Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK)

 - Class of 1953

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Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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V.. M M "-x 3. 'L , 4 , X, i 'S Il Ill ll Ill ll Ill S' KY Q' ai, MK- . S gl. x Zi-2'f,,f. adn ,.M...,.- .... .-V, vm- ., .,., V . 'yr' sw Q-' ffrdeggr 1 !9ffFf-LQ Q i , N, f,.V.3?y -, .4 N ,I , . W i my A . . . 4 . L My A ' fy Q ff-'fzaff -- 1 - ' , H . . .Q .. 1- M 'id-"l"" W f K K . gf:..if-w.1i'.a? .. , ,, m K J. M, ag 'A K ,ht E, ,.va., :f . ffgw -4 j-ag A K 'A " 'L k ' 4, Q 2.31. ma M Q we X, 332, ,ty ,if??gs1Ak. ' 'mf if 'A I I H' 4 yf4fi5'fiQQQi' " wr, f , L - -1, A 5 A ' Q- 731 K .V .'k-' ' s.-ny , 4 A K . f AQ ,' If 1 .sg , I , 4 " 4. w Lf r. 1 3 ' '9 9 V' K- WW ,ifJ,ZWwMffi:'Qf3Zj3? v QJVV QM' ffME'fff L-fix 2 E232 N iii SWZWQM '?Mjl D ff 5!iVi'M 'iff-MMM MMM ,nik Q M ,WVL ,W Wf'U"9 ST' .g UMW - aww? WNY Xgifybqiis gif! EXT? gig XM fi 5? J Vi, ' d ' ig cpm " ., Q Mig 25553 M3535 I T I M f W gf yy.. 'gaiig k THE I ' Jr' WW i I YR an Qt? Il N4 irq' as jd, iiginff' X Wfflif Ui F455 X w AC+fQ,l5Qf3gff' f ef'-vw A ' GQ PQI N a 1Af ,S few, y ff ,QE cfxkeigi' . f X4 s 3. ' sys N. fe- ' . My X 'K A Z! - Q-.wo M vxof-'elii -E, 5 .A Kp M 5,1 W' fa 456-Wq,iiH ww Nw I J W7 , A. 1, A in 1 r 15 1 3' 1 J Q-ffff " 5 L ' , 5 Q, E 5 Y . -, . - X i . . I f r ' L K I, ,ii '--in . Wy! , W I ' r 1 - W P ' " X C x sf, , X. . 1 , F I ' 1 Q.. Q X ,P L 3.153855 1 ' ,f H , 'QQ -E1 5 A' K .y , .f f , o ' snug L-P OKLAHOMA M' ' OFFICE OF THE OOVEFNOW I XC ,AY VKLAHOMA CITY XX! . , mu-.mlzfus TO STUDENTS Arm mcum-Y Q or xsonm-.osfmzt o11AH4,m A Q 1: coxuzsz Ca xisny ooosls today, when may consider cm- future, do so with vmvrelxensicn and foo,-. There is rsosoo for ooo: i 4, fear, but also reason for optimism, 5 V Q I N N 'fl' I incline toward the latter. It is beczurs I have Y 521:11 in the ideals of our college students and their Q N t.e'cire' ' ss 4 -5. ' 1 0 , ,v College students are the moss irnportzxnt urnduct our some ., . X W Q is now oroaucmj. It's on you wo demand to 'wild or-ushomo 1 X X? , S . 11-,zo the orofonoss of woxoh sm ss omoms. W 5 vs Q 4 t From your urls -nu cons om leaders cf comorro:-. The W I Q I . Q contribution you win mos for o better world asfsonos on how , Q ' -. ' much know.'1cdf,e and wisdom you starr up now. w 1 . 1 x A A , Irony msmoss of use msn stand horny in need of correction , X w . 5 5 Yew prcllems of oor aol' mos: he sclved by yon. , xy , T X ' w Therefcre, students one faculty :like wsu mrintain tl.e 1 , Q - free mo'-.V of moss, the studious approach no on problems, :ma 1 X t the idexl of maintzwinimg Q common effort for the oommon Mood. W xx . i -. ' Tzufooghoom history, thft has been the spvrozch of ooo moon- , o X Y 1 'Q 3 Q 5 f x, ' horse for omsnsnoim oooomplismom. . . , X K . 1 '-1 .tlggxq f ' X It is your heritnfjv, and Plso your new frontier. s ix X: T M ' K x N , D' ,ff L Governor . x R5 x A - X - '! i by M4155 Amigfw. ji , -X., Board of Regents :i M' ge' "KN Qi l Fqom left to right: Fred C. Drurnmonclg Harold Hutton Cljresident State "hm- Board of Agriculture and ex-officio memlrerjg John Pat Carpenter. fHelcn Sittel, secretarvlg P. E. Harrill, Cliairmang tForest lVlclntyre, administra- f tive assistantl ll. L. Lackeyg Earl Russellg W. R. Williams. Members in inset EllllC1 HdlllC1 R T qlll'll't any If X or YQ UNDER THE DYNAMIC leadership of Dr. Bruce G. Carter, President of Northeastern A Sz M college for the past ten years, this college has tripled its enrolment, doubled its plant facilities, and in many ways has become a bulwark of education for this section of the state and nation. It was his fifth anniversary as president of Northeastern A 81 M that Dr. Carter said as follows: Alt has been said that the education of a child does not begin when that child is six years of age, starting to schoolg nor does it begin at the age of one and a half or two years, when the child might begin to talk, but that the education of a child should begin with the child's grandmother." Dr. Carter's accomplishments have been not only steady, but in many respects phenomenal. His greatest claim to deserving honor is his tireless pursuit of long range objectives, his unwavering faith in the future, and his keen insight into human relations. He will not urest on his laurelsw once an immediate objective is reached, but immediately he plans for the next, and the next. This is the true measure of our college executive. It is for us to remember that behind or back of every great institution is the shadow of a man - and no institution can be greater than its leader- ship. It is for us to remember as a faculty member put it wfhings donit just happen -- they are plannedf' -THE STUDENTS OF NORTHEASTERN A Sz M - W 5, sn ,Al 'X 1 0' M I ,x 1. L! w 'NJ' ir .I 9, 4 I .5 ,H 7 if fy. Xrffh J, ,W . M 3: 2.t.x. Q , f"4Vg'Q4i"f, ' 2 lngrgf' Q ki 4 ai? xv 0'v 'efMf5'5'?'W'V V H -In a 'f XRS ' nf , .N Q ra 'ff Q..-1' X' A MH We 7 , . '14, 3 Q 15" 4 '.. vi' gl . ,ve . , X 1 5 Q ' an g'N k M ' k A t X ma .Vi 'Q , , ' K W' f ve . ' . A ,ffxt i 1 " "Legg . V az? . , V 'Fam' U V+ Y ' ' , ' ' b . ' N - Af" ' f .' '- -,.f 1 ,A Q .1 Q, TNA Q Y Q .Q Q H iw I is 5, wp - X gm! J' r . ln. ,3 : ., f,.f J V . -,L ' - ' f - ' ,Q WV 1 If ..,. , 'F bil 5 " - My W 4 , .1 f Qi L I . , 2 - mf.. L If 56' ll P E ' M' M W, - X ,. J' i-ff 4 W Jw . A S fx! ,W A . , gf .xt , Y k . W M' A , ff-grew W , . . 3 r LA 3 Y A Q '- il if SL Q ' M -: A I W Q aww. 1: "" W' ' , K v 85, fy ' 1 1 . , Q . - K 5 ' i ' 1 f . , M- x irvu Jr, Ml, 'W' ' " 'P ' if. ,,, A Q Qi, O Y 0:5 Ja, 1 Ax 1 . lui... KN Melvin A. Shipley. Dean of the college. has lent a steady hand that has pervaded all departments of the college. Sound practices in linanve and general good guidance in all educational principles have placed our vollegeas programs on Sound footings. He can he found on the joh at all hours of the day and much of the time at lllglllS'WNUIklill1g lo keep his house in order 3 an-n""' DOUGLAS PAYTON Piano S. A. ROBERTSON Director of Azhlezigs Photography VIRGINIA LINDSEY American History Government CLADYS COPEN Business Education WILLIAM M. RUSSELL Dean of Men, Psychology it S W, .522-. ,..f,, 22... 'XX . 2 .V 2 Q. - H 2.2552 W' ' ,M-'s 2 392.222 3 sglki 3 2 2 2 3.52.2 32 2, 2 S2 -fi'LiilE4'7' 3 S ,....,M.f.a , ., 2 , 21 2.22 22 2 ,rgwwg ,..,L 32 2 E, .5-22?22:2212,-f2m1L22... ' ' ofrsi,-.I .a,,.:A:,':4?1: " , 22222-52.2,.2f.f.22.2,222., .. 2.5 ., .,., H... 32.22. Weis- 2mf2,?ef?s '- szm?f2?22f:3Q , ...wife w.1a.f22z - Z me 22 2'-am'-21 222252 ,i2v2,1.,aS2sz12'55522111 1as1Si1?:s:s2gf5g:?i22iaxz:?f 2 2L2?f2?22 I.. ufyfefii. . 1 . ...ef .,'255fg522f2r2ik'i22 Qf z.s..., Q fS'Hff2wwE22iiQfS9?i.5Q ,2 .. . I 'swf218-WSOQSKIMW Q 25159532242 122522125 --eviwww, -- ..-W .ag 2: ' 3 , I 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 223 2 2 4 I R2 ,Q K U. 2 5 2 K' 22 22 2 ym,1.s23f Q. 2532122122 MW 2 2 ,g,2,.2g2,.3 .2Q 2 2 , ..2.. ,w.2.,, .. ,, .,.2R,,.,q2 2 I 3 21 sxgiisifexslggal H2 2 If 2 Q2 ,Q whg2Qfm 2 X 1 P, fi22.e,g2w2 22 V, 222 wwf - 55. . - -12.f22m.1w,12 P2 I iw-ri swiaiifffii ,M . 2 , 56121 x l -'A V' , 2 ' S " - 2 2 5225822226 ,, ,- - 1,2 Nfagvf .,. 25gQ1fa:fa2g.s He, 2- -..22221f?'f 22,2 ' sw 2222222 -,f ' S , gf, 2.2 ' 'f2Wi2f'iZi'Sif'k wifiii 2 59 J 2Q??Q52Q,g2 5 , 2 f '.v'sK,-2212 Us .2 . ,,. fig.ngfgflf.-,,'fF.iffxy, . 1 .1 ' 2, gif, L- -2 64. .222 J 5 I ,f.-2:1-F132 ev 2 ff .f ,5v1,2.,ga2:- 1,535 . -f - . 2 -,-A A' 22am-,. -fr ' K - ,wi f -.Q 2 2 " - f ,, 'fl '- 8 ' 3 5' 2 - is 2 2 1, , .2 -2 'A t 52 JP' I . M . 22 1225255455525 .3x,.i422... A MERRILL CHANEY Woodworking KENNETH RICHARDS Vocal Music LT. JOHN SUSKY A.F. ROTC HOWARD MICADUWS Agricullure E'l"l'A BR U TON En glish CHARLES B. WILSON Art 5 , FAYE VANN Dean of Women Foreign Language """i'u,""'S LAURA CATLIN Librarian HUMA 'THOMAS lflzsilnwu. f',rfll1'IIli0Il FRANK CUNNINGHAM Chemistry JOE ABLES Refrigeration CECIL C. FERREE History, Government Always Cheerful JOHN THIESING LOUISE GRANLEE Physical Education Physics STANLEY V. MOLANDER Major, USAF Asst. PAS 81 T LEWIS MAPLES Bible WAYMAN GIBSON Biological Science ELMO BENEDICT A utomobile Mechanics Even Refi laughed at that one! RUTH ARRINGTON Speech h MABEL SPEAKER Home Economics V , 1 MARVIN WOOD Agriculture 'M ,,,,,,.....-Q ROY CAMPBELL Electronics if w fKfg.m.L in , ff.,,f..g:-,H-W U L: -A i -gm M, 1 r I E RAY VENDERBURC w MILLIE GIBSON Smiles happily from behind a typewriter Q A f ,.M.,f la AJ' V L R . is 15 5 yr L sag fournalism b W English ' Q ' ,f. . "fl,-5 -f N- . , f 12 5 " , V? I , E " 1 q , iff- ' K , ,. iw. ,-VL' 5 gf Ffixgssgsaaeaggkgikix Ai' K 1, jlj'Qi-'ff5:ii5?f"f':fi232 W .fffff2:i:'5if5322i?:5. 1 w rv-':-':f '1,g21'- ia' . ,-531-::::'::f',1552215913 2 2 Counselor of Men sqigjgnggngli. 7.11 ' ,,ZI5gZ:g5f5g5,5J'::55Sz,i' 5 ' g fax? .aaszf sm 5253551 55.51-.,1,' z:::EE?2?::',iE::i. 5116? ,Q 31. ' ' 1121.1-' -.g.1.i', .'v.w5'5 1 Qi.. Q., 1 'un 0' qv 'F 1 v .- ' A -4 fhvnwk auf a M., gf .- ,5e2:::+ - Sf 'slit - ,Q V wi' 14:1 me .fffr at RUBY CAMPBELL Mathematics My MARIAN DYER Dietitian Nui 'Zar- LETA THIESING Finance ELIZABETH HUTTS Registrar WILLIAM J. EST1-is Tfsgi., USAF HARRY SYNAR Agriculture Two and two are four? CLADYS ROBERTSON Book Store MILDREU GIBSON Clerk R E Wondering Norse Stars Present Campus Evening Union Between Classes n n 1 12 W XXX S XX XX x Xw Studying ?? in the library are Gene Shamblin of Miami, Buddy Burgin of Miami, Wilma Jones of Pryor, foe Dori Olds of Commerce and Richard Price of Bartlesville. 4' 11:17 lm T17 qi M ,ff , ' is I W f Il ' it , 1 M...- TOM WORKMAN, White Oak, Basketball, MON Club. PATRICIA NEEL, Miami, Music Education, S.S.U. Pres., Eta Epsilon Gamma, Pres., Norse Stars, Mixed Chorus, Student Council, Viking Staff. MIKE BLOSE, Drumright, President, Sophomore Class, HO" Club. RONNIE BUTTERFIELD, Skiatook, Business, Basketball l. SUE WARBINTON, Big Cabin, Business, Business Club. JOHNNY SHEPARD, Wetrlinkag Football 2, MOR Club, Sec.- Treas. Q DALE RICE, Big Cabin, Agriculture, Aggies. SHIRLEY SIMONE, Baxter Springs, Kansas, Journalism, Press Club Queen. DON TIDMORE, Holdenville, Football. TED MOORE, Tulsa, Football 2. MARY DOTY, Miami, Arts 81 Science, Phi Theta Kappa, International Relations Club, Aggiettes. L. E. SPEEGLE, Bartlesville, Business Administration, Busi- ness Club. HARMON COPE, JR., Miami, Pre-Med, Phi Theta Kappa Engineers, Phi Sigma Nu, Drill Team Adjutant. 7 MARYETTA LOVEALL, Miami, Music, Sigma Iota Chi Treas. Norse Stars, Mixed Chorus, Viking Staff. GERALD IVIOUDY, Commerce. 5 .,V.. , ,. W L W,,A.,, o M - .l .L Enjoying the upause that refresliesn are john Tibbs of Chelsea: Barbara Uskirison of White Uakg Pat Neel of Miami and Davi Slmjara of Bangkok Thailand. THOMAS LANUM, Pawhuskag Agriculture, Aggies VERA WILLIAMS, Southwest City, Mo.g Home Economicsg FTAg Sec., Aggiettes, Pres. BSU, Student Council. CHARLES GUTHRIE, Big Cahing Agrieultureg Aggies AL BAUCHMOYER, Ketehumg Engiueeringg Engineers So- ciety, President. LADORIS PETERSON, Miamig Physical Education, Norse Stars, International Relations Clulm, Mixed Chorus. TED RUPE, Wew'0kag Football I, Baseball 2. HO" Cluh Sergeant-at-arms. 0 DAVI KUNJARA, Bangkok, Thailandg Boxing I, Basehull. BILLIE JUNE BLACKg Wyaildotteg Businessg Aggiettes. BRANDON ATKINS, Holdenvilleg Phi Sigma Nu. CONNIE HALL, Quapawg Industrial Artsg Industrial Arts Club. NEVA WASSON, Croveg Historyg Phi Theta Kappa. ALAN SPEAKER, Commerce. JOE WARD, Picher. MIMI KHALILI, Teheran, Irang Home Economics. JACK ELCIN. Nowatag Business Administrationg Business Club. Enjoying the sunshine are Shirley Harrix of U,lc"ISf'II and Richard Bartlett and Hob Thomas of Miami. 'N -Q YQ! 4' . W AB - f ,M pu- W--'Q' . i K ., .. f A. L K' s DICK CURREY, Fairlandg Engineering, Engincu-. NORIVIA JEAN HARRELL, Quapawg Education. RICIIARD PRICE, Bartlesville, Agriculture, Aggie JAMES SHOPE, Welcllg Arts Sz Science, Phi Theta Kappa Student Council, BSU. TIM IIARRIS, Jacksonville, Fla., Foothall 2, "U" Cluh. JOHN C. TIBBS, Chelsea, Engineering, Engineers Society DEl,l5IiIiT BLACK, Vifyanflotteg Dairy IDIIJKIIICIIUIIQ Aggies. JERRY STEVENS, Miami, Aeronautical Engineering, En- gineers Society, President, lst Semester. PHILLIP SMITH, Joplin, Mo., Chemical Engineering, Phi Theta Kappa, Band, Mixed Chorus, Engineers Society, BSU, Viking Staff. JEFF HARRIS, Strung, Agriculture, Aggies. JERI TREACER, Joplin, Mo., Arts 81 Science. MOHAMMED - AI. - KHATIB, Baghdad, Iraq, Veterinary Medicine. EARL J. CRIESHABER RENE F. PALLY, La Paz, Bolivia, Civil Engineering, En- gineers, Phi Sigma Nu. ALAN CATHEY, Vinita-g Business, Business Cluh, Phi Sigma Nu, BSU. CALVIN ACKFRSONg Art DON MQCRACKIN, Clill'CllI0l'CQ Agriculturog Aggies. ,IAIVIHS ATKINSON, Qnapawg Business Amlininislration. R. Ii. TIIUIVIAS, Miamig Animal IIusIramI1'yg Drill FIICQIIII Commander, Phi Sigma Nu, I,l't'5IlICllI, League ol' Young Democrats Pres., Aggie Sovicly. NVAYIYE AIIICI., Allnwvg Business 1511.5 Stutlvnt Council, FTA, Aggies, Business Clnlr. FRED PITTS. Joplin, IVIo.g lnduhtrial l'ItIncationg I'1nginoci's Soviety. ICDDIIC MUCINNIS, Nliamig P1'c-fVIe1I.g I'I1i Sigma Nu, Drill Teani Adjutant. OTIS IIARLAN, Iiig Calming Inclnhlrial Etlucatinn. RICIIARD l3Ali'l'l.ET'l', IVIiamig Intlnslrial Emluvatiung I'Ili Sigma Nu, Drill Tearn Cmnniamlw, Pruss Clnln, In- cluhtrial I'AIlltfllIl0lI Llnlm. Itliglriee-l's. GENE FERRIS, Miamig l'rc-Lawg Veterans Cluly. JOHN GRUENIRERG, Cllelseag I'i'c-Dcntalg Stn1IuntConnm'iI. ED McI"AI,I,, Wulclig Wlallig Stu1IcntCounm'iI, FTA, I'IIlgIlll?0l'H Society. PERCY JONES, Miami. MUHAM MED HUSSAIN AISDUI, ABRASS, I31lgIltliltI,Il'ill1Q Veterinary IVIc1Ii1'incg Tennis. IIUI3 IfII'INIJltItIKSON, Nowatag Industrial Ifnginfa llllgg Eta Iota Tan, l'Ixigim:ors, Young Dmmwrats. Sgt. Eslux 111111 lim Ruslwr 1111111'11g fl chat , I I If ophomore Class Officers fumes Huxtable, Tulsa, ifice-presizlent: Imogene Hunter, Cleora, Secretary: femme Haney, Big Cabin, Treasurer, and Mike Blose, Drunzriglzt, President. I e ,re A f 39 l I gf' W i fi ? 7 .1 . JACK WARD, Locust Grove, Business Administration, Foot- ball 2, Boxing l, HOW Club, Business Society, Student Council President. FRANCES HATFIELD, Miami, Sociology, Sigma Iota Chi, Pres., Phi Theta Kappa, See. BILL SCANTLEN, Muskogee, Business Administration, Football 2, Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Business Club, HOP Club. JOE LANCLEY, Pryor, Business Administrationz, Business Club. PRISCILLA COKER, Miami, Arts Sz Sciences, B.S.U., Norse Stars, Viking Stall, Aggiettes, International Relations Club, Sec. and Treasurer. EARL BOYER, Stillwater, Physical Education, Press Club, BOW Club, Football l, Basketball 2, Baseball 2. GERRY CALHOUN, Wewoka, Geology, HO" Club, Football 2, Freshman Class President, B.S.U., Engineers Society, Viking Stali. CLO AGNEW, Miami, Business Administration, Sigma Iota Cbi, Vice-President, Viking Staff. JOHN LAWRENCE, Miami, Business Administration, "O" Club, Football 2. Basketball 2, Baseball l. JIM RUSHER, Tulsa, Veterinary Medicine, "O" Club, Foot- ball 2, Aggie Soviety, Student Council Vice-Pres. CARULE JOYCE VVARD, Miami, Arts 8: Science, Vikinw. Z' Staff, Student Council, Phi Theta Kappa, Treasurer, Sigma Iota Chi, Sec. JEROME HANEY, Big Cabin, Business Administration, HOB Club, Baseball 2, Business Club. HOWARD WAGNEH, Sapulpa, Business Administration, Football 1, Baseball 2, Basketball 1, "O" Club, Busi- ness Club. ARDYS WOLFE, Picher, Business Administration, Business Club, Student Council, Norse Stars, Aggiettes. BOB ROTHROCK, Seminole, Business Administration, HO" Club, Pres., Football 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 2. Overwhelmezl by the game of ping pong are Jack Hegley of Kellynilleg Bob Kauffman of Nowatag Jerome Haney of Big Cabin, David Ranger of Miami, and Tom Workman of White Oak. Hitting the ball is John Nairn of Vinita. VIRGIL MAYAISB, Skiutook, Basketball 2. JEAN JIIVIERSON, lVIiarnig Music, Mixed Chorus, Engineers Queen. BOB BAKER, Fairlandg 207' Club, Football 2. CHUCK PHILLIPS, Greensburg, Penn., Business, Football, MOI' Club. PATRICIA KEITHLEY, Pieherg Business, Student Council, Aggiettes, Business Club, Norse Stars. REX COPPEDCE, Seminole, HO" Club, Football 2. GLENN PLUIVIB, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Engineeringg Foot- ball 2, Baseball, HO" Club, Engineers Society, Stu- dent Council, Phi Theta Kappa. IIVIOCENE HUNTER, Cleorag Business, Sec. Business Club, Sec. Sophomore Class, Sec. Student Council, Aggi ettes, Aggie Princess, B.S.U., Y.W.A. FRANKLIN TAYLOR, Nowatag Football 2. Q -an BOB KAUFFMAN, Nowata, Football 2, Basketball, Base- ball I. FRANCES PINEDA, San Pedro Sula, Hondurasg Business Administration, Business Club, Norse Stars. BILL PLUMB, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.g Engineering, Football 2, Baseball 2, MOH Club, Engineers Society. RUTIIERFOHD TAYLOR, Ft. Pierce, Fla., Business, Foot- ball 2, Business Club, MO" Club. WANDA RUSSELL, Claremore, Business, Business Club, Aggiettes. IIOWAHD COLLINS, Tulsa, Air Condition and Refrigera- tion, Football 2, Boxing I, Softball I, MOI' Club, Vice-President. if Having a wonderful time at the Sigma-Phi Sig dance are Carol Ward and Harmon Cope of Miami. my-f ,E yt . IW. ,. I ,ii ,. .e --,k yy- .3 6 .sexi f 3221:af?2f5f- my W sir .. " Tit"-2521 51.50 ,se,.,1WiL2,.e3f,M I. ,y , ii naw - ,mv X ,VF 'I 1 I' I iiii ii ,iiii 1 SQ: in .f-"N ABDUL KADIR AHMED EL-SAFFAWI, Mosul, Iraq, Vet- erinary Medicine, Aggies, BSU. CONRAD HANAN, Big Cabin, Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club, Pres., Engineers Society. JACK NIEL, Drumright, Arts 81 Science. BILL DAREINC, Miami, Mechanical Engineering, En- gineers Club Vice-Pres., ROTC Drill Team, Baseball. FADHILL HUSSAIN, Daquq Kirkuk, Iraq, Veterinary Medi- cine. LEE KIRK, Afton, Elementary Education. ABDUL AMIR JABIR AL-HUMMADI, Babilon, Iraq. JACK THOMAS, Grove, Animal Husbandry, Aggies, Eta Iota Tau, Band, Intramural Basketball. CARL SILLS, Quapaw, Industrial Arts. DAN LA FORTUNE, Tulsa, Arch. Eng., Engineers Club. LEROY SCOLES, Miami, History, Baseball 2. PAUL MCINTOSH, Commerce, Mathematics. VERNON MAX PATTON, Miami, Business Administration. DAVID JOHNSON, Joplin, Mo., Art, Band, Commanding Officer. VERNON WILSON, Commerce, Business, Viking Stall. Mr. Chaney giving special instructions to his students. BILL LAY, Nowatag Business Administrationg Business Clulr. CHARLES SCOTT, Commerce: Businessg Phi Sigma Nu. GEORGE TIBBS, Chelseag lnduslrial Erlucationg Industrial Arts Club. HOWARD B. JAMES, Miamig Pre-Med. BILL FULTON, Miami. The Aggies having fun. Charles Guthrie and Dale Rice of Big Cabin and Jim Rusher of Tulsa. if ,W Warming up in his bright, red pants and straw hat is Bill Plumb of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. ,,, f. N. 1-114 .L 42 ?Hi' -s fi. 1 I-3' , .I n , fy, A Afk M .,, 45, Q Q 1 1,, aw. P YN Q N M 'fb VERNON ALLEN Commerce, Oklahoma SAM ANDERSON Bluejacket, Oklahoma H. A. BERKEY Miami, Oklahoma CLIFFORD BORGSTROM Big Cabin, Oklahoma JOHN BARHAM Tulsa, Oklahoma JUANITA BETZ Picher, Oklahoma GORDON BOYD Joplin, Missouri GAYLE BARKLEY Commerce, Oklahoma RALPH BINKLEY Ch elsea, Oklahoma TOMMY BOYD Wyandotte, Oklahoma EA Q Q--Q.-.,. R192 ag. 1' fl! Q lat' Gels In Y I, 0 ar Eyes 'T' .. BARTLEY BARBARA BARTON Oklahoma Salina, Oklahoma BOCCS T. D. BOLINGER Oklahoma Locust Grove, Oklahoma BOYER SHIRLEY, BERRY Oklahoma Miami, Oklahoma ff ,, "' '12 3' 'Q' 6' si., 4.-...... FB Ayn 455, rdf'-vm law .-HND 53 5 i ktA, ,w--35 ,AH -ani' BRAN BRANSON Miami, Oklahoma GENE BRUST Powell, Missouri PEGGY BURTRUM Miami, Oklahoma BILL CLYNE Nowata, Oklahoma .IOY BREWER Miami, Oklahoma GARY BUMGARNER Joplin, Missouri JACK BUZZARD Seneca, Missouri BARBARA COLLINS Miami, Oklahom a HOWARD BROWN Nowata, Oklahoma BILL BURGESS Tulsa, Oklahoma BOBBY CARPENTER Tulsa, Oklahoma BUD COLLINS Vinita, Oklahoma GERALD BROWN Nowaza, Oklahoma BUDDY BURGIN Wyandotte, Oklahoma TOMMY CAS'IfEEL Miami, Oklahoma RAY CON N OR Miami, Oklahoma JUDY COOK Nowata, Oklahoma WAYNE DICKINSON 3 Picher, Oklahoma V .IUANITA DUNCAN South West City, Missouri DON FINCHER Y Drumright, Oklahoma I 56- 2-fl., 'I-if gwfwnl .41 wild!" . ,,,W W Y L . fu, xpl 'UR CARL CROW Chouteau, Oklahoma JERRY DODDS Seattle, Washington MARY SUE DURHAM W elch, Oklahoma BILL FOLLIS Miami, Oklahoma hx -f"T"' MARY ANN DAVIS Miami, Oklahoma JAMES DICKINSON Picher, Oklahoma THOMAS DOTSON Tulsa, Oklahoma DOROTHY DRAEGER Miami, Oklahoma NANCY EDMISTON N owata, Oklahoma LOUELLA FALLING Vinita, Oklahoma ZIRETA FOUST Miam i, Oklahoma BOB FRYE W agoner, Oklahoma -nfl' lyyechgfsyikjltffy ww Il 1 JW :Wwe 5 N5 QTY Waxtiumsa whom Bufcfumjd pefbgls Q09 ' MARJORIE GEORGE NATE CIBBS Quapaw, Oklahoma Nowata, Oklahoma JOYCE GIGER Joplin, Missouri DON DE LOZIER CAROL SUE FURNISH Chelsea, Oklahoma Miami Oklahoma RALPH GILLIAM Tulsa, Oklahoma LONNIE GRAHAM Broken Arrow, Oklahoma ROBERT GRIDER Ochelata, Oklahoma SHIRLEY HADEN Strung, Oklahoma ,ns JN SHIRLEY GILES Miami, Oklahoma CHARLES GRAYSON Picher, Oklahoma CARL GRIFFING Grove, Oklahoma HAROLD HADLEY Miami, Oklahoma JIMMY GOOLSBAY Ochelota, Oklahoma BETH GREEN Miami, Oklahoma PAT GRUBB Miami, Oklahoma AVIS HALE Commerce, Oklahoma -R' ,pw ,L .M SHIRLEY SMITH Vinita, Oklahoma EDDIE STOVALL Commerce, Oklahoma JIM THOMPSON Tulsa, Olilllllllllltl HELEN TYLER Miami, 0lfltI,IOIIlll J. T. STANIIERRY Big Cabin, Olrlahoma IDELORES SIIMNER Blucjaclret, Oklahoma HALPII TIIONIAS Enirl, Olflalioma J. B. Underwood Nowala, fllfllllltilllll s SHIRLEY E. STAN BERRY Pryor, Olrlah oma DOUG SWITZNER Slrialoolr, Oklahoma EIJ TRAVIS Morrill, Nebraska NORMAN YANIJIVEK Miami, Olrlalloma Ill LL STEAIJ Dewey, Oklahoma VIVIAN TAYLOR Claremore, Oklahoma AIJA TIICKER Miami, Oklahoma NEAL VEST Claremore, Olflalzoma Q f sf iff-2,-'eff-W 'I ua, fe.-x 3' Q- CHARLES VOTAW TOM WARMAN Miami, Olflalzonm Claremore, Olrlulwma BARIZKXRA WlI.l,IfXMS DANA WILLIAMS Carthage, 0A'lIIllUl7IIl South West City, Missozzrz JOHN W'UKl,l'IY MAXINE YOUNG fufllllll., 0,n'lflllUlII!l Cartilage, Missouri PANT, WEIR Virlim, 0lu'lll1l0III!l ANN WOOD gwimni, IIIIIIIIIOIIIU l'A'l'RlClfN IENKEH Cllfdfll, 0ln'lllh0II1lI DARLENE WHITE Woodward, Olflrzlwrrza WAYNE WOOIJAHIJ 1'inel'ille, Missburi BRUNO CIARJK Greerzslmrg, IJ8lll1Sj',l'!lI1fll CALVIN POPICJOY Olrlulmrrzrl ffily, Olrlulmmu Corzfurz llnlffler. ,Wars .11111 lh11'1'.x IIIIII IQIIIIUIII' lfrlll FRED WITTEN lfonrnzerrc, Olflahonza DENN IS 'WOOLMAN Virzita, Olfluhorna , JEANNE HUNT Pieher, 0!.'lHI10lIlH SXNIJRA STALEY Vinitn, 0151111101110 O BILL HALE Miami, Oklahoma MARY HARP Ketchum, Oklahoma ALMETA HAYS V inita, Oklahoma I5 ,L fi O in .f K 'nf e"""" I . LEON HAMLIN Quapaw, Oklahoma WAYNE HARPER Miami, Oklahoma ALEX HECKSHER Commerce, Oklahoma PATRICIA HOUSMAN BILL HUNT Miami, Oklahoma Grove, Oklahoma I, ,J 'WN HOWARD HAMILTON SHIRLEY HARRIS Chelsea, Oklahoma EVERETT HENDERSON Miami, Oklahoma . . . -'K 'm-irldiaf , I Q :,., If , he 7,55 Fi 1 in . 4 .Y "3 "Tl'l"? WAYNE HANEY Oilton, Oklahoma ROY HARRISON Big Cabin, Oklahoma MARK HENDERSON Joplin, Missouri All that goes up must come down, huh, Danny! BOB HARCROVE C helsea, Oklahoma GORDON HATCHER Commerce, Oklahoma BILL HINDMAN Nowata, Oklahoma BETTY HUFFAKER Miami, Oklahoma GERRY JARRELL Vinita, Oklahoma DAN JONES Kellyville, Oklahoma JAMES KELLY Fairlaml, Oklahoma JACK HUGHES Sand Springs, Oklahoma JACK J EFFERY Chelsea, Oklahoma ELMO JONES Miami, Oklahoma BOB KENNARD Miami, Oklahoma .Q fy my . U ,, -,,5Q ,, .,,,,:V , JERRY HUNTER Pryor, Oklahoma GEORGE JESSEE T ulsa, Oklahoma WILLARD JONES Pryor, Oklahoma NANCY KENNY Miami, Oklahoma BARTON JACKSON H enryetta, Oklahoma HOMER JOHNSON Miami, Oklahoma WILMA JONES Pryor, Oklahoma BILL KERR Tulsa, Oklahoma QW- 'fgq - K r Ea X G l,..,fi Qil Y, , 3 V, A '- yf? K .. in J ll as - ,gr ri xii li 4 ,,,,,,-.var gum any JACK KING .lenks, Oklahoma WAYNE LOVE Jenks, Oklahoma JIM McDANIALS Tulsa, Oklahoma R. C. McINTEER Kansas C ity, Kansas CHARLES LACY Miami, Oklahoma BOB MCCAFFREY Welch, Oklahoma BOB MCGEE Nowata, Oklahoma JERRY McKAY Tulsa, Oklahoma BOB LANKFORD Tulsa, Oklahoma GEORCANNA MCBEE Miami, Oklahoma JANN McGINNIS M iami, Oklahoma LANNY McSHOD Bartlesville, Oklahoma NAOMI LAYTON Chelsea, Oklahoma JACK MCCORKLE Jenks, Oklahoma BEVERLY McINNES Miami, Oklahoma JANE MABON Miami, Oklahoma Claremore, Oklahoma is .,.,,, ., ..,.. w.,:5a.-4ifI':Sf . L ' -' -fsigfzffq. N ' Q : Sgg ffiijliggg aim -'lm '1Y'Q D. L. MADISON Miami, Oklahoma CLYDE MINORS Vinita, Oklahoma GLEN MULVHILL Miami, Oklahoma iv'-' WAYNE MAHURIN Fairland, Oklahoma LELAND MOORE Fairland, Oklahoma EVA MURPHY Nowata, Oklahoma DANNY MANN Vinita, Oklahoma MARILYN Commerce, DEAN Chouteau, MORGAN Oklahoma NEEL Oklahoma "What,s wit cha?" Bruno Clara, Pat McWethy, Betty Hujfaker, Milton Hardestvl ROBERT MEYER Wolverton, Minnesota DOROTHY MORRISON Wyandotte, Oklahoma RICHARD NELSON Wolverton, Minnesota SIDNEY MILLER Claremore, Oklahoma NADINE MULLINS Welch, Oklahoma MARGARET NICHOLS Miami, Oklahoma WARREN NICHODEMUS Chouteau, Oklahoma ,i..,...?n OKLAHOMA O HAROLD NIX Bluejacket, Oklahoma PHYLLIS OLIVER Wagoner, Oklahoma .IOHN PARKER Miami, Oklahoma WESTINE PENDERCRA Miami, Oklahoma R BUST.' Harold Nix 81 Lucilc Shafer. FT .0-3 5 3' U A - j 5 y ,, " RMP' M pf , sv ... L A 5.3 , AV W f, 35 , ,yy Nav rv 5 3 A M 5 1 Q55 k,, 1 ' . I f YI'T' L. , if 5:5 S? a 41" .W ,L Kiigi , , 3,21 gan.-I 3, ,li k ff ..,,.,: i I . - . 1 A A Q .v--- A-M I I H' A . 21,-, - om h A if iii gi I ffiih ' if f1' N -' -:-- 2 v,.' 995' .- -- .. I 9 . A BARBARA OSKINSON EDITH OSBORNE White Oak, Oklahoma Miami, Oklahoma GERALD PARSONS HOMER PATTISON Pryor, Oklahoma Chelsea, Oklahoma J. W. PETTY WANDA PIERCE Miami, Oklahoma Miami, Oklahoma ET? MARY OSBORNE Nowata, Oklahoma ALLEN PATRICK Vinita, Oklahoma HOB PLECKER N owata, Oklahoma PHIL PARK Skiatook, Oklahoma HAROLD PAUL Galena, Kansas ODI S POWELL Claremore, Oklahoma l K? - RW. -.auf af N-1 Q .,.... Ji' . 1 ' s I 5, . W 'fwlhf ' " ' mfg , ,. -, .om . wg Q sg 1' ,, 'U' DONNA RATZLAFF Columbus, Kansas BOB ROWE Picher, Oklahoma CLIFFORD RUTHROTH Dewey, Oklahoma PATSY SHAWCO Quapaw, Oklahoma . yi sz 5552, si Q s J + 4'3" 1... QUX 4'-"F'!' qui' DON REIN HART Springfield, Missouri WESLEY RUCKER Locust Grove, Oklahoma GENE SAFFORD North Miami, Oklahoma BILL SHIPLEY Sperry, Oklahoma Sf K N 1 . I mi , - . s mi r, sw: 9 Q , ,' 2 ,M -I me S X R I r ,Na mi .R HW K , -if I f Q if Y 5? 1 , I i S ,sg N S I N 'Xi x fa NICK ROGERS Bartlesville, Oklahoma KENNETH RUST Joplin, Missouri NANCY SCHAFF M iarni, Oklahoma JAKE SHU MAKER Nowata, Oklahoma TOM ROSS Bartlesuille, Oklahoma MARY RUTH RUST Joplin, Missouri LUCILE SHAFER Miami, Oklahoma NORMAN SMITH Tulsa, Oklahoma "V, v 'R at-X I 2 r AA ml REQA AJ UDANY Iran FERNANDO M ARQU EZ South Anzerira BORDA GUILLERMO South America MEHDI TAJIMKIISII , Iran FEREYDOIIN AZIMI Iran LHASH ISM Iruq A ISDUI, KADHI M Iruq KIIOSKOW PARVIZI Iran BMIRANI I POOR Irun Slll UANI Irun MEHDI SHAIEAHANUI Iran Lcurningglzcrc and there. JOSE BU5'l'AMAN'l'E South Ameriru TARIK S. ISATAYNICII Iraq MANSOOR TMIHEZEZADEII NAJAFI I ran 'LW Q X . Q XN A N X " GL U iv I L--ye DAUFHMMPRRWV IWENTIETH csvrumf Fox .ssvsm HILL UMMX Q CMUDHWA MVHPC-b -Z OJ Uss Carol Ward Northeastern Oklahoma A. and ML College iami, Oklahoma Dear Miss Ward, I can't understand Just what went amiss in the mail but l have only just now received your photographs. It is true, l'have been out of town for a few days, but not a sufldcientlength of time to warrent this long delay. 17m terrible sorry to have missed your deadline, and Sm answering immediately ln the hope that perhaps you were able to await the answer. Not having your letter of last year, I don't reme how many of the girls I was to select,e-that ' there was to be a first, second, and t ' so since there are only five phot a first and second. I have Y back. lhank you reach mber 18 hlrd opra WPI t for h es yo have whether , or just one, , Hhs, I will select ten the numbers on the evina chosen me, and l hope that this ,tu In time to avoid losinn the confidence you placed in me. , Klndest regards, -xx -ei. Lble Rob ertson 1953 51999 fab 'ik Mm, SS x 5, ' wi I' 532 -vs" it-wif' WEE? sf L A-jr? K 5113133 2 , v Q, Q - 1fQ.,5J.X M A, J A 'fu 1--x dx SSRN if 1,35 if X Y 3' QSXr1J'IY'r .wi ,, f if fffv EM Q. 3 , 1 ,xy K " WE' ans. , if Lrqgf' J.- . , SSI-'55 fx! Ak 'UZ 1 few T Hi ,335 Q v 'Z N 1 . ,U x xv L 2 Q . 1 E-3 nf' . .ff ' I, Nvfi c ff 'ard .,..- ..,l wi - 3 f 1'N .. mf!!! ,ALESQS "L 1 ,... 5:39553 -nw ' SH f""' 55223 M VIKING QUEEN-Imogene Hunter 'Q' J' ri 'vvpmi T736 xr 1, 1 HK:-sg, Q Q -nf-1 W qxhf fbmwity 5 W y up A1 Lgflgw ,J-ai, if if , I V gr M, X Ax - , if .runs M, ,kv A Mtv, WA AA in 5. A: A it A .gt A, JE A: ' , A ,sv AA A.,,k 3.5. 7.4335 ,T ll., . , F K .. .JA A W . A. A. K Q - 'Q A K Nw 1 E Q, 4, yQ.L9 .,, B A , tqmwa is 1 M . 421 .X 3 i,xP? A?A.1 H 'L .5 AA AVAIAT k,7W L i t j M - KMMWK A K1 Af" fy Ai I ,W X 'ig 'R' ii A AA W' ' fi N K f E K KV, 'y 36' A K, wig! ggygni fu KK KK f fzdw ""'fH if ffsgsfvz N: 55' J fairs K3Ze'i'K?k KAR .Wanna ESM f S' 24" 'Hiya W'-wJ1Af:"a A f- ' -K-ef ,A My! A' ,yv . AA K 'A ' A f 5, - f WAN. jV. '1A,j - Juris? AAAJ5, , gag ,AAAQAEQAAA ,Ai wf.:AfWA A, me WM? A g fa-,ff 'f - fj?fvsffi1"2f..wa wp vm'-wwf? +A ' i q 'A f' qw v W A y 1+ 'A 'A if if -hw f1ffff'f9ff-fmwif ff , AA A QQ. ' ww? 1' if A wfy 2 A , ,A A A ... ,A XL., few. gy AA 3 A AA : ' av A A A. fffsf A 22. 4 Q fQ-. fii fgiw f - Ji A V I A K ES ' ' K A' + A - Agia, K ' ,A : ,.', : ':' V " .,.L 1 zw f lif'-X E'v-if-f ,,.f"H ,,,M Q ! ,,' ...: :N 5, ,W Y' ,Ai .4 ,. II V V, A- A A- ,-.- , ' -Q C i V, amy, - -1 Y..,, 'q v.---" A AA- wg:-jiw -' P 1 1. Lgi - lAi ' Vlq, :R A 1 .L W' '," 'f' K " -1Lf" g - K- f'Aft'?? ' "'lr'7'N A K - 739 f' "QLv .A 1 KK! 'W 'AA A f - F -- ww -W A -f 1 - . 'H-12 x ,w A ,A- 1 A M A Q 11 1 Q ' xiifmgig v - M - f' if ,, A Kr M A Af A - 'AA - W ' F K K'KK K K ' ' K 'QK QKK .- S KK KK - - 1 A Wf f A - .A Af A HQQ- .- S A-JT .'w xd'yK- A ,f .AQ ,ff 4' .ln .1 xv Y, Q I A. ,R V- gf' N W Y. KX F VxA.'A W, A L ,A .b A ,Q A J ,A . -A 1, 4 A '-'A -Mg " :Af "" A' H L,m A A ,"' L - ,gif iii A ,... 'lie .5 'E .1 , X K 'N A :www f- ' A I --A A. AA Af A A 3.7 A fv- fKA? P1 .A N - 'wx dffw - A A A A - " ' 2 - AAL K5 L' ' ' A PM ' . ix, V QQXK A -5 A 5 ' 'WN A- " F32 Av' AAAA ' 'gf A Y 4, 1 JAVAN Aj -' ,A K ,I A A--Q L, txt K - I? A 1 A Q A A, 1'a , A 'W A A if -f' Q-f ' -,.- " I- '-. 3 A. F g A A '1-" ' - A fi f iff' f iglilfsqig K VV 'J KKKKW A K KK A I I A KK A - Q A ' 'Q' - , VA A" ' A V f., f f ' A, f '. ' 4' A A K AL 'fxaf H fa " " "f P5 K KK ..A . '-' ' K ' K W ei A A Q A 51 A Qlrfilf an .'-' Q yy r ' A H -A A i L! A 3 4 V ?- J 11 3 9, .A,, ,ji sg A A f sw igiiisli . A . A .A . A XAAV AHA 3 ' K? n i b? K A A A1 f A A f A fifk i ' A A. K ' A AA'. M A ".: 'i z A KV M' 'V 'aff -f. A ,3.g,,AA ,, . f'ff" ,g VIA' AAA' ' A A " ' K K ,,AAAvf 25 A'f:. '.'.A 'A H f ' AL- 'f4-' A 1 Q ' A .1fv"" - P1 " p i iA ' A AAWM-M :uf f Af fx A .Ai Mm xA.-r. ' A. K N 5- .A Q., A 'K v AA 3,3-. A A I Ai .V H "' A AA A R 'A AA ' ' V K AW., yi 'f - ' - -- Lf ,wg A 4 Af-Ni M jk ,954 43' --M 1 AN - 2 LH ,,.. - A M A. ,Q Y 4 u. --1, N 9 WNW A ,EAVS4 X5 3 QA ' '-" A : 4' IEW'-1'1,5ai,3." ' . I 5, 1 1 AAAA ! ua, 'f fi 'MY ' A -- 'K r' ' -A sf xKKq"'Q:iR"5-W2 M W!'vSl-samba. aww: Wmgwffawaum u.M.3v,Mg. I4 N1 mgmngmu mn 2 Tlllllimlf lilllll lllllIliIlIl!iHillE ml um HOMECOMINC QU EEN-Margaret Nichols -1 ' 7 1952 ENGINEERS QUEEN-Jeuflil ilI1Cl'SUl1 AGGIE QUEENH+Imoge11e Hunter Q .,,, H019 H WHO KN NN K K Q KKK f53 x K ,4M lWM7NMf .-rr: ' JBL x-SE '-9 ! :' 2 i if x ,-5' If v iff' 1 X il X ,Z X l :?' ,, ,, , .K .Q 5 ? lil Ui! Ili E' Q iyyr r H lmogenels activities have been numerous these two years. She is a business major and is a member of the business club. She also is affiliated with B.S.U., Aggiettes, and is Secretary of the Sopho- more class. Imogene is also secretary of the Stu- dent Council, Aggie Queen, and the 1953 Viking Queen. Uutstanding JACK WARD Jack Ward, a business major from Locust Grove, has had a busy two years here at Northeastern. Both years he has been a member of the Colden Norsemen football team, and a member of the 4'0" Club. Jack, is president of the Student Council, which is about the highest honor one can attain here. Jack is also a boxer and a member of the Business Club. Not overlooking his grades, he has a B average. ,,,,,,,,gx' v . H-w""'-'--1 tudents CAROLE WARD Carole, a sophomore Education major, from Miami, has been very active these last two years at North- eastern. She is Secretary of Sigma Iota Chi Soror ity, and Treasurer of Phi Theta Kappa. Carole was also a member of the Student Council, Norse Stars, and filled the post of Society Editor for the Viking. She was the Phi Sigma Nu queen candi- date for Viking Queen, and a nieniber of the Dean's Honor Roll. GLENN PLUMB Glenn hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. During his two years, Glenn has played football, baseball, and been a member of the MOP Club, and the En- gineers Society. Glenn is serving as Cadet Colonel of the ROTC. He is a major in engineering and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa. JANE MABON Jane, a speech major from Miami, though a fresh- man has been very active this year here at North- eastern. Her activities have incluclechsinging in the chorus, and participating in various speech activities, having gone to contests. ,lane is also treasurer ofthe Signias and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. ,lane's grades entitled her to a place on the Dean's Honor Roll. GORDON HATCHER Cordon, a Theology major from Commerce is a very active student. Heading the list of a variety of activities is editorship of the 1955 Viking A freshman, he is a member of Phi Thett Kappa B.S.U., foriwhich he is reporter, and the Piess Club. Cordon fills the posts of circulation manager of the Norse Wiiid, vice-president of the Oklahoma State Collegiate Press Association, and College Red Cross Representative. t MARY RUTH RUST Mary Ruth is one of the smiling personalities that will be found on the campus. She is a voice major from Joplin. Aside from various music courses, she is enrolled in Chorus, and sings in the College Quartet. Mary Ruthis other activities include work on the annual stall, and Eta Upsilon Gamma Soror- ity. She also finds time to work in the registrar's office. ,P . , 1 V , v I req ' Z ,L 15,1 45 li ,. . . . -t ,za 'X . -- ill o ,. , X P' ,. Zz, ' R, Q .551 ' , z lil A A . " a -Q, 5 ' V 1- 'Aw ini . U, x Ki., 1. 5? K 1 wl V X aw WV, If, -1 BRUNO CLARA Bruno, a business major, has come all the way from Pennsylvania. Bruno is recognized by every- one as being one of the friendliest students here. Bruno is also very active, being the Student Council Representative ofthe International Relations Club, a member of the Business Club, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. He also plays basketball on the intramural teams. Freshman president after the fall Friendly Fiddle-Faddle H opeless? 1' -' XX! XY x Q P 0 w r' X R 'SM . LJ f " I 5 Qc X .., QW f 1 ' W 14 1 1 1 I I N ' U 1 f' .eff b all sessl mio! 09 b G 0 Club Members of the O Club must have lettered in at least one sport for NEO. The above boys have done this and they are-LEFT TO RIGHT, to bottom, Bill Plumb, ,lim McDanials, Jim Thompson, Tom Dotson, Chuck Phillips, and Mike Blose. ,lack Ward, Howard Wagner, John Barlow, Ted Rupe, Bruno Clara, Jerry Hunter, Tom Workman, George lessee, Phil Carter, J. D. Petty, and Howard Collins. SEATED: Rutherford Taylor, .lohn Shepard, ,lack Begley, Bob Rothrock, President, Jerome Haney, Dwayne Sullenger, Bob Boggs, and Bill Scantlen. Not pictured are Glen Plumb, Bill Caves, James Hux- table, Ed Gilliam, Ben Haning, Bob Kauffman, Bob Car- penter, Gerry Calhoun, Mac Warren, John Henry Law- rence, Virgil Mayabb, Leroy Scoles, Lonnie Graham. ,lim Rusher. A Coach S. A. Robertson is pictured below. As usual, "Red" produced a top notch team with a 9-1 record. His patient work with the boys as individuals was, as was its pur- pose, helpful to the team and char- acter building. Too much credit cannot be given Bud Savage labovel for his fine work with both the line and hack- field. The gentleman from Texas will nevor be forgotten by the boys he coached. Publicity Di- rector Homa Thomas was invalu- able over the season. Many of the boys who got scholarships to other schools have Mr. Thomas to thank for it. 1' F Qtjxbaxl fznz l7l1Cl,IIfllf1IS, Btll Scantlen, Bob AYLHTLIIPI' 81, jim Mcllanials prepares Z0 give a Lackler the shock of his life, and lzeis just the boy to Carpenter, and Bob Baker. The 1953 version of the Golden Norsemen are seen in their vshitcs. They are, LEFT T0 RIGHT, TOP ROW Bob Kauffman. Jerry Hipps, Tim Harris, Ed Travis, Dwayne Sullenger, Bill Plumb, Ed Gilliam, Glen Cone, Glen Plumb, Jerry Dodds, John Lawrence, Mac Warren. Lonny Graham, and Faymon Holmes. SECOND ROW. Don Tidmore. Rex Cop- pedge, Bill Caves, jerry Hunter, Bob Boggs, Warren Godwin. David Claxton, Howard Mahanes, Jim Thompson. Evert Barns. Jim Rusher, Howard Wagner, and Herman Miller. Coach Robertson is on the left and Coach Savage is on the right. THIRD ROW. Ruthaford Taylor, Thomas Dotson. Paul Scott. Charles luby, ,lack Forbes. Ted Moore, Gerry Calhoun, Ben Haning, Howard Collins, James lrluxtable. Franklin Taylor and Bill Clyne. BOTTOM ROW. George ,Ie-ssee. Fred lVlc'Claine. Nate Gibbs. Jack Ward, Ed Wood, Norman Smith. john Shepard, ,lim Mczllanials, Bill Scantlen, Bob Carpenter, and Bob Baker. All Stater Bob Baker turns the corner and heads for the score that broke Coffeyvilleis back. A sophomore from Fairland, Bob was well known and well liked by the fans and his fellow players alike. He performed his full- back duties to perfection. Right tackle Ed Gilliam of Sapulpa grins at left. His big 541 was to be seen in all the pile ups. and his fero- cious down field blocking was one of the big reasons he was chosen All State. This being his sophomore year, Ed made every play count on offense and defense, both, another tribute to his ability. A i if i 'W tiiv i il Husky Paul Scott of Broken Arrow. played tackle for the Norsemen, and did it with all he had. His fellow players consider it a crime that he did not make All State. Powerful line blocking, especially ends, was Paulis specialty, but he did all his job well. George Jessie-Center was always there, never saying a word but ready to fill in when needed. George hails from Tulsa. X . f' fi Y 2 Herman 'gChief" Miller was a de- fensive rock, and always good for El laugh. The 200 pounder was a cinch for All State, because of his impres- sive record. On many nights the op- position made minus yards over his position, and he was murder on the passer. Bill Caves, one of the few 60 minute men on the team is pictured below. Bill, a center by trade and linebacker for sheer sport, made All State with ease. Tulsa, his home, sophomore his class. Guard James Huxtable clinches his fist and grins the fact that he wonit use it. Why should he, when he can use his shoulders well enough to make All State? A demon on linebackers and line blocking expert were Huck,s attributes. He was also honorary team captain. 4' y y - Q-f.-zmmf :ir -:- -1-2-f':.fw 1 5,3 ,J"" End Don Tidmore of Holdenville charges above. Don was an all round good wing many determined blocker, excellent receiver, and convincing in his deception on fake passes. iv f v is + 1 Sam Anderson. a late comer from Welmrh, rounded into a speedy back of no mean ahility. Sam is a fresh- lllall. 'lf ., Howard tGooseJ Mahanes, Vinita sophomore end who divided the start- ing assignment with Don Tidmore was the life of the party both on the field and off. Scatback ,lim McDanials of Tulsa 1311 evades outstretched hands and strikes out for pay dirt, with the aid of Paul Scott t56j. Jim suffered a compound fracture of a finger, and a dislocated knee, and still was one of Stolifl Ben Haning. sophomore from Wewoka, was a deserving All Stater at defensive guard. Sheer force his main weapon, jarring tackles the product. His position over center was never threatened all yearg if Norse- lnen foes made yards. it was some- where besides over the middle. the outstanding backs. ,.,-Q.-A f yi. Dwayne Sullenger at the left was the e ' onl ' freshman uarterhack this year, 5 . 9 .' . V i ',k, V- - ' and did a fine job. He has a big job Y- V ,. if cut out for next year. . R ...A ,,.., . 2' Halfbacks Bill Scantlen tleftl and Jerry Dodds are pictured together in their chores. Bill. a sophomore from Muskogee, has been standard equip- ment in the Norseman attack for two years now and his presence will he greatly missed, Jerry. on the other hand. is a freshman. and has another year to play the same line brand ol' hall he played this year. A three sport letterman. Jerry is most versatile, and speedy. L i - Ted Moore, sophomore from 'S Tulsa, smiles at left. Ted was K K 15. a speedy, sliifty pass receiver. 5 K 0 N 1? 3. . , Jim Mcllanials looks very much at ease with the pig A I skin in his hands. And well W he should, because it was there so much during the sea- son. ,lim is a freshman from Tulsa. 5 John Henry Lawrence, home- town boy made good, was quarterback and safety man. to boot. Although hindered by a shoulder injury. he was a sharp passer, and nothing could hinder his play calling ability. John was an All Stater. Johnny Shepparrl 16531 .vlfirls left Ifllif am! observes lhe competition hx has for running room. fohn is back aflnr I1 year in the army. Heis fron Welumka, Oklu., and plays OHCVIS6 and defense at half back. ,D-A . J 5 Broken Arrow's pride. Thomas Dotson, shows his number Q 1 80 with just pride, His work at defensive end was of the f xr highest calibre, and he's only a freshman. Howard Collins is another of the returning veterans who carrie back to school and made a name for themselves. Howard is from Tulsa, and as a guard he cut down backs like a shears. E 4 , ' x 'ri 9... v . 1 -t-'f"w.v-tw John Sheppard at right is the it Mar-: 3:1-.zv'1L?iA:A: '2,5:iE:i 4.1 boy with the ball at the top it of this page. His picture 'Q ' ' ' ' Speaks for itself. Y '- Another Tulsa lad is Vllarren Godwin, number Y Y x GMM 53, at the right. At end he did well, and he s V' . MSN 5 M - a freshman. I , " F' 1 5 r .V T: ,. 53. Q ' , .3 .. . f - -. ,Q w H . - . . ' i if ' lit 2 -4 f if W ,A V :K ami-j g, .k,.. on il . Lonnie Graham. at lt-ft. is a fine freshman lialfback from Broken Arrow. Lonnie also played fullback. and will carry a big load in the back field next year. Big Jerry Hipps. also from Florida. was a standuut in the Blue-Gold game. Ed Travis settles into his familiar stanee and smiles into the camera. Ed is from Nebraska. and is a freshman. Rutherford Talor. the rough hoy from Florida, smiles deceivingly at the right. Highly useful on of- fense or defense. Rudy kgigifi ' 5 fy A in :i w throws his weight around from the tackle position. A dependahle and X rrafty blocker, Jerry. if . ., . . sgl f ln the action shut almve Bob Kauffman is seen doing the Mm thing that made him jueo All American. His ahility tn Y keep on going after he caught a pass was Zi spearhead in wk fi kkkh the attack uf the Nursemen. Bch moved much larger 'ft "ii"i f tackles to fvpen holes fur the haeks as well. and then " 7 prnleeted duwn field. Huh was also a lmaslxetball player, - sl' A - . - X 1 M in alll an excellent athlete. I , 5 ' , 1 V . T , i I L 1 it if His T5 showing big. Glen Cone gazes enm- l fi ilfil Illillflltly on. As defensive halfbaek. he did a ne job for the Norsemen. and is to he enm- plimented on his string of intercepted passes. 1 1 rl Vhlood of Miami proved his worth as is a utility back this year, on hnth and can he looked to for more nf same next year. lense and defense. ilels il freshman lif- the Above llnward Wagner smiles wider than any Nnrsemen foe ever sam him. Ilnward was a superim- defensivc end. and had he not suf- fered a hand fraeture. he would really have made a name for him- self in this conference. As it is. he has lots nf valuable experic-nec for next year. fumes 'gHuck'7 Huxtahle, honorary . X Q L f x' Q. 1 if i Above is Glen Plumb of Fort Lauflerdale. l"la. grimaces. As of- fensive and defensive tackle. Glen was tops. nc 4'Flying Faynioni' llolmes seems perfectly at ease, waiting for the snap, hut Norsemen foes dis- covered he wasnat so relaxed when tl y hit him. Ji In the starting stance Gerry Cal- houn prepares to charge, above. He's a soph guard. team captain turns the charm on Homecoming Queen. This is one of the few action shots of "Kiss- able Hztxf, Number 76. Chuck Phillips. is piv- turerl at the right. Heas a fine frosh linehavker and fullhavk. A vers promising lad from Penn. 1'-2 N ai ,, I Above, Hill Scantlanrl stretches out for the flouhle-stripe in the Eastern game which the IVOTSFIIICII won. Bobby Carpenter smiles easily into the camera. Bob, a frosh from Tulsa, was one of the best broken field runners on the club. Below, Jim Rusher awaits the next 1 K development, as he did at his line- Mack Warreri, of Nashville, Ten- ws b3CklIlg post. Big .illn had h1S nessee Cocks his famous huuet , share of the scoring .from fullback arm, and aims another t.d. pass A H and extra point kicking. - - if ' . M .,., A -. from his quarterbaekmg spot. 'AN' Q 5, -, Qi? 'gfY'i'gA4'?Q5- .- -. .-,.. t ' . 'I ssts 1 " 'EV wlgf. freshman end, Jerry Hunter, was A9 i w ' -5 a real hustler from Pryor. On both I . Y offense and defense he proved him- , self valuable. Q e . sf , i ,if t if ' " .. , jf 1 r 5 1 . l i If K. C . .L A ' 'Y x ' f ' ,. , .. .. . " A 7 ' iffi te f X' x f . .2 f t X 4 A V if .Q 5 S wedv versatile Franklin Tavlor gl """"I'u-...N surveys the situation. At guard, Q on either offense or defense. Frank -41, A was always on the bottom of the ' A pile. I ., we 7 V ,Ya ef ., I W lf ever the football saying. "Low . W man winsi' were personified, it -7 5' 1 l would be in Ben Haning. He niade y H- such an art of lowering his head and bulling through, that he made All State at it. Ben is a soph V ' . guard from Wewoka. "" Shown above is Sophomore half- back ,lack W'ard, who was a driv- ing runner on offense and an able defensive performer. He is from Locust Grove. Sophomore All Stater, John Law- rence, shows his number 90 at left and smiles modestly for all the work he did at quarterback and safety rnan. He's the best in the business at both, and although he had a shoulder injury. Long John was invaluable all through the season. 1 t 'Q-'1 as, e' '- it 'N - 'V N 1' if R I 'a K I is uv sf.. 5-Q L.. Smiling. good natured Bill Plumb grins broadly for the camera at the left, Bill, a sophomore center from Fort Lauderdale. Fla.. was all fire and fight, for all his southern drawl and floppy walk. Petty. a Korean vet. grins over his big 73. A fine freshman guard and linebacker. hels a likely prospect XY -,Ng for next year. Seen in action at left and in his stance below is jim Thompson. A freshman end for Wagner. ,lim really pitched in and worked. 1 g. Below is Bob Boggs. a freshlnmn from l'ryor. A steady player at end, Bob. David Claxton. seen right, played defensive end with a vengeance. David is a sophomore from Mc- Alester. I Basketb ll The group picture of the baslvslball team inelucles. left to rightg standing. Bob Boggs. Jerry Dodds, Earl Boyer, Jack Bs-gley. john Barham, and Lonnie Graham. Seeonrl row. Vlfayne Love, Bob Rothroek. George Baker, Jr.. Bobby Carpenter, Virgil Mayabb, Bill Scantlen, and Ronnie Butterfield. Picrturerl below is football and basketball coach, A. Robertson. Too much ererlit can not be given this fine mentor for his fine teams in both fields. Up till the last season the Norsemen were in in basketball competition, and lapse in defense in the last Coach Robertson from taking glllllft of the seeonfl place then only a quarter kept his team to Amarillo for a Junior College tournament. Jack Begley. right, center and guard for the Norsemen. was one of the tall men on the team. A strong rebounfl- er and learn player. At right is Tom WOTklllHIl, jump shot . artist, and high scorer, zeros in. He seorml over 200 points over the season. ancl goocl rebounfler. lfarl Boyer. post man. and hook shot artist for the Norsemen. hails from Stillwater. He had a 7.3 point per game average. Sophomore Boh Rothrock, whose home is Seminole. was one of the team's sharp passer. He was a team player, even though he had a fine set shot. At right Bobby Carpenter of Tulsa reveals the secrets of the set shot that made him High point man several times. Bob is a freshman. and will be invaluable next year, also. Right center is George Baker. Jr. of Talala. Okla. Hes a freshman and a "pepper mani' from the worcl 'igofl liXfI'Q'lllQ' right is jerry llodds. His speed made him the best fast break man on the team. His home is Se- attle. W'ashington. and he-s a fresh- mang a real prospect for next year. llonnie Butterfield. lwlow, is il sophomore from Skiatook. and a hm: all 'round hall hawk and team man, J Above Lonnie Grahznn Set fin' hiS Roh Boggs, freshman from Pryor, Postman John Barham relaxes his one handed SCI Shnl. H678 H fr9Sll- demonstrates his expert set shot. 6' 3" frame, which he uses to man from Broken Arrow, and il Great things are expected of him good advantage under the basket. strong defense man and rehounder. next year. John is a freshman from Tulsa. ,lust helon Carpenter is Virgil Nlayahh. a sophomore from Skia- loolx, :X sharp passer and Z1 sharp- er shot. Yirg is a two Near Letter lllilll. Xllllllwl I-1, Wvayiie Low, a fresh- man from Jenks. Uklalioinn. was a gootl handler and wapahle di-fensm man. Not pn'lurecl IS Bill hvanllrn tht lop hall liaulc. passer. and driver. llill nas hanrliest when the vhips nere doxsn. '1'111-1111111111111 F11111111 11111-1111111-l111l1-11111-- 1 11111111 111 111'1g111.1l111'. 111111 11111111111-11. 11111 11 111111-1- 1-111-1'y1-111- 111.111 111- X1-1-1111, 111111 11.1a 1- 111' 1111- 1.1111--1 1111-11 1111 1111-11-.1111 1111111-. 111.111-1111-11-1'1 51-I1-1-1111111-1111111. 1 11111.1 1'1-.11 1111111 11111-1-. " ..:131: ' 1 1 at . R H ,,z. - 1. -,.f fm. ' ' 153.3 5:1 W. .MQ krr, was ',:1qg,L1x ?"f':-Q' U:-' I " L 1: .19-955 R A 4 ' a ' 1 1 ,,,-49' 1141 Q we 1 f'115l1 591- -f Y g. +"g'Mg'-,1-J15 ,. A su 1111111 15.11-11 1- 1-' 1 -.N 1 Led J ' K 1.1 N 4 1 1fV"""1z-N"'Q-1 - T' -HN' 5 . ,,.,, A, f ww f ilk" Q 1 1. , 5. - 2 4? 7 N .a, , J Q 1 ' A , A 3 ,Af Q, 1 1 'I' 1:--f " Q' " -fx Q- 1 F 31 r VA W., 1 fe. " , -1 1 1 -' Y M ' , ... LS 'Q 5, 5- 3, 1 if , .1.. f 1 V 1.1.74 fl-:AE J. f.. 4 X :J 311,551- --3-, 11 3 1: N--83-5 11? 5 M1 15 ,ww S 1.7" E Y -' 1 -'wt , ,A . - K A " 91"- zq5, 131fi15j+x? 4 M 1 1 - 111' -W' ,11ff---1213--,W P J 5 4 355, 977.111 i 1. mc, -5+ J,szf::,rzLj' 1- 'EL----' . -41' -1 -1.-ff fx, . 1 111 ,111 111111 111 1 1 1 1111111 1111 11 11x 11 11111 1111 J111 1 1 111111111111111 1111 1111 .1-. .--4 11..w 11111111-1-11111111-1111111111 11-11111.1111l1111. - V , " S111111111111111-1111-1111111111111111-1111111111111-111' ?-""1V IMI' """"'1"I' 1"'m'1P5 X1""""' 111-1' 11111111 111111 1111- -.11111- 1-1111li111-111-1- 111 j11111111.1- .111111.11111.11111..1111111-.1111111.111-r. Fhlmx All IMI- 1fw4M QM A N .177 V 1 i' ' V 1-, 41111 N "ff , 4. -1 W-1 L"5"w 1 " 1 ,121 L . 4 1 'E -ff A 5 - 5. 1 -4" .1 g -'f,j-'J11.11 - 19' 2351 1395 5 21 1 .111 .1 - f I g I 5 ' 'QKQ1 . I 4 -A we 11 111 sfj : 1 ' .-1133. . --I, 11 Q 471. . , ,111 ,gy . 1 1-, My 1 if-yas... - 1111- 1 1 - -'-11"-!'1 ' 1 5 11 1 '51 "' 1 .1 1-1 "' W- R 6, Q. . I 1 A E. .A . V A K , 1x1 ai, A . V , Q ,11,1,,K -' 53 fm " -15 I " 1 "fa 1 -H 'L 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 --1-H 4 iii.,111.g1.,1g1z1114-1... 1", , :. - .. H .1 1, , S 1111-1,5--1 1151 . 'H -' A a +L, j. ,L .515 Zia-T11-:,.,a1r A ,. . xx ga y - 1 -. , W1 5 , 1 13111 1 1 M "1-'- Tv Q ' ,, X J Q1 .1 -. " ,, 1' x ,'-.' M W 1- N . 'A A M , . . .,. . 2 pw. A -1 . . Y 1,1'L111,. , fi -1 A f-Q-1 .A . 115527 . K -' " ' 11225122 N ., 1.15.-:I.i 'f.L1M' - - 1 , ,Q 1 ,-,M "1 "'13f.11-1-ppa-'wwf' ,w,, mlm ' - 131-11411 1 - ,ly gjfifggq-': '91 1 '.!1M?' j -- - 'mfcffi-?" . -1 'Q ' "Ju 1 ' A ski WQYSH 1 f , , "2 - 51.251 F33-3-.w'-i .. 11 11111111 1111- 1111- 1111-1111 111 'XX1-1- XX111117' S1.111111- - 111'-1. 1111- X11111111g1-1,- 1.111 11.1- .111 1-x11-111-111 111-1111-1 ' 111111 111111111-1 11.111111 1111 111-1'111'1- .1 g.11111-. X 11111- -111111 .11111 11-.111 1111- 111-11111-1-11111-1 111 1111- 111111-, 111111. 111111. 111111 .1 11111111111 111111111-r 111'-1 1-111sa. 19 1-52 State Baseball Champions 511111-1111-111111151 -111111N 111-11-11111 1111111-1' 11.11 111 111111- 11111' 1111- .1111111.11 1.111 11-.11, .11111 N11111- 1111- 1111a1-111111 11-.1111 11111 -1111111-.1j1111.1l11.1-111-1-1111-111113111-1111-111.1Img:-1111111N 11-111'-.1111111.11. 1'11'll1l'1'1111-1l1111'1g11l. X1.11111111g1111-1111.1111 '1'1111111.1N, 11.111 111111-r. 11111 11.111--. .1.11-11 C1111l1111. 111111 11111111-1. 111111 K.111I'I111.111,1111111 51111l11. 111111.11'11 11.113111-1'. .1111111 1,.1111'1-111-1-..1.1111 111-1-gly. S1-.111-11111'1-Virgil N1.11.11111, ,111111111.11'11111.C.11111111-1.1-55.11111,I1-r111111-1111111-1.1111151-.1111 1.11111. 11111 1'11111111. .11111 1.1-1111 51-1111--. 'l'11ls11's primlc. Bill Caves is lmrnlly' rcmg- 11iz.1l:lr: willmlit his m1t1'l1ci's gurlz. Bill 11.1s may to pitch tu when he carried 11 glove lu the plate, hut hard when hc t.11'- rlcil 11 l:11l. K . f .fig .5 1914 , W' it 1, J - xy . 4 1 , Q, Il i piq 'V' NM -2 ' If A Ri 1 iii. ,fi wi, s .. "' gt 1 I ,.--ijk 1. '+P 1 e. I M 1.453352 I , ZZ 1 if in ' 97: M Q. . 'V Q Z '-:HU-i"fM 1. .12 W I V Q .Wg .Q 1- if ' : . ffiggst 1 1 ,aft- .Q JMR. swag P ' f 1 2!F't2gfii4'E1 ..1'1s if 'f f- .2 1- 11 15 N, ,, '21 ,E-.3'1,3Q1f'f2?'f" f L,,, A , ',, 'sa w ww l'11'sll1z1sc111.111 ,l1ul111 bnnlh sL1'11t1l11fs lm' the thrnw lu first. .X sltuuly. 1l1-pc111l11l1l1r lnflcl 111.111, 111111 suru zxl lhu plnlze. .Mr1gl1t.l31lIl'l11111l11-wkstl1.1l1l.111g1:1'1111- hut ul hi 4, Um: ol thu lmrznns. tup l1.1ll1:r-. 11-111ly lui' Ins In-ks. 111 thu Bill wus .1lv1z1ys lielnl ur ut lJ11I. n. 1, , .- ,,,gm-if , - 1- -, X 3 ,J 0 ,VXE 4:2 , Y 62220, 1 1 X 1 T4 Qt ESE Y' 5, 4, .- , 5 -Q.. 3 E ,gg f fmnr 2+ , 1 ' 2 if 4 11 it fav' I 3 if Aj l . 1 .1 1 ff Kzsht. .1 , ,mai W g - Nm ' . Ss ,fl 134551 Kiwis: 1 it :TISS lil my 1 Q., .K . rf ,..,. .ls I 4 his - Ldv- -A .. "iz: 75,111.1 'M I 5 ., ,,,,,F gli, , J A: 1 afiiQ..g?'?'ff fl K ii if" I 1 V .gg A A MM f him A ' it ,Mf- 4.,1.if34,, V ,L,- ws: A a:Tfw14gf.s ' , A -THQ ' "FN F2151 2: Lung, l.111Ly lf.1rl Buyrei' stretches for the pitvh. EJ pcvterl to rl haul .1 guurl ref'o1'1l .md is do cycn better this yc.1r. Aw, Kmniie Biillcrlielfl "stays luus1-2" 115 is his vlistmn. A real inomle lnlilfler and asscl to the team that won the 1951-52 Stale Cl1z111il1io11sl1ip in B.1sclJ11ll. . -,f , 11,1 . .ii 1 , 121 .f"35q,e1y, . l.m111l1111g.1l11111f1s stsmllml lust-111.111Yi1 il Wl.1y.1lmln. fI1'.1ss 1-111l4-rs 111-rc Xi1,1l 111 11 N N 3, 11.1lly.11111l hc 1s 11 11-l111'11111g ln-H11 f'1n.1n. Xlmtln-1' lim: pil1'l11'1' 1111 llu111t1 'l'l1u111.1s sl.1lf I11sl y1e.1r was U1111111- l,1:g11lw, .X Im- 1 . 1 lmlllnlg suull -111111l1111l1.1 hut. 1 paw. mlm mis 11rp1'1s1n,gI1 Y fi I t 11 1 if 35 H 35,1 1 2 4 'H.i3."H if 'Z 7 vs' -. Q ff? "fs gg f . ff 1. 1 , 1 'A IE 5 wt fig? as L is .. is , 11 Mb, it - . ,,,. ,,.,. ,, M f- ,if Ugly -A M., , I 8' 5 .11 M ' 'W .gg :F if '.i' - 1 Win- ' E353 an .wg-Jw f 5 f ix! :bw-3' - f"iwL:i.-ff ll1mz11'1l Vl.1g11cr lm.1sl- .1 lime 1'1-1'- urrl. t1114lfr1m111ll1'cpurts.l1c- ez11'm:1l il. ll111Az1r1l..1s1rl1l11n11o1'1fthisye.11'. isfrm115z1p11lp.1. lt-11111111 H.111uy. pt-11111-1' pot 13111-l111 fur 111111-l1.1111pQi sI11ms.11 ll11-righl than hc luluws how L11 h.1111ll1' .1 lm.1l lou. Lefty' Bula K1111ff1nz1n uf Nmsgita looks fur the pitch and gets his pi1't11rei11ste.1fl. Bull was f11n1o11s for his sneed 111111 utility. BOYS DORMITORY The clowns of the intramurals, the Boys Dormitory, is pictured at right. Standing is their coach, Don Dyer, J. B. Underwood, Dean Neal, Jerry McKay, Chuck Phillips, Bill Powell, Milton Harclisty. Seated are Don Delosier, Bruno Clara, and George . Tibbs. BUSINESS CLUB Standing are ,lack Elgin, Ted Rupo, llavid Claxton, Bill Plumb, Bob Kennard, and coach l-loma Thomas. Seated are Jack Ward, Jerome Haney, J. D. Stan- berry, Nate Gibbs, and Bill Cline. I Intramural Basketball INDUSTRIAL ARTS Conrad Hanen, Bill Kerr, Bill Crirler. and Coach Joe Ables compose the back row, and kneeling are Jim Thompson, Leroy Scoles, ,lim McDanials, Otis Harlan, and Boy Harrison. DORTVI ACGIICS llug Switzer, Russell McClintock. lid Traxis. and r-oacll Marvin Wloocl are standing, Kneeling are Bill Burgess, Phill Park, Bud Collins. and jerry llunter. AGGIES FROM APARTMENTS Coach Howard Meadows, Bob McAffery. Calvin Popejoy, Jim Rusher, Charles Guthrie, standing. Kneeling: Bill Follis, Chicken LaCrone, Gayle Brock and Sam Anderson. These boys pictured below are Aggies but since the team was too large, they made up this team of their own. 5 . Q I A A l Y A s tyl liifixn ,la f" ENGINEERS Coach John Theising seems much happier than the players beside him, how are Bob Witchcvr, John Tibbs, ,lim Goolslmay, Bill Daring. Seated are Bob Magee, Robert Meyer, Clyde Minars, Bicharcl Nelson. PRESS CLUB Coach Bay Vanclerburg, ,Iohn Barlow, ,lake Shu- rnakcr, and ,lack Neill, standing. J. W. Perry, Nick Rogers, ,lack King, Dwayne Sullenger are kneeling at left. A M 5 MUS it' UTI ll' X U 'X xixt me 'J 1- Q S , W5 AW? Nils .4 , 3 A "BIG MO" INIJEPENDENT5 Above are tournament independents. Standing are Darrell Wallace, Gene Burst, Don Beinhart, and Coach Maj. Stanley Molander. Seated are Mike Blose. Boll Goff. 1 1 ,QM W-, X fy f Coach Honra Thomas and his boxing team can be congratulated on their fine record this year Their sweep of the Miami tournament is ample proof of the ability of both coach and team. Harold Nix, novice lniddlexwigltt from liluf- Javkf-t, goes into his fa- miliar Crouch. That right you sm' cocked was Harold's big gun. al- though he was dangerous with r-ithcr hand. Standing tall at left is Fred Mac- Clain. His toe to toe type of hoxing made the fans love him, and his op- ponents fear him. He' won the Miami tournament for Novice- Light hoavye wvights with 9356. Warren Nicodr-inus, another novice scrappvr, was a particularly offensive lioxvr. Always driving in, dishing out and receiving it with equal fervor. Coach Hay Vanderburg has rehuilt the tennis team from last year, and is still in the process of rebuilding, therefore a pic- ture was not available, but members will include Nat Gibbs, John Nail, Louis Ligor- ria, and Gerry Calhoun. Others are expect- ed to come out later. Tennis Most of the girl's physical education was incorporated into the Norse Stars, three of which are pictured at the left. They are Helen Tyler, Peggy Burtruni, and Beverly Mclnnes. , 1 in ' ,A.,,.f "5 - Y-1 M' 3 - we I V il.-yt.i.k,,'p.,.g.k' - . Chuck Phillips-Number 1 on coach Rich- ardis Golf team. Q gt, J a xy . . . , ' M J f - At right is Ray Vanderlmurgs gyni class com- E 112 4 ,xr in f posed almost completely of foreign students: li "Ji Seeker is the favorite sport. and a team is being fi f ' t I organized. , 5 ' X! is S N 4.2334 if lr f, P ltxkiwrnw, A 4 5 ' K ' A -f stiff'-Ur av i ,,s,, V7 QQ., 1 l a - f f-" 1 if i s- f me s W11dt,S Itching? ? '? Just part of campusology Vifhut we come to school f01 fffff ff! WW ff! i " ff' ff P ff My C 1 + f f'f f f . V1 ' 11 11 1 1!'1 2 fir f 'IW NN Q Ik. Q' 111 1 CD ' un L-.av he 1 N 1 Q X , , 1-1 W' m 1' 2 Z X 7TAT'I I AON QHO 'THA NO I TZQ XPXT GFX PXII B IA K IVA nnual taff - A -fzwffwt -- Not pic-lured are Priscilla Coker, who had the sophomore pagcsg l'hil Smith, Associate Editor, flirl lots of work in many fields, even to art work in an introduction. Juanita Bvtz was associate Society editor, and was a Hne dctail worker. At left is Cordon Hatcher, Editor of the Viking. Cordon printed and developed almost every picture in the annual, which would have been a big job for anyone, and then he found time to direct staff meetings and page assignments. 45 A iii. Gerry Calhoun relaxed at left. Ger- ry was sports editor, business man- ager, and production manager. Gerry and Cordon, both, burned the midnight oil many nights so that the annual could he produced. Below. part of the annual staff are busy inspecting pictures as prospective material. Mary Rust and Joyce Ciger, left. in charge of music. Carol Ward. who was one of the workers had Organizations Shirley Giles and Editor llatc-her look over Shirlefs freshman pages. most faithful and lloyalty. Q' tudent Council JACK WARD President hubs' SEATED: Zireta Foust. Canimas: llarlmara Collins. Freslnnen: Jim Rusher, Vive-Presiflentg Wanda Russell, Treasurer: jeroine Haney. U Cluhg Imogene llunter. Secretaryg ,lack Ward, President: Ne oini Lavton. Business Cluh: Vt-ru Williams. Girls, Dorm: STANDING: Carole Ward, Phi Theta Kappa:'Corilun Hatcher. Press sorg Norman Vanfliver. Drill rl' Vice-President: Torn Workman, Shirley Haclen, Aggiettcs. uf' E ""' Clulm: l'at Neel, B.S.U.: ll. A. Berkey, Phi Sigsg Dean Shipley, Spon cam: Wayne Able, I+'.T.A.: Bill Kerr, lnclustrial Artsg Bill Pluinh O Cluhg Virginia Lindsey, Sponsorg James Shope, Phi Theta Kappag f qi ft- v ..,, 5 I 5 Press Club 7' Z' Y Homecoming Float, Olympics SEA'l'l'll3: llieliarcl Price, Bill lluulaar Earl lnoyer Ted Rupe Lllllorcl Borg Strom. Gordon Hatcher, Joe Don Olcls Jark Hughes STANDING Ray Vamlerlmurg. sponsor, Eva Lou Murphy john Barlow Charles Grayson liicharcl Bartlett, Dale Rice, Charles Guthrie !' Di ghbxi f 41--l Wie? Q39 .32 FTE? Phi Theta Kappa OLD MEMBERS: front row, Faye Vann, sponsorg Franvvs Hatfield, Mary Doty, Neva Wassmwii, Gene Wal cleck,g back row, Phillip Smith, Carole Ward, James Shope, Harmon Cope. l Nl'1W MEMBERS: front row. Darlene Wliite, Sue Warlririttrui. lic-tty Lish. Nancy limniy. Jann Nlrllinnis. juan ita Bells: hack row, Sidney Miller. Currlnn Boyd, Barbara Collins. Harley Pitcher. Jane fVlalmn. H. A. Berkcy Cary Bunigarner, Cordon Hatcher, Bruno Clara. r ' ' 2" igma Iota Chi l"liUN'l': ,lane Malmon. Clo Agnew. Eva Murphy. BEHIND: lfranvos llzltfielcl. Carole Wfarcl, Margaret Nichols, liclcn Tyler, Shirley Harris, Ceorgunna Mr:Beel Jeannie Hunt. 533 ,ig SQ llomaaommg loal 14,011 second lrameb Hatfield, rf llflllg preblflc nl and Eva Murphy incoming presi- cient. X ,jf . rf, 'J' , ,f.,f if ?""" f, rf f,, 7g. r, m X L. ,v 1 . j ,ffffr , If ff!! ,, I XX 1,0 " fyjy . . F if l ref? If x f L "Eff fly af "M 'F 14 L ' ' .w ,J M- . Lx, fb -41,1 . ' Arif riff , I, Y ,Q 1 "1 ,f Jogjf ,, . ff, ,ff I .H if fa!! f , Sweetheart Qhirley Harris receiving roses from B011 Thomas and Richard Bartlett. D111 Hale, Gerald Jones. STANDING: 17- 1' 4 Eta Upsilion Gamma a , i A ""- SEATED: Juanita Bells, Joy Brewer, Barbara Collins, Maxine Young, Pat Grubb, Nancy Kenney, Pat Neel. STANDING: Zireta Foust, Carol Sue Furnish, Wilma Jones, Miss Laura Catlen, sponsor. K M 1' WILMA JoNEs gk LDB - Gamma Queen Q: i Eta Iota Tau - o,Z. 3 SEATED: Ralph Binkley, Kemper Watson, Gene Brust, Don Delozier, Way'ne Haney, Way'r1e Vlfooclward, Daniel Mann, John Covey, John Nail, Clyde Minors, James Kelly. Bob lVIr'Chee, William Russell, sponsor. STANDING: ,lack Thomas, Alan Speaker, George Tibbs, Don Oyler, John Upcllurvh, Ed Travis, Bob Grifler, BACK ROW: Bob Hendrickson, Jack Jeffries, Robert Meyer, Gordon Hatcher, Williard Jones, Richard Nelson, ,lim Goolsby. 1 .gs ' ggies f 2 - 9 - - - SlfATlilJ: Jeff Harris. john Nett, Ed Travis. Gayle Brock. llivhard Price, Dan Jones, Darrell Wallis, Horner Pat- tison. STANDING: Harry Synar. Delbert Black. jerry Hunter. llalph Thomas, George jesse, Freddie McClain, ,Iiln Tucker, Dougles Switzner, Ennnett Harp. Bill Powell. Jack Thomas, WHy'IlC Mahurine, Ralph Binkley, Wess Rucker, Jinnny Laue, Boh Thomas, Dennis Vvoolnian, ,lohn Meadows, Floyd Bartley, Marvin Wmmods. BACK HOW: Clifford Collins, Bill Dunbar, Bill Follis, Fred DeMier, Boll Hargrove, Charles Hukill, Bob McAlTrey, Sain Anderson, Russell McClintock, Tonnny Clanton, Ned Callison. Aggies at play. AGGIES ,IUDCINC TEAM: Marvin Wcwmatl. spon- sorg ,lim Laue, Russell McClintock, Charles Webb, Dan Jones. ...foe-I MTHE TRACTOR TEAM": Gayle Brock, Jack Thomas, Dougles Switzner, Dale Rice, Jim Rusher. 1 Aggies praciice jzuiging , mx , l l 1 En ineers' Society lilllyl' T0 R101-'l'l', HONV ONE: Mr. John Thiesing. Danny Mann, Fred Pills. ll. A. Borkey, Richurcl Nelson, John Gruenburg, Clen Plumb, Louie Ligorria, Charles Lacy, and Mr. Cambell. SECOND BOW: Jerry Stevens. Gerald Brown, John Tibbs. Avis Hale, Geralfl Jones. Sirens Nassiry. Evert Henderson, Bob Hendrickson, Don Fincher, Bill Daring, Bill Stead, Mike Blose, Wayne Arnett, and Sid Miller. THIRD BOW: Bob Melrileer, Bob Magee, Wayne Arnell, Kemper Watsori. Lonnie MeShofl, Don Delozier, Conrad llaning, Otis Harlan, Melvin Cope, Jim Goolsby, Alvin Bauehmeyer. Sponsor fohn Thiesing oversees members John Shepard and Gerry Calhoun as they work on a Physics experiment. xi. .Af Q 5, ,L , 4 ' v Q, Pg . .L ' ' 5 '50 6. X 7 l A couple enjoying the Engineerfs Dance. Engineerls Queen ,lean fimerson riding in the Homecoming Parade. The new Engineefs Queen Beverly Mclnnes afler being erownefl by Al Bauclirneyer, Presirlenl, was sealerl on the Sl. Patrick Day throne. 1-""""'l SEATED: Barbara Oskinson, Wilma Jones, Juanita Duncan, Vera Williams, presidentg Almeta Hays, Neomi Layton, secretary-treasurer, Edith Osborn, vice presidentg Juanita Betz, Mary Sue Durham. STANDING: Dana Williams, Wanda Russell, Mimi Khalili, Patricia Coats, Shirley Haderi, student council representative, Jeannine Hunt, Imogene Hunter, Betty Huffaker, Phyllis Oliver, Shirley Berry, Carol Sue Furnish, Mary Harp, Mary Doty, Delores Sumner, Wanda Pierce, Patsy Shawgo, Patricia Baker. ggiettes "Samson and Delilahf, homecoming float. Homes e in , Qi s L M' Gmini? l 0 Veterans Club SEATED: Allen Brown, Sidney Miller, Bill Clyne, Nate Gibbs, Eugene Ferris, Wayne Arnett, Bill Hindman. STANDING: Howard Collins, James Petty, Ted Rupe, Charles Grayson, president, Wayne Dickerson, vice-president, T. D. Bolinger, secretary, Edward Stovall. fs 3 lnternational Relations Club SEATEU: Virginia Lindsey, sponsor: Priscilla Coker, secretary-treasurerQ lVlary lloty, Betty Lou Lisli, Lacloris Peterson. STANIJING: ,liniTlion1pson, Boll Frye, jim Nlmzllaniel. John Bell, Robert Cricler, Wayne Haney, Bruno Clara. stuclc-nt council representative: Ronnie Butterfield, llarley Pitcher, Clyde Davis, presidentg Sirl- ney Miller, vir'e-president. Homecoming Float. iiiimunnuue Business Club A rf I Homecoming Float. SEATED: Maxine Young, Naomi Layton, student Council representative, Geraldine Jarrell, Judy Cook, Mary Osborn, Ardys Wolfe. STANDING: Shirley Smith, Eva Murphy, Joe Langley, Ronnie Butterfield, president, Vllayne Able, Ben Cameron, vice-president, Ted Rupe, Rutherford Taylor, Imogene Hunter, secretary-treas- urerg Sandra Staley, Homa Thomas, sponsor. Girls, Domitor no-ii , S ATIQD: Maxine Young. Shirley Harris, Naomi Layton, Juanita Betz, Wilma Jones, Barbara Dskison, Sandra Staley. Shirley Smith. STANDING. lst HOW: Shirley Haden, Sue Warbington. Neva Wasscirm. Darlene White, Mary Harp. Jeannie Hunt. Miss Louise Granlee. Barbara Barton, Ardys Wolfe. Mary Osborn, Patricia Keithley, Vifanda Russell. STANDJNG, 2nd BOW: Dana Williziilis, Juanita Duncan. lmogene Hunter, Phyllis Oliver, Donna Lee Ratzlaif, Vera Williams, Eva Lou Murphy, Geraldine Jarrell, Louella Falling, Vivian Taylor, Judv Clllik. Boys, Domitor SICNIJICID: Nlrs. Don Dyer, Jim Goolsby, Gerald Brown, Jolm Upchurch, Bob McGee, Jerome Haney, Ralph Binkley. Bob Hargrove, Richard Nelson, Bill Hunt, Kemper Watson, Ed Travis, Bruno Clara. STANDING: James Kelly, Joe Langley, Jack Thomas, Sidney Miller, Bud Collins, Jerry Hunter, Otis Harlan, Bob Grider, Jamaledin Azizi. Kazem Azimi, Bill Dunbar, John Tibhs, Harold Nixs, John Gruenburg, Don Dyer, Paul Weir. RACK ROW: Phil Carter, Bob Meyer, Jack Jeffrey, Floyd Bartley, Don Delozier, George Tibbs, Don Oyler, Bob Covey, John Nett, Conrad Hanan, Dan LaFortune, Russell McClintock, Willie Borda, James Shope. Baptist Student M? feta t nion S A . -.Q X xx fe 12. rd? ff 100 'G Af' 111018. 3, , 40026 C'0,, . 15,7 6" fy og! fd 0,08 SICATED: Mary Bust, Helen Tyler, Georganna lVlcBee, Peggy Burtruni, third vice-presidcntg Joyce Giger, lnio gene Hunter secretary' Beverly Mclnnes, Jann McGinnis. STANDING: Dana WllllHITlS, Vera W1lll3lHS, Pris C ll eillal Coker, Boy Harrigon, Jeannie llunt, Bill Kerr, Vivian Taylor, Joe Don Olds, H. A. Berkey, jerry a 101.111 second vice-presidentg Janies Sharpe, Cordon Hatcher, John Worley, Gerald Jones. I' a.n-M.-v' nflg-f FIRST IIOW. LITIVT T0 RIGHT: Dana Williairls, Judy Cook, Ardys Wcmlfe, Patricia Keithley, Maryetta Loveall, Helen Tyler. Beverly Mclnnes. SECOND ROW: Wilina Jones, Juanita Duncan, Barbara Oskison, Carole Warcl, Vera Williallis, Pat Grubb, Peggy Burtruln, Frances Hatfield. THIRD IIOW: Priscilla Coker, Jeanne Hunt, Mary Osborne, Shirley Giles, Betty Sue Donica, Mary Ann Davis, Margaret Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Darlene White, Frances Pineda, Eva Murphy, Maxine Young, Joy Brewer, Norma Bauchmoyer, Shirley Stanberry. FIFTH ROW: Juanita Betz, Zireta Foust, Dorothy Draeger, Westirie Pendergralt, Barbara Willialrls, Shirley Harris, Nancy Sehatlf. SIXTH ROW: Pat Neel, Pat Wagciner, Ceorganna McBee, Shirley Berry, LaDoris Peterson, Phyllis Denney. Norse Stars Norse Stars and the White Charger! Round-zz p of Cow Cirlsf, mor 'zown as the Nor Performance by the BELLES OF ' OKLAHOMA! e commonl se Stars. J' lndustrial Arts Club BWP? -ghtrii SEATED: Holm Carpentvr. Avis Hale, Conrad Hanan, Bill Dunbar. Clifford Borgslrom. lloy Harrison, Phil C3I'l16I',liillIJll Gilliam. STANDING: loo Alile, sponS0f3 Riffllaffl Bartlett. Carl Sills, K61m6ill liuSl, Bill Kerr, ,lake Sliuniakcr, Neal Vest, Howard Collins, Dick Curry. TOP ROW: Otis Harlan, Tom Casteel, George Tililas. 5 ,,..y-A 'vAwP"" ,a, I wiv' Future Teachers of America SEATED: Mrs. Etta Bruton, sponsorg Shirley Haden, Phyllis Oliver, Vera Williams, Delores Sumner, Lucille Shafer. STANDING: Paul Weir, Dana Williams, Wayne Able, Louella Falling, Harley Pitcher, Barbara Barton. Young Democrats FRONT BOW: Sidney Miller, Bill Dunbar, Louella Falling. BACK BOW: Bob Thomas, Phyllis Oliyer, Donna Ratzlalf, Shirley Smith, Virginia Lindsey, sponsor, Charles Guthrie. Music Department ,, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Ann Wood, Shirley Giles, ,lann McGinnis, Jane Mahon, Maryetta Lovell, Mary Ruth Rust, Nancy Kenney. SECOND HOW, Left to Right: Betty Wade, Maxine Young, Beth Green, Shir- ley Harris, Phyllis Oliver, Jeannie Hunt, Joyce Giger, Mary Harp, Pat Neel, Paul Weir, Jack Jeffrey, Lucille Shafer. LAST ROW, Left to Right: Gary Bumgarner, ,lohn Charles Parker, ,lohn Worley, Bill McCord, Bill Hunt, Kemper Watson, Harley Pitcher, Don DeLozier. MEMBERS NOT SHOWN IN PICTURE: Nate Gibbs, Don Edmondson, Ervin Keithley, Phillip Smith, Mark Henderson, ,lean Jimerson, Donna Ratzlaff. The College Choir voted this year to make appearances in near hy towns rather than to put on an operetta. So far they have ap- peared at the Lions Club Christmas program, Teachers Convention at Tulsa, and Kansas State Teachefs College at Pittshurg, Kansas. The Choir, under the direction of Mr. Kenny Richards, is sched- uled to appear at Chelsea, Commerce, Vinita, Nowata, Fairland, and other towns. Special numlmers from the music department are provided hy the college mixed quartet, Bill Hunt, trumpet soloist, and ,lean ,limerson, piano soloist. The one and only-Bill Hunt Mixe d Quartet LVAYY 'YU XUCXYYZ Kemper NN u 9 . SMMQ-r, as-c1mxxpaxxKekp Ann Wood. aku: mu SP6 h ec Department . mfr qv and Mic 12: .lame N ' 'S hum A - 1311011 J rr1r1gl,m fi 2111105 1 HSM-uc. Nhrx' Rum Rusk. snpranog L Aer, bass. 1 on kvnofz . Q I X Don UCLQ ucKXXc V , va L ff K -f ,gf A ' V y N QW M5 , s fl if . I 'ff ,Q 4932 Ji, I, tdivision ,Q W.,,,,,. In Hu' .nl Llxxx 1-ulvlmvlln-xl Mn'x.1rum1- -ulr lz1l114'.1t14m, Int:-:mx IM-:m1'.1l1ul1, Xlwlxllvvllln- .xml ul Ili-411-llglllnnnx. lilxnl juhnuf-nm I 1,.u'5 Hllrngal- nm-1' O lQmnIm1l3uyml O C.1rIiI1'uw O lion url O Inu lllppf. I lzlnn-I ll:-,xlluwlv H.nI1l1ii O J.1ukJ4-ilu-x O Hur W llllv Nlullm O Nun. vm-0 Pe-ln-:Nun O Xu A N U11 O l',hrm.lu114-- I 1m,,,,11..m,.-N o r.i.l..l1-.lm-1.,,.. Q 4,.-lm N F.1fh+x'n1 O l,.nmxXInI1.m:I I Hfflullmuixnlx mnNN.nx-l1'x I I3ul1lPl'x' I Mm lllfwllixlv I Kllx-11lll'lu1xxl: O ,lllluxxqllll-,Iv vu llullnv- I lmulx I ny-Irnl.1 O Hub Huw' O NIH Plmnfn I Iinly Mapu-4' I 1 Ftmlvnlf ' N jr'x'tfKlN1ic'n-Ilul m ilu-lr mux'-c ul Ntuxlx: he ln.: 6 Rm-inll. I llmm.1 Nxll O l..1lxm MIN-IN Q , .. Q V Aj " -ma I Nl In C l".1xn1r 5 , ' ' , A Llmrlvs Nl:-.1rl. z VM .W.. . , 9 Q5 ff 2' .,f,,, :, , 6. ,,., g-,tg-Jlxizfzv ,,.. I 555, was Wg M wud 3 The .lrl rlzlsacs ol' l952f5fi were this first group in meet unrl work in llu- nm-is gall:-ry-4'lzim rooin. the only one of its kinml in llu- Soulliweal. 'X most Coiliprv- In-naive exhihition -vlln-elulv lrrought tlloufnnfls ol' people lo the mllvgv .ix in-ll :if Iuroxiilvrl N.l'i.O, iirt bluflentf with ikuly 4ont.u't isilh originul work: ul .1rt. Piiiiilliigf hy lhe- olil niiisle-rs. .u'tuul al-xilplure pie-ref in Nunn-, noml. .mil laronlc, 115 N-ll .is paintings hy nomllh- M114-iinzll nmgiizine illllillkl- tors -Nornmn Rovkm-ll. Stvxzxn lJohonx.15. mul ,Ion Whilvonlh. Phillrrook ,Xrl Center of Tulsa loiiiiml many vhoiru works from their collvrtiuiis for flisplzxy in the collage gullery. Uiher famous ixrtisls who loaned work for these uxliihiliolls were. Alexnnrlre Hogue, l,1lwi'eiu'v 'l'. Slt'U'llS. .lnhn Oixeil. Gene Baivingcr. Louis Weiiiluwg. llowzlnllVl1illilIL'h,54'l1lp- lor l lnix 4' ,W 'KP' Art Employs Methods for Seeing, Feeling and Creating ie-rn.1r4l l"x'.ivin'rE hronzc panels for the Kxnlme Nlli V4 Ln' Nh-xnorl.1l hurl their hrs! iulllic- fhow- l ing ni lhi- roll:-ge gullvry. Niili1yNlxi11i11z11x- lomwfl girl lin-1-1 Jann lln 1 ,Xl lr hi-lrl Q N il ,gp my ,f 1 .., . , 5, V, .- F. nn luulnig Nlr. liill N , ,lznncs iinil Mrs, liliwi-ll N, , ,Y .- their ,rut lfmth frntury puinting. Chrikl of Jiilixlgmw. mix .1 le-gitlirv vxhihit fluring Ihr- ymr, uhlu-.ilion of ilu- liking. four slmng haw ln-vii nilh .ni illl1'ml.1lu'x- of 35.761, Q -14 X "i"gW"wf k ,, , 5,7 'Lf I f lf i M 111 fs Bl a 1, f l 5 A ,l L 5 A l, f iii I 4 X W. 'aff se Q , lf.. Avi. 1 A Q i Q1 ' l - x 5 'l A xv , A 5 -P 1 'i i fl Q 'Q lre' 1-3'l'. ' 7 . L M Q 5 'N , '7 if Q 1 Q ' s , . .Z W S 1 f iw my naar' Mn I 2 Gota A Light Instructor's Best Friend-John Carter Camera Hogs-,lust count our picture in the year book. AIR FORCE R. UT Air Force ROTC Zu .'U, - iii. e s Y 1 e . C . 1 f T H W. M . ,,., V K, - . ., 9 ""' " 3 'Q I V . . s lg! c ,,?i.,.,t .vp-,gpg -2 K I , H M .,,t,,, j T T A 'h M myky . , XL ., 3- , .. ,Q - 1 ' fy . A fe ' 1 -tt , " ' in 4, , Squadrons 51 and 52 in mass formation. AIR FORCE ROTC STAFF lst Lt. John lu. Susky Maj. Stanley V. Molanrler T!Sgt. William J. Estes STUDENT OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Lt. Col. Glenn Plumb, Maj. Jeri Treager, Lt. William Plumb. Lt. Erlwarrl McFall, Maj. Gerry Calhoun, Lt. Phillip Smith, Capt. Bill Dareing, Lt. Jimmy Rusher, Lt. Connie Hall, Lt. Jerry Stevens. Lt. Harmon Cope, Capt. David Johnson. Lt. Fred Pitts. Capt. Bob Golf, Lt. Bill Scantleu, Maj. Rutherford Taylor. 5' 1 Scenes at Summer Camp at George Air Force Base in Victorville, California. Cadet Bobby Sanders giving the Air Science I, Section II instruction in World Political Geography. - 3 22,2 A 3 ... m....,,....M..,.,,,,.,.....,,.,...,-Q The shortest anfl tallest member of the corps. They are Harold E. Paul, who stands 5' 3" and Vlfayne A. lVlahurin, who is 6' 4" tall. , ,,.,. . . iii, ...i M M M tyiitt A , Commanding Officer-Capt. David ,lohnsong Adjutant -lst Lt. Phillip Smith. Other members: Gary Bum- garner, Elmer Heatherly, ,lack Jeffrey, Robert Magee, Dean Neal, Mark Henderson, Clifford Ruthrauff, Dan- iel Mann, Bob Rowe, ,lack Thomas, Wayne Woodward, Wayne Haney, Charles Hukill, Dabner Madison, ,lohn Nail, Edward Travis, Kemper Watson, Everett Hen- derson, and Bill Hunt, Band Director. f I The Air Force ROTC Band Commanding Officer - Capt. Robert Thomas, Adjutant- lst Lt. Richard Bartlett. Other Members: Floyd Bart- ley, ,lack Buzzard, Tommy Casteel, Don Fincher, Avis Hale, Billy Hale, Daniel Jones, Charles Lacy, Edward McGinnis, Homer Pattison, Wesley Rucker, Norman Vandiver, Charles Votaw, Harry Berkey, Ralph Gilliam. The Air Force ROTC Drill Team TH .... to all our advertisers from the Viking Staff and the students of Northeastern A. 81 M. Your patience and co-operation has been an inspiration and a great help. We sincerely hope you find the ads constructed to your satisfaction. THE VIKING STAFF Coopergs Funeral Home e +1 MSM The Maybon Shop Hamm0n's B 81 K Men's Wear Meadow Cold Louis Price Dry Goods Texaco Ramsefs Q UALITY SINCE 1890 S Coca-Cola Security Bank and Trust . yawn Yearbook Lithograplxecl by . . . SEMCU COLOR PRESS FINE COLLEGE AND HIGHSCHOOL ANNUALS 129 N. W. ara ST. B-jgeijjlzf' OKLAHOMA CITY College Inn Bob Hill Grocery E9QQHflgfgE Q First National Bank Home Appliance Eagle-Picher Mining and Smelting Division Lyre Music House Lowry Ford Co. ,.., 'WIIA Daws0n,s Jewelry Tri-State Lumber Co. Burtl JII1 Lincoln-Mercury Co Ed's Steak House Miami Hotel nv-"""" . u"""""' . iii nllI"""""mA nie Wardrobe Cle ners Millner-Berkey Ramey Pontiac The Hub Finest in Suits Ford Implement Co. Miami News Record Wayne Pack Nash Co. Trucker's Lunch N. E. O. 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Suggestions in the Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK) collection:

Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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