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an - , , , 1 1 1 3 , Q ,. , ,k - .. . . , . If V :A . , , , i -J ', 1- ' if X 55-I ,f -J X L! . 1-2 15 f, ,' I2 : eg x W . 4 " ' . 5 1 1 . - is 1 --. K I 1' l CQ 1 'f. I . .- . 2 w .4 A :. . 1 ' V., Y 1 N' it 4 I C V ".' JT' 1, . , . w ' 'fi " ., .u , 'fy .3 I , ' 4-' - f 1, 1 ' I V ' 'r A . , l ' ,Q V 7 1 ' . : A , 5 eg ' 'V Z5 ' 1 U -T ' - , V 2. 'I 7 " ,Q , ' -4 .L QL . 1 , ., , 5 , T il . 3 4. . 5- . ' 1 - . f A V -- 41. .1 ,- - .V , . A . Y ., L ' J. Q"-1 5 4 'L , - v -.4 " ' f 5. 5 1 . 5 Ki ' fl, li 1. 5 5 5, 3' .5 ,Q " ' - 'Z Q: " f , I . ' if , ' 'AZ X '1 Ls A A 2 3 , F , :J ' 3 . A' E' gg , 1 . ,' fl 5 .1 3 -- W . 1 ii ' 1 ff-' if I ' '- , . ' N 5 . V it if -15' fi Y V 35 - , , ., .i 'll 1 f Qt ' ,I -za . V ' .4 , .- ,K 5? ' 4'-4 , I E- US ' -., ' H J ' ' X., '. ,L K" m- fg -- .. ', , Z, ix, P , N I4 Te - A ' T .4 . ' ,V . wi ,c - ' ' , ,-' ' rf . . v fu ,H . - . V V 1 V ' . ,. NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOIVIA A 8x IVI COLLEGE IVIIAIVII, OKLAHOMA EDUCATION INVOLVES . . . .ADMINISTRATION Dr. Bruce G. Carter President 'f-w-w,.,W. Enrtlgcastern Qliklnliuma 8: jllll. Gnllegz BRUCE E4 CARTER, PRESIDENT mimi. okunm. Northeastern Oklahoma ARM College at Miami has now written a history of fifty years of service. In 1919 the State Legislature of Oklahoma created provisions for the establishment of the college at Miami. The college has grown until it is Oklahoma's largest junior college, with an enrollment of some 2400 students and with some 1200 of these living on the campus. Through the cooperation of the City of Miami with the Northeastern Oklahoma ASLM College, Oklahoma had its first Urban Renewal Program. This allowed for the moving of 108 houses and gave an additional thirty acres of land to the college, on which is now located the Library-Administration Building, the Fine Arts Center, and most of the housing for the campus. During this Fiftieth Anniversary year of the founding of the college, we will dedicate eight new buildings which have been completed within the last three years. Northeastern ARM College has one of the best all-around academic programs that can be found at any college located in mid-America. Agriculture and Home Economics have been stressed throughout the years at this college. We are known for having the outstanding Vocational-Technical program any- where in the State and in the area. We would like to give students a warm welcome to attend this friendly, democratic college. Northeastern Oklahoma AGM College is small enough to give the student personal attention, yet large enough to have a wide variety of curricular offerings. If you are genuinely interested in securing an education, you can get a good start at Northeastern Oklahoma AkM College. ' erely, 495, e ruce G. Carter President BC-Cfmb L -gil :mntwm...W,,....n-mlm ,. s Z a -ll . . PRGGRESS Renovation of Shipley Hall was inclusive of all facilities. Shipley Hall Shipley Hall, constructed in 1920, was the first building erected on the campus. Until the Library-Administration Building was completed, Shipley Hall served as an administrative center as well as a classroom center. Now Shipley Hall has undergone a complete face-lifting and will serve primarily as a classroom build- ing, housing the English Department, the Social Studies Division, the Journal- ism and Public Relations Department, the Mathematics Department, and the Dean of Men. The building is the only completely carpeted classroom building on the campus. lt Final touches are being made in the reno- vation of Shipley Hall. . L . CLASSES fn- -I Copen Hall 6 S1 Beginning and advanced typing are two of the profes- sional training areas provided by the business depart- ment. The Home Economics Department provides practical expe rience opportunity for those students enrolled. i K ' , . 2 ?il fie ,f Q - ' 5: MEN-1 99, A J - 5 mfs u-'I ' Z 2 'E 53331 Q 5 ' 'Evite ' ll ' ' 1 f 1 4-1, Qu. 3 . 1 fx I 1 .. 7. R--2 ' V ' 'V if 'I ':. ' --1 F T-1: 1 M 'G 'M X: -- J ' ' - "W ' -swf 1 .-, ,.. U f, 1 X 1 . Students learn shorthand from personal contact with the instructor and through use of modern taping devices. Copen Hall was completed in 1958 and was de- signed for instruction in business, home economics and music. The wing of the building housing the music department is equipped with individual prac- tice rooms and a spacious band rehearsal room, as well as offices for the music faculty. The remain- der of the first floor is allocated to the business division. The second floor is devoted to an ultra- modern home economics school. Included in this ' ? The Music Department offers the student not only vocal instruction but in are five fully equipped pastel kitchens, a well-pro- ' . . . . .. strumental aswell. vided sewing room, and a combination dining room-lounge. Cunningham Hall was completed in 1951 and was especially designed to give every modern 1 -Y., - T. facility to science and agricultural laboratories. The little theatre, seating 200, is provided with visual education equipment and is ideal for speech projects and small assembly groups. It is located at the west entrance of the classroom building. l The Biological and Earth Sciences Division l it t my . , V ,f fe provides 'ebe'ete"Y experience in each area of Students apply mathematical techniques learned through the various study. math courses when working with physics or chemistry laboratory ex- periments. Livestock judging is a premium field for agriculture majors Chemistry students not only study the fundamentals but also apply CONSTHHT DYSCUCG has enabled the SfUdenTS to Win innu- these fundamentals in laboratory exercises. merable national championships. Cunningham Hall 6 Xxx RIAFK GA' . . .CLASSES lllklllill Adequatestudyfacilitiesandreference An outstanding feature of the new library is The data processing depart- materials are provided students in the the listening center which enables students to ment is provided computer ser- new ultra-modern library. listen to recordings in individual booths. vice by being linked to a master computer center. The Library-Administration Building is the cen- ter of administrative activity and contains one of the finest libraries found in a junior college. This complex is an attractive landmark on the campus. ,-. E5 Experience gained through use of data pro- IBM . - '- cessing equipment gives a student the op- " f-fr - .4 portunity to attain a good position in this field. ., 4 Q 1 t-ie!.iJ,I4 l,e1-J :nina lia5, ," 0 ,Q "ua ,ni-,.,,'l "' S nu., H... e 'fr r ,my A86 an , ,E , -If 2 .9 .l ' ' ' V , Tl 2' D- - s ' V - L .. 313323: -1 'irwev i ii Practical Nursing in- volves realistic ex- periences as well as classroom study. a frrs s c -'emi Ms- W ' f T, W. - 1, X Qgsftsms: is .: . . a m, ,, , ' . .. -fe 1 ie- 'nfs' uunvmm I Ables Hall liiii ' ll" , T ,L -. ' I V . :.f' fs: - , . H W t t ye' . . .. . .. ,.,., . ., .. ,. ,, J, Q. we 4- if i Q QA E A it AI gf Ml! i Q25 EQ: Za.. it s , 1 was if M., ,M lj, I tiki, 23,5 M t x 1-Qi -wg 1' l 9 st if 5 KT 3 ' A A A J t I jig, i ,E tt 331, S Q X 4 a 553 .9 9 'f Tv tix X ,, t l P 1 2. ' f, if Al iw r - , ,Q 3 ww S H. if AKA 7.2 i X Y li 1, , 'lf eine . if X F V W . 1,5 , N-,M M, i sf 5 :Qi , ' " - u 1 ' " we t EJ L ' 5 'Q ,J 5- K gi E Q ,fi 'f 'Q if? 1 .4 bat., . 5 i 5, . 'X V lf! ma. its f 1 "X l 15 Q47 il X , n 'I' l ' , Y. N A W Y it Q L I, lx I ' I I t. all-1 I ' 1 X M '-if f M., 'E 4 K.-.iw i lx ,L H2 N-3 ', as w f,-p F xx 3, 5 + i 4 All x T rrr' i J g Q T at 1 Q ,i ma MM I EM - ,- iv g V Y 4 nfs? gigs, M Electronics ranges from basic concepts to more advanced prac- tices. These concepts and practices are developed through the use of modern laboratory techniques. It Z.. ,5. . 5- I Auto technology is growing in popularity with many students, and the spacious area for this program makes an attractive field of study. 2, Drafting and design is a field where industry is placing great demands. Students in this area work with the latest equipment to prepare them adequately. The Vocational-Technical Division is housed in Ables Hall, a modernly de- signed building. This building houses new laboratories and classrooms for electronics, drafting and design, nurses' training, air-conditioning, auto-mechanics, welding, and other technologies and is completely en- vironmental controlled. 1 LIBRARY The Northeastern Oklahoma A 8t M Col- lege library is located in the north wing of the Library-Administration building. The building became part of the campus in March, 1967. At the present time ap- proximately 25,000 volumes are shelved in the library, while the maximum capa- city is approximately 44,000 volumes. Four hundred students can be accommo- dated, with carrel-type seating for one hundred students. Quiet study areas, con- ference rooms for group study, and a typ- ing room are included. ln addition to basic volumes, micro-films, tapes, and recordings complete available study materials. Students have access to the resources of the library 59 hours a week under the guidance of professional librarians and student H assistants. The open shelf plan enables the student to be- come aware of themany books available to increase his knowledge in a special field, as well as books which contribute to his culture. Orientation of the students to the library is a planned program, and trained librar- ians add in making the library useful to the students. Rl AFI! GA 4.- ,x 1. 4 :Z , ' x I'-'l,, - 3 , 4.wW,..U,,W- 3151553 gm .1 fm.:- Q:-'-121123 u-uwnfhfa Fl 43 "f'f'2Tl EF 1 'Z QQ L3 VII f. 2:- f .V-ff-f nv J ox --'Ha A f ,,--- ,,,,.. W A ' t EAR A 11 , iggghc ff - I N2 -5. 5 N '91 . 2 Q H1 ., W.: 2'- xx. at ..- dit:- X -w if' CLASSES f ' rg-317: , , -:P - - V sit 5 i. H:iQm at it 5 ::f li' ll ll tif! W ii ii 2 "W- Constructed in 1968, the Health and Physical Education Center in- cludes ultramodern facilities for men's and women's equipment, and tumbling equip- ment. Also, it serves as the center for all varsi- ty basketball activities. Health and Physical Education Center Dressing facilities and a practice room are located in the Health and Physical Education Center for the Norse Stars. The interior of the Health and Physical Education Center is spacious and allows multiple activities. A weights training program is included as a course to satisfy the physical education requirements for male students. College students swimming. ggyii have the privilege of regular hours for supervised The Art Department, designed to enhance art ed- ucation, is housed on the second floor. The Fine Arts Center, completed in 1968, serves as the focal point for dramatic productions, art work, and speech and humanities classes. This newly constructed Center has a theater with approximately 1000 seating ca- pacity. This theater will be used for local dramatic productions and as a center for co-curricular activities for the student body. The classrooms and offices encircle the theater. Fine Arts Center All speech classes are taught in special classrooms in the Center. l The spacious theater in the Center enables the student to become in volved in various cultural experiences. ACTIVITIES Bruce G. Carter Student Union The game room is popular with both male and female students. Visiting with fellow students between classes is a popular activity in the union. vi The Bruce G. Carter Student Union was opened February 22, 1960. The snack bar in the union is a most popular place for students and faculty members. The cafeteria is under the direction of Mr. J. J. Tatum, as is all the food service. The game room and the book store are all in the union for the convenience of the student. . -I -2 .- ,.Y. S3 The Annual Student Senate Christmas Party inspired 1200 con lege students to adopt 450 youngsters for an evening of fest: Oklahoma is an excellent example of the Odin is the symbol of Norse spirit. dramatic productions to be presented in the Fine Arts Center. -. -ff l ff Norse basketball is now focused on campus in the Health-Physical Education Center. Norse football is the envy of all junior colleg- SS. The Norse Stars are the pride of NEO and perform locally and nationally. l l l f 4 l Homecoming activities attract thousands of alumni. DORIVI LIFE l Dyer Hall ll ga gg? lain, Hifi ll ll l N was ll l ll ll VH Dobson Hall is the center of a girl's life while living on A tYPiCal b0v'S residence is the One Sh0Wf1 in Russell Hall- the campus. Vann Hall g 2 ' ' -,H ,l f ,. y,,. , , i. i H i Q33--fl! il- .., Jef, 4AY4L Each dormitory has a check center used to aid for the location of students and for check-out procedures. i ii ' 5' .ii Harrill-Dobson Halls have a common lounge for use by the student. ,, A ,i l li l it A 0: i l yt I Harrill-Dobson Halls Relaxation, as well as study, is common in all dorm lounges. Harrill-Dobson Halls are the latest dormitory additions to the campus, being construc- ted in 1967. The residences are entirely new in design. Harrill Hall houses approxi- mately 200 men and Dobson Hall the same number of women. The two halls are joined by a spacious com- mon lounge, the lower level of which is a snack bar. 15 X959 'WN'-S l'l1',q006H wi 99-Y-WX S CONTENTS I . fn ff' if 5 Fl'I' ?:: ' Vis x 4 TSX ,,, ' '-l N- " I N y 1 Q I 1 , X3 F? X? N X I 1 1 I . X X I w , X X XX Z X Q me r-kbs ,z,uX 5 2 ,5- 4, kit 1. vw QSM 2 ee My-fm Xl A 'X X X. X X,X A-., X I. .-8? X XXXQ1 ' 1 XX 347 X' 'I L X is i A Xb X HX Na FK X 15,1 154- J. ,IL Lf V-72, XX. f'X"- XX. 1 YX 1-X A 5 . M, as XXX Sf' X X XXX ' - XXX im Q11-'Q XX XXX XXX A, XX , XXX fi: X X :XXX ,il . X " L XXXQX :wr Ki ,Im :,'Q1 ,-1-Xin . uvQ1XX1A'QjE.d X ' M ', '-X Y ' Xu ZLXXX N X ? X54 X XXX if :XX-f ' 5 1- , XXX, ' .. Y Agfa ,. . L ' - S1 ' X N ., , .jf gm 45, Ag - X . .-1+ ,Xi ' ,qu ff :ink X X 'Liv VL' X I 1 f .1 W 1 , QEX ' 'JN "' ,XHX I X X- , ga! XXX 4 X ' q.. , XX 'JSXK if X. Y ie'-' H ,Xpnj I .qv X . , X X-'r X X' V' 'LX I XX AW X , W A' ll . , X X . I . J X HX- X , 'J in 1-'Q'-1 X WL-f. .hp I X X if XXFXLX 'X J X l X X X ,i X' if X 555 X ' V fum 'YI V ..... V. 'WEA ' A Xl , :' L-,259 , NIE..- "Q:., OKLAHCIVIA STATE REGENTS FOR HIGHER EDUCATICN Clyde A. Wheeler, Jr. Harry P. Conroy Chairman Vice-Chairman E. T. Dunlap Chancellor Mrs. Jewell Ditmars Donald S. Kennedy Exall English G. Ellis Gable Secretary Assistant Secretary Goodwin Broaddus, Jr. William T. Payne John J. Vater, Jr BOARD OF REGENTS FOR OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY A 81 IVI COLLEGES vi ,vi 5 .vwii i vi , T D ai i f 1 -sip-v ix, Burke Healy John Burwell James Ballinger A Herman E. Duncan Chairman Vice-Chairman W. D. Finney Robert I. Hartley H. C. Hitch, Jr. F2 T is Elia-A I-ffy .,., Richard James W. R, Williams Forrest Mclntlre Administrative Assistant ADIVIINISTRATICN- FACUNILTY Q l I i E?-yi' i at ' ' - i Z va? l'I'l'D .13 ""' We f W X3-Q yi Q t rs- . N " if - '-1 i 0 35 l ' v Northeastern 'Oklahoma A8tNl was created in 1919 when Governor Robertson -signed intolaw a legislative act that oreatedl the Miami School of lvlines. This 'college served under a s'p'eoi,al Board of Regents' and held the first classes in the Ivlininjg and Exch'ang1e Building of Miami. In 1920 the college movedl to thee piresxent 'site of foity adress. Of l,a,h,d Qivenl by intejr ested ,Citizens of Nlqiami. PRESIDENT , ,xv -' p-X. . 4-Q., ' ' l ',r Dr. Bruce G. Cater President Dr. and Mrs. Carter stroll aoross the campus with Governor Dewey Bartlett. F' wwi-M51 L. , l l l L A highlight in 1969 for Dr. Carter was the dedication of nine new buildings. I 1 v f 1, 'RQ W' . V 'Nl - l, E as , 1 l N '- 1 5555332 if? in l. li 1, vig-iii? 5 me I - 5 1 ' Kaz' E, ' N ' l fe 1 gr" 3 ,Z . ,. .l ,, .i ll f , , .1 J, .N lr N i U, l XX , , "N H. QQ .. ,latin url iiwg. ll ..,LAll' , " Working with student planning is an important function in college development. 6:7 1 , Q ill, . A l I l l l l i li Speaking is an asset Dr. Garter uses to develop a fine junior Hosting seventy-five high schools in the largest basketball college. tournament in the world also involves hosting Queens. ACADEMIC DEAN ' 2 l Dr. Cecil C. Ferree Academic Dean Dr. Ferree chats with Governor Dewey Bartlett as they go to dedication services. ,f , l ' ii ,,,,I , 2 .xx e,. W- h xx 2:11 in , gf. l I Mrs. Dorthea Miller, secretary to the Dean, . checks a parking violation with a student , V K i' worker. Dr. and Mrs. Ferree visit at the annual Town and Gown Banquet. ,. i. A I J, .- -mr' . -'-! 'if .- Ygi-Aim-,:IQ..4, . L, avr.. ! ,-h,,l 6- ,af 6 -wr' ' 'S 'gs iv, f 'iw'-..-if -if-2 f - if wwf .. :S f"'m ,tif if-t Fe Lf.. K. '1-...aQ f",?i- 5 R' -f' REGISTRAR if Mrs. Elizabeth Hutts Registrar Mrs. Hutts works in her office, checking appli- cations for admission. Mrs. Jana Lynn Thompson Assistant Registrar 6 Stucien secretaries aid in checking and posting student records. wi if BUSINESS MANAGER "ll ' E32 w-if - n -- .re-1... - - 3 Mildred Carter pauses from work. Mrs. Mildred C. Carter Business Manager Aiding students is one service of the Business Office. XE. Mrs. Pat Smith aids Mrs. Carter as Chief Clerk in the Business Office. l DEAN OF WCIVIEN Miss Mary Roddy Dean Roddy relaxes in her off i c e between Dean of Women classes and duties. F ' iii? :VJ X , - -3 . 44 . ' 5 ' J - ' if .5-" . Hr' QQ X5 1 ffwfw ' i A newspaper article concerning The Order of Freyja is of interest to both Dean Roddy and As Dean of Women, Mary Roddy has promoted scholastic interest by forming The Order of Freyja, an organization for girls living on campus. her secretary. DEAN OF IVIEN xxx "-fa. - Dean Robertson finds something amusing as he prepares for his history class. S. A. "Red" Robertson Dean of Nlen xfzfgrggkfzf l K . I f- Mrs. Annette Black handles clerical responsibilities for the Dean of Men's office. 'h It Jack Wallace aids Dean Robertson as Assistant Dean of Men """"ll ll DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS mlsg as ,M , ll Dean Angle meditates at his desk before attending his sociol Charles Angle V OQY CIHSS- Dean of Student Affairs W fi? .A l I l 1 Dean Angle watches as Cathy Brown types a Carolyn Barton serves as the "right hand" aide paper for him. to Dean Angle. Elf' LI Neil Burcham works in the field with the judging team members. Q'-:x Harry Synar and Neil Burcham visit in the Agriculture office. ' DIVISION OF AGRICULTURE Lon Neil Bu rcham Agriculture J. C. Miller Agriculture Harry Synar, Chairman Mr. Miller supervises an Agronomy lab. Agriculture George Algard Biological Science Charles Bowman Athletic Director Football Carol Calcagno Physical Education Donald Caskey Botany Waymon Gibson Chairman Biological Science Cletus Green Basketball Physical Education Dick Guinn Physical Education Robert Maxwell Physical Education Baseball jar' John Sullins Biological Science Jack Wallace Physical Education Samuel Wells Geology ,sf ,fs- iii! Don Caskey works with a lab assistant. Rose Wilkins Physical Education Virginia Lee Wilson Norse Stars zQ'f ,smut :fs- Sam Wells reviews an assignment. ' Y I' Homa Thomas discusses econom- ics. Mrs. Ava Sherwood obse cedure. lrsaagalr I I I Is. V " rves a typing pro- Tom Wagnon assists with an accounting problem. pig I 1: ii iiiitg iii iii iii T 'A . ,-..- .... .4 -1.. ww' -mess wr. M my in.. 1. ii will .iiIw I iv is I. we Ev I DIVISION OF BUSINESS EDUCATICN Archie Gwartney, Jr. Business Education Joe Holland Business Education Joetta Melton Business Education Ava Sherwood Business Education Homa S. Thomas Chairman Business Education Tom Wagnon Business Education Marie P. Williams Business Education Robert Anderson Humanities Raymond Boyd English Doris Cole Burnes Foreign Languages Nicholas Calcagno English, Humanities Kenneth Collins Journalism Helen Durham English David Froman Humanities, Speech Pauline Gibson English DIVISION OF COMMUNICATIONS Dr. Weldon Marcum Religion Ruth Maxwell English Georgene Payne Developmental Reading Jackie Rucker English Carl St. Clair Stagecraft Clair Tromsness English Bob White Speech, Debate Shirl White, Chairman Speech. Humanities H.-:E Hmm 3 - Q.:-my J: 1 t::::1z :ws fi an . 5 Jerold Graham :I 'I lain . . 1' at Humanities LTL! T . X u gli- John Hammons 725334 English I Rogena Harrison English l Q-get QE QI: are 'I IQ Eli Qi i ggi- 55 ll I - l ,Kill Kenneth Richards works with Diana. We 'MII Hg ig essays? Mrs. Synar aids students in Interior Design. Robert Swanson directs the band during rehearsal QSM Charles Thomas supervises his stu dent secretary. DIVISION OF FINE ARTS Demaris Gaines Music Kathryn Paige Art Kenneth Richards Chairman Vocal Music Robert Swanson Music, Band Bonnie Syanr Home Economics Charles Thomas Vocal Music Gracie J. Coble Mathematics B. J. Heinrick Chemistry Jerry R. Hollis Chemistry James Lowry Mathematics John Micka Chemistry Oran E. Need, Chairman Mathematics John Thiesing Mathematics, Physics iii' 2 DIVISION OF ENGINEERING, SCIENCE, AND MATH Mrs. Grace Coble workswith an over head projector in her algebra class. Oran Need spends uncountable hours advis ing mathematics students. LS ? wg, Ed Lowry discusses a problem with his math class. .iL.. William J. Bennett Social Sciences Earl J. Greishaber Chairman History Rufus Maynard Psychology Herbert Pinc Psychology Don Fiominger History Kenneth O. Tiger History DIVISION OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Bill Bennett shows a student a collec- tion of lapel buttons. ,ji Herb Pinc lectures to a Marriage and Family class were Dr Cecil Ferree discusses government with E.J. Grieshaber and Don Rominger relax between his class. classes. Joe W. Ables, Chairman Industrial Education Leonard Bachman Drafting Carol Barnett Practical Nursing Elmo Benedict Industrial Education Merrill C. Chaney Safety, Woodworking Bobbie Christie Practical Nursing Eldon Divine Welding James Grover Data Processing DI Dorothy Hall Practical Nursing Bill Hill Data Processing Don Hughes Physics Jesse Jones Data Processing Leland Kordis Electronics Clark McQuigg Science, Electronics L. C. Melton Auto Mechanics p.37 Carol Morris Practical Nursing James Reese Data Processing Leonard Smith Machine Shop Dorothy Wendelken Practical Nursing J. D. Wilhoit Drafting H 'J VISION OF TECHNOLOGY L ,., 5, I ' , . I X inf' iii' ' "M-W .tx lg, I I li-Y ' I llli I ' 912591 ll .L ilk' V fi.,- ii if if if if if , i.-5, v .mls qiig, DEDICATION N it , ., . fi R 2 Il .sggy 5 my if X Mr. Rucker worked long and hard to , make the yearbook a big success. i i ii, we , M ., ,,, all Mr. Jack Flucker Besides his other duties, Mr. Rucker manages to keep all his papers graded. The students and faculty, past and present, join together in dedicating this 1969 issue of "The Viking" to Mr. Jack Rucker. Northeastern ASM has never known a harder worker, a better teacher, nor a more ded- icated individual tothe college than IVlr. Rucker. Mr. Rucker came to the college fifteen years ago, fresh out of the University of Oklahoma, sporting a Phi Beta Kappa Key and had the air of one who knew where he was going! He was soon appointed as head of the English Department, and has built this into one of the strong departments of the college. He served as Track Coach for nine years and during this time won six state titles and four regional championships. He served for five years as director of girls' basketball at the college, and his teams ranked high, at all times. During the first year the Faculty Senate was organized, his fellow teachers elected lVlr. Rucker as the first president of the group. Mr. Rucker has been actively in charge of this college publication, "The Viking", for some thirteen years and has promoted and presented outstanding publications, year after year. He is, at the present time, Director of Region ll of the National Junior College Athletic Association. lVlr. Rucker is a tireless worker and source of joy and inspiration to students and faculty alike. We are 38 happy to honor him by dedicating this splendid publication to his honor and memory. SOPHOIVIORES ff V M ,. 9 fl s if + i-:I'I' Q: 'T 'xiii-'x N , if-' N - N ml 1 Q 152 " Nj 1,1 5 E 1 sf! .1 11.1 4291! ,1 0,11 1 U11 , 1 1' 313933 1 1g2.QfsiE? gfgafze it K 12,1 we W WENT? JN. . 35 1 1 53151 7- 'PQ E I 5 1 W QQ. Q f 1 J 13 L :-' Siffwx-11m5, 1 9 K- if-11 1, .,Av.4N .mgmf .VWEL 1 1 51, 111 - f-mmf ' 11::wa11 5 1 1 1 "H N 1 W, 1 2, 11,h1.121.Wf, 1 .... ,.,. i n 1 .. -.w-f9x,,1s:'- . 4? K Q54 sg ' 56 11. 'N' F- , 5 , ' af 1 5 fx If 1 KS .1-Uv ,H is 1 1 ff up 1 zz X xg 5 I ii' Q fm , 1 ,V '1 E un s 1 ,a 3 X R V Rx I 2 .P',.... 1 -1 1 .. , . i--aa 1.1-f"'1"'11.'.:1 gm' QQ: x 'T X W 11 1 1. 1 f he 11 ., P 5 W , 1 O an '5 S if 1 ,, 1 , 1 ,N ' 1 1 ,,.. 1, Q15 - V? , TF? 1 .XL . 1 . 1 E N ww, ' -111 W 1 sV'M5 -. AM? ,g 4 I1 4. . 'Tia .. .Q-ref, ff li 'un-a,,... Adkins, Gloria Elementary Education Picher Adkins, Robert B. Data Processing Tulsa Ahmadi, Mary Nursing Miami Ahmadi, Nasser Industrial Technology Iran Allard, Jackie Pre-Med Vinita Allen, Everitt, Jr. Agriculture Bartlesville Allen, Howard Data Processing Miami Allen, Jack Data Processing Flamona Allison, Donald Electronics Siloam Springs, Arkansas Alvarez, Frank Business Administration Tulsa Anderson, David Agronomy Chelsea Anderson, Judy Secretarial Science Miami ek!-,Vi Abbott, Christine Art Bartlesville Acridge, Mike Computer Science Bartlesville N is Adams, Paul Vocational Technology Commerce Adams, Terry Aviation Tulsa ,Il y WR HP T, ,dl X X-. " 5, Ji, 7 Y. i i? Q 1 Ni' We 33,7 5 xy , .- I, " ,U .3 . ja, il.. ' " S' fl - '- 'lf -X., ,iw Q ff Xifefiiil-fl ll 1 Us M iii-4-ll li- f Llli'vfl"i-lil, -32-151'-244' 'T-,' 91, 'f1v'4z47ekl miata, P4 -ef?" if. K , Y lf? R I zff- " . l'Q:,l' I .9 .f1ZE:45I,. Rf' " iii. a lta' finite? . 211, I -EW fig: T V ,Ji ,-'.A".gv .1 rdggalgc 'if' N--J. it l A ,Aff s-,. 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Law Enforcement Skiatook Beehler, Irvin Arts and Sciences Miami Beesley, Stanley Education Tecumseh Belkl'1iria,Mohsen Agriculture Engineering Tunisia Bell, Linda Business Miami i ,Q ll lr 9 -il, -L' at ' I , f ' 1--J K p 4 1 XV, l E X' iss ,,,.t,3 ,H-t ll . , . , l I 'li' 1 ' Ulf, ll ll il in lu .elim llrf illwffa ' ill il ' l is-gui tw' l ' - F .f , -T-L5:.1.., ' - ' ' tif+'Q':s?I':I-I. v. ggi... if i!:3:32?E:f1:J-::-gig 1:2--1.-ur. . Trl-'r:wZs'.k'.t-V :::1::: ,::::.11. " ' i Q:-igf:3a'5rj.l.-551 I. ::::::: 1:2123 '-,-:Q 1 'SSN -'.".l , ' z,,:...,.-: ..-.NEftA,h,. :g2g.v,g:fg,5i.l-B i l .,A.5.......m .H + Cv? '+,.,l 4, ,zzz--::::.:' , 1.-.-: . l, mf G-szmllzf "Still pleased to teach, and yet not proud to know." fn! fi? . -jg, :rf-' , -..,.v ,VMS ,,. ' F ifi N, b ' ' X' '5" 'WH iii if ' i yi : - , , 31- rg 4 '. '53 1 ",,,-ig'-H g 51.7" r. .,. 2 if ,kay ,.,, ,... . sf1 if 5 Y Aj- SS . Ax ' f fgygia jf, ' , n- 2.1" , y T U ! . 'aaa' -,ill Vi Bellamy, Gary Data Processing Tulsa Beller, Sammy Accounting Tulsa Benefiel, Judy Ann Elementary Education Bartlesville Benson, Patsy Humanities Jay Bentson, Karl Business Bartlesville Bevan, Kenneth W. Veterinary Henryetta Bilby, Barbara Lynn Home Economics Sapulpa Binsomprasong, Phongsak Engineering Thailand Birmingham, Terry L. Business Bartlesville The snack bar is a favorite place for a coke or a bite to eat. Black, Gene C. General Cleveland Black, Phyllis Business Wyandotte Black, Ronnie Business Tulsa Blackburn, John Hotel and Restaurant Tulsa Blair, Mike Mechanical Technology Miami Bland, James Physical Education Fairland Blaylock, Gary W. Electronics , Miami Blazer, Stephen Data Processing Miami Blecha, Mike E. Agriculture Southwest City, Missouri Blevins, Melissa Drafting Miami Blevins, William T. Psychology Collinsville Blizzard, Darell Agriculture Grove Blue, Alice Elementary Education Del City Bohannon, Jerry Business Tulsa Bond, Louis A .4 ,cs-A T Q ""1v 'P . , ,. 4. ,fl .... x. f L K .,,, 'ii' i "9 A' i 9, 7 ii: " 95 iff! N z' ii i s,y'i "ff-F-1' ,EN HU? -:P-f' 4?-3' 'W If pix, JUS. 'Ui +1'L"' Data Processing Miami .3 , .-D.: M., xl oz, 1: All right you bums, call the game right. 45 "And Santa we'll see you again next year." -nw Booth, Linda General Miami Bowden, David Francis Data Processing Miami Brackett, James A. Business Bartlesville Bradley, Jim Business Miami i . . .tall-V 4 Sl'i:iti1.-Wi ' "E ll it "-' . uv-l,3'i3lh " 5 ,iq - , g r i is ' ,-I T , . 5 W. ill W . mil' Q- ,,1-. w, 1 - ' 5-1 :Q - iff ll -.1 T. ,gin-as ' i 1 U X Y so. i 113' fi an ' y ,, ' ' if 'a Bradshaw, Beverly Business Vinita Brazeal, Delbert E. Business Administration Tulsa Breeden, Linda Nursing Miami Brewer, Vinita J. Business Grove Bringaze, Donald F. Business Tulsa Borgstrom, Virgil FZ. Electronics Big Cabin Brooks, Glenn Dale Physical Education Chelsea Brooks, Leonard Business Chelsea Brown, Carl G. Data Processing Tulsa Brown, Duane Kyle Drafting Tulsa Buergey, Janet Education Miami Bunyasrisavasdi, Sakorn Math Thailand Burch, John Michael Engineering Tulsa 1,4 Burgess, Linda Business Miami -neva! Campbell, Carla Elementary Education Miami Campbell, Gary L. Data Processing Tulsa Campbell, Robert E. Journalism Westville Capstick, Arthur Physical Education Collinsville, Illinois Carroll, Darrel Business Kansas Carter, Betty Political Science Vinita Carter, Jay Marketing Tulsa Case, Gerald Business Dewey Cash, Darrell Engineering Collinsville Chamberlain, Marsha Computer Science Afton Chamberlain, Terry Animal Science Bluejacket Chappell, Barty Physical Education Minco Cagle, Mike Forestry Westville 151, Calkinslpredl Some books in the library Data PYOCGSSIHQ provide entertainment. Tulsa MSM -Q--ff' 5. 1-gg ,casa sus. ll l l l ll V ,Sa f . . , .., t "gi 'PQ 4.-. aa. 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Agriculture Broken Arrow Coger, David Agriculture Education Locust Grove Colclasure, Carol Journalism Collinsville Cole, Rita Business Oaks Coley, Charles Billups Veterinary Oklahoma City Coley, Daryl Bruce Geology Tulsa Collins, Marsha Elementary Education Miami Connolly, Sybil Dee Education Fairland Cooper, Alfred Larry Business Tulsa Cooper, Pamela C. Business Claremore Coppedge, Beatrice Nursing Miami Corbett, Steven Business Bartlesville Cordray, Larry Van Engineering Vinita Cornelius, Gweneth Nursing Vinita Cox, Chuck Business Tulsa Cox, Don Physical Education Collinsville, lllinois Cox, Gary A. Electronics Locust Grove Cox, Susie Drafting Bartlesville Cox, Thomas Fl. Pre-Med Bluejacket Coyle, Jimmy W, Agriculture Education Sperry Cravello, Steve English Tulsa Crayvford, Gregory Agriculture Broken Arrow Creider, Connie Languages Tulsa Cronk, Larry Business Sapulpa -1.3" 'az sassy E S wi Crow, Randy Agriculture Braman Crowell, Billy Data Processing Miami Cruzan, Phillip T. Electronics Miami Cruzan, Teresa Data Processing Miami Cullison, Brenda Data Processing Miami Cunningham, Ronald Music Tulsa Dabney, Bill Business Tulsa Dainty, Patrick Auto Mechanics Seneca, Missouri Daniel, Charles Lee Agronomy Lockwood, Missouri Dareing, Dan Woodworking Miami Davani, Bijan Engineering Iran Davani, Mehdi Engineering lran I 3'- 'T""7 Business machines offers essential training for office specialities. ,V p l Davis, Don Arts and Sciences Tulsa Day, Robert V. Agriculture Maramec Dean, Kenny Agriculture Sperry Dechaine, Ed Wild Life Conservation Tulsa Deckard, Gary Mechanical Technology Bartlesville Deckard, Vernon E. Physical Education Miami Declue, James Data Processing Tulsa Deems, Steve Computer Science Miami fi 1 J? 'rl " ff f A S,-,f ...nuff .yy Ji' Dembinski, Robert Drafting Miami Devault, Brian Business Bartlesville DeWees, Ruth Nursing Ketchum Dewitt, Perry Michael Agriculture Hominy r'-V ,4 l w ig Students display paintings completed in art class fv- K Happiness sometimes brings tears. Diefenderfer, Larry Agriculture Lockwood, Missouri Dillingham, Fred Business Bartlesville Dillon, Mynette Special Education Tulsa Dobey, Larry Dean Business Tulsa ,ass !3'fNi ,IFYTY 'W gum? T7 J gy, 3 Q ,251 Dodd, Billy Drafting Bartlesville Donaldson, Janet Arts and Sciences Vinita Dong, Terri Business Tulsa Dorton, Ted Auto Mechanics Jay Downing., Maxine Secretarial Science Vinita Driss, Sadok Agriculture Tunisia Dunsen, Wanda Business Henryetta Edens, Kathy Home Economics Miami Eggerman, Dareld G. Industrial Education Lockwood, Missouri Eggerman, Gerald Agriculture Education Lockwood, Missouri Eischen, Daniel C. Psychology Oklahoma City Elbert, David L. Mechanics Grove , X l il' X w 'lil -lla' P' 'I 4 , U +V I , . A 'fry 3 if .-.el Fir? TWEHL ' Nt ,ar-ll , '32, a cf? V ' J.-el-ff, Y. Z Sggwfsl EQ 1- i ,I Elmer, Harrie Drafting Miami Elsass, Michael M. Drafting Wapakoneta, Ohio Epler, Robert D. Agriculture Columbus, Kansas Essex, Troy Data Processing Miami Evans, Larry Mechanical Technology Riverton, Kansas Ewbank, David Data Processing Tulsa Ewing, Elaine Home Economics Bartlesville Farquhar, Vernon L. Data Processing Tulsa Fatemzadeh, Ebrahim Engineering Tehran, Iran Fegaly, Ron Marketing Tulsa Ferguson, David Arts and Sciences Drumright Festa, Richard Pre-Law t Pompano Beach, Florida ,IN , 1" 'JP -1 ' -P51 , as -f 7 i, 5 T Qgx ,rj it In ,.:,j , 'Pi' X ,l P I K IZ ll isa l L at I 1 F wa Elder, Linda Home Economics Miami Eller, Carol Home Economics Haskell Elliot, Larry Wayne Technology Seneca, Missouri Ellis, Lois Elementary Education Vlnita ieiiif a, , iq x ,, . A W ii- Q f , L .4-hw T "' J .gina- , gl- What's happening in the world seems to be interest- ing. ,W i , i , H xr- -. 'T l ll ll l DMM lui ii T -ii mal- it V 'f i iii L i.,,, .. ' 1 VIUWV jg, miie Tp 1 as i i f ' T. ' 'll liglriiz Ts., 1 M- if ' " f M K. J ee,----'J ? " ' L" N " af - ' We ulliiifvt ' Eiga' .amms, eww 21 :1 'Yi' S, 1: fy ,sit ' Fifi? lx . I , .: f Wx- 1 E T ,Aff D V . L: ll :Tl l J , . I ! Y g WM ,fsN,?irin?a.ii ,...-P ii "ll fy 3, f" irq.-A . -, dung ,T 49" ,fi We ' . "ll"'.i". t x i 50,3 2 .i "There's a place and means for every man alive." Fields, Donna Psychology Grove Fifer, Oran Wayne Physical Education Collinsville Finley, Bill Arts and Sciences Miami Fleenor, Robert J. Business Administration Sand Springs Fleming, Linda Business Locust Grove Fletcher, Robert Electronic Technology Midwest City Fletcher, Thomas Physical Education Clrcleville, Ohio Fogaley, Marshall Data Processing Tulsa Foster, Donald Pharmacy Miami Foust, Charles Construction Technolog Miami Fouts, Billy Business Administration Wyandotte Fouts, Cheryl Home Economics. Tulsa Fowler, Linda Physical Education Dewey Franks, Monty Journalism Miami Frasca, Richard Computer Science I Altoona, Pennsylvania Frazier, Karen Arts and Sciences Miami Y Freeman, Netia Elementary Education Chelsea Freemon, John Political Science Midwest City Frisbie, Patricia Elementary Education Picher Frohnapfel, James Data Processing Tulsa Frye, Wayne Electronics Bartlesville Galyean, Bill Drafting Vinita Gamble, Brenda Kay Social Science Vinita Garman, Janice Business 'Education Afton Garrett, David Physical Education Cardin Gayer, James Ft. Agriculture Locust Grove Gazaway, Danny L. Agriculture Education Quapaw Geren, Connie Business Commerce Ghalambor, Parvis Engineering Ahwaz, Iran Giddens Anthon S Y Business Administration Tulsa Giddens, Susan Kay Business Tulsa Giddens, Tony Accounting Tulsa or .A t -t B3 K Q x we N ll 5 - 4 I 2 i . l xi U a A t X N51 l r4?l?9f5'fi ! N5 .1 3 .l 33", X 4 .j-,'.':,-f' 'f.. s fx. - ': '- 1 A 5 --'r.',.7IEf ' 'err' fi Mir' ii-ei-3559 for" A if ,vase -:mer p xx i. I itll ' "Though this be madness, yet there is meth- od in it." 55 i l Pr" .bv- llk , I .en ...auf ,QE Ll,..fl.1,cV Y Q 39:11,-2 2' "3:1,N1 ,, e. A A ...M ' ..f:5g:' , ' ' i f if . i. K n Q , ,. 6,, . x M G ,li 'alylf fa' f Q 5 if ""-':-nf f amm cs., se , Gladden, Carolyn Physical Education Miami Gleidt, Gary Industrial Chemistry Fairland Glenn, David Elementary Education Miami Glover, Ronnie Arts and Sciences Tulsa Goloby, Charles E. General Houston, Texas Goodwin, Robert D. Engineering Fairland Gordin, Nancy Physical Education Bartlesville Gray, Susie Elementary Education Miami '-Ea,-lhl V! itifwg- , ,.,, X h K r C. A Mitivgiyn if Q' A,i.A fr A A- , - T' fr x 'y 1- ' , ,- 5' ,- Ext --f":'ty if ' x , ,J ' -Y . Ai Gregg, J. Stanley Drafting Bartlesville Gregory, James Business Administration Miami Griggs, Marvin Agriculture Sperry Grissom, Gloria Home Economics Miami 56 Using library facilities is an essential in attaining a good education. ' '1 1" Griswold, Patrick Agronomy Tulsa Grummer, David Agriculture Tulsa Gunatilaka, Wikrom Engineering Thailand Guthrie, Bill Veterinary Tulsa Haack, Jeannie Home Economics Tulsa Hagebusch, Fredrick Drafting Alluwue Hahn, Mike Animal Science Bartlett, Kansas Hailey, Sandy Elementary Education Miami A f gf., an , 1 ,iii 'i , '7' tt' ix , X I, . sz xfilxii i-af 'a I if guygg Qt I -'GN .5 , QA, 'Z i , 'Y ' get-A ll ., , it it , ii, "lil iii rig, ll fame-lie Hwiwx , ift4 Hale, Barbara Journalism Tulsa Hall, Joe Agriculture Columbus, Kansas Hamblin, Dennis Business Tulsa Hamilton, Mary Fine Arts Bartlesville .Q--'lv Special awards were presented to athletes at the conclusion of the football ban- quet 57 Students receive individual supervision while applying art techniques. igf""'J"' .. KM ,i.u, .V Hanby, Norma Home Economics Okmulgee Handshy, John Business Tulsa Hankins, Betty Social Science Miami Hardridge, Joyce A. Business Sapulpa l ar ' ' X i 5 il fit "li 45511 A mi , l gh K pg 1 H XM - 'W .ll ii lit .gadff -gunna- A-.ff I -slid' Q35 bi Runes NM ' " vi . 12.11 Y x ,-fifa, '. .f f1.- '55 P-syr Harnar, Rodney Architecture Miami Harrel, Dennis W. Data Processing Tulsa Harris, Barbara C. Elementary Education Mount Vernon, Missouri Harrison, Larry D. Business Vinita Hart, Darrell Drafting Picher Hart, Paula Elementary Education Westville Hartman, John A. Drafting Binghampton, New York Harvey, Lonie Wayne Veterinary Catoosa Hassouneh, Mohammad Mechanical Engineering Jerusalem Hawkins, Charles Data Processing McAlester Hawkins, Mike Arts and Sciences Tulsa Helter, Randy Data Processing Bartlesville Henneha, Skip Data Processing Woodward Henry, Glenda Psychology Broken Arrow Henson, Donna Secretarial Science Jay Herrel, Joel . Auto Mechanics Commerce Herschbach, David B. Drafting Grove Hess, Steve Engineering Tulsa Heydt, Robert General Miami Hightower, Lois Spanish Miami Hightower, Floberta Spanish Miami Hill, Sandy Home Economics Miami Hilliard, Donna Elementary Education Grove Hittson, Eldon General Education Afton I ..L N. ,f"?f"., rr I i'- I 4' Helms, Flay Data Processing Tulsa Heltzel, Farlin E. Physical Sciences Vinita Henderson, Lyde Business Krebs Henderson, Susan Elementary Education Dewey 27 HX x i.. " ' . vi ix ii i " 'D- Happiness isexemplified by this young, Iady's smile. H 3' .. --I in A A .fi ' i ' , A ' r M ze .ga K' il::f'iEM Hobson, Jerry Lynn Business Tulsa Hogan, Kenneth Math Bartlesville Hollandsworth, Maurice Physical Education Miami Holley, Audra Data Processing Bluejacket Hollis, Dwight L. Data Processing Wyandotte Honnold, Dwight Agriculture Education Winterset, Iowa Hooper, Barbara Journalism Sand Springs Horschel, Joseph H. Marine Biology Eau Gallie, Florida Housley, Judy Business Miami Huckabee, Pat Stephen Veterinary Tulsa Hudspeth, Tom Sociology Miami Hueffmeier, Guy Electronics Vinita Huffman, Thomas Clyde Arts and Sciences Nowata Hulsey, Bill Drafting Broken Arrow Hunt, Ronnie Business Tulsa Hupman, George J. Agriculture Sapulpa Hurley, Bill Radio and TV Broadcast- ing Del City lcenogle, Martha Music Grove Irvine, Stan Business Tulsa Isley, Lloyd D. Wild Life Conservation Coweta lzaguirre, Rene Agriculture Honduras Jackson, David Music Adair Jackson, Don Data Processing Miami Jackson, Norman Music Adair Jacob, Jim Animal Science Stillwater Jaggers, Terry Business Tulsa Jennett, Pat Animal Science Sarcoxie, Missouri Johndrow, Alan Business Tulsa Johns, David Business Tulsa Johnson, Jack Agriculture Columbus, Kansas Johnson, Linda Business luejacket Jones, Gary Data Processing Bartlesville 'Wilil nw fi ii W ii or-s M1 ,i ii i Speech is the small change of silence. Q-Ei H ll I f N V' , Y, ., ,aa ,K .46-P' 'ri Jfllh any i 4-L , " P' 1 ,ll ' XJ it A ,L ' ' J ll lil' "' Nh 1:3-'fir NV 1 ,- -.1 1 , . l ' I 'SN -Q95 X123 if!-NP' Jones, Pamela Elementary Education Henryetta Jordan, Mike Data Processing Tulsa Judge, Ken Animal Science Stillwater Kammerzell, Carolyn Elementary Education Vinita Karnes, Janice Business Education Quapaw Kaufman, Mary Business Tulsa Kearney, Stephen P. Data Processing Tulsa Keith, Kenton Poultry Science Kansas Kelley, Teresa Data Processing Bluejacket Kemp, Robert Animal Science Lockwood, Missouri Kemper, Robert E. Journalism Miami Kester, Ronald J. Agriculture Pryor .xmas The winners of the women's intramural volleyball championship are shown after their final victory. Kilpatrick, Tim Wild Life Conservation Big Cabin King, Bill Chemistry Collinsville Kishner, Thomas Allen Pre-Dentistry Tulsa Kordis, Linda Social Work Miami Krueger, Mike Electronics Technology Claremore La Caff, Larry B. Pre-Dentistry Miami La Course, Rod Physical Education Enid La Faro, Angelo John Pre-Dentistry Tulsa Lam bert, Ken Pre-Law Tulsa Landman, William A. Psychology Tulsa Larson, Linda Ann Business Tulsa Latham, Russell Speech Drumright . 1 ng? W, -D - Citi? ll E 'E f is-. is-il ii' l ,, 4.1, ,., :,: - .,,.,., . . gg gg 4 'e ?tf 1, ,lf l I 5 iv ,Jes I E lk Q gr, ,,.. ili, , M E ? fmiqifliif' ' may :fQE"'w- ,fix l 'if-f'fi ? lll L filmed 1 i ' . Ffff. Students contribute to the Red Cross blood program. ,., , Lawrence, Richard Business Tulsa Lazenby, Martha Sociology Miami Leach, Beverley Elementary Education Opening presents is super- Tulsa vised by the student partner Lee, Martha Draftin at the annual Christmas Q Tulsa party. arf? W, ew-'rt' X..-N , l A 1' ,, Lee, Stephen Journalism Tulsa Leggett, Jeanne Nursing Miami Leonard, Jean Psychology Miami Lester, Steve Agriculture Miami Liaboe,.Bruce Journalism Bartlesvllle Lippe, Wanda Home Economics Wyandotte Litsey, Flon Data Processing Henryetta Livingston, Robert Business Administratio Siloam Springs, Arkansas Long, Diana Business Bartlesville Looney, Carla Speech Tulsa Lowe, Alma Computer Science Miami ll" YNY N BIA Xl. i 1 . .I I x ,A , K I P H McQorkell, Marilyn Business Seneca, Missouri McCutchen, Jerry D. Business Tulsa McElfresh, Richard L. Drafting Tulsa McHone, Billy L. Data Processing Bluejacket Mclntosh, Susie Data Processing Miami McKay, Charles Mechanical Technology Marietta McMillan, Anthony Electronics Catoosa McNeal, Micheal History Tulsa Manley, Jerry Allen Business Vinita Marina, Booker Accounting Tulsa Marple, Sheri Lynn Business Bartlesville Martin, Fred Pre-Med Copan Lowe, Betty Business Okmulgee Lynam, Marsha English Bartlesville McArthur, John T. Animal Husbandry Lockwood, Missouri McClain, Henry Sociology Ketchum ,ff .-:Self . .J f T ,ff ' ' 66 A timely utterance gave that thought relief, And I again am strong. Mathews, Geraldine General Miami May, Glennella Dentistry Tulsa Mayes, Phillip Wendel Engineering Vinita Mays, Linda Sue Library Science Miami Menees, Keith Data Processing Tulsa Mercer, Eldon Drafting Miami Mercurio, Mark Business Cincinnati, Ohio Merriott, Kathy Business Chelsea Metzger, Michael Law Lebanon, New Jersey Mickles, Robert Physical Education Beaumont, Texas Mieszczenski, Paul Industrial Arts Lake Worth, Florida Miller, Dianne Pre-Med Miami Miller, Donna Business Bartlesville Miller, James U n Electronics Engineer: Bartlesville Mitchell, Sue Business Pryor Moody, Mike Pre-Med Pryor W9 Moody, Nita Arts and Sciences Bartlesville Moore, David Joe Agriculture Yale Moore, Linda Computer Science Chetopa, Kansas Morris, Dennis J. Wild Life Conservation Tulsa Morrison, James Business Oaks Morrison, Stephen Business Administration Afton Mudd, Michael Math Owasso Neill, Dee Ann Business Welch Neill, Joe Business Welch Newcomb, Jack Pre-Med Cleora Nichols, David Agriculture Miami Nichols, George Agriculture Grove Nichols, Harry Law Sand Springs Nodine, Shirley Pre-Med Miami Null, Gene omputer Science inita unn, Jerry usic ommerce , . lb it if v 'Vi X - -' i Q-2.14 il ,, E it t A X lll i ' ll i , fi r N li , . w fl. i , l i .i , , fi Q I, V I i i 43 g il! ,-H r1.2-,:i ., - ... Q i I , l Q l 1151? A In 4- wr' 1?-B' i x" Vx W 1 if ix ss" tx 0'-2.3, 'il ,ali , f-:ies it :-if ig ' Ns. Y" ' 115 - ii as ill, 'is1Zzr.i,, ,w. ,, U U Prosperity doth best discover vice, but adver- sity doth best discover virtue. Ji AMLS-ai" YT HAL: as ,Q L an Q---ff 67 W . .V ' gc.-1.3 ' ll ., fb 4 , at X ix? l l 'ill 'lx g " U l I r W 1 ' 'il .dfrv t Ai,, 1 ' its ll. lllliu ll- -Wk Q ,- ,532 . 1 W gi, fx, Nutting, Nellie Nursing North Miami Odom, Vicki Jo Elementary Education Miami Oliver, Jim Engineering Tulsa Oliver, Lynne Business Miami Ory, Davio Agriculture Earlham, Iowa Osborn, Clarence Accounting Bluejacket Owens, Phillip Drafting Grove Patrick, Donnie General Vinita R9 I Patterson, John Auto Technology Jay Patterson, Vernice Elementary Education Miami Pauley, Ernest Wayne Business Tulsa Paulk, Brooks Law Thomaston, Georgia Peek, Joe Mathematics Miami Penix, Terry Social Science Cleveland Penn, Carole Business Hominy Penn, Larry Hotel and Restaurant Management Tulsa Perkins, Phyllis Technology Bartlesville Perry, Karen Psychology Grove Phagan, Ronald Physical Education +29-if ,i wgelagg. 7 ,gli ip... Thomaston, Georgia 7 Phillips, Wanda - " I' Elementary Education ' ' Jay f-, 4 Philpott, Bill Engineering f:.g5'N'-i- W M 8 ITI i ' Zi Sian, :licki 1. A ocio ogy N M' ' Tulsa -' is 5 EISFCG, James - . 'i' gf omputer Programming ' "l ag ' Welch A + 11 L5 Pierce, William Political Science Commerce Approximately 1200 students adopted children for the annual Christmas party Part of the Christmas fun for youngsters was eating in the college cafeteria. 413 , it l g yi rl t sr, jk 1 ti s T, 'hlziif' ' 1 QL! -fig? - "F ve'- Piguet, Brenda Computer Science Tulsa Poeling, Jackie Arts and Sciences Oklahoma City Poulos, Bill Agriculture Education Tulsa Prater, Gary Business Tulsa 'SW-fd? YfT""Y'Y ,qw W? ria! U-'14 '-:Wi - H, ,r Preston, Charles Drafting Augusta, Georgia Pryor, Kathleen Speech Miami Ramirez, Paul Business Administration Tulsa Ramsey, David Data Processing Colcord Ramsey, Tussel. Physical Education Adair Ramsey, Verna Business Colcord Raska, Larry Paul Agriculture Broken Arrow Ray, Thomas N. Mortuary Science Commerce Rednour, Samuel Accounting Percy, Illinois Reecher, Dennis Business Tulsa Reese, Tichard A Agriculture Engineering Pawhuska Reyes, Mary Social Work Miami Rice, Dennis Electronics Technology Quapaw Riggs, Diane Business Grove Robbins, Glynda Medical Technology Miami Robinson, John Business Miami Robison, Johnnie Veterinary Tulsa Roblyer, Saundra Data Processing Miami Rogers, Marvin Elementary Education Commerce Rogers, Michail History Commerce Rominger, Frances History Shawnee Rosiere, Randy Animal Science Wyandotte Ross, Preston Data Processing Commerce Rowe, Mike Veterinary Henryetta L9 awww? . 4 'a. 'J 4, ' mln" 4: ' 1 tsw 4:2 1 ' . -.L ' , l M . li " , 3 i i . dv 'af x x -f X 1 w, f tis , ' W. f I A71 Q 3 , 1' of 5 5 ,M ,,l, 1 1. ' - it 'Q .. ,ill . W i, Reynolds, Gary Engineering Miami Reynolds, Ken Veterinary Tulsa Rhine, Harvey Auto Technology Goodman, Missouri Flicco, Linda General Henryetta I I A lit' 4 X l Af ll r N , f N , X . M 1 .f i l gg ' .. ,, ,WA , lm . ll " i , l 5 ll 1 X l '-F X X 1 r- V. ' me L mf l l,. 5,9 ,gf 1 2' fi ix' 1 l A cheerleader must be vig- orous and full of energy. 42" L iff ll A , 'flw '4 ' , . 'Ai yas? L-sf' 4 Mgr' QE is ' liz' 'Quq IN. .35 'E :.'B-.ext Q53 "Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominatingf' Rowley, Glenn Psychology Shicller Fluark, Cindy Elementary Education Dewey Ruder, Rod Business Manteno, Illinois Rupert, Tommy Business Welch Rush, Butch Business Bartlesville Sallee, Bill Mechanical Technolog Ketchum Sampson, Wilfred Business Tulsa Sargent, Phillip Allen Data Processing Oklahoma City Sauerwein, Susan Business Tulsa Schirm, Flobert Agriculture Dexter, lowa Schlehuber, Kenneth Data Processing Tulsa Schumacker, David Data Processing Grove Scott, Linda Business Tulsa Sears, Linda Lee Elementary Education Nowata Seitz, Suzanne Secondary Education Tulsa Selim, John Engineering Bartlesville Y Shaleen, Danny Drafting Tulsa Shepherd, Dorene Business Administration Henryetta Sheriff, Curtis Animal Science Winterset, Iowa Shero, Don Arts and Sciences Miami Shipman, Mike Drafting Miami Shirley, Allen R. Business Miami Shorter, Linda Psychology Miami Shuman, James Animal Science McAlester Silence, Carrie Jane Business Commerce Siler, Vernon L. Law Miami Silver, David Veterinary Tulsa Simmons, Darrel Eciucation Miami Simmons, Gary Machine Technology Muskogee Siricharoen, Chanan Business Administration Thailand Slaughter, Mike L. Arts and Sciences Copan . Smasal, Jerry W. Mechanical Technology Bartlesville f cpe , Dr. Carter accepts a motor contributed by Kissee Motor Co. to be used in auto- motive technology. Smith, Bryan Business Tulsa Smith, C. Ann Elementary Education Quapaw Smith, Dan Psychology Tulsa Smith, Doris Eve Nursing Southwest City, Missouri Smith, lra Education Jacksonville, Florida Smith, Lois Jean Business Education Commerce Smith, Monte Forestry Tulsa Smith, Sidney S. Data Processing Wyandotte Snow, George T. Drafting Grove Soost, Chuck Biological Science Tulsa Spangler, Allen Pharmacy Bartlesville Spriggs, Gary Chemistry Commerce Springer, Leonard A. Auto Mechanics Tulsa Spurlock, Danny Physical Education Henryetta Squirrel, Bud Wildlife Conservation Salina Staggs, Everett Industrial Education Ponca City Stanbery, Larry D. Electronics Tulsa Stephens, Cecelia Pre-Nursing Tulsa Stephens, Ralph Chemistry Collinsville Stephenson, Tish English Hominy ea! Stewart, Bobby Data Processing Bartlesville Stilley, Jordan Industrial Chemistry Miami Stone, Albert Data Processing Tulsa Stoner, Harlan Agriculture Seneca Intramural team managers pose with trophies for various intramural events Stover, Virginia Home Economics Miami Stratton, Debbie Home Economics Dewey E T V9 i if l ' J P' T .4 in T T l 3 1?T1. ., . '+L ,as-.ll'!f'5gff:,gab -" X Strout, Elizabeth Ann R Elementary Education H E Tulsa . In The Crucible fear of the Stl-out patty " 'Q it devil c a u s e d constant QV?-Medical prayer. U Sa T ' ,fm-E Y.-,, , it 's 0" Q .e,1 ' .- iffzfd., ,Y 4 ' 41 xf , Stunkard, Richard D. Agricultural Engineering Broken Arrow Stutsman, Larry Gene Agriculture Chelsea Stutsman, William T. Agriculture Education Chelsea Sumner, Charles Engineering Bartlesville Supernaw, Kathy Data Processing Tulsa Sutton, Kenneth Drafting Miami Swain, Susie Business Ochelata Sweeney, Jim Physical Education Oologah Sweeney, LaDonne Data Processing Miami Swicegood, Kay Business Colcord Swinehart, Edward Business Picher Talbot, Cecil Engineering Gainesville, Florida Taylor, Jerry W. Data Processing Bluejacket Tetirick, Craig Aerospace Engineering Miami Thianthai, Chuta Business Thailand Thomas, Ronnie N. Business Henryetta Thompson, Roger General Afton Tipton, Terry R. Vet Medicine Henryetta Tolbert, Gary Drafting Miami Tomes, Daniel Data Processing South Coffeyville Trimble, Dixie Business Education Afton Trippet, Mary Pre-Veterinary Bartlesville Trolinger, Nancy L. Home Economics Miami Trosclair, Donna Business Tulsa Tallon, Linda Elementary Education Afton Tanner, Charles Construction Technology Miami Tatum, Stanley Accounting Tulsa Taylor, Helen Nursing Bernice WFS' , . si V V . i , .Ar..i.x..1 I 4-iffy Sw . 1 JW- I . xl - im . l Y. A"l9:: ,ECL W.. .,' ' N , milf H it "No man can justly censure or condemn an- other, because indeed no man truly knows another." Tunnell, Alvin Business Oklahoma City Turner, Linda Business Drumright Tyler, Bill Business Administration Miami Tyler, Steve Lee History Hominy Underwood, James C. Electrical Engineering Miami Urie, Glenn A. General Picher Vail, Linda G. Business Welch Van.Cura, Jo . Business Education Commerce Vanatta, William Agriculture Miami Vandagriff, Floyd A. Computer Programing Bartlesville Vandeventer, Janene Micro-Biology Miami Vann, Louis V. Machine Shop Tulsa Victor, Charlotte Ann Home Economics Afton Victor, David Business Miami Vongchareon, Varakij Civil Engineering Thailand Wadzita, Michael P. Education Arlington Heights, Illinois Wagner, Theresa Arts and Sciences Miami Wainscott, Ruth Nursing Tulsa Walker, Jimmie Sue Elementary Education Copan Walker, Ron Pre-Veterinary Southwest City, Missouri Wallace, Danny Business Tulsa Walsh, Terry Computer Science Tulsa . Walton, Jack Agriculture Economics Comanche Ward, Darlene Home Economics Big Cabin Ward, Ralph Edward II Mathematics Sand Springs Warma, Sarah Data Processing Tulsa Warnick, Mike Aero-Engineering Bartlesville Warren, Beth Business Tulsa arwick, Steve ata Processing artlesville asham, Richard rafting ryor atashe, Charles sychology ulsa atters, Betty usiness Education eleetka ,mm 'F 'aka ,l "-f-im i i' fa-fk xy. X-,. xx kj-X , XNXXNQ: N or Xml ,xx Qx. XA K it s 'St iieisa 'Qi "There is no road or ready way to virtue." 79 . i 'i sam ' mji ,nazi x -f""" l, X ,J 1 l ' L J '-, ',,,L',,,'i f ...J t if . fi .L,7,, Conversation, laughter, and good fellowship preceded the annual Christmas party. Watts, Karen Physical Education Tulsa Watts, Roy Leonard Engineering Miami Weaver, Al Charles Speech Tulsa Weaver, Darrell Math Afton Weidman, James E. Veterinary Coweta Welch, Louise Elementary Educatio Vinita Wells, Jean Music Pryor Wheeler, Joe Arts and Sciences Tucson, Arizona Wheeler, Ira Agriculture Sperry T1 Whitford, William Alonzo Data Processing Nowata Whittaker, Fred M. Business Tulsa Wilkins, Larry History Tulsa Wilkinson, Mike R. Physical Education Pawnee Williams, Barry Data Processing Tulsa Williams, Marilyn Business Vinita illiams, Shirley ata Processing iami Williams, Thomas usiness ulsa ilmoth, Harry griculture arion Center, Pennsyl- vania ilson, Paul W. cience airland ojcik, Mark olitical Science iami olcott, Daniel ciences ulsa oods, Barry re-Medical iami oods, Warner uslness 'Wi 2? Fr: 4- 'ls 1 or vi 594 , es.-ff MNH! 'SP' :S s ,wr X u D1 -mf Ai V l ulsa ooldridge, Linda ata Processing iami International students were all presented honorary citizenship cards by Mayor Wayne Pack. - J f A A, 6255211 5 ,X sl B ill , lit x . The spacious lobby in the Fine Arts Center provides students a place to chat between classes. Worley, Don Law Texhoma Wren, David History Sand Springs Yandohski, Ronnie Physical Education Picher Yocum, Al Business Administration Bartlesville 'Eva i Jllf ,W . 'M N612 X 'f5l':-'1' " in ' 'gd' " ' ca, ' "Qin, ' 1 ing .x-. ra , ',.'.',.' xi. 5 E so V, 7 .f Ll ' , 2 if 113, . .l , I K ' ,Y i-S ""j 61 .1 ' 2-' Ei -T iggif:lX I ' . 1ggIigT:.,-I,.I- - Z C 4' z qiz - , , N E .P I " Wil" , . 3, i -1' " 4:' , 5' :xxx if N1 4 : i.f'1yJf's N . :Aff . ,Cari --: ,X , - ., sI'4"'5. J' . v QP' Y AAI M 1 fi My - 'r'. fairer A t 1 '4' 'ii- ' r Yost, Kenneth R. General Picher Barton, Carolyn English Commerce Bearden, Michael Machine Shop Skiatook Brown, Bill English Tulsa Bu rggraf, Clarissa English Quapaw Coger, Twila Sociology Miami DePlois, Barbara Arts, and Sciences Bartlesville Frakes, Roger Pharmacy Grove Goodloe, Donald Ft. Education Midwest City Graham, Terry Mechanical Techno Wyandotte Griffin, Debbie Business Pryor Hightower, Lavon English Vinlta logy Lane, Chuck Business Rockford, Illinois ee, Robert Max rama ommerce inn, Donna uslness iami ong, Sondra ' . usiness Administration iami atthews, Carolyn usiness iami inson, Ramona usic etchum odine, Gary usiness artlesville ldham, Sharon usiness Administration iami ainter, Woody usiness Administration iami arker, George uslness iami eek, Sam rama ulsa . hillips, Fred olitical Science iami ,. f 2 5' K, N -swf , I 1 X 1 A ,- 1 NS".- rf H."T'f' vb wx W4 Q ,G 'J ' '- w 2 1 ' 13 -wi'-3. W A x. ?7f?17?1f". 1 .gt fl in it i if ff:-s , sw- 5 "4.a1.L" kvff . -6...-..Q,,..r Huffman, Harold Technology Miami Jackson, Fred Sociology Tulsa Jarrett, Bob Data Processing Shawnee Kreider, David L. Chemistry Miami 5,5 -A, 4-F, -1 .. f 1 r Q , KE I 4 lp: L 4' W ,QL 'l .. '-'l ' if I, k ' '- H of I W Q , .Q W Jlfsof' W. .. 'iivl' "LY .fl ri "f- lr'f"iieJ! 1' " A .,... 2 ,., . ,,,, .i91r '1i1i: , i,., . , ,H , , l ,. Miss Cherry Brewster models a suit of her own creation in the style show in the Fine Arts Center. I If ' V , T F0 rl qi 'E quam. N i L VV "2 ft V , NS r T ,ll f . to r, t a LQ Q 4' Q L 2 'S WA l -'14---, Q 2 . 'fi-1'-' 35' 'A r ' fmiit 2 1 MF "r T Y H , , I E r ' , , ,, T "Dfw ' .2 I ' ll ,vt 4 ' e T T it l W It Q57 ein X Tyler, Buford Data Processing Sand Springs Watkins, Cheryl Education Tulsa Wood, Linda Business Education Miami Puett, Don History Del City Smith, Dabney Data Processing Quapaw Stackable, Cindy Elementary Education Miami Street, Dolan Nutrition Detroit, Michigan At the conclusion of the annual Town and Gown Banquet, new faculty members were greeted by both faculty and towns- men. Enrollment sectioning is handled easily and efficiently as each student receives a class card from the department offering the course desired. Z i YY The fun decorating a tree for Christmas is shared by both boys and girls in Vann Hall, even though Vann Hall is a boys' dormitory. Helen Clay won the stuffed tiger with which she poses at a drawing of sales receipts at the college bookstore. Jerold Graham, humanities instructor, designs the sets for the stage production, "Oklahoma" v, -Q , eat I will WF' :I if Q I as se l :rg .9 xzlg .fff ,W ,"- l 4 ' Nicholas Calcagno, humanities and En- glish instructor, points to techniques that he has used in his own artwork. Merrill Chaney, woodworking instructor, inspects antique tools that he has col- lected. W fi- c .fl '-,. s c if fi -Jil i ' ,' - ,JI-gl N , ,,-..- vi , 1 . - ag fslf f 'X ' John Tiger, history instructor and foot- ball coach, gives specific instructions as to what should be executed next. Homa Thomas business instructor, and Cletus Green, ll basketball coach, plan the brackets for a 73 team invi- tational basketball tournament. Three veteran instructors, Nerrill Chaney, Joe Ables, and Oran Need, were honored at the 1969 dedication of campus build- ings by having buildings named forthem. David Froman, speech and humanities instructor, admires the new dressing facilities for dramatics which are housed in the Fine Arts Center. l l 1 l i 1 , 1 I L eg lf .v AIYQ f ALM , - , fx -'1.l.- ., ,C ,"' it , , . 'lt gl ' 45? A LJ' ff' J , r- 2. f , . i,-.1-1. , W , M A ,P,lw fw.fA?'fv"-5 2 m e " -ff Mrs. Kathryn Paige and her students pose with art work to be displayed in the college library. V Cold weather and a beautiful fountain create strange works of art. Members of the Speech and Drama De- partment take a break after completion of a set for "Oklahoma" . CD' i N, Building a float for homecoming involves hours of work, much of which is detailed, as these two college students will testify. ROYALTY fl' s L9 yr! 'f 5 .Inn f P7 1 5 Q' -A IO rn! fr' i XXQQ' ' g V:N. i .. 1 x xx- - g A1 s ' N elf Qi In 1939 thecontrol of the college changed from the Special Board of Regents and was transferred to the Board of Regents for state colleges, with' the six state colleges ofiiOklah'oma, where it remained until 1943, when, by an tact of the legislature, the name o'fi the colulegeiwas icnangega to Nort,heaste,r'n Okluahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Gollegeg and it becme -affiliated with the aetgems fo,r'Okla- homa State University and other ASLIVI Colleges.iA 200, acre farm wasipurchased and .equippedg agri- cultural courses were added, and a division of tech- nology was added. wwf Q mw...iUl X 'gms M. , , . XQRW' N ul? i :ww m mum N ' ,ww , gi! W LQ 1 E Yk 5 N fl N, ,,,,,, , 1 Kathy studies diligently. This is shown by her membership in Order of Freyja. Kathy works in the i.B.M. de- partment. She is majoring in Kathy has also been selected to Who's Who. Kathy tidies up her campus computer science. home. fum W my mgew 5 is ,-., ms Qi ,. ' ' ' Z,:: ' :fix .3 A 5 4 :WEE vim w- ! 1 0. W? . .3 Y iwg ,N 1551 ii 1' um - :. V.- fl if sus W is it mei 91 :x it K ii it tu , M2 , Q :ff -H N gy i QU, M we ,i , . i KTM iiieff ga we ft ,, so 21? ish it -if e ,ii ' ' 'ESM iii Wil EQ' i 23 ii ,H . Hu , 4- '- ' i 14 , i 1.-Fi Y - M wi , , - u . .- . if - . Ni , K . ,M it i ' is 3 ' as , 'L J- rt 'av 51551 'N :iff ' ' "iii WU? iui . I i Becky Victor Sondra Long First Runner-up Second Runner-up Homecoming Queen Homecoming Queen Aggie Society Business Club HOIVIECOIVIING RUNNERS-UP V Wm , H 4' :gas E 1 W, KE .U 3 gh Q E . wr A95 ji me :sf vmxxx .f-Q iam: Hg 5 E gun .Rgg?m. ,Q H H H , m BN gi 5 gi H X. Adonna Zordel Language Club HGIVIECOIVIING ATTENDANTS Linda Turner Kathy Shame! Sophomore Class Freshman Class fQ , . S E .M Q ag 4 off? ww - ww www fm' ' N -Q.. Jw ,ska W was A Q . ,:Aoa . , umm man w uw uhh, W f H W MSM ,, S V M , 19 U xx h, M... H wggoop... WM mm gg xxx xxxxmx xxx V B .. f. , . E - - P1 Ya , sa - - ' " ' ' xxx. N . x. 'Sf A S N J:x'g'g' '-:. -' "' . 1 4'-- " 5' xr. '52 E . ,, .LN x Q ' ' "T-3? ' l 'T' ' N WW fig? 39551: in V", if df' 'BFS' Exim' I ,'QF'S. 'iss Z 1, H y' 5,1 if Q1 - . ,f -.31 Jr ',, V .xx pw xgxf E452 5 "mx " M E , if fn? A X xx, 1 " f A ' ' -in EJ ESQ? muff xxxaxwzes xii 1 Y 4 R Us Q xx x S EE N 'EF E Eg QQ E M K ,- ,. xx ,ea ? -..Lag W . .M ,W Kia? gum QM E , mg. Q Ex-.Q ll xx xx:-lx ' 8 fs mm, me 5' Q F 5 uw? Lf EQ,' ,E ..xx .. .If ., gg li Mu wif . x x M ,Wg E 5 5,-Qu :fn-W Fw gg ,YM mm is iv -L53 an 1 41, M WH? 19,2 .F , I. . 'H' , wi! Ham :B : 3:4 ence- A I ' 533, 3232 QQ? X m W wx? Q53-'S wi N. " WSXQ "Nl H N wx H H H md! H HH wa -Las ww : sm, -E Q. f Q, kWfYww"',ww'11wwUmm H qwvmfxxgxm' H' Yu m M! H1 mu H H w . 5' "'!iifSZli?tlif" 1 Na W EQ H H H W. H' , , W --ww, W as Bmw gi H1 m 325, w mm , m Patti Burnes Ambassadors Club mu N ' JN' H uxlgkuuumr MX? "MSW ., my H W- WW ww H rn uw H Mu , A XXH H H H Xu mggvi sf XXXXMXXXMXXX Sggpu ww 'wgklni mfQ"'..XX xi m'uiLi5i1u fu 1 ' :sf 1-gm X un 355 JK li N. ,QEXXH H. WX? ,XX .M 552 Us 1 sm ,H . mu ,QX ME 1153? Nm 1 XXX X, ww ,, iw gf 1 b, WI ,. ,. ,.,X X ,:, X ,,XX XX " ' W W A M , M ,Wig wXXXwXXXLiSX X X E ww M5515 W w uw 5 , yggxu 'gow REE Liv ws-W? H' www A ,J was 1" Win!-... mfs' ,wi-... ,,Nf W... """ ' M fu ' m gg FE .rv-' H W Q?" "'g5,f,,,,,...gf5'fA'.... wg? w.. , 'Q wavy, MEX 45 'fx -Q , My N ,ww -' a H in m 3 , 225 ' ' ' Z 1-X 5 gr- 5. he T 5 Y , X ' 1 '1"' evil. "H'H1H1XXg?, XXXXXX " "' H, W 5' We' Q , was 5 'ww ' H H H NXXXNXXX.. ' New uw I H H m u uw uw u u H u wx If w w H uw aa ,wan , V 5 HQWH Carla Looney Tulsa, Qklahoma ,, f W ' 'J' 'jiri Miss Kathy Shamel Sand Springs, Oklahoma VIKING QUEEN RUNNERS-UP Miss Susie Gray Miami, Oklahoma Miss Linda Tallon Afton, Oklahoma VIKING QUEEN ATTENDANTS Miss Marilyn Williams Vinita, Oklahoma as alla 2 l l 5? B 2 1 1 1 - am-im! X ,, 13 J ' x L . " ' Qi 1 fif g .iff 11.11 1 N Qi' ,, ' H W sazibigiir "'1111!'111"'11 M wmv-1:-: 1,11 111 .k 1 5 11" 111' 1"11" Q5 1 rf: 1 3115! 11 gg1g1i111111,.11111 1 111 1 , Y11' "E" 1 Mijn M111 1 11 1 YQ 1. .. 1211 11 1 1 U 11 LESWQ11 5 " 111 s 11 1, 11 ' 1 1 1 1 ggi 11,11 Em. WH11 Q , H., S' 111, "T1"' g- E 111ff11 11 11 M11 ' jf .' 1 223451 -15 1 if 11 15f:!i5i5i"1!1'1111M Z. E , ,A.. 1 -1-11 1: 'ig 11 11 W 1 1. 111: L4 1' ' 255 1 ss 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 11 1 Z 11 Wf,, if 11 11 1 ,,.,, 125331-Ui: W1 1 , Wy, ,,1 11 1 111 W 111 1115 "M1.s1T1 1 1 ':5'1"'1' ' 1 '111111 51 ,Wm 1 EP 4 11 11 X 1115-gig, .e11 F21 11 see 1 M 'm1g? Q. 111 111 11 1 was Q 1 1 1 1 Q1 ii if 1 1 11 gg F 1 W n 11 Wm. 111,111 1 1 1111 111 'W Wm gwmgu w 1m mw1,mm M1,1 1 111 1 H 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 X M 1 11 1 NWN 11 15: 11 MT11 11 1 11 as gm 11 AWN 1 M11M1 . 4, 11,, 'QW1:mwW Q? 111 1:1M111 111 '11 E11 rm 'ai ,9'12-323111115311 if? 11 11, 1111151 11 11 113 11' ' 111 11 1 mmf 1111412 1 X 1 1 11 1 1 11111 5 51: 11 1 1 1 ?w1'1111'1M11ww11 111' 1' 1 ""11 11 53,4 sf 3- ,Q1 .. .1 5 V 11 1 11 1 11" "' E 1111111 1 11.1 11 11 11H11 111 ,z?giig.figW 71255 K ' 1 ,115 ' I ll I- . ,-. , Q,-, ---5. ,,7ff1- , 1 1 :f'11T"-:ff '- '1- '-nr '-1 W- 1 ' 1U-e ' V , A 1 , ,I -,H . L. . 1 , , I X 111 1 N 1114 1 5 -1' " ' ' - ' 11 ' ' if 1-Q1 Q 11 111 'uw mwvgv -3 -1 'FQ .1-2 E ' Aw .1 NM uw' ' gg 1 g?Ei11 Q , 1 i 11 1 11 11 111 NQW111-1,1129 X 1 ,A J' A ,fM1 1 111 1 131 1 5 1131 ww '. Q I' :KM .iii F A 1 ' 1" in 2,1 Q5w1w13QQ . :U " ' 1534 ' 11 11- -1.51 ..,'1'1j- 1w1 5555 5 111111 1' 1132311 .mm . . . .mmm .. ....M..,.1.w11-.1x1..1...r .11. . . 21 . . if 111 111 .im 5 W ue Clifford , Oklahoma BASKETBALL QUEEN ATTENDANTS Miss Lisa Wh Tulsa, Oklaho 1 H 5? 1 1 i IM ' ' Q, ,, fi if g2Q J, N, 2, 5 ,T . W gi . , M Q . wi L 4 W -:azz ' xi 5 - V E ' Y T3 V, H, ,, .. A , , - , N 'N W N ' x V. . ' ' ,A M 3 :. glikaw, , , , Z., M W I V E I f M 5 f -X ' 'ff 1 , 1 552-2. " Y 55 E , ,N , R L , , . , .. . 1 M, , 2 -A, ,.... .... ' I 2 fi: f as 'i ' Y. We 'Y ' " "Y H - new LX, -:L N .. ,.., 'A H53 'N ' -' --- Q Eirl' waz- , A riff :rx ' w fa: - . L. , . :zz Z jd, K, EE! ' . gi -V, , .. .:. " ' ' H .,.... 'wg Q J . fi X f at R71 1m is L f , 'QE . ,,- 315 ,, . fx-f '-'Iv ' !".Z. Xiwfx . Y .gg 3 . P V- .. :J 1 , 2 - 4. ' .P -, H153-M 4 V " -- - g , S ' ,, 4 , 2- - f jr X, '-'sl if 2 , , g Z " -L ' ST? Y : 3 ' 'fr 1 X ' 525' 'Aff PM H' - - , - . W In U ,MA V- EF W I: xiii ,E f-M - ' -w - -,i W gif, - E! ,Q . ,H- ,. x ., , Q 'ix lv 'rm . W xgwfl . L, ,x, 1 A J, , w 423, 3 5 .A 'N -H N .154 U, rang-3 'Q gif' :sw X nf w W, :mm -E ? V , w as w an R X.. ' .ji -- 1 Rs . ' qi f 1 1, ,w f., ,x QV ,. ,X if I ACTIVITIES 2 If I U 7 yi 4 V I m y " Fri- '52 "T V328- ic MN , A, 'I IIN? IQ 1 WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN JUNIOR COLLEGES Who's Who at Northeastern A 81 Mis affiliated with Who's Who in American Junior Colleges. Nominees are submitted to the Viking Advisor by the Aca- demic Divisions. Then these candidates are presented to the faculty for con- sideration and selection. Selection is based on scholarship, participation in campus affairs, and contribution to the college. Linda Tallon, editor of the Viking, is a sophomore from Afton, Oklahoma. She is majoring in Elementary Education, Linda is Third Vice-President of Phi Theta Kappa, a member of the Order of Freyja, and maintains a 3.61 grade point aver- age. She is also active in Young Democrats. Linda serves as a secretary in the English Department. I, Z' . 1' lp argl.-f .3 Terry Ash, President of ITS, is a native of Afton, Okla- homa. He is a sophomore majoring in Drafting and Design and is a member of AIDD. Ash is a member of the "O" Club and received the Grid-Wire All-American Honorable Mention for football. He has been listed on both the President's and Dean's Honor Rolls and currently has a 3.88 grade point average. Boni Milner, a sophomore Business Administration major from Miami, Oklahoma, has maintained a 3.17 grade point average and has served actively in Phi Theta Kappa. He is a member of the Business Club and currently serves as its President. xggi flga 2:5 ' . or i . 'ir - wilt My-as-1 Bill Tyler is a sophomore Business major from Miami Student Senate, the Business Club, and Phi Theta Kappa has served also as Freshman Class President. ,,l , He has been listed on the President's Honor Floll currently holds a 3,69 grade point average. He is active 'L ZIZ firiii4k?ffQ'3:g-' 'lv ll as l l ll L f- . ' P ,fr 'f W.?ffT,i. , it ll ' 1 4 I Q V if .se ll 'Sgr . M 'Y 1 fi . ' " ll 'W' ' .E lg.. . W Y.. .., . it l - : .l ll . ., I nf .- ei F ' ' .f it ' . Q... , , ,.. l'.f-'fff-' ' v fpgrsuuf E ,sk 1 V J W .gsycawiu l Q ., ,. ' fx-.wt.-sage, l 2:5 I xg it I Xim xllmlx .,,46. Q., ' g 1 .1 L- Smut gum ll fi x VVPHD'SiVVFl JLJNHCD Harlan Stoner is a sophomore Agriculture Education major from Seneca, Missouri. He is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and serves as Parliamentarian for the Aggie Society. Stoner was Third High Individual in the NEO All-College Judg- ing Contest and a member of the Livestock Judging Team at Denver, Colorado. He is also listed on the Dean's Honor Roll. His grade point average is 3.68. a'fn44 1 1 .fff-'entre f "-"1 , . gi. ...',.kS. A , . 1:3 5' il " ' ' T -A ' S?" -"M w w?-1'1" .:.m:- 5 1 . ef T- . ' ws" . 'W 4. '5-Q ,sp we . eff.. lr... . Zh. r ug, ,, wi av.. -2:2-1+5 33 L. T' it Hselitswlli Sauna T fwfr?-3 "' Q T as-'NY Jfavxx f?-"1-. ... it , l -.. - ' . 'Z A 1 1 ' f N,-ii, 3 ,ent A i-?fff?1yflltfl-llai- we "4"hffrff""14uacm" H . ij5'f'dliitilt'Q.i1Wwlwf 1 -- A Q - ., , . T 'f?'?5'f55:?' frif'-wif" E. 1- 'Q' " Q2,'0'f1wfff2r -ff ttilffaiit? ,.4:55:E5if5llil'f' Eiigiff Mgmt " ".f "f .Naam fig,-li?-?'eitAtlSif.':ggr,2 55453, ' " "ffl-'." rf. 312'-1, J" --,wif ' .. .T 1r'::.,, Jffffz 4aeaawetpaar.sff.aeaaea 'I ' - 1-1 4, .,'-4.23715 Y 5, 'rf' .-l '. A 'egg gl V. nv , ,,..- , 'pm ' 2 ' '41 ' A-bill.. H A ' 'x-ff+f.fff L fafflfafeef fittli' :gtg-ggn'F2'S5:Q2C1rgL1'fuiwmgt ' Y W, , iiffgrjzif A .-' H- , -'-..,- V ,, v.'. 1 . ,ig.,-1, -,E -'41 ,,,,,,,' , -'. 1- r'H'?'f"fWi92ti'z1:-5' 'Ula-3f?ft1+ . l 1- - ...JigurL4?2,.r:'5ffTg:.aZ-.1 V'.r.a.2?su.fLf Lois Christenson, Sophomore Class Secretary, is a Home Economics Nutrition major from Pierre, South Dakota. She is Student Senate Secretary and State Secretary of the Stu- dent Senate andthe Oklahoma Home Economics Association. Lois is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Order of Freyja, and is on the Dean's Honor Floll. Her grade point average is 3.56. ' .- tl--'aw Ted Blevins, Student Senate President, is a sophomor Psychology major from Collinsville, Oklahoma. He is the Pas tor at the Mr. Zion Church and has a grade point average o 2.68. He is also a member of the Aggie Society. IN AMERICAN OLLEGES Mary Kaufman is a sophomore Business Education major from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Order of Freyja, and the Business Club. She has maintained a 3.83 grade point average. Joe Neill is a sophomore majoring in Business Admini- stration. He is from Welch, Oklahoma. He is a member of'Phi Theta Kappa and has maintained a 3.93 grade point average. ea Joe Peek, a sophomore Mathematics major from Miami, Oklahoma, is President of the Engineers Club and Phi Theta Kappa. He is a member of the Student Senate and Odin's Knights. Peek has received the Science Scholars Award twice and has been listed on the President's and Dean's Honor Rolls. His grade point average is 3.92. HW 'ref 1'l-lfig' Tgs TE' ,gas me WHO'S WHO JUNIOR Kathy lSupernawJ Hurst is a Data Processing major from Sand Springs, Oklahoma. She is a member of the Data Proces- H sing Club, Student Senate, Phi Theta Kappa, and 0rder of gr Freyja. She has been on the President's Honor Roll and cur- 2,7Qei,'.gf'f ren y asa . gra epoin avera e. EAW tl h 394 d t g Gary Reynolds, from Miami, Oklahoma, is a sophomore majoring in Areospace Engineering. He is a member of the Engineers Club and Vice-President of Phi Theta Kappa. He has been listed on the President's and Deans Honor Rolls. His grade point average is 3.68. ni six! ss 5 1 nrixfixzli- l 'l. Janene Vandeventer is a sophomore Microbiology major from Miami, Oklahoma. She is an active member in Beta Ep- silon Sigma, Chi Alpha, and Phi Theta Kappa. She is also on the President's Honor Roll. Her grade point average is 4.0. IN AMERICAN COLLEGES Gerald Eggerman, a sophomore Agriculture Education major from Lockwood, Missouri, has maintained a 3.34 grade point average. He has been active as a member of the Aggie Society and Phi Theta Kappa. He serves as Secretary for the Aggie Society. He is listed on the Dean's Honor Roll. 'Y rf 5f5!"fs av fregsttg . 2 gfirziiigikktv Q "1'3?' . Petris ' . ,W .argl 5 is 1 ., l . drilling: v , -i K-wad sl' Louis Bond is a sophomore Computer Science major Miami, Oklahoma. He is active in the lndustrial-Tech- Society and the Data Processing Club. His grade point - is 3.78. ' A ' ' wjjlj in ll . -M958 Q54 .1 J? if 'iiizrf 5122. -9 Dianne Miller, a sophomore Pre-Med major, is fro m Miami, Oklahoma. She has been listed on both the President's and Dean's Honor Rolls and has maintained a 3.76 grade point average. Dianne is active in Beta Epsilom Sigma, the Engineers Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and Norse Stars. 1 l W ,, lm.. rfmmwia. " ' it fa. ww l Lia 555525 fail-Q? li i 11-it QAQ' jhwromilrlc ,ljigiiwlliesgccsslifiaif QQZWSTEMS ll ll l lllu LM 3 F. N-ar:-'JM'--iwffgfire--ryzgsg,-':r::s:--W s:.' .y --are rf - - f-' af: - 2- 3- . I .--, .,, J3.'?2e'J' -' S - .kQ'?rea.' A2151 Af. FJSDQQTETI' i 'L :gf-ye. ' K.. ifegfif A: , ruin? is X gi . .4 'mfg ifiilf lift' is-fe,-. Z... 13355 ' E .j . V QE, rx. mf .- . N if: U l i , , 5 iw iii :mg -' if .Q ll u . gif-.ilgziii jlffie lla? t. . if S '4w,,,'. Nj 1!! 1 ,lll -!- 'ie i A a ,W ?, , EH ' 3 V il. amy j 1. we ,- wi , iiifftasi W -- .. ,,.. .3 ,A.. ,, g j S gwllwl, ml, il " ii it i Y 5 Q PQ G Z 'il l we- i llfill Q 'gt ' 55 if iii W1 iii gg iii iii i lllini , L Q .. fr, 5 . me V e il il ' .Jil i Lois Jean Smith, Commerce, Oklahoma, is a sophomore Business Education major with a 3.62 ,grade point average. She has served as a cheerleader for two years and is currently Secretary of the Business Club. She has been a member of the Young Democrats. l ifiii iiii 'i lil C iiiiii iiih i . vw iz' 5 .i S' ill 5. fi. 2 5 - we is tflvwli- ' - -- VVHO'S WHO JUNIOH Ebrahim Fatemizadeh is a sophomore lndustrial Engi- neering major from Tehran, Iran. He has maintained a 3.38 grade point average. Ebrahim is a member of the Engineers Club and Phi Theta Kappa. He is also a math tutor. Gary M. Spriggs, a sophomore Chemistry major, is Commerce, Oklahoma. Gary is a member of the Dean's or Roll and has maintained a 3.76 grade point average. He a member of the Engineers Club. N AMERICAN COLLEGES Ken Reynolds is a Tulsa, Oklahoma, sophomore with a Pre-Veterinary Medicine major. Ken has been listed on both the President's and Dean's Honor Rolls and has a 3.84 grade point average. He is President of Beta Epsilon Sigma and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and Young Republicans. Ken works as a botany lab assistant. Randy Rosiere is a sophomore Animal Science major om Wyandotte, Oklahoma. He is a member of the Aggie So- iety, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Student Senate. Randy was a ember of the first place judging team at Houston in 1968 nd a member of the National Champion Livestock Team at ort Worth in 1968. His grade point average is 3.77. as X Ml f Q ll Linda Kordis, a Miami, Oklahoma, sophomore, is a So- ciology and Psychology major. Her grade point average is 3.81. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the Spanish Club, the Ambassadors Club, and BSU. She is listed on the Dean's Honor Roll. , 13. ll as-T.. if ' .. me ay g3fAQfg,34y,35a1 lfggw is l .sm 25,1 , ' '52 L' L s we ll. iii g .l ll it . " ' 'NW its " , M... l. fl. me-'ff as ,Lg B., 1 as V 5. Carolyn Barton, a sophomore English major, is from Commerce, Oklahoma. Carolyn has been listed on the Presi- dent's and Dean's Honor Rolls and has maintained a 3.71 grade point average. She is active in Phi Theta Kappa, Order of Freyja, and the Young Democrats. She also serves as sec- retary to the Dean of Student Affairs. WHO'S WH JUNIOR Marty Read, a sophomore Animal Science major, is from LaCygne, Kansas. He served as a member of the National Champion Livestock Judging Team as a freshman and was presented the leadership award in 1968. He is a member of the Aggie Society and Phi Theta Kappa. His grade point aver- age is 3.35. Howard Brown, a sophomore Animal Science major, from Centerville, Kansas. Howard is a member of the Society and Phi Theta Kappa. His grade point average i He was a member of the championship judging team at ver this year. He serves as a lab assistant in Animal S N AMERICAN COLLEGES Charlotte Victor is a sophomore Home Economics major from Afton, Oklahoma. She has maintained a 3.6 grade point average. Her activities include Vice-President of the Home Economics Club, Phi Theta Kappa Reporter, and being listed on the Dean's Honor Roll. Linda Wood is a sophomore Business Education major from Miami, Oklahoma. Her grade point average is 3.79. She is a member of the Norse Stars, Business Club, and Phi Theta Kappa. She is listed on both the Presidenfs and Dean's Hon- or Rolls. .-r E' r perm'-'.vx,:1a5 2 -A seg ir. , E 1' L ll -mswiii W ts in . 2 ,- , Chuck Lane is a sophomore Business major from Rock ford, Illinois. Chuck is President of the Business Club, a mem ber of Phi Theta Kappa, and a letterman in varsity baseball. His grade point average is 3.29. 'T ly . l - ts'r?K355 A all I , - .. xiii .ge 5 552 Q.. gf 33? . .sawj , ., , ' I . "1'1sQ ' 'Mir " ' 1. Q ' -we? f , X. .git Qtaam ' , wlgfrigafiza . M5 ir? 5, . Wadi Q. az 3 aww BE WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN JUNIOR COLLEGES I li Dewey Enlow is a sophomore Animal Science major from Welch, Oklahoma. He is President of the Sophomore Class, President of the Rodeo Club, and a member of the Student Senate and Aggie Society. He is a member of the judging team to compete at Houston and Fort Worth. His grade point average is 3.0. Patrick Griswold a sophomore Agriculture Economics major, is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has a grade point aver- age of 2.88. He is a member of the 1968 National Champion Livestock Judging Team, Secretary-Treasurer of the Aggie Society, and a member of the Student Senate. James Weidman, asophomore Pre Veterinary Medicine major, is from Coweta, Oklahoma. He was a member of the 1968 judging team and a member of the Aggie Society. He is listed on the Dean's Honor Roll and has a grade point average of 3.5. mf 1 w 'Ln .1 , rv .il Xl 1 ul .. I . V bg ,, .Y 5, 353 5 1 4 ' n ,V-.. -W ,U N ww, if Lf W f-I I 'fgy .V f.. 'Q' 4 ,,,j, ""'H-. W ' . .,f . Jlygf --.. 2-V x N if, ' "Wa---.. , 1 m-:V :arf 41,5 ., -rig? -W' , -an C' 7v-,,, V- 1, .' ' w - ' fl 'f ' , . cagwaa if W,-,flw N, -f'bw L -1 Mff-IEW",-12-' 'ffm-.-f -1 a 1 K' fig MT., I 5 ,y.?v1:?5Ywi,,y:wI:',,,wi-Pvxy. gd"-'f ,ff Q X, N 1.352 A WL H Lk. 3 ' 5' b ' " 3- ww I R 4 X --. WM. 4z,m."' ' 1' " iff 1' - f-"':23: lr , .- aff. QQ. V M2:,W..,1j252.f- . V ,-,:,1g:g5.g'f1N - m- , . " 'Ki-17' f H914 ' pl. if H K " 1 1 -1-pilfkgvfi, 1 'WMA V 1 "gi 'f"wf?.e gw ,Q'3-wC ' YA w ,, W. . '11 V! ' M . l 'Mil' X' 5 I w u -' 4 7 I' F' Ti iii?" an 43 ug gm , ar 1 4' '- ' .L ' ' . , , . K X , qv 53351-HTA ..". .'- T -. '1 ' A ' v .' Q 5- ,JX hh Mau. 5' 1. ,,. , ' 1 "'fT""'1 w Y N , 1 1 j.- f.: I KP' Q. 1' , ..- , f H 5 -,:'mA.x.-, v 14,.,3p,,'v....1 . . rf ,....'.' 'fn' ' - '. ,VJ -.W- -'-'-J-"" 7.141 2 R "S 5f.fM'. L Y , U, -..,.,, , , ' ,.f . . X, , A , 1 . V ,X 1 4 Q E' W Slew X :exe ,- n lx Planning the sophomore individual layouts are Donna Trosclair, Connie Yankowski, Susan Giddons, and Suzanne Seitz iii Y a.. il we nil li! VIKING STAFF liRkE'E"l'E gm 55' V k ' "!! ' Qs X ' -- l xg Xi l,x -41, Photographers for the staff were David Ferguson Darrell Gilbert, Jan Wallace, Linda Tallon, and Cheryl Roe choose the and Bob Kemper. suitable pictures. Q ,Wo , V ,fa 4 .:.: 5 l ' Fred Borgman, Connie Geren, and Jim Vogel work on freshmen individuals. l Editor and assistant work hard to complete layouts. Carol Sanders goes to the shelf for a planning sheet l V Andrew Carnes QNoel Weeksj is express- ing jubilation at the shivaree of Laurey and Curly. -,....1- 'S The Sheriff and the cowhands C toni stand at the back porch Ranch. Don Worley, Phil Synar, Jerry of Laurey's farmhouse, Iooki Nunn, Bob Campbell, and Mike As- ng Iongingly toward the skidmore Anderson is poised for action at the Dan KI'Uii0ff, WHO iS freque rail. ating the spotlight. 1 Mx ntly a member of the cast, is just as capable oper- GI Reverend Hale fplayed by Dan Kruithofi , , crucially questions John Proctor fplayed by Russ Lathami as to his knowledge of the Ten Commandments as Proctor's wife fplayed by Lynna Jacksoni looks on. v i I ll 1' , ,l lil W ll l Max Lee, as Reverend Parris, questions Abigail Williams fplayed by T Brocki about conjuring spirits in the forest. John Proctor exposes the truth of fraudulent witchery by Mary Warren fplayed by Becky Riggsi. Barbara Hooper, Robert Campbell, Monty F r a n k s, and Carol Colclasure ac- tually print the Norse Wind, college student publication. NOFISE Proofreading the printedpageoften creates anxiety, b u t ususally results in a big S m i I e denoting success. WIND Seated: Barbara Hooper, Associate Ed- itor, and Gary Walker, Editor. Standing: Monty Franks, Sports Editor. , Amill-l!W'Ei?Q9li'i?Jl LIVESTOCK JUDGING In - ww 7 , A ,I SERIES OF JUDGING ACTIONS l Championship Judging Team at Fort Worth: 1 David Stevens, Charles Kerr, Dewey Enlow, i Richard Cook, Marty Read, Don Simmons, and Neil Bu rcham, JUDGING TEAMS Championship Judging Team at Denver, Front row: Richard Cook, Mike Finney, Rockney Maxson, and Howard Brown. Back row: Mark Grigsby, Neil Burcham, Jim Fergusen, and Randy Harrel. Judging Team at Houston, seated: Don Simmons, Rockney Maxson, and Kenneth Mitchell. Standing: Dewey Enlow, Marty Read, Dave Stevens, and Neil Burcham. 123 4 Front row: Linda Turner, Kathy Shamel, Sharon Scott, and Doris Lawry. Back row: Lois Smith, Debbie Cook, Paula Holmes, and Carla Looney. Leading the team on the field through an alley of students is a favorite with the cheerleaders. 72? CHEERLEADERS Linda Turner combines with Odin to create student enthusiasm. l SPEECH AND DEBATE -,T V ,A gi E l. lj! Hr l ll Seated: Carla Looney, Betsy Stone, and Chriss Taylor. Standing: Jay Gilbert, Bob White, Ted Blevins, and Dan Eischen. Betsy Stone and Chris Taylor pose with Mr. Bob White, speech and debate instructor, to display a championship debate trophy I 1 ,,, , gin! The choral group performs in the Bruce Carter Union Ballroom. Kenneth Richards directsthe chorus. Ramona Minson, Janice Bayouth, Patricia Heyl, and Martha Icenogle comprise the women's quartet. 'Wm Mi l I5 , I Scif--LQL. am, and Don Davis. i row: Linda Brugess, Ronnie Lowery, Mike Mayer, and Jo Van Cura. Second row: Phil Owens, Roger Fairres, Bob Meyer, Rich- Nave, Jerry Nunn, and Jack Hemphill. Third row: Ronnie White, David Jackson, John Lowe, Mike Johnson, Manuel Carillas, and Smith. Fourth row: Joe Erwin, Larry Freeman, Roger Rush, Bill Fogelman, Belinda Brewster, and Kenny Nickell. Fifth row: Ro- Rose, Jim Pomeroy, Richard Gagle, George Parker, Lee Broody, and Robert Frost. Sixth row: Kelley Clark, Retha Heman, Johnny Shelley Woodring, Linda Booth, and Bob Adkins. Seventh row: Woody Murphy, Mary Pat Hogan, Connie Vandeventer, Re- Cotta, Patty Heyl, and Linda Sears. Back row: Dianna McKinney, Mike Thompson, Richard Bailey, Terry Pendergraft, Tom Gris- BAND Twirlers, from the left, are Jo Van Cura, Ronnie Lowery, and Linda Burgess. ,, il 44? W la E l A 5mVtiifr:, J The Library-Administration Patio provides a suitable background for such scenery as the Norse Stars. l wiki-Bae ' ,.,,aa.l .J Craig, Janice Williams, Glenella May, Sonny Peacock, Helen Clay, Diana Dicki, Diana Long, Sylvia e Baldwin, Debbie Darbro, Doris Lawrey. Second row: Grace Ann Shamblin, Jeannie Kelly, Teresa , Marilyn Williams, Janet Donaldson, Dorene Shephard, Mary Conn, Lois Christenson, Linda Wood d G e Ann Eddin s, Mary Pettyjohn, Sally Root, Cathy First row: Linda Kay, Carole Smith, Sue Turley, Stephani Wagner, Carmen Crossland Cindy Stackable, Jerri Mathews, Pam Hargrove, Debbie Reynolds. Thir row: rac g Hughes, Paula Ross, Cathy Peterson, Kay Miller, Sandy Hill, Barbara Balionis, Linda Tebeck, Diana Maples, Cathy Burton, Sharon Richardson. First row: Glennella May, Sunny Peacock, Kathy Supernaw. Second row: Diana Long, Sharon Scott, Kathy Shamel, Mary Draper, Sharon Richardson, Teresa Wagoner, Doris Lowery, Kathy Burton.Third row: Jackie Poeling, Denise Edwards, Helen Clay, Diane Dicki, Mary Pettyjohn, Grace Ann Shamblin, Helen Easely, Lynn O'deII, Patty Burns. Fourth row: Sharon Oldham, Jeannie Kelly, Linda Kay, Kay Miller, Sally Root, Kathy Hughes, Vickie Bagby, Sue Turley, Adonna Zordell, Billie Clabough, Stephanie Baldwin. Fifth row: Glenda Henry, Carol Craig, Janice Williams, Sally Meyers, Debbie Darbro, Lois Christenson, Kathy Brown, Betty Hankins, Keri Edmondson, Sherrie Johnson, Dorene Shepherd, Janet Donaldson. Sixth row: Susan Broadrick, Carmon Crossland, Barbara Balionis, Paula Ross, Linda Tebeck, Vicki Walker, Debbie Cook, Linda Wood, Cindy Stackable, Jerri Mathews, Diane Maples, Pam Hargrove, Debbie Reynolds, Diane Miller. Seventh row: Diane Dufield, Sylvia Smith, Susie Mclntosh, Carla Campbell, Sandy Hill, Marilyn Williams, Debbie Collums, Jane Ann Matlock, Patricia Hess, Elizabeth Doty, Kathy Peterson, Grace Ann Eddings. NORSE STARS Tulsa Area Norse Stars pose for a picture. J'-J , , V Q-4251! 5- "We Shall Return" Second Place Engineers Club A .13 hyd. t y 121 "iraq 1 s 1 Q . Z 'B l"' ' L fvriifg. r ffm- 4.:4,fZq,, 5 J ffgf,-li HOIVIECOIVIING "Beauty ls Its Own Excuse For Being" First Place Industrial Technology "When The West Was Young" Third Place Aggie Society PARADE f D ' gil 'ii J' 'i'2'f"f7i'i rf L 25 fl sw V e Y ff f , r,, r J, gr .A . ' -4' 9 .L ' ki A 5 L I' . "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" Sophomore Class V X4 x s El iq I ' .- Ein? i "We Try Harder" ' Young Republicans ..i- "Silence ls Golden" Freshman Class l :ncrlq Sim-' - A R fx W XX v"""" J , xf 'F "Carry Me Back To Old Vlrglnle" Language Club HOIVIECOIVIING PARADE "You're Doing Fine Oklahoma" Masquers "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World Order of Freyja Christ The Only Hope Baptist Student Umon Ill! Northeastern Oklahoma Agricul- tural and Mechanical College is our- ganized to prepare young people for enriched living and occupational com- petence 'and to offer continued cul- tural or occupational education to adults. It aims to help the young stui dents to develop alsound philosophy of life, to cultivate self-reliance and independence, to acquire a con- sciousness of civic responsibilities, and to become vocationally 'compe- tent NORSE FOOTBALL " """Ql"'r': r A -' M u C V R' ' VET " I 4 ,J ef 'A'-asf -g.1f:',. 'F QQ- V N Y ' W ' L I . asa SJJ, ,,,t t,t, at . . ,f l ,tl . f ' '- . 5 ,- .J .'f1 rf - .., 7 , ' . g 'Y - A A ' X T' I 'NIL ,, lJ.',' 1 ' I 37 v . - .,,1,- .. - h if . ' , X' A 2 T, X Z A , ie, ' l' - -I . X -. gl.. fb Q xl , LA .. in -gk .ll Y- lr. maui , l al, nazi N ,R-1 i . 5-41: I 1: gl l . -'Y I ' -l K K , ., A H ' -W l. H f ,- 1 1- 'c' ,' " '-... f. y ,. fig, tif. 'NL ...QFD V,5,i,I,!.x,M X, .lv U . L-. 1 . ' " N . it "C ,' 7' 'W 6 W ' t f. J X - 4 ' F WSH " - ' Hrs V' -1 L ' . ' 1' N ff lf ' -' iff.. V,- ef ' S , -., T J ff? ' I ...Y ry - ' L . , A ffl- ... A K . ., NV' ' if -l' . l -ff ll 5 '- ' F at 9" t ,lst 1 mi tl 2' .. q l,' fy ,jlr ' get S .- I, , ,f gl-, .t cf' . .l. ' ' -' l . , ,ff W 'A cv- 7 1. - -L , .lf it .l 5. 'V i vu A nl 'A A' ' wx' 'L' 4+ T ' , . 5 Tl ' l ,I TE T ' LLL:-,. 4 .QL A . R ' 11 I , q Fx J ,Lf Xi U 9 A I! 5 1 ' -, . Y -it 4 if , :V X I , G, - V - . ,- - ,t I X . , - V' .q ' " T S l -f f-'ja f 9 f-1-A L5 t .. I .11 .' 5 , l 'ivy -'!'t 174' r t Hn, 57"-fT' t IU. Yi I l "1 L7 L ,al if ,f A x " ,lr ,K N Y T4 .M 1X I W lt ,fl , in m X -... J., K, 4. J X ,la gl, " m f J if . S-: ,131 gl F' J V V 'Sf L " If " I fl. ' H' J . ll if T . .. T F. tl-. xl .. l 7U-,. I., ily!!-ii, ----g-r,,, V M Q - 'MU M , l t. as fl 4 XX th, K -A l .. 'tl " M' g.: K. H.f5ff 'l' 'T . ff X ' . jy U - f N . v 1 .," Y-4, , " H . 1 - L. W, Ya - , V ' - ' 4 1, I Al fr 1 1 ' A x l ,, '45 Q . H g - , H Q f Q 1 1 Y ' A -S " -w e - 'if 1- he f '2 ? 12 .1- -A , , Q f ,Avi 'r . , U, f lqrm ,, Ill 'A ' 5, --Sr' Q., I '.' if fl iff W , f 'f fe - 'ESQ-.5 --4152! 225' -A--' ,ear-'PJ 'F 5?-?.i5,'1..52L.. l u x: -H -Q Front row: Terry Ash, Randy Crow, Mike Wadzita, Brooks Paulk, Ken Cowart, Rod LaCourse, Cecil Talbot, Joe Horschel, Ralph McGill, David Slatton. Second row: Mark Mercurio, Richard Frasca, Everett Staggs, Stan Beesley, Richard Festa, Ronnie Reed, Ronnie Knight, Don Cokely, Larry Waldron. Third row: Tom Fletcher, Mark Driscoll, Mel Riggins, Jim Frohnapfel, Steve Pratt, Ken Fields, Bob Taylor, Steve Rippee, Charles St. John, Walter Lightburn, Jon Harrison. Fourth row: Darrell Brock, Steve Dade, Mike Chouteau, Mike Hendryx, John Gecina, Ronnie Black, Ed Kilpatrick, Tom Dick, Dick Holloway, Wayne LaCoe. Fifth row: Larry Harris, Steve Watson, Ron Yankowski, Barty Chappell, Jim Selfridge, Jim Riddle, John McGivern, Rick Vandaveer, Wayne Wicks. Sixth row: Don Stroud, Ken Dean, Jessee Ballou, Gary Vance, Leonard Daniels, Jerry Mitchell, Ben Watson, Monty Frank, Wayne Carter. Y . EEI Y. F- "st ' V V, fl I ,P l W .W M. Y Y 1 .V Af. , . 3 l l l it To--V., ' ."?: , 1 ' 'fl 1 , - V ' f 1 . ..l 3,.,5,:, X F 'L . gl Elem? N . Al l it ll, .lil f :L ' - Q' , . , 'E'-" E .t V . V gg , , '. ...' .: .-.. , 1, . gligpi 5. -gm W- ' ' are NX Seated: Chuck Bowman, Head Coach. Standing: John Tiger, Bob Maxwell, Richard Gwinn, Don Rominger. Jesse Ballou Stan Beesley Randy Crow Rick Festa Back Tailback Quarterback End i 5 TRAINERS i Morris Hollandsworth Wayne Carter MANAGERS i Monty Frank Don Stroud Ken Dean Y V ... ..- Y - il'-U Y ,.,, .se W L i I 1 as M, we V 8193 533 Tom Fletcher Dick Frasca Jim Frohnapfel Jeff Hawkins Linebacker End Tackle Back Joe Horschel NJCAA All-American ....-.a.... .F .4.......L..... V1 J: it. .-.,.i.,,.. w ALL-AMERICANS .1 ,,,.,.-.--,..........-- -,....-.- ...Q ,..,...-- ,, ..,...--,,,...1- 4-,, ,. ,V , nv- I .5- H9 JH ,pug Rod LaCourse Mark Mercurio Jerry Mitchell Brooks Paulk Linebacker Guard Tackle Linebacker Q gf David Slatton Ml L-P V ' Defensive End El' Everett Staggs Defensive End Cecil Talbot Center Gary Vance Defensive Back aplhua, Mike Wadzita Ron Yankowski Ronnie Black Darrel Brock Guard Defensive Tackle Defensive End Tackle Great Norseman pursuit and inspired football is shown by the entire Norse defense. C if .,.. i, 'I . ' 1' ,- I I 5 ' H212 s if r . Eg 5 Y ' ' 7 :Y f ,ifziizi i ,rw 'Q i tif, ,Tea l - rv .-', John McGivern 1855 moves down the field against Ferrum. Mike Hendryx 1813 eludes a Tulsa tackler. , -, 5 ku' J Mike Chouteau Don Cokely Ken Cowart Steve Dade Fullback Tackle Linebacker Tail Back Steve Watson 1113 is being rushed by Ferrum tacklers. Leonard Daniels Tom Dick Mark Driscoll Kenny Fields End Linebacker Linebacker Defensive End mr Q ww? sf ' K M gg. , , M., 2 V , Y fr 1... -lsifvll , , ,A'. f: - unix' E ii .,..+ 1-'F . w N 3 'I s Y.. .5a.1n- Q! I if '55-' N f-v.-'r John Gecina Jon Harrison Larry Harris Mike Hendryx Defensive BaCK Split End Tailback Tight End Terry Ash makes a 31-yard return of kickoff against the Tulsa University Freshman Gales. Blocking for Ash is center Joe Horschel. Dick Holloway Split End Ed Kilpatrick Defensive Tackle Flon Knight Defensive Back Wayne LaCoe Linebacker l i Terry Ash C401 reaches for valuable yardage against the Tulsa Frosh. Stan Beesley awaits a pass through the hands of the Coffey- Jon Harrison shows great effort in receiving a long pass 142 ville Red Raven defenders. against the Trinidad Trojans. Walter Lightburn Ralph McGill John McGivern Steve Pratt Offensive Guard Defensive Back Split End Defensive Back This Tulsa player was smothered for a no gain on this play. The tackles are Rod LaCourse 1601 and David Slatton 1801 limi imlliii imfiwgiagi 'N l l l Flon Reed Jim Riddle Steve Flippee Mel Higgins Speedback Defensive Back Defensive Back Fullback 44 Following a good block by Mark lvlercurio, Terry Ash makes a long gain against Coffeyville. Sept 14. . . Sept. 21. . . Sept. 28. . . Oct. 5. . . Oct. 12. . . Oct. 19. . . Oct. 26. . . Nov. 2. . . Nov. 9. . . Nov. 16... Randy Crow looks down field for help from downfield blockers. l . . .CenterviIle, Iowa . . . . Tyler, Texas . . . . Kilgore,Texas Trinidad,Colorado . . . . Tulsa Frosh . .Chicago,Wilson . Ferrum,Virginia ........Open . . Ft. Dodge, lowa Coffeyville, Kansas Jim Selfridge Charles St. John Bobby Taylor Rick Vandaveer Tackle Center Defensive Back End l Jesse Ballou 145D intercepts a pass while Jim Riddle C341 and Ralph McGill C221 prepare to block. Lf JW J Jigga file' Larry Waldron Ben Wasson Steve Watson Wayne Wicks Guard Defensive End Quarterback Tackle 14 THE NORSE Front row: Louis Vann, Corum Turner, Larry Brown, Tom Wolfe, Chuck Burton, Jerry Hoderby, Donnie Barr. Second row: Flenaldo James, Tom Pate, Frank Cornejo, Fred Jackson, Bill Hurley, Fl. Richardson, Sam Fleming. Third row: Mike Wilkinson, Mark Hancock, Vincent Williams, Ephriam McDaniels, Dennis Arnold, John Hoover. THE COACHES Donnie Barr Student Manager Assistant Coach Bob Maxwell and Head Coach Cletus Green are all smiles about this year's winning team. John Hoover jumps high to score against Bacone. om Wolfe makes Norse scoring look asy. Dennis Arnold Collinsville, Illinois 1 Mark Hancock Newport, Kentucky 'wmiu-"' Bill Hurley Del City Fred Jackson Tulsa Louis Vann Tulsa Mike Wilkinson Pawnee 147 4mwk 1968 i il , Qsgllk Laffy Brown Jerry Holderby Brooklyn, New York Colcord Chuck Burton River Forest, Indiana Norse Larry Brown scrambles for control of the ball. Frank Cornejo Wellington, Kansas 1969 Sam Fleming John Hoover Pryor Gary, Indiana I Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Feb Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. ' . Renaldo James Brooklyn, New York 22,23 ..... 28,29,30... 5,6 .... 10 ..., 12,13.. 17... 18... 19... 9. .. 11... 14... 16... 21... 23... 27... 30... 1 3. .. 6... 8... 14... Rurzm J il' '11 1 M .. 1 N. I 1 , 1,21 1 "' I W1 1 . Ephriam NlcDaniels Tom Pate Charlotte, North Carolina Houston, Texas . . .CROWDER CLASSIC . . . . .ORU TOURNEY . . . . NEO FESTIVAL . . . . . BACONE . . . . NEO CLASSIC ........CROWDER . . .MURRAY, KENTUCKY . . . HARRISBURG, ILL. .........BACONE . . .COFFEYVILLE, KANS. ...........OMA . . . . . . .WESTARK . . . .POTEAU . . . EASTERN . . . .POTEAU . . .NORTHERN . . . . WESTARK . . HUTCHINSON . . . . CROWDER , . . . .NORTHERN . . . . . . . MOBERLY, IVIO. 15. . . ........ BELLEVILLE, ILL. 18... 20.. . 22... 25... OKLA. CITY SOUTHWEST .......INDEPENDENCE ...........EASTERN 27. . . ..... OKLA. STATE TECH March 3-8 . . . . . REGIONAL TOURNAMENT "Big Bear" Ephriam McDanlels dunks two. ' .safeg- 111111, 11112 11.1111 1.1111 111 I1 l ' 'hiss' 1 . I Z F 11-1 2 up 1 . '.1 11 1. il . I ,1 C . la 11 ' 5. 11 ,, 11' A if! '-.V . Rob Richardson ' Corum Turner Vincent Williams Tom Woife Paola, Kansas Crab Orchard, Illinois Sf, Lguis, Missouri Boston, Massachusetts 9 VARSITY TRACK l I 5 A Front row: Leonard Daniels, Mel Riggins, Sam Folks, Charles Holt, Jon Harrison, Flex Goad, Steve Pratt, Dan Kastl, Tommy Lloyd Don Littlehawk. Back row: Tollie Bibb, Victor Roubidoux, Roger Millspaugh, Larry Harris, Ralph McGill, Dolan Street, Larry Mike Simmons, Steve Watson, Doyle Guthery, Kenneth Hogan, Paul Adams, Sam Thornton, Thomas Young, and Don Rominger. Warming up for distance events are, Roger Millspaugh, Working on starts are, Leonard Daniels, Mel Riggins, Donald Littlehawk, Tommy Lloyd, Victor Roubidoux, Folks, and Larry Hurst. and Charles Holt. tu-u Steve Watson works on his steps for throwing thejavelin. E .. s- - 1 o W" . ,-.. t b F, V .. ,-of - e V it . 41:5 4-1 ' 'ugslt 'V+ A J ' , I lnfj:-rg! ,. ,.,. ,. . .. -.-as -rt: ' ' - . 1 1 .. S - ' FY? J 5115 jlff-' ,"57:fkfaFgs,:,s.- Y5 A -if-self ' was vt LIZ ' ' Ewa , ffl-J.:-3-5 . .,. , , , - z'-"i'f'Q'1 : 'wing r w-,,'.1,e'.m -at-1.19 4 , . V v g.1:z13'f:"',:-ulgfgl .-----' "". "z'Jif'+vv3.'f-:iff A f f - Air L ww .. . 4594-H TL -' 'ihI,El55'N' " '1'f':-f---.Q-.asa . f 'Q1,g.7,fY"f'J1 l i ' P- J,-QQ , :z-as-:ffl-qw , , l. ' 'f-wg.L.- f1f,,iff:y,gfS,ef-522.9 3 gels 'rm,-.x,:y, , - - .,m.f.,.....,, fi:-Tiil ilfig. 55552 2 ,t f??""'.' - 'J 53" '9?3g?:f'1 -'f-Q1'5gf'5EqGtPQ15i.'fi-fi21257 asking, me " fi V ..-'fait-, -lily ' ' J-f"k3ii1xiFrz'!k',21'-r - - J- . A i-mt-f.-. -: ' 1--tiiwv. .:, ' -t.?i'av.f-www.--..-' . ,. "1 .54 -, Q-f4v'v3,, xv Y, - . fig.. -ww. fs ,r 1- lp ,Avy fn., ..,,-E.. fl., in ww., fi- fm .li47'ir'.'j,z'et9S"Lt',f9""sii'LY'2-.tbilgv Hi 11' M" if kiwi''fQ1?3':7'Z52.-1,f"2f125LAg x. ' 1 ,vf'l?,95if?Igj'?.if3'W"i2"3595TEV!-'.:F?'f5f3.Er'?','pif!f'11?'Wt-wisirlf''1-f?A.N",3i5:f?fTQ'l-tl' f'4'5Mf'W- 'T .1.-'f-f-55:1 Paul Adams loosens his muscles for shotput competition. ' 1 s Dolan Street practices his form for the 330 in- termediate hurdles. Dan Kastl m a r k s his steps before pole vault- ing. , ' x , rl ,N ,F L , i' T , wa . ,, l '.,,-nic , NYE rin IE Bill Grissom Steve Kearney Robert Fleenor AI Tunnell Stan Irvine Oklahoma City Tulsa Sand Spfil1QS Oklahoma City Tulsa WaYne Carter Bob Maxwell Manager coach Sophomore Bill Brown shows sliding form while Freshman Kenny Roberson tags him during practice. Freshman baseballers, Front row: Bob Taylor, Leland Smith, Carl Kime, Stan Tatum, Steve Rippee, Rex Hogan, Steve Phillips, Ches ter Knight, Mike Hoover, and Kenny Roberson. Back row: Garrel Simpson, Ronnie Johnson, Mike Norton, Don Cornelison, Hum phrey Correll, Ronnie Reed, Mike Mobra, Wayne LaCoe, Jerry Wilson, Steve Booth, and Don Stroud. ii E f Hmm Segovia Roy Riggs Chuck Lane Bill Brown Don Cox Tulsa Tulsa Rockford, Illinois Tulsa Collinsville BASEBALL Hitting the ball properly is important to the baseball player and the outcome of the game. V A L 1 1 . Q 4 , - "" -' . --LS I . .5-3'. '91-uv 342 b ' ' A .--1, - f- 1' 52" H ,if-7'-" f' J":2-J-"if ' W' - f,f , P -" .' '-' 'A -1 . -" Um.. D ,N R, . , fa Q f 1 . 1 A 'ZA i I W' V ff,14lj5?3gfT.f. j Tllfig,-ghq f - , . V. . - . . l 1:3 .A s. ,. , J A 2 I . . ' . , Iv' - ' r ,.. 'f X , ' ' l , . "'fw54"'t"1?'f' ' , , f l l ' . . A .-, Pitching is very important to the defensive ball club. , fr Pit I l 1 VARSITY GOLF Kenneth Richards Mark Wojic Coach Captain Golf team, Seated: Woodrow Painter and Bill Whitford. Standingg Jack Mann, Mark Wojic, and Terry Burcham. v' IIJIIIDML row: David Johns, Steve Cravello. Second row: Russell Thomas, Ken Lambert. Third row: Mike Metzgar, Janene Vandeventer Carolyn Gladden, Cathy Brown, and Tim Breedlove. VARSITY TENNIS Mn U H gl 3.4, -V ,X I I H. 512.3 -222: I. 4Ja3T'?- '-I..-'I -3. ' 95 .I w e L es? It . ' '-. ' my ',. Zig MII' I ' QIEEI. A ' .TM I I iillii' FQ, , Janene Vandeventer Steve Cravello Women's Captain IVIen's Captain CROSS COUNTRY TEAM ni. .. is l Front row: Tom Lloyd, Jan Derryberry, Vic Roubidoux, and Roger Mills- paugh. Back row: Tollie Bibb, Mike Simmons, Don Littlehawk, and Ron- nie Williams. From the left, returning from a cross country jog, are Tom Lloyd, Ronnie Williams, Mike Simmons, Don Littlehawk, Jan Derryberry, and Vic Roubidoux. 156 C .if Q :ff " ' " " --i-i-- - 1 1 0' ' :A-"fs -. f - 19' 11" , A 251, ' A.. ,iw .L , , """'k'. flea- -- S.. 4 it if Ar- 1 a ' hi -., "- " -fs 'S L' Qi w l N s- '- - ' ' T' -.v v- .-,- s 1. :w . - :L -- -. L A . .. - ...-. --xi' 9-... ' .f ,gf ,- ,.5,i1J, 5 - F., . ,. ,- as--1: -fa R .,'f-.::'a:'..f1g'..a. a .. 'K + At the start of the Region ll Cross Country Meet at Rive Park in Miami, the NEO Harriers are Charles Holt f4th leftj, Vic Roubidoux Q5thJ, Ronnie Williams Uthj, Don hawk f9thJ, and Tom Lloyd f13thi. Coach Tollie Bibb frighti and Region ll Meet Director Don Rom- inger stand with Captain Roger Millspaugh who holds the Re- gion ll Cross Country Championship Trophy. This was the first year for NEO to participate in cross country competition. The team ranked 16th in the National Cross Country Meet at Law- rence, Kansas. ORGANIZATIONS : if I 1' t pr.: if af- i -' a rx-I-Q A: fr- Q ' N Cf" 1 MCS' A MXH xg-N N ' . s 0 Y ' w Two types of curricula are offered. The basic curriculum contains the typical freshman and soph- omore COUKSGS for students who wish to complete four- years of college work either in general edu- cation or pre-professional training. This course enables any student to enter a four-year college or university as a junior. The terminal program en- ables the student who desires a two-year college course to secure a cultural and vocational educa- tion best suited to his needs. The chosen course may lead to the Associate in Arts Degree. FIRST SEMESTER SENATE OFFICERS-Front row: Steve C Representative-at-Largeg Lois Christenson, Secretary-Treasurer ond row:'Dwight Honnold, Representativelat-Large: Barry Vice-President. Back row: Ted Blevins, President. SECOND SEMESTER SENATE OFFICERS: Randy Rosiere, Representative-at-Largeg Lois Christenson, Secretary-T 153 Ronnie Hunt, President: Dwight Honnold, Vice-Presidentg and Phil Synar, Representative-at-Large. 1-1 Jgdx 'TW ' xi H M ' I 9 :EI 41-ill Mary Ahmadi Nasser Ahmadi Terry Ash Joyce Austin Carolyn Barton Linda Bell Gene Black Belynda Brewster Jacky Brookfield Howard Brown Arthur Capstick Leslie Childs Lois Christensen Helen Clay Sybil Connolly Brenda Cullison Ebrahim Fatemizadeh Michael Fitzgibbon Connie Geren Carolyn Gladden Nancy Gordin Deborah Gray Gloria Grissom Bill Grissom Paula Hart Sandra Hill Frances Horner Tom Hudspeth Bill Hurley Kathy Hurst Jim Jacob Linda Johnson Carolyn Kammerzell Mary Kaufman Linda Kordis David Kreider Larry Lacaff Charles Lane Walter Layman Jean Leonard Diana Long Glenella May Linda Mays Dianne Miller Anita Moody Linda Moore Dee Ann Neill Joe Neill Brooks Paulk Joe Peek Marty Read Gary Reynolds David Reynolds Kenneth Reynolds Virginia Robinson Randy Rosiere Kathy Shamel Suzanne Seitz Darrell Simmons Cindy Stackable Linda Tallon Charles Tanner Bill Tyler Janene Vandeventer Charlotte Victor Jim Weidman Harold Wolff Linda Wood PHI THETA KAPPA XJ' '-5 Officers, Seated: Lois Christenson, Student Senate, and Paula Hart, Treasurer Back row Gary Reynolds First Charlotte Victor, Reporterg Susie Gray, Secretaryg Bill Tyler, Second Vice President Linda Tallon Third Vice President and Peek, President. FRENCH CLUB Kathy Happock, Vice-Presidentg An- nette Robertson, Presidentg and Rex Hogan, Student Senate. row: Tona Ann Linde, Joan Lockwood, and Belynda Brewster. Back row: Kathy Happock, Diana Long, Rex Hogan, Annette and Richard Sankey. w ww w 2 :ww-gg 74.5 -qw w wwsa ww' iw ww ww ww- ww 1 1 www ix w w ww dwgww - gg' YV EM? ww I we QQ" wg , 5: ggfwwx- 5 wwki :iz ww Y .wzwwwwm Bs ww my I ' w Q- Q? ,, w J ww " 112255 www ww wg - sax: :sf . K3 w w 'M ww 1 . Awiw "r .Nl Q. 5 ? Qagww ww ww ww 'ac iw www 14 gwwwww www ww w f 51 Egisww Z M :En dffwgwww ww 55? E w ww www ww M any if -A-. ,A w si ww A fain -.. ,, , my ' wwwww www www ww QR, EQ w ,fr W www: 53? ww www -Q 5 www msg, 'S is .,,,, wwffxww ww www wwww ww -iw :ST . ' Y ww ww ssiff swww wma www www w 5 S., 5 wg , ww awww ,waff- ww ww ww ww Www H wwwwwww w 5 in ii .r ' ff?w4wwww" ' ' w ss iw f .eww 'ww?,-fi' NE-3,2 .1 - ov gf wwdwww 55273 5? 311 www 'W 3. VS 1. arg,-2 'ref :fs H ' ""www wwwzgs' givwwfi. Vx! fwfiiw 5 giww W --iff- - ww w w w w 5:21252 QE bin ww .v-'ww -w 1 nw!-?': -:-.'- Q. ,-, f wafiszwq .- ' JN 1 ' ' " J' fi M wg wwwwwwwwww"w,, Uwwww' wi w M if , w w wwxwwwwgwwsww w M? hr? ,sw E ' H H Hfzgllw, Q51 wwgzibl w w w E1 www we w we - ww w -Y E In ff, Q5 'w ,L N, w w 7 W2 V SSE P .f 4 , F :rm-', N w D l 1 A ii w E . S w 1 1 I A w f V ww 1,1 'J E - w AGGIE SOCIETY Front row Sue Clifford Princess Becky Victor Princess and Gerald Eggerman Secretary Back row Pat Jannett Song Leader Don Simmons Treasurer Marty Read President and Dewey Enlow Vice President Tm , First row: Pat Jannett, Dewey Enlow, Becky Victor, Marty Read, Sue Clifford, and Gerald Eggerman. Second row: Leonard Lewis, Jim Coyle, Ken Judge,Jim Lawrence, Ray Bussey, Sherman Wolff, Robert Arnold, Larry Stutsman, Philemon Thomas, and Dave Ste- vens. Third row: David Bradley, Larry Diefenderfer, George Hupman, Danny Maxson, George Murrell, Steve Ogden, Lloyd Garrison, Bill Tracy, Charles Kerr, Howard Brown, David Grummer, and Keith Cunningham. Fourth row: Ronnie Morgan, Harry Synar, Sam Andrews, Wayne Brown, Rick Baer, Bob Schirm, Joe Thomas, Hank Downum, Roger Synar, Dwight Honnold, John Whitford, Rick Cunningham, John Trolinger, Phil Synar and Neil Burcham. Back row: J. C. Miller, Leonard McGee, Richard Cook, Kenneth Nickell, Morgan Day, Larry Cargill, Gordon Hampton, Pat'Huckabee, Richard Bailey, Leland Chaffin, and Hoover Case. -g, ti ,. .,.. it F' gf .f CJ'- l? Front row: Kathy Spurgeon, Secretary, Nancy Gordin, Student Senate: Patti Burnes, Vice-Presidentg and Kathy Shamel, Treasurer. Back row: Roger Lee, Reporter: Jay Gilbert, Student Senateg and Darrell Simmons, President. SPANISH CLUB 1-if . :M 35: 31555: ' if 1555. 5 L E l tug :ia in if ii ga: an .ss K X kr W .. Front row: Nancy Gordin, Jay Gilbert, and Kathy Shamel. Back row: David Ferguson, Darrell Simmons, Carolyn Kammerzell, Connie Creider, Vernon Siler, and Roger Lee. D 5- -rf- "P"- W 1'-f 'S .' my-+ 'E Q? ' . . , 'S ,, ,4 R N1 mg! Q- -4 M -4 '-', ':, r 5 .4 X r ':'E:E:s' - 335252231 - - Wk V1 2 qi' W ,- 7.1, f i,v . .?l 4 F-if E? ' ' XF 3 1 X k x . . Y ' 1 'AZ - . .4 .7 'M 5' 7 ' A .i glfii-P: . ' ' Q 2,6 ,, Jsflf--vf'wQ1H v 4 -ag ' 'la' - 'Q' I , Q xl I fl- E I n A E, 1 ' I lil K I I 'gg J . .f ' . 5 ' ' 1 l , , '22 gig w 1 H, M, " ima:-41 ' ' " , Ja 4 5 xl Y W .a Q Q ' 1 gg J 4 X v 1 1 Y 1 I 1- X1 'Q X A 'xlfkgj J W VXM 1 I A fr I N if Front row: Bill Gris- som, Garry Vance, Tim Breedlove, Louis Vann, Chuck Lane, Steve Kearney, and Steve Gwartney. Sec- ond row: Terry Ash, Craig Tetirick, Don Barr, Jim Frohnapfel, Stan Irvine, Cecil Tal- bot, and Bubba Dud- ley. Back row: Bob Fleenor, Roy Riggs, Bill Hurley, Jerry Mit- chell, Mark Hancock, Dennis Arnold, Mike Wilkinson, Fred Jack- son, Ken Hogan, and Alvin Tunnell. G I 1 1 Front row: Bill Grissom, Student Senateg Garry Vance Sergeant at Arms. Back row: Jim Frohnapfel, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Cecil Talbot, President. '-inf BUSINESS CLUB rm 1 M- ' wfaszifitw ' Seated: Boni Milner, President. Standing: Paula Hood, Treasur- erg Patti Hart, Vice- Presidentg Lois Smith, Secretaryg Susie Swain, Student Sen- ate, and Tim Breed- love, Reporter. f . lig"5?. Y i W, llllilitgttimliulll llm.,,..E.'l,Hlllmll ,SAE gg ,af ,l f .. ,ML M3515 ll 'tix M 12 Lil, zzzfezsfw Front row: Diana Long, Johnnie Johnson, Kay Swicegood, Kathy Dry, Mary Kaufman, Grace Ann Eddings, and Pam Cooper. Second row: Carol Curry, Rebekah Bunce, Kathy Merriott, Patti Hart, Blinda Brazil, Lois Smith Jackie Poeling, Susie Swain, and Linda Bell. Back row: Tim Breedlove, David Johns, Chuck Lane, Karl Bent son, Boni Milner, Bill Tyler, Frank Alvarez, James Crafton, and Ronnie Hunt. Front row: Sarah Roberts, Kathy Brown, and Farlin Heltzel. Second row: Craig Tetirick, Phil Synar, Dan Johnson, Leslie Childs, Ronnie Wheat, and Oran Need. Back row: Jim Miller, Joe Peek, Roger Mayfield, Eugene Kayser, Ken Hogan, Gary Reynolds, Ralph Ward, and Doug Dowty. lie Front row: Leslie Childs, Student Senate, Sarah Roberts, Sec retary. Back row: Ken Hogan, Vice-Presidentg Joe Peek, Pres ident. I7 From the left: Dan Kruithof, President, Jackie Doss, Student Senate: and Lynna Jackson, Secretary. Front row: Keri Edmondson, Becky Riggs, Mike Metzgar, Kathy Pryor, Jackie Doss, Glenda Smith, Lynna Jackson, Russell Latham, and Patricia Heyl. Second row: Ronald White, Stephanie Slease, Kayla Pursley, Sam Peek, Karen McDermitt, Mike Aston, Galen 0 Baldwin, and Kathy O'Connell. Back row: Max Lee, Pat Hess, Visa Vear, Vicki Holden, and Dan Kruithof. gill" ll ' sf ll a ll PRESS CLUB f 1 ' ' 4 L ,-...awww 'W lll lll , , Xi S 1 , , i N ,K I l " 'x -1 ., l M x it Press Club members, Larry Stutsman, Elton Rush, Barbara Hooper, Robert Campbell, Ray Lea, and Ken Roberson, are shown evaluating a copy of the Norse Alumni News. ,, .... Monty Franks fstandingj, president, discusses the business procedure for a Press Club meeting with his officers, Robert Campbell, R"' Hurley, Barbara Hooper, and Lloyd Isley. vc. .ig Q .L - f v A z Q. X, L. u'D' Ms' 1 n... V r X Af ,cf 1 -. -WIA . W -2 ... - -.W , F env, ,... fp-, Iml'f""' . i l'n 1 x 'Y si V aiu' 43 it .. -MMT. Nr , ' X iiZ,X. N 1 P sm 'E 'Qi 'gfffga g 2 ,Q qui: gi- ' . vi Q X, ,I ,tid . , gf- - - f ' , a? ' , , A X5 'Eg' .I+ S 'W X, : 1 Ev , it 'A E 2 TS ., , l 1 1 if if .II N , , --'X 1 . A we ff- V ,-13.1 " 53A2" A7f 5225? 55.1. ,mga X. 1. -. V J M gg V .hx le n fi 2 .-1 f ix ,m i 1 Q K B -1 K Q, . IW I 4 A: 5. 5. .qaig I r fu T' we . 'LEW5 Y' V 669' mr. ,....l1..g.L,',.f., - -L A ,f. ""'T-fv ' H' --- -1 , -L-.LM I ' f -51 4--L,,-!f,f' , ,Q ' ' 1 'ffgln 4" "' 3. , IE, ,LW T' H ,f vf- A' 4 I--.-.L fx" 'N cg -:X ' , , fb i Q 1 xv. .. 'lv' x - ' . ig? I 4 "f f If 'f-: QM A J '-1 5 nf'-4,Q if.,.Q "-N - o , w I - X V nE ,, A ,- X 4 al-Jil B l 4 Council members posing ln front of the Baptist Stude Union are Front row Dlanna McKinney Mary Ollnghouse Alice Blue, Beverly Bradshaw Linda Johnson John Peck and Don Caskey Back row Wesley Graver Gary Elliott Larry Wyatt and Fllchard WESLEY FOUNDATION Participating in a discussion group are, Cindy Stackable, Jerri Mathews, Glenn Rowley, Linda Wood, and Reverend Bill Todd, Wesley Foundation Director. if ,iiilliilli W i Glenn Rowley and Linda Wood team together to prove their ability asvtable tennis players. This is a portion of the rec- reation facilities afforded by the Wesley Foundation for college students. J Cindy Stackable and Jerri Mathews take ad- " vantage of the space provided students for 1 study. Both are working on their English assign- ments. .pw it NEWMAN pb Officers, Seated: Mary Reyes, Treasurer. Standing: David Elbert, Vice-President, and Marty Dembinski, President. X ' E David Elbert, Marty Dembinski, Mary Reyes, and Vicky Ybarra. Standing: Mr. Charles Heywood, David Waiser, Pat Yust, Rex and Stan Brooks. 1 176 'I aw M520 ill ' ' ,I ' . , . V ., r f,-f.: l l l ll 1:2 ,IA MH :N , , -XP? E! "9 , 5 wa- .f " Ui. 1 l, r lt' Front row: Mrs. Rogena Harrison, Janene Vandeventer, Jan Robinson, Sandy Stephens, and Kathy Riggs. Second row: Delinda Cunningham, Belynda Brewster, Connie Hudson, Annette Robertson, Carol Brown, Connie Vandeventer, and Diane Wallace. Back row: Bob Kemper, David Anderson, and Bill Pierce. ,514 ,A as Front row: Sandy Stephens, Student Senate, and Jan Ro- binson, Secretary-Treasurer. Back row: Carol Brown, Stu- dent Senateg David Anderson, President: and Diane Wal- lace, Vice-President. Seated: Donna Miller, Verna Ramsey, Nancy Gordin. Standing: Linda Tallon, Frank Alvarez, Bill Landman, Vicki Holden, and Mike Metzgar. X .f Seated: Nancy Gordin, Secretary, and Bill Landman, Stu- dent Senate. Standing: Mike Metzgar, President. 178 YOUNG REPUBLICANS Standing: Ronnie Hunt, President, Glenn Schneider, Student Senateg and Chris Underwood, Vice-Presi- dent, Seated: Keri Edmondson, Sec- retary. Seated: Janet Frits, Kathy Shamel, Cheryl Wright, and Sandy Hailey, Second row: Beth Doty, Susan Hawksworth, and Keri Edmond- son. Third row: Ronnie Hunt, Roger Rush, Steve Cravello, Chris Underwood, Jay Gilbert, Glenn Schneider, Stephen Kearney, James L. Oliver, and Fred Calkins. W, ,..: We w,,,,,.,, q , l mgqml ll.. ll. , X f N G ,- - ffzffzvf- w.l"-ffrl. Ml, :Jffl ll- . - In ::'f'l.ll.ffi -11,1311 4 . 3.1-:lf ' 'Z 3' ..,T7-TQ' .Q ., ..-., K - ':-.5 V. -1.-Jznn-31 , , .,. .4 45-:si Y .1 ,X Z 5 vyqgyme 1 l W V, A, 1 .mv ml-.F ll ll 5 ml :HW ll 4:11, ,:,.,2,l.,5 1 ,E :uf ZZQESEESUSERYI a 1 Qt wwf , 4 , I , , f335gmgl?,1gpg4e u. ,l Mist lmmyw, z lx me Q11 Y met ff V, V, W, Hg, ,f , row Etta Robinson Melissa Blevlns and Susie Cox Second row Terry Ash Marty Dembmskl Charles Preston Richard Mc Jerry Frazier and Danny Dunkel Back row Darrel Hart Brian Barnes, David Herschbach George Snow Denny Wolman Eggerman Ronnie Combs, and Gary Cline 79 SCIENCE CLUB Seated: Tim Kilpatrick, Dianne Miller, Janene Vandeventer, Debbie Ford, and Ken Reynolds. Standing: George Algard, John Sullins Chuck Soost, Lloyd Isley, Vic Clouse, and Mike Lawson. Officers: Ken Reynolds, President: Debbie Ford, Secretaryg Dianne Miller, Treasurer: Janene Vandeven- 130 ter, Vice-Presidentg and Vic Clouse, Student Senate. a FRESHIVIEN t I 1 f fl Q t 2 -5 if ' i:l'l' '7 t N ' 'f lv ' p"', t t , ff , W 7 Q T f th th It I d t I d t f d It f th II ff th ty th g th th t dt ght h I p Q d g d t h I t t t ff y p t p t p bl ff h If d upt Itt 2 QWX6 ,, lj, 1 Ee. ."Q jf' -M was fteiglffflf? I-Qjfiiljgs ' , ' VT: 41. :iw M3 , .1-o ,ii-1 X s I 5 31 X, 'K ,, K 1 I i , K XX Xxx X f w 'T J 'X I N 3 W' 1 f I' Q., . 4- M Q, f --5 -: . -ff VH 'f ' , 4 ,X'.5",-S-E? 2 ,299-Jr-ig fe- ' Alai E' . ii " wx ' , .33 , A- ' uk' .f,. .-. Q .A.ffw:'f5LfE?"7?1'x1413: -it .: 'ff v 'iv N' Abbott, Dan Agriculture Stillwell Acree, William Drafting Broken Arrow Akins, Bill Business Henryetta Allcorn, Dru Business Administration Tulsa Allen, Geoff Engineering Copan Allen, Pat Elementary Education Barnsdall Allen, Ricky Business Siloam Springs, Arkansas Alley, David Forestry Pawnee Alsip, Ronnie Business Okmulgee Anderson, Connie Home Economics Miami Andrew, John N. Data Processing Tulsa Angel, Janie Social Work Miami Armstrong, Gary Drafting Broken Arrow Armstrong, Robert Engineering Grove Arnold, Leslie Agriculture Colcord Arnold, Robert L. Agriculture Owasso Ashmann, Dave Physical Education Collinsville, Illinois Atterberry, Ben Pre-Dentistry Tulsa Bagby, Brenda Elementary Education Westville Bagby, Vickie Home Economics Quapaw Bahr, Carlos Political Science Tulsa Bailey, Richard A. Agriculture Redfield, Iowa Bain, Larry English Bartlesville Baker, James Lee Electronics Broken Bow Q gms" i "NW ir-nf A 'ill r f N '62 fx - - .- at X 1 , ,lr ,Hx , P- , 2 , , 3- -,axqil T759 w - 'rg 'Q' - A t f ix T 3' 'Tl' 'S-" - . 'dwg L 532. "To make your children capable of honesty is the beginning of education." Qs. .1 fi x x :'- --: - V E gill Na l I U ' i llllll I ' .5 'Y' l l at is K Q' .,-ri., jg "lg .a .F Qwq' ,ii Y- ' V' .M 9 ,' l ., Barns, Lawrence Keith General v::.: l j Grove ','h ' A A i Barnett, Oleta f l -' Data Processing f . ,fi A PFYOF W Q- , 'P Barnett, Robert ft I Agriculture lk 1' ' , 'CST' Bluejacket ,Ah .,.:.: f Barrett, Gary ' " ,Y -.Q- ' 5 I lx , Y .. 4-flif-t ---we 'TQ -c 5:5 -- Eusmess l ant. i f . Bassett, Peggy it l -X Physical Education 1? " Muskogee F Bauer, Russell ' -E I Business fa F .. 'i ,, k -1 -, 1 Spavinaw 1' . Bayouth, Janice Elisabeth ' 1 XM' . grlgqjl Music ' E?U"'lil'il ill: 4 Tulsa f Beans, Bill Engineering A Tulsa VTX, J I ll My f f-f -14 4 L4,.a,7m-45,1 gi !, ees ' 1 'l" 'lla l Q X 11" - 'Q ' 1 .s,i 'I' J , J ' l'l""+ 3 .. ,g g E ' Q5 7- f T 1 -,, V ,L 1 -2 if Qs. Baker, Jim Conservation Tulsa Baldwin, Stephanie Data Processing Grove Bale, Carmen Elementary Education Commerce Balionis, Barbara Spanish Tulsa Ball, Jack E. Agriculture Jay Barger, Patricia J. Business Miami Barns, Brian Drafting Enid Barns, Jim D. Art Tulsa n 41-,fr l .eff fi nv 5 Y ' r 4 K if its tl, it ll' W f l ' l , il , af'-1 .3 4 l i 3 T TT ,sl iq I x 5, I l Bear, Visa Nursing Drumright Beauchamp, Sara Psychology Miami Beavers, Dennis Engineering Tulsa Bell, David Wildlife Conservation Tulsa Bell, Jeff General Okmulgee Benge, Gary Electronics Salina Berentz, Judy Elementary Education Miami Bertges, Lyndia Faye Pre-Dentistry Tulsa Ber John VY. Computer Programming Woodward Bettis, Margaret Pre-Nursing Tulsa Betts, Paulina Nursing Miami Bewley, Greg Business Tulsa Biddle, Mary Ann Home Economics Okmulgee Billups, Steve Psychology Miami Birks, Mike Drafting Tulsa Black, Mary Ann Business Henryetta , ii gif 1 "Liv ,, x WL., is 3,2 "xr rf 1 , , gg Q -fb. ,X x is r fe' -at 1 ,E Ill l , . .i Ry?" 'FE' ii' , 'i W ii , ml A ll! E i , 1 A ss-fa 'sggieah ii ii ii tears-if-ill-a gi. 'i r l ff ' 'l ,l , iijjlfw wif, 1 Q .,.,. . V VL ,A ig. ,X V, "yr s, .:., , F X W . fi, i L u 'M L ll., ix ' V .1 -f ' gjv, f i, k -Y-Y 4 '- , ,f I l' Vial " f,Laf'?ki , ,., .:..... , , Y " ' Q gl Ji '..f Ti l ' L gf W '- F5 -5, 45 " ' S E, J !fgbT'l'j'g . fi? ls ' .. P W , 'KZ will yi Bohanlnon, Sharon Business Vinita Bohlender, Dean Psychology Miami Bolinger, Marla Elementary Educ Bartlesville Bolt, Ralph Tim Ph sical Education Y . Homlny Bolton, Don Business Bartlesville Bond, Lex Ivan Computer Science Commerce Bono, Junior En lish Q Chicago Booth, Ellen Micro-Biology Welch Fr. ' 5 , ,:,,,, ll H X ,T m l- iii Y J . K iw. l l I I I if 9 -4 , W . as X A it fir T ation F' 1 iii i, ii 1 , ii, 1 i 4 iii ii ,ii F ' is if S Uni Hx, V mga L f f' 7 If T 5 tty, ,x 'I i ,gggj 3131 I lf , Q if r 1 are x , 1. ,,,5,riSfigt ' .T , x Q,....., 5 , Q, ,f I .44 -25: W TM g , l l 1, "., l s 7 Blair, Glinda Physical Education Rose Blair, Judy Business Miami Blair, Steve Data Processing Tulsa Blakely, Milton Data Processing Shawnee Board, Larry Business Henryetta Bobbitt, Ralph Drafting Tulsa Bobo, Patty Nursing Chelsea Bockius, Bill Political Science Wann 4' nd! f it it l Vi" 7' l .,.. 1 W' IL! lim 'Y i i llll 'i ilggg. as L ,JW will 1 4 27 9 a ,ig r ll .. 1 l .1 A" A .ff le,-415.4 5 .T - sp. L L , -315:35 ,f ,N H, I ' XJRQQK .I 1 gm x I 7 A' 'l,i, 3 "W 'f xt Q 5 xma i , ' Jitsu 'I L' , ,.,--- ffgggi ," ll nil. l lm K ' fi L , SF X., 2' , at in I . Y K r ' QP 'L 7:5 5 . ' A .7 gg?-71 1 :-P es f N: 25,1 y Su e 1 s f J j 71 01 Booth, Steven Education Miami Borgman, Fred Art Bartlesville Boston, Bob Arts and Sciences Cleveland Boulware, Jimmie Business Fairland Boyd, May Lois Elementary Education Tulsa Boyer, Robert Business Tulsa Boyles, David Arts and Sciences Cleveland Bradley, Billye Lynn Arts and Sciences Miami Bradley, David Veterinary Cushing Bradrick, Susan Nursing Rogers, Arkansas Branch, Jim Agriculture Cleveland Brasel, Ronnie Engineering Tulsa Brasfield, Randy Drafting Tulsa Brazil, Blinda Business Colcord Breaune, Glenda Gayle Math Miami Breckenridge, Vera Nursing Miami Brewer, Beverly English Oologah Brewer, Wilhemina Art Tulsa Brewington, Max Pre-Law Galena, Kansas Brewington, Tom Business Afton Brewster, Belynda Education Miami Brewster, Cherry Home Economics Afton Briscoe, Donna Home Economics Miami Brison, Jimmie Engineering Henryetta Broady, Lee Agriculture Tecumseh, Nebraska Brock, Terri Drama Okmulgee Brooks, Stan Science Miami Brown, Brandon Arts and Sciences Bartlesville Brown, Carol Home Economics Wyandotte Brown, Dan Data Processing Watakoneta, Ohio Brown, Dennis L. Engineering Jay Brown, Freda Data Processing Picher Brown, Gary General Tulsa Brown, Jennita Lou Business Jay Brown, Kathy Math Miami Brown, Linda Elementary Education Commerce Brown, Stephen Edward Computer Science Tulsa Brown, Wayne Agriculture Salina Bunce, Rebekah Business Fairland Burcham, Michael Geology Jay Burchette, Anthony Social Science Flose Burks, Nora Nursing Miami Burton, Cathy Lorraine Business Sand Springs Burton, Chuck Elementary Education Gary, Indiana Bush, John Data Processing Tulsa Bussey, Flay Agriculture Vinita Butler, Bobby Engineering Fairland Buttram, Johnnie Music Quapaw gan-I 'fy' 53- i -asv 5 WE, ga 1 ,-. -.,. ., ,N X 'f J . nihjiu., !,,,,:fg:, .V A l -vi-gf5t,l i A- -in 'xl' 'T I.. , f f Lx l . , 4 ,. '35 ' is , fe"--4 , ' T 'L Q T T- ,seg ' V ' N T, Fit n L. T ,,ha ,JL 5 f o ' l Yr .49- ,t 4' sf' 'J 7 X it iiei . Y A fff '-4. Y QW li ,T L --4, .1 v'f:g.l X. ' V ' : , It ,',' '- 6 sggily , . 0315- ' f W I X A F.. 44 , Buttram, Robert Veterinary Tulsa Buzzard, Doug Vet Science Southwest City, Missouri Byers, Eva English Bristow Byrd, Tommy Agriculture Eucha Campbell, David Engineering Stroud Campbell, Denzil James Data Processing Miami Campbell, James Business Fairland Camblin, Ken Business Tulsa Canaday, Larry J. .,.,v llggtlxaelilrocessing Cantwell,Eugene ' f' M Engineering sf.. 3 ,W , , Wyandotte g , lg 'CQ 'S' 'y , CargilI,Larry Randall wif-Wf',5 is Q 19' 9 auf , lggriculture " ' ff ,f ushing T- Carnes, Jerry Dairy 'ZG- Leach h Carpenter, Virginia Qyuv -W I lah Business ,1:f"j,,,, ', Tu Isa fit Carter, Bob ' ' 5 " Ag Business ig N- - Tulsa E' Case, Hoover as Agriculture 'N Marshfield, Missouri X .. 1 A - 'f' Cass, Susan K ' Ajit ,H hx J' H . 1 Elementary Education iilit - ffi . PWC' A m 123 ,,,...-- I x ,ad I W AL?-ifl Cata, Kathryn Regina Elementary Education Miami Charlton, Steve Engineering Miami Chastain, Jerry Business Afton Chastain, Joyce Elementary Education Henryetta Chastain, Rex Alvin Computer Programming Woodward Clabaugh, Billie Business Skiatook Clark, Mark Computer Programming Woodward Clark, Ronnie Data Processing Ponca City Clark, W. Kelley Psychology Tulsa Clem, Michael Business Afton Clement, Kimmie Data Processing Miami Clogston, Mike Biology Commerce Clouse, Fred Psychology Miami Cochran, Steve Electrical Engineering Berryhill Coday, David Data Processing Locust Grove Cokely, Don General Chickasha 5 'K 1 me f f 1 lf nc? . y- 1 ti' gg L Q , . rj mm w ll I ,ff 'U' Conwell, Tony Vet-Medicine Tulsa Cook, Debra Physical Education Seneca, Missouri Cook, Nancy Social Work Miami Cook, Richard Agriculture Altamont, Kansas Cooke, Jim David Agriculture Stillwater Cooper, Donald Gene Data Processing Tulsa Cooper, Paul General Southwest City, Missouri Copeland, Phyllis Business Tulsa -' f-ll, , ll mix it gf - gg , rim, A w .'sjre.fff- g ' 4f:MV -22 l . T- a A vf' W Iliff!! ' K l it -Vries U f , - .N-H ff- ,, I ,N ki X ' , ...f L, s N Q, 'ji Cole, Ronnie Lee Data Processing Nowata Collier, Randolph Lee Data Processing Drumright Collum, Debbie Music Drumright Collyar, Steve Forestry Blackwell Coman, James Drama Tulsa Combs, Ronnie Drafting Miami Conn, Mary Irene Chemical Technician Claremore Connolly, John Wildlife Conservation Fairland ,F . al N 'gg SEM T fv- ' - '25 xi V -X,.- ,Y ,' ,fini ,, X Il .s gg ' gari- r' N Y val X i 1f in A ew i 'i ,ef'I' . ' ' I l , ' .-hi W ATTN .!lTLl it '-ar' 9 0.4, K A 1 f iii " "-1" 1 ' , ., , 1, l . . , tw., , Y T W ,' sf- 1 , :F again' j J: ,tl nw t g C f E V if .1 -1 .1124 ,LE.,4i5i,, L LL X ., r X ' W aist .ga f1E'x'Tx'4 1- , is Q ' . ' li 1' iw.-., ' . ,,, ,xt -.IL K . A ,arf . , rs, . - -- -se" .NJN :iq 1 'ev' vs' . .V , , f-1 , " 3 Lg? : ' ,efl ,f - - , , ,gg 2 gaps Wigan E I iid- "' 2 tif,- Corle, Glenda 1 Business Delaware Cornejo, Frank Business Wellington, Kansas Cornelison, Don Drafting Tulsa Correll, Joyce Zoology Cardin Cotton, Claudette Home Economics Sapulpa Cottrell, Alto Raney Nursing Miami Couch, Beth Ann Home Economics Tulsa Couch, Bill Agriculture Adair Couch, Dorothy Business Miami Coyne, Mike Data Processing Dewey Cox, Mary Etta Home Economics Locust Grove Crafton, James Business Fairland Craggett, Pamela Business Commerce Craig, Carole Business Miami Crawford, Jim Arts and Sciences Tulsa Cribbet, Gayle Business Skiatook Crosby, Marsha General Miami Crosslin, Carmon Engineering Sapulpa Crouch, Chris D. Geology Tulsa Crouch, Eddie History Ramona Crowder, Roy Odel Agriculture Grove Crowell, Oralee Drafting Miami Cruzan, Rosalyn M. Data Processing Miami Culmer, Shari Business Oologah Cunningham, Delinda Home Economics Miami Cunningham, Keith Forestry Vinita Curry, Carol Business Miami Curtis, Cathy Business Bartlesville Dade, Steve Physical Education Circleville, Ohio Dalton, Charles Engineering Okmulgee Daniels, Leonard E. Electronics Prague Darbro, Debbie Business Owasso David, Steve Business Administration Cleveland, Ohio Davidson, Donna Marie Physical Education Tulsa Davis, Bill Engineering Tulsa Davis, Larry Kyle English Cleveland Davis, Ronnie Pharmacy Sapulpa Davis, Shirley Arts and Sciences Broken Arrow Davison, Deborah Medical Technician Quapaw Dawson, Karl Data Processing Welch DeArmon, Pam Music Bartlesville Dembinski, Peggy Data Processing Miami Detchemendy, Cheryl Home Economics Commerce Dick, Samuella Nursing Jay Dick Tom Engineering a Dickey, Diana Data Processing Collinsville Dickey, Kenneth Wayn Business Dillinger, John fl' it 1 ,," V' W 1 Y' ' "1 jill" . 3' L Y l -s tin l' wi x -J' I i .V . ' ' . er-f X we ,. gg l H. QQ -5? f ll, .,,l ,731 '-Y .gisjse-,ak :Q gyt . flu fa-mf ill" 'fl W X itll l "' w5T:"l'3l5'55tlQi l . ul-a. ' '.-law-'ill ,pn- ,fanf- e 4:7 Wildlife Conservation ,P ' G rove ff . ra, , . - ' TQ ll hi s 4' e 1: 1 ' 4.4. ,-, , Y if 'I fy ' vif iijlx, . .5522 ' 52:2 sian 5' fl fr-'ii' " tmlwt K 'ff Wir z l W3 ff, . , . ' .1 W . ' ' lj , , ...,., .. "f , .,.,2 y is Q F5 fri? 'Eg fir 'ef as ' V i l ,. t, -'l ll 5 - K 4.1 5 if , -4 -- - '- gf, 1 , r' . :L g .-' f 'fi'-f' we " " 'f 9. I .t au 3 1' - t f I 4 1 "-fn 4' Wim A x .z- LQ . nf f. h ' L ii ,, Wb Downey, Lee Jr. Agriculture Okemah Downing, Terry M. Electronics South Coffeyville Draper, Mary Business Miami Drennan, J. Fi. Auto Mechanics Afton Driskill, Steve Business Nowata Dry, La Juana Business Wagoner Duffield, Linda General Jay Dufield, Diane Data Processing Afton Dinneen, Mike Drafting Miami Dodge, Larry W. Computer Science Bartlesville Dominick, Fred General Collinsville, Illinois Donohue, Charles Psychology Grove Doty, Elizabeth Art Oklahoma City Douthitt, Joyce Sociology Miami Dover, Danny Education Fairland Downey, Jimmy Engineering Collinsville '14 . 1.--V' me 16" E, U' Q' H C.-"I A l ' il ,M 1 , il' ' ' L -It La. x l ... Q lf, ,,:, i ve' ' !eQ ,,-' -' J if r ' L ' --fe f Duke, Garrett Eugene Arts and Sciences Okemah Dunham, Jackie Wildlife Conservation Jay Dunham, Mark Pre-Law Oklahoma City Dunkel, Daniel General Miami Dunlap, Trudy Business Houston, Texas Dunn, Diana Business Miami Eads, Bobby Veterinary Commerce Earnhart, Bill General Cleveland "C: l A - if-5 . A 'Q ,, 4, , wg- W l 12" Ear Dennis P, Computer Science Jay Earp, Pam Business Jay Easley, Helen Business Sand Springs Eddings, Grace Ann Business Commerce Eddings, Kay Elementary Education Commerce Edmondson, Keri Art Miami Edwards, Denise Data Processing Pawnee Edwards, Lonnie Jr. Business Vinita 'fi -,7 N .al-1 " JY' rin? 'lf f. ' 1 sr, u-,.f'if: ffiqfigffi , Qf':'j-:T-f..:,,1j -9 ' i .i! X lil f ,v UM, l iraqi' 4 ,lik f f JY, ' ,yi 55,2 ll ' 3559 W :Q - i V5 QQ time V1 4: , :gs T. W' .,--fr -... ...-sf Ae' f-, 6 11 f 13,5 :g-gf, 5 , 1 f ' fn 1 if ii,x.,.g .Lv '41-. ef 1 ALI Eoff, Paul Drafting Tulsa Etzel, John Business Afton Eu banks, Barbara Business Afton Eulitt, Frank Agriculture Miami Evans, Kerry Pharmacy Bartlesville Evans, Paul Elementary Education Tulsa Evington, Phillip Business Henryetta Farrier, Jan Elementary Education Miami A l X l Eller, Phyllis General Haskell Elliott, Gary Journalism Tulsa Ellis, Charles Music Miami Emberson, Jim Physical Education Henryetta Emert, Steve Data Processing Dewey Endecott, Vickie Nursing Tulsa Engle, Wayne Jr. Veterinary Bluejacket Enyart, Brenda Business Wyandotte 1 5 ix, 1 ef'-,1'r I ' if ti 1:1-'P aigh- 'fi t :.: f T it ""'Q. an Q if KJ ,M J , S S J -' ff3Qa'fi-."- 'K l - sl .1 445 W il s , 'Fzref 'f "Do you know, Carter, that I can actually write my name in the dust on the table?'i' , ' 'ff ',i'fiii-M9179 - 1 y' tg! , Vg Lg - .i Rift wp? ' mf' ii 1 . i ' '- . , r Q 1 N 'f fl ,a 'ix Xi- ' 5- E54 5 x Farris, Steve Forestry Shawnee Farthing, Terri Business Del City Fendick, Richard Data Processing Binghamton, New York Ferguson, David Data Processing Drumright Ferguson, Jim Animal Science Taylor, Nebraska Ferrier, John Business Baxter Springs, Kansas Ferris, Larry Dale Business Grove Fiddler, Marilyn Sue Business Dewey Fields, Kenneth Electronics Jay Finney, Mike Animal Science Seneca, Nebraska Fixico, Andrew Business Holdenville Fleming, Sam Conservation Pryor Fletcher, Alvie Computer Science Siloam Springs, Arkansas Fogleman, Bill General Commerce Foister, James Science Copan Foley, Mike Animal Science Watonga Folks, Samuel Clifton Pre-Dentistry Tulsa Ford, Debbie English Quapaw Forney, Ken Animal Science Watonga Fowler, Flicky Data Processing Dewey Francis, Danny Auto Mechanics Broken Arrow Francis, Lee Pharmacy Miami Frazier, Jerry Drafting Perry Freeberg, Andrew Charles Chemical Engineering Chetopa, Kansas Frits, Janet Arts and Sciences Vinita Froneberger, Jim Arts and Sciences Cordell Frost, James Business Vinita Gamble, Jaynie Pre-Law Tulsa Gamble, T. DeAnn Data Processing Welch Garrison, Lloyd Agriculture Skiatook Gaskill, Donnie Arts and Sciences Wann Gate, Robert Lee Air Science Bartlesville Gecina, John History Monaca Penns lvania , Y Gentry, John S. Journalism Bartlesville George, Harry Auto Mechanics Afton Gerber, Gary General Broken Arrow Gerber, Larry Social Science Broken Arrow Gettys, Mary Elementary Education Bartlesville Ghavani, Anush Engineering Iran Gilbert, Darrell Art Tulsa Gilbert, Terry Pharmacy Henryetta Giles, Susie Business Commerce Gilleland, Donald Air-Conditioning Tulsa Gilliland, Jim Psychology Tulsa Gilliland, Paul A. Business Tulsa Gillingham, Les Business Bartlesville Gonzalez, Bobby Business Tulsa Graver, Wesley Music Owasso ,, Ra A A ? 3 , ,Q 1. , z in nf' . I ., will A ,.,,,, si' I , , A . 2 f -nfl!! . in l. l 't P 1 A fa 7 -4 ' u Q gl' , l xl' 1 Ll if "rrI-:ra if 1+ -tx ig, ru iff' J -, -If ..., ,I 1 ii.. "Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catas- , . g m, 124553 'RM ,ii L . i f- of 'lil Grogan, Gary Data Processing Bartlesville Grounds, Sam Pre-Law Cushing Guthery, Doyle Business Minco Hagan, Randy Business Tulsa Hagebusch, Everette Drafting Alluwe Hailey, Mike Miami Hair Louis Civil Engineering Spavinaw Hall Linda Business Lenapah F? ca 2 J 1,3 r age ?.s .,,:. igzlfibfs 1' Y ' itfxn 2-7 'ii , 3 . Mi Electronics Technology .5-K get 4 Ting Q , x is rlsll Gray, Glenn Edward Drafting Bartlesville Green, Linda Business Dewey Greenwood, Flick Computer Science Grove Griffith, Guy Computer Science Vinita Grigg, Jim Arts and Sciences Tulsa Grigsby, Mark Agriculture Welch Grime, Burta Data Processing Miami Grisham, Thomas B. Pharmacy Picher ... ' in , . 5- 3:7542 '- V , , srlj Wg V V 4-""' . ' - 4 a ,i T. ,- . A .1 5 .1 . fi at 41w.v.t.3.1,ff at Glu, xx. ,Q KQV' 0' 91' if Hall, Odell Data Processing Grove Hamilton, Charles Data Processing Tulsa Haney, Belinda Business Big Cabin Hardesty, Bud Veterinary Tulsa Hardesty, Keith B. Drafting Berryhill Hardesty, M. Annette Elementary Education Grove Hargrove, Pam Data Processing Miami Harmon, Walter Agriculture Engineering Stillwater X f ,, v i fir: Ig vi X li ii K- Iwi iid? i'L?'9' it as 2 l f nm A Harrel, Randy Agriculture Education 1 Elgin Harriman, Cal Math Amarillo, Texas Harrington, David L. Business South Coffeyville Harris, Larry General Fort Worth, Texas Harris, Lelia M. Nursing Miami Harris, W. Faye Arts and Sciences Tulsa Harrod, Greg Business Tulsa Hart, Patti Business Tulsa '12, ,.1' L 5. I :" T. -L-1, H" ,J , V1 21 , A ' ' 41 Helm Gary r Fairland Helton, Jim Drafting Miami Heman, Retha Music Wyandotte v-if-IJ nfs P1 - - K , 'fit a::i.5i'vtkf'!5'f5-- 'lf ','i?N:.S5?4'. f. - X I ,ix ' a . . ' ' E' 1 -I Xi ., ,212 .l , m f NJ , l' , T ll H In ,fmt X ,, ' J T, gs. :f- - -f f J, X51 ,,' , W-:iv 4 C T T, 1 Hemphill, Donald ,rr x Data Processing "1 1, A 1 Q 1'1" Westville l, f "X, 1 qi Hennessee, Steve Arts and Sciences Tulsa Hennigan, Chris Drafting Bartlesville Henry, George Auto Technology Wagoner Henry, Joe Auto Technology Sapulpa Hart, Roxie Pre-Nursing Picher Hartman, Linda Business Miami Haskell, Eddie Lewis Psychology Tulsa Havlick, Carol General Tulsa Hawkins, Janelle Computer Science Vinita Hawsworth, Susan Home Economics Tulsa Hazell, John C. Agriculture Altamont, Kansas Heinrich, Karen Business Bartlesville ,. rx' .,,, , . , . ll l,--Elf 1,11 ..-511 - , t 15' l , ...,, . I ,:,:. ,,,, W.,." , ' ,I 5 , 1.51-. . " ' " i??I: , it gl hr? ev Q, ' l sua' ll will Hail me ' 6f ':" ' 1 g ,- .dal v 1 'li .- .- ww ,, mal g' "Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre, but they are more deadly in the long run." l l 'Eiga - l,"L.liv 'il RJ 's:.:f"- 13' ' " , I .1 .1 H i' V . :.,:.a , :,, A My 1 ' , , ,fp X " 4 " li ,ii iwillu ,,l 1, b-. -9 I i ii iii 1+ rss- 9.15" iff we ,- g :il ill,-'.-, 5- D ' -,154 QW - si, .. V 1 s, . l Henry, Randy Electronics Welch Henson, Donald Drafting Tulsa Henson, Larry English Pryor Herren, Howard History Ramona Hess, Mike Social Science Pryor Hess, Patricia Ann Art Sand Springs Hettick, Marc Business Administration Bartlesville Hey, John Business Miami Hicks, Gary Engineering Tulsa Higbee, Diane Business Dewey Higgins, Pat usiness Tulsa Hill, Argyl Wildlife Conservation Grove Hill, Dennis Art Bartlesville Hill, Ray Elementary Education Morris Hines, Curtis Business Minco Hinkle, George Arts and Sciences Copan Hitt, Jim Business Tulsa Hobart, Brian General Neosho, Missouri Hodges, Charles David Engineering Owasso Hoff, John Music Tulsa Hogan, Mary Pat Elementary Education Coronado, California Hogan, Terrence Social Sciences Tulsa Hogan, Flex Journalism Miami Holcomb, Charles Pharmacy Grove Holden, Vicki Engineering Talala Holderby, Jerry General Colcord Holland, John Taylor Economics Copan Holloway, Dick Veterinary Tulsa Holmes, Paula Elementary Education Wyandotte Holt, Minna Louise General Commerce Hoobler, Barbara Business Bartlesville Hood. Paula Business Tulsa Hoover,'John History Gary, Indiana Hoover, Michael L. General Haskell Hopkins, Richard Lee Business Tulsa Hopper, John Henry Pre-Law Hominy Hoppock, Kathy Business Edna Horine, K. O. General Picher Houser, Howard Author Agriculture Wann Housh, Sue Psychology Miami Hubbard, Mike Business Siloams Springs, Arkansas Hubble, Charlee Jean Spanish Bartlesville Hudson, Connie Sue History Seneca, Missouri Huffman, Michael Glen Business Administration Dewey Hughes, John Veterinary lnola Hughes, Linda Business Picher Hughes, Terry Engineering Davenport Hulsey, Ervin Business Commerce sta, ,Img I-. P' K , .92 x ,, it--3 ,QJQZBWQ ii, L j 4' J " f3J?:f:':f'--v W W ,J N nf.: P 'misgxflfw 4' str' . ru. - -:::..s:' ' ' il nl tif :I 3: S:-11'-ll f' assists: astsslsr it FE fied- 1 asa 'f"f'T'B'1, i w V we f-. ff 'eff , , f , eg- l Qt -ff,- l ' ff I: -. ,I H. , 'V Y FE, ", l I .Y y .A llfi, . 5 ,Wi -gf l l ,. , . , , l 'Q K . L r x 4.4! 1 ' X xx . at I ,W , ,X 3 gfxg? "Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends." '. , Ss. st. . .gf .- in at X s I A N5 if , if ,aggg A r , K5 T .,.. t I' ' H X 'i 4: it - lx , ig' ,,,- 'GV' .- f"'it ic T ff., f ge- f x K g 4 a V X Xl -2' . A . it , it 1 V Q .vw l l f A 5 . W - xii fl VS- .gt .,., V, VV . v , :ig V ,Q l s ,Nj ' .f I ltr " l fl tl 'sa ,. l B . t iw J' 2 -ww """. I. I 199 .ul ,G -in Jantzen, Marlene Business Afton Jeffries, Navada Mechanics Jay Jimison, Dave Engineering Bartlesville Jimison, Kenneth L. Engineering Bartlesville Johnson, Billy Agriculture Westville NV ..:. N .:,., l ii ' Q' l:a"f'!., , ' it -' , , , UQ if Y E if H A f lg. .1 jun. . Y, Ta, - A ' ,I 'l 5 ' , is - . Vi, .I X- . gisfgv, ir. Johnson, Lawrence Kenneth Jr. Business Afton Johnson, L. Michael Math Picher Johnson, Marc Pharmacy Grove Humphrey, Gay Data Processing Miami Hunter, Connie Business Miami Hustava, John Physical Education Collinsville, Illinois Hutson, Mark Science Houston, Texas Jackson, Dave Wildlife Conservation Perry Jackson, Larry Electronics Broken Arrow Jackson, Van Electronics Miami Jaggers, Ronnie Business Tulsa l 5. W, J i ' T -yr ff X gi' if X J any Q x -, . UWB- t li' "xx,- it "'x?5'x Q. V' A W x Miami: it, Nl - , A li P e . HH .Q H ,fu Yugi, Johnson, M. Randy Drafting Tulsa Johnson, P, Johnny Music Education Miami Johnson, Rod Business Bartlesville Johnson, Sherry Art Tulsa Johnson, W. Scott Agriculture Skiatook Johnston, Greg Agriculture Yale Jones, Hubert Auto Mechanics Miami Jones, Mike Auto Technology Vinita Karnes, Jancie Business Education Quapaw Karr, Donna Home Economics Miami Kay, Linda English Quapaw Kayser, Eugene Engineering Galesburg, Illinois Kearney, Kathy Data Processing Tulsa Keith, Mike Business Tulsa Kelley, Jeannie Arts and Sciences Bartlesville Kelly, Gay Elementary Education Commerce if il i,'l xx 'Hi Kersey, Robby Physical Education Afton Key, Vivian English Miami Khalilian, Jamshid Petroleum Engineering Iran Kidd, John Thomas Auto Mechanics Delaware Kidder, Suzanne Computer Science Tulsa Kilpatrick, Ed Physical Education Cincinnati, Ohio Kimbley, Tommy Arts and Sciences Copan Kimbrell, Howard Engineering Pawhuska Uh - e. .a ,-s':Al1. WN. Y -Y Y -- - ,X Kelley, James Richard Jr. Business Education Miami Kelly, Robert Ray Agriculture Zena Kennedy, Kathy Business Tulsa Kennedy, Keith Data Processing Shawnee Kepford, Jere Agricultural Engineering Ringwood Kern, Deirdre lnterior Decorating Henryetta Kerr, Charles A. Agriculture Education Parker, Kansas Kerr, Gary Agriculture Carthage, Missouri 202 as : , ,T .- ...., .,,,,,, U ., , ., .,,,,.,e.. is-55' ,::::2f.':i' :'7"" n ,T ,T iv i ii 3, l ll 1 XV 4 1 1 it 'il .1562 I 111 ' 4 1 ,.. , .i XS -if if -:r-- ' ltr wi 11 we A if I ,M T - AE' i 3 , an 5 1 T3 L has x V ,L -cs - it ,ff it 1 I W it ' if i l H , . 'Q x t ,IW Nl, lung' ' as -uri ,ig it H F JI sw ,f 4,-fe, xiii' , i'a:,g,.f. ' 'V ' f I 1 llgjz x w, K li P ,. W Q ' 3 . . , :W , W T 3' 1' '- A 9 . s' ,Q '- . W . -fx . gg. W . , . In Wx- - 5 Lau' - 1 -as I 's af Lx, , .i :uf - 13 5, , 7 I X 15 vi r im l iv X lag X gc-,fg uf-A3 ,gL.- .14 H "Learn to write well, or not to write at all." N13 W? 9 Kimbrough, Jim Pre-Medical Miami Kime, Carl Arts and Sciences Tulsa King, Tom Agriculture Afton Kinsey, Frank Electronics Fairland Kirberger, William Jordan Journalism Bartlesville Kirby,-Pam Home Economics Colcord Kirk, Debby Business Pryor Kirk, Edward Law Stroud Knight, Chester Physical Education Dewey Knight, Ronald Physical Education Sand Springs Koeller, Kay Data Processing Tulsa Kramer, Tommy Agriculture Tulsa Krokroskia, Pamela General Picher Kruitof, John David Data Processing Miami Kuehn, Sharon Business Education South Coffeyville Lacoe, Wayne Gibson Physical Education Metuchen Lair, Mike Business Langley Lambert, Terry Arts and Sciences Tulsa Lancaster, Steve Business Tulsa Landrum, Terrill Van Pre-Law Jay Lane, Robert Data Processing Korea Lansford, Doug Business Bartlesville Lawrence, Jim Animal Science Bartlesville Lawrey, Doris Jean Social Science Tulsa Laws, Charles Ronald Agriculture Bartlesville Laws, Stephen Marvin Chemistry Tulsa Lawson, Mike Veterinary Miami Layman, Dianna Business Grove Layton, Dallas Forestry Blackwell Lea, Raymond Humes Journalism Bartlesville Lefler, Wanda Business Grove Leith, John E. Mechanical Technology G rove Leonard, Steve Data Processing Miami Lerch, Wayne Business Tulsa Lesher, Dee Business Education Tulsa Lesher, Larry Engineering Tulsa Lester, James Van Auto Technology Rogers, Arkansas Lewis, Benny Drafting Commerce Lewis, Michael Dale Business Computers Vinita Lillie, Rex Drafting Miami Lilly, Tom Engineering , Seminole Lincoln, Tom Agriculture Oklahoma City Linde, Tona Ann Pre-Medical Pawhuska Lindley, Alyce Music Tulsa Lindsey, Charles Business Collinsville, Illinois Lindsey, John History Willard, Ohio Line, Logan B. Business Wyandotte Linn, Wanda Nursing Commerce ,L ' , 'fs-f' f , , 1 T ,J LX? :ij lliiflll 3 L I t Vx A E Sl ' iv! -,.,.. v, ,Aff Im ry' sl ' 'Lx ll X X Hllwll J M 1, tw gm -ui :yt fl, ni-F, wi gg-l, A is at , Tf iff - "Learning, that cobweb of the brain, Profane, erroneous, and vain." 20 4 u V ji , Q Loudenslager, Richard Wildlife Conservation Nicona Park Lowe, John Engineering Tulsa Lowery, B. Ronnie Business Tulsa Lowery, Harry N. Pre-Dentistry Tulsa Lowrey, Buddy Dewayne Business Lenapah Lowry, Jim Pre-Law Miami Lowry, Tom Accounting Tulsa Lunday, Martha General Vinita I ig . 5 .:,, 25 G .ali if X ,W . my-l i I l ll P ' 'B ,gl P l, --4-143 Eff' m ga. "i f ' N' I ly ', ' -X .T E ig , , 5 39' g , ,, 7 ,sux N .3 1 'f f- 5-- f Y -L sri.. Kms . ff' :X 9' T 3 tl it ' , . X l , . ,S :Q if Xiy wlllirsg. as .J .... .fc A l ll 'LJ J g ,,,, wg A bi? i ,T . ,z-tu,-:sf ,., , . . ,sash- af "T gffw-,:l.,,gtg:l . use , sea' .Ns lu ' :- . l J' 7 ll fs I Y . we W. .... ,- T ,M ,. ,.,..,,. Qi? Littlehawk, Don Accounting Oklahoma City Livingston, Johnny General Siloam Springs, Arkansas Lloyd, Tommy History Muskogee Lomax, Wayne Business Miami Long, Brenda Nursing Bartlesville Long, David Andrew Electronics Bartlesville Longan, Gary Business Miami Lopez, Frank Mechanical Technology Hartshorne ' l V fl ', '!?9i .jg W l ,FF el ' ', , ... ,x e We r Y SS ' l Lynch, Robert M. Dairy Management Cushing Lyne, Mike Business Tulsa McCausland, Mark B. Geology Bartlesville McCollough, Dan Thomas Auto Mechanics Bartlesville McCord, Dennis Business Welch McCord, Donna Nursing Miami McCorkell, Sharon Home Economics Wyandotte McDaniel, Ephriam Sociology Charlotte, North Carolina McDermitt, Karen Education Tulsa McGee, Leonard Animal Science Blue Mound, Kansas McGhee, Cathy Secretarial Science Grove McGivern, John Arts and Sciences Tulsa Mclntosh, Sherrie Business Administration Miami Mclntyre, Kenneth Eugene Animal Science Lockwood, Missouri McKenzie, Gary Agriculture Bristow McKinney, Diana Music Grove ' V as as- T ii Q l , l l nj i XC , , W J, ff if-LW . f' i N-F, is .r fgggff ,N ,1 ,Y , X- 1 V X it if V 4i 1 x ' it K.. , ' Fx ir 1735 1 9 .i , Ml' -4 gi' S' if ," ,H . lf, ,l wfgv' ill f Qi. KL' ' X If Maloy, Keith Pre-Law Bartlesville Mangum, Mary Home Economics Quapaw Mann, Jack Arts and Sciences Miami Manning, Don Computer Science Tulsa Manning, Sharon Nursing Miami Maples, Diana Data Processing Miami Marcum, Sara English Miami Marina, Sheryl Ann Pre-Law Tulsa McKisick, Jimmie Lou Business Big Cabin McMahon, Judi Nursing ' Tulsa Maghami, Massood Agronomy Iran Magoon, Marlise Business Tulsa Mahan, Charlcie Home Economics Roswell, New Mexico Mahurin, Shirley Home Economics Picher Mailath, Dan Political Science Commerce Mailes, Marcia Data Processing Miami I I' is is .l X - iii-ff: 2 ,1 ,.-4.f. ' 1 1 ,Rm .i,. !.1. are "l -ffl 1 l' 1 L l i if n ' M X W 4 . l 2 Q l ,l "The wisdom of a learned man cometh by opportunity of leisure: and he that hath lit- ,i,i'Tii,, if ,T l 52 t , '1 'i A is 5 was , ,fL-s,,, .,.,, tle business shall become wise." -I l 2' get lf' 'N " ' ,L Marlow, Herman Mechanical Technology Commerce Marrs, Jim Arts and Sciences Skiatook Martin, Diane - Nursing Picher Martin, Gary D. Electronics Jay Mashburn, Pete L. Animal Science Fairfax Mason, Randy Law Tulsa Masterson, Douglas Engineering Miami Mathis, Tom Data Processing Wyandotte Mauldin, Jean Pre-Dentistry Tulsa Maxon, Danny Agriculture Education Edna, Kansas Maxon, Rockne Agriculture Education Welch May, Mike Arts and Sciences Tulsa Mayer, Mike Business Miami Mayfield, Roger Engineering Fairland Meadors, Stephen Leslie Electronics Bartlesville Means, Harold Jr. Data Processing Tulsa Medley, Sherry Computer Science Oklahoma City Meier, Kenny Agriculture Hitchcock Mercer, Claudette Art Miami Merit, Larry General Fairland Merritt, R. B. Drafting Tulsa Merten, Richard Business Vinita Meyer, Bob Engineering Miami Meyer, Sally English Miami Middleton, Paula Elementary Education Henryetta Miller, Carolyn Kay Math Picher Miller, Mary L. Education Vinita Miller, Michael Pharmacy Miami Miller, Vernice Nursing Miami Mills, David Biochemistry Miami Millspaugh, Roger Data Processing Tulsa Minnick, David Vet Medicine Claremore Minson. Janet Sue Data Processing Miami Minson, John Veterinary Ketchum Mobra, Michael Special Education Claremore Moinipanah, Vahid Agriculture lran Moore, Bonnie Business Mounds Moore, Ralph Tom Mechanical Engineering Tulsa Morgan, Frank Business Tulsa Morgan, Gary General Education Wagoner Morris, C. Paul Electrical Technology Tulsa Morris, Jeffrey David Pre-Law Tulsa Morrison, Bob Business Miami Morton, Mynath C. Drafting Commerce Moser, Richard Political Science Mannford Moss, Mary Sue Data Processing Mounds Mott, Don Psychology Siloam Springs, Arkansas Mouser, Bill Agriculture Miami ,Q 54:9 3-,' 19' " if ,ff , ' X, Q' l - - J E L 1, I fir ii ,U ,vi wi ii tin X We -- eg, , ..,., : - N - " ' A fe i. , ,Q-V fy,-i 3 T. K ' 1 5 1.1231 3 f" ll' V M , N., . ,X ' ' lr lil ifllllli a Q, ' E -' ', ,I H iff" l -- W ,af x , ' lil 'UQ I ll iw lllilifii-fir' 1 sill .W T534 gl i ii ' ' j :W-Sit' W , lil - ll- gf :Zeit " "liWs52F33s "' N' I 2 l- if l f .5 ,H l,,f.,s.,3f Q. 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Agriculture Parker, Kansas Noland, Jerri Jo Music Miami E N ,i ,, Hi 'dt' f l gi" Mowry, James Engineering Miami Muir, Terry Business Tulsa Mundt, Fred Business Tulsa Murphy, Woodie Gale Music Miami Murrell, George Agriculture Skiatook Nave, James Auto Mechanics Bartlesville Neafus, Ronnie Biological Science Tulsa Nedom, Rick Business Tulsa Nordstrom, Rod Business Tulsa Norman, Lee Criminology Tulsa Norman, M. Janie Computer Science Bartlesville Norman, Tracey General Tulsa Norton, Mike Pharmacy Broken Arrow Nye, James E. Jr. Agriculture Bartlesville Oaks, Esther Jean Data Processing Miami O'Dell, Lynn Education Miami , :xx L 'il x. , x :JJ I ly 1 an -l' f " - .r'. it -Y . of , .. 0 --31 . .-.ELL ' is .llf trit .wil ., , v 55' F ., -as . T L 'T' 3 ' 'Nl I Xi ug' X Oexman, Charles D. Electrical Engineering Miami Ogden, Steven Lee Animal Science Golden City, Missouri Olinghouse, Mary Religion Oklahoma City Olson, Bill Business Tulsa Osborn, Debbie Music Vinita Oswald, Mike Journalism Miami Ousley, Sandy History Miami Overton, Howard Business Q-,sf QM! 'QF'-If , aa f G- -a . A xv Y B T 3 ,af My 2 ii if ii 5 'sf' L l " l 4 B---2 , -f f. Xl ik I ky, :. s is-lg M if J L E., Tulsa X ,K N Q, fs m X X l f 1 Z ififf iikii Patman, Jo Lynn Business - Tulsa Patterson, Robert Leon Animal Science Golden City, Missouri Pattison, Mike Business Administration Skiatook Payton, Judy Elementary Education t Jay Payton, Rita Accounting Commerce Peacock, Sunny Jean Psychology Miami Peck, C. Bruce Agriculture Vinita Peck Ma . FY Elementary Education White Oak -if -..-.K A l l f L 1 x :Q gk ' ,Q l I A ' J V- I l' ul' f . , ,,,, , if ' Owens, Donald Arts and Sciences Henryetta Pack, Tom Arts and Sciences Bartlesville Painter, Jim Mechanical Technology Miami Pair, Glenn Poultry Science Kansas Palmer, Danny Electronics Afton Parker, Stan Business Vinita Paschal, Lynn Data Processing Tulsa Pate, Thomas Roy Business Houston, Texas -5 'L N. 3 . ,L 'fer fi-it Fw Avi, gif F i-f mr ' :N w i X YV Q t ' i'liYuf,LT'f ' -ff Y ,f'3"'a.f -I JL...m- .if 210 S FS E ' ijt A ii: Q" r N , .,t . .. , ff, .. Q , if 'W ll xg 3, flu, .lfjll f l 5 5. Agn ,lm 5 'FAQ " " 5 ef ' 1, as-Qf-rxfi " ng., 4 W Q 4. . X' rf,-.sf . 7 .Mft Ml rl, , ir -in l -2 af fi , ll ll li ,.. . , W, 'it ll . A ,. arg H at f l lL :Q Q V 21. , 33-f tx, T. I It ...lll Q H155 "He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches." til, fl . 'W' V .1 - X l ll 5 tn A t W 2 'ffltr V I in ff f if N, s U I its l at lisa. L ,. - .jg-' V ' 9- ' "fix ., K e sv, 'RQ . , 'TM' f 1. 'i-,5eQ r" ,ll l ' " mg . 6, Loft, .,.., .W , g, , '11 'ig-' , 4 3' "4 fafii-'fit 'igfbfmizr Peck, Steve Education Salina Peebles, Judy Business Tulsa Pendergraft, Terry Accounting Miami Pendleton, Bob Engineering Tulsa Perry, Joseph L. Sociology Rochester, New York Perry, Gayle English Tulsa Perry, S. Dian Literature Quapaw Peters, Larry Data Processing Tulsa Peterson, John Physical Education Spring Valley, Illinois Pettyjohn, Mary Business Norman Phillips, Donna Data Processing Miami Phillips, Gerald Drafting Tulsa Phillips, Janice Business Tulsa Phillips, John Ft. Agriculture Science Wagoner Phillips, Steve General Okmulgee Pilcher, Susan Dianne Business Kansas Pilgrim, Tom L. General Grove Pinkston, Kathy Psychology Tulsa Pipher, Dennis E. Drafting Dewey Pittman, Virgil Pre-Dentistry Siloam Springs, Arka Platner, Robert James Drafting Miami Pliler, Susan Arts and Sciences Miami Pollan, Roberta Home Economics Grove Poston, Mike Drafting Collinsville HSBS Pound, Robert Animal Science Brownlee, Nebraska Prater, Anita Data Processing Miami Pratt, Steven Physical Education Hominy Price, William Veterinary Skiatook Pringle, Phillip Business Tulsa Pringle, Steve Business Tulsa Pritchard, Melva Social Work Grove Pryor, Kenneth Edward Pharmacy Miami Purdam, Curtis Lynn Agriculture Education Bartlesville Pursley, Kayla Arts and Science Miami Quigley, Colin Eugene Biological Science Foyil Quine, Danny Arts and Sciences Cordell Race, Randall Electronics Technology Chicago, Illinois Rader, Bill Agriculture Claremore Rader, Thressa Science Claremore Radford, Glen Accounting Quapaw Rahorn, Penny Elementary Education Choteau Rainey, James Engineering Okmulgee Rains, Don Auto Mechanics Tulsa Read, Jerry Agriculture Elgin Reavis, Janie Liberal Arts Tulsa Redden, Jack Math Picher Reed, Alan Business Tulsa Reed, Ronnie Art Muskogee ,,' ,IAS 1-5 " ' v 1.-: 91 .Q L.. A. v .V L Q W t L 'r " -, L" " far -5 fy, ' ' R . -4 N 5:4 fm, 4' 4 " -,rl Y lr"' 'A i - 'lm liar? fi ttf, M, .V 'nl -7 I- x Y '3 1 arm, T 4 ,y fx! "l would live to study, and not study to live." f , ,if, -3 I 460 i Q .47 ,J lic: . 1,17-ist, " li W-J s I WW at Ft ,i X PL, 'I Q, . if 'Pr l . J 4 , 9- " 1 T1 5' ' , , ,ig ..,., .,.. T ttf' ,ri tfF""" ' W 12 x H 'I 'li J , . lg c ,Ewwi , - :,.. l '1m"'. limi lx I 1 L l S ll J l ll 134' lv.. , ,M Reynolds, Debbie Data Processing Miami Rhine, Jim Social Science Commerce Rhodd, Vesta English Dewey Richardson, Kathy Business Tulsa Richardson, Robert Physical Science Hillsdale, Kansas Richardson, Sharon Business Miami Rickman, Sharon Data Processing Miami Rickner, James Michael Animal Science Drumright I ,Z X S Wagga, ,W A HMM, J' l 'L 45 1 N I , l l ' WA., f 5' . ,. ,I ,.., fse i 1 ' r - tw' ELPH nr - . i' ' 'I A -' , x .,,,1 I I l, T. I xl J ,, Q i 1 J ct.-1. , , . I M p ,, .5 M l t Q," l URN M K. ,,g,,g,qa7si. if sg .S ,g,ge'.'liiE 1 - e -be .,.r':Jl ng l " , mt IN W f-if f'mgWi,xE Reed, Ronald Dean Business Miami Reed, Susan Pre-Medical Commerce Reinecke, John Engineering Bartlesville Renegar, Brian Ellis Vet Medicine Cookson Reniker, Jay Forestry Miami Reyes, Martha L. Nursing Miami Reynolds, Bennett Steven Art Tulsa Reynolds, Billie Data Processing Taylor, Nebraska x ,si ix R ' liggg Nl, " ' 4- ,a J .sis , f , l ' rt. , ,rf l' . 'us-J Riffe, Homer Duane Agriculture Wagoner Riggs, Kathy Business Jay Riley, Phyllis Nursing Miami Riley, Robert E. Drafting Tulsa Rippee, Steve Physical Education Muskogee Rivkin, Jeffrey David Arts and Sciences Tulsa Robbins, Chuck Chemical Technology Greensburg, indiana Roberson, Charles Kenn Journalism Miami eth Roberts, Curtis Drafting Miami Roberts, Judy Veterinary Tulsa Roberts, Ronald Wildlife Conservation Tulsa Roberts, Sarah Jane Math Miami Robertson, Annette French Jay Robinson, Christina Business Miami Robinson, Etta P. Drafting Tulsa Robinson, Janelle Lee Home Economics Miami , 35 i 1 'QF' IA 1- 415 . , 'fn ,. ,L 41 X iv ,, Jr' . V , ts- ' Ross, Wendall General Commerce Roulston, Sharon Business Beggs Rowe, Cindy Elementary Education Henryetta Rowley, Gary Drafting Bartlesville Rush, Roger Allan Psychology Miami Rutelonis, Jim Engineering Tulsa Rutherford, Richard Veterinary lnola Ryan, Carol Anna Math Afton ' it 'Y- f L fl .1 ff' e " " 'Ha' vs. i ,- ' -4 ,gy as -1 J 1 I I . ,. 1 i' . J' W W gm l will :si if V J l4,Vjg:,.. gmalv A W W Y as ae-www-if' .211 4 "' f i iii N :Z new .-.:. . ., . ,,.. iufwiwivg ef. 1 V at if E l K Ax , .... , . iE , Robinson, Roger Data Processing Nowata Rodriguez, Linda Nursing Miami Roe, Cheryl General Grove Rollins, Delora Data Processing Miami Root, Sally Dianna Data Processing Quapaw Ross, Joe Veterinary Dewey Ross, Paula Biological Science Vinita Ross, Wanda Kay Data Processing Grove nw 47 .,f, J l 1 - l' 'lifffr-E- - 'E-14' -- r gig, 123, fi-124: J is 1' ' If K ,,, J , le- its J 114 . , ,.,, - iff ' ,4st,.-.Lixil,lllil l ,.l, .. a ' ' ', 1 -'al T lllllllll X gg' 'lllghf 1 4 l if gk, E, ref l ,. . . ,a l ,, t 2 .mil -in an-1 'K' iii l irish ag ll lll"""v"W"1' fi" 1' ,ff.,l. -"' L 11l"'9--f , ' -1: , ' - w ill i 1 -'Lax l ' ri ll W , "Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability." v.,-, N w A . NX x' fx if ,' - fc: Q' ' I x ,Lev , . , g f i wi". Q.. I l We . 1+ .t - - L, Tr., it . 4.: i , - ,f V . , -4 E559 , lllimiil' ll - Wx L . K: -'t' A "5- ' z M4 as l , ..... ,,. ..-,tif ' 4 ' Wl.f,,s -, wh, 5531- fi ' N TEES Wu., i"l.m..!,.Ll.l ll..laL'., , t',.t..l ,,,.,, X' 'i,Z,,,,4-GN, -x tif., , l ps: - f wfti, Saine, Danny Carl Data Processing Drumright Salzman, Jan Art Tulsa Sample, Larry Industrial Education Commerce Sanders, Carol Elementary Education Miami Sanders, Jim Accounting Dewey Sanders, Ron Business Administration Bartlesville Sanders, Stephen Douglas Data Processing Nowata Schaefer, Melvin Arts and Sciences Fairland Schafer, James T. Speech Tulsa Schaum, Sherrie English Tulsa Schneider, Glenn Pre-Law Bartlesville Schulte, Cyndi Drafting Tulsa Schulze, Milton Auto Technology Pawnee Schwartzlander, Michiel Agriculture Burvvell, Nebraska Schweitzer, Paula Art Vinita Scott, David Business Grove Scowden, Lois Data Processing Miami Seago, Bobby Art Tulsa Searcy, Marie Nursing Miami Seay, Cassandra Arts and Sciences Chetopa, Kansas Segovia, Gerald Business Tulsa Selfridge, Jim Engineering Chickasha Sellers, Don Psychology Bartlesville Seward, Margaret Nursing Miami Shader, Paul lnterior Design Tulsa Shaffer, Glenn L. Electronics Bartlesville Shamblin, Grace Ann Business Commerce Shamel, Kathy Arts and Sciences Tulsa Sharpe, Harold Business Langley Shartel, Beverly Home Economics Tulsa Shartel, Susanne Home Economics Tulsa Shaw, Betty Elementary Education Oklahoma City Sheffield, Scott Physical Sciences Owasso Shelton, Lana Laboratory Technology Bartlesville Sheram, Don Data Processing Broken Arrow Shero, Suzanne English Grove Shields, Larry Engineering Jay Shinn, Timothy Agriculture Tulsa Shipman, Jeannie Business Miami Sholl, Beverly Business Dewey Shriver, Jerry Political Science Dewey Sigler, Steve Business Tulsa Simmons, Mike Business Muskogee Simpson, Garrel General Sand Springs Simpson, Martha Spanish Seneca, Missouri Skaggs, Jess Forestry Baxter Springs Kansas Skaggs, Stephen Social Science Baxter Springs Kansas Skye, Lenny Nfl-f-ml, l -. 1 1 lim ll' 1 W si,,,v,w Nl l ll X '4 T t , -5 l 4 - , .,,,.,,,.M -,Y 3 1.'f7N1'1'ii 4 I-KN B rl? i K h 6 1 - 4 l ll' 1 1 ts' ' 1 ,y 3 , 1 75'- V - X l l , .ml - 'V' ilu ll 33? , Y M- '51 lll lll - lll ll lll li "ll lll Q is ,fl ,, ,, , , JY, . -j -1,1 .gpf xx, x,. .,...g -P-V V .- F - A Y 94 t A, 1 jill! Tyla! ,levi 1. isa TTTT' "Knowledge itself is power." , E . x i ill ,, r N 1 S 7- 1 1 ,- l -1, 'i I, 1 VA ' . Y . Accounting as V N, Baxter Springs, Kansas , 5' - ,- .- '.I,-W ',.i'-if-fl: Kuff W, ,, -, --A! .cn sv! , ,tx W i ff if ,ff W! Rfslg iq? Smith, Glenda Data Processing Henryetta Smith, James Everett Speech Yukon Smith, Johanna Physical Education Muskogee Smith, John L. Engineering Afton Smith, Joseph Business Circleville, Ohio Smith, Larry D. Business Miami Smith, Paul Art Tulsa Smith, Ronald Kirk Math Miami . 5 , X . B. f 1,11 l , ,:-.-.-., 3 :Q l i G thx I . , , YQ L-f l s 11 mg- ,A ir H '- V ,S V ing Ji, fiat f' , .,-,A -f5ifl"' f X ,X--Ury., V i X "H P' th' Q T it .sg AXE Slease, Perry Auto Technology Miami Slease, Steffenie Speech Galena, Kansas Sly, Beth Business Fairland Smallwood, John Pharmacy Miami Smith, Betty Nursing Vinita Smith, Beverly Business Miami Smith, Donna Business Owasso Smith, F. Wayne Business Commerce Q F-ri, w fit Y Af lf rm' fi .Q F .av 1 J I 2 " as l. H . Q , 9 . if 6 'L e 1 , gg , ' L kWhyff2.- . ihlsiejef ' fi , V Wifi ini' 1 . Wasilla 5. Smith, Sylvia Music Oklahoma City Smith, Theodore Eugene History Skiatook Smith, Tony Business Wyandotte Snow, Charles Engineering Tulsa Soliday, Patrick Drafting Valparaiso, lndiana Sommer, Lillian A. Nursing Miami Sooter, Donna Jo Data Processing Vinita Spalding, Bruce Data Processing Bartlesville Spaniard, Mike Art Tulsa Sparks, Jerry Data Processing Tulsa Sparks. Tom C. Engineering Tulsa Spence, Cindy Business Commerce Spencer, Daryle Wildlife Conservation Jay Spencer, Kenny Business Bartlesville Springer, Chuck Mechanical Technology Chelsea Springer, Robert Eugene Wildlife Conservation Evansville, Indiana -, . .k-ie, l .N - it 3' l fs l l X I Its, Wai 1 , - as :-:f ll , , is . .-XX ',an-,- 111 4 v K I lf 1 13 Stephens, Grey Business Tulsa Stephens, Jack Drafting Henryetta Stephens, Sandra Home Economics Jay Stephens, Steve Pre-Law Tulsa Stephens, William Data Processing Afton Stephenson, Phil Data Processing Afton StePP, Beverly Business Miami Stine, Marc Business Bartlesville args ,233-. , -'Qian 'e'N- rf K ' , " '. 6.1 I K . T 7. qw 1' - " ' ,, ' gg, 1 .asg,,,.,, . 'R M Sk Q5 .Q x ' ,ui V Q3 Q-Ji 1-12" 83" -:arf I M N' ' 'cf'-If Squire, Steve Music Tulsa Stanberry, Linda Elementary Education Big Cabin Standeford, Kenneth Harrison Auto Mechanics Nowata Standridge, Patricia Sociology Barnsdall Stanfill, James Business Administration Westville Stark, James Agriculture South Coffeyville Stark, Regina Home Economics Lenapah Steidley, Kenny Agriculture Foyil Af., - - 'avr N A X Q 7 55 xiii. "f z l Q 1 4 ni , :I 'Et E fflllll X' -' ' '14... You can never plan the future by the past." St. John, Charles History Vian Stockton, Jackie Nursing Tulsa Stone, Betsy Arts and Sciences Midwest City Stoner, Phil Drafting Tulsa Story, Dennis D. Journalism Okemah Story, Gary Lee Agriculture Afton Stratton, David Lee Veterinary Nowata Stratton, Mike Drafting Miami Stroud, Don History Bacone Sultzer, Polly A. Nursing Eucha Summerfield, Henry Wildlife Conservation Jay Sutley, Kenneth Data Processing lnola Sutton, Hal Electronics Fairland Sweeney, William Data Processing Oologah Synar, Phil H. Pre-Med Miami Synar, Roger Agriculture Science Muskogee Talbot, Perry History Ramona Tanner, Mary Arts and Sciences Claremore Tanner, Ronnie Arts and Sciences Tulsa Tarochione, Kathy General Tulsa Tanlvater, Richard Aviation Miami Taylor, Bobby Data Processing Tulsa Taylor, Chris Arts and Sciences Midwest City Taylor, Joe Data Processing Tulsa Taylor, Nancy Arts and Sciences Miami Taylor, Rob General Tulsa Taylor, Susan Arts and Sciences Tulsa Taylor, Tehra Lynn Home Economics Tulsa Teal, Ronnie Technology Miami Teiple, Barbara Arts and Sciences Tulsa Thomas, Leanna Business Commerce Thomas, Russell, Edwin Engineering Tulsa Thomasson, Wayne Agriculture Quapaw Thompson, Anthony Business Wright City Thompson, Daniel English Picher Thompson, John Business Vinita Thompson, Mike Engineering Tulsa Thompson, Mike Agriculture Southwest City Thompson, Robbe Physics Miami Thompson, Robert Samuel lll Business Jay Thornton, Samuel Drafting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Thorpe, Steve Business Tulsa Tierney, Kathy Arts and Sciences Bartlesville Tincher, Roger Drafting Berryhill Tipton, De Wanda Data Processing Henryetta Tipton, Mike Pre-Law Henryetta Townsley, Rosena Elementary Education Miami Tracy, Donna Home Economics Tulsa 1 1 7 f Mr 1 U , X-rg, 'ltllllw "lf. ,i:f,:"' li'-V U Wu ., T K 2 NT ui,,,m X' l "lu ' .l 'H if il i wily 5:17-"' r , sf 1 ,-,qgfffu 9 , fu Tasa ,rre ' We . 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Computer Science Miami Walker, Flay General Miami Walker, Vicki English Bountiful, Utah Wall, Brick Engineering Wyandotte Wallace, Diane Art Education Mimi Walser, David Business Miami Walters, Penny Business Dewey Ward, William Michael Business Bartlesville . I i H 'Q g' i 4 J-., ' ,' -f ., A -'L if . I is if X 1' M e ' lx .av 4- ,S its l . I 1 it i L' ' " fb" as J 4... i T3 . - ' -at 'sy 1 ' u 2 . ' 1. ' .2-7.1: - A 1 ,J - - -... gig, ,ff , i-Sr fe-iff, it 'X' ,Nu 1 :-:,. 4 bil" ra .A , "llir"ii RJ' V W l Ll V if it l ii ix 'I, , v?,?,,,.:i A ,ill -A ' , 5' 1 lp ' l. l ek. 3 iE'.w.w"'ii4 'L 2' ., V. 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Biology Bartlesville Willsey, Mary Home Economics Pryor Wilmoth, Steve Veterinary Fairland Wilson, A. Leroy Math Wann Wilson, Brenda Business Wyandotte Wilson, David General Picher Wilson, E. Dewayne Agronomy Blackwell Wilson, Gary Stage Crafting Tulsa Wilson, Jerry Business Broken Arrow Wilson, John Business North Miami Wilson, John Randall Arts and Sciences Duncan Wilson, Lorena Elementary Education Commerce Wilson, Lou Business Miami Wilson, Michelle Veterinary Tulsa Winn, Randy Business Tulsa Winters, Richard Drafting Miami Wolf, Tom Business Administration Holbrook, Massachusetts Womack, Clifford Ray Engineering Tulsa Wood, Lonnie Physical Education Picher Wood, Pam Data Processing Tulsa Woodring, Shelley Jo General Tulsa Woodruff, Roger Physical Education Siloam Springs, Arkansas Woods, Gary Data Processing Miami Woolman, Denny Technology Nowata Wortham, Sheron Business Tulsa Wright, Cheryl Arts and Sciences Vinita Wright, Steve Computer Science Tulsa Wyatt, Lary Veterinary Miami Wyatt, Marlene Elementary Education Jay Wyatt, Tony . Data Processing Commerce rf T af K , 1:2 iss. 5: . , , . H ma' . .ny-, .. , , , , qi- 't 'Tag ' tw .xlrlllvk h I I- lu!! , A 5 fl! 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General Dewey Fox, Virgil Business Administration Fairland Galyean, Linda Elementary Education Vinita Godwin, Jane Business Garland, Texas Gragg, Jimmy Lewis Biological Science Tulsa Graham, Wanda Home Economics Quapaw New Lf' ...Q ' ,V CDS' C57 l. .i . f . . . 4 6 Jinks, Sue Pre-Nursing Welch Johnson, Beatrice Journalism Enid Joseph, Marcelin 'S lit-s T x - A : V We 5:4- Mechanical Engineering , Haiti Kafer, James Pre-Engineering Henryetta Livingston, Mike Electronics Bartlesville McClain, Meridith Professional Nursing Miami McGraw, Jo Ann Data Processing Commerce McMullin, Clint Engineering Rose Marshall, Mike Business Afton Martin, Catherine Nursing Tulsa Milam, Bill Electronics Bartlesville Rhodes, Dwight Technical Drafting Henryetta Richardson, Bryan Mechanical Engineering Miami Richardson, Rick Business Miami Rogers, Gary Agriculture Oklahoma City Scott, John David Education Quapaw Tortolero, Jose Agriculture Venezuela Trolinger, John General Miami Weaver, Rick Business Bartlesville Yucra, Julio Mechanical Engineering Bolivia mi. if 1,1 W 19" 1 m. g ,gf s-,,...f it f ' ' .av ww, M, xl Stanley, Gale Business Tulsa Steinle, Stephen A. Business Administration South Coffeyville Tebeck, Linda Business Miami I' . , r f ,,.3l V' "WV ., :L - ' N J TI ew-rr far'-' it jlggfixw., , iii ..- ,L nv., 0 Will" 'qv' .'i,.',.,., , as i J, 1 I I aa , V l 'USN . x XL, 1 I f XX v V , 1 1 A W , 1 Q. Www.

Suggestions in the Northeastern Oklahoma A and M College - Viking Yearbook (Miami, OK) collection:

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