Northeastern Illinois University - Beehive Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1973

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Northeastern Illinois University - Beehive Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Cover

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11 1 gy 1 , 1 x W , K, y ., . W 11 I 1 1 1 1 1 I Y 1 1 1 '1 . 1 . . I I 1 v , - 1 , 1 X 1 wg., 1, 5 , 1 1 . W, I 1 I 2 -1 , - I ' V '- sl 1 'A-1 -x 1 1 1 1 1 -, 1 ,, 1 1 ' 1 1 WW' Y "' 1 5 . . v 1973 E BEEHIVE 'A vDL.1o. A E QNO THEASTERN ILLINGIS UNIVERSITY V1 CHICAGO W E ' 1 DEDICATED TO p DR JEROME M SADHS ' M' i E 14 " l , y a n: AHZXZHKZXZXK 1973 BEEHIVE STAFF f Eg m mnm 5512119211125 hYl1Z ZY1Zi1Z U PHZEZEVBZEZEM TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 M ll M W ll T .E if? 3:1,. 3'2EfE'1g ii TWT f T 1 T TTT T T gg, T552 M 3 "'. 331 2313533 ng mnanmmmmmismmq 3115211511112 . W , , ip 1 WM ,N mmblwiyf , ,M :WM MSM? , . -1 J - .J- qs- V 'I 0,2 ' w- my M Pilgrimage This final sunset this ready shore. A madrigal ofbirds in a liquid sky: Through groves of silence slips a breeze As evening gathers. Legendary lore Of Ages, in this dark enchanted hour ' Assumes realityg from legend facts, From dreams of gods strong human acts Like meteors falling in swift radiant shower A' ' - iF5'?E5?1?T 7WW KE' f VV M51 5 we m f fm , - A f"T fem yl.-.3J- M-+V fm Y 3 Fx -- ' -- '---- -- -- ' Y 9 Yi E ww 2 -- - -- X L W - . f,M,,'-N 'N A ? s gi A X 7 5 fs 5 Vs 9 Y 9 M- . I' W -"" , '- i Hs' P+ " ' , Hi 7,115-uf' " rg ,1 13'-:5AS15:Eif' .wt - J - f- - ,,-17" 5'p.fl.E.l-Z 1-ff A fu. -1QJ'w'f'i 1 ' . . ,gl Q 1 L : 'fn A E W Xlgfgii 253 ,Q 2 1 -vw X Q QE M ' V " A EE 535 55 mmfigw W Maw gi QV " -1 B 3 4 V ' Hgggwf is 1- , N I Warm!! 521 5 V K ins pm 1 1 7 M iw M' M U ' 1 Q y ... ---'-5 " I ,.-. 7, ,V Fld-, - Ives. U 0 if gl. I T o 'DF' S.-4? 4-!" rm QL. n-V,-1 -1--q , 1 ,. -.-Q' - 'W' . , - 'o""' Y , 'Hn ii. 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F, w -r N-VV VV ,Q V- was -V-Q sc'-V " f ,-VA-LV: ,- ,.. Jn.- .fur Au Allterakls, Constance - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's Honor List, Pom Pom Girls Alpert, Sherry - Beehive Yearbook, Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, Gym- nastics, Honor Convocation, KLAL, Orchesis, Pep Club, Physical Health Club, Square Dance Club, Student Activities Council, Synchronauts Anderson, Odls A.: Anhalt, Llnda - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Arendt, Robert - Art Club Baba, tcglckl J.: Babe, Suzy - Chemistry lub Bacone, Daniel E. Deans Honor List, Economics Club, WRNE Radio Club, Disc Jockey, Television Student Production, 11:45 Show Baez, Elvlra I.g Balfanz, Robert D. - Bowllng League, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Barnltz, John G. - Dean's High Honor List, French Club, Honors Convocation, Linguistics Club tPresident 1 yr.l, Northeastern Print, Student Activities Council Bartnlk, Barbara M.: Bernstein, Charles D. - Band Bierman, Herbert I. - Biology Club, Commuter Center Board of Managers fa? J Bluemke, Sharon A. - Dean's Honor List, Blumenthal, Ina L. - Dean's Honor List Boyer, Nancy L. - Table Tennis llntramurall, lvarsityj Basket- ball, ,Softball, llntercolleglatel Bad- minton, Basketball, Volleyball Braun, Lawrence R. - Dean's Hlgh Honor Llst, Dean's Honor Llst, Hlstory Club lPhi Alpha Thetal Brlndlse, Margaret A. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation Brlt- ton, Mary P.g Butzbach, Barbara A. - Biology Club, Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, Honors Convocation, Student Activities Council, Biology Preparatory Lab Aide, Landscaping Committee, Commencement Com- mittee ...I Callendo, Gemma - Dean's Honor List Camastlo, Robert J. - Chamber Orchestra Camberls, Frances L. - Dean's High Honor List, History Club 1Phi Alpha Thetal, Northeastern Print, Commuter Center Board of Managers, CCAB lConcert Series! Cesarz, Diane C.g Chambers, Wllllam T., Chlarelll, Samuel - B.O.G. Program Childers, Rosemary - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Dean's Honor List Clbelll, Barbara - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Inter- preter's Theatre, Northeastern Print, Stage Players, Student Fiadio Clancy, Kathy A., Conslgny, Roberta J,g Cooper, Mlrlam E. - Dean's Honor List, Muse, Student Activities Committee, Student Government fSenatorJ Costa, Rick - Alpha Chi Epsilon QAXEJ, Band, Honors Con- vocation Crellln, Margaret E. - Biology Club, Folk Dance Club, Honors Convocation, Student Ac- tivities Council, Landscape Com- mittee, Commuter Center Board of Managers, Environmental Health and Safety Committee -.Eg V. wb Crowley, Shella M.g Curlale, Ad- rlenne B. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convoca- tion, Student Council for Exceptional Children Czerwlnskl, Gale M. - Dean's Honor List Czopek, Vlrglnla L. - Untramural Teamsl: Volleyball, Badminton, Orchesis Dalton, Wllllam E., IVg Danlel, Constance: Darras, Olga F. - Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, French Club, Linguistics Club, Women's Liberation Daskalopoulos, Joan S.g De Koven, Gall M. - Biology Club, Young Republicans Della, Darlene A. - Art Club, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation Dempsey, Raymond E. - Dean's Honor List, History Club, Newman Club, Para Psych Club, Psychology Club Deslderlo, Joyce R.g Dezurko, Steve - Football Club Dlonesotes, Janet R. - Dean's Honor List, Stu- dent Council for Exceptional Children 1:1592 s 'V l-rv? E Don, Harry: Dorsey, Curtls L. - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Draths, Joanne - Newman Club Drozdz, Janice 0.9 Faltek, Mark - Circle of Contemporary Thgt., Dean's Honor List, Political Science Club, S.M.A.S.H., Student Government, Tau Kappa Epsilon fTKEl Fareed, Hourya A.: Fasso, Barbara A. - ltallan Club, Newman Club Felcher, Barbara M., Ferraro, Mlchael P. - Beehive Yearbook, Dean's Honor List, Forensics Union, Honors Convocation, lnterpreter's Theatre, Northeastern Publications Flfarek, Mary A. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Flnk, Janlce F. - Orchesis, Psi Chl Honor Society Fox, Linda S. - Dean's Honor List Fox, Lorraine E. - Psi Chi Honor Society Frederlksen, Johannes - Chess and Checkers, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, Forensics Union, Ger- man Club, History Club, Physical Health Club Frledman, Malorle S Dean s Hlgh Honor Lust Honors Convocation Frost, Jack Ps: Chl Honor Society Funtowltz Joel M Garcla, Nancy C Synchronauts Garfleld, Bruce Soclology Club Gearon, Ellzabeth A Bowling League Dean s Honor Lust Sigma Tau Sigma Spanish Club Student Actlvltles Council Glalessas Betty J Com muter Center Board Of Managers French Club Northeastern Prlnt tbl' Glomb, Llnda A. - Dean's Honor List Godln, Richard - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Economics Club, Geography Club, Student Ac- tivities Council, Volleyball ilntramural Teaml, Cross Country Warsityl, Ten- nis Team Gololuch, Evelyn M., Goldberg, Leonard - Bowling League, Choir, Opera Workshop, Madrigals Golden, Lois M. - Dean's Honor List Goldner, Renee B. - Spanish Club Graves, Loretta A. - Association for Childhood Education, Eean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor ist Greene, Bette N Dean s Honor Lust Gryn, Susan B Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Deans Honor Lust KLAL Hamacek Marllynn A French Club Newman Club Student Aide fSecondary Education! Syn chronauts Womens Basketball Hamllton Marlorle J Harrls Judy Bowling League Deans Honor Lust Harrls LynneFl Hasselson FredS L 'Rf Herkert, Marguerlte L. - Dean's High Honor List, Student Council for Ex- ceptional Children, Suburban Teacher Education Center Hllberg, Margo K.: Hlonls, Mlchael J. - Dean's Honor List, Football Club, Honors Convocation, Physical Educa- tion Majors, Physical Health Club, Student Advisory Council for Illinois Board Of Education, Student Govern- ment, Intramural Teams: Basketball, Football, Decatalon Huffman, Robert L. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, French Club QPresidentJ, Honors Convocation, Northeastern Print Qlfteport and News Editort, Psi Chi Honor Society Hutchinson, Laura L. - Dean's Honor List Israel, Robert D. - Forensics Union, Geography Club Jacobs, Chrlstlne A. Jaklch, Alekg Jakuhlk, Della - Honors Convocation, Spaitish Club Jensen, Patrlcla M. - Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation, Stu- dent Council for Exceptional Children Johnson, Barbara J. - Association for Childhood Education fPresidentJ, French Club iPresident St Treasureri, Honors Convocation Johnson, Carol - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, French Club, Honors Con- vocation, Physical Education Majors, Synchronauts, Teams: tlntramuralj Volleyball, Badminton Warsityl Soft- ball Johnson, Denise C. - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Dean's Honor List, Elementary Education Club tChairmanl, Student Govern- ment, 1972 Homecoming Queen, ln- quiry Committee, Constitution Revi- sion Committee, Elementary Educa- tion Student Representative Johnson, LaJaunesse S. dig' Johnson, Louls F. - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor List Kagan, Alan S. - Dean's Honor List, KLAL Kalmatas, Chris A. - Chess and Checkers, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation, Peace Council, Physical Education Majors, Ureasurerl Physical Health Club, Square Dance Club, Intramural Teams: Basketball, Football, "Kozvas," Volleyball, Varsity Basketball 119711 Kalessa, Ingrld - Dean's Hlgh Honor Llst Kalllck, Fred - Dean's Honor List Kamberls, Con- nle A. - Cheerleaders, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Physical Education Majors, Student Activities Council, Varsity Softball Team Karas, Kathleen J. - Linguistics Club TDI f-'S' f Kaulman Alleen Dean s Honor Llst Kay Sherry A Physical Education Majors Synchronauts Kelner, Wallraut F Kelley Kathleen E Dean s Honor Llst Physlcal Education Majors Intramural Volleyball Kelly, Amella P Llngulstlcs Club Twenty One Plus Kelner Beryl Fl Dean s Honor List Kent, Sandra L Kleln, Marilyn B. - Dean's Honor List, KLAL, Spanish Club Kmlec, Gregory E. - Dean's Honor List, Linguistics Club, Mentors, Northeastern Print, Student Govern- ment Knoll, Sharon M.g Kopke, Mary Jane - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Koslk, Lorraine C. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation Koslln, Merlam E. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Kozer, Renee - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List H, ic --sd' Kralka George T Deans Honor Llst Kruk Kathy K Deans Hugh Honor Lust Deans Honor Lust Para Psych Club Kukla Betty Jo Physical Education Majors Teams lvarsutyl Basketball QGIFIS, Lalrd Robert L La Loggla Martha M Dean s Hugh Honor Lust Land Sylvla Band Black Caucus Black Herltage Laub David M l WHA 9-nel? Lazar, Louise M. - Alpha Flho Omega QAROJ Leengran, Jeanine - Dean's Honor List Leung, Annie - Biology Club, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convoca- tion, Biology Lab Aide, Commence- ment Committee Levand, Susan A. - History Club, Newman Club Lleber- man, Bruce - PI Alpha Theta - Pl Gamma Llfton, Kathleen: Lopez, Susan M. - Honors Convocation BF!! Loran! Edlth S Luboff Davld R KLAL Student Aide flilecords Offlcel Lyon Marlene L Lynn Mary A Cholr Madrlgal Slngers Chamber Singers Mach Janlce L Deans Hugh Honor Lust Mao Kenzle Marlorle Deans Honor Lust Folk Dance Club Interpreters Theatre Mangone James P Dean s Honor Lust Foot ball Club Physical Education Majors Intramural Basketball Team Mankus, Christopher M. - Dean's Honor List, Ecology Club, Sociology Club, Teams llntramuraljz Football, Basketball Mann, John M. - Stage Players Marousek, Elleen - Associa- tion for Childhood Education, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation Marquette, Wllllam M. - Americans For Our G.l.'s, Sociology Club, Veteran's Club Martin, Richard M.: Matayka, Mary M.g Matzek, Lorraine C. Maxlmlnl, Renee A. - Dean's Honor List, Lambda Sigma Alpha QLSAJ McCoy, Ella B.g Mlller, Dorothy - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Spanish Club Moskowitz, Rebecca -- University Without Walls, Women's Liberation Muscarello, Anna M. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Italian Club Netterstrom, .lane V. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, ln- tramural Volleyball Team, Varsity Football and Softball Teams Nlkollch, Kathryn B. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Spanish Club V Novy, Nadeene C. - Alpha Rho Omega KARO Vice-President, Treasurer, Pledge Motherl, Dean's Hlgh Honor Llst, Dean's Honor Llst, Honors Convocation, ltallan Club, Newman Club, Psi Chl Honor Society fSecretarYl, Spanish Club fPubllclty Chairmanj Nowakowskl, Marcy - Dean's Honor List Olken, Mlrlam Fl. - Bowling League, Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Honors Convocatlon Ortlz, Evangellne - Dean's Hlgh Honor Llst, Ecology Club, Student Councll for Exceptional Children Ozag, Llnda K. - Dean's Honor Llst. Northeastern Print, Orchesis. Ski Club. Student Government Paolettl, Carmen A.g Partyka, Barbara K. - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Honors Convocation TY . Y A ,,, Q .ui tum y Pavese Mary Flose Dean s Honor Llst Peacher Kathleen A Band Bowling league Sigma Tau Sigma Penner Janlce L Dean s High Honor Lust Dean s Honor Llst PsrCh1 Honor Soclety Perez Luz M Spanish Club Umor: for Puerto Hrcan Students Plllar Susan N Beehlve Yearbook lStaff Member Co Edltorl Dean s Honor Lust Physical Education Mayors Physlcal Health Club Synchronauts, Women s lntramural Touch Football Team, Women's Var- slty Softball and Volleyball Teams Planman, Wayne A. - Dean's Honor List Polneau, Jane A. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Pomeranlng, Joyce L. - Computer Science Club, Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation Prosser, Mary - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Ramirez, Elba D. - Honors Con- vocation Ratanakul, Nanthasld - International Club Regan, Mary P. - Dean's Honor List, Spanish Club Remenylk, Charlotte: Riley, Lorralne Rlzzo Terry L Dean s High Honor List Dean s Honor List Honors Con vocation Peace Council Physical Education Majors Physical Health Club Intramural Baseball Basketball Volleyball Teams Varsity Baseball Team iCaptain 1972 733 Robinson Edna - Dean's High Honor List Rogers, Wllllam G.g Rolando, Dean - Band, Dean's Honor List, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Rosen, Gall - Association for Childhood Education, Student Council for Exceptional Children Roynon, Louise G. - Dean's Honor List, Physical Education Ma- grsbSaFranek, Deborah A. - Biology u Saltzberg, Earl S. - Dean's Honor List, Intramural Basketball and Foot- ball Teams Savlc, Jelena - Dean's Honor List, German Club Sawa, Stanley W. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Geography Club QTreasurer, Presidentl, Russian Club Scallse, Joanna - Dean's High Honor List, Student Council for Ex- ceptional Children Schaefer, Lee A. - Para Psych Club, Psi Chi Honor Society, Psychology Club Schaefer, Patrlcla A. - Dean's Honor List Schell, Chrlstlne - Dean's Honor List Schroeder, Susan E. - Association for Childhood Education, Gymnastics, Physical Education Majors Schuck, Elizabeth A.g Schuessler, Magdenag Schultz, Mary P.: Shelnfeld, Sharon P. - Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation, KLAL Siegel, Jerald A.g Silva, M. Cristina - Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation Simmons, Suzy A. - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Stu- dent Council for Exceptional Children Simpson, Rose A.: Slabosz, Gerald T.g Smlth, Denls J. - Tau Kappa Ep- silon Smith, Mary E. - Dean's High Honor Llst, Dean's Honor List Smlthers, Janice L. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation, Physical Education Ma- jors, Teams: llntramurall Volleyball, tvarsityj Softball Sneddon, Anno H. - Dean's High Honor List, Geography Club A-Q. .ix 1 Soloma, Wllllam J. - Biology Club Spakowskl, Barbara E. - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's Honor List, Student Activities Council Spatt, Joel F. - Psi Chi Honor Socie- ty Spayer, Caryn L. - Building and Grounds Committee, Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation, Physical Education Majors fPresi- dent, Secretaryj, Physical Health Club iVice-Presidentl, Pom Pom Girls tCaptainl, Student Government iSecretaryJ. Intramural Badminton and Volleyball Teams, Women's Var- sity Basketball and Volleyball Teams Stacy, Ernestlne - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Staslewskl, Helen - Dean's Honor List, French Club, Honors Convoca- tion Stefani, Lorene F. - Dean's Honor List, Forensics Union iPresldentJ, Honors Convocation, Interpreters Theatre, Student Ac- tivities Council, lntramural Volleyball Team I Sternberg, Barbara E. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Stu- dent Council for Exceptional Children Stevens, Gerald M. - Dean's Honor List, Spanish Club Strand, Terry - Chemistry Club, Newman Club Straus, Arlene S. - Dean's Honor List, History Club, Northeastern Print, Northeastern Publications, Peace Council, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Women's Liberation, Young Democrats, Young Republicans Sur- man, Chrlstlne L. - Women's Libera- tion Swierczynskl, Christine J. - Dean's High Honor List, Newman Club Tarnow, Fredric H. Tavolaccl, Josephine E. - Bowllng League, De1an's Hlgh Honor List, Sociology Club Tellmann, Judlth E.: Thompson, Dorls J. - Black Heritage Tlrltllll, John F. - Physical Educatlon Majors lvlce-Presldentl, Intramural Badminton, Basketball, Football, and Volleyball Teams, Varslty Baseball Team Toblaskl, Robert G.: Trefelner, Patrlola S. - Dean's High Honor List Turner, Carol A.- Association for Childhood Education, Sigma Tau Sigma Z-r Ulman, Barbara A. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, History Club, Honors Convocation, Literature Club, Northeastern Print, Spanish Club, CCAB lConcert Seriesy Valdlvla, Llnog Vancl, Robert F.g Van Dycke, Dlane C.: Wapole, Gayle E. - Interpreter's Theatre, Stage Players, Commuter Center Activities Board Webb, Thomas B. - Physical Educa- tion Majors, Decathalon - June "72" Weber, Barbara J. H 45, ,- """"" ll.wc'fi Weldon, Gall A. - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Con- vocation, Physical Education Majors, Physical Health Club, Student Ac- tivities Councll, Varsity Basketball and Softball Teams Wells, Alllson - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor List, History Club, fPhl Alpha Thetai Welnlnskl, Patrlcla A. - Dean's Honor List, Spanish Club Weyers, Deborah L. - Dean's Honor List Wldegren, Rlchard - Biology Club, Dean's Hlgh Honor Llst, Dean's Honor List, Earth Science Club, Assistant Chairman of The National Sym- posium on the Future Status of Earth Resources in Society Wleszczyk, Loulseg Wllken, Karen T. - Dean's Honor List, Gymnastics, Orchesls, Physical Education Majors, In- tramural Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball Teams, Varsity Football and Gymnastlc Teams Wllllams, Dorothy B. - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's High Honor Llst, Dean's Honor List Wllllams, Wallace D. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Political Science Club, Varsity Basketball Team Wllson, Richard Fl. - Physical Education Majors, Scuba Club Wllson, Renee M. - Dean's High Honor List, Newman Club, Stu- dent Council for Exceptional Children Wlnokur, Reyna Z. P. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Concert Choir, Menc. Music Educators Wltt, Wllllam Wayne - Band, Honors Convocation, M.E.N.C. Music Educators, Opera Workshop, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Wnuk, David Wyman, Patricia L. - Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Literature Club Yasslnger, Helene J. - Dean's Honor Llst Zelechlvsky, Sandra A. - Chamber Orchestra, Dean's Hlgh Honor list, Russian Club Zldotf, Deborah: Zleman, Terry-Lynn M. - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor Llst, Physical Education Majors Zlrves, Darlene M. - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's Hlgh Honor Llst, Dean's ' Honor List Zopolsky, Gayle E. - Association for Childhood Education yvv r- -Q Q", -5, .1 ii, 5 U, J I ' . V I i A N-Q' .A ini Q! I' . ev V p 5. . 5 Ag 5 3 3, . it Q. . 13. - . . , ' Q Og, if . - 1 .1 'u is ,, Q fl-, I it : , 6' ' -5. . M ' 1 sf- gi, Y, a .mn , E., ng .L 5 . " Mr 5' ff - -Ar? 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'53 14' - E61 1 2321 , ' ,Q 5 g if M is K M f- , 5 'ja W Q 'EF in WH' 6 9 A QQ 43 - ,Q i x.- tal, LA! 5 V'-Yay! s N X, ' E L A 1' it-,.5'. '78 'W 247-I . Y-. , .Wh -'F-2 1" ' R., Q., was .ai.H...E Aller, Harry - Union for Puerto Rican Students Allman, Bruce M. - Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation, Spanish Club Anderson, Susan J.: Baenke, Diane E.g Barber, Dale - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Barkln, Abraham B. -- Dean's High Honor List Barrett, Jean C. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Igfanor List, Spanish Club, Twenty One us .X Beardslee, Suzanne M.: Beck, Constance P.g Bloom, Beverly C.: Bonk, James R. - Dean's Honor List Bossard, Sharon S. - Student Council For Exceptional Children Brlttlngham, Cheryl A. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Para Psych Club, Womens Volleyball Brown, Glen H. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Freshman Orientation Leaders, Mentors Bruno, Vita M. - Biology Club, Honors Convocation, Italian Club, Newman Club Bukowski, Christopher - Russian Club, Young Republicans Buonlncontro, Janet T. - Art Club, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor Llst, Italian Club Camge, Chrls - Chorus, Sigma Tau Igma Cam- pobasso, Ben: Carsello, Gerald - Alpha Chi Epsilon lAXEl, Honors Convocation, lnterpreter's Theatre, Newman Club, Stage Players, Stu- dent Activltles Council, Student Radio, Football Team Castronovo, Frank J. - Geography Club Collins, Susle M. - Dean's Honor Llst Conover, Joan E. - Dean's Honor List Coyne, Karen - Geography Club Davld, Melquladesg Demos, Patrlcla J. - Dean's High Honor List, Student Council for Exceptional Children Demos, Rose D. - Honors Convoca- tion, Student Council for Exceptional Children, Elementary Education Club Depa, Robert V. - Newman Club, Volleyball Doherty, Susan - Phl Alpha Theta Dopke, James J.: Doreen, Joann - Geography Club Edelman, Mary: Evans, Annlelols G.: Frederick, Fred - Association for Chlldhood Educa- tlon, Black Caucus, Black Herltage, Bugg House Square, Dean's Honor Llst, Honors Convocation, Student Actlvltles Councll, Student Councll for Exceptional Children, Twenty One Plus Garcla, Hector Gelfand, Joyce M Deans Hugh Honor List Deans Honor Lust Stu dent Council for Exceptional Children Garber, Wendy Dean s Hlgh Honor Lust Gerhart, Llnda M Dean s High Honor Lust Deans Honor Llst Gor don Joann Black Caucus Black Heritage Gordon Fluth 5 Deans Honor Llst Honors Convocatlon Interpreters Theatre Stage Players Student Actnvltues Councul Students for Israel Student Speech and Hear ing Assoclatnon Green Jane Geography Club Northeastern Prmt Greene, Ronna G. - Sociology Club, Stage Players, Women's Liberation Griggs, Rosle H., Harris, Llnda R. - North Suburban Teacher Education Center Hawklns, Sharon J. - Association for Childhood Education, Band, Black Heritage, Dean's Honor List Hayden, James E. - Alternative Innovative Educational Club, Student Advisory Council for Illinois Board of Education Hlrsch, Davld F. - Alpha Chi Epsilon QAXEJ, Economics Club Hynes, Janice A. - Biology Club, Bugg House Square, Freshman Orientation Leaders, German Club, Mentors 'Urzzzf Jacobs, Janice: Jacobson, Susan - Biology Club, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Ecology Club, Geography Club Johnson, Barbara - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List Johnson, Elizabeth J. - Dean's High Honor List, Honors Convocation Kaplan, Llndag Katzman, Jay R. - Basketball Team, Dean's Honor List, Stage Players, Student Activities Council, Concert Committee, Student Fees and Allocations Committee, Volleyball Team Keller, Ron - Earth Science Club, Ecology Club ll' 2, icy .xlb 1k l A.. Kllmnlck, Brlan - Dean's Honor List, Hockey Club, Honors Convocation, Northeastern Print, Political Science Club, Stage Players, Student Govern- ment, Student Radio, Basketball Team Klaeren, Barbara J. - Student Council for Exceptional Children Laklcs, Ernle I.g Larysa, Lule - Dean's Honor List, Political Science Club Levln, Sheila R. - Dean's High Honor Llst, Honors Convocation, KLAL Llebman, Janice - Dean's Honor Llst Lomell, Gustavo: Losh, Steve - Biology Club, Bowling League 'Ops Em Luckett, Clarence M. - Black Heritage, Dean's High Honor List, Debate Mack, Barbara - Geography Club Maher, Kevln A. - Dean's Honor List, Political Science Club Maldonado, Marcellno - Cricket- Coqul, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Sociology Club, Union for Puerto Rican Students Mallnowskl, Caslmlr J. - French Club Marlnello, Heather G. - Chamber Orchestra, Collegium Musicum, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, Square Dance Club, Stage Players Mason, Carol L. - Biology Club, Earth Science Club l Massarl, Lana M. - Cheerleaders Mattura, Jack A.g Menzer, Fred A. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Hockey Club Mlaso, Dorothy M. - Dean's Honor List Midler, Tova - Dean's High Honor List, Lambda Sigma Alpha Mllas, John M.: Mlms, Bertram -- U.W.W. Urban Studies .TV Moya Luls L Geography Club Student Ftadlo Mueller Joseph A Myalls Margaret M Deans Hugh Honor Lust Honors Convocation Northcut Mlnnle Black Caucus Black Heritage Deans Honor Lust Student Government Ostermeler Melanle Deans Hugh Honor Lust Q'q'ftl""s'f'1 Dean s Honor Lust Honors Convoca hon OFCHQSIS Physical Educatlon Majors Volleyball Palermo Chrlstlne P Pochowlcz Sally DeansHonor Lust Spamsh Club Exchange Student Program 5- Elino- Post, Elizabeth A.: Ramirez, Paulo M. - Cricket-Coqui, Union for Puerto Rican Students Rees, Mlryam Ft. - Dean's High Honor List, Forensics Union, Honors Convocation, lnter- preter's Theatre, Northeastern Print Robot, Ag! C.: Rockove, Jeannetteg Rog, Joan L. - Student Council for Exceptional Children Rosen, Alan H. -Art Club Rowe, Amella L. - Union for Puerto Rican Students Ryan, Mlchael T. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Golf Saldak, Caslmer J.g Sarter, Jacqueline - Art Club Saunders, Burvln L.: Seskauskas, Sandra A. - Dean's High Honor List, Honors Con- vocation Schevers, Claudia J. Schott, Mary K.g Schumacker, Anna M.g Schwartz, Mlchele J.g Sclacca, Andrew R.: Scozzarl, Albert A. - Dean's High Honor List, Geography Club Shephard, Cletes S. - Black Heritage, Dean's Honor list Skonle, Stephen Ft. Splerlng, Dorlna - Dean's High Honor List, French Club, Honors Con- vocation, ltalian Club, Spanish Club Splzzlrrl, Joanne L. - Forensics Union Steele, Sandra L. - Spanish Club Stefanlk, Thomas F.g Sturt, Ran- dyg Thompson, Klrlll 0. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation, Student Council for Exceptional Children Tlnghlno, Gloria J. - Dean's Hlgh Honor List Travls, Janlce A. - Physical Educa- tion Majors, Elementary Education Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma Trunda, Dlanneg Tusiynskl, Bonnleg Umbach, Allce S. - Dean's High Honor Llsi, Psi Chi Honor Society Utterback, Lln- da M.: Valdes, Bedalla E. - Chess Club, International Club, Spanish Club Voe, John Voeks, Anna M. - Bowling League. Chemistry Club, Dean's Honor List, Volleyballfwhltlock, James L.: Wldeman, Lynn - Black Heritage Wllemon, Evag Wollnetz, Barry B.g Woolley, Robert F. - Tau Kappa Ep- silon QTKEQ Zelman, Llnda S. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation Zlubr- zynskl, Stan J. - Beehive Yearbook Photographer, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List 'L 1 v , l E rf- A ,Q -'- L MMMWH Niigfffxl :QUEEN 'ea-xl .-W rhlr. W 1 - 1- -. M ,. 4 . . Q - X-h w UQ" ' w in u . ,-.. , I ' we f ' WE' "f."f. 9 MQ Q wfi aw J M u v A 1 ' A fe ku 1-- 1 x ,, My 1' 45 X M2151 xi at ,JA 1? ,., V .ip x,.:., ' ' A ,M W Mm Vg WM W G M ' - - m Nl X M-W ' ..- W rn mn W W " +, 5 ' fv , , Y " -ENR ,I Q 5 m x L. Adler, Sherry L. - Dean's Honor List, Forensics Union, lnterpreter's Theatre, Stage Players, Young Democrats Alesl, Gary D. - Alpha Chi Epsilon KAXEJ, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Physical Education Majors, Basketball, Bad- minton, Golf, Football Alfsen, Carolyn L., Archer, Janlece Fl. - French Club, Lambda Sigma Alpha Atherton, Lora L. -- Association for Childhood Education Bachsz, Marlefranclne A.g Barron, Helen C. Beese, Judith H. - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's Honor List Behrendt, Thomas J. - Dean's Honor List, Geography Club Benn, Claudette - Beehive Yearbook - Typist, Black Caucus, Black Heritage Bermudez, Hilda M. - Union for Puerto Rican Students Bertl, Jack A.: Bodden, Deborah A. - Alpha Hho Omega, Dean's Honor List, Student Aide, Reader for the Handicapped Students Bonem, Rita M. - Dean's High Honor List, Stage Players , lx Boyle, Patrlcla C., Bradford, Margaret A. - Black Caucus, Black Heritage Brown, Irene: Burman, Clalre L. - Band, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation, Sigma Alpha Eta Bussard, Lynn A. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Lamb- da Sigma Alpha Butcher, Stephanie E. - Biology Club, Dean's Honor List Butler, Donald S. - Beehive Year- book, Black Caucus, Black Heritage, History Club, Honors Convocation, Sociology Club E. 1,1 lg Q S I K., n 4 '- '- , iii li Y ,Ili '- Byrne, Patrlclag Cacclatore, Barbara L. - Alpha Flho Omega, Association for Childhood Education, Dean's Honor list Chandler, James R. - Collegium Musicum, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Physical Education Majors Coan, Elleen M.: Conway, Mary E. - Dean's Honor List Damalo, Nicholas M. - Football 5 'Wi' isdn.. J J-- AS4 - 3. Della, Carl J.g Dewltl, Wllllam E. - Biology Club, Dean's Honor Llst, Ecology Club DlCrlstolano, Phyllls N.g Dresdner, Dlane S. - Dean's Honor Llst Drulfel, Llnda C. - Assoclation for Chlldhood Educatlon, Dean's Honor Llst Dzledzlc, Jozellg Eberleln, Llnda L. - Association For Chlldhood Education, Dean's Honor Llst ikl' Elland, Debra - Biology Club, Ecology Club Ellln, Franclne - Association for Childhood Education, Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor list, Honors Convocation Emory, Isabel G. - Dean's High Honor List, French Club Ferraro, Llnda V. - Dean's High Honor Llst, Dean's Honor List, Lambda Slgma Alpha Flkets, Phyllls B.g Flrszt, Conrad - Tau Kap- pa Epsilon, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Golf Foszcz, Kathle - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, French Club, lnlerpreter's Theater, Stage Players, Span-Speech Award 1972, R.O.T.Y. - Rookie of the year 'iff Fox, Tom G. - Dean's Honor List, Physical Health Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Football Francis, Peggy A. - Dean's High Honor List, Psi Chi Honor Society Garrett, Edna Ft.g Glar- cuszklewlcz, Eva - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Folk Dance Club, French Club, History Club Gllger, Mary - Dean's Honor List Gln, Marla A. - Dean's Honor List Glraldo, Luz Glaberson, Carol J. - Dean's High Honor List, Student Council for Ex- ceptional Children Glemaud, Margarette - French Club Glorloso, Brlan - Bowling League, Physical Education Majors, Physical Health Club Goldbarth, Llvla L. - Orchesis, Stage Players Gonzalez, Adolfog Gor- don, Marcla - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Dean's Honor List Grant, Barry - Dean's High Honor List ' 1? IQ, 3 Q, silt- ,, u If P i 12 AK? Grlttlth, Josephlne - Art Club, Dean's Honor List Grossman, Gall A. - Alpha Flho Omega lAFl0l, Dean's Honor Llst, Stage Players Hall, Carol - Earth Science Club, Ecology Club, Geography Club Hanrahan, Nancy - Dean's High Honor Llst, Dean's Honor List, French Club, Newman Club Haralampopovlos, Sophla L. - Com- puter Sclence Club, Dean's High Honor Llst, French Club, Honors Con- vocation, Teams: llntramuraly Volleyball, lvarsityl Basketball Harrls, Ursulag Hlrsch, Kenneth E. l-lork, Barbara R.: Houdek, Alana M. - Elementary Education Club, Lamb- da Slgma Alpha Iaconlannl, Judy J,: Janus, Rose R. - Alpha F-tho Omega. Honors Convocation, KLAL, Newman Club Johansen, Judy A. - Dean's High Honor Llst, Dean's Honor Llst, Freshman Orientation Leaders, Honors Convocation, Lambda Sigma Alpha, iLSAl - Vice-President, Men- tors Johnson, Darlene - Bowling League, Dean's Honor List, Para Psych Club Johnson, Nancy - Cheerleaders, Dean's Honor List, Gymnastics, Honors Convocation Jones, Cath - Northeastern Prlnt tlfteporter, Columnist, Managing Edltorj, All-University Community Conference Committee, Student Constitution Flevlsion Committee, Student Intern at 12th District Legislative Office, Northeastern's Search and Screen Committee for UNI President iStudent Represen- tativel, Student Senate, Women's Studies Board .li Jullano, Richard J. - Dean's Honor List Kachman, Myrag Kelly, Slater Dolorlla - Dean's High Honor List, Psi Chi Honor Society, Psychology Club Kelly, Wllllams M., Jr.g Kirkpatrick, Joseph S. - Earth Science Club Kleln, Carole S. - Dean's Honor List Klempner, Susan M. - Dean's High Honor Llst, Dean's Honor List Klug, Joann M.g Krause, Elalne M. - Dean's Honor List. ltallan Club Krusclnskl, Susan M.g Krzemlen, Ftltchle F.: KrzywIckl,PatrIcla M. - Fencing Club, Honors Convocation, Lambda Sigma Alpha lLSAl Kukla, Gall - Dean's High Honor Llst Kurzela, Nancy J. - Dean's Honor List, Earth Science Club, Spanish Club LW 'E . Kuska, Kathleen, Lewis, Laverne - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Bugg House Square, Dean's Honor List. Honors Convocation Llang, Francis P.g Llss, Deborah G. - Bowling League Nice-President, Statistical Secretary, Banquet Chalrmany, Dean's High Honor Llst, Dean's Honor Llst, Honor Convocation, KLAL, Spanish Club Wlce-Presldentj Lorentz, Glenn - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Con- vocation Lynch, Mary B. - Young Democrats Malewskl, Dorothy L. Mandell, Debrag Martello, Donna R. - Lambda Slgma Alpha CLSAQ Mar- tln, Carol A.: McCloud, Dorls J. - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Folk Dance Club, Gymnastics, Physical Education Malors, Physlcal Health Club, Teams: tlntramuralj Volleyball, Warsityj Women's Softball McDanIeI, Maureen D.g Mcbougle, Alan D. - Dean's High Honor Llst, Student Gogerrament McDowell, Barbara M. - an rl 3 l if McGulnnes, Kathy - Band, Chamber Orchestra, Dean's Honor List, CCAB Board Member tConcert Serlesj, Brass Choir, Northeastern Prlnt Mesa, Zolla T. - Dean's Honor List, Earth Science Club, French Club, Freshman Orientation Leaders, Honors Convocation, international Club, Spanish Club Messuck, Marilyn - Association for Childhood Educa- tion Metzger, Marlln F.g Meyers, Kathy G. - Anthropos Mlller, John R. -- Psl Chi Honor Society Mitchell, Constance D. Mltchell, Marlene M. - History Club, Lambda Sigma Alpha iLSAj, Student Government Morlarty, Cathy A. - Art Club, Honors Convocation, Lambda Sigma Alpha iLSAl Murphy, Kathleen - Dean's Honor List Mysllnskl, Mark A. - Biology Club, Dean's High Honor Llst, Freshman Orientation Leaders, Young Republicans, S.M.A.S.H. Nelman, Karen L.: New- man, Mlchael .Lg Oppllger, Dlane - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor Llst, Phi Alpha Theta lHistory National Honor Societyj .1 4 ' 'ii Ourach, Gall L., Pace, Arlene - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority - Beta Chapter Ureasurerl, Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Dean's Honor List, Student Council for Exceptional Children Paula, Krlstlne K. - Dean's High Honor Llst, Dean's Honor List, Physical Education Majors Pelz, Mandel - Earth Science Club, Geography Club, History Club, New- man Club, S.M.A.S.H. Penzel, Marllyn A. - Economics Club, Lambda Sigma Alpha lLSAl, tHlstorlan, Vice- Presidentl, Stage Players Pomlanek, Pat A. - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor Llst, Honor Convoca- tion, Lambda Sigma Alpha lLSAl Porstner, Nancy M. - Dean's Honor List, Forensics Union rx Postregna, Barbara L. - Assoclatlon for Childhood Education, Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor list Poster- nack, Warren D. - C.C.A.B. Quero, Vlctorla F. - Gymnastics Qulllct, Lln- da M., Rapoport, Barry, Rlce, Pearlle - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Spanish Club Rodriguez, Jose IK Rosenkranz, Karen - Llnguistlcs Club, Newman Club Rothman, Jerl E. - lnterpreter's Theatre, Stage Players, Women's Liberation Sarama, John A.: Scannell, James M. - Alpha Chl Epsilon, Dean's Honor Llst, Hockey Club, Honors Convocation, Student Government, Varsity Tennis Schealter, Renee G. - Dean's Honor List Schmltz, Sally: Schuda, Donna M. 'Hi Schuetze, Klaus A. - Para Psych Club Shaplro, Marcle F.: Shell, Dawn K.: Sheppard, Mlldred L. - Black Caucus, Black Heritage Shereos, Katherlneg Short, John J. - Dean's High Honor Llst, Newman Club Showel, Marcy A. . . C, 'Q J , 3 4 .. It rj' fry... Sllverman, Susan M. - Band, Dean's High Honor List, French Club, Honors Convocation, KLAL, M.E.N.C., Stu- dent Activities Council Simms, Mary Lou - Dean's High Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convocation Skinner, Gregory E. - Geography Club, German Club, Gold Star Smlth, Bennle J. - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Chess and Checkers, Physical Education Majors, Physical Health Club, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Varsi- ty Basketball Smith, Beverly A. - Gymnastics, Orchesis, Physical Education Majors, Physical Health Club, Teams: flntramurall Volleyball, lvarsltyl Volleyball Sohn, Andrew E.g Spence, Debra A. 'T-5' Stack, Llnda L. - Band Stern, Edlth L.: Strom, Karen M. - Dean's Honor Llst Surl, Martha J. - Folk Dance Club, Para Psych Club Swatek, Margaret M,g Thomas, Eddle L. - Blac Caucus, Black Heritage, Bowl- ing League, Student Senate, fvarsltyy Basketball, flntramurall Basketball, Volleyball Torrlcello, Andrea M.: Travers, Kenneth A. , A.. IA- ,,,L,..a.1.4,-ev .3 . 1, .1 xg Tushbal, Gloria J.: Uchida, Lynn K. - Band, Choir, Chamber Singers, Dean's Honor List, Honors Convoca- tion, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Percussion Ensemble, Commuter Center Actlvltles Board lConcerts and Fllmsj, Opera Workshop, Sigma Alpha Iota, Student Activities Council Valdlvlsso, Miguel A.: Walsh, Mary M. - Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor Llst, Lamb- da Slgma Alpha QLSAJ Walz, Barbara - Dean's High Honor List Wlegel, Llndag Wllkens, Elizabeth A.g Wllllams, Leroy - Black Caucus, Black Heritage, Dean's Hlgh Honor List, Dean's Honor List, Economics glub, Honors Convocation, Veteran's ub Bachelor of Arts-Liberal Arts Orlando Richard Agullar Donald Frank Allen Brian Christopher Allman Gary C. Arden Robert Arthur Arendt Susy H. Babo Daniel E. Bacone Robert D. Balfanz Scott C. Barker Charles Dov Bernstein George R. Blomstrand Darlene Jean Blus Robert J. Borta Nancy A. Boyle Lawrence Robert Braun James R. Burton Rita E. Butler Lawrence D. Campbell William T. Chambers Terry P. Collins Juan Colon Roberta Joy Consigny Sheila M. Crowley Daniel Leo Da Valle William E. Dalton lV Joseph R. Danlelewlcz Gail P. Doslk Richard Ernest Eckaus Mark Faitek Hourya A. Fareed Christopher N. Farnes Janice Falth Fink Robert S. Fischer Walter J. Fltzgibbons, Jr. Joan E. Flvelson William Arthur Fogg Lorriane E. Fox Bruce Randall Foyer U James Robert Francois Marjorie S. Friedman Paul Daniel Froehlich John N. Frost Joel M. Funtowltz Miriam Gandell Ivan Ganett Michael A. Ganger Bruce Martin Garfield Richard Albert Godin Leon Kenneth Goldstein Steven P. Goldstein Martin Joel Goodman Howard Morton Green La Verne T. Gurley Richard G. Guyon Cheryl Ann Halverson Judith Louise Hartson Roselyne Haskell Fred Steven Hasselson Christina Anne Jacobs Jacqueline Rae Jacobson Denise Kay Janda Robert Anthony Jelen Charles D. Jenkins Kenneth J. Jezierski Leona E. Johns Alan Steven Kagan Ingrid Kalessa Joseph Paul Kalisz Fred Kalllck Kathleen Jean Karas Douglas Raymond Kauth Thomas James Kawall Waltraut F. Kelner Eric Koivumaki Michael Paul Koller Steven A. Kramer Harriet E. Kravitz Kathleen Karen Kruk Kathleen F. Krumbeln Edward John Kuderna Arthur D. Lange Paul W. Lau David Michael Laub Louise Marie Lazar Stephanie E. Leib Gerald Patrick Lenzen Bruce Lieberman John Phlllp Llplnskl Arnold Llpskl Edith Susan Lorant Berenlce T. Malia Robert Francis Malllen Edward Wilson Malstrom Christopher M. Mankus John Murphy Mann Edwln M. Marks William M. Marquette Richard Michael Martin Michael Martino Rodney Nobuo Maruyama Susan Masllansky Janet E. Massey Cynthia Marie Mitchell Robert Harry Mitchell Susan F. Moore Raymond B. Moran Rebecca Moskowitz Cynthia D. Nelson Miriam R. Olken Katherine Ortiz APRIL 1973 GRADUATES Gary Robert Osgood Marianne Oswald Linda K. Ozag Carol A. Palac Stephen J. Pantos Geraldine Payne Kathleen Anne Peacher Janice Louise Penner Francine E. Peterson Jan Michael Phillips Wayne Alan Planman Joyce Lynn Pomeraning Flora C. Prieto Kenneth J. Prokiski Timothy D. Raetzman Nanthasid Ratanakul Mary Patrice Regan Agnes Robot Emil Cornelius Rode Samuel Rogers Sheila Ruth Rubin Janet Ann Rukas Paul Eldon Ryder Robert James Sala Carolyn C. Saterno Stanley Walter Sawa Daniel Victor Schrager Bruce D. Schwartz Lyle John Sego, Jr. Joy Marie Sheeham Ronald Edward Sherman Gerald Ted Slabosz Denis James Smith Robert Gordon Smith Joel Fred Spatt Helen C. Stasiewski Gertrude L. Steinberg Roberta C. Steinway Gerald Michael Stevens Arlene S. Straus Gregory Bruce Summers Christine Lee Surmah William John Sweeney Errol John Thleleman Daniel J. Tiltges Robert Glen Tobiaski Patrica S. Trefelner Dorothy J. Tyler Lino Valdlvla llze E. Valente Robert Frank Vanci James Michael Williams Wallace David Williams William Wayne Wltt Janice Wojciechowski Glenn Anthony Zanottl Sandra Ann Zelechivsky Herman Zupnik Bachelor of Schlenco-Liberal Arts Sharon Bromberg Barbara Ann Butzbach Margaret Elyse Crellin Gail Marie De Koven Mllo Anthony Hines Linda Marie Meyer James Patrick Miller Samuel Patrick Scardino Terrence K. Strand Jerome Szerszen Bachelor of Arts-Teache Christine Akiyama Carolyn Lindgren Alcnke Constance Aliferakis Veronica E. Allen Sherry Marcia Alpert Joyce Ann 'Andalina Odis Alfred Anderson Linda Susan Anhalt Vlckl Jean Baba Llnda Gall Baer Elvira L. Baez Wllllam Ballen John Gerard Barnitz Barbara M. Bartnlk Renee Bartusiak Peter Joseph Benedetto Barbara Ann Benedix Lexis S. Blilstein Sharon Ann Bluemke Diane Marie Blurnensaadt Ina Leslie Blumenthal Roberta Dale Bookman Nancy Lynne Boyer Patricia Ann Breedlove Raymond John Breski Mary Pat Britton Susan Ann Buchanan Samuel Thomas Buckham Lynn Ann Burton Barbara Ann Bush Francesca R. Calabrese William Caldwell Gemma Callendo Harry E. Caltagirone Robert J. Camastro I EUUCBIIOII Frances L. Camberis Martin Alan Capo Cathy Ann Carlson Linda Diane Carlson Eileen Canlallo Vito Anthony Castelli Rosemary Cegielski Diane Cesarz Cathy Jane Chester Rosemary Childers Barbara Cibelli Kathy Ann Clancy Judith Mae Clark Sherry L. Cohn Doris Collins Miriam E. Cooper Carol Ann Cortina Henry Anthony Costa Gail A. Cristoe Linda Ruth Croner Adrienne Curiale Paulette Cwik Phillip Charles Czernik Gale Mary Czerwlnski Virginia Louise Czopek Constance Ruth Daniel Olga Frances Darras Darlene Ann Della Raymond Edward Dempsey Joyce Rhea Deslderio Steve Dezurko Donna Marie Di Seno Janet Ruth Dionesotes Debra Ann Discher Richard J. Dixon Harry Don Curtis L. Dorsey Timothy P. Dowling Eugenia S. Doxas Dennis Paul Doyle Joanne Marie Draths Kathleen Ann Dreyer Evelyn D. Dribin Janice Cecele Drozdz Joan M. Dukowltz Robert Arthur Engh, Jr. Barbara Ann Fasso Barbara M. Felcher Suzanne lnez Feldman Michael R. Ferraro Linda Marie Ferro Mary Anne Fifarek Susan Merle Fisher Linda Susan Fox Johannes Frederiksen Ann P. French Laurie Ann Gaines Donna Jean Gallo Nancy Garcia Janice Lynn Garigllano James Anthony Gates Robin Louise Gavin Elizabeth Ann Gearon Jenalyn Marie Germano Betty Gialessas Suzanne Marie Gilholly Linda Anne Glomb Leonard P. Goldberg Paul Steven Goldberg Lois Marie Golden Mollye Leslie Goldman Renee B. Goldner Evelyn Mae Golojuch Joann Gordon Pamela Marle Graver Loretta Ann Graves Bette N. Greene Giovina Marie Grizzofli Susan Betty Gryn Marilynn Ann Hamacek Elliot S. Hamilton Jeanine Ann Hamilton Marjorie Jean Hamilton William August Hamm Judy Harris Lynne Rose Harris Barbara M. Hartgenbush Diane M. Hazelwood Marguerite L. Herkert Thelma Lynn Hester Margo Kay Hilberg Mona J. Hlller Michael J. Hionis Diana Rose Howaniec Robert Lee Huffman Laura L. Hutchinson Robert David Israel Aleksander Jaklch Delia Marie Jakubik Gabrielle D. Jantelezlo Jeffery Lynn Jedd Patricia Marie Jensen Bruce Antone Jeschek Richard C. Johns Barbara Jean Johnson Carol Jeanne Johnson La Jaunesse Johnson Louls Frank Johnson W. L. Jonke Robert Matthew Kaiser Chris A. Kalamatas Connie Ann Kamberis Jannice Karyn Kandell Mary Ellen Karakls Ruth P. Katz Aileen H. Kaufman Sherry Ann Kay V George Joseph Keenn Kathleen E. Kelley Amelia P. Kelly Beryl Rae Kellner Sandra Lee Kant Kathlenn A. Kern Karen Sue Kerslvoy Carole A. Klerplec Linda Anelia Kleen Marilyn Beth Klein Gregory E. Kmlec Sharon Marie Knoll Mary Jane Frances Kopke Lorriane Christine Kosik Merlam Elaine Koslin Susan Elizabeth Krach George Taras Kralka Joanne Marie Krone Betty Jo Kukla Kathleen A. Kuper Martha Marie La Loggla Robert Lee Lalrd Sylvia Mae Land Craig K. Lannes Leslie Lazar Linda Lazer Jeanine M. Leengran Susan Ann Levand Barbara A. Levy Kathleen T. Lifton Susan Marie Lopez David Ross Luboff Evelyn Beatrice Lueif Mary Angela Lynn Marlene L. Lyon Larry J. Mac Donald Marjorie Mac Kenzie Janice Lynn Mach Cheryl L. Magence Cris Vallle Mangialardl James P. Mangone William Graham Maniates Letty Jane Margolis Margaret A. Merleau Eileen Gall Marousek Mary Martha Matauka Pauline Lee Matelll Lorraine C. Matzer Renee Ann Maxlmlni Linda Louise Mayworm Ella McCoy Linda Anne McCreary Evelyn Taylor Mendes Richard R. Mlchalski Dorothy H. Miller Milan Mitrovic Annette Jane Mitterer Celeste Ann Morawskl Marsha Morgan Alvin Lee Mormolstein Kathleen Mary Morton Anna Marie Muscarello Juanita Marla Nelson Jane Viviam Netterstrom Kim E. Newman Roberta Joan Niemz Kathryn Beda Nikollch Barry Alan Nodulman Nadeen Carol Novy Marcella M. Nowakowski William James Oclepka Mary Ann Odway Irma Louise Olivo Evangeline Ortlz Gail Pablacas Ann Virglnla Pagllnl Carmen Ann Paolettl Barbara Kay Partyka Effie Paspalis Diane Alyce Patch Terri L. Paul Maryrose Ann Pavese Alexandra Pawlukowsky Luz Millie Perez Frances S. Perlstein Patrlca A. Peterson Sara Groves Peterson Susan N. Pillar Franklin Joseph Platchek Cheryl D. Pluff Jennifer Audrey Podgers Richard Paul Podraza Jane A. Polneau June Lee Pollard Diane J. Prosser Mary Antoinette Prosser William Quan, Jr. Theodore R. Raohwal Elba Delores Ramirez Llnda A. Reeves Charlotte Remenyik Thomas Stuart Rhoad Therse K. Rlghelmer Lorraine Bernice Riley Terry Lee Rizzo Edna Robinson Janice M. Rocen Betsy Marie Rodriguez Catherine llyse Flohter Dean Rolando Susan Opal Rosario Sherry Lynn Rose Gail Ann Rosen Louise G. Roynon Earl Saltzberg Francine D. Santoro Vic J. Sassolino Jelena Savic Joanna Ruth Scalise Patricia Ann Schaefer Christine Schnell John George Schmalz Michele Schoenbeck Phillip Schragal Susan Ellen Schroeder Elizabeth Anne Schuck Magdalena M. Schuessler Mary P. Schultz Andrea Schwartz Reid Lee Sechan Debra L. Serek Claire M. Shapiro Marjorie H. Shaxted Sharon Paula Sheinfield Jerald Alan Siegel Maria C. Silva Suzy Anne Simmons Rose Ann Simpson Joan Lottie Skoneczny Anna Mary Slobodlan Linda Joyce Smith Mary Ellen Smith Janice Lynn Smithers Anne Hamilton Sneddon Leeanne M. Sokolowske William John Soloma Barbara Spakowskl Caryn Lee Spayer William Peter Spear Cynthia L. Stachelskl Ernestlne Stacy James R. Starzynski Lorene Frances Stefani Mary Anne Stein Barbara Ellen Sternberg Christine J. Swierczynskl Sally Swonk Cathryn Lynn Tantillo Charlotte E. Tarrel Josephine E. Tavolacci Judith Ellen Tellmann Doris J. Thompson John F. Tlrltilll Vera Louise Trautmann Ruth K. Trelman Julia Genoweta Trocha Elizabeth Agnes Tubbs Carol A. Turner Barbara Ann Ulman Bedalla Edlth Valdes Diane C. Van Dycke Penelope Ann Varallo Gayle Ellen Wapole Debra A. Warsaskl Barbara D. Watson Thomas Brent Webb Andrea L. Weber Barbara Joanne Weber Gail Ann Weldon Allison Weiss Patricia A. Welninskl Lynn Marie Westberg Janice A. Westmoreland Deborah Lee Weyers Maura Jane Wlckln Loulse Susan Wieszczyk Karen T. Wilken Dorothy B. Williams Renee B. Wilson Richard Robert Wilson Reyna Z. P. Winokur Tim John Wlsniewski Patrice Collette Witt David Anthony Wnuk Susan Jean Wollin Patricia Lois Wyman Helene Judith Yassinger Deborah Zidoft Michael Sol Zieff Terry Lynn M. Zieman Linda L. Zimmerman Darlene Mary Zirves Gayle Ellen Zopolsky Jacqueline Zurawski Bachelor of Science-Teacher Education Dorelle Jean Ackerman Bonnie B. Bartels Herbert Irwin Bierman Margaret Ann Brindise Robert Leroy Hayes Denise Cathleen Johnson Annie Leung lrene F. Miranda Deborah Ann Safranek Fredric Herman Tarnow Mlchael S. Abruzzlnl Gary Agllata Geraldlne Aluppa Martha Akers Carolyn Lee Alfsen Harry Aller Lorraine Allen Bruce Martln Allman Lewis O. Amack Susan Jean Anderson Genevleve P. Antosz Phyllis Atchison Dlane E. Baenke Dale Barber Abraham B. Barkln Jean Barrett Therese M. Barrett Donna Bator Suzanne Beardslee Constance Beck Joann Benedetto Leonard Berg Harold E. Berger Rena Joy Berkowltz Glorla E. Blalek Lee v. Blrgells Bessle Blackburn Joan C. Blelzeffer Beverly Bloom Patrlcla Bond James Bonk Sharon Ann Bossard Danlel Joseph Boyer Patrlcla C. Boyle Paullne Brlars Mary Helen Brltt Cheryl Brlttlngham Dlana Bronowska Glen Brown James J. Buckner Chrlstopher Bukowskl Janet Buonlncontro Kathy Wheeler Burk Maureen Burke Therese Burke Wllllam Bunton Wllllam Joseph Burke Rex Burnett Chrlstlne Camps Ben Campobasso Kevln E. Carney Gerald Carsello Jacque L. Carson Frank Castronovo Judlth J. Cecchl Susan H. Chrabaszcz Samuel T. Chrlstlan Debra Clavaralla Edwln Claudlo Kathleen Ann Clement Susan H. Cohen Susle Colllns Ronald M. Conner Joan E. Conover Charles Consldlne Karen Coyne Yvonne Creggett Dlane Carroll Crowe Henry Dauphlnee, Jr. Melqulades Davld Patrlcla Jean Demos Robert Depa Thomas DeStefano Gregory Dennlng Joyce Dlmond Roslyn M. Dobkln Colette Dobkowskl Susan Doherty Martha S. Donegan George K. Donko James J. Dopke Joann Dorsen Davld Draeger Mlchelene L. Dudzlk Llnda F. Dueweke Rose Demas Durham AUGUST 1973 GRADUATES Mary T. Edleman Esther Elrati Donna Lynn Entln Annlelols Evans Arthur Fakes lrwln Faye Falth M. Felnsteln Dorene Flnk Susan Flscher James Fltzgerald Karen Fltzgerald Margaret Flanagan Ronald G. Flelg Nancy Foerstes Ruth Ann Foreman Joan Franzel Ronna Frledman Hector Garcle Gary Garzonettl Joyce M. Gelfand Wendy Gerber Jodle Gerchenson Llnda Marle Gerhart Carl Lynn Gersack Robert Gloffredl Maureen Gold. Bonnle Goldberg Gerald Goodman Henry Goon Marlanne Gonka Ruth Gordon Gregory J. Gorlewskl Robert Gottlleb Mattle Grant Jane Green Burton Greenberg Lawrence M. Greenberg Ronna Gall Greene Rosle Grlggs Gilbert L. Haber Llnda Rae Harrls Ruth 'K. Harrls Gall Dlane Harwood Sharon Hawklns Bonlta Haxel James E. Hayden Vlctorla Hendle Marta Hernandez Esther Herst Davld F. Hlrsch Marllyn L. Hirsch Jaclyn R. Hookanson Marlellen McGrath Howard Douglas M. Hubbard Dennls J. Humlnlak Janlce Hynes lsora Jackson Janlce Jacobs Susan Jacobson Joan Jaffe Sue Leung Jay Carl Johansen Barbara A. Johnson Ellzabeth J. Johnson Patrlcla A. Jones Sharon R. Kahan Llnda Kaplan Marcla Kaplan Jay R. Katzman Annette S. Kaufman Patrlcla Kazek Ronald Keller Sr. Dolorlta Kelly Anthony Kezele Brlan C. Kllmnlck Loulse F. Klees Nancy E. Kllnka Robert Knack Kenneth Krueger Pamela Lalr Robert Lalrd Ernle l. Laklcs Mary Klmberly Lang Rlchard Langel Mlchael M. Lanz Mary Leone Thomas Lewandowskl John Lewls Jr. Lauren D. Lezak Janlce Llebman Patrlcla Ann Lls Gustavo Lomell Chrlstlne LoPlccolo Stephen Losh Clarence Luckett Larysa S. Lule Cethleen C. Lynd Marlene Lyon Barbara Mack Kevin A. Maher Marcellno Maldonado Carimer Mallnowskl Kathryn A. Mandell Susan J. Manlsco Raphael Marcus Heather Marlnello Bernard Martlnez Carol Lyn Mason Lana Massarl Jack Mattura Janet M. Meyers Mlchael McCarthy Mary Ann McKenna Susan McManus Vlkkl McNlchols Fred Menzer Dorothy M. Mleso Tova Midler Kendall Mlller Bertram Mlms Leslle N. Mlnes Ethel F. Mlttenthal Mlchael Moses Luls L. Moya Llnda M. Mrowczynski Joseph A. Mueller Robert E. Muller Jr. Dlane Mary Mulllns Patrlcla Anne Murphy Margaret M. Myalls Buddy L. Myers Mark Mysllnskl Wllllam Carroll Nelson Sue Nesbitt Mary Chrls Nlccum Rosemary Nowalany Mary Margaret O'Brlen Kathleen O'Donnell Mary Jaclyn O'NelIl Carl Oesterrelcher Susan L. Olvey Chamras Otnthammarath Melanle Mlrek Ostermeler Kay Ann Oulmet Chrlstlne Palmero Steven H. Pankow Charles H. Parsons Mlchael Patoft Hope F. Paul Mark E. Pavllk Mary Pevon Roger Perrln Jaln Perz Llnda Phllllps Phlllp J. Plotrowskl Wllllam Pltts Gerald S. Plwowarozyk Sally A. Pochowlcz Mark F. Pohl Aprll Pollock Elizabeth Ann Post Margaret C. Prelwlsch Therese Przakota Llnda Rabln Paulo Ramlrez Herman Reed Mlryan Rees Galen Rehbeln Sandra Lee Rltt Mary Roche Jeannette Rockove Emll C. Rode Joan L. Rog Norman Ft. Romlto Alan H. Rosen fRearl Rosenberg Terna Rosenblum Susan Rostow Mlchael T, Ryan John Sabala Caslmer J. Saldak Alvera Salerno Llnda M. Sances Rlchard F. Santoro Jacqueline M. Sartar James Schefller Claudla Schevers Glorla M. Scnhler Anna Marle Schumacher Bruce Schwartz Mlchele J. Schwartz Samuel Schwartz Andrew R. Sclacca Albert Scozzarl Sandra Ann Seskauskas Robert Sheehan Cletes Shephard Chrlstlne Shlgehlra Mark Shoub Jerald Howard Slegal Andrew Slnshack Frederlck Slater Patrlcla A. Smlth John C. Smyrnlotls lll Lauretta Sohn Chrlstlne Sowa Vlctorla Sparks Pearl Spector Dorlna Glannese Splerlng Joanne Louls Splzzlrrl Sandra Loulse Steele Thomas Stefanlk Darrell Stelnberg Allen Stelnman June Stewart Thomas M. Stlgllc Glorla Strlpe Patrlcla Stromberg Randy Sturt Lorelel Tesak Candace Lynn Thomas Evelyn B. Thompson Klrlll Ole Thompson Kenneth E. Thulln Melvln Thurman Glorla Jean Tlnghlno Janlce A. Travls Dlanne Trunda Charles Tucker Ruth Tucker Bonnle Tuszynskl Allce Umbach Sondra Upton Larry K. Urbanskl Llnda Utterback Bedalla Valdes Joan Van DeGraff Carolyn P. Verplanke John Voe Ahna Voeks James L. Whltlock Rlchard H. Wldegren Lynn Wldeman Llnda R.Wlelgus Eva M. Wllemon Wayne J. Wojclk Barry B. Wollnetz Robert Wollley Nella M. Wysklel Susan M. Yerkes Karen M. Zangora Bonnle Lynn Zbaraz Llnda Zalman Stan J. Zlubrzynskl Barbara Zonca Ackermann, Allen Addante, Patrlcla Adler, Samuel Adler, Sherry Alesi, Gary Anderson, Mark Anderson, Wllllam Archer, Janlece Arkln, Arlene Aronleld, Norman Ascher, Walter Atherton, Lora Azooz, LuAnn Bachusz, Marlelranclne Balllng, Kathryn Barnes, James Barnes, Joan Barreto, Francisco Barron, Helen Bear, Rlta Bonem Bease, Judlth Begun, Caryn Behrendt, Thomas Behrens, Roberta Been, Claudette Berger, Peter Bermudez, Hllda Bernlck, Randy Bertl. John Best, Todd lilttman, Rachel lum, Llane lumenfeld, Ronald odden, Deborah owman, Larry reltenbach, Cynthla reltenbach, Steven rook, Anita frrosaeit, Vlrglnla rown, Irene lrrown, Jlmneta runo, Judlth ueltmann, Jean undy. Haward onls, Mary Ellen urman, Clalre ussard. Lynn utcher, Stephanle utler, Eva yrne, Patrlcla acclatore, Barbara aldbeck, Davld alklns, Mary Kay arldlne,Ellzabeth enteno, Mlgdalla handler, James hernlkovlch, Rlchard lampl, Dennls oan, Elleen oleman, Barbara oley, Eva olllns, Carol olton. Bruce olumbus, Louls ondon onrad. onway ortesef ostello, oulson. t6l'T16t', NDFSBFI ' Wayne Mary Ellen Joseph James James Thomas rylen, Therese 'Aqulla, Kenneth amato, Nicholas EDIBIS, Phillip avid, George avls, Glenn eVlncent, Dlana ewltt, Wllllam el Clello, Nancy ella, Carl emas, John i Crlstolano, Phyllls laz, Jennle l Flore, Joseph lmopoulos, Carol lvarco, Mlchael obson, Kenneth resdner. Dlane ruftel, Llnda rzewleckl, Chrlstlna rzewleckl, Joyce uel, Luz Glraldo utfy, Catherlne zledzlc, Jozef ckersall. Edwln dmalston, Raymond lbler. Frederlck lsner, Rhonda llln, Franclne mmry, Isabel vans. Mary dal, Igor leclano, Nellle rrare. Llnda kels. Phyllls rek, John rszt. Conrad schburg. Sharla scher, Robert shman, Estelle tzgerald, Wllllam enlgan, Garda ynn, Joseph DECEMBER 1973 GRADUATES Foerster, Dlane Fogerty, Wanda Foszcz, Kathleen Fox, Thomas Francls, Peggy Frazler, George Frederick, Fred Fredrlck, Rlchard Frendrels, Patrick Friedman. Franclne Friedman, Tobl Frlewer, Marcia Fuller, Coreen Gabriel, Wllllam Gallc, Ranka Gallus, Stanley Garrett, Edan Gates, Llnda Gatesman, John Gentile, Vito Glanarls, Kathleen Gercusklewlcz, Eva Gln. Marla Glemaud, Margarette Glorioso, Brian Gotten, Brenda Goldbarth, Llvla Goldberg, Joel Gomberg, Rochelle Goodwln, Frank Gordon, Marcla Gorln, Arlene Gorske, Glen Gould, Martln Grabowskl, Lawrence Graney, Davld Grant, Barry Grant, Mary Gross. John Gross, Shaul Shraga Grossmann, Gall Groth, Davld Grove, Samuel Guyon, Rlchard Habel, James Habura, Rlchard Hall, Carol Hanrahan, Nancy Harampopoulos. Sophla Harrls, Ursula Hein, Wllllam Heklowskl, Kenneth Henderson, Geraldine Heheghan, Andrew Hershfleld, Paula Hess, Steven Hirsch, Kenneth Hoffman, Mary Hogan, Danlel Holda, Phlllp Hork, Barbara Horn, Kathryn Hoshaw, Janet lllg, Rlte Jackson, Taylor James, Rebecca Janske, Rlchard Jerome, Nelsa Jessen, Raymond Johansen, Judy Johnson, Darlene Johnson, Kelth Johnson, Nancy Jones, Catherine Jones, Sylvla Jullano, Rlchard Jurman. Glen Justus, Judlth Kachman, Myra Kadlec, Tyra Kali. Joyce Kardamltchls, Anthony Karner. Carol Karouzos, Dean Kelly, Wllllam Kelton, Kathleen Klng, Kathryn Klrkpatrlck, Joseph Klssln, Marcla Klvl, Lee Klaeren, Barbara Kleln. Carole Klelst, Klrk Klempner, Susan Kllmek. Gloria Klorls. Terry Klug, Joann Knoebel, Rlchard Kohnke, Rudl Kolanskl, Marguerlte Kolman, Ronald Kopslan, Eleanor Koran. Thomas Kotsch. Dora Korrlson. Mary Gllger Kozllk, Caslmlr Kozuch, Catherine Krause, Elaine Kreuter. Mloheel Krol, Wayne Krusclnskl, Susan Krzemlen, Rltchle Krzywlskl, Patrlcla Kukla. Gall Kurz, Rlchard Kuska, Kathleen LaCerra, Fred LaMorte, Charles Laabs. Marelmarle Lambert, Wllllam Lang, Rlchard Langwell, Gary Leonard, Anna Less, Lorraine Lewln, Reate Liang, Pang Llndqulst, Carroll Llss, Debollah Loebman. Fred Lorentz, Glenn Lukosus, Mary Lynch, James Lynch, Mary Maler, Sally Mahone, Deborah Mandell, Debra Marek, Davld Marchlonne, Donna Margarls, Julia Marrl, Wllllam Martln, Carol Mathews, Kenneth Mayor, Robert McCarthy, Mary McCloud, Dorls McCoy, Marle McDanlel, Maureen McDowell, Barbara McElwaln, Angela McGlvern, Alice McGulnnes, Kathy McWrlght, Selena Mesa, Zlola Messuck, Marllyn Metzger, Marlin Meyer, Mary Meyer, Rlchard Meyers, Don Meyers, Kathy Mazzano, Cathleen Mhoon, Juanita Michalskk, Judlth Lux Mlklautsch, Betty Mlld, Llnda Mlllard, Ellen Mlller, John Mlnarlk, Pamela Mlrlpol, Jerllyn Mltchell, Constance Mitchell, Dorthy Mitchell, Marlene Morales. Gerge Nlorrls, Marllyn Mowbray, Deborah Murlk, Glttle Murkowskl, Janet Murphy, Kathleen Nallwajko, Wasll Nelman, Elizabeth Newman, Michael Ng, Mona Northcut, Mlnnle Ogawa, Florence Ohka, Janet Okrel, Roman Omuro. Christine Oppllger, Dlane Orr, Lucille Benham Ourach, Gall Pace, Arlene Parla, Anthony Paske, Denise Paula, Krlstlne Pearce. James Pellegrlnl, Llnda.QuIIlci Pena, Aya Pennlsl, Sarah Penzel. Marllyn Perry, Margaret Peters, Stephen Petersen. Eva Plllar, James Plper, Ruth Plomln, Karen Pomlanek, Patrlcla Ponton, Kathleen Perges, Nancle Perstner, Nancy Postregna, Barbara Powell, Chrlstlne Prless, Rlchard Procoplo, Anthony Provada, Barry Ctuero, Vlctorla Qulnn, Martln Ralmondl. Anne Rapopon, Barry Raymond, Patrlcla Vogan Rellly, Leandra Relslsng, Carol Rettlch, Rlcky Rhone, Julla Rldoltl, Rlchard Rinehart, Llndalee Rivera, Glorla Roberts, Helen Roberts, Timothy Rodrlgunaz, Jose Rogal, Eugen Rogers, Wllllam Rosenbaum, Don Rosenkranz, Karen Rosenthl, Mlldred Ross, Donald Rossman, Mlchael Rothman, Jerl Rotter, Randi Rottman. James Rowe, Amelia Rozanskl, Robert Ryan, Kathleen Ryan. Robert Saccomonto Carol Samuelson, Valerle Sandroft, Howard Sans. Vlte Bruno Sarama, John Scannell, James Schaefer, Lee Scheaffer, Renee Schenk, Dennls Schmitz, Sally Schott, Mary Schuda, Donna Schultz, Rosalie Schwartz, Robyn Schwartz, Ronnle Seebacher, Roger Segal, Marvln Senner, Terry Serrano, Carlos Seshadrl, Barbara Shapiro, Marcle Shell, Dawn Sheppard, Kathleen Sheppark, Mildred Shereos, Katherine Sherman, Marla Shewskl, Lols Short. John Shlowel, Marcy Shurtlefl, Wllllasm Slegel, Tanlse Sllvestrl, Paul Slmms, Mary Lou Skinner, Gregory Skonle, Stephen -Smlth. Beverly Smlth, Patrlcla Anne Snlder. Ozell Snlezewskl, Joan Sobolewskl, Patrlcla Sohn, Andrew ' Somerman, Michal-Ann Souffront. Andre Spackman, Nancy Spence. Debra Steeler, Norma Steck, Llnda Steln, Melvln Stern, Edlth Strlck, Mlnna Strohm, Julie Strom, Karen Stull, Marjorie Surl, Martha Swatek, Margaret Teske, Nancy Theus. John Thomas, Mae Thompson, Judlth Throud, Robert Tldd, Katherlne Torrloello, Andrea Travers, Kenneth Tushbal, Glorla Uchida, Lynn Underwood, Regina Valdlvleso, Miguel Valos, Celeste VanDeCarr, Lawrence Vann. Larry Vlchek, Vincent Voltlk, Linda Walsh, Mary Walton, Rlchard Walz. Barbara Wandlck, Wllllam Wang, Sharon Welngerg, Evelyn Weissman, Dale Wenlger, Barry Wenshe, Christine Whltlock, Kathryan Whitney, Davld Wlegel, Llnda Wlemhoff, John Wllklns, Ellzabeth Wllllams, Candace Wllllams, Leroy Wllllams, Ruby Wllson, Anna Wllson, Cralg Wolf, Paula Woodbury, Allred Wurzel, Carolyn Yamauchl, James Younan, Paullne Zeltler, Paul M 1 , ai is B ' I 1111134531115 S ECIAL EVENTS an- ii ll M T M ll E S ll M Il fq V iq HONORS CONVOCATION MARCH 29,1973 M . o J KN-A - .Ju lf. ff--.Ng ja.. G 1 l el .M 1, 5 I '3 X. J' I B HELP, HELP, THE GLOBOLINKS! MARCH 29,1973 Musical and Stage Director: Marcia Lewis Assistant Musical Director: John Carseilo Technical Director: Durward Redd Stage Manager: Mark Anderson Choreographer: Tonkya DeHavia Temple Beth Israel Junior Choir Director: Judith Karzen Cast of Characters Tony . . . .... Michael Lanz or Charles Cincotta Emily .... ...................... S usan Klein Dr. Stone ........ ............... D ouglas Hubbard Timothy ............. ............ R ichard Piskator Madame Euterpova .... .... M aria Lysandrou-Murphy Mr. Lavender-Gas ...... ............. R icky Rettich Dr. Turtlespit .............. .... C arl Johansen Miss Penelope Newkirk ...... .... B renda Pastin Plus Children and Globolinks v lb ILE ,4 J GQ 'X N M iff-.2-rgwqf ' I . l ' Q3 r: .3-.V -' ,L H . m -J A:Qxifl-fX?fE5'73'mYi?-+ 'f FrfSJsfQ5 VR! '- , - -' f , Q fwgf, . -, -.QV :. V- ' , Y. ." - XE.: 'f v. '74 "fl . X cu 1L'3i'EspU! Ir, 'fu I PIM .' 11' iX'f.i,:u'.j'1,", ' - 7 ,H fi W ' ",hL?.zQ:,,.,a T I :Al Mi TM .LW R 05:31. ,"x.fg!'l H" Y 1 QV: 'f ' it 'hr' 1 -,, -in, -1 V . - A ,, , 1: - ff 1 "'2?QQ4m1:g 1. Pm., k ., ,, . V 9' 4 3 ' 55. , 1 . ..,. -V E' ff, ' H ' I ' 1' , X, ' v :'K H"""! , 1- ' ,VP --1 YI ,l.- ' ' ' " "7'f'!,. . A, L -,, , ,,., xi 7 .. X.u.,:.., 1J:I1'fIl:'f r::i.,1 H W - -Y zmrlr. ,J . L. .,, ,M , . ,Q-. ,, -:-mar 43 ' x 9631.5 tj-Uf. ,W if . A 4 ff A: '-Self' - 'f H L 1 -4 " "-,. ' 1.,.,,. ..,, ,g' - -"' - 11' : Lava? -6:15, -If'-1.153 " 1 M-, A--., w Qzk- . -'sri'-ul -:ESS ,,. ' 5 3 ,-gg, , u+'3, AH E P 5, 4'--, gl ,. ,. 1. J: L r i X- fm 'YW -:. N , w , n ,, l -1 l : -I 3553! If li" 'f:.-F H- uv' X '41, -my 'H-ri Q- . . Afavx CLASSROOM BUILDING DEDICATION APRIL 2, 1973 I f I' , . f '- -71 y. an-,...-,-, 5 -...,LN-M 5 xl . ,M AN. f , "-4 '-x, Q'-e',4iJ:i.,L7a3' 'ff ix,.1t'r.Z.A' 155-e't1.H 1: x.1L2'i,..Q7,f ml-Y I - X- I, rxm 1 ,f ,.., T. -um. r - 1. -',if?fi:1 wr ,ku 'r4'i bf 9' I ,gigs , "1 Q W' KSN f - ,Lf-A'-' . A, - J wa W use ' 'af , ,gl J ' -. V 1' 4 - Kc. wk, Q , ' .f , T' . N .- I . W 1. Alb. 1 5 - f .I Z I v fi? ,C 41' A Q -,gf lr Q P,-L . , J " My . "1 f .-U -'C ' -r . f 1 v 1 fu V af ' . ' in .41 V F ' ' utah . A 2 . l - ' i'54:"':, 1' E 11514 .e' I Q. ,. "vii ,L '- f Wx as 11. ' FL r' ,IK J, NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY oncen quo PPSSSYTCS l I, l ,ff .7 , 5 ,' Z' 3 ' J I Q the IDE U C0.I'EeR"4sff ,Q-9' 41" 3 l -5 ,.?4"' C f' 1 f Q Q " V In I-loner o-F Dr. Tacoma M. Sachs, ROA-Hina Prcgidsnif fs' Aoctheashfw IIN" 'W' ' I1 APRIL 9, 1973 From Concert Program: "The University Band presents this concert in honor of Dr. Jerome Sachs, retiring I President of Northeastern Illinois University. Dr. Sachs will retire Sept. 1, 1973, after leading the university through its first ten years of existence. These were important years, at times most difficult and always strenuous. lt is a mystery to us who work with students organizations that Dr. Sachs found the time and energy to support by his presence at our concerts has caused envy among my associates at other universities who are not as for- tunate. A special word of thanks is due to Mrs. Sachs who has never missed a concert ex- cept for illness. The band owes much to the support of Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Sachs." 112 , -.-1, XX' .' X w' V 'QV Q fi ' ,fra . nm, .ul , i A 1 3 . 'M ,fix . fig- yrqig . V s2w.,fz'ifbl - 355 X Ng? sh Us x'N, " 1 V 529 IJ? .' 1 .44 'xgg X N F , Y Y 1 , V I '.'Aa,1 1 1 r , ' J' h ff 5- V ,H ,' .4 N .9 if f." ' I Q Hg .1 ' , ' M . 4, N ,J if A 3 f J, V , 1' , f I 1 . 5 4 CWVHQQV V " ' I Ax- . 1 J , 1' 'ffilf' l E ', '- N Q I 1 A - - 4 ' ij - s Q i ,,. Q, . ,A I . I ,V I5 F , W 3 ,. 6 : V ' ,, A ' ry. V .if I ,J . ' 6 rr?-!' PRX. I ' -' , X K' V, I-. 'Q f 1 . f ' ':'l" ' ' 'P V ' ' , ' ff a' 'ig' '- 'gg T-'g.'2 ,J ' "' ',f"2'2f51'g. - ,,', - ,.A,L'Q. A 254 1 Wi, Y N' 3 '."N 5. V. 'V i'-11.2 -Nagy I-3: U 5.51, .V,A 311 V '- are 3 4 ,,'f. 1.' -' 1-f,Zf,vjQ-.l V1 gi JV 'V7 RQ, ' I .Q ,A 'fi- . v V: ' . , 'I 1 r V , .,1 ' . V . V ' ," . ,A ' . 1, 1 i 1, at 5 1 1 FOLK DANCE FESTIVAL APRIL 5,1973 2, APRIL GRADUATION ORCHESTRA FIALL APRIL 18, 1973 wi.. f Q Ii' Cui V IQ. Vu ,Jn 3. W3 E3 f 7? .' ,' -+ 23 HJ- .Mm ANN SMITH RECITAL JUNE19, 1973 5 P. flll os as P' tv P 5 '1'.' Imflrlrarstrwi P1lflllil'Qllf.'l'! Q '1i"v'rV:'+'u'srs-Ln: stu Q ffl? ' o DR. SACH'S RETIREMENT DINNER JULY11, 1973 .nut L RETIREMENT DINNER AUGUST 5, 1973 On August 5th, 1973, a Retirement Dinner was given at the Napoleon Room ofiFontana D'Or to honor the follow ing professors who were retiring from Notheastern at the end of August: Mr. Raoul R. Haas Associate Professor of Education Executive Director of Admissions, Records and Continuing Education Dr. David Rappaport Professor of Mathematics Dr. Jerome M. Sachs Professor of Mathematics 1 President of Northeastern Illinois University Mr. Maurice Yochim Associate Professor of Art Our best wishes to these four men whose records of long service to Northeastern.-has been much appreciated. m H , I H H. ww K I , Q . 55395, 3 Lf 1. 55 ' nw W ' ' Egg? 11:1 I ,UQ M.. ' , Lf,- , MH H. H , ,1' 'v4,':Q:,i 2 x , . '- '- : 1' r 51:-:gf E ,.. , .4 ' iid ff' ' ,Elf I "' 'u""i"' -34?-V UUNI COMMUTER CENTER GROUND BREAKING AUGUST 7, 1973 ,. . W -.. FfreQ'i,5L'2i2sf-D AW ."F'!i?' " , Hifi!! 11' U ' s I .I ' N :Qi P ' ' f ' 9' gp ,. HD' ,4 x 2 W 4 It ' A- sg -V , . 1 lil' A 3- -.. Htilllylh ll kv W ' '.1:'we H izlizjwgfty X "HI 'X 'Yw EiiH"if-.WA YTSEA Lf EW? ff , m..fQ11lHIN' fr:f1g,.' 1 ' . Vi? 7 I , ' rv , V9 A Lg, K X . .xi 'N ' 1. A . ' 1' '. A 1 A A U .. 5 " ' A ...Y .vm V . . W. A ' . x' -,ur H - 1 V3 ,. .ap -,J ff-nh if L.: 2 In . I. . 'UL K v, Il., . "11.'2 -f yf-'f .' .. . ,, ,Ji H . , . Ju p aw- .mp .h ', 1 Rn . , 4. , x . I N ln., 5Q',j,,,gR-' -1-v'f,,jw:,A N21--'-Y , 3-,-.4 nf, ' N H .n , U -:Jn -. -- , w A xc, . ., . .KM-A 5 , f SE R. - -A -. gy.. ' 2 :1e.'eLi-ifg. W ' 1'3+.f,fw.'- 'f- 'uf' Q-.f ,.- W., 1614.,-.1.,L :ldv 4-4 y"f:-away. ,531-"fl 'f -fl, LFS ..' Mn- . V., f.. , , , , -1 ,mfg--,.', N- - Lgtfgk.-.v .' k.,-1.33.-j,..,.1: 'L Q: ,.-In 7 . , .Rig !.P1F ', .."..g-". u Z". H. Q x :iw-r-" rpmd.--s-vw M.. f.. -e " , Y-fl N ,t whwfz-' lf.-w.,L Klum' 2 - '-V129 hu' P- 1 -4-it 1 G gf. N . 'LM' ',f+'1 " ' '-1 ,ii A Q .. V I x , 'W , x, f- ' 1 X . 5 1 y X N..-' J. x mi rpg,- , 1 ka .NW ,I 1 1' 1 W. 1, .,-, . ,-1. 1. 'X JANE FONDA AT NORTHEASTERN SEPTEMBER 26,1973 - - :A -'-'-4V - .4 'J ,H .T I 75, ' ' ? . , ,V , . w , 1 . ,P 1' 'rf .' E L ' ,-E1 ki' , . 'J If,A1.Ql -. -- 1 W :EyJfss'1' 'Ni . Wnmf' JH. 1Y:'?1'. W ' wx w H - H "W-v,..41 W' - . 1 INTERPFIETERS' THEATRE PRESENTATION OF I LITTLE IVIURDERS X K ABOVE: Wedding Scene from LITTLE MURDERS 9 UNI CCNCERT EFKIES IN B EE SHARP i?,ah,5 SHARP l GUS GIORDANO DANCE COMPANY CF CHICAGO Gus Giordano's program set an evening of American jazz dance to music that made the audience move October 2, 1973. The dance medley acted as a warming up exercise for UNl's Performing Arts week. Spon- sored bythe Commuter Center Activities Board. the performances coin- cided with University Celebration Week. The selection "American Heritage" provided traditional music choreographed in the American jazz dance style to begin the week's programs. "Heritage" included a suite of Civil War music and dances. Metronomes of Various American composers were timed down the "Dance Decades." The company reviewed jazz dances from the 1920s to the 1970s. The ensemble dedicated its "Tribute" piece to the originators of American jazz dance and music. The Gus Giordano Dance Company of Chicago, under the direction of choreographer Giordano, is primarily dedicated to focusing on American jazz dance as a performing art. The purpose is to show American audiences jazz dance iAmerlca's folk dancej by presenting it in concert form. Although the repertoire is mainly American jazz dance from tap to rock: the dance works include modern dance and ballet. Because of its varie ty of expression and mood in American jazz music and dance, the- program has been designed to appeal to many audiences. The dance works are programmed to reveal American jazz dance as an art form A small touring group of six dancers, Giordanc's Company originated i 1968. its dance music is on tape. The ensemble is costumed but carrie no sets. With the honors Giordano and his group have been awarded since 1968 they have little need of props. In 1969, Giordano was the winner of th NET-TV award of excellence and served as a professor of the Pari American Academy in France. In 1970, Boston cited him with the mos distinguished dancer award. He won two TV Emmys and was author o the book American Jazz Dance. Giordano has done the choreograph for Northwestern University's Waa-Mu Musical and for WTTW-TV, The Gus Giordano Dance Company had appeared at some thirt colleges and universities before performing in the auditorium o Northeastern Illinois University. , 1 ' 4 f L x! f ff A I I 1- 7.3! -ky. x 'W' J j 0 if -fwuwiggguik -,-. 1,4-,, ix. M v., , ,. ,eg Vim. .lg jk v 1 sigh, I 'FU' U .i n X , , 13 .- - :Hi , N, . -wr -- . 4 , ",' v z 1,52 ,V , ' lu 1 4 L, V' . , - " vw z., 'lx MW T? 1:01 i , 71. 4 . E 1 Rl 41m N. Vg., , -G "J Qty if Iig fm., Fw 5 P I .-'mn 'I H 1. af Hi 7 'K' 1 1 s.-, 1 nr J. 3 I- -5. -57, . 1' I i if ' nw! hir: 'UM , IQ' ' 1 f-V, . IL, M: 1,17 -vLm A, JL Mi JJ' Air 1,1 1 um! , I, U' sf- w l:Lfi..,.:, -my -W -' nw, . -eg, Q x l V Y 4 - ..-v. W? 1 wg Q' ut this is a movie not a lifeboat!" Spencer Tracey's line referring to his preceding Katharine Hepburn's on the marquee might apply to the of Keller and Webb as H1 Keller and 82 Webb. Keller is a 23- old: Webb, a 22-year-old girl. Keller and Wendy Webb appeared in the UNI auditorium October 4, during Performing Arts Week. Their sound was characterized by s "Joan Baez!Grace Slick" vocal interpretation of Mark's lyrics. guitar and piano passages were accented by chilling harmonies and harmonica. ,tij- Since 1965 both Mark and Wendy have played professionally in various rock groups and later as single artists before joining forces in 1970. They have been performing their original acoustic rock in the Chicago area for two years. Chicago spots they have appeared at include the Quiet Knight, Earl of Old Town, Gate of Horn and Smile Chicago with such artists as Pat Paulson, Robert Klein and Steve Goodman. Keller and Webb have a growing college reference list and are currently negotiating distribution rights for their first album. Whether their names play first string or B string, Keller and Webb run a tight ship. 6 q.,. 12-"". 'i1i':iv"'l 'fl -4 . , nf rt -f - J . BREWER 8t SHIPLEY Hummable, gently persuasive melodies were made by Brewer and Shipley ln the audltorlum October 14, l973. Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley's voices were together in rich blends of melancholia or gaiety. The citybillles' music was free flowing and relaxed yet encompassed heavy political and contemporary lyrics In soft sounds. Brewer and Shipley are both natives of Middle America. Brewer is from a dust section of Oklahoma while Shipley hails from Ohio. They were per- forming lndlvidually when they met In Kansas City. They later got together in California and started writing music ln Los Angeles. Simply speaking, hits seem to explain everything that happened before in the professional and personal life of an artist. Hlts make everything seem simple, though it never was or is. In the case of Brewer and Shipley, the simplistic story goes: Two folksingers who wrote their own material llved and believed in being fre on a farm in Kansas City with their wives and children, where they wer all happy. One day. the two folkslngers made an album in far off Sa Francisco. A single record is taken from the album, "One Toke Over Th Line," and is a hlt. The album, called "Tarkio," is also a hit. Everyone lib ed happily ever after. When "Tarklo" was released, everyone could sense something bi around the corner. The single, "One Toke Over the Line," was puller from the album and hit the top ten. The album bounced onto the charts Their latest album, "Shake Off The Demon," has also hit the charts, an the title song released as a single also promises to be a success. Th years that Brewer and Shipley had put in, their belief in their musical an personal lite styles had paid oft. How do you keep 'em down ln L.A. after they've seen the farm? '-gr!! 3 -I! gxrxt J 11 45. UN 'fish 15 AV, 'Ear at :VV .yn ,,,.h. A 2 fag ,. ,Q i L 3 , 4 "V-' 1. -V I . 'u 'i 2 15-2 'f 1 qq' Q? .-, T ' 1..-,..- 'Lf G wa y mfg 7 ..-J -W -Qi, . N .,,. JL? 4? Between Fiend: and Paradise. is situareqieher.'Nich6ls' mal .retreat ,Giant bling 5is.,saQdl92 ladking in 'Etefib 0Ka'n5dsJl end the Angels are 'ndt lin. gneet idbundance. at ithe Illiiaiiadise flikeiilor-Gount. Thene's lots df wiid,eQopen.specesQ peeceiand isdlltudle thought' 'lihere's' also.vGhet lNtdhd'lsLap,oet,., musi- ieianl singer. songwriter-andrreeordirlg artist. iffhetlives tori a farm' wifhi lets 'df' cows who periodically wregk hisogerden. and Chet hasigll' inanrier 'o'fiiveigeteb'les. getting on. hots of stuffiheridoesmit haveiito blenti.'Get1thei hunglifiesfvand relief is only fas fer awgy-es. the 'lineal rfiule henry treegor lhoneymmb. This ls partlfgff the reason'-Ghet lives in -the goountnye The air isgelean, 'theelgqrn ifull of 'hay ,and'theiiirogr'of1 a- stray olene'-Qani be eleanly heard. The good old: goyntvy colmferts anegall ati hand. Hiisf1h'9use3lgs.e' 'mqfortab le and iwell worm There's5fan oldlupf- iight piia'nQi.that2'Qhief messes around OG- Theifvmiiute is fr1'QStIy:fS,alsiati,en Afmv' chic? and affew posters adorn the WHIISL- H161 imdst !FiECJfIl.il7i'6nt 'SJ3iiI1Q. 'WEEE 'MWQF IFQF- Aff itCii'lflBy :i Gfe'He'tf3l." n'heFfanm serves ies thegtzase Gf his1operatiQns.flt'e e guage teland after a.GQUf5lE Qf'iWe.8kS Hn tAhe"lfQ3CliL whieh tis-WVTIQFG G'hetieen.I be found with incieiasihgl nekguleinity these days, lt waS1ifm+Ocf6,ber? ot '72 ithaf he :fl7EVElEd, ffl UNM TSC, U19 FDB!! is not? new toiGhet Nichols.- 2Et2aisedQ.ihl Wiilnietfe,.Chet Qet-wi'h'tQ' fhusit: mean early age.-By the itirhej hel Wes fourfihegshiad Qalfeady Qernpbsedlihie fnest .piece on me pieino.llnithese.1eanly days .niegmam axes were .theeelle 'afldl plane. QHQQRTIQW HCGUDIS ef. guitar gnome, butididnitigethisffinst six istring .until he was twelveg ,Dbwni ,itl 'liijuanawith shine ndlatives hef dida bil tif Cild fashibhedi Bargaining' and :got 'hirhself an el eneaee Mexican' guitars fdti 38.50. Down from. S35L00l it proved e s6,u'n.d invest- rnent. llotofi fDracti.cingeahd llistenlng to Ghuck Befry. .necords ledhim' into aifihieage based ibend known as the Chosen Fewi ilihls wasiaroundjthettlme ethe Stones were ih- vadlng America 'andl the1.Ghoseni Fewiwere -obviously in, iflueneed. Tlihey'd doa lots efi rock 'nl rolll like "Johnny B. Goode" land "Great: 'Balls .of Eilfegn- plus 'a 'few df Chet Nichols' priginalsf. Theyiplayedftogether for'f6ur1yea'rs and were,'afroekf5anAdiln all respleotswnamely they wentlini heck for their equipment. 'iwetdi taken all our money .and bdqght equipment. Sjo.we'dlplay all itheseigigs and nobody would QQ! any Vbf9aC1H"- By 1t966ithe Chosenfew had' managed to become one of- thefblg ba'nd,s in Chicago, right upethere with the Shadows Di Night and' the' Delyettesa 'lihen the band broke lup. Nlemhbergs wengtiotf tg jsohool ,end the U.S. Army took! its toll. Qhetggbi him5elfEinto-folkgmusic. He pawned allhis electric GQ'Ull3'tTiBD1 8Ud'got himselfthe Gibsonwhioh he still uses tediaya or a while he had this gig with two folksies in an ice eam parlor. It was around this time that Chet decided he ldn't care much for singing "Blowing in the Wind." "I ldn't want to perform sets containing other peopIe's ngs. l'd go to a club and watch someone do someone se's material and I couldn't get off. And I knew a lot of her people that couldn't get off. And I was sort of aiming yself at getting other people off. Cause that's what good usic is all about." o Chet went solo doing his own material and hit the road ith time spent in Oklahoma City and on the coast. Even- ally he drifted into Lawrence and the University of Kan- s. He spent two years at KU and came within a few hours graduating. He dropped into music full time playing at aces like the Pawnshcp in Lawrence and the Vanguard Kansas City. It was during his Vanguard stint that Good arma Sutra Records entered his life. Good Karma owned e Vanguard and managed Brewer and Shipley. Soon het Nichols was added to the roster and the association s proved mutually beneficial. is first album, "Time Loop," has been released already. w it came to be recorded is quite a story and getting the album placed took a long time. But then a strange thing happened sometime in September of '70. Chet and his manager, Gary Peterson, were playing with a ouija board and they asked it about the record. The answer came out something like "Budde in October." Needless to say that response blew their minds. And true to its word in Oc- tober, 1971, the word came from the Budda Group Records and the album was set to roll. People are behind Chet and really dig his music even if one overly enthusiastic supporter told him, "You could be the next James TayIor." Chet muttered something about,"That's like saying l'm a 1954 Buick." James Taylor nor car is Chet Nichols. He puts a lot into each song he sings. Unlike Sweet Baby James his songs do not sound the same. They are not countless variations of "Fire and Rain." There's plenty of variety in "Time Loop." From slow, folky ballads to rockers, it's all there. And as Chet says, " 'Time Loop' is a good solid statement. lt's fun. lt's funky. lt's got variety. It doesn't stick in one place." This is also a pretty accurate description of Chet Nichols. The Insider ,, . I. W 1 A F as 3' ,J :lf ?yr, Y I '31 It -M, .lull f GX .if , ' -fs 1 . sf:-1 f 1 K, if nu- iz:,' ,e ---an rr-4, I., .. .A A0 ' - 1 4' 21 'ik 'Q .-.QB ' ' I 'W' A - - g - -- I V Z1 Q F . ze" E r -.R ' f""'AQ ? :.,.,4gsf:.1A A ' Q .1 ..,. l -W , ,fi cv-.' . fiwinhv .1 1, 'FX 2--:H X W 'aa - P "'.-"Vim --'v If xgfl 'R -3 1 - ' Hn! Q O "-+-g Q. I-'N fi, s bee sharp!" formed IH the north dining hall on November 1, 1972. the left hand page IS the Monroe Doctrine as It The honeyflowed stralght from the comb out Into the con ppeureu wlth the Everly Brothers. cert. bove is the number of the Monroe Doctrine who per- IA! .,. I 5 , ..,.,- x .4 I , WI N4 . ol , ' ,J 4.--,NZPGQEK fq+Hh'w,'cx gil M ,, '- -.' ing- 'x .1 ., , , 1 we-2 ,.-, -fu' .f'j:g:.:'fr- ff, .S WI II-I v .,4,k2N,IigNg . ' 1 A r V, .f 4' .wr Vw - fx 'if 'MI ' -' ' :Tix NWMXZ.-. X 'x"" , I it :L , ff LII, ,I .- .5 .I 2 I if A .I X W , W - A '4.' ' Tl: . 3. I ' , ' -'fQ'x'Y7'.- . Lg- Ig ,g-.- 'im . S "' xi 3.4.1 ,"' ' - 'fs Qmffff-','5'f 2 v gW,Jm3Q ' . A 'If-ff, -,. U '35-....., . I , I I 4 I 0. ... I.Il::-,iI-,-- I. is , tp-. vA,L , 'ffaf' ' 5 . ' . 2 5, n Q3-A. Lx 'W 5 N ck ' . i - -0, Q -9 p I-'R -s-' fgfq.,,'- 1 ruff , -' Sify.. -' I , I. H , . 1 agwve'?.'- I4Y.f:d'f ",51,1iI,:3, wxQ:-w -' ..1!'.vg "- -. vlf 1, W Jr "JY w. J I'x,.f ,Mn-f , 4"',U vim' 4 .Pig Y " J J' .r .I , ,-uf - 11 1W C55 F I. I- I fig. A, II,III ,III1, "-- SLK' IV if LI IPAQ r .. , f--1 .TQ 115 115 ,J-Mg. Rf, rf..IIs.,?,fP- Ib 'Ifw . , -gfn-pyw 1 ,,IIIIIx C I1 If.-.." -KAI. I4 It 2' ' I , I. II. II 15:1 4- w - ' . ,r QM- ' .NIS .' ,x,,'ij ' , Y '. .,. A., ,- 1, . ,X Y ' ugh: .4.-:. - . WUK .IXIP Wx NV' WV Am- I, ,V N Y .I1 MIX E 15 - xi. .mu I, QJFG ,, ' Fmt' rg '51 K . ' I TF' 1' I Y .4 I I' .3 . A A , A +1 5 .-' 11 ,. ?'Wp - I 1. '?i,p,' S+- I 1'-4, My N4 , 1 1 ' V 11 ' .. 'A 1 ' J H Fff, X ' ' x K. Q I v 1 I ,l K' ' 1 W 'A , 5 n '., I I I MV? iv ' I ,J K fix ' 1 ', . ' , ,MJ MIT- - . 2, I HN ' - 1 I ,- Q. -PZ' H- '1 P.. , ' .QI Ku .I as . X 1- I '- A .af 'I .. Q . 1,3 ww 10' N. -4'-- 'in Y'-r A-vif. ,-,1.w.Q' V 'rw Q. -' 4 Aikmggsr. - ' .9-,. I v- -X b.. E , l. .X f f X 1 iq'i?":-' " I , I ' ' hrti ' ' 52.5, - I IV5-x r , 'hm' ..-wg. ""!'i- Fo -.Q .,, ,gg-0. 4 II . , I -I V I ,, N1 ,QI IWII... I X - .- I- .gfvn . ,-I, N .. .f SN ' 7,1 1 - 1' , ' 1,.:?,'.., -'fm R iv. f afmyf'-m' " "vw Pg ' 1 Q ,g'11'5z . . I .I I,. x N. , Q. f 'f - 1- - ' . 1 A '- .nu - 1-fn' N . rf-...1 pu' 'W ,ff N "fl-41 A ,A ,I-. ,mfg v .I,, L, , - I " ' ' . fII,,IQ 1 ., IP gi -'I-iU!.f1T f IJ TI fu' Pg., - , 1 19+ .:i"-'TH -f " I "1 i.. 'gr-r ' -x .Agn ,ggguf I ,:,.:iIA , -," . " F ...II-.'gQ'-,, -'13-U5 , , 3 - - ' I' I ', -4 ' L. ' 'pf w+.,.-'ai -:A Wa' 1.1 ln' " 1 'f '!'w1i'T,.g,:, ' Y '-51: - ,. ren.. . A , , '.1.,II '- I I-AA ,II-s- J ng gfgflij, I g f-I I L ff-El wi" ,N ' -' V4 HV. , .Ir , 4. -. . ,I , 1, Q 1' +5 , LI J,-,.., U 1 11, q V. 4 A' -'fwf,Im- Q"i-192f'f?ffp , ,, ..,, .. I ,N , I A LJ rg.-I . H H1 ' CF V 'A "f...g35I",w, A 1-L-, 'Q 'wr' . , . -If-I ' SQHMWE "nl Y 1 1.-L-Y K' T , - idlg ggr rv- I '63, . wik 1 'J kg. ' . M' f V4 J 'fm ', HF. 'I 4 :AUM if Liberation is the purpose of the Nu Llberatlon Art Unit whose music is an art form. lt is through the Units music that the per- formers strive to free themselves and ,those who hear them. The Unit believes that freedom in one form or another is a basic desire of all people. In muslc lt takes a type of freedom for a person to enjoy all forms. The Nu Liberation Art Unlt - underthe leadership of George Taylor was organized in July 1969 lts original name New Jazz Audlences Inc. -the Nu Llberatlon Art Unit has had the opportunity to perform in manyparochlal -private and public schools as ltdld at- UNI on December 5 1f972. Ensemble, was changed to New Liberation Unit and presently Nu Liberation Art Unit. currently associated with Young COLDNY IN CONCERT We have also appeared in several television perfor mances said George Taylor Our group has been enthusiastically accepted by the audiences at each per formance Taylor Woodwinds instrumentalist and composer began studying the alto saxophone when he was seven under the direction of William Ziegler He continued studying through his school years performing in the school orchestra and dance band and while In service Then he studied the clarinet as taught by Michael Guerra Taylor later broadened his scope by taking muslc therapy at Combs College of Muslc where he perfected his performance on the tenor saxophone clarinet and flute A scholarship allowed Taylor the freedom to mayor In muslc education at the Philadelphia Music Academy Donald Montenaro of the Philadelphia Orchestra added to his skill on the clarinet and Frank Varsacl on the flute Emanuel Thompson drums became interested in per cusslon instruments at the age of ten and began taking lessons while ln the public school system His musical training extended through hls school years with par ticipatlon ln- many musical programs Emanuel has traveled and performed with Jimmy Smith lone of the top organlsts in his fleldj Horace Silver Joe Hender son Freddie Hubbard Sonny Stltt Chick Corea and Gato Barbieri Kenneth Kellem began playing string bass when he was fourteen under the tutelage of Larry Messmger He con tlnued his musical training through school performing with the orchestra and band Kenneth is presently studying at the Philadelphia Music Academy under the direction of John Lamb KK ha traveled and per formed with many local groups and takes his stand among musicians in the area his early musical training at the Settlement Music School He studied violin under the direction of Edgar Ortenberg and piano with Mrs Esther Cinberg Con tlnulng his musical education through school he par ticlpated in the school orchestra and the Settlement Music School string ensemble When graduating from high school Blake won a muslc scholarship to West Virginia University where he was very active in the musical arts He received his bachelors degree ln muslc ln May 1969 John has per formed with Alice Coltram and has recorded with Archie Shepp At one of the Unit s earliest performances a critic wrote about John Blake s composition Love and Nature Blake s clean sweeping violin movements collec tlvely with vigorous free controlled drum and smooth bass lines culminated in one of the strongest perfor mances by a relatively new group to emerge H - F t ll ' F T L , T y , - ' j u N . r I -9 X ' l , . . - A t ll W if " xl I' . .V -- . . - -ye - 5 I- -- , . , . , ' . y f i ' ' ' John Blake, pianist-violinist and composer, .received , , 'V ' W, I E- ,, X, . X ' Y , ,V U V V X Y- V 9 b ' - 1 , i V 1' ' ' - Y. - . Y , - .4 1 ', - D , ,' ,r I .I1Y,-- N. . ,, . ' "G 4 X 1 . ' ' V u A Y 1 ,sl u - ' 1 I 'W4"f.'Y0'UD9 men who were as Quay ee bees ln the LUNI laudltorlum January- 16, 1973 were the 'Whlz ,Klds. 'They rarer the. Whlz 'Klds because whlle' Ken ,Nllchallk whlles' away on theydrurns, PEI 'Mfifllaffrey twists, turns andltlckles the: keys of two- omthree Instruments. The elm lstogmake arsound as lf itll came from -aiband of atleast tour., maybe flve or slit players, ".Qneof theeherdest thlngs,"lMlchaIlk-says, " 'reach out 'to the' audlenee and draw thefn' ini -Yell een: liunker dewn Ibehlnd veur Instruments all night and really be technlcally great, but nothlng happens:untlllthelpeople come ln and lgplaldng with you." Ken ls the frenzlecl. bearded percusslonlst surf rounded by. cymbals and rdrums. arms! flylng and-feet stomping, fllllngmln and lgacklng upEFfetg l Mlchallk supplies a strong, ,heavy beat needed to make the Whlz, Kidsllthelrock- and roll band that ltr ls. Pat ls Mn Mersatlllty crouched behind hlsaorgan wlth thevelectrlc ,plano perchedlon top. Hlsalfeet are'deftly1pulmplnfg'th'e organ bass pedals whlle his iharlds, gre 'PQ.Undlng on ,caresslng the keyboards.. Oncefln. a whlle he freesfvalhand to. addl a' 'saxophone to the Whlz Kld muslcal melange. McGaffrey plays 'the'electrlc brgan andplanolas lf-tt-were agultar, QODQQ. harp and at, the same tlme' plays the saxophone. - "We enley variety and try lto.Q encempass' leverythlnsf' Kefleeye.. but we,heve,Qlir own ,dis- tlnctlve sound. 'llhere are other ,twofman outtlts lnllthelLl4S.. butvnone Suse the organ' and sax andusound llkerthree, feur pr flxgef' Blues, country. wester'n,lrock bqnderlng onlsoul and all thefrestnare ln thelrlbagl. They arelwork- ine Qnf el Single ffeeerdl 'mlxeil 'by iNl0T6wn technlclans from Detnolt -'and an album of all orlglnallmaterlal lslnltheplannlng stage ateleastg Al Nalll, thelrin1a'nager,fhas plans' toltake them' frnm renee! .te ceasi- A .1 968fgraduate ofthe Unlverslty.oflMlchlgan's Muslc?SchceI, McGaffreyfals'o'playslthefsoprano' rSEDS,,ob,o,e ,and electric-gvlgllngien 'Mlchallk was graduated, last: June froml Eastern Mlchlgan Unlverslty. Both were muslc educatlonl-majors andsome dey meYl1eeQn.',DQ,tEnew tneyttenbe buevneeklns the Whii Klds' Sizzle. The performance ofl5the"Whlz lKlds1 depends as much -on Mlchallk as-Mcgaffrey, Thlsfubarefodt'bercusslenlstfs show-E manshlp :lhesldes alternating and comblnlngf vacalslwlth Pail can be llghtr and lacddinpanlng when 'the sltuatlon derrianlds ltl Yet 'he' wllllturn font wlth 'a'frenzylto'convulse the mcstgblzarre, self1generatlngQnetwQrk's of'thu,ndei'storrfi llke' rlffs..and rolls. y A shotgunllzmpresslon on flrst seelng' the WhlzfKlds,ls' llkely to neveall quick, . dlstlnctlble :59l-!l"ld- 9Q0df Ieed, VQIQS. YDHSS playen, solid dnums, wellrblended megan, planoltechnlque, and a sax. l0n seelng just ftwowpenformers, one ls led to wdnder Where the' restef the crew ls hldlng. But: this aptly named rock duet: has' a solld musical backg'reundlan'd bothl members are seasoned performers. Past standksyhaye-lncluggled Iehqvlls Wltlf1'Sayage Grace. Allce Cooper, SRC, Amboy, Dukes and Brownsvllle Statlon. Each ln"hIsv separatelfleld 'appears' limitless, yet they llap 1one another Well lnstrumentellly 'aswell asvocally. As.Ken:explalned, "Pat.does.most,of the muslcl l,,do,mQst of the words. We both ldog the arranglngf' Thelr tlght arrangements andj perforrnanqi. ithelr ln-1 strumenfalrvlnuoslzy andl versatlllty, and anunlque sound system' set-up that dlsplays their talents for the greatest effect, createQa soundg that most 'four or flye fplecegroups would envy. The UNI audience w,asn1t'thelflrstqneltp-keep checking the: stage to see lfthe -Whlz Klds d0l1t,il,h8V8 two mere peopleg V5.1 iugil I -,,. 'uf 2 ' A Q13 -'32 1,-. 7 . , ,I-' -A ,lr 1. 1 1 4-- I I AI I wuz: I f -I I ,II I ,, I. .5 sg- I AI:-sV,1Vi.:giV ,ilzl V- A ' - .QSIIVV - QA dsl' f-I gwre' '. "-wTF3"51: f , W ,Q ,M , L 4 1 Ii, f if UQ ' wi-?5..5"? Z '-lg' AAA" A A II 'I ii?" Q inf: 'R-I' 'Aw 2-I 2 .4 I' -! . ' ' I ' 4: . . Q3 4a1"Qf?r-. I I I ' . ' P' ' A -j' . .. -3" " Af ' 7A " w I 'A V ' IIA? Q 'gr--' "V A' Avg: if ' ' . 5- . ,.. I- ' - ' - Q - - :M H . ' 1' 'Il 1 -' ' II-If f V A V, V, I V, V. -' -, V -' A Hman-' .uf ,. I.. Vf'i., 'F' 'EAU " II' ,, !A' " 'nigfk A Q A' ' uk -,, V -1 --7,41 I V 1 BAA Q I: 'A A .. AAA A " 'A A- AAIIIIT. I f , 3 W' L 1- -A A 5 ' za. 'QI fi' - 'A Wi?-T"FI 0 "5 -S' I. I -I I I -. ' ' -"14II,'1f ' 'nf .- "vi ' " A ' .4 ' " " 'I -- QW 'I 1' ' - . .-,- N A . ,I - . '- 3" ' if V i- aj- . VA -'-, '!Y ' Q V ,. , 'f, . ,VV -V We 'VAL' ' EI ,II -1 ' ,. I- V -4- 5, " '-'ig WEL VJELQV' III' frm ' A- Q I 1 Q ' as V ' 19. EQ., I " Q. , .gf I -I . -4,5 ff' mi. and ' ' I. V ,---KEQVLIAA T" -' V Ai' A LJ'AIy::y A VV A FII. A' '- TF f ,-V B Af' I:,.:l1-gy ' Ia. 1' ' in 'iff -.' 4 ' 4: . - he ,I QV. ,J VIUV, , V e: .7 V. A. V AA i V: 'Ry I. A IVVSF- -'A AQ - V -M ,-- , IHAAL 9 -I V ' V U f- .FII '-I" - -. I I ', LILIIIII f ,I . I. 1 .- ' - "J - " - If' . 3 I . I AII -V-, :ETL-.-fT!d',II1-j,il',-2.-Lljlfi - -I VVMVHZ? ,gg-,A A 'J Ii :Va ,gi F , 1 .REV ,if V f A III A ?'- . fi' M1 HI- "I"' 1 Fi" I ' 'f' A ' ' ' ' A fi- 117' .. A . " ' ' I I I WIS. :.?IIII'I'2IE'rfI', I.5'f-:I1""IPI'F'rI Jes' If I ' If? e . dv If , ' ..fI'fI'd'f.'-+I.. 2,--.I'4IIfI.' I"A"Mf5"mJI-2LuIfI,'- f - ' I If! ' 5 I V: :Int II is 'II Q' V FI'IlVV-V-25' AI 'Vt' Lfi' VLH, . V qua , V VZ- VVV V V MV' I V, VA V-Mm --V21 ,, rl -- V Lf.-.Ln-,Ir ,I, I" ,I,, IV, , .- .I - 'V V' I-.II- I If U . Il" -- .If ,, .I .I .I-.JI .. -'-YH' 1- H Mp, . - f In -I - I 1' 2' 'I - ' I f " - ' 1 . I I .453 bf' 'f .L "nu -' ' . - 1. -P' I- A IIII- V IIVVVV 7. . ,,.. gn,-V V. -Vex V VV . V - . .1VV V.VVVVlVI7V1gVV:,II . QV .EW vt. qi .V.I ,I V - V I V- , -4 ,I V- IV ' I: ,MV , .V VV, , jg V - Q I-'U' IQV I I, I Q ' I-F. V II V. I J' 'Il"'L-' H- Hi- 2:-I -1 'I , . I . .44 I. 'AA'-I lr - Ag. .JIIV-.-.1 'IABIV , I '-1174 +V-V ,I Ir , ,V I 'l',,",hg5if 2 .ge A515 ' ' I IVF- - V ' 'rI ZFIY :I ' ' :G ..: 52135 v '- I, ' ' ' HI'.I,IVV V V, f.V VV 5 VVVVVVV s"AA - :A 9 AA 1 A-2 A.- ifl V11 5, ll? .VS gl ' -2 I II J". IAF 'L2,:Fx'I A' 5: I . fx - H1 1 1915 ' I QL. 1 KV 1 I VQQVVV 'j 'ft .VV VA III, A' A: I fkfw ' I -1 M, , I., ,Q V .III ' 5-I .ff KH-. I V 1 II-III.. I 'I'IIA I Al U I I , -II A c I V . 2.219713 H . I 31. ' A' ,.II I , , ,-I.,. II l., , , " ,VVV-V V'V ,Aj'qI , f f I' 1:,fa,Fj,: -' " I II Ing-f,V.:lrm-V..1I IJ' I JI 'III---5 ms, f-'i VV 5 rf: I I-LI: I-I'JfAfJ:5'F:?A"1A A A N fl JI - ,I '. , ' 'Q -I W . 1 I paid A ' . -,. I. Il' V ' ' . ' I , if r IA 'A I! A!! I'-'?'A-'3fT5IA- 'f'-'-Ira if .. 7F "L .Q I I-I fIIs-IIf- I . I I f1 r 11 Q I Z . , HIE JA -II -,gKIf..,,1'-UIII .pug 1' I FL W I-IIA A7-U VFJ -I X " -' .nw I L V I -II ' I? 4 . I FQIAF"-' EJXQ-J I IA . .A JV- ' L- I-YI' , -A-Il,V ' ' I 41 L41 A VIE' 'A I I ,1iJfA:I.f ' I an a male nurse from Oshkosh and a correctional worker from ,llwaukee find true happiness, fame and fortune together? lflit's for : ughs, they can and they dld on January 23,1973 at UNI. 'nd laughter ls' what the team of Joey Edmonds and Thom Curley is all bout. The careers they left behind maylseem strange backgrounds for how business, but this comedy twosome is finding no beesnessllike how beesness. hey teamed up lesstthan twoyears ago and alreadytheir credits include umerous appearances on the,Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, Merv Griffin, avld Frost, Mlke Douglas and many special guest shows. vernlghttsuccesses? Not really. Their achievement took years of toyingf ith ideas, years of stage experience and one ofthe most intensive train- g situations two performers could ever be faced wlth. he stage experience belongs to Edmonds, who has a diploma from St. uke's Hospital, Racine, Wisc., but never practiced the nursing trade. or six years he worked as a singer ln clubs, concerts andstage. he toyinglwlth ldeas was Gurley's,.who dld work in the prison field. Arm- d with a couple of college degrees he practiced his profession ln ilwaukee, at the halfway house for prisoners among 'other places. 1969 and not completely satisfied, Curley decided to heed his friend dmonds' urging to. enter comedy. lfhlno routines and no writers, with their-names palntedon the side ofa olkswagen, the duo embarked for four monthson the hlgh school cir- ult, three shows a day lnl hourly hops, skips and .jumps around the ldwest. ralnlng? And how. 'Many of their best routines happened as early im- rovlsation's,"sharpened by the need to think crazy quicklylin front of hip ens. i orking together becamesomethlng we sensed," Edmonds explained. e had to adjust fast, Thom, ls the crazy. one, and lt was sometimes ard for me to figure out where we were going. .But that wasn't for long. ,e're on the same wave length anyway and by the end of the high school ur anything could happen and we'd both be right with it." ,get pretty far out sometimes and Joey's theone who pulls me back in," urley sald. "lfle's got the experience toiudge. l'lI thlnk of somethingand e'll say 'that won't work' butlit l lnslst, hellllgo along with It and we'Il use . lt may crack me up but it may leave the audience cold. He was ght-again." would say 75W of the ideas come from Thom," Edmonds adds. "But by e time we've polished and tossed ideas around and thrown outtthls and dded that, the contribution is about 50-50." don't thlnk we're really an act thatcornpletely breaks up a nightclub udlence," Curleysald. "l mean, devastating one-liners and hysterical ughter. We're gentler than that." urley's wrong, lf you go by a recent nightlwhen you couIdn't ask for ore hysterical or enthusiastic responses. But the nuttlness is phlstloated and requires audiences to accept the implausibly lm: inative an on and off likelihood lnlnightclubs. hetteam still doesn't have writers and maybe never will. "This ls not the nd of act you can put jokes on paper form." oth young men are as fresh, enthusiastic and intelligent as their com- y. They also' have an enloyment, respect and tolerance of each other, sential qualltles of spending hours together on stage and hours of link sessions off stage. L e're very close," Edmonds says seriously and then adds wlth a grln, .eaven help me, I'm even beginning to understand Thom's mind." 147 JOEY EDIVIONDS AND THOM CURLEY NATIONAL THEATRE On the evening of January 29, 1973, the CCAB concert series presented the National Theatre of the Deat's new production of 'lGilgamesh." The epic of "Gilgamesh" is the oldest known literary work. lt was inscribed on clay tablets 1500 years before Homer. lt is a compila- tion of Sumerian legend and mythology, with gods and god-men as varied, colorful and lusty as those in Greek mythology. It is sur- prising to realize there is a clear connection between the Sumerian and Greek myths. Perhaps most startling is the pre- Biblical account ot The Flood-an almost exact parallel of the Old Testament account. The story is concerned with the man-god Gilgamesh, ruler of Uruk, who seeks to inscribe his name forever in the great books of heroes with his friend Enkidu, a wild man from the mountains. He then seeks everlasting life in a haunting voyage to the underworld to find Utnapishtim, the only man ever to conquer death. The story is a mysterious and humorous journey that weaves among the gods, their monsters, and the men and women of earth. The Gilgamesh tablets were discovered in Assyria in the mid- nineteenth century, and the work of decoding and analysing thousands of tablets is stlll in progress. The work has received increasing attention from scholars, and now the theatre has discovered the richness of this new world of mythology. The production has been developed through four months of rehearsal by a theatre company which excels in the art of story telling, using visual and spoken language and a full musical background. "Gilgamesh" is directed by Larry Arrlck, with settings by David Hays, costumes by Fred Voelpel and lighting by John Gleason. There is a full musical score. F THE DEAF When the national Theatre of the Deaf presented "Gilgamesh" in the UNI auditorium, it was on its eleventh nationwide tour. Since the founding of this theatre company for the deaf slx years ago, the world has acclaimed an exciting new theatrical form. Us- ing the superb ability of deaf people to communicate visually, plus their natural acting talent, the O'Nelll Center National Theatre of the Deaf fulfilled a long-planned project-a fully professional per- manent company. ln fact, it Is the only Equity-scale full year tour- ing company ln America. The National Theatre of the Deaf has to its credit ten national tours, two Broadway runs, five tours of Europe and Asia, three films and numerous national and international television appearances. The almost instantaneous success resulted in the company's being given a limited run on Broadway after only a year and a half of performing. Acclaimed performances in England, France, ltaly, Yugoslavia. Norway, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Israel, have further attested to the remarkable magnetism of these actors. The National Theatre of the Deaf is designed for all audiences. its specific purpose was to create a new and vibrant theatre form, a source of exuberant pleasure for all. The combination of sign language, voice, mime and music opens new horizons of meaning to the public. Audiences who have seen the troupe immediately realize that this exceptionally handsome company is concerned with unique performances. This is not social work, but theatre. a '--iff -'. H 2.2 ,- 351 ,J ,Q ,gi r mf -' . X, 1 49.1-wx L .l1fff7' 1,. ., ,,. . -1- , l eff J E- , mv. , . TF -7 -. f'--f x.-,J 'tl 1 "- N 4 ' s ,ir w v Y J V in I ef 5 f W k . I 1 dy I I A "Y Q, V: ' I A ' s -L .1 + s f 0' 'J K 'hi' nl . Q y 5 s 1 1 w' W D w w w n M UDDY WATERS Honeybee and scores of others of Muddy Waters' .tunes have been recorded by artlst after artist and group after group attempting to catch and capture the feeling he relays. Muddy Waters ls probably the most lmltated blues artist of all tlmes. "l'm Your Hoochle Koochle Man" and "Got My Mojo Working" as well asl"Long Distance Call" and "Baby, Please Don't'Go" have all supplied other artists wlth blues material. Mud- dy suppIlecl'UNl with lt February 8, 1973. Born McKinley Morganfield on April 4, 1915 in Flolling'Fork, Miss. Muddy Waters ls in direct line of descent from the great blues singers of the Mississippi delta cotton farming area, a land flowing with milk and honey. ln his earliest recordings made for the Library of Congress in 1941 and 1942, he revealed himself al master of the lflerce, declamatory delta blues. His voice high and anguished, underlined by an lnslnuating and rhythmically complex guitar accompaniment, centered around his strik- lng bottleneck' playing. From the very outset his recordings were stamped with a powerful, passionate vitality, possessing an immediacy, raw force, a total lack of artiflce and a surging rhythmic tension that provided a much needed freshness and reality after the often empty banalitles that had stifled much ofthe blues of-the wartime, period and immediately after. Muddy's early commercial records were responsible for lending, vigor and passiong as well as direction to the then emerging postwar blues styles. ln the early days, Muddy's popularity shot him from 504: a night, a fish sandwich and half a plnt of moonshlne when he was 13, to 318.00 with 510.00 thrown in for the sidemen for a nights work in the mid 40's. ln 1954 came thelegendary tune -"Flollin' Stone," a number that later in- spired Bob Dylan's "hike Ae Rollin' Stone" and gave both an English rock group and' ani American magazine their names. From listening to Mud- dy's records, the late Jlml Hendrix taught himself to play the guitar. Untll the mld-1950's, the music of Muddy Waters and his fellow bluesmen was marketed as race music aimed almost exclusively at black communities. Today his .new audience is largely young whites. Muddy makes numerous college appearances each year, and heplays mostly in white clubs and theaters. Muddy sald, "Young whites aremore responsive. The blacks are more interested ln the lumpy stuff. The whites want to hear me for what I am." When asked about the white rock groups like the Rolling Stones who have made a lot of money with his songs, Muddy said, "I don't ever give it a thought. lf they had never started taking my stuff, l don't know that I could have moved up financially. Sure, they made more money that I dld. So what? l'm just glad l did my thing." As Time magazine saidi "Muddy Waters is the king of dirty blues, down- home blues, funky blues or straight blues-most popularly known as Delta or country blues. Of them all, Muddy Waters remains the purest, thelmost loyal to wherehe has been and what it has cost him." "From the jazz festivals of Monterey, To the blues haunts of Chlcagog From the ,world's leading rock palaces, To the campus: From the basement practice sessions, To shining recording studlosg From the festivals of rock, To the small town gin .millsg Muddy Waters is a living legend." DAN GFREENBURG Dan Greenburg is his name, humor is his game. Author, playwright, screenwriter, actor and c casional stand-up comedian, Dan Greenburg spent his boyhood in Chicago, where, if he remembered, it is as the second-worst athlete in his grammar school graduating class. Athle prowess aside, Greenburg made his mark in 1965 as author of the bestselling spoof How To Be Jewlsh Mother. When the book spiralled him to popularity, the wry Greenburg was exposed to television audienc and has been seen on the "Tonight Show," the "Today Show," with David Frost, Dick Cavett, Dax Susskind and with other top television personalities. University of Illinois and an M A in industrial Design at UCLA Within a few years he turned out K My Flrm But Pllant Llps tnovell, How to Make Yourself Mlserable ihardcover best seller, with Mar Jacobsir Chewsday isex noveli, Jumbo the Boy and Arnold the Elephant ichildren's bookj, Phl inovelj and Porno-Graphics ipicture booki. Greenburg-the-versatile is currently writing a nonficti novel, Scoring: A Sexual Memolr. Greenburg's writing career continued undaunted by an art-oriented education-a B.A. in art at t c So Greenburg can play with a variety of topics from how to be a typical Jewish matriarch-in su areas as food distribution, entertainment, thrift, sex and marriage-to ways of being m erable-such as how to avoid deep romantic relationships and how to lose all your friends. How did Greenburg make the leap from second-worst athlete to best selling author? In groomii himself for authorship, Greenburg spent five years churning out advertising copy in Los Angeles ai New York agencies. iln a prestigious Madison Avenue competition, one of his ads was voted secon best in the least important category.J He then advanced to managing editor of Eros Magazine. His articles began appearing in the N1 Yorker, Esqulre, Playboy, New York Tlmes, Cosmopolitan, Saturday Review. His tongue-i cheekers for "New York Magazine" included "How Getting Our Air-Conditioner Connected To Twelve Weeks, Cost S260.00, And Precipitated A Personal Crisis, A Near-Electrocution And A Ne Existential Revelation." opics often tackled by Greenburg are the traumas and hazards besetting the urban dwelling con- . For instance, putting your car into dead storage in New York City, which, Greenburg says, be done with the same degree of alacrity and nonchalance that you would display in a highly intelligent trained bear to remove your appendix." He also writes about negligent crank calls, finding an apartment and dishonest cab drivers. his knack for theatrics, Greenburg has written screenplays for Universal, Warner Brothers and He's also done Off-Broadway plays such as "Art and the Great Airplane Snatch," directed by Benjamin and starring Paula Prentiss, and contributed to "Chl Calcutta!" And he has a acting role in the recent film, "Doc," about which he's written a New York Times article, "Diary a Frustrated Cowboy." Greenburg lives in Manhattan with his wife and two cats, Bernie and Ollie. Mrs. Dan Greenburg Nora Ephron, journalist and author of Wallllower at the Orgle. The surprise and mystery of magic and the beauty of mime combined to make a well-balanced performance by T. Daniel Ma 22, 1973 in the UNI auditorium. T. Daniel focused his personal mime performance in the tradition of his teacher, Marce Marceau, but developed his own style of incorporating his knowledge of magic with the technique of mime. Mimest Daniel attended Calumet High School in Chicago until he was graduated in 1963. He continued his education at lllinoi State University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1967 with a major in speech and theatre and a minor i political science. He also received a teaching certificate at that time. Illinois State University was where T. Daniel complete his academic requirements for his master's degree in theatre. In 1969 he attended the opening year of the Ecole inter nationale de Mime: Marcel Marceau for the school season. lt was here that T. Daniel was formally trained in the art of mime. Daniel has been performing since 1952 shortly after he received a magic set for his birthday. His first formal performance where he received his first payment for performing, was at a birthday party. . .and then Cub Scout banquets, church func tions, dinners, etc. During these early years of performing helncorporated his interest in ventiloquism and escapology into hi magic act. He continued to perform both magic and ventriloquism at conventions, grand openings, and at Riverview Amuse ment Park, formerly one of the largest amusement parks in the U.S. His ability as a magician was one reason T. Daniel was asked to demonstrate magic for the National Magic Company at it. store in the Palmer House during his senior year of high school. His ability and interest in magic led to his election as presi dent of the then newly formed Junior Magician's Circle of Chicago in 1963 and his being chosen Junior Magician of the Mont of June, 1963. These accomplishments continued when he was asked to perform for the Chicago Book Fair for three con secutive years, l964, l965, 1966. While attending college, T. Daniel broadened his knowledge of performing by working wit Illinois State University's Gamma Phi Circus as a juggler, tightwire artist and unlcyclist. His experience has been rounded ou by his doing a number of local T.V. shows in Illinois and performing in clubs in Paris. Before turning his attentions to mime, Daniel was a student of all phases of theatre by directing and acting in numerous play as well as designing for the theatre. lt was while a student of theatre at Illinois State that T. Daniel became interested in mim and met Marcel Marceau during Marceau's tour of the U.S. in 1968. The following year, Marceau opened his school of mime i Paris and Daniel studied there. WHAT IS MIME? Mime is the dramatic art of non- 'I' N verbal communication. It uses , body movements and positions to express the thoughts and emotions of people, places and things. Surrounded by space and silence, the mime stylizes everyday move- ments to create a pleasing and beau- tiful art of dramatic expression. What was at one time a simple pragmatic means of communications is now a special form'of theatre in which a bond is created between the performer and audience. This bond is the imagination. The mime can only place points or movements in space. The audience must connect these points in order to render an imagined world visible. Together they create a silent theatre form of dramatic expression. 1' wtf,- + 221-if BOSCOE 505009 WGS C0flf9mP0f8fY in mood, YDGSSGQG afld music Mundae," was featured at the Thursday evening perf March 8, 1973. The ensemble's chef d'oeuvre, "Chocolate mance: mid-week-untime1y, metmnomicanyqimeiy, HAROLD WARNER "Music means . . . expression of all the emotic We're Boscoe, a group trying to direct ourselves toward more posi emotions through music .... I hope to reach a level where I do necessarily play the same as they do other trumpets, but with the sa degree of creativity . . . and to use this as a vehicle to relate to black pe ple. !56 - DARRYL JOHNSON "I didn't choose music as a profession, it chose me. . .We feel good because the audience feels good. As a member of Boscoe, it's like a drop within the ocean and an ocean within a drop: the group is the world . . .There's nothing worse than not being true. So the best thing you can do to be closest to the truth . . . ls not to tell a nothin'." REG HOLDEN "Music seems like a language to me . . . The more I listen to different kinds of music, the more different feelings on my part . . . like it's a language within itself. I want my playing to be just like a language-automatic, without mis- takes-perfection. . . .And the plc- tures I get when l'm playing . . . I'm thinking about things not really on this earth . . . about other life . . . and notes relating to that." RON HARRIS "Music means beauty. satisfaction, total satisfaction . .. groovel. . .l'm stlll searching. . .The message of Boscoe? Well, if we can get into people's heads and they unders- tand, and they can dig where we're coming fromg then there's a kind of agreement . . . an understanding among one another." JAMES RICE Music Interests me because I dig creative things Music ls a way of making a short story long Through music I want to get my personality across to people." STEVE COBB I feel music is a very Integral part of black people's lives. It is one of our main motivating forces. . . Every type of music we hear now ls related to "Oh, I love you, baby." But, historically, in different African cultures music was utilized to depict every facet of life. There were songs of joy at birth, songs to eat by, songs to sleep by, whatever, you dig? We in Boscoe would like to direct our music towards relating a message that deals with black people's total experience here in the United States." PURE As Asher Benrubi, vocalist, waxed eloquent, the four other Pure Funk performers provided the musical background on March 3, 1973 in the auditorium. Mike Read and Doug Kennerly were the percussionists, on the piano and drums respectively. String artists were Hob Swaynie on the guitar and Toby Myers playing the bass. Pure Funk originated at Indiana University in 1969. All of FUNK professionally. The group plays a variety of musical st as well as presenting numbers they have written and soon be recording. its members are out of school and now perform Y l Putting the "Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Five Men and a Little Boy a Tub" act on the right hand page is the ensemble fort pure funk of it. One of their fans looks on. -i Rob Swaynie Mike Read Doug Kennerly Asher Benrubi Toby Myers Unidentified Bystander 159 fin' ' ' -2 , i I, . .-,. Femlnlst artl Black artl Faith Rlnggold, black woman artist, spent a day on campus March 15, 1973. The Ringgold paintings were on dlsplay ln the B-Lounge March 12 through 16. Faith Ringgold's work Is about people and is based on her experience in this country. She has developed her own manner of painting which she calls "Super Realism." Ms. Ringgold tries to capture the conceptual vl- sion of the black lmage inherent in the sculptures and masks of Afrlcan art. Since 1967, Faith has been using a system of painting she dubbed "Black Light." She says, "I use Black Light ln relation to the way I see through myself. I work from the blacks and browns and greys that cover my skin and halr and shades of blues, greens and reds that create my forms and textures. My vlslon of myself necessarily extends to colors ot everything else ln the world." Besides this color prlnclple, Faith has perfected a poly-rhythmical space based upon anclent African design. Ms. Ringgold has liberated her pic- torial conceptlons from the gravltorlal concepts of up and down. This requires viewers to look at her work from all directions. "lf black art is art at all. lt must be expressive of some deep and pf vaslve truth. And for the black artist in America the most pervasive tru . . . ls the unmovable reality that he or she ls black ln America. To de this reality, consciously or unconsciously, ls to indulge oneself dangerous, pathological fantasy. lf there is one thing that black peep and black art have had absolutely enough of lt is fantasy of any klnd says artist Ringgold about her work. She continues "Truth ls too diffici for most people to deal wlth. Artists exist as the only element wltl' society which can actually afford to tell the truth about lt. Telling ls n only ln the 'what' but also ln the 'way.' Black artists must refer to the bla experience for the 'way' lf they are to tell the truth as blacks: which is say, li they are really to be black artists. Specifically, black art must u its own black color to create its light, since that color is the most ll mediate black truth. Generally, black art must not depend upon lights light contrasts in order to express its blackness, either ln principle fact. FAITH I 'black' artists are aware of this blackness l speak of, and with more ack, black art to attest to lt, white artists will also know what blackness d black truth is about. At. present, l am sorry to say, the truth is that ost black art is really brown." RINGGOLD "To say that art does not have a gender is to say that art does not have a culture. Essentially, this is the same argument as the one over whether there is such a thing as black art. One can argue whether there is black art or not, but certainly one must admit that there was such a thing as African art. And cultures have always had art that was unique to, or a direct product of that particular culture at that particular time in its history. The absence of black art is directly proportional to the absence of an African culture or a distinctly black culture among black people to- day. When Atricans lost their culture, they also lost their ability to produce art that reflected that culture. This is the same reason why many black artists do not do black art or African art that is influenced by African art, because they are in no way in touch with that culture, nor do they desire to be in touch with that culture. Their values have been assimilated and, therefore, so has their art. Women might entirely assimilate into the male culture or they will begin to recognize their own culture, change il, modify lt, free itg and out of that new unrepressed female culture must necessarily come a new unrepressed female art." Feminist Art Journal EDWIN L. BAROI eyond its purely medical uses, hypnosis promises a hole new range of possibilities that may help people live ore comfortable daily lives. Michigan Avenue hypnotist aron gave a demonstration of his prowess when a plump dy asked him if he couldn't do something to help her se weight. His post-hypnotic suggestion that "you will no nger like those fattening foods" worked so well that now - conducts classes in what he calls "mental relaxation." e hypnotizes 100 women at a time using this "Reduce by ypnosis" method. aron claims his strangest assignment was for a movie mpany. The script called for him to hypnotize subjects State and Ftandolph, notably one of the world's busiest reet corners. He succeeded and traffic was snarled tak- g the police and fire departments hours to handle the owds. win L. Baron, on the left in the photo on the opposite ge, tells subjects they are seeing a sad movie. The sub- cts show reactions of not wanting to look, crying, smirk- g and sobbing. e Chicago hypnotist has a Ph.D. in psychology from yola University where he first became interested in hyp- tism as the subject of a thesis. He has also studied at veral other colleges, including the University of hicago, where he took post-graduate work, the Universi- of Virginia and Northern illinois State Teachers College. hat question is most often asked Dr. Baron? He thinks ere are two most often asked questions. One is: Can you pnotize anyone against his will? Second: Has anyone er failed to awaken after having been put to sleep? f: ron answered, "Not everyone can be hypnotized. Fee- e minded persons can't be, for instance and those un- illlng or unable to cooperate or concentrate. Absolutely 1 one can be hypnotized against his will. While in a hyp- tic state, no one can be forced to do anything which ould shock his normal, waking state morals or sen- bilities." ln answer to the second question, Baron plied, "ln all the history of hypnotism, there has never en a reported case where a hypnotized person failed to aken." HYPNOTIZZY UNl's auditorium was in a hypnotizzy Marcy 20. 1973. Edwin L. Baron. director ol the Hypnotism Institute ot Chicago, droned the student body into a hypnotic state. Baron was recently appointed to the University ol Illinois Hospitals medical stall as a consulting sctentlst. lt ls believed he ls the llrst nonmedical man ever appointed lo a hospital medical staff in hypnotism. Hypnotism can be thrllllng and amusing as was proven on campus and it can also be a boon to mankind. Master Hypnotist Edwin Baron is an exponent ot both these phases of hypnotism. Ott the stage, he ls often more busy helping science explore hypnotlsm's range ol possibilities in bringing benellts to humanity. In the hands ol Dr. Baron, hypnotism has been used to aid amnesia victims regain memory, make childbirth more comfortable and easy lor expectant mothers, help stammerers, aid in mental and rtawous disorders. reduce overweight persons and pull teeth. Baron. a Ph.D. in psychology from Loyola, works ln medical cases at the special request of doc- tors. dentists and other professional people. He has pioneered in the use of hypnotism for den- tlstry. Now American dentists and physicians have been trained by him ln the use ot hypnotism. It has been lound that hypnotism often can substitute ollectively for anesthetlcs of the more con- ventional type ln dental and other operations, and lt can usually be used as an aid lor relaxing. In several instances, Baron. in cooperation with physicians, has hypnotized women who were about to bear children, so that their childbirth was painless and completely comlortable before. during and after the delivery. Baron ls the lounder ol the use ol hypnotism tor reducing groups ol overweight people. Weight losses as high as thirty pounds ln lout' weeks have been recorded ln connection with Baron's method. In Chicago recently a newspaper man who knew of Barons work brought an amnesia victim lo him. The vlctlm's memory had lalled her for more than a week. Baron quickly restored her memory through hypnosis. Earon's latest accomplishment was his hypnotlzlng ol a Gary woman lor tive days and nights to learn the effects ol prolonged hypnosis. if : M l 1 v ff --"fs P . x I -:im n A JW Q, B f 5. 'N g k ,J 1- Q1 V 4'4 .L RY.. Ja I ,V -s f 1 EL' V 4, , 'gt A B Y , If L ff ' ny, .gxi R The Chicago Cynlc Gerry Grossman attempted to define exactly who he ls and what he does. Grossman appeared here March 29, 1973. He ad- mitted knowing every Beatles song that ever was and doing them and a lot of other vintage rock material In his act. But the definition of what Gerry Grossman is was elusive, because lt's a lot easier for Gerry to tell what he isn't. "When I was very young," says the 22-year-old Grossman, "I realized I was not Eric Clapton." After getting over that trauma, Grossman made other discoveries. "I found out I couIdn't write like John Lennon or sing like Paul McCartney." There were stlll more revelations. "ln my oplnlon, I can't sing. And I don't play well either-though I do play hard. One thing quite noticeable in Gerry's act is that he's unusually heavy on his guitar strings. "I go through in excess of 125 strings and 144 picks a month," he said. "That's about 1400 strings and 2000 picks a year. I would never think of dolng a show without at least five extra strings." Grossman, with moustache, shoulder length hair and wire rims makes his act informal. He talks not just to the audience, but with them. He makes friends with them. He makes them laugh constantly. "There came a time in my life when I came to understand what I was talking about-scared the hell out of me." erry uses hls music to carry listeners through to his next wisecrack. And his wisecracks are generally enough to please fans to the point that his music may not even matter. But it does though. His music that ls. Twelve years of guitar experience plus an amazing knowledge of music history all the way back to the big bopper provides Grossman with routines to completely entertain. Hls two and a half hour show, extensive repertoire and witty dialogue demonstrate the extreme versatility of this entertainer who is ac- customed to playing seven and eight hours a day. There is an obvious rapport between the performer and audience, a un- ique closeness usually reserved for only the most excellent of per- formers. It seems that not only does Gerry entertain the audience, but he Is being entertained by his audience. His show has no definite theme. He performs boogie and modern songs with equal skill. A high point in his show is what could be called a "Do you remember" act. In it he digs Into songs everyone remembers with a humorous view of rock history. Gerry was asked if he really didn't want to be a superstar. He answered, "Are you implying that I'm not?" 595' 0333033 an 11-nz. i Q 5 . , H I,V'E 1 I CONCERT SERIES EN DS BEE FLAT IIN HONOR OF CUP! FIRST PHESIIDhEINT DR. JEROME M. SACHS 1962-1913 IN C'O MM EMOBATION OF HIS UNIVERSITY SERVICE MARCH 29, T973 Note: The above wordingls from th6 plabquejaresented to' Dr. Sachs by the universityand now planted next to the tree which he gave to Northeasterm-north of the Beehiveg Aww , fxX'N X K ill ww? AQ ff'--' Ii' "pyfffi rf D Mihai. fb H 4,-A -, ll' . x I Q' 1 I 154, " Z Sf Mwmrr MQW f 4 'W ' nf' Al-""' X 'Q W.. -Q 'I ' 71? .5. .'l , I- 4 vm 1 1 14'g13mh N' I 173 -fd" I Af' r Wing- in 1 n YK x.. L 1 v 4 - QV fx 'S -4 --1 -..Q :1 3-1 4 L 2. ' 'IZ , :zzz 1 ' . 1 -0.-..-A U S 6:5 yi E' A .' .f. 'Z ,E 5 , I .Q L - . . i K rg, Q ,gg . . . Q, " 4 I 'I V. QQ' ,S . YP ji N A - Q .. 1' . 1 -,. g '91, ' 1 ' J ,f W, ' , f 'ill I I i 'fi R. iq' IV? 1 ,, '1"'-nf: if .. R -' r V. u :AP 9 X ' ' of x it .Axe x I J ff Nm? ,XX- 'r '1 Q w X w asm ww' 3?-uf' ' qv-'Tr' Cliff ' ,Q NEURTH W SALTERF .li -,x. QNX, sw, , ,UW , fgowwog, M ,,. , Ll Vg., -Q. .--. AIU! , ,w 51 I ---1 amp- ,1- V, +-.-V ' ' V- we , ..,. Y fn ,Q 3 H ' 7 pmumgmggsmm 1 4'3 , H YTYQT 'll"',1'ff,1Qfl11Vfff1 ,if lf? ff, , 1- f.- , ' .A.'ZiLZil!'diZiPZl A M ES in , ni Q l fly 5 WHEHZMEEHZW Yilfillifhfill KZEZEZWZKZXHL. CLU S A + W N S M l ll MH'-"H'5MB Baal? KZXZTKZBSZZRWZ. ALPHA CHI EPSILON pad FRONT ROW QL to Ri: Bob Stern, Phll Piotrowski, Paul Burd. BACK ROW: Frank Glassner, Rick Costa, Dave Pearson, Gary Alesi, Chris Meyer, Don Lewin, Ted Duber, Jim Scannell. ALUMNI ffzumtx NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS FRONT ROW lL to RJ: Pat Szymczak QCoordInatorI, Dorothy Fullett, Louverta Hurt, Klpley Peal, Maryann Gaul, BACK ROW: Zachary Plnas, Gregory Gollnskl, The Northeastern Illinois University Alumni Association has been officially In existence since May 6, 1971 when a nine-member Board of Directors was elected and a con- stitution was ratlfied. The Alumnl Association became an incorporated organization on February 2, 1972. Since its formation, the Alumni Association has spon- sored numerous events. During the past year, it has organized two Speakers Forums, "Mini U," trips to Hawall, Spain, London, and Jamaica, six Theatre Parties, and a concert. The Association honored Dr. Sachs for' his outstanding service to Northeastern. Mr. Haas, Dr. Rappaport, and Mr. Yochim were also made llfetlme members of the Associa- tion upon their retirement. At the alumni annual meeting, Dr. Angelina Pedroso was given a special recognltlon Timothy O'Connell, Phyllis Henry, Avls Thornton, President Sachs. NOT PICTURED: Leslie Auerbach, Frances Camberls. award for her contributions to Northeastern. All graduates of Northeastern Illinois University are automatically members of the Alumni Association and receive the ALUMNI NEWS quarterly. Dues-paying members of the Association receive a membership card entitling them to library use and reduced rates for tlckets to specified events. The Alumni logo which appears on this page and on many of the car windows In the Chicago area embodies the Alumni Association's affiliation The hexagon mark of the University embraces the torch, symbol of the Northeastern Foundation, which was established to solicit and channel funds into worthwhile projects for the benefit of the school. The Alumni Association is working with both of these agencies for a stronger Northeastern. BAND 1 1. 1 i FIRST ROW QL to Ri: Chuck Novak, Rlch Frederick, Diane Doll, Louise Olivo, Jacob Blanton, Robin Jacob, Claire Burman, Marllyn Kalvlg, Louise Aleksiewlcz. SECOND ROW:-Diane Scadron, Peter Galewskl, John Muntges, Georgette Soderstrom, Michael llczuszyn, Bob Stern, Irma Olivo, Gay Jantelezlo, Donna Dragon, Blll Sundberg, Laura On- draka, Ginny Edler, Sue Silverman, Mary Berg. THIRD ROW: Mike Philllppe, Ramon Rasado, Mike Glllman, Wayne Wolclk, Sam Slabon- dian, Alan J. Hollander, Karl Strand, Jose Fuentes, Blll Kaempfe, Lorralne J. Kruzel, Bill Witt, Kathy McGulnnls, Ron Rodriguez, Ja Stllson, Rlch Plskator, Jose Acevedc, Jose Orta, Shopan Entesarl, Bo Gradl. FOURTH ROW, Seated: Carol Akiyama, Dean Rolando, Chec Bernstein, Mike Ramelli. STRONG BASS: Constantine Harabatoso BACK ROW, Standing: Dr. Edgar B. Gangware QDirectorJ, Chuck Vac carello, Jim Cleary, Frank Bowen, Chuck Schwartz, Ron Zagorski, Tea Duber, George Sawyn, Lynn Uchida, Howard Schneider. CAB is an organization here at UNI esigned to educate, entertain, and nabie the UNI community to ex- erience a variety of unique rograms and events. We are a stu- ent run organization: therefore, we eed students who can volunteer ome time to prepare, carry-out, and valuate our programs. In other ords, we're here to help you take our minds off your classes, enter- in you during your breaks, and rovide low cost entertainment so ou don't CRACK UP before you raduate! CAB is made up of 10 committees, ach having its own chairman. The hairmen make up the Board. They eet weekly to represent their com- ittees, plan and discuss our rogramming, and vote on important sues. These meetings are open to veryone, but only the chairmen can te. COMIVIUTEFI CENTER ACTIVITIES BOARD 21 5 BOTTOM ROW, fLto Rl: Marsha Llebow, Gayle Wapole MIkeGIIlman MIDDLE ROW Mike Cunningham Dave Drska, Rosemary Aver, Nlckl Singer, Joan Nordberg IProgram Advisory TOP ROW Debbie Nlemann, Kathy McGuInnls, Lorraine Kruzel. 4 GEOGRAPHY CLUB f' bfi' I LT: , ., ling ,M X.. ij ,ji ,N , , 6 AK ' XR' I I 1 BOTTOM ROW, CL to Rl: Bonnle Zaug, Susan Michaelson lPresldentl, Robert Easton ladvlsorl. MIDDLE ROW: Mlchael Landers, Terri Druzgala, Georgenne Bojak, Llnda Qulrk, Bob 'X ' T ' .sci Talk +.,,,.,., ' '. A -lf , , ,Am"fmi',,,g f l A , 1, a " O T A To , l -.4.f , , , 2 l l . " J V l Barclay. TOP ROW: Ken Gaugham, Jerry Mostek, Sue Zoltek, Mandel Pelz, Leo Schordje, Tom Behrendt. ARO FRONT ROW, CL to RJ: Kata Glllcrlst, Sharon Relf. MIDDLE ROW: ROW: Carol Mangal, Maxlne Levey, Debbie Bodden, Michele Rose Janas, Bonnie Baumann, Elleen Wasserman, Barbara Cac- Wachovsky. ciatore, Roberta Kranz, Dr. Angelina Pedroso fSponsory. BACK BASEBALL TEAM 5 -sr- 11. W- :, , was FRONT ROW, lL to RJ: Jlm Wllhelm, Tom Rockwell, Dave Groth, Joe Leone, Jlm Iwanskl. MIDDLE ROW: Andy Plraro, Art Kazak, Bob Capra, Terry Rizzo, Tom Poulos. BACK ROW: Coach Kasper, 1973 BASEBALL TEAM The 1973 baseball team finished the season with a record of 18-15. The record is not, however, In- dicative of the fine season the Eagles had. After a slow start, due to eligibility problems, the Eagles played extremely well considering the schedule was the toughest in the school's history. The team began its surge with a tremendous 10-2 wln over Southern lllinois-Edwardsville, who was ranked 8th nationally at the time. The team also managed no-hlt vlctorles tm: 2 E- QEAGE John Melandez, Al Steinman, Al Lalrond, Don Kmleclk, Darrell Beck. NOT PICTURED: Tom Fulton, Nick Dlakoumls. against the University of Illinois and Olivet Nazarene via the pitching of Al Lamirand and Jim Iwanskl. The season was capped by a invitation to the NAIA District 20 playoffs where the Eagles lost to Lewis ln the championship game after brilliant wins over tough Illinois Benedictine and Quincy clubs. The 1974 Eagles will have a better team than in 1973. Only three lettermen were lost while a number of new talented players wlll fill key positions. BLACK CAUCUS , 1 f-rw ' 11"'f?hT".'5'-'11 STANDING, IL to FII: Mildred Shepherds, James Kent fPresIdentI, Cynthia Bishop, Shlrley Cravln, Donald Butler, Cha- Cha EIIlot, Dennis Elllot, Larry Floyd, Eugene Crawford. SITTING: La Verne Lewls, Vida Gray ISecretaryI, Stella Purdy Tonkya Dehavia, Marty, Sandra Dlckerson, Dlane Young, WIIIa Brown. FOLK DANCE CLUB FRONT ROW, QL to Ry: Barb Butzbach, Martha Suri, Margaret Sophie Lampert, Kata Gillcrist Crellln. BACK ROW: Violet Johnson, Sandra Levine,BllI Walwijkl, CHESS AND CHECKERS CLUB BASKETBALL TEAM ' V ITT! BACK ROW, KL to FO: Coach Spin Salarlo, John Stelllng, Jlm Wllllams, Marty O'Gradney, Wallace Wllllams, Gary Sianlce. FRONT ROW: John Melendez, Jlm DlMatteo, Dave Fahey, Danny Crawford, Bill Brandt. BLACK HERITAGE STANDING, QL to Ry: Helen Gibbs, Joe Louis Williams, De Wanda SITTING: Claudette Benn, Marietta Amos. Stella Purdy. Dlene Wllev Wilder, George Ross lPresidentl, Kathle Kennedy, Llnda Kennedy. J8l1lCG Caver- BIOLOGY CLUB Z' BACK ROW QL to F0 Dr Jules Lerner Jlm Rowan Mel Sllverbrandt Bonnie Bartels Gall Dekoven FRONT ROW Renee Wllbeck Debl Pam Stoller Michael Jlnks Herb Bierman Steven Losh Debble Elland Annie Leung Barbara Butzbach Safranek MIDDLE ROW Charles Geblen Mane Bruno Meg Crellln 1 1 -ga ' - '.1lWglIQ,l ,. A-4' s' -:Q . JV .- vii . h- Mr, ,f , ' x' ' - , 1 :wwf rif'f-'.,' 1. ' , 1" - . ' '2 . ,,44-. ' ,.,,. . M- . , ,..,. U . - , ., W . V ,U QI- . .. I' 'Z -. j-oy, -, fr ,B '111'i1g:.,'-5 if e ' + 42, V, ..1 Ng ' ,, f ' illlzf - ' ' .f. 'L 1 Y H, iqx ' ,Q 0 x I Paw' , 7, vb , I . , , , , . Z , 1 . , , , . - ' ' 7 I I I I93 CHEERLEADERS Qtr 1:1-mIT:?1'3'if ' l Wi - lr qrisg ' . :.: I R STANDING, IL to RJ: Mary Schuneman, Dorls Gulley, Connle Kamberls ICaptalnJ. SITTING: Pam Llberman ICO-CaptaInI I I I CHORUS COLLEGIUM MUSICUM L to Fl: Michael Kiley Nice-Presidentl, Mary Snyder lSecretaryl, Jlm Chandler lTreasurerl, Heather Gay Marinello lPresidentl, Mr. Wllllam Schutt lAdvisorJ. The Collegium Musicum is a society of students, former students of Northeastern, and outside participants which specializes in the rehearsal and performance of music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. The music is performed on instruments of these periods, including recorders, krummhorns, brass and string ensembles. Recent concerts have also included the participation of the NIU Orchesis dance group and vocal ensembles. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM EARTH SCIENCE CLUB BACK ROW, QL to Rl: Dr. Bob Doehler, Larry Grabowskl lToastmaster zyk, Andie Fein Nice-Presldentl, Paula Lang, Marie Mendoza, Ethan Generali, Mark Stanklewicz, Rlchard Lang fSergeant at Armsi, Don B. Paul. FRONT ROW: Tony Leffln, Amy King qsecretaryl. Gloria Kraft, Dr. Charles Shabica, Kurt O. Tompsen, Dr. Mohan K. Sood Wagner. lSponsorJ. MIDDLE ROW: Vlrglnla Willls fPresldentJ, Richard Klnc- "iw BACK ROW, QL to Ri: Lee Mishkln, Ron Keller, Dr. Mohan Sood lSponsori, Dr. Musa Qutub, Florence Banana, Dr. Bob Doehler, Vlrglnla Wlllls fPresIdentJ, Dr. Charles Shablca. MIDDLE ROW: Dennis Kleczkowskl, Jim Schoyk, Dennis Marton, Anita Brandes, Donna Prestel, Linda Wolff fhcldlng Rolloj. FRONT ROW: Nancy Kurze- ja, Amy King, Carol Hall lSecretary-Treasurerj, Andie Fein Nice-Presldentl. l The Earth Science Clu provides an opportuni for students with an in terest in Earth Science t gain practical knowledg of the field through co operation and frlendshl with other people in th field. The club provides servic to the community throug its continuing en vironmental studies, whil through the speake program they inform in terested students of th various aspects and ac tivities in the field of Earth Science. ECONOMICS CLUB 'jnrzbfli .. Q ff. ' BACK ROW, QL to FU: Dr. Kokorls QSponsorJ, Kurt May, Cralg Wllson, Burt Erlich, Marilyn Penzel, Mlchael DIVarco, Dr. Richard Ruth Ray Jessen, Miguel Valdiviaso. FRONT ROW: Mr. Sheldon Rothstein, CDGP-Hffmenf H0847- ELEMENTARY EDUCATION S FOFIENSICS UNION nf' Lori Stefani, Dan Borschke, Bob Luglnblll, Tom Yagnlsls, Jack Bronstein, Donna Hacker, Sue Levln, Rosle Flees. During the 72-73 season, the Forensics Union was one of the most active groups on the UNl campus. The Forensics Union, sponsored by Dr. David Jordan, and Mr. Dennis McSweeney, enable students to participate in extra-curricular activities on a competitive level. Ac- tivities include: debate, oral interpretation of prose and poetry, extemporaneous speaking, dramatic duo, oratory, narrative trio, discussion, readers' theatre, after-dinner speaking, rhetorical criticism, listening, and radio and television broadcasting. The Forensics Union travelled to many tournaments this past year. Schools vlsited included: University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, La Crosse and Eau Clalreg University of South Dakota: University of Iowa, Bradley University, Ball State: Butler Unlversltyg Elmhurst College, Illinois State Unlversltyg Northern llllnols University, Western Illlnols University: Unlverslty of North Dakota, Pace College and Harvard Unlverslty ln Boston. Our trip to Harvard was particularly rewarding because we participated in a Model United Nations Conference, representing the country of Albania. ln addition, our students brought home many trophies and certificates in both Debate and Individual Events. This helped to make the 72-73 season an extremely rewarding ex- perience. F l O O T T E B A A M L L u GOLF TEAM I A. In v .Q l. BACK ROW, IL to FU: Captain Rlck Podraza, Coach Tony Schlmf, Gary Alesl. FRONT ROW: Conrad Firszt, Ron Fluszklewlcz. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Chrls Meyer, Don Lewin, JIm Buckner, AI Sterk. 2 03 4 HISTORY WORKSHOP BACK ROW, lL to RJ: Beatrice Mattlla, Dave Marek, Barry Grant, Dan Borschke. FRONT ROW: Charles Barber fSponsorJ, John Barwlck iPresidentJ. This is only a fraction ofthe over 300 students signed up as members of the biggest club in Northeastern's history. History Workshop's comprehensive and relevant series of films and lectures presented over the course of each trimester, has been copied by, and been useful to, many other of the unlversity's organizations. It has given valuable help and advice to many other clubs and also departments of both faculty and administration. lt continually seeks to work together with other clubs and averages over 100 hours of programming each term and an average yearly attendance of over one thousand. MEMBERS BACK ROW, QL to RJ: Michele Wachovsky, Rlch Karlln fPresldentI, Debbie Kamlnsky. FRONT Maxine Levey, Stan Flower, Elaine Cheney. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Eileen Wasserman, Margie Yisroel, the Jewish youth group of the UNI communi- has made its presence felt on and off campus. Ac- on campus this past year included: a Purim car- tables which dispatched information pertinent to I and a hlghly successful Falafel 81 Pista party I to the dismay of Northeastern's cafeteria workersll. - ease and friends gather off campus for social func- and in this way Klal is ableito work together during as well as the school year. SHALOM! 6 LAMBDA SIGMA ALPHA MEMBERSHIP BACK ROW, KL to Rj: Melody Dahlla, Linda Ferraro, Kathy Duffy, Sharon Glassner, Chrls Starzyk, Chrls Za- jczenko, Gall Roberts, Bonnle Belll, Jean Barushok, Elalne Lake, Denlse Andros, Darlyn Dvorak. FRONT ROW: Sue Conclaldl, Marllyn Penzel, Barb Kruk, Peggy MacDonald, Pattl Falrbanks, Sheelagh Spooner, Elleen Hasett, Evelyn Pontlkas, Judy Johansen, Lynn Bussard, Donna Prestel, Karen Moberg, Sue McCarthy. OFFICERS L to R: Karen Moberg lCorrespondlng Secretaryj, Darlyn Dvorak tTreasurerj, Sue McCarthy tPresldentj, Llnda Ferraro 4Recor- dlng Secretaryj, Marllyn Penzel Nlce-Presldentj. Lambda Slgma Alpha, ls both the oldest and largest sororlty on the Northeastern campus. At flrst glance our sororlty may appear llke any other olrgantlzatlion or club but underneath there Is much more, there ls a TRUE sus er oo . The goals of Lambda Slgma Alpha ls to offer somethlng for all the varlous types of girls attracted to our sororlty. The slsters have pledged themselves to partlclpate ln soclal projects, charltable projects, and most lmportantly to the bulldlng and sustalnlng of our slsterhood. Along wlth our enthuslastlc sponsor, Mrs. Marle McGuckln, our slsters are dedicated to service both for the school tlts faculty and student bodyj and the communlty. Many of our charitable projects have become tradltlons. These actlvltles ln- clude our annual Valentlne's Day sale, from whlch a donatlon ls made to the Heart Fund. As a Sprlng project, we usually vlslt an orphanage, hosgltal or rest home. Thls year the slsters chose to host a party for lndlan c lldren from the Uptown area. We also spent a day wlth the chlldren at Shrlner's hospltal and presented them wlth home made stuffed anlmals. Around Halloween, we usually carve pumpklns and hold a party for young chlldren. The slsters for several years have held fund-ralslng actlvltles to help flnance those charitable projects mentioned above, but also to help flnance our Korean Orphan Slm-Yun-Sup. Servlce to our school has Included usherlng at graduatlons, honor convocatlons, and servlng as guldes. We try belng of servlce to other clubs by usherlng at movles and concerts, and by belng ac- tive ln other organlzatlons such as Student Government. Lambda Slgma Alpha also has soclal actlvltles that have become tradltlons such as our Father-Daughter Luncheon whlch was held thls year at Petrlcca's on May 6. Our annual Wlnter Formal ls another tradltlon whlch has become very meanlngful to our slsters. Thls year we added a new tradgltlonhto be partlclpants ln the annual Bulck "PAlNT-lN". Thls year's "PAINT-IN" was sponsored by Ed Murphy's Bulck- Opel dealershlp, and was held ln the mall of Woodfleld Shopplng Center. The theme of our car was "Chlcago" our slogan belng, "Chicago Salutes Bulck-Opel". Orlglnally there was to be only a Flrst Prlze of 8500, but our car was awarded a speclal prlze of S100 as Second Place wlnner. The 1973 Offlcers, Presldent-Sue McCarthy: Vlce-Presldent-Marllyn Penzel, Correspondlng Secretary-Karen Moberg, Recordlng Secretary-Llnda Ferraro and Treasurer-Darlyn Dvorak, wlsh to thank everyone for thelr co-operatlon and partlclpatlon ln our actlvltles. POM POM SQUAD BACK, fLef1 to Righty: Cathy Trester, Caryn Jeske, Bonnle Baumann. M!DDLE: Maureen Whalen, Judy Szczapanskl, SITTING Nancy Krause, Cathy Knlsze STAGEPLAYERS -- -- , . - MMD, ON STAGE: Harold Cohn. FRONT ROW: Darlene Susan Wlse, Joyce DeAngeIls, Kathy Foszcz, Frank Gyondola, Mlcky McVea, Rlta Bonem. MIDDLE ROW: Jack Bronsteln, Mlchael Rossman tPresldentl, Marllyn Mahan, Paul Manaols, Brlan Kllmnick, Nadlne Schwartz, Jerl Rothman, Noreen Sacheck. UPPER ROW: Llnda Jacobs, Darlce Damata, Kathy O'DonnelI, Dan Pearson. TOP ROW: lven Browne, Sherl Greene. Stageplayers ls a theatrical group sponsored by the Speech and Performing Arts Department. Stageplayers budgets and produces the plays that are glven each trimester ln the Little Theatre. Students gain theatrical experience, on stage as well as backstage, by worklng on Stageplayers' productions. PHI ALPHA THETA LEFT T0 RIGHT: Gregory Golinskl, Leslie Auerbach, Tlmothy J. O'ConneII, Allne Lavin, Joseph Morton. 20 0 TENNIS TEAM f V Y r-, -,L f"'T fs 1 X ' A l J A 1 A tr . ,Q , , , I 'w - L. I U iii , M ':.':j., ffr V , Twig' ' fr x ' 4 " d - f- . 1 1- 'A' - ,,-5' "4 .. ' f - r Y ,.1- ' 'f Qt - t r ,- H 'xi - V A -, li Jn ,p - ,, , LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Stein, John Schag, Mark Anderson, Reid Adler, Ron Schwartz, Steve De Zurka, Ron Faloona Qcoachy. . -V ' TAU KAPPA EPSILON Smlth fPresldentJ John Flrak fSecretaryj BACK ROW Joe Zlefflan ITYOBSUVGYJ FRONT ROW, KL to RJ: Carl Costanza lVIce-Presldentl, Denls I-SONS Pledge MHSUBFJ, Kaia GmCfl5f tSwee1heaf0, George 2 INTEFIPRETERS THEATER fa FRONT ROW, lL to Rl: Mlke Flusnlak, Barb Scholchet, Roger A.B. DiAngells, Arlene Jarzab, Rosle Rees, Barb Cibelll. BACK ROW Nehring. MIDDLE ROW: Scott Sllver, Kathy Foszcz, Joyce Andrea Dubnick, Liz Effendy, Jack Bronsteln. 4 ZF' ' Ai' , , q fi r-. ,M . A X .4 x :wa-f':':z ,xx 53 ,, ,fs W I , ' 1 :F I r' , X I .aug ' 35251 - 4 SPANISH CLUB nu., 'A - A S, V , f5f6fg7T9f'fiQ g..',g9..'lLz qs' E' Q E FRONT ROW: Betty Kregel lPublicily Chalrmanj. MIDDLE ROW: Jesse lSponsorl, Mlchele Traficante lPresiden0, Krls Graffla CT Soszko Nice-Presldentl. BACK ROW, QL to Fly: Mrs. Marcia Jackson Arlene Fraulini lSecretaryl, Dr. Rosalyn O'Cherony lSponsorl. -sgpg QC 1:7 Opionions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the administration. PRINT is published weekly at North- eastern lllinois University, office E-214, phone IU 3-4050, ext. 459. Deadline for copy is Tuesday at noon. Editor: jim Feezor Assistant: Michele Hirsen Managing Editor: Paula Levy Assistants: Sue Loick, Cerri Leffner STAFF BOX News Editor: Pat O'Brien Assistant: lean lkezoe, lack Bronstein Feature Editor: Rita Harmata Business Manager: Kathy Nickels Assistant: Steve Novak Photo Editor: Linda Ozag Sports Editor: Christine Lub- iniecki Assistant: Chris Meyer Distribution: Wes Siemaszke Columnists: Joe Flynn, Non- sense, Paula Levy, Pieces, Marylene Whitehead, Hu- 'jambo Rafiki Artists: Adoniram Silva, Anji McElwain STAFF: Lori Latka, Paulette Smith, Junai Pecki, Karen Moberg, Carol Goff, Bob Zawada, Bill Shurtleff, Ellen Lavezzi, Dan Mendel- son, Steve Yach, Elizabeth Campe Sponsor: Ely Liebow 2 CLOCKWISE, THIS PAGE: Flick Martin, Mlke Duggan, Ken Davis, John Hogan. TOP TO BOTTOM, PAGE 217: Phyllis Moss, Chuck Pierce, Saundra Taylor, Derrick Spencer and Art Winslow, Nancy lstwanek, Fllch Goodman. TOP TO BOTTOM, PAGE 218: Marty Bauman, Frank Gyondla, Donald Kop- plng, Dan Fuentes. NOT PICTURED: Curt Petersen, Pat Autry, Steve Connors, Tom lrvlne, Bob Nelson, John Shastal, Tony Stepory. W.Fi.N.E. RADIO aeatnn , Bffpfall C qcuu who Cl'll'l.: MJ Pro 1: rm-1 w Lon 1 W .....'4. . ..... 1-pq-,an -anno.-Q alanine. A ww ,XV . v 217 218 WRNE is Northeastern's student finance and student operated radio station. It ls on of the most active, entertaining, and infor mative clubs on campus, since it broadcast every school day and is available to anyon with an AM radio tuned to 640. WFlNE' future plans include broadcasting on the F band, and expanding hours of operation t include evenings and weekends. The officer include: Curt Petersen, Station Manager Rick Martin, Program Directory Mlk Duggan, News Directorg Larry Kenney, Chie Engineer: Saundra Taylor, Secretary: Ke Davis, Advisor: and a bunch of other goo people who handle a multitude of respon sibilities. HOCKEY TEAM 1 1 ' '-'-.':L1f ROW, QL to RJ: Perry Gundersen, Jlm Scannell, Jack Hesotlan, Kessleman, E. John Schag, Dr. Robert Gilbert. FRONT ROW: Mark their second season of operation, the Northeastern inois University Hockey Club finished with a record of ven wins, twenty-three losses, and two ties. The club as led by goaltender Art Kasak, who was voted the am's most valuable player, and Ralph Capparelll, who d the team in scoring for the second year In a row. The am is a member of the Central States Collegiate Hockey Breen, Marc Century, Art Kasak, J. Robert Slgnorettl, Phil Czernlck. League, which includes such schools as Iowa State, Illinois State, and Western Illinois. The Ice Eagles also played Big Ten schools such as Purdue and Indiana. Wins for UNI were against Wisconsin State-Whitewater, Illinois Benedictine, and twice against University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, Loyola, Trinity, and MacMurray. 220 SWIM TEAM T ww l I N8 5, -jf.. '-Q.. if Wifi lag Q, ff. . I ,E g + 2' ' QQXYMQ 1 if 'L ,ffm lv' ?5fi, V will ill BACK ROW, QL to RJ: Tony Schlmpf fCoachl, Dave Causy, Flay KHITBSCH. Mike Blank Bob PFISIUQ- Chrlstl, Marty Bowman, Steve Huber. FRONT ROW: Dan Kolb, Kurt The 1973 Swim Team coached by Tony Schlmpf and co-captains Ray Christi and Kurt Karrasch, had its finest season with nine wlns and eight losses, taking third in the Conference and one Dlstrlct Champion, Flay Christi, in the 100 yard backstroke. This season promises to be even better with the addition of six new Freshmen and two Jr. College transfers, as well as seven remaining lettermen. So far this season the Swim Team Is two wins and two losses, beating for the first time Rockford College, last year's champion. WOM EN'S SOFTBALL TEAM Iv ew T Qzsaw T TOP ROW, KL to Ry: Llnda Hardy, Cathey Crlsmeyer, Mary Frank, June Carsello, Lordes Ubldes. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Betty Meyer, Carol Hwand, Joan Dugger, Joyce Palmqulst. BOTTOM ROW: Myra Bugalsky, Nancy Bartosch, Gall Welden, Jan Smlthers. WOIVlEN'S TOUCH FOOTBALL TEAM L.- 47 ef TOP ROW: QT. to RJ: Mlss Meyer, Sue Pillar, Chrls Manglalardl, Gail Netterstrom, Nancy Boyer, Karen Wllden Welden, Jan Smlther, Roger Rzepka. BOTTOM ROW: Llnda Harty, Jane WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM P HOW, lLto Rl: Teena Aklyame, Sue Blckel, Leo Rellly, Gall Weldon, Welssmuller. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Buggan, Nettle Leyden tty Guzlk. MIDDLE FlOW: Llnda Harty, Marlanne Mendoza, Marquerlte NOFITHEASTERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY I CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP ASSOCIATION ORCHESIS 226 55-7 RUSSIAN CLUB ,rg 'xma- PHYSICAL EDUCATION IVIAJORS l 111123121131 Aiiiiiiiiliifdi F Q 15113121134 l W M in l g '-H Y H .-..-,Yu V if -.-vm ,,,,A.-. ,,.,-, ., V-,...,,. M ,,'-- H-, .,l, , ,k--N . .---V ,-,, -Wf. ,- J, -,"' ',1,,., , -HA - , YQ., V ,.,, l ,, ., ' ,W VV -V - i Q- .. V , ,H F -.. , , YV ' V " ' v f - - ' I f - M E BEEN!!!-l' Hi!iDj ii A MINI N . gg ST FF E gi ul ,j , v, , , , - 230 DFI. JAMES H. IVIULLEN PRESIDENT NORTHEASTEFIN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY September 1, 1973 Q9 as fv 2 'sw- NX gif I I ADMINISTRATION TOP ROW IL to RI Dr. Robert Goldberg Nice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Facultyl, Dr. William Lienemann Nice-President for Administrative Affairsl, Dr, Harold Mohamed IAssistant Vice-President for Ad- ministrative Affairsj. MIDDLE ROW IL to RJ Dr. Richard Poorman IAssistant Vice-President for Academic Affairsj, Dr. William Howenstine Nice- President for Student Affairs and Dean of Studentsl, Dr. Vincent Malek IDean of the Graduate Collegej, Dr. George Geyer IAssociate Dean of the Graduate Collegey, Dr. Randolph Hudson IDean of the College of Arts and Sciencesy. I amz Y Rev' . , gr-Wm iwiii Dr. Eldridge Scales-Dean of the College of Education Miss Ann Smith-Assistant to the Presi- dent Mrs. Sandra Faloona-Secretary to Dr. Lienemann Mrs. Diane Hirsch-Secretary to Dr. Gold- berg Mrs. Idel ldelson-Secretary to Dr. Poorman Miss Jean Kelchauser-Assistant to the President Mrs. Florence Michelini-Secretary to the President 4 . 5. 1 i rg i,ivo2,,if ' in .,5, , ' iii 9 -wiv-"-,gy may -. , ,ii iw ,,,, Ji iw ,iww 'iwffiii QQ A 1 - . ,-- 4:1551 "' lf ' A W ' xig,'i'1,'u'i"y,!in"+-i, Ni iiviiiilllr- 3 7 3 Ii 1 ii , A .. ' Jig? -f -- ---lm. ,JE1il"Zi" ' Afflrmatlve Actlon Mr. Arnold Jones-Affirmative Action Officer Business Ofilce Mr. William Spetch-Manager Mrs. Nettie Astrin-Assistant Manager Commuter Center Mr. Cliff Harralson-Director Mr. Carl Ostermeier-Assistant Director Miss Joann Power-Bookkeeper Mrs. Helen Straz-Cafeteria Manager 236 I ADMlNlSTRATlON TOP ROW QL to RJ Extentlon and Contlnulng Education-Mr. Vernon Braun lDirectorj, Mrs. Lucille Allen lAdministrative Clerkl MIDDLE ROW QL to F0 Graduate College-Dr. Flobert Gilbert iEx- ecutive Assistantj, Mr. Edward Vokurka lExecutive Assistantj BOTTOM ROW QL to Rl Graduate College Qcont.j-Mrs. Marge Reynolds fAdministrative Clerkl, Mrs. Pat Boyle lAdministrative Clerkj I I ADMINISTRATION TOP ROW IL to FII Instructlonal Medla-Dr. MIchael Belica Learnlng Services-Dr. Charles Stamps fDirectorJ MIDDLE ROW QL to FII Purchaslngr - Mr. Ray Roth IPurchasing Agentj Student Teachlng Offlce - Mr. George Grimes IDirectorI Unlversliy Communlcatlons-Mr. Gerald Cannon IDirectorJ BOTTOM ROW IL to RI Unlverslty Communlcatlons Qcontq-Miss Sheila Rotman, Mr. Sam Chiarelli 1 238 Sly' I rf 4 532 .Qi 355 in J., W., if ssl X SRX ,gg NY' X. : ' -35 .iN ADMINISTRATION TOP ROW lL to RI Student Servlces - Dr. William lDean of Studentsj, Dr. Griff I- lAssociate Dean of Studentsl, IV Berneice Zimmerman U-Xssociate Dean Students and Dean of Womeny MIDDLE ROW IL to RI Student Servlces tcontq - Miss Lo Kaplan fSecretary to Dr. Howenstinej, IM Barbara Gordon lSecretary to Dr. Pit Mrs. Marliss Chathom lSecretary to III Zimmermanl BOTTOM ROW QL to RI Admlsslons Office - Mr. Raoul Haas lForr Director of Admissions, Records, and CI tinuing Education: Retired 81731, Mr. E Moch lDirector of Admissions a Recordsl 'X :S ' 9 ' 'Qi ' -Q:::2,22Lf,.-1 , I . Qi W v iw ' '..-Eg " flbfif w ' m gf -PM ':'.. ..- ,mv ,.,, ,fr V T7 ,, "1 , , ...l .,--1 - F1 : + - gi 125. ' '1 1 - 1 fr-il' -...Z iff" ,- ,gl , B Y ' A A V WA jig , ...A . L. ' 9 240 ,A ADMINISTRATION TOP ROW IL to RI Admissions Office - Mr. Cephus Childs QAd- ministrative Assistanti, Mrs. Georgia Geane Iunclassified Student Advisory MIDDLE ROW IL to RJ Mrs. Penny Trczinski IAdmissions Officeri, Mrs. Ida Kamm fReceptionist and processor of applicationsj BOTTOM ROW IL to FII Records Office - Mrs. Barbara Cook Qifiegistrarj, Miss Kathleen Elward IAssis- tant Registrari, Mr. Irwin Glicken IAssistant Fiegistrari ' ' fi -1991 15-3?- Q ,gf g RECORD OFFICE Qcontlnuedj Mrs. Kathleen McKendrick-Recorder Miss Nancy Bingaman-Record Officer Miss Beatrice Mattila - Record Officer Mrs. Rosemary Kerwin - Record Officer Mrs. Shirley Epstien - Co-ordinator of Class Schedules Mrs. Betty Pepper - Coordinator of Registra- tion Mrs. Marion Skogsberg - Mail Registration secretary Mrs. Rose Rowe - Receptionist 242 1 Y, .. CAREER SERVICES OFFICE Mrs. Valerie Gallagher - Director Miss Constance Pettinger - Graduate ment Officer Mrs. Lynda Hartman - Secretary COMMUNITY SERVICES Dr. Ben Coleman - Director COUNSELING SERVICES Miss Dorothy McCreery - Co-ordinator Academic Advisement, Miss Barb Behrendt - Assistant Director of Coun: ing Program, Mr. William Speller - Dir tor of Project Success. 5.1 S 99, f . 1 .-,': jf? U 1 FACULTY COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES ANTHROPOLOGY DEPARTMENT 'Kg fAbove left and movlng CIOCKWISGQ Frltzmann, Mr Frank Assistant Professor of Art Hallberg Mrs Clarlca Associate Professor of Art Ornelas Mrs Laverne Assistant Professor of Art Yochlm Mr Maurice Associate Professor of Art fRetired 81731 Segedln Mr Leo Associate Professor of Art Wallle Mr Alan Chair man of Art Department and Assistant Professor of r ART DEPARTMENT BIOLOGY fAbove and movlng clockwlsei: Crean, Dr. of Joseph - Professor Biology Lamp, Dr. Herbert - Chairman of Biology Dept., Professor of Blology Lehman, Dr. Wllman - Professor of Biology Lerner, Dr. Jules - Associate Professor of Biology Rose, Mlss Rose - Assistant Professor of Biology Wlerclnskl, Dr. Floyd - Professor of Biology. DEPARTMENT ml CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT 1Above left and movlng clockwisei: Bachrach. Dr. Joseph - Professor of Chemistry Dobbs, Dr. Frank - Chairman of Chemistry Dept., Professor of Chemistry Mason, Dr. Donald - Professor of Chemistry Poskozlm, Dr. Paul - Associate Professor of Chemistry Svoboda, Mr. Wayne - Instructor in Chemistry. 247 EARTH SCENCE MMS miivfsi DEPARTMENT Charller, Dr. Roger - Professor of Earth Science fupper lefty Doehler, Dr. Robert - Associate Professor of Earth Science iupper rightl Forslev, Dr. Albert - Professor of Earth Science flower lefty Qutub, Dr. Musa - Chair- man of Earth Science Dept., Assistant Professor of Earth Science lcenterl Shablca, Dr. Charles - Assistant Professor of Earth Science flower rightl. ' lLeft to rightyz Flroozl, Dr. Ferydoon - Associate Professor of Economics Kokorls, Dr. James - Associate Professor of Economics Sldhu, Mrs. N n - Asst tant ECONCIVIICS DEPARTMENT 250 Clark, Dr Earl John Professor of English Hoberg Mr Thomas Asslstent Professor ol English Hoflman, Dr Donald Aeslstent Professor of Engllsh Krump Dr Jscquellne Professor of English Lawson, Mr. Courtney - Associate Professor of Engllsh Patton, Mrs. Dorothy - Associate Professor of English Verbllllun, Dr. June - Professor ol Engllsh. INFORMATIONAL AND COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Barnes, Dr. Wllllam - Associate Professor of Computer Science Becker, Dr. Louis - Associate Professor of Computer Science. LINGUISTICS DEPARTMENT Beaver Dr Joseph Chairman of Linguistics Dept Professor of Linguistics Illwltzer Dr Robert Associate Professor of Linguistics Richardson Mr Jack Instructor In Linguistics Selgel Mr Don-Assis- 2 Burmelster Mrs. Norma - Assis- tant Professor of Spanlsh Busan Dr Bonnle Assoclate Professor of Spanish Frledman Mrs Seraflma Asslstant Professor of Flusslan Galassl, Dr Balilsta Chairman of Forelgn Language Dept Assistant Professor of Spanish and Italian Gonzalez Mr Rodrigo Assistant Professor of Spanish Holby Mrs Dorothy Asslstant Professor Spanish Jolly, Mr Jullo Assistant Professor of Spanlsh Mano, Dr Callxlo Par time Instructor nn Spanish FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT 4 'Wu-Y' FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT QConUnuedl Mllanesl Mr Albert Assistant Professor of French Nalern Mrs Valeska Assistant Professor of Spanish 0 Cherony Dr Rosslyn Associate Professor ot Spanish Panllgoaa Mr Edgsrdo Assls tant Professor of Spanish Pedroao Dr Angellne Asslstanl Professor of Spanish Russell, Dr Henry Asslstant Professor of French Samchyshyn Mr Miroslav Assoclale Professor of Russian wledemann Mrs F Assistant Professor of French 8. German 25 254 GEOGRAPHY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE DEPARTIVIEN Dlerlckx, Dr. C. Wallace - C h ai r m a n of Geography Dept., Professor of Geography Easton, Mr. Robert - Instructor in Geography Klang, Dr. Ylng-Cheng - Assoclate Professor of Geography. HISTORY DEPARTMENT ,.-:F"'-. 4' r -y ?". Frederick, Dr Duke Professor of History Harrison, Dr S Lorenzo Professor of History Mac Donald, Dr J Fred lnstruc tor In Hlstory Morton Dr Joseph Associate Professor of Hlstory Sebln, Dr Arthur Professor of History Smlth Mr P Cralg Assistant Professor of Hlstory Sochen Dr June Assoclete Professor of Hlstory Walker, Dr Sue Sheridan Asslstant Professor of Hlstory Zegger, Dr Robert Professor of History 2 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT iAbove, and moving clockwisej: Ansari, Mr. Abdus - Assistant Professor of Mathematics Boukldls, Mr. Nicholas - Associate Professor of Math Czarneckl, Dr. Adam - Associate Professor of Mathematics Rapaport, Dr. David - Professor of Mathematics iFtetired 8173i Tuzar, Dr. Jaroslav - Associate Professor of Mathematics Weiner, Dr. Louls - Chairman of Mathematics Dept., Professor of Mathematics. IVIEDIATED INSTRUC TION Salet Mr Ronald Assistant Professor of Medlated Instruction Wi- 'sys Pii Anderson, Dr Charles Associate Professor of Muslc Gangware, Dr Edgar Professor of Music Harmon, Dr Harold Professor of Music Lewls, Mlss Marcla Assnstant Professor of Muslc Nlcosla, Dr Dolores Associate Professor of Music ,W JI 7 PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT Chacon, Dr. Roger - Chairman of Philosophy Dept., Associate Professor of Philosophy Moorhead, Dr. Hugh - Associate Professor of Philosophy Rlzlk, Dr. James - Assistant Professor of Philosophy. PHYSICS DEPARTMENT Clarkson, Mr. Mlller - Associate Professor of Physics Nlsslm-Sabat, Dr. Charles - Chairman of Physics Dept., Associate Professor of Physics. H fAbove and movlng clockwisej Farr, D Thomas Professor of Political Science Frederlck Dr Edrls Chairman of Polltlcal Sclence Dept Professor of Pohtlcal Science Hu saln Dr Asad Assis tant Professor of Political Sclence Varophas, Mr Kusol Assistant Professor of Polltlcal Science Welty Dr Paul Professor of Polltlcal Sclence K' POLITICAL Inf' SCIENCE EPARTMENT 259 PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Aronov, Dr. Bernard - Professor of Psychology Dufour, Dr. Vlc - Chalr- man of Psychology Dept., Associate Professor of Psychology Ellls, Dr. Ruth - P r of e s s o r of Psychology Gordon, Mr. Arnold - Assistant Professor of Psychology Klrk, Dr. Bruce - Professor of Psychology. new ssl? if PSYCHOLOGY DEPT lcontmuedl Loos Dr Frank Professor of Psychology M nn Dr John Associate Professor of Psychology Martlndale Dr Stan Associate Professor of Psychology Rosenthal Dr Vln Professor of Psychology Temkln Mr Dave Associate Professor of Psychology 62 SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT lven, Dr. Donna - Chairperson of Sociology Dept., Associate Professor of Sociology Schwartz Miss Mary Ann - Assistant Professor of Sociology. Barushok, Dr James - Chairman of Speech Department Professor of Speech Jordan Dr. Davld - Assistant Professor of Speech Magee Mrs Llb- by - Assistant Professor of Speech Stewart, Mr. Wllllam - Assistant Professor of Speech Walker, Dr. Robert - Professor of Speech. TELEVISION PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT COLLEGE OF EDUCATION COUNSELOR EDUCATION wut ff' DEPARTMENT lLeft to rlghtj Bowers Dr Mary Professor of Counselor Education Brogly Dr Edward Associate Professor of Counselor Education Langley Dr Elizabeth Associate Professor of Counselor Educatlon Walsh Dr Wllllam Assistant Professor of Counselor Educatlon t 'WDP' 'Nw-uv 26 4 EARLY CHlDHOOD tAbove center and moving clockwlseiz Burger, Mrs. Mary Louise - Chairman of Early Childhood Educa- tion, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Educa- tlon Georglou, Mr. Perl - Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Educa- tion Hllfman, Mrs. Tlllle - Instructor in Early Childhood Education Isaac, Dr. Margrethe - Associate Professor of Early Childhood Educa- tlon Krueger, Mrs. Marcella - Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education Ware, Mrs. Gussle - Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Educa- EDUCAUON DEPARTMENT . X Q' EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS DEPARTMENT 265 Bock, Dr. Danlel - Associate Professor of Educational Foundations Brewer, Mr. Richard - Assistant Professor of Education Foun- dations, Carlson, Dr. Jean - Associate Professor of Educational Foundations Glockner, Mrs. Valentlne - Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations, Chairman of Educational Foundations Department Goldblatt, Dr. Phyllls - Assistant Professor of Educational Foundations Vogel, Mr. Mitchell - Assis- tant Professor of Educational Foundations. .Q ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Austrhelm, Miss Bernice - Associate Professor of Elementary Education Eiten, Dr. John - Professor of Elementary Education Harper, Dr. Ray - Former Chairman of Elementary Education Department 0'DonneIl, Mr. John - Assistant Professor of Elementary Education Seize, Dr. Leonard - Professor of Elementary Education. INNER CITY STUDIES ' v 1-' Arnez, Dr. Nan- '-- I . cy-Professor of Inner 'I . ' City Studies. Bailey, Mr. Donn-Assistant Pro- LIBRARY fessor of Inner City Studies. Slthole, Mr. Elkln-Instructor in Inner SCIENCE DEPARTMENT City Studies. Black, Mrs. Sophie - Assistant Professor of Library Science Buuratra, Miss Annette - Assistant Professor of Library Science. 267 8 LIBRARY SCIENCE DEPT I I I I Gregg Mr Joseph Instructor in Llbrary Sccence Jen, Mr Albert Assistant Professor of Llbrary QV? :WVU 'ei' uqsall-'I 10. Sclence Klm Mr Jay Instructor In Llbrary Sclence Lee Mrs Karen Instructor In Llbrsry Science Levtn Mlae Marlan Assistant Professor of Library Sclence McGregor, Mr James Assistant Professor of Library Science Mlslaraa Mlss Evangellna - Assistant Professor of Library Science Otto, Mrs. Maxlne - Assistant Professor of Llbrary Sclence. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT I 1' " ' ' "lf sg, ul: ' 5.55 I I ' 5 5 if utler, Dr Gerald Associate Professor of Physical Education Faloona Mr Ron Instructor In Physlcal Education Hostetler, Dr Frank Associate Professor of Physical Education Kasper, Mr Raymond Instructor In Physucal Educatlon Meyer, Mlss Betty Assistant Professor of Physical Education Mueller, Mr Edward Chairman of Physical Education Dept Associate Professor of Physical Educatlon 'isa 270 may PHYSICAL EDUCATION Petty, Mrs. Dolores - Assistant Professor of Physical Education Prueske, Dr. Eleanor - Associate Professor of Physical Education Smllgoll, Mr. James - Part-time Instructor in Physical Education Waechter, Dr. John - Associate Professor of Physical Education Zlagos, Mr. Gus - Associate Professor of Physical Education. READING DEPARTMENT Fareed Dr Ahmed Associate Professor of Lucille Assistant Professor of Reading Reading ,Mozzl, Mrs. SECONDARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT i Abell, Mr. Bertram - Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Guysenlr, Dr. Maurice - Professor of Secondary Education Lockwood, Dr. James - Assistant Professor of Secondary Education Robinson, Mr. Edward - Assistant Professor of Secondary Education. . 'X .Ru .E-Q 1 -Z :..1-1 . iv" 1 - SPECIAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Bell, Mrs. Mary - Assls- tant Professor of Special Education Bernsteln, Dr. Dorothy - Associate Professor of Special Education ltkln, Dr. Wllllam - Chalrman of Special Education Dept., Professor of Special Educatlon. Jacobson, Mrs. Anlta - Asslstant Professor of Speclal Education Karlln, Mr. Ber- nard - Part-tlme Instruc- tor in Special Education. ' "if 5,-w 435-. ,1- SPECIAL EDUCAUON "'Nw-:qw-14" DEPARTMENT 4Contmuedj Koo umllan, Dr Mary Assistant Professor of Special Education Stelgman Dr Martln Assistant Professor of Specnal Educatuon Thompson Dr Glen Assoclate Professor of Specual Education Vltten n Dr LII Professor of Speclal Education Wlden D lrwln Professor of Speclal Education iaiH'7fD 27 74 STAFF BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS nd Brendan CLOCKWISE, FROM TOP LEFT: lter Borows, Thomas Fleming, Clavin Heller, a W a O'Leary CAMPUS PLANNING of -:Ki Hrwnwu -fkf ,if-iff, if-.J WW' QLEFT TO RIGHTJ Mrs Rebecca Moskowitz Secretary Robert Ortmau .Y ' .iii f ijiff: I iQ-25'l" i " 151 f- Q f- , N 1 ,a um, t,mf'2I'fE!Z!Af f."',, . ""'i'9fqM ,11, .wi fi 1 !l!,-mH1,5FQu my W, M W w .,m W IK " a H' "WH 'H' 5 1 51 , 3212 -1' N' in ' Q5 1 . 2' A L ' " 'Y f si, , RW, "7 ,f,,f,n11 315,15 ,WM wp, fu- wut ws, 1 mx ,N - 5,3 ,aw , M AWWHLQQA Wlwy N, 5N4L,1y'.u,,, A ,J " 1 1 ' wwllgif' as N . n :L T T ' 133 v , ,:,:,w2 , :1-seq: - , , . 276 CIVIL SERVICE PERSONNEL OFFICE TOP ROW: Kenneth Ward BOTTOM ROW IL to RI: Miss Dorothy De Francisco, Ann Lerner COMPUTER SERVICES ., 1,- ,,f1,. XL TOP ROW Miss Sonya Bowarchuk MIDDLE ROW QL to R7 Mr. Neil Fagus, Mrs. Margaret Gallivan BOTTOM ROW QL to FU Mr. Earl Graham, Mrs. An nette Krass, Mrs. Sharon Morrow 278 DEPARTMENTAL STAFF .IRB TOP ROW KL to FU Mrs. Carol Ball QChemistry Dept. Secretaryj, Nancy Beard lHistory Dept. Secretaryl, Betty Beerman fFteading Centerj MIDDLE ROW QL to Rl Murlel Berger lAdmissions Secretaryj, Jean Bueltmann lPsychoIogy Dept. Secretaryj, Mrs. Rosalyn Cooperman lG-eography and Environmental Science Dept. Secretaryj BOTTOM ROW lL to RJ Gertrude Edelheit lSpeech Dept.y, Mrs. Marion Flack lMathematics Dept.j, Alice Gomberg lSociology Dept.l -as-gn l 'K we V Bill' flaw. WW' DEPARTMENTAL STAFF TOP ROW QL to Rl Esther Levun lPhys1cal Education Deptj Lorraine Luklnsky fHnstory Deptl Alnce McDonnell fLnbraryl SECOND ROW KL to Rl Pat McMullm fGraduate Collegel Mrs Helen Nelson lPsychoIogy Dept 5 Baslllus Pauohuk lPhyslcal Education Dept J THIRD ROW CL to Rl Jeanne Phllllps lRecords Offlcej Mrs Anne Podolsky fAudlo Visual Deptl George Poglltsch lArt Depth BOTTOM ROW QL to RJ Evelyn Pomerantz lSecondary Education Deptl Irene P Education Deptl rzytula fPhysxcaI Educatlon De . ppe fPhysical , A ig E A1 X' , V i H A ll V -T lil? TT ':'?:-ll .. .V 1' " Y ' .je R f' ' gf Q I li tiff-' 1 L-.E , ' 1335 " T E W., tt - lon' ' 'ELLJL ll , ljl WM, it x all lllwl , , I U ""Q,I f f: ff, v,-p-'i , . - b . , ' . ' ' ,, ' ' pm, Mrs Lillian To I DUPLICA TING SERVICES TOP ROW Marshall Bronaugh BOTTOM ROW CL to FU Martin Kusserow, Werne r Schroeder if Fw I LIBRARY STAFF TOP ROW Mrs. Vivian Bourget MIDDLE ROW QL to Ry Mr. Jack Brody, Mrs. Marilyn Brown BOTTOM ROW KL to Ry Mrs. Nicoletta Fritts, Mrs. y S Ivia Giles, Mrs. ff?" Marie Granzow M """'!ir -riff T21 -fNn-3 LIBRARY STAFF TOP ROW QL to FU Wanda Hasluk Lynn Hlrsch Nathan Keith MIDDLE ROW lL to R l Miss Ann Melchlor Joyce Mllls Evangeline Mlstaras lAsslstant Professor of Library Sclencel BOTTOM ROW lL to F0 Miss Ruth Spetch Mrs Fluth Swanson Mrs Dorothy White FOOD SERVICE LEARNING SERVICES STUDENT SERVICES SAFETY SI SECURITY 95? ,,.Bl"" lfif ' -17' -qs V , f . - A 'Vx ' J' XXX' xii --. iq-'Q-A, 1 fr! X'- SWITCHBOARD OPERATORS E? Hanrahan, Mrs. Marian Marsh, en UNIVERSITY TELEVISION MANAGEMENT Coxworth, M Richard Heinkel, M rold COMMUTER CENTER STAFF ,Z f " ,- e Above: Shirley Rovner, Secretary. Left: Carl Ostermeier, Betty Glalessas, Matt Stefan, Joann Powers, Mark Kipp. 7 EQ' Mew .twigs , 7-. - W A . ... 4,1 -N Qan- P l 'I F 4 , X , I 1 ' ' Y , A 4' 2 'K ' 1 ff gk, mmsgl Q X-I., H" -' a. . 'V V 3. LL I . I.: ' ,Y X x I ..,. A XR 1' ,1 'A X . 3 l V 'wg 90 BEEHIV 5, kiwi ....,, FAR LEFT: Pyross Maxakoulls, Photo- grapher UPPER CENTER: Annie cherry, Typist l LOWER CENTER: Donald Butler, Co-edltor FAR RIGHT: Donna Wellbank, Co-editor 1 Oppostle Page: FAR LEFT: James Kent, Editor: Elaine Cheney, Typist UPPER CENTER: Connie Pettinger, Adviser LOWER CENTER: James Senese, Photo- grapher FAR RIGHT RIGHT: Salvatore Di Nicola, Former Co-editor, 1974 Editor 81 Photo- grapher. sl. , .. TAFF . 'J V , 'ff - W.-1,., A ,V A . I -45 K , 292 458 'K fo t K, alll lllr Z gfllllmuuulllll N I v E R56 The seal of Northeastern lllinois University has three interlocking non- regular hexagons. The one on the lower left shows a book and a lamp. The book and lamp symbolize learning and represent the devotion of the un- iversity community to the preservation of the cultural heritages of our pluralistic society and to the extension of man's knowledge through study and research. The hexagon on the lower right shows the city and represents the commitment ot our urban community in particular and to urban communities generally. The hexagon at the top shows three in- tersecting parabolas representing abstract knowledge and theory and a computer or television tape representing applied knowledge. Above information provided by Dr. Jerome M. Saely OWLE To the itirestudent bqdy, administration, faculty, -d staff, our thanks for your co- operatiof and contributions to the 1973 jf Ai. J: in f,',fjV 'r'Tf""T'T'r,g!wfl' ifrrfiwxib 1 W ' "M " ',' nf Iwi - .. Q,-43 ,17 V- V5 .L, xl,-A V n L- , - ' D 3,1 'JV' in . , , ,ml . I., A.: . 'ff,fff.. VV- fu L ,511 . 511, , . .. . A5 -'R'-A' - i s- Af 7,5659 ' : ,J',1:.,. ', Q '- 1' " 'iff 'V ' Q ' V ' ' fb.. -131' XYVV V ' -- "' " ww ' 'l 'm1,-'VY' L b . J-AM K -in L M v 7 r .' - -' ' 1 In A I .. V A I V 3: V P X - ' u- . , .: . Aww. . W1 "-ET, 1 14:-V ' K, w E I W' ' ' ' -5' ff' 'k'V1- mf f ' V 1 , , lj fi . 'ig .s"., 1 IH V I ' 1, fi 13, V - :Q ' A 1 lu 5, 5' H , -V , 'lv .U ,,,:. -N '- V -: T ' ' - -217 .'-'I' 'i.. ' ' 'lk -Vg LUN. Vw - ' .MV ' -,X uf v 1 Q11 ' lx' ' Va' "H ' 1, '.' ' Wg xff.,4-.-.Qx - " 'ii KQM-M' V' F If-'-' :H ' " 1155 'f V' fi 1- 'mf' VX' '+.'Q5u W3 g.--41' .sg ' ' ' Ly 'L -f. ' ""- -if V nlfli- Q 'P' V" - M" Fr N' ,' N. igfi' - K 'L' V' V ww lx Y: ' I " ' ' . . rx... ' 2 96" . X' lib' 1" W " Q '-f'!l f u . ' l r , J, .-0, Y. . , V . f . ., . V - V-1--. V.-,,,-.,ff f wf-vw Q 1 A . x V 1 Q u I ' "ug 35, 1 ' ,i 7 'Nw ' sl: -S. U 1 Q.: :ppl Y If-,4-1.-'S'-'iff f MXN., ,.3,a, Q, wx, 1- "- ' fn Q' , V'- ' ' 'j . Z., ' VH V. , .I . ' 1 -' , 7: W w . Q X- W ,ZIV . . ,A 1 '- ', 1 V 1 , Rn., . " 'xx . . , My hw' - '- V, '-7.' , X' K 'vet X' R x M A . + ff V ' V .j 35 I 'll . ,ir 5 5-IE "' ' KK 1 -. 12357 vm, .em , in he "' - .V.V,gQMg D A-" M X gs . , . . A ' V N, -' iivwl w P I ' ' Xl :L 4 ..., 1- "y 4 V - ' . Q 'G 3 .gl t, X - V 'gf' . 3 A xg' " ' A .. 1'-A fi!" irtf V. . . J- 'i V .. fi V1 x - S' - x -2 - -4 .A V 43 ,,'.5 -- V -if I' -. l , A 1, V- , .fflk ' ' ' -A W. ', " V.. ,- , V V H., 1' "iii f 'i.e!i'gi.' 'EX 715: ,...-ifiwn :SJR L ' r i l, .,l-L, ,I A. , wx mi T, 1:91, ,nu VVVQCKVIV V , Mn gg--Y, V 4 V.-Img. ,AE Q",-.,"+ P igr'-2 M F".i-' E, 1, X .Vlw . u , A? QMS' A.. .- Qgn V M4 1: 3 .ji1'QiH K Di , . 'gi A . .V .fir . V " qu EV , V . VVV ma -b I 5 -. - '.!11- "fl -,VV- 'Q .yy ' W:-1 .wufyr V ' Wi 2 -4 V 1 44? V , -A 'fx 1' 4 g, . ..' ' 2 ie.VA9,,f,"--VL ri ' VM- .V -vfV?1?7f, ' J "MTV . ,lf 'uv 'gifv-3,2 ..- i .fs , EL.3x3.a. 1. N 4 1.-Fa ' A 'i'r"f't2"' , " , Uqigf- g. ' . g, ,rg -nm' .UWM 'K 31 ., N-.1 .L fy.. ., Q, l 5 of,-..-J-T lu. :Q ,Q .. "s.f??lf'-- '- ' -.., .. ,gl . it 5 5 I TV' 1 'f ' .4 ' .- 'IV . V ft""N. ' . 5 . U- .' gg 1 , H , 01 1 0. A ' ' W X 5. .' 'u . . ' ' nf ' 4 - 0 Q- , O r ia Q1 4. '05 'P-..,CJ:q.u N 5 ,,... L uf' 'T .- i7:v'...,.... , Q VW' '::L.-m,:5gQ,i- VM, .,. 'Q V ' I?-4 .QTL 1. N. M --N. , X , 'VI , nl FV", I INDEX 96 Abell, Mr. Bertram Acknowledgements Adler, Reid Acevedo, Jose Adler, Sherry L. Akiyama, Teena Aleksiewicz, Louise Alesi, Gary Alesi, Gary Alesi, Gary D. Alfsen, Carolyn L. Alier, Harry Aliferakis, Constance Akiyama, Carol Allman, Bruce M. Alpert, Sherry Alpha Rho Omega Alumni Association Amos, Marietta Anderson, Dr. Charles Anderson, Mark Anderson, Odis Anderson, Susan J. Anhalt, Linda Ansari, Mr. Abdus Anthropology Dept April Graduates April Graduation Archer, Joniece R. Ardros, Denise Arendt, Robert Arnez, Dr. Nancy Aronov, Dr. Bernard Arnez, Dr. Nancy Art Department Atherton, Lora L. 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Livia Golinski, Gregory Golozuck, Evelyn Goldberg, Leonard Goldblatt, Dr. Phyllis Golden, Lais Duggan, Joan 223 Duggan, Mike 216 Dvorak, Darlyn 205 Dziedzic, Jozeff 82 Early Childhood Educ. Dept. 264 Earth Science Club 198 Earth Science Dept. 248 Easton, Robert F. 134,253,254 Eberlein, L. Linda 82 Economics Club 199 Economics Dept. 249 Edelheit, Gertrude 278 Edelman, Mary 62 Edler, Ginny 182 Efferdy, Liz 212,213 Elementary Education Club 200 Elland, Debra 83,193 Ellin, Francine 83 Elliot, Cha-Cha 187 Elliot, Dennis 187 Ellis, Dr. Ruth 260 Emory, J. Isabel 83 English Dept. 250 Entessari, Shopan 182 Erlich, Burt 199 Etten, Dr. John 266 Evans, J. Annielois 62 Fagus, Neil 277 Fairbanks, Patti 206 Foloona, Ron 269 Faloona, Sandy 233 Faitek, Mark Fareed, Dr. Ahmed 271 Fareed, Hourya 27 Farr, Dr. Thomas 259 Fasso, Barbara 27 Feleker, Barbara 28 Ferraro, Linda 206,83 Ferraro, Michael 28 Ferrentino, Glen 219 Ferydoon, Dr. Firoozi 249 Fuentes, Don 216 Fifarek, Mary 28 Fikets, B. Phyllis 83 Fink, Janice 28 Firak, John 211 Firszt, Conrad 83,203 Flack, Marion 278 Fleming, Thomas 274 Flower, Stan 205 Floyd, Larry 187 Flynn, Joe 215 Folk Dance Club 188 Folk Dance Festival 114 Fonda, Jane at Northeastern Univ. 126 Football Team 202 Foreign Language Dept. 252 Forensics Union 201 Forsev, Dr. Albert 248 Foszcz, Kathie 83,212,208 Fox, Linda 28 Fox, Lorraine 28 Fox, J. Tom 34 Frank, Mary 221 Fritzmann, Frank 245 Goldner, Renee Gomberg, Alice Gonzalez, Rodrigo Goodman, Rick Gordon, Adolfo Gordon, Arnold Gordon, John Gordon, Marcia Gordon, S. Ruth 21 25 25 25 28 8 6 18 2 21 2 2 18 18 18 2 18 251,25 18 27 257,18 6 2 2 8 18 16 2 19 6 26 254 6 20 6 2 84 203 219 84 282 211 183 84 84 85 180 206 85 265 30' 85 V 30 21 sl 63 85 ' 181 30 30 265 30 30 278 252 216 85 260 63 85 63 adl, Bob ay, Vida oth, Dave RADUATES raffia, Kris raham, Earl ranzow, Marie raves, Loretta rant, Barry reenburg, Dan reene, Bette reen, John reene, J. Ronna reene, Sheri regg, Joseph riffith, Josephine riggs, H. Rosie rossmann, A. Gail rossman, Gerry ryn, Susan undersen, Perry us Giordano Dance Co. uysenir, Maurice uzik, Betty yondola, Frank acher, Donna all, Carol allberg, Clarice amilton, Marjorie anrahan, Nancy arabatsos, Constantine aralompopoulos, Sophia ardy, Linda armon, Dr. Harold arper, Dr. Ray arrison, Dr. S. Lorenzo arty, Linda armata, Rita arris, Judy arris, Linda Ft. arris, Lynne arris, Ursula asiuk, Wanda asselson, Fred assett, Eileen aushalter, Warren awkins, Sharon J. eller, Calvin elp, Help the Globolinks enry, Phyllis erkert, Marguerite esotian, Jack ilberg, Margo ilfman, Tillie irsch, David F. i irsch, Kenneth E. lrser, Michele irsch, Lynn ionis, Michael istory Department T istory Workshop ockey Club ockey Team oberg, Tom Hoberg, Thomas Hoffman, Dr. Donald Hogan, John Holby, Dorothy Hollander, Alan J. Honors Convocation 182 187 186 16 214 277 282 30 85 152 31 63 64 208 268 86 64 86 164 31 219 132 271 223 208 201 86 245 31 86 182 86 221 257 266 254 222,223 215 31 64 31 86 283 31 206 262 64 274 108 181 32 219 32 264 64 86 215 283 32 255 204 219 219 250 250 250 251 251,252 182 106 Hork, Barbara R. Hostetler, Dr. Frank Houdek, Alonn M. Huber, Steve Huffman, Robert Hurt, Louverta Husain, Dr. Asad Hwang, Carol Hynes, Jonice A. laconionni, Judy J. lkezoe, Jean llczyszyn, Michael luwitzer, Robert tDr.l Informational 8t Compu Inner City Studies lnterpreter's Theatre lrvin, Tom lsaac, Margrethe fDr.i Israel, Robert Italian Club ltkin, Dr. William lven, Dr. Donna lwanshi, Jim Jackson, Marcia Jacob, Robin Jacobs, Christine Jacobs, Janice L. Jacobs, Linda Jacobson, Mrs. Anita Jacobson, Susan Jakich, Alek Janas, Rose Jantelezio, Gay Jessen, Ray Johnson, La Jaunesse Jackubik, Delia Jonas, Rose R. Jarzab, Arlene Jayden, James E. Jen, Albert Jensen, Patricia Jeske, Caryn Jinks, Michael Johansen, Judy A. Johansen, Barbara Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Barbara Johnson Carol Johnson Darlene P. Johnson Denise Johnson, Elizabeth J. Johnson, Louis Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Violet Jolly, Julio Jones, Cath Jordan, Dr. David Juliano, Richard J. Kachman, Myra Kaempfe, Bill Kagan, Alan Kalamatas, Chris ter Science Dept. 1. 87 269 87 220 32 181 259 221 64 87 215 182 255 251 267 212 216 264 32 288 272 262 186 214 182 32 65 208 272 65 33 185 182 199 33 33 87 212 64 268 33 207 193 87 33 33 65 33 87 33 65 34 87 188 251 87 262 88 88 182 34 34 Kalessa, lngrid Kallick, Fred Kalvig, Marilyn Kamberis, Connie Kaminsky, Debbie Karas, Kathleen Karlin, Dr. Bernard Karlin, Richard Karrasch, Kurt Kasak, Art Kasper, Raymond Katzman, Jay R. 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Kuska, Kathleen Kusserow, Martin Kwieck, Don La Laggia, Martha 34 34 182 34 205 34 272 205 220 219 269 65 35 35 35 35 65 35 88 35 88 135 290,187 35 219 253 196 208,2'l9,66 268 260 88 66 88 36 88 89 36 207 36 249 273 220 36 65 216 36 36 36 37 185 277 207 214 220 89 89 264 206 37 264 250 89 182 89 37 89 89 90 280 186 37 Laird, Robert Lamp, Dr. Herbert Lampert, Sophie Lamirand, A. Land, Sylvia Lake, Elaine Lambda Sigma Alpha Langley, Dr. Elizabeth Latka, Lori Larysa, Lule Laub, David Lauezzi, Ellen Lawson, Courtney Lazor, Lauise Lee, Kaven Leffner, Gerri Lehmann, Dr. Wilma Leingran, Jeanine Leone, Joe Lerner, Ann Lerner, Dr. Jules Leung, Annie Leung, Annie Levand, Susan Leyder, Nedtie Levey, Maxine Levin, Shelia R. Levine, Sandra Levin, Susan Levun, Esther Levy, Paula Lewis, LaVerne Lewis, Marcia Levey, Maxine Levin, Marian Lewis, Don Libatf David Library Science Dept. Lieberman, Bruce Liebman, Janice Liebow, Ely Liebow, Marsha Lifton, Kathleen Linguistics Dept. Liong, Francis P. Liss, Deborah G. Lockwood, Dr. James Loick, Sue Lakics, Ernie l. Lomeli, Gustavo Loos, Dr. Frank Lopez, Susan Lorant, Edith Losa, Steve Losh, Steven Lubiniecki, Christine Luckett, Clarence M. Luginbill, Bob Lukinsky, Lorraine Lyon, Marlene Lynch, Mary B. Lynn, Mary MacDonald, Dr. J. Fred MacDonald, Dr. James Mack, Barbara Mack, Janice MacKenzie, Marjorie Mahan, Marilynn Mages, Libby Majewski, Dorothy L. 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 21 2 21 27 193,2 3 19 3 22 20 6 18 20 27 21 90,18 25 18 26 18 3 26 3 6 25 18 3 25 9 9 27 21 6 6 26 3 3 6 19 21 6 201 279 39 90 39 254,255 241 61 32 35 203 261 9l anaois, Paul aldonado, Marcelino alinowski, Casionir J. angal, Carol angialavdl, Cris angone, James ankus, Christopher ann, John ann, Dr. John arinello, Heather G. arousek, Eileen arquette, William artello, Donna R. artin, Rick artin, Carol A. artin, Richard artindale, Dr. Stan ason, Carol L. ason, Dr. Donald aso, Dr. Calixto assari, Lona M. atayka, Mary athematios Department attura, Jack A. atzer, Larraine axakoulis, Pyros aximine, Renee ay, Kurt cCarthy, Sue cCIoud, Doris J. cCoy, Ella cDonald, Peggy cDoniel, Maureen D. cDonnell, Alice cDougle, Alan D. cDoweel, Barbara M. oDowell, Barb oElwain, Anji 1 cGuinnes, Kathy 3 cGuinnes, Kathy cGregor, James MuMullin, Pat Movea, Micky Mediated Instruction Melchior, Ann Melendez, John Mendelson, Dan Mendoza, Marianne Menzer, Fred A. Mesa, Zoila T. Messuck, Marelyn Metzger, Marlin F. Meyer, Chris Meyers, Kathy G. Meyers, Betty Michaelson, Susan Milz, Bob Miaso, Dorothy M. Midler, Tova Milanesi, Albert A. Milas, John M. Miller, Dorothy Miller, John R. Mills, Joyce Mims, Bertram Mistaras, Evangeline Mitchell, Constance D. Mitchell, Marlene M. Moberg, Karer Moher, Kevin A. Mondell, Debra Monroe, Doctrine Moorhead, Dr. Hugh Moriarty, Cathy A. Morrow, Sharon 208 67 67 185 222 39 40 40 261 67,196 40 40 91 216 91 40 261 67 247 251,252 68 40 256 68 40 290 41 199 206 91 41 206 91 279 91 91 182 215 92 182 268 279 208 257 283 186 215 223 68,219 92 92 92 215 92 269,221,222 184 219 68 68 253 68 41 92 283 68 268,283 92 93 206,215 67 91 140 258 93 277 Morton, Dr. Joseph Moskavitz, Rebecca Moskowitz, Rebecca Moss, Phyllis Mostek, Jerry Moya, Luis L. Mozzi, Lucille Mueller, Edward Mullen, Dr. James Mueller, Joseph A. Muntges, John Murphy, Kathleen Muscarello, Anna Music Department Myalls, Margaut M. Myslinski, Mark A. Najera, Valeska Nathan, Keith National Theatre of The Nehring, Roger A.B. Neiman, Laren L. Nelson, Bob Nelson, Helen Netterstrom, Jane Newman, Michael J. Nichols, Chet Nickels, Kathy Nicosia, Dr. Dorloes Niemann, Debbie Nikolick, Kathryn Nissim-Sabat, Dr. C. Nivak, Steve Nordberg, Joan Northcut, Minnie Noug, Nadeene Novak, Chuck Nowakowski, Marcy NU Liberation Art Union O'Cherony, Rosalyn O'Connell, Timothy O'Brien, Pat O'Donnell, John O'Donnell, Kathy O'Leary, Brendan Olivo, lrma Olivo, Louise Olken, Mirian Ondraka, Laura Orchesis Ornelas, Laverne Oppliger, Diane Orta, Jose Ortinaa, Robert Ortiz, Evangeline Ostermeier, Melodie Otte, Maxine Owrach, L. Gail Ozas, Linda Paglini, Jack Palmquist, Joyce Pantigoso, Edgardo Patton, Dorothy Deaf 254 41 275 216 184 69 271 269 230 69 182 93 41 257 69 93 252 283 148 212 93 216 279 40 93 138 215 257 183 40 258 215 183 69 42 182 42 143 214 181 215 266 208 274 182 182 42 182 225 245 93 182 275 42 69 268 94 215,42 219 221,222 252 250 Pauchuk, Basilius Pavletti, Carmen Palermo, P. Christine Pantigoso, Edgardo Partyka, Barbara Paule, K. Kristine Pavese, Maryrose Peacher, Kathleen Peal, Kipley Pearson, Dan Pecki, Lunai Pedroso,,Dr. Angelina Pelz, Mandel Penzel, Marilyn Penner, Janice Perez, Luz Petersen, Curt Pettinger, Constance Petty, Mrs. Dolores PHI ALPHA THETA Phillippe, Mike Phillips, Mrs. Jeanne PHILOSOPHY DEPT. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS PHYSICS DEPT. Pierce, Charles "Pilgrimage" Pillar, Susan Pinas, Zachary Piraro, Andy Piskator, Rich Planman, Wayne Pochowicz, Sally Podolsky, Anne Podraza, Rick Poglitsch, George Poineau, Jane POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPT. Pom Pom Squad Pomeraning, Joyce Pomerantz, Evelyn Pomianek, Pat Pontikas, Evelyn Porstner, Nancy Poskozim, Dr. Paul Post, Elizabeth Postregna, Barbara Posternack, Warren Poulos, Tom PRESIDENTIAL BAND CONCERT Prestel, Donna PRINT Prztula, Irene Prising, Bob Prosser, Mary Prueske, Dr. Eleanor Purdy, Stella PURE FUNK PSYCHOLOGY DEPT. Quero, Victoria Quilici, Linda Ramelli, Mike Ramirez, Elba Ramirez, Paulo Rapoport, Barry Rapoport, Dr. David 279 42 69 253 42 94 43 43 181 208,180 215 252,185 94,184 94,199,206 43 43 216 242,290 270 209 182 279 258 227 258 216 4 43,222 181 186 182 43 69 279 203 279 43 259 207 44 279 94 206 94 247 70 95 95 186 112 206 215 279 220 44 270 187 158 261 95 95 182 44 70 95 256 Rasado, Ramon Ratanakul, Nanthasid READING DEPT. Rees, Miryam Rees, Rosie Regan, Mary Reif, Sharon Reilly, Leo Remenyik, Charlotte Rice, Pearlie Richardson, Mr. Jack Riley, Lorraine RETIREMENT DINNER Ringgold, Faith Rizik, Dr. James Rizzo, Terry Roberts, Gail Robinson, Edna Robinson, Mr. Edward Robot, Agi C. Rockove, Jeannette Rockwell, Tom Rodriguez, Jose Rodriguez, Ron Rog, Joan Rogers, William Rolando, Dean Rose, Miss Susan Rosen, Alan Rosen, Gail Rosenkiom, Karen Ross, George Rossman, Michael Rosenthal, Dr. Vin Ross, Mike Rothman, Geri Rothstein, Mr. Sheldon Rowe, Amelia Rowan, Jim Rowe, Rose Roynon, Louise Russell, Dr. Henry Rusniak, Mike RUSSIAN CLUB Ruszkiewicz, Ron Ryan, Michael Rzepka, Roger Sabin, Dr. Arthur Sachs, Dr. Jerome DR. SACH'S RETIREMENT DINNER Safranek, Deborah Saiet, Mr. Ron Sacheck, Noreen Saldak, Casimir Saltzberg, Earl Samchyshyn, Mr. Miroslav Sarama, John Sarter, Jacqueline Saunders, Burvin Satranck, Nancy Sawa, Stanley Savic, Jelena Sawyn, George Scadron, Diane Scalise, Jo Anna Scannell, Jim Schag, John Schwartz, Miss Mary Ann Schneider, Howard Schoichet, Barb 18 4 27 7 212,20 4 18 22 4 9 251,25 4 12 16 25 45,18 20 4 27 7 7 18 9 10 7 4 45,18 24 7 4 9 19 20 261 21 96,20 19 71 19 241 45 253 212 226 203 71 222 254 181,120,168,77 120 45,193 257 208 71 46 252 96 17 71 216 46 46 182 182 46 219,96 219,210 262 182 212 chordje . chwartz, ohwartz, . chaefer, chaefer Leo Chuck Fion Lee Patricia cheaffer, Renee chell, Christine chevers, Claudia chimpf, Tony chmitz, Sally chool Seal chott, Mary chroeder, Susan chroeder, Werner chuck, Elizabeth chuda, Donna chwartz, Nadine chuessler, Magdalene chuetze, Klaus chultz, Mary chutt, Mr. William chumacker, Anna chwartz, Michele clacca, Andrew cozzari, Albert . ECONDARY EDUC. DEPT. egedin, Leo eigel, Mr. Don enese, James etze, Dr. Leonard habica, Dr. Charles hapiro, Marcie heinteld, Sharon hell, Dawn hephard, Cletes hepherds, Mildred heppard, Mildred Shereos, Katherine Short, John Showel, Marcy Shurtleff, Bill Sidhu, Mrs. Nancy Siegel, Gerald Simaszke, Wes Signoretti, J. Robert Silva, Cristlna Silva, Adoniram Silver, Scott Silverbrandt, Mel Silverman, Susan Simmons, Suzy Simmons, Mary Lou Simpson, Bose Singer, Nicki Sithole, Mr. Elkin Skinner, Gregory Skonie, Stephen Slabodian, Sam Slabosz, Gerald Seskauskas, Sondra Smilgoff, Mr. James ANN SMITH RECITAL Smlth, Bennie Smith, Dr. Craig Smith, Denis Smith, Mary Smlth, Paulette Smithers, Janice Sneddon, Anne Snyder, Mary Sochen, Dr. June Soderstrom, Georgette SOCIOLOGY DEPT. Sohn, Andrew Soloma, William 184 182 210 46 46 96 46 71 203,220 96 292 72 47 280 47 96 208 47 97 47 196 72 72 72 72 271 245 251,255 290 266 248 97 47 97 72 187 97 97 97 97 215 249 47 215 219 47 215 212 193 98,182 48 98 48 103 267 98 72 182 48 71 270 118 98 254 48,211 48 215 48,221,222 48 196 254 182 262 98 49 Soszko, Jesse SPANISH CLUB SPECIAL EVENTS SPEECH DEPT. Spence, Debra Spencer, Derrick Spetch, Ruth Spiering, Dorina Spizzirri, Joanne Spakowski, Barbara Spooner, Sheelaoh Spatt, Joel Spayer, Caryn SPECIAL EDUC. DEPT. Stacy, Ernestine Stasiewski, Helen Steigman, Dr. Martin Starzyk, Chris STAGEPLAYEFIS Steck, Linda Steele, Sondra Stefani, Lorene Stefanik, Thomas Stein, Joe Steinman, Al Sternberg, Barbara Stern, Bob Stern, Edith Stevens, Gerald Stewart, William Stilson, Jay Stoller, Pam Strand, Karl Strand, Terry Straus, Arlene Strom, Karen Sturt, Flandy Sundberg, Bill Suri, Martha Svoboda, Wayne Swanson, Ruth SWARMING UP Swatek, Margaret Surman, Christine Swierczynski, Christine SWIM TEAM Szymczak, Pat Tarnow, Fredric TAU KAPPA EPSILON Tavolacci, Josephine Taylor, Saundra Tellmann, Judith TELEVISION DEPT. Temkin, Mr. Dave TENNIS TEAM Thomas, Eddie Thompson, Doris Thompson, Dr. Glen Thompson, Kirrill Thornton, Avis Tinghino, Gloria Tiritilli, John Tobiaski, Robert Toppel, Lillian Torricello, Andrea Traficante, Michele Travis, Janice Travers, Kenneth Trefelner, Patricia Trester, Cathy 214 214 104 262 98 217 283 73 73 49 206 49 49 272 49 49 273 206 208 99 73 49,201 73 210 196 50 180,182 99 50 262 182 193 182 50 50 99 73 182 99 247 283 132 99 50 50 220 181 50 211 51 217 51 262 261 210 99 51 273 73 181 73 51 51 279 99 214 74 99 51 207 04 Trunda, Dianne 74 Turner, Carol 51 Tushbai, Gloria 100 Tuszynski, Bonnie 74 Tuzar, Dr. Jaroslav 256 Uchlda, Lynn 182 Ubides, Lourdes 221 Ulman, Barbara 52 UNI CHRISTIANSHIP FEL. ASN. 224 Umbach, Alice 74 UNI CONCERT SERIES IN BEE SHARP 130 Utterback, Linda 74 Vaccarello, Chuck 182 Valdes, Bedalia 74 Valdivieso, Miguel 100,199 Valdivia 52 Vancl, Robert 52 Varophas, Dr. Kusal 259 Verbillion, Dr. June 250 Vittenson, Dr. Lillian 273 Voe, John 74 Voeks, Anna 75 Vogel, Mitchell 265 Van Dyke, Diane 52 Vrchota, Mike 219 Wachovsky, Michele 205 Waechter, Dr. John 270 Walker, Dr. Robert 262 Walker, Dr. Sue 254 Wallie, Mr. Alan 245 Walsh, Mary 100 Walsh, Dr. William 263 Walwijki, Bill 188 Walz, Barbara 100 Wapole, Gayle 52.183 Ward, Kenneth 276 Ware, Gussie 264 Wasserman, Eileen 205 Webb, Thomas 52 Weber, Barbara 52 Weiner, Dr. Louis 256 Weissmuller, Marguerite 223 Weldon, Gail 53,221,222,223 Wells, Allison 53 Welninski, Patricia 53 Welty, Dr. Paul 259 Weyers, Deborah 53 Wenokur, Reyna 54 Whalen, Maureen 207 White, Dorothy Whitehead, Marylene Whitlock, James WHIZ KIDS Widegren, Richard Widemann, Mrs. F. Wierczinski, Dr. Floyd Wilemon, Eva Wideman, Lynn Widen, Dr. Irwin Wiegel, Linda Wieszczyk, Louise Wilhelm, Jim Wilken, Karen Wilkins, Elizabeth Wilkin, Karen Williams, Dorothy Williams, Wallace Williams, Leroy Wilson, Angelette Winslow, Arthur Wilson, Craig Wilson, Richard Wilson, Renee Wise, Darlene Witt, William Witt, Bill Wojcik, Wayne Wolinetz, Barry WOMEN'S SOFTBALL TEAM WOMEN'S TOUCH FOOTBALL WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL Woolley, Robert Wnuk, David WRNE RADIO Wyman, Patricia Yagnisis, Tom Yach, Steve Yassinger, Helen Young, Diane Zagorski, Ron Zajczenko, Chris Zawada, Bob Zaug, Bonnie Zegger, Dr. Robert Zelechivsky, Sondra Zelman, Linda Zidoff, Deborah Ziagos, Mr. Gus Zieman, Terry-Lynn Ziubrzynski, Stan Zirves, Darlene Zoltek, Sue Zoplosky, Gayle M - , ' . L."f'f'if1,' 'T .iff--5!'P1'ff-'rfnf TTf:-':':si-w1"A:- f7?Q."ff.-V . , ., ,., -wry- pf-wif-' -, 5 .- ,. 'e .71 n -fi .."n..,. .f 'u.1'?.1:.':m-ifiLfC?.'i?:zhJf-'a1'c.'eAf.'4Eg.:h'-:wQ'L"1... " E1h'1.'.'Lf3T31-5'Sq-...fFEW. 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Suggestions in the Northeastern Illinois University - Beehive Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

Northeastern Illinois University - Beehive Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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