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. I wx I K- rg! UBS? i Q ' RM ..- ', ' D ,J Jgyi' Q, ' .J -QT? rj" M JJ Grd" fag swf' KJV Q ,ff N ,' 'F-.rf I if , Q ,Q iiigxxgglfffo KQV T' I .Pip QPJRNL qgrfgbx '- W SJ Lg ' Q" 1 pp J-76 ' ,J H M XQQW ks! W 9j'1X-fa 'yn K gm f jx. G J . 1 ,N 'sl' A b 2 is A X AJP if-lx 4 'rg , W Xkiix 5-VI Bxllxxiv-fr! rf?-2 M' or V-. , A: w.- ,- 4- -uf- NOFRTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA A 8m IVI COLLEGE Miami, Oklahoma Presents A HTHE' CAMPUS," starring. .. THE OPPORTUNITIES TO ATTEND . . . Dr. D. D. Creech President Dr. D. D. Creech, President, dictates to his secretary, Mrs. Virginia Woods. Northeastern Oklahoma AELM College affords multiple opportunities for students as they begin their educational program. This school is a comprehensive junior college dedicated to meeting the needs of the individual student. The school is large enough to provide for optimum oppor- tunities and yet small enough to serve the individual. Counseling services are provided to aid in the selection of a program of study. Special developmental courses are available and emphasis is being given to the develop- ment of new courses and programs. Students seeking special aid are able to participate in individual help programs including special tutoring and counseling. The choice of study areas is equivalent to those offered by most senior colleges. Many opportunities for financial assistance are offered through scholarships and work positions. Students seek- ing financial aids are assisted through the Director of Financial Aids. Early application will enhance the possi- bility of securing financial assistance. The comprehensive junior college is the college of today and tomorrow. Sincer ely, ,JJ D. D. Creech President DDC lvw 2 IG Dr. Creech, who participates in functions for students, accepts a trophy from a student athlete. . THE PHYSICAL FACILITIES . T9 I The Fine Arts Center is the focal point for dramatic productions, art work, speech, foreign language, and humanities. This newly constructed Center has a theatre with approximately, 1000 seating capacity. This theatre is used for local dramatic productions and as a center for co-curricular activities for the student body. The classrooms and offices encircle the theatre. -f-iff Ables Hall houses the Vocational-Technical Division. Facilities in- clude laboratories and classrooms for electronics, drafting and design, nurses' training, air-conditioning, auto-mechanics, welding, and other technologies and are completely environmentally con- trolled. Copen Hall is designed for instruction in business, home econom- ics, and music. The wing of the building housing the music de- partment is equipped with individual practice rooms and a spacious band rehearsal room. The remainder of the first floor is allocated to the Business Division. The second floor includes an ultra- modern home economics school, including five fully equipped pastel kitchens, a well-provided sewing room, and a combination dining room-lounge. , .t I I' I' i 'i - I' 1 af :NLQ..i.'::l1 F21 f',l'gYii:fi:i1'5f ,, . ,Milli ' W - galil'-' '.,15':,2g,4. LI? II? " '7w"'ii'-fa -: IFJ ' 'ff .l,.1g,eg.L, .f. ., 'I V V 'If .fVI3'3f't, , .51 diy an I Q 1.--mg. eo- I It 11 I' The Health and Physical Education Center includes ultra-modern facilities for men's and women's physical education, including weight facilities, swimming pool, dressing facilities, and tumbling. Also, the center serves as the center for all varsity basketball activities. 3 ,--Hi?" if si nf, , im, V-.. 1 Y ,. ,i.,:. Library-Administration Physical Education for Women Interior of library-second floor E ll ll Shipley Hall Malin , : l xl '11 J .. , ,,!. --w . I A.W,-,.,,.- . Q Q W A La l f 1 nl in Q -' x 5-if EPS v, . .- ..-3 ,,: .4- 32 -. .JH - -1 . fc '- 1,- H--1, , -,rx - -A., ,f F- -'L-.-f,Qf'i- ,m"QcfQg.4 - .Qf+',vi15". ,x . .rf-. A 'girl 5' 5 ' ' ' QQI ff ng'-L fg,f,- 1:gLjg:'- 4 .V -V , bi Lx I . "' ' f. ""- 1 . ' ,Qfi t ' ' H' 1-A-14. 5 P!-79 1312? v "5 '--'J' l z1"':'g,i.45 1 .ff ' '-'J' ,. 'ig ' i ' , :. Q3 - 41 fe gf ai.. 'rlifjgvl 1 . 1' miie-ffl. 1:--- l 1 ff" iw 51 f i-E ' -Kfw'f3S.r3:mA:- " 'i 3 ' M'--fi' " '11 5v,?'.':F:'-h Q-' 132, f-.-E 2 ff, T, Q. 1 f" ' ' 55522151334 mf, new fm- fn ff' "" " qf "' q"'L:? I F i""3"'g' "f' 1- :TEPVFFQ V .Sf 7 i ', -3' fag ,, , ..:e:uk -,X '17 7SfT,'1'Q . YN. . I ' Q. H 'M' . 7 75 :-f am' "J Aryan .,4,,.f-:.f1.,. ' ..:-ff' -f--1-1-, 4,1-V., 5.-w - dw 'T , J ' , K A . will-5 -L., J.!fu1ii'4t6 .---ff-7,4 6 V255--xr 3:3115-32"T,K' , " ' 1- 3:52211 J-QEH'-5.3:-11:f1 f:S:!99Y"1 .-?.z1'H-rf 445 btiws 'f"f""-- .." r f : .1 - ., "'v, . .. ' ... . -, di., 1.9. .iw '-1 I, - . , f fnuziih, if 4'--- 1-.-.'3f2w-- 'L - V Cunningham Hall , M f-' - Y -- . . ' -- ' L 1 ' . Q' . ' ' Harrill-Dobson Halls THE LIBRARY-ADMINISTRATION BUILDING is the center of administrative activity and contains one of the finest libraries'found in a junior college, one section of which is pictured, indicating the quality of materials and equipment offered the stu- dent for study and research. The Data Processing Center is also located here. THE WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION BUILDING houses some ofthe women's physical education programs not included in the Health Center. SHIPLEY HALL serves primarily as a classroom building, housing the English Department, the Social Studies Division, the Mathematics Depart- ment, and the office of the Dean of Men and Financial Aids. CUNNINGHAM HALL is designed to give every modern facility necessary for science and agricultural laboratories and classrooms. It houses the Agriculture Division, the Chemistry Department, and the Biological and Earth Science Division. Vann Hall Russell Hall ' -wwf'-' .. ' - 'T -- ' ...QL . "Ti if-'Qf'52l".f2-1?:",'g, in Q , t 752' '- 5 --T- LQ.. . ,Lanz Dyer Hall HARRILL-DOBSON HALLS are the latest dormi- tory additions to the campus. Harrill Hall houses approximately 200 men and Dobson Hall the same number of women. The two are joined by a spacious common lounge, the lower level of which is a snack bar. DYER HALL is a men's dormitory housing approximately 200 students. VANN HALL is a women's dormitory housing approximately 150 students. RUSSELL HALL, a men's dormitory, houses 200 students. . THE ACTIVITIES . ,ir- .....e,, pa.,-V , . --f , ,M 'W - - mf - - QQWEJ--'.:-'.sz.'sr4f.i'i4.:' .. - ,- --W .- ' ' - - . 4' -: - --:.4- ' " fl , ' "'fJ:'3l"14Ifl'Ja 2215,-B, ,k , ,. ,.,, essay ,Ph-sk -' V ..--r-255 .1 -M:,, , - .4 .T fra. -r5-4 - St., yu "VJ ,--:j,jT- - 1' -s"': u- -fwc-7,.J'- Qg1g5,'fiZf2L:41ff1ii 'f ., as-aff , , .-, "' -V in: f--- -- vfzsf. -4---. r -AL -.. ' - "1 ff.-.I-feet.. QP.-f ' ,gg ,cm A-.5 15,151.14-EP, , x 'lr -.f-'f:1r1':1. .V f. . ' -'srl' -- -' ' af'-1-, - The Bruce G. Carter Student Union is the center for many activities for students. Also, the Union houses the cafeteria and food services, the game room, and the bookstore. Student ID Cards are checked by faculty members as they at- tend a football game, one of the numerous varsity sports offering activity for the student. Student coordinated activities and events, such as the Tar Creek recreation project, are important to most students. Co-curricular activities are so numerous that students may need time to plan these so as not to conflict with study patterns. L... 9 Pep rallies give the student the opportunity to support his school and a chance for personal involvement. ,f - Cheerleading tryouts are vigorous activities attracting numerous Visiting in Carter Student Union is an interesting pastime for many young ladies interested in this activity. students. E! Q 4 -' r . t - J B-Ego, S -. 9 G wi' v,v, Exit i ' '. - I f , I 2 - ,Az 4' 'I 4 A student reception at the beginning of each school year is an The interested student participates in activities to promote proiects activity offering the individual the opportunity to acquaint himself of personal interest. with fellow students and faculty. The symbol of athletic activity available to the student is Odin, Norse mascot. 7 Aw, V A AA AA A Aw" W A Kim W W' ' ,W ,AMA A A Y , A 'Zh . M" O A. AA, AQ M. 3 wg Eiq 1 A, WW.. ,JAM Wi 'wN1Af.f AA.' M wg ,JA1i" f 1 . 'WMEV A N A WAN' , W A' A1 A A ' umwi Y W ww, ,..AwA,, 'M A1 VAQzr"'N H15 A AFAWWAAI A' 'Av ,, A . Ja'-A M1555 ' r."1A,4v':A A v A A fe? All A ,,AAfI-,Vx W Q - QW" A M 37 A 'Y Am 5 MAA M , ,WAN wi .AM h w!! A AAAAAAAAAM X M an v M" fi www 33Af+fwE39 Y v A KA WU? AAA " GA M .A .VW Avi'-'.,,, ,AAA H3 . A "1 'ww' An , ,MAA ,af W Aw 1,11 A' - f ,A '24 A N ,A N w lmrl .' A A- ,IAA -AAAAA. A, AA ,,A ,A AAA 'AX' -'- A AA N? ,ASW QA H, l ' Q: "yu AAA, X KW W Aff S At1fwE1wW?AAw ,Awww ' A AA W AA,-.AAAAAAAA 1' AAA .AM QA PAQ 'i "'75lf.' 'fi Af. N ALM: 5411. L 1 M255 -AAN' V' -IAA3 ,WI ,A.. ' W? MQAAAAYA A'?,WeAAE 535' j A Student enthusiasm and "school spirit" at Northeastern Oklahoma A8ilVl College are ex- emplified in numerous manners. Each year the student body gives magnanimous support to all athletic endeavors, providing the essential "spirit" necessary for championship programs. This "spirit" is indicated by the evening pep rally lleftl to support the Norse football pro- gram. The enthusiasm portrays the image "once a Norseman, always a Norsemanf' "School spirit" extends beyond athletic endeavors, however. Each year approximately 1,000 students provide a fabulous Christmas for approximately 350 children who might not otherwise have this opportunity. Students not only buy gifts, but most feel the "spirit" and exceed this by purchasing personal items for the children. This year the "spirit" has moved students to combine efforts with the faculty to provide a recreational area east of the main campus near Tar'Creek. A patio type area, with cook- ing facilities, is being constructed. Also, student "spirit" has searched to pro- vide the student with his own student-manned tutorial service. Aids have been provided in the dormitories for those students who feel the need for aid with special subjects. . . .THE CLASSROOM WORK. . . sa yn X gal l 'if , 3,1 :gl-ilglvsll 1 1, 44 'f' W 'f ' sk I YT '1 1f,..f.fi4,,,Lv:. 'ii i.,Q,,' 4 fi in ' ' V x ..AJ l, ' ,ffl I. -:Gif-2-a5fg.ff"ijg fL:EgH'zl2"i'f' 1 . fr , -' 7 ' f" ' Jfsfi'-fi" . Students receive individual instruction in the use of reading equipment from the reading specialist, Mrs. Payne. 4 QQQEMQ' Students in Home Economics learn the art of sewing, with personal projects to make the course complete. Q ' 3- . t -. 1 :,,.n'. - w . ,. 'gi pg, - J l qzvz. 19' I "f3'sif Q . FD. rig? "' xfc' 'Q 5 ' 4 I ' ' "- ' 'nutcbtl f 'auf . 1 H g R ' . ' ' fhwgiasmkk ' ' , . X! t .1 Q4 QT 10 "-,jj 0 . .Wal is A ' ' Il, .1 'Q 2 ".' Stl Proper procedure in handling a football is essential for good performance during a contest. I0 3 Concentration during class is essential for mastering the subject. Not all work is reading and writing, but some is practical application of these. Students pause briefly from a busy classroom schedule for the cameraman. f ff I W , " ' -, fg' 6? . f 07" '51 If in 'P if X ,L 1- 3 ' f it 4 ' -lfffeafril --1 ' 3 - ' 9 ,X -J ,V .QQQ59 I W ' fa' . . X ni " ' l 1,-,', ,IL ' -f" i ,. QW lliiil -- , fb e if 1 fight .i X , Ll 'F' 4 l -fl gi 4 ' ' tg ' 1 li' J. .Iwi .V E3 , U css - 's if ,,-g-1, .. g ,,.- . - J Ti 'X A 1 -v.. -3' - -0 1 ., fs-. - ., I 1' Pm.. .V if S 1t ' . - EA! , mst ' - , . "ffm iff: Q :mill ji.Igaj"1i'!L'S,41,52'2'lf 'Q 3.11113 ' " sepia. bu rr M M--4.+1+-ef+':.1.1ees. f' 4-1- .. 'Qi Classes often visit related areas for viewing application of class- room materials. AE' Library facilities are utilized by the students for study and re- search and by the faculty for certain classroom assignments. A'll l JG Some interesting ideas are exchanged outside the classroom door. lifliigw' Automotive technology pursues both classroom instruction and application of the techniques learned. iw ii llgl13llllI.".l1REl'g H ,ijlzvifl Ii x X , r -Z.. , Home Economics is an interesting field of study for women stu- dents, but is becoming increasingly popular for men students. 'Il . .THE WORK PROGRAMS. . Student secretaries take applications from students who adopt children for the an- nual Christmas party sponsored by the Student Senate. A Student trainer earns his college expenses by working with the athletic program. Bundling, labeling, and pricing books and other items are only responsibilities of the student employee in the college book store. Xl 2 a few of the work Each year Northeastern Oklahoma A 81 M College provides work situations for ap- proximately 350 students through the Fi- nancial Aids Office. These jobs enable the student who needs financial aid to earn funds necessary for him to attend college. Jobs range from maintenance to student secretaries and laboratory assistants and involve practically every phase of college life. These jobs also give job experience to the students involved. 1 , f gggliigg r H as R . J.-xl mi " 1, 'QP- 2 ' , ...W ffrypff? W : 'P-L i' - sits x I , 1 x ,, nl' , I 4i'2'f?i?: ' A ' 7 ' """i? YHEWW 1 13 Xi A i 1" .,' 54.4--' V I V - 1- :'i1" , fnrJ , V 4 X. sg. . i . at i i s ft 'Sn' -W L r ' if X , ii-:QQ sg gb i , t . it l lb X' -Y 1 . .-3 xx .19 5 Q' .V-V S- -V ,, 1 RJ I FY ,ill ,Q K N 1 r qi., V' K . Ut i f ? i .ltl1"?f+.? - ff, 21-!?,4:gi.i, .N A f l I 3, it J 4--a f , . J l . 1 ji H . -.., -.1 . A I -- : 1:3 M -:N l N? I l 3,51 'S 'IJLFYL' ' '- i -was s i, i, we ' lf' '5' 1 .""'.7 ' - ig ri 7,525 .. Q3 Y ,-,ft .. ,4 - , - H U W- I W V1 , , I e- xiii 'r ln' ""l++-153.2 '- ' ? 5 P f 'L ribs' V V' Student secretaries and assistants section classes during Students aid in utilization of data processing equipment as a regular enrollment. functional element of Northeastern A 8t M, as well as for class- work. Laboratory assistants provide essential assistance for many instructors, such as the assistance given by Carolyn Sellmeyer to Mrs. Georgene Payne in the reading laboratory. 13 . THE DORIVIITORY LIFE . Harrill Hall provides the male student with spacious quarters and study facilities as his home away from home. Each housing facility provides the student with a recreational lounge area. One of the most frequented is the common lounge separating Harrill-Dobson Halls. 14 i --...- lei Living facilities in Dobson Hall provide the student with a pleasant atmosphere and adequate facilities, including those necessary for study. Students living in campus housing are provided snack bar facilities in the lower level of the Harrill-Dobson complex. Adjacent to the snack facilities is a modern laundry facility. F l F is .W Eac ter mat ml 1 :Q J-.. L-A -dl' qm- A-F . Y .. . H .GH , 4 Not all dormitory life is centered within since students are provided comfortable seating facilities near each dormitory. mm fa attend their classes. This particular day ' y x. h housing facility has an information center at which students regis- when entering or leaving and at which visitors may acquire infor- ion about residents. ' 7 Each day students leave housing areas to the stroll between housing and the class- room was hampered by icy conditions. Life in campus housing begins for the student when he makes application for one of the numerous facilities available. Each year housing facilities are filled, so early application gives greater freedom for specific selection. at -W! -.. 4 -ran., Life in campus housing has one advantage not afforded the commu- ter, that of becoming well-acquainted with classmates who share living quarters and housing facilities. .NUIVIEFIOUS INDIVIDUALS. . relief IIIllIlI II III' h I ' I ' W' , Y g II .. . ,- V ,II I III enthusiasm. . . . . .self-expression . . .boredom and curiosity. . . .AND GRADUATION. If a student'sI ultimate goal is graduation, he can complete an Associate of Arts Degree in numerous fields of study. His credit hours will transfer to any college or university toward completion of his Bachelor Degree. l I .Nw . It l-lI' WI" I I' ..hH"" 4' YT -I I, X .I W I .IIg g I M Ig TABLE OF CCNTENTS G24 W if 1 IW 1 .,F' .WWF7:'l"'xX ' W, X X X W , X 1 " W 1 W WW M . XX W .W P ! WWWW 1 3' XWWW W WWW " ' 1 'Sf WW f E WWW WW WWWXWWW . W WW X XX X X 1 1 -11 Aisvfzf WW1 41W . WW WW WW W' Q? mm 'fu 1 X XX X W: Xwqge 1142 XX W 1 WW W WW W WW XXW XX XX 1WW W1 a 4.. X 'ft ' WW XvW,,X XXNM X X . H 1 WW' " XXWXWPKQS X X .X W Wf X11 W M ,Q WW W L 5' :W . . -., 5 W 1 1 ' 5 .WW " I1 .,.., .,., of Y. ' N?-EG WW WW I V x X-X X 'X W ,111 WW WW X ' - W1 WW .as-5gWXX1X - 11WWWWW 11 W , 5, X XWXXW X, Wf XWW XXX W1 W W -'H 4 I ' V Q. , ' .-L-Qi -F 1 -of F-lk" XXI., W f W .F A ' ' -' fl :-". af- ff ff? - fl" " 4' I ' 111 11 "" "' 1 r' 5 1W JWWWZ , :'3-"T 1117 f"11 11 111x1z1Sa ' -H'1 ,' W1111"" '-L?""111vW.. WW 3'5" ' 151 -- W W N WWWWW W ... WWW. ,..v,A. W - WWW . ,......, . J 1 1 -7 -G WT 2 ffl' , I ' , X X. , ,..X.XXXXXQg X WW .1W 1 .. 5 X353 L . pf. . .-gg .W W Xp S-1 . The Hcihorable Davld Hall A Governor of Oklahoma ,in . W 59.12 rl? 7 WW,WW,Wg1Q..W.,1 X ,?w'1W"', 1 ' 'fi .. WW 1 .MQW ' X WX X,,, XXXXX XX XXX Iil, .W,Q1. X X fwfa? ' 'sfif . Q31 ,.1WW1 vgggj - 1 W1 W1 Liga" 11, Mf57"11 ,REEF ' . if WW 1 1W:ggf f OKLAHOMA STATE REGENTS FOR HIGHER EDUCATION Exall English G. Ellis Gable E. T. Dunlap John J. Vater, Jr. S. F. Ditmars Chairman Vice Chairman Chancellor Secretary Assistant Secretary Goodwin Broaddus, Jr. Harry P. Conroy Donald S. Kennedy Joseph W. Morris William T. Payne BOARD OF REGENTS FOR THE OKLAHOIVIA STATE UNIVERSITY AND A 8i IVI COLLEGES James Ballinger Forrest Mclntire John C. Burwell Richard James Armon H. Bost President Excecutive Secretary Slate Board of Agriculture 1, ll 1 - "IIl.e.'i3T I' II I .- I Er Herman E. Duncan W. D. Finney Burke Healey H. C. Hitch, Jr. Robert H, Smith I ,rv 'Ae' z- 5113- ,piss I. F57 H3 J . 5 r ,, 'ggi - as 'gif h ,'Mi,,,,l,gL tfzixitsiffft - ,4 Administration and faculty don robes and hoods, symbolic of aca- demic achievement, to participate in graduation exercises. "" s.,, 99 WK. eg I I gf V? ig- 'Q 'll v.. nv- . f'-":'.-E?:.':1r',:s -.mfg ..- K- .I :rim :'..,,,'Hf--. "'-,,i'4..":,--,rg ' j . ' A ' 'I'-um 'il-big I Y. , i EVA.: ,,,,.iaP'll1r1AgW:: 'lfggw k'f!'vnu..::wgq-NI, 92,1 " '- -.Y :F-"'f.,,Fwn . J M1 1-n.,. ., . ,Rh .mi .I - If- I fi ' 2 -I M G" , - ,f,i'f5f'g 'X-W -' ., Q-Ig HEI Q ,.. , ..::,eE:,.,,1.,. ADIVIINISTFIATION- 'M N W FACULTY PRESIDENT ,c.A,Z0' C7-vggflff-flffvnf 4,-fln Cl1.,a,Zu7,4-VC Mfyw, M., L 1 A ! fauna! ,l I 71564,-I.,-'Q. ,ajrw -J C1444-vfL..Z7 -2. Enrollment, a time for constant consultation, finds Dr. Creech discussing enrollment pro- cedures with a student. Dr. D. D. Creech Dr. Creech chats with Kerry Potter icenterl and Marilyn Soukup concerning production of the 1971 VIKING. Dr. Cecil Ferree Academic Dean Mr. Grover: "Now what is he trying to get out of." Mr. Jones: "Well, you see, Sir ...... " Dean Ferree: "Here we go again." ACADEMIC DEAN Students, along with their parents, are always welcome to visit with Dean Ferree. The Dean spends many hours in conference, deciding what is best for the student. 23 REGISTRAR . . ., 25 Q tw A H- t A - i i 1. ,ixglgjfw .., ,Za . 3 W V .M 5 1 s eg i :fs 'El , J ,,. J rw, -, .X A J t , . ff z i Biff:-A4yg:'!' , S- 'lr' 1' hm-,Q ff' 'pf k fog. v' f 1 w : A 'lv xf . LM. A, , f-iff nw'-fg- ' - Q' -- 1 .Q-L -An - 4...-".-N' . W , fn Students wishing to drop or add classes must be processed through the Mrs, Elizagjeth Hufts registrar's office, thus keeping Mrs. Hutts very busy. Mrs. Jana Thompson Assistant Registrar 24 Registrar 2, yea., . Mrs. Thompson provides much information via phone calls during the day. fu . . -. 90: 2. .K IK. -- -ff f"' - kt 's 'M fat.. ,f...s -F. I 1 P l lll ll it ff' f an lllfihf' E5 BUSINESS MANAGER A Q K - lx w? I Mildred G, Carter Mrs. Carter confers with teachers, in this case with Mr. White, on various matters Business Manager of importance. L M... - -,fite,.-s..- W Q rf? .xggrnsi l " ' ,.. X " W -H l LAL. That look of bewilderment as Mrs. Carter ponders the many details in the management of college funds. gp Q .ii,eL 3 1 A ' "3 .V, g if I Another of her many responsibilities is the supervision of clerical duties. 25 ei DEAN OF WGIVIEN 5 5, fri.--.W li' l lv li ' t ,sisaw l l llufll 4 6 gf I .X 111, ww L. Aff X . 1 .sv 1.-1-X gl H ll, will ni- --'- J, f l -. 5.1 ..1v-" '4 - .. l 'won k .. f , X' -'- fs' "1 ?"'T'flI'f U ' 5 2' 4 yr I ixil is 4Jggii,.,,s.:,- H, 'W 4 r 5 Y f' 5 1 WJ W Q 1-s X e we v .1 .. fig-Ykgsfwgi-5 piling: 5.-71.1 if..-Q, A . , .. . 4' s-gf' 1'-ffgi. .' ..f-'Jrfiifli' . " ' , '-x 1 M ll l Dean Maxwell finds herself kept quite busy, fulfilling her new post and main- Ruth Ann Maxwell taining her old one as an English instructor. Dean of Women lj'+fm.i- -2-- X' will-"" . r,,l5,.J,,,,g Af' u.: .LL 'I Il.-'D ORSQIWSN 651.1 lflif L,lfl fl,5ftN' SIGN HERE.f..jg-LN 'R f4?r.'J41 st! 'ffjf' fifii' .mfs if '-mf d ww- gm .,... I rf -1- ' , '- .nf ' ,gf ,,,u.1..,., 5 -.1 ftqffh fps'-g fl' L-.user f- ...I-1214.51-'lf 'if -1- 1 f I fwmu ef .'- f ,, gf. -.,fn,r..4., ...q, Mirnffyyiltx ' - -A---M 3-f,.'g .2z'0t- .i..m,.. -. 2 i.."'Lef::'YIM 3 v A xgalaff.. diggs A 60.1 if s +-g.J , l - Dean MaxweIl's day includes helping girls with any problems they Being Norse Star Sponsor gives the Dean the opportunity to might have. display avid school spirit. 26 DEAN OF IVIEN 'im z x 5, 3. A. Robertson Our own "Winningest Coach" is now teaching European History. Dean of Men Golden ,jg-'A 'ff Norscmenff rf ll. Grace Ann Eddings keeps busy by sorting work study employment applica- Archie Gwartney tions. Assistant Dean of Men new Y 4 4' DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS 'mul ' f ..,: 7735 wi fvf i ,. L? 'ii I iwiumi li- Rt, - M.. rw 1-A Although a very busy man, Dean Angle always has time to Dean Angle, sponsor of the Student Senate, relaxes with his officers before the opening assembly. 28 talk with students. Dr. Charles Angle Dean of Student Affairs F 'L Ffh nv.- n.-- 1+ t - - nl . 1 ' ! 'r 1" l 3 , ll Office hours are very busy for Dr. Angle, with frequent consultations and nu merous paper work heading the activities. ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Marie Lair - Librarian Elizabeth Paine Librarian I I Joe Hudspeth Housing Director rim 'ii ii .. ,W QL , A ,,,:1f.v, ,. sw zfgiibiefci M ' D ' ' anan yer U A HOSIGSS Q V Bruce Lehman Kenneth Wilson Counselor Counselor 29 DIVISION OF AGRICULTURE Jary Douglas Harry Synar Chairman It-2 Agriculture Agriculture J C Miller Agriculture The Agriculture men. ,f--1 Department produces many outstanding young DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL AND EARTH SCIENCE 'qt i Charles Bowman -af away 53t,'5.,.r:-stan.: t,4.,.-,m.1..- M. Athletic Director W.--1 gf?-gsizrfimlrllf' 'ffm .... U . , . . ,ar " ' 1 V xwFqf!Qrf ' 1, ' , I 'A 'v V'-.1 f . ' in-, HM -'i at 3 'i I 'mrs w g I ,, f X, ,E I , , 1 ,,. . Qi get 'i an -- i f - 1 Nigga, it -I, 13 1 DOH CHSKGY -, ' Tx X" ' - . 5 Ev- lf' Botany 3 ,WA S1 N .fl V , Q I Ala i T745 ' Q I ' C' ' ii w g -A 1 f' A a.,1 3k',.l?l ,, II' f ,. it 'I ,F ., '-:MGP ITG - L ' David Dallas f ,- JA If f H A1 1-1151 - 3-N, t 1' 4, , 'jarfaifgsqt . Q It , I I ,: 3 15, 5 , w e ' gf Biological Science Mr. Dallas and his Botany class discover there is more to a tree than mere beauty. Waymon Gibson Chairman Biological Science Cletus Green Basketball, Physical Education Richard Gwinn Football, Physical Education Robert Maxwell Baseball, Physical Education Samuel Wells Geology 30 Rose Wilkins Physical Education DIVISION OF BUSINESS Joe Holland Business Joetta Melton ' Business ,V TVUS Ava Shenfvood I Business Homa Thomas Chairman Business George Weaver Business Marie Williams Business Vernon Young Business Mrs Sherwood talks with Mr Gwartney and other faculty Mrs. Melton checks her class enrollment sheets before members classes begin. Mr. Holland assists a student, with proper procedure in a machines class. I: . I ' - M John Hammons 'L I, . . 5, , R Bob Anderson Philosophy Raymond Boyd Engl ish Doris C. Burnes Languages Nicholas Calcagno Humanities Helen Durham English Pauline Gibson English Jerold Graham Speech X gg f I I English l page DIVISION OF COMMUNICATIONS Flogena Harrison English Dr. Weldon Marcum Literature-Old Testament Dramatics Jack Rucker Donald Nichols Georgene Payne Developmental Reading English Clair Tromsness English Louise Tyler Shirl White English Chairman Speech Bob White Speech Bobby Woods Journalism DIVISION OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE, AND MATH il- -It-9 Jerry Hollis Chemistry Mathematics , 15 47" K, p un 'wif I Now, which one of you "college students" missed this one? Faculty Senate President, Eugene Prevett, third from left, poses with some other members of the Senate. Gracie Coble Mathematics Ed Hammons Mathematics Steve Hawkes Chemistry -i!'Ykg,y,, sf' 'fly-JJ I pi,-l I gr-X, And wh John J. Micka Chemistry Oran Need Mathematics Eugene Prevett Mathematics John Thiesing Mathematics , H - ' 51 xt 1. I, I ,ft at does this have to do with chemistry? J' DIVISION OF FIN I II, Ill I fglrggl eff: I iii I iq' 1 its ll, :J N W, rK'm.g, Robert Swanson Music-Band Bonnie Synar Home Economics Charles Thomas Music E ARTS DeMaris Gaines Music Mary Mann Home Economics Kathryn Paige Art Kenneth Richards Chairman Music DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES William Bennett Social Sciences William Call Sociology Richard Cook Law Enforcement E. J. Grieshaber Chairman Social Sciences Ray Judkins History-Physical Education Rufus Maynard Social Sciences AI Moffatt Sociology Don Flominger History-Physical Education il 192' DIVISION OF TECHNOLOGY Joe Ables Chairman Vocational-Technical Leonard Bachman Drafting Elmo Benedict Vocational-Technical Merrill Chaney Woodworking Eldon Divine Vocational Technical Eulah Duncan Practical Nursing Helen Eli Practical Nursing Help can be found outside of classroom as well as during class time from conscientious teachers, such as Mr. Luster. Leland Kordis Electronics Bernard Luster Vocational Technical Dr. Clark McQuigg L. C. Melton Carol Ann Morris Practical Nursing James Reese IBM I, I J. D. Wilhoit I Drafting Physics Auto Mechanics sg' ' "t5r1f,,3jw1- A ww H m m H H I R x 1,a.f,'. . V W l I r ,uw , .ww uw . .uf 1 W ' ' 1 v-.Z . 'Q.J:: "Q: 'A fi' . -5 32 f '- f L ' '23 ,il rv, ,, "!' . X., H 0, -5? 1 I-5' Wm Q-6, ' Y LFHQ FL' 5' '. ,5 nl' QM WS., E ,nll fl. igwflg ga . ..,. - vp.-,:,,n,,, ,-,A , ,Y-EQ, . A fww' - Q, M", ' ' 3.1 ' Q AQ - fu-V-, E Ai Ifft, X ' 'ww 452: Q55 N, ir' R . 'QL , i . 4 E if 5 L-L - ...,.g,'p ,MQ 4, if 1,1 N2 :iw E. 4 52. .h is A ' T' Li V ..W,,.: Q. 1 5' 1' - x ,NL in W K, ' ,K -fr. ' - W ' Y , A . .W lisa. A .A L . R 5 M , ,"e,vJnl!3' 'M '. ,J Q1-l 1 ,' - V A . .W :E ML if, f ffm f A-195 ' 4.-ff K' W 53665525 Q-, - -I , 'P L '- . Q TRL lj-: 'FQ' '.1,x- '9 '- lm 1 ' .,:I'Q.v -, ' 1 9-, V f ff ' 1" i' W 1 W 1 f' 3, 1 9, - ,, 5 2- 'En 1,7 'V. .,: gl-gf .11 VA 5 :rf J-' QQ-gf ' - W ' , -"' J Q1.s,wMw,Q ' Q, 1 P E Ji" . 'Mix f mg I IE 3. ,., "'3I-57 , 2,4 ..., gli' . 2335 -5 K' H' F' 7-A in N" A ' GE wwf - 'vt' " 'i,- if? if" :E--ii A53-5' 'E " ' V ' -- " . ,.'it:1I:ig:,. ,ig-1 -sj ,' , ,gif fx Q S if K ' , 1:-, 3 f 2 -f Q' ge , r Q -'S 2 125 'T ,- W 'mf ., fm? M' E si-gf ' SOPHOIVIOFRES J ,, W Ng Q' .. ,A IN- in 111 fa.: ess 5 .Ox .. tm, N A i 'SV ag , i , ' I ,V Vi: . Q Lea? in I ,tv ,AJ ',5 . ,tit '. aff? " 54 , A wifi' 1-f ""'Wm..- V V I iii 'KX R F I' OFFICERSX' Ron RohmiIIer,vPresidentg Cathy Henry, resident. Bac 1"Pat Taylor, Secretaryg Gail Student nate Representativeg Eddie Student Senate Representative. f Abrams, Joy Adkins, Kathy All, Harold Allan, Cindy Allen, Dale Allen,,Jackie Allen, Steve Ameri, Masoud Andreatta, Byron Anspaugh, David Archdale, Gene Armstrong, Earl Aston, Thomas Ayres, Brenda Baldwin, Jim Baldwin, Steve Baker, Don Baldridge, Scotty Ball, Katherine Ballard, Christopher Bandy, Bonnie Barr, Dianne Bary, Mike Bates, Frederick English Home Economics Veterinary Medicine Business Pharmacy Computer Science Engineering Engineering Hotel and Restaurant Fine Arts Business Art Drafting Physical Education Political Science Agriculture Business Business Business Liberal Arts Home Economics Business Education Business Agriculture Bartlesville Tulsa Oklahoma City Tulsa Commerce Afton Tulsa Iran Coffeyville, Kansas Oklahoma City Miami Nowata Tulsa Welch Miami Edmond Bristow Miami Dewey Malibu, California Kansas City, Missouri Dewey Tulsa Locust Grove fqy"",, .- 1 'fi 'P ' '3 f- ii ' , 1, ,. , N3 r fab- :, 'T7 ffm. fx, 'fv- x X , K' f' , km lx'-YJ' X x K I by X ' we f , A" ii ' .H ..,r it an-., gm Wit? Hx 'N Baum, Kathy Beard, Cathie Benbrook, Larry Bennett, Jo Ann Berry, Sondra Bivins, Jerry Black, Bill Blaine, Sherry Blair, Matt Blakemore, Joe Boling, Steve Booth, Miles Boots, Rita Bousum, Chris Bowen, Marilyn Bowles, James Bowlin, Brenda Bowlin, Linda Bowman, Bill Box, Mary Lou Boyd, David Brace, Thomas Bradford, Keenan Brady, Joe Journalism Home Economics Mathematics Data Processing Business Education Business Agriculture History Physical Education Agriculture General Engineering Sociology Business Home Economics Wildlife Conservation Physical Education Physical Education Animal Science Business Education Animal Science Mid-Management Computer Science History Miami Miami Miami Commerce Grove Beggs Broken Arrow Miami Dayton, Ohio Tahlequah lnola Miami Centerville, Kansas Tulsa Fairland Jay White Oak White Oak Skiatook Commerce Fairland Ashtabula, Ohio Tulsa Miami Brammer, Douglas Branch, James Branch, Sondra Branch, Thomas Bremer, Terry Breau ne, Roberta Brinker, Donald Brinkman, Chris Broome, Robert Brown, Bobby Brown, Patricia Bullard, Randy Burcham, Michael Burks, Vickie Burn, Don Burnside, Patsy Bush, Judy Butler, Bobby Butler, Diana Butler, Jim Buzzard, Judy Buzzard, Sherry Bynum, Nelda Cain, Donna Pre-Dental Animal Science Home Economics Political Science Speech Medicine Social Science General Business Drafting and Design Elementary Education Veterinary Medicine Poultry Business Arts and Science Physical Education Secretarial Science Draft and Design Business Physical Education General General English Business Metairie, Louisana Cleveland Miami Miami Aurora, Missouri Miami Parkersburg, W. Virginia Hamilton, Ohio Tulsa Miami Vinita Welch Jay Dewey Tulsa Bluejacket Sand Springs Fairland Bartlesville Midland, Texas Quapaw Grove Commerce Sapulpa -1-ig.-, '-leaf' : wa- X153-. f . - ati- ' ' ,eff .-5 agar.- A ' liirwrzt, 0, Eglfizwz T , pl ie! M., ez 1 tf2iEe?if:tz-is t Gefeffwaifl .gn "7n."..7' l T ,"f- ff? in-g-gl' 7 , ,, ,115 -L wr' .. Qi: ' wi. A 'K if ll ' l my A1-ff' -1' a . f' , .,m,., ,, 1 ,l . W Y A H -Q t as l ,N A lx EB' "' 1 . l at 5 -,....1 QM? ' N, ., 5 1.""" A ,wx a W yi if nl , K1 i l 'ki f sf-'L 11 7 1 iizg-I--Z-v'.-Fai ' .'55'E. S 'P":Z-?-Z-?':1'-Z- ' 4 1: -1 B .-553 Q-.-.".-::.-.. '-., :::.' .. 1. -'-EZ'-I-'L"Zf - ' 51a'i'5,. 4 -91:5-PZ-i-afy'E5::. 'desi :zz I-az'-1' :-:km::21:21E .P my Campbell, Gary Campbell, Mike Campbell, Ronny Carney, Richard Carney, Roy Carter, Betty Cartner, Robert Castoe, Danny Chan, Anita Chaney, Brenda Chastain, Freddie Cherry, John Clements, Dennis Clemons, Don Codding, Larry Collier, Clay Collins, David Collins, Gary Commons, Randy Connie, Irene Cook, Bruce Cook, Melvin Cooper, Doug Corbett, Mike Computer Science Business Business Administration General Physical Education Social Science Law Computer Science Computer Science Business Education Agriculture General Animal Science History Business Business Sociology Business Animal Science Elementary Education Psychology Designand Drafting Pre-Vete ri nary Wild Life Conservation Ardmore Miami Tulsa McAlester Commerce Vinita Tulsa Adair Hong Kong Miami Morris St. Louis, Missouri Dexter, Iowa Tulsa Copan Bartlesville Miami White Oak Baxter Springs, Kansas Vinita Bartlesville -Miami Virginia Bartlesville Cordray, Lynn Cornelison, Loretta Cossairt, Jim Covey, Stanley Cox, Mary Louise Crosswy, Wayne Creker, Robert Crow, James Crow, Randy Cunningham, Rick Dainty, Maureen Daum, Andy Davis, Melinda Davis, Paul Dearman, Roy Deaton, Gary Deems, Connie Deen, Albert Dick, Tom Diebold, Gregg Dillon, Susan Donaho, Tony Douglas, Brenda Douglas, Charles Home Economics Business Drafting and Design Agriculture Home Economics Business Computer Science Computer Science General Animal Science Medical Technology Fo restry Home Economics Business Quality Control Drafting Home Economics Pre-Law Psychology Computer Science Home Economics Pre-Veterinary General Criminal Justice White Oak Jay Commerce Locust Grove Fairland Miami Tulsa Miami Moore Big Cabin Miami Carrollton, Illinois Tulsa Bluejacket Stilwell Tulsa Miami Adel, Georgia Jay Miami Bartlesville Owasso Welch Miami ff 'U'- fd.. AW .V 1 'im ' W! l 5 S l ' 5 7 1 i l Vi, A i lu ,E l f " iw t- 4 tt Y , A 'W ' I X C V i QL ' 1 T ' T i J' Ns 'swf it T ,, ,a 5" I ,V V .l . ,, 5.5:-. , F '1' A 1 12 'Z' ' Q-4 . 'J ,,'- rr r , T" .N :J A 35-Q.-515' i tal ,A . 4. ..,,1-1...,i.t ' ,.w1,aaVgq1a wwfm iff, is-X as fl ' flii lii 1' Elf r--,. ii, Qs du., Dowdy, Doug Draper, Glenn DuBose, Ernie Dumas, Diana Duncan, Jack Duree, Bill East, David East, Debbie Eastwood, Kenneth Eaton, Steve Eccles, Faye Edwards, Barry Elliott, Jean Ellis, Gary Ellis, Ron Elmore, Cheryl Epps, Janice Erwin, Walt Essex, Lawson Evans, Pam Fairres, Roger Fare, Tim Fialho, Ernie Fields, John Engineering Data Processing Business Computer Science Journalism Electronics Engineering Business Animal Science Physical Education Nursing Business Physical Education Agriculture Draft 81 Design Pharmacy Business Management Agriculture Education Home Economics English Business Education Business Business Tulsa Tulsa Sarasota, Florida Tulsa Collinsville Picher Miami Quapaw Centerville, Kansas Kansas City, Missouri Nowata Tulsa Okmulgee Checotah Commerce Dewey Dewey Tulsa Miami Bartlesville Miami Miami Brazil Miami Fink, Galen Fischer, Charlotte Fisher, Paul Fond, George Foreman, David Forrest, Wendell Forth, Rick Fortner, John Paul Foster, Cheryl Foster, DeWayne Foust, Barbara Foust, Kenneth Fouts, Janie Fox, Walter Fradd, Todd Fritz, Nancy Fugate, Terry Galley, Kathy Gardner, Joe Garetson, Pat Garner, Evona Gavellas, Jim Gerfen, Gail Gibbs, Dudley Animal Science Psychology General Agriculture Forestry Elementary Education Physical Education Air Conditioning Business Business General Business Business Administration Electronics Technician Business Secretarial Science Drafting and Design Business Computer Science Liberal Arts Design and Drafting Mechanical Technology Fort Scott, Kansas Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Maysville, Arkansas Copan Tulsa Owasso Miami Broken Arrow Miami Bartlesville Wyandotte Pom pton Lakes, New Jersey Miami Drumright Tulsa Miami Vinita Tulsa Tulsa Dewey Medical Technology Cushing Electronic Engineering Miami swans, f eine W-wl5s,r Fw QM it l 'S-1 .il- 'Hifi-" sin. 2517 '55 Gleidt, Roger Glory, Traile Goder, Geral Goldsberry, Larry Goodwin, Gary Goodwin, Kathy Gower, Larry Graham, Sharon Graham, Terry Grayson, Charles Green, Larry Green, Robert Griffin, Tim Grundy, Phil Haff, Gary Hagan, Bill Hall, Melvin Hallman, Boyd Hampton, Kathy Hanna, Gail Harman, Stephen Harnden, David Harrell, Aaron Harris, George Draft 81 Design Agriculture Business History Engineering Data Processing English Elementary Education Business Business Business Business Political Science Electronics Woodworking Agriculture Sociology Civil Engineering Education Home Economics Education Computer Science Business Administration Animal Science Quality Control Fairland Hulbert Broken Arrow Tulsa Anadarko Fairland Miami Wyandotte Wyandotte Miami Pryor Cardin Tulsa Tulsa Sand springs Rogers, Arkansas Brighton, Tennessee Drumright Grove Locust Grove Ardmore Tulsa Chelsa Brooklyn, New Yo rk Harrold, Alice Harryman, Dave Hartman, Leann Held, John Henderson, Robbie Hendren, Larry Hendryx, Dennis Henley, Malcolm Henry, Cathy Hess, George Hibbard, James Hicks, David High, Martin Hill, Brenda Hill, Scott Hilton, Ronald Hinkle, Vickie Hobbs, Loretta Hoggett, Jeanne Holden, David Holden, Vicki Hollandsworth, Bonnie Hollis, Brenda Hoppock, Rae Dean Elementary Education Physical Education Elementary Education Business and Law English Auto Technology Agriculture Business Physical Education Education Agriculture Auto Technology Business Administration Education Business Wildlife Conservation Elementary Education Business Business Com puter Science Theatre Elementary Education Business Elementary Education Miami Quapaw Commerce Bartlesville Elkhorn, Wisconsin Jay Jay Tulsa Tulsa Pensacola, Florida Cushing Commerce Bartlesville Beggs Cedar Falls, iowa Pryor Miami Adair Tulsa Miami Talala Bristow Miami Edna, Kansas K . .-,...g N: y W 1 -an-1 , Qty' tv, , 35' as I Want! 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W9 l Q , is z'Q'T' Cl ' 4 'XJ 0, fs if ,x if wx I Houston, Kent Howe, Steve Huggans, James Hughes, Lou Anne Hulen, Deborah Humble, Catherine Humphrey, Guy Hunt, Ron lhle, Bill Isley, Jim Jackson, Billy Jackson, Paul Ray Jacoway, Anthony Jaffarzadeh, Ahmed James, Gary James, Shelly Jarvis, Alan Jeffery, Bobbi Jimison, Bill Johnson, Danny Johnson, John Johnson, Vicki Jones, Debbie Jones, Patricia Agriculture English Wildlife Conservation Home Economics Art Education Elementary Education Biology Computer Science Business Veterinary Medicine Pre-Engineering Accounting Sociology Biology Physical Education Psychology Accounting Business Education Computer Science Electronics Physical Education Psychology Social Science Business Altamont, Kansas Tulsa Pryor Joplin, Missouri Miami Vinita Miami Miami Bristow Sand Springs Salina Copan Chelsea Iran Claremore Oklahoma City Miami Commerce Bartlesville Miami Bixby Parker, Kansas Miami Miami Jones, Robert Jordan, Bill Journeycake, Jack Kammerzell, Sid Keller, Larry Kelly, Amos Kendrick, Robert Kennon, Grady Kersh, William Key, Clara Key, Tim Kincaide, Steve King, Sammy King, Tom Kirk, Walter Knight, Betty Koesler, Mike Koesler, Rene Korner, Barry Kramer, Tommy Kreidler, Dan Kroeker, Mike Krumrey, Alvin Kuntz, Robert Speech Business Business Mechanical Technology Business Fish and Wildlife Sociology Technical Theatre History Elementary Education Mortuary Science Design and Drafting Electronics Math General Home Economics Business Wildlife Conservation Engineering Agriculture Physical Education Physical Education Political Science Wildlife Conservation Sand Springs Fairland Miami Vinita Centerton, Arkansas Miami Bluejacket Tulsa Miami Locust Grove Locust G rove Nowata Afton Dewey Tulsa Welch Vinita Vinita Bartlesville Tulsa Clewiston, Florida Chouteau Miami Tulsa "x K rr'-iffl Z? ,I an ' - If S + ,gkyr Landon, Joe Lane, Freddie Lane, John Lanham, Dale Larkin, Lee Lay, Tom Lee, Raymond Lehman, Linda Lehrman, Gary Lessley, Mike Lewis, Gary Lightfoot, Monroe Little, Patsy Lobaugh, Gary Lomax, Wayne Long, Jerry Lowery, Wayne Lowry, Patsy Lunsford, Ray Lukas, John McAfee, Bobby MoClane, Danny McClellan, Anna McClellan, Junior Accounting Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Agriculture History Electronics Business Elementary Education Business Agriculture Drafting and Design Pharmacy Education Business Mid-Management Business Physical Education Home Economics Agriculture General Agriculture Mechanical Technology Home Economics Mechanical Technology Jay Galena, Kansas Tulsa Mound City, Kansas Minote, North Dakota Miami Pryor Miami Tulsa Cushing Drumright Catoosa Fairland Tulsa Miami Grove Bartlesville Jay Drumright Jacksonville,Florlda Henryetta Del City Chelsea Alluwe I' McCoy, David McKee, Kenneth McMains, Jerry McNeeIy, Ron Macklin, Cindy Mader, Cathe Magness, Beth Mahan, Jerry Mahurine, Thena Manley, Mark Martin, David Martin, Lowry Massey, Richard Masters, John Ann Mattel, Charles Mattox, Jimmy Maus, Jim Mays, Ann Mead, Dewayne Miller, Diana Miller, Lee Jr. Miller, Rick Miller, Robert Mitts, Danny Drafting and Designing Physical Education Mechanical Technology BUSll'l9SS Physical Education Physical Education Home Economics Pharmacy General Pre-Dental Business Biology Auto Engineering Undecided Business Computer Science Data Processing Home Economics History Elementary Education Agriculture Education Business General Criminal Justice Picher Wyandotte Alluwe Picher Miami Tulsa Fairland Miami Picher Tulsa Miami Broken Arrow Miami Grove Tulsa Bristow Tulsa Tulsa Miami South Coffeyville Sperry Miami Houston, Texas Skiatook Q.:- E' Z T-J! X qi . K CPM? yn- M, if Moeller, Dale Mohr, Debbie Moll, Herbert Monholland, Mary Ann Mooney, Mitzi Moore, Wallace Morgan, Charles Morgan, John Morgan, Ronald Moss, Paul Mowrer, Thomas Murphy, Jim Mushrush, Mike Nelson, John Nidiffer, Vicki Norris, Guy Odle, Betty Odom, ,Joanne Ogan, Dave O'Grady, John Oskison, Kay Oskison, Bay Ott, Clifford Oyler, Mike Animal Science Elementary Education Computer Science Business Home Economics Agriculture Physical Education Business Animal Science Art Agriculture Drafting 81 Designing Business Criminal Justice Elementary Education Draft 8t Design Elementary Education Art Engineering Law Home Economics Home Economics Business Business Mannina, iowa Oklahoma City Bartlesville Tahlequah North Miami Yale Tulsa Vinita Burwell, Nebraska Miami Perry, Iowa Miami Tulsa Tulsa Amarillo, Texas Commerce Fairland Jenks Tulsa North Bergen, New Jersey White Oak White Oak McAlester Vinita Pace, Gary Page. Loleta Palmer, Ann Parker, Jeanne Pattison, Stephen Payne, Mac Peacock, Cheryl Peck, Al Perkins, Gary Pickett, Margaret Pollan, Roy Poison, Gary Potter, Kerry Prayton, Debbie rice, Diana frice, Mike rickett, Phil lrivett, David agan, Robert ains, Don 1 'ains, Tab l dden, Mearl eid, John eyes, Michael Physical Education Sociology Business Biology Business Engineering Elementary Education English Agriculture Home Economics industrial Education General Elementary Education Home Economics Home Economics Animal Science Design-Draft Computer Science Animal Science Mid-Management Drafting Music Arts 6 Science Pre-Veterinary Picher Tulsa Oklahoma City Miami Bartlesville Miami Commerce Vinita Lockwood, Missouri Quapaw Grove Welch Golcord Miami Bartlesville Liberty, Kansas Owasso Sapulpa Skiatook Grove Miami Picher Nowata Pleasanton, Kansas 'um z if-' ..... ', 1" :GQ I l lt v 1. .V '27 2 ' ,P Wt l I , Fjfjiekl IN Pu g ii' ...wg 1 Vx, -.w i '59 Eh. . 4 'x gina f r I ll! 05,0 -cf ,ix - . 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Ryan, Carol Salazar, Carla Salazar, Edwin Sample, Mike Sanders, Jana Sawyer, Pam Arts and Science General Business Automotive Technology Radio-Television Business Physical Education Education Computer Science Business Technical Theatre Education Commercial Art Psychology History Art Mechanical Technology Accounting Computer Science Business Criminal Justice Drafting and Design Music Computer Science Drumright Chelsea Tulsa Ketchum McAlester Tulsa Tulsa Miami Tulsa Bentonville, Arkansas Tulsa Afton Catoosa Miami Pawhuska Tulsa Locust G rove Miami Afton Kansas Kansas Commerce Wyandotte Mt. Vernon, Missouri Schmitt, Susan Schuelein, Jim Schwartzlander, Mike Scott, Tom Sellmeyer, Jim Sexton, Stan Shamblin, Arnie Sharp, James Shartel, Susanne Shriver, Jerry Sivadon, David Sloan, Jimmy Smith, Barbara Smith, Donna Smith, Jadeen Smith, Reyma Smith, Tommy Smither, Steve Snow, Mike Sou ku p, Lawrence Spencer, Daryle Spicer, Mike Springfield, Ronnie Stafford, Bob Business Meteorology Accounting Automotive Technology Arts and Science Business Public Relations General Home Economics Ministry Horticulture Computer Science Data Processing Business Social Work Business Agriculture Business Mechanical Technology Business Wildlife Conservation General Computer Science Agriculture Ketchum Miami Miami Tulsa Afton Baxter Springs, Kansas Commerce Hollywood, Florida Tulsa Dewey Mounds Tulsa Miami Miami Grove Picher Checotah lnola Dewey Tulsa Jay Grove Miami Broken Arrow -f -:fn 1 W .f 1 ,. - W, ,I ,,,w, :-, .,.,.,.+" tho.. -. . .- t ' V , l , , uv F Q VA is -Af .fi HJ' 'V ll L 1,,t'7-, ' '22, :df uri' i, vw? 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Green just one of the many duties of Mrs. Rucker, manager, of the College Bookstore. :gizglz-EZ:f::,2:5e' '- Nkg:g.j:5::?3 . it 5,146- . J., -,,-,QQ-5.y, vi ,ll H :3,g:::s?:f,,::,:,7e , :j,: , will i, :w34:'::::1f.Q,,1 " " liiiifalwirfgzf l ' N' vs. A ' 1 fx., . ..- i i ar,-1 5 f?g, '. -. 1: V. l gv-1' 4 fy, .' :.7-fl-rf. ' fg. H5232 fe A U- "M ""' 'H ....,..f'-""'i'N V Mrs. Paul, Post Mistress, has more direct contact with the individual student than any other person on campus. The check-out process for a book involves taking the book to the 'front desk and providing an identification card for the librarian to complete the process. , .. , . .' "' 5. ' -, " vtff- 1-kiiai-'2?f vw, ,ai -ef , any , ' 'V ,Q-5'It'2 f"f-ij 3.113 1 HA, 2 WY- I' Q .,f3.-Liv f ,5'!g',..f-,Az zu - .v ,J -a. --r u , It-,5.,,,,5,,:g-mpyiglv 'yy-N 3-mr -HY. M., -,,-r - .wig f i i t Y 5. R -. ' EQ., -., , ,J '. .,.1.iJf--... 1 ' - -r - -b.. -,g . 1 F 5 , r, jf i,f.w.1-25-s. .w fi. ' ,.-r:3.,f'a,t- Q Ms,-f.qq,j -2-,L , fi ,T ri, g, .Jigga .',.rf.,: no .,- "uv f 4 f u ,' -t f ..'- :EZIYSNN --2 vu f ' . ' 9- f -.FJEQ-', 'if , . ,gQir,2EaQ, " ' "' v:1"'5., 1--fi-..-lgiife -,.i7'ie'7""4"'A!ff i - i 2 , gs, -A - Hrfigsc? ' 13.5 4 ., ,,.z,.55ig,:: i Q .ff ,. , A dn sal? is ww.. - W "iff: .x WiiaA:.e,Q,4 Student participation at pep rallies is representative of the enthu- siasm needed to encourage Norse victories. ,fb "' il!!! -Ji 1970 NORSE FOOTBALL XJ lg f-..,,..,e,,l.-P" g Coaches-Back row: Bob Maxwell, Defenseg Don Rominger, Denfenseg Ray Judkins, Offense. Front row: Chuck Bowman, Head Coach, 4 Dick Gwinn, Defense. A is al i ' -' C . John Cherry Jim Shafp Bill Yokum Bridgeton, Missouri HOHYWOOU. Fl0l'idH Bartlesville, Oklahoma NJCAA All-American NJCAA All-American NJCAA All-American All-American John Cherry receives the"'Best Offensive Back" Award from Coach Maxwell. A! Ax Matt Blair Earl Burrell Jim Bugle,- Dayton, Ohio Ft. Worth, Texas Midland, Texas . ,L L-,.. Richard Carney Tom Dick Steve Eaton lVlcAlester, Oklahoma Jay, Oklahoma Kansas City, Missouri The spirit of winning is found in every Golden Norseman. VN Q f- .. Ja 13.53 George Hess Charles Grayson Earl Hafpef 1 Miami, Oklahoma Bixby, Oklahoma Pensacola, Florida ,, 'ireif Li "eww pear? TONY HOQHU Barry Korner Dan Kreidler Tulsa, Oklahoma Bartlesville, Oklahoma Clewiston, Florida The audience at the football banquet receives a big smile from Steve Eaton as he accepts his trophy for best Defensive Lineman from Coach Gwinn. ,533 John Lukas Tom McGarry Robert Miller Jacksonville, Florida Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Houston, Texas 'Z Dave 09-an Calvin Payne Larry Puccini TUISG, Oklahoma St. Louis, Missouri North Riverside, Illinois 11"- Herbert Scott Vince Singleton Bob Smith Washington, D.C. Waghingtgnl D.C. Stillwater, Oklahoma my gif! 4-it Mike Spicer Duane Thomas Norman Young Grove, Oklahoma Fairland, Oklahoma Washington, D, C, .. 1 , A I ,. . ,. Clinton Baul Jerry Blaylock Stan Brockman Tulsa, Oklahoma Youngstown, Ohio Columbus, Ohio Tom McGarry is recepient of the "Unsung Hero" Award. ' ., fu ' ILRAN ' V" 'ff .. . Trainer Paul Fisher receives the "Monty Franks" Award for spirit. 1 A 'S K lj h J f E' 215713 5: 4 7,892 Ted CSYUGY Rick Chatman Forrest Crawford Ponca City, Oklahoma Indianapolis. Indiana Sand Springs, Oklahoma 69 r mm' . W- 'iii Cliff Fleenor Danny Fulton Pat Gittings Germantown, Tennessee Minco, Oklahoma Lama, Colorado Lasi- Coach Judkins presents the trophy for the best Offensive Lineman to Earl Burrell. fri John Grant David Green ' Vernon Hannah Indianapolis, Indiana Picher, Oklahoma Fort Worth, Texas '25- Danny Hartman Cliff Hullinger Victoria, Texas DalfOl'l, lllll'lOiS li X-..f Bill Ihle Bristow, Oklahoma Q39 5 wr Kevin McCarty Ed McGlamory Eufala, Oklahoma Belle Glade, Florida ' ax Wal 41? 'wr w",,,, Ed McLaughlin Westminster, California 1 r -I N2 ' V . 'x Mark McPherson Rick Miller Ardmore, Oklahoma New Lebanon, Ohio William Merideth Lubbock, Texas 3. , N-5 fer of it -cf 25' John O'Grady Barry Owensby Noah Palmer North Bergen, New Jersey Jacksonville, Florida Eufala, Oklahoma '16 -'Q fy 'Ql- Terry Phillips Dwight Pattrick Robert Raley C ' t Oklahoma Miami, Florida l Houston, Texas OVIVIQ On, if .QQ Dwight Sehon .4 .fmt .J Terry Shrum Jack Turner P or, Oklahoma Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Chickasha, Oklahoma VY Toby Tyler Charles Wade Ron Waldroup Dallas, Texas Vinita, Oklahoma Muskogee, Oklahoma 2912... A ' 3 , x ' -er' 2 cf' 'sing , i 't ' I figs: I 5 1. 4 W ' 'ff -' f . David Wooley Jack Baker Plainview, Texas Manager Beggs, Oklahoma The Nation's No. 1 quarterback, John Cherry, watches in- tently from the sideline. PA Paul Fisher Chris Gwartney Trainer Trainer Tulsa, Oklahoma Wyandotte, Oklahoma NORSE BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball Squad, Front row, from the left: Gary Fields, Larry Harris, David Alvarado, Bruce Hobgood, Gene McCarty, Richard Owens, and Bob Taul. Back row: Melvin Hall, John Williams, Wayne Crosswy, Nathan Vaughan, James DeGrate, Edwyn Wakefield, and Bob Kemp. C' Nathan Vaughan-The Golden Norsemen and their coaches dedicate the 1970-71 basketball season and the basketball yearbook section to I the memory of a fellow player, Nathan Vaughan. Assistant Coach Al Moffatt chats with Coach Cletus Green as player Matt Blair looks on. 1 SCDPHOIVIORE NORSEIVIEN f Albert'M. Blair Wayne E. Crosswy ,ffl ' '1 , ' 1 ,QM 'fr ,, qmjlfkldxa-a'Q"'Q rK7ml'ilNN'l5N'QUr, lu' -N A x . -WV . " if V ll 455' 1 g'5 4 !l , . V W v 'l sg 1 'r A tended hand of Melvin Hall takes an easy two points with a lay- a defender. up. David Alvarado fires over the ex James O. Degrate Melvin E. Hall SOPHOIVIORE NOHSEIVIEN Q' s uv ROUGH V- Kemp Edwin wakefie Matt Blair sidesteps his defender for two points for the Norsemen. Larry Harris pushes with determination above his opponent to increase the Norsemen lead. John Williams, Jr. Bobby L. Taul FRESHIVIAN NORSEIVIEN David Alvarado Steve A. Conaway Kenneth Froese Larry Harris Michael Hobgood With a final surge of speed, Melvin Hall breaks toward the Norsemen goal. A good defensive maneuver by John Williams prevents an Eastern State score. High in the air, David Alvarado sinks two from the corner for the Norsemen. FRESHIVIAN NCJRSEIVIEN igsgy, Earnest McCarty Richard Owens Gary S. Stinnett Leslie W. Walter Gary W- Fi9'd5 E-5 John Williams reaches a little late stop an Eastern State score. 78 to Williams scores an easy basket on a fast break against Eastern State. Matt Blair and Nathan Vaughn team et- forts to control the backboards for the Norsemen. TRACK Front row, from the left: Chris Bousum, Derek Bergman, Frank Riggs, Gary James, Eddie Williams, and Rob Cartner. Second row: Charles Acker, Sammy Onaltunya, Don Newcomb, Fred Spencer, Gerald Wofford, Jack Norris, and Buck Schornick. Third row: Pete DeJesus llvlanagerl, Don Kimbrough, Mike Porter, Randy Gaines, Ray Alexander, and Dennis Hawkins. Back row: Don Ftominger lHead Coachl, Haywood Phillips, Cliff Hullin- ger, David Wooley, and Sam Wells lAssistant Coachl. f:'i.rr""j 21 Distance runners, from the left: Fred Spencer, Don Newcomb, Chris Bousum, Don Rgmingey Gerald Wofford, and Jack Norris. Head Coach TRACK iii. -W ,J ,H-l " fag! Intermediate Hurdles, from the left: Charles Acker and Eddie Williams. Weights, from the left: David Wooley and Hay- wood Phillips. -. -' ' .ln "' 'V ..' ,-1 V' -' - ,V r ,Q . . ae.: -. fir. , J .ffl a.,---' Y.-X -1-f"'fvl. -,zf 'I H ' ,' ' , - ' V " V ew... .- ,mg . ,. . ,. ,- Ii. ., ,, .1 A mg. ,-4 'germ . - 'ff 31. . gf 4 U, Y' V ,Hymn i. ,H ,zu 3, a...- - Ill- 1 -f ..uF'7,-1: f' .f ""W'- :Q '-'- ' -'.- --:4 I' p1.'l?.... aye' ,-' , if .fn fl, f ,,,,i-,ff 1: , Y' Gary James lleftj prepares to high jump as Frank Riggs and Rob Cartner watch. 1-T9 J' . vi f l 'i mxl 4 " 1 J A E 5 i 0 Zi , ll l . 11-1 . ' EH: - - I flfygi ' , Q Q - Q - X 1 -, 5.1, y . -Q A- 1. . Q A 3 - is, I ,rm .hi-Q-Wbig if 41 3 is el fr' ' ffidri 4. S ' " 1? fr? - . .,..:'1 ami fit QM' " Q., mi '.1M,j, l..!l-X Q if MQ, , l ,315 E I., 141, .6 . ,U gig! igfurflfb --+ -...n Wd. ., ,L , 'U - , " aff? .figjjf . - 2 Q ' 'M' , 5,-I '- YG.- . A -, 1 - URQMPI - N-'f .f , 3.4 M ,Ms-A 5 -,S , V ff-.. , . -wg? '55, " 2. A ,. Q ' ' .Q fl H :,5?","" ' 'M L . ' A ' N F ,.,- f ' ,,- V lf if - . ' f -r"'-'if'-.JQQIL '- - , "W D . ? f:Q. V ' I l-.i.:,:..ug1Q -' A. 'X A I A ' 1 W . A i .Jag fi , it ravi-.'Xa.,1-f2,,K.1 fig- f , :Q . 1. . M ,f fg'-2 ' "FI ,Qkfll ' -' ' ' . ' I 3'--6 l i f , 'W Q . , A " i lfn. '. V ' 1 V ff ,V 7-f'5'!T":" -1 ' " ..r' "J - .... 1" 'ft -+J"'.'?!1 ' Laf'5"TF'i Sw..-Q 1 ' ' .. ' 33' - - -" -'JS-if .sii fq " W- ' . . .1'??-,,, -, ' A' .:'.-1 -'31'Ifr9',If ",,"- -f ' 'lv wi-N ' ii ' 5 l f'9i:"Q'i fix, '- E- lr 12 -WHS 3'-!zQWl'-Ql7'S2'e":h?t'I5'i?iLt . Sprinters, irom the left: Ray Alexander, Don Kimbrough, Polevault: Buck Schornick. Mike Porter, and Derek Bergman. BASEBALL ,im 65:4 """.."l7 aa ,W Flon Chissoe Mardie Cornejo Andy Daum Coach Bob Maxwell Y Y X333 "SZ"5'ff amd' Greg Diebold David Emberson Bill Glass WHYUG Lowery pau.. ng 5 -'O-aa.-., -N Dwayne Mead Sonny Rogers Bob Thompson Rick Whitaker 1 " . ? ,pu-5, Harry Brighton .J- Gi: W w .n 'Lv 'Ll . 6. 3.3 ' Dan Edgar s NE 82 Stan Hall Norman Teehee BASEBALL ,ff f 4 N f 1A TL ,alia ik.. mfg Larry Buckmaster Rick Clark Wayne Derickson 53' W yyra C 2? mf' Gary Forrest Vernon Gladhill Chris Gwartney ,PW-Up Monty Hartley Clarence Horton Bob Taley Dave Tilley Steve Turowski Mike Webster , A' We Front row from the left Ben Martm Ron Blshop Brad Pullm Harold VanCuren, Gary Deshazer Back row wufe vlslt with an athlete ID their dormitory quarters TENNIS Members of the tennis team are, from the left, Brenda Ayers, Patsy Burnside, and Leslie Pappan, Their coach is Mrs. Rose Wilkins. BOWLING Mrs. Wilkins also coaches the bowling team which includes, from the left, Pam Chaney, Carolyn Faulkner, and Bobbki Kaye Kullough. NEO Cross-Country Schedule 1970 September October October October November November CROSS COUNTRY Front row: Chris Bousum, Tulsa, Ted Adams, Tulsa, Mike Porter, Muskogeeg Gerald Wofford, Tulsa, Don Sparks, Rosstong Fred Spencer, New York Cityg Jose Vera, Brooklyn, N.Y. Back row: Pete Dedesus, Brooklyn, N.Y., Eddie Williams, Bartlesvilleg Charles Acker, Sallisawg Jack Norris, Tulsa, Don Newcomb, Claremore, and Coach Sam Wells. 26 WSU Invitational Wichita, Kansas 10 Exhibition run at half time of Trinidad ballgame 24 Dual Cross-Country meet with Eastern Oklahoma State 31 Dual Cross-Country meet with Eastern Oklahoma State 7 Region ll NJCAA meet at Miami 14 National Cross-Country at Vincennes, Indiana Sam Wells, Cross-Country Coach. S ,J IW' "43?if" v m If V -. ' g Vr--V-I VAWST, EWU " V . W3 WV gm MV' fm-92 VV WV .V 'VH' 255 Q 'V 'I 'V , . 9-fi., 'fAQn','f 'V I" B? , Wi.. V EJ ' '-' V ff " B .'v-4"3' "QR " . '-'-Z V ' ' 'I f--15 X ' - ENV' 1-F , V - .GV 'NV .45vV"" gn' ' . 1 -,T . V , . ,i V ,, K , , bi-:A 1 PV jfs, J , ,Q ,A U 'Vx - I ,"' "::. Vx ' K mg. ' th- . .,V ,L . 2, V , -YA . , xx MH Vf R.. 'rv ..,.-Q11 11 . rfff' 1' 4 Wa V 4, , V -V' 1 V 5. .1 . .V . 1, .V 'u . Vv. " ,I - '.,, . ,D .i Qt' , A HJ, l . IEW - V -V V.. V V V V V .V .fl -'QV V V Q Z1 I if Z .33 .33 A Arm.. ,S Q gigs fwqg .Sea XL. ,I M - .- ' "': 1, P V v-Mx 'V -,', j .Vfi5VV. l,. ff. , X Ag 'K U ' :-'Z jg' " I V ' 1 V'-1 V' 'ikigw W Y' ' -553, -. 'Ni-Ir W -54,1 I V 5' 5' 4 , S ' "' ' , V V , 1' I VV 14, 'WL' Q , A". 4 - ' ' an ' ' ad f '72 ' , V I VVV . V -, ,QM . .K X P X lf wh IV 7, NN. ,.., 4, ', wwf., E ww HYQ, - , 4 V V A . .tx Rx f V V. . t :ev TEV J, ix I K K! lk .V V , v Eiga .fe25"' ,sim V. fm-1 ' V V 55' V52 ' . ' .V x ' ,V VV'V- , ' ,'. . Q ' -V -, V- V 1 ' . -. ' fs, ' 'V , ' - ' jf- V , .1 Q V ' --Q ' L-'W A-'. 1, ' '15 'Y V' ,V 4.-' " N V,. "j Z -2 Q ' , , " .- , Y! TINA Q , . ,ua .V s?.s"l- R T ., 1, -Biff 'X V .X h 4 t -9 Q 1 kgV 3.43, ,V 'V VV.. Xsp V VV, V .Vg-'Q . 15, Q9 M-Q D -. v' V ,V ...g-.Vi Vv. , 11V V Qi V. V , V mv "" 4V V V p- V 1- f2w.V' 45.1. 4' 1 0 ' ' V. -ff ' Vi--2' ' h V '31 E 'V fl V: my 49" VW-'VV VVVS3 W-avi?" MV xg V VV' f V V 'V' VE' Vi.: V ' si ', F gil... "' fi r", ' fix, 'ttf' f"51Y, .v :UQ R .535 I' . 43 'V -, i'fj9i3Q'. V3 ' ' ,:V..gVV V' . ' 4 VV .f. V ' . J, V ' J - ' V V S V V, .-X: V ' - ' S f ig- . 1. PJ VY ', 'V V-VJV5 ' V43-'57s'?e2,,Vf'3V-r.'1.-nf- Q -if gvgxiwgm y i.. ' X ' "". .-Diff ' Hn xi N. W may .ygxiw All , - Ai uuu AV 1 1495, V. 'l'N5g.I'I'VV1fa.f,J'5" nf. Qs: V arvflah ,.,, 13,15 . K. , V x' r,?".,l I Val' . , f aff' ff! gs V. V VV .V is r VV .V l J Vu V V V ' V. . 'VE2i':ff-'.V'-VVVVSV V Q"-2 V ag ' V V ' 'V yfv :V LV V V VV . . .... . V V . . V .V V . V 1 V. 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VVM 'H 'V gvgnsfg .QW - ...Vi , ' " ' ' ' V " A , V " i I-'fvw Y5.,.,, , " ' ,K . - ' , p - .151 1,54-WZQQQZ'-..Q,'-55" 1351 -in "'fL,-VV31l,Q1"-'Q Z V' . F 1. V . MVQW fw.ufVfg, 9274? w, 'y.'..f.q5'f- ,:,4'lV.f',Q,,,1.1,gi5f541,4.E5 . .I V V ' , .f . V 3 'V u- H' ' " .' ff Q ..-,.g,r'. , . "V, V ., Q .E VI ' "rf V Vu" 'JR' "il:'1'Ll" 4' 4541! V .5 V2 H " ' 55. .47 f 'f VV V - " " V 'VVVVVVV by -V 'V' 'V " ' aw. :J '11V:"V " . 5.1 VSV." ' ..,, 7' 'V 'Q " F5555 gbfl-,'?-21-if A1 "QF, KJ 'Erik LV'2.!"'k""1p'V3if"15lf1" - ' 7:3 W' r V 'V ai'f"2Lt"V3" A nfl" D Ai?" ": 'tif ' ' ,V T397 9' f. V K V -U V , .. . -vu V fi ,' V.,'-VVVz..- . :V--V V- V V-VVV,-f-P.-. V f , ,vi ML, KN I'-V , A BN' , ,,,51.VruVw,3en Vv Z! -V V , L, A . b 1 . -V V V- 44 .1-...T 'V-,V 1 K 'f K WH Q .,V, Q., 1 D. 3. .- 4 'V , Vs 's 'A' -,s K, -V 'A ' 'QQ ,.,,45:,A1,'lQ?LA. Nxt, High ,- 'R 11517 L si- ',-f7"z':fg"q:m'1 -, .' .'g4."9Q. f:AN5'i3s'.?a'L51Q',Qff-fVJEf:-5QQ2+g:1q'l f . Vfj' 'Wiy ,f'.VLV,f'fQ'5k.'-I ,V-Vr.? N ,A v- -V . Q 1 ' 1 j,sV .', ' it .Vzgsgvf ' K ' A A H. kf'.Asg.V45 ,T WW V. 4 . - V- t , ,V :.:,' :ff -. . g','2Q3yg .-g5,,'5i'T4f-,xCZr,gm,,,. uV.,,.,g' , Mk 5 D1 at,2'fV.J'?!fg,, as -E-A VF 1 v N :.- 3? .V is M25 . V - WZ' ' . -' - ' - JV 5 ' "2 "V 'T V .. V " " '. " ' f . ' 'VV . " 'WJ' " :V 'V J , .V V,, v. VM' .hwV,A!Q1ffLH:, 3:3 1 3 !13E',L qk 3gi6gy?,V: ww,M.'5cga:,5:Ap..,,:3h:,,...,455 hsaf-ln. .f,..Va5 , U ,Mi , I Vg ,S ,JV V, k,,5.Qr, QQ yy, VX I g , . J" H it Ah., 3.13.4 4.1. ,.- I. V ' N, g - Qxff 'gy Pt, V, C ff? V fini "'. Q-9-9, :fy-638 I Q fff V. , -V ' ' ' 5' ' nf' f 'ff-Q " 'Wir Y M-V '-FQ" "YT Vw. ' u - ' 'Ev-, ' " ' " Vik? .V 'Wi' 'iFi?5T?f1QS- V1- -' V 'k ' , "' ffm ' F -..-V 1-fp, 'VV ' 1' '-"vi: , 'V ' V93 " ' " 9- ' 1 ' ,nr-Sf: it aw 2 'mei' . Vw 'LV 7? ' . .VK r V VV- 'W' PV: -'WV ' " ' mV , If AY .,t,,.V 'z L. , . I ACTIVITIES I , WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN JUNIOR COLLEGES .. .gmc C-3? fs? X Alvin Ray Krumrey is a sophomore Political Science major from Miami, Oklahoma. He has maintained a 3.3 grade point average. He is a member of the Dean's Honor Roll and active in Band, the Young Democrats, the Masquers, the Social Science Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Annual Staff. He served as Drum Ma- jor for the band and participated in THE SOUND OF MUSIC and HELLO, DOLLY. Mr' 1 , P AZ' j , -a Itiwili VI7??1Zvf.f.x' ff ,itil in 1:fAIIfifI iC11i.m1ajl- Betty Ruth Knight, a Welch, Oklahoma, sophomore, is a Home Economics major with a 3.7 grade point aver- age. Her honors include selection to Order of Freyja, the Dean's Honor Roll, the President's Honor Roll, and the Home Economics Scholastic Award. She has participated on winning intramural teams in basketball, softball, and volleyball. She has been active in Phi Theta Kappa, Chi Alpha, the Home Economics Club, the Inter-Dorm Council, and the Student Senate. va w stamina I 2 522? . IIIIIILII itf igfygggr 'I PH- - . fP"f'1'- Jacquelyn Fern Allen is a sophomore Computer Science major from Afton, Oklahoma. Her grade point average is 3.3. She is listed on the Dean's Honor Floll and is a member of the Order of Freyja. Her activities are related to the Data Processing Club and ITS. She is the 1970 Homecoming Queen. Kerry Lee Potter, a Colcord, Oklahoma, sophomore, is an Elementary Education major maintaining a 3.2 grade point average. Her honors include being the 1971 Yearbook Queen and Phi Theta Kappa Queen atten- dant. She is active in Phi Theta Kappa, the Social Sci- enc Club, Student Senate, ITS, the Business Club, and the Home Economics Club. She is the Co-Editor forthe 1971 VIKING. A M' 'fir . I fs.. llii I I A I' it-' YI I ...gel I - Il. ,,l.I,,3l "iw .', Il ilimwa ,g Tim M. Synar, a Pre-Veterinary Medicine major from Muskogee, Oklahoma has maintained a 3.5 grade point for two years. He has served as President of Phi Theta Kappa and has been an activef member in the Aggie Society, the Newman Club, and the Rodeo Club. Karen Denise Pilgrim, a sophomore Music major from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has maintained a 3.6 grade point average for two years. She has participated in THE WIZARD OF OZ, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, LIFE WITH FATHER, PETER PAN, and HELLO, DOLLY. She was selected as a queen candidate for the Masquer's. She is a member of the chorus, Meister Singers, a trio, and the Order of Freyja. Gary Lynn Goodwin, an Anadarko, Oklahoma, sopho- more, is an Agriculture Engineering major with a 3.9 grade point average. He has been named to the Dean's Honor Roll and the President's Honor Roll and has served as Vice-President of Phi Theta Kappa. He has served as a Student Senate Representative for the Aggie Society. i 89 I James William Schuelein is a sophomore Meteorology major from Miami, Oklahoma, maintaining a 3.9 grade point average. His honors include being a member of the Dean's Honor Floll, a member of the President's Honor Floll, recipient of the freshman chemistry award, and recipient of a Science Foundation Scholarship. He is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Engineer's Society, Student Senate, and the Young Democrats. Janice Lynn Epps is a sophomore Business major from Dewey, Oklahoma, who is maintaining a 3.6 grade point average. She is a member of the Order of Freyja and is listed on the Dean's Honor Roll. Ac- tivities include membership in the Business Club, Phi Theta Kappa, the Annual Staff, and the Student Senate. K lj, 90 Gail Elaine Hanna is a sophomore Home Economics major from Locust Grove, Oklahoma. She has main- tained a 3.6 grade point average. Her honors include the Freshman Leadership Award in Home Economics, the Order of Freyja, and the Dean's Honor Roll. Ac- tivities include participation in Phi Theta Kappa, the Home Economics Club, the Student Senate, and An- nual Staff. V439 5. I 6.1- Larry Gene Benbrook, a Miami, Oklahoma, sophomore Mathematics major has a 3.9 grade point average. He has been selected for the Dean's Honor Roll and the President's Honor Roll. Organizations to which he belongs are the industrial Technology Society, the Engineering Club, and Phi Theta Kappa. John Ann Masters, a sophomore English major, from Grove, Oklahoma, has maintained a 3.6 grade point average. She is a member of the Dean's Honor Ftoll and the Order of Freyja. She has been active in Phi Theta Kappa, the Social Science Club, Chi Alpha, and the Student Senate. ' 1 tl . 2.2452 l .3 et, V'-' ,sg '- SL 1 ll ' i it ,ia it M, . .ahhh , X W W t l. . 1 ii sz .ff-iff Eff' f - L.'U..?1. VL A i. .- - lit?-LVL, it QL-. i .u '. " 2?U. 1 4' 4-' : ' H' W M, ' " A " W' I l ti . it . .- 9 j',wI.'Il I lla rilnf 1 I ll li la l l it - - 'J .' 9 as ' ..-A 1. .ll -.l......1ix . f A . Q 5, ,j Michael Wayne Price is an Animal Science major from Liberty, Kansas. He has maintained a 3.4 grade point average. His honors include the Dean's Honor Ftoll, membership on two champion livestock judging teams, and selection as the outstanding Aggie freshman in 1970. He has been active as a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the Aggie Society. :vs "'Q'IZ'5' Robert Douglas Cooper, a sophomore from Stuarts Draft, Virginia, is an Animal Science major maintain- ing a 3.2 grade point average. He has been active as President of the Student Senate and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and the Aggie Society. He was se- lected as the outstanding freshman livestock judge and was high individual at National Western in 1970. He has served as a member of the Governor's Coun- sel of Young Oklahomans. Sondra Kay Berry is a sophomore Business Education major from Grove, Oklahoma. She has a 3.2 grade point average. Honors received are selection to Order of Freyja, Dean's Honor Roll, and Chi Alpha Queen Attendant. Club activities include Business Club, Chi Alpha, Student Senate, and lnter-Dorm Council. .5 U. .' lil ' .. . T A 1 Y . 91 'Y QEESSPS :iw -' qi 1- . . Bonnie Jane Bandy is a Kansas City, Missouri, sopho- more majoring in Home Economics. Her grade point average is 3.7. She is listed on the Dean's Honor Boll and the President's Honor Roll and is a member of the Order of Freyja. She was selected as the out- standing freshman in Home Economics. Her activities include working in the Home Economics Club and Phi Theta Kappa. Deborah Dianne Mohr is a sophomore from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, majoring in Elementary Education. David Michael Sivadon, a sophomore Agriculture maj- or from Mounds, Oklahoma, has maintained a 3.3 grade point average. He is listed on the Dean's Honor Roll and is a member of the Student Conduct Committee. He has been active in Chi Alpha and the Inter-Dorm Council. He is currently President of the Student Senate. .V 'gf V "Y, Her grade point average is 3.1 for two years. She is active in the Engineer's Club and Norse Stars. She is Chairman of the Norse Campus Ministry. 1:17 92 lb ra . Peggy L. Tramel is a sophomore Business Education major from Pryor, Oklahoma. For two years she has maintained a 3.6 grade point average. She is listed on the Dean's Honor Roll and is active in Phi Theta Kappa and the Business Club. -A ,. Q J. ,, x ,rw 1' . ff'- . Q - .gf if ff f MQ, -e:,1-.awei we I -wx 'xiii if w 'Pi ww ' 1, WJ 525, swf" L N? f ...vgw,.,3 -, 1 l .sm--.f - Di..-A Sims JM , exif!" ' .1 ,. ',,.,,.. ..v . ' , ' 1. me , 1 -A L S ,,. f ii, . afl T925 ' r 5.7 sf.. xi! '. njg, A. -3-Ill' ., , M ,U , ,, 31. , .f., gif? 3 A ,, ' Zffv , 533355562 , ggiai M53 'x f JV ,I V x U . LE A , .ggg 1, W x ' 4'-VH YEARBOOK I P-1 Donna Cain, Co-Editor for the VIKING, records information as students have individual pictures taken. Alvin Krumrey checks pictures and watches Donna Cain lleftl and Kerry Potter as they check pink layout mats for completed yearbook pages. Mike Wheat, VIKING photographer, uses his ability to take his own picture. , .., -.,.,-,..,,Y sw'---1--:sz :'v-iv-'fr .M .-7.4. .,,.,, A A V ' STAFF 4 01-vs' Ng e swf- Kerry Potter lleftj and Marilyn Soukup check pictures for selection for specific page assignment. X l 4- Gail Hanna alphabetizes individual pictures to be given to students. Donna Cain watches. -A . 'S I I ,K f. am .Aw . l v- Q. N - ' A.. ills. it -1 -741:41 ,wi -in .1 ' . . za..-a-a..: , f- -' - V- ,H-19 - Final copy for the yearbook always recalls mem- ories of toil and effort on the part of the staff, and Donna lleftj and Kerry express mixed emo- tions as this point arrives. The members of the yearbook staff express their appreciation and thanks to faculty and students for aid and support in completing the 1971 VIKING. Special thanks go to Russell Crosby, NEO freshman, for his cover design. , M if .lx will flap! lim ' ff it sleek DRAIVIA PRODUCTICNS Vinnie lDebbie Ginnj faints in amazement as Father iDavid Paynej agrees to be baptized. ,, za, '-1,-,... 495, l.,1:..' ' - . Hiram' l'r5,5-2' .' , , El' - : ,i1",Zj'l , . ,.1:sf. 1121? :'L',-jg F ,QEZEJEZ -T Qfififigfi ,S-1:', 5. ,gl i' K - , F: 7 , l 13 ' 5552 Debbie Hudspeth and Karen Pilgrim model costumes created for LIFE WlTH FATHER. The Northeastern Oklahoma A 81 lVl Col- lege Theatre program is always an attrac- tion not only to students on campus, but to the community and area residents as well. This season's bill of fare included LIFE WITH FATHER, PETER PAN, HELLO DOLLY, MAC BETH, and THE FANTAS- TICKS. Last season's theatre guests totaled more than eight thousand. Cast and crew cooperating in frantic publicity cam paign for season tickets. The creation of the crocodile for PETER PAN was a real challenge for Dan Sue. P, My "shi 'lxh E575 S. XLR Hi' T.. 1 John Wilks and Gary Wilson put finishing touches on the giant tree. r .K 4 J V .sr-.57 T in .k 32.511-1 L ,j-g::-2155" '- N--L7- f. Bob Jones, Liz Avery, Cynthia Lair, and Debbie Hulen work on the beginning of the tree. Practice in flying was a must for PETER PAN. Debbie Hulen helps out. Upsom board turns into fantasy bushes under the skilled hands of Lloyd Cullison and Gary Wilson. Costume Mistress puts the finishing touches on one of the goony birds. r 'N'l'SF1"f L iw J for "Hello Dolly". 98 " lr I FB? IU ' 'T jx" " 2 e '.1"' 1' "i?5i'l 5 I :EEL lst . r ef' - Q .Jai .'if1"3I' ' ' --I-:A .... 2 H' I 5 'fd' " . ' l 5' 3' I msmfv " li rlgesi 1 -1 ' 'A 'F-, ,: 3, . KD Y , - lt.. 13, 7.5, I. ' ' g MTH- q,g.'.'fg5.P , 1..glL:'.5g5g.... .. '- ,,',,L-, - . 5 4.1. Q , 4 gl., M Z A A '- U ' Z .N,.:xa -mf: .3 he 1 P I 4. at O , 3, "', rs lf, lf, in is ' K , 11 f m , -3. i , 3 fx E' " X 5 . 0. . lb. 1 jiiwv' M ig X Y. E z 0 O 4. ' , 'T 3 I if' g :-.a,'?f - ' .Ps 7- 'f 3 i 1 'jr V 1.7 X 5' 51:99 ' ' , If ' .. e - 1' f 95 ff . A. , - '-J ' - " m ff' "" ' H "- ' 1 lf. 3 ' 5 -an D 1 li' f -.Q-f .QM - a . ,K , 4 X , . m in fs - .K W , 7 A , ?,l'12..f.S , cn VJj:s11r.,,r, L , . -o ' ' ' ' ' 9 J' CD Afwufxh , Mir'---1--5-. , . . . " W' .F - 's '1 . l ' 1 if' ' ' 2 H , xffifi li . - . 5-" ,Jil p gfgfll-feexa 2 xt 4 x ,l CD .4 41- ' ffr, - ' ' ' . , '1 4' fir' . " . L' fq"nf' YF Y, . U' , ,. ' 'Qs Q-:- 0 - A j J IL was--5' 3 .ir-"' 1'-,., -a. V '?"' Mr. Don Nichols works on the mask for "Nana" the dog. I 5 !3 Rehearsals for "DolIy" are hard work for Debbie Hudspeth, Kathy Griffith, AI Deen, Becky Wilson, John Hardie, and Dan Call. Pre-rehearsal critiques with the "Hello Dolly" cast by director Shirl White were necessary for the finished production. NOF-ISE WIND 3235 KW QQ, ' Na. 3 16 S, Sir' K 12355 ' llW,N it Wi s A HN L -W! 4 5 40,0 r l ' ': C -w J? W 1 ,Q gin, As Michael Dean, Colleen Vandiver, and Pauline Hal copy for the student paper. e prepare Bb Bob Smith, Jack Duncan, and Kathy Baum admire a job well done. ' .1 ll Fred Minker, Jack Duncan, and Brenda Hollis fold papers to be mailed. i is X' ' - i I l Tm , ,, F ., - .,', Z 1 N r . i Gayla Crosby, Tim Griffin, Kathy Gower check the paper for errors. Garrett, and Larry i " - l'V1r JUDGING 5 Q' kj 6 'WN - z1' ' Denver Judging Team Entry, Front row, from the left: Dale Moeller, Mary Griswold, and Kent Houston. Back row: Jary Douglas lcoachj, Larry Stamper, Tom Coyle, and Galen Fink. The Denver Team Entry displays awards from the contest. Members are, front row, from the left: Kent Houston, Mary Griswold, and Tom Coyle. Back row: Larry Stamper, Jary Douglas fcoachj, and Galen Fink. Tim Vanover holds the first place team trophy from the Den- ver contest as Mary Griswold, high individual in the con- test, holds her trophy. TEAMS wa'2f ? , U The Houston Judging Team Entry returned with second place honors in the contest. Lawson Es- sex Ueftl, first in cattle and sheep judging and high individual overall, displays a wrist watch he won, while Doug Cooper, third high individual, holds the second place team traveling plaque. "l7 4'- -ff? Prospective Judging Team members for the Ft. Worth contest are, Front row, from the left: Doug Cooper, Mary Griswold, and Mike Price. Back row: Lawson Essex, Kent Houston, and DeWayne Stamper. 101 X w NOFZSEIVIAN Bla, l La.....5 524 T? Football, Cheerleaders, Front: Doris Vann, Penny Oldham, Claudia Morris, Shelly James, Faye Weaver. Back: Sharon Wiseley, Janelle Mosier, Jan Smith. N Sk N NEO's cheerleaders represent the spirit displayed by every Norseman. if Along with the other cheerleaders, Jan Smith leads the Fight Song. CHEERLEADERS 15-7 , 9 . r axwli-K l m lr l azz- V ' wh ec. if - 1, 3, A.: , , 1 .fjjwg 1' wma T: -,fs f ,I A5355 , U if ,g e f :':: F Z, it gi ' 'zE11. 'm.1 V 4, ' 'if C .. - 57- " "' rgflseaf 1 ue lil It ' ,w. Q, ,g?::.lQ,fE51- L? E' --f ,- -.11 5347-2 if? ' K -- .e ,iz fi rq.aa!ii'4"'.il,L 2. I ' Basketball Cheerleaders, Front: Karen Pilgrim, Judy Bush, Barbara Watson. Back: Karen Eastwood, Beverly Peacock, Carol King, Kennie Flaming. wx! V Beauty and smiles accompany every Norse Cheerleader. Cheerleaders build up Norse Spirit prior to the games. 103 NEO CHORUS Front row, from the left: Kathy Allen, Starr Erwin, Kathy Griffin, Sandra Payne, Sherry Bond, Cathryn Sturdy, Carol Allton, Dixie Keith, Barbi Southard, and Cheryl Jones. Second row: Karen Pilgrim, Betty Parker, Jana Sanders, Barbara Foust, Beverly McFarland, Vinette Gailes, Celestine Vann, Gayle Bradley, Diane Hadley, Janet Kirby, Pam Grigson, Jean Elliott, Loleta Page, and Jonya Stapp. Back row: Dan Call, Ron Childers, David Hicks, Fton Ellis, Mearl Redden, Tommy Frellick, Steve Allen, James Baldwin, Charles Surine, James Cupps, Don Childers, Ron DeWeese, and Charles Tarver. Choral Director Kenneth Richards helps pianist Kathy Griffith in selecting music. X! X N , -1 1' Women's Trio, from the left: Karen Pilgrim, Men's Quartet, from the left: Mike Wil- Dixie Keith, Carol Allton, and pianist Becky hams- John Hardie- Laffy Exendlnef D3Vld Wilson. Payne, and pianist Becky Wilson. I I I I I I -1 J Q'-a ss'-n I,-l Q.-l I-1 I-m I.-I I-I I-I I-I Meister Singers, front row, from the left: Denise Burnett, Karen Pilgrim, Sandy Payne, Dixie Keith, Carol Allton, Becky Wilson, Barbie Southard, and Kathy Griffith fpianistj. Back row: David Payne, Dan Call, Charles Surine, John Har- m die, Mike Williams, Larry Exendine, James Cupps, and Director Charles Thomas. 4 ifzfiwiwi " E :fffev-,ev - - Qi? . E all if 1 ip- my lr NORSE BAND -,. .Q f- 1-F . V, --I .,. v,.1 "2 n - L- f .5 fx - ' ?'S,f'i?4'1' E, 54271 "im "' S: ' N ,V -1 1 ... I f- f- Q lag' YJ- 4 itil Norse Twirlers: Linda Oxford, Carla Williams, Debbie Doris, Betty Seals, Pam Grigson, Pam Hignite, Christy Curtis, Sandy Bayless, Mary Baker, and David Hatfield. V lle J , 1 A 15 i 1 ' "V ff ' L' r Xi J 'J . i i -'f::5::5 X 1 J' D 'I 'l' 'Q , 9,1 E ,,,'J,,, - W ill r ,, , 5 . - fx':5fgL It ,fail L m , "'Qyf, if PX Nw? we ' if it r X. 5" as E - .J . E --:F ' u ' , . f":i 5 ,- 'i, F, . we--. R ,gf ,- , all l 1, .-V 'L z., A, -t B-- 'L ' ' '.":'f-L' D l wt' f - ' -1 ,i A ' f 'y."'Jl D- 'I , ' t ., VA - , . J ' L f!a.f it " .lk Y - , "' ,- na. fi ' ,X i if A iSl:?f:?ig'L'5Z : ,...5 'g ilt N enfvw ,, V. L-Hx' f :,v.:,,,1. I , Y wif , I ' ' fibw ' . an -, - or L?Zw'?i:':1-', -25 tv ,,. iv? ' Oi " Dr. Robert Swanson, band director, is given a hand by footballer Norman Young. Norse Drum Majors: Llewellyn Willis and Alvin Krum- rey. W te H . Q - 'ic 1... 1...f' Y NORSE STARS .-I 'ri gems- 1970 Norse Stars, first row, from the left: Donna Bellamy, Janie Stoner, Vicki Beard, Sandi Yust, Pat Crafton, Beverly Turner, Diana Bid- well, Karen Burgess. Second row: Cathe Mader, Mikey Stinson, Peggy Austin, Janet Merriman, Monica Stunkard, Jolene Markes, Lo Gunatilaka, Lorrie Phillips, Karen Eastwood, Kathy Baum. Third row: Pat Taylor, Carol Derebery, Karen Simpson, Susan Arritt, Fiehta Mills, Tina Eldridge, Karen Baker, Gayla Crosby, Sally Lawrence, Mary Aussicker, Collene Pearce, Bea Korb. Fourth row: Carolyn Cas- ey, Laura Gordonwood, Marilyn Soukup, Carol Van Hoose, Kennie Flaming, Karen Malthaner, Melinda Davis, Sue Bonar, Brenda Chaney, Kathy Gailey, Paula Wagner, Deanna Oliver, Janie Fouts, Gail Gerfen. Fifth row: Mary Griswold, Jean Roller, Pam Mattox, Naysa Lewis, Jeannie Buckley, Kathy Pliler, Ruth Green, Jan Smith, Kathy Garrett, Rhonda Olds, Cathy Corbin, DeDe Porter, Brenda Griggs, Judy Gul- lett, Donna Ross, Charla Dawes. Sixth row: Diane Butler, Linda Chatfield, Dee Allard, Cherie Long, Pam Corntassel, Cindy Tebeck, Tam- my Flomick. Mrs. Virginia Lee Wilson is presented a token of appreciation for service as former Norse Star Director. so El rig fl I tl H if 'r 'f 'F r R cr EK: . . iv 'Tiff . .' "Wu: , Z-I ' X I an X f--- -Q t - -' if f ,. 55 'J nf i eff S 34 . - gt X' 4 'al J V is i i- 'I if 'A fa ' 1 F .-,. ,A 1 36 'I --s if 'ff I xii X , . 7 e 'Z , ' I, ' gg .Jw A Wig! is ,,,1v.,.' 5 . ,ff b All Q t if " nf QR N ,,, jf,'t Eilqg- ji . 5: l A -v ,, V . -' I Magi' V ' ' 'lf wi ' 9" '. ,.. i xii- I Fig' ' 4' 3, 4 l fi film 4 A - fi' 1. xg : ' A H fu l i , . .:.- Q A A w , , ' i f ' "R A' it D 1 ki -. Front row: Lo Gunatilaka. Back, from the left: Sally Lawrence, Tina Eldridge, Charla Dawes, Rhonda Olds, Sue Arritt, Debbie Johnston. , l ,..mwm1:7vf-- i Mmm it l- l i - ..- From the left: Penny Oldham, Karen Eastwood, Carol Searle, Jan Smith, Brenda Chaney. we X Front row, from the left: Cathy Corbin and Peggy Austin. Back: Laura Gordon- wood, Joy Abrahms, Dianne Butler. 5- 11: g7iSW' ,,. sq ' 7,3 15'7'if 23533 Q 1 ' ' ' 'idx '- ff A 53 'V - .0 'EJ-" f A P -Qi 'it ., . I - . ,V E, - '- ,,-. -5 . .. . t-: 'E . J '. ' , ' I 5 4 . . a ,-Qiif a-1 '. v Qi. . ' sf: A Nw , -ma, , --fm X 'EH ii. ?w-'frf- - ff in i i . '-M X -QL -.fx . I -M. .. L aide. an - , . 'il - N . 34 f ' 1 'X-.f,,x.' A, -s f f , 1' t -F: W, E, 'tl' 5" ' 'Wa' 1 ' Xi J J it H . i 'AY ti 'Q -1 F "fi W -ti' ' A' ff ' if' i 1 K T 'Q " ,I .I ' . f X 'fig 'T , -,j -- -. E 'E ' ---L.-. . 1 " H W1 i , .-f . ' - , , -- ,,' a. ' ' " . , ' '. gk J H: ., .1 .' .vi .4 if I . . Q, :gg Q l ' -1 ,bm ' '- Q ' M-viii . . .I 3 r s V Yr ! .-.42 --I ll llli.l - ...."' .. i i i .W -Q5 5 .L ' l Y f f f , -111 wig. ix lrlliyyv -I Q mn- 3, n ..:.m 1 5653, A , A , K 4 ::Jn"'- ' 1 lil,-2'j, 'il f-- "' fi 25453 - ,lf I' ' , f ' .. " - 4 , .- 4 ull- 1. . AP' PM fx: .ll-'gp wir '. 9- I wi . . - A f -1 Y l - """ l ly f.f3l,i1 r.--Ha., . --ll. M,-lyw, xi-I.. .F-Ji--.,,.-1 3 4: .45 in ' '- Q' ' . iiw f . -1- ,Q ,11.fw:,,, lf,ers?f,'2-Fifi' i ,i I if , , i 1 - --4' Lk 'z HSV" 4 1 ',,- Sie 3-'l 1-5" 'f--,"s X I A J Y, 1 , , r l V f- Q. P' If"-f " ' 'N -.'3tfS"'.f 57 ' i ' . , g 2-,-ia w is Gail Gerfen, Joy Abrahms, and Pat Taylor. Mrs. Ruth Maxwell, Norse Star Director, makes a final adjustment for one Norse Star. HOMECOMING PARADE 5 lrlfilgfjfvie 4 yi'-F. W First Place Masquers "Tell It Like lt is-That's Show Biz" lsbwnf NELPY . .. 1: , , ,V,i, ' ,: 1 , 9' if BW '-" Second Place Third Place Business Club ITS "Oklahoma-Future in Hands of Its Youth" "Power, Then 8l Now 108 Phi Theta Kappa "Education: Key to Success" Aggies and Home Economics "Steps of Progress" ii ii aww A Q. ll iiiii J-:S ,ii in 2 L iii ui, ii e iii-, 1. Engineers "The Ocean Comes to Oklahoma Lk Freshman Class "We Have School Spirit" -32 r , .l -Q, l. l 'l , , , I L 110 -X Dp- Sophomore Class "Apathy" Newman Club "The More You Give, the More You H Chi Alpha "God is Love" kr 'H . H , BSU "Jesus Loves You Dyer Hall entered the spirit of Homecoming by constructing a "locker room" for our opponents. r 1 1 sf' fi eg.,-Q-I Homecoming Queen candidates pause for a picture with all important judges who eventually chose the one to reign at Home coming festivities. J' f.'.W'. ', '. E J. i SQ? , f y 4 ROYALTY 453 Egg. I 'i , W Ng X it 'X' 1,541 ' .., 1: ," all .V LMI: Y i fkizr xl I 'X nil' I Q ,S ' ,QQ 'I , .. A, y ' A , 1 N21 sf' , ,1-pf 4' V' f 1 ff, -Q kiwi' 71. ' ex., N A ? X x X xiii ' is Hx -'I f . Fl Q V J J ' 1 J xx jf U . HH' 22 in 4 1.4 ,. -:4 4 4 nigm: Smit: ::: QSY-L, ffiigggii -,H g9 w jx Q mf .,.. Q 2 ' rpg 4 5 'i ' 4 we Sling!! Higgw ' X ,s sm 3? gf V' ' ' 1 iifi is - E 5 - EQQQ - 'nw 531 sz, 4552442 4 ga M44 455 5552544222 - .4 4.52 24 W fav i , - 4 .zfiif HW Q' k?2'flQ- M ' 5. QW ff 3 , Y mix - H 2 N-K. , ' 3' ' 92:-rg w. f44'i3m"2S. .454 W: .7 22-1" -- -' I . wif L2 f f,--ij? ..: gg-ifwi-gn ' Q14 5? " Fr: .Ei V yi' '... 4 Q- V 1- ' .7 5-114 4 w 5,4 rl, -?: if sf., V K 2 ,- f -4 6 ' '38 'Eiw ., 3+ , , 4 inf .,,-4 ifiwxx 1 Qu fb 'Kirk 4? mfafk REE? iam 4: 4 4445 msg? 2244424431 . 4 T 'ML ,H Mxggyza- 494 . 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X .2 ,. .TV , ,V t fb , 'f r 2: : lf Q Q4 X Lg x w an N N --Wagga, . ...m ir 1, ...... 1 iii-V - N fi n: , L -wall: ' 226332232557 1 10' X Zi x 5 ff - S- . 1 1 wr a 1 1 1 .- f K gg' T V L " 4 11 1' ' F f A 5337 In wg 'Q ,B " NS 2 ' A ff . 511 vfk -'-' I V --Q-QF. J 1.15 , '. WA ' vv,.,' :yur -X 1 Y P5 - ' f 'vu A 193 gf: ' fag aaa? AQ XL .WN Y , . , '55 5 ff mfg M 1. , 1? T ' guy, -fd: ' .,.'T?s'T:'7z in 12, ww .BL L .K . 5? 5 X an PF The attendants face the cold. . . - - . BEAUTIFULLY. Everyone anxiously awaits the announcement of queen. Student Senate President Doug Cooper places the crown on Queen Jackie's head. . . ' :QM " in l in Jnifsbrgavg . Ah . . and adds the crowning touch. A glowing queen is escorted from the field. 115 .W i A ,Q M we I V I :.: ggg .so X, i in i ei 'P Yin ,L Q 44' un' 1 116 , 'f: .,m..5.- , ,, i, H HOIVIECOIVIING QUEEN RUNNERS-UP fs ii ,L Q- f' , : ii ii . , ,ii 5: me ,was Barbara Foust First Runner-Up Homecoming Queen Newman Club Sharon Graham Second Runner-Up Homecoming Queen Chi Alpha HOIVIECOIVIING ATTENDANTS Karen Pilgrim Masquers Club Pat Taylor Sophomore Class Cindy Macklin Engineers Club HCIVIECOIVIING ATTENDANTS Carla Salazar Business Club Doris Vann Afro American Club Dianne Barr Phi Theta Kappa VIKING QUEEN RUNNERS-UP Miss Ly White 0 e Hoggett homa EEN ATTENDANTS Miss Yvonn Tulsa, Oklah oanne Odom Oklahoma E 2 S 3 5 ,.., ,N f, QUEEN ally Lawrence Tennessee W,,,,,k,,.,,.,,,1,,,v95f ,I--1.. ,f qui. 2 w, s.,,, , . 1 f 14551-1 K 3 Q 2 I 5 I . .JWYSF-i,f5. 1 Q-ww TPWNX . , ,Y if Q. L W BA. V. , ,, 4 ,,..,,.?M,.,,W w A A1 ,sag ,SM 2-'W -Q- ,Q-ff, mr , W . Y :mr Q31 H was-1 , MN .uuyuux Wifi? m' w M m Fir? Q W BASKETBALL QUEEN Miss Judy Bush Sand Springs, Oklahoma ,mf -Psa in Wim' ' ' iii. ? 5' 5 '. , af?" x x 11:61 LJ Ciljgififzlfihi xxx xff MQW x- 14' ' :x:x:xQ.g,:x-x-x:,:,:, xg, I' 1' 5 . - x-, ,iyx " as -ffl' Siixixixixiiifs-f :. ' H X - .x..., ..,. U x as xxx xx E' .x.i?5.. iff? is Q 21 ML ., x - aim - 2' -Y -'A 'Jin' ' ' ' xxx: " -' 5 Y- ,V 1x 121' Y 1,3555 xx ., x f 1 - - M vfulsxw -H x Ex xxx ,fx if 3: fxxwxf ilsssixssisexxxx 9 513 . ..,Is2,xx.x.x:5EE:?5E5E5E'Pax x' Q xx, x x mxfxrm xx A ,qv 'iff'-1 xxx lgiifl ' ,- EY m y ,- 2' 1 - fi E ..x "N ' xx .x l'!'FxxEx5xx: 3 5 55 :5-- E flfafflxii- glixivffli 4 5 ' if xx x.,, T.. -.Q x xx,g3v2sQ:5,xx,axg-sgaggwkwjggziixxxgxmw xxxxx. . -:xi x x x " -fx1'f'T2'??WU::55H ,xx x ie " xx W - f xxfzxw Hx xxx5kx gig ' lxaggxxxxxix 5 xx xx iisxgxx xiii' Q' S' Qgiggix . H, xx IL W, xg?x,J. - x Sc xg xg? '7559gfii'YffVi?:: ,N x r' x xx,, xx,xx Z x xx.,xx f ,. 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' ' q, " 'N A X Q A ' H' 'Qty ua rg- 3, Elghmf ' Baokgwll jf Sen ' li Abbott, Vernon Acker, Charles Acree, Roberta Adams, Carla Adams, Elizabeth Adams, Timothy Adler, Anne Alford, Greg Allard, Dee Allen, Kathy Allen, Liz Allton, Carol Anderson. Bea Ann Anderson, Jim Anderson, Larry Anderson, Robert Anderson, Steve Andrew, Robert Armstrong, Carol Ann Arnold, Randy Arritt, Susan Atchley, Stephen Aussiker, Mary Austin, Peggy Avery, Elizabeth Bailey, Steve Baker, Dee Baker, Jack Baker, Karen Baker, Marie Baker, Mary Bale, Dana Balfour, Roy Ball, Terry Ballard, Gary Barbee, Diana Barker, Tom Barrow, Larry Barthel, Rod Barton, Patsy Mid-Management General General Home Economics Computer Science Pre-Engineering Foreign Languages Drafting Arts 8t Science Music Business Music Home Economics Wildlife Conservation Vocational Drafting Mid-Management Agriculture Education Business English Pre-Veterinary Home Economics Agriculture Education Business Speech General Business Criminal Justice Physical Education Music Education Business Business General Computer Science Agriculture Sociology Arts 8t Sciences Computer Science Veterinary Medicine Social Science Bixby Sallisaw Broken Arrow Tulsa Langley Tulsa Tulsa Enid Drumright Vinita Bartlesville Miami Tulsa Blackwell Enid Tulsa Stillwater Tulsa Maysville, Arkansas Leoti, Kansas Herndon, Virginia Mazie Grove Bartlesville Tulsa Bartlesville Miami Beggs Grove Chelsea Tahlequah Commerce Woodward Seneca, Missouri Vinita Miami Ramona Collinsville Nebraska Edmond " H7 lill WNW , , 5 -. may - M wr- ' 2. -f if mr, l will ...- l L M ,E 3 I Qs! f . G l 3 Ex Id gi -, f w E , l T. l Q . .. ,-, T V-7+ J ll 'U ' l ian' uf HNF l llii is . la T, gas, r 1 tl Z--W' , 1 T is I l , . 1 -'ell Ll 'fit r .. ..-1 ',.-.: , A . .. 2. '- -Y 1 ' Y I .- , . , , . ' .a'J. ,,..',s -'V. ,r.. ts.i,ate.f:?estf1f:f,+'f1?s ll aiu' E , -.- z, 'xii ag 2 1 ef' fs-gf I 1'Su 9' 5' -'f' ' 'Ars- X ll X T P., 7 N '-32 , ll Sz fr fl .-.-,-., if X 'A Milli lll,, fx fu l 5 in T l ,519 H I' 1 ffv' 129 PM ,,l ,l ,gel ,M uw 1 .M .. ' 1- l... .,. . rl , , X nflf ' .. ,. im U l , . . J . I R K J E39 3 -sv'-:ati , '.-:-3. I .jfs,'f:.::,zf'.':I:4:-t rc 53. 1 . . -u l I Vi.. l l, U iii' -' T J ,fn- -65' :za f it .-, - ,Y-Y - -rv, l it f f ' tustlliitl . 'li i on ... .Y ' ' ,.,.- 5 . ., - . J 5 r . 'EQ i A 1 f ,M i1 l F x I F an X ' , T . X - 1 t il 6' .N AQ s N lr I J E, it ' 6 ' ,A iii' 1 , l ii it T AA Tl pl' ' E R . 130 Baser, Gerald Bass, Carol Bass, John Robert Bates, Harold Baulche, Bill Bayless, Sandy Beal, Forrest Beard, Vicki Beck, Jim Bedford, Jack Beeson, James Bell, Michael Bellamy, Donna Bennett, David Bennett, Phyllis Bennett, Stanley Bernhart, Nancy Best, Mike Bewley, Mike Bidwell, Diana Bilke, Joyce Bishop, Eddie Bishop, Ronnie Bishop, Steve Black, Teresa Blackburn, Kenny Blackwell, Daniel Bland, Nancy Blaylock, Jeremiah Bleeker, Adrian Bluejacket, Henry Bohnsack, Jane Boman, David Bonar, Pamela Bond, Sherry Booth, Marcella Boots, Gail Borchers, Linda Borthick, Madeline Boston, James Art General Business Physical Education Data Processing Liberal Arts Criminal Justice Business Criminal Justice Engineering Computer Science Business Nursing Business General Business Business Agriculture Pre-Veterinary Computer Science Education General 'Business Auto Tech. Business Business Math Business Speech Agriculture Business Elementary Education Hotel and Res. Man. Home Economics Education General Agriculture P.E. Pre-Engineering Agriculture Miami Bartlesville Bartlesville Grove Miami Seneca, Missouri Grove Tulsa Sand Springs Eufaula McCloud Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Miami Fairfax Norman Fai rland Sapulpa Tulsa Miami Bristow Pryor Bartlesville Tulsa Sapulpa Bristow Miami Austintown, Ohio Tulsa Miami Bartlesville Bixby Tulsa Miami Welch Centerville, Kansas Vinita Bristow Adair Bottoms, Roger Boswell, Larry Bowles, Orma Boyd, Larry Boyd, Patrick Boyd, Ronnie Boyles, Lanny Bradley, David Bradley, Gayle Branch, Yvonne Brashear, Glenda Brasher, Michael Bratten, Elaine Breeden, Mike Brewer, Larry Brewster, Herschel Brighton, Harry Brinkman, Greg Brinkman, Richard Brixey, Paul Brockman, Stanley Brodrick, Paul Brooks, Suzanne ef 5 Brown, Beverly Brown, Darrel Brown, Dellene Brown, Gary Brown, John Brown, Kris Brown, Nina Brown, Randy Browning, Larry Bryan, Dale Bryant, Geneva Bryant, Jay Brunk, Johnny Buckley, Jeannie Bucklin, John Buckmaster, Larry Bu rchett, Larry Social Science Vocational Technology General Business Sociology Social Science Arts and Sciences Chemistry General Business Business Computer Science Elementary Education Business Pre-Veterinary Agriculture Accounting General Business Mid-Management Art Drafting Business Math Agriculture Business Social Science Pre-Veterinary Automotive Technology Music Forestry Computer Science Business Business Pre-Medicine Agriculture Computer Science Veterinary Medicine Engineering Pre-Law Oklahoma City Quapaw Big Cabin Pryor Porter Tulsa Tulsa Pryor Bartlesville Tulsa Sand Springs Afton Bartlesville Miami Tulsa Miami Tulsa Ohio Coffeyville, Kansas Vinita Columbus, Ohio Miami Enid Tulsa Glencoe Miami Vinita Rogers, Arkansas Miami Nowata Tulsa Tulsa Picher Seneca, Missouri Tulsa Stilwell Tulsa Tulsa Miami Oologah 5552523 Y My 7 1- 'Sf' fa vt, 'args 5. 3 K T22 i 'C' X, M 1 lg' t 15. -. A -5 ,,,. ,. 9, l U, 4 - 1 - e 1 frtr .Mita O ' at 0 131 VA if V. f ll ll,,1l,,,J B 1. . D., X -1 " Q4 2 4'5- j' ,. ,. lg ,, V Le ' -1 52 if" X 'QPSK 5 'iillllgict it-,qw-xg l,.i, lu N ski, , V 'V ' : ,df ' . ,dr , , his '. ,N ' ' ' xlx , L 132 ia- it wl'f . ,. 'ff E an 'g-.. an. L rig? l . I i '7 .. L- " 'il 2 V l l A I 3 Burgess, Karen Burnett, Denise Burnett, Frank Burnett, Joe Bush, Johnny Buxton, Charles Byers, Joan Call, Dan Callison, James Callison, Susan Calvert, Robert Campbell, David Campbell, Debbie Campbell, Debby Campbell, Jack Campbell, Patrick Candifi, Johnny Cappella, John Careker, Kerry Carey, Harold Carinder, Janclyn Carleton, Lerrym Carnes, Don Carney, Ted Carr, Deborah Carrico, Saundra Carroll, Paula Carroll, Steve Case, Jim Casey, Carolyn Caywood, Terry Cervantez, Kathy Chan, Chuwing Chaney, Becky Chaney, Pam Business General Business Business Aviation Accounting Nursing Music Agriculture Nursing Agriculture Engineering Engineering Business Art Auto Mechanics Political Science Criminal Justice Business Home Economics Math Elementary Education Home Economics Agriculture Agriculture Education Computer Science Business Business Pre-Vet Home Economics Communications Psychology Physics Business Arts 81 Sciences Chapman, Clarence Woodworking Chatfield, Lynda Business Chatman, Rick Business Cheek, Harry Physical Education Childers, Donald Business Sand Springs LaCygne, Kansas Pryor Pryor Copan Miami Dewey Tulsa Pryor Adair Washington Tulsa Tulsa Fairland Miami Miami Bixby Hamilton, Ohio Tulsa Hulbert Afton Bartlesville Leach Ponca City Jay Tulsa Miami Tulsa Quapaw Sand Springs Miami Tulsa Hong Kong Locust Grove Miami Grove Tulsa Indiana Kansas Miami Childers, Ronald Chrismon, Jonne Christiansen, Regina Choate, Karla Claggett, Dave Clapp, Jimmy Clapper, Ruth Clark, Rick Clary, Barbara Clay, Joe Clay, Joel Clem, Patrick Cleveland, Teresa Clinton, Gordon Cochran, Linda Coger, Michael Coker, Donna Cole, Connie Collins, Joe Colson, Tim Conaway, Steve Cone, Scott Conner, Brenda Cook, Dennis Cook, Jeri Cook, Robert Corbin, Catherine Cordray, Roger Corntassel, Pamela Couch, Dwight Cowan, Jerry Cox, Edna Cox, Leslie Cox, Paul Coyle, Brenda Crafton, Patricia Craig, Bill Craig, Dewayne Craig, Rick Cramer, Philip Music Home Economics Business Education Business Computer Science Arts li Sciences Elementary Education General Computer Science General Pre-Law Science Business Business Practical Nursing Agriculture Elementary Education Practical Nursing Pre-Veterinary Agriculture Political Science Pre-Veterinary Computer Science Arts 81 Sciences Criminal Justice Accounting Home Economics Computer Science Computer Science Physical Education History Home Economics Computer Science Business Business Business Elementary Education Animal Science Business Agriculture Miami Commerce Bixby Miami Big Cabin Miami Adair Tulsa Langley Shawnee Miami Afton Enid Oaks Jay Locust Grove Miami Adair Vinita Oakland, Nebraska Blackwell Tulsa Miami Bartlesville Enid Grove Bartlesville Vinita Wyandotte Miami Jay Drumright Copan Bartlesville Sperry Fairland Miami Southwest City Miami Bartlesville li" J, V Nw ,- . p-aff'-.'f'Z:: we i ll I Y i i. .MW T 1 ""- Fil et l. 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Darter, Donna Davis, Michael Davis, Randy Dawes, Charla Deas, Susan Deaton, Gary Dedmon, Buddy Deere, Donna DeHart, Mary Dembinski, Teresa Dent, Marjorie Dereberry, Carol Deshazer, Gary Business History Education Home Economics Drafting History Journalism Art Elementary Education General Art Physical Education Elementary Education Pre-Engineering Pre-Dental Business General Engineering Microbiology History Criminal Justice Woodworking Pre-Engineering Business General Pre-Veterinary Education Liberal Arts Arts and Sciences Business Music Business Business Pre-Nursing Business Business Detherage, Thomas Agriculture DeWall, Bobbi DeWall, Richard Business Electronics Deweese, Ronald Music Tulsa Sand Springs Sand Springs Tulsa Tulsa Oologah Afton Vinita Miami Tulsa Miami Purcell Bartlesville Sand Springs Tulsa Tulsa Grove Bristow Persia Dewey Miami Columbus, Kansas Bluejacket Miami Bartlesville Afton Ft. Smith, Arkansas Sand Springs Tulsa Grove Tulsa Wyandotte Miami Miami Tulsa Tulsa Fairland Miami Miami Miami Dick, Bill Dickson, Butch Dillinger, Michael Dillon, Priscilla Ann Dirickson, Wayne Dodd, Robert Donnell, Randy Dooley, Tim Dooley, Tom Dorris, Deborah Doss, Randy Doty, John Dover, Richards Downing, Vesta Downs, Helen Dowty, John Duffield, Cheryl Duncan, Carol Duncan, Deborah Dunham, Wayne Dunn, Joseph Durborrow, Mike Dysart, David Earley, Stephen Earp, Dennis Earp, Ronny Eastwood, Karen Eddins, Vicki Edgar, Don Edmondson, Jim Eiston, Brent Eldridge, Tina Elkins, Steve Elliot, Laurie Elliott, Susan Elmer, James Erwin, Starr Estes, Bill Eubanks, Robert Evans, Gary Mid-Management Agriculture Computer Science Home Economics Pre-Medicine Business Computer Science Industrial Drafting Business Music Speech Auto Mechanics Drafting Business Home Economics Psychology General Accounting Home Economics Agriculture History Electrical Engineering Agriculture Business Forestry Hotel and Restaurant Pre-Medicine Computer Science Business English Agriculture Education Data Processing Auto Technology Home Economics Education Engineering Music Electronics Electronics Arts and Sciences Vinita Lenapah Afton Tulsa Midwest City Jenks Miami Miami Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Miami Sand Springs Miami Quapaw Miami Jay Welch Kansas Jay Miami Miami La Cygne, Kansas Bartlesville Colcord Jenks Miami Commerce Tulsa Miami Rocky Seneca, Missouri Tulsa Tulsa Miami Miami Miami Seneca, Missouri Afton Cushing ll I. ,aah new 'Ula ffm- . .,,.,f-5,1 ii nn mm L.-r X mms-f -:gm .tra ii I alfa' - Z, ffl , 1, - 'M Q, I M W Q S st 7 it i it .4 K ,' ..t A t J -- 1 Y. 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Agriculture Drafting General General History Pre-Dental Pre Law Auto Technology Agriculture Drafting Home Economics Accounting Home Economics Computer Science General Business Computer Science Mid Management Drafting Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Education IBM Mid Management Business General Drafting Agriculture Welch Fairland Fairland Picher Tulsa Miami Grove Ponca City Bristow Tulsa Bartlesvllle Bartlesville Tulsa Tulsa Miami Miami Bartlesvllle Miami Galesburg, Illinois Miami Milan, Indiana Vinita Fairland Bartlesvllle Tulsa Miami Bartlesvllle Miami Kansas City, Missouri Miami Bartlesvllle Indiana Moundville, Alabama Welch Hominy Tulsa Bixby Picher Miami Bartlesville .III- , II III, III Iiwiif. -HI its I I I it IIII1' I ' 53. ' I iii, -,fr 9,51 'I,I1II,,II,,III' 'I , i , If.: I' '43 ' X. f- I t I : lea I I I' III' x , it xiii I1-I , , ' -if .,-1 ,I X 5 , xg :QI ,S - . t , ,4 , ..- I ,gt I K V 'I ' ' II ,Q 1' x v, is FLVWHII It I-9 J . 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X -1 ,Q 1 1 , l ' Haralson, George Hardie, Donald Harlin, Clarence Harmon, Stephen Harney, Bill Harper, Cheryl Harris, Fred Harris, John Harris, Larry Harris, Michael Arts and Science Drama Afton Picher Veterinary Medicine Kansas City, Mo Home Economics General Education Physical Education General Hotel and Restaurant Business Business Arts and Science Engineering Business Vocal Music Agriculture Home Economics Education Drafting English Engineering Journalism Business Business Hotel Management Physical Education General Pre-Law Elementary Education General Agriculture Criminal Justice Auto Mechanics Mechanics Wildlife Conservation General General Agriculture Electronics Physical Education Physical Education Tulsa Miami Picher Ketchum Cushing Tulsa Grove Tulsa Tulsa Pryor Collinsville Stillwater Vinita Wyandotte Nowata Copan Iraq Grove Jay Tulsa Sand Springs Tulsa Miami Bartlesville Pawhuska Bartlesville Locust Grove Miami Mazie Commerce Miami Miami Bartlesville Fairland Welch Chicago, Illinois Tahlequah Harris, Walter Harrison, Steve Hartley, Monty Hartman, Danny Harvell, Chester Hatfield, David Hatten, Mike Hawkins, Barney Hawkins, Dennis Haworth, Neal Haynes, Amos Heathman, Patty Heaton, Chuck Heimdale, Gregg Helm, Gene Hemperley, Karen Hemperly, Kelly Hendren, Bob Hendren, Jimmy Hendrickson, Dean Henry, Rick Herdt, Virginia Herndon, Cole Herrel, Paula Hight, Ralphard Hignite, Pam Hill, Beckie Hill, Howard Hill, Richard Hines, Eddie Hitt, John Hobbes, Charles Hobgood, Bruce Hodson, Myra Del Hogan, Jack Holbrook, Leslie Holcomb, Donna Holland, Robert Electrical Engineering Criminal Justice Computer Science Physical Education Electronics Drama Pre-Law Education Social Science Business Computer Science Business Auto Technology Forestry Business Elementary Education Social Science General Animal Science Auto Psychology Business Business Business Engineering Business Business Industrial Education Business Electronics General Social Science Physical Education General Animal Science Home Economics Home Economics Education Hollandworth, Larry Arts and Science Hollenbeck, Dean Agriculture J ay Oklahoma City Vinita Victoria, Texas Miami Commerce Miami Beggs Tulsa Midwest City Tulsa Adair Tulsa Tulsa Big Cabin Adair Adair Jay Colcord Northwood, Iowa Chelsea Miami Tulsa Commerce Heavener Midwest City Tulsa Wyandotte Cleveland Dewey Ardmore Chelsea Miami Pryor Checotah Bartlesville Sand Springs Centralia Wyandotte Wyandotte "' - -l,.: ..' as .. ey A Mmm , gs, 5 A tiilil . 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Janice Miller, Charles Miller, Jacqueline Business Art General Elementary Education Elementary Education Drafting Pre-Dental Veterinary Medicine Biology Engineering Agriculture Business Electronics Elementary Education Agriculture Science Drama Business Arts and Sciences Business Drafting Accounting IBM Business Math Technical Elementary Education Journalism Business Business Elementary Education Physical Education Elementary Education General Sociology Criminal Justice Business Vocational Technology Psychology Norman Bartlesville Miami Afton Afton Pawhuska Chelsea Pryor Chelsea Westville Porter Fairland Tulsa Duncan Anadarko Tulsa Miami Fairland Tulsa Miami Dewey Tulsa Muskogee Broken Arrow Vinita Grove Vinita Lubbock, Texas Tulsa Tulsa Claremore Miami Langley Tulsa Fairland Bluejacket Tulsa Skiatook Miami Miller, James Miller, Rick Miller, Robert Miller, Steve Miller, Wayne Mills, Rehta Minker, Fred Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, James Mitchem, Arthur Moffatt, Trudee Monroe, Max Montgomery, Mike Moody, Janice Mooneyham, Jimmie Moore, Clark Moore, Greg Moore, Harlan Moore, Terry Moreno, Carlos Morgan, Jim Morrison, Dayel Morshedizadeh, Behzah Mosher, Jeff Mosley, Vicki Mounce, Linda Mount, Randy Mouser, Brenda Mowry, Dean Mullin, Michael Mundt, Linda Munson, Rhonda Myers, Jack Myers, Kay Myers, Sue Nehring, Rex Newcomb, Donnie ewcomb, Garu Newell, Vicki ewton, Elita Drafting Pre-Law Political 'Science Computer Science Agriculture Home Economics Journalism Business Business Sociology General Business Business Business Drafting Veterinary Medicine Wildlife Conservation Business Business Agriculture Automotive Technology Drafting General Agriculture Education Sociology Business Business Engineering Law Child Development English Psychology General General Business Journalism Industrial Arts Business Helena New Lebanon, Ohio Miami Sand Springs Edmond Miami Owasso Tulsa Tulsa Sand Springs Halstead, Kansas Tulsa Owasso Tulsa Commerce Tulsa Checotah Sapulpa Muskogee Venezuela Tulsa Tulsa Iran Tulsa Tulsa Bristow Grove Miami Miami Commerce Tulsa Kansas Miami Miami Miami Miami Claremore Afton Norman Veterinary Medicine Columbus, Kansas ft I. 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Nicely, Brenda Nichols, Alan Nielson, Margaret Niksch, Thomas Nix, Pamela Norris, Jack Oberbeck, Bruce O'Brien, David Ochoa, Pedro Offutt, Jim Oldham, Penny Olds, Rhonda Oliver, Deanna Onasanya, Olatuhde Oney, Randy Osborn, Shirley Osburn, Berry Osten, Michael Ousley, Denise Owen, Mark Owens, Larry Owens, Ruby Owensby, Barry Page, Delores Palmer, Noah Pangborn, Cathy Pappan, Leslie Park, Robert Parrish, Bobbie Patterson, Debra Pattison, Vera Pattrick, Dwight Payne, David Payne, Sandra Payne, Jerry Peacock, Beverly Pearce, Carol Pearce, Collene Gay Penner, Everett Veterinary Medicine Cushing Business Business Elementary Education industrial Arts English Criminal Justice Agriculture Agriculture Engineering Forestry Education Arts 8 Sciences Music Business Electronics General General Agriculture Arts 81 Sciences Pre-Dental Pre-Med Nursing Agriculture Social Sciences Engineering Business Business Pre-Law Pre-Veterinary Elementary Education History History Drama Music Agriculture Home Economics Pre-Pharmacy Business Administration Engineering Vinita Bixby Miami Wanatah, Indiana Ralston Tulsa Cushing Pineville, Missouri Venezuela Dewey Miami Lynchburg, Virginia Sallisaw Nigeria Miami Commerce Picher Alluwe Miami Tulsa Miami Barnsdall Florida Tulsa Eufaula Iulsa Tulsa Checotah Quapaw G rove Chelsea Covington Tulsa Tulsa Watonga, Wyandotte Tulsa Grove Oologah Pennington, Millie Perrin, Rick Perry, Mark Peterson, Robert Phillips, Bill Phillips, Lorrie Phillips, Rick Phipps, Glenn Pickett, Phyllis Pierce, Allen Pierce, Reginald Pierce, Rickie Pinsart, Daniel Poindexter, John Porter, Dede Porter, Mike Potts, James Prater, Glenda Prater, Jerry Prather. John Prather, Lynn Praytor, Stanley Price, David Price, Mary Jo Price, Tommy Price, Toni Primeaux, Charlie Pringle, Phil Proctor, Fred Pruett, Margie Pullin, Brad Purcell, Warren Quinn, David Home Economics Electronics General Physical Education lBM Education Business Forestry Business Engineering Social Sciences Agriculture Business Automotive Technology Physical Education Business Music English Data Processing Animal Science Arts and Sciences Accounting Computer Science Wildlife Conservation Business General History Business General Business Education Business Law Agriculture Radebaugh, Debbie Home Economics Raemhild, Terry Agriculture Ragsdale, Debbie General Ramsey, Dale Physical Education Randall, Daryl Business Redden, Phyllis Business Reed, Steve Veterinary Medicine Tulsa Hominy Sand Springs Collinsville Miami Broken Arrow Miami Locust Grove Quapaw Venezuela Tulsa Locust Grove Tulsa Bartlesville Tulsa Muskogee Miami Wyandotte Wyandotte Bartlesville Ramona Miami Miami Cleveland Tulsa Commerce Pawnee Tulsa Chelsea Delaware Bartlesville Oklahoma City Burwell, Nebraska Bartlesville Dewey Rose Vinita Miami Picher Bartlesville If -. 8' K' '45 ':e'.'.1:54SH.I A 4 Tu 3 ,A ll ' its l 4125 ,- f l l an 2. 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Vernon, Mississippi Duncan Fairland Tulsa Welch Lebo, Kansas Skiatook Tulsa Tulsa Picher Miami Chetopa Sand Springs Afton Welch Tulsa Fairland Quapaw Miami Miami Vinita Alluwe Girard, Kansas Miami Copan Miami Disney Pryor Owasso Bartlesville Claremore Tulsa tr. vig , W ' E W- 91- iit ,g ,f A "" 4'-2 f - if ' Q , A si, 1 'fl . 1 - 1 ,T - T i 3, ,, K K 5 at .,.. V-mm -V ,,2, -. f gif 5 ,A.: -' ' ' N ..,., "' X N: f A 4. ya 3 mi ,A if .5 .2:-.' re. f 5 1 1 531 X ,V L.. 4 143 ' X X, i ni 'acl' : 'Z ' P mfr 1 tt wav 5 ,Phil ,. in 5 if as 61 fi? ! ,gi MTE? 5 . . F 3" . Q, i Q Y Q , Q: 9 in - 1 , . MQ .: 1 . '- x P"'!i IU! ,p-. fs. , df t- 4, S M L P ,, as K.: 4' be 3 mir 5 S5- l H m 5 . .1 gl., 'f -.2 1' 'RTV 'i x ' . ,,1 'ii' '-, f V' 4 V- - '- "ixw i ' 'r ta V .. . 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TNJ, . i QQ x 6 733 2 1 it T, 'E H ' r ,,,,,.,i--s,,, ,ii Il L is .,. , T T 1 what "wt ri" i ' 321 T , gf 1 -is 1. 2 , 9 N, X 4 ,, 1 ll i lil V. , , will i" .. I , a t ll .aa , kt., 1 ,N l ,J N l J 'fr ZF? N 'l Q- .M r Q ml gli t ,tia , l 1 155 fix - u , ,ull f' Q I we, l'l . 'L jg - 'R J ' ' Sgr: - , H iq , S 'fs l F' i ,wp v- X M ', y . , . .ur lv N., l iii. -, ? l i l .1 ,af I' 1 : G , TS xr X G' ."' l ll it ll , nm L . 3- 1-an l 156 Enrollment fun. ith! Ez., J, Rhodes, Beva Nursing Wyandotte Robbins, Daniel Business Adair Rodriquez, Richard Arts and Science Nowata Rose, Perry Automotive Technology Fairland Sagel, Roy Arts and Science Adair Shaw, Ray Art Oklahoma City Shields, Sharon Elementary Education Holdenville Shook, Linda Nursing Welch Sparkman, Kaye Nursing Vinita Stafford, Frank Criminal Justice Wyandotte Steen Tommy Animal Science Grove Stewart, June Nursing Welch Stratton, Audrey Nursing Tulsa Tapp, Ace Business Admin. Riverside, California Terrill, Jean Ann Education Pawhuska Thompson, Nursing Miami Mary Ann Tiffany, Peggy Nursing Miami Vahadji, Ali-Reza Engineering Iran Wallace, Debbie Business Miami Watson, Melda Nursing Miami Webster, Billy Pre-Medicine Baxter Springs Kansas Weedon, Larry Electronics Bixby Welch, Danny Engineering Welch Werts, Marty General Ohio Weston, Claudia Nursing Miami Whitehead William Sociology Miami Wright David Mid Management Bartlesville Wrinkle Randy Business Aurora, Missouri Wyatt Sharon Nursing Grove i ii N if Good fellowship and fun are two essentials for a complete college education. , ir. " ,S liz-f..,:5:fI: - """f?fQ ' - f? fl- 3: ' 5 3'.z7, . ' "' A I ' - A J. ff' 'Q'-'Z ifgsfaifa , 5.5 .lf vv-, - i .Fi . gg.-1-3, . .A -:V Vi. l - fi, f . . , ' ' -1 if :'i....'f1 ' k-.- . 1-15 t 'ff' ' f . - A W?5Fl'etv - as -fx,-. - - A. 1.. . , yn surf- . f Y., in 2 as rg rr A if x Q 1, A Q ' I 1' . gferg- .-K J 1 -A .r-. ., - ,TV 11? gt' ' V. n k -" :i,' u:. 'ii "I 1 Sidi' 'iv ,lk 1: I 3-3 fl. xl.-La ,,,. 't:., I ,155-TF' ' +1 'A' nl : Ng V' ' M - 1 ' 3, ' Aliirywr if f v-fx " A . A I U I r 'H 1 F ' t I li l " 5 fa 1 ' A 'n ' 'Hr L 9 i tel : N a--2 .. . .A , ,VI J-N EE.-,I I ,A 1-1 . . ' :"'1 - . , ,. ' , t rig.. ' ' 1 Q - . .t 1, Tm.: !l.ed"iv:m34,! A A, A Xzkgigwiig Avy: fl xilgfazyzgefflw if xi . ,. I Yiiffayi-it Q QEMM5 i - , hifi. ' ' giiifw 572 ilf' ' V ff-4 - e i ':f,Jt:.,2a1-f:f:ftg.s Teae..f pg elf " ' '. 4 ' -e r saw:-' L-'Z1'-' 1'?2'e.., -, -- -'1 the tjssffr' '-it .M . ,. , up . A lwaiiefie " we. st' ffjiq.-f 'ff-at iiij Wi ' l P--f e-a-t1f-.w'1- -a ae .1 - '-'F'w'hS...-Q-1:3 -wwfgil 5,-1... L J: .-. H -. vu 12. if . new gk-.wif -- A breather between classes or after a busy day is welcomed by most students. s 1' L Students gather at the football field for the introduction of the squad and a pep rally. , 213 "B . niiuiiiff H mv Where do I go from here, to the student union or to my next class? Changing or withdrawing from a class, sometimes a hazardous p cedure, requires several visits and numerous signatures, awe 4 ,-,.. K 1 X M K an 3 s r-s W 1 KW'-m. .. 524, 5 X s-..a-Q-.h The Student Senate members, hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Creech, en- joy refreshments after the meeting. MAN Q fm ,Lili , , , fgiffiieq ,rw . ii . -. W L 1 ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT SENATE Purpose: To create interests and activities for students on campus, to improve the educational facilities in all departments, to improve the living conditions of students on campusg and touch on other phrases of interests to help make living, working and studying on the cam- pus of NEO A 8t Nl more pleasant and enjoyable. ars " 4x8 lim .'1 F If ,.,,,-,,.. . - NA, XXI li First Semester Officers: Dennis Clements, Representative-ab Large, Gail Hanna, Secretaryg Doug Cooper, President, Dale Moeller, Representative-at-Large: Gary Perkins, Vice President. ,xx The Senate enioys holding one meeting each semester in the home of Dr. Creech. ,,Q'x The Senate officers help greet the new students at the annual reception and mixer. T ...ji Officers for the Spring Semester, Front row, from the left: Tam- my Romick, Senator-at-Large: and Kerry Potter, Secretary-Trea- surer. Back row: Dennis Clements, Senator-at-Large, Jimmy Fos- ter, Vice-Presidentg and David Sivadon, President. 4 .K v J J x 5 1 U' X Xian F . , J l .'.'5'5.. -zafi' V 1- ' fsf ' " ' ',' , ' 'E Hg3g2'.jgm"ft gifs 5.1, A ,Q g T 5 5 " t .,.5 - , V H 4 ,N l Y V , '- 4-ggq , I J s -,J-, K , i v ff. .W .--1 V V A f" . . ' Li as-all ' ' 4,K -Q- ' , :tiff 1- 3' Jw' "W S-f Pj? . A 9.1 ifjgatvsia - Q - 1 N . .N 1. ' 1 , f, M- 1 " X9 'TCVKTNE ii A' jug, 1,35 Y . why '- . -A Lgitwl. Q .5 ,li ,,.,,4,,fg5 ,. 53.3 :E ' g A ll,-4 .5T.'f'9 P fi rc:-,, 'Q . Y...-I ..-fi-JK:-I ,M-:J mix .. ,V . . iigtf- ..,-- .ml College students enjoy playing with toys at the Annual Christ- mas Party sponsored by the Student Senate. Santa's helpers bring presents to some of the youngsters who are sitting in the crowded areas. STUDENT SENATE Santa chats with youngsters prior to the beginning of the Annual Christ- mas Party. Q? ll wif ., , i Hx. , J 1 -A Conversation about what Santa might bring was one way to pass time before Santa arrived. U AFRO-AMERICAN CLUB - 1 1' 1. W !,-. -' -J. sv ' 'f'.'3-f'I' 'sf K. l,,"wQ'f':igw,ll ' ' ' iQtf?'fE?ff?fl 'fait . is 9 . 2 nl its 1 t H' ll 5 ia-lin tg' .rtt l lt H .qty :T4.,.!?: t I it , , l Wm Qtr-fm-tts., lgiufie 'M xi: '- 'iittllii f' -rarity: A , ig.fgi,,.g?Z,,fr. 1. ' i f "1 i fix' fi .5 f by limit ' j mg a H521 is Q Officers, front row, from the left: Nina Brown, Alternate Student Senate Representative, Sam Onasanyag and Doris Vann, Queen. Second row: Sheryl Wright, Treasurerg Roxanne Wallace, Celestine Vann, Vice-President, Diane Dumas, Secretary. Back row: Ed Wakefield: John Williams, President: James Degrate, Student Senate Representative, and Derrick Bergman, Information Officer. The Afro-American Club in- creases contact among Negro students, increases participation in campus activities, identifies as a group, encourages pride in Negro-American and African heritage, and promotes contact between Afro-Americans on campus and those in the sur- rounding areas. 162 ara Jk' gt lm Members: Clinton Baul, Derrick Bergman, Norma Bowie, Nina Brown, Paulette Bryant, James Degrate, Diane Dumas, Gary Fields, Melvin Hall, Larry Harris, Deborah Johnson, Richard Owens, Delores Page, Lolita Page, Contreda Pegues, Terry Phillips, Arthur Stokes, Celestine Vann, Doris Vann, Edwin Wakefield, Roxanne Wallace, Patricia White, Jeannette Williams, John Wil- liams, and Sheryl Wright. AGGIE SOCIETY '7 Officers, front row, from the left: Larry Stamper, President, Mike Price, Parliamentariang Mary Griswold, Secretaryg and Kent Houston, Vice-President. Back row: Dale Moeller, Treasurer: Galen Fink, Alternate Student Senate Representative, Lawson l:s- sex, Reporterg and Herschel Brewster, Student Senate Representative. Members: Steve Anderson, Steve Atchley, Gary Ballard, Donnie Bandy, Rodney Barthel, Mike Best, Joe Blakemore, Adrian Bleeker, James Boston, James Bowles, David Boyd, Jim Branch, Herschel Brewster, Darrel Brown, Johnny Brunk, John Bucklin, Steve Bullard, Mike Burcham, Denise Burnette, Rodney Bussey, Robert Calvert, Jim Case, Clifton Charles, Dennis Clements, Mike Coger, Randy Commons, Doug Cooper, Stanley Covey, Tom Coyle, Phil Cramer, Ronald Crighton, Mike Cunningham, Ricky Cunningham, Roy Danham, Tom Detherage, James Dickson, David Dysart, Mike Eastwood, Gary Ellis, Lawson Essex, Galen Fink, Elmer Ford, David Foreman, Jimmy Foster, David Fowler, Jeanetta Fowler, Ken Froese, Traile Glory, Fred Glover, Gary ' iet 'S Ur Qgeisto Goodwin, Mary Griswold, Johnny Hanna, Steve TheAgg'eS.oC y tg ft Harmon, Fred Harris, Jimmy Hendren, Cathy further the 'nterest 'n 9 U ure Henry, Randy Hibbard, Ronald Hilton, James of agriculture among the Agri- -l- Hobbard, Ronald Hollenbeck, Carroll Hopkins, . f NEO A 81 M Roger Houston, James Isley, Steve Jardot, Wes- Cultural mal0r5 0 ' 5 ley Jones, Larry Kichler, Bobbie Killough, Walter Fi N College- EW Q Kirk, John Koke, Dale Lanum, Richard Lowson, Richard Lee, Mike Lessley, Leonard Lewis, Ricky Littlefield, James Mashburn, Jimmie Matlock, Bobby McAfee, Roy McCoy, Mark McDaniel, Marshall McKee, Howard Miller, Lloyd Miller, I X Dale Moeller, Greg Moore, Wallace Moore, I x Ronald Morgan, Tom Mowrer, James Niccum, K 3, William Oberdeck, David O'Brien, Terry Payne, 1 Gary Perkins, Jerry Phillips, Rickie Pierce, John V Prather, Mike Price, David Quinn, Terry Raemhild, Robert Ragan, Dennis Reed, Melvin Rexwinkle, Willard Rhymes, Cody Round, Ronnie Rusch, Kent Ryun, Dennis Saab, Richard Schubert, Charles Scott, James Sharp, Kenneth Shipley, Phillip Shipman, Steve Smith, Don Sollars, Charles Stafford, Robert Stafford, Dwayne Stam- per, Larry Stamper, Bob Stash, Nettie Sutton, Tim Synar, Frank Taylor, James Thomas, Paul Tierney, Jose Tortoleno, Steve Unrau, Tim Van- over, Leslie Walker, James Webb, Charles Wil- moth, Gary Wolf, Darrell Woodard, Robert Woods, Jerry Yirsa, Mike Ziler. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION . Lf CJ Front: Debbie Praytor, Vice-President and Publicity Chairmang Linda Lehman, Secretary resentative and Social Chairman, Margie Dent, Noonday Chairman, Joyce Risman, Assist Evangelistic Chairman: David Boyd, Music Chairmang John Love, Treasurer, Don Caskey, Chairman, Steve Rutherford, President. The purpose of the BSU is to relate students properly to Christ, pro- mote spiritual and moral growth of students, present a positive Christian witness to the campus, reach the total student constituen- cy, and discover, train, and con- serve Christian leadership. if 3 Jeannie Parker, Student Senate Rep- ant Social Chairman. Back: Ted Kersh, Faculty Sponsor, Bill Duree, Missions Membership constitutes all students in- terested in fellowship with emphasis placed on non-denominational activities. Students are encouraged to participate with the idea that self-improvement is gained through association. .-lm, 3 BUSINESS CLUB r' " Qi Front row: Janice Epps, Student Senate Alternate, Peggy Austin, Reporter, Mary Lou Box, Secretary-Treasurer. Back row: Andrea Mason, Vice-President: Jack Wood, Student Senate Representative, B. J. Shelton, President. The Northeastern A 81 M Business Club is organized to give the busi- ness majors of the college an area for academic and social activities pertaining to the specific interest of the students involved. Members: Robert Anderson, Bob Andrew, Gene Archdale, Peggy Austin, Don Baker, Scotty Bald- ridge, Dianne Barr, John Bass, Nancy Bernhart, Janie Bonsack, Orma Bowles, Mary Lou Box, Mike Breeden, David Brown, Dellene Brown, Karen Burgess, Vickie Burks, Don Burn, Char- les Buxton, Mike Campbell, Brenda Chaney, Don Childers, Joy Choate, Dave Claggett, Gor- don Clinton, Willa Dean Craggett, Pam Curtis, Teresa Cuttingham, Donna Darter, Janie Dem- binski, Tom Dooley, Ronnie Earp, Janice Epps, Walt Erwin, Charlotte Fischer, Gary Forrest, Dewayne Foster, Janie Fouts, Todd Fradd, Lynda Fraza, Katherine Freshour, Laura Gordon- wood, Gary Graham, Terry Graham, Dorothy Griffith, David Harnden, Kenneth Harris, Monty Hartley, Paula Herrel, Ginger Heydt, Frank, Hibbs, Pam Hignite, Richard Hill, Loretta Hobbs, Joe Hoffman, Jeanne Hoggett, Bobbie Jeffery, Mary Jane Johnston, Mike Kaufmann, Theresa Kennedy, Gary Lehrman, Gary Lobaugh, Debbie McClure, Karen Malthaner, Andrea Mason, Paula Matthews, Diana Miller, Rick Miller, Jack Mitchell, Mary Ann Monholland, Janice Moody, Allen Morgan, Liz Morgan, Rex Neharing, Cathy Pangborn, Mike Pogue, Jerry Prater, Stanley Praytor, David Price, Jim Rhine, Daniel Rob- bins, Belinda Roberts, Connie Roblyer, Ron Rohmiller, Wayne Rominger, C. B. Russell, Carla Salazar, B. J. Shelton, Larry Smiley, Carolyn Smith, Mary Jane Smith, John Stansell, Jim Strunk, Charles Tate, Jan Thomas, Joel Thompson, Ron Troyer, Kay Trundle, Trish Walker, Sheryl Webber, Lydia Whiteley, George Williams, Steve Williams, Vicky Williamson, Michael Wilson, Jack Wood, Gary Yoder, Sandi Yust. CHI ALPHA u .,, ' , 4.-f .-4 ,af ,l Q-ff. ' 4 Front' Sondra Berry Student Senate R The club's purpose is to provide Christian worship, fellowship and recreation, opportunities for spirit ual awakening and growth and opportunities to work in worth while social, school, or civic causes. . , epresentativeg Brenda Chaney, Alternate Senate Representative' D 1 - I . . . Q i lil Members Jerry Baser Sondra Berry, Donna Cain Debby Carr Sue Cornelison Robert Dodd, John D Fairres Beverly Fine Paul Fisher, Dewayne Foster Glenda Gamble Sharon Gra- ham David Harnden Bill Hurd Patricia Jones, Sheryl Jones, Terry Jones, Betty Knight, Preston Lee, Pat Lowry, John Ann Masters, Charles Miller, Donna Rice, Jimmy Rogers, David Siva- don, Daniel Sue, Wally Westervelt, Terry White- ley, Connie Whitney, Donna Wilson. , onna Wilson, Secre- ary Treasurer. Back. Charles Miller, Vice President, David Sivadon, President. .iz X ll.. if 1 ,ssh -1 5,'5. 'Wxftfxg lad! 5 INDIAN CLUB Officers, Front row, left to right: Gary Angelo, Chiefg Bill McKee, Assistant Chiefg and J. R. Mathews, Keeper of the Drum. Back row: Charla Dawes, Treasurer, and Mary Baker, Secretary. The Indian Club promotes the continuation of their natural heri- tage and provides information to those areas of society where the information can be beneficial. The Club further aids in all areas the Indian student who is attend- ing Northeastern Oklahoma A8lM and encourages all young Indians to attend college. P54 1 XL, l W , .. ll ,, . , , is it xfrigpt .. l ll ll lll"'U ' A gjllljtfif X 1. ll iatlll' 4,5 2 "riff, H11 2 rislfid' .i ' l ,, .. , r si ,, l,,i,,5fEs ,. ' Q, 12 . Members: Sherry Berryhill, Brenda Bowlin, Linda Bowlin, Doe Carey, Richard Carney, Ronnie Chisle, George Christie, Joe Clay, Vesta Downing, Bar- ney Hawkins, Mitchel Ketcher, Bobby Raye Kil- lough, Kennie McKen, Gregory Mann, Donnie Mewcomb, Clifford Ott, Carol Rauwlk, Bobby Rumsey, Don Scott, Guy Scott, Sharon Shapp, Bootsie Skye, Lenny Skye, Steve Smith, Bobby TalIChief, Beverly Watashe. DEBATE CLUB E A , w X Officers: Bob White, Sponsor: Doug Myers, President, John Wilkes, Vice-President. The PUVPOSG of the Debate Club Members: AI Colcord, Leroy Folkerts, Cathy is to pI'OVidS S'tud9rIiS with pl'aC- Hudspeth, Cathy Humble, Bob Jones, Tom Mc- tice in using the basic and es- 1-rl-, Gary, Jack Myers, Ron Rohmiller, Robert Smith, sential tools of democracy. 'N 5:4 Debme West' Dane Wmte- , W ENGINEERS CLUB President David East Student Senate Representative The objectives of the club are tal familiarization of the students with the various fields of engineering through the use of field trips and guest speakers, tbl the giving of service to our community and nation, and lol the promotion of social harmony. alt' Front: Doug Dowdy, Senate Alternate, Dudley Gibbs, President. Back: Jimbill Schuelein, Secretary-Treasurer, Mac Payne, Vice- Qi l Vi - ? QC? li JL." F5 E l fi l I l ,E r i l' l A U gi l .X I ly' Members Masoud Amerl All Ashtari Doug Bates Madeline Borthick Alfred Chu Gary Dale Larry Darnell Doug Dowdy David East, Mitch Elmer Dennis Frisbie Dudley Gibbs, Russell Gullfoyle Steve Griffith Steve Howe, Ahmad Jaffarzadeh Barry Korner Debbie Mohr, Ronnie Morgan Tom Padgett Mac Payne, Al Peck Robert Pewitt Allen Pierce Kathy Pliler, Gary Poison, David Ogan, John Roberts, Fred Saffari, Jim Scheulein, M. Kazen Shams, David Sivadon, Michael Small, Cliff Spalding, Phil Spriggs, Clif Taylor, David Thomas, John Tom- linson, Eddie Williams, Kim Wilson, Mitch Wool- sey, Julia Yucra. Sponsors: Oran E. Need, Steve Hawkes. FRENCH CLUB :aff Front row: Shelly James, Program Chairman, Tracey Hall, Vice-President, Wimpa Gunatilaka, Alternate Student Senate Repre- Leach President The purpose of the French Club is to stimulate an Interest in French-based cultures and to en courage students of linguistic interest to consider majoring in French, thus supplying instruc- tors in foreign languages where they are so greatly needed. I sentative. Back row: Anita Chan, Student Senate Representative: Nelda Bynum, Treasurer, Robbie Henderson, Secretaryg Dan if ? Members James Baldwin Nelda Bynum, Anita Chan Suvlpha Chuvate Hldetoshl Fukumoto, Wimpa Gunatllaka Tracey Hall Robbie Hender- son, Shelly James, Daniel Leach, Freida Lierly, Mashid Moinipanoh, Nancy Seay, Steven Sum- mers, Jeanette Williams, Robert Williams. PKMMEECONCMMCS HFX 41:2- .Fw ,- CLUB at l KM iii A at iii L 1 ,J 2:1 Front row: Karen Klutts, Song Leader, Betty Knight, Student Senator, Tim Evans, Senate Alternate. Second row: Bonnie Bandy, Historian, Carolyn Sellmeyer, Publicity Chairman, Jack Griffin, Social Chairman. Third row: Beth Magness, President, Debbie Praytor, Pianistg Gail Hanna, Vice-Presidentg Debbie Russell, Treasurer. The objective of this Club is to pro- vide for professional development of college Home Economics stu- :T dents. pu ps A t W Members: Susan Arritt, Bonnie Bandy, Cathie Beard, Phyllis Bennett, Sue Bonar, Joanne Chris- mon, Cathy Corbin, Melinda Davis, Debbie Duncan, Nancy Fields, Vicki Goodwin, Susan Green, Judy Gullett, Stanley Hall, Gail Hanna, Darlita Hunter, Terri Jenkinson, Karen Klutts, Beth Magness, Rehta Mills, Kay Oskison, Ray Oskison, Kerry Potter, Louise Reyes, Debbie Russell, Carolyn Sellmeyer, Linda Ulrich, Vicki Webb, Carolyn White. 4 I.T.S. U V .. Front row: Melvin Cook, Treasurer, Ron Nickens, Vice-President, Dan McClane, President, Jackie Allen, Secretaryg Sandy Romine, Reporter. Back: Sam King, Electronics Representative, Jim Crow, Student Senate Alternate, Larrie Thesenvitz, Data Carol Ryan, Student Senate Representative The l.T.S. Club provides the oppor tunity to acquaint the student with industry, gives him a chance to become knowledgeable in the tech nology he is training to enter, and provides social activities in which he may participate while a student on the campus. F J it Processing Representative: Clayton Collier, Parliamentarian and Historian, Linda Gardner, Nursing School Representative, Members Beth Adams Jackie Allen Tom Aston, Larry Benbrook Evlean Brazelton Shirley Brid- ges Bob Brown Susan Calluson Dave Camp- bell Paul Childers Barbara Clary Connie Cole, Lois Combs Melvin Cook Pam Corntassell, Robert Creuder Jim Crow Roger Cunliffe, Sue Cuthbertson Sue Daniels Gary Deaton, Robert Dodd Tim Dooley Ron Ellis Tim Evans, Elmer Ford Robert Forland Sally Freeman, Doug Galloway Linda Gardner Evona Garner, Steve George Roger Gleldt Cathy Goodwin Charley Graham Gary Graham Shawn Gynther, Barney Hawkins Anne Hearne Larry Hendren, Lela Henley Howard Hill Ron Hunt Norma lrngle, Alan Jumison Bill Jimison Sammy King, Bar- bara Kostelecky Betty Lowery Dan McClane, Debbie McClure David McCoy Judith McGehee, John McMain, Jerry Marler, San Mason, Jim Maus, Kelly Meeker, Michael Mielcarek, Linda Milliser, Steve Mirken, Shirley Moore, Terry Moore, Laura Neiberger, Ron Nickens, Tom Niksch, Randy Oney, Mike Oyler, Cheryl Patter- son, Beva Rhodes, Donnie Risman, Sandy Rom- ine, Wayne Rominger, Nancy Rowden, Ernest Rush, Carol Ryan, Linda Shook, Jimmy Sloan, Kay Sparkman, Linda Steffens, Pam Stephens, Mark Stevens, June Stewart, Melanie Stough- ton, Rick Sturner, Barbara Sufficool, Eddie Swain, Bill Sweeten, James Thompson, Peggy Tiffany, Harry Tillman, Martha Trout, Buddy Watson, Earnest Weaver, Larry Weedon, Claudia Weston, Dan White, Kenny Wilmott, Randy Wrinkle, INTER-DORIVI COUNCIL Officers, front row, from the left: Kay Trundle, Secretary-Treasurer, Susan Schmitt: Sondra Berryg Betty Knight. Back row: Barry The Inter-Dorm Council was or ganized to encourage and co ordinate activities within and between the dormitories. The council has as one of its goals to create more interest in par ticipation arid attendance of col- lege activities. It also is designed to foster good relations between the dormitory residents and the college personnel by acting as a sounding board for the resident students. m ara Edwards, Cathy Henry, Fteporterg Robert Broome, President: David Sivadon, Vice-President. if Members: Sondra Berry, Robert Broome, Karen Burgess, Robin Dodd, Jean EI- liott, Nancy Fields, Gordon Forman, Cathy Henry, Nathan Jenkins, Betty Knight, Mike Price, Bob Raley, Susan Schmitt, David Sivadon, Monica Stun- kard, Cathy Taylor, Kay Trundle, Mike Walters, Steve Williams. 76 IVIASQUERS CLUB The purpose of the Club is to organize and promote dramatic activities on campus, to stimulate interest in the theatre program, and to recognize achievement by students who participate. 950 fi Officers, from the left: Bill Roop, President, Marti Maloney, Student Senate Representative, Vicki Holden, Secretary-Trea- surerg and Shirl White, Sponsor. Members: Elizebeth Avery, Patsy Barton, Roger Bottoms, Terry Caywood, Lloyd Cullison, Susan Dees, Al Deen, Pete DeJesus, Randy Doss, Debbie Ginn, Laura Gordanwood, Vicki Gould, Larry Gower, Ruth Green, Diane Hadley, David Hatfield, Barney Hawkins, Vicki Holden, Bob Jones, Grady Kennon, Karen Klutts, Alvin Krum- rey, Cynthia Lair, Jim Leonard, Marti Maloney, Fred Marlow, J. R. Matthews, Ann Mayo, Jeanne Parker, David Payne, Karen Pilgrim, Frank Rodd, Bill Roop, Jana Sanders, Arnie Shamblin, Marilyn Smith, Monica Strunkard, Dan Sue, Suzette Trigalet, Linda Ulrich, Don Verkins, Carla Wil- liams, Becky Wilson, Kerry Woolard. RL W SIGMA DELTA THETA 'An nu -MJ. T+L --l Y? Front row James Thompson President Bill Dick Treasurer Gary Graham Secretary. Back row: Steve Mirkin, Parliamentariang Members: Robert Anderson, James D. Blake, Tom Brace, Clayton Collier, William Dick, Gary Graham, William J. Gary, Wayne Lomax, Steve Mirkin, Olantundgo Onasanya, Dennis Ross, Norman Schskenbone, James Thompson, Trella Williams. NEWIVIAN CLUB li ""7 ff-A "' vs, yr Officers, Front row, from the left: Kathy Baum, Vice-Presidentg Cathy Gilmore, Secretaryg and Carol Searle, Senator. Back row: Jerry Merced and Pete DeJesus, President. Membership is open to any Catholic The Newman Club is a Christian student attending Northeastern Okla- discussion club involving the pq homa A 8t IVI or any student interested morals, ethics, religion, and other ' Q in the Catholic f9'i9i0n- important concerns of college students. , lim NURSE CAMPUS MINISTRY Wav' Student Directors for the Norse Campus Ministry are from left: Ernie Fialo, Katherine Ball, Robbie Henderson, Flick Warne, Debbie Mohr, and Kathy Baum. The Norse Campus Ministry was designed to provide spiritual and social benefits to the stu- dents attending Northeastern A 81 M. This replaced the Wes- ley Foundation and is affiliated with numerous churches and controlled by a board from these churches. on Q - W Members, as such, exist as any student, faculty, or administrator of NEO A 8t M who desires membership. . O'CLUB ,- Officers, from the left: Rick Whitaker, Sec The functions of the club are the sponsorship of intramural programs on the campus, the promoting of school spirit, fel- lowship among members, school loyalty, and service to the col- lege. 956 71 4-ML, gl W T' retaryg Wayne Lowery, Vice-President, Mardi Corneio, President. Members: Gary Anglin, Jack Baker, Clinton Baul, Matt Blair, Chris Bousum, Derek Burgman, Ted Carney, Rick Chatmen, Ron Chissoe, Mardie Cornejo, Mike Crenshaw, Wayne Crosswy, Wil- fredo DeJesus, Greg Diebold, Bill Glass, Charles Grayson, Chris Gwartney, Melvin Hall, Danny Hartman, George Hess, Gary James, Bob Kemph, Wayne Lowery, Ed McLaughlin, Dewayne Mead, William Meridth, Noah Palmer, Terry Phillips, John Roberts, Art Stokes, Duane Thomas, Bob Thompson, Toby Tyler, Charles Wade, Ed Wake- field, Bill Ward, Rick Whitaker, Eddie Williams, David Wooley. Freshman members, front row, from the left: Mary Griswold, Sue Arritt, Yvonne Branch, Gayla Crosby, Pat Riley. Second row: Laura Gordonwood, Pauline Hale, Line Griffith, Lerryn Carleton, Pam Nix. Back row: Debbie Duncan, Denise Burnett, Rhonda Olds, Jan Carin- der, Debbie Ginn. The Order of Freyja was founded by Mary E. Roddy, Dean of Wom- en,on May14,1964.Namedfor the Norse goddess, Freyja, its purpose is to recognize and en- courage acadenuc exceHence and scholarship among fresh- man women residents of college housing. ORDER OF FREYJA Sophomore members, front row, from the left: Cathy Taylor, Ray Oskison, Kay Oskison, Bonnie Bandy, Janice Epps, Betty Knight. Second row: Charlotte Fischer, Diane Butler, John Ann Masters, Suzette Trigalet, Loretta Hobbs, Karen Pilgrim. Back row: Joanne Odom, Sondra Berry, Gail Hanna, Linda Benson, Kathleen Hampton, JackieAlIen. l lu W if - 181 PRESS CLUB Jniliknv l f s W. is l '1iJf.a.lS' 4 1.- , f Officers, seated, from the left: Jack Duncan, President, and Pauline Hale, Vice-President. Standing: Gayla Crosby, Secretary, and Kathy Garrett, Treasurer. The Press Club fosters and pro- motes good journalism in all student publications and devel- ops a program of activities for all those interested in journalism. Members: Gayla Crosby, Jack Duncan, Jean Elliott, Kennie Flaming, Larry Gower, Mary Gris- wold, Pauline Hale, Brenda Hollis, Bill Meridth, Dave Michie, Fred Minker, Don Newcomb, Bob Taul, Colleen Vandiver, Mike Wheat, Bill Yocum. SOCUMIHHENCE CLUB s , n , I I I I I I I n I F .- I I H, I Q 5 Q. J fb, 4 E ,2 , l G li s Front row: Lee Wilson, Student Council Representative, Judy Rotter, Secretary. Back row: Donna Smith, Treasurer, Harold All, This organization is composed of students interested in the social sciences and in striving for the betterment of society. This is ac complished through the promotion of programs, projects, and related areas of concern. President, Vicki Gould, Vice-President. 4-4 yrs N W Members: Harold All, Chris Ballar, Diana Barbee, Kathy Baum, Linda Benson, Henry Bluejacket, Roger Bottoms, Mary Lou Box, Judy Bush, Rob- ert Cartner, Earl Clark, Bruce Cook, Jeri Cook, Jim Critchnar, John Cundiff, Alice Daniels, Andy Daum, Helen Downs, Joe Dunn, Cheryl Elmore, Ernie Fialho, Charlotte Fischer, Andy Frank, Kathy Galley, Gail Gerfun, Larry Goldsberry, Vicki Gould, Tim Griffin, Mike Harris, Gene Helm, Vicki Hinkle, Terry Hogan, Katherine Humble, Shelley James, Gerald Joest, Bea Karb, Alvin Krumrey, John Lane, Charles Leonard, Cindy Macklin, Mike Malone, John Ann Masters, Bill Mckee, Kelly Mecker, Marty Milbourn, Diane Miller, Linda Mounce, John Nelson, Joann Odom, Cliff Ott, Denise Ousley, Delores Page, Lolita Page, Jeanne Parker, Kerry Potter, Judy Rotter, Jim Sellmeyer, Bob Sieben, David Smith, Donna Smith, Jadeen Smith, Wayne Spence, Monica Stuckard, Harry Synar, Colleen Thomas, Kay Trundle, Gary Wilson, Randy Wrinkle, Fan- ning Young. , ml SPANISH CLUB Officers, front row: Charlotte Fischer, Vice-President, Larry Gower, President. Back row: Pat Riley, Program Chairman, Mary Griswold, Secretary-Treasurer, David Anspaugh, Student Senate Alternateg Lucia Wright, Student Senate Representative. The purpose of the Spanish Club is to stimulate an interest in the 51, Spanish language and cultures. on gzg ' 45 'W Members: David Anspaugh, Brenda Ayres, Sandra Bayless, Matt Blair, Caroline Buckmaster, Derek Burgman, Pat Burnside, Nelda Bynum, James DeGrate, Jack Duncan, Charlotte Fischer, Larry Gower, Mary Griswold, Kathy Hampton, Ahmad Jaffarzadeh, Gary James, Ted Kersh, Dan Kreid- Long, Claudia Morris, Patricia Roseborough, Johnny Rothrock, ler, MaCherie Riley, Verona Edwin Salazar, Bob Taul, Suzette Trigalet, David Vann, Edwyn Wakefield, Faye Tyndall, Doris Weaver, Lucia Wright. The Young Democrats, an or- YOUNG DEIVIOCRATS ,fx l ff Pg QNX 3 I I , , an ' 2- f'?!5ff" l K 1,5 1, it ' ff' tx 1 7, ink xl qv is is 'EA my "Y : K Sxxx X Officers, from the left: Alvin Krumrey, President, and Mary Jane Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. Members: Dee Anne Allard, Steve Bailey, Jim Beck, Bill Black, Carolyn Casey, Lynda Chat- ganization of young progressives dedicated to the achievement of freedom and economic security for all Americans through edu- cation and democratic political action, was founded to acquaint young people with the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party. GIS if 1 gt . W field, Don Childers, Robert Cottingin, Janie Dembinski, Debi Dorris, Karen Eastwood, Dennis Gillespie, Jack Griffin, Tim Griffin, Pam Grigson, Paula Herrel, Beverly Housman, Alvin Krumrey, Karen Malthaner, Diana Muller, Trudee Moffatt, Greg Moore, Linda Mundt, Shirley Osborn, Robert Park, Ron Rohmiller, Wayne Fiominger, Becky Sill, Mary Jane Smith, Bill Thomas, Judy Williams, Sharon Wiseley, Donna Worth, Carol Zack. YGUNG REPUBLICANS RO' cl? Senate Representative The purpose of the Young Re publican Club is to acquaint young people with the Flepubli can Party and to assist with the political education of all mem- bers, sustaining their interest in the principles and purposes, while enabling them to actively participate in the activities of the Republican Party. Ps Q 1 Wi Members James Beck Charlotte Fischer, Vicki Gould Tim Griffith Danny Hartman Malcomb Henley Marcia McCorkell Bill McKee, Ed McLaughlin Cindy Macklin Bill Meredith, Linda Mounce, Vicki Nidlffer, Larry Punccini, Judy Rotter, Arnie Schamblin, Pat Taylor, Toby Tyler, Lee Vertrees, Bill Yocum. Al Moffatt, Sponsor. Officers: Arnie Shamblin, Presidentg Charlotte Fischer, Secretary-Treasurer: Connie Searcy, Vice-Presidentg Vicki Gould, Student PHI THETA KAPPA L . 5 .., " . JY-PN 4,5 ag..-ha. -- - 4. , l, ' sv Front row, from the lelt: Kerry Potter, Chaplain, and Suzette Trigalet, Treasurer. Second row: Betty Knight, Student Senate Alternate, and Janice Epps, Social Chairman. Standing: John Ann Masters, Student Senate Representative, Tim Synar, President, Gail Hanna, Vice-Presi- dentg and Vicki Burkes, Secretary. Members: Harrold All, Bonnie Bandy, Kathryn Barr, Cathie Beard, Larry Benbrook, Sherry Blaine, Douglas Brammer, Carolyn Buckmaster, Vickie Burk, Diane Butler, Judy Buzzard, Nelda Bynum, Anita Chan, Brenda Chaney, Bruce Cook, Robert Cooper, David East, Janice Epps, Char- lotte Fischer, Leroy Foeherts, Gail Gerfen, Gary Goodenin, Sharon Graham, Kathy Hampton, Gail Hanna, Rowena Harold, George Harris, Robbie Henderson, Loretta Hobbs, Bonnie Hollandsworth, Catherine Humble, Betty Knight, Alvin Krumrey, Leonard Lewis, Beth Magness, John Ann Masters, Roy McCoy, Beverly McFarland, Joann McGrew, Dale Moeller, James Mowry, Joanne Odom, Ann Palmer, John Payne, Cheryl Peacock, Claudia Pollan, Roy Pollan, Kerry Potter, Diana Price, Judy Rotter, Jim Schuelein, Michael Small, Tim Synar, Larry Thesenvitz, Peggy Tramel, Suzette Trigalet, Doris Vann, Eartha Walker. The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa is to promote scholarship, to develop character, and to culti- vate fellowship among the stu- dents in American Junior Col- leges. J, W f, 1 7 in-l 'FDM 4-11 ign? .Wi .L . , V ' Jule' ..,,,:Lg,., 1 YT:-L'Y?'Q fwfr Y M-WV' -, 2115- is K -, . - p ' f ,, , Q 5-49 174' 5 al H C 'Q I - N ' - , ,I -' ,. .T F .,,- ...W , ,,'w 7 1 M, , as -..-1 n -Tl in sfff ,, .s f - gg ' s l V' Q- V, '75 f , M 5 ' . N J V' hm 8 nf? .J V! ,Sf-If AL A 2, , lv ' Yi k , Av . A , . 2. .ge , ,sl ff - ., , H ,pg K .5 if f' jf! ur , 5 favs' Qu - f M f 9 , - , , I Y , 1 -1 f ..., W 3 K 3 3 , . A E , Q R , '-5 Q3 - E1 ,Q r l l Q ,WA - 'ski V . ' 'L --, viii, - .fag X' All - l ,245 ,.. 559' 559, ,,, " ' f M , , ,r Xl my , ef, Clasping of hands, shuffling of feet, and sitting in chairs indicate calmness or lack of calmness. J Y W 42552 ' 35 1413 -. , . ,Qu ll ii m ,4 13--5,4 5 1 I rv E! in f to s i , 1 ? in b R A 1 X W 259, M kt 'A :.., :. ' W "'- ":f T f 4 f A-3154 4, 2 -S 1. f .,.?-7 if.. Y, 5 ' li W 'iqff', iff ' -J ff H ' Z if ' wgg iis kk f l .1 U A l '! L V I to 2 A W mg I r f What a long speech! Hurry: Hurryl Watch that flame! Where s my paper? E? 2 X: 9 Mouth, please open. What sweet sounds' ml ,Q2 u ,qi - l . 4 1: .h Q , -3 n? " I ll ll 2' W ., , T, , 'ii le Where's the towel? Would you believe . Charles Angle, not here! -- .- ..:u. x - ef aa 2 all YY ' . .r. 33297, , ,Sc-5 V -e ,-A ,v i fl' Wh0'S next, Plea?-G7 What do you want? f ,W That bad! 1+ ' Q A . E WN x Q V W F 5 iv , I A' Q 1. A ,. Al? -W X N 1 4 max E What a day! . G ravy? No class! ET , Q .17-: - . , 1 , 4, if '57 L I WE' 1533 EH. - gf' 1:11 3' 1 f ,LAX "7 may js. X 1 ,. -4 'RN Your move! my Please. f 5,1 My uf -:L w- cr g 1- ..- -L- XD I . L' W 1 , M 1, , xp-Q. .-.. ,-...- . ,, Y I.. Q, v' gg,--,iv v 7 - - f, a iff: ,J .3 H. -. Af:-, Z -.4f:.L.,-,..-,y u- are Y -- - .. 4 :J.,,,.-- All , - -, - - v w - ., - ir Af- ,ll-37 'ir I I Z: V , Y--fl f - 4- -f, -W H . 1 4.471-?. iiiiirr- -gl, -Y-V if--f -1: gzip - :gag-.ix - 'V f- , Y-mars? ' : g',f..'T.: 1-T.:-f aff' ,-,.g, gi -"-' :- .un 4 4 Y ,Agia bM ,W ... A. ,,-z,11-aGvpFf-e:1- - 'S-mar W 'Y

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