Durham, Wilson Durham, Pat Emerson, Pauline Frank, Mary Frye, Charles Galbrith, Revonua Green. Third row: Mary Haney, Rupert Hammond, Pat Harbor, Kathryn Harrison, Gayle Heckart, Mary Hinds, Anna Hudson, Bill Jones, Rosella James. If-f1'2g,,-t , Fourth row: Ida Keefer, Billie Lewis, Betty Lowery, Ester McCurry, Myrtle Medlin, Bill Mulkey, Joan Newberry, Francis Neal, Mitchell Parker. Fifth row: Johnnie Orbin, Beverly Peck, Charles Pine, Leroy Place, Norris Price, Betty Rich, John Ritan, Betty Ross, Barbara Sloan. Sixth row: Gene Smith, Ruth Sorenson, Herschel Sparks, Talitha Stanford, Norma Steadman, Stanley Thompson, H. N. Towery, Joe Weaver, Frances Wieland. Seventh row: Doris Willis, Pauline Woodall, Dr. Deneke. RHO THETA SIGMA RHO THETA SIGMA was organized at Northeastern in 1934, for the purpose of giving both recognition and fellow- ship to those students who distinguish themselves in the field of scholarship. Dr. Wesley A. Deneke became faculty spon- sor in 1949, and since then has devoted much of his time toward the activities of Rho Theta Sigma. A grade average of 3.4 for 12 consecutive hours is required for membership. Also an essay by the student is placed in the Rho Theta Library for reading by future members. Ac- tivities began with a combination initiation and picnic on the Barren Fork during the summer. Two formal candle-light initiations were held during the year. Officers for this year are: Wilson Durham, President, Mary Frye, Vice President, lda Keefer, Secretary-Treasurer, Bev- erly Peck, Reporter. S M! ... ... H.. Q M. ,..r. + 9 , , ' if-. . 7, 2 - M 'A .J 1 -ng? ,jig J, sf 'Y' i Ml'-Q ,jo ,-at Q fr mp, WF Y 'Nuns li. iw AE First row: Harmon Allen, Ann Best, Carol Clark, Peggy Cooper, Joan Covey. Second row: Joan Hall, Ralph Hockett, Don Hopkins, Bill Matthews, John Ritan. Third row: Dean Rollans, Clealus Shell, Jo Thompson, Arthur Tripp. OFFICERS BILL MATTHEWS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, President CAROL CLARK , ,.,,,, Vice President JOAN HALL ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,l,,,,,,,,, S ecretary FRED SHORT ,,,,, ,,,,, S ponsor ALPHA PSI OMEGA ALPHA PSI OMEGA is the National Honorary Dramatics Society. Our Mu Gamma Chapter is formed hy students gain- ing enough credits through participation in speech activities through their years at N.S.C. This year we presented our Annual Stunt Night in November, and cooperated with Au- Cer-Du-Lo in the presentation of the speech productions throughout the year. Our annual hanquet and dance was held the second week in May. At this banquet we initiated new members and elect officers for the next term, and also presented the year acting awards to the four hest performers on the eampu Our main purpose is to create a greater interest in drarn and speech at N.S.C., for the Fine Arts along with Athletic are the things which make a good college hetter, if dor well. Wfe are huihling our organization now and hope 1 continue to do so in the future. fi?-i C' '53' r . , f -,re 53 , .2 i ,,.., 7-at an t ft- we y M- ai Y X S I 'Nm- A ii t . A 3 1 'W 51 as t 'E 1 .4 lil . . K in ' ,QQ tx 'WK lr ,V .AQI ,firm X M 'V p x .X , S the V J D' 2 M, W f A it Ki M- -fr A 'W' ,vie A AW., 4' as K .. , gg i - 1' We l , 3 K ,. ' t -f ' - , ' amiga V ..-A -. First row: Vella Anderson, Ann Best, Carol Clark, Peggy Cooper, Sue Dietrick. Second row: Robert Durham, Tom Elliott, Barbara Graham, .loe Haggard, .loan Hall. Third row: Bob Harrison, Roy Hathcock, Robert Hockett, Don Hopkins, Anna Mae Hudson. Fourth row: Bill Kipp, Bob Matthews, Lou McCollum, Francis Price, John Ritan. Fifth row: Dean Rollans, Cleatus Shell, Jo Thompson, Arvagene Trickey, Leah Tripp. AU-GER-DU-LO AU-GER-DU-LO PLAYERS is the sponsoring organization at N.S.C. in connection with the Speech Department. During the last two years we have presented 3 major shows and 5 one-act plays. Our first production of the season was "Manana is Another Day," given in the early fall. ln December we presented 3 student directed one-act plays and one faculty directed on a program called "Tonight at 7:l5." The plays and directors are as follows: "Cassandra"-Vella Anderson, "Blue Beads"-Betty Newman, "Suppressed Desires" Hall, and "Star Song"-Fred E. Short. A fifth one-act play was given in ,lanuary 6'Three is a Crowd," directed by Arva- gene Trickey. Our last two productions were Tennessee William's '6The Glass Menagerie" given in February and Edward Chodorov's "Kind Lady," given in May. Both were directed by Fred E. Short of the Speech Department. FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA The Paden-Ballenger chapter of FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA was organized November 18, 1952, and is af- filiated with both the Oklahoma Education Association and the National Education Association. This organization is made up of students who profess a desire to make a career of teaching. The primary purpose of the club is to acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. The club meets regularly on the second Thursday of each month in the Student Teachers Lounge and Workroom in the Education Building. Many professional pamphlets, books, and 57 I magazines are made available to members in this meeting room. Sponsors of this organization are Miss Frankie Harris and Mr. Vernon Burrows, coordinators of elementary and seconl dary student teaching at Northeastern State College. MEMBERS-Clyde Anderson, Mary Frye, Mrs. Herman Cari ton, Sue Gilliam, Karl Hardin, Mary Elizabeth Hinds, Mes cal Hurley, Richard Jones, James Lester, Io Linder, Howard Mayberry, Myrtle Medlin, Cecilia McCoy, Esther McCurry Imogene Nix, Bill Riddle, Betty Ritch, Paul Ross, Eugene Snow, Jerry Underwood, Margaret Unger, James Utley. OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH HINDS ........,,,,..,,,.,. President MARY FRYE ,,,,,,,..,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......,..... Vice President ESTHER McCURRY ......,....... ............... S ecretary JO LINDER ,rr................,.. ..................... T reasurer 1 IDA SUE GILLIAM ....... ,,........,,.....i.I..... L ibrarian N EUGENE SNOW .,.-,,,,r, ....., P ublicity Chairman Helen Biswell, Tom Elliott, Paul Ferguson, Sonya Hively, Wesley Hornhack, Pat Myers, Mary Ellen Ritan, Fred Short. PI KA PPA DELTA Members of PI KAPPA DELTA attend forensic tourna- ments throughout the state and neighboring states. They com- pete with other colleges in various forensic activities such as: Debate, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, poetry interpreta- tion, radio speaking and many other types of speech activities. Members of Pi Kappa Delta in the past have won many honors including a superior rating in debate held at Still- water, Oklahoma. Tournaments attended this year were at Ada, and Durant, Oklahoma, Pittsburg, Kansasg Conway, Arkansasg Naca- tioches, Texas. Honors won this year include a superior rating at Ada and Pittsburg by the girls' team, Mary Ellen Ritan and Pat C. Myers. They were semi-finalists at Pittsburg, Kansas. 'A rating of "Excellence" was awarded the boys' team, Wes- ley Hornback and Tom Elliott, at Ada and Pittsburg. Tom Elliott, Sonya Hively, Don Hopkins, Wesley Hornback, Bryant Keeling, Pat Myers, Mary E. Ritan, Fred Short, Sponsor. CONGRESS DEBATE This organization is open to all students interested in representing Northeastern in any inter-collegiate speech con- test such as debate, oratory, poetry reading, radio speaking, etc. It is not necessary to be a speech major or minor, or to belong to the club, in fact, it isn't even necessary to be taking a speech course. Those earning a designated number of points in contest work are eligible for membership in Pl KAPPA DELTA, as de- scribed above. wa sf ES is 21 sg an 53' ge? be First row: Henry Adair, Claude Berry, Joe Brown, Robert Dollar, Charles Fritz,, Mary Frye. Maye Haddad. Second row: Bob Henson, August Khilling, C. E. Pine, Blake Purdy, Paul Scott, Barbara Sloan, Gene Smith. Third row: Eugene Snow, Stanley Thompson, Howard Topping, Allen Travis, Don Vesley, Tommy Wolfe, Raymond Carpenter. KAPPA MU EPSILON KAPPA MU EPSILON grew from a Mathematics club, organized in 1926 by Mr. L. P. Woods, to a National Frater- nity in 1931 with a present membership of 51 chapters throughout the nation. The purpose of the fraternity is fourfold: To further the interest in mathematics in those schools which place their primary emphasis on the undergraduate programg to help the undergraduate realize the important role that mathematics has played in the development of western civilizationg to de- velop an appreciation of the power and beauty within mathe matics because of its demands for logical and rigorous modes of thoughtg and to provide a society for the recognition oz outstanding achievements in the study of mathematics. The official journal, THE PENTAGON, is designed to as sist in achieving these objectives as well as to aid in estab lishing fraternal ties between the chapters. Mr. Raymond Carpenter is the present sponsor of the Northeastern State College Alpha Chapter. J Y L it f?'5?'1- First row: James Bowen, Vanita Carter, Joan Covey, Ann Daniels, Betty Davis. Second row: Lavona Graves, Ida Keeler, Joan Newberry, C. E. Pine, LaVern Pine. Third row: Eugene Snow, Norma Stewart, H. N. Towry, E. H. Haworth, Leola Spellman. OFFICERS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,YYYYYYYYY,,, B-MAYYYYYYYw P fesidenp IDA KEEFER f------ff.--f ...... V ice President NORNIA STEWART .,,, Y,YYY,,wY,A,, S gcrgggry PI OMEGA PI Rho Chapter of Pl OMEGA Pl, national honorary busi- ness education fraternity, was installed at Northeastern in 1930. The four-fold purpose of this organization is to create, encourage, promote, and extend interest in scholarshipg to aid in activity fortcivic betterment of schoolsg to encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professional life, and to teach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprise. For admission to Pi Omega Pi, a student must maintain a 3 point grade average in all business subjectsg a 2 point average in other subjectsg have not less than twelve hours in business subjectsg three hours in education, and be classified as a second semester sophomore with a major or minor in business education. The RHO RAMBLER has been adopted as an annual project. A Copy has been mailed to present and former Rho Chapter members. As a second semester project, Pi Omega Pi will sponsor the annual Commercial Contest for high school students. Faculty sponsors for the year are Mr. E. H. Haworth and Miss Leola Spellman. 6 . w""1 ix Q 3 ,S.' : :E '?' ' it Q ef?i.fl.-,.. ...FQ fu, ivq dm Ag sa 353' . . A ,fm 'M . 4' . jd M., up ' , V wr I . ,A , ffl New KV J' , Q If' - Q? ,,,. vs: i ,f X .L T? W 117' t ' .1-: we ' t .s.. 'f fm - . l J L First row: Judy Ballew, Mary Barber, Mildred Barnard, Pattie Bennett, Bryce Bliss. Second row: Cary ,lo Carnett, Charles Carroll, Maxine Coffman, Peggy Cooper, Ann Daniels. Third row: Jerry Darter, Peggy Deloozier, Paul Eubanks, Maurice Fennell, Rozella James. Fourth row: Mary Lee Jennings, Bryant Kelling, Bill Kipp, Dawna Knight, Patsy Martin. X - XX Fifth row: Pat Myers, Beverly Peck, ,loan Russell, Sue Talbert, Clay Yeager. A if if Sixth row: Dean Deneke, Sponsor. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Eli JERRY DARTER ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,e,,,,,Y,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,--,, President BRYCE BLISS ................ ...... V ice President MlLDRED BARNARD ,,,,, ,,Y,,,,,,---- S egremry The STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION is an organi- Our aims are to further the work of the church, to co- zation of both college men and women who meet to discuss ordinate the activities of the churches in their programs for problems concerning the college student and the general college youth, and to inspire the members of the student body social conditions of the campus. to become interested in Christian organizations. 'I-gan-' W A-..., .L,A an ,I 6 s J it '27 aiu, 'lx fs, 4 is 4 I - 1' 5651 L Q X. 2 tif sian Zfszfi' ff' ,. 1, ' First row: Jean R. Baker, Maxine Coffman, Peggy DeLozier, Dale Fennell, Joe Haggard. Second row: Rosella James, Edna John, Margaret Johnson, Patsy Martin, Lou Alice McCollum. Third row: Bill Periman, Mary Tucker, Fannie Baker, Vaud Travis. OFFICERS MAURICE FENNELL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, P resident ROSELLA JAMES ...,,,,,, ,,,,. V ice President PEGGY DeLOZIER ,,,,,,, .,,.,,,, S ecretary BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The BAPTIST STUDENT UNION is a world-wide organi- zation representing nearly all the colleges in the United States. It was organized in 1921. The BSU serves as a strong link between the church and the college student. The chief aim of the BSU is to keep the college student in direct con- tact with the activities of the church. The local BSU is an organization in an institution of higher learning, made up of the members of the Baptist unit organizations which serve that campus-the Training Union, Sunday School, YWA and Brother-hood. Various social activities, such as parties, banquets, and hayrides are enjoyed by the members. Miss Fannie Baker is faculty advisor emeritus, and Dr. Vaud Travis is faculty advisor. Rev. C. O. Bigbie is the pastor advisor. WILSON HALL COUNCIL OFFICERS CATHERINE DAVIS .........,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,v,,w,,,,,,, Presuient MARY FRYE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,.. ,A,,,,,.. V zce President BARBARA MITCHELL .A.,...A.. Secretary-Treasurer Wilson Hall, the girls' dormitory on the campus of North- eastern State College, provides a comfortable home for ap- proximately 175 girls. It is one of the most comfortable and attractive dorms in the state. The dormitory was named Wilson Hall by the Cherokee Seminary Students Association in honor of Miss Florence Wilson, Principal of the Cherokee Female Seminary from 1875-1901. Mrs. Beatrice McCormick is hostess for the dorm. She is assisted by two students, Mildred Barnard and Barbara Mitchell. The WILSON HALL COUNCIL, which was elected by the girls in September, has functioned well this year. In Decem- ber they held a Christmas party and showed their apprecia- tion to Mrs. McCormick, Miss Berkshire and Mrs. Martha Hicks, by presenting them with lovely gifts. Then they sang Christmas Carols to the boys in Haskell Hall. The council officiated at the election of Cary Jo Carnett as Wilson Hall Queen. On February 22, the 17th annual Birthday Dinner of Has- kell and Wilson Hall was held in the new Student Center. Dorothy Belt Catharine Davis Ruth Dixon Bettt' Durham Mary Frye .l0 Lilldef Dorotha Loftin Geraldine Morgan .loan Newbfffy JOY WHSOH Patsy Witt Dean Berkshire WOMEN 'S STUDENT GOVERNING BOARD OFFICERS BETTY DURHABT ..............,......,.,, .,,,,, P resident CATHARINE DAVIS ......,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, S ecretary DEAN ALICE BERKSHIRE ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, S ponsor With closer coordination of women's activities on the cam- pus as its goal, the WOMEN'S STUDENT GOVERNING BOARD went into action this year. Equal representation of all women's groups on the campus was made possible by including on the board one member from each group. Women living off the campus in Tahlequah were represented by four members: ,lo Linder, single womeng Ruth Dixon, married womeng Patsy Witt, single women living at homeg and Dortha Leftin, married women living at home. Joy Wilson represented commuters, Dorothy Belt, Vets Villageg ,loan Newberry, Panhellinicg Catharine Davis, Wil- son Hallg Betty Durham, Puhlicationsg Dawna Knight, Stu- dent Christian Associationg and Geraldine Morgan, Sequoyah Vocational School. Plans for the year included sponsorship of an assembly for women, a tea, and several projects for improving use of building facilities. 4 'lf in 3 AY, ,fm if ,M 5: f t Cf Yi , f As All ,A 5.453 ,mp 53 fr ,ta I ,.11 -sv' W., , K, Q. g at ,n .V ,W , S 'C' ., QI? , wt ' I N. ,M K . L,L,Q Q . gmfao !ll!t tg-al gr A if K 'L 't 'il i W-"tj I. . tset o , ,, .It wig. '.,f XWWI- WW.t A I , .. 'V to as as N- r 1 - if D 1 ' 'K First row: Bill Baker, Dewey Ballew, Roxanna Bean, Dixie Mary Lee Jennings, Neal Ketcher, Benny Kiger. C0Ch1'an, Bill COICIHHH, Rifihllfd COX- Fourth row: Harley Little, Jackie Moore, John Morgan, J. W. Second row: Corky Cunningham, Jodie Dreadfulwater, Dean Sam, Walter Shurley, Margaret Unger. EPPS1 COHHY EVUIS, SHHY F01'd, Nadine GFHSS- Fifth row: Ann Upde Graff, Marynelle Watkins, Annette Third row: Roy Hathcock, Warren Hendricks, Ann Hersman, White, Joy Wilson, Kenneth Wilson, Ramona Winnie, ITHANAHA The ITHANAHA is represented at Northeastern State College by the Oo-Nah-Le Chapter, which is a charter mem- ber of the Oklahoma Federation of Indian College Students, better known as the Ithanaha. Northeastern students of any degree of Indian blood are invited to join. The creed of Oo-Nah-Le is "The hope of the Indian race lies in its educated young people. Its purpose is "to expand the social interaction of in- dividual Indian students while in college, to promote scholas- tic standards and to uphold traditional traits lore and cus- toms. Qo-Nah Le furnished the crown for the football queen this year. The theme of our float was "Pale Moon? Cfficers for this year are: President, Dixie Cochrang Vice President, Harley Littleg Secretary, Ramona Winnieg Treasurer, Nadine Grass, Reporter, Sally Fordg and the sponsors are Mr. D. M. Wadley and Miss Fannie A. Baker. Q ,405 sb? A wwe' was LUX Y., .fl f . Af, W " 'S' 'Wr- K M "M ' if it P" - f M S 'S ' ,:.1, wvff .-.recap h ' ,M me xi e e-. .."f.., i lFirst row: Bobby Baker, Buddy Bartholet, Pattie Bennett, Shaw Brandon, John Chastain, Dietrice. I K Second row: Bill Easterling, Ruth Fields, Revonna Green, Maye Haddad, Betty Hall, Leland Hein. QQ Third row: Nan Huling, Ed McAlvain, Cecelie McCoy, Sue Nolen, Anna Parsons, Mary Rector. p A Fourth row: Emma Rhodes, Lester Sappington, Clealus Shell, Maurice Smith, Wanda Trent, Frank Van Cleve. Fifth row: Shirley Vandiver, Mrs. Martha Markham. OFFICERS LESTER SAPPINCTON ,,,,,,,,,,Y,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pfegideng SHAW BRANDON .,,,..,..... .,... V ice President MARY RECTOR ,,Y,,,,,,,,, ,,,,Y,,-,,,, S ecfetary SQUARE DANCE CLUB The SQUARE DANCE CLUB meets every Nlgnday night tion in square and folk dancing for both experienced and from 8:00 until 9:30. The Square Dance Club is not classi- inexperienced dancers. fied as class work but as recreational, and anyone may join. The purpose of the Club is to provide supervised participa- pates in several square dance festivals each year. There is a fee of fifty cents a semester. The club partici- 6 Wa 11:7 gf in 'ill-Klan E l ,, me fr l, Q we ., -., ' "' wk.-t...,,, ,,,, , I K, x T , , tees an 3 ,wwf First row: Gene Anthony, Clyde Branstetter, Duel Cantrell, Third row: Frank Keck, Howard Mayberry, Howard Mefford, Roy Cantrell, William Condit, Cecil Devine: Bill Mulkcy, Billy Pack, Dean Rcllans. Second row: Frederic Dillon, Mary Frye, Ed Gibson, Ray Fourth row: Pat Scott, James Sparks, Loyd Storts, Frank Holcomb, Marion Harlon, Veron lsom. VanCleve, Wendel Welch, M. E. Franklin, Sponsor. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Organized at Northeastern in 1932. the INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB has grown to be the largest honorary or departmental organization on the campus. Boasting a camp complete with cabins and sport facilities on the bank of the lllinois River. the Club each spring holds its annual homecoming and over night activities. The club house is located on the west side of the Northeastern Outing Club grounds. The completion of the Industrial Arts lluilding makes the physical facilities compare favorably with anything in the state. The lndustrial Arts Department has an offering of! courses to give a prospective teacher a broad knowledge in several different fields of work. The department is offerings a comparatively new course in foundry which has proven to be very popular. The Club has been very active in participating in the. various activities including Homecoming Parade, Parents' Day and other social activities. The Club sponsors a field tri each year for its members to get an insight of industry an other educational institutions. 'ii 1 in :J 'E' 5 ' , X gli' . 'Q:'P' W 3 J .s x sys, , 1 A K l. 7'-Z2 J 9. . ,, ,,, ss W' A We 'Est its ff l 1, ,Q iv. 3 K . Q3 3 iw J' EX -M YS? ' .JNV ' ACK RUSHER .....,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,vY..,., President OFFICERS y HAROL BEISEL ,..........,,,,,,..... Secretary-Treasurer ,,, SILL SINGLETON V,,.... ,,,,.,v V ice President 'Q J. N. DUNCAN ,,....... ,AYYY,,,,,Y,,,,AA S pongor J ...W 'irst row: Paul Arnett, Eugene Ball, Dick Barcena, Harol Beisel, Bryce Bliss, Roy Brooks. econd row: Jerry Chaffin, Benny Cleveland, Joe Cobb, Bill Coleman, Carl Cunningham, Jim Curtis, Ed DeArmon. 'hird row: Cecil Devine, Bill Easterling, Ray Engel, Joe Ethridge, Charles Calbrith, Veron lsom, Benny Kiger. er is ' rf. P-'Y 2 "Ng .-fi 1 42 3 , mf in - J, ,Q i f-.2119 U .I if QE ,X ' 5 .iv if" .-74... .238-25 1 ,mx QQ. . ' 'Gee Q Q15 'B ' ' fn-:Y si J iw? K 4 .,.. A' .af 4 " 1 ,, A Fourth row: Ronnie Kiger, Bill Kipp, Larry Miller, Howard Muse, D. J. Presley, Antwine Pryor, Jim Quetone. Fifth row: Herbert Rozell,.Jack Rusher, Enos Semore, Bill Singleton, Ed Stepp, Frank Tillery, Jim Vaughn. Sixth row: Glenn Welsh, Wendell Welch, Joe Weaver, N. N. Duncan. N CLUB ffl, we ,www 5'!'M 14"-we I K. use wwf nun., 49? Inq. mu- 'O' 'K , rf" ff- 'P 5 ek t"' is First row: Marvin Apple, Bob Boyd, Tommy Box. Second row: Jerry Calvert, Jack Downing, Duane Easter, Maurice Fennell, Jim Lester. Third row: Dick Miller, ,lack Norman, Bill Panter, Hayden Rand, James Sparks. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Alpha Rho Chapter, KAPPA KAPPA PSI, National Honor- ary Band Fraternity, is now in its fifteenth year of activity on Northeastern's campus. Last spring five hand members went to Dallas, Texas, for the District Vl convention, and also played in the Inter-- collegiate Band held in conjunction with the district meeting. Alpha Rho Chapter was co-sponsor of the summer music camp reunion and also furnished a band for the dance which was held for the high school musicians attending the reunion. Alpha Rho Chapter was also co-sponsor of the district music festival held at Northeastern last spring. With our new Fine Arts Building and improved facilities we are going forward, and soon should be able to cope with any music department in the state. 46 is fr... . .4 fad-me 55? lima Y, v-se, r Q' ., my AD' ia 1 Mia fbi, ak A kwa? 1, NE' S' w.,f' 1:.:.,J A ,fi MQ, First row: Henry Adair, Bryce Bliss, Charles Carroll. Second row: Margaret Dotson, Charles Fritz. Charles Gebetsberger, James Hodges, John Ritan. Third row: Don Robinson, Gene Smith, Joy Lee Spears, Stanley Thompson, John Van Cleve. LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA OFFICERS GENE SMITH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, P resident CHARLES GEBETSBERGER ,,,,,,,, Vice President STANLEY THOMPSON ....i,,, Secretary-Treasurer PAT SCOTT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S ergeant-at-Arms LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA, national honorary physical cience society, is open to students possessing honor grades n physics or chemistry. The national organization was organized at Fairmont State Iollege, Fairmont, West Virginia, in 1925. On January 19, 950, Omicron chapter was installed at Northeastern. Sponsors ,re Mr. A. L. Charlton and Mr. R. H. Anderson, on leave for he year, and Mr. ,lack Truitt. The object of the society is to promote interest in the study of physics and chemistry, to provide recognition for outstanding students in these fields, and to further the scien- tific education of students at Northeastern. Members are expected to devote at least one hour each week in serving as tutors to students requesting aid, and assisting in the chemistry and physics departments whenever possible. Y X E 1 2 4 4 N i 51, 1 zm Northeastern Band gives demonstration at Homecoming game. THE N ORTHEASTERN BAND MEMBERS of the BAND include: Marvin Apple, Corbie Bond, Tommy Box, Robert Boyd, David Calvert, Lewis J. Downing, Duane Easter, Maurice Fennell, William Ford, Bar- bara Graham, Ronald Graham, Marvin Grass, James Had- dock, Joe Haggard, Wesley Hornback, Mary Steve Jones, Bryant Kelling, Lowell Lehman, James Lester, John F. Mil- ler, Shirley Moore, Jack B. Norman, Bill Panter, Hayden Rand, Shirley Rand, Shirley Rotramel, Joan Russell, Paul Stottsherry, Jack Terrill, Robert Yeakley. MARY STEVE JONES Drum Major if'-1, Q ww 3 TTHE NORTHEASTERN BAND my ' f Q 1A. , Q 4 , Tm 5 ff? f X. , , x,A.. , Z 7 Q 1Mf5w3M? my-wwJ w f L A. V ,Hg fy I s ...- 2 ,Z K 3 5 ,. .'.,.,l 1 my , W 5' 'Q X "v I t First row: Maye Haddad, Janet Vaught, Rosella James, Jo Third row: Shirley Moore, Lue Brown, Mildred George, Caro Elaine Pugh,. Joy Wilson, Barbara Burk, Gayle Vaught, lyn Hayes, Maurine Camblin, Raymodeen Gee, Margaret Mar Gee Kersey, Mary Steve Jones, Doris Walker, Maxine Dotson, Emogene Wiley, Norma Norton, Dean Epps, Nan Coffman, Gayle Vancil, Mr. Ralph Whitworth, Director. Huling, Nelma Denny, Bessie Epstathiou. Second row: Kathryn Keith, Phyllis Norman, Jacqueline Del- Fourth row: Jimmie Bassham, Naomi Hill, John Butts, Elma Motte, Marilyn Bidwell, Betty Durham, Joanne Gore, Jones, Joe Haggard, Johnny Remer, Buddy Florence, Joe Esther Lee McCurry, Pattie Bennett, Marynelle Watkins, Maxfield, Jack Downing, Marvin Apple, Bob Boyd, Clay Jeweldeen Perry, Sue Brown, Janie Carrico, Jocile Seay, Yeager, Barbara Graham, Aulena Scearee. Frances Wieland. MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS CLAY ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,Y President MAURJNE CAMBLIN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,, V ice President AULENA SCEARCE JACK DOWNING Although the MIXED CHORUS is conducted as an activity, one hour credit is given when students are enrolled. The Second Semester activities normally include a musical production, two or three lyceum trips, and a spring concert. Secretary-Treasurer Librarian The First Semester work includes a successful float in Homecoming parade, a Christmas program on KOTV. Christmas assembly for the students, an annual Christi candlelight service fportions of s'The Messiah" were 3 sentedl, and a midnight caroling 'party during the Christi season. 3 X 3 Q! NORTHEASTERN'S FIRST SEMESTER CHORUS NORTHEASTERN'S SECOND SEMESTER CHORUS V-rf,-M www umm M, rp my f . A in Wwfiw WW, 'fl-lQlK 4 v"f. 0 -- wa ry FA 7' .- - ws MEM' - fi- -fn maxi Qhfvfz-iii V. W ITE A-3lwY2R'lG' 919151 'HQ H ' W" Waker- 2.-VP-Sf. f' P3lHf'Z!WvlFfiQ? -815 f LH "5 .vwhii-ww WW' vii-wk? 1 WF-vit! Tifklfiii dm. V - 'L X ' bM44s ' A -mm www M5422 aww! Sw, ,L :RQ ' L. S 'fa-wk' 521 .1 it wifi f Our branch of the NATIONAL WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION has as its purpose the promotion of interest in campus activities and en- courages particularly the participation in sports and recreational activities. The first in this yearis programs was the All Creek vs. the Independent softball game. The pro- gram next moved to the volleyball tournament. The A volleyball state meet was at Chickasha, .lanuary IE I0 and we were well represented. The last two sports events were individual sports day and state, class, and Greek and Independent basketball games. , , This year we sponsored a Square Dance Day here on the Northeastern Campus. Last year we won the State Championship Soft- this year. K as fv s ul l 1 M ' " , gg jg . 2 f nil!! es all lf First row: Mary Frye, Presidentg JoAnn Bayouth, Vice President. Second row: Nadine Grass, Secretaryg Wanda Spurgeon, Treasurer. WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President Mary Frye demonstrates Basketball tactics to the girls. ' ' ' Y Y 1 I N' y , . .,.f X M V X X p lg! Il A it Fi fr A -2 ,W ALICE BERKSHIRE . I ' TW' S ,A ,sy tiff ssee S .J to .sset 'Q Sponsor 3' Q t ' 1 ball Tournament and are planning to do so again Q sk A . V 3 Ry it his .5 N I w fw g : iw , " 5 ' ,N ,L H Z., , , .-A I 2 ' ii' M E A Ea, I. A N , Q , P W XM bqqu - W wi v P A , fy P K 4. -.i V W W r. 1, a 1 ' 'ft of .::Z:' f F T Z.. . Q , , Q S Sillliiifi is mf- e' ',-: 1 . . 'W' f M r A A . ... ' '.- - 1- W ' i - HM 227 I " 'F - kt" - - "' E he A 'iv I I ' ' 'P it ' V it Z r F J... ef' . ,, , we I + to he Q., A I F I -Q t iw H-Ili . V. -,Iggy .m -gmac. in I y ,. V in-V M Y ii is 4, N- 'T Z A A ' ww Sy S Q gas Vial , , Q . ' 3 s f M, , -5 T V,.b , I FT, A A I 9 , -. l rf. -M ,4 I , -A A... 1, I if , , if K S fi xg s U I S 5 , 9' I 1 f as N i N ' rm 5+ A.. sa ig! e N 1 Qpwuff in 153551, ,. ., . ,..- ..,, i mg K . First row: Agatha Crossman, Annette White, Leila Herring, Helen Brown, Pat Emerson, Jean Baker, Thayerlene Mangrum, N elma Denny. Second row: Loretta Scott, Betty Shumaker, Betty Willis, Nadine Grass, Francis Spears, Doris Willis. Third row: Mary Frye, Ida Keefer, Addie Humphrey, Emogene Wiley, Joan Russell, Sue Nolen, Helen Chancey, Pauline Porter, Wanda Spurgeon. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Girls' All-Star Volleyball Team W.A.A. warm up for Basketball ,Q 04 2 fs xi 3 ,na 191 nd, ' A -f ,i 4 Rei? is wwe IRQ in-. Q I .. 1 N W 1 V i g M'.,,..' V' 'JIM f l' ' 'Qi ti .,,... V I ',.. . Q . I A it ati s F fe First row: Ann Best, Betty Chappell, Mary Cochran, Mary Cowman, Betty Davis, Sue Deitrick. Second row: Kathryn Duncan, Robert Durham, Orville Eaton, Jo Ann Fort, Ramodeen Gee, Mildred George. Third row: Barbara Graham, Nadine Grass, Maye Haddad, Alice Ann Hershman, Addie Hum- phrey, Mildred Humphrey. AKEN Q' Wear? E gt . 1 . 4 f .Q ff M. , .fglilie-'Q Fourth row: ,Ioan Johnston, Glenn Kendall, Jo Linder, Betty ,lo Lowery, Bill Matthews, Myrtle , I 'e , Medlin. i,,,,,.,.a as Fifth row: Pauline Porter, Henry Rikkers, Clealus Shell, Betty Shoemaker, Ruth Stark, .Ierry INDEPENDENTS Underwood, B. L. Kinkade. The INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCIATION is basically a social organization. All college students in addi- tion to their studies, need a well-rounded social and religious life. Our organization is for all students who wish to enjoy themselves outside of school hours. We welcome anyone to our meeting, parties, and dances. Our membership, however, is open only to those not belonging to a Greek social organi- zation. This year we had several parties, most of them just to get acquainted and have fun. Our formal dance, an annual affair, was held late in the spring. We also participated in sports, Stunt Night and gave a special assembly. Officers for this year are Bill Matthews, President, Johnnie Orbin, Vice President, Addie Humphrey, Secretary-Treasurerg and Dr. B. L. Kinkade, sponsor. ,.t..... ""T' P- """M' Ax fm' N kg WW z K 1 ' r' lil I 7 ' if Y ,gi sg , K, s F 1 E " First row: Janie Carrico, Barbara Cromer, Pat Emerson and Sally Ford, Second row: Timmie Evans, MarGee Kersey, Rita Gilstrap, Sue Leathers and Jocile Seay. "Have you got that spirit?" Yeah, man, these peppy North- eastern CHEERLEADERS certainly have shown the tradi- tional Redmen spirit. Under the sponsorship of Alice Berk- shire and leadership of Head Cheerleader, Janie Carrico, this group has participated at all football and basketball games, helped with the March of Dimes Drive, and held their annual spring party. The highlight of the year was a trip to Galveston to the Shrimp Bowl game. This was made possible through indi- vidual hard work and cooperation of students, faculty and business men of Tahlequah. Veteran cheerleaders were: Barbara Cromer, Sally Ford, Pat Emerson, Janie Carrico and Jocile- Seay. Freshman cheer- leader was Rita Gilstrap and assisting were: Sue Leathers, Timmie Evans, and XlarCee Kersey. CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Rita Gilstrap, Sally Ford, Pat Emerson, Janie Carrico, Jocile Seay, Sue Leathers and Barbara Cromer. Not shown: Margee Kersey and Timmie Evans. ,, , rw . , Y i 5 x p V . 5 it lc W, ,Q 5 J l ill s W fi fi Q .www BETTY DURHAM-Editor -it-alan.. 255' THE N ORTHEASTERN Editor ,,...,..,,,,,,,,v Associate Editor Faculty Sponsor Sports Editor ,,.. Alumni Editor , Society Editor News Editors ,,,.,, BETTY DURHAM SALLY FORD IRENE MORGAN JERRY CHAFFIN ZULA BELLE DOBBINS JOAN NEWBERRY DEAN ROLLANS RAY HAMES Special Writers ....,,, .,,,,,,,,,,, F RANCIS PRICE Reporters ,..., Printer ,,,,,,,,....,..,.,,,,,,, Printshop Assistant NORMA THORTON PAUL DAVIDSON C. J. GOODWIN JACK WHITE CHESTER VETETO SALLY FORD-Associate Editor IRENE MORGAN-Faculty Sponsor With a sigh of relief from editor, staff and sponsor, THE NORTHEASTERN went to press every second week during the school year. Upon publication, copies were carried to the main hall of the Administration Building where eager students, hurrying to eight o'clock classes, grabbed an issue. From there it was the teacher's headache . . . trying to lecture over the rattling of newsprint and the smothered chuckles of those reading MOver the Coffee Cups." For the first time in the history of The Nortlieastern, students were reading a first-prize winner. ln the Okla- homa Collegiate Press Association contest last spring The Northeastern won first place in the news story division. Hin .sm . t me e 53 ffm 'E aaa 'mar Ylfi? - A . if , L ,L I ,.,A. Q I b"' JERRY CHA1-'FIN ZULA BELLE DOBBJNS C. J. GOODWIN JOAN NEWBERRY BILL PANTER DEAN ROLIANS Hoping to hetter its record the staff fmade up of two journalism classesl went to work this year with many plans for improving the newspaper and making it more enjoyable for the students. Betty Durham, senior from Muskogee. took over as editor for a second year. Sally Ford. sophomore from Tahlequah, was appointed associate editor. Irene Morgan divided her time between Public Relations and the North- eastern, serving the latter as sponsor. ln the print shop ,lack White patiently reminded the staff of deadlines and continued to run the paper on the pre-Civil War press. When the year was finished and another volume 'Lput to bed' the editor and staff looked at each other in amazement and said, "How'd we ever do it?', THE N ORTHEASTERN The Northeastern Staff working hard to meet the deadlines CATHARINE DAVIS-Editor I PAT EMERSON-Business Manager DOROTHY YANDELL-Sponsor THE TSA LA GI Editor ,,A...,,,,Y,,YY Business Manager L Assistant Editor ,,,,,,,,,, Organizations Editor Art Editor ,,,,,,....,.,. Sports Editor Faculty Editor ,.,,.... Assistant ,,,,,,,,,, Class Editor Assistant .,...... Feature Editor Sports Writers ......, CATHARINE DAVIS PAT EMERSON BETTY'JEAN ROSS LEONA RAE CORLEY CAROL WINDHAM JOE BROWN HELEN BROWN LAVEDA DIXON DIXIE COCHRAN ,, MARILYN STROUD GENE LAWLEY JAMES BOWEN BRYCE BLISS Photographer ,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,.w,..,,,.,,.v,,,,..,..,,,,.. DR. THEO NIX BUSINESS STAFF-George Bean, Sally Ford, Anna Par- sons, Jo Ellen Priest, Ann Upde Graff THE TSA LA GI is the college yearbook of North- eastern State College published hy contract and edited entirely by the students under the supervision of the Pub- lications Board. The Publications board consists of the following faculty members: Miss Irene Morgan, Mr. F. A. Vesley, Dr. Theo Nix, Mr. E. H. Haworth, Miss Dorothy Yandell, Miss Ruth Allison, and Miss Hattie Propst. The editor is elected by the student body at an all- school election, after meeting prescribed qualifications and after having an interview with the Publications Board to learn his legal and administrative obligations and the general nature of his work. All other staff members are appointed by the elected editor with the approval of the board. Ag First row: George Bean, Helen Brown, Joe Brown, Dixie Cochran, Leona Rae Corley, Lavada Dixon, Sally Ford. Second row: Gene Lawley, Anna Parsons, Jo Ellen Priest, Betty Jean Ross, Marilyn Stroud, Ann Upde Graff, Carol Windham. CNot pictured: Aubert Byersl Some of the staff members hard at work on the 1953 TSA LA GI. Uh' If if sky , R 'Q' . V o f-2 .x,,.,J M-MQW First row: Bob Adams, Clyde Anderson, Mary Cochran, Walton Cole, William Cuinan, Warren Hendricks. Second row: Mescal Hurley, Coy Jackson, Irvin Kohn, J. W. Sam, Maurice Smith, Ruth Sorenson. Third row: Kenneth Stidham, Jerry Underwood, John Whorton, H. D. Boggan, W. D. Johnson. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICERS WARREN HENDRICKS ............................ Pfwideflf MAURICE SMITH ,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,. Vice President J, W, SAM ,V,.,.,,,-.,,,,,-,,A,-,--, ,,,,,-, S ecretary-Treasurer The INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUBS were organized in 1914 and today there are more than 700 clubs throughout the world. The Northeastern chapter was organized in 1935. The clubs derive their support from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The purpose of the club is to develop and stimulate intelligent thinking about world affairs. The sponsors are Mr. Herbert Boggan and Dr. W. D. Johnson. lv-fre" A ,NB x Q wg Kgs K X 2 iw ALPHA SSGMA ALPHA HELEN ANN BISWELL ESTHER LEE MCCURRY President Vice President ALPHA SlGMA ALPHA was founded at Farmville, Vir- ginia, on November 15, 1901. Beta Gamma Chapter was in- stalled at Northeastern State College in 1937. Last fall, with twenty-seven returning members, Beta Gam- ma chose a Chinese theme for its official rush party. Twenty- two girls pledged and were entertained with a dinner at the Presbyterian Church. The Alpha Sigs were wearing broad smiles the day of Homecoming, for Marynelle Watkins, Alpha Sigma Alpha pledge, was crowned Football Queen for 1952-53. Assisting in the royalty of the day were Wanda lreland and Vera David- son, attendents to her majesty. Along the sidelines were Janie Carrico, head cheerleader, and Rita Gilstrap, newly elected freshman cheerleader. Wilson Hall elections brought more glory to Alpha Sigma with the selection of Cary Jo Carnett as Wilson Hall Queen. Officers elected were Cathy Davis, President, Barbara Mit- chell, Secretaryg and Janie Carrico and Helen Biswell, Coun- cil Representatives. DORIS WALKER-Sweetheart of Alpha Sigma Alpha iff' e1'r p . -vw, Mmm it -aff' . rg fu HQ? Y Jif . W. JOAN GORE SHIRLEE VANDIVER Secretary Treasurer Additional honors came when Cathy Davis was clecte Editor of the TSA LA GI and Secretary of the Women' Student Governing Board, Maurine Camblin, Vice Presiden of the Mixed Chorus, Cary Jo Carnett, Helen Brown, an Janie Carrico, sophomores, Student Council Representative and Student Center Representative, and Secretary-Treasurer respectivelyg Helen Ann Biswell, Vice President of Panhel lenicg lda Keefer, Vice President of Rho Theta Sigma an Treasurer of Pi Omega Pig Wanda Spurgeon, Treasurer 0 W.A.A.g and Barbara Sloan, Secretary-Treasurer of Alpha Chi Cathy Davis, lda Keefer, and Helen Ann Biswell were listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Alpha Sigma Alphals Sweetheart Dance, being the first formal of the year, was held on February 14-, in the Student Center Ballroom. The Rushees come to China Town ., .53 ' if iw iv-5, 2' 'E NT?-3' '? ' M? J . 1 N T 2 tl, 'QHEWQ T ,,. , . 'QQ' -my , I A Q, LL , , 5 Mag, W , - b 4- be L g.- ' ii ' , If Q as A me A ez: A: at M , " as ,P W f - Q, N, . I, ,pg 'W ff, ,. I ,sal l X. 'wif' L L 1 W L 1 1 . , O Q? Y, 25- '- , , K -W. rst row: Helen Brown, Lue Brown, Sue Brown, Barbara Burk, Maurine Camblin, Cary Carnett, Janie Carrico, Barbara Clark. cond row: Helen Chancy, Mary L. Chastain, Margaret Col- lins, Peggy Cooper, Vera Davidson, Cathy Davis, Dean Epps, Judy Ford. lird row: Rita Gilstrap, Joan Hall, Leila Herring, Betty Holley, Anna Mae Hudson, Wanda Ireland, Mary Lou Jennings, Jackie Jetton. ? "' .,,. .... " ra. 1 'H 7 ff: . fm X .. i ,,, ' . 18 .. 'Nw har, MA Fourth row: lda Keefer, Dawna Knight, Barbara Mitchell, Pat Myers, Sue Nolen, Phyllis Norman, Norma Norton, Helen Parker. Fifth row: Jeweldeen Perry, Jean Powell, Ann Ringo, Joan Shaddox, Barbara Sloan, Wanda Spurgeon, Marilyn Stroud, Barbara Trotter. Sixth row: Gayle Vaught, Doris Walker, Marynelle Watkins, Frances Wieland, Leola Spellman, Sponsor. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA DELTA SIGMA EPSILON , , 'M'- N aug it ir-'W ANN wp.. . YHA .IUDY BALLEW MARY FRYE ANN DANIEL .IOAN COVEY President Vice President Treasurer Secretary DELTA SIGMA EPSILON was founded at Miami, Uni- "Delta Dolls," the theme for the fall rush party, climaxed versity, Oxford, Ohio, September 23, 1914. XI Chapter was rush with twenty gil'lS pledging- g'Gi0W Little Gl0W Worm," installed at Northeastern, July 12, 1923. Miss Irene Morgan, the song title chosen by the group, highlighted Delta Sig's Associate Professor of Foreign Language, is the present part in the homecoming activities. sponsor. Delta Dollhouse provided enjoyable evening for rushees. Delta Sigs entertain National Inspector. I SY ff-fini X Tirst row: Shirley Ballew, Mary Barber, Jimmie Bassham, Roxanna Bean, Pattie Bennett, Barbara Burk, Sara Cooper. Second row: Bonnie Curry, Lavada Dixon, Lavona Graves, Norma Hathcock, Micky Heidle, Mary Steve Jones, Mar garet Long. Fhird row: Daisy McKinny, Carol Nimerick, Juanita Paden "OKLAHOMA," the theme chosen for Stunt Night, was ie winning entry. From the organization, Ann Daniel served as President of fappa Phi. Mary Frye served as President of W.A.A., Kappa lu, Vice President of FTA, Wilson Hall, and Rho Theta igma. Mary Steve Jones served as Drum Major for the and and Betty Jean Ross worked on the TSA-LA-GI as ssistant Editor, and Lavada Dixon worked as Typist. Patsy nn Witt was a representative to the Women's Student overning Board and Vice President of Kappa Phi. Delta Sigma Epsilon has members in the following or- inizationsz Ah-Ger-Du-Le, Alpha Chi, Band, F.T.A., Kappa Beverly Peck, Betty Ross, Talitha Stanford, Katholeen Taylor. Fourth row: Gayle Vancil, Marjorie Westlake, Annette White, Patsy Witt, Pauline Woodall, Winifred Woodall, lrene Morgan. Mu, Kappa Phi, Mixed Chorus, Panhellenic Council, Pi Omega Pi, Rho Theta Sigma, Student Christian Association, TSA-LA-GI Staff, W.A.A., Women's Student Governing Board, and Wilson Hall Council. Ann Daniel and Mary Frye are listed in WHO'S WHO. Delta Sigma Epsilon has contributed to the nationally sponsored charitable projects such as the Leprosorium at Carville and the Seeing Eye Foundation. Xi Chapter holds the national scholastic award of DELTA SIGMA EPSILON, at the present time. DELTA SIGMA EPSILON , SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA . ,M 4, fun., ,,.,. , W' N H9 Q. PQ, K 'g y .we .y 'I' mmf , G YZ f at fs. ff an-W-wow ' . V55 We ' ' II-A .1 L. A W. 'AW ? x fer, Mi, A JOAN NEWBERRY BARBARA CROMER PAT EMERSON SALLY FORD LEONA CORLEY President Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA was founded on April 20, 1898, at the Virginia State Normal School in Farmville, Va. There are now 51 active chapters and 72 alumnae chapters. The local chapter, Alpha Iota, gained its charter in 1929. Tri Sigma Island was the setting of the official fall rush party. Twenty-six girls pledged on Friday of the second week and the rush season was climaxed with a dinner given in the new pledges' honor. Tri Sigmas put a feather in their hat when their float, 'fOver the Rainbow," won first place in the beauty division of the Homecoming parade. Assisting in the royalty of the day were: Marilyn Bidwell, football queen attendant, Bar- bara Cromer, Sally Ford, Pat Emerson, ,Iocile Seay, MarGee Kersey, and Timmie Evans, cheerleaders, Billye ,lean McCol- lum, Ann Upde Graff, and Ramona Winnie, Majorettes. Home- coming also found Pat Emerson, Phi Sigma Sweetheart hon- ored in the parade and ,Ioan Bayouth, Wilson Hall, Queen Attendant. Mary Lou Staats was crowned Freshman Queen of the TSA LA GI. Additional honors were: Ann Armstrong serving as Secre- tary of the Student Senate and Betty Durham and Pat Emerson serving as representatives to the Senate. Joan New- berry, president of Panhellenic Council and member of or- ganizations committee of the Junior Class, Joan Bayouth, Vice President of W.A.A. and treasurer of the Senior Class, Betty Durham and Barbara Cromer representatives to Pan- hellenic, Leona Corley, secretary of the ,Iunior Class, Betty Durham, Editor and Sally Ford, Associate Editor of the Northeastern, Pat Emerson, Business Manager of the TSA LA GI, Timmie Evans, Secretary and Treasurer of the Freshman Class, Betty Durham, President of the Women's Student Governing Board, Barbara Cromer, President of Al- pha Chi, Leona Corley and ,Ioan Bayouth, House Council Representatives in Wilson Hall. Intermission at the Tri Sigma Formal. Dancing to the Music of "THE SOUTHERNAIRESH in QQ X 1 r f. -..., 'la . A z'Ei3ffRS5?ff?iEEiEV'.i-LQ-i, ,513-A 'qui Hitftiifii:.:tZ.1..wIt:r1 3"L"?A1Q:Q5Sf- ' V ...'Ew--:E ".,::'s-an .. -' if S it E is 5 4 5 .m AW M , 3 ,W N e 5 I l A - :"' F ' f "' I rf s I L.. " 1 New 1 if sv get L' 'I f S I 2 5 are , L. ,I 4, . , Q' A ""L f Q , A , l G, ii dl 5 ,L A e 'Qi ff' A 5' , if I gig., vwhf., gil. A I , ..k, ,Wim ggi, A , W A ii i ' f ' v We L, ', l I 'Swirl W 3 A .1 A K K , . 'QV M2 f X -my "" i ff mf ' W . we 3 T L ., K, 111 ,ii A. , ' -1:9 Q v 5 p p ,gig I -fe' t , 1 ' H ' A an We ff- S157 2: 'fre I Q 'W . 1 X " 3? 7 Sa Fl we , vw' f . , C? .7 tv... .' :- ,, .. e , ,X . . .:--, I n lx - V' Nil is . - .. -3 - ff' - ff 6? , G75 T M 4 ,t A E W I ,, 7 , . , f- 1 , First row: Dorothy Agent, Jean Baker, JoAnn Bayouth, Mari- l lyn Bidwell, JoAnn Burtscher, Dorothy Burnham, Auhert 1 Byers. Second row: Jackie Delmonte, Mary Denton, Mary Lois Dilday, Zula Dobbins, Betty Durham, Timmie Evans, Ann Farmer. Third row: Ida Gilliam, Carol Green, Revonna Green, Caro- lyn Hayes, Sonja Hively, Kathryn Harrison, MarGee Kersey. Fourth row: Sue Leathers, Kad Lindsay, Evelyn Long, Billie The TRI SIGMAS placed third in the Annual Stunt Night vith their stunt 'gHas Anybody Seen My Gal." Betty Durham, Zula Belle Dobbins, Barbara Cromer, .loan 'lewberry and Pat Emerson were listed in this year's Who's ,lean McCollum, Ardeana Moore, Shirley Moore, .Ioan Odom. Fifth row: Peggy O'Neal, Anna Parsons, Betty Purnell, Marilyn Rich, Mary Ritan, Martha Roberts, Jocile Seay. Sixth row: Ronnie Shastid, Erymene Snodgrass, Margaret Sowders, Mary Staats, Doris Stewart, Leah Tripp, Ann Upde Graff. Seventh row: Joan Walker, Charlene Walkingstick, Clara Wickett, Carol Windham, Ramona Winnie, Phyllis Wofford. Miss Ruth Allison, Sponsor. Who in American Universities and Colleges. The closing event of the year was the annual farewell formal in May. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA PHI LAMBDA CHI nit ark' -emffp 48 'Zh an-'sm wr I' if HOWARD MEFFORD JERRY CHAFFIN JOE WEAVER ROY HATHCOCK President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Beta Chapter of PHI LAMBDA CHI was founded on the campus of Northeastern State College March 31, 1939, by twenty-one men, with the ideal of promotion of brotherly love and kindly feeling, the establishment of friendship of a firmer and more lasting basis. Twenty-seven Phi Lambs met at their first social function of the year at the Boy Scout Camp. The theme was the now traditional Western style with Hillbilly singers and pretty cow- girls dancing and singin' which was furnished by our sorority sisters the Alpha Sigma Alpha. Of the group of prospective pledges at the smoker, twenty-seven made Phi Lambda Chi as their choice. Phi Lambs rendition of "Oh Dem Colden Slippers" Big Chief Phi Lamb in HOIIlCCOII1il'1g Parade , K Jil R mf' X, , 1- I mf- - I wi- " -' ,Pf . ,fr ,X ju I Q, 4 l Ur ,W 7 Q flies lfffj ' f 5 fv ,X 4 . hx ' t i s 4 41, 'bfvf l x Af. ,Q iw , , i ' W.. are , M H E' ffm ' 1 01, 'L ' 'iv- .fo ,,, L 'Q ee Qyitfg .QQ 'Vase 'TQ First row: Harmon Allen, Mack Bettis, Tom Box, Dub Campbell, Bill Coleman, Bill Collard, Bob Culver, Carl Cunningham, Joe Davis. Second row: Marion Dyer, Duane Easter, Paul Eubanks, Bill Fox, Norman Frame, Bob Gordan, Jack Guinan, Pat Harbor, Ronald Hedge. Third row: Bruce Hodges, Bob Holland, Elmo Jones, Carl Jordan, Jerry King, Gene Lawley, ,lim Lester, Harley Little, ,lack Looney. Fourth row: Ed Lowrey, Earl Martin, Dick Miller, Larry Miller, Leroy Place, Homer Raines, Hayden Rand, Lester Sappington, Bruce Shirey. Fifth row: Paul Stottsberry, Clarence Stout, Merle Swift, Howard Topping, .lim Wills, ,lack Winton, Jim Young, T. M. Pearson, F. A. Vesley. This Spring, other social fraternities and sororities were treated to the Phi Lambs annual Spring Formal. Decorated with fraternity colors, the dance was truly one of the most enjoyable and entertaining events of the year. In intramural circles the Phi Lambs placed first in Htailballl' and won first, second, and third in the ping pong tournament. Our fraternity came out among the top in volleyball. PHI LAMBDA CHI 'ff' PHI SIGMA EPSILON M :J PAUL FERGUSON NORRIS PRICE JOHN RITAN WILSON DURHAM President Vice President Secretary Treasurer PHI SIGMA EPSILON, during 1952-53, enjoyed one of its best years since it has been on the Northeastern Campus. As usual, things got started with the annual fall smoker in October. The following week, the Phi Sigs pledged a larger class than ever before in the fraternityis history. At the semester's end thirty-five men were initiated. Climaxing pledgeship were the annual "Help Week" projects. Each pledge spent twelve hours in working on one or more of the projects, which included worthy tasks on the campus and in the community, during the last week of pledgeship. The highlight of the year, as far as the Phi Sigs were concerned, was the twenty-third annual Frontier Dance. In order that the affair might appear as "frontierish" as possible, many of the members followed the old Phi Sig custom of growing beards during the eleven weeks pre- PAT EMERSON-Phi Sigma Sweetheart Phi Sigma Epsilon's annual smoker. t ga 32 ,. ,. ya i, 1 f K veac ff me 29 w T J Q w 753 3 A I W A Q., ,x ', K Q. X, pn ft ,... -ft -f'f , - ... ' ..-. Jw. ...s N, . t lm 1 t f-, wa 3 N mpeg? ,I 1 Q, tx K J' sy? a ,. s ,. ' 'C i A-.f . ,. t 1 fi E in 9 ww W, 94 , is . X. J H ,, Q at f he 1,5 ff' 4., HSN 1 1. X " X.. Www! 5:9213 X xii First row: Joe Acebo, Bob Adams, Kent Alexander, Robert Averill, Bill Baker, George Bean, Olaf Bode, Gene Branscum, .loe Brown. Second row: Pat Burdine, Jerry Calvert, Merle Carter, George Coil, ,lohn Cole, Ted Cope, Dale Corley, Jerry Cotner, Tom Elliott. Third row: Bob Evans, Charles Fritz, Charles Cebetsburger, Ray Hames, Rupert Hammond, Bill Harris, Ralph Hockett, Tommy Horn, Don Hopkins. Fourth row: Wesley Hornback, Bob Jones, Shaw Mahar, Jerry Meloy, George Morgan, Maurice Newberry, David Norvell, Glenn O'Banion, Jack Pratt. Fifth row: Blake Purdy, Bob Ritter, Jerry Roberts, Don Robinson, Carl Scott, Kenneth Self, James Summerlin, Arthur Tripp, Ed Webb. Sixth row: Jack Williams, Merle Farnsworth, Sponsor. .---n ceding the dance. The gymnasium was transformed into the traditional "college barn" which together with the Western style clothes everyone wore, made the dance a most enjoyable event. Climaxing the evening's festivities was the crowning of the 1953 Phi Sig Sweetheart. Of course there were other events during the year. The alumni reception at homecoming, pledge "skip night" and several weekeend 'gget-togetliersu helped to round out the year. Everywhere one looked, in the student government or in the many extracurricular activities, the Phi Sigs were there doing their part. Phi Sigma Epsilon, founded at Emporia, Kansas, in 1910, was incorporated into a national organization of Phi Sigma Epsilon at Kansas City, Missouri, in 1927. Epsilon chapter replaced Kappa Pi Kappa at Northeastern on October 18, 1930, with M. E. Franklin as sponsor. 'Q A-"V PHI SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA TAU GAMMA 'www-PW , ff-1. DEAN ROLLANS FRANK HAGGERMAN J. W. SAM JOHN WHORTON President Vice President Secretary Treasurer SIGMA TAU GAMMA, the oldest Greek organization on the Northeastern campus, was founded at Central State Teacher's College, Warrensburg, Missouri, June 28, 1920. Zeta Chapter was installed at Northeastern in 1924, when an organization called the Senate, which was active from 1909 to 1923, affiliated with the national organization of Sigma Tau Gamma. In June of 1950, Sigma Tau Gamma was admitted to the National Inter-fraternity Council. Sigma Tau Gamma is by nature both social and professional. Members are chosen by their personalities, interests, and activities and by their determination to succeed in their selected profession. KATHOLEEN TAYLOR-Sigma Tau, Betty Ross serves punch at the annual Sigma Tau Formal Rose 1 if ,, , 'ifezrii , ::-7 'ZE':.lEU?Ea', f s gei:aqf5Q i:' iffwisaiis ts Q, i,1?2Iifilsz'i975i f53 i s wfwffff . X ,X - 3 y ,,T., . , L , , zzz. 3:11 if 4, M. I f, . " new Mn. ICU' r-at if Mat' ...,,,J' W 7 'fri 575 in , t ' 5' 'ww , G G ' ., A adssmuw- ,MN L.. P K 115 ti!! ,ii I. -- 51-if 1' ,me First row: Don Ballew, Buddy Bartholet, Don Carter, John Chastain, Don Collins. Second row: Ed Gibson, Gilbert Gibson, Ed Justus, George Lee, Bill Panter. Third row: Ed Pettie, Johnnie Remer, Charles Roller, Jack Rose, Kelly Ross. Fourth row: Gene Smith, Jack Spears, John Wade, Clay Yeager, George Ogle. Sigma Tau Gamma has been active in all intramural sports. The float "Always" tied for second place in the Homecoming parade. Our stunt "Tin Pan Alley DeLuxe" placed third at Stunt Night. Among the membership we have: John Whorton, President of Haskell Hallg Gene Smith and Clay Yeager awarded to WHO'S WHO, Smith also being Vice President of the Student Council. SIGMA TAU GAMMA 'feline as 5-"Ffh tx 'it .qos "wb WBA F say First row: Judith,Ballew, Helen Ann Biswell, Maurine Cambline, Barbara Cromer, Betty Durham. Second row: Mary Frye, Ester Lee McCurry, Joan Newberry, Betty Ross. PAN HELLENIC OFFICERS ,,,,,,,,,, ,AYYYYYY---- P fgsidgnt HELEN ANN BISWELL ,..,. .,.,. V ice President ..,,,,,,,,,, ,-,,,,,YYYYY S gcfetafy The PANHELLENIC COUNCIL was instituted at North- eastern to act as a governing body for all inter-sorority ac- tivities. Under the able guidance of Alice Berkshire, Dean of Women, the Council passes and enforces regulations af- fecting the approximately one hundred women students who are members of sororities each year. The primary purpose of the Council is the encouragement of cooperation among the sororities on the campus. Three representatives from each group meet as a body and work together to strengthen the relations among all. A concrete example of this is the annual sponsorship of a scholarship contest among the three sororities. Grade averages are kept, and an award is presented the group with the highest average. af , .aqx ig 'Wi 5 in we arf' ' K aug. itat!" First row: H. M. Farnsworth, George,C. Ogle, T. M. Pearson, F. A. Vesley, Wesley A. Deneke. Second row: Jerry Chaffin, Paul Ferguson, Frank Hagerman, Howard Mefford, Norris Price, Dean Rollans. IN TER-F RATERNITY COUNCIL Two representatives from each of the three social fraternities, together with their faculty sponsors, constitute the member- ship of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Dean Wesley A. Deneke, as sponsor of the council, coordinates the activities of the organization. The regular meetings are held once each month, in addition to special meetings, when the need arises. At these meetings, topics of vital importance to each fraternity are discussed. The specific purposes of this council are: El. To promote student loyalty to his fraternity and to the 2. 3. 4. 5. college. fThe organization assumes responsibility for the conduct of its individuals.J To promote good moral conduct and good taste on the part of its members. To promote intellectual, social and athletic development of its members and of the college. To conduct the activities of the fraternities in accordance with the general purposes of the college. To contribute to the general welfare of the entire student body. JF .N M f ,,,,,..,. uf 1 61 Movie Actor GORDON MACRAE selects the TSA LA GI QUEEN for 1953 egfiyfi '1ffWV'Sf5 f.1Six- " L,5k.!L1idaEf, MISS MARILYN BIDWELL Sigma Sigma Sigma Tsa La Gi Queen JEAN BAKER Bixby Sigma Sigma Sigma BONNIE CURRY Tahlequah Delta Sigma Epsilon MARILYN BIDWELL Muskogee Sigma Sigma Sigma ANN DANIELS Tahlequah Delta Sigma Epsilon Campus Beauties 5 fi MAURINE CAMBLIN MAXINE COFFMAI' Nowata Muskogee Alpha Sigma Alpha Independent VERA DAVIDSON MILDRED GEORGE Tahlequah Canadian Alpha Sigma Alpha Independent ARBARA GRAHAM ANNA MAE HUDSON Picher Chelsea dependent Alpha Sigma Alpha ARGARET ANN SOWDERS KATHLEEN TAYLOR Tulsa Tahlequah gma Sigma Sigma Delta Sigma Epsilon Campus Beauties ADDIE HUMPHREY Ft. Smith, Ark. Independent ANN UPDE GRAFF Tahlequah Sigma Sigma Sigma DAWNA KNIGHT Muskogee Alpha Sigma Alpha MARCIE WESTLAKE Tahlequah Delta Sigma Epsilon avlium. ,n!1"'e. ff.. ' MJ ! MARILYN BIDWELL VERA DAVIDSON LAVEDA DIXON Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma Epsilon Attendant Attendant Attendant WANDA IRELAND DELORIS SINGLETON Alpha Sigma Alpha Independent Attendant Attendant QUEEN MARYNELLE Football Queen MISS MARYNELLE WATKINS Alpha Sigma Alpha MISS JO ANN BAYOUTH Sigma Sigma Sigma Attendant MISS LAVONA GRAVES Delta Sigma Epsilon A ttendant aww A ' ' .k zf kxig K SHIRLEY BALLEW BESSIE EFSTATHIAN Delta Sigma Epsilon Independent Q liz If Carnival Queen Shirley Moore and her attendants. WANDA IRELAND Alpha Sigma Alpha Carnival Queen . .. dlf lf' A xg, Aiflf MISS SHIRLEY MOORE Sigma Sigma Sigma RAYMODEEN CEE MICKEY HEIDEL Independent Delta Sigma Epsilon Attendant Attendant Queen Mary Lou and her attendants. MARY LEE JENNINGS Alpha Sigma Alpha Attendant Freshman Queen isii. MISS MARY LOU STAATS Sigma Sigma Sigma v QS Qj' , PORT K . Wx. H W3 fa I e. COACHING STAFF and ATHLETIC COUNCIL KENNETH 0, DUE TOM C, ROUSEY D. M. WADLEY JACK KISNER Coach Coach . Coach Tennis L. H. BALLY V. M. BURROWS M. E. FRANKLIN GEORGE C. OGLE JOE L. SCEARCE CALVIN L. TURNBOW THE REDMEN 1952 Conference Champs First row: Doc Wadley, James Mullins, Bill Jones, Wayne Parks, Coach Due, D. J. Presley, Dick Barcena, Jack Rusher, Mo Singleton. Second row: Gene Ball, Benny Kiger, Joe Cobb, Paul King, Benny Cleveland, J im Curtis, Louis Crowe, Harrell Beisel, Antwine Pryor, Gerald Beller. Third row: Joe Ethridge, Joe Gore, Bill Kipp, Glenn Welsh, George Elliott, Ed DeArmon. Fourth row: Don Bushong, Bryce Bliss, Moon Coleman, Bill Seay, Charles Galbright, Larry Miller, Frank Tillery, Ronnie Kiger, Cecil Devine, Tom Rousey. FOOTBALL Oklahoma Collegiate conference champions for the second time in a row, the Redmen battled their way through a tough nine game schedule to emerge un- defeated and untied for the first time in the history of the college. ln racking up their nine consecutive victories, the Redmen became the only undefeated and untied four- year college in Oklahoma and there were only 15 such teams in the nation. The greatest football machine ever to roll under the brilliant green and white colors of Northeastern, the Redmen carried the pigskin for 38 touchdowns and 24-9 points against their opponents 13 TDs and 90 points. 4... ,Q , 3 1 4 W' .fi 4 4 .3 O ' A '. Iv-ff-f an ,, A .H I fwfr?" Qif',25'iiaSf 'ev . .fiat ...A 1 'ww A . 2 , af ii-f my' 'fs' tw. f. A Y I :Wf Q'g. Y ri 1-. -,' , 1 . s 1' Ns.. .fl . , 1 , ,I . ., . it N: . - 'f' --.7 il "" Q Q 'A , " .f .ag4,,.a,x .. 5- .1 . Mp., , .., .. K, 31 ,,,, .. mi we l A ,,.. f , ,551-e!Bz,.. ' Q e 'Agp' -igggmgwkl - FOOTBALL Northeastern's resourceful Redmen initiated the 'E season Saturday, September 13, with an 18-7 victoi over the Henderson 'gfteddiesn at Arkadelphia, A kansas. The powerful Redmen were very definite wil their intentions as they took the opening kick-off c their own 33-yard line and in 9 plays cashed in the yardage for 6 points. Halfback Benny Kiger mac the pay-off play on a reverse from 20 yards out. Tl Redmen scored again in the second and third qua ters making' it 18-0. Not until the third quarter were the "Reddies" abl to push across a lone touchdown. A sustained driw from their 43 was climaxed when Clyde Bevy drov over from the 9. The try for the extra point was gooe Although hampered by a steady downfall of rai throughout the game, the Redmen defeated a spunk but undermanned College of Emporia here Saturda night, September 21, 14-7. The "Presbys,' drew first blood after a series 1 fumbles by both teams. Beginning with the secon quarter, J ack Rusher, "Big Green" fullback seemed IJ take command. His vicious assaults on the Empor' line left them wondering what had happened. Rush had scored two touchdowns and added both ext points. With George Elliott and Benny Kiger running wilcj Northeastern ran rough shod over Southeastern Savages Friday night, September 26, by a score o 26-2. Only once did the Savages penetrate inside the Red men 10 and on this occasion the big green line, led b "Mo" Singleton, drove Southeastern back to the 16 DeArmon was in the Savages hair all night long and showed the form that made him all-conferenc' end last year. Scoring all of their 39 points in the second ha the Redmen rolled to their fourth straight victor defeating Northwestern 39-9, October 3. 315352352 -sais Ntigg ,V l MN-"S.,,,,-n-,.,..--A D. M. WADLEY KENNETH O. DUE TOM C. ROUSEY Assistant Football Coach Foosball Coach AS-Si-Slllfbl 1700551111 Coach . Y 1 " X , f ,.,. , ' A VEVE V x X Captains for the 1952 REDMEN FOOTBALL TEAM OFFENSIVE REDMEN TEAM DEFENSIVE REDMEN TEAM T J! Nl l is -vm W 'W ,gg ,:.. in all wiv' 4 I E 4 3 GENE BALL DICK BARCENA HAROL BEISEL All-Conference All-Conference AC Honorable Mention Second Team I H ',-A' Vh,.' , 5 IQ . f LAM E . I T f I Q I' '1 Q -V ff' I :'o - ' .V I ' o,.V LW A I I I K 1 in .If :L ' , if at--P wo 1 f 1.1-' C s.:--an ew , ... ...- A ' "' 5 Q :" ' f I ,.f f I ,X I f 'Wm o,o o I L Ky?-,we ,Nw-'f -I gona. inf BRYCE BLISS All-Conference Second Team 'Q BENNY CLEVELAND BILL COLEMAN LOUIS CROWE RICHARD CURRY AC Honorable Mention i- I ED DSARMON CECIL DEVINE GEORGE ELLIOTT JOE ETHRIDGE All-Conference All-Conference FOOTBALL A long touchdown pass from Elliot to Kiger was the deciding margin of the game, as the Redmen racked up 26 points in the third quarter. Northeasterrfs rompin' Redmen made it five in a row Saturday night, October 11, with a 33-13 victory over the Russellville, Arkansas "Wonder" Boys." It wasn't until the third quarter that the Redmen really opened up. With three minutes gone in the third quarter Harol Beisel sauntered off right tackle, then later led to Benny Kiger who covered 54 yards for the Redmenis second score. In the fourth quarter Kiger loped 51 yards right over center and Louis Crowe converted to make the score 19-6. With five minutes left in the ball game Beisel broke away for 66 yards and another score. A minute later Elliott faked a pass and twisted and side- stepped his way 63 yards to the Russellville 2-yard line and on the next play went over for the last TD. A last minute aerial from Paul King to Ed De- Armon gave the Redmen a five point margin to spoil East Central's homecoming 25-20, Saturday, Oc- tober 18. At the half, the Redmen were ahead 13-0. Then the Tigers started on a second-half spree that resulted in 20 points. In the last three minutes of play King lateraled to DeArmon for the necessary 31 yards and a TD. A pleasant autumn mixture of football and home- coming, blended with a heaping of grid statistics, .I IM CURTIS All-Conference-Second Team CHARLES CALBRAITH AC -H onorable Mention RONNIE KIGER PAUL KING AC-Honorable Mention Q vm I l .Yr kL'. fav' 1 I I .IOE GILBERT JOE GORE BILL JONES BENNIE KIGER All-Conference Paul Williamson's Choice for Little All-American 'Giga 'Q fi f as-rg ' ,fn -if we LARRY MILLER JAMES MULLINS BILL OCKERMAN ANTWINE PRYOR OO!!! JZ' BILL SEAY BILL "M0"SINGLETON JERREL BELLER DON BUSHONG All-Conference Manager Trainer FOOTBALL was running over the brim of Cable Field. It was a day for people from all over Oklahoma to look over the unbeaten, untied champions of the Oklahoma Col- legiate conference and watch them push their victory string up one more notch. The teams struggled furiously through the early part of the game with Southwestern Bulldogs scoring first and seeming to have the edge through the first quar- ter. The Redmen's power began to show late in the second period and it was their game from there on. Final score 27-7. Coach Ken Due's undefeated Redmen took full possession of the Oklahoma Collegiate Conference crown Friday, November 7. Quarterback George Elliott proved the difference in the final conference game for the former Army quarterback and the winning squad. Fumbling their way through most of the first half, the Redmen led 13-0 midway. The final Northeastern touchdown came in the fourth quarter when halfback Harrell Beisel drove off tackle for 32 yards. The final score was 25-7, with Central State. Pittsburg State held off a powerful Northeastern team for a half Saturday, November 15, but the power of the visiting Redmen paid off in a 28 point second half as they took a 4-2-20 victory. BILL KIPP AC-Honorable Mention D. J. PRESLEY All-Conference-Second Team y gy '33bi,f'. ' li at ff Q . vw, e 4 f JACK RUSHER All-Conference-Second Team nan,- GLENN WELCH Q-. K FRANK TILLERY All-Conference-Second Team All-Confefeflfe-50001111 Twm it FOOTBALL Held to only two touchdowns in the first half, I Remen scored three times in the third peri and added another for good measure in the fii stanza. A complete season was behind this 11-cylind Cadillac fashioned team that saw no losses a no ties. Benny Kiger, right halfback, scored 15 tou4 downs for 90 points and Jack Rusher, fullba. dashed over the goal line 11 times and kicked : extra points for a total of 72 points. Kiger led the team in rushing, pass receivir punting, and individual scoring and was picked a Little A11-American berth by Paul Williamstl a noted sports analyst. l The championship Redmen dominated all-cc ference selections by placing: Benny Kiger, Di Barcena, Bill Singleton, Ed DeArmon, and Geor Elliott on the number one team. Second team sell tions were: J ack Rusher, Bryce Bliss, Doyle Pr' ley, Glenn Welch, Frank Tillery, Jim Curtis, a Gene Ball. Redmen making honorable mentii were: Paul King, Harell Beisel, Bill Colema Charles Galbrith, and Bill Kipp. For nine straight week-ends the boys who pl for Coach Kenneth Due rose to their imminent f and conquered. Their efforts were rewarded ai the season was brought to a glorious end by a h to play in the first annual Shrimp Bowl of Ca veston, Texas, against Sam Houston State Teac ers College. In a hard fought battle the Redml were defeated by Sam Houston with a score 4-1-20. First row: J im Quetone, J oe Weaver, Jack Cowan, Virgil Dixon, Danny Vincent. Second row: Tom Rousey, Coach, Jim Vaughn, Adrian Guant, Robert Lane, Enos Semore, Howard Topping, Val Childers, Joe Spring, Lee O'Brien, Student Coach. Not shown: Bryce Bliss, J oe Gilbert, Don Boatman, Loyd George. Opponent W e Phillips "66" Oilers ......,.., ......,, 45 Pittsburg State Teachere ...... ....,... 6 5 Emporia State ,....,.............,., - .....,, 57 Olathe Air Base .......,...... ........ 6 7 St. Benedicts Salina Kansas ......, Norman Air Base ....... Arkansas Tech College of Ozarks ..,. .....,.,50 ........65 ...,..,.61 ....,.r.69 ,.......69 College of Ozarks ,,.,..,....... ,,,,,.,, 8 3 Alumni .....,..,.............,,,.,.,,,4,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 7 9 East Texas Baptist fTourJ ....,. ,,,,.... 8 6 Phillips University fTourJ ...... ...,,,,, 5 2 East Central fTourJ .......... .,.,,,,, 48 'East Central .,..,........,.,.. ,,.,,,,, 5 7 ' Southeastern ............... ,,,,,,,, 6 3 BASKETBALL 1952-53 SCHEDULE They 83 71 64 51 58 80 56 95 61 78 55 83 45 67 50 74 Opponent W e 'Phillips University .,., ........ C.. .. .......,......, 76 'Northwestern ............ .......... 6 6 'Southwestern ..,....,. ...,...,.. 6 5 'Central .,.,..,,............. .......... 5 8 Okmulgee A. 8: M. ..... .,...,.,.. 6 9 "'O. B. U. .,............,.. ,,,,,,,,,, 5 9 'East Central ....,,. ,,,,,,,.,, 4 8 'Southeastern .....,... ,,,,,,,,,, 5 8 'Phillips University ...,. ' Northwestern ......... " Southwestern ..... "' Central ..................... Norman Air Base ..... "O. B. U. .,.,................ . 'Conference Games T hey 71 49 75 89 61 68 85 74' BRYCE BLISS f r 532 ,r at . -is , . Nj 1 1 v: as :high - N34 JACK COWAN VIRGIL DIXON as ' ji' K. ' ' I 25: 'Q y , J is I , 1 DON BOATMAN VAL CHILDERS BASKETBALL The Northeastern Redmen Basketball squad played a heavy schedule of thirty games and as we go to press they have an 11-11 rating. During the Christmas holidays the Enid Tournament was held and Rousey took the scrappy Redmen team, who came from behind to defeat both East Texas Bap- tists, and Phillips, of Enid, to enter the finals where they were defeated by East Central State. Adrian Guant and ,lack Cowan, high point men were both named to the All-Tournament team of ten players chosen by the officials. At this date the Redmen were tied with East Central for fourth place in the conference standings. e at if 1 . L 5 gill - fs A ii 1 f jf r"'l' 4 A ,fy -, A..-we W my Quetone, Semore, Cowan and Rousey talk it over. -4-4 BASKETBALL The Northeastern cagers have scored an average f sixty-five points per game and their opponents ave scored sixty-six points per game. Newcomer to the team and leader in scoring is tdrian Guant with an average of 20.0 points per ame. Guant is a junior from Buffalo, Missouri. Ie played one year of basketball at Southwestern lissouri, at Springfield. He lettered four years n basketball while in high school and in his senior ear his team won the Missouri High School hampionship and he was named to the All-State ,igh school team. Jack Cowan, Junior, is a 5 ft. 10 in. guard from 'ulsa. This is his second year as a starter on the lortheastern team. After having lettered his Fresh- lan year. Cowan, a fast man on the floor, stands ut in both offense and defense. He is a master t defenseg many times during the season holding up scoring aces to a minimum of points, while e himself hit for high scores. Jim GQuetone, Captain of the '53 Redmen, is a enior from Tulsa. A great little play-maker, Jim as previously earned three letters in basketball nd has done a fine job as captain and player this Car. Enos Semore, a Junior from Keota, and two-year :tterman has also been a high scoring threat to me opponents. His value lies in his great ability Q hook from the post and clear the rebounds from loth offensive and defensive back boards. LLOYD GEORGE ADRIAN GAUNT JOE GILBERT i ROBERT LAYNE i Q 1 ' s JIM QUETONE-Captain BASKETBALL Robert Layne, a Junior, 6 ft. 5 in., long shot artist is from Muskogee. This is Robert's first complete season at Northeastern, having played only the second semester of 952 at Northeastern. His College basketball also includes a Freshman season at Oklahoma University. Balance of the squad who frequently saw action were Jim Vaughn, Bryce Bliss, Joe Spring, and Joe Weaver, Seniors. Joe Gilbert, Junior, Danny Guant goes up for another basket. wa , Kee 5? fit.. We ., 5 I Q . Q W-vw f 1 f -.if , 1 ,N 'A i A ,, g elf if .4 4 A w ' sig 3 2 Eff li? 34 if , X ifiz If 1 7 V iq ENOS SEMORE JOE SPRING HOWARD TOPPING BASKETBALL l i 2? Vincent, Howard Topping, and Virgil Dixon, 5. Sophomores. Don Boatman, Valton Childers, and Lloyd George, Freshmen. Also joining the squad P 1 l Z . 1 . ,. Q -s was Don Dunn, Freshman, from Oklahoma A. 81 M., l but he was declared ineligible. i l X JIM VAUGHN T sm P s ' i 1 if -N'wm,,.,,,..........- l e ii l ' f i' is , if-E .i' l i f ja ,M Two more points for Northeastern. DANNY VINCENT First row: Joe Cobb, Howard Muse, Bernie Laub, Herbert Rozzell, Roy Brooks, Ray Engel, .lim Vaughn, Paul Arnette. Second row: Ed DeArmon, John Taylor, Enos Semore, Vernon Isom, David Thomas, Bill Easterling, Glenn Welsh, David Engel, Bryce Bliss. VERNON ISOM-Pitcher BASEBALL SEASON'S RECORD W e They College of the Ozarks .. 4 Bacone College .....,l,.... ...,.,,,. 1 2 3 Central State ..............,. ,,,,. 5 4 Southwestern State .......... ..... 4 5 Muskogee Junior College ,,.,.. .,l,, 7 2 East Central State ,......... ..... 0 2 Southeastern ......,....,,,......,..... ...,. 6 7 Pryor Merchants ........,..,,......,.. ,.....,,. 1 2 2 Oklahoma Military Academy ..... ,,,,.,... 1 1 2 Oklahoma Baptist University ...., .....,,., l 4 3 Oklahoma Baptist University .,... .,,.,,,,, 1 l 4 Bacone College ......l,.....t...,,,.... ,,.,..... 1 0 9 Alumni ............,.......,................... .......,...,,.,. 8 19 Muskogee Junior College .........,..,,........t,.,,,.........,......,.....,, 15 5 Tom Rousey's baseball team emerged from the ,52 season with a record of ten games won and four lost. The conference games won were two and four lost. TENNIS Robert Layne, Jerry Chaffin, David Norvell, Joe Aceboe, Bob Ed Culver, Jack Spears, Corky Cunningham, Jack Kisner, Coach. Northeastern's tennis team ended a successful season by capturing second place in the Oklahoma Collegiate Conference. According to ,lack Kisner, the team has played 13 matches, 6 of which were conference games. The team lost only one match to Southeastern State College, which is first in conference standings. THE SEASON'S RECORD Won Lost Tied Arkansas U. .....,. .1 ,. 1 Tulsa U. .......,....,.. ..... . . 2 Oklahoma U. ...,,.......... 1 Oklahoma A. Sz M. ..,.. ..,,. 1 , 1 Central State .,.,....... ........ 1 ,. East Central ......,..,. ,.,,.,.. 1 ,, Phillips U. .... .,..,.,.. 1 ,. Southeastern ..... .,.., . . 1 Drury ............ .,,,. , A 1 O. B. U. .. ........ 1 .. LETTERMEN-Layne, Cunningham, Chaffin ROBERT LAYNE BOB ED CULVER FRESHMEN-Culver, Norvell, Aceboe, Spears. I x fr I K lf, f YJ! ' A. Some of the engaged of Wilson Hall. Gosh, some boys have all the luck! Mayor Berry gives talk at the 1952 Football Banquet. C0-CAPTAINS for ,53--Charles Galbrith 1 'lll K!-tx: sl l and Benny Ki 5 , 3 fs 3 QU RE DA CE CLUB 'K -ww. M- hm, Qin, K I 'Q 59 W 309131 miix ai! rr 'fu- I Mail Call!! Male Call!! The Penalty of a diamond . . . Around Wilson Hall One never knows what will be happening next in Wilson Hall. 4 4 4 Q .L ve ,f , .. :- 'V 1 - A 3 g .fy ,gr 3.41, ,, , H .--0-"""""M'wMW . The :"""w 'f f' r.'f-"""' 'fa-" 5, V 5-2 W a,,rw...,.,,hk OPERATOR' OPERATOR' A very popular place ln W1lson Hall Around Wzlson Hall Ah' No hurry Take your time. ,Q x 5. 1 W4 M, af 59 fQ.'vvk QS l Around Haskell Ha Well, Well . . . Who is she??? Now J ack is that fair to look in Howard's hand?'?? ff ... n us" 5 I ,K A 4 :WF .'f' ,fl 4' X We 3 We 1 Looks like they're trying to see who has the biggest feet. f QS ,Q f,wL'1"'--nun THHLEQUW Lk, .J X l lg.2i.?,je 1' 2 li 'xt ,3 E 2 s.,Q!k,, ,V Now 'all you girls know what goes on inside the walls of Haskell Hall. Around Haskell Hall Why Charlie, who have you scalpecl now?? The T.V. set is a popular place in anyone's books. Let's moider dem Rascals ! " Homecoming "Pale Moon" is enacted by Ithanah. 15 " 1' "Oh, give me a home 18 44' The Phi Sigs show off their heards. Pat Emerson is crowned Phi Sig Cowgirl. i '1 43' ig XNMTMR E Gene Smith presents the Bowery Ball King and Queen. Alpha Sigma Alnha has the first formal ill NSW Student Center. Best Dressed couple at the Ball The last formal of the year. JOAN NEWBERRY and JIM LES xx -E. ss X , X 'L - we szff. XX X ik- i . Q in H--5 "'T'W-at tk, -., , it Faculty Relaxin' At Home with Dean and Mrs. Bally. ix ,i .ly . W,.. H+! In Tune or out of Tune!! Wonder what the serious discussion is? ?? Mr. Scearce spins a yarn. pl ' Aulena, Ed and Joan make use of the Lounge. Enrollment time presents many problems. -Q K X M.. Then there's Joan, Jack, ,launita and Don. Even the football boys work once in a while. The Brown twins-Lue and Sue-always have a smile for everyone. gm 'Dw- I' , me 5 A scene from the Tri Sig Dance. Let's everybody play bingo. Graduation in the new auditorium. Judy and Majorie in the snow. A clean floor in the Tsa La Gi room MISS LEILA FAYE HERRING Alpha Sigma Sweetheart for 1953 - 5 . K, , . .1 M - 443,205 'K ll " ll .M......au1- B H nd Ill df! s sur .fa-rs. ,,,....-.-:Q Wash +he easy way al' lhe BENDIX LAUNDRY 5.30 machine-we wash SMITH BROTHERS Floor Covering we dry "' Linoleum "' Carpefing Phone 436 508W Muskogee at Tlle at B'P'S' Palms TAHLEOUAH OKLAHOMA lI5 MUSKOGEE PHONE 204 NORMAL CLUB CLEANERS WILLIS PRODUCE "Congral'ula+ions Eggs-Feed-Flour +o +he Redmen" Phone 2 TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA Agenls for Magic Empire TAHLEOUAH OKLAHOMA Express WASHINGTON THE REDMEN SHOPPE MOTOR COMPANY Ford Dealers 32 years PHONE 70 TAHLEOUAH Supplies 'lor all Occasions "MR. ED'S" PLACE TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA THE FOOD CENTER PHONE 88 FREE DELIVERY Home Owned - Home Operaled 200 Soufh Muskogee TAHLEOUAH ABSTRACT COMPANY Absfracfs-Insurance "We're proud of Norl'heas'l'ern" JACK RHODES-JOHNNY GATES SANFORD MARTIN JOE CANTRELL Tahlequah, Oklahoma 2I0 Muskogee Tahlequah HINDS DEPARTMENT STORE Shoes Dry Goods Ready-+o-Wear HNORTIJEASTERN GRADUATES" Tahlequah Oklahoma DAVIS TRUCK LINE TULSA Musxoe-EE Fr. SMITH COLLINS 81 RING 3-3063 62Ol 4I7l SKELLY SERVICE STATION 3-6209 Phene 222 zoo N. Muskogee Home Office-3'9 TAHLEOUAH OKLAHOMA Tahlequah Oklahoma "Quick Dependable Service" y I "A sfaunch Redmen suppor+er," Mayor Berry Ieads a yeII in pep- assembly. Congra+uIa+ing a winning foo'I'baII Ieam. Be rry's Tahlequah BUTANE COMPANY Oklahoma W SSON'S FLOWERS A THE HALL CAFE When words fail, le'r Wasson's Fine Food flowers say if 'For you. 305 N. Muskogee TAHLEOUAH, OKLAHOMA TAHLEQUAH OKLAHOMA Phone 584 3I3 N. Muskogee VAN HEUSEN JARMAN SHIRTS SHQES Where Your Every Musical Wanl' DRYDEN'S Can be Safisfied MENIS WEAR KROH MUSIC COMPANY 430 Wes'l' Broadway Tahlequah' Olde' Muskogee, Oklahoma H0leP'00I Ma""Made MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED Socks Clolhes A Ray's GROCERY 81 MARKET Fresh Meafs, Fruifs 8: Vegefables We Deliver Phone 3II THANK YOU CALL AGAIN Tahlequah Oklahoma BILL WILLIS 81 BYNUM'S Furnifure 8: Appliance Hardware Dry Goods TAHLEQUAH. OKLAHOMA GILL LUMBER COMPANY Phone 47 TAHLEQUAH OKLAHOMA REED CULVER FUNERAL HOME Tahlequah Oklahoma MUTZIGS SQUIRES EQUIPMENT COMPANY Ready-io-Wear Dry Goods Tahlequah Oklahoma -I-ahlequah Oklahoma veteranls GREEN DERBY CAB COMPANY CAFE phone 30-phone 666 Home Cooked Food and Friendly Day and Nighf Service Almosphere Tahlequah Oklahoma EDNA CREECH Tahlequah Oklahoma i, FOR THE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY GO TO Bynum's Y Y STUDIO - MSW V 'li Professional Phofographer "Your Annual Pho+ographer" Tdl'lleqUdl1 Oklahgma I THORNTON REED'S DRY GOODS RADIO 81 APPLIANCE COMPANY Congra+uIa+ions 2I7 Nor+I1 Muskogee Avenue REDMEN Phone 852 Phone 2I rahiequah, ou.. ZENITH PHILCO RADIO and TELEVISION COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS of of The THE BEN FRANKLIN STORE STYLE SHOP Leo Bone Tahlequah Oklahoma Tahlequah Oklahoma Molloy BUTANE and APPLIANCE Bu+ane-Propane Sysrems CompIe+e Ins'I'aIIa+ions By Licensed and Bonded Dealers Phone I5I TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA BOWERS 81 McCORMICK DATE BUREAU "Pa+ronize us af your own risk" PHONE 4I4 CompIimenI's of TAHLEOUAH BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS D. O. Sco'H, President P. H. Medearis, Vice- Presidenh H. M. Vance, AHorney: C. E. Weber, Treasurer: H. E. Garrison, A. G. Gib- son, L. H. BaIIy, J. B. Pearson, Secrefary and Manager, CIeII C. Yeager, Ass'+. Secrefary. Tahlequah Oklahoma if -., wh X . THE SHACK STAUSS "Come +o +he Shack 'for a S+eak DRUG STORE or Snack.-I Prescripnons The Meeiing Place Fifsi' of 'fhe S+uden+s Phone I23 Tahlequah. Oklahoma MR. and MRS BEN CRIDER Tahlequah Oklahoma Furnishings for Sfudenf Cenfer by CATHY'S FURNITURE C A T H E Y' S Q Home Furnishings Main ai Ninih Tulsa, Oklahoma , Wkkh g - -six A TOAST TO NORTHEASTERN Along wi+h all +he ofher ins+il'u+i'ons and ci+izens of Tahlequah we 'lhink NORTHEASTERN is jusl' aboul' rhe besl' lhere is-from Facully 'lhrough S'l'u- denl' Body and back again. When we hear The refrain of your old college song, "Nor+heas+ern," we, +oo, gel a lhrill and can join in as lusrily as lhe oldesi' alumni in singing ifs praises. For fhe composer of +ha+ poefic gem somehow caplured fhe spiri'I' which grows wi+h each passing year. So, HERE'S TO NORTHEASTERN. May 'lhe happy memories and pleasanf associafions which enshrine il's pasi never grow dim. May i+ con'I'inue +o GROW, +o EXPAND, 'ro EXTEND i+s ever widening sphere of SERVICE noi' alone +o Tahlequah and 'lhe commonwealrh of Oklahoma, buf +o free men and women everywhere. The First National Bqnk of Tahlequah Since I89l MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Tahlequah Oklahoma W nuevo-Q..-,------1 -, , . ,f.,. N,-.Q F, .J ,uf .n.p-.una-.naw fwff' MW swam 55 '47 L umm-www-uw-as lyk . WW ,- ,gg .WM M' WW :uw .amen ,ani :egg fur we jgxfwz, 325 y J J I My mmm amass. me me new I Mmm S Emma wana Dream Theater "WHERE REDMEN SEE IT FIRST" Tahlequah Oklahoma THE RETAIL MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION 3 I4 Barnes Building MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA Bebb Floral Company Broadway TheaI'ers Calhouns Depar'rmen+ Sfore Cohenour Jewelry Durnils Deparlmeni S'rore GiIIcerson's Jones S+ore Hollywood Hai' Shop Hun+'s Depar'rmenI Sfore Kaplins Jewelry KIar's Jewelry May Bro+hers T. Miller Jewelry Modern Clolhiers, Muskogee Furnilure Nelson Furni'I'ure Co. S. and Clofhiers Scoggins Appliance Taylor Furnifure SI'ore Susman's THE VOGUE OKLAHOMA LUMBER COMPANY J. L. BROWN, Manager Ladies'8z Children's Ready Building Mnerial To Wear Sherwin-Williams Painfs Phone 420 I2l N. Muskogee Phone 223 Tahlequahi Okla Tahlequah Oklahoma COMPLIMENTS OF Campbell MOTOR COMPANY Tahlequah Oklahoma .....,...............-..v. my .5125 E, , iii Cgmplimenfg TQ The Redmen Phone 500 Special Prices For Parly Cakes ancl Cookies Fred 8 Marlels To All School Organizalions "IT'S DELICIOUS IF IT QUALITY GROCERY Tahlequah Oklalwma IS FROM MORGANSV' R foie. Jenkins Music Company delivering +he Sfeinway and EvereH' pianos +o 'l'he Fine Aris Building. JENKINS MUSIC COMPANY 8l3 Garrison Avenue Phone 5I58 For+ Smifh, Arkansas Crew's REXALL DRUG Prescripfion Specialisi' Headquarfers Since I900 MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT OUR FOUNTAIN Tahlequah Oklahoma BILL PERRYMAN TAHLEQUAH INSURANCE SERVICE Call 87 I Aufomobile 0 l-idbllily O Fire O Bonds I Casualfy O Ofher Forms 2 I 3 N. MUSKOGEE THE COFFEE SHOP "We Specialize In Breakfasfs 8: Shori' Orders" 205 N. Muskogee Phone 43I Tahlequah Oklahoma Tha 0 095 tfgr 5 dif- a f if. .la in ' " 'lr sm PRIN'rnnv T? COR. THIRD in WAIJL MLJSKDGEE. DKLA. MORRIS FLOWERS "FLOWERS THAT PLEASE" 608 W. Deleware Phone 228 Tahlequah Oklahoma y CITY GALEY 8: HARGIS PAINT STORE "The Friendly S'l'ore" Pain+, Wallpaper, Floor Equipmenf 436 Wesi' Broadway Phone 352 Muskogee, Oklahoma AHend and Supporr ihe Church of Your Choice Regularly Pl-,one 4l Tahlequah, Okla. McCOLLUM and HEATON Welcome To KET MY PLACE GROCERY and MAR d 52l Wesl' Choc+aw Barbecue Shorii or ers Phone 26 Free Delivery On +he Road fo N.S.C. From MUSKOGEE- LAWRENCE MCCOLLUM OKLAHOMA WAYNE HEATON PURDY SPORT PARKER MOTOR COMPANY SHOP Ponfiac-ln+erna+ional Spor+men's Headquariers Phone 470 Tahlequah Oklahoma TAHLEQUAH OKLAHOMA BIDWELL RADIO 8. Music COMPANY PIERCEFULLER AGENCY Musical lns1'rumen+s 8: Supplies Phone 6I74 709 W. Broadway Radios, Phonographs, Amplifier Muskogee Olil6l'10ma SALES SERVICE INSURANCE-BONDS-REAL ESTATE 42I W. Okmulgee Phone I 06 Muskogee XXX .XX p H T N- if A rw isa-L Ji-Mi' HQ. -A AJ W... " A W' R "mfs A"i' WWWZ ,.L, R. SUCCESS MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolei' Oldsmobile SALES 8: SERVICE Local 309 L. L. 5l4 24 hours.wrecker service Tahlequah Oklahoma o gr No explanafion needed I !! bf A LITHOGRAPHED 74Ql04"'54Q YEARBOOK DALLAS . TEXAS I ,.,.,. gf' 1 ' I . , ij -p.,,. . Y r.1f:1,L:g Laiflsi' 1,m:13J1:Q:'.f. I ..' x:3'w ', . 414 ,- .' r, ":.'u..:,L,L1:'.'-- T'-.Q71'-"3Y,vL..1,3L1.sL.g.f- f i -Qfa wh' 2 H- w'SM,,. - ".'3:ff'V,,i,p, 4-11' 5 , , YT Y iff 'Q " 'I ' lf' ' V W .2 Ql,'3'ffL,Z5 JL' ' ' W 1 " : ' 1 - J Q . - . ff,-Mzfif' "ff 1 'gif ,A 5 I f -' Q -, -I 1 ,a V. 1 . M W. " ,- . V -, . 1, , , 4 , Wu.. .3 a, r . ., ,. QW. .fm 1.25572 W ,1.,.1.J. ,.,, , . Q. ...yn mx., K ,, , ,, ,3 ,M M H, iw. MV. , ,A , R 1 Q 5 , 'sf Aj 1 -A , A 7 ff 4 Q, v , I , N ' A f ,L UL f ik 1 I +4 W , A I 4 -x Q75 I ,mx Mgsvrfa M 1 , 1 .Q t , A 11 M . Y , . r Y M X vig: Q 7 .," . Q ' . K J . K . ff 1 ,A , 3 9 1 Z i 5 3 L Q is I 9 9. '- ff,-' - 4 QA., 3 f, ja 5 :-13.".'.- 451364. ',. f,..a Sv: , - J -far. Ji' , V, 1. , 4 V X,5.iW,V f.. .gy - , ' .K 4 f ,,,. , 1 Y . . ' -PM 1 E ,W - . ,f.:,.4 1. Av ' fl 1 +7 1 41 . 4 , ,pi x ff .gif ' ' .iw 2,:7.ifi5ii. 41.1 .gfgyzi V .gg . i 'm A w Wi 'V 2 .7- . 4 i , A i '. 'fu' , ,.vk?.ES . , H. , --f 1, Mg 4 www, ,J Q1-ge 'K A N. ,Qu - '- , . , , 'f ,:- A Qu 4 . ,www ez' YL rm-42.9. H .MWA . g, 3. , M. . . . it ,., ,Mya ..X..MM., W ,gm M..-.,N flaw-,Ae nf? A-: u. s f .,,.1:?,.a a'3fws?'. ,,,.,.f.,gi: ??':T'75': q 1, fx X M-1 -f ,,"i4L.Qfg ,,."1 fy'3'? .2?,ce'W le . f ?. 'k"2.fw1M4- '?w,:f"'11Gf:'f9aL M-,w1f'w!.1y .11.s,.N- ff ,. i f 3 . 'af-1: ,"1,1af'1.fiff Iwf ' .N A'- 1

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