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Northeastern State University - Tsa La Gi Yearbook (Tahlequah, OK) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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1 D i 'fffo 'I'hc Ninclcun thirtyfflvc QXQTFPLQQSIGTH C wpwzgllvl .Ink 7 1.141 Erfzlm' .I 1 M Loom rc M tl V71lQlL'l' I,I'Ivl7flvl7fl hu fI."XRl'l'N'l'l'R PRVSS Oxnuvgu, Kansas EI7glIAt1L'l-l7gl bu vw7.fX'I'I5RI,OO IENGRAVIN COMPANY COl,l.I:llI' STUDIO ,1'llh1f'lfLllI17. Oklulvrmnl PMzlwgmplvcrs 527110 ortheastem 193 5 GHG Published by the Students of NORTHEASTERN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE TAHLEQUAH, OKLAHOMA Nineteen Hundred Thirty-five Qrcler Qf iBook 230014 I Gollegef Building Faculty Student Council The Annual iBook II Glasses Senior Junior Sophomore Freshmen iBook Ill pfilctwities Athletics Organizations iBook IV Cgeaturef Humor Campus iBook V Cfllclvertising Cillorewofrd In the many hours that We have put forth in this endeavor to leave a permanent pictorial record of the happiest years of our life, We have had constantly an ideal in our minds. The betterment of the educational system of Ok- lahoma and the interest of the students and gradu- ates of Northeastern are but minor parts of our ideal. fX.O.f5 Qui fDepa'rted Leader Born March 15, I388 Died March 11. 1935 Tedication IN M E M O R I A Nl To one whom to know was to love, to admire, and to respect. l.ed by a spirit of devotion, nobility, and Christian virtues, he was a living example of all that was best, exalting, and ideal. lt can be truly said that he builded well, that he was a scholar, a bene- factor, an educator, an administrator, to all a friend. With us still in spirit, his influence and his standards will continue in the work that he had so nobly be- gun. It is with these sincere sentiments that this Annual is respectively dedicated as a tribute to our beloved friend and president M. P. l'lPilVllVlOND fX,O.f5 JJ fx , I u 1 1' vs xx 1 726' ' s-wf.QQlw.wfmw...-m-md-Q-.1r+.f.i-.wvwwf ' 1 J-Administration iBuilding B Q Education iBuilding Quditorium iguilding Industrial Qrts fBuilding Qampus Sceno gi W, fP'resident's Cyfome s:::1g,',1,g 'j.g:1, E - 55.1 ,Ijjf--71-. 3 .ffjv r-:1...2':EL5 Jag: f f.. 1: V! .- "Ulf-,,41z,.l' L "4x,'.-,ijlyzif-Zgif ' 1: H, 5 QM--Es? E ' 4-pic mrlgkhyszig, .' J'm1,rf.w:1,fQXAg uv' Q 4 'Q'-'119'IugK'U2f' 3 ,-,-1.:+',':f .-- -fi4f,v.f15g,Q:g?k12' 1 "3":','i1Wfs?k?5H? - Lv:-1.fgff.1k'i1f:'.:fw fs i 22 'H1EfgY,-mJ.qQkf- 1 :ffigf ,1 iikf.-,.k?A:f:2f..,3f,,f ,i 's ':'9.w,-:a1.'..- .' 1 'E-.15,,Jf-n-5 16:7-Z :. ' fzfPfc':iif2Av9:w,2,' f 'n',:','.5x', ,,-'-,. .ll 1 'ibvi QP"-3-3Tf.' 4. 1, ' i'i?.gC61:5'l17:',n"' f Afffggff:-4. ..:- ' Y 'Wai :E Y. xv, ffjb , Lpldr' '.J'4jy,',f . -fu- - f..1-1-f:.,1..--v.,. 'fl rg A ,ffif1,f,.f.-r, 1 M: f.':-1.-JUL.. Ei31if2?lif5,'.g.,:' i 9.55-3y-521.73 ,, H '-rptflivbi' J . fl 1,1 QL 5?-zaavffrf H euwfsvsf.-Q' M5131 J'-'lj ern' X . .' ff "Aj, ', rtsjsfbiikeefi.. 'f',!"'i'5'5f'?".1f!1 1 .k..'H,H Z..-,.n,1, 5 I"k:L". 'RET' u ui"-'?'4i'fZ'f'f ' 2, 'Q '?5f'ef'f!'2f:'Q!ffkh W3 ':,r,',1r 5 ', f,'.'g.' fum?--s iq 'L--.-x1'1'Ivx':mw V ' 3gZi'5E2.'fi,'V.'g1:'Qf 1 .N.,.wg,1-.f , Y , uf--4: vkfffif QW 'df!5ff?I'178?'V9'5'2'T 5 ':lpzw,Sf.1xe'-gif' Z 551i-Pdkalgf'-'faq ll ':-:-ugw. 2 - 3fi'4Yfi5'f1fW-M591 'I g.'g,d1g:-,:.'3s.r-1 ,gl gfim iw mr N: .3,:L.,w3W,gx',, :.., :4-J' ,y11.f.'r,,fu X f,.45w.3f2ff'a2 2 Eff215.?5'2'1-F?"1'.-' ' w5.'11:"f:.-mf 1-1 1 4Li'fY.:!' l,-1 fqlx- gi2g!ffiQffi?Q 1, N :,.,:A.,W, 1 4 if 1 .7 I1,I'u:.:,-""i" 5,2 J ww L w. -1.1.1, 4 ,W ,p,!,!,J5x,yl5 E , 'x 1 Q .-tvigif., ,my 1, X 3?e!':',Q3s3:1.534f1? N -Q Eifu. ,2"lfgL11?l', I 721f-',f:f'f5a:.1H-'lfgl 3? 'Wifi gh q.y3fgL.2lQ-QQ .. Q ,,.. Ly.: , .y 593 x .4 A ' -' ,-.vw c.--,Nr ' 1 ,vc 'gwiqiz ,.yf:-3gf',y'. ,,4f:4'I.gH, '.f,'J.."'-"-V424 F- I , , g. H L. I Y, , , , F K 5 2 F' '1 Ve 'Q i 11 5 4 1 2 2 5 5 1 E 3 Q M 2 s . 5 I E 1 2 a a . : E . : S . 2 ? a 5 2 1 5 E 5 I R. K. MCINTOSH, Dean of College L. P. WOODS, Dean of Meng EULA E. FULLERTON, Dean of Women I 4 W.,,, . .rife wg xxx i - r tl .1 .',i5 ji ,J J. M. Hackler Education Felicia M. Padcn Education M. E. Franklin Industrial Arts Lcctor Hackworth Education Wm. H. Metzler Sociology lfdnamay Weeks Education Page Sixteen D. W. Emerson Economics Mildred Watts Education Vaud A. Travis Education Nlayme Carter James Reid Iva King Education Sciences Education T. M. Pearson Latin and English Mildred Randels Education L. H. Bally Biology Sue B. Thornton Librarian Henri Minsky Music Ruth D. Hicks Financial Secretary Page Seventeen George C. Ogle Agriculture Ola Beckett English D. R. Bedwell Lucilc Smith Science Librarian Robert N. Tarkington Business Education Ruth Allison Art T. L. Ballenger History Fannie A. Baker Foreign Languages J. Green History Lois Gillis Hall English H. P. Crowe Foreign Languages Ophelia Sims Physical Education Page Eighteen Ray H. Ballard Physical Education Pearl Crawford Home Economics H. W. Guenther Psychology Ethel M. Fairchild Education Gertrude McMichael Music Hortense Vauta rd Assistant Registrar Tribute to Cgaculty of 7NQ1'rtl1eas'tern As the memories flash through our minds, the memories of the years that we have spent in our honest pursuit of happiness, we wonder if the results are worth all the efforts we have put forth. Some of the memories are pleasant and some bring pain to our hearts and minds: nevertheless the memories that only we are responsible for are ours. If we knew what lies before us, we perhaps could plan as the architect or the scientist plans and we should know the ultimate results in advance. But, in the knowing of the future, we should be deprived of the glories and the anxiety which go hand in hand with the uncovering of daily events. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. St. John: l5:l3. V We are disposed to believe that our beloved president, Monroe Percy Ham- mond, laid down his life for us. His very heart and soul were for us: he did everything that was possible to enable the students to derive the best out of the span of life that we call "school days." The corps of men and women who constituted Mr. Hammond's faculty have given the best that they possessed that we as students and teachers-to-be might gain in this short span of our life the qualities that will give us the full- est measure of happiness and will enable us to bring happiness to others. So to you, Northeastern Faculty, we place in print our humble thoughts. To you, Northeastern Faculty, we sincerely offer this page in tribute. Page Nineteen Qi C6ribute It becomes our sad duty to recognize the death of our beloved President, Mon- roe Percy Hammond, which occurred in Oklahoma City on the eleventh day of March, nineteen hundred and thirty-five. Mr. Hammond was born on the old family homestead near Stephens, Ar- kansas, on the fifteenth day of March, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight. He was a graduate in early manhood from Ouachita College, in Arkadelphia, Ar- kansas. His graduate work was done in the University of Chicago and Colum- bia University, the latter institution conferring upon him the Master of Arts degree. He began his professional life in Hugo, Oklahoma, serving there first as prin- cipal then as superintendent. It was in Hugo that he met Miss Estelle Affler- bach, whom he later married. To this union three sons were born: Willard, Joe, and Bennett. It was a trait of Mr. Hammond's character to give himself unreservedly to all tasks confronting him. Never thinking of himself, his generous heart and tire- less mind labored constantly for the welfare of those who were under his care and who were associated with him: to the extent that his physical strength was often over-taxed. Death came to him in the period of his greatest usefulness. We who knew him and were privileged to Work with him will never forget his fine chivalry-that rare courtesy which has always a sympathetic under- standing for the least problem which concerned or troubled those about him. Neither can we ever forget his wonderful leadership which brought all factors into harmony and united them in a constructive program. He visioned always a higher plane of living and a greater field of service for the institution he lov- ed. His noble life was an inspiration to all of us: his strong religious faith a guiding light to the community of which he was a part. Death has taken from us his genial face and kindly voice, but it cannot take from us his fine spirit which will still lead us in the work he loved and for which he died. Death came as he would have wished-finding him at his post of duty. Today our halls are draped in mourning, our class rooms are silent: our heads are bowed in silent tribute to him who was our leader and our friend. The Faculty of Northeastern March 12, 1935. Page Twenty Dear Mrs. Hammond: To the many expressions of sympathy which you have received for the loss of your husband and our friend, we wish to add ours. We feel that your loss has been our loss, for in Mr. Hammond we all had a friend upon Whom we could rely. The students of this school shall always carry with them many lovely memories, but none shall be more abiding than the memory of the cheer- ful helpfulness and kindly attitude of our beloved President. We speak for the entire student body in saying that we Want you to feel the same freedom which Mr. Hammond felt in calling upon us for any ser- vice at. any time. ' Sincerely yours, THE STUDENT COUNCIL Page Twenty-one Student Gouncil RAYMOND HAVENS WOODROW LANGLEY President Secretary and Treasurer HERBERT PUCKETT Vice-Presiden t The students of Northeastern are fortunate indeed to have a voice in the rules and regulations under which they live nine months of the year. The object of all popular government is, let the people rule. The govern- ing body of a college usually puts the power of student government into effect by supervision of the student activities. The name of the body that represents the students of Northeastern is known as the Student Association. The stu- dent body of Northeastern is Well represented in the Student Association, three members being elected at large and two from each class. This body represents the students of Northeastern in all their activities. It is not always easy to determine whether a student government is good or bad. No student body is as well governed as it ought to be: on the other hand, no student body is ever so badly governed as its critics would have us to believe. The governing board of the Northeastern Teachers College has seen fit to grant to us the rights, privileges and responsibilities of student government. We, as students, have accepted these privileges and the attendant responsi- bilities. It, therefore, behooves us to be diligent in studying the constitution by which we are governed, to be alert in exercising the privilege of voting and to be careful and deliberate in selecting the representatives who are responsible for the enforcement of this constitution. Page Twenty-Iwo 'AW WV? MMF Q Student Gounctl Jim Looper Mary Holt Paul Greene Doris Luff Elbert Durham Melvina Parrish Homer Ward Bess Brewster PREAMBLE We, the members of the Student Association of Northeastern Teachers Col- lege, feeling the need of a constitution which shall more clearly express the duties and functions of its governing bodies, do ordain and establish the fol- lowing constitution. Page Twenty-three iBusiness Sfdjf In an attempt to place an annual in the field, the Business Staff has encount- ered many difficulties. We are consoled in knowing that we have met each difficulty fairly. This is the only successful attempt to place a Northeastern Annual in the field since 1928. No annual is successful unless it gains friends. We have gained many friends, and we are greatly indebted to our many friends, and we take this opportunity to thank each and all. . JIM LooPER JIM LOOPER ,nn,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,- Business Manager RAYMOND HAvENs .... .--- ,- Circulation Manager MAXINE DUNN ,,,.v W- .,..,..n,,,,, Advertising Manager DON MAULE, CLIFFORD BAILEY, WVILLIAM MANISS, Adv. Solicitors JERALD STAUSS ...,,,, , ,,..v.w..n,,,,,,...,, Bookkeeper HORTENSE VAUTARD W- ,,e,- Banker Page Twenty-four al N1 'ff . if Q, by R f ,I 'Ak -f '14 A ,I Lg ' m 1 z ,Na mf if , , ,. , ul f.. M, A 'xr :Z gl aw ,XA W' 9,5 , 1 s uf X-gif L5 Seniors valai ' f'1V I ,.,.t.7ri.?gi Qgg,iw1g,fri ' i 1 1 qw. . -I"'.f'-:'! ' ':':,3.. 'J A 5 TM' Wit ii' in if I 4 ' A xiii' ?3PtT1f1- I . U V . 1 -. 'Lt4fPww.ww- in t 4.1.-1-Ls::,,.,., Q-afmariniza Edltorlal Staff The editorial staff has endeavored to place in your hands the 1935 North eastern, an instrument which you will prize most highly among your cherished possessions. ' We are indebted to Professor T. M. Pearson and to the staff of The North eastern for their many helpful suggestions. We now turn it to you with the hope that it may please and that you may conclude that our efforts have not been in vain. JOE 5 LEE JOE 5 LEE ,,...,,,,,,, ,. .,,,.,.,,,,,,,,.a.,,,... Editor ELBERT DURHAM ,,,..,,,.,.,,.,,,.....Ya Associate Editor CLETA CRANE ..,--,,....,,,,,.., Secretary and Class Editor JOHN BRADEN ,,....,v,,,...,,,A,,.E.,,,,, Campus Editor DORIS LUFF ...E,,,,.....,,,,..,,,n....,,. Humor Editor MARIE WALLIS U- .sa,,....,a Ari Editor FRANCIS MALES .,,,,.,.a,,a,....,,.. .--uw Sports Editor PAUL GREEN ,,.....,,,......,,.,., Associate Sports Editor MARY HOLT ..,,,.,,...,..,,. ,. .,,,, E-, Organization Editor BESS BREWSTER ,....,,,,,. ,- ,,,., ,, .,.,. Organization Editor WOODROW LANGLEY ,,...,,, ,, ,,.,, ,,,.a P hotographer Editor T. M. PEARSON ,,,...,,E,.,.,A, --,.,,, ..,,Y, NYE- Advisor Page Twenty-Hue HARVEY HOLLIDAY PAUL BURNEY DAVID SHEPHERD President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer HARVEY HOLLIDAY, Tahlequah A. B.. Sigma Tau Gamma, Kappa Mu Epsilon PAUL BURNEY, Tulsa B. S., Oo-Na-Le. Green Shirts DAVID SHEPHERD, Stligler A. B., Phi Sigma Epsilon, Delta Psi Omega. JIM LOOPER, Muskogee B. S., Industrial Arts Club, Neocrat, Stu- dent Council '34-, '35, Murray Founda- tion Committee, Track '33, '35, Wrest- ling '33, Green Shirts. Annual Staff: Business Manager. MARY HOLT, Stilwell B. S., Delta Sigma Epsilon, Football Queen '35, Student Council '35, Annual Staff. Page Twenty-eight JIM LOOPER MARY HOLT Senior Representatives ELINOR ALBRIGHT, Muskogee B.. Chorus. Guthrie A. ERNEST BEAVERS. INA BEAVERS. B. Muskoqee S., "N" Club, Conohoma, Football '33, '34. Muskogee A. B., Conohoma, Home Economics Club. MARJORIIE BROTH ' Y., lqE LEW, If .' J Table' A. B., P merican Student Tahlequah A. B., Rho Theta Sigma, Foy! , p ish Club, Y. Vv. Oo-Na-Le, Spanish Club. Pan American Student LILLIAN BAXNES, Forum. GERALDINE BOHANNON , Tahlequah Tahlequah B. S.. Delta Sigma Epsilon. B. S., Pan American Stu- dent Forum CState Vice- RUTH BROOKS, Presidentj, Spanish Club. DOROTHY BIXBY, Salma A. B., Chorus. Tahlequah B. S., Kappa Mu Epsilon JACK BROWN, Rho Theta Sigma, De-Quo- Yoit. CHARLES BRUNER, A Tahlequah Page Twenty-nine Stilwell B. S., Phi Sigma Epsilon. KATHRYN BONE JOHNSON, Shrdler A. B. LUTHER BROWN Olzue A B Conohoma Rho Theta Sigma EARL CL ETON Tallant A B Debate 32 Neocrats CPresident , HN' Club. LOIS COVINGTON, Tahlequah A. B., Kappa Mu Epsilon. ALSEY RUTH CATLETT Sapulpa B. S., Delta Psi Omega WILMUTH CANNON, Muskogee A. B. Page Thirty FRED BYERS, Osage A. B., Pan American Stu dent Forum fPresidentD. BlLL BYNUM, Jenks A. B., Football, '31, '32 '33, '34, Wrestling '31, '32 '33, '34, "N" Club. HAZEL CAVENDER, Muskogee B. S., Delta Sigma Epsilon Chorus, Y. W. C. A. ALBERTA COTTLE, Tulsa B. S., Chorus, Y. W. C. A EVELYN CLEMMONS, Coweta A. B., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Rho Theta Sigma. THELMA DAVIS, Keefeton A. B., Conohoma. RANSOM DAVIS, Checotah B. S. BERTHA DIXON, Tahlequah B. S, MAXINE DUNN, Nluskogee A. B., B. S., Pan-American Student Forum, Spanish Club, Annual Staff. ALICE EUBANKS, Tahlequah B. S. JANIES EREESE, Pittsburgh, Pa. B. S., Industrial Arts Club, JESSIE GARNER, Monroe B. S. Page Thirty-one GRACE DELAY, Pryor B. S., Home Economics mb 1 Z , JESSIE DOTSGN, Haskell A. B. EUDORA EIVIMONS, Okmulgee A. B., B. S., Redmen Phil- atelic Society, Spanish Club Pan-American Student Forum, Chorus Oo-Na-Le. ..lUl.lA ANN PISK, Miami A. B. VJILMA FULBRIGHT, Fairfax B. S., Kappa Mu Epsilon. SARAH HOLLAND GESIN, Tahlequah A. B., Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pan-Hellenic Council, Band. C. D. GUNTER, A Adair ' A, B., Rho Theta Sigma. E Kappa Mu Epsilon 5 LULU BELLE l'lAMlLTON , Tahlequah Q A. B., Delta Sigma Epsilon . fPresidentj, Pan-Hellenic, Glee Club. ' . .IOSEPHINE HARMAN, Gans B. S., Y. W. C. A. LENA HoosE. Tahlequah A. B. NEVILLE HURST, Tahlequah B. S. VERA JACKSON, Braggs B. S., Pan-American Student Forum. Page Thrity - two CLARENCE GORDON, Miami B. S.. Oo-Na-Le. C. W. HANNA, Grove A. B. RAYlVlOND HAVIENS, Stigler B. S.. Student Council QPres- identl, Phi Sigma Epsilon "N" Club, Football '31, '32 '33. '34, Kappa Mu Epislon Annual Staff, Murray Foun- dation Committee. HAL HOLT, Osage B. S., Chorus. VELA JACKSON, Braggs B. S. WALLACE JOHNSON, Coweta A. B., Band. Chorus. Wrest ling '33. RAYMOND KANIATOBE, Idabel B. S., Oo-Na-Le. LENORA KNOX, Tulsa B. S., Rho Theta Sigma. LUTHER LEDBETTER, Pryor A. B., Kappa Mu Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club. EDNA LOOPER. Muskogee B. S., Home Economics Club, Conohoma. DONALD NIAULE, Sand Springs B. S., "N" Club fPresi- dentl, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club, Foot- ball '31, '32, '33, '34, Wrestling '33, '34, Track '33, Annual Staff. KATE IVICKAY, Decatur, Alabama B. S. Page Thirty-three ULUS KESTER, Osage A. B. FRANK LAWSON, Jasper, Missouri B. S., Industrial Arts Club JOE 5 LEE. Ramona A. B.. Annual Staff fEd1- torj. Industrial Arts Club Pan-American Forum, Span ish Club. .IOSEPHINE LITTLE, Tahlequah A. B., B. S. BERNICE IVICCANDLESS, Sand Springs A. B., ParifAmerican Stu- dent Forum. Spanish Club Y. W. C. A. WOODROW' IVICKEEHAN, Catoosa A. B., Orchestra. Octet. Band, Chorus. Quartet, Sig- ma Tau Gamma. FRANCES MCINTOSH, Council Hill A. B., Neocrat, Chorus, Oo- Na-Le. NEVA MARTIN. Siloam Springs, Ark. A. B. MARY MORGAN, Tahlequah A. B. MABEL NOWLIN, Tahlequah B. S., Home Economics Club QPresidentD. HELEN OSMON, Auanr B. S., Delta Sigma Epsilon, Delta Psi Omega, Rho Theta Sigma. LEONA PLUNKETT, Wagoner' A. B., Chorus. Page Thirty-four FRED MACHESNEY, Grove A. B., Chorus. MARCUS lVll'I'CHELL, Tulsa B. S., Track '34, '35, Sci- ence Club. MILDRED MORGAN, Boynton A. B. LELAND O'NEAL, Boynton A. B. JAMES OVERFELT, Alluwe A. B., Wrestling '34. PAUL POST, Sapulpa B. S., UN" Club, Wrestling '32, '33, '34, Football '32, '33, '34, Phi Sigma Epsi- lon. AILEEN POI NOR, Stzllwell ANNE REID, Tahlequah A. B. Chorus. JOE REED, Tablequah A. B., Industrial Arts Club. PATRICIA ROGERS, Ft. Gibson A. B. LULA PRILL Eucha A GEORGE REIFEI- Parmalee, S. Duk. A. B., Oo-Na-Le. DOVIE IIELDS RILLY Tahlequah A. B. CARL ROSSER Tahlequah B. S., Sigma Tau Gamma Industrial Arts Club Xwwcjfv Q.. GRACE SCALES HUGH SAPP, Fazrland B. S., Sigma Tau Gamma. PAUL SEAY, Tahlequah M Page Thirty-five Miami B. S.. Sigma Sigma, Sigma OofNa-Le S. B. SHAW Tulsa A, B. Qui ZXW ina BATHRYN SINKS. Muskogee B. S. ADA LUCILLIQ SMITH. Pawhusha A. B.. Oo-Na-Le. lll.Y S'lil2WAR'l'. Stilwell A. B.. Spanish Club. Pan- American Student Forum. Kappa Mu lipsilon. HOMAS THORNE. Tahlequuh B. S. Sigma Tau Gamma, Oo-Na-Le. Kappa Mu Epsi- lon. LLVA THURMAN. Prairie Grove, Ariz. INCOLN Pl ODD. Tahli quah B. S.. lndustiial Arts Club. Jo lVlAURlNli SLEIEPIQR. Fort Gibson B. S.. A. B.. Delta Siqma Epsilon. IIIESTUS SMITH. Bixby B, S.. Football '32. Ba UN" Club. Industrial rts Club. lVlAliY SULLIVAN. Muskogee A. B.. Kappa Mu Epsilon VJILLIAM 'rl-lORNli. Tahlequah B. S.. A. B.. OofNa e Sigma Tau Gamma. Kappa Mu Epsilon. RALPH THURMAN, Prairie Grove, Ark. A. B.. B. S.. Neocrat ma Tau Gamma. HN WOOD Tow RY, Tahlequah B. S.. Phi Sigma Epsilon lVlOZELLE FIQURLEY, Muskogee B. S., Sigma Sigma Sigma. JESSIE XVAYBOURNE, Pryor A. B., Delta Sigma Epsilon. Y. W. C. A. , fl TEMPEST WILLIAMS. Oklahoma City A. B., Neocrat. VEVAH YATES, Tacoma, Wash, A. B., Y. W. C. A., Pan American Student Forum, Oo-Na-Le. DON COWLES, Muskogee B. S., Sigma Tau Gamma, Neocrat, Student Council '31, '32, '33, Secretary and Treasurer State Student Fed- eration. lVlAYlVlE FOSTER lVllNSKY, Tahlequah B. S. Page 7 'hirty-seven JOHN BRADEN, Claremore A. B., Annual Staff. Green Shirls. Tennis '34, '35, Red- men Philatelic Society. Wll.l.lANl XVHITE, Muskogee B. S.. Neocrat. JAMES XVINNIE, Wuandotte B. S.. "N" Club, Oo-Na-Le. Track '33, C. A. VAMMEN, Oaks B. S. LOUIE TURNEY, Tahlequah B. S., Delta Psi Omega, Beta Mu. Band. Chorus. Indus- trial Arts Club. PRED GESIN, Sapulpa A. B., Sigma Tau Gamma, Band. Beta Mu. THE BUFFALO HUNT Painted by Mopope and Auchiah, 1934. Main corridor first floor, Administration Building. KIOWA WAR DANCE Painted by Mopope and Auchiah, 1934. Second Hoor of Admmlstration Building. Page Thirty-eight uniors 11.5991 fmyygrigwmqm CHARLES WAECHERLE MARTHA GRIDER President Secretary and Treasurer LEO MAYFIELD Vice-President PAUL GREEN DORIS LUFF Junior Representatives Page Forty-one Roy Bailey, Sand Springs James Baldridge. Sallisaw Alice Barton, lVarner Phillip Bohart, Tahlequah Walter Brackett, Sand Springs Rhoda Brixey, Tahlequah Jaunita Brockman, Sallisaw Dona Comfort, Tahlequah Louise De Lay, Pryor Floyd Dickerson. Tahlequah C, B. Dryden, Tahlequah Eugenia Dyer, Tuhlequah Ernest Eddy. Warner Gertrude Finch. Miami Ruth Foreman. Vian Pete Foster. Coweta Ina Lynn Foutz. Tulsa Ruth Johnson Foster, Coweta Neil Gordon, Sapulpa Victor Grant, Tahlequah Marvin Greenwalt, McCurtain Jack Gunter, Muldrow Donald Hall, McCurtain Ralph Haskins, Vinita Cleo Hawkins, Sallisaw Lois Hawkins, Sallisaw Elizabeth Hill. Muskogee Levi Hisely, Warner Imogene Hixson. Tahlequah Lillian Hogue, Pierce Jack Horn, Vian Euree Hornsb ', zlwell Z VM vp' Page Forty two Bobby Ruth Howard, Tahlc quah Helen Hughes, Muskogee Mabel Inbody, Coleord Gladys Inhody, Colrord Lois Jarvis, Tuhlequah Dixie Johnson, Tuhlequah Richard Johns. Tulsa Mary Kilgore, Okluha Waller King, Tahlequuh Nela King. Tahlequah Marguerite Klanke, Muskogee Harold Knapp, Collinsville Roy Ladd. Tulsa Faye Lamb. Tulsa Vv'oodrow Langley. WesIL'r'Ile Marquez Lentz, Grove Leota Lindsey. Burnsdall Jean McCoy, Haskell James McDaniels, Amber Tom McSpadden. TahIequul7 Mildred McKee, Texanmz lired Machesney, Grove Ruby Marlin, Henryettu Hazel Mayes, Webbers Falls .lack Miller. Tuhlequah Ruth Morgan. Muskogee Ethel Nowlin, Tahlequah Kenneth Parker, Grove lfred Parks, WPSIUIIIIQ Arthur Paschal, Sand Springs Irene Burg: Phillips, Sallisaw Earl Phillips, Sallrsauf X'-I-4 , 1 'Y L I 4,521 Y "ly, iz , I .itz-E55 I ' ' f Q .Y j A 1. if , X i i ' n 'I Nellie Peerson, Spiro Marjorie Poole, Nluskogee Pauline Poynor, Stilwell Elaine Priest. Spiro Lawrence Puryear, Fairland Rosamond Rogers, Tahlequah Leona Scott, Tulsa Loyce B, Scott, Tahlequah Irma Shannon, Stilwell Wanda Simmons, Westville .lerold Stauss, Tahlequah Kathleen Stevens. Lenapah Charles Sims, Tahlequah Josephine Sypert, Muskogee Everett Thomas, Coweta Alpha Thomas, Sand Springs Clariece Thompson, Tahlequah Frank Thornton, Vian Paul Turner, Webbers Falls Oren Terrill, Collinsville a Verne Towrey, Stilwell ula Vanderslice, Tahlequah arie Wallis, Ft. Gibson Wilbert Ward, Cromwell Wilma B. Ward, Muldrow Lauren Warford, Stigler Waleah Wells. Stillwell Gaines West, Warner Robert Whitmore, Tulsa Lorene Williams. Tahlequalz Herbert Puckett, Tahlequah Leah Alice XVyly, Tahlequah 5 ophomores JOHN WILLIAMS MARY FRANKLIN WAYNE PUCKETT President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer L .. ia I? wtf? Qgf?r'EQg:g'2 ZL. ii, 1aft"4-LZ P' fill,-' iv f.- 'i::., ' fer f-T3?A"71f1 3 ,I gi-Mia J' f '. Tv" I .vp 1, 32:2 X JK' M. . Y if . r Qt: 2 J 1,1 vii f' . A 151.1 Ig If 1 , Q ' I Q- I if f M 'Q M Q 1' ff I' ELBERT DURHAM IVIELVINA PARRISI-I Sophomore Representatives Page Forty seven Page Forty-eight Bernice Adams. Muldrow Eunice Adams, Muldrow Clarice Agzr, Vinila Isabelle Anderson. Tahlequah Clifford Bailey, Sand Springs Dean Barber, Tahlequah Berle Barrett, Collinsville Clark Bell, Jag Carmel Bland, Muskogee Homer Bogle, Vinita Frances Brady. Dewey Finney Bragg. Ifl. Smith, Ark .lane Breedlove, Muldrow Lenvil Brickey, Hoffman Ruth Brothers, Tahleguah Vivian Brown, Sand Springs Geraldine Byrd, Cfhecotah Hildra Brown. Tahlequah Jimmy Capehart, Jag Edith Carter. Mtusltojfee tl. B. Cason, Muldrow Norvin Chldress. Coweta Julia Christie. Tulsa Evelyn Clark. Tahleguah Cieorge Clemmons, Coweta Bernice Cohen. Tulsa Evedna Cole. Tahlequah Robert Coleman, Stigler Jerald Cook, Broken lbw Lee Cook. Prue Merle Frances Cooper, Talvle quab Vinita Covington. Henrgetta Rosemary Coxs:y. Tahlequah Cleta Crane, Sand Springs Ruby Nell Crouch. Tulsa John Crittenden, lVesIuille Reca Darnell. Tahlcguah Anna Dickard, Tulsa Ross Dixon, Tahlequah Eula Dowdy, Canadian Kemp Dowdy, Tahlequah Ruth Duvall. Muldrow Wesley Fleig, Westuz'lle Frances Fair, Heauener O'Dell Parrill. Haskell Talmadge Fink. Vran Homer Foister, Boynlon Maude Fox, Maysurlle, Ark. Madg: Franklin, Tahlequah Johnny Gates, Tahlequah Pauline Ghormley, Tahlequah Vklilson Gilbert, Sallisaw Jewell Gibson. Park Hill Pauline Gillette, lVesluille Floy Gill, Talala Lois Gill. Tahlequah lone Goddard. Tulsa Nellie Goins, Spaurnaw Frank Gravitt, Tulsa Howard Griffith, Bixby Robert Grove. Tulsa Ruth Gungl, Tulsa Elma Haggerty, Owasso John Hamilton, Broken Bow Betina Hampton, Pryor Kathryn Hampton, Pryor Iva Halbrook, Eram Aubrey Hardin, Barnsdall Esmond Hardin. Alluwe N. D. Hazelbaker, Grove Maggie Mae Hicks, Tahlequah Sue Nell Hodges. Tahlequah Frank Hoffman, Muskogee Ward Hoffman, Claremore Bessie Horn. Braggs Billy Hornsby, Slrlwell Lebron Houk. Farrland Ruth Howell. Ft, Gibson Vwleldon Howard. Vinrla Maisie Howard, Christie 1 J :ii 1 -',! is W 4 if v if-Exif -it l W gay ,,- In H'-.5 H 1 . I , f - f..'-2-aaa-if,-Q, 3 . ij.. a G. 4 Q :L ' ' J , 111,33 :af L ". Page Fifty Mavis Huddleston, Tulsa Mirene Hunt, Grove Mary Israel, Tulsa Paul Jones, McCurIuin Helen Jaqua, Talala Lois Johnson, Ft, Gibson Nettie Jones, Glenpool Nash Kagy, Ft. Gibson Claud Keigley, Pawhuska Clayton Kerr, Dennis Bernice Knight, Tahlequah Helen Knight, Claremore Robert Layton, Henryetta Virginia Leinthall, Tahlequah Edna Lemons, Oktaha Marguerite Lindsey, Barnsdall Jack Love, Tulsa Archie Machesney, Grove Nola McDonald, Tahlequah Lonnie McPeak, Hanna Guy Martin, Wagoner Francis Males. Antlers Marguerite Martin, Miami Beulah Moore, Claremore Nadine Morgan, Wyandotte Vernon Morgan, Tahlequah Jenevieve Morris, Bixby Bell Nimmo, Sallisaw Jack Norman, Tahlequah Norma Padgett, Webbers Falls Viola Peck, Sallisaw Dale Perry, Prue Lorene Phillips, Foyil Irene Porter, Gentry, Ark. Ruby Price, Jenks Hazel Pruett. Tahlequah Lera Patton, Muldrou' Myrtle Rasnic, Sapulpa Hazel Rigsby, Sallisaw Frank Robinson, Nelagoney QTL X.', 5 .5 .. N , ' 6 1 'ii' J i . .5 L . V -I x.,,?' 3' K ' A , V. V V TxV I .V.VV gr . i. 1 in - fr im in ' Q t rrtrti ml ? wg , ,.1, . h me vt 'Qt gh ,... W, x Q. 1' 1 Q f at S S Q is ,ti ge I'i1-lift!-LJIN' lowell XVhite. ,IVtll7lL'l1Lltll7 Coeta XVood, Glenptml Martha Vw'inters. Hroken flrroie' Theda V. Sanders. i1Atll'11t'tlUtlf7 Clarence Shaw, 'liilsu Nlildred Shinn. c.itJLL't'ltI l.udia Simpson. Prize Beulah Sislt. xXYt'.SlL'1lIL' Harold Smith. Poruni Hoyt Smith. 'liulvlequah Ruth Smith. l'i'ni'lt1 Bobbie Starr. Tuhletjuah Dan lfagen. Kiefer Jessie Still. Tahletluuh Eldon Sweely. Inolu lfoix Stauss. Tahlequah Harold Strickland. l'zm'!u Velma Stepp, Vitm Evelyn Taylor. iVli1.s'zogee XVoodrow ROSS. Ci4Il1IiI7SL'liHL' Rachel Terrell. Keifer Ruby Lee Thompson, Sliiqlez' Ruth Thornhill, Tuhlequah Orvel Townsend, Porum Edna Trent, Tahleryuah J. B. Vwlood. TtIl7Ii't1Utlh Vera Tuell. 'Iqlll7lL'l1Llt11'I C. R. Vandiver. Muskogee Doris Varner, Deluiuzire Elinheth Vann. Muskogee Ima Vealy. Westville Jim Vvlilliams. Talvleryuah David Vfhite. Chtffofilh Alex Vw'hile. ilfluskoqee Emma Lou XVhite. Oknyulgee Eugenia Vwlhite, ilfllzxkoqev Delmer XVright. Iiurnsdull l,illian Vwlhite. Tizhletftulh llene XVhite. Kiefer Christine XVhittcnliurg. Yiurz YF. r , F FZ J 1 if i fi E i ' 1 'I w 5 V A ,151 BOB NICNIILLEN, TahIequah+Sophomore FRANCES BRADY, Dewey-Sophomore FRANCES KENNEDY, Whz'te Oak-Freshman MONNIE HARVEY, Warner-J u nior WILSON PIONVARD. Park Hill-Sophomore BESSIE ROUGHTON, Colcord--Sophomore Page Ffity-two MARY KATE TERRELL, Str'glerYSophomore XVILLIANI MANISS, Tahlequah-Freshman IJLOXAN V INCENT, Tahlequah-Sophomore DANIEL SHAW, Mushogee4J u nior GENEVIEVE HUNT, Grove-Freshman LORENE SANDERSJ Muldrow-Sophomore gras Hman JACK MILEHAM BARNEY XVHITE DORA COFFMAN President Vice-President Secretary HOMER WARD BESS BREWSTER Freshmen Representatives Page F1'f!L1-fire ffm. gs 5. w'f"f , A ,215 d?sa 4 51 2 gazes, ww, gg 4 A 1::::::1: azzzz. . , ,W ::,, A--V. ""'T 3 J? A PIZV P Q.. ..:, 2 as 540 -I ""': A A 6' I-A ..,.,., dgnw j:5:5as:2:l. lx my A ia ew fy '." Q ixwi fw', 2:22'2' . f, M Vmrz 5 1 1 1 fs l -'-., -1:- -::Q V . , A ':" ' in Q :.- 1 Q- i i f V f K f, ...,, ,-: fa! . ig, ::-- A 1 ' -0 ' -:,, -V x ' V ,M iz I. ,-.,. xg if ,,,:s IQ ..,.. I "',' , ' ", , Q , ,H 6 1.:,. gk, X ..:: Q MA k E , 'W' ,A i-.. Av WfEE WQ5?'fQiggQf 'AA. :,: JQHfJ i T2 wg? ff' f AAIQ if L Sim 'lf , .::::.: Q, li Page Fifty-six Russell Adams, Boatman Mary Elizabeth Alberty, Muskogee Bob Algeo, Tahlequah Ivan Allen, Collinsville James Atchley, Mazie Jack Balentine, Tahlequah Robert Balentine, Tahlequah Rachel Ballard, Norwalk, Ohio Lucile Ball, Checotah James Barnett, Tahlequah Ruby Barnett, Flint Anita Baugh, Tulsa Maurine Berry, Sand Springs Betty Burress. Broken Arrow Ruth Burris, Coweta Wantha Carter, Coweta Constance Catlett, Sapulpa V Lorene Chase, Wyandotte Junior Charlton, Tahlequah Charlene Clark, Indianola George Cline, Stilwell Virginia Clute, Avant Lucy Cobb, Coweta Alma Cochran, Blue Jacket Gladys Cochran, Catoosa Linda Cochran, Hulbert William Lee Cole, Pryor Vera Condreay, Watts Lucille Couch. Okmulgee Woodrow Croom, Bokoshe Maurine Dahlem, Tulsa Marie Daniels. Watts Louis DeMott, Tahlequah Merle Mae Denton, Stigler Rachel Derrick, Okemah Sara Donalson, Tulsa Lee Doyle. Bixby Willis Durham, Council Hill Lucille Dyer, Tahlequah A S1 R. Edmiston, Hulbert Mary Alice Elmore, Coweta Clarence English, Wann Fred Esslinger, Broken Arrow Tressie Estes, Pryor Kenneth Fields, Southwest City, Mo. Jim Fletcher. Stilwell Clifford Foster, Wyandotte Charles Foulks, Cleveland Mary Lou Fuller, Muskogee Ernest Garner, Muldrow Wallace Garner, Hartford, Ark. Marie Graham, Coweta Madge Gwartney, Boatman Ruby Hadley, Fairfax Marjorie Hall, Wyandotte Elpha Hamilton, Eldon Page Fifty-seven - YT' 'K 1,v14'.' , A 'll 1 sv f"1HTi.:' 1-- .51 1:32 'fi 'f .ff 735417 g ww W. A R . f Ll 1 451 5, ,f V-mmf.. 1 5 A , 'V 13.32354 ' V gf N . s , .fi '-v.4,gfQQ?23QJf L ' 2,5 ' , 1 . , N , 1 , , N N W 1 , .,:' X . .K 1 , V 1 gif? Q2 '52 ""F51?'7' '- .',,-Qsfxijygiigg , I fix L.,Q'X4i?3S5ff3- if mf ai ,U ' L" 'W Y ig. 'gm . k , , ,gh ' L ',w1+-.Q-7-,'j,. .fl ,, gli! Pugh' f'llVlLf'ul'glf?I - Q1-sw. 'A ' 1-'FFF' .w L H Inez Hardin, Wagoner Irene Hardin, Barnsdall Mary Lou Harrell, Tahlequah Nannie Harris, Haskell Elvie Hartman, Oolagah Isador Hathcoat, Pryor Paul Hathcoat, Pryor Mildred Hayden, Wetumlza Winbourne Hendrick, Tahlequah Cecil Hensley, Tahlequah Elbert Hoffman, Adair Margaret Holland, Tahlequah Ruth Hollopeter, Dewey Ornie Hoover, Adair Clyde Horn, Vian Modena Fields, Grove Rasmus Hummingbird, Tahlequah Jeanette Hutchens, Schulter Charles Jeffers, Wagoner -- Lena Jennings, Sand Springs Myrtle Jetton, Salina Ford Johnson, Coweta Tom Johnson. Tahlequah Ola Jones, Spiro Opal Jones, Broken Arrow Russell Jones, Nicur Maxine Jones, Delaware Geneva Jo Keeter, Tahlequah Herman Kelton,Muldrow Maxine Keys, Bartlesuille Alice Kisner. Tahlequah Richard Kisner, Tahlequah Everette Klaus, Jay . Eurah Lafferty, Tahlequah Eydith Langley, Westville Orlan Lemler, Picher Helen Lloyd, Jenks Cleo Lonon, Porter Ethel Looney, Vinita Cleon Lyles, Tahlequah , Maxie Lyles, Tahlequah Earl McDonald, Sallisaw Edith McDonald, Tahlequah Maurice McGechie, Broken Bow Howell McGee, Haskell A D, C. McKinley, Kinta Dorothy Mickle, Muskogee Vance McSpadden, Tahlequah William Maniss, Tahlequah Clarence Maples, Groue Mary May, Tahlequah Martha Miller. Tahlequah Ralph Miller, Tahlequah Pearl Millner, Rose Ione Mills, Tahlequah Reba Molloy, Tahlequah Page Fifty-nine 1 . - Opal Moore, Porum Myles Morgan, Tahlequah Martha Morris, Picher Clarence Moss, Tahlequah Elaine Moyer, Haskell Forrest Muskrat, Jay Irma Nichols, Coweta Mildred Nix, Nicut Beatrice Nussbaum, Tahlequah Inez Oswald, Coweta Ruby Owen, Indianola Corene Pannell, Pawhuska Virginia Patterson, Hulbert Dorothea Patton, Muldrow Virgil Peerson, Spiro Theda Phelps, Muskogee Paul Philbrick, Tulsa Horace Poole, Muskogee Lyle Post, Sapulpa George Proctor, Muskogee Emery Pullen, Tahlequah Cecil Rainwater, Hulbert DeLaura Randall, Tulsa Bob Rasnic, Glenpool A. C. Ray, Nelagoney Waunett Reece, Bushyhead Roscoe Robison, Peggs Dorothy Rodgers, Pryor Ardoth Rogers, Granite Ellen Rohner, Porum Gwendolyn Roller, Bartlesuille Elsie Seratt, Nicut W. C. Ross, Salina Morris Russak, Muskogee F. L. Scheffsky, Haskell Lorene Schubert, Pensacola Jimmy Scenter, Muskogee Imogene Scott, Oklahoma City Hilburt Scudder, Muskogee Alice Sears, Ramona Dorothy Simmons, Locust Grove Ernest Singleton, Inola Robert Smith, Keifer Eloise Smith, Boynton Hugh Solesbee, Keota Thelma Spurgin, Bixby Thelma Stanberry, Big Cabin Lillian Stephenson, Weleetka Margaret Stringer, Inola Genevieve Stewart, Stillwell Josephine Rogers, Ft. Gibson Verna Stewart, Lenapah Frances Taylor, Vinita Millicent Teaff, Muskogee Abraham Thomas, Coweta Lois Thompson, Tahlequah Page Sixty-one Charles Tillman, Red Rock Kenneth Tinnin, Weleetka George Tyner, Dewey Joe Turk, Ft. Gibson Neoma Uhls, Elgin V ' ' l it L y Cf Glenn Ullom, Stigler Velma Vanhorn, Tulsa Lucille Walker, Tahlequah Ferne Walker, Keota Cleo Watson, Pawhuska Patti Wells, Muskogee Verona West, Chelsea Helen Weston, Dewey Alean Winsell, Muldrow Geraldine Wilson, Okmulgee Jewell Wilson, Okemah Frankie Wilson, Avant Beulah Woodward, Muldrow Ruby Woodward, Muldrow Oleta Williams, Westville Beulah Reece. Ft. Gibson Josephine Rogers, Ft. Gibson Austin Roberts, Haskell Roy Porter, Colcord Sam Clemons. Coweta Nadine Yarbrough. Eufaula Sidney Wyly. Tahlequah Page Sixty-two Ei 41 iz: X 1 gootball RAYMOND HAVENS GUY LOOKABAUGH BILL BYNUM Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern Northeastern 6 O 33 9 7 13 7 7 0 VCISUS V9l'Sl1S VEISUS VCISUS VCISUS VCISIIS VCISUS VCYSUS 1934 FOOTBALL RESULTS 0 Northeastern Junior College at Miami. 25 Kansas State Teachers at Pittsburg. O Missouri Teachers fhSpringf1eldj at Tahlequah 0 Southeastern at Tahlequah. 0 Northwestern at Alva. 14 Southwestern at Tahlequah. 13 Central at Edmond. 6 East Central at Ada. 19 College of Ozarks at Clarksville. 1935 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Kansas State Teachers at Pittsburg. Bacone College at Muskogee. Missouri Teachers CSpringfieldJ at Springfield. Southeastern at Durant. Northwestern at Tahlequah. Southwestern at Weatherford. Central at Tahlequah. East Central at Tahlequah. Page Sixty-three Page Sixty-four Cgootball l Northeastern State Teachers College was credited with another successful season on :the gridiron for the year 1934. At the end of the nine-game sched- ule, the Redmen eleven boasted one of the best records in the collegiate con- ference. The Redmen were given the title of second place in the collegiate conference, losing first place to Southwestern by one point margin. At the beginning of the 1934 season, Coaches Guy Lookabaugh and Cobb had a list of some four teams from which to pick the eleven which was to up- hold the green and white. After several games, the field of competition was narrowed down to approximately twenty-five, and from these the coaches mold- ed an outstanding team. While the strength of the team was based on team play and coordination, several players caught the attention of the spectators as the Redmen marched Page .Sixty-five to five victories and four defeats, losing each conference tilt that was lost by a small margin. Captain "Coonie" Havens, who was playing his fourth and last year for Northeastern, set the example for the remainder of the team. As we review the results of the season, we can see that the team was certainly under capable leadership. Each of the five lettermen who was playing his last season for the green and white, played the type of football that makes a winner of any team. Their presence on the eleven will be greatly missed at the beginning of the 1935 season. These five are: Raymond "Coonie" Havens, Laverne "Goob" Arnold, Earnest Beavers, Bill Bynum, and Don "Hammer" Maule. Some backfield men who captured honors the past season are Earnest Beav- ers, Dan Fagen, Kenneth Tinnin, Carl Ishmael, Paul Greene, and Louis De- Mott. At the same time that these backfield men were carrying the pigskin places, there were boys in the line making their exploits possible. These line- men were "Coonie" Havens, "Goob" Arnold, Everett Thomas, Ikey Allen, Arthur Paschal, Don Maule, Jack Horn, L. D. Ciilley, Ray Dixon, Paul Post, and Tom Arnold. Within the collegiate conference, the Redmen defeated Northwestern, South- eastern, and East Central. The victory over Southastern was the first since the two teams have been meeting in competition on the gridiron. The Redmen lost to Central and Southwestern. Each of these losses was by a small score. In the foreign invasion of the Pittsburg, Kansas State Teachers and the College of the Ozarks, the Redmen were on the short end of the score. iBeat fBacone in 1935 Page Sixty-six R get mia . . i'3"gW.'if .M , i t Wifi W. 1595-1-Twfifc L as-Q? " ivwsfflfz -,. ' ---- 3.."-'lliaFvp5liA,s'f,'1i.1"':','fiiLG-1'g.L' '?2.1,igf1-if .fY"5f" , X iBasketball Q The 1934-35 basket ball season was the best Northeastern had had in four years of competition. Under the tutelage of Coach Ray H. Ballard, the Red- men basket ball team of this year won more college games than any other team in the eleven years of his coaching at Northeastern. Bus Hamm, sport column- ist of The Daily Oklahomanl, said that the Redmen of next year would be the team that the other teams of the collegiate conference would have to beat for a championship. This seems to be a well founded statement, as every member of this year's squad will be present to put on the green and white for Northeastern next season to make this prediction come true. Paqe Sxxty seven ll aww ,tg rwwrfqwgwf' wwf 3 iBasketl9all l l First row, left to right: Frank Gravitt, Roy Ladd. Jack Hanes, Larry Puryear, Paul Philbrick, Robert Groves, Robert Layton, Ray Dixon, James fDocJ Graves. Second row. left to right: Lee Doyle. George Tyner. Tom Johnson, Clarke Bell. Bill Steen, Ernest Singleton, Ulus Kester, Vance McSpadden. Dick Kisner, Ray H. Ballard, coach. During the past season, the Northeastern quintet defeated six teams that were last year's champions of their respective districts. These teams were Drury, Pittsburg, Coffeyville Junior College, Ottawa University, Doane Col- lege, and Southwestern Teachers College. Northwestern Teachers College was the collegiate champions of this year, and defeated the Redmen by only two points. The personnel of the team consisted of such excellent athletes as Captain Bob Layton, Bob Groves, Pete Gravitt, Roy Ladd, Jack Hanes, Paul Phil- brick, Jimmie "Doc" Graves, Ray Dixon, and Larry Puryear, who were let- termen. The Redmen won five out-of-state games, and lost four, after a road trip, and entering in a tournament at Winfield, Kansas, East Central beat the locals for third place in the tournament. Better luck next year, boys. Page Sixty-eight Wrestling RTHUR PASCHAI- BILL BYNUM DON MAULE CC'5he Gymnasium iBuilding Page Sixty-nine - -. -g-",,n,,'.4-V 1, , ',f.., w. .1.. - -., -. .4-fl., V . - V..-, 1 .. rH.s.:.:xr-N.,-, . -,.-t-W... ,., ,mf-, .1 . ,, 3 .i, ., y I .va - 1: 'wrestling BOB SMITH PAUL GREEN THAYER GENTRY PAUL POST ROY BAILEY While the mat team of Northeastern did not win great glory, the team itself did well in representing Northeastern. Under the leadership of Bill Bynum, replacing Coach Guy Lookabaugh, who was on leave of absence, the team fought many adverses to gain recog- nition. In the personnel of the team are found the names of many high school stars: Thayer Gentry, 118: Roy Bailey, 126: Clifford Bailey, 135: Don Maule, heavyweight: Arthur Paschal, 1553 all hail from Sand Springs: the two "staubs", Paul and Lyle Post, from Sapulpa: Paul Green of Barnsdall, who is the favorite of Northeastern mat followers: and Bob Smith, 165, of Keifer, who gives promise of being a champion. Of the six matches this year the Redmen grapplers' most outstanding feats were the scoring of 916 points against the A. U M. team, coached by Gal- lagher, the father of collegiate wrestling, and the tying of the Aggie B squad. In the state tournament, Arthur Paschal gained iirst place, Thayer Gentry second place, Bob Smith second place, Lyle Post second place, and Don Maule, the only senior of the squad, third place. Paschal and Green participated in the National Intercollegiate Tournament held at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, each reaching thesemi-final in the 155 and 165 pounds respectively. The mat followers are looking forward to 1936 with all regulars except Maule returning, and with Fagen, Machesney, Thomas, and Johnson, squad men, fighting the regulars for placement. Page Seventy Cgennis The 1934 tennis season was a success if one considers the winnings of the entire team. Of the seven matches played, the Northeastern tennis men won three, and the seventh match was called on account of rain. CThe main forces of the opponents' attack was carried by Tom McSpadden, as No. 1 singles man, and the No. 1 doubles team composed of Tom McSpadden and Jack Millerj The individual scoring of McSpadden is outstanding, as he won every match that he played but one, which he lost to the former state champion, Plunkett, of Southeastern. At the state meet, McSpadden was defeated in the semi-finals by Reed, of Southeastern, who later in the meet won the state championship. The No. 1 doubles team lost only one game, which went to Killian and Castleberry of Central at Edmond. Jack Miller, who did not report for the team ithis year, has been greatly missed. 1934 SEASON'S SCORES Northeastern 8 Southeastern Northeastern l 3 Northwestern Northeastern 8 Central Northeastern 12 East Central Northeastern 0 Arkansas Northeastern Ccalled: rainj Arkansas Northeastern Cforfeitj Southwestern On March 30 of this season, McSpadden defeated Reed of Southeastern by a score of 6-3, 6-2, then, paired with his brother, Vance McSpadden, won from Reed, the stafte champion, and Leonard, former state champion. The possibilities of a great team in the next several years are evident from the four Freshmen, who are reporting for duty regularly. They are Vance McSpadden, Sidney Wyly, Bob Algeo, and Dick Kisner, all of Tahlequah. Page Seventy-one Cfirack ln the spring of 1934, Coach Ray H. Ballard issued a call for men to pre- pare to represent Northeastern in vtrack. Being a new activity for North- eastern athletics, Coach Ballard faced a gloomy outlook. Those men who reported performed in a creditable manner in the only two meets included in the Northeastern track schedule, The Redmen won 'these two meets by the close scores of 69 to 67 and 6415 to 601fg with the Bacone Indians. ' ln the foreign invasion, Central Broncs swamped the Ballard men 79 to 29. The 1935 representatives of the track and field events are expected to place Northeastern in the front ranks of the favorite spring sport. The personnel of the l935 team is: Jimmie Wennie, dashes: Bill Steen, javelin, discus, and shotg Frank Thorn- ton, relay and javelin: Singleton, half-miler and relay: Jack Horn, pole vault, high jump, and hurdlesg Clyde Horn, high jump: C. D. Cwunter, hurdles and dashes: Charles Tilman, javelin and relayg Alec White, mile: Marcus Mitchell, mile and half-mile: and Jim Looper, mile, javelin, and discus. Page Seventy-two Qrganizations iBeta ejbffu First row. left to right: Orlan Lemler: Henri Minsky, sponsor: Illbert Durham: Charles Faulks: Gred Gesin. Second row. left to right: Louie Turney: Neil Gordon: Robert NVhitworth: Rich- ard Johns: Charles Vklaeckerle. OFFICERS RICHARD JOHNS , ,,, ,,, ,,,,, , , ,,,,, ,, 1,l'CSl'dCV'lf FRIED GFSIN . ,,,,, WW, ,W , Vzice-President ELBERT DURI IAM ,,,, W, ,, , , Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT vvil-ll'liVw'OR'I'H ,H , , Publlifllly .l'1t1f7C1qL'l' Beta Mu Band Fraternity was organized in the fall of 1932. In 1933 was offered a charter to Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity and working with this objective in mind has been quite successful in its endeavors. Membership is based upon musical ability. leadership, and scholarship. The fraternity strives to uphold the interests of the band, to promote enthusiasm for band activities and to instill an appreciation for instrumental music. Page Seiqenlif-tiL'e 'Q ' ' El e ' 3, z J , tfrw J fsiif 52 1215 .'-zs31,'g- e - r Q3 , -'fjh--31.1. V A 4 V if wi :fuw ., . . .. 5:-.fa ., . C, -rf- -,Q-,mf azz-4...f 1, W- mu - -.s..:.a.lsa. Au' 56 ,SMA X-.swam jXQ1rtl1eas'tern iBcmcl l Drum Major- Leo Mayfield. Byers. Flute and Piccolo- L. L. Culver, Tahlequah Lois Franklin, Tahlequah Trumpet- B Robert Whitworth. Tulsa Junior Charlton, Tahlequah Irene Hardin, Barnsdall Walter King, Tahlequah Joe Culver, Tahlequah -Flat Clarinet- Richard Johns, Tulsa Hortense Vautard, Tahlequah Ruby Hadley, Exeter, Mo. J. W. Banker, Tahlequah Bernice Adams, Muldrow Eunice Adams, Muldrotu Ina Franklin, Tahlequah Margaret Banker, Tahlequah Betty Sanders, Tahlequah Daisy Bigges, Tahlequah Alto Clarinet- Wesley Miller, Tahlequah Bass Clarinet- Sarah F. Gesin, Tablequah Oboe- Foix Stauss, Tahlequah Saxophone-- Norman Pittman, St. Louis, Mo, Theda V. Sanders, Table uah q William Maniss, Tahlequah Band Queens- Merle Mae Denton, Stigler Bassoon- Ione Mills, Tahlequah Cornet- Fred Cwesin, Tahlequah John Nlitchell, Pryor Frank Robinson, Nelagoney French Horn- Carmel Bland, Muskogee Leslie Wells, Copan Elaine Moyer, Haskell Tom Johnson, Tahlequah Louie Turney, Tahlequah Baritone- Jack Miller, Tablequab Morris Russak, Muskogee Neil Gordon, Sapulpa Trombone- Charles Waeckerle, Miami Kemp Dowdy, Tahlequah Claude Keigley, Pawhuska Bob Algeo, Tablequah Eldon Sweezy. Inola Basses- Charles Foulks, Cleveland Maurice McGechie, Broken Arrow Edward Banker, Tablequah Percussion- Houston Davis, Tahlequah Orlan Lemler, Picher Elbert Durham, Bixby Jack Balentine. Tahlequah Page Seventy-six uns fg,4:,.' , iffy'-t A Egg! +4 3' . ga. .. .B ft' rv. ' -' Industrial Gifts Glub LOUIE TURNEY JOE REED FRANK LAWSON President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer DIXIE JOHNSON, JOE 5 LEE, Publicity Managers M. E. FRANKLIN, Sponsor Jim Looper, Muskogee Frank Lawson, Tahlequah Woodrow Ross, Collinsville Carl Rosser,Tahlequah Festus Smith, Hardy James Freese, Tahlequah Luther Ledbetter, Pryor Richard Kisner, Tahlequah John Mitchell, Pryor Arthur Justice, Tahlequah Don Maule. Sand Springs Glen Ullom, Stigler MEMBERS PLEDGES Page Seventy-seven Joe 5 Lee, Ramona Joe Reed, Tahlequah Dixie Johnson, Tahlequah Lonnie Osborn, Keystone Lincoln Todd, Tahlequah James McDaniels, Amber L. B. Hunt, Tahlequah Vernon Morgan, Tahlequah W. C. Ross, Salina Walter Johnson, Tahlequah W. Chad Cowherd, Commerce Billy Hornsby, Stilwell H 'a lik Ii wi a 5' xl li , a.. 1" We . -T 7, I ' i-jf" ,wt ,afgfj 11 . ' .:xE1'e"- 53551 , iii sig W - . 't fi! 1+ s -- -I 7 , FWF? gi" 3,1 YQ Hi W nlliiqif' ttf we ' Jfvi' " ...wh , iii' " I1 'fgfgqatg .w 2 WE- 4 Qty ' Y f' We I Industrial Qlrts Glub First row, left to right: W. C. Ross. Frank Lawson, Lincoln Todd, Joe Reed, Dixie Johnson, M. E, Franklin. sponsor, Jim Looper, James McDaniels, Festus Smith, James Freese, Carl Rosser, W. Chad Cowherd. Second row, left to right: Glen Ulom, Billy Hornsby, Richard Kisner, Louie Turney, Don Maule, Woodrow Ross. Lonnie Osborn, Arthur Justice, Walter Johnson. Members who are not in the picture: Joe 5 Lee, John Mitchell. Organized, November, 1932, Purpose: To foster a spirit of cooperation and good-fellowship among the students majoring in Industrial Arts: to further study in better methods and other worthwhile subjects of interest to the club: to give proper publicity to Industrial Arts in Northeastern and throughout the district, Page Seventy-eight cgffzxed Ghoms NEIL GORDON RUTH BROOKS CLETA CRANE President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer The following program was presented Sunday, December 16, 1934, at the College Auditorium: PROCESSIONAL The Lord is Great Mendelssohn The Chorus The Shepherds Keep Their Flocks Bach Hark, Now, O Shepherds Moravian Melody Arranged in eight parts by Luuans The Chorus Meditation from "Thais" Massenet Henri Minsky The Music of the Bells French Noel Arranged in six parts by Joseph Clokey In Dulci Jubilo 14th Century Silent Night Franz Gruber The Chorus Ciesu Bambino YOU Doris Varner and Sopranos Hallelujah! from "The Messiah" Handel The Chorus Page Seventy-nine , by --1:1--1 , -1. 35.51 - f , :-- A - V - ff af-ft,-.,f,,, j,:' 5s',q1'."v : 9 45. ,ei-.,,, ',f-,W ' ,J Q, , 4 ,,gyd,'1.'?',-' .:a-f'5'.1."".',", .,,' v,',,,K:55g'i -Y ' ' , i,.:3i-.wt-'Qt' '1'.s1.Pqt'x' 313,-5 1 Sigel? I 1. - K 'fr g aggfff' ' V55 .tg -2 5 '- rig--Qgap ' gf' 1-Q' ,- ' ., .. 345. qgjglf' '-' . e fzgga 1 4, 1 -,Q i Q 5 K H '-, .Lii'ilfiG' fl f, f' , M3417 'ia,1-li-wimviifj M' , .rt fa. 1-H Z ,, , V. i.'f-'.Wff-mimi. ff- r ,. wg-in W HMM Smurf-nr I 'th air W1 vi 'Nw ummm Vw1vSMK'?i'rfWf+ :al if efffbfed Cjhoms First row, left to right: Kathleen Stevens. Geraldine Wilson, Elizabeth Vann, Doris Varner, Ruby Martin, Ruth Vanhorn, Mary Catherine Franklin, Ina Franklin, Pearl Milner, Archie Machesney, Leota Lindsey, Inez Oswald. Lucy Cobb, Julia Christie, Gertrude R. McMichael. sponsor. Second row, left to right: Cleo Hawkins, Frances Mclntosh, Elinor Albright, Madge Franklin. Dorothy Rogers, Georgia Ballew, Jessie Waybourne, Frankie Fair, Ruth Foreman, lone Mills, Cleta Crane, Jane Breedlove, Theda V. Sanders, Leona Plunkett, Jerry Byrd. Third row, left to right: Geneva Jo Keeter, Orlan Lemler, Ford Johnson, Herman Kelton, Neil Gordan, Charles Wackerle, Berle Barrett, Hae Holt, Wahleah Wells, Anne P. Reid, Alberta Cottle, Rachel Ballard, Maxine Jones. Fourth row, left to right: William Maniss, Lawrence Brent, Wayne Puckett, Gaines West, Lawrence Puryear, Isadore Hathcoat, Philip Bohart, Clarence Shaw, Maurice McGeechie, Delmer Wright, Woodrow McKeehan. Page Eighty lQlppa e7YCu Epsilon., DOROTHY BIXBY PHILLIP BOHART WILMA FULBRIGHT President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer L. P. WOODS, Sponsor MEMBERS Harvey Holliday, Tahlequah Wilma Fulbright, Fairfax Evelyn Clemons, Coweta Dorothy Bixby, Tahlequab Lorene Williams, Tahlequah Leonard Smith, Spiro Mary Sullivan.Muskogee Walter King, Tablequah Thomas Thorne, Tahlequab LaVerne Towry, Stilwell William Thorne, Tahlequah Marie Wallis, Ft. Gibson Wilbert Ward, Cromwell Philip Bohart, Tahlequah Sam Capehart, Bixby Bernice Cohea, Tulsa Martha Grider, Elmo, Missouri Caldeen Gunter, Vinita Raymond Havens, Stiglez' Marquez Lentz, Grove Archie Rose Machesney, Grove Emily Stewart, Stilwell Paul Turner, Webber Falls Victor Grant, Tahlequah Lawrence Brent, Ramona Eugenia Dyer, Tahlequah Clarence Gordon, Miami Paul Greene, Barnsdall Iva Holbrook, Tablequah Donald Hall, McCurtain N. D. Hazelbaker, Grove Leota Lindsay, Barnsdall Nola McDonald, Tahlequah Harold Smith, Porum Jim Williams, Tahlequab Elbert Durham, Bixby Clarke Bell, Jay Lois Covington, Tablequah Everett Jordan, Muskogee Page Eighty one lQLppa GMM Epsilon First row: left to right: Mr. L. P. Woods. sponsor, Evelyn Clemons, Mary Sullivan. Eugenia Dyer, Lorene Williams, Emily Stewart, Nola McDonald, Lois Covington. Martha Grider, Archie Machesney, Marie Wallis. Leota Lindsey, Dorothy Bixby. Second row, left to right: Thomas Thorne, Harold Smith. Everett Jordon, Leonard Smith, Iva Holbrook, Marguey Lentz, Bernice Cohea, Wilma Fullbright. LaVerne Towry, Donald Hall, Harvey Holliday, Walter King, William Thorne. Third row, left to right: Clarke Bell, Caldeen Gunter, Lawrence Brent, Wilbert Ward. Paul Green, Raymond Havens, Phillip Bohart, Jim XVilliams, Paul Turner, N. D. Hazelbaker, Victor Grant. Kappa Mu Epsilon, a national honorary mathematics fraternity, was founded at Northeastern on April l8, 1931. Since that time ten chapters have been established in the following states: Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Mississippi, Alabama. Kansas, and Oklahoma. The flower of the fraternity is the wild rose and the colors are pink and silver. The purpose is to develop a greater interest in and a better understand- ing and appreciation of mathematics. At present there are one hundred and twenty active and alumnae members in the Oklahoma Alpha Chapter. Page Eighty-two rDelta ,Sigma Epsllo'nL, Om is FUN i L LULA BELLE HAMILTON HELEN OSMON NETA KING President Vice-President Treasurer SUE NELL HODGES LLL LLLLL. Recording Secretary JESSIE 'WAYBOURNE LLL ,.,L Corresponding Secretary ILENE WHITE ..L.,v ,.,L.., S ergeant-at-Arms BETTINA HAMPTON YLYL LLLLLLL L Chaplain HAZEL CAVENDER LLL LLLLLLLLLL Historian LILLIAN BAINES LL LLLL Study Chairman PEARL CRAWFORD LLL LLLLLLLLL Sponsor MEMBERS Lula Belle Hamilton, Tahlequah Merle Frances Cooper, Tahlequah 11312531 3511-?0f1Ci Alfilxfgf k Jessie Waybourne, Pryor 1 re ay en, etum a ' H Sue Nell Hodges, Tahlequah iet1nSJh.amIEl3?' pfyof Geraldine Wilson, Okmulgee en 'te' le er New King, Tahlequah Hazel Cavendar, Muskogee Elizabeth Hill, Muskogee Lillian Bains, Ft. Gibson Kathryn Hampton, Pryor Edith Carter, Muskogee PLEDGES Theda V. Sanders, Tahlequah Wantha Carter, Coweta Marguerite Martin, Miami Jane Breedlove, Muldrow Alice Kisner, Tahlequah Wilma Blackard Ward, Muldrow Charlene Clark, McAlester Cuenevie Hunt, Grove Ruth Burris, Coweta Mirene Hunt, Grove PATRONESSES Mrs. L. P. Woods: Mrs. Buff Wyly: M'rs. J. B. Pearson: Mrs. R. K Mcln toshg Mrs. 'A. W. Belt: Mrs. J. T, Atlteberryg Mrs. J. A. Lawrence Mrs. H. A. Galey: Mrs. Felicia Paden Page Eighty-three m- uw f my- -L- ,, mf ,w,-1'f- - V :-,I-.,-,Q -if H -,I .,..h .W M.. , . - 1. A - 5 ,.,,v.,,.., ..3, ,-Q... , A 5 mir? 'Sl?i"3.f1'j?" I1 fl lf:-th 'xi .i:--1f-4a,,T'.'5- s, -ia.: -1731. 7- if ..5+ tfjifiltuz . ' 4' . I ..t,. .,. - , -tl ,,,, ,-4, .45-,,,,, ,, ,a,,.,,fn,,,,1,.s,. ,I 4, V. . , , ff. V' ,V '1,,p'1q:Jm Lv'Z"w1,',. f,'5iiLf' . fi -5 iz,2+-,-r'-tldl'-?1'+'4',,tiil- ,' , V . if ,"s:xJ 1" "Hi " ' FISA: .V 2 'Q J 'WS-fki'-2'+,"'l471fft'fi-w'M?l'5',"f " " ' "' ff 441- ', si S vw ,. A ' - 'E -.'..,w.' Ne. Jw.-so -,.-' -, af, 5-ge-:Hgh "M 'fa L a ffm-is 4 ,,.,,,.,.eQsJ'.,'-' '. -, ttf? S 9 Y L 5 1 1 we lf ,Eval 4 ' T f-lim 'Delta Sigma Epsilon., First row: Helen Osmon, Betina Hampton, Edith Carter, Geraldine Wilson, Charlene Clark, Ruby Nell Crouch, Jessie Waybourne, Mirene Hunt, Wantha Carter. Second row: Pearl Crawford, Mildred Hayden, Wilma Ward, Merle Frances Cooper, Margueritte Martin, Lillian Baines, Ilene White, Alice Kisner, Jane Breedlove. Third row: Lula Belle Hamilton, Sue Nell Hodges, Doris Hill, Mary Holt. Maurine Sleeper, Neta King, Hazel Cavender, Ruth Burris. Delta Sigma Epsilon is one of the most progressive of educational sororities. Alpha Chapter was organized September 23, 1914, at Miami University, OX- ford, Dhio. Delta Sigma Epsilon joined the Association of Educational Soror- ities in 1916 and added three new chapters the same year. The sorority has grown steadily since 1914 and now has a roll of twenty-nine active chapters. Xi Chapter, installed July 23, 1923, was the first national Greek letter sorority on the campus of Northeastern Teachers College. Seven exceptional girls, Marie Cropper Kalb, Josephine Mclntire, Virginia Stark, Charlotte Stark Leah, Opal Warning Denman, and Louise Wolf Dean are responsible for laying the foundation of Delta Sigma Epsilon, with high scholarship the primary object in organization. Delta Sigma Epsilon has ever maintained that all-embracing desire to stand out through scholarship, through development of talent, through consideration of others. Page Eighty-four V Y ,M SWE IWFWZ . v. 'zf - r. --2' , -1 , ,f,, in ,- L e . - .44 L. , sf' 32 "ii9l'T:-Lg,-1'-',15gl" 'W-,Fi ,- 'V ' W :jst "fag - -, ' 'y' ' rg' , rings., an ',11F"'?7ll'1ii:i:3-k ' li." 5'la"i"-K ' 1 . , ,F :F',?'3f3"fri'2i'f'f-wg 41Fi?Qi33iQ?f1if'r:'!5 f. .. 1 -- , J T115 aEpl zzgm nap! LEO MAYFIELD CHARLES BRUNER JERALD STAUSS President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer PHILIP BOI-IART, Chaplain R. N. TARKINGTON AND DR. W. H. lVlETZLER, Sponsors MEMBERS Dean Barber, Tahlequah Philip Bohart, Tahlequah Jerald Cook, Tulsa Zur Edleman, Muskogee Talmadge Fink, Vian Paul Green, Barnsdall Jack Hanes, Tulsa Raymond Havens, Stigler Aubrey Hardin, Barnsdall Nash Kagey, Ft. Gibson Harold Knapp, Collinsville Woodrow Langley, Westville Jerald' Stauss, Tahlequah Arden Hudspeth, Cleveland Paul Philbrick, Tulsa William Steen, Sand Springs Charles Bruner, Stilwell J. L. Cox, Stilwell Leo Mayiield, Byars Earle McDonald, Sallisaw Arthur Paschal, Sand Springs Horace Poole, Muskogee John Wood Towry, Tahlequah James Scenter, Muskogee David Shepherd, Stigler Robert McMillen, Tahlequah Leslie Wells, Copan: Guy Martin, Wagoner Homer Vklard, Tahlequah PLEDGES George Tyner,Dewey Charles Tillman,Red Rock Gaines West, Warner Page Eighty-Eve Thi Sigma Epsilon., First row, left to right: Bob McMillen, Jack Gunter, John Wood Towry, Horace Poole, Jimmy Scenter, David Shepherd, Leo Mayfield, Raymond Havens, Jerald Stauss, Gerald Cook, Paul Greene, Woodrow Langley, Zur Eddleman. Second row, left to right: Talmadge Fink, Lyle Post, Paul Post, Don Maule, Arthur Paschal, Guy Martin, Earl McDonald, Jack Hanes, Philip Bohart, Nash Kagy, Homer Ward, Charles Bruner, Dr. W. H. Metzler. Third row, left to right: Robert N. Tarkington. George Tyner, Charles Tillman, Gaines West, Bill Steen, Paul Philbrick, Aubrey Hardin, Dean Barber, James' Grbves, Arden Hudspeth. Phi Sigma Epsilon was founded at Kansas City, Missouri, in 1928. It has rapidly made progress until at the present time it has some Hfteen chapters lo- cated in states throughout the middlewest. Like all other social fraternities Phi Sigma Epsilon crowning purpose is the light of achievement in social, cultural, educational, and moral life. Epsilon chapter, at Northeastern, was installed in October, 1930, when the local chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa petitioned for a chapter. Page Eighty-six ,Sigma Sigma Sigma LEAH ALICE WYLY MOZELLE TURLEY DORIS VARNER President Vice-President Recording Secretary SARAH HOLLAND GESIN g.,. ,,m. C orresponding Secretary MARIE WALLIS ........Y..f ..,,.L,,. - .LLL Treasurer GERTRUDE MCMICHAEL ..,w,,,...... -,. ..., Sponsor MEMBERS Bess Brewster, Muskogee Evelyn Taylor, Muskogee Rosamund Rogers, Tahlequah Rachel Ballard, Norwalk, Ohio Helen Hughes, Muskogee Marie Wallis, Ft. Gibson Leah Alice Wyly, Tahlequah Mozelle Turley, Muskogee Doris Varner, Delaware Ruth Moore, Muskogee Ruth Morgan, Muskogee Sarah Holland Gesin, Tahlequah PLEDGES Geraldine Byrd, Checotah Grace Scales, Tahlequah Dorothy Schofield, Muskogee Bobbie Starr, Tahlequah Dora Coffman, Tulsa Rosemary Coxey, Tahlequah Nellie Goins, Spauinaw Merle Mae Denton, Stigler Helen Knight, Claremore Imogene Scott, Tahlequah Page Eighty-seven Sigma Sigma Sigma L Fe' - lfirst row. left to right: l,eah Alice Vy'yly. Bess Brewster. Dorothy Schofield, Mozelle Turley. Second row. left to right: Helen Hughes. lmogene Scott, Helen Knight. Rose- mary Coxey. Third row, left to right: livelyn Taylor. Jerry Byrd. Doris Varner. Hortense Vauf tard. Nlarie Vwlallace, Fourth row. left to right: Ruth Allison. Ruth Morgan. Rachel Ballard. Bohbie Starr. Dora Coffman. liifth row, left to right: Rosamund Rogers. Gertrude McMichael, Grace Scales. Sarah Gesin. Merla Mae Denton. Sigma Sigma Sigma was founded in 1898 at the State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia. ln 1903 a national charter was secured and chapters were established in junior colleges, normal schools and class A colleges. In l9ll Sigma Sigma Sigma launched the idea of a professional educational sorority and became a sorority that should serve the same purpose in the teachers col- leges that the academic sororities serve in the academic colleges and universities. Itts purpose is to establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship. to develop in them strong, womanly character, and to impress them with the highest standards of the teaching profession. ' Alpha lota Chapter was installed at Northeastern in l9Z9. Page Eigzhttf-eight Sigma Gan Gamma THOMAS THORNE DON COWLES KEMP DOWDY President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer GEORGE C. OGLE AND HENRI MINSKI ,.., ,... S ponsors NIEMBERS Don Cowles, Muskogee Kemp Dowdy, Tahlequah Clifford Foster, Wyandotte Johnny Gates, Tahlequah Fred Gesin, Sapulpa Homer Gill, Tahlequah Frank Gravitt, Tulsa Richard Johns, Tulsa Francis Males, Antlers Clarence Maples, Grove Woodrow McKeehan, Broken Emery Pullen, Tahlequah Ralph Thurman, Tahlequah Thomas Thorne, Tahlequah William Thorne, Tahlequah Cleo Watson, Barnsdall Robert Whitworth, Tulsa PLEDGES Robert Algeo, Tahlequah Jack Balentine, Tahlequah Carmel Bland, Bixby A. L. Charlton, Jr., Tahlequah Normon Childress, Coweta Ross Dixon, Tahlequah Norman Pittman, St. Louis, Mo. Isadore Hathcoat, Pryor Claude Kiegley, Pawhuska Jack Moore, Muskogee Morris Russack, Muskogee Hugh Sapp, Fairland Joe Turk, Ft. Gibson Wilbert Ward, Cromwell Arrow Page Eighty-nine Sigma Eau Gamma First row, left to right: William Thorne, Robert Algeo, Francis Males, Cleo Watson, Kemp Dowdy, Jack Moore, Carl Rosser, Thomas Thorne, Claud Keigley. Second row, left to right: Henri Minsky, Woodrow McKeehan. Richard Johns, Hugh Sapp, Robert Whitworth, Morris Russak, Carmel Bland, Junior Charlton, Mr. George C. Ogle. Third row, left to right: Bill Hornsby, Johnny Gates, Don Cowles, Emery Pullen, Clarence Maples, Isadore Hathcoat, Wilbert Ward, Frank Gravitt, Ralph Thurman, Joe Turk. The Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity was founded at Central State Teach- ers College at Warrensburg, Missouri, on June 28, 1920. This national fraternity of teachers colleges affords the college man every social. as well as professional influence. The Zeta chapter was installed at Northeastern in May, 1924. It was formerly the Senate, which, under this name, was organized the first year of the existence of Northeastern State Teachers College in 1909. The Senate then in the fall of 1924 became affiliated with Sigma Tau Gam- ma. known as the Zeta chapter, and it has continued to grow until it is one of the most prominent social organizations on the campus. Page Ninety 'Delta KPS1 Qmega HELEN OSMOND DORIS LUFF XVILLIAM MANISS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Addztzonal Nlembers Lou1e Turney Alsa Ruth Catletr Charles Sims Pledges: Ruby Martin Wayne Puckett Norvm Ch11dress Page Ninety-one Walter Brackett 5 :hr ,.Tg7 V . L:'i!:j',rJ.?,I,5?, .-i,,,'- .....l.:t:,1mi , .I :iw I . ,.Av,,:.-2-L-rfigggii--'Taz' 1 'wt ' .,if1f-,xviaefw ' -' .- . i . wi: '-ruff V. ' p,:'ci.a,f,3g4i? fx. , :gy 9 .- A ' jx : .1-,,. ., ' . -A . , l , L53 gg3gi1,f,35x,f.-ev-'AQ' - - Q H -A ., .v,2'-- 5. ,qu .3 . , 5 ch ,. ,f WM., .,-N... .V W ,fa . ,, .., 1 5 , . . M11 A- el L .x H . rm... ,. 5 :Yi --,if ri- i 4,-' 4,4 K,ug-f.H.4.1.A,,f,y.t,.ppas.-. ,,,4,. 7,-i:.ei.,y. . f.,-1 f-' sf , ,,,-'M ,.w.-..-- A-r. . - .Huw-faf.,w Q-fu - Q. at fE2"tf l 'Wa"'1f"VE 2 ll and 'Xml MM-sf" x-M 'Delta fP5i Omega First row, left to right: Wayne Puckett, Norwin Childress. Walter Brackett, Louie Turney, William Maniss. Second row, left to rightz Ola Beckett, sponsor, Helen Osmon, Doris Luff, Alsey Ruth Catlett, Ruby Martin. The purpose of Delta Psi Omega is: To stimulate interest in dramatic activities in the college, to secure for the college all the advantages, and mutual helpfulness provided by a large national honorary fraternity, and by the means -of electing Worthy students to membership, serve as a reward for these worthy efforts in participating in the plays staged by the dramatic organizations of the college. This cast in no way aims to take the place of the regular college dramatic clubs. Delta Psi Omega was organized several years ago in the College. This Chapter is the sixty-iifth chapter in the United States. During the year several chapel programs have been enjoyed by both the faculty and students of North- eastern and will long be remembered. Several plays are in progress for future productions and will be given during the coming term. Page Ninety-two Y Lf . 7:-ji Q5 Y 1' 'zir- igtlgfli fm? 3 . .gli Fi! 7 '. QQ ' g3,i2?f21.gPf -- - I is .. 3 i I, 1,3 i Q. EQ! - iff fad 'gn .4 J. 5-.4 ,- f be 2' F' P- si K - 1 ' I I 1 E1 1. 1 :ki P? IQLppa IQ.zppa Iota First row. left to right: Mrs. D. VU. Emerson. Mrs. Roy VViggins. Mrs. M. P. Ham- mond, Mrs. Ray H. Ballard, Mrs. W. W. Miller. Second row, left to right: Mrs. D. R. Bedwell, Mrs.. Vaud A. Travis, Mrs. Martin Cochran. Mrs. M. E. Franklin, Miss Fannie A. Baker. Mrs. XV. S. Paden. Mrs. J. A. Gillis. I I Other members of Northeastern Chapter in Tahlequah are: Mrs. Tom Hall. Miss Pearl 2 Crawford, Miss Iva King, Miss Lector Hackworth. Miss Martha Sims, Mrs. J.fM. Hackler. Mrs. E. J. Green. Mrs. H. W. Guenther. Mrs. R. K. Mclntosh. Mrs. E. C. McMichael. Mrs. L. P. Woods, Bernice Balentine, Essa Gladney, Mrs. Dutch Miller. Mrs. A. O. Kirkwood. Miss Nora Paden, Mrs. E. H. Rogers, Mrs. J. A. Woodard. -gl: IN . .1 Active members outside of Tahlequah are: Iva Coffey. Gwendolyn Cummins. Mrs. l Olive Crabtree. Jessie Dotson, Vesta Fisk, Ima Ghormley, Maude Ghormley, Mrs. Troy Guth- rie. Effie Haskins. Mrs. Lena Algeo, Mrs. Emile Benge, Margueritte Jones. Mrs. Dora Kaff. Lela Lawrence. Maurine Mullins, Louise McGarrity, Connie Moore, Nadine Loeb. Bessie Mc- Nelis. Cassie Oliver, Ethel Ann Patterson. Ella Paullus. Mary Paullus. Irene Popejoy, Imogene Brown. Clara Scacewater. Mrs. A. G. Sweezy. Mrs. Elossie B. Templeton. Edna Valk. Frances White. Eva J. Simpson. Mary Iirances Stalcup. and Mrs. Ocie N. Croom. an Page Ninety-Ihnft' 4 I ff' i ifj, -7: W: .- iff: 5 , .gn-A '+ ', ' L kj A nears vig J . ,... -Q 44 . . 1' Qfigw 2 . f Qlilfftfil s I t 'i-441,35 1 RCl,Tl18T1 Tlmilatelic Society l l 1 First row, left to right: Fannie A. Baker, sponsor, Ethel Fairchild, Marjorie Brothers. Thelma Stanberry, Eudora Emmons. Second row, left to right: William Maniss, John Braden, Howell McGee, Waldo Eichling. Third row, left to right: Clarence English, Mayes Lowry, Berle Barrett, Eldon Sweezy. ELDON E. SWEEZY ..,..,,A,,... .- ,.,,,,,...,,,,,, President HOWELL MCGEE ,,....-d,,,......,.d,,,A,. Vice-President WALDO EICHLING ...........d,.,,....., Secretary-Treasurer The Redman Stamp Club was organized in the winter of 1934. The pur- pose of this organization is to further interest in stamp collecting among the students of Northeastern and to afford members the opportunity of meeting other collectors. All stamp collectors are eligible for membership. Page Ninety-four flQ1o CC'5'l1eta ,Sigma First row, left to right: Isabelle Anderson, Evelyn Clemons, Dorothy Bixby, Patricia Rogers, Nola McDonald, Georgia Ballew, Helen Osmon, Anna Dickard, Marguerite Lindsey. Second row. left to right: Dr. L. H. Bally. sponsor, Francis Brady, Josephine Rogers, Mary Catherine Franklin, Leonora Knox. Leah Alice VVyly, Alice Barton, LaVerne Towry, Martha Winters, Eldon E. Sweezy. Third row, left to right: Harold Smith, Weldon Howard, David B. White, Jim Williams, Wayne Puckett, Luther Brown, Isadora Hathcoat, Philip Bohart, Neil Gordon, Her- bert H. Puckett. Scarcely more than a year old, Rho Theta Sigma, the college honor society, is already recognized as one of the outstanding organizations of the campus. Organized for the purpose of encouraging scholarship in every way possible, it combines some of the finest features of our leading scholastic societies of the day. From the beginning, membership has been more than select, limited to only those who are capable of attaining and holding a high average in their records: as a consequence it bids fair to outstrip all other groups, so far as selec- tion and high rating of individual members are concerned. Affiliation with a national fraternity, a well planned program of instruction and entertainment for members, as Well as a Student Forum for the benefit of all students, are only a few of the worthier projects to be undertaken soon by this group. Page Ninety-five .,:,,lg?-.A V-,E ,, I . , . - ,En ..,,-,Q -, , , ,N RNA .y V fl "X 2-f .ri . ur -V Q' .. "' ,- fu 113' ,1 '1 . --- ' E , ff? ..,.1.'.3g... .Zi .. .,, . .-,Lai -.A . i . fi AJ.. I M - - L. ,.. . F, . Y. ,',. ,J ,, Q ur...-., ,., f .in-,-ie.. OOQJXQLNLQJ First row, left to right: Mary Israel, Viola Peck, Frances McIntosh, Georgia Ballew, Ruth Foreman, Salee Smith, Elizabeth Vann, Eudora Emmons, Franced Taylor. Second row, left to right: Fannie A. Baker, sponsor, Ola Jones, Grace Scales, Melvina Parrish, Veva Yates, Lillian Stephenson, Ahnewake Johnson, Gladys Cochran, Ruth Smith, Lillian Hogue, Mrs. Morgan. Third row, left to right: Paul Burney, Frank Thornton, Daniel Shaw, James Bald- ridge, William Steen, William Maniss, Berle Barrett, Thomas Thorne. JAMES BALDRIDGE -. .....E.,....,.........w..,.vW.. Chief WM. STEEN e,W.......,......,.,..E.....,. Medicine Man SALEE SMITH ...E......,,......,,-............ Recorder ELIZABETH VANN ......,.....-,.e.....n,....... Princess MISS FANNIE A. BAKER ...,........v,.,......... . Sponsor MOUNTAIN LAUREL .....L........,.. .--. FIOLUBI' of O0-ml-lt? HINDIAN DAWNI' ...L..,.............L..ww......., , Song HFAITH OF OUR FATI-IERSJ' .........,.........,,A,. , Motto RED AND GRAY ..............,.,.........L.,.... .Colors Aim of Oo-na-le: To promote friendship and better acquaintance among Indian students, to establish firmer bonds between students and Northeastern and to keep in mind the best traditions of early efforts to establish higher institutions of learning in Oklahoma. S Page Ninety-six "Q ' 5'?f""kWx4 W 1, V57WT7',f iii:-T' '59'l?5, --1' W ' ,4."Tf"'Ti' "1 ' 'ffiwr if fiIQfg5f32fi35lE4iL,r 7'5i'1 W if-,l'ff l'llif5 "1rI'i5?5., will . " 1 . ,i , " , 4, 5-'Q " - "'-,',- 'gy 1 9, 'g f, .131 onolioma Hub First row. left to right: Bessie Horn, Ruby Lee Thompson, Thelma Davis, Lillian l-logue, Mildred Shinn, Ruth Foreman, Alice Barton. Mildred McKee, Lois Hawkins, Cleo Hawkins. Second row, left to right: Marvin Green Walt. Odell Farrell, Belle Nimmo, Edna Looper. Monnie Harvey, Hazel Mayes, Ina Beavers, James Cannon, Ishmel Looper. Third row, left .to right: Paul Turner, Ernest Eddy, Luther Brown, Gaines West, Vetus Clarkson, Ernest Beavers, Walter King, Vance Cherry. GAINES WEST WYL...,....,,,,.-,,...,L..v,..., President LUTHER BROWN ,,.-,...,L....,...,.Y,..,., Vice-President BELL NIMMO ,.,,...-,...,.,L,.,,,...., Secretary-Treasurer JAMES CANNON L .,LL.,,L...,,...,-,, ,,,-Sergeant-at-Arms ALICE BARTON, EDITH NEWPORT-,L,,.t,,,. ..,...,L. Reporters "The Conahoma Club," was organized by the former students of Connor's Agricultural College, Wagner, Oklahoma, in October, 1934. The pur- pose of the club is to give help to the new students from Connors so as to make their life more proiitable and enjoyable. Page Ninety-seven gfome Economics Glub First row, left to right: Edna Burge Looper, Faye Lamb, Pauline Ghormley. Grace De Lay, Mabel Nowlin, Ruth Thornhill, Evelyn Clark. Second row, left to right: Eurah Lafferty, Virginia Leinthall, Eithel Nowlin, Alice Barton, Dona Comfort, Ina Johnson Beavers, Miss Pearl Crawford, sponsor. MABEL NOWLIN ....,,,v...,,,,...C,,.,.,,,Y,, President MRS. EDNA BURGE LOOPER ,,,....,,,,....,.. Vice-President FAYE LAMB -,-,t ,,Y,..,,C,,.....,.,..,, Secretary-Treasurer MRS. DONA COMFORT .,v......,,.,...,......H.. Reporter The purpose of the Home Economics Club of Northeastern is to develop new scientific ideas in the field of home economics, to promote cooperation and leadership, to put into practice those things which tend to make a more gracious hostess and efficient homemaker, and to establish more healthful living con- ditions. Page Ninety-eight COCTCIIS l First row, Mary Ann Wescott, Frances Mclntosh. Tempest Williams, Doris Luff, Isabelle Anderson. Second row: Angus Gillis, David White, Wayne Puckett, Herbert Puckett, William White, Dr. W. H. Metzler. Third row: Earl Clifton, Everett Thomas, James McDaniel, Jim Looper, Charles Vvfaeckerle, Clifford Bailey, Ralph Thurman. EARL CLIFTON -,- -,, ,,,,,, L ,L , Pnesident HERBERT PUCKETT ,,,,,,,-.E,v,...,.,,.,,, Vice-President ISABELLE ANDERSON ......A..,...,,,,,.-..... -,- St?Cl'2ft1!'y TEMPEST WILLIAMS ,,,,,.,L,,,w,.....,.AA.LLLL Treasurer BILL WHITE ,,,,,. - ,,..........,,L, Publicity Director DR. W. H. METZLER ......,..,,,,,,,..--L.....L, Sponsor AN ORGANIZATION FOR SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION Founded on the campus of Northeastern, October 25, 1934, for the pur- pose of studying the principles of societal construction, planning for the de- velopment of a more useful and efficient social order, and stimulating general interest and activity toward a more rational and effective adjustment of our social institutions to the needs of present times and conditions. Page Ninety-nine , 'Jig A-., -A - 1- - if. ' A V gr y , ",w,f:'r :'r,,. sf: A '- 1 vw ' I-431+ ' ' 1' ffm: ' ,' f 'X ff-,aeG'vw'u' M eff, --9 -uf. .1 ,g ,.',., C - ,,. A jf yt.. H ,1'ri.,, --3 u . p gf: -'alqmgi ,W - , 1 V ,, 3,1 H at .: i - ' 'fl' .14 lpn- V , - .1 ' A f'1.".F' . ,fc '. .' . ,. ,:,3Y.'l53:,. 5-Via"-'-g91'.bfxLQ ,H . -r 11f":'ffH'i3fa,i '-1 .fg"'g,' if It 'Pan Qfflmerican ,Student Cgorum., First row: Maisie Howard, Francis Brady, Pauline Ghormley, Berneice McCandless, Geraldine Bohannon, Marjorie Brothers, Georgia Ballew, Emily Stewart, Ruth Howell. Viola Peck, Second Row: Nan Harris, Miss Fannie A. Baker, Geraldine Wilson, Velma Van Horn, Eudora Emmons, Lucille Long, Vevah Yates, Alice Barton, Maurine Dahlem, Vera Bryant, Jessie Still. Third row: Fred Byers, Fred Parks, Clarence English, Eldon E. Sweezy, Berle Bar- rett, lsabelle Anderson, Nell Ruth Shafer. FRED BYERS ..,.. -. ,,,,A,E.,.,.,......,.....,.. President GEORGIA BALLEW .....................,,,. Vice-President MARJORIE BROTHERS .,A.......EA,,...,. Secretary-Treasurer FANNIE A. BAKER ....... -. ...,.................. Sponsor The Pan-American Student Forum is a National organization, having as its principal aim to promote sincere respect for, and understanding of, our Latin-American neighbors. Northeastern Chapter was organized at the state convention' in Norman. April 14, 1934, with a charter member--Miss Geraldine Bohannon-elected as State Vice-President. College and High School students are eligible to membership, especially those enrolled in History, Economics, and Geography, as well as in Spanish and other foreign languages. Paqe One Hundred Q 1? rfggggvgzgi g H Tw gi? 3 ,Ag wwfqgvf fp' .4-4? Y -Lise-News 21" iz asa wi A -:fi-142312 1 XM? EMM' 'ff 'f I, - "' 'vi ra: 'U ris' ' 'f"?i:IiI?ei. T I' -. ff- - 'Z " w ' E A 1931? JI, .ga ,ww sq I iffy:-'i,.-f.. psfgifjgggryfg ' Lei f wr , 1 , 5 - 1' -if I1 f 3. 5-gg' I, 1 -4. ,, ,M v'g"f11- ".-an ,554-w,,,:.: , H'-,5-'46, ' ' - Q... 'f ', S ' ,-gp A e J . Q W3f'4'13' g:g?:.i!SlEAeif-.':' K-' m fs E54 if-jfif,-xp 'gf Qffe ggaifxgv f..:qr'2'!, '.,1.'f-irisffff A " jygi- f 3 ,,Q!11,g?1qQy 3 Spanish Hubs First row, left to right: Nannie Harris, Bernice McCandless, Pauline Ghormley, Emily Stewart, Georgia Ballew, Vivian Brown. Vera Bryant, Madge Gwartney. Second row, left to right: Viola Peck. Bonnie Sowder, Velma Van Horn, Virginia Lienthal, Geraldine Bohannon, Maurine Dahlem, Geraldine Wilson, Jessie S'till, Miss Fannie Baker, sponsor. Third row, left to right: Delmer Wright, Fred Parks, Eldon E. Sweezy, Lauren Warford. Spanish Club activities are carried on in, connection with regular work in ' those classes having sufficient knowledge of the language to make the Work profitable. The main purpose is to gain more fluent use of Spanish in conversation, taking part on programs by talks, readings, debating, songs or informal dis- cussion of countries studied. Three clubs are active at present: AMIGOS ESPANOLES LA BUENA HORA EMILY STEWART ...M -Presidente NANNIE HARRIS ..,.. Presidente FRED PARKS ee.. Vice-Presidente VIOLA PECK --.,-Vice-Presidente GEORGIA BALLEW Secretaria VERA BRYANT ..oe e,--Secretaria FANNIE A. BAKER .... Consejera FANNIE A. BAKER ...E Consejera LOS FELICES GERALDINE WILSON ' .,.,EE.E,.....,... Presidente VELMA VAN HORN ....E.....EE.. Vice-Presidente VIVIAN BROWN .,,-..........E... ,, .... Secretaria BONNIE SOWDER ........-...e,E.-..... Consejera . Page One Hundred One 5 e7Ken's Qucwtetew ORLAN LEMLER-First Tenor PHILIP BOHART-Second Tenor NEIL GORDON-Baritone GAINES WEST-Bass The Men's Quartet, as before, has taken prominent place in the musical life of the campus. Under the leadership of Gertrude R. McMichael, it has merited attention and is an organization that will please the friends of Northeastern with their well pleasing voice. Page One Hundred Two I Tefwosyoit X First row, left to right: Ruth Smith. Marguerite Lindsey. Dorothy Bixby, Thelma Stanberry, Frances Brady. Mary Catherine Franklin, Nellie Peerson. Elaine Priest, Marquez Lentz. Leota Lindsey, Florence Brady, Ruth Thornhill. Second row. left to right: Melvina Parrish. Mrs. Edna Looper. Isabelle Anderson, Ber- niece Cohea. Ruby Martin. Doris l.uff, Dorothy Rogers. Velma Vanlrlorn, Geneva .lo Keeter, Martha Grider, Archie Rose Machesney, Beatrice Nussbaum. The Green Shirts and The De-quo-yoit Club are the 'two pep organizations that are responsible for the loyal support that was displayed on Gable Field and in the Gymnasium cheering the Redmen teams on to Victory. To them North- eastern owes a tribute for their pep, loyalty, and ine school spirit. Teen ,Shirts Page One Hundred Three -R ' '21 r 4' - ," r H.-rw,-ix: M: 1 ' 3 'r -'-:M 7--mmf-1,1 iff-iff--.1 1- Ai 3- -is 'Q - , J . 1 .A :H-' 2" MJ' --'-2 vw, .'-we ' . ' - V . .::- . ' ' .,-' Q" ' fair.-1"1::vff': ' ' an .hz .7 . , . A ' ,A US.. -:V-,, nigh, 1 ' W ,. M-f,:,w.,- 1 .774 . V . .1 in-5. L .s.f.','m,... rw.. , . :rl ., r. A. , Q Z .-, . fn, ft. ,' 1 , , , me , 1' ,' ., 'A' V ' ' ' QNAQA? 2 fy. 'Zak G. Gill. Mary Catherine Franklin, Bobbie Ruth Howard, Berneice McCandless, Doris Varner, Theda V, Sanders, Mavis Huddleston, Vivian Brown, Madge Franklin. THEDA V. SANDERS ,,...a..aa.a.,..a.. President MADGE FRANKLIN ,,,. ..........., , Vice-President .IESSIE WAYBOURNE ..v..a.a.,n. Secretary-Treasurer VIVIAN BROWN .,..w,,...,.,,.. Publicity Chairman MARY CATHERINE FRANKLIN a,...a Social Chairman The purpose of the Y. W. C. A. is to unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God: we determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to under- stand Jesus and to follow Him. Page One Hundred Four 5, XL ww-rw K6 77 First row, left to right: Jack Horn, Woodrow Langley, Dan Fagan, Paul Post, Paul Green,,Pete Foster, Raymond Havens, Don Maule, Festus Smith, Tom Arnold. Second row. left to right: Claude Keigley, Billy Hornsby, Everett Thomas, Oren Terrill. Eurl Smith, Ivan Allen, Leo Mayfield, Arthur Paschal, Bob Smith, George McCoy, James Winnie. Third row, left to right: Thayer Gentry, Lewis DeMott, Lyle Post, Ernest Beavers, Robert Layton, Robert Grove, Roy Ladd, Denver Watts, Frank Gravitt, Roy Bailey, Tom McSpadden. Fourth row, left to right: Earl Clifton. William Hopkins, Ray H. Ballard, sponsor, Kenneth Tinnin, J. R. Graves, Jack Hanes, Larry Puryear, Ray Dixon, Eldon E. Sweezy, L. D. Gilley. DON MAULE ,W ,LLL,LL ,LL -- .LL,,....... President ARTHUR PASCHAL LLLL...L,tL t- ..,,. Vice-President ROBERT LAYTON ..Lv,....,L L... S ecretary- Treasurer RAY H. BALLARD ..,...L,.L..,,, -. .L...LL. Sponsor The "N" Club of Northeastern Teachers College is an organiztaion com- posed of lettermen in all sports of the college and debate. It has been an active organization on the campus for eight years, and now has a membership of thirty-four men and three women. The purpose of the "N" Club is to pro- mote more interest in activities. Page One Hundred Five '5'I571"N". ,str ,f-a,":9.f2" "Frm, - .,-f',f,'rf--vs'f.,1',151'i,1,f.r , eq, R ,V .'s,f,f1'ff1Q1Qj-'Q " ' ,Q W1-,Q flu' e,. -sf ,Z-' ', Li ye-f,,.,g,--"wgwr-gg,,rf.:g',gtg-'MQgvg5'-,-qryfwi-. 'I' 4 - ' 'H if ffl-',4g,fe1 "1 'Z frg'-f's'b,3M i nf at l g . sea,ETi:3fr:asz,r:31t-f55,,.'i'.2c Wi ef f 'if' 2"fg:lgS-s'l,'l3'f,'i'1W,,' , Q5-Annual Mean., LEAH ALICE WYLY 650012 QBCLH Sheen., MARY HOLT 1' "'T?"""""" p- nv -fauna ' 3 11,w,rty1.1.-Q ' 'fn,,.,-mg-gg AW A ' L- iff' 'V'Y19" i. ' -K yet." ,I Q-'Qf'f'1'u, -wig , , -,gi'f,,,E5+.J.v'qy,,15Q,1:,--3 ' .Mp Y Q ,:. H. -1- fihfffvf, mv , 1-Jim ' ' . ::ii?:, 2qgff5-- z'j-aw - , V --W-ff1f..f'af3..w.w V: 1 9, 1 'J 1' - A -. Pu 4, 1 1 1 Q Q v 1 553,55 'M' V ' A Q 2.6 su. " L. 7 ' em-aa.-wa-wh" fund Qlaeen., MERLE MAE DENTON l A +., ig i I I l 1 n I I r I 1 . ,Jn - IQCL-f ZNKQTOlS Has anybody seen Miss Hayden? Has anybody seen Mr. White? They were out upon the campus Just the day before last night. Does anybody know Mae West? She's supposed to be at large. Someone said she's gone to wood To get a bigger barge. Holly- Skipping down the hall, Skipping down the hall, Miss Sleeper skipped a tripper When skipping down the hall. Does Connie Haven chew? lt's been reported too That Charlie Bruner never laughed Until he laughed-that's true. Philip Bohart never dates Nor does he stay out late. He likes the best and takes the most Of things he so berates. A person that stayed out late Said John Wood had a date. 'Does Alsey Ruth Catlett dance?" Asked Adolph of Arrat. "She dances when she has the time, But she's rushed too much for that," ls Louis Johnson cute? That question is rather dim: But he's always seen before a glass: lf you would know more, ask him. Can you picture "Goob" Arnold With a book in an arm-hold, Running to class to beat a bell? Then imagine Demott as seven feet tall. Someone learned a cock cackledl Vvlell, l'm sure I wouldn't know, But if you want that question ans- wered, To Kinkade you may go. Paul Green has his ups, And Lyle Post has his downs: A wrestler's greatest trouble Is losing fifteen pounds. Jom Looper, with a big i'seegar," Came strolling down the boulevard. He took one puff., and how he John Wood said it wasn't so groaned. But that before he had, he'd let you The next he took found him at know. home, A GRAMMATICAL KISS A kiss is a pronoun, because she stands for it. It is masculine and feminine both: therefore it is common gender. It is a conjunction because it connects. It is an exclamation, or at least it sounds like one. lt is singular, because there is nothing else like it. It is plural, because one calls for another. It is usually in apposition to a caress, at least one is sure to follow. A kiss may be conjugated but never defined. lt is a preposition because it governs the objective case. However, it is not an adjective, because it cannot be compared. But it is phrase that expresses feeling. Page One Hundred Ten Our idea of an easy job: Collect- ing garbage in Scotland. M-10...-,... 'lWhy don't Jim and Cleta make ?,, "Shi They'd like to, but, unfor- tunately, neither can remember what they quarreled about." M.1O. - Miss Fullerton: I'll teach you to do watcha done, young man! Cowles: Ah, an appreciation course. UP .i-1O..l- J. W. Towry: I was raised abroad. Bettina: Because your parents wanted a girl? l.TO. .- I Grocer: Would you like some nice apples? Archie Rose: No, I'm afraid to eat them. Grocer: Why? Archie Rose: Cause my father died of apoplexy. M-.Ol Herbert Puckett: "I touched them rather deeply this morning, don't you think Rev. Mr. Hendrick: "I don't know. I haven't heard what the col- lection was." .T.1O..l.. Watts: "Going around with women a lot keeps you young." Turk: "How come?" Watts: "I started in going around with them' four years ago, when I was a freshman, and I'm still a freshman." MO l'What does beheaded mean?" asked Earnest Beavers. "It means having one's head cut off," Mr. Ballenger explained. A thoughtful moment then. "And I suppose defeated means having one's feet cut off?" M Ed: How is it your lipstick is red- der after I kiss you than before. Co-ed: That's not lipstick, mister --that's blood! ?.y Arthur Paschal: "I, would like to marry your daughter!" Doctor Emerson: "Well, sir, you can leave your application. and if nothing better turns up, I will no- tify you." M.-O. Marie Wallis: "How did you like my paintings Teaff: "GreatI That one of the fried egg was so natural it nearly made me hungry." Marie: "Fried egg? Great Scott, that was a sunset." .- O. . Paul "Darling, will you marry PM me?" Micky: "Why, how foolish! You couldn't even keep me in handker- chiefs." Paul: 'lWe can wait until your MOM Miss Fullerton: Did you ever hear of any success in history achieved without arms? Joe Turk: How about Venus de Milo? .MOM- Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will nev- er do all that he can. .11-OM-. John: "What if I'd suggest kiss- ing you on the neck?" Bernice McCandless: "I'd sure put you in your place." 1.10111 'Soap educates the eyes." HI-IowZat?" "Makes 'em smart." M1011 Wilma: "Why did you tell Woodie you married me because I was such a wonderful cook? You know I couldn't boil a potato." Homer: "Well, I had to give some excuse." .M-Oil Bruner: Do you know that a single fly can have over a thousand little flies? Brackett: Oh, f'goo'vess'sakel How many do the married ones have? Page One Hundred Eleven Cflutographs H QQ' 'lg-cffvv M M' NWiMf9N Yq VW- QL Mwww' Lf .X J 7 fhamw ' flame, ,L ?ff,Q,,JQ2 Ulm, zafglb, d Jf,Wy,MAfu 4 7.,..,.,,1,'-Viv. 4 SD QXOASLOSKM, wkwjawq Maw 'EJQ65 ggi? Pfffg,f, 5gf4ff,f2g3,,,,fM MM f Q f , A U fPage O e Hundred , r L I I Page Om- Hundred 'I-hi-l'1l'L'I7 . Kixisl Pago One fIl1I7t1'!'QL1' l'our!een Cwzntcr Page One Hundred Fzfteen s A -'H " r 'Hx nwsrnfw ,fx i 5 I 1- 1 A Q tl' e A . -Q. swaixnfbabavcz.-t.f . f -. H , .V A ,bm -, 7 ,,'-1,-.4 .44-M, Y -, - 4, - - ,- .- :..f f-rf' : ,, T5 1 X , V, ' 1f4:,5.,5 , ' '.:Q412,:-,.f?4, :fy rj,,. , ffvfqgi2'-.Y5I.'r.fl:'fmy".-'-2513,15fgF:5Q'g,g4-iff fx'-TL". ' ,Qgf1'1tglfk?ig, - f9gx'.,i . 3 ' ' ' 0 t 2+ ' ' w '35 MTTITTIGT Page One Hundred Sixteen I i i Pugv Om, Humlrvd Scrfcnlecfn il F! WW ,,:,,,, ufkn. CC 17 Q , f 4 " fx 5, 1,5 .1 ! fm 1. , -V.-1-V. m, -," 'ik L51-qfE?5f' ' V1 ' " ,-EZMIJZ7 f ' S X-'..,,-W-U s ., ,- fax 1' N 4Q,,mx,,w3y3222' X Q V9ypp,KggzQGQ 45 X no xg' ' . I 'ffffffff 15 If 1 11 ' 7'Zff"!'V W2-4'1i1B.n4142:fv :M sf r 7 ., , , fjfvi ffff 4blW5I?3M:H174 42 1? ' 4 522 4 44- fa QW gg,:sgf,,fggfggwnz44 '24 f Mug Mg M 25.14 :mn :ff 4 174 sf ' 5 1 s 1 ,lu M154 salsa' 22 marie? f-H 4 A- ,V 1 ' 1 1.44: ff gf ,,,, 57,744 lfff y f . ..,:. Z -3,0-sjjfwfg F59 F., I ' ' - Y 3 fl-1 Z4 f i fn 1 242 ,fe 57 gf 1 f , U, 1 1 fiallfmwf f V, . 4- ,-' df 5 Z'-441 5 We 1 . NMMM-zmg,f..,,:- , ,. ,, 2211: 4g"'1": ,Q f ' ' , 1:21:41 12: QZMZLZ' ,Zi ff ,,,,1 15 m. sf,:1,.,f My f ss, 4 4:1 54411714 144 ,4 ' I fsgfnrfaf 1 f . g:,n,v "MHS - f Cherokee National Capitol 1848 Now Cherokee County Court House Cffriends Qf JNQJrtl1eastern., 2 qkdmen Shoppe DD553 CoHege ME t Textbooks SCHOOL SUPPLIES - CONFECTIONERY We are pleased, whenever we can be of service to to the Students of Northeastern. Phone 361 Tahlequah, Okla. Page One Hundred Erglzteen -Sympathetic Service- Phone 104 'kedffulwer FUNERAL HOME TAHLEQUAH, zz OKLAHOMA I e I C Home Office CHEROKEE COUNTY BURIAL ASSOCIATION - A Needed Protection - Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Reed Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Culver POHdd1N J. H. SHOUSE N. B. SHOUSE DEPARTMENT STORE WE INVITE YOU TO VISIT OUR STORE WHEN IN 'TOWN 305-7 Vvlest Broadway Muskogee. Oklahoma QUALITY ATHLETIC GOODS EOR YOUR SCHOOL TEAMS lVrz'te for Catalogue W. L. BUCK COMPANY' l05 East Third Street TULSA. OKLAHOMA May each one of you succeed in your selected vocations W. L. PILCHER SERVICE STATION Conoco Products Day and Night Service WEARING APPAREL of Distinction at popular prices SUITS - COATS - DRESSES Hats, Corsets, Hosiery, Under-Wear Eastern Oklahomcfs Smartest Shop for Womeri B. E. SPIVY CO. Muskogee, Oklahoma SUCCESS MOTOR CO For Economical Transportation -1 1 km- iv .4 - I U ZCHEVROLETX SALES and SERVICE Phone 309 Page One Hundred Twenty Cherokee National Female Seminary Campus and Big Spring-l889 STRONC1 POR ECONOMY Abie Knapp: "You're sure a FOR NIGHT DUTY luCEYdmaUWVf:1d-ii V Mrs. Joe 5 Lee: 'AI think we'll ar" yso?' , f hbb." Abie Knapp: "Cause you won't haw to get 3 nurse or t Q a Y have to buy me any book next Joe: "Nurse? What we need for term, I didn't passfl that kid is a night watchman." GREETINGS This Dominating, Educational Newsy Newspaper is Proud of Northeastern State Teachers College, its Faculty Members and its Students ..... We Are Your Servants-Any way or time we may serve you, Phone 78. We enjoy cooperating with N. S. T. C. on matters of 'ANeWs". CHEROKEE COUNTY DEMOCRAT STAR HThe Old Reliable County Paper" Phone Your News to 78 The Largest Weekly Newspaper in Northeast Oklahoma. Since 1828 Page One Hundred Twenty-one We take pleasure in the fact that Northeastern has trebled her enrollment in the last twelve years, We are proud of our College and think it is a great school. Vv'e are always glad to exlend our banking accommodations to the faculty and students of Northeastern. "The Bank where you feel al home." The Libert State Bank J. Robt. Wyly. President J. W. Reid, Vice Pres W. H, Balentine, Jr., Cashier Page Om- Hundred 'I-LLlE'!7llf'fl,UO Crew Bros. The Rexall Drug Store Prescription Druggist A Eriend to Northeastern Students New and Second Hand COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS Tahlequah, Okla. In serving the liaculty. Students. and liriends of Northeastern, we have been onored. XVe cordially invite our friends to spend a pleasant time with us and. enjo ur delicious food. HOTEL THOMPSON COFFEE SHOP AND DINING ROOM Mrs. W. P. Clemmer, Mgr. l DRYDEN'S EVERYBODYS STORE Dry Goods. Shoes and Ready-to-Wear Our obligation to you only ends when you are pleased with the service of our merchandise Page One Hundred Twenty-three Q The Golden Goose YEAGER Grocery and Market 'lihanks the college students for their Groceries splendid patronage. F8418 ruits DEAN DAY. Mmgef Wgffablfg Phone 32 Normal Club Cleaners JACICS PLACE Tghftquah I for 'xVhere Students and friends Meet . , . Quality Cleaning Phmc 269 Phone -148 112 Depot St RICHARD XVILSON When in Muskogee Visit uflll S D 'll' I Headquarters for I Sport Ready-to-Wear and Accessories I ' Galey-Molloy Oil Co. . The OM BM EWR Shell Products Tires-Batteries--Radios Crosley Refrigerators WIRING and PLUMBING WRECKER SERVICE .I .. We are Behind Northeastern Phone 41 H. A. Galey J. R. Molloy Page One Hundred- twenty-four FRED'S CAFE E A T M O R C A F E Tahlequalfs "Best by Test" Leading Cafe Phone 256 Burning of Male Seminary-1910 Bailey's Grocery I Reliable and Dependable Hlbbard,S Barber Shop EOODS Qwlllfl! Plus Qufmfify Specialists in Latest Hairculs Phone No, l Sherman's Vogue Shop 'ACIothes that are right" FOR MEN EOR WOMEN ALWAYS COLLEGE BOOSTERS Tahlequah, Okla. Page One Hundred Twenty-Hue FULCHER Two and Three Room Apartments Completely Furnished Including Bed Linen Bills Paid 219 S. Muskogee Ave. Phone 6 Page One Hundred Twentyesix Ci. O. Carpenter Ci. E. Jackman Central Barber Shop "We Solicit Your Business" 202 South Muskogee Ave. Tahlequah, Okla. Modern Beauty Shoppe We invite Students, Teachers, and many friends to try our complete beauty service. Tahlequah Laundry AND Dry Cleaning Phone 173 Attebery Jewelers Dealers in School Rings Fraternity and Sorority Pins LN. S. T. C. Ringj McENTEE'S 100019 Perfect Diamonds Only stones satisfying throughout a lifetime and forever, are permit- ted to enter the McEntee stocks, the traditions of rich quality, in- trinsic worth and distinctive gen- tility that characterize the McEn- tee Company, lend an added pres- tige to a gift that comes from this popular store. There's a rainbow o'er your credit Q at c . IMI-4.4,, JJWQB, A .4 l l. i n.. f ' Lf asf. 3 fd,-'BROADWAY ESTABLISHED IQO5 TAHLEOUAH MOTOR CO. Sales and Service Plymouth Sz DeSoto , Tahlequah, Okla. Phone 301 I we One Hundred Tuaenlu-sewn Garner's Grocery and Market Feed and Flour Phone l38 Be a member of- Tahlequah Building 8z Loan Association J. B. Pearson, Sec.-Mgr. Congratulations To The Class of 1935 The Tahlequah Citizen P. F. and K. L. Comfort, Owners Raymond Furniture Co 314 West Okmulgee Avenue Muskogee, Oklahoma The Best Shoe Work Best by Test All XVorlz Guaranteed North End Shoe Shop Oklahoma Lumber Company Dealers in LUMBER, BUILDING MATERIAL AND COAL Phone 2 Z 3 Tahlequah, Oklahoma Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Rounds 8z Porter LUMBER CO. Phone 19 College Beauty Shop Phone 147 The place where faculty, students, and friends of Northeastern are welcome. Courteous Treatment Complete Beauty Service Mary Johnson, Naomi Fulcher Operators Sinclair Service Station soUTH OF TOWN Greetings Seniors We wish you continued success in your selected field. Goddard's Grocery Woodlawn Dairy Tuberculin Tested Accredited herd-has always kept pure, safe milk supplied to Northeastern and Tahlequah. We welcome you to visit our plant. Chas. A. Thompson, Mgr. Sequoyah Theatre Talking Pictures the Finest A Theatre equipped with the best the world affords. Page One Hundred Twenty-mne C. E. WEBER Naomi Beauty Shop Hardware, Furniture, Harness Uxvyhflf we say it is-it is" Tahlequahs Modcm We can and Will give you the Bust Service for your money Hardware 8z Furniture Store New Equipment Used Tahlequah Bakery CRESCENT Home Institute "We Back y- Northeastern" i PHQNE 500 Ph0I16 205 OKI? of Tahlequalfs Memories Page One Hundred Thirty B. F. PRICE SHOE STORE The Store with the Checker-Board Front We carry a full line of STAR BRAND AND BROWN BUILT SHOES AAA to EEE Sizes 0-Childrens to Ladies' 'id Gent's size I3 The Mrs. Mrs Board. Mrs Mrs. people believe in Northeastern and its posterity: Elo Bohannon: Guenther House: Girls: Room and Board, W. R. Covington: 206 Goingsnake: Girls: Room and Maud Hollandi I06 W. Morgan: Boys: Board and Room. Wiggins: 2l8 Mission: Girls: Room and Board. Mrs. Laura L. Bishop: Ill E. Shawnee: Boys: Light House- keeping. Mr. N. W. Reed: 502 Goingsnake: Boys or Girlsi Light Housekeeping. Mrs. Lucy Witt, 7l0 Vinita: Boys: Light Housekeeping. DRINKS SANDVJICHES VV S e incerely Appreciate Having the Honor of Serving the Students of Northeastern ...... . And NVe Hope That we can Continue Serving the Students and "Grads" of Northeastern Through the Coming Years. Stauss Drugs Phone I23 CANDY DRUGS Page One Humlrud 7.171-I'lIl-UI7 ashington Motor 00. ..'..-. v -- Authorized SALES '55 SERVICE Phone 70 Watch the Fords Go By I A School Teachers Twenty-third Psalm School teaching is my occupation: I am in want: It maketh me to lie down without supper: It leadeth me beside empty tables: It increaseth my debts: it leadeth me from the path of society for the lack of clothes. Yea. though I walk through life barefooted, I will fear not evil, for my friends will feed me. Thou preparest a reduction in my salary before me, in the pres- ence of my creditors: Thou failest to anoint my head with a hat: my expenses runneth over. And if I do not get a pay day, misery and poverty will follow me all the days of my life, And I will live on credit forever. Page One Hundred Thirty-two Bank With Us This institution is numbered among the oldest in the State. It was established in 1891 and has proven its usefulness to this com- munity continuously through the past forty-three yeras. We invite accounts from all who value a good connection. Any- one with a bank account should carry sufficient balances to com- pensate for the many services rendered. Our minimum require- ment of a 350.00 balance is to avoid a small monthly service fee. It should be the ambition of any one doing business with banks to develop an account worthwhile. A small account opened one day and checked out in the next few days is of no advantage to anybody and results in a loss to the bank handling it. Our facilities are available to all. You hurt yourself when you fail to maintain an account worthwhile. First National Bank D. O. Scott, Pres.. J. B. Pearson. Vice-Pres., H. B. Upton, Cashier Page One Hundred Thirty-three l i Use SINCLAIR: H-C GASOLINE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL OPALINE MOTOR OIL Richard Smith AGENT This space is contributed by Skelton-Waters Co. Marie S. Haddan Superintendent Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear Ruby Campbell Shoes, Groceries Assistant Superintendent Tahlequahy Oklahoma MAYES COUNTY Who Believe in Northeastern Phone 7,5 More good books should be in every home Bibles, Business Guides Cook Books The Southwestern Co. lEstablished 18685 G. B. Dryden, Gharles Sims, Repres. J. C. BARBER GENERAL MERCHANDISE 'Io the left is one of two brick pil eastern as memorials. Page One Hundred Thirty-four es and placed on the campus of North On the pages of The IQ3 5 gXLQTClI6CL.SCl8TTl Qlnnual . . . . . march the memories of the happiest days of your life-days you will live over in later years again and again. Preserved in pictures in your book, the romances, the friendships formed, the athletic victories, the little things of big importance will return to you in times to come with thrills that are ever fresh. We are glad to have had a part in the production of this book, and our wishes go with each of you. The College Studio Page One Hundred Thirly-five Wm V 99' Qf -1 4 - A+ 1- 11- , ,j A XXAll5Rl.UU NUANH X1lNNl-.-XPLJI Iowa Okla. Minn. PAILIL' Om- Humlrml 'IN'Y1lI'IU'.Xl.X School Jlnnuals and Weigh Grade atalogue 'work are Qwr Specialty D Witlu the Nlost Modern Equipment in every department of our plant we of- fer discriminating buyers an opportun- ity to secure High Grade School An- nuals and Catalogues at moderate prices and with an unsurpassed personal in- terest and service for every job. Specialization insures a better product with assured economy-that's why we specialize, and are equipped for this class of printing. Dozens of schools in four states are numbered among our customers for school annuals. 0 l PRINTING DEPARTMENT OF 'Tme arpenter KPTGSSJU Oswego. Kansas Page One Hundred Thirty-seven 1 1

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